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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    Two nights ago, my wife, Amber went on an all girls vacation for a week with some of the other women from the office. She was supposed to call me when her plane landed but she never did. I just assumed she was too busy having fun with the girls. I eventually went to bed.

    Around 2am, I got up to take a leak and noticed I had a message on my phone. I checked to see if it was Amber but it was an unknown number. The message read:

    "Hey buddy. What's up?"

    I replied: "sorry, I don't have your number saved. Who is this?"

    I didn't get a response so I brushed it off and went back to sleep. A few minutes later, my phone buzzes. It's the same number again.

    "No worries, bro. You actually don't know me. My name is Guy. I work with Amber and I'm at the hotel bar with her. Her phone died and she asked me to text you to let you know she's alright"

    I felt some relief to know she was okay but then it occurred to me that this was supposed to be a girls only trip. Curiously, I asked:

    "Glad to know she's ok. I thought it was an all girls trip? Is she there? Let me talk to her"

    Immediately, he responds:
    "No can do, bro. She's pretty tanked. We were doing tequila shots. Your wife get crazy when she's drunk"

    My blood boiled when I read that. To think of my beautiful wife lying to me and doing tequila shots with some guy from work just put a knot in my throat. I text him back:

    "Guy, just do me a favor and take her back to her room and tell her to call me!!!"

    Guy responded:
    "Bro, she's the life of the party, man. She just took off her top and let me do a body shot from her tits! She's wild, bro"

    I went blind with rage!

    Ag ain, a few minutes go by without a response. I was beginning to worry.

    45 minutes later

    Guy: "sorry it took me a while, bro. I did what you said and walked her to her room"

    Me: "thanks. I appreciate it but I still don't know why you're there. It was supposed to be an all girls trip"

    Guy: "listen bro, I don't wanna lie to you. It's just me and her. She wanted to stay in the same room but i insisted we stay I separate ones"

    Me: "What? Why would she lie to me?"

    Guy: "there's something else, man. When I walked her to her room, she was pretty drunk and I'm sure you know tequila makes her frisky. One thing led to another and before I could say goodnight, she kissed me"


    Guy: "Well, while we were kissing she pulled me into her room and she started taking her clothes off.

    Me: "if you touched her, I swear to God!!!"

    Guy: "Dude relax. I'm trying to help you here. I could just be an asshole and fuck her then not tell you but I'm not gonna do that! Anyway, we were kissing and before I knew it she was sucking my dick"


    Guy: "I didn't touch her. She touched me. I gotta say, man. You are one lucky dude. Your girl really knows how to suck a dick"

    Me: "Did you fuck her?"

    Guy: "No I swear. She finished me off and I went straight to my room across the hall. I didn't even kiss her Goodnight cuz she all that cum on her lips"

    Me: "Guy, who ever you are, if you do anything else with my wife I will hunt you down!"

    Guy: "relax bro. I'm already in my room. She's in hers. No worries, brah"

    We left it at that. I tried getting some sleep but thoughts of my beautiful Amber in some hotel room sucking some strangers dick turned my stomach. Was she too drunk to know what she was doing? Did she plan all of this? Why would she lie to me and say it was a girls trip and then go with Guy?

    Two hours later just before 5am, I woke up to my phone buzzing again. It was Guy.

    Guy: "Hey, man. Your wife snuck into my room just now and she's real horny"

    Me : "Wtf, Guy. I though you were in separate rooms"

    Guy: " We were but she snuck in here naked"

    Me: "whoa! My wife is naked in your hotel room? Let me talk some sense into her"

    Guy: "sorry, man. I don't think I can. She's really sexy. She's rubbing my cock through my shorts right now. It feels so good.

    Me: "I'm starting to think youre full of shit! How would I know you're not lying to me. My Amber wouldn't do that!"

    He sends me a picture message of my sweet wife's lips wrapped around his thick shaft. Her big eyes looking right into the camera with her mascara running down her cheeks and her lipstick all smeared.

    Guy: "I hope you believe me now. I'm not doing this to be an asshole. I tried to resist but I'm only human and your wife is so hot.

    Me: "Guy, please. I'm begging you. Let me talk to her. Maybe I can talk some sense into her"

    Guy: "at this point, I don't want you to talk sense into her. This is gonna happen. Sorry, buddy"

    Me: "C'mon man, don't do this"

    Guy: "there's no way around it. You can either be a little bitch about it or enjoy it. Here, I'll send you another pic"

    He sent me another picture message of my wife holding his dick right up to her pussy. Almost touching it. I could tell it was her because of her star tattoo on her hip.

    Guy: "you like?"

    Me: "she does look hot but I think gonna be sick"

    Gu y: "she wants me to tell you that she's so wet and that she will slip it in as soon as you tell her to"

    Me: "what?! I can't do that!"

    Guy: "why not. You know you want to. You know you want to see her slide herself down on my cock."

    My heart was beating out of my chest as I looked at the last picture he sent me.

    Me: "WTF, Guy! You aren't even wearing a condom! Amber isn't on the pill!!"

    Guy: "I know. She wants me to fuck her bare. She wants me to cum inside her. She's just waiting for you to say the word.

    Me: "fuck her! Fuck my wife, Guy!"

    He sent me another picture message of my wife balls deep on top of him. The entire length of his dick was inside her.

    Guy: " OMG! Your wife's pussy feels amazing. I hope you know you can't satisfy a woman like this alone. She's going to need lots of clocks to please her. This certainly won't be the last time I fuck her."

    Me: "I'm starting to see that"

    Guy: "In fact, don't be surprised if she starts fucking more and more guys. Each bigger than the last. You're married to a little whore "

    Me: "I'd love e seeing her take on multiple cocks. I didn't know she was such a... a slut"

    Forty mintues go by with out a response. Then another picture message. This time it's of my wife's ass as shes bent over. Her ass cheeks were flushed and her pussy was leaking cum. Lots of it

    Then another text

    Guy: "I hope you enjoyed yourself. I sure did. You got an amazing woman here. I'm going to enjoy fucking her for the next few days. I'm fact we're going to keep our phones off so don't bother us. She'll be home in a few days. Perhaps a bit looser but she'll be back. It's been a pleasure fucking your wife. That's for allowing me to do so"

    I tried texting but neither of them respond

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 43

    I went to a strip club a couple of days ago. There were only 8 or 10 other people in there including 2 dancers, the bartender and the DJ. I had a dance from this one girl. She opened my pants and for the next 3 songs gave me a hang a blow job. Right there, in the bar. Their dance area is just a small platform off to the side, completely open. The bartender was 10 feet away talking to a guy at the bar. I could see her trying not to look. I dont think anyone else even paid attention. She made me cum and I left. It was amazing, but I am married and I feel very guilty.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    Please can anyone tell me why I shouldn't fuck other men, if my husband deny's me sex and then tells me to use a dildo. It happening more and more frequently nowadays, as his supposed high libido has dropped like a stone. No kidding, in the last five months we've had sex twice. It's not as if I'm unattractive, in fact I'm considered very attractive with a slim toned body which a regularly exercise by swimming three times a week and attend a gym, twice a week. I never exercise when my husband isn't working, or when we can do something together. And I always make sure I wear sexy, but appropriate clothing to make him see me as HIS attractive wife.
    Over the last month I've been chatting to and I suppose flirting with, a guy who lives in the same neighborhood as us. He's single, very handsome and our chats have become very sexual. I know from a picture he's recently sent me (I've sent him some naked pictures too) that's he's extremely well endowed. And I also know from our chats, he like me, loves horny dirty hard sex.
    I'm so sex starved now, I find myself playing with myself all the time. Yet I want the real thing. I know I shouldn't cheat on my husband, but he just won't give me what I need. So it's down to whether I accept the offer I got this morning from the guy I've swapped pictures with. And that's whether I should stay at his apartment in a weeks time, when my husband travels over to his fathers for two days. I've not been invited to go with him, so after his statement about using a dildo to replace his cock, should I have sex with a man who I just know will fuck me sooo good ???

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    So here it goes...don't quite know how to go about this but I am Indian and horny most of the time, can't find a man that satisfies my needs.
    My confession is that since moving from Midlands for a job I started recently have started to fantasise about my sisters husband.
    I forgot to mention that I have been offered the spare room in their home and contribute towards a few bills a month.
    So one day when sis and her hubby went to work I had 30mins of play time before I needed to get up and ready for work. I did what every other person usually does in the morning and started playing with myself, not caring that the door was slightly open.
    I didn't hear the front door open downstairs and to my surprise my sisters husband came back to collect his phone charger.
    Now he would have had to go past my room to get to theirs and from the noises I was making I'm most certain he had heard me, perhaps even seen me with my legs wide open as the sheets were off.
    I suddenly heard footsteps and the sound drop of the keys when I shouted who was there. Got up out of my bed but by then the door slammed, looked out my window and saw him get into the car.
    It made me wonder if my sisters husband had heard or seen me and with the sudden sense of excitement I got horny again.
    I realised this was wrong and tried to get the thoughts out of my mind but whilst at work, all I could think about was how his cock must feel like and wondering whether he fucks good or not.
    I dropped my sis and her hubby a text later that morning to ask if they left anything as I heard a noise. He replied saying it was him and that he had also heard a noise too when he returned with a wink.
    I think his reply is an opening and waiting for me to explain myself but I don't know if I should. It'd the fact that he's forbidden fruit that makes it ever so much more exciting for me.
    My family would be distraught and I would get disowned in our culture if anyone was to ever find out but I have this urge to have a one time fling with him.
    I believe I'm hotter than my sis and I'm sure I've seen him checking out my body before.
    Maybe I should flirt with him when sis isn't around and see if he reciprocates...hmmm
    I will keep you all updated as to whether anything happens as sis is away this weekend for work conference. I'm getting wet just thinking about all the things I'd like to do to him, I know... I'm so naughty ;)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    This has been on my mind for about 10 years now, and its driving me crazy.

    When I was a senior in college, I had a very serious boyfriend back at home. John
    and I had been dating for about 2 years, and I was faithful to him except for one time.
    He and I had a huge argument on the phone, and he ended it with basically saying it was
    over. I was so sad. For the next two hours I cried like a baby in my apartment room
    my roommate was gone for the weekend)
    There was a guy, Paul, who lived in the same building as we did, and he was always making
    sexual comments to me in fun if we ever passed in the hall. He was a pig, he was not
    my type, but I needed a man right then. I looked like a mess, but I went to his door and
    knocked and luckily Paul answered the door. He could tell I was crying, but he was with
    a bunch of guys in his apartment watching sports, so he suggested we go to my place to "talk".
    And of course, 5 minutes after he was in my place, we were going at it.
    For the first time in over 2 years, I was getting fucked. And I was loving it. We did not
    kiss much - it was just him penetrating me and cumming inside me two times. It was
    just what I needed.
    After Paul was done with the 2nd round, he was just kind of laying on my chest and sucking
    on my nipples. My cell phone rang -- it was John. He felt so bad about our argument, he
    drove the 3 hours to my college just to see me. He was outside wanting to get "buzzed" in.
    Omg - I just about died. I literally threw Paul out of my apartment and put some clothes on.
    I put a heavy comforter on top of my bed so John would not see the two major wet spots that
    were just made.

    John was remorseful - he felt so bad about what was said on the phone. He even brought
    me flowers! We made up, and then he started kissing me. And I knew I could not say "no"
    to sex after just telling him how much I missed him.

    When I realized John was about to literally get "sloppy seconds", I excused myself, went to
    the bathroom, and wiped up my pussy a little. But there was still a lot of Paul inside me
    and in my pubes. Then I went back to my boyfriend and we made love. I felt so guilty for
    cheating on him, but when he went down on me to give me oral sex, it was SO exciting. My
    boyfriend was eating another guys cum! I had mentioned to John that I was very horny and
    excited to be with him, so I know he just thought I was wet for him. Not from another guy
    just a short while ago.
    As crazy as it sounds, it was kind of neat to share with John something so personal and
    private that my body helped create.

    John spend the night with me, and I just loved the idea of knowing I had the sperm of two
    different men inside me as I fell asleep.

    Fast forward to now - I have been married to John for 7 years. EVERY time he gives me
    oral sex, I think about Paul and that wild evening in college. I mentally pretend he is
    sill eating some of Paul's cum out of me, and its such a turn on.
    I am not sure if its a 7 year itch or what, but I would love to do that again.
    And its not the sex I am looking for, but just to have that "secret". Have my husband
    go down on me and taste another man. Go to bed with that "mixture" of two guys inside me
    again. Share something SO wrong yet so erotic with my spose this time.
    I would feel so guilty for cheating, but there is really no other way that it could
    ever happen unless I do.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    When my husband invited two of his friends round yesterday to watch his beloved team beat Sunderland 0-2, one of them as usaul brought his son Charlie with him (Charlie's dad is single/divorced). Charlie is twenty years old and has learning difficulties (He's not stupid, just a little slow), which makes him a little noisy sometimes. Yesterday and also for the past two seasons, I've taken Charlie upstairs with me to "entertain" him (They think playing cards, or on the play station). What my husband and his father don't know, is when my husbands team has scored over the last two years, so have I.
    As they drank beer and got all rowdy watching their team win yesterday, I was sucking on Charlies very impressive cock. Once he'd gotten hard and had been licking my pussy to it's first climax, I first had Charlie fuck me from behind, then as he lay back on our guest bed, I rode his cock. Charlie never fails to make me climax this way, and yesterday was no exception. The difference yesterday and our new sexual treat, was to have Charlie fucking my arsehole. It made his dick extra hard as he fucked me from below, and it also had me climbing the walls as I orgasmed so hard on his cock.
    Charlie left our home as usual a happy young man, as well as leaving minus a really large cum load, which he pumped up my arsehole. My only problem is, the more I have Charlie and his wonderful cock, the more I crave sex with him. Which means during the period in between football seasons, it's getting harder and harder as I desperately miss him fucking me.
    I'll going to have to think of a reason to invite Charlie around when the season finishes...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I always found my husbands son to be very attractive, I'd even fantasize about it with my girlfriends. When we all moved in together him and I were alone in the house quite often. We had a pool and a sauna so his friends were also always over. I didn't mind. I'd stroll around in my bikini and tease them.

    One particular weekend my husband was gone for a week and my step son threw a party. I had some girlfriends over too. Bunch of horny married cougars with a bunch of horny 18 year olds. My step son had his girlfriend over with some of her friends

    I started when I walked in on my step son and his girlfriend both sucking off his black friend. They didn't notice me and I sat and watched. Someone else came in and they turned and saw me fingering myself. I asked the black guy to come gimmie his cock. He fucked me while my step son and his gf watched. The black guy came in me twice and left. I laid watching my step son fuck his gf. I told him how I fantasized about him and he told me he jerks off to videos of me and his dad fucking with his dad, and sometimes his gf strips for them.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I've cheated on every guy I've ever been with, from my first relationship at 13 to now.
    I used to try to justify it (they cheated first, I needed money and the side guy was giving it, etc.) But now I've just accepted it.
    This guy has a daughter my age and were both committed pretty seriously. Although it hasn't gotten too physical yet, it's so exciting. So much of what I want out of the sex in my relationship that I'll never get.
    And in a way, being the mistress adds a new level of excitement as I've never been with a married man. At times I feel so much guilt and anxiety but deep down I've always been a whore.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    I could probably go on for a very long time about how this all happened, but I'll just try to give the main details.

    I've been married to my wife, Kristin, for 10 years. We've got 3 kids together. Our sex life used to be great, but it's gone downhill. The last few years, it's been shit. We used to be spontaneous, have fun, and fuck. Now for her everything has to be perfect and planned and it just never happens. I've been very frustrated.

    My wife's sister, Stacy, is 25. She's going through a divorce and has been living with us for about 2 months. She's also 29 weeks pregnant. Nice, round belly at this point. She looks a lot like my wife in the face, but younger. They've normally got similar bodies as well, although I think my wife's ass is a bit bigger, lol. Anyway right now Stacy is very pregnant, and looks great that way.

    For the last month or so, Stacy and I have been fucking. We had always been flirty over the years in a friendly, wouldn't-dare-touch sort of a way. That continued here, up until that Saturday. My wife had the kids out at a birthday party so it was just Stacy and me at the house. We were talking, she caught me staring and checking her out. I apologized and she told me it was okay, that she was more than a little sexually frustrated herself. Somehow we wound up with her topless in the kitchen, wearing only some pink cotton panties that her ass cheeks hung out of. She gave me a blowjob, and then I very aggressively fucked her right on the kitchen floor.

    We've been fucking ever since. Mostly random quickies and blowjobs. We don't have a lot a time and or privacy with everyone here. The sex is great. We don't really talk about it, besides random sexting. We haven't discussed how long this may last, or if it ends when she has her baby or what.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    My husband, my family (Except one), colleagues and friends all think I'm straight. But in reality I've been having sex with females since I was fourteen. The first being a woman I used to baby sit for. Her husband would always arrive home pissed up when they went out, and one night she caught me sniffing her knickers on their return. I'd wanted to know what another female smelt like and from there, one thing very much lead to another. Before I knew it, I was tasting the real thing as she lay on one of their sofa's, just feet from where her husband snored. Leaving her home late that night, I also had my first given orgasm as she'd tongued my pussy and clitty to suh an awesome climax. Then from that time to now, I've met and had sex with at least forty different women. The latest being someone my husband knows very well. It's his younger sister, who I must say knew instantly we met, (The look we gave each other) that I was at least bisexual. Even before my husband had chance to fuck all of my holes, his sister and I had begun to have sex. And to this day we normally meet up once or twice a week to re kindle our love of the female form.

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