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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 36

    Third time this week I've masturbated in front of the builders who are working across from our home. Their site and position allows them to see right into our back bedroom, and that's where I like to play with my clit and dildo fuck myself when my husband is away driving his truck throughout Europe. Earlier today was different, as one younger man took out his cock and began to stroke it as I played with myself. Both of the other times, the men have glanced in and shied away. Later on as I shopped in our local grocery store, I saw the young man who went bright red. It didn't stop him saying however "Next time I'd love to swap your dildo for my cock". My husband is away for another two days. I've told the young man I'm going to be alone tomorrow and to call by on his lunch hour.
    He said he will, we'll see if he's got the balls to fuck a real woman like me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    My husband's two brothers are both hot and hung. They started fucking me almost from our wedding day. I know that probably sounds terrible but I can't help it. Sorry! I just can't turn them down.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    The real me, was/is the person who has/d sex every day, most days more than once. I wasn't too fussy which sex it was, or who they were to me either. Both my brothers have fucked me in the past, and one still does fuck me when he's in town. My moms youngest sister was my first lesbian lover. We had an affair which lasted nearly three years from the age of fifteen, only breaking off our awesome sexual encounters because her new job.
    I once sucked my fathers cock, although he was drunk and never recalled that I did it as he lay on the couch. It was his cock that got me fascinated with sex and I soon discovered both of my older brothers liked the look of my titties and pussy. Neither knew for about eighteen months, the other was tonguing my pussy and ass, and fucking me whenever we got the chance.
    My first real outside sexual relationship, was with an older man who my parents owed some money to. I called by his home and worked away the debt with my mouth pussy and ass for nearly nine months. He treated me fine and I enjoyed the sex, even if his cock wasn't anywhere near as large as my brothers.
    After a series of boyfriends who used me wonderfully well just for sex, a woman who's husband was disabled after a severe stroke, took my eye. She lived only yards away from my grandparents home and each day I'd find an excuse to visit her, as well as my grandparents. Sometimes with her husband awake and watching, we'd have sex naked in front of him. He'd get kind of hard, then she'd suck him off, before sticking her face back into my pussy.
    Having a break from sex after she and her husband moved away, I eventually met a younger guy who quite simply has still got the biggest penis I've ever seen. I was twenty two by then and he was sixteen (Just). He told me he thought I was stunning, and if he was older he'd show me what a ten inch cock looked like. I told him he was bullshitting, and that's when he dropped his long shorts. My jaw nearly hit the floor and his cock was still flaccid. Driving us both over to a place I'd had sex numerous times before, I sucked on his mammoth cock, before he fucked me so amazingly well over the hood. I came on his cock countless times that afternoon and continued to screw him for over a year on and off.
    Lots and lots more girl and boyfriends later (Too mnay to mention separately here), I met Ricky. He's a big guy with a huge fat cock, and we fuck as often as he's not away working. We got married after only being together eight months and I genuinely do love him to bits. Only I need my pussy and asshole fucking every day and he's sometimes not around for weeks on end. He knows and understands I need my fix of sex and at the start of our marriage had a mate of his call by to look after me in bed. Only he was a terrible lover and wouldn't lick my pussy and ass, something I have to have done to me.
    I spoke to Ricky about his friend then asked him about his sister. He was a bit surprised I liked his sister, being as she's not the best looking person out there. But Kay has got the best body of a woman I've ever slept with and her pussy, Wow her pussy. She has large labia, but it's her clit that really gets me going as it looks like small cock and I go mad for it each time we make out. I already knew she liked me that way and it only took a word from her brother about keeping me company when he was away, for her to visit and stay over each time.
    The only alteration to Kay ataying over, is when my brother visits once or twice a year. Neither my husband or Kay know he fucks me when he stays, and we work it so Ricky is working away some of the time when he calls by.
    I don't thik my brother and I will ever stop fucking, al I have to do to cemebt my marriage properly, is to let Ricky know about my brother, but it how I tell him. Ricky is fully aware myself and his sister have sex, I'm not too sure if he'd understand about me being fucked by my brother. I will add finally that when my brother does stay over, it's never a loving kind of sex between us and we never ever kiss. My brother gos down on me and I him, then in as many positions as he lasts in, we fuck. It's not making love, we just fuck to release the sexual tension we've always had between us.
    So you can see, I'm not an average normal housewife. Yet I now live as one to all pretense and purpose. Maybe one day my libido will clam down. But then again maybe it won't. I certainly hope not, as I'm having way too much fun to stop.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    Not much chance of playing golf today with the wet weather. It didn't matter too much though, as I took yet another lesson with Keiran. He's not exactly the club pro, or and assistant even. But he is a fine golfer at only nineteen, and has over the last eight months been teaching me, helping me improve in all area's of my game. The thing is I don't pay him as such, instead I have him fuck me, something I've been teaching him.
    My husband's too fat, old and boring to think about fucking beyond the bedroom, if and hen he can raise a hard on. Keiran has no such difficulty, as I first found out when he was positioning my legs correctly for a drive in the Virtual golf suite. I felt his erection pressing into my arse and it all grew from there, in more ways than one.
    Within minutes I had the young mans head between my legs and his first attempts at tonguing me were a little rushed to say the least. I spent a whole half an hour teaching him what I liked and how to pleasure a woman orally, with Keiran making me orgasm four times. After my last orgasm I just had to see what he had in his golf shorts and enticed him to take out his cock. He protested at first, telling he had a girlfriend and that my husband was the clubs captain. But I insisted and lusted after his large hard cock once it was free of the material. It took me no time at all to suck in his beautiful dick, and to have him moaning an groaning with pleasure. Keiran even told me I was far better at giving head than his girlfriend and was like a rampant dog when I offered up my pussy for him to fuck. Unfortunately just like a golfer learning how to swing a club, he was rushed and came all too quickly.
    No matter as I had my second lesson the following day, with my husband only yards away about to tee off with his friends. Probably as he was hitting his driver down the first, Keiran was thrusting his young cock deep up my pussy in the clubs pro shop side office.
    ur agreement now, is I don't pay for lessons, and he doesn't have to seek out anyone to teach him all the dirty things he'll need to know in how to keep a woman happy in and out of bed.
    I might not be a faithful wife to my fat balding useless husband, but I am a very attractive horny older woman when it comes to enjoying young cock and teaching them how to fuck me in the right way.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 20

    Ive liked my cousin Carolina for a long time. She always wore a tight pair of jeans or leggings. I always looked at her ass. Wanting it. I love her laugh and the smell of her hair. She kinda liked me too. She would always try not to stare when I got out of the pool and it was always awkward between us. Like if I was the guy she liked for years

    There was a family reunion, I had to get dragged along although I just came home from college for the summer
    " You never come, your uncles and aunts always ask about you" my mom said.

    I couldn't do much about it since I still lived under my parent's roof. Their house, their rules

    My sister couldn't go since she worked that day. So it was only me.

    I arrived at Carolina's house where alot of my little cousins greeted me and we're happy I was there. My aunt came to say hi and invited us in.

    There she was. She was in her tight dark blue jeans. Yum.

    I was frozen for a second then she came over and tried to say hi to me but she couldn't get a word out. " Such greeting." I said jokingly
    " Well, u couldn't say anything when..."
    She leaned over to my ears
    " You keep looking at my ass"

    " How do you know?"
    She shrugs and walks away slowly, and walking so feminine. Of course I looked at her ass and she turned around quickly and caught me red handed
    " I saw you"
    "Did not"
    "Yes you did, why are you lying, I just saw you."

    She leaned to my ear and whispered " I'm leaving in a few minutes, so should you, we can have more... Private time together"
    She bit my ear and walked away. I looked again
    "Don't make it so obvious."
    Looking away quickly I said "right"

    A few minutes later I went to the diner table trying to excuse myself
    " Awww why are you leaving so early? I even made you your favorite food today." One of my aunt's said
    " Im sorry, I got to go, something came up"
    " Is it a girl..." My aunt said.
    "Do I know her.. my other aunt said
    " She better be a good girl" my mom said
    Carolinas dad got up and said " don't torture the boy, the real question is.. is she hot?"
    All my uncle's started laughing and even my dad chuckled
    " Oh my gosh, seriously?" My aunt said
    " No I want to hear his answer, is she?"

    " Uhhh i guess,yeah"
    My uncles laughed again and my mom responded "are u gonna marry her?"
    " Probably not, seriously I got to go"
    I left in a hurry and I heard one of uncles say " fuck her, alright"
    I whispered " I will alright, just not the one you ever thought of"

    Carolina was waiting in her car and I got in
    " What took you so long" she said
    " Nothing, just go"
    " Where"
    " Let's do it in my house"
    We talked and laughed for half an hour it took to get there"

    We arrived and I unlocked the house and we immediately went to my room.
    She pushed me to my bed and went on my lap and kissed me. With tongue. It felt... Special.. nothing like any other girl I've kissed
    We made out and I caressed her back and butt. What an amazing ass. It's my favorite out of everyone I know

    I started to take off her shirt, then pants, then bra, then panties while she took off my clothing.

    She smelled so sweet

    I looked at her pussy. So neat and clean. She shaved. Probably for me

    " Please tell me you shaved there too"
    " This morning actually, it was getting messy"
    She finally took off my underwear and it revealed my giant boner
    Without hesitation she put it in her mouth. Her lips on my cock felt amazing. Way better than jerking off

    She continued blowing for a few minutes then I felt the familiar rush in my cock

    " It's coming"
    She nodded and finally took it out waiting for the rush to leave
    " You want to put it in me?, I'm on pill."
    I said hell yes
    She got on me and guided my dick towards her pussy
    " U sure? I'm your cousin"
    " Do it"
    She nodded and let me in
    Her pussy was so warm. And tight. Nice
    She let out a sexy moan
    I fucked her for a bit then I felt the rush again and this time, I didn't warn her

    It came out. My hot cum was in her sweet pussy
    She got off and she laid down and I got off the bed and was about to put it in when she said " when it's coming again, take it out.i wanna have ur cum all over me"
    I nodded and entered again
    She let out another moan
    So hot
    I felt it again so I did what I was told. I took it out and my cum spilled all over
    I kissed her and said that we should do this more often and she agreed

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    It is almost back to school time and I live in a great college/university town.
    And i can't wait to screw and get screwed by a fresh crop all those sexy little hotties who figure out some place in their first semester to that they really can't afford to be in school or keep so many part time jobs going to pay the bills. So many of the turn to escorting or being a sugar baby (which is just being in denial that your a glorified escort seeking a steady John). Many try it out of desperation, rather than drop out, but not all who try it stick with it, you see them slowly drop out through the year until your down to a regular core of local college hoes. I assume it is hard work, scary work, self defiling to fuck mostly random married men twice your age or more in hotel rooms just not to disappoint your mom and dad by dropping out. You see, everyone notices if you drop out, but no one finds out what happens between you and someelse's husband in a local discreet Comfort Inn. Thirty minute later you have enough for the moment, that easy. No one ever needs to know, after all you are far from home.
    So many try it, not so many hack it, but I can tell you I am always looking to fuck the new ones the second i see their ads go up, or a regular whore from last year gives me a tip about her dorm-mate who wants to try it (it happens that way more then you can imagine in college towns). Oh my fuck, at 52 the flawless pussy i get well over half my age completely willing to suck, fuck, throat, ride, bounce, show it off, talk as act any way you want, just to try and get you to be a regular so they have dependable money from safe older guys, it is amazing! To new girls old and married men mean safer then young and rough guys and they want you to come back.
    I am 52, married, great job, and i can't tell you how many of this beautiful creatures I have fucked in the last 5 years. No seriously, i can't tell you, i lost track of how many of these girls I simply paid the going rate to use them to get me off in secret at a cheap motel. Forget about their names or even faces, i fucked so many, each year now, they are just a flavor of the moment doing their new job working my pole, getting my nut off, and getting their reward in loose 20's stacked in an envelope and placed on the nightstand. The newer they are at it, greater the rush, the more uncertain they are about it but also the more they want to please you, to keep you. The are not hardened yet, so simple manners, kindness, and a few well place tips and you can pretty much get them to do anything, and i mean-anything. So i keep those ones around a while. By semesters end i'll have a crew i keep until the end of the year. The summer will suck, and in the fall, I start again.
    Every year brings a new crop too ashamed to admit they can't make it and go home. That's ok, I got a place for her, soon she'll be sucking my balls while i whack my dick on her forehead trying to decide, "do i bend this one over and pound her good, or make her smile, make eye contact and ride me until i cum in the rubber." I am never moving from this town!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    His cock is enormous, absolutely massive. Yet he's never been married and because of his looks and apparent creepiness, females don't enjoy his manhood. Well this married bored housewife definitely does now.
    His name's Mike, he's fifty one and he lives right next door to us. And for the last year or so, he's been fucking my mouth pussy and asshole to such awesome orgasms.

    He first fucked me, after he overheard my husband and I arguing about the lack of sex we were having. My husband libido due to drinking heavily had plummeted to next to nothing. So I who loved and adore sex wanted my husband to take care of me sexually. His response was to tell me, I'd get it when he said so.

    Mike the next morning very casually said to me over the fence "If he ain't giving it to you, I will". He said it in a jokey way, but I knew he meant it, and by then I was gagging to be fucked.

    Waiting for my husband to go out and play golf, I walked around to Mike's and asked him if he was being serious. Stepping back into his hallway, he dropped his shorts and showed me the father of all penis's. Even falccid Mike's cock is far bigger than my husband's and it was raising as we stood there. I didn't need a second invitation I can tell you, and within seconds I was on my knees in his hallway snd sucking on his delicious cock.

    Still in his hallway, and kneeling on his stairs, I'd taken my panties off and begged him to give it to me. He said something about it being Christmas when I presented him my pussy and asshole, and slid his cock straight up my already soaking wet pussy.

    Like a kid who'd not had sweets in a long time, he went wild for me and fucked me so hard and so energetically with his huge cock, I orgasmed in a series of very very powerful climaxes. I had hadn't been fucked in over three months and it felt awesome to have his penis so deep inside of me. Plus Mike was going at it like a Jack hammer.
    After only maybe ten minutes, I orgasmed yet again and then felt him thrust into me one more time before his cum shot out deep inside my pussy.

    Pulling out, I moved over and sat there with his cum leaking out of me. Getting me to sit higher up the stairs, he said to not waste it and suddenly went down on me. Licking and sucking away on my pussy and clit, the fifty one year old neighbor of ours sucked in his own cum and swallowed it. And I had another wonderful orgasm just as strong as if he was fucking me.

    We chatted in his front room afterwards and I told him why I'd been so desparate for sex. Mike told me he knew as he'd heard us arguing for months and told me I could visit him whenever I wanted to. For a year now my neighbor has been fucking me whenever my husbands not home. Mike works from home which enables us to have sex every day and I've never been happier in my life. Mike is no Adonis, nor is he going to win any personality contests as he's a quiet guy. But if he was to go into a contest for cock size or sexual ability, then with his eleven inch cock and his super high sex drive, Mike would win hands, or should I say cocks up.

    My husband is happy with his golf and his drinking, and I'm more than happy to have a neighbor like Mike, who fucks me so good. And whenever I want and need his wonderful amazingly awesome penis.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I've had my heart broken and kicked off a bad bout of depression because I couldn't control myself with a guy at work.
    I've been with my fella for 5 years and have a kid together but I recently started working again and instantly clicked with an older guy at work. After a few months he drunkenly text me and we started flirting like crazy within 12 hours we where sexting then within a week I had fake overtime and we got a hotel together. He fucked me so well I lost my hearing and all of our kinks match. We are perfect for each other.
    Except I won't leave my kids dad and he can't deal with the jealousy. Over last night it ended and he wont talk to me today.
    I fucking fell in love with this guy but I'm a coward and a scum bag and so I've hurt him and me.
    But my kids are happy and my bf will never know.
    So now I'm stuck with the guilt and the loss of a relationship that I can't greave properly because I have no one to talk to about it.
    It's all my fault and I deserve to feel like this but I can't cope in the slightest.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    He sits there stroking that enormous cock of his and knows I'm watching. Sometimes he's in their back garden stroking one off, other times he's in his parents dining room. He opens the blinds then, and is always naked looking directly into our back bedroom. His young body (I guess around eighteen) is lean and muscular. Yet it's his good looks and his huge cock that transfixes me daily.
    At first I just watched and maybe touched myself, but now I undress completely and masturbate along with him. He in turn stares at my pussy as I frig myself, and strokes quicker and quicker. Eventually he shoots a large amount of cum, either on the seat in their garden, or all over the floor in the dining room, and it sends me over the edge making me orgasm so hard each time.
    It's only a matter of time I guess until we meet, or I invite him around when my husbands working. I want his youthful body and his cock, and I want him to fuck all my holes.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 40

    I did something I now regret but may do again. I had sex with my brother in law in the garage while hubby was sleeping in bed.
    I justify it by telling myself hubby has a 6 inch penis and I've heard his brother had 9 inches and I wanted that big tool buried deep inside me.
    It was late one night. Hubby passed out kinda early. I wasn't ready for bed. He kissed me goodnight and went to bed.
    I was only wearing my robe as usual.
    I made a cup of tea and sat at the kitchen table.
    My brother in law came home from work. I made him a cup of tea and we started chatting.
    Time flew by and we had been taking for a hour.
    He says can I ask you something, I say sure. He says what is something I don't know about you. I can feel my face get warm and I get quiet then I say I've always thought you were hot.
    I said ok now you, what is something I don't know about you.
    My insides explode in 3 2 1.......
    He says I daydream quite often of you on your knees sucking my big cock.
    My mouth dropped open. I look back to make sure hubby is not in the room.
    I slap his arm and nervously laugh.
    I get up to rinse out my tea cup. He is behind me kissing my neck.
    I move away, I say let me go check if he's still sleeping. Big mistake in 3 2 1......
    I say meet me in the garage.
    Hubby is still sleeping. I sneak out to the garage. When I walk in my brother in law says why are we here. I say maybe this is where dreams happen.
    He closes the gap between us and softly says on your knees. I obey. He slowly unbuttons and unzips his pants. He drops them with his underwear. Omg that tool is massive. It has to be bigger than 9.
    I start to shy away, he says I know it's bigger than what you're used to but I'll be gentle.
    His daydream came true. I was on my knees sucking his dick. He shot his load down my throat. I gagged. He pulled me up and kissed me. He untied my robe, told me to turn around and lean on the table.
    As soon as he entered me I was in heaven. It was so filling, I came within minutes.
    After many orgasms from me he whispered do you trust me.
    I said yes and that big dick was rubbing on my ass. I felt cold liquid and his finger slide in. I told him I wasn't ready for that big thing in there. I was an anal virgin.
    He smiled and said let me show you real heaven. Lean more forward and relax. I did and it was a struggle but slowly that big thing was all the way in my ass.
    He started slowly. He then asked are you ready, I said yes. He said hold on. He started fucking my ass fast. I was playing with my clif and I came so hard. He came in my ass and we cleaned up with some towels.
    Every once in a while he will qink at me and say garage but we have never gone back.
    It's been 6 months. I won't do anal with hubby. I really think one night I'm going to say garage to my brother in law.
    I need to be fucked.
    Sex with hubby is plain.
    Ugh. The struggles in life.

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