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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    August 28 shit got real. My mother will probably never speak to me again. I had come to visit family for the weekend before I commit heavily to college. My mother had gone out to do wine tasting and enjoy cheese with her girl friends. I was pleasuring my step-father like I had many of times growing up since I was going to be away awhile and my mother is a prude in the sex department. Wouldn't you know, my mother forgets her purse and walks right in on me deepthroating my dads horse dick with two fingers deep in his firm sculpted ass and two fingers in me both naked in the living room. This woman went postal at first sight like it was a surprise my father needed some pleasure and sought it after she forced him in to a long hiatus without. Selfish bitch if you ask me. I know it pissed her off more as my dad try to escape what was happening and I grabbed his hips and held his dick in my throat. He tried for a moment to pull out of my mouth but he let out a deep grunting moan as he blew his load inside me. Lol. Sorry mom, shouldn't have been such a bitch to a man with suck a great dick.
    I won't be going back there, but he will come visit me. ;)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    So here's the nasty truth about my family. My brother who's a year younger than me and I have been homeschooled forever and live in a strict household. We live far the fuck away from anything in a ungodly large home. We have a beautiful maid from Ethiopia. Our parents our international business reps who do well but are totally fucked. We are the children that were an accident. They make money, travel, and when they're both home they fuck like wild animals, including our nympho maid and occasionally hold swinger parties. My brother and I obviously don't have the same father, probably do to our parents lifestyle. We don't get out much, and do to be cast out by our parents we are each other's best friends. We do everything together and pretty much raised ourselves with the help of our lovely but dirty maid who does most of our homeschooling education.
    This house is huge, scary huge and very lonely. For the most part my brother and I share a room because it's so lonely and empty in all this space. Many of times growing up over the years my brother and I have often shared the same bed falling asleep together, innocently. We usually hide away together during our parents erotic parties.
    Well about two years ago when I was 16, things changed a bit. My brother and I were spooned up together in bed during one of our parents orgies watching TV trying to drown the sound of sex out when my lil brother happened across a dirty adult channel. Out of my own surprise I told my brother to stay on this channel, and we watched quitely as a man began to seduce a woman and eat out her pussy. I felt a warmth come over me and my heart began to pound. My brother must of felt the same way because I could feel him get a rather strong erection against my bottom. All he had on were some gym shorts and I was laying there in boy shorts and sports bra. I could feel his penis growing thick and heating up and flinching against me. I don't know why to this day I did it, but I pressed and rubbed my bottom against his vieny Boner and accidently made it slip out of his shorts. I could feel his bare penis against my butt and I started to breathe harder and my boy shorts became very wet. I couldn't help myself, I rubbed my bottom more against his cock, and I could feel his body heating up against mine. He began to press back! My God forgive me for what I did, but I let my 36c breasts out of my bra and move my brothers hands to them, which he began to rub slow and squeeze gently. My brother and I had never lost our virginity and were for the most part clueless except what we had spied on a few times during our parents orgies. I whispered to my brother asking if he would do what the guy in the video would. He very softly whispered back saying just, "yes". With that I took off my boy shorts and he slowly move down, and began running his tongue between my lips. He said I tasted sweet and nothing more. He lick me like a melting ice cream in the summer and I couldn't hold back the moan. The man in the video pushed himself inside the woman and she mildly screamed, my brother looked at me for approval to which I grabbed his hips and brought him in. My brother for the first time ever was exposed in all his glory. I only later found this out after measuring him that he was just over nine and a half inches. At the time he was gentle, nervous but carefully place his tip between my lips. I kissed him on the lips and whispered for him to push. Without hesitstion he began to slowly maneuver into me. It was so terribly painful at first but I pulled my brother the rest of the way into me. We paused, both scared and excited, and I could feel his vieny hard cock flick inside me, and I knew he wanted more. He began to pull out slowly when I grabbed his hips pulling him harder into me. He quitely said we shouldn't be doing this. I couldn't let him go now. I kissed him passionately and moved my hips whatever way I could to keep him inside of me. He pulled out, his wide tip still against my lips, and glanced at me a moment, then he changed. He was a new man. He pushed deep into me, it was so painfully pleasuring. I began to cry and moan at the same time and he began to rhythmically stroke in and out. We kissed heavily. Pausing only to look into each other eyes or at him penetrating me. It looks as if he would turn me inside out but we didn't care. He began to stroke faster and hard and I could stop what felt like convulsions through my body, he drove hard into me grunting loudly and I felt like I was going to scream and then I felt a rush of hot fluid from him spraying into me and I grabbed the pillow and screamed into it. My body tightened furious around his cock, my muscles felt like electricity, it felt like nothing could pull us apart. Then he slowly pulled out of me, his penis going soft, his ejaculation dripping from my lips.
    We spooned again, but now as lovers. We had become just as bad as our parents.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    I was 10 when my father popped my cherry, and 12 when he got me pregnant. That was what got him thrown in prison. My son/brother was given to my oldest brother, who was already married, to raise. He moved out of state, and I only got to see my son "Jimmy" on holidays, and even then he thought I was his aunt.

    One Easter when he was 10 "Jimmy" was trying to look down my top and up my skirt. I flirted with him, we felt each other up, and we exchanged addys. After he went home, we began a cyber-realationship that quickly became heavily sexualized, inclusing nude pics and phone-sex late at night. So next July 4th when the families got together again, we found excuses to be alone and we got hot and heavy and I took his virginity in his family's RV. When that vacation was over, we were very reluctant to part again. I know he was my son and brother and thought I was his aunt, but I literally ached for him.

    Two weeks later I got a phone call - "Jimmy" had run away from home. I drove a hundred-plus miles to the bus station where he had ended up and took him home.I discovered I really had no self-control that night, as I was sucking his cock in my car in the parking lot of the bus station and I let him finger me and get me off in the booth of the IHOP where we got breakfast.

    "Jimmy&qu ot; stayed at my place a week before I called his parents. In that time he used my body every way possible, more than our father ever did. It was glorious. when he went back to my brother's home, we were both heartbroken that it was over.

    Our cyber-sexing and torrid stolen moments during vacations continued. Thanksgiving (a 3-day visit) and Christmas a whole week) were the best times, as we could get the most time together. Our relationship became more romantic, too, as well as sexual. Some of my family noticed and joked about it, but only the ones who didn't know who "Jimmy's" real father was.

    I got pregnant the second Valentine's Day of our relationship - silly of me to visit on Valentine's Day, but I craved him so much. And when I told the family that it was "Some Guy" who knocked me up, my brother and mother figured it out almost immediately. There was yelling, there were tears - and there was "Jimmy" all ready to tear his adoptive father a new one and calling me "his woman", he was so noble and cute. In the end, it was decided that it would be better if "Jimmy" went home with me, as he was becoming a discipline problem.

    I didn't find him a discipline problem, in fact he was the sweetest fellow in the world. He helped around the house, he did his schoolwork, and of course he fucked me blind. Our first son was born that November, and the twins were born next December. And for all their official disapproval, my brother and my mother certainly doted on those grandkids.

    Althoug h my brother was so disapproving of me giving birth to my own grandkids and he absolutely hated our father, when his bitch of a wife left him he had no reluctance in letting me comfort him with my mouth and ass. In fact his dick seemed to love the idea. A dozen years later had an affair with my daughter, who as also his niece and grandniece and by adoption his own granddaughter - fucking hypocrite. I guess in his mind family fucking is alright after some arbitrary age.

    After he got out of school and we moved I was able to fake "Jimmy" being my live-in boyfriend. we had a number of kids then, and my oldest "James" was sniffing around girls. It was "Jimmy's" idea I "train him up", and "Jimmy's" idea I take fertility drugs and time my lessons with him. So I ended up being a great-grandmother before I was 35.

    "Jimmy" had us get a place out in the country, where we and all the kids could relax. It was also his idea to home-school all the kids. It's great. Some days it's just me and "Jimmy" as romantic as we were when we were younger, other days all the boys get their urges and I can't even get dressed until after sunset. We not only have our own kids and grandkids, some of the kids have their own husbands and wives (not legally married but the same thing).

    The only bad thing is the police constantly snooping, and some of the neighbors calling us a "cult". which is ridiculous. It's not our fault that things worked out the way they did. And if we were, I've fulfilled the commandment to "be fruitful and multiply" and we'd be no more sinful than Noah's family or Adam and Eve or Lot and his daughters. And we're not even all related! Little Cissi has a black common-law husband who lives with us, and two of my younger kids have married Mexican girls! So we're not at all like that Australian bunch.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    In a few minutes time my husband will getting home from work. He'll be taking his father home as he's been staying with us for a while. It will give me chance when they leave to have shower and to ease my sore asshole. As a parting gift, my father in law Larry, has left me with an ass full of his cum. He and I fucked again this afternoon as we have had the previous four days he's been here. It's the first time I've allowed him to fuck my ass though as his cock is so big. He wanted to fuck me without a condom, so I gave him my ass to use and abuse. And boy did he use and abuse it. I'm sore as hell right now, but hopefully next month when he stays I'll get used to him and his huge cock up my ass. We'll see.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I'm just one of the many lucky girls out there that have a mutual father daughter secret crush.
    We act normal but when we're alone I'm constantly with my mouth on his excellent cock note of we have time which we rarely do we get amped up and really forget who we are if you know what I mean

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    Well I was 16 the first time I fucked my stepmother Claudia, She got home drunk from a party nd I helped her to her room. She said I was really sweet nd gave me a kiss. Later that day I heard someone Moaning so I went to go check it out nd walked in on her Masturbating. She said its been a wile since anyone's fucked her. I apologize for walking in on her nd started walking away when she said wait. I asked what is it nd she said stay here. So I sat down next to her nd she asked if I ever had sex before. I was shy so I told her no. She said would you like to Fuck me? I was shocked by what she said. I said okay then but I don't have condoms. She replied its okay you can fuck me Raw. she took her clothes off and said I want you inside me! She pulled my shorts down and we started fucking. I can't believe I was fucking my stepmom, her pussy felt so amazing. I kept pounding harder until she moaned im Cumming nd squirted all over my dick. I didn't stop I kept thrusting faster nd she said I want you to cum inside me. She wrapped her legs around me so i wouldn't pull out. I nutted in her ndv watched my cum drip down her clit. then she went down grabbed my dick nd began sucking my dick. She looked at me nd asked, you like that. I replied don't stop, it felt so amazing the way she swallowed my whole dick. I didn't know she could give some bomb Head. I said my turn to suck your wet pussy. I laid her down nd spread her legs open wide. I started fingering and licking her clit. She moaned faster and shoved my whole head between her legs. I ate her pussy out until she squirted nd I began licking her clean. Then she said do you feel weird that we fucked. I said no I love the way we fuck. Then she got in the showers nd said come an join me
    Baby. She said don't be shy. I began scrubbing her breast nd worked my way down to clean her pussy. Then she grabbed my dick nd said I like my dick nice nd clean. She looked so sexy Naked I couldn't help grabbing her breast nd rubbing my dick against her ass. She giggled and said fuck me already baby Boy. So I bend her over nd started pounding her pussy. She moaned faster babe as I slap her Ass! After we fucked I told her she was amazing, nd instead of masturbating she can always fuck Me. She smiled nd said Okay then Baby boy. Then next day she came in my room wile I was sleeping, I woke up to my stepmother giving me a bj. I looked at her nd said I love when you suck my dick. Then we started fucking nd she moaned fuck my pussy babe! After I said babe can I fuck you in the ass, she said okay but be gentle. So I slid my dick in slowly and she said your the first one to fuck me in the ass. I slowly shoved the rest of my dick in as she moaned. It felt so good every time my dick slid in an out. She screamed
    there babe it hurts,so I pulled out. I love that my stepmother is a freak she lets me fuck her anywhere nd anytime. As I got older we became more sexual active, we would fuck 6 or 7 times a day. Ill never forget the day she let me lick her ass whole. We had just got out the showers nd I asked her if can put my face in her ass n she said yes. I left hickeys on her left but cheek. She said babe let me show you how much I love you nd she began to swallow my whole dick, she said I don't want to be your stepmother I want to be the wife who fucks you every day nd suck your dick when ever you want! So we talked about it nd turns out I got my stepmom pregnant. we have two kids nd Still fuck like crazy, im glad I fucked her she kept her word about always sucking my dick.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Round at my aunts home recently, I noticed a used pair of her panties which had dropped out of the wash basket she was carrying. I was about to shout her back and give them back to her when I noticed a stained patch on the crotch area. Putting them to my nose, I sniffed in and became instantly erect. Her pussy smell was all over the crotch area and she smelled amazingly horny.
    Stuffing them in my shorts pocket, I asked her if I could use their snug to watch a movie. As usual my auntie who's only in her mid thrities and very good looking, said of course.
    Taking out the panties, I also released my cock and began to stroke it as I sniffed the crotch area of her silky pants. Almost at the point of cumming, I noticed movement to my right and turned to see my aunt stood in the doorway watching me masturbate. It was too late, I came all over my stomach with her panties still covering my nose and lower face.
    My aunt just smiled a huge smile, walked over to me and took her panties. Just before she turned to exit, she bent down took my softening cock into her hand and milked the last of my cum from my cock. Wiping up the goo from cock with her panties, it was her turn to sniff them, only she licked the area where my cum had gotten.
    Walking out fo the snug, my auntie didn't turn round as she said "Might have to have that for real next time".
    Next week I'm visiting her again, as my parents are going out of town for a few days. They've asked if I could stay over and I overheard her telling my mom "Sure he can stay, he loves being in my snug". I knew what she meant and so did she.
    Now I'm wondering if I should see if my aunt is up for some fun. Because I know for sure, given the chance, I'd love to fuck her sweet smelling pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    To start, I don't hate my sister or what she is.

    When I was 16 I found the truth about my older sister who had been in college for a year at this point.
    We'd always lived together, but personal space was a definite. Never shared the same room, a bathroom at the same time, she never played sports, rarely ever swam, odd yes. Especially for having the incredible body she does.
    During the summer my sister had caught me playing with myself, I was trying things out, didn't know a lot. Since she had caught me and she was older and in college I figured she knew a thing or two and asked her questions that she constantly avoided. To which she ended up getting frustrated and telling me that she was different than most girls and she didn't have advice for me in the sexual grounds. Of course me being the annoying sister wanting clarification, kept poking and prodding, asking if she ever used toys and such which obviously upset her. We ended up in a stupid argument because to what I found out that my parents had always pressured her to hide her "medical condition".
    From the fight my sister ended up giving up and said that only I could know being her sister that she didn't have what I have, she had a penis. Initially I thought she was making up a story to bullshit me, but when she showed me and started to cry I knew it then that she had been living a fucked up life. Our parents wanted her to choose when she grew up her gender. She resembled a beautiful woman all around but had male genitials. She had never had sex and a lot of her life she lived carefully to make sure no one ever found out. She was to scared to ever do the surgery to correct her situation.
    It became a severely heart felt moment and being a step sister I had no shame in the coming time to give my sister something neither of use had truly got to do. This event brought us much closer together and I was fascinated by my sister at this point and made it my point to lose my virginty and take my sisters in the same go.
    It couldn't have been a month later when I seduced my sister and aroused her to where she stood fully erect with an actually impressive cock. I sucked on her member, as she shock nervously and shortly made her cum. After sometime we made an effort to go again, this time she took control timidly and carefully pushing herself between my legs. The situation, her cock inside me, absolutely life changing. We made love and lost our V-cards together. Now we live together, go to college together, make love together, share a bed. She has reconsidered surgery to make her a normal woman, but when we have sex she dumps that idea. We haven't told our families or friends, and now with us wanting to get married we don't know what to do, except keep loving each other as we do.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    I have had sex with more of my son's friends from school than I can remember off the top of my head. There have been at least 10, probably more, and I have been sure that each of them has been 18 or older.

    My son knows about it and when he first found out he was very upset which is understandable. I did not blame him for being angry, especially when he walked in on me sucking his best friend's cock.

    When he had finally calmed down I sat down with him to talk about it and to convince him not to tell anyone.

    I was schocked when he was the one to request sexual favors in return for his silence. I was very reluctant but he was very persuasive.

    I gave him the first blowjob right there in the living room. I squatted between his knees as he leaned back on the couch. At first, I felt like a first timer again as I was so worried knowing how wrong it was to do this with my son. But gradually, it became easier and I became very excited, especially with his well endowed manhood.

    He didn't last long in my experienced mouth. He blew a very good, suprisingly large load of semen into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

    Later that night we sat down again to discuss how we felt about having i****t with each other. Both of us were honestly excited. We didn't hesitate to continue our new relationship.

    That night and many nights since then we have shared the same bed. And it has been the most amazing experience.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    Times are tight and I have had to move in with my Son's family my wife left me a year ago and cleaned me out. My Grandaugther is about 16 and very well built, she loves to go out places with me I though we were friends nothing more.
    The other night she came into my room after I was asleep she sat on the bed and began uncovering me I only had on a long tee shirt she woke me, but I just laid there to see what she was up to. She slid my shirt exposing my penis she took it in her hand and began playing with it I keep my eyes closed so she would think that I was asleep. It didn't take long before I started getting hard she keep rubbing it it felt so good I had not had any female contact in over a year and knew that my cock would exployed if she keep playing so I turned over and she left.
    The next night she came back and started doing the same thing I couldn't stop her this time and I came like a volcano and I heard her say that went all over my face then she got up and left.
    Last night she came in again and began rubbing my cock when it got hard she put it in her mouth and I just had to open my eyes she was sucking my cock like it had never be sucked before I told her that I was going to come, she stopped for just a minute and said good give me your best shot and I did it was the best blowjob I have ever had.
    This morning my Son told me I had over stayed my welcome and I should leave this weekend.
    I wonder if they know what their Daughter has been doing?

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