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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    This happened a few years ago when I was in the Navy. I was playing around a lot sexually at the time. I was married (still am), had a girlfriend on the side and a couple of guy friends that I played with when the mood struck me for a nice hard cock. I had one rule that has served me well, but I broke it on this particular night. The rule was to never play with anyone from work. I had seen so many marriages ended because of spouses messing around with someone that they worked with.
    It all started off as a normal work day, I was traveling with a crew that day and had a stop over in Dallas, Tx.
    After all of the crew had checked into the hotel, we all met at the hotel bar to have a drink before we went to get something to eat. I was the first one to the bar and got a beer and noticed a couple of good looking women sitting in a booth in the corner of the bar. After all of my crew arrived and had their drinks they decided to go to a nearby restaurant. I told them that I wasn't really hungry and was going to hang out at the bar, but I was really going to see if I could get one of the women sitting in the corner back to my room. Jim, one of the crew said that he wasn't hungry either and said he was going to hang out with me. I had noticed him watching the girls in the corner also. After everyone else left me and Jim was talking and he asked if I was ready to see if we could get lucky with the two girls in the corner. I smiled and said you are reading my mind.
    After chatting it up with the two girls and having several drinks we ended up in the hotel pool area. I was the first to strip down naked and jump into the hot tub. There wasn't anyone else around except the four of us. Jim didn't waste anytime and stripped down to his birthday suit and joined me. The girls stripped down to their underwear and came in. After about an hour of making out and underwater cock stroking, I told my girl that we should go up to the room. She agreed, and we all went up to my room. Jim and I didn't put any clothes back on and was sporting our hard dicks all the way to the room. While we were in the elevator, Jim's girl actually dropped to her knees and sucked on his cock until the doors opened to our floor. My girl wasn't that brave, she would only stroke my cock. I was really enjoying watching Jim's big cock being sucked.
    I had never noticed how big his cock was, he was at least 8 inches. When we got to the room, both girls stripped down and jumped on the bed and started making out. Me and Jim jumped on the bed with them and before long both girls had a cock in their mouths. My girl was on her back and I was straddling her face fucking her mouth. Jim had moved around and was eating his girls pussy. She laid back which put her big titts right at my face, so I did what any normal guy would do, I sucked in a nipple and reached over and started pinching the other one. Jim's girl really liked this, but my girl, how had small titts, didn't like it at all, she pulled off my cock and started yelling stuff like, ain't my titts good enough for you?, as she started to get dressed.
    Basically, me, Jim, and Jim's girl tried to talk her into staying but she was pissed and was leaving. Jim's girl felt obligated to leave with her.
    So, that left me and Jim in my room naked both with huge erections. As I said before, my rule was to never play with anyone I worked with. I actually had two rules, to never let anyone I work with find out that I am bi. Well, I ended up breaking both rules at once.
    The elevator was just outside of my room and after a couple minutes, Jim said he was going back to his room and jack off. He picked up his clothes and headed out the door. I followed him and as he was standing in the elevator, I stepped in and grabbed his hard cock and told him that I could take care of it for him if he wanted. He pushed my hand away and said that I was pissing him off and not to touch him again. I stepped back out of the elevator and the doors closed.
    I was scared to death. I was thinking that he would tell everyone at work that I tried to suck his cock. I went back into my room and was trying to think of excuses to tell people, when there was a knock at the door. I went and looked through the peep hole. It was Jim, his cock still sticking straight out. I opened the door, he came in and pushed me back on the bed and said, I will get this started and took my cock into his mouth. He was an expert cock sucker. He sucked on my for 3-4 minutes and I moved around so that we could 69, I took his big tool into my mouth and started deep throating him. After a few minutes of us sucking each other, he jumped up flipped over on all fours, dropped his head to the bed, reached back and spread his butt checks and said fuck me!
    I didn't waste any time, I spit on his man pussy and worked my cock until I was balls deep. It didn't take long inside his tight ass and I was breeding him. I pulled out and he flipped back over and I took him back into my mouth, I wanted to taste his cum. I worked him for a good 10 minutes but no cum. He told me that he had too much to drink and that he wasn't going to cum. I spun around and worked his big hard cock into my ass and rode him for a few minutes but still nothing.
    He finally got up and went to the bathroom and let the cum drain from his ass. When he came back out, I took him back into my mouth and sucked him for a few more minutes, but still no cum. After a little small talk he went back to his room.
    The next day it was like nothing had happened. It was great.
    I worked with him for a couple more years and we fucked a couple more times. I would love to meet with him again and take his load.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My boyfriend thinks I love giving him hickeys, and I do really. He's a sweetheart and always lets me put a mark on his neck somewhere which he carries around bashfully all day and his coworkers always tease him about. I think it makes him happy that he's seen as a guy with an adorable girlfriend who's crazy about him (which I am).

    There is a part he doesn't know - that I am also fucking some of his coworkers. Don't judge me, but I do cum like crazy off the fantasy of fucking men other than my man. My boyfriend would never understand this, and I don't want to hurt him, but the crazy orgasms I get from cheating are too much for me to resist.

    So, here's where the hickeys come in. Depending on where the hickey is on his neck, is the signal to one of his colleagues to leave early and come and fuck me that day in our home, on our bed. I'm involved with 3 of them, and have already got front left side, front right side and back left side covered. So I figure I'm good for one more ;)

    This game drives me crazy. The day I send him off with a hickey, I get so wild at the thought of using him to get other people to fuck me, I start frigging myself as soon as hes gone. The thought of having a menu of partners (they are all a bit different, and yes one is a woman) for little old me to enjoy is a turn on like no other.

    For all you cheaters out there, try being a little creative!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    My wife is so boring in bed these days, it's down to a routine. She sucks for awhile, demands I finger her, we get one of two possible positions, then it's done. No facials allowed, no cum swallowing, no eating out her pussy. No flirting, no sexy outfits, no porn in the background (it grosses her out), no multiple sessions in one day, no effort. She even schedules it with me! She won't even touch herself or masturbate on her own (which could be a good thing, I guess). We used to try it in weird places, new positions, pictures and videos, all kinds of stuff, we've just gone into a complete rut in the last two years. She's so vanilla now, I didn't think it was even possible with today's women.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I can make her cum every time with my fingers alone 99% of the time (huge accomplishment), but I feel like that's all she wants me for when she wants me. I want to cheat and have ample opportunity with a girl who's been sending me explicit pics and texts of what she'd like to do to me. This is where I want to be - this girl wants me to fuck her up the ass for the very first time, cum all over her face/mouth, spend hours licking her hairless pussy, the whole nine yards. She wants me to fuck her in my wife's bed, so exciting. She actually wants me instead of just the mechanical part of me, if that makes any sense.

    I'd be crushed if my wife did this to me, so I haven't done anything yet, but it's getting tougher and tougher to resist and some boundaries have been compromised. Any ideas on what I should do?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I've been really unfaithful in my current relationship at the request of my partner. It's the sort of thing he likes, so I'm indulging him and having a lot of fun in the process. He doesn't know about all of my lovers, only a few. He's caught me in the act of cheating on him several times, and I sometimes let him stay and watch as someone else stretches my pussy. However on my wedding day with him, I went the extra mile. My favorite lover fucked my pussy before the ceremony and I let him cum inside me. After we were married, I told him what my lover did, and then told him I'd be spending the night with my lover instead of him. I wound up pregnant from that, and since then I've decided it's not going to be the last time I let one of my lovers knock me up.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    Why do men prefer playing golf to fucking a hot attractive horny bitch. That's the situation I've found myself in of late. I'm not boasting when I say I'm a really attractive horny woman, yet my husband prefers to hit a ball around a field to spending a Sunday morning fucking me.
    It's not as though he doesn't get to play, as he's playing today, right now in fact. But he's just text me to say he's playing again tomorrow. Just as most weekends lately.
    Well lately there has been other balls I've been playing with. Tom is twenty years old. He's very athletic and extremely sexual. Living only three doors down, makes it easy for him to pop round when my husband whacks a golf ball around.
    Tomorrow when he's playing golf, I will having pussy and arsehole fucked right where my husband sleeps.
    If it's good enough for him to ignore my sexual needs, then it's more than good enough for me to fuck who I like.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    Tommorow afternoon, my step son Ian and his wife Jessica will be visiting us. Ian will be going out playing golf with his father not long after they arrive. Which will give Jessica and I hopefully more than enough time to have fun.
    As soon as they leave to play golf, I'll take Jessica up to our bedroom and we'll strip naked. Then for as long as we've got time, we'll kiss, stroke, lick, suck, finger and dildo fuck one another.
    Jessica and I have been having sex together ever since I first met her. Ian is a nice guy, but from what Jessica tells me, he's not a willing partner when it comes to cunnilingus. I on the other hand have always enjoyed licking and sucking on another females pussy and ass. Throughout my life, I've interchanged between male and female lovers. Although my husband who's now forty nin doesn't know that.
    Learning about Ian's oral misgivings, after overhearing Jessica talking to a female friend about it over the phone one day, I let her know quite frankly I'd love to give her what she was missing with her then boyfriend. The very next day she came by our home and we were soon in bed licking each others pussy's.
    Even on Ian's and Jessica's wedding night, me and her slipped out of the wedding reception, which was held at my husbands golf club, and had sex on the sixth green. I had her sit on my face as I tongued her pussy and asshole making her orgasm twice.
    The day after their return from honeymoon, Jessica phoned me and we met up at a place we both know. In her large 4x4 vehicle down a forested track, we stripped naked and made out for over an hour. And we've been having sex whenever and wherever we can since.
    Jessica's just text me. Her text reads "Can't wait to taste your sweet c**t tomorrow, hope you'll be extra horny xxx". I text back "Lets wait and see. btw, the new dildo is so big xxx". Now I'm hoping Ian and his father have a "four ball", because they tell me it takes them at least four hours to get round the course.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 21

    I am officially a cheating whore now. I have been with my boyfriend for a while now and the sex has been fine but I often felt unsatisfied and wanted more. We got a new guy at work a few weeks ago and right from day one I was attracted to him in a bad way. I wanted him to fuck me the moment I first met him but I fought my desires.

    It didn't help that he was constantly flirting with me and of course I flirt back. Several days ago we had our first even alone at work together. Everyone else was gone and it was just he and I. He didn't waste his opportunity to hit on me very hard and I found myself caving to him very soon.

    We had been alone for less than a half hour when he lightly tapped my ass, obviously on purpose, so I turned and groped his balls which I immediately felt were quite large.

    This only made it worse for me. Seconds later we were making out heavy, then before I realized it, we were taling each others clothes off. He paused at my tits and squeezed them for a moment. As soon as I saw his big cock I knew I had to have it in me asap. I sucked him with all the passion I had.

    A few minutes later he stood me up, i turned around and bent over his desk, and he proceeded to fuck me for every ounce I was worth. He fucked me, and fucked me. I missed several texts from my boyfriend asking when I was going to get home.

    Finally, when I thought I couldn't handle it anymore he announced that he was about to cum. I never wanted anything more than for him to cum in my pussy right then and I almost begged him to do it. He did.

    He came in me more in his one load than my boyfriend has in at least thelast 5 times combined. What truly amazed me is how my coworker somehow stayed hard long enough for me to spin around and clean his cock thoroughly. When his cock was polished clean, he was still hard and asked me if I was ready for round two. I had never had a man ready right after cumming so i eagerly accepted.

    We fucked for a couple more hours. He came in my pussy twice more, and my ass once. Each load was significantly less than his first but I had no complaints. Since that day we have fucked or sucked every chance we got.

    Just today when everyone else went out to lunch, we stayed behind together for a quick screw. I am in love with the stamina he has and the pure pleasure he gives me over and over.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    The agreement we made only eighteen months after we married last year, was that my husband Gary could and would fuck another younger woman when he wanted. I already knew he was screwing her, so when he suggested we make up some kind of agreement where if he fucked someone, I could before he had sex with anyone else, have sex with anyone I liked, as long as it wasn't someone he knew.
    The girl he was fucking was one one of his employee's, a real slut and not very pretty either. Gary is fifty one now and has always been a bit of a womanizer. So when he suggested the deal, I immediately said yes. It threw him that I agreed so quickly, but what Gary didn't know was, his young nephew Stephan, a twenty two year old fitness instructor, had the hots for me.
    Gary had his little fling with his slut which lasted only a few weeks before like many times before in his life, he got bored with having to deal with a woman's emotional wants and needs. I however started an affair with Stephan, and it was an amazingly sordid one too. With Gary our sex wasn't quite vanilla, but it wasn't anywhere near as expansive as it was with Stephan. For instance Gary doesn't like anal sex and definitely wouldn't ever eat me out after cumming up my pussy. Stephan not only adores anal sex, he's always "Cleaned me" up afterwards, whether that's vaginal or anal sex.
    The real deal breaker though, was a few months ago when Gary's libido dropped like a lead weight. He'd not only gone off sex with his young slut, he's gone off sex altogether. I on the other hand have only gotten more and more needy since beginning my affair with Gary's nephew, and I'm not now only fucking him.
    Stephan and I get together every ten days or so (Depending on work and time) to have sex. Yet I'm now having sex nearly every day.
    Because of something I'm not going into here, I had my driving licence suspended for twelve months (It wasn't something illegal) Gary being Gary and wanting to control everything, he was arranging for a driver to drive me about when I needed transport. Gary was going to pick out the service and the person, but being quick, I got to choose first. Picking a guy who Gary would never think I'd go for in a million years. Jasper is twenty six years old, only five feet seven inches tall, slim, ginger haired and a real geeky looking guy. But someone who I just happened to know has a massive cock.
    I know this because a year before I even met Gary, I had sex on a Greek island with Jasper as a kind of bet with some female friends. The sex was so good and his cock was so big, I secretly met up with Jasper the rest of the holiday, having him fuck me to the best orgasms I'd ever had.
    Knowing Jasper drove for a company not too far from where we lived, I contacted them and arranged for Jasper to drive for me, with Gary picking up the bill. The second day he was driving me about, I had him pull into a industrial area. It somewhere I'd had sex with Stephan, so I knew where to park up. In the back of my car, I had Jasper join me and fuck me to one orgasm after another. We didn't even stop when some guys walked out of a large warehouse for their lunch, and stood watching him fuck my arsehole.
    And so it now goes on. Each week I have Jasper fuck me as much as we can. Sometimes it's in the car, sometimes it's at a friends house I often visit (Long story, but she likes to watch). But mostly we drive back to my house when Gary's out on business, and I have long wonderful days of being pleasured by Jasper and his nine inch cock.
    On the days I get to enjoy Stephan, I let him him know if and when Jasper has fucked me, but he doesn't care, as he just loves screwing his uncles younger wife.
    As far as I'm concerned, if Gary hadn't have chosen the "Deal" he so wanted to fuck his little teenage slut, then his wife, me, wouldn't be now slutting herself for two younger men. One of whom only two hours ago screwed me in our marital bed, cumming up my arsehole after having me climax three times on his magnificent cock.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    We were at a friends house last month. One of his childhood friends from England was there with his new (much younger) wife, and we were all drinking.
    Everyone ended up on the deck, and after a few hours, the wife staggered inside to go to bed. We slowed down, but stayed outside.
    I went inside to take a leak, and through the bedroom door of the guest room, I could hear the wife snoring away...I couldn't resist!
    I cracked the door carefully, and then tiptoed in. She didn't flinch when the light hit her eyes, and I could see that she was nude under the covers, so I gave them a little tug. No reaction.
    A little more, and two full breasts popped into view...she was laying on her back, sound asleep. With my heart pounding, I nudged her arm, ready to run if her breathing changed. Nothing.
    I don't know what came over me, but I leaned down and sucked her fat nipple into my mouth while I wrapped my hands around both of her tits. Her nipples hardened under my touch, but she didn't change position or stop snoring. At that point, though, I realized in my drunk and horny state that I'd been away for a good while, so I bailed out and went back upstairs.
    People were drifting in and out of the deck and kitchen, but the British husband was sunk into a deck chair chatting away. I got another beer and mingled for a few minutes, still thinking about her.
    Five minutes more, and I was back downstairs. I could hear anyone on the stairs long before they could catch me. Her tits were still out, and I wanted more.
    With one hand, I held her soft breast...with the other, I pulled the covers aside. She was wearing nothing but panties, and best of all, one knee was bent off to the side, opening her thighs...
    The slick satin of her panties felt great under my hand. When I pulled them aside, I was thrilled--she was shaved smooth!
    My fingers stroked her pussy, then circled her own juices over her clit...and she kept on snoring.
    I leaned down and licked her clit, my heart pounding again when I tasted how sweet she was. I loved every second of it, and I especially loved my tongue sliding over her smooth pussy and mound.
    I stopped and listened, but no one was coming. I realized I had been away for a fair amount of time, though, and as much as I wanted to climb on board and fuck her, I knew that was going too far. Not too far in the sense that I wouldn't, but taking too big a risk! I guess that says a lot, right?
    Anyway, my final thought was the memory I will keep with me forever. I covered her up and kissed her lips, but she kept right on snoring. That gave me a flash of inspiration, though, and I whipped out my cock, which had been rock hard the whole time. I rubbed the slippery tip across her lips, leaving a line of precum, and then just a few times slid the tip into her mouth until I felt her tongue push against it. That made her breathing change, though, and I zipped up and fled to the bathroom next door. I flushed the toilet, and heard footsteps coming down the stairs. When I wandered out, it was my wife, wondering where I got to, wanting to go home...needless to say, she was happy to find me all over her when we got to bed. She'll never know that someone else's wife provided all the foreplay I could ask for, or that when I finally orgasmed deep inside her, I was imagining another woman's smooth pussy receiving my load.
    The friend and his wife went back to England the next day--lucky bastard!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 19

    On Thanksgiving, long after everyone else was gone or asleep, I was hanging out and drinking with my sister's husband, Nick, and his brother, Adam, who's also married.

    I kind of let it slip out that my sister had told me that her husband's cock was huge, which led to him showing me... which led to his brother also showing me that his was quite large as well... which led to me sucking Nick's cock for a while first, and then Adam's... which all led to me getting double teamed by the two of them. BEST. SEX. EVER. Lol. I mean I'm only 19, so I've got a long way to go. But it's hard to imagine anything being better than getting stuffed by those 2. It was very rough, which I love. So now my dilemma is... I really love my sister to death. I feel like I should tell her. I mean, I was the one who started it with them, so it's really my fault to begin with. But they didn't have to do such wonderfully dirty things to me, either.

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