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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    I had sex with my aunt off and on for about 4 years. She's my mom's sister; looks a lot like my mom only younger and smaller tits. I could probably go on and on about this but I'll try to stick to the basics.

    Basically once I dropped out of college I did a lot of drinking and hanging out with my cousins at their house, which was of course my aunts house. She's akways been the partying type too, and she's often drunk and hang out with us. After doing this enough times, I guess we realized we got along really well, and we also I guess were flirting with each other without really realizing it. One of my cousins actually brought it to my attention and told me that he thought it was "creepy as fuck" that his mom and I were flirting. I told him I hadn't really noticed, because, up until that point I really hadn't noticed. Once I started thinking about it more, I realized I guess I was pretty into her. She was fun to hang out with and, she did look good. Pretty face, pretty nice body. And then the next time we got together and drank, I couldn't get the idea of fucking her out of my head.

    We hung out a couple more times, only my flirting was definitely intentional at that point. When I finally got up the courage to go for it, it actually worked. I had made my move, but we had to wait for everyone else to crash out before making our way to her bedroom and hooking up for the first time. Blowjob, I ate her pussy, and we fucked. When we were done I eventually had to leave her room and go sleep on the living room couch. It happened like this for years. We'd go through periods of doing it a lot, and then periods where it barely happened. But overall, it was a good experience, and we had a lot of good sex.

    The one bad thing that came out of this was that I started finding myself sexually attracted to my mom. They look enough alike and frankly my mom has bigger, nicer tits. It took me a while, but I wound up being drunk enough one night to try hitting on my mom. BIG MISTAKE. Not only did I get yelled at, but she also told my dad, and let's just say that didn't go well for me.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    18 black male with an identical twin. We've shared a room since we were kids. Around 13 we started watching porn together in our room. One time we were on webcam with a hot older girl and she asked to see us kiss. Without hesitating my brother and I made out. I was immediately arrivistes by the feeling of rubbing tongues together. We made out for a few minutes while she played with herself. She asked to see our cocks so we showed her and stroked them with oil. She ended up signing off and we got connected to an older male. He began telling us all his fantasies of black Boyd fucking his daughter and wife. He ended up sending us nudes of his wife and daughter in exchange to see us rub our cocks together. We did it and it felt amazing. We oiled our cocks up and rubbed them together and made out. He asked to see us cum on each other's cocks so we did and we loved it. This was a regular thing for us before bed we'd jerk of together. I would sometimes get him to rub his oiled cock between my ass cheeks and cum.

    Were 18 now and my gf is a 15 year old white blond girl. She sleeps over on weekends and my bro and I tag team her. The first time we fucked my brother was watching and she loved it. After I finished she whispered and asked me if she could go to his bed. She got off of my cock and got into his bed and I watched them fool around. I got hard again watching and laid beside him and she sucked us both off and rubbed our cocks together. She said she liked watching gay porn and seeing that. I told her I could show her something even better and slide down beside her and started sucking hisndoxk with her. She loved it. She sat at and watched and played with herself till she squirted all over us. Then my brother got behind her and I held his cock and put it in her. I got in front and we spit roasted her. He came hard in her pussy and we'll all collapsed and slept together.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Mom is a basic flower child, hippie, whatever the name is today. She used to tell me all about her crazy sex life long before I lost my virginity at age 18. When I lost it (actually handed it to Tom, not even a b/f just a guy I know who is reputed to have a large tool) I told her that the kid had the ability to raise his hard-on and come without touching it. That got me hot and I just spread my legs and told him to have a go.

    Telling mom about it, she said, "that's real hot, honey" - Two weeks later she told me that she contacted Tom and asked to see his "touchless cum" that I described, then she said, "I got so hot I blew him and fucked him."

    I said, it was o.k. not the greatest. Later, unknown to mom, Tom paid me the %50 he offered if I got my mom to fuck him. He said, "terrific, a mother daughter scene" but I said, "In your dreams. That will cost you $500. He said, "a deal but I have to save it up. I've now been waiting six months.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Typically I'd be seen as a slim, attractive, brunette who has both men and women fancying her. I'm also viewed as a well behaved young woman, who only dates good looking fit guys.
    Yet the truth of it all, is I secretly adore older men who treat me like a slut. Being as attractive as I am, it's been easy for me to find and have sex with men who use my mouth pussy and asshole as they wish.
    My problem and the reason I'm confessing, is three weeks ago during a family get together, I had sex with my uncle Mark. The trouble is he was drunk and simply cannot remember who the hell he fucked.
    Mark's cock was so fucking awesome, I found myself mounting it anally as he lay almost crashed out in my bedroom. During the fifteen minutes I had my uncles cock fucking me, I had four orgasms and finally milked his dick, making him cum all over my face and breasts. Leaving my forty four year old uncle fast asleep on my bed, after cleaning us both up, I told my mom, his sister he'd drunkenly collapsed on my bed.
    That night I slept in a guest bedroom, but so desperately wanted to feel Marks cock fucking me all over again. The worst part though, is the next morning, and still to this day, he can't remember having sex with me. I'm not sure if he remembers anything, but I sure wish he did.
    Now I've been given the chance to seduce him again, as my parents are traveling to their usual vacation spot, and have asked Mark if he'll keep an eye on me. He's told his sister he'll stay over a few nights if that makes her feel better.
    Now all I have to do, is to convince Mark, my uncle, he did fuck me, and that I'd love him to fuck me all over again.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    So earlier this evening after a long time coming, I finally seduced my little brother. My little brother is about to be 18 this Friday and has always been a very outstanding and humble athlete in school. He never had a gf, dated or fooled around. I would ask him all the time why not or if he wanted me to hook him up with any of my girlfriends but he always politely declined. He would say that it was his thing. Before I graduated senior year I had caught my baby brother jerking off to some of my parents adult videos. At that moment I knew I had to have him. He is such an amazing person in every aspect of life, a very good and kind soul, a protector, very smart and intellectual not to mention his amazing body. When I caught him I got a full glimpse of his deathly large beautiful uncut cock and he was so cute being shy and bashful and trying to hide it. Not that he really could. I went out of my way to be his best friend on a new level. We spent practically all our time together. I would be hands on and flirty, I'd be more comfortable around him and let him see more of me than my own boyfriend. I would literally tease him and get his cock raging hard. When I was feeling down or something bad would happen I'd talk him into cuddling with me and I would rub our bodies close and fall asleep in his well built arms. I loved feeling his cock grow and pressing against my back side. Well after a long time coming I finally made him mine.
    After graduation I got my own place very close to home. My brother would spend most of his time there. Before here finished high school he was pretty much living with me full time. When I came home this evening he was asleep on his bed in nothing but some loose shorts and I could see his harden wood. I stripped down to nothing but my sports bra and climbed on the bed next to him. I kissed his neck and slid my hand in his shorts and slowly began stroking his massive girth. He turned to look to see who it was and I took the opportunity to kiss him and put my tongue in his mouth. He initially went to pull back but I stuck it to him. I mounted him and slid his large hands under my sports bra letting him play with my very large chest. His cock flinched harder. I pulled his shorts down to his knees revealing his oversized cock and began rubbing it between my pussy lips. This boy had be flowing a river on his cock. He went to speak and I covered his mouth and kissed his neck more giving him a soft bite. Carefully I positioned his cock to enter me and began working his hard shaft into me. At first it was painful, it was only the second clock id had ever had other than my stepdad who r**ed me at 16 with his pathetic penis. As I worked his dock further in me, I could feel him splitting and breaking me, it was immense pain that turned into greater euphoria. I could feel myself creaming my brother. I gasped and moaned bloody loud as I made it towards the bottom of his shaft. I thought I was like die trying to take it all. It felt like my insides were in my theist and I could barely breathe. I finally got all the way down and I could feel him inside of me clenching. I proceeded to carefully ride him and periodically sticking my tongue down his throat. He grabbed me by the hips forcing me harder on him. We began moving in motion with each other like sweet perfect serenity. We both moaned loudly. We rotated so he could take me missionary. I could see my pussy tightly wrapped around his girth packing cock. I felt him begin to climax and then the flood of his massive loads fill me sending me over the top to orgasim. Luckily I'm on birth control. We laid together him holding me peacefully. After a very brief nap we did it again. After a second time of him cumming inside me I knew I was hooked, I also knew I had to take a break before he killed me. While laying there he asked me how was it. I laughed and saw the concerned look on his face. This is when he told be that he was a virgin that had just lost it to his older sister. Amazing!!!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    hi any one on here in an "open family" or an "i****t family" I am, its the best ever. love my family and love you all xxx ;)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I was 16 that summer, going to be in the 11th grade. The town was all busy, a new factory was going to startup and the owner of the business was moving to town. They would be in our church.

    When they came, it was a family of four, husband, wife and two sons. The older boy was going to be senior in school. The younger boy in the seventh grade. The dad became a deacon in our church right away, the mom got involved in all sorts of community affairs.

    To my parents they were uppity, rich people who lived on that side of town, where all the big houses were, and the kids had private tutors because they couldn't do their own homework. My father taught history at the high school and was a coach. My mother was a secretary at the school. My sister and I were just kids in school, nobody's really.

    After school started the new big man on campus went through us like a knife through butter. Girls as low as in the ninth grade were losing their virginities. Mine came one afternoon, still light outside, and a group of us went behind the hill on the south side of the football stadium to smoke. I was picked and in front of five other kids I lost my virginity to him.

    I wasn't the only girl that got pregnant that fall. What was different was my mother. She wanted blood. She wanted that whole family to be knocked off their high horse and getting her daughter pregnant was all she needed. Even my father, who was pissed off beyond control, told my mother that a seventeen year old girl getting knocked up in high school by a senior just wasn't going to make it to court. But my mother persisted, she claimed that it had been outright r**e, her little girl would never agree to such a thing. When she found out that it had been a party thing, and that I had sex in front of my friends she freaked out at me.

    The judge told her that she didn't have a case, I was seventeen and no jury was going to do anything. The best thing she could do was make arrangements for support of the baby. What happened next was that one of the ninth graders also got pregnant by him, but she was the daughter of the housekeeper at the Ramada Inn. Sixteen, that was almost a sentence to get married. To prevent that, he married me. Better me, than her. At least I was in their church, and I was white.

    At the marriage, it was a small affair, not to attract too much attention, my mother wore black.

    I was suspended from school, being pregnant and married, and I had told these other girls about sex and that it felt good. I had two choices, either go to this private religious Catholic school or correspondence. Catholic school was not a choice, so I did correspondence. His parents paid for tutors and I did better than I had in school.

    I was married, so he could have all the sex he wanted. And I could have all the sex I wanted. I was perpetually horny and I loved giving him oral sex. I would sit on the bed, with a leg crossed under me, and he would stand beside the bed and I would give him his morning blow job. At that time being able to give him blow jobs was the all time morning high, I love blow jobs.

    His house was large, with a pool and a section for the house where the two Puerto Rican maids lived. I had a teacher come to show me how to be a hostess. We left our clothes on the floor and the beds unmade when we went to breakfast, and the inside maid picked up the clothes and made the beds. Since we had sex almost every day, the maid changed the sheets every day. The other maid was the cook, she made me anything I wanted. I was pregnant so she fed me really well. She was a good cook, she had been with the family for a long time.

    We both went to college and we took a maid with us to help with the babysitting and all the rest. We both graduated, and he works for his dad and I stay home in my own house and take care of my three kids. My outside work is working with various charities along with my mother in law. Our maid in college is now our housekeeper, she is well trained and I couldn't live without her.

    My mother doesn't have much to do with me, she says I got uppity and other less nice words to say. My father just retired from the school district and he is going to work for my father in law in security at the plant. My little sister is now all grown up and has moved to Chicago where she is working with an advertising firm (the firm that does the advertising for my father in law's). My step daughter spends a lot of time with us now, she is in junior high. Her mother works at the school. No animosities.

    I am the small town girl that married right. Underneath all this is that my husband and I actually do love each other, and the we can't turn off the sex. We do like sex, more than we did when we were still kids in high school.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    Four years ago when I was peaking with new hormones in puberty I jerked off a number of times a day in my bedroom. When my sister, who has a hot ass and tits, is five years older then me was in her bedroom next to mine I would "go loud" and moan, whip the lizard harder, etc.

    On one of those occasions, she came into my room and watched me. I got hotter and did not stop. When I was about to cum she leaned in, took the blow-off into her mouth and swallowed, sucking my cock like a vacuum machine. I was shocked. She did it a number of times and in time I begged her for fucking but she was always off-putting, saying NO, loudly. She would do only that, so I had to go with it. Better than nothing, I guess. Now, four years later I'm still hoping to get in. It's a weird thing. She's married now but still finishes me off when possible. I just know she will give in at some point. I have to have it and she knows it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    Because of what my sister in law Rachel told me two weeks ago, I practically ripped off her clothing and fucked the shit out of her all night and into the following morning.
    She's a slut, a great looking slut, but a dirty slut all the same. So when she told me my wife had cheated on me two days before we got married, I was furious, but also horny as fuck as I watched Rachel playing with her pussy as she across from me.
    The sex I had with Rachel was by far in a way, THE best, most dirty and most satisfying sex I've ever had.
    If you can think of something sexual, we probably did it, or something very similar throughout a whole night of debauched hard dirty and extremely adventurous licking, sucking and fucking. I even at one stage had my whole right hand and part of my wrist up her asshole, as she impaled herself on it.
    Before she left the following morning, I spent nearly an hour in a sixty nine with her. And I couldn't have been more turned on. Finally fucking Rachel as forcefully as I've ever fucked anyone.
    When my wife returned the following evening from her business trip, I made out everything was normal. And thankfully with hindsight over this past fortnight, I did.
    Rachel text me the same night and asked if we could meet. Driving over to her apartment a day later, she invited me in. She looked sheepish and avoided looking directly at me. Sitting down in her kitchen, she made me a coffee then said "What I told you about my sister wasn't true. She's never cheated on you. I was jealous of her and have always wanted to have sex with you".
    Rachel went on for some time, telling me how she'd always fancied me and how she'd longed to feel my cock inside her. As she spoke I wanted to get angry, I wanted to feel guilty about the sex we'd had, but instead all I could think about was how amazing our time together had been. And even though she'd admitted to lying to me, I still sat there close to her, wanting to fuck her all over again.
    We agreed it should stay a secret between us, and both spoke about how bad we'd been to my wife, even if I did it unwittingly. Yet as she spoke further, her silk robe she had on opened right up. I found myself becoming erect. Her breasts were fully on show, as was her tight flat stomach. She caught me looking, apologized, but by then I wanted her so badly. Gripping her hair, I forced my sister in law down and made her take out my cock. Ramming my erection down her throat I lost myself in her oral talents. I knew full well at that point I was going to fuck Rachel and again the sex we had in her kitchen was staggeringly good. It wasn't loving sex in any sense of making love, it was pure animalistic fucking. A kind of rough intense sex men have with hookers, the kind of sex only a few people actually like. And I'd found my mark, I'd found what was missing when I bedded my wife.
    With Rachel pushed hard over a breakfast bar stool, I force fucked her asshole, slapping her butt cheeks and making them sting red. She was trembling from her second orgasm by the time I came deep inside her bowels, but I didn't relent as I was too turned on to stop. Stooping down, I gripped her butt cheeks, pulled them apart and buried my face in between them. Tonguing out my own goo, Rachel was yelling out yet another climax as she furiously played with her clit. Finally we both rose up and kissed. It was our first really sensual moment, but one split by my phone ringing. Answering I said hello to Rachel's older sister, telling her I was on my way home.
    On the drive back home, I kept on telling myself, that that was it between myself and Rachel, but deep down I knew I wanted to fuck her over and over again.
    And in the days afterwards up to last night, we've fucked no less than eight times. It's as though we were meant to be together. We FIT each other. We are extremely well suited, and with my cock always rampant to be inside her mouth pussy and asshole, I don't see us stopping anytime soon.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    I caught my 15 year old-step daughter masturbating. She was doing laundry, which is weird in and of itself, and I walked past the laudry room. The door was closed for some reason and I opened the door to see what was up and there she was wearing a pair of white shorts and a T-shirt with her pussy pressed against the side of the drier which was humming along. I stopped dead and backed out but kept the door open a crack so I could watch. She was gripping the drier and grinding her pussy against it and was softly moaning. Her knees buckled a bit and she death gripped the drier and a shelf next to it right above her head as she obviously came. I heard a couple grunts over the sound of the drier which made me hard as fuck. I watched as her body relaxed then closed the door and snuck out of there. A few minutes later she walked by me upstairs redfaced and looking sheepish.

    Since then I've tried to catch her doing it again hoping to either enjoy the show or maybe just walk in on her in mid orgasm just to see her reaction. I'm not interested in doing anything sexual with her but it was fun watching her cum.

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