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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    Because of where he works and the fact my mom is always home, we always fuck at the motel now. It also means I can be as loud as I want when he licking and sucking on my clit, or fucking me so hard he has me climbing the walls and orgsming multiple times.
    Mom doesn't give Chad the sex he needs, and hasn't really since they married nine years ago. But that hasn't mattered too much, as I've made sure my step father wants for nothing sexually. He knows because I tell him all the time, just how much I love his enormous cock. And how he power fucks my mouth, pussy and ass.
    Right from our first time in the basement of Chad and my moms home (I live with my boyfriend now) when I was seventeen, I've craved his wonderful cock, and how he literally eats out my pussy and ass. It's always a hard furious fuck and I adore how he makes me and my body feel.
    I know mom and he have sex, but it's no where near as horny as we fuck, as I've watched them numerous times when I lived at home. With Chad half owning and working at the motel, we no longer have to sneak around at their home, as my day gives me more than enough time to meet him there.
    Chad tells me he married the wrong horny bitch, and in that respect he did. But it doesn't matter because boy do I give him all he needs anyway, and then some.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    My hard drive conked out so I went to my dad's office to alert friends I was down. I browsed his photos for a while then spotted a file labeled "temporary." The photos were all porno that included mom, dad, their friends and some people I did not know. I could feel my face flushing hot and red and quickly closed the file. Then, my curiosity got the best of me. From the photos I learned stuff about Mom and Dad that I would have never known. I found myself sneaking in and checking "temporary" for a few months, spotting some new ones. Dad had a close up series on his fat cock being sucked on by some woman I did not know.

    In time I began to get ultra hot looking at them so I made copies on my flash drive and watch them in my privacy, masturbating like mad over them, I started to have very nasty thoughts about dad and mom, after I saw that she was bisexual. Dad seems to love getting her doggy style as she eats some other woman. I'm posting this here because I browsed into it, looking for answers to my questions, especially a big one. I would love to join my parents in their side hobby and have no idea how to approach it. They might freak out. It's taken hold of me. Pictures are powerful.

    If anything comes of this, I will post it here. What I am not doing is telling anyone, especially my b/f who would freak out over all of it. However, when he fucks me, I imagine it's dad with his fat cock slamming into me. I want so badly to suck on his chubby until he comes and begs me to stop. They use pot a lot so maybe sometime when they are obviously high I'll ask them.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Carla & Lindsay

    My sister Carla is 3 years younger than me. She has short brunette hair, is skinny and her breasts are still underdeveloped.

    Her best friend is Lindsay, who has long blonde hair, is also thin, but a little more busty than Carla.

    About a month ago, Lindsay was visiting my sister for a sleep over. I could hear them all night giggling in Carla's room.

    I thought that I would burst into the room to scare them. When I did I got a big surprise. I found them both completely naked making out and fingering each other's pussies.

    I told them that I would tell everyone in school that they were lesbos if they didn't do exactly what I said. They agreed.

    So I told Carla to lay down on her back and for Lindsay to start licking Lindsay's pussy. They both smiled in agreement. I watch Lindsay get Carla aroused and I was getting aroused myself.

    So I started to slap Lindsay's behind, gentle at first but then a little harder so she would skirm. Carla started to moan as Lindsay continued to lick her pussy.

    Then I inserted a finger in Lindsay's asshole and she began to wiggle her butt receptively. So I began to lick Lindsay's butt hole and she began to mumble incoherently.

    I inserted a finger into Lindsay's pussy and she was already wet. I worked my finger around and began to massage her g-spot and she got sopping wet. Carla began to buck as Lindsay continued to lick her pussy.

    I was beginning to lose control myself, so I unbuckled my belt, pulled my jeans and shorts down, and pulled out my cock which was fully erect by now.

    I thrust my cock into Lindsay's pussy doggy-style and she gasped a little. Carla then interrupted a bit and told me to "Fuck her hard"!

    So I obliged and began to pound away at her pussy. Lindsay's head began to bob around a bit as she continued to lick my sister's pussy. Carla also began to moan and buck wildly as she ground Lindsay's face into her pussy.

    Lindsay lifted her head and said that she was going to cum, so I flipped her over and began to pound away at her pussy missionary style. Carla just watched in awe as I fucked her BF. By now I was losing control myself and accidentally short a load of cum into Lindsay's pussy.

    Then Carla did something completely wild and dirty that neither of us were expecting. She began to lick my fresh cum out of Lindsay's pussy

    Whenever Lindsay now sleeps over at our house, we all enjoy a threesome together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    There is no excuse for me enjoying the sex. There is no lying about the fact their cocks felt amazing fucking my pussy and ass. The fact of the matter is, I wasn't at the start of it all, a willing partner. But by the time they'd both cum deep inside of me twice, I wanted then to carry on fucking me to my next orgasm.
    I'd had over a dozen strongly intense orgasms and was I suppose, begging them to fuck me to more. Yet when they entered our home and stripped me naked, I hated them and only wanted them dead. My husband wasn't at home and they knew that. They knew it because my husband is their son and brother respectively.
    Where we live you get on with things in life and I guess, it was one of them things. On my husbands return from his brief sentence, he wanted to know if I'd stayed faithful. I wanted to tell him I had, but that his family hadn't. But then again the night before he was released, I'd willingly opened my legs for his father to fuck me over and over again, making sure his cum swirled around both of my fuck holes.
    His brother is scared of him, and only fucked me to excuse his father's lust for my body. He no longer visits our home, but his father most definitely does. Mostly I will add, when his son is out.
    The tables have now turned though, as I've insisted my father in law makes sure we're looked after financially. It's either that, or I tell his son just how often he sticks his enormous cock deep inside of me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Posing Should I
    My dad recently bought a DSLR camera, he was takin pictures of everything including portraits of me and mum, one Sunday afternoon I said I was going out but didn't go I was in my bedroom when I herd mum and cummings up stairs and go into there bedroom, I herd then talking dad saying things like get your legs open and play with your self, obviously the was taking porn photos of mum then I could hear mum telling dad to do similar thing then I herd the bed
    the bed creaking, I don't have a problem with that its there private fun. Dad has asked me to pose for him on his day off when its just us at home I am wondering what he wants dose he want me to take everything off for him,
    I was turned on when I herd them in the bedroom taking photos, if I did pose how far would dad want me to go, I have always been dads girl and like to please him, but asking me to pose when its just us, my ex boyfriend has taken nudes of me with my phone and I really enjoyed being photographed naked I really felt alive I am wet thinking about it, Has any other girl who reads this post posed naked for there dad or would they consider it.


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 24

    My wife and I seduced my brother. We invited him over to watch pornoâs. Before we started the movie, she went into the bedroom and took off all of her clothes and put on a silky nightgown with nothing on underneath. I had also changed into a pair of basketball shorts with no underwear because we had planned to get him sexually aroused by fooling around in front of him and wanted to have easy access to each otherâs bodies and also make it easy for him to see what we were doing. We put on a porno that had one woman fucking two guys at the same time to set the mood. My brother sent in a chair and my wife and I sat on the couch together with a blanket over our laps. When the movie was going good and the woman on the screen was fucking and sucking the two guys my wife started massaging my dick under the blanket. I want to head and pull my shorts down to give her free access. I could tell my brother was checking us out but not being obvious about it. After a little while Of jacking me off underneath the blanket, not trying to be discreet at all,my wife put her head under the blanket and started sucking my dick. After a little bit, I let the blanket slip down enough so that you could see her head going up-and-down but nothing else. Now my brother is watching us but still trying to not be noticeable. After a little longer, Iâll let the blanket slip some more until you could now see her completely and could see a little bit of her sucking. Heâs really watching us more now. You have no idea how much of a turn on it is to have your wife sucking your dick in front of a horny teenager. At this point, we decided to completely go for it, and moved the blanket completely out of the way so that my brother had a clear view of her sucking my dick in plain sight. He was now completely mesmerized by what she was doing to me. And sheâs really going for it, making slurping sounds and I am starting to moan in pleasure. I looked straight at him and we locked eyes. Then he goes back to watching her sucking my dick. After a few minutes my wife stop sucking and looks over at him with greedy, last filled eyes and told him to come over to the couch where we were sitting.He stood up and when he did you could see a big bulge in his pants were hit hard on was pressing against his jeans. When he got over to the couch where we were, She reached out and unbuckled and unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his hard dick and wrapped her lips around it. His dick was actually a little bit longer than mine and I knew that she would want to feel it in her pussy. She took him in her mouth and begin sucking him. She maneuvered him until he was sitting on the couch with his legs splayed open as she was on her knees in front of him sucking his dick. I quickly slipped off the couch and got behind her and lifted upHer short nightgown and shoved my Dick all the way into her pussy from behind. I began to pump her pussy while having a great view of her sucking my brother. It didnât take but a couple of minutes before my brother started orgasm ming and filled her mouth up with his sperm. My wife is a professional dick sucker and she swallowed and sucked out every drop of his Hot sperm as he ejaculated into her willing mouth. As soon as I saw him began to shoot his load in her mouth it was all that I could stand and began to nut in her pussy at the same time. So here we were, two brothers with hard dicks pumping sperm into both ends of my wife at the same time. She told me later that it was it an incredible feeling to experience that simultaneously. That was the beginning of a lot of fun for all three of us. I have extra counter involved my brother fucking my wife while I watched. We had all kinds of different scenarios . I even ate her pussy out after he came in it once. That was really a turn on licking her clit and tonguing out her freshly fucked pussy hole and tasting his sperm from my wifeâs pussy was really hot.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    My sister in law Susan let me watch a video of her being anally fucked by a younger man recently, after I explained why myself and her sister had had a huge argument. I'd explained my wife had decided to abstain from anal sex, because one of her friends had told her there are all kinds of diseases you can catch from being fucked up the ass. Susan's married but unfortunately cannot have kids, yet her husband is a total waster and a alcoholic. She now gets her sexual kicks from younger men and wants us to get together regularly for sex. This is after I watched the video, then fucked the beautiful thirty eight year old in her mouth, pussy and her gorgeous tight ass. As you can probably guess I adore fucking women's asses, and get off from seeing them gape after taking my big dick out. Especially if they let me cum up their shit box. Susan did and told me I was by far the horniest anal fucker, she'd ever had sex with. It's so far only been a one time event, but she did call by last week and wanted sex again. It was only my wife coming home early from work, that stopped me from fucking Susan's pussy and ass. As she'd already sucked on my dick making me ache afterwards for her sweet asshole. I'm not sure how things will progress, but if her texts last night have anything to do with it, I will be balls deep up my sister in laws fuck holes in the next couple of days.
    Here's hoping my wife does take the promotion that's been offered to her. Which means she'll be working away one week out of four. Given Susan's and my work commitments, it'll suit us both and mean I'll be able to fuck her as and when we like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband believes I've along with his son, my nineteen year old step son Adam, been slaving over a hot oven all day, getting his forty fifth birthday celebrations and food ready. We've got all his family and friends coming round a little later for a big bash. What he and they don't know, is all the food was bought already done and delivered. And I've already had my first big bash today, as Adams cock fucked me oh so deep up my pussy and asshole. The only people cumming this morning and on into the afternoon, was myself and Adam as we pretty much had sex from the moment his father left to play golf. My husband will have a great time getting drunk with his idiotic family (They really are a bunch of fucking morons), then when they've gone, probably in the early hours of the morning, I'm going to continue where myself and Adam left off earlier. And that was with me mounting his gorgeous cock as his cock drove deep inside my asshole. Two years now my step son and I have been having an affair. He hates his stupid extended family too, and like me can't wait for summer come round. That's because myself and Adam will get the house to ourselves for nearly three months, as my husband goes off on one of his middle east trips.
    No fat lazy drunken husband, no idiotic family, only a virile young man, who can't get enough of his step moms mouth, pussy and ass.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    Lady's please tell me what happen?

    So when I was about 14 years old I always wanted to touch my mothers body, when we were alone at home I would ask her if I could massage her feet and lead to massaging her legs. I loved this so much, I rubbed her legs like I was going to have sex with her. I would rub my hands all the way up to her panties but would never touch her panties. I really wish I would of but I didn't want it to end so I played it safe. On time I was rubbing her legs and staying in the upper part of her legs, just rubbing her inner thighs good and she squeezed her legs tightly together and held them like that for a minute or two...... I think I have my mother an orgasm???

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 40

    I have this fantasy and it runs through my mind a lot.

    I wish my mother would of m****ted me at a young age. I remember being about 7 and she would change her clothes right in front of me and I would get so excited. Would watch her and rub my dick. She saw me and told me to go into another room. Other times I would stare at her big tits and she would pull up her low cut shirt or turn the other way. I wish my mother would of let me suck on her titties and fuck her pussy. I think all mother should be a sex toy for their boys, teach them all about sex.
    I still dream about cumming on my mothers tits and face. I wish I could fuck my mother.

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