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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 49

    I donât know about any other guy but Iâve always been a very horny guy. I get hard multiple times a day, I have to masturbate multiple times a day too.

    I rub one out when I wake up in the morning. At work I rub one out once sometimes twice depending on how horny I am. Then after work I will normally rub one out twice before going to bed.

    I am divorced and have been for the last 8 years. When I was married Iâd always jerk at work because I got no sex at home and in the restroom stall at work I have enough privacy to get my business done.

    My wife and I share custody of our teenage son. Weâve each walked in on each other masturbating that we have both just become comfortable with it. I always told him there was nothing to be ashamed of about it so in the morning or at night we both just know to not disturb each other in our bedrooms. But dang my son is messy! I always find his briefs in the hamper coated with cum. Which I donât say anything because he wears colored briefs so itâs as easy as toss them in the wash to clean them.

    But I went to one of my friends weddings two months ago. They knew I havenât had sex in over 9 years. At the wedding this young 29 year old hottie came up and talked to me. She had no idea who I was. After the reception was done I saw her outside in the parking in her car parked next to my truck. She knew I had a hotel room since I was from out of town and she was too. She didnât want to drive home that night so asked if Iâd like company. I knew where this was going so I said okay. Upon getting to my hotel room she took her dress off and I stopped her saying I donât have any condoms! She said well we need some. I ran across the stret to a Little convenience store and bought two three packs. They were behind the counter so I asked the woman working to give me two of those magnum packs.

    After getting back to the room she saw magnums and said you must be packing a lot. I pulled all my cloths off quick and said Iâm just thick! I did tell her I planned on using all 6 of those condoms on her. She said weâll see. By check out time the next morning I was banging my last load out into the last condom in her tight shaved pussy! Made me miss sex so much.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Growing up my mother's sister came to live with my mother and me. My cousin was not quite ten and I was twelve. She is, and at the time was, so damn cute, she is perfect. She was still upset about her parents breaking up and I hugged her tight, I just wanted to hold her and hug her. One night when we went to bed I took her to my room to sleep with me. I held her and ran my hands all over her and kissed her. I had an erection that wouldn't quit and I had her hold it and I touched her and spread her legs and fucked her.

    After that we fucked so much, she liked to fuck and man I liked to fuck. She hung on me which I liked even though her mother kept telling her to leave me alone. No one ever said anything, we were fucking almost every day, the rooms in our house were right beside each other, she was never in her bed, many times she slept with me all night and her bed was never slept in.

    She started her period when she was eleven and then her mother started to put more constraints on her, telling her how a lady was supposed to behave. My mother talked to me about condoms, she even insisted that I show her that I knew how to use them. She embarrassed me by telling that I had to be careful with her, that a girl took a long time to grow up. My mother sat beside me while I got a boner and she showed me how to put on the condom. She looked hard at me and told me "use it".

    She got on the pill to help regulate her periods, by the time she was fourteen she slept with me every night, her room was a show room, never slept in it. She was not embarrassed by anything, she was naked in front of me, would sit across my lap and hold my hands over her breasts to watch television. She talked about getting married, to anyone and everyone.

    I went to the local college for two years and after she finished high school we went 'far' away to college and we set up house and lived together. Sex was totally different from when we were kids, it was very intense and she talked incessantly about having a baby. Everything was about having a baby. Every time she saw a pregnant woman she showed her to me and I would have to disappoint her telling her that first we had to finish school and get jobs.

    But she couldn't wait, at 19 she got pregnant and she dropped out of college to look after me and the baby while I finished college and went to grad school. By the time I finished grad school she had her set up, three kids and one more on the way.

    By the time she was 25 she had five kids, she is a full time mom and housewife. Seeing the facts, as the judge said, he made an allowance and we were finally able to get married. The day we got married I fucked her so hard, she kept asking me what was wrong, but all I did was fuck her harder.

    Sometimes, I just have to fuck her. I do everything to get her in the mood, but even if she doesn't get in the mood I fuck her. She lets me. She is so beautiful, she is so naturally beautiful, she always has been.

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    Gay Male / 27

    I moved my mattress out of my room into the family room because I was gettin a new bed. My parents went out to see a movie so me and my girlfriend started kissing I kissed her body sucked licked her tits massaged her body kissed her down to her pussy licked her clit rubbed it she was dripping wet she sucked my cock and then we started going hard at it in missionary position she was screaming about to cum when my parents came in we both ran outside naked and hid under the deck when I found a towel I came back in and mum said son I hope u were wearing a condom to this day I still look back and think shit happens sometimes...

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    Straight Male / 39

    This is probably a strange thing to post here but it's sex related, in any case. It has the do with the illusory world vs the real one.

    When I first read about the Amy Fisher case (The L.I. Lolita) something drew my interest. She was a 16 year old, spoiled chick who crashed a car newly given to her by her overly generous father. She was passing through the teen "rebellious" stage (one that I do not recall living through in my own life since I had to work my way even through High School). Amy took her crashed car to a body shop run by a 36 year old Italian stallion, Joey Buttafuoco. He looked at the vulnerable kid who wanted the care repaired in secret and made a deal that he would repair the car for some teen ass. She went for it.

    Being at an age when the brain is not finished growing, she fell in love with the car body man and determined to shoot his wife, Mary Jo. She served seven years in jail. Poor Mary Jo had a permanent neural damage to her face and ever today still has the bullet lodged in her neck.

    Joey got four months for fucking her 19 times including once up the ass.

    Here's the reason for this post.

    The media pick up on the entire scandal was and is still big time. All three of the people became celebrities with Joey becoming a actor of "Z" movies and Amy, not quite being as dumb as a glass ash-tray in a Moscow hotel, but close to it, she became a porn "star." I was just a tiny wanker when I first heard about her porn clips but was dying to see one so I could pull on and slap hard on my monkey.

    When the clips first released they were asking multi-bucks so I patiently waited (today they are all free on porn sites). I watched one, then another, then perhaps all of them. I found out that if Amy was a hot piece of ass, it certainly does not show in the clips. She is remote, wooden and about as hot as fridged chicken parts. Someone must have seen how artificial she was and coached her into rambling on with sex chatter while fucking. That approach is about as effective as flapping one's arms to launch off for a flight to Paris.

    Fortunately, Amy quit porn and returned to Long Island, NY . At 41 now, even if she had been hot, it's time to hang it up.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Thinking back a few years when I was in High School. I met Patsy, a skinny, blue-eyed girl but with nice breasts and ass. I don't remember how we started but soon after meeting we were fucking. We did it all over the school and outside the school sometimes two,and rarely, three times a day. We were supremely matched horn-dogs.

    What amazes me is that we did it so many times and never got caught. Once, I excused myself from a class to go to the toilet and ran into her by the toilets. She automatically bent over and pulled her panties down and we fucked doggy style right there in the hallway. We fucked behind the grandstands during football games, at parties, behind furniture, in the gym and other places after hours, and so forth. I can't even think now, of the number of times we did it.

    I went away to college and she did not. She took a job in an art studio as an assistant of some kind. I imagine, it seems to me, that someone else is now nailing her a often as I did. I really miss her and she is always on my mind when I'm slapping my monkey.

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    Straight Male / 34

    My wife is 7 months pregnant and very big. She doesn't enjoy sex currently which I could tell was gonna happen by her 4 month mark.

    So me being a guy I was fine with jerking off till our kid is born. I told her that and she got kinda pissed. I know she wants sex buts it uncomfortable for her and I don't really enjoy it how she wants it.

    So a month went by and I was just beating off in bed after my wife left for work. Then one night she came home and I was still in bed in my underwear and she said she wanted to try something. Me being me I was like anything you want.

    She comes back in with a strap on. I asked what the hell is that! She said no questions just shut up and take it. She strips down to her panties and comes over to the bed and pulls my briefs off. As she's blowing me I feel like I'm in heaven. The last month was rough!

    Finally she gets me on the floor with my upper body resting in the bed and fucks me with the strap on. I cummed so much all over the carpet. Couldn't believe I actually liked it!

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    Straight Male / 24

    Ok, tell me if I'm out of line...

    Back in college, I met this guy (let's call him him Steve). Initially, he was pretty fun to hang out with, but over the half a year or so I knew him, I grew to like him less and less. At the outset, he told me he was gay, but that is by no means why we had a falling out. The real reason is because:

    A.) He got super clingy. He constantly messaged me, wanted to know what I was doing, wanted to hang out, always inviting me to lame social things that I'd feel obligated to go to. At that point he'd latch onto me and follow me around until I felt I'd stayed long enough to be polite.

    B.) He constantly touched me inappropriately, even in public. He would walk up behind me, reach around and grab my dick. Not my crotch, my actual dick. And not just a 'boop' or tap, which would have been bad enough, but full on grab and squeeze. He'd do the same thing just walking together, or he'd rub my chest through my shirt. Every time I'd tell him to stop, and he would for all of a day before doing it again.

    C.) He took innuendos with me to extremes. Like blatantly graphic extremes, not even trying to hide it. At one point he drunk messaged me on Facebook saying how he, '...really felt we should fuck...' He even said he'd let me be top at first. I didn't reply to that, or even talk to him until the next day, where he apologized to me and I told him in no uncertain terms not to let it happen again.

    The kicker, however, was this: he became somewhat close with a really good friend of mine (we'll call him CJ), and when CJ came to visit me at college one day, he told me that Steve had been messaging him almost nonstop for the past week, asking all these things about me: did I like flowers, what did I like to do for fun, what movies did I like, blah blah blah. Since Valentine's Day was coming up, he was convinced that Steve was going to ask me out on a date.

    My initial reaction was to say, 'Not a chance,' before putting an end to it once and for all. CJ though convinced me not to completely destroy the guy. At worst, I'd be uncomfortable for one evening with a free meal thrown in. Eventually I relented, and when Steve did ask me out, I agreed, on the condition that CJ could come along, which he was all right with. He even agreed to bring one of his female friends to keep him company.

    So on Valentine's Day, Steve picked us up with his friend, and we went out. We saw Chronicle at the movies, then sat at a diner for a few hours sipping milkshakes. And I...surprisingly had a good time. The movie was decent enough, and I enjoyed sitting and talking and laughing. The only problem was that Steve seemed kinda bummed. I didn't understand it; he seemed fine going into the movie, we sat together and shared popcorn, but coming out and sitting at the diner he looked like someone had just kicked his puppy. I tried several times to get him into the conversations, but he just kept mumbling one word answers and going back to sulking. I gave up after awhile. At the end of the night, he dropped us off, I trashed the flowers he gave me (seriously he got me flowers) and moved on.

    Three days went by and I didn't hear anything from Steve, until I got the most angry text asking, 'What the fuck is your problem?' When I asked what he meant, he unloaded on me. He accused me of not even giving the date a chance, which I didn't really understand. He claimed I had been more withdrawn than ever and it had killed the mood. It had come up that I had napped before he'd picked us up, and he threw that in my face too, saying I hadn't even cared enough to get ready properly after all of his efforts (movie and milkshakes, a lot of thought went into that one). In short, I was an awful human being, and I had ruined his date. If I didn't believe him, I should ask CJ, he'd tell me (I actually did forward the whole message to him, his response was, 'lol wtf?').

    I responded to each point: I had napped because I was at a party the night before, hadn't slept much, and didn't want to fall asleep when the night obviously meant so much to him. I had given the date a chance, by agreeing to go on the date in the first place. Sorry that I didn't magically become gay in one night. And how was I the one withdrawn when I was talking and laughing with everyone else while he sat there brooding?

    I didn't hear back from Steve after that for about awhile. And then for about a week straight I got a constant stream of texts from him saying, 'I'm sorry,' and 'Please forgive me,' and 'Can we just talk?' I tried ignoring it, then I started replying with, 'Leave me alone,' and 'Don't talk to me,' etc. He replied with, 'Just tell me why you're so upset and I promise I'll leave you alone.'

    At that point I'd had it with him, so I let him have it: I told him how uncomfortable he made me feel, how annoying I had come to find him, how frustrating it was to tell him over and over again that I was NOT gay, only for him not to believe me and insist on more touching and insinuations and overall creepiness, and topped it off with how CJ and my other friends agreed with me on those points. And that was the last time I heard from him. All this was several years ago, but my friends keep teasing me about it to this day.

    Seriously though, was I in the wrong?

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    Straight Male / 52

    I never married but up until three years ago lived with a girlfriend for 12 years before we broke up. I began going to a local bar more often and thats where I met Sara. She is only 23 years old and not the least bit a pretty girl. She is a little on the heavy side and honestly not attractive. What I liked about her was her personality and over a long period of time we became friends with no sex involved. A little over 14 months ago I let her stay at my house for "a few weeks" until she found another apartment. It was the 5th night she was here and we were watching the show "Shameless" and a nude scene was going on. I only had pj bottoms on and Sara was in a nightgown. We were both sitting on my sofa and Sara reach over and slid her hand down the front of my pjs and started rubbing my dick and balls. Naturally I got a hard on and the next thing I knew she was giving me a blow job and jerking me off. Needless to say, Sara is still living with me and the sex I have with her is outstanding. I never had a girlfriend in all my years who paid so much attention to my genitals. Never in my 52 years did I ever have my pubic hair shaved. When Sara first started shaving me she said it would help me enjoy her blow jobs better and sure as hell it made the biggest difference in the world. She performs oral sex on me almost every night and licks my balls from the bottom up to the top of my dick. Its usually after I shower at night and I have never had any woman lick my anus before or blow me the way Sara does it. We do have intercouse and often have anal sex with her and can subject her to any position I want. She even has a knack for slowing me down when I'm ready to cum, often sucking on my limp dick. She shaves me twice a week and that in itself is totally arousing just by the way she gently moves my genitals around. For a girl that young she sure knows how to make an old guy happy. Some nights after she gives me oral sex or we have sex we sit watching tv and she still plays with me even though I can't get another hard on. It still feels good so I just let her do it. I don't know how long this will last but hope for a long time. She never talks about moving out and I think the main reason is she pays no rent. What she does do is keep my house clean and treats me like a god. She lets me do whatever I want with her body and not a day goes by the she doesn't satisfy me sexually. Shes been sleeping with me for over a year now and I wake up often with her hand holding my dick. Shes not really ugly but some of my friends think so. Her looks don't bother me at all simply because of the of the ways she takes care of me. Of all the girls I've had sex with in my life Sara is the most attentive I have ever had and the best blow job I could ever have imagined.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I was at the beach on the weekend with family. There were about 10 of us. I usually wear a speedo not because I really want to but to annoy my family as they hate it when I do so. People on the beach always give me looks so I just ignore them. I should have paid more attention to myself this weekend. I didn't realize it but the head of my cock had popped out of my leg opening. My family had noticed it hours earlier but they decided to say nothing to get back at me wearing my speedo. Being it was an old speedo the elastics on the leg openings had lost their elasticity and I didn't feel it was hanging out. I was on my back tanning when I finally realized it. I saw a couple of women in tiny thong bikinis walk by which got me aroused. I sat up and that's when I felt something brush against my cock and looked down. By me sitting up it caused not just my head but more of the shaft of my erect cock to come out from my leg opening. About 75% of my cock was out on display. I got it back into my speedos but I had to quickly pull them down and back up which gave a few surrounding people a quick flash of all of it including my family. They found everything funny. I have paid for it because with the head of my cock hanging out for as long as it did caused it to get sunburnt.

    Maybe I should retire the speedo and replace it with something else. I wonder how my family would feel about a thong or a g-string?

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    Straight Male / 36

    I met her through friends. She is a social worker. A nice girl, from a nice family. She wants to help. She spends her time in poor neighborhoods dealing with government programs. I fucked her over the railing of the porch. She fought to grab on to the railing, she couldn't hold her balance and the fucking got sloppy. I slapped her ass really hard and told her in a loud voice to keep still so I could fuck her. She stood on her tip toes grabbing the rail bending over while I fucked her. I told her I was tired of her pussy and I was going to fuck her ass and I didn't want her to move. I put my cock in her ass about halfway and she started to cry, I slapped her ass really hard again and told her to stop crying and I finished shoving my cock in her ass and finished fucking her.

    She went back inside crying. I was really pissed about her crying so I yelled at her in front of her friends and told her to shut up and to make me some coffee. I took her home with me and fucked her again really hard, this time on her back.

    She got pregnant, I found out she was a virgin up until that night, she had never spent the night with a man, she was a hometown girl who wants to do social work and now she is carrying around a pregnant belly. I told her I would keep her, but she has to shape up and learn how to take it. I am not going to pussy foot around when I fuck her, I am going to fuck her and she has to learn to take it. I just don't get all the damn stuff she learned in social work school. Most of those people are worthless looking for a handout. She has a kid in her and its mine and I expect her to take care of my kid, not somebody else's kid. If she is going to live with me she is going to be a grown woman.

    She is 23 years old, it is time for her to grow up.

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