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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 24

    My cousin and I have been having sex for a year. It all started when I moved in with him after college. He told me I could live rent free while I got settled and I could help around the house. He had his room and I had mine, but we shared a bathroom.

    One Sunday morning, I was in the tub soaking and he had to go. He told me to pull the curtain, and he peed in the toilet. But when he got done, he said he wanted to see me and he pulled back the curtain to look at me. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but he insisted on seeing me and I finally just took my hands away and let him look at me naked in the tub.

    He sat on the edge of the tub and put his hand in the water to touch me. He ran his fingers all over my breasts and my tummy until he got to my pussy and he asked me to open my legs so he could run his fingers up and down my slit. He didn't try to penetrate me, but he ran his fingers from the very back to the very front for a long time and told me he was getting an erection.

    He stood up and dropped his boxers to show me his erection and he got in the tub over me and kneeled down and gave me his erection to suck. I didn't suck him but I held it and gave him a hand job. He told me he wanted to fuck me really bad and he got out of the tub and took my hand to pull me out. He more or less dried me with the towel and took me back to my room and asked for my pussy. Inside of me I didn't want to let him fuck me but he had an erection and he was naked and he pulled the towel off of me and told me to lay down and open my legs so he could get on me.

    I let him have all the sex he wanted with me. He took a long time, playing with me and fucking me both missionary and doggy style.

    By then it was past my church time and he told me that day I had started going to another church, the church of pleasing him.

    From that day to today he has me sleep with him and we have sex all the time. There is nothing bad about what we do, as far as sex is concerned, it is real couple sex, except he is my first cousin. I never looked for another place, not that he would let me move. I don't think about sex except like right now when I get these feelings that what I am doing is wrong. I even think that I am going to have children with him, we talk about it a lot. He is totally supportive of me having children in a couple of years when we are better off financially.

    All our family is on the east coast and they don't know that I am a couple with him. He is eight years older and we make a perfect couple, I accept that he is the man of the house and he accepts me as the woman of the house. We don't have any disputes over our roles. Except for the little detail that our mothers are sisters. If he wasn't my cousin he would be the perfect husband and would want to make him a perfect wife.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 24

    I love reading these Family Sex Confessions but swore to myself that nothing of this sort would ever cross my mind. But, I am a college graduate and have (had) a good paying job in another town. I got a call one day from my sister that out father was just killed in a construction accident. I requested time off to return home for the funeral. My #1 boss, and I call him that as he always goes out of his way to help his employees in time of need. He called me into his office, offered his condolences, and asked if I'd like to transfer to a brother company in my hometown so I could be close to my family and be available to help as needed.
    Okay, so I accepted. Sad but lucky too, the company my dad worked with had a good insurance and since the death was caused by a accident they paid off big time. My mother is very well off now.
    My sister is still in high school, a senior, and mom will be able to pay for her college without even missing the amount.
    Anyway, to get on with this story, the funeral was sad but a success. People attended that I had not seen in ages. We had a great meal served by the Ladies of the Church afterward. I did my share of "Thanks" to them during the meal. My Mom was withdrawn because of her sadness about loosing her husband. I attempted to sooth her feelings by holding her hands and talking sympathy to her.Well, afterward we all went our own way. I drove Sis and Mom home and we sat and sipped ice tea and chatted. It soon became bedtime. I don't know if Mom or Sis took baths or not, I didn't because I was tired and had a good bath that morning. I went to bed in the guest room. Mom and Sis had their separate bedrooms.
    I went to bed wearing nothing but my jockey shorts. Didn't take long before I was sound asleep.
    Okay, it must have been the middle of the night I rolled over, threw my arm around what it was laying there and went back to sleep. I was awaken shortly after with someones hand under my shorts playing with my dick, Before I could say don't or stop they had their mouth around the head of my dick, running their tongue up and down and all around the head. I thought it was my sister but I still knew it was wrong, family, that's i****t and we are a religious family. I put my hand down and immediately learned it was not my Sis as her hair was to short. My Sis, being a senior in high school, has hair below her shoulders. Who could this be but Mom. I started feeling her all over, she was completely naked. She had a fine bush and was really moaning and groaning just from my feeling her body, paying particular attention to he boobs and pussy. The boobs were another give away, they were to large for Sis. By this time I was rock hard. I twisted around so as to be position for 69'ing. She helped by twisting around also. She spread her legs and I placed my hand on her pussy ti find it already warm and wet. I then ran my finger un and down inside he wet pussy, spread her lips with me hand while squeezing her clit with the other while kissing and running my tongue all around. She was really enjoying this, In fact she was fucking my mouth as I was sucking her clit and pussy. I knew from past experience that this person, whoever it is, was well oriented on love making.
    We lay there a good while sucking each other. If moaning, quivering, and groaning is any indication of a woman having an orgasm then I'm sure she had multiple of them. When I felt that I was almost ready for ejaculation I stopped sucking her and twisted back around to the missionary positing. She was ready. She reached down, took my dick into her hand and guided it into his warm, wet and waiting pussy. I mean we fucked like newly weds for so long. I could not believ it. Nor could I hold out and longer. I spoke up, "I'm about to cum." Nothing was said so I pulled out and shot my load all over her belly and tits. We laid there awhile and she got out of bed and went to the bath room. I twisted around so I could watch. When she turned the light on to the bathroom I could plainly see it was my Mom. Afterward I returned to her bedroom and I went back to sleep.
    The next morning a awoke and went into the bath and showered. Afterward I got dressed and went into the kitchen where Mom was fixinf a bite to eat. She turned and looked at me and asked, "Did you get a good nights rest?" My reply was just as dumb as her question, "I got plenty." She kind of grinned but nothing else was said. I'm sure she knew that I knew it was her.
    I reported in to my new job and location but at the same time I moved in with my Mom so I could help with her needs, and one of her needs is ME!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I was and exchange student in the 10th grade in Ecuador. The family I was living with had a farm about two hours out of town. We went there on weekends, a small house with three bedrooms and a large living area with a view of the valley. This weekend they invited the mom's sister and her husband. Her husband was an American and they had two daughters. Stephanie and Morey. They were 15 and 14.

    After a late afternoon lunch we kids went out for a walk, about a mile away was a small pond, it was too cold to swim in, but it had a row boat. My host family brother and I decided to show our dicks to the girls. They didn't want to suck, so we got them down on the ground and took off their pants and gave them a choice, suck or fuck.

    I got Morey, she had a small mouth and my dick in her mouth looked like she was swallowing a monster. Her sister Stephanie was sucking her cousin. I got horny and took my dick out of Morey's mouth and pushed her down and fucked her. My host family brother then fucked his cousin. We got dressed and made the girls kiss with us and we felt them up all over. It got dark, so we went back to the house. We let the girls in the back door and told them to go to our room and fix their clothes and comb their hair.

    A week later we went to their house after school and sent the maid to the store so we could fuck them again. They didn't want to fuck, so we made them make out and we felt them up. The maid got back and she was told to fix an afternoon snack, some coffee and there was a cake that we ate. I told Morey that she was my girlfriend and I expected her to fuck.

    After the snack, we went out to the back of the house, to the shed where the gardening equipment was stored and we fucked the girls. Morey was my girlfriend and she knew she had to fuck.

    Well both girls got pregnant. My folks and I had to fly back down for the wedding. Morey and I were married by this judge in her parent's house. We were given a night at the big hotel in town for a wedding gift and we fucked all night. It was the first time we doggie fucked. My mother was grief stricken that I had knocked up this girl, but what was done was done. She had a US passport because of her father and she went back to Ohio with us. She and I and our little kid lived with my parents until we were out of college.

    My mother says that I threw my teenage years away, and for a local girl. She is the best, she likes to fuck and she is real good with our kid. Unlike my sister she is always thinking of how we can be happy. We live in an apartment now that I have a job and she is pregnant again. She wants to have four kids, and if we can afford it we plan on having four kids. Her sister Stephanie had her kid, and her kid was adopted by an older cousin who is married to an engineer. Her kid isn't really adopted, the kid knows her mom and spends most of the time with her at her grandmother's house. My host family brother is engaged to a girl from their circle of friends.

    We have gone to see Morey's folks a several times, about every two years. Now that we are out of college and respectable, no one seems to remember us as kids having a shotgun wedding. Everyone is excited about the new baby.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'd been wanting to do this for a long time. And eight days ago I finally got the chance, but now there's a catch.
    My older brother Christian is the most handsome guy I know. He's extremely athletic, muscular and had from what I saw when I was sixteen, a very large uncut thick cock.
    When I was sixteen I caught him downstairs with his girlfriend. Our parents were out dining and his girlfriend was sucking on his awesome cock. From that time onwards I'd always wanted to at least touch it, play with it, but mostly take it into my mouth and suck it until it spurted his cream down my throat.
    Four nights back, he came in from a night out with his friends. Mom and dad were at my uncles home and staying overnight. Probably why Christian got so drunk. Finding him crashed out on the couch, I could see his flaccid cock poking out from his boxers, and it was too much of a chance to miss.
    Quickly going over to him, I prodded my brother to see if he'd wake up, but he carried on sleeping. Removing his cock from his boxers as gently as I could, I felt the weight of his beautiful thick manhood and decided to kiss it. The smell of his cock and balls made my pussy quiver and I knew there and then I was going to suck it. Opening my mouth I took my own brothers cock into my mouth and savored the taste and feel of it.
    Within a minute Christian's cock was fully erect and pulsing in my mouth. Gone past any concern, I began to fuck his cock with my mouth, taking as much of his cock down my throat as I could. It felt amazing to be fellating my brother, but even better in a way to be doing it without him knowing.
    Then with his cock throbbing like mad on my tongue I decided to see what it would feel like just pressing his cock onto my pussy lips and clit. Taking off my night wear until I was naked, then moving myself around, I backed onto him making him move a little into the back of the sofa. Holding his cock I guided it to my pussy an dbegan to rub along my pussy slit. Sliding too and thro across my clit, I began to bring myself orgasm, but before I could I felt my brothers arms wrap around me, and then felt his cock enter my pussy.
    The thing was, Christian sounded like he was fast asleep. Holding onto my breasts, he began to move rhythmically, fucking me and making me moan with delight. And weirdly he began to say a girls name out loud (Fiona) as if he was dreaming something. His movements became rougher and I began to climax. Then like a shock of pure pleasure I came all over my brothers cock.
    Christian made some funny noises and his cock exploded up my pussy, filling me with his cum. Lay there with him for some time, I waited until his cock slipped out of me and then got myself together. Covering him up, but not before I'd tasted his cock with my pussy cream all over it, I left him to his sleep an went to bed myself.
    The next morning at breakfast nothing was said and I acted as if nothing had taken place. Showering and then changing to go out with some of my girlfriends, Christian shouted over to me just before I went out. Turning to him he said "Hey sis, in future if you want fucking, just ask". He smiled winked and turned away.
    The rest of day out shopping with my friends, all I could think about was my brother had known all along I was sexing him. And he'd fucked me for real.
    Back at home later that day, Christian pulled me to one side as our parents had arrived home. He told me mom and dad were going away for three nights. And if I wanted to we could share his or my bed. As I began to walk away embarrassed, he held me, slapped my ass and slid a hand up my short skirt. With my parents in the next room watching tv, I allowed Christian to finger fuck me to a very quick powerful orgasm. Still shaking when I got to my room I closed the door and collapsed onto the bed. All I wanted was for him to follow me in and to tear off my clothes, spin me over and to drive his cock deep up my pussy or ass. He never came.
    Mom and dad are away from Friday to Sunday next week. Christian had hinted at us fucking again, but now I think maybe we shouldn't. It's wrong I know, but I can't get the notion out my head, I'd love to feel him fucking me for real, so I'll have to decide real soon, if we're going to be sharing a bed next weekend. What's more, and possibly the catch, I only realized yesterday what the girls name was, the one he'd mentioned as he was fucking me, Fiona is my mothers middle name.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    How many men out there, can truthfully say they've fucked three generations of women from the same family, in one day.
    Last Thanksgiving or the day before, Wednesday 25th November 2015 I had sex with my wife Hazel before she rose for work. it was slow spoons fuck, where she orgasmed on my cock, but I didn't cum.
    Around lunch time I returned home to grab a sandwich and found Rowan my step daughter masturbating to porn. Rowan was nineteen then and like today, a real slut. A very good looking fit slut, but a cock hungry slut all the same.
    Not stopping when she saw me watching her, she invited me to fuck her. I know I should have walked away, but if you saw Rowan you'd realize just how good looking and horny she is. So with my step daughters legs spread so wide, I took off my clothing jerked my cock for a few seconds then plunged it into her already soaking wet pussy.
    Rowan went into overdrive sexually. She kept on telling me she'd wanted to fuck me for ages. Ever since she'd watched me fucking her moms asshole on the couch a few years before. Constantly for about half an hour we fucked one another until Rowan had me mount her asshole from behind. I'd just sank my cock all the way in, when we both heard "Well, well, well. So this is what you two get up to when my daughters not home". Turning around quickly, we both saw Rowan's gran, Ash-leigh staring at us fucking.
    We knew she was coming for Thanksgiving, but was supposed to be arriving on a later flight. Pulling out of Rowans tight ass I tried to make some excuse but Ash-Leigh told me to "Can it". Tutting at us both, she actually said "Well you might as well fuck her until you're both finished, I've seen it all now anyway". As much as I wanted to believe me, I got up and put my work clothing back on. Rowan embarrassingly took herself off to her room.
    Ash-Leigh smiled her annoying I'm going to make trouble smile, and told me she'd be at her usual hotel. With that she walked out. Ash-leigh always stays at her favorite hotel as I know for sure one of the young guys there is fucking her. She might be my wife's dearest sweetest mom, but like Rowan, she's definitely a slut too.
    I'd only just gotten back to the site we were working at when my phone went. It was Ash-Leigh and she'd text me. The text said "My hotel, half an hour, we'll sort something out, I SUPPOSE".
    I was there excusing myself to my team as a family emergency, in less then fifteen minutes. Getting a young guy to take me up to her room, he gave a knowing look and knocked for me. Ash-Leigh opened the door wearing a bath robe and dismissed the young guy, but not before smiling like a Cheshire cat at him. Inviting me in my wife's fifty eight year old mom told me to sit down and we'd talk.
    There was no talk, or very little. No sooner than my ass touched the seat, Ash-Leigh dropped the robe to reveal she was naked, and for a woman her age, boy did she look stunning. Walking over to the seat next to mine, she knelt down onto it presenting her ass to me and simply said "Lick my pussy and asshole, then fuck me".
    I was naked for the third time that day and about to have sex with the third member of my family. Pulling her ass cheeks apart, I buried my face into her pussy and ass and didn't rise until that gorgeous older lady/slut had climaxed on my face twice. As her second orgasm was subsiding, I stood up, put my aching cock (I hadn't cum once all day) to her pussy opening and thrust into her as hard as I could.
    It was twenty minutes of some of the most intense horny sex I've ever had. She had me fuck her from behind, then she mounted my cock as I sat on the chair and finally walking over to the bed, she put her legs onto my shoulders as she lay on her back, and had me enter her asshole. Fucking her like my life depended on it and sweating like pig, I built right up to the point of cumming. And then shouting at her, telling her she was a slut, I busted my nut so deeply up her ass, she began moaning about her own orgasm flooding through her.
    I stayed another hour with Ash-Leigh, fucking her again in the shower. When I went to go, she told me none of it had happened, including myself and Rowan.
    The following day we all celebrated Thanksgiving and I couldn't have been happier. I didn't get to fuck Rowan again for some time as she went back to college after the break. But I did manage to fuck Ash-Leigh again before she flew back home. I dropped her off at the airport, picking her up at her hotel. Getting there early we fucked for over an hour before we said goodbye at the entrance of the terminal building.
    Rowan and I have fucked several time s since though and I do enjoy her wild eager way of sex. But I much prefer fucking Ash-Leigh to my wife or her daughter. And it's hopefully something I'm going to be doing this coming Thanksgiving.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    Some of you might think this is bad, I believe she is my ex-wife but younger.

    I haven't seem my step-daughter ever since her mom and I split up. I moved to another state so I can start my life over and thinking every thing would be fine. That didn't work out, I am still living alone and have girlfriends here and there but nothing serious. I keep in touch with my step-daughter through out the years and sent her birthday cards, Christmas cards and we chat on the phone so on and so on. She moved out of the house with her boyfriend and they were living together for a period of time until one day she kick her out and never want to see her again. I guess it was a big fight and it got so bad the cops show up.

    She called me and told me about the fight and she doesn't want to moved back in with her mom and have no place to go. She asked if she can come to live with me and start her life over like me. I told her is okay with me but I haven't see you for almost 10 years. She said I haven't change much but I have grown to be a woman now.

    I got her a plane ticket to fly out to be with me. When I pick her up at the airport I couldn't recognize her, but she recognize me. We got into the car, she said, she was hungry so we stop by the restaurant and ate. On the way to my place she told me what happen, her boyfriend abuse her a lot and she doesn't want to see him anymore. She want someone to respect her, treat her like a lady and not just a person to be in bed. I told her I can understand that and the whole time I was looking at her chest and she realize I was doing that. She said daddy do you like my boobs. I said I never knew you have such a larger boobs. She said is implant and my boyfriend give me that on my 21st birthday. I said you never told me that when I talk to you all this time. She said is not something I would tell my dad but suddenly she lift up her blouse and bra to show me her boobs. My mouth drop and I didn't know what to do but to say is very nice and firm.

    After two weeks of living with me I told her lets go out and have some fun. We went out to breakfast, movies, lunch, dinner and we end up going to the local bar for few drinks just to end the day. I didn't know she can out drink me and we were having fun laughing, talking, giving high fives and pushing each around. At one point she planned a kiss on my mouth and I return a kiss back later but this time she open her mouth and start tongue kissing. I couldn't resist and start doing the same then we end up hugging each other while we were kissing.

    She got so loud in the bar we got kick out, she was getting out of control. On the way home she removed her top exposing her boobs to me and said daddy you told me you like these and I said yes they are nice. She said I want to touch and squeeze them, so I did. She enjoying so much she reach over to unzip my pants and pull out my cock and start sucking it. I said what are you doing you are my daughter, she replied back, I am your step-daughter and is okay. She was giving me blowjob the whole time we were going home. I end up taking the long route because I wanted to cum in her mouth and I did. She swallow it all my cum and said daddy you tasted a lot better than my boyfriend. We got home and she said daddy I want you to fuck me my pussy is wet and I need a hard cock. So I fuck her that night, it was great.

    The next day she said am I a bad girl daddy. I said no you are an adult and you do whatever it pleases you. She said, daddy you please me all the time, you treat me the way I wanted to be treated and can I stay here as long as I want? I said yes sure why not. She smile and said great but I want to sleep in the same bed with you is that okay. I stare at her and kind of shock but she said we being fucking so what is the different. I said you got a point.

    So I been fucking my step-daughter for over a month now and one day she came up to me and said, she is pregnant with my baby. I am about to freak out and said I though you were on your pills. She said she had forgotten to take it while we were having sex. I said okay, lets not get excited here and we need to tell your mom. She said why do we need to, I am an adult I can do whatever I want. Okay you have a point. After we all calm down I said we will raise this child together, because I don't believe in abortion.

    Now we are taking care of this baby together and plan on getting marry, because she want to be with me the rest of her life. The good thing came out of this is she reminded me of her mom, she was just like that when she was young. We were always having fun either in the bedroom or anywhere else, sex with her was never a dull moments. We would always try to find a place just to have sex. She is horny all the time and now I have her, we fuck and fuck until we are tired and roll over to bed.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    I've been fucking my niece for about 6 months now. I'm happily married, and enjoy a decent sex life with my wife. I didn't need to go out and cheat. Hell, I didn't seek it out.

    She had been teasing me for quite some time, even more after she noticed me checking her out. One day while they were here and everyone else was asleep, she took it a bit too far, and I basically told her she needed to stop, "or else". When she asked me "or what? What are you going to do about it?" I told her "maybe I'll give you what you deserve for teasing me all the time."

    She kind of laughed and told me I wouldn't dare do that, and she sat up on our kitchen table, with her legs opened enough for me to see her black panties under her skirt. I had had about enough.

    I wound up pushing her onto her back and fucking her hard and rough. I could tell I was giving her exactly what she wanted, and I was in heaven. It was rough. I had my hand on her throat for a while. I wound up pulling out and cumming on her stomach, and then made her clean off my cock with her mouth.

    Ever since that night she's been my little slut. It's mostly rough, but every once in a while we'll mix in a good, passionate fuck with a lot of kissing, which somehow feels so much more dirty at times.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    There is only one phrase to describe Colin and that's "a perfect lover". Or he is at least to me.
    I shouldn't think of him in that way I suppose. Indeed if any of our family found out we're having as much sex as we dare to, they'd ostracize us.
    Colin wasn't at fault in any of this, if it is a fault. It was myself who longed for him and his beautifully large cock. Yet everything was against us having sex. I was seventeen and in the full flush of my own masturbatory world, needing to, wanting to explore my sexual needs. Colin was at the time of our first union, sixty one and still at that age, and still is now for that matter, in excellent shape. His days in the armed forces and then his subsequent owning of a gym (Still owns it by the way) has kep Colin extremely fit and healthy in every way.
    It was the death of his second wife, my step grandmother that brought us together finally, after I'd lusted after Colin since I became aware of his and my own sexuality. As a fourteen year old I saw him walking out of the showers at his gym. I'd walked into the wrong part and watched my grandfathers huge muscular frame and his magnificent cock for the first time. He didn't see me back then, but as I'd begun to masturbate, I began to imagine him and his wonderful cock pleasuring me in all kinds of ways.
    Time moved on and by the time I reached sixteen, I was desperate to feel him between my legs, yet I knew society said we can't and shouldn't. So it was a total let down when I lost my virginity to a guy my own age. I'd stupidly drunken too much at a party and was taken into a back room of the house we were in. Sucking his cock was fine for me, as I'd sucked lots of guys cocks, but my virginity was for me, going to be given only to one man. Yet I dumbly found myself with my legs spread wide and his cock sliding inside my pussy.
    Wham bam thank you mam... springs to mind. It was all over before my clitty had the chance to even be aroused a little. And with his spunk spilling out of of my quim, I'd had my cherry taken by a guy who I didn''t even particularly like.
    The one thing his attempt at fucking gave me, was the determination to see if I could seduce the one man I so desperately wanted.
    Colin's second wife passed away two days after my seventeenth birthday. The funeral was held and when we attended the family get together at Colin's home, it was my mother who suggested someone should stay with him for a time. I quickly volunteered and a week later I was moving into my grandfathers home.
    Colin wasn't too keen at first, and at first I didn't understand why. Then after a few weeks I began to notice him checking me out, but in a way I'd never seen before. True I was wearing the sexiest, shortest and tightest clothing I had. And on some occasions I wasn't wearing a bra or panties, hopefully giving him a perfect view of the sex I could offer him.
    One month spread to two, and before I knew it I'd been living with the man I wanted sexually so much, for over three months. And then I decided I was going to see if he wanted me just as much as I needed him. He'd bought in lots of Chinese food for us, chosen a movie to watch and said we'd have a night in together. The thing was as he showered I changed the movie to one that was very very sexual. Not quite porn, but it depicted a strong sexual affair between two family members.
    Settling down to watch it, I'd also removed my bra and panties, and changed my skirt to one that was short but loose. Eating our food as we watched gave me the perfect opportunity to let my skirt slide up every now and then and the film also began to get really raunchy. Looking round at Colins bulge, I couldn't help but notice it had risen. He even tried to put cushion across his lap, but I stole it to lean onto him with.
    When the movie began to show a very sexual scene of a stepfather fucking his stepdaughter, I casually moved my skirt right up revealing my ass, and moved my top right up showing my ample breasts. Colin's cock was erect and I could tell. So when I shuffled a little, and he turned to see me in all my sexual glory, I put my right hand onto his cock bulge. My grandfather didn't remove my hand, instead he put his hand onto my ass and began to caress it.
    One more move had us going beyond the point of no return. With his hand circling down a little, I opened my legs and felt his his fingers slide along my pussy slit. We both knew right then we were going to be having sex and I couldn't have been happier.
    Colin moved me around so I was facing him. He spoke to me as if I was his equal and not his grandchild, which even now makes me proud to be his granddaughter. Saying to me we'd already gone beyond what was normal for a family relationship, he said I didn't have to go any further. Undoing his shorts and taking out his large, extremely thick cock and lowering my head to suck on it, told Colin just what I wanted. He san k back as I began to savour the one penis I'd dreamt of sucking. It was a seminal moment in our relationship and I wanted Colin my grandfather to understand just how sexualy attracted to him I was. Taking his hand I had him slide his fingers along my pussy slit again. Knowing my pussy was dripping wet, I moved his fingers all along my pussy until they were coated with my juices. Then I did something which made his cock pulse so strongly in my mouth, I moved his fingers to my ass and had him slip a finger inside my butt.
    The sex grew from that moment. Moving off his cock and on up his body I took my grandfathers face into my hands and kissed him. But not as a child of his, but like a lover who lusted after inch of his body. And Colin eventually returned the kiss.
    W kissed and fondled each other for some time, then Colin spun me around like a top and had me facing downwards towards his cock. Taking it back into my muth, I felt his hot breath on my pussy, and then felt his tongue snake along my pussy and into my love hole. It was such an awesome feeling and such an intense moment, I cried a little. Not out of regret, far from it. It was for all the times I'd wanted to have him sexually and couldn't. And it was for all those people out there who have someone they know they shouldn't be having sex with, but I was.
    One orgasm after another, that's what Colin's expert tongue was giving me, and for me sucking on his massively thick cock, I began to deep throat him. I'd just had another orgasm when Colin stopped tonguing me. He asked me if I wanted to take it further. Quicker than he could say anything else, I moved off him, put my legs either side of his and mounted his gorgeous cock. Feeling it slide right up my long waiting pussy was just perfect. I'd wanted him inside me for so long when his cock bottomed out I had the best most complete orgasm of my life to that point. I was so engrossed with the moment, I didn't feel him slip a finger inside my asshole until my orgasm had passed.
    And so we fucked. With me bouncing on his cock as hard and as fast as I could, and Colin thrusting upwards to meet my energy. The time passed so quickly, yet so slowly in terms of what we were doing. Each thrust, each touch was so amazing, so intimate, I remember it now as if I was right there right now fucking my grandfather. And with each forceful fuck of my pussy with his cock, Colin was also finger fucking my ass making me very receptive to his want to fuck me there.
    Sliding of his pussy juice coated cock, Colin had me lay on my back along the couch. Propping my legs onto his massive chest, he slowly but very deliberately slid his awesome cock up my asshole. Yes there was pain, yes I was very uncomfortable for some time, but I wanted him and his cock so badly I bore the two. Eventually my asshole relaxed and as soon as he felt my sphincter give way, my grandfather fucked me in earnest. Holding my large pert breasts as they began to sway, he pummled my ass making me moan with sheer delight. Nothing could have prepared me for just how much I was falling so deeply in love with a man I shouldn't have, not in that way for sure. Yet I was. Each time his cock pounded into me, his sexual persona, his character and his love entered me, and I knew from then on I was his, completely.
    Gripping me above the knees tightly, Colin really began to thrust into my ass, It was sure sign he was on the verge of cumming and sure enough he told me he wanted to cum. Lifting my head and looking him straight in the eyes, i told my grandfather to cum inside me, as I wanted to feel all of his enter me.
    When he came, he shook like a leaf in a strong wind. His whole body fucked down into my asshole it seemed as his hot thick sperm spurted into my ass. And on it flowed out of his wonderful cock. I'd wondered if I could orgasm from anal sex, with my grandfathers cum screaming up my asshole, I found out. It was an orgasm which started from nowhere and built right on through my entire body. By the time he'd shot his last drops into my willing ass, my body was shaking violently from the energy spent to climax.
    We held each other then. Again not as family, but as lovers and in doing so told each other this wasn't a one off. The final affirmation of my desire to Colin was, letting his cock slide out of my ass and then sliding along beneath him then taking his cum and anal juice covered cock into my mouth. I'm not too sure how long I spent licking and sucking on his powerful cock, but I worshiped it and him as if it was going to be our only time.
    Erect again from attentions, I let Colin get in behind me. Holding me with his strong hands and arms, he encircled me, spooning me. Looking at the tv screen as the last of the movie played out, Colin slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy and began to fuck me ever so slowly. Not once did he speed up or try to thrust in to hard. it was a kind of fuck I've grown to adore with my grandfather. It lasts for ages and has us both climaxing in such a way we stay stuck together until we fall asleep.
    Now three years on, I'm now living in a small apartment of my own. My grandfather has pretty much paid for it by himself, and we often, and when I say often, four to five times a week have sex. I have dated other guys in those three years, and have to some degree enjoyed their company and sex. Yet it's not like with my grandfather, who to this day, is by far the best lover anyone, certainly me could ever wish for.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    I am from a good and reput8 family and only son. But am pervert and a cheat and a full time alcoholic.

    I have cheated my family for alcohol and money.

    Am from today decided to stop all these things just after making one last move to settle things and ensure peace and harmony in family.

    God bless me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I'm 22 my mom had me when she was18 it's been her and I and my grandma and grandpa. About 3 months ago my mom was out and when she got home I had to help her she was drunk and I put her in the shower I had never seen my mom with out Close on and I was shocked how great her body was I really never looked at her that way I put her in the shower I had a short and shorts on but she had pulled her things off. I started washing her hear and I got hard the next thing I knew she had my cock in her hands and was saying how much a man I was I knew it was because she was drunk I stopped her but she would not stop as I was getting her out she put her hand on my cock and she started sucking me I wanted to stop her but I could not I fall to the floor and she gave me a great blow job and I came in her month she still was sucking me I wanted her to stop I had just came. I don't know how she did it but I got hard again and this time she got on me and she made me cum with her pussy and I had her cum all over me. She then got up and got in her bed I could not move but after laying there I got up and got to my bedroom I could not sleep all night. The next morning she did not say a thing to me or I to her about three days later she said ok we need to talk she told me what we did was wrong and it should not have happened I said I know and we will let it go and not talk about it anymore. Then about a week later I was in bed and she came in and was standing over me I said what's wrong mom she had a rob on she dropped it off of her and her beautiful body was right in my face she said I can't take it anymore she said babeboy I have to have you she pulled my covers off of me and she started sucking me I came for her and we have been fucking every day and we don't plane on stopping. Then last night she tells me she is pregnant with my baby and she wants to keep it.

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