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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    What an interesting Friday the 13. I let my 17 old son stay home today and thought nothing of it. I was suppose to be at work till 6 or 7 this evening but things went exceptionally well and I was off by noon. As such I proceed home to sit in my hot tub and drink jack. When I arrived my sons girlfriends of 2yrs car was parked in the drive. Taken no mind to it I walked in and the house was a ghost town. I thought they may already be in the pool or the hot tub I headed up stairs to change. After making it to the top I heard an unusual set of sounds, it sounds like hitting your fist in your hand and a mix of male and female moaning. My sons door was cracked and I smiled in a proud father stature thinking I was about to get a glimpse of my son fucking his gf "finally, good for him" I thought. Yeah, not how it went down. As I peered into the room my son was laid flat down on his stomach, dick between his legs and his girlfriend was wearing a large strap on and stroking in and out of him. *shocker*
    I was in shock and awe and wanted to say something or walk away but I walked as she owned his ass and in doing so have me the erection of an eighteen year old. I watch this girl drill his ass to the point of making him cum, where I about lost it was when she look at me through the crack and with her tongue out, winked at me. Quickly leaving the scene, I changed, grabbed my jack and headed to the hot tub. I tried not to think of it, or question if she saw me or not but the whole situation running through my mind kept bring back my hard on.
    Moments after I begun my drink my sons girl came out in minimal clothing, smiling, and leaned over to talk to me showing her cleavage. I was so proud of my son for scoring such a sweet sexy fox college girl. She started to tell me that she knew I was there, that I watched the whole thing and knew I was arroused, of course I denied. She stopped me and said, do you know why I fuck your son in the ass? Silence... Because his kinky fantasy is his father taking him up the ass with your big cock that he's seen and you filling up and telling him that you love him. With that she was off leaving me speechless.
    In an instant I took my shorts off sitting in the tub stroking myself and sipping jack. I heard her car start and drive off. Not to long later my son came and sat with me not noticing I was in the nude *awkward* he acted like nothing had happened. I struck up some basic conversation and we talked for a good 20 or so minutes before I decided to get another drink. My son noticing I didn't have a ice ball in my glass offered to retrieve me one which worked out well as I needed to get my shorts from the backside of the hot tub. As he went in I tried leaning over bit to no avail. I had to jump out and just as I went to put them back out my son walked out catching me nude looking like i was getting naked. His quick response was only to join me naked as well and I went with it. Soon after getting back in the topic of sex came up, and if I would be mad if he and his gf have sex, saying he'd wear a condom. I told him I couldn't stop him. He began to tell me he had already lost his V-card and began to describe how amazing his older Gf was, especially in bed but never the part about the dildo. Erect I became again. He claimed that talking about even turned him on. I asked if he had turned out like his father, he claimed he didn't know so I stood up to show him and he sat in shock for a moment and then stood up to. My damn son was almost the same size and width, from there the topic of self pleasure came up and different was and he began to touch him self as I demonstrated each. I asked him if he felt awkward to which he stated he was very happy that we could be this close and I told him we could be as close as he wanted to be. My son startled me as he quickly grabbed my cock with his vice grip and took over jerking my cock. I didn't hesitate, I turned him around bent him over and began tonguing his asshole and stroking him. When I pushed my tongue in he moaned, and that got me going, so I slowly began to push my big cock tip into his little ass and from there it's history, I made my sons fantasy come true and drip from his ass.

    Our father son relationship has greatly improved today.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Since I was ten, I have went with my father on some business trips whenever I was not in school. Mom didn't like to travel so she would stay home.

    When I started puberty is when I think my relationship with my dad started to grow. Obviously at first I didn't have a clue about sex or anything. But gradually I learned.

    As I developed, boobs started growing, my body gained curves, and my butt stopped being flat, I would catch my dad stealing glances of me.

    I always thought it was because he didn't have a real sexual relationship with my mother since he traveled a lot and she worked a lot too. But I learned soon after my 14th birthday that dad wanted more than just to look at me.

    I had sex with a boy from school a few days after my 14th. As I learned more about sex and my own sexuality, I started to realize that my own dad was sexually attracted to me. Oddly enough, I was not at all weirded out or anything. In fact it made me excited to think about.

    I went with dad on a trip that summer, a couple of months after turning 14. We were in the hotel room and dad was in the shower when I decided to see just how far daddy would be willing to go with his daughter. Honestly, I was nervous, but I knew he wanted it and I wanted it too.

    As he came out of the shower, I slipped past him with just his towel on and brushed his cock as I passed.

    I intentionally left my towel on the bed and my clothes were left in my bag. I got in the shower and planned my exit strategy. When the time came I cracked the door open, trying to pretend to be innocent, and asked if my daddy would bring me the towel. He did, of course, and I allowed to door to be open just enough for him to see the side of my nake body.

    I dried myself and slipped the towel around myself in a loose fashion. I stepped out of the bathroom and over to my bag. The towel didn't hide much. And I turned my back to my dad as I bent over, digging through my bag. He only had on some pajama pants and his growing erection was obvious.

    As I stood back up, the towel loosened and almost fell off. I knew the next time I made a sudden move again, the towel would drop. So, I moved over in front of my dad and reached up pretending to adjust my wet hair bun. As I did so, the towel slipped off and landed on the floor. My dad stared at me and I pretended to be surprised but too schocked to move. He jumped off the bed and grabbed the towel.

    He started to hand it too me but couldn't help himself as he caressed my body. I dropped the towel to the floor again. And reach down his pants, grabbing ahold of his rock hard penis. That was the end of holding back for either of us.

    Two hours later we lay on the bed side by side breathing heavy and sweaty. I wiped a stream of his cum off my cheek and licked it off my finger.

    Since that day, every business trip that I can go on is a fuck fest.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I just got out of High School last year and I have had a hard time finding a job that pays enough that I can get a place on my own. My parents are letting me stay with them but my dad makes me give him $100 a month. That's ok I don't have a problem with that. The thing that bothers me the most staying with them is having to listen to their arguments. It seems like they fight over just about everything, and usually one of them gets mad enough and leaves the house for a few hours.

    My Mom is 55yo and she looks pretty nice for her age. As my dad would say she is a blonde in a bottle and always has dressed nicely even to go grocery shopping. Anyway, I have seen more than a few guys check her out when we are in public.

    One day when I wasn't working and just hanging out at home my mom came by my room to say she was going shopping and wanted to know if I needed anything, which I didn't. The weather has started to get chilly and my Mom was wearing a nice white blouse with a black over the knee skirt with black stockings and boots. She left a few minutes later and I went back to what I was doing. Time 1pm

    I had dozed off at some point and the sound of a car door closing woke me up. I looked at the clock and it was just about 6pm. I figured it was my dad coming home from work and I peeked out the window to see it was my Mom just now getting back from shopping.

    I saw she was gathering several bags out of the trunk and I went out to help her. She smiled at me as I tried to reach in and take a few of the shopping bags, but she slapped my hand away as I reached for a large plastic bag that was colored pink. She quickly handed me a couple other bags and sent me on my way.

    She had been to the grocery store and I helped put some of the groceries away, I didn't want my dad to bust my balls about that again. Mom was standing next to me as I bent down to put the dish soap under the sink and that's when I realized something was different. Mom was still wearing her boots, but I realized as I was knelt down next to her that she was no longer wearing her black stockings that I had seen when she came to my room.

    Mom was asking me about my day when her cell phone rang. I knew one thing for sure it wasn't my dad calling by the way she said "hello" and a smile she had on her face. She walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. I put the last few things away and went back upstairs to my room. When I got to the top of the stairs I could still here my Mom on the phone and I went down the hall to her bedroom. The light was on and there on a nearby chair was the pink bag that my Mom had brushed me away from taking from the trunk.

    I could barely hear my Mom, her voice was low as she spoke on the phone. I quickly went over to the chair and took a quick peek into the bag. I wasn't sure exactly what the things were but I knew they were woman's bedroom attire of some kind. Looked like a fancy bra and maybe panties too. That's when I noticed something stuffed down into the bag but it didn't look new. I listened for a second until I could still hear my Mom's voice and reached down into the bag and pulled out a pair of scrunched up panty hose. No I didn't sniff them! They were torn at the crotch and I shoved them back down into the bag. I pulled out a cardboard package that said Sheer stockings and another one was a garter belt.

    Suddenly I heard my Mom say goodbye and I left her bedroom quickly, coming down the stairs as she was putting her cell phone back in her purse and still smiling. I glanced at her bare legs again in those boots and walked back into the kitchen.

    By the time my dad got home my Mom was still dressed but she had removed her boots. It wasn't long before they got into it about something and she went upstairs and slammed the bedroom door closed. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out my Mom is having an affair.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I was a very bad Dad! Halloween night my daughter called me at 3:00 AM because she was too drunk to drive home. When I picked her up she was wearing the sluttiest Vampire costume I have ever seen. As she stumbled to the car in front of me I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks and wondered if she was wearing any panties. She barely managed to get herself into the car she was so drunk, but she was still coherent and somewhat intelligible. When we got home I help her up the stairs to her room, copping a feel of her luscious little ass on the way. She didn't seem to notice or didn't acknowledge it. I have been lusting after my daughter for years so that one chance I took to grope her ass gave me a major rush. I had never done anything like that before.

    When I laid her down in bed with her face hanging over the edge, so she didn't accidentally drown in her own vomit, She was asleep and snoring almost instantly. I was still feeling the rush and I had an erection by that point too. I pushed my luck a little further and rubbed my hand up her leg to her ass. My heart was racing as I squeezed expecting a reaction. When she continued to snore soundly i just lost control. I Started fingering her softly, she was wet too, and then I pulled down my pants just enough to jerk off. I mounted her and gently humped her ass crack. i was breathing so heavy I thought I would wake her, but still nothing. Then I gently pushed my dick inside her pussy just enough to feel the head get wet. This time she woke and turned to look.

    She said semi coherent and very drunken, "Oh my god, Dad! What the hell are you doing!"

    She weakly rolled over and I thought i had taken it too far to stop. I pinned her knees back and began to fuck her in earnest. She managed a "please don't," but I couldn't stop myself. i was like an animal. i felt her weakly try to push me off a couple times. Then she gave up and said, "I can't believe this! This is so fucking weird! Why?"

    Once she relented I tried to hold off my cum. a couple times I stopped to regain my composure, make the moment last, but the third time she tried to push me off again. She wouldn't look me in the eyes and her struggling seemed to turn me on more. I ended up cumming so hard and long deep inside her not knowing if she was on birth control, yet knowing full well the risks. It was incredible and one of the best most intense sexual experiences of my life. Except now i feel so guilty! I tried to apologize to her but she avoided me so much i barely saw her.

    Except this morning she approached me crying and said that she has not been feeling right. She said she's not late on her period yet, but she doesn't feel like she's going to get it like usual. She said she is scared. I promised her I'd do everything in my power to help and protect her. i promised her to make it as easy as possible if she got pregnant. She promised never to tell anyone, particularly her mother, my wife. Of course i apologized, but i still feel terrible. I don't know what came over me.

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    Straight Female / 24

    Like any young woman who's had sex with older men and then married a younger guy, you sometimes wish you'd carried on having sex with those older men. Or at least I did.
    The thing is it's become available to me again, sex with an older guy that is. But not just any older man, my father in law Andrew. Six weeks back I walked in on him fucking a young woman, younger than me. He's divorced so it wasn't an issue, but what was, was watching him fuck her with a cock which is far bigger than his sons. I watched and found myself wishing it was my asshole he was driving his cock hard and deep into.
    When they both saw me, Andrew just carried on fucking the young woman and smiled at me. Not missing a stroke, he turned his haed and said "If you ever want some of this, you know where to come".
    I walked out, not because I was annoyed or anything, no I walked out before I stripped right there and then and had my father in law fuck me.
    Now to why I'm here. My husband is away in two weeks from now, for eight days. He's asked Andrew if he'd call by and if possible stay over a few nights. He's asked because not so long back, someone tried to break into our home. Andrew has told his son, he'll stay over the whole time if he wants him to. Then texting me Andrew text "Staying over at yours later this month, if you'd like me to accommodate you like I did the girl, let me know".
    I couldn't help myself texting back "We'll see, depends if you can keep it up". The next text I got included a picture of my father in laws erect cock.
    I'm sort of regretting sending him the text I sent, but having looked at the picture he sent me back every day since, I'm finding myself longing to have him fuck me the way he did that girl.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    He doesn't know I've sucked his cock, or that he gripped my hair and forced his cock down my throat. He also doesn't know how much I enjoyed the taste of his hot sticky cum when he came in my mouth. My mother was asleep in bed at the time and he was on the couch semi drunk, but fast asleep. Tugging down his house shorts was easy, as was getting his gorgeous cock hard. It had been almost three years since he married my mom and every day they'd had sex since, I listened, masturbated and wished it was me my step father was fucking. He knows I'd love him to fuck me as I've recently flashed him my pussy and ass, telling him it's all his if he wants it. He told me then we should refrain as he's married to my mom, but I know he fancies me. He didn't come onto me then, so I waited until he drank his rum and cokes last week, then sucked his cock dry. He made some comment the next day to me about him being half naked on the couch, so I told him I wanted to see what he'd be fucking me with. He smiled but didn't let on that he knew about me sucking his cock. Now all I have to figure out, is how I get him to finally relent and fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Ever since I met my mother in law 15 years ago I have wanted to have sex with her. She is 61 years old, has DD's, great ass still, average face and has been recently widowed from her second husband so there may be an opportunity to work my way in. I am in love with my wife but she no longer enjoys sex which is due to several medical conditions she suffers from so I get the odd blow job or hand job only. I have a very strong feeling that her mom is in need of some loving based on things she says. Her mom has all the characteristics I like including being open minded so I'm hoping that she would open to sex.

    I'm not sure how to bring it up to her but in the past while at a pool party/bbq where everyone was drinking she and her sister goaded me in to flashing my cock to them both. My wife and her cousin had gone to the store for more mix and booze and her husband was inside. I had been drinking heavily but they had only been drinking mildly so it's not like we all didn't know what was going on. It all started after stripping down my swim trunks in the cabana to wrap myself in a towel. While walking to a lounge chair they could see the outline of my hard cock through the towel which I must admit was part of my plan when I prepped myself while changing. I laid back in the chair and adjusted my cock to maximize the view for them as they were seated directly in front of me. The MIL got up and took a seat beside me making small chat all while staring at my groin.

    I mentioned that she and her sister looked great in their bikinis and she remarked that I'd look better without the towel. I was shocked but not really as I was planning for this to happen and it was no coming to fruition. I asked her why I should I remove the towel and she replied with a simple 'I want to see your cock" I pretended to be shy but a minute later I flipped the towel open revealing my hard cock to them both and pulled in gently a few times before covering up. They asked several more times and I obliged by flashing them each time. It never went any further...

    We see her almost everyday and when visiting here I either wear light pants so when hard the outline of my cock can be seen by all or light baggy shorts. When I wear the shorts I pull the leg portion up a little and leave either the tip of my cock or part of my bag visible. I can confirm she has seen this many times based on her fixation. What if anything does she do to show she is interested you ask? After eating meals she cleans the table off while bending in front of me so that I can see her tits swaying back and forth. She has a few times failed to close her bedroom door fully while changing and I'm the only one that can see her from my seated position in the living room. She has talked about us getting drunk again because the last time we all had fun.

    Do I continue with the flashing? Do I just flat out ask her? Do I talk about drinking and then tell her the last time I was stupid? This would cause her to talk about the incident which may lead somewhere. As said previously I do love my wife immensely but there is no intercourse and she won't even let me perform oral on her but I don't know if I can leave solely based on this.


    Stupid & Confused

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Six months ago Cassie my older brother John's wife gave birth to their first child. A month later she turned up at my apartment alone. When I asked if she ok and where John and the baby was, Cassie said they were fine and John was looking after his daughter for the day.
    Before I carry on I'll explain something. John is my step brother. Same mother, different father and John is seven years older than me. Cassie however is just a year older than me. Throughout my childhood John would tease me about the size of my cock, saying for a youngster I had a large penis. It got to the stage where he'd became almost fascinated by my much larger cock, but at that age I didn't realize my cock was a lot bigger than most males. Even at his wedding to Cassie he made some reference jokingly to my cock size.
    Cassie didn't wait for me to ask her why she was round at my apartment. Instead she put her right hand down to my crotch and rubbed my cock through my shorts. Holding the back of my head, Cassie kissed me and carried on manipulating my cock. I was so stunned I didn't do anything. Only when she went to put her hands inside my shorts did I stop her, but by then I was nearly erect.
    Stepping back Cassie said "You know I've always wanted you since we met" As she said it she stepped forward dropped to her knees and dragged my shorts down. I don't ever wear underwear, not because I want to show off, It's because I find it incredibly uncomfortable. My erect cock stood up and out the moment she dropped my shorts and I watched my sister in law gasp with surprise.
    She's not the first person I'd seen that face with, but usually it was a males face. That's because I've found men adore my cock more than women. Well that was before Cassie.
    I should have said no, I should have known better. But I didn't know when she took my cock into her mouth, what I later found out. Cassie and I had sex all morning and into the afternoon. I fucked my sister in laws mouth, pussy and asshole as hard and as deep as she could take my cock, and that was every single inch. She became a total slut for me and I just couldn't get enough of fucking such a beautiful woman. Not long before she left my apartment to drive home, I got a text message, but didn't check it immediately as I was fucking Cassie's ass in the shower.
    When she'd gone and I had chance to go over what had just happened, I scrolled through my phone and found my step brothers text message. It said "Hope you and Cassie are having a good time. Make sure you give her all she wants, I'll phone you tomorrow, after she's told me everything".
    John did phone the next day, but I didn't pick up. I did when Cassie's phone number came up on mine as it rang. It was Johns voice though which said "hello". I was so nervous until John said "Thank you for giving Cassie what she's wanted for some time. Believe me bro I wanted you to fuck her just as much as she wanted your cock". I was left stunned, and it took me sometime to respond. When I did all I could say was "Your both welcome". I felt such a dickhead, but John then went on to tell me how much he'd wanted Cassie to have sex with a guy who was well endowed, and who but his younger brother would have been more perfect.
    We talked about the times he'd seen Cassie flirting with me, and then asked me why he'd never said anything. It all came back to me as he spoke and I started to understand, this thing that had just happened between me and Cassie, had been something they'd both wanted for some time. The birth of their child had apparently made Cassie determined to have a guy, (namely me) with a big cock, fuck her before she settled down to marital family life. The telephone conversation ended with John asking me if she wanted to see me again "Would I", and try to understand my face when he said this "Would I PLEASE fuck Cassie again".
    It had been said by my brother about his wife and I couldn't take it in, at first.
    Only now after Cassie has been a weekly visitor to my apartment do I understand the whole thing. John's cock measures five inches erect. He's married to Cassie, a very very beautiful woman, as a kind of marriage of convenience. My brother is a very clever man and has used his cerebral talents to make lots of money. Cassie lives a very comfortable life and John gets to have sex with a stunning woman. But she craves sex with a man who's got a larger cock.
    That's where I now fit in. Cassie and I fuck at least once a week. The rest of the time she is totally faithful to her family. But when I say faithful, is she being unfaithful if her husband, my step brother, as he positively encourages us to fuck one another.

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    Straight Male / 22

    This past weekend I came home from school a day early to find my usually prim and proper mother wearing only a garter, stockings and heels with two of my closest friends spit-roasting her in the family room. I was astonished as I watched from the doorway Alan pounding my Mom's pussy from behind as she slurped on Billy's big cock. Alan was working her over pretty good and suddenly grunted as he came in her. He slowly pulled out and she concentrated on making Billy cum. He came in her mouth and she gagged swallowing his load. I got out of there without them seeing me. I spent the night with an old girlfriend before going back home the next morning. Mom was her old self, sweet as can be, and gives me a loving hug. We talked for a while in the kitchen and my eyes glazed over as I got a hard-on imagining her pretty mouth on my cock. She didn't notice and nothing happened over the weekend, but I am obsessed with the idea of having sex with my Mom. The fact that she is a total cum slut to my buddies still blows my mind and it only fuels my fire to fuck her.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My wife's younger brother has always bragged about the size of his package. He likes to walk around the house wearing just his boxers, and I've been able to tell that he is pretty well endowed. Well last week I accidentally walked into the bathroom while he was stepping out of the shower. This boy has a HUGE dick. It was soft but the thing was bigger soft than mine is hard. I knew he was big but I was just not expecting this.

    Ever since I saw him naked, I've felt so inadequate about my own dick. He's 17 and he's so much bigger than me. Girls get more pleasure from bigger penises, right? Also, now every time I see him, I am picturing him naked with that big hairy tool swinging between his legs. Am I attracted to him? I don't even know. I caught myself staring at his bulge today while he was making toast for breakfast. And last night I even found myself imagining his cock and how big it would get when it's hard while I was jerking off. I never normally think about other guys this way. But now all I want is to see him naked again.

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