My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    My husband will murder me if he finds out our latino handyman had his way with me. I enjoyed it so much since I haven't been had roughly in about 6 years. My 48 year old husband can't get an erection even if my life depended on it. I feel bad, but I loved being had once again. My c**t sure as hell missed being pounded. I will fuck my handyman again.

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    Im 27 yrs old. Im married to a not so great guy that loves me so much. He's very dominant and always trying to have me on check and just checking my every move, its starting to annoy me. His dominance is starting to piss me off so damn much. Sooooo at work I have a great friend. A very nice respectful guy friend (which if my hubby found out about would kill me) named Chris, hes really sweet, respectful, talkative amd makes me feel great. Last week at work our boss invited us to an all payed dinner for all the employees, and even payed for an open bar tab. So anyways I told my husband I was having a girls night out, I begged him to let me go. When my husband finally agreed I left quickly before he changed his mind. Any who, when I got to the restaurant Chris greeted me and asked if I would join him on a drink. I agreed and we talked and talked and drank some wine. I didnt want to get drunk but had a nice buzz going. I started getting cold since we were on an outside bar and Chris had offered me his jacket he left in his car. When he was about to go get his jacket I followed him and he knew I was up to somethinv but he was playing he didnt notice. I said it would be better if he kept me warm inside his car. I knew my husband would kill me but he didnt have power over me at that particular moment. When I got into Chris car with him I started kissing him all over and said the hell with my husband. Chris tried to stop me out of respect but I over powered him and he gave in. To my surprise he has a big cock, bigger than my husband's. I rode him so hard that his eyes rolled back in pleasure. We have been having an affair for 3 months and I now plan on leaving my husband for Chris, hes what I really want.

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    I have been married 17 years and i can't tell you i have always been faithful. I have not had any real affairs but i have done the occasional stripper or escort on occasion but nothing with emotional connection.

    My neighbor from 3 doors down recently moved his girlfriend (who is about 40ish) and her daughter (about 18ish in). I often stop and talk to them after work because they usually are all outside smoking or having a BBQ or whatever. I had a few beers with them but they are just causal acquaintances at best. Karen the mom has great tits, they are huge and for her age very firm. Her daughter is small breasted and really thin but real country girl kind of cute. Needless to say they both have given me something to jerk off when i am alone too but that is as far as it went.

    Well, until one, I came home and found Karen crying and drinking a bottle of wine. Since I knew my wife was still working i stopped and asked what is wrong.

    After some small chat and apologizing for being all sappy she says, "He is never going to marry me." I asked her why she felt that way and she said he promised to marry her if she moved in but now he always has an excuse and it has been 3 months and there is no plans. She said, she thought about leaving, but she had no place to go having had gave up her apartment like a fool and she had to think of the welfare of her daughter. She said she was angry and hurt and wanted to get back at him.

    I looked down at her 3/4ths empty wine bottle and said, "I have and idea."
    "What do you mean", true to her blonde hair and big tits stereotype she was stupid as rocks, i could see how he got her to move in.
    "Is anyone else home??", i asked.
    She said no Jill her daughter was working at a fast food restaurant and he worked late on Thursdays. I told her i had 45 minutes of so before my wife got home and she finally clued in. She took me inside and we fucked like mad in his bed for 30 minutes before i had to rush home. And wow to my surprise her tits were real and they bounced so nice as she road me. And i must admit Karen was a great fuck and we both got off nicely.

    A couple days later i got to thinking how good it was decided i wanted more. But this time she was not drunk and went on about it being a mistake. Try as i might i could not get her to fuck me again but i did guilt her in to a topless blow job in exchange for me not bothering her anymore after this. I really wanted to see her great tits again and this was my chance. I was suppose to pull out of her mouth and pop on her tits but since i knew this was likely my last time with her either way gave her no warning and popped in her mouth and she gagged and spat it out. She was so pissed off but what was she gonna do??

    What i did not know is Jill her daughter came home while her mom was blowing me. She did not say anything but had saw us. After i left the house she came out behind me, and said much too loud, "Hey Joe, you want more?? Unlike my mom i do swallow." I motioned for her to get in my car that was parked out front. And Jill explains that Karen's boyfriend had no plan to marry her and he only moved them in because she Jill had been fucking him for a year and she wanted easier access. So now Jill screws both her moms boyfriend and me. I don't know about him, but i do her at a cheap motel i know and i use a condom unless she is swallowing. And she was telling the truth, she does swallow. So far i have been doing about twice a week all summer long.

    It is pretty hot having fucked both a mother and daughter. I dream of someday getting them together. I have tried to talk Jill into it but she says there is no way she is doing her mom, but she consider another girl her age. One can dream.

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    I am happily married sunday school teacher with 2 teen daughters.
    After school I dropped my girls off to be with their friends at the mall. After they walked saftly inside with their friends I pulled into a parking space to do some reading.(thought I might stcik around until they called, even though they would rather I went home( you know how teens are) A car pulled in next to me. I thought nothing of it at first, I was reading after all. Then I looked down and could see nothing but a mans arm moving up and down. I suspected what it was but I was curious.I looked closer and it was a young black man stroking his dick in his car. I wondered if he knew I could see him. I also wondeed if he wanted me to watch.I pretended to still be reading but I was acually watching him stroke his rather large dick. I admit my pussy was getting wet. I slipped my hand down under neath my skirt, and rubbed my clit. I eventually took my paties off and placed them into my purse. I was enjoyng it, it was harmless, not realy cheating and know one had to now. I got another peek at him stroking his dick just before I closed my eyes and felt myself even more. My pussy was very wet. All of a sudden I heard him say "you liken this??" I turned and he was looking directly at me with his dick out stroking it. "dare you to follow me" he said. His music got loud as he drove very slow. I thought about it, drove behind him. He drove behind some dumpsters near the mall's back alley way. I thought maybe he would simply stroke more or somthing I would watch or even think about later while my husband and I have sex. He got out of his car the music was still a bit loud for my taste. He signaled me to get out so I did. He kept his dick out and he was so har still( unlike my husband). He stood very close to me and pressed his dick against me. He placed my hand on his dick( (havent felt another mans dick other than my husbands since mmy bachlorette party at that was along time ago)My hind knew exactly what to do I stroked him. I said in a serious tone"suck it" I got on my knees and started sucking. I licked every inch it was huge, I sucked his balls and his shaft, I licked his vein and love how it felt in my mouth. Then he pulled it out of my mouth and slapped my face with it.( I don't know why that made me even more hot) He popped it in my mouth and fucked my mouth. He pulled me up and spun me around. I said" I shouldnt do this" I bent me over his hood we were hidden out of sight because of the position of the dumpters and the alley way. He foreced it into my pussy. It was so big. He filled up my entire pussy. He fucked me hard It felt so good being fucked like this. I loved feeling his balls slap against my clit.He fucked me harder than I ever have been fucked. He pulled my hair and called my bitch and slut. This was the first time in my life I liked being treated like a slut. He fucked me like I was a whore and I loved it. He even had me saying that I was a dirty little slut. My pussy gushed I came over and over. I felt his cock throb inside of me and with out warning he held me by my hair and I sun aroun in front of him he started fucking my mouth like a pussy. I tatsed my own pussy it was slick all over is black cock. He started cumming as I sucked him. He made a fist with my haird and fucked my mout cumming filling my outh with cum, I swallowed all I couldit dripped from my outh and down my blouse. He He jacked the rest of his cum into my mouth as I opened it to recieve more of it. He put his cock back in his pants and got bakc into his car. I could still hear his music as he drove away.
    I got back into my suv cleaned up my mess that was between my tits and straightend my hair. Drove back to the parking spac werre I started from. I had to breath in a relax form what just happened. I dont consider myself a slut but it felt so good being a slut for a bit.
    My daughters called and I pcked them up at the front of the mall as if nothing happened.. the girls have noticed that my musical taste have changed a bit.
    This is my confession I feel better getting it off my chest. I admit I think about do it over and over.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I am 31 and have a 2 year old. We have a babysitter. She is 15. She started babysitting when she was14. We took her up to our trailer last summer. We all went to the pool for a swim. My wife and son stayed at the pool. While I took the babysitter back to the pool so she could change and I could start the bbq. She went in the bathroom to change and she didn't lock the door right. When I walked in the trailer I saw it opened a bit. So I walked in pretending I didn't know she was there. She was totally naked. Her tits were so nice and when she turned to grab a towel her ass pressed against my cock. I was rock hard knowing full well what I was doing once I noticed the bathroom door open.
    She turned around real quick and was in shock. I said sorry and left. When she came out she was beat red. She apologized and said she thought she locked it. I told her its ok it can be a little tricky.

    Later that night while we had a fire going. My wife went to lay down and try to get the baby to sleep. 45 minutes later I went to check on them. They were fast asleep. I came back to the fire. Started to talk to the babysitter about earlier. She said she was fine and that it was a mistake. She did ask me if I was hard like that because of her

    I just said sort of. And that she is very pretty.

    She said she felt how hard I was and that her boyfriend gets hard when they fool around but hes not as big. I asked her if she has had sex with him,
    she said no she only jerks him off through his clothes she said she has never seen one before. She told me she was scared to jerk him off because she never did it before. I offered to let her see mine. I told her we can go in the van. Si told her this way she won't be scared of her bfs. So we went in the van. I took it out it was semi hard. Looked at it and asked if she could touch it. I went rock hard in seconds of her touching it. I had precum starting to drip out. She thought she made me cum. I told her what it was she was feeling it in her hands and then she tasted it. She said it's not as bad as she thought it would be. She started jerking me off.
    I told her if she wanted to learn how to give a bj I would show her. She was nervous about it, then she leaned down and put it in her mouth I told her to just suck on it like a sucker.
    she stared sucking my cock. I told her how to move and how to use her tongue.

    I never said anything about when I cum. I just grabbed her head and pushed it down a bit. I told her someone was coming and don't move.
    I was the one cumming. I shot a huge load down her throat. She jumped up really quick and said she was sorry she didn't mean to make me do that

    I said its ok we will practice and another night.

    The next few nights we got in the van and she gabee blow jobs. I convinced her to let me finger her and suck her tits. I told her the precum is to make it easier for a guy to go into her. On Friday nights my wife plays bingo at the camp building. So once I knew she was gone I laid the babysitter down on the bed of the trailer. I put my wet cock at the Virgin lips of her pussy. I made it wet with my precum.
    Then I told her to play with it as it would be easier to now that it was wet. She said it hurts abit so I told her its not wet enough. I put my head of my cock back on her little pussy

    then I purposely told her that I have to close the curtains behind her. She looked back at the curtains and o pushed my rock hard cock into her. She started to scream abit so I told her to be quiet or we will get caught. I told her to bite on her shirt and just wait until the pain stopped. I started out slow but once I was going to cum I really fucked her hard.
    I wanted to make sure I got as deep as I could. I knew that I would be her first and I was the biggest cock she would have compared to the guys her age. I filled her pussy full. Then I asked her to suck me off right after.

    now some times when she babysits I drive her home and we have sex in my van. She has told me that she has had sex with her bf but he doesn't feel like I do. And he doesn't get as deep. I cum in her almost all the time. I just hope she doesn't get pregnant

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    well it was a long time ago me and my wife were not getting along to well my wife's friend used to send her young kids over to stay at our house just to get a break when there 11 or 12 year old son would stay over my wife would decide to sleep on the couch .and he would sleep on a homemade bed on the floor everytime he slept over she would sleep out there with him.we were not having sex but thought nothing of it she would wear a nightie no bra still thought nothing of it one night i went out to get a drink i thought i saw her rapidly moving he slept on the floor next to the t.v. she appeared to be changing t.v. channels manually but we had a remote??this made me think i wonder if something is going on??could she be sitting on top of him then when i came out got off and moved to the t.v.??after that i set up recordings after i left for work i set up a old cassette deck but made to much noise to decipher what was happening he was with her all day while i was at work question ??could a boy of 11 or 12 have a big enough penis to please a grown woman??would like some feedback on this.i always had a fantasy of my wife making love to another man but not a boy what do you think?? responses please

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    Ok so I am 34 &my husband is 38.he has a slight drinking problem. He drinks at work and has been caught a couple of times. Just after new years we had a party at our house. Some friends came over and some guys from my husband's work. One of them being a young black guy who is the boss.
    he is about 24 he became boss because his dad owns the company.
    We were all talking and he found out that I am a house wife. Well a week after the party my husband's boss
    Marcus came to the house during the day. He told me that he has caught my husband drinking at work and that he was thinking about letting him go
    I begged him not to because we would loose everything. Marcus made me agree to have sex with him twice a week. So since January I have been sleeping with him two to three times a week.

    Three weeks ago Marcus shows up for one of our meetings with a 125 pound roti. I asked him what he was doing here with the dog.
    he said
    your going to fuck him.
    I said I dont think so
    he threatened to fire my husband then.
    so after fucking Marcus, I got down on all fours and started sucking Marcus off. This dog started licking me on my pussy. He was licking for about ten seconds and then jumped on my back I went to get up amd Marcus pushed me down.
    Let BUSTA fuck you
    I looked up at him, he was dead serious. The whole time busta was trying to enter me.
    As I bent down the dog slipped into my pussy. I couldn't believe it
    I was fucking this dog just so my husband could keep his job. He started fucking me hard amd fast. I could not believe it. He was huge. He went for a good 20 minutes. I came at least three times. My husband was lucky to make me cum once. Marcus usually made me cum all the time but this dog made me a few times. And every time Marcus came over after that he brought his dog
    One of the problems is Marcus stopped using condoms since he brings his dog
    I am scared to fuck him now. But I am addicted to the dog. I even find myself texting Marcus to see if he is coming over and to bring the dog.
    He has been over three to four times a week since. I cant get enough of the dog. How do I stop this I love my husband. But because he drinks im addicted to beastality

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    Straight Female / 30

    I am married to a good man. I havent been unfaithful well except in my mind. I had no real intention on doing what I did it just happened.
    My husband and I went to the beach and stayed in a nice hotel with a beautiful view of the beach. We had dinner at a great place, my husband had a little too uch to drink. We walked back to our room. He continued to drink even more. We walked past a club on the beach were he stopped and kissed me. We went up to our room and we kissed and I sucked his dick on the bed. He shot cum in my mouth then rolled over and fell asleep. (too much to drink.) I walked to the balcony. I could hear the music from the club. My husband got me horny and mad at the same time. I made up my mind I was going to the club and have a good time.
    I walked back down to were the club was. I walked in. I was amazed at all the hot men and young girls and how they were al so sexual. I walked to the dance floow and immediatly I was joined by a very handsom young guy that was not wearing a shirt and behind me a guy started grinding me. I was really enjoying the attention and I admit it made me pretty wet.but that was as far as I was going to go. I consider myself strait but when saw girls kissing I got wet. Out of the blue the guys that were dancing(well grinding me) started kissing my neck and my lips. I loved his tongue in my mouth. That was as ar as I was going to go. I am married. I left the dance floor and went to the bar to get a drink, they just gave me my drinks for free.I flet a hand rubb my leg and my was one of the guys from the dance floor..I think. They both were there and they both kissed me and felt of my breast and rubbed my pussy right there. That was as far as I was going to go. Then one fingered me it was amazing I was soaking wet. I had to walk out of this place . that was as far as I was gong to go. On my way to my room the guy meet me and kissed me for the last time, somthing to remember..I found myself being fingered by one and he other sucking my nipples. My back was against the wall of the hotel near some pic nick tables. I got on my knees and sucked both of their cocks. I promised this was as far as I was going to go... Then I sat on the pic nic table top. I opened my legs and One of the guys put my legs over his shoulders and started fucking me.The other fucked my mouth with his cock. It felt wonderful. I tounrd and bent over the pic nic table and they both took turns fucking me. They fucked me harder than I have been fucked my whole life. One pulled out and shot cum on my ass. The other let me get on my nees and fucked my titties until he shot cum. they both let me suck them until I could enjoy all their cum. They wanted my number or a way to get intouch with me. I told them this was as far as I am going to go. They walked away I rubbed the cum into my skin, fixed my skirt and blouse(couldnt find my panties) went back to my room to find my husband sound asleep. I took a long bath and layed next to my sweet husband.

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    Straight Female / 29

    A couple of hours from now my husband will arrive home, expect his meal to be cooked and then no doubt after a few beers he'll fall asleep watching some golfing programme. It used to bother me, it used to really wind me up as I'd make every effort to look nice for him. I'm still relatively young, fit and if I so say so myself, still a able to turns mens heads as I walk past. The reason I say it used to bother me was now I simply don't care if his beer and golf keep all of attentions and sexual energy. That's because three months ago I met guy who's in his early forties, one who can keep taking me to one orgasm after another with his awsomely thick long cock. He knows my husband too, well he should do he's our new neighbor and only an hour ago he walked out of our bedroom after giving me a whole afternoon of pussy and anal fucking. Most of his cum as I type this, is still deep inside my asshole, just how I like it now, as my husband gives a peck on the cheek as his meal arrives, I'll be thinking of the service I've had on our marrital bed.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am such a slut. My husband decided to change careers and had to go away for 6 months for training. He only comes home on the weekends. He is always really horny and we have sex multiple times until he leaves. It is good, but the best sex I have is during the week with my 55 year old neighbor. He is divorced and I go over every weeknight and sleep with him. He makes me feel in ways I have never thought possible. He ravages my body and I fucking love it. I love his big thick dick and the way he takes me. I wish my husband was dominate like him.

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