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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 51

    I suppose I'm just a bad person. I'm married to a wife I really love and we have a teenage daughter. However I also have a mistress who is 24 years old, so 47 years younger than me. I seduced her when she was a 21 year old virgin. She used to work for me, so I would fuck her at home while my wife was working or shopping, but she left to go to college and then to work. After a while she was made redundant, and a friend lets me use his house to fuck her. I seem unable to stop as the sex with her is so good. Recently my friend had someone staying in his house, so I sneaked my mistress into my house again, locked the bedroom doors and drew the curtains, and fucked her in our marital bed. She even put her cute little ass on the pillow that my wife lays her head on to sleep. I wasn't sure if she'd have reservations about this, but judging by her appreciative moans and gasps and the radiant smile she gave me after I pulled out of her she found it stimulating if anything. I've betrayed my loving wife and turned a good little girl into a naughty one.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My husband and I had a kind of wager on vacation. He said we should see who could have sex with more people. He with his muscled body and nine inch cock, or me with my looks and slim athletic body.
    He actually won, fucking five different women. I had sex with four men, but had sex with one especially eight separate times. It was a fun time and one we've wanted to do for a while.
    Back home, nothing like it happens, or so my husband thinks. In reality I've continued to have sex with the man who I had sex with on vacation eight times.
    He's exactly what my husband isn't. A teenager (19), geeky looking and slim. Yet his cock is massive and he can fuck all night long.
    When my husband drives his truck state to state and stays overnight, I invariably have my young lover around and he more than keeps my mouth, pussy and asshole fed with his enormous cock. I know my husband isn't getting any on the side, as he always raring to fuck when he gets back. And he's not usually like that unless like on vacation he takes Viagra.
    It's cheating I know, but I can't give up my young fuck dude now, I just can't.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    I just had to get this off my chest. Until recently I was vastly inexperienced sexually, though a relatively happy mother and housewife. My husband and I have gotten into a boring obligatory weekly screw over the past few years and I don't think I recognized any frustration until a recent overnight trip for business. I had accompanied my boss to help complete the paperwork on a rather large acquisition. The deal looked pretty solid and we had to wait for the lawyers to draw up a final draft. We hadn't planned on staying overnight and when my boss made dinner plans I asked to talk privately with him. He just smiled and handed me his gold card. He told me to make myself look fabulous so in just under two hours and about three grand of his money I laid out my purchases on the bed. The makeup alone was five hundred dollars,thank god for the Galleria!

    I showered and shaved my legs. I trimmed my bush to look nice in my new black lace panties with a matching bra and garter belt. The tight little black dress just covered the tops of my stockings. The shoes were very sexy, strappy 4"pumps. I went heavy with my makeup and wore my hair up. When I looked in the mirror I thought what the hell was I thinking. I've always dressed and looked very conservative with little makeup. But I looked hot! I felt beautiful and sexy. I felt very vulnerable and a little scared. I knew where I could allow this night to go. It was totally up to me.

    My Boss Tom is around sixty, very handsome, always a gentleman. He is great to work for, but demanding. He is generous with his praise and pocketbook. He loves to reward success. A real family man and pillar of the community. Terry is the owner of the company we are buying, he is quite a character and kept us laughing at dinner. Afterwards Tom invited Terry and me to his suite for a nightcap. This was the moment.

    Once in the suite the intent became quite clear and my panties were already moist in anticipation. Tom kissed me gently on the cheek and with a gentle but firm hand urged me to my knees before him. His cock was already out staring me in the face. I froze for a moment with all types of fear and confusion in my mind, but mostly desire. I grasped his big hard cock and guided it to my lips. The initial shock of this is indelibly printed in my mind. What went on for the next few hours is all a blur. They fucked me and shoved their cocks in my mouth. When Terry got up to leave I walked him to the door on my way to the bathroom. What I saw in the mirror was astonishing. My makeup has badly run and there was cum all over me. I decided to jump in the shower and a few minutes later Tom joined me. I had never been fucked in the ass. It really hurt for a few minutes and I never really got into it, but Tom loved it. He pounded my ass and roared as he came deep in my ass. We bathed each other and after toweling off we jumped into bed to go to sleep.

    The next day the deal went through and we celebrated at lunch. Tom and Terry were perfect gentleman and the incident has not been mentioned since. It's been three weeks and my husband's average dick just isn't getting the job done. So, what now?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My day began like every other day. Getting my husband's breakfast ready, kissing him goodbye as he drove off to work, then getting the kids off to school.
    Bored and undersexulized is an understatement. I wanted my humdrum world to change and I wanted FUCKING again.
    For too long it had been vanila sex and boring vanila sex at that. I had tied believe me, god did I try, to spice things up. but my husband just didn't get it, and we soon fell back into that shit dead sexual monotony.
    The parcel delivery was expected, that's why I wasn't at the gym. What wasn't expected was the young hunk who delivered it. Not only was he good looking, had obviously kept himself in shape, but he gave me a look of "I'd love to get in your panties".
    Everything changed with that look. I'd had and believe me in this, many many many offers of sex over the years I'd been married to my husband. Not once had I even thought about cheating on him. What had altered was what my husband said to me that morning before he left. His words were "See you later honey, finishing early so I can play golf after work".
    That was it for me. Golf!!!, not "Hey honey, I'm coming home early to fuck the shit out of you, because you turn me on so much".
    I am good looking, some say really attractive. I am fit and have a very toned slim figure. My breasts are medium sized and firm. And my butt often turns heads when I wear tight fitting clothing. My long brunette hair and my trimmed pussy hair match, and I absolutely adore SEX.
    The delivery driver was just what I needed. He and I knew we were attracted to each other. So I didn't waste time.
    "Put the parcel down in there and if you've got time, come upstairs and fuck me". Those are the exact words I said to him.
    His rock hard cock wasn't the biggest cock I've ever been fucked by, but that's the point. He FUCKED me with it. He didn't play with my pussy, slowly and gently easing his cock up my love hole. No instead and what I told him to do, was fuck me hard, and in both my holes.
    I'd already sucked on his cock after rushing to remove our clothing. His cock instantly became hard and I wanted it so badly. Moving over to my husband's side of the bed on purpose, I knelt down and offered the young man both of my fuck holes. Turning to him I told him I wanted it roughly and he didn't disappoint.
    What he lacked in experience, he more than made up for in how he fucked me. it was rough, it was hard and it was fucking awesome. (Sorry for swearing so much).
    He gave me precisely what I needed, making me orgasm over and over again as he fucked my pussy and asshole time after time, switching positions countless times. By the time his cock exploded up my asshole as I rode his cock, he and I were sweating and my breasts as he played with them, were soaking.
    We showered together and only then did we kiss. His touch changed to a softer move loving kind of touch, but I still wanted to be taken, so I told him to treat me like a common whore. Spinning me around so I faced the spray, he rammed two fingers up my pussy and began to tell me I was a slut. The next thing I felt was his cock nudging at my asshole and pop, it entered me again.
    He fucked me like that for such a long time. I didn't orgasm like before, as he was forcing my whole body into the shower wall. It hurt to be in that position, but it was what I wanted. Then his hot cum erupted up my asshole and only then as the pressure of his weight lifted, did I climax with such an overwhelming intensity.
    Dried, dressed and having given me his number, I closed the front door after him, walked back upstairs and sat down on our remade bed, totally energized. Only then as I looked over at the mirror did I see the small hickey on my kneck.
    Not once did I cover it up. Not once in the next few days did my husband notice it. One of our kids did, and I told her I'd done it at the gym.
    This truly is an account of my day when my life changed. My husband still plays golf, and our sex life is just as hum drum. He still slides his cock in me pumping away a few times before his cock lets go. I never orgasm and I never even bother to ask anymore, if he's going to go down on me to get me off. I always look after our kids and I always make sure my husband has sex when HE wants it, which includes sucking his cock to completion sometimes.
    Yet, but, as well as, I also see my delivery driver each week and have him fuck the shit out of me. There's another guy too now. Someone I've met at the gym. He's no oil painting, but boy does he have a huge cock and a sex drive to match. We only see each other once a fortnight due to his work commitments, but when we fuck at the motel, he makes damn sure I can hardly walk when I leave.
    What I doing isn't for every bored, sexually lonely housewife. But believe me, there are thousands out there who are being looked after by other men, other than their boring husbands.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I recall turning 16 and already tired of the BS boys threw around to get into your pants. At the time I was dating four boys and I told each one they were going to be the first. Each turned into a heavy breathing idiot. I wanted to give my time to the one with the most money (I knew after graduation from HS I would be long gone)

    I stuck with the son of a lawyer who was interestingly androgynous and witty but had money and a fair sized instrument. None of them had a clue that I took my own virginity away a year before with a large dildo gifted to me by the mother of my Bestie.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Only three weeks ago I, not my husband who was too drunk to move, took our old cooker to the tip. I did get a neighbour to help me load it into my car, but I drove it to the recycling tip and struggled to get it out of the car.
    As I was struggling with the heavy old cooker, a gust of wind blew and lifted my skirt right up. In my haste to get rid of the old cooker, plus arguing with my husband about him being drunk (Again) I'd not as I rushed to get ready, put on any knickers.

    A young worker at the tip, A young man called Lee, whistled as he saw my bare arse. Walking over he helped me with the cooker, then asked me if he could sneak a peak at my arse again. Telling him he was a cheeky bastard, he replied "Yeh, that's me. Cheeky enough to say I'd love to fuck you".

    Never, not once in my marriage had I even thought about cheating on ym husband. Yet stood next to the young man with his obvious cheeky ways, I felt sexually energized and turned on. Not thinking just reacting to his words, I asked him where. Leading me by my hand behind the container the cooker was going to be place in, he took out his cock, turned me around and slid his already fully erect dick straight up my pussy.

    I didn't think to ask him about a condom, as he began to fuck me so fast and so hard. He thrust into me time after time, moving in closer so he could feel my breasts through my top. I was being used and fucked like a common slut and it felt utterly amazing. He began to tell me I was a horny bitch, and that he'd love to fuck me more often. Telling him to shut the fuck up, he renewed his efforts and sent me and my pussy into orgasm overdrive.
    I climaxed so hard, I couldn't help shouting out, and then Lee made a comment about being close moments before his cock erupted up my pussy.

    Almost as if nothing had taken place, he got himself together and was dragging the cooker into the container, when I walked back to my car. Before I drove off, he came to my drivers window and offered me a scrap of paper. Pressing the button to lower the window, I took the paper which had a mobile number on it. Lee smiled at me and said "Text me if you want fucking again. I've got a girlfriend so it'd have to be quickies outdoors, or at your place".
    Back at home ten minutes later with Lee's cum leaking out ofg my pussy, I looked down at my snoring drunken husband lay on the couch and thought to myself "Maybe I just might text him".

    For two weeks I did nothing, other than feel guilty. Then my husband walked in from football blind drunk, began shouting aboutno food being ready for him, and promptly fell asleep on the living room rug.
    Half an hour later in the back of my car, Lee was very slowly inserting his cock up my arsehole after first fucking me and my pussy to two wonderful orgasms. It wasn't the first time I'd had anal sex, but it was since I was in a previous relationship, before I met my husband. Lee's constant thrusting up my bum had me climbing the car seats, as one orgasm after another ripped through me. He might have said he only wanted quickies, but we fucked in my car for over an hour, with Lee cumming twice deep inside my pussy, then my arsehole.

    Watching tv that night I didn't once feel guilty, as my husband moaned about modern music. All I thought was, I cannot wait until Lee texts me again, because I'm going to let him do anything he wants with me.
    Lee text me last night. That was after I'd text him to say my husband would be working in Leeds for two days next week, staying overnight to save on time and travelling costs.

    It won't be a quickie when he stays over and fucks me all night and into the following day. Now all I have to do is keep on booking my husband to work (When he's sober) on stop over jobs.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    October 10th last year, I turn thirty. October 24th my husband of three years tells me I've put a few pounds, and I shouldn't as being over thirty, he might start looking for a younger model.
    Taking it as a joke at first, I then over hear him talking to his brother over the phone. He basically said I was fat and he liked younger slimmer women.

    My point here..... I was exactly (I know I weighed myself) five pounds over the weight when we first met. He, my loving husband, has put on at least forty pounds and has lost a lot of hair.
    October 30th I decide to begin a gym fitness regime and also start to jog.
    April 8th this year. I finally look at a mirror naked and am suitably impressed by the woman staring back at me. Not only am I fitter, but my toned body, firm breasts and my gorgeous looking butt, all tell me the pain over the past few months have been worth it.

    My husband's view "You must be screwing around, slut!!!".
    Great, absolutely fucking fantastic. I'd gotten into shape for myself, but also to please my husband and all he could say was that.

    The very next morning, April 9th, jogging along one of my usual trails, I see a guy I'd seen a lot. He to me then was about twenty ish, tall and from his muscular build, an athletic person. My husband's comments came flooding back to me as I approached the younger man. Without thinking, I stopped lifted my jogging top and let the young man see my firm breasts. He stops just short of me, touches his groin area and I tell him I'd like to feel his cock inside my pussy.

    No more than fifteen minutes later, after first sucking on his impressively large cock, I'm bent over a sizable rock just off the trail, and I'm being fucked from behind like I'm a common slut. Not only does it feel amazing, it also makes me feel sexually attractive again. The first time since last October.
    Telling me he's about to cum, I get him to pull out, squat down and suck in his cock again. His cock explodes in my mouth and I take great pleasure in swallowing most of it, swilling the rest around my mouth and teeth. Not satisfied myself, I have the young man kneel down and eat out my pussy. Only seconds later I orgasmed all over his face and held him there until I was finished.

    Back at home, my husband looks at my sweated form and tells me "Hey girl, you're looking good" Grabbing me, he kisses me and puts his hand down to my pussy mound. I know he's tasting the young mans cum as we continue to kiss, but I don't care. Neither do I care when he fucks me over the arm of the sofa and lasts only a minute, before shooting his load all over my asshole. Showering, I tell myself from then on, I'm, going to fuck who I want.

    May 6th, I finally met the young man again. He tells me he felt guilty as he's got a girlfriend, then tells me I'm much fitter than her and a much better fuck. He might have been feeling guilty, but the twenty two year old and I have sex again. Firstly I have him lick out my pussy and ass, then as I lean against a tree I take his cock from behind. He also has me mount his cock as he lays on the ground, and it was then a dog walker watches us fuck.
    It's the last I see of my young jogging sex friend, but not the last of my sexapades.

    My husband has continued to fuck me. If you can call it that. It never ever lasts longer than a minute and he's usually these days stinking of alcohol.

    I still go to the gym every other day, and I jog every day except on Sundays. In the last few weeks I have met two more very willing sexual play mates. One at the gym (He helps run the place) who loves nothing more than spending time eating out my love holes until I climax multiple times. And one very horny older jogger who has more sexual stamina and cock size than my husband will ever have.

    So my husband who's nearly bald and so fat these days, can have all his opinions, and his narrow minded views. But from now on he isn't touching my body and I'm now in the process of leaving his sorry ass.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    After a particularly bad argument with my husband about my high sex drive, he said I should abstain from sex for a while and refused to fuck me, stating his church and religious values. I genuinely tried to stick to his mandate, but I really do love cock and having my pussy and arsehole tongued. Pleading with him for sex, he told me it was still another few weeks off until he'd stick his willy in me.
    Desperate and feeling so low, I literally dragged a guy I didn't know at all, out of our nearby pub one afternoon, took him the seventy yards to our home and fucked him stupid for over an hour. His cock was amazing, curving sharply upwards, and it was so thick and meaty.
    Sucking on his dick in the pubs toilets after we chatted about sex for about five minutes, I then persuaded him to go outside, pulling him along to our home. My husband was working in Wales at the time, so I knew I had the house to myself for at least another few hours.
    Sucking on his gorgeous dick again in our lounge, I had him go down on me and we ended up in a sixty nine. It was really exciting having sex with such a handsome well endowed man, a man I didn't even know the real name of, I climaxed multiple times before he even slid his cock into my pussy.
    It was his turn to drag me up to my marital bed, and then we did everything you can imagine sexually. Every position, every dirty way of pleasuring each other and then I had him fuck me all over again, only taking my arsehole over and over again.
    Throughout he didn't wear a condom, and he came three times, each time deep inside my pussy or arse.
    By the time he left to meet his mates back in the pub, I'd had more orgasms with him in one afternoon, than I'd had with my husband in the previous six months. We'd swapped numbers and I thought to myself when we did, I was just going to be polite and take his number, never meaning to get in contact. But a few days later with my husband yet again across the border in Wales, I text him and had him call by.
    That day we stayed in my home pretty much all day having some of the best sex I can ever remember having. If I was a little drunk, which I was, the first time we fucked, then I was stone cold sober when we had sex the second time. And throughout I wanted and needed his cock like no man I'd ever had sex with.
    I might seem strange, but it wasn't until I was sucking on his cock after he'd just fucked my arsehole, cumming deep inside me, that I asked him what his real name was, and not his nickname which I had in my phone.
    Kevin calls by most weeks now, sometimes more than once and we have such a horny time doing such dirty sexual things with each other, things I know my husband just wouldn't entertain.
    I know I'm cheating on my husband, but if he won't give me what I want and need sexually, then a girl like me is only going to find a man who will.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 21

    I gave Carla a ride home after work - she's one of my friend's girlfriend. She invited me in for a beer and I accepted - we started watching David Letterman - the apartment was dark and it was kinda late.

    At one point she had her head down near my crotch - she started rubbing my cock through my shorts - she was horny - I told her I couldn't - but she insisted just a blowjob.

    So I took off my pants and she sucked my big cock - this was a blowjob marathon - she edged me forever - a good 30 minutes - and she swallowed it all.

    We never talked about this after that evening.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    "My Cheating Heart," isn't truly accurate. In my case, it should be titled, "My Cheating Ego."

    Outwardly I'm the sweetest, nicest devoted wife there is. I'm a fourth grade teacher, well likes by staff, students and parents. I volunteer for anything and everything, I am the best neighbor, as is my husband. We welcome everyone to the neighborhood, hold parties inviting everyone and generally step up and take care of whoever needs taking care of.

    What know one knows is that I can be incredibly slutty including sleeping with other men. In high school I had one boyfriend who took my virginity. Back then, I avoided sex like it was a disease until I was with someone for a long time and finally gave it up to my boyfriend in the most cliched way possible, after prom. After that a whole summer of fucking where I was by far the more aggressive and adventurous. He just wanted to cum and I wanted to try anything and everything. We were so in love and we were going to get married and have a family. He went off to school with promises of visiting every weekend. Three weeks later having not seen him and his calls and texts dried up he dumped me a week before I went off to school.

    After a week of terrible sorrow and self-pity, I was suffering through day one of orientation when another freshman asked to sit with me. Two hours later I was sucking his dick and then he lost his virginity with me. Later that night a second boy lost his virginity to me. I loved the fun of it, the pleasure of it and the boost it gave my ego. I felt alive again. I went a little crazy that first semester, sleeping with a couple dozen boys and struggling terrible in class. My parents threatened to pull me out and I fixed things my second semester. I fixed my grades while still managing to sleep with a dozen different guys. It got out that I was down for casual sex and i was popular as you can imagine.

    Second year I discovered seniors and became a time management and organizational expert mastering juggling my classes, extra-curriculars and all the dick I wanted.

    Third year I discovered men. Real men. Fucking three professors, graduate students, married men I met here there and everywhere. I was with men who could satisfy me and were not nervous about fucking a woman who liked to take charge or get kinky. My last two years I fucked men from thirty to fifty. I was tied to beds, spanked, brought to sex parties where I was gang banged, sucked twenty cocks in a night and managed to graduate with honers and entered an excellent post-graduate program on the government's dime. My sex like became more refined, less frenzied but still amazing and I took advantage of the opportunities that interested me.

    Moving home to start my career I was the sweet virginal girl next door again. The only time I cut loose was an occasional night out on my own in the city where I found strangers to fuck. It was pretty frustrating but worth it. During this time, I met my future husband. He was local like me, I'd known him casually for years him being only a few years older than I. We've been married two years. While we dated and were engaged, I still slept with other men, went to a few sex parties as a single and got my fill of good, hard, wild sex then went home to him, Mr traditional in the sack.

    At our wedding, on my knees praying I promised not to stray, to become the housewife of his dreams, to make sex less of a priority and more of a part of a marriage. I did this for awhile, following his lead, letting his call the sexual shots and it was fucking boring and physically and emotionally unsatisfying. I tried to pull him out of his sexual shell, sucking his cock at every turn, waiting in the kitchen nude with my fuck me boots on, down on my knees when he walked in, masturbating for his entertainment, dragging him to a sex shop to buy dildos and lube, giving him porn for Christmas. Its was all momentary, he never caught on and took over, it was always me pushing the envelope, he would revert to boring Bob if i wasn't dragging him along. After awhile, it felt like I was married to a robot whose cock I used like a marital aid to get off. He didn't much like the slutty me and I hated sucking and fucking the fake sex fiend I was trying to turn him into against his nature. One day I was sliding up and down his dick backwards letting him watch, talking as dirty as I could and I saw his disinterested and somewhat disturbed face in the mirror. I felt exposed, humiliated, had he felt this way all along? I think he did. I was done riding him like he was a piece of furniture.

    We settled back into his version of a sex life. Him grabbing my ass occasionally as a sign of affection, feeling my tits at night while we watched TV in bed, a couple of quick missionary fucks a month. The kinkiest thing he wanted from me was to keep my pussy waxed as he hates pubic hair which I was happy to do for him as I wanted to be smooth just in case. Just in case an opportunity to have real sex presented itself. I didn't want to cheat, masturbated a lot to keep that edge off but I knew, I knew of the right guy pushed it I'd be spreading my legs and that's exactly what happened.

    I felt the guy looking at me in the supermarket. He was shopping with his wife, looking for whatever but his eyes would linger on me again and again. I caught him looking at my ass, my tits, he looked me in the eyes with a confidence I never see in my husband. As one point I leaned down to get something and peeked over and we locked eyes. He was so bold and sexy. He was a lot older than I. I later found out he was fifty-three years old. He was tall, bald with a shaved head and muscular and so fucking confident. I remember being surprised his wife hadn't noticed that he was seducing me right in front of her but he was amazing. He took and opportunity after they veered off from me and came back and was standing alone when I rounded a corner. My pussy was wet when he handed me a folded note and his fingertips brushed my hand then my breast. The note said "message me" and there was a number.

    After agonizing for two weeks I messaged him. He had a wonderful personality. He explained that he and his wife were open and that he rarely took advantage, actually being with other people far less than she. He seduced me all over again with words this time then I invited him over my own place for "coffee." My husband works in town so on my next off day I planned on getting this guy over and going off. The anticipation heightened my lust and as luck would have it my husband was in a dry spell having not initiated sex for weeks.

    Before coffee, I showed him around the house, finishing in my bedroom, then in my bed. Three hours of fucking and sucking later I was spent and thrilled. He was happy as well. We've been fucking ever since on an occasional basis, and it's still great. I meet him when my husband goes on trips or on my off days and it's such a rush.

    Fucking him opened the door a bit as well. I've met two other younger men in their thirties who are kinky as fuck. I met each on-line so I knew what they were about. I get with them occasionally as well, always away from home where no one knows me. One guy loves public sex, me sucking him off here, there and everywhere and making me cum in all sorts of interesting places like dressing rooms, stairwells, and even in a museum. The other guy is into bondage and discipline, introducing me to whippings, fisting, both pussy and ass, and sharing, both my body and my photos. My face is never exposed but my pussy often is.

    I don't feel guilty. I was terribly afraid that the guilt would be overpowering but in all honestly I've never felt any. I'm very careful not to pursue even the most desirable sexual relationship if it would even remotely threaten my professional reputation or my marriage. I see these three guys only; except for when the one guy shares me but he knows and respects my boundaries. I feel that I can stick to this to meet my sexual needs and in turn it makes for a happier marriage for both my husband and I. I also feel that when we start a family I'll be able to break off all outside sex and concentrate on our children. This I'm not so confident in. I can see being easily tempted as there will be many times where I will be in close quarters with single and married fathers some of whom will catch my eye and who will respond in kind. I'll find out eventually which way I'll go but for now I'm simply a dutiful housewife/elementary school teacher and a closet slut. Don't judge me too harshly.

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