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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I have been seeing two men for the past year - and neither one knows about the other.
    Its like I am leading a double life sometimes, but I dont want to hurt either of them.
    Ond of the guys is bigger, more aggresive, and its such a wild kind of sex with him. The other is more tender, passionate, and a softer kind of love making. I have the best of both worlds.

    I have gone on an afternoon date with one guy, then an evening date with the other. And yes - there has been dozens of times where I have had sex with both guys on the same day, a few times less than 1 hour apart. As excitng as it was for me, I did always feel horrible for whoever was with me 2nd. But to to go bed those nights, knowing I had satisfied both guys and I had a mixture of them still inside me, was kind of special.

    I wish both guys knew about each other so I would not have to sneak around so much.
    I wish they were not so different sexually - I cant imagine not having that kind of variety, though.
    They have both asked me to move in with them. Wouldnt it be great if the 3 of us could live
    We would only need two bedrooms and I could just alternate nights between them! lol....
    I can dream, right?

    I know someone will get hurt at some point - and I hate thinking about that.
    I am not a bad person, I am just in love with two guys.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Just this last twenty minutes got in from the pub. My husband took us out for tea, but as usual he got himself drunk when he met up with some mates. Feeling left out as they played pool, I saw a good looking guy stood near the bar, so I wandered over and asked him if he was alone when I ordered myself a drink and our food. He responded in a very forward and cheeky way by saying "Not if you fancy going outside for a quick fuck". His response took me by surprise, but it didn't totally throw me, as I asked him if he had the right equipment to satisfy me. Not breaking sentence he said "If you can handle it darling I'll pay for you and your husbands meal".
    I'm not saying he was the best lover in the world as we didn't have enough time to enjoy ourselves too much. But his cock was more than enough to satisfy me. At the rear of the pub was a holding place where they kept empty beer barrels. Inside there I was spun around and had my short skirt lifted up and over my back and then had my knickers literally ripped off. With my arsehole and pussy showing, he got behind me and in one long hard thrust buried his thick long cock straight into my pussy. I didn't have time to ask him about condoms, as his cock drove so deep inside my love hole. In a furious four or five minute fuck, the guy who's name I still don't know, hammered into me. I came after only a couple of minutes of his powerful strokes and knew he wasn't far behind as I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. Two or three minutes later I felt him ram his cock hard into me, then his cock exploaded up my love tunnel, filling it with his hot sticky cum.
    No sooner than he'd cum, he zipped himself up, thanked me for the fuck, handed me twenty quid and walked back into the pub. By the time I got back in, our food was being served. So I sat down knowing I had the guys cum deep inside my pussy. My husband didn't even ask where I'd been, so I just kept quiet.
    Back home I darted upstairs and sat on the loo as the guys cum oozed out of me. My husband is right at this minute asleep on the couch. I might if he's able to, get my husband later on to lick me out, knowing I've still some cum probably left smearing my pussy. Who knows if I'm lucky he might be able to raise an hard on and have two men in one day. It'll be a definate first for me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    He's no longer the caring, loving individual I once met and fell in love with. He's put on so much weight from drinking and eating crap, and has developed a limp useless dick, we hardly ever have sex anymore. He's also a bully who expects me to do everything for him, even though it's me who had the full time job.
    Well John, I'm no longer the person you met either. I'm not going to lie and say I've been totally blameless, but I have kept myself very much in shape. I don't go out and get drunk almost every night, and I don't have a problem working for a living, or being sexual and wanting hard passionate sex.
    That's why I've been fucking a neighbor of ours. He's like you once used to be. Passionate, sexually needy and prepared to have sex with his twenty year old stunning body for hours on end. Why do you think I'm always smiling when you get home from the bars you drink at. It's because, whilst you've been out getting yourself dunk and full of greasy fast food. I've been taking all nine inches of his cock down my throat, inside my pussy, which he's licked tongued and fingered. And deep up my asshole, a place you'd never ever wanted to fuck. And somewhere I now adore having his youthful cock.
    I intend on having more and more of our neighbors cock whenever I can. Who knows very shortly John, I might just leave your sorry fat ass, as you don't contribute fuck all to our useless sexless boring marriage.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    There have been many men who have come onto me. Most of them better looking than my husband John and way fitter bodies. None of them got a look in because I was always loyal to my husband and our marriage. I don't like to put myself forward as good looking woman, that's for other people to judge, but lets just say a lot of very handsome men have told me I'm with the wrong guy and should be taking them to bed.
    Nothing and believe me when I say that, nothing would ever have happened if I hadn't overheard my husband talking to one of his work friends a couple of months ago. He was telling his friend how I like to be fucked in the ass and then love to suck his cock off afterwards. How I sometimes perform oral sex on him when he's been out fucking other women. Or if he's feeling really horny, he'll have me meet him sometimes near some abandoned farm buildings, to have sex with him and other men.
    None of it is true, apart from liking to taste myself on his cock after anal sex. He was just trying to make out he was a sexually charged man and was married to a slut, a woman he could easily sexually control. I was furious, but calm enough to tell myself I'd make him eat his own words.
    The very same work friend of his, who he'd been saying all the bullshit to, is one of the men who has in the past tried to come onto me. In the past I'd said no for reasons I've already mentioned. Meeting him a few days after I'd overheard my husband telling what he did, I could see the glint in his eyes. I asked what he was doing and he told me he'd finished work early. Seeing my chance, I asked him if he fancied a trip out to an old farm I knew.
    My husband's cock is seven inches long, but fairly thin. Alex's cock, my husbands work colleague is nine inches long (I've since measured it) and is very thick and veiny. Not only did I take him to the farm to have sex, we actually spent the whole afternoon and into the evening, having THE best sex of my life.
    From sucking on his huge cock until it was leaking lots of pre cum and ready to fuck me, to licking off my anal juices as it had begun to get dark. We did everything in between and I mean just about everything I and Alex could think of, to get one another off sexually. At one stage I was hanging naked onto an old iron cross railing, swinging on it until Alex took hold of my thighs which were at his head height and buried his face into my pussy and asshole. I've never cum having to hold myself up like that, but it gave me great control of my legs as I squeezed on Alex's head forcing him to face fuck me.
    The final sexual act, was slowly licking and sucking off his cum and my anal juices from his cock, after he'd fucked my asshole up against an old plough. It was kind of ironic as he plowed me to an amazing orgasm first.
    The strange thing is, My husband has continued to make up things and tell Alex. I know this because each week I meet up with Alex to have sex. It's always outdoors or in his truck as I now have a kind of fettish to be fucked outdoors, as we've had that much sex in the open air.
    John still believes he's the only man to be fucking me. And that I'm a faithful non the wiser wife, who doesn't know the bullshit he spouts out to his friends. Alex tells me everything he lies about, some of which we go and re enact as if to say to my husband, fuck you!...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    The only other person who knows about my infidelity is my mother, as she was the one who walked in us as we were fucking. I'd had a major argument with my husband Tony over, what else, money. He spends it when he knows we haven't got it. In other words he borrows to have money to spend, and he isn't too fussy who he loans money from. One of those people came looking for his money back or a piece of Tony.
    Tony was out when he called, fortunately I wasn't. And I say fortunately because he he gave me the oportunity to pay it back, but in kind. I knew of his reputation with the women and I'd also heard he had a large cock. During an hour long sex session with him I found out what it was like to suck on, and have fuck my pussy and asshole with a ten inch awsomely thick cock. By the time my husbands money lender walked out of our home, I'd cum five times and could hardly walk from the anal fucking he'd given me.
    With only a percentage of the money owed paid for, he told me he'd be back for more. It was on his fifth visit with Tony at work, when my mom walked in us as I was mounting his cock anally, in a reverse cowgirl. She stood and stared at first, not believing what was happening. Then she noticed who was fucking and screamed. I jumped off his cock and ran over to my mom to tell her I was ok. Then sitting her down with our male companion getting dressed, I explained everything to her.
    My mom swore not to say anything and even promised to pay what little we owed. But I refused saying that was the last time. However the following and for another eight months I paid well well over the odds for Tonys bad debt. And totally enjoyed every single time we had sex. As I'm sure from now until I can't get men like Tonys money lender, I'll never fuck someone with a ten inch cock again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I have been married 10 years, and I will admit there is just not a spark there between my husband and myself anymore. I have tried to spice things up - but he is very old fashioned and not really into trying anything new.
    We do love each other, we have a lot of fun together, but I just needed something. I did not know what.

    I found myself going online and ended up chatting with a guy online. We chatted for months about anything and everything. It was fun to have my secret "online lover". The guy, Paul, is 10 years younger than me and lives about 20 minutes from us, but I always told him that I was married and I had no intention of ever hurting that. Somehow we got on to the subject of kissing, and what its like when you are dating and you have those long, deep, hungry make-out kisses. Just talking about those kind of kisses got me so excited! I could not stop thinking about it. I know its bad, but after awhile kissing my spouse is like kissing a piece of cardboard. Its just so blah.

    I decided to meet Paul for a car date - just to park and make out. And honestly, that is all I intended on doing.
    It was awkward at first, but it was nice to meet him in person finally after months of emailing back and forth. That first quick kiss though - wow - was exciting in itself. This was the first guy I was kissing romantically in 10 years.

    After that, we were like teenagers. Groping and kissing each other madly. It was amazing - I felt so alive! I did not care when his hands went up to my breasts, and he started to unbutton my blouse. Paul said he wanted to kiss me there as well, so I took my bra off for him. To have this man ravish my upper body, in a way that had not happened in years, was thrilling. It was like Paul was orally making love to my breasts. I cant tell you how hot I was, how turned on I was, and how happy I was. I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was very aroused, so I told him that I wanted to take care of it for him. Paul asked if I was sure, and that we promised ahead of time that we would not cross that line. I told him I was sure.

    When I unzipped him and took his cock out - it was so quiet in the car. To have a different mans penis in my hand after 10 years was incredible. Paul is probably the same legnth as my husband, but a lot thicker. The head of his cock is enormous, but also beautiful to look at. I could not wait to take it into my mouth. Just like Paul made love to my breasts, I made love to his cock with my mouth. He let me know ahead of time when he was going to cum, and I willingly swallowed every drop. I think the blowjob was as exciting for me, as it was for him.

    We made out for about another 1/2 hour, before I had to leave. I got home about 15 minutes before my husband did - but I was so frisky and happy. I could not stop smiling! I actually initiated sex with my husband, and knowing he was the 2nd man I was satisfying that evening was exciting. The sex was great! It just amazes me that a 1 hour car date with another man, had brought back the spark I have been longing for.

    I have agreed to meet up with Paul again later on today. I want more of those kisses! I know the more I see him, the more will probably happen between us. And honestly, I cant stop tihning about what his beautiful cock head would feel like inside me. Of course the naughty part of me wonders what it would be like to have sex with my husband right after sex with Paul.

    I know what I am doing is wrong, but I cant deny how happy I am since I met Paul that first time. Has anyone else had an affair that was just a positive thing, where nobody got hurt?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    I got married right after I graduated college. I honestly thought the guy I married was "the one". We have a daughter, who is an awesome kid, and I love her more than anything. The problem is, my husband has gotten really lame as he's gotten older. I'm 23, and he's 30. So yeah, the age isn't much of a big deal. But as he's gotten older, he's said "age" has made him slow down, "age" has made him lose his ambition towards sex compared to what we'd done in the past, and that his long hours/job makes it really rough to try to get through stuff. He's a good dude, don't get me wrong. We do well, make good money and all, but I want so much more. I don't want to just do the same shit over and over again.

    I'd been with a couple of guys in high school, and I'd been with a couple in college, but when I was with someone, I was with them. That's it. Just me and them. I didn't fuck around, didn't jump from one guy to another or do anything stupid. Just not me. I didn't want to get stupid or end up hooking up with the wrong guy or something. Yeah, so not going there.

    Well, I'd put up with my marriage, even though we were "happy" and all that, getting along good, but I missed the fooling around, the making out whenever we wanted, doing crazy stuff all over the house, sometimes even stopping our car and getting going in the back seat, in the woods and just doing stupid. It was great. And then later in our relationship? It stopped being great. Maybe that's why I did some of what I did. I feel kind of shitty about it, but it was so amazing, crazy and just off the wall, and I think I wanted to try something new.

    I was at home one night, and my cousin called. He wanted to get together to do some stuff, get some clothes, and buy some stuff for his sister (I call her my cousin too), so I said yeah. My husband was gone out of town, my daughter was with her grandparents, and a couple of my friends were out drinking (I wasn't up for it), so I figured I'd just chill with someone. He's older by about 12-13 years, and his sister is just a couple years older than me. It's all good.

    We hung out at his apartment for awhile, went to the mall, got some stuff for her birthday, and went out and had a great dinner. We ended up back at his apartment, and he asked me about going home. I told him I was solo for the night, so he asked if I wanted to chill with a movie. Thought it was a good idea. We ended up sitting on the couch, my legs across his lap. We'd always gotten along good, so it wasn't weird. Until he started with his hands on my leg, leaning back. Made it just kind of casual. Made my legs tingle. While watching the movie, not saying a word, his hands moved. I didn't say anything. A bit freaked, not sure what he was doing, but just laid there pretending to not notice. Until about 15 minutes later, his hands were almost between my legs up on my thighs. I had on leggings, a sweat shirt, and just chill clothes. He kept creeping his hands up my legs, and it was weird. I started getting turned on. He wasn't even looking at me. Kept moving. And then I felt it. His hand on the band of my waist. Moving really slow. I still didn't say anything. Not until his hand was inside my leggings, right down on my panties, and started rubbing. It turned me the fuck on. Instant. I know I moaned, because his fingers went inside my panties. Then I heard him say "holy God" I looked at him and said "well you didn't expect me to just sit there and not get excited with you going off and m****ting me". He stopped, his face all red, and said "shit Julie, I'm sorry". I just laughed and said "if I didn't want it, I would have stopped it". He looked at me. And said "and?" I said "I didn't, did I?"

    He moved over. I didn't say anything. He kept moving over. And I slid my hands down in his lap. Looked at him and said "well what have we here?" and he just kind of laughed. I leaned in. Looked at him. And the kiss lasted about 5 minutes. When it was over, I just looked at him and said "Yes." and he said "what?" so I just said "Yes. Right now. I know what you're trying to do. And yes". He finally stopped, and said "what about?" and I stopped him and said let's not talk about that.

    He looked down the hall. And I said "yes". We ended up in his bedroom. Very hot making out, a lot of touching, fingering, undressing, and getting all worked up. It went forever. He spread me out, looked at me, and I nodded. The best oral sex I had ever had. Better than my husband had ever done in his life. Ever.. I was so wet and so turned on, I didn't even realize, with my eyes closed, panting and breathing, that he'd moved off me, and slipped inside me. I felt it instantly. The first guy to ever be with me since I'd been with my husband. He took his time. He got me off three different times in different ways while fucking me slowly. And stopped. Said to me "I should have asked" and I just nodded and said "It's good. No fear" and he continued on. A couple of minutes later, I felt it building. And out of the blue he said "I want to. I so want to" and I pulled. He came. Hard. Really hard. He was breathing, he was gasping and he kept pushing really hard and rough. I felt it all.

    When he finished, he collapsed. Laid on me. And I'm thinking "jesus, this guy is almost 10 years older than me. And he's this good? Better than my husband has ever been". We ended up laying there in a blanket. Talked for quite a bit. And without a word, his hands started moving again. I felt it. He did it to me again.

    We ended up doing it a second time on his bed. It lasted almost as long as the first time. And when we were done, he looked at me and said "what happens now". I just shrugged and said "I'm not sure. I really am not sure. Let's see where it goes"..

    We've talked a couple of times since then. Married or not, I don't want this to stop. But he hasn't pushed. He hasn't said much. Awkward. And I really want it again. The last two times with my husband did nothing. He got off. I didn't. He mentioned nothing. He suspected nothing. And I want more.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    In the six years we've been married. I've only managed to be faithful in one of them, and that was a year ago. Pretty much striaght from the off, I found myself wondering what it would be like to have sex with some of the black guys who were flirting outrageously with me on our honeymoon. Tom my husband thought it was all just inoccent fun, but I could tell from their looks and the sexual banter, some of the men who worked the bar area's wanted to fuck me.
    Nearing the end of our two week honeymoon Tom got himself absolutely hammered on rum and lime juice. I'd only had a couple of drinks and two of the bar staff, Chris and Reno asked me if I wanted help getting Tom back to our room. They'd been flirting again all night and before the offer came to help me, Reno asked me if I'd ever had an eleven inch cock to play with. Tom heard him say it, but didn't say a word. All he did was keep on drinking.
    At our room Tom was put on our bed, and as soon as Chris turned to me to see if I was ok, Reno stepped upto me and kissed me full on the lips. I didn't resist which gave both men the green light. From that moment it was all I could do not to be at the start of an orgasm, or just finishing one. It wasn't Reno who had eleven inches to play either, that was Chris's delight to show me, have me suck on it and to take it in my pussy and asshole. It wasn't axactly out of character for me to fuck two men at once, as I shared both women and men with Tom before we married, but I'd never had a black guy before and certainly not one who had a cock the size of Chris's. By the time Tom woke up the following morning, I'd been cum in and over probably around half a dozen times, with Chris and Reno treating me to a double fuck, even though Reno said he didn't like his black meat anywhere near another mans.
    Back home and no more than a couple of months later, I was enjoying myself sexually in the shower. Tom was at work, when I heard the door bell chiming. I knew Tom had ordered something for his new guitar, so I just rushed to put on a bath robe and quickly answered the door. It was a young Afro American delivery guy, who just looked the spitting image of Chris. Without even thinking about it, I asked the guy if he had time to come in. When he asked why, I dropped the bath robe and told him I was to be his tip. On our bed, I had the most intense hours sex I'd had upto that point in my life. The young man didn't have as big a cock as Chris, but he sure made up for his length by the girth of his amazingly thick cock. If you've never tried it girls, find a man with a thick cock and have him fuck your asshole mercilessly until you cum all over his cock over and over again. And when he's finished cumming up you, have him lick every drop out and have him feed it to you as you kiss him passionately. Maybe like me he'll be hard again by then and fuck you once more, but with longer slower thrusts that reach deep inside your pussy and asshole.
    It seemed every few months or so from then on, I'd have sex with one guy or another. Only brief liasons and never more than once. Then early in 2014 I met Katey a beautiful girl who just filled my sexual world with joy. We met at Toms work place and at first i thought he was fucking her. But I soon found out she only sucked clit. Whilst Tom entertained the masses with his guitar playing, Katey and I shared a meeting rooms floor, licking sucking and finger fucking one anothers pussy and assholes. I fell in Love with katey in a big way, and at one stage was going to tell Tom our marriage was over, but Katey had other ideas. She wanted to carry on as we were, because as I found out a little later, she was in fact living with her long term lover. And I was to her, like many of my sexual play mates, just one of hers.
    It took some time to get over Katey, but once my sexual libido kicked in again early this year, I soon discovered my love of big black thick cock again. Only this time, I've broken one of my rules and continued to fuck with the new neighbor we have. He's only going to be around for a year. So whilst he's renting next door. I'm going to be giving him anything he wants from me, sexually that is. After all, wouldn't want to risk all Tom and I have, just for a thick hard super meaty cock, would I.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    My husband Phil suggested we take in a lodger two years ago, when we were struggling for money. I wasn't happy at first, as he chose a snotty nosed kid called Nick, who just wanted a short term place to stay, before he found a permanent flat for his college studies. Everything changed after a month, when he caught me playing with myself. I've always had a high libido and often found myself playing with my pussy and arsehole When Phil was at work. I'd been using two fingers on one hand to penetrate my pussy and pushing a finger up my bum with the other, when he walked into the lounge. I thought he was taking exams, but I hadn't figured on him finishing early.
    Too far gone sexually to ignore his stares, I asked him if he liked what he saw. The large growing bulge in his shorts and the fact he'd begun to remove them, told me he did.
    Nick wasn't as large as Phil, but with youth and a seemingly perpetual hard cock he more than made up for his lack of size. In an afternoon where I thought one orgasm self produced was all I was going get, Nick licked and fucked me to three. Even when I'd made him cum for the second time, anally riding his cock as he played with my large breasts, he still wanted more sex. We'd literally just made each other cum once more performing oral shex on each other, when I heard Phil's truck pull up outside. Playing it cool, I made out I'd been out all day as I heard Nick taking a shower.
    Nick stayed longer than he originally planned, and I took full advantage of his ever willing hard on to have him fuck me at every opportunity. When he did eventually leave, it was my husband who said he'd miss his company, as they often played pool together down at Phil's local pub. Little did he know, it was my pussy and arse that would be wanting Nicks company the most.
    Over the last two years, I've chosen the lodgers. Not all have been up for fun, but out of the seven who have stayed with us, I've had five of them plunging my depths with their various sized cocks. The new youthful looking lad Patrick, has already felt my mouth, pussy and arsehole sliding over his cock, and he's only been with us a week.
    I know I'm cheating on Phil, but I cannot deny myself all the cock I can take, and with young men who have the stamina to please me all day long.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I cheated on my husband once and it was all the way back in high school. We dated since 8th grade. All through college and were married at 24 and its been great.

    But once during April of our senior year, we were drinking at a golf course which was one of the big party spots. The cops came and everyone ran. I lost sight of my boyfriend and ended up hiding behind this wall thing with some guy from the next town over. It was just us, no one else was around. The cops were floating around with spotlights searching for people so we stayed there lying down. He was beautiful. I was drunk and horny and we were holding each other and started making out. I didn't even think of my boyfriend at all. I was all over this kid and he was all over me. I undid his pants and he undid mine. We ended up fucking right there behind that old dirty wall. Thank god I was on the pill. We were together there for about two hours. I had to walk home. I got in trouble with my mother and my boyfriend who I had to lie to about getting lost and having to hide because the cops were right where I was hiding for so long.

    To this day he has no idea I had sex with another guy. I never even learned his name and he never learned mine but I can still see what he looked like as clear as day. I fantasize about him when I'm with my husband from time to time. My husband and I live near that golf course now and often walk the paths one of which goes right by that old wall. One time when I was walking there by myself I walked over to look behind it. It's just a dirty old spot where they used to dump stuff but to look at it brought back such sweet memories. Sigh.

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