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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    The Patriarch
    I had been married to Michael for 8 years and separated 3, and since our separation my husband had been fairly lax, and often very late with his child maintenance payments, all of which may it a struggle for me every day to even clothe and feed my kids. We would constantly row about this over the phone and sort it out, but then when he met Maria and got her pregnant, she begrudged me my maintenance and didnât believe Michael should âcontinue to pay for mistakes in his pastâ. I had gone to court twice before on this, and each time he resumed the agreed payments for a while and then stopped again knowing that the expense of bringing the case to court made it hardly worth my while doing so.
    In desperation I rang his older brother Ed. Ed considered himself the family patriarch and he was annoyed at the whole affair. Annoyed that Michael had been depriving his kids, and annoyed that he hadnât been told about it. So the next day Ed came around and gave me money and told me he would âsort out thingsâ and the next week not only did I get money from Michael, Ed also came around and gave me more money. He began to check in on me every Wednesday to make sure âMichael had paid me the amount he promised, and to see his two nieces,â although at the times he would normally come around both of the girls would be asleep in bed, and he would barely look in on them.
    Ed was manly, really the alpha male type, but even though you wouldnât in any way call him handsome he had a way about him. He also had 4 children with 3 different women to show that there was some level of attraction about him. Then as girls will be girls, knowing he would be coming around each Wednesday I would make an effort to look good. This never seemed to make any impression on him until one evening when he looked me up and down and told me I looked really well. This shocked me along with his follow up question, if I made that effort for him, and in state of real embarrassment I slowly nodded yes.
    âYou know you never really thanked me properly for all my helpâ he said, and I told him I had thanked him on every occasion, but he smiled a little leery at me and said âActions spoke louder than wordsâ He was standing in the middle of the room and from his body language I realised that he wanted a BJ. Normally I would have told him to F.O. but not only had I been âcock freeâ from over year at that stage, I also knew that Ed had the power to turn off the flow of funds as quickly as he got them turned on, so quite surprisingly, even to myself I found myself on my knees in front of him, opening his belt and pants and whipping his dick out of his boxers. I was shocked by the size of it. âYou werenât expecting thatâ he taunted, and he was right. Before I was married I was a bit free and easy with my affections, but in all the guys I was with none of them was packing anything close to this.
    I struggled to get my head around it in more ways than one, and to be honest I was a nervous as the first time I had given head almost 15 years beforehand. Still Ed seemed to be enjoying what I was doing as he grabbed my hair in a ponytail at the back of my head and brought my head forward to meet him as he fucked my mouth. I had to ask him to give me a break twice as I felt I was going to choke, and the second time he made me remove my top and bra before starting again. The next time we stopped he stopped it, and virtually dragged me to and feet and then pushing me forward over the arm of the settee he pushed my skirt up around my waist and just pushing my panties to the side he entered me. I couldnât believe he got that monster into me so easily but it probably shows how turned on I was. Ed took a firm grip on my hips and pummelled me for about five minutes before he came inside me. Then as casually as if we had just been chatting he tucked his âLove monsterâ back into his pants and asked me if there was any coffee in the pot.
    Its 2 years later now and Ed is still doing his Wednesday visits and I still have lots to thank him for including my first son Edward who I gave birth to 5 months ago.

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    My nephew and two of his friends helped me move this past week and last night I paid them for it by allowing them to take advantage of me sexually. We went into the bathroom to share a joint after a few drinks and I let them undress me. I was kissing one of them while another sucked on my breasts as my nephew knelt in front of me licking and fingering my soaking pussy. I thought I was going to pass out as it felt so good. I collapsed to the floor after having a mind blowing orgasm and with my head against the wall they proceeded to literally fuck my mouth one after another. I never swallowed so much sperm in my life. The one friend had a large cock and he nearly choked me to death trying to fit it all down my throat. My nephew was much smaller but what he lacked in size, he made up for in willingness and his skilled tongue.
    We went into the bedroom and for the next four and half hours they screwed me one, two, three at a time in every way. They really loved my mouth and they kept it filled for most of the time. After years of being a priss, especially in the bedroom, the treatment I recieved last night was karma I guess and I really enjoyed it.

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    When your 39 year old, 6'1" uncle has a body as fit and muscley as his. Looks as handsome as he does and has a cock most male porn stars would be enviable of, then it would have been stupid of me not to let him take virginity last spring. Nine inches of thick strongly veined meat have been fucking my mouth, pussy and newly my asshole this spring, for the past year.
    Even if or when I marry (It will be expected of me) I'll still make sure I have time to make him happy :) x

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    I fucked my twin sisters new boyfriend tonight and he had no idea. Someones not going to be too happy ha ha

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    My sister in law kissed me last night and my wife watched. Said I should have married you when you ask me. My wife laughed and told her, you screwed up.

    I dated her first, the oldest of four sisters. Started in high school at the Jr prom. The first night we had sex and almost daily for two years. I had my job with the Co. had a home and money in the bank. I popped the question, she told me her education first. and if we did, no kids. I ended the 2 year relationship right then.

    Dated other girls, none like her. Her sister Kim ran into me at a job site. She ask me out and I accepted. Thought she might be like Debbie. She came to the house and fixed me dinner that night. She cleaned up after and took me to bed. We had sex, not like her sister, but not bad sex. She spent the night and in the morning I took her to breakfast. She wanted to move right in., told me how she always wanted me. TOO FAST for me. Lets date for some time first.

    With in a month I had seen her almost every night and morning. The sex was amazing and she was a great girl, I did not have feelings for her. I did the right thing, I told her the truth. She suggested I give it more time, Told her it would never happen. Treated her with kindness and escorted her to a wedding as her date. just nothing after.

    The AC stopped working and her mom called me, come help us please. Fixed the unit and she fixed me lunch. We sat and talked of the old times, with Debbie. She was always a sweet lady and always liked me. Lisa came in from school and her face lit up, what are you doing here?? did you finally come for me?? I stuttered in shock and said yes, yes I have. regardless what your mom said I think your a sweet girl. she hugged me and went to the rest room.

    You know she always had feelings for you. She watched you leave and told Debbie, I will marry him. She was four years younger than me, had not thought of her that way. I had eyes set on her older sister. I sure watched her walk the hall way, looked good.

    Found her message on my voice mail, Will be at Paytons at 6 pm tonight. Come alone and have dinner with me.

    I arrived early and watched the parking lot. Her mom dropped her off and she ran in. I spoke with her mom on my way in, she smiled and told me this is your catch.

    I had to drive her home and on the way we stopped off to talk. She was not ready to jump in bed, but she was not far from it. We had a date that weekend, all weekend long. She did not stay at my house, but Sunday night she let me take her to bed. She was passionate like Debbie and the body of a center fold. Her long blond hair and gorgeous face was wonderful to look at. She laid under me in bed and I still have that picture in my mind today.

    In time the spark was not there for either of us. We had GREAT sex to remember, just no feeling of love. She told me her feeling for me was more of a brother in time. My feeling for her was a sex doll.

    Stopped dating and surely would not date the youngest sister. I remember her siting on my lap. She was 7 years younger and child like in my mind.

    My dad died and mom could not manage the office any more. I needed to hire some help. Needed office manager and one more service tech. Had a lot of people reply to the job post, just not the right one. This blond girl comes in and hands me a resume. I am Crystal and here for the job opening. She had finished her business management degree and worked for a plumbing out fit. She wanted something closer to home.

    I knew exactly who she was and she knew me. Offered her the job for probationary period. In 3 months I would make the decision. She told me there would be no sexual harassment and no personal feelings allowed. She was not her sisters and not interested. She had a boyfriend and planned to be married some day.

    Her boyfriend would not make the drive to pick her up, she would not drive the 4 hours for him. In no time she was alone and free. We had lunch in the office and some nights dinner. Found it easy to take her to dinner and talk there. We had no trash to clean up and food was hot. That's where I ask her to marry me. We had sex a few times in the office, few times at my house. The spark was there for me, hell I loved her. In fact I loved her more than any I had known. Our sex was on par or better than either of her sisters. Most of all I had deep feeling for her and her for me.

    The sisters attended the wedding as brides maids. I danced with each and her mother. Each sister told me how luck she was, I told them how luck I was to find her. Her mother told me how odd it was to know what I had done. Her girls talked with he about everything.

    Last night we had dinner for Debbie and her new date. That's when she kissed me and made her statement.

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    My step dad is a total perv. Hes always been kind of flirty with me behind moms back. Last night mom wasnt feeling good and went to bed early.
    My bedroom is in the basement and my stepdad Doug came down to do laundry. I only had on a sleeping shirt and my panties. I had just down a huge line of coke and was horny as hell and so I thought fast and just took my panties off and asked him if he could please put those in too. It was my metallick pink thongs and I saw the matching bra on the floor. So I bent over to pick them up knowing my tits would show and hed see them.
    He asked me why I wasnt wearing any clothes and again I had done a line and was a super hero so I said to him "well how in the hell are you going to fuck me if I have clothes on????" Hegot shy but I took off the tshirt and started rubbing my body. He said we couldnt do this with mom sleeping right upstairs. I just said we certainly couldnt do it with her awake and down here. I knew he was a perv so I gave him a lust filled look and I said "come here daddy and fuck your little girl" his dick practically fell out of his clothes and he fucked me and i cant get pregnant so he came deep in my pussy after we were done we heard my mom. He started to laundry and went upstairs. I took a shower and just laid down. I hear him moving around upstairs. I think hes going to come back down.

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    When I was 15 and my sister was 13 I started to sneak into her room at night. At first I just masturbated onto her legs or feet if the were exposed. Then one summer night she had kicked off her covers and I climbed onto the bed and rubbed my penis on her until I shot my load on her legs. After that I was hooked and practically every night I would sneak into her room and rub my dick on her until I came. Many nights I did this two and sometimes three times.

    Only a few times did she wake and I had a stupid question I asked to cover me.

    I got bolder and was now rubbing my cock on her thighs and sometimes on her panty clad butt. On a few occasions I slid my erection under her panties and rubbed my cock in the crack of her ass until I blew my load of hot cum.

    I fingered her a few times, but I stopped when it made her wake up. I knew that this was wrong but the impulse for sexual release was stronger than my fear of being caught.

    I remember one night I was humping her leg and I had just shot a load of cum on her thigh when the hallway light went on. My mother was using the bathroom in the middle of the night. If she had opened the door to check on her daughter I would have been caught with my semen on my sister's leg.

    You can not imagine how powerful the orgasms I had while lying on my sister's bed with my cock pressed against her warm skin. This went on for two years until I went away to college. I must have cum of my sister's bare skin over 500 times and as far as I know she never found out and I never got caught.

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    My brothers wife and I had sex a few times to explore. She enjoyed it far more than I did. Now she expects it much more than I'm willing.

    She eats lunch at my house and before leaving she did oral on me. She told me I had to join her and my brother some night. She would let me know when. She wants to see my brother do me.

    I had problems with him before. We had sex when he was at home. He forced me to have sex by brides and black male. When he got married I knew I would never worry about this again. He tried this at my wedding, but I stopped him.

    My husband hates the idea of lesbian sex. He would not take the news of me with my brother or his wife. I feel like I am black mailed all over again. If I do this once, it will be all the time. He did this at home and I had counseling to help fix this.

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    I am an AA guy and though it is rarely discussed even among forums such as these, there is a great deal of incestual lust in some black families. Anyway, sparing you a long read full of dialogue that may not be accurate, just know I had sex with a younger sister twice and my first cousin many times. My younger sister is the more recent of the two and most satisfying because I hit it raw and she let me cum in her since she is on the pill. The downside is we don't talk anymore and she hates my guts now.

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    Here it goes. Ive posted before so some of u may be remember me. Will only give my first name though. I am Gena and from the mountains of NC. This really is about my son and our unique relationship. I am 36 and introduced him to sex when he was 14. He is now 19 and is so awesome. His dad is in prison for a long, long time and so now it is just me and him. Our sex really started shortly after his dad went to the fed pen. I know i could get a man cause i know i look good and enough men want me. But i dont want a man i wanted just pure sex and only sex-none of the other shit that goes with relationships. I have always loved sex and still do-very much so. When my X was in jail awaiting prison one night about 2am. i slipped into my boys bedroom and very gently so as not to awaken him i undid the fly on his pj's and tenderly started to stroke his dick. It slowly started to grow and it really shocked my as to how big it was! I kissed it and took it in my mouth. It just kept getting bigger and filled up my mouth. I sucked it for a long time and he finally did cum and cummed a great bit too. I wanted so bad to take it inside my pussy and really show him what fucking was all about! And the next nite i did just that. I waited until late again and went in to suck him off. He got hard right away and so i very quietly straddled him and started to guide his big dick inside me. When it was all the way in he groaned something like "oh mom do it" and i knew then that the pretending was over- so i started riding him really slow and he moved his hips up to meet every thrust and what i really was glad to know was that it always takes him a very long time to cum. He reached up playing with my tits and cupping his hands under my ass and we kissed a lot. I cummed before he did and by the time he was about ready to cum i was nearly ready again too. So we cummed at the same time. It was wonderful! Now he is much older and has the biggest dick I have ever seen. Years have gone by and we fuck now nearly every nite and we both love it!

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