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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    There are a few reasons I could put down here, as to why I'm cheating on my husband Brian. One could be his almost non existant sexual appetite. Another could be he's fat and has become sexually boring. Yet another could be his small six inch thin useless cock. Or I could just own up to the fact, I absolutely love being fucked by an eighteen year old kid, who at the moment cannot get enough of my pussy and asshole.

    It's not hard to get to see him either as he lives with us. He's Brians oldest nephew Todd, and came to live with us after we'd had sex together earlier this year at his parents home. Brian and I were visiting, they'd all gone out playing golf, so Todd and I had our entertainment when he asked me if I liked anal sex. The question was asked because his girlfriend at the time wouldn't let him fuck her there. I told him I adored being fucked in the ass. One thing lead to another and twenty minutes later on his bed, I was taking all eight and a half inches of Todds cock up my rear hole.

    He moved in with us after he complained to his parents about the bus journey he had to take to college. I volunteered our guest room as our home is much closer to his college and the rest is history. Out of the seven days every week, myself and Todd fuck at least three of them. Mostly when Brians at work, but sometimes when he's home, and Todd and I sneak a quick fuck in around our home. We nearly got caught last week when Todd was deep inside my ass. It was literally a quickie as Brian was just cutting the grass. I pretended to making our bed when Brian walked into the room. Todd had just managed to sneak into his room and I'd only just pulled my dress up over my breasts and down over my tight cum dripping ass. My panties had been kicked under the bed and Brian fortunately was non the wiser.

    I know it probably won't last. But at this present time, I'm going to get as much enjoyment out of Todd fucking mouth pussy and asshole as I can. He's not to shy when it comes to licking my pussy and asshole either. So because he loves fucking his aunt, I'm going to continue educating him outside of college. Only my education involves teaching Todd just how good older women can and love to fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    My husband is really sweet and loving, and has always treated me with respect and affection. He spends every penny he earns making sure that I have everything I want and that our home is perfect. Sexually however, things are not what they should be. As loving as he is, he just has no confidence in bed. He is very shy and has a lot of insecurity about his manhood. Truth be told that is because his willy is very small. Recently he found out that I have been telling my friends about how bored I am and ultimately how small his cock is.

    A few months ago his best friend from high school moved back to town and immediately got a job at my husbands firm. It is a family firm and is run by my husbands sister, and the thing is my husband had been working his ass of to get a promotion and his sister had been really making him jump through hoops for the job but the moment his friend showed up she just gave him the job straight away. Naturally my husband was upset that his friend got the job over him.

    I should explain that his friend has always been quite dominant over my husband and if I was being honest you would probably say he was more like my husbands bully than his friend, and he likes to "put my hubby in his place".

    W hen he moved back to town, the first thing this man did when we were introduced was to flirt with me and basically hit on me in front of my husband. Now this guy is VERY attractive physically. Where my husbands is about 5ft 7ins, this man is maybe 6ft 5, and he is very athletic and muscular. He is also very handsome and also the sort of guy who knows it. He is confident, strong and pretty much the most masculine man I have ever met and very popular in town. My husbands family welcomed him back like a hero when he arrived and honestly I was quite swept of my feet myself.

    It was obvious that the flirtation that quickly developed between myself and his friend really upset my husband, and when I suggested that we have a party to celebrate his friend getting the job as a show of good will he wasn't to keen but assented to make me happy. At the party itself though I ended up spending the whole evening being hit on by my hubby's friend (who is of course also his boss now) and even though I could see that it was making my husband squirm I let this man take every opportunity to wind my husband up with the way we were behaving.

    During the course of the night while I was really enjoying being with this man I told him what I had told my friends about my husband, our lack of a sex life and of course how small my husband is. We kissed a lot when my husband wasn't looking and he put his strong hands all over my body whether he was looking or not and I can't even lie about it, I loved every minute of it.

    Next day my husband confronted me about it, gently though, he isn't violent or anything like that but he was upset and tearful. I told him it was just the heat of the party and he had nothing to worry about, but I just couldn't bring myself to apologise. He also confronted his friend outside of work, however he was anything but apologetic and told my husband what I had said, that he would seduce me if he wanted and would hurt my husband if he didn't like it. He then beat my husband to his knee's and made him kiss his ass. He didn't tell him that we had kissed.

    I found out about the fight when later that day after making my husband stay late at work his friend came over to brag about how he had treated my husband. I did try at first to tell him I was appalled that he had done what he did but my protests didn't hold up for long as he seduced me in my marital home. It took literally minutes for him to win me over from sticking up for my husband to having passionate sex with him all over the house, including the bed I share with my husband.

    By the time he had all of my clothes off I was revelling in his cruelty to my husband as much as he was. We bad mouthed him something fierce, and laughed about what this man had done to him. I worshipped this man's incredible body and cock in ways my husband could only dream of and have never come so much in my life, apart from when I have made love with this man since. We fuck every chance we get and the sex is just so hot and passionate.

    Thi s man also has beat my husband up fairly regularly since, not badly but enough to totally humiliate him. My husband is also the only person in town who doesn't know what is going on between me and his boss as he wanted me to tell all my friends what was happening and I just couldn't say no to him.

    I know that my husband does not deserve any of this, and that I should stop but I just can't give it up. I love this man and would literally do anything he asked of me. He is also regularly coming inside me, which is a real risk because this man is also black. But I love him and love how it feels when he comes inside. He is just so perfect in bed. If only he was more like my husband out of bed I would leave my husband for him but he likes things the way they are. I have to say that honestly, even though I know what he does to my husband is cruel, I can't help but be so turned on by the complete power he has over him. I get so turned on by his domination of my husband, his cruelty to him and total lack of any respect for him. I must be so messed up in the head and I know I am a bad person but I just can't stop.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'm 26 years old, married with two kids, and for years, I'd always wanted to tell someone that I let my step dad fuck me when I was 16. Even my husband doesn't know obviously, because we have kids together, and that makes them my step dad's grand kids in a way (through marriage, but it's still the same).

    He's still married to my mom. She's lame, boring, a prude, and I know from having talked to him through the years, she's still not fucking much like he'd want to. When I was 16, one thing led to another, and we ended up fucking in my bedroom. Once the first night. Then a couple nights later, when my little brother was at my grandparents house, my step dad and I were in the house alone. He fucked me three times. He told me that night he'd never cum three times in a single day having sex. Ever.

    I should feel guilty as hell, but I don't. I "dated" throughout high school, always hung out with guys, and in truth, I fucked one other guy all the way through high school. That was it. Because I'd had sex with my step dad on average at least once a week, sometimes more, depending on my mom's work schedule. Yeah, I should feel shitty, but I liked how he made me feel, so I guess I don't.

    Since I've been married, I've fucked my step dad probably 8 or 9 times. My husband doesn't make a lot of effort, and I can't help that I get horny. When we're together, my step dad gets me feeling really good, and I've gotten horny, so when he's asked me "would you ever consider having sex with me again?" the first time I said yes, I decided I didn't want to stop doing it, if it felt good like it does.

    If my husband did what I wanted, I'd probably stop cheating. I think i would. But since he won't? I don't want to find some random dude. I've been with my step dad enough, we keep it between us, and nobody else knows.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    Me and my roommate have known each other for a total of 10 years now. We use to live in a college town but she graduated and we decided to move somewhere spontaneous. We moved to a town where we both didn't know anyone except each other. We both used a dating app and within a week she met someone.

    We've lived in this town for 10 long months. After month three of living together things got bad between us. I helped pay for her to move with me and she promised she wouldn't find a man and ditch me but, she did. We started fighting about everything, there was a ton of tension and she spread a lot of hurtful lies to my friends. It got really bad between us until eventually she basically moved in with him.

    Last Friday she asked me to go get some drinks with her and I agreed to, thought it would be healthy for our relationship. We talked about life and how much her and her boyfriend were not getting along and how he won't fuck her anymore. We got pretty drunk and she eventually called him and asked him to meet us downtown.

    Me and her have had a total of 7 or 8 three-sums together, two of which were with him. I love three-sums, I loved sharing her with my boyfriends, we always had a great time doing them. The last three-sum went pretty badly with her boyfriend. It was the second time she had shared her man with anyone, the first three-sum with him they were only just fuck buddies but the last time they were 'official'. He ended up cumming inside me which made her really mad and caused her to be done with three-sums for forever.

    So we're all pretty drunk and her boyfriend makes a comment about my hair at the bar and she turns to him and asks "Oh so you want to fuck her again?" and he just stared blankly and didn't say anything. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back she informed me they were ready to go home and that the three-sum wasn't going down.

    We get to my house and she asks him repeatedly if he just wants to drop me off and then they can go home. He ignores her and heads to our wine cabinet. He opens a bottle of white wine and pours us all a glass. By now I understand what he's trying to do but I don't think she got it. Again I have to pee so I head to the bathroom. I came back to her saying he wants to watch a movie in your bed- all of us. My bed is a California King and I have a 60" TV so I think she still didn't get what he was trying to pull.

    We lay in bed, him in the middle of me and her and he starts to rub his hand on my knee under the covers. She starts to tell us details about the movie because she has read the book and me and him started making fun of how annoying she was being. She got up, clearly upset and went to her room. He turns to me and he pulls my underwear off and tries to kiss me, I stop him and say "not with-out her". So we beg her to come back. After about ten minutes of begging her to come back, she does.

    She starts to fall asleep on his shoulder. I had no idea of this at the time but this is when he starts to slide his finger up my leg and play with my clit. He would stop and lick his finger and then put his hand back down and continue to play with me. I am a very sexual being and I haven't had sex with anyone in 6 months so i'm starting to become extremely aroused and wet. He was getting to obvious and she was still sleeping on his shoulder so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. He followed.

    I told him "you need to put her in her bedroom, it's getting too obvious". He looked at me and said "I want you" and kissed me intensely and then bent me over the counter and lifted my dress up and entered me. He pulled out and said "I need you on top of me" and walked down the hall to my room and put her into the other bed. I went and got a blanket and put it over her and she was half awake and said "he can sleep with you whatever" and turned over and went back to sleep.

    I go to my room which was directly across from hers and he's laying in bed already. I shut the door. I get in bed and I whisper "this is really bad" he shushes me and starts to kiss me and finger me. The next thing you know his dick is deep inside of me and it feels amazing. I roll him over and I start riding him. His eyes roll to the back of his head and he asks if I'm on birth control. I said no and he pulls out and comes so hard, like it had been a long time since he'd actually came. I sucked on his ear while he came down from his intense orgasm and then rolled out of bed to get him a towel to clean up.

    I came back to bed and he went down on me. He told me how much better I was than her and how my pussy was so much prettier than hers. We fucked each other for three hours straight and he came over and over. I'd never felt so much power before, I felt completely in control of him and his orgasms-he couldn't contain himself. It was the best and worst revenge I've ever gotten on a person. That's what you get for being a spineless bitch and treating me like shit for almost a year. Sweet sweet revenge.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband of four years John, hates me masturbating if he's not there to watch or join in. He thinks it's a form of cheating and we've had major arguments over it. The thing is, I'm far more sexually needy than him (He's 43). In fact I find myself wanting to masturbate at least once a day, sometimes a lot more if John is working away. Which he does every fourth week out of every six week rotation. Johns idea of a healthy sex life, now, is possibly having sex once a week and that to him is a lot.
    I bought and hid away two dildos and a vibrator in the middle of last year, which I used when he wasn't home. I'd take a shower lay on the bed or sofa and fuck myself for hours sometimes, making myself cum multiple times, often finishing my days sex by dildoing myself in the shower again afterwards. Then only two months ago, John found them and an almighty shouting match ensued.
    John slapped me hard, busting my lip and making head spin after I told him his cock wasn't enough to satisfy me. When he calmed down, he told me never to use a dildo again.
    So I haven't.
    Instead I called up the cheeky young guy who delivered them to our home. He's only twenty two, but he's got more sexual drive in one day, than John has all year. He'd delivered similar items to other women and men. And knew what the small plain parcels contained. He made some kind of joke to me about not getting enough when he delivered the dildos and vibrator, and at the time I was going to report him for possibly looking through peoples private stuff.
    I'm so glad I didn't now, as every week his final drop off of that day, is his semen inside my mouth, pussy or asshole. Other than his cum, there is nothing for John to find. I get to have all the sex I can handle from someone who if anything, wants to fuck more than I do.
    The way I see it, John has his once a week five minute fumble. And I have sex whenever my delivery guy is in the area. And considering he lives only three blocks away. That's pretty much all the time.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    Any ladies willing to share stories of naughty things they have done at a bachelorette party? It doesn't matter if it was yours or a friends. My wife has been to a couple and I always get hard thinking about what she has done with a random guy or a stripper.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I have been seeing two men for the past year - and neither one knows about the other.
    Its like I am leading a double life sometimes, but I dont want to hurt either of them.
    Ond of the guys is bigger, more aggresive, and its such a wild kind of sex with him. The other is more tender, passionate, and a softer kind of love making. I have the best of both worlds.

    I have gone on an afternoon date with one guy, then an evening date with the other. And yes - there has been dozens of times where I have had sex with both guys on the same day, a few times less than 1 hour apart. As excitng as it was for me, I did always feel horrible for whoever was with me 2nd. But to to go bed those nights, knowing I had satisfied both guys and I had a mixture of them still inside me, was kind of special.

    I wish both guys knew about each other so I would not have to sneak around so much.
    I wish they were not so different sexually - I cant imagine not having that kind of variety, though.
    They have both asked me to move in with them. Wouldnt it be great if the 3 of us could live
    We would only need two bedrooms and I could just alternate nights between them! lol....
    I can dream, right?

    I know someone will get hurt at some point - and I hate thinking about that.
    I am not a bad person, I am just in love with two guys.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Just this last twenty minutes got in from the pub. My husband took us out for tea, but as usual he got himself drunk when he met up with some mates. Feeling left out as they played pool, I saw a good looking guy stood near the bar, so I wandered over and asked him if he was alone when I ordered myself a drink and our food. He responded in a very forward and cheeky way by saying "Not if you fancy going outside for a quick fuck". His response took me by surprise, but it didn't totally throw me, as I asked him if he had the right equipment to satisfy me. Not breaking sentence he said "If you can handle it darling I'll pay for you and your husbands meal".
    I'm not saying he was the best lover in the world as we didn't have enough time to enjoy ourselves too much. But his cock was more than enough to satisfy me. At the rear of the pub was a holding place where they kept empty beer barrels. Inside there I was spun around and had my short skirt lifted up and over my back and then had my knickers literally ripped off. With my arsehole and pussy showing, he got behind me and in one long hard thrust buried his thick long cock straight into my pussy. I didn't have time to ask him about condoms, as his cock drove so deep inside my love hole. In a furious four or five minute fuck, the guy who's name I still don't know, hammered into me. I came after only a couple of minutes of his powerful strokes and knew he wasn't far behind as I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. Two or three minutes later I felt him ram his cock hard into me, then his cock exploaded up my love tunnel, filling it with his hot sticky cum.
    No sooner than he'd cum, he zipped himself up, thanked me for the fuck, handed me twenty quid and walked back into the pub. By the time I got back in, our food was being served. So I sat down knowing I had the guys cum deep inside my pussy. My husband didn't even ask where I'd been, so I just kept quiet.
    Back home I darted upstairs and sat on the loo as the guys cum oozed out of me. My husband is right at this minute asleep on the couch. I might if he's able to, get my husband later on to lick me out, knowing I've still some cum probably left smearing my pussy. Who knows if I'm lucky he might be able to raise an hard on and have two men in one day. It'll be a definate first for me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    He's no longer the caring, loving individual I once met and fell in love with. He's put on so much weight from drinking and eating crap, and has developed a limp useless dick, we hardly ever have sex anymore. He's also a bully who expects me to do everything for him, even though it's me who had the full time job.
    Well John, I'm no longer the person you met either. I'm not going to lie and say I've been totally blameless, but I have kept myself very much in shape. I don't go out and get drunk almost every night, and I don't have a problem working for a living, or being sexual and wanting hard passionate sex.
    That's why I've been fucking a neighbor of ours. He's like you once used to be. Passionate, sexually needy and prepared to have sex with his twenty year old stunning body for hours on end. Why do you think I'm always smiling when you get home from the bars you drink at. It's because, whilst you've been out getting yourself dunk and full of greasy fast food. I've been taking all nine inches of his cock down my throat, inside my pussy, which he's licked tongued and fingered. And deep up my asshole, a place you'd never ever wanted to fuck. And somewhere I now adore having his youthful cock.
    I intend on having more and more of our neighbors cock whenever I can. Who knows very shortly John, I might just leave your sorry fat ass, as you don't contribute fuck all to our useless sexless boring marriage.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    There have been many men who have come onto me. Most of them better looking than my husband John and way fitter bodies. None of them got a look in because I was always loyal to my husband and our marriage. I don't like to put myself forward as good looking woman, that's for other people to judge, but lets just say a lot of very handsome men have told me I'm with the wrong guy and should be taking them to bed.
    Nothing and believe me when I say that, nothing would ever have happened if I hadn't overheard my husband talking to one of his work friends a couple of months ago. He was telling his friend how I like to be fucked in the ass and then love to suck his cock off afterwards. How I sometimes perform oral sex on him when he's been out fucking other women. Or if he's feeling really horny, he'll have me meet him sometimes near some abandoned farm buildings, to have sex with him and other men.
    None of it is true, apart from liking to taste myself on his cock after anal sex. He was just trying to make out he was a sexually charged man and was married to a slut, a woman he could easily sexually control. I was furious, but calm enough to tell myself I'd make him eat his own words.
    The very same work friend of his, who he'd been saying all the bullshit to, is one of the men who has in the past tried to come onto me. In the past I'd said no for reasons I've already mentioned. Meeting him a few days after I'd overheard my husband telling what he did, I could see the glint in his eyes. I asked what he was doing and he told me he'd finished work early. Seeing my chance, I asked him if he fancied a trip out to an old farm I knew.
    My husband's cock is seven inches long, but fairly thin. Alex's cock, my husbands work colleague is nine inches long (I've since measured it) and is very thick and veiny. Not only did I take him to the farm to have sex, we actually spent the whole afternoon and into the evening, having THE best sex of my life.
    From sucking on his huge cock until it was leaking lots of pre cum and ready to fuck me, to licking off my anal juices as it had begun to get dark. We did everything in between and I mean just about everything I and Alex could think of, to get one another off sexually. At one stage I was hanging naked onto an old iron cross railing, swinging on it until Alex took hold of my thighs which were at his head height and buried his face into my pussy and asshole. I've never cum having to hold myself up like that, but it gave me great control of my legs as I squeezed on Alex's head forcing him to face fuck me.
    The final sexual act, was slowly licking and sucking off his cum and my anal juices from his cock, after he'd fucked my asshole up against an old plough. It was kind of ironic as he plowed me to an amazing orgasm first.
    The strange thing is, My husband has continued to make up things and tell Alex. I know this because each week I meet up with Alex to have sex. It's always outdoors or in his truck as I now have a kind of fettish to be fucked outdoors, as we've had that much sex in the open air.
    John still believes he's the only man to be fucking me. And that I'm a faithful non the wiser wife, who doesn't know the bullshit he spouts out to his friends. Alex tells me everything he lies about, some of which we go and re enact as if to say to my husband, fuck you!...

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