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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Just an update on stories I have posted here regarding my mom-in-law.

    I stayed over last week - was travelling for work and I hadn't seen them for awhile so thought I would stay over for the night instead of making the drive home.

    As soon as I walked in I was glad I had made the decision. Mom-in-law was looking as beautiful as ever. Her skin kissed by the recent run of beautiful weather we had been having.

    I slept naked - playing with myself as I drifted off to sleep, thinking about the next morning and whether I would catch her staring at my dick again.

    I made sure I slept in a little longer. Long enough for her husband to head off for work and for the two of us to be home alone. I got up and put my boxer briefs on and headed for the shower. I made sure my cock was slightly engorged, really filling the briefs out.

    I called out to her to see if she had a spare tooth brush. She walked in and looked straight down at my dick. I knew she would. I couldn't blame her really. She headed back out to retrieve a spare toothbrush and quickly returned. She hung in the bathroom briefly to chat while I stood there, cock trying to remain obedient.

    She headed out to start cleaning the house and took it as my chance to jerk off. As I have done previously I left the door open. I pulled my cock out of my briefs and furiously went to work with no concern of the sound I was making.

    This time she started to say something from a distance and I sensed she was returning to the bathroom. I was just about to shoot my load and wasn't sure if I was ready to take things to that next level and have her see my in mid ejaculation. I mean up until now it was all teasing.

    I went harder as it was too late to stop the orgasm and pulled my briefs back over my cock. As she walked to the door I was cumming in my briefs. I slid my hand down by my side to cover the massive bulge. Instead of walking in this time she stayed at the door. Some of my cum out of pressure pushed through the fabric and pooled on the outside of my briefs. It was an insane feeling. She was a meter away taking to me while my cock was convulsing and shooting a hot wad of sperm into my briefs. I definitely won't forget it.

    A part of me wishes I didn't hear her and that she walked in on me with my hand on my cock shooting cum on the bathroom floor but I'll still take this. I don't know if she knew what was going on but for me just knowing I was cumming hard with her in such close vicinity was good enough for me.

    Stay tuned for the next adventure....

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    My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for two years without any luck. That was the sad story I was telling my father-in-law over coffee one Saturday morning. He and my husband Tom usually have some sort of project, today was to frame an office for me in the basement. Tom was called into work but never let his Dad know.

    The talk of infertility led to sex, when, where, how, etc., he was becoming quite bold with these personal questions. I saw him attempt to casually rearrange a rather large bulge in his shorts as we spoke. As the conversation got sexier he began to openly and boldly rub his cock. Then he exposed his massive cock to me. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was twice as big as his son.

    I immediately got on my knees in front of him and greedily took him into my mouth. I sucked his cock for some time and he had to tell me to slow down because he didn't want to cum in my mouth just yet. I stood up for a just a second when he pulled my shorts and panties to my knees. He bent me over the wicker couch and took me from behind. He assaulted my tight pussy with his big dick and within a few minutes and with no warning he came inside me.

    He smiled at me as I looked around at his audacity.Henry said that if he had to he would father his own grandson and no one need be the wiser. My husband believes all three are his kids because they look just like him. In fact they were his half-siblings because his own father got me pregnant three times.

    Too this day we fuck at least once a week and he's now near seventy, but a gifted as ever.

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    Eight days ago after carrying my drunken wife to bed I also carried my drunken mother in law upto the guest bedroom. They'd been drinking all afternoon celebrating my wife getting a promotion and a huge pay rise. When I got home from work fairly late, they were both three sheets to the wind. Putting my mother in law down I saw that her skirt had ridden right up and that her panties had slipped to one side. In a split second I was on my knees and had my face pressed into her pussy. For nearly five minutes I eat out my mother in laws pussy and I swear she started to moan asking me to suck on her clit. I got scared as she became loud and stopped. The next morning (A Saturday) she thanked me for looking after her and then said "Your tongue was so good".
    We haven't said anything to each other since, but I know if I asked my mother in law would let me lick her out again, possibly even fuck her. Now I have to decide if I'm going to do it, man this isn't easy.

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    OK, I have a step-brother who is and I don't really know how to say this but here goes nothing.

    I had just gotten out of school, and I walked home as usual.
    when I got home my step-brother was there, not usual, he is always back at 1:16, but I guess not. I walked inside and found him sitting on my bed "what the hell are you doing in here??" I asked him, despite my anger. He smiled at me and got up, "what the fuck are you doing home??" he asked back, with the smirk on his face it made him look even hotter.

    He left my room without, answering my question. I slammed the door. Oh my god why cant I have any privacy, I thought to myself.

    Several hours later there was a knock at my door, "what??" I responded

    "it's me. Zack"

    I ignored him eventually he went away. I had gotten horny, when I was on my phone browsing through sites I really shouldn't of been browsing through, I slipped my hand into my pants caressing my pussy through my underwear, it felt so good I decided I wanted to go father, I took of my pants and underwear, opening my legs wider and stared down at my wonderfulness, I slowly rubbed it, god, it felt so good I started to finger myself as I felt my orgasm coming closer "ahh!" I yelled as I came, all over my bed. wet and dirty I slowly caressed it to make it feel good.

    "ohh" I heard someone say, I looked towards the door, and saw him my brother, Zack
    "get the fuck out!!" I yelled at him, he didn't move he just stood there, I saw the bulge he had in his pants
    "oh??" I said confused, I didn't know he got aroused over me. I slipped off my bed then, walked over to him.

    "so you like your sisters pussy??" I asked him, he nodded slowly as I squeezed his erection, he moaned. he fucked me silly which I love and I enjoy rough, me and my step- brother had sex.

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    Straight Male / 38

    My cousin is a nice guy and his girl friend is an idiot. Any guy who gets her alone can get some. She and I were talking one day, she told me I was so smart. She thought I should get some and took her pants off. I told her to get dressed, I did not want my cousins girl friend.
    he took her to a Reds game and she went to the bathroom. She came back to the seat, said she was squirming around and acting strange. he ask what was wrong?? that guy in the bathroom messed me up. when he ask her she want into detail, she was on the toilet when he looked over the top. Told her to hurry he needed to shit. She stood up and opened the door. he came in and told her to turn around. He bent her over, you know the rest. Said the juice made her feel uncomfortable sitting there.
    He ask who the guy was?? I don't know, I did not see his face. he ask why she did not yell?? he told her not to, he would be finished soon. Did you understand you just got raped?? No he did not last long and did not hurt me. Its ok, he is gone now.
    Same girl takes the neighbors kids roller skating. One of the managers there ask her if they are her kids?? No neighbors. Ask her if she wants a kid?? yes she did. if she would com in his office he would give her one. She followed and he took her pants down bent her over his desk and fucked her. When he finished she ask where the baby was. he got her to suck his cock and fucked her again. when he finished, where is my baby?? he said growing inside you I bet.,
    She told my cousin about this. he took a friend and beat the shit out of the guy. told him the broken ribs was for taking advantage of a weak minded girl.
    he told me some time back she was pregnant. said he gave her the pill every night, so it was a miracle she got pregnant. he was worried the child may have his face and her brains. if so might make his life pretty tough.
    So he sent me a face book picture of the baby, does not look like either of them. weeks later another picture, looks some like her, but has dark thick hair. Months later, its clear the baby girl is half black. I ask the hard question, are you sure its yours?? he said right off its not his. I ask if he knew who the father was?? he did. she shopped at a grocery store every Saturday. he had ask her to buy a chuck roast and ask it be ground into burger. made the best burgers and he knew what he was getting. She did this every week, the butcher told her it would cost a kiss, so she did it. weeks later it went on and on till it took sex to get this done. he had fucked her in the back room every week, this went on over a year. She said it was the only way to get this done.
    She also said a young guy there who stocked shelved had been fucking her as well. neither wore a condom and came in her every time. the baby could be long to either of them.
    I must admit he loves her, he accepts the baby as his own. he is a good guy living with a disaster. I want him so bad to take the baby and find a sane girl. he is worried she will not care for the baby, he obviously has no claim to the child. her family will not take her back. She had been fucking a much younger family member, the state said they could not be together.

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    Six hours ago I watched my father having sex with our neighbors 19 year old son. I saw my naked father sat on our couch as Daniel sucked him off. Thinking back I should have left then, but I didn't. From where I was stood I went onto watch my super conservative dad, fuck the ass off Daniel as though his life depended on it. After fucking Daniel for over ten minutes in two different positions, I finally saw my own fathers fully erect cock as he ejaculated all over Daniels face. Sneaking out I waited until I knew my mom would home from her shift, before going back. I've not said anything and am now wondering if I should.

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    My father has raped me for as long as I can remember. By the time I turned 18 he had over 100 gigabytes of videos and photos of me on his computer. Literally anything sexual that I can imagine, he has done to me and recorded. He set up cameras in my bedroom and in the bathroom to record me. He has since committed suicide, but I kept the house since he owned it and the land.

    I found out when I went through his stuff that he had set up a system among other people like him that they could actually vote on what he would do to me and that those cameras I mentioned earlier were also being viewed by other people online, meaning people were watching and likely masturbating to me using the toilet or taking a shower even during the times he was leaving me alone.

    The scariest thing I found was that after I turned 18 he had been talking with someone online, sending them my pictures and information and they had discussed how much it would cost for this man to kidnap, rape, and kill me, and they had actually gotten as far as arranging for this payment to be made.

    I gave the police everything after he killed himself, but everyone else that was involved was never found, so since he's dead and nothing would come of it but more pain for me, I just don't talk about it with anyone but my therapist, but I thought putting it out here might feel good, so, there it is.

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    My mom recently married her long term boyfriend John. What she doesn't know is for the past two years we've been having the most intense, erotic and unashamedly sordid affair. It started after they'd had a huge argument, John left to stay with a friend, and my mom decided to have sex with a neighbor after John had been gone for two days. I walked back into the house to find her fucking the guy (Or more to the point, the guy was hammering away at my moms asshole). John found out and they split for a while. It was during their split I met him at a bar to try and mediate between them. It didn't work out that way, as I ended up going to a motel with John.
    The sex was just amazing and I couldn't figure out why my mom would want to ditch this horny well endowed man. In the two hours we spent having sex, John made me cum at least a dozen times. And believe me we did absolutely everything together. His cock which I now know to be just over nine inches in length, remained rock hard throughout as he'd popped a pill. It gave me the oportunity to see what it was like to have a real hard big cock fucking my asshole for the very first time. I simply couldn't get enough of his cock deep inside my bowels and in a series of orgasms I practically screamed the place out. When we left the motel owner gave me a knowing look and squeezed Johns shoulder, as if to say, "well done buddy you certainly gave it to her".
    We've been fucking whenever we can ever since. I know I shouldn't be having sex with my now step father, but I just help myself, and I now long for John to fuck me as hard as he can. Visiting mom over the past two years has been frustrating at times, but when she's out cold from her wine drinking, myself and John indulge in some very dirty horny and always orgasmic sex.

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    All through junior high and high school I would walk around the house in a t-shirt and my panties just to see if I could get my dads attention. On really hot days I would sometimes just walk around in my panties. Mom didn't care and if my dad complained she would tell him that we were all family and it shouldn't matter if we see each other naked, she was from Germany.

    I started staying up really late with dad to watch movies. I'd sit next to him and after mom went to sleep I'd cuddle up against him. He's put his arm around me and be really careful not to touch my boobs. I had to pull his arm around me and put his hand on my breast to get him to touch them. When he moved his hand against my nipple it felt like electricity was pouring from my breast to my clit.

    I started picking out more adult movies on Netflix and watching them with dad. Sometimes I would bend my right leg and put my foot up on the cushion, and rest my fingers on my panties...rubbing myself to get off. Then I would rub dad's thigh and move my hand around where his dick was in his pants and feel him getting hard. I would get off so much feeling dad' dick and touching myself in front of him.

    Dad never said or did anything, then one night when I was playing with myself he suddenly got up and said he'd be right back. He came back out just wearing his pajama shorts. She sat back down where he was but instead of putting his arm around me he put his hand on my wet panties and started feeling me up down there. I could see him getting hard, his pajama pants were starting to stretch out from his hard on. I moved my hand around his dick and made little circles with my fingers where the tip of his penis was. He put his fingers under the waistband of my panties and was fingering me, then full on finger banging me. I had to bit his shoulder to keep from crying out it felt so good. Then I felt his shorts get wet and he came too. Dad said maybe we should make it an early night and we both went to our rooms. About a half hour later I heard him and mom fucking like crazy.

    After that night dad would change into his pajama shorts and we'd touch each other while we watched porn or movies that were as close to porn as we could find on HBO or Netflix. Dad let me pull his penis out of his pants and I started pulling my panties off when he came back to the living room with his shorts on. I asked dad once if he would eat me out like they did in the movies and when he did I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then dad stood up and put his dick inside me and we fucked for the first time.

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    I just wanted to tell someone. When I was a teenager and I had to babysit my three year old niece I undressed her and looked at every part of her body, and gave her an intimate massage. She liked to be treated like a baby and I would give her a bottle of juice to drink from. I would sometimes tell her to put my penis in her mouth and suck on it like a bottle.

    She probably doesn't remember any of this, but I still feel guilty for what I did. I feel even guiltier when she gives me hugs and kisses for paying for her college. I feel its the least I could do to make up for what I did. What hurts even more is when she tells me that she loves me, and tells people how wonderful I am for being there for her after her mom died.

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