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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    His cock is enormous, absolutely massive. Yet he's never been married and because of his looks and apparent creepiness, females don't enjoy his manhood. Well this married bored housewife definitely does now.
    His name's Mike, he's fifty one and he lives right next door to us. And for the last year or so, he's been fucking my mouth pussy and asshole to such awesome orgasms.

    He first fucked me, after he overheard my husband and I arguing about the lack of sex we were having. My husband libido due to drinking heavily had plummeted to next to nothing. So I who loved and adore sex wanted my husband to take care of me sexually. His response was to tell me, I'd get it when he said so.

    Mike the next morning very casually said to me over the fence "If he ain't giving it to you, I will". He said it in a jokey way, but I knew he meant it, and by then I was gagging to be fucked.

    Waiting for my husband to go out and play golf, I walked around to Mike's and asked him if he was being serious. Stepping back into his hallway, he dropped his shorts and showed me the father of all penis's. Even falccid Mike's cock is far bigger than my husband's and it was raising as we stood there. I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you, and within seconds I was on my knees in his hallway snd sucking on his delicious cock.

    Still in his hallway, and kneeling on his stairs, I'd taken my panties off and begged him to give it to me. He said something about it being Christmas when I presented him my pussy and asshole, and slid his cock straight up my already soaking wet pussy.

    Like a kid who'd not had sweets in a long time, he went wild for me and fucked me so hard and so energetically with his huge cock, I orgasmed in a series of very very powerful climaxes. I had hadn't been fucked in over three months and it felt awesome to have his penis so deep inside of me. Plus Mike was going at it like a Jack hammer.
    After only maybe ten minutes, I orgasmed yet again and then felt him thrust into me one more time before his cum shot out deep inside my pussy.

    Pulling out, I moved over and sat there with his cum leaking out of me. Getting me to sit higher up the stairs, he said to not waste it and suddenly went down on me. Licking and sucking away on my pussy and clit, the fifty one year old neighbor of ours sucked in his own cum and swallowed it. And I had another wonderful orgasm just as strong as if he was fucking me.

    We chatted in his front room afterwards and I told him why I'd been so desparate for sex. Mike told me he knew as he'd heard us arguing for months and told me I could visit him whenever I wanted to. For a year now my neighbor has been fucking me whenever my husbands not home. Mike works from home which enables us to have sex every day and I've never been happier in my life. Mike is no Adonis, nor is he going to win any personality contests as he's a quiet guy. But if he was to go into a contest for cock size or sexual ability, then with his eleven inch cock and his super high sex drive, Mike would win hands, or should I say cocks up.

    My husband is happy with his golf and his drinking, and I'm more than happy to have a neighbor like Mike, who fucks me so good. And whenever I want and need his wonderful amazingly awesome penis.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I've had my heart broken and kicked off a bad bout of depression because I couldn't control myself with a guy at work.
    I've been with my fella for 5 years and have a kid together but I recently started working again and instantly clicked with an older guy at work. After a few months he drunkenly text me and we started flirting like crazy within 12 hours we where sexting then within a week I had fake overtime and we got a hotel together. He fucked me so well I lost my hearing and all of our kinks match. We are perfect for each other.
    Except I won't leave my kids dad and he can't deal with the jealousy. Over last night it ended and he wont talk to me today.
    I fucking fell in love with this guy but I'm a coward and a scum bag and so I've hurt him and me.
    But my kids are happy and my bf will never know.
    So now I'm stuck with the guilt and the loss of a relationship that I can't greave properly because I have no one to talk to about it.
    It's all my fault and I deserve to feel like this but I can't cope in the slightest.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    He sits there stroking that enormous cock of his and knows I'm watching. Sometimes he's in their back garden stroking one off, other times he's in his parents dining room. He opens the blinds then, and is always naked looking directly into our back bedroom. His young body (I guess around eighteen) is lean and muscular. Yet it's his good looks and his huge cock that transfixes me daily.
    At first I just watched and maybe touched myself, but now I undress completely and masturbate along with him. He in turn stares at my pussy as I frig myself, and strokes quicker and quicker. Eventually he shoots a large amount of cum, either on the seat in their garden, or all over the floor in the dining room, and it sends me over the edge making me orgasm so hard each time.
    It's only a matter of time I guess until we meet, or I invite him around when my husbands working. I want his youthful body and his cock, and I want him to fuck all my holes.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 40

    I did something I now regret but may do again. I had sex with my brother in law in the garage while hubby was sleeping in bed.
    I justify it by telling myself hubby has a 6 inch penis and I've heard his brother had 9 inches and I wanted that big tool buried deep inside me.
    It was late one night. Hubby passed out kinda early. I wasn't ready for bed. He kissed me goodnight and went to bed.
    I was only wearing my robe as usual.
    I made a cup of tea and sat at the kitchen table.
    My brother in law came home from work. I made him a cup of tea and we started chatting.
    Time flew by and we had been taking for a hour.
    He says can I ask you something, I say sure. He says what is something I don't know about you. I can feel my face get warm and I get quiet then I say I've always thought you were hot.
    I said ok now you, what is something I don't know about you.
    My insides explode in 3 2 1.......
    He says I daydream quite often of you on your knees sucking my big cock.
    My mouth dropped open. I look back to make sure hubby is not in the room.
    I slap his arm and nervously laugh.
    I get up to rinse out my tea cup. He is behind me kissing my neck.
    I move away, I say let me go check if he's still sleeping. Big mistake in 3 2 1......
    I say meet me in the garage.
    Hubby is still sleeping. I sneak out to the garage. When I walk in my brother in law says why are we here. I say maybe this is where dreams happen.
    He closes the gap between us and softly says on your knees. I obey. He slowly unbuttons and unzips his pants. He drops them with his underwear. Omg that tool is massive. It has to be bigger than 9.
    I start to shy away, he says I know it's bigger than what you're used to but I'll be gentle.
    His daydream came true. I was on my knees sucking his dick. He shot his load down my throat. I gagged. He pulled me up and kissed me. He untied my robe, told me to turn around and lean on the table.
    As soon as he entered me I was in heaven. It was so filling, I came within minutes.
    After many orgasms from me he whispered do you trust me.
    I said yes and that big dick was rubbing on my ass. I felt cold liquid and his finger slide in. I told him I wasn't ready for that big thing in there. I was an anal virgin.
    He smiled and said let me show you real heaven. Lean more forward and relax. I did and it was a struggle but slowly that big thing was all the way in my ass.
    He started slowly. He then asked are you ready, I said yes. He said hold on. He started fucking my ass fast. I was playing with my clif and I came so hard. He came in my ass and we cleaned up with some towels.
    Every once in a while he will qink at me and say garage but we have never gone back.
    It's been 6 months. I won't do anal with hubby. I really think one night I'm going to say garage to my brother in law.
    I need to be fucked.
    Sex with hubby is plain.
    Ugh. The struggles in life.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    This happened about a year ago. I (22F) lived with my roommate (also 22F) for a few years.
    It wasn't really by choice and she was always a c**t to me, so I looked for ways to get under her skin whenever I could.

    One time her boyfriend (20M) came over when she was out shopping with her friend. I invited him inside because the few times he was around we had a really good time just talking and having fun, so I didn't mind having him around.
    I had been flirting with him before just to piss off my roomie (it worked very well, she was angry for days about it) but I didn't really plan to make a move, and I didn't expect him to either.
    They were only dating for like 2 months maybe so it's not like they were really steady yet but he did seem like the loyal type.

    So we were alone, we started chatting and had a drink and at one point he said "I'm actually glad we have some time alone". I tested just how far he was willing to take the flirting...within minutes we were making out and he was fingering me.
    I gave him a little striptease and gave him a blowjob and then told him to wait while I went into my roomie's bedroom. I quickly changed into the sexiest bra & panties I could find (not easy, most of it was just boring undies) and put on one of the dresses I know she wore to one of their first dates.
    It was even hotter to me because her tits are smaller than mine so it made me look even sluttier. When I went back to the livingroom he practically jumped me. He fucked me from behind on the couch and then we went into her room where we fucked on her bed missionary.

    The next day when I came back from work she was packing her things. I'd never seen her so angry before. She broke up with him and left to stay with her sister for a few weeks before she found another place to stay. We haven't spoken since.

    But the real confession is that I don't feel bad about it at all. I don't really approve of cheating but things just happened and it felt so good to get back at her.
    The feeling that he enjoyed me more than her was so fucking hot. It felt so good to get fucked on her bed by her boyfriend.

    I know some people will probably think I'm a terrible person but I don't care. It was the best sex I've had and driving her out felt almost as good.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 37

    The couple next door separated, he left to live with his new girlfriend and the wife kept the house. The burden of the outdoors kept her busy, she didn't have enough money to pay for a lawn service. But she kept on, insisting of making a go of it. The afternoon in question was hot, I was watering running the hose and sprinklers, she was mowing the heavy spring grass, sweating her shirts stuck to her. I couldn't watch so I went over and told her go sit down and I would finish the front. Her shirt was wet with sweat, her nipples pushed hard against her shirt. She noticed and became embarrassed, I said what I thought but didn't filter, no need to be ashamed of nice tits.

    Once done she asked me how I could help her. I asked for a beer but she didn't have any, she had iced tea so I followed her inside. The rooms were half furnished or empty. I drank my tea staring at her tits. She held her arms across her chest, I took her hands and opened her arms and looked at her tits. I reached for her shirt tail and lifted her shirt over her tits, her dark nipples against her thin bra. Her shorts came off and so did mine. No words, she crossed her legs but her undies came off along with my boxers.

    My hard dick stared at her, I took her hand and had her hold my dick. Down she went and sucked looking for approval. Not wanting to give up her pussy I stood her up and took her in my arms from behind pushing over to the kitchen table, she bent over and got fucked. It was glorious. Three in the afternoon, banging her. We got done, we went outside, I turned off my hose and put her mower away. I had a new job, yard duty, and she had a new man to fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 45

    I've have always been faithful to my wife through the 23 yrs we have been married. Having said that yes I never physically cheated but would many times masturbate while looking at porn or think my wife was someone else when having sex. Then I met her. I was on a phone chatline talking to woman and Andrea a woman just 20 miles from me came on. She was 19 with one daughter and single. She was very lonely for the dad of her daughter was watching her for the weekend and we started to talk. As we talk I found out a little more that she was very horny and was in need of a man. I was home alone and my wife was with a friend. I work for myself and clients can call anytime so I had an alibi and told her I would be over. I arrived to this little apartment and when I entered I saw she was about 5' bleach blond hair with blue eyes. She lead me to the living room and when I sat down she sat on my knees facing me and we started to kiss. Soon after she took her top off and I was looking at the most beautiful boobs. They were a small C with very small nipples. She moaned as I sucked on them. Soon after she got on her knees took out my cock and sucked it so soft and sweet. I finally told her I wanted to see her pussy and she took my hand and led me to her room. Picture this, a beautiful blonde teen with no shirt jeans leading a 45 yr old married man with his dick as hard as cement sticking out of his jeans to her bedroom. Hey it happen and it wasn't long before we were nude and I was between her legs with my tongue licking and tasting her young pussy. She liked to talk dirty and kept asking me if I loved that shaved pussy. I told I wanted to fuck her and I entered bareback. I didn't know where she was on her cycle. We never talked about it but she never said no. It was so good my wife could have walked in and I would have continued. She was mine and I was going to finish. She was somewhat noisy saying our names like we were married ?& Andrea ? She came several times until I exploded my load deep in her. We hurried got dresses and I left. It never happened again our little secret. And no she didn't get pregnant and she told me later she wasn't on the pill

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    Hello everyone. My name's Wendy, I'm thirty six, slim, have large firm breasts and I have a sexual appetite well above my husbands abilities. It never used to be that way, but he is forty nine and his powers of sexual recovery usually take up to a week after we've fucked. I on the other hand require sex far more than that.
    Toys, fingers and a girlfriend were my way of controlling my urges for a while, but once she moved away, I felt I needed that human touch again. I know and I'm trying to be conceited here, that I'm attractive and I also know and have known many men and women have wanted sex with me in the past. So over the past two years, realising my husband could not keep up with my needs, I've had many many one night stands, quickies, instant sexual liaisons, call them what you will, but I've had at least one sexual encounter a week over that time.
    Supermarkets, shops, walking through parks, the local library, a cinema with my husband still watching the movie, and of course pubs and bars. Actually as many places as you can think of generally, I've met and have had sex with both men and women. I always carried condoms and wet wipes, but now I always make sure I have time in the afternoons to enjoy a more indulgent sexual time, as a hotel owner who's wife I'm having regular with, lets us have a room together. He's not interested as he's well past any sexual need, but his wife who's like myself, much younger than her husband enjoys pussy as much as she does cock.
    In the last month however, I've met a younger guy called Sam who my husband employs to drive one of his work vans. He's twenty two, extremely well endowed and a virile young dirty bastard. My husband had him picking up materials from the yard next to our home on an almost daily basis. With text messaging it's been easy to arrange when he's calling by, and we invariably have half an hours sex before he goes back to work.
    I know all this is cheating on my husband, but I have a sneaky feeling he knows all about my extra marital sex. Why else would he arrange for me to travel overnight with Sam to a music event, and he travels the following day. Plus and this is something I found out only yesterday, he's been making sure Sam drives over each day of late to our home for materials, materials he's already got on his jobs.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 51

    This 51 yr old lonly Mississippi housewife got the surprise of a lifetime. Today I was sexting with a stranger whom I met here with my confession of being lonely and looking for a sex buddy. He said his name was Carl that he lives close by. As we texted he asked for a nude pic so I sent him a picture of my big titties. He said that he was going to suck the life out of them. So he asked was it true that my pussy was shaved and pierced I said yes and sent him a couple of pics of my shaved pussy. He asked for some direction to my house,so I gave it to him. Carl said that he would be here in 10 minutes so I went and put on a sexy nightie,so when the door bell rang I got nervous as I went to open the door. When I did I got a surprise for it was my husband standing there. He didn't say a word picked me up off of the floor and carried me to the bed,where he laid me down and fucked me like a stranger would have done. My pussy swallowed his dick up to his balls,as we both had orgasms at the same time.after about an hour of intense sex my husband thanked me for best fuck of lifetime,he simply gave me a kiss and left

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    After hearing (Wrongly) that my husband had screwed a bar maid when he and some friends went on a trip abroad, I thought I'd get even. The very same night I was told he'd cheated on me, I went out with a girlfriend and eventually got drunk. We ended up in a back street bikers bar, infamous for all the wrong guys being in there. Within half an hour I was sucking on the cock of a really nasty (Reputation wise) individual, but one who's cock was massive. Unfortunately to me at the time, I made him cum all too quickly, so I flirted with his cute son. He too as I found out outside, had a whopper of a cock, but unlike his father, he stayed hard, available and ready to fuck me. Which he did for nearly quarter an hour up against and over his motor cycle. It was I have to say, in my merry state as I was at that time, some of the best sex I've ever had and he made me climax three times by fucking me so wonderfully well.
    Back inside the bar, my friend and I continued to drink and I got steadily drunker and drunker. This is something I was told by my friend the following day. I apparently in the bar itself, sucked off yet another biker, and then went back outside for seconds with the young man.
    With the mother of all hangovers, my friend text me midday and told me all about what I'd gotten up to, and to contact a mate of my husband's. I did and found out it was he who'd fucked the bar maid. My husband being as he said he was, in a casino gambling.
    Now I don't know what to do. Tell my husband everything, or keep quiet and hope the son of the biker I had sex with doesn't say anything. I say this because he just so happens to sometimes work with my husband.
    My other concern is the memory of just how amazing the sex was with him. And since the night at the bar, all I've thought about is his huge beautiful cock and imagined him fucking over and over again.

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