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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 28

    I had just got home after a nightshift, and just about to get to bed when the phone rang, it was my mother calling to ask if I could go and pick her up from work straight away,I was wearing pyjamas but thought no ones going to see me so drove the 12 miles to collect her, on the way back I said whats the urgency? She said I forgot to put on knickers this morning! And she gave me a quick flash, I was amazed by her bushy pubes, I said mum your giving me a hard on, look! And proudly sticking out of my pyjamas fly was my engorged dick! Mum said that needs taking care of, with that she wrapped her hand around as much of my dick as she could and started to wank me off, I could hardly concentrate on driving so I pulled into an abandoned factory warehouse, I leaned across and said i've got too feel this! I got a good hand full of muff, mum said lets get in the back, as I drive a transit van there was plenty of room, soon I was up to the hilt in mums c**t I couldnt believe how tight she was, plus she was contracting her muscles, I was in heaven, soon I exploded a massive load into her,weelay there until my dick slipped out of her fanny, cleaned up as best we could then went home, where we showered together, I hope I get a repeat performance as she was the best fuck I ever had.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    The wife's family came down for Thanksgiving again this year. The only difference was that her niece, Brad, was going through a divorce so his ex-wife to be, Tammy, and kids wasn't with him. Brad is about 35, pretty good shape and is always very nice and polite. Tammy is a real hottie and I have always wanted to fuck her. I did get to make out with her, suck on her totties, and finger her pussy a couple of years ago. It was really fun, and if we would of had time I think we would have fucked, but my wife came back too quick for us to finish what we started.
    Back to Brad, he was pretty depressed about the divorce, so my wife wanted me to take him out and have some fun.
    We were headed to the Bass Pro shop when we started talking about Tammy, he said that she wanted to bring other men into their bed and wanted him to do bi stuff with them. I asked if he really loved her. He said, "yes, but that he wasn't bi or gay in anyway and that he couldn't imagine letting another man suck his dick". I said, "so you're not too worried about them fucking her, it's the fact that she wants you to do stuff with them". He thought about it for a while and said that he had actually fantasized about watching another guy fuck her, but yes, that he didn't know if he could handle another man sucking his dick or him sucking theirs and even more, them fucking each other.

    No one in my family or wife's family know that I like to suck cock and get fucked on occasion, but as we were talking, I could feel my cock getting hard. I asked him what the big deal was about letting a guy suck his cock? He quickly looked at me and asked, "have you ever let another guy suck your dick?" I smiled and said, "yes, several times". His eyes got real big and asked, "Have you ever sucked a dick before?". I asked him, "You won't tell anybody about this will you?, not even Deb (my wife, his aunt). He promised that he wouldn't tell anyone, especially Deb. So I told him, "yes, I really like sucking a nice cock every once in awhile and riding one too." He looked at me like I was from Mars and said, "I had no idea, I would have never guessed you were into men". Then asked, "what's it like,...with a guy?" I told him, that all of my experiences were pretty good, because the men I had met with wanted the same thing I did, just to get off together. I told him that it was true that men suck cock better that women do, and that getting fucked feels amazing if the guy has a nice cock and knows how to use it.

    As we pulled into the parking lot I looked over and could see the outline of his cock in his pants, and could tell it was getting hard. He was sitting there and looked confused and deep in thought. I asked if he was ok. He asked me how I chose or meet the guys that I wanted to suck or let fuck me. I looked at his crotch again and could tell he was at full mast. I told him, "I meet most of them on the internet, so we both know what we want when we meet, but that I had met a couple of guys in different places by noticing their cocks being hard in their pants, kind of like yours is hard now". He looked down and tried to cover up his crotch, then looked at me and said he was sorry. I told him not to be sorry, and that it looked like he had a nice cock, and that if he wanted I could suck it for him so he could see what it's like. He looked scared and said, "here, now?" I said, "pull it out and I will take care of the rest". He was hesitant at first, but as I pulled into a parking spot he pulled his cock out. It was a nice one, about 7 inches and pretty thick. As soon as the car was in park I reached over took his cock in my hand and told him to lay the seat back and enjoy. He laid the seat back and I took his cock into my mouth and started deep throating him. He was moaning and was saying that it felt wonderful. After a couple minutes he was saying that it was the best blow job that he had ever had and that he was going to cum really soon. I lifted off his hard cock and told him to let it go and took him back all the way in my mouth in one motion. I stayed all the way down on his hard cock and was fucking him with my throat when he started to stiffen up and started cumming down my throat.

    I didn't miss a beat, I took all of his cum and swallowed it all and continued sucking him completely clean before I let his cock out of my mouth. He was breathing hard and saying, "that was awesome, no one has ever let me cum in their mouth before". I told him that most men love to swallow. He asked, "do most men suck you back?" I told him, "most did, but not every time, why do you want to try it?" He didn't say a word, he just leaned up, pushed me back and took my already hard cock out and started licking it, then started taking it into his mouth. I could tell that this was truly his first cock. I started instructing him and before long he was doing a pretty good job, but I knew I wouldn't cum from his sucking so I asked if he would like to fuck me. I usually cum when a guy plants his seed deep in my ass. With my cock still in his mouth he looked up at me and shook his head up and down to affirm that he did want to fuck my man pussy. He continued to try and deep throat me and I told him that we could go into the men's dressing room for him to fuck me. I told him that he could go in first, get his dick nice and hard, lube it up, and then I would come in drop my pants, rub some lube on my ass, then he could fuck me standing up from behind. He leaned back over into his seat and I could see his cock was already hard again. I told him that even if he didn't like sucking cock, that his dick did. He said that he actually enjoyed it and wanted to do it until I came in his mouth. I told him that I wanted to feel his big hard cock in my ass, and that after he fucked me, he could suck the cum out of me.
    We got out of the car and headed into the store.....

    I will post the rest later.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    This happened yesterday on 11/28/2016

    I just got out of the shower and was still drying off when my father walked in, I covered myself up and said dad do you mind I am naked, he didn't say anything, he just walked up to me put his hand behind my head and pulled me up to him with his arm around my waist and rammed his tongue down my throat, kissing me and squeezing my ass, holding the side of my face, sliding his hand from my ass to my breast, I just dropped the towel as he started to suck my nipples
    and finger my pussy, I don't know why but I got aroused and caught up in the moment, I took his dick out of his pants and started playing with it, I actually liked how big it was and I could feel it throbbing in my hand it was very warm and smooth, I couldn't reach my whole hand around it, it was so big, he would push it up against my stomach and my clit, it was an awesome feeling, I was so wet I wanted his dick, I even forgot about him being my dad.

    I dropped to my knees and started sucking his huge dick, he just felt of my breast and would pull my head to him pushing his dick further down my throat, after a while he picks me up and sets me on the counter next to the sink, spreads my legs and starts to eat my pussy nibbling on my clit, making me cum several times, I beg him to fuck me
    so finally he pushes his dick inside my wet pussy and gives me the fucking of a life time, I moaned, I screamed with pleasure, I sucked my own breast bitting my nipples, rubbing my clit, then finally he takes his dick out of me and starts jacking off, I said no don't waste it please fuck my mouth let me swallow your cum, I got down on my knees and started sucking his dick till he cum down my throat, then he kisses me again, holding my face and tells me that was the best fuck he has ever had, I didn't say nothing but it was the best fuck I ever had to.

    But now I don't know how to act, I mean I haven't seen him since yesterday, how do I react, what do I say if anything at all, what if he wants to fuck me again? do I, should I, I am so nervous, it is almost time for him to get home, I wonder if mom knows? I wonder if she heard us fucking, well I will soon find out, I guess this chapter in my life is to be continued.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    How I became a wimp cuckold, I am a 32 year old married man with a 20 month old son and a hot 30 year old wife. we live near my in laws only two or three miles. so my mother in law is at our house a lot. one day about two months ago I came home from work and saw a cable van in the drive. when I went into the house a huge black man grabbed me by the neck and told me to be still and everything would be cool. he drug me into our living room there I saw my mother in law being fucked by another huge black man. my wife was in a chair nude and obveusly just fucked. our son was in his play pen. the man who grabbed me tied me to a chair he pulled off my pants and underweir. then he started talking telling me that he and his friend had been fucking my wife and mother in law most of the day. and that they were going to stay the night. all we had to do was what they told us and in the morning they would be gone. he then went to my wife and held his big black cock out to her and she started licking it all over like a slut. after he was hard he told my wife to lay her head on her mothers ass and watch his bro fuck her mommy. she did as he said while he was fucking my wife his (bro) as he calls him pulled his cock out of my mother in law and pushed it into my wives mouth. telling her (lick mommys c**t off my cock bitch)witch she did. my wife was crying and I was telling those n****rs I would kill them when I got loose. then the guys traded places and started fucking again only this time they took my wives ass and my mother in laws ass too. they made my wife lick and suck her moms ass juice off there cocks and made my mother in law suck my wives ass and c**t to clean out all the cum. I could not help but get hard and they knew I would. the one that was fucking my mother in law when I was dragged into the house came to me and untied me and told me to be a good boy and I would live. he dragged me over to my wife and mother in law who were by now on the couch next to each other. he told me he wanted to hear me tell my wife and her mommy to suck these men. I told him I would never say that. he told me my family depends on me doing what i am told. he pointed to my son. thats what made me say it. I told my wife and her mom to suck them off but he wanted it nasty and made me tell them to suck those huge black cocks like the sluts that you are and drain there balls and drink it all down so I can see what whores they are for black cocks. both of them crying started sucking I was made to call them names while they were sucking. like whore/slut/cocksucker/fuck pigs.....
    when they came in my wife and her moms mouth they pulled back and blasted there faces too. they had cum all over. thats when one of them grabbed me around the neck and pushed my face in close and told me to lick it off. I was gagging and almost sick from the taste and amount of cum. after I had licked there faces clean the men told me they had been videoing all day and now they had me on tape too. they made my mother in law suck me off while my wife held my cock. they told us it was like my wife was feeding my cock to her slut mommy. I came so hard my mother in law choked on it
    but did her best to drink it down. then I was retied and they made my wife and mother in law have sex together. as they stroked there huge black cocks when they were hard one of them stepped in front of me and simply said suck it bitch.
    he made me suck him off and after he had r**ed my mouth like it was a pussy he made me thank him for his cum. all this while i was video taped. the two black men made all of us tell them we loved the way they used us and would be more then glade to be used again any time. they then told us they would be back soon. and they were and have been a lot. my father in law still has no idea that his wife/daughter and son in law are fuck pigs for black men. they said they cant waite till our son is older.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt house that I haven't see her for years. I thought it would be nice to visit her and see how she is doing. We start off real well, she greed me at the door with a big smile and big hug. She had on a real nice dress and I love how the dress look on her very sexy. She said I am glad you can make it and we need to catch up on things. I said sure and I like to know how you are doing all these years. I love her hugging part, she has some nice boobs and firm when I hug her tight. I visited with everyone and decided to go outside the backyard just to get some fresh air with my drink. Inside the house was just a little too much for me. I sat on this patio chair and just looking up the sky relaxing and drinking.

    My aunt came out and sat next to me with a bottle of wine in her hand and asked, is everything okay. I said yes, I just need some fresh air is to many people inside the house. She said oh okay and said tell me, how have you been and what are you doing now. I basically told her I am working a lot have a few girlfriends but nothing serious. She asked me why and I told her I want someone that will be with me for the rest of my life. She said wow that is good and got up to give me a hug with a big smile on her face. This time my hugging got little to far.

    I was hugging her with both of my hands on her butt instead on her back. She jump back a little with a smile and said you like to feel my butt don't you. I said when you greet me at the door I just felt so close to you I wanted to touch your butt and squeeze them so bad. She said for real!! I said yes, you look so sexy in that dress. She said my husband doesn't look at me like you do. I said he doesn't know what he is missing.

    We kept drinking and talking, then she said you want to go for a walk and I said sure why not. We walked to the back corner of the house it was dark and she said do you want to see what I have under my dress. I looked at her and said yes I do. She lift up her dress and I was about to die. I told her WOW I like what I see, nice lace black panties with garter belt hook onto nice pair of black nylon. I said you are one sexy aunt and I love to feel your pussy now if you let me. She said only if you can keep a secret and not tell anyone including my husband. I said you don't have to worry about that.

    We tongue kiss and we both have our hands on each other private parts. She pull my cock out and stroking it and I finger her pussy, rubbing her clit to get her wet. She whisper in my ear and said fuck me now. I turn her around she bent over I pull her black lace panties aside and start pounding that wet pussy of her. Then she said don't cum inside of my pussy because I don't want to clean up the mess but do cum in my mouth so I can swallow it. I fuck her as long as I can until I can no longer hold back, then I told her I am about to cum. She quickly turn around with her mouth wide open and I fuck her mouth a little than all of sudden my cum was shooting out into her mouth. She swallow all my cum and said thank you, she haven't had such a good fuck for a long time. I told her thank you for letting me fuck you and you are my sexy aunt.

    We went back inside the house and no one missed us they were to busy talking, eating and drinking. After that night we keep in contact and having phone sex when her husband is not around. We have try several video chat but is not the same but she promise me she will come and visit me and I told her the same.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    Gina might be in her late forties, but she's still the best and dirtiest fuck I've ever had.
    Right from our first time together (Family get-together last spring) she's had me fucking all her holes, and once I'd cum up her cute tight arsehole, she licked and sucked my cock clean, before we joined the rest of our family again.
    I'd known for some time she wanted sex, so at my granddad's birthday party in his home, I accepted when she asked me to follow her down to the garden shed. Funnily enough it was her daughter Kim who I'd been eyeing up, as she's one hell of a good looking girl (Even if she is my cousin).
    No sooner than we'd entered the large shed, Gina had my trousers and my boxers down, and was sucking on my knob. Once erect and leaking pre cum, she stood up turned around and lifted up her short loose skirt. It was then I saw my aunt had no knickers on. Turning to me she told me she could no longer get pregnant, so I buried every one of my eight inches up her wet c**t. Fucking her for not very long (four or five minutes) She gripped my cock, slid it out of her dripping pussy, then guided it upto her arsehole. Almost as if I didn't miss a beat from fucking her pussy, I slid easily up her arse.
    Urging me to fuck her hard, I screwed my aunt until both she and then I orgasmed. But as soon as my cock slid out of her arse, she was on her haunches licking and sucking on my cock. (It was amazingly good).
    Joining everyone back in the party, Kim gave me a knowing look but didn't say anything then. But later on when I was leaving and her mother was asking me to visit her the following day, Gina's daughter said "Make sure you've fucked her and gone by the time I get home from college". Smiling at me, my stunning looking cousin added "Might keep her off my back if you fuck her hard enough".
    And fuck her is what I've been doing a few times a week. Gina has taught me a lot about pleasuring a woman who likes sex to dirty and adventurous. Only yesterday we took a drive out to a well known spot for people who enjoy outdoor sex. With a couple of guys looking on and wanking, my aunt had me fucking her arsehole as she leant over the bonnet of my car. When I eventually came up her gorgeous bum, she had both men shuffle over, then wank themselves over her beautiful small, but large nippled tits.
    We both understand what we're doing is taboo, but we don't care. We're not hurting anyone and even Kim accepts I'm fucking her mum. Indeed if things work out, I might just be moving in with my aunt and my cousin shortly. Certainly Kim seems keen for me to move in, especially after watching us fuck a week or so back. She knows I knew she was there, even if her mum didn't. I still fucked her mother to two anal orgasms, knowing she was stood watching from the bedroom doorway.

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    Straight Female / 22

    The only person who has any idea about what is going on is my mom, and she won't say anything. Or At least I hope not anyway.
    She knows about it, because our first time together took place at her house last Christmas. With everyone including myself, tipsy on beer and wine, my sisters husband Lee made a pass at me. My sister is six years older than me and Lee is a year older than her. But ever since they got together he's always let me know he'd love to fuck me.
    Not trying to sound too conceited here, I know I'm better looking than my sister. And I also know I'm much better in bed too.
    One of Lee's younger friends and I used to date. And it was him who told Lee just how much I enjoy rough hard sex, and that I'll do (And I will) almost anything to pleasure the guy I'm with. Last Christmas at my mothers house, he put that notion to the test.
    Everyone was downstairs and I was about to enter my room to change into my comfy's, when Lee walked up behind me, cupped my left breast through my thin cotton top and slid his hand up my short loose skirt. Asking me if I fancied a quick fuck, I turned around and asked him if his cock was big enough for me to bother with. Undoing his jeans and lowering them and his boxers, I instantly got jealous of my sister. Lee's cock (I now know it to be 8.5 inches) was realy big and far thicker than any guy I'd ever been with. Lifting my chin up he said "Big enough for a slut like you".
    You might think him calling me a slut would have put me off him. Totally the opposite. I love being called a slut by the men I fuck, and at that moment I knew I was going to fuck him. Taking him into my bedroom, I made him take of his clothing and stripped myself. Firstly I sucked on his cock making him moan out loud with pleasure as I deep throated him, then I had him (Mindful we had only a short time) lick my pussy and arsehole until I'd cum quite quickly. Getting him to lay on his back on my bed, I mounted his cock and was bouncing up and down, when my bedroom door opened. It was my mother who walked and looked at us both with disdain. She didn't however tell us to stop or screem out her displeasure. Instead she said "Make it quick, your sister's wondering where he is".
    Finishing of our fast and hard fuck after she walked out, Lee came up my pussy and then had me lick his cock clean. We were both back downstairs with my mum looking at us knowingly, five minutes later.
    This last twelve months every couple of weeks or so, Lee visits my mums home and we take all afternoon to fuck one another s brains out. He tells me I'm a much better and hornier fuck then my sister. And he also tells me she won't entertain anal sex, something I love.
    Only recently I found out why my mother won't be saying anything to my sister. And will probably ignore us fucking, when Lee and my sister stay over during the Christmas holidays. It's because even before Lee married my sister, he'd fucked my mum after another drunken night. Apparently my sister was passed out drunk on the couch, and he and my mum had sex right there on the rug only feet from where she lay.
    I know this confession makes us sound like a real horrible family, but in reality we're quite a nice middle class family. A family who happens to have a council estate husband who married to my sister. And one who's been lucky enough to find a family without a male role model (Father) and who's women (Except my sister) who love to fuck.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    So in a brief nutshell. My parents had me and my twin brother and my younger brother way too young while they were wee little teenagers. Luckily both were bright minded and well brought up and became successful right out of highschool working from home online. They bought a moderate size home out in the country where it was safe and they could make life about us kids and our happiness and cultivationing our minds to be the best they could be. They made a point to homeschool us three saying that public schools only cripple a bright mind. My parents were very liberal and open about everything and taught us not to fall in the norms of life, in example about being self conscious of our bodies or creative ideas we had. Mild nudity was common in our home and 20acres. A great focus was put on being in connection with Mother Nature. Many of times we would hike then go swimming naked together. Growing up my brothers and I would bathe/shower together. We learned many of important life skills from our parents. Sounds all good. Here's where life with us takes a twist. It was uncommon for us to come across our parents while making love. When all of us children had hit puberty out parents gave of the most real down to earth honest and open and very blunt sex talk. They were even so on point they showed us videos, explained things such as same sex relations, bisexual ones, transsexual. They expressed that trying things was a part of life, an important one. Knowing yourself, your lover or lovers. They taught us about masterbating, how it is an healthy natural thing but too much could be bad but encouraged us to try if we hadn't already. as far as sex toys for self pleasure. They showed us toys, also theirs. They even bought me a dildo and my brothers pocket pussies. They taught us anything and everything about sex, sexual habits, kinks, artwork, i****t etc. they encourage we embrace and learn our sexual nature as we get older. this opened up our eyes to a whole new world.

    At that time two of the bedrooms were being expanded so all three of us, we're sharing the large bedroom. Over next few weeks my brothers and I did start to explore. I had developed well before this day and plenty before my brother and had developed 36Ds which I knew my brothers were fascinated by. My brothers and I at night could not get off the subject of sex and what we wanted to do and try. Eventually I broke the ice and asked them if they wanted to feel my breasts. No objection. As they did I felt my self moisten in my panties. My younger brother pointed out the other brother on his growing cock. I asked something along the lines of who is larger. That night I learn that my brother had developed a great deal, just in their pants. We all took turns feeling each other, stroking each other cock and my tits. I eventually put a cock in my mouth to which my other brother wanted to feel. Now my brother I know before this had fiddled around with each other before, obviously by how they stroked each other, but I believe I opened doors for them. I had them try putting cocks in each other's mouth. Which they both were keen to. As the weeks went on our exploring went further and further. It went so far as my brother butt fucking each other which I absolutely love, me sucking them off, we all tried each other's cum. Eventually we made it to the point of all three of us having sex with one another, and seeing how far we could go and what new thing we could try. I love knowing I took my brothers virginty and they mine. I love my brothers could cum on each other's cocks and let me clean them off.

    Life took a new turn about a year later. My parents were going into town and were suppose to be gone most of the day. They didn't tell us that our aunt was coming by later that day to have lunch with us. With the parents gone my brothers and I were have sex in the living room, going all out. Out in the country we never locked our door. With the music on and us three having sex, we never heard our aunt come in. We did hear her gasp when she got full sight of our little i****tous sexcapade. At first she reacted negatively. After she calm down, we talked with her a bit about things, the talk with our parents and how we ended up where we were. She was quite, obviously thinking, then she sighed and told us that her and our mom shared similar experiences with their family. She went on to tell us that for many years, her, our mom and our uncle had sexual relations with our grandparents and wasn't really all to surprised we were romping in the living room. Cut things short, we ended up having some sexy fun with our beautiful formed aunt. A week or so went by and apparently our aunt talked to our mom and we had a little family meeting. Our parents told us they knew, they weren't upset and they actually knew a little something had been going on lately. After a long conversation my brothers told our mother that they enjoyed when she didn't shut the bathroom door all the way and could catch a glimpse of her showering. I expressed that I had always wanted to be mom when they were making love together. Breaking it down, we all as a family ended up with have a full fledged sexual relationship. From then there on out, our family became closer and we engaged in lots of sexual activities. Our aunt, would every now and then join us. Later on, our aunt started bringing our cousins, who were also sexually active with her, over to join in the fun. Now I and the twin are 22 and my younger brother is 21. We have our own homes on our parents land, all successful, all bisexual and we all get together at least once or twice a week and have family sex. My aunt make it a point to bring her three boys over whenever she comes. A girl couldnt really be any happier. Career, home, close family, plenty of healthy sex with five dicks to choose from, life is great.
    Incest is something that should be frowned upon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    So I'm turning 28 on Tuesday, and I just got back to my apartment from helping my youngest female cousin, she 25. She'said one of those free spirit fucked haircut kinda girl hitchhikers that you see panhandling. Well she hit me up because she got ditch by her dude alost 2 hours away from her house (which this is what she known for doing). Well since I wasn't doing thing I picked her up and we chi chatted on the way back to town.

    Now before we get to her house I pulled over and snort a bump of ice and she asked if she could have one I said sure. So she does hers and we get going again we get to her house (she still lives with her parents) and I stay to keep talking, so as time drags on my aunt and uncle go to bed so I bust out the ice again. She asked to borrow my phone while I cut up the lines and she looked through my pics and found a Dick pic and asked if it was mine.

    And that's when I told her that I tricked my dad into sending me a pic of his. She was like dang that's crazy he's got a big Dick. Well we do our lines and sit in silence for a bit and she finally asks why I wanted to see my dad's cock and I told her it's because I want him to fuck me and let me suck it. She looked at me wide eyed and mouth opened and she was like it doesnt bother you he's your dad and I told her that it being family turns me on more...

    So we sit in silence again for a little bit and she tells me that would be hot to watch. And she bet his cock would feel amazing. She ask if I have a pic of my Dick on my phone and I said no why she replies I'm curious what yours looks like now. Now by this time I'm high on cloud nine and care free and pull my hard cock out right on her back patio, she stares at it for a bit then looks up at me and says nice cock dude. I laughed and say hey Cuz it's just like when we were kids I'll show you mine if you show me yours and she shrugged her shoulders and stood up.

    She unbuttoned and unzip her pants and pushed them down a bit but I told her I could see it very well because the patio lighting so she pushed her pants bellow her ass turned around and bent over saying got enough now. I stayed silent and slowly moved closer to her by the time she started standing straight up again I was right behind her with my cock pressing against her pussy.

    She turned her head and looked over her shoulder and locked eyes for a second then she bent over again and I grabbed her hips and buried my cock deep in her. We fucked like that for awhile till she lost her balance and fell to her knees and I followed right behind her but this time I grabbed my Dick and aimed for her asshole and pushed it in slowly as she moaned slow and deep until I was all the way in I started pounding her asshole till I was ready to cum and she told me to cum inside her. And I unloaded inside her it felt like I was Cumming so much my balls were shrinking. I pulled out of her and we got up and all put away. And sat to smoke a cigarette in silence and then she said if we do that again I want you to cum in my mouth and I said I gladly will, I told maybe on Thanksgiving with all the family there in the house we can sneak off. So we'll see what happens then

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    When I was in the ninth grade I found out that the son of our live in housekeeper was my half brother. That was bad news because I was pregnant with his baby. At first I lied, but my mother drug it out of me and when she found out who the father was she went dead quiet. Nothing could be said to anyone, especially not my father. At first she wanted me to get an abortion, but we decided that was a worse sin, so what next? The facts came out, but for the outside world we made up this story it was some low life from school and it was better that the father never know and I was sent to live with my grandmother until the baby was born. This baby resembled my father, the spitting image of him. He is so proud to have such a good looking grandson, not that he ever approved of me having a baby like that.

    I went on to marry a man and have another couple of kids, but they took after his side of the family. My husband adopted my son. My husband doesn't really understand why my half brother and I are such good friends. My son's grandmother still works for the family. Only we know the real truth, and as the years go by it is harder and harder not to say something. At times I think of the poem about a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

    My half brother and I quit messing around after I went off to my grandmother's, but it took a long time for us to grow up and accept that we couldn't be together.

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