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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 19

    My aunt Kim's husband died early this year and because my mom and me have always been close to my moms youngest sister, we spent a lot of time around her home helping her with anything she wanted. I also had an ulterior motive, and that is I have the hots for my aunt. Kim's extremely fit and still young looking at thirty eight, plus she's got the sweetest smelling pussy ever. I know this because on many occasions when I've stayed at her house, I've found her used panties and masturbated as I sniffed the crotch.

    Things have changed of late though. When in the past I'd used her panties, they were always in the laundry basket waiting to be washed. This past couple of months when I've stayed over (Which is normally once or twice a week) I've found them dropped close to the room I sleep in, and a couple of times (And why else would they be there) actually in the guest bedroom I use. The reason I'm confessing is try to see if anyone has had anything close to what I think is happening. That's because only last week as I was in the bathroom and Kim was going out to work, I walked back into the room to find a pair of her used panties, which were heavily scented with her pussy, on my pillow. They were laid out so her crotch area was showing and it looked like she'd been masturbating before she'd wiped her pussy with them. Straight away I lay on the bed, picked up her panties and began to masturbate. Half way through wanking, Kim popped her head into the room, smiled at me and said "Enjoy yourself today, I'll be back home for dinner". It was if she was just accepting I beat off to her pussy smell, because she turned and walked out.

    The last piece of the puzzle, is Kim text me the same day from work to ask me to put her panties in the wash. She finished the text by saying "Only if you're not using them again". I did use then again as soon as I answered her text and got her response. I let Kim know I was going to whacking one off again, she text back "Bet you wish it was the real thing xxx".

    The dinner we had was a quiet one, but I could feel the sexual tension between us. It was Kim who finally broke the silence by asking me if I'd consider spending the Christmas and New year period with her. I said I'd love to but I'd have to ask my parents first. I've got to give her my answer within two days (If I'm not staying, she's going to go away for a few days) after I find out what my parents are doing. I've already raised the subject with my mom, who said that would be nice after her husband died. My mom thinks it's a purely innocent thing, and if she knew what had already happened she'd freak out. If I stay I think, I know we'll end up having sex, or I hope so anyway. But I don't want to fuck up my family either.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I know there are a lot of stories about guys being with their moms sexually as a teen, but I really did. She was a lonely divorcé and I was in awkward social reject at school. It was only a few times and it made the world of difference for me.

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    Straight Female / 18

    yesterday i caught my bro wanking. he left his door open and was laying on his bed naked going at it. when i saw him i giggled to myself a little, but watched. he runs cross-country in school so be has a nice bod. i started fondling myself as i watched him. when i could tell he was getting ready orgasm i went into his room and knelt by the side of his bed. i told him OK and took his hand away from his cock and started kissing and sucking it. he shot so much sperm i couldn't hold it in my mouth and gagged. it went all over my face and down my neck. so much i had to take a shower and wash my cloths too.

    i'd do it again too. he's my step, so i don't feel wierd about doing it.

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    Straight Male / 27

    This happened about midnight a week ago. I was in my room just jerking off, when I had the urge to go through my sisters room. She mostly lives out of town but has a room and visits monthly. My sister is 5 years younger. She is blonde about 5'7", not chubby but not a stick, with 32dd.

    I have never thought of her as hot or sexy one bit. But I love big tits. So with my dick in my had I gather up her ChapStick, 2 pics, 5 sexy thongs, a pair of panties she had recently washed,and a bra. I then retreated to my room before I was caught with my dick in my hand.

    I decided to have a photo shoot. I first make a gif rubbing her ChapStick on the head of my throbbing cock. I made sure to leave some precum for her. I then proceeded to take pics of her thongs hanging on my cock. Also pics of my cock on her face.

    My heart was pounding, making my cock swell with the ring I had on. I took her clean black panties and snapped pics putting precum in the crotch.

    I hadn't been this excited since I was 16 and jerked off in my stepsisters(13) closet. This was all planned out. I was going to see my step sis huge d cup tits. It all came together besides she caught me. Anyways that's a great story in its self.

    So I line up her pics and place my favorite thong in the mix. I switch the camera to record and explode nice thick ropes of cum all over my sis pics. Gotta brag I gotta nice aim. Nailed her thong hard too. My legs were shaking, gouche all tightened up. Total ecstasy. I decided to post the pics and video online to showoff my appreciation for my sister's help

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    Straight Male / 46

    My sister-in-law Melody is a down home country girl and our extended families live pretty close in small town America. She is 7 years younger than me but we have always been close as we both love horseback riding, and get out at least once a week. Our respective families often get together for barbeques and such, and I love when we do because she will take a break from her cowboy boots and put on very sexy wedge sandals, and her bare feet have always made me crazy with desire! She has very white and deep arches and often goes with a French pedicure. I have to confess I have often dreamed about licking and smelling her feet, and also sucking her toes!. She might know that I have a fetish for her sexy feet because I stare at them a lot... maybe I'm letting on.

    It was my birthday recently and as usual we all got together, and she had on the before mentioned sandals. As we sat on patio chairs around the kids inflatible pool, she dipped and moved those hot shoes like a woman posessed and sometimes looked quick my way...I hope to hell we can get our kink going. Maybe I'll ask to hold her feet steady next time she does yoga in the farm house...

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    Straight Male / 54

    My mother passed about ten years ago,my father a few months ago. My siblings and I were sorting dads stuff we ran across several boxes of old super 8 video tape, it brought back memories, we remembered our parents taking videos of us as kids etc. I asked if I could have the tapes and make them into dvd's my siblings thought it a great idea. A few months later I had a day to myself and decided to watch the movies. I watched several,great memories I thought. I loaded the fifth tape in the old projector and got the shock of my life! It started out a still shot of my parents bed then my nude mother enters , lays down and fingers her pussy,soon dad climbs on top and fucks her! I was shocked, I couldn't believe they recorded this. This first tape was a compilation of dad fucking her in different positions. The second one was my mother in a gang bang! I counted 6 guys! It was obvious this was not her first time,she was very comfortable and took it in all holes, even dp! As I went through the tapes there were other women involved,my dad fucking them,mom kissing them,mom eating was surreal.. I made the dvd's including one of all the sex that I kept for myself!

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    Straight Female / 19

    Three weeks ago I allowed my younger brother Corey to perform cunnilingus on me. He'd been in a mood all day, so when I asked him why, he blurted out his girlfriend had embarrassed him by saying he didn't know how to give a girl an oral orgasm. Apparently they'd had sex and he'd tried to lick her pussy but failed miserably.
    Later that night thinking about what he'd said, I became incredibly horny thinking about Corey licking a girls pussy, that I wanted him to lick mine. Texting him to come into my room, I got myself naked spread my legs and then spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Corey walked in and looked at me in total shock. When he asked what was I doing, I replied "Teaching you how lick pussy".
    His girlfriend was right, Corey didn't have the first idea. But after lots of patient trials and tuition over the next half an hour, I had my younger brother eating me out Just how girls love it. His tongue and lips brought me to two orgasms, one after another. When I'd cum the second time as he sucked on my clit and used a finger to penetrate my pussy, I asked him if he'd like me to suck him off. That's when I learned why Corey had had so many girlfriends. He might not have known how to give a girl real good cunnilingus, but my younger brother sure has a very large thick cock.
    I gave him a blow job to what I thought was good, but it became my brothers turn to show me just how he liked it. I was soon sucking hard on his bulbous cock head whilst stroking his thick shaft, and was rewarded with Corey's hot thick sticky cum flooding my mouth and throat.
    Before he left my room, he asked me if I'd show him again. As he put it "To make sure he never ever got it wrong again".
    Corey has visited my bedroom four more times in the last three weeks, with one occasion where I nearly let him fuck me. It was only because we didn't have condoms, that I didn't allow him to slip his massive cock up me from behind. He did however continue to lick and suck on my pussy and ass until I came again.
    I now what we're doing isn't strictly okay, but we're both fine with it. And as far as we're both concerned, we're going to carry on giving each other oral pleasure for as long as we both want it. Now I've bought condoms, who knows I might just ditch my boyfriend and rely soley on my younger brother to give all the sex I need.

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    Straight Female / 22

    My sister, Lori, is 8 years older than me. Its her, our 2 brothers, and then me.
    Lori always tried to be our 2nd mom - she was always very bossy and tried to make rules for us. I was never real close to her because she was so controlling.
    When I was 16, Lori started to date Mike. He was probably the first guy I had a serious crush on. I found myself laughing and giggling all the time around him. And when Lori was not around, Mike would flirt right back at me.

    One day just before I turned 17 (Mike was 27), I was home alone. My dad had taken my brothers to a baseball game, and Lori and my mom were shopping. Mike came over to see Lori, and when I told him she was not home, he said that he would just visit with me instead for awhile. It was so exciting to be alone in the house with him...omg. Somehow we got on a conversation about any boyfriends of mine, and I joked to him about how my last boyfriend was the worse kisser ever. Mike asked what I considered a good kiss, so I offered to give him a demonstration.
    That first kiss, was just in fun for me to show him what I meant. But that led to several kisses, and pretty soon we were making out on the couch. I felt so grown-up! I was a little girl making out with a man. His hands were all over me - so I went ahead and started to rub him, too. I had only let a guy see my breasts and rubbed a guy through his pants up until that point, but had never gone any farther.
    Mike kept telling me how pretty I was, and how I was so much prettier than Lori. Wow - I loved hearing that. He said he wanted to show me how turned on I made him, and soon I hear him unzipping himself. I was a virgin, and his was the first cock I had ever seen up close. And it looked scary to
    Mike had me put my hand on it, and soon I was stroking him as we kissed. He asked if I was on the pill, and I said no. Mike asked if I would still "take care of him" (I will always remember those words)
    I ended up on my knees in front of him, and he instructed me how to put his cock into my mouth, and what to do with it after that. I knew about guys ejaculating, and I thought I was ready for it when it happened, but I was not. So much of his cum went out of my mouth, onto my shirt, and onto the couch. I dont know why, but I apologized to him for making such a mess. Mike laughed and said that he would work on it with me, so it would not be that messy again. After we cleaned up, we kept kissing in the kitchen until we hear my mom and Lori pull into the garage. I felt so alive!
    That was the start of our affair.
    For the entire year when I was 17, he would sometimes pick me up at school and we would fool around in his car, or I would let him know when I was home alone. I was still not on the pill, so it was me just giving him blowjobs every time we got together. But I loved doing it - I was doing something better than my older sister was doing for her man.
    When I was just about to turn 18, my mother finally went in with me and got me on birth control.
    Mike promised to make my 18th birthday special, and he got a hotel room for us. He was my first, and he and I made love for over 2 hours that day. He kept telling me over and over how I was so much better than Lori, how my body was nicer, my tits were better - everything an 18 year old girl loved to hear. I felt so smug, but he came to our house that same night to take my sister out on a date. He was with ME first, though.

    I purposely did not go away to college, just so I could continue my affair with Mike. THere was one time where he had sex with me 6 days in a row, while still dating Lori. I loved having that secret.

    When I was 19, I introduced him to a friend of mine. I knew his ultimate fantasy was to have sex with 2 girls at the same time, and that is something my sister would never, ever do with him. Even though my friend and I did not really do much with each other, I was so happy to give him that experience. He was 29, having sex with two 19 year olds. Mike was in heaven, and I loved taking him there.

    When I was 20, he proposed to Lori. Part of me felt bad - in some ways I thought he and I would somehow end up together, even though he was 10 years older than me. But there is still a part of me that is so excited at being the "other woman" to my sister.

    They got married last year, and Lori has no idea that he spent the entire night before their wedding making love to me over and over. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and every now and then Mike and I would glance at each other and just smile. My sister has no idea that he probably loves me just as much, if not more, than he loves her.

    Thinking about them together on their honeymoon was aweful - probably the longest nights of my life. But the day after they got back, Lori went to work and Mike was due back until the following day. Since he was alone, I went to their house, and had sex with sisters new husband in her house, and in her own bed. Mike said he thought about me all the time on the honeymoon, and I am sure he did. He was VERY happy to see me.

    I know I should feel more guilt - but I dont.
    I have been having sex with my sisters husband for 6 years now - and neither of us seem to want it to end.
    My sister may be older and wiser, but Mike wants me more.
    If only she knew.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 6 years old , after having moved from Armenia to parts of Russia like Moscow around 1999 and 2000 we finally (after a long series of airplanes and trains , and bunking with strangers ) and a lot of sleepless nights or early wake up calls (for example 5am , 7am , etc at age 3 or 4 I think is how old I was .. Maybe 5 ) we finally arrived in America .. Or more specifically .. Ohio.

    W e arrived on a cold night in front of a fairly large house with a black gate I think . It turned out this was my grand aunt and uncle's home on myale parent's side of the family (I'll be saying male parent or female parent because I don't want to call them by the official names people use ... They haven't earned that). We went inside and I met them for the first time . Apparently they had two sons who were twins and two daughters . I can't remember if it was the first visit or on another visit that I first saw my 2nd cousin (one of the twins) but all I remember is he caught my attention and my interest for a second but I put it aside because I got over everything quickly as a kid .. There was too much to see and do to dwell on one thing ..

    Aft er a short amount of time and seeing him a few times ... He became the most important thing/person in my entire life . I was usually the quick moving type but he made me stop in my tracks ... He made me care and have feelings for another human being for the first time in my life it wasn't about using someone to get something or only needing someone around to provide for me (I usually played with kids but one example is a girl that had a popular toy and I hung out with her and got to play with her toys . Or the 20 something girl who wore makeup an I watched her then asked her to put some on me . And my parents sucked but since I got some necessities from them I had to tolerate them anyway not like they were going away anytime soon . )

    Anyways so I came to feel very strongly for him . I cared deeply about him . I won't use the word love because love is a disposable and overused word and doesn't come close to describing my feelings . I once looked in the living room in ohio when we got a house and I saw that he had come to visit and I think he saw me and called me over or I just went to him and he hugged me one time while carrying me and another sort of in a squatting position behind me on the ground . That was the only time I think I was every genuinely happy and my smile in those two photos were the evidence ... It was a very pure and happy legitimate smile unlike probably any picture I have ever taken .

    There were a few other times he visited or we bumped into each other when he was visiting .. But I won't dwell on those also because I don't remember too clearly . Anyways I obviously had a crush on him as a kid (I didn't realize just what a joke that is and that it went far beyond some crush ... Heck I was mostly oblivious to te fact that I was falling for him .. I knew it mostly subconsciously and somewhat consciously for a few moments when I stopped to think about it )

    My first crush in school looked like him . When I would imagine a guy in my head it looked like him but an even more defined version and maybe better looking lol. Anyways his smile and happiness to me as contagious and I loved his big smile and carefree sort of attitude . Heck even in cinderella 3 the prince I think I was attracted to him because he looked like and reminded me of my cousin .

    I think it was 2012 or so when he visited again out of the blue . When he came ... Before he even came to our room it's like I could sense that it was him that visited . Or something . He came to our room and have my sister then me a big hug . This may sound so astounding to some people but when he hugged me it was like when I was a child all over again ... I was actually happy and just feeling him made me content and its like that one moment not only made up for my life but erased every bad thing and shitty experience that haunted me because of my family mostly my male parent . It was like none of it ever happened or it was something I had dreamed up.

    Later during his visit I also realized that nothing was phasing me during his visit ... Usually my parents could kill my mood in a heartbeat just by being alive and around me but when he was here it was like he took away that power from them and it didnt exist . Anyways so I took his kids (he was married with two children when he visited) to the computer room and watched hocus pocus with them while my cousin and his wife talked to my parents .

    When my cousin and his family were leaving the backyard to go to the front yard my mom said something about how he would look better of his nose wasn't broken from that fight he got into (apparently he fights ? Not like street fighting more like boxing maybe ) anyways so I got pissed at her when she said that because I thought he looked amazing as always . Anyways when we went to the front yard ..(it's rare to never that I follow our guests outside and see them off before they leave ... I'm usually glad to see guests go) he gave me and I think my younger sister a hug before leaving . I never was jealous of his wife or anything and I'm still not . The reason I never felt anything hostile towards her for having married him is because I didn't think that it meant that he was lost to me and that I was nothing to him . For me he would always be the cousin I adored and cared about .

    Before he left he did mention the two photographs I had taken with him when I was a kid and he had hugged me and I said I still had both . I had taken them out of the album and kept them with me ... They meant a lot to me . I was looking at the photos and smiling after he left but I quickly put them away when my older sister came to the room . Later maybe months after that my female parent told me to clean out my drawer and I think she may have rearranged some things and made me lose those photos !! Ugh !! I want them back I don't care how.

    Any ways I was really into Greek mythology at school and found myself looking through animes one day also and found one called oreimo ... I read the summary and basically it was hinting at a brother and sister relationship and I acted a bit shy or flustered at first but I knew this was exactly what I wanted to watch and I realize later that both Greek mythology , oreimo , and some other stuff all related to inest so I guess all those subconscious feelings really surfaced at this point in my life . I started watching more animes with i****t theme but I only like the realistic ones not the comedic crap that uses it as some ridiculous plot device . And I couldn't stand the horror movies that made it seem like inbred children were cannibalistic deformed degenerate monsters . It's sickening to make something so beautiful look so horrible and nasty and violent .

    Anyways all this made me realize I had feelings for my cousin and really understood that to the full extent .

    There's more to this story like fantasies .

    Also what happened after I confessed to him and what situation I'm in now . I'll probably post all that later . But I also want comments or something to let me know what you guys think and if you wanna hear the rest

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    Straight Male / 49

    IN REGARDS to i****t apart from my niece and one of my male cousins i never practiced it it with anyone else,i don't think anyone would consider a godfather part of the immediate family but mine had taken advantage of my parents trust to sleep in my bed alongside me when i was very young [can't recall exact age] began with the whole rubbing and humping his small thick dick on my butt through the fabric of my underwear then gradually he'd get under the bed covers with me and pull down my underwear to touch and finger my little ass.i'd lay there beside him silently allowing him to do these things though i had no idea what he was doing,several days before he was due to leave our home he'd wait until my parents were sleeping he'd sneak a moist rag and a used up piece of soap from our nearby bathroom to use as a lubricant...his dick felt very small rubbing and sliding between the crevice of my butt and i could hear him grunt in complete joy when it easily slid inside me though it burned like a hot poker when he fucked me with that little sucker,he covered my mouth as i moaned in pain though it was only a few seconds later his thick tiny toy squirted and peed several hot drips of cum up inside of me and it was when i see him at a family funeral or wedding i often wonder how many kids or for that matter how many woman he had fucked with his useless blessings because he never married,had children and many consider him and old homosexual living in a furnished room in solitary misery.i forgive him though it was against my consent and he had betrayed the trust of my parents because one eventually learns that none of us live in a perfect cousin [chino] note; i could NEVER understand why my aunt or anyone called him chino which translated means [chinese] because he was puerto rican with light blue eyes and his skin color wase pale as a fucking ghost,when we were young we took baths together while our mothers were in the kitchen or somewhere in the house gossiping about the latest avon product or this or that bullshit celebrity they saw on tv.chino who was 11 years old and had no sexual experience contrary to me who at age 16 had fucked several black and hispanic little girls in my neighborhood practically initiated we have sex.the bathtub in his mothers apartment was big enough to fit up to four people and me and chino were in there wrestling in the nude while slipping and sliding in bubbly fred flintstone soap,naturally with all that young energy mother nature intervened when chino felt my semi-erect 6 inch thick penis caressing his virgin some point he began wiggling his little butt and backing it up daring me to poke him so i grabbed his shoulders and shoved it up inside him,he literally jumped out of the bathtub with his 4 inch little dick bouncing in the air in sexual pain while tiny drops of blood came gushing out his soft little ass...just before he managed to do so i had stroked and fucked him if only momentarily and i really wanted to go at him again crawling out of the bathtub and trying to bend him over the toilet seat but he wouldn't let me.strange to note that when chino returned from the navy years later we were at a family party and while drinking beer in my brothers room he casually exposed his penis in the presence of me,my brother and two of our other cousins and it practically hung down to his knees thick and huge at a little over 10 inches...i drank my beer gulping in private envy that mine was only 8 inches though extremely thick,we joked about what the fuck they were feeding our military boys overseas and of course chino who today is a martial arts instructer who teaches self-defense and got extremely lucky to marry a wealthy young american woman doesn't regret our bathroom incident years ago...when i turned 17 all those years ago i met and fell in love with a young 15 year old hispanic girl and though i got her pregnant and i love my two daughters and son i had with her in our 11 year relationship the warning signs were evident this bitch was no fucking angel.she wasn't a virgin when i met her and practically would have had sex with all the men in her family beginning when she was only 10 years old her 19 year old brother would push it up her pussy while they played hide and seek underneath his bed,years later [after my divorce] he confirmed this to the entire family after she deliberately broke up his marriage telling me that after they had sex she would take her dirty panties and shoved them down the crotch of his pants as her way of telling him he was her boyfriend.they fucked everywhere they could until she turned 12 and got bored with him and began to mysteriously visit one of her uncles who lived across the hall,my ex-wife never liked anal sex and told me one of her uncles r**ed her taking her virginity and shoving his dick up her ass...her brother told me she must have lied because she kept visiting him and never told anyone,there were other sex issues with yet another uncle and the shit that pissed me off was that had she just told me the truth i would have understood.strangely i often still have sex fantasies visualizing her getting fucked by her brothers and uncles and we've been divorced for over 30 years...did i truly love her NO not in the way i fell in love with my niece,my sister had met and married her husband when she was only 14 years old and he was 21 and having enlisted in the army he was based in panama taking her with him...though legal charges could have ended his career my mother chose not to pursue the issue,i had seen the photos of her two young sons but my sister kept my niece a surprise until they all returned to the niece was only 8 years old and her entire beauty couldn't be compared to all the young girls and woman i had ever known or been with,i was 29 years old and single when i met her in a family get together.i can't begin to describe what it is about uncles and nieces that in some countries it's considered a strange phenomenon in regards to sexual attraction and even love in some case's but there was this instant attachment we shared and perhaps one or two of our family members sensed it because we took every opportunity to dance,hug and talk as if no one else was as if we needed to just tell each other everything and decide where all this craziness was going,i would be lying if i said i didn't want her sexually because despite her young age my niece was gifted with huge breast and round full ass...i'm not sure to this very day if my sister and her husband understood the effect me and my niece had for each other but allowed me to visit often,i'd take her out for long walks though my nephews preferred staying home to play nintendo and of course there was no need to hold back because of our age difference since we made sure to be discreet when we tongued kissed in what became our favorite hiding place between the stairs on tenth and eleventh floors of the housing project where she lived though i would have preferred to take her home for the weekend...naturally alone with her it wasn't long before my tongue was pushed up in her plumped little pussy and i was tasting her female juices,she moaned and purred like a little cat and loved when i gently bit her hard nipples and the back of her earlobes...she soon learned how to perform oral sex on me as well but was only able lick and suck because my dick was too big and naturally sexual intercourse would have been to painful,common sense dictated that i couldn't have her and she had many years ahead of her to live and experience life but the damndest things have a way of just happening when i stopped niece up until the age of thirteen became a problem in her home and school fighting with her brothers,disrespecting my sister and even taking things to the extreme by pointing a loaded gun on her father who is with the police dept...right before they bought a house in new jersey my niece tried to commit suicide and was medically housed in a psychiatric ward for 21 days,i began drinking often and no matter who was my sexual mate,girlfriend or one night lover i couldn't get my niece off my mind...i'd close my eyes when i was fucking some girl and pretend it was my niece,masturbate to her photos and get butterflies in my stomach just thinking of was love,it was sexual lust and it was crazy...right before she was released from the hospital i drove down to see her with my mother and one of my brothers and she literally flew into my arms whispering in my ear I LOVE YOU and that shit just broke me...i didn't care right then to tell everyone how i also felt about my niece at the risk that her father would arrest me or let his anger lead to killing me but my niece told me not to do it.strangely she actually began behaving and doing very well in school and at home,by the time she was 16 years old she began dating and though it killed me to know it i understood and she would never e-mail me photos of them just her in her prom,parties and hanging out in the jersey piers with her friends...i had also tried moving on with my life having met liliana a young lady from my neighborhood when one day in early 2014 i received a call from my niece who surprised me by saying she was downstairs,she wasn't two seconds inside my apartment when i pushed her up against the wall between my kitchen and living room to tongue kiss the fuck out of her...we were breathing heavily into each others ears practically tearing our cloths off and clinging to each other for support,though i wasn't sure she was still a virgin or not i carried her into my bedroom where she knelt on my bed and pushed her ass and fat moist pussy back at me...i came up behind her and slowly pushed into her savoring every moment to feel her hot pussy taking my 8 inch thick dick up inside her but getting it in her made my niece cry out in pain and i was only 4 inches deep...though she wasn't a virgin my niece had a tight pussy and though i understood that she had every right to engage in sexual relations with others i felt jealous and angry because i loved her with a selfishness to want and desire her all for myself.i thought back to those lost years when she was a little girl humping and pushing her plumped fat little pussy on my dick and all i could do is push my tongue and fingers up inside her...just as she tried to stop me from going past 4 inches deep inside her i shoved with brutal force into her locking her shoulders down on my bed as she gasped in sexual pain,i fucked my niece hard and with every intent that she always remember me regardless who she chose to be her sexual mate in the future...her pussy pulsed four times gripping my dick in a tight vice which hurt me as well and though she orgasmed i kept going at her late into the night achieving three orgasms before we dropped exhausted and mixed in each others sweat.though she was in tears from the sexual pain and i was too tired to be angry we lay side by side kissing and caressing each she's 18 years old and is engaged to be married and we both understand a universal truth which is you can't have everything you want or love because destiny is not in your favor...based on true events....THE END

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