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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 28

    Around two years after I met my then boyfriend, his father Sandy got ill. It turned out he was terminally ill and we knew he only had a matter of months to live. In a two month period we went everywhere with Sandy, as his wife had left my boyfriend and his father, when my boyfriend was only four. They were already close, but that two months really brought them closer together. Away on a beautiful island my boyfriend asked me one evening if I'd do something for him and his father, he asked me if I'd sleep with Sandy. At first I said no, but when he pleaded with me to be the last love of his father, I relented, but only if that was what Sandy really wanted.
    As my boyfriend slept next door, I spent three amazingly beautiful hours having the most erotic and thrilling sex of my entire life. Sandy was such a giving lover and he was also a man who knew how to pleasure a woman completely. Oral, vaginal and anal sex was all on the cards and we did just about everything you can imagine to stimulate each other to orgasm. And wow what orgasms I had. Each one seemed to outdo the one before and each one was given with so much love, both ways.
    I awoke the next morning to the feeling of Sandy's tongue lapping away at my clit, and it was whilst I was orgasming, his son knocked on the door and walked in on us. We all had breakfast and then Sandy and my boyfriend went for a long walk along the stunningly beautiful beach together. Back home two days later, it was Sandy who arranged our marriage for the following week. It was such a special occasion, that I couldn't help but be moved by Sandy's warmth and love. With all of the family from both sides around us, I married my fiance. Five days later Sandy lost his fight with his illness.
    Nothing had been said about those days on the island. And nothing had been mentioned about my husband finding his father licking out my pussy. That was until a few weeks ago when he started to ask me if his father was a better lover.
    I lied and told him he was the best sexual partner I'd ever had, but then he said "Well you've never orgasmed as loud as you did when my dad was fucking you that night, or when he tongued your pussy the next morning". He said it as if he was jealous, as if I'd cheated on him.
    As the last few weeks have gone by, my husbands curiosity over what I did with his father has grown. He's even asked me what we did together. Once again I lied and told him it was vanilla sex and that I made those sounds to please his father. For now it seems it's placated him, but every now and then I see the look he gives me and I know he's thinking of his father fucking me.
    It was my husband who asked me to give his father one last sexual high. Now I don't know why he's getting so agitated about it all. It's not as if myself and Sandy can carry on having an affair, is it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Jack my nineteen year old step son now knows I'm leaving my used panties for him to enjoy. It's because last month I definitely caught him masturbating in his room using a pair I'd not long taken off. His hard long cock looked wonderful as he stroked it, holding my panties to his face. I just allowed him to use them as I myself became turned on. It was such a beautiful sight watching his pulsing cock being pleasured, I very nearly took over from him. It was only his father calling from downstairs that had me ducking behind the half open door. The same night I had Jack's father fuck me as I imagined it was Jacks young cock deep inside me.
    The next few days at every opportunity, I left my used panties on top of the wash basket. Twice they were taken and twice I found them with Jacks cum smothering them. I became obsessed with rubbing my pussy, getting myself all wet and then wiping my juiced up folds with my panties. Only instead of leaving them in the wash basket, I'd accidentally on purpose drop them near to his bedroom door. Jack used every pair and each time left his gooey mess all over them.
    Five days ago, just as I was about to drop another well used pair, Jack stepped out of his room and caught me. His smile was massive but not as big as the bulge rising in his shorts. He bent down, picked them up and straight away put them to his face, sniffing the crotch area. I became horny and wet instantly, but once again it was Jacks father who ended anything that might have developed, calling me to help him with his tie.
    In a little over a weeks time, Jack and I will be on our own. My husband will be leaving us to work away for a few days. Jack's already hinted to me that he'd like to directly taste my pussy, by putting a note into my purse. It read "Thanks for the panties, you taste amazing, how about the real thing ?".
    Now all I have to decide is, if I'm going to cheat on my husband with my step son. I even used a pair of Jacks underwear the other day to masturbate to, when they were both out watching their favorite team. When I came I cleaned myself up using them and then left them on his pillow.
    Jack's response was to leave me another note. It was simple and to the point "Wait until my dad leaves next week".

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    Straight Male / 45

    How do I go about telling (maybe not telling) my Mother in Law that I want to perform oral sex on her. She is 62 years old and doesn't look at all her age at 5'6" 130lbs, Sandy brown hair, 36DD's, great body, very funny and very caring. There has always been sexual tension between us shortly after we met 20+ years ago. Many years ago I actually rubbed her tits while drinking by reaching around her back and cupping her right one. She has seen my cock many times and I have shown it to her again while drinking but at her request. She has snuck up on me while peeing in the outdoors just to get a look at my cock. She then says I didn't know what you were doing so I came looking for you.

    The other night while making dinner she rubbed her tit against several times while cutting up and mixing all items. A few times she backed in to my groin while I was rock hard. When she wipes the round table we sit at after dinner she stands opposite me allowing maximum view down her top of her great rack. I stare intently and try not to get caught but I have been caught a few times and she grins. To make things worse she wears these yoga pants and I can tell she doesn't wear panties under them.

    I think I may just want to tell her that I want to eat her out. I think if I did that for her I would not need anythong in return from her...well maybe a hand job at least LOL. She has not been with a man in a few years and I figure if I tell her what I want to do she may just agree.

    I know I'm screwed up here. what to do??

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 46

    Dads sister moved in after her husband died in a work accident. She took care of my little sister while mom and dad worked. In the summer mom would drop my sister off at her sisters to play with my cousin.
    That left me alone with my aunt. We had deep conversations and she told how she missed being treated like a woman. I tried hard for weeks to have sex with her. I would feel her up and she would smile and act happy. I would tickle her and make her laugh so hard she would nearly wet her self. Then one day she did dribble a bit, she dropped her panties and that was it. i got to see her thin red pubic hair.
    I would not let her have peace until she pulled up her dress and let me see up close. She had the pussy lips of a girl. Nice and tight with thick lips. Thin red hair with a few freckles. With her laid back on the sofa and legs open, I licked her from ass to the clit. She jumped and called out ohh, you can not do that to me. I might not be able to take that.
    I kept opening her legs and eventually she let me to her. Licked tongued and sucked her pussy until she was moaning.
    From that point forward she was more than easy to get in the position. Then I tried hard to have sex, but she was worried I might accidentally get her pregnant. We had no condoms back then, and she did not take BC pills.
    But she soon jerked me off, and then I pushed her head in my lap, she was sucking her first dick. She had never been ask by her husband, and he had never given her oral. She told me that the oral orgasm was the best she had in her life.

    We had no cable tv, lived in the middle of no where and the radio was entertainment. So in the summer I spent the day with her just having sex anyway she would let me. After a few blow jobs and a lot of me sucking her pussy, She finally got past her fear of me getting her pregnant. She made me promise to not cum in her, and to pull out the second i started to feel it.

    When I pushed my cock in her the first time, the feeling was like no other in my life to that point. She was soaking wet and a horny women. She wrapped her legs around me and looked up at me as she worked her pussy for me. She worked to satisfy me and seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of making me enjoy her. She did not cum for fear that might trigger me, and i would juice her box up. So she worked it and rubbed my back, kissed my neck and grabbed my ass cheeks as I pumped her. She knew my cum face and could tell it was soon coming. She told me to pull out and lay back. I got off her and she got over me. She sucked the head with her hand wrapped around the shaft. She gagged when I came, but she choked it down.
    Told me that I had never had that much cum, had i shot that load in her, she would be surly have been pregnant. Once she was sure I had been sucked clean and out of juice, she applied some extra suction and I was hard again. This time she mounted me. On her feet she lowered her self down and I watched at the head went in her. than the shaft as she took it all. She laid her thin body on me and then started the ride. The dresser at the foot of the bed had an old mirror on top, and i would look over her back and see her ass going up and down, see my cock nearly come out, and then disappear as she slid back down on it.
    She sped up and she got breathing pretty hard. Then she ask if I could hold off cumming? She wanted to get one like this. I told her of i could not, i would give her warning.
    She let me kiss her neck and suck her pink nipples. She rose up a big and now slammed her pelvis into mine, than the sound of her body slaps mine faster and faster. She gets moaning and sounds like she is about to cry. Then more moaning quietly with her mouth closed, but its working on her.
    Then she cut loose, she slowed and then fell out on my chest. So I came up on my feet and thrust my cock up into her. Hard and fast, she lost her breath and ask me to slow down. Slammed her hard and held, then backed up and slammed my cock up into to hard and held it there. She looked at me with tear eye look and the moans got softer. She said thats enough, let me take a break. She laid there with her head on my chest and my hard cock still hung in her.
    She got her self together and then ask me if I was close yet. I told her i could hold on longer if she wanted. She told me she was finished, she thought she was having a medical issue the orgasm was so good. I kissed her and then slowly drove my cock up into her and back down, I found a nice slow stroke that I was enjoying, and she seemed to like.
    I wanted to cum in her so bad, but the fear of getting pregnant would have surely told my family who did it. She was my dads half sister, but he surely would have been pissed.
    So she told me not to expect this a lot, but she would let me cum in her. I got excited and started a much faster stroke. She said NO NO NO, not in there. She said hold on a minute. She pulled out a jar of coconut oil and covered my dick with it. She laid on the bed and pulled her legs up and held them behind her shoulders. she guided my cock and with a bit of pressure the head popped in her back door hole. That excited me, I wondered if i would ever get to try that, and she made that happen. She told me to be slow and let her get use to it. It took probably 15 min of slow stroking, but she got very comfortable with it. She actually started to enjoy it. telling me that it was hitting her good spot. She held her legs behind her shoulders and watched my cock go in and out of her. She told me it was hot to see, and told me to hit her a little harder. Soon I was driving her into the mattress springs and made her body bounce and I came off it.
    She moaned a bit and soon I saw her cum face. she teared up and she said a few words i do not remember, but one was oh fuck thats good. I shot a load in her and sprayed more with each time I bottomed out my stroke. She came and finished and then a huge smile on her face. She told me to enjoy her sweet ass and I think that made me sum again, but probably just finishing off the last one i had.

    When I finished she told me to keep my dick in there so she would not leak. But by then it was to late. Cum had ran around my dick and was running down her back. i do not think she cared. she had an orgasm and had seen me shoot off a load while having sex. I ask if that was the first time she had it up the ass. She smiled, said NO, that was how she did it when she was on her period. Her ex husband did not care for bloody pussy, but she got so horny on her period. So she got him to do her ass. he liked it and so did she.

    We had many good times until after I left for college. When I came back home to visit, she took care of me then as well. I sure miss her a lot.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My 16 y/o daughter visited an exbf today and was at his house for over an hour. She acted innocent enough when she came home, but when she left the house, I raced downstairs and found her panties. I always sniff them but never gave them been so wet and delightfully musty as today. I couldn't tell if it was just from her wet pussy or if he had fucked her and this was his jizz flowing into her panties. I spy on her in the shower often. I love seeing her hairy pussy and bouncy tits when she towels off. I wish she'd come upstairs to catch me jacking off to pics of her I have stored in a secret email account. I want her to watch me shoot the biggest load ever.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I met my wife in kindergarten. We were both very shy. So the first week in kindergarten we were told to pair up for a clay sculpting project. Everyone paired up and that left me and Kathy without partners so the teacher just put us together. Neither of us were brave enough to approach the other and neither of us knew any of the other kids. We were told to work together to sculpt animals and then the clay would be fired in a kiln and we would get to take them home. An hour into the project I told her she was pretty and she told me I was handsome and I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said no and that she was too young to have a boyfriend. Then I asked her if when she was old enough could I be her boyfriend. She told me I could if I was nice to her.

    As luck would have it, we were in at least one class together for as long as we were both in school. We became best friends despite the girls telling her she shouldn't have a boy as a best friend and some of my other friends said I shouldn't have a girl as a best friend. We both disagreed. The summer just before we both entered fifth grade we were both ten and while we sat at a pond with our hooks and bait in the water hoping for a fish to come along for us to catch she said that she was old enough now to have a boyfriend and said I could be her boyfriend if I wanted.

    In 7th grade when we were both 12 we had sex education class together. After they explained in excruciating detail the unsentimental of reproduction, while still in class I whispered in Kathy's ear and asked if she would like to marry me. She whispered back "not until you ask me properly." So I spent the rest of 7th grade saving up my paper route money and my allowance and that summer I went to a jewelry store and bought a silver ring with a little diamond in it. The week after the end of school while we were out in the woods strolling along holding hands we came to our favorite spot, a beautiful pond where she liked to watch the swans, I got down on one knee and presented her with the ring. She said "yes" and we made out for an eternity that felt like thirty seconds. All summer we planed our future together.

    The summer we both graduated from college, her with a degree in education and me with a degree in art, we got married. We were both 22. I got a job as a staff artist and she got a job teaching kindergartners.

    We decided we would wait a few years then try to have kids together. But a year after we were married we found out that condoms are not full proof. It threw our plans out the window but we didn't mind that much. When my wife was 4 months pregnant we found out she had cancer. The doctor said we needed to terminate the pregnancy immediately so she could start chemo. I loved my wife and thought we could have kids later. To me it was important that we do everything possible to save Kathy's life. To me it was a no brainer. Kathy had other ideas. She said that she had no intention of murdering her baby just so she could have chemo when she only had a 50% probability of survival anyways. The cancer advanced very quickly. She died towards the end of the eighth month and the doctor took our daughter by C-section while my wife lay there brain dead.

    For the last three and a half months of my wife's life she made a series of videos offering her wisdom and expressing her love for our daughter. She made them to be played periodically through our daughter's life, the last two for when our daughter gets married and has her first child. Our daughter is 8 now and has seen about a third of the videos. We both cry when we watch them. But I am getting ahead of my self a bit.

    Two months after my wife died, her father had a heart attack and died. Since my mother in law and I both found ourselves without mates we bonded like we had never done before. A few months later she invited me to move in with her.

    My mother in law was 17 when she had Kathy. So she was 41 when Kathy died. She was still 41 when I moved in with her. Margaret is a beautiful woman. She's more attractive than most teenage girls. She has kept her shape, is still supple and lean and very athletic. Kathy had good genes.

    As you can imagine, two widowed people living together both with needs and both having bonded over similar circumstances we just grew closer and closer. One night after dinner she confessed she was attracted to me and wondered if I thought it would be too awkward living together knowing that every night she masturbated while thinking about me naked. Well as I said, I was a very shy person. I had only ever had one girlfriend. The one and only love of my life had been dead only a few months. I was not sure if I would ever be ready to love anyone else but I was powerless over my mother in law's seduction. I succumbed in less than a week. We've been lovers every since. My friends think I'm insane living with my mother in law. Her friends think she is insane living with her son in law. We don't care. We're in love.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    A family secret I've kept for 8 years:

    I'm 25 who just broke up with another girlfriend. Although I like the ladies and love pussy...I also love dick and think I prefer being unattached -period. I'm an only child who grew up in a very conservative, religious, southern family and was 23 before my dad and I had any form of discussion about sex - of any kind. We never had the father-son-talk and, actually, sex was never discussed in our home. From as far back as I can remember my neighbor, older cousin has been a pussy hound, man about town, with lots of female admirers who openly, and in depth, talked about sex anytime there were no females present. Needless to say, my sexual education was a result of being in the general area to Micah, especially after a hot date. He was bi and had no problem discussing getting his "knob polished" by some of the gay guys he knew. I must have been in 1st or 2nd grade when I was visiting his parents house while they were gone and he jacked his dick with another bud while I stood by the door to stand guard. I was finally allowed to jerk of with them once I was able to cum. My cousin, who is 13 years older, allowed me to jack his dick when I was in middle school. So, by the time I was 15 I have been in circle jerks with other guys, sucked, been sucked, fucked and been fucked and had eaten a pussy and fucked one several different times.
    I had my "Restricted Drivers License" when dad invited me to go out of town with him for a 3 day and 2 night meeting. I could drive the interstate with dad and swim at the hotel pool while he was in his meetings or go on sightseeing trips. When we arrived at the hotel we were the last to check-in and due to a mix up left us with a room with one king size bed. We checked in, called mom and ran to the restaurant for a burger before going to be. My dad is 6'6" , 228#, good looking, blue eyes, medium complexion, black wavy hair (greying temples), a hairy chest and legs. When dad walks into a room women and men both look. I'm 6'2", 210# with mom's light brown hair, smooth chest and hairy legs.
    Dad is a sound sleeper so he was out and snoring while the TV was on low and I was wide awake and unable beat off as I did every night as far back as I can remember. My dad is also warm natured, so it was only a few minutes before he began to move and the sheet was pushed below his crotch showing my dads soft bulge in his white jockey. I've seen him naked all my life so nothing was unusual except I was really horny and we were alone, in our jockeys, in a hotel room. Dad's snoring subsided as he began to breath longer and deep breaths; his chest rising in the light and them I noticed his cock was twitching. My heart was pounding and I was hard a stone. My head turned and my eyes fixed on my dads enlarging cock inside his undies. I adjusted my self and saw the head toward his other(left) side and it all looked big to me. I could not longer resist the temptation and slowly reached my left hand over his abdomen laying my hand softly on top of his hard cock. As I moved my plan down I would feel the heat radiate off dad's hard cock. Now my hand is laying on top of his cock and he is still breathing deep - asleep. I place my fingers down realizing I had a palm full of my dad's dick. Not a doubt in my mind he was hung - and he is.
    Dads breathing become shallow and quick, so I move my hand positioning myself back on my pillow in my back. He runs his left hand over his face and head using his right hand to rub his hard cock - even placing his hand inside his jockeys adjusting the head up toward his belly button. He moves his hand to his wide and I lift my head seeing the end of his cock head sticking out under the band of his undies. I am dying a million deaths by this time. His breathing begins to deepen again as he appears to be drifting back to sleep. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes dad kicks the sheet down only covering his feet as he turns to his right - facing me.
    A hands reach from my left hand is my dad's hard cock with half the head sticking above the waist band on his jockeys. I wait for him to begin breathing deep again before I move my hand over toward his cock. I barely touch the head with the end of my index finger checking as his breathing continues. Now, I have 4 fingers and my thumb around the head of my dad's hard cock - the waist band of his jockeys are now on my hand at the base of my fingers. I stopped for the deep breathing to resume moving the band up with my right hand as I slide my entire hand into his shorts holding his big ole cock in my left hand. His breathing goes from shallow to deep so I know he is still asleep - to some degree but I'm not about to stop now. I begin to slowly massage his cock as he moans real loud. So, I stop while holding his cock between my palm and his abdomen. With his left hand he pulls his jockeys down raising his ass so they slip down the other side too. Now he places his hand on top of mine holding it on his cock as he rolls to his back. I set up beside him moving my right hand to his cock where I begin to masturbate my dad's hard cock. He's massaging his balls with his left hand and his right hand on his chest going tom tit to tit. I lean over and place his cock just inside my mouth... as his right hand pushes the back of my head taking him to the back of my mouth. Dad held me there and hunched a few times unloading his cum all down my throat - squirt after squirt. When he finally stopped shooting he moved his hand from my head and the other from his balls and began to breath deep again. I rolled to my side where I shot off all over myself within a couple off strokes.
    Nothing was said the next morning or when he came in after his meetings. We had dinner with some co workers and when we got back to the hotel room nothing was said. However, when dad got ready for bed he took off his jockeys and laid down naked in the bed covering with the sheet. When I got ready to get in bed dad said, "sleep raw like me." Within half an hour I was sucking my sleeping dad's dick only it lasted longer that time - and when I came up off his cock, with his cum in my belly, he was looking right into my eyes. Without a word he laid my head on his chest pushing his leg against my hard cock. Then he told me to sit across his chest and beat off so he could see my load shoot all over his chest and face- which I did. Then, my dad rubbed my cum all into his face and chest and I feel asleep in his arms.
    The next morning when the alarm went off dad went to piss and when he came out of the bathroom his cock was semi as he walked toward my side of the bed where he set on my chest and fucked my face until he cum down my throat. He hit the shower, dressed and told me to check out at 11 and be waiting at the car as soon as he came out of his last meeting a 12 noon and we headed home. On the way home he apologized and told me that could never happen again, but it was the most special time of his life. I was almost 7 years before dad brought it up again and asked if I were still interested - and I was... and I am. That was the first time I have ever shared that with anyone. For sure I would never tell it to anyone I know, espcecailly my loud mouthed cousin or any of the bi or gay guys I know.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    Shortly my twenty six year old step daughter and her husband will be calling round with their son (?). I'll be looking after him tomorrow, so he'll be staying over. My step daughter and I are going out to buy her mother a birthday present. I'm going with her as her husband doesn't know about antique jewellery like myself. The thing is we already bought the present last week when she called by after work. We'll tell them it'll take us an hour and a half, when in fact it will take me no more than fifteen minutes to drive us to a beautiful place which is secluded. We went there last week too, after buying the jewellery. As my step daughter just adores being fucked outdoors. Something we've been doing since she was nineteen. We don't fuck every week now, certainly not as we used to when she lived at home. Then we'd fuck almost every day, that was once she saw my erect cock (another confession) but when we do, it's always such a thrill to be fucking my step daughter, as she's such a horny bitch and loves my fat cock stretching her pussy and asshole.
    Back at home, she'll give her mom the present and I'll smile the rest of the day knowing my cum will be inside either my step daughters pussy or asshole.

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    Straight Male / 31

    This is the first time I am telling this to anyone...

    I used to spy on my mom in the shower. It probably started when I was in 7th or 8th grade, around when I started dating girls, which would have put my mom in her late 30's at the time. I do not know why, but she ALWAYS left her bathroom door cracked open. I continued to spy on her whenever the opportunity presented itself for YEARS to follow. I even recall spying on her after I moved back in after graduating from college.

    For some reference, my mom was attractive, tall for a woman at about 5'6" with fair skin. She was always conscious of her weight, so she definitely wasn't heavy, but wasn't skinny either. She had perky pale white b-cup breasts, but her best feature was her pale white ass which was big and round and sloped gently down to her thighs.

    She never caught me once. I was pretty careful about it, only taking the chance when no one else was home. She also had pretty poor eyesight and removed her glasses when showering. Her shower doors were the clear glass variety, so while peeping through the opening in the door my biggest obstacles were the fogging glass and the occasional towel dr**ed over one of the railings on the shower door. I made sure to quickly and quietly leave her bedroom the instant the water flipped off, followed by an immediate jerk-off session in my bedroom or bathroom.

    For some context on me, I was a 3-sport athlete in high school, popular and good-looking (by most people's accounts). I dated the best looking girl in my grade, and was sexually active beginning my Sophomore year, so I was a pretty normal (and fortunate) kid.

    That's about it, secret revealed! I'm a 31 year old male now. I still recall the butterflies I would get in my stomach and the amazing anticipation I would feel leading up to it. To this day the mother/son genre is still one of my favorite fantasies.

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    Straight Female / 41

    I dont have anything bad to confess to - yet.
    But I am developing more and more feelings for my step son than I should be.
    My husband is 5 years older than me. We got married 7 years ago when his son, David, was 12 at the time. Since then I have seen him grow into such a nice looking, kind young man. These past couple years we have started kind of a "flirty" and teasing relationship, but its all been in fun.
    A few months ago, I found a pair of my panties in his room, and I can only imagine what he was doing with those! lol

    Anyhow, things changed a little last weekend.
    My husband was out of town last Friday night for work. Our neighbors were having a party which David and I went to together. David had to work Saturday morning, so we only stayed until about 11pm. After we got home, David went to bed and I stayed up in my room watching TV for awhile. About 1/2 hour later, David came into my room, and said the party was too loud and he was having trouble falling asleep (his room faced the neighbors house). I suggested he could sleep in the basement, or lay down on my bed for awhile until the party dies down.
    So, he decided to lay down in my room for awhile, and we both fell asleep.
    At that point, I thought everything was innocent.
    I woke up around 6am, I was laying on my side, and David was laying right behind me with his arm around me. His hand was right at one of my breasts, not squeezing it or anything, but he just kind of had it softly at my chest.
    But it was like instant electricity for heart just started racing. I was in bed, with my step son, his arm around me, and it felt SO good.
    I did not even realize I was doing it, but I found myself pressing into him more, and getting his body closer to mine.
    So many thoughts were running through my mind. I knew he had set the alarm for 7am, so for the rest of that hour I just enjoyed the sensation of David holding me so tight. I did not know what to do when the alarm went off, but I chickened out of doing anything, and I just pretendedg to be asleep.
    Before David got off the bed, he moved some of my hair away, and he gave me two soft kisses on the back of my neck.
    I just froze.
    Part of me was thinking "WHY is he kissing me like that??" and part of me wanted to just roll over and let him kiss me anyhwhere and everywhere he wanted.

    I just dont know what to do.
    I am sure David does not think that I know he kissed me. Should I bring that up to him?
    Should I ask him about my panties?
    Ever since those kisses on my neck, I think about sex and David all the time. I have been wearing more revealing clothes when my husband is not around, just for David. He had 3 friends over a couple nights ago, they were in the basement watching sports, and I started to wonder what it would be like to go down and fool around with all 4 guys. omg - I never had those ideas before, until those 2 soft kisses on my neck.

    How do I tell him I want more of those?

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