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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 24

    I moved out of our family home about a year after my mom married my step dad Johnny. They were always having sex and not wanting to be in the way I moved in with a friend. Even listening to them having sex was in a way horny and I thought it was about time I left, especially when I found out Johnny had whacked off to a pair of my panties. I wasn't annoyed and I didn't even think to tell my mom. It turned me on immensely, that's how I knew it was time to leave.

    Three weeks ago I went round to visit them and as usual I let myself in and walked straight into the kitchen, which was usually where they'd be sat. They weren't there, but I could hear them. It was unmistakable the sound coming from the front lounge. They were fucking.

    I know I should have walked out or let them know I was there but I didn't, I walked quietly through the hallway and slowly crept up to the door of the lounge. Pushing it slowly open, I instantly saw Johnny's bare backside pumping in and out. Moving further inside I got a clear view of his cock pounding into my moms ass as she lay over the arm of the sofa. Johnny's cock wasn't massive, but it was thick and it was stretching my moms ass so much she was moaning loudly, with what I believe was pain and enjoyment at the same time.

    Johnny must have either heard me, or noticed my movement, because he looked around at me. I was rooted to the spot and just kept on watching him fuck my moms ass. He smiled, gripped my moms hips and really began to pound into her, making her moan even louder.

    It must have been two or three minutes as I stood watching, before he shoved his cock into my mom one last time, thrusting up her with force and cumming inside her. Looking back round at me. I smiled back, turned and walked away, back out of the house and into my car.

    I phoned my mom later, but Johnny answered it. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I couldn't lie. I told him I did. When he asked if I'd like some of what he was giving my mom, I didn't say no, I said maybe.

    I've avoided going round over the last three weeks, just phoning when I know Johnny will be at work. My mom doesn't suspect anything or know I've seen her being fucked in the ass. Each time I speak to her and she mentions Johnny, I get wet between my legs and want to tell her what I saw, but I also want to keep it quiet and imagine Johnny doing exactly the same to me. It's not been easy over the last three weeks and each day that passes, I find myself wanting Johnny and his thick hard cock up my ass too.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My mum was away for a girlie weekend and i was meant to be staying over at my on off boy friends but we fell out and i just could,nt be bothered with him so made my way home and walked in on my mums fella watching porn stroking his cock or having a slow wank to himself clearly no having heard me walk in and instead of saying anything at first i must have stood their a good half a minute or so before simply saying enjoying yourself i see as he tried to hide his blushes at the same time asking me no to say anything,well we shall have to see shan,t we as i headed upstairs to my room.Had several text,s off my so called boyfriend wanting to come over but told him no to bother,end of!I kept thinking back to walking in on Peter and the size of his hard erect cock that i,m guessing must have been nine maybe ten inches and the more i tried no to think about it the more i did and the more turned on i,d become,So in the morning i put on my sexiest knickers and just a shirit walked into the other bedroom,lifted the duvet and slipped into bed catching my breath as i reached over feeling his cock against his boxer shorts as i began to slowly rub his already semi hard on as he rolled onto his back which made it easier for me saying theirs no reason anybody should hear about last night as i felt his cock getting stiffer and harder in my hand as i lowered my head saying i know what you,d like as my tounge started to run up and down his cock before taking it into my mouth sucking him off and was,nt long before i felt his hand at the back of my head taking a gentle but firm grip of my head that in less than a couple saw me feel his cock jerk in my mouth as he came as his spunk hit the back of my throat holding my head so i had little or no option than to swallow every last drop before i eased myself up and was now sitting astride him guiding his cock to the mouth of my pussy lowering myself onto him a little at a time until i,d buried his cock deep inside my already moist wet pussy that by now was crying out to be fucked.I sat their for a few seconds as i started to move my hips slowly at first but it wasn,t long before we found our rythem unbuttoning my shirt as i let it fall open begin to touch and carress my breasts which got him even more excited sitting forward as he licked each breast in turn before sucking and gently biting my nipples now hard and finished ?????????????????????????????? ????????????

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    Straight Female / 27

    It was my father in laws 50th birthday in January. My husband and his two sisters organised a party. Lots of his friends and our relations turned up to the hotel where they'd planned it for. As the night went on I was sat in an alcove outside having a sneaky cigarette (I'm trying to give up). I heard my father in law walking close to where I was sat. He was talking to a friend of his and both of them were discussing a female. I overheard my father in law saying "If she were my wife, I'd be fucking her every night. I tell you, my son is one lucky bastard". I couldn't believe it, they were talking about me. Then I heard the man who was with him say "You think she could take that thing up her pussy". My father in law replied "Hey your not the only person to have taken all 9 inches".
    In two minutes I'd learned my father in law wanted to fuck me, also that he had a large cock and he'd had gay sex some time in his past. I tried not to make a sound or to look, but when I heard my father in law say "Make it quick, someone might come by". When I did look my father in laws friend was on his haunches and had his face in my father in laws crotch. I was in shock when he moved back slightly and I saw how big and thick my father in laws cock really was. I couldn't help myself, I stood up and walked forwards. My father in law saw mwe almost straight away and froze, his friend stood up letting my husbands fathers cock drop from his mouth, it was extremely big and dripping with saliva.
    I'd like to say that was the end of his embarrassment, but in all honesty it wasn't. My father in law told his friend to leave us, which he did very sheepishly. Then he tried to explain himself, saying it was the frist time and he was horny. I shut him up and told him I'd heard everything, enthasising and spinning out the part about how he wanted to fuck me. When he went to put his cock away I stepped up to him, took hold of it and began to masturbate him. His initial shock was replaced by a very knowing smile. He tried to kiss me but I moved away still holding his hardening cock. Stepping almost behind him and changing my grip on the shaft of his cock I began to jerk him off. When I felt his hand snake up my skirt and slip under my knickers I didn't stop him. A long thick finger entered my pussy as I continued to masturbate him, his thumb began to rub on my clit at the same time as his finger went deeper inside me.
    He came first, but only just as I had an amazing orgasm still impaled on his finger. Moving back around to his front I squoze his cock once more and made the last drop of his cum leak out, putting my hand to my mouth I licked his cum and swallowed it. I kissed him then, not as his daughter in law but as the woman he wanted to fuck. Parting I said "That's my birthday gift for you, I'll wait for mine in April". A minute later I was back inside and accepting a drink from my husband he'd bought me. He walked back inside the fuction room as though nothing had taken place.
    It's my birthday on the 16th of the month, already he's hinted at us taking a room at the same hotel.
    As he put it the last time I saw him, whispering to me he said "That hotel has some wonderful rooms, might be good idea to check one of them out, if you ever fancied celebrating your birthday with someone".
    I'm so tempted to have sex with my father in law. If I did, I know I'd want more of his huge cock and that might just lead to heartache for everyone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Im a 18 year old female I fell asleep one night after getting stoned out of my mine and woke by this great feeling.I was having a orgasm some one was licking my pussy. I looked and it was my stepdad it felt so good he was licking me from head to toe.He licked my breast then sucked on my nipples softly then kissed my feet and started licking between my toes that was amazing.He then slowly went back to my pussy and started again and I pretended I was asleep because I didnt want him to stop.I had another orgasm then he pulled out his hard cock and put my hand on it.I didnt move it then he made me stroke it then he turned me around and started masturbating until he sprayed my ass with his cum.My mom doesnt treat him right now when I see them together I get a little mad because I want him for myself.She is always cheating on him with guys at her job.I want to tell him because I want him to do it to me again I will keep you informed.Im just confused brcause I liked it and I know its wrong.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Im a 18 year old female I fell asleep one night after getting stoned out of my mine and woke by this great feeling. I was having a orgasm some one was licking my pussy. I looked and it was my step dad it felt so good he was licking me from head to toe.He licked my breast then sucked on my nipples softly then kissed my feet and started licking between my toes that was amazing.

    He then slowly went back to my pussy and started again and I pretended I was asleep because I didn't want him to stop.I had another orgasm then he pulled out his hard cock and put my hand on it. I didn't move it then he made me stroke it then he turned me around and started masturbating until he sprayed my ass with his cum.My mom doesn't treat him right now when I see them together I get a little mad because I want him for myself.She is always cheating on him with guys at her job.I want to tell him because I want him to do it to me again I will keep you informed.I'm just confused because I liked it and I know its wrong.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    Please advice me.

    My step Daughter is driving me to a nervous breakdown.

    She's 21 and a very beautiful young woman, but she's got a dark side to her personality. It all started a few months ago, after an argument with her about bringing boys home during the day. College had complained about Kate's attendance being very poor, and the quality of her work had dropped off. My wife and I work hard, and pay for Kate to go to college, and it's not cheap.
    I told her that I was not happy about her bringing boys to our house during the day, and it must stop. Kate surprised me by saying I was jealous of these boys, and I could not handle it. I should have put her in her place, there and then, but instead I worked out of the room. Looking back now, that was a mistake, Kate in her mind, had won the argument.
    About one week later, College phoned my wife, saying that Kate had been off collage, and had not completed her course work. So my wife phoned me from work, she was upset, and wanted me to give Kate a final warning. I get home mid afternoon (just after 2pm) when my shift ends, my wife gets home around 5.45pm.

    I arrive home, by now I'm angry, and fed up with having to deal with Kate, when I feel my wife should deal with her.
    So on arriving home, I find Kate with two boys in her bedroom. Nothing was going on, apart from playing X-BOX games.
    I told the boys to leave, and they did like I asked with no problem. Kate on the other hand, was not happy at all.
    Once again, she used the excuse that I was just jealous of her boyfriends. I told her to grow up and stop being so bloody stupid. Now one thing that gets Kate worked up, is being called stupid (my second mistake). Kate slapped me right in my face, I turned and left her room. Kate followed me, she was going crazy, hitting me and pulling my hair. I managed to get away from her, and retreated down stairs. That night, she kept to her self. My next mistake, was not telling my wife, but if I had done, Kate would have been frown out.

    The next day, Kate returned home from college, and told me that she wanted to apologise for hitting me, and that she was sorry. And she was thankful that I did not tell her mum, about what had happened. We had a nice long chat, and made up. Kate mentioned about me being jealous of her boyfriends, and wanted to know if I was jealous. I told her that I was not jealous, and how I felt trapped, between her and my wife, and how her mum should deal with her.
    Kate than asked if I thought she was attractive. I told her the truth (another big mistake), yes, she was attractive, very beautiful. What about sexy?? she asked, I felt trapped, so I replied by saying I would think about it, and laughed. I was sitting down at this point, Kate suddenly moved across me, sitting on my lap. In a moment of weakness, I started kissing Kate, my hands slipped under her top, and I was holding her breast, and her body movements caused me to get an erection. We didn't have sex, but I was foolish to allow Kate to un-zip my trousers, and let her take hold of me. This only lasted for a short time, before I came to my senses. But Kate managed to take a video on her phone, without me realising.
    Now, for my weakness, I'm being blackmailed by Kate, she is taking huge amounts of my money, I don't know what to do.

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    Straight Male / 43

    When I was about 12 or 13 my family had planned a vacation to Florida to a theme park. We were going to take one of our cousins with us so she stayed the night before at our house. Because she was there my parents let us all sleep in their bedroom and they took my room. My sister and I slept on the bed with my brother and cousin in the floor. We had been in bed for about an hour when I needed to go to the bathroom. When I got up I noticed my cousin had wiggled around and he night shirt had rode up enough to see her panties. There wasn't much light coming through the window so I bent over to get a better look. She's a year younger than I am and didn't have much if any at all hair on her pussy. I could clearly see her lips and man did that get me hard. I eased to the bathroom and took a leak before hurrying back to the room. When I got back she was still lying there in the same pose.

    I stood there and looked at her and rubbed my cock until she rolled over. When she did I eased back into the bed and tried to forget. I wasn't having any luck forgetting and my cock was throbbing and jumping around. My sister rolled over and brushed her ass up against my hard on. It felt amazing to me but it must have startled her as she jumped a little and asked what that was. I didn't say a word hoping she would let it go. She didn't, she slid her hand behind her back and felt around for what ever had poked her in the ass. When she found it she gave it a squeeze which almost made me cum. I moaned a little which made her let go of it. She rolled over and asked me what had my thing so hard. I didn't want to tell her it was our cousin so I just said it happens.

    She asked if it hurt and I told her of course not. She wanted to touch it again. I told her to have at it, to do what ever she wanted to it. She softly grabbed the shaft and gave it a squeeze. It felt amazing. The fact that my sister was the first girl to touch it only made me harder. She began pinching the tip and sliding her hand up and down my shaft. I was in a state of bliss when she asked if I wanted to see her tits. I had seen them many times but as far as I knew she didn't know that. Of course I said yes and helped her with her gown. There I was face to nipple with her tits. She had stopped moving her hand and was only holding onto my cock when I leaned in and sucked her right nipple into my mouth. She took a deep breath and said how good that felt. I ask her if I could take her panties off and touch her down there. She didn't know at first but gave in when I started sucking her nipples again.

    I got her panties off and slid my hand between her legs and felt the most awesome thing I had ever touched. I touched it and slid my fingers along the lips, not knowing what I was supposed to do so I just kept it up. After a few minutes I noticed she was getting wet so I asked her if she had to pee, She said no and not to stop. I kept on and eventually found that I could slip a finger inside her. She was holding her pillow over her mouth as I slid my finger in and out of her wet hole. I asked her if I could get on top of her like on the movies and she said yes. I eased up on top of her trying not to make any noise. When I got on top of her I moved around until I felt her wetness on my cock. She said that felt good so I kept it up until I felt her open up and my cock slid in. I froze at first as she did but after a second or two I slipped it back out. She said to put it back in so I did. She was wet and warm and felt like satin on my cock. I eased more of me into her until I felt what I though was the bottom. She was enjoying herself and I was about to blow my load so I eased out and thrust back in as deep as I could. She nearly screamed as I tore through her virginity. I just held tight for a while until she relaxed a little and then I went back to fucking her. She was really into in when I started to feel that feeling I got when I played with myself. I knew I was about to orgasm. I buried myself as deep inside her as I could get and boy did it feel great to orgasm inside her. We laid there for a while until I went soft still inside her. I eased back off her and we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up terrified that I had made her pregnant. More about that later!

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    Straight Female / 45

    My son has the biggest cock I ever saw and since his father left us when they were 1 and 2 I have never been with a man since. Last night my son was playing with himself so I purposely walked in on him he layed there in shock as I stood there I took of my night gown revealing my hairy black haired pussy and layed next to him I decided to give him a handjob but he climbed on top of me and fucked me like no tomorrow I had orgasm after orgasm After about 15 minutes i felt him fill me up with cum. I plan on letting him do this to me again

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    Straight Female / 48

    my story starts with a small family celebration,i have six sisters and two brothers my older sister decided to get all the siblings together for a celebration,it had ben years since we had all been available,mostly distance and work has been the problem,the weather was great for the occasion what to wear was the hardest thing to decide,a couple of my sisters rang me with the same problem,our older sister said let your hair down for once after all its family,be daring show a bit of flesh,got it flaunt it heres your chance give the boys a treat,by the way she and mark her husband are into mostly anything sexual,marks idea of course,so i decided to wear a summer dress that really showed of my curves,the front would have trouble covering my huge tits,my legs would be on display at all times,my brother in laws for many years have wanted to lay me,at times when we have been at funtions ,their all had a go at my tits any chance they got,even my brother a month ago when i visited him, while i was making coffee decided to take a chance and walk up behind me and put his hands under my blouse,i was so suprised and shocked i stood there rigid sis he said i been wanting to do this for years he said,your fucking so sexy and teasing come on sis,just your tits whos to know,his hands gropping at my bras,your my brother i said .so what you get nothing of that husband of yours and they tell me you are frustrated and frigid,i faced him took my blouse of my bras there yours can you handle them ,he did and was good and a good tit fucker,now on arrival at the getogether some of them came in the same cars,my sisters looked great nothing like their ages,all have big tits and were flaunting them,four of my brother in laws hadnt seen me for some time,shit your looking terrific they said,i smiled as we all exchange hugs and kisses ,drinks were in abundance a lot of giggling kissing flaunting and a few tit flashes,my first time with family like this for me,come on jen dont be a stick in the mud let your frustration out my sisters were saying,i couldnt believe what was going on,one of my sisters decided to kiss me strong passionate to the applause of all ,she whispered in my ear come on get those huge monsters out she said look at all the boys cocks wanting you,were just turning them on teasing them,my sisters were going from bloke to bloke no one minded,cocks being felt hands up under skirts and dresses tits being touched talk about erotic,tits everywhere my older sister came across to me jen your so boring,lighten up she kissed me hard im going to fuck you some day she said feeling under my dress we all know you havent been fucked for years,now the time you look so hot,all the blokes want you,and were going to let them have you,im taking the girls to show them the new shoppiong centre and be away for a few hours ,no way i said,jen i set this up for the boys she said .time someone gave you a good fuck,were of have fun she kissed me again,jen said she will look after you boys untill we get back,going shopping,then they left i was left with eight hot and horny blokes,my tits were half hanging out they were looking at me like hungry sharks,wayne my eldest brother in law gave me another drink how about a show jen he said for your favourite men,maybe i said ,smiling a slow strip he said were all dying to see that body and those monster tits,about time yoy stopped teasing,why not my sisters set me up for this they want their husbands to fuck me so be it,ok i said a slow hanmd clap as i strip its full on boys wayne yelled then i started slowly girating back and forth oh yes they were saying swing those tits jen ,my dress top one button i undid wayne took it of my shoulder my monsters hardly contained in the bras fuck look at them the size they were yelling i was oblivious to all the pace of my body increasing as i let my dress slowly drop to the grown what a fucking body shit wheres she been hidind,i kept moving swinging ans swaying my hips my tits bouncing like two huge ballons i mooved over to wayne rubbed against his body still moving ,i looked at him take my bra of dear brother in law i said as i put my body agaist his his cock rock hard he kissed my lips with a hungry passion you sexy bitch he said,next i felt the clip on my bras loosen i pulled away from him swinging my tits twiwling them then i went around all of them my two brothers included,leting them do anything that turned them on ,joe grabbed my knickers you wont want these he said ,pulling me into him his hand reaching for my already wet pussy,i didnt take them long to strip eight erect cocks ready willing to fuck me into submission,the boys were taking it in turn to ravish my body all over,trevour pulled me onto his cock i work it into into my tight virgin arse letting out a few screams as i did so, as andy grabbed a tit and started to suck then my brother his head between my legs went down on my wet pussy sucking licking eating me out trevour was bouncing me hard on his cock,my other brother grabbed the second tit eating my cherry size nipple then sucking like a baby there heads bobbing as i movev up and down on this fantastic cock,jack deciced he wanted some action pulling my head back teasing my lips with his cock then slowly inch by inch i took it ifelt my arse being loaded with cum my orgasm runnung rappant,then i was trying to swallow a load of cum as jack shot hard i almost lost my breath,i was in heaven every part of me being worked over,then time for my wanting pussy to be fucked wayne grabbed me pushed me over the table this is what your been wanting for years he said your just a fucking frustrated prick tease ,his cock big thick and going by my sister not used on her for quiet a few years as are all the the other blokes,and mine for a long long time,he fingerd me first my juices in abundance he made me lick his finger then as he bent me back he kissed me hard i felt this great cock penetrating me i was hurting i bit his lip bitch he said ramming me hrad against the table holding me by the waisthe said someone give her a good hard milking yank them of she loves it ttwo of them pulled on my tits while two others squeezed them they were pullling them apart look at the size of that cleavage they were yelling.then cocks into my tits from all directions,wayne kepted ramming deep hard fifteen minutes at least went by,then like an explosion he let loose filling me with warm wonderful spunk shit your good he said pulling out his cock limp ,one by one the other seven fucked me used and abused my tits ,riding my tits sucking and milking them biting my nipples i was in heaven hours passed i was hot horny sore my c**t fucked over and over as was my arse i was dragged by my tits they belted them like punching bags tied them untill they swelled my legs i could hardly feel my body twitching my c**t hungry for more,i sucked them off massaged their cocks with my tits ate all their balls,then the eight of them just got me and violayed every part of me biting sucking pinchind fingering slurping on my pussy they were like ants,three hours later they finished all got dressed i let my bras off and told the boys they were available for the rest of the night,my sisters came back not long after ,have fun they said ,i sure did i said they fucked every hole thaks sis for setting up the night,now you can fuck me if you want better still you wanted my tits out here they are enjoy them enough for the six of you come on ,they didnt hesitate,all over my tits sucking mulking only the way woman can i l;ove their tits as well we all took it in turn tit for tit ,my sister still hasnt fucked me as yet but has hinted a few times this was my first experiance with woman and i loved thetits ,what a great night,oh yes if you interested ,im curvy ,blonde blued eyed great legs rather attractive ,and the tits 50ees fun they sure are,by for now hope ypu loke my first story

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    Straight Male / 55

    My wife and I were visiting family out of state, we live in AZ, and family in Washington. We were staying at her sisters place, and being normally horney, I wanted to fuck. She would have none of it, her sister might hear us. I asked her where do you think her little 5 year old daughter came from. She still said no, so I rolled over trying to go to sleep. An hour later, still awake, she was sound asleep, so I got up and went to the living room. After about 5 minutes, in walked Ruth, my wifes sister. She set down beside me, and said softly, I heard the agurment, and I think,she is wrong. We talked for awhile, and then out of the blue she said, if you were mine, you could fuck me any time you wanted. My response, where did that come from. She then told me that when she was still a kid, staying over with us on weekends, she would crawl down the hall, and peak in as we were fucking, and watch us. She said, I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck you ant that 8 inch dick you have. My boy friend was only about 5 inches, and he is the only person I'v had. Now he is gone, and it's been almost a year with no dick inside me. I took her in my arms, and kissed her, and soon she found out what my dick felt like. Two months later, she moved to Arizona, and stayed with us until she could find work. My house is kinda large, and above the garage is a small apartment. When Ruth found work, it was only a few miles from us, and I said just stay in the Apt. and we will rent it to you. Two years later, my wife had a heart attack, and was gone. Ruth has moved into the guest bedroom, and her 8 year old daughter, Kristen is in another bedroom down the hall. At least once each week, one or the other of us takes a little walk to the others bedroom, and spends the night. Last night, Ruth came into my room, and I have this night light thing, it is to keep mice away, even though I have never had mioce, but there was enough light to see Kristen, on her knees, watching me and her mother fucking. All I could think of was, like mother, like daughter. This morning, I had off work, and so I let Kristen know I saw her, and she said OK, just please don't tell mommy. I said ok, but when you are older, it might cost you. With a big smile she said OK by me.

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