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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 31

    This happened a few years ago (2010) but thought I'd share. I have a half sister that I didn't meet until I was 24. I first had contact with through facebook, and when we first started chatting I was stationed overseas and she was also overseas because of a relationship she was in at the time. We chatted through facebook here and there and eventually skyped one day. I'm a decent looking guy and she is above average looking. I remembered getting off of skype and thinking to myself, "was she flirting with me? Nah.. no way." She's a little younger than I am by a few years, at the time I was about 24 and she was probably 21. Let me add that she has a great body, very toned, tanned, black hair, and the most beautiful big blue eyes. Very beautiful indeed.
    So, as time went by we really didn't chat very much at all until a random set of events changed all of that. It just so happens that she moved back to the states and was very near where I would be residing on my two weeks of leave. One thing lead to another, and she ended up coming to my place to pick me up so we could meet, and hopefully go out and party a little. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when she finally got to my location to pick me up. She got out of the car, ran over to me, and I instinctively picked her up as she jumped up on me to hug me. It all happened so fast but I didn't realize she had on very loose, very short shorts. My right hand went under her shorts and ended up cupping her left butt cheek. A little foreshadowing for the crazy night ahead, little did I know at the time.
    Fast forward - right after she picked me up we're riding in the car and I'm trying to decipher wtf is going on at this point. We made small talk and eventually decided to go to the local casino since I'd actually never been before. We got there, started playing and kind of went separate ways for a while. The whole time we were drinking jack and cokes, left and right it seemed. All of a sudden while I was playing my game she came up and plopped a stool next to my game on the right side of me. She was extremely close to me, and while I registered her proximity, I didn't actually think anything would come of it. At some point as we were chatting we ended up making more and more eye contact, which resulted in us making out. And that action broke the seal on the craziest, hottest three days of sex I've ever had.
    As we were walking out of the casino we were walking with our arms interlinked - I was pretty well wasted but coherent and able to walk under my own power without too much problem. We ended up going just a stones throw away from the casino to the levee where we decided to hang out. We ended up sitting on the crest of the levee, at the very top. She straddled me, facing me and I'm serious when I say we couldn't stop making out. We probably made out for what seemed like an hour and to this day it's the longest, hottest make out session I've ever had. Over time I got braver and so did she. She ended up raising her shirt up to let me suck on her nipples, which to my delighted surprise were pierced. It was probably about 11pm at this point, so there are people here and there walking by but not very many at all. She had a much better view of people coming than I did. Remember those loose shorts I talked about in the beginning of the story? This is where those come into play. As we were getting up to leave she bent over with her hands on the seat part of a bench. I smacked her ass a few times, then realized I could access her pussy due to how loose the shorts were. I started rubbing her pussy and she pretty much was like an animal in heat. I actually fucked her through the leg of her shorts, kind of unbelievable but it worked just fine. I ended up fucking her for a couple of minutes, right there, where anyone could see us. I didn't cum, but we ended up getting a hotel room right after that and finished what we started. Several times. I can still remember the sight of cumming in my step sister's mouth with those big beautiful eyes looking up at me. She was eager for my cum, never letting a drop go to waste. She offered her ass to me but for what ever reason it never ended up happening, which I regret. All in all it's still crazy, but I'd do it all over again in a second.
    The story is 100 percent true!

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    Straight Male / 20

    So, a pipe burst at school the one day and they had to send everyone home early because it was flooding, so that day I got home around lunchtime. Dad was still at work, and I couldn't find mom so I checked their bedroom.

    Now, usually dad got home before I got home from school, even on an early day. Mom would wake up early with him and, as far as I knew, go back to sleep before I got up for school. I was pretty good about getting up on my own by then and if I missed the bus school wasn't too far to bike to.

    But that's beside the point, so I wouldn't see mom on a schoolday until after dad had already gotten back home from work, is the important point.

    So I went into their bedroom and I didn't see her, but they had like a long stand at the foot of their bed, a little longer than their king size bed was wide, that I'd always assumed was a coffee table. It had a loose glass tabletop and, under the tabletop they had like a blanket or a tablecloth dr**ed over the rest with enough slack that it bunched up on the carpet. They usually had like a vase of flowers or something on top of it.

    Well today when I went in, I heard a sound coming from the "coffee table" like a sort of grinding, whirring noise, like an electric motor.

    I picked up the edge of the cloth and lifted it so I could see under it. It was a cage, with a padlock on it, and there was a woman inside. I couldn't tell who by looking, because she was wearing like a full latex bodysuit, but it wasn't difficult to figure out that was mom. Her head was covered in latex too, it made her look bald except for the ponytail coming out the back. She had a leather blindfold on, a ball gag in her mouth, and she was wearing headphones I could hear something playing through.

    She was laying on her back with her arms chained to a belt around her waist. Her legs were straight, only slightly apart, and her ankles and neck were locked to the floor of the cage with a built in metal restraint.

    The noise I had heard though came from something past her feet. There was a sort of machine at the other end of the cage, bolted to the floor. It was a motor with a wide disc attached, and there was a metal bar attached to it that connected to a pole. As the motor turned the disc the spot where the bar was connected went around and it moved kind of like the way a train's wheels work. It pushed and pulled the pole back and forth as it went around, and at the other end of the pole was a thick red dildo buried in her vagina.

    The machine kept spinning and the dildo kept fucking her, and she was completely unaware that I was watching. Dad wouldn't get home for a while, so I got my camera and recorded it, and I sat there next to her and jerked off watching mom get pounded by that dildo. Then I put everything back the way I found it and went to my room.

    Dad got back later and kinda tried to figure out if I had seen anything without asking me directly. He asked if I'd seen mom, I told him I figured she went to the store. He asked if I'd been in their room, I said no, the door was locked anyway, right?

    The school day after the school was cleaned up, before school, I went to their room. The door was locked this time, but I could hear the sound from inside. They kept locking it for a couple weeks but eventually they must have figured they were safe again.

    Just about every school day, mom and dad would wake up together, he would lock her in the cage with the machine running then leave for work. When I woke up, I'd go into their room and watch her while I ate my breakfast, jerk off, then leave for school. And I knew the whole time I was at school that she'd be in that cage getting pounded in total darkness until dad got home, and I would know what she'd been doing that day while we talked about our days after I got home from school.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Last night I watched my father fucking his new girlfriend. My mother passed away when I was eight, so my dad and I have always been close. Yet I don't think he realizes just close I wish us to be. Watching his large thick cock fucking his girlfriend as she lay naked on the rug in our lounge, I was so horny I slipped my right hand inside my knickers and began to play with my pussy. Seeing my dads arse bucking, as his cock thrust into the lucky bitch, had me sliding two fingers deep inside my soaking wet pussy, and that's how he saw me when they changed positions.
    Instead of becoming angry, my father winked at me as he continued to fuck his girlfriend from behind. Only when his girlfriend noticed me, did I move away and climb the stairs to my bedroom. On my bed I furiously fingered my pussy and played with my engorged clit, thinking of my father's gorgeous cock. Climaxing as I listened to my father's girlfriend reaching her orgasm.
    My father has said nothing to me so far this morning. His girlfriend left earlier before I got up, so I'm waiting and hoping he let's me know he enjoyed me seeing him fuck her. I just wish it was my pussy and arsehole he was fucking.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I've been my dad's fucktoy since I turned 18, mom hasn't been around since I was 10. Vaginal, anal, deepthroat, everything. Most nights I sleep naked in the same bed as him. We have bondage furniture in the basement, some nights I sleep in a cage down there. Sometimes we travel to cities where nobody knows who we are and visit sex/bdsm clubs.

    I wish we could move to one of these places so we didn't have to pretend we're not fucking because so many of the people around here have known us since before mom left, but he can't leave because of his job.

    But I love any chance to be open about it so I'd be happy to tell you guys more if you want.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I am so embarrass of writing this. I felt is the lowest point of my life. I am married to a lovely woman for 30 years we have great life together. We have one grown son and he is married and lived nearby. For the past 5 years I have ED and couldn't get erection anymore. My wife is much younger than me and she missed having me cum inside of her. She like to feel me when I cum and the throbbing inside. I can only please her by giving her oral sex and she is okay with that not much I can do about it. I can eat her pussy for hours and I love doing that.

    I got to the point I felt like I am her sissy because I can't get an erection like most men. So I started to wear her lingerie and be her sissy. In the beginning she didn't like it but now she got used to me wearing it. My penis has gotten smaller and soft not sure why. I even wear her lace panties with pads and tuck my soft penis underneath. I have develop this fetish I didn't know about and neither does my wife. I have got to the point where I have my own lingerie, bras, panties and pantyhose, like all the intimate wear women has. I am so please I have an understanding wife. I have heard some women would leave their husband when they find out about this. I am so lucky.

    But I still have a problem of pleasing my wife not able to get an erection during intercourse. One day I ask her if she wouldn't mind having intercourse with our son, he just lived nearby. It was my suggestion, because I want to keep it in the family and I can't see my wife of 30 years fucking some strangers. I guess I am selfish? She agree to give it a try because she missed having that hard cock inside of her and feeling the throbbing.

    I called my son one day for him come over I have something to tell him and I can't do it over the phone. He came over and we had a long discussion. He understand my problem for the past 5 years and my fetish of woman intimate wears. First it was shock to him and didn't want anything to do with me. Because I was a tough and rough kind of guy, now I am more of a sissy.

    I told him I was sorry to put him in the spot your mom is in her bedroom ready for you. He didn't want to do it at first thinking I am crazy. But he understand so he went into the bedroom. I could hear them in the family room that they were having a good time. I couldn't stand it no more but to walk in and see my son big cock fucking my wife. She was so into it, I can tell she was enjoying every moment of him fucking her. I was standing at the doorway at first now I am sitting down on the edge of the bed watching every moved he made.

    I am getting so arouse looking at both of them and thinking my cock should be getting erection but it didn't. My wife keep saying honey his cock feel so good inside of me just like when you are fucking me 5 years ago. I got so jealous I just climb onto the bed and licking her pussy while he is fucking her. He was fucking her so fast his cock slip out of her pussy and by accident my mouth was open and he end up fucking my mouth.

    First I didn't know what to say but keep sucking his cock with my wife pussy juice still on it. I can tell you this, is feel so fucking weird. He didn't mind and said it feels good. I figure since it was fine with him, so I continue having him take turns fuck my mouth and my wife pussy. He finally cum deep inside of my wife pussy while I was licking her clitoris. She scream so loud and her body shaking so bad she end up scratching his back.

    All three of us lay on the bed, it was so intense she said that was the best sex she had for years. Now she want our son to come back whenever we decided to do this again. My son said, he will and maybe have his wife join us. I told him I would love to eat his wife pussy and my wife said he does give good oral sex.

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    Straight Male / 25

    My mother is a prostitute. She's been doing it off and on since I was five. It started when my dad left. He basically took anything of value from the house and emptied the bank accounts and left mom with nothing.

    My mother always has been fiercely independent, I have to assume is at least in part why dad left. I don't remember much of him but what hear from other family members he would always try and dominate mom and would fail miserbly. After he left mom couldn't find a job. It was fairly small town so there weren't many jobs to ne had. So we went on welfare. My dad's parents would try to help when needed but my mom would only accept it if things were truly desperate.

    A couple of years go by and I gradually start to notice little things around the house. The refrigerator always seems to have more food in it and such. I'm also getting brand new clothes instead stuff from goodwill. All I knew at the time is my mom seems happier and we're getting nicer stuff around the house.

    Not too long after I notice the changes around the house I start getting teased in school about my mom being a slut and a whore. I was in third grade and I truly didn't understand the true meaning of the insults. All I knew is they were insults, so I started getting into fights at school. When my mom would ask what happened I would just I was being teased. I didn't tell her at the time what I was being tease over, but as I'm writing this I suspect she knew. Things came to a head the last day of school. After school I was walking home and five of my tormentors surrounded me. I managed to bloody a couple of noses before they got me on the ground and start beating on me. A guy driving by stopped them and called my mom from a nearby pay phone. I didn't know him but he knew my mom.

    After a trip to the emergency room she took me home. Nothing broken just lots of bruises and a few cuts. My mom sat me down after supper and point blank asked what those kids were teasing me about. I told her the names they called her and she broke down and started sobbing.

    A month later my grandfather shows up with a truck and he helps us move to a nearby city. Mom had already found a job as a secretary with a small construction company. Things were great. The apartment we moved into was so much better than the shitty trailer we had been living in.

    Shortly after I turned thirteen my mom had THE sex talk with me. She followed it up with a different sex talk. She told me about her being a prostitute in our old town and that she had stopped until about a month ago. The actual story of how she got back into it is probably to long for this post, but the main part was she missed sex but didn't want a boyfriend, her job paid ok but she could use the extra money. She told me she really enjoys it and she's building up a clientele and will only see them once she's estsblished. She told me this because she didn't want me to find out from anywhere else and that I was old enough I would have figured it out on my own anyway and most of all she just plain didn't want to keep anything from me. She looked really nervous waiting for my reaction. I gave her a hug and told I have no problem with it as long as it makes you happy and it's something you want to do. She hugged me back told me thank you with a few tears in her eyes.

    The next few years would probably be wierd to most people and just plain wrong as well, but for us it was the norm. After awhile mom would show off new lingerie and outfits to me and ask my opinion. Of course my response was always she looks beautiful. I would often go to my room and masturbate after she would model something for me and I'm sure mom knew what I was doing because when I came out of room she would grin at me.

    Well I'm twenty-five now and I've been married to my woderful wife for just over a year now. My wife paid her way through college by being an escort. She tried to hide it from me when first started dating, but I found out through the gr**e vine and asked her about it. She was horrified that I knew. She apologized and got up to leave. I stopped her and told her it's ok. She didn't believe me until I told her about mom. It took a long time for her to truly believe that I was ok with it. Anyway, my mom just lost her job at the construction company. By this point she was in purchasing department. Her company got bought out and they had their own system for that so she was let go. She was at our place for dinner when she gave us the news. My wife asked her what her plans were now. Mom wasn't sure other than look for another job. She joked if she was younger she'd go back to escorting and call it good for the time being. She mentioned she was starting miss it again. (She's been out of it for about 5 years now) My wife just snorted and told her she's a complete knock out and would not have any trouble finding clients. Not to mention there's a huge demand for milfs. My wife is right my mom still looks incredible. She works out and generally takes care of herself. You would never guess she's fourty-five. My wife told mom she still knows some people from her old agency and would be happy to make some calls. Mom looked at me and asked me what thought. I jokingly told her if I wasn't married and you weren't my mom I'd pay extra to be your first client. Mom laughed then looked at me in very serious manner and said don't let societies silly taboos stop you. My wife chimed in I won't stop you and if it's okay with your mom I'd like to join in. I got an instant erection. Nothing happened that night but I think I'll talk to my wife and make absolutely sure she's ok with it. If she is I think I call mom and see If she's busy on Saturday.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I know this is wrong and I should not have done it but my male testosterone took over. My mom told me she been sick lately so I went over to the house to check on her. She didn't answer the door bell so I went in using my key she had given it to me. When I walk into the house yelling mom where are you she didn't answer. I went into her bedroom she was out cold. I though oh no is she breathing. She was so sound asleep when I touch her shoulder she didn't move at all. She must of just taking the medication she was given.

    I always has a crush on mom. She is a aerobic instructor at the gym. She keep herself looking good. Here she is laying on the bed with her nightie with no bra and panties on. I couldn't help myself but to slowly touching her legs to see if she was going to wake up. She didn't move at all. Then I got brave enough to touch her pussy. It was so warm, nice feeling and she kept it shaved. I slowly massage her pussy and suddenly she woke up and push my hand away.

    I said mom I am so sorry I just couldn't help myself seeing you laying on the bed so sexy. She said son, I am your mother and you know better not to do that. I told her I came by to check up on you to see if you were okay. I am so sorry and start crying. She said stop it now and come over to give me a hug. I got on the bed to give her a hug and she felt my cock was hard as a rock. She said are you get arouse by your mother. I said I am mom you are so sexy I just couldn't help myself but to touch you.

    She said you know this is wrong and I said I know but I just couldn't help it. Then out of the blue she said okay just finish where you left off and don't tell anyone about this. She got up to take her nightie off and she was naked. She said go ahead take your time to please your mommy, you know I am sick and can't do to much. I said is okay just lay down and enjoy what I am going to do.

    She spread open her legs, I was eating her pussy and fingering at the same time. She close her eyes and was moaning the whole time. I got her so wet her pussy juice was dripping out and I climb on top of her start fucking slowly. She moan so loud I had to put my fingers in her mouth so she was sucking and licking my fingers. My other hand was squeezing her breasts. She love it so much she was biting and sucking so hard my fingers in her mouth. Then I cum deep inside of her and later I felt her pussy squeezing my cock deep inside and she cum right away. We both felt each other throbbing, it was good.

    We lay there for awhile and I was out of breath. I told mom thank you for letting me have her. She said she kind of miss having sex since she was so sick and couldn't do anything. I said if you ever need anything just let me know I am just a phone call away. She said okay. When we finish having sex we got up clean ourselves and I stay to visit for the rest of the day.

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    Straight Male / 19

    Hilary is my mums oldest sister. She's a little older than my mum at fifty two years old, yet she looks amazing for a woman that age. She's better looking than my girlfriend and for a woman her age, has a much fitter body too (She was a dancer, now a dance teacher). Another thing I know about Hilary, is she's got one hell of a large clit. It actually looks like a small cock and her labia too, are big. And the reason I know all this, is I've been fucking her now for two years.
    My mother obviously doesn't know were having sex, nor does my girlfriend. Each time she visits our home (Once or twice a week, and sometimes now away from home) Hilary and my mum drink wine, and invariably my mum drinks herself blind drunk. No matter where I am (Within reason) when she texts me on my other phone either at home or when I'm out, I go to her and help Hilary get my mother to bed. Afterwards we'll go to my bedroom, or back downstairs and fuck. I just love it now having her sit on my face as she feeds me her enormous clit to suck on, and every time she orgasms all over my face. Then like every time over the past two years, I'll fuck my aunt bareback knowing she can't get pregnant and that she loves me cumming up her arse as I play with her huge love buton.
    Hilary and I began fucking when I was seventeen. She seduced me after her divorce came through. I was alone in my bedroom and my mum wasn't home from work yet. She basically walked in my room naked and asked me if I was still a virgin. Looking at her gorgeous body and then down to her pussy, I saw her large labia's and the noticed her massive clit poking through. I became instantly erect and the rest they say is history.
    That first time we fucked, it was all afternoon until I heard my mums car pull up outside. I pulled out of my aunts already cum soaked pussy, and she jumped off my bed, picked up her clothing from outside my room and jumopd in the shower. When my mum shouted up to see where I was, I walked down in my shorts and t-shirt telling her sister was round, but wanted a shower, which given her dance classes are only a hundred yards from our home, it wasn't unusual.
    They both got drunk that night and I waited in my room until my mother drunkenly shouted up to me to help Hilary into our guest bedroom. Once my mother had herself slumped onto her own bed, I returned to the room Hilary was in and stripped naked. My cock was rock hard by then I was so horny for my aunt, but she was just too out of it. All the same I wanted to fuck her. She squirmed around as I tried to lick her pussy, after first removing all off the night wear my mum had put on her. But Hilary was having non of it. However when my tongue slipped to her arsehole, she made lots of soft moaning sounds. I carried on tonguing her arsehole and the more I did it, the more she responded positively. With her arse dripping from my saliva, I decided to try and have my first ever anal sex.
    It wasn't easy probing my cock into her arse, but once I got the head of my cock into her bum, her arsehole relaxed and my entire cock slid in. That was it for me, not really caring about my aunts comfort, I absolutely shagged the arse off of her. With each thrust of my cock, she moaned more and she also began to push back onto my dick. Eventually Hilary turned around and told me to fuck her harder. I totally went for it and fucked my aunt as hard and as fast as I could. She made lots of low grunting sounds and orgasmed on my cock. Seconds later I pumped every drop of my cucm up her arse and left my cock inside her as I held her tits from behind.
    Luckily for us, because we fell asleep, my mum didn't wake up first. I was already in the bathroom when she knocked on the door to ask me to hurry up. No sooner than she'd gone int the bathroom I entered the guest room to find Hilary sat up naked and typing a text. She looked at me and said "You'll get this on your phone". Leaving her to finish, I climbed into bed, picked up my phone and read "Hi thanks for last night, loved everything especially you fucking my arsehole, hope to have fun again, love aunt Hilary xxx".
    I've kept that text and some others we've shared too. They're not on my current phone, but on the cheap one she bought me to chat to my aunt when I wanted to privately.
    And that was the start of us fucking from then until now. As I've gotten older, we've become bolder with how, when and where we fuck. It's mostly at our house, but sometimes I meet my aunt away from home and have sex outdoors or in her car. She's always eager to have me fuck her, so until she doesn't want me fucking her, I'm going to continue to enjoy the horny bitch as much as I can have her.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When my brother and I were younger we never got along and he would end up trying to beat me up. He is 1 year younger than I am. I think I was 8 at the time when one night we got into a loving brotherly sisterly argument and he tackled me and started to wrestle in the living room on the floor and my mom was trying to watch her show on tv. It was right before bed time. He got on top of me and put his hands around my neck and my mom saw yelled at him to stop it and then she told me to grab his crotch and squeeze to get him off me. He was sitting on my chest and I reached up his boxers shorts (we were both in our pj's, him just his shorts and I had a nighty on) I got grabbed his penis and balls and squeezed as hard as I could. It worked and he fell over on his side CRYING. He went over to my mom and she was asking if he was ok and he was telling her what I did and his weirner hurts. I sat there on the floor and my mom said she needed to look to make sure he was ok and pulled his shorts down under his bum and looked at him. I couldn't see anything besides his bum but them my mother told me to come see why that hurt him so bad. I crawled over and she turned him showing me his little dink and explained the boys weakness if they are hurting me.

    She pulled his short back up and said ok now get along and go play for a bit its almost bed time. We share the same bed room and we both went up stairs. Mom knocked on the door and told us to play doctor patient, and it would help us get along better and since we hurt each other we should take care of each other.

    Happy again we both were and he told me I was the doctor because he was hurt. I did what doctors do then I told him I had to look under his shorts and he took them off. I inspected his private and he told me it tickled and if he could touch mine.

    So there we both were laying next to eachother looking and feeling. He was naked, I stil had my nighty on just no panties and then the door opens up and mom walks in. She told us that she knew that would happen and we needed to learn about our bodies. She told us thats how she learned when she was young. She asked me if it was the first time I seen or touched a boys penis before and I told her no I've seen dads. She asked a few other things about that and told me to be honest and I ended up telling her that nights that I would crawl into bed with them I would cuddle up in the middle and look at his thing under the covers because they would leave the TV on and I could see and I even touched it. I told her that I've seen him put it in her mouth and asked her why it looks different than my brothers. She explained to us both that our father is circumcised and my brother is not, what that meant and what the difference is.

    Mom took my nighty off me and we were now both naked on my brothers bed. She pulled the sheet over us and told us to snuggle together for the night and we would talk in the morning. She walked out of the room then came right back to us, pulled the sheet back down, put my brothers hand on my vagina and my hand on his penis and said just learn how to feel good and you 2 will never be fighting again. She left the room.

    My brother and I are closer than ever and we never fought again and he is so kind and caring and loving.

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    A while ago, I was laid up with a sports injury that required minor surgery on my back. One of the lower vertebra had been injured and it took a couple weeks to heal. My parents got a nurse to come in daily to change the dressing and to give me a sponge bath. I had to lay still while she did all of these activities. It was a bit embarrassing having her touch my private parts but the nurse was very professional about it. She didn't seem to be sexually aroused even though she had her hands on my penis and testicles at times. Eventually, I felt quite comfortable having her do all of this. However, the nurse didn't work weekends and my mother seems to have offered to do it instead. I was apprehensive about this because my mother hasn't seen me naked since I was a youngster. Anyways, my mother didn't ask me. She just INFORMED me that she would be doing it. It was quite a different experience when Mom gave me the wash. She told me to lay back and close my eyes while she washed and wiped me clean. She said that my genital area including my pubic hair needed a good lathering with soap for a proper washing. For a whole five minutes on and on she had her hands on my penis and testicles scrubbing away and after the washing came the rinsing. She kept saying, "Just lie back, Blair, and close your eyes." As she dried my genital area, I could feel her hands gripping and squeezing my penis tightly. If it wasn't my penis she was grasping, it was my testicles. As she was finishing, she took hold of my penis again and slowly - very slowly - pulled the foreskin back so far that it hurt. I don't know why she did this but it had to be sexual in nature. My penis had become somewhat erect from all these activities and she had to have noticed this. She didn't say anything but I could hear her grunt something like, "Oh, my!". Before leaving the bedroom, say did say that that is the way the nurse should have cleaned you so you would be "squeaky clean".

    Mo m only gave me the sponge bath on one weekend because I was up and around the following weekend. However, I cannot get the thought out of my mind that all this "thorough cleaning" was just a ruse so she could "feel me over". I am thinking that she was sexually aroused by seeing me naked and she made the most of the opportunity. But don't get me wrong. I might be wrong. But since she is a woman and I am a man, I don't think so. From my perspective, it felt good - really good - having her feel me over like this. Of course, I won't tell her this but TRUTHFULLY she can do it again anytime she wants. Just make sure that Dad isn't home.

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