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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    My husband Owen was supposed to be meeting up with us all to have a foursome. He was the one who'd arranged it all for my thirtieth birthday three weeks ago, but Owen got waylaid and missed his flight home. Which ultimately meant he wasn't at the hotel I turned up to, to meet the three men he'd arranged for me to have sex with.
    Spending one and half hours with the men, who were all much more well endowed than Owen, was simply the best sex of my life. I sucked each of the men, as they took turns to tongue my pussy and asshole. Then one by one they fucked either my pussy or asshole as I carried on sucking cock.
    Finally after what seemed like a sexual lifetime and multiple orgasms, I had one guy fucking my mouth, one guy beneath me fucking my pussy and the largest of the three, fucking my used ass. Knowing that I shouldn't, it still didn't stop me from wanting them to cum inside me, and that's precisely what all three men did, bringing themselves and then me to yet another mazing climax.
    The following day Owen, after he eventually arrived home, asked me if I wanted to rearrange the nights fun. I told him I'd gone off the idea, but in reality I was more than up for him to have the men fuck me again. My only problem is he thought I cancelled on the men, as that's what I told him.
    He asked again last night and even text one of the men. It was lucky I'd contacted each of them to let them know what I'd told Owen already. I know the guys want to fuck me again and I'm definitely sure i'd want it, but how can I be sure Owen won't discover they've already fucked me over and over again ???

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 19

    I've found the right girl at the wrong time I don't want to lose her but I also want to fuck around, as much as I hate to say it I find the taboo of cheating and sneaking around so fucking sexy I've had online sex with countless of girls now on video chat but that doesn't thrill me anymore I just want to get my dick wet. So my question for people is how many of you have cheated and got away with it ? Do you regret it ? Was it worth it ? And how do I best go about it ?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Is it cheating?

    I've been dating this guy almost a year and we just started having sex. He's decent all around. My twin brother sets a bar high on how women to be treated and my bf doesn't exactly meet that. Last night I caught my twin brother jerking off. I went to go get my iPad out of his room and he was naked watching porn in his room. His penis was scary big. I just wanted my iPad, so I took it from him and then saw that he was watching porn about brothers having sex with their sisters. I asked him about it, he didn't deny that he had thought about. He actually admitted that when I wear certain clothing he leaves because of his erections. I was flattered. I don't know what drove me to do it, but I sat on the bed next to him and began stroking his massive member. It was so hard and thick. Seeing his response got me wet, and made my pissy swell and throb. I couldn't hold back, I got on him, even though it was painful, I took all of him. He stretched me so wide, I thought he was going to turn me inside out. We fucked so hard, long and passionately. Best orgasm I've ever had. I've definitely got to do that again. His cock really shows me the whore that I am I love it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    My wife can't walk down the street without imagining that any woman she see's could be the one i'm screwing behind her back.

    You see, she's a cuckquean. Since the beginning of our relationship (when i was 19 and she was 20) she's imagined me having sex with others, whether it be a complete stranger or a friend of ours or a family member of hers. It wasn't until i was 22 and she was 23 that she finally told me about these fantasies of hers, and after a lot of discussion over months we decided to make them a reality. So i started sleeping with a friend of ours, as my wife said that would be hotter than me getting with a stranger.

    Since then it's been non-stop. I have my wife (married for 6 months now) and i have 3 other women i sleep with regularly. I can't lie, it's awesome! I'm having regular threesomes, i can hook up with any willing woman i want whenever i wan, and i get awesome sex with the love of my life which only gets more awesome after i tell her about one of my hook ups.

    Tonight my wife will return home from shopping trip to find one of her best friends on all fours in our living room. This will then be followed by a short break before the two of us dominate my wife and i make it clear to her that i'd prefer to spend the night fucking her best friend. Which will only turn my wife on more and lead to even more sex with her tomorrow.

    Now i have to go. The other woman will be here soon and it won't be long before my wife also gets home.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    One night recently I had sex with my friend's fiance. I think I like him, especially he has a big cock and I love it inside my pussy.

    Should I tell her or what? please advice

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    Seriously I cannot fathom to myself why I stayed faithful to my husband for so long. He's older than me (41) He's put on loads of weight, he drinks far too much and the last time his cock remained hard enough to fuck anyone, was on our last vacation, and that was whilst watching two guys fucking just off the beach.
    In late December I booked us into a special hotel to have some "Us time". Time basically where we could try and relive our first sexual encounter. It was at the hotel where I used to work, and where on many many occasions, I had men wanting to get into my panties.
    Nothing, not a thing happened other than my husband getting himself absolutely pissed up. Watching him sat in our room totally drunk and falling asleep, with myself dressed up in sexy lingerie and a tight black dress, I decided that was it. I decided I was going to have sex that night, no matter what.
    Visiting the bar my husband had earlier gotten himself drunk in, I said hello to an old female friend of mine and also said hello to the new barman. My old friend introduced us and asked me if I was still married to ***. Telling her I was but not tonight, she looked quizzically at me. Telling her he'd been in the bar earlier, my friend said "Not the fat guy pissed up in the corner".
    I knew why she said what she did, because when she knew me working at the hotel, I'd only date good looking men who looked after themselves. The look we exchanged was one of embarrassment both ways. Before I could say much more, my friend said "You're still very much in shape, why ?" and left it at that. Telling me she had to go and sort out a customers problem, I was left to talk to Andrea, the barman. A young man who I instantly knew fancied me.
    We chatted for some time as he served myself then other patrons, and then back to me. Nearing the end of the night, the one I should have been spending with my husband, Andrea asked me if I wanted to go his room for some fun. I was about to turn him down when my old friend appeared. Walking right up so no one could hear, she said "I would he's a great fuck".
    Ten minutes after Andrea's shift finished, I was in his small night room sucking on his extremely impressive cock. It had been eight years since I'd tasted another mans cock other than my husbands. And sucking in as much as I could of his huge dick, I knew I should have been enjoying myself more often.
    After lots of kissing and foreplay we eventually were both naked and both pleasuring each others sex. I'm not sure even now how long it had been since *** had fucked me, but I wanted Andrea's cock and I wanted it desperately.
    My friend was right, boy was she right. Andrea was not only a great fuck, I would in my humble opinion say he's got to be one of the best lovers in that particular town. At twenty years of age, he sure knew how to please a woman and how to drive me to one massive orgasm after another.
    In a continued series of sexual positions we fucked one another and I can honestly say, Andrea is by far my best lover. Not knowing just how long we had sex for, I do know it was getting light when he came up my asshole for the last time. It had been an incredible night and one which I doubt I'll forget any time soon. Kissing him goodbye after sucking on his beautiful cock once more, I walked back to our hotel room, to find my husband flat out still dressed and snoring.
    Taking a shower, then climbing into bed next to him, I was going to wake him up to have him move over. But *** being as drunk as he was, he actually fell off the bed as I moved towards him. Leaving him where he lay, I slept until I heard him rousing hours later.
    Downstairs later on having breakfast, my old friend turned up and smiled at us both. She made some benign comment about enjoying our nights stay, to which I answered "It was just as you said it might be, actually far better". We exchanged knowing looks and smiles and my friend asked my husband if he needed some headache pills. Grunting his need, she left us to eat, or I did anyway.
    When she walked back in bringing *** his tablets, she leaned close to me and passed me a piece of paper. An hour later we checked out and twenty minutes after that we were walking into our home. My husband took himself off to be and I looked at the note. It says (I've still got it) "Thanks for a wonderful night, if you're around here anytime soon, let me know, love to have more fun, Andrea x" It also had his cell phone number.
    Two days later I took a detour after work and visited the hotel. Andrea and I spent an hour in the very same hotel room my husband and I had booked. My friend covered for Andrea and the room, and I had such an awesome time taking Andrea's cock in my mouth pussy and asshole.
    Only when we'd finished having sex did he tell where he lived, when he wasn't staying over at the hotel. The room he shares with another hotel employee is only five blocks from our home. Since the New Year Andrea and I have had sex at the hotel on four separate occasions, but have also begun to have sex in our home too. When *** works his overstays, I've had (If he's not working) Andrea stay over.
    In the two times he's been here, we've begun to have really adventurous sex, and believe me it's some of the best and horniest sex I've had.
    The sex with Andrea has proved to me, I've been stupid to have denied myself sexual enjoyment, enjoyment my husband just cannot give me anymore. Indeed from now on, I'm going to have as much fun as I can. Whether that's with Andrea, or with another person, male or female.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    My husband and I are planning our 10 year anniversary trip - he wants to go back to Palm Springs
    and stay at the same resort we stayed at on our honeymoon. My stomach just dropped when he said
    that, since I still feel so guilty for what happened almost 10 years ago.

    It was the 3rd day of our honeymoon, and my husband was going to play golf while I got treated
    to a "spa day". In the morning I got a manicure and pedicure, in the afternoon I had a 90
    minute massage scheduled. I had a few cocktails at lunch, I will admit that, so I was a little
    more relaxed and vulnerable when it was time for my massage.
    I was pretty surprised when the masseuse showed up and saw he was a tall, strong, black guy.
    The way he rubbed me, the way he touched me...omg...I tried not to think sexual thoughts but
    it was impossible NOT to.
    His hands "accidently" went higher up my butt than they should have, but I did not say anything.
    Then when his hands went and cupped one of my breasts as I laid on the table, I knew he was
    making advances.
    The last thing he did was rub this lotion on me, which smelled so nice. I asked him what brand
    it was, and he said he could arrange for a bottle to be delivered to my room.
    Of course...1/2 hour later - HE showed up at our hotel room.

    I remember it was exactly 2pm, since I was not expecting my husband to be back until at least
    4pm. I at first thought it was my husband knocking on the door for some reason.
    My masseuse still had his name tag on, I finally got to see his name was "Ty"...I still have
    no idea what that was short for.
    I had been sitting on our balcony sunning myself, so I only had my bikini on.
    I was completely surprised when Ty asked if he could come in, and I was equally shocked at
    myself for letting him in.

    He did not waste a second. As soon as the door was closed, Ty pressed me against the wall
    and kissed me.
    And I kissed back.
    My bikini top was off in no time, and Ty ravished my breasts like he had never seen white
    tits before.
    He was so strong, he literally picked me up and carried me to the bed.
    I did not want to stop kissing this man! In between deep kisses he finally broke away and
    asked how long we had. I had told him during the massage that my husband was out playing
    golf for the afternoon, so I told Ty we had abut 2 hours.

    I kept telling myself that there was not way this is happening - it was like I was dreaming.
    But when Ty started to pull my bottoms off, I willingly raised my butt up so he could
    take them of easier.
    That first round, Ty never got undressed. I remember hearing him fumbling around trying
    to unzip himself as he pulled his pants down.
    We were in the middle of an amazing kiss, when he started to wedge himself between my legs,
    and I spread my legs open to accept him.

    I wont get into the whole "how big he was" issue - but I could tell from the moment he
    entered me that he was far bigger than my husband.
    I remember thinking how my husband and I just had sex that morning, and how my husband's
    cum probably helped Ty slide inside me a little easier.
    Ty was overly excited though, and he came inside me very quickly. I was disappointed in
    that, but he reassured my he would be ready again in a couple minutes. And he was.
    The next hour or so was just a blur of sex. Ty was like a machine - he just had so
    much energy and knew how to use his size perfectly. The fact that that I had just gotten
    married 3 days prior, and I was on my honeymoon did not matter. It was by far the best
    sex of my life.
    Ty made a couple comments about how white girls on their honeymoon are always the most
    horny, so I got the idea he had seduced a few other brides as well. That was kind of sad
    to hear because ideally what was happening would have been just as unique and special to
    Ty as it was for me.

    He went two more rounds with me - I could barely walk when it was finally time to climb
    out of bed. This was great, but as we got dressed, Ty finally asked if I was on birth
    control! Kind of a little late to ask that, right? If I had said "no" I wonder what
    his reaction would have been.

    Everything came crashing down on me when we were kissing goodbye at the door. I was so
    disgusted at myself, I just wanted him gone.
    I took a shower, and its like I was trying to wash the infidelity off of my body.
    I noticed a scratch on the inside of my thigh, which probably happened when Ty was
    pulling his pants down and his belt buckle aside. My husband never said anything about
    it, though.

    I called my husband and I told him I would meet him at the bar side pool. Then I called
    the hotel guest services and told them I spilled something on the bed and asked for
    a new set of linens. I felt so sorry for the room cleaners - there was 3 huge wet spots
    on bed. I could not help but think if all those wet spots were from the overflow that
    oozed back out of me with Ty, how much did he put IN?

    My husband and I had a few drinks and a nice dinner. And yes, we had sex as well that
    evening. I was so sore - but of course I could not say anything to him.
    I remember on the fight home thinking to myself that I had FIVE rounds of sex that day -
    by far the most in a day for me, and something that will probably never happen again.

    I have been 100% faithful to my husband since that day of our honeymoon. We have
    a wonderful home and 2 beautiful children. I sometimes like to just pretend those
    2 hours of my life never happened, so I don't have to deal with the guilt.

    But now my husband wants to go back to the same resort, and I find myself wondering
    if Ty still works there. Part of me hopes he is sill there, but I just know that would
    be trouble. I feel like writing the resort, and asking if Ty still works in the spa
    department, or if he is gone, do they know where he works now.
    Why do I hope he is there?

    I feel guilty already now for just wondering about him.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    List of the men and women, and what we did. The one's I've had sex with when my husband frequently worked away last year.

    January 2016... A neighbor who was moving out and wanted the use of our shower as his wasn't working. I sucked him off in the shower and had him fuck me as he stood me up under the water flowing over us both. He came up me and I sucked his dick again sat on the shower floor once he'd pulled out. Had a great orgasm with him licking my clit. Both got dressed and he put the last things from his apartment into the removals van.
    January 2016... Washing machine broke down. So arranging for a plumber to fix it, I went crazy for the guy when he told me he loved fucking married women. Over an hour we sucked, licked and fucked on our bed and I received one hell of an fucking that afternoon. Washer fixed, I blew him in the hallway and emptied his balls again.
    January 2016... Plumber came back for seconds three days later. We fucked in the hallway as he had a job to go to. It was a quickie, but all the same he had me climbing the walls with the anal orgasm he drove me to.

    February 2016... Quiet month as my husband was home pretty much the whole time. Did manage to have a guy I used to date call by. We had a wonderful time having sex all over the apartment. As usual it took time to get about, but hey who's complaining when I don't get any from my husband.

    March, April and May 2016... nothing, other than sucking off a guy who was selling cleaning products door to door. He was so small cock wise, I had trouble keeping his dick in my mouth. But all the same I made him cum and really enjoyed the taste of his cum as it slid down my throat. I was busy with my appointments most of the month.

    June 2016... Finally got my head around having sex with another woman. We both knew it would end up with us both in bed as we couldn't get passed the talk of sex. It was her who first kissed me and I responded by feeling her small breastsd through her top. Licking her pussy as she slowly tongued mine was just amazing.
    June 2016... At a clinic I attend, I made a move on a junior doctor. He'd wanted to fuck me for some time, so I just caressed his balls through his trousers as he examined me. It wasn't a fantastic fuck as we were too busy listening out for people coming and going outside his room. All the same he busted his nut up my pussy after he'd made me orgasm.

    July 2016... New neighbor moved into the apartment that had been vacant since January. It wasn't him that gave me one of the best fucks of the year, it was his much younger nephew. Calling by to collect a set of keys I'd been asked to pass onto them, I couldn't help myself when I saw the young guy. Sat in my chair naked, after returning from the kitchen to collect the keys, I knew once he saw my slim body, large breasts and neatly trimmed pussy, he'd be willing to give what I wanted. He lifted me onto the couch where we spent over an hour having sex. He tongued me so good I had three orgasms one after another. Then entering me from behind spooning me, I took his cock up my pussy and latterly up my asshole. Once he'd cum filling my rear hole, I had him tongue me out all over again. It truly was the best fuck of the year.

    August 2016... It saw the busiest time me sexually. I resumed my sexual times with the woman who'd visited me in June. She called by on the off chance I'd be in and we ended up in bed. Spending pretty much the whole afternoon in between each other legs licking pussy and ass.
    August 2016... My junior doctor paid me a home visit. The examination took five minutes. The sex lasted well over two hours and in a first for me, I had what I call a total body orgasm as he power fucked my asshole for over half an hour.
    August 2016... Swimming event. As usual I met two guys who I'd often had sex with before the accident. They're able bodied, but support the event with their time and for me, their cocks. In a locker room after the swim I took first one then the other up my pussy. Even though it was with two eager men, it was still a quickie and we were all done in fifteen minutes.
    August 2016... Another visit from my junior doctor as he was moving to a new clinic in a new city. We had a really good time sexually, with him paying extra attention to my pussy and ass with his very agile tongue.

    September 2016... Away all month with my husband. Had sex once in the whole month and that was me asking for it.

    October 2016... More appointments, but still at the end of the month met up with a girl who'd been in the same hospital as me. We had a drink at a cafe and then I went with her to her motel room. The sex was very sudden, very hard and not like with my female psychiatrist who I had sex with in June. Our sex is more loving and more passionate in a feminine way. With my friend from the hospital, it was vwery different, but not unpleasant. Cumming on her face was such a beautiful way top end our time together.

    November 2016... Was a totally sex free month, other than masturbation of course.

    December 2016... Two wonderful times spent with my psychiatrist. Once at her clinic where she locked the door and I spent a truly awesome morning exploring her sex. She brought out a dildo after she'd been licking me for some time and we both had a fun time fucking one another to orgasm. The second time I drove over to meet her at a motel. Not once in my life had I ever experienced such a loving passionate time with anyone. It will stay with me forever that day, but that's all I'll say.
    December 2016... My husband's brother arrived in between the festive dates. As usual my husband got himself blind drunk, so I did something my brother in law wasn't expecting. I stripped naked in my chair and had him tongue my pussy. Still in my chair I had him fuck me as he knelt up in front of me. My husband was no more than five feet away the whole time I was being fucked. Staying for two days, every time we could I had one form of sex or the another. Either sucking my brother in laws cock or having him lick me out. Only once more did we get time to fuck, but it was a very quick fuck where I didn't get time to orgasm.

    So there it is my, year in full. Take it from me it's not as much as I'd want at my age and with my libido. But then with a husband who no longer see's me as a sexual being and a disability which some people won't or can't get passed, I have only my desire to have sex. It's not perfect, but this year I will break away from my husband, and I will find someone who wants as much fun sexually in a relationship, as I do.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 19

    I feel bad but kinda don't care too. So me and my boyfriend were at a college party last weekend and he left to go get some beer. A guy who'd tried it on with me before jumped at the chance to talk to me and he was really forward. So much so that I just went with it when he took my by the hand into the garden behind the garage. He dared to me give him a blowjob and finish him off before my boyfriend got back. He was such a cocky frat boy that something in my just did it. He unzipped and I got down on my knees and did it.
    He came prettt quickly and I gulped it all down. One minute after we went back inside my boyfriend walked in with the beer. Me and the guy I'd just sucked off went to meet him and I decided to french kiss my boyfriend in front of him. I think the guy liked that. In any case, we swapped numbers later that night and my boyfriend has now tasted a few more cummy kisses this week.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    In between Christmas and New Year my husband Tom (Who I have to almost beg for sex nowadays) and his two brothers decided they were going on a lads night out, but actually went out mid afternoon. Around five pm I'd already drunk three quarters of a bottle of wine and was going to open another after filling my glass again. Filling the bath, I decided to take a long soak and drink my wine whilst listening to some music. Just about to get in, I heard the door bell so I wrapped a large towel around myself and answered the door.

    It was a delivery driver unable to deliver a parcel to next door, as they were away. Asking me to sign for it and take the parcel in, I was just scribbling my name down when the towel unwrapped itself and I stood in my hallway naked. The young guy stood staring at my tits and then at my neatly trimmed pussy. Whether it was the wine, his leering looks and his handsome young face, or just the fact I'd become incredibly horny, I asked him if he liked what he saw. Not saying a word, he stepped inside, closed the door to and cupped my pussy, whilst kissing me hard on the lips.

    Not knowing why, I responded and found myself kissing him back and also feeling his rising cock through his trousers. Before I knew it, he'd dropped his trousers and boxers, and I found myself sucking on his cock. It wasn't big or anything, just a normal sized cock. But it was rock hard and it felt amazing in my mouth. Asking me if I was on the pill, I told him I was, and again as quick as a flash I found myself knelt up on the bottom step of the stairs with him entering my pussy from behind.

    The fuck wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was one of the most forceful. The young man (I now know is called Jacob) absolutely hammered away at my pussy, and it wasn't long before a huge climax tore through me. Then grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, he really started to pound into me. Grunting and groaning loudly, I knew he was about to cum and feeling his cock pulse in my pussy, I had another orgasm, only seconds before he bucked up me hard and came himself filling my pussy with his love seed. Pulling out of my pussy, he asked me if he could have my mobile number and told me he'd have to go. Still naked and dripping cum from my pussy, I wrote down my number, passed it to him, then watched him walk down our path after he'd dressed himself.

    Forgetting about the bath emptying the water, but grabbing my drink, I spent the rest of the night reliving what I'd just done and wondering if I'd do it again. When Tom staggered in around midnight, he was drunk and he was apparently horny. Getting him to lay on the couch, I sat on his face and had him lick out my pussy. A pussy I no doubt had remnants of the delivery drivers cum still in and on it. Not able to raise a hard on, I left Tom falling asleep on the couch and covered him up before I went to bed.

    Two days later and the night of New Years eve, I got a text from Jacob asking me if I wanted to have some more fun. Last week when Tom drove over to see his father, I had a young van driver call by. Spending more time this time, Jacob and I sucked and fucked for over an hour, before he left me with a pussy and arsehole full of his hot sticky cum. I don't know if it will last or if I'll want a third taste of his young cock, but one thing I know for sure, if Tom doesn't fulfill his husbandly duties from now on, I'm going to find younger men who can.

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