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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 44

    Had a baby with my son's friend

    When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.

    My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with the girls and a sort of leader of their little gang.

    It started when I came home early from work one day. The boys were all in the den playing games and horsing around. I went up to the laundry room to pick up some clean clothes, and saw my son's friend masturbating with my panties.

    I was shocked, so was he. We stared at each other, then I just turned and walked up to my bedroom, washed my face, and when I came back down, he was back in the den and we both acted normally. But I had seen him, he was attractive naked and had a nice c***. After this, being baby minded, naughty ideas about him began to circle in my head. And I knew he was clearly attracted to me.

    Nothing happened for a few more months, until the family was away camping. I was supposed to go too, but had sprained my ankle and decided to stay back. On that day, my son's friend visited me, with some excuse of wanting to borrow something.

    It was the first time we had been alone together, and things were a bit awkward. Finally, I indirectly started talking about desires and hormones and how such things were natural and to be grown out of. But as soon as I started on this, suddenly he started talking about how sexy he found me, and how he'd fantasised about me for years.

    He was bold, and I got a bit tongue-tied. I also enjoyed the flattery, and got my panties in a twist when I realised I was getting wet. I opened my mouth to reply, when suddenly he kissed me. Not a gentle peck, but his tongue down my throat, with one hand on my back and the other gripping my bottom. Just how a woman should be kissed, in fact.

    Almost without thinking, I let my tongue fondle his and his hands run over me freely, and we stayed like this for a bit. When his hand reached my c***, I managed to pull back a bit, but it was too late: he pushed a finger in, and felt my wetness. That was when he knew I was his.

    I protested, but he just picked me up in his arms and began carrying me to the bedroom. I had never felt so feminine in my life, and that was when my desire came back to me. A little devil whispered: fate's given this chance, why not take it?

    He laid me on the bed like a princess, and got over me, kissing me passionately while undoing my dressing gown and gently stroking my c*******. I was impossibly aroused, the taboo act, the youth and handsomeness of my partner, my own wish of becoming pregnant, all had colluded.

    I helped him remove my gown and bra, and he began expertly licking and kissing my b******. For a young man, he was clearly experienced. Soon, I was ready for him to penetrate me, and I told him so. He slipped off my panties and first licked my c*** for a bit. This made me wetter and I literally began to beg for his c***.

    At this moment, he broke off to strip, his c*** was long and rock hard, and I spread my legs willingly. But, then he pulled a condom from his jeans and I realised this wouldn't do. I asked him to f*** me without protection, hoping he would just jump at the chance.

    But he didn't. He asked me if I could get pregnant, and I just said we'll see about this later. Then he shocked me, he confessed he wanted to impregnate me as well! I waa delighted, but I tried not to show it, instead giving him my most seductive look and daring him to knock up an old woman if he could.

    That did it, and he jumped on me and was soon pistoning away like an engine. I soon forgot my plans in sheer pleasure, and had an o***** before he began to spurt his seed deep inside me. I guided him in keeping my knees up and placing a pillow under my hips to have a better chance of conceiving.

    Onc e this was done, his young p**** was up and ready to go and he promptly entered me again. This time he lasted much longer and I had several o****** before he unloaded in me again. Then we slept for a while, just holding each other.

    It was a long weekend, and long story short, we had s** almost all the time. Of course all of it was unprotected, and very pleasurable for both of us. I swore to him secrecy, and to his credit he upheld it. On monday, I made sure to ply my husband with drink, then seduce him, it went badly but just enough to make him think enough had been done.

    Only a week later, I missed my period. An initial test confirmed pregnancy, but I waited another two weeks before going to a doctor and confirming it. My husband was exasperated but good natured over my "manipulative ways" (if he only knew) to get what I wanted. My lover was excited and nervous, but I made it clear to him he would play no part in the baby's life, and he was quite happy with that.

    I was already past 40, hence it was a difficult pregnancy. Possibly, if I had not conceived with a young and virile man, someone of my husband's age might not have been able to impregnate me. Yet, after 9 months, I held my beautiful baby girl and was as happy as can be.

    I continued my affair with my son's friend, now with proper protection and precautions, throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. As far as I am concerned, his is the sperm, he is the father, and he has rights over my body as someone he had a child with. These rights I still enjoy giving up to him whenever we have the chance.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I am married for 18 years and sex is a rare act as my husband is too busy and comes home late. Two months back I had to attend an Official Tour some 3000 Kms away from my workplace. Another lady co-worker also accompanied alongwith our Boss. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome man of 6.5 feet
    height and well behaved named Harry, we had a brief tour around the city. Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for
    assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for Sex. I was in sheer shock at that blunt statement and had nothing to say. He just took it as silent consent and locking the room hugged me. I was too submissive that I could not resist. He was too loving and caring that after removing my dresses he removed his dress and saw his member a well 8.5 inch thick white penis slightly curved upward in 90 degree. As I was deprived off sex for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth and felt too big for my mouth. He slightly deep throat thrusting his big dick, kissed my body all over and gave me a good pussy lick I had to make much hissing sound and came two three times.

    Finally he penetrated his throbbing cock into my pussy and commented that it was tight and juicy, to which I thanked him. He almost for a good 30 minutes fucked my pussy which I have never experienced with my husband. While Harry was fucking furiously my mobile rang and it was my Husband. I had to talk to him while Harry was fucking me, which gave me some kind of blood rushing excitement. My husband has a small penis of 4.5 inches and slim and slightly limb. Harry exploded in my pussy with much cum and still he continued his in-out movement. Just then the room bell rang and he excused me and attended the door while I wrapped myself with the bed cover.

    To my surprise Harry returned back accompanied by my Boss and lady co-worker. I felt too embarrassed. My Boss told do not worry, we are here for enjoyment and started to undress. My lady co-worker also started to undress. For the first time I was my Boss's Cock, which was not so thick as Harry, but length wise it OK. My Boss immediately started to fuck me with Harry's cum insider me and commented that his cum is more lubricator. My co-worker was happily fucked by Harry and we had a foursome fuck by turn. After some time we all departed to our rooms. Back in my room I felt no remorse or guilt which surprised me. Ours was a two day Official tour. The next day morning after breakfast, there was no special meeting or touring. The whole day we four had sex and for the first time I had experienced a double penis entry, which was slightly painful, but the excitement got over that. I too swallowed the cums of my Boss and Harry also, first time tasting of cum. They both tried various positions of sex and the full day was sex, booze and fuck. It was a full enjoyment and secret I cannot tell anyone including my husband.

    Back at office I received a handsome financial upgrade and at times have blowjobs and fucking sessions after office hours with my Boss.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    My sister in law lived with us while I was my ex and I were living in military housing. I spent so much time watching her raise my kids as her own while my ex got fat and lazy that I began to lust after her. I had an opportunity to confess to her one night how jealous I was that my buddy had hooked up with her and that I was dying to see her naked. My ex had long gone to bed and we were left alone in the garage. We shut of the lights and stripped. Step by step we ended up slowly inching next to each other until eventually, I she was holding my throbbing cock in her hand as I rubbed her slippery wet pussy. I was amazed and turned on by just how wet she was, like she had never held a cock before even though she was ex's older sister. I wanted to be in her so badly that I pushed up against her, my cock head slipping between the lips of her drooling pussy. She did not protest, I took the hint and reached down and guided my cock into her. I felt her grip every inch of me as we both gasped for a moment as I slid inside her. Oh my go she felt so good! I load her down on some couches we had in the garage and thrust into her as deeply as I could. I would feel her pussy juices running down the sides of my cock and wetting my thighs. Her thick sexy legs wrapped around the back of me our eyes like locked as I slowly pumped her pussy. Her hips thrust with every stroke allowing me even deeper in her. It didn't take long before I felt myself about to cum and did not hold back filling every bit of her with cum. We collapsed together kissing and cuddling until we decided we had better get up just in case we got caught. The next day my ex (then wife) had to run off to work for a while leaving us alone in the house. At first we akwardly laughed about the night before just smiling at one another but before I knew it I was bending her sister over the ottoman of our couch, her sundress lifted up to her perfect curvy thighs revealing her lack of panties. I didn't hesitate, I dropped my pants and quickly plunged my cock into her. Every bit of her gripping me just as perfectly as before. This went on for a while, is sneak into the bedroom where she stayed before anyone else was up and ravage her pussy as deeply as I could every morning. I miss those days, Aimee, your still one of the best ive ever had and I love you still.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 35

    I am 35 with three kids, a husband, I am a nurse, and I am the President of the PTO. I have come to believe that I am also a lesbian.

    The first girl I kissed was eleven, I also kissed her pretty pussy.

    The second girl was a school mate in the ninth grade. Her brother was killed in an airplane accident and I comforted her, it included lots of kissing and fondling. We were embarrassed with each other afterwards, but that night was my first make out session with another girl. I lost my virginity soon after that to my husband.

    The third girl was when we were seniors, my husband, at the time my boyfriend, dared us to kiss. My kiss included putting my hand on her breast, and her kiss included slumping down in the booth. We became good friends and we made out often, and we felt each other up. She was my first oral partner. My husband many times watched and would get so horny that he insisted on sex afterwards.

    Then college, away from home my husband had sex at the drop of a hat, we were fuck bunnies. In our Junior year we got married so we could live together. Sex was a 24/7 thing. Soon after graduation we had children, I got my Masters and he did well and we moved up the economic ladder pretty fast.

    But now I am 35, I have had three sex affairs with other women. The only positive thing I can say is no other man has put his penis in me, only my husband. I am in love with one of my kid's teacher. We see each other often, clandestine meetings taking advantage of my erratic hospital schedule. She is just as scared as I am of being discovered. The only person I can confess to is my husband, I don't trust anyone else. But if I confess I out her. I do not want to leave my husband, that is the furthest thing from my mind, but he should know his wife is seeing a woman on the side.

    I have decided to confess to my husband, the guilt is more than I can handle, lying to my husband is more than I can take. If my husband orders me to leave her I will. I know he will protect her, he is not a vindictive man. I am just now accepting that I have always had lesbian tendencies. And this time its emotional and not just physical.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 55

    Twenty years ago I lived in Cleveland, Ohio. My husband was young Anesthesiologist starting his career with lots of overtime. I was a housewife at home with our two children. On our block lived a couple from Argentina. I will call then Jose and Maria for this purpose.

    Jose was a Lothario, he hit on any woman, his manner was smooth, very manly and he was a very handsome man, and he was home when our husbands were at work. He seduced me, he was a lover like no other, he made you feel terribly guilty for cheating on your husband, and he convinced you to go see him. The guilt feelings drove me to sexual heights I had never felt before.

    One day Jose and Maria moved away, the rumor was that they had moved to California. Bit by bit, in whispers we discovered that Jose had made the rounds, five housewives on the block had succumbed to his advances, five women who all agreed his leaving was unwelcome. Jose had been a busy man.

    We formed a group, a friends group, to get together for lunch once a week, celebrate birthday parties, babysit each other's children. The group had a name made up of the first initial of each name. It was several years later that our group disbanded as we moved away following our husbands' careers.

    With the advent of social media we slowly found each other and formed a virtual group, on WhatsApp using the name of our neighborhood friends group. Jose must be in his late sixties, but in our hearts and minds he is still that tall handsome man with amazing hands, and a bedside manner that drew us in like moths to light.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 26

    It's actually her cheating heart.
    In April of last year, I got into a bit of financial difficulty and found myself struggling to pay my rent. The landlord said he'd be round to sort something out with me when I missed a payment, but instead his wife turned up.
    Anna isn't what you might call a stunning looking woman, average, but she does have a gorgeous body and a beautiful pussy and ass.
    She's forty one, extremely highly sexed and into younger men, as I've found out.
    Within five minutes she gave me an ultimatum and one now I'm so glad she did. She basically told me if I didn't fuck her there and then, she'd tell her husband I should be evicted.
    Not only did I fuck her mouth pussy and ass, I fisted her asshole too and ate out her fuck holes for what was nearly two of the best sexual hours of my life, to that point.
    But it just got better and better as I fucked her again and again, and she took everything I had to give and still wanted more.
    The following day, she turned up with a new tenancy agreement, which I realized was worth nothing. We fucked again with her insisting she face sit me first. I'm not sure how long she had me eating out her pussy and ass, but I couldn't get enough of her beautiful body and sex.
    Now in March, she still visits me as many times a week as its possible. We have sex each and every time and afterwards she gives me a little envelope.
    Inside is a proportion of the rent I pay her husband. Some months I work out the rent sexually with my landlords wife to the dime. Other months, he's actually paying me to fuck his wife out of some of her allowance.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 34

    The reason I cheated was because I love pussy and I love it so much I thought that if I had already fucked this girl before (Karina), having her pussy again was nothing new, and was not like going off with a womean I never fucked before. I was a few years younger and my ex wife (Crissy) was my current girlfriend. I would visit her after work regularly and she was still quite young, she was a teenager still, just about 17 or so. She would call me at work when she stayed home from school and no one was home,and I would tell my boss I have to make a quick personal run. I would go over and eat her young wet pussy and fuck her. One day after we were done fucking and I was on my way back to work, my ex girlfriend Karina called me. She told me she was horny and wanted to fuck, she said she missed how I used her pussy regularly and needed to have cock in her to get off. I drove back to work and went into the office, I went into an empty board room and called her on the phone,
    I started telling her how to use her fingers to fuck her fat wet pussy. She was enjoying it but wanted more, I told her if she obeyed my every word I would come over later and fuck her. She wanted my cock and she said she would do anything I said.I told her to go to the kitchen and tell me what long objects she saw there. She told me she was seeing some banannas, cucumbers and some wine bottles. I told her to take one of each back to the couch with her. She did, I then told her to take her panties off, she said she was wearing a dress, and if I wanted her to keep it on or take it off. I told her to keep it on and just take the panties off. She agreed and did it. I told her to bring her legs up on the couch while sitting and spread them open. She was eager to know what she was going to insert into her slutty dripping c**t. I told her to take the bananna and insert it into hee pussy. She fucked it and moaned and begged me for my cock in her mouth. As she moaned I immagined her sitting in her open sitting room with her legs open fucking a banana and knowing that her sisters could walk in at any moment. This made me hornier as I wanted to fuck her older sister too. She kept fucking it and after a while, I told her to stop and take the cucumber and start using it in her pussy. She did as I told her, I told her to use the wet banana to insert into her ass and she told me she is going to have to put the phone down to use her both hands, I told her to place the phone as close to her pussy as she could. I could hear how rapidly she was fucking her pussy and moaning and I immagined her using both her slutty holes and wanted to go fuck her right away.
    Next I told her to insert the neck of the wine bottle in her pussy and start using the cucumber in her opened ass. What should I do with the banana ? She asked me. I told her to peel it and eat it. She told me she wanted to taste her juices and ass as she gets fucked. As she did this she fucked the wine bottle and came. I told her to keep the cucumber and wine bottle in her room and I would come over after work.When work was done, I called my girl friend Crissy to tell her I was going to visit my cousin and we would go to the movies, she told me she kept thinking of how we fucked earlier and wanted more. I was sooo happy she wanted my cock vecause I was horny and needed to cum before I went to fuck karina. I told crissy I would come over and we can fuck, she said we would have to be quick becaaue her dad would come back home from work soon. I rushed over and she was standing in her front porch waiting.
    She was wearing a short skirt and it was blowing in the wind. I pulled up and came out of the car, went in to meet her and started kissing her sexy teenage legs and caressing her firm ass. She was already wet and I felt her open her legs a bit wider as I kissee her legs. She stood there in the porch as I knelt infrot her kissing her thick legs and squeezing her ass. She moaned and said she was about to finger her self because she was wet just thinking of having me in her and her pussy still felt open from how I pounded it earlier. She lifted her skirt and I saw she was not wearing any pantines. I held her hands and pulled her down. She opened her legs and lay flat on her back, I didnt care if anyone saw us. I wanted to fuck so much at this point. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already wet cock and started fucking her. I lifted her shirt and sucked her firm young tits and she was so wet.

    After a few hard pumps in her she started cumming and I felt her tight pussy grip my cock. I asked if she wanted to get up off the floor and helped her up. I told her I always wanted to fuck her on a swing they had in the porch and sat on it with my cock waiting, she lifted her skirt and sat on my cock and I satarted squeezing her bare tits and sucking her neck. She rode my cock, and we gently let the swing move back and forth with us on it. I had forgotten al about her dad coming home, and about Karina waiting to fuck me. We were in so much pleasure that we kept fucking and I felt her juices running down my cock onto my balls and soaking my underwear that was just pulled down below my balls to allow we to use my cock. She rode me and came again and went on her knees and started looking up at me on the swing and said she needed my cum on her body. She was topless and still wearing the skirt. I held her head and guided her mouth to my cockhead, she licked it and sucked it while she looked into my eyes and rubbed her pussy as she lifted her skirt. She sucked me and spit on my cock head and said she loved the taste of my cock and wanted to fuck me everyday like this. I told her I would always fuck her horny teen pussy and told her to rub her clit faster as she sucked me. As she rubbed her sweet young pussy I saw this wonderful sexy teen being the slut I enjoyed fucking as she let go and went wild with her pussy and sucked me deep she wanted to cum. I was ready to pump my cum into her mouth. As I told her im ready she said she wanted it all over her. I stood up as she knelt before me and shot my load into her open mouth and all over her tits and shaked my cock over her face letting the rest of it decorate her pretty face. She let some of the cum drip out of her mouth and run down her chin, dripping dowb her neck and running down between her tits. She used m wiped her face and ate my hot cum. She smiled and asked me if I would go in with her to get cleaned up.I remembered her dad would come soon and said your dad must almost be home. Let me leave quickly and I told her I would clean up at my cousins house before going to the movies. We kissed with her cum covered mouth and she let me out the gate and went into the house to get cleaned up. As I drove off, I saw her dad's car coming toward the house and was happy we finished before he got back.
    I called my ex (Karina) as I drove off totally satisfied and sexually happy with Crissy. When I called karina, I was asking her if anyone was at home with her and trying to suggest we should put off our fuck date. In my mind, I felt guilty to fuck her and was not even sure if after two sessions with crissys young tight pussy that day, that I would be any good for another session. Karina was still horny. I still wonder what made these two girls so horny that day and wish I could relive that day. She asked me to come and said she was a good little slut just the way she promised to be earlier and I must come as I promised. I was still wet with crissys cum and pussy juices all over my cock and balls and was now on the way to Karinas house. She told me that she did not want to answer a thousand questions that her parents would have if they saw us togethee again or me visiting her, as they knes we were broken up for sometime now. She told me to call her mobile as I got closer to her house and she would come meet me outside. I did and surely as I pulled up to the house she was already on the side walk waiting. She was wearing a short dress and jumped into the car quickly and said lets go for a drive. She started opening a bag she had and showed me the wine bottle she used to fuck her horny pussy earlier. I knew she was still horny, and I asked her if she had on panties. She said yes. I told her to take them off. She did, and fling them out the window of the moving car. I told her to send the seat back down and lay back, she did and spread her legs. I opened them and raised her dress up. I spread her pussy lips apart as i drove with ome hand and told her to take my cock out. I was already hard. When she took it out of my pants she said mmmmmmmmmm! And smiled with me. You already wet, she said, she didnt know I was wet with Crissys pussy juices ans my own cum, she moved over and leaned into my lap and started licking the head. She said it tastes soo good and started sucking me. I pulled into a nearby development that was still very vacant. All the contractors and builders had left for the day and it was about sunset. I made her take the wine bottle and fuck her pussy with it,and I used my hand to push it deeper into her. She began taking it deeper and deeper, the bottles neck was deep in her, and the fatter part was now opening her up. I could see her pussy lips spreading and her wetness lubing uo the black bottle. She was so horny and was begging for my cock in her. I told her we have to fuck in the back seat of my car. She rolled over to the back and took off her dress. I pulled off my pants and joined her in the back of my car. We were parked ubder a street lamp, and there was no one around. I started sucking her big tits and she kept fucking the bottle deeper and harder. I told her to take it out, open it and drink some. She like an obedient slut, started doing what I told her to. I went down between her open legs into her wide open slut c**t, it was so pink frm all the bottle and fruit fucking that day. I ate her c**t and fisted her and made her cum. She begged for my cock in her mouth again and I let her have it. I sat on the seat as she lay over me with her head bobbing sucking on my cock and tasting all the fuck juices on it. She knew I had fucked my girl but didnt know it was just before I met her, she moaned and drooled all over my cock. She was ready for my cock to go in her. I wanted to fuck her bareback just to be able to feed her juices to Crissi after, I didnt know if this would ever happen but I wanted it to. I made her turn and get on all fours. She bent over as I entered her open fat c**t, it was hot, wet, sticky and I enjoyed pounding it and feeling how open it was knowing what a slut she was to fuck the wine bottle and cucumber that day. I asked her if her ass was still open from alm the fruit fucking and she sais yes.

    I began fingering her ass as I fucked her open c**t. She moaned and pushed back on to me. I knew she wanted to be fucked even wilder. I took the wine bottle and emptied it outside the window. I pushed the fatter part into her c**t and began fucking her ass. She was in extacy... I knew this slut would love being double penetrated at this point. As I fucked her ass, I could feel the walls of her open c**t stretch as I felt my cock in her ass rubbing on the bottle that was in her pussy. She screamed and enjoyed it. The cars windows and rear windshield was all frosted up from us breathing heavily. I could see her back begining to glisten with tiny sweat drops. The car was hot from all the fucking. I banged her as hard as I could in her open ass and pussy, switching between the two and pushing the bottle in the other hole when I switched. She came again when I was in her ass and I felt her tighten around my cock. I wanted to cum in all her holes that night. She let me cum in her ass and as I was doing this she pulled out the wine bottle from her open c**t, I could see her pussy open and I kept jerking my cock and sauirted a load into her open pussy, finally I pulled her by the hair and brought her face aroubd and jammed my cock into her throat as I shot another load in her mouth. She moaned and fisted her c**t while she ate my cum. I went down on her again and saw her clit swollen and big. I licked it as she oozed cum out of all her holes. I ater her out and spat the cum in her mouth as she hungrily opened her mouth to get it on her tounge. She played with it and fisted her mouth and throat as I ate her fat open cum filled used c**t. It was so hot doing all this in one day. I got hard again and fucked her as hard as I could. She came and I did at the same time. This time I pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach and big tits. She was looking like a real slut when we were done. Her mascara was runny and she was wet all over with sweat and cum and spit. I kissed her and we got out of the car naked. She was a smoker and she wanted a smoke. We sat on the hood of the car and smoked naked as her opened holes oozed out juices and dried up.
    After that we got dressed and I dropped her back outside her house. When I looked at the time, it was already 11 pm. We had fucked from around 6 30 om to 11. I knew crissy would have been waiting to hear from me and I called her. She said she was missing me and I told her after the movies I had something to eat with my cousins and was now on the way home. She said her parents were asleep and I should pass by her house to give her a good night kiss. I was worrying about smelling of Karinas pussy and ass, but a part of me wanted her to taste them. I agreed and went over.

    As she snuck out of the house I told her to meet me at the gate. She did and I lifted her up and kissed her. She asked if I had been smoking and I admitted I was, she laughed and kissed me again and said I was so bad and it turned her on. I kissed her again and she asked me if I was still wearing the same underwear from esrlier. I told her yes, and that they must be very messy now after all the pussy and cock juices were in them. She said she wanted it for a keep sake and she would use it to finger fuck her self that night as she placed it over her face smelling my cum and cock. I got hard again! I was soo amazed with this, but I was so horny that day with all that was haoppening. I felt like I was in a cheezy porn movie, but I loved every second of it. I was only 23 at the time and my cock was so happy getting so much action. I told her how hard I was and she made me take off my pants and we slipped into her house and into the kitchen. Her sister was sitting at the dining table studying and heard us coming in. She looked up and saw my hard cock and her sister holding it and leading us in. She gasped and covered her mouth. Crissy was facing me and didnt see her sister there. She dropped to her knees and started sucking me. I was so hard and so fat from all the fucking that day that to me my cock seemed to be extra fat and I am alrady quite thick down there. Her sister looked on and didnt move. She was frozen in shock. She looked at me and I looked at her while I got my cock sucked by Crissy. Crissys sister was happy to see my cock, and I knew because she kept looking at it and licking her lips, eventually she looked at me and winked. I waved to her and motioned for her to go up to her room silently. She snuck right passed us and paused to take a look at my cock before she went up stairs. Crissy thought she heard someone and looked up and didnt see anyone, I quickly shoved my cock into her throat and she gagged. She was tasting Karinas ass and cum and pussy juices. I was even more turned on by the fact that they both cleaned eachothers juices off my cock without knowing. Thinking of this I sprayed my load all over Crissys face and she stood up smiling. She said she was going to go rub her clit as I drove home and she would call me. As I drove, she did call, she said she was aware of her sister being there but wanted her sister to see that she was big enough to please her man. She rubbed her clit and came telling me how she was now my cum slut and she loved the taste and feel of my cum on her lips and in her pussy. When I got home I was so tired from all of the sex and my cock felt like it was swollen. I never imagined I would got such a lucky day ever.

    As I went into my room, I heard a message come on my phone. It was Crissys sister texting me. She said she enjoyed the show and told me she qas going to St.Lucia with her boyfriend soon and that Crissy and I should come along. I said ok and wished I would get to have both sisters in my mind. Later that week Crissy begged her parents to be able to go on the trip, but didnt let them know I would meet the group there. I had planned it so that when they arrived in St.Lucia I would already be there and pick them up. The plan worked. On that trip, I fucked crissy all day and night for the first day. Her tight young teenage pussy was so sweet and her body was increadible. I only left the room with her to bring more condoms and answer the door when room service came up. One time while we were resting she fell asleep and I called the hotel to get room service, when I heard a knock on the door I thougt the food came fast, and went with my tip in a robe to answer the door. It was not room service, it was her sister coming over to say she didnt see us for the day. I let her in and we sat in the area of the room where there was a couch, there was a wall seperating the sitting area from the sleeping area, and she did not know crissy was asleep. I told her you didnt see us because your sister kept me busy all day. She laughed and asked where she was. I pointed and she went in only to see her sister knocked out and naked on the bed. She said her boyfriend was in their room the same way. We both laughed and I knew she just got fucked but I was curious if she was still horny. I told her I ordered food, and since crissy and her boyfriend was alseep we could have it sent to the pool area and meet up there. The plan was to leave a mote so if the others woke they would meet us there. Nataly (Crissys sister) went to their room to leave her note and I left mine. While I did this room service came with the food to our room. I told the guy what I planned and he suggested we use the beach front dining area.

    I messaged Nataly and she said she was getting dressed to meet me at the beach. As we arrived there, the beach was set up with lanterns and lights and dinner tables. Nataly came out with a sexy beach dress and her hair was blowing in the wind. Her dress was cut low and her tits were showing thru. I walked up to her and we went to our table where food and wine was waiting us. We sat and talked and I asked her how she liked the hotel. She said she loved it especially the beaches and the way they set up the dinner on the beach. It was very romantic. Before we knew it dinner was over and we were a bit happier as all the wine was done. Other couples were dancing and she asked me if we were going to be the odd ones. I held her by the waist and walked behind her as we went out on the sand and danced to a slow song. As we were dancing I was looking at her and thinking how pretty she looked and, I asked if she was having fun. She said yes and slid her finers along my back and up to my neck. I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed me back. I knew we were going to fuck. I held her hand and led her for a walk along the beach. As we got some distance away from the hotel, I stopped and hugged her from behind and told her that I always found her atteactive. She said she always wanted me but never wanted to make a problem between her and Crissy. We agreed never to tell anyone what we would do. I kissed her and held her tight and she started breathing heavier. Her big breasts were so inviting. I took them in my hands and started playing with them as she kissed me deeply. I told her lets go for a swim. And we stripped naked and went into the warm water. It was dark enough for no one to see us there hut the moon gave us enough light to sww eachother. I passionately kissed her naked body and gently lifted her so her legs were wrapped around my waist. We were about waist height in the calm warm waters.i felt her soft pussy on me and it made me so hard. I let her slip over my cock and entered in her. Natalys pussy was even tighter than Crissys. I told her I loved her tight pussy and I never wanted the moment to end.

    She moaned and kissed me, she looked into my eyes and said even if my sister marrys you, Id still want your cock in me. I agreed and fucked her deep and we held on to eachother tighter.While we were fucking I wondered if Crissy was looking for us, I asked her if her boyfriend sleeps long. She said once he cums he is out for most of the night and because they woke early for the flight he was tired. I kept kissing her neck as she talked and she got even hornier. She said her boyfriend cumms too quickly and she wanted me to stay in her for as long as I can. It was so naughty and we both loved it.I took her to the shoreline and we lay in the area where the water was soflt careseing us as I was inside her. She lay on her back and held on to my arms, she looked into my eyes as I sank my knees into the soft sand and thrusted deep inside her. She said I always wondered how my sister felt under you, She told me she loved my broad shoulders and muscular arms and they way my body came down into a V shape. She held me between her legs tighter and asked me to take her. I began fucking her hard. I could hear my balls slapping her ass and she moaned in the our close passionate embrace. I flipped her and told her I want you to give me what I know your boyfriend will never take. We both knew that he was a serious muslim amd would never take her ass. I fucked her pussy from behind and fingered her ass.Im the moon light her ass was shining as it was wet and looked soo good. I opened her sexy ass and rimmed her asshole with my tounge.

    She loved it and moaned take me. I want it in me. She started rubbing her self as I slid my cock head into her wer ass. She moaned and pushed back and my cock went in her vigin ass. It was warm, wet with sea water and tight on my cocck and glistened with the light of the moon. I fucked her deeper and harder and she came and screamed out my name saying fuck meeeee!!! I was ready to cum and asked her where she wanted my cum. She asked me to finish in her pussy so she could have me in her longer. We finished and she held on to mu arms and wrapped her legs aroubd me and pulled me deeper into her pussy as my cock drained out in her. She told me if I wanted we could keep the others tired and meet nighly at our spot on the beach and continue our fun times. We did exactly that and even tho I broke up with her sister yeara ago, I still fuck Natalys ass regulasrly and satisfy her because her husband is the same boyfriend who could not last long enough in her.

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    My husband and I are in a poly relationship first and foremost.
    My best friend and I have had some pretty severe sexual tension between the two of us for a while now, and itâs finally escalated to hands on.
    Heâs unhappily married, but I donât force him to do anything he doesnât want him to do.
    We finally started meeting up after he gets off of work to fool around, be it jerking him off in the car or letting him face fuck me in the woods.
    Hearing him moan driving down the road while Iâm playing with him is satisfying.
    I crave more than just his dick in my mouth, or yâknow, between the legs.
    I want him.

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    My husband who's eighteen years older than me, and I have been going to the same restaurant every Friday evening for the past fourteen months.
    Apart from the wonderful food served there, I love to go because the owner Yannis who is in his late forties has a huge cock. A gorgeously thick cock which he fucks me with every time we visit.
    He makes sure my husband is kept happy by serving him good wine and his favourite brandy while I powder my nose.
    When in reality I'm in Yannis's office being fucked.
    Another reason my husband likes it there, is he thinks he's the one getting the super deal on the bill. This because his company provides some of the fresh vegetables the restaurant uses.

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    I had so many sex partners while with my ex that I dont know the number. While I was with my ex girlfriend, we had a lot of sex, but she was on the thicker side (which turns me on too, but I like all types of women) and at times I wanted some variety. Once while we were dating, I fucked her and told her I was going home, insteas I met a hot latina at a bar and took her to a motel where I ate her young pussy and fucked her until morning. When my girlfriend called to say good night she was still horny and I made her rub her pussy and talk to me, as she did this I was having my cock sucked by my lover for the night. I fucked several girls like this and now I have lost count of how many. The same ex girlfriend loves sex so much that even after we broke up and now that I am married she called and begged me to give her a day of pleasure. So I agreeed.

    We met in a park and went bowling and to the movies. Later that night in the movie I started rubbing her pussy as I was watching the movie and she came over and over on my fingers. After the movie it was her turn. We went to our cars and she came into mine and I took my cock out, she knew we would be fucking, ahe sucked it and gave me her special wet blowjob. I fucked her throat and she moaned and rubbed her pussy and squeesed her nipples. I told her to get in the back seat, where I spread her legs open and pulled off her panties, i shoved her wet panties in her mouth and fucked her bareback. She came all over my cock and I came in her pussy.
    The next day I met her again in a hotel and fucked her pussy till it was soar, I ate her thick pussy and told her she will always be mine. She said she is always my slut. I told her I will always own her holes and told her that when she gets another man I will fill her holes with cum and she has to use it as lube to go dripping to him and fuck him. She got so horny and came again thinking of me using her always as my cumslut. She knows I love to fuck and agreed to fuck around with me so we can fuck other couples together and never tell our spouses.

    She is now married and still messages me, soon I will have her pussy and her ass and let her go home full of my love juices in her, so her new hubby can fill her up more. Im proud of my cum slut and I really enjoy women who like to fuck just for a kinky enjoyble time. I do love my wife and will always fuck her too but she is not into multiple partners and does not need to know my kinky ways. She would rather I keep it secret and keep her happy and satisfied with out sharing her or my stories of all the c**ts I eat and fuck when I get the opportunities.

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