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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 33

    When my husband told me Nine months ago he wasn't sexually excited by me anymore and that he'd been fucking a nineteen year old girl, I was absolutely heart broken. It wasn't as if I didn't like sex and wasn't adventurous, because I adore horny dirty sex.
    Four days after he told me, he had a massive motor cycle accident and was extremely lucky to have survived it. Even though he'd been on his way back from fucking the girl when he had the accident, I stuck by him and nursed him after he eventualy came out of hospital. The girl was long gone, as was my husbands ability to have sex. My libido however was if anything was growing and growing.
    Taking my husband two months back, to yet another rehabilitation session in his wheelchair, I met a young male nurse who made it perfectly obvious to me, he found me attractive. I'm not exactly sure why, but as my husband was in a pool going through some upper exercises with another nurse, I followed the young man into a small side office and smiled when he closed the blinds. Turning to me he quietly said "Not had in a while have you". As he said it he dropped his white cotton trousers and blue boxers and out sprang his very angry looking cock. Within seconds I was on my knees and had his cock in my mouth. It had been months since I'd tasted cock and to me, it meant everything and nothing. What I mean by that is, Everything because another, younger man, had found me attractive and Nothing because sucking on his cock meant my husbands comment and condition weren't going to stop me enjoying my sexual life.
    Knowing we didn't have too long, I was desperate to feel his dick inside of my pussy and asshole if he wanted to fuck me there. Releasing his cock, I stood up lifted my loose flowing skirt and moved my panties to one side. Grinning at me, he stood up to me, put his cock head to my pussy opening and in one hard thrust, rammed his dick straight into my waiting hole.
    On and on he pumped his cock into me and in those few minutes my sexual nture was reborn. i'd held off for so long after he'd told me about the girl and hadn't had sex since then. I'd masturbated, but that's just not the same as having a hard throbbing cock fucking you. So with his youthful energy and forceful style of fucking me, I was soon orgasming. And kept on climaxing as he battered my love hole with his dick.
    I'm not sure if he meant it that way. But from one thrust deep inside my pussy, he pulled out and instantly slid right up my asshole. The joy of his cock driving so far up my ass, was so overwhelming, I actually cried a little. Not in pain, but from the sheer pleasure of having a cock punishing my ever sensitive anal tube. If I orgasmed quickly before, then having him fuck my asshole, had me cumming all over the place. Then just as I was building to yet another climax, he made lots of short grunting noises and came flooding my ass with his sticky mess.
    Within five minutes I was back sat outside the pool area, with cum leaking out of my asshole and into my panties. I sat there watching my husband swimming on his back using his arms, as his legs and cock for that matter were and are now useless.
    Back at home he told how good it felt to have exercised. I smiled and agreed, only my exercise was far more thrilling. And taking it on another level, I've been having sex at least three to four times a week (Depending on his college days) with a relatively young guy who lives literally seconds away from our home. My husband now has an adapted car, which he uses to drive himself to his new job. As I work from home, I now have visiting me, a twenty year old young man who's home is right next door. As soon as I got my head around the nurse fucking me, I realized for me that was how I was going to play it from then on. Having my fun outside of our marriage, but making sure in every other way my husband was looked after.
    Having Ryan fuck me on the days we get together is simply wonderful. He's not possessive or in any way in need of a relationship. We both know it's sex in it's rawist form, and we both get what we need from it. It's hard normally filthy sex, and I for one, personally love it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I am a working woman married for nearly eight years and have two kids. I love my husband and having a very happy life. I am still confused and mad at myself for cheating on my husband for no good reason. It just happened and was a stupidity.

    I had a married colleague of my age and we used to sit close to each other,. Many times he would be talking to me and telling me cheap jokes for a laugh, he was hilarious at times but he never made any advances as such. He used to portray himself a guy in love with his wife but also used to flirt around with girls in subtle way except me. Infact I was the one who used to tease him how he behave with females and made fun of him. Then he resigned and was on a notice period for six weeks. He also started to flirt with me, saying I dressed so sexy on some day. The other day praising me on my figure so on and so forth. I just laughed it off but yes who doesn't like to be praised. It was hard to believe but I expected him to say good things about me and he perhaps realized it. He gave a comment or two every time he got a chance.

    Just before he was leaving he invited me to show his renovated house, I went there and found that his family was gone for few days. He showed me all the rooms and then offered me drinks. He started praising me that how sexy I look, my boobs my bums everything is just perfect. He said that he masturbated many times thinking of me. He then started to touch me and then requested for a kiss. I was half drunk and enjoying his admiration. I didn't say anything and he started to kiss me. Then he slipped his hands under my blouse and started fondling my boobs. It just felt so good. Then we were both naked exploring each others bodies, I was doing things I would not ask my husband to. He was so passionately licking me, I also sucked him thoroughly and then he was thumping me like anything. We remained together for two hours and then he dropped me off. Few days later he left the office and never contacted again. I also felt good about it. I still wonder why it happened as I never liked him but yes he was able to arouse the darker side of me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband has a reasonably large cock, eight and a bit inches long and it's fairly thick also. I suck it and certainly enjoy him fucking me with it, but his cock isn't the only cock I suck.
    You service have this sexual thing for sucking on smaller slimmer cock. Maybe it's because I can easily deep throat them, and that it's much much more comfortable to suck on a smaller cock. Plus for whatever reason they're invariably harder and feel amazing in my mouth.
    My first boyfriend had a five inch dick and believe me if spend sometimes over an hour sucking on his gorgeous cock. But like most people we think we want bigger and better. Eventually meeting my husband, we dated, and five years ago got married.
    But I never lost that sexual lust for smaller cocks.
    Another passion of mine are our two dogs. I'm a professional dog handler in my line of work, so I take our dogs out two to three times a day. Not usually too far, but some days when my husband is working away, we walk for miles. And it was during one of those walks last summer, I caught two fully naked teenagers openly tossing each other off, as I walked through a sunny glade. The dogs startled them but I easily saw what they were doing before they tried to get dressed. Without thinking about it, I told them they had nice cocks. The taller of the two stopped getting dressed and asked me if I'd like to finish him off.
    There are moments in life you make a decision that changes everything. This was one of those moments. I could simply have walked away, but instead I covered the twenty feet or so, took hold of his still pulsating small cock, squatted down and sucked in his delicious little penis.
    Slurping in his cock (4-5 inches maybe) I was taken back to my first boyfriend and I gave that kid the best blow job he's probably still ever had. As I licked and sucked on his dick, the dogs lay down nearby and the other youth slowly tossed his own small penis.
    Holding his balls and gently squeezing them, I felt him ready to cum and when his cock erupted in my mouth, I delighted at swallowing every single delicious drop. Pulling out of my mouth, the only thing he said was "Fucking Wow!".
    Asking the other young man to come over, I took his smaller cock in and suckled on his dick, unfortunately he only lasted a minute or two and his cock dribbled his sperm into my mouth. Like the other teenager, I swallowed his cum too. Standing up I told them I rarely walked as far as I did that day, but would be willing to meet them closer to where I live. I'm still sucking off at the moment, the first and older of the two lads on a weekly basis. He's asked me recently if I'd let him fuck me, but sucking his dick for now is right for us both.
    He's not know the only person with a smallish cock that I meet up with for oral sex. Once I'd gotten my thrill and taste back for smaller cocks, I went online and got chatting to a married man who's wife has regularly cheated on him with larger cocked men. Telling him I'd only suck him off once we'd agreed to meet for sex, we met at a place we both knew of. Again outdoors, I took his beautiful five inch dick into my mouth and savoured sucking on it until he'd cum twice, filling my mouth both times, as he's a very heavy cummer. Swallowing his seed I knew he'd want to meet up again, so we now meet up walking our dogs twice a week. I have to drive over to his valley as he doesn't drive, but believe me sucking on his perfect cock more than makes up for the half hour drive. He's the same age as me and like me loves dogs. In the two months we've been meeting up for oral sex, I've really grown to like him a lot. So much so, last weekend as I leaned over a styal between to lengths of dry stone wall, I allowed him to fuck me from behind. My husband's cock often hurts me in this position, and I have to always make myself orgasm because of the pain. But my smaller cocked lover took me to such an amazing orgasm as he fucked me until he spurted every drop of his hot sticky cum inside my juicy pussy.
    I know now marrying my husband wasn't sexually right for me. Don't get me wrong he's a nice guy, little straight laced, but a really good person. Yet having my new wonderful lover give me the ultimate pleasure he now does, this girl is I think, going to have to end her marriage and live in another valley.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    We're sheltering from the rain right now in his car. Although we'd taken a good walk to a place I love having him fuck me. In ancient times it used to be a place of pilgrimage and some say sacrifice. We both know we shouldn't be having sex with one another, as he's married and I'm getting married in two weeks from now. But I simply cannot resist Jordan's amazing body, and his massive cock.
    Totally naked and sprawled across what I'm lead to believe is the sacrificial slab, I had Jordan fuck my pussy and arsehole, after I'd spent an age licking and sucking on his magnificent highly veined cock. And not caring one bit if anyone had come along. It would have been unlikely given the time (06.00) when we had sex, but even so I would have insisted on having Jordan fuck me to climax. Something he's been doing since we were fifteen and sixteen respectively.
    If we could have married each other, we would have done so. But then you're not supposed to marry your brother are you. Might just suck my brother off in his car, before have him drive me back to my fiance's place.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 49

    I'd never paid her much attention at work just a hi and goodbye. I was happy with my wife and life, after 5 years she started coming up behind me when I was sitting and push her little breasts into my shoulders, and whispering what are you doing tonite, are you coming out for drinks. I always replied No. Then after a work christmas party back at another work colleagues home I'm a bit pissed she cornered me and pulled me down to her and our lips met I kissed her back tongue and all I didn't want to stop, but then I pulled away. Why I can't say, just did, We sat down on a bed saying nothing, very awkward, she got up and walked out then I followed. Nothing more happened that night. But for the life of me I couldn't forget about that kiss, Why Did I stop I didn't want it too end, she had got in my head, Was she waiting for me to make the next move. Did she want more, we were both married, Found out later she was not happy at home, and had had been fucking a couple of guys from work neither of who were at the party that night. Now we only talk when it's work related, No hellos I just walk past her as if I don't even know she is there I have found a couple of photos of her that I have on my phone that I look at EVERY single day. And also another photo of her when she started there before me, OMG she has changed since then, Is that why I had never noticed her ? She just looks So Sexy now, it's her face, her attitude her tight lithe body I've tried deleting her photos, many many times. But I eventually retrieve them and stare at them daily, thinking, fantasizing about what I would do with her if alone again. My wife knows of the work kiss and the fact I cannot forget about her, our marriage is over although we are still good friends. Why can I not get Blondie out of my head. I know she doesn't want me, it was all just a game to her, I know I'm too old for her, I know she is a Slut, although she denies it declaring her loyalty and love for her husband. I know it's a bit cliche but it's as if she has me under a spell, I hate her for taunting me, I hate her for ruining my marriage. I want to r**e her, then kiss her while I strangle her until I inhale her last breathe, then resuscitate her and do it again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    When we married like every other couple, I promised to stay faithful. Yet even though we've only been married four years, I've found my libido is now much higher than my husbands, and he's only two years older than me.
    My solution was I guess like probably many married women, fingers and a secret dildo for some time. Then in April last year (2016), our extension on our house was started. Right away I caught some of the builders eyeing me up, especially a younger guy who to me looked a little weedy to be a builder. About two weeks into the build, I'd just walked out of the kitchen and was about sit in the lounge. My husband was at work and the builders, I thought, were in town on their lunch break. When I turned to see the young guy stood on our stairs sniffing a used pair of my knickers, whilst stroking a huge erect cock.
    He went totally pale when he saw me and started to stutter about being sorry. But in a flash I knew it was a chance to have sex with someone who obviously found me attractive and had a massive cock. Stepping up to him, I took hold of his cock and walked him and me up the stairs. Knowing we didn't have lots of time, and that he was already erect, I knelt on my bed, lifted my skirt and had him rip off my knickers. Telling him to fuck me, I didn't need to ask twice as his giant cock slid inside my pussy. It was like my first time being fucked. His cock was that big it spread my pussy wide and had me on the verge of orgasm withina few strokes. When I did cum, I orgasmed the like of which I'd never done before and found myself begging him not to stop. The orgasm just carried on as he fucked me harder and harder. Then slapping ym arse, he bucked deeper into me and unloaded deep up my pussy. Leaving his cock in for a minute or two, I asked him not to say anything to his mates and definitely not my husband. Pulling out of me, he said "Not if I can fuck you again, I won't".
    The build lasted almost ten weeks. In that time I had sex with the young guy over fifty times. Sometimes two to three times a day, whenever we got the chance to suck and or fuck. And in all that time we didn't once come close to being discovered. And it was that, that had me deciding from then on, if my husband couldn't keep me happy in the bedroom, I'd find other men who could. It just so coincided that the next man to fuck me, was another builder, but he was working on next doors house.
    He called round for some water as theirs was shut off for a short period for work. I found him charming and had his cock up my pussy from behind, in our kitchen ten minutes after first meeting him. Most days after my first taste of his cum, as he spurted in my mouth after having me sink down, he'd call by for something or other and we'd end up fucking. I told him from the start I didn't want him to make love to me, but to fuck me as hard and rough as he wanted to. I was his fuck slut for over a month and by the time the work was done next door, the fifty one year old knew all about my body and how much I'd begun to enjoy anal sex.
    And so it has gone on. I've had eight different men fuck me since last April. One of whom had become a regular sexual partner. He knows the parameters of our sexual relationship, and I don't let it get past those ideals. I want him for his sexual stamina and his magnificent cock, but not his weedy looking builders body or his feelings towards me.
    And as of last month it's gotten easier for us to fuck, as my husband has to work away every Monday to Wednesday, coming back Wednesday night. By the time he's home on Wednesday, I've had my weekly boost of sex and then some. Often fucking through the night.
    It's a definite if I got caught, my marriage would be over. But the way I see it, if I didn't get the sex I want and need, it'd be over also.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    The fact my husband was drunk snoring and fast asleep in the same room, made absolutely no difference to me at all. Earlier he'd pressured me into agreeing to invite Dylan back with us for sex, and for my part I must admit, once Dylan had shown me just how big his cock was in the bar's car park, I wanted him to fuck me.
    I drove us home as my husband was already half cut by then, with Dylan was sat in front with me, intermittently playing with my tits as I drove along. It was as he put his hands down to my skirt, lifted it and slid his fingers inside my panties, my husband began to get all jealous. Pulling over briefly to enjoy Dylan's fingers inside of me, my husband told me the deal was of and he didn't want us to have sex.
    Too late to drive Dylan home, I got my husband to agree to letting him stay over. only by then I already knew I'd have Dylan fuck me. The sheer size of his cock, him playing with my pussy and clit and his youthful age, all had my pussy dripping with sexual energy. An energy that needed releasing.
    Fixing my husband his favorite whisky, one after another, I knew it wouldn't be too long before he crashed out, and I was right. Dylan was unsure about going ahead with what we'd agreed at the bar, but I was by then desperate to feel him inside of me. Poking my husband as he snored on the couch, I then stripped off right there, got on my knees and told Dylan to come to me. Taking off his trousers, sneakers, socks and t-shirt, I marveled at just how big his rising cock was. My husbands dick on a good day measures a little over five inches. Dylan's twenty year old cock is nine and half inches long and like a rolling pin in width.
    Sucking in his cock, looking at my husband lay there was such a thrill, as was having Dylan face fuck me. But it was his cock in my pussy and ass that I wanted. Moving over so my face was just inches from where my husband slept, I arched my back and told Dylan to fuck me from behind. Feeling his huge cock slide up me was simply divine. For years I'd only dated men with large cocks, so marrying my husband was a total sexual difference. However I'd missed those larger penis's and through sexual comments between us, my husband had become fixated with wanting to see me getting fucked by a guy with a larger cock. Only right at the point of sex, he chickened out.
    But I wasn't going to and having Dylan's beautiful cock burying itself deep inside my pussy, I couln't help myself orgasming almost immediately. And from that moment onwards we fucked in all manner of positions right there, right in front of my husband. I even made it a point of squatting over my husband as I had Dylan finally thrust up my asshole. His cock and balls must only have been inches from my husband's face, as I supported myself over the arm of the sofa.
    It was one awesomely amazing anal fuck, that took me to one of, if not the strongest of climaxes. Closey followed by Dylan's cock erupting up my ass.
    When Dylan pulled out of my asshole, some of his sperm dripped onto my husbands face, making me smile with a knowing grin. It was his fantasy all along and just then he'd in a very small way, I knew he'd taken unwittingly part in it.
    It wasn't finished between Dylan and I though, as I had him join me in the shower. We fucked long and slow with more kissing and more sensualness, with Dylan eventually cumming all over my face, after he'd screwed my pussy and asshole to another thrilling orgasm.
    Dylan helped me get my husband up to bed after our shower, and I kissed him passionately goodnight as he went into our guest bedroom. But Dylan and his cock was too much to miss as dawn was breaking, so I joined him to awake him with a blow job. Having him fuck me with very slow long thrusts in a missionary position as we kissed constantly was for me the best way to bring in a new day, and a new chapter in my life.
    My husband had the mother of all hangovers that morning, as I cooked us all breakfast. Dylan left about an hour later with my husband apologizing for his refusal of allowing us sex. Dylan told him it was fine, but by then I'd already passed him my phone number and told him we'd definitely have sex again.
    And so it has been this past few months. I meet up with Dylan most weeks and always have a fantastic time with him. It's always at motels or sometimes outdoors, but believe me, it's always great fun and so amazingly orgasmic. In the time we've been having our affair, I've decided if Dylan and I stop seeing each other, I'm going to make sure I meet up with someone else to have fun with. I missed a guy with a large cock, I won't from now on.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    I am so pissed at my bf, maybe soon to be my X. I like to party and he has always been good to go until recently after he got a big promotion at work. Now he is always working.

    It's been weeks since we've been out and last Friday he said he was going to make it up to me, so I took the day off to get ready. I went out shopping for some new club wear and got a facial and waxed at the mall. When I got home I put it all together, black lace see-through lingerie, very short leather mini, and a new white 5 button blouse so sheer you can see through my lingerie with it still on. I topped it off with a black lace garter, thigh highs, and a pair of 5' pumps. I was so ready to go out!

    Of course he called at the last minute to tell me he had work. Something about the client changing... blah blah blah. I was so pissed. I took a day off and spent all day getting ready too! I decided to go out any way!

    I went to my favorite club and met up with some friends, we were having a killer time! Jack and Diane asked if I wanted to go home with them, to their lake cabin for the weekend. I was still so pissed, and mad drinking so I told them, ya, and we headed out about 1:00 AM.

    Jack was driving and Diane was all over him. I was getting a good idea and view of it all from the back as she unzipped him and wanted to suck him on the way. Jack wasn't having it though and at the next light Diane got out and climbed in back with me.

    I had just enough, or way too much, to drink and I said why not. We made out in the back for the next hour and a half along the way. By the time we arrived at the cabin, neither Diane or myself had any clothing on and there wasn't any part of each other's bodies we don't know. We both ran naked down to the dock and jumped in. When I came up Diane was back on me and we started to make out in the water. Jack was up on the docks watching us make out.

    We worked our way over to the dock and Jack helped us out. His fly was still open and his cock hanging out, I am sure he had been playing with it while watching us. Diane said, do her, she's ready and I found myself on my back with Jack on top with Diane still kissing me. We did it right there on the dock.

    I was awakened the next morning by a wet tongue of a Labrador licking my face. I was huddled between Jack and Diane, and there on the dock staring at us was the next door neighbor. Not one stitch of clothing between the 3 of us. All we could do was say, Good morning and scurry off to the cabin.

    Jack just dropped me back home. My phone is filled with missed calls from my bf, and I am filled with Jack's cum. I love to party, but this weekend is definitely a journal entry.


    BTW: I'll switch up with Diane again if the opportunity comes my way.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Recently feeling down and unloved, after a comment from my husband, I did something I suppose many women have thought about. My husband called me boring, meaning sexually. We'd been having sex and he wanted to go outside naked to fuck my asshole. I kind of knew why, as a kid (Nineteen) living at the rear of our property, had told my husband I was "Well fuckable". My husband wanted to see if he could fuck me outside and have the young guy watch us. I told him no, hence the comment.
    Annoyed and hurt, I was walking out of a mall when I overheard two guys passing me. One of the young men said "I'd be balls deep up her in seconds". Without missing a beat, I turned around and said "Well come on then, lets see what you've got".
    He and his mate began to giggle and I was about to walk off thinking it was bravado. But I then heard the young man asking me where. As I drove us (All three) to a place I'd had sex with my husband outside, the young guy who'd made the boast undid his shorts and pulled out the biggest cock I've ever seen. Seeing my face he said "You think you can take this balls deep".
    With his younger friend watching on, I squatted down next to my car and let the young man slide his giant cock over my tongue. It felt enormous in my mouth and I struggled to fit more than a couple of inches inside. But I'd gone that far and by then seeing his awesome cock, I wanted it fucking me. Removing my own panties and feeling just how wet they were, I knew my pussy would be aching for his dick. Standing up, but keeping hold of his straining cock, i turned around and lay on the hood of my car. The younger kid moved around and had by then taken his much smaller cock out of his shorts. Guiding his mates thick piece of meat to my pussy opening, I had him thrust inside me. At the same time I bent firther over and took the smaller kids cock into my mouth.
    Being fucked hard from behind and being able to deep throat the younger guy, I was soon at the brink of orgasm. My pussy was being stretched and it felt amazing. The young guy wasn't interested in me though and was pounding at my hole like a Jack hammer. Then in one huge thrust, he made my pussy scream with pleasure forcing me to climax all over his cock.
    Seconds later the younger kid, pushed hard into my mouth and came, spewing his salty cum down my throat, making me gag a little.
    Seeing his mate cum inside my mouth, the older larger cocked kid, slammed into my one last time and his cock erupted deep deep inside my womb, pulling out he said "Knew a slut like you would love it".
    It was half an hour later when I arrived home. My husband was sat there naked with a bunch of flowers in his hands, and a red ribbon tied around his already erect cock. Telling me he was sorry, I dropped my bags and went over to him, to suck on his cock.
    Fucking me from behind over the arm of the sofa, he commented on how wet I was. Obviously I didn't tell him why. What I did say with his cock thrusting into me was "Next time invite the kid around". I'd never known my husband's cock to become that hard and for him to cum so much.
    My husband has told me he's spoken to our neighbor since. He's told me he's invited him around next weekend. Can't wait to have his much larger cock fucking me for a second time. Might just have him fuck me over the bonnet of my car again, who knows.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    I must admit I shouldn't be doing it, but I cheat on my husband. My husband is great to live with. A good dad to our two kids. But his version of sex last 5 minutes with a finish bj on cum on my tits. I like a long sex and being the center of what is going on. I had a boyfriend in high school that I now meet up with twice a month or more. We go to his hunting club for sex on his day off. He does it all, message, going down, breast play, and a long hard finish. Women must admit missionary is best finish and he floods me. I love his penis and his size is perfect. He has had a vasectomy so I don't need bc which keeps my sex drive normal. I do feel guilty but when he contacts me I enjoy someone wanting me. My husband wants his twice a week, I get mine twice a month.

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