My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    I got married too young. I find myself longing for wild sexual experiences and wishing I was single. I cheated on my husband at a hotel with two men who are friends of his while he was passed out drunk in the other bed. I blew them and fucked them and one of them ate me out and made me cum until I had to slap him to make him stop. We were loud and I was out of control but my husband never moved. After the two guys left I lay awake for awhile then got a text from the guy who ate me out. He came back and made love to me, eating me out again and enjoying a nice long blow job from me before fucking me and cumming in me. I'm thinking that in the future on nights out like this one I'm going to encourage my husband to get as drunk as he wants. It's my pussy and I should have some say who I use it with.

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    Please don't judge me. Read with an open mind and heart.
    I love my husband, he is so good to me and I don't deserve it. He works hard (although he works a shit job because he has no ambition), he's thoughtful, he makes me laugh, he's my best friend. I really, really, really do love him. We haven't been married long, but I'm starting to realize that I'm just not attracted to him anymore. He's generally not the best-looking guy, he's overweight, and he acts like a pussy when he's hurt physically or emotionally. I can't even discuss problems in our marriage with him because he becomes so emotional and then makes me feel guilty. He acts like a puppy that I've just kicked down the stairs whenever there's a hint of unhappiness in my voice. He wants to have sex more, but I don't want to have sex with him because he's made himself so unattractive to me. And I don't know how to tell him these things because of kicked puppy.
    Before we got married we agreed that he would be the bread-winner. As a little girl and to this day I dream of a nice car, a nice house with a yard for my dog, sparkling jewelry, a closet full of couture, and, at the very least, a manicure once per week and a pedicure once per month. Now, I realize that I may sound a bit materialistic, however, I say I want these things, but deep down all I really want is security. I want to know that if my car broke down it wouldn't be a problem. I want to be able to take my dog to the vet. I want the security of knowing that my electricity will never be shut off. In addition to that, our families live 1,500 miles apart. If we made decent money, we could visit our families. One of us wouldn't have to be miserable away from their family, and the other feeling guilty. I truly believe that money CAN buy happiness, because it buys freedom. Granted, there are other factors that come in to play- I don't think that money's the only thing that can make a person happy or that money guarantees happiness.
    But, I digress. The point is, he promised me that he would provide for me. Before you go hatin' on me, I'm a full time student and I work two part time jobs. I also do the majority of the housework. I pull my weight. And I understand that he's not sure what he wants to do yet, but I wish that in the mean time he would do something that would make us money! He's got skills that people pay big bucks for. He claims that he wants to utilize those skills. But he's not applying to jobs. He's not doing anything. He has no ambition and it's just not sexy. You know what would be hot?? If he would support us; provide for me like he promised.
    You should also know that I'm incredibly hot. Granted, I'm a basket case, and I'd be surprised to know there's another man out there willing to deal with my bullshit... but, I make an effort to look beautiful every day. You'd think he'd do the same?? I will give him this: he was a slob before we were married, too. But this on top of other issues... If you're going to have no ambition and not provide for our family, please at least shave your face once in a while?? Change your socks more than once per week?? Maybe even go nuts and brush your teeth on occasion.
    We go through ebbs and flows in our sex life. Right now we're in an ebb and I'm so f***ing horny but I just can't have sex with him. I just can't.
    There are so many wonderful qualities about my husband. He really is an amazing man and I love him dearly. I go through this once per year and I usually get over it in a few weeks. But every time it gets harder and harder. Especially because I know I could have a hot, passionate roll in the sack with any hottie of my choosing. At the moment, I'm being pursued by two men, even though they realize I'm married (yes, I know they're scum bags for even wanting to do a married woman), and one of them is GORGEOUS. He's kind of an arrogant prick and would never be there for me emotionally like my husband. He likely wouldn't have any respect for me at all. But that doesn't mean I'm not climbing the walls wanting to jump his bones! Ahhh just to have that freedom to hook up with gorgeous, single men. Even just for a day... I might sound mean and awful, but I needed to get this off my chest. I refuse to complain about my husband to my friends and family. And of course I can't tell him (kicked puppy), so this is my only choice. Lord, help me.

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    6 years ago I had an affair with my best friends ex while I was in a committed relationship myself. We only had sex 3 times during the affair but it was mainly fooling around on his lunch break at my house while my then fiance was down the street getting him weed. Unfortunately, one of the times we were caught by my fiance and his mother and soon after the relationship dissolved. After that I feel for the guy I cheated on my ex with but he didn't have any interest in me single. Still from time to time we would get fucked up and I would go down on him. His cock his HUGE by the way. Anyway long story short my heart got broken. Now I find myself once again engaged,6 months from getting married and having fantasies about him and also a childhood friend and his brother. I workout at the gym the whole time not getting fit for my dream wedding but thinking about how hot I'll look while they are fucking me. I never expressed any sexual interest in my childhood friend or his brother. I've kept casual contact with the guy I had the affair with 6 years ago but nothing to the effect that he wants sex from me. Here and there he says things like "Remember when you'd gag on my cock and tears would roll down your face and your mascara would run" or " You'd beg me my cock". It's true I did and I probably would again.

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    I am an attractive, married nurse and work at a fertility center. What I did was very wrong and would definitely get me fired if anyone found out. Some days I am in charge of escorting our male patients to the "Jerk off" room as we call it, so they can deposit their semen samples. This room has porn magazines to help the guys get off. Usually they have no problem and can get off in a matter of minutes.

    This one time, however, the patient could not ejaculate. He was younger than most of our patients, in his mid thirties, and attractive. He said he was very nervous and the magazines weren't helping him out. So i gave him a magic wand vibrator, which we give to the men if they are having trouble getting it up, and it has done the trick when they are struggling. I figured he would have no problem, but he came out again and said he just could not do it.

    I had never had this happen before and should have told him to just come back at a later time. However, he drove pretty far and I felt bad for him to waste his time. I told one of the other nurses working I was going on break for 15 minutes and then went back into the "JerK Off" room and locked the door behind me. What I did was really stupid, but I told him to pull down his pants. He gave me a funny look, but he did as he was told. I got some lotion and a tube and had him hold the tube, while I rubbed the lotion all over his dick and stroked him. He had no problem getting hard with me jacking him off and he came in about two minutes. I will admit that what I did was so fucking dumb, but it really turned me on too.

    This happened a few months ago and no one knows about it. I did my job and he gave a sample to help get his wife pregnant. I am sure he will never forget me though

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    Straight Female / 22

    Last summer I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic with my mom, dad, brother, his friend, and my friend. My boyfriend of three years could not make it due to work. My friend, Mary, and I shared a room with my brother's friend, Kevin. While my brother shared a room with my parents. My parents wanted to keep an eye on my brother because he has the tendency to get out of control with drinking and can get violent, however they should have been more concerned with what their daughter was doing with his friend.

    I had always found Kevin to be cute, but since he went away to college he has become quite a hottie. He has grown and become really ripped. We had always had a flirty relationship, but sharing a room with him changed all of that. Our first night there we decided to sneak in on him in the shower. We both took of our clothes and joined him. Needless to say he was surprised, but did not complain about having two naked girls with him. We told him we wanted to make this a memorable vacation for him and I know he did for us.

    We rubbed soap all over his body and stroked his large cock while he alternated making out with us. We then got on our knees and sucked his dick. Mary would suck and lick first and then me, while alternating between his balls and shaft. He did not last very long and shot his cum all over our boobs.

    The rest of that night we fucked the shit out of Kevin. One of us would ride his dick, while the other sat on his face or we would stick our asses in the air and he would take turns fucking us from behind. I am sure he came like 6 times that night.

    After the first night, we decided we would not be able to keep that up for the rest of the vacation because we would be too tired. Instead we would take turns during the day to go back to the room and fuck him. Thankfully my parents room was on a different floor because we were really loud. I could hear Mary moaning halfway down the hallway. For the rest of the vacation he fucked both of us once a day, except for the last night where we had another threesome.

    I was sad to see the vacation end, but he was a frequent booty call for me over the summer after we got back since my boyfriend lives several hours from me.

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    As promised, Im posting to share one of my many adventures during the year I cheated on my husband. If you read my previous post #20490, you remember I said I cheated with an old buddy from HS. We always had a thing for each other and flirted tons but neither of us were ever single at the same time. The first 4 months we were together during the affair all we ever did was hold hands and kiss. It was extremely sweet! We would both call our spouses to say we were working late or running errands just to go sit in his truck and talk. Some days we'd hang out at my job, other times we'd go to a local park or the university. As much as we didn't wanna get caught, we still highly enjoyed "pretending" we were a normal couple. On one occasion before we actually slept together, we went to take a walk at a local flower garden that was open to the public. We showed up and no one was there. After walking around for a bit, we found a bench in a secluded area. We sat and kissed for a bit. When I realized he was getting a hard on, I reached down to stroke his cock through his flimsy shorts. He went wild! His breathing began to quicken and he closed his eyes. I continued to stroke for a while and then undid his shorts. I kept torturing him with light caresses through the fabric of his boxer briefs and kissed his neck. He couldn't help moaning and groaning. Finally, I put my hands in his briefs and proceeded to give him a mini hand job...he begged for a BJ but I didn't dare try that in case there were security cameras. What I did do, was raise his shirt a bit and kiss his abs. (Oh God, he had amazing abs. I miss them to this day!) I licked and kissed an imaginary trail from his abs all the way down to his groin. I never touched his dick with my lips. I kissed and licked all around his groin but never his cock. When I was done toying with him, I gave him a quick peck on the tip of his cock and zipped up his shorts. He was sooo disappointed and I loved every minute of it. It was so empowering to know that he wanted me as bad as I wanted him. This was a "game" I played often. I'm sure he walked away with blue balls most of the first 4 months we were together. Ahhhh....memories.

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    Straight Male / 39

    In one act of stupidity I've gone and risked my marriage and my family. The next door neighbors teenage daughter (she's 17) is a total slut, but alas a very very pretty one. One with a fantastic body and what I now know to be a very welcoming mouth, pussy and asshole.
    My wife was over at her moms with our two children. Our 17 year old neighbor came knocking on the door dressed in what can only be described as a "Fuck me outfit" and asked me if I could help her with a problem she couldn't tell her parents about. No sooner than she was in our lounge, she'd dropped the belt she called a skirt and began to flash me her shaven uncovered pussy. Her question, if you can call it that, was to ask me if I'd help her fill it up with my cum.
    I know I should have said no, but if you saw her, you'd maybe understand why I not only filled her pussy, but also her super tight asshole after she'd taken out my hardening cock and sucked on it as though her life depended on it. She is singularly the best fuck I've ever had, and let me tell you I've fucked over twenty different girls/women in my time.
    At one point she had me fingering her pussy as she begged me to fuck her asshole even deeper. I fead her her own cum juices from my fingers, as I unloaded up her rear fuckhole.
    When I pulled out of her ass, she quickly spun around, went down on me and sucked my dick until was hard again. Fucking her for the third time at base of our stairs will live with forever, as she orgasmed on my dick spraying juices everywhere. With her medium sized titties bouncing I stopped her fucking me, slid out of her pussy, stood up and shot my third watery cum all over her face.
    She left only an hour before my wife and kids got back home. I'd cleaned up and sprayed air freshener everywhere, telling my wife I was bored.
    Now our 17 year old neighbor expects me to be fucking her all the time now, but so far I've put her off. I've realised what a complete idiot I've been. But, and it's a dangerous but, I know if the same situation arose I'd most probably fuck the ass off her all over again.
    If you were me, and be honest, what would you do ??.

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    Straight Female / 44

    Okay, he has persuaded me to write this confession, or else. I can't imagine what the, or else, amounts to because we love each other to death.
    He, my husband, loves for me to tell him fantasies, it gets him all shook up and I am the one that receives the better ending. I did, beyond my wishes, write about my one time affair with my doctor. Remember?? He bought me a vibrator to use when he determined my nerve problem was a result of sexual excitement without ever orgasm. My husband was in the Air Force, deployed, at the time and we wrote sex stories back and forth and made nude pictures and exchanged them. I would masturbate, or rather try to, after reading his sex stories. I could never do it as well as he could. And that leads up to this confession that he, sometimes, believes and then sometimes he accuses me of having one hell on an imagination. Either way it gets him steaming hot and he fucks and sucks my pussy until I am so exhausted I cannot respond.
    Okay, as mentioned before, I worked, just to occupy myself while he was away. A friend of mine and I alternated in driving. One day, my time to drive, she asked me to stop at this book store, she wanted to look for a book. I had no idea so I entered with her. Once inside I immediately became suspicious as there was no one but men sitting around chatting, and of course, staring once we came in. I looked at the book shelves and saw nothing but porno magazines, I immediately exited, after telling Ruby that I'd wait outside. She came out shortly afterward and on our way to her home, about 2 blocks from mine, he laid her hand on my leg and said, "These pictures of two women naked and hugging really turn me on, what about you??" I replied, "That turns me off," so she said no more, at that time. She and I had previously, at work, talked about taking nude pictures to send to our husbands. Her husband was Army and also deployed. So, one day,shortly afterward I heard a car pull into my drive. I looked out and it was Ruby. I opened the door and welcomed her in. I did notice she had with her a small satchel. I poured us a soft drink and we sat and chatted. She finally mentioned the nude pictures and she reached into her satchel and brought out a polaroid camera with several film packages. She suggested that we make some for our husbands. Okay, so whats wrong with this. Women see one another nude in saunas, gyms, etc. So we went into my bedroom where I normally take timed exposures alone. First off what all our clothes. She did have a nice body but a woman's body did not influence me in the least so I just took pictures of her in different poses. She was lots braver than me. She would lay on the bed, spread her legs, and play with her pussy. Strange but I continued to snap the pictures as she wanted. I was also completely naked and I notices that often her eyes were glued to my body rather than the camera. Okay, I shot about 2 rolls of film of her and then it was my time to pose. She would suggest the positions for me to pose and she would located herself in different positions around the room. I would not consent to poses like she would do, just nude pictures. I would however, hold my breast up and pretend to be ticking or kissing the nipples. Okay, we are now finished, no more film, so I grab my panties and start to redress. This wasn't her bag, She grabbed my panties from me and pushed me backward onto the bed. She fell beside me and attempted to kiss my lips. I turned my head and tried to get up but she held me in place. She then placed her hand on my pussy and started massaging it. I told her, "No way. I don't play that game." She ignored my plea and continued massaging my belly and stomach and even up to my tits where she squeezed then, pinched my nipples and did her thing. I tried my best to get loose but she was kind of on top of me with her leg drawn tight against my pussy and was telling me, "Relax. Enjoy it. You'll love it." She then, while still humping my pussy with her upper leg, took both hands and held my face and tried to kiss my lips. I rebelled. I sealed my lips tight but I could feel her wet tongue on my sealed lips. Still holding my face she managed to squeeze my nostrils shut until I had to open my mouth to breath. That's when I felt her tongue go inside my mouth. My husband and I french kiss all the time but he is a he, not a she. Since I didn't bite her tongue off I suppose she took that as a positive. She then began massaging my tits, sucking and licking the nipples and I'm here to tell you, that felt good. How, I do not know, but I began to imagine this was my husband doing all this. She began kissing my stomach and belly while licking and blowing her warm breath over me. She slid her leg away from my pussy and again started massaging my pussy and my clit. This was getting the best of me. It really was beginning to feel good. She began finger fucking me while still sucking on my clit with her lips. I began uncontrolled moaning and soft groaning. I simply fell into it. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and without saying a word gave her full access to my entire body. She now had two or three fingers inside my pussy. It really did feel wonderful.
    I caught myself calling her Honey. She was loving that. She took her fingers out and pushed them into my mouth and at the same time she placed her lips on mine and we sucked my pussy juices from her fingers at he same time as we were french kissing. I was loving every thing she did. I suppose my surrendering to her every move told her I was ready for everything. She turned, spread the lips of my pussy and started her tongue licking inside and then in and out. She was massaging my clit at the same time. I began having one orgasm after the other. This was really great. I was on cloud nine. I want say this was my first,(but it was my first with the same sex,) my husband and I did this routinely but note, I said DID. He is now deployed and it's been awhile. While she was sucking my pussy and tongue fucking it I was applying pressure to the back of her head with my hands while humping her at the same time. I was squirming all over. She probably had a hard time hanging on. I loved it so must that I wiggled around so I could place my face between her legs. At first I just massaged her pussy and clit with my fingers, She commenced wiggling and sucking harder and faster. I was weary of placing my lips on her pussy. This was my first however I admit I had taste my own via her fingers and
    my husbands dick after he had fucked me. I then began copying her move and retaliated by sliding my tongue inside her. It wasn't bad and the fact that I could tell by her actions that she was enjoying this I became more involved, I know I was causing her to have multiple orgasms because of the way she would stiffen up and quiver. After a bit of this, we both were exhausted, she began fucking me by straddling me with her pussy against mine and would hump as a man does when fucking. That really felt good. We each humped each other until we again had multiple orgasms each.
    Afterward, we both showered together and played with each other and finger fucked each other. I'm telling you. That evening was enough to last me awhile. Now I tell it to my husband when I am prepared and ready for a good fucking. So, don't ever tell me that fantasy doesn't pay and give great dividends to your sex life. I'll bet you that when he gets home and reads this, I am in for one thrilling fucking.
    To my husband: Are you happy now?? I wrote this just for you!

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    Straight Female / 52

    I've been married for 37 years. Over that time I've had three affairs. My husband doesn't know about them.

    The first was with the man who was my boss for over twenty years. I started sleeping with him several times a month from just about five years into our marriage until his death ten years ago. He was wealthy and could afford a woman on the side and I was she. We took very could care of each other for a very long time.

    The second was with a bold man of another race who hit on me one night when my husband and I were out with several other couples. Every chance he got he talked with me until I finally agreed to take his phone number. I used to call him from work. I finally met him at a hotel and the sex was the best of my life. This man was very dark, confident, and a fantastic lover. I saw him maybe six or seven times a year for over ten years. It only stopped because he married. I still miss the sex with him all these years later.

    The third affair just ended. It was with a man I dated in high school. We saw each other and got re-aquainted. He was regretful that we had never had sex and I enjoyed the attention. We went to a little shit motel a few towns away every chance we got for about 8 months before things cooled off. He was the first man I'd been with who was more into oral sex than regular sex. He loved to make me cum with his mouth and to cum in my mouth himself. I'd never swallowed any man's cum until this affair but I rather enjoyed it. He's also the only man who ever took me anally. I thought I was too old for learning kinky tricks but it turns out I wasn't. He and I decided to stop seeing each other as doing so was starting to interfere with our marriages and it was only a matter of time before we got caught.

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    Straight Female / 44

    This happened a long time ago when I was in my mid-twenties and married to my first husband. I worked about an hour from home and worked late not getting out until 2am in the morning each night I worked. The job sucked and I was usually frustrated on my ride home most of which was along dark sparse roads.

    One night I got a flat on one of those roads. I was still about 45 minutes from home, pulled over all alone on the side of a pitch black road at 2:30 in the morning with hardly any traffic and no homes in sight. I was nervous that I was going to get raped or killed. This was before I had a cell phone so I was on my own. I had no idea how to change a tire. I was super girly then, more worried about my clothes and make-up than anything practical like how to change a flat.

    An older guy in his late thirties pulled up to help. He was really nice, and really attractive. I relaxed when he told me he was a off-duty cop headed home from work. I figured he was telling the truth because he was wearing his uniform pants and a white t-shirt.

    He let me use his cell phone. I called my husband who was asleep. He shocked me when he said I was too far away and that he was too tired to come help me. I tried talking him into coming up to help me but he said to call a tow truck and hung up just as I was trying to say I love you to him. I felt like a complete piece of shit.

    After I told the cop my husband wasn't coming, he said the right things. He made me laugh and told jokes and complimented me making me feel good about myself. Stuff like "oh shit he's in trouble now" and "Don't feel bad. Most guys would come running to help out a woman who looks like you do." I know it was the situation I was in but I started feeling an attraction to the guy.

    The cop tried to change my tire for me but he needed a special tool to get the tire off which wasn't in my car. We had bought it used and it just wasn't there. I called my husband again who got mad at me for bothering him. I finally had to wait for a tow truck that was an hour from getting there.

    I thought the cop would leave when he heard how long it was going to be and was nervous about being alone and sad because I liked being with him. To my surprise, he said he would stay with me and invited me to wait in his pick-up truck with him. I was honestly hot for the guy then. I had never cheated in my life but I was feeling it in the pit of my stomach sitting there in the dark all alone with this guy.

    It wasn't long before I was right next to him touching him while we talked. I was flirting like crazy and looking back it's obvious that I pretty much threw myself at him. When we kissed that was it. I was all over the guy. He made me so hot and feel so good I would have done anything to please him. We made out, he got my bra off and shirt up and massaged my boobs and sucked them so well I was sopping wet. I grabbed and rubbed his dick while we kissed and he played with my boobs. He was really into me which considering the situation was great for me. He ended up eating me out better than my husband ever did making me cum right in his truck. I was resting and softly stroking his dick afterward before I said screw it and sucked on it for him for about ten minutes. I enjoyed it a lot, making him moan while he tenderly stroked my hair. I was wishing we were in a bed and had all night together.

    We ended up fucking. I was thinking to myself all along that I wasn't going to go that far but when he positioned my body and slid in I just groaned it felt so good. He had such a nice hard dick I was fucking him back while he screwed me. He didn't last for more than a few minutes he was so worked up but he fucked me really fast when he came which made me cum for the second time while he was cumming. It was pretty damn good sex for the front seat of a pick-up truck. I wasn't on the pill at the time and was nervous for a few weeks afterward and kicking myself for letting him cum in me but I didn't get pregnant.

    I never saw that guy again but that night changed how I viewed my marriage. I realized how selfish my husband was and how I had always subjugated myself to his needs. I became angry and acted out, cheating on him at every opportunity. I fucked guys on the side. I gave head to co-workers and friends. I had affairs with his friends, guys from our building and one of his relatives. We finally divorced long after we should have broken up. I later met the right man for me and we've been married ten years, have three kids and I've never felt the urge to cheat on him. I'm much happier now than I was in my first marriage that I don't ever feel bad about that night in that truck. In fact that flat tire was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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