My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 29

    A couple of hours from now my husband will arrive home, expect his meal to be cooked and then no doubt after a few beers he'll fall asleep watching some golfing programme. It used to bother me, it used to really wind me up as I'd make every effort to look nice for him. I'm still relatively young, fit and if I so say so myself, still a able to turns mens heads as I walk past. The reason I say it used to bother me was now I simply don't care if his beer and golf keep all of attentions and sexual energy. That's because three months ago I met guy who's in his early forties, one who can keep taking me to one orgasm after another with his awsomely thick long cock. He knows my husband too, well he should do he's our new neighbor and only an hour ago he walked out of our bedroom after giving me a whole afternoon of pussy and anal fucking. Most of his cum as I type this, is still deep inside my asshole, just how I like it now, as my husband gives a peck on the cheek as his meal arrives, I'll be thinking of the service I've had on our marrital bed.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am such a slut. My husband decided to change careers and had to go away for 6 months for training. He only comes home on the weekends. He is always really horny and we have sex multiple times until he leaves. It is good, but the best sex I have is during the week with my 55 year old neighbor. He is divorced and I go over every weeknight and sleep with him. He makes me feel in ways I have never thought possible. He ravages my body and I fucking love it. I love his big thick dick and the way he takes me. I wish my husband was dominate like him.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Well,know I would be writing here someday. to start, I'm in a committed relationship for the post 6yrs her name is K lol, like I would give you guys the right one. she is very loving, a woman that you need in your life. The only problem,my sex drive is higher than hers. I want sex very morning and night,she can't keep up with my 8" Dick(curve) yes I'm a Jamaican. one min she's coming lol close ok where was I. So I jerkoff sometime(no pussy)or her time of the mouth. Recently I was talking to one of my cus let's call her T. We live together at one point and she was always playing with me sexually :setting on my leap knowing I was stiff. she's a woman now with a nice fat pussy a week later I ask her what's up why we never have sex no anserw so i look her in the eye and ask for it again no anserw, ok we are both in our late 20 now and she live with her baby father. We started Tex ting on/ off. I realised it was my action or immaturity that stop me from having sex with her, Yes I add forgotten the rules my father taught me before he post away 1. Never run after a woman that you love, choose the one which is in love with you! 2. Make a lot of money and you can get any woman 3. The first time a woman look at you she have already decided to Fuck you just don't bowl it 4. The only faithful woman is one that believe in God! 5. A woman needs 3 things: Money,Time and a good fuck 6. If a woman love you don't do anything to break it, She will turn into the devil. That same day I call T told her to meet me at the family home, she ask why?? I reply : to get some of that pussy and hand up the phone. I gat there around six , she was talking to mom I told T to come with me. Nothing more was sad she followed me to hotel got a room she was nervous, we sat down and it started from their I actually eat pussy for the first time! Yes i fuck her real good when we went back all the family was there, just to know 5 min ago my 8" was all the way in her for pussy wow . She told me anytime I want it, just ask !! I'm going to fuck her today.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    To give you a little background info, I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. We have had some rough patches like one two years ago where I left him for a few months, because honestly he was being a complete douche. During the few months we weren't together I slept with his best friend, whom had been a good friend for a lot longer than they had even known each other. I didn't leave him so I could see this other guy, I left him for my own reasons but that doesn't change his view of things, and nothing I ever say will change it. that being said there is a lot more to this story.

    We (sort of) recently moved to a new town where we didn't know anyone. I left a job I loved to move here with him, to start a new life. The problems stem from the fact that things are going back to exactly the way they were when I left him, except he spends all his time at work, instead of at the bar like he did back then. We have made new friends, but now that I am not waiting on him hand and foot while he is home, and that I have a social life, he is becoming more and more clingy, which I cannot fucking deal with. I am very hands off, and we are in an open relationship, he is currently sleeping with two women who don't even know I exist. That is fine, I don't care, but I am not allowed to sleep with other men, and most of the time I don't even care about it but right now, I do. I really really do. The problem is that the man I want to sleep with is, you fucking guessed it, his best friend. I feel like I live in one of those fucked up daytime soap operas.

    I have already done some things with... (we will call him Brandon, and my boyfriend Greg) Brandon, things that a girl in a relationship shouldn't do, but I don't regret that. Well, I can't decide if I regret it or not, because I still want to fuck him. Repeatedly. I slept with his girlfriend (while he, and Greg watched) and I thought it might help I dunno, disillusion me from it, but that backfired in a big way. Not only does she want to sleep with me again, which I would do because the first time was fun, but now I have gotten in to this situation with Brandon. I got moderately intoxicated one night while both of our significant others were out of town and sat in his personal space, now normally that wouldn't be an issue, but while on a good buzz, all I could think about was touching him. I didn't even touch him anywhere that was inappropriate, just on his neck and head, but I knew it was a bad Idea, with a capital I.

    So fast forward a couple of hours, and we are now alone-ish in the living room cuddled on a tiny couch, and at some point earlier I lost my shirt (I was hot). Now neither of us sleeps well by ourselves, so we decided to stay cuddled on the TINY couch, that was bad idea number two because now... now he starts touching me. It starts out innocent, much the same way me touching him did. He rubbed my side and over my belly. Not generally known to be erogenous zones for me, but I guess that night it was. You could have drowned a toddler in my panties. Probably two. I am into some pretty kinky shit, so this surely surprised me, all I needed was a bit of a caress and a little bit of nails to get me drenching my panties like the fucking Niagara Falls?? "What the Hell??" I thought "I'll Just go with it, see where it takes me" and then... he bit me. A torrent of juices was released released into my underwear, and it was all I could do to keep quiet since I am a screamer by nature. There are all sorts of people all over the house that do not need to know of this thing... whatever it is. People that know both Greg, and Brandon's girlfriend, whom we will call Kiley, if the need comes up. I am now so fucking hot, that I probably would have done anything to get some fucking release, hell he probably could have pinched my clit the right way and I would have come like a fucking freight train. What he did was much, much better.

    He teased me. He teased me hard, and it was fan-fucking-tastic.. yeah. Anyway, he keeps touching me, mostly gentle little touches, under my bras underwire, where my basketball shorts have ridden up a bit, where my waistband on my underwear is, sometimes with at bit of nails, I think because he has an idea of how kinky I am. I Dominated Kiley when I slept with her, which was good for both of us, but showed a bit more of myself than I originally intended. From what I know of him, he tends a LOT more towards the vanilla side of things. Anyway... So he is just touching me, and here I am panting like a dog, working on a large puddle in my drawers and squirming like a whore in church. And then he ghosts his fingers over my slit, on top of my pants, I thought I might cum right there, but I didn't... I didn't and I knew that it had only just started.

    I have been known on many occasions to have multiple orgasms, which I know, but I very seriously doubt he does. I also find it very hard to orgasm in any setting besides during actual penetrative sex, one of the things that gets me is having my cervix stimulated. I can occasionally get off during oral, but not often. Jesus does that man have some talented hands tho. I'd love to have him spank me if I thought I could get him to do it. So, back to the story. so he start playing with my kitty over my clothes, and its like he knows how to do it just hard enough to feel fucking delicious, but too hard to actually get me off. Now, I don't know if he is actually that talented, or if it happened to just be dumb luck. I guess I will have to do it again to find out *winks*. Anywho, he's just teasing me, and teasing me, and nibbling on my neck, and finally like the gods have answered my fervent unspoken prayers, he slides his had into my panties, and finds my pussy sopping wet and more than read for some attention, and still he doesn't go in for the kill.

    He starts out gentle, mapping the landscape as it were. I have a hood piercing that I fucking love, and he pulls on it a bit, which is awesome, because no one ever does that and if he would have pulled a bit harder I'd have cum for him there, but no he just keeps on playing and teasing, never rubbing anything long enough for me to get off. I am so hot to trot that if he had rolled on a condom right there I wouldn't have even questioned it. not a single bit. then he starts to finger me, and I swear I spoke to god. there was just enough variety between him fingering me, and playing with my man in the boat, alternating between the two that I edged higher and higher to an awesome orgasm. When I finally got there, I thought I was going to cry, I had to bite my thumb to keep from screaming. It wasn't the best orgasm I have ever had, or even in the top ten, but considering the last person to get me off with just their fingers what when I was 14 and fairly inexperienced, I am kind of amazed. and he gave me 2 small orgasms after that. nothing much happened after that, I stopped him, to which he showed his inexperience and asked me if I was okay, which I guess could have been him asking me about my mental state, but since I was okay with him giving me 3 orgasms I was more than fine. I mostly stopped him because if I hadn't I'd have jumped his bones, and damned the consequences.

    Now, I know that nothing is ever going to really come of this. I am in a committed relationship, one that I have devoted nearly 4 years of my life to, and he is also in a committed relationship. He doesn't have enough Dom in him to satisfy me for long, and I just have no desire to me someones dominant partner for more than just fun and games. But, I think I have decided that I am going to give this sexual chemistry thing a shot. Plus I have to find out if it was a fluke, or if he really is that good. Because if he is, I have no idea why any woman would give that shit up. he seams to have a lower sex drive than most of the men that I know, but he could have his pick of women if that is how it is all the time. Because Greg is that good, just not that thorough. And he has his pick of women. But mmmm yeah, I think the next time I am able, I am going to see where this rabbit whole leads, and damn the consequences.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I feel in love with my best friend who is 20 years younger than me and would have done anything to have sex with him. 4 years later I finnally had my chance but couldn't do it because it would have been just sex and would have ended badly- in shame. My confession - I regret my decision. My husband hasnt touched me in 5 years or more. I should have done it.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I got married too young. I find myself longing for wild sexual experiences and wishing I was single. I cheated on my husband at a hotel with two men who are friends of his while he was passed out drunk in the other bed. I blew them and fucked them and one of them ate me out and made me cum until I had to slap him to make him stop. We were loud and I was out of control but my husband never moved. After the two guys left I lay awake for awhile then got a text from the guy who ate me out. He came back and made love to me, eating me out again and enjoying a nice long blow job from me before fucking me and cumming in me. I'm thinking that in the future on nights out like this one I'm going to encourage my husband to get as drunk as he wants. It's my pussy and I should have some say who I use it with.

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    Straight Female / 24

    Please don't judge me. Read with an open mind and heart.
    I love my husband, he is so good to me and I don't deserve it. He works hard (although he works a shit job because he has no ambition), he's thoughtful, he makes me laugh, he's my best friend. I really, really, really do love him. We haven't been married long, but I'm starting to realize that I'm just not attracted to him anymore. He's generally not the best-looking guy, he's overweight, and he acts like a pussy when he's hurt physically or emotionally. I can't even discuss problems in our marriage with him because he becomes so emotional and then makes me feel guilty. He acts like a puppy that I've just kicked down the stairs whenever there's a hint of unhappiness in my voice. He wants to have sex more, but I don't want to have sex with him because he's made himself so unattractive to me. And I don't know how to tell him these things because of kicked puppy.
    Before we got married we agreed that he would be the bread-winner. As a little girl and to this day I dream of a nice car, a nice house with a yard for my dog, sparkling jewelry, a closet full of couture, and, at the very least, a manicure once per week and a pedicure once per month. Now, I realize that I may sound a bit materialistic, however, I say I want these things, but deep down all I really want is security. I want to know that if my car broke down it wouldn't be a problem. I want to be able to take my dog to the vet. I want the security of knowing that my electricity will never be shut off. In addition to that, our families live 1,500 miles apart. If we made decent money, we could visit our families. One of us wouldn't have to be miserable away from their family, and the other feeling guilty. I truly believe that money CAN buy happiness, because it buys freedom. Granted, there are other factors that come in to play- I don't think that money's the only thing that can make a person happy or that money guarantees happiness.
    But, I digress. The point is, he promised me that he would provide for me. Before you go hatin' on me, I'm a full time student and I work two part time jobs. I also do the majority of the housework. I pull my weight. And I understand that he's not sure what he wants to do yet, but I wish that in the mean time he would do something that would make us money! He's got skills that people pay big bucks for. He claims that he wants to utilize those skills. But he's not applying to jobs. He's not doing anything. He has no ambition and it's just not sexy. You know what would be hot?? If he would support us; provide for me like he promised.
    You should also know that I'm incredibly hot. Granted, I'm a basket case, and I'd be surprised to know there's another man out there willing to deal with my bullshit... but, I make an effort to look beautiful every day. You'd think he'd do the same?? I will give him this: he was a slob before we were married, too. But this on top of other issues... If you're going to have no ambition and not provide for our family, please at least shave your face once in a while?? Change your socks more than once per week?? Maybe even go nuts and brush your teeth on occasion.
    We go through ebbs and flows in our sex life. Right now we're in an ebb and I'm so f***ing horny but I just can't have sex with him. I just can't.
    There are so many wonderful qualities about my husband. He really is an amazing man and I love him dearly. I go through this once per year and I usually get over it in a few weeks. But every time it gets harder and harder. Especially because I know I could have a hot, passionate roll in the sack with any hottie of my choosing. At the moment, I'm being pursued by two men, even though they realize I'm married (yes, I know they're scum bags for even wanting to do a married woman), and one of them is GORGEOUS. He's kind of an arrogant prick and would never be there for me emotionally like my husband. He likely wouldn't have any respect for me at all. But that doesn't mean I'm not climbing the walls wanting to jump his bones! Ahhh just to have that freedom to hook up with gorgeous, single men. Even just for a day... I might sound mean and awful, but I needed to get this off my chest. I refuse to complain about my husband to my friends and family. And of course I can't tell him (kicked puppy), so this is my only choice. Lord, help me.

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    Straight Female / 28

    6 years ago I had an affair with my best friends ex while I was in a committed relationship myself. We only had sex 3 times during the affair but it was mainly fooling around on his lunch break at my house while my then fiance was down the street getting him weed. Unfortunately, one of the times we were caught by my fiance and his mother and soon after the relationship dissolved. After that I feel for the guy I cheated on my ex with but he didn't have any interest in me single. Still from time to time we would get fucked up and I would go down on him. His cock his HUGE by the way. Anyway long story short my heart got broken. Now I find myself once again engaged,6 months from getting married and having fantasies about him and also a childhood friend and his brother. I workout at the gym the whole time not getting fit for my dream wedding but thinking about how hot I'll look while they are fucking me. I never expressed any sexual interest in my childhood friend or his brother. I've kept casual contact with the guy I had the affair with 6 years ago but nothing to the effect that he wants sex from me. Here and there he says things like "Remember when you'd gag on my cock and tears would roll down your face and your mascara would run" or " You'd beg me my cock". It's true I did and I probably would again.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I am an attractive, married nurse and work at a fertility center. What I did was very wrong and would definitely get me fired if anyone found out. Some days I am in charge of escorting our male patients to the "Jerk off" room as we call it, so they can deposit their semen samples. This room has porn magazines to help the guys get off. Usually they have no problem and can get off in a matter of minutes.

    This one time, however, the patient could not ejaculate. He was younger than most of our patients, in his mid thirties, and attractive. He said he was very nervous and the magazines weren't helping him out. So i gave him a magic wand vibrator, which we give to the men if they are having trouble getting it up, and it has done the trick when they are struggling. I figured he would have no problem, but he came out again and said he just could not do it.

    I had never had this happen before and should have told him to just come back at a later time. However, he drove pretty far and I felt bad for him to waste his time. I told one of the other nurses working I was going on break for 15 minutes and then went back into the "JerK Off" room and locked the door behind me. What I did was really stupid, but I told him to pull down his pants. He gave me a funny look, but he did as he was told. I got some lotion and a tube and had him hold the tube, while I rubbed the lotion all over his dick and stroked him. He had no problem getting hard with me jacking him off and he came in about two minutes. I will admit that what I did was so fucking dumb, but it really turned me on too.

    This happened a few months ago and no one knows about it. I did my job and he gave a sample to help get his wife pregnant. I am sure he will never forget me though

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    Straight Female / 22

    Last summer I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic with my mom, dad, brother, his friend, and my friend. My boyfriend of three years could not make it due to work. My friend, Mary, and I shared a room with my brother's friend, Kevin. While my brother shared a room with my parents. My parents wanted to keep an eye on my brother because he has the tendency to get out of control with drinking and can get violent, however they should have been more concerned with what their daughter was doing with his friend.

    I had always found Kevin to be cute, but since he went away to college he has become quite a hottie. He has grown and become really ripped. We had always had a flirty relationship, but sharing a room with him changed all of that. Our first night there we decided to sneak in on him in the shower. We both took of our clothes and joined him. Needless to say he was surprised, but did not complain about having two naked girls with him. We told him we wanted to make this a memorable vacation for him and I know he did for us.

    We rubbed soap all over his body and stroked his large cock while he alternated making out with us. We then got on our knees and sucked his dick. Mary would suck and lick first and then me, while alternating between his balls and shaft. He did not last very long and shot his cum all over our boobs.

    The rest of that night we fucked the shit out of Kevin. One of us would ride his dick, while the other sat on his face or we would stick our asses in the air and he would take turns fucking us from behind. I am sure he came like 6 times that night.

    After the first night, we decided we would not be able to keep that up for the rest of the vacation because we would be too tired. Instead we would take turns during the day to go back to the room and fuck him. Thankfully my parents room was on a different floor because we were really loud. I could hear Mary moaning halfway down the hallway. For the rest of the vacation he fucked both of us once a day, except for the last night where we had another threesome.

    I was sad to see the vacation end, but he was a frequent booty call for me over the summer after we got back since my boyfriend lives several hours from me.

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