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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    I have been married for 20 years. I am the submissive to my master..who is married to someone else. One night, while his wife was out of town, he brought me back to his home. In his finished basement, he had a blanket set out on the floor. He had me take my boots, skinny jeans, and panties off.

    "Bend over," he commanded.

    I bent and grasped my ankles.

    Smack! His hand cracked against my ass. Again and again. I moaned as my puss flooded with moisture.

    "D o you like that, slave? Is this what you want?"

    "Ohh, yessir," I moaned deep in my throat as he continued smacking me. His spanking got harder and harder, just as I liked it. It felt so good.

    "Get on your hands and knees," he directed.

    I knelt. He continued spanking me..and soon, his fingers found their way to my pussy. He inserted all of his fingers, attempting to stick his hand in my puss as much as possible. "You're so tight."

    &qu ot;Oh, yes." I continued to moan as I pressed back against his hand. His other hand grasped my him, spanking my ass every once in a while. It felt so good. My fingers grasped at his hip, my nails grazing his skin. "No scratching," He insisted. I apologised.

    He kept on trying to fist me until suddenly, I exploded in ecstasy around his hand. His fingers slipped out and he commanded that I turn and suck his hard cock.

    Eagerly, I turned towards his waiting hardness. His hand guided his dick unto my waiting mouth. I drew in inside my moist mouth, my teeth accidentally lightly grazing him. "No teeth", he warned.

    "Sorry," I moaned around the cock in my mouth. I continued to suck his cock, licking and sucking his ball sac when he told me to.

    "Do you want to drink my cum again or do you want me to fuck you?"

    I sat back on my heels and thought abiut it. I had drank his cum numerous times before, but we had never actually had the chance to fuck yet. "Fuck me, please."

    He had me kneel on all fours again as he slipped a condom on. I looked back at him over my shoulder as he grasped my hips and entered me.

    I bent forward, resting my face against the blanket, moaning, as I felt his cock sliding deep inside me for the first time.

    In and out, overy and over. He rammed into me, harder, faster, deeper. His hand smacked my ass a few times, the sharp pain causing my inner pussy to tense in pleasure. Soon, between the pain of the spankings and his cock slamming into me, I came hard.

    He groaned, tensing, as he quickly found his own release.

    I collapsed onto the blanket, spent.

    It was one of the best nights of my life...

    So far.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Omg.. since my long term boyfriend recently went to jail for 9 months for attempt to sell, I have become the biggest slut. He is so controlling I feel so free. It all started about 2 weeks into his stay. I would go to work and take care of the kids as usual. But at night I would watch porn, rubbing my nipples and pussy, fingering myself licking my fingers. Oh it feels so good,he does like my to watch porn or masturbate, so I usually do in secret. So I decided to buy a vibrater, I took the day off work, the kids was at school. I drove to a different town's sex shop. Found what I was looking for, but leaving I was stopped by a truck driver in the parking lot. He was really sweet, I could tell he was really nervous. Not long we was kissing beside my car he was rubbing my pussy outside my clothes. My head was spinning. We had to stop because he had a load to deliver. I give him my number to call that night, I went home and fucked myself with my new bestfriend. I let him in that night, but I made him lick my wide opened pussy before he could even make it to my bedroom. He did an ok job so I let him in the bedroom. I was finally in charge. First I tease him with sucking his dick, I would lick the tip and give him a handjob, acted like I was going to suck it but I never did. He was moaning like crazy, the precum was flowing like crazy. Then I turned around and sat on it, ass in his face. I rode that thing like a crazy woman, it felt so good. I was very disappointed when he announced that he was about to cum. I jumped off told him he was not going to cum until I said so, had him get on his knees doggy style I grabbed that dick from behind and milked that thing while squeezing his balls. He came all over my hand and his legs. Then he try to turn around and kiss me but I wasn't done on his back he went and I sat on his face and rode his mouth let crazy, I made him lick my ass, pussy hole my clit then back to my ass. I came so hard, whole body was shaking. I loved it. He was a happy camper I could tell he never been treated like that before. That is just the beginning, I going to be fucking plenty more times for the next 8 months. I have already reached out to a woman I know who want to fuck. We have been talking and sexting I can't wait to eat that pussy and ass. She does know the things I'm going to do to her. Tonight I going to be fucked again by the truckdriver,I told him he need to have viagra or bring a friend he said he will. Oh I can't wait, I feel like a different person, much happier. My boyfriend would probably kill me if he finds out what I have been doing, he the only man I have been with for the last 10 years. I'm not worried he will have no idea, he does thing I would do anything wrong.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    i have never been faithful to my boyfriends, if a guy flirts with me, i am going to give him basically whatever he wants. recently i had a girl come on to me, and we ended up kissing and she gave me a good feeling up. i had never done that before. she's a salesperson at one of the clothing stores that i shop. she and i always talk when i am there and she is really really helpful. the last time i was there, she started flirting with me, and my auto flirt reaction just took over. before i knew what was happening she was kissing me and we went behind one of the displays. she was all over me and i was really getting into it when somebody came in. i was sooooooo frustrated when i left. i saw one of my ex-bf's in the mall and i asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. we went in the mall bathroom and he fucked me against the wall of one of the stalls. i really want more with that salesperson!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    We were supposed to be boarding our flight in a little over twenty minutes time, but we've been informed because of the bad weather we're not going to be going for another four hours, at least.
    My fiance is sat close by me right now as I type this into my tablet, he's fast asleep and has been for over an hour. Forty minutes ago a guy who was in our check in queue, and who was kind of flirting with me in the queue without my fiance knowing, walked over to me and me quietly if I'd like to join him in the disabled toilets.
    He's such a handsome muscular guy, I found myself getting up and following him into the toilet. Closing the door, he smiled at me, undid his trousers and flopped out the biggest fattest cock I've ever had the joy of seeing and then sucking on.
    I was on my knees within seconds and had hold of his thick cock shaft pulling back his fore skin. Opening my mouth I took in his cock letting it slide over my tongue as I tasted his musky cock scent.
    It felt so good having his beautiful cock in my mouth, I totally forgot who I was with and why I was there. Carrying on sucking on his cock, he began to moan as I got more into what I was doing. Then putting his hands either side of my face, he started to face fuck me. My pussy was aching to be touched and I knew my knickers were wet from the juices leaking from my pussy.
    Feeling his cock pulsing in my mouth I knew he was about to cum, but so did I. Not having any condoms with me, something I always do have normally, I had two choices. Let him fuck me to orgasm barback, or reach under my skirt, move my knickers to one side and frig my clitty.
    I was about to put my hand down to do just that, when he told me to stand up. Looking at him as I rose, I saw he was unwrapping a condom. The sheer and utter thrill I got from seeing it, told him I wanted him inside me. Turning me around I took hold of the rail used by disabled people to raise themselves up from the loo, and shoved out my arse towards him. He didn't wait around either. As soon as he lifted my skirt out of the way and tore off my knickers, his cock entered my pussy and I sighed with sexual relief.
    Then like a jack hammer he absolutely pounded my pussy. It was such a fast and furious way that he fucked me, I couldn't help myself from crying out when my orgasm hit me. There was some noises outside and I thought someone had tried to get in. But he didn't care, he just kept on thrusting his cock hard and deep up my pussy, making me rise to another orgasm.
    No sooner than I'd cum, he bucked up me real hard and I then heard and then felt him cum deep inside me.
    Collapsing onto my back, he turned my head and kissed me. I didn't mean to, but I kissed him back with far more passion than he kissed me.
    Adjusting ourselves and putting my torn knickers into the bin, he opened the door. Outside was a lady waiting in her wheelchair with a porter. The porter was about to say something as the guy exited but then he saw me. Being cheeky the porter said "Hey mate, I think I would have too" He winked at me as I walked out, and then the elderly woman in the chair said "Fucking slut". I wasn't expecting it, not from her, but she was right and I hardly had the moral high ground, did I.
    Joining my fiance again, he woke up, but only to say "Shit have we not even started to board yet". The guy who'd just fucked me to two wonderful orgasms, walked back over and I swear sat right by my fiance. No more than five minutes later my fiance was fast asleep again. So reaching over to me, the guy gave me a folded piece of paper. I took it, smiled and wished I was right back in the toilet getting fucked again.
    The flight has just been announced. We're going in forty five minutes from now. My boyfriend has just gone to the toilet and the guy who I had sex with is just about to board on our flight. The note he passed me had a mobile number on it and the hotel he's staying at. His hotel is right next to ours in the resort we're staying in. The other part of the message reads "If you get free, text me and I'll meet up with you, hope so Phil x".
    Tomorrow night when my fiance hopefully crashes out from drink, I think I might just give Phil a text. Love to feel that hard thick cock of his fucking my pussy and arsehole.
    If I get chance to get on here, I'll tell you if anything happens..........

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    For the first time in such a long time, I feel like a sexual woman again. My husband and I haven't hasd sex in I don't know how long. So when a young guy who visits my companies offices twice a week, asked me if I'd like to go for a lunch time drink, I was at first reluctant. When he asked me again but added in, he'd fancied me for a some time, I found myself agreeing. We went for lunch then and also the next time he was at our offices. Over the next two weeks I went along with him for lunch and really began to enjoy his company.
    Then only yesterday he asked me if I'd like to join him at a motel. I knew what he meant and I couldn't have been more keen. In a lunch hour which lasted an hour and a half (I manage my section at work and work flexible hours), I had the young mans cock in my mouth, inside my pussy and oh so deep up my aching asshole.
    It was like I was a teenager again when he was fucking me, I just couldn't get enough of having him pounding away at my pussy and ass. When he asked me if I wanted him to wear a condom, I told him not to use one. I wanted to feel everything and experience that closeness again. A closeness I'd been missing for at least two years.
    I lost count of the orgasms he gave me, and the one's I gave myself riding his wonderfully hard thick cock. I'm not kidding, by the time I got back to work, I was worn out, but in a fantastic way. I also arrived back at work with a pussy and asshole full of cum.
    At home last night I made my husband his evening meal, whilst thinking about the fucking I'd just had that afternoon. When he asked me why I was so happy, I lied and told him I loved him. He answered and I swear he said this "Yeh, just fucking get my dinner sorted". What little respect I had for him went immediately, as I realized all I was to him was a pay check (He doesn't work at the moment) and a cook.
    Feeling angry, I added a little something extra to his meal, something scooped from my pussy and ass. Wonder if my husband liked the taste of cum smeared onto his meal.
    It's also made me decide I'm going to carry on seeing my twenty six year old young man. A real man who knows how to treat a woman and who also can raise a hard on and knows how to fuck a woman.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Not much of a confession given a few I have read here... But what the hell, here it it.

    I cheat on my lovely thin pretty (?dull) wife regularly with women I meet through work, who are badly educated, fat and needy. I have a 'type' I like, usually over weight, in their 50's but dressed like girls in their 20's and I prefer, a bit... 'slow' upstairs... Basically so long as they know how to shower, and I fancy them... Wooo yeah.

    I just can't get enough of them, their lifestyles are awful, low rent housing, dirty homes, they almost always smoke and eat junk food, and live in front of the teevee... But I just ADORE making them feel sexy, and then having great sex with them.

    The big plus is... I show these wrecked women a little attention and passion, but a takeout, and without fail, they will do almost ANYTHING I ask in the bedroom, any kink that would usually be a passing fancy becomes a reality. Most recent... I had a very big mixed race girl sat on my face, straining and farting in my face (hey ! This is MY thing, so no judgments please). After she had farted long and loud, I ate her till she was screamin' and then jerked myself off with her still on my face.

    Is all.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    A couple of weeks ago my wife caught another guy sucking my cock. She came home early from her exercise class and found me laying in bed with the neighbor sucking my cock. She wasn't that upset about it, as we both enjoy 3-somes and an occasional fling, but what bothered her was I was doing it while she was at gym and it was in our bed. She came up with a really devious solution. I get a cock lock chastity when she is not around or I have not asked to have a hookup with someone she approves.

    That solution seemed all right with me, until now she has gone out of town to help her father after his cancer surgery. She will be gone for an indefinite time and she has the fucking key! When she left she told me that if I wanted to meet with someone I was find for me to be the sissy and take it up the ass and suck as much as I want, but my cock is staying in chastity until she comes back. She even told me to feel free to use any of her clothing and makeup to glam up for any dates I might have.

    Ever since she told me that, I've been in hyper aroused mode and my cock feels everything. It's crammed in the chastity and when it tries to grow it is quite painful until it subsides, but the fucking craving is still there.

    I've been out to the web and looked up cock lock and sex, and basically what I see is that if I can have an orgasm from a good ass pounding, then I can get some relief. I took one of her large dildo's and suctioned it to the tile floor and rode it like there was no tomorrow. I made sure it was rubbing up real nice against my prostate and each time I would thrust in, I would get a dribble of cum running out the cock cover of the chastity, there was quite a puddle on the floor when I finally quite. That has not given me any relief what so ever!

    I was out working in the yard this morning and I saw the neighbot, yes same one she cought me in bed with, and he asked about my wife. So we talked a while and I told him the story. He said he'd be glad to have a sissy lover until she is back. Since I've come in for lunch I've been thinking maybe it might be fun. She has some interesting stuff I can see about wearing, lots of makeup, and wigs. Maybe I'll like being his sissy fuck toy.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    I'm a work from home wife, who's libido has outstripped my thirty nine year old husbands sex drive by a long long way.
    It got so bad last spring, I was finding myself frigging my clit as I answered clients calls and who's voices I liked. I'd often get off in the two or three minuted our conversations lasted. Sometimes I'd cry out loud as my orgasm hit and have them wondering what the fuck was going on.
    It got the point I began to wonder about fucking other men. Then one afternoon as I was taking a break, the door bell rang and I answered it to a guy selling car products. He was young, fit and very handsome and obviously selling to make some money for college. Straight away I thought about what it would feel like to have him fuck me, but also knowing I only had another fifteen minutes before I had to get back to work. Not messing around I asked him if he had time to have sex. The look of surprise quickly changed to one of lust as I stroked his cock through his shorts.
    In our hallway, I had him take his relatively small cock out and sank to my knees. Sucking in his cock, I gently squeezed his balls and waited until that feeling I know when a guys ready to fuck. Kneeling on the bottom step, I lifted my skirt pulled my panties aside and told him to fuck me. He didn't need a second invite and a few seconds later his cock was buried up my soaking wet c**t.
    It was obvious he was inexperienced, but it didn't matter. The sheer fact he was a stranger fucking me in my own home, had me cumming like a freight train. When he said he wanted to cum, I told him to cum inside me knowing I was on birth control. Ten minutes after first meeting him he was walking down our drive, a few dollars richer from the stuff I bought off of him and I had his cum leaking out of my pussy.
    When my husband got home from work, I had him lick me out knowing that some of the young mans cum would still be all over my pussy. Surprisingly for us, I climaxed twice when my husband fucked me the arm of the sofa. It was the knwoledge of having two men's cocks in me in one day, that I think did it for me.
    The following week, I was on the phone to a client who always gets in touch every couple of weeks. I found myself asking him if he was single. When he said he was married but bored, I asked him if he wanted to make his day more exciting. An hour later he was beneath me on our bed as we sixty nined. He was older than I thought, but he certainly knew how to fuck. And during a half hour sex session with him, I took two of his cum loads inside my asshole and over my face. Again I had to get back to work, so I set myself a challenge when he left. I decided from then on I was going to limit myself to a fifteen minute time slot and see if I could have sex with at least one guy a week.
    A major road and building program close to our home, provided me with more than enough opportunity. Each lunch time I began to drive the five minutes to the local shops and see the workmen about to buy there lunch. Believe me there are lots of men who have fancied me over the years and I've never once done anything about it. That changed last spring, summer and autumn with the workmen. I'd select a guy who I saw checking me out and see if he could get away in the afternoon for a short time. Sometimes they were just window shopping, but mostly even the married ones wanted try out the goods.
    In all last year during the building project, I had sex with eight different men. Two of whom became regulars at my home for those fifteen minute sex sessions. It became such a turn on to have them desperate to fuck me, I would sometimes have them wait and only at the last minute relent to have them fuck me anyway they wanted. The fifteen minute window went out of the window when I did that, and I soon got into trouble, by not logging back onto my work station.
    Eventually the work finished and I got less and less opportunity to fuck other men. I've tried to get my husband more into sex, but his sex drive as I type this, is almost non existant. The situation I found myself in, an almost sexless marriage, left me with only one choice this winter. A new neighbor who's definitely gotten the biggest cock I've ever had fuck me. He's much older at fifty seven, but what he lacks in youth, he more than makes up for in his ability to fuck me for however long we have together.
    I know it al makes me a common slut, but I do love sex and if I didn't fuck around, I know I'd have to leave my husband to find men to have sex with. My husband still has a wife who cares for him, cooks, cleans and occasionally blows his cock (When he can get a hard on). The way I see it, he has his fishing and camping trips, I have my men to keep my mouth, pussy and asshole happy.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    There is never a good time to cheat on your husband I suppose, but my timing in his life, quite frankly is not good.
    My husband had a car accident two years ago, which left him incapable of having any kind of penetrative sex. It also diminished his libido to almost zero. He's now pretty much wheelchair bound and always needs my help to do the basic things in life.
    Knowing my love for sex and how high my libido is, my husband did something out of character late last year on my birthday. He invited a guy round he said he knew to visit us. I was seriously dead set against his idea at first, but once the guy, who I'll not name, took out his unbelievably large cock, I was transformed into a cock loving slut. My husband sat in his wheelchair the whole time encouraging me to suck his cock, to have him fuck me deep in my pussy and up my asshole. And after around an hour of sex with this guy, I'd orgasmed over half a dozen times.
    I'd had such a great time with the guy, I almost forgot my husband was present. When I did notice him watching, I half found myself wishing he wasn't there so I could really get right down and dirty with him. That thought filled my mind as I mounted his cock anally, and I closed my eyes to block out my husbands face.
    With the night over and in bed alone, I imagined myself getting fucked by the guy again. I heard my husband downstairs watching one of his movies and hoped he'd in some way enjoyed watching me being fucked. But I knew it was purely for my birthday and in reality, he'd not known the guy beforehand.
    Over the next couple of months, I just couldn't get that night out of my head. I wanted to remain faithful to my husband, but I also missed having that large cock fucking so good. In a moment of total sexual need I opened up my husbands lap top and went through his history. Sure enough after digging around a little, there was the contact details of my birthday lover.
    Sending him a text from my phone, I asked him if he'd meet me to have a chat. Five minutes after him getting into my car, I was sucking his massive cock and having him finger fuck my pussy. A few minutes later with a dog walker passing by, I was bouncing up and down on his unsheathed cock. It was such a sexual relief to have his cock so deep inside my sex, I couldn't stop wanting his cock and had him fuck me for over half an hour. Constantly changing positions to get his cock into all my fuck holes. I'd have him fuck my ass, then make him slide his cock over my tongue, then back into my pussy to drive me wild with lust. We fucked in the car, outside of the car and on the hood of the car. It was a blur or orgasms for me and he came twice, flooding my pussy and asshole. I didn't even care the dog walker stopped and watched, then masturbated only feet from seeing me being fucked anally.
    I met his the next day too and had sex at the same spot. It became over the next week or so, a sexual need I wanted to and craved to have filled.
    We now meet at a motel. Not because I didn't want people watching us, I actually liked that. It was because during one particular fuck outdoors a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor of mine walked her dogs right passed us, just as I was sucking his cock covered in his own cum, after withdrawing from my pussy.
    I might be cheating on my husband, but I don't want to hurt him if I can help it. Certainly not with a neighbor telling him anyway.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    My husband and I watched a porn film last month together. It showed an older man fucking a younger woman and the mans cock was so thick. Watching him stretch out her pussy and asshole looked so horny, I had my husband screw me as hard as he could. Even though my husband made me cum twice in quick succession from fucking my pussy and asshole, I was still horny and made him eat me out for over half an hour as I replayed the porn film. Finally cumming for an earth shattering third time, my husband asked what had gotten into me. I told him it was the older guys thick cock that had gotten me so wound up sexually. He just shrugged his shoulders and went to get himself a beer.
    All this past month I've been thinking about that porn film, and running it over and over in my head. Every time I do I get so horny from imagining an older guy with a fat cock fucking me, I masturbate. I've masturbated in work, in my car on the way to work and at home many times. I've even played with myself in a meeting, when I drifted into a sexual daydream.
    The sexual feelings I've been getting, have lead me to look through a web site which caters for women who want to have sex with older men. I've checked out some of the profiles, and have recently contacted one guy who's profile shows him naked and sporting a large super thick cock. We've chatted about him fucking me and he appears more than keen to do so. Only yesterday I sent him naked pictures of myself playing with my pussy. He responded by giving me details of a motel he'd like to fuck me in next week. He's not an Adonis and at fifty two he's no spring chicken, but his cock looks so gorgeous, I just know I'd cum all over it time after time.
    Now all I have to do, is decide if I'm going to meet him and cheat on my husband.

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