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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 50

    I think my wife is fucking around on me. Lately she has been working late, a lot. The other night she wanted sex, but instead of wanting me to eat her pussy as an opening act, she wouldn't let me get down there like she always does. She kept pushing me away, saying she wants me to fuck her. She always wants oral first. So she climbed onto me and slid her unusually wet pussy down over my cock and started fucking me. She had this look on her face like she was turned on from fucking me, FAR more than usual. I mean she was really getting into it. She's not normally so lusty. Then I started to notice that her pussy was really putting off a smell that she never has. It smelled like old cum, that had been in her for a while. Like she had already been fucked earlier. She normally has the sweetest smelling pussy I've ever smelled. But she smelled like she had had sex some time ago, and the mixture of cum and pussy juice was starting to get ripe. I never said anything. I figure I'll wait to see if I notice any other clues. Any suggestions?

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    Straight Male / 45

    Just a question, I am a 45 year old male since I was 13 when ever I wank I have a finger up my arse its something I have always done and gives me extra stimulation, its not something you can confess to a friend unless your gay or your female partner, I've never used a sex toy because I am a bit afraid, what has made me ask this question is when I am fucking my wife she has started to finger fuck my arsehole which does have the desired affect I literally burst inside her, she has hinted we use butt plugs any comments please.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    So i have been hooked on sucking strangers cocks for about 3 yrs now, i always fantasized about swallowing hot cum. Then one day i got my liquid balls on aka drunk. And did the deed at a gay bar. From that day on i turned into a cum slut.
    I like to meet random men and just suck to get my thirst quenched.
    Nothing beats a fat dick that explodes and fills your mouth full of hot thick jizz.
    So today i went to adult store went into booth wited for about half hr before someone else came in. I seen a beautiful long fat cock. So i immeadiatly tapped my finger to let him know i wanted his meat.
    He put his fat soft cock in hole. I wasted no time wrapping my mouth on it. I love feeling a cock get hard in my mouth.
    I was excited of the size of it as it kept getting bigger.

    I took it like a pro. I was like a slobbering dog with a treat. I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. His pre cum tasted so good. Eventually i felt his meat start to throb.
    I knew it was not going to be long before i got my treat.
    He let out a loud moan and then it happend he exploded like a volcano. Filling my mouth it was coming out of corner of my mouth i swallowed frantically taking as much as i could.
    Then i did something i never have done before i gave him my number and told him to call me any time he wanted his meat sucked.
    He calls me every couple days, i look forward to his call. It is a lot better when he can fuck my throat like an animal. i wish i could suck his cock all day.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I always had an easy time with women, my first fuck was my cousin, not her idea but she got fucked anyway. We were kids, still in junior high school. Your first is supposed to be a tight pussy but the truth is I don't remember, she was not wet when I started but she was wet when I finished, I didn't pull out I fucked her and came in her and fortunately she didn't come up pregnant. It was my first and in many ways the one I most remember.

    I fucked her friend at her house. She got mad at me for fucking her friend and I told her then, if she gave me what I wanted I wouldn't have to fuck her friend. She reluctantly gave me pussy. I still kept on fucking her friend. By then I had learned to find out when they had their period, it was the beginning conversation before fucking them, and if we thought it might be too close I pulled out and came all over their stomachs. I liked seeing my sperm spread out over their belly, it felt good to know that I had fucked them. I fucked my cousin and her friend for the rest of time we were in school.

    I went off to college and my cousin stayed and went to art school in town. When I got back into town before we did anything else we fucked. It was tradition. She adopted the position, whether it was on her back on a bed, or it was with her pants down bent over, she gave up her ass to get fucked. She knew her place. As to her friend, well she wanted out of the relation, but she still got fucked it was just not as easy, and after a couple of times fucking her when she didn't want to I sent her packing. No pussy, no fucking, no friend. And to think that I was still eighteen.

    In college I met this girl, she was a good little Catholic girl, small and pretty and I told my cousin about her and she told me to leave her alone. Girls like that were always virgins. But I didn't follow my cousins advise and one get together after a game she was there with a friend and I took her to a bedroom and fucked her on the bed. She gave me a lot of shit while I was fucking her so I fucked her ass and came in her that way. She got dressed and walked out and I told her there was more where that came from. When I told my cousin about it, especially when I told her I fucked her ass, my cousin told me that I had to marry her. With girls like her there was no choice, you fucked them you married them. That night my cousin didn't give me pussy, she was angry with me.

    So I married her, six months later. Her father didn't like me, her mother didn't like me but the girl was fucked and there wasn't any other way out. She was fucked so she got married. This is the way it was, not only did she get married I had to get married too because I fucked her like that. I did fuck my cousin before I went to the church. She told me it was my last fuck with her, I was getting married. I was nineteen years old.

    Well with her married we moved into an apartment, we stayed in school and I fucked several girls before we graduated, one I fucked a lot and she kept pressing me to get rid of my wife and marry her instead. I didn't, I just fucked her.

    After college, my wife was a good student and graduated with honors and all that, I graduated but I was the one that landed a good job thanks to a professor and she had to find a job after we moved away from college. I guess it was the fact that we were no longer in school, I was 22 and she was 21 and I told her to get pregnant. It wasn't a choice, she couldn't be a good Catholic if she had been on the pill since we got married, so get off the pill and get pregnant. We were not old enough to have children, but she did what she was told and she had three kids and never worked after the first one was born. This girl was raised to be a wife and run a home and have kids and she did just that. That I fucked around on her didn't seem to matter, she knew, she wasn't stupid but it didn't bother her.

    Over the years I fucked a whole lot of women, as I grew older I found the sweet spot for me was women in their mid-twenties, old enough to fuck but not ready to get married. My tradition was to fuck them the first time, turn them over and fuck their ass and load them up there. Seems that the ass fucking always did the trick, once a girl is ass fucked she is yours and I kept girlfriends that way. I just turned 50 and I have this girl now, she is in her late twenties, she has been ass fucked, she sucks cock, we work together. My wife knows about her and she looks the other way, my wife isn't particularly and never was a good fuck, to my wife it is a duty cast upon her but that is all a duty to suffer.

    What is different now is that my wife likes this girl and she is very protective of her and how I treat her. She buys her gifts and wants her to go to church with her. She tells me in front of her to be nice to her and tells her to let her know if she is mistreated or not well taken care of. All the other girls came and went their way and she never said anything about them, but not this girl, this girl she likes, she is a Catholic girl and she comes from a nice home. This one has to be treated nice. She is both a nice girl and a good fuck, so I am not complaining. And for the first time in my life I am in love with this girl.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I made a mistake,
    When my daughter was home from the long college summer break, I walked into the wash room and saw what I thought was my wife bending over the linen bin putting the washing in the machine, at times when my wife is bending over and not expecting it I would poke her bottom or slide my hand up her leg and slip my finger inside he knickers and in her vagina unless she told me to leave it, she just jumped slightly but didn't move or do anything to resist I have done this many times and its led to spontaneous sex there and then, I unzip my pants and got my cock out ready, when I herd my daughter say we are being naughty dad, to say the least I was shocked she was wearing one of me wife's full skirts, I apologised I was really embarrassed, she wasn't she just grinned and said its ok I wont tell mum if you don't, since my daughter keeps giving me sly looks and keeps grinning at me when we are alone and has whispered you've got a good cock, I've never thought of my daughter that way now I cant sleep I waking with erections when I have sex with my wife my mind is else where it shouldn't be, I shouldn't but I want to do the unthinkable.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Always enjoyed the pleasure with another man, boy when we were boys, young men when we were in college, men when I was grown man. Always same age group. Living in a very large, very diverse city has made it easier to find and enjoy play time with another man. Never anything emotional, I am not interested in a relationship. I need the sex, if he is aggressive better still, I am a bottom at heart and a hard fucking feels good. I am also married to same woman for three decades, she has been a housewife since we got married and I take care of my problem after work or make time. I have lots of experience.

    H unting for some action I answered a post of man who was going to be in town, we shared some pictures and some thoughts and I met him at his hotel. I have learned to sniff out imposters and this man was everything he said he was, I don't give out false information either and he liked what he saw. We had our normal chit chat, and I have to get my hand on the object of my adoration. I am a cock man, and he did not disappoint. I sucked him and he gave up his load and licked it up as always, for me it is the icing on the cake. I don't do condoms, I want it all in the flesh.

    We sat back, I got naked and he got naked and I let him feel around. I wanted to get fucked and when I am horny like that I want him on my back. He used his finger to go deep and give me a bit of massage deep inside, making me leak, he got his throbbing nobbin right up against me and said hold on and in one hard thrust he fucked all the way in. He got into it and fucked me right, I can tell when the fuckor is doing it right, I want to be his fuckee I want him to fuck and cum and let me pleasure his cock. This man was all of that and more, he did it all for me.

    But I got into a relationship with him. He was traveling because he was taking a job in town, and once he was here we had time set aside, he is controlling and I have to learn to let him be in charge. He wears the pants and I am the bitch. Don't think I don't like being the bitch, I do, it feels good to be his bitch. I just wished that things were like time passed, no relationships. But I am in so deep now that it is fucking up my marriage.

    He wants a relationship full time, he does not like to mess around. Most of all the other men I have been with are just looking for some fun, but this time he is serious. I am taking my wife on a cruise, I haven't decided whether to stay with her and give up on a relationship with M or tell her the truth.

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    Straight Male / 35

    When I was 15 I went on an exchange student program to Denmark. The house had a son and a daughter and their son was gone to Bolivia and I took his place and it was me with the house sister, the father and the mother. The father had a eye glass business and the mother was a legal assistant at a law firm. The girl was 13 and she made it clear to me that she was sexually active and she offered herself to me.

    Being a good boy from a church family I didn't know what to do. I knew what I wanted to do, but not how. She came into my room, keep in mind that in these houses everything is small and the children bedrooms were upstairs across the hall from each other too small for a large bed. The upstairs had a mini bathroom, very small with a small sink and toilet and a shower that was hardly big enough to turn around in. She came to my and she got on the bed and she didn't have on any underwear, I could see her hairy slit clearly, a foot away and she asked me if I wanted her to give me a blowjob. She was aggressive and she took my dick out of my pants and sucked me until I was hard and then she lifted her skirt and sat down on me until my dick was all the way in her vagina. It was my first time with 'hot pussy', her pussy was hot around my dick and she was pretty wet and she rode my dick up and down opening her top to let me see her tits. I came all inside her.

    She got worried when I did, I hadn't told her I was going to cum and she went into the bathroom and tried to wash it out. That night her parents had a talk with me, I had been there for less than a week. It was now wait and see. She was my house sister so we had to get along, we went to the same school and she was responsible for showing me around. She exhibited all sorts of issues about togetherness, not that I recognized it at the time, but she was always beside me and she showed me off like a prize pig.

    She gave me blowjobs but wouldn't let me get in her pussy, she told me that she had to wait because if she was pregnant then she was going to have to get an abortion. But as one week turned into two and two turned into three she wanted me to go down on her and lick her up and we sixtynined on the bed, with her on top. I couldn't hold it, I turned her over and fucked her again, this time me on top and I ran my dick into her all the way and shot everything I had back into her. And the next day again. She didn't get her period but her doctor told her to wait because at that age periods could come at anytime.

    We fucked, if she was pregnant it didn't matter, she told me that if she was she would not have an abortion any more, she would just have the baby. Maybe the hormones were all over the place, but she was horny all the time and she wanted sex all the time and we fucked all the time. Her period never came and I the week before I returned home I was told that I was going to be a father, 90 percent but they would confirm. In Denmark for her it wasn't a big deal, girls had babies and didn't get married.

    I saw her again at Christmas time when they came over to meet my family. No big deal, she was pregnant, that's all. My parents weren't from Denmark and they took it seriously and they wanted to make sure that I had all kinds of papers guaranteeing me rights to the baby and they promised her family that they would help financially. Except in Denmark everything is free, no doctor bills, no hospital bills, the family gets help, and the baby gets day care for free. The only hiccup is that I was so in love with her that it hurt when they flew back home. Spring break my parents went with me to see them, and we went again when the baby was born. The baby got her last name, even if I did recognize the baby.

    I never got used to the way she took it, when she came to live with me she was eighteen and the boy was five. He spoke English because they had him in an English school. She moved in, we got married here while I was still in college and we had sex every time we could. This girl, who was now my wife defined what sexually active was, she was active and she insisted on having sex as often as possible. She also never did accept the fact that for us sex was a taboo subject when you are thirteen. We also enrolled her in college and after a year she got the hang of it and did very well getting a degree as a Nutritionist and she works at the Hospital. Being Danish lots of kids is not part of their culture, but we squeezed one more out when the boy was ten.

    She is not much different now that she was when I first went to Denmark, she has no modesty, she likes sex, she is both tomboy and girl at the same time, she does her work but she now she wants to stay home. Her parents come over once a year and once a year she goes over, or we go over. But at least twice a year she sees them along with the kids, who are by now all American and speak only a few words of Danish. We are going to be married 15 years but it is really 20 when you factor in the teen separation. I ask myself if I love her, I ask that a lot. I guess I do I just never had that feeling of a crush with her, she never gave me a chance to have a crush on her.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Okay so my husband and I have been together for a very long time. The sex is great because he has a large dick and I have a very wet pussy and for the most part he knows how to use his tongue and mouth. But he has never really suggested anything more kinkier during sex. I have started to notice he will do whatever I tell him to do while having sex. He is a bit more turned on when I boss him around during sex. So I just started to experiment a little bit first telling him to do little things like spank my ass as he fucks me doggystyle,having him stick his fingers in my ass as he licked my pussy, had him lay on his back as I sat on his face had him lick my asshole. With all this ass play I was hoping to open him up to me playing with his ass.

    Well one night I just went for it. I started giving a wet, sloppy blowjob- I mean it was one of the best I have done in a long time. My mouth was sucking with force and my tongue never stopped moving. Then I climbed on top of him in the 69 position.I started deepthroating his dick then I started moving my hands down to his ass rubbing and squeezing it. Then I took my finger moved it down the crack of his ass until I found his little hole he stopped licking my pussy, I could tell he was aware of what I was doing. I had him open his legs a little wider then I lick my fingers and rubbed around the asshole opening he was breathing so heavy and moaning then I lick my finger again I could taste his ass which turn me on even more. Then I went for it I took his dick deep in my mouth then I slowly stuck my finger in his asshole. He was so tight so as I'm sucking I'm moving my finger deeper in his ass. He is moaning like crazy. I tell him to reach down and hold his cheeks open. I ask him if he was ready to cum "yes yes" he says. So I just start really sucking his dick I pushed my finger in deeper started rubbing his G-spot. He looses it. He came so hard and so much, I thought it would come out my nose.

    My question for you man is how should I try to introduce more . I think he's starting to open up even more I would love to try pegging with a strap on and I would like to open up to him about my thoughts of women. I would love to try to have a threesome. I just don't know how to express these thoughts and feelings to him without freaking him out.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I met her in college in my last semester and she was anxious to get married. We got married right after graduation and went on our honeymoon. We came back after a day because she was unable to allow me to complete the act. She was very distant after we got back and I slept on the couch of our one bedroom apartment. No explanation given.

    Several months of this and one night I am out with some people from work and I get close to this girl in another department and I end up at her place and we have sex all night. She is not uptight about it. I go home in the morning to shower, shave and get ready for work. I confess to my wife and tell her that she has to go see someone because either she puts out or the whole marriage thing was over.

    But nothing happened, five years of nothing happening. In the meantime I am going out with various women, some not so nice other very nice and getting my sex that way. My wife is still a virgin and spends her time crying but does not put out. One night things get very heated and I slam her and fuck her. She gets pregnant from that one time and all her family is so happy she is pregnant. She goes through her pregnancy has her kid and she does the stay at home thing and does not go back to work. One kid is not enough and I tell her that she needs to have two and this time she just gives in and puts the pillow over her face and she gets fucked for number two. In the meantime I am fucking whoever I can.

    I fuck this one girl and I tell her about my wife and she wants to meet her and I bring her over, my wife might as well meet one of the women that is putting her pussy on the line for her. After them spending a couple of hours together my pussy girl tells me that my wife is just one of those women that doesn't fuck. It is not in her. Shit, now what? and I never questioned my pussy girl, I just fucked her all night. My pussy girl gets to be friends with my wife and she tells my wife that she doesn't need to be ashamed, it happens and not all women like to get fucked but that she can still be a good wife and take care of her kids. My pussy girls spreads her legs and says fuck me instead.

    This time I fuck her and fuck her and fuck her, I am so pissed off, so fucking angry at my wife and so I just fuck the shit out of my pussy girl and she tells me if I keep that up she is going to get off the pill and get herself pregnant. I fuck my wife right after that, another one of those arguments and I fuck her and she gets pregnant again. She doesn't fuck but she is fertile as she can be. Now my pussy girl does get serious and decides to just flush her pills down the toilet and dares me to fuck her.

    On the one side of my life is my wife who won't fuck and gets pregnant and the other side of my life is my pussy gil who fucks all night and I have to fuck her for a year after she goes off the pill to get pregnant. My pussy girl gives me pussy but she won't do all the rest and my wife does all the rest and won't give me pussy. I am 44 and to say that my life is complicated is no lie. My pussy girl wraps her legs around me and my wife keeps them shut and they are both happy in their own way and somehow get along.

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    Straight Male / 51

    Unlike the vast majority of kids who were in my freshman class in college I was 23, I had spent some time dealing with issues far away overseas and many months in a hospital on my back. These kids seemed like high school kids to me, just as stupid but just as nice, the boys pretending to be men and the girls sporting naked boobies under their Mexican blouses. I sat and watched, I was not one of them.

    I met this one girl, Sandra who was 17 and she came from a typical home of three kids and teacher parents, real middle class and she still lived at home. She must have liked older men because she got close to me and like gum on your shoe she stuck. We walked to and from class and one day she brought me shirt she had embroidered with all sorts of Peace and Love. Believe me, not the shirt you give to a guy who had been doing things that were anything but Peace and Love. But I took the shirt.

    When I asked her to come to my apartment she came. I tried taking her top off but she fought and then relented and too it off herself. Same with her pants. She sat on the old semen stained couch and I told her that I was going to fuck her so if she wanted to leave she should leave. But she didn't. I pulled off her panties before taking off her bra, she had a very thick carpet of hair, when I got off her bra she had nice looking tits with rosebud nipples. I stood in front of the couch and kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants and stood there in my shirt and hard dick straight out. I took off my shirt and told her to open up and her legs came open and I got on top and fucked her.

    We had been in class less than two weeks. She was going to be my girlfriend no matter what. She came over to my apartment between classes, if I was there we would fuck or mess around, if I wasn't there she would straighten up. She did laundry and washed dishes and took out the trash. She fucked, she sucked cock, she took classes, she got good grades, she knew how to grocery shop, and she liked to fuck. For a new freshman with need for a woman she fit the bill. When I say we fucked, we fucked as many times a week as we could, and as many times a day as we could.

    Her parents were too thrilled, they disliked me and didn't trust me, they were teachers who hated anything that had to do with what happened over there and they had no desire to have me at their table, knowing what I had done. So we hardly ever went there, we went to my apartment to fuck.

    It was when we were Juniors, by then I was pretty much set into a degree in Industrial Engineering and she into Elementary Ed that we met Katia who was a Veterinary student. It was by accident really, but she hung around with us, she was short about just so high as Sandra, she was a little darker and she said her parents were Greek and she was from Tennessee and she always liked horses. She worked at the campus bookstore and that is where we met her. She and Sandra hung out and Sandra would tell me that Katia took care of the horses and Katia had told her about how one of her jobs was to wash the penis of the horses. Really? Could she be telling the truth?

    Well one day she said she would take us out to the horse barn and there were seven large stallions in their individual stalls, she said they were all breeding stallions and the College would rent them out for stud. She opened the door to one of the stalls and patted the horse and talked to him and then she ran her hands down his flank and under his belly and started to rub his sheath and the stallion let out his penis and she kneeled down and massaged its full length back and forth with both hands and the stallion stood there enjoying the moment. I had never cum in my pants but I did that day.

    Katia never told us whether or not she did more than make love to the horse penis, but she did show her affection for Sandra one day and when Sandra rejected her she got upset and left. It was many weeks before Sandra convinced her that she didn't reject her personally it is just that she had not expected to be kissed by her. Katia kissed Sandra, and Katia caressed Sandra, and Katia got in bed with Sandra, Katia showed Sandra how one girl could make another girl call out her name, Katia showed Sandra that loving a penis and loving with a girl were not mutually exclusive. Katia took Sandra to heights she had never thought she would experience. Katia could eat pussy and take a dick at the same time. Katia wanted both, and lots of it, she couldn't keep her hands off Sandra and she wanted to be fucked often. And Sandra learned or came about to the point where she liked making out with Katia and took a dick when she had to, but she really never turned it down.

    We finished college and had to move on, I got a job at a manufacturing outfit and Sandra taught at the elementary school, Katia stayed to finish her Vet program and moved down after she was done. Those hot days of college subsided to long nights side by side, the girls in each other's arms but if I got to wanting some pussy they always obliged. It was hard for me to recognize one day that I was the odd man out, this was about them, they had gone from experimental lovers to full on lesbians who did their best to please me. Katia has never lost her phallic obsession, collecting phallic objects from around the world, Sandra taught Elementary school all her career and I started and ran my metal working shop. Try as they might they just could never get back to where I was the center of their attention, I was the one that kept them in good stead providing them with financial security, I was the man, but they were about each other. It is still sometimes hard to wait in bed as they walk around with their naked breasts about to come to lay beside me, knowing that after they help me settle down they turn to each other and I am relegated to a pillow in my arms thinking about those wet days when I had nothing but a rifle to hug.

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