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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Told my husband I wanted and needed more sex than we were having. Normally about once a month. He told me, he worked hard and only had time and energy for me when he felt like it. Reminding him time and again, he began to ignore me, so a few weeks ago when he set off for work, I walked the fifty or yards across to our neighbors home. His name is Greg, he's forty nine and he's the horniest bastard I've ever had sex with. From seven thirty that morning until close to midday, Greg had me climbing the walls with the amount of orgasms his mouth, tongue and large cock gave me.
    As soon as my husband arrived home for lunch, he asked me why I looked so flushed. I told him it was because I'd been exercising all morning, when in reality I'd been taking Gregs cock in my mouth, pussy and ass all day. When he finally left again after his lunch, I saw Greg walking over and prepared myself for another sexual onslaught. I received it and then some. Greg might be nearly twenty years older than my husband, yet he can hold down a physical job and still find time and energy to fuck me every single day. I'm just sorry I didn't go along with his flirting long before now. Boy can that man fuck...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I am 5' 10' and about 150 pounds, white, blue eyes and blonde. My parents are both German Check origin and we live in a German Check town. Most all the kids here are more like me, tall and thick and the guys are big. I never thought about my height or weight growing up.

    I went to college and I roomed with a girl from the valley, a heavy girl, about 5' 6", about 160 pounds, brown skinned, dark hair and eyes. She is the first Hispanic girl I have seen naked. I felt something from the very beginning and we flirted around for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden she just fell on my bed and I was able to put her on her back under me and we had a moment. I kissed her and she let me touch her and I hugged her. That is all, we didn't do anything else.

    Several more days went by and we were in our dorm and she came in from class and told me she had a headache, I knew about that because she always got headaches before her period. I sat her down on the bed between my legs and I gave her a neck rub, I put my hands under her arms and gave her a boob massage. I also kissed her cheek and we fell onto the bed and I hugged her, kissed her, undressed her and got undressed and we had sex. No one said anything about our feelings or why we were doing those things, we just did them.

    The next morning, because she slept all night with me, she asked me what if I felt something when I kissed her and I told her and she agreed. We started having sex all the time. When we graduated from college, five years later we had been together all the way through. I went back to my town and met up with one of the guys I had gone to high school with and one thing and then another and we ended up having sex. The first time I had sex with a guy since I went to college. It was like opening up Pandora's Box. All those feelings of sex with a guy came back and I started to feel sort of embarrassed that I have been having sex with a girl and I told my high school friend. He shrugged and said if I liked it go for it, nothing wrong with getting some pussy.

    I am playing both of them right now, the difference is he knows that I have sex with her but she doesn't know that I am having sex with him. I don't know how to tell her, she is emotional and she doesn't just shrug things off like he does. She is also totally committed and to me it is more of friends with benefits, I love the sex and I love being with her but I am nowhere in love like she is. She is my best friend from college but I am her love interest.

    I want it both, I want to have sex with a guy, and I want to have sex with her, it is different but it equally enjoyable, I really do like having sex with her, I want it, I miss it, I can get aggressive about it, I want her pussy. But when he treats me the same I give in, I want him to want my pussy, I want to give it to him. I like the feeling, I like the moment and I like the afterglow. I just have not been able to tell her that I am having sex with him.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    I've just got my ex-girlfriend from 30 years ago to agree to start fucking me again. We're both in relationships, but want to fuck each other silly. We've been sexting for some time now and I guess I still remember how to push her buttons.

    I used to call her beautiful breasts "Big Ted" and "Little Ted" and she has told me that they're now 34H, and I can't wait to suffocate in them.

    I hope her pussy still tastes as good as it did all those years ago and I can't wait to finally fuck her anally.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 42

    I am a 42 yr old stay at home Mom. I have one kid in college, the other in HS. As they are getting older my errands for them decrease. I run a clean house, keep things operating around here. My husband works all the time, good job that pays well. Sometimes I wonder if he spends a little too much time at work, I've seen him get messages from his little co-worker and he's very secretive with his phone.

    He doesn't pay as much attention to me like he used to, I've gained a few pounds, fortunately it goes straight to my tits, which stayed huge after my 2nd kid, 36F. I started going to the gym every day, not only to work out but look at the young eye candy there. We're a college town so a lot of guys are free during the days between classes and come work out.

    I usually wear tight sports bras that show off my boobs and yoga pants, I get plenty of looks from the young guys, my friend constantly tells me that these 20 somethings are always hot for big titted MILFs, but I have never acted on it. Recently though, with the lack of attention from hubby, I started looking back and smiling when they would check me out. And purposely doing exercises like bent over rows, and yeah they get a clear view of plenty of cleavage.

    One day after I worked out, I went over to the Starbucks next door for a drink, was sitting looking at my phone when a couple of the guys who had been friendly that day walked in. They came over and said hi, got a drink and asked if they could sit with me. I thought it was harmless, so I said sure, have a seat. We talked for a long time, I caught them staring at my tits several times and would just smile at them. They started getting a little flirty and suggestive and I could feel myself getting wet. That was when one of them started rubbing my leg with their foot under the table.

    I started to pull away, then thought of my hubby possible cheating, so I just froze. This went on for awhile and they were getting more forward, so I thought "what the hell, lets see where this goes". It didnt take long until one of them said "I have an apartment around the corner, want to go have a drink?". I decided to cross the line and go.

    We got to his place and he fixed us a couple of strong drinks, it was clear what they were trying to do, but I just went with it. While we were standing the in the kitchen, one of them came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. I hear myself moan a little and that was their sign. He reached up and started squeezing my tits and the other one did too, I had hands all over me.

    They lead me into the bedroom, I stripped off my sports bra and they were like "wow!" and started squeezing and sucking on my tits. It didnt take long for them to strip off everything, one had a huge 8" cock, the other not as long but thick with a mushroom head. I hadn't had a cock in my mouth for ages, but couldn't wait to start sucking them, they immediately got hard and started rubbing my wet pussy.

    I had been fixes so no prego worries but I told them "safe sex only". They said they both worked part time at the hospital and had to be tested frequently and had just had one. I said "sorry I need some proof" and they got their test results and showed me. I said "ok I believe you" and they were all over me, one on each tit.

    Finally one of them started to penetrate me, I said "omg you are thick, go slow, I havent had a big cock like that". So he started easing it in and out while I was sucking the other one.

    Long story short, after about 15 minutes of fucking and started grunting and moaning and saying he was going to cum, I said "go ahead and cum in me" and he let go with what seemed like a gallon of cum. I had never seen anyone cum so much, probably 8 or 9 long streams I could feel flood me till it was running out of me and on the bed. He got done and the next one jumped on, he was already worked up, it only took him maybe 2 minutes and he started flooding me too. I could feel his cock throbbing and jerking inside me.

    We all collapsed on the bed, cum all over and in me, running out everywhere. All they could say was "wow, that was great!". I got up and got dressed with all the cum still inside me, I could feel it soaking my yoga pants. After I got home I stripped them off and put my fingers in my pussy and took the leftover cum and licked my fingers while I played with myself and had 2 or 3 huge orgasms.

    The next day I saw them at the gym and said "that was great but it's not going to happen all the time, but we'll see". I noticed a lot more of the guys staring at me and talking to me now, lol.

    I know my hubby gets on and reads this site sometimes, so honey if you see this, yes it's me, how does it feel to be fucked on? LOL If you don't pay more attention to me in the bedroom, it might happen again! :)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    This happened about a year ago at college. Was at a party with my boyfriend and we were all playing spin the bottle (I know, real mature).
    Everyone was pretty drunk by this point, and when it was my turn someone dared me to give a blowjob to a guy they knew I liked.
    He walked over took my hand, and I actually walked out with him while my boyfriend said nothing and everyone else was whooping and cheering.
    We went to a bathroom where I put a towel on the floor to kneel on and completed (and swallowed) my dare.
    When we got back to the party we were met with applause and one girl loudly told me to kiss my boyfriend, to 'share it with him!'.
    I went over and French kissed him still with the taste of cum in my mouth. I remember everyone cheering like crazy as my poor boyfriend just let it all happen.
    I spent the rest of the game sat with the guy I'd just blown, his hands up my top and in my pants as my boyfriend just watched from the other side of the room. I quietly had a mini orgasm as he tickled my clit, and we later ended up fucking most of the night in a spare bedroom.
    I broke up with my boyfriend properly about three days later.
    Feel kinda bad but it was the best fun, especially the cummy kiss.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Is it cheating, if your husband hasn't had and isn't capable of having sex with you, because he can't lay off the alcohol long enough to get a hard on.
    It's been nearly a year since he put his cock into me. I missed it, and believe me I've tried and tried to encourage him to reduce, not stop, his drinking and I dress sexily for him, hoping he'll see what he's missing.
    I am the wrong side of thirty, yet I've kept myself fit, healthy and am considered to be very good looking. All throughout our eight year marriage, I'd been faithful, even though I'd had countless offers from men and a few women to have sex. If he would sort himself out and seek help for his drinking, I'd willingly stop seeing the two men I now have sex with on a regular basis.
    One of them is a gym instructor at the gym I attend three times a week. The other is a totally different prospect, as he's a twenty year old neighbor of ours. It's his cock I get to enjoy the most and we see each other as just sexual release. He's so cool about fucking an older woman and fucks me like I'm a slut, which I love at the minute.
    Even so, I still miss my husband taking me the way he used to, and I miss the intimacy of love making I don't have with the other two men.
    So am I cheating, or just getting by sexually using two guys who love to fuck me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 41

    I had been married 18 yrs, 3 kids and a very happy home. My wife who I met in college was a long hair blonde 38 and very beautiful. I was working for a company who just hired a 24 yr. old very petite brunette who they assigned to me to train. We worked 12 hour shifts 4 days a week so we spent a lot of time together.
    Her name is Amber and she has a 5 yr old daughter and they lived in a house she had bought from a family member. She was cute and much like a teen and I really never thought much of her. We talked a lot and shared a lot about ourselves in the weeks ahead.
    One day she came in and told me how her dish washer flooded the kitchen and how she didn't get much sleep cleaning up the mess. She could not afford to call someone to fix it and I told her its probably just drain hose and an easy fix.
    So on my next day off my wife a school teacher was at work and I knew she wouldn't mind me helping her. I had done similar things in the past for I was quiet handy and would help friends in need. I arrived at her house and went to work. I found the problem made a trip to Home Depot and was just finishing up. Shelly was in a t-shirt and jeans. Her daughter was in school and Amber was very like hands on helping me and close to me.
    I could smell her hair at times she was so close. After I was done she gave me a hug to thank me but didn't let go. After a few seconds still hugging we looked at each and kissed. I don't know why I did it but after the kiss I started kissing her neck and for the next 5 minutes while I leaned against the kitchen counter she leaning on me and we kissed. She then lead me to her bedroom and it wasn't long before we were naked under her covers.
    Her breast were small to none but I kissed and sucked them anyway to her delight. She had the first shaved pussy I had ever seen and ate her out as she moaned and wiggled. She told me she was on birth control so with no protection I put my dick in her. WOW!!!!! What a feeling. She rode me on top for a while, on our side, doggy style and me top as I came hard twice in her that day. She came several times as well.
    I looked at the clock and noticed we had been fucking for 2 hours and it was now 1:30 in the afternoon. I had to pick up my daughter from school at 2:15 for a dentist appointment. She got up and got a wash cloth to clean me so my daughter won't smell our love making on me. It was around 2 when I left.
    We never fucked again a lot because she wanted me for her own and would not fuck a cheater. She left it up to me to decide. My wife never found out and its the only time I cheated.
    Amber is still single today and we are good friends as we have been working together now for 15 yrs. She has another daughter not from me but from a marriage with another guy that lasted 2 yrs. I do love her and I know she does me, but it has been sometime now and we never talk about our 2 hours of lust,but we just enjoy the friendship. I count it a joy to have her as a good friend I can talk too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I got married when I was 19 to my high school boyfriend. I am 26 and I am not happy at all. He drinks and hangs out with his buddies after work, they all work at the refinery. He comes in half drunk, sometimes he wants sex, but most of the time he falls asleep before he can make it happen. We have money problems, I have a job but he spends so much money with his friends and he bought a new truck we cannot afford. He is not the boy I knew in high school. I tell you this because what I am going to say next is very bad.

    I let a man in his sixties have sex with me. He works at the 7-11 which is down the street from me and he always stares when I go in. It was after nine and I needed to buy cigarettes so I went to the store but I didn't wear a bra, I am not some big boob woman but I do have nice boobs and I had on a tank top and I could feel my nipples against my top, when I got in the store my nipples really popped out because of the air conditioning. When I was at the counter the man stared at my nipples and my pants got hot. When he gave me my change I held his hand and asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock.

    He didn't answer so I asked him again, I told him I wanted to and I got behind the counter with him and while he stood at the counter I sucked his cock. He didn't get hard for the longest time but then he did and I sucked him but I just could not make him cum. He was hard and I got up between him and the counter and pushed my pants down and told him to fuck me before his cock got soft again. He fucked me and it only took a couple of fucks for him to cum.

    I went home with his cum and didn't wash myself when I got home. I wanted my husband to fuck me with the man's cum still inside me but my husband passed out and never got hard. This happened once.

    I got pregnant. My baby is dark with black hair and dark eyes. My husband is totally white and I guess there were a couple of border girls on my mother's side, but my baby is dark. My husband is so stupid he never questions anything. I took the baby with me and I had a DNA test done and it came back that he has significant south Asian genes, the 7-11 man is from Pakistan so I know for sure he is the father.

    I want to get divorced, I really don't love my husband. My baby is like the last straw, my husband is so drunk he can't even get it hard enough to fuck me and get me pregnant and that old man fucked me once and hit the mark. Day care takes up all of my money so I have to find another man first. I don't know how to go about finding another man. The men at my work are all married and I don't get out much anymore because of the baby. I can't ask for help from anyone, I have gone on some of these dating web sites but I have to lie and the one date I went on ended as soon as I told him I had a son.

    I know this is a depressing story, it is only more depressing because it is all true.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm straight but I have a fascination with cock. Years ago I'd say I'd have to travel to "meet family". Instead I would go to one of the numerous gay bathouses and get on my knees to suck multiple cocks all night. My favorite and most memorable time was I was in a circle with me and a twink sucking the multiple cocks around us. The feeling of guys cumming on my body and in my mouth turned me on something fierce.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    The stages of life. From early recollection until I was 12 life was grand. I was the baby that everyone catered to and I spent my days in grade school and my afternoons at home. I helped my mother but I never felt it was a chore and I got good grades.

    I turned 13 and I got this headache crush on this boy who was not from our social class. He went to our school but he rode the bus from his neighborhood and it was clear as mud that I was way off base and that had to stop. I was taken out of school in the 7th grade and sent to a private school, small classes and all the kids were like us. Except one who was there on a scholarship but who talked to her. I got over my crush and got a crush on a boy from the eighth grade and that was fine but of course he didn't know it.

    In the seventh grade my mother decided that I was old enough to have responsibilities at the house. I could choose, to look after my older brother or look after my father. My brother was a slob, he stank. My father was the man of my life, he was always nice and polite. I chose my father. That was a mistake. My father is the type of man who is perfectionist and he has to have his shirts ironed just so and his pants hung on the hangers just so and the bed has to be made just so and the table has to be set just so. You get it? My brother was happy if I fixed him hot chocolate after school. I was assigned to my father and my brother chose me so I ended up with both men.

    My mother was quite rational about the whole thing. Learn about men by taking care of your father, that way when you get married you won't cry when he tells you that you messed up. And take care of your brother because he needs taking care of. But however it was painted I took care of my father and my brother. The only little thing that no one mentions is that there was no sex. With marriage comes sex. My mother conveniently did not talk about sex when you get married.

    Sex came, it was just not what I imagined. I did not like having a penis thrust in my mouth. I did not like a penis period. I had a penis thrust deep up my anus, ass fucked and put in my place. He liked his dinner his way and he liked the bed made his way and he liked everything his way. He was my father but with sex. Everything I had learned about taking care of my father I had to use taking care of my husband, but he also wanted sex. His penis got me pregnant. Having a baby is not the same thing as rocking a baby that belongs to someone else. Getting a baby out of you hurts and I was tricked into believing that the right thing to do was go natural. It would not happen again, that was for sure. Anyway it was his penis that I didn't like, the rest I could put up with.

    After two more kids and living in the suburbs in a house on a street with all the other houses alike I was tending to the kids on the front lawn and the neighbor walked over to me and started talking and he told me that my boy was playing with fire crackers, he wanted me to know, fire crackers were not like they were when he grew up, fire crackers were explosives now. So put a stop to it before he blew his fingers off. No, right now, put a stop to it, do as your told. So I called my son over and I asked him if he was playing with fire crackers and he confessed and the man from across the street told me that is the way to go, take care of my kids.

    The man across the street has a penis and he thrusts it in my mouth, he thrusts it in my vagina and he thrusts it up my ass. He has these this little ball bridle that he put in my mouth and he pulled on it while he fucked me in the ass. He had these little balls on a string and he stick them up my ass one by one until he gets the whole string in and while I suck his cock he has me put my hand up between my legs and pull the string out slowly one little ball at a time. He has this bottle of liquid with strange writing on it and he puts some of the liquid on a hot washcloth and rubs the liquid into my ass and then he fucked me and my ass burns like hell but I want it every time. He spreads me open and takes his index finger behind his thumb and flicks my wick and he fucks me right after I come. The old man across the street calls me after he sees that I drop the kids off at school and he fucks me. I love being fucked with the little bridle in my mouth.

    I am married of course and I put up with my husband's demands and he is good to the kids and he bought a nice house. But when it I need to feel good, to feel like all of me needs to be touched, I go across the street to the old man and get fucked.

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