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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Female / 24

    My husband came home with his best friend after fishing. They both had been drinking. My husband wanted me to have sex with his friend. I finally agreed. It was good. What my husband doesnât know is we meet on lunch break often for a quickie. He knows how to treat a woman. My husband started this. I just hate him cheating his wife.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I had a miserable time in high school, first because I was hormonal, second because I had acne and third because I had been in a car accident and I had a scar on my face. I wore my hair too long to cover my face, I wore clothes that were ugly and I only talked with kids who were worse off than me. I finished high school and I more or less got forced to go to Junior College. I had to get a job so I got a job as a lab assistant washing up and cleaning so that I didn't have to be in public. I got off late one night because I had to turn in a paper and didn't got to the lab until late. The janitor was there and I guess white looked good to him so he fucked me in the lab. When he pulled out and got off of me he put his finger in my face and told me that he could tell I liked black dick. I quit that job and dropped out of school. My parents were upset with me and suggested that I go live with an aunt and uncle in Florida.

    I arrived in Florida from Cincinnati where my aunt sold houses part time and my uncle worked for the city services as a manager. They had a small house but I had a bedroom and I used the outside bathroom. My aunt hated my hair the day I got there and insisted on cutting my hair back and got me almost so short as a boy's haircut. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled them back, she made me walk with a book on my head, but most importantly she got me a job working at this park with kids. The sunlight and the outside cleared up my acne almost completely and the scar on my face wasn't so noticeable now that I had a tan. And I actually had a body and I would lay outside on their deck and sun tan.

    My aunt was out almost every afternoon showing houses and there was a fence around the backyard so I got brave and started to suntan topless. I liked my boobs and how they tanned, I pushed my bikini bottoms down and tanned as much as I could, when I tanned on my stomach I pulled my bikini between my cheeks to tan my butt. I am five six and weigh about 140 so I am not petite but the sun made me feel good and I wore tank tops, shorts and sandals and tanned topless every time I could. And then one day I turn my head and there is this guy looking over the fence at me. He stares at me and walks along the fence to the gate and opens it and walks into the backyard with his dick out of his pants and stands there and jerks off on the ground in front of me. He creeped me out but I never saw him again.

    What that did though was get me thinking about guys. There was a kid who worked at the community pool, he wasn't a lifeguard he was a maintenance type guy who cleaned the pool. I went to the pool and told him that I could really use a dick and we went into the supply room and I sucked him and stroked his balls and he came all over me. I told him that if he came to my aunt's house between three and four he could fuck me. I waited for him and let him in and I took off my top and bikini bottoms and got on my back and told him to make my head swim. He fucked me and what's more we talked while he was doing it, laughed at missed strokes, I sucked him and let him fuck me some more.

    From then on I didn't have a problem with guys hitting on me or chasing dick. The more I fucked the more I liked it. I got a job at one of the big downtown hotels and I met a guy who was interning at the hotel working all the manager positions. He became my guy and we fucked every chance we got. It took the better part of two years before I settled down and went back to college and pushed my way through working at the hotel part time. I met a golf pro who stayed at the hotel two or three times a year and he invited me to one of his tournaments and I married him three years later.

    I don't get enough at home, he travels a lot and I get lonely for dick. At the club there are guys if I wanted them, I guess I could find guys at any one of the many cocktail clubs, but the guy I fuck with is the janitor at the elementary school. He played football in high school and is in generally good shape but he is just slow when it comes to numbers and things but he isn't slow when it comes to handling me. I am well aware that it is a bad connection but the truth is that maybe I do like black dick, I certainly do like his black dick, he knows how to fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I had been with this guy for a while. Sex is something that happens and is hum drum, nothing out of the ordinary. The rest of the relationship is fine, he makes decent money, he has a nice place and he drives a nice car. I know he has savings and he promised me a bigger house if I got married. We also talked about kids, this part was not so easy as I never wanted kids. But you get married kids are part of the equation so I said yes I would have two kids but that is it.

    Along comes my bachelorette party. We go to this party room and the girls hired a guy to strip for us. I had never seen a male stripper, or a female stripper for that matter and as I am the bride they sit me in the middle of the room and he literally slings his penis around in my face. I have never had a penis in my face before, I have never sucked a penis or even kissed a penis, the most I have done is touch it and here this penis is slapping me. I tell my best friend and maid of honor and she is totally surprised about that and says that should not be the way it is, I needed to suck cock, a nasty beer can size cock and swallow all the cum.

    Ha, Ha. It is a joke isn't it. I say no and she says yes and the next thing I know they pay the stripper to stand over me and drop his penis in my mouth. He gets a hardon and he face fucks me in front if the bachelorette party. The word gets back to my fiancé and when he hears that I let that happen he calls of the wedding.

    Three years go by and I meet this guy, he is from out of town and he is moving into town to work. I am living in a safe apartment complex and he moves in next door and the day he moves in he comes over and knocks and wants to meet me. We talk in the doorway I don't let him in. The next night he comes over and knocks again and asks me to come over and give him my opinion as to how he arranged the furniture in his apartment. He fucked me, fucked me. No ceremony, nothing he just fucked me.

    I was angry and upset and I went back to my apartment and called my best friend who was going to be my maid of honor. Her reaction was whether I liked it, how big was he, did I swallow his cum, did he fuck me up the ass. To give her details. By the time I had finished giving her details I felt like I had blown the opportunity, I should have offered to suck his cock. I meet him a week later on Saturday when he is coming back from the supermarket. He asks me over again to fix him lunch and we could talk. This time I let him fuck me and I let him fuck my ass, I suck him but I don't get him to cum. The ass fucking was my first time, it hurt but it felt good, I really liked it.

    He says that I should spend the night with him. I tell him that he already fucked me so why did he want me to spend the night. The night fucking was different, he fucked my pussy and he fucked my ass and I sucked his cock, but at night he was more daring and he spent a long time fucking me before cumming in my pussy. I sucked his cock in the morning in the shower and I did get him to cum. After that night I more or less became his girlfriend. We fucked a lot, almost every weekend and maybe once or twice during the week. I was not the girl that was going to get married.

    Unlike my fiancé of those days this guy works contract, he doesn't make that much money and he is asking me for loans all the time. He does not own a house and his car payments are always late. After three months he owes me several thousand dollars so I break off the relationship and never get my money.

    I went out alone for a drink and I let a man pick me up and take me out to his car. I sucked his cock in the car. We then came to my place and he fucked me and left. I never really got his name. Another night and another guy, I get fucked at his place, or the guy fucks me at my place, I suck cock in cars and a couple of times I suck the guy off in the club. I start to date for the night, every once in a while I get a guy to fuck me in the ass. I am spending lots of money at the clubs. Until one day I wake up and I have no idea who the guy that is there, a girl is in the bathroom and who knows what happened the night before.

    I call my fiancé and ask him to come get me and take me home with him. He has grown up a little, I don't tell him about all the one night stands, or about the guy that lived next to me in the apartment complex, I basically lie to him and tell him that if he will have me I want to be his wife. Sex with my husband is no different than it was when I was first engaged to him, I miss the fucking but I don't miss the loneliness, and I live in a house and I guess kids are part of the equation. I am not there yet but maybe I will be in a year or two.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 36

    I got suspicious of my wife cheating. Catching in lies about whereabouts. Wearing sexy under garments. 6 hour trips for groceries. Hickies on tits that I knew I didnât put on her. Taking calls outside away from the kids and I. Leaving for work 3 hours early. So I started spying her more until I had good evidence to confront her. Our kids were on sleep overs one night so we went out to eat. We drank a little bit so while talking in the restaurant I asked her. She didnât even try to deny it. She said I should be exploring others because it is fun. She had a swinger attitude and I donât. She likes guys flirting with her. If she likes a guy or in the mood she has set with them. She only does it once or twice a week. She said divorce is out off the question. Her tubes are tied so no pregnancy risk. I live for the kids. She comes in and kisses me and says thanks after she has a cheat. For now Iâm going with it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    My MIL I fantasize about her walking into the bathroom again and catching me as I was stepped out of the shower, She did it before and just stopped stareng at my Hard 8# slab that I had given a pounding while in the shower. I just froze I hadn't locked the door as no one was supposed to be home for a few hours, We'd had a few awkward moments in the past but this was a highlight. I didn't try to cover up and eventually I dropped the towel I had reached for as she walked in, She never looked me in the eye, She was fixated to my Cock, I finally said are you OK Lorraine ?. Nothing, so I stepped closer to her until her hand was touching my throbbing Cock, She tried wrapping her cold fingers around it and whispered OMG it's so big and warm. Then there was a noise outside she let go spun around and bolted for her room. I closed the door and started drying myself off. Turned out it was nothing, She Never said a thing about it since. Damn it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Ain't MIL great, mine was almost a twin of my wife, albeit 18 years older, they both went to the gym, both had big 42F hooties, just the way I like em. She had caught me many times sneaking a peak at them, you know leaning over to pack the dishwasher, exaggerated leaning across the table to give & take my
    Plates. Then one day she handed the FIL a beer then leant over for me and said would you like one, OMG the seductive grin she gave as I looked up to see
    her big titties swinging beneath her loose top her nipples like teats on a baby bottle, this was my invitation and I took it, I reached up while looking to see if the FIL was watching, he wasn't, and I cupped those big jubblies OMG, My Cock was screaming for release, it was actually aching from the strain of trying to salute in my levis. The FIL then blurted out for God's sake take the Fucken beer, So she can move her fat arse. He thought I was watching the footy. I took the beer, with one hand while I gave her nipple a tweek, she stood up giving him the look of death, me a wink and left the room. It was on the following Saturday morning that my wife was sucking my cock, when she choked and started dry reaching, got up and said I'd like to see you do it, grabbed her clothes and said I'm taking a shower. I'm laying on our bed, as soon as the bathroom door was closed, Jan popped her head around the corner and whispered, My daughter is a lucky girl, you have a lovely cock! "I tried to cover up my boner but she put her finger to her lips and tippy toed in Wow she said, you didn't have to flash me back, but, if it's good enough for you, then she wrapped her cold hand around my Cock and started wanking me off just as the shower started running she leant over and there they were her lovely bouncy boobs I reached for em cupping them both, they felt soooooo warm in my hands. She took my cock in her mouth and engulfed its entire 7# I thought I was gunna blow my load, but she ripped off her top and said your FIL yoused to love this and leant over me wrapped her big boobs around my Cock and started bouncing them up and down my Cock while holding em tightly around my throbbing meat. I kept looking in her eyes thinking am I dreaming, I don't won't to wake up. I tensed up in less than 3 minutes she stopped and said I don't want you making a mess, and took my Cock in her mouth again. reached out and curled her soft fingers around the shaft of my Cock there was no turning back. She owned me and she knew it. Nice she said as she lightly ran her nails up & down my raging boner "I think you like what I'm doing. I just nodded. Has my daughter sucked your beautiful cock?" She tried I said, What a shame, she didn't finish "Your cock should be sucked at least once a day." You like that idea, don't you. Yes I said, Then I'll have to make sure I suck your cock for her. Her voice was deep, her eyes had me in a trance as she looked at me. I couldn't believe my mother-in-law was holding my cock, stroking it, and telling me how much she wanted to suck it. I was now drunk with lust for her, Take my cock in your mouth, I begged her. Would you like that she purred with a teasing smile. "Would you like your wife's mummy to suck your big cock?" Yesssss. She began massaging my knob with her thumb I groaned with intense pleasure as I looked into her lust-filled eyes. In the space of a few minutes my mother-in-law had become a cock-hungry slut and was holding my cock in one hand as she leaned close to my face and kissed me, then dropped her head and started sucking my throbbing Cock madly. I was just sitting there watching as my mother in law cupped my balls in her hand and sucked my cock deeper and deeper, pushing it right into her throat! I knew youâ�ï&iqu est;½d have a big cock she said. I grabbed her and forcefully, pulled her body closer to mine. Grunts of animal desire came from her mouth.She had short bleach blonde hair and was really in great shape. Firm attractive, I could always see were Jen got her awesome shape from. Jan was stacked and curvy awesome 42F tits. I watched Jan as she stopped looked at my swollen dick and moved her hand up and wrapped her fingers around it as much as she could. Then she pushed my cock forward leaned over and licked my balls as well. Jan then worked her way up my shaft with her tongue and lips and kissed my knob softly, she made eye contact as she sucked and I could have easily blown a wad in her mouth but then I thought about the wife catching us, She carried on giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life as i cupped her hanging tits and teased her hard nipples. I moaned more as she sucked me, stopping to lick down my cock and suck my balls. After a few seconds I took her head in my hands and I start fucking her mouth, every third or fourth stroke I pushed my Cock deep into her tight throat. She stopped looked up at me & said I want you to cum in my mouth and took me in her mouth again and started bobbing and jacking me in time with her mouth strokes I grabbed her head and ran my fingers through her blonde locks as she burryied her tongue just under the head while she sucked and jacked I didn't think I was going to stop spraying her throat. She swallowed it all squeezed the last droplets licked them up and then she grabbed both her titties one hand under each and pushed them in my face, I licked and sucked those monsters until the shower shut off and she took off down the hallway as she slipped her head back into her top. My Cock was still Rock hard when the wife came out of the shower looked at it and said I'm NOT sucking it, I'm going to work, got dressed and left. I heard her say bye Mum. I layed there still stunned at what had happened. My Cock had NOT deflated 1 inch. Then I heard her say can I come in now. Yes please I replied, i still have the image of her as she stepped into my room, naked and proud, she was 42 at the time and I could not fault her body. FUCK N WOW. She stood in the doorway, Then her seductive sexy smile melted away, I was Like what's up Jan, why am I doing this, she's my daughter. Then I snapped back well she doesn't need to know, Right.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 40

    I received a call at work one day to find out my wife had been arrested. Public nudity and resisting arrest. My wife and her lover were caught having sex near a school and her lover tried to resist arrest and both were charged and taken to jail. I was totally taken by surprise bur got her out of jail. I had no idea she was cheating on me. She showed great remorse and really hoped for forgiveness. Her lover was a boyfriend she had in high school. They started sex when she was 16. They broke up after he dumped her for other girls. We met in college and got married after we both graduated. I asked for what the situation with him existed if she wanted forgiveness. She promised only love for me and our family. She admitted to having sex with him even before we married. She has sex with only us because we both knew her body. She hated to admit but has sex with him weekly. She promised it would end because the excitement had gone out of it. I no doubt fathered our children because they look like me. She said he wore condom when we started our family. Iâm still trying to work through this. She has been good to me and as I stated earlier I had no idea she was cheating. After a month she still says she has been true to me. I donât want her cheating and I donât want to slit up. It will take time for me to get a grasp on this event.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 26

    I'm a horny guy, I can't help it. The thought of being with someone else turns me on more because there's a social taboo around it.

    I have a friend who I'll meet up with for the first time in a few years to go to a concert together soon. We've booked a hotel (separate rooms) so that we can go out afterwards for drinks and a catch up, but I think she and I both know we'll be up into the early hours doing much much more than catching up, I'm very excited. Maybe there will be another confession in a few months with the details. Fingers crossed..

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I will make it shor and clear, i have been married for two years now and we were having trouble geting me pregnant, so I decided to seduce my neighbour's teenage son, and so I became pregnant with a 16 years old boy baby and i enjoy sex with him more than I ever did with my husband. I am telling you this will not be the boy's only child

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    Hi, I am from Slovenia and I am 31 years old. I worked as a prostitute in Amsterdam and that is where I met the man I married and moved to Philadelphia. My husband is nice. I teach dance to children. I was trained in ballet when I was a teenager and I am a good teacher.

    My confession is that I am happy that I am married and I have a life here and that I can teach dance to children. But I am not satisfied as a woman. My husband is nice. I made a mistake and I became friends with one of the mothers of one of the girls I teach dance. Maybe I was just hungry for some affection. As a prostitute I had sex many times with other women so having sex with my pupil's mother was sex, I always enjoyed having sex with women. This woman wants to have a relationship, she is not satisfied with just getting together to have sex. I did not want a relationship and I had to tell her that I was married to a nice man and I would not want to leave him.

    My husband is nice but he does not want to have sex. When I met him in Amsterdam he took me to dinner but not his hotel. I met him many times for dinner and a walk through the streets of Amsterdam and one day he said he wanted to take care of me, if I married him he would bring me here and I could be free of having to be a prostitute. In Europe being a prostitute is not the same as here, so I never tell anyone I was a prostitute in Amsterdam. I tell them that I was a school teacher and I taught dance in Amsterdam. But I lied to the woman, I do want to have a relationship with her. I miss the affection and I miss her. No one has ever told me they loved me before. But I cannot leave my husband.

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