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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    In college I rented a garage apartment from this older couple. She was a church lady and that was her thing. He was retired and spent a lot of time around his place fixing this and that, doing the yard, etc. I paid my rent and basically kept out of the way.

    One late afternoon, it was still warm outside, my landlord was behind his house with a hose washing himself off. He was totally naked, when I caught him he was giving his penis the treatment. He was all soaped up and he was yanking on it and it was pretty hard. I was stunned, I stood there, but he broke the ice and told me that if I liked it so much why didn't I come over and stroke him. He spoke to me while he slowly stroked himself. He sent a stream of water from the hose onto me, he was insistent, he told me that he liked a nice young man who appreciated the better things in life.

    I didn't move. He put the hose down and walked over to me naked and touched my face and grabbed my crotch and said he would really like to spend some time with me. He had lost his erection, but not his nerve and he continued asking me if I would like to come in, his wife was at church for her Thursday night class and wouldn't be home until after nine, or we could go upstairs and we could have a good time.

    All the time he had me grabbed by the crotch, he hadn't let go. He asked me if I wanted a kiss, or if I wanted to lean over and give his cock a long suck, he wanted both, to kiss me and then have me lean over and give him a long suck. He won the contest and he took me inside his house and we went to his bedroom and he sat on the bed and undid my pants and sucked me.

    I had never had sex with a man, I got fucked that afternoon, and I had a long session of 69, and I was touched and kissed all over. My landlord was a retired line man for the utility company, he was in shape and he definitely liked getting in on. For me it was new, and I was nervous and scared. I paid my rent on time, and I spent time with him, sometimes he came up to see me on the excuse he had to nail something, which usually meant me, or sometimes if his wife was out we screwed in his room.

    He said that his wife knew about his perversion, and that had driven her to the church. I didn't believe him but he repeated it often, he liked to talk about it when I was sucking him or when he was having sex with me. If only his wife could watch him.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I flew into Frankfurt from Moscow. I was on a four hour layover for New York. I was in one of the many restaurants, tired and minding my own business. The girl, a college kid, sitting beside me started to search through her bag desperately. She got more and more anxious, emptying out her bag all over the table. I asked her what was the matter, she had lost her boarding pass. She searched everywhere. I tried calming her down, but she was past being calmed down.

    I called the waitress over and paid for her table and mine and asked her to go with me. I took her to the airline desk and had her tell them she had lost her boarding pass, she showed her passport and she got a replacement. I walked her to her gate. The kid was embarrassed but still scared so I sat with her at her gate until she boarded. I remember her hug, it is the simply the warmest, most heartfelt hug I have ever received.

    I think of her often, a lost sheep in a world of wolves. A bit exaggerated, but for her that day it is not an exaggeration. I hope she is doing well, that she has a family and that when she hugs her kids, she hugs them with the same heartfelt feeling that she hugged me that day.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I am 56 and a friend gave me a couple of massage coupons as a birthday present. He highly recommended them, the massage place is a couple of blocks from our office. After several months he got on my case so I booked a lunch hour massage, which meant I had to get a sandwich and eat at my desk which I hate.

    The masseuse is a black man, early fifties, played college ball but washed out for the pros. The massage room had the table and a music box and low lights and he started with my feet, my calves, my thighs, my chest, my neck, my back, I was on my back and he told me my friend had requested that he give me a full massage. He put his warm hands on my buttocks, when I resisted he told me to lay still, it was a massage and all the athletes did it.

    Several long minutes went by, it felt good, he obviously had experience, I was naked on the table as he had taken the towel off, he poured warm lotions on my butt and he massaged my butt and my upper thighs. When I was totally relaxed he poured this warm lotion between my cheeks and in a swift motion he pushed a finger right up my rectum. His other hand moved quick to push me down onto the table.

    His voice got hard and authoritative as he started to massage my prostate. He told me that when he was playing ball he found out that is the main reason boys would be boys and butt fuck, to feel that feeling of having a hard dick in their ass massaging them from the inside. He asked me if I had ever had a hard dick in my ass, not to laugh because most all his clients opted for the hard dick when given the chance.

    He massaged me with his finger until I felt I was ejaculating, he told me to enjoy that he had cleaned up so much during his career that it never bothered him any more. He just wanted me to feel relaxed enough to stop holding back and just let it all out. His finger, his hand on my back, and the rhythm against the towel under me and I ejaculated. When I was done he turned me over and got a hot towel out of a pan and he gently massaged my genitals, my balls, my penis, my perineum. He told me the hard dick option is always open, and to remember the hard dick wanted a tight ass, so it was a win win.

    I became a regular client and had to take over the expense. A full massage, including a prostate massage is a hundred bucks, something I can't afford but every other week. A hard dick, if it's black, is two hundred, and if it's white it's one hundred fifty. Black is better, for the price difference black is worth saving up for. I can't really afford it, but I can't stop going either.

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    Gay Male / 27

    Camp cum time
    I work as a camp counselor for my near by team building campgrounds. It was built for highschool/college students to come as a class to learn helpful life lessons in working together etc. I myself and a highschooler and only work in the summers. Thats when they have a camp invite for the ages of 16-21. I spend the summer up there so I dont get to do my nightly activities of porn and a wank. So i bought 2 "helpful items" last summer. 2 masturbatory aids. 1 was a simple fleshlight, very nice and easy to use, 2 a big bundle of condoms, lube, and some magazines. Soon enough i got bored of the magazines, so one night, I was thinking about these two hot sisters that were camping here. With no success of cumming, I decided to venture out to do my deeds. Right outside of her cabin windows, I jerked off. In the quiet night u can hear the slapping and the squishy sounds. Looking at the 6 girls in the cabin sleeping, I cam so hard. I took the pussy part out of the holder and dumped the cum through the window slit, leaving drops of my cum on the floor. I did this daily with whatever how girls there were. Eventually i needed more. During the day I would steal some nice panties or bras to masturbatew with, and jerk off outside with them. I would return them the next day filled with cum and swap for something new.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I grew up with sisters. I have seen all the tits and ass I need to see. No big deal. Maybe that is why tits and ass don't get me hard.

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    Straight Male / 34


    So, I tend to have an abundance of pre-cum when Im hard. Everyone Ive been with agrees. Its just a constandt ooze dripping out. I have never needed to use lube for anything, its always enough.

    Im not really complaining, the women Ive been with have always liked it. The problem is, guys get horny all the time. At least twice a week I have to go to the bathroom or something just to try and keep dry enough to not show. The best way for that is to cum so it will stop. So I do... pretty frequently.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was forced to retire when I turned 67, a small package and out the door. I moved into a small apartment in a subsidized retirement community complex. I live alone as I am divorced. I started walking to get out. I went grocery shopping, went to the mall once or twice a week. I didn't meet anyone. People just came and went.

    I was at Walmart, really just cruising the isles, I didn't need anything. I was in the plumbing section. A man, a little younger than me starting asking for advise and we got to talking. He touched me and I let him. He touched me again and put his hand on my stomach. We talked and our hands touched. We agreed to get a cup of coffee and talk about his plumbing problems. I told him about my new place. He asked if he could come see my apartment, he had driven by so many times and often wondered what the apartments were like.

    In my apartment I sucked him. It was so good to suck a man again. As I have gotten older I found that I get a lot of pleasure from that.

    He is not one of these men who wants to get going fast. We talked and he let me suck him on the couch. I got naked and asked him if he wanted to get naked with me. I love being naked with a man. We fondled, kissed and sucked, and he agreed that we could kiss. I love kissing, I need kissing, somehow kissing makes me want to have sex. We had sex in the bedroom. I love the feeling, I always have. Like I said, he is not one of those men who are into haste. He was gentle and talked to me the entire time he was having sex with me.

    He has a family so we see each other on weekends. He knows where I live so he comes by. Even if he can't stay very long, we kiss and he lets me suck him for a while. More than once I sucked a guy who got angry if he couldn't cum. It doesn't work that way. It takes a lot to help him cum, especially once you get older. He is really my only friend in this neighborhood. From time to time I call and meet up for lunch with one of the guys I worked with, but that is once a quarter. There really isn't much in common, seeing that we are generation apart in age.

    I intend to take a couple of courses at the junior college, in English literature. Retirement is not easy. The financial concerns alone make it hard. Being alone is also hard. For now I have my new friend. My family asks me if I have met a lady. I have, but right now I am not interested, right now I want to do what feels good. Kissing with my new friend and having sex with him. I need that right now, not trying to start a relationship with a lady friend.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My sister was a high school soccer coach and got busted for messing around with one her students. The girl's parents didn't press charges, plus she was 17, above the age, but still a problem. The whole thing was resolved when my sister resigned. She came to live with me.

    My sister is a little bit of a bitch. She doesn't work. She is the wife as far as running the house is concerned. She doesn't want any woman in her house. Now it is her house. Her view is that I should find sex somewhere, even if I have to buy it, but not to bring another woman into her house.

    She got involved for a while with this nurse. This nurse wanted to be the alpha and my sister told her to take a hike. Since then she goes out and finds a girl, usually at this lesbian dance place, brings her home and I have to deal with her later. Most of these girls fall in love at the drop of a hat. My sister wants them, but is not in love with them. Figuring out this lesbian stuff is really hard.

    I brought a woman home with me, introduced her to my sister. Reluctantly she was nice to her. Until she saw us getting serious. She is not going to have another woman live with us. The dirty low down fact is that I am not going to put my sister out on the street. I just have to find that woman that my sister will live with.

    One girl she brought home, she was a kid in college, didn't care who got her tail. I fucked her. My sister got more pissed than I had ever seen her. Seems like this lesbian thing is a not to be shared lifestyle. I really like that girl. I still see her, but don't bring her home. She is one of these college kids that lives in a world where sex is fluid between them.

    One night, I got home and my sister wasn't there and there was no dinner. She didn't answer her phone so I went out looking for her. All the usual places. There are two lesbian bars that she frequents. It is always lady's night at these bars. Anyway, I go in and find her getting serious with this girl. She ruined it for me with my lady friend, so I went up to her and told her to get her ass home and cook dinner. You should have seen the looks I got. I took her by the ear and walked her out, screaming and yelling, but I didn't let go. I laughed my ass off for several minutes. She did come home and cook dinner. She says I ruined it for her at that bar.

    Living with a lesbian is not easy. Nothing works the same. Most of the girls I have met are not keepers in any sense of the word. Some aren't even pretty.

    All in all, I am seeing the college girl. I really like her, it is not only the sex. She is bright and has a future, and she has me as a steady which keeps her off the market. When my sister finds out that this girl is moving in when she graduates next spring, all hell will be there. But this time I am putting my foot down, this one is a keeper. I want to wake up with a woman beside me and they can figure out how they are going to split the duties.

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    Straight Male / 48

    After I got laid off from the company I had been with for over twenty years I floated from one job to another without finding success. Along the way, at this medium sized trucking company, I took a job as Controller. The office staff was small, although the company itself had over 100 employees.

    The office manager was a lady in her mid fifties. She was still very good looking, a bit heavy in the caboose and she obviously had big breasts. She wore open shirts and her charms on her necklace would slide down her cleavage and had the habit of fishing them out. She and I got along fine. Like me, she was working where she could get a job and a job that paid well enough.

    We had lunch and she asked me to come over on Saturday for dinner. Her apartment was nice, in a well maintained complex. Her ex-husband paid alimony and with her job she lived decently well. We had wine, she had music on, we had conversation, but it was hard to get away from work. She had dinner in the oven, a casserole. Our conversation had died down and she came over to me and said for me to let her see my dick. That we had time, maybe I would like a blow job before dinner.

    I was stunned, in spite of not being exactly innocent, I had never been propositioned directly. She was insistent and she got down on the carpet and she gave me a blow job. She told me that she was going to tease me because she wanted the mother load for after dinner. For those twenty minutes until the casserole was ready she sat on the carpet and stroked and would suck my dick on and off.

    Dinner was good, we talked and she took my hand from time to time and told me that the hardest thing about being single again was not getting any and that she was looking forward to just getting a good fuck and then we could watch a movie. She didn't let me help clean up, she was quick, she had put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and she grabbed my hand and said come and eat my pussy.

    Her bedroom was pretty much a woman's bedroom, no television and heavy curtains. I was still looking around the room and she had gotten on the bed and laid back and opened her legs. See, no panties, she said, you could have fucked me anytime. Truthfully, right then I didn't know what to do. She was working her hands between her legs, not touching her pussy, but all around her thighs. I got on the end of the bed and I went down. Her pussy was wet, it was very wet, and after a few moments I was into it and she let me eat her while she played with her clit.

    She grabbed me by the hair and told me to go ahead and fuck her. She wasn't even undressed, and neither was I, I just got my pants far enough down with my shoes still on and I fucked her. Too much excitement and I finished pretty quickly, before she was able to have an orgasm. She took my clothes off, and took all of her clothes off, and we got in the bed and while she sucked on my dick she fingered herself into an orgasm.

    This woman was from California, and she told me about her wild days before she met her husband, and her wild days while she was married. She wasn't a sex addict, she was just a woman who enjoyed sex and had very few inhibitions. She was pretty much into anything that spiced things up. She liked being naked, and she liked having her breast played with. She gave me permission to do anal, but that is not my thing. We bathed together, and we had sex together, we went to the movies and we had dinner out and she prepared dinner in. She had toys, which she showed me one day, but said that as long as she had a live one, she wasn't really in need of playing with her toys.

    All in all, for many months we got along fine. At work people knew we were seeing each other, but no one cared.

    Time worked against us and after a while the steam went out of the balloon, we remained friends, but the sex came to an end. She was not going to get into a new relationship that put her alimony in jeopardy and I didn't want a commitment. I made friends with another woman, and she joked about me bringing her over for some fun together, but that never happened.

    All in all, she helped me more than anything to get my sense of being back. This helped me with my job performance and it helped me get back on track with my life. I have told her that she is good therapy.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I agreed to marry her so that she could stay here. She is nice, and comes from a good upbringing. My thing was, we are not really married. That's the point. Except in her mind and her family's mind.

    This Latina thing is also got to go. I don't need her, and her mother, and her sisters, all being overly nice to me. If anyone should be nice to me it is her. And sorry, under the circumstances of our marriage we should never have gone to visit her mother. And another thing, since when is it not ok to have sex with your wife at her mother's house. If she is serious about being a wife, then that includes in bed, and it doesn't really matter whose house we are in. I don't need her mother and her sisters all nice, I need her to get up close and personal and show me why she is the wife.

    So I've been hooked. OK, mistake made. But if she is going to be the wife, I need her to be the wife where I live. And I need it often. She has her week off, and I understand if she has the flu. But otherwise, Latina or not, I need that gift she has between her legs. And a little loving on the manhood before she turns onto her back would be appreciated too.

    And, I am not looking forward to having her mother come and visit. Where I come from, the mother in law comes for a weekend, not a month. I know I'm hooked. In my house I don't want to hear Spanish all the time. Why should I sit in my house and not understand what she is saying? Bla, bla, bla.

    I should not have married a Colombian. And I guess by default, her mother and her sisters.

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