My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 33

    I'm sat here typing this ten feet away from my husband who's asleep on the couch. He's been asleep since I got in from work, probably from all the beer he's drunk. He used to be such an athletic horny and sexual man, someone who'd give me all the hard dirty sex I need. Looking at his growing fat stomach and listening to him snoring, I'm glad I'm sat here with a pussy and ass full of one of our neighbors cum. Only half an hour ago I was in his car semi naked taking his big cock anyway he wanted to give it to me. When he wakes up I'm going to tell my husband, if he doesn't shape up and start giving me the kind of sex I want and need, then I'm going to leave him to drink his life away.

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    Straight Male / 28

    My wife has a friend whos 21 yo daughter keeos hitting on me. I think Im going to go for it.

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    Straight Female / 31

    In life you make many decissions every day. Simple ones, difficult ones and occasionally ones that change everything. In January I did just that. I've been married to Jack for six years, but I've been with him since I was sixteen. And in all that time his was the only cock that had entered my body.
    I'd been chatting to an old school friend, a male friend on a social website. He made a comment close to Christmas last year about being ribbed for having a more than average sized penis. Liam isn't what you would call athletic or handsome, but he has such a wonderful personality, the main reason I accepted his request to get back in touch.
    After the comment I badgered him to send me a message with him naked in a picture showing him with a hard on. He wouldn't do it at first, but after lots of chat between us, he relented. And boy was I in for a shock. Liams cock is a shade over ten inches and it's so amazingly thick. It actually looks strange on his slim tall body.
    Within a week we arranged to meet at a place I knew from my work. We booked in and in the three hours I spent with Liam I had the most wonderful sexually fulfilling sex of my life. All pretense of any guilt was gone as soon as he had me suck hard on his huge cock. His cunnilingus skills were also far superior to Jacks in every way as Liam brought me to repeated orgasms.
    The moment I mounted his cock reverse cowgirl, my whole body and especially my pussy was shaking with sexual anticipation and his massive cock didn't let my pre concieved longings down. We fucked as if we'd always been having sex together and I simply couldn't get enough of Liams cock thrusting its way so deep inside my pussy.
    When he suggested he'd like to fuck my asshole I balked thinking my ass would never take his enormous dick, but with Liam licking my rear hole and fingering it, I eventually let him slowly slide the tip of his cock head into my butt. In less than a minute I was the one who was asking Liam to slide his cock in deeper.
    I'd had anal sex with Jack before, but it was nothing to the feeling Liam and his cock gave me. Talk about slutting yourself, I was totally in my old school friends power and I loved every single thrust of his long hard thick cock pounding away at my asshole time and time again.
    I didn't let on, but I found it difficult to walk out of the hotel and then drive home to my waiting husband. Showering again (I'd showered in the hotel room with Liam, taking his cock again from behind) I let the water flow over my pussy and ass hoping to ease the discomfort. I told Liam I was too tired from work, when he wanted sex later but gave him a blow job anyway. It was like sucking on a small lolipop compared to Liams impresive cock. And that is now my dilema, because since our hotel sexathon I've not had sex with Liam. Not because I dont want to, I so much want to have his huge cock pounding both my pussy and as again. It's because he's been working away since then.
    He's back in town next month and he'll be staying until Christmas time, which will give us plenty of time to get to know one another all over again. My problem is how do I keep my husband happy, if Liams cock makes his seem like a half pencil.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I've been married for 5 years to a beautiful woman. We had our first child and now sex is gone. At work a female co-worker who is also married, is always flirting with me. Every so often she would walk close by me and rub my d*ck. She sends me nudes and always is telling me that she wants my dick in her mouth. A couple weeks ago I went into her office saying that she has got me so horny and she pulled out my c*ck and gave me a blow job right there and swallowed it all at the end. It was the greatest blowjob I have ever received. This past Saturday I banded the crap out of her on her desk.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My boy friend had betrayed me so to express my fellings i have created a fb page " Bullets for my valentine"(://m.facebook/uysbullets??ref== bookmark&_ft_) please like this page
    anyone intrested to be an admin of this page can contact

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    Straight Female / 31

    I'm now stuck between a rock and a hard place, mainly because of my own stupid actions.
    My husband and I had been struggling really badly with our financies and it got even worse when he lost his job. My boss asked me into his office only a few days after my husbands redundancy to ask me why I'd been crying. When I told him, he said there was a vacancy in the warehouse department and he could arrange for a favour, that my husband got the job.
    Staying back after work that day I walked into his office. In the next forty minutes that followed I had my boss lick and suck on my pussy and ass, and then he had me lower his trousers. My husband has a large penis, but it's no where near as thick as my 50+ year old bosses. I remember actually gasping at the girth of his flaccid cock and by the time I licked and sucked it to its full seven inches, I could hardly get it in my mouth.
    Leaning against his old desk I let him fuck me unprotected from behind. I was nervous and started to cry. Not only from the predicament I'd put myself in, but also because I knew in my heart I was starting to enjoy the feeling my bosses thick cock was giving me, and I desperately didn't want it too. It was up to that point this single most enjoyable fuck I'd had in my life. I orgasmed over and over again as he continued to pound into me stretching my pussy and my pussy walls. None of my early boyfriends or my husband for that matter, had ever made my pussy and me feel that good. By the time he was ready to cum, I was begging him to fuck me harder and to fill my pussy with his sperm.
    We're no longer in financial difficulties as our debts have been paid by my boss, and my husband got the job, a night shift role with the company. The debts were paid on one condition and I had to lie to my husband about how I got the money to pay off our debts, by saying I'd gotten a huge bonus. The condition was I allow my boss to call by every so often when my husbands gone to work. He's been visiting me now for over eight months. I do love the feeling his cock gives me as he now fucks both my pussy and ass, but that's all it is to me, very good and satisfying sex.
    I'm now missing my husband so much because of his night shifts, but I daren't rock the boat with my boss as I know we'll be back to square one. It's just so hard trying to make the right decission.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I am 25 years old and have a 10 month old daughter. My dream was always to have a complete family. I am with the father of my daughter but lately all I can think about is how I have lost all of my freedom. Not by having a child but by staying committed to the father. We have been together for 5 years now but the longer we are together the more I want to cheat on him. lately, I have gotten onto chat rooms and hope to fine someone to cyber with. I desperately want to cheat but I don't know if my heart will take it. I know my vagina will... Sometimes I day dream about going back to one of my previous boyfriends and letting them pound me. It makes my pussy wet and I desire it. I just miss the rush, the unknown, the fun.... maybe I'll have more. until then for now I masturbate thinking of everyone else

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    Straight Male / 20

    I have a girlfriend of 5 years and she's a lovely person but quite religious and we aren't intimate very much.

    A fortnight a go I did a bad thing but it felt so good.

    I was on a night out catching up with some old friends and eventually we end up in a club very drunk. I don't know how but I ended up dancing with this gorgeous blonde ( I never found out her name ). She grinding on me and we were making out all night. She started by biting my lip and putting my hands on her ass.

    When the club closed we both got a cab together she said I could go back to hers and 'cuddle'. We were holding hands on the way up to her apartment. She opened the door and I followed her inside to the kitchen.

    In the kitchen we started making out, I grabbed her and she wrapped her lags around me. I remember running my hands up her smooth thighs to her ass and realized she was wearing a thong. I carried her out in to the hall way asked her where the bed room, she took a quick break from kissing me to tell me.

    I carried her into the room and dropped her onto the bed. She ripped off my shirt and I pulled off her skimpy dress and bra. I took a quick moment to see her lying there black lace thong long blonde hair and nothing else, I was so turned on I about came there.

    I then ripped of her thong whilst she took my jeans and boxers off.

    Now my gf doesn't give head so i kinda didn't expect ought, but I knelt on the bed and pulled her head towards my throbbing hard cock and she suck.

    She has a full length mirror on the on her closet and I watch her bleached blonde hair go up and down on my cock.

    I stopped her and threw on to her back and she giggled I kissed her inner thigh up to her pussy and began licking her out, my head between her moaning grabbing on my hair.

    Thats a first for me and I didn't think i'd like it but it did she tasted great.

    I then went to put my cock in her...

    'ooo you've got a wide one'

    she reached over and grabbed some lube from her draw and rubbed it over my cock and her pussy

    then I fucked her hard,

    I stop grabbed her hips and pulled her on to her front to do her doggy style. I held on to her waste and looked and the curves of her pale ass and I fucked her from behind.

    'i'm gonna ride you'

    she didn't need to tell me twice I lay back she climbed on top and rode me. while i grabbed her tits and inch her nipples.

    I then stopped picked her up, spun round so she was on her back, kissed her tits her stomache and lick her puss while she moaned and grabbed my hair.

    It was all too much for me I stopped knelt up and began to wank over her as i was about to cum. she sat up up and took over, once again i pulled her head towards my cock, but she was already there.

    once again i watch our reflection as she gave me amazing head. me kneeling back her sat up my throbbing cock in her mouth.

    Now i've never been talked dirty to before but she stopped, kissed me looked me right in the eye and said

    'I want you to come'

    I so shocked and so turned on

    'cum for me'

    she lay back 'cum on me'

    I cam all over her stomache and tits...

    I know it was wrong but it was just good and it had been so long

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    Straight Male / 39

    Years ago a female colleague invited me to a German bierfest here in the UK. We were good friends, nothing more, and I was seeing someone but she was abroad... Yeah I know, I should've known better. My colleague offered to put me up for the night at her flat, a sleeping bag in her livingroom, so off we went.

    Well the bierfest was great fun, everyone got outrageously drunk on fantastic German lager and my friend and I had a fantastic night. We were both utterly plastered and, not knowing exactly where she lived, I found myself walking her through town in an attempt to get her sufficiently sober to reveal her address. About half way she revived enough to become coherent and we stopped to talk. Except the first thing she did was to start kissing me, full-on, and totally surprised I found myself responding. So there we were, busy Saturday night street, her tongue in my mouth and my dick absolutely rampant inside my jeans. Well I got her address and off we went, stopping every so often for another kiss and fondle.

    Back at her place, it was a case of in the door and straight to full-on kissing, hands tugging at clothes, flailing and then falling onto the bed. The 1% of my brain not overtaken by booze and lust managed to say 'Is this such a good idea...??' and my colleague just laughed and said 'I don't care'. I remember that she took my cock very willingly and that she was absolutely soaking and we fucked like rather drunken animals. In our lust-fuelled haste, we'd forgotten to draw the curtains, so her neighbours across the street got a graphic show and she came very noisily when I got my head between her legs for a round of cunnilingus. When we woke much, much later the next day, the cum-flecked duvet, her soaking knickers and her fingernail marks on my shoulders filled in the gaps in our booze-addled brains.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I'm not happy with anything anymore. My boyfriend makes me miserable. Things haven't been the same between us in a long time. He constantly makes me cry, I don't trust him at all(living an hour apart from each other doesn't help), every little thing he does makes me mad, I'm not sexually attracted to him anymore, I use him for his weed. I don't have the balls to leave him though. He's my first boyfriend and my first true love. Fuckkk I just need to get out before I go insane. But I'll always have love for him in my heart.

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