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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 29

    Eight months ago, our landlord called round to advice and remind us we were behind with the rent. My husband had just left to go for a job interview, so it was down to me to ask him if we could have some time to pay off our arrears. But he said he'd need the payment by the end of the week. I knew we wouldn't have the money until at least the end of the month, and I didn't want to put any further pressure on my husband.
    So I asked the forty two year old, if there was any way we could defer the debt for a while. His smile told me he thought there could be.
    At first I couldn't bare to look as I took his huge cock into my mouth. I'd made the decision to go with his suggestion, knowing my husband might not get the job. Telling me he'd wipe most of the debt if I helped him enjoy himself.
    It only took a couple of minutes however, for me to begin to enjoy the feel and taste of his large thick cock into my mouth. I'd already undressed for him and felt a little strange being naked in front of him. But sucking on his cock, I soon began to enjoy giving him pleasure. So much so, I changed my mind on letting him fuck me. Releasing his cock, he at first made a comment about finishing him off. That was until I went and got one of my husband's condoms. His grin told me I'd made the right choice.
    Helping him slide the condom along his cock shaft, I stood up, put my long slender legs either side of his and lowered myself. Mounting his cock I let it slide all the way into my already soaking wet pussy and literally fucked him for all I was worth.
    My husband's cock rarely gets me to orgasm without me playing with my clit. Our landlords magnificent cock took me to such a powerful climax within a minute. And then continued to give me amazing orgasms as he had me kneel up in front if him, fucking me from behind.
    I'm not saying there was any love involved, but I would say, it was up to then, the best I'd ever felt having sex. Changing positions a few times, he finally had my legs over his shoulders as he pounded my pussy to further back arching orgasms.
    When he came, I felt the surge of cum filling the condom inside of me and knew I'd want to feel it all again.
    Sat naked with him, I found myself wondering what his semen tasted like. So moving down I took hold of his softening penis and sucked it back into my mouth. Spending some time licking and sucking his cock clean.
    An hour later my husband arrived home to say he didn't think he'd gotten the job. You probably won't understand just how relieved I was I'd chosen to have sex with our landlord. Not only because of the rent arrears, but also it probably meant I'd have to fuck him again.
    And so it has been the case. Even though my husband eventually got a job, and our debt disappeared, I've still carried on having twice weekly sex with our landlord.
    And it's for two reasons mainly. Firstly it allows me to put our rent away each month, building nip a sizeable amount to put towards a deposit on a house of our own. Plus I get to have such amazing times with our wonderful landlord twice a week, letting him take me to ever better multiple orgasms.
    The landlord knows we're moving out soon, but tells me he's happy for us, knowing he's helped us to be financially able to buy our own place. As much as I've obviously cheated on my husband, I've also secured our future going forwards. Plus as an added benefit, I've learned how to be far better in bed for my husband.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    Are there any men out there who just want to become fuck buddy's. Men with large cocks and in reasonable shape. Because since my husbands decision to seek out Jesus, and not to seek out my pussy and ass, I've been having to use an ever increasingly used dildo, to satisfy my growing sexual urges.
    I have tried through the internet to meet up with men, but most if not all have become clingy. I'm in great shape and without wanting to sound conceited, know I'm a good looking woman. One with a passion for dirty anything goes sex.... I don't want love, I don't want wining and dining, I just want a guy with a big dick to fuck the shit out of me when I'm horny, which nowadays is pretty much all the time.
    Three men whom I've had sex with so far, have wanted to start a relationship, and that's precisely what I don't want. A hard cock joined to man who knows how to fuck and who'll be happy fucking me as and when I need his dick. Can't be that hard to find a man who'll stick his erection in my mouth pussy and ass.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am a woman in a relationship . I love my boyfriend so much and he does love me as well. He has a good white collar job but I work as an attendant in a cafe. I became friends with this guy who worked at the shop next to mine. He was funny, made me laugh and always joked about me leaving my boyfriend for him. I laught the topic off. Usually when we close the shop it's 12 am and no much people are around. One day things got a bit I tense and we had a quickie sex in my shop behind the counter table. It was awkward that we didn't even talk while leaving the food court. My boyfriend picked me up. He had no idea I just did it with another man. I was guilty . He touches me when we are in the car , but I cudnt let him because I was we down there with this other man's cum dripping out of my vagina. I felt so guilty buy the experience was so exciting. At the food court we still talk, it's awkward and we don't bring the topic and pretend nothing happened. However , I am not sure if I can resist myself doing it again if I get the chance to .

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 47

    I'm a grandmother now and I worry what will happen to my granddaughters. I was raised conservative and had only been felt up and had sex 2 months before I got married after high school. I found out after marriage that I loved sex. My husband was and still is good at satisfying me. I must have had an over charged hormone in my younger years because I didn't turn down 3 other men who asked me for sex. The first was a man at our church. He was in his mid 30's at the time. I was practicing piano after church when he came by to tell me it was time to lock up. The front was locked up so he was escorting me to the back and comment how good my butt looked. While walking I pulled my dress up a little to tease him. The result was us having sex in a side room. Later I knew I was already pregnant by my husband. This man loved pregnant sex and so did I. We probably had sex 100 times in five years. The second man was a school classmate. This man told me my husband bragged on our sex life. I told him jokingly that I was good. He said he wanted to try for himself. We had sex in his truck like high school kids. I had sex with him about a dozen times. The third man was a man we knew for years. He may have fathered my daughter. Our first time was in a stall change room at the mall. This man came with a flood of cum. I never got on any birth control. My two sons are no doubt my husbands. My daughter can't decide by appearance. I had my tubes tided after 3 children. After 8 years I quit the extra sex. 4 men asked me for sex and all 4 had sex with me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    My sister in laws boyfriend has always been so sexy. From the moment I first saw him I thought 'wow she is lucky' but it wasn't till recently I realised just how lucky. After being over at there house for a family meal I realised we had left some things there. So I headed back over only to find it was just Jake here. He answered the door in just his shorts and looked brilliant. He invited me in and asked if I wanted a tea. I wasn't going to stay but after seeing his muscular body I wanted to keep looking so I said yeah sure. We chatted and I couldn't help but stare. After a while he asked if I was ok as I seemed distracted. Sitting along the couch from me I moved closer and said 'yeah I just feel alone' he leant over and put his arm around my shoulder. Pulling me onto his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and looked up into his eyes. I placed one hand on his leg and pushed my self up so we were face to face. I was trembling and he just continued to stare at me. I slowly moved to wards him looking at his lips. We kissed. Gently. But as soon as we did he said 'no we can't do this', you're married and I have a girlfriend. But I wanted him. Badly! I ran my hand up to touch the side of his face and so cliche said 'I won't tell if you dont' as soon as I said it his tongue was in my mouth for one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had. I bit bis lip as I see stood up kissing still hands all over each other. I could feel his cock getting hard pressed against my leg. As he slipped his hands down my jeans and squeezed my ass. 'Upstairs?' I asked and no sooner did I say it he picked my e up and carried me upstarts before dropping me on his bed. He pulled my top off and began to kiss my chest before exposing my nipples and biting and sucking on them. I was in heaven. Whilst he was playing with my nipples he had undone my jeans and stood up to pull them off. In one swift motion I was lieing naked on my sister in laws bed begging to be ravished by her boyfriend. Seconds later his head was between my legs kissing my thighs. 'Don't tease me jake' I said. So he didn't. He started licking my soaking wet pussy and within 30 seconds I was having my first orgasm. As soon as I was finished I needed to see his cock. I pushed him away stood up and pushed him onto the bed. Removed his shorts to find a massive cock at least the size of my arm if not bigger. I actually said 'wow, you're big!' To which he replied why don't you try it. And believe me I did my best. Sucking it as far as I could. Deep in my throat. I just about had another orgasm from sucking his huge cock. I licked his ass and he Fucking loved it. He was meaning my name and I couldn't wait anymore for him to fuck me. I rolled onto my back and begged him to fuck me. As he slid in I couldn't believe the size of his covk. It completely filled me. But after a few thrusts I was screaming in pleasure. We ducked for about an hour in every different position you can imagine and I came so hard in everyone. He even managed to make me squirt which is something I have never done with anyone before. After he had came, in my mouth. I wanted to save it. We got dressed and spoke about how amazing it was. To this day we still meet on the sly for sex. And to this day he is the best sex I have ever had it's what I long for everyday. I think the cheating adds to it but my god it is amazing

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    I'm 37, turning 38 in a couple weeks. It's been kind of getting to me, I admit. I went out with my friends for a girls night and I have never cheated on my husband in our 16 years of marriage but this never got I knew in my mind that I wanted to. I drank a lot, knowing it's the only way I could go through with it. I hadn't had sex with anyone else since before we started dating, and I wanted to have a fling before I turn 40. If kill him if he did it, but I didn't feel guilty, but I do now. I got drunk and threw myself at a younger guy, we danced and I made sure to really show him that I wanted him. We kissed and messed around st the club, and we left in an uber to his apartment. I was really drunk but still had some sense and was thinking of a way out and when we got there he had a roommate who was smoking pot. I hadn't done that since college, so we smoked. I got really high and we kissed more and I just remember sitting on his lap topless and the next thing I was going down on him. This was in the living room of his apartment with his roommate in the room. I ended up having a threesome, they both penetrated me and we did things that I haven't done with my husband in years. Both had sex with me but it was as one at a time while I took the other in my mouth. Both had me anally, which is really embarrassing and painful. When I woke up in the morning I got dressed and ran out half drunk and got an uber home. It 9 am. My husband was very worried, he locate where I was and said he drove there but couldn't get past the locked gate. I told him it was one of my girl friends and apologized to him. He accepted it

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    When my husband's libido dropped like a stone a couple of years ago, I told myself I wouldn't cheat on him, even though I utterly love being fucked. Buying myself a couple of dildo's it kind of satisfied my desires for a short time. But I missed a man's hot hard cock fucking me, and also missed a warm wet tongue licking my love bud.
    Working in my florist shop I'd worked hard to build up, this year close to Valentine's day. An older man walked in and picked up a bouquet of flowers and brought them over to the desk where I wrap them for the customers. I commented on them being for his wife for Valentine's, but he told me they were for his mother's birthday. Before I could say anything else, he added "Wish I had a wife as beautiful and sexy looking as you to give them to". It was an obvious come on and usually I'd ignore the comment, but I became incredibly turned on by his comment and his older manly looks. Without thinking about what I was saying, I asked him if he wanted a woman like me.
    He looked confused, but before he had chance to say anything back to me, I said something like "I can close up and you can fuck me back there". The fifty something year old man walked out of my shop with a free bunch of flowers, yet minus a cum load which he'd deposited deep up my pussy. And it had all taken no more than ten minutes to cheat on my husband.
    I'd lead him to rear of the shop after locking the door. Then squatting down, I pulled his trousers and boxers down and began to suck on his medium sized, but fat cock. For his part he gripped my hair and started to fuck my mouth, making my pussy twitch with need. Quickly releasing his cock then standing up, I placed myself face down onto another bench I use to build the bouquets on. My skirt was lifted up and my knickers were literally ripped off. In seconds I felt his fat cock enter me and I couldn't have felt more horny. Telling him to fuck me as hard as he liked, the man slammed into me from behind making me moan with delight. It had been so long since I'd been fucked, I found myself on the brink of orgasm within a minute or two of his cock pounding into me. Then hearing him tell me I was a real slut, my orgasm tore through me and I cried out. He carried on fucking me and I shook with each thrust of his cock. Telling me he was cumming, I told him to cum inside me. I didn't need to tell him, as his cock exploded up my pussy as he collapsed onto my back. Grunting a few times as he pumped his cock into me, he finally pulled out and we got ourselves dressed.
    The only thing he said to me as he left was "I'll be buying all my flowers from here from now on". Unfortunately, and I do mean that, he only ever came back once more. We did fuck and I had such a wonderful time as I had him lick and suck on my clit making me climax twice. Yet he is a married man as I later found out, and his guilt obviously got the better of him.
    However the guilt didn't and hasn't stopped me from having two other men's cocks deep inside my pussy and arsehole this past few months. One being a dutch delivery driver who brings me consignments of flowers, and the other a young neighbour of ours, who was earning some money by gardening for us. That particular driver delivers every couple of weeks. He's not the best lover I've ever had, but then his cock if being realtively short, is very very thick. And it took all of a minute to have him saying yes to fucking me on the same bench the older man had done a few weeks before.
    The young neighbour is nineteen and in many ways not the type of male I'd usually be attracted to. But then his huge cock more than makes up for his nerdy skinny looks. With my husband at work and my florist shop having some work done on it, I'd taken the opportunity to masturbate at home. I'd forgotten my husband had asked the lad to work on our garden and he basically watched me fuck myself with a dildo.
    Long story short, I invited him after seeing a large cock bulge in his trousers and was completely shocked when I had him remove his clothing. His cock and I know this because we've had fun measuring it, measures a little over nine inches in length and it's as thick as my wrist. For over half an hour I had him licking and sucking on my pussy, as I sucked on his cock and balls. It was his tongue flicking over my arsehole that finally had me begging him to fuck me. On the couch as my phone told me I had a text, our neighbour entered my pussy bareback and I couldn't have been happier. My pussy and arsehole, my first anal sex in years, were utterly destroyed during the time he fucked me. I had that many orgasms, I simply lost count, yet the orgasm I do remember vividly is when I mounted his cock anally and fucked that young man for all I was worth. I cried out so loudly when I came, I half scared myself.
    And our young neighbour has now become my lover. We have sex probably three to four times a week. I still have the dutch delivery driver fuck me, but he's all over and done with within ten minutes. My nineteen year old nerd, fucks me for as long as I need him to excite me, and that suits me just fine.

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    Straight Female / 29

    The morning after a huge argument with my husband, I was in our local park with our two year old son.
    We'd been up early, so even though he wanted to play in the park, he was tired. After about an hour, I sat him in his buggy to have a drink and something to eat. Just as I put in my son in his buggy, I heard a familiar voice saying Hi. Turning around I saw one of my old boyfriends approaching. Sitting next to me on the park bench, we both chatted about what we'd been doing since we split up.
    Kevin asked me if I was ok at one point, to which I replied I wasn't too happy with my husband. Without meaning to, I told a guy I'd dated six years previously, one who'd been by far my best lover, my husband and I had argued about the amount of sex I craved, he said all the time.
    Kevin asked me if my husband satisfied me sexually, and again without really wanting to, I told him no where near as good as he did.
    Only then did I realise my son had fallen asleep. Covering him up, I told Kevin I should go, holding my hand, he quietly asked me if I wanted to have some fun outdoors.
    When we dated, we were always fucking outside. I loved the thrill of being fucked whilst the possibility of being caught was there too. So with Kevin's question just being asked, and knowing my husband and I had fallen out, I found myself saying "When and where".
    Kevin pulled me up, took hold of the buggy and walked us to a place I remembered us having sex when we first got together. It's a slightly secluded wooded area with a built in woodland path. About half way through is am old concrete utility shed, which nowadays isn't used.
    Parking my son just outside, but away from the path, Kevin lead me in and instantly pushed me down. Not hesitating at all, I took out his delicious cock and began giving him head. Sucking on his thick long cock after all this time had my pussy aching to feel him fucking me, so once I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth, I let his slip out and stood up. Leaning against the door entrance, I lifted my skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and told Kevin to fuck me. His cock is much larger than my husband's, so when it slid into my soaking wet pussy, it made me gasp with sexual need.
    Asking him to fuck like he used to, over the next five to ten minutes Kevin pounded me and my pussy to two amazing orgasms. It had been so so long since I'd cum like that, I couldn't help crying out my joy, when his gorgeous cock took me to sexual heaven.
    I'd literally just orgasmed for the second time, when Kevin said he wanted to cum. Turning my head towards him, I begged him to cum inside me. He quickly asked me if it was ok to. With a breathless voice I told him I'm on the pill.
    The feeling of his hot cum pumping into me was so divine, I nearly cried. It had been too long since I'd felt so sexually alive, I told myself right there and then, if my husband wouldn't or couldn't match my sexual needs and desires, I'd find someone who would.
    Pulling out of my pussy, Kevin leaned into me. I turned and we kissed as we used to. Passionately and with total lust for each other.
    Hearing my son moving I broke off the kiss. Got myself together, and went to check on my son. Five minutes later walking next to Kevin back along the path, I felt his cum oozing out into my knickers and smiled to myself, at just how much I'd enjoyed him fucking me.
    Two nights later with our son in bed, I dressed seductively for my husband and tried to seduce him. His exact words were "I'm tired honey, can't you use the dildo we bought you".
    I'm twenty nine years old. Not fifty nine. I'm considered attractive, and I'm extremely fit (My job and my love of cycling). My figure and looks often has men giving me "That" look, and sometimes women too. I know I look younger than my twenty nine years and I also know without sounding too crass, I'm good in bed. So hearing what my husband said, I collected my phone, left him downstairs with his beers and television, then text a man with the number he'd recently given me, a real horny large cocked man who'd fucked me two days earlier.
    With our son in nursery the following day, I had Kevin fuck me for over two hours on our marital bed. No dildo needed, as Kevin knows how to fuck a woman.
    Kevin and I have continued to have sex since our first time in that concrete building six weeks ago. Whether we make it a full on affair, I don't know. For now we both fuck each other, as and when we have time and are horny (All the time, it seems in my case) He's definitely not the marrying type, but Kevin certainly knows how to fuck me to such amazing orgasms. And in truth I doubt if I'd want to live with him long term. So with that being said, if my husband carry's on referring me to the dildo, in other words not carrying out his husband's duties with regards to fucking his wife. Then I'm going to find other men that will.
    I am going to make one more concerted effort to speak to my husband about us and my needs, and to be sexy as he wants for him. If he falls short of what I want, then I'm going to explore what it's like to have lovers outside of our marriage.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 37

    Pretending to be someone else I have been chatting to my wife's soon to be divorced sister online
    We've had some sexting fun and she sent me sexy pictures of herself
    She wants to meet her online lover and get fucked
    Kinda painted myself into a corner here

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Four years ago my husband started talking about me fucking other men. He only did it when we were drinking and watching porn. One night a week before I was going away for a week with a friend he told me if I met the right guy I could have sex with him. I thought that he was saying these things because I'd only been with him and he thought that I wanted to see what other men were like. I really wasn't interested but he put the idea in my head. I didn't come close to having sex with anyone on the trip. But.

    Three years ago, a man I worked with occasionally started hitting on me and propositioning me and I got interested. Thinking about the guy's cock and wondering got me so wet I started to obsess over it. i just really wanted to see it, play with it and suck on it then become fixated on making it cum just to see if I could. This went on for a few weeks. Then he was scheduled to leave and I couldn't get the idea of his cock out of my mind, I was on sexual edge all the time. I kept saying to myself, well he said (my husband) that I could, he said that I could, he said that I could. Then one day, I did.

    The guy was flirting and I flirted back, hard. We were alone and I made mention that I was planning to stay late (it was a night my husband wouldn't be home until late too. The guy hung around until it was just us. I tried to play it cool but I lost control and attacked the poor guy. We kissed, he stripped off my top and sucked by boobs, I yanked down his pant and dropped to my knees and watched his cock grow hard before my eyes. It was beautiful. Thick and just a bit longer than my husband;s, it head a nice round shiny head, I kissed it, licked it, started sucking it, I gave him the blow job of my life to that point and it wasn't long until I felt that throbbing a cock does just before a guy cums then tasted warm liquid in my mouth. I kept sucking and kissing and swallowed it down and kept on sucking and kissing for a long time. I wanted more.

    The next day I sucked him off again in my car then again the next day. Then I squatted down behind a wall in our parking garage and sucked him off one more time. I finally let him fuck me just before he was to leave. I went to his hotel and we spent an hour in bed and were both late for work. The feeling when his cock first pushed into my pussy was like a drug to me. I felt euphoric and came twice and was on cloud 9 all day to the point where my husband later asked me why I was in such a good mood. That night I gave him a killer blow job better than any I'd given him before. The one thing I didn't do was tell him I'd fucked around. Even though he said I could, I just didn't want his to know so I kept it a secret.

    The problem was I wanted that feeling again. I started finding way to be alone with men. I took the plunge with a stranger I flirted with waiting to board a plane and ended up in his hotel room groaning when his cock entered my, god it makes my cum so hard.

    I try to fuck only strangers but sometimes I loose control. I've fucked a few men my husband knows including one neighbor, a guy he works with and a guy who is a manager at my work but not my boss exactly.

    I've also fucked 18 other guys who were all strangers since the first time and I still can't get enough. To my count I've blown 28 men who I didn't fuck, just blew although that number is very hazy I think that number is more like 35 I just have trouble remembering everyone clearly. I keep thinking I'll get bored and go back to my old husband based sex life but so far I think more about cocks and cum than ever. I've fucked or sucked so many different men, from 18 years old to the early 60s. White guys, black guys, Hispanic guys, guys with huge dicks and little dicks. It's like once I'm interested, nothing dissuades me. I don't car how the guy looks once I'm in the mood and alone with a guy, I just suck him or fuck him mostly both.

    Afterwards I only feel guilty if the guy was married although it never stops me. I always tell myself, this is the last time, then I treat my husband like gold fucking and sucking him silly for awhile then the urge for new dick comes back and grows until there's a cock in my mouth again. I was given permission so technically it's not cheating but I feel like there's something wrong with me being so obsessed with sex with other men so much.

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