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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    University of Illinois at Chicago, Stevenson Hall 2nd floor bathroom had a very hot glory hole in the late 80's. I would go there some days and suck cock after cock. Sometimes there would be 5 or 6 guys standing waiting to get sucked, and if someone came into the bathroom, we would all scramble back into the stalls. Very hot, sucked three guys, one after the other, one afternoon.

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    Straight Male / 47

    Next door to our house lived a woman with a fourteen year old girl. We had a pool and she would come over during the summer and swim. At that age she always wore a two piece, nothing too revealing, but a fourteen year old just has a body that makes you get hard. My wife would scold me for looking at her, but what do you expect, a fourteen year old girl bending over to pick up her towel, come on, instant hard on. The afternoon that I got in trouble, she was at our house, like she did almost every afternoon. I was alone with her, I am a corporate pilot so my work schedule varies. She stood there talking to me and she put her finger in her bathing suit and pulled it our of the crack in her ass. When she did her pussy showed in all its glory.

    She always gave me a hard on, and I got a hard on. I had taken a dose of Viagra an hour or so earlier, as it always took some time to be really effective, for when my wife got home. But now it became effective, I had a hard on that would not go down. She sat down and told me that her butt hurt. That she had tried to shave herself and now it hurt. It was then that she noticed my hard on. She stared at me for a minute, and looked up and asked me if it hurt, that she had always wanted to know if it hurt when a guy got a hard on.

    I told her the truth, that not usually, but today it did hurt because I couldn't get relief and having a half naked young woman there wasn't helping. Her hand moved before she spoke, she just grabbed my hard on and moved closer to me. My pants were in the way, the way she had her hand on me. I gently moved her hand and rearranged my pants, she made a comment as to how hard it was. I told her that is why it was called a boner.

    She leaned over and told me that she had touched this boys boner once, but it was not at all like this. My mistake was undoing my belt and opening my pants, and she took my bone hard cock in her hand. I asked her if she had held that boys boner in her hand like that, and she said no, she had only grabbed it in his pants. There was not talk, she leaned down and put it in her mouth and then asked me if I wanted her to do it some more.

    Between mouthing my boner and looking up to talk to me she told she had seen videos of girls giving blow jobs. She wanted to know if she was doing it right. Damn, I have to cut to the chase, I got her to lean over the patio table and I ran my cock up into her pussy all the way. I hit bottom, the way she was positioned, I knocked up against her cervix. She didn't complain, she just leaned over the table while I fucked her until I eventually came, some of it shooting up in her and the rest all over her back and butt. Even after withdrawing I still had a boner, which didn't subside for several more minutes.

    I was leaning back on the chaise lounge, I had fucked this girl. She more or less fixed her bathing suit and wanted to be hugged and kissed. I calmed her down, but I was not calm at all. I told her that this was totally wrong and that she had to keep it to herself no matter what.

    Life was never the same after that, she came over summer, fall, winter and spring. Sometimes she and her mother came over for dinner. She hung out at our house more than she did at her house. She was totally at ease around me, and she liked to stand behind me when I was at the table and put her arms around my neck. There were lots of 'slips' when she would say goodbye and put her arms around my neck for a kiss, and her lips were targeted on mine. My wife told me so many times that she was trouble waiting to happen. But holding her when I hugged her was like holding life itself.

    I never fucked my wife again without, especially when we dog fucked, without reliving that fuck beside the pool that afternoon. I was infatuated with her, she was just as infatuated with me. She was trouble all right, every single day she was trouble. Keeping my hands off of her was torture and she didn't help. How many times did she come and sit beside me and pull he shirt out to show me her nipple? When she turned 17 she told me she was totally legal, she grabbed my pants and told me I had been mean to her. She just couldn't stop fucking. It caused problems with my wife because I couldn't keep up.

    My wife never said anything, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she went off to college. But for me it was terrible, I would lay in bed at night wishing she was right there beside me. When I did fuck my wife, I was thinking of her, she was all young woman by then, and she had me around her finger and she knew it. She swore to me that she never let anyone else have sex with her. I had to believer her, because the idea of some college kid getting in her pants was too painful to imagine.

    You love your wife, and I learned all over again how to love my wife. She never said anything, but I came to understand that she knew all along, even those nights when I lay awake wishing my girl would be beside me.

    Older men should never fall in love with a young girl. The pain is too great. And when the day came I had to let her go, I cried. But a man who needs Viagra, just can't keep up with a twenty three year old woman. Even if I could support her with anything she needed, I couldn't be what she needed. So I had to give her up, and now all I get is a good hug when she sees me, and sometimes a kiss on the cheek and she tells me she still loves me.

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    Straight Male / 54

    This year we will have been married for 40 years. I never loved her, not like that. She is more like my sister, we live together and that is fine. She and I haven't had sex in over twenty years. I don't go around telling her when or if I get some woman to bed, but I imagine she knows.

    For all practical purposes this has been a marriage of convenience. She comes from a well to do background, which allowed us to live in a very nice house in a very nice neighborhood and our two kids grew up with good schools, university degrees and all. On my salary alone we would never have had that. When I married her I was looking at the money, having grown up on the wrong side of town where the working class lived.

    I won't say that I took advantage of her, not in the sense that I never gave back. But it has been a marriage of convenience. I don't know how she entertains herself, or if she ever needs to entertain herself. We haven't shared a bedroom in over twenty years, to each their own. As far as sex with her, she was never a good partner, never cooperated or engaged. From the earliest days I always felt that it was a form of masturbation, except using the real thing instead of your hand.

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    Straight Male / 53

    After my four years in the service I used the GI Bill to go to college. I went to college in Mississippi, my home state. In the service, I was mostly stationed in Korea, I had worked as a cook in the mess hall. So, even though you have the GI Bill, you need money to live on, I took a job at a small restaurant near campus as an evening cook.

    Evenings were mostly slow, there was a short rush around dinner time, but it was slow. Lunch was the money part, and evenings mostly broke even, except on Friday and Saturday nights when dates came to eat. So for the weekdays, evenings, there was one waitress. Her name was Donna. She and I spent a lot of time alone, professional distance and that sort of thing. She was 25 and as a part of several conversations it came out that she had moved to this town when she was 19 to catch a husband. She had heard, according to her story, that there were a lot of lonely guys, and that for some of them finding a girl was difficult, but they wanted a girl and if you caught one of those college boys, then you got married and you got into the middle class. Of course, she didn't, and she was barely making it, and she was 25 and college boys didn't have plans with a girl who was older than them. So she was stuck in that town.

    Me, I was into girls, any girls. I was older and I was a first year student so the college girls didn't pay much attention to me. But Donna was just right, and one evening I told her that we should go out on our day off. We dated, she kept it professional, telling me that she didn't want to lose her job. I told her the boss did not really care, he already assumed that I was doing her. But she kept her distance. I did get her to bed, after a lot of pressure, and it was not on a date, it was one night after we got off. I took her to the trailer I was renting.

    We had sex, it was like not sex, she wasn't into it. She did the blow job thing, and she let me screw her but she wasn't into it. You can tell. And she had a thing about being seen naked. It was one in the morning, and she had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I walked up behind her and grabbed her ass, I just grabbed her ass really tight and screwed her in the kitchen. After I finished screwing her she didn't say anything, she shot holes through me with her eyes. She went and sat down on the old couch, the only sitting place in the living area. On the coffee table was a Hustler magazine. She started leafing through it, at first passing the pages, but soon she was slowly turning the pages looking at the girls.

    She asked me why I had that magazine. I told her I used it to jerk off. You learn early in the army that you have to jerk off and I liked Hustler because that magazine gave your the full view. I sat beside her and she opened the centerfold picture and stared at the girl and asked me if this is the kind of girl I liked. I told her I would rather screw her than jerk off. She looked at the girl's picture and her fingers slowly went over the breasts and her pussy. I asked her if she liked that picture, and that girls like that liked to be touched gently, to have their pussies felt up. I put my arm around her and we slowly went through the magazine, picture after picture, commenting on the girls' breasts and pussies and legs and ass. I took my dick out and asked her which looked better to her, a dick or a pussy. I told her I liked pussy, and I got down in front of her and spread her legs and ate her pussy while she looked at the magazine.

    Donna liked Hustler. I had several magazines, and I went and bought the new one, and she came over and I ate her pussy while she looked at Hustler, and then I would screw her to the couch or the bed. I got her to pose for me, pose for me like the girls in the pictures, let me look at that pussy. She didn't like having my dick in her mouth, she did, or let me, but she didn't like it. She didn't like being screwed either. She liked having her pussy eaten. And she liked looking at the naked pictures.

    I hired a hooker, paid her fifty bucks, which was a lot of money in those days, and told her I had a girlfriend who liked looking at naked girls. I wanted her to pose for her, to show her in person, what a naked girl looked like, to gave her a Hustler magazine and told her that is what I wanted her to do, pose like those girls. I asked her, if Donna got the urge, would she eat Donna, or maybe let Donna eat her. She agreed.

    When the hooker arrived, and she came in Donna was surprised. I told Donna that I had hired the hooker for her, so she could touch a real pussy and tits and she could get her mouth down there where she wanted and she could eat a real pussy. That what I wanted to do was spread her and screw her while she was eating the hooker's pussy.

    The hooker did her job, she posed naked for Donna, laid out on the bed, and with my help I got Donna's fingers on the hooker's tits and then her pussy. I got the hooker to kiss Donna on the mouth. I got the hooker to lay back on the bed with her legs spread open and I pushed Donna's face into her pussy and told her to eat, to eat her and eat her and while she ate her I was going to screw her. Donna had her ass in the air, and I got her legs open and I screwed her. I caught the hookers eye and asked her how Donna was doing. She laughed, a small quiet laugh and rubbed Donna's hair and let Donna eat her pussy.

    Donna was just not into guys, she let me screw her because that is what I wanted, and I ate her out which she liked. She came over to look at the magazines, I picked up several others, and even some mail order ones that had even more explicit pictures, and Donna devoured them. She liked pictures of guys with dicks in girls, she liked pictures of girls with their faces in another girls' pussy. But she liked it even more when we would pool our money and hire the hooker and she came over and Donna could eat her and get naked with her and the hooker would eat her and I would screw the hooker.

    I left college with my degree and Donna stayed behind, still working the afternoon shift at the restaurant. So much time has passed, but when I get to a looking at some porn and some of the girls who posed like they did in the Hustler days, I think of Donna. I wonder if she ever got hooked up with a girl of her own. She was queer, she was turned on by pussy.

    The jpp

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Been having an affair with a very passable cross dresser. The reason is for the fact that she knows how to dress for sex, something I could never get my wife to do. I don't have to do anything with her cock, she usually has it caged and tucked inside of her panties. She wears all the sexy things I love a real woman to wear in the bedroom. Her collection of heels and boots are amazing and she knows how to use them in the bedroom as well. I get off as much just looking at her as I do fucking her.

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    Gay Male / 34

    I was asked to drive a car from California to southern Mexico for a man who was transferred there. It was a summer thing, I was going to be a senior in college, being of Mexican origin I spoke pretty good Spanish, and I could use the trip to stop and visit with some relatives of my mother's.

    I left and crossed the border without any problems. The owner of the car had all the papers in order including insurance. I had used a road atlas to map my route similar to Triple AAA, I had memorized the route and had my stations selected. Confident that I would be at my mother's aunts house in two days.

    I made good time, the car was in great condition, the roads were clear, nearing the end of the day I had a flat and destroyed the tire. I worked on getting the spare out when a mid sized truck stopped and the driver offered to help. He could tell that I was an American, as hard as I tried my accent wasn't perfect. He helped me change the tire and offered to follow me into the next town where I could buy another spare tire. When I got into the car he swatted me on the ass and said let's go and we will see each other when we get to town.

    We got to this small town and we stopped near the center of town and he went to find a shop where I could get a new tire. They didn't have a new one for that size rim, and they wanted way too much money for a used tire. But continuing without a spare wasn't an option. My friend, he was my friend now, put his arm around my shoulder and said there was nothing to do, leave the car and they would get the tire on and we should go get a beer and something to eat.

    We left the shop and the car and truck there and walked to this restaurant. It wasn't full. We sat down and the waitress brought a menu and we ordered a couple of beers. When she left the beers with us, my friend leaned forward and grabbed my hand and asked me in Spanish if I liked to fuck. He said we could fuck real well in that town, and anyway it was getting dark and I shouldn't be on the road at night. We had dinner with him sitting way to close to me, speaking in whispers in Spanish, he asked me if I had a Gringo dick, if I had been cut when I was born.

    Too much was going on and his questions were getting very weird and he put his hand on my thigh and grabbed my dick in his hand and said tonight I will fuck you, tonight you are going to suck my dick, tonight you are going to be mine you little son of a bitch. All of this was in whispered Spanish, he had his hand tight on my dick, and he said that tonight he was going to give me his Mexican dick.

    He called over the waitress and asked where we could stay that night and gave her some money to make a reservation for us. We left the restaurant, his arm around my shoulder, whispering what he was going to do that night. When I got to the repair shop, I paid for the tire and they put it in the trunk. He said to follow him, the hotel was a three blocks away. I was in the drivers seat and he leaned down and told me to follow him, he was going to fuck me that night. He stared at me and said that I wanted his dick, didn't I? I said yes, and I followed him to the hotel.

    Only once before had I been with a man, and that was when I was in high school with the owner of the local hamburger joint that we went to in high school. As I drove behind the truck I kept asking myself what I was doing, I had to be crazy, but I followed and parked and got out of the car and he got the room and we took our bags into the room and he grabbed me from behind and humped me a couple of times.

    He had me undress and he played with my dick, he sucked my dick, he played with my ass, he sucked my nipples. He got undressed, his dick was dark, almost black. He got hard fast and he offered me his dick and I sucked him. I sucked him, it wasn't a faint or a half assed effort, I sucked him. It all came up from inside of me, holding his dick and sucking him with my eyes closed. He kept calling me gringo, I was Mexican but American Mexican, I wasn't gringo, but he called me gringo.

    We spent a good amount of time playing with our dicks, sucking dick, he fingered me for a while, gently to heat me up. He told me I was going to enjoy it. I laid back on the bed and he raised my legs and I felt his dick against my ass and soon he was in, fucking me, I tried to jack off while he fucked me but it was no use, I just laid back and enjoyed it. After he was done, he leaned down and sucked my dick with a long hard suck. He used his hand to get me hard and sucked me and using his hand he got me to get off. That night we slept naked on the bed, he let me play with his dick and he played with mine.

    The next day he went along his route and I took my route and made it to my mother's aunt's house late in the afternoon, just as planned.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I try to deny that I enjoy a nice hard cock every so often. Sex with woman is great but I have the craving to see and nice size cock ejaculate all over my own. I troll Craigslist and find guys, trannies, or Cd's that are willing to satisfy my needs.

    I met a guy recently that is hispanic and has a very nice size cock, he is also uncut which is my first. I had an experience with him that I cannot get out of my mind. Our last meeting we stood toe to toe with our cocks inches apart. He reached over and took my throbbing hard on and began to push it into his foreskin.

    He began to jerk our cocks slowly with the head of my cock buried inside of his stretched foreskin. I swear the room began to spin, the sensation of this, the erotic moment of seeing this was too much. I blew my load in a very short time. He laughed as I stood there almost dizzy with pleasure. My cum dripped out of his thick cock and he allowed me to jerk his load and mine out of his cock.

    Honestly I'm hooked now. I use every excuse in the book to get out of the house and go meet this guy so we can do it all over again.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I was the youngest of four brothers. My mother had expected a girl and when I was little, before I started school, she dressed me in girl clothes. More than one pictures exists with my brothers and me in girl's clothes and curly blond hair. I wore 'panties' for a long long time, well into school. It wasn't until I started cub scouts that I stopped with the panties. In my teens I borrowed some panties out of my cousin's dresser and wore them when I was alone.

    With panties on I feel good. It just feels good, they are sheer and feminine, I love pastel colors, and lace is nice. I always use a stall, that way I can sit to pee, I wipe when I'm done, tuck myself into my panties, and go on with my day.

    I work in a fairly masculine job, but I never leave the house in anything other than panties.

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    Gay Male / 48

    For the past 19 years I have had an affair with a married man. He loves gay sex with me, but is totally straight in his real life. Married, two teenage and young adult sons, beautiful sexy wife. He is a teacher at his local high school in rural Indiana, coaches football and is a real man's man. Nobody would suspect he ever looked at another man, let alone suck dick and get fucked. But, here he is, on his knees, taking as much of my 8"uc dick as he can stuff into his throat, hard as a rock himself, but not allowed to touch himself. In another ten minutes or so, when his jaw starts to tire I will flip him around, on all fours, line up my dick and slowly enter him, stretching him out, while whispering in his ear how good he feels to take my dick, how I fuck his manhood away, and stuff like that. He will cum halfway through my pounding him, and he will be back on another two weeks. He always does, even if he promises himself once again that this was the last time, driving back to his normal life.

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    Straight Male / 27

    My girlfriend has no idea but three times a week I go visit three men at there homes and stay with them for site a few hours.

    One is Peter. He's 37 and single. I got to his place every Tuesday and always arrive around 9pm. He makes me dress up for him in white tights anda black leotard with long arms. The leotard is a size too small for me so it's really tight. I just stand up and he comes from behind me inn silence and takes my cock out and wanks it for me. He talks about my girlfriend while he's doing it and when i shoot he squeezes my balls very tightly and tells me to shoot.

    The other man I see is Ricky, he is 48 and we both sit at a table in his place and he brings out lots of pictures of schoolgirls and while I'm looking at them he wanks me. I see him on Thursdays.

    John is 38 and he likes me to show him pictures of my girlfriend. I have some large pictures of her. And different to the other men he likes to squeeze my balls tightly as he watches me wank to her.

    All in all I'm getting wanked silly between five and eight times a week.

    I never touch the men they just like Wanking me.

    It feels strange but good too. All three are very good at it.

    Letter told me about another friend of his that's looking for a cock so I'll be meeting them both this next week. Maybe they want to take my cock in turns. I don't mind. If one wanks me then the other too although from what I understand Peter wants to wank me while his friend is sucking the end of it. That will make me shoot in his mouth.

    Anyway I fuck my girlfriend like she's a rubber dolly and she loves it. I don't think she minds if men wank me too. The more they wank it the bigger it seems to get so good for her.

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