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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    When I was younger I was a vengeful girl. If a guy mistreated me, I would get revenge on him any way I could. After several years in a relationship with Julian, I thought I had left that side of me behind. Until our wedding night. Julian got absolutely wasted at the wedding. I have seen him pretty drunk before but this was a whole new level.

    He was also increasingly rude to everyone as he drank more. Finally we had all had enough from him and three of his groomsmen, Ben, Tom, and Eric, offered to help get him home. The entire way home I couldn't help but think about how he had ruined our wedding reception and the more I thought about it the angrier I became.

    I resolved to get my revenge. I knew it wouldn't be hard either. All of his friends had each admitted to wanting to fuck me and some of them would flirt with me any chance they had. Tonight three of them would get that chance they wanted.

    We got to the house and they carried Julian to the bedroom. He was beyond passed out. I seized my moment very aggressively.

    As the groomsmen gathered by the door, about to leave, I said "Thank you guys so much. But I do still have one problem." Ben asked what the problem was. I said, "Since my new husband is unable to perform his duties, I need someone to fuck me." I gave my sexiest expression on my face.

    They all stared at me for a moment. I had caught them off guard. Then they looked at each other and I saw the mutual agreement flash between their eyes.

    A moment later and they were standing around me, groping me and rubbing my body. Over the next couple of hours, the three of them had me in every hole, after a while we took my wedding dress off and used it as a cover on the couch. When it was all finished, each man took a turn cumming on my face and chest. Some cum got on my dress and I didn't care.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    Because of my husbands job, he often works away for weeks at a time. When we first married it wasn't a problem, that's because when he was at home, we'd be having sex sometimes twice, even three times a day. Then as he got older (He's 48 now) his libido diminished, but mine stayed the same, if not getting a little stronger.
    I found myself masturbating more often and even bought myself a couple of dildo's to entertain myself. But I missed the real thing desperately. Talking to him about my needs, my husband told me I should be happy with my lot, and to just accept I'd not be having anywhere near as much sex as we used to have.
    Those conversations took place around a year ago. A few weeks after our last chat on the matter, he took a flight to another work destination, which I knew would be for about week. At the same time our neighbors were having work done to their home. They'd moved out whilst the work was being done and I began to notice lots of builders, plumbers and electricians at their home.
    Feeling very horny on the second day my husband flew out, I was about to take myself into the shower with a dildo to fuck my pussy and asshole. However I saw one of the builders working out back next door, and decided to have some fun. Sitting on one of the kitchen work tops naked, I opened my legs and slid the cold hard dildo straight up my aching pussy. It took a few minutes, but eventually the builder noticed me and stopped what he was doing. Making out I hadn't seen him I really began to fuck myself, all the while keeping a sly eye on him.
    He'd moved over to our fence and from where he stood, about ten feet away, he had a clear view of everything I was doing to myself. Turning myself over, I slid the dildo out of my pussy and using my pussy juices, slid it right up my asshole.
    Fucking myself this way for about a minute, I suddenly turned my head and pretended to be startled by him watching me.
    That was going to be it. I was going to take myself off to the shower and finish off a fantastically erotic start to my sexual day.
    What changed things, was noticing he'd taken out his cock and was slowly stroking it. Instead of taking a shower, I walked over naked, opened our patio doors and invited him in. On the same work top where I just fucked myself, I had a complete stranger licking out my pussy and ass, as I spread my legs wide for him.
    It was so spontaneous I found myself orgasming right away, and kept on cumming as he continued to eat out my love holes. It was he who dragged me down onto the floor and had me lean up against the work top. Getting in behind me and not even bothering to find out if I wanted him to wear a condom, he entered my pussy from behind. His cock wasn't that big, but it was the real thing and being so, I climaxed again.
    Reaching around my body, he took hold of my medium sized breasts and began to grunt loudly as his cock pounded into me. I knew he was close to cumming but I wanted his cock up my ass first. Telling him to fuck my ass, he kept one hand on my left breast, and used the other to guide his cock up my tight asshole. The feeling of his dick sliding up my asshole and his hand squeezing my left breast brought me to yet another orgasm. Only when I came like I always do, my muscles contract and that sent him over the edge. Thrusting into my ass hard, he came deep inside me as I was still cumming.
    Pulig out of my ass, we spoke together for the first time. He told me his name, Mike and I told him mine. Telling me I was one horny little bitch, he asked me if I enjoy fucking strangers. Smiling at him, I told him he was my first. I also asked him if he was around the following day, maybe he could have a little more time to enjoy my body.
    The following day and for four days afterwards, he did enjoy my body, my mouth, pussy and asshole. The sex was never long as he just didn't last that long. So with him cumming up my asshole for the last time before his work was done next door, I decided from then on, when my husband was away I'd try and find guys who'd want to have what I now call my "Quick fucks".
    I don't want men who are after long term relationships and I don't want the bother of having them around all day. No for me, it's just fine to have a guy, usually older, visit me for sex. Have me suck on their cocks, then have them fuck my pussy and asshole until I and them orgasm.
    In the twelve months I've been inviting men into our home for a "Quickie" I've now had sex with eight different men. Some have become regular fucks, but others are married men looking for a slut to satisfy their needs. On the days these men visit our home, that's precisely what I become. A slut who'll do anything to get off and to enjoy men who only want one thing, a real life bored housewife who adores cock.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I had my bachelorette party in Aruba. Three of my friends went and we had a really good time drinking and hanging out on the beach. It was actually pretty tame until the last night when we went out and me and the maid of honor went back to the hotel of two black guys we met at the bar.

    Things got pretty nasty when we got to their room. They ended up stripping for us and both had really really big cocks. My maid of honor is single and wasted no time sucking her mans dick until he was rock hard. The guy stripping for me watched her suck his friend for a bit before he went down on me and ate out my pussy. He got me so wet and horny that after he made me cum I sucked his dick hard. He then proceeded to pick me up and slam me into the wall as he shoved his huge cock into me. I scream in pain at first but then started to really feel the pleasure as he pounded me hard. I had my legs wrapped around his ass and hands around his neck as he drove his cock into me over and over. I came twice as he fucked me standing up and at one point looked over and saw my maid of honor getting fucked from behind and she was really cumming loudly.

    I then told him I wanted to ride his dick and bounced on his cock while my maid of honor rode her man. Both of us came again and then finished them off in our mouths. It was definitely a hell of a night to remember

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    My husband and I went to a Halloween party at my friend's house and I ended up cheating on him. I went as a naughty nurse, the typical outfit alot of women wear and was getting alot of male attention. There was one really sexy younger guy dressed as Tarzan and he took a liking to me.

    My husband as usual drank too much and passed out on the couch. I went out to the bonfire with the Tarzan guy where we got high. I was sitting on his lap and could feel his cock getting hard through the little loin cloth he was wearing and started to grind my ass into his lap to let him know I liked it. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to go inside and after checking on my husband to see that he was still out we went up to one of the spare bedrooms.

    We started making out and I pretty much ripped off his loin cloth to expose his huge dick. I kissed my way down his chiseled chest and abs and then inhaled his cock deep down my throat. I do not have a gag reflex and he told me I sucked dick better than any girl he has been with.

    Once he was nice and hard I got up and pulled up my little skirt to show him my ass and then got on all fours on the bed and wiggled my ass at him to come and take me. He wasted no time and moved my thong to the side to plunge his cock balls deep into my pussy. God he felt fucking amazing and started to move in and out of me hard and fast. This was a straight up deep dick fucking and I needed it bad. He pulled my hair and smacked my ass real hard as I egged him on to fuck me hard.

    He then flipped me over and entered my pussy missionary. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on to his tight, muscular ass as he pounded me into the bed. I had two huge orgasms before he told me he needed to cum and I told him to cum in my pussy. I am on birth control and I find it so hot when a guy cums in me raw. His whole body spasmed and his tight ass clenched as he shot what seemed like 6 or 7 huge spurts inside of me.

    After we fucked I found out he was only 19 years old but he definitely could fuck like a man. I felt a little guilty after being 35 but it was the hottest sex I have ever had.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Andy and I met through a third person. We'd both advertised on a well known website for sexual contacts. Andy's ad read "Looking for older slut, to fuck when I want and in any hole I want, see picture for size of cock. Only fit dirty women reply".
    My ad read "Looking for younger well endowed man, who knows how to use his cock. Not looking for vanilla sex, only for guys who want rough hard horny sex".
    It was an older guy looking through the ads for tittilation who contacted me, telling me to check Andy's add.
    Sending Andy a message, we agreed to meet at a cafe we both knew the following day. In my husbands car (Mine was being serviced) I sucked Andy off in a multi story car park, and knew there and then we'd make a wonderful sexual duo.
    His cock is as big as he'd described and shown in the picture (Almost nine and half inches) And over this last year and a half, he's definitely shown me he's one dirty horny fucker, who adores nothing more than to screw me hard in all my holes.
    We never have more than an hour together and it's mostly at my home. He arrives two to three times a week on his motor bike. I strip naked for him, or am wearing something he wants me to wear, and then I suck his huge cock until he's ready to fuck me. It's never just normally the one of two positions we fuck in, and it's never the same room either. The sex is hard from the start and he dominates all my holes, until he's fully satisfied with screwing me the way he wants, teeling me to hold off from cumming.
    Only then when he's cum, does he eat out my pussy and arsehole, making me orgasm in a series of amazingly good climaxes.
    More recently though, he's been using a dildo he had me buy, to fuck my pussy as he screws my arse. I can't control the orgasms then, and cum from his pounding every time.
    Also during this last summer we've been having sex outdoors at a well known massive country park close to my home. I drive us there and we take a walk to find a spot for him to set up his camera. When we're happy we're alone, we have such a great time fucking one another with not a shred of clothing on. Andy films us fucking and sends me the copies when he's edited them. So far I have nine copies of the sex we've had.
    Obviously my husband has no idea I'm cheating on him with a much younger man. But then if he could fuck me the way I wanted in the first place, I wouldn't be having Andy screw me whenever, wherever and however he wants.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 47

    I fucked a hooker from the strip club a few towns over she was 19 blonde and everything was so tight perky what had to be C cups a flat tummy and a firm spankable ass. god it was good and no limits what so ever cum where ever I want she sucked me kissed me after I went down on her even let me eat her ass. Everything my wife hates and refuses to do she makes me wear a condom the thought of cum makes her sick this girl though loved it and even talked dirty the whole time. I just have to figure out a way to hide the missing money from my wife its $500 a night and I know Ill be going back to her a lot

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    You tell me what you'd do in my situation ?...
    Having been to a party with some people we'd not long met in northern Scotland, My husband had gotten himself extremely drunk on whisky. Driving back the twenty or so miles to the cottage we were staying in, the car broke down. I'd taken a so called short cut which had sent us off the usual main road, so in all honesty I was lost. Lost with a unconscious very drunk husband with a car that wouldn't work and it was dark.
    Getting no reception on my phone and seeing no lights anywhere near to us, I was beginning to get a little scared. Then like a scene from a movie, head lights appeared across the valley from us heading in our direction. After about ten minutes the headlights shone bright on our car as the vehicle approached. Not being able to see who it was, I got out of the car and was delighted to see a guy in his mid fifties. And his truck looked like it had a towing bar on it.
    He walked over, asked me if were ok and listened as I told him my predicament. As calm as you like in a very clear Almost accent he said "I can tow you back to the garage I own, or your hotel, but first you'll have to put out for me". Not quite understanding what he meant I asked him. He replied "If you want to move tonight, you'll have to suck my dick and let me fuck you".
    I told the guy to fuck off, and he immediately turned around and was about to walk away. Still facing away, he said "It's the festival weekend love, no one will be passing this way until at least Monday". It was Friday night, and even if I waited until the following morning for my husband to come round, we'd have to walk the twenty something miles to our cottage to get help.
    As he was about to get into his truck, I told him to stop. Walking back to me he opened his trousers and flopped out the largest fattest cock I'd ever seen in the flesh. Not trying to think at all, I squatted down onto my haunches and opened my mouth.
    He might have been a stranger, and we might have got to wrong footing, but no sooner than I'd started to suck on his cock, I got incredibly turned on. In my mind I told myself "This is a free fuck". No one would ever know and we'd be back to our cottage before my husband got anywhere near waking up. So with renewed vigour and a sense of now wanting this guys cock, I started to suck it in as far as I could. He might have been in his mid fifties I'd guess, but his dick became ultra hard and very big. And soon I was enjoying sucking on it as much as he was having me give him a blow job.
    Taking hold of my hair, he began to fuck my mouth harder and faster and I thought he going to cum, but he didn't, he just got more and more into face fucking me. A few minutes more and he suddenly stopped.
    Getting me to walk over to our car, he pushed me face down onto the bonnet, lifted the mid length skirt I had on and literally tore off my knickers. Not even having the chance to ask him if he a condom, he speared my pussy in one long thrust and had me gasping with the force of his entry.
    Keeping me pushed down, he absolutely destroyed my pussy. Fucking as hard as he could from the moment his cock bottomed out up my love hole. And looking back now, I simply couldn't have been more horny for him to be doing it. I wasn't the love of his life, I was a woman who he knew he could fuck like a slut. And that sense of being his for a common fuck, to me right then and there was thrilling and so very dirty. Turning me head I couldn't help myself, I told him to screw me for all he was worth.
    The sheer force of his thrusts was moving the car, and I saw my husband stir inside the vehicle. At one point I thought I saw him watching us, but when I looked back at my husband, he was still sound asleep. The man began to make loud grunting noises and I knew he was about to cum, but I wanted to cum also. And I knew what made me cum quickly. Asking him to pull out, I took hold of his pussy juiced cock and guided it to my arsehole. He made some sort of comment, but I missed it in the blowing wind. All the same he entered the one hole I cannot resist cumming from. Maybe a dozen or so thrusts of his cock deep up my arse and I was his, I was orgasming and cumming like I hadn't in a long long time. And then his cock erupted inside my arsehole filling it with his warm sticky cum.
    Leaning onto me, he put his mouth to my ear an said "Thank you, I've not had a fuck in years".
    Ten minutes later I was sat at the drivers wheel steering our car as we were getting towed. The guys cum was leaking out of my rear hole and my husband was still lost to the world. Arriving some time later at the cottage, the garage owner helped me get my husband inside. He then made me another offer. Asking me if he did the work overnight to get our car sorted, would I have some more fun with him.
    As my husband slept away his whisky, I brought the garage owner inside and spent another hour having the most inventive sex I can ever remember having. He was so into pleasing me in every way possible, I was genuinely at a loss when he eventually came up my arsehole again and left me with a glowing feeling of complete and utter sexual relief.
    When we woke up the following morning and I'd taken a long hot bath, I opened the curtains to find our car parked outside. My husband was still suffering from a major hangover, so I nipped outside to retrieve what I saw to a be a note stuck under the wiper blades.
    The note says (I still have it) "Thanks for last night, you made a middle aged man very happy, hope the rest of your holiday goes well, I've fixed your car and given it a full service. Thanks again John x". Right at the bottom of the note was another little message and the reason I've kept it. "My number is 07********* phone me if you need any further servicing".
    No sooner than we'd gotten back home last month, my husband booked us back into the same cottage for April next year. I in turn text the number to let my garage friend know we'd be back around that time of year. He replied "I'll be here if you need your holes flushing out, John x".
    So as I've stated at the start what would you have done ?. Given my husband and I have sex maybe once a week, knowing I've gotten John's large fat cock to look forward to, is to me right now, so very exciting and so very horny.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    At this very moment I'm seriously considering having our twenty year old neighbor's son Adam, fuck me. He's already made it very clear he'd love to stick his meaty cock up my pussy and asshole.
    It's not the longest cock I've ever seen, around seven maybe eight inches, but god damn it's the thickest by some way. Adam suffers, if that's the right phrase, with learning difficulties, so hasn't got a job. His mom and dad work so sometimes he stays over with us. Don't get me wrong he's not totally backwards or anything, he's just a little slow on the pick up, if you know what I mean. Having said that only a few days ago when my husband was out fishing and I thought I was alone, Adam caught me masturbating as he'd entered our house.
    I was fucking myself with my favorite dildo when he appeared. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw him with the dildo buried deep up my ass. Adam simply dropped his shorts to reveal the fattest cock I've ever witnessed. Staring at my naked body and the dildo poking out of my as he said "I wish that was my cock up your butt Mrs ?" a he stroked his large cock.
    I got myself together and tried to make out it was all a mistake, but Adam had other ideas. Telling he wouldn't say anything if I sucked his dick, I walked over to him, sank to my knees and let that twenty year old face fuck me for over ten minutes. It is singularly the best head i've ever attempted to give. I absolutely loved sucking on his thickly veined super fat cock. And I also enjoyed swallowing every single drop of his sweet tasting cum. A cum load which not would my husband be proud of, but most men I think.
    Once he'd cum and I'd finished myself off playing with my clit, Adam asked me if and when my husband goes out fishing again, could he fuck me. I said no, then said I'd think about it. I have thought about it, so when my husband goes out this Friday night to go fishing, I'm going to have Adam round and show him what all the fuss is about.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 22

    My younger sister came home unexpectedly one day had brought
    over her bff who was the hottest and sexiest Asian girl I had
    ever seen. What made my heart skip a beat was when she turned
    around and I noticed she had the most sexiest Asian bubble butt
    I had ever seen.

    The whole day I spent my time around her and my sister secretly
    taking pictures of her bff's ass. Her friend also kept acting
    like a slutty attention whore with me and making sexual jokes
    about her body probably to tease me. I just had to lock myself
    in the bathroom a few times and jack off to the pictures of her
    ass that I took.

    I did have at girlfriend at the time but after hearing rumors of
    her cheating I didn't care about what I was doing. Although me
    and my sis's bff never did anything we talked online without my
    sister knowing I would always agree or do whatever she liked
    just to get on her good side. Sometimes we would joke sexually or
    talk like good friends. The last few times I saw her she would
    get high or drunk and would want me to touch her like it was a

    My dream was obviously to eat her pussy out real good then
    have her sit on my face while I eat her ass and she sucks my dick.
    Fucking her anally is also my dream to pop her anal cherry and bust
    nut after nut inside her perfect bubble butt until I cant cum
    no more and put a buttplug in her ass so my cum would stay inside
    her juicy ass. Filling up her womb with my cum is also my fantasy
    even if she got pregnant I would do it all over again.

    I don't plan on ever getting married because I never thought it was
    for me since I admit to liking being available or in open relationships
    but if I ever did find a girl I would want to spend most of my time
    taking care of I pray to the heavens it my sisters' bff. Even if I end
    up dating other girls she would still be my main girl I would keep at home
    to take care of with our children and my dick happy knowing I have her booty
    at home to fuck whenever I want to.


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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 19

    The first time I was with a guy was when I was 16 and his dick was so big, at least 8 inches. It started out as a challenge but I got a lot better at it and he always cummed in my mouth and it tasted so good. It's been almost three years and I'm dating a different guy, who I fuck a lot, but I still think about the first guy I had been with and wish he would fuck me for hours just like he used to.

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