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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    From 13-19, I was attracted much more to same sex. I always got crushes on the older boys. I ended up doing favors sometimes for older ones who made me feel safe. I was always the skinny boy. I wasn't a fighter & I was bullied a lot. I was the prime target no matter what because I looked so fragile. I'd given head to four other boys by the time I was 18 & all of them are straight. They only wanted to get off. They did nothing sexually in return. I had low self esteem & hated my body although, everyone outside of school said I looked like a model. Maybe in a lot of clothes, I looked okay but I was the tall, skinny, blond boy. I did have a rather large dick but I'd never got to use it. I loved how some girls were. More than just looks. I mean, that total fem quality only a female has. Even a female who is tough still has that special quality. I had some female friends but one really close friend & I thought I was gay so I told her. She didn't care. We told each other all our deepest secrets. We were hanging out together a lot. We totally loved each other as friends. I would have done anything for her. I know that was true on her side for me too.

    I started to spend a lot more time with my best friend. I was staying at her house some on weekends. Her parents knew I was gay so they figured I was very safe as male friend. No sex was going to happen if we went in her room to watch movies or anything. We talked about sex a lot. She asked me what I was looking for in a guy. What did I think it would be like & would I be bottom or top or what did I think. I wasn't really sure but I had sucked dick before. It was okay but I knew those guys didn't care about me. Maybe it would be a 69 in a relationship. I didn't know for sure. I was sure I wasn't interested in anal sex though. I know it's medically not dirty & the mouth is the dirty area but it wasn't something I figured I'd not be into. My friend had broken up with her BF a while back so there I was five years ago at age 19 staying at her house & we were drinking some. Sneaking some stuff into her room. That night, she asked if she could see my dick. She just wanted to see what it looked like. I was really shy about that. It took a while for her to talk me into pulling my pants down to show her. When I did, she touched it & it went from totally soft to fully hard. I could feel my face getting red since I was embarassed by that. She pulled me on top of her & she took my jeans & underwear all the way off. She took her clothes off too. We didn't say much but I was on top of her & hard. My face was down between her tits while she was holding my dick & aiming it to go inside her. It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had. I didn't expect that. No lube needed & it was a different type of lube feeling. For some reason, I insticivly started sucking her nipples while I went ahead & thrusted while inside her. I remember her holding my buns & we kissed. She told me she wanted to feel me cum inside her & it was okay to do that. It was safe. She wasn't going to get pregnant.

    We did it four times that night. My dick just kept getting off. Each time it came, it wasn't long before it was fully hard again. I wanted to keep feeling it inside her. The next day, I woke up in her bed but I woke up with this weird feeling I'd never had. I was in love with her. I can't explain how I went from love as in friend only to this other new feeling but it happened. Since that weekend, I've never done it with anyone else & neither has she. We live together now & are going to get married in a year. We have been taking some things slow but we have a lot of sex & I really love her. I'm not in some closet or hiding behihnd her & she knows totally about me. I have noticed females & guys in a sexual way but there's no way I'd cheat on my woman. I love her too much for that. I'm not the skinny boy anymore. I'm rather muscular now & I workout a lot. None of those guys from HS would ever want to mess with me these days. I'm not the guy to bully anymore. I'm also totally cool with gay guys. I'm cool with everyone insofar as I'm not a bigot & I believe in you let people live how they are or need to. So long as no one is harming a kid or anyone else, I say leave things alone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I AM SO HARD RIGHT NOW. I'M 43 YEAR WHO HAS HIDDEN MY GAY DESIRES. I HAVE ALWAYSto afraid. but I want swallow a cock.I have been picking 1 old friend om messenger a day showing my friends my cock an my cum.
    I just need to show the world. and I want to get fucked and fuck aa
    i. so fuck hotny, hard and want to explode. I want every make friend to fuck me. pleads I need your cock. fuck, fuck me please

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    Gay Male / 47

    I went to a boy's school for disciplinary reasons. When I got to the school I was paired (roomed) with an older boy whose job was to show me the ropes and put me in my place. I wasn't going to let myself but he trapped me between the wall and the bed and after a long fight got my pants down and dry fucked me. I learned, either way I was going to get fucked, I could either cooperate and get lubed up or not cooperate and get a dry ass fucking that hurt like hell. After the first three times I started to enjoy getting lubed up and I was compliant after that and I was his for the rest of the year. I was not a disciplinary problem for any of my years there.

    That's life, if you get out of line someone is going to fuck you back into line. If you fight it, you are going to get fucked the hard way, if you follow the rules and you are compliant the fuckings are lubed and enjoyable. The thing is whether or not you think you are a fuck toy, you are. That comes with being the new boy on the block or the new guy on the team, you get fucked and the big dog does the fucking. It was the most important life lesson I learned.

    I am not a big dog, never was. I was a shit head when I was a kid that is why I got in problems. I found out that my place is being the fuck toy, I am just not the Alpha dog. When the Alpha dog comes by you drop your pants and adopt the position, makes life worth living. Life is just so much better when the Alpha dog likes you.

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    Straight Male / 39

    Three years ago my girlfriend Regina moved in with me along with her twin daughters Martha and Mary who both turned 20 years old last Friday. Regina is 42 and hasn't had contact with her x husband for 6 or 7 years. Her daughters who have angelic names are not at all, both of whom smoke weed constantly and I suspect other drugs like oxy. Regina and I get along well most of the time and she does work 5 days a week. Her daughters are deadbeats and the only one who works right now is Mary at a Taco Bell part-time. Regina has no problem with the weed and does it herself along with her daughters and I confess I smoke it also a few times a week along with the booze and beer we drink. For the first year or so it was done on the sly by the girls and Regina but has developed into a kinky relationship which Regina has never tried to stop. The girls wear clothes and night close around me that are very revealing and its common now for me to see them naked during the week and more so on weekends. Regina is a waitress and works most weekends a month and it seems the girls do this knowing I can see them or are to high to care. I never have any sex with them but am able to see them in various stages of undress most days. Now neither of them are what I would call beautiful but both are attractive and I do get aroused seeing them. Well over a year ago most of the time when I had smoked weed or drank to much I also began exposing myself to them. I think nothing anymore of going about with a towel around me after I shower and go in and out of the bathroom naked knowing one or both can see me. Regina knows I have seen the girls naked many times and knows they have seen me. She has never once ever objected to the way things are in my house now. Martha is the one I have seen masturbating I think more than a dozen times and Mary I have only seen her doing it once. When Martha masturbates with her door open its always on weekends when Regina is at work and I suspect she does it for me to see her. I have jerked off watching her many times and twice I jerked off in the hall outside her room. Other times I was in the hall naked with a hard on and know she saw me watching her. I began jerking off in my room with the door wide open know both were outside but again only when Regina is at work on weekends. The longer this goes on the more blatant is has become and nudity around each other seems to be no big deal. Martha has asked me why I jerk off if I'm screwing her mother and I just laugh anymore and tell her I only jerk off when her mom works weekends. Mary never says much but Martha has told me I have a nice ass and said a few times she likes seeing me nude. A few months ago she told me she loves seeing me with a "boner" and that's the word she used. Some weekends when Regina comes in from work Martha will tell her she saw me naked. I would think most mothers would not like hearing that but Regina only shakes her head and says nothing about it.

    For a long time now I hardly ever get dressed on weekends and am either in my underwear or my terry cloth bathrobe and never bother to use the tie strap for it. I see Martha naked more often than Mary but neither one of them has ever shown any sign of embarrassment around me and quite the opposite. Regina is also fearless about exposing herself but not nearly as brazen as her daughters. I suspect Martha is more involved with drugs than Mary is but both seem to be in a daze at times. I've seen them taking pills many times but they hide them all the time and I don't think Regina knows how much they use. I don't think Martha ever wears a bra except maybe when she goes out. When she wears night gowns she never has panties on either. Mary is almost the same way but sometimes wears a long button down shirt that she doesn't bother to button. When she wears this I know she is high on something since her breasts and vagina are on display. Even when Regina is home I never bother closing my bedroom door and the girls don't seem to care if their mother sees them naked or close to it. I can't understand the way Regina reacts to all this knowing I see her girls naked and they also see me like that. Last month Martha who is the loud mouth of the house told Regina she saw me with an erection and that I have a cute penis. Admittedly we were smoking weed at the time but instead of Regina being mad hearing that she just laughed it off. My house is a one story ranch with three bedrooms and one full bath. Both girls have their own rooms which are across the hall from the master bedroom. It used to be the girls who didn't shut their doors but since I've become accustom to all this I hardly ever shut mine until I go to bed at night. I doubt a day goes by without me seeing one of them naked or one or both seeing me naked. When I think back now the only reason I let Regina move in was because her x stopped paying child support and she couldn't find out where he was. If I said I didn't like the way things are I'd be lying. I know Martha has a boyfriend although I don't know who he is. Mary doesn't seem to have one and they don't seem to have to many friends. Martha is outspoken with everything and Mary is the opposite and quiet most of the time. It was last year Martha began shaving her pubic hair but Mary never has so far. A few times Martha has mentioned to me that the reason she shaves is because her boyfriend likes it like that. I don't think she has told her mother that but she has no problem telling me things like that. She has told me she uses tampons and once asked me if her boobs were big enough obviously knowing I see them often. I wonder sometimes if she is a little on the crazy side. Mary never asks or tells me anything but nonetheless has no problem seeing me or having me see her naked. When they moved in here I never expected how out of control it would become and were they always like the way they are now. Part of it has to be because Regina has never objected to anything. Just last night I came out of the bathroom after my shower. Regina was sitting in bed and I stood there naked drying myself off with the door open and Martha sitting in bed across the hall watching me. Regina knew Martha was there but never told me to shut the door. Hello is it me or does she just not care about any of it.

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    Straight Male / 49

    The wife is a hot number, IMO, 5' 4' tall, D cups, nice ass, and soft kissable lips--she has always easily got my dick hard, and has the same effect on a lot of guys I see.

    She enjoys sex, any way, but it is damn difficult to get her off. Not just for me, but any lover she has ever had. Even the guys with the slinky for a dick! She says I am the only one to have ever given her an orgasm, and seeing how difficult it is, I believe her.

    Well, a couple months back I had been reading about "penis pumps". She had to go out of town for, a week and a half, so I decided to get a pump to keep myself amused while she was gone.

    I started pumping 10 minutes with a 5 minute rest, then repeating 2 more times for a total of 3 pumps per session. I did this every other day while she was gone.

    When she got back, she was really horny--a guy on the plane had been hitting on her most of the way back--she was well primed for sex. We no more than got in the door and she pushed me on to the bed and climbed on.

    The next thing that happened was priceless: a very surprised "Ooh!" Squealed out of her, then a big smile as she ground her c**t down on my cock and began fucking with abandon. She climaxef, then after I came the first time, I played with her a couple of minutes to rebound, and fucked her again.

    She commented on how much she missed my cock, and oh how good it felt to be back home.

    I still haven't told her about the pump, but it has done good things for my cock!

    The Happy Penis Pumper

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    Straight Male / 55

    I'm a married straight guy who happens to have had a same sex encounter many years ago. I was 23, and driving a delivery truck at the time. I had a route that took me near a strip club every few weeks pr so. Once in awhile after I finished my route I would kill an hour or so at the end of the day watching the girls and having a couple beers. Back then cocaine was huge and I was a frequent partier. Some guy in his thirties was sitting next to me at the bar and he was very talkative about the girls and their tits and pussies. He was wearing a suit and talked about the shitty hotel he was staying in while he was on some business trip. He ended up asking if I partied. After I said yes he said he wanted to get some coke and some girls to his room and invited me to join. He didn't like to party alone. The bartender was an older women who was about 50 who was giving me these facial expressions like don't believe him. She knew what was up but I was clueless. I had a flexible schedule and wasn't one to turn down free coke and girls.

    As you can guess the girls never appeared. He claimed he was trying to get a girl over but I had no idea how you'd order up a hooker and I don't think he was really interested anyway. He did have a shit ton of coke and some porn playing tho. We were doing lines, watching porn and I was horny as fuck. Next thing I know, he's got his dick out and he's jerking. He talked me into joining him. It wasn't long before his hand was on my dick. I was high and horny and it felt good and hey that was that. At one point he used his mouth to get my cock head really wet then he rubbed some coke all over the head making it super numb. Then he started sucking. I watched the porn and kept doing lines while he sucked my dick for over an hour. He kept rubbing coke on it then sucking it. If he wanted me to cum that wasn't going to do it. Off and on he sucked. We went late into the night, at one point his pointed his hard dick at my face and without a thought I started sucking. We ended up coked up sucking each other's cocks all night. We did end up making each other cum. He swallowed my load and he came on my face. I panicked after and drove home to get away from the guy and was terrified for months that someone would find out. No one did of course. I haven't partied since the early 90s and have never had an opportunity for a same sex thing again and doubt I would engage but after all these years it's not so bad a memory, it's now a memory that turns me one since it was such a wild thing.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I found a pair of my sister in law's sexy panties in the hamper at my in laws today. I've gone ro the washroom 3 times today to masturbate whike smelling her pussy in the crotch.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    So it seems it is going to be a good christmas. It is starting out perfectly, met another guy in an adult store. We started talking and i needed to piss real bad so i started heading to the bathroom. He followed me in there. Of course i had to look at his dick. It was nice. He asked me if i would like to suck it. I laughed a little and said fuck yes.
    So we went in the stall for a little privacy, without hesitation i wrapped my mouth around his head, it did not take long before his cock started getting hard,

    He grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat. As he ramed his meat down my throat i could feel my own load building up. I was so turned on. Before i knew it i exploded in my pants. At that point i knew he was well on his way to explode.

    He would shove it all in my mouth and hold my head for few seconds. And i could feel his meat throb. Then he started just slipping his head in my mouth quickly he started to moan.
    He said loudly im going to cum. He pulled out and started to stroke his meat.

    I had my mouth open wide. And eagerly waited for him to let me have it.
    I leaned in and started licking his head. All of the sudden he let out a big burst followed by i think 7 more big bursts. It was probably one of the thickest loads i ever had. But tasted so good. I held it in my mouth for 20 min. One hell of a gift.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I've been married 6 times and love large tits and smooth pussy but cock is always on the back of my mind I've had cock in my mouth and ass since I was 7 and love it also every time the wife would give me grief when she'd go to work I'd clean out my ass and head for the bar and they'd tell me where to go turns out there was an abandoned motel and alot of guys there so I got alot of big cock

    I'd tell them I'd suck them but they had to cum in my Ass they were all white men around 9-12 iniches long and thick they usually did me 2-3 times before I'd leave,but the next day I'd be back and I guess word got around it went from 7 guys to 13 and no small cocks around

    The next thing I saw was a large mirror with cock on it they gave me some healthy lines and I got horny started rubbing cocks sucking cocks and they were going crazy at one time I had two cocks in my ass and one in my mouth I couldn't get enough they fucked me for 8 hours my jaw was sore and my asshole was numb from coke that was rubbed on my hole so 2 more lines and asked if they wanted more sex

    I got home to take a shower and clean my ass for my wife to get home I went back every day for 2 months straight they treated me better than my wife and loved my mouth and ass but I decided to head back to California but was getting cock at a glory hole but every time I'd get horny from coke I needed to be fucked good .I never needed drugs to get sex from men but it made me horny as hell

    Now when I'm by myself and do coke I end up shoving large dildos in my Ass and try to get 2 or 3 more in there also did sex with a horse and got a saint bernard to do me and my friend watched it was her dog and he loves her also her horse so coke makes me fuck crazy but I love it

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I went to the local glory holes the day before Thanksgiving, looking for an early feast! It was one of those days, nobody there wanted to be sucked, everybody wanted to suck. Oh well, I dropped trousers and hung it through a hole only half stiff. In no time at all he had me at full staff and he sucked me so hard and good that I felt like my knees were going to buckle when I came. And I didn't realize it until afterward that he had sucked me so hard that my knob hurt for over a week!
    He really set the bar high, something I will aspire to in the future. I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and was on my way, he was already back on his smart phone! How gay am I?

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