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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    My son, who is well hung like his dad was, showed me a video on a porn site that was identified as a mom-son role play. It was searing hot and after I watched it with him, I let him have it all. I don't regret it. The only problem is that he now wants to fuck all day and night. I told him to find a girl his age who is horny, but often, I just let him have it.

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    Our Forever Little Secret
    Although I am disappointed that more Black Americans arenât sharing their real life stories of domestic sexual adventures, I am not in the least bit surprised at the fact. It seems we are taught to more a less, keep the family laundry out of the public eye. Overall I agree with that teaching, however, I also believe. More of us should share our stories, if for no other reason, than to help others to realize they are not alone. I firmly feel that by doing so it would help to remove some of the unnecessary shame, guilt, and or stigmas many needlessly feel or are labeled with, after having indulged in the various actives related to this so-called Taboo. It is for this reason that Iâve decided to share my personal experience with family fornication.
    My particular relationship has been with my seven years older brother. Though we both are happily married to loving spouses, our secret affair has lasted to this present day. To our knowledge neither our family, nor spouses have any clue as to how close we truly are. That is except for my teen daughter, I think she suspects but has no proof. Otherwise perhaps the fact that we presently live in two different states, and are only able to get together two or possibly three times a year, helps us to remain under the kindred radarâ¦â¦
    Before I begin my story keep in mind the age difference between us. For obvious legal and sick minded reasons, I wonât speak of actual or approximate ages, anywhere within this story. That which happens or has happened between us, is being shared for a greater purpose than that of pervasive thinking.
    The 1st Time Anything Happenedâ¦. Easter Sunday
    I recall the day and in particular the events there of, vividly and in precise details. Having gone to two church services (my father is a bishop), and grandmaâs in between, weâd finally come to the end of that long day. That evening service was in a city about two hours away from where we lived, (daddy had to preach there). My brother and I flopped into our usual places in the back seat, as our parent did the same in the front. Everyone was worn out from the non-stop activities of the day, especially me.
    As Iâd often done at such times, I sprawled out over the back seat and laid my head in my brotherâs lap. In and of its self, this was my standard operating procedure on long car rides. However, what made this time different was after Iâd nodded out, being neither asleep nor awake. I noticed I couldnât get quite comfortable, because something long and hard kept getting in my way. In my somewhat dazed condition, I continued to reach between my head and my brotherâs lap and try to move the obstruction.
    I persisted in doing this for what felt like quite some time, before looking up and noticing, what I could see of my brotherâs face. Though his eyes were closed, he too, appeared to be somewhere between awake and asleep. He had what I thought was a strange looking mixture of restlessness and pleasure spread across his face in the form of a wicked smile. At the time I didnât know how to read it or what it mean, nor did I care. All that matter to me was that I wanted to go to sleep and something in his pants, wasnât helping me get there.
    I can see myself now, holding my head up and starting my hands on an investigation of the problem. Now at this time, I had no out of the ordinary interest in boys, what was in their pants or anything else for that matter. Besides, consciously, I was only thinking of trying to get some sleep. Without any real explanation of why, I suddenly found myself curious and extremely fascinated by this object and before I realized it. I was aggressively analyzing it, squeezing it and exploring it in my own ignorant way up and down its seemingly massive lengths.
    Though I was enthusiastically experiencing my first touch of a dick, I was doing so more out of curiosity than anything else. Of course with all the attention I was paying to his meat, by now, both my brother and I were wide awake. He soon started too discretely, yet sternly, allow his hips to meet my hands movements, far beyond the halfway point. Although I could tell he was somehow enjoying it all, his pleasure had nothing to do with my reasoning.
    Iâd reached a point where sleep was no longer a personal consideration. I had become entranced by the hardness and heftiness of his dick. Though at the time, I wasnât thinking dick. I was bewitched and excitedly trapped in the fact, that Iâd never touched anything that felt exactly like it before. Naturally, it all makes sense now, but then, I couldnât understand why I couldnât tear myself away from that wonderfully ridged, elongated, and spacious object hidden inside the pants of my brotherâs Sundayâs best suit.
    All this time our eyes had never meet in acknowledgement of what was taking place between us. Each of us had become complacent in our respective roles and allowed it to just happen. That is until I felt him lightly but pointedly tap me on the shoulder, and motioned for me to be quiet. Though I was a bit startled by and resentful, at his interruption of my exploratory expedition, as our eyes silently locked. I gave him a confused but ratifying look of okayâ¦.and you stopped me because?
    Before I could turn away from our face to face view, he shockingly, though wildly excited me, by simultaneously unzipping his pants and placing my hand inside its folds. To say that my world changed in that instance, would be the understatement of my life. I thought the feeling of a hard dick, through a pair of trousers was awesome, but there are no words to describe a young girlâs first touch, of an inflexible and magnificent piece, of man meat flesh to flesh. For anyone other than a young girl, that initial feeling is inconceivable and utterly unexplainable.
    Needless to say, I had entered the playground of astonishment and apparently, so had my brother. I suppose as best he could without arousing our parentâs attention, he took control of my hand. He began trying to lead me by showing me how to wrap as much of it as I could around its girth, so as to jack him off. It didnât take me long to figure out what to do, especially since I believed I was the one having all the fun. However, that fun didnât last long, because shortly after Iâd gotten my rhythm. The thing started to swell even bigger in my hand, pulsating like a hard beaten drum, and thenâ¦I felt hot sticky wet stuff pouring down my hand.
    As life taught me later, as soon as it stopped raining on my hand, my brother removed it and fell asleep. At that time I didnât understand why, or even how he could have done that. Let there be no misunderstandings. Inside I knew what I was doing wasnât right, especially since I was doing it to my brother, but it didnât feel wrong either. Though I had enjoyed myself, intuitively, I felt like something more was supposed to happen next.
    The 2nd Time Physical Contact Was Made
    Happened exactly one week later, and again weâd all spent the morning in church. This Sunday there was no evening service and after weâd left grandmaâs place. The family was home doing routine stuff, and as happens often in a preachers world. Daddy got a phone call that one of his flock was in the hospital and wasnât expected to make it through the night. Also as was the norm in our home, both our parents answered the call. On occasions like this happened to be, mom would drive her car and daddy his. The reason for this was daddy never knew how long heâd be there, while mom. Basically went just to pay her respects and show her face, because such was the duty of a churchâs first lady.
    During those times, my brother being old enough to watch after us both, while mom was gone at least. My parents would often leave in a hurry and instruct me to mind my brother, while they were away. Understand, before the episode in the car, my brother and I were your average siblings, with a distinguishable age difference between them. We got on each otherâs nerves, but he was still my big brother and I, his baby sister. On the surface nothing had really changed. Several times during that week, as the family was watched TV or whatever. Iâd spent several hours with my head in his lap, and nothing happened. This wasnât an unusual occurrence, even in our parentâs presence.
    On the other hand, our parents were not at home. Neither of them would be for at least a couple of hours. I canât speak for my brotherâs thoughts over that past week, but I kept having incredible flash backs of that fun filled ride home. I thought the feel of his dick was just oddly weird and yet so remarkably exciting. I guess secretly, I had prayed that would not be the last time Iâd get to play with it. I had hoped many times during that week heâd bring it up and somehow make the offer, but that never happened.
    Something inside me wouldnât let go of the experience and wanted to explore further. I decided the moment my parents were out the door that Iâd yield to my internal urgings. Knowing he was just in the den, and rightfully assuming he was probably in a nodded off state of mind. I walked right in and kneeled down beside his stretched out body, and immediately started rubbing my hand up and down his jean covered joy stick. He soon started making moaning noises and unconsciously rotating his hips, and then suddenlyâ¦.
    He woke up in a dazed weakly spoken protest, consisting of the usual objections as to why I shouldnât have been doing what I was doing. Assumedly, willing to count off what happened in the car, as a freak accident that could never happen again. He helplessly stumbled through them all. Sadly for him and luckily for me, at least thatâs how I thought of it anyway. By this time the dick was already hard and as with any boy or man. He had no real strength to fight with, and submitted to my advancements.
    After he relaxed and just laid back on the couch, and instincts told me I had him. I boldly asked him if I could see it. With what little reservations he had left, he hesitantly and to his credit, under a feebly formed continued protest, he whipped it out. Before I continue and to put all things in their proper prospective. Back then he still had some growing to do, but not that much. Today, when all the growing has stopped, and without any exaggeration, none, big brother sports a monster, long and well over average girth bonner. Though I had no idea then exactly what I was looking at in terms of male meat, I did know I was going to enjoy the hell out of playing with it.
    For some reason I wanted to see it all before I touched it, and I begged him let me do so. As soon as his pants were around his ankles, I started to stroke it just like heâd taught me a few days earlier. Only this time I could see it as well as touch it. Somehow I knew not to do it as fast as before because I didnât want it to be over so fast this time. Without knowing why, I wanted to savor the moment, and embrace the experience.
    My hand movements up and down his dick were deliberately slower, while my eyes fixated on its hypnotic beauty. My brother eventually started mumbling some far away gibberish, none of which was registering in my mind. That is until I heard him start begging me to âplease lick itâ, and by that time. I was so captivated by the awe of it all, I thought nothing of complying with his pleading request.
    Not knowing any better I gave it a couple quick tongue lashes, and asked if that was all he wanted. He naturally answered no and give me the âlike an ice-cream coneâ example of how to do it. So thatâs exactly what I did and to my then inexperienced surprise, my brother was loving it. He started moaning and wiggling all over the place, just before he started begging again. Only this time he was asking me to put his dick in my mouth. Again I complied as best I could. He taught me to suck it like a lollipop, and combine that with the ice-cream cone.
    My mouth was and still is extremely small, but I took as much as I could of him in my mouth. I sucked and licked to his pleasure and my heartâs content, until I ended up with a mouth full, of what I know today to be i****tuous cum. Though I enjoyed myself immensely that evening, nothing I did was done for his sexual pleasure. Neither did I jack or suck his dick for my own sexual gratification, because I didnât know anything about sexual satisfaction. I was just having what I considered to be unexplainable though deviously delicious fun.
    For the next few years, whenever opportunity knocked and I wanted to play with a dick or he wanted a blowjob, we were there for each other. Truth is I wanted to play more often than he did. It was as if I was somehow jealous or envious of him for having a dick, he could play with anytime he wanted and I didnât. Somehow the situation seemed to work out for both of us, without complaints.
    As time went by he started in on my tits and finger fucking me every chance he got, and I made sure he had plenty. Of course he eventually fucked me for the first time, but thatâs another storyâ¦if youâd like to read itâ¦let me knowâ¦I just might write it.

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    Not sure how I feel about any of this now. What I do know is my sister is a raving nymphomaniac and she won't let up.
    All this began because she found out off my ex girlfriend, that I enjoy giving lots of cunnilingus. Either vaginal or anal.

    I was drunk when it first happened, so I don't blame myself for that.

    Waking up with my sisters pussy above my face was freaky to say the least, as was her insistence I lick her out. You make judgments based on certain things in life when you're sober, but I was drunk and her pussy looked amazing. I'm not overly certain how long I spent tonguing out her pussy and ass, but I do know she claimed the next day to have orgasmed over a dozen times, making my face sticky with her love juices.

    We spoke about what had happened between us, and I found out she'd wanted us to have sex for some time. I'll not deny that I found my nineteen year old sister attractive, not many men wouldn't as she's slim, curvy and works part time as a model. So as we spoke I couldn't help myself from becoming erect. With our parents in the front room watching a movie, I allowed my sister to suck on my cock and blew my load down her throat in the kitchen.

    And over the last five months it's just carried on, but we've now begun to fuck too. We both know we shouldn't be having sex. Yet I find her irresistible and adore how her pussy and asshole tastes, feels and how she orgasms over my face and on my cock.

    We fucked last night, after I'd tongued her out from behind. Licking her tight puckered ass and then her gorgeous sweet tasting pussy. She came on my face again and again and then had me fuck her on her bed. My mom even shouted up to find out what the noise was. We acted as though we were playing a computer game before my sister mounted my cock.
    Today though I feel different than before, as my sister and I kissed afterwards passionately and for a long time. It had just been sex before, but now it's become emotional betwen us with my sister telling me she's in love with me. My problem is, and why I'm not sure how I feel. Is that I think I'm in love with her too.

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    I've been a smoker since I was sixteen. About four months ago I made the decision to quit. I was overdue for a physical anyway so I asked the doctor for a prescription for Chantix. It took me three weeks to work up the motivation to start taking them. I suppose my mistake was to not tell my wife I had started taking the Chantix.

    I'd been taking the Chantix for about 3 days when my wife comes to me and delivers an ultimatum. No more sex until I start taking the Chantix and quit smoking. My first reaction was shock as in where the fuck did that come from??? My second reaction was anger she would use our intimate time as a bargaining chip. My anger had nothing to do with being denied sex. To be honest my libido isn't what it used to be. While I still get horny and definitely still enjoy sex, it's not an overwhelming urge anymore. I was pissed off she was trying to manipulate me that way. I essentially told her ok, fine and did my best to hide my anger. I didn't tell her I had already started taking the Chantix.

    After that night I became a little distant with her. Not intentionally, it just kind of happened. Eight days after starting the Chantix I had my last cigarette. At this point I still hadn't told her I was taking it and I didn't bother letting her know I had bought my last pack of smokes. It took about a week for her to notice I wasn't heading outside to smoke anymore. She gushed over me and told me how proud she was etc.. and I know she was trying to be supportive, but she just managed to irritate me with all of it. She asked me when I had started and why I didn't say anything. I told her I had started taking the Chantix 3 days before her little ultimatum and that I just didn't feel like saying anything about it after that. I could tell she was upset with me, but she tried to drag me into the bedroom to "reward me". That really pissed me off. I told her I zero interest in "reward" sex and I really wasn't in the mood.

    That was about three months ago and we still haven't had sex. That's the longest stretch since our kids were born. The other day I come home from work and she greets me wearing a garter belt, stockings, high heels and nothing else. I was shocked to find out that I still had little to no interest in having sex with her. Six months ago I couldn't have gotten out of my clothes fast enough. As it was I tried to pretend to be excited, but she literally had to blow me for 15 minutes before I got hard and when I did get hard it didn't last. We had a long talk after that and I was honest with her. I told her I just have zero interest in sex now. By the end of the conversation she was pissed off at me and accusing me of being petty and intentionally sabotaging our sex life to "teach her a leson". We really haven't talked much since.

    I'm not really looking for anything here. I just needed someplace to vent.

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    The other day I walked in on my 16 year old daughter being eaten out by her best friend. They were both completely nude. I saw her friends tight little ass in the air and could see her hairless pussy. My daughter was trying so hard to be as quiet as possible. But she was loving every second of it. They never saw or heard me come in so I snuck back out with out saying anything. My dick was now rock hard and I immediately went in my bedroom to jack off to the thought of my daughter and her friend. It was so hot but feel bad cause I'm getting off to the thought of my daughter getting her pussy licked by her friend.

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    I know I am a perv. I found my mom's panty on the floor of the bathroom one day when I was in jacking off. I thought I would use them to clean up, but when I wiped the cum off me they touched my dick and I shot again. From that point I have stolen my mom's and sister's panties to masturbate with.

    This last summer I bugged my sister's room with a video camera. I'd sneak in and hide it if she was out and then get it the next day before she got back from school. I hit the jackpot with it one night and got her and her bf going at it after one of their dates. She wasn't supposed to have her bf in her room, but she had his cock down her throat to start and then he tool her cloths off and rammed it in her. He rolled her over and did her ass like doggy position. I jacked off to that several times a day until she came home early and caught me in her room retrieving my camera. She started screaming and hitting me. I finally told her to stop or I'd show mom what I had of her and her bf. That got her to stop. She told me I was lying, but I took her to my room and showed her the video. She started crying and beggin me to not give it to mom, then she told me she'd do anything to not let mom know. I told her I wanted her to suck me like she did her bf. She did it too. That worked into me getting sex with her at least once a week. At best I did everything that was in the vid.

    She's at college now and I'm back to handing myself and watching my spy cam of my mom instead of my sister. Mom is so fucking hot! I get a new vid of her several times a week. She has some sex toys she likes to use and most of the time she is naked and does it on top of her covers. I'm getting pretty good at getting shots of what I want to see too. Every time I look at my mom now I see her laying on her bed using one of her toys. It's all that I can do not to let her see how raging hard my dick is when she is around.

    Next year I go to college, but before I go I really want to get my dick into her. I think of my cock in her mouth all the time.

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    A few years ago when I was 29 and living in my parents home while attending college, I had a sexual encounter with my mom who was 53. It happened only one time. Mom had been having these drinking binges for sometime and I would find her passed out on a sofa or bed. I never did anything about it because, well, she is my mom. But there was this one time a couple of months before graduation that I found her lying on a plush rug on the floor in the family room. I still don't know exactly what transpired but perhaps she slid off the sofa onto the rug. It was kind of bizarre. It was obvious that she had finished off a couple bottles of wine because she was quite drunk. I tried to help her up to get to her bedroom but mom is a heavy woman and I couldn't budge her. I looked around to see who else was home to give me a hand but the house was empty. When I returned a little later, she had fallen asleep. So I abandoned the attempt and just covered her with a blanket to keep her warm. I knew she would wake up in a few hours and get into bed herself. Normally, I would have just left but I noticed that she was wearing her nightgown. Now I know that mom wears a nightgown to bed and nothing underneath. Don't ask me how I know. I have known this since I was a very young horny teen. I just had to raise her nightgown and look. Sure enough, she was naked and I immediately ran my hand over her bush. I remember how soft and silky it felt. I unzipped my fly, pulled out my penis and brought it as close as I could to her crotch. My penis was really hard by now and I wanted to rub it over her genitals to see what it feels like. I just kept getting more and more carried away. I spread mom's legs wide apart, wiggled my legs around hers and brought my penis right up to crotch. I really couldn't see anything. I just kept pushing on my penis until it found the right spot and went in. I knew that I had penetrated her. I knew it was intercourse but I couldn't stop. So I pumped her gently and steadily for what seemed like eternity until I felt myself coming. I could feel the surge of semen shoot into her as I ejaculated. But at no time did she awaken and recognize me. I guess it was because I had intercourse with her so gently.

    About three months later I graduated from college and left home. I know that it was improper for me to have had sexual relations with mom like this but it just happened. Anyways, it will never happen again.

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    Straight Male / 36

    My cousin Holly has been separated for around six months. It has been difficult for her as her husband has been dating different women and Holly still hopes she can make the marriage work. Last night I took Hooly out to eat and to have a few beers. While we were eating and talking, the discussion of sex occurred. There was a lot of talk, but two things in particular are important. First, Holly mentioned she was horny as she hasn't been with a guy for a long time. Second, we had a discussion about anal sex. While talking about anal, I mentioned that girlfriends before and my wife now are not willing to do it. Holly couldn't believe that I have never, her words, stuck my dick up a girl's ass. She told me that I should try it, but I reverted back to my wife won't do it. She told that I need to find someone else then. When I said that would be cheating, Holly said anal isn't cheating, it is just anal and not a big deal. The subject was changed and we continued talking. But, I couldn't get the anal out of my mind. So, I came back to the topic and asked if she has had anal. She emphatically said yes. Holly said she actually enjoys it once in a while. Holly could see where I was headed with this topic. When here was an awkward pause by me, Holly looked at me and asked, you are wanting to see if I would let you fuck me up the ass. My head dropped and initially I told her no then looked at her and grinned. To my surprise, she said sure.

    Holly got in my vehicle and we drove to her house. Hardly a word was spoken. Into the house and into her bedroom we went. She told me to get undressed and get it hard. She was going to take a quick shower and would be back out. Holly walked out of the shower with a tight T-shirt that stopped short of her pussy, leaving it and her ass exposed. She has large tits and her nipples were poking through her shirt. This would make any guy hard, but I was nervous. First of all, this was my cousin. The next problem was that I felt like I was cheating. I was standing there nude with my hands covering my cock. Holly walked to her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube and told me to put it on heavy. She climbed up on the bed and and got on all fours and told me to go ahead. I froze and asked if she would get me hard. Holly spun around and said you can't get hard. She moved my hands and told me that I was going to have to do it myself. But, I asked for her help again. She said I'm not touching my cousin's cock. To which I replied, you will let your cousin slide his cock in your ass, but you won't jack him off. She said it was different and I began arguing when she simply said ok. Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed and began stroking my cock. I was hard and leaned my head back and closed my eyes when Holly stopped and said you better not be thinking about cumming on me while I jack you off. She grabbed the lube and rubbed it on my cock. There was a towel and she wiped off her hands and got back on all fours and told me to start.

    There was no doubt, I was very very excited. I looked at Holly's pussy and wanted to slide my cock in there so bad, but knew she would be really really really mad, so I got behind her and slowly slid my cock into her ass. She moaned as it slid in. When I got it all the way in, I slowly went back out as she moaned. I had to stop and tell her to quit moaning or I will cum within seconds. Holly said she liked the feeling and would try to contain herself. I continued the slowly going in and out until Holly said you can fuck my ass hard if you want. I started to speed up a little then faster until I thought I was going to break her in half. It was going good until Holly began moaning and saying yes over and over. Once she started that, I came inside her quickly. With me still kneeling, Holly pulled her ass off my cock and grabbed the towel and wiped the lube off her ass. She laid down on the bed on her back looking at me. She wanted to know what I thought. I told her I loved it and it was a lot of fun. That is when Holly told me that she knew for sure that I was going to slide it into her pussy first. I told her that I thought she would get really mad and she said that she wouldn't have gotten mad at all.

    Holly was laying in front of me with her nipples about to break through her shirt and her pussy pointed toward me. I reached down and spread her legs. She asked what I was going to do and I told her that I was going to fuck her. She jumped up and said you had your chance and now that passed. We had a long discussion and she told me that she wasn't going to let me fuck her. I pointed out that she would have been ok with it earlier, but now she was just being difficult. Holly took me by the hand into the bathroom and over to the sink. She washed off my cock for me and dried it. I put on my clothes and Holly remained in that shirt.

    We walked to the door for me to leave and I thanked her for letting me have some fun. We were looking into one another's eyes when we began kissing. The kissing was very passionate. As we kissed, I ran my fingers down to her pussy and before I touched her, I stopped kissing her and asked if I could play with her pussy. She looked at me and said don't ask me that just fucking do it. I started rubbing her clit and burying a few fingers in her pussy. She was moaning and finally had an orgasm. She gave me a kiss and walked me outside to my vehicle. She was standing outside half nude and kissed me again when I got in my truck. She reached over and sucked the pussy juice from my fingers and said she better get rid of the evidence before my wife smelled her fingers. She kissed me again and I asked her if we could fuck. She looked at me and said maybe next time. With a sad face, I asked her maybe? She kissed me and said ok, next time you can fuck me.

    I don't know when next time is going to occur, but I hope it is soon

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    Straight Female / 19

    It's been five times now I've watched my step dad fuck my mom, and he knows I'm watching them too. He tells my mom he likes to leave their bedroom door open as it gets too stuffy for him, so she lets him fuck her with the door half open. His cock is massive compared to my boyfriends and I find myself rubbing my pussy and clit as I watch them fuck. He's seen me playing with myself and it only seems to make him fuck my mom harder. Last week I watched her ride his cock anally and I was so turned on I made myself orgasm jst before my mom cried out from her own orgasm.
    I'm niot sure if he'd ever want to fuck me, but if he did I'd have to decide if I was going to have him cheat on my mom. The thing is if he asked I don't think I could deny him and his huge cock my mouth, pussy and ass.

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    Last weekend with my boyfriend Liam flat out on the couch after drinking too much during a night out in Belfast. And with me trying to arouse him, his father Sean walked in. He caught me sucking on his sons limp cock, but rather than getting angry as we/I was trying to have sex in his home, he asked me if he could offer me "something firmer".
    I'm not sure if it was the drink or just me wanting sex so much, I said "Go on then show me what you've got".
    Liam is six inches and average thickness. Sean his father is about three inches longer (I didn't measure the fucker) and I'd say at least half as thick again, as he proved by dropping his trousers and undies.
    I was like a bitch on heat as I sucked in his cock. So with his son literally only feet away snoring, I sucked on my boyfriends fathers cock and it was awesome. His dick pulsed so much in my mouth I thought he was goiing to cum at any minute. But he just carried on fucking my mouth and moaning out loud. After a few minutes he told me to lay across the arm of the sofa his son was asleep on and remove my knickers. My short skirt rode up and I took off my knickers as I did as he asked. Only as soon as Sean began to lick my pussy, his son began to move and eventually woke up.
    Only just, we got ourselves sorted and I heard my boyfriend slur out "What de fuck is happening". it was only then I realised I'd left his limp dick out. Sean quickly walked into the kitchen and I made out we'd tried to have sex. Liam put his cock away and Sean walked back in smiling. Not much was said as Liam was too embarrassed to got into a conversation, but I couldn't help flashing Sean as Liam struggled to stay awake.
    Nothing else happened that night, but Sean did send me a text the next day saying "I'm over in England all week, love to carry on where we left off next weekend". Just found out Liam is going over to watch the Merseyside derby leaving his dad and I alone until Monday morning. We'll have all day Saturday and Sunday for me to find out if my boyfriend's father is a better fuck. Can't wait, sure hope he is.

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