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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Should I help my daughter out. She is in her mid teens I have caught self indulging in sex using her fingers she was embarrassed the first time we talked about it after I assured her it was quite normal and not to feel guilty about it or embarrassed if disturbed her, I explained I use to do the same and still do when I feel like it for my own personnel pleasure except I use sex toys she asked if she could see them so I showed her my collection, she asked if she could borrow one as she hadn't broken her virginity, I said take the box into your bedroom, what surprised me was she asked me if I would do it for her with one of the dildos as she didn't want to hurt herself, I knew I shouldn't because it was wrong plus she doesn't know ime bisexual, I said I would think about it, the thought of inserting a dildo in my own daughters vagina did make me go wet, and now while I am typing this post, would it be that bad of me and so wrong if I did for my own sexual satisfaction, and what could it lead to the ultimate taboo, help other mums out there, Please

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    I am 41 and I have never gotten over my first time. I was sixteen, my older cousin had gotten married and she and her new husband joined us at the beach that summer. He fucked me, outright fucked me, no may I?, just up and fucked me.

    When I came up pregnant things got very bad for everyone, the thing for me was that I was in love with him, or at least in teen age love with him and I did not want him hurt. My cousin reluctantly agreed to take the baby. She was a great Mom, she took the baby from the very beginning and that caused her to have her own, two girls one and two and she needed babysitting help and who better than me to help out. I loved my daughter and as she got older that only got worse and I taught her to call me Mommy.

    Once I got to college I was a lot more settled down but my love for my daughter and her father did not get smaller, it just got more and more intense. To say that I hung onto her Daddy is an understatement, I couldn't keep my hands off and I hung on him throwing my legs around his waist. I was twenty when he finally fucked me again, a good long fuck, a 'I have been waiting forever for you to fuck me' fuck. My cousin got mad, she said she was disappointed in me but she never interfered when it was time for me to get my fucking.

    Things progressed, I hung out at their house all the time, if we went out together she sat me beside him so she could take care of the kids, 'you take care of your man'. My daughter by then called me Mommy and called my cousin Mommy, my cousin's daughter called her Mommy and called me Mommy, the only difference was the tone in their voice, we knew which Mommy they were talking to.

    There were no threesomes, but there were lots of 'stop doing that in front of me'. I guess that at that time her husband had his hands full fucking us both, we 'wanted' it all the time, we took turns, we set each other up for him, he liked having his cock sucked, first me and then her, or backwards. That's as close as we got to any kind of threesome. If I slept with him she slept in my room, if she slept with him I was in my room, and there was a lot of 'you go take care of him'.

    As the girls got older everything had to slow down, everything had to be behind closed doors. There were explanations as to why Daddy had two Mommies. The tittie fairy hit, and the girls sported their new tits like a new pair of shoes. Their hips got bigger and their dresses got shorter, they did everything together and took care of each other. At home their Mommies were perpetually horny and Daddy was working long hours. They had lots of sex talks, some matter of fact, a lot about what girls liked to do, and some quite up front, when you need to get fucked you need to get fucked, but keep your pants on until your married. Explaining my daughter's birth when I was sixteen was used as an example of what not to do, but watching us at home with Daddy was an example of what to do. They went on the pill.

    These girls are now out of college and starting their own lives, they live together, one is a TV reporter and the other is an accountant. They are sexy in a way that I was never brave enough to be. But they are careful, they date carefully and they want someone like their Daddy, strong and caring, a man that will love them they way they grew up.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    When I was in my early 20's, my Dad remarried. My step mom was 39 years old. She was a beautiful, full figured brunette. I had a crush on her from the first day I met her. My relationship with her was very strong. My real mom past away when I was 6 years old. So Janet was truly like my own mother. The first couple of years Janet and my Dad were married, they seemed happy. But that soon changed. My Dad was never home. I was closer to Janet than I was with my own Dad. We talked a lot. I would tell her she deserved better than my Dad. It was clear they were going to divorce . On Janet's 42nd birthday they got divorced. Janet moved to another state, and I really missed her.

    We made plans for me to go visit her, and that's what this confession is all about.From the moment I got to her apartment something was different. Not in a bad way. She was very touchy. Later that night we started drinking wine and I admitted to her that I always had a crush on her. She told me she kinda knew that already, and she said she had a crush on me to that very day. She told me she also knew that I "borrowed her panties sometimes". I admitted to her that I would sneak into her bedroom and take a silky pair of panties from her drawer and masturbate with them.

    That night she dressed up in a black corset, black bra, black panties, and stocking held up with garters. She made me call her Mommy. And she pretty much was my sex slave. It was the greatest night of sex I had ever had. She was like a dirty porn star. She was totally driven by a cum fetish. It was like she couldn't get enough. She loved when I would cum on her face, and in her hair. She would say " Wash Mommys hair". I asked her if I could fuck her. She told me " Dont ask me IF you can do anything to me, you TELL me what your going to do to me."

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I made the mistake of borrowing money from my father-in-law. He's letting me work it off on Sunday mornings. His wife passed away a little over a year ago and we have been going through her things, one outfit at a time. Every week I arrive around 8:00 AM and go directly to my dead mother-in-law's dressing table. There is always a different wig, she had dozens, and heels, makeup, and lingerie. It'takes me a half hour or so to get ready, I've become quite adept at wearing makeup. So far the dresses have fit me very well and I love wearing them for him. He takes a lot of pictures and after I'm through posing for him he removes my dress and places it carefully aside. Then he pushes me to my knees and forces his big hard cock into my mouth. I only pretend to resist because he likes it when he feels in charge. I have grown to love his cock. When he fucks me he calls me by his dead wife's name and pounds me bareback. He loves to cum buried deep in my ass. Sometimes he pulls out and cums all over my face and wig, followed of course by more pictures. He could ruin me if he wanted to and has actually posted a few of me with his dick in my mouth online anonymously. I don't think anyone would recognize me anyway, but it would be the end of my idyllic life. His daughter is a great wife and better mom to our three young kids. I quickly paid off the money I owed him and my wife thinks it's great her Dad and me have become so close. She thinks it is great we get together for breakfast every Sunday.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Was staying at my grandpas house last summer. Helping him do some work in and around his house. He owns a lot of property.

    Plus he needed some help getting around with certain things. Well I did not know that my grandpa sleeps naked till one morning I realized that he slept on the couch that night. It was 9am and I saw my grandpa naked on the couch. And I couldn’t help be see that he had a huge soft penis! When he got up it dangled down and he had some very low hanging balls!

    My grandpa got up and got a cup of coffee like being naked was natural. Plus I had no idea my grandpa was uncut too. And he had no pubic hair! I think he realized he was naked after a bit because he walked back to the couch and put his tighty whities on.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    I have an identical twin sister and of course we share everything? Genetically we're the same person after all. We used to have a lot of fun with people being completely unable to tell us apart by switching places and pretending to be one another. I guess the cruelest joke we played this way was when we would take turns dating the same guy, seeing how long it would take them to figure us out. They never did.

    We even used to have competitions to see which of us could get the guy in bed first. Of course it didn't take all that much effort, if you know guys. But whatever, We would keep score, make fun of each other for losing, and of course share all the juicy details. It was fun to turn each other on talking about the cock that the other didn't get to take a ride on.

    We did this all the way into our early 20s until my sister met her fiance Kyle. He was the first guy we had never shared which is a shame because I fell just as hard in love with Kyle as she did. I've always wanted to know what he was like in bed but she would never tell me. I maybe could have tricked him into sleeping with me but I couldn't do that to my sister.

    Now not only are they engaged but she's pregnant with their first baby. I've been watching them together and watching her grow their child and in my mind it's me doing those things. I want Kyle and I want his baby and I'm so insanely jealous of my siter that it causes me physical pain.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Initiating my sister!

    My sister Carla was 2 yrs. younger than me. She was always sick when we were growing up (having leukaemia), and was in and out of the hospital for treatments and recovery.

    When I was 15 our mom let me start to date boys. She was very sexually active herself, being a single mother and working in a bar, where she could readily pick-up men. Although she never admitted it, I suspected that mom charged the guys for her time to make enough money to "make ends meet".

    Carla and I would listen to her trysts through our bedroom wall. Sometimes the guys were short-timers and would leave quickly. But occassionally a guy would give our mom a "good dicking and licking" as she called it, and we would hear her moaning and groaning throughout the night.

    Although we couldn't see anything, sometimes the dirty talk itself was arousing. The guys would often call our mom a whore or dirty little slut. One guy called her his "cum bucket", and another made her say his name "Don" whenever she was about to cum. A few of the guys even got our mom to call them "Daddy" as they fucked her.

    I didn't tell Carla but I began to diddle myself in the dark while listening to our mom's sessions. I never really came, but I liked the sensations as I fingered my clitty.

    As I started to date high school boys, I really had to fend them off. They were only interested in one thing, and would get all handsy with me trying to massage my breasts and between my thighs. Since I wasn't willing to put out, they would stick around for no more than one or two dates before they lost interest.

    Finally one guy, Rick, put in some effort to get to know me and seemed to really like me. He was the first to give me a really good introduction to french kissing, although other guys had made pathetic attempts.

    Since Carla was too young and sick to date herself, she wanted to live vicariously through me and tell her about all my make-out sessions with Rick.

    Rick was growing into quite a fit young man. He was a couple of years older than me, was tall and lanky, and I loved his muscular arms and chest.  He had a tussle of wild blond hair that I played with as we made out.

    At first Rick gave me butterfly kisses, but then worked up to kissing me on the neck and nibbling my ear lobes. He finally started to dart his tongue gently into my mouth, but became much more passionate when I responded in kind with my own tongue.

    I told Carla these developments in our kissing after each successive date with Rick. At first she thought playing tongue hockey sounded disgusting and couldn't understand how I could enjoy it.

    So she begged my to show her french kissing myself. At first I resisted because she was my sister, but she argued that we had already kissed on the lips so it was no big deal. I couldn't deny her logic. So I followed Rick's pattern.

    At first I gently pecked Carla on her lips like we had done many times before. Then I began to lick her on her neck, which caused her to giggle. Next I traced my tongue along her ear lobes. By the time I inserted my tongue into Carla's mouth, she was completely receptive and met me with her own tongue twirling around my tongue.

    We played like that over some months because it seemed like harmless fun, although we both began to breath more heavily with each session. Every once in a while we would luck out and time our makeout session to coincide with listening to our mom being pounded by some random guy in the next room.

    When Rick turned 18 he got his own car and we could have a little more privacy when on our dates. We also became a little more daring in our fore-play. Actually I kind of initiated it, because my breasts were developing and I wanted to show them off.

    So I began to unbutton my blouse to entice Rick to explore my nubile young titties. At first he kissed me down my cleavage and then alternated between kissing my left and right breasts gently, and finally began to suck on my puffy nipples vigorously as we both got more aroused.

    When I told Carla this, of course she wanted me to show her. But I protested because this would be crossing a line in our relationship as sisters. I was also concerned because Carla's breasts had not really developed, and I was worried that she would not find the experience pleasurable.

    But Carla convince me to give it a try, as she had zero prospects of ever dating a guy. So she laid on her back and unbutton her flannel pajama top for me. I traced my fingers along her budding breasts but there was not really much to work with as I suspected. Her nipples did get erect like erasers, so I was able to tweak them a bit, which Carla seemed to enjoy.

    I also tried to suck on Carla's nipples but it did not seem to give her as much pleasure as I has when Rick sucked on mine.

    As an alternative, Carla asked if she could see my breasts and play with them. I had B cups at the time, so she could handle them more easily and I found her sucking them very arousing like Rick had done.

    I think my makeout sessions after that became more enjoyable for me than Carla. But Carla had more to learn.

    And Rick had more to teach me. During our makeout sessions, his hands began to wander more between my thighs. Even though I had jeans on, my pussy area began to get really warm as he massaged it. Eventually I thought that I had peed my panties after one rigorous rubbing session, but later realized I actually had my 1st orgasm.

    I did not tell Carla about these sessions as I thought she would insist that I do the same for her, but this was farther than I was willing to go.

    Then Rick invited me to a school dance. I really got dolled up for Rick and Carla helped me pick out a pretty dress. She was so excited for me, it was as if she was going to the dance herself.

    But I had never really thought of the implications of wearing a dress to the dance instead of my usual jeans.

    Of course I now realize the whole intent of a dress is to show off our legs, and give guys freer access to our naughty bits. Rick wanted us to leave the dance early, so he could no doubt taken advantage of this freer access.

    Our makeout session became even more fever pitched than usual. Rick could stroke my bare inner thighs, which he was never able to do with my jeans on. He also reached around and started to play with my bum, and before I knew it he had slipped my panties off.

    Rick began to stroke up and down the slit of my pussy with his index finger. Then he found my clitty, which caused me to begin to skirm as he gave more attention to it. As Rick rubbed on my clit, I began to squeal in pleasure. Then he tried to insert his finger in my pussy but met some resistance. He then inserted two fingers and exerted enough pressure to bust my hymen.

    My pussy juices were already flowing from my clit being fingered, but now they were being mixed with blood from my hymen. So it was just the right mixture of pain and pleasure from having my cherry popped. Rick was a real man and focussed on only giving me pleasure that evening.

    When I got home from my date that evening, Carla could tell something was different. For one, I blushed when she prodded me to tell her what happened. I let the "cat out of the bag" and couldn't resist telling her that Rick had bust my hymen. She took this to mean that I had lost my virginity, and I didn't provide any further details that he had done it with his fingers and not his penis. Like a badge of honor, I did show her my blood soaked panties that I was still wearing.

    Carla wanted me to tell her everything and I was at a lost for words to describe the sensation of having an orgasm. She begged me to show her, but there was no way that I was going to finger my own sister and especially bust her hymen (since our mother sometimes still bathed her).

    As a compromise, I told Carla that I would massage her in the pussy area, but only over her flannel pajama bottoms and panties. I removed my blouse, undid my bra from behind and took it off, because I knew that Carla liked to suckle and play with my breasts.

    I unbottoned Carla's pj top and, since she was braless, I began to squeeze her nipples until they became erect. Then I traced my tongue down to her belly button (an innie) and started to lick it. This caused Carla to squirm and spread open her legs wider in anticipation of my caresses.

    I took the invitation and used the palm of my right hand to gently massage Carla between her thighs over her night clothes. She closed her eyes and started to bite her lip. Her breathing started to quicken, and her tiny breasts became flush red with her arousal.

    At this time Carla started to rhytmically rock her pussy area into the palm of my hand as I continued to massage her. She also began to moan and groan, so I started to french kiss her to keep her quiet. She kissed me back passionately, which only added to my own arousal.

    I couldn't believe how quickly Carla's pajama bottoms heated up as I massaged her pussy. Then the heat turned into moisture, a tiny wet spot at first. But soon her pj bottoms and panties became sopping wet. Carla started to buck wildly as I continued to stroke her, and then suddenly her pussy juices gushed all over my hand as she squirted for the very first time.

    When she finally caught her breath, Carla wanted to reciprocate my actions. She reached under my dress and removed my panties. But instead of using the palm of her hand, she inserted her index finger into my pussy. At first I guided her to play with my clit, as I needed to get wet. But once I was well lubricated, Carla began to thrust her finger in and out of my pussy like a tiny penis.

    Soon I had my own squirting show, and Carla was licking my pussy juices off of her fingers and hand.

    From that night on my little sister and I continued to french kiss and masturbate each other to our mutual pleasure. Although I knew it was wrong, I also realized it was likely to be the only sexual experience that Carla would ever have.

    When Carla did eventually pass away from her leukaemia, I was hysterical at her funeral. No one knew that it wasn't just because I was losing a sister, but also a lover.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    Ime Suspicious.

    I've discovered my 15 year old son and my daughter of 13 are having sex, I was suspicious a while ago when I found her nightdress in his bed I know they have been in bed for a cuddle I use to with my brother and dad I soon stopped getting in with my dad, , I've examined the bed and there are marks and smells of sexual activity, if I confront them they would only find a place to go and do it, I feel like ignoring it I know its wrong but what the hell, should I

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Me and my Family was having a Nice Thanksgiving Dinner this past Thanksgiving until an Uninvited Turkey showed up for Dinner. My Cousin Fred was wearing a Turkey Suit and was barefoot and he was also carrying bottles of beer and after thinking a gulp of Miller Lite he climbed on top of the Dinner Table clapped his hands and stamped his bare feet into the Mashed Potatoes and did the Turkey Dance and then farted right in my face.

    Fred then jumped off of the table and ran inside my bathroom and locked the door and the next thing I heard was farts, turds hitting the water and him Fred Gobbling and Grunting while taking a shit in my bathroom.

    Then Fred emerged from my Bathroom wearing a Turkey Mask and a Thong with Turkey Feathers as he came back into the Dining Room, he picked up his Foot and SMELLED HIS FEET as the Pies were being Passed around the Table and ME and my Kids were all getting grossed out by Fred's behavior. Then Fred snatched the Pumpkin Pie Put his foot in my Pumpkin Pie and began to suck his toes on my Pumpkin Pie in front of everyone but the Pie was still hot as Fred clutched his foot in pain as I took a Pie and hit him in the face with it. Fred retaliated and threw the Pie he just sucked his Toes on at me and before you know it an all out Food Fight broke out in the Dining Room as Food went everywhere. Then I grabbed a Plate and smashed Fred in the head with it as my Uncle and Husband dragged Fred's Drunk Half Naked Ass out of my House.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I regularly strip naked and jerk off for my sister-in-law to watch while my wife is away. Sher lets me finish on her belly or tits but stays mostly dressed. Once she got naked too, so I ate her pussy. We had sex years ago and will probably fuck again soon.

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