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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 25

    I've been lucky enough to live above my folks garage in a pretty cool apartment, and after graduating college, got pretty lucky to find a good paying job. I make enough money to do everything I want, hang out with friends, fuck around, party, and still get on pretty good. My folks don't question what I do, and they pretty much leave me alone as long as nobody gets arrested, we don't make enough noise to piss off the neighbors, and we mind our own business. It's worked out pretty good. I've gotten laid a lot because I've had friends up with me, chilling, partying off and on, and they know they can crash, leave their car in the drive or behind the house, and nobody bugs us. It's all good. When they get up in the mornings or leave late in the morning, nobody can see what's going on. It's kinda cool.

    About three weeks ago, a lot of shit went down in my apartment involving my sister's friend, my sister, a lot of booze, some smoking, and more than we should have done. I really wanted to rail my sister's friend, but instead, she got a bit too stupid drunk and I ended up doing shit with my own sister. Yeah. A bit gross I'm sure some people think, and I blamed it on the booze. Only problem is, neither of us were really that drunk to say we didn't know what we were doing. I think we both wanted to get stupid and try to make an excuse why we did it. Last weekend, I was chilling in my apartment, figuring I'd just get some food, watch a movie, stay at home (drank too much a couple nights during the week), and hit some porn. Easy way to jerk it and not leave the house all night. Yeah. Didn't work.

    About midnight, I heard a knock on my door after someone was walking up the stairs. My sister came in, and said she wanted to talk. So I said yeah. She sat down, saw the beer I had, and asked if I had something to drink. So I gave her a wine cooler. Told her not to tell mom and dad. She laughed and said that obviously I knew a lot of shit she's done, that they don't know. Probably good. And we just kinda laughed about it. She got serious and started talking about a couple of weeks ago. I told her that I didn't get freaked out, and I didn't really think it was too gross, because we'd been drinking and all. And she said "I wasn't that drunk. I knew what we were doing". That kinda stopped me. I said yeah. I knew the same thing too. And she just said she wanted to know what happens. So I just shrugged and said nothing. We're related, kinda stuck with it, live in the same house, and it's kinda just part of life now. I told her I'm not telling anyone, and hoped she wouldn't. And she said no. When I saw she wasn't saying anything, I asked if she was OK. And she said she wanted to know, even related and weird and gross in a weird way, if she was just another piece of ass to me. She knows I've fucked around a lot. And I told her honest no. I liked it. But wasn't like we could make it happen, because it was weird shit and nobody would accept it. And she said yeah.

    When she got up, I was checking her out, and not even thinking about it, went up to her, and kissed on her. She backed off really quick and said "wait" and I finally said "look. I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it. I can leave it alone. But I'd rather not. You were hot as fuck. I think it was kick ass. I liked it. It was fucked up dirty, but it was good." and she asked me if I meant it, or if I was just saying that because I got some. I laughed and said no. I said I could get some whenever I wanted. But I liked getting it from HER. Because it was pretty damn awesome. She just stood there.

    I walked up to her and said "Look. I'll leave it alone. But I'd be with you. Not just a one time thing. I'd be with you regular. Even if it's fucked up gross, wrong or whatever you wanna call it. Trust. Nobody knows. Just between us". She stood there. And I took off my shirt. She looked at me. I unzipped my pants. She kept looking. Didn't say anything. Stood there in my underwear and said "yeah. It's not just getting horny. This is what you did to me. Still doing". And she didn't say a word. I walked up to her, and started on her. She finally started kissing on me, and it didn't take long for us to lose the clothes. Ended up going into my bedroom. Climbing on the bed. She told me she felt dirty. Felt kind of gross. Felt fucked up. I just shrugged and said that's what others are making it sound like. Between two people, it's just the way it is. Their business. Do what they want. And nobody should say shit if they agree they're OK with it.

    We ended up fucking three times that night. First time, it got pretty hot, pretty steamy and shit, and before we knew it, we were fucking. Until we were done, and I blew inside her, she hadn't said a word. We laid there, and she said "God. I don't know if that's a good idea. You shouldn't have. We should have used something" and I just said well, we'll figure it out later.

    Second and third time? Different positions. I came in her the second time. Third time, she put my dick in her mouth, and let me blow it in her mouth. When we got done, I just said to her "I'm keeping it here. I'm not going to tell anyone. But it's your call if you want to continue it on". She said yeah. She'd have to really think.

    Next morning, she comes back to my apartment, and told me that she liked it, felt gross and dirty as fuck, but didn't want to put a stop to it. It's been on my mind since the last time we fucked. She's cute, funny as shit, but I know I could fuck older and better if I wanted. It's just that I really don't.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I'd been with a total of one guy. Yeah. One guy. I'm normal looking from what I'm told, not hot and sexy and all that crap, not ugly or nasty looking. Just normal. I mean, I've gone on dates, I've had a good time, I've been asked to prom, and have lots of guy friends. I think I'm just "one of the guys" or something. Guess I just kind of fit in. It kind of sucks, because I have friends (girls) that get every dude they want, most treat them like shit, and they seem to keep getting guys lining up for them. Funny thing, the one guy that I was with, he was an asshole. Total dick. I tried to make it work, but once we ended up fucking, we did it twice, he sucked, and he claimed that he didn't want to 'settle down' and all that. I never asked. I just liked having him around, it was fun to chill, and he ended up hooking up with some nasty ass chick in another school. My friends and I laughed about it, but it kinda sucks.

    Last week, I was hanging out with one of my friends at her house. We were watching TV, chilling with a movie, had some pizza and just hanging out. Her dad was in the house, doing some stuff, around and about, and he'd pop in sometimes. It was cool. He's always funny, kinda weird, but he's always been really laid back and just spouts off sometimes with the weirdest shit. I've kind of checked him out, but haven't ever been into older dudes. I try to stick with guys my own age, just hasn't worked. That night though, I dunno if it was the fact I hadn't done anything in awhile, that I saw him checking out my ass as I was walking to the bathroom, or because we were watching this movie with a lot of naked chicks in it. Probably everything.

    When Maddy said she was tired and was going to bed, I wasn't trying to sound like a bitch, but said I wasn't tired. She just shrugged and said well, I don't mind if you wanna hang down here and watch TV or something. I mean come up when you're done, if that's cool? I said yeah. Her dad was poking around and he said he'd hang with me. Maddy just said sure. That's cool. And said night and went up. Her dad and I were hanging out, and we got into talking. It was cool, because he's really mellow, and kind of dirty. Perverted sometimes, and when he made a comment about staying up late, I just laughed and said that I do that all time. And he says do who all the time? I laughed and he kind of stopped, and said whoops. Wrong thing to say. No big deal, he always says stuff like that. But I guess I didn't mean to say it, but I kind of mouthed off with well too bad I wasn't doing you. He stopped, choked on his pop, and just looked at me. I just laughed and said whoops. And he just looked at me. I dunno. I guess I was curious. So I asked him if that would be a bad thing. He looked at me and said nope. Not at all.

    We were kind of talking a bit, and I kept thinking about it. I hadn't ever done anything more than with the one guy. And I looked at him and said truth or dare. And he says truth. I said if you could do something that you knew you'd never get caught doing, and nobody would know, would you? He said yes. I said what. He said you can't ask another question. And he says truth or dare. I said truth. And he says if you could do the same thing, would you do it? I said yes. And he said with who? I laughed and said I can't tell you. That's two questions. So he dares me. I said yes. And he says I dare you to kiss me. I was shocked. I said what? And he says it's a dare. Nobody has to know. I won't tell. But you have to do the dare.

    I did it. It actually felt kinda weird. Not gross or nasty. Just weird. So we were sitting there, doing truth and dare, answering questions, and I finally said "truth" and he says OK. I said would you do it with me right now if I never told anyone and I never said anything? And nobody would know? He didn't say anything for a second. I figured I'd screwed up. And he says "truth. Yes. I'd do it. Right now." He got up without saying a word. I was kind of freaked. But he came over to the chair and says "stand up for a second". I did. He stood there and said to me have I ever done this? I said yes. Once. And he said was it worth it? I said no. He said what if we did? Would you let me if I thought I could make it worth it? I said yes. I was freaked out, but I wanted to know if it'd be good or bad.

    We got into kissing, touching, and stuff, and he started taking my clothes off. Told me to be really quiet. I was freaked out and shaking. And he got me almost all undressed. I was standing there. He stood off, took off his shorts and his shirt, was in his underwear, and said what next? I said well, I suppose the normal thing. We laughed. He took off his underwear, and I almost died. He was like really big. I didn't know what to say. He just looked at me. I pulled off my underwear. He stood there staring. I asked what was wrong. He smiled and said oh lord. Nothing. Beautiful. For real. I just kind of smiled.

    We ended up on the floor making out. He was fingering me, and I got weirded out, but a few minutes into it, I started to go. I was cumming. He kept going slowly and then faster. I kept going. And when I finally stopped, I didn't do anything. I was laying there, and I felt him moving down. Then I felt him eating me out. I'd never had a guy do that. I told him. He said he'd stop. I said no. He kept going. And I came again. Like three times. He kept going and going. And then when I was done, he just said he'd keep going if I wanted. I said yes.

    We didn't talk about it, but I was on the pill. I guess he just figured or something, because he didn't use anything. He just went up in me. I felt it. It was huge. Like big enough to hurt. Kept going. I didn't think it would stop. I looked up and he was on top of me, pushing. He kissed me. I kissed back. He was rubbing his hands on me, and started pushing. Like three pushes, and I came again. I'd never done that. Not on my own, with a guy. Nothing. I was going crazy, and he kept pushing. I saw his face and he said he was gonna cum. I told him that he could go ahead. I felt it. It felt like someone was busting a hole in me. It was huge. I couldn't move. He kept going and going. I saw his face going crazy, felt him down there, and then slowly he stopped. I felt him just kind of stop moving and breathing.

    We didn't move for a bit. And he said he should probably get off. I said yeah. He leaned down and kissed me. And he said "thanks. You were like awesome". When he got off, I saw his sticky mess all over me. It was everywhere. I got cleaned up and went out into the other room. He came in, we talked and he said that I should probably go to bed.

    It's the only time I've ever done something like that. I liked it, and really wouldn't mind doing it again, but I really don't want her knowing what was going on while she was sleeping. Or in her house.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    My father-in-law is my cock slave. He sucks my cock regularly. I have watched him suck off three guys at the same time when we traveled for business. By all appearances he is a married, masculine, pillar of the community. However, in the right company he is a depraved submissive cocksucker. He likes to swallow, but he loves a facial. I have begun to feminize him and he has been quite agreeable. He is a minor partner in my company and a gifted technical salesman. He regularly accompanies me on appointments and presentations.

    We are out of town a couple times a month and have usually scheduled an extra day for golf. On one such trip the rainy weather cancelled golf so we started drinking early. By mid afternoon we were back in my suite and Tom is swallowing my big hard cock. I came without warning in his mouth. He gagged and instinctively pulled away and I shot three bursts on his cheek, lips, and chin. I managed to get a few pictures on my phone. Afterwards he admitted that he had sucked a few rare cocks since college. He told me the first cock he ever sucked was a college professor and that maybe another dozen or more times since.

    On a recent trip I watched in amazement as he expertly sucked off three guys from the hotel bar at the same time. He masterfully kept them all hot and bothered until they came one after another all over his face. After they left I made him suck me and forced him to swallow my load. That night after dinner I brought him back to my room and after he got me nice and hard with his mouth I pulled him up from he knees and told him to strip. I handed him a long blonde wig and some lipstick. I took a picture and then told him to get on all fours on the bed. I lubed up and knelt on the bed behind him. His ass was tight, but his spirit was willing and in little time I'm bareback balls deep in my father-in-laws ass. I fucked him hard for a while and dropped a hot load deep in his ass.

    As I further feminize him I intend to totally transform him into a crossdressing slut.

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    Straight Male / 25

    About 3 months ago, I was on my computer in my room. I was jerking. I'd gotten into porn a long time ago, and liked getting off at night. I found different stuff to watch, different girls and guys doing stuff, and sometimes found girl on girl. I always thought it was intensely hot, and I liked fucking around with other girls, as most guys do, but if I couldn't get out on a weekend, or if I wasn't able to hang out with friends to party, and wound up at home studying and doing stuff for school, I'd just spend time at night getting off. There were some evenings I could do myself 3 or 4 times in a night, and then crash out later that night and sleep. I'd get up, and sometimes jerk it in the shower, and then later in the afternoon or evening. I'm still doing it. I guess it's just something I've gotten into, and it's a great feeling. No bullshit with relationships, girls, or drama. I'm not going to lie. A good fuck now and then is great, and I'd like to settle down sometime, get a relationship going on long term, and someday have an actual life. But right now? Too much bullshit, and too many girls want too much and won't give back like they should. I know that makes me sound like a dick, but it's what I've seen. I like the casual FWB, but after awhile chicks seem to get off on "I want something more" and it gets really fucking stupid really quick.

    I was looking some stuff up, and found some pretty cool porn. I knew my folks were out doing something like they always do, and although I'd tried to make plans for the night, it didn't happen. A few of my friends were going to a party to smoke it up, but the last time I'd been at the guy's house, shit just hit, and it got stupid really quick. I'm really not into fucking up my life with a bunch of stoners or crackheads, so I had to pass. The calls didn't work, so I ended up telling my folks I'd be at home all night.

    About 10 or 11 or something, my sister came home. She had been out with friends, and was home for the night. Kind of pissed off about something, and we talked for a few minutes. I didn't get much out of her, and she said she was going to head to her room and hang out, watch some TV, maybe watch a movie (asked me if I wanted to, and I wasn't into it. Just wanted to chill in my room, have some beer, and find some porn), and she said fine. She headed down to her room, and I went to mine in the basement, closed the door, and figure I'd crash out later after jerking it a bit, drinking a bit, and then sleep.

    I was down there for probably an hour or so, found some good stuff, had a couple of beers, and was getting into some solid porn. Found a couple with two girls and then later on, another one with a guy. Pretty hot creampie, then fucking pretty heavily. I figured that was the one I'd at least get off to the first time, probably more later on, drink a couple more, blow at least another load and go.

    About 5 minutes into watching the porn, I'd had a couple beers in me, dick was getting hard, there's a knock at my door. I'm just like 'what' and she comes into the room. Wearing sweats and a tshirt. Goddamn if I couldn't see her little nipples poking out. I was already horny, watching porn, and tried to not stare. But I'd been drinking it up, so it wasn't easy. She said to me "it's been a shit night. I kinda wanna hang out with someone. I know you don't wanna watch a movie, so let's just I dunno do something else". And she said "what are you watching?" came over, and I'm trying to hide my hard dick. She's looking at the beer cans, and said "lemme guess? Porn?" and kinda laughs. I looked at her and said "well yeah, if you wanna know, truth. Yeah" and she gets kinda grossed, and said to me "you jerking it?" I laughed. And she said "I take that as a yeah". I just shrugged and said "well guys' gotta do what a guys' gotta do" and she laughed and said "I do it too. Don't worry. Your secret is safe". Now I'd never looked at her or checked her out. Nah. That's just some sick shit. She's my sister. But maybe the beer did it. I kinda looked at her, without her noticing. Not "skinny" but not fat. Nice boobs. Kind of a big ass. But a cute face. I'd always thought that. And she just said "lemme see". I guess yeah, the horny part helped, so I clicked the browser up, and she sees the guy and two girls. Guy has a pretty good sized cock, and the two chicks are naked. She says "look fake?" I said nope. This one actually looks pretty intense and kinda hot. So she sat there on the chair next to me, at my computer desk watching the porn. Then she says to me "Ok. I gotta stop. Shit is getting me turned on" I laughed and she says to me "you're probably already there" and I just laughed and said yeah.

    She looks at me and says to me "horny?" I laughed and said "fuck Jenni. I'm always horny. You know that" and she laughed and said "me too". I got a bit nervous, never having talked to her about shit like this, and she says to me "I don't wanna gross you out. But we've never talked about this shit before". And I just said Yep. And she says to me "but you ever think about like dirty shit?" I said like what? And she says with a shrug, "I dunno. Incest. Taboo. Weird shit". I just looked at her and said "serious? Not really. I don't know. Nobody I know would talk about that shit. Why?" and she shrugs. I said "come on" I was horny and I really wanted to know what the fuck she was talking about. And she says to me "If you were to do it? Would you?" I said "with who?" and she says "I dunno. Family? Someone you know?" I looked at her, and said "I'd fuck you." and she says "Holy fuck. That's not what I was talking about". She stops and says "no shit?" I just shrugged and said "probably the beer talking. We'd get up in the morning, and freak the fuck out, knowing we're both drinking and end up doing shit we should not".

    She was looking at me, and I was trying to hide my dick. It was hard. She stood up and just said with a shrug "well OK then" and I just said to her "why?" and she said no reason. As she was walking towards the door, I got scared, but risked it. I walked up behind her, I had my arms against hers, had her against the door, I leaned against her, kissed her neck, and said "I'm really fucking horny. I'd fuck you. Right here. right now. if you promise it never goes out of this room". She turned around, and she planted her mouth on mine. I damn near tore her clothes off. Staring at her body, half naked, little pooch of a stomach, her underwear, and took her top off. Started sucking on her tits. She yanked down my shorts, and my dick was pushing against my underwear. She pulled them off, and said "goddamn" I said what? And she said "yeah. uh. Holy shit". didn't say anything else.

    I stripped her underwear off, and almost came. Looking at her naked pussy, staring at her lips, I felt my dick get instantly hard. We wound up on the floor making out hot and heavy. It was incredible. Seriously. I was kissing her, tongue in her mouth, and started fingering her. Took about 3 minutes to get her off. She started going "fuck I'm gonna come" and I felt it squirt all over my fingers. She was pushing against me, and damn near broke my fingers.

    I moved her on her back, spread her legs, and fucked her. My dick went all the way up inside her. She was so goddamn wet. I heard her yelp, and I pushed harder. And I heard her say "god. please don't cum in me. I'm not on the pill. I usually use condoms" and I said fine. I was breathing really fucking heavy, and kept going and going and going. I was kissing on her, pawing her tits, and thrusting my dick in her. I felt it.

    I pulled out about 2 minutes later, and squirted all over her stomach and pussy. It went everywhere. i was going all over the place, and kept jerking it with my hand, squirting it all over her. She was breathing really heavy.

    When I got done, she sat up, and looked at me and just said holy jesus. I just looked at her and said "uh yeah". We at there, I don't think knowing what to do. She got up and said "well uh yeah, jesus" and we kinda laughed.

    She left the room for a bit, and about 20 minutes later, came back. I was sitting on the couch, and I was stretched out with a beer. She came in, and sat down, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. looks at me and says "god. That was just uh yeah, holy shit. I don't know what to say". I sat there, and looked at her. And I felt my dick get hard. Again. She said "are you ok?" and I nodded. I said "I really wanna fuck you. I mean, like again. Right now". She looked at me and said "serious?" I said yeah.

    She pointed, and said I have condoms. We can use one. We ended up fucking again for almost 45 minutes. When I came, I had a condom on, and I blew it in it. AFterwards, we got up and dressed, me having blown my nut twice, and her having cum about 5 or 6 times. She went upstairs to bed.

    It was amazing. But for some reason, i feel really fucking dirty. It hasn't been weird, just awkward, knowing I was banging her when my folks were gone. But I don't know. I still have the thought of fucking her again, but honestly it's never come up. I don't know if it was just a one-time thing, or she's afraid to bring it up too.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    We were visiting my daughter and son in law on Saturday. We had a few drinks and watching sport on the TV. After the game was finished everybody moved outside into the garden, except for me and my 11 yo granddaughter who was sitting on my lap at the time, as she always loves to do, the difference today was that she has been shifting her little ass around all the time on my dick which had a effect on me and caused my dick to rise like a flagpole, this even caused her to wriggle around more and at the end got my dick wedged between her ass cheeks.

    When we were alone she turned her face to me and kissed me softly on my lips and told me she loves me very much.She suddenly jumped up and whispered that she was going to fetch a blanket and planted another kiss on my lips, this time letting her tongue push against my lips and with that she skipped and jumped out of the room while I was staring at her sexy little ass in her tight fitting denim shorts. My dick was raging like a fire and even though I knew I should get up and get out, I could not.

    My granddaughter came back with the blanket, settled down on my lap and pulled the blanket over us. She then wriggled around on my lap until my dick settled between her ass, laid back and snuggled her face into my neck and gave a little sigh. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me, her lips pressed against my neck which caused my dick to twitch against her bum. My head was spinning and my hands started to roam over her body, my right hand was searching for the little nipples on her chest that was recently showing signs off her body nearing puberty, while my other hand travelled over her thighs and up to her crotch area. When my hand stroked up between her legs she suddenly pulled her one leg up bending it at the knee which opened the access to her crotch area like a highway.I froze for a moment not sure how far I should go, that was when I looked down at my granddaughter. Her face was flushed, her lips moist and she was looking at me shyly but with a sparkle in her eyes that begged me to continue. I knew that there were a lot off people around and that I may be caught but I lost it then, bending my head down towards her face and then I kissed her softly playing with my tongue across her lips, she responded by sliding her one arm around my neck and pushed her tongue against mine, we were kissing like lovers not like grandfather and granddaughter while my right hand played with her stiffened little buds and my left hand found it's way up into the gap between her leg and the denim short. There I found her treasure covered by a cotton pantie and to my surprise I found it damp with her juices, when I touched her there she let out a little moan into my mouth.

    That was the moment I heard my grandson as he came running into the house calling me.My granddaughter gave a little groan and quickly broke free from our embrace just as her brother came storming through the door explaining that I was needed outside in the garden.

    After I persuaded him to go and tell everybody that I am coming I pulled my granddaughter against me and found her lips waiting for me. I knew I should not say it but I whispered against her mouth "I want you" upon which she responded softly with "I love you" then I stood up and went to the bathroom to get rid of all the pre-cum that was soaking my pants and went outside.

    She never left my side for the whole evening. What should I do?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    This takes place last night at my grandmother's birthday party. So things start off innocent with my third cousin (who looked damn sexy in his suit) and I dancing to "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. At some point, I follow him outside. There were a lot of people outside smoking so we couldn't do anything other than me standing next to him while he smoked (I don't smoke). We go outside again. His jacket is over my shoulders and I think his dad made fun of him for that.

    Once his dad goes back inside, we do a little naughty fun. I'm slowly pressing my groin against his and he returns the gesture (a little more forcefully than when I pressed up against him months prior on my birthday). He also slides his hand down the top of my strapless gown, finds my nipple, and rubs it a bit. I moan a little, but only loud enough for him to hear me. Don't worry, no one was outside.

    Cue us going outside AGAIN! I'm always the one making him go outside. This time, I used the excuse that I couldn't hear him talking over the loud music. So here I am with my cousin's jacket on my shoulders again. It's quite warm. I like it. He knows what I want. Blahbity blah, our foreheads and noses are touching. Then he kisses me. Finally! The cousin I've found attractive since late July 2014 finally kissed me! Sure, it was a quick peck, but a kiss is a kiss! I wanted to do it again, but he didn't want to. He said "Another time".

    Hot cousin, if you happen to see this, 1) There better be another time that we kiss and hopefully it'll be more than a peck on the lips. 2) I better not have to wait 5 months to see you in-person ever again!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    Three years ago when my step daughter was still in high school, she came downstairs into the living room and caught me masturbating. I wasn't quite there yet. I had a paper towel wrapped around my cock, was watching porn, and as typical, was waiting to cum. It usually happened that way. Except that night, she walked into the room before I could quite get there. I tried to cover it up, but it's hard to hide an erect cock, trying to shove it back in my shorts, and do something with the paper towel. Jamie came over, and looked, saw the porn, saw my cock jutting out of my shorts, and kind of laughed and said "whoops".

    I just looked at her and said "Jesus. This is just weird" and she laughed. She just said "It's not like I haven't seen a dick before. Just yeah, not yours". I just laughed and said "well thanks for letting me know that". She sat on the arm of the couch, and said "well don't let me interrupt you". I laughed and said "you are so not going to watch me" and she shrugged and said "why not? I mean, it's nothing I haven't seen before. Just curious how you do it". I was curious. So I asked her some questions. We talked. And she said "I was serious. I wanna watch". I guess I was curious what it'd be like to show someone when I was jerking, so I just said OK. And when I started watching the porn again, i was expecting her to leave the room. And she didn't. So when it actually came time to "do it", I was hesitant. But I pulled my shorts down and I was sitting on my computer chair on my bare ass, with my cock thrusting out. I grabbed the paper towel, wrapped it around, and I heard her say "that's how you do it? That's hot" and I just laughed and said well thanks. She just laughed back and said you're welcome. It was a bit awkward and creepy, but I really wanted to get myself off.

    When it got to that point, she was sitting on the couch. And I reached the point where I was going to cum. I slowed down, and I said to her "you really wanna see this?" and she said "yep. I really wanna see this. So have at it". And I did. A couple more strokes, and I came. I was watching, and I gasped, panted, and squirted it into the paper towel. She looked at me, watched me finish, and when I leaned back, she says "can I see?" so I showed her. Felt weird. And she looked and saw my dick limp and said "well then" and just kind of looked at me.

    She got up and walked out of the room afterwards. And when she came back, we sat on the couch and talked. After letting her watch me jerk off, I desperately wanted to do more that night, including fuck her if it was ever possible, but it just didn't happen. Not then.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    This is my fantasy...
    So I awaken to my 293 lb mommy. Of course, being the totally sexy BBW my mommy is, she rips a huge fart right in my face (my face was next to her huge sexy ass because I always makeout with her butt)⦠and it was wet. I came all inside my satin pink panties as the bed vibrated with the powerful flatulence my beautiful mother released. "So!", she said, "looks like you came in your painties again loser! Wow, you are such a faggot! You cum because your own mom ripped a fart. Now give your mommy a kiss!", she said puckering up with her bright red lipstick. I kissed her and grabbed her back and put my tounge in. She quickly pulled away and slapped me. "Ew! As if! You're a total loser! I would never fuck you! Your dick is literally 1/4 inch long⦠when erect! Wow let me kick you there!", she said and she kicked me in the balls. I then made out the her bare bottom feet for an hour and carried her and dressed her the same as I was dressed. The same size too. I wore we're t red lipstick, had brunette hair, wore a miniskirt, and satin pink painties and bra. We wentvto the mall where she knew all the hot girls like Trisha would be. I tried to avoid them, but my mom pulled me over there. I stood in frontvof Trisha and she said,"Oâ¦M&ac irc;¦G! Look at this loser!" Then they had evry thing on video. Then my mom farted for 11 seconds and I got a boner. It was so hot. I then cudfled with my mom in the store, held her hand and kissed her 24/7. I often came in my pants. At least 5 times a minute.

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    Straight Male / 25

    During the school year when I was 16 My life was school, work, homework, and helping my mother around the house. Her vision is real bad. She can't find her glasses without her glasses. My mom may be almost blind but all my friends wanted to do her. A few even teased me about it. I had free time early in the morning and at the end of the day. Almost every morning I would sit in my computer chair facing the door. I would turn off the light in my room and masturbate. As I did this I hoped that eventually my mom would walk by and see me. Only once did she walk by. That was it she walked by my door. I got so excited I came. I didn't plan on it but she was right there. What I usually did was wait a while and then when I was real hard I would go out to the kitchen with my erection bulging on the front of my pajamas. I would help her with breakfast and every chance I got I would turn toward her. I wanted so bad for her to know I was hard. Sometimes at breakfast I wanted to just yell at her to notice how hard I was.
    One morning I was sitting there, stroking and waiting for her She come to my door. When she stood in the doorway I thought she saw what I was doing. I tried to cover myself and noticed she didn't have her glasses on. She asked me if I could help her find them. They weren't in any of the places she usually put them. She was almost panicing. I instantly felt myself get harder. She could'nt see me. All she saw was a blur. I snapped just the top one on my pajamas so they would stay up and went to help her. As I turned on lights I followed her to her room. I rubbed myself and followed her. As soon as I turned on the light in her room I saw them. They were under her vanity chair. I put them in my pocket and asked here where in here she would put them. I stood there facing her and masturbated. I pretended to look around and then said they weren't there. She sat down on her bed then. I stood in the doorway facing her pumping myself and wishing she was really watching me. I was oozing juice real fast and whenever I pulled my hand up over the head there was a little squishing sound. She noticed and asked me if I knew what it was. I told her that I had gotten wet earlier and it was slippery now. She seemed confused so, I quickly said we should look in the bathroom. We went through the whole house (it's actually really small) with her glasses safely in my pocket. When we got to the kitchen she sat in her chair. She kept talking about her glasses and I stood in the middle of the kitchen masturbating. As she kept guessing at place they might be I sort of tuned her out. I was determined to stand right there and cum in front of her.
    She always used the same coffee cup. So I got it down and told her to sit right there. I would make some coffee and I would find them, not to worry. I put on the coffee and held her cup. While the coffee was brewing I stood there right in front of her and came in it. I held it under the stream then and put it down in front of her with my still dripping cock hanging out of my pants. Then I left to find her glasses.
    When I got back with her glasses I handed them to her and she put them on and immediately stood and kissed me on the cheek. While she did this I looked down and noticed a big white glob in the center if her coffee. I almost panicked. She didn't even notice she just sat back down and drank it.
    It was on my mind all day, at school, at work. I could barely do my homework. When I finally did finish it I walked through the living room and saw mom in her robe. I told her I would be right back and went to my room and stripped. I put on my pajamas and made myself hard. When I got back mom was already sitting on the floor waiting for me to sit behind her. So, I sat down and the first thing she did was put her hand up on my knee and thank me again for finding her glasses that morning. As I told her she was welcome I unsnapped my pajamas and took out my cock. As she watched her dance program I rubbed the slick juice at the tip of my cock in her hair. Worked out some more and did it again. the lamp was on right behind my shoulder so I could see everything I was doing to her. She had no idea what I was doing. That night I came right in my hand and rubbed in in her hair. It was amazing. I had never gotten off when she was in the same room, now I had done it twice in on day.
    She thanked me for watching her program with her. She new I didn't really care for it. Then trying to be nasty I told Thank You too, for everthing mommy. She likes it when I call her mommy.
    The next morning was saturday. I had no work and no homework left to do. So I made myself hard and went to the kitchen. I walked passed her in the living room just sitting there on the sofa. She had on a t shirt that said Just Do It on it. I had almost lost it by the time I got to my chair and sat down. When she came and sat down there was that t shirt. And her bare legs. I was aching to cum.
    She sat down and immediately asked how her hair could have gotten wet and sticky the night before. She said she noticed it when she went to bed. She knew what I had done.
    Did you do something to me last night, honey. Now don't lie. I told her everything. You actually ejaculated in your own mothes hair? She asked me. I told her that I need to masturbate real bad but I knew how much she liked me to watch tv with her. I did lie a little I told her I hadn't intended to squirt it all over her. I just got so excited doing it with her sitting right there that I just went off.
    What did you think about while you did that to me? she asked. I didn't want to make her mad but I did want her to know how excited and turned on I get all the time. I told her right out then, that I sometimes pretend that she takes her glasses off and lets me get off. All she said was Oh, in a real small voice. There was silence for a moment and then she looked at me real embarrassed like. Her face was real red. Then she took off her glasses and put them on the table. That really silenced me. She had tears on her cheeks and more filling her eyes. If you stand right at the corner of the table I won't be able to see. I stood up then and stepped over there. I didn't take my erection out when she asked if I was doing it. I wanted to know if she was giving me permission to do this. I had already opened my pants and they had fallen to the floor. All she said was. Yes. I told then that I was doing it. I was rubbing myself. I wanted to talk dirty to her. I said that the slippery juice was oozing out and I was smearing it all over my erection. Before I knew it I just had to cum. I pumped slower to hold if off and asked her if it would be alright to finish now. When ever you like was all she said. It was still just a whisper. I leaned ahead a little and started to cum. I told her I was squirting my sperm. And started thanking her. over and over. When I was done I pulled up my pants and went back and sat down.
    The first thing she noticed was my cum all over the table. Are you satisfied now. She asked. Her face was still real red. Her eyes were still wet. All I could say was, Will You let me do it again sometime, Please mommy. I felt a little guilty only being concerned about doing it again and not that she was hurt by it.
    I guess, Was all she said. Then she went to her room. I went and got dressed. I put on sweats, no underwear. When I went back to the kitchen she was standing by the sink, still in that t shirt. I cleaned up your sex juices. After a moment of silence she asked if I was going to thank her. So I did, I didn't know what else to do.
    All morning she kept asking me, real sheepishly if I needed her to take off her glasses. Did I want to make another sex mess for her to clean up. I know she wanted me to feel bad about doing it and sorry for her. What it did was make me excited and hard. I pretended to watch tv. When she wasn't in the room I rubbed myself. I was hard for over an hour when she brought some nitting in the living room, sat in her chair by the big window and was just going to get started when she said it again. I didn't say anything. I just stood up, walked over to her, took off her glasses for her and placed them in her lap. I talked real soft. I told her I was pulling down my pants. I wanted to be kind of mean. It seemed like that's what she was doing all morning. So I described everything I did. First I said, Thank you mommy. I'm rubbing my cock now mommy. It's really hard, just for you mommy. It's starting to ooz the slippery juice now mommy. There's so much. Now I'm rubbing the juice all along my cock. The head of it is all purple now. The juice is oozing faster than I rub it up and down my cock. Then I was right there and said. Mommy, may I cum now. I didn't think she was going to answer when she said in that real small voice. Yes. So I stepped over to her. Right in front of that big window and shot my cum all over her. I don't think she knew what I was doing until I was done. I was still standing there dripping on her lap when she put her glasses on. There was cum on her shoulder, across her breasts and all over the nitting in her lap. I bent over and kissed her on top of her head, pulled up my pants and left.
    When I got to my room my mind was a jumble. I loved it. I knew that if I walked back in there I could do it again right now. I was already half hard. After an hour or so I made a decision. I put the elastic waistband half way up my erection so it would be obvious to her when I walked back in the living room. The first thing the hit me was how much nitting she had gotten done. Then I saw that she was still wearing the t shirt. It was wet and stuck to her just above her breasts. I was just about to talk when she took her glasses off. She was looking right at the bulge. When she started to lay them in her lap I told her no, mommy, put them back on. She watched me then. It was good. I didn't have to describe to her what was happeing. She was seeing it. When I came I leaned over her and spilled my cum as close the the now drying cum just above her breasts. I still use her this way. I get handjobs now too. My next goal is to get it in her mouth.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I'm 40 years old. About as normal as you could expect, or whatever you'd consider normal. I work a regular job, I'm now married with kids. I watch sports. I like riding my bike, and taking my dog for a walk. I have some fantasies, some off the wall fetishes and interests, but I don't pursue them. My wife and I have a pretty solid sex life. Before me, she was in a couple of solid relationships, and the same for me. Before her, I had my share, enjoyed a good healthy life, and even being 40, I still love to fuck. I get off on oral sex, I love eating her pussy, and I honestly love the feeling of blowing inside her. Sometimes in the shower, she'll get off, I'll get her off, and she'll jerk me off or whatever we happen to do. At times, later on, we'll do more, and end up fucking somewhere in the house. It's pretty intense. I enjoy it, and thankfully we've managed to make it work through the years.

    But I wanted to post something on here and share something about my past that I've only told one person in my life. She's one of my best friends, and she understands me. But I also know she's about as non judgmental and dirty minded as anyone, so it wouldn't terribly gross her out, or make her stop talking to me. Thankfully. Because this is kind of fucked up, and it's about as off as you can get. But being on here, it's not like anyone knows me, or really gives a shit.

    When I was a younger kid, I don't know what came upon me about 10 or so. I started jerking off. And I mean a lot. I would do it under my covers. I'd do it in the shower. I would use socks. I'd get my dad's playboy magazines and stuff up in the bathroom, go up there, and I'd do my business. I have no clue what overcame me, but it just started one day, and it never stopped. Even now, when I don't have sex, I will masturbate 8 or 9 times a week. I went to a therapist years ago, and actually was asked if I was sexually m****ted. I swore up and down no, but she said it's entirely possible that it happened before I remember it. I can't believe my folks or someone would do that, but I guess anything is possible. She said my overactive sex drive is not normal.

    By the time I was 13, I'd spent the better part of a year trying to figure out how to have sex. I didn't even care with who. I'm not kidding. My brother was 15, and he told me about his encounters. One time when my mom and dad were gone, and my aunt who lived with us was visiting some friends, my brother let me secretly watch him and his girlfriend have sex. It was pretty intense, especially for a kid my age. So I started trying to come up with plans to make that happen. Little did I know it would eventually happen sooner than I thought, right in my own house.

    About 6 months later, my sister and I were talking. She's 12, a year younger than me, and I know it's gross, but I even started looking at her in a different way. Not as a sister, but a girl. She was already growing a body beyond her age, and I could see it. My brother even would make jokes about her boobs. One night, I was in my room in the basement, and my sister came down. We'd always been really close, playing office, hanging out, and riding our bikes. She said she wanted to talk to me. So I said yes. And she says to me "well uh, I saw Mark and his girlfriend, you know, doing stuff" I said what stuff. And she told me. It took her a long time, and she finally showed me. I told her it was sex. She said she'd never seen that, and it looked different. I asked if she liked it. And she actually said yes. She said she liked what it looked like, and she said that his girlfriend looked an sounded like she really liked it. She said that our brother Mark really really liked how it felt, and he kept telling her it felt so amazing and so incredible. And she looked at me and asked if I'd ever done it. I said no. And I didn't lie. I said I wanted to, but never could find someone that would or had interest. My sister looked at me and said well I guess I'd do it with you if you want. I looked at her and said but you're my sister. Brothers and sisters don't do that stuff. She just said OH. And said well I won't tell nobody, I mean, I thought it looked like it felt good and all, and well, I kinda wanna know what it's like. And you said you do, so you know, well I thought.

    I guess I didn't think too much about it at the time, considering this was a long time ago, and I didn't know if any others had ever done this stuff with someone in their family, but I looked at her and said sure. She said you'd do it? I said yes. I'd do it. And I asked her how she wanted to. She just shrugged and said well I saw what Mark and Connie did. So I guess I'd probably wanna do it like that. I didn't know much more than what I'd seen, naked girls in playboy, and jerking off and getting myself feeling good. But figured it was something to try. And I didn't think anyone would find out, or at least really didn't think about it.

    I told her we'd do what she saw them doing, and what I saw them doing. So I started kissing her. She said it felt weird, kissing her own brother on the mouth. I said well that's what guys and girls do, you know when they're gonna do it. And I told her she could stop anytime she wanted to. She said no. She didn't wanna stop. Well, having jerked off for 3 years, I felt my dick growing harder. She felt it, and asked what it was. I told her what she saw Mark doing. And she said Oh. You're getting like that? I said yes. And she said OK. Well, after kissing a bit, I told her that was when we needed to take our clothes off. I asked her to make sure mom and dad were sleeping. She went up, and came down a few minutes later, and said yeah.

    We started undressing. And I remember looking at her standing there after taking her pajama top off and then pulling down her pajama bottoms. I saw her boobs, already really big for her age. Kind of a big stomach, and I saw her pull her underwear down. She stood there with no clothes on, and said this is what she saw Connie. I said yeah. I saw it too. And I pulled down my pajama bottoms, and took off my top. I told her that this is what I saw going on. And she said that it looked like it was time that we do stuff together. I said yeah.

    We were kissing and stuff, and we started touching. She put her hand on me, and started touching it. And she jerked back, telling me it was all sticky. I explained to her what I do alone, and she said she didn't know people did that. I said yes. I said I heard girls do it too, and it gets all wet down there and it makes them feel good. I told her I saw Mark and Connie doing it, and that's how Mark was able to do it with her. And my sister said that maybe she should do it too, so if that's how it worked? I said OK.

    She stood there with nothing on, and started touching down there. I stood there and said I'd show her what I did. And I started touching myself, getting really hard. I knew what it felt like, when I was going to squirt, so I slowed down. And I saw her say well it's really wet down there. It feels really nice. Do you wanna touch it? I said yes. I looked, and I was touching her pussy hair. I kept touching really soft, and then I pushed my fingers up inside it, and felt her. She moved a little, and I started rubbing it. She kind of made a little noise, and said it felt really really good, so I kept touching her down there. When she started moving a little, I asked her if she was OK. And she said yes. She said it's really tingly, and it's tickling down there. She's never felt it like that. I said that we could do more if she wanted, and she said yes. I told her we'd probably have to do what Mark and Connie did. We'd have to crawl up on my bed.

    My sister crawled up on my bed, and was on her back and said she didn't know what to do. I told her what she saw Mark do. She said Connie spread her legs really wide, and Mark put his thing inside her. I said that's what I saw. And I told her that I saw Mark do it, and he would push it in her, and pull it out, and push it in again, and pull it out. And she said when I do things myself, and I make a mess, how do I do it if I'm having sex with her? I said well, I'd seen Mark do it, and I think from looking at it, I think he does it like in her down there. My sister looked and said OK. She asked me what I saw, if it was like that with her, when he was done, he like came out of her, and his thing was really small and soft. I said yes. That's what happens when a guy masturbates. When he squirts sperm out and stuff, he stops being hard, and it takes him a bit to get there again. So when he's pulling out of her, he must do it inside her when he's down there. She said that's what we have to do if it's like that.

    I put it in her a little. And I pushed. It was really tight. She made a noise. Said it hurt. I pushed a little more. And she said it didn't hurt as bad. I pushed even more. And watching, I saw it go all the way inside her like two minutes later. I was looking down, and saw my dick inside her pussy hair, and it was all the way inside her. I laid there for a second, and asked her how it felt. She said it felt really big and kind of squeezing down there. I told her this is what Mark and Connie did. And I said that we could do all that they do, and she said yes. I started to push, and then I'd pull out, like we saw them doing, and a couple of minutes later, doing it, she said it felt really good, and she liked it. And I felt it ready, like when I was going to jerk off and make myself go off. I told her that if I kept pushing like that, I was going to make a sticky mess. She laid there on her back, and I was touching her boobs. I started to play with them with my hands a little bit, and was pushing it down inside her, and I told her I was gonna do it if I didn't stop. She said no, to not stop, and go ahead and do it.

    About a minute later, I felt it squirting from the end and shooting up inside her. It kept going. I was making a noise, and kept going and going. And it finally stopped. I just kind of stopped, and I pulled it out of her. I saw it dripping off the end a bit, and I told her that I was all done.

    She sat up, and kind of looked at me. She said to me that's what guys and girls do? I liked it. It kind of hurt. But it felt really nice afterwards. She stood up, and she was all sticky. She said she wasn't sure what to do. I told her I thought we had to get dressed like Mark and Connie did, and I'd seen them go into the bathroom and clean up their mess. So we snuck upstairs, and went into our only bathroom and we cleaned up and used a wash cloth to wipe up and stuff.

    She went to bed, and I went into my own bed. But that wasn't the only time we did stuff like that. Over the next 6 or 7 months, we'd done it a couple more times. Until we started hearing people talk about getting pregnant, sperm, and eggs, and sex talk. And then we started listening to my mom and dad, and telling my brother to uee protection. I asked my brother, and remember him showing me condoms back then. That's when they weren't as easy to get. He told me that he'd had an older friend get them. I didn't know if I was able to. The first couple times after that, I stole some of his, and my sister and I did it a few times. There were times when we touched each other and would just make each other get off. By the time I hit high school, we'd put a stop to it, afraid people would find out, or something would happen.

    I'm still close with her. And ironic, we've talked about it a few times through the years, but even now? I still fantasize what it would be like with her now. She has two kids, and she's a couple years younger than I am, and I'm curious how she'd be to fuck after all these years, knowing that she has experience, and she's still really damn good looking.

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