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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 21

    Me and my girlfriend love playing while surfing on the internet. We reed each other stories on sights like this while doing things to each other. We also love watching videos of other people getting it on. We started watching more kinky stuff and she got into more kinky stuff as if what we were doing wasn't enough anyway.
    If we keep going like this the next phase will be in the gangbang category and she seems to be hinting that to. Whenever we see scenes like that on the videos she goes into her deep throat mode and it is beyond words how good she does it. She can take as much as I can offer rather easy now and last night she had me jerk off on her face while saying she wanted to be covered in cum.
    In the past couple months since we moved again do to her job, she is a changed person and has gotten a little to close to a couple guys at work and has started mentioning them more and more even during our intimate sessions which are more and more frequent then ever.
    As much as i know it will be a mistake, I am really dying to see her pretty face get covered with about 5 or more loads. I am also dying to see her go deepthroat mode on someone else just to see if she really does give a grade A blowjob or is it just me who thinks so.
    She also has told me that two of the guys from work, one who is married, flirt with her a little bit more every day and my once total reward of turning my girlfriend into a borderline nympho maniac, may also be a curse and rightly so. What I thought might have been love at one time is now total physical satisfaction. Beleive me when I say TOTAL satisfaction as I have never had such good pussy in my life. She likes it up the ass while doing herself in the pussy as much as having me stand in front of her while fucking the spit out of her mouth.
    Every thing I have confessed is true except for one minor detail and that is she is not really my girlfriend, yes we do live together but we are a bit closer in many ways.

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    Straight Male / 20

    My mother is real soft. She is an easy touch when I want something. Last summer She was wearing this swimsuit while she lay in the sun in our back yard. She did this all the time. She was right outside my open window. I stood there watching her and when I was so hard I couldn't stand it I pulled down my pants and started masturbating. About half way through she sat up and started putting lotion on her legs. I almost stepped away but I wanted her to see me so bad. I was afraid that she would see me and yet I wanted her to.

    Well, she did look up and she did see me. I stood right there and continued. She looked down and started to put more lotion on her arms and shoulders. I stood there and rubbed myself until I realized she wouldn't watch me. I buttoned the top of my pants and left the rest open so I could stick my erection out and walked outside. I kneeled down beside her and said, Mommy, will you watch me,, Please. She said, I shouldn't it's not right.
    I told her then that I was going to kneel right there and masturbate until I came. She sat there and let me. When I was about to cum I leaned over her and shot it all over her. As I got up I whispered Thank You Mommy. and went back in the house. When I went back to my room I looked out the window and she was laying there on her back. I could still see the sperm all over her. I was excited about it all day.

    That evening she was watching her dance program. I was sitting on the couch in my pajama bottoms. While she watched I made myself real hard inside my pants. When I was sure she would see that I was hard I got up and stood right beside her chair. I told her to look at how hard I was. She looked kind of sad but she looked. I took out my erection then and told her I needed to masturbate. When she didn't say anything I started to rub myself. After a couple of minutes I reached down and took her hand and put it around my cock. I put my hands around hers and started to rub like that. I was so excited seeing her hand on me that I held her hand real tight around me and shot my load all over her again. I used her hand to clean what was left on the tip of my erection and went and sat back down. She watch the rest of the show with my juice all over her. She didn't even try to wipe it off of her hand.
    I love doing it. I once got off all over the front of her blouse on the way to the grocery store. When we got there she did all the shopping with big wet globs of it all over her.

    The very next morning I went to the kitchen. She was having coffee in her night gown. I walked over to her and took my erection out and started to masturbate over the table. She drank her coffee and just sat there. When I was real close I pulled her coffee cup under my cock and let go right in her cup. I pushed it back in front of her and whispered, Drink if for me mommy,, please. I told her if she loved me she would. She did. It kind of gagged her a little but she drank it all.

    Later in the afternoon I went to her while she was doing dishes and thanked her for drinking my cum. That's just how I said it too. Then I took out my cock and asked her to let me put it in her mouth. She didn't say anything she just stood there. Then she went over and sat on a chair. So, I stepped in front of her, put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to me. The end of my erections was dripping pre-cum. I pressed it to her lips and real nice like said. please mommy. I think it's the mommy part that gets me what I want because she let me push the head inside her mouth and pump. As I pushed in and out of her mouth I told her how thankful I was for what she lets me do to her. I asked her to look up at me when I was about to cum. When she did and I started to fill her mouth I said, Can you see the love on my face now mommy? I could see my juice oozing out at the corners of her mouth there was so much. It seemed like the more I saw this the more excited I became and the more I came. I stood there with it in her mouth until I was sure she swallowed it all then pulled out. I was still turned of and real excited by what I had just done. So, I asked her if she was mad at me for doing this stuff to her. She said no. She said she understood that a young man my age needed a lot of release in that way. You shouldn't show love for your mother in that way though! There are other ways to show me you love me. I told her that this is how I need to express it. It's so exciting, I said. I need to see my stiffness pushing in and out of your mouth. I need to see my sperm all over you. I can't help it.

    By this time I was so hard again. She knew it too. She kept looking at it. She knew I wanted it again So I said, If you really love me mommy you will do it for me not just let me do it to your mouth. She totally surprised me when she said, I won't stop you from expressing your love in that way. I'll even help you with my hands and let you spill your love juice anywhere you think you need to. Suddenly I blurted out, Please suck my cock mommy. Do it now. I need to watch your mouth go up and down my cock. I love to see you looking up at me when I cum in your mouth. I get so excited when i watch you swallow it. Take my cock in your mouth and suck me. Look up at me the entire time. And Mom, Look me right in the eyes when you swallow it. Please mommy. And I think that's what did it. The mommy word again, because she leaned ahead, took me in her mouth and sucked me. She looked up at me while she did it. It made me so excited I started pushing in and out kind of hard. I could see tears on her cheeks again and this turned me on even more. I know she wasn't ready when I came in her mouth this time. Big globs of it ran our the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin. When I was finished I told her there was some globs of cum on the floor and she needed to clean it up. When when she reached for a rag I told her no, not that she needs to lick it up and eat it. She looked at me real sad. I knew she was going to cry. It's what I Need you to do mommy. And she did it. she crawled around on the floor and licked up my cum.

    Now I just tell mom what I want her to do and she does it. I have stood in the middle of the kitchen, made her jack me off until I cum all over the floor and then made her lick it up. I have made her go through a drive through and pick up food with my cum all over her face. When she is talking on the phone with one of her friends I masturbate and cum all over her and say something like,,, darn, jimmy just spilled on me. Sometimes I will just have her masturbate me and save it in little containers. When there is a lot of it. Like a half a cup. I bring it to her when she is having coffee with her friend, set it down in front of her and watch her sip it while they talk. She has a good friend that she talks to on the computer with a video app. While they talk I stand just out of the picture and masturbate. Then I squirt my cum all over the front of her. I don't think her friend knows what is happening but one time she jumped a little when my cum shot over my moms breasts. She was wearing a black top. When her friend asked what was that. My mom told her that I spilled on her.

    My one real hope is that my mom will read this and recognize it is her.

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    Straight Female / 23

    My first time out with my mother in law and her daughter. My husband bought me a ticket fro the girls night out.

    He wanted me to be along with his mom an sister, get to know them a little better. My father in law had a lino pick us up and drive us around some. We drank and I find my inlaws are very good at that.

    The second guy out ask for a volunteer and my mother in law was it. She sat on the stage in a chair and he rubbed it all over her. Then a large screen was pulled across and light behind. Then I could see very clearly her sucking the strippers dick. People cheered and then my sister in law ran up there and told her mom to let her get some of that. she sucked his dick and there was no question she had it deep in her mouth. I could hear her gagging.

    Then the chair was moved and he laid my sister in law on the floor, she opened her legs and that stripper fucked her on the stage. She had no panties and legs up and seemed to have a orgasm. Then the guy pulled out and wiped his cock with a towel and then handed her the towel. She wiped between her legs and then got up. They sucked a few others and wondered why I was not interested. I told them I enjoyed watching them.

    When we got back home my husband ask me ot tell him everything. I told him a few things, but your mom sucked several cock and the load of two strippers. And your sister let an uncovered guy fuck and blow a load in her on the stage. His sister's husband ask if there was a fire he needed to put out down there? She said no and laughed it off. I bet she worried he would find a strange load if he stuck it in there.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I was in my bedroom jerking off, back to the door with headphones on. Mirrors set so I could see who walked in. I knew mom was coming. I was stroking, music blasting and I could see it peaked her interest. It got to be a daily thing. After two weeks, I got up the nerve and as she was there I turned around and said you like this. She said no. I said that’s funny you’ve been standing there every day watching god two weeks. Twice I came with you there. So help be out here. She put my cock in her mouth and gave me a great blowjob. This continued t she passed away at 70 6 years ago. Man could she suck a dick.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Thanks evry1 for the hot it's my turn! I have a very hot 28yo half sister jo who's a nurse who's seeing a doctor..He's away studying and Ive recently moved back to the area.we didn't grow up together so the two of us have been hanging out getting to know each other the last few months. Last weekend we caught up for dinner then a movie..we'ed had a few drinks so both of us were relaxed as we sat down at the back of the cinema.
    The lights dimmed, the small crowd went quiet as the movie started to was 3d so everyone had glasses on. Jo Jo is petite, this night her long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a tight fitting summer dress which I couldn't help notice peaking over my glasses was showing off her tanned legs and a great view of her firm tits and ample cleavage.i bought a popcorn for us to share which was on my lap hiding my arousel and to stop it showing I forced myself to focus on the movie and not my gorgeous sister!
    Half an hour into the flick Jo had to go to the ladies and to get to the aisle had to wriggle past me, giving me a close up view of her perfect ass.i was that close I could even see the g string snuggled between her peachy cheeks. On returning as my sister was about to push past me to get to her seat jo lost her balance and fell back into my lap,popcorn flying everywhere as I wrapped my arms around her to break her the chaos I ended up with a handlful of her left breast and her ass landed directly on my semi aroused cock.we paused for a few awkward seconds before we both began to laugh as I removed my hand from her tit and placed both hands on her tiny waist to lift her off Om lap but not before she rubbed her cute ass back and forth once over my now semi erect cock.i was in heaven!
    Sitting back in her seat I feel the obvious sexual tension and covered in popcorn istart to brush it off when Jono leans over and whispers in a sexy voice 'here let me help you with that'and starts to lightly stroke the popcorn off my chest.then she starts to move her hand down and rubbing the popcorn off my now bulging crotch,slowly rubbing it harder and my cock gets harder.
    Taking a single piece of popcorn Jo drops it into her cleavage and whispers again into my ear 'oops I missed one,be a darling brother and get it out for me?' Without hesitation I lean over and slide my hand between her breasts and on purpose clumsily start searching for the lucky last piece of popcorn. Whispering yet again in my ear she tells me 'not with your hand but your mouth' tweaking her erect nipple I lower my face and start greedily licking and nibbling her firm titties, pulling her dress down to Tease her hard nipples with my eager tongue.i remove the popcorn from her cleavage with my teeth and force it between her lips as I kiss my sister for the first time.
    'Now I have to clean all the popcorn off the floor'.pushing me back into my seat Jo slides down between the seats on her knees and unbuckles my belt and unzips my fly. my cock leaps out of my jeans and I look down into my sisters blue eyes as she wraps her hand around the base of my throbbing member and begins teasing the head with her moist tongue then wrapping her lips around it and taking it into her hot wet she works my knob she starts to stroke my shaft as her other hand tickles and pulls at my shaved balls...jojo moves down and sucks on my nutsack as she pumps her hand up and down my member.popping my balls out of her mouth she licks the underside of my cock till its back at the sister licks her lips before taking my cock into her mouth and slides her lips down my shaft till all 9in is in her mouth and Halfway down he throat.i grab her ponytail and control her mouth up then down her throat to pleasure every inch.then i feel a finger tickle my ass before the filthy minx slides it all way into my anus,sliding it out as my cock slides into her mouth,then in again as I slide my cock back out again.i let go of her head and Jo jerks me off and fucks my ass at the same feels amazing!
    Just when I think I'm about to explode my sister stops, gets up and facing the screen slides her soaking wet pussy slowly down the length of my cock till all of its buried buried in her tight snatch.she moans so I put a finger in her mouth to keep her quiet as my sister starts working all 9ins up and down as I reach around and rub her clit and she squeezes my pumps my cock faster as I rub her moist clit harder, pinching her nipples she leans back and moans under her breath 'Im gonna cum brother'and bites down on my finger as her pussy tightens around my thick cock as Jojo shudders in ecstasy.i keep rubbing her clitty as her orgasm subsides,her juices lubricating my entire cock.
    Not knowing if anyone has heard us fucking and not caring I bend her over the row in front, spread her cheeks apart and bury my tongue first in her pussy to lap up her tasty nectar then work my tongue into her ass, then slide a finger into her tight rear end. I grip the base of my aching cock and push it up against her butt then I push as I watch the head of cock disappear into her hole.again she moans as I work my big cock inch by inch up her extremely tight ass till all 9ins is buried deep.i pull back until all but the head is out then watch as my cock slides back in my sisters ready to be fuck I whisper in her ear 'bite down hard on a finger sis because I'm going to fuck your ass good anal whore!' She replies 'your sister wants you to fuck her ass' with that I start pounding my sisters ass slowly at first, watching my cock slide in and out as her tight hole pleasures every inch of my cock.i increase the tempo and ram her ass harder and faster while jojo rubs her clit at the same sister moans as her ass tightens even more around my cock as her second orgasm hits her.her cheeks shudder as her pussy juices flow Down onto my balls as they slap her the bottom of her twat.i start to feel the first twitch in my balls and ask if she's ready for my cum and where woould she like it 'I want you to fill my mouth with your cum brother.i want to swallow every last drop.please cum in my mouth? I beg you!' 'Then get down on your knees slut and you shall receive!
    I slide my cock out of my sisters ass and jojo drops to her knees and squeezing my balls takes my cock into her hungry mouth.just before the first wave of pleasure hits me my sisters starts stroking my throbbing cock, looks up at me and begs 'fill my mouth full of hot cum brother. Your little sister wants to taste your cum! Give it too me now!' Hearing her beg sends me over the edge. 'Here it cums it cums' Jo opens her mouth and the first load of hot jizz shoots out of cock into her waiting mouth as waves of pleasure overcomes me. I stroke my cock and my cum gushes out cock, filling my sisters mouth.what a turn on watching my sister take every sputtering of her brothers jizz into her fucking God! I milk every last drop then she looks up at me as she swallows all my seed in one greedy gulp.jojo smiles and starts to lick my cock clean. When she's finished she licks her lips and says 'mm your delicious!' I bend down, kiss and whisper 'your a good girl' what an amazing fuck!now we can't keep our hands off each other..well I hope you enjoyed my naughty confession...I most certainly did! till next time...peace!

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    Straight Male / 46

    My brother married a girl two years back; she had two young children already. Her family fell in love with him. He loves her children. She is a pretty girl but had a bad ex husband who screwed her up pretty good. He has been telling me that she is not having the sex she had before. That was one thing he had insisted she answer when he ask, "will the sex end shortly after we get married?" and she said no, I love it.

    She got depressed with her ex husband and cut him off completely. Dr's could not get her out of it and they gave up. My brother knew this and in the time of the divorce she got better. Said she was awesome in bed and wanted it all night. She would come ask him even. He ask her to get some help and he would help her. But she is doing nothing. When he ask for sex, she keeps telling him tomorrow. Or that she does not feel good. If he gets upset or pissed she will open her legs and lay on the bed. tells him to hurry up and finish.

    My brother talked with her mom, about this months back. She promised she would work with her daughter to get this fixed. She begged him to not leave her daughter. She said it would break the hearts of the children. It might send her daughter to a far deeper depression. Then His mother in law dropped him off at my work. I ask why he was with his mother in law? he got flustered.

    I pressed him for answers, and he told me that he and she were having sex. That he had talked with her last month when he had a few drinks, he told her he was leaving. He is to young and his wife is to pretty to torture him with out having sex. His mother in law came and picked him up for a talk. She drove him to a park and she sucked him off. She ask if that was ok for now? He said it was nice, but he wanted the package, kissing and intercourse. So she got them a hotel room and she fucked him. She did him right he said, so good he did not want to leave the hotel.

    She told him she would do her best to keep him from loosing his mind, while his wife got more treatment. He had just spent the day with her mother in a hotel room. I ask if his wife would notice he had taken the day off work? No he stated, who better to cover for him but his mother in law. He said he was headed back home now, he would shower and guilt his wife into a blow job or some kind of sex.

    I see this ending badly, very bad

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    Straight Male / 20

    My mom has a new boyfriend. He's six years younger than her at thirty five and before she ever met him, I had a three month relationship with him. Even though he was married at the time.

    I didn't know he was married, but even if I did, I think I would continued to fuck him because the sex we had is by far the best sex I've had upto now. He's so inventive in and out of the bedroom. We often fucked outdoors because he said he liked the taste of pussy and ass in the open air. Now I know it's because he was married.

    His cock is the thickest longest and veiniest I've ever had in my pussy and asshole too. We met at a friends party and straight away he came onto me. His easy charm, good looks and his tall muscular body had me wanting him the moment he asked me if I liked older men. Two days later in a motel, I was taking my second load of cum up my ass and orgasming at the same time when he fucked me in the shower.

    Every time after that, we met up and I had the most amazing time sexually with him. Our relationship ended when my college year started, I met a new guy my age and I didn't get the time to see him. Two years on and I was sat at home when my mom walked in with him. We both recognised each other straight away, but we both didn't say anything.

    He'd already split up with his wife when he met my mom, and wanted to move in with us after seeing her for four months. We haven't spoken about our time together because I try to make sure I'm not alone with him. Not because I don't like him anymore, it's because I can't trust myself. Some nights I've listened to them fucking and I know what my mom is getting. He's a wonderful lover and I know if I wanted, I could have him in my bed anytime.

    It's not easy living in the same household as him, as I'm increasingly getting horny for him and his large cock. Only last week and the reason I'm confessing, he asked me when my mom took a bath, if I still like being fucked in the ass and having my pussy fingered at the same time. I answered him by telling him, only he's ever made me cum as hard as I did when I was with him, and it was precisely that sexual act that had me cumming time and again.

    I don't want to hurt my mom, but I also don't think I could deny him if we were ever to be alone. My mom still dosen't know we've fucked in the past. Nor does she know I lust after her new boyfriend every day I see him.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I am in a demented and sick situation. My husband travels overseas a lot. Admitedly, we did some wild things when we were young, so I wasn't very surprised to find out that while overseas, he visits prostitutes. Instead of reacting as I should have, I got turned on by it. I began encouraging him to visit brothels and film the experiences, which he does. For some reason it's just a huge turn on for me to watch him ride some stupid whore.

    Inevetiably we degenerated more and more. He ended up in Asia having sex with a prostitute that was obviously not of legal age in the country where we live. Did I put my foot down? No. I won't even try to justify it because I can't.

    So it is my fault that my husband is now having sex with my daughter. (Not his daughter) At first they were sneaky about it, but gradually it became more obvious. We have never discussed it, and it's sort of an open secret in the house. I know it's wrong, but I also know it would ruin all our lives if anyone found out. My daughter is very obviously complicit in the whole thing. Sometimes she will come to our room at night and ask him to come and see her for a few minutes. Her room is next to ours and I hear them at it.

    She is fifteen. I think back to when I was that age and know that if I'd had a hot stepdad, I'd have fantasized about it. She's not fantasizing --- she's actually living the reality. I know how wrong it is, but it turns me on when I hear them.

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    Straight Male / 36

    For the past five months or so, I've had fantasises about fucking my nineteen year old step daughter Rhianna. She's a very good looking young woman and always dresses provocatively, but with style. I'd never been inapropriate prior to five months ago, hiding my sexual lust for her and always trying to be a good step father. Then one morning I found a pair of her panties outside our bedroom door. My wife was at work and Rhianna had left for college. Picking them up I could see they'd been worn and put them close to my nose. Her sex was easy to smell and it had the desired effect on my cock. Taking them into our bedroom (Her mothers and mine) I lowered my sweat pants and masturbated, using her panties to stimulate my cock and a fantasy of fucking Rhianna.

    Over the next few months I'd ocasionally find a pair of her used panties just lying around. They'd always been worn and her pussy smell was always strong on them. Each time I'd use them to masturbate and each time I'd cum all over the gusset part, before putting them in the wash. I'd also noticed during the five months, Rhianna had begun to wear revealing clothing when she was around me at home. Low cut tops without wearing a bra, or as like a month ago when her mom was staying at her aunts overnight. Rhianna wore a loose fitting pair of grey shorts. As she sat across from me that night, I could see right up her loose shorts each time she lifted her legs. And every time I got a very good view of her closely trimmed pussy as she wasn't wearing any panties. I went to bed that night with a painful hard on and masturbated once more thinking of fucking my step daughter.

    Now to two weeks ago. Rhianna had asked me to fix her wardrobe door. It wasn't as though it really needed fixing, but she'd asked all the same. She'd gone to her frinds house, minutes before I was going to start in her room, telling me she'd put her private stuff away (I always checked as I didn't want to pry or appear creepy to her). So finding her diary open on the bed was a surprise. As was the contents when I looked at the open pages. It had been left at the date of her mom staying at her aunts and it reads: (I've got it with me now)
    "I know he's been using the panties I leave around for him, as they're always in the wash basket. He masturbates into them, which is sooo fucking horny. I retrieve them and do as he probably does, I smell his cum and play with my breasts and clit, making myself cum every time. Mom was away tonight so I've been teasing him all night, flashing him my breasts as I bent over, or my pussy each time I lifted my legs sat across from him. He tried not to look, but I caught him lots of times which made my pussy very wet. As I write this I can hear him wanking. Their bed squeeks when he masturbates and it's squeeking right now. My turn to pleasure myself I think. Oh well diary, see you again tomorrow and hopefully he'll have got the message by then".

    This last fortnight has been a sexual nightmare. On the one hand I'm "trying" to be faithful to my wife and our wedding vows, on another I now know her daughter is teasing me sexually. And finally I know Rhianna probably wants me to fuck her. And boy do I want to bury my cock up her wet pussy and super tight ass. My problem is how the fuck do I do that, without fucking up my marriage.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I saw my dad writing on this, so I started reading it. I think some of the stuff on here is really twisted and kind of fucked up and sick. But some of it is a bit weird and different, and it's kind of hot. I don't know why, but a lot of people are into family stuff, and into different things with relatives. It makes me want to post what I've seen, and ask questions about it.

    I'm not really 18. I'm actually 15. I might end up with a lot of weird creepy guys that respond, but I guess I'll just see what happens.

    I'm still a virgin. and no, I don't plan to change that anytime soon. I'm in high school, and I've heard my friends talk about the lame guys they hang out with, and I know a lot of them have already fucked guys. Not me. I guess the reason is, I haven't found anyone I really like enough to go that far with. I've kissed a guys guys but that's about it.

    Now the thing is, I know my dad does weird shit at night. I've heard him. So last week one night, I went down the stairs, to see. And I looked around the corner from the stairway across our living room, and I see him sitting at his computer. I wasn't sure what was going on, but then as my eyes got better with the dark, I realized that holy shit, he was jerking off. I'm not sure what he was watching or what was going on, but I could see it.

    I heard him make noises, and yeah, I've seen enough porn to know what guys are doing when they get off. And I swear to God I just saw and heard him get himself off. It probably sounds kind of screwed up, but no, it wasn't gross. It was just different. I'm not sure why I thought about it, but like two days later, I was up in bed, and I went down again. And I saw him doing it again. This time I did it on purpose. He was doing whatever it was, and I walked into the living room and said "hey, what's going on?" He jerked back and I heard him say something like UH, what are you doing down here.

    When I went over closer, I saw he was moving around real quick, and I saw a towel sitting on his lap, and his shorts were yanked up and kind of lopsided. So I just asked him what he was doing. And I saw the porn on the computer screen. He kind of stuttered, and he says to me "uh yeah, well uh" and I just laughed. I said to him dude, I've seen porn before, it's not a big deal. That kind of stopped him and he said really? I said yes. I'd watched with Kenzie and a couple other friends. I'd seen it with Lindsay, and I'd seen it with Stephanie too. He just kind of laughed.

    I'd never even been so bold, even though we talk and joke sex, boobs and stuff like that, but came right out and said were you doing shit? He says what shit? And I said like jerking it or something? His face was all red. And he said to me uh well uh why? And I just laughed and said I got you. He just sat there with an embarrassed look on his face, and didn't say anything.

    I shocked him. I mean, like really shocked him totally, and I said "well, if you wanna finish, it won't bug me" and he looked at me and said "excuse me?" I just shrugged and said sure. Have at it. He looked at me and said "I'm so not going to do that with my kid in the room" and I just said why not? I said it's not like we're DOING anything. I mean, that might be kind of freaky and gross and weird and stuff, but I mean, it's just you doing what you're doing" - He looked at me speechless. And he said "I can't" - I just shrugged and said well OK.

    As I got up off the couch, he suddenly said "you're serious?" and I was. I don't know why. I mean, he's my dad and all, but I'd never seen a guy do that. Except on porn. Like not even in person. So I just said well I guess. I mean, It's not a big deal. I guess I've never seen it. Don't know what its like when you know, a guy does his thing. So I guess I was curious is all.

    He looked and me, and said "you know you can't tell your mom? I mean, if you get mad at me, or we get into an argument or fight or something? Or whatever? You like can't tell her. We'd end up in an ugly situation. I mean, this could really get out of hand" - I just looked at him and said I'm not gonna tell anyone. That would be weird, and how do you think MY FRIENDS would take it? Like knowing I watched my dad, you know jerk it? He just looked at me and said well uh ok yeah.

    I was sitting on the couch. I saw him pull the porn up. He kind of looked at me out of the corner of his eye. And he starts the porn. Starts rubbing himself on the outside of his shorts. I'm watching quietly, not saying anything. And I see he's getting hard inside his shorts. He's still rubbing. I watch as he pulls the towel over. And I don't know why, but I got kind of freaked for a second, and felt really scared. And I see him rubbing it even harder. And I look and see it's like really huge.

    He kind of stares for a second. Leans back, and he pulls it out of his shorts. I looked at it, and he's kind of staring at me out of the corner of his eye. It was kinda weird. Just sitting there. He gets this towel, and he's watching the porn, rubbing his thing, and he keeps going. Pulls his shorts farther down, and then starts moving his hands up and down on himself.

    He's got the towel around him, pulls it off, and he's got his thing pointing at it. Watching the porn. I just sat there watching him, and a couple of minutes later, I see him starting to shake a little. Then he like shudders. And I hear him go "uh" and he starts squirting it into the towel. I watch it come out of the end of him, and it's squirting and squirting. And I'm talking a LOT. I had no idea that it was like that, because porn doesn't show it.

    I bet it went on for like 30 seconds. It kept squirting out, look white loads of stuff. And when he was done, he leaned back, gasping and panting and breathing kind of heavy. I looked, and I saw his thing had gotten really soft. He wiped himself off, and then pulled his shorts up and sat back.

    I didn't know what to say. He kind of looks at me, and said "well uh" and I just said "holy crap. That's like intense. I'd never seen that. I mean, porn doesn't show a guy doing his thing". And he just smiled and said "Yeah, it doesn't. You don't typically even see the guy doing it. You just watch his face and body"

    I had to ask. So I asked him what it felt like. And he explained it. Felt kind of weird with my dad telling me what it felt like to get himself off and all. But when he got done, I said to him "Do guys do that when they're doing it with chicks too?" and he said "that much? well, I can't speak for other guys, but I know I do"

    Yeah. I watched my dad jerk himself.

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