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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    For years when my father drove his truck on two to three days journeys, I would sleep with my mom. When I reached fourteen I discovered her playing with herself one night and lay there quietly until I heard her moan softly as she orgasmed. It turned me on immensely, so the following night I touched myself as I lay next to her and opened my legs. My mom awoke and asked me what I was doing. I told her "Copying what you did last night". Getting me to undress completely, she did the same then asked me to open my legs. Asking me if I'd ever orgasmed from oral sex, I shook my head and then experienced over the next half an hour, sexual nirvana. Once I'd had my fifth, sixth or seventh orgasm, my mother lay on her back, opened her legs and said "Now copy what I've just done for you". The taste, the feel and the sexual juices flowing from her pussy, all had me dreamy with sexual excitement. I tried to emulate what she'd done for me and heard my mother climax at least three times. Her pussy lips, labia and clitoris were all engorged with lust and I just kept on licking and sucking on them all, until finally she stopped me. Kissing me gently my mother told me it would only be our secret and my father wasn't to know. From that night until she passed away late last year, my mother and I shared a bed whenever my father wasn't around. It's not a common thing I know, yet I wouldn't have swapped my passion for my mom for anything. Dad never found out and no one ever will. My husband now loves cunnilingus and goes down on me at the drop of a hat. He's more brutal in how he tongues me, yet I still orgasm just as much with him, as I did with my mom between my legs.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    Some years back I was out of work .me and my wife and 2 kids had to move to my wife's mom's .shortly after the move I found work but had to save money before we moved out. I worked late some nights. I used to come home drunk on Friday or Saturday. One weekend i camehome drunk
    My father inlaw worked 3rd shift. When i came in my wife was sleeping her mom was up.i was watching tv with her. If I wasn't drunk I never would have done this. During the move my mother in law didn't notice what I was doing. I went on my phone and went to a porn site that shows guys dicks no women just pic of the different guys dicks. I asked her to look what I found on the internet by accident. She said oh my god. There are hundreds of pics.all kinds sizes and shapes. After a few minutes of looking at the the different guys dicks. My mother inlaw asked which 1of theses pictures are of me. I told her none of them are pictures of my dick. My mother inlaw said to me how do I know that you are not lying. I told her I will be right back I to go pee. I went in the bathroom. Got my dick hard and took 4 picture.each 1 a different angles. I went down and put the web site back up. She was sure I was on the site. I told her I will prove it.went off the site. Went to my pics and opened them and gave her the phone. I told my mother in law theses are my picture.She looks at the 4pics and said that is a nice looking and big dick. She said to me that I downloaded them.I told her I will prove it. She said how. Keep looking at the pictures so the phone will stay on I stood up and pulled off my shorts and underwear. I started rubbing my dick and said. Now u look at the pictures and my dick as it gets bigger. She put the phone right next to my dick and moved my dick around by the head.I kept rubbing my dick and and her face was about 2 inches from my dick. She said I guess this is your dick in the pictures. She grabbed the head again and moved it around. I let go of my dick and told my mother in law to go ahead if you want. She said go ahead with what. I said to her
    You have already had your hand on it 2 Times. You can touch it more if you want.She put her whole hand around my dick. Since I was standing I just pivotedback and forth. She looks at me and said. I can do that so u won't have to move around. She pulled on my dick and i told her I was just about to cum. She asked me if I wanted her to stop.I said only if you want to
    My mother inlaw said oh no i don't want to stop. I want to see how much comes out. She squeezed tightly and pumped faster. I looked at her and said here it comes. She shocked the he'll out me. She put her mouth all the way on my dick seconds before I came.with every spasm and cum shooting out she kept my dick in her mouth until I was empty .After i was done cumming. She said that was good and looked at me and said u came alot
    Then asked if I cum that Much all the time. She said she wanted me to get hard again before I go to bed. She blew me again.and went to bed

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    My nineteen year old son Luke has learning difficulties. He's a well developed young man, and I mean well developed, who has needs. Only with his concerns he doesn't have the capacity to develop any relationships which lead to sex.
    He approached me in March this year and soke to me in his own way about his "Needs". Over the next few days I fretted about what he'd said, and knew he had the physical strength if he wanted to take what he wanted.

    That night with his father on night duty, I invited my son into our bed. I was naked and had already played with myself, but then Luke it seemed didn't need a second invite, as he fingered my pussy hole whilst kissing and sucking on my nipples. Knowing I couldn't get pregnant, I then allowed my son to enter me missionary and enjoyed nearly half an hour of some of, if not the best sex of my entire life. In every conceivable position my son fucked me, with me mounting his enormous length at the end. Squeezing out his cum load as I ground down onto his cock, reaching yet another orgasm.

    Setting the alarm for six am, two hours before his father arrived home, Luke woke up with a morning glory and what a morning glory it was. If at all possible, he and I went at it like long term lovers and my son didn't make love to me, no, he fucked me so hard and so long I was still walking funny at lunch time.

    The same happened that night and the following two nights, as my husband finished his shift pattern. Each night Luke got more and more confident and more adventurous. To the point he was leading the sex.
    His father then went onto day shifts, which meant I fulfilled Luke's needs in brief "Quickies" having him fuck me whenever and wherever in the home he got horny.

    It's now our preferred form of sex, as it gives me time to attend to my role of his tutor as well. He's learned so much more and has progressed so much more quickly these past couple of years, as we've had sex, that I'd suggest to anyone who's son has learning problems, to think about meeting their needs themselves. I'm not saying its for everyone, but for me and Luke it's a perfect scenario. And long may he need his moms love, care and attention.
    Beside who else could love my son the way I do.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    When i was 14.I came home and thought i was home alone. I went upstairs got naked and started rubbing my dick. I was getting hard and in the zone. I closed my eyes and kept rubbing my dick slowly. I was just about fully hard and then I herd my name. My sister was standing next to the bed watching me play with my dick. I looked up. Took my hand away from my dick but didn't even try to cover up. I said what are you doing. Do you want to see me touch my dick. She said what are you talking about. I told her that obviously you want to watch me play with my dick. My sister said no
    I was on my way downstairs and then I see you with no clothes on at all and rubbing yourself. I i asked my sister if I keep going are you going to stay and watch. She didn't answer. I put my hand back on my dick and stroked it. My sister didn't leave. With her watching I was really turned on. My dick was as hard as it had ever been while I was jerking off before. My sister was still there staring right down at me yanking on my dick.once again I moved my hand. I said to my sister. Go ahead and touch it. She said your crazy. I said well you are still here. Your watching my hand on my dick and nothing else.She didn't say anything.I looked at my sister and said I dare you to touch my dick. If you touch my dick. After that if you stay and continue to watch I will keeppulling on my dick. You can watch me cum. My sister didn't say anything she just reached down and grabbed my dick. I moved my hips up and down right after she grabbed my dick. She said. Now that u are 14. It's bigger than a few years ago. I said thank you. She was movingher hand up and down on my dick by then. She let go and said go ahead. I held yourdick now I want to see cum. I said u got it.I started rubbing my dick again pulling faster and harder. My sister asked if I was close to cumming. I said almost. I told her I will cum wherever you want me to if you show me your pussy. She said really you will cum wherever I tell you. I said ya wherever you tell me. She took off her jeans and panties. Opened her legs. Standing right in front of me. My sister asked if I can see all of her pussy. I said yes. She said ok get up and i will show you where I want u to cum.I got up she went to the window and opened the blinds and said I want you to cum in front of the window. She laid on the floor so no one will see her. I am standing in the window pulling on my dick. At the same time my sister is still on the floor. Her legs wide and I said to myself fuck it. I yanked on my dick hard and soon enough I shot my cum all over the window and sill.after we were done. An hour or so later my mother came in my room and said. What were you thinking. Playing with yourself in the window. She said she wasn't leaving my room until I told her why I was in the window pulling on my dick. As I was telling her why my dick was getting hard. She said.are you serious. Your sistergot naked because u said that she can pick where you are going to cum.I told my mom that is what happen. She went nuts and went and got my sister. Brought her to my room. She asked my sister if she actually did what I said. My sister asked our mom what I said. Mom told her that I said she let me see her pussy. Because she got to pick where she wanted me to cum.My sister ya we did that. Then my sister noticed that my dick was getting hard. She turned and told our mom to look at his shorts. He is getting turned on just from talking about sister said to me. Go ahead and show her that your dick is hard from talking about it. I couldn't believe it .our mom turned to me and said let's see. You are 14
    I want to see your dick close up this time. I said to my mom only if my sister and I are naked at the same time. My mom said ok both of u get naked. Myself and my sister are standing naked in front of our mom. My dick kept getting hard. I didn't care at all at this point
    I turned around in clear view of my mom and my sister. I just start jerking off. My mom said thatmy dick was pretty big for 14.She they both kept on watching. Then our mom told my sister. I want to watch u suck your brothers dick bcause you tricked him into jerking off and cumming in the window. My sister ran over got on her knee and was sucking my dick. My mom got up and turned away.I turned and said mom you are not leaving are you. I want you to stay. She said u want me to stay. I said ya.I said this time u pick where you want me to cum.the next minuteshe and my sister were giving me a blowjob. My mom took off her shirt and bra and told me to cum on her tits. It didn't take long
    In no time I pulled out my dick and came on my mom's tits
    I continuedthis with her and my sister for 2 years
    By then I grew out of it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 24

    Elasime ühes vaikses linnaosas kahetoalises korteris mina 19.aastane koos 47.aastase emaga ja 51.aastase isaga.Isa armastas viimased neli aastat pudelisse vaadata ja koju tulles oli väga purjus ning vahest isegi vihane.Viimastel aastatel isa riidles ja tülitses emaga ning ema tuli siis minu tuppa minu juurde magama.Kui isa magama jäi siis ema läks oma tuppa tagasi.Ãks viimastest kordadest tuli jälle nuttes minu juurde magama siis ma rahustasin teda tugevalt enda vastu tõmmates.Ema võttis minu käe ja surus oma rinnale mis pani minu südame ärevalt tukslema.Tundsin ennast imelikuna sest püksis hakkas mul paisumine pihta ja ema lõhnas nii meeldivalt.Ema tuli tugevasti minu vastu ning kindlasti tundis minu kõvad peenist.Silitasin ema tagumikku kui äkki ta tõmbas oma öös&Atild e;¤rgi tagumiku pealt ära ülesse poole.Nüüd oli ta altpoolt paljas ja pükse pole tal ennem juba jalas olnud.Ema oli väga julge ja keeras ennast ringi,näoga minu poole.Siis ta tõmbas minu pea endale rinna peale ning oma jala minu peale ja ma sain aru et ema tahab mind saada.Panin ka siis oma käe talle jalgevahele mis oli nii kuum ning silitasin teda.Ema keeras mind endale peale,ajas mulle käe püksi ja hoidis minu peenist oma kuumas peos.Hakkasin siis tegutsema,ema ajas jalad laiali ja ma lükkasin talle sisse ning pumpasin teda.Ema oli nii kirglik tegutsema et võttis kiiresti oma rinnahoidja ära ja ise mudis oma rindu kuni saime mõlemad oma lahti.Puhkasime veidi ja siis tuli ema minule peale.See kestis meil mitmed korrad kuni ma hea töökoha sain teises linnas.Mõne kuu möödudes ema helistas mulle ja küsis et miks ma koju ei tule.Mul oli nüüd oma korter ja noorik.Mõne aja pärast käisin ema vaatamas ning mõningaid oma asju toomas siis ema kargas mulle kaela ja suudles mind mis ajas ema ja mind jälle kiima.Ema oli vahepeal minu tuppa kolinud ja sinna me suundusime.Kuna isa oli tööl siis meil oli hea kahekesi olla.Tahtsin küll seda kõike ära lõpetada aga ei saa,emast hakkab kahju.Selle korra ma nikkusin ta igatipidi nõnda läbi et ta ei jaksanud enam voodist tõusta,panin talle aluspüksid ka veel jalga ning tõmbasin kleidi ilusti sirgeks alla ja panin pluusi nööbid rinna pealt kinni ja läksin minema.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I clearly recall one hot summer in my early teens when I walked in on my older brother fucking his girl in the sauna by the pool. He talked me into licking him and his girl as they coupled. I was a total virgin and lost upstairs, I guess. I did it and they began to have a number of repeated orgasms. The more they came, the more I licked. Nothing happened with them after that, very strange, but the memories of that day have been a great source of masturbation for me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    When I was 17 years old, my stepfather Reggie was driving me and my mom to a family reunion out of town to New Jersey. We had driven from Danville Virginia and it was a boring ride. We got caught in some very heavy traffic on a place called the 495N Capital Beltway somewhere in or near Landover Maryland. It was extremely hot and my mother was in the backseat sleeping. Traffic was so slow that it seemed like you could get out and walk faster to your destination. Well anyway, my stepdad kept looking at a silver Lexus that was in the lane next to us and I was wondering why. I looked over and saw that a girl was giving a guy a blowjob. I also saw that my stepdad had a full blown erection. He looked at me and blushed and apologized. I laughed and told him I understand. He snickered and said he wished I was asleep in the backseat instead of my mother. We both laughed. After about 20 minutes, I noticed that he was still erect and seemed uncomfortable. So I leaned over and despite his protests, pulled his penis out of his sweat shorts and put my mouth on it. He almost ran into the back of the car in front of us. I looked into the back and my mom was still asleep. I lowered my head into his lap and begin to give him a deep wet blowjob. I don't know what made want to do this, but I slurped with deep suction, using my tongue and throat and going deep to his balls and back to the tip. I kept going faster and faster on his dick until I felt his hand grab the back of my head and force me down on his penis. He shot gobs of cum into my throat and I eagerly swallowed every delicious drop.

    I looked into the back and my mom was still asleep. My stepdad was relaxed, but didn't want to talk about it while my mom was in the car. Once at the reunion, we talked and He was very grateful and said that he never thought of me in a sexual way, but that the blowjob was great and would I do him once more when we got back to Virginia? I told him that I would do him anytime he likes. Since then I have given him blowjobs, my anal virginity and a 4 year old son. My mom is not the wiser. I love my stepdad.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    This came from simple exploratory conversation with my brother, who is five years younger than I am.

    There was no drama or game play. We were just both extremely curious about anal sex and we ended up
    doing it. That's all we do, actually. He wears a condom and uses special lubricant made for sex. I really
    started loving it and usually back into him and do a lot of the motion with my hips.

    That's all we do but if his mind is where mine is, I want to do more exploring with him. We live apart but
    no longer with our parents.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am a second generation Mexican American. I was born here and have a birth certificate, social security card, and all of my papers. I also have a high school diploma and I have an associates degree. My mother does not have papers and she does not have an education. My father was a man that worked with my mother cleaning offices after she got here. I don't know him, he lives in California now. She doesn't understand the work I do at the hospital. I met an Anglo man at the hospital, got married and got pregnant and have a one year old son.

    What my mother doesn't understand is that I don't like being a Mexican. I don't like speaking Spanish, not that I speak it, I know words but I do not speak it. My last name now is Anglo, not Smith but definitely Anglo. I don't want my son to know that his mother is Mexican and I don't take him to see my mother. I don't like going to her neighborhood and I don't like talking to the people I grew up with. I stay away.

    She is sick so I met her at the hospital with my half sister. I didn't feel anything, nothing. She was just like the hundreds of people I see at a hospital. I know that what she has is incurable, there are medications to help her but she won't get better. I should feel something but I don't.

    Lately I have become very hot, I need to have sex with my husband. I used to not be hot, I had sex with him out of commitment but not because I wanted to have sex. Now I need to have sex. I have never felt this before, I had never been hot. I never sucked his dick before, but now I want to suck his dick and get him hard and have sex. He is reserved and he is holding back. I don't understand why I got hot all of a sudden.

    I know that my husband and me will have to pay for my mother's funeral when she dies. My half sister doesn't make enough money. My husband doesn't want to pay but we have to. I told my half sister to take my mother back to Mexico, let her live there with her family who can take care of her. We can send money to help. But we can't take care of her here.

    I was named Angela Maria but I go by Angie, I never use my full given name.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 50

    My son is grown and out of the house, and when Iâm with him, I feel no lustful stirrings. But lately it seems my favorite type of porn is mom and son creampies. I particularly like it when he starts playing with her while she's asleep, slowly exploring her tits, sinking his fingers inside her pussy while he strokes his hard cock. He carefully slides inside her, awakening her with his thrusts, and continues to force himself on her despite her protestations. Groan. I wish it didnât turn me on so much!

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