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My Cheating Heart
Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul.

Tell about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!
  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    Hi honey. I know you'd rather jerk off to these stupid stories than fuck me once in awhile but I'm fucking horny and definitely sick of your fucking nonsense. Keep this shit up and "my Cheating Heart" will be out looking for some other guy to do the deed with and make no mistake I'll gladly do so. How's that for a fucking confession asshole?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Earlier this year my husband and I separated for a short while. It was after a regular themed argument over his lack of interest in sex.

    During the separation, one of my son's friends Alex who's now twenty called round to see my son. He'd gone out, hence Alex catching me with a vibrator in my pussy and two fingers sliding into my ass.

    It was a compromising position and an embarrassing one too. But it turned into some of the most dirty, most intense and absolutely wonderful sex of my life.

    Alex didn't turn away or suggest I cover up. Instead he walked over, stripped naked in front of me and revealed his very large, extremely erect thick cock. Telling me to get down and suck him, he practically dragged me off the sofa, and forced his cock into my mouth.

    Straight away he began to fuck my face and began telling me he'd always wanted to fuck me. My pussy was already dripping wet from the vibrator which had slipped out as I was forced to the floor. So when his cock began to pulse, and he spun me around plunging his cock into my pussy from behind, it slid in easily. Much easier than I'd have thought given his huge cock size.

    The fact I'd been finger fucking my asshole hadn't passed Alex either, as he then popped two fingers up my back passage. It was only then I began to think how surreal it all was. Only minutes before I was in my own home enjoying a wonderful masturbation time alone. And then minutes later my son's best friend was fucking me, and telling me as he did, how he knew he'd one day fuck all my holes.

    And all of my holes he did fuck over the next twenty minutes. After making me orgasm the first time, he slid his pussy cream coated cock out of my quivering hole and straight up my ass. The sensation was utterly mind blowing and for the first time ever in my life I had a second climax right after the first. It was so strong an orgasm, I slumped forward and his cock slipped out.

    Lifting my head by my ling brunette hair, he rammed his cock into my mouth and told me to take it all. Gagging at first, I took nearly his full length. Then when he began to buck hard, I withdrew his cock, lay on the couch and put my legs right back over my head.

    Alex told me I was kind of slut he loved, then plunged his cock back into my asshole. Fucking me madly for only a couple of minutes, he strained a few more times and then I felt his cock erupt up my rear hole.

    He flopped over me as his cock pumped his semen into my bowels, then leaned right in to kiss me. It was so unexpected I found myself pulling back, but Alex moved my legs wide apart, sliding out of my ass, and then leaned in to kiss me again. His cock was still rock solid as it slipped into my pussy. So still kissing passionately, we fucked to a slower rhythm. He ground into me and I pulled him deeper into my body, squeezing his tight ass cheeks at the same time.

    By the time my son returned home, Alex and I had showered and were drinking coffee. We acted as though he'd just arrived, but I could my son sniffing the air. It was I knew the smell of sex and human fluids he could sense, yet he didn't say anything.

    The following morning my son asked me if his dad had been round. I lied and said he had earlier before Alex got there. Smiling he said "Oh, I guessed as much".

    It was another two weeks before my husband moved back from his father's home. In between Alex and I first having sex, to him moving back in, Alex and I fucked at least another half dozen times. Each time becoming more and more sexualised. The rough on point sex was such a thrill, I found myself craving his body and cock. But most of all I craved how he fucked me. He used me, he took what he wanted from my body by fucking so hard and so roughly, I felt like I had to challenge myself to meet his demands. Which to me only added to the intensity of the sex.

    My husband and I are working through our difficulties, and I am trying to allow for his smaller thinner cock. But.... but I have to say I'm still taking Alex's beautiful cock as much as time and our lives allow. I've tasted forbidden fruit and it's so sweet and ripe for me, I doubt now I'll ever be pleased with my husband's attempts to satisfy me sexually.

    Leavin g him I guess is my only recourse. And in that, as soon as my son finishes his education, I will. For now I'm snatching those amazing times with Alex and enjoying each and every second he fucks me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I am a 36 year old married woman. I married my husband when I was 24. I was raised in a very religious household, and went to religious schools. I was very sheltered,I lost my virginity at 16 to my friend's brother. It only happens once and he ignored me after that. I didn't have sex again until I was 19. That lasted about 6 months. Then I met my husband. He is only the 3rd person I've ever been with. I love him and never even considered cheating on him. I am unable to have kids, and I go to cardio classes all the time. I have a very nice body, and get hot on a lot. I just never consider it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    I've never been able to be "faithful" to anyone and I am bisexual. I tell them up front but they go ahead either ignoring me or making believe I did not say it. I love sexual contact with women (mostly) and some men. I was married in my early 20s. Never again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    My husband talked me info fucking his friend while he watched. I have always hated this guy but I went along with it against my better judgement. My husband was turned on at first but after he was angry with me because I "enjoyed" myself too much. I guess I was just supposed to lie there while he got off to watching his asshole friend fuck me. Well turns out the friend is an awesome fuck and yeah I got into it. The guy was very rough and fucks hard which is the exact opposite of the way my husband fucks. So things were ok but I wanted to fuck the guy again. Turns out he wanted to fuck again too. Three times now we've fucked without my husband knowing and it's not enough. The guy is and always will be a rude obnoxious asshole but he can really fuck and I am having trouble just forgetting this and going buck to just fucking my boring husband. My will power sucks.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    How do you let a guy know you want a physical relationship with them even though you are both married. We are in the flirty stage, put our arms around each others waist type of game, but how do I get us past that stage.

    Is there something I can say that I can take back later as a misunderstanding if I misread all his passes??

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I hope this is the right platform to do this because itâs eating me alive and I donât know who I can tell itâs not a long drawn out story which seems to be most of these posts or confessions Iâve read here but itâs mt truth and my dirty secret Iâve been in a long term relationship and I canât stop cheating as much as I try I always end up doing it rarely with the same man either besides one or two of the guys Iâve cheated with who I see frequently at meetings and one at work they all know I have a boyfriend too if I see a guy I'm attracted to I just go into a trance but Iâm honest and tell them itâs just sex I have a boyfriend and Iâm upfront but sometimes it really weighs on me what a really shitty person I am but itâs not enough to stop me and the worst part is sex with my boyfriend is great always had been I just like to get fucked and I like to suck dick itâs reallt that simple nothing more nothing less ever since I was a teenager and started having sex I couldnât get enough itâs gotten so bad that Iâve missed important events because I was out fucking some stranger I met on the street or on a subway or in a bar or at the store or a customer at my job you name it why am I so fucked up?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Driving along a country lane around five weeks ago, I had a horny reaction to a young farmer who signaled and whistled at me from his tractor. My cars soft top was down, and I had on a tight white top and a short cream skirt. He could easily see me from his vantage point, so hearing his whistle and seeing him indicating he liked my looks, I pulled over.
    The reason I pulled over was the reason I was driving along on my own. And that was having an argument with my husband about his lack of sexual attention towards me that morning. Or should I say, his inability of late to fuck me as I wanted, roughly.
    He got out of his tractor cab, asked me if I was ok and smiled a huge broad grin when I replied "I would be if you've got a big cock". The whole thing had only taken seconds, but I knew when I said what I did, I meant it. I also knew as he put his right hand across my breasts, and began to feel them through the material (I don't wear a bra with my firm medium sized breasts), I was going to let him fuck me.
    Telling me to pull over further up, he asked me if I really meant it. Grabbing his grubby hand, I slid it up my thighs and then on up to my knicker covered pussy. I swear his cock nearly grew out of the shorts he had on. Having pulled over he drove the tractor directly behind me and jumped down. taking my hand I let him pull me from the car and lead into a field he'd pulled out of earlier.
    We walked about a hundred yards towards a large oak tree and he and I asked each others names, and why he wanted to know, did I want sex with a stranger. I told himmas if I'd known him for years about my argument with my husband and that I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to be taken hard and used. Hearing me say what I did, he pushed me down released his cock and listened as I gasped.
    His cock probably only measured the same as my husband's, about seven inches, but it was so much thicker. Without pause, I took hold of it, sucked it into my mouth and began to give him a blow job. He made all kinds of groaning noises as I got used to his girth and sucked harder on his dick. After only a couple of minutes, he practically pushed me over, got me to kneel up and tore off my knickers after hitching up my skirt. Telling me he didn't have a condom, I told him I didn't care and to fuck me. Seconds later I felt his thick cock push past my pussy lips and bury itself up my aching hole.
    There was no waiting or finding out if I was comfortable. He told me I was going to get it and that young man did just that. He fucked me like a tart from the word go and I loved it. My knees were in the grass and my hands were holding onto the base of the oaks trunk. I was getting fucked by a stranger, a young farmer and he was an absolutely amazing fuck.
    Within a minute or so I'd cum, leaking my juices all over his cock. And I carried on climaxing on his beautiful dick as he kept on thrusting into my hard from behind. Having just cum for the third time, I looked back just in time to see him wet his middle finger on his right hand. Spitting on my arsehole and still fucking me hard, he slid his finger up my bum and I instantly came again. Through a breathless surge of sexual energy I told him he was a dirty bastard which only made him fuck me harder. That in turn had me pushing back onto his cock and he forcing his cock ever deeper up my pussy.
    Then just as another orgasm began to build, he said he was going to cum. Telling him to hold off wanting to reach my own climax, he gripped my hips tightly with one hand and pulled my long brunette hair back with the other. Fucking me like a rag doll, I burst with a massive orgasm and then felt his cock explode inside of me.
    Both collapsing onto the grass, he slid his finger out of my arse and pushee me so I was laying beneath him. Looking down at me, he lowered himself and kissed me. Kissing him back, I put both my hands onto his buttocks and felt the hard muscles tensing as I massaged his arse.
    We got ourselves together and he walked me back to my car. Swapping phone numbers I told him he'd been a great fuck and I'd had fun. Asking me if he could possibly see me in future, I kissed him again and text his number to prove I wasn't giving him a duff number. My text said "Let me know when, Jess x".
    The next when was a week later and then a few days after that. And since our first fuck he and I have had sex two to three times a week since. His father's farm literally borders our home and this past week, he's visited our house when my husband has been at work. The sex is becoming even better and and were beginning to try out some really horny things together. I'm not sure if it will last or if he see's me as a long term affair. What I do know is, he certainly knows how to fuck a woman, and how to pound both my pussy and of last week my arsehole too. At twenty two he's got lots of sexual energy and by the sounds of it yesterday as he fucked me all over our home, he wants to spend the night with me sometime.
    At the end of this month my husband goes over to Germany on business. When he does, I'm going to invite my young lover around and see if can keep up with my demands. I sure hope so, because with him I'm just getting hornier and dirtier everytimne we fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    My wife has a vocal student who is an 18YO M. He's very girly looking and likes to wear make up, girls clothes, high heels and paint his nails etc. I never really thought anything of it.

    Last week he came round for his weekly lesson with my wife but she needed to pop out and said she'd be about 15/20 mins and asked me if I could look after him and make him feel welcome in the meantime.
    Pretty much the moment she left he was asking me lots of questions and talking to me a lot. We got on really well talking about each other and music but it took me a few minutes to realise what was happening, he was flirting with me pretty hard! Something came over me and I was really liking the attention to be honest. I've always thought I was straight but I was finding him pretty attractive in a girly kind of way. He has a nice girly body as well and as he kept flirting with me I kept checking his body out. After a few minutes of this he leans in and we start kissing. We kiss for a few seconds and then I pull away and say that it's weird and wrong. He stops me from leaving the room and basically batts his eyelashes and gives me a grin and says "Just go with it." This made me go wild inside and we kissed again and this time pretty passionately with tongue. I've never kissed a guy before that so I don't have anything to go by but he was a great kisser, thats for sure!
    While we are kissing he starts to slide his hands down my chest and undo my trousers! He undoes the fly and the zipper and I'm terrified! I say that we can't and that my wife will be back soon. He says that we have time and doe's that same move, batts his eyelashes and smirks at me and I fucking MELT this time! At this point he goes over to his laptop which he uses to play the songs he's learning and puts a song on and its Breathin' by Ariana Grande, for some reason this turned me on even more. He did it so confidently!
    By this point I'm hard as a rock and he pulls my dick out and starts sucking and licking the head of my dick. My dick isn't huge, probably somewhere between 6 and 7 inches tops but within seconds he's deepthroating me EASILY and confidently. He was giving me loads of sexy eye contact, giving me the best head i've ever had by a long way!

    I look down at him going to town on my dick, squatting on the floor with his high heels on, his made up face and painted black nails wrapped around my cock, jerking me off while sucking me, and it's making me so fucking turned on!
    He keeps on for about 5/10 minutes and then he says something that sends me over the edge! He takes my cock out of his mouth and pulls that same smug face that melts me and starts saying things like "Do I suck dick better than your wife?" and "Can your little wifey do that?" This pretty much sends me over the edge and I feel a wave of pleasure come over me and in the heat of the moment I go along with it, nodding when he asks if he's better than my wife. He then starts jerking me of really slowly. He looks up and me with that look again and says "Say it." I'm totally in the moment now and I say it out loud! I couldn't believe I was saying it out loud!
    At this point I tell him i'm gonna cum and I say I'll get a tissue and he says he wants me to go on his face. I've never gone on anyones face before so it was a new one for me. He jerks me of really fast and starts begging for the cum and talking dirty. I explode all over his face and in his eyelashes! He stands up, opens his eyes and looks at me and says "That was quick, was I that good?" I can't fucking take how hot it all is and I kiss him with all my cum on his face! I didn't get much on me but we both cleaned up after and had a couple of minutes to exchange numbers and chat before my wife got back!

    That happened last week and we've been messaging a lot. He keeps telling me he wants me to fuck him and sending me sexy pictures of him at all times of day. I've almost been caught a couple of times by my wife! I've told him to be more discreet and he told me he knows I want him more than my wife and doesn't care if she finds out. I love this boys confidence and it's a real turn on. He's really got me wrapped around his finger and he knows it, which is weirdly more of a turn on for me. We are trying to arrange a time to meet at a hotel or something now for more fun. I feel guilty but I go wild inside when I think about it and to be honest I can't wait.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    I am addicted to the though of fucking my girlfriends sister. She is hot 1 65 with curly hair. Nice tight fit ass and silicone C cup tits with big hard nipples.She has a bitchy style but she is not like that. She has a family and she is not looking be in a mood of cheating. I cant stop thinking and masturbating on her photos. I want to fuck her and cum in her pussy. Rub her tits and slap her ass.Please help me

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