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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I'm recently separated. I rented a room in a house shared by a few other people. This one younger girl, I like her just fine, but she never cleans up anything. Leaves trash and dirty dishes and clothes and stuff all the time. We've argued a few times about it.

    One day, I really had enough. And some wine as well. I got pissed off at her, and seduced her boyfriend while he was waiting for her to get home from work. He's in his early twenties and I fucked him like crazy. Pure revenge hate fuck lol.

    When she got home, later on I heard the two of them fighting cause apparently she wanted to fuck and he wasnt in the mood lol...probably cause the poor thing couldnt after I drained him. Anyway, I've been fucking him here and there for a few a weeks now, every time the bitch leaves a dirty dish or a towel on the floor, I think okay well then...I'm gonna fuck your boyfriend again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I am an Indian so ignore my english. I was traditional and religious Indian girl who taught to worship husband. I married in young age. My husband was boring typical old minded guy. He had very low sex drive. No foreplay no romance. He hates porn and act like oral, anal, cumshot. On the other side I was totally opposite. I wanted to be gangbanged, wanted 3 cocks for fy mouth, pussy and ass. I used to watch porn when he was at work. I didn't want to cheat him but I had no option. I made fake fcaebook id and started chatting with boys from outside country specially US, UK and middle east. Then I met this guy who was young, rich and energetic. He was 23 and did lots of parties, group sex etc. He sent me dick pic, it was circumcised and long. He callleÄ me to Oman where he has his own beach resort. But I refused as it was not possible. He asked to come to India, I accepted. I told ho bring his friends also as I want to fulfill all my wishes in 1 night. He sent me his travelling schedule along with his 3 friends. Then I requested to my hubby to go to New Delhi to attend friends wedding. At first he refused but agreed later on. I booked to ticket on same date. I reached New Delhi as he was already arrived and checked in in hotel. It was 7 in the evening when I reached to hotel. I was nervous, my heart was pumping. He open the door welcome me in the room where other guys are waiting for me. It was full suite. I was very shy and wanted to go back. I just entered in washroom standing in shower with dress On. Then he came inside, joined me in shower. Started kissing me then he removed all my clothes 1 by 1. I was lying on floor he ws toughing my clit. I was enjoying then he started fucking me. After 10 mints he asked to go outside I said Yes. We went outside. And continue in bed. All other guys joined us and I just closed my eyes. 1 dick in my mouth 1 pussy 1 in lubricating my ass 1 is waiting for his turn. They all fucked me overnight my holes are swollen. I had enough cum in stomach as I swallowed most. I woke up early in the morning, all guys around me still sleeping naked. I went to washroom to check my self. My pussy has scratched, my ass was wide open. So many tooth mark around boobs. So I decided to go and I just left with good buy note. And came to my place taking next flight. My husband was surprised. I said I didn't feeling well. He was in doubt because he wants to fuck me that night but I refused. I took pill next day and my periods started So I had 7 days as hindu never touch their wives during periods. After 1 week I was Ok. I check his messages. He also enjoyed that night and already left India. I never repeat those things Now I have 2 kids and I am busy with them.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Been horny and on a chat line for about 1 hour this morning when I heard his intro, have ute trailer and mower looking for yard work, price negotiable, i thought he's on here so he's obviously looking for more than work. Messaged him back my fantasy had always been that I was in my shed naked when a stranger walks in pulls out his Cock and orders me to suck him off, He replied back Will do that job for free, sent him my address in 25 minutes I heard footsteps coming down the gravel path beside my house, i was already naked so i got on my knees with a little pillow I had and in he stepped, OMG i couldn't have planned a better looking guy if i tried, he was 29 6.2 solid build black hair, blue singlet and footy shorts, he just smiled said hi how are you i was speechless, bbbbbut then he stripped off revealing a nice long fat Cock which grew to about 8# in my hands as I stroked him with what must have been a creepy smile on my face. Then he said soooooo are you Gunna suck it or play with it. I opened my mouth grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him to my open hungry mouth, he grabbed my head when he got close to me and took control and slid that big beautiful Cock in my mouth and didn't stop until I was gagging for air, he finally released me I took a big breath and he continued this time sliding his pole all the way in and back until his knob was just resting on My lips and in and out i must say I didn't expect it to be that hot or exciting as it now felt. I felt like a real Cock sucking slut. He just kept pumping and humping my mouth until he was moaning a bit load then it happened
    I heard Steve my neighbour call out Mick are you there and in he stepped, ta dah. Wow sorry, just as stud erupted in my mouth and held me tight as he emptied his huge load in my mouth without stopping or even turning around I had No option but to swallow as quickly as I could I don't think any of his cum managed to spill out the sides it was such a tight fit in my mouth. He said great job grabbed his clothes and walked out of the shed as he put his head threw his singlet whistling. So there I was naked on my knees in front of Steve who I'd known for about 8 months now, what the Fuk was he thinking. So faggot boy, you like sucking cock hey he finally said, What of it I tried to man up saying, nothing mate nothing at all, so next time I'm feeling horny should I just call you ? Why I said are you a faggot boy too, No No he said and he turned to walk out, wait I said if i suck you off you have to promise you'll never tell Margaret or your wife or anyone, Mate he said if you suck my Cock I ain't Gunna tell anyone or they Will call me faggot boy too. Ok then, i said can we at least go inside my knees are killing me, wherever your comfortable is fine with me Steve said with a huge grin on his face. I was laying with my head over the end of our bed as Steve stepped up to me with a more suitable 6# cock when well ain't this cosy, it was the stud, My other fantasy was just about to be had, I had my first Fuck that day it took a while a lot of lube and patience after i douched and by night fall I had been Fucked twice, sucked them both again, now I'm a Cock slut, Steve calls over a bit more regular now.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 47

    Sex was not happening much at home, so I decided to look elsewhere. Bought a membership on Ashley Madison and did a search near our summer home. Reached out to a few women and got a response. We moved the conversation to our personal emails and it got hot really fast. Somehow I persuaded my new friend that she was going to be my personal slut....She loved the idea. I have no idea how I pulled it off.

    I'm a telecommuter so I spend 4 days a month at the summer house to do projects. My friend visits me in the afternoon and know. I've always wanted a "trampy" girlfriend, but they seem to like "bad boys". I envied the guys who have girlfriends that where slutty clothes.... My gfs were always straight up a conservative. My slut is the total "sex package". She has polished toenails, vampy nails, fake eyelashes, and a tramp stamp (her husband bought it for her). She wears lingerie for me and has a huge collection of sex toys and porn DVDs....which go unused in her household. She loves giving and receiving oral sex as much as I do. When she blows me, she kneels and maintains eye contact like a sub servient little slut...yes she swallows! Her husband hardly pays any attention to her.

    It is perfect FWB relationship she and I The town is really small so having a secret lover that does have a permanent address and who can offer a lot of privacy was too hard to turn down. She can "tramp it up" and then go home and not worrying about bumping into me at the grocery store, work or the PTA.

    We enjoy each other's company and our bodies are in tune with each other, when we get together we climax at the same time. Simply awesome sex!!!!. You always want what you can't have. My wife won't wear lingerie, sport a tramp stamp and sex toys are OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    I've always wanted to shop for slutty clothes and sex toys. My slut loves everything I buy her. We email each other once a day and plan our dates for when I'm out there. So far so good.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 49

    My company had a big meeting in Atlanta. I always had this fantasy of hooking up while on the road, so on this trip I decided to follow through. A week before travel I posted a picture ad in M4W in Craigslist-Atlanta. I mentioned that I would be traveling there often and I would handle all the hosting. I 62 year old widow answered the ad. We emailed, exchanged photos before talking on the phone (these things need time to develop). Her voice had a slight "old lady" sound to it and decided to follow through any way. I gave her my travel dates and hotel.

    At the end of a long day of meetings, she met me in the hotel, she had an overnight bag with her, so I knew was in for some extended fun. My co-workers were in the same hotel as me, they were chatting in the hallway, in the lounge...all over. I explained the need to be discrete and asked her to please walk ahead or behind co-workers never noticed! They were all terrible gossipers, I almost called the whole thing off.

    Upon getting her into my room, we wasted no time...She told me she had once been a professional dancer...OMG she had the smoothest, most beautiful body. Nicer than any coed I banged in college! I could not believe she was 62 years old.

    We enjoyed each other through out the evening and the following morning. One nice thing about older gals is they will let you finish off inside them..cum away.

    I had a 1 hour meeting the next morning and then free the rest of the day. When I came back, she was fully dressed and had a serious expression on her face. She advised that we go up to the room again. She pushed me on the bed and dominated me...she made me lick her pussy for another 2-3 tongue got sore but I was turned on by being forced to pleasure this woman. After 4 orgasms, she said she had enough and gave me permission to get dressed. We exchanged some small gifts and linked up to each other on LINKEDIN.

    So, I'm the guy that chases the older gals on Ashley Madison and other sites....quick way to getting laid. Ilearned that older gals have more time and freedom, usually very experienced and have few hangups.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    I'm a 23 year old primary school teacher and for the past three months I've been fucking the married father of one of my pupils.

    He's a gorgeous 38 year old guy, works from home and picks his daughter up from school every day. We'd been flirting with each other at the school gates for a few weeks when he plucked up the courage to ask me for a drink. He said he wanted to 'say thanks for everything he did for his daughter' but I knew it was really that he wanted to get into my pants.

    We met at a local bar a few days later. I dressed a lot more provocatively than I'm able to get away with at work and could tell he appreciate my outfit. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Half an hour in, I decided to go for it and asked him whether his wife knew where he was. He said he'd told her he was out with work colleagues. I asked him what time she expected him back. He said not til late. I suggested we stop wasting time and go back to my place.

    Half an hour late we were naked in my living room, I was bent over the sofa as he fucked me from behind and told me a filthy slut I was. We didn't even make it upstairs to the bedroom that evening. It was incredible.

    Since that night we've been meeting up in secret whenever we can for some of the hottest sex of my life. Usually at my place or in his car, but I've also been over to his when his family are out.

    I know it's wrong and I'd lose my job if we ever got caught but it's such a turn on to get away with it under everyone's nose. I get a sick satisfaction whenever I talk to his wife, who is lovely to me and obviously completely clueless as to what I'm doing with her husband.

    I'm blonde, 15 years younger than her and keep myself in good shape. How could he resist? ;)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    After the military I registered for college on the GI Bill. I was older than the other freshman, not just my six year age difference. The girl who hung on me was sixteen but she lied about being in college and her age and when her mother found me in bed with her I got the book thrown at me. After I was convicted her grandfather interfered and I was released on probation, on the condition that I married her. The same judge that sentenced me married us.

    I put the girl on the back of my bike and dropped out of college and headed south across country. I gave her to my aunt and told her to look after her and call me when she was grown up. I then headed for California and bit by hit I got a degree in Electrical Engineering and got a job with General Dynamics. My aunt put the girl, now twenty on Greyhound and shipped her out to me.

    Now I had sex with her, four years after the day we left Ohio. She opened up, never said anything. She was a good housekeeper and she had learned to cook. My aunt had done her job. She was a natural, and gave herself to making me happy. I pushed all the limits, she took it all in stride. Finally after a couple of months we settled down to missionary sex. Cooking, making beds, having sex, it was all in a days work.

    I learned how to push her buttons, how she liked it, I worked hard at getting her off. And she didn't disappoint. So one day I told her she was a keeper, not sending her back to Ohio. It took all of ten years for my record to be expunged, turns out that sixteen consensual offered a way out, marriage. She swears she had never had sex, it's just hard to believe. It doesn't matter, she with me now. She is the best lay I've had. Like I said my aunt did her job.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 34

    In college, I dated a girl that had my friends scratching their heads in a "why her" way. They were right on one hand, but on the other, I had constant sex and she always wanted to cook. Can't say it was at all bad, and I did have strong feelings for her.

    Summer came and she went to the beach to work, and once she arrived, she called and informed me that she wanted to see other people. I was stoned when she called and got really pissed and shredded her cowardly move of doing so, etc., and a few times over the summer, she called drunk and said she missed me and wished I was there.

    What do you do when 20, petty, and pissed? Tell her you're sorry that she broke her daily cock streak or something like that. Each time, the call ended with her crying, and again, it was petty but I was still shitty about it all.

    When school started again, she came back with puppy eyes, trying to reunite. After a month, I fucked her, and then started doing so every week or so, though she had killed the emotional attachment.

    At her apartment one Sunday night, waiting while she was on her way back from visiting her parents, I started playing cards with her roommate, and it turned into a drinking game. Her name was Lori, and she had a great sense of humor, had me laughing quite a bit. She was cute with bright brown eyes, and had the body of a fit high school cheerleader, only having since added the freshman fifteen, plus another few lbs. Soft and curvy, she was incredibly sexy, and I was noticing it more and more that night.

    Lori knew the story of what happened over the summer and brought it up. "Weren't you pissed?", she asked, adding that she also thought it was shitty. Lori knew a lot about us, probably everything, including our sex life from the year before, and made several blatent references to it while we talked.

    After obviously flirting for a good 45 min, and with me not acting on it, she did. Rio came on the radio (will never forget that) and she got up and turned it up. Then she danced around and over toward me before stepping over my legs and straddling, and after a few more waves of her arms, she sat down and kissed me.

    The next 10 minutes were absolutely intense, making out, hands wandering until she pulled me onto the floor. I wanted to eat her right there, but she said "no time" and instead pulled me right inside her. We didn't go at it for long but both came and were back to respectable by the time the door opened. She (Alyssa) joined the game, and Lori and I exchanged glances all night until we went to bed and I fucked my "girlfriend."

    After that, I had the most intense sex with Lori whenever we could, and we did everything imaginable. Lori turned me on as much as any girlfriend ever had, and I felt zero remorse given what had previously gone down.

    Everything about Lori was sexy. Twice a week, if I was there on those days, I woke up in a empty bed as Alyssa had left for class, and I would tiptoe into Lori's room and wake her up by either licking her pussy or spreading her cheeks and licking her ass, depending on how she was laying. After a couple of times, she started sleeping in just a t-shirt, though forever burned in my brain is the heavenly smell of her vagina through her warm cotton panties after a night of sleep.

    I could lick her ass for hours and on multiple occasions, did so out in public, at a bar or a party, twice in the library, etc. Her butt was so round and absolutely delicious and her pheromones put me in a trance.

    In certain positions, say with her legs up but not all the way back, our angle of penetration was euphoric, each long, deep stroke setting us both on fire. And then those sexy, strong legs would fold in and lock around me when I came, often simultaneously with her, I can still hear her slightly raspy moan in my ear as she held me in place as I came so deeply inside her.

    And when she slowly pushed her glorious ass back and forth, her snug ring tight around me all the way down to the root and then back to my head - god, anal sex has never been better, Buried to the hilt and ejaculaing inside her rectum, I held her hips as she ground them up and down my pelvis and I'd stay completely hard, just savoring the heat deep up her butt before we started moving again.

    A few times we were almost busted, once because I smelled strongly of Lori's sex, but Lori kept close tabs and was sure Alyssa didn't know. It reached a point that I was just going through the motions with Alyssa, though we kept it secret to spare the bad feelings and horrific drama.

    That was a double-edged sword, unfortunately, precluding Lori and I from pursuing our relationship. We totally fell for each other, so there was a price for our secret affair. I still feel like I was a fool for letting her get away. Aside from the amazing sexual connection we shared, and I know this even more now with years of life behind me, Lori's personality and humor were diamonds in the rough. Alas, foolish youth.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 51

    Hidden in plain sight

    My wife has occasionally browsed through my porn collection stored in a folder on the computer.
    What she hasn't guessed is some of the photos have been taken by me or the other woman i was seeing at the time.

    The photo of the woman with her fingers holding her lips spread open and a blue vibrator deep inside her pussy and clearly showing her wedding ring, I took that right before I fucked her.

    The woman on her hands and knees and her arse all red from being spanked and the cat o nine tails on the bed next to her, I took that picture in between spanking her and caressing her and exploring her dripping pussy with my fingers and then my cock.

    The video of a woman deep throating a penis whilst orgasming, that's my cock in her throat, and my fingers playing with her clitoris whilst I filmed.

    The series of photos of a hairy pussy, being covered in shaving cream, and then shaved bare and washed, I took those before we then had a shower together and I then licked her before screwing her on her bed.

    If only my wife wasn't less reserved and a little more daring, the things that we could do....

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    Iâm a sucker for full lips. One girl at my work that I was friendly with started showing some interest and one day in the office she asked for a kiss. She has a boyfriend at work so I asked what about him. She said it was just a kiss.I of course gave her a little kiss on the lips. Her lips were full soft and beautiful. It was sweet but that was it.
    There is another girl at my work that Iâve been friendly with as well and she has full lips. She was a little flirty but not too much. One day I was out for a walk as I do every day on my lunch. I walked out on this quiet street with not much traffic and no houses. a car came towards me and starts to slow. I recognize the car. It belong to the girl that I kissed.

    But she wasnât alone. As I peared through the windshield I realize it was the other girl that I also was friendly with. The car approaches me and stops. I was a little scared because I was basically flirting with both girls. The first girl had a boyfriend the other girl did not so I figured I was safe to flirt with a girl without the boyfriend. Through the passenger side window I started kissing the girls arm. The driver said why donât you kiss her like you kissed me. Her friends eyes lit up in disbelief. Iâm sure her mind Watch racing. I didnât want to disappoint her so I leaned over and kissed her but I didnât give her just a pack. I started making out with her. The driver after a moment said what is that you didnât kiss me like that. And she looked at me with some suspicious eyes. The girl I just looked like oh really. So I went around the car to the driver side window leaned in and made out with her. Two girls with full lips one after another. I was in heaven!

    Amazingly they were both cool about it and I continue on occasion making out with the first girl. Unfortunately that was the last time I made out with the second girl but she was cool and we still work together. I pretty sure this story hasnât ended....

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