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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    The older lady is really a bitch. She isn't neighborly at all. Across the street is a young couple with a couple of kids, the wife is from Mexico and she is quite attractive. I tried to make friends but she is shy or something like that. I am lonely, I don't want to work but maybe that is what I need to do to get out. My husband's assignment is for one year and it isn't worth getting a job.

    The woman across the street is named Monica, she is probably thirty or close to it. She is the right height, and she has large hips and big boobs. I see her when she is out with flower beds, wears shorts and tshirt type tops. That morning while she was out working on her flower beds I went over to talk to her and her nipples were hard against her shirt, she caught me looking and pulled her shirt out. I smiled and told her I was sorry, it is just that nice tits and nipples always get your attention. I invited myself in and she offered me a glass of lemonade. Her shorts were a bit tight around the legs, I stared at her, it had been a long time since a woman in tight shorts and big tits got me going.

    If she was uncomfortable she didn't say anything, she stopped trying to get her top to cooperate, her nipples got harder in the air conditioning and poked out against the fabric. I went over and sat beside her and asked if I could touch. Her nipples were really hard between my fingers, as I played with her nipples she kept looking into my eyes so I kissed her. She didn't refuse the kiss and I got my hand completely around her tit, and then when I laid her back onto the couch I got my hand up high in her crotch.

    I kissed and kissed and kissed her, I kissed her hard nipples under her shirt. Getting her shorts loose and pulling them down was hard, her thighs are a bit thick, she helped and I got them off and then her pink panties which were wet, she laid back against the cushion on the couch and I ate her. She was so wet, my tongue slipped in and out of her vagina, and when I got my teeth on her clit she screamed out in Spanish. With my mouth on her clit I fingered her and finger fucked her until she went into a rush of an orgasm.

    Then I kissed her on the mouth again, grabbed her tits, worked my pants off and leaned into her face and she ate into me. It was hard getting dressed again, she was shy and didn't want to look into my eyes, my kisses on her face seemed to make her shier, but she let me kiss her lips, and grab her tits. Saying goodbye to walk back across the street left me wanting more. My last time was way back before I got married, and she wasn't anywhere near as pretty as Monica, or hot either. It must be her Mexican blood.

    Monica is one of those girls who denies how attractive she is, she knows I think she is a goddess, but she is always trying to cover up. I have to take her hands away, and force her to let me see her tits. The minute I straighten up her hands are covering her tits again. But she doesn't stop me from taking all her clothes off, or kissing her or going down on her. She smells fresh, I don't know what soap she uses, but she is always fresh mid morning when we get together. We have moved out of the living room back into her bedroom, the bed is much better to get on her, or to sit on her. Her hips can carry me and I putting the pillow under her head so she has to look straight into my pussy. It is easier too when I grab her head and lean over her and have her eat me.

    I'm still bored, Monica is an hour or two during the day, it is just that there isn't anything to do in this town. I want my husband's assignment to end, but I also don't want it to end. I think Monica has developed strong feelings, and truthfully so have I. We talk about kids a lot, these towns make you want to have kids, that's what all the women do, except those of us who are here on assignment.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 20

    I have met up with my boyfriend a few times while we have been quarantined to relieve our sexual tension since we were used to have sex a couple times a week during college.

    One of the times we met to go for a hike at a secluded park near my house. We rarely see anyone at the park and decided to have some fun. We went slightly off the trail and I pushed him against a tree to give him some head. After I got him hard I had him lay down on a nearby rock by a stream and rode his dick which he loves.

    I was only wearing a bikini top and little red booty shorts so I stripped completely naked and was enjoying the erotic feeling of fucking completely naked in nature. As I was riding him I saw an older guy from the trail and noticed he was jerking his impressive dick watching me ride. My boyfriend couldnât see as he was playing with my tits but I locked eyes with the guy and basically eye fucked the guy while riding my boyfriend. He had a huge orgasm stroking his dick at the same time I did riding my boyfriend and mouthed thank you and then left.

    I never told my boyfriend he was watching and went back to the park for a hike last week around the same time and was kinda hoping to run into that guy. I was incredibly horny and knew it was wrong but not seeing my boyfriend for so long was getting to me.

    I was wearing the same outfit as before and went back to the same area me and my boyfriend fucked. lo and behold the guy was there. I startled him and he laughed and said he had been coming back every day to try to see me again around the same time.

    I asked what he was hoping to see and he came up to me and started to kiss me. I reciprocated and he had his hands all over my body. Rubbing my tits and ass. He then removed my bikini top and shorts and had me lean up against a tree while he ate me out. It felt amazing and I had two great orgasms.

    I then told him I wanted him to experience what he saw me doing to my boyfriend. I removed his shorts and sucked his big dick hard and then had him lay down on that same rock and I mounted him. His dick felt amazing and I rode him hard and fast until he shot his load deep into my pussy. It was a great sexual relief for me and a hot experience I wonât forget. Iâm sure he has been back looking for me but it was a one time thing for me. Definitely unforgettable though

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    Sick of my husband's excuses for not having sex, I've just had a full on delivery, you could say. And I'm confessing while it's still very fresh in my mind.

    My husband drives for a living and right now is in central Scotland.
    He loves his fishing and motorcycles, so with his job, he orders a lot of things to be delivered.

    One such delivery took place this morning. Only I was so horny, I decided to have some fun. It was I swear, going to be just a suggestion of flashing. Showing the delivery driver my breasts and a very quick glimpse of my pussy.

    But it didn't happen like that. I did let the driver see my breasts. Then as I opened my robe a little to flash him my pussy, it opened fully.

    I had a choice. Close my robe and apologise. Or, ask him inside and let the robe fall completely off.

    It was by no means the most loving of sexual encounters. It never was going to be. I basically took his cock out in our hallway, sucked on it as he felt my breasts, and then kneeling on the bottom steps of our stairs, he thrust into me from behind and fucked me like a piston.

    It was fast, it was forceful and he didn't have the largest of cocks. What he did have, was the energy, the sexual passion and the drive to fuck me to two amazing orgasms.

    When he pulled out to cum all over my arse, he slapped me and said I was a slut.

    I could have taken offence, but he was right. And I proved it by turning around and sucking his cock back into my mouth.

    I didn't stop until he was rock hard and then dragged him with his trousers around his ankles, into our lounge. Getting him to sit on my husband's chair, I put my thighs either side of his and sank onto his erection.

    As I fucked him, and believe me I ground down onto his cock like a woman possessed, he kissed, licked and sucked on my large breasts.
    He lasted a lot lot longer which gave me time to fuck myself on his cock, to one climax after another.
    And when he came a second time, he filled my pussy with his cum.

    He was up, dressed and gone within five minutes promising to call by next week.

    I simply don't care if he does. I'm sat here confessing as I'm sat on my bed. Some of his cum is still seeping out of my pussy and I feel so alive sexually.

    From now on, if my husband won't satisfy me, then I'm going to find other men who will.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    I married 'the guy', what I never expected was sex being so boring, a chore. Nonetheless I stayed, did the family thing, bought the house, took the kids to Disney World. Ten years and I knew I had never been in love. Along came a man, tall, serious, take charge, no nonsense man. I had a spat with him and he took my arm to hold me and spanked me telling me to learn respect and other stuff. My blood pressure must have been 200, but I was unable to speak.

    A couple of weeks later there is a lunch, after lunch he tells me to ride with him. In the car he grabs my thigh, when I tried to take his hand off my thigh he told me to settle down. He pulled the car over into a parking lot and asked me what my problem was. Again, I could not answer, my voice was gone. He rubbed my thigh, touched my breast, and told me that he wanted my pussy.

    I held out, but he got what he wanted, nit once, lots of time. I cheated on my husband and my family, I gave into anal because he wanted something virgin. I made excuses about working late. I lied to my husband. When my husband wanted sex I felt I was heating on my office lover. It took a pregnancy and a secret abortion to end it and quit that job.

    I regret what I did, my husband is unaware, I can only fix this by being the wife I should be and never cheat again. The abortion is killing me inside.

    Sorry for the downer.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    I was raised as a "good Christian girl." I didn't even have my first kiss until my freshman year of college (followed shortly thereafter by my first time having sex.) I married the guy but it only lasted 2 years before we got divorced. My second marriage lasted 10 years but we divorced 7 years ago. Now I'm a single mom of a 12 year old.

    Shortly after my second divorce I started talking to a much older (by 17 years) married doctor at my work for an anesthesiologist group. We opened up to each other and confided in each other. We met at a restaurant one afternoon and the chemistry was electric. By the end of the visit we were making out and I had his cock in my hand. This was so not like me, but I couldn't help myself and neither could he. I've never in my life experienced the kind of attraction we share. 3 days later we had sex for the first time. I still remember it like it was yesterday. He started by going down on me, and we fucked in multiple positions. He made me come with his cock, something no other man has ever been able to do to me. It was so fucking hot. I love how loud he is when he comes, it turns me on so much. I love sucking his cock, I know exactly what to do to make him go crazy. I love when he fucks me hard from behind, or puts my legs up over his shoulders and slams into me again and again. He doesn't look like the type, a smaller statured Jewish guy in his late 50's, but he fucks me like no other man ever has (and I've been with a couple younger firefighters--they didn't come close.)

    Long story short, that was over 7 years ago and we're still together.
    Every single time we meet up the sex is as hot as it was the first time.
    Just this morning we met in a local
    isolated parking lot and had the
    hottest sex in the backseat of his
    Lexus. At this point our relationship
    is far more than just sexual. We
    love each other and have a connection
    like no other. I know he will never
    divorce his wife (after over 30 years
    together and 3 kids, and he supports
    her parents) but he is the only man
    for me. I love him, and just the thought of being with him gets me wet. The heart wants what it wants.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 44

    My name is Heather and I have been married for 19 years.

    I know that some people will call me horrible names for this. Maybe they are right but it wonât change anything.

    I love my husband, he is a good man, I donât have to work and I have everything I want, but the sex sucks. It always has. I used to tell him that in the beginning and he used to tell me that it will get better when we find our rhythm. HerE I am almost 20 years later and we even hardly ever have sex anymore. Our twins have been off at college for two years now, so you would think it was our time to rekindle our relationship. But no.

    Well I started taking art classes at the local college to fill the time. I met someone in one of my classes, 2 semester ago. Robert. He is only 28 years old and has been asking me out for months. He has been relentless in telling me how sexy I am. With everything that has been going on, I have been stuck in the house with my husband for more than a month and he hardly notices me. So last week, I told him that I was going out to a friends house. I went over to Robâs house for the first time. When I got there he offered me a drink. I told him I donât drink anymore and Iâm not looking for anything permanent because I am married and probably too old for him. But I want to feel sexy again. I asked him if he can live with that and he agreed.

    We didnât waste anytime, Rob kissed me and I let him. He peeled my clothes off, one piece at a time. He took off my panties and gave me oral sex until I orgasmed. The first oral sex Iâve had in 5 years. Then he stood up, took his clothes off. His young body is fit and muscular. His dick is huge and he fucked me with it for almost 2 hours. I had 3 more orgasms. Iâm lucky if my husband can last for 15 minutes. When I left I was walking bow legged. When I got home my husband didnât even notice or ask.

    I have plans to see Rob again tomorrow. I donât feel one bit guilty.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    While away for business I went to a massage parlor. I received a massage that was just ok but the finish was awesome. For an extra 40.00 this petite Korean woman gave me the best hand job I ever had. She promised that if came back the next day it would be even better. I felt guilty about it but went back the next day. She had me undress and after a short massage went right to my dick and started sucking while she played with my a-hole. She really took her time. While she worked it I reached out and started rubbing her ass. She was wearing short shorts and I was able to work me finger under the side and started to finger her. I came in her mouth with two fingers buried in her pussy. After it was over she thanked me and I payed her then left My wife called as I was walking out and I immediately guilt remorse but that wonât stop me the next time.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 47

    I went to college, got a good job. I even bought a small house but not married. I was playing the single life. My younger brother 6 years younger than me was a spoiled brat being the youngest kid. He got out of high school and work nothing jobs. My brother got a cute girl to marry her. A red head little skinny girl. In no time they got kicked out of their apartment so asked temporarily to live with me. Against my better judgement I let them move in. His wife was hard either of us to get along with. A bitch. After a couple of months I really wanted them out. I couldnât bring dates home with them there. She would walk around braless with her small pointed nipples poking her thin shirts. She started walking around in panties and night shirt. She had a skinny flat butt but I learned to enjoy looking at it. My brother got a job at a golf course and leave for work an hour before me and get in late. I decided to make a move on her and they may get mad and move out. One morning I could hear them having sex and afterwards my brother left for work. I came out of bedroom into kitchen and she was naked and put a used condom in the garbage. She covered best she could with her hands. I lifted her hands away and there stood before me a 100 pound girl with small tits and a thin bush. I turn her around, dropped my pajamas. I entered her without protest from her. When she orgasmed I unloaded into her. As I walked to the bathroom she asked me if I cum inside her and I told her yes. I went out with friends that night, came home and started taking a shower. She got in shower with me and said my brother was passed out drunk. We started in the shower and moved to my bed. Wasnât long we both where sexually exhausted. For approx a month she would drain my balls either in her mouth or inside her c**t. My brother finally got to move into the worker house at his job and they moved out. I was visiting my mom one day and she told me my sisters-in-law was pregnant. I made it a point to go visit them and it was true. I could have had sex with her then but I didnât. She wanted to. I wasnât very experienced with sex before my sister-in-law so I got good experience and confidence. I finally married and have a lovely family of my own now. My brother still hasnât amounted to much and has the one son which i probably father.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    My husband believes somehow having sex once a month is a far more healthy relationship wise situation to be in, and it "Saves up our passion" for when we do have sex. He couldn't be more wrong, and I tried so hard to convince him otherwise.

    No thing worked so I hired a private investigator to find out if he was having an affair. Nothing, not a thing. So his theory of denial IS his mindset.

    I'm thirty three, healthy, fit and very sexual. I'm good looking, I have a great figure and my 'sex head' at the moment is for much much older men, with large really thick cocks.
    I say at the moment, because when I first cheated nine months ago it was with a couple of younger guys, but they were just hump merchants. And too immature for me.

    Then I met Frank a fellow swimmer who's in his early fifties. I literally saw him getting out of the pool and noticed the sheer size of his cock bulge in his swim gear. He saw me staring and smiled that 'I'd fuck you in a heart beat smile'. Waiting for him to walk out, I sat on my cars hood and let him see up my short skirt. I'd left off my panties and had been slowly touching myself. My pussy was engorged with blodd and I knew when he saw it, he wanted it.
    He walked the ten feet over to me, put his right hand down to my pussy and said "Yours or mine". And that was the start of my sexual fascination with older men.

    Frank took me to his apartment, where we had nearly two hours of the dirtiest sex I'd had in years. His hugely thick cock had my jaw aching and stretched my pussy and ass when he fucked me over and over again. By the time we stopped having sex, I could hardly walk straight. And he laughed as I went to the bathroom. Luckily for me, my husband was at another golf meeting when I got in, so I bathed for a long long time.

    Frank and I still have sex, yet we're not an item and he sees it the way I do. Casual sex, if and when we're free and horny. Which for me right now, is every day.

    Vinny. He's older than Frank, yet I'd say a little fitter. He's a music teacher and loves sluts like me. That's because I met him on an internet site posing as a married slut who gets no fucks. We meet in another town and always at a motel. He uses me like a whore and fucks me like one too. I love his dominant ways, but I love his massive cock more. Vinny is married too, but his wife is frigid and definitely won't allow him to fuck her asshole, which he loves doing with me. It's a meet up, fuck and leave kind of relationship, if you can call it that, but I like it as I have no strings with him.

    The last guy, Jimmy, is a very casual sexual partner. We met through work and I only see him once a month. He's the only one so far, who treats me like a real lady. It doesn't stop him fucking me in his car though, or outdoors which I've grown to love. I don't want to go too much into his background or our liaisons, as he's very private.

    My husband still gets his once a month saved up night of passion, but these days I try to get him off extra quick. Which if you know how with your cervical and pussy muscles, it's no that hard to do.
    He makes out he's satisfied the whole world when he fucks me. Truth be known, it's vanilla sex and its now very very boring.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 42

    I have a sexting gf. We met at work and were instantly flirty with each other. After a couple months she was promoted to a new office on the other side of the country (we never did anything, other than flirt). Shortly after I started getting flirty texts from her. It didn't take long for the flirty texts to become full on sexting, and she is literally open to anything sexting (These are way past sexual banter, I bought a burner phone so to keep them away from my family's eyes). Here is where my dilemma comes in.

    Last month I had some brain fart and typed in the phone number manually. I sent it to my wife instead (thankfully no pics in that one). I didn't realize what happened until it was already gone. I thought, "No problem, it's on the burner number." I got a response a couple days later.

    My wife responding in kind and continuing the sexy chain. I didn't even know she knew what some of this stuff is, but she followed up and got even dirtier. She even included pics! I JO to her pics almost every day.

    She has become way more sexual since we've been sexting too, but nothing resembling a lot of things in our sexts.

    She is great in bed, but now I wonder if she wants to explore some of the sexuality described in our sexts (at least the 2 person stuff to start out). We routinely sext about thing that we have never done together.

    This has me so horny all the time I JO daily, sometimes multiple times, and we fuck like bunnies almost every night.

    My quandry: do I or don't I, and how if I do?

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