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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
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    Straight Male / 52

    My Confession: I have been having sex with my wife's good friend for the last few months. I know, you think I'm a dog or whatever, but it's not like that. My wife and I have been married for 30+ years, most of them good with the usual bumps in the road. I was never unfaithful although I had a few chances. We always had a damn good sex life until some medical issues arose and she was unable/unwilling to have sex. After an operation 4 years ago, she lost all sex drive, but not me. She tried to keep my satisfied but intercourse was too painful.

    Her friend Jean lost her husband almost a year ago. Jean had been a coworker and was a few years younger than the wife and I. After her husbands passing, Jean became withdrawn. She rarely went out, did not date and had no desire to do such. Every few weeks, Jean and my wife would go out to lunch, dinner or to Jeans for a few drinks. IF there was a problem at the house, my wife would send me over there to fix whatever was broken. Last March, I went there to repair a light switch that was making a sparking noise when it was flipped. While I was working on the switch, I noticed Jean had obviously had a few drinks. We chatted, as always when she asked me to look at something on her cell phone. There was a video she and my wife made a few days before telling me it was ok to have sex with Jean. As I was watching it for the third time, Jean must have left the room and when I found her she was in bed, naked under the blanket.

    I went into the bathroom and washed up. Came out in my underwear and slipped between the sheets. It was awkward; no kissing, no foreplay just 2 friends naked in bed. Jean made the first move when she asked if she could take the top to control things. As she swung her leg over me, I got to see her tits for the first time. Small Champagne glass titties with very hard nipples. She straddled me and just sat her pussy lips on my cock. With just a small rocking motion I was hard, it had been quite a while since I had been that close to pussy. I just looked at her and she said to lie still. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it up and down against her slit. I could feel the moisture and the tip was just starting to spread her lips. With her other hand, she licked and used the spit on the head of my dick, and slowly pushed down onto me. The sensation of warmth and security I felt as she slid all the way down got me. With tears in my eyes, I asked her to not move, just let me enjoy the moment. She bent over and kissed the tear on my cheek then the other. Jean just laid on my chest as we hugged, until I felt her pussy tighten and loosen. She was doing Kegals on me. I didn't dare move, after so long I didn't think I could keep from cumming too soon. Jean keep pulsing and soon was rocking back and forth on me. I grabbed her hips to slow her down but she just started bucking harder and harder. I thought I was going to explode, but she beat me to it. She collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck as her orgasm subsided. I tried to start fucking her but told me to put on a condom. It had been many years since had worn one and I was a bit clumsy putting it on so she helped me. She rolled onto her back and I entered her. I guess years of not fucking got to both of us because after 5 minutes I came and we both just held each other and wept; either from joy, embarrassment or both.

    I left and didn't know what to say to my wife. As I drove home, she called and asked if I was ok, and if Jean showed me the video. She told me she loves me, wants me to be happy and that she appreciates that I remained faithful all that time. When I got home, I got into the shower and the wife joined me. No sex, no details just some quiet moments together. As we went to go to sleep, we hugged like we used to do years ago.

    Every few days, my wife will send me over to Jeans to fix something. Jean and I fuck. Sometimes a quicky, sometimes for hours. She loved to experiment and we've gotten over the awkwardness. The relationship has grown and I can now be intimate with Jean. Don't judge! I have a loving wife, a beautiful girlfriend and both are ok with it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 45

    My friend told me about this site so i thought id share my secret ,im 45 and married to a lovely guy who keeps me happy in and out of the bedroom and it would break his heart if he ever found out iv been having sex with a young lad who works for him,he`s only 18,with not much of a home life and he seems to spend more time round here than at home, and my husband likes him and trusts him,Sometimes he stays over amd comes out with us both,but recently while my husband was out he got a good look at me coming out the shower with very little on and his face said it all and he was saying lovely things to me ,he followed me into the bedroom and said wow and was playing with the towel which came away and i was naked being held and kissed everywhere while near enough pulling his cloths of,iv kept in shape and laid back for him while he stood there with his cock fully erect i sat up and took it in my mouth sucking and pulling at his bum to fuck me,but he grabbed a pillow put it under my bum licked at my belly button,and inner thighs, boobs and into me. coming was pure heaven,and his cock made me cry out and wrap my legs up his back.he came ramming it up me really fast and pushing it in deep but i never came,but within no time he was back between my legs and took me from behind while holding my breasts his time i did come,i don`t love him,and sex is rare but good when a chance comes my way, now and again he`s fucked me for just a few moments just to come up me while my husbands been in the shower ,its exciting having my panties pushed to one side just to feel him inside me, then ill let my husband fuck me

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    Straight Male / 35

    Not really a sexual confession, but a confession nevertheless. I'm married and my wife and I are headed out of town on a trip. My gf is also headed out of time, and I found out that we were on the same damn flight. Luckily, I got our flight switched. That would've been weird and awkward lol.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    During our wedding night last July, my husband crashed out from far too much alcohol. Disappointed and very sexually frustrated I was going to masturbate. Instead knowing an ex work colleague of my husband's Erin, a man I knew to have a large cock (Love rumors when they're true) was staying next door to us in the hotel, I knocked on his door. Still dressed in my wedding dress, Erin thought it was to help me with his ex colleague and buddy as I lead him to our room. He didn't think that as I took out his cock from his trousers and began to suck on it. Right there in front of my pissed up sleeping husband I had such amazingly awesome sex with his old friend. Erin's cock was like the rumors said, large, and I took every opportunity to enjoy it, in my mouth, pussy and asshole, whilst keeping on the wedding dress. It should have been my new husband who got to fuck me the way I'd often thought about, but then given what I now know, I'm glad it was his ex colleague as he was much better fuck. Indeed over the three quarters of an hour Erin spent fucking me in our bridal suite, I climaxed three times, and then took every drop of his cum down my throat as I sucked him dry.
    My husband asked me the next day if we'd "Done it" as he couldn't remember. I told him he was great and he seemed to be extremely pleased with himself. Getting ready to catch a flight to go on our honeymoon, my husband told me he had to sort things out down at the reception. Nipping next door, I was glad to see Erin hadn't yet checked out. Ushering him into his room, I had first go down on me, then I mounted his beautiful cock and had him fuck me to such an awesome orgasm, I found myself crying with total joy. Erin spun us over once my orgasm settled down and screwed me missionary until his cock erupted up my pussy.
    Sat at the airport a little later, I had to go the bathroom as Erin's cum was leaking out of my pussy. All the way to our destination I sat in my short skirt without any panties on. And I'm sure an older guy kept on catching glimpses of my pussy and ass as he sat across from us.
    Erin contacted me when we got back, to apologize for taking advantage of the situation. My response was to tell him, it's still the best sex I've had since I've been married. In a few days time Erin will be arriving at our home, to stay with us for a few days over the Christmas period. It was my husband's idea, and at first I honestly tried to get him to reconsider, saying we should have our first Christmas alone. However with his insistence, I've decided to buy into his thoughts and bought in my husband's favorite rum drink. I'm sure he'll drink himself to a steady unconsciousness, which will give Erin and I time to fuck again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I was 16 dating a 28 year old drug dealer when I was younger I felt special that he would want to be with me. Pretty soon I got into drugs and he started sharing me with his friends. It was weird at first but I loved seeing how into it he was and the way he would hold me and kiss me after. Eventually it progressed to him finding guys to fuck me and him getting paid for it behind my back. we would always get really fucked up first and then someone would come over which wasnt strange people were always coming over and we would chill and party a bit then my bf would call me into the bedroom and tell me what he wanted me to do sometimes id strip and give him a lap dance before blowing him right there in the living room and sometimes the guy would take me in the bedroom fuck me.

    It all went on until he got busted and sent to prison. I went back to my moms and met a different guy he got me clean got me a decent job and moved me out of my moms shitty house. Weve been married 5 years now and I have a really nice life but now my ex is out of prison he looked me up and found me on facebook and I know I shouldn't of but he said he was staying clean and had a job but didnt have any friends or anyone else to talk to so we started messaging

    Ive been to his apartment about 3 times a week for the past 3 months and we've fucked at least once everytime. I love how he takes me it isnt romantic or love he just grabs me takes me where ever bend over the table, up on the counter, he just pulls himself out and puts my hand on it or grabs my hair and pushes it in my mouth.

    The last month though we've had two threesomes the first one I just blew the guy but the second I was on my back and my ex finished slid out of me and told me to fuck his friend and started making out with me while his friend lifted my legs and started fucking me till he finished inside me

    I know I should call it off with my ex before things get any worse but Im addicted to his sex

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    Most of this is taken from my the diary I keep. I've added to it as I've more space to add more detail of what happened that day. And what's happened subsequently.
    My name is Emily, I live in the north of England on a relatively large farm with my husband and nine year old son.
    Throughout our marriage I've struggled with not only the isolation of where out farm is, but also the infrequency of sex my husband wants. My sex drive is much higher than his, so over the years I've resorted to masturbation. When our son takes the bus to school now, I've found myself using my fingers, articles around the home and more recently a dildo I bought from a trip I made to see my parents, to reach orgasm after orgasm.
    However masturbation obviously isn't the real thing, something even after pleading with my husband for more sex, I was missing dreadfully.
    The farm lies close to a long known trail for hikers, horse riders and general day trippers who love the area we live in. Yet it isn't directly on the trail. Even so we sometimes get people who haven't got the right maps, or are just not proficient at using them.
    In July this year, with my son at school and my husband off to buy some equipment, it was pouring down with rain and I was horny as hell having just started to watch some porn on my lap top, and play with myself. (Yes women watch porn too) There was a knock at the door. Answering the door, I saw it was two young male walkers. They tried to speak to me in their own language at first, but soon tried to speak to me in English. And it turned out they like many others before them were lost.
    Just as they knocked the heavens really opened up and stood on our doorstep they were getting soaked, so I invited them inside to see out the worst of the rain.
    Walking through into the kitchen off the rear door they'd knocked on, I sat them down and offered them a cup of tea. Removing their wet outer gear, I saw both men were quite good looking and I guessed at the time to be around their mid to late twenties. I also learned they were from Holland.
    Chatting to them about their holiday and where they'd been, I couldn't help but notice one of the men checking me out. I'd forgotten I hadn't put my bra back on and my top was most definitely see through, plus the skirt I'd quickly wrapped around myself, wasn't keeping itself to where it needed to be to cover my naked pussy.
    Through broken English, the quieter of the two who hadn't spoken much, asked me if I needed time to attend to my clothing. But what I thought he said was "Do you want to remove your clothing". The shock of what I thought he'd said and still feeling so very horny, I just reacted in a way I would normally never have done. Standing up, I let my top fall from my shoulders and then removed my skirt. Stood only in my flip flops, I was totally naked in front of two complete strangers, and what's more, I was more than ready to have them fuck me.
    The taller older looking one, who'd spoken the most, didn't bat an eyelid as he removed his tops, then his trousers and finally his boxers. His cock was already erect, if not a little small (smaller than my husbands anyway) Looking down at his cock he said "Suck it for me". And without any thought to family, I did.
    The total and utter action of having a guys, a strange guys cock in mouth had my pussy dripping with sexual anticipation. But not as much as when I turned my head a little to see the quieter one removing his boxers after he'd undressed. His cock which I don't know the size of (Sorry) was massive. Guessing and it's only a guess, from my husbands cock, which is seven inches, it was probably two to three inches longer and far more girth. Continuing to suck on his friends cock, he got behind me, gripped my hips and forced me downwards onto his waiting tongue.
    Only once in my past had I had this kind of sex. never with two people before, but sex that was so horny, so dirty, I was orgasming without control. One orgasm after another ripped through me as I was being tongued like never before. And knowing I had all day nearly, I told myself to do anything and everything the guys were willing to do with and to me.
    Both men took turns to face fuck me and to lick out my quivering pussy. I'd lost count of the amount of times I'd cum, but I wasn't anywhere near to wanting them to stop. Feeling another orgasm build, I had them stop and rose to walk over to the table we'd all sat round to drink tea. Leaning over it and spreading my legs, then my arse cheeks, I looked back at them and said "Who's first".
    Again it was the smaller of the two who walked over first. He didn't ask about birth control or even think to check. Plunging his cock straight up my pussy from behind, I gasped as he went at me like he'd never fucked a woman before. In all honesty, he wasn't the best when it came to fucking me, but by then I was taking the larger mans cock into my mouth and I didn't care. And if to prove me right, he came within five minutes of banging away at my pussy.
    I was about to clean myself, but as soon as the smaller man pulled out, his friend took his cock out of my mouth and replaced his friends cock with his own. Sat to one side puffing out loud, the smaller guy watched as his friend slowly began to fuck me. His cock stretched my pussy and I soon began to moan with pleasure. From a sex starved housewife who craved sex so much, to having two men's cock s fucking her, I was in sexual heaven and loving every second of it.
    Thrusting into me hard and telling me I was such a whore, I was climaxing again. Then pulling out, he sat on one of the dining chairs and had me mount his cock. Holding my breasts and squeezing them hard, I didn't notice the other guy standing up. I did feel him however begin to probe my arsehole with a wet finger. Grinding up and down on his friends cock whilst kissing him passionately, I was no position to tell him to stop. So when I felt his cock enter my arse from behind, I burst through another orgasm and moved my head back and screamed out loud.
    Both men went at my love holes like men possessed. They hammered away at my pussy and arsehole and I couldn't have been more ecstatic. I really was in total rapture feeling their cocks deep inside my body. Humping, grinding and fucking in one amazing long pleasure filled fuck. And to top it all, I had what I can only describe as my first ever anal orgasm. It started in my pussy, but soon built through my arsehole and traveled right throughout my entire body and as I came if manifested itself centred on my arsehole. And no sooner than I'd cum, both men within seconds of each other came inside me. I was jerked around as they shook and convulsed and it my orgasm kind of renew itself.
    Staying where I was, sat on the larger mans cock, the smaller guy who'd now cum twice went and got dressed. The larger of the two men got me to slide off his cock then pushed me downwards. I knew what he wanted and took his cum drenched cock into my mouth. Sucking on his cock until I'd licked and sucked all of his cum from it, eventually he had me stand up. By then his cock was hard again. Asking me where my bed was, he told his friend to take a seat.
    Leading him upstairs to our bedroom, over the next three quarters of an hour on our marital bed, we had oral sex and then he fucked me like no man has, ever. It was so hard and deep I felt like a rag doll on his cock. His orgasm earlier made it so he could piston fuck me without wanting to cum, because that's how it felt. He screwed me in positions I'd never done before. Like having my legs right over my head touching the pillows behind me. Drilling his cock oh so deep up my arsehole from above, and being able to watch it slide inside my body that way. By the time he'd cum, I'd climaxed twice more and was worn out sexually for the first time in my life.
    The rain had cleared by the time they were ready to leave. I'd made them some sandwiches and filled their flasks with hot tea. And only an hour or so before my son came home from school, they went on their way (With my directions). My husband made some remark about how happy I seemed when he came in. I told him it was because of a tv program I'd watched on farmers wives, and how lucky i was to be his wife. He gave me a wry smile and left it at that.
    The following day, I got back to the farming duties I should have completed the day before. I decided performing those duties, if the chance came my way in future, I would again take it and have as much sex as was offered.
    And so that has been the case. Because of where we live, I often have to buy things on line and have them delivered. Recently, as recent as six weeks ago, I had something delivered. The driver, a new guy who lives on the other side of the valley to us, wanted general directions to his last drop. Telling him I was going that way the following day, and that I'd deliver the parcel, he asked what he could do for me.
    It was a quickie. My husband was over at the neighbours with our son collecting some grain he's owed, so I took the opportunity to see if his cock was up to giving me some sexual relief. With my skirt up around my waist and my knickers around my ankles, after sucking on his cock, I had him fuck me in the very same spot I'd been fucked on our kitchen table by the Dutch gentlemen. It wasn't as thrilling a fuck in some ways, but in others knowing I had only a short time, it was just as horny. Orgasming once on his dick, I greedily accepted his cum deep up my pussy and told him once he dressed, to think of my pussy as his personal cum dump.
    The modern world with mobile phones, has made having him call by this past six weeks relatively easy. He's the only driver who delivers in the area so it's not unusual for him to be seen around near our farm. Meeting him other than at home is also easy, and to that extent we've had sex in his van, in my land rover and outdoors when the weathers allowed.
    I make sure I keep my husand happy by performing the duties I have around the farm. And now keep myself happy by fucking the delivery driver who seems quite happy to have me as his fuck piece on the side.
    And to think, had those two Dutch men not been lost in the rain, I might still be using a dildo to get what I desperately needed to keep myself sexually happy.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    This happened a few years ago when I was in the Navy. I was playing around a lot sexually at the time. I was married (still am), had a girlfriend on the side and a couple of guy friends that I played with when the mood struck me for a nice hard cock. I had one rule that has served me well, but I broke it on this particular night. The rule was to never play with anyone from work. I had seen so many marriages ended because of spouses messing around with someone that they worked with.
    It all started off as a normal work day, I was traveling with a crew that day and had a stop over in Dallas, Tx.
    After all of the crew had checked into the hotel, we all met at the hotel bar to have a drink before we went to get something to eat. I was the first one to the bar and got a beer and noticed a couple of good looking women sitting in a booth in the corner of the bar. After all of my crew arrived and had their drinks they decided to go to a nearby restaurant. I told them that I wasn't really hungry and was going to hang out at the bar, but I was really going to see if I could get one of the women sitting in the corner back to my room. Jim, one of the crew said that he wasn't hungry either and said he was going to hang out with me. I had noticed him watching the girls in the corner also. After everyone else left me and Jim was talking and he asked if I was ready to see if we could get lucky with the two girls in the corner. I smiled and said you are reading my mind.
    After chatting it up with the two girls and having several drinks we ended up in the hotel pool area. I was the first to strip down naked and jump into the hot tub. There wasn't anyone else around except the four of us. Jim didn't waste anytime and stripped down to his birthday suit and joined me. The girls stripped down to their underwear and came in. After about an hour of making out and underwater cock stroking, I told my girl that we should go up to the room. She agreed, and we all went up to my room. Jim and I didn't put any clothes back on and was sporting our hard dicks all the way to the room. While we were in the elevator, Jim's girl actually dropped to her knees and sucked on his cock until the doors opened to our floor. My girl wasn't that brave, she would only stroke my cock. I was really enjoying watching Jim's big cock being sucked.
    I had never noticed how big his cock was, he was at least 8 inches. When we got to the room, both girls stripped down and jumped on the bed and started making out. Me and Jim jumped on the bed with them and before long both girls had a cock in their mouths. My girl was on her back and I was straddling her face fucking her mouth. Jim had moved around and was eating his girls pussy. She laid back which put her big titts right at my face, so I did what any normal guy would do, I sucked in a nipple and reached over and started pinching the other one. Jim's girl really liked this, but my girl, how had small titts, didn't like it at all, she pulled off my cock and started yelling stuff like, ain't my titts good enough for you?, as she started to get dressed.
    Basically, me, Jim, and Jim's girl tried to talk her into staying but she was pissed and was leaving. Jim's girl felt obligated to leave with her.
    So, that left me and Jim in my room naked both with huge erections. As I said before, my rule was to never play with anyone I worked with. I actually had two rules, to never let anyone I work with find out that I am bi. Well, I ended up breaking both rules at once.
    The elevator was just outside of my room and after a couple minutes, Jim said he was going back to his room and jack off. He picked up his clothes and headed out the door. I followed him and as he was standing in the elevator, I stepped in and grabbed his hard cock and told him that I could take care of it for him if he wanted. He pushed my hand away and said that I was pissing him off and not to touch him again. I stepped back out of the elevator and the doors closed.
    I was scared to death. I was thinking that he would tell everyone at work that I tried to suck his cock. I went back into my room and was trying to think of excuses to tell people, when there was a knock at the door. I went and looked through the peep hole. It was Jim, his cock still sticking straight out. I opened the door, he came in and pushed me back on the bed and said, I will get this started and took my cock into his mouth. He was an expert cock sucker. He sucked on my for 3-4 minutes and I moved around so that we could 69, I took his big tool into my mouth and started deep throating him. After a few minutes of us sucking each other, he jumped up flipped over on all fours, dropped his head to the bed, reached back and spread his butt checks and said fuck me!
    I didn't waste any time, I spit on his man pussy and worked my cock until I was balls deep. It didn't take long inside his tight ass and I was breeding him. I pulled out and he flipped back over and I took him back into my mouth, I wanted to taste his cum. I worked him for a good 10 minutes but no cum. He told me that he had too much to drink and that he wasn't going to cum. I spun around and worked his big hard cock into my ass and rode him for a few minutes but still nothing.
    He finally got up and went to the bathroom and let the cum drain from his ass. When he came back out, I took him back into my mouth and sucked him for a few more minutes, but still no cum. After a little small talk he went back to his room.
    The next day it was like nothing had happened. It was great.
    I worked with him for a couple more years and we fucked a couple more times. I would love to meet with him again and take his load.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My boyfriend thinks I love giving him hickeys, and I do really. He's a sweetheart and always lets me put a mark on his neck somewhere which he carries around bashfully all day and his coworkers always tease him about. I think it makes him happy that he's seen as a guy with an adorable girlfriend who's crazy about him (which I am).

    There is a part he doesn't know - that I am also fucking some of his coworkers. Don't judge me, but I do cum like crazy off the fantasy of fucking men other than my man. My boyfriend would never understand this, and I don't want to hurt him, but the crazy orgasms I get from cheating are too much for me to resist.

    So, here's where the hickeys come in. Depending on where the hickey is on his neck, is the signal to one of his colleagues to leave early and come and fuck me that day in our home, on our bed. I'm involved with 3 of them, and have already got front left side, front right side and back left side covered. So I figure I'm good for one more ;)

    This game drives me crazy. The day I send him off with a hickey, I get so wild at the thought of using him to get other people to fuck me, I start frigging myself as soon as hes gone. The thought of having a menu of partners (they are all a bit different, and yes one is a woman) for little old me to enjoy is a turn on like no other.

    For all you cheaters out there, try being a little creative!

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife is so boring in bed these days, it's down to a routine. She sucks for awhile, demands I finger her, we get one of two possible positions, then it's done. No facials allowed, no cum swallowing, no eating out her pussy. No flirting, no sexy outfits, no porn in the background (it grosses her out), no multiple sessions in one day, no effort. She even schedules it with me! She won't even touch herself or masturbate on her own (which could be a good thing, I guess). We used to try it in weird places, new positions, pictures and videos, all kinds of stuff, we've just gone into a complete rut in the last two years. She's so vanilla now, I didn't think it was even possible with today's women.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I can make her cum every time with my fingers alone 99% of the time (huge accomplishment), but I feel like that's all she wants me for when she wants me. I want to cheat and have ample opportunity with a girl who's been sending me explicit pics and texts of what she'd like to do to me. This is where I want to be - this girl wants me to fuck her up the ass for the very first time, cum all over her face/mouth, spend hours licking her hairless pussy, the whole nine yards. She wants me to fuck her in my wife's bed, so exciting. She actually wants me instead of just the mechanical part of me, if that makes any sense.

    I'd be crushed if my wife did this to me, so I haven't done anything yet, but it's getting tougher and tougher to resist and some boundaries have been compromised. Any ideas on what I should do?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I've been really unfaithful in my current relationship at the request of my partner. It's the sort of thing he likes, so I'm indulging him and having a lot of fun in the process. He doesn't know about all of my lovers, only a few. He's caught me in the act of cheating on him several times, and I sometimes let him stay and watch as someone else stretches my pussy. However on my wedding day with him, I went the extra mile. My favorite lover fucked my pussy before the ceremony and I let him cum inside me. After we were married, I told him what my lover did, and then told him I'd be spending the night with my lover instead of him. I wound up pregnant from that, and since then I've decided it's not going to be the last time I let one of my lovers knock me up.

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