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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    Because of my position and specific role in the place I work, I've been able to help a lot of younger people move onto bigger and better things for themselves. Our company attracts younger individuals who inevitably move on, but whilst they're working for us, they learn an awful lot.

    With the downturn, almost total cessation of our sex life, as my husband finds sex a chore nowadays (Prefers fishing, silly man). I found that offering some of the younger people, male and female a chance to move on quickly, provided me with horny twenty somethings to fuck with.

    A few choice words, hinting at sex for a large helping hand to better themselves, provided me with my first chance to cheat four years ago. It was a twenty year old female who first got my juices flowing, as she and I had oral sex in a side room. Lay on a large unused conference table, we both got into pleasuring one another during our lunch breaks. She wasn't my first sexual experience with another female, but she was the first in twenty years.

    The second person was the son of one our companies directors. He wasn't exactly needing of my help, but I accepted his offer of a "Real fucking" one afternoon. Fucking him in his fathers office as he was away on business. And the young man was right, he really did give me one hell of fucking, making me orgasm at least four times that I can remember, before he shot his load all over my face and down my throat.

    And on it's gone. I'm not going to say I'm being fucked by a large cocked buck or having sex with a young woman every week. But I will say at least one or twice a month, I have the distinct pleasure of young pussy, cock and ass to keep me more than happy. That is until I get to have a new friend of mine service my ever needy mouth, pussy and ass. He's also an employee. Buts he's going nowhere. Our new ish janitor is forty two, married and a dirty horny bastard. He's got the thickest cock I've ever been fucked by and boy does he know how to fuck me with it. He tells me his wife gave up on sex after their fourth child. So when we get to fuck, he takes out his sexual frustration with me. And am I glad he does.

    Next week I'm away with a two young members of staff. They both know with my help they'll be walking into much better higher paid jobs. So I fully expect to have a sweet tasting pussy and a large young cock giving me everything I want.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I want to sleep with my best friend's husband, Mike.

    My husband Dave and I are really good friends with Holly and Mike, and we have been for a few years now. We live in the same neighborhood, we've taken trips together, and out of all the women I've ever met and tried to be friends with over the years, Holly is only one I've ever trusted. She's non-threatening and my husband actually doesn't really like her all that much (he says she's really uptight) but he and Mike get along well so it works perfectly and we get to spend a good deal of time together. What Dave doesn't know is that she's an absolute freak in bed, according to the stories she's told me over the years. She has Mike trained so well, and knows exactly how to manipulate him using her sex to pretty much get whatever she wants. She's told me things like how he helps her masturbate, fuck her little mouth with his cock, loves how her pussy smells and tastes, and how often they are having sex, just about every other day. She's having orgasms with him every time they are together! Dave is good, but not that good.

    Two weeks ago, we were having a BBQ and Mike and I almost ran into each other in the kitchen, doing that awkward dance where you try to move out of the way and just move into the way. We were both laughing, when he grabbed my shoulders and side stepped me. It was such a minor thing, but it was electric to me and I was instantly wet for him. At the end of the night, we were saying our goodbyes and I hugged him as usual, probably just a little too long, I'm pretty sure I could feel his hard cock! I was shocked, and took a LONG bath where I masturbated for nearly an hour thinking about him worshiping my pussy. Dave didn't know what came over me when I got out and yanked his shorts off to mount him afterwards, either. I was thinking about Mike the whole time.

    The next day, she and I were going to do lunch and go shopping, so I walked over to their house (a few doors down from us) and found Mike doing some yard work. Normally, we talk pretty freely, though I've always suspected that he's more polite to me than interested. I got flustered talking to him today and he noticed, asking if I was okay. I nodded and started toward the front door to meet Holly instead of trying to talk any further. He grabbed the door for me, and he smelled like sex. I guess they had just finished before I came over. Again, I was wet and wanting him.

    This man is making me feel like a teenage girl again. It's so exciting to have a crush like this, but it makes me feel so guilty at the same time.

    I really don't know what to do; I'm afraid I can't be around him like this too much longer and really don't want to ruin my friendship with Holly. She really is my best friend, but I want nothing more than to steal her man for myself and have been wondering if I could have him behind her back. It feels so naughty to think about carrying on an affair like that!

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    Straight Female / 45

    My confession is a bit of both cheating and diaper fetish. I have been married for over 20 years have had our ups and downs but for the most part its been pretty good. Anyway awhile back my husband sort of told me he was interested in domination and humiliation so long story short after several different attempts and some research one thing I found he liked a lot was to be made to weir a diaper suck a pacifier etc. So every once in a while I'll strip him down naked put a nice thick cloth diaper on him and stick a pink pacifier in his mouth and let him crawl around while I go about my day, it usually only last maybe an hour, I'll PRETEND to change him once or twice, (that's rule one for both of us he doesn't actually use the diapers) or I'll put him over my knee for a spanking or both and usually he cums within an hour or so.

    Anyway he seems to enjoy it, I don't really get much out of it and don't really understand but hey who am I to judge. So a couple of months ago I reconnected with an old guy friend through Facebook, we never dated or anything we were just friends. Anyway he had just moved back here and was just recently separated and we ran into each other one day and started talking and he wanted to take me for coffee but I didn't go the first time we chatted a couple of times online then ACCIDENTLY ran into each other from time to time until finally one after noon I found myself sitting on a patio having a glass of wine talking with him about old times and stuff. It was great but I have to admit I felt kind of guilty when we left that day I swore it wouldn't happen again but it did so I had to tell him I didn't think we should meet in secret like this, he kind of laughed and said it was no big deal we were in public not in a hotel room. Then he stared at me got real serious and told me he really wanted to sleep with me, not for love just for lust, he knew I was married and he knew it was wrong but he still wanted it, I can't say I was surprised but I quickly told him no and left. He texted me later and apologized and I accepted it because although the answer was always going to be no the thought of it was rather interesting.

    A few days later I was at home with my hubby in his diaper pacifier in mouth sitting on the floor waiting for me to do something so I thought I would change things up so to speak I sat there on the couch and stared at him then I said "look at you in your diaper sitting there like a little baby sucking your pacifier you no what I should do I should go out and get fucked by someone who wants this" with that I pulled my skirt up a bit and ran my hand over the front of my cotton panties which resulted in a whimpering type moan from him. I realized I was on to something so I stood up and removed my skirt then sat back down and said " that's right I think I'm going to go out and meet someone and let them fuck me hard" Next I got down on the floor made him lay down for his changing the whole time his eyes a locked on my panties I slowly removed the diaper and said " Look at that little 6 inch thing and that's hard hah I'm going to find someone with more than that to fuck me and you can be our little baby" And with that his entire body began to shake and lurch and well needless to say that's the hardest I've seen him go off in a long time. And to be perfectly honest I actually sat back slide my hand down the front of my panties and stroked myself to a nice little orgasm as well.

    Call me crazy but even though we never really discussed it after that I sort of decided that my husband had given me permission to screw around. So a week or so later there I was sitting at a pub glass of rum in hand talking with my friend. He was very surprised that I wanted to meet again and asked what had happened to change my mind and at first I told him I hadn't I just wanted to meet again for a drink but he knew better. After about my third rum I began to loosen up and confess some what that yes I was having second thought but I couldn't really tell him why. We finished our drinks and the next thing I no we're walking down the street the short walk his apartment. Once we were in side I could feel his eyes racing over my body, I wasn't sure what to do next so when we sat down and he asked me again what made me change my mind with the help of the rum I blurted out "sometimes my husband likes it when I punish him by making him pretend to be a baby and last when we were doing that I told him I was going to do this and it seemed to really turn him on so here I am" He kind of laughed abit, then sat back some what puzzled then asked if it turned me on and I responded with a shaky yes. He didn't say anything at first then he began with "well I suppose we could do that we could spend an entire weekend together having sex over and over again while you make him be our baby"

    I didn't realize it at first but while he was talking he was slowly undressing me, first pulling my top over my head then unhooking my bra and tossing it aside, then he began to rub my nipples gently and he told me he'd love to fuck me while my husband listened from the next room then watch me make him suck my beautiful tits that would be covered in sweat from us fucking. My entire body began to respond to his touch and the sound of his voice as he ran his hands down and undid my jeans and slide them off of me then he began to stroke my pussy through my damp cotton panties and he told me how much fun it would be to watch me dress my husband with a diaper under his cloths and take him out, make him sit in the back seat while we drove around, maybe go shopping and make him follow us around the whole time. For so strange reason at that point I sat up and asked him if he was serious, he wasn't sure what to say but quickly agreed that he was when I undid his jeans and pulled out his throbbing hard dick and began stocking it. and for some reason that was all I needed to hear. I begged him to fuck me and that was all he needed to hear, he laid me back and took his jeans off and I have to say I did notice it was more than the six inches I was used to, then he reach out and basically tore my panties right off of me, not down he grabbed them and when he heard them tear a bit he pulled harder and tore them off of me. He moaned and gasped at the sight of my naked body and told me how amazing I looked and how he couldn't believe how I shaved my entire pussy. I just wanted him to fuck me but he knelt down began playing with me, fingering me, rubbing my clit until I couldn't take any more and begged to be fucked and he did just that, he drove his dick into me hard and began to pump even harder and I loved every second of it. We weren't making love, we weren't having sex,,,we were fucking like two horny animals. |We fell on the floor and kept going, harder and faster. Then when we would start to slow down one of use would gasp out something that we would do to my husband in his diaper and it would start all over again. For me it wasn't the thought of my husband in diapers that was the turn on, it was what we were doing but for some reason the very thought or discussion of such a kinky, unheard of scenario seemed to fuel both of us. At one point I was riding him and he was gasping how we could take him to a park and make him play there if nobody was around maybe even strip him down to his diaper.
    Finally we were both starting slow down, he was on top of me sliding in and out both of us gasping for air and in between gasps I whispered how I was going to put my husband in a play pen out side the bedroom door so he could hear us fuck and how I wanted him to cum in my pussy and pull out and cum on my stomach and tits as well so when I got up to pretend to change my husband baby he would have to watch the cum drip out of my c**t and off of me and we both exploded into a hard orgasm, he filled me with so much cum I thought my pussy would explode. We laid there for several minutes just recovering and gasping for air trying to make sense of what just happened.

    It was him who broke the ice when he turned me and said " so now that we've done that I guess your pregnant, question is when are you due with our baby" We both kind of laughed it off at first, but once we cleaned up a bit and got dressed (me with no panties) we talked about it awkwardly mind you and it kind of seems like we both want to give it a try. But I have no idea how to bring it up with my husband. He loved the thought of it, but will he like the reality. I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to do next but time will tell I suppose.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    This past eighteen months I cannot understand what's wrong with me. My husband and I used to have sex, lots of sex, as I adore being fucked. Yet relatively recently I couldn't help but feel horny all the time. I'd even ask my husband straight after long sessions of sex, to carry on fucking me as my need to orgasm just got stronger and stronger.
    The inevitable happened when my husband just couldn't keep up with my desires. And I found myself buying an array of dildo's without telling him. When he worked his shifts, I'd take out the dildo's from where I'd stored them, and literally fucked my pussy and asshole until I couldn't physically orgasm anymore. Many a time slamming two dildo's deep up my pussy and ass at the same time.
    But there was something missing. And that something was a man fucking me. During a break from my fascination with my dildo's, I spoke to my husband about my need for more sex, and his response initially was to try and satisfy my urges. But, and it wasn't and isn't his fault, he just couldn't keep up with my insatiable appetite for being fucked long and hard.
    Back to the dildo's, I swore to myself I'd stay faithful and only use the sex toys to keep me happy. That was until my husband found them. He dropped them on my lap as I was sat texting my sister, and asked me if they were what was keeping my sexually happy. When I said only partially, he responded in a way I wasn't expecting. My husband sat down next to me and said "Well maybe you should find a younger guy to keep you happy, but I want to know about everything".
    It took a few minutes to fully grasp what he was meaning, and I got him to repeat what he'd said, just in case I'd misunderstood. Again he told me to find someone to fuck me, but added in "Make sure he's packed". With that my husband stood up, kissed my fore head and left me to think about what he'd just said.
    It was three weeks later when I told him I'd spoken to someone who'd previously tried to chat me up, from the gym I attend. My husband bizarrely couldn't have been happier. So the following day when I knew my husband would at work, I arranged for Charlie to visit our home.
    Charlie is twenty two and a self confessed sex addict. He's also very fit and muscular, and has a cock most men would love to have swinging between their legs. And at my first sight of his thick long cock that evening, I couldn't control myself, diving onto him and forcing his beautiful cock down my throat. We shared a very long and rough sixty where Charlie had my climaxing numerous times. But it was his delicious cock I wanted embedded in my pussy and ass, thet had me mounting him vaginally and anally as he lay on our huge leather sofa. The sight of breasts bouncing up and down as Charlie fucked me that first time will stay with me forever. I simply went to town on the young mans cock and rode him to ever stronger orgasms.
    Once I'd climaxed for my umpteenth time, Charlie had me kneel up for him and buried his cock up my pusy and ass alternatively making his cock sink deeper up inside my body than any man had ever been. And it was that depth, that arc of his upward slanting cock that broke through my sexual resolve. I'd never felt so sexualised, or so used. I became everything sexual I've ever wanted to be with a man and it felt to me, utterly engrossing. I was his and and I told him so with each thrust of his cock deep up my holes.
    Then like a mirror shattering, I saw myself through our sex in a different way. Charlie was cumming deep inside my pussy at the time, and my orgasm was peaking to admit his seed into my uterus. The significance of Charlie being able to fuck me that good, and receive his child giving seed didn't escape me. It also didn't escape every nerve ending in my body and I swear to you right now, that orgasm was the most all encompassing feeling I'd ever had. So much so when he withdrew and began to lap at my pussy and asshole, I had to stop him as I was sexually worn out.
    However, Charlie and I continued to fuck throughout the next two hours and I became totally enraptured by him and his cock. The time we spent after our prolonged session fucking one another, was spent kissing and touching one anothers bodies.
    My husband when he got in from work around midnight, got every single detail I could remember, much more than I've put here. He asked me if I'd bathed since Charlie had gone. Smiling at him I told him my pussy and ass was all his, if he wanted to taste Charlie's essence. In between my legs for the next half hour, my husband then man I adore with all my heart, paid homage to my pussy and ass, and in doing so, paid homage to Charlie and his copious amounts of cum.
    It's a stasis which exists today. My husband and I still fuck, but he's now more and more interested in knowing about what Charlie and I get up to, and in doing so cleaning me out after every sex session I have with my twenty two year old lover.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    it all just kinda happened. my wife's 19 year old little sister came to live with us while she goes to college so she can save money instead of a apartment with people she doesn't even know. she is a beautiful girl only like 100 to 110 lbs A cup breasts. i have always loved this girl, i have been in her life since she was 11. she was the little sister that i always wanted cause she liked all the nerdy things that i did and my wife didnt like video games and anime and comics.. stuff like that. sooo needless to say we got along, so i was more than happy to have her in our home while she was in school. any way boring stuff out of the way. one day she got home from school and decided to i guess take a bath, i work from home so i was already in the house. i then started to hear weird noises and got up to investigate and i realized she had left the door slightly open to the bathroom, i guess she forgot i was home because i park in the garage and she goes through the front door so maybe didnt think i was there. i get closer to the bathroom door and i hear her moaning and i can see her with her eyes closed masturbating in the tub. i cant stop staring at her she truly is beautiful and my dick is getting harder and harder, it is getting really uncomfortable in my jeans. she just keeps moaning louder and louder then i hear her scream MY NAME !!!! i then get out of there and go back to my office before i get caught standing there. i am just sitting in my office for about 30 min. when i hear her voice behind me. "hey" she said and i turned my chair around to see her in a sheer bra and panties leaving nothing to the imagination. i asked her "what are you doing? why are you only in your under ware?" she then goes on to tell me she is so grateful for everything i have done for her in the past and that she knew i was home and could hear her a little while ago. she then goes on to tell me she has always had a crush on me and how lucky her sister was to have married me. i tell her thank you but that doesnt explain why she is in bra and panties in my office right now. She said " i have been waiting for a time when we could be alone for a while" why? i ask. she says cause i have been wanting to do this since i was 16 but couldnt but now that we are both adults, i want you to make love to me.

    i tell her we cant do this, i am married to your sister. she tells me that she never has to know, and then slowly walks over to me and sits in my lap and kisses me. her now feeling my rock hard erection against her ass she says to me that is looks like you want it too, your dick is poking me in the ass. i said i couldnt help it with how beautiful and sexy she is. she kisses me again and this time i probe my tongue in to her mouth kissing back passionately and fondle her breasts through her bra. i then pick her up and carry her into her room because if im gonna do this it will not be in the bed that i sleep with my wife.

    I lay her down gently on the bed looking down at her amazing body, she then sits up and starts unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them off instantly feeling a relief of pressure because my erection was pressed hard against them. her now rubbing my dick through my underware she says to me that it is bigger than she thought. she said she had caught glimpses of it when i was showering and would spy on me but i was never hard then. she then pulled my boxer briefs down and my dick sprung out and bounced in front of her face. she reached out and softly ran her hand down the length of the shaft and her then seeing precum starting to drip from the end she grabbed the shaft and then licked the tip of my dick getting all of the precum in her mouth. she said it tasted good and then eased my dick into her mouth and began giving me the most amazing blowjob i have ever had, she then asked if it was better than her sister, i told her that her sister doesnt even do that for me. she said that she would do it for me any time i want. i lifted her head up from my dick bent down to give her a kiss and said it was her turn and i laid her down on her back and got between her legs. i slid her pantied down and off her and threw them on the floor. she was quivering from the very first lick i did on her perfectly bald little mound of heaven. in no time i had her shaking with orgasm, and then she told me she needed to return the favor and she rolled me over on my back and straddled me. she was about to position my dick at then entrance to her pussy when i said wait, dont we need a condom? she told me she was on the pill and wanted to feel me inside of her. and with that she slide down all 9 inches of my cock and she was so tight and amazing. she started slow to get used to it but after a couple minutes she started going faster and faster and harder. i was getting close and i told her and she screamed "cum in me!!! i want you to fucking cum in your sister in law's pussy, i want it all" i had never heard her talk like that but it was such a turn on it pushed me over the edge and i came harder than i ever had inside her sweet teen pussy. she leans down kisses me passionately shoving her tongue down my throat and say thank you for making my fantasies come true. she had masturbated many times thinking about it, but she said it was better than she could have ever imagined. she asked me if we could continue doing this when my wife is out of the house, i kissed her on the forehead and said of course we just need to be careful.

    we have been fucking since that day and my wife still knows nothing. i have even gotten blowjobs from her with my wife in the house. she even gave me and hand job under the blanket with my wife in the same room while watching a movie in the dark. she is a little sex freak but she is my sex freak.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    My sister in law has been teasing me for years now. I was dating her sister, now my wife when she started. I have to admit, I have no complaints. She has a great body. Recently though I have been fantasizing about her. At a wedding we were at, she playfully grabbed me by the neck pretending to choke me saying: "you would do what I told you to do wouldn't you". I smiled and said, yes maam. We both played it off as a joke, but I don't think she was joking. She is married but her husband is out of town a lot. I cannot help but fantasize that she will call asking me to fix something. In my fantasies I see her coming out of the shower with just a towel on when I ring the door bell. She scolds me saying I made her drip water all over the floor. I then get on my knees to dry up the water. She pulls my head closer to her saying that I need you to dry my whole body now with your tongue. I love my wife very much and have been trying to stay away from my sister in law. Last time we had a holiday party, as she was leaving and no one else in the room she bent over to pick up her purse. Her blouse came upon exposing her beautiful breasts. She just looked at me knowing that she had me. Help!

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    Straight Female / 23

    I've become the personal whore of my boss, and my husband's boss. Typically before work, during lunch hours, and just after work, my boss has me come to his office so we can have sex. He doesn't like using condoms and he insists on cumming inside me too. It's not exactly a secret among my coworkers, a few of them have spotted us having sex.

    More recently my husband's boss has seduced me, and oftentimes makes excuses for the chance to have more trysts with me, including giving my husband after-hours work to complete and getting paid for it, so that he can come over to our house to have sex with me, he enjoys having his way with me on our bed or in our living room.

    As it stands, they're both unknowingly in a competition to see who'll get me pregnant first. My husband knows about my infidelity, and finds it really exciting.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 40

    First of all, I will start by saying that I am not proud of myself at all - and
    I regret my affair everyday.
    I had just turned 40 a few months ago, and was not "looking" to cheat. But for once in
    my life I did something selfish just for ME. When I am with my lover, Brad, I am not a
    wife or a mother or a daughter taking care of a sick parent. Its my time to just stop the
    world and escape, as shallow as that sounds.

    Brad is only 26 and single, the fact that he gets so turned on by me is very flattering.
    We met playing volleyball at an open gym that I go to once a week, and afterwards several
    of the players would go out for a drink. And eventually it was just Brad and I that were
    always the last ones to leave.
    That one night when he told me that his apartment was only a couple blocks from the bar,
    I wish I could take back. I agreed to go there just to visit and talk more, and that's
    when the affair started.

    Brad is about 6'4 - he is such a strong hitter. I wont go into details about how the rest
    of him is big too, but the first few times we needed a lot of lubrication to get him to
    fit inside me and be comfortable enough for me to enjoy him.

    He and I will have sex for about an hour afer volleyball - although sometimes we will
    leave early and give ourselves more time for fun. When I get home, its then perfectly
    natural for me to tell my husband I have to take a shower, since volleyball made me all

    Brad knows its just a physical affair. There are no "I love yous" or anything like that.

    I noticed a change in Brad in the past month or so, when he wanted to hear more and more
    details about my husband and my sex life at home. And then he wanted me to "compare"
    sizes, which I felt horrible for doing but I went along with that.
    He has talked me into calling my husband twice while we were in bed together - and I am
    ashamed to admit that it was a bit of a thrill for me to have another man inside me as
    I talked to my spouse. I have no idea where Brad thought up some of that stuff.

    I made the mistake of telling Brad that when I got home once, my husband was horny.
    I told Brad I gave my husband oral sex since there would have been so much of Brads
    cum there for my husband to see as evidence.
    From that day on, Brad begged me to have intercourse with my husband when I got home,
    and more importantly, make sure he gave me some oral sex.

    I have done that twice now. My husband has literally tasted my lover.
    I tell myself I am not a bad person, but I have started this 2nd life that has a hold
    of me. I want to end my affair, and I finally mentioned to Brad about how I was

    And now for the worse part (at least for me)
    Brad was in a very aggressive mood with me last week - and wanted SO much "husband
    talk" about how I am not satisfied at home and how much I need Brad's cock.
    He wanted me to yell out 'I'm yours!" to him, which is something I had never said before.
    Then he had me talk in detail about what it was like to feed my husband his cum.
    Just - it seemed over the top kinky sex talk that Brad wanted out of me.

    When he was finished, and I was just about to get up to leave - Brad said he
    had a confession to make.
    He had a hidden camera - and video taped our sex!
    I was horrified. I was so mad - I told him to give me the camera to me or to erase
    what he filmed, but he refused.
    Brad said he wanted to keep it since he knew our affair was ending, and wanted
    a "reminder" of what it was like with me.

    So - I am sick to death knowing there is that video out there.
    Will he try to use it to blackmail me??
    I cant imagine anything else he would want from me sexually - he did talk about
    a friend of his (a black guy) he wanted to introduce me to. Would he use the
    video to keep on having sex with me though??

    Should I just assume he will use the video for his own viewing??

    Part of me thinks I deserve to just come clean to my husband about my affair, and
    suffer the consequences. I know I do not deserve any forgiveness.
    But at least that way, Brad wont have any leverage on me.

    What's the saying - I made my bed and now I must lay in it??
    I do know I only have myself to blame.
    I guess I never really thought about how my affair would "end". Does anybody
    ever think about that??

    I just don't know what Brad is thinking with that video.
    I think back now to some of the things I said out loud that were probably recorded,
    and I am horrified.
    Why did Brad do this....

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Dear Susan,

    Ever since Christmas, when you sent your husband over to my place to "drop off some gifts for the kids," I've been fucking him. That night, since the kids were with their Dad, we did it right in front of the lit up tree in the living room. I rode your husband's cock right there on the floor and came all over it. I pretended I was really drunk when in fact I'd only had a glass of wine just so he wouldn't feel so guilty. The look on his face when I came all over him, priceless. Three days later when he came by again and I blew him in my kitchen, that was another thing altogether. He texted me and within an hour I was sucking his beautiful cock and took his cum all over my tits.

    His birthday, when he had to work late? That was me working him over in the parking lot outside his office. When you got him later on that night, did his cock already taste like cum? Maybe he was a little less responsive to you? You're welcome. I hope you liked tasting me all over him, smelling my perfume and c**t all over his crotch and face.

    My birthday after Valentine's Day, when you and a couple of other couples invited me over for that little surprise party? In your bed that morning. That's right, darling. You went on to work, and I came over and got worked. Best birthday present was the huge load he gave me. So when I came back for the party that evening, all I could think about is how loud we were in your house and if you were going to smell me on your pillow, taste me again on his cock, notice any wet spots or stains. Terrifying, but I was soaking wet all night and aching for him.

    Two days ago, when we went to lunch and you thought something seemed off with you and him, I pretended to care. It's your fault this happened, you uppity bitch. Let's all take pity on poor divorced Kate, raising two kids on her own and obviously having some trouble making it all work. The moment you offered him up "to help me out" at all, I knew how this was going to end. He'll never leave you and the perfect little world you've built from his hard work. But at least he'll get to have some fun with me on the side. I treat him like a man should be treated by his woman, and all you do is complain, shop with his money, and plan trips. You don't even know how good you have it.

    And who knows? I'm late this month and I might be pregnant with his child. Wouldn't that make things difficult for perfect Susan. You might have to start taking anxiety meds again and take another expensive vacation to cope. You're Real Housewives of X County for sure.

    Gotta go-he's texting me now. We're going to spend the rest of the week together at the conference he told you there wasn't space for you to stay at. I'm going to tease him with pics of all the naughty outfits he's going to get to fuck me in over the next few days.



    PS-Honeysuckle perfume you keep smelling in your house and don't know why? Me. He loves it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    My husband used to think I was cheating on him with our neighbor. He would call whenever he knew George was home and he wasn't. He would be really wary whenever he was around, for instance if we were having a barbecue or something.

    He was right about me cheating on him with our neighbor, but not about George. George's wife Judy and I like to keep each other company while we're both home alone. It started out as just boredom, at least on my part, but Judy figured out she doesn't like men anywhere near as much as she likes women. I just enjoy the attention, and the orgasms.

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