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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    In around an hours time my husband will be leaving home to go onto his late shift. Before he goes, he'll text Brad and let him know I'm taking a shower and then I'll be waiting for him. It's something my husband does every time he knows I need fucking.
    My husband can no longer become erect, because of an accident just over two years ago. He enjoys giving me cunnilingus, and sometimes fucks me with a dildo I have, but unfortunately his days of fucking me himself have gone. It was he who decided I should entertain Brad, knowing Brad had the hots for me. So one evening with my pussy and ass aching for attention, he phoned Brad and asked him if he could call over. Living only ten minutes away, I didn't have to wait too long to hear my husband say to Brad "You fancy her right?, well take off your clothes and give her a damn good fucking boy". Brad looked unsure at first, and so did I until my husband said "It's now or never honey".
    I was stripped off in not time, and had Brads youthful erect cock in my mouth seconds later. His dick isn't as big as my husband used to be, but it's more than big enough to make me orgasm time and again. And that's just what he did over the next hour.
    My husband sat and watched at first, as Brad took in one position after the next. And in my mouth pussy and asshole, alternating between the three. It had been so long since I'd felt a real mans cock deep up my pussy and ass, I couldn't stop climaxing, which drove Brad to fuck me even harder. Yet my husband didn't stay around for long. So during a doggy style anal fuck, he got up walked over, kissed me full on the mouth and told me to enjoy his nephew's cock.
    Brad and I went at it like teenagers, well Brad still is a teenager, but you know what I mean. And I was soon enjoying every thrust of his hard young cock in all my holes. He came twice and both times he filled my asshole, telling me he'd never fucked a females ass before.
    I'd just had my final orgasm with Brad after sitting on his cock, and was lay next to him on the couch gently kissing one another, when my husband walked back in. Without any kind of jealous sound in his voice, he said to us "Hope you enjoyed yourself honey, time to go Brad. From now on when I'm here, you fuck and go. If I'm not then you can spend more time together". He paused before he added "And honey, afterwards whether I'm at home or you have to wait until I get home, I get to say hello to your pussy and ass with my tongue".
    It's an arrangement we've all kept to. If my husband's around and I'm horny, Brad knows to fuck me hard, have me screaming out my orgasms and then dump his cum up my pussy or ass. He then quickly gets himself together and leaves. Yet like this afternoon and evening, he'll get the text from his uncle and know he's got hours where he can fuck me to his hearts delight.
    And after each sex session I have with Brad, so far anyway, my husband has eaten out my pussy and asshole, making me climax numerous times, before he cums dribbling from his soft penis.
    This is my statement now. For as long as my husband wants to be my man, I'm always going to be here for him. I love him with all my heart and know the sacrifice he makes to keep me satisfied. Yet I also know he's now very much got a kink, for eating out my pussy and ass and feeding himself his own nephews cum.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Common-law wife and daughter!

    I started to date a co-worker Julia who is 10 years older than me. She also had a daughter Cleo when she was 19 and has been a single mother for a long time.

    Julia had long-blonde hair, voluptious breasts, luscious lips, wide child-beating hips and a big booty. Cleo on the other hand was just developing, and had budding nipples, blonde hair cut in a bob, and was very skinny.

    The sex with Julia was amazing (I think that she was desperate to hook-up with a stable guy). It wasn't before long that Julia was able to convince me to move into her condo to help pay the bills.

    The relationship was good with Julia, but her daughter Cleo wanted nothing to do with me, her being a typical obstinate teenager. One Saturday I had some errands run, but got done early so I went home. As I got into our bedroom, I could hear some moaning coming from our ensuite bathroom. I recognized Julia's voice so I thought that she was playing with herself in our spa tube (as she often did).

    I thought that I would surprise her and join in. When I burst into the bathroom I was aghast.

    Julia was standing naked in our spa tub, with one leg dr**ed over the back of Cleo who was eating out her mother's pussy.

    I was utterly confused and didn't know what to say. I had a mixture of jealously and being erotically aroused at the same time.

    I also was worried about the legal ramifications with Cleo only being 14.

    Julia and Cleo were very upset about being caught and were crying as they started to cover-up towels.

    Julia started to beg me to not tell anyone. She had been without a man for so long that her and Cleo had started to sexually experiment. Now they were lovers and didn't want to stop after I had moved in.

    I told Julia that she could go to jail if it was ever discovered what she was doing with Cleo. Cleo and Julia kept crying and begged me not to tell anyone. When Cleo said that they were willing to do anything to keep me quiet, I began to change my attitude.

    I must admit that I had put Cleo in my "spank bank" and somtimes fantasized about her whenever Julia was fucking or blowing me. I had also caught a glimpse of Cleo's puffy nipples and bald pussy before she was able to cover-up.

    I told that I would keep quiet if they both became my sexual slaves and do everything that I told them. This calmed them right down and they both relaxed and stopped crying.

    I told Julia and Cleo that I wanted to watch them continue from where I had interrupted them. They removed their towels and climbed back into the spa tube. I think that I even detected a wry smile on Cleo's lips.

    I told them to assume the position that I had caught them in, with Julia standing and Cleo munching on her pussy. They didn't need extra prodding from me.

    Soon they were really into it, and Julia was moaning again with Cleo nibbling on her clit and fingering her pussy.

    I positioned myself for a better view and sat on the edge of the tub. Then when Cleo and Julia were lost in the throes of their lust, I took out my cell phone and began to take some pictures.

    Eventually they realized what I was doing and objected. But I reminded them that they had promised to do what ever I said (and besides I wanted some evidence to protect myself).

    I kept taking pictures with my cell and then Julia began making familiar groaning noises and her body started shuddering as she orgasmed. Cleo stopped licking her pussy and I took a picture of her face with her mother's pussy juices glistening all over it.

    Then Julia and Cleo got out of the tub and led me by my hands into the bedroom. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, as they laid down on our king bed still soaking wet. Then I laid down with Cleo in between Julua and me.

    I started to french kiss Cleo with her tongue darting into my mouth to meet mine. Julia placed a pillow behind the small of Cleo's back and began to lick out her daughter's pussy. I moved down from Cleo's lips and began to suckle on her puffy nipples.

    Julia began to get rough with Cleo and started to finger fuck her first with one and then two fingers. It wasn't before long that Cleo began to squeal and buck with her own teenage orgasm.

    By now, not attention had been paid to me and my cock was rock hard. Julia remedied this and began to start licking my cock. She showed Cleo how to lick it also as she had never given a man a blow job.

    She showed Cleo how to lick up and down the shaft of my cock and especially the cum vein in the front. Cleo was very talented with her tongue after all the practice that she had with her mothers pussy.

    Julia showed Cleo how to teasing lock her lips around the head of my cock and pump it in and out of her mouth. Then without any instruction Cleo went down and started to lick one of my balls as she played with the other in her hand (thank god for Internet porn).

    With both of their attention to my cock, I released a little pre-cum. Julia knew what was going to happen and began to vigorously pump my cock's shaft. She told Cleo to position herself to receive my load in her mouth, but Cleo flinched at the last moment and I jizzed all over her face.

    Then I was given the sexiest show ever as Julia licked my cum off of Cleo's face and they started to french kiss to share my jizz.

    I wasn't done but I need to recover. I made Julia and Cleo 69 each other as I watched. First Julia and then Cleo came drenching each other's faces in their pussy juices.

    Now I was ready for more action. I turn my attention back to Cleo as I had fucked her mother already so much. I made her get down on all fours as she began to lick out Julia's pussy again.

    At first I just watched to get aroused. Then I began to play with Cleo's tiny butt as she wiggled it receptively. Julia started to moan as Cleo slurped up her mother's pussy juices.

    I got more daring and inserted a finger into Cleo's pussy from behind and she willlingly backed into it. Then I began to lick out her anus, which I knew was still clean from the tub. Cleo let out a gasp as no one including her mother had never done this before.

    I then inserted a second finger in Cleo's pussy and began to work them round until I could start massaging her g-spot. Cleo was already wet but soon she started to gush her pussy juices all over my hand.

    Cleo then stopped licking her mother's pussy and turned around to beg me to "Fuck me Daddy!" (this was the first time she had ever called me Daddy). I looked at Julia and she gave me an approving smile.

    So I flipped Cleo over on her back and she spread her legs. I inserted my cock at first gently into her pussy because I did not know how tight it would be.

    As I got more confident that I was not hurting Cleo I began to pump my cock more vigorously into her pussy. She kept begging me to "Fuck me Daddy" which was so dirty and such a turn-on that I began to pound away at it with abandon.

    Soon Cleo was squealing and bucking again with another orgasm. I could not help myself and shot a big load of cum into her pussy. Before I knew what was happening Julia pushed me out of the way and began to lick my cum out of Cleo's pussy like she was craving it. Again this was so nasty it was another turn on for me.

    At least Julia was thinking about birth control, and she took Cleo to the clinic the next day to get her daughter the morning-after pill and also to get on the regular birth control pills.

    We are all now sworn to secrecy, but we end up in a threesome most nights. I also found out that Cleo has some bisexual girlfriends at school. I hope somehow that I can figure out how to get some of them to join us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    My second cousin!

    We had a tradition of getting together with my Dad's family the weekend before Christmas as they all lived in another city.

    My cousin had a daughter Vanessa who was about 10 years younger than me. One Christmas when I was 23 and she was 13 we were play wrestling, which we had done before when I visited.

    I would often tickle her and make her "hit herself". This time the play got a little more rambunctious. She was dressed in sweat pants and began to grind herself on one of the legs of my bluejeans.

    She looked me in the eyes with a "fuck me" look, but I did not want to try to stop her, and run the risk of drawing attention to what she was doing.

    I held her wrists as she kept grinding her crotch on the leg of my jeans. She began to breath heavily and one thing led to another.

    She eventually soaked herself and I could see the wet spot in her sweat pants as she ran off to change.

    She came back wearing a dress "for dinner". I avoided her the for rest of the night.

    I stopped going to our family Christmases for quite a few years after that, since I didn't think I could risk temptation and avoid a repeat of what happened with Vanessa that one time.

    As it turns out Vanessa was very promiscuous, got pregnant at a young age, and ended up being married by 16 (with her parents' permission).

    I still fantasize about that one time she grinded on me, and still get turned on by seeing girls dressed in yoga and sweat pants.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. I hated Mom drunk like that because she was not the mother that I knew. She would hang on me telling me that I was just like my dad in everyway looks and personality. Late at night she would be in the kitchen drunk with the radio playing loud and she always wanted me to dance with her. She would take off her bra and panties in front of me from under her dress and I would think about catching a peek at her boob's or vagina. She was so drunk she would be calling me by my father's name Larry and saying how much she loves me and she would pull me to her chest to dance with me. I can feel her chest on mine and she would be rubbing her body against mine while kissing me on my neck. I tried getting away from her but she would hold me tight. I hated Mom drunk like that so much. Late at night on my way to the bathroom I started to find Mom around the house half undressed or completely naked passed out cold drunk sleeping. I had never seen a grown up woman's nude body before and I was shocked and excited to be able to see her boob's and vagina. I was amazed at her pubic hair because I didn't have any yet. Her areolas were Big dark and round and her nipples were very long. I ran and got my camera and took some pictures of her nude so I could look at her nude body while I masturbated. This was so very exciting for me. Back then I couldn't even get to see a playboy magazine and here I am looking at a completely naked woman right in front of me. Soon I discovered that nothing would wake Mom up no matter how much noise I made or by shaking her shoulder and calling her name. She would just keep snoring and never moved a muscle. That's when I thought I should try feeling her up. I started by touching her boob's and I couldn't believe how soft they were and how hard her nipples were. I touched her pubic hair and very slowly moved my hand between her legs to feel her slit and big lips. I was so excited and out of my mind with lust... Not for my mother but because I was able to explore and experience a grown up woman's body for the first time in my life. To have unlimited access to her body was incredible. This was back in the 70s before the internet and as a teenager I couldn't even get to see a playboy magazine and here I am seeing and touching a real life woman. I showed my friends some of her nude pictures without her face showing and they all wanted to know who she was and borrowed the pictures of her to jerk off to. They never knew it was my mom. Soon I started to suck on her nipples while fingering her and I would use moms hand to masturbate with and I would cum right there in front of her and she never knew it. About one year later I found her passed out cold drunk sleeping on her side completely naked and I thought if I could get on to the bed behind her I might be able to slip inside of her pussy from behind. I had never had sex before but I really really really wanted to experience sex so after I stopped shaking from fear and excitement I got in to position and easily slipped inside of my mother's pussy from behind and within seconds I was cumming inside of her. The warmth and feeling was something I had never felt before and that's why I came so fast I guess. Anyway Mom never moved a muscle the whole time and she never once woke up or said anything about all of the cum stains on her and inside of her pussy. This is what I experienced as a teenager.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    What the fuck do I do.
    First of all, I'm going to say it was definitely not preempted by me.
    My wife walked into my study last month (A fortnight ago) and asked me if I'd consider something her and Megan, my step daughter, had discussed. Megan is eighteen, a very lively bubbly girl and a real cracker when it comes to looks and her gorgeous body.
    But Megan is very much like my real daughter, and I see her that way in many ways. Even if I do recognize her female charms.
    The question I was asked was, would I take Megan to a motel initially, and show her the delights of sex.
    That was it, it was that simple.
    My wife told me they'd spoken about it and they'd decided it would be best for me to "Educate" Megan sexually, rather than have some snotty nosed kid fumble around with her.
    I'm not yet sure who spoke to who about what. What I do know is my wife is going to her mothers in weeks time for two days and it's then they both like me to have sex with Megan. Not in our home as Megan apparently feels that would in some way compromise our families space. Yet she's comfortable with me fucking her in a motel.
    My concerns are. If I have sex with Megan, where the hell will that me with my wife, and will that mean both women have a claim to me and my manhood.
    It all sounds great initially, but once you think about it, it only sounds like a minefield. And now I'm twisting my thoughts in all directions, as what is and would for the best.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 36

    This happened last summer. I woke up from a nap. I heard my step daughter talking to someone in the back yard so I looked out my bedroom window that over looked our backyard and pool.I saw it was my daughter and her best friend. I then was shocked to see them both sun bathing naked. I couldn't help but get hard to their tight little bodies and perfect tits. I took my cock out and started jacking off just staring at them. I came so hard at the thought of fucking their teenage pussies. I know I'm a creep. But I struggle to not get hard around my step daughter now. I have even jacked off into her used panties. I will never act on actually fucking her but the fantasy is great.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    I was having a dream that I was receiving an amazing blowjob. But right as I was going to cum in my dream I woke up and my 13 year old daughter was actually sucking my dick and I came in her mouth. I was paralyzed from the shock of my innocent little girl with her mouth around my dick. She just sat up and swallowed my cum, said good morning daddy and walked out. She was completely naked and stared at her little ass walk out of my room. I don't know how to handle this.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    I have a Dirty mind about my husband and daughter.

    This is a question not a make up, its probably been asked before, at what age should a dad stop bathing his daughter, our daughter is 14 and developing as a girl should with all the bulges and curves in the right places, in a morning we all shower, at weekend she has a bath before hand she sakes her dad to wash her back after she has been in the bath about ten minutes he goes up I didn't think anything at first but I started noticing the time and checking how long he was with her, it was between 15 and 25 minutes surely that's to long, I asked him why so long he said they were just talking, is this normal, I do have a dirty mind, I don't think this should be happening should I rock the boat.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    I hate my mother. My dad was the nicest man you'd ever meet. He was a blue collar guy who owed an appliance repair service who worked his butt off to provide a great life for my mother, my sister and me. My mother came from a wealthy family who always made my dad feel inadequate. Her spending sprees and her forcing him to buy her furs and jewelry meant there was little left for my sister and me. The worst thing was that my mother was the most glamorous woman in our neighborhood. She was always dressed way above everyone else and she was a very attractive woman. Men flocked to her.

    To my father's never ending humiliation, my mother went through men like most people go through a sleeve of chip's ahoys. One man after another their entire married life and she never made much of an effort to hide it. Guys would be at the house when my sister and I got home from school, my mother would always be telling my dad she was going out with "a friend." He'd sit home depressed all the time when she was out fucking around. Men would send her flowers, buy her gifts, say disparaging things in front of us, my mom was always verbally abusing my dad where we could hear. he didn't provide, he was low class, he was too small, couldn't pleasure her, the sexual humiliation was terrible. I hated her growing up and still do. I hate that my dad stayed with her through all the abuse and all of the men who must number in the hundreds. And I'm hating myself at the moment because after all that, I broke down and had an affair of my own that just ended after two years. I feel like I'm no different than my mom always was right now.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    Feeling Guilty

    I am a married man with a daughter, some mornings at weekend she gets in bed with us even though she is not a child, she is a dads girl and always gets in on my side, when she slides down her nightie rides up past her waist so her bare bottom is in my lap, I know I shouldn't have looked, on the last morning, we fell asleep when I awoke I had a full erection sticking out of my pyjamas with my dick and balls against her bare back I didn't know what to do, I admit I was enjoying the feeling of it, I wasn't sure if she was awake, I left it there for a while feeling guilty, eventually I turned over, next day I told my wife waiting for her to call me filthy names but she didn't she said I had done it to her in my sleep many times humping her and occasionally I had penetrated her vagina, I said what if I had done it to our daughter could it have happened, she said I don't know it wouldn't have been your fault, could it have happened,

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