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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 45

    I have been married now for 20 years. My wife is 5 years younger. During those twenty years I've had two hand jobs and a lap dance from other women but never put my dick into another woman. My wife has an older sister, Carol who is 47. Although she is older, she is slimmer and takes better care of her self than my wife. Carol has been married 4 times. Her current one has lasted about 15 years now. Well her and her husband have separated and she flew back here to see her sister (my wife) and her mother.

    Carol initially stayed with her mother, but a week ago she came over to 'visit' with us. She has stayed down stairs in the guest room. Every night she and my wife stay up late talking about all manner of things, marriage life, etc.

    Two days ago my wife and I were upstairs getting ready to go out to dinner with Carol and her mother. My wife asked me if I would go downstairs and borrow an item from her sister, Carol. I went down to Carols room. I could hear the shower running so I knocked loudly on the door. Carol opened it just a bit (she was completely naked) and asked what I wanted, saying she was just about to step into the shower. I told her, and she turned away, not closing the door and going to get what my wife wanted. When she came back, she opened the door fully and let me get a GOOD look. She handed me the item and then stood there. I could feel my erection pushing against my pants and it was obvious she could see it too.

    She took my other hand and guided it between her legs and let me feel her pussy. "Maybe I should have you come in and wash me?" she teased.

    I then heard my wife calling from upstairs, "Have you got it?" she asked. At the sound of my wife's voice Carol pulled my hand away and shut the door. I quickly hurried upstairs to my wife.

    After dinner that night, back at the house, I screwed my wife for nearly and hour while visions of her sisters body danced in my head.

    That was two days ago. Over the years my sister-in-law has flirted with me (and others) from time to time, but I did not think it serious, because, well, she's my sister in law.

    The day after dinner, things seemed to have slipped back to normal and Carol acts as if nothing happened. Carol is going back to stay with her mother tomorrow. Awhile ago she (carol) asked me if we could speak alone sometime tonight. I'm scared, aroused and confused. What does she want to talk about, if she wants to talk at all.

    I'm going to take a deep breath and let it go. I don't want screw up my life, but still I can imagine the tantalizing smell of her pussy on my fingertips....

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    My best friend and her husband Chris stayed over two weeks ago. They got married in July last year and since then, because of work commitments, we'd hardly seen each other.
    We all had a drink, but my friend had lots more than she could handle. Chris and I put her to bed, but as we did I saw Chris looking down my top. I have reareasonably large breasts, so he got a real good look as I'd taken my bra off earlier when I changed into my comfies.
    Chris didn't hide the fact he was looking, and if anything made a point of the fact I saw him looking by smiling a dirty smile.
    I walked down first as he kissed his wife goodnight. When he joined me downstairs he'd changed too, only he'd removed all his clothing except his boxers and a t shirt. Straight away I noticed the bulge in his boxers and rather than sit across from me as they'd done earlier, Chris sat right next to me.
    I know what we did next was wrong, and I know I should have stopped him the moment he put his hand onto my right breast. I didn't because at the same time he lowered his boxers to reveal an enormous fully erect cock.
    Myself and Chris had the most amazing sex I've certainly ever had. He went wild for my large breasts, kissing and sucking on them, feeling and squeezing them with his hands, and then having me masturbate his huge cock as he slid it in between them.
    He then asked me to do something I've never done before, Chris had me sit on his face as he lay on the rug in front of the fire. I literally fucked his mouth and face, pushing my pussy and asshole into his face until I came all over it.
    I was still shaking from my orgasm, when he pushed me over the arm of my sofa and slid his cock, oh so deep up my drippingly wet pussy.
    Chris's size filled me completely, my pussy was stretched, but it felt awsome. I was cumming within a minute and carried on orgasming as he continued to fuck me from behind.
    But Chris wasn't satisfied, he withdrew from my pussy, lay on the floor and told me to fuck myself on his upright dick.
    I didn't need asking twice as I lowered myself over him. The one thing he didn't expect was my intention. Getting myself directly over his cock, I gripped it and guided all nine inches up my asshole.
    For the next few minutes I fucked Chris's cock, bouncing up and down making my tits bounce and sway in front of his eyes.
    Chris took hold of my breasts, kneading them roughly only moments before he shot his hot stringy cum deep inside my asshole.
    I was about to get up and put my comfies back on, but Chris had other ideas. Lifting me off his cock, he spun us both around placing his face between my legs he began to forcefully tongue my pussy and ass. I took his juiced up cock into my mouth and for what seemed like orgasmic hours, we gave each other oral pleasure.
    Before he joined my best friend in bed, Chris asked me if I'd like to have fun again. I asked his wife the next morning if she fancied doing something again soon. She smiled at me held my hand, winked at me and Chris and then said "Sure, I'm think Chris would like that".
    Now I'm thinking when they call round next weekend, Chris just might of have his wife's permission to enjoy himself and me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    My husband Greg and I seperated three years ago for a brief period. About a months after the split a friend invited me out. Getting my then fifteen year old daughter to stay at my moms house, we headed out. Lots of bars later, she told me we going to a party and that it was all nighter.

    Almost straight away she found herself a good looking young guy and began kissing him. I felt out of place amongst the younger crowd and was about to leave, when two young men approached me. There wasn't any of the usual chit chat, as the older of the two, a young man called Alex asked me if I fancied going upstairs for a fuck. I was a little taken a back, but I was also turned on by his total confidence. To cut a long story short about how I felt about my marrieage at the time, I eneded up naked in a bedroom with the pair of them. The younger of the two had a small penis and absolutley no staying power, as I only sucked on his small dick for about minute before he came. The older, better looking and taller of the two was something different entirely. When he droppd his boxers after watching me suck off his friend, I gasped at the size of his cock. It was big and I mean real big.

    He told his friend to fuckoff, tellng him not to let anyone into the bedroom. Then pushing his cock into my face I was forced to suck in his huge manhood. We didn't use protection and I know he came inside me three times over the next hour and a half. Twice deep inside my pussy and once, a first time for me, up my asshole. It was the anal sex which had me cumming like frieght train. That and his wonderful love making. For a young kid, he certainly knew how to fuck a woman and I can remember orgasming at least half a dozen times. He showed me things I didn't know I could do or feel, not only with his cock, but with his mouth and his fist. His staying power unlike his youger friend wasn't in doubt, as it was me who was asking him to slow down. My mouth, pussy and asshole had never been so well fucked. When I walked out of the bedroom after sucking his cock to another orgasm, I cleaned myself up in the adjacent bathroom, washing my face of the cum he'd just splattered all over my face. My friend was nowhere to be seen, so I called a cab to take me home.

    My husband and I got back together about two weeks later and obviously I never told him about my sexual experience with Alex. Then two weeks ago my daughter who I'll not name, came home with her new boyfriend, someone she'd been seeing for two months. Turning around to say hello, I came face to face with Alex. To his credit he didn't say a thing or look in any way like he'd met me before. He did however later when he was about to leave get me to one side and let me know the sex we had, was for him (And me, haven't told him though) was as good as anything he'd ever had. I was about to say something when he added "And way better than your daughter".

    He's been round quite a lot of late. Supposidly to see my daughter, but only last week Alex openly asked me if we could repeat our party night. I told him no then, but I very nearly said "when and where".

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    My wifes new boss is stunning. She's a very good looking older woman, who I know is a real slut in the bedroom.
    I know she's a real slut, because last Christmas I met her in a hotel I was staying in, when I was away working in the city sixty miles from our home.
    We chatted about our respective partners, as she's married too. We chatted about work, but most of all after a few drinks, she spoke to me about having some fun up in her room.
    I followed her up about ten minutes after she left the bar. And had my face buried in her pussy five minutes after entering her room. She had me lick and tongue her pussy. She made me suck in her huge clit until she came squirting all over my face, and she had me tongue her asshole as I fist fucked her soaking wet c**t.
    Fucking her was just sheer dirty, as she rubbed away hard on her clit making herself cum, once again smothering my cock with her juices. It wasn't until I began to fuck her ashole though, that she really turned into a foul mouthed slut, telling me she wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. I wasn't wearing a condom, so when I came deep up her asshole, my cum flooded her rear hole.
    I lay back and thought how well I'd fucked this older woman, when she got up, squatted over my face and told me to lick out my cum from her ass. As I probed her rear fuckhole she leant forwards and took my anal juiced covered cock into her mouth and sucked on my dick so hard, she began to stretch it upwards. By the time I cleaned out her asshole, my cock was erect again.
    She stood up, gripped my cock and lead me into the shower. As the water flowed over us I fucked her pussy and asshole again. As I was about to cum, she spun me around dropped to her knees and had me spunk my load all over her tongue. I thought she going to spit it out, she didn't she swallowed the lot.
    Holding my face as she stood back up, she kissed me and I could taste my own cum as our tongues wrapped around each others. Parting I thought that was it, but she wasn't finished. Pushing me down with the water splashing over my face, she lifted her left leg, gripped my hair and pushed my face into her pussy. I spent the next five or so minutes sucking on her labias and her engorged clitoris. She nearly dropped when she came and as she did all her weight squashed her pussy into my face.
    We went back to the bedroom where she made me a drink. I drank it as she explained her husband couldn't fuck her the way she needed it and that's why she sought out younger men like myself.
    As I walked back to my room, I thought to myself "I'm so glad he can't".
    A New Year has brought the woman back into my life, as my wifes company was bought out last August. And only last week I got to meet the new head person, the new beautiful female boss. None other than the woman who I have to say, gave me the best sexual time of my life.
    I don't know where it will go from here. What I do know is if she wants sex again, I honestly don't think I could resist her.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    It's almost become a necessity and I find I just cannot help myself. Every time I find out and I suppose I'm now looking out for it, that when I hear of a man young or old, who has got a big cock, I want him and it taking me in my pussy and ass.

    In the three years I've now been cheating on my husband, I've had extra marital sex with twenty four different men. With their ages ranging from seventeen to an older man whom I met at the golf club last month, who is sixty three. My husband often works overseas, and it's during those times I get the oportunity to indulge in my new found love of men with large cocks.

    I know I'm a good looking woman who looks after herself. I don't work and never have, as my husband who's a lot older than me, takes care of the financies. We met when I was fifteen and his five inch penis was all I knew until three years ago. He hired a gardening company to re arrange our back yard and I ended up in bed with two of the contractors. One of them had a cock a similar size as my husband, but the younger of the two had a nine inch cock which drove me wild with lust. We had sex every day they were at the house and I found I just couldn't get enough of the younger mans large penis.

    It sort of went from there. I began to directly chat men up when I went to the gym, or at the golf club I'm a member of. I've been very selective in who I have sex with, as I don't want men in our social circle to know (And for my husband to find out). Everyone of the men who I've had sex with, have been from a working class back ground and all of themn have been brief affairs. The longest lasting is the young seventeen year old who cleans our cars. He's been visiting my bed for over six months with his monster cock. The cars are always emaculate when he done them, and my vagina and ass are always serviced too, until I orgasm muliple times.

    He's eighteen soon, around the same time my husband will be travelling over to Europe. For his birthday present from me, I'm going to have him stay over and make sure I drain every drop of cum from his wonderful cock. And make sure when he leaves in the morning, he is absolutely sexually shattered.

    Can't wait.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Each day I have to pass his house, and each day I tell myself off at how stupid I've been. Every part of mind spins from the knowledge he's seen every inch of my body. And that he's put his unbelievably fat cock inside my mouth, pussy and asshole. It wasn't even his idea or him who wanted the sex at first. Now I fear he'll tell someone if I don't let him fuck me every time my husband works away.
    I was drunk and angry. We'd argued again over my husbands job and the fact I was to be left alone for another three weeks. A fortnight after he left for Europe without hardly any contact, I got drunk and sat on our porch still drinking. Pete passed to go into his home, but being lonely and having drunk two bottles of wine, I blurted out to Pete something like "Your single right, wanna empty your sac..... In me".
    Pete is a large very muscular 49 year old simple man. He's mixed race and lives in his mothers old home. We moved in next to him eighteen months ago and he'd been nothing but nice to us both.
    At first he asked me if I was alright. I don't remember what I said back, but I kind of remember standing up, bending over, lifting my short skirt and pulliing my panties to one side. Pete smiled and the rest is as they say, history.
    This isn't bullshit, the man fucked me until I became sober. The dawn was breaking, as was my asshole. I lost count of how many orgasms he gave me with super fat cock. But I distinctly remember thinking "I hope my pussy and asshole shrink back to normal by the time my husband gets home".
    Before Pete left our house, he had me lick and suck his cock clean of my pussy and anal juices. And the cum he'd filled me with.
    I wasn't drunk when he called by two nights later. I'd be lying if I say I didn't enjoy the sex we had, because haviing his fat manhood make me cum as much as it did, was a total joy. Again he had me suck and lick his cock and balls clean before he walked the fifty paces to his front door.
    My husband arrived home and thankfully he didn't want sex for a few days. He did however comment on how much I wanted anal sex when we did. It was because my asshole was the tightest hole he had to fuck.
    Pete hasn't said anything about us to anyone as far as I know, but he did ask me ten days ago when is my husband going away again.
    I've dreaded walking past his house since. Not because he's older than me or that he's a simple man. But because I know how stupid I've been, to allow a larger sized man to make me cum so much, and that maybe I'll always want that in future.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    Climaxing so hard and for so long, was simply and utterly amazing, especially as I'd longed to cum for over an hour.
    His tongue had lapped away at my pussy, clitoris and asshole for over half an hour, as his fingers probed both my holes. He broke away every time I was on the verge of cumming and it became a very sexually frustrating time for me. I so wanted to cum, but I'd also promised him I'd let him fuck me to orgasm, something I'd never been able to achieve without playing with my clit.
    Bobby had told me he'd always made women cum by fucking them and he'd hinted at having a big cock at the party. I'd gone there to my friends leaving party to de stress from another argument at work.
    The wine flowed and we got chatting. I kinda already knew him, from him working in the warehouse. Well I knew of him and his reputation with the ladies. Our conversation quickly turned to sex once I mentioned his reputation and I was soon wondering if he'd fuck me the way I'd heard he'd taken other women. I only hinted once and then we were headed for his apartment close by.
    Inside his doorway I was pushed against the wall and had my breasts roughly played with. His hand went down to my skirt and it too was ripped upwards, but I didn't care as our mouths met. I wanted him, I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to feel like a sexual woman again. it had been too long.
    My panties were the next to go. Torn away and tossed onto the floor behind him, where I found them on the way out. Lifting my left leg up as he knelt down to kiss my pussy, I shivered with anticipation. Then the tonging of my lifetime began. I was licked, fingered and tongued in both my pussy and asshole as Bobby moved me about so he could pleasure and tease my sex. I was bent over, forced to stretch up, lay on the cold hard floor and finally, dragged into his lounge where he had me sit on his face.
    I wanted to cum, I wanted to feel that sense of total extacy I'd done, when WE first married. But Bobby kept on stalling my climax. Teasing my body to the edge of devine pleasure, and then letting me beg as he drew away.
    Seeing his cock for the first time, was like watching your first awe inspiring or most shocking event, all at once. I stared at the size of Bobby's cock and drooled at the prospect of him fucking me with it. I didn't have to wait long.
    Removing his boxers and t shirt, I saw just how gorgeous his body and penis were. I wanted him inside me, I wanted to feel used as I'd heard he'd done with other woman, but most of all I just wanted to cum by him fucking me hard in my pussy and asshole.
    Throwing me onto his couch, I bounced and at first became scared, but his total dominance became what eventually excited me the most. Pushing my legs up so they were over his shoulders, I looked down to see Bobby ram his cock into my pussy and it hurt. There was no let up though. No time to relax as he took me with powerful long strokes. His long hard thick cock driving its way into my womb. I was his whether I was liked it or not. I'd told him I wanted it that way and Bobby wasn't going to stop, even I told him to.
    We fucked like teenagers, frantically and with kind of passion only the true sex lovers do. I was beginning to reach my first orgasm when he switched us around. Pushing me over the arm of the sofa with my ass facing him, Bobby his huge cock against my butt hole and thrust into me. That was it for me, I came in a wave of powerful pulses as his cock bottomed out up my asshole. I was still cumming as he began to thrust harder and harder into my ass. The sensation if his cock so deep inside my ass, had my body tensing and relaxing all at the same time, and that feeling made me continue to orgasm.
    Each thrust became like a new wave of sexual excitement and I began to cry, not from pain, but from the total joy of our sex. Every nerve ending was sparking with sheer wonderment and I told him just how much he was making me cum. My words only spurred him on. Withdrawing his cock from my ass, he lay on the couch and told me to mount his dick. Taking hold of his thick long cock shaft, I guided it towards my pussy and impaled myself. As my pussy enveloped his cock, Bobby reached around my tight pert ass and inserted two fingers. One huge thrust upwards from his cock as he penetrated deeper up my ass with his fingers and I was cumming again.
    Nothing, not one part of the sex we were having was loving. No thought was given over to romance as though we were base animals copulating to make babies. The difference was, Bobby knew just how to fuck me to have me climbing my orgasmic walls.
    Gripping my hair and pulling me down, he kissed me hard, then bit my lip as I responded. His cock pounded away at my pussy, making me groan with pleasure and the pain of his teeth cutting into my lip. Releasing my mouth, it was turn to seek his pain, but before I could as I tried to bite his lip, he rolled us off the couch onto the floor. Bobby withdrew his cock as I orgasming again, and spinning me over like I was a rag doll, he drove his cock hard back into my asshole as we lay spooning.
    None of the orgasms I'd had, prepared me for the one Bobbys cock gave me over the next five minutes. It would be too hard for me to describe the variety of feelings that passed through my body as he squoze on my breasts and fucked my rear hole. I was his sex toy, I was his to do as he pleased and it felt fucking awsome. The image I had in my head as he slammed into my asshole time and again, was of a woman being taken by victorious viking, taking his captured charge anyway he wanted.
    It brought me to my most powerful climax, and to the one which finally had Bobby's cum spurting up my ass, filling my insides with his thick hot creamy load.
    Not content as his cock slid from my ass, Bobby once again gripped my hair. He pulled it and me downwards forcing me to take his flagging cock into my mouth. Releasing my head, I spent the next five minutes draning every drop of his seed. Sucking out the tube which had just given me so so much pleasure.
    I arrived home feeling like I'd been taken to a sex house and fucked for a week. I wasn't complaining though as I knew it would probably be a long time until I felt that sexually aroused again.
    It had been so long since I'd felt that sexually alive. And no sooner than I'd taken a bath, the WE in our marriage arrived home to ask demand what I'd cooked for his dinner. I floated through making his food and serving him something bland and spiceless. Unlike the sex I'd had only a couple of hours previously with a Twenty year old warehouse junior, who's reputation as a large cocked lover was very much enhanced.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself we were drunk, or how hard I try to deny it was actually my fault, I cannot explain away the fact I loved being fucked by him. And that in those two hours, and the morning after, I would have done anything for him sexually.
    He wasn't trying to put down his step son, or to entice me into bed. I guess it just kind of happened. I should have gone home, but it would have been to an empty house, as my husband was away working. So seeing Kevins erection rise in his sweat pants as we sat and watched the movie in his apartment, was for me like a red rag to a increasingly horny female.
    The alcohol was a contributing factor I have no doubt, but not enough for me to ask Kevin if I could touch his cock. I suppose Kevin like me should have balked from my suggestion. He didn't.
    Once I put my hand on my husbands step fathers growing cock through his sweat pants, there was no going back.
    I'd heard about Kevins so called impressive manhood, but had never thought to actually seek to see it, after all he is twenty four years older than me. Being semi drunk and horny, just by seeing the huge bulge in his clothing, I became everything I thought I wasn't, a slut. And a size queen slut at that.
    Once I'd wrapped my hand around the form in his clothing, I just had to see it. kevin didn't stop me and I didn't make any effort to deny myself the sight of his reputed massive cock. And massive is the correct term for Kevins erect penis. Eleven inches of thick hard cock which dwarves my husbands six inches.
    I was like a bitch on heat. I couldn't wait to have it my mouth and I didn't ask Kevin if I could. Bending over on his couch I took my husbands step dads huge cock into my mouth and loved every single inch that passed over my tongue. I don't know how long I took his cock as far down my throat as I could, but by the time he came flooding my mouth, my jaw was aching and my pussy was drippingly wet.
    Kevin wasted no time in flipping me onto the couch. lifting my short flowing skirt up and moving my panties to one side. Looking down at the fifty one year old man about to lick out my pussy, looked kind of strange, but it was also the most erotic thing I'd ever done. His balding head bobbed down in between my legs and his tongue put my pussy and asshole in a sexual heaven.
    I'd cum twice by the time he rose up. Firstly from him tonging my clit so fast and so perfectly, then when his tongue probed up my asshole and his fingers played with my clitoris and pussy hole. I was aching to be fucked by then and kevin asked me if I'd share his bed. I was upstairs and naked in less than a minute.
    Knelt on his bed, a bed I'd only see from outside the bedroom before, I watched kevin walk upto me from behind. His cock was already fully erect and bobbing around as he walked. No condom and no lube, Kevin put the head of his enormous cock to the opening of my love tunnel and pushed in.
    It was like having two men fuck my pussy at the same time, his cock was that big. My pussy was stretched like never before and I simply couldn't get enough of him thrusting into me. I was literally yelling for him to fuck me harder as he took his time to build up a rhythm. His cock probed places I'd never felt before and I wanted more and more, the more he fucked me.
    Like a young teenage kid, I was too excited to wait on got Kevin to lay on his back. Climbing up his body I lowered my pussy onto his cock shaft and sank down. Slowly at first as his cock felt if anything larger than it did when he was fucking me doggie style. But as soon as I got used to his size and girth, I went for it. I remember now the shiver of pure delight that flooded through my body, as his cock drove so deep into my body.
    Kevin responded to my enthusiasm and began to thrust upwards as I sank down time after time, my smallish breasts bouncing as we began to fuck one another. Then without warning I had the strongest long lasting orgasm I'd ever had. My whole body was shaking with the intensity of the orgasm. Each part of my body appeared to be cumming all at once and I actually cried from the pleasure kevins cock was giving me.
    Putting his hands onto my breasts and lifting his ass off the bed, kevin thrust his cock deeper inside my pussy than anytime previously and within seconds his cock exploaded. If you've never been fucked by a man with a huge cock before, then you'll not know just how amazing it feels to have his hot cum flooding your stomach, and just how much it fills you, not only with his cum, but with utter delight.
    Kevin and I lay together, touching and kissing one another for some time. It was kevin who got behind me and cuddled into me. It was in that position I fell asleep.
    I was awoken in the pre dawn light by Kevins erect cock pressing againt my back. I wasn't drunk then and I'd had sleep, but all the same I had the same intention. Only it was my asshole which took his mighty cock as the light began to stream in through the window. We fucked slowly and gently at first, giving my asshole time to get used to his cock. Then as the night before I became a size queen and wanted to feel his manhood filling my ass and filling it hard. We were still fucking when he should have left for work. I phoned in sick and spent the rest of the morning pleasuring my husbands step father and his awsome cock any way he wanted.
    We've slept together weekly on and off now for over a year, and I don't envisage it stopping. I mean which horny young woman would give up an amazingly lover and man, who can almost make her cum, just by seeing his massive cock. I know I can't.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    I'm just about to say a mouth, pussy and asshole filling Happy New year to my mother in law. My wife would normally be there too, but she's caught up in another state and unable to get home until the 2nd.

    Her mom asked me to call over and keep her comapany, as she lives alone, now that her husband has been dead for six months. She told me earlier today she misses sex awfully bad, and that her dildo doesn't do what a mans large cock can. She isn't the best looking woman out there (her body is fit though), but my dick won't know that as it fucks her 44 year old c**t. Here's to a fun filled New year and lots of family pussy and ass from now on.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    When I was in college I played basketball and loved it. I am a married white woman and I live in a college town and follow the men's basketball. I am a regular and got to know the coaches so one night I was invited to the regular after game party. The party was at the home of one of the "Money" supporters, A(a huge house). As the party went on we were drinking and the team players were flirting with all the women including me. Well I soon realized that some were going into the bedroom area and staying for a while. I thought, "Darn they are going into the bedrooms with some of the wives".
    One of the black players started flirting with me and I knew that I had to make a decision, either leave or I would be led into one of the bedrooms and assumed it would be for sex. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and found one of the wives and asked her what the deal was. She seemed surprised that I asked and she giggled and said the party is for the guys to have fun after the game and then they would concentrate on practice for the next few days instead of sex. She giggled again and said, "Honey if you don't want to get laid you better leave now!"
    I mulled it over a moment and thought, "Darn he is good looking and I think that would be hot to be a slut for a player or two".
    I went back into the main room and the black guy said, "Honey, I sure think you have a nice body. You wanna show me?
    I giggled and said, "Sure, I hope you like it".
    We went into the bedroom and did some touching and feeling however we were like a couple of high school kids after the prom. We were soon in bed doing the hump and grind. He filled me with his black seed.
    He told me that I was the hottest white woman he ever had and laughed and said, the first one!
    I giggle and said he was the hottest black stud I ever had and the firs one too.
    We both went back to the main room arm in arm.

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