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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I have never wanted to fuck someone more than my girlfriends best friend. The girl is always so sexual around (bending over to the point her bright pink things flash through her yoga pants, show me her bras, let me feel her ass). I work with the girl, and all I want to do is close the store one day, and just spend the whole afternoon fucking her all around the store then bringing her home to fuck some more.

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    Straight Male / 35

    My brother has a pretty serious drinking problem. He's married and has a couple of kids. It used to be only weekends he would get pretty hammered, but the last year it has carried into the weekdays also. His wife Marla would call me up asking if I would come over and calm my brother down, he would be pissed at someone or something. I would go over, but it was a waste of time. The only thing to hope for that he would pass out in the chair at some point.

    About a month ago there was a knock on my door about 1am. I was surprised to see Marla at the door with her two small kids. Of course I let them in and Marla told me my brother started to act a bit violent. He hadn't hit anyone yet, but she wasn't going to wait around to see if it would happen.

    So we put the kids to bed in my spare bedroom and I let Marla have my bed. Lucky for me my sofa was just as comfy as my bed because I would have several more nights sleeping on it over the next few months for the same reason.

    Of course I went to have a talk to my brother, which I knew going in was a big waste of time for me. Our parents had problems with alcohol and they never thought they had a drinking problem either. The conversation went about the way I thought it would, my brother telling me I should mind my own business.

    About three weeks later there was the knock on the door again very late, obviously I had the idea who it was before I opened the door. Once again Marla put the kids to bed and I grabbed my extra blanket and pillow for the sofa.

    Marla felt badly about it, and she was crying that she didn't know what she should do? I gave her a hug and it lingered for several moments. Once she had calmed down a bit, she pulled away and smiled at me. I waited until Marla was in my bedroom before I turned out the rest of the lights. I got comfy on the sofa and I was asleep in no time.

    At some point I had the sensation of movement, weight being against me. Before I was even awake I could smell lavender, fresh and clean scent. As I opened my eyes I could barely make out the figure that appeared to be almost on top of me. It was Marla, she was partially on the sofa and she leaned over and kissed me in the darkness.

    I wasn't awake enough to resist her mouth on mine, maybe I'm using that as an excuse? All I know I didn't try to push her away when I should have. She was after all my brother's wife and this was wrong anyway you looked at it.

    Our tongues melded together and Marla's petite body was now on top of mine, the longer we kissed the more our bodies began to respond. I felt my cock getting hard, and I knew Marla could feel it pressing against her. Marla's body squirmed on top of me and our mouths were almost glued together in a passionate kiss.

    When I knew we had reached the point of no return, I sat up and took Marla by the hand. If we were going to finish this, it was going to be in the comfort of my bed. The bedroom was dark but a street lamp from outside gave us barely enough light to see each other. I watched Marla slip out of her flimsy camisole and crawl onto the bed. I had been wearing sweat pants and slid them off quickly.

    I climbed on top of Marla this time, putting my mouth on her own. The kiss was hot and our tongues probed each others mouth with hunger. My cock was steel hard now and pressed it against her pelvic area, Marla squirmed against me, I could tell she felt my hardness also.

    I pulled my mouth away and knelt between her shapely legs, Marla lifted her legs and spread them apart for me. Maybe it was rushed, more foreplay would have been nice for us both. Now was not the time for it, we both seemed to understand that.

    Marla was hot wet when I put the head of my cock inside of her. She was more than ready, her body ached for this as much as my own I'm sure. I entered her completely, going base deep with the initial thrust. I felt her legs around my waist almost instantly, a strange wave of erotic excitement took over.

    I tried to be quiet, but the pleasure of being inside Marla was overwhelming. I began to thrust my hips harder and faster. Marla began to moan with her own gratification, and her soft sounds of arousal only spurred me on.

    I cupped her perky breasts and squeezed them, Marla moaned rather loudly. I got bold and pinched her nipples rather hard, her body jerked underneath me and she climaxed. I began to thrust into Marla even harder, she took me willingly.

    I leaned forward and our mouths attached once again, kissing her as my hips slammed into her loins with fever. Marla was drenched inside, she had already cum several times. I felt the sensation of my own release getting near, pumping faster and harder if that was even possible

    Marla could tell I was getting close, she whispered "not inside" as I continued to thrust madly into her. Minutes later I was there, the moment you know you can't stop from what's about to happen.

    It took all my will to pull my throbbing cock out of Marla, the pleasure was so good I didn't want to stop. I had just barely made it, my cock going into spams and the warm cum jetting out all over the outside of Marla's pussy. I knelt up slightly between her legs as the rest of my cum sprinkled Marla's belly. Slowly I stroked my slick cock in the darkness, trying to get the last moments of pleasure from within.

    We lay in my bed side by side a short time later, both of us still breathing hard. I don't know what Marla was thinking, but I was thinking I should feel like a jerk for what I allowed to happen. The sad truth is I don't feel bad or guilt for fucking my brother's wife. I tried to help him but he refused, I know that's no excuse either but just how I feel about it.....

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 25

    So I'm 25 and married have been for about 5.5 years but I left the abusive asshole and fell deep for this guy I knew in highschool. We shall call my high school guy alpha.

    Well me and alpha broke up almost two years ago but even then we would still fuck. I mean like damn bbc. But I tried dating a few guys none were him. I had sex with a guy in early Feb we broke up. About two weeks later I fucked alpha and a week or two later I find out I'm pregnant. I'm pretty sure it's not alphas but my heart and soul want him to be the daddy.. even tho he knows it's not his he is here for us..

    Now to the goods

    Tonight he came over b4 work and we fucked once he came pretty quick after I sucked him had him shaking in pleasure. Then he demanded I get on top and ride him god his dick is so big it hurt just for a second. Then I was Cummings and him on the verge of it. Then he unloads it all on my white pussy, saying u like that big black cock filling u don't u.

    About 20 minutes later I'm giving him a hand job and he is rubbing my nipples so I decided to rub my self and him.i was close to having an orgasm. Then once again on top but this time he is playing with my titties which are DD and as I'm riding him I start to feel it build up he tells me hush. I try but it gets more and more then I have a good orgasm all over his dick leaving his balls covered in my cum.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    This happened to me about a month ago and I want to share it with someone. I admit I'm a cheater, I've cheated on all my boyfriends and have been cheating on my husband since before we were married. I just seem to catch a vibe from guys who want to fuck me so I give them a vibe and next thing you know we are fucking. I've fucked dozens of men in the 8 years since I got married but I've never been caught. I think it's because I'm just about the fucking and I never get attached to the guys or let them get attached to me. I stick with the guys who are all about the pussy and I'm all about the dick lol.

    So anyway, last month an older guy in his early fifties was staying next door at our apartment building. He was giving out a strong vibe and I was horny so naturally we fucked. Then we fucked again a bunch of times. He was only going to be around for a few weeks so it was perfect. He figured out when my husband would leave for work in the mornings and come over. I slipped him a spare key so he could let himself in to surprise me with wake-up sex which he was great at lol.

    So anyway on his last day in town he must have been really eager. He came in must have been right after he saw my husband leave and jumped me. He woke me up by grabbing my ankles and pulling me down to the far edge of the bed. I was already nude, he wet my pussy and fucked me hard right on the edge of the bed missionary style. As he fucked me I turned my head and right outside my bedroom window was my husband, sitting in the driver's seat of his truck. He makes deliveries and drives past our window on his way out everyday. The shades are usually closed but they weren't. I was laying there getting pumped and about to cum and moaning rubbing my pussy as I got fucked and my husband was about ten feet away on his phone. If he turned his head he'd see me on the edge of orgasm from another man's cock. I wanted to stop but I fucking came. I came holding my hand over my mouth while my husband fucked around on his phone. He started to drive off in mid orgasm thank god because I had to let it out. He never noticed. Thankfully for me my friend had pulled me down to the edge of the bed so only my upper body was in the window. I doubt he would have missed the full view of a stranger fucking the shit out of me otherwise.

    That's the closet I've come to my husband catching me with another man. Other people have caught me but it's never gotten back to him. Hopefully it never does.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I attended a conference and got carried away with a man I met there and ended up in his room. The next morning as I was leaving his room to go to mine and get ready for the day I opened the door and walked straight out into my coworker who was coming down the hall.

    The sex was an A+, at least for me. I got fucked with lots of play, and in the morning I got a slow fuck.

    I am not a kid, nor a virgin, but every once in a while you just need a fucking with NSA, and I was a long time in the need of a fucking, something my husband can't seem to be able to do. My butt stings, but I will get over that with a little bit of TLC.

    Guys do it, girls need to do it too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Before I start I'd like to say, If it wasn't for the car crash, I doubt very much I'd be cheating on my husband.
    There was a car crash and I spent two weeks in hospital because of it. My husband got off nearly scot free, yet I wasn't so lucky. After the bones had mended and bruising gone, it was my mental state that concerned the doctors. I'd taken a very large blow to my head and I just could seem to shake it. Then like someone had flicked a switch, my head/thoughts/fears appeared to go back to normal. But normality wasn't what I'd reached. Everything about me was back to my old self, everything that was except my libido. It was off the charts.
    No sooner than I could get my husbands cock in me, I did. And not just boring vanilla sex either. I had my husband fuck me in all my holes each time we fucked, and it was fucking. Not the love making we used to have. I wanted it hard and I wanted deep down my throat, in my pussy and up arsehole. Every chance I got to seduce him I had his cock in me, but even though we were fucking every day, I still wanted more. I bought two dildo's online and used those for a few weeks. Yet it still didn't placate my need to be fucked by a man. So asking my husband one night if he'd fuck me for the third time that day, he told me outright, he just couldn't keep up with sexual demands anymore.
    The very next day out shopping on my own as my husband was at work, I met a young lad I'd known from his time at the college I work at part time. He said hello and gave me THAT type of smile. Moving us to one side i asked him if he'd like to have some fun. When he asked what fun. I told him I like him to fuck me.
    In the supermarket toilets, I pulled him into a cubicle in the ladies and had him lick my pussy before he poked his unfortunately small cock up my front fuck hole. Even if he was small I still got off on his cock, cumming hard, as he lasted for an age before he shot his goo inside my pussy. Cleaning ourselves up, we just about walked out before a security person walked around the corner and entered the ladies. He aasked me if he could see me again, so I gave him my old mobile number, thinking I'd better not chance it again.
    However three days later I did chance it again. Not with the young guy from college, but a man who was fixing some telephone cables outside of our home. He like me is married, but when I asked him he'd like a cup of tea, he said yes. Inviting him in out of the light rain, I asked him if he'd like to follow me into the kitchen. Seeing his wedding band I almost didn't ask him, yet looking at his bulge in his work trousers I found myself saying "The tea will cost you a fuck". He looked puzzled at first until I let my dress fall from my shoulders. I don't wear a bra and my knickers soon followed my dress. Stood naked in front of him I said "You want the brew or not". That forty nine year old telephone technician was in my pussy five minutes later, after I'd sucked his seven inch cock hard. Leant over the breakfast bar, I had him fuck me from behind. He started to fuck me softly at first, but I told him to see me as a slut and to fuck me that way. For a man who was then nearly fifty (He is fifty now) he could and can surely fuck. I became just a fuck hole for him and he used me as I'd wanted to be used since the accident and loved every second of his pounding my pussy. With him slamming away at my pussy I orgasmed twice. And then he did something I wasn't expecting but was thrilled about it all the same. Pulling his cock out of my pussy, he immediately slid it into my arsehole. I hadn't asked him to do it, but when he began to fuck me there, I was so glad he did. I a series of mini climaxes I was so into him fucking me, I forgot to tell him to cum in my mouth. He came up my arse filling it with his hot cum. Once he'd drained his balls he withdrew and we both sat on a breakfast bar stool. Telling me he was working in the area for six weeks, I told him my real mobile number and to text me if and when he was free. Over the following six weeks he called by every day my husband wasn't around and we fucked all over the house. He's still to this day a visitor to our home, and I often have him fuck me when we meet up outdoors.
    Since my accident in two thousand and fourteen, I've had sex with eighteen different men. Some have been one offs and quickies, but most are now guys I have regular sex with. Two I now see together at the end of each month. That's when my husband works down in London for a couple of days.
    Getting back to my husband. He definitely knows I'm fucking other guys, as he said only last month "Make sure you look after yourself with YOUR men". He smiled when he said it and accepted a blow job in the garden. If my husband could have kept up with my sexual needs, I'm sure I'd still be faithful. But we both know he can't, so he turns a blind eye and still fucks me when he wants, which for me can't be, and just isn't enough.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    Reasons for cheating are varied I suppose, but up until this time last year I'd never cheated on my husband. In fact only two men had entered my pussy and asshole before this time last year, and one of them was my husband.
    Violence was my trigger. That and his increasing drink problem. The drink disabled his cock and I grew sexually frustrated. Speaking to him about his over drinking only caused him to lash out. His slaps became punches and then punches and kicks. So I soon learned to shut up, to not say anything about him being drunk all the time. But my libido was still high and increasingly having me masturbating.
    Then as I was shopping for our evening meal, an older man bumped into me (I later found out on purpose) He apologized, then asked me why a beautiful looking young woman like myself, should look so sad. The question went right to my heart. I was sad and I wasn't coping well. Looking at him I burst out crying. Long story short time.
    He escorted me to my car after him paying for our shopping then asked me if he could drive me someplace. There isn't an explanation to why I said what I said, but I did say it all the same. I told him "Drive me to your place so you can fuck me". That's exactly how I said it to him and fifteen minutes later I was walking into his very smart looking home.
    Because of the way I'd said it, there was no pretense to why I was in his house. So letting my dress fall to the floor and removing my bra, I stood up to him and kissed the man I didn't even know the name of. We kissed passionately as his hands roamed all over my body. My breasts, my torso, my ass and then to my pussy mound. At the same time I put both my hands to his cock bulge and knew before I even saw his dick it was large.
    Parting, he lead me into his very expensive looking lounge and we both flopped onto his super large leather couch. Tearing off my panties he immediately went down on me. His tongue worked wonders on my pusy and clit and before long I was climaxing all over his face. It had been so intense the way we'd met and the way we'd begun to have sex, i'd not thought about protection. When he stood up to undress I asked him if he had condoms. Smiling at me, he said yes and then said "By the way my name's Alex". Smiling back up at him as I watched him remove his boxers, my smile turned into a wide open jaw dropping look. His cock was and very much and still is, massive. For a forty eight year man, I'm surprised even now a year on, no one had snapped him up. But for those two hours I spent in his home he was all mine and so was his magnificent cock.
    Sucking in as much as I could, I went cock mad. It had been almost nine months since I'd last had sex, and my husband just wasn't going to fuck me anytime soon. Once I'd been drooling all over Alex's cock for about ten minutes, he literally flipped me onto the couch again and pulled me up into a kneeling position. slipping on a condom, I anxiously waited for him to enter me. When he did, it felt like my first time again and I was giddy with sexual energy. Turning my head round to him, I told Alex to fuck me hard. It had been so long I just wanted fucking.
    Every thrust of his huge cock entering me had tiny shivers of pleasure shooting through my body. I was so horny for him I found myself driving myself back onto his cock and had Alex telling me to slow down a little. but I wanted too much and asked him, pleaded with him to fuck me harder. It was then he withdrew his cock and in one long hard thrust, his cock entered my asshole. Orgasm isn't a big enough word for what I had then. Neither is cumming or climaxing. I did all three and lots lots more. His dick was so deep inside my body, when I did orgasm, I felt his cock pulsing inside my upper bowels. That was it for me sexually, there was absolutely no going back from my decision to fuck lots of other men. Alex and I spent the next couple of hours sucking, licking, kissing, sucking some more and lots and lots of fucking. oral, vaginal and anal. Alex came twice, both times filling a condom deep deep inside of me and I loved every minute of his knowledgeable ways. We finished in his walk in shower. I wanted to go home clean, not because I feared my husband would smell sex on me. Or that he might want to have sex himself. I wanted to be clean in my head to start anew.
    Alex fucked me anally in the shower and had me cumming in a series of little orgasms. A new way of climaxing for me as he deep fucked my asshole very very slowly, whilst holding my breasts and kissing my neck.
    Arranging to meet up again I drove Alex back to the store to pick up his car, and then drove home. I got in two hours later than I usually do, only to find my husband crashed out on our sofa pissed up.
    Alex hasn't been the only one this past year, although we have sex at least once a week at his home. Sometimes when my husband works away or he's out on his fishing trips I'll stay over at Alex's. As I've said Alex's cock hasn't been my only sexual escape from my husband. I did have a brief two month affair with a young guy I met at the gym I attend. He's a sweet guy and very passionate, but he wanted more than I wanted to give, so I stopped seeing him (Pity).
    Another guy who I still see every now and then is a delivery driver. He was delivering next door, but they were out. I signed for the goods and also drained his balls over my face after he'd fucked me in our kitchen.
    And the last person I had regular sex for about four months, was with a man who is the oldest of my sexual liaisons. He was an ex military guy. A widower looking to enjoy himself for a final fling. I met him on the internet on a sexual hook up site. He instantly attracted me with his charms (And his cock size) Plus I knew from his sad request/personal story, it was only going to be short term. We met at a motel every Friday afternoon for four months. Four months in which I adored giving him everything he wanted sexually. Unfortunately he was too ill to visit that motel anymore, and the last five weeks of his life I didn't get to see him. I know whilst we did have sex he was a happy man and it makes me smile right now to think of him fucking me at his age (Sixty three).
    Alex and I are still lovers and we've begun to see each other more frequently. Mainly from his perspective, as I'm his only sexual partner. He knows all about my other sexual times and I've not kept him in the dark about anything or anyone. He's even had me recite what I've done with the other guys, as we've fucked. Last week he asked me to leave my drunken husband and move in with him and I'm so tempted to do so. It's not my worthless piss head of a husband that stops me leaving, It's just that I'm scared moving in with Alex, might destroy what we have now.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    It was my husband who usually took all the deliveries in, as they tend to be large items. He'd fractured his ankle so it was left to me to accept the deliveries in our small business. After a couple of days I hurt my back, but still continued to to take in what parcels arrived.
    After a few weeks his ankle became fixed enough for him to start back with the package side of the business and for me to resume my usaul accountancy/paperwork side.
    My back was in bits though, so I booked with a specialist masseur who claimed to be able to help. Arriving on a Saturday morning, I was greeted by an older man who said he unfortunately couldn't take my session, but his protege would take over. Not wanting to miss out, I said yes.
    Callum is twenty years old, very athletically built and originally from Scotland. He's also very very forward in his ways, as I found out. I was made to undress completely and then told to lay on his massage table. Lay on my stomach, but totally naked I relaxed as his hands worked their magic on my back. I was almost asleep from his attentions, when he asked me if I wanted the full treatment. Telling me some of my lower back problems stemmed from my posture and my upper thigh and buttock muscles. Knowing how good he'd been, I just said yes.
    With oiled, hands his fingers immediately slipped between my slightly spread legs and began to massage my pussy and clit. For a ver brief moment I was about to tell him to stop, but that was only very briefly. His hands and fingers not only had me on the verge of orgasm within seconds, but my back had ceased to hurt. What I hadn't noticed was how hard he was pressing on my buttocks and the very top of my thighs.
    The orgasm was so strong, I couldn't help but shout out his name and groan with total sexual satisfaction. At the same time he moved up to where my head was and asked how my back felt. My eyes were perfectly level with his cock and I knew he was at least semi erect if not fully from the bulge in his shorts.
    There is no explanation to what I said what I eventually did, but I said those words anyway. I told the young man I wanted his cock in me.
    Callum massaged my back some more and then entered my pussy with his fingers. I hadn't moved from the postion I was in and didn't as I heard him undress as he continued to finger fuck me. Feeling the pressure of his body weight, then his cock entering me was sublime. My back was free of pain and my pussy wanted him so much.
    hat young man over the next twenty minutes fucked his client in three different possitions. The last of which I finally got to see just how big his cock was. I already knew he was larger than my husband from how stretched my pussy was. And I also knew he was far deeper than any man had ever been up my pussy.
    Lay flat doggy, spooned from behind and finally missionary, where I saw his cock enter me time after time. Callum fucked me to another fantastic orgasm, before he withdrew his unsheathed cock and spurted his cum all over my small breasts.
    Still naked, we spoke about my back as though nothing had happened between us. I cleaned myself off with a hand wipe and got dressed. Making an appointment with him for the following week, I'd now been having my weekly massages with Callum for five weeks.
    My back is fine, but my pussy doesn't half miss his large cock during the rest of the week. I might just have to injure it again and increase our sessions to at least twice a week.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 42

    I work in construction, and a year ago, I was at a site and went for lunch at a nearby plaza. There was a high school next to it. As I was sitting in the parking lot in my truck a high school girl came up to me and said she needed to pay her cell phone bill. If she didn't then it would be canceled. It was close to the end of the month so I guess it was getting closer to the due date. She said that she owes $200 and was willing to let me fuck her if I could pay her bill.

    So we drove behind the grocery store and she waisted no time. She started sucking me off until I was rock hard. Then she took her shorts off and started riding me. Because I didn't have any condoms I told her when I am about to cum she has to get off.

    She was so into it and kept telling me how thick I was compared to the guys shes been with that she was going to cum quickly. She was so tight and was soaking wet that when she started cumming. I just started pumping her hard

    Her nice young boobs were bouncing up and down.
    I could tell that I was very deep inside her. And she was gripping my cock so tightly with her wet pussy.
    I didn't say anything and I blew the biggest load in months inside her.
    She was so loud , I just couldn't stop.

    When I was finished she just slid off me. Then She sucked my cock for a good 5 minutes.

    I gave her the money and she went to the bank and paid her bill
    After she came back out. I asked how much her monthly bill is. She said it's $80.
    I told her if she meets me after school, that we could work out something and I will pay her next months bill

    So after school she met me again, we went to the same spot and she started giving me a bj. I started telling her I was going to cum. Then she did something my own wife doesn't do

    She went faster and deeper and swallowed everything I could give her

    Best $280 I've ever spent

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 49

    I retired at 60 and went to live in southern Africa, where I had lived before for some years. With me went my very attractive wife (who is much younger) and our four year old daughter. In Africa you employ maids, and we soon had two, a woman in her thirties, and Lizzie, who was a slim young 18 year old with a superb ass. She was married but her husband was away a lot. I was always very kind to her, and it soon became obvious she really liked me, so I began to find jobs for her to do with me while the other maid did something else (the house is very big).

    The sexual tension began to build, so one day while my wife was shopping I kissed her, and she responded enthusiastically. I took her to a bedroom and got her stripped off, but I heard my wife's car come back, so all I could do was feel up her great ass, then we had to stop. A few days later, as soon as my wife went shopping, I gave the other maid something to do at the far end of the house, and got Lizzie into a bedroom, got her clothes off, and got straight down to work. She had an orgasm like I have never felt before, and I could feel her pussy spasming on my cock, gripping it really hard.

    This happened many more times. Sometimes I would just grab her, pull her knickers off and fuck her hard, even forgetting to lock the door, and she seemed to like this much better than a more leisurely fuck, which most women seem to prefer. Anyway, her husband returned to live permanently, and wanted her to leave, so it ended. We replaced her with another 18 year old called Doris, who had a reputation as a bit of a local good time girl. I straight away told her that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, and she hummed and haahed a bit, but agreed when I told her I'd had a vasectomy. Anyway, the first time I got her into a bedroom, while my wife was out shopping she stripped off, lay back on the bed, and opened her legs. That, and the sight of her beautiful little tits, about the size of half gr**efruits with tiny nipples just drove me crazy. She loved sex, but after only a few times she gave me an STD (not sure what - antibiotics sorted it out, and luckily my wife, who I infected, accepted that it was a complication caused by the aftermath of the vasectomy). Anyway, Doris and I had to stop until it was cured, and she met a young guy who married her, so that was that.

    Luckily for me Lizzie came back shortly afterwards, and asked for some back pay I owed her. I paid her in instalments, and every time she came for an instalment I'd fuck her, sometimes on cushions on the floor in a locked empty room, because we had to avoid the other two maids seeing us. Then two years went by, with no luck. I propositioned a few maids, but if they said no I never persisted. Then Millie came to work for us. We'd known her for some time, as she was friends with my daughter, although she was twenty, so a good few years older. She didn't have any great features, but was very pretty and slim. I'd always been very nice to her, but I was still surprised and delighted when I told her I'd like her to be my girlfriend, and she agreed instantly. It turned out she was a virgin, so I had to take it easy - starting off with kissing and feeling her up, then hands under clothes, hand into panties, stripping her off, etc etc. It took several weeks, and she'd go a bit further every week, then reach a point where she'd resist and say 'Next time". Of course we eventually reached the point where "next time" was going to be a fuck, but she didn't renege as I separated her legs and slid into her, and I'll always remember her sweet brown eyes looking up at me wonderingly as I deflowered her,

    It was our regular Saturday morning thing for six months, while my wife went shopping with the other maid. Then Millie left to go to college, but I still sneak her in from time to time. I keep meaning to teach her some sexual variety, but when those frilly panties come down off her little black ass, I'm lost - I just jump on and bang away.

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