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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 19

    I'm 19 years old living in Australia and I had sex with my best friends girlfriend and I feel bad for betraying him but i feel turned on by the fact we didn't get caught.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    In one day last month I had sex with three different people.
    Firstly my husband as he had an erection on waking, I sucked him off but didn't climax myself as I was in a rush for work. I did however swallow every drop of his cum.
    The second sexual encounter was with a young office clerk at work. He and I had been flirting for some timne. During my lunch break, he called into my office and told me it was time to see if I wanted his cock. Normally I would have been offended somewhat, as it was myself who usually initiated any flirting. And I am his boss. But I found myself getting so turned on, probably because I'd not had my husband fuck me earlier. After sucking on his extremely thick cock for some time, I leaned over my desk and had him fuck me in what turned out to be a quickie. That's because he came all too suddenly all over my arsehole after pulling out. I was going to make him go down on me, but we both heard staff coming back from their lunch breaks and had to stop.
    Being a Friday night, my husband went out with his friends to the pub to play pool. Leaving myself and Cloe his daughter, my step daughter alone. Cloe's eighteen, very beautiful and a very sexual person. And by that I mean she's discovering what she likes sexually. Part of that discovery has been for the past five months, having sex with me.
    She already knew I was bisexual as I'd overheard her father discussing sexual things in the past with her. He'd explained that I'd once had a relationship with another female in my twenties. (I'd told him during our early relationship) and if she felt that way towards other females, she should go with her feelings.
    It was about a year later when I found her sniffing a used pair of my knickers whilst masturbating on her bed. And that was that. Seeing her playing with her neatly trimmed pussy sniffing the crotch area of my knickers had my pussy twitching with sexual excitement, even though she was my step daughter. Cloe looked up when I walked into her bedroom, but didn't stop playing with herself. We both knew I guess it was going to lead to sex and that afternoon I spent over an hour teaching my step daughter the delights of having sex with another woman.
    With men it's all about the orgasm, and usually fucking hard. With women it's more about the sensualness of sex. And five months ago on her bed we both found we enjoyed everything sexual about one another. So when her father went out to play pool that Friday night, myself and Cloe took a shower together kissing, touching and gently fingering each other the whole time we were in the shower. We then went to her bedroom and had such an amazing time sexually and emotionally.
    During our love making, I confessed to her about the young clerk at work. Making her a promise, I told her it would be a one off, as we began to lick one another pussy's. Finally that day I orgasmed, and kept on climaxing pretty much the rest of that evening. As Cloe and I shared lots of the sex toys we'd bought whilst out shopping together a month before.
    The young clerk still works for us, but now works in a different section. I believe he's already turned his attentions to a young female who I must admit, I've eyed up myself once or twice. Am I going to cheat on my husband again. Well I already am if you take Cloe into account. Am I going to have sex with other people outside of my marriage other than Cloe. Probably not as I've made Cloe a promise. And futher more Cloe told me only a few days ago that her father hinted in a conversation with her, he kind of knew we were more than close. His exact words as Cloe remembers them were "You and your step mum are extremely good together. I like that you and her get along when I'm out, if you know what I mean". He left it at that, but now I'm wondering if he's known all along.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 38

    I didn't know if this was a cheating post, or a family post because for the last year I have been cheating with my sister in law. My wife's husband Tony is 31 and married a gorgeous trophy wife named Gina. Gina is 23 now, and since having Tony's baby last year he refuses to touch her, like she's damaged goods. He has told her she ruined his life by getting pregnant and her body will never be the same.

    My wife and I have an adequate sex life, we have 3 kids and I love her and the kids. But, Gina, we hooked up after one of Tony's business parties when Gina told my wife and I about how he treats her. I did some chores for Gina at the house when Tony was on one of his many junkets. He travels a lot, probably away 10 -15 days per month.

    I know what I'm doing is wrong, that our affair is going to ruin 2 marriages but I'm now in love with Gina. The sex is incredible, what we do and have is far beyond anything I have ever experienced. I have a young lover who makes love with me. Pure lust, total passion and soul mate combined.

    I constantly plan to tell my wife, but I don't want to devastate her or the kids.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 34

    My ex-wife and I have been divorced for almost 3 years. We have 3 kids together, and see each other a lot because of parenting obligations.

    Sheâs currently engaged to her âfirst loveâ, the guy she met when they were like 12, and then dated until it was time to go off to college.

    Anyway, Iâve still been fucking my ex-wife the entire time theyâve been back together. Sex was never one of the reasons she divorced me. Weâve pretty consistently kept our sex life going, even after he asked her to marry her, and continues still today.

    So, hereâs the thing... the guy sheâs marrying is actually a really good guy. Heâs one of the most high character people probably that Iâve ever met. Iâm actually starting to feel awful that Iâm shoving my cock into his fiancée at least twice a week, and sometimes more; even if she is my ex wife. Every time I think about ending it, I just canât do it. I still really enjoy the sex. Clearly, she does, too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 51

    This all started ten years ago just after I retired. We went to live in Africa, where we'd lived before. Of course one can employ maids very cheaply. The first one I fucked was 18 when I was 60. I was always very nice to her, and I could see she liked me, and sexual tension grew between us. One day I took a chance and kissed her, and in no time at all was fucking her. She had the most beautiful ass. However she had a kind of on/off marriage and she twice went back to her husband, had a baby, then split up again and came back, then eventually left for good. During the second time she went back to him we briefly had another maid, also 18 while I was 64. I'd known her since she was about thirteen. She was a bit of a local good time girl, and agreed to fuck after a bit of hesitation at first, but she gave me (and my wife!) a fairly mild STD, which I managed to explain away luckily. I regretted losing her - she wasn't a very good maid - as she had the most beautiful little tits, like gr**efruits cut in half. The next (and current) one I also first met when she was 14. We gave her a lift one day, and she used to come and play with my daughter, but from 16 onward was very sexy. Then when she was 20 my wife employed her as a maid while she was saving to go to college. I asked her if she'd be my girlfriend and she agreed straight away. She was a virgin and it took me several weeks to slowly fully seduce her largely because the only time we had the house to ourselves was Saturdays. She got to like sex more and more, and is now really good to fuck. Although she went to college, qualified and now has a job we still meet on Saturdays at the house of a friend of mine. While she was going through college she ran out of money a couple of times, so I paid for her course a ($150 each time) so she wouldn't have to drop out. However now she is 24 and getting a bit demanding for money and I think I'll have to drop her. A pity, as the sex is great, but that's all we do, there's no conversation as she's never even left the city she grew up in. I'll put an advert in one or two of the local colleges and find someone else. Anyway, sorry there's no juicy details but since I only see her once a week there's no real need for much refinement in our screwing. I kiss her a bit, feel her up, take all her clothes except her panties off, lie her on her stomach, pull her panties down off her beautiful little black ass, fondle it a bit, pretend to spank her while she giggles, then roll her over, panties right off, legs open and fuck her. I always tell myself I'm going to do something different, but lust always overcomes me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Because my husband cannot keep me happy sexually anyn==more (We've been married three years), I cheat on him often, having quickies with work contractors who are building a new roadway close to our home. There's a mobile food van which parks only fifty yards from our home, so it's easy to attract young willing guys to have sex with me. But it's the older married ones who fuck me the way I like. Rough, hard and extremely spontaneous. They're never long drawn out sessions, as I prefer to suck them hard, and then have them fuck me as they wish to orgasm. In the last eight months since they started, I've been fucked by nine different men. With on one occasion, two guys taking turns to fuck me during their lunch break. I know I'm known amongst the workers for sex and being a slut, so I play on it to get what I want, when I want. And that's horny anything goes hard and dirty sex. Just how I like it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    So memorial weekend we go to my aunts campground to get out and enjoy the weekend. we were sitting around a campfire and we both got super bored and decided to take the paddle boat out in the middle of the pond at midnight. mind you we had both been drinking, we just start stripping our clothes off and fucking right on the paddle boat. pretty good sex because of the motion of the water underneath us. we didnt care if anyone saw us. we fucked so hard that at one point the boat felt like it was going to flip. and right before it was about to flip, he came inside of me (we dont use condoms and no birth control) and just as we got done a neighbor there camping shines his flashlight and says "i saw that" lol. didn't discourage us because we later had sex on the deck overlooking the pond

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Transsexual Male / 32

    For the past 5 months I've had a maddeningly deep crush on my boss. About three weeks ago I confessed my attraction to him and ended up spending these past three weeks at his place. The sex has been out-of-this-world amazing. Our foreplay has been a little on the rough side, however; I have so many bruises all over my body I look like I'm being abused.

    If anyone were to find out, he could lose his job. Even worse, he keeps telling me company secrets that I have no business knowing. If I were a vindictive person I could bury him. It's a weird feeling knowing I have that kind of power but it's a power I never want to use. Instead, I think I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I've never fallen so hard for another person before. At least it's good to know that no matter your age, hormones are a vampiric buck-toothed bitch.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Not long been awake, yet I can still feel the pressure up my pussy and asshole from a whole night of sex. Only the sex didn't involve my husband who's overseas being Rambo or something similar.
    He prefers his "Duty" to being at home fucking me, so I take every opportunity to satisfy my sexual needs with two men who can't get enough of my growing sexual libido. One of them just happens to have known my husband all his life, and the other is his uncle.
    Pretty much the whole night I had their cocks in my mouth, pussy and asshole, and boy can they fuck. I know it makes me a cheating slut, but then if my husband could be bothered to be at home, I'd be his slut only.
    Because he's not, his brother and his uncle take their sexual needs out of my body, and I love it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 43

    Sometimes, it's ok to cheat.

    A few months ago, I asked my wife if there were any unfulfilled sexual desires she had. She sheepishly admitted she had always wanted to try a black guy. I thought nothing of it as she has always had a thing for Denzel Washington.

    Two weeks ago, her and her fellow married girlfriend took off for a weekend in Vegas but get away from the kids and blow off some steam. Her friends arrived to pick her up and as they were about to leave, I said, "honey, if you end up meeting a black guy and you get carried away - it's fine. Just make sure you use these, handing her a box of condoms." She flipped out a little and got defensive saying, "how could you say that?! I would never do that! I'm not a whore" as a couple of her friends made guilty smirks implying cheating was part of the plan all along. I continued, "I know you're not a whore, now please, just go have fun and if you want to have a fling, do it. That's what Vegas is for."

    I further explained to her that having a black guy is a fantasy that is impossible for me to accommodate, so if the chance comes up, go ahead - provided she use a condom and that she lose the guy's contact information at the end of the holiday. With that, she took the condoms as her friends stood there in awe that I was encouraging her to fuck other guys. High fiving and letting out a chorus of , "woooooos," they set off.

    When they got back and I said, " well, did you ladies having a good time drinking, gambling and screwing?" A few gave guilty smiles, my wife among them.

    After her friends left, she admitted that she and a couple of her friends hooked up and that she was able to have a black guy. She also made me promise not to tell anyone that her friends had cheated, that their husbands would divorce them. I suggested they make it an annual event, to just go somewhere different every year for a cheat week and go long as I can get a hooker while she's away.

    A few days ago, her friends came over for coffee and openly discussed next year's cheat week and the types of guys they want to hook up with. One of her friends said, "so you really don't mind us doing this?"

    I responded by saying, "I think it's hot!." Turning to my wife I said, "next time send me a photo of you with a cock inside you, in the reverse cowgirl position."

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