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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    In the six years we've been married. I've only managed to be faithful in one of them, and that was a year ago. Pretty much striaght from the off, I found myself wondering what it would be like to have sex with some of the black guys who were flirting outrageously with me on our honeymoon. Tom my husband thought it was all just inoccent fun, but I could tell from their looks and the sexual banter, some of the men who worked the bar area's wanted to fuck me.
    Nearing the end of our two week honeymoon Tom got himself absolutely hammered on rum and lime juice. I'd only had a couple of drinks and two of the bar staff, Chris and Reno asked me if I wanted help getting Tom back to our room. They'd been flirting again all night and before the offer came to help me, Reno asked me if I'd ever had an eleven inch cock to play with. Tom heard him say it, but didn't say a word. All he did was keep on drinking.
    At our room Tom was put on our bed, and as soon as Chris turned to me to see if I was ok, Reno stepped upto me and kissed me full on the lips. I didn't resist which gave both men the green light. From that moment it was all I could do not to be at the start of an orgasm, or just finishing one. It wasn't Reno who had eleven inches to play either, that was Chris's delight to show me, have me suck on it and to take it in my pussy and asshole. It wasn't axactly out of character for me to fuck two men at once, as I shared both women and men with Tom before we married, but I'd never had a black guy before and certainly not one who had a cock the size of Chris's. By the time Tom woke up the following morning, I'd been cum in and over probably around half a dozen times, with Chris and Reno treating me to a double fuck, even though Reno said he didn't like his black meat anywhere near another mans.
    Back home and no more than a couple of months later, I was enjoying myself sexually in the shower. Tom was at work, when I heard the door bell chiming. I knew Tom had ordered something for his new guitar, so I just rushed to put on a bath robe and quickly answered the door. It was a young Afro American delivery guy, who just looked the spitting image of Chris. Without even thinking about it, I asked the guy if he had time to come in. When he asked why, I dropped the bath robe and told him I was to be his tip. On our bed, I had the most intense hours sex I'd had upto that point in my life. The young man didn't have as big a cock as Chris, but he sure made up for his length by the girth of his amazingly thick cock. If you've never tried it girls, find a man with a thick cock and have him fuck your asshole mercilessly until you cum all over his cock over and over again. And when he's finished cumming up you, have him lick every drop out and have him feed it to you as you kiss him passionately. Maybe like me he'll be hard again by then and fuck you once more, but with longer slower thrusts that reach deep inside your pussy and asshole.
    It seemed every few months or so from then on, I'd have sex with one guy or another. Only brief liasons and never more than once. Then early in 2014 I met Katey a beautiful girl who just filled my sexual world with joy. We met at Toms work place and at first i thought he was fucking her. But I soon found out she only sucked clit. Whilst Tom entertained the masses with his guitar playing, Katey and I shared a meeting rooms floor, licking sucking and finger fucking one anothers pussy and assholes. I fell in Love with katey in a big way, and at one stage was going to tell Tom our marriage was over, but Katey had other ideas. She wanted to carry on as we were, because as I found out a little later, she was in fact living with her long term lover. And I was to her, like many of my sexual play mates, just one of hers.
    It took some time to get over Katey, but once my sexual libido kicked in again early this year, I soon discovered my love of big black thick cock again. Only this time, I've broken one of my rules and continued to fuck with the new neighbor we have. He's only going to be around for a year. So whilst he's renting next door. I'm going to be giving him anything he wants from me, sexually that is. After all, wouldn't want to risk all Tom and I have, just for a thick hard super meaty cock, would I.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    My husband Phil suggested we take in a lodger two years ago, when we were struggling for money. I wasn't happy at first, as he chose a snotty nosed kid called Nick, who just wanted a short term place to stay, before he found a permanent flat for his college studies. Everything changed after a month, when he caught me playing with myself. I've always had a high libido and often found myself playing with my pussy and arsehole When Phil was at work. I'd been using two fingers on one hand to penetrate my pussy and pushing a finger up my bum with the other, when he walked into the lounge. I thought he was taking exams, but I hadn't figured on him finishing early.
    Too far gone sexually to ignore his stares, I asked him if he liked what he saw. The large growing bulge in his shorts and the fact he'd begun to remove them, told me he did.
    Nick wasn't as large as Phil, but with youth and a seemingly perpetual hard cock he more than made up for his lack of size. In an afternoon where I thought one orgasm self produced was all I was going get, Nick licked and fucked me to three. Even when I'd made him cum for the second time, anally riding his cock as he played with my large breasts, he still wanted more sex. We'd literally just made each other cum once more performing oral shex on each other, when I heard Phil's truck pull up outside. Playing it cool, I made out I'd been out all day as I heard Nick taking a shower.
    Nick stayed longer than he originally planned, and I took full advantage of his ever willing hard on to have him fuck me at every opportunity. When he did eventually leave, it was my husband who said he'd miss his company, as they often played pool together down at Phil's local pub. Little did he know, it was my pussy and arse that would be wanting Nicks company the most.
    Over the last two years, I've chosen the lodgers. Not all have been up for fun, but out of the seven who have stayed with us, I've had five of them plunging my depths with their various sized cocks. The new youthful looking lad Patrick, has already felt my mouth, pussy and arsehole sliding over his cock, and he's only been with us a week.
    I know I'm cheating on Phil, but I cannot deny myself all the cock I can take, and with young men who have the stamina to please me all day long.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I cheated on my husband once and it was all the way back in high school. We dated since 8th grade. All through college and were married at 24 and its been great.

    But once during April of our senior year, we were drinking at a golf course which was one of the big party spots. The cops came and everyone ran. I lost sight of my boyfriend and ended up hiding behind this wall thing with some guy from the next town over. It was just us, no one else was around. The cops were floating around with spotlights searching for people so we stayed there lying down. He was beautiful. I was drunk and horny and we were holding each other and started making out. I didn't even think of my boyfriend at all. I was all over this kid and he was all over me. I undid his pants and he undid mine. We ended up fucking right there behind that old dirty wall. Thank god I was on the pill. We were together there for about two hours. I had to walk home. I got in trouble with my mother and my boyfriend who I had to lie to about getting lost and having to hide because the cops were right where I was hiding for so long.

    To this day he has no idea I had sex with another guy. I never even learned his name and he never learned mine but I can still see what he looked like as clear as day. I fantasize about him when I'm with my husband from time to time. My husband and I live near that golf course now and often walk the paths one of which goes right by that old wall. One time when I was walking there by myself I walked over to look behind it. It's just a dirty old spot where they used to dump stuff but to look at it brought back such sweet memories. Sigh.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    When I was a young kid I sucked my neighbor's dick and he sucked mine. We were still in grade school, and we sucked each other several times.

    I went on to grow up and have a job and family. My job took me to Amsterdam, and at the hotel bar I got in a conversation with a German, a bit older than me, and as we were both staying at the hotel, he suggested dinner in the restaurant, and after dinner we went out on the deck overlooking the river and continued to talk and have a night cap. By then it had been a good two hours since we first met at the bar.

    During the conversation he asked me what room I was in, and I told him, and he told me the room he was in. When I was back in my room, he knocked on the door, when I opened the door he walked in, not asking, just walking in. He looked at my room and told me it was bigger than his, and walked over and kissed me on the mouth.

    I was startled, taken by surprise, he grabbed me by the crotch and spoke to me quietly and told me to come with him as he backed up to sit on the bed. He put his arms around my back and put his face up against my pants and rubbed his face against my penis, and when my penis started to respond, he put his hand on it and looked up to me and told me that I looked like I needed a man.

    There was something about his voice, or his tone, or his hand on me, but when he stood up and kissed me again, he held my neck in a tight grip, and told me again that I was too tense and I needed a man to help me relax.

    He sat down on the bed again, and unzipped my pants and took out my penis and put it in his mouth. This mouth was strong and he started to suck me, suck me like I had never had a blow job before, he had his hands on my butt cheeks, and sucking my penis, swallowing it and sucking it. I was breathing fast, real fast, he stood up and said that now it was my turn, and he undid his pants and took then off and laid back on the bed and told me come and suck him.

    As I got on the bed, he helped me take my pants off and while I sucked him, he massaged my penis with his hand, I was so hard, it hurt, and he was hard, he broke off my mouth from his penis, to kiss, he kissed and while he did, he continued to massage my penis, keeping me so hard, without letting me cum. We took our shirts off and laid side by side naked, while we each held each other's penis we kissed, and kissed.

    He left me for a minute and went to his pants, and came back and started to run his finger between my balls and my butt, and then took the tube of lube he had in his hand and gently lubed and fingered me, he had me fully on my back, the feeling of his finger and his penis against my side, and his off again and on again venture down to suck my penis, and then he was on top of me, between my legs telling me to pull my legs up until he was able to put his penis against my anus and he began to thrust.

    He stayed the night, and we showered together, and had a second session of oral sex and kissing in the shower, before we had to dress and get ready for our meetings.

    We stay in touch, and share pictures, and are planning to get together again in Rio, at an industry conference we can both attend.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    About a year ago, my husband and I were living in a medium size apartment complex. Our 2nd floor balcony overlooked a park and the basketball courts. Everyday a few black guys would be out there shooting baskets, and I found myself secretly hoping they would be there every time I was sitting on the balcony alone. I loved seeing their dark, strong bodies - especially when they took off their shirts! I have never been with a black guy, and being irish catholic it would have been impossible to consider even dating a black guy, but for some reason I found myself daydreaming about these guys often.
    I ended up timing my daily jog around the same time they were usually there, and I would just happen to slowly run right by them. I could tell by how quiet it got that they were checking me out, and it was flattering.
    One day as I was jogging by the courts, there were two of them were shooting hoops, and one of the guys missed a shot. The ball ended up rolling all the way towards me. They asked for my help, so I grabbed it and instead of just throwing it back, I walked it to them. We ended up making some small talk, but the entire time my heart was just racing. One of the guys, Kenny, said that they were just about done, and offered me to have a beer with them. I kind of laughed at the idea....even though I am Irish, I am not much of a drinker. But it was a hot day, my husband was working a 2nd shift, so I figured having 1 beer with these guys would not hurt.
    I remember how excited I was that first time, just to be walking into an apartment with two black guys. I usually have light beer if I do ever drink, but all they had was some kind of "ice" beer, and after drinking only 1/2 of it, it really hit me hard. I asked to sit down on their couch, and Kenny and his roommate Ty sat down on each side of me. I realized then I had taken things too far, and I told them that I should get going. Kenny put his hand on my thigh, and I tried to hide the rush of warmth my body felt at that touch alone. He said he knows I have been watching he and his friends play basketball, and then asked if I had ever had sex with a black guy before. I answered "no", and Ty asked..."what about TWO?". I knew then if I did not leave I could get into trouble, so I told them that I should not be there, and I tried to stand up. Kenny held my leg in place and kissed my neck...and I told them both that I could not do this, and that I am married. Ty said not to worry, and that my husband will never know.
    By now, Kenny had kissed his way up my neck to my mouth, and it just seemed natural to open my mouth up to kiss him. I realized then there was no turning back, and the guys knew that too. My top and sports bra were off in seconds, and each guy took one of my breasts into their mouths. My nipples are very sensative, and to have them both being worked on at the same time was amazing. My hands found their way to their shorts, and soon I was rubbing their cocks through the fabric. I finally said "I want to see them"....and Kenny and Ty both stood up and pulled their shorts down.
    My first thought was "oh my god". They were both bigger by far than any guy I had ever been with, and to have two dark cocks right there in front of me was beyond anything I could have dreamed of.
    I had never been with two guys at the same time before, but it was natural just to take a cock into each hand and stroke them and take turns sucking on them. I was in heaven, and so were they. I could feel my pussy opening and contracting, as if it was preparing itself. I took my mouth off a cock long enough to say "I dont think these would even fit inside me", and Kenny said there is only one way to find out.
    I let Ty pull my shorts and panties off, and since he was a little bit smaller than Kenny, I let him try to get inside me first. I told him to go slow, and he did. It took a lot of effort, but soon he was in me all the way, and it felt wonderful. Ty mentioned something about how tight I was and that my husband must be small. I ended up admitting that my husband was probably 1/2 their size.
    After that it was a blur of black cock in my pussy, or in my mouth. I sometimes did not even know who was where. I would close my eyes and accept whoever put their cock into my mouth, and had my legs open for whoever wanted to go there. I had more orgasms in that 1/2 hour, than I probably had in 2 years of marriage. Kenny was the first one to say that he was going to cum inside me. He did not ask - he basically told me he was going to. Moments later I felt his cock spurting inside me, and I was happy to have his cum there. Ty pulled his cock from my mouth, and had no problem going inside me, even though I was still dripping with his friend's cum. By now, my body had adjusted to their size, and Ty could really give it to me good. Kennys cum almost acted like lubrication, so I was not getting sore at all. Ty lasted a bit longer, before he soon added his load to Kennys deep inside me.
    As we were catching our breaths, Kenny asked if I was on birth control. We all kind of laughed at that - since they asked AFTER they both put their sperm inside me. I assured them that I was and that my husband and I were holding off on starting a family for another year. Ty asked "Does that mean we can keep fucking you for another year if we want??". I said yes. That just seemed to turn them on SO much. They got just as hard again and were ready for a 2nd round. We ended up going to one of their bedrooms where I was tag-teamed back and forth. I could not get enough. They got me into doing all sorts of dirty talking...about black I need its so much better than my husband. I felt guilty for saying it, but it was all true.
    For the next 7 months, when I would go do my daily jog, I would just run to the guys apartment. They would work on me for 1/2 hour or so, then I would jog back home. If my husband was home, it was not suspicious at all if I went and took a shower as soon as I got back, especially since I looked like I just had a good work out. He only got "sloppy seconds" 3 or 4 times after I was with the guys which I felt horrible for, but he never found out about my interracial 3some affair.
    When my husband and I moved out of the complex and into our first home, I was kind of sad. I was so used to having that wild sex on the side with my two black lovers! I ended up getting pregnant several months later and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My husband and I had talked about names - and I told him I always liked the name Kenny. So - Kenneth Matthew it is. His name will always be a reminder for me of the best sex of my life.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Born and raised in a Christan background, I stayed chased through out my childhood and teen life - and in fact much of my youth except with a girl who I just could not help. Twas a short stint but the sex was really good.

    Now married, to this beautiful woman - and yet over and over again, I decline her sexual advances. Perhaps I was scared how much she used to enjoy sex at first when we got married.

    You see, I fear addiction of anything - and to me, sex is the most potent addiction. So I do whatever I can to ensure that I can still control myself.

    What's the catch? What's the point of all this - you ask! Well, here goes my theory...

    I think sex was engineered to weaken the will of human beings. Well, was it 'God' who was behind it - I dunno. But if i was to turn to the religious background, the woman was 'removed' from man - and that i believe was the beginning of all troubles for humans. All of a sudden, there is the urge to merge - aka - sex. A divided person / people can be easily ruled. DIVIDE AND CONQUER

    Sex weakens the soul and the will of man - but it also makes the person easy to manipulate, to control, to rule and conquer.

    Think about it. we are filled in a world full of sex, sexual innuendos, porn in movies (even clean movies),cartoons, advertisements - it's all designed to keep humans under check and in control. To waste and give up all that built in universe energy within. I think that's the foundation of Celibacy. It's storing all that energy within.

    Just like 'God' decided to confuse the tongues of men when building 'tower of babel', humans were given sex to keep them enslaved. Same as is the case where we cannot do without sleep. It's a limitation of humans from transcending to think or become like 'god'. The moment one is weakened, they will / can do anything to get what they want.

    Those who are married may not want to admit this, but Sex makes men stupid! Yes- literally stupid. They say silly things they don't mean, flirt like dogs just to stick their p inside the v. When you think about it, it's not only gross and degrading, but demeaning and weakening. It destroys the very will of a man. Hence after /or just before sex, a man will say yes to anything.

    And women know this - that's why they always want to give us some - so that they can control us. These animalistic behavior if not checked can bring down kingdoms. It brought down the human race.

    My conclusion - I endeavor to totally avoid sex. Yes I am married, but well too bad for now. We shall redefine the relationship but I cannot stand to be emasculated psychologically by a thing like sex. The best analogy I can think of (again back to the bible) is just as Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of vegetable soup - so is having sex giving up all the universe energy within you and wasting it in a puff - for mere few seconds of pleasure. It's just not worth it.

    Finally, no one has ever died ( or will ever die ) just because they never had sex. LOL

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 25

    Ever since I can remember I liked my neighbor girl. She was a year younger than me, and when I was nine and she was eight I made her get totally naked for me and I got naked and I ate her pussy. She didn't eat my pussy that time, but I made her eat my pussy a couple of days later. We were eight and nine and we were doing all the nasty stuff.

    We were best friends as far as our families were concerned and we were totally unsupervised. By the time we were twelve and thirteen we had developed more and we would get naked and lock ourselves together in these long embraces and just kiss each other until our mouths hurt. We did a lot of titty sucking and were avid pussy eaters. At that age we were into very detailed and visual exploration.

    In our late teens, we were more modest, and we had become pretty normal, sex was a lot about loving and doing things for each other, but we still enjoyed being naked together, and I especially liked her strutting her stuff for me. It was then that we took an oath to be together.

    In college I had my first experience with a boy. I let him have sex with me at a party. After that I had sex with several other boys, and became a regular slut and got a reputation. This put a big strain on my relationship with Amanda, unlike me she had no interest what ever with boys and she was hurt that I had tried that.

    After college we had to make some serious decisions, I had a job offer 100 miles away, in the 'big' city, and she had to decide if she was going to tag along. It was decision making time, if she was going to be with me, she had to pack up her belongins and join me. This was a lot harder than you think, it was decision making time, either your committed to being together or your not. I reminded her of our oath and promised I would not get involved with any other person, male or female. I swore myself to her. What more could I do?

    In the end she didn't come with me.

    When did I know I loved her, in the biblical sense? I was pretty young, because on the day I got her naked and ate her pussy, I was already in love with her. Why did I mess around in college and let those guys fuck me? Because I was stupid, at the time I wanted to fit in. Am I sorry I hurt her? every day. I swore myself to her, and I mean every bit of it. I love her. Always did and always will.

    Amanda, are you listening? I am yours. I love you.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    I am a 22yr old, newly married white female, I am petite, slim, have very little self confidence, and I'm shy and quiet.

    My new husband and I couldn't be happier, we were childhood sweethearts, and were enjoying all the highlights of Cancun in Mexico for our honeymoon, having just had an idyllic wedding, which couldn't have gone better if we tried.

    Out hotel was marvellous, and the hotel had even upgraded our room for free as part of celebration, it was pure luxury and I couldn't have been happier.

    Throughout our two week break, we obviously spend plenty of time together in our room (blush), but also enjoyed many hours baking in the sun and chilling in the numerous bars and restaurants in the hotel.

    We were befriended by so many people while there, most of which were Americans as there wasn't many Brits there. One couple in particular got really friendly with us, they were 'JW', a big fat burly, but lovely middle aged Texan and his wife Ella who was a petite build like me, but who was also middle aged. They were wonderful, giving us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves, but always searching us out when in social situations.

    Ha lf way through our break, Rob my husband teased me in bed, saying he couldn't help notice if JW was flirting with me, and he had noticed his eyes exploring my entire body. I teased him back by saying that Ella was simply an older version of me, so that'd be what he was married to in 20 odd years.

    We giggled and laughed, and made beautiful love together. Rob always had a tendency to fall asleep shortly after sex, so we lay there side by side, him snoring gently, and me relaxed, satisfied and chilled, but I kept thinking back to what he had told me about JW, and I must admit, it grossed me out a little bit.

    The following day, I said nothing, but did watch JW and Ella while we were by the pool, and Rob was right, JW did keep looking over to me, his eyes burning into me, and every time our eyes met, me smiled and winked......surely just my imagination I said to myself, and back I went to my sunbathing.

    That evening, we were by the beach bar, and JW and Ella appeared as if out of nowhere, and JW typically wearing his cowboy boots, jeans, open neck shirt and his cowboy hat. He say next to me, and for the first time, I began to take discreet looks at him, he was huge, I guess 6'5" against my tiny 5'1" frame, his hands were like shovels, he was hairy everywhere except his head which was shaved smooth. A few people danced on the beach when a half decent track came on, and occasionally Rob surprised me by grabbing my hand and dancing away with me (he never dances at home).

    Ella and JW never danced together, but Ella did sometimes get up on her own, and as the night wore on Rob and JW drank the weird tequila concoctions the bar made kept making up, and Ella and I danced on the beach, lost in the exciting tropical world we were in.

    After one particularly long dancing session, I looked over to the bar where Rob and JW had been, but could not see Rob......thinking he had needed a toilet break, I thought nothing more of it, but then after the next dance, and the one after that, I began to get concerned, to headed back to the bar and asked JW where Rob was. He'd apparently had enough tequila and had headed back to our room........I was furious, not only that he had gone, but that he hadn't told me. I began to storm off, Ella close behind me trying to calm me down, and I was ready to give Rob a right mouthful of abuse. I barged into our room, to see him passed out on our bed, vomit everywhere and the room in a right mess.

    At this point Ella had caught up with me, put her arm around my shoulder and hushed me as I began to cry. She persuaded me to head back to the bar, saying she'd call reception to clear up our room, so that by the time I'd had enough, it'd all be clean and everything would be back to normal.

    We eventually got back to the bar and Ella updated JW, and he just shook his head in disgust, patted to the stool next to him for me, as Ella headed of to reception.

    JW was lovely, he listened to me moaning about Rob, he kept the drinks flowing, and within a short while I'd decided 'screw him'. I was going to have a good night, even if he was ill in our room. Ella eventually returned, but told me that the cleaners had gone home hours ago, so there wasn't much that the hotel could do about my room. That's when she told me that her and JW had a suite (a room much bigger than hours) which had a spare bed in, and I that they were more than happy to offer me that bed for the night.

    I thanked them, but declined their kind offer......the drinks flowed, more dancing, more drinking, and then we decided to call it a night. As Ella and I walked ahead of JW, the two of us arm in arm, she made their kind offer again, I looked into her kind face and thought at least I'd sleep in a clean bed, and it would show Rob how annoyed I was when he woke up in the instead of heading to my room, I allowed Ella to lead the way, and could hear JW quietly whistling to himself as he wandered behind us.

    There suite was nothing short of total luxury, with a capitol L, and I was in awe as I looked around. Ella asked JW to fetch the drinks while she had a quick shower. I sat in a luxurious sofa and accepted the drink from JW, not having a clue what it was. We made small talk, him telling me things like I was just like Ella was when they met, and how he thought I was a beautiful English rose. Ella eventually retuned, wrapped in a hotel robe, and JW got up and left the room. Ella and I really connected and giggled when telling each other whispered stories of our past experiences. JW finally retuned, and suggested I shower to get the sand off my body before bed, and said he's left the third robe in the bathroom for me.

    I said I was ok, but they insisted, so in I went, and felt rejuvenated by the hot water and luxury toiletries, then put on the robe and wen to re-enter the seating area of their suite. As I approached, I could hear noises coming from the room, only to discover JW sitting in one of the chairs, and Ella straddling him as they made mad passionate love.

    I was shocked, froze on the spot, but couldn't help watching the scene in front of me, they were so into one another, they hadn't heard or noticed my return. I watched, mesmerised, as Ella raised up and down, pure lust all over her face, then all off a sudden she opened her eyes, looked right onto my eyes, smiled, and with her index finger, suggested I come and get a closer look.

    All thoughts of Rob, my new husband temporarily disappeared as I watched this middle aged American couple having wild and passionate sex. I was now only a foot away from them, when Ella reached out, and opened my robe. She leant into JW, kissed him deeply and in the same movement, twisted her body and moved off him......what was left made me gasp, JW was huge, and his cock was as long and as thick as my forearm, it was sticking up to attention, and was all sticky from Ella's juices which had just been enjoying it. As they kissed, she help my hand, pulling me closer to them, so I had to either fall over JW, or straddle him.......I did the latter, and was suddenly aware this monster cock was touching my outer labia. Ella then moved away completely, leaving JW and I sitting there......he looked up, grabbed my head and pulled my mouth down on to his, and he instantly pushed his tongue into my open mouth whilst grabbing my bottom with his other hand and pulling me down onto him. His cock entered in me, the 1st cock, other than my husbands to even be close to me, I meted in his embrace and slid down to this monster cock squeezed into my tight hole, stretching and spreading me like never before.

    I was lost in absolute lust, and began to raise and lower onto JW, ever time he went in further and deeper, I squealed. Eyes closed, I suddenly felt a hot kiss on my pert breast, and looking down in shock, there was Ella worshipping my breasts with her mouth as I fucked her husband. Within only a few minutes, I could feel my orgasm building, I had never cum this quick in my life, and I cried out as my body quivered and shook as I came like never before. Expecting JW to stop, like Rob always did, it seemed to spur him on and he began to thrust harder and harder into me, and on each of his thrusts, I bore down on him to feel every inch of this magnificent manhood. I orgasmed again, again screaming, but JW just kept humping away, I thought I would pass out.

    JW, then got up, me still impaled on his monster, he was so strong and powerful, and walked into their bedroom, laid me on my back, us still attached, then rammed into me like a beast. I felt so small and vulnerable under him, but wanted this man so much. He grunted, moaned and ploughed into me, then reared like a stag and exploded his seed deep into me, as I had my 3rd orgasm at the same time. We collapsed on the bed, our bodies spent, both panting, both sweating, and as he withdrew, I had a feeling of emptiness, which I didn't like, but I felt wetter, rom us both than I'd ever been in my life.

    He got up, kissed me on the forehead, left the room, just as Ella returned. She got into bed with me, our naked bodies touching......I asked where JW was and she whispered that they had made a deal, if he ever got to fuck me, he'd then spend the night in the spare bed, and she could have me for the night in her bed with me.

    to be continued..............................

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    When my husband Ian and I visit his younger sister (Which we do once a month), I know one of three things will definitely happen. Ian and his sister Susan will get themselves steadilly drunk at the pub we always visit when we travel to Susan's and Colins . They'll then get smashed out of their heads on rum and coke, when we get back to Ians sisters house. They'll both either crash out downstairs, or preferably if Colin, Susan's husband, and I can manage to lift Ian upstairs, we'll put them both to bed.
    The final thing which will happen, is Colin and I will go into the basement of his home, where he's built a home cinema, and fuck one one anothers brains out. And the reason for this infidelity, both Ian and Susan are incapable of satifying either one of us sexually anymore. They've both turned into piss heads and enjoy alcohol more than sex, so every time I've visited since 2011, myself and Colin have made time to have as much horny dirty sex as we can.
    Once Susan came downstairs as her husband was fucking my arsehole from behind. She shouted down to Colin and me to see if we wanted a drink. Colin answered as he rammed my rear fuck hole, by telling his wife "I'm more thasn taken care of Thanks".
    Another time when we couldn't get Ian upstairs and there'd been a leak in the basement. I had Coiln fuck me only feet away from my snoring husband. It was so much fun at one point, to have Colins large thick cock pounding my pussy to the same rhythm my husband was snoring to.
    We're going again this weekend and Colin has told me, he's bought a reasonably expensive bottle of rum for them to share. It's also a spring festival in the village they live in, so the pub we go into is having a cheap beer night. It can only mean one thing. They'll get pissed up and I'll have a fantastic weekend being fucked by my brother in law.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    The other day I was cruising on some online sites looking for escorts. For some reason anonymous sex is so thrilling for me. I found a post on cl about someone else looking to meet up. The problem is I'm married. I swear I don't know what I'd do without my wife, but sex with her sometimes just isn't fulfilling for me so I find myself looking for other opportunities to fuck. I don't know why I'm so messed up and can't have a normal relationship. Anyway I started exchanging emails with this woman. It turns out she was BBW. Nothing against BBW but I'd never been with a woman like that before so I thought I'd try it. I'm pretty scrawny myself.

    I started getting so hot thinking of her big body against me. When we met up I was somewhat disgusted at first, but then I decided I'd come this far I might as well go all the way. I took her to the bedroom where she gave the best deep throat bj of my life, god I was going to cum hard and quick I could tell. So we backed off a bit and I stuck by dick in between her tits. They were so soft and warm and huge. I found myself on the edge of orgasm again, which was weird because I didn't really feel all that attracted to her physically.

    So it was time to drill her from behind and I did. She was amazingly tight, but afterwards I just felt disgusted with myself. Because there I was cheating on my wife who I care about with this BBW that I was definitely not attracted to. What would posses me to do such a thing. It seems to me that I get in this state of mind where I am blind to any of life's wisdom and I'm consumed by sex. Then I finish. I came. I showered. She hugged me goodbye. I didn't particularly feel guilty because there was no emotional connection whatsoever. But I feel like deep down I'm a shitty person. Why would I put the ones I truly care about through this because I have no sexual control?

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