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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 30

    I have been married just over 5 years now, and I do love my husband despite what I did about a year ago.
    I was at a party, he was out of town, 2 guys were saying all the right things and I was in just the right frame of mind, and I ended up going to bed with them both at the same time.
    For an entire night, I was involved in a 3some that up until that point was something I only thought about in my wildest dreams.
    To have 4 hands touching me, two mouths kissing and sucking everywhere on me, and of course two cocks to play with at the same time, was beyond exciting.
    One of the guys works with my husband, and he promised throughout the night that he would never say anything, and I do trust him on that. But he was the "bigger" man of the two guys, and by far a lot bigger than my husband, so that was a treat in itself.
    It almost seemed natural to have one guy penetrating me, while I kept the other one hard inside of my mouth. The three of us joked about how maybe that is why a woman has two breasts - each guy got one! And honestly, my nipples are super sensitive to begin with, so to have them both sucked hard on at the same time, I could not stop squirming.

    The fact that I was married, the fact that I was cheating with two men, none of that mattered. My body was being lit up like it never had been before, and I lost track of how many "rounds" I went with the guys. But I still wanted more.

    The guilt came down on me hard a couple days later when my husband came home. The first time we had sex
    after the 3some night, all I could think of was the 2 guys, the double pleasure, and how my husband's cock did not feel near as good as his coworker's cock did. I realized then that sex would never be the same between us, and that I would always need something "more".

    My husband is very old fashioned, but a few months after I cheated, I got the nerve to suggest buying a nice-size toy for myself. At first my husband wondered if that meant he was not doing enough for me, but I made it sound like it would add TO our sex life, and not take anything away from it. So, my new toy eventually became an exciting addition to our sex life. I could at least pretend it was another man inside of me as I gave oral sex to my husband. But now I want the real thing. And I cannot stop thinking about it.

    I hate to admit it, but one-on-one sex, even with my toy, is simply not exciting for me anymore. Every now and then I will get an email from my husband's coworker asking if I ever want to hang out with he and his friend again, and it is SO tempting. But - I don't want to cheat and have the guilt again.

    How can I tell my husband that I would want another guy with us sometime? Or specifically his co-worker?
    I literally lay awake at night wondering what I could possibly say to him that would make him agree to that.
    I am sorry the 3some happened, I am sorry for cheating....but I cant take back what happened.
    I also feel like I will explode if I don't have another experience like that.
    I want my husband to be a part of it, rather than his coworker just setting it up for me again.
    I don't know what to do.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Every ounce of my being tells me I shouldn't be doing what I am. But then I sexually melt when I see his toned young body and his massive cock. The muscular build frames his perfect smile, and his charming ways which got me into bed in the first place, are the reason I keep going back for more. That and his nine and half inch fat cock.
    At nineteen years old, he certainly knows how to use his talents and what he wants from sex. There is no uncertainty about how we fuck, because that's what we do, we fuck. We don't make love and we don't waste time and energy pretending otherwise. When we do have sex at our home one or twice a week, it's straight down to him dominating me completely and me taking every opportunity to enjoy his down right dirty ways. Ways I'm growing to adore more and more each time we fuck.
    Telling him only a few days ago, I'd do anything for him, he's arranged for another teenager, a younger guy to call by on Saturday morning. I'm a golf widow, so my husband will be smacking a golf ball around a field. As no doubt come Saturday, I'm going to be having four balls smacking into me all morning and into the afternoon.
    If men, my husband included, spent more time fucking their wives, instead of playing silly games, we'd wouldn't seek out younger fitter men to fuck us when we're sexually frustrated. But having said that, this is one wife who's more than happy her husband likes golf :)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    i never intended for any of this to happen. My wife and i where visiting her family out of state for the holiday. we were all swimming and drinking for most of the weekend. My wife has this cousin that just graduated high school. this girl was not super skinny but she had curves in all the right places. I love my wife and never thought of cheating on her but it is hard not to notice this girl especially when in a bikini. any way one night i couldn't sleep and my wife was passed out so i decided to go for a late night swim to relax and clear my head. i had just finished swimming a couple laps and was leaning against the side of the pool enjoying the cool water. my eyes where closed and all of a sudden i hear a voice, mind if i join you she said. i was startled and quickly turned around to she my wife's cousin standing there. i told her she scared the shit out of me and thought everyone was asleep. she apologized for scaring me and said she couldn't sleep and i guess had the same idea as me. i told her sure she could join me and i helped her ease into the pool. i decided to do a few more laps and i wasn't paying attention and didn't see her at the end and bumped into her and came up for air and to apologize when i see she is not wearing a top exposing her perfect little B cup tits. i asked what are you doing? she then goes on to tell me she has had a crush on me for some time. she then tells me she has fantasized about being with me. i tell her we can't i'm married to her cousin. she says i know and moves in closer pressing her breast against me and i feel her hand moving up and down the shaft of my cock. again i say we really cant do this. she then leans in and kisses me and then whispers in my ear, no one will ever know. she then proceeds to pull down my swim trunks revealing my now rock hard cock. she then grabs it and says looks like you want this as much as i do. she then leads me to the steps of the pool and has me sit just outside the pool and she stayed in. she then began giving me the best blowjob i have ever had. she was a pro going all the way down my 8 inch cock, sucking on my balls. my wife has never shown my cock the level of love this girl was now giving me. i was about to explode when all of a sudden she stopped and said my turn. we then switched places and i slowly removed the bottoms to her bikini revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. my wife doesnt even do that for me any more because she says it makes her feel like a little kid down there. i then without hesitation went down on her, her juices were already flowing and she tasted like heaven. she had to try so hard to not moan so loud because there were people still inside. i was moving my tongue deep inside her and massaging her clit when i could feel her begin to shutter and knew she was having an orgasm. she got back into the pool with me wrapped her arms around me and passionately kissed me and told me no boy has every made her feel that way. she told me she wanted me to fuck her right there in the pool and i was so horny i wanted her too. she wrapped her legs around me and i walked us to the edge of the pool about 5 foot deep. she was still so wet from her juices even in the pool water and i eased her down on to my cock. she was so tight she let out a little wimpier when i entered her. i asked if she was ok, she said yes that i was just so big but keep going. i finally got all the way in her tight hot pussy, it was a different feeling than im used to the heat of being inside her and the cool water on my balls. i began going slow so i didnt hurt her and after she got used to it she whispered in my ear, fuck me hard, so i grabbed her ass and she had her arms around the back of my neck and i started to slam her into my cock and she let out a loud moan of pleasure and i told her be quiet but i kept fucking her harder and harder and it was the hottest sex i have ever had i was about to cum and i told her i was going to and she told me to cum in her she was on the pill. i then had to biggest orgasm i have ever had, i actually went light headed and came what felt like a gallon in her. she then kissed me and said thank you and that she loved me, i told her i love you too. we had a few other opportunities alone that weekend and fucked outside and inside. we still text each other sexy messages since that weekend and my wife doesnt know a thing.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and I lived out of town a short distance. We have neighbors across the road close to our age. Thehusband was ok but the wife was annoying. She would come to visit hours at a time and talk about endless nothing. Our two young kids enjoyed her but she didn't know when to go home. She came over to visit one day even knowing my wife and kids had gone to visit her family. The neighbor wasn't a model but attractive. We sat at the dining table and talked about an hour. She went to bathroom and came back and had unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt. After a short time talking again I stood up and told her I needed to do house work. She got up and still wouldn't leave so i decided to make a hit on her. I casually reached out and felt both breast. She just stood there and smiled. My wife has small breast so the bigger breast started exciting me. I stated that her husband has some fine breast to play with. She said he rarely pays with them. I take herby the hand and walk her to the bedroom. She just stands there as I undress her. I lay her down and go down on her and obviously enjoyed. She just lays stil the whole time like she can't move a muscle. I raise up and drop y pants and lay on top of her. She was into kissing so while kissing I enter her. As hot as she was I didn't last long and cum inside her. After getting our breath she said I probably should have not cum inside her because she wasn't on birth control. She didn't complain when I cum in her 30 minutes later. The next day she came over and I cum in her twice again. Her husband worked all the time and his wife even wondered why he didn't want sex very often, about once or twice a month. He pulled out because he didn't want children yet. She was ok with getting pregnant. We would sneak sex about once a week and she did finally get pregnant. The neighbor visited less after her baby was born.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 20

    I'm a bitch. I know that. But I almost don't care anymore, as I enjoy it so much.
    I'm in college and I've enjoyed having a boyfriend (he gives me back rubs, buys me things, takes me to dinner, and generally makes me feel good about myself) but I secretly have fun with other guys when I can (often at parties).
    So I was giving a hot guy from my class a blowjob a month ago at a party, really enjoying his fairly big veiny dick and having my boobs played with a little as I sucked. When about halfway through I realised he was filming me with his phone. I couldn't believe it! He said don't worry babe I won't show anyone and I was too horny to think straight so I just carried on until he filled my mouth with spunk. I swallowed on camera.
    Turns out a week later he'd sent the damned video to my boyfriend. He cried and cried and then left. I found this guy and went crazy at him but he was such a pig and thought of me as such a slut that twenty minutes later he had his cock in my mouth again.
    I'm now fucking him most days. He even made me call my ex boyfriend while he had his dick in my pussy and tell him I was being fucked. I hated myself but the moment he hung up (he only listened for about ten seconds before I think the sounds of my breathing and moaning became too much for him) I had the strongest orgasm of my life.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    I recently went on a 2-week business trip with my boss, a few other male coworkers, and one other female coworker that I was good friends with. At the hotel we went to, my boss had a room to himself, and the guys paired up and shared a room, two to a room. I told my husband I'd be sharing my room with my friend, so I couldn't do anything fun with him like phone sex, or texting him some naughty pictures for him to jerk off to while I was gone.

    But, I actually didn't spend a single night in my room on that trip, though--instead, each night I went to bed with my boss. He fucked me every single night of the trip. He used my every hole, even my ass, and I enjoyed every minute of it. My friend knew what I was doing and encouraged me to be my boss's personal slut for the trip. The guys on the trip knew it too; they saw me leave the boss's room each morning.

    I've since gotten back home from the trip, but I haven't let that stop me from sleeping with my boss--I've had to work overtime a few nights. On my back, of course, but he doesn't know that. My boss told me he's got another business trip coming up soon, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    My fiance Eric and I attended a party I didn't want to go to. That's because it was a sex party. He said it would be our last chance to experience sex with other like minded people, before we got married.
    Eric unfortunately got himself very drunk and failed to impress a young teenage girl, falling asleep on her as she was blowing his dick. Or that's what I was told later.
    The reason I didn't know about it, was at the same time I was in s bedroom with two extremely well endowed older men. In the hour or so I spent in the room with them, we did just about anything you can do sexually. I was fucked, orally, vaginally and anally over and over again. And many many wonderful orgasms. Orgasms the like Eric has never come close to giving me. The last orgasm I had which ripped through my entire body, was as I was taking one of the guys cocks in my pussy, whilst the other older larger guy was fucking my asshole real hard. It was so strong an orgasm, I was still shaking a little ten minutes later downstairs sat on a large leather sofa, watching two women lick each other out, as their husbands were enjoying a mutual wank.
    Eric woke up when a woman prodded him for sex, but he was too drunk. Fifteen minutes later we left, but not before I took the older of the men's cell phone number. I wouldn't have taken it if Eric hadn't have let slip to s guy, he'd planned specifically to attend the party to fuck the young teenager, someone he'd had a blow job from the week before in his truck.
    Our wedding day went off without a hitch. And Eric got himself blind drunk during the evenings wedding function. It should have spoiled my wedding night, but a quick text message solved my to be sexless night. Eric slept wonderfully well in our hotel rooms bed after his brother helped me get him there. I however didn't join him for some hours. I walked down the corridor and entered another hotel room.
    Eric and I flew out the following afternoon on our honeymoon. He wasn't feeling too well. I on the other hand felt amazing after having my older lover fuck me for hours on end.
    It was a great wedding night, pity Eric who does have a large cock, couldn't be there.
    Eric and I have been married for eighteen months now. He still enjoys getting off his skull and neglecting his marital sexual duties, so every week now I meet up at least once with my fifty one year old lover. He's always horny, ready and loves hard dirty sex. Sex I too now adore.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 43

    Shit, fuck, what HAVE I done.
    I must be the most stupid or the most desperately horny bitch out there. My husband and I have just been shopping. He went looking at some clothing, as I went to find a baby set for our daughters new born son. A young guy who worked in the store helped me out finding some stuff. Then asked me if it was for my son, when I said it was for my grandson, he laughed and cheekily said "You're way too young and fit to be a grandmother" I blushed, as I'd not seen his comment coming. He then quickly said "Hey, I mean it, I'd fuck you in a heart beat".
    Taking my hand when I smiled back at him, I let (Fuck I actually let him) him lead me to the bathrooms. In the gents bathroom, I entered a stall with him, let him put his hand up my dress and felt him slide his hand inside my panties. His fingers flt awesome inside my pussy and I didn't stop him when he spun me around. Hearing him unzip himself, I turned my head to see he had an impressively large cock. Less than ten seconds later, he was sliding that hard young dick up my pussy from behind. And I have to say right here, right now, I couldn't get enough of him fucking me.
    He didn't waste time either. From the word go, he hammered my soaking wet pussy and had me cumming in no time at all. Hearing someone enter didn't stop him either, and if anything only made him fuck me deeper with faster strokes. I came again moments before he said he was cumming, and he blew his load deep inside my body. Hearing the bathroom door close, we quickly exited and I went to find my husband.
    He was near where I'd been shopping. As I got close to him he asked where I'd been, so I told him to the ladies bathroom. He replied "I've just been to the gents, and I swear some guy was fucking some woman in there". I laughed and said it was just some kids, probably messing about. He shrugged his shoulders and said "Yeh probably".
    We bought what we'd gone there for, and I sat in my husbands car on the way home, with a young guys cum leaking out of my pussy onto my panties.
    My husband is asleep on the sofa now, and I'm feeling dreadfully guilty, but also dreadfully horny and sexually alive too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Two and a half years ago before I met and subsequently married my husband, I was in a relationship with a guy, who quite frankly was a let down in bed. Don't get me wrong he had a large penis, he just didn't know how to use it, or last.
    Out woth some female friends I mentioned the sex between us was bad, and explained why. Immediately one of my friends said she'd sort me out. An hour later two men walked into the bar we were in and I instantly became wet between my legs. One of the men Gavin, was a dead ringer for Jean Claude van Damme. The other was so sexually attractive, I couldn't take my eyes off him. His name was Jack and he was tall, muscled and looked so handsome.
    My friend who'd text them, spoke to me and said "So which one would you fuck". Not having time to think, I simply said "Both".
    Thirty minutes later I was in Jacks flat in the city centre, and I was on my knees taking each of their cocks into my mouth in turn. Gavin's cock was large, a little larger than my boyfriends, but Jacks penis was far larger. Over an amazing two hour period, I sucked both men constantly, had my pussy and arsehole tongued by both men and was fucked to multiple orgasms by both men. I even had Gavin fucking my pussy as Jack slid his cock up my arsehole.
    Never, not once in my life had I been subjected to such wonderful, dirty and sexually fulfilling sex. I was abused sexually in every way possible, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.
    At one point as I mounted Gavin's cock anally, Jack got up behind me and slowly fed me his cock up my arse too. Up until that day, I was a true lover of pussy orgasms, having only once before having had an anal orgasm. With both of their cocks fucking my rear passage, I couldn't stop climaxing. I went from one enormous orgasm to the next. I'm not sure how long they fucked me that way, but I must have had ten maybe a dozen orgasms.
    Before I left to go home to the house I shared with my boyfriend, I was made to lick and suck off their cum and anal juice covered cocks.
    As you can imagine after such an amazing night of sex, having sex with my boyfriend from then on was extremely tame and boring. Two months later we split up as I couldn't handle vanilla sex anymore.
    Meeting my future husband, changed me for a while. We did have animalistic sex. Hard sex and it kind of helped me to understand just how I do like to be fucked. Any women out there will know where I'm coming from when I say, Once you've tasted those kind of orgasms and that form of dirty anything goes sex, you tend to seek it out again and again.
    Because our relationship was sporadically filled with sordid sex, I relented on a holiday and said yes to my then boyfriends request to marry.
    We got married only nine weeks later and for some time our sex life was okay, but the more we shared a bed the less my husband wanted to treat me like a slut. I talked to him countless times about the way I like to be fucked, but even so, the sex became tamer and tamer. Until late last year I was using dildo to excite myself once again. Using it to fuck my arse, as I penetrated my pussy with either my fingers or another smaller dildo.
    A winter barbecue was how my life altered again. My husband wanted it and invited lots of the neighbours, some of his work colleagues and a few guys he'd met a gym he'd joined. Sat drinking a glass of wine, mulling over how and where I went from that point in my life, I heard a voice say my name and then say "You still love deep up your arse then" I looked up to see Jack stood in front of me, with a huge smile on his face and his right hand cupping his cock and balls through his trousers.
    I very nearly lost myself, as I jumped up and hugged him. My husband came across and introduced Jack to me, but said I must know him from our hug. I lied and told my husband we'd known each other at school, which had my husband relaxing telling me he and Jack sometimes trained at the gym together. But I was relaxing in any way. My pussy was dripping and I knew there and then, if Jack asked me to follow him inside to fuck, I would have.
    All throughout the barbecue we made sexual innuendo's to each other, and by the time most of the people there were drunk, including my husband, Jack and I had stayed sober on purpose and I was desperate to feel his enormous cock up my arse again.
    One at a time our guests left. It was close to midnight and only two people other than Jack, and one of those helped me put my husband to bed. Onmce he was in bed they left leaving just Jack and myself alone. No sooner than they'd gone, I was in Jacks arms kissing him passionately. He stopped kissing me and asked me if I was sure I wanted to go ahead. Dropping to my knees and opening his trousers, then taking out his semi erct monster, told him I very much did, especially when I sucked in his cock in one long go.
    I'd sucked on his large cock for about five minutes when Jack asked me If I wanted him to fuck me outside. Looking round at the neighbours houses, I was about to say no, lets go inside. But something in my head said "Fuck it, have him screw you right in the middle of the back lawn". So taking him by the hand, I moved us onto the grass, took off my dress and removed my knickers. Jack quickly undressed and we dropped down to kiss kneeling up.
    Feeling his powerful fingers enter my pussy was sheer heaven. He didn't treat me like his wife or someone to make love to, Jack treated me like a slut. Some bitch to fuck, some whore to use and abuse and over the next hour we fucked, we didn't make love in any shape or form, we fucked and it was sublime.
    My mouth, pussy and arsehole were all treated to the best and most intense fucking I'd had in nearly three years. Every nerve ebding in my body was alive with the thrills and orgasms ripping through me and to top everything off, I began to have multiple orgasms when his cock pounded my arsehole from behind, as I prostrate on the grass loving each and every thrust of his glorious cock.
    And that's how it's been over the past several months. Each time we meet which for me isn't enough, Jack and I have only gotten more and more involved in our sexual times together. We have involved Gavin twice too recently, but I now prefer to have Jack to myself and love having him treat me like a whore. But saying that, if he wanted me to fuck other men to please him, I'd open my legs and arsehole to anyone he wanted me to fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    We've just returned from a cricket match my husband James was playing in. As usual on a Sunday when it's fine weather I have to endure his cricket game. But not today. Walking around the rear of the groundsman's huts (I was bored and nosey) I noticed a young guy, (The groundsman's assistant) whacking off to porn mag. I didn't stop to think, but just walked over and took hold of his cock. He nearly jumped out of his skin, but he let me carry stroking his large cock.
    Feeling ever so horny, I removed my dress, pushed my knickers to one side and eased his cock up my pussy. I know I shouldn't have without a condom, but I was so fucking horny seeing his thick long dick. Hearing my husband shout out about bowling someone out, I began to fuck the young man. He just sat still on the bench seat he was on at first, but once he knew I wasn't going to stop, he began to thrust upwards as I sank onto his cock. After a couple of minutes I moved around so I was facing him and it dawned on me who he was. As the realization hit me, he leaned forwards and began to suck on my erect right nipple. Thinking to myself "What the hell, I'm fucking him now" I carried on bouncing up and down on our neighbours youthful cock. Within a few minutes not only did I orgasm twice, but the young man I knew was called Nick, came really hard up my pussy.
    Nick thanked me for the sex and asked me naively if I was going to let my husband know about. I told him it was between the two of us, and if he kept it quiet, to text me on the number I gave him. cleaning myself up somewhat, I leaned over and kissed Nick. He returned the kiss, then told me he'd love to fuck me again.
    Driving home with James driving, I answered a text Nick sent me. It says "I'm free tomorrow up to lunch time, then at college". I text back "Call by after 9am, James will be at work by then".
    I never meant it to be an affair, but Nick does have a nice large thick cock, much larger than James's. And besides, if James can bore me with his cricket, I'm sure I'm allowed to have Nick bore my pussy and arsehole with his cock.

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