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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My brother is six years younger than me. When he was a kid he was afraid of thunderstorms and would go in and sleep with mom and dad.

    When he was 8 and me 14, our folks decided that they could leave me alone with him while they went out of town for a few days. A storm came up and while I was fingering myself, he climbed into bed with me. So I was lying there frustrated and soaking while my kid brother was right there curled up with me.

    Then he started to suck my tit. I was just 14 and had never had a boyfriend, so this was new to me and I liked it. I was horny and too young to know better, so I got him to play with my clit and get me off. This game gave him a boner, so I let him grind against me, which he liked. The next couple of days until our folks got back were filled with sexy games.

    For the next four years, we snuck around and made out and humped and got each other off whenever we had a chance. When I went off to college I seriously missed him. And when I came home for a break, he had started ejaculating, but I had started using birth control, so we went from playing around to serious screwing.

    For the next four years, I came home for breaks and we messed around in secret. He was kind of small at first, but we didn't really care, and by the time I got out of college, he had a decent sized dong on him. And he knew what to do, too, so I was happy.

    I came home with my business degree and got my own place, and my brother visited me so much that he might as well have moved in with me. Our folks were going through a rough patch and hardly noticed.

    Now I'm 26 and he's 20 and we've lived together since he graduated high school. We're both seeing an open-minded couple who we pass off as our bf and gf, but in reality it's a four-way thing. We both tried the bisexual thing and it wasn't for us, but we still like threeways and fourways.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I know it's wrong and I shouldn't feel this way, but I can't help it. I'm falling in love with my brother. It all started this past summer. It was the weekend after the 4th of July and our parents loaded us up into the car and drove to our family reunion.
    The reunion happened at the lake and it was pretty typical for such events. There was a lot of food and tons of little kids running around. The older people sat and reminisced about way back when and those of us between the ages of prepubescence and Medicare partied.
    I had just turned fifteen the month before and loved the fact that I was being included in the activities of a group of people in their older teens and early twenties, instead of being left to hang out with the kids. The group included my brother Ryan, who was eighteen and a bunch of our male cousins. It tickled me that I was getting just as many admiring glances when I walked around in my bikini as my older female cousins were getting in theirs. Especially after a couple of them quietly complained that I was too young to be tagging along or drinking. Most of them were a little chunky. I was as lean as a Victoria's Secret model, with long dark brown hair that ran down to the middle of my back and mint rock candy green eyes.
    It's not that I was trying to turn on the guys, you understand. Afterall we were family. But a girl likes to know that she's pretty. So I was in a really good mood and the booze enhanced that mood further. My brother and our cousin Taylor had managed to sneak a bottle of Grey Goose and several beers away from our parents, aunts and uncles. We all sat around with our styrofoam cups and drank and talked and enjoyed ourselves.
    Sooner than I liked it was nighttime and people began packing it in and leaving, hugging and kissing their goodbyes for another year and driving off into the darkness. As had been the plan all along, my parents and Ryan and I set up tents and prepared to stay til morning. I guess I was a little too giggly and uncoordinated because my dad came over and smelled my breath and began bitching about my being smashed out of my gourd. Ryan feigned complete innocence and said our cousins must have given me booze.
    When the tents were up, I crawled inside of mine and still wearing my two piece bikini I immediately fell into a deep inebriated sleep. Ryan and my parents sat up for a while. Eventually mom and dad went to bed in their own tent and Ryan crawled into a sleeping bag on the grass between us.
    I'm not sure what time it was or how long I had been sleeping. But I was having the most wonderful dream about Chris Hemsworth making love to me. It was so real I could always feel his hands moving across my body and his penis enter my vagina. I groaned and mumbled something like "So good" and sighed. He began to kiss my neck and ear and cupped my boob while he gently thrust in and out of me, keeping up a steady pace. The sensations flooding my body were like nothing I'd ever felt before. I never wanted them to stop.
    I remember my eyes opening in the darkness of the tent and the realization that someone was behind me with their arm around me slowly dawning on my waking mind. I just lay there for a long moment being fucked from behind, confused but overhwhelmed by sensation. I felt his pace quicken and his arm tighten its grip almost painfully. I moaned and then my eyes widened as he went totally rigid and I felt him release inside of me. I gasped.
    He held me tightly and buried his face into the back on my neck and then slowly relaxed, letting his arm drop limply against my belly.
    I had just been fucked, I thought. Who? Why? Wasn't I at the lake with my family? Hadn't I been alone in the tent? A stranger... rape? So many thoughts all at once, and fear now. Fear of what I'd find behind me when I turned around. Did I want to turn around? I did.
    What I saw when I turned was my brother Ryan laying partly on his back, eyes closed. His shorts were pulled down to just above his knees and his still erect penis was still pointed toward my ass where he'd pulled my bikini bottoms down. It was covered in my vaginal juices.
    "Ryan?" I whispered.
    "Was that as much fun for you as it was for me?," he grinned and leaned over and kissed me. I was too shocked to pull away or answer.
    After kissing me he crawled back out of my tent and went to sleep. And despite my racing thoughts I was still pretty drunk and I fell back asleep too. By a couple of days later I was sitting in my bedroom at home wondering if it had all been a dream, since Ryan hadn't mentioned it or seemed the least bit different since it happened.
    "Hey kids," Dad called up the stairs. "Your mom and I are going shopping. We'll be back in a few."
    I heard Ryan call back "Ok, you two drive safe." Then the front door closed and a moment later the familiar sound of the car engine starting.
    I went back to writing in my dairy. I didn't hear my bedroom door open, so I jumped when Ryan put his hands on my shoulders.
    "Don't do that!," I yelled at him.
    He laughed. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."
    I sighed and closed my dairy before he could read what I'd been writing. "What do you want?"
    "Nothing," he smiled. "Just wanted to see my favorite sister."
    "I'm your only sister," I replied.
    "Just wandering what your thinking," he said after a moment. "You know, about the other night at the lake."
    I froze. "What are you talking about?"
    He stared at me. "You don't remember? Me and you in your tent?"
    My eyes widened. "You mean that really happened?"
    He laughed. "What? You thought it was a dream?"
    I nodded.
    "It really happened," he said. "You just looked so fucking hot in your bikini sis. I couldn't help myself."
    "But...," I stammered. "I'm your sister."
    "So," he shrugged. "I don't want to get married. It's just sex. There's nothing wrong with having sex."
    "It's incest," I told him.
    "That's just a word," he told me. "Brothers and sisters have sex all the time. Happens all over the world. We consider it bad because some religion says so. But it's perfectly fine. All it is is two people making each other feel good and loving one another."
    I stared at him. "You came inside of me."
    "Sorry about that," he frowned. "I shouldn't have. But I didn't have a condom and I was at the mercy of my dick. Guys don't have a lot of self control once the little head takes over."
    "I'm on the pill," I said. "It's no biggie."
    He blinked. "Since when are you taking the pill?"
    "Since mom found out I had sex with my boyfriend," I told him. "She kept it between me and her."
    "I was wondering why you didn't bleed," he smiled. "So your not a virgin."
    "No," I said.
    "So, did you like it?," he asked. "It sounded like you did. You were talking in your sleep. You said it felt good. I heard you."
    "It did feel good," I admitted.
    "Would you want to do it again?," he asked.
    "With you?," I said. "I don't know."
    "Come on," he smiled. "I love you. You love me. We both enjoyed it. Whose gonna know?"
    "I have a boyfriend though," I said. "You have a girlfriend."
    "And what a brother and his favorite sissy do behind closed doors," he said. "Is none of their business."
    He was smiled so wide and his face looked so cute I couldn't help but smile back. He kissed me. I let him. Our tongues met and swirled around one another. I felt his hand cup my breast.
    I let him take me right there on my bedroom floor. His hard cock pounding me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my fingernails down his back. He came inside of me again.
    Since that evening we've been lovers. We have sex several times a week and I've found that I no longer have any passion for my boyfriend. I can't get Ryan off of my mind. I just want to run away with him to some place where nobody knows who we are so we can be a couple openly. I've stopped taking my birth control. I want his baby. Our baby. He doesn't know.
    I know it's wrong. But just as a man is a slave to his cock, so a girl is a slave to her love.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I drive a big rig alot and cant leave my 12 yr old daughter so she rides along. She rides in bikini panties and i love lookin at at her little pussy. I get so fucking hard she saw the buldge in my pants and asked if she could help. It was 2am and i was drivin 85. Before i knew it she crawled on my lap and got my cock out. I didnt say anythinh. I let her do what she wanted. She statred sliding her wet little pussy on my cock and i went nuts. I grabbed her ass cheeks and put her on the head of my cock. I told her she could do what she wanted. She slowly slid my 9 inches in her tight virgin pussy. I almost came. I said sit still for a bit on my cock. She sat on me for 20000 miles then i said go to it. She rode me so hard i couldnt stop. Zhe said daddy please cum in me. So with out hesitation pushed deep inside her and filled her pussy with my cum. So fucking good. She is on b control so she rides me a few times a day. Its time now gotta fuck my little girl.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I always put my family first. I provide a fantastic life for them. But I am miserable to the point that I don't want to live.

    I have always prided myself on being strong and for the most part that is what I show the world, even if I am hurt inside. However my wife is as cruel as anyone can be. I love her dearly and I have a beautiful daughter with her. She can't stand to hear me at all, she complains even when I breathe. I walk through my house scared to exist because she will start critizizing me. I am a strong man, most people are terrified of me (even though I would not hurt a fly) Secretly I only dream of dying every minute of every day. The funny part is I am not a depresssed person or at least was not before I met my wife. I just don't want to live like this anymore.

    I can't even start to tell you how much I love my daughter. She brightens every day and she loves her dad. I can't live without her or I would tell my wife to get lost.

    Why is it ok for women to treat men this way but I would be called abusive for less.

    I can't talk with family, I can't talk with anyone. I am slowly dying inside and pray for the warmth of death.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    it shouldn't happen this,when i saw my cousin i had bad temptation that i wanna to drag him to bed see how long is his cock but i always pull bck because i KNOW its shouldn't be the way when im on my way bck home i was imagining how will he react if i DO that pulling down his pants give a good blowjob on him will he able to cum onto my mouth?im so horny now,badly needed a blowjob it doesn't have to cum on me....

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I like looking and playing with my 20y/o son's ass. He as the cutest ass I ever saw. I like squeezing his ass cheeks. When he is laying on his stomach. I will spread his butt cheeks apart and lick his cute butthole. I will finger his butt while I am playing with my pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My stepdaughter just turned 18 and is so beutiful she so young and full of my cum.I fucked her the day she became legal.I wanted her so bad she is insecure she thinks she is ugly I made her feel special by telling her how beutiful she is.She was realy surprised I thought that. She started telling me she always had a crush on me and how she would peek at me when I was peeing she said that was the first cock she ever seen.I asked if she was a virgin she said one guy stuck his finger in her one time but that was it.I asked her if she wanted to see my cock now while it was hard she said as long as I didnt tell anyone. I always masturbated to her and now I was finally going to fuck her.I ate her pink sweet pussy out and then let her nibble on my cock the first time she gave head but I give her credit because it didnt take long before I nutted in her pretty mouth.Then I popped that cherry she bled a little but that got me more excited then I fucked that sweet ass. The best pussy I ever had now I get it all the time addicted to it sweet.She gives blow jobs like a champ now and recently got on the pill so I bust a nut in her tight pussy all the time now so young and always full of my cum

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I feel selfish because I can't deal with the issue my family is going through right now. It sucks like all hell to see your mother cry three days in a row but when it wasn't something you did and right now there is NOTHING ANYBODY CAN do I deal? Not to mention this is a majorly stressful time in MY life. I don't know how to be there for all of them and definitely don't know how to handle it myself. I am scared and angry and lost.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Please leave a comment. Im a girl and i fuck my hermaphrodite sister every second afternoon

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My daughter is staying with me with weekend. She is 17 blonde about 1000 pounds.she is always walking around in tight little ahorts. I once got a shot of her pretty pussy while she was doing yard work.this time i put 3 sleeping pills in her desert after dinner.shore wore spandex to eat in that night. I could see her sweet little camel toe. We watched tv a while and she fell out cold. I rubbed her belly and she didnt move. I waited 10 min then i slowly pulled off her spandex shorts . No panties either. I put her leg up on back of couch and began licking my daughters pussy. I stuck my tounge inside her slit her juices tasted great. I was hard as a rock so i rubbed my cock around her wet little pussy. I knew she was a virgin so i wasnt hurting her. I pushed the head of my cock in her. God it was tight. I slowly pushed all the way inside her and just stayed in her for a while. I could fell her heart beating in her pussy. Made me even harder. In and out slowly and i felt my balls boiling. I pushed harder than before and shot my cum in my daughter. I pumped her a while after and got another load off. I really filled her pussy. Im glad for b control. She never remembers when i so this. About 2 times a month.

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