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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Sweet marie called me the other day and said she has an appointment to get her breasts enlarged next week.She is going to the sama doctor her older sister went to have hers enlarged a few years ago.She had hers enlarged from a 34A to a nice bra filling 38C. She is about 38 yrs. old 5.7 thinner and a nice body with shoulder length very lt. brown with blonde tinted hair. Its in a shag.Her sister,JUDY is taking her for the procedure.Icannot wait to see them.She s going from a 34A to a nice full looking 34D. Sweet marie said when is feeling better and up for some action she will call me. The following week we set up a time for me to come over. I picked up a large bottle of champagne and a gift to celebrate her new look.Irang her bell and she came to the dressed really sexy wearing her sheer black short robe. Under it you could see her enlarged tits.They were gorgeous with a black and gold shelf bra, showing them off,also wearing a maching 10 strap garterbelt holding up her sexy lace top nylons and wearing her black 6 inch heeled thigh boots.She also had the studs removed from her nipples and replaced with rings and a heart pendant with her navel now pierced with a beautiful dangling rhinestone jewels.She looked so hot. Igave her her gift a rhinestone collar which spelled SLUT.She loved it , I helped her put it on. Ialso showed her mine it said STUD.She smiled.I opened the champagne, she brought out 3 flutes. I said 3 and she said that she had a surprise waiting for me.Out of the bedroom walked out her sister ,JUDY she was dressed with a black leather shelf bra showing off her nice looking 38C tits and had on a matching black lesther garterbelt with leather g string with black seamed nylons wearing black 5 inch heeled knee high boots. She wore a studded black leather choker OMG I said.JUDY said you are not gonna leave me out of the action. Sweet marie told her that I am her lover.We toasted and had a 3 way kiss. I kissed judy deep and told I had a thing for her for a while. She looked so hot.We held hands with sweet marie leading the way to her bedroom.The bed had restrains for wrists and legs all set up.My sister-in -laws said to get undressed and lie dowm. I did as I was told. My lovers fastened the straps on my wrists and ankles. I had such a throbbing hardon.I was at their mercy now. Both woman licking and sharing my hard cock.

    JUDY mounted my face after removing her g string.I began licking and eating her lt. brown landing strip shaved pussy. What a treat. Sweet marie was riding my cock buried in her dark brown full bush. This was heaven. JUDY got off my face and untied me .These hot woman now changed positions .JUDY laid on her back and wanted my cock inside her.I started fucking her with her booted legs on my shoulders. Sweet mare put her wet pussy on JUDYS face. JUDY licke sweet marie to an organism. Sweet marie kissed while this happened .I soon shot my hot load in JUDYS wet c**t.
    We switched positions Judy laid on her back. Sweet marie on her hand and knees so she could taste some pussy for her first time.I was behind sweet marie fucking her from behind and finally in her hot ass in which after a while I came in her butt.JUDY said this was great but had to leave undressing and put on a workout outfit with sneakers. I guess her excuse was she was working out. She sure was sexually. Sweet marie and I continued fucking longer.Then I wanted to try out those new tits .I got on her chest and started fucking those fine tits. Then coming in her mouth as I finished .I now had the hatrick I have fucked all 3 sisters.
    On we went out for a family brunch. My sister-in-laws looked so good.Sweet marie was waring that purple short sexy dress I gave her for her B-day with her sexy matching stilettos and lilac nylons.We passed iN the hall near the restrooms, sweet marie and I asked JUDY if she would like to join us for some action later.She said she could not Iwill take a raincheck.My bitchy wife got into it on the way home . I dropped her off and straight to sweet maries for a few hours of sucking and fucking.I came home and later fucked my wife, not to leave her out. I cannot wait to get in JUDY again we have unfinished business.

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    Just like every other cup final weekend, I'm sure this years barbecue will inspire my husband and his brother to get themselves absolutely blind drunk. But unlike all those other cup final weekends where his brother Paul and my husbands nephew Alex have stayed over, Alex won't be here just to enjoy the football.
    Alex and I have been texting each other daily since he visited our home last week. I already knew why he was calling round as we'd swapped sexual pictures of ourselves. Unfortunately just as I was taking Alex's wonderfully large cock deep up my pussy, my husband decided he'd finish early and drive home. I'd probably had Alex's cock in me no more than a minute when my husbands car pulled up. When he walked in, myself and Alex were chatting about the barbecue and my husband didn't suspect a thing.
    The barbecue is all set, as are the extra beers and rum to ensure they do have great time getting pissed. Alex's guest room is also ready to for him to receive his aunt, who will be visiting his room as soon as I know his father and uncle are passed out. Believe me I won't be letting Alex's cock slip out and escape my pussy for a second time.

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    I'm actually gay but I love to flash my cock to anyone who'll watch. My partner of many years were at the family house a few months ago and we all drunk. I had short shorts on and I flopped my cock out under the table so only my mother in law could see it. She saw me playing with to get it bigger for her. I am very impressive soft - about 5 inches, very fat with hanging ball sack. She kept glancing at it and I gave her a wry grin. Now she always checks out the package and opens her legs a lot. I've also got a hard on in baggy jogging bottoms for her to see. She got up and refreshed my drink for me leaning in close. I always think, 'one day'...

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    Straight Female / 19

    Three weeks ago I caught my twenty three year old brother fucking his on off girlfriend in our conservatory. He knew my parents were away and must have thought I was still at college. I stood and watched him fuck her for over quarter of an hour with out him even knowing I was there. And by the time he'd cum up his girlfriend, I orgasmed from playing with my clitty after lifting up my skirt and moving my knickers to one side. That's because I got to see just how big my brother is. And that's fucking enormous. His cock is easily way larger than any boyfriend I'd ever had and he fucked that girl so hard and for so long, I imagined as he fucked her, it was my pussy and arsehole his cock was pounding.
    Watching her lick and suck his dick after he'd pulled out of her arsehole, was the final straw for me. And I knew right there and then I wanted my brother to fuck me. Each da that goes by now I try to find a way to entice him into my bedroom to have sex with me, but I either chicken out, or my parents are at home. It's getting to the point I might just jump on his the next time my mother and father are out. That or walk around naked, as I'm so desperate for his cock and his beautifully fit body. God I'm so horny for my brother right now.

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    Straight Male / 28

    What can I say, other than I'm extremely lucky and having the sexual time of my life.
    Tracy, my wife and I have been married for three years. In those three years I've also become close to Tracy's mom Helen too, but as of this past five months really close. That's because five months ago after a nights drinking at Helen's, my wife asked me if I'd do her and Helen a favor. When I asked what, thinking it would be some more decorating, my asked me if I'd take her mom to bed and fuck her.
    You can probably imagine my surprise and my initial doubts, so I laughed. I wasn't laughing when my wife's gorgeous forty two year old mom walked back into the lounge naked.
    Back track here a little. Helen divorced Tracy's dad when Tracy was just three years old. She has had lovers, but none for over four years and that's apparently where I come in. Obviously Tracy knows I'm reasonably well endowed, and she also knows I like to have a very kinky dirty time in and out of the bedroom.
    So sat on Helen's couch looking at her stunning body getting a boner, I then looked at my wife again, who said "Well go on then before I change my mind". Helen took my hand as I stood up and I followed her upstairs watching her tight small ass sway before me. At the top of the stairs, she put my hand to her ass and told me she wanted this especially to get a good fucking. My wife heard what her mom had just said and added "And make sure you make her cum, like you do me".
    Helen got onto her bed, lay on her back and opened her legs. Her trimmed pussy looked beautiful and as quickly as I could, I stripped naked. I was already rock hard and loved the look Helen gave my cock. She grinned a huge grin and said "Tracy wasn't lying then". Getting onto the bed with her, I put my face between her legs and noticed just how big her clitoris was. There a nervousness in her voice when Helen said "Do you like it". Sucking in her really large clit, as I buried my face into her pussy, told her all she needed to know. I must have spent a good quarter of an hour licking, tonguing and sucking on her pussy and clit, and had my wife's mom climaxing twice. Both times she shouted out my name and told me just how good it felt to be cumming like she was again.
    Spinning around after her second orgasm, I had Helen take my cock into her mouth, as I continued to suck away on her little lady cock. She might not have had sex in a while, but I can tell you, Helen certainly knows how to give head, and if I'm honest, much better than her daughter. I was leaking pre cum like no bodies business. She was able to deep throat almost all my cock and that hadn't been done to me since a girl in college. So it was a fantastic feeling to have Helen sucking in so much of my dick and enjoying it all as much as she was.
    Lifting her head away from my cock, Helen said "Will you fuck me now, and I don't mean make love to me, I want fucking". I didn't need to be asked twice. Lifting her legs a little, I put my cock head to her pussy opening and sank my cock straight into her hot wet c**t, and wow did it feel good. Like she'd asked, I didn't waste time slowly building up. I literally pounded her tight pussy from the word go. Holding her hips to give me purchase, I saw my cock brushing against her engorged massive clit and saw Helen arching her back. A few more thrusts and I witnessed Helen having an incredibly violent orgasm. It wasn't like any orgasm I'd ever seen Tracy have, and it gave me an ego like a porn star.
    It also had me me flip her over, spit on her asshole and drive my cock with some difficulty up her tight rear hole. She'd asked me on the top of the stairs, so I just had to try to fuck her there. It took some effort and a lot of moaning from Helen, but my cock finally popped in and she shivered as half my cock sank into her asshole. Taking it a little slower at first, I was told by Helen, to fuck her. Leaning down onto her, I cupped her medium sized breasts and slammed my dick into her asshole. She groaned with a lustful sound, then said "Please give it to me, I want it hard". Remembering my wife's words, I absolutely destroyed her back hole for next twenty minutes or so. First on top of her, then lay behind her, spooning my mother in law. And finally I had Helen mount my cock facing me so I could see her face. She'd been fucking her own ass on my dick for about five minutes that way, when she leaned down and we had our first kiss. It was passionate and loving all at the same time, and moments later she came coating my cock with lots and lots of her pussy juices. That had my cock pulsing and I shot my load up my wife's moms ass, jerking as each spurt of cum left my cock.
    Both worn out sexually, or so I thought she was too lay next to me. Helen slid down my body, took my cock back into her mouth and began to lick and suck my cock clean. Eventually lapping up the remaining cum and anal juices, she rose up and we began to kiss.
    We were still kissing when there was alight tap on the bedroom door. Helen told Tracy she could come in and Tracy entered. Sitting on the end of the bed, my wife looked at her me, then her mom and asked her mom if she'd had a good time. Turning to face me, Helen said "You're lucky girl, he's one damn fine fuck". My wife began to laugh and so did Helen and myself. It was a nervous release laugh at first, but by the time we settled, it had become an all out belly laugh.
    Ten minutes later I was showered and dressed. Tracy had ordered a taxi and we left, but not before Helen had given another passionate kiss right in front of her daughter. They kissed and hugged all lovingly and we walked out to get in the taxi. At home my wife asked me if I'd enjoyed myself. I looked at her and told my wife, her mother was damn fine lady and someone who deserved to be treated right sexually. My wife stared and me and said "I'm glad you think that way, because I'd like you to continue giving my mom pleasure as long as she wants it".
    Five months on and I'm still fucking Helen at least once a week. Sometimes it at her home, others it at ours, but the real fun times is when she wants to fuck outdoors. Believe me, women are just as horny and dirty at forty two as they are at twenty six. And am I glad they are too.

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    When I was younger, my first cousin, another male, was like my big brother. He was 18-ish and I was 8-9. When my mom would have visitation and take me, I spent more time with my cousin than I did with her; fishing, cruising, eating out etc. I don't know how it started, but I was even allowed in the room when he was banging his girlfriend(s). I also don't know how this started but he used to make me suck his dick. I never "didn't like it" or was in fear of what was going on, after all, he was like a big brother to me. I don't remember if he used to cum in my mouth or if I ever remember him cumming at all. I do remember him saying things like, "lick the tip", put the head in your mouth etc. I never told anyone until I told my mom when I was going through a depression. As with many situations like this, nothing was ever done. He soon had an accident and died when I was around 16 or 17.

    During this time when I was 16-17, I was living with an uncle and his family. He had 4 kids, obviously all my first cousins. 3 girls, one boy. I shared a room with the male cousin who was a couple years younger than me but we hung out quite a bit, swimming, school etc. As with any males, sex is always a fun topic. I told him of my sexual escapades with others as well as my male cousin from the earlier story. We talked about orgasms and of course he was curious as to what is felt like. So one day while we were in the room, I just pulled his pants down and started sucking his dick. He lay there enjoying it and I kept going until I felt his cock grow in my mouth, then explode. I took it all in. We didn't feel weird at all, but I asked him how it felt and he was blushing, saying that was a great feeling.. SOOOOOOO, I said, my turn, so he sucked my cock until I blew in his throat.

    That was the only time we did anything like that. We never mentioned it again. During the same period, my female cousin, said something to me that made my dick twitch so I told her to come with me in the room.. We went in, I closed the door and pulled my dick out. She asked what I was doing and I just grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and started to stroke it with her hand until she took over. It didn't take long to blow my nut all over her hand but that opened up a new door for me.

    There were two houses as part of this family, within 50 feet of each other. She slept in the other house with our grandmother. Once night, I was horny and went into her room in the middle of the night. She rolled over and asked "what are you doing" and my response was "I want to fuck you". As I said that, I reached down and began pulling on her panties to remove them. I laid in bed with her, spooning her and slowly fucked her until I pumped my seed into her pussy as her love box clamped onto my cock. This would carry on for about a year before I left for a job. I never got her to suck my cock, but I could fuck her anytime I wanted.

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    There was absolutely no need for my sister to tell my parents she'd caught me masturbating, but she did all the same. I was made to feel bad about what I'd done. More out of them having to be seen to do something in front of my older sister, than actually caring I'd wanked my cock.
    A couple of months later, I found a used pair of my sisters panties which had fallen out of her arms as she'd gone to take her laundry downstairs. Remembering her getting me into trouble, I sniffed at her crotch area and smelt the heady aroma of her pussy. My cock became so hard I walked back into my bedroom and began to stroke my dick, whilst sniffing her panties. In an almost repeat performance, she walked in on me tossing off my cock again. The difference this time, is I had a pair of her used panties around my face. I thought I was in deep shit, but instead of walking out or getting all sanctimonious on me, she walked over to where I lay, removed my hand and began to masturbate me. At the same time, my sister asked me if I'd like to feel the real thing on my face.
    I didn't get to answer her, as before I could say anything, she spun around lifted her skirt and let me see the panties I'd been sniffing were the ones she'd been wearing. Her beautiful looking pussy was only inches from my face and asking me again, I just about managed to say "Yeh sure" when she lowered herself and smothered my face with her soaking wet pussy.
    I was fifteen, and hadn't had any sexual experience at all. Yet in a kind of natural way, I began to firstly kiss her pussy, then lick it, and gradually as she schooled me, to suck away on what I came to know, as her really large clit.
    My sister just went for it. Fucking my face as quickly as I liked to toss myself off and before I knew it, she was telling me in a low tone, she was cumming. A couple of seconds later my face was covered in her creamy sweet tasting pussy juices.
    That was it for me, I was hooked. Nearly every day after that I would find my sister wanting her daily tonguing. Gone was the need to grass me up (She'd done it to make a point...I know you tell me?...I still don't know) in our revised relationship, I became her sexual stress relief. Even when she had boyfriends later on, she'd often ask me to give her oral pleasure, telling me they were pathetic at cunnilingus. And each time I'd oblige her.
    Not until I reached eighteen did she first suck my cock. I'd just licked and sucked her to two really strong orgasms and she told me it was time for me to feel the same. Taking what I thought was an average sized cock into her mouth, my sister gave me a whole half hours worth of cock and ball sucking, before I busted my nut in her mouth. She swallowed the lot and then we did something I'd never done with her, we kissed. It was such a shock, more than having her suck my cock to completion in many ways, I remained hard. She noticed and went down on me again, but as she moved to suck on my cock, I maneuvered her around so I could lick her gorgeous pussy again. In a sixty nine position, having both recently cum, we took our time giving one another oral pleasure, until eventually we both climaxed again.
    It was a trip we took in her car about four months later that we first fucked. She'd pulled over down a old dirt road and had me tongue her pussy. As I went to get her to suck my cock, she told me she was taking birth control and wanted me to stick my cock inside her pussy. Believe me I didn't need asking twice as I was still technically a virgin (Long story). Getting her to stand up outside the car, then lean onto the hood, I got behind my sister and rammed my already ragingly hard cock, straight up her dripping pussy.
    The sex wasn't great I must admit as I was too excited and only lasted a few minutes, but it was a start of something very special between us. From then on my sister and I only had sex with each other. I soon learned how to control my orgasms and had her cumming not only from tonguing her pussy and asshole, but also from fucking her pussy too. Graduating if that's the right phrase, to anal sex in her bedroom one evening, when our parents had gone out for the night. I'd just tongued her pussy and ass, making her climax and was about to slide my cock into her pussy, but she had other ideas and gripped my cock. Guiding me the whole way, my sister put my cock head to her asshole and had me ease it into her rear hole. Once she'd gotten used to my size (I knew by then I was a lot larger than most guys) she had me fuck her asshole as I'd fucked her pussy. And it was absolutely awesome to be deep up her "shit box" as she called it.
    By the time she reached twenty five and I was two years her junior, we were fucking constantly whenever we had the time and had the opportunity. We didn't let anyone in our secret and having other partners each by then, it became more difficult to find time.
    My sister married first, but her marriage failed, not because of me, but because her husband was a piss head. I did get engaged once, but found I still needed and wanted my sister. So breaking off the engagement, I rang my sister and we met a motel. In our first ever overnight sexual session, we fucked pretty much the whole night and into the morning, making each other cum numerous times.
    We told each other that was it for the pair of us. We were not going to find other people to satisfy us in future, we were going to move in together and live as lovers, telling our parents it was to save on money.
    We still live together, and if anything our sex life is only getting better and better with each year that passes. Our father passed away last spring, but our mom is going strong. She isn't stupid and had hinted she knows about us, but has never directly said a word. Maybe thinking her son and daughter are very happy together. And that's just what we are. Neither of us wants children, and in a way that's a blessing as I apparently can't. So we keep ourselves to ourselves when it comes to sex, and get all the horny anything goes sex we need from each other.

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    Straight Female / 35

    After her divorce, my sister bought a house that has a notorious past. It was once a brothel and even a sexual predator lived there and when two girls disappeared from the vicinity, the monster who lived there was caught and they found a hidden room in the basement where he abused them. The guy was eventually executed for his crimes.
    Every time I go over there I feel like someone is watching me with bad intentions. I finally told my sister and she told me that she is very uncomfortable in the basement and had her oldest son, when he is home, accompany her when she needed to go down there. The color ran out of her face as she made me swear never to tell anyone but when they were down there the last time she heard a voice say "you know you want that young cock." The freaky thing is her son heard it too and when they ran upstairs, she had to fight the urge of being attracted to him and he started looking at her differently. Two nights later she had her first wet dream in decades and it involved her oldest. As she told me a little more of the dream then I wanted to hear, I could feel my panties moistening and there felt like a cool breeze coming at me chest level making my nipples harden a bit. I had to get out of there and as I was heading for the door in walked her oldest and I nearly creamed my jeans when he hugged me.
    As soon as I was outside I felt like I just walked through a change of attitude zone or something. I sat in my car not believing what my sister had told me and how horny I became knowing full well all she would have had to do is touch me in the wrong spot and I would have had lesbian sex with my sister. The thought of me going back and getting her and my nephew into the basement flashed through my mind but I drove off. After I few minutes I tried calling her and she didn't answer. I began to wonder if they were down in the basement.
    I love my sister and her family but something is wrong with that house and what may be going on in there. I plan on visiting again soon but keep thinking of reasons why I shouldn't. She has been kind of stand offish to me too and I am beginning to feel she wishes she never told me what she did.

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    This happened when I was 20. I was home one afternoon and had the house to myself. My mom wasnt home until the evenings from work. So i figured I had a few hours to myself and decided to watch porn in the living room and masturbate.

    I had been watching for about an hour and out of nowhere I hear my mom speak up and say, "Looks like you're having fun." I think I about jump out of my skin. I tried to cover my cock with my hand and started apologizing. She laughed and told me not to be sorry. And said I was old enough to watch porn and wasn't expecting her to be home. She failed to mention she had a meeting at work and that she was able to leave early.

    What she said after a little small talk came as a shock. She nervously said, "This is a bit awkward, but do you mind if I join you and watch." I said, "the TV or me?" She smiled and said, "both." And went on to say that I shouldn't stop and get frustrated. I told her that I didn't mind if she wanted to join.

    We sat there for about 5 minutes watching, and my mom looked over and said, "I can leave if you need me to." I told her that it was okay and she didn't need to leave. I slowly started to masturbate again. Was weird at first. Aftee a few minutes my mom began to watch me instead of the TV. She stood up for a moment and started undoing her pants and said, "I need to get off." We sat there and watched each other masturbate. She came twice and then I came. She got up and left the room and came back and gave me a towel to clean up with.

    She smiled, and said, "that was fun." I got up and had a shower and rehashed everything that happened. When I came back downstairs, my mom was putting dishes away, and looked at me, and asked me if I was ok. Which I told her I was fine and that what just happened was pretty wicked. She giggled. She said that it was pretty hot, but didn't want it to lead to sex. She added in that she wouldn't mind for a repeat of what had just happened and told me that anytime I felt like masturbating, if I wanted her to watch she was more than happy to.

    Fast forward two years now, We still watch porn together and masturbate. Sex is definitely out of the question. But she has given in to giving me handjobs.

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    My name is Tina I'm 34 yrs old and have an 11yr old son named Jake. A couple nights ago I was getting ready for bed and decided to check on him before I turned in. I opened his door and peeked in and to my surprise he was lying on his back uncovered with an erection sticking up out of his underpants. I tip toed in closer to get a better look and quietly sat on the edge of his bed staring at his beautiful penis. It was about 7in with a nice round head and it was throbbing. As I watched his dick throb he started to move around a little lifting his bottom off the bed and hump the air. He let out a quiet moan and his penis started jerking and semen squirted from it all over his stomach and chest. My baby just had a wet dream and I was there to see it. As I sat watching his dick go limp I reached over and scooped up some of his boy cum with my fingers and tasted it. I have had a few men cum in my mouth but his was the sweetest I have ever tasted. I went back to my room and masturbated to a mind blowing orgasm thinking about what I just witnessed. When I got up the next morning instead of getting dressed I put on my sexiest pink panties and a tight tank top to show off my firm tits went in the kitchen and sat at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper waiting for my beautiful boy. When he finally walked in he was wearing a clean pair of tight white underwear. He sat down at the table and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast " cereals fine mommy" he replied. I got up and walked over to fix him a bowl and noticed he was staring at the camel toe in my panties and my hard nipples. He reached down and was adjusting his penis when I brought over his cereal. When I sat down I moved the gusset of my panties to one side so my pussy lips would be exposed and spread my legs I then dropped a spoon and asked him if he would get that for me. "sure mommy " he crawled under the table and I heard him gasp he was looking at my pussy for the first time. When he got up he finished his cereal and I told him to put the bowl in the sink. He walked over to the sink trying to cover up his stiff cock. I told him "don't be shy around me baby all boys your age get hard and its nothing to be concerned about and if you want to you can go in your room and jack it off to make it go away". He stood and looked at me not knowing what to say when I told him " oh for heavens sake baby I can do it for you if you want". He stammered and said "will you mommy" " sure I will ". I pulled down his underpants and told him to sit on mommas lap. He sat down and leaned back against me I reached around and started to slowly jerk him off and fondle his big cum filled balls. "oh mommy that feels so good don't stop please don't stop" I started to jerk him faster and asked him " my goodness baby what made your penis so stiff" " I saw your pussy under the table and it made my pecker stand up" I was squeezing his balls and jerking him faster and said " tell momma when your about to shoot I have a special treat for you" "ok mommy I'm almost ready" I turned him around and put the head of his dick in my mouth and started to suck. "oh mommy I'm squirting I'm squirting" he filled my mouth with his sweet cum pumping in load after sticky load. when he finished he sat on my lap and hugged me "that felt wonderful". mommy. I got up and told him to follow me and walked in the bedroom. I slid my panties off and took off my shirt. I laid on the bed with my legs spread and said "now Jake you can do what ever you want to me feel free too explore my body with your fingers or your mouth but don't ever tell anyone this is our secret". "ok mommy I wont I promise". He got on the bed beside me and started playing with my tits pinching the nipples. He then bent down and started licking and sucking on them .my pussy was soaked at the feeling of his lips on my nipples. He then moved between my legs staring at my vagina I could see his dick getting hard again. "oh mommy its so pretty". I reached down and spread my lips apart so he could get a better look and told him " if you want to you can stick your penis inside me and cum in mommas c**t. I told him to lay on top of me and I guided his dick in my hole. " ok baby push it in" he did and it felt so good. "now push it in and out and fuck momma hard". he was fucking me hard and fast when I came all over his dick. "Oh you made me cum with your big dick baby" "oh yea mommy I'm gonna cum now" and he shot his cum in my pussy. when he pulled out his cock I could feel his semen pour out of my pussy down my ass crack. I hugged him and said "your the best son ever".

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