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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 28

    Story is from a couple of years ago

    At the time I was not living in my home town and was trying this run at a job for a year. I had new friends, but still a long distance boyfriend who I had been with for two years. He had a band, a 1970's "Dad moustache" and basically had his focus back in our home state. We talked every day and made it work, at least for the first four months. But it was lonely being far away and you meet people. I go to the gym all the time (I have always been into sports and athletic and wanted to keep trim) and met a lot of girlfriend's through that. Eventually I had a good circle of friends I would hang out with regularly and my skype time with my boyfriend was still there but had changed. He got a bit more jealous a bit more wanting us to skype like it was a chore, when we had nothing to talk about, it was not a good change.

    Of course this made me want to stay out more: more drinking, clubbing, partying, w.e In my group of friends (not going to use names) there was a particular couple I was close to. I would crash at their house all the time when we went dancing, we would all dance together, and it was never flirty. But as days went by sometimes I found myself making playful kisses with the girlfriend when at a bar, and more than once putting my hand on the guy's leg as a joke. When I knew I was in trouble was when I did this one time at a bar, and he looked into my eyes. Right there, some heat existed. He put his arm around my waist and slid me on the seat over to him and I was just quiet. Funny thing is I do not think he actually meant anything by it.

    So one night we are at their place, we had all been dancing and drinking, and I ask if I can sleep in the bed "just to cuddle," because it's winter and their couch was cold. She checked with him and he said, "well u know their is a dress code." He went on to say how anyone in the bed had to wear booty shorts and then just smiled at both of us and said "so you girls decide." Then he went into the bedroom. I looked at my friend and she was way more fucked up then me. She agreed and then said, putting her hand on my hand, "let's give him a treat." I sat in stunned silence as she said she had sucked his cock with girls before but that no matter what I could not fuck him. As she said this at times her eyes were half closed. Pretty big moment for me to sort through my own stuff. I thought about my guy, I thought about my friendships, but I also knew this probably wouldn't come up again.

    In front of him we took off our pants, kissed, and slid into tight shorts. He pulled us each close against his chest (quite a very muscled guy btw) and kissed her, then me. My face went so hot I felt like I was in high school. Weeks ago I would never have ever thought of him like this. He made me put my legs over him, facing him, and I slid on his lap. Then he kissed me while squeezing my ass as his girlfriend got a pillow. I felt a bit guilty, but we were kissing in these small little, almost polite kisses, and I just was in it.

    He stood over us, us each on a pillow and took his cock out. She had never told me he had a thick cock. For me, not that I have seen a million, but this was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. A part of me wondered how I would suck it and I even was kind of worried I would not be able to. But I followed her lead. She would suck the head, then slowly down halfway and look up at him. I sucked his balls, waiting my turn. We kisses and kissed the sides of it together. I went to suck the top and jerk it. I was then told "no hands" by his girlfriend. I now knew for sure they had done this before. She wasn't banging herself, but she was moving herself back and forth on the pillow as I sucked, touching my arm, etc. I was able to get half of it down into my mouth, look up at him and just stare in his eyes. But I couldn't do that for long.

    "Too big?" he asked. His girlfriend laughed, "watch this!" She sucked him slow but steady for a minute. I was worried he would cum and that would be that (I wanted to savor this). Instead, she went down as far as she could, almost all the way to his stomach, and something else happened. She pulled off. She covered her mouth. And in a moment from sexy to crazy she ran away.

    He went to check on her and (you might guess it) she was puking in the bathroom. We waited a few minutes, me still on my pillow, facing the door, and him playing with my hair. Then he looped my hair around his fingers and pulled my face around. His cock slid into my mouth and I did not protest. I sucked only the top 3". He whispered for me to touch myself and I did. My pussy was so wet I felt embarassed. As I moved my head up and down he whispered, "do you like big dick?" and I moaned. My whole body was alive, but-when he lifted me onto the bed, I did feel guilty enough to say, "are you sure?" She had told me not to fuck him and honestly I was not ready to ruin that friendship.

    But I gave in. I fucked up. I had already hit the point of no return. I let him take off my shorts and I let him slide it in. We never got in more than halfway in, one of his hands on my ass as he pushed. I felt so full and, when I tightened my pussy, I was in heaven. He put his finger in my mouth and I closed my eyes and sucked like a whore. I bucked my body against his slowly, moaning but trying not to. We were only a couple of minutes in when I already felt a growing push. He knew because he stopped moving. I put my hand on my clit and he put his mouth near my ear. He told me to say fucking naughty things like: I want it. He'd say "say please" and I'd say it right away, I woudl have said anything, "please what?" "please give me that cock" I said his name over and over. Then I had one of the hardest orgasms of my life. He barely moved as I came. As it slowed I kissed him, tingling all over.

    We tried to have me ride him after that but, I was way too sore already. I hadn't been fucked for months and my pussy was too tight.

    When I woke up in the morning his girlfriend and him were already up. She never brought it up with me that I fucked him and I don't live there anymore (moved back home less than a month later). Sometimes I still think about that night...and I wish I had forced myself to take his whole cock, I wish I had forced myself down riding him. He did not even cum and I just wish I had one more night to be a slut for him, for no one to find out, and for him to use me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Only one male lover out of the 28 I've slept with since I was fifteen, hasn't anally fucked me. And he's now my husband. I married Tim last spring mainly because I thought it was about time I settled down. Our sex life is ok, but it doesn't include anal sex, something I adore. I tried and tried to get Tim to fuck my asshole, but no matter how horny I got him by sucking his six inch cock, he just wouldn't fuck my rear hole, telling me it wasn't normal or a turn on for him.
    Meeting an old flame whilst being out with Tim I became horny for anal sex. Tim was half drunk, so I changed his drink to doubles and before long he was falling over drunk.
    Speaking to my old flame, I told him if he helped me get Tim into our pick up truck, I'd show my gratitude.
    As Tim slept in the passenger seat, I was knelt up on the drivers seat having my pussy and ass licked. When Tim slumped over, my old flame was just about to fuck my asshole. Inches away from my sleeping husband, I was fuck up my asshole for the first time in over a year.
    It was truely an amazing moment for me as I came twice in quick succession. It is the sexual act I genuinely think I'm made to feel over vaginal sex. So when my ex lover came up my ass, I made sure he was deep inside me filling my ass.
    Tim continues to deny me anal sex, so I've begun to stray outside our marriage to get fucked anally. Each week that Tim has said no, I've found someone who has said yes.....

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I awoke yesterday morning with a hang over, a recognized taste of cum in my mouth and two men I didn't know. What woke me up was the feeling of needing to poo. The reason being, I was being fucked from behind up my asshole. It took me a few seconds to register what was going on and who the men were, as I knew neither was my husband.
    My senses cleared enough to sort of remember enjoying a night out with a female friend. My husband was out of town and it was his idea we go out. Starting to enjoy the sensations the guys cock was giving me, I looked over to my right to see my friend sucking the cock of the other man. She smiled as I looked at her, took the guys cock out of her mouth and said "They say the quiet ones are the worst, and you are normally quiet Beth".
    Putting the man's cock back between her lips I concentrated on being fucked myself. I orgasmed feeling like a slut and also feeling guilty. It didn't stop me wanting the guy to cum up me though, which he did seconds later. My friend made lots of grunting noises next as the man she was sucking came in her mouth. She Swallowed every drop as far as I could tell.
    Turning over, I felt my lover slide his cock out of me as his cum dribbled out of my ass. I looked down at his manhood and wondered how the hell my ass had taken his monster cock.
    Both men were up and dressed ten minutes later as I lay there still wondering what had happened and why I'd cheated on my husband. My friend got out of bed, walked over to my side and held me as she slid her legs in between mine. Like most times she'd stayed over when my husband was away, my friend slipped down between my legs and began to lick my pussy and asshole. I came again for the second time that morning as her tongue licked out the man's cum from my ass. That part of our relationship was normal, sharing men in marital bed definitely wasn't.
    I asked her later who they were. She told me she'd phone me today to tell me everything. So far she hasn't rung and my husband is due home later.
    What I do know is I totally enjoyed being anally fucked by a man with a huge cock.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Our annual Christmas comapny party is always held at the start of December, because of the business we're in. It's always at the same venue, a hotel which has function rooms and I always stay over as my husband works nights and I hate paying extortionate money for night taxis.

    Unlike me I drank quite a bit of alcohol this year and also unlike me, I allowed one of the hotel staff, a young nineteen year old lad to chat me up after the party had finished, and I'd stayed in the hotels private bar. He was such a handsome cheeky and forward young man, that I didn't take offence when he asked me if I wanted to have sex. I in fact told him he was probably not able to satisfy an experienced woman like me. Asking me to invite him upto my room he said he'd prove he could.

    Ashton not only satisfied me, he had me litterally begging for him to fuck me again and again. I just couldn't get enough of his young firm body and his massive cock. I sucked on his cock like my life depended on it and he wasn't someone who was going to cum overly easy either. Both my pussy and a first for me, my arsehole, was plowed by his long super hard, super thick manhood. When he did fill my arsehole with his cum I went straight back down on him and sucked on his cock until he became hard again. Getting me to lay on my stomach, Ashton hammered my arsehole again this time making me cum like I'd never cum before. It felt as if my whole body was orgasming as pulse after pulse of sheer pleasure shot right through me. I woke the next morning to Ashtons tongue licking away at my clit and once again I came in a renewed heightened sense. Before I left hotel I had Ashton fuck my arsehole as we showered together. It was his cum that was leaking out of my rear as I entered our home.

    Five nights ago I was with my husband watching a movie when our seventeen year old daughter kelly-Ann walked in. She said she'd brought her new boyfriend round to visit us. I cannot tell you how shocked, embarrassed and I must admit hornilly excited to see Ashton stood in our front room. We both made out it was the first time we'd met and he kissed my cheek with a quiet respect. Inside my head I was thinking, I wish it was my clit he was kissing. The greeting was brief as Kelly-Ann said they were going out. All I wanted her to say was they were staying so I could maybe get some time alone with Ashton.

    That time might be over the New Year period, as he's staying with us for two nights. I don't trust myself and after what Ashton told me yesterday over the phone, I think he thinks that too. I know it would wrong of us to have sex again, but with him under the same roof as me and with my arsehole wanting his cock again, I just don't think I'll be able to refuse him or his massive cock.

    A cheating wife who wants what she knows is wrong...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    About two months ago I was in a taxi cab with a bunch of our friends going to another club for the night. Streets were crowded but cab was moving good. The entire group had been split between two cabs, my girl having taken a group after going to the store for some water. Everyone was pretty drunk, including myself. When we all piled into the cab I was in, and basically some people would have to sit on some laps. I did not volunteer myself but was volunteered. An Indian girl friend of ours, that particular night in a long sleeve but low cut white top and black skirt wiggled past to the far door (where I was sitting) and sat on me. I did not exactly protest hard but mutual friends agreed to send a text to my girl (who would have none of this if she was there) to make it more of a joke than anything. This friend of ours is super cute, and has a tight body. I normally prefer more ass, but even though her bum is small, it is bouncy. I did not creep on her but this could not go unnoticed during times she dressed in tight fitting clothes.

    As the cab begins to go, less than a minute in, I realize I am getting way too worked up. At first it was actually pretty embarassing. My pants were tight, no way to hide it, but I did have a hoodie so I smoothed that down as I could. Now what happened next at first I thought was an accident. As we moved around a corner, her ass grinded hard against me. The entire cab was chattering, yammering, and playing app games on phones. I did my part of the conversation. Then, it happened again. I felt a certain tingle and new my dick was going to hit full mast. I am a short dude but I have a thick and long cock, no two ways about it. I am no champion but I am over 7" and thick. The third time she grinded against me it was bad enough that, during a moment, I slipped my cock under the belt line of my pants, it now expanding past my belly button. This was fucked but I knew this could not be an accident. The cab ride lasted for a bit, with this chick sometimes giving directions. Had to wonder what was going through her head. As the ride goes on she is shifting more and talking--actually talking with me--turning to face me etc. In the midst of a "let's get a picture" comment from her, she had her head/back turned, was looking in my eyes, and then slowly (and deliberately) pushed her skirted but from the bottom of my clothed cock all the way up to the top. I had my right hand suddenly on her hip and, not involuntarily but, somehow found myself squeezing her hip. As she moved I would squeeze.

    I put the hoodie on my hood up and my face was red.

    Now I am right behind her so I can hear her breathing speeding up, and I don't know where this is going (still a bit afraid) but I run my fingers just under the top lining of her skirt. When making a right turn she pushes way right (into the girl seated next to me) and when she sits back down on me, she lifts the lining of her black skirt. Now her bare ass is against my pants and a good 3" of my cock is under her skirt, exposed from my pants. Some of it was probably the craziness of the moment but I am freaking out, actually worried I might cum. I have my cock in between her cheeks and she is moving. Having lost whatever self control I could pretend to have, I slid my hand under and parted her thong, slid the head of my cock through it and then let it go.

    I few grunts from me began to escape but not the escapade was almost done. The friend of ours next to me was noticing shit going on, and making teasing jokes about the Indian girl being a sloppy drunk (all the shifting). The girl on my lap had not looked at me for probably ten + minutes. When the cab came to a stop and everyone crammed out, I pulled the speediest moves I could to pocket my dick and pull my hoodie over my shit as she got off of me. I could not have lasted much longer.

    Now I wish I could say more of this story, but we all as a group (my girlfriend included) just went dancing. At the end of the night as we all parted ways, this Indian chick hugged out (as she always does). As she hugged me at the end she whispers, "best for last."

    Haha that's the closest we ever came to talking about it

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    I wish I could tell my boyfriend that the only reason he got hos job was because I had sex with his boss the day of my boyfriend's interview. I also wosh I could tell him that the only reason he hasn't been fired yet is because I continue to have sex with not only his boss but the other manager as well.

    I know that some day they will just fire him anyway but we need the money right now so I will continue to do what I have to.

    Just like when he was unemployed, the car broke down. He thinks I got a payday loan and used that money to fix the car. Actually I had sex with my boyfriend's own father. He agreed to give me the money on the condition that he gets to fuck me once a month for a year. When I had no other options and was about to lose my own job for missing too much work, I agreed.

    I have become a slut to be honest. I feel bad about it but at the same time I don't care.

    I haven't stopped woth just hos bosses and dad. I have had sex with a dozen other men just because I can. The way I see it I am already cheating on him anyway, might as well get the most out of it while it lasts.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    Ts happened about a year and no one knows until now. True story.

    although sex with my petite big boobed 22 year old wife was pretty good, I found mysewhing around with this new girl at work.

    I didn't need sex nor was I looking for it as my wife has really high libido however this new girl really had a thing for me and I knew it from the second day she was there. We'll call her Brenda

    It all started pretty innocently, I needed to get something from the back office and as Brenda was walking out of it we bumped into each other, than she stepped back in and pulled me close to her closing the door behind and she started kissing me with tongue and everything.
    She wasn't what I would normally be attracted to she was 22, 5`7, 140 lbs small tits small waist but a nicely round bubbly ass with athletic legs. What wasn't so attractive was her face, mainly her acne and her curly Messy hair.
    I responded to her kiss out of instinct and after 30 sec she let go and raced out of the office.

    I was surprised at what had happened and I knew it was wrong but I felt excited by her.

    We started playing more and more as the days went by and I would meet her at the back when I knew she would be there and she would do the same .
    I would find her with her back towards the door and I would come behind her and grab her butt cheeks with both hands and starting kissing her neck as I massaged that big ass and she would start grinding my crotch and then turn around and make out for half a minute, she was so horny and I liked it!

    But one day as we were making out she bit my bottom lip so hard that I screamed at her to let go but that just made her bite harder when i felt my lip pop and blood started coming out I was mad and asked her wtf was her problem to which she replied that we couldn't do that anymore, so I walked away to assist My Lip and tried to stay away from her as much as I could.

    Couple days later she said she was sorry about my lip and she would like to make it up to me which to which I responded there was nothing to be sorry for as I should've never started messing with her knowing I was married anyway.

    She met me in the back couple hours later and hugged me from behind and started biting my back thru my shirt really hard, she made me kneel on the ground then she let go and said im sorry I just don't know what to do.

    I thought I really need to get away from this freak but for some reason she started being really nice after that and she started acting as if she knew I was married and she was the side chick and she was ok with it, she started getting my food and massaging me and kissing me passionately.
    I kinda grew a feeling for her and we started to become good friends who were still horny for each other.
    I still had my doubts about her but I just went along with whatever happened.

    We started making out at work again and feeling each other more and more every time, we got to the point of chasing each other in the bathroom and I grew impatient of just making out so one time I locked the doors and threw her against he wall pulling her pants and panties down while turning her around with her hands on the wall ass up and me tonguing her pussy from behind.
    She started shaking and asked me to stop cause she felt about to pee to which I responded by fingering her when we heard a knock on the bathroom door, I quickly washed up and left while leaving her to fix herself up.

    We eventually got the chance to go hiking together one day off from work.
    We walked thru woods and rocks till we reached a look out where we sat down and she sat infront of me with her legs on top of mine which allowed me to stick a hand inside her sports pants. I pulled them off and took my pants off as she started sitting on my dick and we started to have sex for the first time, I took her down to the river where she ripped off my clothes and starting going wild on me, pinching my nipples and gripping my cock as hard as she could. We heard some people descending to the river at a distance but we just walked a little upstream and I started pounding her pussy doggy style while standing up, I mentioned to her I was close to coming and I didn't wanna get her pregnant when I heard the most beautiful words she could of told me , in the middle of her shaking and panting she said "thats not the only place where u can come" I tooK that as a hint and I slid my dick in her ass hole and she started shaking and I started thrusting harder it was amazing! (My wife had never and still hasn't allowed me to take her ass) but this girl who I had just met a couple months ago was making my cock feel incredibly good with her big round shapely ass and her crazy ways I just couldn't hold it and I exploded inside her ass as she to came shaking her legs and almost passed out which kinda scared me but she said that was the best orgasm she'd ever had and It was my first and only time doing anal. I miss her as I moved jobs and she moved cities but I wouldn't risk my marriage like that again if it.was someone I knew I dont think

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    Six weeks ago I took off my clothes in front of three young men I hardly knew, watched them strip naked and proceded to suck each one of their cocks in turn. And all of this in front of my forty two year old husband. He sat in a comfy chair slowly stroking his cock as he watched me have oral, vaginal and anal sex with them all. The only time he moved was so he could get a better view of me being double fucked. One older teenager was lay on his back as I mounted him (He had the biggest cock), another stood in front of me and offered me his cock to suck, as the third roughly thrust his meaty fat cock up my asshole.

    The reason for my husbands total lack of jealousy, he'd arranged everything for my thirtieth birthday and the young men were his present to me. They'd all left by two in the morning, but not before I'd gotten a hold of two of their phone numbers. I rang them three days later and secretly arranged to meet them again, only that time alone in amotel room. Whether it was because my husband wasn't there, they both fucked me even harder and with a total disregard for my pleasure. Indeed they used me for they wanted and I loved every single minute of it. I was only allowed to orgasm after I'd been analised by both at the same time. By then I was cumming like a freight train.
    I haven't seen both of them again together since. But I have seen the older teenager at least a dozen times in the last few weeks as he only lives across the street. My husband works the late shift, so it's fairly easy to have him call over, which he does with a growing sexual knowledge.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    I cheat regularly on my husband. I am involved with a man I first met at work (I don't work there any more because of our relationship). I see him pretty often, mostly at lunch. I work at an office with fairly relaxed standards, and I run errands during the day. He usually sends me a message of where and what time to meet him and I go the motel and knock on the door and we get it on.

    Because it is at lunch sometimes the whole thing lasts less than 15 minutes, I just go, and he does his thing, and then I go back to work. We have hooked up later in the day, but these are well planned meetings, he arranges to have some business meeting, tells his wife where he is going to be and I also plan a seminar or something like that, and we meet up for a longer get together.

    The quickies are fine with me, he is in and out in no time, and back to work. The more planned meetings are harder because he wants the whole attention trip. This is when he wants me to show commitment to him, and tell him how much I love him and how if only we could be married we would have family of our own, and we would live in a house and all that. Of course this is fantasy, he is married for over 30 years, and he is not going to leave his wife for me, and I am married and I have two preteen girls and I would never divorce my husband to be lonely at the dirty end of an affair.

    There are days when I just can't imagine how his wife doesn't know that he is messing around. I have met her, had lunch with her and nothing, not a missed word or anything that would give the hint that she knows I am active sexually with her husband. As for my husband, he is and always has been a passive individual. He believes anything. I don't think he has the ability to imagine that his wife gets screwed regularly by another man. I go weeks without having sex with him, sometimes months. I get so much sex that I just can't go home and have more. The truth is my husband does not turn me on, when I married him it was convenient and I needed someone to cover up the affair I was in. Being totally honest with myself, I know both of my kids belong to my lover. But I don't know for sure. Both my husband and my lover are O+, not be design, but it means that we would have to do DNA tests to make sure.

    I will 'celebrate' my tenth 'anniversary' with my lover, ten years from the fist time he took me and had sex with me. The funny thing is that most marriages don't last ten years. I would guess that I will be with him for ever. By now I am not going anywhere and he is stable personality and stays on track with his life. He is not going to break up with me, his whole life revolves around me.

    Maybe I should test the kids, but with what excuse. I guess getting some material from my husband is not hard, and test to see if there is a match, if there isn't then my lover is the father, if there is then my husband is the father. But I don't want to know, I prefer to think they are my lover's and it would devastate me to find out that my husband fathered one or both of my children.

    This is my sad life, a wandering soul who is attached at the hip with a man that can never be my husband.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    My ex wife was a frigid bitch who hated sex. But her sister was the polar opposite. I bet that slut swallowed at least a gallon of my cum before I finally divorced her sister. She took my cock in her ass/pussy/and mouth, sometimes all in the same session. She wsa kind of fat, and I knew she was fucking lots of other guys, but what the hell. She liked to fuck and so did I.

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