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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 18

    One of my kinks is I really enjoy sexting and sending/receiving nudes, the problem is I have a girlfriend thatâs not into it so I usually sneakily add and seduce girls just so we can sext and snap nudes to each other. But it takes too long and Iâd rather add someone whoâs up for it straight away

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    Straight Female / 53

    I had sex with my 17 year old nephew by marriage when I was 35 years old. We were alone, I was horny and drinking, lowered inhibitions and I came on to him. I think I was his first. I've felt guilty ever since. I cheated on my husband with his brother's kid a double whammy of guilt and embarrassment every time I see him.

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    Straight Female / 44

    Iâm married to a great guy; we have a wonderful family, but I cheat. My job requires that I travel a few times a year and I almost always end up having anonymous sex with someone when Iâm away. Iâm careful, I always use protection. I know I shouldnât do it but I canât seem to stop. Itâs such a thrill to have sex with someone that Iâve just met and that I will probably never see again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 46

    My husband and I knew one of our partners fairly well for two years prior to the hookup and would occasionally do ecstasy with him. Raheem was the guy who got it for us and weâd hang out with him from time to time at our local bar where we met him. The other four guys were his buddies and we knew them casually from the bar but not well. They are all about 10 years younger than me. Typical single guys, good looking and in good shape but a little rowdy and full of themselves. Theyâd all been friends in high school and still hung out. Two of them worked in the same field as my husband (commercial real estate). I liked them enough but only knew them casually. My husband and I were at a resort in Rocky Point Mexico and Raheem and his buddies were there the same weekend. We ran into them at a club called the Reef and ended up hanging out with them all day, drinking dancing etc and arranged to get some E from Raheem to do that night. To give a little background, I had had a three-way with my boyfriend at the time and one of his friends in my early twenties. This was before I met and married my husband. When I told him about it while we were dating it became his favorite story and really turned him on, especially when weâd have sex. Iâd retell it sometimes (or make up a new version of it) when my husband and I were intimate and it would always lead to exciting sex and my husband realized he gets turned on by the thought of watching me with other guys. We would talk about finding one other guy sometimes but we never actually went through with it and kept it as a fantasy. At about 7 pm my husband was very drunk and suggested that with the Ecstasy it would be fun to invite Raheem over to our room and all hookup. After discussing it a bit we broached the idea with Raheem and he was all for it. The three of us snuck off to our room but by the time we got there, Raheem pretty much had to support my husband to get him to our room. He ended up getting sick and passing out completely before 8. Raheem went back to find his friends and I made sure my husband was alright and ended up thinking it was probably better that we didnât. Around 9:30 Raheem texted us to come party with him and his buddies in their room. I tried to wake up my husband but he was out cold and decided to go anyways. I took the E, freshened up a bit and headed over. They had a huge 3 bedroom suite and Iâd assumed that there would be a bunch of people partying there but it ended up just being Raheem and his friends.

    It all happened fast after that. We all stripped off our clothes and I started taking turns giving them head. They were pretty rough, which I love, and would grab my head and force it down to gag me a little and facefuck me for lack of a better word and then pass me to the next guy. I remember Raheem saying, âthis little slut likes it roughâ, and He and Craig and Jeff all started taking very dirty. The other two (Tim and Mark) were a little quieter. All of them had nice size packages but Craig and Tim were definitely bigger. Tim didnât last long and came in my mouth. From there they got me on the couch and then the floor and for the next 2 hours took turns fucking me every which way they wanted. I was on my back, flipped over doggy style, spit roasted, on top riding them, and then on my back again. I came five times and was in heaven. They all came in my mouth when they were ready (something I love) and Tim and Craig came twice. After that, we took a break for a while and started up again. I was Ex-ing so hard I let them do whatever they want. Tim fucked my ass first and then they all took a turn (which Iâve actually never done with my husband). One of them had brought some lube and I was soon enjoying the feeling. This culminated with Raheem and Craig DPing me. Its something I had never done and I had the single most intense orgasm I have ever had. If anyone was in the room next door they probably thought I was being murdered. Of course I was still going very hard on the E which I am sure added to it. It was a little after 2AM when everyone was totally spent. I was covered in cum and and a total mess so I cleaned up in their shower before heading back to my room where my poor husband was still sleeping.

    I felt so guilty the next day. My husband had no idea and of course, he still wanted to hang out and party with these guys the rest of the weekend so thatâs what we did. I was also really horny for my husband but I was sore. I told him I was on my period and he got a couple great blowjobs that weekend!

    I cheated on my husband with 5 guys and had the best sex Iâve ever had. I let them do things to me that he never has.
    Iâve never had an orgasm this strong. Guilt and wanting to do it again.

    Iâve hooked up with Raheem and Craig again a few times. I also gave Craig a BJ the next afternoon while my husband was at the pool.
    I would like to talk my husband into participating in something like this without him knowing what happened.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 46

    I am a petite Japanese woman just so you know what I kinda look like.This started 10 years ago. My two kids at the time were 17 (son) and 14 (daughter). This night my son had his best friend, who is white sleeping over. He did this alot. They usually just played videogames all night. But I guess my son had passed out early that night. I heard a wired noise down the hall so I decided to check it out. I found out it was coming from my daughter's room. The door was locked so I got the key and opened the door and was shocked to see my daughter getting fucked by my son's friend. I say out loud what the hell are you doing?! He panics and stands up so I can now see his impressive size cock. It was 8 or 9 inches at only 17. I told him to come with me and told my daughter to stay there and I would deal with her later. He was still naked as he followed me to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and locked the door. I look at this young boy standing there scared and naked. And all I can think is how horny I got seeing his big cock. I ask him " so you like fucking little asian girls huh?" He started stuttering saying he was sorry he wouldnt hurt her. I told him to shut up. Then asked if he ever been with an older asian woman. He nervously said no. I walked over and grabbed his limp dick which was still thick in my small hands. I felt him getting hard. I got down on my knees and said I bet my daughter doesn't do this for you and started sucking him off. He said she does but not like that and started moaning. I felt my pussy getting really wet as I rubbed myself while sucking him off. I got up and lead him to the bed and laid him down. I climbed on top and slid down on him feeling every inch go deep inside. Deeper than my husband has ever been. My husband dick isn't very big like 5 inches hard. He says I'm tighter than he thought as I started to ride him. I told him he is bigger than my husband. It wasnt long before he had me cumming like I never had before. I kept riding him until he blew his load inside me. I told him dont worry I had my tubes tied after having my daughter. As we laid there with his gun now dripping out of my pussy, I told him he can still fuck my daughter as long as he fucks me as well when my husband is out of town. He is now married to my daughter and he still fucks me as well. My daughter does know. But my son and husband don't.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    For our 10 year anniversary I decided that I was gong to surrose my husband with a boudoir photo shoot. I found a local photographer who had experience in this area and after meeting her I decided that I really wanted to do it. So the day of the photo shoot I showed up and got dressed in lingerie I had purchased specifically for this. I had on sexy black lace bra and panties with garters and stockings and high heels. The photo shoot went great and I got really comfortable and we ended up doing some pictures of me in just stockings and heels at the end. While I was posed nearly naked, her next appointment walked in and he was a big black bodybuilder who was getting pictures for his next competition. I got a little shy and covered up and he apologized and just asked the photographer where he could change. So we finished and I put back on my bra and panties and then covered with a robe.

    He came out shortly after and was wearing only a speedo. He was huge, must have been about 6â4â, very muscular and impressive. The photographer said I could hang out for a bit while she took some of his shots so I did. After she had some basic pictures she looked at me and asked if I wanted to be in a fun picture with him. I was nervous but agreed. She had me take off the robe and I went over to him in my lingerie and he picked me up and put me on his shoulder. She loved the look of the picture with me being a great contrast to his size (I am only 5â3â). So we did a few more in different positions. We were having fun and next thing I knew, I was topless and standing in front of him as he held my boobs. She kept saying how great the size difference made the pictures look.

    So after the pictures got a little more risky the photographer asked if we would do a wild one. She wanted him standing naked next to me in only my heels. I was nervous about it but agreed. So there we were, naked and she was taking pictures and I peeked over at him and saw that he was definitely huge everywhere. Next, we faced each other and she took another picture. I was just going with it at this point and she had me reach out and wrap my small hand around his huge cock. Thatâs when everything started to happen so quickly. I stroked him then got on my knees and started sucking him. I could get less than half of him in my mouth so I kept stroking. She had me pause and look at the camera for a picture of his dick in my mouth and hand stroking him with my wedding ring on display. He laid down and I climbed on top and pushed his dick into me. I started riding him and trying to get his whole dick inside me. Then we switched and I was on my back and he was pounding me, then he stood up and picked me up and kept fucking me. When he was about to cum she positioned us so that I was laying spread open and he was between my legs stroking. She placed my hand above my pussy and told me to slowly rub myself and close my eyes as he finished. A minute later I heard him moan and felt him shoot his cum all over my pussy and he kept cumming and shooting everywhere. When he was finished, I was drenched in cum between my legs. The photographer quickly got between my legs and started taking a ton of pictures. Thatâs when I realized that he has completely covered my wedding ring in cum.

    I was on a sexual high when I left the place but started to come down from it later and realize that I had cheated on my husband with a complete stranger. I went back to the photographer the following day to tell her I didnât want those extra pictures to exist. But after she showed them to me, I had to admit that they were really hot. She admitted that they were some of the best she had taken and that she had to masturbate after our photo shoot.

    About a week later, she called and told me the boudoir prints were done and I could come pick them up. As I was getting my pictures, the body builder showed up to get his. I could see the photographer kind of giggling to herself, so she must have set this up. I ended up walking back to my car in the parking lot, holding my gift for my husband of 10 years, with a pussy full of cum.

    I have never cheated before and didnât think that I would.
    It was so hot to have sexy with a bodybuilder type that had a huge muscular body and big dick.

    One of the pictures that I included in the set for my husband was of me topless from the waist up and smiling. He doesnât know but that was a picture of me on top of the guy with his dick all the way inside me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    A few weeks ago I met a guy on a train back from a short trip I was having with my husband. We got chatting and I ended up getting off two stops early to spend a whole afternoon of having the best sex of my life.
    It was so good I lost count of the amount of orgasms his lips, tongue and cock took me to. Not only did he spend lots of time giving me the best ever cunnilingus before he fucked me, but he also did the same after he'd cum all over my pussy and arsehole, twice. And as for the multiple positions he fucked my mouth, pussy and arsehole in, I'd not even thought some of them existed, let alone tried before.
    When I eventually got home, my husband was still driving back from our trip. He'd messaged me lots of times during my afternoon of sex, to say sorry for him arguing with me over sex. I'd so wanted to experience anal sex with him on our dirty weekend away, yet he thought and still does think, it's only sluts who like anal.
    I do feel guilty that I cheated on my husband. Yet I'm also confused by my feelings in regards to the man who seduced me. You see he was in his forties and not the usual type of man I'd go for. Even so, I have to say he's by far the best lover I've ever had, and he's contacted me recently saying he's free for a whole week soon. It just happens it coincides with my husband working away for three days and I'm so tempted to visit his home.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    They were two male teachers of African American descent. The first time we met was that night at a teacher conference. There were groups of teachers hanging out at a round table after the conference was over.

    Everyone in the group headed back to their respective rooms after a while. We were the last three people on the elevator. They invited me back to theirs for a nightcap. It was still early and so I accepted. I wasnât expecting anything except a nice, fun weekend away from the kids and hubby. There were no plans to hookup from either myself or them, I donât think.

    I made the drunken mistake of talking about the whole big black cock stereotypes. They offered to provide evidence. Both of them whipped out their cocks, they were huge and extremely thick too. I was shocked. I couldnât believe how big they were. I started giving them handjobs to begin. This led to blowjob on the one who was thinner and easier to blow. I tried oral on the other thicker one with little success. I was wearing a modest dress. The thicker one pulled my panties off while I was sucking his friend and he began fingering me. Soon I was naked, and the thinner one was eating me out to orgasm. When he stopped eating me out, he started having full intercourse with me, while the thicker one straddled my chest and I jerked him off onto my breasts. It was a huge load. While other was having sex with me, the thicker one recovered and I gave him oral and handjob. I made decision to straddle the thicker one and ride him later on. It took a lot of effort to accept his size. Unbeknownst to me, the thinner one found lube and wanted to penetrate my anus at same time. I hadnât done anal in maybe 10+ years. Both men were penetrating me simultaneously, and it was extremely satisfying. I had 2 more orgasms and both of them climaxed inside me. I didnât stay the night and left soon after.

    We met for breakfast in the hotel the next morning. I reminded them I was married and not to tell anyone. They didnât know my last name but knew where I taught. I felt very guilty; my husband adores me and treats me well. I donât think I want to hook up again, but the sex was best Iâve ever had. I even squirted which I didnât know I could do.

    I cheated on my husband with two male strangers at once. He is a great dad and husband and I feel terrible and slutty.

    The sex was absolutely incredible. Iâve never had so many orgasms during sex. The size of their penises were huge.
    I cheated and didnât even use protection. I did get tested though and was luckily still clean.

    I still feel guilty. I canât get the size of their penises and quality of sex out of my mind.

    I would like to confess to my husband as I think he might be okay with it. Heâs encouraged a threesome before, but with him participating.

    Wr iting this makes me feel better because I get to tell someone and get it off my chest.

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    Straight Female / 38

    Tommy was tall, about 6â0 height, and was buff but lean, like a basketball player. Tommy has blue eyes with black hair. I knew Tommy from my husbandâs workplace. The company my husband works for tends to throw holiday parties. I had never hooked up with Tommy beforehand.

    It all started when I went to pick up my husband from work. While I was waiting in the lobby, I overheard one of my husbandâs higher-ups was fired, which left a chance for someone to be promoted. I thought it could be a good chance for my husband to get the promotion, and I knew Tommy had a thing for me. I was able to talk Tommy into meeting late at night in his office when he was working overtime. My husband was aware what was going on; I just told him was going out with friends to catch a movie.

    Well, we started off talking about how my husband deserves a promotion, and eventually, I made my move. I walk towards him and sat on his lap then start to kiss him. At first, he kind of resisted, but soon he gave in. As we kissed, I felt his hand running down my back all way to my butt, and then he squeezed it. As he squeezed my butt, I started to kiss down his neck, undoing his collared shirt. He slid off my shirt then started to kiss my chest while he was undoing my bra and my fingertips ran though his hair. Once my bra came off, he started to put my breast in his mouth and started to suck on it while having his arms warp around me, holding me tight against him. I started to moan slightly as I felt him sucking on my nipple. After he was done on the first nipple, he started to work on the next one. Eventually, he put me on top his desk (after moving some stuff), and then pulled down my skirt and panties. He slid his tongue inside me and twirled it around. Then, he followed it up with rubbing against my clit with his thumb. As he ate me out, I was bitting down my lips trying to hold back the moaning. Next, he slowly put the tip of his dick inside me, as he began to thrust back and forth gently, slowly sliding more and more of his dick inside me while grabbing one of my breasts. He started to thrust faster and rough, and I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my arms around him. He lifted me up and put me up against the wall and fucked me in mid-air. He then laid me down on the ground. Once he got a good amount inside me, he started to lift one of my legs up as he thrust back and forth, faster and rougher. I could no longer hold back and started to moan. He grabbed my legs then pulled them up as he rammed his cock in as deeply as he could and started to cum inside me. Then, we switched positions on the ground, and I started to ride him. He held my waist as I slowly bounced up and down on him. When I started to go faster, I felt him slapping my ass. I kept riding him until we both came. Then, I got off his dick and started to lick the cum off it from top to bottom, like a lollipop. I licked his balls then started to suck on them as I rubbed my hands up and down his dick. I licked all way up to the tip, and once I reached the tip, I licked around it then started to suck on it. I moved my head up and down on his dick and slid more and more in my mouth. I massaged his balls as I sucked him off until he came in my mouth.

    In the end, I got what I wanted, which was my husband getting his promotion. My feelings really didnât change since it was a one-time thing.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 43

    After a near death accident around 5 year's ago , my husband has changed. He has become overly religious and act's like sex is the devil. I feel obligated to stay with him because he's partially handicapped and needs help with certain things. With that being said , he is still more than able to have sex but just refuses to do it most of the time. Approximately a year after his accident a year with out sex for me , I simply could not take it any longer. I began lying about my whereabouts when I would sneak off to find random men to fool around with. I am writing this now because I have what I believe is become addicted to sex with strange men. I keep sexy revealing clothes hidden out side of the house at different locations. I go to bars, parks,the mall and many other places to partially expose myself to strangers. In the last year and a half I haven't turned down one single man's advances on me. I constantly think of new and exciting ways to make a man hit on me. I have no restrictions to speak of , when it comes to age, weight color or sexual possition. The other reason I'm writing this is because lately my husband has been wanting sex at night and has been trying to please me with oral sex. I lay there and think about the men I have been with while he is trying to become the husband he should have been all along.

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