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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 33

    Can't wait for Christmas day. As usual my husband will get himself blind drunk and no doubt crash out on the sofa. His younger brother Todd will be visiting like he has the past five years, and spending Christmas day with us. Once his brother has drunk himself stupid (I'm buying him lots of beer and rum) Todd and I will leave him snoring away as we climb the stairs. By the time we get to the top, I'll be naked and pulling Todd into our guest bedroom. Once there I'm going to have my brother in law fuck me just as he had every Christmas day for the last five years. Something we actually began on Christmas eve five years ago when I caught Todd eyeing me up sexually. It turned me on so much, my pussy was dripping with sexual anticipation, and I offered myself to him in the kitchen as my husband watched some crappy film. Todd didn't waist a second in pulling my skirt up, moving my knickers to one side and sliding that huge cock of his deep up my pussy. In no time at all I was orgasming and took his full load inside my pussy.
    We had sex the next day as Todd's older brother crashed out drunk and we've fucked every year since. It's my Christmas present to myself, as Todd is a much better fuck than his older sibling.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I cheat on my wife every chance I get. After 20yrs of marriage my wife tells me she is no longer interested in sex. This is coming from a woman that used to come home for lunch just to have a "nooner" with me several times a month.

    My wife had a high sex drive. Morning, noon, night, and twice on Sunday! Now she says she's over it? And for those thinking maybe it's me or she is having an affair that's not it either I assure you. I even stalked her, spied on her phone just to see if there was someone else but nothing!!!

    I'm sorry but I still need the feeling of a woman under me, even on top if that works for them? I still have morning wood and I want to use it until I'm too old to get it up!

    I met a woman at work, she's in a bad marriage she says. We have sex sometimes on our lunch breaks at a cheap motel near our office building. I met a woman at the gym, her husband has health issues. We have sex a few times a month when "we" can get away from our spouses.

    Then I met Janice, she was married to my brother years before until he drank himself into oblivion. I hadn't seen Janice since the funeral, she moved out of state a few month after things were settled.

    Janice was in town to see her daughter at college. We met for lunch, and dinner a few times while she was here. The night before she was to leave I met Janice for a drink. She had a few 7&7s as we talked. When it was time to go it was obvious Janice was in no shape to drive to her hotel.

    I took Janice to the hotel and walked her to her room. We hugged and when I went to kiss her on the cheek, she turned quickly so my lips met hers. Janice pushed her tongue into my mouth and I accepted her invitation willingly.

    I don't even really remember walking into the room. We were on the bed and I was between her legs. Janice was wearing a nice dress and I was pushing it up over her hips. She was wearing those stockings that stay up, I pulled her lace panties aside and dived into her like a starving animal.

    Janice arched her back and climaxed, her heels still on she dug them into my flesh. It hurt like fuck but I didn't care. I ate her until she begged me to fuck her. I spread her legs and pushed my throbbing cock into her wetness. Janice and I moaned loudly as I sank my cock deep into her loins.

    We fucked like dogs in heat. All the women I had been with hadn't been this good as it was with Janice. I wasn't going to last very long, it was just too fucking intense for the both of us.

    Janice wanted to ride me, I flipped over and she mounted me quickly. Janice slammed her hips down on my cock almost savagely and those nails of hers clawed my chest as she climaxed again a few moments later.

    I flipped Janice onto her back and slammed my cock into her without mercy and felt my orgasm coming like a runaway freight train. I grasped her ankles tightly and spread her legs wide as I blasted my hot load into her.

    Janice pulled me on top of her and we kissed like teenagers in heat. My cock still pulsating inside of her pussy. Janice told me to undress her, she needed more. I almost tore the dress off her as she removed her bra.

    I went at her breasts, her nipples were like stones and I bit them hard just to hear Janice moan with excitement. Janice pushed my head down, I knew what she wanted. I feasted on her pussy even with my cum dripping out of her.

    Her nails clawed my neck and shoulders, her hips bucked on the bed as I made Janice climax once more. She put her mouth to my spent cock and shockingly it responded quicker than I even expected.

    Janice rode me again but slowly this time, taking her time to let her orgasm build. Her neck area was crimson in color, I knew Janice was as aroused as I was. When she came Janice lay on my chest a few moments before I flipped her over and entered her soaking wet pussy once more.

    I fucked her slowly, I wanted to make it last as well. It wasn't until I ejaculated that I thrust into her hard as I could. Janice clawed my arms as groaned with each hard thrust into her pussy.

    Since that night Janice and I have become lovers of sort. Janice comes into town to see her daughter more often now. We have sex, we have great sex! Each time we are together she leaves me wanting more, Janice tells me she feels the same about me.

    I think about my wife afterwards. She used to be like Janice, she always left me wanting more from her also. Too bad I have to find that from another woman............

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    So I'll be blunt. Im a married white woman who likes to fuck black men. I found this out in college and really enjoyed that time as there were plenty of black guys interested in fucking me. A few years later I meet a guy, fall in love get married and have two children and life is good. Except I miss black guys. I missed sucking black cock and getting fucked. So.. One night, out with friends, hubby at home, I see a guy who made my pussy ting;e. He was a big guy, very dark and I couldn't help but picture him having a big cock.

    A little flirting and he waits til I'm going to the bathroom alone. He "bumps" into me and asks me to meet him after I lose my friends. I agree. I tell him to meet me at a park near my house. Luckily I drove. I dropped off my friends then met him and we fucked in his car. It was so great having a nice black dick in my mouth again and getting manhandled the way black guys like to do. He sent me home well fucked, sore and full of cum and that was it. The gates opened and I snuck off every so often to suck and fuck different guys. I was always afraid I'd get caught tho but as luck would have it fate intervened.

    Five years and maybe two dozen guys later my husband starts introducing interracial porn into our bedroom activities. Asking If it turns me on, if I'd ever fuck a black guy. At first I was saying it's exciting but I don't think I'd fuck but eventually I was saying I would if he wanted me too. He definately wanted me too. He pushed me to try, I said yes, a month later were meeting some guy with a huge dick and an hour later I'm on my knees in a hotel room sucking the guy's beautiful cock eventually swallowing his load. An hour of kissing and oral later and he's fucking me hard, doggie, missionary, me on top. We fucked on and off for two hours before he came in me. God I was so drained from cumming.

    Fucke d that guy a few more times then hubby set up another date with a guy with an even bigger dick. Took me two hours to make that man cum. I was so sore after but so thrilled. Been fucking the guys he sets me up with ever since plus the ones he didn't know about before. I tell him a guy came into me he says go ahead and fuck if you want. An I want lol. I have the best sex life and the best husband. I fuck twenty men a year on the side and there's plenty more coming and he loves me doing it!

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have two for this one. Not proud of one, but the other, yes, I am.

    When I was first married to my now-ex wife, things were good, but I also knew of her dislike of sex. She just wasn't into it, even during our college days dating. I was good for a few months, maybe 4, then met a hot, beautiful Latino nurse at a bookstore. We talked for awhile, and were in the same type of jobs, basically, work injuries. Before long, I figured out that she was very open to sex. And I wanted her.
    We met for lunch a few times, and each time, she dressed sexy, usually wearing tight, body-fitting clothes or a casual crop top that showed off her tanned, flat tummy and deep, oval navel. "Nurse Nancy" was just amazingly sexy, and knew how to use it with me. One night, I told my wife I was going shopping for my niece's bday gift, but, instead went to Nancy's house for dinner. My hands were on her even as she cooked, and we both knew we were only there to fuck like animals, dinner or not.

    We did eat, fairly quickly, then she gave me the house tour. Sly as she was, we saw her cat on the bed, and she asked "Want to see my pussy?". Bingo..It was on. We ended up fucking for a good 3 hours, satisfying my needs and hers. Was incredible. When I got home, wife knew nothing, and didn't even ask about the gift shopping.

    The other time is the one I felt fine about. Was towards the end of our marriage (she was a heavy drinker, and I couldn't take it anymore), and she was constantly accusing me of cheating on her with my female business associate, or, girl who worked for me a few years before. Neither was true, and I got sick of hearing it, since she only said it to cover up her boozing. One night, after a business function my associate and I went to, we stopped for drinks at a casino, and, didn't talk about work or business once. Was like our date night, and felt that way. We left arm in arm, very much together and a couple, started kissing in the parking garage, and decided to get a room at the adjoining hotel. Spent the night having wild, it's about time sex that most people we knew thought we were having anyway.

    When I got home the next morning, to-be ex wife had already gone to work, or wherever. I didn't care. Was happy, sexually satisfied, and thought..Good. Next time she accuses you of cheating with your "work wife", she'll be right!

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    Straight Male / 44

    When I graduated high school I attended a community college where my older brother lived. He was 6 years older than me, married with 2 small kids. My parents gave the money for letting me stay with them and I helped with the kids. The arrangement worked well. My sister-in-law was 5 years older than me. She was a little chunky after just having 2 kids but really looked attractive. I slept on the couch and could often hear them having sex. I would get up often and go to the bathroom to get relief. One morning I needed to borrow something from the master bath. My brother was in the shower and my sister-in-law was naked on the bed on her side. I eased over and could see her shaved c**t. I couldn’t help myself so I dropped my shorts. I straddled one leg and put my hard cock in her. After a few strokes she woke up and rolled on her back. I continued a short time then I cum inside her. She pushed me up and told me to get out of her bedroom. That night after school and work she privately cornered me and told me to never take advantage of her again. I felt quilt. The next week I was asleep on the couch when I was awaken by her sucking my dick. She got on top and milked me dry. After this we had sex a couple of times a week. I have had sex with 4 women and my sister-in-law is the best I have had. I could never last long in her. My wife and I live out of state but at family get together we try and usually sneak off for sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I was laid off and my wife wanted to change the kitchen cabinets and since I was home we ordered them. The carpenter who came was a nice guy and we talked sports. He brought up sex and we talked about all the stupid encounters we had in our past. I was leaning against the door jam and he put his hand on my crotch, he held me, his hand was strong and it felt really warm, he looked at me and said something like 'you know boys need to be boys'.

    It had to have been several minutes before he let me go. I was nervous as hell, I couldn't speak, he patted my cheek, he told me there were things a man can do that a woman can never do. He ran his hand over my crotch one more time and went back to work.

    He came to a stopping point and asked me to show him the rest of the house. When we got back to the master bedroom, he looked at me and said I should turn down the bed and get naked and he would show me what a man could do with a boy like me. Don't ask me why, I stood there and he helped undo the buttons on my shirt. He grabbed my pants and told me to stand still and he undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and put his hand down and grabbed my dick and while he groped it said that he was looking forward getting naked with me.

    I was standing naked beside the bed, he was taking his clothes off, he took off his pants and I could see his dick, he told me go turn the bed down, he grabbed my dick and told me to grab his dick, he bent over and put my dick in his mouth and then told me it was my turn. His dick stared back at me but he pushed my head against him and I got this urge to just suck him and I put his dick in my mouth and I couldn't stop.

    On the bed we did everything, we did 69 side by side, he put my head on the pillow and kissed me, he fingered me. We searched for something to use and in the end he said we would do it like the old boys, if it hurt to bite my lip because he was going to get it all in. On my back with my legs up high, he leaned in gave me a wet tonging and slurped on me and then put his dick up against me and while he stared into my eyes he went in deeper and deeper until he was all the way in. I don't remember pain, more of a discomfort that I didn't want to end.

    He worked two more days on our kitchen cabinets and we had one more round on the bed, this time he came prepared and it was a much more natural event, he did me both on my back and on my knees and elbows.

    I got a job a couple of months later, in the restroom of the office building I met a man, an older lawyer and I guess it is the way you exchange looks, I gave him a blow job in the stall. I also gave a man I met late in the evening at the mall bathroom a blow job in a stall. I can't resist, I want to get fucked again. I ordered some anal lube that I carry around with me in case I get lucky, but so far I haven't gotten lucky, it has just been blow jobs. My last blow job was with a man I struck up a conversation with at the gas station. We drove over to the back of this restaurant and I gave him a blow job behind the dumpster.

    I don't need to be told it is risky. I know it is. My wife has no clue, she just likes her new cabinets. I am signing this as bisexual, but I don't have much interest in my wife any more.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    This guy I work with has no idea how good his girlfriend is at eating pussy. He doesn't even know I'm a lesbian, or that his girl is bi, he just thinks we're friends and hang out outside of work.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I'm a businesswoman. African. living in the capital of a southern African country. Although I'm forty-three I am in very good shape. If people guess my age they never guess higher than 32, some even think I'm in my twenties. I have to go away on trips quite a bit, for anything from one to four nights. I have one teenage son, whom I had by Caesarean, which is maybe why I'm still in such good shape. However my husband doesn't mind looking after him while I'm away. On my husband, well, after fifteen years our love life is satisfactory but not any more than that.

    My last trip was for two nights to a town about three hundred kilometres from where I live. Guest houses are usually rather primitive in this country, the food's awful, but what I usually do is have a drink or two and stay in my room and work on my computer or smart phone. Anyway on the first night at dinner I noticed a white man that I recognised as I have seen him in our local supermarket a few times. He is friendly and often says hello, and seemed very nice. He looks as if he's in his thirties. I have seen him with a white woman once or twice whom I assumed was his wife. Anyway on the first evening the man recognised me too, and we exchanged names. We'd never spoken before. As usual I ate, had a drink or two then went to my room.

    Now the door on my room was a bit strange - you could push it closed and it sounded as if it had shut properly, but actually the lock would sort of push the door back open unless you were very careful to shut it properly. So I went into my room, pushed the door then took my shoes off with my back to the door. I was wearing panties, a skirt and a short blouse. I took off the skirt and panties and dropped them on the floor, then turned round, totally naked from the waist down, to find that the door had swung wide open and that my new acquaintance was just walking past. I saw the look of surprise on his face and said "Oh my God, I'm sorry - this door doesn't shut properly!" and hurried to shut the door. He said "Oh don't worry. That's the nicest view I've had since last Christmas." I was highly embarrassed, but also rather flattered by what he said, as I suppose at my age we don't get that many compliments from our husbands.

    Anyway I didn't see him the next morning, but he was at dinner again, this time with another younger white man, whom he introduced as his brother. I went through my usual routine, of going to my room, and as I left I heard him say to his brother "I think I'll head off to bed in minute or two. I'm tired." I don't know what got into me to do this, as I've never really even looked at another man before, but I decided to give him another peep. I went into my room, took off my blouse and skirt, and just left my thong panties, bra and high heels on, then waited until I heard his footsteps coming along the corridor. Then I turned my back to the door, so it would look as though I hadn't noticed it was open, and pretended to busy myself with folding my skirt. This way as he passed he would have a great view of my really fine butt, and again it would look as though it was an accident.

    But that isn't what happened. This time he paused in the doorway, and said "Wow, another fine view." I pretended to gasp and whirled round as if I was surprised, but he came in and very tenderly took me in his arms and kissed my lips. I let it happen, thinking I could stop it at any time, but as his hands began to feel my breasts and ass and go into my thong to find my pussy I realised I didn't want to stop him. He took his shirt and shoes off, and the next thing I felt his very erect penis sticking out of his flies. He pushed me gently onto the bed, and after fingering me to the point where I almost came, he slid my thong aside and entered me. I tried to kick the door shut with my foot as I opened my legs, and thought that this time I had kicked it hard enough. Very soon I stopped thinking about it, as I came, and as he kept fucking me with long, slow but hard strokes I came again, only a few seconds before he did. I even realised that if he'd continued I'd have come a third time.

    Afterwards he kissed me and said "That was something else! You really are the greatest!" I laughed, and then to my horror noticed that in fact my kick had not shut the door, which was wide open. "For God's sake shut that damned door," I said and we got up and shut it. He said 'I'd better go back to my room, or my brother'll be wondering where I am. Maybe I could come back later?" I didn't want to sound like too much of a horny slut pushover so I just said 'Maybe." Anyway he did come back at about four in the morning. We had sex again, and it was great, and again I came twice. He told me the woman I'd seen him with in the supermarket is his wife, and they have no children, and the relationship has grown "a bit stale" was how he put it. He said he has a small farm about ten kilometres further out of the city from where I live, and gave me his number, and said "Maybe we can meet up again, but call me first." Then he went back to the room he shared with his brother.

    The next morning at breakfast he had left already, but his brother was there. He said "Hello", smiled, then said "I see you and my brother enjoyed yourselves last night." I said "What do you mean?" and he said "Well you did leave the door wide open you know, and the pair of you were very busy when I passed." I found this very embarrassing, and just said "I hope no-one else saw," and he said "I don't think so. I was the only one around at that time." Then he propositioned me himself - saying I was really attractive, and he wouldn't mind making love to me, as he put it. In order to hide my embarrassment I just said "Oh well, thanks I appreciate the offer, but I'd have to think about it." They both left that morning, and I was left thinking about what I'd done.

    So a few weeks went by, and my husband went away on a trip for few days. I'd been thinking about this man and the great sex we'd had, so I gave him a call on the first day my husband was away. He invited me to come over the next day in the morning at about nine o'clock, and I agreed. I found his farm which was quite small. He had cows on it, and a nice modern farmhouse. I went in and he kissed me very nicely as he had before, and we began to get down to business straight away in his living room. He told me his wife was away shopping, he'd told his maid to do some work at the far end of the garden, and he locked the door. I stripped down to my shoes, bras and panties and he stripped naked. I sucked his cock, and he pushed me on my back, then the next thing I heard was a key turning in the lock, and his brother came in.

    "What's he doing here?" I said. "Well, he watched us before and you didn't mind, plus you said you'd think about doing him too!" "I didn't know1" I said, but he just laughed and ripped my panties apart at the crotch, pushed me on my back on the floor and began r****g me. I say r**e, but after a while it began to feel enjoyable, and somehow the knowledge the brother was watching was even more exciting. I had orgasm after orgasm, and began squealing "Oh my God! Oh my God!" over and over again. Then he came inside me, and while this had been happening I saw the brother undressing - and he had a very big cock. The brother then lay down on his back on the floor beside us, and when his brother pulled out of me said "Come on, ride this," indicating his big cock which was now sticking up in the air. I got up, not really sure what to do, but the first guy pulled me over and said "Come on you can't leave him hanging!" so I straddled him and lowered myself onto that cock. It felt great, and I was moving myself up and down on it when the door opened again and a white woman in her thirties came in accompanied by a boy who looked about sixteen. "What the hell's this black bitch doing pumping up and down on my brother?" she said. I started getting up, but she started whacking me on the ass with a cane she was carrying. I thought she was angry at first, but realised she was saying "Come on, you can't just leave him hanging, get back on him and finish him off 0- and you'd better hope his wife doesn't come round," whacking my ass painfully with the cane the whole time. So I got back down on him, not seeing any real alternative and began pumping him again. She appeared with some scissors and cut the rags of my panties off me, saying "I don't think she needs these." Soon her brother grabbed both my buttocks with his hands and began banging me hard, and I felt him come inside me.

    I realised that this situation was now way out of control, and even more so when she said to the boy (who was her son) "How about you, would you like a go on her?" "Yes," he said. "Did you both fuck her?" she asked her brothers, and then said, "We'd better wash her out then." They pushed me into a bathroom and made me kneel in the bath while they attached some kind of tube apparatus to the taps, then made me bend forward while they stuck it up my vagina, and I felt cold water swilling me out. Then they brought me out to the living room again, and said 'She's all yours," to the boy, who promptly said 'I want to see her tits." "Take your bra off," said the woman, but I said "No." "Don't get bloody cheeky, you slut," said the woman, and she picked up the cane and gave it to the boy, who promptly began whacking me across the buttocks with it. In the meantime she approached me from behind with the scissors and cut my bra off me. "If he says he wants your tits, you let him have your tits," she said. "They're not very big," said the boy, as he began feeling them. Then they took me into a bedroom laid me on the bed, and pushed my legs back. The boy approached between my legs, and had a good look at my pussy, pushing the lips apart with his fingers, then feeling my breasts. Finally he got his cock out and said 'I don't want anyone watching," so the others left, after the woman said to me "Now you make sure you co-operate properly." I was too frightened to do anything else, and the boy mounted me and fucked me, rather painfully at first as the water had removed all my natural lubrication. However about halfway through he began to kiss me on the mouth, and I began to feel my body responding, and I actually came once before he finished. At the end he said "I think you can go now." I left the room, put my skirt and blouse on, and saw they were laying the table for some food. I wasn't sure if they were going to offer me anything, but the woman saw me looking and said "Are you still here?" so I left. Later I realised that they'd set it all up to humiliate me, but I can hardly tell my husband, I can't go to the police to complain about being r**ed, and I doubt if a pastor would understand, as I hardly understand it all myself.

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    Straight Female / 30

    In a few hours from now, my husband Ian will be driving down south to book into a hotel. He's playing golf tomorrow in a society game at a very well known course. It's their annual pilgrimage to the course and they'll be there until Sunday.
    As soon as he leaves I'm going to text Martin, one of our neighbours who lives across from us. Martin is fifty one years old and has a sexual appetite only a few can match. He's also got one hell of large cock which I've never seen anyone match.
    This past eighteen months whenever my husband leaves home or martin's wife goes shopping, we've been fucking. I know before anyone says it, I'm a cheating slut, but then you've not seen or felt martin's awesome cock fucking your pussy or arsehole.
    The daft thing is, it was my husband who introduced me to him, telling me he was a local legend with his supposed large cock. It took no more than a few days for me to find out, when he invited me over to his house. During one of the best ever times I've had sexually, martin fucked me for over three hours making me climax multiple times. With a cock I've measured recently at ten and half inches long by five and half inches around.
    If anything is stranger than Martin, a fifty one year old fucking a twenty nine year old married woman. It's Martin's wife, who knows he calls across to fuck me. She's apparently happy to let him get his wild oats sown away from their home, but also knows he fucks me when she's out spending his money.
    It suits both me and Martin, as my husband no longer gets my sexual fires burning. And even if he did, I'd still want Martin and his amazing cock. Which girl wouldn't ????????????

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    Straight Female / 22

    I am single and 22 and I only sleep with married men.

    I lost my virginity to a guy my age in highschool and it sucked. He was so bad at sex, it just hurt, and i got nothing from it. The next two guys were not much better they pretty much just drilled me and rolled off.

    Sexually frustrated and horny as as hell, I set out and targeted a 15 year older married trainer at my gym while a freshman at college. After watching Jay from my treadmill checkout his clients ass, and with total lust his fce, as she did squats, i knew he was not opposed to cheating. So i signed up with him right away. He was ogling me and finding instruction that let him get "handsie" in session one, and i wasted no time inviting him to coffee at the end of his shift but he decided to clock out early so his wife would not know. We never got coffee, we went straight a cheap motel, that he'd clearly been to before. Any guilt i had about him being married, went out the window fast when he started giving me cunnlings. Oh my fuck, soooo good, i did not think he'd ever come up for air! He loves being down there and I certainly did not have to beg him to eat me he want too from the start, he wanted me to orgasm as much as he wanted to cum. Making me orgasm was as important as getting off himself, it was the first time a guy treated me that way but it would not be the last. I was so turned on i straddled him and i rode him to several orgasms (a first for me!)

    That night when i got back to the dorm I made and oath to myself, that unless i was in love, i'd never fuck a single guy my age again until i was in my 30's and ready to settle down.

    I have to confess though it as been like a sick fetish thingie for me now. I seriously cant stop. I have been doing it 18 months and have slept with 13 married men! I am 22 and kind of "girl geeky", you know glasses, a tiny and bookish. I am thin and so young looking in the face, with very firm 34c cup boobs that look bigger then they are because of my small frame. And let me assure you i am on the hunt for more married men to suck into my hungry claws. Wives, I am not showing you any mercy, i know you, i have heard the pain and hurt of these men who are often staved for sex in sexless marriages. It not them, i have to thank, it is you, for making them weak and ready for me. When i walk into a coffee shop, mall, or even the grocery store, I stay in the background watching everything, i am looking for men with rings, who when they think no one is looking are gawking at women, trying to look down tops, and checking out backsides as women bend to gets stuff of the shelf. When i find them I pounce but honestly unless he is a first timer it is not hard at all because so many women leave there men dead inside but going to long without sex. Easy pickins!

    I do love the first timers, they are usually so nervous and scared of getting caught it amps up the excitement. i have show there where the discrete hotels are, teach to pay cash, or to get a credit card that wife does not know about to use at motels for future dates. I love the tortured look on their face because they never dreamed of doing this, or letting cat calls or checking out girls get that far for real, but i flat out offer and we both know all the guilt, postering, and indecision does not mean a thing, we are going to fuck each other brains out and he is never going to tell his wife, it is just how it goes, it's in their nature. I know what this makes me sound like, but i don't care, knowing a guy picked me to be unfaithful to his wife the first time makes my pussy soaked. It makes me feel so sexy, so desired, so irresistible. Of my 13 so far 4 were men i made unfaithful, and one had been married faithfully almost 18 years, he was so scared to death, it was delicious to take him like that. I think i kept him around the longest.

    Call me a slut, a whore, a homewrecker, i have heard it all, you know what? Fuck you, if you took care of your man, he'd not be out at Krogers checking out asses. If you don't put out enough or how he needs it, I'll find him...

    And oh, I promise, i am not the only one.

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