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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    Every weekday afternoon if we get chance to, my sons friend Chris fucks me in what I call a quickie. It's all I need to orgasm so intensely from his large cock, and he's not bothered which hole he fucks me in either. I'm not the prettiest woman out there yet better than average, or have the best body, but I am slim. I however do adore sex which is something my husband can no longer keep up with me for. He tries but fails to even make me orgasm most times. So Chris one afternoon this time last year, said yes when I offered him my pussy and asshole in our kitchen. He's no stayer, and often cums relatively quickly. But he does have a really nice long thick cock, and hammers away at whatever hole he fancies fucking that particular day. I always climax hard and usually more than once in the ten or so minutes he gives it to me. I wouldn't say we make love or anything close to it, yet I do have him lick me out these days after he's fucked my pussy and ass. It's not something that will last, but whilst it does, I'm going to have his cock deep inside me as much as I can.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I fucked two young college guys when my friend and I took a trip down to Florida last weekend. We went down to get away from the cold and to take a trip away from our kids since our husbands went away on a golf trip the month before.

    My friend and I are both 32 and we both a still pretty hot considering we each have two kids. We work out on a regular basis and I always catch younger guys checking me out. Anyway we decided to go out to a college bar on Saturday night to have some fun dancing and drinking. We both ended finding a hot guy to dance with and were having a great time flirting.

    My friend got super drunk and the guys ended up helping me take her back to our hotel. She passed out in bed and was out cold. I still wanted to have fun and so did the guys so we put on some music and continued dancing. I could tell they were getting horny and I know I should have stopped them but it had been so long since someone desires me like these guys. They started to feel up on my tits and ass and kissed my neck.

    I gave into them and let them take off all my clothes. They got me on my hands and knees on the bed and proceeded to take turns on me for what seemed like hours. They alternated between having a cock in my mouth or pussy and the whole time my friend was passed out not 5 feet from me getting pounded by these two hot guys.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I had a boyfriend through high school for two years. We progressed to doing any sex except intercourses. We wanted to respect each other. We had a break up after graduation which we always got back together. I heard gossip that he had gone out with a friend I disliked and they played around. I got a date with my future husband who is 5 years older than me. We ate out and had a good time. We started making out in his truck. I let him undress me. I decided to let him play with my body like my boyfriend. The only thing it wasnât long he had his penis in me. We had sex until he had climaxed 2 times. I told him while hanging out that the following morning only my older brother and I would be at home. I was still asleep when my future husband came into my bedroom. My brother had let him into our house without telling me. I donât know where my brother had gone but my future husband gave me a long intense screwing. He climaxed inside me 2 times again without any protection. I did get pregnant so we got married. My cheating is with old boyfriend. I never got over my relationship with him. Iâm terrible having this affair being my husband being a good husband and is great in bed.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    I wanna cheat on my wife so bad iwanna be with a tranny or a stacked women

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    You haven't given me the special attention you normally do and it was nice, my mind was more clear, and yet I still missed your little touches. You gave me a extra good hug today, it was nice. And yet again I find myself with a wondering mind, I'm not sure which I prefer.

    I brought my family in a few times, I do think I was right about how you feel about me. When you saw my family I think you felt guilty, so your secret touches stopped. I thought you were going to hold my hand today, it was only my wrist. I think we had a moment. I think you missed our subtle touches too.

    Sometimes I think you read my posts on here, but I think most people who post here have similar thoughts.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 37

    I'm 37. My wife is 26. We've been married for three years. We have two kids together. Our daughter is two and our son is 3 months old. For the last two years I have been fucking her baby sister. We started when she was 16 (legal in our state) and now she is 18. We fuck every chance we get. My wife is completely uninterested in sex when she is pregnant and for a few months after. when I tell her I wants some she tells me to go and jerk off to some internet porn. When I told her sister this she just took off her clothes and asked if she was prettier and sexier than her older sister. She was by a long shot. She is WAY better looking. She looks like a cross between a teenage supermodel and a cheerleader. Actually she is a cheerleader. She goes to a private catholic high school so you can imagine how sexy she is in her school uniform with her pigtails bouncing around as she climbs on my cock and fucks me. We've kept it a secret from my wife.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    Two years ago my husband and I who had recently married, lost all of our money, bank cards and my jewelry when traveling across one side of Barbados to the other. We supposedly lost the bag they were all in, somewhere between the airport and the place we were staying at.

    Knowing we would be able get some money wired to us after the holiday weekend, it still left us without cash or credit until the following Monday morning. At a loss I was lay by the pool of the villa we'd rented, when my husband walked up to me and said he could fix us some serious money, if.

    It took a lot of persuasion and quite a few drinks for me to say yes, but I eventually agreed to his idea. The guy who we'd hired the villa from, was actually on the island (Conveniently) and not too far from where we were. He had another two properties and was getting one of them ready for another client, I was told.
    Arriving at our villa about two hours later, I saw he was older than I thought he wold be from my husband's description. Yet he still looked very fit and quite handsome.

    Without pause or any real attempt to introduce himself other than saying his name was Delroy, he dropped his shorts and stroked the biggest thickest black cock you're ever likely to see. And it was still flaccid. My husband told me Delroy had decided, with his full agreement, if I was prepared to give up everything to him sexually, he'd fund our entire trip and give us more than enough spending money. Looking at my husband for confirmation, he knelt down, kissed me and said "It'll only be tonight honey". (I still remember those words as if they were said yesterday).
    In an instant, feeling let down, I took hold of Delroy's huge black cock and opened my mouth.

    It was the start of not only an amazing night of sordid anything goes sex, but also a whole new thinking approach to our marriage. My mind was reeling as I sucked on his monster cock and I told myself, if my husband can have another man fuck me and watch, then not only can I enjoy it and possibly have more, if I wanted it, but also take the situation back to our home town.

    Delroy was brutal in how he wanted sex and how he violently fucked me, and I suffered originally with his enormous cock. His dick stretched my mouth, my pussy and then when I thought I couldn't take his cock anymore from orgasming over and over again, my husband invited him to fuck my arsehole.

    By then my husband was wanking furiously, almost as if he'd wanted the situation all along. He came as Delroy thrust forwards with my legs over my head and entered my arse. It was painful like you would never wish on yourself. Yet it was also strangely appealing too. We'd moved over to the large outdoor lounge bed by then and I experienced over the next twenty minutes, just what it was like to be used utterly for a mans enjoyment.

    His black cock glistened in the moonlight and I knew I was close to cliamx again. Telling Delroy, he suddenly drove his cock deeper into me and fucked me like a piston. I came all over his cock and was still shuddering when the fifty four year old blew his load deep into my bowels.

    It wasn't over though, as I was lead inside and then into the shower by Delroy. With the water flowing over us, we began to kiss and he took on a whole new persona towards me. Every inch of my body was bathed by him and he even told my husband to leave us, as he got behind me, his cock risen again. Entering me from behind, he told me he was sorry for rushing me earlier, but didn't want me to change my mind. I turned my head and told that stranger, that beautiful black stallion, he could fuck me the whole holiday if he wished to.

    My husband and I did enjoy the island immensely using Delroy's money. But he and I only had sex twice that whole ten days we were there. The rest of the time I spent my late nights taking Delroy's awesome cock as much as I could and almost forgot sometimes who I was actually with.

    My husband didn't get jealous per say, but he did mention once, he wouldn't be arranging it again. It was then I knew he and Delroy had planned the whole thing all along. Still it didn't stop me from having the sexual time of my life,
    with an older man who certainly knew how to fuck a pretty white girl like me.

    Back at home, I thought over everything that had happened. And came to one very startling conclusion, Delroy wouldn't be my only large cocked black man.

    Nor has he been. I've always attended the gym since I was old enough to decide to do so without my parents say so. And it was there five months after our Barbados trip, I met Johna, a wonderfully powerful and sexy older black man. He's married like me, so we have to be cautious. Yet when we've got time and a place to enjoy ourselves, we meet up and fuck for as long as my body can take the pounding he always gives me.

    It's not set in stone we meet, but over the past eighteen months or so, we've enjoyed one another's company for sex. And Johna just so happens to originate from a beautiful island called Barbados.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My nickers were on, but only just and I pretended to be asleep. My husband still played with my breasts as he got into the bed with me. His cold hands made my nipples harden and then he slid a hand in between my legs. For the first time in I don't know how long, he was horny after returning from his late shift. Telling me my pussy was super wet, he began to finger me and made me arch backwards into him. My pussy was already sensitive, but I couldn't tell him to stop, could I. Neither could I resist him, when he removed my nickers, turned me over and slid between my legs lapping away at my creamy love hole. He made a comment about how juicy it was, and how it tasted different. But he still carried on tonguing me.
    I orgasmed, I actually orgasmed and couldn't hold back just how strong it was, telling him he'd made me cum sooo good. It spurred him on and his tiny cock slid up me in no time. I'm not sure, but around ten thrusts was all, and as usual it was all over as quick as it had begun, as he came inside of me.
    Rolling away he was going to go downstairs, but I had a wicked thought and made him go back down on me. Telling him to suck out his cum, I told him to make sure he licked and cleaned up every drop.
    He was breathing hard by the time I released his hair, allowing him to rise up as he swallowed the last remnants of my nights sex. My husband then smiled at me before he left our bedroom.
    Picking up my phone immediately, I text Chris and told my lover "Can't believe you jumped. He's just fucked me for the first time in ages (Think he knows?) I made him lick me out :). Your cum will still have been in me. He must have tongued out yours too. Can't wait until Saturday night, see you then ***x".
    This was all at the end of last month and I had to lie again about my boring night in, when I spoke to my husband the morning after. He seemed so pleased with himself. Then he asked me later if I'd been treading all over the flower bed in the back garden. Laughing not waiting for an answer, he said nothing more and drank his coffee going into his shed.
    Chris stayed over that Saturday night, and the Saturday after as my husband attended his fishing nights away. What's weird, is my husband who previous to those three nights sex, had hardly touched me sexually in nearly a year, went down on me all three times, then fucked me.
    I'm now beginning to think he knows about Chris, and it turns him on to know his wife is being fucked by another man. What else could it be.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Maybe because we'd both had a religious upbringing, I didn't think about anal sex at all. My husband who's more religious than me, definitely wouldn't entertain anal sex.

    Every so often, even when we dated, my husband takes a sabbatical from any form of sexual pleasure. It's his way, he says of cleansing himself spiritually. From Easter through to Christmas this year, he's taking one of his breaks.
    Only weeks after he started his abstinence from sex, I began to suddenly crave orgasms.

    Masturbating as often as I could, I soon began to use the handle of a hair brush up my vagina. Then during one very horny Sunday afternoon with my husband still at church, with the brush handle flashing in and out of my sex, it slipped and entered my asshole.

    Straight away the feeling was one of sheer and utter joy. I could not believe just how awesome it felt to be taking the handle up my rear hole. Continuing to thrust the hair brush up my ass, I had such an amazing orgasm, I actually cried afterwards.

    Ov er the next few weeks I used the brush over and over again up my ass, and each time it became more and more intense when I climaxed. So much so, I went onto the internet and ordered a dildo. Only the young man who delivered the half opened package, said I'd be better with his cock.

    He was right. It's one thing to have an inanimate object giving me pleasure, but I broke every rule, every sacred vow when I allowed that young man to have sex with me. I still craved sex and not only the actual thrusting of a carnal object to take me to orgasm. I missed the closeness of a horny and desired man. And to be brutally honest I missed the feel and scent of an erect cock.

    The young man wasn't even as large as the dildo I'd ordered. But his wonderful way of licking my pussy and my asshole soon had me climbing the walls with desire, for him and his manhood. In all I orgasmed five times having sex with him, most of which was enjoyed by his cock driving me to sexual nirvana up my ass. I knew also it had an added beefit of when he did finally cum inside of me, I wouldn't bearing his child. Something my husband cannot provide for me.

    The young delivery man was a one off. I made sure of that with him and told him so. The dildo has had lots and lots of use and I adore using it to this day. I have strayed once again more recently though. And that was with a guy who I knew from my college days. Someone back then who desperately wanted to have sex with me. His penis is by far the largest I've ever had sex with. And I wanted to at least try anal sex once with a guy who's cock measure more than my husbands six inches.

    He's so cool about us meeting up for sex and never pressures me in any way, so much so, that I know when we do meet at the motel, it's definitely going to stay secret. He's married too and see's our liaisons as a way to fulfill his desires, and also knowing I enjoy anal sex, something his wife won't allow with his large penis.

    I'm not sure what will happen after Christmas when my husband hopefully regains his sexual desires back. But with each sabbatical he takes, our sex life diminishes afterwards. That could be his age (48) or his religious beliefs. But I know one thing for sure, now that my sexual awakening had happened, I'm not going back to hardly any sex, no sex for a period of time, and definitely not missing out on the wonderful amazing anal sex I'm now having.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    Hi honey. I know you'd rather jerk off to these stupid stories than fuck me once in awhile but I'm fucking horny and definitely sick of your fucking nonsense. Keep this shit up and "my Cheating Heart" will be out looking for some other guy to do the deed with and make no mistake I'll gladly do so. How's that for a fucking confession asshole?

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