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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I will try to make this short and hoping I don't bore you from reading it....

    I didn't know my birth mother been looking for me. She had giving me away during birth. I was raised by a lovely family and been living on my own since I was 18. My birth mother is in her 50's, very lovely lady and she kept herself looking good. When she found me we kept in touch and she wanted to meet me to tell me how sorry she was at the time she had giving me away.

    She wanted me to come to her place and I said with my working schedule is impossible. I offer to fly her out to my place if that was okay. She agree and she stayed at my place for couple weeks. I am living at a one bedroom apartment and offer mom to sleep in my bedroom and I got the couch. During the two weeks she was here we catch up on the past, it was great talking to her.

    The first couple days I slept on the couch it was not comfortable but I didn't want to tell mom. I gone to work looking and feeling tired. When I came home from work I was beat up looking weak and want to lay down. Mom said, you got a rough day at work. I said yes not to bad, I am not getting enough sleep like I should have. She said should I leave and go back home. I said oh no is not you. I am not used to sleep on the couch that's all. She said why don't we switch back, you get your own bed and I got the couch. I said, no I couldn't do that to you mom. She said, okay the bed is big enough for both of us. You sleep on your side of the bed and I sleep on my side if that is okay with you. I said okay we can try that. After dinner we both went to bed.

    My mom didn't know I like to sleep nude is more comfortable for me and she sleep with her tee shirt on with nothing underneath. As we lay in bed I start falling asleep then I felt a warm hand on my leg just massaging it. I didn't say anything and pretend I was sleeping, but my cock got hard as she was keep massaging my leg. Then I felt her hand stroking my cock. I asked mom what are you doing. She said baby, the first day I saw you I couldn't believe how handsome you have turn out. I said what is that got to do with what you are doing. She said, I want you inside of me take your mommy and make love to her. I am thinking this is wrong she is my mom but at the same time I haven't seen her since the day I was born, she is like a stranger to me.

    She continue stroking my cock and she wrap her legs between my legs and start grind her pussy. I can feel she has a nice bush on her pussy. At this point I am getting horny as hell. I got up removed her tee shirt and lay on top of her nude body. I can tell you this it felt so good feeling her bare breasts on my chest and my hard cock rubbing on her pussy. By now she grab my cock and slowly put it inside of her wet pussy.

    It felt so good entering her wet pussy and just laying on top of her. She said aren't you going to fuck me. I said, it just feel so good laying on top of you with my cock deep inside. She said you can do both. So I slowly pumping her and wow she was moaning and yell out fuck me fast and hard. So I grab onto her butt cheek with both hands and just pumping fast and hard like she wanted while I am laying on top of her.

    Believe me I was working up a good sweat and wow we both cum and it feel so fucking good. I kept my cock inside of her pussy after cumming and still lay on top of her nude body for a long time. She said, we can lay on the side with your cock inside of my pussy and we can sleep like that if you want. So I am sleep with my cock still inside of mom pussy along with both of our cum. It didn't stay inside very long but it was great.

    We continue sleeping together when she was here visiting and make up the lost time. After she left we kept in contact through Skype and texting. We would play with ourselves when we Skype in front of the camera. She is thinking she want to move in with me and I am not sure if that will work out. Because I been living by myself and I come and go as I please with no one to check it with. On the other hand I kind of missed having sex with her, just not sure.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My parents found out that I'm on birth control and got super pissed. They called me a slut and wanted to kick me out. I wish I could tell them why... because my two stepbrothers would sneak into my bedroom late at night and pump me full of their cum. They would come in together and take turns abusing my holes. I know my stepdad would never believe me.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I woke up earlier this evening to my drunk and naked mom climbing into my bed again thinking she had gone home from the bar with her boyfriend. I woke up because she was rambling on about fucking and she was stroking my semi hard dick. Well, I couldn't pass it up. I fucked her 5 ways from Sunday and didn't wear a condom or pull out. When she wakes up in her bed up stairs tomorrow morning with a thank you letter on her night stand from me she will know. Lol. What a great fuck.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    My uncle had a huge koi pond in the backyard, with a small bridge over it.. imagine a Japanese garden. I loved to hang out with my uncle. I was 13.

    Those days I always wore a denim short skirt with singlet which showed off my full B-cups. One weekend, I was squatted by the pond when I caught my Uncle looking at my crotch. When he looked away and pretended to feed the fishes, I didn't think too much about it.

    The following weekend, my parents dropped me at my Uncle's again because they had some event. I was standing on the bridge when my Uncle joined me. He pointed out a few new kois he had brought in 2 days ago.

    At this point, I felt his hand on my back, slowly moved to my waist. My uncle leaned in closer. I didn't budge. Maybe that was the signal of an okay because his hand went under my akirt. He was massaging my clit and my pussy was pulsating. I could feel my wetness as he rubbed harder.

    We stood there, my Uncle's hand under my skirt and I really don't know what overcame me. I place my right hand on his crotch. His hard on was solid. I spreaded my legs apart. His finger pushed my panty to the side.. and there I was.. being fingered by my mother's younger brother.

    His thick finger alternate between my hole and clit. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I kneeled in front of him and gave him a blowjob.

    He moaned, obviously loved the fact that his niece is sucking on his dick. He lifted me up, pulled down my panties and inserted his cock into my pussy. He eased it in slowly but once it was in, he fucked my brains out. I came twice, trembling and whimpering away.

    My uncle continued fucking me for about 20 minutes, he was going to cum but got me again on my knees and he came inside my mouth.

    It's been 10 years now. We would meet frequently in our "Secret Garden". My Uncle takes me doggy style alot and we have done anal a couple of times. I hope we continue to have this relationship. I enjoy being fucked by my Uncle. Front and back.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    My sister Gwen is one year older than me. When we were teenagers we went to the same high school together. Like most girls in their teens, being popular was very important to her.

    At that time Gwen was tall and thin, with long sandy blonde hair. She was a little flat chested with A cup breasts.

    One day I was walking by her bedroom and heard her crying. I stepped in and asked her what was wrong.  She told me that she was on a date with a guy and they were making out. He was feeling her up when he abruptly stop. He told her that she was so flat chested it felt like he was making out with another guy so he left.

    This was the cruelest thing that I ever heard of and I wanted to kick his ass. Gwen said that would only make things worst.

    Gwen then asked me if I thought she was sexy. I told her that I was her brother, but sure I thought she was sexy. I told her that some of my friends also thought that she was hot. This made her feel better about herself and she began to stop crying.

    Then Gwen did something that I was not expecting. She unbuttoned her white blouse and took it off. Then she unhooked her lacey white bra from behind and removed it.

    I was transfixed by her bare breasts and it took me a few seconds to realize that she was asking me if I wanted to touch them. I instinctively reached up with my two hands and began to gently massage the pair. She said that was nice.

    I then asked Gwen if I could kiss them and she said okay. I did not really kiss them but instead I began to suck alternatively on her nipples. She  whispered "Ohhh Ricky!" in my ear. We then looked each other deeply in our eyes and began to french kiss, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues.

    Gwen fell back on her bed and I laid down by her side. We continued to make out, while I massaged her breasts, and sucked on her nipples, which were now hard like erasers.

    Then Gwen realized that things were getting out of hand and said that we had to go to sleep now. I rushed back to my own bedroom and started to jerk off, with the image of Gwen's breasts still fresh in my mind.

    From then on Gwen and I developed a special relationship, and she would turn to me as a confidant whenever she had boy problems, which was often.

    Another time Gwen had a date with a guy who had tried to persuade her to give him a handjob. She refused because she was afraid she did not know what to do, and had never even see a penis in person.

    So she told me this and asked me to let her watch me jerk off. I agreed if she would also let me watch her masturbate herself. It took some persuading but eventually she agreed.

    So we snuck into her bedroom. Gwen sat at the headboard of her bed because she did not want to get too close to me at the foot of the bed. 

    Gwen began to remove her shirt then her bra. I wasn't sure why, but I was not complaining. I took off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, and pulled off my jeans. I sat on the bed and then removed my tight-whiteys.  Gwen gave a wry smile as she stared at my cock, which was semi-hard. She began to nervously bite her lip.

    Gwen unzipped her jeans and reached her right hand into pink panties. I could not see much and complained that fair is fair and she should take off her jeans and remove her panties. She told me to behave myself or she would stop.

    She then asked me to start stroking my cock. I began to tickle with one finger the front top of my shaft, just under my circumcised head. I explained to her that this was the spot on my cock that was most sensitive to stimulation. She began to squeeze her left breast with her hand, while rubbing her pussy under her panties with her right hand.

    But this was not working for her as her jeans were too tight for her to get the proper stimulation that she needed. So she removed her jeans, but kept on her panties. I caught a brief hint of her bush, before she began to rub her pussy again, now over top of her panties.

    So now my sister and I were sitting on opposite ends of her bed watching each other intensely as we both masturbated. The clear site of her panties had stiffened my cock.

    We also both began to breathe heavier and heavier.

    I began to play with my balls and Gwen asked me if I liked it. I said I did but you have to be careful with the balls because they are more delicate. I then asked Gwen to start stoking her cameltoe with her finger. She giggled a bit because she did know what I meant. I explained that if she pulled her panties tight, the slit between her pussy lips looked like a camel's toe. I told her that I frequently noticed that she had a camel toe whenever she wore shorts or a bathing suit.

    Gwen took her index finger and began to make long strokes along her the slit of her panties between her pussy lips. I asked if she liked it, and instead of saying anything she just nodded her head yes and licked her lips mischievously. I detected a small dark spot developing on her panties, so I asked her if she was getting wet. She just nodded her head in response again.

    By now I was getting really aroused myself and took a firmer grip on my cock shaft and began to stroke it more vigorously, making the characteristic "frapping" noise.

    Gwen's wet spot had grown much bigger and I asked her to remove her panties, to insert a finger in her pussy to get better stimulation. She vigorously shook her head a definite NO! I found out later that she did not want to bust her hymen.

    I was beginning to realize that I was losing control and soon would no longer be the "master of my own domain". So I got a little daring and asked Gwen if she wanted to try stroking my cock herself, because after all she had wanted to learn how to give a handjob.

    To my pleasant surprise, Gwen almost leaped to my end of the bed. She asked me if she could touch my cock and I said "Sure!" When she touched it, I used my internal muscles to jerk it a bit. She asked if I did that, but I lied and said that it was an automatic response to her sexy touch.

    Gwen asked me to show her how to stroke my cock. I took her two fingers and showed her how to gently stroke them up and down both sides of my cock shaft. At this time I did not need much more stimulation before a little clear pre-cum appeared on the tip of my cock head.

    I explained to Gwen what it was, and that I was about to start cumming, and to not stop stroking whatever happened. She made only a few more strokes before ropes of cum began to squirt out of my cock. I told her to milk me dry and she did so like a good girl.

    Gwen began to laugh because she had never seen anything like this before. My cum had run all over her hand, my body had convulsed uncontrollably, and I made various grunting noises as I came.

    I told her to taste a little bit of my cum to see if she liked it. At first she resisted but was curious and tasted it. She said that it did not really have much of a taste. I told her that guys really like a woman to lick up all their cum, because it shows that she is submissive to him. Gwen eagerly licked all my cum off her hand.

    I then asked Gwen if I could finish watching her play with her pussy. She abruptly said no and kicked me out of her bedroom.

    I went back to my bedroom but began to listen through the wall between our two rooms. I could hear some muffled sounds of her moving around on her bed. Then I definitely heard her crying out my name "Ricky, Ricky" as I assume she began to cum herself.

    I did not play with Gwen for a while after that. Through the gr**e-vine, I heard that she had developed a reputation for given good handjobs. Needless to say, she became very popular with the boys in our high-school and had no time for me.

    She also began hanging around with Kim, who was known as the school slut. Kim had even been kicked off the cheerleading squad because she was so loose.

    Kim had wavy platinum blonde hair, and a very pretty face with luscious lips. Her breasts were every guy's wet dream and her large booty completed the package.

    One night Gwen invited Kim for a sleep over. I had visions of catching a glimpse of Kim in a nighty or at least her pj's. But no such luck. Kim and my sister kept locked up in her room.

    I tried to listen to them through the adjoining bedroom wall, but other than hearing a lot giggling, whenever they started talking about boys they began to whisper. I jerked off to my own wild fantasies of what they were doing in there, and eventually fell asleep.

    Much later in the night, I found Gwen shaking me to wake up. Kim was also in my bedroom, and started to giggle when I came around.

    Kim was dressed in a lacy black bra, which showed off her ample breasts, and matching panties. Gwen had on a Hello Kitty t-shirt and her standard pink panties.

    Gwen informed me that Kim wanted to use me to show Gwen how to give a guy a blow job. You did not have to ask me twice. I said "Sure!" All of my wildest fantasies were about to come true (no pun intended).

    It was rumored that Kim had given most of the boys on the football team blowjobs, which was why she was kicked off the cheerleading squad.

    Kim began with unhooking her bra from behind and her large titties tumbled out. I instinctively grab them, but Kim said "Not so fast there cowboy, I am in charge!" So I eased off. Kim began to pull down my tighty-whiteys that I had worn to bed, while Gwen removed her t-shirt. She did not have a bra on, but this was common because she did not really need one.

    So I was there lying on my bed with my cock hanging out, and my sister and her friend's tits fully exposed.

    Kim began to massage my cock between her beautiful melons. She instructed my sister that she should start with giving a guy a handjob and tittie fuck. She said that a guy would sometimes cum without having to bother with pleasuring him orally.

    I took this as a strong hint that I had to maintain control or I might miss out on my first blowjob.

    Gwen began to massage her own right tit and informed Kim that I cum quickly with a handjob. Gee, thanks sis!

    Kim told Gwen that if she really liked a guy she should tease him to prolong his agony before cumming.

    Kim kept massaging my cock between her titties, then kissed the tip of my cock. This time it did automatically jerk in arousal causing both Kim and Gwen to giggle. Then Gwen said to hush or we would all be caught by our parents.

    Kim stopped massaging my cock between her titties and instead rode up my body with her panties grinding on my penis. Instinctively I did a reach-around and began to massage her big ass under her panties. This time she did not resist and started to french kiss me with her wandering tongue. It was one of the most passionate kisses that I have ever experienced before or since then.

    Once Kim finished kissing me and came up for air, she told Gwen that it was all in the kissing to get a guy aroused and that she should practice with her brother. Gee, thanks Kim!

    Kim then began kissing me on my neck and then lower on my chest. Then she began suckle on my nipples. I said "No fair, I should be able to suck on your tits too!" She smiled and raised up a bit to insert first one and then the second of her large bossoms into her mouth. One after the other I tried to milk them as I sucked on her nipples, but nothing came out.

    I had been ignoring Gwen up to this point, but I spied out of the corner of my eye that she had removed her panties and was fingering her pussy. I guess she was no longer worried about busting her hymen. Her nipples were also now puffy from her self-stimulation.

    Kim had also noticed this, and leaned over to give Gwen a hot kiss like she had given me. It was obvious that they had both kissed each other before, which drove my imagination even wilder.

    Then Kim turned her attention to me again. She began to work her way done my chest and stomach planting small pecks of kisses, while at the same time gently stroking my cock. My sister Gwen took over my job, and was now massaging Kim's big ass with her left hand, and stroking her own clitty with the index finger of her right hand.

    Kim had finally made it down to the area between by belly-button and cock and was now licking me with her tongue instead of kissing. She let go of my cock and kissed the head again.

    My cock was now rigid as it has ever been. Kim began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock, and suck gently on the head whenever she came to it. She also gently suckled my balls in her mouth when she came to them.

    Gwen moved in for a closer look, and I prayed that she was going to join in on the action but she didn't.

    Kim started to use her luscious lips to massage up and down the side of my cock shaft. When she got to the tip, she would insert it deeper and deeper into her mouth and swirl her tongue around my cock.

    Then she did something truly amazing. She began to run her tongue up and down the vein on the front of my penis, and would suck and nibble on the sensitive area between the top of my shaft and my cock head.

    By this time I was really beginning to lose my shit and started to moan and groan. But I was not the only one. Gwen was now vigorously fingering her sopping wet pussy with two fingers, moaning, and breathing heavily.

    Kim now noted that a little pre-cum had appeared on the tip of my cockhead. She went into overdrive! She began to vigorously bob her head up and down with my entire cock in her mouth, and sucking stronger and stronger. Gwen blurted out for Kim "to suck him dry".

    I could now longer hold on and when I was deep in Kim's mouth I shot my first load of cum down the back of her throat, grunting incoherently as I did. She then took my cock out of her mouth and began to paint her face with the subsequents loads of my jizz. I had never seen anything so erotic and nasty at the same time. Kim's reputation as the school's slut was certainly well-deserved.

    Sometime when this was all happening, Gwen had had her own orgasm and was now licking her pussy juices from her fingers.

    Kim then began to lick the gobs of my cum off her face that she could reach with her tongue, and then used her fingers to help lick off the rest. She drizzled strings of my jizz off of her fingers into her mouth.

    Once she had a mouthful of my cum, Kim did something else truly amazing. She leaned over to my sister and let the cum dribble out of her mouth into Gwen's. My sister eagerly slurped up my cum and Kim told her to swallow it, which she did.

    Now Kim and Gwen began to lick off the remnants of my cum from each other's faces, and french kiss to clean up the rest.

    Since Gwen had now joined in on the fun, I was hoping that she would start to practice a blowjob on me, but no such luck.

    Kim and her ran off to Gwen's bedroom, leaving me there bewildered and spent. I heard them through the wall giggling and making what I vividly imagined were sex noises.

    Althoug h I was grateful for my first blowjob from Kim, I was a little annoyed that my sister Gwen had not played with me herself. I was particularly jealous that now she was probably going to be giving guys around our school blowjobs, while most likely ignoring me like before.

    I decided that I somehow had to gain the upperhand in the relationship with my sister. I watched a few online pornos to get some ideas what to do.

    My favorite genre of porn is blackmail or revenge porn so it was not hard to come up with some ways to get back at my sister.

    I decided to confront Gwen one night after our parents left to go out for the evening. I told her that I did like being ignored while she doing almost every guy at school. I told her that I would tell our parents that she was turning into a real slut and was developing a bad reputation at school. I said that I would tell them that she was even having sex with her girlfriend Kim.

    Although I had guess at the latter point, I must of hit a sensitive area. For in retaliation, Gwen threaten to tell our parents that we had fooled around. I called her bluff, and told her to go ahead and she would get into even more trouble, especially because she was the older sibling.

    Gwen realized that she was at an impasse and asked me what I wanted to keep quiet. I told her that it was not much, that I just wanted her to give me some attention as well.

    I told her that I wanted to start training her as my sexual slave. I told her that she would have to do everything that I said, but not to worry because I wasn't going to hurt her. I said everything that we would do together would be for our mutual pleasure.

    She was a little curious by now and asked me how we would start. I told her that I wanted to take some erotic photographs of her, to use against her if she ever got out of line. At first she protested, but I told her that I was very serious about controlling her as my sex slave, and this was the one way to ensure that she would be completely submissive to me.

    Gwen finally agreed to let me take some photographs of her with my cell phone, and I think that she was even a little aroused by the idea. I was not fooling around so I told her to strip completely naked.

    I told her to sit on the bed with her back to me, and spread her ass cheeks so I could see her c**t and anus. Then I told her to look over her shoulder back at me, so her face would be in clear view. She made me promise not to show the pictures to anyone else, and I told her only if she did everything that I said.

    I next made her squeeze her titties for the camera and to smile like she was enjoying it, which I think she was.

    Then I told her to lay down on her back and to "spread eagle" her legs to give a clear view of her pussy and smiling face, which was the most erotic photograph that I took.

    Next I told Gwen that I wanted her to finger her pussy and have an orgasm for the camera. She said it would help if she could watch me jerk off also. I said I would if she asked me nicely and called me master. So she said: "Please Master, jerk off your cock for me!"

    So I pulled down my jeans and shorts, and sat on my knees in between her legs to give her a good view. I began to stroke my cock, while she began to finger her pussy and rub her clitty. At first she used one finger, but once she got wet she began to use two fingers, inserting them deeper into her c**t.

    We were now both breathing heavily as we watched each other getting off. I really had to control myself and concentrate to take some photographs as her pussy was getting juicier and juicier. I told her what a dirty little whore that she was, and that I was going to turn her into my nasty sex slave.

    She just groaned in response and began to squirm on the bed as she convulsed wildly, and I took several pictures of her facial contortions as she orgasmed.

    I gave her a moment to recover, then I told her that I was still hard and that she had to finish me off. She knew exactly what to do. She spat on my cock and than began to stroke it. She then licked my shaft and balls. She began to suck on the head of my cock teasingly, and then wrapped her lips around my entire shaft as she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth.

    I was on the verge of coming, so I pulled out my cock and splattered my jizz all over her sweet face. Then I took some more nasty photographs of her using her fingers and tongue to lick my cum off of her face.

    I now had lots of erotic photographs to make Gwen do my bidding because she would be too embarrased to have anyone else see them.

    But I really wanted to have something else to control Gwen; something that would give her immense pleasure, and something that only we would share.

    I told to get on her hands and knees on the bed. I bet she thought that I was going to start fucking her doggy-style, but I had other plans.

    I started to massage and play with her tiny ass. I told her how tight it was and free from any cellulite, and she wiggled it appreciatively. Then I began to stroke my thumb and fingers between her ass cheeks. I then started to trace circles around her anus with my thumb, and then inserted it into her asshole ever so gently.

    At first she let out a gasp and resisted, but then her sphincter muscles relaxed. I inserted my thumb deeper into her asshole like a tiny cock and she began to rock her ass rhythmically to receive it more willing.

    There was some discharge from her anus, so I decided to use this to lubricate her pussy lips with my fingers. Gwen really seemed to enjoy this as she moaned in pleasure.

    At first I was able to insert 2 fingers into her pussy from the rear. I worked them around in her pussy a bit until I found a spongy area inside the front wall of her vagina, just above the clitorous (I know now this is the g-spot).

    As I was stroking this spongy mass, Gwen told me "right there!". I told her to ask me nicely. So she said "Please Master, more right THERE!".

    So I kept stroking the same area, and she would say "more!". I would say "What do you say slave?". Gwen would respond "Please more Master!"

    As I kept stroking her magic spot, Gwen's pussy juices were really beginning to flow. There was so much lubrication I decided to be daring and insert three fingers in her pussy in a tight pyramid shape. This was really stiff, so I was not hitting her g-spot as much, but I was stimulating her vaginal walls more.

    Gwen was not resistive to my 3 fingers, and indeed really seemed to be enjoying them. She was now pumping her pussy onto my hand and began to babble incoherently. She was so well lubricated at this time it did not take much to insert my baby finger with the 3 others into her pussy.

    I only had my thumb free and it was in the perfect position to rub her clitty, as my 4 fingers continued to massage the insides of Gwen's sopping wet pussy. She grabbed her pillow and began to use it to stifle her screams and cries of pleasure.

    I removed my 4 fingers from Gwen's pussy and she protested that she wanted more. Then, just like the a porn video I had seen online, I tucked my thumb onto the palm of my hand and wrapped my fingers around it. Then I began to re-insert this wedge into her juicy pussy. At first it was too tight, but if I rotated it back and forth I could insert it deeper and deeper. Gwen was now moaning and groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    At one point the resistance just gave in, and I was able to slip my entire hand into my sister's pussy.

    Now I had her just were I wanted. My entire hand was in her pussy, and if I moved it in the slightest Gwen's vaginal walls would contract and her pussy juices would flow as she orgasmed. I could stimulate her g-spot with one or more of my fingers and she would actually squirt her pussy juices.

    I found that I could form my hand into a fist inside of her vagina and began to pound away at her pussy. I was literally fisting my sister. Whenever I rotated my fist inside her pussy, she would have an instant screaming orgasm, with her body shaking, and her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

    I did this for a good 40 minutes, but I did not know how long she could take it, so I twisted my hand out of her pussy for a final orgasm.

    Gwen wrapped her arms around me and convulsed uncontrollably until her orgasm finally subsided. My sister then began to kiss me as passionately as she ever had (she had remembered her lesson from Kim well). She quickly worked her way down to my cock and began to devour it like someone dying of thirst. By now I had been so turned on by watching her multiple orgasms, everything was a blur to me and all that I remember was shooting my cum all over her face again.

    Gwen was now very happy with our arrangement and was willing to play with me whenever I wanted. After our first few attempts, it became easier and easier for me to fist my sister's pussy. She told me that no one else was able to do so. Also because it turns out that she was bisexual, I made my sister and sex slave Gwen share many of her girlfriends with me over the years. But I never fisted them, because this was an exclusive bond that I had with my sister.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    Ok, so apparently I'm a complete fucking idiot and have been for the last 20 plus years.

    Back in late January I posted about my sexless marriage just to vent. I was frustrated with my situation and thought it might feel good just to toss my thoughts out there. I did not expect anything even remotely resembling sound advice. Well a couple of days after I posted I had some down time at work and decided to look at my post and check out the comments. The very first commenter basically thought it sounded like she was raised to believe it was the husband's duty to instigate sex and she just wanted to be "conquered" not necessarily romanced. The commenter was at least partially right. She was raised in a foster home by an older couple who definitely had ideas of what a women's proper place was. I was definately leary of being agressive with her, after all, at what point does aggressive turn into assault. This coupled with the fact that I was raised to NOT be overly aggressive with women and after almost 30 years of marriage if this isn't what she wants, it probably wouldn't end well for me. So I more or less dismissed the idea.

    A couple of days go by and I end up meeting my wife in the hallway as she's coming out of the bedroom. She had just changed into her pj's. I really have no idea what really came over me, but I just grabbed her by her waist and carried her into the bedroom. I set her down on the bed and immediately pulled off her shorts and panties and got my face between her legs. At this point I just stopped and thought what the fuck am doing? this is insane. I look up at her face and her eyes were huge. As soon she sees me looking at her she nods her head yes. So I dive right in and am greeted with an already soaked pussy. I ate and fingered her until she put a death grip on the sheets and let out kind of a sighing moan. I got out of my shorts slid into her. It had been literally been years since we had sex. I only lasted about five or six strokes before I came what felt like a gallon. After got off of her and laid down next to her she turned to me eyes still huge and said "I liked that". She then just got out bed and went out to the living room and started watching tv.

    Over the next week this scenario got repeated twice. The only real difference was I was able to last longer. After the second session she asked me "if I say no or struggle would you stop?" I told her yes, I would stop immediately. Her response to that was not at all what I expected. She told me not to stop if she says no and struggles. After I get over my shock and can actually form a complete sentence again we end up having a very good talk. At one point I asked how could we be married for almost 30 years and I not know this is what you liked? Apparently she didn't know it either until I grabbed her in the hallway.

    Even after our talk and boundaries and so forth were established, I really wasn't sure I was comfortable with this, Essentially my wife went from totally fridged to asking me to mock r**e her. The ways this whole scenario could go wrong kept running through my head. I finally came to the conclusion I was being an idiot. I was bitching about a sexless marriage and here she was being more receptive since before we had the kids.

    So I let a couple of days pass and made my move. She was wiping down the kitchen table after supper. I grabbed her from behind and carried her struggling and screaming to the living room couch. I started to remove her shirt and she kept struggling. I finally got her shirt off and her bra shoved above her tits. I got my wieght over her and pinned her arms. I started kissing her tits and nibbling on her nipples. She stopped struggling and her no's turned to yes's. I think she forgot this was suppose to be a r**e. At least until I tried to remove her shorts. She resumed struggling and by the time I actually got her shorts off I noticed she had already soaked them through. I forced myself between her legs and got my shorts down just far enough to release my dick and plunged it the full length in one stroke. She screamed... she was in pain. I instantly froze. I thought one of my fears just came to pass, I thought I just really hurt her. She just looks a me and tells me "Don't you fucking dare stop now". Crap that scared me. I start just pounding her. Eventually I flip her over and take from behind until I feel myself getting close. I get off of her grab her hair and drag her face to my crotch. This was the part I was really nervous about. She had never ever let me cum in her mouth. Not even when we were dating, but she told me to use her as I saw fit so I did. I shoved my cock in her mouth. Her eyes got big as she realized what was about to happen and I just exploded in her mouth. I backed off hoping I didn't take it to far. She gagged a little bit and then swallowed the whole load except what dribbled down her chin. She looked up at me and grinned took her finger wiped the cum off her chin the proceeded to lick her finger clean. She then jumped to her feet gave me a huge hug and said thank you that was perfect.

    We haven't done another full on mock r**e yet, but for the last month we've literally had more sex then we've had for the last 15 or 20 years of our marriage. Both "vanilla sex" where I take my time and "romance" her, she even initiated it a couple times and what I now call "caveman sex" where I literally just grab her and do what ever I feel like. We haven't done anal yet. I think I'll save that for the next mock r**e. She's been kind of hinting she wants to do that again.

    I realize this whole thing sounds like bullshit, I can't believe it's been happening myself. So either way I want to truly thank the anonymous commenter from my first post. Things with my wife may not be completely healed, but we made an insane start.

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    My sister in law is single for years all of her kids grown and moved away. She lived nearby and I have always go over to help her whatever she need help with. The other day she needed to get her oil change in her car, normally she would take it in for the service but money was short for the month. She called me if I can come over to change the oil in her car. I said okay no big deal I went on over.

    As I was getting ready to change the oil I have to use the bathroom. I ask her if I can use her bathroom and she said fine just don't mine the mess inside. I didn't know what she was talking about until I walk in and saw she had just done laundry. She has her pantyhose, bras, panties and all the women intimate wear hanging to be dry. I guess most of them is line dry. When I saw that I got arouse right away seeing all her intimate wear hanging to be dry.

    I pull off several pairs of her panties and smell them. It smell sooooooo good. I was in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes or more. She walked by the bathroom and ask if everything was okay. I said yes everything is fine. If she only knew I was smelling her panties inside. After I got done I went back outside the garage to change the oil in her car. As I was underneath the car I felt something keep kicking my legs.

    I pull myself out underneath the car just to be find my sister in law was standing over between my legs. She didn't have any panties on underneath of her skirt. As I was pulling myself out my head was right under her skirt seeing everything. I was shock and she said you like what you see. I said yes. She said I know you being smelling my panties in the bathroom when you were in there. I said no I have not. She said yes you have, because the panties was not on the line the same way I had put it. I was caught and I had to tell her the truth.

    I told her yes I did smell her panties and couldn't resist seeing all her intimate wear hanging on the line. She said, since you like smelling my panties then you probably like to taste my pussy. As I was still laying on the garage floor with her standing over me seeing her pussy right in my face. I couldn't help it but to say yes I would love to taste your pussy.

    She got down lift her skirt up sit on my face I was licking, sucking her clitoris of her sweet pussy. After good 10 minutes of more I told her my cock is hard needed some attention. She turn around pull out my cock and we were doing 69 for long time. She was sucking my cock and I am getting so horny and I sucked her clitoris hard then we both cum. I ask if I can fuck her and she said I though you would never ask. I was doing doggie, then I put her in the backseat of the car and fuck some more. She like to ride my hard cock, because she was rocking back and forth. She was moaning as I was sucking her tits as she continue riding my cock. We were at it for a good hours or more.

    After we got done fucking and having fun I did finish changing the oil in her car. She offer me to use her shower to clean up but this time she had removed all her intimate wear in the bathroom. I took her offer and came to find out she wanted to take a shower together and we did. We continue our little sex play in the shower. I can't believe she was so horny that day. She did say she haven't had any sex for a long time. I told her from now on if she need to have sex just let me know I will fulfill your needs. She smile and said fine just don't let your wife know about it.

    Tell this day we still having our little fun time together whenever I go over to her house. My wife did mention I get along with my sister in law a lot better than the past. I didn't say anything just smile and walk away.

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    I've been happily married for just over 29 years. We have 3 kids all grown and on their own. A healthy sex life through the whole marriage. I'm not saying things were the picture of perfection day in day out, but I considered my self extremely lucky for the life we had together.

    About a year ago my wife changed jobs. Her new job would require some travel. Maybe once or twice a year for a couple of weeks at a time. Six months after she started she attended her first meeting in Milwaukee. It was actually kind of fun while she was gone. We did a little sexting at odd moments through the day and had some fun with Skype a few nights. It made the antipation of welcome home sex that much sweeter.

    I was definately ready for the homecoming sex when I picked her up at the airport. My hopes were dashed when she informed me her period had just started, but she surprised me with some road head on the drive home. Which was a rare treat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Life was good, or so I thought. A couple days after her return i get a series of texts from one of her coworkers. We've known this guy for years and he was partially responsible for her getting this job. The texts were a series of pictures starting with my wife making out with some guy in a bar and ending with a shot of them going into a hotel room. He apologized for springing this on me but thought I should know about it. I was mad as hell. I left work early and went home. By the time my wife got home from work. I had managed to calm myself down quite a bit and had decided if it was a one time thing I wasn't going to just end thirty years over one mistake. It all pretty much depended on her reaction when confronted.

    So anyway, I printed out the pictures and left them on our bed and went downstairs to the family room and waited. She gets home from work and headed to the bedroom to change clothes just like she always does. I headed to the bed room and see her staring at the bed sobing. The ensuing conversation lasted for a few hours. The cliff notes version. My trust is gone, but I'm willing to work through it and as it turns out the most important part. No sex until she gets tested and comes back clean. She agreed and made a doctors appointment for a couple of weeks later.

    Her first test came back negative (3 weeks after her indiscretion). The doctor told her most things would show up by now but not necessarily everything and she needed to come back in 3 months. Well she just got back her 3 month test results and found out she is HIV positive. We both went through a wide range of emotions and eventually I made a comment about being glad I stuck to my guns about not having sex until we were sure she was clean. She was wanting it after her first test came back fine. I insisted we wait (yes, partially out of spite) and I was internally patting myself on my back for that decision right up until my wife reminded me of the road head on the way home from the airport. I realize there's less of a chance of hiv being spread through a blow job when compared to sex, but there definately still a chance. So it was my turn to get tests done and fortunately so far I'm clean. I have to go back in a couple of months to get tested again at the six month mark just to be sure, but the doctor told me most of time hiv will be detectable within three months.

    As for her piece of shit coworker that gave her hiv he's claiming he must of got from her even though he has a reputation of nailing anyone that will give him the time of day.

    As for my marriage it's over and done. Just haven't made it official yet

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    Turning more onto my side I gave him easier access to my pussy and ass. We'd fucked earlier, but it seemed he was horny again.
    The party had ended a couple of hours earlier, and as soon as all our guests had left my thirtieth birthday celebrations, my husband Tom took me to bed to give me such a damn fine fucking. We'd slept afterwards and I was asleep when I felt his warm hand sneak between my legs. Turning a little, his fingers slid along my pussy slit which made me graon with delight. Tom had always loved fucking randomly, so it wasn't unusual for him to wake up with boner and fuck me.
    Playing with my clit and then slipping a finger up my butt, I began to push back onto him. Then pressing me down, I felt his hot hard cock slide into my pussy. What made me gasp was the sheer size of his dick. Tom isn't huge, around seven inches, but when his cock slid into me early that morning, his dick felt like twice the length and much much thicker. About to turn to look back at him, he thrust hard up my pussy making me bolt forwards and his cock sent me over the orgasmic edge. Cumming on his hard thick cock, I was really trying to clear my head as his cock didn't feel just right.
    Then moving closer into me, I smelt something which had my senses alive and my mind reeling. The scent I was smelling was familiar, but it wasn't Tom scent, it was Kyle's, Tom's nineteen year old nephew. His distinctive aftershave was very popular with guys his age, still is, and just as I put one and one together, his hands moved around me and gripped my small breasts tightly. His head was close to mine by then, and I felt him kissing the nape of my neck. His cock was still thrusting into me making me shiver with total joy even knowing who it probably was. I know I should have stopped him, but his cock was driving me to another orgasm and I was loving the extra size of his dick. But moments before I reached climax, he pulled out.
    It was then I finally knew it was Kyle, as he said "Can I fuck your asshole".
    Moving forwards off his cock, I turned around, pushed him over and put my left leg over his body. Kyle smiled up at me as I guided his cock to my asshole, and looking down at him, I told him to fuck my ass. As I sank down, he thrust up and his beautiful long thick cock fully entered my ass. Beginning to get used to his size, I fucked that young man for all I was worth and was rewarded by yet another amazing orgasm ripping through me.
    What I didn't know, as I was bouncing up and down anally on Kyle's cock, was my husband had entered our bedroom and was watching me fuck his nephew. He also witnessed me cumming all over his dick too, moments before Kyle finally came filling my asshole with his copious amounts of cum.
    Only when I'd rolled off Kyle's dick, and was laying next to him kissing, did Tom make it known he was there. And he quietly said "Happy birthday babes, hope Kyle was everything I thought he might be". Those words I've kept, as they were also written down in the sexy card he'd left for me when Kyle and I woke up.
    Tom had walked over to me when Kyle and I parted. He sat on my side of the bed, said thank you to Kyle and kissed me passionately. Telling me he was going to sleep in the guest room, he winked at me, looked at Kyle and and told him to give me anything I wanted.
    Waking up with Kyle's tongue working over my clit was wonderful. As was his fingers sliding inside my super wet pussy. One finger fucking me, then two and eventually after such a long time sucking on my clit, he slid another finger up my ass. I climaxed on the spot and was still shaking when he spun around and offered me his cock to suck. I'd felt it fucking my pussy, I'd felt it as I gripped it to guide it up my asshole and marveled at just how delicious it felt up my ass. I'd also felt it pumping his seed deep inside my bowels as he filled up my insides. Yet actually seeing it right in front of my face, I got to see just how big his cock was. Kyle's gorgeous cock is nearly ten inches in length and oh so wonderfully thick. Over the next half an hour, I savored every god damn inch of that boys cock and relished every vein sliding over my tongue. When he came, I told myself not one drop would escape my lips, and I also told myself I would swallow every drop. And that's what, with Kyle's hands forcing me to take as much of his cock as could down my throat, I did.
    The card was beautiful, and along with those words I've already put here, there were others. Words I'm not going to repeat on this site as they're private to us. But one little note at the bottom I will tell you. It says "Kyle goes back to college soon, but he's all yours (If you want him) when he's around next spring".
    It seems my husband had already spoken to Kyle about fucking me if and when he's back in town. And from what happened just before he left, I'm sure this coming spring I'm going to enjoying my husband's nephews glorious cock once again.

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    I can't believe I am fucking my mother in law. This is what happen. My mother in law is in her 40's my wife and I just got married recently. Her mom needed a ride to the doctor appointment and I offer to do it, since her car was in the shop. On the way to the appointment I was complaining to her that we don't have sex as often as we use to when we first met, now we are married is getting less and less. Her mom said maybe is because she is busy or tired. I said is because we are married now she doesn't have to worry about me leaving her for another girl.

    Her mom said you are not going to leave my daughter are you? I said no, but if she keep this up I might. She said, oh no you are not going to leave my daughter because you guys just got married not long ago. I said what do you want me to do. Suddenly she lend over kiss me on the mouth and grab my crotch as I was driving. I said, what are you doing. She said I am going to give you blowjob so you wouldn't leave my daughter.

    She un-zipped my pants and pull out my cock start stroking it then she went down on it. I lend back and said that feel so fucking good. She said if I have to keep giving you blowjob just for you to stay with my daughter I will. Then I said, I need fucking to. She said if that will keep you two together you can fuck me to. I said you will do all that just to keep us together. She said yes, because I want grand kids and I don't have any right now. I said okay as long as I get to fuck you and you giving me blowjob you got my words.

    Now I been going over to her mom's house whenever I want sex, is great having sex with her mom. She is an un-believe able person. She is so lovely and willing to try anything, different positions, one thing she love was the 69 position. I love it when she grind her pussy in my mouth and cum at the same time. She gets so intense she grab onto my head and pull tight against her pussy. Her pussy juice tasted as good as my wife. I just wish my wife would have more sex often but I am fine now I get her mom.

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