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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 31

    If there are two things that I adore most during sex, it's having my pussy, clit and asshole licked. And also having my asshole destroyed by being fucked really really hard.
    If I had to scale my orgasms in strength from one to ten, I'd put vaginal fucking at around five to six. Having my pussy, clit and asshole tongued, at around six to eight. But having my asshole drilled so hard it makes me walk funnily afterwards, at a perfect, wonderful and awesome TEN.
    So when my husband, without any discussion or prior consultation with me, decided because of his new found love of Christ he wouldn't go down on me, or more drastically to me, fuck my asshole, I was livid.
    I tried and tried to get him to reconsider, but after three months I literally gave up. What I didn't know near to the end of my sexual tether with him, was a teenage neighbor of ours had overheard us arguing in our kitchen about my longing to have oral sex and to be fucked anally. I found out he knew some weeks later however, when he saw me at the mall on my own.
    I'd gone there to pick up a package from one of those pick up points. The ones you use after you've ordered from the internet. Inside the package was a suction cup dildo, one I was going to use to enjoy anal sex in the shower. Only when I got the item from the locker, he was stood there.
    The words out his young mouth were "Hey Mrs C*****, if you ever need eight inches of hard cock instead of that, let me know". The locker pick up point, I later learned was a popular place for people, married women and men to pick up sexual items for themselves.
    Without thinking about what I was saying and who to, I asked our neighbor who was eighteen at the time, if he'd like to join me in my car and I'd give him a ride home, but not before stopping off at a place I know, so he could fuck me.
    In my car and for forty amazing minutes of sex, I had our neighbor not only tongue out my pussy, clit and ass. But I also had him fuck my pussy first, then after so long without, he absolutely annihilated my asshole, making my climax so so many times.
    The orgasms he gave me were some of the best I'd ever experienced. Whether that was his thicker cock, or just the fact I'd not had that kind of sex in so long. What I do know is, I became infatuated with him and his youthful powerful stamina. I even chanced a suck on his cock as I dropped him off, tasting my own juices from his penis.
    Now we don't fuck in my car, but do fuck as many times as we dare in my home. He calls by when he knows my husband is at work, or more often these past few months, when he's at church.
    It's not that I don't love my husband, because I do in a more platonic way. The fact is, I have my and adore sexual needs, and if my husband cannot and will not meet those needs, then I'm going to continue to seek out men who will. For now, a nineteen year old is more than fulfilling my anal longings four to five times a week. Something that my husband used to give me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 42

    It's a fiction story you guys Is an exaggerated story based on true events.

    This story happen to me about two years ago. Before that I was consider a conservative woman. I grew up in a very conservative household. I been married to my husband for 18 years been faithful to him all that time. We have 4 children together. We have a 18 year old son, a 16 year old daughter, a 12 year old daughter and just recently our new addition to the family our baby boy who's 3 years old. Basically we are the typical suburban family. I used to be the soccer mom type back when my son played soccer. My husband is a loving father and a good provider.

    The sex life i had with my husband wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I never been with another man so there was no one I could have compare him too. Most of the time when me and my husband had sex was just missionary except that time we did in the car. I given him hand jobs before and he has given me oral sex. At first I was reluctant to accept it but I gave in later after experiencing it. My husband sex past is also limited. He slept with two girls before he met me but they were just passive. He also said they weren't as beautiful as me. At 16 I had my first boyfriend but all we did was kiss or hold hands. When I was 18 I had another boyfriend he was the first guy I touch inappropriately. He told me to masturbate him. I never seen his penis but I did grab it underneath his pants. He only felt about 4.5 so when me and my husband had sex for the first time I thought that 6 in penis was more than enough and anything bigger was just a deformity.

    My name is Patricia and I was 40 years old when this story happen and I can say
    proudly that I pass as 30. Over the years I gained a little bit of weight but I lost it. My breasts are 36D i lost all the fat around my waist and it went to my butt and tights. I have green eyes, high check bones and very light skin but I usually get a golden tan when I'm out in the sun. I'm a brunette but I been greying recently so I cover my roots making it seems like I have streams of blonde in my hair. I dress modest, appropriately for a women my age. I refuse to dress provocative. My husband name is Mike and he has insisted on me dressing a little more sexy. I usually wear blouses, slacks, or dresses that are above my knees. The most sexy dress clothes I put on is usually a skirt that's a little above my knee caps and expose a little bit of cleavage. Some guys have tried talking me but I turn everyone down. Is not that I don't find other guys attractive is that I don't feel the urge of being with another man. My husband is 44 years old now, just two years older than me and I can assure you that he's always been faithful. He's good looking too.

    Things change when our new neighbors moved in. They were a young married white couple in their mid 20's. Their names were Alexa and John. Alexa is a very good looking red head girl. She was shocked when she found out I wasn't 30. Little by little we developed a friendship with Alexa and John.

    One Halloween night the young couple invited us to a party. Our kids were away with their cousins. It was the first time I had gone to a party in a long time. I was a little concern though that we were going to a party full of young adults. So me and my husband invited some long time
    friends. Steve and Dawn, Steve was 45 years old and Dawn was my age. A couple who was our neighbors that are close to our age also came to the party which was good because now me and Mike didn't felt as the only older white couple in a party full of young people. John and Alexa seem to have lots of non white friends. They're friends consisted of another young white couple and a young Mexican American couple. The Mexican couple, a tall scrawny guy and his chubby but attractive thick girlfriend seem quite popular, most of the guests that came was because of them rather than Alexa and John. For a moment I was little kind of jealous of the Mexican girl because Mike had a thing for Latina women. In the party there were lots of girls with nice costumes that show their bodies. Most of the party guests were young Hispanics.

    That night, 3 girls stand out in the party which were a young blonde girl who seem easy with all of the guys and two really hot Hispanic girls. These girls invited 4 other girls, Some black girls who were very good looking who appear to be mixed with Mexican or Indian. Dawn my friend, was getting a little annoyed that Steve and Mike eyes were focus on all this young girls. I tried not to show that it bother me. I kept telling Dawn that I could get that attention too. But I was dressed in a witch costume and had green make up. I went up to Alexa and told her that I was willing to put on that costume she recommended me to wear earlier but that i politely rejected. I grab the costume and put it on. It was a sexier witch costume, Typical Halloween sexy costumes girls wear. I was a little worried though because I was breastfeeding and I had more Milk than a women should. It was a dark purple garment.

    I return to the party and Dawn Steve, and Mike jaws dropped. The dress push my boobs up and made them look firm. Since I was breastfeeding my boobs look bigger than how they usually do. The costume cover my stomach but it showed lot of legs. I was little flattered when I got the attention of these younger guys. But then a group of 7 black guys arrived at the party. It seem like if those pretty black girls invited them. My friend Dawn was terrified of black guys I told her to relax. I assure her that Alexa and John knew what they were doing but I was a little worried myself too. We then started drinking more and getting more into the party vibe.

    One black guy in particular stand out. He was 6'2 buff and dark as charcoal black. A lot of the girls seem to throw themselves at him. Next thing you know I saw him whispering with the pretty blonde girl Dawn's husband, Steve kept drooling all over for. She came up to me and told me that he wanted me to meet me. I wasn't really interested. I was happily married and never had an interest in black men. One time in the street a black guy gave me a compliment but I found him unattractive.

    âMy friend says was up?, the pretty blond girl told me.

    âWell why doesnât he do it himselfâ I answer back annoyed.

    The blond girl gave me a puzzled smile and went back to the black guy. He then look at me and approach me. He tower over my 5'6 height even my husband who is 5'10 look small compare to him.

    âHow you doing shoudy, Iâm not trying to be fronting but Iâm just trying to skip that wootie wootâ the black guy said something like that.

    âPardon me? Iâm sorry I donât know what you mean?â I said back.

    He's attention towards me seem to get one of the pretty light skin black girls mad.

    âYou know maybe you should go back, I donât think your gf back there likes you talking to meâ I said to him.

    âNaw mamma no reason to be jealous Iâm no ones manâ he said back to me gosh he was so full of himself.

    Leroy seem to feel as if I can automatically fall for him. He look handsome for a black man but he was clearly barking at the wrong tree. I dismiss myself and told him I was going back to my husband who was on the other side of the party.

    âOh shit my bad you married?â he said to me.

    âYes happily married and not only that, I can also be your mom, so if you excuse me I must leave.â I said to him. By this time I was feeling the alcohol.

    âNaw you canât be that older than meâ he said back

    Thatâs when I told him my age however Leroy insisted that he would leave me alone under one condition. That I dance with him 2 songs.

    â My husband is there! I canâtâ I said to him.

    âCom e one just once dance girl, thatâs all Iâm asking. I promiseâ he said back.

    âFine!â I said back not convinced on my part.

    Leroy then told one of his friends to distract my husband with a girl from the party. Me and Leroy moved to a more crowded area surrounded by lots of young couples dancing. Leroy told me while dancing that he was trying to be a Sheriff but was previously locked up so it was hard for him to get in the academy. He was 28 years old I told him a little bit of myself. The small dance floor started getting more crowded and Leroy began to dance more closer to me. The music, the alcohol also started loosing me up. I wanted to stop so I turn around and look for a way out but the the crowded room made me push back. I guess that gesture gave Leroy the wrong idea because he puts his crotch behind me and put his hands on my hips.

    âWhat are you doing?â I said to him.

    â Shh itâs just dancing girl, see everyone is doing itâ, he said back. âBesides Its crowded up in this bitch so I really canât go anywhere. Why donât you just just relax and feel the rhythm of the music.â

    That's when I felt his penis. I was in disbelief. It seem surreal for someone to have monstrous thing. Curiousity kill the cat, I was curious to feel more so I push back to meet his thrust. I started grinding on him to my surprise I began dancing like all the other girls at the party. I bend down and put my hands on the couch. He had his hands on my hips then close to my lap and slowly started teasing my pussy lips with the tips of his finger. I couldn't believe it, this black stranger was touching me while my husband was just a couple of yards away from us.

    âOmg my husband!" I quickly step way from Leroy and went to look for my husband.

    My husband was talking to John and was pretty much drunk. Leroy came to look for me.

    âYou going to leave me hanging like thatâ Leroy said to me.

    â Dude my husband is drunk I need to drive him home. Thanks for the dance but I gotta go.â I said back.

    I put Mike in a chair and i leaned on this small bar Alexa and John had. Leroy came over again to talk to me. Next thing you know all this guests started asking me and Leroy for some drinks. I guess us hanging out in the bar area made them think we were bartenders. It seem fun for a little bit so me and Leroy began pouring, mixing drinks we bump into each other while we made the guests drinks.

    While doing that Leroy began to caress my ass and my pussy again slowly. I tried to move away because I notice Mike was watching from the other side. I was going to grab a beer when I accidentally drop it. I kneel down to pick it up but when I look up, I saw Leroy sticking his penis out in front of me. No one seem to notice and I peek from the bottom right side of the bar to look for Mike. I saw him wandering around probably looking for me.

    âYou caused this you know that right," Leroy said to me as he stick his penis out proudly to me.

    I was mad what was he thinking? I was married, he was black? "How dare you?â I said. âWhy don't you go and let a whore handle that for you,"

    âWell if you don't want to suck it why don't you jerk me off? besides what yo husband going to do to meâ

    I didnât want Leroy hurting my husband so I told Leroy I didn't know what to do. He told me to grab it and give it a few strokes. I stop and so many thoughts came through mind. How much bigger could his penis possibly get? I also sympathize with him having his penis swollen just like my breasts were at the moment. If I didn't do this perhaps he would have bother me the whole party and cause problems with my husband. I had to make a quick decision.

    "Fine I'll do it!!" I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth.

    So I proceeded. I put my hand around his shaft and in disbelief it started getting bigger close to 10 inches my hand couldn't even grip around it. I began to jerk him off. It had pass 20 minutes and my hands were getting tired.

    âMy hands are getting tired, I donât think this would workâ I said.

    âUse your mouth, sweetheartâ he said back.

    âEeww w no! Iâm not putting my mouth on that thingâ I said.

    âNaw I mean talk dirty to meâ he said.

    âSay how much you like big black cock, come on say itâ

    âI love big black cockâ I said. âI want this big black cock in my pussyâ

    âItâ s this bigger than your husband?â

    & acirc;Yes you are bigger than my husbandâ

    âWhy don't you get naked?" Said Leroy.

    "I'm not taking my dress off. Period!", I answered furious.

    âWell then let me see them tittys", reply Leroy.

    âNot happeningâ I said back putting my hands over my breast.

    It was getting difficult to make him come so I began using both hands at the same time. Thats when Leroy without my permission pulled my top down exposing my breasts to him. I was flushed with embarrassment when this happen.

    âWtf is wrong with you? deal is off asshole!â I yelled at him.

    â Naw Naw girl we almost done here this would help me come faster, chill girlâ he said.

    He began pinching my nipple giving me an inch of pleasure.

    âOohâ I moaned a little....âYou pull something like this again and the deal is offâ I added.

    âKiss it", Leroy said.

    âBut you're going to cum in my mouth"

    âBaby all I need from you is one kiss and I'll promise I won't."

    Without thinking I gave it a long deep kiss. It didn't taste bad so I began licking the tip.

    âAaah fuck! Shit thatâs it girl, let me put my dick in your tits and I'll come right now"

    âYou promise? youâll be done?â I said.

    âYea yea come on come on, itâs coming now, here take it, take it girlâ Leroy said.

    I was on my knees when Leroy began putting his cock in between my large
    tits. He started jerking his penis between my tits. It gave my swollen breasts a little bit of relief. I gave his penis another deep kiss and I licked his whole cock then I put his penis next to my tits grabbing my tits with both of my hand. Thatâs when he began spraying buckets of cum I didn't want to ruin my costume so I milk his cock with my mouth willingly. I was bobbing my head back and forth then he he push my back of my head into his penis shoving it down my throat while he played with my nipples. In the moment of extacsy I began playing with myself. Nothing was more important right there right then than to please this black stranger.

    âDamn Patty, that was amazing!!! I never had a bitch that ever suck me up like that" Leroy said.

    I looked up as my eyes met his eyes.

    âAh thatâs it let me see them pretty eyes while you suck that dick.â Leroy said.

    âGo ahead and feel lucky, I never ever gave anybody head, ever." I answered back.

    âNot even to you husband?â Leroy said

    âNope& acirc; I said back giggling.

    While I was sucking the last drop of sperm from his cum, a drunk girl came to ask for a drink. Before she saw what we were doing I got up as fast as possible and put my top back on. I fix her a drink and fix more drinks for other guests too. I lean toward the bar table to hear what one of the guests was telling me. That's when Leroy began shoving his cock slowly into my pussy. I turned my head back and said to him.

    âStop you're too big, what are you doing I already suck you up you should leave already, my husband is here"

    â Im going to fuck this pussy whether you want it or not after I fuck you you going to be begging for this black cock", Leroy answered back.

    It was so painful I was trying to get away. I let out a loud groan that made Mike look our way. I kept it discreet the bar area was crowded and Leroy blended with the darkness
    behind me.

    âYou been teasing me all night you going to find out what real fucking is girl", said Leroy.

    Leroy began grabbing me from the hips and waist; he started fucking me harder. His penis was so deep it felt as it was touching my womb. Pain started tuning into pleasure I couldn't take it anymore, I let it take a hold of me.

    âFuck! Oh fuck ooh! Fuck me with that big black cock", I yelled.

    By now Mike was awake and was in a conversation. For some moment while Mike was in a conversation he turned and look at me with an odd look on his face. The place was too crowded so he couldn't really see Leroy behind me. I smile to my husband not to draw suspicion while I was getting fucked from behind. The party was crowded and the room was dark for a moment I lean back pull down my shirt and began rubbing my nipples while I was facing the same direction of Mike. Mike was smiling at me as I wink back to him. He didn't realize that right then his wife was getting rammed from behind.

    âYou're body was made to fuck black cock, girl." Leroy said.

    As soon as Mike turned away, Leroy began fucking me harder pulling my hair. He laid down on his back and I went down with him began riding him reverse cowgirl. We were behind the bar counter and he began squeezing my tits.

    I didn't care about anything right there. I didn't care who saw, didn't care if I got caught all I care was that this stranger was fucking my brains out. Then another young white couple saw us. The girl licked my nipple while the white guy shoved his penis in my mouth. I sucked on him.

    âGet awayâ I said to the white boy.
    âI want to fuck this black cock by myselfâ I said.

    We stop for a bit and walk outside in the back. Leroy had already his pants unzipped and sat down on a bench. I sat on top of him and put my tits all over his face as he began sucking on them. I started riding him as he slap my ass with both of his hands. He then began grabbing my ass cheeks. That's when I look to my left and I saw Mike watching me with a confused look on his face. I couldn't tell if he was sad or mad but what I did saw a huge bulge he had in his pants. I ignored my husband and went back to animal fucking with Leroy. We started kissing and he was kissing my neck.

    âyou fucking slut!â Mike said to me.

    âBaby Iâm sorry, but is just that he fuck better than youâ

    âBut how could you? We been married for over 15 years, your the mother of my children, what happened to the innocent girl I married?â

    I felt bad but I was just way into this dick I didnât seem to care.

    âT ake notes small dick, this is how you fuck your ladyâ Leroy said to mike.

    Mike tried to punch Leroy but grab mikes arm and began to squeeze him. I felt bad and put both of my hands over my mouth.

    âStop youâll hurt himâ, I pleaded.

    I went and gave a hug to mike leaving my ass exposed to Leroy. Thatâs when Leroy began fucking me doggy style.

    âLet me make it up for you honâ I said to Mike.

    I began to suck Mike dick. I was now experienced. All of sudden Leroy pulled out.

    I turned around and said to Leroy. âWhy you pulled out?â

    Next thing you know I felt a pain in my asshole.

    âShit! Why?!â I said.

    âShut up bitch, you going to take it up your ass like the slut that you areâ Leroy said back.

    I rolled my eyes back bit my bottom lip and raised my ass higher as I rested my chest in the floor. Itâs was painful and it felt like if torn my ass apart. With the lube it got better but luckily he went slow.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    I have been married to the same woman for 25 yrs. She was 16 when we met and I was 18.
    We have three kids and just living the average life of work and raising kids. One day I was at a tire shop getting my car worked on when this little red head and her mom came in as well. Her name was Dawn and her mom was Heather. I was 35 at the time and Dawn was 19 and a college student. It was summer so she was home and they were at the shop to have Dawn's car worked on.
    We talked about our cars and college. When my car was done I said bye and left.
    Two days passed when I met Dawn at our local McDonald and we began to talk as we ate lunch. Dawn was very petite with very small breast and must had weighed around 100. My wife and kids just so happen to be out of town for a long weekend and it was Friday. I could feel the tension between us, and it just came out wondering if she would like to come over and watch a movie with me that night. She excepted.
    Wow I thought, what have I done, but my cock was in control of this and couldn't wait.
    She arrived around 8pm and came right in. She was wearing a loose t-shirt with jeans. I had some munches ready but neither of us were hungry. Within 5 minutes we were kissing, and in another 5 minutes my face was between her legs tasting her young teen pussy. She was shaved (different than my wife who never shaved) and she was very wet. She was moving her hips in rhythm with my tongue, breathing very heavy. I asked her if she wanted to go to my bedroom and she slowly got up as we moved to my bed.
    She layed down opened her legs and told me she was so horny she wanted me ever since she met me. I crawled on top and slowly put my cock in her.
    She wrapped her legs around me, as we started to move. I could not believe what I was doing as I continued to fuck her. She suddenly came very hard, scratching my ass as she wanted it deeper. I soon could feel a build up of excitement as she came again lightly biting my neck. As I got close all I could think about was we never talked birth control and I wasn't using a condom. I stopped mid stroke and she went crazy begging me to continue. I told her my dilemma and asked if she was on birth control. She said NO but begged me to continue. I started to move again and it felt 500 times better than before. I had never felt this good. Her pussy was wrapped so tight around me and it took no more than 10 strokes and I came HARD. She knew it as well because she felt it in her. After we rested for an hour and fucked again.
    For the next month we would meet in weird places parks, cemeteries and even at her house and fuck unprotected. Than she left for college.
    I was lucky and never got her pregnant and my wife never found out. Life went on. About two month's ago we found each on Facebook. It has been 12 years since our time together and she now has a daughter who is 8 and single. She told me she has never forgotten our time together and I was the one in her life that got away. She said that she had a special place in her heart for me. I work for myself and decided one day I would go make the 150 mile trip and visit her while her daughter was at school.
    She was still the tiny little Dawn I remembered and it wasn't long and we were in her bed fucking. I have not been up there since then 2 month's but just got a call from her telling me she's pregnant, and wants me with her. Only two woman I have ever fucked and now I got the other pregnant. I will leave my wife of 25 yrs for Dawn because its the right thing to do. We will raise our child together.

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    Straight Male / 51

    This post is dedicated to women who know their husbands cheated, and then told them 'It didn't matter - it was only sex.' Look, I know it's not much comfort, but it's true. Believe me, I really love my wife, and I think she's the best thing that ever happened to me - but - well, here's the story.
    When I was 60 and had been married to my much younger wife for five years we went to live in an English-speaking southern African country. We had maids to help us, and soon I began to feel sexual tension between one 18 year old, Lizzie, and myself. So one day I took a chance and kissed her and she responded enthusiastically. The following day I got her into my bedroom and got her stripped off. She had a great ass and tits, but my wife came home, so we had to stop. A few days later while my wife was out I gave the other maid something to do at the other end of the house, got Lizzie into the bedroom, got her stripped off again, and this time gave her a good fucking. She had an unbelievably strong orgasm, her little pussy gripping my cock almost like a hand. Anyway this went on for about four years, well, on and off, as it turned out she was married, but she and her husband kept breaking up and getting back together again, so she went back to him twice for quite long spells.
    After she had gone for good (I thought) I saw a girl called Dot around who looked quite good, and found out that she was someone I had once helped out when she was about 14. She was now 18, and I asked her to come and work for us on Saturdays. She agreed, and then I told her that I actually wanted her to be my girlfriend. She hesitated slightly - she'd been screwing around since she was 17, but had no real relationship, so in one of our sheds she let me pull up her top. My god, what tits! Like two gr**efruits cut in half. I pulled up her skirt, and pulled her panties down to look at her ass which was nice but clearly heading to be big in the African way. She didn't want to do it in the shed, so I waited until Saturday when I knew my wife would be gone for a good while, and took her into our bedroom, kissed her and got her clothes off. She lay down on the bed, and opened her legs - I was going crazy with excitement and obviously didn't need any further invitation. However she wasn't much of a maid, and also gave me an STD, although a mild one. I only fucked her one more time before realising about the STD, so I got myself and her treated, but obviously that was a bit of a turnoff, plus my wife was a bit suspicious, so I dropped the whole thing. By good luck Lizzie came back about twice to get money I owed her. She let me fuck her each time, which was very erotic. Then things went quiet for a couple of years. I tried it on with two maids in that time, but neither responded positively, and I certainly wasn't going to push it if they weren't interested.
    Years previously my wife and I had net a 14 year old schoolgirl called Milly who used to come and play with our daughter, who was about 9. So one day Milly, now 20, came and asked my wife for a job. My wife agreed. Milly was VERY sexy, but came from a rather strict Catholic family. I knew she had always liked me, so one day I told her the truth - I'd like her to be my girlfriend. To my surprise and delight she agreed. Saturday morning was our only time, as my daughter would be horse-riding, the other maid didn't work Saturdays, and my wife often went to work, or if not did the shopping. I wasn't entirely surprised to find out Milly was a virgin, and I was patient - it took me a few weeks to seduce her, going a bit further every time. Finally she let me fuck her. I don't know how much she liked it, but I'll always remember her sweet brown eyes looking up at me as she felt a cock inside her for the first time. She was 21 by the time I talked her round. She left our employ and went to college, and I used to sneak her in and do her from time to time, but she definitely didn't want to get caught. I think that fear inhibited her for a while. Then a friend started to let me use his house, so since then I pick her up every week and take her there. Once there we kiss like teenagers for a while, then we go into the bedroom and kiss some more, while I feel her beautiful little ass. I take her clothes off except her panties and rub her clit, stick my tongue in her ear, massage that ass, then we lie on the bed. I feel her clit until I feel the pussy turning moist, then roll her on her tummy, and pull the panties down past that ass. I pretend to spank it a bit, which makes her giggle, then I roll her on her back, pull the panties down, and get a pillow. She hoists that fantastic ass onto the pillow, and I begin to fuck her slowly. Her pussy feels very tight indeed, much tighter than my wife's. Initially I kiss her as we fuck, but as soon as I stick my tongue in her ear and nibble the lobe she begins to moan and exclaim, until she comes. I feel I ought to try something different some time, but sex with her is so damn good I never do - missionary, slow, until I also come. I did do a bit of oral with her in the past, and she liked it, but - well, - if it's not broke, don't fix it, right?

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    Straight Female / 26

    I have been having sex with my husbandâs boss for six years. I have had a son and a daughter during this affair. Our son is definitely my husbands but canât go by looks about my daughter. My husband and I got married after high school. He had no trade but could mechanic ok. He got a job a large mechanic shop. I would go by the shop from time to time and his boss was a big flirt. One day I took my husband lunch and my husband was on a road run. He flirted in conversation and said he wish I would give him lunch. I told him they (meaning boss and husband) could come by for lunch and I would fix a good dinner. The next day I heard a knock on our apartment door and I saw it was him alone. I let him in. He didnât hesitate and started kissing my neck and fondling my breast. I was froze and didnât know how to react. It wasnât long he had all my clothes off and feeling me all over. He took me to the bedroom and took his clothes off. He started kissing me and I kissed back. He lay me down and entered me. It wasnât long we were cumming together. 15 minutes earlier I was alone in my apartment. 15 minutes later I cheated on my husband and had another manâs cum inside me. For years he comes over once or twice a week. He and I work hard to not be found out by our spouses. Sex with my husband is good but I love sex. Sex with his boss is hard and animal. Iâm tingling every weekday hoping I get used at dinner. His work and my husbandâs work situation determine when he comes over I never know. I had my tubes tied and working on getting my schoolgirl figure back. When I have sex with my husband I think of his boss. When I have sex with his boss I think of my husband. This is terrible as a wife with two small children but I like having my body used.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I'm married and comfortably so. My problem is that I am highly sexed and need to fuck daily where my husband is satisfied with one or two sessions weekly. He is also ten years older than I am and I doubt that is helpful. The only thing he knows is that I have female lovers and have had then since college. He's o.k. with it but he actually has no choice about it because before we married I explained to him I was not going to give up my sex-dolls.

    I poured through Craigslist and saw an ad with just a fairly nice, erect cock in it. I answered with a photo of my body below my neckline and asked for more cock shots. I received half a dozen different angled shots but I could tell it was the same cock. Recently my female friend with benefits, Betty, and I rented a pied-à-terre in the downtown area. This is unknown to my husband and I can afford it due to my income.

    I sent him a photo he requested, pulling my vagina open with both hands. I had Betty take the photo. Mr. Nicecock loved the shot and we exchanged some emails and then phone calls. We actually began our sex life doing phonos or phone-sex. I found out that he has a great imagination for sex and that was all I needed so I set up a meeting at my small place.

    Within minutes of meeting we were fornicating like honeymooners. He is also married and just as sex starved as I am. We exchanged likes and dislikes. He loves me to whisper obscenities in his ear while he trounces me. I try but am not good at it. We have found many ways to come together, simultaneously. It did not start that way but with planning and concentration this can be done if you want it and we both want it.

    His ample cock allows us to experiment with positions so we are working on that and on the possibility of exchanging fuck partners and watching each other while doing the friends. Along with Betty, I have two or three girl friends I also have sex with and he wants to see that before he watches me do men. I want him to do my girl lovers and join in. Betty wants to take him anally while I suck on her clit. Mr. Nicecock loves the plan.

    The reason I am posting this since I really do not need to "confess" it, is a question I have for someone mature who might know. Mr. Nicecock satisfies and pleases me where my husband is a giant drag, sex-wise. Why the devil can't any of us find great sex in marital partners?

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    Straight Female / 23

    To start with I am a 23 year old white female and married to a wonderful provider, but that's where it stops.
    Sexually he hardly in the mood or he's to tired and he's gone from home a lot his job as a estimator for up to five weeks at a time. Leaves me lonely, sex deprived and just bored.

    Then as it happened a Black family moved into the vacant house next door which has been vacant for nearly five years and I was really liking the privacy of not having neighbors for during the summers I would sun bath nude for there wasn't any fears of being caught, but thus all has changed.

    This was the first day of summer and the temperature was already in the high 70's and I decided to go out and lay to get some rays and just relax. Ops almost forgot about neighbors so I went back into my bed room and dug out a bikini and put it on, god I've grown a bit since the last time I wore this two years ago.

    I have seen our new neighbors from time to time even talked with them but being black wasn't really that close just neighbors. I was laying out in the back yard getting sun burnt and I started to apply more lotion to my front and just about finished when the neighbors son Juan came over and started in talking to me and I asked him what he usually does during the day when his parents are at work and he said "Play video games" I told him "I didn't think of him being a gamer" he said "not usually " but being new to this neighborhood he didn't have any friend yet. Then I asked him if he would apply some lotion to my back side and he said he would. I turned over and he applied to lotion to my back first telling me if I untie your top I could do all of your back and I told him "to go ahead but after you're done tie me back up" he said he would and he did and began rubbing my back more like a massage rather than applying lotion and I told him " god that feels wonderful" he continued every now an then I felt his fingers glide across the sides of my breasts but didn't say anything.

    He squirted a bunch of lotion on the back of my legs and began giving the massage he had given my back and I let him do all he wanted. He untied my bottoms and pulled them away and I sat up asking him what he thought he was doing and he told me to lie down and let him continue for he said" god you don't want to burn you're pretty white bottom do you" and started in rubbing my feet one then the other then my legs going higher and higher and god I fell asleep. I awoke tho when he was holding onto my ass cheeks running his hands down my hips going lower and lower lifting me up as his hands slid beneath me pulling my hips towards him and holding me letting me fall back down and god it felt so good having being manipulated like he was me, then he ran his fingers down each legs back up again up over my ass clear to my neck and back down again sending shivers throughout my whole body going all the way down to my feet again he spread my legs apart more and his fingers started going higher and higher again on the insides of my legs and when he got to my ass he was right at my pussy and he let them linger and again I said nothing and he started in touching and rubbing and I raised my hips up a bit spreading my ass apart letting him do what ever he wanted.

    Didn't take him long he turned me over my top falling off and he immediately latched onto one nipple sucking it deep into his mouth and his toung did wonders god my breathing got deeper and more rapid and I didn't know he had gotten undressed during the time he was giving me a massage for that's what it was. Then he got between my legs spreading them apart even more and he bent down and gave me a kiss raised up looked me right into my eyes and told me I was beautiful and kissed me again, but this time I kissed him back.

    We started making out and slowly he was positioning himself to burry his cock deep in me and as wet as I was it would be no problem for him to do so. One bounce then two with the head of his cock pushing against my lips spreading them further apart in three thrust he was deep inside of me my lips found his I gave him a big kiss telling him "god you feel so big inside of me as he slid deeper and deeper into me began giving me what I wanted for so long. I had my first orgasm within two minutes of him sliding in and out of me pressing against my cervix as he went deep and god I was cumming again and again I couldn't control myself.

    He stopped still buried deep in me and told me I was amazing and bent down kissed my lips again and again and I him back as he started in fucking me raised up off of me looking into my eyes I knew I wanted him more and more right then and there and god he started cumming in me deeper than he went before holding himself in me and I erupted in a mind blowing orgasm on him and went wild thrashing my whole body about him. Finally I came back down off my high and all I could say was "WOW' and he looked at me and told me the same just "WOW" and gave me4 another kiss but holding onto my head he ran his toung over my lips parting them just as he did my puss 40 minutes ago and slid his toung into my mouth and I sucked him deep. It was like he was fucking my mouth with his toung over and over sending himself deeper and deeper into my mouth and all I could do was let him. He raised up looking at me telling me how beautiful I was and the contrast between our skin colors really made him stand out I looked down and said "OMG I looked down saw him still inside of me and he was thicker than I thought. I reached down t6ouched him and ran my fingers up and down along his shaft telling him "I love you, god I love you" and raised myself up onto him deeper.
    He stared in fucking me again or should I say I started in fucking him grabbing hold of his ass pulling him tighter towards me driving his cock even deeper into me and he began fucking me driving me to many more orgasms on his cock. Twenty minutes later he fills my pussy with his cum again and collapses upon my breathing hard and both of us sweating under the summers sun he says he's got to take a break or I'm gonna wear him out and we both laughed.

    After getting cleaned up still nude we went into the house and took a shower together and god he again fucked me standing pushed against the corner I kept kissing him and he just stopped telling me he couldn't cum again and I told him you did more than my husband by far and he asked when he was due home and I told him and asked him you want to spend your time here till he comes back and he kissed me big time and said "yes I'm gonna be your husband for the next three weeks and you're gonna carry my baby " I told him I can't thank god I'm on BC.

    The next night he spent with me and every night till my husband was due home. All day any time he or I had the urge we made love for hours and I never looked back or wondered what my friends would think if they knew.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    My cheating got me in trouble. I had an affair, lasted over a year. I broke it off because my dirtbag neighbor caught me and threatened to tell my husband. I would have just denied it but he took tons of pictures of the guy coming and going from my house and got pics through our window of me on my knees in front of the guy and on top of him in our kitchen. I begged and begged for my neighbor to delete the pics and promised I'd never cheat again. I broke it off and started asking my husband to move.

    A few months later when my husband was away for a few days, the neighbor came over and told me he still had the pics and he knew I was horny missing all the sex and he wanted to take my guy friend's place. I said no, he said ok but your husband isn't going to like these pictures. Like an idiot I again begged and flirted and all that but the guy wanted something. I said ok just this once.

    I blew him for awhile, hating every minute, let him play with my body, he made me spread my legs so he could finger me and eat me out and acted like a hero because I came. Then he fucked me. He fucked me like he hated me. He is a lot bigger than my husband and my friend and at first what he was doing hurt but eventually it started feeling really good. I didn't want to cum again but I did and then did again. He just kept going, rolling me over and fucking me different ways. Unfortunately he lasted a really long time. I finally had to ask him to finish because I couldn't take it anymore. He just laughed and kept going for awhile longer until he finally came in me. Thank god I'm on birth control.

    So I hated being with him but it was amazing sex so after I was conflicted. One one hand I never wanted to see the guy again, on another I wanted to cum like that again.

    It didn't matter tho because the guy made the choice for me, coming back over again the next two days for more. He snuck out of our house an hour before my husband got home. I had to take a quick shower and act normal. Of course my husband wanted to fuck, I had to act like I was enjoying it but my pussy was too sore and I had cum too much to get any pleasure. I thought it was over then but it wasn't.

    Since then the guy just fucks me whenever he is in the mood. There was a third guy I cheated with because my fucking neighbor made me fuck him a bunch times because "he owed him." The two of them just showed up together and I had to threesome with them. They both liked calling me names and making me swallow their cum or them both cumming on my face or whatever was humiliating.

    These two didn't give one shit about me. The other guy wouldn't take no for an answer and fucked my in my ass which was awful especially because my neighbor decided to fuck my pussy at the same time. They treated me like some sex girl. That guy hasn't been around for awhile but my neighbor still comes over a lot and likes to embarrass me by doing stuff when he's over and my husband is home like stick his hand under my skirt or squeeze my boobs or make me suck him real quick in the kitchen or whatever.

    Be careful if you cheat. You never know what might happen.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My b/f does not now I am doing four other, older people, on the side. I can't help it
    and I can't stop.

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    Straight Female / 30

    I got married at 19years old. I was raised strict and had little chance of sex with my husband before marriage until 2 months before our wedding. I had been closed off from reality my whole life. The thing is I really enjoy sex. My husband works long hours providing for us and I love him dearly. After marriage I decided to go to college. I wanted to be a nurse. After class one day a classmate hunk said he always wanted to look under long dresses like I always wore. I followed him to the upstairs stairs which is seldom used and he pulled down my panties and had sex with me us both standing. He was big and had a lot of cum. We did this after class the whole semester. He needed pressure relief because he had no girlfriend and I got a big orgasm to feel better all day. The next semester I car pooled to campus with another girl. She had a male friend that started riding with us. I had the hots for him. His week to drive he dropped our lady rider at her car first. I put my feet on the car dash and let my dress fall down. He was married like myself so he knew what I wanted. He stared fondling me. We would find a parking place and he would have sex with me till he would go soft. Usually after two orgasms and I had many. I started student nursing in hospital and I was easy to get with guys in unused rooms. I made good grades but a female overseer told me I get my A grade for nursing but I had to learn how to keep my legs closed. The guys were telling others. I got a job near home so we started a family. I have been loyal since we started a family. It is so easy to get a man to have sex. A lady has to show restraint because it is easy to find a guy to have sex with.

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