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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 22

    My grandmother brought me to America when I was 6 years old from Ireland along with Helen and her daughter Marissa. Helen to me was aunt Helen since she was my grandmothers best friend and Marissa was my mothers best friend. My mother had died a year earlier of ovarian cancer, she was only 25 and I never knew who my father was. My grandmother was very strick with me and as it worked out I was stuck in a house with 3 strick women. If I misbehaved or did poorly in school I was spanked by any one of them. So there I was under their control and also going to Catholic school with strick nuns and teachers. By the time I was 9 or 10 years old I had no embarrassment when any of them saw me naked mainly because one of them had bathed me everyday since I was 6. I think from the time I was 8 years old they began giving me an enema once a month. I'm not sure why but I was aware that my grandmother and aunt Helen gave them to themselves every month and that aunt Helen always gave Marissa an enema monthy. As I got a little older it didn't bother me much when they saw me naked but whenever one of them gave me the enema it did. I'm not sure but think I was 11 when aunt Helen was giving me the enema and I got an erection. Naturally she told my grandmother and Marissa. I think after that first time I got an erection every time they did it to me and it didn't matter which one it was. I was always completely naked when I got the enemas but there was nothing sexual for me about it. When I was 14 My grandmother died and I was devastated. She was always strick but she was also very good and kind to me and I loved her very much. I continued living with aunt Helen and Marissa and still do today. Of course they don't spank me anymore but they still give me an enema once a month. As a matter of fact they still see me naked at times and it has never bothered me. I have a good job now as an electrician and have a lot of friends including a beautiful girlfriend who is in college. I haven,t told her how aunt Helen and Marissa have seen me naked over the years but did tell her they give me enemas. My girlfriend thinks its really weird I let them do it at my age but it just don't bother me. I quess it is kindy weird and I still get erections as they are giving me the enema but I never have any sexual thoughts towards them. Even though I am naked when they do it sex is not on my mind at all. I looked it up on line and found it happens alot even to kids so I don't feel bad about it. Aunt Helen and Marissa never say anything about it anymore and there is no doubt they see it.

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    Straight Female / 49

    I caught my 21 year old daughter fingering her c**t hole and rubbing her clit. I was looking for something and I wanted to know if she had seen it, and I made the mistake of entering her room without knocking first. She should've locked her room door before masturbating. She was masturbating squatting down and she couldn't stop because she was close to cuming. Her moaning was high-pitched "oooooohhhhh, ooooooohhh." Her eyeballs rolled back and she screamed "oooohhhh, my c**t juice is cuming, mom." Then she squirted out her juice. It looked more like milk (white sticky goo came out of her c**t). I helped her to clean up.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I'm a married mother of two healthy sons. One is twenty two years old and quite independent, but the second and youngest at twenty, still needs his mothers love in more ways than one.
    My husband and I stopped having sex years ago, even though my sexual needs still wanted servicing. It was a slow progression to no sex at all, and in some ways it was my fault as I found his growing waistline and lack of sexual prowess a turn off.
    Going through a series of affairs, some good, most not. I found myself in a kind of sexual limbo. I wanted sex, but more to the point I wanted a man to fuck me long and hard, to use my body for his and my enjoyment, and to take me to the orgasms I so craved. Yet I still wanted my family around me, even my husband who I loved and still do in my own way.
    Then three years ago with my husband away driving his truck across the northern states, I was having sex with a guy who sometimes called by. Riding his cock, I caught movement to my right and looked to see my youngest Corey watching me bouncing up and down on my friends dick. Although I was surprised to see him stood there, the biggest surprise in more ways than one, was seeing him stroke his huge thick cock.
    I'm not sure now why I didn't stop, maybe I should have, but instead whilst looking directly at my son, I fucked my friend even harder, taking us both to orgasm. And not once did I take my eyes off my son as he masturbated to the scene in front of him. As my pussy clamped down onto my lovers cock, sending me into orbit as I came, I saw my sons cum flying all over the floor in front of him as he watched his mother climax.
    Half an hour later with our small farmstead to ourselves, I spoke to Corey on the porch and discovered he'd known about my liaisons for some time. He had indeed watched me fucking other men for over a year. There was no point in denying anything, so I asked him why he'd tossed himself off. His reply was to the point and very revealing. My youngest son said something that is burned into my memory "Because I'd love to fuck the only woman I'll ever love".
    He was seventeen and had from his later accounts, only had one sexual encounter with a female. She still to this day lives close to town, and nearly every youngster around has lost his virginity to her.
    We carried on talking and I found out Corey had no impulse to tell his dad anything. He even told me he felt it was his dads role to pleasure me, and because he didn't anymore, I should find someone who would. It was then Corey said "From now on, you come to my room".
    It was if Corey had taken control of our relationship, and my heart skipped a beat when he kissed my forehead as he went back inside.
    A week went by with my husband returning from his three day road trip. Corey and I said nothing much to each other, and my eldest son as usual was absent from our home most of the time. The first day his father went on another three day journey, Corey knowing his brother was staying over at his girlfriends, walked into my bedroom naked sporting a massive erection and said "I told your friend he's no longer welcome here". Before I had time to object, not that I would have done, I had my sons face between my legs and he was licking at my pussy and clit as if he'd been pleasuring women for years.
    I'd text my friend thinking Corey would be going over to a friends of his, but he'd obviously had other plans. And in those initial moment of i****t, I knew for whatever reason I was going to allow my son to fuck me.
    My mind and opinion has changed dramatically about a mother son sexual relationship. I was like many mnay other people brought up to believe it was unnatural, it was ungodly and it was just plain wrong. Yet with Corey's tongue and lips working wonders on my pussy, I found myself willing him to take me to orgasm and I was left too long before I arched my back and came screaming out my own sons name. As I settled, Corey moved up my body, put his huge cock head to my pussy opening and looking down on me with a serious face, slid his cock into the love hole he was born out of, seventeen years earlier.
    It was a surreal experience for us both. I was looking at the young man I'd given birth to, yet feeling his enormous cock giving me so much pleasure, I found myself yearning for him to be an excellent lover. For Corey his eyes welled up and a tear rolled down his cheek (I can still see it in my minds eye) It wasn't fear or disgust, it was to him the ultimate sexual moment, and it took him to his own sexual nirvana to have his cock fucking his mother.
    Moving my legs up and out, I put my hands forwards onto his hips and pulled him into me. Corey got the message and slammed his cock hard into my folds. I was about to say something about him fucking me as hard as he wanted, as hard as I love being fucked, but Corey beat me to it. Lifting my top up, he took hold of both of my breasts and said "Mother you're all mine from now on, and I'm going to fuck you as rough as I like".
    I'm not overly sure how long we fucked for. It wasn't love making in any sense of the phrase, as Corey used me for his own pleasure that day. Missionary, spoons, me on top and finally as I knelt before him, my son, my lover and the person who to this day I receive all my earth shattering sex from, fucked me from behind, doggy style and he rove his cock so deep inside of me, I was having what I now call my internal orgasms. They stemmed from so deep within my body, I found myself literally overwhelmed the first time one tore through me.
    On and on Corey pounded into his mothers pussy. Then by pure accident I think, his cock slipped out and as he pushed forwards to penetrate me again, my pussy cream and his eagerness, directed his cock to my asshole. He didn't notice at first as he was so engrossed with fucking me. But I groaned out my surprise as my son butt fucked me. It was by no means my first anal sex, but no man the size of Corey had fucked me before in my ass. And it hurt.
    The pain was nothing though. It was if it was shielded by my love for my son, so as he continued to pump his cock deep within my ass, I tried to relax and give him the moment. Only when I sank down placing my breasts onto the bed, did Corey fianlly realize he was indeed sliding his cock up his mothers asshole. He told me later he'd had his eyes shut, trying to feel his connection to me in a deeper more intense way.
    He went to pull out, but I told him to carry on fucking my ass, and as he drove his cock into me again, I came so strongly, I very nearly passed out. Corey thrust into me a few more times and shouted out he was cumming. Letting him know I wanted his seed inside of me, I felt his cock erupt up my ass and felt every spurt of his cum fill what's become Corey's favorite love tunnel.
    Each day, each night and every chance we got around our home, we had sex after that. It wasn't that difficult either with my husbands job, and my eldest's love of life and being out and about. Corey was and still is to some extent a home boy. He's enjoyed building up our small family business with me, and in our own way we've become more of an unbelievably close couple, both in life and in bed. It's still extremely exciting to us both that we fuck the way we do. And I often crave his cock when his father or his brother are around. But when they're away from home (His brother more so these days with his new career and girlfriend) we find time and places around our home, in and outside to enjoy one anothers sex.
    This confession isn't to me a way of trying to accommodate others, or to try to convert peoples opinions about family sex. It's about me stating to the world, there are people in life who naturally gravitate to one another. whether they eare related or not. I make no apologies to anyone about my love for my son and I make no excuses to the fact I adore Corey's cock and they way he fucks me. And if Corey was to comment here, he would say similar things to me. Only he'd probably add "What the fuck's it got to do with anyone, that we fuck".

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    Straight Male / 29

    Wow!!!, it's finally happened. It's something we both kind of knew might, but didn't dare to start.
    What I am talking about, I'm talking about fucking my mother in law Wendy. If you can think of Helen Mirren twenty years ago, you've got my mother in law in one. She's slim, medium breasted and looks just like Ms Mirren. And Wendy does not trim her pussy anymore, something I once drunkenly told her I loved women's pussy's to be like. That was before I even married her daughter.
    Wendy called round ten days ago, after a huge argument she'd had with her new fella. She told me he wouldn't do something for her. After pushing the subject, she eventually told me she enjoyed anal sex and he wouldn't fuck her there. In a heart beat and without thinking, I told her if she were my woman, I'd fuck any hole she wanted.
    Now you tell me you'd say no. Wendy as we sat in her daughters and my kitchen, removed her dress and slipped down her knickers. To say I had a boner in seconds would be an understatement. Wendy had let her pussy hair grow and to me it looked so fucking sexy.
    There was no fore play during our first fuck. Wendy moved over to our breakfast bar, leaned over it and turned her head to say "Well are you going to leave me frustrated like he did". My shorts, t-shirt and flip flops were off in no time and my already erect cock was easing it's way up her arsehole, after I'd spat all over it.
    It wasn't a long fuck as I was to excited, and Wendy didn't orgasm with me just fucking her. I however did cum deep up her tight arse and withdrew knowing I was going to do something I'd often done with her daughter. Helping Wendy to get up onto the breakfast bar, I had her lay on her back and spread her legs. Looking at her long blondish pubes covering her pussy, I dived right in and began to tongue out a woman I'd longed to have sex with. Wendy after a few minutes, grabbed hold of my head, and said "Tongue my arsehole". It's something I'd only done after my wife had showered, but I was still so horny and becoming erect again, I did as she asked and boy did I enjoy tonguing her arsehole out.
    Once I'd licked and sucked up most of my own cum, I moved back up to her pussy and clit and it only took a few more seconds as I sucked in her love button, to have my mother in law climaxing on my tongue.
    We had a long talk afterwards as we moved into the lounge. I was still horny as fuck as she went on to tell me it was only a one off. Seeing my cock still erect in my shorts, Wendy told me to remove them and over the next twenty minutes or so, I had the best blow job of my life. My wife's mum swallowed my seed and rose to say "Maybe we could do it again".
    And so we have. Last night Wendy called round knowing her daughter would be out. She told me it was just to chat, but we ended up having over two hours sex in our bedroom. Wendy told me she'd dumped her male friend and said this "I'm going to be relying on you to please us both from now on".

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    Straight Female / 54

    My son Danny moved back to our town after an 11 year stint in the Big City. He had worked there doing various jobs but decided that it was time to go back to school and get a college degree. I was amazed at how much he had matured over the years and just how handsome he was at 29 years of age. Of course, he visited us occasionally but seeing him on a more regular basis was a real treat. His fiancée also worked in the Big City but planned to move to our town as soon as she could find employment here. We have a large pool on our property and Danny obviously loves swimming. Recently, when I was sitting around the pool reading a pocket book and sipping a martini, Danny came out to the pool wearing nothing but a towel. He had taken a shower and was getting ready to swim. He needed something and asked me if I knew where it was. I think it was some garment that I had washed for him. I must have sipped too many martinis and been a bit drunk because I began teasing him about his nakedness. I joked that I am his mother and he doesn't have to hide it from me. And while sitting on the pool chair, I teasingly used my foot to move the towel aside so I could get a better view. I guess he realized that I was teasing and decided to join in the fun. He replied with something like, "You are so right, Mom", as he allowed the towel to fall to the floor. I tell you his penis was so long and white and thick that I couldn't take my eyes off it. He then joked with me to touch it. Well, I did and with both hands gripping his penis and testicles, I began masturbating him really hard. He has to have noticed that I wasn't teasing anymore. This was the real thing. I was performing a sex act on Danny and I am so glad that no one else was home to see it. Then he ejaculated and semen shot out like a cannon. When I took hold of his penis again and put it into my mouth - I was determined to continue the act and give him oral sex - I could taste the strong taste of semen. But his penis had gotten so soft and floppy that I couldn't do it properly. Anyways, as Danny departed, he said that I was "as good as" Samantha, his fiancée. Moments later, I was back to reading the paperback and sipping a martini, while Danny got dressed and took a swim. But I couldn't help thinking how nice it is to have Danny back home again.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Twice a week he calls round to deliver the veg he's grown on his allotment. It's normally on a Tuesday and a Friday as Tuesday's also his hair cut day too. Every week for the past three years I've cut his hair, and then I'll taken a shower with him before we fuck all afternoon. On Fridays he phones first to check my husbands out, then pops round to have his Friday morning quickie.

    We both know what we're doing is wrong, and we understand if we got caught it would hurt a lot of people. Yet I cannot resist his enormous cock and his wonderful sexual charms.
    Three years ago I told him I'd cut his hair to save him some money, as he likes it cut every week. The only thing was, I forgot he was calling round. Jack my father in law, caught me using a dildo to fuck myself with in our lounge and watched me for some time before he let me know he was there. By then he was hard and I could see his erection in his shorts.

    Jack's a widower, yet his sexual desires are very much in the forefront of his mind. I knew he'd had a few women friends since his wife, my husbands mum died. But no one long term. That was until he caught me fucking myself. Jack made me jump when I saw him, but instead of walking away, he walked over to me, removed the dildo and replaced it with his tongue.

    It's one of those moments in life that can turn easily the other way. I could have been offended and told him where to go. But I didn't and let him carry on tonguing me. Within minutes I came from his amazing tonguing and was still reeling when I felt him slide two fingers inside my pussy. As my father in law continued to finger fuck me, he got himself undressed, swapping hands to take off his shirt.

    Only when he stood up to fully take off his trousers and boxers did I see his magnificent cock. Straight away I was drooling to have him fuck me with it, and even knowing he was my husband dad, I wanted him and it so badly. No condom and no cock sucking, before he slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I came instantly having never been stretched like that before and I carried on cumming pretty much the whole time he was deep inside of me. With my legs held high and wide, Jack pounded my pussy and I could hear him building up to what I just knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

    When he came, it felt like my pussy was flooding as he filled my love tube with his semen. Lay on me panting as his orgasm subsided, he turned his head and we kissed. We were still kissing when my phone rang. I knew it was his son as I have a ring tone for him. Answering, my husband told me he was going to be late home, as he had to complete a survey for a architect client.

    Telling Jack, he smiled, slid down my body and proceeded to do something no other person has ever done. My father in law tongued out my pussy and arse, sucking out his own cum from my pussy, and then fed it to me as we kissed again. We spent another hour having sex and I got to taste his gorgeous cock for the first time as we got into a sixty nine. His cock is much larger than his sons, so it took some getting used to. But once my mouth became accustomed to his size, I soon had him moaning with delight. Fully erect again with his cock throbbing in my mouth, I released it, turned around and told Jack I did't mind which hole he wanted to fuck. He chose my pussy again a first, telling me he'd never fucked a woman's arsehole (Or a mans lol). But I knew I liked it there and evetually got him to slide it slowly up my rear fuck hole.

    Again something happened that I'd not had before, I had three orgasms rip through me one after the other in quick succession. Finally and after what seemed like an age, Jack came up my bum, pumping his load deep inside my body and that was that. We showered separately and I promised I'd cut his hair the following week. Instead jack called by on the Friday and we had what has now become our "quickie day". Bending me over the kitchen table, he went at it like a bull in a China shop, after literally ripping my knickers off, and soon had me climaxing. Dumping his cum up my pussy, he had me lick his cock clean, said thank you and promptly left me to clean myself up.

    The allotment deliveries has become a needed excuse, as my husband asked why his dad called by on a Friday too. We get fresh veg Tuesday and Friday, and I get Jack's fresh cum twice a week to enjoy in our many varied ways of fucking one another. For a sixty two year old, Jack puts most men to shame with his sexual appetite. And even outdoes his own son in his desires, and in how to fuck a woman completely and utterly to sexual satisfaction.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I agree and believe there are lots of made up stories involving family (i****t) but this one is true. I posted it in length along time ago but reading some of these falsehoods (LOL) I got turned on and memories came back and I decided to write it again but this time more brief and shorter. My mom is now deceased, died young because of injuries in an auto accident. I was 14 when this happened. Mom was probably 32 or 33. I was her only child. Dad owned his own business therefore he worked long hours. Mom often took afternoon naps and did not trust me running around while she slept. I'll add here that as I remember mom was beautiful and had a teenagers body. My school buddies often commented about my sister until I told them that she was my mom. I'd go shopping with her and noticed men of all ages staring at her. As I grew older I knew in my mind what they were thinking but I am sure it never happened. Anyway:
    Here it goes. One afternoon while mom was napping she made me lay with her. I let my mind wander but not about mom. Other sexy girls in school. I soon had an erection and began shaking my feet which bothered my mom so she lightly slapped me across my belly and told me to knock it off, it bothered her napping. But, as it happened she struck my erection. Inquisitive, she felt again and discovered what she felt was my hard dick. She rolled over, facing me, and asked, jokingly, "You thinking of me?" I really wasn't but I replied, "YES." She then through an arm around my neck and asked if I wanted her to take care of it. I didn't know what she meant but I told her "YES". She slid her hand under my shorts. (In the summer all I wore was short pants, no underwear). She said (WOW) and then pushed my shorts off me. I was completely naked and if anything, thinking of her actions, I got harder. She just stared and said, "That thing is big and pretty". She then asked if I had ever showed it to other girls and what they may have said. Really I had, at school parties, or when on the lake skinny dipping. I had already had sex with several girls, if that's what you'd call it. After my affair with my mom I realized I never had real sex. But I told her that I never had. She said, "Let me be the first". I asked, "First for what?" "Let me prepare you for meeting other girls." she replied. She then took my hand and placed it on her breast. I had done this previously but on much smaller breast. She told me to suck on them and make them hard. I did and never really considered this to be such a treat. She began to stroke my hard dick and I began to moan. She told me to cool it, not so fast. She then took my hand and placed it on her wet and warm pussy. I began sliding my fingers up and down and she kinda looked at me and said, "And you tell me you have never did this before? Keep it up." And she turned and began sucking my hard dick. I admit, this was my first time for this. It felt so good that before I realized it I had her pussy right in my face. She reached down with one hand and spread the lips to her pussy and said, "Now kiss and lick it." I did and I mean it taste good, nothing like I had ever expected from listening to older boys talk. Soon I got the hang of it and began sucking on her clit.I didn't know it was called then but I learned that mom loved it. She told me to stick my finger and tongue inside it. I did and she began to moan and wiggle and I began to enjoy it. It taste good. She would kinda tighten up, moan louder and I learned later that she was cumin when she did this. Soon she had me stop and we turned and she took my hard dick and started it unto her pussy and told me to go slow and easy at first. Soon she began moaning and humping and I suspected she was cumin again. She'd pull my head down and had me sucking on her tits again and she be moaning and telling me, "Harder and Faster." I did and that's all it took, I felt myself cumin and told her so but she would not let me pull out, claimed she loved the feel of than warm cum inside her stomach. So, we both reached climax at the same time. I felt the nipples on her tits get hard. Afterward she confessed that women's nipple never gets hard until they cum. I have remembered that since. If a girl tells me that she is cumin I'll check her nipple and learn if she is telling the truth. But my mom confessed that she was on the pill is why she loves to get the cum in her belly.
    Now that was the one and only time I got the chance for sex with my mom. Even today, I can be lying in bed and reminisce and then will be all over my wife. She loves this but I'll never tell her what brings it on. Let her keep thinking that it's her and I confess, most times it is her.

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    Straight Male / 30

    This happen 6 months ago. I feel bad it happen. I want to come clean with my wife but just not sure.

    My wife sister got married we all had a good time at the reception. My mother in law was drunk as hell. My wife asked me to take her mom home so she can stay and visit with her sister a little more. Her mom could barely walk to the car. I end up carrying her to the car. As I was carrying her I can feel she was wearing garter belt underneath of her dress. I got arouse immediately wondering what she have on beside the garter belt under the dress.

    I place her in the front seat of my car and buckle her in. On the way to her house I could not help myself but to place my hand on her thigh just moving my hand up and down feeling her dress. She didn't even move just seat back with her eyes half way closed. I kept my hand on it the whole time I was driving her home. We got to her house.

    Again I had to carry her to the house. She mumbling a few words saying take me to my bedroom. I just want to lay down. I took her to the bedroom and she mumbling again saying help me take off my dress. I want to be comfortable laying on my bed. I helped her unzip her dress from behind. When her dress drop to the floor. Oh WOW, she was wearing pink color full slip under it was pink lace bras, lace panties, thigh high stocking with garter belt. I was so arouse my cock was standing straight up. She didn't see it because no later than I help her taking off her dress she flop down onto the bed with her legs slightly apart.

    I am standing there looking at this beautiful lady thinking should I do it or not. My inside telling me don't. As I walking out the room she mumbling again saying where are you going. I told her I am leaving and sleep well. She said no, no please don't go. She is mumbling again saying lay down next to me and make love to me. When I heard that all my sense of being right is gone out the door.

    I took off her panties and went into town with her pussy. Oh god I ate that pussy for hours and all I heard was moaning saying how good that feel. She came several time in my mouth and I licked her pussy clean and suck her clit hard. When I did that she scream and moan louder. That is when I knew she was enjoying it. She could not do much but to lay on the bed. After eating that pussy I climb onto the bed stick my cock in her mouth while she is laying down and just fucking her mouth. I came and she was able to swallow all my cum without choking. I did fuck her after she finish licking my cock clean. It was a night I never forget. I felt bad afterward but I couldn't help myself seeing that beautiful lady. I just have to have her.

    Every time we meet up at any function I am thinking how much she remember that night. I know she remember some thing because she grin at me every time. I haven't told my wife and I am hoping her mom doesn't tell her about it.

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    Straight Female / 19

    When mom remarried I hated her new husband Neil. He's everything my father isn't and for all the right reasons. He's tall, muscular, good looking and has what I know to be a very large cock. He's a successful businessman who has since they married doted on my mom with gifts. He's also bought me many things, which up until a few months ago, I'd not accept. This is the weird bit, and I'm not sure why I had this reaction. I came home from college early and caught Neil fucking my mom from behind. They didn't see me, but I saw his massive cock when he pulled out of my mom to cum all over her face and breasts. I instantly became turned on and even masturbated in my room later thinking of his gorgeous body and his huge cock.
    Over the next couple of months I tried to catch them fucking again, but only once caught a glimpse of my mom sucking on his cock in their bedroom. Frustrated, I eventually decided to see what his reaction would be if I flashed him. Sitting opposite him and my mom as they watched a movie together a month ago, I kept on spreading my legs and showing Neil my neatly trimmed pussy. At first he tried to ignore me. but his growing cock bulge and his constant turning o his head, i knew I had his attention. Waiting until my mom went to the bathroom, I slipped two fingers inside of myself and made sure he watched every inch of my fingers being licked when I pulled them out. He whispered across to me to stop as I was driving him nuts, but all the way through the movie once my mom got back, I carried on flashing him.
    When I heard them fucking a little later, I heard my mom say just how horny he seemed to be. I also heard Neil say "It's just something earlier I thought about". The following morning he told me as he was fucking my mom, he was actually thinking of fucking me.
    This past four weeks I've flashed him a number of times and even walked into the bathroom naked knowing he was in there, but pretending I didn't know. His face each time I flash him or when he saw me completely naked has been one of I'd love to fuck you. So far it's as far as it's gone, but my mom is going to visit my nan shortly for four days. Neil can't go as he's working, and I'm busy in college, so she's going with my uncle.
    I've already told Neil I might want to share his bed, he's told me it'd be wrong, but then the other day I caught him sniffing a pair of my used panties and rubbing his cock through his shorts. I'm not saying anything will happen, but I wouldn't bet against us fucking. it's wrong of me to be wanting my moms husband, but then she didn't think of my feelings when she began to fuck him with our walls being only paper thin.
    I know I've just said maybe nothing will happen, but I'm going to make sure Neil knows he can have me anytime he wants. And I'm going to let him know if he doesn't fuck me, I might just tell my mom he has anyway.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm not quite 18 yet, but close. My aunt just took advantage of me.
    I loved it. I got tired of sneaking peeps and humping the couch pillows
    while peeping at her as she walked around near nude for years. Fortunately,
    she found me asleep, cock in hand, and just decided to make a move I did
    not have near the balls for. Don't hate me. I was helpless.

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