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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Since I noticed my dad gets a boner when I wear skirts around the house, i stopped wearing panties.

    He tries so hard not to look but i know he sneaks a peak.

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    Straight Male / 41

    When I was seventeen all the moons aligned one weekend and after a bizarre chain of events I wound up in bed with my Mom one Saturday afternoon and we fucked until the next morning. It was an amazing one time thing. We make inside jokes about it to each other to this day. Well, my Dad passed away unexpectedly and after the funeral and luncheon everyone had left except for me and my wife and kids. Mom asked my wife Kim if it was okay for me to stay for a night or two and Kim said goodnight and went home with our three young boys. As soon as they turned out of the drive I turned from the window see my Mom standing right behind me. She gently took my hand led me to her bedroom. And without any words we made passionate love in it's wonderful variety all over her bedroom and the shower the next morning. My mom's ass has always been perfection to me and when I came deep in her ass the first time it was the most intense orgasm of my life, I almost passed out. That was about four months ago and so far only some new inside jokes.

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    Straight Male / 23


    I am not sure why our parents thought it was a good idea, but they moved my sister and I into the same room with bunk beds when we were 10 and 12, respectively. She was given the top bunk and I was on the bottom.

    Perhaps they did not know, but by that age I was already jerking myself to sleep every night. At first I tried to be discreet and only began to play with myself after I thought my sister was asleep.

    One night I had began to stroke myself, and I noticed my sisters' long blonde hanging over the side of the bed, and I caught a glimpse of her eyes. We made eye contact, and she quickly disappeared.

    A couple of nights following I caught her peaking again, and this time our eyes were transfixed until she watched me to completion.

    It wasn't too long until it became a regular thing, and she watched me play with myself every night. She actually seem to look forward to going to bed.

    Then one night she did something that really surprised me. As I was stroking my self, she climbed down the bunk bed latter. She just stood there in her flannel nighty watching. As I came closer to cumming she leaned in closer to watch the action.

    From that night on, as soon as I went to bed (I had a later bedtime) my sister would climb down the bunk latter to watch me better.

    Soon she started to massage her pussy through her nighty as she watched me. This got me even more aroused and I got off progressively quicker. Soon I began to recognize that this disappointed as I finished before she was fully aroused.

    One night I got really daring and I lifted up her nighty with one hand as I was stroking my cock with the other. She gave me a wry smile when I did this. Her bald pussy was swollen a bit, and I couldn't help it so I began stroking it gently with my thumb.

    She was really receptive and leaned into my hand as she began to moan a little. I didn't dare penetrate her but I used my full hand to massage her pussy. She began to buck and contort her nubile body. She started to breath very heavily, and suddenly she gushed into my hand.

    She scrambled up into the top bunk. Then I could hear her crying a bit. I got out of bed because I thought that she was upset and she might even tell on me. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was embarrassed that she had peed I told her that she hadn't. I told her that she had an orgasm, which was natural. She was turning into a young women.

    I asked if she wanted to continue our nightime play activity and she said sure. After that I began to go to bed earlier and I don't think my parents were suspicious about anything. Now my sister would not even put on her nighty before she started to watch me. This was even more arousing for me as her her tiny titties had began to bud.

    She was 12 when we having another night time session. As I was massaging her pussy with my hand, she took my big finger and guided it toward her pussy lips. I looked her in the eye and asked her if she was sure. She nodded her head so I slipped it gently between her pussy lips. I met some resistence from her hymen so I thrust my finger in deeper and more firmly.

    She groaned and began to grimace in a little pain. I thrust my finger in further and a little blood began to trickle on it. There was something primal about it, so I inserted a second finger in her pussy and began to diddle her more vigorously.

    I found a spongy area on the front wall of her vagina, which I now know is the g-spot. Because it was already moist, I began to stroke it. A mixture of pussy juices and blood began to flow out of my sister's pussy.

    Her legs began to shake and suddenly she collapsed on me in an earth shattering orgasm. We cuddled and kissed passionately.

    T he next night she climbed into my bunk directly and completely naked. I was a little concerned because I did not want to get her pregnant. She took my cock out of my pjs and began to stroke it like she had seen me do many times before.

    Then she climbed on my lap and I thought oh no she is going to make me penetrate her. But instead she began to massage my cock with her pussy lips, which is called a cameltoe slide. She was in control and she kept sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock, until I shot my load all over my stomach. Then for the first time she licked up all my cum.

    Shortly after this, our father got a promotion and raise so we moved into a bigger house. We got seperate rooms, so it got more difficult to engage in our nocturnal play. Besides, we both started to get our own gfs and bfs.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Six years ago I seduced my dad. We have a very private and sensual relationship. Lately he's been trying to talk me into dating boys my own age. I have literally been everything a man needs for six years. Including cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing laundry and making sure that he has ALL his needs and wants taken care of. It kinda hurts my feeling's that he is asking me to date others. For all this time he hasn't complained. I'm feeling so confused.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I used to be sat by my cousin, she is 8 years older than I am. One of my fondest memories of her is peeking in the bedroom where she was changing after swimming. She came to close the door and her tits were hanging out of the suit. A few moments later I peeked back, and she yelled at me to close the door, but a minute after that I had the door open again.

    I remember she was maybe 12 or 13, her breasts were just developing. They were long and skinny, each more like a banana than what I think of breasts today, and each were capped by areolas that completely covered the ends like a hat fitted around the tip of a banana.

    She was red faced mad and she chewed me out, but her bare breast had my attention. The bobbed around as she screamed and waved her arms. She went back into the room and slammed the door. My mom got back from wherever she had gone, so I quit harassing her.

    First time I ever jacked off was to thoughts of her, a few minutes later. It felt great until I got to the cumming part and I thought my insides were going to explode, dry orgasm. I knew the older boys cummed, but I didn't. I thought I had broken myself. Scared me enough I didn't JO for years, but it was thinking of her that I again those years later. Felt like my insides were exploding again, but better too, and after a few seconds of dry spasms a few cum bubbles oozed out. Thought I was still broken, but started to JO almost daily from then on.

    Last I saw her she looked like a desiccated corps from years of smoking. I had to want several times to my youthful thoughts of her banana like titties to get that out of my head.

    I think I'll go enjoy the memory again.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have for years kept this encounter in the back of my mind and pull it out from time to time to relish the memory or because someone teasingly reminds me of it.

    Many years ago when I was 15 I was laying in my bed around 10 PM doing what most 15 year old boys did when they thought they were enjoying their privacy. I was masturbating of course and was getting into it really hot and heavy enjoying the build up. Just as I was getting close to shooting my cum into a hand towel, my bedroom door opens. I quick cover my hard on with the towel. So, I was a naked boy, covered only in a small towel which had a very teltailing buldge in it.

    In walks my 16 year old sister and just stands in the door staring at the towel. She says, I know what you're doing. I whisper loudly, close the damn door. She closes it and turns back to me. Am I interupting your love fest, she ask? What do you want, I asked back. Oh, I wanted to ask you something but now I have forgotten what it was. Too bad, I told her. You can leave now and ask me tomorrow if you remember it.

    Can I see it,she ask? See what,I replied? Your willy, she told me. She walked the few steps to the side of my bed and reached for the towel that was still hiding my now soft dick. No, I proclaimed. Go mind your own business. Please, let me see it, she repeated. I want to see it up close. I'm sure you have seen one up close before, I stated. Not in the light she replied, so let me see it. She grabbed the corner of the towel and yanked it away. There it was, all soft and wrinkled with precum oozing out onto me.

    Make it hard again, she requested. No, I replied. She took her index finger and rum it through the precum and then down the length to my balls. It instantly got hard again and was standing very erect. Show me how you jerk off, she requested. I took my hand and grabbed my dick. I raised my wand and spit in it and went back to work mixing my spit with my precum. I was working it when she askef if she could try. I was already building again when I just removed my hand and she placed hers there. She worked it differently than what I did but it still felt good just having someone else's hand there. Actually, it felt great. She spit on me and got it nice and slippery. Her spit was warm and it felt really good. I announced to her I was going to cum and whike she kept up her work with her right hand, she grabbed the towel with her left trying to figure which way it woukd go. I released with force. It felt different but really good. She definitely underestimated the force because my first shot whike hitting the towel was OK, the second flew oast the towel and got her squarely on the cheek. Asshole, she calls me but continues to work my dick whike I cum. She caught the remainder in the towel.

    When my cum finally stops flowing she takes the towel, wads it up with the cum inside it, wipes her cheek with the now dripping cum on it, and then wipes the remaining cum off my now soft dick. What do you do with the towels after you use them, she ask? I toss them in the laundry, I tell her. You are a dumb ass, he adds. Do you not think mom knows what crusty towels are being used for? I tell her I never thought of that but mom always leaves me a towel every day. My god, she says. Mom knows what you are doing and is helping you. I looked at her and told her that I didn't know if mom was helping but knew for sure that she just did.

    I told her that know that we have become closer on a more personal basis, perhaps she could show me the finer points of a female getting herself off. She laughed, got up from the side of the bed, as she was walking towards the door said that it would be something I would need to learn on my own. I will never be touching her. I asked if she would do what she just did again and she told me perhaps. She never did again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    It was the curve of he high-arched foot that first caught my attention. I was sitting in the graduate library trying to digest the impenatrable opacity of Kant's A Critique of Pure Reason for my upcoming Philosophy final exam, when I noticed her foot and quickly lost interest in Kant. I must have been staring at her feet, because she asked, "See anything you like?" I blushed vermillion and looked away, back to Kant, but the words merely danced before my eyes. I gazed back at her and saw her smile at me. I was a twenty-three year old virgin. I'd only gone out on a few dates and had never even kissed a woman. It wasn't that I hadn't any sexual desires. I had an overload of sexual urgings and desires, wants and needs, and was a chronic masturbator, typically masturbating 2-3 times a day. But when it came to asking women out, I was an absolute loser. The dates I had had been women I had been set up with by friends or family. None of them lasted more than 2-3 dates before they quickly lost interest.

    When I gazed back at her, she suddenly arose, slipped her bare feet back into her flip-flops, and walked over to me sticking her hand out for a handshake. "Hi, I'm Natalie Wineburg. And you are?" I mumbled my name to her and had to repeat it. "Well Jack Simms, nice to meet you." I told her it was very nice to meet her, too. "I'm sick of studying, want to go get something to eat?" She had such a pretty smile. Her black hair set off her olive-skinned face and dark brown eyes in the most captivating way. I realized that I was staring once again. "Sure. Where would you like to go?" She named a local pizza joint and we walked the three blocks to the pizza joint. We ordered a pizza and shared a pitcher of ice cold beer while waiting for our pizza. The place was half-filled with raucous undergrad and grad students. We managed to have a conversation above the din. You know the type of conversation: What's your major? What year are you in? What's your favorite movie? Do you like reading Faulkner? We just clicked. I had never felt so comfortable with a woman. After finishing the pizza, she invited me to the apartment that she shared with a roomie, and we had another couple of beers there, continuing our getting to know each other conversation. I realized that I was crazy in love with her as we shared our likes and loves and lives over the next couple of hours. She played a few LP's on her turntable as we sat on large pillows on the floor of her apartment. When there was a lull in the conversation, she looked at me and asked, "Back in the library, you were staring at my feet, weren't you?" I felt trapped, like beetle that's landed on its back and can't right itself. I blushed, I stammered, I looked away from her. "It's okay, you know. Nothing to be ashamed about."

    But it was my secret shame. I had become attracted to women's feet as a little boy, crawling around on the floor of our home, staring at my mother's feet and those of her friends that visited, fascinated by how pretty their feet looked. I had slowly graduated from the attraction stag to secretly going into my mother's closet and sniffing and licking the insoles of her sandals and open-toed mules, and later pulling her stockings out of her clothes hamper and inhaling that vinegary-cheddar scent from her feet that would cause my little penis to become stiff. Later yet, I would sit on her closet floor licking her shoes, sniffing and licking her stockings and panties, and masturbating my shoving my ever stiff cock through the toe hole of her well worn mules or through the opening of her sandals. Somehow my mind had become cross-wired in such a way that women's feet were an instant sexual turn-on, and seeing women's bare or nylon clad feet was akin to seeing them naked. Every time I indulged in my mother's closet, I would walk away from there swearing that I would never do it again. But my oaths were empty and useless, and I would always return to worship there in her secret altar.

    Years had passed and my secret had remained hidden, concealed from the world. My own secret shame. But now, here was their very attractive young woman who had realized my secret. I admitted that I had been staring at her feet and that I had a thing for women's feet and had since i was a kid. I apologized and moved to get up, thinking that I'd ruined any chance at having a relationship with this beautiful young woman. As I stirred, she reached over with her leg and pushed her left foot against my groin. "Don't go." I felt her grind her foot against my stiffening penis. I sat still feeling the pressure and movement of her foot against my now throbbing erection. Natalie smiled, "What have we here?" She grasped at the bulge with her toes as I shuddered. "Don't tell me that my feet have caused this?" I looked at her and nodded. "So my feet hav that kind of power over you?" Again, I nodded, humiliated, wanting to leave, but unable to move out from under her foot.

    Natalie led me to her bedroom and after kissing and sniffing and licking her pretty feet, we made love again and again and I was a virgin no more.

    After that, we became inseparable. I soon proposed to her and she accepted. I met her parents at a dinner celebrating our engagement. Her father was a large quiet man, who barely ever got a word in edge-wise as her mother was very opinionated and domineering. There was no question as to who ran that household. Her mother was brassy and loud and often obnoxious. She was a dead ringer for the late actress Colleen Dewhurst, not beautiful or even pretty, but handsome. Her voice was a bourbon and cigarette smoked croak. Her hair was a reddish-brownish dye job, and her eyes were her daughter's eyes, dark and mysterious. The dinner was held at their cottage and dress was casual. Miriam, my soon to be mother-in-law wore shorts and sandals. Her skin was bronzed from having spent so much time in the sun. She had large pendulous breasts and had put on quite a few pounds over the years. She had a beautiful butt, and thick meaty thighs. Her calves are muscled and her feet were every bit as sexy as her daughter's, but in a different way. I found myself mesmerized by them. In a moment alone, Natalie upbraided me for staring at her mother's feet. I apologized, but found myself staring at hem again as we sat out on wooden lawn chairs on their deck overlooking the lake, having after-dinner drinks.

    Miriam wanted to know everything about me and I was inundated with a plethora of questions from her. All the while her husband, Dave, stood by like a wooden Indian saying nothing. I noticed that he would refill her drink and asked her if she wanted anything. He doted on her and was quite attentive to her every need.

    As we were talking, Miriam asked Dave to massage her feet, and Dave dutifully knelt on the patio floor beside her lawn chair and began kneading her feet for her. "There are few things in life better than a good foot massage," Miriam cracked, "And after twenty-five years of marriage, Dave has gotten very good at massaging and pampering my feet. Haven't you, Dave?" Dad nodded in agreement as he continued to massage her feet. "Natalie, does Jake massage your feet for you?" Natalie smiled and said, "Every chance he gets." It was strange hearing her tell her mother that I loved massaging her feet; it felt like a betrayal of sorts. Miriam moaned, "Nothing like a man who knows his place in life." There was a long pause and then Miriam said, "Nothing to b embarrassed about, Jake. Natalie tells me that you love to lick her feet and suck her toes." I was stunned, Natalie knew that no one else in the world other than she knew my secret. What could have prompted her to share this secret shame of mine with my mother-in-law?

    I stared at her not knowing what to say. "Cat got your tongue?" Miriam asked. I watched as Natalie kicked off her flip-flops and stretched her legs until her feet were resting inches from my lips. "Go ahead, baby, show my mother how much you love licking my feet." Miriam was staring relentlessly at us in anticipation. Even Dave had turned his visage away from his wife's feet to see if I would lick his daughter's feet in their presence. When I didn't act, Natalie raised her right foot to my lips and dutifully, I began kissing and licking er foot, as her left foot rubbed against my crotch.

    Dave managed a smile. "Looks like Natalie has found herself a foot man like her dad." Miriam slapped him across the face with her foot. "Who asked for your opinion? Get to it. Lick my feet!" And with that the twilight air was filled by the lapping of the waves of the lake against their seawall, the intermittent cries of seagulls, and the squishy sounds of our tongues licking our women' feet. Miriam smiled. "This is the life, Natalie. Looks to me if Jake is a keeper," before adding, "How well have you trained him?" Natalie responded, "Oh, I think you will find that i have him at my beck and call." Miriam peered at her, "Does he satisfy you sexually?" Natalie laughed, "He has a magical tongue, mom. He can make me cum again and again." I couldn't believe the direction this conversation was taking. But I continued licking Natalie's feet for her, or perhaps I should say, for me. "What about dick-wise?" "Oh, well, you can't have everything," Natalie answered. She'd never complained to me about my penis or my ability to fuck her. Natalie turned to me, "Show mom your dick, baby." My mind was whirling. it was as if I had dropped out of everyday existence and found myself trapped in the Twilight Zone. "Go on, show her." I looked up at Natalie, begging her to save me from this further humiliation. But she was having none of it. "Now!" I stopped licking her feet, stood up and dropped by khakis to the patio floor. "You're not done yet, mister, drop your Jockeys, too." Sheepishly, I stepped out of my briefs, my cock semi-hard from having licked her feet and from the embarrassment of this humiliation. "Nothing to brag about, that's for sure," Miriam said. "Dave show him yours." Without missing a beat, Dave stood up and dropped his shorts. He was obviously going commando, and his cock slapped up agains this gut. His cock was much bigger than mine, thicker, longer, and his balls were huge, like a pair of jumbo size eggs. "You see, Jake, that's a cock," Miriam seemed proud of the prodigious size of her husband's penis. "Poor Dave. He doesn't get any attention to his dick. We haven't had sex in years and I only allow him to masturbate once a month or so." I stared at the man's veiny erection, never having actually seen one that bid.

    "Perhaps you should get a better look at it, Jake." This was from Natalie. I stared back at her perplexed. "You heard my mom, dad only gets relief once a month, why don't you go over to him and give him some relief." She lifted her foot in the air towards me, and I felt powerless. I reached back over to her and licked and kissed her foot. Natalie said, "Enough of that. Now show dad what a magical tongue you have." I stared at her in disbelief. "You mean you want me to suck his cock?" Before Natalie could answer, Miriam piped in, "That's exactly what she wants, you twit. How can she make it any plainer for you?" Perhaps if I thew on my clothes and bolted for the car, I could escape this madness, get back to my virginal existence. Natalie was up in a sudden fury. She pulled me by my hair and dragged me to her father's feet. "Suck his cock!" she yelled loud enough for the neighbors on both sides of them to har. I tried to protest but she was pulling my face forward to his bobbing cock and balls. "I want you to lick and suck every inch of his cock, and do it now!" I'd never seen her like this. Sure she was dominant, but rarely in public. In the bedroom it was quite a different story, but I preferred it that way. Dave waited patiently as my lips brushed against the slippery head of his enormous cock. He was already dripping pre-cum in anticipation of having his cock sucked for the first time in years. For me this was new. Although sexually submissive and although I had masturbated looking at pictures of guys' cocks, I had never actually sucked one before. I opened my mouth and took his cock in, slipping my tongue and lips around his massive cock head. Miriam bellowed, "Natalie, you have trained him well. Look at him suck your father's cock!" It took only a few minutes of sucking him before he groaned and shot his thick, musky seed into my mouth, coating my tongue and tonsils with his gooey white semen, forcing me to swallow load after load of the stuff. It took a few moments but at last i'd sucked every last drop from his cock and Dave wiped his cock against my mouth before thanking Miriam and returning to his place at her feet.

    The night ended up with all of us naked in their king-sized bed. I ate Miriam's hairy pussy and lapped at her hairy asshole, working my tongue deep into her rectal recesses where she clenched and unclenched it repeatedly. I performed another round of fellatio on Dave and he ended up fucking me as I ate hs wife's ass and pussy. Natalie sat and fingered herself to multiple orgasms. By Monday morning, having spent three nights at her family's cottage, Natalie and I drove home to her apartment, she as my mistress and I as her slave. We were married three months later and the chains that bound me to her became ever tighter, ever closer, evermore inescapable. AS the years went by, Natalie took a series of lovers, all with larger penises than mine, all better suited at satisfying her sexually. I would lick and suck their cum out of her openings, bringing her to orgasm the only way i could, orally. I orally pleasured Miriam, licking her feet, eating her hairy pussy and licking and sucking her asshole, sometimes meticulously clean and other times quite ripe, my tongue coated with the remnants of her morning shit. I sucked Dave's thick cock and learned to love having him fuck me as Miriam and Natalie reveled in my submission. In my moments of solitude, I would think back with wonder that all of this was as a result of that fateful day in the library when the curve of Natalie's arches made me stare at her, winning my lust and my heart in the bargain.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I accidentally discovered my Mom has a sex.**m account, so on a whim, I started following her. She followed me back. We never talk about it in real life, but weâve shared a ton of porn and exchange messages on there. We never tried to hide who we are or what we liked. Itâs been really fun and I keep sort of hoping our secret life will extend beyond the website soon.

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    Straight Female / 24

    Caught my little brother whacking off when I was sixteen and he was only fourteen. I told him I'd tell our parents if he didn't let me touch his huge cock. So sitting by him, I gripped his cock and began to Jack him. Within a minute his cock pulsed hard in my hand and he shot his load all over the place. He made kinds of arguments about me keeping my mouth shut, so I told him from then on, only I could relieve his needs. It soon developed into both of us giving each other oral sex, something he was and still is awesome at. And then as he reached his sixteenth birthday, I let him slide his large length inside my pussy. Throughout all that time I'd kept myself for him, and only him, so without him knowing I was a virgin too, he broke both of our cherries. Since that time fucking one another, we've both enjoyed sex with others. Yet at least once a week, normally two to three times a week, myself and my younger brother have sexd and it's simply the best sex anyone could ever have.

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    Straight Female / 23

    my dad is a nice straight-laced stand-up guy.
    he is the nicest guy I have ever met BUT I know he is into daddy daughter stuff. (i saw his history)
    what he doesn't know is... so is his daughter.
    I started wearing miniskirts without panties around the house, after a shower I sit around the house naked, I tell everyone I like to air dry

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