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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 34

    My asshole is sore at the moment. Not from my husband Phil's attentions, as he absolutely will not fuck my ass. He says asses are for shitting out of, and there is no way he's ever going to put his cock into one.
    The thing is after watching a porn movie on my own eight months back, I became obsessed with firstly trying anal sex with things around the home. And then with a small dildo I bought. The orgasms I gave myself were really strong, but I secretly wondered if having a guy with a large cock fuck my ass, would it be far stronger.
    I found out from an unlikely person, my husbands much younger boss Tony. Tony wanted Phil to work an unusually long shift to help with retaining a contract, but Phil got all militant about it and told Tony where to go. It got heated and Phil hit Tony. No job and not many jobs around for a fifty three year old engineer who hits his employer, I phoned Tony and asked him if I could come and see him.

    I told Tony I'd do anything if he gave Phil another chance. Tony looked at me and said "anything". Phil cannot get me pregnant, long story, but I can become pregnant. So after sucking on Tony's really really large cock, I told him when he said he wanted to fuck me, to fuck my asshole. Unlike my husband, Tony had no hang ups about fucking my ass. So in his car with my husband at home sulking, I took Tony's wonderfully large cock up my asshole. It was the start of my love affair with having a real cock fuck my ass. If I was obsessed before about anal sex, then with Tony fucking my ass, I became a total anal slut. In all Tony had me orgasming four times, and each time I shook like I was riding an earth quake. The final orgasm before Tony filled my asshole with his cum, we were stood up outside of his car. I was leaning on the hood of his car being fucked from behind, when an old guy walking his dog came right over to us. I watched the old guy get his cock out, stroke one off, just as Tony came up my asshole.

    Phil got his job back the following week and Tony and I have been having anal sex ever since. Tony knows I wont let him fuck my pussy, but I do occasionally suck him to completion before getting his beautiful cock back to it's full length. He lasts longer and I get to have much more intense anal orgasms from a longer deeper anal fuck. A fuck I might add, which is now always in our home. That's because Tony has altered Phil's shifts to accommodate my love for his cock up my rear hole, just as he did Today. Boy my asshole took a pounding this afternoon.

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    Straight Female / 34

    So my marriage sucks. I want my husband to actually care about me and show me some attention. I met a guy who did and I'm having an affair. It started in March. We get together once and sometimes twice a week. He holds me, talks to me then fucks me like a man should fuck a woman, he mixes gentle kisses and caresses with hard sucking and fucking.

    My husband got suspicious and I got caught at my boyfriend's house. I confessed everything including my I was seeing another man.

    My husband said. "I'm not saying for have to stop fucking the guy just be here when I need you." So basically I'm just a hole to my husband. As long as dinner is ready and I spread my legs for him on those rare occasions he's interested that's all that matters I guess. So much for thinking getting caught might help fix things.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My boyfriend and I were out early last month at a bar which caters for mostly biker type guys. We were there for a pool competition representing the bar where we usually go. Half way through the night my boyfriend began to get cocky with his mouth, mainly because he'd been drinking, but also because he'd been beating all his opponents.
    A real big older guy took exception to him mouthing off, and to try stop anything happening I walked over to him as my boyfriend began to play another rack. When I heard him tell another big bearded guy he was going to kick the shit out of my boyfriend, I kind of panicked. He saw me approach and asked me if I was ok. Like I said I panicked, so I asked him to take me outside and show me a good time. He knew I was with the guy he wanted to kick the shit out of, so smiling at his friend he replied "Hey little honey, if you want it I'll give it to you".
    At the rear of the bar was a large dimly lit car park. His truck was there parked right next to a row of bikes. Standing me next to his Truck he lowered his jeans and boxers and then pushed me down. I came face to face with the biggest thickest cock I'd ever seen. Telling me to suck it, I griped his cock and slowly let him slide it over my tongue. I thought I wasn't going to enjoy what I was doing, but I couldn't help but get horny for his huge cock. I sucked and licked his cock shaft and balls, then as I was about to take his cock back into my mouth again, he told me to stand. Pushing me face forwards hard up against his truck, he lifted my short black skirt and then in one go tore off my panties.
    Gripping my small titties from behind through the top I had on, I felt his cock nudge against my pussy hole and then in one long thrust his cock entered me. I should have been repulsed but I wasn't. His cock felt so damn good in my pussy I began to push back as he started to fuck me. Not once so far in my life has anyone made me cum by just fucking me. I usually have to play with my clit too. With the guys huge cock going so deep inside my my love hole, I came almost immediately and continued to orgasm as he fucked me, slamming his cock into my pussy like I was a whore. I'd just orgasmed again when he grunted loudly, held me tight to him and then I felt his hot cum spurting up my soaking wet pussy.
    Pulling out of my pussy, he told me to clean him off. I knew what he meant as I'd done it for my boyfriend lots of times. So sinking back down, I grabbed his softening cock shaft, then licked and sucked his amazing cock clean.
    Back in the bar my boyfriends mood had changed as he'd just been beaten. He told me we were leaving shortly, so I pretended I needed the bathroom. Going over to the two guys,(One I now know as Andy) who were discussing what one had just done with me, I told him my cell phone number and got his.
    My boyfriend didn't have a clue he was going to get the shit kicked out of him. He also didn't suspect I'd been fucked outside the bar when he was losing his pool game. Nor does he suspect I now visit Andy's apartment in town once a week to have sex. It's not anything like love making, because I've told Andy that's not what I want with him. We don't even kiss. It's just hard raw fucking and I love it, especially with Andy's huge cock fucking my asshole.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I was sucking my boss's dick at my empty ex step brothers house not knowing he had a camera recording the whole thing. I knew what he wanted when he made me watch it as he took his little dick out and put my hand on it. Me and him used to touch each other when we were younger and lived in the same house. He tried to get me to blow him a few times but I never did even after I let him eat me. Well now he has me blowing him every chance he gets. It is getting to the point where we are going to get caught by my husband or his girlfreinnd. He had me and my boss meet him for drinks and we ended up getting a room and I got double dicked so good I was mad that i had to leave. My asshole will never recover from that one and my husband has his questions for me alot lately. He takes it out on me later in bed and I send him to work every morning with a smile on his face. There are days when I suck all three of there dicks at least once. The worse part is that I actually love all of it and the word nymphomanic is a good way to describe me.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Last weekend a few neighbors got together for an impromptu get together. We had a cookout and just through a bunch of things together at the last minute. My next door neighbor Evan has a pool so that's where the party started. We all cleaned out the liquor cabinets of whatever we had to donate to the party and by the time the food was done most of us weren't far behind.

    It had been a long time since I had really tied one on, and my wife Lisa was in the same shape and worse. About 10pm Lisa was so far gone she could barely stand. With the help of my other neighbor Joyce she helped me get Lisa home and into bed.

    Lisa asked if we had any ice to take back to Evan's, she heard him say they were almost out of ice and Evan was not in any shape to go get any. I told Lisa I had a 5lb bag in the freezer downstairs and we could take that back over with us.

    Honestly I didn't think I was too bad until I tried going down the basement steps. Suddenly they seemed to move in some weird way and I barely made it to the bottom before I fell back on my ass. Lisa was standing next to me just laughing like a kid with me all disheveled. She tried to help me up but Lisa tops out at 110lbs and I'm 185lbs on a good day.

    She's trying to pull me up and I'm trying to pull her down at the same time, and now I'm laughing as hard as she is now. Somewhere in the middle we meet and we are both looking directly into each others eyes and suddenly either of us are laughing anymore.

    We start to make out and it's great almost instantly. When you get wood from kissing because the woman knows how to really kiss a guy, bad things are going to happen. My hands are on her breasts a moment later, and Lisa is working her hand in just the right way to make me steel hard.

    In the corner of my intoxicated mind a voice is now asking "what the fuck are you doing?" My head is spinning from the alcohol and Lisa's sensual mouth, but suddenly I try to gather myself as I realize my wife is upstairs and Liza is also married.

    I was just about to pull away from the insanity of this when Lisa put my hand between her legs and she was soaking wet. She was wearing shorts and they were soaked through the material. I swear I was going to fuck her right there on the basement floor, the idea of either of us being married wasn't going to stop me. Thankfully her phone began to ring and it was her husband telling us to hurry up with the ice, they were out.

    When I had gathered myself enough to step back from Lisa she was truly disappointed. I could see by her expression she was mad that I had pulled away. That's when I also noticed that her face and the flesh around her neck was almost crimson red. I told Lisa to go into the bathroom that was around the corner and look at herself in the mirror while I got the ice from the freezer.

    She came out a few moments later with a smile on her face. She said when she got very sexually aroused that would happen to her. She also said her husband hadn't been able to get her that aroused in a long time, and it was nice to know she could still get that excited.

    Before we left my house to go back to the party Lisa and I made out a bit more. She texts me everyday and reminds me how I didn't finish what I started.........

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    Straight Female / 31

    I had been working at my last job (a small company) for almost 3 years. I got along so well with my boss, Rob....actually too well.
    We went from a pure work relationship, to innocent flirting, to light touching - and eventually sneaking in a few kisses whenever we could. He was single, I was married - and I finally realzied that we were heading towards an affair, which I could not allow to happen since I did not want to hurt my husband.
    I told my husband that my company was downsizing soon, so I looked and eventually found another job.
    Part of me felt such a relief, knowing that the "almost affair" would be ending. But part of me also knew I was going to miss the attention Rob was giving me at work.
    Anyhow, the company threw me a small goodbye party after my last day at work. There was a bar across the street where a lot of us would go sometimes, so thats where we went. It had only been a couple hours, and as people filtered out to go home, it ended up being just Rob and me left.
    He said he forgot to give me my farewell present that he left at the office, so I went back with him before going home.
    Once we got to his office, he pulled me close and kissed me. There was no present he said, he wanted me. And I let it happen.
    It was crude, it was frantic, but it was amazing. We tried all kinds of positions all over his office, before we finished with me kind of bending over his desk while he took me from behind. Rob said he had fantasized about having me like that for so long, and I could tell he was very turned on. I was going to ask him to pull out before he came, but I waited too long. I felt him push up and inside me real deep, and I felt that familiar feeling of a mans penis ejaculating inside of me. He came so much - it was soon running out of me and down my leg. So much overflow.
    Rob found an old towel that I was able to clean myself up with a bit, but then I felt such a rush of guilt afterwards that I just wanted to leave as quick as I could. The last thing Rob said was that his office was always open, and I told myself then that I would never be back.
    When I got home, my husband was watching sports on t.v. - I felt so guilty kissing him hello. I went to our bedroom and changed out of my soaked panties, and poured myself a glass of wine to ease my mind a bit. But once I sat next to him and he put his arm around me, I realized he was "in the mood".
    I know I should have said no - I know it made my cheating even worse, but my husband and I went to the bedroom and made love.
    And it was amazing for me.
    My husband never gives me oral sex, so I did not have to worry about him "tasting" Rob - but just the way his cock felt slipping inside me so easy....having that secret that I knew it was another guys cum that was there, still being tingling from the penetration Rob gave was all such erotic stimulation for me.
    It was probably the best sex for me that I had had with my husband in years.
    What was exciitng then, was falling asleep, knowing I had a mixture of two men inside me. I felt so alive!

    Its been 3 weeks now, and I think about that night all the time. I tihnk about Robs offer that his office is always open, and how exciting it was to have sex with him there. But more than anything, that thrill of being with my husband afterwards, having that secret, and having that "mixture" of both men inside me as I go to sleep. I want that again so bad.

    Rob would love to see me - I am just so tepmted to visit him some evening on my way home.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    The terrible truth about my life. When I was 15 I had sex with my sisters boyfriend, we usually shared boyfriends, and he got me pregnant, oops. My boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend stopped having anything to do with us and in school no one wants the pregnant teen. My sister and I were and having always remained very close even sexually and if not for her I wouldn't have made it through my pregnancy. I think she partially blames herself. Since no one wanted anything to do with us and we were labeled as school sluts, we took to enjoying each other. Our parents weren't hardly around and when they were they weren't great example or even involved with us. We pretty much raised ourselfs.
    When the time came, my sister was there for the birth of my son. After highschool we moved in together continuing with our lust for each and raising my son. Years later I had moved into a small house across the street from my sister who had married this handsome bisexual man, unfortunately for her he was gone a lot for work. My sister and I kept our sex life going, working harder and harder to hide it from my son. Not long after he turned 13 he quickly began puberty and grew exceeding fast. He had always been a mamas boy, and many of nights slept in my room with me.
    About the time he was 15 things were becoming awkward. He would lay in bed with me sleeping and get erections, which of course I explained to him about the ways of life and have him a sex talk etc. I ended up having to stop letting him share my bed because of him sleeping close and his erection running along my backside.
    It had been a very long time since I had had sex with a man, too much time working and raising my son and that night his hard penis rubbed my backside I had to jump out of bed and go to the living room. Feeling its size, the heat coming off of it made me feel horrible but made me shake with nervous excitement, even making wet between my legs.
    One day he had been over to my sisters house and he had left his phone in his room which I heard ringing and when to go check. He had received a text after a missed call and I decided to read it. Before closing his phone I decided to check his picture to make sure he was sexting and to my surprise all his pictures were of me and his aunt... Naked or having sex with each other.
    I never knew, and worried that he use those picture to wank to. But somewhere in my panic a level of excitement overcame me. I decided to talk to my sister about it, which she found the situation hilarious and amusing. Saying let the poor boy keep them at least he has good taste and isn't into the whores at school. She kidding said she would dress my skimpy when he was over and tease him. I thought she was joking. Few months later she called me and told me that my son had become very passionate with her and attempted to have sex with her. Not that she was complaining just that there was concern. He at this point had become even more close and exposed with me. I had already seen his large shaft multiple times. I think he got the idea that it made me hot and wet and unfortunately that would be correct. Then I caught him, wanking looking at photos of me. I ignored it not knowing what to do. That evening though we were watching a movie together and erotic seen came on and I knew he was getting an erection, his gym shorts began to bulge and then he took my hand and place it on it. Speechless. It was so amazing. It was so hard and round and hot and vieny and pulsing. I was overwhelmed and squeeze he said it felt good and I began running it, I went to kiss him on the cheek and tell him to go to his room and take care of it but he turned and kissed my lips, those big lips, and it was done. We furiously began to kiss, he took his shorts off fully revealing him self and then his strong hands were pressed against my wet hot pussy to which he rubbed and then put his fingers in, I moaned out loud and he turned me around, told me he loved me, pulled my shorts to the side and began to penetrate me.
    I screamed out in painful erotic taboo pleasure and put my face into the pillow with my ass up grabbing his him pushing him into me, stretching and filling me, it felt like he turned my pussy inside out, his balls slapped my clit and he fucked me so passionately and hard I had never had a climax like that in my life. We rode and he came inside me and then we laid there cuddled together. I've fallen in love with my son.
    We had sex many more times that week and I had to tell my sister. That Sunday we were drinking wine and the subject of my son came up and my sister began to cry a little and I asked what was wrong. She started apologizing and asked me not to be mad at her, I was so lost. I was getting ready to tell her when she began crying. She said she didn't want me to hate her. She told me that Friday afternoon when my son was over they had had sex twice, and she bad for it and taking his virginity. I stopped dead silent and she asked me to say something, I was frozen... I had had sex with my son earlier that week. When I told her my sister was dumbfounded that my son had bed is both in the same week, was shocked and then felt less bad because I his mother had taken his virginty. Then she asked if he pulled out, I said no, she said the same. Needless to say we are a much closer and open family.

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    Straight Female / 35

    Oh boy my big sex confession. Thirteen years ago I was drunk at a huge party. My future husband was drunker. I was dancing with a much older guy of around 40 who my husband and I and a few other people shared drinks and laughs with most of the night. We had been talking about uneven boobs and I brought up how one of mine is bigger than the other and at one point when it was just me and him really chatting I said I'd let him see them after he said he'd like to check out the difference. I never actually showed him but....

    We were dancing later and I was showing him how to grind and before I realized it, I was riding his leg and getting close to an orgasm. He was joking about me grinding and saying he wished he could check out my uneven boobs and I whispered "you can tell just by touching them" and there he went feeling my tits while I grinded. I wasn't wearing a bra and he found my nipples mostly playing with my right one. He had maneuvered me to spot where he could feel me up without it being too obvious so he started feeling my ass. I wasn't thinking of my husband at all, I was just focused on the orgasm I was about to have. He had one hand on my ass and was rocking into me when it was there. I gripped him hard around the neck and whispered to him that I was cumming. He said, and I'll never forget it, "What, no way, holy shit." I came so hard, he gripped my tit as I came then managed to rub my pussy as I relaxed again, god it was good.

    Anyway I needed a break although his dick was now hard and pressing into me. We found my husband and a few other people and kept drinking. An hour or so later, it was now just me, my husband and this guy. Most people had gone home and the rest were gathering up to go or whatever. My husband was so drunk he was nodding off. The guy sat next to me and started touching me. I was nervous but let him because he was being careful. My husband was out cold and the guy grabbed my hand and put it right on his hard on. I squeezed it a few times and said "be careful" a few times but he was really horny. He wanted to have sex with me but I kept saying "no we can't" but his dick felt nice and I kept squeezing and rubbing it. He finally unzipped and there it was and it was a nice one, thick and long without being too much but very nice.

    I stroked it for him while keeping an eye on my husband. The guy was whispering that he was passed out "let's do it." He wanted me to mount him right there but I couldn't even though I wanted to. Instead I asked him if he'd settle for a blow job and he reluctantly said he would. I got on the floor and sat so I could suck and still see my husband. I confess I really enjoyed sucking on it as it was a really nice thick one and just felt right. I got into it and got a great rhythm going and thought to myself that I was going to swallow when I noticed my husband watching through slit open eyes. I nearly shit but he went right out again. The guy said he was close don't stop so I kept going. My husband opened his eyes three or four more times and looked right at me but was too far gone to realize what he was seeing. His eyes were open when the guy came for about ten seconds. I thought he was going to say something but he didn't. I did swallow like I'd wanted too but was scared what my husband was going to do. The guy left and my husband and I slept on our friend's couch. After we went home in the morning, he was a mess. He didn't remember anything and at one point I asked him if he remembered me giving him a blow job. He didn't. I figured that lie might cover my tracks just in case but it didn't matter.

    He had blacked out and has never really mentioned that party again. He has no idea what I did. I saw that guy only a couple of times after that and both times were really awkward for me, especially since he tried chatting with me. I've never cheated since but I did that one time and to be honest it's a fun memory for me.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I have to get this off my chest....about 2 months ago I fucked a married woman.

    I work for a very large organisation and constantly meeting new colleagues. When we introduced ourselves, I was taken back by her very pretty face. She had an awesome smile, sexy eyes and a hot petite body to match. Later in the day, we struck up a conversation and I could tell that she was warming up to me. I noticed the ring on her finger and she admitted she was married. There goes my chance - so I thought.

    We seemed to get along very well, and by the end of the day I asked her for a drink. She couldn't that night, but she gave me her number and said some other time. Over the next few weeks, we began conversing more and more, not only at work, but also via Facebook. We began to discuss very personal topics, and eventually it turned into discussion about her unfulfilled sex life. She hadn't been married too long, and seemed like she was craving the affection of a man who wanted to please her. It appeared she wasn't getting this at home.

    Eventually we caught up outside of work for drinks. By this stage, we had begun half-joking chats about me giving her the pleasure she is missing in her life. She hinted to me that when she gets drunk, she might take me up on my offer. I knew I had one foot in the door, but I wasn't completely sure.

    That night we caught she was wearing a very cute dress, not too revealing, but short enough and showing just a glimpse of her nice cleavage. After about 3 hours and lots of wine, flirtation and affectionate touches, we were headed back to my place.

    Once inside the door we were making out like teenagers in love. I put her down on the bed and began kissing her legs, inner thighs and working my way up to her panty covered pussy. I love kissing this area on a woman whilst they still have their panties on, taking in the aroma of the woman and feeling the moistness that I have created. She was wearing black panties and in no time they were pulled off. I tongued that woman as much as I could, knowing maybe I will not get another chance. This was the first time with a married woman (behind her husbands back), and it had always been a fantasy of mine. I couldn't believe I had scored this hot little married piece. She was never the slutty type, but I brought it out in her (I also have more confessions which I will start to write on here about....). I always target the girl next door types.

    After a while she began sucking my dick, and commented on its size. I asked her is it bigger than her husbands? and she replied 'yes' with a giggle. We had a good laugh about this and I asked her if she wanted it insider her? By then I already knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from her. My dick had never been harder in my life and after getting a condom, I was entering this beautiful woman in the missionary position.

    I fucked her missionary for about 10 minutes, slowing down when I began to feel my orgasm build. She was moaning like a bitch. Her dress was hiked up around her waist and her shoulder straps were down, allowing me to suck her nipples. I wanted to finish in the doggystyle position, so I turned her around and she reached for it and helped guide it in. I began fucking her as hard as I could, gently pulling her hair, choking her throat, kissing her neck, ear etc. After a few minutes her mobile started ringing which we both ignored. I was sure it was her husband, because it was nearing midnight he must be wondering where the hell she is. I also remember glancing down at her hand and seeing her wedding ring in the dim light. I started feeling sorry for the husband, but too late now I have to make the most of my situation. I put one arm underneath her chest and held onto her and fucked her doggystyle as hard as I could until I came violently inside her pussy, although with the condom on. During this time she had 2 orgasms.

    This was the first time cheating for her, although since then we have gotten together a few more times, but just fir kiss and cuddle and a couple of blowjobs which she seems to enjoy without too much guilt. I do want to fuck her again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    At 33 and I was still a virgin. I had given up on having a relationship with a man. I had friends but I had never been kissed. I know I am not conventionally attractive, far from it, too thin and I don't have a pretty face. My pleasures have always been secret. Also along the way I tried with another woman. I tried thinking maybe I was meant for that. Secretly I liked having sex with her, I liked the feeling of being naked together and I even enjoyed going down on her. She had sweet breasts and sweet lips. She and I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean.

    I say this because I really tried being a lesbian, but I didn't like having to be the initiator, she wanted to be made love to, but she wouldn't make love back. The more I had to initiate with her the more I fantasized about being with a man who took me. I can't relate all of the fantasies I had. I would hole myself up in my room and use one of my bigger private toys and go away in my mind to some far off place where I was kidnapped or taken away and used. My fantasies got worse and worse.

    I started to take it out on her. I pretended I was some bad man who was using her and would hurt her.

    At my apartment I met a man who moved in. He was divorced and had to move out of his house. He is the one that took my virginity. When he left me I was crying on the bed. Fantasizing about it and having it really happen to you are two different things. I lay on my bed until the sun came up. I showered and went to work. When I got back from work he came over. This time I gave in.

    I called her and went to see her and grabbed her until she let me put my arms around her and hold her. I held her until she lay in my arms I made love to her.

    He comes over and I let him. I haven't told her about him. All I know is that after I have been with him I want to be with her and show her just how much I want her. I don't lie to myself about him, when I see him I am nervous and after he leaves I feel empty. But like a moth to a light, I can't resist him. It is when I hold her that I feel good.

    I live a double life,

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