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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    My sisterâs husband is all hands. He started taking gropes on me shortly after m sister started a relationship with him. He hasnât been found out yet by my sister and Iâm afraid to tell her. He started to feel my butt and I would be embarrassed. He advance to feeling my breast. He now pulls my blouse down and feels my breast. He has almost gotten me to orgasm feeling between my legs. I should stop him but I donât want to make a family issue. He flashed his penis but I havenât touched him. He is bigger than my husband. I masturbate to the thought of having it in me. Iâm holding strong to not give my body to him.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I was sixteen, in my mind old enough to date. My father was very strict, and any time I went with someone, male or female, he had to meet them, and preferably know their parents. At that time I had a very close friend, Elsa, she was as perfect as you could want to be. She was also sensual, her mother was from Yugoslavia and her father was an airline pilot. She was an only child. She had a way of wearing clothes, that sum around her, flowing between her legs, around her breasts, if ever there was a beautiful girl it was her.

    I on the other hand did not have that gift. I tried, she tried, but I just couldn't carry it off. She said it was the way I walked, I needed to flow on my heels, I needed to let my arms flow away from my chest. Show off my tits, walk like I wanted everyone to see legs and my butt. She had me walk naked, she didn't want to see my arms cover my breasts, she wanted me to stand up and hold my hips out when I walked. She shaved me down until I was almost bare down there, wear panties that cupped me and showed off what I had.

    Her instructions to me were that when I walked it she wanted to see me naked under my clothes. She also confessed to me that she didn't much care if any guys or men were looking at her, she wanted other girls or women to see her, to think of her, to want to undress her. Don't dress and walk for the guys, dress and walk for the girls.

    We were sixteen. We drove to school together, one day I drove and one day she drove. She came to pick me up one morning and when we were in the car she pulled up her dress to show me that she didn't have panties on. She demanded that I take mine off and give them to her. By then we both always wore dresses, nothing short or tight, dresses that wrapped around your legs. That day without underwear on felt like it would never end. I had on a below the knee wrapped skirt, but I knew I was naked under there. She saw me walking down the hall towards her, and when I got to her she said I had finally gotten it, if I walked like that all the girls would stare.

    She was pretty much an out and out lesbian. She was in love with me. As the year went along she wanted to kiss, she would lay back on her bed and ask me to lay down with her. She would undress and ask me to caress her breasts. The lioness had awakened in her and she wanted to make love. I loved to dress for her, and I loved getting naked for her. But I wasn't sure I wanted to make love with her. We got as far as kissing and mauling each other. She declared her love, and I told her I loved her but maybe not in that way. Her verdict was that I would never get with a boy.

    We finished high school and we went our separate paths to college, she went to Mount Holyoke and I went to Northwestern. She took to writing me missives, hand written letters, long and full of love poems and admonitions against boys. I had to be strong, to resist, or I would be lost forever. She kept herself away from other girls and swore her ever lasting love to me. If I wouldn't have her, then no one would. She was a good graphic artists, and she would draw these very sensual pencil drawing so naked women, send them to me to remind me what I was missing, and from time to time stick drawings of men with large X marking the middle part, NO DICK, NEVER she would write.

    Our first break home together was inseparable, give in and give myself to her, get naked with her and get in bed and learn once and for all that it was her I wanted and no one else. Her hands all over me, touching and entering, her kisses on my face and my breasts, she wore me down until I just gave up all hope and she made love with all her heart. We were not to go back innocent, she said. She got her mouth to discover what she did not want to only see, and she had my mouth do the same. She had me sit in an awkward pose and she penciled a graphic of my open legs, very detailed, and she told me how when she made love her mind played and she felt like a natural scientist discovering flowers for the fist time.

    College was long and separation was long and she drew herself, sitting in front of a mirror, her nude body laid back across a chair, with exquisite detail of her breasts, her neck and her mouth and chin. She instinctively knew that I loved her breasts, and how they flowed when she walked. I kept my word to her, I never dated a boy. I never dated another girl either, and neither did she. We remained true to one another.

    Until my senior year, I was invited to a party, mostly seniors and some grad students, and I was taken, walked step by step to a room, a guy took my shirt off and played with my breasts, with tears running down my face, he got on me and broke the spell, he did what Elsa feared, I succumbed to a man, I succumbed to DICK, I had my vagina, my mouth penetrated by DICK. In the morning I had a naked man with his DICK with me in the shower and he had me pay close attention to his DICK, to lather him and bend down to suck. He lather me and with his finger he poked into my anus, and told me there was more to come.

    The spell was broken and behind her back I got DICK and more DICK and more DICK, I just wanted DICK. I sucked DICK, alone or in front of others, I sucked DICK. I gave him everything he wanted, every hole was his. I let myself get pregnant, knowingly, on purpose, I wanted a big belly. I wanted to cook. I wanted to entertain and have boys and girls come, I wanted to say good night and go up to bed with him. I wanted him, and I wanted DICK. Lots of DICK. And the big belly that goes with it.

    Elsa's heart was broken when she found out. She told me that she had sworn to herself to always be mine. I told her that I was growing a big belly, it was filled by a man. I had crossed over, I could no longer be hers, I was his now. I told her that I opened my legs to him, I gave him my hole, I wanted his DICK. I wanted to be his wife, I could no longer be hers.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I have this frequent fantasy about having incredible sex with my ex. I'm in a same-sex relationship but my ex us male. I absolutely LOVED his dick and I miss it so much. He recently liked some posts on social media and I immediately go to this place of fucking him. It's a mix of fucking and love-making. I dream about ducking his dick, having him cum all over my pussy and having his thick lips eat me out. I know his dick would feel so familiar and comfortable. Every time he enters my mind I get all wet and horny. I know my partner would never give me a pass and who knows if he'd even be interested but if I could, I would absolutely fuck him so good! I feel horrible sometimes that I miss him so much and have so much sexual energy pent up about him. I know it's probably not right and I would never tell my partner. This fantasy is driving me crazy. I loved giving him head until he came and riding him until I came too. Our sex was so nasty and passionate and fulfilling. I can think of no real life possible scenario where I would cheat on my partner BUT this one! I'd do it in a heartbeat and done know if I'd even feel bad about it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 20

    The story goes like this, I went to a party on a Friday night with my girlfriend and like most do I expect only a few things: chillin with my friends, getting really drunk and high, and probably having sex with my girlfriend right before passing out. Perfect plan right? I thought so too.

    So around 1am this party has gone just as I planned and I'm having a damn good time. I had probably drank about 16 beers followed by between 6 and 10 shots of some tequila and some vodka, and before that I shared a few bowls of some pretty dank pot with my friend. Everyone who wasn't passing out at my friends house, who was hosting the party, had left and we decided it was about time for us to pass out. So I go to the bed that I want and lay down in the middle followed by my girlfriend who lays beside me. This is where I expect the last thing I wanted out if this party: sex with my girlfriend.

    We start to make out and get a little touchy so everything seems great until her best friend prances in and lays down beside me. Oh great. My girlfriend would never have sex with someone else in the room much less the same bed. I finally decided that I'd just have to do it some other time and I go to sleep with my girlfriend sleeping to my right and her best friend sleeping to my left.

    I wake up what felt like 15 minutes later to getting a handjob and being drunk as fuck I don't think about who was doing it. I start making out with who turned out to be my girlfriend's best friend while being jerked off by her only inches away from my girlfriend. One thing leads to another and before I know it we're fucking right there beside my passed out girlfriend. We alternate between fucking and being asleep several times throughout the night, which I found rather comical, and I never got caught.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife occasionally travels for business and is away three or four nights a month. We are a happy couple with no mortgage and the kids out of college. She doesn't have to work, but she help found the company and she is very good at what she does. About three years ago I scaled business back quite a bit to pursue other interests. One of those interests is a sweetheart bear of a man with a great golf game and beautiful big cock. As my sex life with Kim dwindled I stumbled across my new friend James at the country club. One day after a round of golf we went back to his place. His wife and kids were away and after a few drinks I was nursing a sore jaw from sucking his cock as he relentlessly pounded my ass. The pressure was intense as he breached me at first. He took his time and after a while I began to love his big body hulking over me as he drove his cock deep into my ass. He grunted hard collapsed on top of me driving deep and moaning as he unleashed his torrent of hot cum in my bowels. We get together at my place whenever Kim is on the road.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Just spent two amazing hours having the best sex of my life, as my husband who's becoming a right fuckin footballing dickhead, rather than fucking me, a very highly sexed scouse honey. He attended and watched his football team, LIverpool getting beaten by United. He's in Manchester right now probably drowning his sorrows, whilst I was earlier having two of his so called mates stuff my pussy and arsehole with their massive cocks. To top it all they're both Evertonians, and were making me whistle the theme from Z cars as they fucked me. I wasn't complaining one bit, as they both had me orgasming with their enormous cocks. From now on each time he goes to the match, I'm going to support Everton in my own special way.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Two or three times a week, depending on time, I drive over to Gregs home and let myself in. He'll invariably be waiting for me naked with a cock ring on, tossing off his little penis. I don't cheat on my husband so Greg can fuck me per say. No I go round to Greg's home so I can sit on his face and have him lick out my pussy and asshole. Something my husband dislikes doing, and now won't entertain me at all.
    Our "sessions" can last anything from an hour to sometimes nearly two hours. And it's all down to how horny I feel and how many orgasms I desire that given day. Sometimes Greg will only get to lick and tongue out my pussy. Other days it'll be my asshole only. But most of the time I have him tongue my pussy and asshole, giving me such amazingly strong orgasms.
    If and only if Greg gives me extremely strong and earth shattering climaxes over and over again, do I sometimes suck on his cock until he shoots all over my face. And on very rare occasions I will actually mount his little cock and fuck him, making him cum inside of me, then have him lick me out all over again until I orgasming all over his face.
    In the eighteen months I've used his "Services" I've never failed to orgasm at least half a dozen times, always coating his face with my pussy and ass juices.
    We have recently begun to use sex toys to enhance the whole sexual time we have, but I must admit I love it just as much with him licking and tonguing both my holes, whenever I say I'm calling round.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I'm a married woman who is flirting with two other married guys. Both just wanted to be friends from work, but all it took was me asking them directly if they wanted to fuck me and now the things they share they want to do to me are amazing. It's wrong but I'm loving the attention, I thought it would cure my constant horny mood but it's fueling it and I'm on the brink of meeting one of them after work. My husband is great, sex is decent, I swear it's not about him, I'm just craving more, something's wrong with my head I know it! If you want to chat sometime or tell me how wrong or right I am, hit me up. millerjulie999 on g***l

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    A quick confession about "Quickie's".
    My husband won't or can't keep up with my demands for sex, so around eight months ago I decided if he couldn't give me what I need, I'd seek out men who would.
    It's not as if I'm not attractive, as I am. I'm also slim with long brunette hair and a libido to match my desires in ever way. The thing was, I couldn't quite find the type of man around my age, who didn't want to have a longer term thing going.
    Then by pure chance, I noticed a young guy checking out when I was buying some clothing in a large department store. And ended up having sex with him on the stairwell of the car park. It was spontaneous, it was relatively quick and it got me off like a freight train, before I drove home to my hum drum boring husband.
    The following week, I had a cheeky builder who was working on a house down the street proposition me. Offering him some lunch, I took him to bed and had a wonderful twenty minute fuck before he went back to work. We had sex for about a month after that. Always a quick suck and fuck session, and he always made sure I was climbing the walls sexually, by fucking me so hard, to such amazing orgasms.
    When he moved on I decided that was my formula from then on, and I've stuck to it.
    A couple more trades man have given me "Quickie's", but more often than not, I find men, mostly younger men out and about in my daily life.
    You'd be surprised by just how many young men are willing to give an older woman a quick fucking, knowing there's no ties afterwards. In all I've now had sex with eleven different men, all with varying sized cocks and sexual stamina. Some have wanted more, but the vast majority are more than happy to fuck me a few times, have the fun and move on.
    Pity my good for nothing husband can't do the same.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    My husband used to meet my sexual needs. That was before his choice to over indulge in drink and food, putting on nearly a hundred pounds in weight.
    I on the other hand, have become fitter and my libido had grown because of my fitness. Attending a gym at least five times week.
    It was at the gym two years ago this week, I first allowed myself to be seduced by a much younger man. He basically called me stunning looking cougar, and asked me if I fancied taking his eight inch cock in all my holes.
    In my car fifteen minutes drive from the gym, I did exactly that by sucking on his beautiful cock, then letting him fuck my pussy and ass. It had been my first sex for over six months, and even that was a total let down. As my husband came before I'd sank down onto his cock more than five times.
    From that first sexual encounter in my car, I went cock crazy and soon had three different young men giving me what I needed, and wanted. Two from the gym and one young man who I still have sex with, who works in the distribution side of our company.
    Once I would never use the words I've put down here, but since I've liberated my sexual world, I've realized I love being fucked, much more than being made love to. My mouth, pussy and asshole have become my way to reach a new and exciting chapter in my life. And I'm going to continue, just as long as my obese husband carries on piling on the weight.

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