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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm lay face down on my bed looking at the homework I have on my lap top. He walks in see's me in just my t-shirt and knickers, no bra. He tells me my arse looks amazing and pulls my knickers down.
    I knew he'd come straight up so I'd already stripped off, and by the time he reached my bedroom my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.
    His cock as it has been over the year he's been fucking me, already hard. Not even bothering to look round, I tell him, knowing what his response will be, I've not been taking my birth control pills that week.
    Then he see's I've already lubed up my arsehole for him. He says "You horny slut, you want it up the arse again, don't you".
    Feeling his weight on me, I then feel his huge cock press against my arsehole, and the POP his massive cock head plunges into the hole I've been dying for him to fuck all day.
    It hurts a little, but I don't care and tell him we don't have long as my mum and dad will be back from their concert soon.
    That's when he thrusts hard up my arse, send g me to my first orgasm. It's so powerful I feel my arse muscles grip his cock tightly, and he moans deeply.
    That's when the real fucking begins. The fucking I knew when he text me earlier in the day, I'd want.
    Over the next ten minutes I'm used like a rag doll, but I resist when he wants to change position. I tell him to use me this way and he pounds back into my arsehole again. I climax again, feeling and thinking of him dominating my arse.
    It becomes more frantic and I know he's close. Finally looking round at him, I tell Paul "Cum up my arsehole, you dirty bastard". He laughs, pushes me into the bed and power fucks me until my third orgasm rips through me, and then his cock explodes up my backside.
    It feels amazing to have his hot cum filling my rear, as it has done previously. Only this time when he pulls out, I tell him something, something I've seen watching porn. I tell Paul to lick and suck out his cum from my arsehole.
    There is some hesitation, but I soon feel his hot wet tongue on my arsehole and he begins to kiss, lick and suck at my rear fuck hole.
    Knowing he's got his own cum flowing down his throat as I hear him swallowing, I have a massive orgasm and push my arsehole onto his face.
    He flips me over then, pushes his cock into my mouth and tells me I'm the best fuck he's ever had. Sucking on his gorgeous dick, I feel it softening and love the feel of it as I'm able to get most of it into my mouth by then.
    Later downstairs as we sit in the kitchen drinking coffee, he acknowledges his brother entering and smiles at me. I push my foot forwards and touch his cock bulge, just as my mum says hello to her brother in law.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    All through school my mom worked locally. Once I left for college, she took a much higher paying job in a town about an hour from home. She was a supervisor over about thirty people answering billing questions for a utility. There was a woman working there, Iâll call her Margie. Margie use to be friends with my mom then there was some falling out. My mom was a supervisor over Margie. But, they didnât get along, so Margie transferee. She was still in the same building, but worked with another group.

    One day Margie saw me when I was back home. She asked if I met my momâs new boyfriend. Puzzled, I said I didnât know she was dating. To make a long story short, my mom was fooling around with another supervisor at work. The supervisor is black. Margie said they go out to his car at lunch and she gives him head. We talked more and I asked her to take some pics or videos of them fooling around. She began sending me pics of them walking to the car. Getting in the car and seeing the guy laying back in the seat while my momâs head is seen popping up and down.

    She hasnât gotten close enough to get a video yet. I feel bad, but all I can think about is my mom sucking on a huge black cock. Is that wrong?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 53

    This goes back to being kids. We were a close enough family, I was the only kid in my family and my cousins next door was one of two kids. My mother and my aunt are sisters and lived next door when we were kids growing up. We got to that age when you get a boner. I guess around eleven you get boners regularly. I had a girl cousin who was my age, and we shared everything. I shared with her that I got boners in the morning and that sometimes it hurt real bad and I had to wait to pee because if I tried to pee with the boner I got pee all over the place. I was speaking Greek to her, she had seen my penis many times and she had touched and rubbed my penis. I had seen her pussy many times and I had touched her pussy. But that is as far as we had gone.

    That afternoon, we were sitting up in my room, and I pulled my pants down and she started to play with my penis and I got a boner real quick. A real hard boner, it felt like I was going to push out of my skin. She held it tight in her fist. I told her to take off her pants and with her naked pussy I got on top of her and after a few minutes managed to penetrate her, penetrate her all the way in. I won't say I knew how to fuck, I didn't, but I had fucked against the sheets and I fucked her. She did get wet, not at first but once she was getting fucked she got pretty wet and we fucked and I had my first male female ejaculation.

    You get addicted to pussy. I don't know if girls get addicted to a penis, but I was addicted to her pussy and I fucked her so much, almost every day after school. She knew the drill, she got her panties off, got on her back on the bed and I got on and as soon as I started to penetrate her she got wet and my penis slipped in slick as you could ask. She always said she liked it, but even then I knew deep down inside she did it to please me.

    We went through puberty, we both grew adult size genitals, her pussy got heavy with pubes and her lips would open wide when I touched her, and she spread her legs out for me to get on. She was by then on a regular enough cycle, and she had sex ed in school, so did I but she paid attention, and we used the rhythm method, pull out and cum on her. But we didn't always pull out, I came in her a whole lot of times. The truth was that cumming on her I didn't like and she would just hold me real tight and I came in her. But she didn't get pregnant.

    When she was fifteen she went to the doctors with her mother and the doctor asked to speak with her alone and he asked her if she was sexually active. The doctor told her he could tell, he had found semen in her. She confessed to him and he gave her a supply of birth control pills with instructions and he refilled her supply every six months, no questions asked. He just wanted to keep a tab on her and she went to him regularly to be examined.

    High school was bad in the sense that we fucked almost every day and sometimes twice. Our parents worked and we had the afternoons to get up to my room and fuck. She was just as ready as I was, we got home, we got in a fuck, and then we did our homework. Sometimes we went back in my room and she liked getting puppy fucked looking out the window. By then it was all so matter of fact, she knew her way around my penis, she never technically gave me a blowjob, once I was hard enough she pulled me on top of her. She liked to talk while we fucked, slow and easy, and we talked general all purpose conversation, we could keep it up like that for several minutes. If my penis slipped out she would reach under us and get me going again. She liked the slow and easy, and sometimes she had an orgasm that way. The bad thing was that once she had an orgasm she had me pull out and she went on her side. All I could do was grab her and hump her back and cum on her that way.

    When college came, she told her parents that she wanted to go with me to take care of me. She would take some courses, but she didn't think it was right that I go to college and not have someone to take care of me. On our own she set up house, sex became a natural affair, we had slowed down from those early high school days, had deeper and deeper sex, she loved being fucked slow and easy, let her get up until she had an orgasm. It was all I could do to fuck her that way, because she pushed me off and went on her side and kept her legs closed and I had to hump her naked back. But she loved those orgasms, and she felt that once in a while was her turn, the rest of the time was my turn.

    My addiction to her and her pussy never went away. She spent her life with me, she always wanted to be the perfect housewife. Being cousins we had to deal with that. But in her mid thirties she told me that everyone could go to hell, if anyone didn't think I was fucking her they had to be blind and crazy. So we had our only child, a daughter, when she was 38.

    If my cousin had been the girl next door I guess we would have had the perfect love story, but being cousins we had to pretend. How long before our parents figured out that we were sexually engaged we don't know. We were never confronted. Her mother's only comment when she became pregnant was to ask her if she really meant to do that. She said she did, and there were no more comments after that.

    We are both recently retired, out daughter is in college working on a masters. She doesn't much want to work. Some lucky guy is going to get one hell of a housewife. She says that is all she is good for, being a housewife and having kids. Now to find the lucky guy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    Back when I was in college a friend and I decided to room together and we rented a small house about three blocks from campus. Next door was a family with lots of kids. There were two women there and the man who worked for the Electric Utility. The women were in their late twenties and both were pregnant. It was my first exposure to communal living. We became friends, and there were lots of kids to look after and my roommate and I spent a lot of time helping. Money was tight for them and there was always home cooking. Lots of spaghetti and meat loaf and other good things. We ate with them three or four times a week. As college kids those were our home cooked meals. You don't think you like kids but you do. Especially the three and four year olds, they were infatuated with us and we were just as infatuated with them.

    When their babies came we tried to be useful and we helped keep the house going doing laundry for them and cooking ourselves. I knew how to make chicken casserole and my roommate was good with dishing out hot dogs and hamburgers. We worked together and the arrival of the new babies went well for everyone. We joined their family in pretty much every way. When we graduated and we had to face leaving school it was a very hard break up. We had become very attached to the kids and to the ladies. Little did we know that they would be the biggest influence in our lives.

    Three years out of college I got a job offer in Hawaii. I just couldn't resist and asked my college roommate to come with me, lets go live in Hawaii. In Hawaii we met a man in our building who was single and retired from the Navy and had a specialty photography business. For a Navy man it was hard for us to accept that he wasn't chasing us, we were so available to him. We started to be affectionate, lots of hugging and holding and kissing his cheeks. We agreed that we would offer him us.

    We told him we were looking for a man who would have us. We were self supporting but we were without a husband. We told him about our college days and our neighbors and that we still kept in touch. Since then we had talked about it at length and that is the life we wanted, a communal set up where we could live together with a man and have several kids, well lots of kids.

    The topic stood there for a long time. We took over and took care of him. He didn't want it, he was very self sufficient, but we were determined. We started by cooking for him, every night when he came home from work there was a hot meal and a table set for him. His laundry and cleaning all happened when he was at work. We gave him loads of affection. He was very concerned about getting involved with a couple of crazy girls who wanted nothing more than to procreate. One night we pulled him into the bedroom and we treated him at the same time, we followed instructions from our college neighbors, never let him sleep alone and have one room. After several months of this he agreed in spoken word that we could all live together.

    He had some savings and between his savings and our little money we looked for a house and bought it. We went the common law route, naming ourselves with his name, having joint checking accounts, owning a house together and of course having loads of kids, we have nine now. Our dear reluctant husband is overwhelmed with his kids, he is fully retired now and is a devoted father. We both work full time, we have decent jobs and his pension but money is always tight, getting a family of twelve around requires two large vans. To many of our neighbors we are just 'sisters' who did not want to be separated.

    We bunk up, the boys in one room and the girls in the other room. And the mommies sleep with the daddy. The one lesson our college neighbors repeated to us, beat into us, there is no separate pillow talk, there is no separate sex, there is no jealousy.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Millie and I have been horny from day one, more than likely watching mom's internet porn on her computer. We started french kissing then went on to everything else. Watching the porn videos, we both told each other how hard we would fuck a brother if we had one.

    We rubbed our clits together like mad and ate each other out until we both came. This went on for a few years. On my recent birthday, Millie put some cake icing on my pussy and licked and sucked it without caring who heard it. We knew aunt Jaynie was visiting but didn't care so we just continued when auntie walked into our bedroom. She remained quiet and then surprised us by taking off her clothes and joining us in bed. She said, "Wonderful, your mom and I used to do this a lot, girls. We don't get the time these days." She then proceeded to teach us real woman on woman sex.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I have three older brothers and they fuck me ragged all week long. I love it.
    I know some will find fault with this. I don't and I protect myself from pregnancy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    How fucking weird is this?

    I married my wife only eight months ago, and we've always had a very sexual relationship in the twenty months we've been together in total. Her daughter, my step daughter Sophie is nineteen and has always been flirty with me, yet has kept her distance to a point. However five months ago when my wife had to go into hospital for surgery, she and Sophie asked me to come up to Sophie's room. Entering thinking she'd want me to fix this or that, I saw Sophie, who's extremely fit and very good looking, naked on her bed. My wife was sat near to her head and Sophie was playing with herself.

    Looking at my wife, I sked her what the fuck was going on. Her very casual response was to say "I don't want you straying whilst I'm in hospital and afterwards when we can't have sex. So I want you and Sophie to fuck whilst I'm incapacitated". My wife said it in such a way, it sounded like she and Sophie had been rehearsing.

    I'm no prude, nor am I an angel when it comes to fucking women. Yet caught in the moment I froze a little, until Sophie got off the bed, sank down and took my cock out of shorts. As I looked at her mother, my step daughter began to suck on my dick. It was then my wife smiled at me, got up and walked out. But not before she said to the both of us "Have a good time, I'll be downstairs".

    It was mid afternoon when my wife walked out of her daughters bedroom. It was getting dark when Sophie and I emerged from her bedroom having licked sucked and fucked in as many ways as you can imagine. I'm not joking, I was literally drained in every sense of the word, and my wife couldn't have been happier when she saw me.

    That night instead of us fucking as we usually did, my wife licked and sucked on my cock and balls, and then told me to go and sleep with Sophie. Doing as she wanted, myself and Sophie woke up early and fucked until her alarm sounded. An hour later I was driving my wife to the hospital and again she very casually asked me to focus on Sophie and to fuck her when I was horny.

    My was in hospital for three days, and during those days I'd never had as much sex as I did with my step daughter. It was constant from the moment she got home from college, to her getting up to go to college. I was glad of a rest when my wife came home, but even then she wanted me to at least sleep with Sophie.

    It took two months before she was able to fully accept me sexually, and throughout that time, I screwed Sophie daily, quite often more than once. Then as soon as my wife slid her mouth, pussy and ass over my cock, that was that. Sophie instantly stopped teasing me for sex and began to wear more clothing around me. She even began to argue with me if I wasn't attentive to her mom enough.

    This past month Sophie and I haven't had sex at all. It's as if it never happened and I can't figure why, what or how it all happened in the first place. Don't get me wrong I adore fucking my wife as she's super sexy, but I must admit I really enjoyed fucking Sophie too.

    The real head wrecking part, is my wife keeps on telling me, how much Sophie keeps telling her, just how much she loved me fucking her. And said maybe, just maybe in the future I might be able to visit her room again. Until then however, it's driving me fucking crazy.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Several years ago, my wife and I went to visit my sister and her family. We stayed into the evening and, while my wife and sister were in the living room talking, my then-15-year-old nephew and I carried on a conversation at the kitchen table. At one point, my then-13-year-old niece entered the kitchen.

    Taking a seat but saying nothing, she reached toward a decorative glass bowl full of fruit at the center of the table. As my nephew and I continued to talk, I watched as my niece deliberately set about selecting a banana that was long and straight. Wordlessly, seemingly paying no attention to my nephew or I, she peeled the banana completely. Taking it between her fingertips at one end, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. Holding the fruit over her mouth, she slowly lowered it until I could see it bulging in her throat! She held it there for several seconds before withdrawing it and taking a bite from the end.

    Needless to say, all conversation at the table ceased as I watched in wide-eyed amazement while my young niece deep-throated a banana right before my very eyes! My stunned expression must have been pretty comical, because my nephew busted-up laughing. As I continued to look at her in awe, my niece smirked at me while chewing the bite she had taken.

    Trying to regain my composure and resume control of the situation, I said, "You're going to be VERY popular with the boys in high school!"

    At that, she stood up from the table and walked toward the garbage can to throw away the remaining uneaten portion and peel. As if she knew that I was still gawking at her in amazement at what I had just seen, she turned to address me. "I'm already very popular with the boys in high school."

    A gain, I was left speechless as my niece casually walked out of the room, my nephew still laughing hysterically at my utter shock from what I had just witnessed and heard.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    I was out shopping with my wife and her mother. One of things we were shopping for was a new swimsuit for me. I tried on this one swimsuit and since I tried the suit over my underwear I didn't know if it fit right and was asking the saleswoman. The saleswoman thought it fit and looked fine. My wife's mother unexpectedly puts her fingers into the waistband to check how tight it was. She had put her fingers into both the waistband of the suit and my underwear. When she pulled out on the waistband it was in front and it gave her and the saleswoman a clear view down into it and my cock. She must have had it pulled out for at least 5 or 10 seconds. She was staring down at it and the saleswoman was looking too and didn't know how to react and just kept looking. I didn't know how to react either so I did nothing too. My wife wasn't nearby so she didn't know what her mother had just done this. When she released the waistband my cock was poking out over it so I had to adjust myself. To get it back in I had to pull my underwear and suit down a little and then back up. My wife's mother and the saleswoman had a priceless look on their faces. I wanted it covered up quickly and didn't realize it at the time but in the process I must have exposed myself a lot more even if it was only for a few seconds each time. I pulled them down enough for them to fully see my ass and cock along with my balls. It took a few attempts of doing this to get everything in and sitting comfortably.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 36

    I need to get this out there: I want to fuck my sister-in-law. I love my wife, I really do, but Iâve always had a thing for her older sister.

    Her body is incredible, and her lips are to die for. Iâm betting sheâd shag like an absolute minx.

    We all went out into the city recently, and everyone got quite drunk. My sister in law wore a striped jumpsuit that clung in all the right places: pert tits spilling over the top; pert ass-cheeks tucked in tight. She gave me a huge hug at one point and my hand cupped her ass...she didnât pull away, but hugged me tighter. Well, all night I got a grope in whenever I could - her douchebag boyfriend was too wasted to notice anyway and my wife was hammered too.

    Man...I need just one night with her to get it out my system!

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