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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 34

    Just a question for you readers. Which is worse: To cheat on your spouse with someone new or with someone you knew from your past before you married. Interested in reading responses. And no, I have not cheated. This was a question that came up in girl talk. Thanks.

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    My husband and I met at work , he was in production and I was in sales. Since before my husband started working here I have been having a sexual affair with the boss. We keep it quiet and just sex with no strings attached. Since my marriage , our boss has become more and more sexually charged and definitely more kinky. Before I was married we would have sex maybe once a week , now that I'm married he sometimes wants to do it two or more times every day. Not to mention the kinkier side where he will have me talk to my husband on the phone while he is trying to cum on my face or when I'm naked and being eaten by him. This morning my husband and I arrived at work he was standing there when I kissed my husband and he headed in to the wearhouse. He made a point in being loud enough for my husband to hear him say that I was going to work my ass off today because we had many sales calls to make. He immediately took me into his office , pulled my pants down and bent me over. He pulled out and rammed it in my ass, I began to scream and try to get away. He held me and covered my mouth. I'm so incredibly embarrassing because people could hear and it's obvious something happened because I can't sit normally.

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    Straight Female / 22

    My husband and I started a steady relationship in high school. We agreed no intercourses until we could get married. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have non intercourse sex. After a date I would have him drained and I would have had several orgasms. We would get undressed and kiss, fondle and play with each other’s body. I would swallow his load often. He was easy to get to a climax. He still is quick. I have been thumbed and fingered many times. My husband is the best at going down on me. I cheated with my husband’s best friend. They played high school sports together. He was the star player in all the sports. A big strong well built athletic type. He was also well endowed. One night after church I was talking to his best friend my future husband wasn’t there. His girlfriend wasn’t with us either. I made the mistake of getting in his truck with him. We drove to the school parking lot. He shared we need to kiss someone different and it advance from that point. While I kissed him he started squeezing my breast. He wanted to see them because I was bigger than his girlfriend. He sucked them and even put a hickie on me. I was full of lust at this time so when he put his hand up my dress and started fingering me I spread my legs. He gave me an orgasm like my boyfriend. He pulled my panties off. I thought he was getting in position to go down on me. I probably wouldn’t have stopped if I knew but he was entering me before I knew he was going to go all the way with me. I had never orgasmed like I got when he had entered me. He came inside me and kept going and came inside me again. I was lucky it was a safe time to not get pregnant. I really felt quilty I went all the way with someone other than my boyfriend first. My boyfriend was working to make money for us to go out on dates and I had sex with his best friend. I was terrible. My boyfriend was working a lot of hours and I would be having sex with his best friend. We used condum or he pulled out and cum on top of me. His parents were gone often so I would go over and we had sex in his bed. I felt his best friend cum inside probably 20 times before I tricked my future husband to go all the way with me. After high school we married and his friend played college sports. We haven’t seen him much since high school graduation. When we cross paths he greets us with hugs and smiles. His friend and I have a special smile because we know what intense sex we had. He did quietly tell me one time I have been the best sex he ever had. I live with the betrayal.

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    Straight Female / 28

    My husband once told me if he ever caught me with another man, or even sensing I was interested sexually in another man, he'd kill the guy and probably me.
    That was then. This is now. Not only did he begin to enjoy watching me have sex with other men, he actively sought out guys when we were out and about, making sure they were okay to fuck me in front of him.
    My husband told them it was his way of controlling my wanton side. Yet it was his release, or it was until I began to choose for myself the men I'd like to indulge sexually with.
    Things changed then in more than one way. Firstly he began to tell me he wasn't enjoying the whole scenario anymore, then he tried to intervene one night, and got himself knocked out by a man who I spent hour after hour having seriously awesome inventive sex with.
    That night more than any, defined how we are together to this day.
    My husband no longer has any choice in who or when I have sex. And his days of watching me being fucked are soon to be over too. Not that he's around for most of my extra marital debauchery anymore.
    Most of the time these days, I have my male callers around during the daytime, when my husband is at work. And nine times out of ten they're gone hours before he gets home. However, if I am still enjoying a mans cock deep inside my pussy and ass, or his tongue lapping at my holes, and he arrives home, he now knows it's his place to offer a drink and to ask if we'd like a meal preparing.
    My husband might wear the trousers in our marriage, but he's no longer the person who threatens violence if he suspects I'm fucking other men. That's because he knows I am, and sucks it up whether he likes it, or not.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Somehow I had to get this out of my head. OK, let's start. I've cheated on my husband and it's all his fault. The other day I logged into your computer and checked your online search history. What was my big surprise when I found a lot of records from a page called cuckoldmania dot com. The point is that he saw that place every time. So I started fantasizing about cheating and that's what I did. Because of you, for watching cuckold videos on cuckoldmania.**m

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    Straight Female / 33

    There isn't any doubt in my mind, pussy or asshole anymore, that I'm going to carry on enjoying having sex with other men outside of my marriage.
    It wasn't even my idea to go along this path, as my husband wanted to try out/experience a night of cuckold titillation. He thought he'd be able to watch me being fucked by a man with a much larger cock and then enjoy the fruits, or should I say the cream of our his viewed lust.
    What he wasn't bargaining on, was just how much I'd enjoy having a nine inch super thick cock fucking me. Rather than his five inch slim penis. And not only was the other guys cock so much larger, he was also able to carry on fucking me after he'd cum all over my ample breasts. In all I had over a dozen orgasms, whilst our guest came three times during the nights awesome sex.
    My husband did kind of join in, but I knew after some time he was beginning to get jealous. Especially when I was literally anally bouncing on the guys cock and screaming out my lust for him. I had my last cock driven orgasm that way, but it wasn't my last orgasm. That's because before my lover left around one am, we had a shower together where he tongued my pussy and ass, making my climax twice more.
    The next day my husband was in a mood and I knew precisely why. He kept on telling me I enjoyed it too much. But what did he expect. His continued bad mood and sulking drove me crazy and eventually I thought to myself, if he's going to accuse me of wanting more, then I might as well have more.
    And so I have. I met the same man a couple more times, but he wasn't around enough to satisfy my growing need for a large cock to fuck me. So making it known quietly, I've now got two regular lovers who live within twenty minutes drive, and a guy who is quite simply an amazing lover. Someone with the most huge upwardly curved cock, that never fails to have my pussy and asshole quivering with anticipation.
    It's a path my husband chose for me, and one I'm not going to stop stepping along.

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    Straight Female / 28

    There are no excuses to what I love doing, and that's fucking older men who have really large cocks. My husband's cock is relatively small at just four and half inches fully erect, and I've always previously enjoyed men with much bigger dicks. There is another factor too. My husband is thirty years old, where on the whole in my life, I've always had sex with men more often than not, at least ten and upto thirty plus years older than me.
    There is just something about an older man fucking me. Not making love to me, but really screwing my puissy and asshole and owning my body, that I absolutely love. My husband is a kind hearted guy and looks after me in every other way, yet our sex life doesn't exactly float my boat.
    What's strange, is I kind of think he knows I have a regular sex with other men and doesn't say anything. My reasoning for this and this only came about fairly recently, is I'd just had sex in our home with a guy who I met in relation to work. He's forty nine and has a massively thick cock. He'd been fucking me most of the afternoon before my husband got home. When he walked in, he said the house smelled of sex and that I looked flushed. Before we ate the meal I'd cooked for him, he asked me if I'd had a busy afternoon. When I said a relaxing one, he practically tore off my panties and stuck his face into my still juicey pussy and ass. And he stayed there for a long long time licking and sucking on my pussy, clit and asshole. He even mentioned how good I tasted and how open my pussy looked.
    He didn't elaborate, but for the first time in some time, he fucked my asshole cumming inside of me hard.
    It is cheating and I guess my husband doesn't deserve me fucking other men. But I'm seriously thinking he might enjoy the idea of me screwing around.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My boyfriend like to have parties every chance he gets. He always invites all his friends over and there is a lot of alcohol involved and he gets shit faced and usually passes out cold on the couch.
    The first time it happened i accepted it and sent his friends home. Then he did it again. And then again. I told him how it frustrated me and he shrugged me off and got plastered that weekend.
    So i decided that no one else should have to suffer after he ruined every party. I decided to fuck one of his friends at the next party. I spent a whole week trying to talk myself up to it only to chicken out right when the opportunity presented itself.
    A couple of weeks later, new party, newly passed out boyfriend, new attitude. I started flirting with one of his friends heavy. He had no doubts about what I was trying for. He ended up turning me down that night saying that he didn't want to do that his friend. However, he must have said something to another guy on the way out because less than two minutes after he left, this other guy was in my room with me, flirting with me before I even spoke to him. I took the chance and ran with it.
    We fucked like wild animals for over half an hour while the party continued in the rest of the house. After swallowing his impressive load and having reached multiple orgasms myself, he left and I closed the party.
    Ever since then, several of the guys that usually show up to the parties only do because they know that my legs will be open as soon as my loser boyfriend passes out drunk. We've become so bold as to fucked on the couch next to him. I even took another man's cum on my face right next to his own. Some of it shot onto my bfs face so I licked it off.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    During a brief separation with my husband, I had unprotective sex with a guy who lives below our apartment. He was only twenty years old and the sex was some of, if not the best sex I'd ever experienced. For nearly two hours we licked, sucked and fucked in as many positions as I can ever remember having. And he just loved fucking my 'tight ass". The following day, my husband phoned up just as the young man was tonguing my pussy and ass. It was a quick conversation in which I agreed we should talk. Only seconds after ending the call, I orgasmed and received a text from my husband saying he'd be round in an hour. My husband and I had make up sex when he called by. What he didn't know was, only minutes before the young guy had been fucking my pussy and ass. And had cum all over my pussy after pulling out. My husband ateme out with me knowing he was probably eating the young guys cum too.
    My husband and I are now back together and it's kind of working out. Yet every now and then I have a visitor who just blows my socks sexually, often only leaving minutes before my husband gets home from work. I know I should stop, but it's my way of getting back at my husband who I found out had cheated on me only days before we got married. That and the sex with the twenty year old is just awesome.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Kissed my boyfriend this morning after sucking off the guy I spent the night with. Could still taste his jizz when my bf kissed me as we met to go shopping. Bought me lots clothes not even knowing what he'd been kissing lol!

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