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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 47

    This is about me, my feelings and being in love with a younger man that is married. I kick myself and tell myself that I should not be in love with a married man but I am. I let him have sex with me, I go meet him, I wait until he calls, I make excuses for seeing him, but in the end I let him have sex with me. It feels good to have sex, it feels good in a way that is different from just the feeling of sex.

    His wife is 32 and she has three girls, three, seven and nine. She is a school teacher but she has stayed home since her three year old was born. In my opinion she is beautiful, to me she is the most beautiful woman I know. I started having sex with him when she was pregnant with her three year old. I had sex with him on the night she went into labor.

    I went to counseling and the same old story, just quit and tell him to leave you alone. That is like saying stop breathing. I can't. And he can't stop calling me, we talk every day, see each other at least three or four times a week, we work in the same building, and we have sex at least once a week. I live alone so I keep a place for him to come see me. I don't make excuses, what we are doing is cheating on his wife is wrong, I know that. But at least he is only cheating on her with me and he doesn't go to strip clubs or see other girls.

    What I don't understand is why he cheats on her, she is so beautiful and why he has sex with me I am ten years older and believe me I am not beautiful like she is.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I didnât share with my husband how sexually active I was in high school. I actually had sex with 3 guys before I meet and married. My first was a neighbors son two houses down. We grew up together and never really considered us to be a couple. We really werenât friendly while growing up. In our young teen range we started being nice to me on our bus ride home. His parents get home from work late so we have the house to ourselves. He invited me over one day and we experimented with each otherâs body. We started having sex often. My neighbor and I both had other relationships in high school. My second was an older athlete that really was difficult. We had sex but he liked himself to much so I ended it. My third seemed to like me but very immature. I couldnât deal with his jealousy so we ended. Our senior year my neighbor got serious with a girl so we ended our get together. I was lucky I never got pregnant. The 3 were good to pull out or use a condom. I meet my husband at college. Our second date we had sex. We really fell in love. He got slow to pull out so I got pregnant. He orgasms so hard he loses control. We now have 2 sons and both work. I told him about one former boyfriend in high school but not the others. Iâm guessing I had sex 100 times before I married. My cheating heart is still in my heart. I work with men and our hangouts with acquaintances I crave sex with other men. My husband still satisfies me well but I crave different men. Iâm guessing all women do this. My husband has had a vasectomy so sex with others would ruin my life. Womenâs ultimate is feeling a man climax inside her.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    When Iâm horny, I want to fuck every man I see that strikes me as attractive in any way. I especially like older men and like, lumberjack type men. I know not every man I see wants to fuck me in return, but I wish they did and I try to make them want me. I hold myself back because Iâm married to a lovely older man and I donât ever want to cheat on him, but little does he know every time his friend or brother comes over Iâm fantasizing about threesomes or gangbanging. I also try to hold myself back from being flirtatious because my husband is very jealous of me, but when Iâm horny I low key flirt with everyone. Sometimes I go to church in short dresses because I like to feel the married menâs eyes on me. I feel bad for my husband because my horny spells last for up to weeks at a time and itâs hard for him to keep me satisfied because I want to go round after round. And even then my need for sexual attention isnât always satisfied. I never want to cheat on him but Iâm young and frisky and heâs not either of those things so I donât know what our future holds if I never have an outlet for all my sexual energy which seems to be getting stronger as I get older.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    Three weeks ao this Friday was when I did it. After 15 years marriage, raising four boys as a stay at home mom, being faithful, everything changed.

    My husband & I married when we were 18 because I was pregnant. I'd never have an abortion. I do love my children more than anything. My husband started college that first year as we lived with his parents. We lived off student loans after that which we are still paying on all these years later but he's an accountant with a masters so we are okay & interest is deductible. I have no college. I stayed at home since I think kids need a parent at home first 10 yrs & we saved on childcare for four. First few years, my husband & I had intercourse most nights. We were both always horny even through pregnancy. In fact, we were having intercourse when a vaginal orgasm helped cause my water to break during my last pregnancy. I gave birth hours later. My husband isn't a large man down there but he knew how to use it. The last two years, we'd gone from most nights to 3 a week to once a week to once a month. I workout & lost weight within a few months after each pregnancy. I've kept my looks so it wasn't from that. I do look good & it's all natural. I've never had anything done other than I do color my hair. These are my tits. Not the biggest but they cause men to look. You men can't help it. You love tits. We women look at you too. I love buns. Anyhow, I was masturbating when sex nearly stopped. I even ordered a dildo toy but I hate it. No dildo can replace a real man. I need that thrusting & holding his buns & feeling ejaculation. I need that penis scent, sounds of the bed & everything. I threw the dildo out. God made men. Men made dildos. There I was spreading my legs for my finger other than once a month. I was about to lose control. There were talks about this & even one argument. I hated that an argument came up about no sex. My husband said he'd just lost urge but wasn't cheating & I was pretty. He went to a doctor since I thought either depression or low T. I wanted to be understanding & if he was ill, I wanted to stand by him. His T is above avg & he's no more depressed than anyone else. He simply doesn't want much sex although I have heard him jerking off in the bathroom so that confused me.

    I'd started part-time work two years back & my boss is a hunk. As I caught him checking my tits out, I was noticing a huge package between his legs where the outline of a mushroom head shows. It's so big it looks hard in his pants. I was masturbating over that. After holidays, first week back to work & then the 4th was here. A Friday this month. I was staying late as was he. We were the only ones left in the office when flirting started. I was wet, he was rock hard fast. His pants came down. His penis really is massive. I gave him a BJ in his office. I couldn't get the whole penis in so I sucked around the head. I do know, most men are sensitive around the head, under it & over that pee hole so that's where my tongue went. As he cried out & said he was going to bust a nut (I loved how he said that),
    & he warned in case I wanted to take my lips off. I sucked faster but kept my tongue securely over his pee hole as if to not allow him to spurt. No matter what I did with my tongue, his ejaculation was spurting & I could feel it blowing all around the tip of my tongue. It was wonderful. He was shaking as I held his butt. I swear he cam for two minutes. It just kept coming out. Afterward, we talked some & he asked if we could go to a restaurant. He told me he wanted me more than BJ but he loved how I did that. We ended up in a hotel & he had my legs spread & my vagina wide open for three more of his ejaculations. I'd never had such intense vaginal orgasms. I yelled louder than women do in porn. I couldn't help it but it was all real. That was our first time. We've done the BJ every work day & he's fucking me on Friday's. It's just hot sex. I do love my husband but I like getting this big penis in me. If my husband would start having sex again, I don't know what I'd do but for now, I have a secret which is with my boss & his big mushroom.


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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and recently went away on a girls weekend. We have been in a good place for a while now and a lot of petty arguing had almost completely stopped. I had only ever kissed a guy before since we had gotten together and I had felt so guilty about it. But as we were out these guys started hitting on me. I canât help it I love to flirt so I didnât exactly tell them to go away. As I got further into the night myself and the best looking guy found ourselves separated from everyone and buying shots. I eventually told him. I have a bf but he said that was fine and that we were just harmlessly flirting. What he didnât know wouldnât hurt him. Drunkenly I agreeed and we continued to chat. As I got drunker I found my self sat on his knee. His hand on my ass as I stroked his face and hit his ear. It was harmless wasntbit?

    The next thing I know his hand is up my dress massaging military over my thong and Iâm trying my best to ignore it. All the time him reminding me itâs harmless. We havenât done anything yet. A few minutes later I can feel myself soaking wet morning without even knowing in this busy bar. I brush my hand over his leg to feel a huge dick curled up inside his trousers. Thatâs not fair I said to him. He needs out. As soon as I said that he had me up and out that place in seconds. In the taxi Iâm ignoring the driver just nibbling his ear.

    We get back to his and I suddenly realise Iâm not single. I shouldnât be doing this. But he kisses me. As soon as he does I lose it. Moaning and ramming my tongue down his throat. He picks me up and takes me to his bedroom where I immediately drop to my knees. I pull his jeans down and out flips the biggest cock I have ever seen. The size of my head. Thick as my arm. Omg. I say. Lifting it up. Thatâs huge!!

    Now my boyfriend is massive but this guy was something else. I began to try and deep throat it but I just couldnât get it all in. I was choking on it and he was loving it. His loans were turning me on. I was ready to cum. Before I did tho he picked me up and ripped my dress clean off. You wonât need that anymore he says. Sit on my face. I clamber onto him and no sooner have I started to suck his giant cock again I can feel myself about to climax as he eats my pussy. Iâm in heaven. Lose all sense of where I am and begin to scream the house down. Falling off him onto my back shaking. I bet your bf doesnât make you cum like that does he he says as he kisses my tits just fuck me now jack I say as I pull him on top of me. I feel the tip and he slowly begins to slide in I can feel his give cock spreading me. You like the big cock do t you. I dig my nails into his back and bite his neck as he begins to fuck me. Iâm already about to cum my breathing is shallow and he asks if I like it. I scream all over again. Losing it. Writhing about in his bed. He laughs and says you love this girl. I tell him to fuck me doggy my favourite soon as he enters me. Iâm backing onto his cock. Telling him to smack my ass. Heâs constantly reminding me of the cheating slut Iâm being and I donât care. In the moment all I wanted was to cum all over that huge cock again. Fuck me uk screaming. Make me cum again. I feel another building as he sticks his finger in my ass. Something I never really liked but not this time. Iâm morning even louder Iâm gonna cum again jack fuck!!!!! I collapse into the bed. Losing everything Iâm a hot sweaty wet mess. I wanna cum he says. I pull him above so heâs above my chest and start to suck again. He then covers my face and tits with a huge load and I kick up every last drop I can. The best cum from the best xoxo Iâve ever had. We fucked again after and it was just as amazing. I do feel guilty. Not once did he let me forget that I was cheating but I didnât care. I do now but it was worth it. Iâd do it all over again. And sooner less time in the bar next time xx

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a true lesbian, I am not bisex. I said that so many times. I was on a flight to the frozen north for business. The guy sitting beside me insisted on small talk and like it or not he roped me in. He said the stupidest thing, 'you have pretty hands'. I kept putting my hands in my lap but you can't hide your hands. We got to our destination and we got off the plane together and walked to immigration together and after we were in good old Canada in the freezing weather he suggested that we take one cab to the hotel because he had already gotten me to tell him where I was staying.

    I am an adult, or so I thought. I guessed he was in his mid to late thirties and I was in my early thirties, 30 to be exact. At the hotel we checked in and he asked for my room number and I gave it to him. All the training at work and here I am giving my room number to a man I had just met on the plane. "Meet you in the bar in half an hour" and a peck on the cheek. You change, you can't go down in the same clothes. You put on the clothes you are going to meet your client with. He was there with a table, the place was full because of the weather, he held the chair for me, he commented that he really liked by blouse. He asked what I wanted and he ordered for me. And he took my hand in his and rubbed my hand with his thumb while he talked to me.

    I got cold feet all of a sudden, I needed to tell him that this wasn't going anywhere. I was a lesbian with a girlfriend at home. But he wouldn't let me tell him, he kept touching my hair, and holding my hand and whatever he wanted to talk about it we talked about. He started to hold my ring finger in his hand and telling me how one day I would have a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger and I would make some man very happy. We finished our drink and he suggested we eat in the hotel because of the weather. There I was now, eating dinner with him. I had to text my local office manager that it was ok that we would meet in the morning and not to go out in the weather. I kept telling myself "I am a lesbian, I am a lesbian". He served the wine, he suggested we split desert, we had coffee, the night went on and on and the only time I got away from him was to go the ladies room and freshen up and go back to sit with him.

    The kiss in the hall at my bedroom door went on and on, until I said I wanted him to come in. He was gentle taking my clothes off and he was gentle laying me on the bed. I was for the first time in my life totally nude with a man, his hand going all over my body from my nose to my toes and his kisses on my thighs, my breasts, my chin, my lips. When he got on I opened my legs and I wasn't a lesbian that night. I held my breath for a minute, I was scared, what was I doing? He made love and I tried to make love but I was too emotional and I felt I messed up. He played with my hands afterwards and we fell asleep facing each other.

    I wasn't a very good lesbian, I cheated on my girlfriend, I fell in love with a man I barely knew, I could only see a naked hand until he put a diamond on my ring finger. My girlfriend was my Maid of Honor. Who knew? Not me. I can't type anymore all I do is look at my wedding rings. A whole month has gone by in a flash, I don't even know what I am supposed to do. I'm married. He bought me the most gorgeous diamond ring.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    So I may have a problem.... I love sex.. But I get bored very easily when it comes to vanilla sex. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I've been married 5 years and I'd always been on the naughty side... Though I never really had dirty kinky sex until I met my husband... Problem is, I didn't really have dirty kinky sex with him either... I mean. We would but not really. Truth be told, I have torrid sexual fantasies; i****t, bestiality, r**e.... You name it.. And I'd role play these fantasies with my husband but it would always be me pleasuring him... Fast forward to when we decided to do stuff with other people... I got such a huge kick from it.. And so did he... He loved watching me struggle on another cock and I loved it too... Thing is, the first time I really experienced an orgasm was when my husband watched me as I was blowing another guy... I was so fucking wet, on my knees and then this guy turned me over and decided to duck me, alternating between my pussycat and my assignment... I'd never come like that, let alone orgasm while being fucked! Now my husband wants to keep watching me but he gets jealous sometimes so sometimes I go and fucked without his knowledge just cause the thrill send these wet adrenaline vibes. I'm a slut... I know it... And I love it

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    I am an Uber driver from Atlanta, am married with no children. I've always been faithful, but I've picked up the same exotic woman several times now. She is younger than me I think and has a fantastic body. I daydream of what it would be like to fuck her and I wonder just what her pussy looks and feels like. I know I would be just like I was 16 again and I'd cum in seconds.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    Sophomore year of college. My girlfriend of two months, Ashley, is a lush, and itâs starting to irritate me as she drinks way too much and gets sick or passes out, and the nightâs over.

    One such night weâre in her dorm fooling around a bit finally, after two weeks of no sex. Iâm just about to push into her when she insists on some water. By the time I get back to the room with it, sheâs passed out.

    Iâm pissed but whatever, same shit different day. I put her clothes back on and get her in bed when her roommate Norma walks in from the showers.

    The two of them hate each other (âshe stole my clothes,â âshe ate my foodâ college bullshit) but Normaâs always polite to me if a little cold. She asks what Iâm doing but she puts it together pretty quickly as sheâs familiar with Ashleyâs budding alcoholism. Helps me get her in bed and my horny ass canât help but notice Normaâs looking fine. 5â3â Hispanic chick, short hair, slim with a big ass, wearing a tank top and workout shorts.

    I begin to leave so I can go jack off before I get blue balls, but Norma stops me. Offers to âhelpâ me. Says that she knows Ashley isnât taking care of me, but she can if I want. Iâm drunk and kind of an idiot so I say âHow?â

    She pulls off her shorts and gets up on her bed with her face down and her ass and pussy in the air.

    âOh. â

    In a split second, I remembered all the times in the past weeks that Ashley had chosen getting bombed out of her mind and puking her guts out instead of some quality time with me.

    âOkay sure letâs go.â

    I fucked Norma from behind while my girlfriend was passed out drunk not five feet away. She literally called me papi and it was the hottest fucking thing ever. I picked her up and fucked her against the door while her roommate snored behind us. That girl was tiny but she fucked like a goddamn Olympian.

    I told her I was going to cum and she hopped off my dick and hit the ground on her knees.

    âOn my face,â so I obliged her. She got up and immediately cleaned her face off with Ashleyâs bathroom towel, hanging on a hook on the door. Brutal.

    We kept it secret and never fucked again, even later on when Ashley and I broke up. I think maybe Norma didnât necessarily want to fuck me so much as she just wanted to secretly have something over Ashley - like âYeah she stained that dress of mine she borrowed without asking, but her boyfriend fucked the shit out of me and nutted on my face, so.â

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    When I was younger, maybe 19 or so, I caught my girlfriend cheating. She and I were over at one of her sisters friends apartments. You know the kind where the laundry facilities are in another building. Well, we are there watching a movie and I'm doing some laundry. I got up to go change the clothes to the dryer and when I left and passed by the window I could see in the room. the TV was still going but only now he was over standing in front of her with his dick out and she was blowing him. I watched for a bit then I watched him tense up and he came in her mouth. I was so pissed cuz she always told me to not cum in her mouth....that she didn't like that.

    Later that night I finished up my clothes and packed my car to go home but couldn't resist getting some payback. I asked her to suck me off before I had to go. She was going at it when I said I was close. She once again said don't cum in my mouth. When I felt the urge I grabbed her head and came in her mouth then pulled out for the last couple spurts that hit her face.

    I asked if that's what his cum tasted like. She knew she was caught and said yes. I asked if she sucked other cocks and she nodded. I asked if she fucked anyone else and she said yes again. I told her I had to go but I would call her to discuss this when I got home. I never talked to her again after that night.

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