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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 20

    My name is Dave, I'm 20-years old and will be a sophomore at the local state college this fall. Last summer a friend talked me into trying out for a job as a male stripper. We work mostly bachelorette parties, but also do a few hen parties and work at least one night a week at some club in the state. Since I share an apartment with a couple friends my parents don't know what I do for a living.

    This past weekend I worked a party with 2 other dancers. We've done several together over the past year and have a good rhythm down. We each work the room one at a time for about 10 minutes, stripping down from whatever outfits we choose (I'm usually a cowboy) down to a thong. Then after the crowd is loosened up a bit we spend the next 10-minutes doing a group routine, working through the audience and trying to get the girls to either pull the thongs off us, or pull our junk out of the thong.

    I'd say I get laid or blown at least 2 out of every 3 shows, and 100% after every show. That's right guys - the computer nerd in high school who was over weight spent his Freshman year in college working out, taking tai-chi classes and getting himself in shape now gets more pussy in a week than you will have all year.

    That's what brings me here to the confessions site. This past weekend we were working a bachelorette party near my home town, it was late in the show and all 3 of us were bare ass naked. While I try not to cop a boner, having all these beautiful, drunk women fondling my cock, licking me, showing me their tits, and telling me they want to fuck my brains out makes it near impossible to be in any other state.

    One girl was stroking me and urged her friend's mouth down on my cock. I hadn't been paying much attention and I guess the girl hadn't either, because just as her lips closed over my cock and about half the shaft I realized it was my little sister Kim. My little sister, seventeen year old Kim was at a stripper party, drunk and sucking a stripper cock - my cock... I don't know if it was all the stimulation, stroking, or the forbiddeness of the situation but I blew my load (my second of the night) into my sister's sucking mouth. Her head was pulled back as the second rope shot and landed all over her face, shirt, and hair. Her friend pulled her back and started licking it off her and I walked away quickly to our staging area (an empty bedroom) where I sat for a few minutes to get it together.

    One of the other dancers, thinking I'd snuck off to get laid, came back to check on me and I told him my stomach was a bit queasy. The 2 of them finished the show and met me outside afterwards. They said they each had "dates" with women from the wedding party and I was welcome to join, if I was feeling better, but I begged off and drive back to my apartment.

    I haven't been able to think of anything else for the past 3-days now. Not what I did, but how much I want to do it again. I want to feel my sister's mouth on my cock, her legs on my shoulders as I slide into her, her pussy wrapped around my shaft as I breed her. I know it's sick, I know it's wrong, but it's all I can think of.

    I got a text today from my sister, Kim. All it said was "I want to see you again, <3 K" and attached was a picture someone at the party had taken of her sucking my cock and my face was clearly visible.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My step daughter and I started having sexual relations when I was 35. She was 14. I was not the first guy she'd had sex with. She told me this herself. She had slept with a guy about 6 months prior to the first time her and I had any physical relations. I knew the age difference was significant, and I knew it was wrong, but I could not physically hold myself back from having sex with her. I had never seen a girl with her physical build before, I had never been that up close and personal to a girl her age that was so sexually mature, and I had quite honestly never seen a teenage body that young naked before, up close and personal.

    It happened one night when I was at the house alone. She'd gone to her friends house, and her mom was working overnight that weekend. When she came home about midnight that night, I was actually laying on the couch watching TV. She came into the living room, and told me that her friend Miranda had dropped her off. I never set a curfew, because she was always a remotely good kid. Acted pretty decent, pretty laid back, obscene mouth and foul personality at times, but it never did harm. Good grades, some decent friends (yeah, some idiots too), but for the most part, never gave her mom and I shit.

    She said she was going to take a shower, and I said that was cool. She said she'd be back in the living room about a half hour, and if I wanted to, we could watch a movie. I said sure. Walking into the other room, I saw her pull her shirt up and over her head. She never even looked back. I watched her walk from the living room to the dining room and pull her shorts down. I was looking at a black bra strap, and a pair of black panties on her little ass. I had never seen her do something like that before, but figure she probably did it, thinking I wasn't looking. Yeah. I was looking. All I could think about was a girl her age, little round ass, body of about 115 pounds, and thinking girls her age should not look that goddamn good. Laid back down on the couch, and proceeded to watch TV again.

    About 20-25 minutes later, Katie came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. She was drying her hair off, and came in and laid down on the other end of the couch where I was at. I just nudged her with my foot, and said "hey, there's a love seat and a recliner too. Why hog my couch?" and she laughed and said because I can't get close enough to you baby. I just laughed (that's our personalities), and she thought it was funny. I don't know why she started doing it, but she just rolled over, and wound up on top of me, tickling me. I was laughing so hard, I thought I was going to pee myself. She was pushing down, her hands wandering all over my sides, and up my stomach, and across my chest, and when she accidentally slipped, her hand wound up down near my crotch. Her face got all red, and she was blushing like crazy, and just kind of laying on me on the blanket. Without provoking me, I don't know why the fuck I did it, but I just leaned into her and kissed her right on the mouth. She jerked back and looked at me in shock. I said "oh shit. I should not have done that" and in shock, she looks at me and says "dude, what the fuck was THAT?" I just got embarrassed as shit, and said sorry. I was stuttering, and said fuck I'm sorry Katie.

    She just stared at me, and started laughing. She said God. I had you. I've never seen you so freaked out before. So I yanked her back down on me, and said yeah? Freaked out? I'll show you freaked out. You're not going anywhere. She just looked at me. I felt it. I saw it. I leaned in. And she said "Yeah" and we started kissing. And I mean intensely insanely, incredibly hot kissing. It was instant. I'd never done anything like this. Tongue on tongue, her body pushing into mine, and it was the most physical thing I'd ever done with her. We'd never more than just kissed on the mouth on occasion, a goodnight kiss, or a kiss on the cheek.

    All the sudden, she stands up, and off goes her shirt and her pajama pants. I was laying there, staring at her bikini underwear and her bra. And I said "whoah. Holy shit. whoah". And she stops and says no. I really fucking want you. I'm not kidding. I promise to God, I swear to Jesus, I'll never tell a soul. Please. I mean it sincerely. I fucking want you so bad right now"

    I had never heard her talk that way. I stood up, yanked my pants down, my t-shirt up, and stood there in my underwear. And I mean seriously, we were all fucking over each other. It was intense. I had her panties and her bra off within about 30 seconds. Standing there rock hard, looking at her little tits, her little stomach, her little legs, and that bush of pussy hair. I felt myself just about ready to blow looking at that skinny little body. And Katie says "I'm not a virgin. I hope you know". I just looked at her and said well thanks for telling me. I appreciate that. She laughed and said well. I figure you should know. So I just shrugged and said well I never thought we'd be having this conversation either.

    I pushed her on the floor right there, and I was all over her little teenage skinny body. Kissing her mouth, sucking her neck, licking her nipples, sucking on them, licking her tits, and then I was across her stomach. She was laying there, and I heard her say "well fuck, a guy has never done this before" and I buried my face right in her pussy. Right there. I fucking ate her for like a half hour. I think I made her cum at least 5 times. She tasted so sweet. So young. So fucking sexy. My dick was pushing so hard against the floor, I kept licking her, fingering her little pussy, and I could literally not stop.

    When I finally did, I heard her say Oh God. You really need to do it to me. I fucking want you. I thrust my cock right inside her. I didn't wait. I felt it rub against her pussy hair, enter her, and she soaked me. Her pussy was dripping wet. I'd never fucked a teenage girl before, but holy jesus was the most intense thing I ever felt. I felt my dick covered with her juice. It was amazing. She was so goddamn tight. I felt her wrap around me, pull her legs around my ass, and I went so deep inside her, I honestly thought I was going to explode. And I heard her say fuck. Your dick is huge. It feels so good. I really like what you do.

    I just gasped and said fuck Katie, I'm going to cum. She said oh god. Please. I didn't even ask if she was on the pill, or anything else. It was probably the fucking dumbest thing in the world. I just felt my dick squirt. I saw her face, and she says oh shit. I can feel it. I kept squirting. It went on forever. And I mean literally, i felt like I came for 20 minutes. I finally felt my dick going limp after I had nothing left. We just looked at each other and she says to me holy shit. That was pretty amazing. I mean like really amazing. I just panted and said thanks.

    When I got up, I was covered with sweat and my dick was covered with cum. Hers and mine. So I said shit. I know that was a mistake, but I didn't use anything. I'm not sure. And she says don't worry. Mom put me on the pill last year. It stopped my cramps and my shitty feeling. I just said oh god. Thanks for telling me. She laughed and said no. Thanks for sharing yourself with me.

    I knew it was dirty and perverted and nasty and wrong. But I couldn't help it. We were standing there, I'm staring at her little skinny teenage naked body, and she looks at me and says what's the matter? I just stared at her little tits, and said Katie, this might sound really perverted and shit, but I really seriously want to fuck you again. And I mean in the worst horny perverted way. She laughed and said well that's OK. I'm not going to say no.

    About 20 minutes later, I fucked her again on the living room floor. We went for almost 45 minutes and I made her cum at least 5 times before I came inside her again.

    I know it's fucked up and wrong. But in the last couple of months, she's turned 15, and we've had sex about a half dozen more times. If people don't understand it, well, I'm not going to apologize. All I will say is this. The first time you have sex with someone that is so fucking incredible looking, and goddamn sexy, and the sex feels that good, you tell me if you can say no. And if you do? you're lying.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Almost eighteen. I will be next week anyways. And for my most important present, I'm hoping my mom will be staying on her late shift two days after my birthday. That way I can get Gary her husband, my step father, to lick every nerve jangling inch of my pussy and asshole. He might be smallish and slightly overweight, and his cock ain't too big (seven inches)...(Very thick though) but boy can he give the best cunnilingus out there. I'm even going to allow him to do something he's wanted to do for some time, I'm going to let him ass fuck me. Now all I need is my mom to stay on her late shift x

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    Straight Male / 22

    I have always lusted for my Girlfriends mom, she is a very attractive older women with big breasts and great figure. She is very sexual, but her husband does not please her as he has a small cock and is boring in the bed.

    I got a job working from home and a was bored one night and started texting her, just started of with a bit of flirting and then is escalated quickly to us both sharing our sexual desires. At first we agreed to not get physical, but we eventually gave it. At first she dropped me off home one night and she sucked my cock in the car and swallowed my load.

    Again she dropped me off home one night and we pulled over and i fucked her pussy for the first time. I never felt such a wet pussy before and she was so tight. It did not last long as we were both nervous but we both climaxed at the same time. After my cock was soaked with all her juices.

    We did not do anything for a while then one day we had the chance, I told my girlfriend at the time that I would be working late, then I went round to her moms. She was dressed in a black thong and a black corset, with her boobs just spilling over the top.

    As soon as I shut the door we were all over each other, she could not wait to get my cock and start sucking it. I then picked her up in to my arms and carried her to the kitchen and fucked her on the worktop, she was moaning louder and louder with each thrust of my swollen member. After a few minutes my cock was soaked with her cum. I then carried her to the living room and but her a table. I opened her legs to get a look at her pussy. I then proceeded to lick up all her cum.

    After about 5 minute of this and her cumming again, I stopped and turned her around and bent her over and fucked her from behind. She loved it and so did I, as it is our favourite position. We both cummed at the same time. I filled her tight pussy with my seed. She then pushed me on the cotch and straddled my cock. She slowly entered it into her pussy and proceeded to slowly fuck me. She eventually started getting faster and faster till we were both climaxing again.

    At this point we had a break as we were both dripping with sweat. We got a drink and then carried on in the bed room. were again I fucked her doggy and spanked her big sexy ass. She was screaming in pleasure, we done loads of different positions and she showed me how flexible she is for her age. We both cummed again and decided to have a rest to re-charge.

    After about 20mins, we started again but this time I fucked her in her tight ass. It was my first time doing anal and it was amazing. Her ex husband use to fuck her in ass all the time and she said she missed it and could not wait to have my cock in her ass.

    I then cummed in her tight ass and it felt amazing and she seemed to enjoy it and she orgasmed the loudest and longest she had the whole time we were together.

    We then stopped and I went.

    After that we had sex a few time in my girlfriends house whilst she was in. It was very exciting and we both loved it. She could not get enough my cock and cum. And I could not get enough of her pussy and her cum.

    A few times we almost got caught but it never stopped us.

    I always felt bad for my girlfriend afterwards, so i decided to come clean and told her I was cheating on her (not that with her mom though), didnt want them to fall out. We still meet up occasionally for a fuck as her husband is away alot. She loves my cum inside her and just like hearing her moan as I made her orgasm.

    I keep trying to stop as I am trying to move on with my life, but it is really hard as the sex is amazing and I when ever I see her I just wanted to pounce a==on her slid my cock into her pussy and ass. and watch swollow my creamie load.

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    When I was in college I hung out with a group of guys. The girls were there to serve them. There was no middle ground. You were allowed to participate as long as you didn't get in the middle of their things, you kept to the side with the other girls, you slept with the one that brought you, your opinion was requested nor heard.

    My guy was Greg. Greg was a phd candidate in Biology. He had just come back from spending nine months in Belize and he couldn't get enough of me. He was very critical of the local girls, he didn't like they way they smelled and didn't like their color. There are a lot of mixed race people there who mixed with blacks. He was home and he wanted white pussy, morning noon and night.

    There was more than one day that I never got my pants on, t-shirt and a bare bottom. His time abroad really got him to appreciate what he had at home.

    Those days were the best of my college days. Several of the girls in our group are my friends today. I married Greg and several of them married into the group as well.

    When we get together we go off and do our thing, we serve and are attentive. We don't get into their conversations. We keep the kids with us unless they are asked for. As the boys grow older they will go with their dad's, but not yet.

    Our group rarely has any marital problems, really none at all.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I'd suspected it for years. I could tell by the looks he'd given me. Sometimes he'd stare at my ass as I'd walk out of the room. I could see him sometimes following me with his eyes. And sometimes, I would catch him staring at my chest as I bent down or leaned over, trying to catch a shot of my boobs or cleavage. I just thought it was kind of hot, dirty, weird, creepy and a lot of everything, but since my step dad never acted on it, I didn't care. I figured either he was afraid he'd get busted, he didn't know what I'd do, I'd rat him out, or maybe he was afraid I might act on it, and he wouldn't know what to do.

    He's raised me since I was 5. He's always been a cool dude. I've always liked hanging out with him, doing social stuff, having my friends over, and it was always fun. I always wondered if he'd ever fucked any of my friends, but I honestly think they would have said something, knowing I wouldn't rat him out or tell. So no, I don't think it'd happened. I just think he'd stare at me sometimes, and get horny. And knowing my mom didn't put out a lot, I'm sure he was jerking off at night. Sometimes I wondered if he'd ever thought about me when he was doing himself. It was kind of creepy to think about as I was younger, but when I got older, sometimes I'd look at him, knowing on occasion he'd fuck my mom, and yeah I'd wonder what he'd be like if he was railing me. Not something I ever acted on, because I guess I'm not sure what he'd do. I knew he was into checking out younger chicks, but I won't lie. I'm not skinny, I'm not perfect looking, don't have a beautiful ass or anything. I've been told I'm good looking, and cute and all that. But I know what most guys look for.

    I live on my own, and I go visit a lot. I went through a nasty divorce a couple of years ago, and I have both of my kids. Thankfully my parents are great babysitters when I need it, and I'm lucky to have my own house and make good money, so I'm not like a lot of my friends who can't find a pot to piss in. They've always been good to me. I think it's a bit weird that my mom and step dad are married still, because they really have nothing in common, my sister and I are both grown up and moved out, and yet my folks still manage to put on a good front. They don't go out with other couples a lot, but most times, just kind of hang out themselves. I guess whatever works.

    I went over to my folks house last weekend. My kids were with their dad, who isn't actually a bad dude. He's pretty good about taking them when he's supposed to, and he does pay his money. They take it out of his check, so he can't avoid it. And because I work, it makes it even easier. But I had the weekend free, and had no interest in hanging out with some of my friends who were going to spend the weekend at the bar, some married, picking up guys and fucking random dudes. Not my thing. Never was. And some were going to do their drugs and stupid shit, and then say "I can't even remember what I did all weekend" because they are dumb like that. I had no real plans, so I went over to visit my folks. Found out my mom was working. And ended up hanging out with my step dad.

    We were in the living room watching a movie. And as always, we talk back and forth, joke, and make comments about shit in the movies. I don't know why I brought it up, but asked him about him and my mom. He just shrugged and said you know. Same old shit, different day. And I asked him how he dealt with it. He laughed and said "masturbate a lot" - I thought that was hilarious. I always figured he did, but he'd never admitted it. I finally said "why not find a girlfriend? There are sites and all that. Or get a divorce, and find someone else" - He just shrugged and said easier to deal with, no drama, no bullshit, no headaches, and we don't have to fight over money, bank accounts, the house or cars. I understood, because my ex was an idiot, and we battled for quite awhile to settle shit. So I got the idea it was just quiet for him to go through it. He didn't seem too upset. And then he said "well, your mom gives it to me sometimes. Not that you'd want to hear it. But it works on occasion" and I laughed and said well, I figure yours works all the time. Hers probably doesn't. And he laughed and said yeah.

    I was getting tired, so I told him I was going to head to bed. I was going to stay at the house that weekend, figure I'd get up, see my mom, hang out for awhile until she had to go back to work, and then I'd head home rather than spending the weekend at the house alone. I got up and gave my step dad a hug. He just looked at me. I don't know why I did it, but I leaned in, and looking at him, kissed him on the mouth. He pulled back in shock and said "what was that for?" I just shrugged and said I don't know. I just wanted to. And I was even more shocked when he said "can you do it again? I liked it". I was a bit nervous, but said sure. I kissed him on the mouth, and he started kissing me back. It felt really good. I just kept going. He kept kissing me, and I felt his arms around my neck. We started kissing even harder, and I felt his tongue push against my mouth, so I opened up my mouth, and couldn't believe we were making out in my folks living room. I'd never done anything like that before with him. Ever. Never even considered it.

    When we stopped, he just stared at me, and said "wow" I just was out of breath, and said God. That was amazing. My face was all red. I couldn't believe I said that. And he looked at me, quietly said to me "I want you." and I nodded and said "I do too. I want you. Really bad"

    We ended up going upstairs quietly and walked into my mom and step dad's room. We stood there looking at each other, and he started kissing me. It didn't take long to get undressed, and we were standing there naked. I'm kind of heavy, don't have the perfect set of boobs, I have a small chest, and I have a big butt. I had no idea if I even got him going sexually, at all, until I looked down, and realized his cock was massively huge. He was incredibly turned on. And he came up to me, pushing against me, and we ended up falling on the bed laying there kissing. I heard him gasp and say I want you so bad. So so bad. I was really turned on.

    It was some of the most amazing sex I've ever had in my life. I have never done anything like that before. Ever. I'd slept with guys, true, had kids with the father of my kids, true, but nothing like this. My step dad sexually did for me what a guy hadn't done in a long time. I think I had a half dozen orgasms. And when he finally went inside me, I felt like my insides were on fire. Just him going in me, I came. It was instant. I mean literally, he pushed in me, I saw his face, and I just let go. He knew it. He was kissing on me, and off it went.

    When we were going at it, I knew he was going to blow. He was on top of me, and I saw his face. And I watched him do it. It was amazing. When he finished, he just panted and said fuck. That was amazing. And then about a half hour later, after laying there on the bed naked with him, we fucked again. The second time, honest to God, he lasted nearly a half hour before he came inside me.

    This time I was on top, he was grabbing my boobs, pulling on my hips, I came at least 3 times just fucking him, and he let loose inside me. I'd never felt something like that before. Seriously, he was incredible.

    We went to bed that night, and my mom came home in the morning. Suspecting nothing. She never said a word. I stayed at the house, we hung out that afternoon, and she went to work. I was going to leave early evening, but I ended up staying later. My step dad and I fucked twice more that evening before I left. First time in the living room. And second time were in the shower. I told him I wanted to clean up before I went home. And without a word, he came into the bathroom, got in the shower, and fucked me bent over against the wall. It was the most intense and hard sex I've ever had. He made me feel like a guy never has.

    I've talked to him a couple of times since then. But Lord I want to go back and do it again. I almost should feel guilty, but I guess I can't. I just keep thinking about sex with him.

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    Straight Male / 26

    My older sisters friend and I had sex a few times. last weekend she and I spent the night at my sister and her husbands house. Up stairs bedroom and we had a good night, we had sex most of the night.
    Saturday morning I woke up and she was gone from the bed. I went down stairs to get a drink and food, when I heard my sister moaning. My brother in law was gone to work 1/2 day. So I knew they were not having sex, but the door was partly open.
    I got close and looked in and my sister was legs open with her friend giving her some head. I stood there and listened to them. Then I could hear her friend and she was saying to my sister what she said to me. Then she was moaning her self. When she finished I went back up stairs and got back in bed. I turned on the TV and she came back. She got in bed and kissed me. I said her lips smelled and taste like pussy, she said shut up and lets fuck.
    She pulled my cock out and soon we were fucking like the night before.

    When we finished we went down stairs and had breakfast with my sister. I am a bit confused saying this, but it turned me on hearing the two of them together.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Since I live with my parents, some insight from their and my side into our respective lovelifes are quite natural, but perhaps not like this.

    Over the years I've heard my parents fuck on numerous occasions, they've no doubt heard me and different girls do the dirty deed - mom walked in on me and a girl once, a few years ago. But this, this is weirder.

    I came home early a few times this week - and since it's dad's day off, it seems he'd been relaxing on the couch..very much so. The first day there were some telltale lotion and napkins on the table next to his laptop. Mom at work, so the old guy decides to blow a load. Who am I to judge? Good for him, I suppose.

    Later, same week, I get home early, and this time I hear noises from upstairs. Distinct moaning, smacking of someone being fucked followed by a loud "aaah yes that's it, fuck that whore" followed by a fanatic fapping sound and grunts and groans, as what I can only imagine was my dad busting nuts to some nasty porn in the living room.

    Fast forward a few days later, and I wake up with a fever. I get up, call school to tell them I'm sick. Dad, who was having breakfast with mom informs me it's his day off so he'll fix me lunch later. I go to my room, fall fast asleep only to wake at about noon. I'm hungry, so I decide to see if dad is about to make us lunch. I find the lower floor abandoned, but upstairs..not so much, although I wish it was. In the living room, on the sofa, holding his hard cock, dad is sat jerking off, and as I sneek a peek upstairs goes "take it you fucking cumslut ahhhhhhhh" and shoots a fucking huge load over his own hand. I stretch my neck, and my world freezes over. On our big HD tv is being fucked. Hard. Doggystyle. By my dad. Who I just saw nut as crazy. I sneak back down, but something had changed in my mind, forever. As dad, after lunch went to the store, I raided his laptop, and sure enough, there was a full hour of mom and him on his HD..and now, on mine. I feel so fucking wrong writing this, but I've already nutted twice to mommy dear, and I think there's a hat trick coming on...

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    Straight Male / 48

    Ever since she was little, my stepdaughter was adorable. I quickly fell in love with her as much as her mother. After a couple years of dating and living together, her mom and I married.

    When Zoe was only 9, her mom made the mistake of telling me she already had hair on her pussy. It came as a result of a discussion about how early girls develop. Learning that secretive info, I just had to get a peek at that tender area. Unfortunately, it took me 2 years to figure out how I might go about it. When she was 11, I realized the door jamb wood was loose around our bathroom door. If I quietly slid a flat screwdriver into the little gap, it opened up enough to let me see a wide part of the bathroom without being seen from inside. The first day it worked out, I was so nervous and my heart beating so hard I thought I'd have a heart attack. Couple that with the fact that our bedroom was only 4 steps from the bathroom, it was easy to know I might get caught at any second.

    As Zoe finished her shower, she turned off the water and I knew that my goal was close at hand. I was FINALLY going to see her naked! As she opened the shower curtain to grab a towel, I couldn't believe it but she was standing exactly where I needed so that I could see everything! I was shocked that her mom wasn't lying. Now, 2 years later and only 11, she had a full woman's bush. Dark and sweet. And she had tiny tits already starting.

    My wife is a deep sleeper, so I got to relive this thrill 4-5 times a week for several years. I loved watching her tits get bigger and fuller and that bush just kept getting more delightful. One night, she took a bath instead and I got to watch her during the entire session as her mom wasn't home. At one point, she raised her hips above the water line as she seemed to enjoy watching the water rise her bountiful hairy triangle. She repeated this motion over and over again to watch the running rush through her giant beaver.

    Twice, I came home extremely early for lunch during school vacation and, while blowing drying her hair, was able to walk right up to her as we was totally naked. Full hairy pussy and now fuller developed tits it was amazing. She was embarrassed. Looking back, I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities to make a bigger deal of these events. I doubt she would ever have sex with me, but ....

    From the time she was 11, she had various girlfriends that would spend the night or the weekend. I was especially excited at those times because it meant I was most likely going to see them naked after their shower the very next day. Gratefully, I have seen 6 of her girlfriends completely nude hopping out of the shower between 11-16. 2 of her best friends I have seen over and over again. One is a blonde with the tiniest tits but a very hard attractive tummy and a blond busy. The other is a very fair skinned Irish redhead that drives me wild. Her jiggly tits bounce and dance all over when she's drying herself off after a shower and she has a giant firebush that I'd give anything to rub my face all over. Her pussy hair looks very coarse and wiry and I love that.

    As she got older, I became more worried about her activities with horny guys. One day, she didn't properly close out of her e-mail account on my laptop and I was able to look over every e-mail she hadn't deleted. It recounted how she'd been giving road head to her bf (she was now 14) and how they'd fucked at the drive-in theater. I had no idea she could think or talk so dirty for a young girl but the 2 of them talked about how he wanted it up her ass and how she wanted him to do her standing up next to a wall. When I confronted her with the info, I told her that it's all out in the open now and the only way she can get into further trouble would be to lie or not disclose everything. At one point, she explained that she liked sucking cock and she wasn't going to stop. I was stunned, but my main feeling was one of wanting to pull my cock out of my pants and wanting to jackoff and cum all over her face.

    She is now 16 and she has had her current bf for over a year. About 2 months into their relationship it was pretty obvious that they were getting it on and I even bought her rubbers to have on hand in her room. One of my secrets was to count her condom collection every day so I knew exactly when they'd have sex. Her bedroom is in the basement and I worked it out to where I can see past the blinds covering the window so as to look down on them in the "living room" area. Most times they wouldn't do anything at all, but the first time I got lucky I was ecstatic. She was stroking his young cock. I was impressed as she looked rather masterful. I was surprised that she knew how to go slow, then faster then almost stop so as to make him last. I was sure that she'd be wrapping her mouth around his big boner any moment but I was disappointed that that never occured and I've still never seen her blow him. The 2nd time was ever better. He had slid her pants and panties off and was naked and sliding on a rubber. He opened her legs and I got to watch him slide it in and out of her pussy. No great position changes or anything wild, just straight missionary fucking by this 17 y/o boy and my 15 y/o stepdaughter. I loved watching the look on her face while being fucked. My guess was they couldn't be more adventurours knowing that I was "supposed" to be just upstairs watching tv. This straight fucking happened 2 more times and I would never get tired of watching her get fucked.

    The last time it happened, I'm guessing she was on her period. He kept rubbing her ass and paid extra attention to her tits. The 3 times I'd seen them go all the way, he never took off her top... guessing that's because they wanted to cover up what they were doing if her mom or I ever snuck downstairs to bust them. This time, he was all over her tits and she even took off her top and bra. I was amazed because her tits never flatten out when she lays down. They are hard and impressive. He must have sucker her boobs for 20 minutes or more and seemed to really be into it. He then took out his cock and started to rub them between her tits. Over about 8-10 minutes, the intensity increased and I sensed he must be really feeling good. He must have said something to her because she was smiling and leaned her chin back just enough so that, when he gushed a giant load, it went all over her neck but never got up to her face. She seemed to really like the activity and was still smiling as she got up to bounce over ot the bathroom to grab a towel and clear off her neck, chest and his cock.

    Once in a while, I open the door to the bathroom when she's showering and we'll hold a quick conversation before i leave the house. It allows me a good enough closeup of her ass, sexy hips and side boob. I'll never tire of seeing her amazing young body that causes me to jackoff every single day for fear I'll drop to my knees and force my way into her short shorts, bikinis or yoga pants. Her ass is enough to drive most guys over the edge. One of my favorite things to do is to walk a good ways behind her at the mall so I can watch boys and older men practically touching themselves when she walks by. It makes me hot knowing they all want to drive their big meat into her little girl c**t. I hope there are many more occasions where I get to see her getting rammed over and over again. I'd love to see her with a much older man that can really plow her good and make her scream and yell so she can't hide her pleasure.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    This was originally posted to confession #10624 as a comment. I want to post it as a My Family Confession. This is about my step daughter. 1411

    Many of the postings and comments on the site say how hot, good looking, sexy with big tit their stepdaughters are and that is the reason they want to fuck her. Although my step daughter is good looking and has a nice body and is 20 years younger than me, getting her in bed and fucking her is not my main motivation! I am in love with my stepdaughter. I started falling in love with her back in 2010 at a large family gathering. Two years later I told her that I was in love her, want to make love to her and want us to be together.

    Before I go any further, I need to tell you about her mother (my wife). The three of have lived together in the same house for last 7 years. Her mother rarely has sex with me, only about once a month. At the time of this writing we have not had sex in over 8 months. She never kisses me and rarely has anything nice to say to me. When my wife and I do have sex she simply dose not respond or participate. She just lays on her back motionless with her legs spread and lets me pump in and out of her vagina until I come. For the last several years it has not been love making or even sex. It is as if I have just been using her vagina to masturbate myself. If it takes me longer than 15 minutes to come she starts to complain. Many times I stop before I come because she complains so much I loose my hard on. Lately I have been masturbating and I enjoy it more than sex with my wife.

    My stepdaughter sees how her mother treats and I have told her about her mother and my sex life is. Or I should say is not. I have told my step daughter that do not love her mother any longer and I am in with love her and I want to be with her instead of her mother. My stepdaughter say she understand my feelings for her but says there is no way. I know her and I could not be together without up setting the whole family.

    My stepdaughter lets me hug her passionately. We have not had sex or even kissed. I have tried to touch her breasts, each time she has stopped me. Again, I am not the kind of guy that just wants to fuck my step daughter just because she hot and sexy. I love her very much and want to make love to with her. If at all possible I would leave her mother just be with her for the rest of my life.

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