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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband has invited four of his friends around to watch the match. It's half time right now so they're all getting themselves more beer. One of his friends brought his nineteen year old son with him, Scott. Scott has learning difficulties, but as I've learned over the last two years, he's not behind the door when it comes to having sex.
    Discovering me bored (Football again) and playing with my clit two years ago in our bathroom, we've gone from me sucking his huge cock that day. To half an hour ago, as the men all got excited about over paid footballers kicking a bag of wind around a field, Scott was fucking me in our guest bedroom from behind, as we had a quickie (He hasn't cum yet, but he's driven me to two orgasms, so far).
    Scott's still very much a horny young man right now. So when the second half resumes, I'm going to take him into the woodland which borders our property, and I'm going to have him fuck me anyway he wishes.
    I've got to be the luckiest bitch alive, as my husband is dumb as fuck, and Scott has a massive nine inch cock, which the simplistic young man loves to pound up my pussy and arsehole as much as I can take.
    By the way, I couldn't give a flying fuck who wins the match lol.........

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    Straight Female / 45

    I have a bad attitude and need to be put in the corner with my naked ass showing. Then I need to go over a knee and be spanked.
    I have discussed my attitude with a friend and her husband spanks her for misbehaving and she said I need discipline in my life.
    Is there anyone in the Scottsdale Arizona area that can do this?

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    Straight Female / 46

    I cheated on my husband about a year ago. I was back in my home town for several weeks settling my dad's estate.

    The first morning I drove over to see my high school, told it had changed a lot I wanted to see for myself. I barely recognized the place, almost all the old buildings had been replaced. Seeing the football team on the field practicing I wandered over. Standing at the fence my fingers laced into the chain link it felt like old times for a second. Back when things were easier, I didn't have adult worries, I was only interested in getting good grades and boys, Not necessarily in that order.

    Hearing a car pull up I glanced over but didn't pay much attention, probably a parent picking up their kid. After a minute or 2 more I headed back to my car when I heard "Bump, is that you?" I recognized his voice immediately turning with fakes anger then a smile "David McMillan, don't you call me that." Walking over he was smiling from ear to ear and finished the old exchange "Would you rather I call you Damn, those tits go to 11? That's a real mouthful." I punched him in the arm then gave him a big hug.

    We exchanged pleasantries and caught up a little. Both of us married, both with a couple kids, he expressed his condolences. Practice let out while we talked, his son ran up, like a typical kid rolled his eyes and went to sit in the truck when his dad introduced me as his old friend. I told him I had to meet my dad's attorney but I was staying at my dad's house we should maybe get a drink. The rest of the day I put it out of my head, talked with the attorney, made arrangements for a large trash bin to be dropped off, grabbed some groceries.

    Back at dad's house I was sitting by the pool smoking a cigarette and sipping some wine when I heard the side gate creak opened. "Lisa!" I heard as David rounded the corner. I told him to pull up a chair and we started bull-shitting over old times.

    I went in and grabbed him a glass of wine and some snacks. When I came back out he was fully clothed on the diving board, shoulders hunched over, hands covering his crotch, pretending to be terrified "Hi, Mrs Harris, we're just swimming." He stammered out. I had to sit down I was laughing so hard remembering the day my mom caught a group of us skinny-dipping, David in much that position said something to that effect. We were 16 at the time. We talked into the evening.

    When we said goodbye he said he'd come over the next morning to help me move some of the big stuff to the garage for a sale I was planning for a couple weeks later. It went much the same for the rest of the weeks. David stopping by every couple days for an hour or so to help move big stuff as I got rooms cleared. We'd talk and laugh.

    With only a few items left I didn't expect him one evening. I had an early dinner and decided to soak in the hot tub, release some sore muscles. Laying back in the lounger, eyes closed, surrounded by warm bubbling water I was soon giving myself a little diddle under my bikini bottoms. I thought about my husband a some but soon focused on David. Imaging his hands on me, his lips trailing kisses down my neck, wrapping my legs around him to pull him deeper into me. I had a long powerful orgasm.

    When I opened my eyes he was standing there. I stared at him waiting, I expected him to laugh, tease, something. He looked at me seriously, took the last few steps to the hot tub and stepped in fully clothed. I was in his arms before I knew what happened. His mouth on mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth demanding I respond. I urgently pulled at his wet clothes popping one of his shirt buttons in my rush. He tore one of the string of my bikini bottoms loose fumbling to untie it.

    His pants around his knees, shirt on one arm, my bikini bottoms turn to the side he entered me. I wrapped my legs around him to keep us together in thee water and we fucked. There was nothing of love in it. It was pure animal sex, Me racking my nails across his back, him leaving fingerprint sized bruises on my ass cheeks from digging his fingers in so he'd have leverage to pound me harder and faster.

    I'm embarrassed to admit it but I didn't have a single thought for my husband, his wife or anyone else. I just wanted to cling onto him and never stop. I came a couple times before he stiffened and moaned the first words spoken "Oh God, Yes." as his cock throbbed inside of me and he came too.

    It took a while for either of us to speak again. We'd had moved into the house, put on bathrobes and were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. He broke the silence, "Lisa, I love my wife, I don't know why I did that." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. We talked. Neither of us want to break up our marriages, we both love our spouses. What we did was wrong but it felt so good. We both wanted more.

    We made a pact. We'd continue seeing each other for the remainder of my stay then walk away. For the next 3 weeks I saw him every couple days. He did things to me and with me I'd only ever read about. I was a complete whore for him on my knees sucking him off, on my back getting licked and fingered until I squirted, crouched at the edge of the bed my face buried in a pillow my hands clutching the sheets as he slowly but relentlessly worked his cock into my ass making me take it.

    Our last day together we finally made love. Slow and tender. Holding each other and looking into each others eyes. Saying Goodbye.

    I think my husband suspects something happened while I was away. I've been far more open to adventure, even suggesting some things myself. But he hasn't said anything, Maybe he's just happy with the new more adventurous me, I know I really like her.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I'm a bouncer at a nightclub and one of the guys at work lives with me. He's got a day job and both of our gfs pretty much live at the house with us. Monday night, we had our "work party" and went to a bar down the road after closing time. Locked the doors, cranked up some music, and had a good time. Bunch of people are getting trashed, playing games, etc. I'm shooting pool with my buddy who loves to gamble, so of course we make a bet that whoever loses has to get their girl to flash the winner. My girl is kinda dorky, but would have done it if I asked her to, but his gf is super conservative. No sex before marriage yadda yadda.

    I should mention that I hate this girl. I mean I hate her. She comes to club and sits there, open to close, always hanging out after we close, bitching about everything. They're always fighting in front of everyone and she treats my boy like shit.

    So I win the game and start teasing her about she's gotta pay up and she is toasted. She turns bright red, but pulls her shirt up to reveal these little bitty titties, but they are perky as hell. I really wasn't expecting to like them because she looks extremely flat chested normally. So it turned me on a little bit. My girl and I end up getting into an argument over some bullshit and she calls a friend to pick her up. The three of us stay out until we couldn't stay up anymore and my buddy had to be at his other job at noon. We had enough time to stop for breakfast and his gf passed out in the backseat while we ate.

    Get to the house and my buddy is trying to get her to walk, but she keeps collapsing, she is so drunk. At first I was laughing but then my neighbors were looking and I got really embarrassed. I kept telling him to get her inside and he was trying. Finally he was telling her that he had to leave and was going to leave her. I said I was just going to leave her there and started to walk inside, knowing I really wouldn't. That would just make things worse in the neighborhood. So I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder (she seriously weighs something like 85 pounds). He takes off, I get her inside and throw her on the bed, irritated. I start to walk out but thought I'd take advantage and get a real quick peek.

    I tried talking to her to check if she was awake but she didn't respond. Then I started having second thoughts, but as I got up to leave again, she moved a little and her shirt came up a tad. I didn't want to just lift her shirt up, but I figured I could talk her into doing it herself. So I was talking to her and asking her if she had fun, if she liked showing off for me, I didn't expect her to do it, etc. At some point she started mumbling responses and I playfully pinched her, calling her a tease. I asked if I could see again and she asked where her bf was. I told her he had left for work. She pulled her shirt up a little, hesitated and then pulled it all the way up. Her nips were bright pink and hard.

    I immediately leaned in to kiss her but she turned her head. So I moved quickly to suck on her nipple before she covered up. She put up zero resistance. Her fingers were running through my hair and she was moaning. I sucked on the other one, pulling her whole tit into my mouth and squeezing her other one. I tried to go for her belt, but she stopped me. Then I stood up and pulled my dick out, but she said loudly "No." She didn't even open her eyes. I didn't know if I should just go back to playing with her tits and be happy with that, so I stood there for a second with my zipper down. She opened her eyes and asked what I was doing. I said I don't know.

    She pushed my leg with her hand, but I didn't know if that meant leave or don't just stand there. I asked her if I could pull my cock out. She didn't say anything. So I did. I was hard, but not rock solid, ya know? she opened her eyes a little and looked. When she licked her lip, I thought I was going to get some head, but she pulled her shirt up more and told me I could look at her while I jerked off. I started to pull on it, getting harder. After a little while (started to get bored honestly) I straddled her, jerking off just above her stomach. She opened her eyes to watch and put her hand out for a touch. I let her jerk it a couple of times and asked her if she wanted me to cum. She didn't say anything and I was already there. So I came. All over her. I think she got hit in the face, definitely on her chest and shirt, and a LOT on her stomach. She was not happy.

    I got up and left the room, went to bed. That was yesterday morning. She didn't say a word all day. If they move out, I can' afford rent by myself. Little worried.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I must confess that I don't like what I have turned into. I'm like a wife to my husband and boss. I love my husband and enjoy living with him. When i spend more time with another man because of work I got attached to him. My husband is great with sex. He is big to the point of hurting me sometimes. Ladies wanting a big hung man don't know what they are asking for. My boss is self employed and needed a office worker with many talents. He is away often and needs someone to trust with phone calls and clerical work. He pays well. We started our fling one day I noticed he had an erection by his pants poking out. It embarrassed me and at the same time got my hormones going. He caught me staring and and said he needed some relief. I told him to lock the door and come over to my desk. That was his first blow job. I started blowing him mostly daily then he started fondling me. Then I was the one needed relief. I wore a skirt one day so it was easy for him to get me his first time. Sex with my boss is wonderful. He isn't as long and big as my husband so he can mash and pound me hard the way I like it. I'm sorry to say I probably had my bosses baby instead of my husband who usually pulls out to come or just wants a blowjob. I don't like myself at times but am sexually satisfied.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Stood with my fiance Andy in a queue at a well known theme park here in the UK last week, I felt a hand slip up my short skirt from behind. I knew it couldn't be Andy, as he was stood in front of me. I also knew with Andy's temper, if I told him or reacted badly, they'd be a fight.
    As we stepped forwards and then stood again, the person slid his or her (I didn't dare look round at first) back up my skirt, but carried on and slid their fingers inside my knickers. Moving a little I felt my pussy lips part then felt a finger slide inside my wet pussy.
    Andy turned his head at one point, to tell me we'd wait for the front seat. Which meant a much longer wait for the ride. However I was having a ride of my own and I was almost ready to orgasm. Luckily for the person and for me, the queue moved quicker than I first thought and we were soon on the ride. Afterwards I saw an older guy stood staring at me as we exited the ride, and he looked so handsome.
    It was about half an hour later again stood waiting, but this time we were near to a burger stall. Andy was hungry, but I didn't want anything, so I stood to the side close to a large bush. I noticed the guy walking over smiling and then standing close behind me. I should have walked away but I didn't, I stood there letting him take my hand and guide it behind me. Seconds later I had my right hand gripped around a very thick pulsating cock and I was getting so fucking horny.
    It was Andy returning that stopped me stroking the guys cock anymore, but Andy had noticed something. Asking me if I was okay, he looked straight at the man, then said to him "You want something fella". In a very husky voice, the guy replied "Nah mate, just trying relax after being on that ride earlier".
    We/I didn't see the guy again for a couple of hours, and by then Andy had had quite a few beers he'd snook in. Telling me he was going to the toilet, I said I'd take the opportunity to go myself. I'd literally only just entered when I had my hand grabbed, and I turned to see the older handsome guy from earlier. Smiling at me, he said "We aint got a lot of time, fancy a quickie". Again I know I shouldn't have done anything, but I found myself in a stall with him, my knickers torn off, my short skirt lifted up onto my back, and I was bending over the toilet seat about to take a huge cock up my pussy from behind.
    It was like a hurricane inside the small space as the guy thrust into me so hard and so quickly. And he didn't stop slamming into me even though I was moaning loudly. Reaching around in front of me, he began to rub on my clit and within seconds I was orgasming. Still shaking from my climax, he thrust into me one last time and I felt his cock let go up my pussy.
    Cleaned up and buzzing from such a wonderful fuck, I left the toilets before the guy did. Andy was sat on a bench lolling to one side as he fighting to stay awake. He didn't see the guy walk out of the ladies and he didn't see him pass me a piece of paper. A couple of girls gave me a knowing look, but no one said anything, and ten minutes later Andy and I were walking out of the park to our car. As Andy snored in the passenger seat on the way home, I pulled over, put the number into my phone and sent a text. The reply I got back was "When where and I do I get to have all of you". When I asked him replying "What more would you want", I got back "Your mouth and arsehole around my cock".
    Myself and Andy live only twenty minutes drive away from the area the guy lives in. Next weekend Andy's traveling with his brother to an away football game. I've already had a dirty two sided picture text conversation with Michael, the older man from the theme park. And next weekend he's booked us into a hotel close to a very select golf club. From our sexual conversation and seeing his gorgeous cock in the pictures he sent me, I'm guessing I'm going have the fucking of my life. And I cannot wait.

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    Straight Female / 31

    At the start of the month my husband Greg and I had a huge bust up. He accused me of cheating on him with a friend of his called Mark. It was at a party and Greg beat up his friend, even though Mark and I both knew nothing happened. I got a slap and woke up the following morning with a severely bruised face.
    As you can probably imagine I wasn't best pleased with being hit, but I was more angry about being accused of something I/we hadn't done.
    Four days after the party, Greg and three other friends went on a stag weekend in Wales. The moment he left, I text Mark and asked him how he was. He didn't reply for some time, but when he did, his response was "I'm fine now. Might as well have fucked you, given the beating I took".
    It was an angry reply, but I knew where he was coming from. And thinking about his response, I eventually text back "He's away all weekend, call by if you want to realise your text".
    There was no reply and I figured he was too angry or even too scared to answer. I was wrong.
    Just after ten that night, Mark knocked on the door. I'd not long had a shower and was only wearing my silky bath robe. No bra and knickers and I was still a little wet, so the robe showed all of my curves and breasts.
    I'd just about shut the door, when I was spun around and kissed forcefully. I responded and knew no matter what, I was going to feel Mark's cock inside of me.
    What's the saying, In for a penny, in for a pound. Having already been accused, and both of us beaten, we'd come to the same conclusion, we might as well have sex.
    It was the single best time I've ever had sexually. Mark's cock wasn't especially large, although it was slightly bigger than Greg's. It was how we had sex. We went from a loving very intimate sex, to all out rough anything goes fucking. And over a long sustained period of time. Greg if I'm lucky lasts twenty minutes, and once he's cum that's it. Mark however, with our mix of oral sex, long periods of kissing and sexual touching, plus fucking me in as many positions as I've ever had sex in, lasted for over an hour before he first came. Then once he'd fucked my mouth pussy and arsehole to three amazing orgasms, he went back down on me and began to lick out the cum he'd just pumped up my pussy. Making me climax again, he rose up and dominated me. For the next half an hour I was taken to new sexual heights, and was made to feel sluttish, depraved, horny as fuck, but over everything, loved and wanted. Mark finally ejaculated up my arsehole as I leaned over the arm of the sofa. Lay with him on the sofa, he thanked me for "Exercising our beatings". Throughout that night we carried on flushing away Greg's brutality by constantly kissing, caressing and fucking in an ever increasing understanding of each others needs. By the time we both fell asleep, I'd lost count of how many times I'd orgasmed, and my pussy and arsehole were throbbing with Marks wonderful ways of making me cum.
    At four in the morning, I was awoken by my phone ringing. It was Greg calling. He was drunk and telling me he was sorry he'd hit me, telling me how much he loved me. But just as he told me he loved me, Mark slipped his hard cock straight up my pussy as I lay on my side. The gasp that Greg heard, mistaking me as accepting his apology, was me feeling Marks cock bottom out deep inside my body. As my husband rambled on slurring his words, I eased backwards taking every inch of the cock of the man who my husband had so stupidly beaten up.
    With each word coming from my husband's mouth, Mark intensified his thrusts and I climaxed. The shrill moan that escaped my lips must of sounded like a sob, because Greg said "It's alright babe, I'll make it up to you". But I already knew he'd never be able to. And I also knew as I switched off my phone, I was going to give Mark everything of me.
    Mark and I had sex, then slept, then had sex again. We eventually emerged, showered together and had a very late breakfast. Before Mark left, he had me sprawled across our kitchen table naked. Not wanting anything in return, something that wouldn't happen with Greg, Mark so gently and so expertly tongued out my pussy, clit and arsehole. I'd orgasmed twice by the time he dressed to leave.
    Mark and I have met several times now. Each time the sex and our feelings grow together. There isn't any guilt or remorse concerning our affair, none whatsoever. If anything we've both concluded that we're with the wrong people, and to that aim we're both going to be very soon ending our respective relationships. My husband Greg made a huge mistake hitting me. Some women will pursue with violent partners, I won't and as soon as I get my finances in order, I'm going to be dumping a bully who thinks it fine to beat people up, just because he can.

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    Straight Male / 27

    I have been having an affair with a gal from my office for almost a year now. We are both married but our spouses are not satisfying our needs at home. It started over lunch one day with her making a remark about being grouchy because she wasn't getting enough. I told her I understood because my wife always seemed too tired for sex.

    The Christmas party rolled around and that's where it started. Both her husband and my wife didn't want to attend and they barely socialized with anyone. We met in the staff kitchen, she was wearing this dress and heels that I couldn't take my eyes off, I wasn't the only one to notice for sure. We couldn't blame it on the booze, neither of us had that much to drink. We just looked into each others eyes and knew there was something happening between us.

    The New Years Eve party is where we kissed for the first time. We were in the back office helping our co workers set up the bar. She gave me a nod and looked over at a door leading to another office. She left first and I followed a few minutes later.

    We kissed like it was a our last day on earth. By the time we pulled away, most of her lipstick was on my mouth and my cock was so hard it was visible through my dress slacks. We both went to the bathroom to get ourselves together. My lips were redish from her lipstick, I left the bathroom when my erection subsided.

    We met at a hotel a week later near our office after work. We fucked like animals for almost two hours, neither of us satisfied but we had to get home. Since that day we meet twice a month at the same hotel and fuck our brains out. If her husband or my wife is away, we try to see each other then as well.

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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband spent the best part of a year trying to convince me to have a threesome. When it happened last month, I simply threw myself into pleasuring both my husband and Connor, an older man my husband knows. It just so happens that Connor's cock is extremely large and most of my orgasms that night were whilst he was either fucking my pussy or ass. After the two hour long fuck fest, I'd completely changed my point of view on threesomes, but then so had my husband. Although he did admit he enjoyed the sex, he said that was it for him, his fantasy was fulfilled.
    However I had other thoughts on the matter. I challenged him to see if he'd enjoy a threesome again, maybe with a different guy, someone around his own six inches. But my husband was having none of it, calling me a slut for wanting to further my experiences.
    When he changed the computer password so I couldn't use it to look at porn relating to threesomes, so he said that's what I was using it for, that was the straw that broke the camels back. That same evening, I text Connor and asked him if he was doing anything the following afternoon. Booking time off work, and booking into a motel, I met Connor there. Without my husband being there freed me up to enjoy Connor's cock in a more debauched way. And we did just about everything I'd ever wanted to do with a large cocked man. Every orifice was well and truly fucked and I even deep throated his cock, a first for me. But it was the anal sex that really drove me wild with one orgasm after another. Connor fucked me in various positions making me climax in each, and then right at the ned of our time together, he fucked me in the shower, power fucking my asshole from behind making me orgasm so hard, he had to hold me up.
    And so it has been for five weeks now. Myself and Connor have had sex on several occasions, each time with the sex becoming ever more inventive. Connor is no spring chicken either at forty six, yet he's a better lover than my husband could ever wish to be.
    I'm going to ask my husband once again if his fantasy is truly fulfilled. If he says yes, then I'm going to make sure I'm living my sexual fantasies from now on without him.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My name is Suzie and for about a year now I have been sleeping with a married man named Jack. He made no mistake about the fact that he was married when we met at a club one town over, just flat out told me he was married and hadn't had any real sex in about six months at that point. He's married to Laura, a church-going PTA mom type. We're in a small town in the midwest, so you can imagine what our life is like out here - not much to do at all. This is his second marriage and he has a teenage daughter that Laura tries to play stepmom with and fails miserably. I couldn't be any different from his Stepford Wife; I have tattoos and piercings and a streak of pink in my black hair. I wear too much eye makeup and LOVE red lipstick and wicked boots.

    I have had a wild past, and was a stripper for a little while and used to do cocaine and orgies. I once told a guy that was fucking me to hit me, and he just about broke my nose and I bled everywhere. I came so hard that night. That guy left the little motel scratched up and bloody himself, still don't remember his name. I've had some therapy since all that, a little rehab. There were a lot of traumas in my past that I'm still dealing with today, but things are a lot better.

    Being with Jack is different from all that and I really like it. He brings a really sweet side out of me. Yes, we fucked in my car the first time we were together and I rode him like a mountain lioness in heat (I was). It wasn't that first night at the club, either, but nearly a month later after a long string of texts, Facebook messages, and a few "close calls." Something about pursuing him just turned me on, that this guy from the suburbs wanted to be with me. He compliments me, holds my hand, buys me gifts that aren't just drugs or alcohol or cheap lingerie and a box of rubbers. We cuddle, he doesn't hit me (except when he pounds my pussy), we seem like a normal couple. I guess it's nice, and barring Laura, pretty simple. I've seen his daughter at school, she's a dork just like he is, and it's adorable. Yeah, I've stalked out his daughter just out of curiosity. If it wasn't for Laura, maybe I could settle down here.

    I learned something really interesting recently, again, thanks to small town America. It turns out Little Laura is getting fucked by the treasurer at the church. A receptionist came by after hours to grab something she forgot and heard someone being moved by the Spirit of the Lord, if you get my meaning. She looked into the office in the back and saw it all. I've known the source of this info since high school so I'm pretty sure this is legit. It's kicked my lust for Jack into overdrive, thinking about telling him and ousting Laura. I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm really curious if it's worth it or if it will ruin what I have now. Such delicious gossip, right? I mean, do I want to play the little wife that badly? I'm really going back and forth on it.

    What do you guys think? Should I just be the homewrecker or the housewife?

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