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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I have known since I was in Junior High that I am attracted physically and emotionally to other girls, that I wasn't experimenting, that my crush response was very real. However, I am a Catholic and I believe I am on this earth as a woman and I am healthy and of sound mind and am able to bear children and that I was born to conceive. I married a close friend who is very much aware of my lesbian nature but I married to fulfil my desire to have a large family. I am now the mother of five children and I would joyfully welcome a sixth. My husband and I can support our family, which we do. We have a family business and we encourage families and provide day care to our employees.

    Long before I was destined as lesbian I was born female with all the faculties and abilities to be a mother. I do not agree with gay marriage or that children should be raised in a home of two men or two women who are romantically involved. This is my opinion, take it or leave it. The Bible doesn't approve of homosexual behavior, it doesn't address whether or not you happen to be homosexual. As with any other disability, you work to overcome your disability, you don't surrender to it and in doing so turn your back on your family, church and society.

    Some feel it is their place to scream their views and shove their views down our throats, well I feel I can disagree and not support those views and shove my views down your throat until you stop shoving in my direction. There is no pride in being homosexual, it is an unfortunate biological abnormality.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    After such a long time without speaking, we finally got back in touch in March this year. It's not important why we fell out, what is important, is how we are as brother and sister now.
    It was a relatively slow process burying the our past demons, but once we'd gone through the heart ache and the questions, we had a two person party. We'd chosen it this way as we both have families and we're both.... Well I'll tell you now.
    The get together, party or whatever you might want to call it, took place in a hotel bar. As we chatted, it became perfectly clear we'd not lost the one thing we both knew before we stopped talking. And that was we fancied the pants off of each other.
    The first kiss was in the bar and it was a kiss of missing each other all those years. Sat in a quiet corner the second kiss wasn't a kiss a brother and sister would normally have, and it didn't stop there. As we kissed, my sister put her hand down to my cock bulge, broke off the kiss and said "Book a room".
    We phoned our respective other half's, then entered the lift. By the time we'd reached our floor, I had my sisters pussy juices all over my middle two fingers on my right hand.
    In the room I'd just paid for, we couldn't get naked quick enough and I still had my shirt on as my sister sucked in my cock. Looking down at her licking and sucking on my fully engorged penis, I told my sister she was just as much a sex addict as I am. Releasing my cock, she replied "I'm whatever you want me to be from now on".
    You're all adults. And you'll know the kind of things we did sexually throughout a night of exploration and learning. It was the kind of sex that ebbs and flows like the tide. Sometimes it was extremely rough and dirty sex, other times it was loving, slow and naturally intimate sex. One thing it wasn't, was in any way shape or being, held back sex.
    When we both wanted something, the other went with it and by the time daybreak arose, my sister was very slowly grinding up and down on my cock anally.
    I'm not sure how many times I made her orgasm with my mouth, lips, tongue, fingers and cock. She even climaxed by having me rub her pussy with my my feet.
    When we signed out of the hotel, I told her we'd have to be careful given our families. We're still being careful and meet up at least once a week for sex.
    Part of the reason we didn't speak, was denying each other the sex we both knew we wanted. We'll not be denying each other ever again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    My wife Ann had earlier said "Who the fuck would want to fuck you!". as she steadily got herself pissed up. Witht he fat bitch suitably out of her skull and crashed out on our couch, I slid my cock into a young pussy, fucked it for some considerable time, pulled out, changed positions and slid my pussy cream coated cock straight into the young twenty four year old woman's asshole. Fucking her doggy like that for a while, only feet away from her snoring aunt, my wife's favorite niece climaxed on my cock twice and begged me to cum deep inside of her. It was my cum that was leaking out of Kiara when her aunt came round and grabbed her wine glass. She looked at us both, told Kiara I was a waste of space and promptly feel off the sofa. Before Kiara left for home, I had her suck on my cock and balls again, then fucked her in our garage. It's something this waste of space has been doing with my wife's niece, for nearly eighteen months.
    As soon as the apartment I've purchased is ready, I'm moving out and Kiara and I will fuck as much as we like. My fat piss head wife, can drink herself to death in the house I'll leave all for her if she likes. Either that or eat herself to a heart attack.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I lost my virginity to my cousin Paul when we were both 13 years old. It happened in his own room while my parents, his parents and almost the entire family was downstairs in a family party.

    We were very close since we were kids and it was normal for us to go into each other's rooms every time the family would get together, we dont have other cousins of a similar age so it was normal for us to hang out by ourselves.

    Around the time we were 12 or 13 hormones kicked in, I got my first period and started developing my body, I started getting curious about boys and I know for sure he was curious about women because he showed me a couple of porn magazines that he had gotten from his friends at school.

    When we were playing around a couple times I noticed he touched me on purpose. He grabbed my ass and touched my tits a couple times, since we were very close I punched him and pushed him around but those incidents happened previous to having sex

    I remember it all started because we were playing something like truth or dare and he dared me to kiss him in the mouth. I remember I didnt want at the beginning but he kinda convinced me. We did kiss in the mouth, it was my first kiss and to be honest it felt kinda nice so we did it again, we even French kissed.

    We did it a couple more times after that day and the thing was we would hang out in his room or mine with the door almost closed so we started kissing on top of the bed. He started touching me while we would kiss and I remember clearly the day I noticed he got an erection from all the kissing and touching

    He basically said one day that he wanted to fuck me, yes he actually used the word "fuck" (so much for subtlety uh) I remember I said no but he insisted that we should do it, he said we both wanted to know how it felt and he wasn't going to tell anybody. I remember I was kinda curious about it but I could have waited too. At the end I let him talked me into it because he was my dear cousin, I felt close to him, I trusted him and I always kinda followed him to whatever he wanted to do

    We did it in his room, I agreed to it and he wanted to do it right away. It was a family party, people were downstairs but it was around 9pm, we knew nobody was going to bother us for at least 2 hours.

    We started kissing on top of his bed, he pulled my panties and my shorts down and he pulled his pants down as well, he got on top of me and well... he fucked me.

    When friends have told me about the day they lost their virginity it usually is a not such a great experience, either because the guy turned out to be a jerk or because of the situation. I have to say that even though mine wasn't such a great situation I dont remember losing my virginity as something bad or traumatic. The first penetration hurt like hell sure, but after that it wasn't that bad.

    Probably what I remember the most is how exited my cousin was on top of me while fucking me, have in mind this was the first time I was experiencing all the hard breathing, moaning and all the sounds guys do when having sex. I just remember feeling him very exited and I remember liking how I was the one provoking that enormous emotion on him

    We didnt use a condom...because well we were both 13 and we didnt know what we were doing. He only fucked me with him being on top and probably the sex lasted around 10 minutes. He came inside of me and that part I wasn't prepared for, I remember thinking something like "did he just pee on me?"... I dont think he knew what he was doing either because at some point he just said "I think Im supposed to stop now"

    When he pulled out I remember I felt wet between my legs. I was kinda confused I knew it wasn't pee but I didnt know much about cum yet. We put our clothes back on and we sat on the bed without saying a word. I was confused and for some reason I felt ashamed of what we had done. I remember I told him I didnt want to do it again and he said OK.

    After that night I avoided seeing him for a while. I remember I went online to find out everything I could about sex, penetration, pregnancy and so on and I felt ashamed for a while, I kinda felt like a slut for having had sex with my own cousin at 13.

    At school of course I didnt tell anybody, by the conversations with the other girls I could tell I probably was the only one who had sex when we were 13, most of the other girls started losing their virginities when they were 15 o 16. I never told anybody I had lost my virginity when I was 13.

    As far as my cousin, we kinda drifted apart after we had sex, but eventually when we were 15 or 16 we came back together again, by that time he was already hanging out with girls and I was hanging out with boys so we felt more normal. We never kissed again and thankfully we remained friends until this day

    We did talk about it once, we were outside a party and he was kinda tipsy and I was tipsy too. We both admitted we lost our virginity that day and we both laughed about it. He told me he liked it a lot and laughed, I thought it was funny and cute, I just punched him in the arm like I have always done and we never mentioned it again

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    I am a divorced mom and my son and I have always had a good mother-son relationship. Last summer he stopped by in the afternoon to see me, and as it happened I wasn't wearing a bra. My nipples were showing, not in a provocative fashion, but enough to be clearly seen. When I saw my son noticing this I just grinned and asked himif he liked that. He grinned back and said that he did. Well, feeling playfully uninhibited, I lifted my top up and squeezed my berasts together. Of course my son was wide-eyed over my doing this, and just to further tease him I slipped my top off all together. I told him that was as far as I was going to go unless he was prepared to take his clothes off, too. He didn't know what to say, so I said how I didn't want to be the only one naked, and it would be more fun if we both were. We joked about this for a minute, and somewhat modestly he worked up the courage to take his clothes off as I undressed.
    Well the erection that he got certainly made it a whole lot easier for the two of us to allow oursleves to get carried away. Within fifteen minutes were having sex right there in the living room. It was so exciting and wonderful doing that together, and we actually fucked twice that afternoon.I don't know, maybe fearing that might not ever work up the nerve to do something like that again, and figuring that we had better take advanatage of the moment.

    Not that we needed to worry about this. That very next week we had sex several more times and it was so terrific doing that togther as mother and son. Since then we have started to fuck on a reglar basis two of trhee times a month and this has been going on for over a year. We both loved it and find it so extremely pleasurable and staisfying. Thankfully I have been fixed so we have no need to worry about brith control or his getting me pregnant, so we can deligthfully do it as nature intended.y2zh

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    Recently I shagged my sister in law Katie at a party we held at our home for my wife's birthday. Katie stayed over and I swear I honestly thought she was my wife in our bed. Messing about in the dark, she'd covered herself in our quilt, but offered up her pussy and arsehole. I took up the offer and fucked both holes thinking my wife and I were having a sneaky sexual break from her party. Only when I came deep up her arse, did I hear Katie orgasming, then her telling me she was amazed how much larger my cock was than her boyfriend's. I freaked a little, but had shut up as we both heard someone using the bathroom next to our bedroom. We obviously didn't say anything when we got back downstairs and nothing has been said since. However my wife has told me Katie might be calling by when she's in France shortly. There's no reason for her to call by, other than a short text she sent the other day. It says 'Looking forward to another duvet day. Aren't you x'. My wife goes over to France for three days next week and I can't say I won't be tempted.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My step daughter Kim called by today with her little ones. As my wife took them off to visit her friend around the corner, Kim said she'd stay and have a shower.
    Previously and just before her mum said she was taking the young ones round to her friends home, Kim had flashed her naked pussy to me half a dozen times, as I lay on the rug playing with my step grandchildren.
    As soon as the front door closed, she dragged me upstairs, droped down and took my cock out of my shorts. Sucking on my dick for a short time, she then stripped, bent over the bath tub and had me fuck her from behind.
    Fucking my twenty six year old step daughter as hard as I could, she kept telling me just how much she'd missed my cock all week. And how small her husbands dick was compared to mine.
    She came at least three times before we risked showering and fucking together, with Kim having me fuck her arsehole under the water spray.
    I'd cum up her arsehole, had her suck on my cock again and just about dried off and dressed, when her mum came back with the children. It was close, but well worth the risk given I'd just fucked such a horny and cock hungry slut as my step daughter.
    If I get chance to with work, I'll visit Kim at her home during the week and fuck her for as long as we can. If not, it's next Sunday when she visits here again.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    Bukkake Party

    As my 18th birthday was coming up I began to hint to my mother that I would like a car. Actually it was more like pestering.

    She explained to me that we couldn't afford it. She was a single mother and had a crummy job as a bartender.

    But I was a whiney teenager who couldn't take no for an answer.

    So on my birthday she told me that she had a special party planned for me. I was to meet her in the bar afterwork.

    So it was actually after my birthday that I met her at the bar. My mom was there, with another bartender, and 3 regulars.

    They seemed pretty excited when I arrived and all sang me happy birthday.

    My mom was dressed a little slutty for work and had on a black lacy top and red booty shorts. I was dressed as a typical teenager with a tank top and jeans.

    My mother told me they were going to have a bukkake party for me. I had no idea what they were talking about.

    Mom said "Here let me show you how to get and keep a man" (the second part was ironic because she could not keep a man herself).

    She grabbed the bartender by his belt and kneeled down in front of him. He by far was the youngest in the group; about half the age of my mother. He was also the hottest, being muscular, well tanned and a blonde Adonis.

    Mom undid his belt buckle and unzipped his jeans. She pulled down his jeans and the other guys laughed a little because he was wearing tighty whiteys. Then she pulled down his shorts and his cock popped out, almost poking one of her eyes out.

    Then mom started to stroke his cock and lick his balls, and proceeded to instruct me on giving a blowjob. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had already given BJ's to some boys at school.

    Mom pulled off her lacey top, and started to massage the bartender's cock between her tits. I hadn't noticed it but the other guys had pulled out their cocks and we're slowly stroking themselves.

    Mom was making loud slurping noises as she was licking the bartender's cock and even deepthroated him a couple of time (something I could never do myself).

    This whole scene was turning me on, when one of the other guys suddenly said "Oh shit!" and came prematurely. This broke-up everyone in the bar, and the other guys teased him that he must have been turned on by the bartender's cock.

    Mom turned her attention back to the bartender's cock, and soon it was fully erect and pointing straight up vertically. Mom called me over to get a closer look of the action, so I knelt between her and the bartender.

    Frankly I was mesmerized but how long and hard his cock was. Not like the little boys I had blown at highschool. Soon a little pre-cum appeared on the tip of the bartender's cock (this was not my first rodeo).

    With a couple of more strokes of his hard cock, the bartender began to shoot his load, but mom directed his cock to paint his jizz all over my face. I had always swallowed before, but this time I enjoyed the warmth of the hot load on my face.

    I started to clean the cum off my face with my fingers, but mom said to leave it, that this was required for the bukkake.

    Next mom knelt in front of one of the other guy's who was much chubbier. Frankly, the other 3 guys were skanky, which made everything a little nastier.

    My mom followed the same procedure: belt, zipper, pants, and shorts. This guy's cock was much smaller, and with his beer gut mom had to work around it. Eventually he lost control, and was soon shooting his load directly into mom's mouth.

    Mom did not waste anything, and let his cum dribble out of her mouth onto my face (something that I found out later is called "snowballing"). Now I began to figure out a "bukkake" meant to cover my face with as much cum as possible.

    The third guy was now up. He was much taller and thinner, but his cock was the longest of the group. He said that he wanted to fuck my mom instead of a BJ. So mom pulled off her shorts and panties to oblige.

    He picked my mom up on the bar and and then lifted her to mount her on his erect cock. Then he began to give her a standing fuck, something that I had never seen before. My mom's bouncing tits and ass were frankly the biggest turn on.

    Suddenly my mom began to moan and scream, and a clear fluid began to gush out from between her legs. I thought the guy had cum, but it was actually my mom.

    Then the guy pulled out of my mom, and directed his hot load to shoot all over my face.

    Now I had the cum of 3 guys all over my face. The fourth guy could never get it up again.

    Mom proceed to clean up the bukkake and lick the cum off of my face. She snowballed some of the cum into my mouth, and then began to French kiss me with it. She was getting turned on as I was and we were completely oblivious to the guys in the room, who suddenly got quiet so as not to disturb us.

    Then mom pulled my tank top off and spread some of the cum over my puffy nipples. I started to massage her much larger breasts, as she began to lick the cum off of my tiny tits.

    Mom lost control of herself, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my panties off in one complete motion. Then she whispered in my ear that she had heard me diddling myself in my bedroom at night and now she was going to finger bang me.

    She thrusted two fingers into my pussy, and it was lucky that I had already broken my hymen with my own finger fucking. Soon I was sopping wet and mom laid me down on a table and started to lick out my pussy juices.

    I started to moan and squirm, which got the guys hooting and holloring. Then suddenly mom stopped and I was about to protest, when she mounted me scissor style. Soon she was grinding her pussy into mine, and I quickly learned to return the favour. We were now "tribbing" each other, with the guys cheering us on.

    Soon I thought mom was squirting her pussy juices again, but then I realized it was actually me. But mom quickly followed suit and was gushing all over me as well. I had my first mutual orgasm with my own mom.

    Mom took up a collection after the party, and raised enough for a down payment on a good used car.

    I had to start working at the bar to make enough to pay for insurance and gas. Oh, BTW mom also showed me how to earn a lot of extra cash in "tips".


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    I am a freelance therapist and a single dad. I live with my two daughters which has always been fun and interesting. My daughters if I do say so myself are beautiful both inside and out.
    They mostly take after their mom (who passed away when they were younger) in the physical department. The developed early and always looked older than they were because of that.
    There was a pretty open policy in our house around clothing and how much of it was necessary. We were open about the reality of sex, sexuality and sexual arousal. This continued and I would say even picked up after their mom passed away
    Even with all of this, my daughters did not become sexually active for a long time, they did masturbate but didn’t really do much with a partner though they did have many opportunities.
    Back a few years ago I had been working 14 – 16 hour days for about 30 days straight, we were in the middle of what felt like a prolonged heat wave.I arrived home and heard the TV on in one of my daughter’s rooms and figured they were watching something together as they often did.

    I finished my shower wrapped my towel around me and went out to the living room to lay on the couch to cool off. I must have immediately dozed off. When I woke I thought I was dreaming, I was in that state where you don’t if you’re in a dream and can’t really move (sleep paralysis).
    I looked down to see my two daughters topless, in thongs playing with my cock. My cock was very hard maybe the hardest it’s ever been.

    I couldn’t really move I was still in sleep paralysis but I could feel as first one of them would run their hand up and down my shaft then pass it to the other who would do the same.
    There were so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and body, how wrong this was but omg felt so fucking good, and how goddamn sexy my daughters looked.
    Their bodies were amazing and here they were my two voluptuous, beautiful, sexual, sexually aroused daughters stroking my cock and they were right next to each other. As they were next to each other sometimes the sides of their breasts would touch.

    I was so built up with cum I’m amazed I didn’t explode right there. My oldest daughter said to my younger daughter “let&aci rc;€™s try it in our mouths”. I don’t think they realized I was awake yet until she put it in her mouth and I let out a moan.

    My mind was telling me I should stop this but my body couldn’t stop it. She went up and down my shaft with her mouth 4 or 5 times then passed it to my younger daughter.
    As she did this she moved in closer and turned a little towards my older daughter which made their very erect, large nipples touch. That was it! It was too much for me I felt such a surge of cum building up I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I knew it was going to be a lot.

    It felt so wrong but then again so fucking hot, and erotic my cum came flying out it got all over their breasts, their faces, their hair, their shoulders even on their stomachs. There was a lot and it shot hard. They let out a little squeal of surprise when my large load of cum started landing on them. There was so much of it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    First I want you to understand that I have never been abused or coerced. Nor have I ever abused anyone or did anything that was not wanted equally.

    That said, our family was poor and my older brother and I shared a bed. Our house had a shower in the basement that our dad had fashioned himself. No walls, just a showerhead and controls for hot and cold water and a drain in the floor.

    I would often go down and watch my dad or my brother shower before it was my turn. Curiosity began because of the fact that dad had foreskin and my brother did not. Nor did I. I asked dad about it and he explained it best he could and I was satisfied. One day while watching dad, he skinned the foreskin back and washed his cock. It got hard and became so much bigger. I again asked for an explanation. Thus my first sex lesson, but he never touched me nor did I touch him.

    That night when my brother was sound asleep, I reached out and felt his cock through his underwear. As I felt, it got bigger and harder. It soon popped out of his underwear and I could not see it, but it felt really big. As I played with it, I felt some wetness, that I now know as precum. Then all of a sudden it exploded and I learned about cum because it was all over my hand and the bed.

    The next morning, I was scared to death because of what I had done. Nothing was said by my brother, so I guessed I was safe. So that night, I waited and repeated my actions from the night before. Very quickly his cock was hard again and I played with it. Same result. Same thing the next morning. Nothing mentioned.

    The third night when I thought him asleep, I reached for his cock, but this time he had no underwear on. That was really convenient and I liked it. However as I played with his cock, this time he whispered to me to put it in my mouth. I did and immediately liked the taste of the pre cum and soon was sucking his cock as he told me quietly what to do. When he was ready to cum, he said swallow it so there is no mess in the bed. I did, and I was hooked. I not only liked the pre cum, but the cum was so different. Salty but not at all bad tasting to me.

    He cautioned me after that I should not ever tell mom or dad and I promised I would not do that. About a month after I started this game, he rolled on his side and told me to do the same and move my butt back to him. I did, and he put is cock between my legs and moved back and forth until he was about to cum and he told me "quick in your mouth before I shoot." Saved the mess on the bed again.

    About 2 weeks of that every night and he started to finger my asshole. He managed to get a finger way up my ass and I like it and didn't resist. Then one night he put in 2 fingers and moved them all around. The first time he put his cock in my ass he was really careful not to hurt me even though his cock was so big. He told me to suck it and get it really wet with my saliva. That really helped but he put me on my hands and knees and he spit on my asshole and worked that big head in. Soon he was fucking me so hard and so deep, and then he filled my ass with his cum.

    I was in heaven but quickly had to go to the bathroom and it came gushing out but felt soooo good.

    This went on for about a year before my dad caught us. We both thought we were in serious trouble, but he never said a word. We stopped because we were both afraid of being caught again.

    One day I went down to take a shower after dad and I sat on the steps watching. Dad got his cock all soaped up and it was hard again as I had seen it before. His cock looked like it had a huge purple plumb on the end. He looked at me and told me to get in with him. I took my underwear off, and got under the water. He put his hand on the back of my head and bent me over. Next thin I knew, his soapy cock was up my ass before I realized it. He fucked me so hard and filled me with his cum. I finished my shower and he cautioned me to keep quiet about it.

    That night I told my brother. He started fucking me again, and between him and dad I was getting fucked once or twice a day.

    I finish this story for now but I tell you this. I am not gay, but I am bi. I have never kissed a man nor do I have any desire to. But I have sucked a lot of cocks and been fucked too many times to count. Life is good when you are bi.

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