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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 22

    Things have been strained between my girlfriend and I lately. When we first started dating the sex was great and we fucked several times every day. Now sheâs gained a lot of weight and never wants to fuck anymore. I inversely have been going to the gym every day to burn off that energy and have an even bigger sex drive than ever. Sheâs worried Iâm going to cheat, lays around the house all day and refuses to get a job. Right now my only release had been working out but Iâve been really sore from the extra gym time. So I decided to get a massage on the way home from work.

    I stopped into a little place Iâd seen on my drive to work and the gym before but had never been to. 45 for an hour massage seemed like a great deal. I was the only customer and the woman at the desk took my money and then led me to my room. She was a cute little Chinese woman looked like in her early 40s. Very petite but with the full perky tits and butt of a woman. I started to undress in the room and as my boxers hit the floor the door opened and the receptionist from before stepped in. I was fully nude and started to get a bit aroused as she looked me up and down. I didnât cover myself.
    My 8 inch cock began to twitch.
    âVery nice.â She said and smiled.
    She helped me up onto the bed and immediately started massaging my gluteus with no towel! I gasped a little as her fingers danced across my asshole and balls and even the tip of my cock. This cute little Chinese milf was in total control of my dumb cheating ass. She teased me mercilessly playing with my asshole and balls dripping oil everywhere. Then she asked me to turn over. I was fully errect. My big curved 8 inch uncircumcised cock was throbbing. I hadnât been touched like this in ages. My current girlfriend didnât even come within a thousand miles.

    Her hands danced across my cock, âso big.â She whispered. Without warning she bent over and put me in her mouth. I moaned as she sucked my tip. Her tiny little mouth was so warm and hot. She played with my balls and ass while she sucked me. My hand started to move to her ass and down between her legs to her warm pussy. I could feel how wet she was through her leggings. âIs this ok?â I asked quietly. She moaned softly in approval. My hand then went under her shirt and bra. Her warm breast cupped in my fingers I tweaked and teased her nipple. She sucked even harder . I was driving her wild! I couldnât control myself and pulled her shirt up. I pulled her closer and sat up. She started jerking me as I sucked and licked her nipple. She sucked air through her teeth and pulled me to her with her other arm. Furiously jerking of my sticky wet cock. Then I put my hand down her leggings and found her tight wet smooth bare pussy. I circled her tiny hole with my fingers and whispered in her ear. âYouâre so tight bad girl, my big cock would wreck that little pussy.â I found her clit and teased it. âYou want this big cock donât you bad girl? Next time Iâm bringing a condom.â She kisses me on the mouth and nodded moaning her approval. She pushed me back down on my back and re optioned her palms. She began milking and jerking me so good. It was incredible. When I finally came it was massive. I shot cum all over myself and the table. She giggled and lay her petite body across mine. Kissing my neck. âI work Saturday.â She said. âBring condom.â She whispered. After wiping me down and cleaning me up She sat on the table and watched me get dressed. Then tightened my belt and hugged me again. When I tried to pay she refused saying âno youâre special, I like you.â And giving me a knowing smile. I canât wait for Saturday. I had no plans to cheat on my girlfriend but that bitch wonât look for a job, contribute, or fuck. I have needs and intend to satisfy them.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    This is not a normal state of affairs for me. I'm not usually that spontaneous, and I did't ever do things on the fly. But last month with my husband yet again refusing me sex because of his drinking habbit, I went into work the following day horny as hell and wondered if Jake the nineteen year old junior clerk would have a big cock.
    It was for me, just a way of trying to defuse my anger and my sexual frustration. That was until he walked up to me as I was going on my lunch and asked me why i'd been looking at him "That way" all day. My usual response would have been to tell him "I'm tired" or "Didn't know I was, sorry". What I actually said was "Because I'd love you to fuck me". We made it as far as the reserve conference room, locked the door and I had his stiff long massively thick cock out in seconds. Whatever I imagined would be the case, it wasn't the wonderfully thick cock right in front of my mouth. I sucked in his dick, and carried on sucking on his cock until he pulled me up, spun me around and practically stripped me as he pushed me over the large table. His tongue only flashed over my pussy a few times, but as he said later, it was only because he feared we'd get caught. Breathing heavy with the anticipation once he stood up and put his cock head to my pussy hole, I glanced back and saw that look I love to see on a mans favce when they see my pussy and arsehole. I's one of lust and total rapture. Jake took hold of my hips, thrust into my pussy hard, and then fucked me like I was a rag doll. It took me all of a minute to climax and as I backed onto him with my body shaking violently from my orgasm, he shouted out and came deep inside my love hole. Five minutes later he entered the male toilets, entered the females next to the mens. when we came out we'd both sorted ourselves out and Jake had a cheeky well knowing smile on hsi face. All he said as he passed me was "Later, I finish at five, your car". Jake and I fucked again near to a place I'd had sex with my husband in the past. Once again he drove me to an amazing orgasm, only he fucked me for much much longer, making me cum again twice more, before his seed spurted all over my bare arsehole. Over the last four weeks, the office junior and I have had sex pretty much every day. I'm loving it and everything that goes with it too. Why wouldn't I, Jakes cock fits just so up my arsehole and I orgasm even more anally than I do with him fucking my pussy. God I wish I'd have said yes to all those men in the past nine years, whilst I've been married to my drunken good for nothing husband.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    I just married my high school sweetheart this past June. We had been dating since 9th grade. It was one of those big weddings her Dad paid for everything except the ring and honeymoon. Good thing since I don't make that much yet.

    We went to Hawaii for two weeks and then came back and it has been wonderful and I love her. The thing is I also love her little sister. Jen is my age but her little sister Tara is still in high school and only slightly older than Jen and I were when we went on our first date together. Tara looks younger than she is and is way prettier than Jen. She also has a nicer body and bigger tits so what's not to like? I'm just glad Tara is careful and Jen is busy. Jen and I fuck about three times a week but Tara and I fuck about twice a day. We even did it one time when she was over while her sister was taking a shower. Jen was taking a shower to get ready to have sex with me. Her sister's pussy juice was on my dick when I stuck it in her. Jen is better than sucking cock but Tara is a better fuck and more energetic. Jen is more affectionate but Tara is more sexually adventurous.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My younger brothers wife and I have been having sex for at least 10 years now. I had only had sex with my wife so to try another seemed exciting. The situation I have is my sister-in-law is totally in love with me. She wanted to have a baby by me so I got clipped. Our family do a lot together so we get opportunity often. I know it would be bad results if our families found out. She and I are the main parents for our kids. Our spouses wonât put much time in our kids. We take our kids together places and then have sex in her minivan. Her pussy gets so much hotter than my wifeâs. We have had sex in change rooms, bathrooms, her work office, and many more places. My wife has sex with me once or twice a month. My brotherâs wife keeps my brother satisfied. I think some women have naturally more hormone than others. My brothers wife is loaded. When we get to have sex in a bed she is an animal. Be careful, affairs have a lot of drama.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    I cheated on my husband. I regret it but I don't. I was at a conference and across from me was a man who seemed to be plugged into the whole conversation. I ended up paying attention to him for the whole conference, he just grabbed me in a way I did not expect. I am a stable person, mature in most everything, a mother with three kids, a 17 year marriage so it surprised me that I was so taken by him and I hadn't even spoken to him. I guess it was like a school girl crush. At lunch he sat at one table and I was at another I felt left out. After lunch he was in line for coffee and I stepped up and broke the ice and he gave me a minute if that much of his time. I felt rejected and for the whole afternoon I stewed but I couldn't stop looking at him. The cocktails after the conference were typical, and spoke to a couple of people and was surprised when he came up to me and asked me what I thought about the conference.

    I spoke so quietly he asked me to speak louder. He reached over and patted my chin with a napkin. Next thing I know he is walking me off to one side holding my elbow. We were over by a window and he said we needed to start over again, name, age, school, company, tenure, I half expected him to ask me for dress and shoe size. He told me about himself and suggested I join him for dinner, we could either stay at the hotel or we could go out we just needed to get a recommendation from the concierge. I suggested going out, it was San Francisco so maybe Chinese food in Chinatown. We went to this place in the basement of the building, it was bustling and we had to wait for the table. We had to stand close and whether by accident or on purpose his hand went over my butt several times. Then his had took my butt opened palmed and he pulled me up to him, he said he couldn't hear me and wanted to hear everything I said. When I slipped away he pulled me to him, he kept his hand on my butt and kissed my cheek and told me I smelled good to him the way a woman should smell.

    When we got our table it was in a small booth and he suggested I sit beside him where he could protect me. We had wine and ordered dinner. I kept my head on his shoulder all night long with my arm under his arm, his hands were everywhere, I kissed his cheek, he kissed my lips, I was so ready it hurt to just sit through dinner. On the way back to the hotel I hung on him, he kept his arm around my waist and I must have kissed his cheek three or four times. Under the portico of the hotel he stopped me and kissed me solidly on the lips and then slipped his hands under my butt and pulled me up on tip toes to his height. Nothing mattered, nothing. I went up to his room, I admired the view of the harbor while he undressed me, I felt a bit awkward once I was down to nothing but my panties but he sat on the bed and kissed my stomach down to mound as he pulled my panties down. His kiss to my pussy was hot and hard and he laid me on the bed and he undressed and the rest was just moments of clarity through long moments of shadows. I don't really remember when he penetrated me, I remember him fucking me and I remember when he came.

    He asked me to stay the night, I made excuses and we dressed and he walked me to my room. He told me to get my toothbrush and come back with him so he didn't have to sleep alone. I got some things and went back with him. It was a one night stand, the conference ended at noon the next day and he was gracious and sent me to the airport in a limo, with one last kiss getting into the back seat.

    I remember it because I have to remember it. I don't call him, I want to but I don't. I have a home and I have a husband and it was a one night stand and I am sure he finds other women to seduce, I am sure he rarely sleeps alone. But for one night I was his date, and he asked me to sleep with him and that's what I don't want to ever forget. He chose me that night with so many other women available in San Francisco.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    I've been thinking back about this a lot lately, due to something that came up with daughter. I was always the good girl. Sweet, quiet, girl next door type. I was never the drinking or partying type. My husband and I did sleep together before marriage, and he was only the third man I had ever slept with. I've been married for about 15 years now.

    We decided to spend about two weeks mostly apart before our wedding. I worked the first week, but was going to start a new job after the honey moon so that last week I was on my own, nothing but free time. I was told to go, have fun, let my hair down and all that for that week. I had a hotel booked for me in a town about an hour from home and I went with it.

    After a lot of encouragement from friends back home, and even my family, I decided to get dolled up and hit a bar. I had never really made myself up like that. Seemed like it didn't take ten minutes after going to the bar for guys to start showing up and hitting on me. In what would become the regular routine for me for the next week, there was dancing, lots of drinking...and bad decisions.

    I had lots of sex with lots of strangers that week. It was an incredible rush. Being desired, feeling strange men touch me. Feeling all those new guys inside me. Most of it is a blur. Most days were several in a day, pretty sure that first night was the only time it was just one. There was at least two occasions where it was more than one guy at a time.

    I was someone else for an entire week, and that me was a total slut. I had sex in dirty alleys. In public bathrooms. I woke up in random hotel rooms. It was a rush of naughty, slutiness and pleasure unlike anything I ever felt. Before, or since. I truly have no idea how many men I was with that week. Best guessing and all, at least fifteen...possibly more than twenty. Just remembering that, knowing I did that in a week, is enough to give me a tingle of desire even till today.

    A month after my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant. Yes, we got all of her info and all at the time but we never paid it much attention. Or maybe I didn't want to. Of course, I knew then that most likely she was not my husbands. Recently, we had cause to see her blood type after a minor accident and some minor surgery she had to have. Her blood type makes it impossible for her to be my husbands. He saw what I did, but said nothing. I just hope he doesn't ever research blood types and finds out the truth.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 54

    I am a married 54 year old male. Married 25 years and have received blowjobs from about 30 women. My spouse does not know. The irony is this. I use Plenty of Fish dating website to meet both married and single women. I chat them up and it turned sexual. We exchange fantasies and I tell them that my biggest fantasy is to cum in woman's mouth. They ask why and I tell them that I have never experienced it. This is complete bullshit of course. My wfe swallows almost every time. And yet these women all jump at the chance to be the first to let me do all think they were the first.....but it is just a way to get them to suck

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I donât understand why women need to mastuerbate while there is plenty of men to give us what we want. I was sexually active in college. I got pregnant so my husband wanted to marry me so we did. I didnât tell him the baby may not be his. Turn out it was his child. Our parents would keep our son during the day while I finished college. I attended classes and have sex at college guys apartment. I was careful to make sure condoms are used. We both started working after college. We moved to a nice neighborhood. I would come home for lunch and my neighbor would come over for sex. I was worried our second child wouldnât be fathered by my husband but we had another son who was my husbands. I then got my tubes tied so no more children. Some of my college acquaintances lives in our city so I could get with them when opportunity allowed. I got my good figure back. My husband likes me to dress revealing when we go anywhere. He gets aroused seeing men look at me. He doesnât know it charges my sex drive to the point I cheat on him. I keep my husband drained so he stays satisfied. I prefer a dick with a big head over a well hung guy, my husband has both.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    I have been completely faithful to my boyfriend since we started dating 3 years ago until this past weekend. It was a one time thing with a guy who I had never seen before.

    It was Saturday afternoon and I go to a pretty small college which clears out every weekend. My boyfriend usually goes to see his parents on Saturday and come back Sunday afternoon.

    I went down to the gym around 1 pm Saturday to go for a run on the treadmill. No one is usually down there and I enjoy having the place to myself. Well when I got down there a random guy was in there lifting weights who I never saw before. He was a muscular black guy and I could see him eyeing me up when I got on the treadmill. I was wearing a sports bra and short red shorts that showed off my ass nicely. I ran 3 miles and would occasionally see the guy checking me out. I admit he was pretty attractive. Very muscular and he had a cute butt.

    When I got off the treadmill and walked by him I heard him whisper âIâd smack that assâ. I pretended I didnât hear him and went to the womenâs locker room to shower. I stripped naked and started soaping myself up when I heard someone come in. I thought it was strange since no other women were down there but kept showering. About a minute later I looked over to my left and saw the black guy staring at my naked body. He was also butt ass naked and had a massive dick. Like porn star size 8-9 inches and thick. His dick was also semi hard and he was stroking it staring at my ass.

    I knew I should of left but just froze and honestly his body really turned me on. He didnât say a word to me and walked over under the shower with him and started running his hands all over my body. He kissed my tits and started rubbing his fingers up and down my pussy lips. The whole thing was surreal but I just went with it. I was so turned on and enjoyed how dominant he was being. My hands started wandering too. I ran my hands down his muscular shoulders, pecs, and abs. Then I squeezed his ass cheeks before I turned my attention to his huge cock. I started to stroke him vigorously while he fingered me and wasnât sure if that was as far as it was going to go. I could tell he was getting close to cumming when he stopped me. He then whispered in my ear that he wanted to see my ass. He turned me around and leaned me against the wall underneath the shower head. I stuck my ass out for him and felt him give me two sharp smacks on my ass that made me jump. He was mumbling about hot my ass was as he started to enter my pussy.
    It took me a little while to get used to his size but after a few minutes of slow stroking he got balls deep in me and then proceeded to give me the pounding of my life. He fucked me hard and fast underneath the shower head for about 5 minutes. I had two huge orgasms and just let him use me until he loaded all his cum inside me.

    After he finished he walked away without saying a word. I havenât seen him on campus and have no clue who he is.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    No amount of hiding away from the truth, will disguise the fact I'm a married slut who just cannot resist a man with a big thick meaty cock. I tried, believe me I tried to give up my old sexual ways. But once Phil my husband introduced me to his boss in the midlle of last year at a barbecue we held, and told me it'd benefit him greatly if I kind of flirted with him, I went much much further and had my husbands boss fuck me. My husband was cooking all the food for al of our guests as I bent over our bath tub and took his gorgeous cock from behind.
    A week later I did the same, but in his car as my husband worked only a few hundred yards away in his office. And his boss isn't the only one to have fucked me since then. As soon as those flood gates opened, so did my mouth and legs, and I just cannot keep myself from allowing men to fuck me.
    I love cock, always have, and I think even being married, I always will. My husband is a good man, yet he cannot match my sexual appetite and he certainly cannot match the cock size of the men who now take me when they want.

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