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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 18 and supposed to be a senior in high school, but this virus thing has just about everything shutdown including the schools!

    My mom and dad have it, so for "my protection" I'm staying with my grandfather. He's widowed and about 70-ish. He sent all his help staff home, with pay, because of the quarantine, so we are the only ones in his place, and it's big! Pool, hot tub, great view, and etc... He's my mom's dad, but if she knew I think she'd kill him.

    Since shortly after my grandma passed, I started feeling sorry for him being alone. I started visiting him and it wasn't long before I began sucking him off--totally my idea and I initiated it.

    We're together so much now, I started sleeping with him. He has an incredible cock, no little blue pills needed either. I'm in his bed every night now and he even wakes ready to go!

    Even before I started sucking him off, I was his favorite. He keeps telling me I can go to any college I want to go to, he'll take care of it. He's even enrolled me in private online courses to finish HS and prepare for college.

    My classmates may be getting screwed over by the virus, but I'm just screwing granddad and my future is still bright as ever!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 33

    It Was Very Naughty Of Me.
    I know father-in-laws wife has lost her sex drive, my husband told me a while ago, we were having a barbecue at our house my mother-in-law helped me with the food we were a bit tipsy we go on really well we were like sisters,
    after we had eaten I was washing up my mother-in-law was stood behind me she put her hands around my waist are we ok you and me you don't mind, fine I said, I was only wearing a tee shirt and nothing else, she moved her hand inside my shirt for a short while then around the front and groped my breasts and played with my nipples, I thought its a bit strange I froze I was feeling horny with the wine ide drunk I was responding to her touch my nipples were rock hard she pulled my shorts down and fingered my vagina and anus, ide never experienced a woman's touch before it was the best ever she carried on messing about with me, I herd my husband say where are they she pulled my shorts up and said are we ok with this, there is more later, Rose.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Since August of last year I've had a terrible crush on my step father.
    He and my mom are always fucking, yet he still masturbates a lot.
    In August I found him tossing himself off while using a pair of my used panties.
    His cock looked awesome as he stroked it and couldn't help but play with myself. When he came, I moaned loudly from seeing his cum arc in the air, then land on his stomach. And also from how fast I'd been playing with my clit.
    Only then did he notice I was there, and then he jumped up and tried to say sorry.
    I left him there thinking I was upset, but in reality I was dying for him to fuck me.
    And since then he's skirted around me. I know he finds me attractive, and I know he still uses the panties I now purposely leave for him to sniff while masturbating.
    Mom knows nothing about his use of my underwear, and nothing about how every night I play with my pussy and ass and wish it was his tongue and large cock deep inside my love holes.
    If he wasn't with my mom, I'd give myself to him in a heart beat.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    Daughters Friend is Teasing Me

    When my daughter goes to hockey practice I pick her friends up on the way and drop them off on the way back, they are in there teens the same girl always on middle back seat she always has her legs open and no pants on I can see everything she knows what she is doing she is looking at me, it causes an erection I know I shouldn't look but I cant help it, when she gets out she opens her wide I can see inside her vagina, I know what I want to do, would any dad do the same if the opportunity came,

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    I live with and fuck my first cousin. We live as a married couple. Our families suspect, but with parents gone it's just some other cousins and her brothers and sister. We first hid the fact while we were in college rooming together, but with some of our friends in college, then grad school, they thought we were married with the same last name so we let them continue thinking that. Now it's open. We've been fucking since she was 16 and I was 18. I was her first, but not only and we have been "married" now for 15 years. She's beautiful, and fucks like the best whore you'd ever want.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    It was the sweetest night of kisses ever. She worked with me and had taken me under her wing. I was a very young twenty three and she was a mother of two. I started going to her house on weekends, helping with her kids, cooking dinner together, things that made me feel good. Her husband Joseph put up with me, soon he was giving me orders, asking for me to look after his needs. One Saturday night after dinner and putting the kids to bed she caressed my face and gently kissed my lips, inviting me to make their family my family.

    Before going back to my apartment, she sat me down on the couch and kissed me again, my lips, my forehead, my cheeks and my lips again, she whispered in my ear that she loved me and wanted me to join her family, let myself be loved, be loved by her and let myself be loved by her husband. Somehow my head was on the back of the couch, her kisses were longer, her hand on my face, whispering her love for me. My heart was running, my words came out of my mouth, I whispered back that I wanted to love her back, to love Joseph back, that I wanted to love her kids back.

    I was put to bed in their guest room, she sat on the bed beside me, kissing me over and over, gentle, long warm kisses, her eyes looked into my eyes, be hers she said, be her sister, join her family and be one with them.

    Most nights I sleep beside her, our good night kisses go on for an hour, sweet nothings, caressing, until I fall asleep.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    When I was seventeen my kid brother who was fifteen at the time, discovered I'd been sneaking out to be with my friends and drink alcohol.
    He told me as I got back in one night, if I didn't help him, he'd tell our parents.
    The help, was for me to masturbate him every night for a week. The masturbation turned into me sucking on his massive cock every night and missing out on sneaking out sometimes.
    After a few weeks, and not the week long help he'd wanted, I let him slide his large penis into my pussy. We both knew it was wrong, but by then I was smitten with his cock, and how he made me feel from the tongue lashing he gave my vagina and asshole.
    To this day my brother visits me for sex. No one knows we're lovers and soon when we've got enough money together, we'll be moving in together and living as man and wife.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    Caught sister sneaking in!

    When I was 15 I was awoken by what sounded like someone calling out my name "Nicky ⦠Nicky!" It was very faint so I had to listen carefully. It seemed to be coming from my sister Ruth's bedroom next door.

    I wasn't sure if she was dreaming, or awake and asking for my help. When I checked it out, I found Ruth stuck in her window trying to get back in after curfew.

    Ruth was 18 at the time and had turned into a bit of a wild child. She had long black hair, and had on a red tube top, which showed off her ample cleavage. She obviously was also a little drunk at the time, and had probably been out whoring around. She was giggling and asking me to help her get back in before she was caught.

    I found it all a little funny and went back to my room to get my cell to take a few pics (for future blackmail purposes). I took a few snaps as she struggled to get in and begged me to help her. She twisted her top a bit that exposed one of her boobs, which I couldn't help but notice. And she noticed that I noticed because she pointed out the chubby growing under my tighty whities that I normally slept in. She said that I was a pervert for having unpure thoughts about my sister.

    I threatened to call for our parents, but she was desperate not to get caught and told me that she would do anything if I helped, as she gently massaged my growing erection through my shorts.

    I asked if she really meant "anything" and she said "Yes!" as she freed my semi-erect penis from my shorts. She started to stroke the shaft with one hand and played with my balls with the other. I reached down to free her other tit from her tube top and began to massage her breasts vigorously and squeeze her nipples that were also erect.

    She let out a little moan in response to my actions, and then began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock. Next she pumped my cock in and out her luscious mouth, deftly twirling her tongue around my maiden head as she did (she had obviously given a bj before).

    The harder I got, the more vigorously she played with my dick, until I was about to burst my nuts. So I pulled out, and Ruth painted my hot squirting jizz all over her face with my cock. She used her fingers to wipe my white cum off her face, and then licked her fingers to swallow it. But not before I took a few more photos to keep in my personal spank bank.

    I was spent, but Ruth said that now I had to help her get back in through the window. The problem was that because her window was so high above the ground, whenever I tried to open it a little more to let her back in, she slipped further back outside.

    So Ruth got the brilliant idea that I should go outside and try to boost her back in by pushing her rear (keep in mind that her thinking was fuelled by alcohol).

    So I snuck outside and went around to Ruth's bedroom window. I found her with her legs dangling and her big booty barely covered by the tight black leather skirt that she was wearing. As I was trying to heft Ruth's heinie through the window, it became readily apparent to me that my big sister was not wearing any panties.

    Being the horn-dog that I am, it was at this point that I began to get a little handsy. I "accidentally" started to brush my hands between Ruth's thighs, and began to finger her moist pussy. By now my big sister's pussy was sopping wet and her cum was drizzling down her long legs.

    With my fingers inserted between her pussy lips, it wasn't long before I found Ruth's spongy g-spot on the front inner wall of her vagina. She called me a bastard as I started to massage it, so I asked her if she wanted me to stop, and she said "Fuck NO!".

    I was getting turned on myself by the gushing noises and musty smell of Ruth's pussy juices. It was at this time that I saw my big sister's asshole and decided that it also deserved a good licking. So I began to give Ruth what I now know is called a "rim job".

    Wit h me fingering her g-spot and licking her anus, my big sister soon had a full-grown, squirting orgasm all over my face. Nature has a way of making things work out, and because she was more relaxed after cumming, Ruth slipped out of her bedroom window and into my arms.

    My sister rewarded me for freeing her by giving me the most passionate french kiss that I had ever had before then and even since. She only broke it off to tell me "Let's go to bed!" You didn't have to ask me twice.

    Ruth grabbed me by the hand and dragged me back through our rear door that I had strategically left unlocked. She guided me to her room and after locking her door, threw me onto the bed. Then she sat on my face in the 69 position, so I could continue to pleasure her as before and she could continue to play with and suck off my cock.

    We went at it all night until we eventually fell asleep. We woke up the next morning in the same position, but luckily our parents never caught us.

    Since that night, my big sister and I turn to each other for mutual sexual satisfaction, whenever our personal relationships with others are not working out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was over at my in-laws when my father-in-law made a comment that his wife usually walks around around naked unless guests come over and only then does she get dressed. He then adds that we are the only ones who regularly visit and one other couple occasionally comes over. My wife then makes the comment that she is just like me as I spend most of my time naked while at home. My father-in-law then surprisingly suggests both me and his wife get naked. We were all shocked by his comment. He explains if his wife and me are comfortable being nude why don't we just do it together. He said it we just bite the bullet and get over it as it would cause a lot less future panic with us. My wife jumps in that she won't go nude herself but given that me and her mother do it that maybe we should do as her father suggested. My mother-in-law asked I how I would feel about. Her husband jumped in, as did my wife, to tell us to go to their bedroom and just get over it and get undressed. Her husband tells his wife that he and my wife had seen her naked. He says that my wife has seen me naked and he knows what naked men look like. He says it is just his wife and me that hasn't see each other. My mother-in-law sighed, grabbed my hand and off to the bedroom we went. We both undressed in front of each other and there we were naked in front of each other. We took looks at each other and then walked out to the other 2. It was a little intimating standing in front of my father-in-law naked. There was about 5 minutes of comments made before we fell back into normal conversation. Our nudity was no longer an issue.

    Every time I visited them I stripped down as did she when she visited us. My mother-in-law became a lot more playful when it was just us 2 alone. I got the impression she was hoping something more may happen between us. She got a lot more touchy-feely with me including touching me in spots that our spouses may not approve of. One time she grabbed me and began stroking. I should have told her to stop but instead my hand went between her legs and my fingers went to work there. As she was stoking me she suddenly let go and I continued with my fingers in her. She was breathing heavier and moaning and suddenly I felt a gush of liquid come from her. She smiled at me and then grabbed my cock again but quickly let go. She got on top of me and slid my cock in. She was fucking me. Once I finished cumming in her she smiled at me. She got up to clean up as did I.

    Our alone time began to be sexual playtime. We knew we were treading where we shouldn't be but we both enjoyed each others company. She was past the age of childbearing so we didn't need to use condoms and had a fully shaved pussy which I loved. My wife always wanted me to use a condom and refused to shaved her pussy. Her mother gave me what I wanted and also seemed a lot more open and willing to try pretty well anything I suggested. We became each others playtoys. We haven't been caught and for the time being are just having fun. There is nothing like being able to show up somewhere, taking your clothes off and have the other person get to work on you or you doing what you want to them.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 36

    It all began when I was about 25, she was 14 and it was the first time we noticed each other. I had no idea how old this girl was or even if she was related to us. All I knew was my parents took me to their house when her father had an event. She was stunning and I knew she was too young for me but it felt weird that she captured my attention and I never forgot the moment we first saw eachother and her smile with me. I went home that night questioning my parents if they were really related and hoping along the way that they would say there was no real relation. I found out she was related to mu father on his mothers side of the family and on his dads side of the family as well. This made it even more weird to feel something for a young girl and more so a relative.

    I let the thought go out of mu mind later that night, but never forgot her and how our eyes locked and her beautiful smile. Later on as I got older, I met someone and got married. The marriage did not last and I ended up staying with my parents for a while. Years had passed and now I was on my way with my parents again to some function at the girls house. In the back of my mind I thought it would be nice to see if she was still beautiful and to see how she looked now. While on the way I heard my mom say something about the girl going off to college to study, so i naturally assumed she would have not been at the event. When we got there she was, and came to sit close to me. She was sitting opposite me and we smiled with each other. I felt inside that the feeling we had years ago ..never died, and I knew it was

    We were facebook friends and as we talked on text I looked at her pics and realised she was about 18 years and would soon be 19. My divorce was not setteled yet and in my mind I didnt know how things would go, all I knew was it was over between me and my wife at the time. Eventually I started getting calla from my new friend / "auty" (who was 11 years younger than me).We talked and talked and it seemed like she was always on the phone with me. I knew she was into me and I knew I wanted her. I told her eventually what I thought of her, and how she made my world stop when she smiled all those years back.She also admitted to never forgetting me and told me she had feelings for me. I told her I was scared because of her young age,and thought she would never have been able to say to her parents she wanted to be with her recently divorced distant relative.

    After a while we decided to keep our feelings for eachother a secret and to see where it goes. Well I also enrolled in to study during my divorce in the same college and we saw each other more. We became so close,I would tell her everything and she would tell me everything about her. One night I asked her if she ever masturbated and thought of me. She laughed and said she does not do that stuff. I knew she was interested and we eventually got to talking about what we were attracted to about each other. I told her I loved her hair, her lips, her curves and continued on talking about her body. She told me she liked my arms and broad shoulders and chest and always wanted to see me barebacked with my chain being worn a particualr way.I knew by her sexy young voice she was wet. I asked are you wet ? She said she thinks so, I said will you check for me? She said yes, its very very wet down there. So i told her what to so and we started phone sex. This became a thing we would do every night until she was about 19.

    We eventually started going out more and I had classes at latr hours, she would come meet me and we would go back to her apartment to study together. We really did study sometimes and other times se just talked and hugged and stayed with each other for company. One evening when I went over I knew it was time to define our relationship. I kissed her and asked her to be mine. We became offical, still keeping it secret, but we were together. I eventually asked her if she wanted me to be with her like we discussed in our phone sex fantasy. She said she wanted me to be her man forver and she wanted me. I told her I didnt like condoms and for our first time I wanted to feel her real body open up to mine. She agreed.

    I remember it was a holiday, and she stayed home at her apartment instead of going home to her parents house. I went to her. I knew I wanted my young aunts thick young body. We kissed, i taught her to be a deep kisser and she was great at hard deep kisses, just the way I love it. I ran my fingers thru her hair and held her close, i felt her breathing heavy and I knew she was horny. We moved to the couch and I pushed her gently back, as she lay on the couch I spread her legs apart, we were still fully clothed. I lay between her legs and we made out, I sucked on her neck and felt her heat rising from between her legs. My cock was rock hard knowing what we were going to do.
    I was in control, she was just letting me guide her. I told her lets take your top off. She did, and I helped her, She helped me take my shirt off and I dropped my jeans. I was in my underwear and she was in her jeans and bra. I rubbed her hot thighs and felt her pussy thru the jeans. It was warm and i knew it was aoaked. I kissed her and started kissing her breasts, all the while i was rubbing my hard cock on her groin thru my underwear and her jeans. I told her lets get these jeans off and we pull them off together. Her panties wer wett and soaked. We made out some more and I wanted to fuck her. We decided to go to her room.
    When we went to the room I took off all her clothes and she was on the bed fully naked. I took off my underwear and lay ontop her between her legs. I felt her hot wet pussy on my cock and wanted to fuck it so bad!. After kissing and sucking her neck and tits, i made my way down her body all the way to her toes and back up to her thick thighs. I spent some time circling my tounge on her body around her pussy area and she moaned and leaked virgin hot pussy juices all over my face and the bed. I ate her slowly and opened her meaty pussy lips to see a thick swolen clit. I started rubbing it and she asked me to ler her cum with me in her, I told her relax and played with her virgin pussy somemore. Her clit grew and got even more swollen. I licked her and stuck my tounge in her and she came on my mouth. She was sensitive but we made out and she revovered and her pussy was even more wet now, her juices were running down her leg and my cock head was so wet with precum that we had to use them.

    I opened her up and placed my cock on her pussy, she was thinking im going to go in,so she said take your time ok ? I said dont worry im not going in yet, I rubbed her pussy with my cock and and we started grinding together, her meety hot wet pussy lips and clit on my swollen rock hard thick cockhead. She said baby im going to cum again, and I wanted her to cum I rubbed her clit with my fat cock head and her juices ooozed out of that pussy hole even more as she came. Her body was shaking in extacy and she was even hornier. I loved it how she could enjoy our moments of passion for as long as I wanted. I slowly started feeling her open pussy wtih my fingers, it was so wet and as i fingered her she opened up quite easy. I asked if it hurt and she said yes but good pain. I continued and started sliding my cock in her. She felt the head and asked if that was it, We both laughed and I said dont worry there is more. She said no I meant if this your cock in me. I Said yes, she knew she had a man, an older man who was her nephew in her and I could see it in her eyes she knew sje was no longer virgin and wanted me deep in her. I slowly pushed in my full cock head and felr her hot pussy, she was tight. She said go slow, and i said thats only my full head can you take me deeper? She moaned at the thought of more cock in her open pussy. She said yes go in slowly. I entered about 2 inches or so deeper into her and felt her insides were so sfot and warm and she opened up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She said its ok come closer hold me. I placed my hand under her head and held her close to me, we kissed deep and wet, while I slid my whole cock into her juicy virgin hole.
    As I held her I slowly pumped my waist and she moaned and enjoyed me being in her, I checked to see if she was okay and she was, she said it hurrrts but soo goood all at once..
    This made me even hornier. I fucked her slowly but deep and she came on my cock screaming "OOHHHHH FUCK OOHHH FFFUUUUUUUCCCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OOOHHH FUUCCCKKKKK!!!! Im sure if there were neighbours there at her apartment they heard us. I pounded away at her pussy after as it opened up for me and started cumming, i pulled out and let it shoot all over her tits ans all some blasted all the way up to her face and on her pillow.

    After this we both became very sexual and she was a great learner. I know she is as kinky as I am. We always expressed our fantasies to each other and admitted our deepest darkest sexual desires. We have some great sex stories to share which I will confess in other confessions if anyone reads and likes this one.

    After the formal stuff ended we talked and she even asked me for my number. I got hers and we started texting each other that same night.

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