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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    I've been married now for three years and have been really happy in my marriage. My wife and I have two boys together, we both have very good jobs and are now in the process of building a house.
    My wife has a sister I'll call Nikki who is 17 and a senior in high school. In the evening whenever we are working on our house Nikki comes over for $$$$$$ and watches the kids. She hates her older sister (my wife) and I guess it goes way back long before me but they tolerate each other.
    My wife is 5'8'' blond with a gorgeous body and her sister is 5'4" dirty blond hair with a very small build but bigger boobs than her sister. Her sister is not very cute but she does have a big bottom lip in which she is made fun of.
    I can talk to her but she treats me like dirt because I married her sister.
    One Saturday we were working on our home and I had to go meet a guy for my job so I ran home to get changed. When I walked in she was in my recliner watching a movie and the boys were sleeping. She was expecting me so I just walked in said hi and went to my bedroom to get changed. I had just removed all my cloths but my boxers and she just walks right into the room and jumps on the bed and says lets fuck. I just said yea right in disbelief and told her to get out. She told me she didn't have a thing for me but needed a dick right now and I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I told her NO WAY!!!!
    Then she asked me if I knew of a Andrea G.?????? I must have looked like a deer looking into headlights because just two month's earlier I met a her on Craig list sent my picture and we met up in a parking lot and for two minutes we fucked. Well I live in a small town and Nikki knew about it. She told me that she was going to wreck me for cheating on her sister. But I could maybe change her mind if I fucked her. I still said no and walked out of the room. She followed me out and grabbed her phone and started to call my wife. I grabbed her arm and got the phone when she started to scream. I grabbed her from behind and put my hand over her mouth and she stop screaming and grabbed my dick. I was still in my boxers so it was a easy grab. She said now lets fuck.
    She started towards the bedroom and I followed in protest. This time before getting on the bed she took off her jeans and thong. I was like wow a thong, her sister never wore one and it was hot. I quickly notice her nicely shaved pussy with just a stip of hair above the clit with large lips and she was wet. I looked at her and she asked if I like her pussy, and I just shook my head and said yes. She told me no kissing just put it in and fuck her. She also told me that she was on birth control and wanted me to cum in her.
    I just wanted it so badly at this point I listen and got on top of her and slid it in. WOW what a fantastic experience her pussy just made me feel sooooooo good I couldn't believe it was Nikki. I know Nikki, I've known her since she was 11 and a little brat. She is the youngest and everyone loves Nikki and now here I was with her in bed with my dick in her pussy. She was tossing her head around on the pillow and moaning when she looked at me and told me she always wanted to steal me from her sister and that she was all mine and than she came. She told me now to stop and I told her I hadn't come yet. She forced me out sat up and said the only way that would happen is if I text my wife and told her what I was doing and handed me her phone.
    I couldn't do and started to jack off in front of her. She left the bedroom telling me I better just get ready for my appointment. I quickly came in my hand, and cleaned up and got dressed. I came out of the room to find Nikki back in my chair talking to my wife. She was telling her that I left 20 minutes ago and waved for me to leave.
    It has been 3 month's now since that has happen and just yesterday I walked again in our house and Nikki was seated in my chair again watching a porn video. I felt my dick jump thinking of maybe doing it again and finishing this time when I noticed it was a video of us 3 months ago. She started to laugh and told me she would give it to her sister if I didn't leave her. She told me she didn't have to know about us I could just tell her about Andrea G.. If not she was going to show the world how I fucked a 17 yr old girl, a minor and her dad would kill me. She started to play with herself and proceeded to tell me that I would never see her or her sister hott little pussies again. I went over to the chair and picked her up and said you want to bet. I took her in to the bedroom got on the bed and we started to kiss wildly in each others arms. I didn't take off I tore off her cloth's while she laughed and we both waved at the camera and fucked on my bed. I did it I fucked Nikki, I came in her pussy and now I have two weeks to leave her sister or she will tell.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Working where I do, I meet very fit and very virile younger men all day. And up until late last month, in between Christmas and New Year, I've never wanted to or ever thought of cheating on my husband.
    That's when I met two young men who weren't having no for an answer. They both told me I was the sexiest older woman they'd ever seen. And they both told me they wanted to fuck me. It wasn't a gentle conversation where innuendo's were played out, but a full blown request for sex. And knowing I was about to finish my shift, I found myself getting into one of their cars and being taken to place they knew was quiet and very scenic.
    In the car, outside of the car and over the car, I sucked both their cocks, had my pussy and arsehole licked and tongued and then took one guy after the other, as they fucked me from one orgasm to the next.
    As one guy lean't against a large rock, I backed onto him impaling my arse onto his thick cock, then had his friend lift my left leg as he entered my pussy from the front. Telling me I was such a easy slut, they fucked me until both men came inside my fuck holes. Feeling used yet also feeling sexually elated, I stayed fully naked and lay on the back seat all the way back to the gym where I work. Sucking on the older of the two's cock, I had him cum all over my face as we were driven back to the then dark car park.
    The last few weeks I've continued to have sex with them both, but haven't had sex with them both together since that day. Usually now we make time to have sex where I work, and believe me there are lots of places to suck and fuck. But a couple of times recently, I've been back to the older of the two young men's flat and spent much longer times having him fuck me until I can hardly walk afterwards. I know what I'm doing is cheating on my husband, but if you knew these two young men and just how fantastically well they fuck me, you'd understand why I'll do anything they want sexually, anything.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Simply put, I've been cheating on my husband for over a year. And the reason why, is he can't sometimes get or maintain an erection. That's if he can be bothered to stop drinking in the first place.
    Meeting Luke a twenty two year old guy at work was the sexual salvation to my dilemma. He didn't want a relationship and I only wanted a fuck buddy. Perfect for us both.
    Right from our first liaison it got very kinky and really dirty dirty. I enjoy being treated roughly and Luke adores fucking hard and deep. He also enjoys as I do, anal sex, something my husband wouldn't entertain.
    Our first fuck was in a side room across from my office. He'd for some time given me hints about wanting sex, so after being refused sex at home again the night before, I had Luke follow me into the small storage room. We both knew why we were there so it wasn't too much of a shock to him when I took out his cock and began to suck it. What was a surprise was how large it grew from humble beginnings. Suitably erect and massive I might add, I hitched up my skirt, pulled my panties to one side and told him to fuck which ever hole he wished.
    Luke took turns to fuck my pussy and ass, to two amazing orgasms, before he too came hard filling my rear passage. We were back at ouir respective desks five minutes later with Lukes cum leaking into my panties as I sat down. Later the same day, close to finishing time, I grabbed him and made him enter the ladies wash room with me. There was no foeplay, only Luke fucking from behind as I leaned over the toilet bowl. Again he came up me. but this time up my pussy but not before I'd climaxed hard on his long thick cock.
    Every single chance I get now, I have Luke fuck me. At work, outside of work in his or my car and quite often at a motel we now use for sex. I have even had sex in our marital bed when my husband works away, but it's mostly those quick off the cuff fucks, I enjoy the most.
    Now I've had a young man fuck me, if and when Luke and I stop having sex, i think I'll always chest on my husband. How else will I get what I need.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I've been married now for over 14 years to a very beautiful blond and have threes kids. I'm very attractive and get alot of flirts but have remain faithful up to now. I own my own business and one day this 19 yr old very rough red head pulls into my garage to have her car looked at. She has her mother with her and a year old girl in the baby seat. She was VERY VERY petite with no boobs or just stubs and a ton of freckles. We looked at her car and we needed to order the [part so we scheduled a come back on Friday. It was late July hot and just her showed up to get her car done. She had on a very tight top with very short shorts and on her little figure it was like drolling over a 13 yr old. She came up and immediately her green eyes met mine and wow we both felt it. We started to flirt with each other and it was hott. She left that day but on Tuesday I ran into her again at McDonald and she had her daughter. We ate together and I told her about my family and how they would be out of town that weekend. She looked at me and asked if I was sure I wanted this. My brain said NO but my dick wanted to experience something new and that was her. I told her yes lets meet and on Friday her mom watched her daughter and we went out for dinner. Food at this point was the last thing we wanted and went to my house to watch a movie. Again she stopped me and asked if this was what I wanted because she doesn't just fuck anyone but had seen me long before I noticed her and has always been horny for me. I had just been with one woman for over 14 years and I had always thought what it would be like. She said this was not just a one night stand but in fact wanted me. I lied and told her my wife and I where not happily married and she even cheated on me which was a lie. She giggled a little and we started to kiss. I started to move very quickly but she told me she couldn't fuck me at my married home and asked me to come to her place. I said OK. We arrived at her tiny apartment in the slums and it was bad. No furniture just had a mattress on the bedroom floor with cloths everywhere. I was too horny to leave now and we started kissing. She had some perfume on that I will never forget Its not that it was great its just that it smelled different than my wife. It wasn't long she went to her knees and pulled out my dick, she giggled a little and put it in her mouth and suck hard. I just leaned and enjoyed until she stopped lead me over to the her bed and stripped. I could not believe how beautiful a flat chested woman could be. They had large rings around but they were flat. She layed down and I started sucking her tits and she moaned. Then I moved down to her hairless teen pussy and ate it out. Yes hairless, someone needs to tell my wife to shave her pussy because from now on i'm only fucking hairless pussy. I came back up she put a blanket over us that smelled of her perfume and I slipped into heaven. Now it was time to fuck and she asked me one more time if I wanted this and I said yes and put it in her little body with no condom. WOW this is what I have been missing, it was so wet and fantastic. She started to buckle up and came hard and sprayed all over my dick. We were soaked but kept on fucking. She kept telling me that her pussy was mine and she wanted me for ever. I told her I would leave my wife for her and came in her pussy. We never slept we just kept on fucking and then she would sit on me with my dick in her and we would hold each other and rest. She kept on telling me how she needed a man and that I would take good care of her and her daughter. I told her to give me about a month to tell my wife and in the meantime I had to take care of this girls sexual desire. We even fucked at my house in our married bed. It was soaked with her juices when done. Well its been four months now and I still haven't told my wife, and she told me last night she was pregnant with our child and I needed to fess up as the father and start taking care of her. I don"t want to hurt anyone. But for some strange reason I want her. Sorry Honey

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    If and it's a big if, my husband Liam could have satisfied me more often, or at least made an effort to give me the kind of sex, when we did occasionally have sex, then I doubt I would have done what I did on our recent holiday.
    Months, maybe over eighteen months I'd been asking him to give me more sex and sex that excited me. Hard horny and sometimes extremely dirty sex. But Liam's answer was always "You should be happy to get what I give you".
    On a recent holiday we took to Antigua, I took the opportunity to indulge myself with a local guy who could not take his eyes off me for two days, as we lazed around the pool. Liam as he often has over the years we've been together, got himself drunk drinking beer, then rum, then cocktails on the third day of our ten day holiday. By the early evening he was flat out on a sun bed and I was so annoyed.
    It was the young guy, a barman, who had been eyeing me up over the previous two days, that came over and covered Liam up with a large towel to protect him from the sun. Once covered the young man looked me over and in a very forward way asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of the night in his room.
    I'd never kissed a black man before, let alone let him slide his huge cock over my tongue. Nevertheless, that's what I found myself doing to Kalvin, the young twenty year old barman.
    His room was sparsely decorated, but he had the largest of beds. A bed I knew he'd probably fucked plenty of married women on. Even so, knowing he wanted me sexually got me all turned on and without too much fuss, I found myself naked and in a sixty nine with him.
    His cock is far larger than my husbands, and without having measured it, I would say knowing Liam's is six and half inches, Kalvin's was around nine to ten inches and far thicker than Liam's too.
    Once I'd been sucking on his glorious cock for some considerable time, and he'd had me climaxing twice from his wonderful tonguing of my pussy and arse, I watched him roll a condom down his thick pulsating cock shaft. Moving me into a kneeling position, I felt rather than saw his cock spread my pussy lips and labia's and finally enter my soaking wet pussy. His cock stretched my hole wife as it slid in and within seconds of his first thrust, I was on the verge of orgasm again.
    There to me is no shame in saying that young man used me as a fuck piece. He literally fucked me over and over again, making me/us change positions more than a few times, with my pussy taking a severe hammering. Finally with my ankles on his shoulders and having cum countless times, he removed his cock from my pussy and slowly, very slowly slid it up my arsehole.
    I honestly have never felt such a sexual rush, as I got from his cock slamming in and out of my arse. I couldn't describe just how amazingly powerful the feeling was of his cock pounding my rear love box. On and on he went thrusting into me as if I was a rag doll only there to satisfy his desires. And I couldn't have cared less. All I wanted from him was his cock and youthful energy, and in bucket loads he gave it to me, until I'd climaxed once more and he eventually forced his cock so deep up my arsehole, I could feel his powerful thrusts in my stomach.
    Kalvin came hard inside me and at first, I thought the condom had burst as his cum appeared to be filling my bowels. But it was just the amount of semen that he produced filling the rubber sheath that made it feel that way.
    Once he'd removed his cock, he picked his phone up and phoned someone. Turning to me, he told me he was having Liam taken to our room, and that he was still passed out. Smiling at me, Kalvin asked me if I wanted fucking again.
    It was an hour later when I entered the hotel room where Liam was sleeping soundly on our bed. Kalvin and I had licked sucked and fucked al over again and by the time I took a shower, I was sexually worn out.
    The following day Liam had the mother of all hang overs, and wanted to call off our boat trip. But I didn't. He suffered the rest of that morning and into the afternoon as I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Getting back to our hotel around four ish, Liam went to our room to sleep and I took a drink at the bar. Needless to say when Kalvin asked me if I'd like to join him in his room later on, I took the opportinity to indulge in his black charms again.
    In all over the rest of our holiday, I had sex with Kalvin at least half a dozen times, with one of the best times on the final night before we departed. The strange thing was, Liam didn't get drunk, but he did put himself in front of a tv set to watch his favourite team back home.
    Whilst my husband watched his football, I was sucking on the balls of a young black man before he fucked the shit out of me on his large very well used bed.
    Since being back home, if anything Liam has become even less interested in sex. So I've joined a chat site for lonely women, mostly married women who want to find young men to have sex with. In a weeks time (Hopefully) I'm going to meet up with a guy, a black guy close to where we live. And if everything goes well, I'm going to have him fucking me, just as I did that young guy called Kalvin on Antigua.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I spent the last half of new years eve in my thong snorting percs and doing shots with my boss and his friend upstairs in his office when I was supposed to be waitressing downstairs on the floor. I was going back and forth trying to give them lap dances while they sat on the couch fingered me and we made out. I ended up getting bent over his desk and they took turns on me till they came down my throat. my bf picked me up after we closed and we went home I wouldnt let him fuck me cause i was scared he would know so I sucked and jerked him off on my tits and we went to bed

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I'm married, but for the past couple of years I've been flirting heavily with a friend's ex. We've swapped nudes, I have bids of her masturbating and squirting for me, and pages of filthy conversations about sex acts with this girl that would make just about anyone blush. There have been some close cslls but thankfully nothing has happened and I fully intend to keep it that way. She knows my wife so I think that helps.

    A few days ago wifey was blowing me on the couch and I was fully enjoying her. She's great at sucking, really takes her time. I grabbed my phone and shot a quick pic of her from my angle. You could see my cock in her mouth and her hand at the base, her ponytail and naked shoulder. Kind of tasteful. We had a pretty good fuck after that, nice way to spend the afternoon.

    That night I get a text "what did you do today?" from this other girl. I sent her the pic of wifey sucking me! I expected a huge blowout from it, all I got was silence for a few minutes then a pic of this girl seriously frigging her pussy good. She was incredibly turned on and got off to it. Her panties were wadded up in the shot near her. WOW. Needless to say I was shocked but intrigued. What do you think all that was about?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    On Christmas Eve, while most people were getting their things and leaving, I snuck off with my wife's cousin and had drunken sex in our backyard. It started as a blow job, but then quickly moved to having her bent over the air conditioning unit. It was of the lift the skirt, pull panties to the side, rough quickie variety... and it was fucking great. I hadn't felt anything like that probably since my wife and I were still dating. We just played it off that I was outside smoking, and she had just come outside to say goodbye before leaving. She went in before me, as I did stay out to smoke a cigarette, and by the time I got back inside, she had already left. I did my best to avoid getting too close to my wife before going upstairs and taking a shower and heading to bed.

    The next day, my wife made a comment that she was pretty sure Cassandra (her cousin) had a crush on me, and laughed about it. I laughed too, and just took it in stride, thinking "if she only knew", lol. So, Cassandra is supposed to be coming over to celebrate on New Year's Eve. I can't wait.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 50

    I didn't cheat, but my wife did. We married after high school. Got an apartment and I attended college while my wife worked. We both had never dated anyone else. My wife was raised conservative and didn't dress sexy or make up much. We were having a good sex life no complaints. Deb got a job at an employment agency low pay beginning. I would usually be finished with classes and she would get home aprox 5:15. Her boss was a tall, strong, athletic man in his late 30's. She talked a lot about her boss to the point of getting on my nerves. Deb started coming home an hour later after getting a big pay raise. She started buying sexy clothes and more especially under garments. When she came in late she usually took a quick shower as she said to wash the work off her. I finally got suspicious and paid attention to her habits more. She said her working some days was part of her pay raise. She was really getting wild during sex which I enjoyed but was suspicious where she was learning kinky. We had one car so I bicycled after class to spy her place of employment. After most of the employees went to their cars Deb and her boss walked to his truck. He opened the driver side door. Deb proceeds to get in and he gives her a groping push on her ass. They drove off and came back about 30 minutes later. She returned home before I get back so I told her I went for a bike ride. I knew what was happening but didn't accept it because I love her so much. It took a few days for me to scout where they would drive to but a lucky quess was the mall parking lot. This day I quessed correct and saw them park back side so I spyed them. Deb sat on him facing him for a time then all I could see was his head raise up some. When finished I saw her throw something out of the window. They drove away. I rode my bike where they were and saw several used condums. I was devastated. In time I went thru many emotions. I could feel that Deb loved me and I wasn't afraid of her leaving me for a married man with two kids. I came to enjoy the thought of her getting some excitement elsewhere but still loving me. I played my games with the situation. I would ask her to leave her panties off before she left for work. I would go to my parents on weekends occasionally and count the condums before and after and some were always used. I even didn't want her to know I knew what was happening. She finally decided to get on birth control. She started having messy panties and cum on her clothes. After I graduated I accepted a job so we moved away. I even went to my parents the weekend before we moved on Monday so she could have a goodby weekend. Deb was disturbed a few weeks after we moved. It wasn't long we decided to have children and we became a normal family.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I had an affair with this Greek Hunk named Telly. It been going on for 2 years and been some great moments and his wife doesn't suspect a thing!

    0h and her number is 0411 247 882

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