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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 30

    Not a sex story.

    Today I came face to face with the man responsible for ending my marriage with my wife. 3 years ago I caught her cheating and when I said it was me or him she picked him. That lasted only a few months but it was too much to forgive.

    The guy recognised me today straight away: I was with a colleague waiting for the train. The guy literally stopped in his tracks and looked like heâd seen a ghost before heading off in the opposite direction. Definitely didnât get on my train.

    Not sure how to feel about it to be honest, but brought back a few memories of darker times and nice to be able to have the moral high ground and show that my life is far more than heâll ever be :)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    A couple months ago I found my 19 year old step daughter on a nude cam website. I can't stop masturbating to her and even pay for private cam shows with her. She has no idea it is me and her mother doesnt know she is a cam model. I even think of her when I fuck her mother sometimes. I am thinking of seeing if ahe has ever fantasized about me. I would love to feel her tight little pussy wrapped around my cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    My sister is a year or so older than I am. She developed as a teen and ended up with a body that constantly drove my cock through my denim jeans. One day, when I was 16, we were alone in the house and I had a boner that shocked me to look at it since it looked like someone else's, it was so large. It was also hot and almost glowed like a bulb.

    I walked in front of her closed bedroom door, enlarged, bursting cock in hand. Then suddenly her door flew open and she saw my cock with huge, open eyes. It's like time stopped. Somehow she knew I was out there but the size of my cock startled her. She reached out and took my cock in one hand, touching it lightly with her finger tips, fondling it a bit and it exploded with cum all over her hand, blouse, jeans, spraying white strands of cum all over. I recall the huge pulses starting at my sizzling ball sack.

    She went and got a towel and began to clean it up. The only words she said were, (quietly) "Don't worry about it." and that was it. All the years that followed, we never spoke about it but I knew that with little effort we would be fucking each other like crazed pups. It just never happened.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    This past August 25th was my birthday and after having a family get together my 83 year old uncle Max drove me to my place. We watched TV and drinking Jack Daniels. I went past my second glass and I went to bed leaving uncle Max in the living room. I awoke a short time later with the place dark except for the parking lot lights.

    Uncle Max was naked and on top of me in missionary position frot fucking my 6 inch dick with his fat 8 inch cock. I passed out again and awoke with him sitting on the side of the bed I reach over and rubbed his white ass and he said he was not done with me. I dozed off again and awoke to him still fucking me and after a few minutes I was out again.

    I got up at 6am and went in to take my shower and I noticed he written 8/26/18 @@ 1am on my ass with a sharpie pen. So after taking a shower (yes it washed off) I put on a t-shirt covering half of my ass. I donât have a big dick but do have a nice ass. After having my oatmeal and coffee and watching the morning news uncle Max gets in the shower and I go make breakfast for him. Bacon and eggs with toast and coffee.

    He soon comes out dressed in shirt and tie and I ask him where he is going and he says heâs going to church. (Lutheran). I laughed and then asked him if he remembered fucking me last night and the writing on my ass. He asked if I enjoyed it and I said yes and was hoping he would do me again and would appreciate him doing me than going to church. So I hugged him and kissed him and he put both hands on my ass as we embraced and squeezed them. So we sat on the couch as he ate breakfast and watched the TV news. When he finished I washed the dishes and walked to my bedroom as he called his friend to say he wonât be attending today.

    I layed naked on the bed and he came in and undressed and this time I was sober when he frot fucked me again. We started at 845am and finished at 1130am. I ordered Grubhub deli sandwiches for us. The delivery guy (yes we were dressed) had a funny smile on his face but not sure. After lunch we got naked and fucked some more face sitting on him this time. Heâs visiting family in Texas and will be back in October.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    When I was 14 my cousin, Amelia, moved to our neighborhood. She was my age only with all kinds of sexual experience where I had none. Amelia used to drop her jeans and play with herself in front of me. After a short time she achieved her goal and had seduced me and did whatever she wanted with me. She even had me eating her out and I began to really like it. When I was hers, she then brought over Pietro, a kid from Italy with a large sausage between his legs. They would fuck for an hour in front of me then make their move on me.

    I never met anyone as sexually active as Amelia. In time, she showed me all of it. I even saw her in several threesomes. In the meantime, my mom was convinced she was a great role model for me, "The perfect young lady,"
    She used to say.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I think it all started with my older brother, Ned, and brother closer to my age, Tommy, watching porn videos left around the house. I could not have been older than 14 but I began to pester my older brother do do me like the videos. At first he shrugged me off with a laugh but I persisted, then, I took off my shorts so he could see my starving crotch.

    I watched his bulge grow, then he dropped his pants and I knew I had him. The problem soon came up with Ned's endurance, which was around half a dozen strokes them he pulled out of me and came on my stomach. He then usually walked away. In some cases, Tommy watched and he soon sported a hard on too so I would move my hips as if wanting humping and finally Tommy got on top and fucked me. Tommy really loved it and took his time fucking me deeply and slowly. Often I had to ask him to speed it up. that I was "falling asleep."

    I used my two brothers sexually like that until they graduated High School then we all moved on to different colleges with Ned going to a trade school for auto training. We're all dating now but once in a while Tommy and I knock one off for old time's sake.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    Blackmail sex:

    When I was 19 and my sister was 16, she really started to develop and I got the hots for her. I tried looking down her blouse at her blossoming tits, and steal glances of her showering and changing. Needless to say I fantasized a lot about her during my fap sessions.

    One night I was walking by her room and could hear her moaning. I decided to open her door a bit to see if I could see her masturbating.

    I got a real surprise as I caught her with our german shepherd Thor licking her pussy. I burst into her room and said "WTF are you doing". She nervously tried to cover-up and explained that she had fallen asleep and Thor had started to lick her unknowingly.

    Then I asked her to explain the jar of peanut butter that she had in her hand. She said that she had been feeding Thor with it when she fell asleep, but I called bullshit and threw off her blanket to reveal peanut butter spread over her inner thighs and pussy.

    She started to cry and begged me not to tell our parents. I said okay, but I told her that she had to do something for me. She nodded her head in agreement, so I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my semi-erect cock.

    Without any prodding she put my cock in her mouth. She skillfully twirled her tongue around the head, then licked up and down the shaft, and used her hand to play with my balls. Something told me she had down this before.

    Meanwhile Thor had gotten back to licking my sister's thighs and pussy. I took out my camera phone and snapped a couple of pics of Thor doing his thing. At first my sister protested, but then I threatened to tell our parents, so she relented.

    I then told my sister to spread some peanut butter on her tits. After she did, Thor switched his focus and began to lap away at her boobs
    I have to admit I was a little jealous if Thor, but that did not stop me from taking more pictures.

    My sister had gotten me really hard by now and was starting to jerk my cock. Suddenly Thor began to shift around awkardly and my sister spread her legs wide. I began to realize the Thor was trying to mount her, and my sister let out a large scream when he finally did.

    By now I was getting in the way, so I got out of the action as I did not want to get my cock injured. Thor started to hump my sister vigorously and she began to scream out his name. I was transfixed by all this but it did not stop me from taking pictures.

    Eventually Thor began to growl and I realized that he was coming in my sisters pussy. When he was spent, he tried pulling out of my sister but had some difficulty so my sister had to push him off (later I learned that dogs develop a knot in their penis when fucking). When he was finally off of her, I chased him out of the room.

    Now I wanted my own release. So my sister started to suck my cock further, as I called her a dirty whore for fucking our dog. It wasn't long before I shot a hot load all over her beautiful face. Then I took some more pics of my cum all over her face, but was careful to leave my penis out, so I could later claim that she had sucked off our dog.

    Now I had a cell phone full of photos that I could use to blackmail my sister into doing my bidding. At first she was resistant, but after we began to fuck ourselves she became a more willing participant.

    But I was not satisfied with blackmailing just my sister. I got her to trick a couple of her hot friends into playing with her and Thor. Then I caught them "accidently" again and I had some more blackmail victims to do my sexual bidding also.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I graduated HS last year. My parents told me that after I am on my own for two years, they will pay for my college. I work three jobs, have a roommate for a small two bedroom apartment, but I am "on my own" to their satisfaction.

    I work all the time just to pay the bills, and it takes me almost a month to have enough extra to harvest a small night out. I am so tired!

    My roommate's parents are helping to pay her way, so she is out almost every night. I hear her hooking up with her guys way too much, I lay in my room listening and trying to get some sleep before going to my morning job. Sometimes I seriously consider trying to join them. I am not bi, but I am not getting the sleep I need and I am living like a nun. Would it be so wrong to undress and slip in bed with them?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    When my husband Mark began to mention we should visit my mothers more often, I didn't think too much of it, but did kind of question why, as he and my mom weren't exactly the best of friends. However it gave me the chance to visit my sister, who lives only ten minutes from my mom. The thing is Mark and Molly my sister definitely don't get on, so I always go round on my own, leaving Mark with my mom for a couple of hours.
    We'd been doing the drive over for about five months when on visiting Molly, I found out she wasn't well. So instead of catching anything, I told my sister I'd see her another time and headed back to my moms house.
    Entering, I heard the distinct sounds of sex, and thought my mom must have gone out and Mark was watching porn. Just about to step into the lounge, I saw movement and heard my mom say "Oh yeh, fuck me like that". Moving closer, I peeked around the open door and saw my mom knelt up on the rug infront of her fire naked. Behind her was my husband and he too was naked. Leaning onto her back half stood up, half squatting down he was thrusting his cock into my moms asshole from behind.
    I'm supposed to say now how pissed off I was. How angry I was, and how I wanted to run in and beat my husband and my mom. It didn't happen that way. It didn't happen that way at all.
    Mom, my sister and I lost my dad six years ago. Since then my mom hadn't had any guys around, and I knew from things I'd heard from Molly, my mom and dad were very sexually active. So seeing my husbands cock sliding in and out of my moms asshole, and hearing the obvious delight and pleasure in her voice and moans, I actually felt relief and an overwhelming feeling of love towards them both.
    Watching them fuck so beautifully together, I didn't become turned on as such, but I did feel a type of sexual longing for my mom to enjoy Mark's cock as much as I do. On and on he fucked her from behind. And I watched as my own mother orgasmed once and then as Mark began to thrust harder and deeper up her asshole, she climaxed again.
    Knowing Mark and his "sounds" I knew he was close.
    What happened next will stay in my memory forever. Mark pulled out of my moms asshole, spun her around and just as he put his cock to her mouth to receive his cum, she saw me.
    It was too late and Mark came filling her mouth. Still looking at me with Mark telling her to, my mom swallowed my husbands cum. Looking down at where she sat, I smiled at my mom, put my right index finger to my lips and walked out.
    It was half an hour later when I walked back in, and they were both dressed and drinking coffee in the kitchen. Mark kissed me and said we should go soon. All my mother did was smile at me and look away embarrassed.
    Nothing was said about what I'd seen before or as we left, but I did whisper to my mom, I'd speak to her the following day.
    We did talk, and talked for hours over the phone. I realized just how lonely my mom was then and how much she missed the physical side of her marriage to my dad. Throughout our conversation, I couldn't get the image of Mark fucking her asshole out of my head. So I told her how I'd felt watching them fuck and how and what would happen from then on.
    It's now been five months since I saw my husband fucking my mom, and my mom and me have become so close since. We talk about everything, and I do mean everything she and Mark do together. He still doesn't know I know, but then I'm fine with him staying in the dark for now.
    It's a family situation that will and could last for as long as I'm married to Mark, or they stop fucking on their own behalf. Mark and I still have sex, lots of sex and more probably than I want. I'm not saying our situation is for everyone and not everyone would accept it. But then I loved my mom long before I was married to mark, and I'll still love her no matter what. Sharing my husband with her isn't a burden to me, nor is it as I see it, in any way compromising our marriage. If anything, my mom's helping me by keeping him sexually happy within my family. And besides with his large cock, he's got enough for the both of us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    It's been four years now since I began to have sexual thoughts about my aunt. I'm close to being
    convinced that she wants to engage me sexually. I also suspect it might be just in my mind. I
    don't have the sophistication to do anything about it but it fills my thoughts.

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