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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    In a couple of hours from now I'll be taking my weekly golf lesson. And then going out with the golf instructor, an older guy who's been teaching me all kinds of things lately, to play nine holes of golf.
    We'll make it to around the fourth or fifth holes and then we'll slip away into the thick woodland by the course. I'll strip for him and watch him take out his huge cock. Then I'll suck it for him until he's good and ready to fuck me.
    He'll probably have me lean forwards against a tree and then enter me from behind. Unlike when my husband fucks me, he won't take his time slowly making love to me. No, he'll he'll hammer away at my pussy and have me cumming almost from the first thrust.
    Also unlike my husband's cock, his much larger thick cock will be slipped out of my pussy and then I'll get what my husband just won't do for me. My golf instructor will slide every beautiful inch of his hard cock up my asshole. I absolutely love anal sex, sex my husband will not partake in at all.
    I'll be fucked until my instructor builds up his cum load and then probably cumming myself, I'll take every drop of his sperm deep up my ass.
    With his cum slowly dripping out of my asshole, we'll continue the round and finish off by setting up another lesson the following week.
    Those lessons have become my weekly fun and they're all free.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Gay Male / 18

    So I appear as an everyday muslim kid who practices alot, prays alot, reads alot of quran, in fact, I knew reasons why gay marriage and sex were sinful but i had my temptations. It all started when I was alone with my cousin brother at my place and he wanted to watch normal straight porn and I was against it and was trying my best to make him stop and then he pushed me against my living room couch and started a porno on my flatscreen tv in full volume and he said "Only god knows we are watching this. I'm sure he will forgive us if we repent." And I was thinking at that time that ok, ill give it a try. It was the fella's birthday. So now, i was completely new to pornography and didn't know what to do so i followed the video on pretending I didn't want to watch it and then i slap my cousin push him. He shouts at me saying "Why are you so religious?" And i told him "ill show you why." And i dropped his pants and started sucking his dick like how the girl in the porno was doing it. And me surprisingly, I actually loved it. I kept on doing it and then i stopped and looked back at the screen. Saw the girl hopping on the dick so i copied. I was like "One time wont hurt." It was toght so i got cooking oil and drenched my cousin's cock. He was shocked and shouted I'm not gay but then he loved it when I rode him. And that is how my religious point of view changed. I started becoming blasphemous. I made a jerkin off video
    With the quran on my dick. I fantasized god as the penis and that im a slave created by it to serve it. Roght now. I started praying again but i also suck dick for my satisfaction. Penis is more important to me than god now amd I'm insanely proud and happy about it. Islam is a beautiful religion but not for me. I worship the cock and the cock only and that is how i became a dedicated proud cock slave. Thank you for reading the story of my life.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Before last spring I was a lonely sexually frustrated housewife. My husband works away a lot, so we seldom have sex more than four or five times a month. I love sex and have a healthy appetite for what some might think of as dirty hard sex, but it's the kind of sex I enjoy the most.
    Our two kids are now in full time school, so it left me when I wasn't working in my part time job, able to masturbate when my husband wasn't around, which was pretty much all the time.
    I was masturbating last spring, happily fucking myself with my favorite dildo, watching porn on my lap top. When I saw a face appear at the rear doors to our home. I jumped up and covered up myself, and only then realized who it was. It was a young guy who lives locally to our home, and who sometimes goes off on a tangent. He's called Paul and he's now nineteen. His mental state sometimes gets him into trouble, but he's a real nice guy. Unfortunately for him he cannot be trusted to work, so he gets a lot of time to himself.
    Paul's size and build often frightens people as his only past time before meeting me, was lifting weights and exercising. But it wasn't Paul's build per say I was drawn to, looking at him stood at our patio doors. It was the size and thickness of his cock he held in his right hand.
    If and I genuinely mean this, I'd been having more sex with my husband than we'd been having, I wouldn't have got up and walked naked to those doors that day. But it had been over two weeks since I'd had any sexual contact with my husband and I was still desperately horny from playing with myself. Getting to the patio doors, I saw a model helicopter on our back lawn and a remote control unit by Paul's feet. He'd obviously flown his toy into our garden and saw me masturbating.
    Opening the door staring at his huge cock, I asked Paul if he was ok. He responded by saying in a quiet way "I think I am, I'd like to taste you". It's not the best chat up line I'd ever heard, but it was straight to the point.
    Taking the young man by his hand, I lead him inside and over to our large couch where I'd been fucking myself. Lying down, I spread my legs and was about to tell Paul what to do. I didn't need to tell him.
    Kneeling down on the lounge floor, Paul moved my legs apart even further, put his head between my legs and sniffed at my pussy. Smiling up at me as if to give me a positive note, he bent down lower and began to give me what became over half an hour of orgasms and the best cunnilingus I've ever had in my life.
    I'm not sure where he learned how to lick, tongue and suck a woman's pussy and clit before, but I was so taken with his oral abilities I came five times from his seemingly expert ways. In the end I had to beg him to stop and to fuck me.
    Raising his head he asked me if he was doing it right. The huge smile on my face and the fact I was urging him to put his massive cock into me, persuaded him he'd done more than ok.
    I knew I should have had him wear a condom, but they were upstairs and I desperately wanted him to be inside me. More to the point I wanted his massive tool fucking me. Turning over, I presented Paul with my pussy thinking he'd slam that enormous piece of man meat up my pussy, but Paul the so called "slow guy" had other ideas. As quickly as I've ever been entered there, Paul slid his mammoth cock up my arsehole in one go. It was like apoker being forced into my arse and it fucking hurt. Turning to face him, I was going to say something, but seeing the look of pure extasy on his face I turned back around and just gritted my teeth.
    I only had to grit my teeth for a little while though, as I'd often been fucked in my arsehole in the past. Paul's cock however and I'll let you know just how big it is shortly, was stretching me like never before. Telling me I was a dirty woman, he began to fuck me like I was a rag doll. And I absolutely couldn't get enough of his huge cock fucking me.
    We fucked doggy, missionary, me on top after getting him to remove all his clothing and then finally I had him spoon fuck me on the rug near the fire. I'd cum I don't know how many times from his cock being so so deep up my arse, I was totally knackered sexually. So when he finally came filling my rear fuck hole, pumping load after load up me, I was ready for a rest.
    Looking at the clock, I realized it was almost time for the kids to be finishing school. Getting Paul to clean himself up, I asked him if he'd call by the day after. When he left with his remote control helicopter, I knew he'd be back the next day. Climbing the stairs as if I'd been fucked by a horse, I took a quick shower, dressed and went to pick up the children.
    The following day, right on time, Paul was at our rear patio doors again. Letting him in I walked us up to my bedroom, got him and me undressed and then had a little fun with his fully erect cock. Sucking him for the first time I had trouble taking in even half of his enormous cock. When it was fully erect, I got out a tape measure used for measuring clothing and slid it along his pulsating dick. My husband's cock measures a little under six inches when erect. Paul's impressively massive cock was a little over eleven inches long, and six and a half inches around.
    Looking pleased with himself when I told him it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen, we went on to have over two hours of sex. Again Paul took his time giving me cunnilingus, licking my labia's and clit, and then sucking all of my pussy into his mouth. before he spread my pussy with his cock. He pounded away at my pussy for ages, making me cum all over his cock more than once. He fucked my arsehole too, not giving me a moments rest.
    When Paul came deep inside me this time though, I had him tongue me out until he'd swallowed every drop he could from my arse. We stayed in bed kissing and playing with each others sex and Paul asked me if I would continue to let him fuck me. His answer came the next day and the next. Only my husband returning from a trip abroad stopped us fucking for another week.
    It hasn't stopped us fucking altogether though, as when my husband is away now, I text Paul on his new phone, a phone I've taught him how to use. And we arrange a time when he can call round. I know to him I'm just an older woman he can empty his balls into. But to me he's my sexual life line, and the reason my kids still have a mum and dad in the same household.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    Back in my college days I was trying to date a girl who room with a married lady in her late 20's. The married lady was finishing her college degree to be a teacher. She stayed in the dorm 4 nights a week then stayed weekends with her family. Those days men weren't allowed in female dorms but it was easy to get in and out. I ranked the girl I was chasing a tease. I had only sucked her tits but not allowed below the waist. The married roommate would fake sleeping when we were necking. One night when I went to the room my girlfriend had gone home and wouldn't return that night. I talked with the married woman for a while. She would bring up the topic of sex often. She had me hard just talking. She finally offered for us the have sex. After two children she had her tubes tied so I could bareback her. I'm not hung like a horse but she said she liked my big dick. She didn't like being on top because she did it all the time with her husband. She liked kissing and fucking at the same time. She bit my toung hard one time when I was coming in her. I had fucked two girls before her and have been married 24 years and the married women is the best pussy I ever had. I crossed paths with her a few times through the years and we just speak and smile and remember the sex we had that year.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Typing from mobile so may be errors.

    Extrem ely upset at myself. I'm a married mother of 2 and have a great husband but lately for some reason have befriended a young man(college age) from work. It began with just lunch and chat and a bit of might flirting. Friday night they changed. Told my gdad stand I had to work late and instead went out to a small pool hall with my friend. We both got drunk and I didn't stop him from putting his hand on my knee then my butt and then eventfully his hand up my dress. We would up in the back seat of his car with me sucking him off and then him fucking me from behind not oncce, or twice but three times. I returned home with my head stand and kids asleep as if nothing ever happened.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I cheated on my husband with a guy from work and several of his friends at the same time. It was a big gang bang. I was invited by my coworker to what was suppose to just be a small party with other people from work. When I showed up to the place I knew something was odd because he was the only coworker there but I stayed thinking that maybe I was early.

    If anyone has ever told you not to drink the punch at a party, it is good advice. I assumed I was in the company of honest people but soon after arriving I felt a little bit strange. Idk what drug was in the punch, or maybe the soda, but it had me super horny and unable to think properly.

    It didn't take long for ten guys to have me naked and less time after that until I was ontop of one guy with another behind me and a third in front. All three of my holes were filled and stretching around their larger than average cocks.

    I was a total slut that day. I sucked and fucked like a wild whore. I did things that I have never done with any man before, including my husband.

    I don't so much feel guilty about cheating because I was drugged. What I feel guilty about is that I enjoyed it very, very much. I enjoyed it so much actually, that I scheduled another "party" with the same coworker and his friends again. I love feeling like a slut surrounded by all those men with cocks ranging from bigger than normal to huge.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    My husband Carl has just left to pick up some beers for him and three of his mates who are round watching the game. Two of his friends went with him on a journey which I know will take at least twenty minutes, but more like half an hour to forty minutes.
    One of his friends Jackson, however stayed behind pretending to visit the toilet just as they were going. I know he was pretending, because right at this minute, he's stood at the top of the stairs naked with a huge erection, waiting for me to finish this.
    He's the geeky one of the group. The one who always seems to get left behind. But once I found out about his special attribute I didn't mind finding myself alone with him.
    In a minute I'm going to join his upstairs and make sure Jackson fucks my mouth, pussy and arsehole with every inch of his ten inch cock. So when the boys get back with the beers, either my pussy or arsehole will be swimming with his gorgeous cum. And Jackson will have a grin on his face knowing he's just fucked the wife of the small cocked man, who's just bought him beers. A win win all round for Jackson and a fantastic fuck for me.
    Here's to large cocked nerdy looking men.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I feel like I have cheated on my wife but I don't think I am responsible for it. I give my wife massages and am pretty good at giving them. A nearby neighbor who is a friend of ours was offered, by my wife, a massage by me. I thought it would be innocent enough but I was still a little concerned. I figured my wife wouldn't have me do this if she thought something may happen. Also the neighbor was married so I was probably just worrying about nothing. I went over to her place and her husband was away so it was just us. She asked where the best place to do the massage would be. I mentioned something like a couch would do. She suggested we just do it on her bed. She told me to wait in the living room as she got undressed. She left and came back with a towel wrapped around her. She led me to her bedroom and pulled the covers off the bed leaving just the sheets. She tossed her towel away and jumped on the bed face down. She was fully nude. I mentioned I only give massages to my wife and this could be awkward. She asked how I massaged my wife and I told her I would get on top of her with a knee on each side of her and her between my legs. She said she didn't have a problem with that. I got on top and she quickly stopped me and told me to get off. She undid my pants and pulled them down along with my underwear. She then removed my shirt and socks leaving my just as naked as her. She got back on the bed and told me to get on top of her again. She mentioned it was more comfortable for both of us this way and there was no need to mention any of it to our spouses. I had my hands all over her back and my cock and balls were pressed up against her ass. It was time to do her front and I told her to roll over. I was getting a view of her tits and pussy and she was getting a good look at my cock. She told me to fuck her. I told her I couldn't. She said she could see I wanted to referring to my hard cock. She spread her legs and told to not disappoint her. I couldn't resist and did as she asked. There we were fucking each other. I never finished massaging her front but she didn't seem to care.
    I left and my wife called her to asked how the massage went. Later my wife told me what she said. She told me the neighbor loved the massage and asked for another. My wife told me that she told her that I would be over there in a few days to give her another one. I knew I should have said NO but I did go over. There wasn't any massage that happened this time and it was basically us have sex again. She was more satisfying than my wife which made her impossible to resist. This went on for months until the neighbors had to move away due to the husbands job.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 47

    its been a good 5 years since i cheated on my husband but sometimes when i think about it i find myself getting so aroused ,i was 41 at the time and my husband had given a job to a young lad who was 19 and quite full of himself but funny with never seen him with a women but he was quite boastfull to my husband about his conquests and having 7 inches which got back to me, my husband would tease him and me a couple of times and one time after wed drunk to much my husband parted my legs just for a split second and said im getting this i laughed it of, it was just a tease as i had white suppenders on later i did have sex with my husband who quicky fell asleep and got this notion in my head to slip downstairs with just a dressing gown on and Arran didnt hesitate and i had to bury my mouth into his neck to contain my gasps and moans he was pushing it so hard up me i didnt come maybe though fear of getting caught but arran came up me and i sucked his cock wanting it but dashed back upstairs and woke my husband who was only to pleased to sink his cock into me .in my head it was still Arran and i was all over my husband coming several times Arran carried on fucking me for several months and i coundnt resist him .alone id allways come and i got a thrill seeing myself in the mirror with my mouth full of his cock he did have a large cock which i have to admit i got of on now i feel the urge coming back on again but we will see. im glad i found this site to share this with and yes of course iv got of on telling you xx

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 42

    Slept at my girlfriend's friend place and everyone ended up drunk and in the same bed. During the night, I woke up and her friend was humping my leg and feeling my body.

    Her underwears were wet and my leg was damp - she was so horned up grinding herself on my muscular body and breathing heavy. I twitched and she continued - she was spooning me and her hands were wondering around my body.

    I decided to remove my t-shirt as I was hot - she stopped for a bit and then I felt her tits and realize that she had removed her pyjamas and was down to her G-string underwear.

    She was feeling my body but never going past my stomach - my cock was hard as a rocket pointing and stretching my boxer shorts. She was grinding my leg, my ass and my entire body with hers.

    I decided to reach back and slide my hand down her vagina and started rubbing her wet cit and fingering her - she was fucking my hand and she must have came in my hand as it was like she had peed in my hand - I was fingering her really deep and rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand - all this, without moving the bed or making any noise to wake up my drunk girlfriend wich is sleeping 6 inch from the action. Her pussy was shaven - it was rally exciting !!!

    The fact that I had made a move, made her reach for my cock and she pulled down my underwears, went diving down the covers and began sucking me quietly and slowly. It was sooooo intense that I blew really quick and what must have been a huge load of cum. She quietly gulped it all and never stopped a minute and continued sucking me.

    She eventually came back up for air lol...she spooned me and we fell asleep.

    The next day she texted me that she almost drowned in my cum ! lol

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