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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 26

    I hope this is the right platform to do this because itâs eating me alive and I donât know who I can tell itâs not a long drawn out story which seems to be most of these posts or confessions Iâve read here but itâs mt truth and my dirty secret Iâve been in a long term relationship and I canât stop cheating as much as I try I always end up doing it rarely with the same man either besides one or two of the guys Iâve cheated with who I see frequently at meetings and one at work they all know I have a boyfriend too if I see a guy I'm attracted to I just go into a trance but Iâm honest and tell them itâs just sex I have a boyfriend and Iâm upfront but sometimes it really weighs on me what a really shitty person I am but itâs not enough to stop me and the worst part is sex with my boyfriend is great always had been I just like to get fucked and I like to suck dick itâs reallt that simple nothing more nothing less ever since I was a teenager and started having sex I couldnât get enough itâs gotten so bad that Iâve missed important events because I was out fucking some stranger I met on the street or on a subway or in a bar or at the store or a customer at my job you name it why am I so fucked up?

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    Straight Female / 36

    Driving along a country lane around five weeks ago, I had a horny reaction to a young farmer who signaled and whistled at me from his tractor. My cars soft top was down, and I had on a tight white top and a short cream skirt. He could easily see me from his vantage point, so hearing his whistle and seeing him indicating he liked my looks, I pulled over.
    The reason I pulled over was the reason I was driving along on my own. And that was having an argument with my husband about his lack of sexual attention towards me that morning. Or should I say, his inability of late to fuck me as I wanted, roughly.
    He got out of his tractor cab, asked me if I was ok and smiled a huge broad grin when I replied "I would be if you've got a big cock". The whole thing had only taken seconds, but I knew when I said what I did, I meant it. I also knew as he put his right hand across my breasts, and began to feel them through the material (I don't wear a bra with my firm medium sized breasts), I was going to let him fuck me.
    Telling me to pull over further up, he asked me if I really meant it. Grabbing his grubby hand, I slid it up my thighs and then on up to my knicker covered pussy. I swear his cock nearly grew out of the shorts he had on. Having pulled over he drove the tractor directly behind me and jumped down. taking my hand I let him pull me from the car and lead into a field he'd pulled out of earlier.
    We walked about a hundred yards towards a large oak tree and he and I asked each others names, and why he wanted to know, did I want sex with a stranger. I told himmas if I'd known him for years about my argument with my husband and that I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to be taken hard and used. Hearing me say what I did, he pushed me down released his cock and listened as I gasped.
    His cock probably only measured the same as my husband's, about seven inches, but it was so much thicker. Without pause, I took hold of it, sucked it into my mouth and began to give him a blow job. He made all kinds of groaning noises as I got used to his girth and sucked harder on his dick. After only a couple of minutes, he practically pushed me over, got me to kneel up and tore off my knickers after hitching up my skirt. Telling me he didn't have a condom, I told him I didn't care and to fuck me. Seconds later I felt his thick cock push past my pussy lips and bury itself up my aching hole.
    There was no waiting or finding out if I was comfortable. He told me I was going to get it and that young man did just that. He fucked me like a tart from the word go and I loved it. My knees were in the grass and my hands were holding onto the base of the oaks trunk. I was getting fucked by a stranger, a young farmer and he was an absolutely amazing fuck.
    Within a minute or so I'd cum, leaking my juices all over his cock. And I carried on climaxing on his beautiful dick as he kept on thrusting into my hard from behind. Having just cum for the third time, I looked back just in time to see him wet his middle finger on his right hand. Spitting on my arsehole and still fucking me hard, he slid his finger up my bum and I instantly came again. Through a breathless surge of sexual energy I told him he was a dirty bastard which only made him fuck me harder. That in turn had me pushing back onto his cock and he forcing his cock ever deeper up my pussy.
    Then just as another orgasm began to build, he said he was going to cum. Telling him to hold off wanting to reach my own climax, he gripped my hips tightly with one hand and pulled my long brunette hair back with the other. Fucking me like a rag doll, I burst with a massive orgasm and then felt his cock explode inside of me.
    Both collapsing onto the grass, he slid his finger out of my arse and pushee me so I was laying beneath him. Looking down at me, he lowered himself and kissed me. Kissing him back, I put both my hands onto his buttocks and felt the hard muscles tensing as I massaged his arse.
    We got ourselves together and he walked me back to my car. Swapping phone numbers I told him he'd been a great fuck and I'd had fun. Asking me if he could possibly see me in future, I kissed him again and text his number to prove I wasn't giving him a duff number. My text said "Let me know when, Jess x".
    The next when was a week later and then a few days after that. And since our first fuck he and I have had sex two to three times a week since. His father's farm literally borders our home and this past week, he's visited our house when my husband has been at work. The sex is becoming even better and and were beginning to try out some really horny things together. I'm not sure if it will last or if he see's me as a long term affair. What I do know is, he certainly knows how to fuck a woman, and how to pound both my pussy and of last week my arsehole too. At twenty two he's got lots of sexual energy and by the sounds of it yesterday as he fucked me all over our home, he wants to spend the night with me sometime.
    At the end of this month my husband goes over to Germany on business. When he does, I'm going to invite my young lover around and see if can keep up with my demands. I sure hope so, because with him I'm just getting hornier and dirtier everytimne we fuck.

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    Straight Male / 28

    My wife has a vocal student who is an 18YO M. He's very girly looking and likes to wear make up, girls clothes, high heels and paint his nails etc. I never really thought anything of it.

    Last week he came round for his weekly lesson with my wife but she needed to pop out and said she'd be about 15/20 mins and asked me if I could look after him and make him feel welcome in the meantime.
    Pretty much the moment she left he was asking me lots of questions and talking to me a lot. We got on really well talking about each other and music but it took me a few minutes to realise what was happening, he was flirting with me pretty hard! Something came over me and I was really liking the attention to be honest. I've always thought I was straight but I was finding him pretty attractive in a girly kind of way. He has a nice girly body as well and as he kept flirting with me I kept checking his body out. After a few minutes of this he leans in and we start kissing. We kiss for a few seconds and then I pull away and say that it's weird and wrong. He stops me from leaving the room and basically batts his eyelashes and gives me a grin and says "Just go with it." This made me go wild inside and we kissed again and this time pretty passionately with tongue. I've never kissed a guy before that so I don't have anything to go by but he was a great kisser, thats for sure!
    While we are kissing he starts to slide his hands down my chest and undo my trousers! He undoes the fly and the zipper and I'm terrified! I say that we can't and that my wife will be back soon. He says that we have time and doe's that same move, batts his eyelashes and smirks at me and I fucking MELT this time! At this point he goes over to his laptop which he uses to play the songs he's learning and puts a song on and its Breathin' by Ariana Grande, for some reason this turned me on even more. He did it so confidently!
    By this point I'm hard as a rock and he pulls my dick out and starts sucking and licking the head of my dick. My dick isn't huge, probably somewhere between 6 and 7 inches tops but within seconds he's deepthroating me EASILY and confidently. He was giving me loads of sexy eye contact, giving me the best head i've ever had by a long way!

    I look down at him going to town on my dick, squatting on the floor with his high heels on, his made up face and painted black nails wrapped around my cock, jerking me off while sucking me, and it's making me so fucking turned on!
    He keeps on for about 5/10 minutes and then he says something that sends me over the edge! He takes my cock out of his mouth and pulls that same smug face that melts me and starts saying things like "Do I suck dick better than your wife?" and "Can your little wifey do that?" This pretty much sends me over the edge and I feel a wave of pleasure come over me and in the heat of the moment I go along with it, nodding when he asks if he's better than my wife. He then starts jerking me of really slowly. He looks up and me with that look again and says "Say it." I'm totally in the moment now and I say it out loud! I couldn't believe I was saying it out loud!
    At this point I tell him i'm gonna cum and I say I'll get a tissue and he says he wants me to go on his face. I've never gone on anyones face before so it was a new one for me. He jerks me of really fast and starts begging for the cum and talking dirty. I explode all over his face and in his eyelashes! He stands up, opens his eyes and looks at me and says "That was quick, was I that good?" I can't fucking take how hot it all is and I kiss him with all my cum on his face! I didn't get much on me but we both cleaned up after and had a couple of minutes to exchange numbers and chat before my wife got back!

    That happened last week and we've been messaging a lot. He keeps telling me he wants me to fuck him and sending me sexy pictures of him at all times of day. I've almost been caught a couple of times by my wife! I've told him to be more discreet and he told me he knows I want him more than my wife and doesn't care if she finds out. I love this boys confidence and it's a real turn on. He's really got me wrapped around his finger and he knows it, which is weirdly more of a turn on for me. We are trying to arrange a time to meet at a hotel or something now for more fun. I feel guilty but I go wild inside when I think about it and to be honest I can't wait.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I am addicted to the though of fucking my girlfriends sister. She is hot 1 65 with curly hair. Nice tight fit ass and silicone C cup tits with big hard nipples.She has a bitchy style but she is not like that. She has a family and she is not looking be in a mood of cheating. I cant stop thinking and masturbating on her photos. I want to fuck her and cum in her pussy. Rub her tits and slap her ass.Please help me

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    Straight Female / 31


    I'm 31 years old, married, and a mother, with a very responsible position, and yes, Mallory is my real name. What's the sense of making a confession unless you use your real name, right? Until last night I'd been completely faithful to my husband, who I'll call S here. The furthest I'd ever gone with other men since I've been married is to exchange a few more maybe than friendly kisses when I'd had too much to drink, but it was pretty much for fun, and I never seriously considered it going any further than that, at least not in realiity, although in my fantasies it had. Well, last night that all changed.

    We went to a party at a friend's house and S got totally drunk. That's not like him, because he usually controls his drinking at parties better than I do, but for some reason, last night he didn't. I mean, he was like fall down drunk. Maybe the fact that we'd dropped my son off at my parent's house for the night made him feel like he could loosen up more than usual. I myself was at the happy-friendly drunk stage. (That's how I usually get when I drink.) When it came time for us to go home, neither of us were fit to drive. We were going to call an Uber, but our friends who hosted the party suggested that their 18 year old son (B) drive us home, so he could help me get S in the house and into bed. That made sense to me, so I accepted.

    So B drove us home, and helped me get S up the stairs to our bedroom and put him on the bed. Then I asked B to help me get S undressed down to his underwear so he could sleep like that. B agreed and we both took S's shoes & socks off. Then B atarted taking off S's shirt, while I worked on his pants. When I pulled S's pants down, his underwear came down with them, so he was laying there with his soft dick out. In my drunken state, I thought that was hilariously funny & started laughing hard, and I guess my laughter was contageous, because B started laughing too.

    Then I took S's dick in my hand and stroked it several times, but it stayed totally soft, so I sort of flopped it around & said, "I guess I'm not getting any tonight," as I laughed some more. B said, Still laughing, B said, "Maybe you just need to work on it some more." So I took S's dick in my mouth & sucked it for a while, but it was still like a dead little snake. After I gave up on that, I said, "Nope, not even a twitch. No dick for Mallory tonight," followed by another hearty laugh.

    B said he thought he'd better go, so I go off the bed, & walked downstairs, leading him to the front door. When we got close to it, in the front room, I asked B to wait a minute. Then I turned my back to him & asked him to help uzip my dress before he left. He seemed a little nervous about doing that, but after a little encouragement from me he did. Up until that point it had all been in fun, but when I turned back around to face B, my dress slipped off over my shoulders and I gave a little wiggle of my hips, letting it fall to the floor, that's when things started to change. As I wound up standing there right in front of this good-looking young man in just my bra, panties and heels, something seemed to click inside me. Maybe it was the way he was looking at me.

    Even though I'm considerably older than B, I think I'm still an attractive woman. I'm only about 5'2", but with my long, dark hair, big eyes, pouty lips, and large, full breasts, I think I can stil hold my own, even though I'm carrying a few more pounds than I should be for my size. When I saw how B was looking at me, with obvious lust in his eyes, without even thinking I stepped up to him, threw my arms around him, and kissed him. It was definitely not just a friendly kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth and tongue kissed him deeply. I think he was startled at first, because he just stood there lettig me kiss him for several seconds, but then he took me in his arms and started kissing me back very enthusiastically.

    Our bodies were pressed tightly together front to front, and I could feel a large bulge pressing against my stomach thru his jeans. When his hands slipped down onto my ass, right then & there I knew I just had to have this young man. I pulled back from him a bit, unbuckled his jeans, opened them, and pushed them and his underwear down past his hips, letting his hard dick spring free. Then I took it in my hand, gave it a few strokes, & led him over to the sofa by it. It was a pretty impressive one, both in length and girth.

    We fell down onto the sofa, me on the bottom and him between my open legs, and began to kiss lustily again. Before long, he'd managed to get my bra & panties off, and I'd unbuttoned his shirt and gotten that off too, so we were both naked. I reached down between us, grasped his hard dick, positioned it an my entrance, and lifted my hips us sharply, getting the head inside me. Then he pushed forward, getting it in the rest of the way. I must say, it felt really great being filled like that. Then he started moving, and it felt even better.

    To make a long story short, he fucked me until he came inside me, and when he did, I came too. When he rolled off me, I still felt like I needed more, so I coaxed him over onto his back, slid down, and started to suck him. He was still about half hard, so it didn't take long before he was completely erect again, Then I kneeled up, swung my leg over him, guided the tip of his dick to my entrance again, and dropped my weight down on him, completely impaling myself on his beautiful shaft. Then I started to lift myself up and down, fucking myself on it while he played with my breasts and hard nipples. This time it lasted longer, allowing me to cum 2 more times before he emptied himself inside my pussy for the second time that night.

    After we recovered, I started to feel a little guilty about what we'd done, but I didn't say anything to him about that. I just told him he'd better get dressed and go, before S woke up, and before his parents started to worry why dropping me off was taking so long. He agreed, seemingly reluctantly, and got up and dressed. Then I walked him to the door, still naked myself, with his cream seeping out of me and down my inner thighs.

    When we got there, I hid behind the door as I opened it, not wanting to be seen naked by any neighbors who might still be up at that late hour. He started to walk out, but much to my surprise, at the last second he turned around, grasped my upper arm, and pulled me out from behind the door. Then right there in the light of the open doorway, he took me in his arms and kissed me hard and deep. I struggled a bit at first, but gave up after a few seconds and kissed him back. I felt like I was doing it with the whole world watching, but at the moment, I didn't care.

    When the kiss finally ended, I pushed him back and said goodnight. He said thank you and goodnight, and then turned and left. Then I went upstairs, took a quick shower, put my nightgown on, and got in bed next to a still sleeping (passed out?) S. I kept thinking about what had just happened, and my mind kept wavering between how great it had felt, and deep feelings of guilt that I'd let it happen, so it took me a very long time to fall asleep.

    Now on to today. When S woke up, I was hoping that he'd make love to me, to sort of reclaim me after what had happened last night, but he was far too hung over for that. All he wanted was coffee and quiet. Around mid-morning, I started getting texts from B, telling me how great last night had been for him, how beautiful I was, how great my breasts were, and how he couldn't wait to fuck me again. I tried to explain to him that, even though it had been very good for me too, as far as I was concerned it was just a one-time thing that I couldn't let happen again.

    He was having none of that, though, and kept pressing me for a second time. His texts started getting more and more explicit, both in the words he used and the thoughts they conveyed, saying things like how obvious it was that I loved his big "cock," and that he needed to get it in my married "c**t" and fill me with his cum again, and soon. He even talked about how he wanted to "fuck my big tits" and "shoot his cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it."

    When I still refused to meet him again... ever, his next text contained something I'd forgotten all about. They were attachments, pictures of me I'd drunkenly allowed him to take of me the night before with his phone, several of them. In all of them I was completely naked. One of them showed me with his hard dick in my mouth, and one showed me laying on my back with my legs open wide and his cum seeping out of me. When I saw them I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and after his next text, I felt trapped. In it he didn't specifically threaten to show them to S, but he did say that he'd like to keep them completely to himself, and would find it much easier for him to do that if I continued to meet him and have sex with him regularly in the future... any kind of sex he wanted. So the implication was clearly there. I thought about it for a while, and then felt like I had no other option, so I agreed to his terms, and we settled on getting together later this week during the day, on a day I was scheduled to work from home.

    Now my feelings are fluctuating between anger at him for pressuring me into doing this, anger at myself for allowing anything to happen between us in the first place, and very strong feelings of arousal as I fantasize about what he's going to want to do with me and to me when we next meet. As a matter of fact, just before I wrote this, I locked myself on the bathroom, masturbated and came hard thinking about that last part.

    If anyone reading this thinks it's all made up, I don't care. I know that it's completely true, and now that I've confessed it to the world, that's all that matters to me.

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    Straight Male / 44

    This story is 100% true.

    I am a Manager for an Engineering company in the SE. After a company reorganization I had a worker pushed on me from another department, she had zero training in our field, so I was expected to train her and make her a productive employee for my area.

    She was a late 40's rather plain looking married woman. Tall, fairly thin, with brunette greying hair. Her body was slender with wide hips, decent sized boobs which she later confessed to me were fake after she had been teased for many years of being flat. I never really cared for fake boobs, but they looked nice on her.

    We spent a lot of time together getting her started in our area, alone both in my office and hers. We started getting along as we were forced to be around each other a lot, found that we had a lot in common.

    One day we were sitting alone in her office with the door closed because the outside area was noisy, and our legs brushed together. Neither one of us appeared too eager to take it away, we ended up kissing passionately in her office. She had on a skirt and my hands started wandering over her body and found my way up her pantyhose to her damp wet pussy.

    We groped for about 20 minutes and decided we better stop, we couldn't really fuck right there in the office, although we both wanted to.

    Her husband was kind of a nerd. A decent little mousey guy who seemed more interested in geek stuff than sexing her and making her feel good, so her sexual experience was extremely limited. She told me she felt like life was passing her by without her getting to experience all she wanted in sex.

    Things stayed hot for awhile until one day she told me her hubby was going out of town and asked if I would come over. We played it safe and she picked me up in her car at a nearby shopping area and I ducked down while she pulled into the garage. She had called hubby at his out of town location to make sure it was safe, so we knew we had the run of the house to ourselves.

    She stripped down quickly to some sexy bra and panties she said she never got to wear because her husband was just "never interested in that sort of thing". I took the hint and we were all over each other immediately. I like lots of foreplay and taking my time, and she loved it and said she'd never been kissed and touched like that before.

    Soon I had all her clothes off and was sucking her big fake tits, she was going nuts and her pussy was dripping wet. I made my way down to her pussy and started gently sucking her clit and licking her, she started moaning and grinding my face into her pussy. She got more and more worked up, till she started screaming and bucking her hips, then she slammed her legs together in a vise grip and locked my head into place.

    I couldn't hear anything because her legs were locked around my ears but I could feel her pussy throbbing and squirting some and her hips grinding her clit into my mouth.

    She'd just had her first orgasm. Ever. I believed her.

    She collapsed on the bed, it had taken all she had out of her and she snuggled up close to me. After a few minutes she started rubbing my cock and pulled me on top of her. After seeing her so worked up I was ready to go, I pumped her hard and fast for about 15 minutes until I couldn't take seeing those big fat fake tits jiggle around and exploded full into her pussy. It was leaking out the sides before I could even pull out, I came so hard my balls hurt.

    I never could make her cum from fucking her, but I always licked her and made her cum every chance we got. She loved it. I'd see her later and put my hands over my ears, that was our private joke about how she would lock her legs around my head when she would cum, lol.

    We continued on for about a year, the deal breaker was when she started bragging to her friends (her exact words) "now I know what all the fuss about sex is about", lol.

    I was afraid her loose lips and not being able to be discreet were going to get us discovered, so I ended it.

    I was glad I helped her feel good and we had our time together.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I'm married. We have three kids, ages 12, 10 & 7. Most of my married friends have let themselves go. I haven't. After each of my children's births, I managed to work my ass off to get beck in shape. I like to look good. I like to feel sexy. I enjoy the attention of men. My friends sex lives are nonexistent and mine was too even though I tried so hard to stay attractive. My husband is hardly interested. Gone are the days of adventurous hard fucking. Gone are the days when I'd crawl across the floor, rub his dick, get him hard, pull it out and suck him off. Gone are the days when he ask me to suck him when he's driving or when he'd pull off somewhere and just fuck me silly. I tried and tried to get him interested. Nothing worked. He been sticking his dick in me maybe once a month now for years and basically makes himself cum as fast as he can. It's not fun for me. I don't feel attractive. I don't feel sexy. I feel used and frustrated after.

    I met a young guy over three years ago who was drunk at a Christmas party and danced with me. He told me I was the "hottest" woman at the party and asked me to meet him at a hotel. I was flattered and turned on but I said no. Saw him again months later. He asked to talk alone. I thought he was going to apologize but instead he again complimented me. Telling me how sexy I was and saying he wanted to be with me to please me, to make me scream. I was shocked but my pussy was so fucking wet. This guy, who was 20 at the time, was fit, attractive and so confident and he was propositioning me with no self-consciousness at all. I told him I couldn't because I was married. He said he didn't care. He said he would be discrete. I would be his focus, he would take care of me. My marriage wouldn't be affected. I put him off but I wanted to have sex with him.

    A few weeks later, he shows up where I'm getting coffee. Asks to speak with me. I'm instantly horny. It's a school day, no one is at home. I tell him to stop by. I know I shouldn't have invited him the whole ride home. I want him but don't want to cheat. He meets me. In my mind I'm telling myself not to fuck him, to be passive with him. If he does something let him as long as it's not fucking. That's what happened. He tried to seduce me. I passively allowed him to touch me. He massaged my breasts through my shirt, he used his hand on my pussy through my jeans. He made me cum. Multiple times until I had to push his hand away I was so sensitive. He didn't try to make me fuck. He didn't take his dick out although I probably would have sucked him if he had. He kissed me, made me feel so wanted and sexy and then he left after asking me if he could stop by again. I said yes.

    The next time he came by, I snuck into the bathroom to wash my pussy just in case. I wanted him to fuck me so bad but I was still being passive because it was like I wasn't actively cheating. This time we made out, he exposed my breasts and sucked on them, and he used his hand to make me cum multiple times again. And I rubbed his dick through his pants for awhile. It was so hot. I was ready to fuck him if he had pushed it but he didn't.

    Then I didn't see him for awhile. I got to where I would get myself off thinking of him. All along I kept on trying to get my husband interested. Nothing worked. I finally came to the conclusion that my husband would rather watch football than get his dick wet.

    My friend stopped by one day out of the blue. He made me feel wanted. I was desperate to fuck him. Not being passive anymore, I took him to my bedroom. I got on my knees and sucked his dick for a long time. I gave him the blowjob of my life. After he finished, he undressed me, he explored every inch of my body. He ate me out, he fingered me, he made me cum buckets. Then, he slid his dick into me and fucked me. We fucked like we were possessed.

    He's been true to his word. He's been fucking me regularly. He's never done anything but make me feel incredible. He's never been indiscreet or done anything to threaten my marriage. Our family phone plan lets me and my husband locate each other. I always fuck my friend at home and I always know where my husband is. I don't feel guilty anymore. I've decided that I shouldn't be sentenced to a sexless life just because I said "I do" to a man who doesn't want me sexually anymore. I'm going to keep sleeping with my friend until he doesn't want to anymore then I'll wait to see if I meet another man I can trust like I trust this guy.

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    Straight Female / 38

    Most things are normal in my life except that my next door neighbor, a slightly younger married man, and I
    are grabbing a fuck here and there. We've done it in each other's garage, behind the house, in the space
    between the houses, everywhere there is no financial drain on us. We both love our spouses, have kids, but can't stop the cheating. It feels too good to stop. It might be the cheating itself that has addicted us to it.

    I think of his hard boner sliding in and out of me a lot. We think about it constantly and can't wait to get to it, being turned on even by the plans we hatch to get it on. We also do phone sex a great deal. It's sheer lust. We know we're not alone in this sort of thing but looking at it simply, we are trapped by the hot fucking and know that it can end badly for both of us. Our best warning to you, don't even let it start.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I am a 28 year old white male, fairly fit, Iâm short at 5â10 but Iâm very proud of my large thick 8 inch cock. My girlfriend is a incredibly sexy black woman, sheâs definitely a bbw but her tits are enormous double F-cup. The sex is incredible but sheâs always tapped out when Iâm still hard. I love to make her squeal suck and squirt on my big white cock but I wish she had more desire for sex. I know her guy friends want to fuck her giant tits and ass now that we are dating but I know they have no chance, her sexual appitite is only big enough for my cock losers.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 44

    The first year I attended college I took a job with an accountant who had a small business and needed an office worker part time. I also was majoring in accounting so the work experience was a good fit. The man I worked for was in his mid 30âs, married with 3 young children at the time. I became good friends with the family and often babysit the children. One day while playing with the children I ask his wife if they were going to have another child. She explained that her husband had gotten a vasectomy. Surprising to me he started flirting with me more and more often. I had never had a boyfriend and I wasnât experienced at playing him off. One day at the office he made the big move and I let him take my virginity. This relationship really disturbed me and I almost quit working for him. I soon learned to enjoy the opportunity of having the sex without the worry of pregnancy. I worked for him 5 years till he took a much better paying situation with a large company. He and his family soon moved away. I got my master in accounting and finally got married. Funny thing my husband was a virgin when we started dating. It took years to even compare to my first lover. My husband couldnât compare to the experience I got from an experienced lover. All women must admit that feeling a man climax inside of them is the best finish to sex. My husband has a bigger penis than my lover, but the licking, sucking, and fondling and knowing when to do what made sex great with my lover. I keep in touch with my former lover and his family. I never told my husband about my sex with my boss and he has never questioned how I knew about sex before we became intimate. I use the fling as arousal when I daydream. I have had more orgasms on office carpet then probably anyone ever.

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