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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    My cheating got me in trouble. I had an affair, lasted over a year. I broke it off because my dirtbag neighbor caught me and threatened to tell my husband. I would have just denied it but he took tons of pictures of the guy coming and going from my house and got pics through our window of me on my knees in front of the guy and on top of him in our kitchen. I begged and begged for my neighbor to delete the pics and promised I'd never cheat again. I broke it off and started asking my husband to move.

    A few months later when my husband was away for a few days, the neighbor came over and told me he still had the pics and he knew I was horny missing all the sex and he wanted to take my guy friend's place. I said no, he said ok but your husband isn't going to like these pictures. Like an idiot I again begged and flirted and all that but the guy wanted something. I said ok just this once.

    I blew him for awhile, hating every minute, let him play with my body, he made me spread my legs so he could finger me and eat me out and acted like a hero because I came. Then he fucked me. He fucked me like he hated me. He is a lot bigger than my husband and my friend and at first what he was doing hurt but eventually it started feeling really good. I didn't want to cum again but I did and then did again. He just kept going, rolling me over and fucking me different ways. Unfortunately he lasted a really long time. I finally had to ask him to finish because I couldn't take it anymore. He just laughed and kept going for awhile longer until he finally came in me. Thank god I'm on birth control.

    So I hated being with him but it was amazing sex so after I was conflicted. One one hand I never wanted to see the guy again, on another I wanted to cum like that again.

    It didn't matter tho because the guy made the choice for me, coming back over again the next two days for more. He snuck out of our house an hour before my husband got home. I had to take a quick shower and act normal. Of course my husband wanted to fuck, I had to act like I was enjoying it but my pussy was too sore and I had cum too much to get any pleasure. I thought it was over then but it wasn't.

    Since then the guy just fucks me whenever he is in the mood. There was a third guy I cheated with because my fucking neighbor made me fuck him a bunch times because "he owed him." The two of them just showed up together and I had to threesome with them. They both liked calling me names and making me swallow their cum or them both cumming on my face or whatever was humiliating.

    These two didn't give one shit about me. The other guy wouldn't take no for an answer and fucked my in my ass which was awful especially because my neighbor decided to fuck my pussy at the same time. They treated me like some sex girl. That guy hasn't been around for awhile but my neighbor still comes over a lot and likes to embarrass me by doing stuff when he's over and my husband is home like stick his hand under my skirt or squeeze my boobs or make me suck him real quick in the kitchen or whatever.

    Be careful if you cheat. You never know what might happen.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My b/f does not now I am doing four other, older people, on the side. I can't help it
    and I can't stop.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    I got married at 19years old. I was raised strict and had little chance of sex with my husband before marriage until 2 months before our wedding. I had been closed off from reality my whole life. The thing is I really enjoy sex. My husband works long hours providing for us and I love him dearly. After marriage I decided to go to college. I wanted to be a nurse. After class one day a classmate hunk said he always wanted to look under long dresses like I always wore. I followed him to the upstairs stairs which is seldom used and he pulled down my panties and had sex with me us both standing. He was big and had a lot of cum. We did this after class the whole semester. He needed pressure relief because he had no girlfriend and I got a big orgasm to feel better all day. The next semester I car pooled to campus with another girl. She had a male friend that started riding with us. I had the hots for him. His week to drive he dropped our lady rider at her car first. I put my feet on the car dash and let my dress fall down. He was married like myself so he knew what I wanted. He stared fondling me. We would find a parking place and he would have sex with me till he would go soft. Usually after two orgasms and I had many. I started student nursing in hospital and I was easy to get with guys in unused rooms. I made good grades but a female overseer told me I get my A grade for nursing but I had to learn how to keep my legs closed. The guys were telling others. I got a job near home so we started a family. I have been loyal since we started a family. It is so easy to get a man to have sex. A lady has to show restraint because it is easy to find a guy to have sex with.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 50

    My first time cheating

    I got married at 19 to a girl my age. We were both virgins when we met. Fast forward 20 years later...

    My wife had always been very conservative in the bedroom, and as the years went by, our frequency for sex really dropped. Once a month became typical. And when I say conservative, I mean to say that she never wanted me to give her oral sex, and the thought of her giving me head was utterly disgusting in her mind. Sex toys? Hell no. And missionary was the only position allowed. Yeah, pretty fucking conservative.

    I worked in a law office. There was a woman that I often worked closely with, and we would sometimes travel together for work. On occasion, those were overnight trips. I'd been lightly flirting with Chris for a while. She was my age, with nice legs, large breasts and beautiful eyes.

    We often talked about love, relationships, sex, etc. I knew she was adventurous in the bedroom. She knew that my wife was odd and conservative.

    On one such work trip, I made the room reservations and requested adjoining rooms. After our usual day of work, we grabbed a nice meal and finished off a bottle of wine together. Back at the hotel, I suggested that we maybe watch some TV together, which she agreed to. After a bit, I suggested a game of strip poker (with cards I had packed for just such an idea), but before either of us lost too many clothes, she decided to stop playing. Damn it! So I thought my chances for fun were over. But she grabbed a miniature from the in-room mini-fridge for us to enjoy, and after I proposed cuddling under the covers, we both got comfortable in bed.

    Admittedly, she was horny just like I was but she didn't want to be the first woman I would cheat with. And she told me so. But she was okay with just sleeping together. The bedroom lights went off for us to fall asleep but I couldn't keep my hands from caressing and rubbing her body. I spooned up tightly against her.

    We were both getting really turned on and I tried to roll her over onto her back to get on top, but she said "no, stop. Are you sure you really want to do this?", to which I responded, "yes, very sure."

    She then took control and got on top of me, a position that I immediately came to call a favorite of mine. She reached behind her to guide my anxious cock into her opening. Her hands went on my chest so that she could grind and thrust with ease on my hard cock. And damn, could she ride! I alternated between squeezing and sucking her tits and grabbing her soft plump ass. I was in heaven.

    After several minutes, I really started to fear coming too soon -- especially since this whole thing was truly a first for me. But I managed to muster stamina and I lasted till she cried out in orgasm. Hearing her sweet words of release, I lost control and climaxed just seconds behind her.

    We collapsed back onto the bed. I thanked her and told her that was awesome.

    God it was awesome. And you have to understand. In over 20 years of marriage, my wife NEVER had an orgasm. I wanted so very badly to give her one, but when your wife won't let you finger her, lick her or use toys on her, plain ole intercourse didn't get her there.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    My best friends husband and I have been having sex for nearly two years. It began when he mentioned she wouldn't alow him to fuck her ass. I told him my husband would never even think of putting his dick up my ass, yet I knew I enjoyed anal sex from other relationships I'd had in the past. One thing lead to another during a barbecue we held and he ended up fucking my asshole in our bathroom. His cock isn't as big as my husbands, yet it is much thicker which immediately had me orgasming from his powerful thrusts up my ass. And we've been fucking ever since. We both know it's not anything other than sex, and mostly anal sex at that. So each week we find time to at least fuck two to three times. Which is made much easier, now they've moved only a few doors away.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'm a business woman married with a 7 year old son, I love my husband I truly do but next door to where I work is this biker that owns his own business and rides his big Harley everyday no matter the weather, he is beautiful older and bald but he is the man, strong bold very intelligent, I literally get wet when I see him even though he is old enough to be my father.
    This one day I could not stop myself from thinking about him, I walked over next door to talk to him it was about 11:45 and I knew at 12pm he leaves for lunch, so I walked in and he greeted me with that awesome smile, I asked him if we could talk and he said yes what's on your mind?

    I told him it was very personal and private and he said ok so should I go ahead and lock up for lunch then? And I said yes please if you don't mind, he locked the door and put out the gone to lunch sign and took me to the back room to his office and oh my god he has a bedroom back there too, I really had some strange thoughts then, we sat down at his desk and he asked me what he could do for me I smiled and started with small talk he poured me some wine and said here relax and tell me why you are here and what you really want.
    I didn't mean to just blurt it right out but I did, I said I want to feel your big dick inside me, I want you to fuck me like you own me, I want you to fuck my face violently and cum down my throat, OMG did I just say that out loud? Yes I did with a smile.

    He said prove it, so I reached for his cock and rubbed it till it got hard as I was taking off my shirt and bra, he pulled me over to him and started sucking on my breast and squeezing the other one, I undone his pants and took a hold of his massive cock and started sucking it swallowing it until I could actually feel my throat pulling down on it as if I had swallowed food, that has never happened before, he stood me up and snatched my pants and panty's off payed me on his bed, pushed my feet up in the air and shoved his huge cock inside me every inch of it, I literally screamed from the pain of his first hard thrust it felt like it was going through guts, my pussy stretched open as if I was giving birth again, he fucked me in every position known to man and then he had me put it in my mouth to suck it as he held my head he shoved it very hard and fast right down my throat and fucked my face until he cum.

    When he finished he lay back in the bed and said, go fix me some coffee and wash out your nasty pussy so I can eat it, I'm going to fuck you again.
    I thought he was just joking, I made his coffee for him handed it to him and reached for my clothes he grabbed my hand and he said, bitch I said to go clean your pussy so I could eat it, I dropped my clothes and went to clean up he drank his coffee and went to pee, he told me to hold his dick and stroke it while he was peeing and put his finger in my ass, when he finished peeing he told me to suck it so I put my mouth over the head of it and he peed in my mouth and told me to swallow it so I Did.

    He told me to get back in bed as he was getting some Vaseline, he got in bed between my legs and had me take the Vaseline and rub his cock real good, I thought he was just going to give me some extra lubricant but he pushed his huge cock inside my ass and I screamed with both pleasure and painI had so many orgasms I was truly weak but then when he finally got ready to cum he took it out and put it in my pussy fucking me very hard until he cum inside me, we lay there for a while then I had to go it was going on 10pm I just knew my husband was going to kill me, I have always been home by 5:15pm and no later but when I got in the car I saw a text from him telling me that tonight he and my son would be late that they were going to the game, thank god.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    Call us weird or perhaps we are simply whores but my mom fucked all of my brother's close friends when they were all in high school. I was too young to join in then but wanted to. Dad was amused by it when he heard about it and did nothing about it. In my case, I have now fucked most of my husband's close friends and not only does my husband not care but he likes to watch and does, sometimes.

    What he does not know and I don't feel like telling him, is that I also fuck some of their wives and one or two are crazier for nasty fucking than I am, and just as closed-mouthed about it. I have fucked a man and his wife separately on the same day and neither knew anything about it. They are keeping their dalliances with me "secret" from each other, providing me with great amusement.

    These are mind games I love to play. I suppose if society were wide open to sex all the fun would go out of it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am 18 and my gf is 16yrs, we both get along very well, in fact both her parents and her younger sister who`s 14 like me a lot , Anne the younger sister is of very curious & inquisitive nature , but I like her , she knows her sister and I have sex

    Last week I went to my gf`s house unannounced , only to find out that she was away, Anne was alone in the house , I didn`t want to wait but Anne insisted I did, she started asking me about how`s sex between her sister and me , I tried to avoid answering but she was persistent, she became more direct, asked me which position we fuck, do I eat her pussy, does she swallow and so on , this made me turn on, had a huge bulge in my pants , Anne noticed it , she asked me if she could see my cock, by this time devil was in me , I said I will only show her if she sucks my cock, in a jiffy she agreed, I got more greedy, I asked her is she will show me her pussy, again she agreed

    Hurriedly I stripped, Anne grabbed my throbbing cock and took it in her mouth, God she was very good , she then took off my cock from her mouth, stripped , laid on her back and spread her legs wide apart , her`s was the juiciest pussy I ever saw , to tease me she began to rub her clit with her middle finger , it was like waving red cloth to a bull , I lost control and took control over her, mounted her and shoved my cock in her already wet pussy, with a sly smile on her face she asked me what am I doing ?? I replied , taking my cock for a heavenly ride

    I fucked her hard , her moans proved she was enjoying , I wanted to cum inside her but sanity prevailed , I pulled out my cock , jerked a bit and came on her tiny boobs , to my surprised I got up and milked my knob with her lips
    In past 7 days have fucked Anne thrice , I hope and pray no one finds this out

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    How to have a happy marriage.

    This started as a comment on another postI i felt many men could benefit from it so i put it here. I have been married over 25 years and happily for us both. The secret for me was I fuck other women but only love her. To be clear fuck I fuck any good pussy i find, and want, and do it without being caught, but only love your wife. The secret is to wholly love your wife, but to see the other women your with as sex on the side not relationships.

    Learn to cheat good and be careful and never let yourself get caught. In thise day and age there are tons of websites that teach you how to cheat well, i never had that, i had to figure it out myself. I was cheating pretty often before I reached year 10 she has no idea. She often tells her friends she got lucky and got one of the last faithful ones and i love her. She has it half right, i love her, and treat her like the queen that she is. But if I get a chance to pound a pussy i know she never know about (say on a business trip, from a secure dating app, a random pick in a bar), i am on it, and is makes me a more satisfied, less greedy in bed, caring supportive husband for her.

    We are over 25 years of marriage, both very happy, we raised kids, built a home, a good life, but in the last 15 or so years i have fucked more women on the side the i could honestly recount. I practice safe sex always, do std screenings, and double and tripple check my process to make sure before I fuck someone that there is no path of discovery back to my wife.

    I bet more guys do this then ever would admit.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Hey this is a follow up to the story about my wife's friend Christina the other day.

    I picked up Christina this morning.
    It's about a ten minute drive to the pools. She got straight to the point saying that her and Mark barely have sex anymore and it's really predictable when they do. She is keen for some excitement and hopes I am too. I feel a bit trapped because I love my wife but I am extremely attracted to Christina and I don't want to ruin the friendship with my wife so I nervously agree.
    "Great she says lets get the kids dressed and happy asap so we can pick up where we left off."
    As soon as we got into the changing room my dick started getting hard. We got out kids dressed and strapped back into their push chairs with an iPad to watch and jumped into the shower makes together.

    Christi nas tits make me crazy. They are so sexy and beautiful at the same time. She immediately began sucking my cock. It was so nice and she was good at it but because we felt rushed I just wanted to get my dick inside her. She lent against the wall and I entered her from behind.
    Oh her pussy felt so sweet. We banged away for a few mins. She groaned as I played with her tits and clit with my hand.
    She came and made the sweetest squeal . I told her I was gonna cum and she said she's not on birth control so don't cum inside so I pulled out and shot on her ass. We cleaned up and hit the pool.

    The whole time she would 'accidentally' brush against my cock or with her tits and we went for round 2 afterwards this time I asked if I could cum on her sweet tits and she let me.

    I can't stop thinking about her it was some of the best sex in my life. I don't know if I should put an end to it or see where it goes. We are making each other very happy but at what cost?

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