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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 26

    Desperate for money to stave off our eviction, after my husband became redundant last fall, I finally agreed to a neighbors suggestion. It was my husband who'd told Sam about our plight, so when my husband was out looking for work one afternoon, he called over and made me an offer. Sam offered to help us out financially if I helped him with some sexual release.
    Sam isn't a bad looking guy. In fact he's kind of handsome for a man who's in his fifties, but when he first suggested helping us out, I flattly turned him down. A few weeks later and lots of letters from the bank, it was my turn to seek him out.
    I waited until my husband left for an interview and knocked on his front door. When he opened the front door, we both knew why I was there. Ushering me into his front room, Sam asked me if I was sure. Taking off my top and lowering my short skirt told Sam all he needed to know, as I was naked beneath.
    In the hour or so I was there, I never meant to enjoy what we did, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy every tongue lick on my pussy, clit and asshole. And I'd definitely be lying if I said I wasn't totally thrilled by the orgasms his meaty fat cock gave me when he fucked my asshole.
    We didn't have protection that time, so I wouldn't let him fuck my pussy. The following week, the week my husband started his new job, Sam had bought all we needed, and I gave myself completely to the fifty plus year old neighbor of ours.
    Over the next couple of weeks, weeks in which Sam paid me lots of money, the older man taught me ways to orgasm that I and my husband had never tried before.
    Sam had me at one stage squat naked above his face. He eased two fingers up my pussy and two deep inside my asshole, and then began to lick and suck on the area I now know is called the perineum. The build up to my orgasm, which was immense, was just as amazing as the orgasm itself and it's become a total favourite of mine now.
    My husbands first wage went into the bank, so I immediately told Sam, our brief but sexually satisfying affair was over. He told me he understood and handed me a final payment, but not before I sucked his cock to completion in his kitchen. The extra money was a thank you for making as he put it "An older man happy".
    The money Sam handed over for the sexual times we had together, made awful big difference and pretty much ensured we kept our home. It also gave us time for me to find a better job. We are now finacially sound and I don't see us falling down that pathway again, but I will own upto to missing Sam and his wonderful ways of making me cum.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    It was one of those things.

    My husband and I get along great when we're in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately this isn't the case when one of us goes away for work.

    I have this habit of falling into long affairs with men when I am on a stint away from home. One lasted three years.

    I really enjoy a good hard fuck. And that's not something my husband can give me. He's a sweet, kindhearted soul... I've asked him to but he just can't. It's not in him.

    I had a great affair with this guy from Europe. It was the one person for whom I'd have left my husband, though things didn't work out in the end.

    He and I would meet up in different cities from time to time. And we'd fuck the living Christ out of eachother. I was Pavlov's Dog to his 'hello'... the minute I'd see him I was wet between the legs. If we want anywhere in public, he couldn't keep his hands off me.

    It had started as an online affair where we explored our feelings and fantasies for eachother. Neither of us ever intended it in the first place, it just happened because we got flirty with eachother fast. But then we decided to meet. I was so hot for him that I remember the first time like it was yesterday.

    He came in on a flight and I picked him up at the airport... both of us were nervous as fuck. We got to the hotel where we'd decided to stay, and it was so awkward. So I kissed him. My god it was the best kiss I'd ever had. we both immediately got wrapped up in each other's arms, so grateful were we to finally experience this joy in person.

    We went slow and gently, both of us were so nervous about performing. But honestly... he just gave me his all. Every caress over my tits, every paw at my thigh as we got deeper into foreplay was electric. I wanted to feel all of him. He took off my shirt and worshiped my breasts. Linkin and sacking at the nipples. I begged him to suck hard and he did.

    His ardor was evident as he sucked and kissed and bit hard on my neck. I wasn't allowed to move, for he made a buffet of my body. Hand on my shoulder, holding it down as other hand entered my sopping c**t, and his mouth Sucked hard on my breast. I felt his hands dig into my flesh, fingertips bruising me, as he bent my legs back and took a long loving taste of my unshaven pussy.

    He stopped a moment, taking me up by my hands to standing, then undressing me entirely, ridding me of the remnants of clinging clothes, as I undressed him also. We appraised one another for a moment before falling back into our passionate embrace.

    He wasn't a particularly well-endowed man but he knew how to get me going then keep me excited. He had me on my back at first, taking my long legs apart and drilling into me with my ankles in his hands. I gripped his neck as he bent over me. Staring in his eyes. Loving every second, craving every thrust. He then kneeled upwards and put my calves on his shoulders, kissing my legs as he buried himself into me.

    Flipping me onto my stomach, he rubbed my clit while fucking me, an arm around my shoulders pulling me up and into him as I felt his shorter cock prod me right exactly in my g-spot from behind. I came hard and shuddering, my legs losing control.

    But he wasn't yet satisfied. He held me down and fucked my hard doggy style until he came, and I came again, and he yanked it out and shot his load all over my ass and lower back. Then, holding me down still, he licked every drop of cum from my dripping pussy as I shuddered.

    He and I have had a lot of great times in bed, but I remember that like it was yesterday, because I remember being fucked So good that I wanted him again, I wanted his cum, inside me, I wanted to beg him to fuck me again.

    But I didn't, because I'm married.

    I'd never before him, and not since him, wanted a man's cum inside me so damn much. I wanted it. Craved nothing else.

    The other thing I remember that was so hot were the hard holds. I loved being pinned, grabbed. I loved being hammered into oblivion by a hard cock and solid tongue. I loved that he made me cum again and again and literally took me and didn't really allow my participation, just consumed me like an animal. I wanted to be his submissive, dirty little whore.

    We fucked eachother like that for three years. Finally we had to stop, the affair was tearing us both apart and as much as we loved one another it wouldn't have worked and besides which, I do still love my husband. He fell in love with another woman but we remain friends at a distance. Him in Europe, and me in the States.

    Every time were in each other's company.... it's very, very, very dangerous. I'm not sorry in the least for letting myself go with him. Best sex of my life, hands down.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    For the past eleven months, once a week, I've been visiting a man for sex, one who took advantage of my stupidity. He's a loaner of money to people such as myself, who can't get money elsewhere. I wanted the money to buy my husband a new truck for his business after his old one died. Unfortunately I didn't figure on losing my job and it became increasingly difficult to repay the money I owed.
    I was given a choice. Either I get the money any way I could, have my husband or one of my family members visited, or take up the offer the money lender gave me. Work out my loan with my mouth pussy and asshole. Not able to get the money immeadiately and not wanting my husband knowing where I'd gotten the money for his truck, plus wanting him and my family to be safe, I chose the last option.
    The first time I walked into the motel room and striped naked, I was nearly sick. Not only with nerves and disgust of myself, but by the sight of the man who I'd have to have sex with, or more over, the size of his manhood. It is the biggest cock, certainly I've ever seen. And he was casually masturbating it as I striped naked.
    I tried not to enjoy myself, I tried not to let him know when he was licking my pussy and asshole, he was giving me more pleasure than my husband had ever given me. The orgasm I had gave me away, as did the moan the first time his huge cock entered my pussy. I was working away my debt and I was completely enjoying it by the time he'd slid his enormous cock up my asshole from behind. I practically begged him to make me cum again, as he fucked me from one powerful orgasm to another.
    Gone was my revulsion of the thing I was doing, gone was the fear of the man who was giving me the best sex of my life. And a new passion for his massive cock, fucking me deep and hard replaced any doubts I had before I walked into the motel room. Not even his minder sat in the corner, watching me being fucked, put me off telling him I wanted more when he came, flooding my asshole. And he knew then, I was his.
    Afterwards we worked out how many times I'd have to fuck him to repay the debt. I knew the money I owed him was nothing in his world. I also knew he was married to a woman who probably wouldn't do half the sexual things we'd do over the next eleven months.
    The debt was worked off two months ago, but I can't stop wanting to see him. I know I'm his piece of pussy and ass on the side, and I also know once he finds another stupid woman to have fun with, I'll be told to stop visiting him. But all the same I'm totally enraptured by him, or in reality, his amazingly thick orgasm giving cock.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 23

    I can't believe I cheated But I did. Over the last week my college has been on break because of the bad weather. My boyfriend had been snowed in while going to see his parents. So I was left all alone in my room my roommate. Who has never been shy about bringing guys into our dorm room and fucking them. Well she brought this one guy back to our room, and I pretended to be asleep like I usually do. But they didn't even try to be quiet, and as load as she was moaning I couldn't help but take a peek at them, and this guy was ripped beyond belief! Massive arms, six pack. It was ridiculous and I found myself staring before I shut my eyes and go to sleep.

    Well the next morning I wake up and roommate is gone, but he is still asleep in her bed. I get up acting like I didn't hear a thing, and went to get dressed when he asked how I didn't wake up from that. I laughed and told him I was use to her being loud. And went on to get dressed. With nothing to do and classes being cancelled, I stayed in the room, where this guy just chilled out the rest of the day. Saying he was going to wait for her to come back. Where she had gone off to I have know clue, but we just talked, watched some tv, and as the day went on I found myself flirting with him.

    After a while he left and then came back with some beer, and offered me one. We talked some more, drank a bit, and I don't even know why but when he kissed me I just kissed him back. I'd never even entertained the thought of cheating before. I've always said I loved my boyfriend. I don't know how it happened so fast, but it went from making out to me being on my back with my ankles pinned up by head as this tan Adonis drilled me over and over again with his cock. He didn't even wear a condom, something I always make my boyfriend do! Luckily he pulled out before he came, but he literally pulled out then shot his load down onto my face.

    He didn't even give me time to recover before he picked me up, turned me around and put me on my roommates bed and pushed me against the window. Pushing my head and breast against the cold glass, all while pounding me from behind and slapping my ass over and over again.

    I'd only ever had sex with two people up to that point, so I haven't had a lot of experience, but this was literally the best sex of my life. He got me off multiple times, and we had sex all over the room. And he actually talked me into letting him cum on my face again. He put me on my knees and told me to beg for his cum like the little slut I am, and I totally did it. I have never been like this before!

    Now I feel like a slut because I cheated and did things for this guy that I have never done with my boyfriend. I know i need to tell him or at least break up with him. But I don't know how to do it. I feel like such a dirty slut.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    Last night I had sex with someone other than my husband for the first time since I met him, and not I don't want to stop. My husband has been asking me for months if I would allow myself to be sexed by a black man, we are white. He has had this fantasy for years and now, we have new black neighbors, he has been fixated on it. I finally agreed and it happened last night.

    This black man that my husband brought home was gorgeous. Tall, well built, and I had seen pics on the web and some porn movies my husband rented, but I never thought a man could be so big in his male member. He slid his trousers off and all I could do was stare at it. He put it up in my face and he started rubbing it around. After a minute or so I grabbed it and started kissing it. There was no way I could fit that thing into my mouth. He got the head of it between my lips and I teased it with my tongue. He came while I was teasing it. I thought I was going to drown in his sperm. It was all over me and every where.

    He pushed me back on the bed, and climbed on me. I was so excited by that time, that I climaxed before he was even in me. His cum covered cock hit my wet flesh and that was it. I started my first orgasm right there. He pushed it in between my convulsions and I started screaming. Oh, it hurt at first, but then wow, the screams went from pain to pleasure.

    Believ e me when I say I had never had sex like that before! After he was done I just lay there with his cum oozing out of me. My husband asked if I was OK, and all I could manage to say was, "ya, ya, ok."

    I really really want that again! I called him. His name is Brian, and I set up a meeting with him for this weekend. He told me that he liked having sex with me too, and if we want he will meet with me any time I want for sex. He told me that if I want he will even impregnate me, but I have to sign a no support agreement before hand. My husband and I have been thinking that we want to adopt, he is sterile, but now it's in my head that instead of adopting, I might want to have Brian's baby.

    I never knew sex could be like this!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I'm a 36 year old woman who's married as a trophy wife to a 51 year old man. We live in a large vilage in the south of the UK. A village where absolutely nothing happens. At first I thought moving to and then living outside of the city rat race would be fine. But as soon as I realised the highlight of the village day, was the post man delivering his mail, I soon became bored and lonely. My husband doesn't like me working (Hates it in fact), yet he works away a lot to finance our Lifestyle. So it quickly became apparent I'd have to find my own fun.

    Of the five married men who have shown obvious interest to me (Sexually) in the two years we've lived in the village, I've now fucked with four of them (All but one has been a sexual let down). The other is "holding off" as he puts it until his wife and he have another seperation. The mail man has become a frequent twenty minute fun thing every Thursday morning (When my husbands away). And the Butcher/Greengrocer/Gardener/Mechanic and every other bloody job he does, seventeen year old son Michael, often tends to my personal garden.

    He's the reason I've decided to stay, mainly because of his penis size and the fact he's always willing to do anything sexual. Which suits me just fine. When he's not in college or we both find an afternoon free (I'm always soddin free) I'll text him and he's around and in between my legs in less than ten minutes. We both know it's a mutually sexual thing we have, but I don't care if it's just sex. Not when I'm getting all of his massive cock to enjoy deep in my pussy and arsehole.

    My husband in none the wiser from my widened pussy after we fuck (Michael and I) as we very rarely have sex anymore. The one occassion we did have sex on the same day, I told him I'd been naughty and used a cucumber during the morning to satisfy my sexual needs. It got him going and he gave me a whole two minutes of grunting and groaning fucking my already cum laden pussy, before he shot his watery cum all over my breasts.

    Cheating has become the "norm" for me and I don't envisage it stopping any day soon. I don't particularly like living in a boring nothing happens village, but I do enjoy the fact I can have as much sex as I want, pretty much when I want.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    when i was in college i basically hit for the other team, i did not want the drama and responsibility of having a bf or guy friends with benefits, so me and my roomies had sex with each other most of the time. this lasted through my master's degree, then off into the real world i started dating guys again. i met my husband and after a year we were married. we originally met at college through classes, so he pretty much knew i was bi. when we started hooking up, i went straight, or so he thought.

    my husband has always been one that likes to watch, and that is alright with me. i have kind of a exhibitionist streak that likes to give him a show. it wasn't long after we got together that he asked me to give him a show. he would sit in a chair and watch me as i stripped for him, then worked myself into a sexual frenzy, then finally brought myself to orgasm. all the time he would just watch, i could see his cock straining his fly, but he insisted that i not touch him. after each show he would go in the bathroom and when he came out he would be naked and have cum dripping from his flaccid cock. he would then want sex and to start off with me sucking him. that suited me well too, after seeing him and working myself up to an orgasm, i was very ready for sex too.

    we also liked to watch porn together. on nights were i was not the show, he, and sometimes i, would find payperview or bring a dvd home to watch together. on one such night he brought home a dvd which was mostly lesbian sex. since he liked to watch and he knew i had relations when we were in college, i didn't read much into it, but about a week later, he started asking if i would like to have lesbian sex so he could watch. at first i just thought it was idle fantasy and didn't take him seriously. he kept on asking, and after about a month, i asked if he were really serious. he was completely serious. he wanted to watch me having sex with another woman.

    what he didn't know was that when i went to meet his parents for the first time, his little sister, Karen, and i hit it off way better than anyone thought. i had asked her to lunch, just to get to know her, and we ended up in bed. Karen and i have been together at least once a week ever since. she was my maid of honor at our wedding, and the day of the wedding, she and i were together.

    Karen and i have a very different relationship than i have with my husband, Jon. Jon and i are very formal and have sex time arranged. it is planned out, show time, movie time, or sex. each theme has it's own way of how things will go and each time Jon and i are to have sex, it is planned as one of these 3 themes. i've tried deviating from the theme before, and Jon basically cannot handle it, he needs the formality of knowing what is coming and has set his expectations for the session. Karen is spontaneous. she and i will go with just about anything, and believe me, we have done just about everything from slow long dates of kissing and just snuggling to wild rip your clothing off biting and slapping, throwing each other onto the bed and taking advantage of each other. both are so completely different, i love them both.

    i told Karen of Jon's wishes and she almost instantly agreed. the day of the arrangement Karen came over early before Jon got home and we had a wonderful private session together. about the time Jon was to get home, Karen took a Mardi Gras mask out of her bag and put it on, and told me she loves sex while wearing a mask. Jon got home and i took him to his chair. it was positioned in the corner of the bedroom where he would have a nice view of the bed. after he was seated i cuffed him, part of the requirements from Karen was that Jon had to be cuffed into the chair, and made sure he was comfortable. Karen then came out of the bathroom wearing her mask.

    when i saw Karen i gasped, she was so beautiful. the mask covered the upper part of her face and feathers curled up over the top of her head. she had on a heavy gold necklace and she had freshened up, her red lips were gorgeous and her long nails glistened in the pale light of the room. when i approached her, she slapped my breast and put her hand over my mouth, then pushed me onto the bed. she reached into her bag and brought out a very large black harness and dong, then let me watch while she stepped into it and tightened it up. she turned and pushed the dong to my lips and i started kissing and making oral love to it. as the dong touched my lips for the first time, i looked over at Jon, he was watching every move. as i began with the dong, i lost all thought of Jon watching, it was just Karen and I, in a very erotic moment.

    after a i made long slow oral love to the dong, Karen pushed me back onto the bed. i lay there wondering what she wanted from me next. without a word, she slapped my thighs until i rolled over and pushed back, my bottom raised and giving her access to me. by that time i was literally dripping from excitement. i felt the dong touch my wet flesh and Karen's red nails start to dig into my thighs. she pushed she held me firmly and the dong impaled me. i gasped and pushed my face into a pillow moaning, almost screaming from the surprise of the feel of the large dong. she held me as i pressed back to her, literally hanging from the dong, only the harness holding my weight to keep me from collapsing. she worked that huge dong in me, and i was soon in my first orgasm.

    my muscles tried to contract around it. it was way too big, but waves of pleasure shot through me as i convulsed screaming into the pillow and Karen holding onto this huge shaft. time went away as Karen used me. i was finally allowed to slide off the shaft. i lay there feeling warmth of the moment, sweat covering my body from my climaxes. Karen patted my head gently, then i watched as she approached my husband, her brother, and pressed the shaft up to his lips. Jon turned his head away, but she grabbed his head and held it, the shaft pressing to the side of his cheek. Karen stepped around in front of his face and pressed the dong to Jon's lips. he pushed his tongue out and tasted it, and Karen pressed it into his mouth. she made sure he had my taste in his mouth. she let the dong fall out of his mouth, then reached down to Jon's crotch. she grabbed his bulge and held it. i could see Jon begin to shake and his face turn red. i knew he was cumming. after what seemed like forever, Karen let go of Jon. she picked up her bag and left the room. i soon heard the front door open, and my car drive off. Jon sat cuffed in his chair, gasping, the wetness of his own cum beginning to soak through his pants. he looked to the bed, my legs lay open, giving him a clear view of my gaping love. he smiled and i knew this show was now going to be a 4th option in our love night arrangements.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    Last night, my husband's friends came over from out of town. The older of the two, Mark, had just gone through a bad divorce. His wife took everything but a few suitcases of clothes and his old Honda. He was now staying with Matt, the younger of the two and the more handsome one. Single, player type of guy. Ex military with an impressive list of conquests. My husband, James and his buddies took to the bottle like new born babies. By mid evening, James was passed out on his lazy boy chair in the living room. Mark started to get bummed out about his wife leaving him for one of his employees. Matt and I tried everything to cheer him up. I fixed him another drink, Matt reminded him of old stories they all laughed at. We even popped in one of James's porn dvds to help get his mind off things. Nothing!
    "I know what will make him feel better! I'll be back!" Matt exclaimed as he hurled out the front door. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked Mark if seeing my tits would help. He didn't respond so I slipped my dress down and flashed him my big tits. I knew this would work. But it backfired on me. Mark was now suckling at my nips and I love that. I was getting hot from this. Wasn't long before I couldn't control myself. I unzipped mark's pants and sucked his dick for a little bit. He had a nice dick. Not too big, not too small, smelled clean...
    I almost stopped as i sensed James wake up but he continued snoring right next to us. Mark pleaded that if I wanted to help him, I was gonna have to go all the way. Oh well, I thought. It's for mark. Why not? I was already horny and blowing him. I straddled him on the couch and he continued sucking my tits while I glided his dick into me. I have never been fucked with so much passion before. The adrenaline of my drunk husband right next to us only added to the heat. I almost lost it when Mark blew his wad inside me. I'm not on birth control! I screamed. He said it was okay since he had a vasectomy last year. We got cleaned up and that's when Matt ran in saying, I got em. Got what i asked?
    I have an idea. I know what will make Mark feel better. What? I asked.
    Matt told me not to freak out but if I were to have sex with them, he's sure Mark will be on his feet in no time. Besides, he said. Mark's been dying to fuck you since college. He handed me the box of condoms he went to go buy. I laughed almost hysterically. What's so funny, Matt asked. I told him I had just fucked mark without condoms and he seems to be doing better. He told me it was only fair that if I fucked mark, i should fuck him too.
    I agreed. I mean, i had already broken my vows so what the hell, right? I let Matt go down on me there in the kitchen. That part was okay. When he dropped his pants, I tore the condom wrapper with my mouth and put it to his tip and rolled it down his shaft. What are you doing? He said. Mark got to fuck you naturally, I want to as well. He wasn't very good at oral but his penis was a good send. Normal size and girth but he knew how to use it. Plus, he was uncircumcised. Something, i had never tried before. I don't know, it just felt better. Thankfully i had taken that condom off. He came inside me so hard, i thought i was gonna explode.
    A few hours later, James was still out cold and the guys and me were in the living room watching tv when the doorbell rang. Matt excused himself and apologized for inviting a friend without telling us. He went to the door and came back with this stallion of a man. Also ex military almost 7 feet tall. Hi, I'm Ron. He said while shaking my hand. He took the liberty of grabbing himself a drink and having himself a seat. I asked why he was there and he bluntly answered. I'm here to fuck you. No way I said. This had gone way too far!
    Slut that i am, I've got Ron cupping both my breasts and sticking his tongue down my throat, Mark is on his knees behind me and liking my ass hole. Matt is right next to me with my hand on his cock. I somehow became these men's bitch. They used me in every way conceivable. Ron was a beast if a man. He held me up and fucked me while he held me in the air. Looking over his shoulder hoping my husband wouldn't wake up, I noticed he wasn't on the lazy boy anymore. No. He was right next to us with a cell phone in his hand and his hard dick in the other, recording the whole thing. These guys planned the whole thing and I fell for it. I've never swallowed or been insemenated with so much sperm in my life. I was they're little fuck doll and husband helped plan it. Turns out mark never had a vasectomy. They all came inside me at one point. Can't wait until next time. Maybe I'll know ahead of time, get a little fucked up before hand. I hear sex feels better on meth.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    When I was 17 I met an incredibly beautiful older woman. Meagan was 36. We got married two years later. Three kids later our sex life became completely non existent. I mean we fucked like about three times a year and it became a chore. I still loved my life and satisfied myself jerking off to porn.

    Then the most bizarre thing happened. My wife came home from work one day two years ago and brought a co-worker home with her. Andrea was 20 and looked like a model and oozed sexiness and I thought surely my wife was deliberately taunting me. We got the kids to bed after a while and the three of us sat around the kitchen table and Meagan just out of the blue told me that she wanted me to have an affair with Andrea. I nearly shit my pants. I looked over at Andrea and she just smiled. I had only just met Andrea that day. I didn't know that Meagan had not only shared a bunch of naked pics of me with Andrea but she had loaned her some home movies Meagan and I had made together.

    Andrea reached across the table and took my hands in hers and squeezed them. I looked back at Meagan who also smiled and I just sat there dumbfounded. then Meagan explained to me that she knew I was sexually frustrated and she said she couldn't stand to see me that way. I told her that in that case why doesn't she want to have sex with me any more and she just said that since the last pregnancy she had completely lost interest in sex altogether and it wasn't just me but it was that she didn't want to do it with anyone.

    She told me that She knew I would never leave her (true) and Andrea was only interested in using me for my body (really, I never thought of myself in that way). So I just sat there more dumfounded than ever. Then Meagan got up and came around the table and took my hand and placed it on Andrea's left tit and Then she took Andreas hand and put it on my crotch and said. "Ok I know you two know what to do next I'm going to bed" and that was that. So I just sat there massaging Andreas hand with my crotch while she massaged my hand with her tit and not saying a word for about two awkward minutes and then she just leaned in and kissed me and we stood up and moved to the living room and in another minute we were sixty-nining on the sofa naked and I was hornier than I had been in about three years. A few minutes later we were fucking like crazy.

    We cuddled for a short while then she just got dressed and kissed me good night and left. I cleaned off and climbed into bed with Meagan naked and fell asleep. When I got up there was a note on the pillow from Meagan telling me that she loved me and that she hoped I had a good fuck.

    So this has been going on about once a week now ever since and Andrea is a good fuck and Meagan has the entire time acted as though it was like I was having a weekly poker night with the boys.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    When I overheard a female colleague of mine, one I knew to have dated my husband when they were teenagers, explaining to another female colleague, she'd sucked his large cock off, I mistook it as she'd done it recently.
    Absolutely irate, I tried to phone him, but he was working and I knew he'd probably not be able to get to his phone.
    Knowing there was an office junior who'd not long been with our company, and that he fancied me, I invited him out to lunch. I had no intention of having any food, instead I'd booked a motel room nearby and drove us both there.
    Telling him I was going to give him some personal education, I lead him into the motel room. At first he looked like a fish out of water, until I took all of my clothing off, just leaving my panties on. In seconds he was stood in front of me naked sporting a huge erection. For a kid who's only eighteen, he sure knew how to use the nine inches he'd been blessed with.
    Making me gag on his hard throbbing cock and receiving the first of his massive cum loads, was only the start of an hours unbelievable sex. In that hour I did things with him, I'd never done with my husband. Including letting him tripple finger fuck my asshole as he buried his cock up my orgasming pussy. Before we left to go back to work, I allowed, I wanted him to empty his balls inside my asshole. I took my second load of his cum of the hour, when his cock erupted up my rear hole. It was still leaking out of my ass, when I attended a meeting later that afternoon.
    At home later I quizzed my husband about his teenage love. He told me she was a slut who basically loved sucking off men, he just happened to one of many, so he ditched her. After some asking around at work days later, I found out the woman was telling her colleague about her teenage years.
    I'd not only mistook what she'd said, I'd also seduced an office junior and had him fuck me in ways I can only say now, I genuinely loved. His cock was much bigger than my husbands and he gave my way stronger and many more orgasms than my husband ever had.
    I've not had sex with him again since, but he has hinted on many occasions he'd love to repeat what we did. I know what I did was wrong and I do regret what I did to a certain extent, but I cannot get the sense of wanting to experience the horny type of sex I had with the young man from work again. Indeed each time I see him now, my pussy becomes lustfully wet, my asshole twitches and I have on one ocassion had to relieve myself, using my fingers in the ladies bathroom.

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