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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I'm 4 years older than my sister. She is the girl who was drop dead gorgeous and I was average. She married a hunk. I love my husband but he is very vanilla, and cums quick. We have been trying for a baby two years but nothing yet. One day my sister and her husband were in their car, I was talking on my cell to my husband. My breast was inside the window, when my sister rolled the window up almost pinching my breast. We all had a little laugh. We were at our parents for a hangout. All had drank to much except me, so I could drive my husband home. I went to the toilet and was closing the door when my brother-in-law entered and closed the door. His line was he was worried about my breast and needed to check it out. I don't know why but I let him lift my shirt and let him fondle and suck my breast. I got very worked up quick having never been with another man much less a hunk of any woman's dreams. I had on loose shorts so he had his thumb inside me before I realized I didn't stop him. I had an orgasm and then I noticed my shorts and panties were off and he was naked. He has such a fine penis not to long but had a shape I loved. I was going to give him a blow job when he leaned me back on the vanity and lifted my legs over his arms. He was inside me and I didn't care my husband, sister, and parents were located on the other end of the house. I was so hornie and almost passed out when he finally cum inside me. He got dressed and about to exit and I told him we were wrong and not to do it again. About 2 weeks later I was at Home Depot when he came up and spoke, helped me with my purchase. After checkout we were in his truck making out like high school kids. I could barely walk to my car being paralized from my orgasms. I did get pregnant but my son is no doubt my husband's. My daughter could be fathered by my brother-in-law, I can't determine yet. We aren't often meeting up now days, but my husband gives me sex buzz and my dildo and brother-in-law gives me body knumbing orgasms. I feel guilty often for what I do but when I feel slutty I am open for the opportunity.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    I've been married for 12 years, and I have never cheated on my husband.

    Recently a very attractive guy was hired at my office. I'm 5'9" but he's gotta be at least 6'5". We have talked over lunch a few times and recently I found myself alone with him in the Xerox room.

    I was making some copies and when the machine ran low on toner, he asked me if I needed a refill. When I said yes he came up behind me and rubbed himself on my butt. I was surprised, but I didn't resist. I found myself pushing back and rubbing myself against him. After a few seconds, he took my right hand and pulled it behind me in order to touch his trousers. It was quite apparent that he had a huge erection and I started to rub his penis through his pants.

    All of a sudden the door started to open and we parted very quickly. He turned away towards the paper supply rack, and I just continued to make copies. Turns out, one of my female friends opened the door to tell me I was wanted on a conference call.

    We both then went on our separate ways, but I know this won't be the end of this situation. I hope I don't make the wrong decision.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    So far Valentines day has been just perfect for me. First thing this morning my husband woke me up by going down on me, and gave me such a wonderful orgasm from his expert tongue.
    Once he'd driven me to the brink of another orgasm, he slipped his cock inside me from behind and fucked me until we'd both cum.
    Showered, dressed in a sexy figure hugging (I have a great figure) dress, I drove to work knowing Brad would be there. Once at work I got his immediate attention and made sure he knew to make himself free for lunch.
    Lunch time brought me a small sandwich, but also a huge twenty year old cock. Taking Brad into one of the companies conference rooms, I had him first tongue my pussy and asshole, then sucked on his massive cock until his cock was leaking pre cum onto my tongue.
    Lay on the large conference table, I had Brad fuck me as he played with my breasts. His enormous cock didn't take long to power fuck me to orgasm, and sill reeling from the effects, Brad spunked his load right up my love hole.
    Just before close of day at the office, I chose to see if Melisa was going to visit our location. Melisa and I used to be an item before I married my husband, but her career took over and we drifted apart. By pure chance as I was walking out, not able to contact her, I bumped into her about to take the elevator down to the lobby.
    No sooner than the doors closed, we were all over each other. Kissing passionately and reaching up skirts, then into one another's panties. The doors opened and we exited as if nothing had happened. Melisa said sorry for our separation as we walked through the lobby, and arranged for us to meet up next week. Walking with her to our cars, I eagerly accepted her invitation to sit with her for a while. Knowing we were almost the last to leave, we moved over to each other and kissed again. Reaching inside her panties again, I moved my fingers along her soaking wet pussy slit and then up to her clitty. As our tongues danced, I began to massage her clit fast and hard. And it wasn't long before my one time lesbian lover climaxed on my hand. Taking my hand out of her clothing, I licked every drop of her juices off of my hand, and accepted her promise to meet up at a motel next week.
    At home now, my husband is getting ready to take us out. He's booked a table at my favorite restaurant. Can't wait to eat, and then hopefully have him give me cunnilingus later on, before he fucks me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    My husband likes sex, only not the type of sex I now enjoy most. He's a responsive lover, in as much as he'll always go down on me whenever I ask him too, even if he isn't horny. Yet I find I just cannot stop cheating on him with men who'll fuck me senseless. I really enjoy hard dirty rough sex and although I've often asked my husband to give me that type of sex, his moral compass won't let him fuck me that way. Nor will it allow me to have anal sex with him, something I adore having.
    That's why after only a few months of being married, I cheated on him with a guy I met at the gym I attend. He's so forceful in his sexual ways and always fucks my asshole with his super hard thick cock, when I beg him to. He's not the only man I have sex with though.
    Around once a month my father in law visits us and stays over. At least once during his stay we'll find time for us to fuck. I already knew he had a massive cock, so when he discovered a digital stick with a recording of me being fucked by gym friend, he didn't tell his son. Instead he dragged me into the guest room he stays in, and proceeded to fuck me over the next hour making me orgasm over and over again on his huge dick.
    That was nearly a year ago, and since his first discovery, we've done almost everything you can imagine sexually, and then some.
    If my husbands cock was larger and his desire to fuck me was more to my liking, then I doubt I'd have cheated on him. As it is, his cock isn't half the size of his fathers and he can't fuck me anywhere near to the dirty horny way my gym buddy fucks me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Just got back from dropping my daughter off at pre school. Like every Monday, Thursday and Friday, I meet another parent there. His name is Rob, he's fifty four and a grandfather.
    Around six months ago my car broke down at the school. Phoning my husband to come and help me in the pouring rain, he told me he was too busy sorting out his golf clubs for following days golf.
    Angry, frustrated and feeling hurt, I asked an older man if he knew what was wrong with my car. Although he couldn't fix it there and then, he had it towed to his garage. Two hours later I was back home, my car fixed and a mouth tasting of that older gentleman's cum.
    In the back office of his garage as he had a young guy look at my car, I thanked him in the only way I could, not having any money with me. He didn't want payment and wouldn't accept I bring him the cost of repair, so I persuaded him to sit in his large office chair as I took out his incredibly fat cock.
    Over the next fifteen minutes, I gave Rob the best god damn blow job I could. And boy did he fuck my mouth, making sure I swallowed his cum by holding my head tight.
    Back at home that day, I walked into kitchen to find my husband literally polishing his clubs. Stepping upto him I kissed my husband, making sure I wrapped my tongue around his. Once we'd kissed passionately for some time, he got all horny and wanted to fuck. I denied him his pleasure telling him I needed to relax after fixing my own car. He sheepishly walked away, but before he did, he said "You know me and cars, I ain't got a clue".
    Well, for me that was it. He'd happily polish his clubs in the dry, but leave me to struggle outside his daughters school, trying to fix a car.
    The following Monday, I met Rob again, only it didn't take my car to break down to follow him to a place he knew. Hoping into his truck, I first sucked on his cock. Then had him go down on me. He was and is such a fantastic guy at giving cunnilingus, I was cumming hard in no time. Then without using a condom, I had him fuck me from behind as I held onto the seat back. Again I came as he pounded me from behind. With the orgasm still raging through me, my older lover came deep inside my pussy.
    Yes my husband makes so I don't have to work, by having such a highly paid job. Yet even we have a daughter together, he hardly does anything for me, other than shove his cock up my pussy and asshole, very occasionally nowadays.
    The final straw, was him not attempting to at least try to help me that day. Meeting Rob was in every way fortuitous, as not only do we meet-up and have sex outdoors, in our cars and sometimes at his garage. But this past few weeks with my husband working away quite frequently, I've had Rob, who's divorced, visit me at home when my daughters in bed.
    He might be twenty years my husband's senior, yet Rob has more about him in every way. He's more athletic, more eager to please, a whole more horny when we fuck and definitely has a larger thicker cock than my husband.
    Today after dropping off my daughter, Rob and I drove over to a beautiful spot we know. After having him lick my pussy and asshole on the rug he'd brought next to the large oak tree, I had him lay on his back as I mounted his gorgeous cock anally. We fucked like that until we both orgasmed, then Rob took his time to pleasure me by licking and sucking out his own cum from my ass.
    My husband is away again this week for two days. My sister and her husband are minding our daughter as they're going on a trip with their son for a couple of days.
    Guess who's moving into our home during those two days.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 42

    Married with a family at the time this happend my husband was being a complete dick. Met this guy online we decifed to hook up. Really couldnt get away so we met near my house. Long story short we fucked in the back of my suv. He had a really big thick dick.

    Im into rough sex so hr would choke me,forced oral and make me ride him hard. I would cum so much.we stopprd he got too attached.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    Joe my husband has gone off playing golf. He'll be gone until at least four this afternoon.
    Lay in our bed naked, waiting with a huge hard on, is Michael our nineteen year old neighbor. He and I have been fucking one another this past year everytime Joe goes and plays his golf.
    It's something I fully expect to carry on happening, as long as Joe enjoys playing with his golf buddies, rather than fucking his extremely horny wife.
    Oh well, time to see if Michael is going to enjoy fucking my asshole again. I'm sure he will, I know I do ;)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    This past weekend, I cheated on my wife of ten years, and it wasn't fun, or kinky, or fulfilling. It was me lying to my wife, telling her I couldn't sleep and instead driving to another girl's house; it was me sitting in the truck shaking in her driveway; it was awkward kissing a pretty limp cock despite trying everything I could think of to keep it up; it was this girl hurting me twice trying to get me into it; it was a lackluster orgasm I gave myself on her bed after beating my cock for 15 minutes straight. Sure, it was "just a blowjob," but it matters. I gave what rightfully belongs to my wife to someone else and it wasn't even good in the slightest.

    And then it was feeling sick to my stomach for hours, wandering the store aimlessly for the bottle of juice I assured my wife I'd pick up for her while I was out. It was the girl I cheated with telling me that "we shouldn't have done that" and getting upset because she could "tell from my eyes that I was sad." All this build up, anticipation, years of flirting and near misses that just seemed to make us want it more, for that terrible experience.

    And now I get to feel nauseous at work when the memory comes back to me every few hours or when I'm sitting on the couch with my wife wondering when she's going to find out. Across the dinner table dropping my gaze from hers because she probably already knows something's up. Randomly seeing images of this other girl bobbing up and down or licking my cock when my mind wanders a little bit and not being able to enjoy it in the least.

    I'm a little angry with all the stories I've read on this site; here, everyone's justified for cheating. I wasn't, we had no problems in the bedroom, or with money, or kids, or really anything. I just wanted a little more is all, I needed my ego stroked a bit more, needed someone else to want me.

    Well, there you go. A man who royally fucked up who's conscience might shave five years off his life 'cause he's too chicken shit to tell anyone in real life and take responsibility for putting his cock where it don't belong. Have fun, folks.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    My name is Cara and I am the other woman, have been now for nearly a full year. For a little background, I teach Algebra at a small town high school and I've been here for about three years after a messy divorce. The man I thought was the love of my life ended it when I found out that I can't get pregnant and it was a "dealbreaker." So I moved one town away from where I grew up and still have family, took this job to rebuild. He's remarried now of course, has two boys, joke's on me I guess. From an awesome city that I loved to out in the middle of nowhere where I get to be the jilted Algebra teacher. Every girl's dream, right?

    I met Mike pretty much when I started teaching here within the first week; he's one of those quirky, charismatic teachers that everyone always talks about. The kids love him; he teaches Literature and advises the RPG Club. His wife is also a teacher there, she teaches Biology and coaches the Dance Team. They have a small daughter together, she's beautiful with his dark brown hair and her eyes and skin. It makes my non-functional uterus hurt, their seemingly perfect life together.

    Truth is, the two of them sleep in separate bedrooms and most weekends she's not home. A divorce is essentially all but public at this point and they are just together while she finishes up a degree so she can move on in December. All the faculty know how bad things are-they've had a couple of serious blow ups at work functions or behind the scenes that were pretty nasty. "They aren't good together," is a pretty common phrase. I'm glad the students don't seem to know, I'm not sure how they don't. Their dirty laundry is THE gossip of the administration.

    Mike and I started talking after a stray comment led to us meeting up on WOW-yes, I have played World of Warcraft since the beginning when I was in college and still go back to it (a lot more after my divorce!). He's a big dork so we met up, chatted, and played for hours one night and that was it. I was hooked on him and had never heard him so chipper outside of the classroom. I started trying to dress it up to get his attention, started joining his group for lunch every day, even attended a session of the RPG Club to show him I was interested ("Org Listening Tour," I told our principal). I actually kind of felt like a high school girl trying to get her guy, desperately serious.

    I can't compare to his wife, I'm just not that kind of girl. She has big boobs, blonde store bought hair, a great figure, great makeup, can pick out clothes that match that aren't shades of the same color. She's of course a domestic goddess, and I burn water trying to boil it. I'm not unattractive or ungraceful by any means, but with light brown hair that I can only style two ways (pony tail or hair pin, take your pick) and big dorky glasses, she and I are night and day different. I do have a nice body I think, though I wish my boobs were bigger and I wasn't so skinny. Either way, my charms eventually won him over, and one weekend we met up and had an amazing time in bed. When you're a dorky gal, you learn a thing or two about the kind of sex you want to have, and I gave him everything I had. He cried after he came, and I was his from that moment on. All the jitters of sleeping with another woman's husband, gone. I've NEVER cheated in my life, though I'm sure my ex cheated on me before it was all said and done.

    Truth is, I want her to know what I do to him, the kind of slut he's turned me into over the course of the year. She doesn't know how many times he's cum inside me (41 times), how much I love sucking him, and all the teasing I give him throughout the day. I've wrapped my legs around him and I'm not letting go at this point. He is mine. People know I'm certainly much happier than I was when I first got here, but they don't know why. I tell them I've found my calling teaching here. In truth, I've found my calling teaching Mike how to make me climb the walls and returning the favor.

    I've started doing things to make them fight more, he doesn't know that, the only thing I feel bad about. I ruined a piece of expensive lingerie she had in her closet, cut up some of her panties in her underwear drawer and put them back on top so she'd see it, and took a little info I learned about her and started a rumor that blew up to such a big argument that the police were called and she got sent home from school. They asked him if he had a safe place to stay, icing on the cake for me. She's the kind of girl that should be with my ex-husband-they'd be perfect together. She deserves all of this aggravation for mistreating him and not getting out of the way for a better woman. Once she's gone, I will be the stepmom to his daughter, the proud wife who actually does things with her amazing guy, and I will have the happily ever after I deserve.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I am supposed to be married to a very traditional guy in June, but I've never been faithful to him for even a week. We do not live together, and he works out of town at least 2 days a week for his job. When ever he is out of town, I give a booty call to one of my old bf's. They are usually happy to come over and service my needs, and even when he is in town, when I tell him I'm going to hang out with my gf's I am usually in bed with one of more of them. Even before my first sexual partner, my mom's older sister, I used my hair brush to make myself O.

    I don't know what's wrong with me. I've always been this way, and probably always will be. Should I tell him or just let him find out on his own?

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