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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My name's Melanie, I'm 22 years old and live with my mother and step father. Both are in their early forties and both earn their living by teaching others how to live a healthier life style. Part of their daily/weekly regime is keeping fit, but not in a fanatiacal way.
    In Septemnber last year I split up with my boyfriend of four years. He met and started a relationship with a girl who's 19 and at the time, she was a lot fitter than me. My mother seeing my depression asked me, but not in an over bearing way, if I wanted to get fit with her. explaining to me it would help to get over my ex.
    With their schedual it became increasingly difficult to plan time to fit in with my mother, but it became apparent my step fathers daily routine fitted in perfectly with mine. We started exercising together mostly when my mother was out and I soon began to notice the difference in myself. Not only physically but phycologically aswell. I became much more confident and started to push on with my execises, by February of this year I was looking amazing. My body was slender, but curvy and my breasts were firm and pert.
    I began to get noticed again by men and had a few offers of a date, all of which I turned down. I didn't know why exactly at the time, but all the same I turned them all down.
    On the 23rd Febrauary, I remember the date so well, I was excercising with my step father. We'd been stretching at the end of a hard half an hours workout. The tight lycra bottoms I had on must have already had a small splitt in them. As I bent over with my step father slightly behind me, the bottoms split all together. I never wear any underwear when I exercise as it seems pointless, I'm only having to wash more things. My step father got a very good look at my naked ass and my well trimmed pussy.
    The thing that really started things was how I reacted. Looking behind me I saw him staring at my pussy and ass, but I didn't try to hide it, on contrary I pulled the material apart more, until all of my rear was open to his gaze. We both knew what that meant and my step father didn't hessitate in touching my pussy and ass. His warm hands felt devine on my rear and as his fingers inched into my pussy slit, I began to tremble with anticipation.
    He stopped however when his fingers entered my pussy hole. Looking at my wanting face, he asked me if we should go any further. I replied by telling him "I think I've fallen for you, I think I've got a crush on you". That stopped everything, but only until we walked to the shower room together.
    "Are you sure". Was my step fathers only words for the next hour. Turning the shower tap on, I watched him undress until he was fully naked, his erect cock was sticking straight up, almost touching his stomach. He stepped under the stream of water and smiled back at me. Following his lead I too undressed. I kept my eyes on his as I slowly stripped. Every inch of my body was looked at and I swear I could see his cock twitching as I stepped up to him.
    For the first time, other than kissing his cheek, we kissed passionately.
    I coud feel his hands roaming all over my body as kissed. Moving away from me he turned me around and had me bend over slightly intot the wall. I felt his warm breath on my rear as the water cascaded over my skin, then I felt his tongue enter my pussy slit. I came almost immediately, holding onto the tap to steady myself, but my step father didn't stop. Burying his face into my butt I gave myself to his tongue and fingers as he drove me another orgasm.
    With me still facing the wall, he stood up, not asking me if I was taking any birth control, my step father thrust his hard cock into my drippingly wet pussy.
    The feeling I got from his cock entering me, will stay with me forever. He'd wrapped his hands through my arms and held me tight from behind. Holding my breasts as he began to force his cock in and out of my vagina. Every single thrust was perfect, every time his cock reached its end and fully entered me I gasped with excitement and fulfilment. I truely knew then I wanted and needed my step fathers animalistic sexual attention and love.
    When he filled my pussy with his seed I wanted it, I wanted every single swimming sperm to flow deep into my body and if it was so, make me pregnant.
    With us both sexually fulfilled I grasoed his hand, still not saying a word, I walked him and I, both soaking wet into my bedroom. I made him lay on the bed on his back. Climbing on the bed myself I offered him my pussy as I took his cock for the first time into my mouth. I could taste myself on his cock, I could also tatse his cum and it made me ultra hot for his cock. Sucking him deep down my throat I gave him head like I'd never done before. Deep throating was a whole new experience for me and I loved every single inch. My step father wasn't idle either, once again he put his face to my pussy, but also this time my ass and began to eat them both out.
    We were still in a 69 when my moms car pulled up onto the drive. I'd cum once more by my step fathers actions, and I'd taken his cum from his rock solid cock and swallowed it. He was gently kissing my pussy when we heard my moms car. Quietly and calmly he walked out of my bedroom, down the hallway and into theirs.
    Now the strange part. Over the last few months we've continued to have awsome sex, every time I've let my step father cum deep inside me and not once was I caught with pregnancy. Then my mother three nights ago, and the very reason I'm on here typing, spoke to me. She asked me how I was feeling now and if I was at all depressed any more. After I replied said something which has had my head spinning, she said " I know sometimes at night you can probably hear me and your step father having sex, I hope you and he have the same excitement when you exercise together". She paused and then added " You know your step father has had the snip". She left it at that and started to make dinner.
    Now I'm thinking, does my mom know we've been having sex together and if she does, have they both planned it to get me through the depression I was in. My head is twirling with questions and answers from myself. I wish I knew what was the right thing for me to do ????.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    i consider myself to be a straight male but when i was 15 i had a brother who was 7, to cut a long story short i used to play with him at night when we had gone to bed in the same room though not the same bed.i loved feeling his cock grow in my mouth sucking him up to a full erection which was about 2 inches.i would wank him and suck him balls and all. he wanted to try the things i did so i let him suck me it was fantastic i liked to rub my cock in between his soft little ass cheeks and he wanted to try on my so i let him. one night i pulled off his blankets and pulled down his pyjama bottoms he was on his stomach i just could not resist spanking his soft little bottom it made it very red and hurt him cuz he screamed and cried i tried to smother his noises as i did not want to wake my parents in the next room.i kissed his bottom and sucked him.i only ever made him cum once when i wanked him and that was a dry cum but he enjoyed it.i came over his bottom once.

    now i am grown up and was married with kids.the nearest i have come to incest was when i made my 23 yr old daughter cum with mu tongue after she agreed to come to bed with me for a cuddle after her mum died it was lovely,she came to bed with me a few more times and once more i made her cum like this

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    When I was growing up, my mom and I were the only females in the house. I was the oldest of 4. Even my youngest brother had more input toward what the family did than my mother, so basically I was dead last. I never even owned a pair of pants or shorts until fairly recently, just skirts. I was spanked until I was 18 and left home, but my mother is still spanked. The boys all "outgrew" it when they hit puberty.

    And we were spanked for masturbating too. Another thing the boys were apparently allowed to do after a certain age but which mom and I weren't no matter how old. I still can't masturbate without feeling ashamed of it, but in some cases that actually makes it better..??

    The thing that really sucks is, since I was spanked for so long, now I have a hard time altering my own behaviour without having someone spank me because that's the sort of arrangement I'm used to. So, even though I didn't like it growing up I always end up asking my boyfriend to do it when I'm trying to fix something, like getting myself to exercise more or stop chewing my pencils, things like that. He certainly doesn't mind.

    So now, since I grew up in like this weird Stepford environment that I know was messed up, I also now have some kind of a fetish for it. I have a feeling that if I get married I'm going to end up doing exaggeratedly housewife-ish things every so often like cooking and cleaning naked as part of a sexual thing.

    I have a hard time believing these things are normal.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 45

    after reading some of the hot juicy stories the temptation got to much for me,so i have got to submit my first story ever,this is a true story and not entirely of my own doing,it was my mothers 80th birthday party also mothers day as well,and it was evenning so as not to interfere with family members paying their mothers a visit,the family decided to have a huge marquee put up for the occassion,and most of it catered for,the property was at my sisters place, large and rather secluded they also had a garage converted into a two bedroom granny flat further down the yard,that will come into the story later,anyhow all family members as usual were invited to anything to do with mum,most of the time all that turned up was her children,this time however a reply from near and far about sixty or more had accepted the invitation,family id heard of but never seen,anyhow enough about the settings,we'd arrived early during the day so had many others,the atmostphere was great,cousins nephews uncles my two brothers,five brother in laws,there were to many to meet at the one time so we were left to mingle with each other,i got some very nice compliments mostly from the men,each time a drink of some sort thrust into my hand,by the way a few statistics on myself for your interest,im 45yrs married 26yrs,no childrena very minumum sex life dull boring,nothing hardly at all over the last twenty years,a few touch up from my girlfrieds husbands,two of my brother in laws have when i visited my sisters have tried to have a tit,other than that,many offers,im blue eyed brunette,below the shoulder lenth hair,attractive told nice legs,a good body 50ggs36-24,yes rather shapely and proud of it,my bother in laws nicknamed sexy legs and or boobs,many years ago,evenning went into night things were warming up besides the weather which was humid,some of the ladies both young and old rather forward being urged on by the men,i to was being urged on by the blokes asking me to flash my tits some suggesting a tit feel,they said id be a great lay and it would do me good,by this time id had more than my usual amount of drinks which is normaly three,two i got talkative after that i got gigly a bit game and daring,which i was now, with all these men around daring me saying all these sexy hot things to me was making me feel rather horny,a lot of the woman had gone inside the house some couples had left,somehow my brother in law tried to convince me into seeing the new granny flat down the back so i agreed,a bit shaky on my feet especially in the shoes i was wearing,he put his arm around my waist for support,im was giggly i said to him i know what you want, to see my tits his hand already clasping the outside of one,the flat was large as he showed me around one bedroom huge a massive bed in the middle of the room,try it he said i felt the bed soft,no0 try it he said sit on it lay on it lets see how good you look,i dropped my shoes of layed back on the bed so relaxing,you look stunning he said ive wanted to get you into a bed for years,he learned accross and un buttoned my blouse gazed in amazement at my huge tits shit he said there unbelievable as he took of my bras,i was just laughing and giggling he played with my tits sucking on my huge nipples i was enjoying it,he was kissing me i back with passion i couldnt believe what i was doing but seem to have no control,this was my brother in law who on occassions had tried to feel my tits,now its happenned he started undressing me as he kissed slowly all over my body telling me i had ben wasted for so long,about time i was enjoyed by men,he had me fully undressed please dont i asked its not right,he grinned you have no choice sweet delightfull sister in law,lay back and enjoy it your going nowhere for a while,he was fingering me in out how long has it been been he said grabbing both tits pulling on them how long he pulled harder how long since you were fucked over twenty years i said,then only a few times,so you need a good fuck he said,twenty years worth he pushed on me hard pinning my arms down just give some action he said not like your sister shes like a log,he jammed his eight inch cock as he told me hard into my already wet pussy eventhough it took three attempts to get home, his cock felt great i was giiggling all the more he was saying all these things to me dirty fithy things saying how he fucks the girls at his job,and some of his wifes girlfriends but i was the best so far, and had biggest tits and the tightest pussy he'd ever been into he bounced me around the bed up down on his big cox,hed pullit out half way push in dep again untill i moaned and squeemed my huge tits bouncing all over ,we'll fix them he said as soon as i load you up boy he sure did almost blew me apart as he exploded inside i screamed with pleasure and a massive orgasm,he pulled out pulled me up and told me to suck him of,i did licking his cock of the cum and my juices ,he got up walked to the door let three of my uncles in the room,she fucking ready and hot and willing go to itthis is her first lot of fucking in over twenty years,she's tight terrific and those tits enjoy yourselves the three of them fucked me hard one after the other,played with my tits licking them rubbing their cocks all over them milking me like a cowon all fours,each time i had to suck them off then tit fuck them they left then another three uncles this i never bargained for fucking me with delight this was no brother in law come back in grabbed me of the bed shower he said theres plenty more to come,no i pleaded ive had enough yourve had your fun please let me go,the funs only beginning he said,i knew i had no chance as i showered,my two brothers and a cousin were next saying they had wanted to fuck me since i was a teen now they had their chance,fucking my pussy and my arse at the same time after loading me full of cum my cousin fell of my tits and fucked me doggy style as both my brothers suck and milked my massive tits from underneath me,all eating out my juices from my pusy one brother really getting his tongue working deep while the other two suck on my huge nips ,each relo i sucked of tit fucked them before they left,chewing on their bals for a bonus ,i was turning into a real family slut for them they kept comming three at a time evry half dozen id have a shower after,fresh for the next six,my tits was subjected to a lot of torture tied belted heated bottles over my nipplers drawing them in streatching them my tits were also streatched as i cried in pain but they enjoyed it,even bringing more pain to my tits and nipples as each lot took over something different ,theyed fucked me almost senseless my body wracked with pain my legs no feelings my tits swollen bruising as was my nipples i think my tits had been streached an extra few sizes ,for sure my nipples were,they were as big as plums almost,after twenty five of my uncles brother in laws cousins bothers nephews,had used me for their pleasure over many hours they then werent satisfied before i dressed they lined up all wanting me to tit fuck them my whole body was dripping in cum face mouht tits pushy legs,nothing missed as they held me and let loose on me,then dragged me into the shower by the tits and arms doing disgusting things to me while i showered half a dozen at a time,it was late when i wondered out to the car,just a brief goodbye to those that were left ,my husband asked if i had a good time i smiled my bruised and swolllen tits almost out of my blouse ,looks like you did he said ,your relos certainly loved you,i smiled,just wanted to rest,my brother in law said i needed a good fuck certainly got that and more,bye for now another story soon, sara

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    My former mother in law and I always had the hots for each other.
    She's 68 now, caucasian, widowed and I am 42, black and single again.

    Five years ago I'm divorced and then secretly my former mother in law and I went into a very satisfying sexual relation ship.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18


    This isn't really about my family, but a girl's family that rides the school bus with me.

    I'm really only 13, and this girl is 12. We got to her bus stop, and there were two young men, (probably about 19 to 21), and she said to me, look, there are my two uncles. Boy, am I in for a real fucking this afternoon. I said what?? She said, when my uncles come over, and meet my school bus, that is when no one else is home, and when we get home, they will take turns fucking me, so I will be fucked until about midnight tonight, when mom gets home. That big one has a dick like about 8 inches long. It really hurt that first time I got fucked, but now I love it. You need to come over sometime.

    True story, but I never went over there.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    My step sister is 14 and is from a mexican back ground. Last week I got home early from a crap night out and went in the back door as always thru the kitchen where I found Maria making coffee stark naked except for her earphones moving her body to the music she was hearing. I sat on a chair beiahind her and admired her athletic figure she had from ballet. Maria is petite and as I admired her cute ass and shapely legs she turned to the side to lift the kettle and noticed she had a very flat chest but nice long ruby nipples that matched her full very kissable lips. I decided to let her know I was home and got up to tap her on her shoulder and as I did so she spun around and I got to see her balled pussy with a nise sized clit prodruding from between her pussy lips. As she tried to cover up I kissed her on the cheek and went to bed to have the best wank I have ever had and three more since then!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    Well, I guess this is where I should be;

    First, I enlisted in the Air Force when I was 18, straight out of high school. Over the years, I put in 30 years, I have had older women, and in my last few years, way younger ones. I never met one who I would consider getting married to, but many who I would love to fuck. On my last assignment, I was 47, one year from retirement, a MSgt., and had this young 20 year old who was in my outfit. She came to me one evening after work, and was missing her daddy. it turned out that he had been her lover from the time she was 12. Her mom had died when she was 10, and dad was her first and only man. I was her second. All this just to lay the groundwork, I had hundreds of ladies over my 30 years.

    Now to my real story: I retired at age 49, and it was two years later that I met my first wife, Patty. She was 35, had a 9 year old daughter from her first, and I fell for her like a ton of bricks. I was 51, and married her within 4 months of meeting her. Now its 4 years later, and Patty is killed in a car accident, and I have a 13 year old step daughter to raise. Those teen years can be tough, but some how I got through them. My little Jess is so pretty, and has boys all over the place. Now I'm not reach, but have a nice comfortable life, nice house, new truck, pool in the back yard, you get the picture! Jess is having a pool party, just the girls, all 13, and as I look out the window of my den, in the back yard, two boys are climbing over the fence. I stepped out into the yard, and they were gone in a flash. The party was about over, and soon the mothers of the girls were picking them up. Jess cam in and said Dad, do you think they would have done something if you had not been home?? I said like what, which she replied, well could they have forced us to have sex with them?? I replied, well, maybe, but only if you girls didn't stick together. There was 10 of you, and only two of them. Jess then said, yea, but 6 of those girls have been having sex for two years now. Drew has had sex with her step dad, and two of her uncles. She said there is nothing like having a full grown man's big dick all the way up inside of you. I was stunned, and then Jess asked if I would fuck her. As I thought about it, I realized that when I was overseas, I had fucked some little whores, some of them were only about 11 or 12.

    That evening, I showered, and came into Jess's room, and we did have sex. I started by, kissing her, French kissing, teaching her. Then as I went down her body, finding those tiny little bumps for tits, sucked them into my mouth, and then down to her pussy. To make it short and sweet, ate her pussy for her first time, made her cum, and finally after finger fucking her for a while, I finally slipped my 6.5 inch dick into her. We now fuck about 4 times a week, and I have her on birth control. I love my tiny little step daughter, and am glad that I finally found Patty, as she gave me the best gift anyone could have given this old man.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    I love my 14 year old daughter with all my heart. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have started having feelings for her that I shouldn't have though. I guess it started about 3 years ago. I was sitting at the desk next to my bed and she was on the bed. She began to pester me by flicking my ear with her toe. I would grab her foot and act like I was going to bite it. She did this a couple of times then on the third time I gabbed her foot and gently bit her big toe. Her eyes got kind of big a she giggled. I gave her her foot back. She set there for a few seconds, then put her foot in my face and said lick it. I grabbed her by the ankle and licked from her heal to her toes very slowly. Again, her eyes were wide and she had a nervous smile as I took her big toe in my mouth and began to suck it. I sucked on all of her toes and licked between them. She seemed very surprised that I would do that and said it felt weird. Realizing what I had done I panicked a little. I smiled at her and said nervously, "don't tell anyone I sucked your toes, people will think its weird" she said ok and smiled. What I wanted to say was there isn't a part of your body that I wouldn't lick but I didn't. Ever since I've been fantasizing about her. Not taking her virginity, although it would be hard to turn down if it was what she wanted, but fantasizing about kissing her, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, her incredible stomach, and her pussy. I would love to lick and suck her clit until she came. I would do anything she asked me to to make her feel good and give her an orgasm.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    I have been shagging my sister in law for about two years! She is the best sex I have ever had as my wife is so boring! I love sneaking away to see her for a blow job as she honestly does give the best bj ever and loves to swallow every last bit of cum down her throat! I know it is wrong but I can't give it up!

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