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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 50

    I just have to get this off my chest, The other day my daughter visited me with my pretty granddaughter, She's 10 nearly 11 and cute with little button nose and brown hair she will grow into a heartbreaker when she is older, So after breakfast my daughter asked if I'd look after June her daughter for the day, I was delighted and said I would after her mother had gone we watched TV and a DVD she wanted to watch with popcorn of course, Afterwards she began messing around giggling and generally having fun as girls do then she asked for a horsey ride which she has always loved so she sat astride my leg as I jiggled her up and down like she was on a horse as she giggled and whooped, Suddenly she seemed to change getting quieter and pressing herself down onto my leg she actually started to grind down on it as she bounced up and down, Her legs gripped my leg tightly and her breathing became harsh as she closed her eyes with a smile on her face, As I watched her I became hard she looked so angelic but quite sexy, I just sat there watching her bounce and grind her hand grabbed my other leg on the thigh and squeezed it tightly and said "don't stop grandpops" her brow furrowed in concentration and her eyes tightly shut, She then shuddered and let out a gasp as her legs clamped tightly against my leg as I stopped my bouncing of her she ground herself hard against my leg, Then she stopped opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at me and in a sweet voice said "thanks grandpops" She hopped off my leg and ran to the bathroom saying she needed a pee, I was rock hard I looked at my leg to see a wet patch on my trousers where she was sitting I ran my finger over it and smelt it the sweet smell of pussy hit my nose, I feel a bit guilty but she didn't complain in fact she gave me knowing looks and smiles ever since so I don't feel too bad.

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    Straight Male / 20

    My stepsis is one hot bitch. She walks around the house in those tight clothes and with no underwear, always giving me a hard on.

    I jack off with her panties and cum in them when she is out.
    I also jack off to the noise of her getting fucked by her boyfriend next door. She moans like a slut.
    I once found some naked pics of her while secretly going through her phone.

    I wanna fuck her so bad. I would fuck the shit out of that bitch.

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    Straight Male / 19

    Fuck, I am living in hell but so close to heaven. I am surrounded by three beautiful women all of the time as one is my mom and the other two are my younger sisters. Since my mom and step dad divorced, I have nearly caught her with other men in our apartment. The closest I came was when I got home early from work and my dad's brother and his friend were on the couch and mom had just a robe on sitting between them in the middle of the day. My uncle was bulging in the crotch so much it was way to obvious while his friend jumped back from having his face near her chest as she pulled her robe shut before running into the bathroom. I knew I just stopped her from being tag teamed and my cock stiffens up every time I recall what I actually saw and playing in my mind what they would have done if I hadn't showed up.
    One of my sisters and I get high when we are home alone and she confided in me that she heard mom in the bathroom late one night with one of our neighbors, a younger guy, when I was at a friend's over night. She heard him telling her not to stop and suck deeper as he was ready to explode. What she said next had me hard as a rock as she heard him moaning and telling her to drink it all. Well, one thing led to another and I talked my pretty little sister into touching and then kissing my dick. Just as I was actually having her swallow my hard on the door swung open and mom grabbed her by the hair pulling her away hard enough that she scr**ed the head of my dick with her teeth. With the room reeking my sister ran out of the apartment so fast leaving me and mom alone with my hard dick standing tall for her to see.
    She was furious and I just wanted to cum so I got up holding my dick telling her if she wanted to watch me finish she could follow me in the bathroom where she blew our neighbor that one night. This made her even madder and I didn't stop there and grabbed her hand placing it on my boner. She slapped me across the face with her other hand and stormed out of my room so I grabbed a towel from the hamper and shot a huge load all over it imaging both my mom and sister were blowing me together.
    Two hours later I am packing my stuff as she told me to leave and then she threatened to tell my dad about what had happened. That's when I replied that I am sure he would love to hear that she was minutes away from having a threesome with his younger brother and his friend. My mom changed her tune and said I needed help and could stay if I would go see a therapist. Man, I swear I wanted to fuck my mom so bad as her and I talked on the couch and I kept thinking about her with those two men.
    Anyway, the following week both of us are sitting in this waiting room when out walks this stunning blond who is now my therapist. When I told her why my mom sent me to talk to her, she was confused saying it was because me getting my sister high. I told her the whole story and she was kind of squirming in her chair a little before asking how it made me feel trying to get my own sister to give me oral sex. When I replied that my only regret was getting caught and to this day I am still figuring out how to get her to finish the job without my mom knowing, the woman's pretty face turned flush red and she ended the session early.
    I have to go back next week and can't wait to tell her what my sister told me before I got to her to kiss my cock about mom in the bathroom with our neighbor. Then if things go well I am going to go further by lying about catching mom getting fucked in the ass while blowing my uncle in the living room. I cannot wait to see the lovely doctors reaction and I hope she wears a skirt like she had on yesterday because she has a pair of legs that go on forever. She might have an engagement ring on but I'll bet she is just as horny as I am and wanting to know if my sister is as pretty as my mom has me wondering alot because she mentioned more then once about my mom being pretty.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I have been having a little fling with my aunt for the past three months. I'm 22yo and she is 44yo. It all started with a family reunion a few months back. Some of us got together at my Uncle's cabin near the national forest. One night we had a big bon fire, the guys were drinking beer and the women had drank a few bottles of wine.

    At some point my aunt and I ran into each other inside the cabin and we just started to make out. Someone else came in a few moments into our make out session and that was the end of that.

    The next day everyone was out an about hiking and doing their own thing. I decided to take a hiking trail and my mom and aunt came with me. My aunt gave me a few looks during the hike and I would just smile at her without saying a word.

    That evening around the fire I made a trip inside to get another bottle of wine for the women when I turned around and my aunt was standing there. She just came at me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. By the time she pulled her mouth from mine, I was rock hard and her face was flushed.

    We didn't end up having sex until a week after we all got back from my uncle's place. I would go to her house and we just went at like dogs in heat. Honestly I can't get enough of her, she really is a slut in bed. I have a girlfriend that doesn't do the things my aunt wants to do in bed.

    The other day I was at my mom's house, she was on the phone with her brother. She was telling him his sister must be getting laid again, she hadn't been her usual bitchy self lately.

    I just started to laugh and my mom looked at me and smiled. I wonder what she would say if she knew I was the one fucking her sister?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    He used me for his pleasure taught me all that I needed to know and how to suck cock he was my father, It started after my mother died when I was 9, He was quiet and morose for a while then he started drinking a lot, It was on one such drinking bout that he told me how much i looked like my mother, Suddenly he was all over me I just sat there in shock as he kissed and touched me be was my father he could do no wrong in my eyes but it felt wrong I was conflicted I was a boy not a girl why was he doing this to me, Suddenly he was undressing me his face looked red and angry his breathing was harsh I though he would hit me if I tried to stop him so I just let him strip me and kept quiet, He had me naked pushed my legs open then he started to lick and suck my dick I just sat there still shocked and confused I didn't know then what was happening to me, He stood up and hurriedly undressed I'd never seen him naked before his dick looked huge and angry to me, He knelt on the sofa we were sitting on and pushed his hard dick at my mouth in a harsh voice told me to put it in my mouth and suck it, I hesitated and he grabbed my head and pushed his dick against my lips I opened my mouth and he pushed it in it felt odd and tasted salty but I did as he told me as I was now too scared not to, After a while I heard him grunt and something shot into my mouth making me cough and choke be growled at me to swallow I did as best I could, Finally he finished and sat down then told me I was to sleep with him from then on, As the years went by I became his toy I learned to suck cock just how he liked it , He dressed me as a girl often I had to clean and cook for him and keep him happy, I was his little bitch wife as he called me, He first fucked me when I was 11 I didn't question it I just let him, By the time I was 15 I was totally his and enjoyed what he did to me in every way and never refused him, It carried on until last year when he died I miss him.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Daughters Experience

    I have a 16 year old daughter who thanks to my wife is absolutely beautiful. One Friday night after I got home from work late, me and the wife were hanging out, watching movies and hwving a drink. My wife told me that our daughter was hanging out with one of her girlfriends and they were over another girls house.
    Knowing that our daughter was not going to be home soon we started making out. Then my wife realized how late it was and decided to take a shower before we started fucking wince we were alone in the house. Well, once my wife got in the shower I started jerking off and getting really horny. My wife finished her ahower and walked in our bed room wet and naked. Of course this is when our daughter returned home with her girlfriend in tow...
    Myself and my wife scrambked to get dressed and went across the house to assess what the girls were up to and what there plans were for the rest of the night.
    The girls asked my wife if she could make them some food since they were hungry and my wife obliged. While talking to the girls we realized they be drunk. Upon talking tomthe girls they did admit having a drink at there friends house while they were hanging out and confessed they spent some more money on flavored vodka and mixers. The girls proceeded to apologize and asked if they could just finish there liquor in myndaughters room and watch a movie. Myself and the wife hesitantly agreed to this request but mandated the girls drink a few glasses of water and talk with us in the kitchen while they eat.
    We all ended up having a great conversation with our child and her friend and di not realize how late it was becoming. My wife was tired and retires formthe night into our bed room. The girls proceeded to my daughters room and I was enjoying a great movie that was on tv in the living room.
    A few houra into the movie I start to hear female moaning. Thinking thia may be my wife masturbating I go closer near our bed room and realize it is not my wife. I go back into the living room and a minite later I hear it again.
    I proceed to walk thru the house and hear it coming from my daughters room. I immediately ask myself if there were boys in the house? I confirm that I do not hear any male voices and remember that my duaghters friend is spending the night. She was 16 as well and a beautiful girl. At this tkme I hear them talking and kissing and moaning.
    I was somhorny from earlier with my wife that I proceeded to stand in the hallway and stroke my hard cock to my daughter and her friend making out and touching and pleasuring eachother as curious female teenagers that were slightly drunk do during sleepovers.
    Just listening to the soft moans and the kissing made me somhard and I came all over myself picturing the erotic setting that was taking place in my daughters room. It was so hot.... I find myself thinming about the details when I masterbate sometimes.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Mom having an affair.

    My dad used to be a great guy, always liked to joke around and tried to see both sides of every story. The past couple years, he has become a prick! He gets pissed off at stupid shit and just a negative asshole to everyone.

    My dad travels from time to time and is gone for three or four days at a time. My mom used to say how much she hated when he traveled, now I think she is glad when he leaves. About six months ago my dad was going to be out of town for three days. My mom helped him pack but she didn't say she was sad to see him go.

    One night after my dad went away I was going to stay at my friend's house and just hang out and have a good time. My friend started feeling bad and by 11pm he was in the bathroom being sick. I didn't want to be around him and decided I would just go home, we would get together when he was feeling better. It was only about a mile to my house and I decided to walk, the weather was warm and I could use some exercise anyway.

    When I finally turned onto my street I noticed a strange car in the driveway parked next to my mom's car. As I got closer I didn't recognize it being any of my family members cars. The closer I got the slower I walked as I continued trying to figure who's car it was. It was just after midnight now as I walked into the yard.

    For some weird reason I decided to go into the house from the basement, maybe for the simple fact there wasn't any lights on in the living room. If my mom had company they weren't in the living room.

    I unlocked the basement door as quietly as I could and came inside. I had a small penlight on my keychain and flicked it on to see my way around. I made my way up the steps slowly, the steps creaked with every step I took.

    Once at the top of the stairs there was a door that opened into the kitchen, I gently turned the handle so it wouldn't make too much noise as I pushed the door open slowly as well. The kitchen was dark as the rest of the downstairs was, which was unusual when my dad went away on trips, mom felt better having a light on downstairs.

    I barely stepped into the kitchen when I heard noise from up above me. All the bedrooms were on the second floor and that's where there noise was coming from. The stairs going up were all carpeted, but I still eased my way them very slowly. The sound I heard was even more noticeable with every step I took.

    By the time I reached the top I heard a voice and it was my mom's for sure, she wasn't speaking, I thought maybe she was crying. Then I heard another sound, and this wasn't from my mom, it was a man's voice.

    The bedroom door was about halfway open, there was a weird glow coming from the room. It took me a second to figure it was a candle burning somewhere within the room. So slowly I took each step until I was standing in the dark outside my mom's bedroom. I could hear the male voice grunting, my mom's voice was urgent sounding. One half step more and I could now peak around the door to my mom's bedroom.

    The candle burned brightly sitting on top of her dresser, in the middle of the bed was my mom splayed out with a guy between her legs fucking her. My mom had her legs wrapped around his waist as he began to slam his cock into.

    She begged him not to stop, I heard my mom say she was going to cum again. I could hear his pelvis slamming into her harder suddenly, my mom was moaning with pleasure. The guy gave my mom everything she wanted and more, just pounded into her savagely.

    Suddenly the guy said he was going to cum as he penetrated her. My mom urged him to cum, told him to cum inside of her. He slammed his cock into her faster and the with a single forward thrust he seemed to freeze a moment later. I heard my mom gasping for the guy to give her all of his cum.

    I almost forgot myself and stayed there looking at them, I was so turned on watching my mom being fucked and the way she enjoyed it. My own cock was fully engorged as I slowly turned around to make my way downstairs again.

    I made my way back to the basement and eased my way outside. I found the large bush next to the house and waited. I wanted to see the guy when he came out and who it was. About 30mins later he came out and got into his car and left quickly. I didn't recognize the guy at all but I knew one thing, he was young! From what I could tell he looked to be in his mid to late twenties easily.

    I sat there a few more minutes and then called my mom. I told her my friend was sick and that I was coming home, I was letting her know so she wouldn't think it was a break in. Her voice was a bit unsteady and mom said she would be up when I got there.

    I sat outside for about another 30mins before I made my way to the front door. Mom was in the kitchen in her robe, she seemed a bit edgy but glad I was ok. We made a bit of small talk and then I went to bed.

    The next morning my mom got a couple of text messages as we ate breakfast, the smile on her face told me who they were from. Obviously I never said anything, and I had the feeling my mom was meeting the guy whenever she had the chance even when my dad wasn't out of town.

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    Straight Female / 27

    My nephew has been making "moves" on me and feeling me up.

    This would be bad enough except for two things. One is that my nephew is also my son and my brother. I was still in high school when I gave birth and my sister-in-law agreed to pretend the baby was hers. Mom just pretended nothing was happening as usual.

    The other thing is that I'm not stopping him. I literally cannot bring myself to stop him.

    I don't know if he knows of our relationship beyond aunt/nephew. I think if I told him he'd make more of an effort to get in my pants.

    Perhaps being both products of i****t we can't stop ourselves.

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    Straight Female / 19

    If there was any doubt, and there isn't in my mind, that I was turning into a complete slut, then as of two months ago, there is no more doubt.
    And that's because visiting my uncles home, I witnessed him and another guy fucking a girl not much older than myself. I didn't turn away and walk out. I didn't hide and watch. What I did was walk straight in, take off my clothing and sit on my uncles face as he was fucking the other girl. He didn't know at first who it was who's pussy he was licking. But he did when I called out his name from cumming on his face.
    His friend knew who I was too, as I'd flirted with him months before at a party. He's older than my uncle, but from what I was seeing wasn't as big penis wise, as my uncles cock.
    The moment my uncle knew who it was who was at on his face, he tried to stop me, but I sat down harder and told him to keep on licking me out. That had my uncle cumming up the girls pussy and had his friend playing with my breasts. Then moving me off of him, my uncle asked me if I knew what I was doing wasn't right.
    Switching with the girl and getting her to suck on the other guys cock, I took my uncles cock into my mouth and began to blow him. It didn't take too long for his dick to become fully erect again, so I positioned myself kneeling up on the floor with my tits on his couch seat. Knowing what I wanted, when he went to put his cock inside my pussy I reached back and guided my uncles cock up my asshole. The shout of joy as he slid his large cock up my ass was pure lust.
    I'd known for some time my uncle had sexual intentions on me, if only they were just in his mind. The way he'd looked at me in the past and the subtle innuendos we'd make to each other also proved to me my moms youngest brother wanted to have his cock deep inside my young slim body. Age, family and circumstance had stopped us from fucking, but all those ceased when I found him two months back. That and the carnal need in me to have older more experienced men fuck me, men who were far more likely to give me the type of sex my boyfriend couldn't or wouldn't provide.
    The girl left after about half an hour, but I stayed to have my uncle and his best friend fuck me all over my uncles home. Although his older friend wasn't capable of much, once he'd shot his watery load all over my tits.
    Texting my mom, I told her I'd be staying over at her brothers home, as it was getting late. His friend left and I took my uncle bed, but not until we'd had oral sex in his shower. A little blue pill and lots of cock sucking, soon had my uncle raring to go again and again. By the time we heard the post man delivering his post the next morning, my pussy and asshole were sore and I'd resigned myself to being my uncles slut whenever he wanted sex.
    That is till the case today. And I do mean today, as we've had sex in his truck only a couple of hours ago. So it's not really in doubt if I'm a slut, it's only if I'll be a slut for just anyone with a big cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28


    Hello everyone. I am a straight male of 28. My folks got divorced when i was about 12 and my dad remarried soon after. His new wife (my stepmommy) was a lot younger then him, she was only 22 when he married her. After my parents' divorce, I used to stay at both their places. Now I always had a thing for my stepmommy, right from day 1. She was hot and pretty and so nice. This happened when i was 20. Daddy was out of town and I was staying at their place. Now let me tell you another thing, I've always had a huge fetish for bellybuttons. So, that morning after breakfast I casually asked my stepmommy what she was gonna do that day."I haven't got anything much to do today, and ur daddies out of town its pretty boring! wat about u?" she replied."Nothing worth doing outside" I replied.
    Afterwards, it was raining heavily outside. She was sitting on a couch in the living room.I sat beside her on the couch as we snuggled.. my hands creeping to her stomach as they traced small circles around her belly.
    She smiled back..."u like mommy's belly??but i have gotten a lil fat recently!"
    I tapped her stomach with my hand. "Oh shush. You're beautiful.. Nice tummy and all!" I chuckled a little as I let my face fall flat on her stomach. my mouth teasing her shirt's end around and up her skin a little.
    She asked "would u like to see my tum-tum??"
    I leaned up.. sitting on the other side of the couch "Show it off!" as I cheerfully ask her to.. My feet touching her thighs as I wait for the exposed skin to appear.
    She pulled up her shirt..and tied it into a knot...exposing her belly in front of my face.
    I found myself a little weirded out.. Almost embarrassed to see her stomach. " It's.. a very sexy stomach, mom." I reached my hands out to reassure her that it's a good size.. kissing her stomach from the top down to her belly button..
    “ur a bad boy..”she smacked me playfully on the back of my head!
    Following the smell to her belly button, teasing my nose against it as I slowly pull it away
    “ do u like my tummy button?” she asked”how does it smell?”

    I looked up, "You smell.. Amazing.You smell *so* good mom."
    “then y does ur daddy not pay any attention to me???” she looked at me.

    I went down to press my cheeks on her stomach again. Not able to answer as I clinged to her. Kissing her stomach over and over again "he's always busy.. I can't see why he wouldn't do anything for you." My nose slipped close to her belly button again.
    “aww.... if u like my belly...u can do whatever u want with mamma's belly honey...” she muttered.
    I pushed my nose in.. lightly breathing in and out.. Getting squirmy as I smell her belly button. The weird smell overtaking me as I kiss it.
    She caressed my hair.
    Sniffing her belly as my mouth cups her navel area below that cute button.. The sniffing getting harder as I go on.
    She pushed my head inside her tummy.
    I opened my mouth to breath.. taking in that same smell with my lips.. then sliding my tongue in and around mom's belly button
    She closed her eyes and leant back in pleasure!
    My hands try to find a 'decent' place to be.. before ending up on her stomach. Holding it tight as I start kissing her belly. navel, her under-breast area and of course.. I suckle at her belly button. Pulling it almost into my mouth as my nose gets wet.. sniffing it hard again.
    Finally after some time, I pulled my face out. Both my nose and my lips were wet. She stood up and hugged me tightly, my face pressing into her belly again, as I gave it a deep kiss.

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