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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I started going to lunch with my boss and one day he kissed me in the parking lot. He also told me that it was time that I stopped being a tease and put out. He drove us to a motel and checked in while I sat in the car. We drove around back and he got out and held the door to the room open. I guess I sat in the car too long because he came over and told me to get my ass in gear because he had a meeting at 2:30. Sex was fast without even taking off all my clothes, he only took off my shoes, pants and underwear. On the way back to the office he told me that I could relax now and as long as I kept putting out my job was going to be ok, that I actually did good work.

    I was his side girl for three years when I met his wife by accident. She had come to the office and I happened to be walking by the front door when she walked it and asked for him. I told her I wasn't the receptionist, she was out that day and she asked me who I was and I told her I was Marlene and her answer was "so you are Marlene, your much prettier than I thought you would be". I took her back to my boss' office and when she left she came over to my office and said she wanted to see me and for me to stand up and turn around. She said something like "Jack really likes you, I can see why".

    It turned out that my boss talked about me at home all the time. I misinterpreted the accidental meeting with her and thought that my boss had told her "about" me, that I was sleeping with him. I came so close to blowing it for him, so close, but something told me to keep my mouth shut and all I said was thank you and that I liked working for my boss. Eventually I quit my job and moved on to another company. Once I stopped working with my boss our sexual affair slowed down until it stopped and relationship ended.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Never done any of this before, confessing or cheating on my husband. It wasn't at first by choice, or my choice anyway. My husband decided he'd introduce me to a threesome with an older guy called Mick. A man who's penis was enormous even before it got hard. I was scared and told my husband so. He reacted by slapping me and telling me I would do as he wished, or find somebody else like him to support myself and my family.

    Sucking on both their cocks for some time, I surprised myself with just how well I gave Mick's massive cock a blow job. I was also in awe and surprised when after my husband had been fucking me doggy for some time, I then stretched enough for Mick to almost fully bury his cock inside my pussy. He even made a comment to my husband about me taking his cock so good. Stating most women couldn't

    After that they both took turns to fuck me in lots of different positions, but I began to really enjoy it when Mick's cock was pounding into my pussy. I climaxed lots of times, but only once with my husband fucking me. Then as if to spite me for enjoying Mick's cock, my husband told him to take me anally.

    I won't lie, it did hurt and I had tears in my eyes. I saw my husband smile as if to say to himself, I'll show her. But all his nasty smile did, was make me determined to accept Micks cock up my ass. It took a few minutes before he began to fuck me, but once his cock slid all the way in, my asshole relaxed and I instantly started to enjoy the feelings his huge cock was giving me anally.

    After maybe a five or so minutes with Mick fucking me doggy fashion, I told him I wanted to mount his cock. My husband said "This is something I want to see". So Mick lay on his back supported his long thick cock with his right ahnd and I squatted over his dick. Lowering myself, I got the tip of his cock to my asshole and simply plunged downwards.

    If it felt good to have Micks cock up my asshole doggy, then to control how hard and how deep it went inside of me, was absolutely orgasmic. I came within seconds and continued to build up to then climax over and over again. My husband made a comment about me enjoying myself too much, but mick told him to shut up, or fuck off. My husband started to say something about me being his, that's when Mick said "You didn't mind last week dickhead".
    It took a few seconds for the information to sink in, but once it did, I knew my husband had had sex with another woman the week before with Mick, and that's why he'd wanted to see Mick fucking me.

    By then though I didn't care. I was loving everything Mick's cock was giving me and I was also loving the fact my husband was having to play second fiddle to an older, potentially more violent man.

    After having a really big orgasm, I climbed off Micks cock and asked him how he wanted to cum. Inside of me, over me or having me swallow his cum. I looked at my husband when I said it and smiled inwardly as he cringed a little. Mick looked in my husbands direction, smiled at him and told my husband to go and get us drinks, as he finished off with me.
    Laying on my back as Mick wished, he told me from then onwards, he'd meet me whenever and wherever I wanted to. He also said "Don't worry about him, I'll put him straight". He paused before he added and I remember this statement as if it was said only seconds ago "You know he likes cock too, don't you". I didn't know and I didn't think it was who my husband was. yet I believed Mick instantly.

    Putting my legs up onto his shoulders, Mick inserted his cock up my ass and drove it all the way in, fucking me like a piston. It was a forceful way of taking himself to orgasm and when he came, his cum flooded my rear passage. I was like a doll in his large hands and the forty six year old carried on pumping his seed into me, until he was fully drained.

    We chatted as we lay next to each other. Then mick did something neither man had done throughout, he reached over, pulled me to him and we kissed. It was such a wonderful kiss, such a passionate kiss, I was reeling just as much from it, as I was from the sex. And we were still kissing when my husband entered the bedroom with our drinks.

    He was about to say something I'm sure. But this time it was my turn to give him THE look. He backed down and put our drinks down. Telling us both he'd be downstairs he turned and walked out. I had a little drink, took hold of Mick's cock and devoured it until he became erect again.

    It was another two hours before we re-emerged. Mick and I had had missionary sex, both vaginal and anal, and pretty much the whole time we'd kissed. Once I'd taken his second load of cum that day, he lay behind me and we'd spooned until I drifted off.

    My husband now thinks Mick has moved back to the city. But he hasn't. He has moved but only to a new apartment. It is closer to the city, but still easily driven in twenty minutes by myself. Most weekdays I visit Mick and we invariably end up having sex. My husband was the person to start everything and I will own up to not wanting it at first. But myself and Mick are now talking about me moving in with him, as he's having to move again soon. It will be moving to a new city, but then I'd be away from my abusive husband and his stupid idea's of farming me out for sex.

    The decision is made. I've just made it in doing this. My new life starts tomowrrow and it won't be with my idiot of a husband. Maybe he can find a man to fuck him too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I'm over my 5 year relationship with my husband, but I can't leave because that may mean never seeing my stepkids again.
    He was my first in bed and my first real relationship. I was too shy to date until he came along. I've messed around with girls a little before our relationship, girls are what I'm really craving.
    There's an adorable girl at work who I've been talking to. I can't tell if she's flirting with me, or if this is just the kind of person she is with everyone, but every time she talks I'm either gazing into her eyes, or looking at her thick, kissable lips. She caught my eye the first day I started there and I can't stop thinking about her. I've been so faithful and in love with my husband until about a year ago where that started winding down. But even then, I didn't have thoughts about other people. Now, I can't control this. She is just something else. Such a special and seriously cute girl. I want to see where this might go.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Tomorrow night when England play Croatia, my husband and lots of his mates are going out to the pub in town to watch it.
    One of his mates however won't be going as he's unfortunately working. Well actually he's not.
    Sam is a real hunk, a man who prefers to thrust his eight inch cock in a beautiful woman like me. Rather than watch twenty two men kick a bag of wind around some grass.
    Over the last two months I've given up all of myself to Sam each time we get a chance.
    When my husband and his mates are watching football, I'm going to be sucking Sam's wonderful cock, having him tongue my pussy and arse, then have him fuck both my pussy and arsehole.
    As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if England win or lose. That's because I'm going to enjoy the night either way.......

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 37

    My neighbors niece came to live with her about a month ago, just around the time some old woman made a left turn in front of my bike and I broke my shoulder blade and leg. At 19 years old, Amanda is nothing to look at, probably 30 pounds overweight and very plain looking. Her mom couldnât control her anymore so she was sent to Aunt Joannâs.
    The first time we met, she introduced herself and said her Aunt was out of milk and asked to borrow some. From the couch, I told her to help herself. That afternoon, Amanda came over and asked if she could hang out as she was bored. It wasnât 20 minutes later she had my cock out and stroked me hard. I rolled a condom on and let her mount me. We fucked until she was happy and she made me cum, then she left.
    The problem? Iâm married and Amanda is a fucking cock slut. She canât get enough cock, from me or anyone else. She waits until my wife leaves for work, texts me to get ready and comes over. I fuck her as long as I can, when I bust, she just gets dressed and goes elsewhere for more. Thereâs no passion, or intimacy , just pure fucking. Sheâs told me that sheâs had 4 or 5 guys in a day and still needs more. If I do her twice in a day, I canât bother with my own wife. Amanda wonât give head, doesnât want it either, she just wants to fuck. When I asked about dildos or vibrators, she said she stopped with them at 13 when she got her first fucking and has no desire to go back.
    I really need to cut her loose, and soon.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I am a masturbation addict. Proud gooner... My GF of 5 years doesn't know. What she doesn't know is; That I have a secret social media and try find younger girls by near half my age into DD/lg. That I wank every moment she is out of the house. That I don't try to fix my Agoraphobia because I get to be a disgusting gooning addict this way! She is in the dark; That I carry on lewd conversations and flirting with as many girls online as I can. That I sometimes hook up with a horny one to voice chat dirty, vulnerable and taboo confessions. That I am a compulsive masturbator!!

    Making inappropriate interactions on messenger at many of her fringe friendships or ex-friends is a fetish and where my CHEATING urges are most acted out in the past 18 months! Age no factor as I don't mind older matures. Looks barely a factor... While none seriously considered, there was some dick pics sent and reciprocation of dirty talk and naughty pics with a couple of them when I caught them in a horny mood... So hooked on this embarrassing lifestyle. On my porn addiction, drug use and filthy gooner masturbation needs! I want to cheat on her IRL...

    Gotten to be one of my most dirty and visceral fantasy I think of obsessively when I'm in euphoric high on speed! Even though we're poly, she makes me feel like I'm trapped with her. The rules for our dynamic, which only seem to apply to me, is "meeting the girl before any sexual contact" which most girls don't feel comfortable doing. Naturally. It's awkward to meet the partner of someone you might be excited to fuck. I think she knows this, and that those girls are more monogamous minded and so even when they're once interested it can easily fade away the longer they are confronted with my poly reality!

    I end up confessing to people I shouldn't when I'm deep into depraved masturbation.. Just to feel. To be perverted and depraved. To fuel my compulsions.. I can't get enough it's sick and addictive. This close friend of ours lets me confess my masturbation thoughts and somehow she isn't weirded out hearing them, doesn't wants to betray trust with ME when hearing I'm keeping things from my GF (who is her friend too). I wish me and this amazing friend would have more secrets together. Eventually make love behind our partners backs if we wanted to, without guilt!

    There is this movie we both love where two Mothers carry on lewd affairs with each others sons (one of them cheating on her husband) because there is no other way for them to feel alive and get needs met. It's all a secret from their community... So many girls lately -friends- I've been finding out are sneaking around on their partners for their lacking sexual needs, and I'm supposed to remain faithful when I hardly see others living up to it! I have needs and I want Emma, this 26yo beauty so bad. OMG she turns me on, I find myself drooling as I wank my thick 7 inch c0ck to her.

    Such a disheartening feeling when GF implies my ED explains our sex life.. When to me she doesn't make ANY effort to turn me on, and refuses to shave her hairy pu$$y! She got so lazy. And all the attraction to her in the world can't excite me for someone who gave up, and who let our step-daughter walk all over us in the first months living together demanding of us 'no sex' take place when the teenager was home, I've voiced all this to her. She has mental illnesses which I have to accept make her ignore her part in all this -- The first 18/mth together she did shave her pu$$y me. As I admitted early on the friction of hair can make my cock soft. Not rocket science those years were hard inside her longer?

    Our sex life is fractured... broken... boring! No pretending anymore. But our love life is really healthy so I don't wanna leave her. I just want some fucked up experiences with females out there who get off on cheating! Surely there is a some out there married, single and lonely, or with a boring partner? Anything, just someone wanting to FEEL again. Someone (like me) loving to drug up and masturbate to endless porn -I'm so in LOVE with it- to feel something. Edging and gooning themselves dumb to these urges for 10-12 or more hours when their partner is out.. Gonna confess more.. when next I'm inevitably gooning my brains out Nggggh I am a cheater at heart more everyday. I admit it!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I heard my wife being fucked by her boss at a Christmas party. She showed me what she was wearing before she left for the party, a really sexy black evening gown with a massive split, and I noticed she had packed a new pair of stockings, suspenders and matching black sexy underwear and she shaved her pussy before she left so I was a little suspicious. She was staying in a hotel, and after the party she called me to tell me she had got back to her room safely and was on her own, but forgot to end the call because she was drunk. I carried on listening and heard her door being knocked, she let her boss in, and I hear them kissing. I heard him tell her he hadn't got any condoms and she said don;t worry I want you to cum inside me. I heard them fucking for about 30 minutes - she was screaming in ecstasy as he fucked her. He then left and I ended the call.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    This all started when I was 14. I was in my first committed relationship, had been with my lad for about a year and a half (which is quite a long time at that age) and we had discussed that we were ready to give each other our virginities. Obviously, we'd done stuff before, like I had given him head, and he fingered me, but we had never had sex.

    Due to my mum being strict and a stay-at-home druggie, and his parents working, we decided to do it at his place. I went and got myself some birth control and condoms, and after waiting the mandatory week for the birth control to become effective, we decided to have sex.

    We were in the process of foreplay when his brother and his friend, who were both about 19 or so, walked in. Those two were tough and dominant whereas my boyfriend was the opposite. They bullied him because he wasn't tough and outgoing like them.

    Upon seeing what we were doing, they decided they wanted a piece of me themselves, and the elder brother's friend grabbed my boyfriend and held him back whilst my boyfriend's brother got undressed and join me in bed. He was more impressive than my boyfriend, boasting about inches while my boyfriend had six. I, at 14, was about 5'2", slim body with an impressive ass for that age and 32D breasts. The elder brother liked those. He played with my boobs, sucking my nipples, pinching and twisting them whilst biting my neck, making me flood down there.

    He then went down and ate my pussy, and I came about six times in ten minures, he was fantastic. Then, he wanted me to suck him. I couldn't fit much in my mouth as it was long and I hadn't numbed my gag reflex yet. He began taunting my boyfriend, and asked me if I was on birth control. I was so horny, and replied yes.

    He laid me on my back, legs spread, and mounted me while his brother was forced to watch. He lasted about twenty minutes, doing me in three different positions, and I came about eight times. He finished by busting up inside me while back in missionary, with my legs wrapped around his quite ripped body. As he filled me up and for a couple of minutes after, he laid on top of me, still inside me, holding me, kissing me softly, and playing with my hair. I fell for him right there, as his seed and dick were still inside me, with him holding me in his muscular arms and kissing me.

    When he got off, he and his friend made my boyfriend eat the creampie. They laid him down and I was told to squat over him and let the seed fall into his mouth. My heart had switched allegiances, and I did it.

    On the spot, the elder brother asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. We knew it wasn't socially acceptable, so we told my now ex that he would still pretend we were together, but that when I was at his house, I was to spend my time with his brother until their parents got home, to which point he'd see me home. My boyfriend promised him occasional head from myself, and honestly I was willing to do anything he said. I was his completely, I was obsessed and completely submissive for him.

    While we are all white, with myself being more tanned than the other two, my new boyfriend's friend was black, with Nigerian immigrant parents. My new boyfriend asked me if his friend could have me. I told him that whatever he wanted, I'd do. So I ended up in bed with his friend.

    It's true what they say about black guys. At 19, this boy was 11 inches long and about as thick as my wrist. It started off with me sucking him, getting about 4 inches in, and then because I was already drenched, he slipped right in. My vagina hurt at first, but when it had relaxed, it had stretched so much that I found taking him quite pleasureable. He lasted about 45 minutes, in missionary, doggy, I tried riding him but couldn't manage, and when I laid down on my front with my legs shut and he fucking me there. That was hard, I was so tight. When he was close he asked my boyfriend where to finish, to which he replied "fill her up", and oh boy did he do that. I felt at least twelve spurts of hot, thick, vast quantitites of seed and it honestly filled me to the brim. Again, my ex ate it out of me.

    Down the years, my boyfriend shared me with about 40 guys and 8 women. None of them quite hit the lust spark like he did though. We split up when i was 19 as he had fallen in love with someone hisn own age. I never fell out of love with him. No matter how many guys I fucked, or dated, I never fell for anyone else. I still hook up with him fairly regularly, any time, any place. He's still my best fuck due to the lust that I have for him.

    So I guess my confession is that I'm still in love with him, and have never been able to be faithful to anyone since as I cheat on them with him, his friend from my first encounter, and plenty more black guys who I've found that are well hung.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    I have never cheated before and im not sure if I can again , but last year I went to india with my husband and two teenage sons and we stayed in a hotel in cochin Kerala after a week of eating out and enjoying ourselves I went to have an aryvedic massage which entailed being massaged by feet from a young man employing a bar which he hung onto above the floor .

    it was heaven and even though the room was a little grubby the darkness and incense mixed with the exoticness in general made me feel horny , the masseur was thin but muscular and smelled amazing he started by rubbing scented oils all over my body and it felt so intimate to be touched by a man that wasn't my husband ! even though I kept my bikini on I could feel my c**t flooding and my nipples getting hard .
    after he had finished we talked about the treatment and he told me about a gee massage or butter massage for women which helps fertility ect. when I got back to my hotel I attacked my husband and we fucked like rabbits ,I felt guilty that i was so aroused by my masseur that afterwards my husband suggested the massage may have relaxed me and triggered the hot sex and suggested I have another one !

    A few days later I found myself back at the place agreeing to the butter massage ,this time he used his hands and poured melted butter or ghee on my stomach he rubbed it in to my legs arms and neck and then to my horror and excitement removed my bikini top so as not to spoil it he said he then proceeded to massage my breasts in a circular motion my nipples stood to attention ,I felt nervous and wasn't sure if he was taking advantage but decided to surrender to the experience .

    After ten minutes of this my breathing was hard to steady then he moved down to my calfs and thighs and then turned me over on my front pulling my bikini bottoms off and rubbed my buttocks in a circular motion which pulled my c**t up and down . he then spread my legs apart a little to massage my inner thighs causing my c**t to rub against the massage bed i felt so hot i could smell my own aroma emanating from that area .

    i wanted relief so badly ! that night when i got back we had a repeat performance of steamy fucking , afterwards I felt guilty again , almost like I had cheated , my husband asked me if i had felt sexy being vulnerable on the massage bed , I told him no as I have never entertained the Idea of another man since our marriage but I knew I was longing for more and hoped the masseur would go further secretly !

    on our last day of vacation I went for another section at ten at night ,this time the masseur was talkative and relaxed and asked lots of personal questions he suggested we go for a drink on the beach first as I was leaving so we walked along the beach both feeling a little awkward , he told me he was married and couldn't be seen with a woman so suggested we walk to the next beach , away from the lights we crossed a stream and it was dark he suddenly kissed me and pulled me into the palms he was clumsy and shy but I let him pull my dress over my head and we lay on it in the sand I was in a state of shock but couldn't resist he soon had me naked and was between my legs lapping like a dog it took about ten seconds too have a shuddering orgasm .
    I felt so guilty but did nothing to stop him stripping and mounting me I pretended I was being r**ed and it wasn't in my control he wasn't experienced and pounded away on top of me sand getting everywhere but I could feel another orgasm building he bit my lips and nipples sending me to heaven and I came again .
    after a rest we got up to go but he was hard again and pushed into me from behind i got on my hands and knees and he went at me furiously taking longer this time , again I came like a freight train when I felt his hot sperm shoot into me as his legs shook with the effort .

    After we hurriedly got dressed and made our way back to the massage room but I told him I had to cancel and go back now as my husband would be missing me , we parted with hardly a word and my heart was pounding as i went to our hotel room , my husband asked why i was disheveled and I lied saying I had run back along the edge of the sea and was out of breath , with heart pounding I striped my cum filled bikini bottoms off in the shower and was just trying to rinse some of the cum out of my c**t when my husband climbed in to the shower , and feeling how slippery I was down there shoved his eager cock into me from behind , i groaned and came quickly thinking about how bad I had been ! wow those massages make you horny said my husband ! If he only knew !

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    We're all sat having drinks in a beer garden, but I've only been sat here for the past twenty minutes or so. I'm still buzzing from the amazing orgasm I've just had, and it wasn't my husband who gave it to me.
    The person who so expertly fucked my arsehole until I came so hard, is now serving drinks to other customers. His name is Ryan, he's nineteen and he's our sons mate. The reason I persuaded my husband to come to this pub was because of Ryan, as he's been fucking me now for over a year. The quickie in the ladies was unexpected, even if I was horny for his massive cock. All the same I'm sat here with Ryan's cum up my arsehole as I'm typing this on my phone. Smiling at my family group and telling the my social account is busy. A fun day and maybe my husband will want to go down on me later. Just need to get him to have a few more beers and he'll do anything for me, including tonguing my already gooey arse. Can't wait hehe...

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