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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    I have never cheated before and im not sure if I can again , but last year I went to india with my husband and two teenage sons and we stayed in a hotel in cochin Kerala after a week of eating out and enjoying ourselves I went to have an aryvedic massage which entailed being massaged by feet from a young man employing a bar which he hung onto above the floor .

    it was heaven and even though the room was a little grubby the darkness and incense mixed with the exoticness in general made me feel horny , the masseur was thin but muscular and smelled amazing he started by rubbing scented oils all over my body and it felt so intimate to be touched by a man that wasn't my husband ! even though I kept my bikini on I could feel my c**t flooding and my nipples getting hard .
    after he had finished we talked about the treatment and he told me about a gee massage or butter massage for women which helps fertility ect. when I got back to my hotel I attacked my husband and we fucked like rabbits ,I felt guilty that i was so aroused by my masseur that afterwards my husband suggested the massage may have relaxed me and triggered the hot sex and suggested I have another one !

    A few days later I found myself back at the place agreeing to the butter massage ,this time he used his hands and poured melted butter or ghee on my stomach he rubbed it in to my legs arms and neck and then to my horror and excitement removed my bikini top so as not to spoil it he said he then proceeded to massage my breasts in a circular motion my nipples stood to attention ,I felt nervous and wasn't sure if he was taking advantage but decided to surrender to the experience .

    After ten minutes of this my breathing was hard to steady then he moved down to my calfs and thighs and then turned me over on my front pulling my bikini bottoms off and rubbed my buttocks in a circular motion which pulled my c**t up and down . he then spread my legs apart a little to massage my inner thighs causing my c**t to rub against the massage bed i felt so hot i could smell my own aroma emanating from that area .

    i wanted relief so badly ! that night when i got back we had a repeat performance of steamy fucking , afterwards I felt guilty again , almost like I had cheated , my husband asked me if i had felt sexy being vulnerable on the massage bed , I told him no as I have never entertained the Idea of another man since our marriage but I knew I was longing for more and hoped the masseur would go further secretly !

    on our last day of vacation I went for another section at ten at night ,this time the masseur was talkative and relaxed and asked lots of personal questions he suggested we go for a drink on the beach first as I was leaving so we walked along the beach both feeling a little awkward , he told me he was married and couldn't be seen with a woman so suggested we walk to the next beach , away from the lights we crossed a stream and it was dark he suddenly kissed me and pulled me into the palms he was clumsy and shy but I let him pull my dress over my head and we lay on it in the sand I was in a state of shock but couldn't resist he soon had me naked and was between my legs lapping like a dog it took about ten seconds too have a shuddering orgasm .
    I felt so guilty but did nothing to stop him stripping and mounting me I pretended I was being r**ed and it wasn't in my control he wasn't experienced and pounded away on top of me sand getting everywhere but I could feel another orgasm building he bit my lips and nipples sending me to heaven and I came again .
    after a rest we got up to go but he was hard again and pushed into me from behind i got on my hands and knees and he went at me furiously taking longer this time , again I came like a freight train when I felt his hot sperm shoot into me as his legs shook with the effort .

    After we hurriedly got dressed and made our way back to the massage room but I told him I had to cancel and go back now as my husband would be missing me , we parted with hardly a word and my heart was pounding as i went to our hotel room , my husband asked why i was disheveled and I lied saying I had run back along the edge of the sea and was out of breath , with heart pounding I striped my cum filled bikini bottoms off in the shower and was just trying to rinse some of the cum out of my c**t when my husband climbed in to the shower , and feeling how slippery I was down there shoved his eager cock into me from behind , i groaned and came quickly thinking about how bad I had been ! wow those massages make you horny said my husband ! If he only knew !

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    We're all sat having drinks in a beer garden, but I've only been sat here for the past twenty minutes or so. I'm still buzzing from the amazing orgasm I've just had, and it wasn't my husband who gave it to me.
    The person who so expertly fucked my arsehole until I came so hard, is now serving drinks to other customers. His name is Ryan, he's nineteen and he's our sons mate. The reason I persuaded my husband to come to this pub was because of Ryan, as he's been fucking me now for over a year. The quickie in the ladies was unexpected, even if I was horny for his massive cock. All the same I'm sat here with Ryan's cum up my arsehole as I'm typing this on my phone. Smiling at my family group and telling the my social account is busy. A fun day and maybe my husband will want to go down on me later. Just need to get him to have a few more beers and he'll do anything for me, including tonguing my already gooey arse. Can't wait hehe...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    In work a fortnight ago a very pretty slim older woman calls in to book a last minute trip to Greece. When I asked her about if anyone travelling with her, she replied "I'm doing a Shirley Valentine".
    Not trying to sound too forward, I said "If you were my Mrs I'd be making sure you didn't need to go". It was an off the cuff remark, but she answered by asking me if I was married. when I told her I was, she replied "Pity I could do with a fuck right now".
    It was nearing closing time, so I told my colleague she could go early and that I'd close up. As soon as she left I nodded towards the rear of the shop and into the back room. Five minutes later I was stripped almost naked and had my cock rammed down the woman's throat. Ten minutes later we were in a sixty nine on the carpet and I was licking and sucking on the biggest clit I'd ever seen.
    Then agreeing we should make it a one off, she went cock crazy. I swear I fucked her mouth, pussy and arsehole like I'd never fucked anyone before and she was sooooo fucking horny. I'm not sure how many different positions we got into, both vaginally and anally but we did some I'd never even thought of before.
    Cumming in her arse, as she told me to do once she'd orgasmed for the fourth time, I finally pulled out of her and sank down exhausted. She wasn't finished though and made me lay flat, then squatted over my face forcing me to eat out her pussy and arsehole, eating out my own cum in the process. Climaxing twice more, she told me she had to go to get her daughters tea ready, then as if it was a normal every day thing, she kissed me hard and said "See you when I get back honey, you were great".
    She's back in two days time. I've already had a few texts off her. Some normal ones about booking a different place later in the year. But also ones of her posing naked, sliding two fingers up her pussy, and telling me she needs a damn good fucking when she gets home.
    I'm not kidding, she's much much fitter and far dirtier than my wife has ever been and if I'm honest, she's also a much better fuck too. I know I shouldn't be cheating on my wife, but then Mrs Valentine is a great lay.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife cheated on me but we worked it out. My wife lead me to believe she was masterbating for years. I finally picked up that on Thursday she had a half day at work that she was off limits for affection from me. She would wash the bed sheets and have the house cleaned up some. I set up the cam recorder in the closet. I hope to get a good recording of her masterbating with her toys. Her toy turned out to be her boss. They had foreplay and sex for an hour. They licked fondled and did most sex positions. He really used her pussy. I really was surprised when she let him cum inside her. I understood she we never had used birth control. We have 1 child. I always pulled out and cum in my hand. This really hurt me to catch what she was doing. I planned my discussion with her and it went well. Our son was at in-laws we both were watching tv. I asked her how she keeps from getting pregnant by her boss. This really caught her off guard. She finally replied why I asked her such a question. I didn’t reveal how I knew but I told her she has been having sex on Thursday with her boss a long time. After crying and losing her emotions we discussed it all afternoon. I agreed to lose about 50 pounds and have sex more than a couple times a month. We never mention divorce. My wife said she got on birth control after a couple of pregnancy scares. She said she would stop the affair and admitted to having sex with him for two years and most weeks 2 to 4 times a week. She was worried about losing her job which paid well for her qualifications. We decided she would try to end it without telling him I knew. After a month she admitted to continuing sex with him and said her boss had no intentions of quitting sex with her. The affair stopped when her boss was promoted to another state. This was a difficult situation to work through but we did. I ended up losing 70 pounds and am staying fit. We have sex often now. We even joke about the affair. She comments sometimes and says let’s go to bed and screw me like her boss. This affairs still bothers me sometimes but I think it also made us stronger. I am glad it is ended.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 31

    We were all single in our first jobs after college. The foursome was made up of alums of our college, two guys and two girls. At one party, it was a football weekend, one of the guys told me to sit on his lap and see what would 'come up'. He had me in a grip around my waist so I couldn't stand and my feet didn't touch the floor. The other girl who was the hostess told me to grind my ass into his lap so that I could get a good hard dick out of him. When I didn't she started teasing me that I didn't like dick. She lowered her shorts and asked me if I wanted pussy instead.

    She got on her knees and pushed her face up into my lap using her nose to rub me. By then the guy that had me was hard and she had her hand on his dick and asking him if he wanted to fuck me. He said he didn't care which pussy he got as long as he got some pussy. She undid my pants and pulled them off until I was sitting on his lap naked, she pushed his dick in me and told me to rock back and forth and get it all in. He came pretty quick and she helped me off his lap onto the floor and ate me.

    The whole event lasted a few minutes, the other guy watched us, she helped me get my shorts back on and rubbed my pussy with her hand and told me that any day any time she was available to be my girlfriend. This was the first time that a get together turned into something like that and the two guys found themselves alone. I spent the rest of the afternoon being fondled and kissed by her and we went back to the bedroom for sex in bed.

    Up to that afternoon I had never thought of being with a girl. She had been with many girls but promised to be exclusively with me. We remained exclusive for nine years. I met a guy at work and I found myself spending a lot of time with him and then going to lunch and at this one lunch he kissed me and that led to me going to be with him. It was my first dick since that party at her house back when we were getting to know each other. I went home and confessed to her.

    I haven't had sex with my coworker again. I don't know why I did it and I am still in the dog house with my girlfriend. I can't understand why I got hot and horny for a dick. I never wanted dick that night when we got together and I feel bad about having dick this time. My girlfriend forgives me but she is hurt. She has remained exclusive with me and she is upset that I would let a guy have sex with me.

    I am now in a dick free zone with her, no matter what we stay clean and don't go there. I am ok with that, I never intended to go there. But the fact remains that I did and I gave him pussy. And it bothers me that I wanted to.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was home and my wife at work. Her sister was staying with us for a few days. I walked out on our back patio to find her laying there naked. I didn't know how I should have reacted but she noticed me and told me to have a seat with her. I sat down and she had no concern with me seeing her this way. It was the first time I had ever seen her naked and she was a very good looking woman. I asked if she was going to cover up as my wife would not like me seeing her this way. She told me it was too late for that and if I thought my wife wouldn't like me seeing her this way we didn't need to tell my wife. I continued to sit with her and she remained naked. After a few minutes she asked what I was waiting for. I didn't know what she meant and she asked if I was playing dumb. She got up and told me to stand up with her. In one rather quick moment she had pulled my pant down and shortly had them, as well as everything else I was wearing, removed from me. We were both naked and I mentioned my wife would really not like me naked with her. She said we didn't need to tell her. I was still a little in shock and she squatted in front of me and began sucking on my cock. I told her she probably shouldn't be doing that. She briefly stopped and told she would stop permanently if I told her to. I didn't say anything and she said "I thought so" and went right back to sucking my cock. She suddenly stopped and got back on her lounge chair on all fours. I knew what she wanted me to do and maybe beyond my better judgement I slipped my cock into her. We were fucking outside and I was a little too aroused to care. There were neighboring houses and if one of them was looking our way they would have witnessed me fucking a woman who was not my wife. I don't know how long we were doing it for but it was a great good fuck. Afterwards I knew her sister would not tell anyone because she too is married.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I have been unfaithful in my marriage. I encourage my husband to go out with his friends hoping he cheats so I won’t feel so guilty. I have been having sex with my husband’s older brother and also my boss. My husband or his brother fathered our two children. My boss wouldn’t cum inside me when we were trying to conceive. My husband and I have a good sex life. My brother-in-law has a big prick and needs a relief often, his wife doesn’t have sex with him much. My boss and I are the only two in our office so he fucks me almost every work day. I’m getting older so I don’t know how long I will keep being so active. I have been lucky not getting caught.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    I am blessed with good looks good body large cock and a lot of confidence. Women constantly flirt with me and I have had many offers for affairs over the 15years I've been married. I have never cheated until recently. My wife is smoking hot I've never had a reason to cheat. She is just as hot in the bedroom too. Recently my wife has really been into taking me shopping and buying clothes for me. Dressing me in the latest clothes and usually buying things for herself at the same time.

    This is what happened about 2 months ago.
    We were shopping in our local mall my wife picked out 3 new outfits for me. Told me to try them on and left me in the hands of the young shop assistant. Now this was a Tuesday morning the mall was next to empty. As i tried on different clothes the young lady stayed outside the door and chatted with me. As i said I have no problem with women. She asked if I needed any help getting into the pants she handed me over the side. I told her I might need help getting the last pair off as they were a bit snug. She giggled and said ok then, next thing she's in the booth with me giggling and flirting and before I know what's happening she is giving me a blowjob. Now my wife is the best cock sucker I've had in my life and this girl though very sexy wasnt very good at it. She had such a cute little young body all I wanted to do was get my cock inside her. Can I fuck you I asked? She said yes but cum in my ass. Yup that pussy was like nothing I've had in years. My wife is hot buds she's 41 and had 3 kids this thing was tight. I fucked that pussy for a few mins and when she came hard on my cock I gently fucked her ass until I came.
    20 mins later my wife returned and I bought one of the outfits said I wanted to think about the other 2 (really I wanted a reason to return). I've been back and fucked Chloe a dozen times since. I'm addicted to that sweet young tight pussy.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I am a homewrecker, and my lovely wife is my partner in crime.
    We're both above average in the looks dept.
    We find couples, the more "out of his league" the girl is, the better,
    And we seduce them, however we can. She screws his brains out, and emasculates him, while I stretch out the misses with my 7inch equipment. Eventually we have them eating out of the palms of our hand, then we drop them, and move onto another set.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Three weeks back a really handsome older man who works alongside me sometimes, gave me a hug in work. It was after I told him how frustrated I was with my husband's growing lack of libido.
    The hug lasted longer than it should as a normal "hey everythings going to be okay" hug. I could feel his lower chest pressing my breasts and his strong arms encircling me. Then as if in slow motion, he slid his right hand up under my skirt, moved my panties aside and inserted a finger deep inside my pussy. I could easily have stopped him, but I didn't and allowed him to continue to stimulate my sex. Moving his hand around he found my clit and manipulated it to the point, I very nearly came there and then.
    Parting we swapped knowing smiles and went our separate ways. But before he totally walked off, he put his finger to his nose sniffed in my pussy scent, then looking directly at me, licked and sucked his finger clean.
    I cannot tell you just how much I wanted him to bury his face between my legs and then to force me to take his cock in my mouth, pussy and especially my asshole.
    Unfortunately that was the last time I saw him for a while as he was going on vacation. He's now back in work, but I've been way too busy in work to know if he's been around. That was until four days ago. He stopped me in the back corridor, asked me if I was still frustrated and pulled me upto him for a long passionate tongue swappping kiss.
    It was such a turn on to be wanted sexually, I put my right hand onto his cock bulge and was about to slide my hand down into his trousers when the elevator pinged. We parted and only just in time as some of our colleagues got out.
    Nothing else happened that day, even if I so wanted it to.
    Having said that, he did send me an invite to his place this coming weekend later on and I instantly messaged my husband to suggest he might like to go fishing, as I was thinking of going over to my moms house (They do not get on). His response was to say "Ch** asked me weeks ago if I fancied going on up to the lake, do you mind".
    My husband is going up to the lake with Ch**, and he'll be gone Friday and Saturday night. I've already messaged my work colleague and told him I'm paying him a visit at the weekend. He sent me a picture back of him totally naked sporting a huge erection and a comment saying "Hope you like it up the ass too".
    Now I can't wait for the weekend and to try and take his cock up my ass, something else my husband will not indulge me in.

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