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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 24

    My sister and I are close. We're both college students and we share an apartment. We're both single and we masturbate in front of each other (we're both females). Last night I watched my sister masturbate. She always masturbates squatting down. She got naked and squatted down with her legs wide apart. She held open her c**t lips with her left hand and she stroked her slit with her right hand. Her slit was wet and she was moaning. She also rubbed her clit and her moaning became high-pitched. When she was close to squirting, her eyeballs rolled back and she started shaking. She told me that her c**t milk was coming. Then she screamed and squirted out her c**t milk. White goo squirted out of her c**t hole. She kept rubbing her clit until all her cum was out.

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    Straight Male / 23

    So #3 you sir are one sick bastard! I took your advice and I've been making comments about my gf while fucking my mom for over a month. It started out like "man your tits are bigger than Shelly's" and "maybe Shelly needs a shower buddy too" or "I wish you'd give Shelly lessons on sucking cock". I finally worked up to telling her "I'd love fucking the two of you together", "I bet Shelly would love to feel your big tits all over her face", "Do you think your tits would rub on Shelly's if I fucked you on top of her" and finally I just told her "I want to fuck both of you together" and "I want to see you fuck Shelly with your shower buddy".

    All the time she didn't let on, but she got worked up a lot faster when I talked about my gf while I was with her, until I told her I wanted to see her fucking Shelly with her shower buddy. She really went wild. I kept at her with "I know you want to climb on her and fuck her", "You want to push her on the bed and fuck her don't you", and "I've heard she's bi, so she'd take your shower buddy any way you want to do her with it". After a few days of fucking like this, she said, "Yes, I've always wanted to fuck her."

    Sunday was the day! Shelly and I spent the day together. I kept feeling her up and talking sex, I do both of those a lot any way, but made sure we were not alone. She was getting ready to suck me in the automotive section at Walmart, but some guy kept coming around. I think he knew what was up and wanted to watch or hoped he'd get some too.

    We got back and went to my room. Shelly instantly jumped on me and we wrestled around on the bed stripping each other. She climbed on and I shot my load into her. I let my cock fall out of her and I started rubbing her, she kept humping frantically. She was nearing an orgasm when I saw mom sneak in. She was wearing her shower buddy, it looked like a giant dick hanging from her. A fucking strange, but erotic sight to see her big tits and a dick hanging down like that.

    She climbed on the bed and slid it into my gf. I wish I had a video of the look on my gf face. Her eyes just about popped out and she started squealing. I felt her start her orgasm as she fell forward onto me. Mom leaned into it and started fucking Shelly like crazy. I shot another load as Shelly rubbed across my cock from getting pounded from behind. I could tell Shelly's orgasm was winding down, so I pushed them off of me.

    Mom pounced on Shelly as I got out of the bed, and I watched them fucking for well over an hour. Seeing my gf c**t laid open by that huge shower buddy, I thought there would be no way Shelly would ever be tight around my cock again, but seeing her and my mom fucking was well worth it. I shot all over the floor two more times watching. Shelly started to squeal again and mom lunged forward onto her and started kissing her. She was squealing into her mouth as she ground that big rubber cock into my gf.

    We all spend the rest of the night in my mom's king sized bed. I asked Shelly to move in, she's thinking about it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hey everyone!
    I'm excited to tell you all my sex confession and to hear your feedback!
    My name is Elizabeth, I'm 22 and have been married since I was 18 to my amazing husband who is 24. I am a sexy Latina. I'm 5'6, Long straight soft jet black hair to my lower back. I'm very involved in fitness, not an ounce of fat on me. My husband says I have a colossal round ass, my waist is tiny and I have 36c breasts and perfect white teeth. I have a cherry blossom tattoo that runs my rib cage. My husband too is a gym rat. He is a redhead, fairskinned wall of muscle. He stands at 6'8, 250lbs, no tattoos except skulls and roses that runs the length of his right arm. I have a skin smooth tiny little vagina. He has a massive 9 and 3/4 inch long cock that is luckily, painfully thick. His tool is very vascular and uncut. I love that he has a massive ball sack and when he cums, it is unnatural how much he shoots off. Also I am a squirter, I gush every time I cum. So now you have the general jist of who we are I'll get into everything.
    My husband and I have always had a very active and exciting sex life. We always like to try new things and explore sexually. On numerous occasions I've helped a gf or two, out and let my husband break their little pussies while I watched, sometimes joined. I find it very hot to see my husband dominate other women and turn them into little sluts. I really enjoy when he makes them cry, idk why but it gets me dripping wet.
    Last year, thanks to the suggestion of our married friends we started this whole "pegging ordeal. We started with a small strap-on, and I'd take him by the hips and fuck his ass slowly. This to me was awesome. He enjoys the "new" type of orgasim he has when he gets off while is stroke in and out of him.
    In the past few months we have kept up the regular girls I bring over for him to destroy but again through suggestions we were tempted to let a man come over and please him and I both.
    Our married friends said they would be glad to help us out, it was a date! Our friends are also gym rats, she is a Latina like me, her husband I Mexican, black, and Irish or Scottish. He looks like a light skin Mexican, who is naturally built and proper like a white guy lol.
    Our first time we hung out on a Saturday mainly enjoy sun by the pool and drinking having a good time. We all went in and started getting hot with our significant other, then we swapped. My husband was fascinated to see me penetrated by another man. Soon we moved to where I was taking our friends husband in my ass and my husband in my pussy. Such a great feeling! The men after I came went to please my gf. Again they dp'ed her, she is such a screamer! Gosh I'm getting wet thinking about it all again. We took a break for lunch lol and water and went back to fucking. This time it was time for the men to please each other. New to both of them, they started sucking each other soft cocks. This was extraordinary for me to watch. They grew hard in each other's mouth, and they're both so huge, it was funny because the harder they got the more of a struggle they had sucking each other off. My husband was up first to take a dick in his ass! I licked and wet his ass hole probing a finger or two to loosen him up a bit. My husband laid in his stomach and I watch as our friend slowly lowered his gorgeous shaft to my husbands asshole. His head touch his hole! I watched as his cock slowly penetrated my man, my husbands slightly pained but happy face was wonderful. Us girls sat on the couch naked, rubbing each other watching this. Before long his long thick dick was all the way in my husband as he squirmed and moaned in pleasure. He moves into the doggy style position and I could see my husbands hard dick flinching and dripping. Our friend began to take long slow firm stroke in and out of my husband. He dropped more and more from his jumping cock. Then the pounding took place, he stroke his cock furiously while being rammed. Then he let out a loud groan and shot loads of cum into my gf's mouth. So hot I finished and squirted heavily. My husbands ass was dripping cum, I couldn't resist, I cleaned all the cum from his hole. Sometime after my husband was now over him. As my husband began to enter our friends ass he moaned loudly in pain/pleasure and my husband spared him no mercy. They slammed bodies and smacked balls and my husband left his ass and hole covered in ropes of man juice. The men agree that the anal sex with a real cock was truly amazing and a whole new fantastic was to cum.
    Since that day, us four regularly get together to have sex. Sometimes it's just the guys or just us girls. At least once a week us wives switch household to spend the night with the other's husband. Wouldn't you know it, things are perfect. Last night we were all together, and after having amazing group sex again, we agreed to move in together. Even better, the men already knew that us ladies have feeling towards each other and we were actually in a relationship before we met them. We asked them if they had any feelings for each other, obviously they do. They're best friends now and enjoy sex together. After everything was said and done we all admitted having strong unbreakable mental and sexual feelings and bond for each other. We are a four way pack of love, sex and success and we will all live together soon as one family!!!
    I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this, both the sex and now group relationship. Can anyone relate or want to share their story? Please like and comment! Thanks everyone, stay hot and horny and do great things! Xoxo

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I am one of three women that have a child with the same man. I met him through his first ex, she introduced me because she felt I would work out for him in his business. She did not tell me that he fucks his employees. The worse thing about it is that the fucking felt like I deserved it. I had refused to do what he asked I ended up getting fucked.

    I have sex with him at work, or right after or before or during lunch. Sometimes it is a quick blow job or a quick fuck. His first ex gets it on weekends when he spends time with her and her kid. She is really his full time ex, she also takes care of most of the 'family' business, she is the older sister. The middle sister not only takes care of the kids during the day, but she is also the most sensitive of the three of us and needs a lot physical affection. As the little sister I pretty much do not have any specific responsibilities, other than to be his girlfriend with benefits. Our kids are aged from 11 to 3, mine being the youngest.

    Lately we have been getting together to decide things as a unit, primarily to make sure that the kids are taken care of.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    Clearing out my nineteen year old step sons bedroom recently, getting it ready for redecorating, I found a shoe box under his bed. The lid slid off as I removed the box from beneath the bed, and I immediately saw naked pictures of myself. The pictures were taken when I was younger and dating a guy who I used to nude model for. I'd saved them to a digital stick, and it looks like my step son found the stick.
    On each of the pictures it looks like he'd masturbated on them, and on the reverse he'd written lots of comments. On each one, he was commenting on how much he'd love to fuck me. And then stating his cum would fill up my mouth pussy and asshole.
    Searching further through the box, I came across naked pictures of him holding my picture and stroking his absolutely huge cock. The pictures were from the look of them, taken on his mobile phone. Along with those pictures were notes written and attached. On the notes he describes what he'd like to do with me sexually and how long he's wanted to fuck (His words) "all of her gorgeous looking fuck holes".
    Placing almost everything back int he box, I couldn't help myself keeping a picture of him and his magnificent cock. Moving into the bedroom I share with his father, I got quickly undressed and began to masturbate. Just as I was about to climax, I heard him enter his bedroom and then heard him say "So she knows".
    I'm not kidding I had one of the strongest orgasms I've ever had, looking at the naked picture of him and hearing his voice recognizing I knew about his lust for me.
    I've still got the picture of him and his enormous cock, and have been masturbating frequently to it. Three days ago with his bedroom now finished, he walked into the kitchen where I was sat drinking coffee and said "Thanks for redecorating my room, let me know when you'd like to visit me in there to see the real thing, rather than my picture".
    I blushed bright red, but I knew what he said is true for us both. I'd love to experience his cock for real, but then I am married to his father.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    The whole world says what we're doing is against everything that is morally correct. But then the whole world in my eyes is wrong.
    Throughout my entire life he's been the rock which has enabled me to grow as a person, and now as a special daughter to him, I'll do anything he needs from me. Not once from my earliest memories has my mother taken care of him. She was always and still is a selfish bitch. So when I heard and then subsequently found proof of her cheating on my father, I resolved to make sure he was looked after in every way possible.
    My mom still lives with us (Separate bedrooms), but their relationship in reality is all but ended. I told my father about her older fuck partner, and that lead to a huge argument. From what I can gather my mom told my dad, that he and his penis didn't satisfy her anymore. But I knew different, I knew that the guy fucking my mom was reasonably wealthy and was giving, buying her anything she wanted. As I've said, a selfish materialistic bitch.
    Eleven months ago I overheard my father talking on his phone to a work colleague. My father had taken a second job to help fund my education, and he was telling his friend how he needed a break, but couldn't afford the time off. It struck home with me, just how much my father did and does for me. So when he then told his friend further on in their conversation he missed sex immensely, I kind of gathered from the broken conversation, he was considering paying a hooker for sex.
    Something inside of me told me, my father, the man I adored, wasn't going to pay for sex. Indeed I wasn't going to allow him to spend his hard earned money on another female, especially when he had one, a young pretty and often horny one at home.
    Waiting for my mother to go out one evening (About a week later), no doubt to have her lover fuck her, I watched my father fall asleep on the couch. Setting my mind to what I was about to do, I walked over, lowered his comfy shorts and gasped at the sheer size of my fathers flaccid penis. I'm not sure even now what my mother was on about, because my father has a really large cock.
    Lowering my head, I took the head of his penis into my mouth and began to gently suck on it. It wasn't too long before my fathers cock was fully erect and I heard him moan involuntary.
    My father's cock wasn't the first to enter my mouth and I knew from previous boyfriends I gave really good head. So when I felt my fathers hand pressing my head down, I knew I was giving him pleasure. But then the weight of his hand came off my head and I heard him say "What the fuck are you doing". It didn't matter to me though, as I carried on sucking on his beautiful erection. Then using my left hand to gently squeeze his balls and my right hand to stroke his hard thick cock, I began to masturbate him whilst allowing his cock to slide down my throat.
    If there was a time we should have stopped it was then. Because once I felt his cock pulse in my mouth and heard him say "Oh fuck yeh, that's fucking awesome", I knew he was mine, I knew my father would do anything for me that I wanted.
    His cock was throbbing in my mouth and I knew if I carried on he'd cum, so I removed his cock from my mouth. Looking at my father, I stood up, removed my skirt, top and panties (I don't wear a bra) and let him see me naked for the first time since I was young girl. His face lit up and I took his growing smile as a welcoming statement of intent.
    Removing his shorts for him completely, I sat astride my dad and guided his amazing cock into my soaking wet pussy. Every inch slid into my body and I gasped at just how thick it felt probing into me. Whatever reservations he might have had seeing me suck on his cock earlier, had gone by the time his pubes brushed against my asshole. Looking down at the man I loved with all my heart, I fucked him with everything sexual that I was.
    Over and over again I bounced on his cock. At first he kept his hand on my hips guiding me to the rhythm he liked. Then as my medium sized breasts began to heave in front of him, he reached up and began to play with them. It sent a shiver through my body and I realized I'd wanted him to do that for quite some time. Then like a express train roaring through my body, I climaxed on his cock. I sank towards him unable to control myself, and that was when we first kissed. Not as father and daughter, but as lovers.
    On and on we fucked, kissed and fondled each other. Then my father flipped me over and I knelt up on the couch he'd been sleeping on twenty minutes before. Getting up behind me, I felt him slide his cock deep into my pussy, but I wanted him somewhere else. Reaching back I slid his cock out of my love hole and then placed it at my asshole. I heard my father say "Are you sure". Gripping his throbbing cock tighter, I eased the tip of his cock head into my asshole and pushed backwards. In one long movement, his cock eased it's way up my ass and I could not have been happier.
    Taking hold of my hips, he went for it. I told him to fuck me, I told my father who I would do anything for, to fuck me anyway he wanted. And over the next five to ten minutes, he took out years of frustration and sexual need on my asshole. It was an absolutely amazing fuck and one that had me shaking like a leaf in a storm as I orgasmed again. Then in a series of sudden and violent thrusts, my father came deep inside my bowels.
    It was over, the sheer sense of sexual relief and total love for the man who'd just given my best ever sexual experience, told me I would become whatever he wanted from me.
    When my mother arrived home around midnight, my father and I were cuddled up watching a movie. She thought it was just us being a loving father and daughter. What she didn't see, was my hand inside his shorts, gently stroking his rising cock to life. No sooner than she'd gone to bed I had my father fuck me in the spoons position. It was as frantic a fuck as earlier, as my father smoothly fucked me in long gentle thrusts. The orgasm I had though, was by long way much more powerful than the two I'd had before. And when my hero came inside me for the second time, I held him tightly to me and longed for his cum to fill my pussy.
    This past eleven months has been a wonderful awakening for us both, but especially me. I accept fully that society see's what we're doing as religiously wrong, but then society can go and screw itself. I know deep within myself what we have together is real and truely beautiful. I also know that my father loves me without question and without any hang ups over our sexual relationship.
    We have sex almost daily now, as my mother spends more and more time away at her lovers home. She'll be, from what I understand, moving in with him shortly. Which will enable me to move permanently into my fathers bed. I can't wait to become what essentially will be his new wife, and I also can't wait to feel his wonderfully large cock fucking me later on tonight.
    The man who is my father, is also my lover, my mentor, my hero and the man who I want to spent the rest of my life giving him what his bitch of a wife (Hopefully ex wife), should have been doing all along.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I called my brother last night. He picked up the phone while he was pooping. Throughout our conversation, I could hear him grunting while he was pushing out his turds. He grunted like a bull. After dropping a turd, he moaned with relief "ohhhhhhh." He said he grunts because his turds are big and solid, and grunting makes them come out easier.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    My mom and my sister both have big tits. I love thinking about playing with them, sucking on them, and especially having them wrapped around my cock. I love the thought of their big boobs swinging in my face while they ride my cock.

    I'm living at home for the time being, and I keep wishing mom would walk in on me jerking off. I want her to watch me stroke my cock and start playing with her big tits. I want mom's pussy to get wet while she watches me.

    When I was younger, I accidentally walked in on her a couple times while she was getting dressed. She has perfect round nipples and nice big areolas. I want to suck her tits while she grips my hard dick and jerks me off. I want to cum all over mom's big tits and watch her rub it in.

    My sister could watch and play with her pussy while I have my way with mom. Until she joins in, that is.

    I love the thought of fucking my sister from behind, her on her hands and knees with her face buried in mom's c**t. Her pussy wrapped around my cock, her lips wrapped around mom's clit. Mom moaning and playing with her big tits while she watches me fuck sister's tight pussy.

    Then mom can get on top of me and ride my cock while little sister sits on my face. My mommy riding my hard cock while she grabs my sister's DDs.

    I would love nothing more than to make both of them cum and fall asleep with my head between their big round tits.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    K well it all starts when I was younger around eight or nine years old my mom would ask me for foot rubs and back rubs I didn't mind doing it she paid me for doing I wasn't attracted to my mother in any way she is semi beautiful not smoking hot she's ok I guess that's what I thought at the time as time went on id give my mom long body massages nothing inappropriate though.

    when I hit puberty I thought of my mom as kind of ugly compared to my two sisters they were younger and hotter my oldest sister started having me give her massages I loved it because every once in awhile I'd see her huge boobs my friends always talking about my two sisters no one ever commented on my mom like they did other friends moms, I didn't realize this at the time but I'd tell my mom no on giving her a massage but then go give my sister a massage my mom didn't know how much I was giving my sister massages she only knew some of the times.

    Which wasn't no big deal I was giving my beautiful sister massages to occasionally see her giant boobs pop out. My mom noticed her massage oil was getting low and asked me why I hadn't given her a massage in months I said I didn't know blamed my other brothers or said maybe my sisters were using it she had a weird look on her face but believe me I later told my sister not to say anything about our massages because we used all moms massage oil she said it felt odd lying about something so innocent and dumb but ok she said the. she went back to what she was doing at the time.

    I was sitting on the couch later that day when my sister came out with the oil and asked for a massage she kind of pushed me off the couch then laid down and handed me the oil I started to rub her back this was this first time I rubbed her back on the couch and not on her bed or the floor of her room I asked if she wanted to go to her room to be more comfortable it was weird on the couch she said no ones home it fine I massages her tell she was good and relaxed when she sat up her shoulders and neck still hurt so I sat behind her massage her sore areas she took her bra off which hardly ever happened she usually kept it on during the massages but when she did take it off I'd see her huge boobs when she took her bra off I got the best glimpse I had ever gotten because she twisted and turned stretching out as she took her bra off I was hard as a rock but played it cool I tested how far I could massage her with out her smacking me I was rubbing her oiled up body I started rubbing her sides I was rubbing the sides of her tits and she was letting me I tried to go further but she wasn't going to let it happen I could tell I was savoring this moment when my mom walks in from the living room she was home the whole time my sister was sitting there covered up except her back and neck she had her shirt covering the front of her but my hands were half on her back and half inside the sides of her shirt rubbing side boob with my sister relaxed almost melting in my hand we were both startled bye her I was quick to pull my hands out and rubber lower back my sister was awesome played it cool said she sprained her neck and shoulders she sat up and scouted over to the next spot on the couch I got up hiding my hard on and walked fast out of the room my sister was trying to say thanks but I walked away my mom said she needed to talk to me and asked me about my homework it wasn't a big deal but I hid out from them and avoid them I wasn't some perv but that's how I felt I didn't want to sleep with my sister I just wanted to see and touch boobs I was going threw puburity what can I say.

    So after a couple of weeks everything was cool I decided no more massage for my sister it was
    weird that I wanted to see her boobs there were plenty of girls out there but none letting me massage them at the time I was in the kitchen doing dishes after a odd silent dinner with the family my three brothers and my two sisters and mom I was cleaning pots and pans when I saw my
    mom walk by with the massage oil headed to the living room I thought she was going to ask for a massage and I was up for it but I heard her asking my sisters both of them why the oil was almost totally gone my second oldest sister piped up and said she had her boyfriend over and they used it my sister got grounded and sent to her room for having her boyfriend over and using the oil.
    Then my mom starts talking to my oldest sister about how good the massage oil is then I couldn't believe my ears my mom went on a rant how my three other brothers refuse to give her massages and she almost had me trained but I stopped for some reason my sister offered to give her a foot rub but my mom said
    no all whining and loud she said
    it's not the same my sister said she knows then my mom and her had a long conversation about the massages they have gotten in there lives but neither mentioned me good or bad I finished the dishes and was wiping off the counter still ease dropping
    on there conversation

    It got quite for a second or two when my mom told my sister she saw the look in her eyes a couple weeks ago when her little brother was giving her a massage he has the hands of a God doesn't he she asked
    my sister my sister said who then
    said my name mom said yes and called her dumb my sister told her how amazing I was at giving massages my mom asked her if she would talk to me and see if I could give her more massages my sister said ok my mom made her promise this whole thing was strange it pissed me off I told myself I wasn't going to massage any
    of them any more.

    Fou r days later my sister is lying on the couch all sexy and in a skimpy outfit boobs almost pooping out of her shirt she asks me for a massage because she bored I said no and walk out the front door I went to the hot next door neighbors house my sisters hung out there with the hot older sister too some times I ended getting drunk for the first time and ended sleeping with the hot older sister losing my virginity only because that fact my sister had bragged about seeing my huge dick in the shower and making hard during her almost orgasmic massages from me

    I couldn't believe it my sister bragging me up and I got laid she was 19 and I was 13 it really happened so after this my sister got really weird around she was pissed about both of us hooking up she was actually jealous but I thought she was just being mean she told on me and mom threatened to turn in the neighbor girl if we didn't stop there was a age differences things were strange I snuck around with the neighborhood girl for a year mine while my sister still seducing slowly not going to go into it but I fucked my sister a lot through out our lives and still do on occasion but that's not the story my mom must have taken a page out of my sisters book because she went from being kind of dressed when I gave her massages down to only panties some time when she could tell I was tired of the years of massing her she would step it up it went from foot rubs to I could rub her all they way up to her crotch but never touch her pussy the back of her legs to her ass I gave her an ass rub several times while doing I full body massage then she would never let me around her enormous boobs then one day I tried and I got to run as much side boob as I wanted I would never step out of line though I really started liking seeing my mom in her underwear and rubbing the sides of her tits I would almost get high on it massaging her for hours with a throbbing cock I loved the massaging but I wasn't attracted to her like wanting to fuck her or anything

    We were Astranged for years I'm a grown man now five years ago I gave her a massage were she melted into my arms and was so relaxed she was covered up in front of me and she was slowly rubbing o up on my cock after that it's been on I lust after my own mom now remembering all the stuff from when I was young I told her how I felt so hasn't let me massage her since but she doesn't tell me to go away like she did at first I think time is on my side I will eventually fuck my mom crazy long story I know just had to say all this

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    So it all started when I was about 13-14 and my (female cousin) was about 12-13 at time. At first it started off as child's play, touching each other and talking about about sex, but too chicken to do anything... then that's when we started showing each other out our private parts, she would show me her boobs, and I have to say for 12-13 year old, she was pretty developed her tits were huge, I'd say at least a C cup.
    Anyways this happened for a while, until we finally had alone time that's where I finally got to kiss and touch her tits and rub her pussy, she also rubbed my dick and gave me a few handjobs...
    Then she spent the night at my house one night and we slept in the same bed, and everyone went to bed, her and I finally "fooled" around, now by this time we were still in middle school and didn't have any way in buying or finding condoms so we didn't actually have sex we just had "dry sex" sadly, but she did giving me a handjob while I fingered her. We fooled around for about another year, until we finally just stopped for some reason...
    I'm now 18 and she's 16 turning 17 soon, I hope something can happen now that we're older?

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