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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 18

    I cheated on my girlfriend. I did it to see if I could. I scored a solid 10 at the club, and I did it to see if it would provoke any emotion. I should have known better. I am a sociopath. I feel no emotion or remorse. I started talking to the girl in the smoking area and I was making her laugh a lot, and then we went inside and I bought her a drink. I thought she was just being nice to me because she wanted a free drink. This girl was incredibly hot, and that's what hot girls do. I was wrong though, after a couple of drinks she held my hand and took me to the dance floor and we danced, with more physical contact by the minute. Eventually when she was facing away from me and had her bum up against my crotch, I put my hands on her sides and pulled her closer, and we danced with her facing away from me but her body, in her tight dress pressing against me. A little while later she turns around and put her arms around my neck and I have mine on her waist. Im staring her dead in the eyes. Ive never cheated before yet here I am, staring into the eyes of one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. 'Kiss me'. I listened, and we kissed and I was a thousand miles away from the dance floor. She then moved away from me to dance with her friends and I didn't want to be clingy so I went and danced with the buddy I came with. I tried to go back over to dance later but she blanked me, and I got the message and decided to leave to go for a smoke. I was chain smoking because I was enjoying the cold air outside as it was incredibly hot inside. About 15 minutes later she came out to the smoking area and out of nowhere put her arms around me and said 'I wish I had a boyfriend like you' with the sides of her lips pressed against my ear. I could hear her breathing and it was beautiful. We talked to her friends and I used my charisma and made them all laugh a lot, and I couple of them (I think) were jealous. We moved away from them and started kissing, up against a corner. I squeezed her arse with both hands and and she leaned into me with pleasure, touching my penis through my jeans. 'I live 15 minutes away, let's go back there and listen to some better music, yeah?' She happily agreed. She said goodbye to her friends and we stumbled up the street holding eachother, making eachother laugh. I couldn't bear the tension. I got the key in my door, opened it and walked straight into my bedroom and she followed me. As I turned around she flung herself at me before I could even say anything and we fell on to the bed. I put my hands on the back of her thighs and she sat on me, and as my hands pushed up to feel her arse I pushed up her tight navy dress. She had lingerie-esque underwear on, something my girlfriend would never wear. After some more kissing I pulled them down to her knees. She couldn't wait to fuck me, the air around us was electric like its never been before. I felt her tidy, slippery vagina for a little while until rolling on top of her and sitting up to take off my jeans. She took off her panties, still wearing her black heels and I went down on her. I dragged my tongue along her pussy slowly and heavily and it drove her crazy. Her tan, Perfecr legs squeezed around my head slightly. Then I started licking her clit, up and down. I started slow, but I knew she wanted it fast. I put two fingers inside of her, drawing a 'come hither' motion with my fingers. She came very quickly after this. By this point my penis was rock hard, and I held her legs up and slid in. It was so easy, and my cock was the perfect fit. I pushed it in slowly and as far in as a could and she moaned. Then I started to speed up, the weight and power from my hips transferring to hers with each pump. The sound of her coming for the third time made me finish at about 7 minutes, which is less time than I usually take. It was incredible. Me and my girlfriend don't have that much sex and she's gotten really out of shape, but this girl was incredible. I probably should, but I don't regret that night a single bit. We fucked one more time in the middle of the night, whilst we were spooning naked. We were laying sideways and I was behind her, sliding in and out and im and out of her pussy. This girl got so wet, so easily. Whilst I was doing this I was biting her neck and rubbing her clit. For the fourth time, she came.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Our bedroom mirror sits above our bed which gives me when I'm riding my husbands cock, a great view overlooking myself being fucked and also a view of the house to the rear of our property.
    Three weeks ago we were on the bed, My husband had just licked out my pussy and I wanted fucking. Mounting his cock, I looked into the mirror to watch his cock slowly slide up my hot wet pussy, and noticed movement in the window in the rear property. Straining to see as my husband began to fuck me from beneath me, I definitely saw a young guy staring at my asshole rising up and down.
    I was about to say something to my husband, but the more I looked, the more I could see it was a young man masturbating watching us fuck. And I could easily see he had a really large cock. Instead of informing my husband, I began to exaggerate my movements, to let the young guy see my husbands cock enter me. The more I did it, the more turned I became and the more I prolonged my pussy sliding up and down my husbands dick. My husband found it incredibly horny the way I was fucking him, and told me to turn around so he could watch his cock sliding in and out.
    I did as he asked which gave me a fantastic view of our young neighbor stroking his cock. It also gave him a great view of my large tits and my pussy. Looking directly at him tossing himself off, I held my breasts, spread my legs and leaned back.
    A few seconds later a massive orgasm built up in me and without giving me too much notice, I came hard on my husbands dick. As I was still being fucked I trembled with the orgasm going through me. And no sooner than I began to slow down from cumming hard, I watched the young mans cum erupt from his cock, all over the window in front of him.
    He smiled at me, put his hands to his lips and blew me a kiss.I kind of did the same but tried to hide what I was doing from my husband. Moments later my pussy was flooded by my husbands cock and I let myself relax back onto him.
    Not at anytime did my husband notice the young man, nor did he say anything about the way I'd fucked him, other than he'd really enjoyed having sex that way.

    Now to the real reason I'm on this web site. Last week we were fucking again only that time it was at night. I made my husband keep the lights on and the blinds open, because I knew the young guy was watching. Throughout a half hour long sex session with my husband, I gave as much of a performance for my voyeur as I could, without letting my husband know he was whacking off to us fucking. At the end I again watched the young man cum, but this time he came all over himself, pointing his cock to his stomach. I then saw him wipe it of with his fingers and lick up his own cum and swallow it.
    It had me so horny seeing him do that, I had my husband lick out his cum from my pussy. Something I'd not done ina long time.
    Out only four days ago, I walked into a store to buy some wine for a meal we were having with guests. Moving around a corner I came face to face with the young man who'd been watching us. He smiled at me, went bright red and tried to say something, but before he could, I asked him if he liked what he saw. Looking down at his shorts, My eyes followed his to see a huge bulge in his shorts, a bulge which was growing. It was his turn to speak and what he said took me by surprise. He asked me, "If you had the chance would you fuck me instead". I was about to tell him, not that he didn't already know, I was married. Opening his tie closing shorts, he pulled out the biggest cock I've ever seen, right there in the store.
    Putting it away quickly as someone walked around the aisle corner, he asked me again but whispered it. Then added "My name's Simon, I'm off all next week and I'd love to fuck you".
    The moment he finished talking, he turned on his heals and walked out. I was left feeling a little taken aback, but also feeling ultra turned on.
    The following day I did some asking around and found out Simon is nineteen, a student and by all accounts usually a very shy young guy. Well Simon wasn't shy in the store, or when he posted a short note through our door the day after. It was disguised as an advert for someone to cut our grass, but I knew from the wording "Any length of grass cut, local guy, call Simon on" it was from him giving me his personal phone number.
    Now to the nub of all of this and why I'm here. My husband told me yesterday morning he's going to be away for two days next week. I know Simon's off all next week and I have his number. I've debated with myself as to whether I should go ahead and have some fun with Simon and his beautifully large gorgeous looking cock. Or if I should stay faithful to my husband, and miss out on what I just know will be amazing sex.
    It's a difficult decision, as I know Simon would be ready and available to fuck me, and one I'll have to make very soon if I'm going to have the sexual drive in myself to go through with it.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I've been married to my darling husband for 5 years, and I've pretty much been cheating on him for that long as well.
    I know people will hate me for this, but I stay with him because he's sweet and makes good money. I love sex, and cheating on him is such a thrill. I do genuinely think I get off on being secretly cruel and taking as much advantage of him as I can. He even paid for me to take a long weekend mini-break a couple of months ago thinking I was with my friends- I was actually just getting filled with cum the whole time. The third guy I slept with that weekend I phoned my husband while he fucked me (slowly and quietly). Hearing my husband tell me that he loved me seconds before I felt my man spurt in me was probably the most incredible feeling of my life.
    I have never given my darling husband a blowjob. I made up a story years ago about an old boyfriend forcing me to and now it's just too hard for me, and he completely fell for it. It makes it SO much hotter when I kiss him when I get home after having lovingly sucked off a guy and felt his sperm fill my mouth. I sometimes wonder how much of it he tastes.
    I also like him to give me lots of oral sex for me though, which he does with love and care thinking I'm his world and loving wife. Little does he know that the times I come the hardest when he's licking me out are the times when I've come home after getting fucked. I usually wipe most of the guy's cum out after he finishes so it won't be TOO obvious to my darling husband that his loving wife is cheating on him, but I'm still fairly juicy for his tongue when I get home so I'm sure over the years he's swallowed almost as much cum as I have! (well ok, maybe not THAT much, hehe)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Just a warning this ones long, so if you dont like long ones skip past it. But this is absolutely true and something ill remember for the rest of my life.

    I met her in on online fitness challenge forum at a time when me and my wife were in the biggest trouble wed been through. We were literally hanging by a thread. Wed barely talk to each other, let alone touch, kiss or have sex. The online fitness challenge forum was a great distraction from all this. Not only was I losing weight again (Id put on a fair bit in recent years) but Id get some fair attention whenever it was time to post progress photos and the girls in the group could see me shirtless and in my underwear. It was such a great confidence booster compared to what id get at home. My wife was complaining about this group, whinging that id spend too much time on there, and generally trying to keep an eye on whatever attention I was getting anyway possible. Never at any time did she contemplate I spent time on there getting attention she should have been giving me.

    The comments from females were flirty all round but one lady was starting to push what would normally be considered boundaries with her compliments, but I didnt care. I private msgd her in the forum and got chatting for a bit. She was a bit older than me, married with kids, and absolutely despised her husband for whatever reason. She said that he knew she was already effectively gone from that relationship but she had to worry about the welfare of her children. I took the opportunity to ask about some of her comments, and it didnt take long for her to admit she found me hot and she was loving my new body. Although she admitted she still had a bit left to lose she had made great progress and was looking pretty damn good herself, especially her progress pics in tights or at the gym. After I pressed her further she said she wouldnt mind licking me all over. She went into detail about how she wanted to kiss her way down my body until she reached my cock (when i read this, i dont think my cock has ever sprung from flaccid to fully erect faster in my life). I responded by telling her i wanted her to squat her pussy over my face so I could lick it and suck it, and it didnt take long for us to be talking about how nice it would be to fuck. Pity she was from a different state to me. Eventually I had to go, but not before Id whipped my cock out of my now absolutely drenched underwear, and relieving it whilst picturing us 69ing.

    The conversation was repeated a few times when we started trading sexual pics. She began it by sending a pic of herself in the bath, her nipple just visible over the bubbles and her flashing a sexy smile. I responded by sending her a close up of my front in underwear, but I had a massive hardon you could clearly see the outline of. This drove her wild, so i sent the same pic but with my cock head just peeking over the top. She said she wished one day she could lick it and take it into her mouth just as she wanted to. I asked for a pic of her ass in her gym tights. She went one better and sent one of her bare ass. I wanted it. I asked what were the odds of me ever playing with it licking it or fucking it? She said she doesnt get into any of that with her ass. Oh well.

    Eventually she msgd saying her and her friend were coming up to stay in my city as they did from time to time. I freaked. I made excuses about how id have to work etc etc. Msg flirting is one thing but actually meeting up? I didnt know. However the time came and she let me know the offer was there. I wasnt going to go until i copped a particularly nasty bout of abuse from my wife. I upped and walked out. She asked where I was going to which I said None of your business. I knew I was going straight to see her. I drove a short distance to the place she was staying, msgd her that I was close by. She was excited and we met up after which her friend left to give us time to talk on the beach. But somehting was different. SHe was quiet, not really talkative. She was either very nervous or didnt like me in person. After about 20 minutes of awkward conversation, I just flat out asked. Are you disappointed now that Im here? SHe smiled and said of course not, you look even better in person than in pics, im just extremely nervous. I took a chance and moved my face closer to hers. She smiled and kissed me. The moment our lips touched everything changed. Electricity was set off in a big way. Our hands explored each others right there on the beach, and if anyone who walked past happened to know me or my wife I was dead. But it didnt cross my mind. We kissed passionately for hours, fondling each other like two lovers who had reunited instead of meeting for the first time. As the sun went down and the beach went dark, our hands explored more. I gripped her breasts through her bra under her shirt while her hand found my cum soaked cock for the first time. As her hand closed around my shaft she gasped, and I loved it. Its not a gigantic cock, but larger than average and this night it was absolutely throbbing. My hands went down her jeans and gripped her ass first before a finger found its way between her pussy lips. SHe was so wet it drove me wild. I immediately pulled the finger out and sucked it clean tasting her juices, which made her grab my head and kiss me harder, her tongue cleaning the juices from my mouth.

    Several hours later it was late night and I decided i better get home before my wife rang the police. She said she would make the trip up my way the next week if i could promise to meet her. This time there was no hesitation, I said yes straight away as their was a public holiday coming up and I had the day off, I also knew my wife would be with friends.

    Fast forward to a week later and it was the day. Surprise surprise my wife and I had been fighting before she left. It left me feeling absolutely no guilt as to what was about to happen. I drove to where she was staying and rang her. SHe came down to get me in the foyer of the hotel. SHe went to kiss me but i said to wait until we got to her room. As soon as she shut the door it was on. She mauled me straight away, kissing me, moaning like she knew pent up sexual frustration would be released. She removed my shirt, i sat down on the couch and finally, she got to suck my body just like she wanted. She took her shirt off and I sucked her breasts. I wanted to taste that pussy again but she dragged me to the bedroom and pulled my pants off then hers. SHe laid down and pulled me on top of her asking me to finally fuck her good. I entered her and she felt divine. It was hot and wet in there and felt amazing wrapped around my cock. I pumped her straight away and she started to cry out, moaning how much shed been waiting for this since she wrapped her hand around my cock a week earlier. After wed been fucking for a while she came, and then not long after I came, emptying a pent up load inside her. Normally when I come thats me done for an hour or so. But when i rolled off her she rolled over and kept playing with my cock, which surprisingly became hard straight away. It was about this time we noted the air con was broken. She proceeded to give me a hand job which normally doesnt do it for me Id rather be sucked or fucked, but not 5 minutes later I was blowing a load into her hand as she smiled at me. As we were now covered in sweat she suggested a swim. We got changed and i threw some boardies on with no underwear and we went in. What blew me away is no matter who was around, this lady could not keep her hands off my cock. SHe was always touching it and I loved it. There was a point where we were in the spa talking to another couple as she slyly pulled my dick out of my boardies underwater and was stroking me. Soon she had had enough of just stroking me and said she wanted to go back up and the moment we were up the pants were off again and this time she was riding me. My cock was a bit sensitive by now but it still felt great. I love being ridden so i tweaked her nipples and leaned up to suck them whilst i took a firm grip on her ass which Id loved ever since the pic she sent. Soon her eyes shut and she yelled out, making no attempt to keep quiet as she came, she was calling out for around a minute! Soon after I moaned and came but it felt like a single drop of cum came out into her pussy!

    I thought surely now she would rest and laid back on the bed , again covered in sweat from our hot fuck. SHe stood up and was going to shower when her eyes locked onto my completely soft cock. She bent over and took it all in her mouth. Oh my god. She sucked it erect, and I swear I had stars in my eyes from pleasure, she could really suck a dick. I thought at one point I was going to pass out from the extreme plessure. Had she done that first Id have blown in a minute tops. AFter 10 minutes of her sucking and stroking my cock it was time to shower. She soaped my body for me and i returned the favour but the whole time yet again, she always had a hand around my cock, playing with it. She even knelt down and sucked me some more. I was thinking about going as we got out but seeing her body, glistening wet made it hard to go. She made it even more so when she noticed me admiring and pushed it against me, going down to rub her tits against my shaft.
    This time i dragged her back to the room, spread her legs and kissed her thighs. She held her legs open for me as I teased her, before finally tasting those sweet sweet lips. They tasted amazing. After a while i sucked on her clit then let go as she fingered herself, and i slipped two fingers inside her hole and licked whatever was left. Shortly after she was cumming again as my lips sucked on her clit again. Immediately i got on my knees and jammed my cock inside. Banging her with everything I had left, She was moaning loudly again and this time so was I! She screamed in orgasm again and again, and then i finally unloaded inside her again, and this time it was a huge load after the treatment my cock had received. After i rolled off, she rolled over to put my cock in her mouth again, but softly, gently sucking and licking her juices off as i caught my breath.

    Finally we kissed and said goodnight. We agreed it was the best sex of our lives and that we had to do it again. I drove home knowing id get the thrid degree from the wife again, but I honestly didnt care. Id just had the best day of my life with someone who wanted me and couldnt keep her hands or mouth off me and it was the best feeling ever.

    M, if you happen to be reading this, I will never ever forget you.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    This happened 3 weeks ago - but its on my mind every minute of every day it seems, so I will write it out just for my own personal therapy I guess.
    I have been married for 14 years - no kids. My husband and I are more like roommates though, and even though we do love each other, he is not good at wanting to share that love sexually at all. We have sex maybe once a month, and its always me who initiates it. I have used toys for the past couple years, but that gets old after awhile. I jog or ride my bike just about every day, and I play sports, so its not like I have let myself go.
    My husband refuses to go to counseling, and although I have been tempted over these past few years, I remained faithful.
    Until earlier this month.

    We took a trip to Arizona - basically just to get away from Chicago where we live. It was so beautiful out there!
    I decided to take a hike along one of the nearby mountains one morning, but my husband did not want to come with. So I went out on my own.
    Since it was early March, we were ahead of most the spring breakers, and the trails I was on were not that crowded at all. I made my way up part of a mountain, just hiking along one of the "easy" trails, and when I started to get a little tired I stopped to rest and have a drink of water.
    That's when he showed up.
    A black guy was walking by, and asked if it would be o.k if he rested there with me. He ended up sitting on a rock across from me and we just started talking. About the weather, where he was from, where I was from....we must have talked for at least 20 minutes. I told him I was surprised how there was not that many people around, and then he said that I should be careful and not go too far off on my own. I made a joke about running into "stranger danger", and then I added how that might not be such a bad thing. This guys eyes got real wide - he asked if that meant if he made a move on me, I would not protest? There was no way I could tell him about the lack of sex in my marriage, and even though the conversation was going places I never expected, I just said that there was too much of a chance of people walking, no.
    I still did not know my mystery man's name, but he got up and pointed to two huge boulders about 100 feet off the trail. He said he was going to walk over there where it was more secluded, and it was up to me if I wanted to join him.
    At first I thought to myself "no way". And I got up to walk back down to my car. But then I kept thinking...I have a guy who wants me - he made a pass at me - it would be so spontaneous, I need sex, I deserve sex...I WANT sex!
    I cant tell you how torn I was between walking away, or walking to my stranger behind the boulders.
    But my sexual needs outweighed my morals, and I went to meet the guy.
    As soon as he saw me and we were hidden from sight, he did not waste a second. He knew what I was there for. He did not say anything, but he reached up and in one move pulled my halter top and sports bra down off of my breasts. He started to squeeze and pull my nipples, which always drive me wild since they are very sensitive. I have never been with a black guy before, but to see his dark hands next to my pale white breasts was very erotic. He finally asked "Are you sure you want this?" and I said yes. He told me that he did not have any condoms with him, so I told him to just make sure he pulls out.
    He had me turn around and move up a little against the boulder, so I was raised up about 6 inches from where he was standing. I felt him pull my shorts and panties down, and soon after I felt a bumping against my butt. I reached around to guide him into my pussy, and just the shaft of his cock felt enormous. He started to push inside me and made a comment about me being tight - and asked if my husband was small. I hated myself for saying it, but I said "yes". So, not only was I about the cheat, I just let my lover know my husband had a small cock.
    I was amazed at how my body responded to his size, though. It just naturally produced the juices needed to lubricate his cock until it was able to fit entirely inside me. My mystery man started slow at first, then he picked up the tempo until eventually he was slamming into me hard and fast. I did not even realize that I was moaning and saying all sorts of things as my body was being lit up like it had not been in years. The guy whispered in my ear that he was not going to pull out after all, and I ended up almost begging him not to. Moments later I felt a man ejaculated inside me - and for the first time in 12 years, it was not my husband.
    I felt so alive.
    After we caught our breath, my lover turned me around and we made out for about 5 minutes. To have his strong , dark arms around me as my bare butt was pressed against the rock was very exciting.
    We ended up pulling our clothes back on, and began walking together holding hands. Every now and then I would lean into my man, and he would put his arm around me. I felt so proud to be "his".
    This was kind of funny, but there was a park ranger at the very foot of the trails, and she saw me going out by myself. She got such a funny look on her face when she saw me return in the arms of a black guy.

    He and I kissed for another 5 or 10 minutes at my car. That's when he pointed down the street to a little motel, and said he would be there tomorrow morning at 9am if I was interested. I told him I was not sure about that, but as I drove off, I knew I would be there.

    When I got back to my husband at the condo we rented, he did not suspect anything when I went right in and took a shower. If only he knew I was washing another mans cum off of my pussy.
    Just my luck, he was actually in the mood later that day, so he and I had sex as well. I will admit, it was kind of flattering to have sex with two men within just a few hours time of each other. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

    I did not sleep at all that night, I kept looking at the clock, waiting for it to be close to 9am.
    At 845am, I told my husband I was going on a bit longer trail, and I would be gone for a couple hours.
    My heart was just racing when I drove to the motel, but there I saw my black lover in the parking lot, standing next to his car. He smiled when he saw me, and kissed me softly before we went to get our room. This was kind of neat, but he asked the guy for a room for "me and my wife" since we have been driving all night. I got so excited - I was going to have a "new" husband for a couple hours!

    I did finally get his name when he put his credit card down - his name was James.
    When he and I got to the room, we did not waste any time, Just like on the trail yesterday, he pulled my top down and took my bra off.
    For the next 2 hours I let James work over my body like I was desperate for it.
    There was no talk about condoms, he came 3 times inside me, and it got t the point where I no longer cared if this man DID get me pregnant. We were making love, and we were amazing together.
    By the time I left the room, my legs were shaking, my pussy was throbbing....and even my nipples were sore from being sucked on for so long and so hard. But I was beyond happy.

    I gave James my personal email address.....he says he flies to Chicago for business a few times a year.
    I find myself checking my emails every day waiting to find out when I will be able to see him again.
    I always still think about him taking me against the boulder - and what pure, raw, "animal" sex it was.
    I was a few days late with my period this month, which worried me to death, but was kind of exciting as well. I have no idea what I would have done, though.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Initially it was a pure business decision. We'd gotten ourselves into a little bit of debt and my husband thought it would be a good idea to rent out one of our four spare bedrooms.
    For the first year we attracted mainly builders who were working on a large expansion of the local motorway network. but as the college nearby got more and more popular, we began to exclusively get young students lodging with us.
    My husband saw it as an opportunity and began to fix up the three remaining bedrooms to rent out to other students attending the college. It coincided with two things which have changed my sexual life.
    Firstly the death of my mother and the total lack of sexual appetite within my husband. When my mother died she left me with a house and some money in the bank. Selling the house and adding it to the already reasonable sum left to me, we paid off our debts and developed the rooms properly.
    My first sexual encounter happened with a nineteen year old called Neil. His room was our first room to be let out and the last to be fully changed over for let. So when I called by his room to tell him he had fallen slightly behind with his rent, I caught him masturbating as there was lock on his door. Having not had sex in over six months and seeing his youthful cock, I quickly decided to see if he was interested in fucking me, knowing my husband wouldn't back home from work for hours. Removing my dress, I slipped off my knickers and bra and told him I wanted paying in kind. There was no hesitation with Neil, he pointed his cock at me and said "Well come and fucking ride it then".
    I'm not the best looking girl out there, but I did and still do pride myself on my physical appearance. I go to the gym three times a week and also cycle for a club at the weekends. So even being thirteen years older than Neil, I could tell he fancied me. Walking over to his bed and climbing onto it, I took hold of his erect cock, held it tight and mounted him. It felt so good to be being fucked again, I came within a minute and carried on orgasming as Neil began to fuck me from below. His cock finally erupted up my pussy and we both lay there gasping. Thinking it was my only chance, I moved down his body, took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him back to his full hard on. Once he was fully erect, I moved so he was behind me, spooning me. Turning my head I asked Neil if he'd ever fucked a woman's arsehole. He shook his head, but smiled at me at the same time. Gripping my arse cheeks, I pulled them apart and told him to fuck me there.
    It had been suh a long time since my husband had fucked my rear, it took some time for Neil to penetrate me fully, but the moment his cock got past my sphincter muscles, we began to fuck like rabbits.
    Over a half hour period, I had Neil fuck me in many different positions. In my pussy and arse, and his cock drove me from one orgasm to the next. When I walked out of his room, I figured he'd more than paid me in kind for the little rent he owed, but over the next five months he stayed, we fucked at least once a day.
    It gave me an appetite for sex and for younger men who could stay hard far longer than my husband ever could, even when he was amorous. So I began to vet each and every one of our young guests. I made sure they were physically attractive to me. And also let them know at the interviews we had, I was available to slut myself for them. Also if they wanted sex I'd drop their rent somewhat.
    In the four years we've now been taking in lodgers, I've had sex with sixteen of them. And have had on a couple of occasions had sex with two of them at one time. The last of those being only a month back with two young men who were leaving to go to university.
    In the games room we've had created in a part of the basement of the house, I had both young men fucking me over the pool table. It was such a thrilling fuck, I for the first time took both cocks up my arsehole at the same time. When my husband got home, we'd not long finished having sex and he wondered why I was playing pool with them. What he didn't know, as I was taking my pretend shot, I had both of the young men's cum beginning to flow out of my arsehole.
    I have no intention whatsoever in stopping. My husbands job means he's often away, and the finances are most definitely in the black, which means our room letting business keeps me at home. So as long as I'm able to attract the young guys who obviously want to fuck an older woman, then I'm going to carry on having my fun.

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    Straight Male / 18

    18, landscape gardener, tanned and toned and reasonably endowed. Love sex.
    Been seeing a girl of 17 (Clare) for about 8 months. Sex so good, frequent, kinky and experimental. So so good.
    She lives at her house with her mum (Linda) 41, single. She's nice, loves music and try's hard to join in with conversations. Plus I get to stay there and Fuck the arse off her daughter in comfort :-)

    A few weeks ago, Clare was giving me an impromptu, amazing blowjob when I noticed movement. I looked and saw her mother, Peering from the staircase. Panic, Panic, Clare sucking and sliding. Linda still watching as I grab the back of Clare's head, thrust deep and explode deep in her throat as she swallows. Wow, her mum just watched me cum in her daughters mouth.

    We got straightened up and went back down stairs. kinda weird...
    Later we were back in Clare's bedroom. I was Fucking Clare. Between her legs, thrusting hard. Same again, Linda watching. OMG, she watched as I pounded hard and deep into her daughter. It made me so hard. (It's amazing being watched while you Fuck) I just kept looking at her mum as I drove my big hard cock in and out. Moving Clare into positions so her mum could see more detail. Mainly my cock disappearing all the way into her with my balls slapping against her daughter while she moaned with pleasure. Came so much....

    So.. Clare is now at uni. I visit Linda, well I pretty much live with her and totally Fuck her as much as I can, every day, night.. She loves it and so do I..

    Best of all, the other night her friend came round. We all got a bit drunk and I ended up Fucking both of them...
    Brilliant. Best bit was the two of them sucking and licking my cock and balls.

    Keep wondering if Clare would be up for a threesome??

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    Straight Male / 34

    We had hired a babysitter to watch our 7 year old daughter. Since she was a 16 year old teen, my wife and me were a little concerned about how well she would do her job so we setup a few hidden camera to keep an eye on her. We reviewed what was recorded later and we were surprised. She had invited her boyfriend over which she wasn't supposed to do. They made out and the camera caught everything. Both of them were naked and fucking on our couch. Me and my wife watched this and were amused but our daughter was our main concern so we decided to no longer use this baby sitter. There was a nearby neighbor who was in her 30's and she offered to babysit if we ever needed her to. We trusted her so there was no need to use any hidden cameras with her but I still had them setup. My wife thought they were turned off and didn't know they were still capturing video. I took a peek at what they captured and our new babysitter did the same thing our old one did. She had her boyfriend over and the 2 of them were making out on our couch. The camera caught them fooling around naked and fucking. This woman was hot and my wife was jealous of her looks. If my wife knew I was seeing her naked and doing this she would be pissed so I kept it to myself. These hidden cameras captured more than I ever imagined. Her mother and sister had stayed over a few times and the cameras even caught them naked a few times. What really surprised me was I saw 2 other neighbors, a husband and wife, naked with my wife. They went out back to catch some sun naked together. I didn't like seeing my wife expose herself like this to them. The husband did rub sunblock on the two of them and had his hands on my wife's breasts and ass and was also was rubbing it on her legs but didn't touch between them. He did however get a pretty good look at everything my wife had to offer. Even tough I didn't like her being exposed to him like this it was arousing to see him touch her while she was naked.
    I couldn't tell my wife the camera's were still working so I would just ask her what she did that day. She would never mention being outside naked with this other couple. They came over regularly and she never mentioned it. I began to see some sexual playfulness develop between them. I saw my wife begin to give the husband some hand jobs and his wife didn't seem to mind. I also saw him finger my wife along with fingering his own wife. Things seemed to escalate each time and I saw the neighbors fuck but my wife never let him go that far with her. However, she did pleasure herself while she watched them do it. She never mentioned any of this to me.

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    Straight Female / 25

    Last night I fucked my husbands best friend. I've never had such mixed emotions, part of me is ashamed but at the same time I can't stop replaying the whole night, each time I do replay our evening/morning my always ends up playing with my soaking wet pussy.

    We decided to have some have a couple drinks at my house, my husband was at a poker game and told us to enjoy our night. And enjoy our did we did! I should add that this man has also been one of my own best friends for many years, and we've always been very affectionate towards each other. We had never even come close to crossing any lines in our six year friendship, not even when we lived together for two years. After my husband returned home and retired to bed we were watching a movie on the couch when I decided to put my head on his shoulder, he put his arms around me and we watched our movie that way for a while (which truly isn't abnormal for us, as I've said).

    For whatever reason I suddenly had the urge to look up at him and found he was staring at me in a way he never has before. I quickly looked back to the tv screen. A few minutes later I looked up again, I could feel his stare on me. We slowly leaned to let our lips meet for the first time. Just before they made contact, he stopped saying "what are we doing?" I laughed and agreed. Seconds later we were back in that lustful stare down. I grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled his face to mine. He kissed me with more passion than ive ever felt. He aburptly stopped thinking he had heard my husband coming down the stairs. I knew better but he suggested we go outside for some fresh air.

    Once we turned the corner at the front of the house, He pushed me, and not gently up against the side of my home, wrapped his fist in my long hair and pulled. I was instantly wet enough to soak through my panties. Again he stopped and was worried of being caught. He suggested I drive him just down the road to his parents place. I begrudgingly agreed, thinking our naughty adventure had come to a premature end.

    Half a mile down the road he told me to pull into an old woodlot and park there for a minute. I quickly complied. Before the car had even fully shifted into park I was straddling him while he smothered my nipples with his mouth, using his tounge in a way that made me feel like I was experiencing heaven on earth. He pulled his pants down just enough to release has massive, rock hard cock. It was perfection.

    I stood up enough for him to slide my pants off, within seconds he was inside of me, completely filling my pink pussy. I thought multi-orgasms were a myth, a fairytale even. After last night I now know that they are very very real, and absolute bliss. We enjoyed each other for a solid hour, and when we could take no more, I drove him five minutes up the road. In his driveway as we were swearing to secrecy, and that it was a one time thing, we started kissing. Which of course led to touching, before I knew it our clothes were off again and his throbbing, stiff cock was in my mouth & it was phenomenal. We had another mind blowing orgasm before finally calling it a night (even though it was 630 in the morning.

    I feel terrible about betraying my husband. At the same time, all I can think about is doing it again. What should I do?!

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    Straight Male / 45

    I found this website by accident a while back and I read the postings for entertainment basically. I never thought I would be one of the many to confess anything.

    Been married for 20yrs to a very nice woman. Things have been great up until the past five years, and now things are not so great anymore. My wife used to have energy and enthusiasm, she always tried to look her best whenever possible and now it's like she doesn't care much about anything anymore.

    We would go out to eat or maybe dancing, she would always put something on a bit sexy just to keep my attention she used to say. I can't even remember the last time I saw her in a dress with heels. The only thing positive I can say is the fact that she isn't fat! I loved when she went to get her hair and nails done at the Salon, we would always have great sex that night for some reason, which I was more than ok with. Now she wears her hair pulled back and she does her own nails, half heartedly. Once in a while she will put on some lipstick, but that's only if she's going to be around other people in a group situation. I have lost interest in her sexually and she has never questioned why I haven't made love to her as often as I used to. When I ask her about what's going on she just says she's getting older, etc, etc.

    I deal with a lot of Sales Reps. that come to our company. I listen to their sales pitch and what their business has to offer and then I pass my recommendations to the higher ups to finalize the contracts. About three months ago a new gal came in that I hadn't seen before. Her name was Judy and she took over for the guy Jim that retired. Judy is 40yo and she is very attractive for sure. Very professional in the way she dresses and carries herself. Curly brunette hair and her makeup and nails are nicely done as well.

    I had met with Judy several times in the past three months, her company was trying to get a rather large contact with ours and lots of money would be up for grabs for whoever got the contract. Judy showed up one day as I was getting ready to go to lunch, I invited her along and she actually said yes. We started with talking business and then got a little more on the personal side of things towards the end of lunch.

    She had been married but it didn't work out for reasons Judy didn't explain. She saw my wedding ring and asked me how things were going at home. "Not like it used to be." I said without meaning to. None of my friends knew how I was feeling towards my wife, and I sure wasn't going to unload on a stranger about my issues.

    Two weeks later Judy shows up and I couldn't help look at the way she was dressed as she came into my office. Nice white blouse with a form fitting skirt and heels. She looked like she stepped out of the Salon with her hair nicely done and her long nails painted red. I guess I was staring without realizing it and Judy told me just to put my tongue back into my mouth unless I was going to put it to use. I felt embarrassed, but her remark lingered around in my mind for a while.

    Judy told me it sounded like her company was going to get the contract, it just wasn't official yet. She needed me to look over the contracts to see if any last minute adjustments were needed. I took off my suit coat and loosened my tie, it was going to take a while to read over everything. Judy made a comment about not being able to get comfy like me. I said jokingly she could take off whatever she wanted, I wouldn't tell a soul. She came around the desk behind me and said into the back of my ear. "I believe you could keep a lot of secrets," and I turned my head to look up at her smiling back at me.

    Two weeks later my wife went to spend the weekend with her Sister, Judy and I had sex at the Downtown Sheraton. We made love more times that weekend than I had made love to with my wife in months. We didn't just fuck, we went out dancing one night and took in a movie. Judy wore casual attire, but looked sexy regardless. Just enough makeup and her hair was always perfect no matter what she wore.

    Once the business deal was done I didn't expect to see or hear from Judy except the usual monthly visits that all of our contractors are required to do. The thought actually occurred to me that maybe Judy went to bed with me just to make sure her company got the contract? That wasn't the case, once the deal was done and paperwork was signed Judy still called and at least texted me everyday.

    Suddenly the thought of asking my wife for a divorce crossed my mind. I wasn't happy and hadn't been happy in a very long time. The few conversations I had with my wife didn't seem to improve anything, and I wasn't expecting things to change. Judy and I got together a few more times when my wife was out of town, but this wasn't what I was looking for at all. I wasn't happy about it and neither was Judy, and honestly I was expecting Judy to end our affair pretty soon.

    Oh yeah I thought about those guys out there who have left their wives for a new piece of ass, only to regret their decision. It wasn't just a piece of ass, we had a lot of things in common. Whenever I had a free moment at work or when I was home I debated with myself.

    Three months later I told my wife I wanted a divorce. She asked me if there was another woman and I said yes, and I told her everything that I had been feeling about her long before I even met Judy. No it didn't go over well nor did she try to explain her side of how she felt. I actually was expecting her to have a list of my faults of things that I did or didn't do, that made her feel the way she felt. My wife just looked at me and told me to leave as soon as possible, and I did just that.

    Of course she got the house and a bunch of other shit I could care less about. I moved into a Condo on the opposite side of the city and tried to settle into my new life. Judy was out of town for two weeks visiting her folks back on the east coast. I didn't tell Judy I had moved out of my house, don't know why I didn't? Maybe I thought if I told her I was now single that may change things for her.

    She called me when she got to the Airport to let me know she was back. I told her if she could wait I would come and pick her up. She was in a bit of shock, it was the evening hours and I would be home with my wife. Judy said ok in a unsure tone of voice.

    We made out in the car when she got inside the car until the Security Cop made us leave. I took another road that lead away from Judy's house and took her to my place. Judy sat in the car looking at me and the Condo I was living in now. She said nothing at first, no facial reaction either. "Let me see your hand," she said and looked at my hand with the ring finger. The ring was gone and Judy looked up at me and smiled.We made love half the night, and since then we make love whenever we can. We also go and do things, and Judy looks great no matter what we are doing.

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