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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I got married young, and took classes at a local college in the evenings. The campus layout here is several building throughout the middle of downtown. Theres several parking garages all throughout.

    We had been warned for a few weeks about some guy that liked to expose himself in the garages to girls going to their cars. I didn't think anything of it, till I ran in to him.

    He was much older, skinny and had kinda gray scraggly hair and a beard. He exposed himself and I don't know what went through my head. Nothing, to be honest. I just looked at him. I wasn't scared or disgusted or anything. Then, I went over to him. He just stood there. Never said a word.

    I touched his cock, stroked it, and he got very very hard. I remember his cock very well to this day. He wasn't huge or anything, but had a wonderful upwards curve and a thick, wide head. I got on my knees and started sucking this strange old mans cock right there.

    After a few minutes, there was some noises. Other people I guess coming to that area of the parking deck. I took his hand and led him to my car, a smallish suv. I opened the back door and gestured for him to get in. He did, I followed.

    Once more, with no thought at all about just what the hell was going through my head, I straddled him. I was wearing a sun dress, white and yellow. I unbuttoned it completely, slid my panties to the side and slid him inside me. That wonderful curve and thick head hit just right and it felt amazing. I rode him hard, he still never made a sound. He did squeeze and suck my breasts though. I came several times in quick succession, and he came inside me. I remember afterwards sitting there on his cock, leaning against him and saying something like 'Fuck that was great' and still he never said a word. Just looked at me.

    Once the coast was clear, I ushered him out the car and fixed my dress then drove home to my husband.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I am a 32 year old guy. I just bought my first house. After I bought my house all of a sudden Cheryl, she has been my on and off again girlfriend for years decided she wants to move in and she is going to make the place homey. At a party the other night she talked with some of her friends that she is totally ready to start a family.

    We aren't married, she is more a friend of mine, when we were real young in high school we had the hots big time and we both had sex with each other for the first time. I have had many, some not so nice and others much nicer girls but she has always been around, she even makes excuses for me having sex with these other girls telling me she is the steady one, always there for me, go smell the other flowers in the garden but I already picked her. If I have sex with the other girl she kicks her out and I sleep with her, she is the girl that is going to be there in the morning. I know that she has never had sex with anyone else. I am just not ready to settle down to one girl, I can even see myself giving her the kids she wants but I am not sure that I can give up the game to settle down.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 55

    My husband and I got married after graduating high school. We had had unprotected sex for 8 months and I still hadnât gotten pregnant. I decided to get a job. I got a job at a supply business. Most of the day it was myself and another worker sorting orders to be delivered. My coworker was a big flirt. I finally got weak and let him start having sex with me. We had many opportunities during the day to have sex. We had sex two times a day many times. The first few times I told him to pull out and climax on my stomach which he did. I would have big orgasms with my coworker like I never had with my husband. I finally let him start climaxing inside me. I got pregnant. Iâm sure he fathered my daughter because he had 3 daughters with his wife. I worked up to birth then I was a stay at home mom. I had two sons by my husband. I really had issues to overcome, but I never cheated on my husband other than when I worked. The sex with my coworker was super but I really love my husband so it wasnât respectful to him. For years I believe if my former coworker would have wanted me I would have gave sex to him. I now am strong enough to control my hormones.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    My husband and I grew up very religious. I've out grown it, he has gotten more invested. We were virgins when we married. Were still virgins 8 months later. Our minister had to talk him into consummating the marriage because he believes that sexual intercourse is r**e. He believes all sexual pleasure is a sin. He believes that touching my breasts, that oral sex and penetrative sex are all too kinky. He likes to dry hump fully clothed until he cums after which he prays for forgiveness.

    I never felt that sex itself was a sin. i believed that sex outside of marriage was a sin. I hated that I had desires that were so tough to control. I would masturbate to orgasm and would think I was damned for enjoying it. Then I got married and looked forward to sex and after 8 years I've had actual sex five times. This resulted in two children. Since penetrative sex is r**e and too kinky it's only for procreation.

    I met a woman at work who thought I was insane. After a lot of conversations about her sex life, I tried to get my husband to loosen up. Didn't work. He thought I was under Satan's influence. My sexual frustration was effective my entire life. My friend and I went out. She knew a couple guys who met up with us. It was a set up. One of the guys paid me a lot of attention. We went to my friend's place. The man kissed me, touched me. I resisted but his hands and passion. My friends kept encouraging me and insisting I just touch him or let him touch me. It was too much.

    He suckled my breasts, used his fingers between my legs, alcohol lowered my resistance and he gave me oral sex. My god. Then, he gave me sex. I could never go back to what I had before. Two years later, I've been having sex with other men whenever I can manage it. I know it's a sin but I've improved my work life to where I think I can support myself with child support and I'm filing for divorce soon. I can't live with him and his nonsense anymore.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    He calls me his little slut... I just about have an orgasm every time I see those word on my messages. I knew him when I was a teen, I'm in my latest 20's now and married.. But not to him. My husband and I are usually very adventurous, sexually.. But not like this. My husband doesn't know anything of this. He knows I'm talking to this old friend and has made me send him nudes but what he doesn't know is that I talk to him a lot more.. I love my husband, mind you. And I love our life together. But there's something about this that gives you a rush of adrenaline like never before.
    This friend is not in the same country anymore, moved abroad before we ever really knew each other. He was dating someone I knew and that was about it...
    A couple of days ago, we started messaging. He was tired of his vanilla sex and me, I was just tired of the same monotonous routine. Although I love my husband very much, he's been getting very frustrated with everything lately and more than ever, I always seem to be the scapegoat... I've missed that connection.. The intimacy.. It's now just wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am.. Then he goes and sits in his den and drinks till he has to pass out... I don't know what it is, I did everything and anything (still do) to please him. Maybe he's bored of me?
    Anyway, back to the confession.. So this friend of mine, he listens, asks me about my day and just when I least expect it, tells me a good pounding.. I've missed that, you see. Then he goes on to tell me what he wants to do to me... How he wants to eat me, Fuck me ...ugghhh I get so horny.. Then yesterday, he says, "goodnight, my little slut". I almost squirted my pants! Has anyone felt this way. Shut I feel so guilty but so good!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I cheated on my husband. Not physically but through texts. Our sex life had been dwindling down for the past year or so and I think both of us were just really miserable and instead of talking to each other about it, I shut him out. We're very kinky, otherwise. We've had threesomes, mmf, mmmf, we've experimented with all sorts... I've had snow blown up my assignment and then have a guy ducks me in the ads while I was deepthroating my husband, I've blown his cousin while he fucked me... That kinda thing...
    So anyway, I connected with an old friend and one thing led to another and we were sending each other and sending nudes. My husband found out and was angry, hurt, the works... I can't blame him. Then came yesterday, I was still feeling so guilty. He came home drunk and tells me to give him a blowjob. The best one I've ever given. I did and we fucked for hours. He then made me take a nude and send it to the friend I was texting... And from now on, I'm under his command. When he tells me to suck, who to suck, I do it. Not just because of the guilt. I love it. I'm a slut. I need the cocks. This friend is coming to town in a few months and I've been instructed that when he does, I am to go meet him, blow him, let him fucking me like the little who're that I am...
    Is this the beginning of a new life?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 43

    First, while I love my husband dearly, he just does not do it for me sexually, so I cheat. I cheat frequently and aggressively, despite my religious beliefs and church involvement. I need other men in my life, and I go with both black and white men, equal opportunity. I am very discreet and my husband never knows anything about my affairs or flings, and I cause him no embarrassment. None. Second, because I'm black and he's white, the risk of a "surprise" mixed-race baby is non-existent. As a result, once I get to know my partners and their histories, and once we get tested together and prove that we're both clean, I let them ride me bareback. In fact, I demand that. I demand it because I love the feeling of real meat and real cream, and because I love being pregnant. I've had six children and although they have all been born during my marriage to my white husband and his name appears as "father" on all the birth certificates, only one of the six is actually his biological child. The other five were fathered by five different men, three black and two white. My husband often marvels at how different our children all are (especially the one who is sooooo dark, even darker than me), even though three of them do bear some resemblance to me. None of them look like my husband, not even the one that is his biological child. The reason I raise this, however, is statistical. All six of my children are considered legitimate, but five of them are in reality illegitimate. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only woman in this position: I have three black female friends who have done similar things, though not to the same degree. Thus, the statistics are misleading. There are more bastards (I know that word is used pejoratively, but I truly, truly LOVE the word) in the world than anybody knows.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I'm a cheater. There's no other word it. I've hurt my husband and family. When my children grow up, they will find out about it. And it will hurt them too. I was only thinking about myself when I did it. I told myself I was lonely, that my husband was too busy for me and when we were together we were always busy on our phones or too drunk. That was a fucking lie I told myself to sleep better at night. Truth is, I fucked up. I got lazy and cold. So I started making excuse sto sit somewhere else and drink... Not to cheat, that was never my intention at first. Then one day, this old acquaintance hits me up and we started chatting about life and whatnot. And from there on, one thing led to another... We'd never meet, just messages.. Then my husband found out. He's hurt, angry. I broke him.. And I just wish I could rewind back time and not have been so fucking selfish...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    Over the summer, I had to go to this week long training seminar. It wasn't just the place I work for, but several other similar business involved. Hundreds of people, most totally unknown.

    It was long days of boredom. Listening, watching presentations, trying to stay awake.

    On the second day, a group decided to go out drinking after class. I was invited. Several drinks later, most of us ended up back in someone room. There was more drinking. We started playing some sexy games. Started with strip poker. Progressed to some sort of truth or dare/spin the bottle type hybrid. I don't remember a lot of the finer points there.

    I do remember that night, only one other girl stayed as things heated up. I remember saying I was married several times, and I wasn't going to have sex with anyone. I do remember getting down to just my panties. Kissing, and being touched and well...heavy making out with several guys. I was fingered while watching the other girl have sex with two guys.

    After a very blurry several hours, I remember being convinced to get on my knees and letting several guys cum all over me. My face, chest, just all over.

    When I woke up the next morning, I was on the floor just inside the door of my room, still in just my panties. I don't remember getting there. Awful headache and I was a mess. I was late to the session that morning cause of having to shower and scrub to get all the dried cum off of me and out of my hair...and masturbate thinking of what I had done.

    That night I was invited again. This time was a bit smaller, more intimate. No going out either, this was straight to the room. Was a different room than the night before, but at least two of the guys were the same. The girl from the previous night was also there, and some other girl.

    It wasn't long before the sexy games started up again, but quickly petered out that time. The third girl decided to leave after doing very little. The other one was riding some guy on the chair already, and that left me with four men.

    I made out with all of them. Kissing, licking, groping, rubbing, fingering, was intense. I ended up on the bed, surrounded by them. One moved to pull my panties away and I reminded them i am married and no fucking. No sooner had I said that, than the one kneeling next to me grabbed my hair, turned me towards him and shoves his cock down my throat. I ended up sucking and stroking them all off. I hadn't intended to let things go that far either but they had.

    The next day, I ended up spending my lunch break sucking off one of the guys too. That night...back to party central. I hesitated less that time, and had the first guy in my mouth in like half an hour after getting there. I was in just my panties again in no time. I use my hands, my mouth, my breasts to pleasure several men. Loving every moment of it.

    Once more, laying back on the bed with men around me as I pleasured them. Someone went to remove my panties again. I reminded them...for the thousandth fucking. He said he wasn't, just figured I deserved some pleasure too. So I let him. He fingered me and went down on me. His tongue hitting my oh so sensitive clit, and his fingers curling to just the right spot inside me. I came in moments, and it was body shaking.

    I barely registered through my orgasmic haze that he was on top of me. That his bare cock was pressing against my soaking wet pussy...and then sliding inside me. My eyes went wide in shock and I looked at him, he had this shit eating asshole half grin on his face. I called him an asshole. Then told him to fuck me. It wasn't long before he was cumming inside me, and I was orgasming all over his thick cock.

    When he got off of me, another man climbed on top of me and fucked me too. I let him. At this point...what difference did it make? So I cheated...again...twice in one night. He fucked me with long slow strokes. He was older, with a graying beard and knew what he was doing. Varying his tempo, sliding out of me then thrusting back in...I came again...and again. He went to pull out when his own orgasms started and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper inside me.

    Fifth and final night. I was of course asked to join the party again. I didn't answer right off. Instead, I went to my room after class. Stared at myself in the mirror. Drank from the mini bar. After a lengthy debate with myself I said...fuck it. I went.

    This time, I didn't play any games. I didn't bother. I was already half drunk and knew what I was there for anyway. I walked in the door, dropped my dress, bra and panties and was straddling the nearest guy on the couch. Kissing him hard, feeling his hands all over me. I undid his trousers and pulled his cock out and straight in to my cheating pussy with no discussion. After he came in me, I was moved to the bed. I was gangbanged for the first time ever. It lasted for hours. Men inside me, men in my mouth. I came more times than I ever imagined possible. When I made it to my room after midnight, my legs were shaky. I hadn't put any clothes back on. I had cum running down my legs, coating my face, chest, and hair. I fell in to a deep, happy slumber.

    Then...I came back home to normal. Boring. Sigh.

    I also volunteered for the next trip eagerly.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    As my husband went on his annual Christmas eve golfing event this morning, I text Jay one of our neighbors. He might only be seventeen, but he has an eight and half inch cock and definitely knows how to use it. These past couple of months though, I've introduced the young man to cunnilingus and he's a natural. Last week with my husband at work, Jay went down on me for over an hour, tonguing my pussy and asshole before thrusting his cock up both my holes. I'd orgasmed countless times with him licking and sucking on my clitty, by the time he rammed his cock into my pussy. Today will be no exception as my husband tee's off. Only I'm going to face sit Jay when he calls by soon, and see how he handles it. I cannot wait.

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