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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Hard confession for me to make, but I need to get this off my chest..

    I have a cousin who is five years older. She was a beautiful young girl who jut got her license and her car. She would drive on the date with her boyfriend that night. Reports say she ran a stop sign and got hit by a large truck that drug her and the car down the road doing a lot of damage.

    She laid in a coma to help her take the pain of broken bones. The head swelling to keep her from permanent brain damage. Shaved her head and her face and body covered in stitches and staples. She was hurt by this and cried she would never look the same. She went through counseling and her boyfriend made a full recovery. After this he moved on, he ended up married to someone else.

    She came to live with us and my mother helped her get to and from therapy. She and I became much closer in this time. She told me no man would ever want her now. he did not look talk nor walk as she did before. Men might think of her as a freak of some type. She liked it when I hugged her and held her. She put my hand between her legs and told me to rub it. I rubbed as he rocked and orgasmed. She said thank you for that.

    We talked and agreed to have sex together. Would be when no one was around and I needed to get some condoms.

    That day came and in my room I got her undressed, I gave her oral sex and she gave it to me. She had problems as her jaw had been put back together and not working the best. But she tired.

    I talked her into letting me enter with out a condom for a bit, and after would put one one and finish that way.
    She had put on a lot of weight by then, but not the biggest I had been with. the sex was very memorable for me, very memorable for her. It became a regular thing for us. We stopped using condoms and just pulling out before.

    She got better at sex and it sure did not hurt me. When her therapy was finished five months later she went back home. We would visit and I would take her walking. Each time was an excuse for her and I to have sex. She lost her dad the next year and moved with her mom to a development. he met a widow man there years older than she was. She and he fell in love and moved in together.

    I had guilt feelings for doing this for years. First for having sex with my own cousin, second for having sex with her in that mental condition. Today I feel fine, think it may have helped her accept this man she has today.

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    Well, came on a road trip with my big brother(step brother 29, I'm 26) while he transfers to San Diego from Virginia. He has a suburban so we just have been using sleeping bags with the back seat laced out for night stops. Last night was our second night and somehow we got to talking about growing up, memories, then it got into if he thought I was pretty, that I used to play with myself thinking about him, he used to peek through his door at me when I changed and jerk himself lol. Well, needless to say, we wound up doing it in a parking lot outside a truck stop. And not like soft, nice sex, like animal I needed him fucking. We did like 3 times watching movies and talking in between, before we fell asleep. He woke me up with another round.
    Now I'm sitting in the truck stop shower room wishing we had like thought about it and walked inside and bout condoms or had him pull out or anything. I've been like trying to rinse myself out, but after 2 showers now, my brand new panties have a wet sticky spot. IDK WTF I was thinking. We still have 2 more nights before we get there, and a month before we come back this way. I wasn't planning on anything so didn't bring my pills or anything. Shacking pretty good but it was probably the best fucks I've ever had ever. He is my step brother, but always been more than that to me. Guess we're more than that too lol.
    Well, gonna have to figure something out when we get there.

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    Straight Male / 42

    When my wife had to go out of state to be with her mother it was just me and her daughter alone. No, I am not going to tell you that I fucked her or anything like that. But I will confess she drove me sexually crazy the whole time her mom was gone. She knew I could not say anything about anything she did. It was like one endless tease after another. Mostly because she found out that I had enjoyed her panties a few times in the bathroom so she held it over my head and teased the hell out of me. So I could not say anything about whatever she did or she would tell her mother.

    She practically ran the house while her mother was away. She watched porn and turned it up very loud and when I came in her room to ask her to turn it down she just spun her chair around and look down at her panties and said when I get mine I will.

    She had company over it was one of her friends from school. They made out on the sofa were she knew I could see them. And I sure saw everything.

    She sat n my lazy boy with her legs apart rubbing her pussy right in front of me. She rubbed her panties in her pussy and threw them to me and said you wanna lick my panties.

    She drove me nuts.

    after a week of torment, she found her moms dildo and slid it in out of her pusy laying on her bed. and told me to come in her room and stand at the door. She fucked her pussy with her moms toy and kept saying that I wanted this pussy and things like that. It was my breaking point. I took off my shorts and stood in front of her and stroked my cock. She looked up at me while fucking her pussy with the toy as if thats what she wanted for me to do. I stroked right in her face and she started having an orgasm. I also started to cum and I shot cum all over her breast, her mouth, her face and it ran down her body.
    It was the best thing that ever happened , because she stopped teasing so much and acts like she respects now. We are more open with each other and have kissed on several occasions. And after her mother returned when ever she would leave we would play around and she has even sucked my cock.

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    my sister left home when i was 9 and she was 19. she left because of a family feud. back then i had no sexual thoughts towards my sister. she was cool, fun and protective just like a sister should be. years later she contacted my dad and said she wanted to be a part of the family again. after nearly a decade i saw her again and omfg she was fit her tits had grown to dd atleast perfect ass and long legs. i was attracted to her almost immediately.
    one night while a bit drunk she gave me a dance.grinding against me like a slut going up and down.she said it meant nothing because we were siblings still i hard a steel hard on. i wanted to throw her on the couch and fuck her like the slut she was. i was no where near drunk enough to try tho.

    soon after i went round her house for a party. she was wearing a short skirt and a low cut top. i spent the whole night staring at her titz (i think she noticed a time or two). when everyone left we passed out in the lounge. a bottle of vodka had knocked her spark out. the next morning i woke up and she was still out of it. i was about to go back to sleep when i noticed her titz were hanging out. my jaw dropped. her nipples were rock hard. my boner got the better of me i crept over and poked her with my foot she was still wrecked so she wasnt gonna wake up. i gently grabbed her boob, she didnt even flinch. i grabbed both of them and squeezed them. it felt incredible. after a while i licked her nipple she didnt move. so i buried my face in her boobs and sucked them.

    my hand started creeping up her skirt. no panties (SLUT!!!) i loved it. i started fingering her with her tits in my mouh. i thought i was dreaming. as i fingered her harder and faster she started to twist and turn. i shit myself and went back to the couch and pretended to be asleep. seconds later she woke up quickly put her tits away and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. (hangover ha) as far as i know she had no idea what had happened. i pretended to wake up shortly after. she looked at me smiled and continued to watch tv.

    she disapeared again after borrowing alot of money and shouting FU down the phone. we went to her house and apparently she left and moved in with her boyfriend. i hate her shes a thieving slut but still if she wasnt my sister i would do everything to her. i know in the eyes of society its wrong even i think its messed up i just cant help thinking about how i want to fuck her. can anyone relate????

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    Straight Male / 19

    i want to fuck my sister..

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    Straight Female / 23

    I was 18 before: now I'm 23
    My cousin's and my spouses are out on a buisness trip. And my female cousin(23) are ready for a little bonding.

    She pulled me onto the bed and we got into the 69 position. We both ate each other's pussy. God, her tounge was just lapping my cilt. While I stuck my tounge into her as far as I could go. She screamed and her juices sprayed into my mouth. God I love her! Squirting turns me on so much that I had my own orgasm. I led her to the bathtub with warm water and pressed the shower head to her vag. Her response was absoloutly encouraging, "OH! OHHH! Fuuuckk"
    Damn it was so hot, I used my other hand to play with myself. We dryed off and just french kissed for a while. Our tounges were wrestling when she stuck her hand down my soaked panties. I moaned into her mouth. She said,"Hold on." and went into her closet. She came back in a beautiful red and black lingerie set. It was a strappless black bra, netted and sheer. A red lace g-string connected by a strap from the middle of the bra to the top of the g-string joining into a sheer black netted garter belt. I orgasmed right on the spot.

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    i am really only 13 mom died a few months ago so i now get my step dad all to my self he came home drunk last week and iu helped him get into bed then i got in with him and i fucked him i will be his new wife janie

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    Lesbian Female / 18

    I caught my "straight" female sister sexting my lesbian best friend... Im jealous

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    Straight Female / 23

    After my brother took my cousin's and my virginity:

    I was 13 then, but this encounter took place when I was 14

    I flew to her house in California, and we both went to the beach. I was wearing a barely legal bikini type swim suit. We went to the private showers and I seductively let my bathrobe fall, revealing my backless bikini top made of netted lace,which left nothing to imaginarion and a g-string bottom. She gasped and told me I really had a beach body, even if I hadnt grown up anywhere near beaches. So anyway, she untied my g string and took of her bikini and started rubbing her vag up and down up and down my vag. God the sensation was enough to make me orgasm. We were both moaning and groaning "Ooooh! Yes! GOD!!! Mmm.." But that wasnt all. While doing that she started geoping me, and sucking my nipples. I almost screamed with pleasure. I started breathing very heavily. I didnt want to orgasm without her, so I grabbed her ass and slapped it! She gasped in suprise. I lifted her so that her vag and ass were on my face and I started licking her while she reached over and rubbed my cilt. We both screamed as a wave of pleasure washed over us. She squirted her juice all over my lips, breasts, and hips.

    I remember very clearly every session with her.

    When we were 16 and she got a car, we had car sex. She leaned over and gently bit my neck. We both stripped to our underclothes and I stuck my fingers up her. She rotated her hips a little causing me to wet my thong. As expected she wasnt wearing a bra. I took the chance and licked her breasts, my fingers still up her. She sighed with pleasure and I could feel her juices drip onto my finger tips. She said, "Your turn" and fucked me with a strap on. We both went home and hopped in the shower.

    When we were 18, both of us became strippers. I gave her a lap dance and stripped for her after our shift was over. I was still straight and bi curious but my cousin skipped over boys and didnt even consider bi-sexual. She became a full on lesbian.

    Now, we're both 23 and occasionally still have a little fuck when our spouses are on a buisness trip. I can post another soon, because my husband is out of town and my cousin and I are ready for another bonding ;D

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    My mother works as a whore and often brings guys back to the house, I have seen so many guys fucking her and then began to want to do to her what they did. When I was 16 I couldn't take it any more and one night when she came home drunk I fucked her. To be honest she didn't put up too much resistance because she was pretty drunk and once I had entered her she didn't resist at all. I have done it many times since then and now even when she is not drunk she accepts it.
    I know that really it is wrong but for me there is no bigger turn on than banging mu cum up my moms c**t, I am guessing there is lots of guys out there would love to do the same with their moms.

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