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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 26

    My girlfriend and I have been together for over 7 years and her younger sister Charlotte was 10 when we first started going out.

    She's now 16 turning 17 soon, and I've started to look at her different. Charlotte has a beautiful face and has really started to become a woman.

    She's very petite and has a great little ass. I've found myself looking at her ass recently and imagining what I'd do to it.

    I recently went round her parents house where she lives. I went upstairs to the toilet which is next to charlottes room. I crept in and saw that she wasn't in there.

    I walked over to the draws and pulled one open. Charlotte had a selection of thongs and knickers.

    I pulled out a couple of thongs and quickly took them to the toilet. I sat there and wrapped charlottes thongs around my dick. I wanked while smelling the thongs. I imagined getting my hands on charlottes perfect little ass, and licking her tight little ass hole.

    All I can think about now is Charlotte wearing those thongs. Maybe I will have to go round one day and fuck her.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Because of how our houses are situated, only one house at the rear of our property overlooks us. Having said that, it's from that house I'm now considering letting one of their sons fuck me.
    He basically caught me masturbating naked on our guest room bed. I'd not had sex with my husband for months and had been generally playing with my pussy in the shower or bath to relieve me sexual needs. Bu that afternoon I'd received a dildo I'd ordered and decided to lay on the bed. Half way to my orgasm from fucking my pussy and playing with my clit, I noticed movement out of the corner of my left eye and looked around. Totally shocked, I saw our neighbours son Chris staring at me, tossing himself off in front of his bedroom window. Quickly getting up, I closed the curtains and told myself off.

    A little later once my husband had gone to bed, I decided to finish off what I'd started before he got home from work and used the dildo in the shower. It brought back the memory of Chris watching me and also of his cock as he wanked himself. The orgasm I had was so strong, i cried out with joy.

    A few days later looking across, I noticed Chris in his room as I was tidying up. My pussy instantly became wet I became amazingly horny. Having never done anything like this before, I decided I was going to see if he really liked watching me. Stripping off, I got the dildo from where I still store it and went to lay on the bed. Ignoring that he could easily see me as I lay down, I licked and sucked on the dildo, then slid it deep into my pussy. Knowing he was watching me became such a turn on, I climaxed almost immediately, but carried on fucking myself. Chancing a quick look, I saw he'd taken his shorts off and was tossing off what I could clearly see was a large cock. This time turning myself so he got to see everything I was doing to myself, I propped up my head with pillows and stared at him as we masturbated in front of each other. I watched him cum all over the window sill in front of him and it brought me ot my second orgasm.

    Now before I carry on, I need to say this. My husband knows about my high libido, and also knows I masturbate frequently. I've asked him many times in the past and of late to satisfy me sexually, but all he says these days, is he's tired or he's going fishing.

    And it was during a all night fishing trip he took last week, I and Chris had a lengthy masturbation session watching one another over the fifty feet which separates our bedrooms. Opening my legs wide, I made sure he could see everything I did to myself and even slid the dildo a little up my arsehole. He was wanking furiously over the hour or so we played with ourselves, and I watched that young man cum twice.

    The real reason I'm here. Next weekend my husband and two of his friends are travelling down south to go on a two night fishing trip. I've decided that I'm going to see if Chris wants to call round. I've already taken his mobile number by writing mine on a piece of paper and showing it to him in the window. He text me straight away and I thanked him after we'd flirted by text for some time. I know he'd like to fuck me (As would many men who have tried to chat me up recently), but I was unsure about cheating on my husband. But then if he's not prepared to fuck me and Chris will. Is that cheating ??????...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    We've only been married for nine months yet already I've strayed and can't help wanting our next door neighbours massive cock. He's in his late fifties too, which at first was surreal to me flirting with him. That was until at a recent barbecue I found myself fixated on his huge cock bulge in his shorts. He noticed me looking and asked me later on if I'd like to see what I'd been staring at. With my husband and his brother drinking in the garden, and his wife entertaining other guests, I followed our neighbour into his bathroom and watched as he revealed the biggest cock I've ever seen. Telling me we'd have t be quick as his wife is forever needing the loo, I sank down and let him slide in the largest cock I've ever had in my mouth. It felt absolutely massive in my mouth, yet I wanted so badly to pleasure him. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I went totally cock crazy and blew him as good as any porn slut I'd seen on movies.
    After a few minutes he held my head and forced his cock further into my mouth. And I knew he was about to cum. When he did, it was like Niagara falls flooding down my throat, there was that much semen. Even so I swallowed as much as I could, and then released his still enormous cock.
    Thanking me, he asked if we could have some more fun in future. I nodded but was still swallowing some of his cum. Back outside my husband asked where I'd been. I told him our neighbour had been showing me his old military memorabilia. Looking at me and grinning, my husband said "Boring fucker then". I just nodded and smiled.
    My husband is away for two days next week, working down south. I'm going to be working from home those days and if he wants to, I'm going to invite our neighbour around to see just how boring he can be.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I've been fucking my brother-in-law since before he married my sister. The fact that we are cheating seems to make us hotter fuckers. He sometimes says, "Shit, I feel so guilty fucking my wife's sister." I answer, "I know what you mean. Let's just fuck and put it out of our minds." He says, "You're right, let's just fuck." I'm dating some other guy and he hasn't a clue what a shit bird he's dating. I can't stop, though. Could you, if you had a great, hot, sneaky thing going on? I don't enjoy my boyfriend nearly as much as my brother-in-law, who makes me come in no time at all.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Went into my doctors surgery two months ago, to have stitches removed from a cut I received in my lower back. My normal doctor was off ill, so I had to see a locum.
    It was younger female doctor (My doctors male and around his late fifties) who saw me and straight away when I removed my shirt, I saw her looking at my chest with a look of what I now know to be of desire. Going through the process, she removed the three stitches, then asked me if anyone had ever told me I had a particular type of chest (Something to do with the gap between my pecs) Asking me if she could examine it, I said "Yeh sure". The examination though, wasn't anything like a medical one, but more of a sexual one. Caressing and massaging my chest I could tell she was turning herself on. Then just as I was about to say something, her hands moved straight down to my cock bulge.
    My wife is pretty, but of late not really into sex. The doctor however is not only pretty, but very much into sex and she let me know asking me straight out if I'd fuck her.
    I'm not exactly sure why (Other than how pretty, sexy and slim she is), but instead of walking out, I found myself with my trousers and boxers around my ankles, with her trousers and knickers dropped down below her bum, and with her bending over the examination bed I'd just had my stitches taken out. Looking back at me, she told me we didn't have much time.
    Stepping up to her, I put my cock to her soaking wet pussy opening and thrust in. Beginning to fuck her slowly, she again turned her head and repeated we didn't have much time. That was it for me, I slammed my cock into her hard and as fast. Not seeing her as the beautiful young woman she was anymore, but an object of sex to be fucked as I wished.
    But then she wanted it that way as she told me to fuck her harder. So I did, not caring anymore if anyone could hear us.
    Fucking only for a couple of minutes, she cried out in a low moan orgasming all over my cock. Which made my cock twitch with the need to cum. But before I could, she had me pull out, spun around and dropped down. Taking my cock into her mouth, she made a noise of complete satisfaction and sucked harder on my dick. I didn't last too long after that and came in her mouth. She sucked and sucked down my semen and finished by looking up at me and licking her lips. Standing up she massaged my chest again and said "That would have me horny every time I saw it".
    Two months later and my doctor hasn't returned to work. I know this because I visit the surgery two or three times a week, when she required. Never when it's open as that would be stupid, but visiting early morning before work. My beautiful locum married doctor opens the surgery as one of her newer wanted roles. She tells them it's to catch up on her work and to do some internet research. But in realty it's so we can fuck. We get a little more time to have sex this way, and in doing so, I've discovered the delights of making her climax over and over again by licking out her pussy and arsehole. An arsehole I've now fucked several times.
    She and I know it's probably not going last. But whilst it does, we're going to have fun when we can, even having sex sometimes at her home, when I'm working in and around her area.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    I was actively bi in HS and college. I'm married now with 3 children, but sometimes I still get a craving to be with a woman. Several times since I've been married I have had lesbian flings. I don't tell my husband and he doesn't know.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I was in a long distance relationship with my husband and met him after 4 months. He was living in a 3 bedroom apartment with his best friend. In the evening we had a small party at his flat and three of us drank together (Me, hubby and his friend). I am very much in love with my husband and never imagined to even touch any other man. But that day I don’t know what happened just after two drinks I felt horny like hell and started kissing my husband in front of his friend. He was a serious and reticent kind of a guy who kept staring at me while I kissed my hubby. His long gaze turned me even hotter while I kissed my husband. Suddenly I stopped kissing as if I felt lil scared with his angry gaze at me.
    Sometime later we had our food and my husband had a couple more drinks. He was too drunk so we took off and headed towards are bedroom. Though my husband was too drunk, he started undressing me and playing with my tits. We were both top naked while we hugged each other and kissed. In a while my hubby slept while I was still awake. I stood and wrapped a wrapped a Pashmina around my naked body and went out of the room to sit in the common balcony for a smoke. As i smoked I felt warm hands around my shoulders. Shocked to see my husband's best friend Sid, my heart started pounding. He wasted no time and started massaging my breasts with his warm hands. I felt very scared and shy but didn’t resist at all. A little later I found myself sitting on his lap and kissing like crazy. And as I remember we kissed passionately for more than an hour locked up in each other’s' arms.

    The moment I gathered some sense that I was kissing my hubby's best friend, I got even more excited and decided to do this forbidden thing.Now that I was all ready to go with the flow, I removed the pashmina wrapped around my body. I took his hand and placed them on my perky breasts as if allowing him to do anything he wants. We looked straight into each other’s' eyes for a few seconds with his hands holding my breasts and that was it.... We both were ready to commit the sin.

    He lifted me in his arms and took me to his room, just next to my husband's room, and lay me on his bed. I undressed myself hurriedly and spread my legs apart. I had no shame at this point of time. He too wasted no time and shoved his fingers inside me and I moaned with pleasure. He kept fingering and kissing me at the same time. This went on for a while. He then stood up to bring some ice. He shoved one ice cube inside my wet hot vagina and boy.....I trembled with extreme pleasure. Within seconds the ice cube melted and put another one again. He kept watching me as he put ice cube inside my vagina and I kept moaning. I was at the peak of my emotion and wanted to be fucked real bad. He then put a few ice cubes inside his mouth and started fucking me with his ice cold tongue. Oh boy...that was something I had never experienced before. I felt like doing anything for him. He kept pushing his tongue inside my vagina and kept fucking me in and out. He just blew my mind.

    I almost screamed with pleasure...fucckkk my mouth! Thats when he got up and sat on my face. Shoved his thick 8 inch penis inside my mouth. And I began to suck it like an obedient whore in and out. I sucked him hard for about 20 mins and watched him moan. Now it was my turn to see him moan with pleasure. I took a break after 20 mins of blow jobing him to suck one ice cube. After sucking the cube and reached out to his penis once again to give him the pleasure. This time he lay on his back while i shoved his dick in my mouth. He pushed it deeper in my mouth till the throat. He kept pushing his penis in and kept shouting my name. I could see him trembling with pleasure and that gave me a high. I could now taste his salty pre-cum. I liked the taste and sucked his penis even harder.

    After a few minutes of sucking he demanded me to get him a cigarette and a lighter. I did so. He took the cigarette and shoved it inside my wet hole. When the entire bud became wet he asked me to light the cigarette. He took the cigarette and started to smoke while I sat on his lap. He adjusted himself a bit to push his penis inside me and we started fucking again. He took the puff and blew it inside my mouth so that i could smoke directly from his mouth. This was the ultimate high. He smoked and fucked me at the same time. And this time we fucked even harder. He fucked my vagina with 4 cigarettes and smoked all. I was so much in love with him that i totally surrendered. Now that we were both at our peak, he asked me to lie on my knees for doggie. I obliged. And then I cried with pain as he inserted his thick penis in my anal. Yes, I got fucked in the anal for the first time and that too by my husband's friend. At start it hurt like hell and I cried too but he didnt stop. He kept fucking my ass and kept fingering my vagina. After a few strokes I surrendered and started enjoying the pain and pleasure. This went long He took me from behind for about half hour till he came and dropped.

    I remember waking up after a few hours, it was 4am. I woke him up and then both of us slipped into his bathroom. We cleaned each other up and had another round of sex in the shower. He came twice in my mouth. I kissed him goodbye and came to my room in my husband's bed.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was just 21 I got married to my wife who was 23 at the time and the time we was very intimate as we'd have sex upto three times a night and even more on some nights, we was just madly in love and I loved trying new things when it came to sex, I would lay there for upto 30 mins just licking out her pussy and she loved it shed grab my head and try pushing me back and try closing her legs but the more she resisted the more it turned me on id get in there deeper and yeah I would be fingering her while licking her juices and then make her suck 8 inch dick and really force it all the way in her throat and she loved chocking and gagging on my dick as much as i did and shed push me down and get up on top and then before you knew it I be cumming in her wet pussy and she loved it. But then as years went on she didn’t want sex as much as I did which was quite upsetting when I start licking her out shed just tell me she wasn’t really in the mood and I think this was down her always being so depressed and tbh it was making sexually frustrated too. By the time I was 28 we was practically not having sex at all and I needed sex. I mean its not like its not normal for a 28 yr old to want sex but I done nothing about it.

    Me and my wife would often go over to my best friends house who had just recently got married to a girl who was actually gorgeous enough to be a model. Me and the rest of our friends always did talk about how lucky he was and wondered what she saw in him but hey she married him never the less so I wasn’t one to get in the way of their relationship ,while we was over at my friends house she'd always get flirty around me but I took notice of it until one day my friend was in the kitchen and my wife popped to the toilet so it was just the two of us sat side by side watching tv and from the angle I was sat at I could see down her beautiful red dress and as she turned towards one of her perfect boobs popped out of the dress and by this point I just got so turned on and my 8 inch dick was just sticking up in my shorts and she quickly noticed and I started apologising and then I was absolutely amazed to find that she put her hand down my shorts and start rubbing it but I pulled her hand out and stopped it at once and then a few seconds later my wife walked back in and I just sat there with a pillow in my lap but bonner just wouldnt go down as I couldnt stop thinking of warm soft hands around my dick.

    That was the last time we went to my friends house as I didnt want to ruin both mine and my friends relationship and friendship but then 2 months down the line my friend had to go back to Greece as his farther was very ill and his wife stayed behind and my mate thought it was a good idea for her to have my number in case she ran into any problems while he was away so a week later she rang me and asked if I could go over and change the light bulb in her bedroom. So after work that day I went over even though I didn’t want too and when I got there she opened the door wearing the most beautiful black dress which was ever so revealing I could practically see her boobs and so I went into the bedroom where she had all of her lingerie underwear placed over the bed and once I had changed the light bulb she was thanking me and before I knew it she pushed me up against the wardrobe and hand her tongue in my mouth and I just couldnt stop myself and before I knew it i had her pinned down on the bed and I was there licking out her ever so perfect pussy and I carried on until I was ready to give her my dick so I asked for a condom and she pulled one out the draw so after sucking my dick she popped it on and we start fucking until she start cumming and her pussy was oozing with this creamy substance which was pouring down onto her ass and everything and both of us looked so surprised and it turned us on even more so we got in the 69 position and I licked it all of her pussy and the rim of her ass and then she got up and turned around and start riding and about 5 mins into riding she pulled my dick out and pulled the condom of and put my bare dick back inside her pussy and whispered I want you to fucking cum inside me so I did and it felt so good and so I left that evening to go home and I couldn't resist going back for more and for that whole week I banged her non stop everyday id even skip work to go over and we'd try new things each time and then my friend came back from Greece and we agreed it was just abit of fun and we must stop and so we did and now 3 months later I find out she's pregnant with my baby and i don’t want to ruin friendships and relationships so what do I do ?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    Out with my husband not so long back in the sunny weather, I noticed two younger lads staring at me. My husband had his back to them so he didn't see them looking intently at my legs and thighs. I had a loose fitting shortish skirt on, which I suppose rode up a little if and when I crossed my legs.

    Going to the ladies I discovered to my horror I'd not put any knickers on, and it dawned on me why they'd been staring at me. I'd inadvertently been flashing them. Sat back with my husband, he'd bought us some more drinks but had sat further over, forcing me to sit even more exposed to the two lads.

    But instead of covering up, I had a dirty thought and purposely and very slowly opened my legs and made my skirt ride up. It was clear they could see my pussy, and it was also clear one of them at least was rubbing his cock through his shorts. Moving a little, I put my right hand down to my pussy and began to slowly and very deliberately slide two fingers along my pussy slit. Still talking to my husband who was trying to watch a football game, I opened up my pussy with my fingers and then slid one fingers inside myself. looking directly at the young men, I saw them both turn to each other and say something, then turn back to watch me play with myself.

    There was agoal scored and my husband stood up cheering, so I quickly covered myself and got myself together. But by then I was ultra horny. Thinking about what I'd just done, I asked myself would I let one of them fuck me. I'm not saying my husband and I don't have sexd or that he's a terrible lover, but the alcohol, the heat and their obvious liking of me and my pussy had my mind in a race of sexual thoughts.

    Getting up and excusing myself, I told my husband I was going to the ladies again. He grunted but kept on watching the football. Walking past the lads I signaled for them to follow me. But only one did. Outside I asked the young man where his mate was. He told me he chickened out seeing I was with my husband, but then saying he'd love to fuck me.

    Knowing we probably didn't have that much time, I lead him around to the rear of the pub in the growing gloom, leant against a fence and lifted my skirt. Spreading my legs I turned back to him and told him he'd have to be quick.

    I kept myself turned so I could see his cock, and to be honest I was a little disappointed when he dropped his shorts and boxers. However even though his cock was on the small slim side, he drove it hard into my soaking wet pussy and fucked me like it was his last day on earth. Reaching around me, he griped my breasts through my top and held onto them as he continued to pound my pussy.

    Normally it takes some time for me to orgasm, but the whole thing from discovering I had no knickers on to knowing they were getting a kick out of seeing me play with myself, then to having a total strangers, and a young strangers cock fucking me, I came in a torrent of pussy juices squirting all over his cock. Seconds later he made a few low grunts and I felt his hot semen flooding into my pussy.

    Thanking me as we sorted ourselves out, he asked me for my mobile number. I gave it to him thinking he'd never text or call me. Back in the pub, my husband was wrapped up in his game. so I went to the ladies to clean myself up. Sat back with him, I noticed the lads had gone, but then also noticed my phone had a message. The message said something like (I've deleted it now) "Tomorrow night 8 o'clock, meet you at the library, back to mine".

    It was a good job I cleaned myself up, as my husbands team won and he was feeling horny on the way home. By some old garages he and I had oral sex. He had me suck him off first, then thinking he'd not be up for anything once he'd cum, he surprised me by having me put my right leg over his left shoulder as he knelt down. My husband, full of beer I might add, licked and tongued my pussy until I came hard all over his sticky looking face. A face that had smears of cum on it no doubt.

    I never did go and meet the young lad. Not because I wasn't horny enough or wouldn't have had ex with him again. It was because I had a better offer during my lunch break at work.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    No one, not my husband, my family, friends or colleagues know about what happened two months ago.
    That night my husband was away on business and I was at home alone. Around eleven o'clock I walked into the kitchen, then back into the lounge. Stood in the middle of the room was huge man dressed in black clothing. Bizarrely I didn't freak out, but asked him what he wanted. Stepping up to me, he gripped my hair hard and shoved me down. Pushing my face into his groin, he told me he was going to fuck me. Then said "You've been teasing me for too long".
    There isn't a long drawn out account here, as I simply don't recall much of the details about what happened over the next hour. What I do know is, I sucked in the biggest cock I'd ever had in my mouth, then over and over and over again, I took his massive cock inside of my pussy and so deep up my arsehole.
    He fucked me senseless in many different positions, and then fucked me some more. I knew if I resisted I'd be punished, so I went along with absolutely anything he wanted. Even sucking on his cock each time he pulled out of my pussy or arse.
    All the way throughout my ordeal, I tried not to enjoy what was happening, yet I couldn't help orgasming time after time. And at one stage I found myself backing onto his wonderful cock as he fucked my arse. I came again only moment's before he ejaculated up my bum, thrusting his manhood and semen as far into my body than any man had ever been.
    But it wasn't over. Hauling us both upstairs, I was made to wash him in the shower before we ended up on my marital bed. As he lay on the bed, he had me lick, tongue and suck his cock, balls and arsehole. He became erect again and had me mount him. As he took pictures on his phone, I took myself to two more orgasms, fucking his cock as eagerly as I can remember fucking any of my seven life lovers.
    Leaving exhausted, yet strangely happy, I resolved not to phone the police. How could I, I'd just had the best sex of my life, and I also knew who'd fucked me to such amazing orgasms.
    The following morning after showering, I answered the phone and spoke to my husband. He asked me how my night had been. I lied and told him I'd had an early night. Before he broke off the phone call he told me he loved me, I answered by returning his sentiment. Ten minutes later I knocked on our next door neighbours door and gasped a little as Mike answered it naked.
    His only comment before I went inside to suck on his growing cock was "Knew you'd want more".
    Mike is a huge man (Six feet four and full of muscle), in his early fifties and divorced. He and I both knew we'd end up fucking one day, as I'd once witnessed him masturbating the largest cock I'd ever seen. The night I found him in my home, I'd earlier teased him flashing him my arse by lifting my skirt in our back garden. I'd been drinking wine and had gotten myself horny by touching my knickerless bare pussy.
    And over the past two months I've been having such a sordid and horny affair, with a man who certainly knows how to fuck a dirty sex needy housewife like me.

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