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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 55

    Itâs funny how life goes sometimes. You just never know when something will come around and have such an impact on you; it turns your whole world upside down. Thatâs sort of where Iâm at right now, caught in a world that has been rolled right over, and Iâm struggling to keep myself together. I have to, because it isnât just my life that would explode if somehow, things became apparent to others. To be fair, I will warn you in advance, that this isn't a sex story, it's a love story.
    Iâm a man in his 50âs, married for 30 years to a good woman. We have great kids, and a nice home. I am nearing retirement from a long career as an elementary school teacher in a small town. The job has been part of my difficulties. Itâs an under-appreciated job, and it seems to get more and more challenging with each passing year. A decline in behavior, and a general lack of respect for school seems to have developed so rapidly over the last few years, I feel sorry for the young teachers entering the system. But thatâs not what this is all about.
    Three years ago, a new family joined our school community. They are a nice couple in their early 40âs, with three kids, two boys and girl. I noticed right away how stunningly beautiful the mom was. The older I get, the hotter the moms seem to be, lol! But this one, turned out to be very special. Her name is Heather, and sheâs a full-time mom who has become very involved in our school community. Sheâs always around to pitch in at the office, or to help out in the classrooms. She is just an all-round wonderful lady, who also happens to be gorgeous.
    The first year, her daughter, the oldest of her children, was in my class. Sheâs a cute little thing, so polite and kind. She got quite attached to me, and her mom was very pleased that her daughterâs first experience with a male teacher was so pleasant. She volunteered to lend a hand in my classroom at least once a week, and we became good friends. The following year, her son was in my class, and Heather was there quite often to pitch in. It was horrible class, with many behavior challenges, and she could plainly see how frustrated I was becoming. She became my biggest supporter, lifting my spirits every day, with kind gestures and very open and honest conversation. Sometimes I would just gaze into her big blue eyes as we chatted, and I could feel my heart slipping away. Heather is the kind of girl thatâs just so easy to fall in love with. Sheâs beautiful inside and out, and it took everything I had in me to resist exposing my feelings to her. I was not very successful in doing so.
    One day, after the kids had been dismissed, she caught me at my desk with my head in my hands. I was feeling so discouraged, and I hadnât expected her visit. I didnât hear her enter the room, and only noticed her when I felt her hands on my shoulders. I looked up at this angel of a woman who looked at with such concern and caring, I just about cried like a baby. We had a nice talk, and she was very encouraging and supportive. We exchanged cell phone numbers that afternoon, and she told me that if I ever needed someone to talk to day or night, I could call or text anytime and she would even meet me somewhere if I needed it. Wow! This is a parent Iâm talking with here, and I was just blown away!
    That night, she texted me to see how I was doing end, and we ended up chatting via text for a good couple of hours. It was fun, light conversation, and good get-to-know-you stuff. The next day she stayed after school and visited with me for quite a while. I was late getting home for dinner, but there was no way I could tear myself away from this woman. I was just mesmerized by her, and I still am. That night our text chat became somewhat flirtatious. She was very playful, and I tried to be witty and charming. She asked me how it was that she and I had developed such a close and trusting bond. I confessed to her that I was attracted to her the first moment I had laid eyes on her. I told her that she is just beautiful, and that coming to know her better, has only made her more beautiful to me. She was taken aback by that, and rightfully so. Iâm her childâs teacher, weâre both married, it probably wasnât a wise thing to say, but it was completely sincere. She was set off balance by this, and confessed that she was not used to receiving compliments like that. This led to quite a revealing discussion about our marriages, hers over 20 years, and mine nearing 30 years. She loves being a mother, and she enjoys her life, but it was clear that her husband wasnât the type to pay much attention to her, offering much more criticism than compliments. I was thinking, âWhat a loser! He has a gorgeous, wonderful woman like her, and he doesnât drop to his knees and praise the heavens every day for his good fortune?â Crazy! Well, this opened the floodgates. I couldnât keep myself in check any longer, and I just said whatever I felt. Iâd tell her daily how beautiful she looked, how great she smelled, how my heart races when she comes into the room. She accepted my feelings with some difficulty. She really needed, and liked to hear things like that, but she is a good woman, a wife and mother. Our relationship was causing her to reassess her own, and I knew it was stressing her out. I assured her that I have no intention of disrupting her life, and that even though I had fallen in love with her; I recognized that it would be ugly for our families, and that it would be perceived as scandalous in our small community. But like I said in my opening sentence, itâs funny how life goes sometimes.
    Since then, weâve only grown closer. She continuously fights back her feelings, and I continue to wear her down as I just seem to fall more deeply in love with her every day. I canât hold back the way I feel, and it has had significant impact on my life at home. So far, my wife has been blind to my emotional state. Thatâs a good thing too! Sheâd be destroyed if she knew I was in love with another woman. I donât know how long I can carry on this way. I only know what I feel, and as awful as it is, it is completely wonderful at the same time.
    Heather and I have not been physically intimate. Although there has been much affectionate contact, it hasnât crossed the line into sexual intimacy. If it were ever to come to that, it would surely be too much to handle. We are both beginning to wonder if we may well be soul mates, and as beautiful as that is, it sure complicates matters. Iâm so lost! Can anyone offer some advice? This is no joke. Please donât be judgmental. We are both good people. I am reaching out for help on this. Thanks!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Before I take a shower I thought I'd finally tell someone, anyone, so that I guess means you lot. That I've been cheating on my husband, and at this very moment I'm covered in four men's cum.
    It was my husband's idea for us to seek out new sexual partners to share our bed with. At first it was all women, and believe me my husband indulged immensely with each and every one of them. Then I asked him to involve another blank. Eventually he said yes and we after a great deal of searching found a wonderfully large cocked guy called Pete. He's a very confident man who's cock measures a little under ten inches. The first time we had sex together my husband couldn't get enough of watching me take Pete's cock, down my throat, in my pussy and up my very eager asshole.
    A couple of very sordid occasions later, one taking place outdoors in a national park, my husband told me it was all over with our involvement with other men. Then added he'd still like us to invite other women into our sexual lives.
    Well I've kept to his suggestion regarding other women, as I too love pussy. But without him knowing, I've also continued to see Pete this past year.
    Pete introduced me to some guys he knew, all of whom are well endowed (none as big as Pete though) and that's where I am today.
    I'm in Pete's apartment watching the guys get dressed. They've all fucked me over a period of an hour and a half, and they've all cum in or over me. After sucking their huge cocks back to life a little while ago, I had each and everyone of them cum all over my face and breasts. I scooped and ate some, but wanted most of it to dry on my body and face.
    I Will take a shower shortly, but not before I have Pete ream my asshole again, making me cum over and over again.
    By the time I get home to cook my husband's dinner, I'll be totally sexually satiated, showered and ready to tell my husband just how much I love him.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Waking up this morning, I felt so ashamed of myself. I even contemplated telling him everything, but I decided to put what happened down on this site instead.
    Out with my husband Charlie two days ago, we had a huge argument in a restaurant as he'd told me he'd spent nearly all our savings (Four thousand pounds) on a few horse races. I stormed out and left him to pay the bill, then jumped into a taxi.
    Realising about half way home, I'd not brought any money, I told the driver. He told me "As you're good looking you can pay me what you owe, in kind". Still very angry and having had half a bottle of wine, I thought to myself (Actually I wasn't thinking) ok then I will.
    He pulled up along an old dirt road, near to a farm (We live in a rural area) He climbed in the back seat with me and over the next half an hour, I had anything goes sex with him. I sucked his cock, had him lick my pussy and arsehole, then as I knew I wasn't on the pill, I had the driver fuck me in my arse. It was an amazing fuck, one which had me cumming twice. When he told me he was going to cum, I told him cum deep inside my arsehole.
    When he pulled out he got me to lick and suck his cock clean, something I'd never done with Charlie. Back at home I sat going over what I'd done, until Charlie showed up. Straight away he said "You never let me finish, the money I spent on the horses, I won with it". It turned out he'd been told of a sure bet by a race horse trainer. Putting the bet on, he won six thousand pounds.
    I felt terrible. I'd cheated on my husband, and I really enjoyed the sex with a complete stranger.
    So over the last couple of days I've thought about nothing else. And am now wondering if I should confess all to Charlie.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I had been married for almost 10 years. My wife stopped putting out as much as I wanted, my hormones were going crazy, and I was masturbating 7-10 times a week watching porn at night after everyone was in bed.

    The first time I cheated on her, I was 33. That was two years ago. My step daughter's friend was 16. I knew the risks involved, considering her age, who she was, and the fact that she was in high school. But where I live, her age was legal, so the worst thing I knew could happen, the judgment, criticism, the fallout, or the insults. I took the risk at my house one night when my step daughter was sleeping, and my youngest was also sleeping upstairs in her room.

    Emily and I had sex in my living room. We made out pretty heavy, and it took about 5 minutes to get the clothes off. I think in reality, she just wanted to see initially what it was like to fuck an older dude. I knew she'd been with other guys, and honestly, I didn't care, or didn't ask. I just wanted to get laid. When I saw her strip down, and saw her standing there, she had a hot little fucking body. A nice little square of pussy hair between her legs, pretty nice boobs, and big round nipples. We got into making out, and I hated to rush it, because I was so fucking horny. I was kissing all over her, and I really wanted to eat her out. She said yeah. I could do it, as long as we didn't get caught. I had her on the couch, legs spread, and ate her pussy for about 10 minutes. I'd never fooled around with someone her age, and it was hot as fuck to make her cum. She got off intensely hard, gasping, panting, and squeezing her legs together while I had my mouth buried down there and my tongue inside her pussy lips.

    When I finally got done, and my dick was rock hard, she said she had condoms in her purse that was sitting on the floor. She got one out, and handed it to me. I pulled it out, wrapped my cock, and I bent her over and fucked her doggie style in the living room over the couch. I pumped and thrust and fucked her for probably about 5 minutes. During that time, I knew she came at least one more time. She kept saying oh Christ, you know what you're doing. And at one time I heard her say Oh God. I need to fuck you more. I was so turned on and out of control, when I blew my cum inside the condom, fucking her from behind, I had my hands on her hips, rocking her little ass, and thrusting so hard inside her, I'm surprised I didn't hurt her.

    When I finished, I pulled out, and just stood there. She stood up, panting, and turned around and leaned into me. I put my hands around her, started kissing on her, and she just stared at me and said holy fucking Christ. I had no idea that it would be that good. I hope please that we can do it again.

    I said yes. Got cleaned up, threw the condom in the toilet. Flushed it. We wiped up, took care of business, and she went to bed. I've since fucked her almost a dozen times. Different times, different dates, at my house when she's spent the night, and one time, I was staying the night at a motel, and a friend of my step daughter's, an older friend, dropped her off, where she said she was going to be staying with some friends. I knew it was a risk, but I took it anyhow. We fucked four times that night she stayed with me at the hotel. In the early morning, we got up, had to sneak out, and I dropped her at her friends house.

    The night we were there, my dick hurt so bad the following day that I could barely pee. She told me that her pussy hurt more than she'd ever experienced.

    I know it's not "right" but I absolutely love fucking her. No. No one has a clue it still happens. I don't care about age. I just love the sex.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    My name's Karen, I'm 30 years old, I'm married with two children and am well respected in the small village we live in. I work part time only and look after the children, as my husband has a very highly paid job.
    Each week we have our groceries delivered because it's more convenient. And up until two months ago the same older guy delivered our groceries. One Friday afternoon with the children at school and my husband at work, a new much younger man brought the groceries. We flirted over the size of a cucumber I'd ordered and before very much longer I was bent over our kitchen table taking a complete strangers cock up my arsehole (Didn't have any condoms and I'm not on the pill). A place my husband who's in his late forties would never ever fuck.
    Looking back now, I realise there wasn't much in the way of fore play, or indeed any protection used. I had one extremely hot and horny orgasm, as he fucked me like only young men can. And was just starting another. when he came up my arsehole.
    From him entering our home, to him leaving me with a rear full of his seed, was about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes which has changed my outlook on my sex life. Every week I order and receive our groceries and every week I ask the store to send them with a driver called Chris, pretending my husband knows him.
    And every week Chris delivers more than just the groceries, to a woman who is increasingly loving being analised, especially by a very horny young man who knows a good thing when he's getting it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    Hello there. I must admit it's my debut here, so don't judge me too serious. The actual story isn't quite about me, but my girlfriend. It was her bachelorette party. She is very attractive girl and quite liberal, so it wasn't a surprise for me when a male stripper came in, her eyes filled with lust. By the way, her party went in private condo we booked day before. Very beuatiful place I must admit. So with all that alcohol being poored, our minds were set on that handsome stripper. He was tall, muscled, toned and very attractive brunette boy. He was performing very provocative and gone fully nude. His erect penis was very impressive. It was big, 7 inches at least with large balls. The stripper was shaved everywhere. He was very smooth. We went wild and started to suck his cock one by one. He loved it and moaned very loud. His bum was very muscled and I began to lick his bum cheeks with my tongue, he was in ecstasy. Slowly my girlfriend and future bride to be started to blow him very aggressive, so I decided to slide my tongue between his ass cheeks, I was giving him a rimjob. It sent me wild, I licked his butthole, while my friend blowed him. We were doing that simultaniously and it sent him over the bar. He withdrew from my girlfriend's mouth and started to cum heavilly. I held his balls while he was cumming all over my gf's face. It was some mess I must say. HE bursted quite some cum on her pretty face, she even swallowed some. Well, that was a wild one. She married her future husband the next day and they still live together. They absolutelly love each other and very happy. Want to hear your stories in comments below. Did something similar happened to you, girls? Curious enough I'm not the only one to participate in such parties.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 36

    I've been married for 6 years. My wife decided that she no longer had any sexual drive anymore once our daughter was born so I needed a outlet. My co-worker who is also married always loved to flirt with me. One day while I stood over her desk she reached for a paper and accidentally rubbed my penis. She apologized but smiled. I catch her often staring at it. I'm far bigger than average so it does show.
    After the bush up incident it just went from there. Every time she had a chance she was rubbing me until i got hard. All this was at work so it made it even more exciting! One Saturday we had to come in to catch up on work. I was feeling quite horny myself and I could see that she was to. I went over to talk about work and she then proceeded to take my cock out of my pants and gave me one of the best blowjobs i have even received. As I unloaded myself she keep it all in and swallowed it whole while staring me in the eyes. Gets me hard even now thinking about it.
    Some times when she wore a skirt to work I would go over and bend down beside her and act like we were talking about work. I then proceeded to work my fingers up her legs then under skirt. She gasped and smiled. I rubbed her clit till she couldn't help but moan under her breath. I then suck my finger inside her. She moaned so loud that we thought others heard us! She started to wear skirts more to work after this! Often she would come over and act like she talking about work and she would lift her skirt up higher and higher till her panties were showing. She would then move her panties to the side and show me her pussy. She started to rub it in front of me while staring me down. Other co-workers walked by so she had to stop. This continued for quite some time.
    Eventually we found time to fuck each others brains out in the work shop. During this all, she had a 18 year old daughter that would come in to visit her. She was a cute little thing with huge tits. I often flirted with her. One day I joked around with the Mom and told her that I should see if her daughter would send some pics of her daughters wonderful tits. As a joke her daughter sent some pics of her in a bathing suit. Well after she did that I found out that she had a crush on me also. She found my # from her moms phone and started to text me. She often told me that she wish I wasn't married and wanted to make me feel good. She confused to staring at my dick when she came in to visit her mom. She said she often thought of it and wanted to know what it felt like inside of her. As you can imagine it went from there. Now I'm fucking both her and her mother. The mother knows but I don't think she cares. She more interested in getting my big dick for herself.
    Just thought I would share is wonderful experience with others. ;-)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    I often look at school boys around the age of 15 in uniforms. I was always like this loved their sweaty smell and boyish good looks and they would flip there hair and look cute with their hands in their pockets leaning against a tree or the bus seat etc and I was lusting and I still lust after them after all these years, I have considered setting up a school boy college boy fuck club for us women who have missed out on some. I was thinking how could i get around the legalities of passing a FUCK YOU BUD! CARD WITH MY NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER TO GIVE OUT TO SCHOOL BOYS OVER 15 I LIKE. IS THIS DIRTY OR WHAT BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT DOING IT. I LOVE THEM AND I LOVE YOUNG POLICE MEN I LOVE YOUNG MEN IN UNIFORMS.


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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I never ever though about cheating on my boyfriend. Until now.
    I've got a nice boyfriend;shy,a little rude,sarcastic,but he's kind and funny and loves me with all his heart. He's good looking too;tall and slender,fit and cute. And I though I only had eyes for him. But that has changed.
    There's this younger guy at my current workplace. I dont know much about him,but I do know he's sarcastic and with a great sense of humor,and kind of an outcast. There's another thing I know about him:he's a virgin and never even had a girlfriend. He told me that one day. And since then,I've given him advice about sex and relationships. But there's something very wrong with me. Since I know he's a virgin,I cant take him out of my head. Dont get me wrong;he's cute and all but I wasnt specially fond of him until now. Its because he's a virgin. Its driving me insane really. I want to cheat on my boyfriend to take this kid's virginity. I cant help it! I dont think he's atracted to me very much,but... I want to bang this kid,I really do. I dont know whats on my mind,this is gonna destroy my life and I cant stand it... I need advice

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    Being a photographer I do interact with a lot of models. I have the almost respect for everyone I work with. I am married to a beautiful woman and have a son. I love in bangalore, India.

    I shoot a few nude folios for clients who wanna to shoot for various reasons. Some of them wanna shoot as a personal collection. Sone tell me it's a fantasy, and for some it's work.

    Miss S contacted me a few months back. She is a Mumbai based model who does a few bikini shoots and needed a new folio. We exchanged a bunch of Facebook chats and went on to exchanging ideas on wats app. A could of days back I was on assignment in Mumbai for another client who had put me up at the Four Season. Hotel. I called in Miss S cause I had a lovely room. She took an hr to reach me.

    We had spoken about shooting in the bath tub. Once she was over I explained what I had planned and she loved the idea. I showed to the tub and asked her to call me once she was in her bra and panty and in the tub. I prepared my camera and started shooting. I stood on the edge of the tub balancing while she posed for me. She had a beautiful body and was a great model. After shoot for around 15 minutes I sat on the edge of the tub to show her the images. They were looking great. She loved them and we continued shooting.

    I asked her to slip down her bra straps to make it look like she was top less and she said she comfortable taking them off while would make it easy. I tried not looking at her breasts, she was a 34D and continued to pose for me. She was not shy and let me shoot her breasts. Her hands moving on her hard nipples, holding get breasts. Just I could feel my cock get harder and hoped she would not notice I saw her look a my short. She looked at me and smiled saying " I can see your are happy with this" and giggled. I was embarrassed but continues to shoot. Through my camera I noticed her slipping her panties off I had never shot with such a beautiful women till that day. I kept shooting we kept reviewing images. I was so hard the whole time trying to look at her only through the camera.

    After an he off shooting I decided I had got enough of images and asked her to shower while I ordered dinner and called her a cab. We had dinner a few beers. Being a Saturday it was a pain to catch a cab and she asked if she could spend the night at my room. I did not have a problem with that. I have her one of my t-shirts and got into bed.

    The lights were off she wished me good night and there was silence in the room I was so turned on thinking about her lying next to me in my tee and nothing under my cock was so hard under the sheets. After around 15 minutes of tossing and turning she turned toward me asking me if I was still awake. I said I was and she moved closer to me asking me if we could cuddle. Before I said yes she was in my arms. I kept my cock away from her as we lay there, her back towards me and in my arms. She pushed her hips into me and felt my hard cock against her ass. My tee was not covering her lower half. I apologised and she giggled.

    She den took my hand and put it under her tee on her tummy just enough for me to feel her breast. I was throbbing on her ass as she pushed back a little more into me I could not hold back. I knew it was wrong to sleep with a client but I was not thinking with my head. I moved my hand up to touch her breast and she moved her hand just enough inviting me to hold them. She said my name softly as I touched the outer part of her nipple. She parted her legs and let me place my cock out side her wet vaginal.

    In no time she was under the blanket my cock in her mouth sucking me and teasing me. She asked me to hold her head and guide her head and fuk her mouth. I did.

    She got on top of me as my cock slid into her pussy I could feel her wetness drip down my shaft. OMG!! it had been so long since I had slept with someone with such a tight pussy. She rode me slowly as I throbbed inside her. She would tease me by not moving holding my hands behind my head and make me lick her breasts.

    I carried her to the bath room and we made love on the counter. We made love for quiet a bit. In sometime her body stiffened and She came loudly.

    I love finishing doggy. I carried her back to the bed and on the edge of the bed I came all over her ass.

    We passed out and did not spoked about it. I sent her a msg before I left back to bangalore thanking her and she was kind enough to say she " loved working with me and on me" " smily face "

    I don't feel guilty which is weird. I felt it was a human need with no strings attached.

    I have not started editing the images.

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