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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    Clearing out my nans bungalow with my mum a few weeks ago, the week after her funeral. I discovered a load of computer discs. All of them had titles on them and the titles weren't going to impress my mother. Putting them to side, I made sure my mum wouldn't get to them. When it was time to go home, I grabbed the discs and put them inside my jacket.
    Up in my bedroom, I opened my lap top, put in a disc labeled "Taking it anally" and sat back.
    The screen opened up with my granddad who died five years ago, walking into their old bedroom at a house they had, and he was naked. He was closely followed by a younger man and then my nan who was also naked. Over the next twenty minutes, I watched my grandparents having all kinds sex with the man and then watched him get under my nan. She squatted down onto him, telling my granddad it felt so good to have his cock up her bum. No sooner than she'd said it, my granddad got behind her and from the angle it was filmed at, I presumed he slid his penis into my nans backside as well. She moaned and groaned until throwing her head back, nearly butting her husband, she screamed out her orgasm. Not too much longer afterwards, both my granddad and the man came up my nans bum.
    The video ended moments later and I sat there numb. It didn't stop me putting in another disc though. This one titled "Everyone welcome". The date told me it was after my granddad had passed away. But it still included him in a way. My naked nan was in a room I didn't recognise and in the corner was a large photo of my granddad held on a painters easel.
    Right from the first minute the film showed my nan sucking on various men's cocks, all younger men. And then after getting each on erect, she had everyone of them fuck her in various positions. All the time refering to my granddad and how much he would have enjoyed the days sex.
    In total there was fifteen discs, all showing my nan having sex with different men. Each of the men were younger than my nan and some I recognized from her funeral. The youngest being around thirty ish. The last one I watched was the latest dated disc. It was dated only three weeks before she died. It was filmed in her bedroom and had only one man in the bedroom with her. He was the young guy I'd seen at her funeral. They had all kinds off sex and I had to have a retake when I first saw the size of his cock. My boyfriend has a large cock, but this guy was much bigger from what I could tell. It was also the longest of the films at just over an hour in length. And in that hour, my nan took that younger mans cock in every way you can think of. Finishing with him pounding her from behind up her bum, until she was shaking with the orgasm which I imagine was thrilling her.
    I've watched that one again. Not for titillation per say, but to see the joy on my nans face when she cums.
    Over the last few weeks I've considered telling my mum about them, but have decided to keep my nans private film collection secret. I had to tell someone though, that's why I'm confessing here. In a couple of days I'm going to destroy them, when my mother goes to visit her sister.
    You always think you know everything there is to know about your family. It just shows you, or me anyway, you never completely know someone fully.
    One last thing.....Good for you nan, hope you're smiling down and having the last laugh, a sexual one probably.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Between Christmas and New Year, I discovered my naked thirty eight year old step mom Lisa on her and my dads bed. She was masturbating, rubbing her pussy and clit real fast, and at the same time she was sniffing the crotch area of a pair of my panties.
    I didn't let Lisa know I'd seen her, but watched as she brought herself to an orgasm. When she came, Lisa said my name out loud and moaned again as another wave of orgasm hit her. Walking back into my bedroom, I tried to deal with what I'd just seen and heard. Should I tell my dad, or because of how I felt sexually, should I let her know I'd seen her. That's because as I watched her stroking her clitty, I became incredibly turned on.
    Lay on my bed with the memory of my step moms pussy, I put a hand inside my panties and rubbed in between my pussy lips. Once I'd become wet enough, I slipped two fingers of one hand into my pussy and rubbed my clit with the other hand. Still thinking of Lisa and her beautiful looking pussy, I came hard.
    The following day I spoke to her when my dad went to play golf, about men and sex as if to get some advice. During our conversation I asked her if she'd ever thought of girls ina sexual way. I expected her to cover up for what I'd discovered by telling me she was straight, but instead Lisa told me before she left college, she'd had a ten month lesbian relationship with another student, even though she had a boyfriend. She went on to say, she'd not had sex with another female since.
    All throughout her statement, I couldn't help but imagine her tonguing another girls pussy and knowing what her pussy looked like, having hers licked too. Still I didn't let on I knew about her using my panties to masturbate. Instead I placed the pair I'd had on during the time I'd masturbated the day before, on top of the wash basket. Sure enough later that day they were gone, and I heard sounds coming from their bedroom of her playing with herself.
    Over the next few weeks, if I wasn't having sex with my boyfriend, I found myself playing with my pussy and imagining it was Lisa's tongue that was making me cum. It became so strong a thought, I'd cum far harder and for much longer, than I would with my boyfriend fucking me.
    Last week I'd not been feeling too well, so I came home from college early. My dad was at work, but Lisa's car was on the drive. Expecting to find her having lunch, I clearly heard sounds of her having sex. Determined to know what she was doing as I distinctly heard her say "Oh yeh baby fuck me", possibly fucking another man, I climbed the stairs and looked straight into their bedroom. The door was wide open, as was my step moms legs and she was fucking herself with a dildo. Again Lisa was using a pair of my already worn panties, sniffing the crotch area and again she saying my name out loud.
    Only this time I didn't hide myself, I stood in plain sight, lifted my short skirt and took off my panties. Tucking the hem of my skirt into the waist band. I lifted my right leg, put my left hand down to my pussy and began to masturbate. I'd been playing with myself for about two or three minutes watching Lisa fuck herself, when she looked up at me. The moment she did I threw my panties at her and immediately orgasmed.
    The look between us was one of pure lust. Yet Lisa still covered herself, after she'd tossed the dildo aside and apologized. No matter what I said about loving watching her masturbate, she wouldn't stop apologizing. It took me to walk over to my step mom, put my lips to hers and kiss her passionately, to stop her from saying sorry.
    After a few seconds of kissing Lisa, she responded and we found ourselves kissing with lustful intent. I'd put my hand down to her pussy and had begun to slide my fingers between her labia's when her phone rang, with my fathers ring tone. It startled us both and the moment was gone.
    I knew she'd masturbated to my scent again and she knew I'd cum strongly from watching her fuck herself, yet my step mom wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the day. The following evening as we prepared our meal, I got myself ready when my father went upstairs, and asked Lisa if she wanted to taste and smell my pussy for real. She looked at me with what I knew was a sexual need, and said "I'm married to your father honey". We both knew it was a cop out and we both knew if he hadn't have rang the previous day, we'd have had sex.
    Now I'm left with the overwhelming desire to have sex with Lisa. I know she's married to my dad and it would be technically cheating, but I also know it would be something very special between us and I also know we'd keep it very much just between us. I just need a way to convince Lisa of that.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    We had a family dinner at moms house last Sunday. When the kids were out of the house my sister and her husband me and my wife were talking with mom. My sister joked about getting mom a vibrator to take care of sexual stress.
    Mom got so pissed she left the room for a while. She came back and immediately chanced the subject. my sister felt horrible but calmed later.

    On the drive home I thought about that, and knew why mom got so pissed. I had a lot of space rocket models and things about space in my room. I had a missing rocket model and ask mom if she knew where it was? She did not and said it must have been one of my cousins who took it.

    Weeks later I woke up early and went to the bathroom. I heard mom moaning and looked in her room when I passed, I could see her arched up under the covers and her masturbating. I stood there to the side and let her finish before I started in the bathroom. She finished and I saw her put something under the bed and roll on her side. I closed my bedroom door and walked by her door way and into the bathroom.

    When I walked out she told me good morning in a very calm relaxed tone.

    She got up to fix me breakfast while i got dressed for school. I checked in her room under her bed and there was my rocket with a condom on it. Mom had taken it and used it to masturbate her self. I smelled it and could smell a scent that was not the condom or rocket, it was her juice smell I guessed.

    I never saw that rocket again, but I did head mom moaning a few other times. I guess she found a place to hide it. I guess that is why she did not want a sex toy, she had the one she liked.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    10 years ago my family all went to Las Vegas for a week. My Aunt and Uncle`s were all there and we had great rooms in a very nice Hotel. I was 17 horny as hell out in Vegas looking at all those hot ass women out there and couldn`t get with any of them so I jacked off several times a day. My Mom and Dads room was next to one of My Aunt and Uncles room and since they all liked to drink together they had rooms that were connected by a door between them which was locked except for when they were up late drinking.
    Everyone had gone down to eat breakfast but I stayed behind to jack off in the shower like every morning and really wanted a pair of my sexy Aunts panties to jack off with and sniff the crotch while I got off. I took a chance and checked the door between the rooms and when the handle turned I knew it was my lucky day. I just didn`t know how lucky I was going to be until I stepped in to the room quietly and saw my hot ass sexy Aunt laying on the bed naked legs spread wide big tits sticking up in the air with this huge blue fake dick in her pussy moaning as her fingers worked on her clit like crazy.
    All I had on was a baggy pair of gym shorts and her eyes were closed and she was moaning so loud she never knew I was there so I took my shorts down and started to jack off my bigger than average dick watching my Aunt fuck this big dildo and play with he self. Things got out of control for me and I kept getting closer and closer to the bed and she never opened her eyes and when she started to squirt like crazy with every inch of the dildo in her pussy I could hold back and shot my load and most of it landed on her big tits and her eyes came open and she wanted to scream but didn`t want any one to hear her so she just froze looking at me trying to reach for the covers but I was holding on to them so she couldn`t cover up and the dildo was still in her bald pussy and since I had already seen her doing her thing ad I knew what ever happened she wasn`t going to tell so I reached between her legs and started using the dildo on her and she looked scared to death and couldn`t speak as I started to fuck her with the dildo and stroke my cock.
    In a few minutes she threw caution to the wind and grabbed my cock and started stroking it and drug me up on the bed with her and started to suck my dick while I was on my knees and her other hand was between my legs playing with my ass and before long she had my cock balls deep in her mouth sucking me good playing with my nuts and rubbing a finger on my asshole and I was just about to blow the back out of her head with a huge load of cum and didn`t even want her to stop sucking my dick. I grabbed her head and forced it down on my cock and while looking at this hot ass sexy woman with long dark hair and pretty blue eyes I stuck my cock balls deep in her hot mouth and started to cum. I think she knew I was going to but really wasn`t sure but I could tell it wasn`t the first big load she had every swallowed and in the heat of the moment she stuck her finger up my ass and that just made me cum even more and I shoved the dildo up her juicy c**t until it went out of sight and she squirted all over the bed again.
    For the next hour or so I don`t really remember what happened but I know my Aunt licked my asshole we had a great 69 and I fucked her and she let me fuck her pussy then told me to take it out as she rolled over spread her ass cheeks and exposed her hot looking asshole and told me to stick my dick in her ass and cum inside of her. I was surprised she took my dick in her ass so easy but she knew just what she wanted and once my cock was buried in her ass she started telling me to fuck her and cum in her ass.
    Man I never came that much in my life and it was so good that I came again in no time at all and shot two nice loads up my Aunts asshole. When my dick came out of her asshole she said "Oh my !" and raised up and shoved a towel under her ass to catcth my cum that was running out of her as. She used the other end of the towel to wipe my dick off then pulled me over the top of her and pulled me up on her until my dick was in her mouth an I leaned out over her holding on to th head board fucking her mouth and later listened to her gag on my dick as it went in her throat then kick her legs gagging some more as my cum went down her throat and her finger went up my ass again.
    The best part of all this is the rest of the week we were together every minute running all over Vegas and no one had a clue I was fucking her and keeping her pussy and asshole full of cum not to mention the cum she swallowed.
    After that vacation I got a call every time my Uncle went out of town. I never knew my sexy Aunt was such a nasty little hot bitch but I am sure glad she calls me when she wants to get nasty. I love fucking her ass and having hot dirty nasty sex with my slut Aunt.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    I just can't seem to stop thinking about my wife's 18 year old sister. Every time I fuck my wife I'm imagining I'm fucking her sweet little sisters pussy and asshole. I masturbate to the thought of her all the time. On several occasions when at my in law's house I would act as if I needed to use the bathroom but always use the one she bathed in. I would pull her used panties out of the hamper and smell them as I would stroke my hard cock. Sometimes I would wrap them around my cock and fuck them until I came right in them and then put them back without her ever finding out. It has gotten so bad that sometimes I can't cum when with my wife unless I'm imagining her sister. She has the perfect little body, size zero, cute little A cup tits, round little ass. I just wish I could fuck her, eat her sweet pussy and have her suck my cock until I cum down her throat. But I am afraid this will always be a fantasy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    About six months ago I had sex with my mother-in-law. I've always gotten along really well with her. She likes me a lot, and I find her to be very attractive. She's no super model, but there's just something about her that I really like. She has a pretty face and a fairly decent body. To be honest she could probably lose a few pounds, but all things considered, she is very doable.

    We were at a family party, my mother-in-law's younger sister was celebrating her birthday. A couple of hours into the party, my mother-in-law said that she needed to go back to her home to get something. Since our car was the last one at the end of the driveway, I offered to take her. It was only a half hour drive. No big deal.

    As we drove, I kept on looking at my mother-in-law's legs. She was wearing a light summer dress that showed quite a bit of skin, and I had already had a few drinks, so I couldn't help myself. She must have noticed, because she pulled the hem of her dress down a bit and teased me by saying that I should keep my eyes on the road or we'd get into an accident. We both laughed, but you could feel the sexual tension between the two of us.

    When we got to her house the two of us ended up in her bedroom. She needed to get something from the top shelf of her closet, and asked me to help her get it. Inside that small space our bodies pressed together, and before you you know it we're in each other's arms kissing like two teenagers. She starts grabbing at my crotch and I respond by squeezing her ass.

    The next thing I know were both on her bed, naked, and I'm fucking my wife's mom. She was like an animal, her legs spread apart as far as they would go and she's telling me to fuck her as hard as I can. It wasn't long before I tell her that I'm ready to cum, but she refuses to let me go, and I end up dumping my whole load inside of her.

    We stayed together for a few minutes, my hard cock still buried deep inside of her, and "then" I start to worry about what I just did. My mother-in-law though, she seems perfectly happy about what just happened. She shoves her tongue down my throat, thanks me for making her feel like a "real" woman again, and tells me that everything will be fine. Her husband and my wife will never find out that we had sex.

    We cleaned up and got back to the party nearly two hours later. No one really questioned us about how long we were gone. I told my wife that I drove slow so no cops would pull me over, and she believed me. She also said that she was very happy that I got along so well with her mother.

    The next day my mother-in-law sent a naked picture of herself to my phone, but I erased it as soon as I saw it. I admit that sometimes I'm sorry that I did. We have been able to talk about what happened a couple of times. She wants to do it again. I tell her that we shouldn't, but deep down inside I know that I'd love to have another go with her too.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    I grew up in Britain, with a single alcoholic mother who introduced me to "wanking" at a very young age! She insisted on bathing me, and paid particular attention to my 'goodies' with the result I got erections from the age of ten! Her temper was pretty hot when she'd been drinking, and I learned quickly to cooperate or be shut in a small closet for a whole day, crammed among all her coats, in stifling blackness, until asked if I was ready for another 'wank' to which I confessed hastily. It was incredibly intense, and after long spells of it, I would be driven to writhe, and even fend off her clever fingers, to her anger. So I discovered being tied up, so I couldn't interfere with her obsessive caresses. I began to enjoy this particularly, and she really appreciated my ever-increasing delight in the process. I began to get very vocal, as things progressed, and this irritated her, and one day she snatched an old musty-smelling trench coat out of the closet, threw it over my head, and knotted the sleeves round my neck, wicked tight, which silenced me instantly, as I now had to learn to breathe differently! Looking back, I think she liked this because it removed any guilt feelings, with the anonymity factor, and encouraged her to new depths of 'depravity' from the conventional point of view. Me, I found it just heightened my enjoyment of the process, and it wasn't long before I was pleading with her for more, and more, and longer and longer! "Just like your dad!" she commented gleefully. Since she was officially 'home schooling' me, our sessions became longer and longer, and more intense, and I was an unresisting plaything for her, often suggesting things that intrigued her, and to which she admitted 'my dad' had been involved in. Like being trussed up in an old sleeping-bag. the wrong way round, tied at the neck and waist, and breathing through the metal zipper, and a small opening right at the end of it, in a corner. Then the bottom half was worked back up, re-covering me to the neck, and leaving my by now huge cock exposed and vulnerable. The inability to resist, or affect any facet of my 'abuse' was addictive, and soon all I wanted, was to be kept this way, pleading faintly, and vainly for the relief of an orgasm. It is obvious, looking back, that my mother was a true sadist, and really got off on my utter helplessness, and desire for more of it. I'm sure the alcohol was a factor. About a year later, she found a boyfriend - another fairly serious drinker, and I soon learned how to suck cock from inside the sleeping-bag. I was revolted at first, but it was made plain to me that this was the price I had to pay for what I really needed, and I decided it was worth it. They got married, eventually, and they discovered they were both okay with him taking the active part, and her just watching, and making the odd suggestion. To my surprise at the time, what he subjected me to, was even more addictive than the previous arrangement! When I was twelve, she stepped in front of a bus, and it was just him and me! My grieving was aided by his non-stop wankings, and demands for fellatio, and soon I was totally dependent on him! Then he began bringing a 'friend' and then another, and another, and soon I had a cock up my ass, another in my mouth, and someone else wanking me to death! What started off as repellant, soon became an utter delight, and time passed, slowly, exquisitely, in a welter of sweat and orgasm. Now I'm middle-aged, and married to a much older woman, a sister of one of the original three, who rules my life with an iron hand in a velvet (actually latex) glove.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 12 I caught my older sister who was 15 in bed with her best friend. I watched them eat each others pussy and have sex for 30 minutes before they saw me. I used this to my advantage and blackmailed both of them for a couple of years to get all the sexual favors I could ever wish for. After awhile they got used to it and didn`t mind doing whatever I asked them to do with me. Plus I had them have sex together many times while I watched and got them to do some pretty wild things together. It was the best years of my life but I finally let them off the hook but it was the best time I have ever had.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 14 I was spending the week at My Aunt and Uncles while my parents were away. My Uncle worked out of town during the week so it was just me and my Aunt all week long. I heard her walking around in the house and I was just laying in bed early that morning and had a huge erection so I kicked back the covers and started to stroke my big cock. I was really getting in to it and had my cock slick with pre cum jacking off like crazy when the door opened and my Aunt`s eyes got big and her jaw dropped. She was shocked to say the least and couldn`t move. It was too late for me to stop and I shot my load right in front of her.
    She is a very hot sexy lady big nice tits great figure and an ass to die for. Dark hair and big blue eyes and she was just standing there looking at my big hard cock speechless. I thought for sure she would turn and run and shut the door but when she got over her shock she got a smile on her face slowly walked over to the bed and by then I had covered myself.
    She pulled back the covers and said "Oh my that's a nice one! Do you play with it often?" I really didn`t know what to say as she reached for my cock and wrapped her hand around it and after giving it a few long slow strokes she looked at me and said "Wow it`s so much bigger than your Uncle`s!" Neither of us said a word for a minute or so then I asked her if we should be doing this. She looked at me smiled and said Are you going to tell anyone?" I said "Of course not! and I don`t think you will either. She said "I promise you no one will ever know"
    She stood up and slowly undressed and then asked me if I liked what I saw. I know she could tell by the size of my cock that I liked every thing I saw. She laid down beside me and began to kiss me and stroke my cock then slowly worked her way down my naked body then looked me in the eyes and said "Do you mind if your Aunt sucks your big hard cock?" I never said a word as she lowered her mouth on my cock and started to give me a real good blow job. She played with my nuts as she sucked my hard cock and after awhile she stopped and straddled me looking right at me she held my cock in her hand rubbed it to her soaking wet pussy then slowly eased down taking my long thick cock to the balls then she began to moan and squeeze my cock then started to fuck herself.
    She was moaning saying how wonderful my big cock felt in her pussy and then she leaned forward putting those huge tits on my chest and shoved her tongue in my mouth and we began to kiss like lovers as she fucked me harder and faster. We fucked a log time and she knew when I was about to cum and would stop with my cock deep inside of her and then start again until neither of us could hold back any longer then she told me to cum in her pussy and she milked my big cock with her pussy and made sure it was balls deep inside of her when we both came at the same time. My cum filled her pussy and she squirted all over me and kept squeezing my cock bouncing up and down on it saying oh yes give me that young hot cum! Fill your Auntie`s pussy with that big hot load. I came more than I ever had and when she raised up off my cock she quickly went down on me and sucked my cock that was covered in our juices.
    When she was finished she stroked my cock licked my nuts and said "Remember no one needs to know about this!" Before she left the room she turned and looked at me with a big smile on her face and I could se my cum on her thighs as she said "If you are up to it later on maybe we can try that again.
    Her and I fucked all day long all over the house and she wanted me to sleep with her that night so I did. Once we got in bed that night she gave me the best blow job and fingered my ass and made me cum hard. I was fucking her dog style when she asked me to play with her ass so I fingered her asshole while I fucked her then she asked if I ever had anal sex. When I told her no I never had that she asked if I wanted to try it and when I said Sure lets do it she reached in the night stand and handed me some KY jelly and told me what to do with it then with her big tits on the bed she reached back and spread her sexy ass open and told me to stick it up her ass.
    Damn it was tight and I know the neighbors must have heard her as I worked my hard cock up her tight ass and started to fuck her in the ass. It was so tight I came pretty fast and she loved taking my cum up her hot ass and begged me not to take my cock out of her ass and before long I was hard again and I fucked her ass as hard and deep as I could while she shoved her hand in her pussy and squirted twice with my big dick in her ass. My cum was dripping down her thighs as I fucked her ass hard then shoved it in her to the balls and shot a second big load up her ass. I got soft and slipped out of her tight asshole and we held each other for awhile then showered together and went to bed.
    The rest of the week we hardly ever got dressed and had sex constantly until my Uncle got home on Friday night. I got to stay another week and got the shock of my life when her best friend dropped by one afternoon and I got to watch these two hot women have sex with each other then join in with them. I was fucking her friend and my Aunt was licking my ass and used her tongue on my asshole to make me cum in her sexy girlfriend. My Aunt ate her friend out after I came inside of her then I had anal sex with both of them that day as we stayed in my Aunts bed most of the day having sex.
    I am 25 now and still have sex with my Aunt on occasions and it is by far the best sex in the world and she loves it in her tight sexy ass and will do anything with me including using a dildo in my ass when she is sucking my cock. We have shared many fantasies and acted out just about all the sexual fantasies we have ever had. She is the best Aunt a guy could ever have and she is still very sexy and hot as hell at 45 years old and her ass is the hottest thing I have ever had the pleasure of sticking my cock in.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    I am a bit of a slut but only for one man. Since I was thirteen and he was fourteen, my brother and I have been very sexual with each other. It started as us just teasing each other and being horny teens with raging hormones. Then one day we were messing around with each other and teasing a lot.

    I would touch his leg when I moved past him and he would smack my ass. I purposely let him see my tits and he flashed his dick. For a couple hours we teased each other more and more.

    Then we were playing a game, testing each other's flexibility. He said that if I could put both my legs behind my head, he would do anything that I wanted. A few moments later and I could just barely get both legs behind my head but I did and he had to do something. So I told him to take his clothes off.

    As we agreed, he took his clothes off in front of me and his erect cock sprung out just three feet away from me. I was horny at the sight of his cock. The I said if he could bend over and get half of his own cock into his mouth, then I would suck his cock.

    I didn't realize how easy that would be for him with his 8 or 9 inch cock. But a minute later he sat on the bed in front of me and got a little more than half of his cock into his mouth despite being reluctant at first.

    Now I had made a deal as the game rules and he laid back on the bed. I sucked his cock to the best of my abilities. He said it was amazing and I loved every second of it.

    A few days later we decided that if we could give oral to each other, we could have sex just as easy.

    Since then, my brother and I have had sex multiple times per week and we share a two bedroom apartment. Pur friends and family think that we are just siblings sharing an apartment to save money but in fact we share the each other's beds several times a week.

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