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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    My sister in law Susan let me watch a video of her being anally fucked by a younger man recently, after I explained why myself and her sister had had a huge argument. I'd explained my wife had decided to abstain from anal sex, because one of her friends had told her there are all kinds of diseases you can catch from being fucked up the ass. Susan's married but unfortunately cannot have kids, yet her husband is a total waster and a alcoholic. She now gets her sexual kicks from younger men and wants us to get together regularly for sex. This is after I watched the video, then fucked the beautiful thirty eight year old in her mouth, pussy and her gorgeous tight ass. As you can probably guess I adore fucking women's asses, and get off from seeing them gape after taking my big dick out. Especially if they let me cum up their shit box. Susan did and told me I was by far the horniest anal fucker, she'd ever had sex with. It's so far only been a one time event, but she did call by last week and wanted sex again. It was only my wife coming home early from work, that stopped me from fucking Susan's pussy and ass. As she'd already sucked on my dick making me ache afterwards for her sweet asshole. I'm not sure how things will progress, but if her texts last night have anything to do with it, I will be balls deep up my sister in laws fuck holes in the next couple of days.
    Here's hoping my wife does take the promotion that's been offered to her. Which means she'll be working away one week out of four. Given Susan's and my work commitments, it'll suit us both and mean I'll be able to fuck her as and when we like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband believes I've along with his son, my nineteen year old step son Adam, been slaving over a hot oven all day, getting his forty fifth birthday celebrations and food ready. We've got all his family and friends coming round a little later for a big bash. What he and they don't know, is all the food was bought already done and delivered. And I've already had my first big bash today, as Adams cock fucked me oh so deep up my pussy and asshole. The only people cumming this morning and on into the afternoon, was myself and Adam as we pretty much had sex from the moment his father left to play golf. My husband will have a great time getting drunk with his idiotic family (They really are a bunch of fucking morons), then when they've gone, probably in the early hours of the morning, I'm going to continue where myself and Adam left off earlier. And that was with me mounting his gorgeous cock as his cock drove deep inside my asshole. Two years now my step son and I have been having an affair. He hates his stupid extended family too, and like me can't wait for summer come round. That's because myself and Adam will get the house to ourselves for nearly three months, as my husband goes off on one of his middle east trips.
    No fat lazy drunken husband, no idiotic family, only a virile young man, who can't get enough of his step moms mouth, pussy and ass.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    Lady's please tell me what happen?

    So when I was about 14 years old I always wanted to touch my mothers body, when we were alone at home I would ask her if I could massage her feet and lead to massaging her legs. I loved this so much, I rubbed her legs like I was going to have sex with her. I would rub my hands all the way up to her panties but would never touch her panties. I really wish I would of but I didn't want it to end so I played it safe. On time I was rubbing her legs and staying in the upper part of her legs, just rubbing her inner thighs good and she squeezed her legs tightly together and held them like that for a minute or two...... I think I have my mother an orgasm???

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    I am an immigrant, first generation. My family has other members who immigrated earlier. I went to college here. I was presented to a man last weekend. My uncle who is responsible for me here told me that he expected me to get married. I don't know this man. I have never met him or know anything about him. He doesn't know me. The wedding date is already set, for June. The man I am supposed to marry is living in San Juan Puerto Rico working with the relief effort. He is an engineer. I won't see him again until the week I get married.

    My mother was married the same way. So have all my aunts. My family is very large and has lots of contacts and they use the girls to marry into families that make good business alliances. The man I am going to marry comes from a family with a large manufacturing business and my family wants to have a joint venture with them, to represent them here and be the exclusive agent for selling in America. This is one of those opportunities that cannot be missed. I am the sacrificial lamb. My husband to be is going to manage that business.

    None of this is new to me, I have always known from very young that you get married to the man that is chosen for you. We can have friends, but any romantic feelings are killed. I was never allowed to fall in love. I have lived in America since I was 17. My uncle is responsible for marrying me.

    I will not go into the marriage as pure. I don't know if that is expected any more, but that is how they talk. He gets a good girl from a good family who is untouched. I get a man from a good family who is a good earner and can support a family. I am pretty sure that if I tell that I have been to bed with a couple of men I will be sent away. A friend of mine from college, who was married last year to a dentist from Maryland, told me not to say anything. What they don't know doesn't matter. If I talk I will be sent away.

    I was sat down by my mother and my grandmother after the man left. I was told to search up, down, and all around, and find a single case of a family woman that is divorced or abandoned by their husband. There are none that I could identify. I am supposed to be comforted by this.

    It doesn't matter, the wedding is set for June. This gives me time to prepare and know more about his family. My uncle and my future father in law were junior officers in the army together when they were young. Now they have the chance to sew the two families together.

    I look at my fourteen year old sister, I told her I am happy. We both know that I lied.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 54

    It has been over thirty years. I was 22 and I was seeing him, intimately. I never got over him. I am still not over him. I followed him and lived where he lives. Very early on he took me home to his wife, they were just married. At that time he had us both on the line. I slept with them in their apartment for over a year and then moved out on my own. I went back after six months. I thought I would move on with my life. I never did.

    I told her about us from the very beginning. She told me he should never have done it, been with me and getting married. And I felt he shouldn't have gotten married to her, as he was with me. We are pretty plain vanilla, except that we share ourselves together. That is our kink, we make love together.

    By the time I was 32 I had given up on ever being able to have my own life and I went ahead and had my son. She has a daughter older than my son, and a son a year younger than my son. Her nickname for him is 'Ham' and it stuck, he was the ham in the sandwich.

    From the time I moved in with them she has always let me sleep with them, we never slept apart. The bed is split in three. His place, my place and her place. Like my son, I am the ham in the sandwich, I sleep between them. After 30 years sleeping together you don't know how to sleep alone. From apartment to house to second house, to vacation cottage, we never had separate bedrooms, we share a king size bed. We travel like that as well. The kids always had their own room and we had a room. When visiting relatives we stayed in a hotel. Not everyone was accepting of us early on. Today none of our relatives care, we are never further away than being an in law.

    In all these years we have never discussed living arrangements. Housework is done based on who has the time and inclination, including him. I have had periods of staying home, she has had periods of staying home, we both work now that the kids are out of college. There is nothing that is hers or that is mine. A few things are his, like his Harley, but everything else is just ours. It is our home, our life. From the earliest days we have one bank account for the three of us. All the money goes in there, and managing it has always been her and my joint responsibility. He doesn't get involved.

    On most things she and I are very codependent. If we are not together, we are in contact several times a day. We work close together so we drive in together and drive home together. Being apart is not for us. There are very few things we don't do together.

    It is not life in the fast lane. The first day I met her I was scared of meeting her. But when we first met, she hugged me. She showed me the apartment, she showed me our room, and she asked me if I wanted to sleep on the edge or in the middle. He had told her I was coming to live with them. When I moved out things were hard between us, she felt she had been rejected. Moving back was the only thing for me to do. That was my home. We were young, only 23, and a plural life wasn't what any of us knew anything about. We never had a name for it. We just melted together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    This goes back to my 17th birthday and Mom buying me a new computer and got me on line with it. Other than the ones I used at school, I never had my own. Since I knew she would discover it anyway, I told mom that I would browse some porn with it. She said not to let it take too much of my time. Months went by and I was busy actually researching an assignment on line when Mom called me down for dinner. Thinking back, I can's recall how the devil it happened but I found myself on a pornsite watching a threesome and pulled my joint out to join the cast.

    I heard mom call my name and the door opened. She said, "Oh sorry, sorry" hurry and come down and join us. After dinner in the kitchen Mom used tact and a euphemism but managed to get out the fact that she thought I was "hung" and did not know where it came from since dad, long gone, was nothing like that. I told her, stupidly, now that I recall, "It gets like that when I'm really heated up, Mom."

    What I did not expect at all, Mom told aunt Helen about it and for the months of summer at the beach and her pool, across town, she began to flash me. At first it was subtle and I failed to get the message, still being just a kid. Them, she tired of the game and seriously flashed me, leaving doors open, dropping things and bending over in front of me. Eventually, I had seen her entire body nude. She was hot. It was her way of inviting me for sex (it would have been my first). She was some years younger than Mom and with a tiny wasp waist that fleshed out into a fabulous set of hips and rear.

    After a while I knew I did not have the balls to try anything. I did begin to flash her back by walking
    past her with a full erection tucked in my shorts, once, part of my tool hanging out. I heard her mumble stuff. I began to realize that she did not want to start the sex affair but wanted me to do it. We never did anything
    but I imagine she masturbated to thoughts of me as much as I did to her.

    In time, the heat in both of us chicken shits cooled off and we matured. But I have no regrets.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I was pretty humiliated when my wife force feminized me in front of our kids but it was nothing compared to the humiliation and shame I felt when her black boyfriend forced me to suck his cock in front of the kids

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34


    My cousin once asked me to try and sell her broken phone for parts. It was in bad shape, so I guess she assumed all her information was gone.

    There was an SD card in it. I wasnt trying to snoop, but I wasnt really stopping myself either. So I put it in my laptop, went strait for the camera folder amd was completely stunned. There were tons of pictures and videos of her doing really large insertions. Not really my thing, but it was hot anyway.

    Shes so skinny, but I watched a video of her sticking a 20oz pop bottle in her pussy.

    This was around 4 years ago and I still masturbate to those pictures.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    Around three hours ago, my son in law dropped off my grandson. He was sound asleep when he placed him on the couch. Winking at me my son in law asked me if I wanted paying right away.
    Within minutes I was naked on my bed with his gorgeous cock buried deep inside my pussy, then my asshole. He came inside my ass, but not before he'd made me orgasm twice. Slapping my ass dripping out his cum, he told me he'd pick up his and my daughters son later.
    My daughter has just rang to say she'll be picking up my grandson a little earlier. I'm not going to tell her husband, so he'll call by. Seconds sounds really nice.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Close to the end of last month, I got home from a night out partying with my girlfriends. I was little drunk I must admit, and crashed out semi naked on my bed. It was still dark when I was awoken by the feeling of having my pussy and clit licked and sucked. Half asleep I let the sensation carry on, until I realized it was for real. Only it was too late to stop the growing orgasm that had built up inside of me. I came so hard and reached down to feel what I knew to be my younger brothers shaggy hair. He didn't say a single thing as he rose up, grinned at me and left me lying there with my panties moved to one side.
    The next morning he did say hello and good morning, something he never did before. He also came right up to me and whispered "Your pussy tasted so good. I bet you enjoyed your orgasm. I know I did when I beat one off in my room". Walking away he turned to add "Any time you want pleasuring, let me know".
    I've kind of kept out of his way since. But won't be able to next weekend as i'm supposed to be looking after him as our parents are going away from Friday to Sunday afternoon. My little brother (His cock isn't though) has already flashed me his enormous cock, and told me it's all mine if I want it.
    I know we shouldn't be having sex, but there is no way I'm going to be able to resist such a large thick cock. Especially knowing just how good he is at giving me cunnilingus.

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