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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 21

    I gave Carla a ride home after work - she's one of my friend's girlfriend. She invited me in for a beer and I accepted - we started watching David Letterman - the apartment was dark and it was kinda late.

    At one point she had her head down near my crotch - she started rubbing my cock through my shorts - she was horny - I told her I couldn't - but she insisted just a blowjob.

    So I took off my pants and she sucked my big cock - this was a blowjob marathon - she edged me forever - a good 30 minutes - and she swallowed it all.

    We never talked about this after that evening.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    "My Cheating Heart," isn't truly accurate. In my case, it should be titled, "My Cheating Ego."

    Outwardly I'm the sweetest, nicest devoted wife there is. I'm a fourth grade teacher, well likes by staff, students and parents. I volunteer for anything and everything, I am the best neighbor, as is my husband. We welcome everyone to the neighborhood, hold parties inviting everyone and generally step up and take care of whoever needs taking care of.

    What know one knows is that I can be incredibly slutty including sleeping with other men. In high school I had one boyfriend who took my virginity. Back then, I avoided sex like it was a disease until I was with someone for a long time and finally gave it up to my boyfriend in the most cliched way possible, after prom. After that a whole summer of fucking where I was by far the more aggressive and adventurous. He just wanted to cum and I wanted to try anything and everything. We were so in love and we were going to get married and have a family. He went off to school with promises of visiting every weekend. Three weeks later having not seen him and his calls and texts dried up he dumped me a week before I went off to school.

    After a week of terrible sorrow and self-pity, I was suffering through day one of orientation when another freshman asked to sit with me. Two hours later I was sucking his dick and then he lost his virginity with me. Later that night a second boy lost his virginity to me. I loved the fun of it, the pleasure of it and the boost it gave my ego. I felt alive again. I went a little crazy that first semester, sleeping with a couple dozen boys and struggling terrible in class. My parents threatened to pull me out and I fixed things my second semester. I fixed my grades while still managing to sleep with a dozen different guys. It got out that I was down for casual sex and i was popular as you can imagine.

    Second year I discovered seniors and became a time management and organizational expert mastering juggling my classes, extra-curriculars and all the dick I wanted.

    Third year I discovered men. Real men. Fucking three professors, graduate students, married men I met here there and everywhere. I was with men who could satisfy me and were not nervous about fucking a woman who liked to take charge or get kinky. My last two years I fucked men from thirty to fifty. I was tied to beds, spanked, brought to sex parties where I was gang banged, sucked twenty cocks in a night and managed to graduate with honers and entered an excellent post-graduate program on the government's dime. My sex like became more refined, less frenzied but still amazing and I took advantage of the opportunities that interested me.

    Moving home to start my career I was the sweet virginal girl next door again. The only time I cut loose was an occasional night out on my own in the city where I found strangers to fuck. It was pretty frustrating but worth it. During this time, I met my future husband. He was local like me, I'd known him casually for years him being only a few years older than I. We've been married two years. While we dated and were engaged, I still slept with other men, went to a few sex parties as a single and got my fill of good, hard, wild sex then went home to him, Mr traditional in the sack.

    At our wedding, on my knees praying I promised not to stray, to become the housewife of his dreams, to make sex less of a priority and more of a part of a marriage. I did this for awhile, following his lead, letting his call the sexual shots and it was fucking boring and physically and emotionally unsatisfying. I tried to pull him out of his sexual shell, sucking his cock at every turn, waiting in the kitchen nude with my fuck me boots on, down on my knees when he walked in, masturbating for his entertainment, dragging him to a sex shop to buy dildos and lube, giving him porn for Christmas. Its was all momentary, he never caught on and took over, it was always me pushing the envelope, he would revert to boring Bob if i wasn't dragging him along. After awhile, it felt like I was married to a robot whose cock I used like a marital aid to get off. He didn't much like the slutty me and I hated sucking and fucking the fake sex fiend I was trying to turn him into against his nature. One day I was sliding up and down his dick backwards letting him watch, talking as dirty as I could and I saw his disinterested and somewhat disturbed face in the mirror. I felt exposed, humiliated, had he felt this way all along? I think he did. I was done riding him like he was a piece of furniture.

    We settled back into his version of a sex life. Him grabbing my ass occasionally as a sign of affection, feeling my tits at night while we watched TV in bed, a couple of quick missionary fucks a month. The kinkiest thing he wanted from me was to keep my pussy waxed as he hates pubic hair which I was happy to do for him as I wanted to be smooth just in case. Just in case an opportunity to have real sex presented itself. I didn't want to cheat, masturbated a lot to keep that edge off but I knew, I knew of the right guy pushed it I'd be spreading my legs and that's exactly what happened.

    I felt the guy looking at me in the supermarket. He was shopping with his wife, looking for whatever but his eyes would linger on me again and again. I caught him looking at my ass, my tits, he looked me in the eyes with a confidence I never see in my husband. As one point I leaned down to get something and peeked over and we locked eyes. He was so bold and sexy. He was a lot older than I. I later found out he was fifty-three years old. He was tall, bald with a shaved head and muscular and so fucking confident. I remember being surprised his wife hadn't noticed that he was seducing me right in front of her but he was amazing. He took and opportunity after they veered off from me and came back and was standing alone when I rounded a corner. My pussy was wet when he handed me a folded note and his fingertips brushed my hand then my breast. The note said "message me" and there was a number.

    After agonizing for two weeks I messaged him. He had a wonderful personality. He explained that he and his wife were open and that he rarely took advantage, actually being with other people far less than she. He seduced me all over again with words this time then I invited him over my own place for "coffee." My husband works in town so on my next off day I planned on getting this guy over and going off. The anticipation heightened my lust and as luck would have it my husband was in a dry spell having not initiated sex for weeks.

    Before coffee, I showed him around the house, finishing in my bedroom, then in my bed. Three hours of fucking and sucking later I was spent and thrilled. He was happy as well. We've been fucking ever since on an occasional basis, and it's still great. I meet him when my husband goes on trips or on my off days and it's such a rush.

    Fucking him opened the door a bit as well. I've met two other younger men in their thirties who are kinky as fuck. I met each on-line so I knew what they were about. I get with them occasionally as well, always away from home where no one knows me. One guy loves public sex, me sucking him off here, there and everywhere and making me cum in all sorts of interesting places like dressing rooms, stairwells, and even in a museum. The other guy is into bondage and discipline, introducing me to whippings, fisting, both pussy and ass, and sharing, both my body and my photos. My face is never exposed but my pussy often is.

    I don't feel guilty. I was terribly afraid that the guilt would be overpowering but in all honestly I've never felt any. I'm very careful not to pursue even the most desirable sexual relationship if it would even remotely threaten my professional reputation or my marriage. I see these three guys only; except for when the one guy shares me but he knows and respects my boundaries. I feel that I can stick to this to meet my sexual needs and in turn it makes for a happier marriage for both my husband and I. I also feel that when we start a family I'll be able to break off all outside sex and concentrate on our children. This I'm not so confident in. I can see being easily tempted as there will be many times where I will be in close quarters with single and married fathers some of whom will catch my eye and who will respond in kind. I'll find out eventually which way I'll go but for now I'm simply a dutiful housewife/elementary school teacher and a closet slut. Don't judge me too harshly.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    On average twice a month, more if I need to feel a huge cock up my asshole again. I book a room at a motel myself and the owner have an agreement at. Basically I suck him off, which takes no more than a minute, tops. And he allows me a free room for an hour.
    I advertise/put on my profile on an adult hook up site, and invite ONLY well endowed anal loving men to get in touch. Usually I will arrange for three men to visit me during my time at the motel. Either to fuck me separately or in a group. And each man must want to and love to eat out my asshole before and after fucking it senseless.
    It's something my much older husband hates, but I absolutely love. So I get my anal kicks from other men, and mostly men who cannot get enough of my demanding nature. I do have regular fuck buddies now, but I still invite total strangers to join our fuck club. That is if they're up to the task, enjoy anal in all it's wonderful forms and have had a trip to a clinic I know a of.
    It's not for everyone as I've found out. Some men say they can produce the goods, but when it cums to it, literally, they cannot perform. I've had men from all age ranges want to get involved, but have found it's the older men who are the one's prepared to do more for me, and to get right down and dirty on my ass.
    Pity my husband isn't one of them.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    n the movie theater parking lot, where I go to grab some illicit sex, My husband caught me fucking one of his friends on a Saturday night when I was supposedly out with girl friends. We talked little about it and he did not seem pissed. He might be pissed if he knew that in the four years we've been married I have had sex with three of his friends and four of the husbands of my girl friends.

    When you are a live wire, I guess the word gets out. I love strange sex and new partners...that's just my reality, I love it and I am going to have it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    When I was asked five months ago why I cheated on my husband, I replied "Because he's got a four inch cock and he absolutely refuses to go down on me".
    The individual who asked me the question, then asked me to follow him into a side room. Exiting the small seated area first, I walked behind him into his little room and watched him remove his robe. In splendid vigour he was already fully erect and I knew my place.
    Lifting my skirt, having already removed my knickers earlier before entering his building, I bent over and offered him either the pink or the brown. Like the week before, he squatted down and began to tongue my pussy and arse. The sensations his expert mouth gave me, soon had my first orgasm ripping through me and I let out a moan of sexual relief.
    But that moan was nothing to one I had when his cock speared straight up my arsehole. He likes anal, it's HIS thing. And who am I to deny someone like him his human relief.
    There's never enough time when he's deep inside of me, and I always seem to want more from his beautiful cock. Yet he doesn't falter on giving me immense orgasms, nor does he back away from settling his seed deep inside of my body either.
    My final act of total submission to his will, is to make sure he's as clean as my mouth can make him. Usually I can taste my pussy or anal cream on his cock, as well as his cum. But sometimes the blood of my monthly wipes out any other taste.
    Twenty six years of age, that's when I first entered his confessional. Precisely eight weeks after he married us. And each week after our first revelation of sex, he's asked me why I give him the opportunity to deflower my pussy and arse.
    And each week I crave his sexual wrath......................

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Caught my wife with a bbc n now she does it for my viewing pleasu
    About a year ago the lady that lives a couple houses down saw me at a ball game alone and she reluctantly started telling me she see a black guy stopping by my house around midnight a few times a week. I work night shift so she thought something was odd. Instead of asking my wife about it I hid some video cameras in various places throughout our house. About a week later I asked the neighbor if she'd seen the guy over again n she said yes so I checked my cameras. Boy was I so surprised in sooo many ways. First of all I instantly recognized the black guy as one of my ex coworkers as I saw him enter my house. My wife greeted him at the door wearing nothing but panties n a bra. I'm not naive so I immediately knew what was about to happen but I was still curious. After sitting on the sofa for bout an hour she laid over and started to go down on him. After what seemed like the longest blowjob I've ever watched she at least had the respect n courtesy to retrieve a condom from her purse n placed it on his dick. She straddled him briefly and they seemed uncomfortable so they moved to our bedroom. I was starting to get pissed but I thought I would keep watching just to see her reaction when he entered her cause he was certainly larger than myself. She went over to my usual side of the bed and bent over with her head on my pillow and without hesitation he slid in her from behind n the fucking began. After listening to her and watching her face I surprisingly had the hardest erection in my entire life. This dude was fucking the holy shit out of my wife of 15 years. I started stroking myself I got so excited from watching her push her ass back against him. Then suddenly my heart nearly exploded from excitement when I watched him pull out n slowly slide his black cock in her asshole. I've never done that to her myself so I really was flabbergasted. He didn't last very much longer after this n after about 30 minutes he left. I still watch this video from time to time. Ironically the neighbor says she doesn't see him at the house anymore.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 46

    We're not teenagers and we don't want to live together. We're both married and enjoy that side of our own individual relationships. The only thing we weren't getting was the physical side and I love sex.
    My husband's passion is golf, mine is receiving a large thick cock up my pussy and asshole. And making sure then man I'm with has a very very good time. His name is Harry, he's a year older than me and boy does he have a huge penis. Harry's also got the libido and sexual energy to match.
    We live only a few streets apart and because of our home set ups, we have more than enough time during the week to fuck, usually away from our respective homes. And fuck we do. It's not love making by any stretch of the imagination that we have together, as I love to be fucked hard, and in as many places outdoors as possible.
    That's how we met. I posted a profile status and some naked pictures of myself on a mature hook up site, and Harry responded by telling me he had the same kink as myself.
    We both love to have sex outdoors and Harry is such an inventive sexual partner. We did once involve another man as I'd always had a fantasy of being double fucked. But the guy was a bit of a cock sure person and we didn't other than the sex, hit it off.
    Cars, on a bus. A couple of train journeys. Out in the national park close to our homes, and many many other places we've had sex. Harry has even fucked me on the roof of our local police station, as he was doing some work up there. I'm his naughty slut, his every greedy fuck piece as he calls me. And I love it.
    The next thing for us, is to take a trip together when my husband plays golf soon in Scotland. He and some of his golfing buddy's are flying over there to play, leaving me for eight nights alone. I've already been booked into a mountain lodge along with Harry. It was my husband who booked it, speaking to Harry about the timings and who would be driving. My husband suggested Harry drives, as I will then be free to suck on his cock as he steers us up the mountain. It's something I once used to do with my husband. A long time ago, it now seems.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    All the years I could have had sex with other men, knowing they fancied the knickers off of me, and didn't because I was a faithful wife and mother. Then I find out by pure accident, my husband had a one night stand with a local slut only three days after, that's after, we got married. He's apparently let some people know it was because he never sowed his wild oats before we tied the knot, and she was available to fuck. Oh was she!
    Well because I am still considered attractive and have kept myself in great shape over the years, where as he has gotten fat and also balding. I'd gone and gotten myself a toy boy and not just any toy boy, but my husband's very muscular, very well hung and very horny twenty two year old nephew. His name is Martin, he's over six foot in height and loves kinky sex. His favourite sexual passion at the moment, is to fuck me outdoors, and it's something we've done on a very regular basis since the weather has improved. I no longer have to worry about being pregnant as I've had my tubes tied, plus most of the time Martin ejaculates deep up my arsehole anyway. A place my husband hardly ever liked fucking.
    Martin will unfortunately be taking up his role in the army fairly soon, so our little affair, as wonderful as it's been, will be over. But that's not to say my liaisons with other young men will end. Indeed only last week I met a very charming young man during my weekly visit to hotel I represent. He and I had an amazing time working out just how much one of the new beds could take. I arrived home that day, with some of his sticky cum still leaking out of my pussy.
    It's given me a whole new perspective on who and when I should have sex with. And in future believe me, I'm not going to say no to certain men who make a pass at me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 47

    I have a fantasy of toying with one of my wife's coworkers. This coworker is older and for the most part, pretty classy. Her body is regular, but she has monster tits that I would really like to play with. My idea with toying with her would be meeting for lunch at her place, then immediately stripping down and devouring her pussy. I so wish I could do everything to her. Fucking her monster tits and fuck her in every position would be a triumphant goal! I would like to fuck her doggy style over a table and as I fuck her I would like to put a big vibrator up her ass making her come over and over. Having her suck my cock and emotying a load in her mouth would be a fantastic finisher.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Is it really cheating if a guy who's recently married is having sex with another guy? I mean I'm not doing the fucking, I'm actually getting fucked and sucking also. I'd think that it's probably cheating if I was the guy on top, but it isn't that way.

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