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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I don't know how or where to start only to just jump right in.
    Hi my name is Samantha and I just turned 14 at the time, I only had one brother, mother and father and they were scared to death that my brother was going to be gay, my brother had never been on a date or had a girlfriend and never talked about them either, and this is the foundation of this confession.

    It was on a Saturday night my father gave my brother some money and the keys to the car he was 18 and had a drivers license, my mother took me to my room, sat me down on the bed, she said I need to talk to you, this is very important
    so I asked, what is it mom? then she replied.

    I want you to go out with your brother tonight and have a good time, I don't know any other way to say this other than just to say it, ok mom what is it? your brother is still a virgin and we are very concerned about that, we don't want him to be gay, we, your father and I have talked about this several times and tried several things, but nothing has worked, mom what are you saying?

    Samantha I am going to be blunt, I want you to have sex with your brother, WHAT? your kidding right? I am still a virgin myself, I've never even seen a mans penis, I don't know what to do, thats just gross, after several minutes of arguing with my mother she says to me I know but please just go out with him, sit close to him and if he offers to reach out and touch you in a sexual manner, PLEASE just let it happen.

    So I got dressed with my mothers help, I wore a short skirt with no panties, a very low cut blouse with no bra, she did my hair and my make up, I must admit I thought I was beautiful and looked so much older, I hated to waste all this on my brother, we left my room and went to the kitchen where my father and brother were waiting and they just stared at me in WHOW your beautiful they both said to me, well we told our parents bye and we left.

    I sat real close to my brother like I was told and started teasing my brother right away, I just wanted to get this over, but to my parents surprise, my brother was gay, nor a virgin, no not at all, as we were driving my brother slipped his hand down my blouse and started playing with my tits, he says to me, you know mom and dad want me to eat your pussy and have you suck my dick right, I know I said, they both want me to fuck you, you do know this right, yes I know so just go somewhere and lets get this over.

    My brother pulled in to a hotel and got out to check in, mom and dad has already paid for the room so we pulled around to the back and went to our room, I haven't even set my bags down and my brother has his pants, shoes, sox, and shirt off, swinging his dick around and say's to me, come on hurry up, suck my dick, just slow down I haven't never done this before so just you wait.

    So my brother gets all compassionate and walks over to me, he reaches out to me with a big hug and says it's ok, I'l
    go slow and be very gentle with you, ok? ok I said to him and he starts kissing me, feeling of my breast and rubbing my pussy, he takes my hand and wraps it around his dick, as he is kissing me he is undressing me but I don't mind, I find myself wanting to know his dick, I want to experience everything about sex, I'm very wet and I want his hard hot cock, my brother laid me back on the bed and started eating my pussy, I got so worked up and wet, I was shoving my pussy up to his face as I was grabbing my tities, pinching my nipples, I could feel his finger going in my ass, just relax he say's, I'm trying to just take it easy please, I thought you wanted my pussy not my ass hole, then after a few minutes it was feeling good to me, I liked his finger in my ass, at this point I just want to fuck, I want his dick now.

    He gets on top of me and moves his hot hard cock all over my hot wet swollen pussy, sliding it up and down my pussy lips as he calls them, making want his cock even more, finally I can feel the head of his dick pretreating my pussy,
    I grip him tight and give a slight scream, pushing my pussy up on his dick, go slow please it hurts a little bitt.

    After a while I was loving every second of being fucked, having my tities sucked and my ass hole fingered, he says to me ok I'm cuming get ready to suck my dick, so I sat up in the bed as he got over me and put his dick in my mouth he started pushing his dick in and out, then I felt this amazing hot cum squirt in my mouth in volumes it just kept on squirting in my mouth, swallow it all of it he tells me so I try to swallow his cum but some came out, after we finished we just laid in bed talking to each other and tells me about all the girls he has fucked some of whom actually was fucked in my bed when they spent the night with me, he said he is even fucking our neighbors wife, a young couple with 2 kids, he hasn't been a virgin since he was 13.

    We didn't sleep at all that night, we fucked over and over and over again, when we got back home mom took me in the bedroom and said well did you? did I what mom?? did you 2 have sex or not? Yes I said, we did it several times and you are right it does feel good and I do like it and so I don't mind sleeping with him at night, just as you asked me to, I told him I wanted to sleep in his bed with him at night and said fine whatever.

    For 4 years I slept with my brother, fucking him every night, I got to where I couldn't stand to be away from him, I
    was devastated when he got married and moved out, I was so hurt and alone, I was confused, and missed all the attention I was getting from my brother, I started teasing my father, letting him accidentally see me naked, or cause him to catch me fingering my pussy, I would sit in front of him and suck a banana or a hot dog or a popsicle as if it were a dick, I would rub my tits on him, but nothing seem to work, my father wouldn't touch me, I was ruined.

    Then on my 18th birthday we had a big party, it was so much fun, after everyone had left and we got everything cleaned upmom called me into her bedroom, her and dad were in there naked, mom was sucking dads dick, I walked over to the bed and my father but his hand between my legs and was feeling of me, he said take your clothes off and join us, I said all the times I tried to get you to fuck me you wouldn't even touch me, now you want me to get in bed with you? you were to young for me then, but now your 18, and yes I wanted to eat your pussy for years but you were to young, mom said come on baby lets have some fun, I took dad's dick in my hand and was playing with it when mom got up she took my clothes off and was fondling my breast, dad put his fingers in my pussy and said suck my dick baby, so I got down and sucked his dick, mom was eating my pussy then we traded places and I ate her pussy while daddy was fucking me then he would fuck mom for a while, I would suck his balls and play with moms clit as she did me.

    Now I am 19 years old I gave birth to my daddy's baby and 6 months prego with his 2nd baby, mom sleeps in my room and I haft to sleep with dad, I can only date guys that will fuck my mom, no joke..

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm eighteen now, but was only sixteen when this all started. Having had to move out of my moms home (Her new husband and I don't get on at all) I went to live with a woman who on only the second night in her home, seduced me. I was in bed at the time asleep. When she lowered her pussy onto my face. I tried to say something, but through whispered teeth, she told me to lick her "c**t". Knowing who it was, I tried again to say something, but she just pushed her pussy harder over my face, smothering me a little. Finally a I gave in and gave her what she wanted.
    It was no more than five minutes later with my tongue lapping away at her pussy, clit and asshole that she came all over my face. Settling down, she moved around uncovered my body and lowered my boxers. I'm no Adonis, nor am I very muscular or overly athletic. What I do have and she knew this, is a long fairly thick cock. Taking hold of my cock, she lowered her head and began to suck on my full length, taking extra time sucking in my large helmet. Back then I was a virgin and although I'd masturbated a lot, I didn't last long and was soon shooting my cum down her throat, as she swallowed every drop. Removing my cock from her mouth, she told me to keep it between us and that when possible, she'd suck me off but only if I gave her oral pleasure. In the gloom of my bedroom I smiled and said okay.
    Every day it seemed over the next few months, she and I had oral sex. I became if I do say so myself, very accomplished at performing cunnilingus, always making her cum violently. Our sex was mostly at night once her husband had collapsed from drink, but sometimes we had sex during the day, especially if he was playing golf.
    Then one evening, not long after my mom had left and her husband had gone to the bars with his buddies, she asked me to follow her up to her bedroom. Not at any time had we had oral sex in their bedroom, so I knew from that and the fact she had condoms we were going to fuck. As usaul we had oral sex, amazing oral sex and then she mounted my straining cock facing away from me. As my cock sank all the way into her hot c**t, she told me to slide a wet finger up her ass. Doing as I was told, she rode me like I was a redeo horse. She had taken my cherry and I couldn't have been happier.
    We stayed in their bedroom fucking for over an hour. An hour in which I learned many many things about sex and how to fuck a woman. Having removed the condom, she had me fuck her from behind, but deep up her asshole. Not wanting to boast, she tod me before she came, I was the best lover she'd ever had and then promptly orgasmed. She was shaking like a leaf in a storm and moments later my cock unloaded up her tight super cute asshole.
    That was it for us, every chance we got from then on we were fucking. It was morning noon and night some days and even being young, it was hard to keep up with her insatiable sexual appetite. Then the inevitable happened. Fucking her anally on the couch one evening five months ago her husband walked in on us. Amazingly he laughed, smiled at me and said "If you can keep up with her boy, she's all yours to fuck". He went to bed drunk and we carried on fucking. And we've been fucking ever since.
    So far he hasn't told my mom that I'm fucking her. But then why would he embarrass himself, by telling my mom he can't keep up with her sisters sexual needs.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Charlie is my moms new husband. When I say new, I literally mean new. They've been together four months and married only five weeks ago. Charlie to my mom is everything she wants in a man. Younger than her by nine years, Tall, very handsome and extremely athletic. The other thing that Charlie is, and something my mother doesn't know I know about, is he's got a huge fat cock. I know this because a fortnight before they got married, I had a full afternoon of sex with Charlie.
    He walked in on me masturbating in the shower when I thought he and my mom were out shopping for wedding stuff. What I didn't know, is Charlie was just dropping my mom off to shop with two of ther girlfriends. Using one of my moms old dildo's in the shower he apparently watched me for some time, before he made it known he'd been watching me fuck myself.
    Rather than make me angry, it turned me on so much I asked him if he'd like to replace the dildo with his cock.
    Charlie got undressed and entered the shower with me. It was then obviously, I got to see why my mom screamed so much when she orgasmed from him fucking her. Charlie's cock is nine inches plus and very thick.
    Going down on him, I surprised myself with just how much I could take into my mouth, as the shower sprayed water all over us. Charlie held my head tightly and began to fuck my mouth, but he wanted to fuck me and said so saying "It's time to fill that cute looking pussy girl". Holding onto the shower rail, I bent forwards and reveled in Charlie's cock sliding up my already soaking wet pussy. Maybe for the next ten minutes or so, my soon to be stepfather fucked me from behind, making me cum twice in quick succession. The getting up close to me, he gripped my small breasts and pumped everything he had up my love hole.
    Cleaned off from hs sperm, Charlie lead me to their bedroom and asked me to lay on my stomach. Spreading my legs, he put his face to my tight ass cheeks and pushed his face in between them. Licking and tonguing away at my pussy and asshole, he brought me to another orgasm. As I was relaxing down from the shaking of cumming so hard, he asked me if he could take me anally. I didn't bother to answer in the conventional way, I just nodded and said "Ugh huh".
    The moment his cock pushed past my sphincter muscles, I was in sexual heaven. I had been fucked in my asshole before, but nothing compared to what Charlie gave me over the next quarter of an hour. He fucked me anally face down, missionary playing with my tits, squeezing my long nipples hard. In the doggy position slapping my ass, making it sting a little and with me riding his cock. Facing him with his cock buried so deep up my butt, he slipped two fingers up my pussy and began to fuck me with his fingers alternate to his cock up my ass. That sensation of being fucked in both holes brought me to such an amazingly strong climax, I swear I nearly passed out. Moments later my moms fiance came up my ass and told me after he'd stopped shaking, I was going to be his little fuck slut whenever he needed daytime relief.
    And that's just what I've continued to be, even after they returned from their honeymoon three weeks back. Yesterday with my mom at work and with myself arriving back from college, Charlie took me out into our large back yard and fucked me in the garden shed, one he'd only had built two days before. He said it was to Christen it, and boy was a way to christen a shed.
    We both know we shouldn't be cheating on my mom, but then Charlie is only ten years older than me and has enough cock, lust and sex drive for the both of us. I know this because not only has he told me so, I also hear them fucking almost every night.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    This is somewhat embarrassing but I need to get this off my chest, I am a 22 year old female now but this started when I was like 12, You see my mother passed away when I was 8 years old, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, I am the youngest.
    One night I was feeling alone and missing mom, my father sees me and knows that something is wrong, he tells me to come sit with him in his lap so do, we have ate diner and just out of the bath, I was wearing a loose no sleeve tank top and panties,after sitting with dad for a few minutes he started rubbing my back and shoulders, he pulled my top over to one side, exposing my breast fully, I tried to slide my top back over but he slid his hand in my top and placed his hand over my breast, squeezing and fondling my breast, You are so beautiful and you look just like your mother, he says to me, it made me feel good so I didn't mind so much that he was fondling me.
    Did you and mom do this, I asked him, Yes he said all the time, as a matter of fact she used to love to do this, and took my hand and placed it over his dick and had me rub it and feel of it, do you like it to? Like mommy did baby? I felt weird but I said yes daddy I like it.
    My father slipped his fingers in my panties and started to feel of me and says oh yeah your just like your mommy, she gets really wet there to, she does I asked, yes baby she did and I always did this to make her feel even better, and then he stuck his finger inside my wet pussy and started fingering me, do you like that to baby? yes it feels good I said, but are we supposed to be doing this? I asked, yes baby we are because your mom is gone now and she wanted you to take care of me, the way she did, you do want to do what your mom wanted you to do right? He asked.
    Yes daddy I do, that's good he said because tonight your a woman still my baby but a woman, and I want you to start sleeping in my room ok baby? Ok I guess, if that's what momma wanted for me to do, it is baby now come lets get ready for bed.
    Dad took me into the bedroom and started undressing me, then told me to undress him, so I did, he sat me on the bed and said here baby take my dick, feel of it, slide your hand up and down the shaft of my dick, there now baby put it in your mouth, yeah like that baby now slide your mouth as far down it as you can and just keep on doing that, yeah baby just like your mom you learn quick, oh yeah baby suck my dick, that's really good, then he tells me to lay down and he gets in bed between my legs and starts kissing and licking my pussy and my asswhole he is getting me all wet but I'm scared to death, he lays over top of me and puts his tounge in my mouth, kissing me squeezing my titties and I can feel the head of his dick pushing its way inside me, he is slowly pushing his dick all the way inside my pussy, when he gets his dick all the way inside me he just goes in and out real slow kissing me, squeezing and sucking my titties, scared to death I don't know what to do, it feels good but somehow I know it's wrong, I'm getting wetter all the time, something inside me releasesand it felt so good, that's right baby just let it cum, he said I had no idea what he was talking about, he just kept on pushing his dick in and out and now he is going faste and harder, I can't help it I am thrusting my pussy up on his dick, it feels so good and I keep releasing something from inside me that really feels good, then Dady just collapsed, right on top of me are you ok Dady, I asked him, yes baby I'm good and so were you,best pussy I ever had, better than your moms pussy, and then we got up and got clean.
    The next day I felt bad so I went to my older brothers room and said I need to talk to you about something but you gotta promise not to tell anyone, ok he said, what is it? so I told him everything and he said to me, show me, And I said what? Show me what you did, ok I said he undressed me and told me to undress him, ok so I'll undress you and you undress me my brother said so we did, then I sat on my brothers bed, took his dick in my hand and started stroking his dick then I put it in my mouth going down and back up on it, then I told my brother that dad got between my legs and kissed and licked my pussy so my brother did the same, then he pushed his dick in my pussy, but my brother did it so much faster, but I still got wet and released fluids from my body just like I did with dad, my brother gets up and he says yeah sis it's kook,it's ok to fuck each other but you need to practice sucking dick because that's the most important part of fucking a man, so is it ok if I suck your dick and practice, I said, like an idiot, of course you can sis, come in here in the morning and I'll let you suck my dick, and every night before I go to bed, ok sis? Ok I will and thank you.
    My mom's brother came over that night, we were out side and he says to me, well baby girl, how are things going? Are you learning anything new? Like an idiot I said yes, I am learning how to suck a dick.
    Why? My uncle asked, so I can make a man feel good when he fucks me, are you fucking now baby, he asked, yes and I love it, do you want to fuck me to? I'll suck your dick and make you feel good, go tell your dad were going to the store, ok I said and when we left my uncle took his dick out and said ok baby girl come and suck my dick, so I layer over the seat and sucked his dick, we pulled into a vacant parking lot and then my uncle fucked me, we stopped by the store on the way home.

    You know I like this fucking and sucking dick so I told my sister that I like to fuck and suck dick, it made me wet and fluids come flowing out of my body and I love that feeling too. Cum she said what? It's called cum, they made you cum, oh I knew that, I said, but did you know I can make you cum too. My sister said, will you show me? I asked, and she said yes but you got to make me cum first Ok? Ok I said, so my sister gets naked and takes my clothes off and starts fondling my titties kissing me with her tounge, we get in bed and she tells me to eat her pussy, I said what, kiss it and lick it here round my clit, so I did and after awhile she hollers I'm cumin, so I sucked her cum out of her pussy then she did me.

    When I went to bed that night I told dad that I ate my sister's pussy and she ate me to, my dad got hard and said did you tell her I was fucking you too, no I said, I didn't want her to be hurt because you chose me to fuck,good he said don't tell no one ok? Ok daddy I won't, after my dad fucked me and fell asleep I went to my brother's room to practice sucking dick because I wanted to be good at it, I took his dick in my mouth and sucked till he cum in my mouth, swallow it he said swallow all of it, that's how you do it, when we finished I went in the kitchen to get some water to get that taste out of my mouth and my oldest brother was in there to, he says what are you doing up? Nothing just sucking dick, I had to wash his cum out of my mouth, oh so you like sucking dick do you?he said, yes I do and I like to fuck and eat pussy, you want to suck my dick, he asked, I will if you will fuck me, come to my room naked and we will fuck, ok but you Got to make me cum to, ok he said so I went to his room, we got undressed started feeling each other, then he put his dick in my mouth and said suck it, oh I'm fixing to cum and pulled his dick out of my mout, I thought you wanted to cum, I Asked, I do but I want to eat your pussy and fuck your before I cum, oh ok, and then he starts to eat my pussy and I cum hard, then he layer me back and put his dick in my pussy and fucked me.

    This is a everyday thing with us now, we all eat suck and fuck each other,

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 33

    The first time I got to enjoy my grandpa's thick uncut hairy cock I was pretty damn young, but oh my god did I love every inch and every drop of daddy milk. Me and my brothers and a couple cousins were staying the night at grandma and grandpa's. Well I was the youngest out of the group and when it came to bedtime he gave us all baths, two at a time but he had me go last.
    Since I was the last to get washed up he had me shower with him, I remember watching him play with his beautiful dick as he washed it. He was fully aware of me in front of him watching him and his cock. I dont know what came over me but all of a sudden I reached up and grabbed his fat juicy dick. He just stood there looking down at me with a smile on his face, after a min or so of playing with it I opened my little mouth as wide as I could get it and I stuffed as much cock there as I could. I sucked on his cock for about 10mins before I got a mouthful warm salty yummy "man milk" I drank as much as possible, needless to say I went to bed with a full belly

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Last Friday night when my parents were at a concert, and my twenty two year old brother Luke crashed out on his bed semi naked and drunk, I removed his boxers and began to lick what I already knew was a large cock.
    He moved a little, but I'd wanted to suck his dick for some time, ever since I caught him masturbating using a pair of my used panties. He didn't see me that day beating off his cock, but I immediately got the urge to suck his cock for him. Only our parents shouting to me about a program on tv I wanted to watch, stopped me entering his room.
    Luke's movements last Friday night only made me want him more, so I sucked in his huge swollen cock head and gave my older brother a blow job. Whether he knew it was me, or if in fact he actually woke up fully at all, he blew his load in my mouth after around ten minutes. Swallowing all of his sticky cum, I lay his cock back down and left his room. In my own room I took off my panties, put both hands down to my pussy and with one hand frigging my clit furiously, I fingered my soaking wet hole with the other. The orgasm I gave myself was by a long long way, the longest hardest orgasm I'd ever had.
    Wiping my pussy and the drips which had flowed onto my asshole, with my panties, I walked back into Lukes room and placed them on his pillow next to his sleeping head.
    It was on Sunday last week, Luke finally said something. My brother told me "If you want to suck my cock in future, just ask sis". I was about to reply when he added "Oh yeh, those panties were amazing. You orgasmed in them I take it". Smiling at me before he walked out of the house, Luke cheerfully said "Mom and Dad are out again next weekend, if you want fucking let me know".
    No sooner than he'd walked out, I ran to my room, took off my clothing and masturbated for over an hour, making myself cum three times.
    Our parents are going out on Saturday this week. Now all I've got to decide, is am I going to let my older brother fuck me. It's one thing blowing his cock, but entirely another thing, actually having him fuck my pussy and maybe my asshole.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    My Sister and I were sent to live with one of our Uncle's and his wife one summer. There was something going on between our parents and someone decided a little time away from us would to them good. I found out later on my Dad had a drug problem and while me and my sister were away he went to Rehab.

    Anyway I wasn't born with looks, I'm not butt ugly, but a woman would never give me a second look unless she was looking below my belt. I didn't get looks but what I did get was a rather large cock. Measuring it once being hard, about eight inches.

    My Sister at the time was 17yo and I was 15. So here we were out in the country, not on a farm, just homes spread out from each other. Not much to do, but there was swimming at a lake nearby. So we spent a lot of time at the lake and in the water, sometimes there would be a few other people there, sometimes just me and my sister.

    One day we had got out of the water and my sister wants to ask me a personal question. I say yeah and she looks at my cock that is obviously seen because of the wet bathing suit. So she asks what it's like when it gets hard? So I'm like well it's hard and bigger and I really don't what else to say about it.

    I think she was going to ask me something else when a car pulled up and a family with kids got out of the car. The little kids ran down towards us and that pretty much ended that conversation.

    That night I was laying in bed when I heard a soft knock on the door. I figured it was my Aunt Ruth, sometimes she would check on me and my Sister. However, looking at the clock it was past midnight and my aunt was in bed by now for sure.

    I said to come in and my Sister appeared in the door. She closed the door quietly and came and sat down on the other bed opposite of mine. This wasn't unusual because sometimes we did talk late at night, if nothing else just out of boredom.

    We talked about our folks and what the deal was sending us here for the summer, at the time neither of us had a clue about our Dad having a drug problem. Then we just talked trash and insulted each other the way a brother and sister usually do.

    Then suddenly my Sister brings up the subject of the conversation she had started at the lake earlier that day. Then she asks me if I had sex yet? I told her no, and asked if she had sex yet? She said she had done it about six times, twice with her first boyfriend and four times with her current boyfriend.

    Now when you are 15yo it doesn't take much to get things stirred up, and this conversation was stirring things up and quickly. The bedroom was pretty dark but I brought the covers over my waist because I could feel my cock trying to get big.

    Then my Sister says she wants to see it. I'm like no way, but under the covers my body is saying yes. She promises not to tell anyone and won't ask me ever again if she can see it one time. By the time it came to deciding what to do I was pretty hard already, I could feel it had already sprang from my underwear and was pinned against my thigh.

    My Sister just sat on the other bed for a moment waiting for me to say yes of no. I just took the covers and pulled them back. My Sister came off the bed and walked over to mine and just leaned over and looked.

    She whispered OMG as she saw it trapped between my underwear and thigh. She had her hand over her mouth as she stared at my cock for several seconds. She asked if it hurt when it was that big and I said it only hurts if I don't cum. I told her not to ask because I didn't know why either. All I knew if I got hard and didn't cum I would be in horrific pain down there. I did not know there was an actual term for the condition called "blue balls."

    So my Sister says so now what are you going to do? Well at that point I hadn't given it much thought with my Sister standing there, obviously I was going to have to relieve myself after she went back to her bedroom.

    Then without a bit of hesitation she says she wants to watch me? I'm like hell no, I'm pretty damn embarrassed as it is. Then she just sits on the bed with her arms folded in front of her and looks at me. So I say fine, I just get back into bed and pull the covers back up, mean while my cock is so hard it almost hurts.

    I may have not had sex with a girl but I had seen a few magazines and a stashed sex tape my Dad thought he had hidden away. I figured I would get my Sister to leave, so I turned over and looked at her for a moment. Then I just said what was in my mind. I told her I wanted to cum on her breasts. She just looks at me and says that her boyfriend likes to do that too. I watched my Sister stand up and remove her T-shirt and bra and sit back on the bed waiting.

    Her breasts were perky and when she leaned backwards, placing her arms behind her to prop herself up they looked even more enticing to me suddenly. I kicked the covers off and got out of bed, pulling my underwear off almost at once.

    My Sister wasn't my Sister anymore, she was the girl in the Magazines and in the XXX Video that my father hid away. To a 15yo that never had sex and was rather endowed, ethics and the moral way of life no longer meant anything to me.

    I stood in front of my Sister almost between her legs and began to stroke my hard cock. The feeling was more than it had ever been the other times I masturbated alone. I don't remember looking at my Sister's face or her breasts as I jerked my cock feverishly. I seemed to be lost in the pleasure of the moment.

    It didn't take long, I could feel that sensation building quickly. I jerked my cock faster and harder until I knew the moment was there. Now I remember looking at my Sister and seeing her mouth open as if she was somehow shocked at what she was seeing. Her nipples now looked different, as if they were bigger somehow.

    I came with this overwhelming release that is rarely duplicated to the same intensity as the very first time I masturbated. But this time I knew I had reached that same plateau. A thick rope came shooting out of my cock and hit my Sister on the face and neck, everything else hit her breasts and wherever.

    I just kept stroking my cock for the longest time, trying to appease the desire that I had been holding back. It came out in large droplets now, mostly the cum landing on her lap on her blue jeans she was wearing. I could barely stand and I looked down at my Sister that seemed to be in disbelief at what she just saw.

    She had cum everywhere and luckily I had a towel from my earlier shower. I wiped my cum from her face and handed her the towel to finish cleaning up. The bedroom suddenly smelled like cum and I opened the window trying to get the smell out of the bedroom. We rarely talked of that night afterwards and I was glad.

    On my 21st birthday my Sister called to say she was taking me out to celebrate, a new club had opened up and I wanted to party also. My Sister arrived and she looked great, a black dress with heels and a few guys hit on her while we were there.

    Glad we took a cab because I was buzzing good and so was my Sister I'm sure, she had more to drink that I did at the club. I gave her the spare bedroom and I was getting ready for bed when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

    I opened the door to see my Sister standing there and she just put her hand on my chest and pushed me backwards. Before I could say anything she just reached up and slipped her black dress off her shoulders and stood there naked in front of me.

    After that night at our uncle's house my Sister told me she needed to know what a "big one" felt like. She reached down and began to rub my cock through my underwear, I didn't try to stop her. Once she had me hard we made our way to the bed. Thankfully I wasn't too far gone to remember it was my Sister I was going to fuck. I reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom.

    When I entered her she dug her nails into my Arms so hard I thought I was going to need some stitches. Her voice filled my ears with her sounds of pleasure. I pushed my hardness into my Sister until I couldn't go further. Her body writhed under me as I fucked her slowly. Then she began to breath harder and faster as I began to thrust into with sexual hunger.

    Her nails clawed my arms and back, her voice becoming louder by the second. She came twice within a few minutes, once again I felt the urge of release. I know I hurt her a few times thrusting into her, she would squirm and then suddenly jerk as I went too deep. I couldn't help it and maybe in some way I didn't want to. The ultimate taboo having sex with your own Sister, it did arouse me I can't lie about it. And what made it even more erotic is the fact she came to me wanting it.

    I blasted my load into the condom a few moments later, my Sister below me soaked in sweat as I rammed my cock into her until the pleasure of my release finally passed. She lay there below me with her eyes closed and this grin of pleasure on her face. I slowly pushed my cock into her a few more times, enjoying the way she squirmed under me.

    We both fell asleep in my bed a short time later. The morning arrived and my Sister had gone already. I found a note on the breakfast counter with a smiley face with a hand drawing picture of a heart.

    That was four years ago and we haven't been together sexually since that night. I don't know about my Sister but honestly I wouldn't say no if she came to me again in the future........

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    Straight Male / 34

    Nipple Sucking

    I am married, my wife was not breast fed as a baby I think she thought she had missed out and felt deprived, before we have sex she always sucks my nipples for a very long time, I found it a bit strange at first but you give way to each others sexual needs, now I am really into it, I have nipples like a woman with her sucking on them, I know its not a very macho thing to admit to,
    I would like to hear from other men who are having the same experiences and what they think of it, as well women who like sucking men's nipples,


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    Straight Female / 48

    In the summer of 1996 I was offered a job in Laredo for a company with several assembly plants in Nuevo Laredo across the border. Not that it matters, but my job was as a cost accountant, I was 28 at the time and it was my first real job.

    At these offices people were pretty standoffish, I came from Indiana and they were mostly Hispanic Mexicans, although most of them were mutigenerational residents. The only thing these Mexican men liked about me was that I was white, and had blue eyes. Otherwise I was left out of the social circle.

    The only person that paid attention to me was the receptionist, she was my age and had a two year old. She was as the above, Mexican American, spoke English and some Spanish, she was very Mexican looking and she dressed very sensually, with tight shirts, dresses, pants, she had long black hair and pouty lips. To me anyway she was beautiful. She liked to put her arm against mine to compare skin color and she commented incessantly about my colored eyes. One day in the restroom she asked me if she could touch my boobs, she had never held a white woman's boobs. She held my boobs for a few minutes and asked if I wanted to touch hers.

    As I got to know her, she invited me out to eat, and other places, and to meet her sisters. One day she told me that her baby's father was celebrating his 60th birthday and I should go with her, it was a large family and I could meet a lot of men who weren't from work, and that Mexican men liked white blue eyed girls, maybe I could meet one.

    At the party I met lots of people, including her baby's father, who she called Papito. He kissed her and put his hand on her rear and kissed the baby and asked who I was. Still holding her in a hard hug, kissing her cheek he asked me who I was. His comment after looking me over was that I was fine and that he had never had a guerita like me, and that he would enjoy knowing me better. My friend told him to leave me alone, that I was knew to Laredo and I didn't know anyone.

    Along the way my friend introduced several people to me, his sons and daughters, their husbands, wives, girlfriends, children and grandchildren, and his wife and her sister. Everyone commented on my eyes.

    The party was big, there were so many people, and as the night wore on, I talked to a lot of them, his family was made up of children not only from his wife, but from her sister too, both women lived together and between them had eight children. In addition, he had this boy with my friend. My friend, as it turned out was the God daughter of a close friend of his wife.

    During the evening my friend told me that she slept with him at her house, when he wanted to get away.

    After midnight, people were leaving and this man was a bit drunk when he grabbed me, he grabbed me hard and held me and told me he wanted a guerita that night, a guerita with blue eyes and asked me if he was my Papito. There was no getting away, I answered that he was drunk and he should behave. His hand was on my rear, like he held my friend when we first arrived and he told me to give him a kiss, that e was going to be my Papito and that I was going to have a guerito or guetita for him. Although I tried to tell him I wasn't interested, I couldn't get the words out, he was kissing me by then, and his hands were all over my breasts and my rear and he was telling me to call him Papito, and somehow he had walked me back to a bedroom and he was on top of me and he was having sex with me and he kept asking me to call him Papito and that he wouldn't make me pregnant until I called him Papito. I was so far gone, all I wanted for him to do was to finish, so I said I would call him Papito if he finished.

    After that he was my Papito, and when I became pregnant I became part of this extended family, I became pregnant three times, one boy and two girls. My last baby he fathered when he was 67. With my friend, her name is Lucrecia, he fathered another baby and she and I ended up living together in the house next door, which he bought for us.

    We just celebrated his 80th birthday, surrounded by so many children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Everyone calls him Papito, and when he asks me who my Papito is, I tell him and tell him that he stole me and made me fall in love with him. And I ask him if I did good, if he is happy with his gueritos, even if they don't have blue eyes.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I have a cousin that I grew up with and we have always been very close. When we were younger we used to suck each other off all the time and we did it so often we started to swallow each others cum every time we sucked each other and we liked to 69 all the time. I will never forget the day he talked me into letting him stick his dick in my ass. We were 14 then and it didn`t take a lot of talking to get me to do it because he had played with my ass before and it felt good so I let him try it.
    He was pretty big for his age but I wanted to at least try it so while we were at my house one day by ourselves we tried it. At first it was pretty awkward to say the least. Neither of us really knew what we were doing and he was trying to stick his dick in me with no lube at all and it took forever and he never could get it in me until after he got too excited and while he was trying to force his dick in m y tight asshole he came and held his dick to my asshole until he shot all of his cum on me.
    I liked the feel of his cum in the crack of my ass and asked him to keep trying and he didn`t want to stop either so he held his dick head to my tight asshole and pushed. With his warm slick cum all over my asshole it went right in and stung like hell and he stopped a few seconds when I told him it hurt pretty bad. He took the hint when I moved my ass back towards him a little and it went in a little more. He started to push harder and once it started up my ass it felt really good and I couldn`t wait to see if it would go all the way in. The deeper he went in my ass the more I pushed my ass up towards him. He was laying on top of me while I was naked face down on my bed laying on a towel and his naked body was touching mine which felt very good. It was still a little painful but I really wanted to take all of it and once I felt his nuts pressed to mine I knew it was all the way up my ass and I could feel his pulse beating inside of my ass as he laid on top of me trying to force his dick up my ass even more. Both of us were breathing hard and I started to cum on the towel under me and it felt so good I started wondering what it was going to feel like to get fucked in the ass.
    As soon as I shot all my cum on the towel and calmed down a bit I asked if he wanted to fuck me a little and he said if I wanted him to he wanted to. He started to pull out and it felt like he was pulling my asshole inside out and he only pulled about half of his dick out of me before he shoved it back in and I started pulling at the bed sheets moaning and moving my ass because it hurt but felt good too. I really didn`t know what to expect since it was the first time we ever did this but once he started working his dick in and out of my ass and his strokes got longer and faster it felt so good if any one had been any where close outside I am sure they would have heard me moaning and making all kinds of loud sounds.
    The worst part about it was just about the time I was getting used to him fucking my ass he started moaning out loud telling me he was going to cum. I guess I never thought about that because I was expecting him to pull out and cum on my ass like he did earlier but that's not what happened at all. He told me he was going to cum a few times between breaths and right at the last few seconds he fucked me really hard which felt even better and then held onto me really tight then shoved his long fat dick up my ass as hard as he could then started shooting my ass full of warm cum. Spurt after spurt shot deep in to my ass and at first I was shocked that he was doing that inside of me but after a few warm blast went up my ass and seeing how excited it made him I just laid there and let him cum in me until his nuts were empty and he came a lot.
    It felt so good I found myself wondering if this was just going to be a one time thing or would he want to do it again. I already had my mind made up that I wanted him to fuck me again and as soon as possible. We started talking with his dick still balls deep in my asshole and the longer we talked the more he tried to keep his dick in my ass. Before long I felt his cum start to come out of my ass and run out of me onto my nuts and it felt strange but something about it made me feel kind of nasty and it just seemed to excite me even more. I started to squeeze his dick with my asshole and he said it felt good so I kept doing it and not long after that I was asking him to fuck me again.
    I guess the conversation and me squeezing his dick with my asshole and the way he was thrusting his dick up my ass and me telling him his cum felt good in my ass and all the other things that were going on helped get him nice and hard again and while we were still talking he started to fuck me again. Once he started to fuck me a lot of cum came out of my ass and it was on my nuts and all over my ass between us and my dick got very hard as he fucked me harder and harder and I started to cum like never before. It seemed like it was a steady stream shooting out the head of my dick and I was laying in my own cum with his cum all over my ass and nuts as he fucked me hard for the longest time and I thought he would never stop.
    Then he started telling me he as going to cum again and right away I asked him to cum in my ass again. He asked if I was sure and I quickly told him yes I want you to cum in me again! Before he actually shot his cum up my ass I must have told him to cum in me a dozen times before he did. He came really hard as deep in my ass as he could then tried to keep his dick in me for as long as he could but once it got soft my ass pushed it out pretty fast and a bunch of cum ran out of me and covered my nuts then puddled on the towel between my legs as he rolled off of me and we just laid there quietly for a few minutes.
    Once we started to talk it wasn`t long before we both agreed on a hot shower so we went together to shower and took our time washing up. We talked in detail about everything we had just experienced and between me playing with his dick and our hot conversation and me sucking on his dick a little he got hard enough that once I stood up and bent forward and spread my ass cheeks open wide with my hands he knew what I wanted and standing behind me he put his dick right back up my ass then held on to my hips and fucked me some more. It came out a few times but he put it right back in and fucked me for a little while then shot a small load in my ass. We dried off and had several hours before any one would be home so we left our clothes off and went to the living room to watch TV and mess around some more.
    I know I was the one that kept things going because I wanted his dick back in my ass so we played with each other and sucked each others dicks and I kept telling him he could fuck me again when ever he got ready to and told him several times how I liked it when he came in me. I told him over and over how good his dick felt in my ass and how I liked getting fucked so he was ready to fuck me again in a little while and this time I got on my knees in the floor and bent forward on the coffee table and he fucked me from behind for awhile then I asked him to stop and follow me.
    I got up and went to my Parents room and spread a towel In the floor and positioned myself so I could look between my legs and see my ass then he got behind me and I got to watch his dick go in my ass and watched as he fucked me. After he came he slowly took his dick out of my ass and I watched his cum rum out of my asshole and drip off my nuts. We showered again then sat around naked in the living room and I wanted his dick in my ass again before my parents go home from work so as he sat on the couch I faced him and he held his dick in his hand as I sat on it then bounced up and down on it until he came up my ass again. We had to hurry and shower and get dressed after that but made in time before Mom got home.
    After that day I bugged him all the time to fuck me in the ass and I liked it when he came in my ass and we used to see how many times he could cum in me in a day that summer. I liked it so much after awhile I would suck his dick and jack him off then just before he came I would get him to stick his dick in my ass and cum in me. Once we got older and married we stopped fucking but it wasn`t my idea. Fast forward 10 years and we are out fishing together this past weekend and drinking beer and I bring it up to him. He doesn`t say much at first but starts to have a conversation with me about back then.
    We drink several more cold beers and talk even more and the sun starts to go down and we are both feeling pretty good so we go for a swim and bath naked in the river and when we get out both of us have huge erection`s and I tell him how much I would like to get fucked again. Not long after that I grab the cooking oil and we grab a blanket and head way back up in to the woods and he fucked the hell out of me and shot two huge thick heavy loads of cum deep in my ass then after another swim late that night we get in the camper and I suck his huge dick for a very long time and enjoy makig myself gag on it many times before I let him cum in my throat and swallow every drop. I am excited we are having sex again so I keep him up most of the night sucking his big dick and letting him fuck my ass as much as possible then he tells me he hasn`t been getting much pussy at home so I tell him not to go without any more because he can fuck me and shoot all the cum he wants to up my ass.
    The very next day I talk him into doing something we did many times back years ago. I got him to tie me up in the travel trailer and fuckm my ass rough and hard and talk nasty to me and slap my ass hard while he was fucking me and cum in me so much it was dripping down my legs then got him to stick a link sausage up my ass then put his dick up my ass at the same time to stretch my asshole out like he used to. That night I was tied to the bed and fucked hard several times and he played with my ass for hours and stuck quite a few things up my ass and had me suck his dick while he fucked my asshole with anything he could find.
    We stayed two extra days and got pretty kinky and nasty before we left and we got very drunk one night and I tried for a very long time to swallow his big hard dick and finally did it. Once I did I held it balls deep in my throat just long enough for him to cum and it was the wildest feeling ever to have such a huge long thick dick in my throat and his big tight nut sack preseed to my chin and my eyes watering like crazy as his huge thick load went right down my throat.
    I wanted to be his little slut again and I got liked it a lot. I hope he don`t get much pussy at home so he will enjoy using me more and more in the future. I know he wants to go to the Deer lease next weekend and I can`t wait.

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