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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was 14 I spent the summer on my Grandparents farm my aunt was 2 years older that me. She was always talking about her girlfriend who lived on the next farm how she thought that she had bigger breasts that her and a nicer ass.
    I told my aunt that she was better looking then her and she said I love you for saying that. Things went well for the next 2 weeks and then her friend came over she had on a halter top and her tits looked bigger that my aunts.
    When she left my aunt said come into the barn and I did she took off her top and said aren't my tits nice. I had never seen a girls tits before and just stood there looking at them. She said well are they nice or not and don't you think they are bigger that Barbara's. I was speechless I didn't know what to do I wanted to feel them, but I was not sure how much she would allow me to do. I said they are the biggest I have ever seen and she said thanks.
    The farm house was 2 floors the kids that came always sleep on the 2nd floor and Grandma and Grandpa sleep downstairs. There were 2 rooms on the second floor one for boys and one for girls and a half bath so you could pee without running up and down the stairs at night, that was not allowed.
    A couple of days went by and we worked in the garden and every time my aunt bent over all I could think about was her tits and ass. I think she knew it because a couple of times she said what are you looking at my ass. I said no I was looking to see how much more work we had to do, I was lieing and I am sure she knew it.
    That night we each took a shower and I put on just a pair of shorts as it was hot on the second floor and went up to bed. Sometime during the night my aunt came into my room and crawled into bed with me. She reached under the sheet and started sliding down my shorts and said I want to feel your thing. She took hold of me and said put your hand between my legs I did and felt her pussy, but what I really want to feel her tits. She said have you ever put your thing in a girl before, I said no she said get on top of me and you will. I got between her legs and she worked my cock into her hole, she said you are not real hard I said can I suck your tits she said sure, but don't leave a mark on them. I started sucking them first one that the other and sure my cock started getting harder. She said your thing is getting harder just don't come in me, when you think you are going to come put out and come on my stomach.
    I pulled out early as I was afraid she would get mad at me and beat my ass. I shot my cum on her stomach after I jerked off for a while. Each time we did it I got braver and stayed in her pussy a little longer.
    To this day I am not sure why she didn't get pregnant that summer some times I pulled out in time other times I shot
    my cum right into her she knew when I was coming in her pussy and would push me off before she took the whole load inside.
    Two years later she got married and told me not to ever tell anyone that we had sex that summer, but I know now that I was not her first or her pussy would not have been so easy to get into.
    I still think about her and I guess you always think about your first pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    My stepdaughter Tracy is 24 years old and presently back home after her latest relationship ended. Her mother agreed that she could come back home temporarily until she got back on her feet.

    Tracy's mother and I had drifted apart and I wAS SURE THAT SHE WAS HAVING an affair. Every day she was spending a lot of time on the phone and when I would be in the area she would end the phone calls with, "I'll call you back". Quite frankly I pretty much didn't care as I had felt no love for her. I am a lawyer and my law firm kept me so busy that I didn't really care what my wife was doing.

    One weekend my wife was going to New Jersey to spend some time with her sister. At least that is what she said. For all I knew she could be meeting up with a lover.

    After she left for New Jersey her daughter Tracy asked me if I was concerned that her mother might be having an affair. I acknowledged that I suspected it. Tracy told me that she also suspected it. Tracy then told me that she knew that her mother and I were no longer in a loving relationship and she couldn't understand why. She then told me that if she was married to me that she would be fucking me every day. I had often times fantasized about having sex with Tracy and I told her that if I was married to her that I would be fucking her every day, as well. With that Tracy put her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. Tracy then said that with her mother gone for the weekend that we should live out our fantasies

    Needless to say, the next three days were the most passionate sex that I haVE EVER HAD. We sucked each other to one passionate orgasm after another. Tracy told me that the fact that I was her stepfather made our sex that much more exciting.

    For the next 6 months Tracy and I took every opportunity to enjoy each other. I have since filed for divorce from her mother and I am not sure how this will affect Tracy and my sexcapades. I have moved into a rental property that I own and Tracy will always be welcome to stop by anytime.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Sorry for the rant, I have to unload. I have been waiting for this to happen, it finally did.

    My husband's twenty two year old cousin came to visit. She is his second cousin, but never mind they are cousins. She came because she was having problems at her parent's house because she is not employed, she has a college degree and prefers to party. This is an old story and I am on her mother's side. I have know this girl she was eleven years old. And I have kept her during the summer breaks. We took her with us on our first summer holiday to the beach. I bought her first big girl bikini. Her mother is my best friend. To me she is family, no matter that she is a second cousin. I know her heart can only see her cousin and she is his favorite. But now the chickens come home to roost.

    She gets to my house, I am nursing a two month old baby, I have two toddlers. I am looking forward to having her help me, I can really use it. Her attention is on my husband. She is there to serve him, make him a sandwich, get him a beer, keep him company. Anything I ask of her she does but with a deep breath and a don't pick on me attitude.

    So, I am upstairs putting the babies to bed, nursing takes an hour or so, I go back downstairs to our room and she is on the bed talking to my husband in her underwear. Her bra can't hold her in, and her panties are a G-string. They are having a private conversation. He is entirely blind to her, she sees me and gets off the bed and goes and sits on the arm of my husband's recliner. If I can see inside her underwear so can he, but like I said he is blind.

    One in the morning she comes and wants to get in bed with us. She wants to be hugged and held. I ask her to please think of what she is doing, she pulls her night shirt up to get in bed, crawls into the middle and settles in under his arm. I got out of bed and asked him if he thought this was appropriate. Yes, I made the mistake of letting her sleep with us when she was younger, but she is a full grown woman now and I would have thought she was no longer in need of being comforted.

    I left, I went upstairs to sleep with my daughters. In the morning she is laid out on the bed, half naked meaning no panties, he is in the shower. I confronted him, yes he had sex with her. His own cousin. He had been out in the cold since I was eight months and I am not ready to return to sex. But that doesn't excuse him having sex with her, no matter how attractive she is and how nice she looks and how attentive she is to him.

    I asked him to send her home. He asked her to stay. He told her that she could stay with us until she found a job. Move right in and be part of the nuclear family. She is sorry, she says. It won't happen again, she says. But she is fully attentive to his needs, her mind is only on him. As sorry as she feels she can't turn off her heart. As angry as I am, I can't ask her to leave. This day has always been a slow motion wreck waiting to happen.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    I was sixteen and had spent the night at my grandma’s house. My cousin, Lisa, who was fifteen stayed the night too. I slept on the couch and woke up the next morning watching tv with a blanket over me. I slept in just my underwear. Grandma was up and working on some paperwork at the table in the living room. Lisa walked down from the upstairs in a nightie. She went to the other end of the couch and got under the blanket and watched tv with me.

    Lisa got hot, so she threw off the blanket. I glanced down and could see her hairy pussy. Guess she saw my face and realized what I was seeing. She reached down and spread her pussy lips and just smiled. She thought it was funny and soon was rubbing her pussy and inserting a few fingers. I was going crazy watching her. She pointed at my crotch and made a motion for me to jack off. I looked back to make sure grandma was getting up then I pulled the blanket down and showed Lisa my hard cock and started jacking off. We were both watching each other masturbate.

    As a kid, you think you are being sneaky, but in reality adults know you are up to something. That was what happened in this case. Grandma kept noticing we were looking back at her. Grandma finally said she was going upstairs to shower. We heard her go up the stairs and soon heard water running. I pulled my underwear off and Lisa took off her nightie. She was laying there nude running her pussy and her big tits. I was excited and she motioned for me to cum on her. I willingly complied. There I was with cum still dripping out of my dick, Lisa with cum all over her and nude. Since grandma suspected something, she had come back downstairs and walked in when we were like that. There was no hiding what happened.

    After we both showered, grandma sat us down. I was in tears fearful she was going to tell on us and I was going to be in a world of trouble. She calmed me down and said she should tell on us, but... I was expecting her to tell us never to be alone with each other or something like that. Instead she handed us a few condoms and explained how to use one and the possibilities if we didn’t use a condom. That night was amazing. Lisa and I slept in the spare bedroom together. We fucked about three times. That was the beginning of a sexual relationship that continues to this day.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I'm a bi man, in my early 40s, and live alone. One day surfing porn I came across an ad for a nudist park, so intrested I called the place up, and they said they didn't rent the trailers, you had to buy them. They were cheap, so I told her I was interested, and she told me I have to go through a screening process. WTF?

    So I setup a time to see a trailer they had for sale, submit an application if interested, and than go through this screening process, WTF that was about I had no clue. I go there, the place was way out in the country, and I was met at the gate by a woman. We chat about the trailer, then I'm like okay can I see it. She says sure, but we have to get nude before we go into the park, and of course I say that's fine.

    We get nude, she was rather chunky, so nothing to look at, we go around the park, and she shows me the clubhouse, fire pit, and then the trailer. Well I was interested because it was only 10K, we get back, as I'm filling out the paperwork, we're talking about the people in the park, and she asks me how am I with children, and then do I have any kids that will be coming with me.

    I tell her no kids and I'm fine with kids, they don't bother me, and she says there's a few kids from 5 to 10 that live here all the time, but mostly people bring their kids on the weekends, and then they do special things on holidays. She then makes a call, sounded like she was talking to her husband, and I hear her say, yeah you can send her up, and minutes later in walks a little girl about 6 I'd guess. Now mind you, we're still naked, and she introduced me to the little girl who was her daughter. The little girl is setting in a chair across from me, legs spread, then starts asking questions, as I'm answering her, the whole time she's staring at my dick, and she notices a tattoo on me. As her mother is looking over the paperwork, the little girl gets up, walks over to me so she can see the tattoo better, she reaches out, and puts her hand on my leg. Her mother was asking me questions and her little girl slid her hand up my leg, and then wrapped her hands around my dick causing me to jump a little.

    Her mother told her don't do that it's not nice, I say it's okay she was just curious, and her mother said, Yeah me too but she (her daughter) could have at least asked first. We kind of laughed, then her daughter turns to her, and asks well can I mommy? Her mother told her she has to ask me, and she turned to me saying, can I touch your dick. I looked up at her mother and she jokingly said, I don't care if you don't. So I'm like OKAY if you want to I don't care, she takes my cock in her hand, and went right to jacking it.

    My cock cock sprung to life, I looked back up at her mother, she has a big smile on her face, then her little girl bent down, and started sucking the head of my cock! As I'm looking down, I catch moment from her mother, I look back up, her mother had put her leg on the desk, and I can tell she rubbing her pussy, but can't see it. Then her little girl stops sucking my rock hard, looks up at me, and asks if I want to put my dick inside her.

    Again I look back up at her mother who is clearly fingering her pussy, she looks down at her daughter, then says, why don't you hop up on his lap baby, her got between my legs facing me, and I said, no turn around sweetie so mommy can watch. She around, spit in her hand, rubbing it on her pussy, and that fucking little girl sat all the way down on my cock.

    I'm not huge or anything, but I am 7", then this little girl starts riding my dick, she's bent over forward, so with my cock buried in her, I stand her up, grab her behind her knees, and kind of roll her on my lap. I could feel she been fucked a lot, she was tight, but nothing what I expected from a pussy that young, and I only lasted maybe two or three minutes, but it was the hardest I ever came.

    Come to find out, the nudist park was just a front for p**ophiles, and ran for years. Well I bought that trailer and lived in the park. The couple that lived next to me came only on weekends, they was in their early 30s, they had two kids, a 2 year old girl, and 4 year old boy. The guy's wife loved drinking piss, because I seen them a lot outside in the back, with their daughter laying on the picnic table, legs spread wide pissing in her mother's mouth, as the guy was fucking the woman from behind. Then one day I seen him out back, his son was on the picnic table, on his back, legs in the air, and his dad was just drilling his ass. So later that day I introduced myself and within hours I was fucking that little boys butt.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 52

    When I was a teenager I was into drinking and no wonder there was always boose in the house and I don't think anyone cared if some of it was gone.
    One afternoon in the summer it was hot and I put on my swim suit and went and laid by the pool. Mom came home from work at 4 and put on her suit and came out to the pool with a drink. She finish that one and told me to go get her
    another so I did she drank that one right down and said I have had shitty day get me some more.
    I told her that drinking that fast in the sun would make her drunk before supper. She said if you don't get me one I will go get it myself and she did. I lay there for a while and she didn't come back so I got up and went into the house and jumped into the shower and wrapped a towel around me and went into my bedroom. Mom was laying on my bed with a drink and said have a drink with me. I said not right now I haven't had any thing to eat. She said neither have I just drink. I said Mom you have had enough and she replied I know when I have had enough.
    I left the room and she yelled get back in here i'm not though talking. So I went back into the room and laid down on the bed beside her she put her arm around me and said she loved me. I told her that was the boose talking not her, she said no honest I love you more that anything or anyone. We lay there on the bed and she untied the top of her suit and it came loose and just lay on her breasts, she said do you think that I am beautiful? I told her she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She moved to the side and her top revealed her left tit it was milky with a light brown nipple she didn't try to cover it just left it out of the cup. I hugged her and the other tit be came exposed she didn't seem to worry. Now I am not sure how this all keep going on, but I took her top and through it on the floor and started kissing her breasts. She didn't try to stop me she just let me suck her nipples first one then the other I was getting a hard-on and she knew it, because I was pushing it into her side. Slow down big boy she said and reached down and moved my cock to a different spot. Something came over me I want to have sex with her that had never happened before she was my Mom what was I thinking. Well I wasn't thinking I reached down and grabbed hold of the bottom of her suit and began pulling it off her she screamed OMG what are you doing i'm your Mother you can't do this to me. She had a hairy pussy and the hair was very dark brown, but the hair on her head was light brown. I climbed up on her and put my head between her legs and started eating her c**t she didn't open her legs at first, but as I keep lapping her hairy slit she opened them up. I had never eaten pussy before, but I loved it I not only lap it I sucked the flesh and stuck my tongue inside of her I had lost touch with everything, but her crack I was in love with eating her and she didn't try to stop me I think I heard her say eat me, eat my pussy. I stopped eating her and got on top and my cock wet right inside her. Her c**t was bigger that my cock she had a big hole, but it still felt good she said stop, please don't fuck your Mother. It was to late to think about stopping I kept driving my cock into her and I knew all I wanted to do was come and I did and it felt good.
    We lay there on the bed for quite a while and she said eat my pussy, eat me now. You know a funny thing happens when you get your rocks off the last thing you think about is eating the pussy you just fucked.
    Mom never mention that day to me, but she knew what I had done, she knew that she was my first fuck.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    It all started at the end of 2010 New Year’s Eve of 2011 when I would become a senior in high school. My dad left to work for a couple hours to turn the machines off and my mom invited he close friend of 10 years and her nephew, long story short a couple hours before my dad came home my mom was passed out drunk on the couch , I sat I front of her after I covered her with a large blanket not know Lynn’s nephew Matt would sit next to her(mom) and unbutton her pants from underneath the blanket. The only reason I noticed is because my mom even tho unconscious started to rub my left thigh due to Matt finger fucking her I was buzzed and didn’t really get why she was rubbing me but she got closer to my cock and soon enough she made me Rock Hard. After a few strokes through my pants I busted soaking my boxers and pants in my cum. I leaned back to lie down near her and that’s when I looked over and saw him still rubbing her clit. His aunty Lynn called for him, after he took off to the back yard with everyone else I felt guilty but wanted to take a look at how far he got into her she was wearing white panties and completely soaked through. She did not react when I took a look I wanted to taste and touch her myself but I heard someone coming so I threw the blanket over the both of us and I went behind her to act if I was sleeping to or hoping they wouldn’t notice me since everyone was already drunk. It ended up being Matt back for seconds and as he took his seat he reached underneath and spread my moms legs to finger bang her once again. Her moans her low when he started again not knowing what she was reaching for in her drunken slump her hand found its way to my zipper after pulling my mushroom tip out she squeezed it, the previous ejaculation was covering her even the new Precum that was Leaking out. She ended up with rubbing every drop from the top of her pussy through her taint and sliding it through the crack of her ass. Now a few years later I use her panties and brah to masterbate every chance I get.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 52

    My grand--daughter, Shala, married young but I can understand why. Tom is tall and a gorgeous hunk of manhood. After having him in our family for a year or so, everyone liked him. I felt a bit stronger about him. Last winter my husband of 40 years, Max, and I joined Shala and Tom on a dinner date. We went to my husband's club which I knew well over the years. After dinner I had three brandies, extremely unusual of me but I felt like partying a bit. Then Max and Shala went to get the car, a bit of a walk so I remained behind in the dead of winter after dark. Tom offered to stay with me. We decided to wait in the lobby so we could see the car when they returned.

    We walke into a smaller foyer sealed off from the lobby itself so fairly cold on that bitter night. I did not like the outside lamp on my face so we walked over to the darker corner of the foyer and I could still see the drive outside. We both wore heavy woolen coats but I complained about the cold and Tom hugged me tightly. Still woozy from the brandies, my arms were just hanging down, limp, and I was just going to put my gloves on when the back of my right hand brushed on Tom's cock, which seemed to be vibrating and was hard as a rock inside his pants.

    Without thinking, I took hold of Tom's cock and felt its length under his pants. I then started to apologize and Tom just hugged me a bit harder. What happened then took place so fast it was like a flash. While rubbing Tom's erection, I turned away from him so I could feel his cock, that hooked upward a bit, on my ass. I masturbated it a bit and heard him unzipping. Then, I hiked that back of my skirt up and pulled my panties aside to give him access to my vagina.

    It was dizzying and unreal but before a beat, Tom slid completely inside me and started fucking me from behind. I recall saying, "Oh Goddd, so good." I had a box of tissues in my purse and told Tom he could come in me. When he heard that he let fly and I could feel his hardness shooting inside me. His cock jerked up and down with each shot.

    Tom remained hard and started fucking me again, finally coming a second time. I just stood there, both of us in our heavy woolen coats, fully dressed, thanking Providence that we had remained alone in the foyer. We spotted the car turning into the drive and quickly unplugged and smoothed our coats. In the car on the long drive home, I slipped my hand under my coat and masturbated thinking of Tom's come inside me from two climaxes. I came, then fell asleep.

    Tom and I at first talked on the phone about our mutual astonishment but it shifted into us having phone sex and now we are planning to see each other and fuck more if we are careful. Shala would never believe what her granny has done and plans to do more of. A few years from now I won't be able to cut it. Thank God for Tom.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My mom was widowed young, when I was 15, and married Dean, a wonderful man who was a good friend of my dad. He is handsome and very straight, decent and honest. Early on, a starry eyed teen that I was, I got a terrible crush on my stepfather. I made the mistake of telling mom. She started to freak out and accused him of trying to seduce me. She badgered him so often (while he was totally innocent) that they finally split. I told her to find a good psychologist somewhere. I was really upset because I loved my new stepdad and not lusted after him in any way. He ha always been a perfect gentleman with me.

    I went on to college, graduated, got a job fairly quickly, something that surprised me, and had not talked to Dean in four years. Yesterday, I tracked him down and called him. He was happy to hear from me and invited me to dinner after I filled him in on my life. I told him that mom had remarried. I'm anxious to see him since I still love him. He's 20 years older than me and I know we are two ships passing in the night. But I keep thinking, "one never knows."

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Most Friday afternoons, sometimes early Saturday, my brother in law Jay (He's eighteen) calls by for his weekly massage. Only we all, including my wife know why he's really here.
    I do massage his wonderful slim young body, but I also give and receive our weekly blow jobs, rim his tight asshole and fuck his gorgeous sweet ass until I bust my nut up his shit box.
    Sometimes his older sister watches, other times she'll help me at least massage him (I have seen her suck him off). But mostly she now leaves alone to suck and fuck with him.
    It's an arrangement I fully enjoy and one I fully intend to carry on doing.

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