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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    June this year, I got married to Jake who I'd been engaged to for over two years. What I didn't know was Jake had invited a female colleague of his, who's on/off boyfriend used to use me at the age of nineteen, like a common slut with his really large cock.
    At the wedding itself, I caught sight of Marcus only twenty minutes before we were due to marry. Telling one of my bridesmaids to give him a message, I waited in the small room I was getting my final preparations sorted. Sure enough a couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door. Letting Marcus in we both knew why I'd asked him to call by the room. Looking into his deep blue eyes, he asked me if I wanted one last final fuck as a single woman.
    I didn't even respond. Locking the door, then hitching up my dress, I moved my knickers to one side and presented him my pussy and arsehole. A few seconds later, I felt Marcus's large cock slide up my pussy and he began to fuck me.
    When he walked out only a few minutes later, I'd had an amazing orgasm and taken his hot sticky cum deep inside my pussy.
    Saying "I do" to Jake I could feel Marcus's cum leaking into my knickers and couldn't help but grin in his direction.
    At the reception which was held at a beautiful hotel/golf complex later on, I explained to the same bridesmaid, Marcus was a cousin of mine, someone I'd not seen since I was a teenager. And that we'd spoken about his family and mine in the room. It was the same bridesmaid who directed Marcus to the small pavilion, which was close to the hotels golf course first tee. I'd gone there to cool off and to do some thinking.
    Marcus interrupted me, but I was glad he did. Because all I could think about was him and his gorgeously thick cock. In that pavilion I sucked on his dick until it became ultra hard and so thick, then had him fuck me as I stood up leant against the pavilion rails. It was a fast and furious fuck, yet one which had me like earlier in the day, climaxing so hard. Again Marcus came inside me, but saving me from having to endure another wet and sticky pussy, he went down on me and tongued out my love hole.
    We rejoined the wedding celebrations to the knowing look of my bridesmaid. Not long before she left to go to the room she'd booked in the hotel with her boyfriend, she asked me if Marcus was worth it. I told her to find out for herself. Apparently as I've recently found out, her boyfriend wasn't the first guy to fuck her in that hotel room that night.
    Since our wedding day I haven't strayed once. But I have to admit I've been sorely tempted of late, as the bridesmaid now dating Marcus. And knowing her as I do very well, I know she wants her, Marcus and I to share a bed together.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 40

    I had a big fight with my wife many months ago over a financial issue. Since she thought I was wrong and wasn't going to give in like I had done a few other times, she decided to put her pussy on hold.

    So there is a gal at work that had been making some subliminal remarks that let me know should I be interested just to let her know. Her name is Alicia, a little petite brunette with a nice rack and a body to match. Twenty something years old and already been around the block a few times according to the office gossip.

    Every alarm was going off in my brain when I let Alicia know that I was interested. My Dick didn't want to hear the alarm bell, it had other things more important to think about.So when the second week of my wife withholding the pussy rolled around I made my move on Alicia.

    I text my wife and said I had to work late. I did that as I was waiting for Alicia to arrive at the Hotel a few miles away from the office. When she took her time responding, knowing her phone was always close by, that only encouraged me to go through with it.

    Alicia wasted no time getting out of her office attire, she was down to her panties, and stockings in no time. I was shocked when I saw the tattoo's and nipple piercings as Alicia tossed her bra onto the bed. Her torso was a canvas for ink and each breast had a snake with it's mouth wide open as if ready to strike each nipple.

    Alicia made a comment about hiding her tats under her clothing, knowing she wouldn't have got the job at our office with them showing. She came to me and kissed me immediately, not the least bit shy. Once undressed we started to make out on the bed.

    Alicia cupped my balls and wrapped her hand around my hardening cock a moment later, her hand getting me harder and longer. We kissed like lovers, raw passion and desire made my entire body tingle. Even with my wife being a skilled lover, Alicia had me worked up and ready in no time.

    Alicia was shaven and my tongue slithered through her wetness, Alicia's mouth was incredible and hit every cock nerve there was. We got into the sixty-nine and both of us were ready for the next step quickly.

    Alicia lay on her back and spread her legs like a porno star for me. My cock was rock solid hard when I entered her a moment later. She was soaking wet and just putting the head of my cock into her pussy made me want to cum.

    I filled her with my length and hit bottom, Alicia's smile faded for an instant as she felt a slight tinge of pain. Honestly, it excited me to see that reaction. I reached down and cupped her breasts in both hands and squeezed as I began to fuck her slowly. Her tatted body just squirmed under mine as I moved in and out, sometimes making sure I hit bottom to see her expression change.

    Alicia asked if I liked fucking her and I said very much, she smiled and pulled me down to kiss her. I could feel her piercings against my skin, her breasts crushed against my bare chest. I began to fuck her a bit harder and Alicia began to cum. Her body squirmed under my steady pounding, her nails dug into my back as she came a few times in rapid succession.

    She told me she wanted to ride "it" and I rolled off and onto my back. Alicia mounted me quickly and bore down on my hardness until she was moaning and cringing with pain as well as pleasure. Her tatted and pierced body writhed on my cock and Alicia came again in rapid succession, her nails clawing into my bare chest. Her eyes closed, she leaned back and just rode my cock and squeezed her breasts hard.

    When she came I could feel the warm juices run down the length of my shaft inside of her, not ever feeling that with my wife. I flipped Alicia onto her back and entered her again. I just went at her full bore, my hard cock thrusting into her wetness. I was going to cum, there was no chance of trying to hold it back.

    I barely pulled out of her as I began to shoot a shoestring of cum onto Alicia's inked up belly. I fisted my cock, the rest of my cum shooting in every direction besides landing on her body.

    When I was spent I just knelt between Alicia's leg breathing like I had run a long race. She lay there smiling up at me and running her fingers through my cum and rubbing it on her hard nipples.

    I stroked my spent cock a few more times, droplets of cum still escaping from the tip. I lay down beside Alicia on the bed, she wasted no time in cuddling up next to me. I almost fell asleep staring at her inked up breasts.

    It was Alicia saying she needed to go and she slid off the bed and made her way to the bathroom, I could hear the shower a moment later. I joined her just as she was mostly cleaned up. I soaped her breasts and enjoyed the slippery sensation of playing with them. Alicia told me I better stop or we would have to go back to bed. For a split second I almost didn't stop soaping her breasts.

    When I got home my wife was watching TV she commented I was later than I said I would be. I looked at my watch and was shocked at the time. Since she was still peeved with me I didn't get any questions about being later.

    The next day at work Alicia came into my office with some folders, she made her way around the back of my desk quickly. She leaned over and said softly that we should meet after work and fuck. Obviously Alicia knew I was married and I asked if she meant after work today?

    She stood up and laughed and said well of course! Thankfully another employee walked into my office and Alicia was forced to end that conversation and leave. I barely remembered any of the conversation with the other employee as I realized what I had got myself into.

    Luck was with me later on when I had to go upstairs for a meeting, I didn't see Alicia the rest of the day. As soon as I left the building that evening to go home Alicia began to text me to call her. I called her just a few blocks from my house. Alicia wanted me to meet her to fuck and I told her I was home.

    Thankfully she said okay but she needed my cock again and then hung up. Just as I pulled into the driveway my phone started blowing up. Alicia sent me several pictures of her naked and in various poses, some with her fingering her pussy. Then a text message telling me to come fuck her horny pussy.

    When you start cheating everything is against you. I go inside and suddenly my wife comes to meet me and gives me a big kiss and says she's sorry for being a bitch to me for the past two weeks and wants to have makeup sex. Well of course she does!

    I wondered how my wife would feel about makeup sex when she saw Alicia's nail marks on my back? Thankfully the bedroom has enough light from the LED clocks and my wife didn't notice anything during sex.

    Alicia put the pressure on to fuck her and every slim chance of my wife not catching on I was fucking Alicia. I told my wife I had to go into work early, I would go over to Alicia's and fuck her before we went into the office.

    When we wern't fucking Alicia would text me pictures of her fucking a dildo, saying she was making do until our next time together. One evening I had to fuck Alicia in the car behind our office building. By now the thrill was long gone, I fucked Alicia out of fear more than anything else. I just had the idea if I cut her off Alicia would go upstairs to the big boss and tell him everything and then she would show up at my house.

    This went on for six months and I was about my wits end, I was a nervous wreck. Then one day Alicia came to me in tears and I was freaking out. She handed me a paper that was just given to her that she and several others were being laid off. I felt bad and at the same time I was so relieved. However, I wasn't sure what was going to happen either. Alicia had to the end of the month and that left her with a little over two weeks to work.

    Thankfully she realized she needed another job and the big boss allowed the employees to take time off to go to job interviews. Alicia had a lot of them and she was barely in the office the last two weeks.

    One day after work Alicia was standing by my car as I walked out. She was wearing a casual dress which was rather short and the low neckline exposed parts of her tattoo's. She wanted to fuck and I couldn't say no.

    We drove to the Hotel and went at it again for two hours. I really enjoyed seeing her naked body with tats and piercings, really turned me on more than I realized. Once we were done Alicia told me she got another job but it was going to require her to move. I was sad and happy at the same time. So much so I pulled her back into bed and we went at it once more.

    I got a few friendly texts after a while and that was it, eventually I never heard from Alicia again. I was so stupid and lucky how it turned out. Alicia told me the last time in the Hotel room she had been thinking about asking me to leave my wife for her, that was before she got laid off of course.

    So my lesson learned for this experience is when my wife should ever hold back the pussy go to the Porn site on my computer.............

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    Halloween after-party. My wife went to sleep, and I fucked 2 of her friends out in the living room. One was very pregnant, I'd guess 29-30 weeks along? Her husband watched and jerked off. The other one was just drunk and horny. Best sexual experience of my life. Oh, and I'm still fucking the pregnant one, lol, behind her husband's back. I still don't know how many weeks she is. I haven't bothered to ask because I don't really care. She looks good either way. I'm having a blast, but I'm living in constant fear that my wife will find out.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    Last week I allowed my husbands youngest brother to fuck me at his flat, because of a stupid argument I had with my husband. He'd accused me of infidelity with a guy at work, but my husband was wrong, totally wrong.
    Annoyed and knowing his youngest brother Sam had always fancied me, I visited him at his flat and one thing lead to another. Sam and I fucked for over an hour, and in that hour I had the best sex of my life. There wasn't any love making, as it was pure down dirty fucking. The kind of fucking that had me having one orgasm after another.
    At home later that night, my husband apologized telling the information he'd heard was untrue. I knew that to be the case anyway, but I also knew the sex I'd just had with his youngest brother was also amazing.
    Sam really was a great fuck, but that's not why I'm confessing. My husband had been half right about someone at work, but it wasn't a man. Over the past nine months I've been having such wonderful time having sex with a female colleague during our lunch break. Her home is only five minutes from where we work, so each day, if and when we get an extended lunch break, we've been at her place. And it's been some of the best sex of my life. That was until Sam fucked me last week.
    Now I seriously don't know what to do.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two years, Paul who's a fifty four year old plumber has been visiting our home to fuck me during his lunch break.
    Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I finish early from the library I work at. So I'm always ready for him when he turns up in his van. He never stays longer than half an hour, and sometimes he's only here for about ten minutes, fucking me usually to two orgasms by then.
    We met when my husband who forty one, became more interested in earning money than screwing his wife. I got sexually bored and placed an add on a well known hook up site. Getting lots of replies back from the naked pictures I posted of myself, I was at first frustrated by some the idiots who'd replied.
    Then I got this reply: "52 year old plumber, who'd love to call by and use his nine inch rod to plunge the frustrations out of your plumbing".
    The following Tuesday Paul called round during his lunch break. And five minutes after he'd entered our home, I was sucking on the biggest cock I'd had in my mouth. Knowing I couldn't, can't get pregnant, I had him fuck my pussy and arsehole bareback with his large thick cock until I'd climaxed three times. Then took every drop of his hot sticky cum deep up my arse. Twenty five minutes after he'd first arrived, he was driving away to his next job.
    We'd exchanged phone numbers so it was easy from then on to arrange for his visit our home and the same week, Thursday he was in our home again. That time he fucked me over the kitchen table as I lay naked face down on it. Fucking me hard and fast to a massively strong orgasm, he then had me kneel down to accept his cum down my throat.
    And so it has been over the past two years. Twice a week he fucks me to such awesome orgasms, I'm now addicted to him and his large fat cock.
    In a months time, were moving across town to be closer to my husbands business. I've changed libraries, which means I'm only going to be working one full day a week. From Monday to Thursday I'll be at home from eleven in the morning. And to top it all Paul lives literally two minutes walk away from our new home.
    Those half hours will be more like an hour, and I simply cannot wait to be having his beautiful cock fucking me whenever he and I want.
    This was one sex starved housewife, who now gets all the cock she needs.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    The man who took my virginity wasn't my first love, but he was and still is the person with the largest cock I've ever seen.
    Now married to a wonderful man. A man who provides for his family (Myself and our two daughters) and whom I love dearly in my own way. Yet he doesn't exactly gets my juices going when it comes to sex.
    Which has always in the back of my mind, had me wondering what happened to that thirty one year old guy who used me as a seventeen year old fuck doll.
    Well six weeks ago I found out. Out shopping, getting our evening meal bought, I heard my name being called. Turning around I came face to face with Tony, the man who took my virginity, and who's cock measures just shy of ten inches long. We chatted about how things were with each other, and I found myself telling him I was happy in my marriage, but not sexually.
    Smiling at me, the still lean handsome man, asked me if I'd like to join him at his apartment for some fun.
    We spent three hours in his apartment. Three hours in which I did everything sexually you can. From sucking on his monster cock, to having him fuck my asshole, with anything and everything in between.
    I got back into my car, not with guilt on my mind, but with wonder lust for Tony's cock. And his ability as he did when I was seventeen, to screw me for hours on end. The last amazing orgasm he gave me before leaving his apartment, was having him fuck my asshole hard from behind in his shower. Telling me as he drilled his huge cock into my rear, that I was just as much of a slut now as I was when we first fucked, got my next orgasm started. And it didn't stop until he unloaded yet another series of cum spurts up my ass.
    That night after cooking our evening meal and the kids had gone to bed, I sat opposite my husband and decided I was going to confess. It was my husband telling me how much he loves our life together that stopped me.
    Yes I did cheat on him with Tony, and yes not telling him was a way of ducking out of something he should have the choice to deal with. But I knew telling him would only have had him begging me to remain faithful in future, and probably wouldn't have ended our marriage. You see my husband once told me, if I did cheat on him, he knew it would be with a man who was well endowed and someone who'd give me "A damn good fucking".
    Over this past six weeks I've decided not to tell my husband anything, as when we do have sex he doesn't last too long anymore. And it's invariably vanilla sex.
    With Tony this past month and half I've met him on eight occasions, each time having him use me to the limit of our sexual energies. He's moving away soon to start a new life in Europe, so I know our liaisons will end. Up until then, I'm going to have him screwing me as often as we can get together. After he leaves who knows, I might decide to become the faithful humdrum suburban mother and wife.
    But then I might just find a younger fuck partner, who like Tony has a massive cock. Who knows!...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    In about 10 I will be lowering myself on my huge 9" dildo. It vibrates and that's the only way I can get that thick cock past my second ring...

    I wish I could get a girl to watch

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Terry, my husband and I moved into a private apartment complex eight months ago. We'd sold our large five bedroom house and made a tidy profit, which means we're now mortgage free. It given Terry who's fifty one and I, a lot more spare time as we've both gone part time at work, Time which he likes to fill in with lots of fishing. The one thing that Terry and I hardly ever do these days quite frankly, is fuck.
    But that situation as of the past two months has been taken care of. And by saying taken care of, I mean two months ago a new apartment maintenance guy started. He's twenty four, called Jeremy, he's single and if I'm honest a little slow. But he's not slow on the sexual uptake.
    The moment Jeremy learned that Terry and I hardly have sex (I told him when he cheekily asked me if Terry are always "Bang at it") he propositioned me as I was about get into my car. The car park is beneath the complex, and has a lot of places if you choose to, where you could have sex. Asking me if I'd ever had a nine inch cock, I jokingly asked him to prove it.
    Walking me over to a side door, he opened it with a key and asked me to follow him. In a large sub room, Jeremy dropped his trousers revealing a huge really thick uncut cock. Not even thinking of Terry, I dropped to my knees and had his gorgeous young cock in my mouth in seconds. Unfortunately we heard people outside and Jeremy got all nervous.
    Knowing Terry was away at the weekend, I asked him to call by our apartment. Saturday through to Sunday midday, I took that young mans cock in all my holes. Jeremy fucked my mouth like it was a pussy, then used his thick meaty cock to pound my pussy time and again, making me climax it seemed, as many times as I'd cum in my life. And just when I thought I couldn't orgasm anymore, he slid his impressive cock up my arsehole. The first person to fuck my rear hole properly (Terry used to sometimes try, but didn't like anal) since I dated a very horny older man, when I was seventeen. I had a series of what I call my anal orgasms, with his cock fucking my arse as I mounted his cock.
    And so it has been this past two months. He's no longer shy when it comes to fucking me in that sub room. Indeed only a couple of days ago with a couple I know not ten feet away on the other side of the door discussing whether they could hear someone having sex, I was taking Jeremy's cock up my arsehole and cumming like a freight train.
    Terry's fishing trips give us plenty of opportunity to fuck too. And next weekend, a long weekend for Terry and his mates out fishing, I'll be having Jeremy stay over to fuck the shit out of me with his gorgeously large cock.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    The morning I got married to my wife, I had fucked her maid of honor. She and I have been having an affair behind my wife's back for five years. We just love to fuck. I love being married to my wife but she's a lousy fuck. So I fuck her best friend instead who is a really good fuck. Ironically, I don't actually like her and I don't think she actually likes me. We fuck then tell each other to fuck off and we each go home to our spouses and then a week or so later we both get the urge and we go meet up and fuck again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    The morning I got married to my wife, I had fucked her maid of honor. She and I have been having an affair behind my wife's back for five years. We just love to fuck. I love being married to my wife but she's a lousy fuck. So I fuck her best friend instead who is a really good fuck. Ironically, I don't actually like her and I don't think she actually likes me. We fuck then tell each other to fuck off and we each go home to our spouses and then a week or so later we both get the urge and we go meet up and fuck again.

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