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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I came back east last September to attend college in Philadelphia. To save money I moved in with my uncle Jim. He lives in a beautiful home in Chestnut Hill. He lives alone since my aunt passed away and his kids are grown and on their own. I have the use of an old Volvo and the run of the place. We play golf and squash regularly at his club. He has a woman come in to clean and cook so it's a pretty good set up. Over the last couple of months our relationship has taken a rather interesting twist.

    One evening after dinner we were putting a major dent into a really good bottle of scotch when to my utter surprise he produced a joint, lit it up and passed it over to me. The pot was very potent and I got extremely high. the conversation eventually turned to sex. At one point he remarked how much I resembled my Mother's side of the family. He became a bit sad when he began talking how much he missed his wife Barb, my mother's sister. He remarked how much I looked like her and invited me upstairs to show me some pictures of her. The pictures were quite shocking. There were dozens of shots of her in various stages of undress and several more of her engaging in various sex acts with men other than my uncle. There were shots of her with two guys and even a few of her in a gang bang with several men. As stoned and stunned as I was I had a massive hard on. After looking at the pictures he led me into her walk-in closet. The assortment of clothes, shoes, wigs and lingerie was incredible. He said he could never bring himself to part with her things. I was feeling sorry for him and as shocked as I was when he asked me to try on some of her things, I agreed.

    He told me to take my time and make myself as pretty as I could. I had dabbled a little in crossdressing having tried on some of my mother's things and the idea of getting all dressed up was exciting. I have a slight build and fit into her things easily. I put on a black lace matching bra and panties. I stuffed the bra with some panties and put on a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings. I did my best with the makeup and tried on a couple wigs and went with a shoulder length brunette one and a tight black dress. Her shoes were a little tight but I found a pair of open-toed pumps and squeezed into them. I was a little disappointed when I looked in the full length mirror. the outfit looked pretty good but I hadn't done a very good job with the makeup.

    When I started down the stairs he appeared at the bottom of the staircase and gave me a big smile. Taking me by the hand he led me into the living room and he became a little rough, forcing to my knees as he dropped his pants and forced his hard cock into my mouth. I was caught off guard and began to gag as he forced himself into my throat. He was holding my head tightly and began to skull fuck me. I was having a difficult time breathing and though I might pass out when he withdrew and pushed me over the end of the couch. He roughly pulled up the dress over my ass and pulled the panties to the side and then savagely penetrated my asshole with his big cock. It hurt like hell and I resisted but he got the better of me. I accepted that he was r****g me, relaxed a bit and he eventually buried his cock in my burning ass. After he came in me he began to whimper softly and apologized for what he had done to me. He slowly withdrew from my ass and gently helped me to my feet. My ass and jaw hurt and my head was spinning. He continued to apologize and helped me upstairs and helped me undress and get into the shower. I was in there a long time.

    I slept in late the next morning and it was early afternoon by the time I made it downstairs. I wasn't sure how I was going to face my uncle. As soon as I walked into the kitchen he stood up and walked over to me. He apologized again and said he felt terrible for what he had done. I forgave him and he seemed quite relieved. We were out of milk so he asked me to run to the store. I was looking for my car keys and couldn't find them. When I asked him if he had seen them he said that he had gotten rid of the car I was using. He tossed me what I thought were his keys and I was thrilled when I walked outside to find a brand new BMW convertible! I decided then to work hard on improving my makeup skills.

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    Straight Female / 41

    My husband and my daughters father died four years ago this time in March. Since that time I'd not had sex with anyone, not until October of 2014.
    My nineteen year old daughter and her boyfriend Jay came to stay with me in the small apartment I now rent. Their rented apartment was having some work done to it, and Jay who's 24 asked if they could stay over until it was finished.
    About a week after they moved in, we all decided to watch a movie together and have a few drinks. The movie was garbage, so we all just chatted and the chat somehow eventually got onto the subject of me finding a new boyfriend, when I admitted to the fact no man had been near me since my husband had died.
    My daughter suggestively said Jay was a great lover, which didn't make him in the least bit uncomfortable or embarressed. If anything it kind of opened out the chat we were having and had Jay pose a question to me. Right there in front of my daughter, he asked me, if he was single and didn't know my daughter, knowing him, would I invite him round for sex.
    The question put me right bang on the spot and I tried to get out of answering it, but my daughter asked me, implored me to answer. So I did with the only truthful answer I could, I told Jay and my daughter that I thought he was handsome and yes I probably would have sex with him.
    In bed later all I could think about was the conversation we'd had. I was going over and over in my mind the scenario of what I'd like to do with Jay, and began to play with myself. Touching my pussy through my panties, moving them to one side and gently, slowly I began to circle a finger tip around my clitoris.
    I'd been touching myself for about two or three minutes when my bedroom door opened and in walked Jay. All I could see was his siloette, his naked siloette until he got close to the bed. Then I could easilly see he was naked and that he was fully erect.
    I was about to tell him to get out, when I heard my daughters voice behind him say as she turned on the hall light, "It's ok mom, I want Jay to give you the pleasure, he gives me". She took hold of the door handle, smiled at me and closed my bedroom door.
    Jay walked over the foot of the bed, Lifted back the duvet to reveal I was touching myself and smiled also. A minute later I was lay with my legs over his back as his face was buried between my labias. I know I should have stopped him from going down on me, I know I should have been more resolute, but the moment his tongue slid along my pussy lips and began to lap at my clit, I was completely his.
    I'd had sex with six different men, including my husband, before I had the most erotic night of my sexual life with Jay, but none of them had made me feel the way he did with his extremely large cock. I did things with Jay, including anal and having my pussy filled with his fingers, that I'd never done with any man.
    I was still enjoying his cock as the sun began to appear. Jay was lying behind me as we lay on our sides, his cock slowly fucking my asshole, bringing me to another almighty orgasm when the bedroom door opened. I couldn't help myself and I orgasmed shaking hard in front of my daughter as she looked on. All she said was she was going to work and hoped Jay was going to show me what a lunch time orgasm was.
    Not only did Jay give and show me how to enjoy my lunch time then. He's with my daughters permission, been giving me plenty of sex most weeks since October.
    My daughter and I have become incredibly close and we often discuss the overall pleasures Jay brings us both. She never asks me about how I feel directly, only asking me if I'm a more fulfilled and happy person. And she never wants to know the specifics of what Jay and now I get down and dirty to on his prolonged lunch time visits. We do however talk about him and his wonderful body and awsomely large cock.
    One day I might return here to confess exactly what we do get upto on his lunch breaks, but for now I think I've confessed enough.
    A loving mom and a very grateful older lover x

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    So i just want to share my real expirence with my mother with you. Im from germany, and my english isnt good so i hope you can still read the story, and dont flame me for my english.

    I guess it happened about 13 Years ago, i was in my room already trying to sleep, while my family (two sisters, my mother and my dad) where in the living room watching TV. I was close to fall asleep but then my mother came in, she just came to my bed and layd down next to me, i was confused and asked what she wants. She just said that she wants to cuddle. I didnt mind, so we cuddled in spooning position. After some time, she took my Hand and guided it to her body. I felt something squishie soft, and didnt know what it was. So i asked her, she said that i should guess, i told her that its maybe her tummi. She laughed and said "no". Then we just laid there some time more, i still didnt know for sure what it was, but she took my hand again and made me massage her. Now i know it was her breast. Buit the story goes on, after a while she turned around, faced me and started to kiss me, first like a mother would do it normaly, but soon we kissed with tounge.

    Then she laid on her back, and just positioned me on top of her, i massaged her breast and we kissed some more, soon she was reaching for my cock. She said that she wanted to have sex with me, i was young but i knew what sex was, i was realy unsecure and told her that i dont even know how to do it, and what if we get caught? She told me that i dont need to worry, and she will teach me everything but its up to me if i want to.

    I thought about it for an eternety... Then i told her i dont want it... She said "ok maybe im just drunk" (im pretty sure she wasnt drunk) I was just a young boy, and i was realy afraid how it could change our relationship. Still this is an dececion i regret to this day.

    But this isnt the end folks.

    Years later, i told her about it, and that i regret my decesion. I think i was 18 at the time. She said that she doesnt even remember it, and if im sure that i want to do it, its illegal and stuff. Basicly she acted like she was disgusted by the thought about i****t. But i told her that i realy want to, and after some time, she agreed. We did go to her bedroom (by this time my dad and mom where diforced, my oldest sister lifed alone, and the younger one was in the room next door). And we had sex, it was my first time, and i dont regret it. After i did cum she even got on top of me and tried cowgirl position. But i couldnt get it hard again (Life is just not always as good as the fantasy). I told her that i should go now and she agreed.

    I tried to do it again with her some months later, but she didnt want to, she said it was a one time thing and it will never happen again.

    Still i often think about it, and ask myself the question how it would have been if i didnt decide to say no when i was young.

    But i also think, that honestly even if my mum acts like she dosnt remember anything, she does. But for her it was never about i****t, or about me, it was because i was a young boy, and i think that was the reason why she tried to do it with me in the first place. I remember times, when i was even younger when she kissed me with tounge, or touched me.

    Im not mad at her for anything, im mad at myself that i was a stupid boy who didnt took the opportunity when he had it and didnt understand what was going on.

    Well thats what happened to me, hope you enjoyd it or whatever.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My young sexy niece loves to tease me. She always wearing low cut shirts so I can see her 38B boobs. She even told me she shaved her pussy. When we ride the 4 wheeler she drives and has me sit in the back. When she drives she acts like it won't shift and rocks on my cock, it drives me crazy. My wife bought her panties for Christmas so I jacked off in all her panties and Shot my cum in the crotch area.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Last night, I watched my mom and step dad fuck. I don't know why I think it is intense, and incredibly hot, but it really turns me on. I don't care about seeing her. But I liked watching him. It was the second time in like a week I'd seen it, and I fantasize all the time about him fucking me, not using protection, and cumming inside me.

    Kind of messed up, but watching him do shit with her, I fantasized about him eating me out, making me cum, and then us doing kinky shit together like they do as a married couple. I've never thought this way before, but it just gets me.

    I wish I knew how to approach him, without him saying shit to my mom, or getting me busted for being a freak. But I'd let him do shit to me. It's probably kind of fucked up, because I'm not on birth control or anything, but I really think it would be hot to let him pop inside me. I've never let a guy do that. They've always used condoms.

    I don't know why, but I'd let him. Especially after seeing him fuck my mom, and seeing him pull out, and it was all wet and sticky and covered. I'd let him do that.

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    Straight Female / 47

    About 10 years ago, I witnessed my husband, who I had been married to for about 10 years, having sex with my teenage daughter. I have never told anyone. And I feel dirty and gross for admitting it. But hearing their conversation, her admitting she'd had sex with a couple of other guys prior to him, and knowing she never told me really makes me mad.

    I have held this over my husbands head for years. Every time we've talked about a divorce, he always brings it up, says he's not happy, and that he wants to get on with his life, and meet new people, and find others to have more fun with and enjoy himself, I bring it up. I've made sure he knows I'd tell everyone. Now I'm not sure how much trouble he'd get in, considering it happened so long ago. But I also know in talking to people, that he's had a fetish with fucking younger teenage girls for years. And him being in a good paying management job, making good money, we live well. We have other kids, and honestly, he's always been a good dad. On occasion, when we actually do have sex, I've even asked later on if he fantasizes about others. He's been honest sometimes and says yes, but other times, says no. He thinks it's hot to know that we're fucking, and that I'm aware that he's had infidelities with other girls.

    I feel gross about admitting it. But when I saw it, I never said anything. I watched them kissing, I watched him undress her, and suck on her nipples, lick her boobs, and do oral sex on her. She obviously knew what she was doing, which bothers me, at her age, because when they were doing stuff, they did it the first time, and he was done pretty quick. But he's always been that way. What bothered me, about 20-25 minutes later, she pulled out another condom and asked him with a smirk if he wanted to do her again. And he said yes.

    I watched the second time for almost an hour. They did stuff him and I hadn't done in 10 years. It really made me angry. But I just kept my mouth shut, because I knew it would come in handy later, and it has. But I think what pisses me off more than anything, was the fact that when they walked around the house, they'd joke, laugh and just pretend all was normal. And about 2 months after I saw that happen, I found out it happened again. I found her underwear under my bed, and I just never said anything. I'm certain it happened there.

    About three months later, I had coochie cream, which I used to shave. And it came up missing. I asked my husband, and he said why the hell would I take it? I went looking through my daughter's room, and I found it stashed in her underwear drawer under a bunch of her stuff. I was really pissed off, but I didn't say anything. About a week later, I walked into the bathroom when she was in nothing but a towel, and I saw as she was drying off, she'd shaved down there. I asked her about it, actually, embarrassed her, and she shrugged and said she hoped I didn't mind her borrowing her stuff, because she wanted to find out what it was like, and it itched, so she thought she'd try something new.

    I know damn well she did that because my husband wanted to fuck her like that. He'd always joked about a bare pussy, and then all the sudden, here my 15 year old daughter is shaving her pussy. And hearing her admit she'd fucked two guys already? It pissed me off. Just made me feel like she didn't care.

    I feel stupid for admitting this stuff, because it makes me look like an idiot, tolerating this crap. But I guess when my kids are out of high school, and in college, I'll do something about it. Probably blackmail him and make him give me what I want, and divorce. I don't know. I guess I don't want our kids going through shit now.

    But what pisses me off even more, was two days ago, when I came home from work a couple of hours early. I heard something upstairs, and I knew my one daughter was at friends house. I went up the stairs, and was being quiet. Nobody heard me, and I walked into the hallway. Her bedroom door was open, and all I heard was "I'm not worried. I've had sex with a couple others without using condoms, and I haven't had a problem, so I wouldn't worry. Besides, if something happens, you know we can get a morning after" I was outside the door, and I peeked in, and I see him fucking her with no condom. Nothing. Doing it bare.

    Damn it, I almost walked into the room. But I didn't. She doesn't know I'm aware that they're having sex. Him and I rarely do it anymore. And when we do, it's done quick. It makes me mad that when they've done it, and I've seen it, he's doing shit with her that he doesn't do with me. And what makes me madder is that she's MY daughter, and she's fucking him, and pretends that all is good and lies to my face, making it look like life is normal.

    I guess I'm just stupid.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Too many men and women had looked at me sexually over the last year or so, for my husband to be right about me. He would make comments about me my saying things like "Your gym and exercise classes are only making you look stupid. A woman of your age should know better" or something he said six months ago which began to alter how I felt about him and our marriage "Muscles on a woman are so un-sexy, you'll be looking like a muscle bound whore soon".
    I wasn't and aren't exercising for anyone else but myself and as for the muscles, I'm no body builder, but I do enjoy the way my body looks. Lean, athletic and slightly muscular. My breasts have tightened up and my ass looks amazing when I wear a swim suit. My husband though thinks it's an awful look and puts me down all the time. He actually called me a slut the other day, just because I was wearing a short skirt and tight almost see through top. I was wearing it for him, I was trying to make him see I still want him sexually, but it's getting harder to make him see me as his wife and it's becoming increasingly hard not to enjoy another man sexually in our family.
    His younger brother doesn't see me as stupid, a whore or as a slut. Jack makes me feel proud of myself with his support and confident encouragement. He himself trains regularly at the gym and has an awsome body. He never ever pushes his views on others. And has a relaxed attitude to other people and how they live their lives, a complete difference to his older brother.
    It was six months ago after my husband suggested I was "Looking like a muscle bound whore" that I spoke to Jack. He told me my husband had been a jealous person all his life, and the only way he found to "Compete" against what he disliked or disagreed with, was to put it down. It just so happened I'd also pulled a muscle in my lower back at the time, funnily enough bending over to put some washing in the drier. Jack is into massage in a big way and has had some training, so I asked him if he could help me and my back out.
    Fearing what my husband might think or say, I arranged to visit Jack at his apartment. Not shy about my body anymore (I was believe me) I wasn't at all bothered about being semi naked in front of Jack, as he asked me lay on the old massage bed he'd picked up from the gym. His large hands and the oils he'd used, were unbelievably good, as he worked away at my lower back for over half an hour. Every time his hands moved right down to my panties I wanted him to carry on lower, as part of the pain sometimes traveled further down, but his respect of me and his brother, kept his hands appropriately above my small cotton panties.
    We chatted as he massaged me. Some of it about how we both exercised, but mostly about my husbands total dislike of me looking good. Then nearing the end of my massage Jack said something which changed the way I thought about my husband. He said "My husbands name, wants to own you, he wants to treat you like his posession, that's why he hates you looking good, just in case other men find you attractive, which you are".
    The massage was finished and my back felt real good, but I knew without saying it to Jack during the massage, I'd wanted him to massage lower down my body. As he fixed us a drink I asked Jack if he would massage me again the following week, thinking in my head I'd ask him then to work out the knots lower down.
    It was earlier in the afternoon when I re visited Jacks apartment. He'd been at the gym and had not long gotten out of the shower. When he answered the door just wrapped in a towel, I couldn't help but admire his physique. He saw me looking and smiled, inviting me in. By the time I'd gotten myself ready and lay on the massage bed, Jack walked into the small room he'd set it up in, dressed only in a loose fitting pair of grey sweat shorts. Just like the previous week Jack worked on my lower back and it had begun to feel so good. His hands worked their magic, and I soon found myself wondering what those hands would feel like moving all over my body. It wasn't even a planned sentence when it came out. I just blurted out "Hey Jack can you massage me lower down". I knew what I meant in my head, but it probably didn't register with Jack that way, as he said "Are you sure".
    I lifted myself slightly as Jack lowered my panties, leaving me totally naked. Then his wonderful hands began to work down my back, reaching my buttocks. He firmly carressed them, easing them apart as his hands worked in slow circles. I could feel his fingers close to my rear hole and my pussy as he continued to deeply massage my butt. I couldn't help myself, I was becoming horny and turning my head, I looked at Jacks shorts and knew he definitely was turned on, as he had a huge erection in his shorts.
    I didn't prompt him, but I didn't deny him either. Jacks fingers found my pussy and I felt one long oiled up finger slide along my pussy slit. There was mistaking it a sexual touch, a true attempt to give me pleasure and I let him. I let my husbands brother finger fuck me for over five minutes in a very slow sensual way. One finger entering my pussy over and over again. And using his other hand Jack was working my clitoris in the same way, slow and with a knowledgable circling touch. I orgasmed with months of pent up frustration flowing through me and a desire to want cock, Jacks cock.
    Asking him to move in front of me. Still lay on my stomach on the bed, I pulled Jacks shorst down and out sprung his very impressive, hard throbbing cock. Not pausing I took hold of it and guided Jacks cock into my mouth.
    I love felatio. I love everything about it. Being dominated by a big cock, being forced to pleasure a man to completion, but mostly I love the feel of it sliding over and over my tongue until it erupts filling my mouth with his seed. And that's just what I did with my husbands younger brother, I sucked on his cock until he held my head, forcing me to accept his cum as it flew from the head of his beautiful cock.
    Both dressed and sat in Jacks lounge, he asked me where what we'd done left us. I told him then, it had to be a one off, as I had to give my marriage a second chance. I had to give my husband the chance to see me as his wife, as the woman he supposidly loved for whatever she was.
    That was then, now I just don't think I can deny myself the pleasure of Jacks sex anymore. We have stuck to our agreemant, because that's what we did. Jack also agreed we shouldn't have had sex that afternoon, but we had, so we made an agreement that we'd both try and make it upto my husband. Jack has tried to support him, tried to speak to him about his jealousy, but if anything my husbands ways are getting worse. They're driving me into Jacks arms, and increasingly, it's those arms and his cock I want.
    The only question I have to myself and onyone else for that matter, is should I do it now, or wait for a total break down of our relatioship. Which for me has already ended in reality.

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    Straight Male / 37

    When me and my younger sister were teenagers she used to let me suck her tits and play with her pussy.
    We would often do it after getting home from school. I would lift up her shirt and play with her nipples whilst she fondled my hard cock. This went on for some years until we were about 18.
    We never fucked but came pretty close. She did let me do her with an improvised dildo one time, and loved it.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I have always Been man of the house since my father left my mom(who's now 36yo). I'm really 16 and I would sleep and take showers with her when I was young. It started 8 years ago when I was 8. When I took a shower with her, during it I asked what her pussy was. She told me that it is where I she pees from. I asked why it was different from mine, she told me how babies are made. I asked if we could have sex, she said no, but I could touch it. I poked her pussy and she grabbed my finger and she put it in and out of her pussy. She started to moan and told me to keep doing it. She got wet and she told me it was her juice. She told me to taste her juice, and it tasted like sweet cream. I licked her pussy till there was no more. I pulled me away and she grabbed my hand and placed them on her breast. She then grabbed my dick and she stroked it. We would do this almost every week. It was during the summer I was 9 almost 10, when I hit puberty. I would cum in her mouth and in her ass. She told me that when she was giving birth to she had to have a sea-section and she asked the doctors to sterilized her so she couldn't have anymore kids. After hearing that she asked if I would cum in her. When I was 14, my aunt who was 10 years older than me and walked in on me masterbating and she was embarrassed and shut the door, I told her she could come in soon after that. She asked me if I knew where my mom was at. I told her she was at work. she sat on my bed and she put her hand down my pants. She started to stroke my dick and it lead to my mom catching me fuck my aunt in the ass. My mom told my aunt and I had my first threesome. My mom rode me and my aunt sat on my face, I ate her pussy and they made-out and I gave both of them facials. They lick each others face clean and I gave my mom a cream pie and my aunt sucked her pussy. My aunt wanted me to cum in her one day and I ended up getting her pregnant. She got an abortion and she was prescribed abortion pills. I still fuck my mom and aunt on regular bases and I love the pussy I get

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    Straight Female / 19

    The last few weeks haven't been easy for me. I've had to put off a decission, one which could destroy my family, or one which would have me finally getting what I want.
    Basically I walked in on my mom being fucked by a guy not much older than me. They didn't see me as I stood watching them fuck. My mom was knelt up in our living room and the young guy (Who I know) was behind her, fucking my moms asshole. I watched for about two or three minutes until he came up my mome ass. Slowly and quietly I walked out of our home and went to a friends house.
    It wasn't until a couple of days later, after I'd thought about everything involved, that I came to the decission I might try and seduce my step dad Barry. He's not what a young good looking girl like me would normally go for and in truth, he can sometimes piss me right off. But, Barry does have a awsomely large cock. I know this because eight months ago, he walked into my bedroom totally naked and fully erect, after I'd been teasing him sexually a little earlier.
    I'd been flashing Barry my pussy and ass as a kind of bet to myself (long story). I knew he could see everything every time I bent over in the kitchen, as he was sat at the breakfast bar. And it turned me on immensley, just as i'd hoped it would.
    It must have turned him on, because he'd walked into my bedroom sporting such a beautifully large cock. I was about to invite him onto my bed when we both heard my mom entering the house. Barry calmly walked out, but not before he apologised to me and said it wouldn't happen again.
    Now though, I think I would have the chance to feel my step fathers huge cock. And do so without feeling guilty on my mom, as she's obviously fucking other guys.
    I know my mom and Barry love one another in their own way. Who knows Barry might just be fucking other women too, I don't know. What I do know, is I'd love to feel his cock slamming into my pussy or my asshole, which is my totally favourite erogenous zone.
    I need to find a way of letting Barry know he should and could fuck me when he wants, without letting him know about my mom and the young guy. But how?

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