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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 25

    For the last year I have been cheating on my boyfriend. I don't have sex with any of the other men that I see, but I give them blowjobs.

    I have been with at least 20 different men in the last 12 months and sucked each one to completion. I love sucking cock so much and my boyfriend prefers to just fuck all the time. I try to give him blowjobs but it never lasts long before he just fucks me.

    I just want to suck cock sometimes so I started meeting other men for quick blowjobs. I know it's wrong but I can't help myself.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    Continuing from my post #21596...

    Yesterday , the day C left my house early in the morning. I hadn't hears from her all day. I called out of work in case she could make it back to my house. In the evening I got a text from her. She said she wanted to let me know she had a good time. Over the course of our texting conversation, C said she and her boyfriend had not been talking all day and had even gotten into a fight shortly before she texted me. She wanted them to go out for Sunday dinner as a family (C, her boyfriend, and their one year old son). Her boyfriend said he wasn't hungry and took the car and left her and their son at home. We begin talking about the Jan timeline she has set for her boyfriend to marry her and says she doesn't think their relationship will even last until Jan. Reading that, I begin talking to her and reassuring her she will find a good guy and all hope is not lost. She is 20, she has plenty of time. As the evening progresses she tells me I upset her when I say all the right things. She isn't used to an old fashioned guy who respects women and treats them right. Before we say 'goodnight' she tells me she will be wearing a skirt with no panties to work the next day. She wants me to 'do the thing I did before', basically she wants me to finger her to orgasm. Today as we are texting as I prepare for work she mentions my comments are making her wet and she wants me to take her into the bathroom or my car and proceed to have my way with her and make her cum. Right now I'm planning on parking in the back of the parking lot and enjoying her body on lunch. I want to walk back into work smelling like her beautiful wet pussy.

    Yes, she is in a failing relationship. Yes, my actions will probably speed up the failure of the relationship. If you aren't satisfying your girl she will look for satisfaction elsewhere. Bottom line, when you have a sexy woman, keep her well fucked and satisfied

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    I'm 41. I've been married since a week after my 23rd birthday and I cheated on my husband. I didn't mean too and didn't plan it, it just happened. I was with two of my friends who are both divorced and just as crazy as they were when we were in college. I usually get out of there when they pick-up men but this time my friend Jen met a guy and brought him home but my other friend didn't meet anyone so she wanted me to keep her company.

    The four of us hung out sipping drinks and being silly. Well Jen ends up pulling the guy's dick out right in the living room, of course. And she plays with it, then Linda joins in. The two of them were taking turns sucking his dick and balls and he plays with their boobs. He asked me to join in but I said no although I liked watching.

    After awhile, I was right there watching and horny. Here I was a 41 year old married woman watching my two friends as they sucked off a well hung guy who was at the most 25. It was making so horny, I was right there a foot away watching.

    Then I reached out to touch it. I stroked it and it felt good. My friends were shocked saying what are you doing and stop that. Then I sucked his already wet head into my mouth. I sucked him good like for all I was worth. All those years of tricks I learned paid off as I used them on this young guy and his the robbing dick. I felt him squeezing my breasts and reaching under my bra to yank my nipples.

    My friends kept telling me to stop and that I was married enough but I wanted so bad to make him cum I kept going. He was loving it tho being serviced by a married woman. He started to moan and squirm and we knew he was going to cum. I concentrated on the head of his dick until he grabbed my head and bucked his dick in my mouth and shot a big warm load that I swallowed down, my friends saying what the hell and oh shit and things while I finished him off.

    Afterward they were both mad at me and knew how guilty I was gonna feel and were both worried about my husband and demanding to know what had gotten into me. I made them promise never to tell. I'm a little worried my husband will find out but I have to trust my friends. I do feel guilty but it was so satisfying making that guy cum I think about it all the time.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I know it is stupid, but I got pregnant horny, I was so desperate to get pregnant I led this guy at work and got pregnant by him. I confessed to him about my real me, and even introduced him to my long term lover. He just dismisses me as having been stupid. I let him have sex with me because I just can't say no to him. I sleep with him. I make the bed, I fix him breakfast. This is not me. He is in love with me, and I'm stuck.

    He is my only man, my girlfriend says it will die down once the baby is born, but right now I am playing on his team, not hers. I am more and more confused. But if you put him in a bed and her in a bed I will go to him, every time, because this is the test every might. I haven't been intimate with my girlfriend for the last four months, since I got pregnant. I think I turned over a new leaf.

    I don't think about her, I think about him.

    I lied, I don't 'let him have sex with me', I have sex with him and he has sex with me. There I said it. I'm in love with him. I have tried to tell my ex-girlfriend that I am no longer have feelings for her, but she wont listen.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    Not actually my cheating heart, more like I'm the guy she damn near cheated with.
    I recently had a party at my house. I have parties at my house quite a bit. This last one was smaller though. Only about 8-10 people. This girl (I'll call her "C") shows up with her best friend. Now, let me say a little about C. She is about 5'4", 36D, mixed girl with natural hair, and a FAT ass! C and her friend had just come from a club. C was wearing a pair of super tight and super short shorts, and a halter top. The rest of us had been drinking and taking shots for over an hour and we were all feeling really good. C says she and her friend need to catch up so I pour them a few shots. They are drinking and everyone is feeling good. C begins dancing. C always dances when she drinks. Every time she dances every guy just stops to take in the sight.
    Fast forward a couple hours later, and she is asking me to dance. Of course I dance. When a sexy woman wants to dance and rub her ass on your dick, you let her.
    Fast forward some more and she and her friend got drunk. Her friend passes out on my sofa. C reaches up her friends dress and starts plating qith her pussy trying to wake her up. Her friend is out cold. Other party guests leave and C asks for some shorts and a shirt to wear then crawls into my bed. She tells me likes to cuddle and to not he surprised if I wake up with her cuddling with me. Turns out, I cuddle too and I end up spooning with her all night.
    About 12:00pm the following day we wake up and go to the living room to check on her friend. We all start talking and C tells me she really doesn't want to go home to see her boyfriend. Apparently they fight a lot and he has not been having sex with her. C says she has told him they need to be married by January or she is leaving him.
    An hour or two later we call Waffle House and get some food. After eating we start watching movies. She asks me to cuddle with her again. I crawl behind her and once again my dick is pressed up against her beautiful ass. We finish the first movie spooning. Before the second movie C and her friend say they need to leave. C gets back into her club attire. We all sit around and talk some more. After an hour or two they decide they are staying longer. C asks for the shorts again and asks if I have anything more lady-like than a T-shirt. I pull out some lingerie. It is a dress with open sides that tie the front and back together. She puts it on as a top and leaves the shorts on, and we begin cuddling again to watch the next movie.
    While watching the sext movie C grabs my hand and puts it under the dress onto her stomach. We stay in that position for a while. Then she grabs my hand and moves it right below her beautiful tits. I take the hint and start playing with her breasts, kissing and nibbling her ears, and kissing, sucking and biting her neck. She moans, presses her ass harder into my dick and starts wriggling it against me. I rub up and down her side while continuing my assault of her neck and ears. I put my hand back on her tits and pinch her nipples and twist them a bit. I hear her moan and gasp. I slide my hand down to her waist, grab and pull her against me. She moans again and presses her ass against me. This teasing and fondling goes on for a while. I look at my chair and see her friend is asleep. I reach my hand down under the shorta and I feel she is soaking wet. I rub her moist slit and wet my fingers. I then start rubbing her clit. She gasps as my fingers slide over her beautiful pussy and clit. While rubbing her pussy and clit I continue nibbling and biting her neck. I roll her onto her back and free her succulent tits from the top of the dress. I take her nipples in my mouth one at a time and suck on them. I then kiss my way up to her mouth and kiss her with a passion she has not been getting at home. I continue rubbing her clit and then slide a finger in her soaking wet pussy making sure to bend my finger to rub her G-Spot. I put my finger in her once and remove it to rub her clit again. I keep putting my finger in once and remove it to rub the clit. At this point, much to my dismay, her friend wakes up and looks over. I think her friend is going to say something as C is in a relationship. C and I both freeze and I slowly take my fingers out of her pussy and stop kissing her. I sit up and C pulls her tits back in her dress.
    We all sit around continuing to watch the movie. We get some food and put in another movie. Everything is pretty normal at this point, no sex or talk of sex. Until her friend goes to sleep once again...
    C and I cuddle again and C immediately puts my hand back on her tits. I immediately go back to assaulting her nipples, ear, and neck. As C is getting worked back up and horny again, I put my hand back down the shorts. I grab her hair with my other hand and pull her haid back giving me more access to her shapely neck. I and biting her neck and I start playing with her clit again. This time alternating between playing with her clit and putting two fingers in her wet pussy. C rolls onto her back giving me easied access to her tits and pussy. As I rub her clit and finger her I am biting and sucking on her neck and playing with her nipples. After just a couple minutes she starts to orgasm. She arches her back pressing her ass hard into my raging dick and her breasta into my hand. I dont relent my playing with her clit or my biting of her neck. C tries to close her legs to stop me from rubbing her clit anymore. I keep rubbing her clit and she begins to shake. I can tell she is gettung a much needed sexual release. When her body goes slack I stop. She looks as though she could be going in and out of consciousness. I kiss her neck gently and rub her back as she regains her composure. C turms her head towards me and kisses me deeply.
    We finish the movie we were watching and C asks if I mind if she takes the shorts off. C takes off the shorts and we are once again cuddling. Mid way through tge final movie we both admit we are tired and head back into my bed. We cuddle and I run my fingertips over her sensitive body making her shudder. We fall asleep once again with her ass pressed against my dick and my arms wrapped around her. I wake up a couple times in the night to run my hands over this sexy woman.
    C's alarm goes off at 6:30 in the morning. We get up so C and her friend can get home. I walk them to the door and ensure they leave safely. Before driving off C runs back into my house to hug me and give me a final kiss.
    All in all, it was an amazing weekend. A weekend I look forward to repeating as often as possible.

    -50 Shades

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Each week the temptation gets stronger and harder to deny. Don't get me wrong, my husband Phil and I do have sex, but ever since I've noticed our neighbours son masturbating his massive cock, I've imagined him fucking me with it.

    It started when I was cleaning the inside of our bedr oom windows. He knew I was there, but carried on stroking his huge cock anyway. And from only fifty feet I could see just how big and thick it was. He saw me staring, smiled and moved so I could watch him cum. Now stood right next to his beeroom window, he began to furiously wank himself, and then shot his load all over glass pain in front of him.

    I hadn't noticed I'd been touching itself, but knew when I shuddered from a need to orgasm myself. Walking our bathroom, I took down my panties, put two fingers inside my pussy and used my other hand to rub hard and fast over my soaking wet clit.

    I came within a minute I was that horny. A similar thing happened a few days later, only that time I masturbated at the same time our nineteen year neighbour did. His grin could not have been bigger when he saw me rubbing myself, as I once again took great pleasure from watching him stroke his enormous cock.

    Five weeks on and I dream about him ducking me with his young hard thick cock. If I could only justify it, then I'd invite our neighbour over.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 21

    At the time I was not partnered. I had just exited a relationship with a Korean girl whose work visa had expired. My Korean ex was very cute, petite and when she left, I had a sexual void that I needed to fill. At this stage I was casually dating a couple of girls.

    The girl in this story is a girl named Steph. She would be around 5'7 and although she had a tight body, with her breasts being a comfortable D and her ass looked like she squated for days, it was always her big brown eyes that drew me in.

    I hadn't met Steph before. We'd spoken at lengths online over the years but something had always happened that prevented us from meeting up with each other. Steph was in a long term relationship, but once she heard my 'struggle' she decided it was time for us to meet in person.

    I obliged.

    I would like to say that I was the master of the hook-up. I wasn't. I'd actually just gone about my business as usual. She asked me to pick her up from her place for a coffee date at around 9-10am (I am a uni student so the time is not unusual). I had the day off work so I went around to her place.

    I sent her a text telling her I was outside. I received no reply. I waited for what must have been 10-15 minutes until I finally decided to go up to the front door. I knocked, I called out and no one answered. I waited a few more minutes and then just tried the door. It was unlocked.

    When I entered the house, I could not hear anything but a faint buzzing noise coming from down the hall. I knew it was wrong at this stage but I followed the noise and there she was... legs spread, with an hitachi wand in between her legs.

    She looked up at me and she smiled.

    It was a blur. I remember walking in, and burying my head in between her legs. Her juices tasted amazing. I put my fingers inside her, being careful to rub her g-spot. I still remember her shaking as she came the first time.

    She did not like only receiving pleasure, I was hard and she was feeling it through my jeans, but she wasted no time in pulling my pants down. She sucked my cock for what seemed like forever (it was like 20 seconds but I wanted to put it in).

    I then slid my unprotected cock inside her warm, wet pussy. I fucked her so god damn hard that I could feel her convulsing underneath me.

    She flipped positions so she rode me and continued going just as hard. I told her that I was going to cum and as I went to pull out she pushed herself on to me and I came deeply inside of her.

    She began shaking and panting. I am not sure if she came the second time, but I felt like the man afterwards haha.

    We continued fucking for about a month. Her boyfriend didn't know. Eventually she wanted more from me, with emotional relationship-like support. I told her that I'd only give her that if she gave me the relationship. Everything broke down internally between us, I don't think he ever found out (judging by their facebooks).

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have read many stories on here about cheating at bachelorette parties and never thought I would act as slutty as the rest of these girls and cheat on the man I plan on spending my life with.

    That is until my bachelorette party this past summer. I was not aware my friends were going to have a male stripper and of course I was super drunk when he showed up. I was the center of attention and after he stripped naked and gave all my friends lap dances they gave him a wad of money and told me to have fun with him for the next hour and left the room.

    I must admit that I was not thinking about my fiancé. The stripper had such a sexy body and huge dick. When my friends left I got on my knees and sucked him hard. Once he was super hard I removed my clothes and got on my hands and knees on the bed and wiggled my ass at him to come and take me. He grabbed my hips and pounded me relentlessly from behind. We fucked all over the room and including taking breaks to 69 and letting him face fuck me with my head over the edge of the bed.

    My friends came back after he left and laughed at what a sweaty cum stained mess I was. I now understand why the other girls on here did it too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I got married to my college sweetheart three years ago. Two weeks before the wedding, I had too much to drink at a party a casual acquaintance had invited me to. I flirted with a muscular black guy. I'd always been attracted to black guys but I'd never been with one. The more I drank the more I flirted and when he took me into a quiet room I didn't protest. I should have ran when he took off my clothes but I was horny and curious and wanted one last experience before I got married. It was stupid of me to do. Well the guy was like the fantasy, he had a huge dick that was the hardest cock I've ever experienced. Unfortunately he wasn't much of a lover he was more of an aggressive woman hater. He just rolled me onto my stomach on the couch, licked his fingers to wet me and shoved his fucking huge thing in me as hard as he could then fucked me like an animal, pounding me so hard I was crying and bouncing on the couch. This guy just slammed me as hard as he could while holding me down with arms around my neck so I couldn't move which made me cum a bunch of times not that he cared. He finally came in me pushing his dick as deep as it could go grinding me until he finished which hurt so bad then he pulled out and left. I felt like I'd been r**ed after. My pussy was so sore for days afterward and I felt so guilty for so long but now I find myself thinking about that night when I masturbate. I kinda wish I could do it again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 21

    Last year one of our company's suppliers threw a Christmas party for all its major customers. It was to be held at a restaurant in the town centre and then onto other pubs and bars after. Invited were the owners and main staff of each company and their partners.

    I was 21, and single at the time and had not had sex in about 8 months.

    I arrived at the venue in my Christmas jumper as requested on the invite ready for a great meal, lots of free champagne, some good talk about work and my ever-growing role, and hoping to finish the night in my favourite nightclub.

    I sat next to my boss on the table at the party and we got talking about work etc and all that boring stuff. We were then joined by Tim (the guy who threw the party) and his girlfriend and mother of his 2 children (Niki). We got talking about what we were all doing over the festive season and different conversations were happening everywhere. Me and Niki started talking about what I was doing after the party and I said I will be meeting my friends in a well known pub around the corner. She acknowledged this and smiled at me keeping eye contact throughout. I then noticed how enticing they were. They just sucked me in, her eyes were telling me she wanted me, and I wanted her. Right from when I very first saw her, stood at the bar in her low cut bright red dress, with nicely tanned legs which curved in all the right places. A body far superior than a normal mother of 2.

    I continued to hold eye contact with her during our conversations, looking deep into her eyes attempting to almost telepathically tell her, I want to have her. After the meal and more drinks we moved onto a bar a bit further up the street, we hung back and spoke privately between us. This is when she whispered "I want to feel your hard cock in me before the New Year comes or I won't be happy". I was taken back by what I'd just heard, it never happens like this normally I was thinking, it's never this easy! Normally a guy will have to talk to a girl all night before he can even ask to take her back to his place, and even then it's rare they say yes. But here I had a mid thirties attractive woman telling me, she wanted to fuck me.

    I waited a few seconds stunned, before managing to string a sentence together. "That, I wasn't expecting", I spluttered. She remained focused and continued with "I bet your young cock could fuck me all night". "But what about Tim????????", I asked with confusion. This was unknown territory for me and I was struggling with how to deal with it. That and the fact my boss and Tim were only a few yards in front of us. She disregarded what I had said about Tim and claimed it wouldn't be the first time she had done a thing like this. She started to walk slower so we could talk better without people hearing. I asked if she had ever been caught, and her reply wasn't surpising. She claimed she had done it before, and he never found out. I really wanted to fuck this woman, she had such a confidence about her, she knew guys wanted to fuck her, and she loved it. She even let some of them!

    We were approaching the bar we were all going in so I quickly told her my number whilst she put it in her phone. She rang me quickly so I had hers and then we entered the bar.

    Once we were inside the bar Tim bought everyone 2 compulsory shots of Sambuca each. We all clashed our glasses together and shouted "Merry Christmas!". I then felt a squeeze on my bum, a soft squeeze, not to harsh to startle me. I slowly turned around and saw Niki, smiling at me. Her eyes gleaming at me, further convincing me that I must have sex with this woman. I slowly checked around to see who was around us, people were deep in conversation and no one would know if I were to do it back to her. So I cupped her left buttock giving a good firm squeeze, she bit her lip and then licked them. She now knew I was interested in her offer.

    I spent the rest of the time in the place talking to a friend I had not seen in a few years. Frustratingly, Niki spent the hole time opposite me teasing me with subtle movements. Looking at me whilst touching her perfectly round bubble butt which looked amazing in that red dress.

    After a few more drinks we moved on to another bar, a much darker and dimly lit bar with a reputation for sex in the toilets. Convenient, I thought, the way the night was heading for me.

    People were starting to get quite drunk, Niki was a bit tipsy, my boss was very drunk, and Tim wasn't far behind. I suggested more shots to try and get Tim to the level of my boss, all with a plan in mind. More shots were drunk and within 20 minutes Tim and most of the others were sat in a corner deep in drunk conversation. Niki was listening to a group just round the corner from them, so I sent her a text asking what day she had in mind for our little meet up. She said she was thinking some time after Christmas Day, when Tim is at his mothers and she will be at home alone, due to his Mother not approving of Tim's choice of partner I later found out. Slightly ironic. "How would you like me to fuck you right now from behind in the bathroom????????", I sent her. Rapidly growing confidence in my tipsy way. She didn't send a reply, she read the message, looked at me with a smile and went into the ladies bathroom. Within 20 seconds she sent me a message "All clear. Come fuck me".

    I walked into the bathroom and found the stall she was in, I knocked on the door and she opened it and pulled me in. We started kissing immediately, hot passionate kissing. I moved my hands onto her back slowly bringing one down onto her ass and using the other to unzip the hot red dress which had caught the eye of so many other jealous men that night. Down the dress fell revealing no bra and a tiny little red thong to match, my cock was throbbing in my pants, I had never wanted to fuck someone so much. She started un-buttoning my jeans and pulled them down along with my pants, out I popped. She was rubbing me instantly, not wasted a second of our time together. I then slid my hand down her thong, feeling her smooth pubic area before reaching the hot soft bump of her clit. Wow! It was a nice big clit, I slid my hand down further to discover this woman was so goddamn wet! My finger slid in like it was meant to fit there permanently. I continued to penetrate her with my finger for the next minute or so and then she dropped to her knees with one last moan and took my hard un-cut 7" cock into her mouth. Now I have never claimed to be big, in my opinion I am average if anything, but she made me feel like I had the biggest cock in the world. She worshiped it with her mouth. Her tongue had me going crazy, it was like she was feeding pure heroin into my penis, the pleasure was unbelievable. The soft playing with my balls just added to the experience. After about 2 minutes she stood up, I asked her if she had a condom. "I just want you, nothing else" she whispered and then slowly turned around.

    With that I bent her over and slid inside her, the feeling was indescribable, the hot, wet, soft feeling of her pussy on my bare rock hard dick at that moment, felt like I was in heaven. I teased her with slow, soft half strokes to begin, she moaned quietly and reached one arm back to try to pull me further into her. With that I gave her everything I possessed, all of me entered her perfectly pink, hot pussy. I then picked up the pace and started fucking her like she needed, she wanted it hard and fast and that's exactly what I gave her. Louder and louder she started to moan, I moved my hands from her waist to her firm breasts, cup size D if I had to guess, but I'm no expert.

    Feeling her breasts I pull her up towards me, so she is almost standing whilst I continue to penetrate her from behind. Being careful not to slip out I move my hand round and start playing with her clit, the size of it surprised me again, having forgotten. I gave it a soft flick and she moaned to acknowledge to me that she likes it. I slipped my finger in her mouth to get it nice and wet and then continued flicking her giant bean.

    I was getting close to climax and so was Niki, so I pushed her back down and started drilling into her like I was trying to destroy this poor woman's vagina. Of course I knew I wasn't capable of hurting her with my size but the primal instinct in me took over and I kept pumping myself into her. Niki started to scream and I started to groan, we were both so close to cumming, and then it came, she let out a huge scream and moan and then squirted her juices all over my hard throbbing cock. I was almost ready to join her, but I was looking down at my cock dripping with her juices, I couldn't believe I had just made this woman squirt. I slid myself back inside of her and carried on fucking at the same pace, she began to moan yet again but I couldn't wait any longer, I had to cum.

    I shot my load deep inside of her, groaning with pleasure alongside Niki's passionate moans. I then kissed her neck and simply said "Wow". I slid out of her and before I could put my underwear back on she was on her knees cleaning me up. What a way to finish great great sex. We both got dressed and left the bathroom seperately. I noticed she kept my hot cum inside of her, I wonder if she had sex with Tim later that night too???????? We joined the group and nobody suspected a thing, everybody wasted by this point as another round of shots had been bought whilst me and Niki were fucking away in the bathroom.

    I left shortly after to meet my friends and boy did I tell them every detail.

    I continue to message Niki and at least once every fortnight we fuck, I now have a girlfriend and she is still with Tim but we cannot go a month without feeling each other. Our little secret has stayed secret for a good 9 months now and the sex is incredible. We've never even nearly been caught as we are far more careful than we were that night.

    Hope you all enjoy the read. I know it's long but I wanted to give a good description and I enjoy writing (although I'm not very good at it!).

    Please comment :)



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