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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband spent the best part of a year trying to convince me to have a threesome. When it happened last month, I simply threw myself into pleasuring both my husband and Connor, an older man my husband knows. It just so happens that Connor's cock is extremely large and most of my orgasms that night were whilst he was either fucking my pussy or ass. After the two hour long fuck fest, I'd completely changed my point of view on threesomes, but then so had my husband. Although he did admit he enjoyed the sex, he said that was it for him, his fantasy was fulfilled.
    However I had other thoughts on the matter. I challenged him to see if he'd enjoy a threesome again, maybe with a different guy, someone around his own six inches. But my husband was having none of it, calling me a slut for wanting to further my experiences.
    When he changed the computer password so I couldn't use it to look at porn relating to threesomes, so he said that's what I was using it for, that was the straw that broke the camels back. That same evening, I text Connor and asked him if he was doing anything the following afternoon. Booking time off work, and booking into a motel, I met Connor there. Without my husband being there freed me up to enjoy Connor's cock in a more debauched way. And we did just about everything I'd ever wanted to do with a large cocked man. Every orifice was well and truly fucked and I even deep throated his cock, a first for me. But it was the anal sex that really drove me wild with one orgasm after another. Connor fucked me in various positions making me climax in each, and then right at the ned of our time together, he fucked me in the shower, power fucking my asshole from behind making me orgasm so hard, he had to hold me up.
    And so it has been for five weeks now. Myself and Connor have had sex on several occasions, each time with the sex becoming ever more inventive. Connor is no spring chicken either at forty six, yet he's a better lover than my husband could ever wish to be.
    I'm going to ask my husband once again if his fantasy is truly fulfilled. If he says yes, then I'm going to make sure I'm living my sexual fantasies from now on without him.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My name is Suzie and for about a year now I have been sleeping with a married man named Jack. He made no mistake about the fact that he was married when we met at a club one town over, just flat out told me he was married and hadn't had any real sex in about six months at that point. He's married to Laura, a church-going PTA mom type. We're in a small town in the midwest, so you can imagine what our life is like out here - not much to do at all. This is his second marriage and he has a teenage daughter that Laura tries to play stepmom with and fails miserably. I couldn't be any different from his Stepford Wife; I have tattoos and piercings and a streak of pink in my black hair. I wear too much eye makeup and LOVE red lipstick and wicked boots.

    I have had a wild past, and was a stripper for a little while and used to do cocaine and orgies. I once told a guy that was fucking me to hit me, and he just about broke my nose and I bled everywhere. I came so hard that night. That guy left the little motel scratched up and bloody himself, still don't remember his name. I've had some therapy since all that, a little rehab. There were a lot of traumas in my past that I'm still dealing with today, but things are a lot better.

    Being with Jack is different from all that and I really like it. He brings a really sweet side out of me. Yes, we fucked in my car the first time we were together and I rode him like a mountain lioness in heat (I was). It wasn't that first night at the club, either, but nearly a month later after a long string of texts, Facebook messages, and a few "close calls." Something about pursuing him just turned me on, that this guy from the suburbs wanted to be with me. He compliments me, holds my hand, buys me gifts that aren't just drugs or alcohol or cheap lingerie and a box of rubbers. We cuddle, he doesn't hit me (except when he pounds my pussy), we seem like a normal couple. I guess it's nice, and barring Laura, pretty simple. I've seen his daughter at school, she's a dork just like he is, and it's adorable. Yeah, I've stalked out his daughter just out of curiosity. If it wasn't for Laura, maybe I could settle down here.

    I learned something really interesting recently, again, thanks to small town America. It turns out Little Laura is getting fucked by the treasurer at the church. A receptionist came by after hours to grab something she forgot and heard someone being moved by the Spirit of the Lord, if you get my meaning. She looked into the office in the back and saw it all. I've known the source of this info since high school so I'm pretty sure this is legit. It's kicked my lust for Jack into overdrive, thinking about telling him and ousting Laura. I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm really curious if it's worth it or if it will ruin what I have now. Such delicious gossip, right? I mean, do I want to play the little wife that badly? I'm really going back and forth on it.

    What do you guys think? Should I just be the homewrecker or the housewife?

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    Straight Male / 34

    I'm a 34 year old married guy. My wife is 32, and we have been married for 9 years. Recently, my wife's younger sister had been having some problems in her personal life, and wound up moving in with us. I wasn't really happy about it, because I like having my space and privacy, but I wasn't going to tell my wife no; as long as she wasn't here for too long. Kelly (my wife's sister) and I have always gotten along fine. Sometimes I think I get along with her better than my wife does, lol. She's 24, and she's almost like just a younger, slightly more curvy, party-girl version of my wife. 5'5, probably 175 lbs. or so. 36dd. She's thick, and likes to wear clothes that leave very little to the imagination. I don't know how many times there have been just around the house where I've had to make sure not to stare at her. And it's even worse when she goes out to have fun.

    Anyway, just last Saturday, Kelly had gone out to a club with some friends. Both of our kids were spending the night at their grandma's, and my wife and I just spent the night at home, did some drinking, and had the same old boring sex before she went to sleep. Typical night without the kids.

    I was laying in bed next to my sleeping wife when her sister texts me "can you come let me in? I can't find my keys." It's not surprising that she would try asking me first, because she knows it would anger my wife a lot more of she'd have asked her. It was almost 3:30 in the morning and she was coming home drunk.

    I threw on some pants and ran downstairs to open the door and let her in. She was dressed to kill, as usual. A short, tight black dress that hugged her big round ass, and barely kept her tits in, and black heels. I'm sure I was staring but wasn't really worried. We made small talk for a little as she sat on the couch, taking off her shoes and then her bra. One of her tits popped out of her dress as she took off the bra, but I didn't say anything as she just went "oops get back in there" and tucked it back in.

    She asked me if my wife and I had fun during our alone time, and I just told her "yeah, you know how that goes with her. Lots of fun." And we both laughed. I was still pretty buzzed, and I thought about staying up for a while to hang out, but figured it'd be best if I headed back to bed. I told her goodnight and headed back up.

    I couldn't sleep. I think 30 minutes had passed, when I start to hear some moaning coming from downstairs. I got up, poked my head around the corner on the stairs, and there's Kelly, on the couch. Her phone in one hand as she stared at it, and her other hand down her panties, fingering herself. The moaning I heard was from the porn she was watching on her phone. I watched for a moment before shaking my head and turning around to head back upstairs. But before I went back in, I turned around to go look again. Kelly looks good, period. She had actually changed out of the dress she was wearing. Now she just had on this sphagetti strap tank top and some pretty small panties. There was plenty of light to reveal her ridiculous body.

    I stood on the stairway and stared at her as she fingered herself. Eventually I started to stroke my hard-on. She was really going at it, and getting loud. I just kept jerking. But then she turned her head from her phone and looked right at me. She knew I was there. Only she didn't stop. She looked right at me and kept going, biting her lip and closing her eyes in the process, and then smiling. I froze for a moment. I was so turned on.

    And then I went down the stairs. I slowly approached her as she kept pleasuring herself, and I stood right next to her, with my pants now down around my ass and my cock in my hand. I never had a shirt on to begin with. She just kept going, sometimes looking at me, sometimes closing her eyes. But she was definitely enjoying my presence.

    I don't know how much time I let pass before I just decided to go for it. I took off my pants and boxers, and I moved onto the couch and in between her legs, as she opened them up to allow me in. I slid off her panties before fully getting into position, as she slid back a little bit to get more comfortable. I placed my cock right on the tip of her pussy and teased her. Then I wound up rubbing the tip of my cock on her clit until she was cumming. That didn't take long, as she had gotten herself most of the way there already. And when she came, and got pretty loud, I shoved my cock inside my wife's sister's pussy. I hadn't been with anyone besides my wife in over 12 years, and it felt great. She let out a loud moan and pulled me in, as she still shook from the orgasm she was having. I wound up pulling down the straps of her shirt and she helped get her arms out, and I pulled it down to expose those gorgeous big tits. I played with them as I started to fuck her slowly but hard. She moaned and closed her eyes, saying "fuck yeah. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck my little pussy." This was different for me already, lol, because my wife doesn't really talk dirty at all. I was into it.

    I told her how fucking tight her pussy was, which was true. It gripped my cock much tighter than my wife's seems to. I actually had to fuck her pretty hard to go deeper and deeper inside her. We both talked dirty as I fucked her. And she'd ask me if she was better than her sister, my wife, and I was honest and told her "fuck yeah." She really seemed to like that.

    I don't know how long I lasted, but I know it was a while. I was still buzzed, and I had already cum once earlier that night, so I was good to go, lol. When it was time for me to cum, being that I wasn't wearing a condom, I pulled out. But she told me "no... put it back in, please" in her best moan/whine voice. I told her "I'm going to cum." And she looked right into my eyes and said "put it back in." She didn't have to tell me twice. I shoved it back and and fucked her hard until I was unloading my cum inside her. She moaned and wrapped her legs around me. I kept my cock inside her and fingered her clit until she was cumming again.

    I pulled out, and sat back. We stared at each other and smiled wide at me. Eventually she stood up and said "well fuck, that was fun." I just stared at her gorgeous body, as she stood in front of me wearing nothing but the tank top that was now crumpled up and down over her waist.

    I wanted more. She looked great. I've always loved my wife's ass, but Kelly's is even bigger and more round. She noticed I was still staring at her, and she asked me "mmm... do you want to go again?"

    I didn't even say anything. I just got up and stood in front of her, kissing and groping her hard. I turned her around and gripped her ass. She wound up getting down onto the floor and into doggy position. I fucked her like that until I came inside her again. She was LOUD. We both were. Looking back, it's amazing my wife didn't hear. It probably helped that she had been pretty drunk herself and must have been out cold. When we were done we just kind of laid in the living room floor, side by side, rubbing each other's bodies. Other than the obvious conversation about "year, we better not tell Michelle(my wife)", we were pretty quiet. I eventually wandered off to take a shower and to bed, and she went to sleep on the couch.

    The next morning, when all of us were up, almost every time my wife would look away, Kelly would be smiling at me. She was still wearing the tank top I had fucked her in, and some pajama pants.

    So far, my wife seems to have no clue, and neither one of us plans on saying anything. We have occasionally flirted and texted, but haven't done anything else yet. I think if we do get the opportunity again, though, we'll be fucking again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    I am a self proclaimed slut and very happy with making the life choice to enjoy sex and never feel guilty about it. This has of course cause problems over the years with men who do not understand my open mindedness when it comes to sex. My first serious BF as a young teen was an older guy at 22, we drank, smoked and he fucked me hard in the back of his GTO every chance we got. But he found out that after he neglected me for too long I ended up in bed with two of his friends at a party for him to walk in on. We didnt even stop except to all chuckle a little after he screamed SLUT and slammed the door, but quickly got right back at it, it was my first 3way and I wanted to enjoy myself.
    As the years went on I found that keeping guys in my life was not easy except for one guy. He was one that I started to date for the sole reason of being my swinging partner. He loved my sluttiness and never tried to shame me for enjoying sex. We kept things on the DL since I wasnt technically legal age yet and all of the people I played with were much older and he was actually married to a woman who had no idea about this part of his life. I never thought anything about it, my Mom was just like me, or me her. She went through a lot of men and had hard time keeping her panties on. I kept a lot of secrets as a little girl about her daytime visitors. I knew what they were doing and was jealous she got all of the attention from those guys, probably why I started being sexually active so young.
    After a wild late teen and early twenties, mostly college but some other adventures too, but I ended up running into a guy from High School and got married. He was military and I wanted a new start, no more slut. Gonna be a good wife etc etc... that didnt last long either. Turns out my first husband the big bad military guy liked to suck dick more than fuck his always horny wife, so again if you neglect my needs Im gonna go elsewhere. And I did! I let two different guys from his unit fuck me, three guys that lived in out apt complex and had a 3 on1 with the guys who worked at the smoke shop in the strip mall up the street where my ex bought his smokes. Did me right in the middle of the shop! It was HOT.
    But the naughtiest thing I did and one day that made me sure that I loved being a slut and I was never going to feel bad about it happened a couple of months before my divorce.
    The ex and I had been fighting but he had to be deployed for training for about 3 weeks and would not even be able to call or anything until they got back. I had been hooking up with a neighbor who had a wife that was in my exes unit and also was gone for the 3 weeks. So he invited me to go with him to southern Oregon to pick up a truck his dad was selling to him. We drove up and got a room, we fucked hard that night, so hard later when I was out getting ice the guy from the office joked about hearing us, not sure what I said back but our conversation got dirty quick and I told him that my friend was leaving me alone in the room for a few hours in the morning to meet his dad for breakfast, maybe he should stop by. As I turned and walked away I made sure to flip up the back of my shirt to show I wasnt wearing anything under it, I got a "mmmmm... nice ass" as I turned the corner. the next morning I got up and showered as my friend was leaving for his breakfast. Maybe two minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I answered wrapped in a towel, it was the front desk guy. He quickly ducked into my room and shut the door behind him. I walked to the bed, dropped my towel and laid back for him to see all of my naked glory! He dove face first into my pussy and went at it like an animal, I was still feeling the hard work out my friend gave me the night before so this made me cum fast and hard! After a good lickin' he slid up on top of me and right into my pussy..bare I might add! I was expecting a condom but he was already in me and I really do prefer bare dick so I just let him go at it. He worked me for a good fifteen minutes then filled me with cum. He left and gave me just enough time to take a nice long shower, get the jizz out of my bush and be ready when my friend came back from breakfast. I expected he would be horny from our conversation before he left but when he got there he told me I had to leave quickly that his dad was going to meet him at the motel to sign papers for the truck or something, pretty sure he met up with an ex from there and wanted the room for that, but considering what Id just done I wasnt worried about it. I got dressed and went to the front desk, was gonna ask if he wanted to try out the bed in a different room but I found his wife and baby in the office with him. So I played like I didnt just let him eat and fuck my the hell out of pussy and asked them what there was to do around there for fun. She told me about a casino nearby and even called them for a shuttle van to pick me up.
    I got to the casino and walked around, checking out the games and the guys. I saw this really cute but much older cowboy type, not the fake kind the real, works a ranch kind of guy. Rugged and sexy! I sat near him and played a slot machine until he started some small talk. I cant remember how it happened but he invited me up to his room to smoke a joint. We got up there and I started to go into flirty slut mode as soon as the door was closed. We had a drink, smoked a joint, kissed a little then he pulled back and stopped. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a little blue pill. He told me that he did not need this to give me a nice ten or fifteen minutes of hard dick, or he could take this and we could do it for 2 or 3 hours straight, he just wanted to be sure if I said yes that I was gonna stay for the whole time! Truthfully the thought of him fucking me for that long got my pussy sooooo wet! I pushed the hand with the pill to his mouth and handed him a drink to wash it down! That was the start of one of the most intense fuckings Ive ever taken and Ive had a lot of different dicks in me over the years. Not only was that dick hard for more than three hours, he used it in every way possible to make me cum! I literally looked like I had ran a marathon when we finished, my hair was dripping sweat, my body covered and sore from head to toe. I was wore out but didnt want it to ever stop at the same time. We took a break at one point towards the end, had another drink and smoke then went back at it. He told me this was gonna be the last round, he could feel it wearing off, but wanted to give me one last good one he loved being inside of me so much. Just as he got it going my phone started to ring, it was my friend at the motel wanting me to come back. I wasnt gonna stop this to go back to him! ignored the ringing, he called three more times before leaving a message and waiting for me to call back. But it was going to be a while, that last round went on for a good thirty minutes solid. Him on top of me missionary style with my legs wrapped tight around him, taking his pounding and loving every stroke of his dick inside of me. I almost went into a zen like state and began thinking about meeting this random guy who is now in the process of finishing up what was a world class working out of my vagina, a guy who I still call the cowboy cause I got no idea what his real name was! That whole time there I was getting my pussy pounded by a stranger, cheating on the guy who I was cheating on my husband with for the second time that morning and not having one bit of remorse! Like a slut epiphany, I knew then who I was and what I needed in my life was a man who understood I need more than one dick in my world to make me happy.
    I ended up finding him with my second husband, he loved how much of a slut I was and let me have an open relationship, but I still even cheated on him!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Well, I have a hot-as-hell box and if I had any character I would not have anything to confess. Call me cheap, whatever. I saw my date's dad and went for him, hot and heavy. His son had begged me for a date and I accepted after some weeks of his begging. Then I met his dad at his home and he took my breath away. Hot bloods recognize me and I recognize them.

    Looking at his satyr-like face, my pussy became soaked and enlarged (or so it felt). The next time I went out with Wimpy kid, I left my panties off. I sat directly in front of his dad and spread my legs. He was totally unlike his son. I saw the outline of his fat, hardened joint under his pants and knew that it was going to be jamming into me soon. Reaching under my skirt I trounced my soaked clit and let him hear the loud, slurping sound. The poor fucking guy almost went nuts.

    The first minute we were alone in a room he grabbed my ass and said, "You want some, you got it." He followed his son's car as Wimpy drove me home and daddy followed about one block away. I walked into my front door then out again when I heard Wimpy kid drive off. Daddy's car was parked where his son's car had just been. I was so hot that I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy. With a pulsating crotch, I flew into his car and we went to a large shopping mall parking lot with his cock already out and me stroking it hard, pounding on it in my closed fist as we found a spot in the back of the lot but still amidst cars. I felt his pre-cum already dripping on the back of my hand.

    I sucked his hot, moist rod and then finally fucked him while he called me all kind of foul names: whore, bitch, dirty slut, cock sucker, etc. and I loved it. We moved into the back seat and I straddled his face, rubbing my pussy all over it, then, slid his pole into me, balls deep, and rode that sucker until he shot off his load deep into me and I stopped only after I had drained him dry. His rock hard cock seemed to be in my stomach, it was so deep. We did it a few more times after my dates with the hapless Wimpy kid, but then I lost interest. This is because I met my friend Amy's blazing hot mum. As I discovered, growing up, there is nothing like the tongue of a pussy loving woman...nothing.

    The minute we met I felt her crazy wild eyes pouring all over me like scalding water. She had me over for dinner and we cleaned up. Her mom was going nuts glancing at me, breathing hard and licking her lips. Thankfully, Amy excused herself to go to the toilet. I jumped over to her mom and she let out a low scream as we went nuts doing it all while Amy was sitting on the pot. She went down on me and fucked both of my holes with her powerful tongue, licking all over my crotch and rimming me. I watched her wild head and I pushed it hard into me at the back of it under my skirt.

    Four fingers of her right hand were wildly fucking me as we French-kissed each other when we heard Amy flush the pot. This is one experienced bitch but I'm going to get much more of her. I'm gonna fuck that hot mamma until she finds out just who is doing who. Amy knew her mother loved muff-diving and rug munching and asked me to be her first. I told her my demands were major so to think about it first. My imagination then went wild and I envisioned both hot mamma and little Amy's tongues busy on me. We'll see. I don't feel Amy's heat but maybe she can watch mamma and me at it first.

    I don't feel guilty at all. Why should I? Who is getting hurt? I meet hot people, they want some and I give it to them. What is simpler than that? Why play games? You can play the games. I will take the fucking. At 19 I have discovered that adults are the best. They don't hesitate for one minute. You can also tell the hotties from the coldies at one glance.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Never done anything like this before, but here goes.

    About three hours ago I was in a shop buying my husband and something for our evening meal. My husband has had problems with his health of late, so I've tried to get him to eat healthy. His health has affected his sex drive so over the last year I've resorted to masturbation. In the shop I had prolonged eye contact from a younger man, a very good looking fit young man. At the check out he stood behind me, then whispered towards me "Do you want to come to mine for a fuck". At any other time, I would have told him where to go. The fact was, I'd begun to play with myself just before my husband asked me about tea. still horny, I found myself turning around and asking him where.

    His flat was only two minutes from the shop, and only a few minutes after entering his home, I had his face between my legs licking out my pussy and arse, and had his hard young cock in my mouth. This is't a confession about a long drawn out fuck session. Not at all. I'd orgasmed once from his tonguing before he had me kneel up in front of him. then he slid his unsheathed cock into me from behind. It felt so good to have his cock inside me, to have any cock inside of me after so long, I came again almost immediately.

    He didn't last too much longer after I'd cum, shagging me as hard as he could. But by then I was already building up to another orgasm. As his cum exploded up my pussy, I had another climax clamping my pussy down onto his cock, which milked out any remaining cum.

    We lay on his floor carpet panting before he got up and made us a drink. It was only then I found out his name and he mine. Chatting for only twenty minutes, I told him I had to go, but passed on my number, taking his.
    I know I've cheated on my husband and I know tomorrow I'll be walking the quarter mile around to Kevin's flat again. And tomorrow I'm sure the confession will be much much longer, if I make one that is.

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    Straight Male / 37

    Me and my wife went on vacation to a resort in the Caribbean. There was a clothing optional beach and I went fully nude on the beach with my wife only going topless. Looking around it became very obvious that I was the only one on the entire beach who was fully nude. Even over our entire stay I was the only one who ever went fully nude. I even enquired about it to makes sure I wasn't doing something I wasn't supposed to. I was told full nudity was allowed but not many people do go fully nude usually. As far as the women on the beach about half did go topless.

    It was a couple of days before the end of our trip when this big breasted hot topless woman on the beach approached me. We had talked to her before along with her husband. She asked where my wife was and I told her she was doing one of the workouts they had scheduled for women in the exercise room. I asked where her husband was. She told me he was sleeping off a hang over he had. She brought up how she liked that I had the courage to go fully nude on the beach when no one else did and asked if she could take a picture of me. I didn't think it would be wise so I tried to politely tell her my wife wouldn't approve and even asked how her husband would feel about it. She said he might not like it and mentioned we wouldn't have to let them know. She asked what I thought of her body and told her it was great. She asked if I would like to see all of it. I asked her what she meant and she told me fully nude just like me. She told me if she could take a few pictures of me she would let me see. After a few more words from her I agreed and she suggested a more private spot. It was just the 2 of us and she reminded me I promised to let her take some pictures and she slipped off her bottoms. She was fully nude just like me and she was super HOT. I began to get an erection and she began taking pictures. She began suggesting what I do and how I pose. Referring to my erection, she told me to take of it. I asked if she meant masturbate. She said she did and told me no one was around, it was just us. I began to stroke myself in front of her and was soon cumming. She smiled after I was done and told me that it was fantastic seeing that. She said we better get back to where everyone else was before someone catches us. She slipped her bottoms back on and away we went.

    My wife showed up shortly afterwards and said her workout was great and asked what I had been doing. I couldn't tell her the truth about what I had just done so all I said was getting a tan.

    I don't know if it is actual cheating when you let another person see you cum because we didn't actually have sex. I then began to wonder about the pictures that were taken. I was only supposed to be a few and it was probably a lot more than a few. Later that day I ran into the woman and asked how many pictures she took. She laughed and told me a lot and asked if it worried me. I told her I don't think I should have really done what I did and asked if she took pictures when I was masturbating. She told me not really pictures but a video. I asked if she would delete them. She laughed again and told me they were hers to keep now but if I wanted her to delete them she would do it but only if I had my wife ask her to. I didn't know what to say because my wife would not take kindly to finding out I just masturbated for some woman. She laughed again and told me she would keep them then. She promised she wouldn't tell my wife but wouldn't promise keeping them to herself. She said her friends would enjoy seeing them and that was something she was not going to promise.

    The trip ended and I still wonder who has seen the pictures and video and if possibly I am unknowingly popular on an internet site somewhere. If my wife ever finds out the trip or sees them she would kill me.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Three warnings, that's what I gave my husband to get his act together and give the kind of sex I wanted. The frequency and type of sex we used to have. But Tom being Tom he thought it was a bluff on my part.
    The last warning came as a statement to him. Either he fucks me a lot more often and with real zeal, force and all out anything goes sex, or I'm going to find someone who will. His response was to tell me "Yeah right woman, I'm not a robot". Four times in one year. That's the amount of sex we had before I gave him the last warning. And each of them was over and done with in less than five minutes. Wham bam thank you mam.

    Robert, Rob, isn't anything like Tom who's tall, fit and muscular. He's in his late forties, a little overweight and not that inspiring to look at. Yet where as Tom's libido is in a one to ten ratio, a two. Rob's libido is a very hard thick ten. His cock isn't massive, seven and half inches, but it's so fat and it's always it seems, erect.
    And Rob is one dirty always up for it horny bastard. In the five months we've been having an affair, we've fucked in bed, all over our home and garden, on a train, countless times outdoors at various places. In both of our cars, in my office at work (Quite a few times) We've had oral sex in a theatre, in a restaurant. And only a few days ago in front of a line of people waiting to get into a sports event. During a break in the action, we went to the gents and had a some action of our own, as Rob fucked me in a cubicle as men outside encouraged him to fuck me.

    All of this I love. I adore being used, being treated like a common slut. And if there's one thing I'm not with my background and upbringing, is common. But the best thing is Rob's ability to carry on fucking me, after he and I have both climaxed, me several times.

    Last weekend as Rob was fucking me up against a dry stone wall up in the peak district, Tom phoned me. Rob had me answer the phone as he slipped his cock up my arsehole. With Rob fucking so hard, I had a brief conversation with Tom. He enquiring at one point if I was at the gym, as I was panting and moaning that much.

    Now that I've come down this road, I'm not going back. Rob knows I only want a sexual relationship with him and he's more than okay with it. Having this kind of rough, anywhere anything goes sex, is precisely what my husband should be offering me. He isn't so I'm going to get it without him from now on. Whoever and whatever age is capable of giving me what I need.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 36

    I have been married 14 years. Half grown kids so my life was busy with few opportunities for sex with my wife. I work a company arranging work for crews then I go into the office to sign paperwork and solve work issues. We have a lady in her young 20's recently married that wore long dresses and had long hair which was a religious thing for her. The ladies always crossed the line flirting anytime a man came in the office. To embarrass me this day i was asked in front of all the ladies I was asked if I liked hair or bare. I acted embarrassed and joked with them. I got up to leave when the young lady was walking out ahead of me with paperwork. In the hallway I quietly asked her hair or bare. She smiled and kept walking. I'm quessing you are hair. She turned into the ladies room and lifted up her dress and showed me she was bare. I was so surprised. The next day I asked her if I could treat her for dinner. I expected a no but she nodded yes. It was raining and we bought fast food. She was a big talker away from the office. She shared she loved her husband but he was hard to live with. I asked her why she lifted her dress for me the day before. She apologized and didn't know what came over her to do it. I asked to see again. She said she had panties on now. I reached over and started lifting her dress when she stopped me. After a few more tries she sat there holding her dress down so I reached under her dress and started rubbing her c**t. She asked me to stop and at the same time spread her legs more. I reclined the seat back then removed her panties. She was having orgasms while I thumb fucked her. She didn't know I had removed my pants and had a raging erection. Cramped but wanted her I got in a position to lick her pussy. She would ask me to stop from time to time. Getting her to an orgasm I raised up and put my dick in her. She tried to get me to stop but held her legs open while I fucked her. When I cum we both were moaning load enough to break my windows. I fucked till I went soft. She acted embarrassed now. She said I had better not have gotten her pregnant. She put a Burger King napkin in her panties and pulled them up and straightened her face and clothes before I dropping her back at work. She gives me a special look when I go into the office but won't eat lunch with me anymore.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Only got married nine weeks ago, yet already I've cheated with two different men. One of them was on our honeymoon, when my husband got himself totally drunk. I was merry too, but more than able to understand when a gorgeous hunk was giving me the eye. We ended up at the rear of the bar that my husband and I were in. I sucked on his dick, then had him fuck me as I leaned over his motorcycle. He fucked me making me orgasm twice, then came all over my asshole after pulling out. We both then joined my husband who propping up the bar, trying to stand up straight.

    The other person, is someone my husband knows only too well. He should do, it's his nineteen year old nephew. He overheard me chatting to one of my girlfriends over the phone about my honeymoon fuck, and basically blackmailed me. And I'm certainly not now complaining he did. He might just be nineteen, but he's got the biggest cock I've ever had sex with, and he can fuck for hours. Last night for instance with my husband working until almost midnight, his nephew and I spent three hours having the most awesome sex. And by the time he'd licked, sucked and fucked me to over a dozen orgasms, he was still wanting more. It was only a matter of minutes before my husband got home, that he filled my ass with his third load of the evening.

    When my husband got in, I was showering as his nephew no doubt was still riding home on his motorcycle. Having sex with my husband in bed a little later, only lasted ten minutes with him falling asleep after cumming inside my pussy. A pussy which had already taken his nephew's semen not too long before.

    I might not be able to stop my husband's nephew from wanting sex with me now. But then I don't want to stop either.

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