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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'm glad summer is here , now I can take my daughter to the beach and on the boat. I love when men stare at her in her little bikini.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Follow on to previous post, also didn’t mean to put trans sexual either not that it matters.

    So after rubbing my sisters clit and making her cum so much which surprised me. And her disappearing to bed and myself having the most intense wank of my life over my younger sister. I thought it would be so awkward, sadly it was another week till our parents went out for us to be alone again. Through the week she had been rather quiet so I wasn’t sure what if anything would happen. She seemed to perk up that day, on the night we both got ready our parents went out and she came down with a blanket. She came down with a big grin and said what we doing tonight then, I knew exactly what she meant she just struck me by surprise. I kind of stuttered a bit and said what do you want?

    Her reply is something I never expected from my 13 year old sister. She said well how about you go down and lick my pussy? With that she was laid on the sofa with her legs wide and I had my tongue inside her pussy and licking her clit. I was in heaven, her sweet pussy juices tasted amazing. I tried to slowly get a finger inside her pussy but she squirmed a bit so I just put my tongue inside a bit. I could tell when she was close to cumming because she wrapped her legs around my head and grabbed my hair, I was surprised the first time I rubbed her the amount of juices there was and how much she’d cum, but tasting and swallowing it all was even better. She laid there a second worn out and said well are you going to let me suck your dick because I never have before, with that my dick was out in a flash and in her mouth. She was very good considering, and I could feel myself close to cumming I told her and went to pull out of her mouth but she wouldn’t let me and kept going. I cum so much in my sisters mouth and she swallowed every bit!

    She then said you swallowed all my cum so I had to swallow yours didn’t I! She asked did I enjoy it and I said of course, I asked her and her reply was yes but I want you to fuck me like I’ve seen on porn movies! This shocked me, never did I think she would want that. She said you’ll have to wait because she’ll have to practice for that. We ended up watching a film and going to bed.

    That’s enough for now more another time if you’s would like?

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    Straight Male / 25

    Just a few days ago my sister-in-law who is 15 spent the night I was up late watching tv when I was heading to bed I heard some noise from the room she was in.

    I looked in and she was playing with her self I should have walked away but I watched her I walked in and she got scared I told her that she can keep going she seen my cock poking out my boxers.

    She got up and sucked my cock then I was thinking holy shit she's 15 and she's my wife's sister my kids aunt and then she told me to stick it in so I did I know she has sex my wife told me she's on birth control so I don't hold back 35mins of me pounding her pussy I bust a huge load in her and she whispers I came 5 times I kiss her and go to my bed where my wife is still sleeping.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was twelve my sister was fourteen we had to look after ourselfs while our parents worked during school holidays , Lynn would lay in bed till noon while I did any chores left for us.I didnt mind as she and I had agreed she would show me her naked body if I did all the chores this kept me happy for the first holidays next holidays I wanted to renegotiate but she didnt so I did nothing, about an hour before the parents came home she asked what i wanted, I told her Iwanted to touch her.she said just her tits,I said that would do for today but
    tomorrow anywhere I wanted .I rushed the chores and just had time to fondle her tits .Next day as soon as the folks had left I went to lynns room and asked weather she agreed .To my suprise she did but with one condition I had to be naked too .In no time I was naked and she threw the covers off her naked body I got on the bed and started to stroke her tits then went for her pussy at first her legs were tight together I kept stroking the top of her thighs , then put my mouth on her tits and licked and sucked them while still trying to get at her pussy . Gradually her legs parted and I managed to finger her pussy .After a while I thought I better not push my luck and stopped, she grabbed me and told me to keep going she held my hardon while I did my best to make her cum .She started wanking me and before she climaxed I shot my load over us both. No we never fucked but we did everything else for all our teenage years and I did the chores happily.

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    Transsexual Male / 30

    I was around 15 and my younger sister was about 12. I walked by her room one day and see her rubbing herself and it made my dick so hard.

    I thought about it in a night when I had a wank, and it was all I could think about. I waited until we had a movie night and she would regularly cuddle up on the sofa under a blanket. I started my hand off on her shoulder and slowly worked it down to see if she would stop me or move at any point. I ended up working her nightie up and she had no knickers on. My heart was racing, I felt her little bald pussy, and started rubbing her clit, she even moved and opened her legs slightly so I could get better access. I could hear her soft moan and her pussy was starting to get wet. I started rubbing her faster and she held onto me tight, I could tell she was going to cum so I kept going. What a feeling making my younger sister cum, my heart was going crazy when I felt the cum dripping out of her pussy. She then went to clean up and went to bed. Needless to say I had the most intense wank of my life that night. There is more so let me know if you’s want to hear

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    Straight Female / 35

    The other day when cleaning my 16 year old daughter's room I found my dildo I have been looking for. The thing is, this did is actually a mold of my husband's dick. So my daughter has been fucking herself with her fathers dick and didnt know it. Honestly I started to picture my husband fucking out little girl and got really horny. I masturbated right there on her bed with that dodo imagining my little girl on her fathers big cock. I know its wrong but I want to bring it up to my husband and see what he thinks.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My fifty one year old mother confessed to me a few weeks ago, when I used to come home drunk from night clubs (18-22 ish). She'd sometimes help me into bed and as I laid semi unconscious, then undress me and caress my cock. If it became hard, she'd quickly slip her knickers to one side, climb on top of me and ride my dick. She told me she always climaxed and often had to clean my cock off by licking and sucking on it. Leaving her to what she'd confessed to for a couple of days, stressing myself over whether I should then tell her the truth.

    I finally told her I'd often enjoyed her fucking me and sometimes arrived home without hardly touching any alcohol, knowing she'd fuck me. She appeared totally shocked I'd been sober enough to know what had gone on, and even more so I'd stayed relatively alcohol free to enjoy the sex we'd had. We both sat there quietly going over what had been divulged, then my mother asked me if I had really enjoyed the sex, or was I just saying it to make her feel better about what she'd done.

    It had been nearly two decades since she last sat on my cock, but at the start of April this year, I undressed in front of my mother and got a boner like never before. Lying down on her front room rug, I watched her undress and became even more erect. Facing me, my mum lowered herself and impaled her pussy straight down onto my cock. Looking at me as she placed her hands onto my chest, my mother began to fuck me.

    It's taboo, it's totally unacceptable to society and to those who believe in god. Yet to us over the past few weeks since it's become unbelievably good. We've continued to have sex as much as two to three times a day since then and have no plans whatsoever to stop. It's amazingly fantastic sex and we've experimented with all kinds of horny ways to pleasure one another.

    My mother is nineteen and a bit years older than me, yet she looks maybe five years older. She can't have kids anymore so that hindrance was never there for us. Neither is a father who cannot stay sober for more than hour a day it seems. I've not drank since I was twenty two, so this isn't the scenario of two drunks fucking. It is in fact two loving adults recognising they fancy the tits off the other and love having sex with them. I just wish I'd have told my mum I knew years ago.

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    Straight Female / 19

    During a very dull and boring theater show I attended with my mom and uncle, I felt a hand slip under me and begin to play with my pussy and ass through my skirt and panties. I knew instantly it was Chris and I also knew my mom was engrossed with the show. Moving myself as quietly as I could, I managed to lift my skirt and slip my panties to one side. It allowed Chris to be able slide a finger inside my pussy and along to my clit. Then for about fifteen minutes, sometimes having to stop, he massaged my sex. Just as I was about to reach orgasm, his finger slipped up my asshole and I came hard. Screaming out came just at the perfect time with what was happening in the show, my yell of delight was covered by the audiences gasps. My mom still heard me, but later said "You enjoyed that so much didn't you honey". Thinking I was engrossed with the loud moaning I'd made. With my mom talking to theaters director, someone she's known for years (I think he was once fucking her before my dad), I returned the favor to my uncle, blowing him in the gents bathroom. Chris and I know we shouldn't be involved together, but he's so gorgeous and I just love that it's not pc for us to be fucking. Something we've been doing since I was sixteen.
    Now I've managed to write this, I might just confess how it all began for us. Great site by the way. Loved reading the confessions.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    This is something I don't quite know how I got into, but do know it isn't going to be easy to end.

    Several months before my mother in law was supposed to be going to die, my wife asked me if I'd fulfill a wish for her mother. I basically moved into her home for a couple of months during the week days and fucked the shit out of her, night after night, after night.

    The sex was amazing and my mother in law had me doing things with her, I'd never thought of, or tried before. My wife on the days I spent at home (Mostly weekends), wanted to know some of the details of the sex I had with her mum, how we fucked (Positions) and if her mom was enjoying herself. But not the sordid dirty things I did with and to her mum on her request.

    The final time I fucked my mother in law before her longish hospital stay, was actually in hospital, or should I say in the hospital grounds. It was summer time and we had sex behind a temporary screening unit close to her ward. She sucked on my dick for some time before having me fuck her arsehole until I made her orgasm and I came filling her rear hole.

    My wife knew when we returned I'd fucked her mum, but only said "Thank you".
    My mother in law, somehow made a full recovery. Not just a reprieve, but a full, you're perfectly healthy recovery and I and my wife were totally shocked.

    It left us with a dilemma of course. With my mother in laws demise, it would have been forgotten about and everything would have returned to some kind of normality. With the forty nine year old, who by the way is a very attractive forty nine year old, being healthy and invigorated, she asked me if I'd consider keeping our arrangement going. I asked her why she didn't want to find another man to fulfill her very sexual needs. It was then she showed me a series of texts between her and my wife.

    The texts explained how my wife was finding it hard to keep up with my sexual appetite, and that she didn't want to lose me. The health scare was true, as was the treatment and complete recovery. Yet I still had a nagging feeling about how it all just happened the way it did. I also knew deep down my wife wasn't able to fully satisfy me sexually, after having sex with her mum.

    I should have said no that morning and spoken to my wife. But instead I spent the whole morning fucking my mother in law and loving every horny second of it. Cumming up her arsehole, the third time I'd cum inside of her that morning, I knew she was a far better lover than her daughter would ever be.

    Back at home when my wife got in from work, I didn't get to say anything before my wife said "Twice a week". Nothing more and not a mention that she knew I'd been fucking her mum all morning.

    And twice a week it has now been over the last year. My mother in law is insatiable sexually. We often fuck for hours and it never ever gets boring. I'd go as far as to say, I'd be better off living and fucking my wife's mum than I would be living with her. And that's really why I'm confessing. My mother in law has suggested just that recently.
    And what's more, my wife actually the same day her mum mentioned it, said "You and mum are so close these days, we should all live together don't you think".

    It's not what my mother in law was thinking I'm sure, but it's a compromise I'm not too sure will work. But then who knows...

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    Straight Male / 44

    I have no idea if this is legal to say here or if I should put it in the Gross category and you'll see why in a second. I'm married to a super hot fitness model and one time we were visiting her family very far away. She has a gorgeous and sexy 16 year old neice who is an amazing dancer. At the time of this story she was 14. I'm not going to say she looked older or was mature for her age. No. She was pretty and quiet and adores me. I was SUPER horny so I went to the dirty laundry and got one of my wife's stinky gym socks. I smelled it (I don't have a fetish per se but I like certain feet as well as their smell. Yeah, I'm one of those, get over it!) and I really liked it! It was just a tiny bit different and I liked it! I stuck my huge, pulsing and dripping cock right to the end of that sock and jerked off and drenched that small, white, thin sock with my cum. I put the sock back in the laundry. My neice said her feet were cold and went to get a pair of socks. Instead of dirtying a new pair she grabbed the pair she was JUST wearing from the laundry basket. You guessed it! She came down wearing the cum soaked socks and commented she must have stepped in water. I've never ejaculated thinking about it and it was a mistake, but isn't there a small voice that whispers "that was HOT!!!"?

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