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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 33

    My daughter is spending this spring at a school supported activity that will give her college credits. She complained that she needed new clothes (The school supplied a list of what they would need, mainly t-shirts and jeans) She wanted something nice she could wear when she went out with the girls.

    I went all out and bought her a nice dress, underwear, even down to the shoes and a new purse. When she received the package she called me thanking me a lot and I could hear the other girls in the background talking about her care-package and wishing they had a dad like me. Made me feel really good.

    She emailed me a couple of photos of her in the new clothes. She said one of the girls is a photography student and you could tell from the nice photos. She looked fantastic and she even had a photo taken to show me her new socks which are in her favorite colors, pink and blue. I put the pictures up on my computer at work as the background.

    One of the female designers at the office was looking at the photos and I told her that was my daughter. She asked me if I realized that you could see my daughter's Hoo-haw (yeah that's how she said it) in the photo where she was sitting and had her feet on the chair to show me her socks. I told her no and she pointed and I could see a blurry image of her "Hoo-haw" just behind her feet. She said she wanted to let me know before anyone complained. Then she said I had a pretty daughter and said she could blur that out more if I wanted so I wouldn't get in trouble.

    I emailed her the photo and later that day she sent one back without the visible Hoo-haw. She said if I had any other photos like that, she could cover up the naughty bits for me. I said I didn't think I did but thanked her for the offer.

    She's been dropping by my office at least once a day now offering to clean up the photos for me. I don't know whether she is hitting on me, or is attracted to my daughter.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    In my mid teens my mom and moved in with her boy friend. He was older but very handsome and had a great personality. He enjoyed teasing me and flirting with me especially when mom wasn't around. I loved this and would do things to encourage it like wearing a low thin top and panties around the house when we were alone.

    I was short and on the chubby side with a large bottom and 38E hanging boobs. I have very small feet which he always told me that forgot to grow with the rest of me. I was kind of rebellious with mom and especially when she went against what I wanted to do.

    A big incident occurred when I was 16 where mom wouldn't let me go out with some friends. He told me to hang tight and when she went to visit her sister for the weekend he would he would let me go out. I never went to her sister's. We really despised each other.

    When the time came he even bought me an outfit to wear. The top was almost backless and very low in the front. I would have to wear stick on cups which I had never used. I was so excited but quickly became frustrated because I couldn't get the cups to stick.I guess he couldn't find my size because they were small. I told him they wouldn't stick and he told me to go to my room and he would fix them and hand them to me through the door. So I went to my room took off my blouse. In a few minutes he stuck his hand around the door with one of the cups. I pressed it on and held it for a minute and he stayed. Then I pressed on the other cup.

    I went out with my friends and everything went great until I got home and took my clothes off. I couldn't get the cups off. We I tried showering I got scared and ran to his bedroom and told him what was going on. He pulled on the cups and couldn't get them off He tried working his fingers between the cup and my breasts and still no luck.

    I noticed that his male member was making a huge bulge in his boxers and then I became conscious of the fact in my panic that I had ran from the bathroom without and panties on.

    Finally he went to his closet and got a bottle of something and eventually pulled the cups off. He massaged my boobs for a while all the time becoming more excited. It was getting to me also. It was my first oral experience.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Last week I found my step fathers mobile phone which he'd mis placed. I was about to hand it back to him when I decided to switch it on. Straight away it opened at his text page and it obvious right from the first text message he was texting about me to someone at his place of work.

    The text said "Found Kelly (me) yesterday in her bedroom masturbating. Her c**t looked so wet and pink as I looked through the door jam. Would have loved to have buried my tongue up her wet pussy, but her mom was home. One day I'm gonna let her see what gets her mamma so horny. Wonder if she's ever had nine inces of thick black cock before".

    There was an answer back from whoever it was saying "Only one way to find out, walk into her room with hard on and see what happens".

    I hid the phone back where I'd found it, then went through a charade of finding it with my step father later on. All week since I've been hoping he'll walk into my room with his big cock ready to fuck me. The stupid thing is the day he caught me playing with my pussy, I was thinking of him fucking me and the noises my mom makes when they fuck.

    Going to have to find a way of letting him know, it would be fine with me if he came into my room for sex.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    3 years ago my parents went away and left me at home in charge of my 19 year old sister. On the second day they were away my sister invited a load of people round for a house party and I was told to keep out of the way which I did by staying in my room.
    At about 1 am it was quiet so I guessed everyone had gone I decided to go down for a drink, as I got onto the landing at the top of the stairs I could hear some people so looked down into the lounge. I saw my sister clearly passed out on the sofa with a guy fucking her while another guy was watching and laughing. After a few minutes the guy got off and took off his condom and dropped it on the floor, then the second guy fucked Gill while the first guy drank a beer. I know it was wrong but I got hard and even started stroking.
    Pretty soon this guy also finished and dropped his condom on the floor then they both left after picking up a few cans of beer.
    I went down stairs and stood looking at my sister laying there with her pussy exposed and whacking off. Then I though well these 2 guys have fucked her why shouldn't I. I got on top of her and fucked her while she lay there I admit it was not so long before I shot my cum in her.
    In the morning I came down and Gill was just waking up she was still naked laying there, she screamed at me to get out but I stood there and told her I had seen her fucking with 2 guys last night, I did not mention that she was passed out and I showed her the condoms on the floor. LOL the look on her face then as she realised what I had seen, she begged me not to say anything and asked me who the guys were as she couldnt remember.
    I never told her that I had also fucked her though

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was younger, about 5 years into my marriage, I noticed things just weren't happening the way I wanted them to. I tried, and no matter what I did, it just didn't make any difference. By that time, I had two kids, and came to the realization that my wife was a prude, simply didn't get into sex the way I did, didn't have the drive I did, and when on occasion, we did actually fuck, she looked like she was going through the motions. Having the experience I did before her, I knew it wasn't me, because the girls I enjoyed being with never had a problem with our sex life on multiple days, or more than one time a day. Not her. It simply wasn't there. Shortly after my youngest was born, it didn't quite stop, but damn near close. It got to where I was masturbating 7-8 times a week just to satisfy my urge and get off.

    Until the time my step daughter started getting older. Then with some at first harmless flirting, and then more serious come-on comments, jokes, and sexual innuendos, one night, on a whim, I acted on it. And quite honestly, she told me before anything happened, she'd had sex with just one guy. That was it. So although the guilt was there a bit, because of our age difference, and the relationship we had, it didn't stop us from doing what we did. And quite honestly, the first time, the sex was the most amazing and intense experience I'd had in years. I do not think I'd cum that hard since I was younger, and first experiencing sex. And seeing her orgasm multiple times, and laying there, sweating when we were done, soaking wet, telling me she'd never look at me the same again, after feeling what I did to her, just got me going harder and heavier than ever before.

    It got to the point where, through the years of her growing up, call it what you will, but her knowing my situation, and us having some seriously sexual talks, she understood where I was coming from. She experimented with girls through the years on occasion, and call it sick, twisted, demented or whatever, she knew I had a fetish for younger girls. And they liked my off the wall personality, sense of humor, and perverted sexual drive, so I was lucky enough to get to play around with girls well beyond the "normal" age limit of sexual escapades. All consensual, and all agreeable, but not what society would appreciate, respect or understand.

    Later on, she went on to college, finished her degree, had some time on her own, and met a guy and settled down. We were happy for her. Having a family, two kids, and they bought a house about an hour away. Through the recent years, however, I have been made to understand her relationship exists much like her mom and mine. Convenient, easy for money purposes, and for the most part, just to give the kids a good life. I get it. Been there and done it.

    After she went to college, we had several long talks, and although we enjoyed what we'd done when she was younger, we just went our own ways, remained very close, confided in each other, and she was aware of some of my escapades to satisfy my sexual urges outside of the house. She understood it. This changed about two years ago, when one night, her husband was gone out of town on business, and her mom had all the kids, her and I ended up in her bed, naked, and experiencing a massive sexual encounter that was one of the most physically intimate I have ever had. It involved her having multiple orgasms, and her telling me that she missed what we'd shared through the years. She confided in me that her husband simply did not satisfy her, and rarely asked for sex, so when on occasion he did, they did what was necessary, and it was typically over and done quickly.

    She came to the house last weekend. Her husband was out of town working on a project, and her mom had taken the kids to the malls out of town, dinner, and spending the evening with them. We had both worked during the day, and had confirmed they wouldn't all be back until sometime after 9:30 or 10, long after the malls closed, and the hour or so drive back home. Shortly after coming over, we wound up on the couch, with her laying there rubbing my shoulders. I climbed up on the couch, and we had a long stare. It took her no time to climb up on my lap, spread her legs, and straddle me. Off came the shirt. Her small cleavage showed through her 34 B or so bra size. I love her small boobs. Bigger hips, a bigger round ass, small boobs, and a beautiful face and long hair. Pouty big lips, that are so easily kissable. Which is just what I did. My tongue slide inside her mouth, slowly, and I heard her gasp and say "God how I've missed you"

    Her bra came off. She stood up, and reached down, unzipped, unbuttoned and pulled down her jeans. She was wearing silky black panties. I felt my dick get hard. I stood up. She pulled off my jeans quickly, and my dick popped through my boxers. She laughed and said always could get excited couldn't you? Shortly after that my shirt came off, and we wound up naked on the couch. Her panties went quickly.

    She was straddling me, stretched across me, and I started kissing her neck, and then licking her boobs. I felt her moan, and I felt my dick push against her thigh. And I heard her say "please. Inside me. I've waited" and I slid inside her. Her pussy was so intensely wet, it instantly soaked my dick. I thrust hard inside her, I felt her gasp, and I heard her say "oh sweet Jesus" and felt her body tense up and shake. I felt her wrap her pussy around my dick, and I couldn't hold back. Without a word, I pulled her against me, and I squirted. I just started shooting cum inside her. Gasped. She leaned back, kissed me, and said "Good Lord. I've missed you. Intensely'

    She got up, and I watched her round ass move towards the bathroom. I saw the cum dripping off my dick, so I got up and I went into the bathroom to wipe off. When I was walking back, our clothes were on the floor. I couldn't help but stare at her small tits, her wide hips and her round ass. It was so fucking sexy and intense. And so dirty thinking about what we've hidden all these years.

    Not 15 minutes later, sitting on the couch, with nothing on, she was kissing on me. I felt my dick harden again, almost instantly, and I gasped "Katie. I want you. Please. Let me make love to you". She looked at me and said "yes. Please". I spread her on the couch. I pushed her legs aside, her plump thighs, with her patch of pussy hair. Slid my dick inside her pussy hair, and entered her. It felt like beautiful heaven. I couldn't stop breathing hard.

    I was inside her, making love to her on the couch. She had her hands on my ass, pulling me in. I stopped, leaned in, and we started kissing. I felt her tense up, her pussy tighten, and I heard her gasp and tell me she was going to cum. She said "please. Do it with me. Let me feel you. I want to know you are" and instantly, as I heard her gasp, and pant, I saw the look on her face, I pumped once, thrust, and felt cum squirting from my dick deep into her. I gasped, and started thrusting harder. I felt it squirting more and more. Filling her up.

    When I was done, I laid there, my dick limp and soft inside her pussy hair. We stared at each other for a second, and I got up. As I moved, she said to me "I don't want this to stop. I know we're both married, it's kind of messed up and wrong, but I love feeling you with me. I don't get this at home. I'm certain you don't get this here either" to which I could not argue.

    She got dressed shortly. Kissed me, said thank you for the nice evening, and left. And I sit here thinking about how I'd dearly love my step daughter in my living room, straddling my hard dick, and feeling me squirt loads of cum deep inside her. Instead, I'm going to masturbate, and get myself off before bed.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I have been married to my wife Maryanne for six years, we have two young daughters and a son on the way. I own a small IT consulting firm that affords us a very comfortable lifestyle. Just before Christmas we were visiting the in-laws when my father-in-law Tom mentioned he was having problems with his lap-top. It was running slow and locking up on him. I repaired some files and cleaned out some cludge and had it working like new in no time. While working on the laptop I came across a file that shocked me. It was full of pictures and video of him engaging in various gay sex acts with several different men. There were a few of him sucking cock, but most were of him getting his cock sucked or fucking younger men. They were all around my age and I recognized a couple of them from his golf club. Shocked as I was I decided his business was his own and would keep what I found to myself.

    I powered the laptop down and rejoined the others in the family room. A little while later I was getting some beer from the fridge when Tom appeared in the kitchen. We were alone and he must have sensed that I was a little uncomfortable, unable to look him in the eye.

    "So, did you find anything interesting on my computer.", he asked with a sly grin.

    I started to mumble an answer and could feel my face turning red. He held up his hand to quiet me and I just smiled weakly and hurried out of the room. I could not get the images of him out of my mind, I was oddly turned on and confused. About a half hour later he announced he was going to the store for cigarettes and asked me to go with him. I really didn't want to go, but it would have appeared strange to the others if I refused.

    Once in the car he didn't waist any time and asked me to keep what I found a secret. I told him I had already decided that that was his business and none of my own. He appeared to be quite relieved. And in the next breath he asked if I had ever had sex with a guy. I told him no. We arrived at the store and he parked around the side. I waited in the car while he ran inside. I was a little buzzed from the beer and my head was spinning from the recent revelations.

    When he got back into the car he lit a cigarette and before putting the car into gear he suddenly undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and his hard cock popped to attention. It was big and thick and he began to stroke it slowly. I sat there staring at it in stunned silenced.

    "Would you like to touch it, Brian?"

    I have no idea why, but I did want to and reached across and took his stiff dick in my hand. It felt amazing, hot, hard, and alive. He encouraged me to stroke him more and I couldn't help myself.

    " Kiss it, Brian!" he urged.

    And I did, and more. I took his cock into my mouth and gave my first ever blow job. As I was sucking his dick he told me I was a natural. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed me further down on his steaming hot cock. I gagged a bit and he eased off, but kept the pressure on my head and started thrusting. Without warning his first shot of cum spread all over my tongue. It was a bit salty and surprisingly warm to the taste. I instinctively pulled off of his cock and two more spurts hit my cheek and chin.

    "Well you're a cocksucker now!" he laughed.

    I have sucked him off two more times since that night. I have become obsessed with his amazing cock. We are going on a golf trip to South Carolina next week and he has assured me that he is going to tap my virgin ass all week.

    In for a penny, in for a pounding I guess.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Question, what would you do if you were in my situation ?

    I'm married to a man who told me in October last year, he no longer wants us to have the sexual lifestyle we used to have.

    We used to swing with other couples, and sometimes he'd drive me to a quiet location where I'd have mostly oral, but occasionally full on anal sex with strangers.

    I loved our varying sexual world and all the cock I used to have. So when his nineteen year old son, my step son, caught me masturbating in January, I was so tempted to invite him into our bedroom.

    We've flirted since then, with him making sure I saw him naked and erect coming out of the bathroom two weeks ago. He's got such an unusually up curving long thick cock, that's had me wanting him sexually.

    So, should I risk my marriage and have what I somehow know, would be fantastic sex with my step son. Or do I relent to my husband's wishes and just accept the vanilla sex he now wants ?

    Please only answer with serious suggestions and helpful ideas. Thanks you.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I came back east last September to attend college in Philadelphia. To save money I moved in with my uncle Jim. He lives in a beautiful home in Chestnut Hill. He lives alone since my aunt passed away and his kids are grown and on their own. I have the use of an old Volvo and the run of the place. We play golf and squash regularly at his club. He has a woman come in to clean and cook so it's a pretty good set up. Over the last couple of months our relationship has taken a rather interesting twist.

    One evening after dinner we were putting a major dent into a really good bottle of scotch when to my utter surprise he produced a joint, lit it up and passed it over to me. The pot was very potent and I got extremely high. the conversation eventually turned to sex. At one point he remarked how much I resembled my Mother's side of the family. He became a bit sad when he began talking how much he missed his wife Barb, my mother's sister. He remarked how much I looked like her and invited me upstairs to show me some pictures of her. The pictures were quite shocking. There were dozens of shots of her in various stages of undress and several more of her engaging in various sex acts with men other than my uncle. There were shots of her with two guys and even a few of her in a gang bang with several men. As stoned and stunned as I was I had a massive hard on. After looking at the pictures he led me into her walk-in closet. The assortment of clothes, shoes, wigs and lingerie was incredible. He said he could never bring himself to part with her things. I was feeling sorry for him and as shocked as I was when he asked me to try on some of her things, I agreed.

    He told me to take my time and make myself as pretty as I could. I had dabbled a little in crossdressing having tried on some of my mother's things and the idea of getting all dressed up was exciting. I have a slight build and fit into her things easily. I put on a black lace matching bra and panties. I stuffed the bra with some panties and put on a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings. I did my best with the makeup and tried on a couple wigs and went with a shoulder length brunette one and a tight black dress. Her shoes were a little tight but I found a pair of open-toed pumps and squeezed into them. I was a little disappointed when I looked in the full length mirror. the outfit looked pretty good but I hadn't done a very good job with the makeup.

    When I started down the stairs he appeared at the bottom of the staircase and gave me a big smile. Taking me by the hand he led me into the living room and he became a little rough, forcing to my knees as he dropped his pants and forced his hard cock into my mouth. I was caught off guard and began to gag as he forced himself into my throat. He was holding my head tightly and began to skull fuck me. I was having a difficult time breathing and though I might pass out when he withdrew and pushed me over the end of the couch. He roughly pulled up the dress over my ass and pulled the panties to the side and then savagely penetrated my asshole with his big cock. It hurt like hell and I resisted but he got the better of me. I accepted that he was r****g me, relaxed a bit and he eventually buried his cock in my burning ass. After he came in me he began to whimper softly and apologized for what he had done to me. He slowly withdrew from my ass and gently helped me to my feet. My ass and jaw hurt and my head was spinning. He continued to apologize and helped me upstairs and helped me undress and get into the shower. I was in there a long time.

    I slept in late the next morning and it was early afternoon by the time I made it downstairs. I wasn't sure how I was going to face my uncle. As soon as I walked into the kitchen he stood up and walked over to me. He apologized again and said he felt terrible for what he had done. I forgave him and he seemed quite relieved. We were out of milk so he asked me to run to the store. I was looking for my car keys and couldn't find them. When I asked him if he had seen them he said that he had gotten rid of the car I was using. He tossed me what I thought were his keys and I was thrilled when I walked outside to find a brand new BMW convertible! I decided then to work hard on improving my makeup skills.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    My husband and my daughters father died four years ago this time in March. Since that time I'd not had sex with anyone, not until October of 2014.
    My nineteen year old daughter and her boyfriend Jay came to stay with me in the small apartment I now rent. Their rented apartment was having some work done to it, and Jay who's 24 asked if they could stay over until it was finished.
    About a week after they moved in, we all decided to watch a movie together and have a few drinks. The movie was garbage, so we all just chatted and the chat somehow eventually got onto the subject of me finding a new boyfriend, when I admitted to the fact no man had been near me since my husband had died.
    My daughter suggestively said Jay was a great lover, which didn't make him in the least bit uncomfortable or embarressed. If anything it kind of opened out the chat we were having and had Jay pose a question to me. Right there in front of my daughter, he asked me, if he was single and didn't know my daughter, knowing him, would I invite him round for sex.
    The question put me right bang on the spot and I tried to get out of answering it, but my daughter asked me, implored me to answer. So I did with the only truthful answer I could, I told Jay and my daughter that I thought he was handsome and yes I probably would have sex with him.
    In bed later all I could think about was the conversation we'd had. I was going over and over in my mind the scenario of what I'd like to do with Jay, and began to play with myself. Touching my pussy through my panties, moving them to one side and gently, slowly I began to circle a finger tip around my clitoris.
    I'd been touching myself for about two or three minutes when my bedroom door opened and in walked Jay. All I could see was his siloette, his naked siloette until he got close to the bed. Then I could easilly see he was naked and that he was fully erect.
    I was about to tell him to get out, when I heard my daughters voice behind him say as she turned on the hall light, "It's ok mom, I want Jay to give you the pleasure, he gives me". She took hold of the door handle, smiled at me and closed my bedroom door.
    Jay walked over the foot of the bed, Lifted back the duvet to reveal I was touching myself and smiled also. A minute later I was lay with my legs over his back as his face was buried between my labias. I know I should have stopped him from going down on me, I know I should have been more resolute, but the moment his tongue slid along my pussy lips and began to lap at my clit, I was completely his.
    I'd had sex with six different men, including my husband, before I had the most erotic night of my sexual life with Jay, but none of them had made me feel the way he did with his extremely large cock. I did things with Jay, including anal and having my pussy filled with his fingers, that I'd never done with any man.
    I was still enjoying his cock as the sun began to appear. Jay was lying behind me as we lay on our sides, his cock slowly fucking my asshole, bringing me to another almighty orgasm when the bedroom door opened. I couldn't help myself and I orgasmed shaking hard in front of my daughter as she looked on. All she said was she was going to work and hoped Jay was going to show me what a lunch time orgasm was.
    Not only did Jay give and show me how to enjoy my lunch time then. He's with my daughters permission, been giving me plenty of sex most weeks since October.
    My daughter and I have become incredibly close and we often discuss the overall pleasures Jay brings us both. She never asks me about how I feel directly, only asking me if I'm a more fulfilled and happy person. And she never wants to know the specifics of what Jay and now I get down and dirty to on his prolonged lunch time visits. We do however talk about him and his wonderful body and awsomely large cock.
    One day I might return here to confess exactly what we do get upto on his lunch breaks, but for now I think I've confessed enough.
    A loving mom and a very grateful older lover x

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    So i just want to share my real expirence with my mother with you. Im from germany, and my english isnt good so i hope you can still read the story, and dont flame me for my english.

    I guess it happened about 13 Years ago, i was in my room already trying to sleep, while my family (two sisters, my mother and my dad) where in the living room watching TV. I was close to fall asleep but then my mother came in, she just came to my bed and layd down next to me, i was confused and asked what she wants. She just said that she wants to cuddle. I didnt mind, so we cuddled in spooning position. After some time, she took my Hand and guided it to her body. I felt something squishie soft, and didnt know what it was. So i asked her, she said that i should guess, i told her that its maybe her tummi. She laughed and said "no". Then we just laid there some time more, i still didnt know for sure what it was, but she took my hand again and made me massage her. Now i know it was her breast. Buit the story goes on, after a while she turned around, faced me and started to kiss me, first like a mother would do it normaly, but soon we kissed with tounge.

    Then she laid on her back, and just positioned me on top of her, i massaged her breast and we kissed some more, soon she was reaching for my cock. She said that she wanted to have sex with me, i was young but i knew what sex was, i was realy unsecure and told her that i dont even know how to do it, and what if we get caught? She told me that i dont need to worry, and she will teach me everything but its up to me if i want to.

    I thought about it for an eternety... Then i told her i dont want it... She said "ok maybe im just drunk" (im pretty sure she wasnt drunk) I was just a young boy, and i was realy afraid how it could change our relationship. Still this is an dececion i regret to this day.

    But this isnt the end folks.

    Years later, i told her about it, and that i regret my decesion. I think i was 18 at the time. She said that she doesnt even remember it, and if im sure that i want to do it, its illegal and stuff. Basicly she acted like she was disgusted by the thought about i****t. But i told her that i realy want to, and after some time, she agreed. We did go to her bedroom (by this time my dad and mom where diforced, my oldest sister lifed alone, and the younger one was in the room next door). And we had sex, it was my first time, and i dont regret it. After i did cum she even got on top of me and tried cowgirl position. But i couldnt get it hard again (Life is just not always as good as the fantasy). I told her that i should go now and she agreed.

    I tried to do it again with her some months later, but she didnt want to, she said it was a one time thing and it will never happen again.

    Still i often think about it, and ask myself the question how it would have been if i didnt decide to say no when i was young.

    But i also think, that honestly even if my mum acts like she dosnt remember anything, she does. But for her it was never about i****t, or about me, it was because i was a young boy, and i think that was the reason why she tried to do it with me in the first place. I remember times, when i was even younger when she kissed me with tounge, or touched me.

    Im not mad at her for anything, im mad at myself that i was a stupid boy who didnt took the opportunity when he had it and didnt understand what was going on.

    Well thats what happened to me, hope you enjoyd it or whatever.

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