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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 42

    I am married with three daughters, my husband decided he should have a vasectomy, to prevent and unplanned children plus we could have lots of fun without risk, so he went ahead and had it done it was the best idea ever, but our daughters are being a bit more than friendly towards there dad, they are dropping hints and wearing revealing clothes with out any under wear, I know I cant prevent anything happening would it be that wrong if I ignored it, we are a family, I am thinking I should and I shouldn't, my husband has am enormous sex drive he is to much for me now even more so since the operation, what would any other women do

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    Straight Female / 22

    The name didn't fit, or arouse any kind of suspicion in me at all. The sex was awesome and I did things sexually with him, I've never done before. Over a four month period we met on and off, with each sex session taking me to new and more exciting heights. His athletic muscular body, his long thick cock and how he used it to fuck my pussy and ass mercilessly over and over again. Spending ages in sixty nines with him. Him tonguing my pussy and ass before showing me positions I didn't know existed.

    Then by pure chance my mom saw us together leaving a motel. We'd just had three hours of amazing sex and I was kissing him passionately before getting in my car. My mom saw all this and apparently sat there in shock. She knew I was seeing an older guy on and off, as one of my girlfriends had told her a little about what I was up to.

    Before she could reach me, he'd driven off and I'd gotten into my car, totally at ease and floating on air from the fucking he'd just given me. Hearing her tap on the side window, I jumped, then smiled as I flicked the button to lower the window. Her face said it all, and I wondered what she was looking so worried about.

    That's when my mom asked me if he was the guy who I'd been having sex with. I smiled at her, said yes and saw the utter shock on her face. It took some seconds before my mom said "Honey you can't see him again, not ever". Before I got the chance to ask why, she walked away and crossed the street.

    My mom was sat silent and very still when I got to her place. Asking her what she was talking about, my mom very clamly said "It's my fault I should have told you". But then didn't say more. Pressing her, my mom eventually looked right into my eyes and told me "That man, the one at the motel. He's your dad".

    I was crushed. Left feeling empty, angry and lost all at the same time. I swear he and I didn't know. Yes he had a familiar look, but then how many people around the world have that. Mom and I sat there over the next two and half hours as she told me everything about their break up, and my three year old self crying for the dad who'd just walked out of our lives. I was distraught then, and eighteen years later, I was left feeling exactly the same.

    It was my birthday not so long back. At my apartment I received a bouquet of flowers, some beautiful lingerie and a note asking me why I hadn't answered his calls, or met him when he'd text me. I was very tempted to message him back and let him know who he was to me. I didn't, but I also didn't refuse those gifts either. Mom and me had had a series of conversations since she'd seen me outside the motel, and I'd decided I should just let the past be the past.

    He turned up recently out of the blue. I so wanted to tell him he wasn't welcome. I wanted to let him know about my loss at the age of three, and I wanted to realize my moms pain too by letting him know he was my father. Instead I invited him in, told him nothing and spent two glorious hours receiving what for me, was easily the best sex of my life.

    I know I'm going to have to tell him soon, but I fear I'll lose him again. He simply has no idea he's my father and enlightens my whole week if we meet. This isn't a tale, or bullshit, or someone's idea of a thrill. It's my life and I'm at a loss as what to do next, other than letting him know and risking the fall out. Either way, and this is the selfish part of all this, I've had my dad back in my life, even if it all fucked up.

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    Straight Male / 46

    My second wife Marie and I have been married for 8 years. She has a daughter Stacy who is 18 years old and a freshman in college.
    Shortly after we married I BEGAN TO FIND OUT that Marie was very open to un-traditional marriage and sex. Three years into our marriage while we were making love in bed she asked me if I had ever had gay sex before. I told her that I hadn't and never would. She then asked me if I ever thought about her having sex with another woman and if I did, would I like to join them in a threesome. I was dumb founded and didn't know what to say.

    Marie then told me that her friend Linda, who she had known from high school, was bi-sexual and had approached her to see if she would like to explore a lesbian relationship. Marie said that she would have to think about it for awhile.
    Marie then came right out and said to me that she had always found Linda to be very desirable and wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman. She then asked me if I would object to her trying, just once, to having a night of sex with Linda. She also said that if it worked out that she would approach Linda about having a threesome together.

    Linda was a big girl, I would guess 5'10 and about 140 pounds with a beautiful ass and full breasts.

    I was absolutely intrigued and more than willing to have a threesome with Marie and Linda. About a week later Marie told me that she and Linda would be spending the night at Linda's and that she would let me know how it went.

    The next day Marie told me that she was blown away by how passionate and erotic their love making was and that she hoped that I wouldn't object to her and Linda having a regular schedule of sex. She did promise me that she would always love me and that our sex would always take priority over Linda. She also said that Linda was all in on a threesome and that this coming weekend would be a perfect time for the three of us to go up to my cottage on a lake in the Catskills.

    Our weekend at the cottage was fabulous and I was so fucked out after the weekend that I knew I needed some serious rest and sleep. Linda was insatiable in her passion for me and seemed to be having an inordinate number of orgasms. In all honesty, I concentrated on Linda more that with my wife. What surprised me was that Marie was also insatiable in her passion and sex with Linda. With the two of us concentrating on Linda, that may have been the reason for Linda's many orgasms.

    About 6 months after our affair with Linda began, Marie said that she wanted to have a serious talk with me about her daughter Stacy. She told me that Stacy, who was home from college for the summer, had told her mother that she had had a lesbian affair with her college room mate and she was now confused about her own sexuality. After some long talks Marie convinced Stacy that she was probably bi-sexual and that it was OK. Marie eventually, in one of her long talks with Stacey admitted that she was also bi-sexual and that it was perfectly fine.

    In one of the mother daughter talks Stacey asked Marie if she was having sex with Linda. It was obvious to Stacy that Linda and her mother were very enamored with each other and that it was more than likely also sexual.

    I don't know how it all came about, but one day Marie approached me and told me that Stacy and Linda were going to tie up. Marie thought it was alright as she said that she knew Linda would give Stacey some incredible sex. That summer Marie, Linda and Stacey had a pretty steady diet of sex and passion. There never was a threesome with the girls as Linda would have one night with Marie and the next night with Stacey.

    Near the end of the summer, about 2 weeks before Stacy was going back to college, Marie seemed upset when she approached me. She told me that Linda had told Stacey about her threesomes with me and her mother. She told Stacey how great it was and that Stacey should ask her mother if she could join in. Linda had described how big my cock was and how I would suck her clit and lick her ass before I would fill her pussy with my cum. She also pointed out that I had had a vasectomy and she wouldn't have to worry about birth control.

    Marie seemed apprehensive about her daughter being a part of our sexcapades and told me that she was not totally into it. I then told Marie that she should leave it up to Stacey to make that decision. I also told Marie that I would love to fuck her daughter and that I had been fantasizing about Stacey ever since she was 14 years old. Marie said that she wanted to have a private talk with Stacey and then she would let me know if she would agree to it.

    After the talk Marie said that she and Stacey had agreed to me having sex with Linda and Stacey, but she wouldn't have sex with me and Stacey. She said it would be very awkward to see me fucking her daughter. I talked to Stacey and she said that she wanted to kick things off with me that night.

    Marie spent the night in the guest room and Stacey get in bed with me. Stacey was a little hesitant at first but by the time I wrapped my lips around her clit and ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass she loosened right up. Stacey really got into sucking my cock and licking my ball. She then asked me if I wanted to cum in her mouth. I told her that I would much rather cum in her pussy and fill her up with my cum. She agreed that that would be better.

    Marie and I have found that by sharing our sex with others that it actually enhanced our lovemaking together. We both like sharing very detailed descriptions of our sex with the other girls as the descriptions are very erotic.

    During the Christmas vacation when Stacey came home for the winter break we all picked up where we had left off during the summer. One change, though, is that Stacey is trying to talk her mother into watching us make love. Marie is considering it, but she has said that she won't participate.

    Life is Good!

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    Straight Female / 33

    In my house I was an only child. I grew up in a nice neighborhood and a nice school, everything about how I grew up was like Niceville USA. Everybody had a mother and a father, of course some were divorced and married to other people, but in every house there was a mother and father. My father is a lawyer and he works downtown. My mother taught school but she got bored and stayed at home.

    I was twelve and it was teacher's day so I stayed home from school. My mom's friend came to see her and they were talking and I got bored so I went to my room. I came out of my room and as I got to the living room I saw my mother and her friend in this kiss on the couch. It was a long kiss their fingers on their cheeks, eyes closed just kissing and when the kiss broke my mother told her in a quiet vice that she loved her and they went back to kissing, moving close to each other, nothing dramatic just this long kiss with eyes closed tight and when the second kiss ended my mom's friend said she loved her too.

    That day is the day I first got wet, wet watching my mother with another woman. I watched them after that, there were all sorts of signs, girl talk, touching, standing way too close, looking after each other's clothes, small spontaneous kisses on the cheek. And of course there was the days that my mom's friend slept over. Somehow my father would go sleep in the guest room and my mom and her friend slept in my parent's room. The excuse was that my dad liked to watch tv at night and they wanted to get some rest. I listened, over the tv my dad had on in the guest room, I could hear, but not very well, my mother was asleep.

    I got brave and I walked in on my mother in the morning, not a usual thing because I had always been taught to knock for obvious reasons, but that morning I walked in and my mother and her friend were still in bed, cuddled together in a tight spoon and heads on one pillow. The sheet was off their shoulders and they were naked, totally naked on top and I could see the sheet over their legs they were naked, totally completely naked. My mom turned to me and asked what was the matter and I said something stupid and she sat on her bed, topless and her friend turned on her back topless and my mom said to come to her and sit beside her.

    I sat there not knowing what to do and my mother took the sheet off of them and they were naked and my mother looked at me and said that she knew that I knew that they were lovers. She wanted me to know that they were in love and that she loved me and she loved my dad, but first they were in love. I don't think I had ever seen my mother naked like that, naked ass in sex naked and my mother's friend who I had known all my life naked too, they were naked in bed. I got wet, it's not something you can stop.

    After everyone was dressed and we were all at breakfast my mother sat with her friend and said that when my father married her he knew that they were lovers and in love, but he married her and her condition was that he would only share her with my mother's friend. From then on the little affections were more noticeable, there were small kisses on the lips, holding hands at the outdoor concert, sharing a bed with my dad. They never talked of sex, but they had sex because now I could hear them and I noticed that sometimes my dad did not sleep in the guest room. I got wet, I didn't masturbate but I was wet, I was wet all the time.

    One morning, I was now fifteen and I still had no control on getting wet, every time my mother kissed I got wet, it just poured, when I was fifteen we went on a trip to Yellowstone, which was something my dad had always wanted to do. He had made reservations a long time ago for a room in the park and the four of us stayed in one room, it was a real nice room with two large beds and I slept alone in one bed and my parents all slept in the other bed, one woman on each side. That trip I understood that when my dad wanted they were both his women and on that trip they were both his women and he made sure of that. I lay in bed totally awake and my dad made sure they were both his women.

    There was nothing overt, it was all under the covers but he got on top of them and they had their legs wide apart and he made sure that they were his women. I never realized how wide apart the woman's legs were when the man got on her and he made sure he got on both of them. The next day I was alone with my mother at breakfast and she asked me if I had been awake, I said yes and she said she wanted me to know once and for all that my father was the man that got on top of her and that sometimes she wanted it real bad like last night and sometimes my father made sure that he was nice to both of them and they both wanted him to be nice to them. Ever since they were in college, it wasn't bad, what was different was that he met them when they were already lovers, that was different.

    When my father showed up with my other mother, because that is who she is, he asked my mother if she had spoken with me. After that trip, there was never any more any sort of hiding anything, even on the nights that my father went to the guest room it didn't mean that he didn't spend time with them first. He liked sleeping in with them, and with everything in the open he slept in with them on Sunday morning. They never really closed the door, it was always open, not wide open but if I wanted to walk in all I had to do was push the door and I walked in many times, sometimes my mother would stare me down and I would go out and other times she lifted the sheets so that I could get in beside her. My memories of my mother go back to when I was very little, all the pictures are there, the Christmas pictures, the vacations, they were always together, sitting side by side, or with arms around them, or smiling, well once you know you know because in every picture it is obvious to me now.

    On my wedding day my mother told me that when she was still in college, confused and she felt abandoned by the world because she realized that she was in love with another woman, she told me that my father adopted them, he gave them a home and now I was going to go and make a home of my own. I was lucky, I had found a man. But if I had found a woman she would have loved me just the same. The wonder to me is that it took so long for me to catch on.

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    Straight Female / 19

    i have a twin brother. he and i have always been close, we even shared rooms until we were 12. we dare each other to do everything from eating a worm, when we were younger, to going out with our friends. this is kind of part of that.

    back when i was 11, i caught him masturbating on his bed. i just kind of froze there after seeing what he was doing, but after the shock i turned red and was just about go leave when he said: "i dare you to do it."

    i stammered out a "what?" and he replied, "jack me."

    this was a challenge to just see if i would do it, i am sure he didn't have any idea, but i did.

    i looked over at him and said, "OK."

    i then sat on the bed by him and took hold of his cock, and began to stroke him. he was already so hard that he almost instantly popped.

    i got up and just walked out the door.

    over the next year we did some other stuff, and it is what got us split into different bedrooms, but that is how i touched my first cock.

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    Straight Female / 28

    When I entered the bedroom that night, I simply could not see a thing. It was pitch black and I'd one too many drinks. My husband had entered the room before me, having only minutes before had me suck on his cock in the kitchen. He was horny, hard and wanting my mouth, pussy and ass. It didn't matter we were at my uncles house, as we'd sneakily had sex there before. I felt him reach for me from behind, then as quickly as possibel he removed nearly all my clothing. As he did this, his hands searched for my breasts and my pussy through my legs. Kissing my neck I heard him remove his trousers and lower his boxers. Then wham, as he bent me over the end of the bed, he thrust his cock into me from behind. We fucked for no more than a few minutes, but in that time, I came twice as his cock felt so big and so thick inside of me. Usually he'd switch to my asshole, as I know he loves fucking me there. Yet he carried on fucking my pussy and squeezing my breasts. All of sudden his thrusts got more intense, as did his breathing and I heard him speak for the first time, saying "Fuck yeh". He'd cum inside me, which in turn had me shivering from yet another orgasm. The only problem if it was one, it wasn't my husbands voice, it was my uncles and he'd just shot his hot sticky cum inside of me.
    My reaction was different to what it might have been. I should have took him to task, but I didn't. Instead as he pulled out of me, I turned around and kissed him. I knew how good it had felt to have him fuck me and I also knew from past flirtations between us, it was one day possibly going to happen. It was then I heard movement in the corner of the room and saw the bedroom door open. Light flooded in and I saw my husband exit the room.
    He'd been in there the whole time, watching and listening through the gloom as his wife was fucked by her uncle. I wasn't in shock as such, as I knew of his sexual tendencies. Even so I was a little hurt, as he'd not said I was to be my uncles birthday present. Nor had I agreed that I would be. It didn't matter though, I'd been fucked and the man who I'd for so long wanted to have sex with, had taken me with his super thick cock.
    This was a year ago this week and every week since then I've visited my uncles home for sex. My husband believes it was a drunken one time thing. Something he'd mentioned in the past as we'd made love. His fantasy was to see me being fucked by another man, a man with a bigger, much thicker cock than his. But I'd innocently believed it to be just a fantasy. It's no longer a fantasy as my uncle and I have sex, awesome sex in his home as my husband works. The fact my husband works for my uncle helps as he arranges on the days we have sex, that he's working on jobs the furthest from our home area.
    Are we cheating on my husband, yes we are. Are we having the sex of our lives, yes we are. And do I feel guilty for having a forty six year old man show me just how wonderful a whole afternoon of sex can be. No I don't, and I'll probably continue to have sex with others from now on. My husband opened Pandora's box, now he's got to accept what cums out of it.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Ok so my half brother is in love with me and im not sure why. Im 15 and hes 26 and its kinda weird. We talk almost every day and we have a lot in common. We know basicly everything about eachother, mostly because we grew up together. Im not sure what to think.

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    Straight Female / 49

    You can tell from my 69 years that this happened a long time ago. My father was in the military and he was posted overseas as the military attaché to the embassy where we lived. I was eleven. My father was a tank officer in the war. We lived in a nice house and went to a nice school, mostly American kids and a few kids from other countries, and a few really well to do kids from the country we lived in.

    One kid who was a fifteen liked me and he kept after me. At school I was recognized as his girlfriend and I had to sit with him for lunch. In that country if you are the girl you bring the boy's lunch to school, you set his lunch out for him, and you sit with him. My mother wasn't sure about all that but she went along and sent his lunch with me and she asked me about my boyfriend and one of the ladies who played cards with her told her that I was lucky because he was the son of one of the wealthy families in the country.

    Ther e was a party at his house, for all kind of important people and he told me I had to be there to be with him. My mother felt that was not the thing to do but she bought me a dress and shoes and a white purse and had my hair done and the embassy car took me to his house. Everyone was so enamored with me, all these older ladies, he took me around to everyone and introduced me as his girlfriend. After the dinner, we sat at his parent's table and at least there the maids served us and I didn't have to serve him, his father asked lots of questions and when I told him my father was in the war he asked even more questions I didn't know the answers to.

    After dinner we went out on the patio overlooking the pool and he kissed me, my first official kiss as his girlfriend. After that we held hands. No one seemed to mind that I was eleven, everyone treated me like I was his age. When it was time to go home, his father called one of his cars and told my boyfriend to escort me home and he asked me to please give this letter to my father.

    Well to summarize, my boyfriend's father was in the German army during the war and he invited my father to a dinner of reconciliation. We were invited to their farm in the country and we were taken there by the embassy car. The farm was huge, a real palace type of place, room after room, maids all over the place. My boyfriend walked me around by the hand and we sat together for lunch and my father and his father had a conversation and everyone else shut up. I heard my father talk about the war for the first time. My boyfriend's father talked about the war and his mother got up and cried. My mother kept me in her eyes. They drank this German Schnapps. They stood up and gave a toast for all the boys that didn't come home. To seal the reconciliation my boyfriend's father asked for my hand for his son. Not right then later when we were grown up.

    There was some silence and my father asked me if that is what I wanted and I looked at my boyfriend and said I did. I was engaged, there was a party in the city home later on, when my father was transferred again I stayed with my new family. I got married at sixteen. I have lived there all these years, the daughter-in-law of a German soldier that fought against my father in the war. It has never left my mind. My father told me the day I got married it was my duty to make up for the boys that were lost. I did, I have six sons.

    My father died. I will miss him. My father-in-law died several years ago. I have a German name. I have gone to France and Germany where my father fought. In his honor my husband is taking me and my sons and their families to Luxemburg, where our fathers faced each other all those years ago.

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    Straight Female / 19

    There's a big age gap between my younger brother and me. I was a freshman in college when Evan turned 12. Last December, when I came home for Christmas break, my brother must have reached puberty. I noticed his voice as breaking, there was a little bit of hair on his upper lip. I also realized he was trying to sneak peeks at me. I would catch him looking down my shirt when I bent over, that sort of thing.

    One night, when my parents were out, my brother and I were watching TV on the family couch. I was lying on it and Evan was sitting down at the end where my feet were. I fell asleep, but began to wake up when I felt something on my thigh. I opened my eyes and noticed that my brother was trying to peek up my night shirt. I had panties on, so there was nothing to see. At first, I was going to say something, but decided I would give him a tease. I got up, went to my bedroom and took off my panties and then returned to the couch, lay down and after a few minutes, pretended to go back to sleep, making sure to part my legs. Sure enough, after a few minutes, I could feel him slowly lift up my shirt to peek underneath. I opened my eyes just a tiny bit to see what would happen. To my surprise, he slowly pulled down his PJ bottoms and started to jerk off. It was a lot to take in! My little brother was masturbating while he peeked up my night shirt and looked at my pussy. I watched him beat off, faster and faster, finally spurting on to his chest. I closed my eyes when he got up and left the room right after.

    I was kind of turned on by this, and decided to keep it up. The next opportunity, I did the same thing -- wore my night shirt, but no panties, and this time I lay on the floor in front of him while he sat on the couch watching TV. I kept opening and closing my legs and slowly moved on the floor, so my night shirt began to ride up and exposed the lower part of my ass. Because I was awake, also watching TV, Evan didn't jerk off, but I knew he was aroused because when I got up to go to bed, I could see a big erection in his pants.

    Later that night, after going to bed and turning off my light, I heard my bedroom door open quietly. My brother came into my room and I could feel him slowly pull back my sheet and could see him peer up my night shirt again. Then I felt his hand on my breast. That's when I opened my eyes and looked at him. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. I said, "what are you doing?" He looked really frightened, and began to turn away, but I saw a huge tent in his PJ pants and pulled him back towards me. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down his pants. His cock sprung up and out. I took it in my hand and began to suck on it. I could hear my brother moan and in seconds he began to whimper too. I felt his cock throb and suddenly my mouth was full of his cum. I kept sucking and swallowing. He continued to whimper and then his knees buckled and he slid to the floor. We were looking at each other so closely at that moment. Impulsively, I kissed him, pushing my sticky cum covered tongue into his innocent mouth. It was a long slow kiss. I doubt he had ever been kissed like that before.

    Kissing my little brother like that got me wet. I spread my legs in front him. I told him to lick me and he leaned in and did as I asked. I put my hands on his head and pressed him into me. It didn't matter to me it was my brother. I was so turned on and horny, I didn't care. I held his head tight against my pussy, pressing his face and tongue into me. When I started cumming, I clenched my thighs around his head and practically smothered him. I think the whole taboo thing of doing it with my brother made my orgasm really intense.

    It all happened quite fast. As soon as I was done, we both got up and I kissed him again. He tried to press himself into me, wanting more. I could feel his penis was erect again, but I told him that was enough for now. No surprise, we did this several more times before I went back to college at the end of the break.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I have a child out of wedlock with a married man. His wife hated me until the baby came then she did a 180 and wants BFF and joint motherhood, for both my child and hers. The argument is that the children need a father and not part time. I agree about the father thing and have agreed to make it work.

    Here is the problem in a nutshell, watching him walk his wife to her room, leaving me with cleaning up, getting all three kids to bed, setting the breakfast table, folding laundry, while she has her night makes my jealous, even if tomorrow night it is flip flopped and she cleans up, puts the kids to bed, sets the breakfast table and finishes the laundry and I get my night.

    Because it is the right thing for the children, because we are being pragmatic, because we agreed, doesn't mean you don't get jealous. Ditto for her.

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