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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I cheated on my husband with the guy who mows our lawn. My husband works a lot and hired a guy to do the yard work this summer so he could spend more time with our son on the weekends.

    The guy is in college 22 years old and he has a super hot body. His face is ok but I love to watch him with his shirt off working. He has 6 pack abs and big arms.

    Anyway one really hot day I donât think he realized I was home and after he finished mowing he stripped naked and took a dip in our pool. We live out in the country so we have a very secluded property. I got so wet looking at his hot body. He has a tight muscular butt and a very impressive cock. I thought about him all that week and the next time he came over I invited him in after he finished mowing

    I told him I saw him in the pool and as he was apologizing for swimming without permission I went up to him and kissed him. I then led him upstairs to the shower so I could wash off his sweaty body. I stripped him naked and removed my clothes. We made out furiously in the shower and ran our hands all over each otherâs bodies.

    I then got on my knees and sucked that big hard dick to its full hardness. After he was hard I bent over at the waist leaned against the shower glass and let him pound my pussy hard and fast. He surprisingly had a lot of stamina and made me cum twice which was amazing. I had not cum in so long. I finished him off with my mouth and swallowed his big load.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    We've all probably done something in our lives we regret. I certainly regret what I've done, but I'm also now at a loss to how I feel and what I want.

    What I'm talking about, is cheating on my husband through another persons jealousy.
    I was told by text from a woman who knows us called Rachel, that my husband had fucked a teenager when I was away with friends on a Hen weekend. She named the teenager, who I knew had had contact with my husband. And Rachel also said the girl had described to her exactly what they'd gotten upto. From her words, my husband and this girl had fucked all night long and were still fucking when the postman delivered the mail the following morning. They'd had that much sex, my husband had had to destroy our bed sheet, and that's why there was a new one (Wrong colour, he's colour blind) on our bed.

    Still away with the girls I was furious and decided what's good for him, is certainly ok for me. That night aching with hurt and sexual revenge in my mind, I allowed two young men to chat me up. They weren't my usual type, being slim and nerdy looking. But another girlfriend of mine had said one of them has gotten the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

    Long story short time. Going back to their place instead of the hotel, I along with the young men got naked and boy was my friend right. The first young man was average sized about six inches, but his friend, a young man called Erran has a cock most other men would be proud to have. It's almost ten inches long (I've measured it) and it's nearly seven inches around. When I first saw it, my jaw dropped and his smile widened.

    Over the mext few hours both young men licked my pussy and ate out my arsehole. I sucked them both off numerous times, but mostly sucked on Erran's huge cock. Erran's friend was the first to fuck me, making me suck on his mates cock as he fucked me from behind. He lasted only a few minutes before he came all over my back. Pulling out he actually said "I've got her ready for you bro, enjoy that pussy man".

    Erran sat down on his couch and asked me to fuck him. He said I could set the pace and depth he fucked me at and so i could get used to his size. The fact was, I was so annoyed with my husband, it didn't matter to me, so I sank right down in one long slide along his cock shaft, and I very nearly screamed.

    It was close to two am when I took Erran's cock into my pussy. The sun was rising when I lay on my right side and shook with what was my dozen or so orgasm of the night, as Erran slid his cock up my arsehole. His friend had long gone to bed and we'd just carried on having such amazing sex. It was for me the best sex I'd ever had and to end the night of anything goes sex, and anything did go, I had Erran cum up my arsehole again as the sun beamed into his bedroom, and then he spent an age licking and tonguing both my holes until I came again.

    Joining the girls later that morning, one of them said my husband had been trying to get hold of me all night. Ignoring her, I finally switched on my phone. There was forty two missed calls and countless texts all from my husband. And the theme of the texts "Rachel's a lying jealous bitch. I cannot believe she'd lie to try and get me into bed and leave you". Each text went further into detail how Rachel had sold him a new bed sheet, because he's spilled beer and curry all over our bed. The young teenage girl was round at our home early, but only to collect a dress I'd sold on the internet (Picking it up instead of having the delivery costs), and she just so happens to work in the same shop as Rachel.

    It turns out Rachel has had a crush on my husband since they went to school together. But if you saw her, you'd understand why my husband wouldn't be interested in such a fat, over made up and sick in the head bitch. How she got my mobile number I still don't know. What I do know, is I'd had the sexual time of my life with a young man who I wouldn't normally pass the time of day with.

    Back at home this past two months, I've tried to ignore Erran's texts. I know I should delete his number and block him, and I know when my husband makes love to me, I shouldn't think of Erran's massive cock. But I do think of him
    and his enormous penis and I have kept his number.

    My husband is away shortly, going to a body building convention. Erran's text me only days ago and asked me why I haven't been in contact. He's not been stalking me or anything, but I know he'd love to bed me all over again. And if I'm honest, I'd love to feel his huge cock fucking my mouth, pussy and arsehole all over again.

    If it wasn't for that fat bitch Rachel, none of this would have happened and I'd be a happy housewife. As it is, it did happen and I often think of Erran and his wonderful ways of making me climax over and over again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 43

    I confess. Not long ago, my car stalled in the rain on the highway and two teen boys picked me up. I was soaked through and my summer cotton dress was glued to my skin. They both got hard-ons and took them out and began to wank. They ended up both fucking me several times before taking me home. After they dropped me off I could not believe what I had done. It still baffles me. I'm at least as old as their mothers. It was good but I had not done anything like that, ever. It seemed so natural. They took turns on me several times.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I first met Juan when he played soccer with my husband last year. I went to a few of their games and we were attracted to each other right away. He's 29, 6-foot-5, lithe and athletic. I ended up staring at him dominating on the field most of the time. Still, I knew there was no way anything would happen.

    Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I had a chance encounter with him on the street. He doesn't play on my husband's team any more so we caught up. None of that seemed to bother him, and he boldly asked me out. I was instantly turned on by his confidence. My husband and son were going away for the long weekend for a t-ball tournament and I was staying behind. Juan invited me to go and see his band play at a local bar.

    I fought with myself over it and told myself I couldn't do it. But on the Saturday I gave in. I dressed up in a tight blouse and shorts and went to the bar. Seeing Juan on stage playing guitar and vocsls was almost as hot as watching him play soccer. In between his sets we ended up drinking together and flirting, and I got kind of drunk.

    Afterward I went back to his place with him, one of his bandmates, and another woman. We drank more and smoked weed. Then his bandmate and the girl disappeared into one of the bedrooms and we started to hear moaning. I was drunk and turned on we started making out. I unzipped his jeans and his huge uncircumcised cock sprang out. I knew he'd be huge because guys with tall, thin bodies like that usually are. I sucked him off on the sofa while he ran his hands through my hair, telling me he couldn't wait to fuck me.

    Part of me wanted to leave before anything else happened, but hearing the other couple moaning and the fact that I knew this was my best chance because my husband was away kept me there. I was in a sexual frenzy when Juan pulled my clothes off and pushed me back on the sofa. Throwing my legs in the air, he slid his big cock into me and I purred like a cat. He was so long and thick he had to begin with gentle, languid strokes. But as the moans upstairs intensified, so did his cadence. Soon he was fucking me hard and I was moaning just as loud. His body was like a machine, so narrow and chiseled. I rubbed my hands all over his stomach tattoo as he fucked me harder and harder.

    I came fast and frequently, bucking up into him to feel every inch. With a few more thrusts he pulled out and came all over my tits, groaning loudly. I tingled everywhere and my whole body had turned a bright shade of pink. I milked his cock for every drop with my hand.

    At that point, I decided to stay over because I was too drunk to drive. We slept in his bed, and in the morning he fucked me again twice. He has amazing endurance. I went home and since then, I've been wondering when I'll do it again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    I like professional black men and other women. My husband is a white guy thatâs 8 years younger than me. Im an attorney that practices family law, I met my husband because he was my ex-partners paralegal.

    Long story short, my ex-partner and I split our practice after he found out I had a fling with his wife. My husband had already quit working by that time and we were married. The ex-partner wouldnât come to terms unless I fucked him because he wanted to get back at his ex-wife. He was the first black man Iâd been with snd I loved it. We canât stand each other, but we still fuck ever time we cross paths.

    Iâm sure my husband suspects something, but he doesnât say anything. He doesnât have to work and I provide him with a nice life. I see bad family shit everyday and truthfully I donât see any issue with a wife that provides everything her husband wants taking care of herself too.

    Polticians, lawyers and judges are the worst and you can bet weâve all fucked each other in more ways than one.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I listed as Bi fem but I'm scarcely bi. Once in a rare while a beautiful woman comes on and I go all the way with her, whatever she wants but I never chase them. I love stiff cock, Nothing make me hotter than a married man's hard, frustrated cock sliding in and out of me. I have a short list; two from my company and three that I know socially. Thy are all hot and vibrating when we just contemplate our fucking.

    The best of them is a fellow only 5'6" (I'm 5'10") with a five inch dick but he is an oral artist and buries his face between my ass cheeks, rims me, and eats out my entire pussy. His little pecker feels like a steel rod and when he comes up my ass I can feel the heavy pulsating as he launches his strings of sperm into my bowels.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Waited for the wife to wake up and we had sex. Average normal.

    My pill was still working and I just didn't want to work.

    Trolled doublelist and found a guy willing to give nsa head. Emailed exchange and off I went.

    Nice apartment in the city, he was older but hwp.

    I decided to go for it all and took off all my clothes. Naked on the bed he came back in and started to suck my cock. It was nice - eyes closed (bc looking at a guy on my cock makes me loose my hardon). He deep throated me and stroked and had me close. Then licked my balls and a slight tongue on the ass - when I moaned he knew that's what I wanted.

    So he rimmed me for a while, which was great and make me rock hard - then sucked - then rimmed - then finally he started to finger me. I worked my ass on two finger (I think) and basically fucked is fingers while he sucked my cock..

    It became too much and he asked what I want and I told him to fuck me like a whore.. he did.

    Now home to the wife. Wonder what's for dinner...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Third time this week I've masturbated in front of the builders who are working across from our home. Their site and position allows them to see right into our back bedroom, and that's where I like to play with my clit and dildo fuck myself when my husband is away driving his truck throughout Europe. Earlier today was different, as one younger man took out his cock and began to stroke it as I played with myself. Both of the other times, the men have glanced in and shied away. Later on as I shopped in our local grocery store, I saw the young man who went bright red. It didn't stop him saying however "Next time I'd love to swap your dildo for my cock". My husband is away for another two days. I've told the young man I'm going to be alone tomorrow and to call by on his lunch hour.
    He said he will, we'll see if he's got the balls to fuck a real woman like me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    My husband's two brothers are both hot and hung. They started fucking me almost from our wedding day. I know that probably sounds terrible but I can't help it. Sorry! I just can't turn them down.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    The real me, was/is the person who has/d sex every day, most days more than once. I wasn't too fussy which sex it was, or who they were to me either. Both my brothers have fucked me in the past, and one still does fuck me when he's in town. My moms youngest sister was my first lesbian lover. We had an affair which lasted nearly three years from the age of fifteen, only breaking off our awesome sexual encounters because her new job.
    I once sucked my fathers cock, although he was drunk and never recalled that I did it as he lay on the couch. It was his cock that got me fascinated with sex and I soon discovered both of my older brothers liked the look of my titties and pussy. Neither knew for about eighteen months, the other was tonguing my pussy and ass, and fucking me whenever we got the chance.
    My first real outside sexual relationship, was with an older man who my parents owed some money to. I called by his home and worked away the debt with my mouth pussy and ass for nearly nine months. He treated me fine and I enjoyed the sex, even if his cock wasn't anywhere near as large as my brothers.
    After a series of boyfriends who used me wonderfully well just for sex, a woman who's husband was disabled after a severe stroke, took my eye. She lived only yards away from my grandparents home and each day I'd find an excuse to visit her, as well as my grandparents. Sometimes with her husband awake and watching, we'd have sex naked in front of him. He'd get kind of hard, then she'd suck him off, before sticking her face back into my pussy.
    Having a break from sex after she and her husband moved away, I eventually met a younger guy who quite simply has still got the biggest penis I've ever seen. I was twenty two by then and he was sixteen (Just). He told me he thought I was stunning, and if he was older he'd show me what a ten inch cock looked like. I told him he was bullshitting, and that's when he dropped his long shorts. My jaw nearly hit the floor and his cock was still flaccid. Driving us both over to a place I'd had sex numerous times before, I sucked on his mammoth cock, before he fucked me so amazingly well over the hood. I came on his cock countless times that afternoon and continued to screw him for over a year on and off.
    Lots and lots more girl and boyfriends later (Too mnay to mention separately here), I met Ricky. He's a big guy with a huge fat cock, and we fuck as often as he's not away working. We got married after only being together eight months and I genuinely do love him to bits. Only I need my pussy and asshole fucking every day and he's sometimes not around for weeks on end. He knows and understands I need my fix of sex and at the start of our marriage had a mate of his call by to look after me in bed. Only he was a terrible lover and wouldn't lick my pussy and ass, something I have to have done to me.
    I spoke to Ricky about his friend then asked him about his sister. He was a bit surprised I liked his sister, being as she's not the best looking person out there. But Kay has got the best body of a woman I've ever slept with and her pussy, Wow her pussy. She has large labia, but it's her clit that really gets me going as it looks like small cock and I go mad for it each time we make out. I already knew she liked me that way and it only took a word from her brother about keeping me company when he was away, for her to visit and stay over each time.
    The only alteration to Kay ataying over, is when my brother visits once or twice a year. Neither my husband or Kay know he fucks me when he stays, and we work it so Ricky is working away some of the time when he calls by.
    I don't thik my brother and I will ever stop fucking, al I have to do to cemebt my marriage properly, is to let Ricky know about my brother, but it how I tell him. Ricky is fully aware myself and his sister have sex, I'm not too sure if he'd understand about me being fucked by my brother. I will add finally that when my brother does stay over, it's never a loving kind of sex between us and we never ever kiss. My brother gos down on me and I him, then in as many positions as he lasts in, we fuck. It's not making love, we just fuck to release the sexual tension we've always had between us.
    So you can see, I'm not an average normal housewife. Yet I now live as one to all pretense and purpose. Maybe one day my libido will clam down. But then again maybe it won't. I certainly hope not, as I'm having way too much fun to stop.

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