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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband is fast asleep after drinking himself into oblivion AGAIN this afternoon. Only for me it was the last time I wasn't going to let my brother in law seduce me. He'd called by because I text him to tell him his older brother was pissed up again. I already knew from previous flirtations with him, he wanted to get into my panties. So I basically told him if he helped me put him to bed, he could fuck me in the guest bedroom.

    My mouth pussy and asshole are sore at the moment, that's because I've not long taken my brother in laws long thick cock in all my holes for over two hours. He's a lot younger than my husband at twenty six, and boy does he have the cock size and stamina to go with it. I'm not sure how it works, but my husband has a six inch cock, his younger brother has a cock at least three to four inches longer and it's much much thicker.

    He might have used me like a common slut for those two hours or so. But god damn did I enjoy every thrust of his cock down my throat, inside my pussy and oh so deep up my still quivering asshole. I swear I must have orgasmed at least a dozen times or more.

    From now on I'm going to encourage my husband to drink as much as he likes, when he likes. Because Ben's just text me he'd love to do it all over again. Husband's snoring so loud now. Think I might just see if I can get Ben to turn his truck around and pleasure his cock all over again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I've been cheating on my husband for four months with a younger guy. Nobody else knows, because what's noteworthy is he's a pretty famous MLS soccer player in my city. My company is tied in with sponsorship with the team and we met in the spring at an event. I was attracted to him but didn't expect it to go anywhere. However he pursued me hard and I couldn't resist. It's not every day that a hot rich pro athlete wants you.

    One weekend when my husband and son were away at a tee-ball tournament, he invited me out to a VIP club. It was clear so many other women wanted him but he was focused on me. We went back to his place and fucked five times. I couldn't get enough of his tight athletic body and long, hard cock. Soccer is such a stamina sport and he has no problem with that sexually either. I know he goes on the road and has other women, but I've become his home pussy and it actually turns me on.

    For most home matches now he gets me seats in a box and I tell my husband I'm going for work. After the game we go back to his place. I get so horny watching him on the field and he always plays well when I'm there. He calls me his goal maker. I have some guilt about what I'm doing, but I figure you only live once.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 54

    My wife I have been married for over twenty years. For all of those twenty years, I have wanted to give my bone to her life-long best friend.

    One afternoon, we were visiting "Karen" at her house. She and my wife had decided to run over to visit a mutual friend of theirs, leaving me to watch TV while they were gone. I knew they were going to be gone for at least a couple of hours so I started snooping around. Searching through her closet, I found some photo albums and started browsing through them.

    Imagine my surprise when I came across a little book of photos taken on one of the Sturgis Motorcycle runs that she had been on. There were pics of her wearing nothing but a leather vest and chaps. Her big, natural tits and platinum blonde pubes on full display. There were pics from behind, with her bent over, looking back with her big tits hanging down and her sweet ass and pussy exposed. There was a full set of nude pics with a variety of poses that she had let some guy take. Then, at the back of the book, there were pics of her taking on two guys at the same time. She was bent over and a guy was doing her doggie style as she sucked on the other guy.

    I went through her dresser and found her panties and thongs. I grabbed a nice, silky pair of panties, took the book into her bedroom, dropped my drawers and proceeded to peruse the pictures as I worked myself up to a great climax in her panties.

    I put the photo album back in place and put the soiled panties in her laundry hamper, then returned to watch TV until they came back later.

    I've wanted to do her eight ways from Sunday ever since.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    For the most part I live a relatively normal life. I'm blessed with a great job and a wonderful family. I'm active in the kids sports and volunteer at church. A true boy next door type. I have one great weakness and if discovered could ruin me. I like to fuck young men dressed as schoolgirls. I prefer younger virgins and have deflowered quite a few young asspussys in my time. I travel a lot for business and often solicit young men through craigslist. It is never a problem attracting a young college freshmen to come to my hotel room. I have them dress in a sexy schoolgirl outfit complete with makeup and wig. I will often begin by sucking his cock and rimming him. I like to work his asshole pretty good with my tongue and fingers getting it nice and wet. Then I spin them onto all fours and gently at first, push the head of my cock into him. The pain is usually shocking to him at first and I'll have him do a popper or two. I add more lube to my cock and re-enter him knowing to take it slowly. I take my time since my thick cock can take some getting used to. I prefer virgins because I insist on fucking bareback and I love to deposit a big load in him then tell him to get cleaned up and go.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I’m happily married and had no plans of ever cheating my wife who is very pretty and great sex partner. A family friend had passed away so I went to the wake at the funeral home. A lady a few years younger the myself was there with her mother. I had spoken to them and visited others. I was leaving and returning to my truck and a flooding rain began. The lady had gotten to her mothers car and it was locked. I told her to get into my truck out of the rain. The rain was set in so we knew her mother wouldn’t come out till it let up. We small talked while waiting. She wasn’t modest and said she always liked going parking with her husband in the rain. I said to bad he isn’t here. She said she didn’t need him and leaned over and started kissing me and feeling my penis. She unzipped me and started sucking me. I was about to blow when she stopped. She then straddled me. She didn’t have any panties on under her dress. We didn’t last long and we both orgasmed together. She had just sat back down when the rain stopped so she got out and went back in to get her mother. She thanked me for the use of my truck and smiled big. I had to clean up best I could before getting home. As luck goes my wife wanted sex after we got the kids asleep. I really felt guilty for what I did and don’t think I will do it again. I see this lady often around town and we act normal toward each other but she always gives me a big smile

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 51

    I have wanted to get this off my chest for a long time. My name is Kim and I have been reasonably happily married to my husband Tom for almost 35 years. We endure through the trying time and enjoy the good times. Through the years I have betrayed Tom, well no way around this so...I have had sex with 11 other men over the years. Almost half of them were one-night stands on business trips, two short-term affairs that lasted a few weeks,a one time 3-man gangbang... I was alone at our shore house one winter weekend. There was a few guys from the CBS show Sunday Morning in town for a story. I invited them for coffee and wound up getting penetrated all night by three twenty somethings. And I fuck Tom's partner and best friend on and off for as long as I have been married. We have been very discreet and love our spouses. It's just that we are pure magic in the bedroom. Sex with Tom is fun and spirited, but predictable. Tom has barely seen my asshole while Bill has been plowing it with his big cock since we were in our twenties. With Tom I am a loving, compliant, adoring wife. With Bill I am a wanton slut and unbridled cock whore. I suppose the sex with Bill is so great because it's so rare and taboo. There, it's been said.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    My husband helped me set up my own business four years ago as I was very bored housewife. It's a very successful business for us both, as it brings in a lot of money. What my husband doesn't know, is during those four years I've also had sex with over thirty of my employees, both male and female. Some of them last only a few months (as it's a job for college students really), but other's have worked for me for a couple of years. It's the ones that only last a few months though, that get to share a motel rooms bed with me. And boy have I had a great time with them over the years. The latest is a nineteen year old male who adores giving me oral sex, and fucks me so good. He's such a horny dirty bastard, I'm actually thinking of breaking my code and letting him stay on. After all he is my husband's nephew.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    He started sneaking into my room at night when I was 13. I caught him jacking-off, touching and licking my breasts while I was asleep, is how it started. I pretended to still be sleeping, but he knew I had woken up,&nbsp; and kept going for a while. <br>
    For 16 years I have kept this secret to myself, never telling anyone, including my husband. I used to feel guilty and ashamed that the first penis I ever saw and eventually experience, was my brothers penis. The night I first saw my brother&apos;s dick was the same night I learned what &apos;blow job&apos; meant and that cum is gross. I can still taste it.<br>
    <br> ;
    By the time I was 15, I felt like a something just for my 17 year old brother to cum on. Up until this one night, I thought this was the worst of it, wrong. He snuck in this night, forced me to take my night gown off, and started by titty fucking me. So, I turned onto my stomach, then he pulled me off the edge of my bed and tried to pull down my underwear, I didn&apos;t let him though.&nbsp; I found out, it didn&apos;t matter, he pulled my panties from the leg hole, to one side, then rubbed his dick up and down, between my butt cheeks, and against my vagina.<br>
    I could feel him try to push it in, but I fought and made him stop, and he did, I thought.&nbsp; Next thing I felt was the tip of my brother&apos;s fat disgusting cock pushing up against my butt hole, and then getting inside. It felt like I was being stretched open, I cried and screamed, and with his and over my mouth, he shoved every bit of his penis in my ass and kept it there for a while.&nbsp; When he started thrusting in and out, It hurt like hell. He would take it almost completely out and shove it right back in. When finally finished, I could feel his cum shooting out inside me. My ass was throbbing for days after. Still, I never told.<br>
    One weekend morning, we found ourselves alone my brother and me. While I was taking a shower,&nbsp; the bathroom door opened, I knew he had picked the lock. I yelled for him to get out, and there he was, groping me in the shower, his hard dick just between my butt cheeks.&nbsp; I turned around and then he started putting his mouth on my boobs so I just got out. He followed me, not letting me get to a towel or clothes. He chased me into the living room and shoved me on the couch, I turned to try and kick at him but he grabbed both of my legs. Before I could think, I was on my back, my knees right in my face, and my brother penetrating me. He r**ed me. That whole day, I was naked, and taken from every position by my brother, always finishing inside me. <br>
    I used to feel shame and guilt, about this and about lying to my husband, making him think I was a virgin before him. I started fantasizing about it, fucking my brother, then I called him. Now, every time my husband works out of town, my brother visits and we fuck. I don&apos;t want to stop.<br>

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 23

    I never really considered myself to be a cheater, never cheated or never one who wanted to even live that lifestyle.

    It was late into one of my relationships with a girl who I had spent a long long time with.
    She was innocent, I was her second boyfriend as she was a little over weight but very pretty with beautiful italian feature. I knew her family well and they knew me and we had spent a lot of time together over holidays, birthdays, and other things that bring people close.

    Anyways, it was late into the relationship and I was depressed and in a slump.
    Id look at other people and see how much fun they were having or what they were doing and wished I could do that.
    Id look at other girls who were skinnier and sexy and wished that I could have that, you know... get that tight, good looking " puddy " that Ive been watching on the internet.

    I was drinking without her knowing while she was at work, sometimes shed come home and tell that I was drunk, so many fights that turned so bad.... just because of this. We were so very close and she put up with it, tried to help me because she loved me so much, and I did love her, I did and still do but the alcohol can make your mind think differently and cloud the real picture up.

    I had noticed this girl one day on the upper balcony sitting there drinking a bottle of wine " first sign she was no good ". She had seen the two of us together before and always seemed sad. This day She was wearing tight, low fitting shorts that pretty much left noting to the imaginatione, she was very very good looking with blonde hair, hazel eyes, an average, short in height, slim build with a decent set of breasts. It was like she had this vibe that she was baiting me to her or signaling to me to come say hi.

    That night, my GF fell asleep next to me and I went outside and there she was, standing on her balcony so I said something to her and we began talking. I would visit her whenever my GF was gone. there was a sexual tension between the two of us no doubt.

    Well, one night when she had fallen asleep I snuck upstairs.
    One thing led to another and we had sex, unprotected as well.

    I had gotten up from her bed feeling guilty, then... cold shivers and pain shot through my body as I heard my GF crying hysterically outside the window. I looked out there when I shouldnt have and seen her crying so hard, I felt her pain.... It killed me instantly.....

    She came knocking on everyones doors screaming my name.
    My heart shattered into a million pieces....

    She finally went back to our apartment, and when I got there she was gone.
    The next day we talked and tried to make it work but it didnt.

    I was shattered.... do not cheat...... its not worth the pain you cause to someone...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    My asshole has become the cum dumping vessel for two of the neighborhood kids. Basically they caught me in our back yard sucking off a guy who my husband had paid to built us a new patio area. He was such a hunk, I just couldn't resist offering him something extra as payment. Unfortunately or fortunately depends which way you look at it, the two boys (They're seventeen) called by to see my son. My son was out with his dad, but the boys as they'd done many mnay times just came by the back yard. The oldest (Looking) once we'd been discovered asked me if my husband liked other men fucking his wife. Knowing where he was headed with his comment, I reluctantly told the builder to leave and invited both boys inside. I'm not kiding here, within minutes I had one young dude sucking on my tits and the second younger looking boy licking my pussy as if he'd been sucking clit for years. By then I was lay across our kitchen table and had had my clothing literally ripped off. They'd both told me I shouldn't stop them as they might just have to say something to my husband and son. After I'd orgasmed once, they both said they wanted to fuck me, but I no longer take birth control as my husband has become infertile. As quick as a flash they said they didn't mind a "Bit of brown". Neither one of them has a big cock, but boy can both young men fuck. Each took his time fucking my asshole and each boy dumped his load up my ass, before they both made me lick and suck their cocks clean. It's now been over five months since I was caught sucking the builder and most weeks I find the boys are only too eager to bury their faces between my legs and their cocks up my ass. So far my husband and my son are non the wiser, but I guess it's only a matter of time until we're caught, or they decide to boast (If they already haven't) about screwing me.
    Now I'm stuck between a rock and to hard cocks.

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