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Men, don't let the ladies out-do you. They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it.

Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest.

Confess, son, that's an order.
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    Straight Male / 55

    I worked at a hotel behind the front desk between college tries. A girl kept hanging around the front desk, and from time to time she would disappear and I would see her again another night. Frankly I was so naïve about it that it took another employee to tell me she was a hooker. I couldn't believe it, not her? She had to have been seventeen maybe eighteen, she was so small too, maybe five feet tall. But the show went on and on and on over several weeks and she came, hung around the lobby, talked now and then to a man and she disappeared until the next day or two and she was back.

    I got friendly with her and got her cokes from the restaurant and she gave me her name, she was from Oklahoma and making a living. One day I asked her if she really was a hooker and she said 'yeah'. I asked how much for the night and she said I couldn't afford it but if I wanted a quickie she could work me in for thirty bucks. We went back to the stairwell behind the elevator bank and she lowered her pants and bent over holding on to the rail and told me to hurry up I wasn't paying for her to lose time. It was my first hooker.

    She gave BJs for twenty bucks, same stairwell, thirty bucks for a quickie, but I didn't make enough money to get a treat more than once every two weeks when I got paid. One day she asked me if I had a nice place, maybe I could take her there and she would teach me and she whispered to me that it would be free seeing as she was teaching me. It was my first time naked with a girl, she was eighteen because I saw her driver's license from Ponca City Oklahoma. She got naked, like bare butt naked, for me. She stood naked and turned naked and then bent over naked and let me take a look at where the sun don't shine, to take a good look because she wasn't going to do that for free again.

    We got on the bed and she told me to lay back and she got on her knees and started to work me into a hard on and suck me in deep long sucks, nothing like when she gave me BJs in the stairwell. She swallowed it and she told me she liked long hard dicks like that, seemed only right that she got to suck one down to the nub. She held and played with my balls while she sucked me. She got turned around and put her butt in my face and told me to lay my head down and stuck her soppy wet pussy in my face and I started licking and sucking and she kept on licking and sucking my dick. I think she had an orgasm because she stopped for a minute and then laid her pussy right down on my face again. It was about then that I wasn't able to hold it back and she took everything I had, she licked up and down my dick and cleaned her face with the sheet.

    She got off and sat beside me Indian style with her pussy wide open, her crack split open, her dark red pussy in plain view while she continued to massage my limp dick. She leaned over and told me to open my mouth and she put her mouth above mine and she let some spit fall right into my mouth. She worked up the spit and she let her spit fall over and over again into my mouth. My dick started to get hard again so she bent down and gave my dick a long suck and she asked if I liked it hot because she was pretty hot. She got back up on her knees and she asked me if I liked her pussy, she asked me if I wanted to see where the sun don't shine again and she turned around and spread her legs over me and opened her butt wide and asked me what I thought about that. Her butt flower was quivering as she squeezed her sphincter and then she said enough of that, she just wanted me to see her because she wanted me to remember everything. She sucked me again and I was hard and she got on and fucked up and down for a while and then said that she wanted me to get on top but no kissing.

    She lay down and opened her legs and told me to get on. She took my dick and lined it right up to her hole and it felt good to fuck, and I kissed her and she got mad and said no kissing, but I kissed her anyways and after a minute she let me kiss and she put her arms around my neck and we kissed as I pumped. Somewhere in there she let me go and said to go ahead and fuck her and fill her up so I finished fucking her and filling her up.

    She slept with me and the next morning we went to breakfast at the Waffle House and she said that she could not be my girlfriend, I needed to understand that. But she was and I never paid for her again, and I never had to go to the stairwell again, we had sex in bed. If she had a client she would douche her pussy before she got in bed. Of course life is life and she could never really be my girlfriend and she moved on to greener pastures, a bigger and better hotel. But she was right, I never forgot her.

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    Straight Male / 48

    Our graduation class of 1968 was a small class, there were only 28 students our senior year. Five boys and 23 girls. One of the boys turned out to be gay and he went to work as an airline attendant, one of the boys was killed in a traffic accident, I went to college, the other two boys went to work in blue collar jobs. Of the girls only one went to college and she became an English teacher. The other girls married or went off to work somewhere and it wasn't my place to follow up. We had our 50th High School reunion and all the ones that are alive showed up.

    It was a quiet affair, everyone's life having been so different. I managed to do well for myself, not rich but certainly well off. My school mate guys are good at their skill sets and still work, but by far they are not well off, mistakes, bad decisions, and low paying jobs taking away their chance for a retirement without worries. The women, some are married, others went through marriage and divorce and a couple never got married and that left my classmate who became a school teacher. The two of, the only ones with college degrees sat at the same table staring at each other.

    She asked me if I remembered the day she got down and she couldn't cover herself and I saw her panties. We were in the tenth grade. I said I sure did. She asked me if I remembered the day when we were on a field trip and I told her I had a boner and she sat with me on the bus until it subsided. I sure did. She asked me if I remembered when we were in the seventh grade and I had to kiss her playing spin the bottle. I sure did. She asked me if I remembered our first car date and how we had gone to the makeout spot and no one was there because it wasn't the makeout spot. She asked if I remembered how I had put my hand in her shirt and touched her tit. She asked if I remembered when we were seniors in college and we had gone to the movies to see Young Frankenstein and she had held my naked boner in her hand while we watched the movie. I sure did. She asked if I remembered taking her to my friend's apartment and laying her on her back on his bed and taking advantage of her. I sure did. She asked me why I didn't marry her.

    I didn't have an answer, she was destined to marry me but I never asked her and after I went to work and she went to work she and I remained friends and one day I married a girl I had met at work. She spent her life never having been married and I spent my life married to the wrong person. I don't think I ever loved my wife, my wife was just in love with the idea of being married. We divorced after 30 plus years. But here we were 50 years after graduating from high school and I apologized to her for wasting her life and mine and we got up and went to the hotel room and we had sex. We made it official, we are married and we are both healthy senior members of society, I have my life well taken care of and she has her pension from Teacher's Union and we spend our days traveling, and having sex. No lights on in the room, it is all under the covers, but it is sex and to tell you that it is the best sex of my life is not an exaggeration. And yes, this time I am pretty sure that I am in love, and I know for sure that she is in love. In fact I know I am in love and I was always in love with her.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I grew up in a small town in East Texas near the Louisiana border. My father was clerk for the city and my mother was a homemaker. I was their only child and our only entertainment was church. The school board decided to bring two high schools together because there were too few kids for each, for me it meant riding the bus forty five minutes each way. At the new high school, which meant we now were merged with kids from another town, I got in trouble. It happened at one of the track and field events, at that time I ran track. She was there, her name is Sarah and she was the daughter of the town bank president, she lived in the big house over by the lake. She had a maid and this black man that drove her mother around. That day at the track meet I took her with me into the building to find a restroom for her. I took her to the restroom that the coach used, not the girl's restroom in the building. I told her I wanted to watch, I had never seen a girl use the toilet. I took out my pee stick and peed first, showing her how it was done, I showed her my pee stick and let her touch it. Then it was her turn and she looked at me with crazy eyes and she pushed her pants and panties down and sat down to pee. I wanted to see her pee so I opened her knees and she peed all the way and her eyes watered up. When she stood I examined her, touching her with my fingers and looking at her. I took my pee stick out and pushed it up against her, she stepped back and fell back on the toilet. I told her to kiss my pee stick and she did. I rubbed her lips and she twirked her tongue like a snake to lick it and I was hard by then. I pushed my pee stick into her mouth, she more or less gagged so I pulled it out. I stood her up from the toilet and I put the lid down and sat down and turned her around and licked on her slit through her bush, I held her butt cheeks in my hand and dug my nose and mouth into her. I then stuck my hand up between her legs and ran a finger deep into her vagina, I got her to kick off her pants and got on my knees and lowered her panties until she got them off one of her feet, licking and sucking on her pussy all the time. The world could have come to an end but there was only one thing that was going to happen, right there on the bathroom floor. She took it with her legs wide open and I fucked her as deep as I could until I just came with all my dick snot going up high inside her pussy. When I was done I stood more or less and helped her stand and let her lean on me as she got her panties back on and then her pants and slip on her shoes.

    The judge yelled at me, and kept telling her just how sorry he was that she was in this predicament, but the law was the law and taking into consideration who she was and all he was going to allow her to get married instead of sending me to reform school and sending her to a home for unwed mothers. Me, well he gave me a lecture on that fact that I was now responsible for a family and if I messed up just once he was going to take matters by the letter of the law and I was going to reform school. The judge officiated at the ceremony in his office, her mother wore black with a veil and her father stood stiff as a board. My mother cried and my father slapped me on the back and told me I had screwed up and now I had responsibilities. This was serious, she couldn't possibly come live with my parents, not in our town and certainly not in our small house so the only answer was that I had to move in with her and her father made sure I had a job as a clerk in the bank. Life in her house was bad for me, a regular 64 dollar prison, they had color television and we didn't have to share a bathroom and there was a maid to clean up and wash the clothes and make the bed. I won't go on about how it was but one day she and I had snuck off after dinner and we were necking and getting serious when her mother walked in on us an she started to yell. Her father came in and told her mother that she was a woman now and anything that I did to her was legal.

    Anyway that is how I got in trouble in the ninth grade with a seventh grade girl. She tells the story different, not quite like that, she tells a more romantic story but there was no romance that day at the track meet, there wasn't nothing but lust in my loins and she was the object of that lust.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I grew up in a small town in a small catholic country. Our family owned the small hotel and restaurant in town and my grandfather had been mayor and my father was mayor at that time. We had one Catholic church and we attended the Catholic school. Everyone knew each other, everyone knew each other's younger and older brothers and sisters. Everyone each other's parents and grandparents. It was a small town.

    My cousin who was in the second year of secondary school told me that she knew of a girl who was the girlfriend of the Nun that taught social studies. She said that her friend told her everything and she told me in great detail what the girl did with the Nun. It would be many years later that I would learn that my cousin was the girl but I never knew at that time. I apologized to her and she told me not to worry about it, she wasn't the only one and if that is why she liked to be with girls or maybe because she liked to be with girls the Nun picked her, on one will ever know. I didn't know until that day that I apologized to her that she liked to be with girls.

    My cousin liked to tease me, tell me stories about what she did with girls, what felt good to do and what she sometimes had to submit to. But one thing was always the same, she loved to kiss girls, she is and always has been very romantic. We were at university at the time and she let me meet her girlfriend. She was from another town and they lived in the same student house. If you walked down the street you would never guess that either girl would be like other girls. But they did and they proved it to me by kissing right in front of me. It was from my cousin and her stories and her telling me what she liked that she taught me what to do.

    I met this girl at a party. She was from another town, her parents were Italians just like us, she had something about her and after several times going out with her I was able to convince her to go with me to this small hotel close to the university, it was well know for taking girls there. The room was small and there was only a bed and a small washroom. She told me I was crazy she wasn't a whore and she left. The next time I convinced her to be alone with me was after a party and we went out into the gardens and she let me kiss her. I let my hands find her shirt buttons and unbuttoned her shirt and she let me kiss her breast. The third time I invited her to the movies and I had rented a room at a nice hotel and after the movies I took her there and she let me take off her clothes and make love to her. I did everything my cousin told me about, things my cousin had told me that felt good to girls.

    I had finally at the age of 21 lost my virginity. The first person I told was my cousin. She laughed and told me that if I had wanted to lose my virginity why hadn't I told her, that was what she was for. My cousin found another girl, she was the daughter of a doctor and lived at home with her parents. That made it difficult for them to get together. My cousin asked me to take her out, her parents would let her go out with me and that way I was able to let my cousin and her friend get together. More than once I rented a room at that hotel where I made love for the first time. Only this was for my cousin and her girlfriend.

    We graduated from university and it was time to get married and I asked my girlfriend and she agreed and we had a traditional wedding. We invited my cousin and her girlfriend and I made arrangements for them to see each other on our wedding night. My wife and I stayed very close to my cousin and her girlfriend, as we grew up they kept their relationship pretending to be good friends and my cousin lived with us and her girlfriend lived with her parents. For many of us, we all knew they were together but it wasn't something you could talk about. My wife was very close to my cousin and our home was a safe place for them to be together.

    It was sometime later, when I was in my forties that a friend of mine from my school days told me that he joined the Opus Dei. This was very religious and he told me that he had wanted to be a priest but his parents had said no. He also told me that he was gay. It doesn't matter how much you want to act normal, you can't. I didn't know what to say, I knew my cousin was a gay woman, but him gay? And he wanted to be a priest and he joined the Opus Dei? He told me not to worry, he wasn't alone. Today it doesn't surprised me, but then it did.

    My son is gay, he is in New York and he works for a shipping company. It was my cousin who helped us. We live in Miami now and there are gay people everywhere, but it is different when your son tells you he is gay, especially that he is gay and he is the boyfriend not the man. I have not yet come to accept that he is gay, I never had to accept that my cousin was gay, it just wasn't something that bothered me that she loved another girl and my wife and I did everything we could for them to be together. It does bother me that my son likes a man and to tell the truth I don't like him. I prefer that I never see him. It bothers me that my school friend is gay and he is in the Opus Dei.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I'm almost 19 & I always thought I was straight until last November. I've had two girlfriends since I was 15 & I had good sex with both. I wasn't dating them at the same time. When I fap, I always think of stuff anyone would consider straight. Sometimes I just do it fast though to get off not even thinking much about any fantasy. Last November, I went with my parents to visit my grandparent who lives a long ways away. We went by car & it was a long drive. We had to stay at a hotel one night after driving all day then we got there later afternoon the next day. We made lots of stops mostly because of my mom. She always has to get to a restroom. There was this huge gas station place. That type where those big trucks pull in on the back side & everyone else on the other side. There was a fast food place in there & also a restaurant. My parents had us eat in that restaurant & we were there a while. I was horny like always because I need to get off two times a day. I said that I gotta use the restroom. I just needed to piss & then get off.

    There were stalls that have real doors without those cracks down the sides but because of I figure keeping air circulating, there was maybe 1 ft of space between each one once you're inside. You can tell if someone is in another one by movement or noise. I cleaned the toilet seat then sat there to fap after I pissed. I was trying to do it in a quiet way because I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing. That's when I saw part of the leg from the guy in the stall next to mine. His jeans were all the way to his shoes on his right side like he had them off just hanging there & I heard noise like when you fap. I looked down a little just to see if I was hearing things or not & I saw an obvious shadow of him doing it. You could really see his dick & his hand going fast up & down in a shadow. He kept shaking it in a strange way like just shaking his dick around more than rubbing it. Maybe it was just the shadow but it looked like that guy had a huge dick. He then started more rubbing it to fap & I heard him move & the seat made a noise. He got up fast & stood there. You could see he was doing it real fast then & he even moaned. His stuff came out but he missed the toilet some because some was hitting the floor. For some reason, that turned me on so much that I didn't even care if anyone heard me then. I started fapping mine fast & it came so hard. It's not like I wanted to suck his dick or do anything with him or his dick but it made me so turned on from what I heard & saw that I had a strong orgasm so now, I'm worried some if maybe I could be bi sexual. I don't have anything against gays but for me to think I might be at least bi kind of worries me. I wouldn't want to date a guy so I don't know what's going on now with me. I've thought about this a lot since last year. I still get turned on thinking about that in that restroom.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I've been living with my dad since I was 18 and met and liked his girlfriend Jenna. When she moved in with us last year I now like her much more. My dad is 45 and Jenna in 37 and exceptionally good looking. My dad is a fireman and works crazy hours and I am here alone with Jenna often. She thinks nothing of me seeing her with only a bath towel around her and I can tell if she has underwear on with her night shirts. Its rare but over the last year I have seen her naked 7 times but only once she knew I did. When my dad works nights she is in the kitchen making cookies and cakes all the time. I go out on the back patio and watch her and a lot of times when she stoops down or bends over I know for sure she isn't wearing panties. I see her ass and vagina mostly from the rear and I sit at the window jerking off while watching her. I don't do this when my dad is home but when I know she is getting a shower I leave my bedroom door open. When she comes out of the bathroom she always only has a towel around her. If I'm lucky she might not shut her bedroom door all the way and that's when I get to see her nude. My dad is clueless about how I look at her all the time. She wears those night shirts every night after she showers even when my dad is home. He never says anything about it but we can see her nipples and know she don't have a bra on. The night shirts go down to her knees but if she bends over her ass sticks out a bit. When she sits down sometimes I can see her vagina and know she has no panties on and know she has no pubic hair. He must think I don't have any interest in her body. He'd choke me to death if he knew how often I masturbate just looking at her.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I work for a multinational company and part of my job required me to travel to Europe on a regular basis. In Holland I dealt with this consulting firm and one of the consultants assigned to me was this woman. She was slight, dark hair, a little dark complected to be Dutch although she told me she was Dutch, she was pretty in a sort of off the cuff way. She was smart and well educated and for this one day we spent most of the day together, she asked the questions and I answered. I asked her to lunch and we went about a block away to this small shop for a sandwich and a soup and then back to work for her to gather more information. She was formal but friendly but sent off vibes that she was not interested or available for dating. I asked her to go out to dinner and she refused.

    The next day I am back at the consultants office and this time I am working with this Dutch lawyer, he is definitely Dutch tall and slim and speaks English very well, he worked for a while in New York, obviously several levels above the girl of the day before. Again during lunch we go to the same sandwich shop and I ask him about her and I told him she didn't look Dutch. I get the story of how many immigrants are in Holland now and she is Dutch but her parents are from Turkey. Mother and father, she is one of six sisters, all born in Holland so they are Dutch.

    After work I am at my hotel and as I have her phone number I decide to send her a text, just hello, thinking of you, thanks for the work session the day before. In a second I get an answer thank you and how am I doing. Well I answer that I am not doing well, I am alone at this hotel and I don't have any idea where to go to eat and I hate eating alone. Second text one second later, if she would accept my invitation, eat dinner with me, her choice of where. Well she agreed to meet, she gave me the address and I caught a cab and met her at the appointed hour. She is there with her younger sister, who looks just like her. She is polite and the sister hardly talks, only answering direct questions and I do get out of her where she went to school and that she had never been the States. I tell her that the States has a huge investment in Holland and that my grand uncle had fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Ancient history, she didn't know anything about that. So I told her, well the fact is that Americans came over to Holland to die for the Dutch and they were buried in Holland. That broke the ice and she told me about her parents, they were Christians and persecuted in Turkey and that is why they had gone to Holland.

    Six sisters, all within about nine years, all born in Holland, her father drove a taxi and then got a job working for a construction company and now that he was older he worked at a factory that made high precision equipment, but she and her sisters had gone to college but living alone until they are married. The conversation was so fluid and I said well the best thing in the world was mixing people up, and it sure would be nice to get mixed up with her, she made my blood run hot. She was embarrassed and her little sister shocked but I kept pushing and told her that she was hot and I could really use some loving on her side and if her sister wanted to come I was open to it. Things got really hot after that, a lot of arguing but I stayed on point telling her that I wanted her to come back to the hotel with me, bring her sister and show me why I needed to experience sex with a Turkish girl. I took her hand and kissed her, and then kissed her sister. Angry she said they were leaving and angry I said I wanted her to come back to the hotel with me.

    We paid and walked out of the restaurant, I took her in my arms and kissed her right there on the street, and when I stopped I grabbed her sister and kissed her too. I took her by the hand and we walked a couple of blocks to this queue with taxis and told them to get in and we went to the hotel. In the hotel they followed until I was at my room and escorted them in. I kissed her solidly on the mouth and then kissed the sister. I sat on the bed and pulled her over and started to undress her. She was doing fine until I got to her underwear and then she didn't want to continue. Her sister was easier, she let me take her underwear off and then her older sister let me take her underwear off. I got undressed and opened the bed and asked them to get on the bed and I went straight to sucking tits, with my hand looking for their pussy. Both girls were totally creamy white beneath their clothes, and neither girl had any grooming of their upper legs or pussy. Fucking them came easy, they were compliant and fucked. Neither was comfortable with any sort of oral sex, but they did allow and gave themselves to having their boobs played with and kissing and sucking on their nipples, they both fucked openly.

    After I had fucked them both I turned on one lamp across the room and we talked in bed. We talked more about their backgrounds and growing up in Europe, they were Dutch in their thinking and sex wasn't new to them both having been sexually active since their mid teens. They liked Dutch boys or men and they did not like Turkish or Arab men. They did like sex. It was midnight and they said that they should be going home so we got dressed and I walked them to the lobby and got them a cab and kissed them goodnight. For the next couple of years when I went to Holland we hooked up and had sex, I invited her to come see me in the States and after a year she agreed to come alone and we had a great ten days together. Marriage was a so so thing, she and her sisters are not into the Turkish woman marriage, but she did say that maybe she would but maybe she wouldn't. It meant leaving her family and her little sister. The ringer was getting her residency and citizenship in the States. She blends in quite well, her English has become more American and she has a job with an investment bank as an analyst. Her sister comes to visit and she is not quite a wild thing, but she is aggressive for attention and she wants to have sex. The good news is that she stays close to home and doesn't go out for it.

    She will turn 29 this year and her sister turns 23. This marriage is open and closed at the same time, with her sister yes with any other woman no. Her parents are really far away both physically and socially, there is not really anything in common with them. Marriage has made sex mandatory and never spontaneous. What was a wild experimental thing is now obligatory, the only time we have experimental sex is when her sister is here and she gets competitive but oral sex is still not an accepted thing with them.

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    Straight Male / 31

    After being married for three years I can tell you that as a man there is something unholy with expecting me to do laundry, clean and cook. No question that man was not made for that, give me a car or a lawnmower and I am off to the races, give me a dishcloth or a laundry basket and I am out of here. She, not me, is the wife. Period.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I have a one bedroom condo which I bought with money that my grandmother left me. It is small but not diminute. I have a small den, and a large living area with a modern kitchen, I have assigned garage parking and a nice outside deck that overlooks the green space behind the complex. I am 32 and a software engineer by trade and a bar owner and manager by choice. All is well in my world and then one night in comes my college girlfriend, fresh off the boat from going back to the home country to meet the extended family.

    In my world she is what every hot blooded man wants, if you don't know her and know that she is crazy. Hi, she says hey can you put me up for a couple of days, I need a place to crash. That was it, she just needed a place to crash. As a past girlfriend she saw no reason under the sun to sleep on the couch. As a past girlfriend she moved in, hung her clothes up in the closet, took one drawer in my dresser, took over the kitchen and started to spritz up the place, throw out old newspapers, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum she has a thing about dust. The TV is so hideous in the living room, and why can't I have a day job.

    The pressure to conform, she is back to stay. The little ring finger, she reminds me needs attention. And why do I have to have a bar, who wants to be sitting around until 2 a.m. waiting until I come home. No she doesn't see any need to go to work, she is doing all the work at the house anyway so why would I ask her to get a job, being a full time homemaker is a lot of work. And the ring finger? When an I going to take her and find something nice for her ring finger. Everything is not right, she says to me, I am having her live with me and it is time that I make things right. Her father is not a happy man, she is his only daughter and she is thirty and there is no ring on her finger.

    Sundays my bar is closed. She invites her father and mother for lunch, she fixes what they like, the old school way, the way her grandmother taught her when she was a child. She has everything laid out. It is time for the talk, so get serious and talk. She stars out by being nice and talking about the weather and other equally bland things and then like a serpent she strikes and says that there is something I want to talk to her parents about. so I cave under pressure. She is crazy. I said she was crazy.

    My apartment that I dearly love is too small, she wants to move closer to her parents back into little Vietnam. I grew up there and I moved out, I am not crazy about moving back. The bar has to go and so does my apartment that took me so long to find. She is a crazy woman when she doesn't get her way. I am not crazy about getting a real job working at a real company. I am not looking forward to having to grow up. It is just that if you are a hot blooded man she is what you want. The only concession she makes is that she just isn't into pants, she likes to wear dresses, so I can fake it, she lets me wear the pants in the family.

    I could have written about love and all that, but who would believe me.

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    So what! I've been sleeping naked and going around our apartment in my boxers ever since my girlfriend moved in with me over 4 years ago. It was her that let her cousin Sheila move in with us 3 months ago "until she gets back on her feet". What the hell is that supposed to mean, she's still here. My girlfriend gets pissed off knowing Sheila sees me naked a couple times a week but its their fault not mine. Sheila sleeps on the sofa bed in the living room but her clothes are in my girlfriends closet and dresser in our room. My girlfriend leaves for work by 7 am and Shelia leaves by 7:45 and I'm still in bed or just getting up. Sheila never knocks claiming she don't want to wake me but doesn't ever hesitate to look at my body. It don't bother me anymore and I intentionally expose myself to Sheila just to piss off my girlfriend. Some mornings I just fake sleeping and make sure my genitals are exposed. Funny thing is when I do that she is in my room longer and I know she is looking at me most of the time. I start to get an erection sometimes so I just roll over so she don't see me getting aroused. She don't mention how often she sees me naked as often as she did when she first moved in. My girlfriend wants me to wear boxers to sleep in but I just refuse to do it. Instead I tell her to have Sheila move out. I don't care if she sees me naked but at the same time she is also a pain in the ass.

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