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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I am so mixed up about this.
    I know the right thing to do, but I also cant deny how I am feeling about my sister's husband.

    My sister and I are very close, we always have been. We grew up in an Irish Catholic family, and when
    she started dating Derrick who is black, it was kind of difficult for my parents to handle since they are
    very old fashioned. But after time they accepted him, and eventually accepted that they were getting married.
    That was 2 years ago.

    I also noticed Derrick would sometimes be checking me out, which was flattering. I will admit I had fantasies about him, and as silly as it sounds, I sometimes worried that somehow Derrick KNEW about those fantasies I was having.

    Last weekend we had a big family party. At one point when everyone was outside, I went to the basement to get a
    bag of ice out of a cooler that was in the laundry room. I was very surprised when I turned around to see
    Derrick right there behind me. My heart started racing immediately.
    He asked first if I needed any help, and I said no. Then there was a few seconds of awkward silence, and then Derrick just blurted out "what would happen if I ever tried to kiss you?".
    I think I said something about how that would not be a good idea, but I also noticed my body was moving
    closer to him as I said that. I wanted him to kiss me SO bad! And he new that.
    We ended up sharing the most intense, deep kisses I have ever given or received in my life. His hands were in my
    shirt and down my shorts in seconds. Derrick could feel how sopping wet I was getting.
    We broke from a kiss and Derrick said we should do it "just once", and that we would always have that secret
    between us. He started to pull my shorts and panties down, and I said "not here, not now".

    My head was spinning when I went back to the party. I felt ashamed, but I also felt so alive.
    I love my sister, but I want her husband.
    I spent the rest of the evening processing everything that happened and everything that was said in those
    5 minutes in the basement.

    By me saying to Derrick "not here, not now" was pretty much agreeing to have sex with him at some point.
    My parents still live in the same house my sister and I grew up in, but they are gone a lot. It would
    be so easy to meet up with Derrick there. I cant stop thinking about having sex with my sister's husband,
    in the bed she slept on when she was a kid. omg

    His "just once" comment.....I am sure I could stick to that rule, because I would never want a full
    out affair with him.
    I know how wrong it would be with him being my brother-in-law, and the added taboo of him being black,
    but I am thinking about it all the time now.
    Just once.

    I know this is a bad way to see it - but IF Derrick was going to cheat on my sister, I would
    almost rather it be with me. I would never want to hurt her or see her marriage hurt in any way. It would
    just be something he needs to get out of his system, and something I obviously want, too.
    I know my sister would never see it this way - but she loves Derrick, he loves her, so if he and I made
    love it would almost be like a secret bond she and I would share.
    I tell myself if I was the one who was married - would I rather it be a total stranger my husband cheats
    with, or someone I know and someone who would never want me to get hurt. I would want it to be my sister
    if it was anyone.

    She used to joke when they were dating about big he is size-wise. I want that.

    Would "just once" really be so bad?? Get it out of our system, and have that secret forever.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    My Sister-in-law has always had a hot body. Maybe 5-8, nice full breasts. I never thought much about her since she never wore makeup and was a bit odd and I rarely see them even at family functions. The last few years as my mother-in-law lost her husband and as she's gotten older, I've seen the SIL more.

    She had put on some weight and carried it fairly well but she always wore bulky sweatshirts and heavy clothing probably to conceal her weight gain, so you could tell she had some nice breasts but you could never see.

    One Christmas we were all together, she had on her usual bulky clothing and the topic of the day was jokes about the size of her boobs. Apparently a lot of men had started noticing and surprisingly making comments to her about them. Clearly she liked it and was proudly saying how a man told her he "admired her chest". We all laughed it off, but I couldnt help but start checking them out to see if they were true.

    While she was reaching up to put some plates in a cupboard and she had her arms over her head it was clear that her boobs had grown significantly from the last time I got a good look.

    Fast forward to the next Summer. It was a hot day and we were helping my MIL move a bunch of her husbands stuff out of storage. It was in the upper 90s and very humid so we were all wearing as little as possible. My SIL was wearing a basic white tshirt but it was clear her boobs had exploded in growth since I had gotten a good look at them in the past. Her tshirt was straining against them and you could clearly see the outline of her big bra.

    We were almost done and just the two of us were out there while she was helping me load something. She started to hand me a tool while I wasnt looking and when I reached for it I got a solid back hand push into her huge boob. She didnt say anything and we went on as normal, but it caught my attention. It felt large, firm and soft in my hand, that kind of heavyness of a huge boob.

    We finished the rest of the move and when they were getting ready to leave and we were giving hugs goodby, I semi purposely didnt move my hand fully out of the way of where I knew her chest would be when she moved up to hug me and grazed my hand fully into her large tit. We hugged and she just smiled and left.

    I thought that it was the end of my fun until the next Christmas. We were standing together for a group photo, she is fairly tall and I am the tallest, so she typically on the same photo row, but this time I noticed she scrambled up next to me. While we were standing in the back row I could feel her press her full breast against my arm and leave it there until the picture was taken, then she pulled it away. Since it was automatic and she had the clicker she could control when it was taken. We did another and I could feel her again press that huge tit up against me. I know theres no way she couldnt have felt it as I did.

    The next time I saw her they came up to my house for a visit, which was extremely rare and a one time thing probably. They all went shopping leaving me at my house by myself, so I thought, ok Ive got to see how big those babies are. So I snuck into our guest room and found one of her bra's, a 38FF. Wow, I've never seen another woman in real life with boobs as big as hers.

    I havent seen her since but I hoping we do some more family pics soon. I havent had the nerve (or chance) to try to take things any farther, but my BIL has admitted to me that shes a bit of a freak and implied they are swingers.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Neither one of my parents were educated, they were immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador. My father did construction and my mother worked cleaning houses. We were six kids. I was the fourth. I have four sisters and one brother. My parents are very religious and our social life revolved around the church. Growing up we all learned English at school, and we speak Spanish at home. My younger sister and I shared a bed, my two older sisters shared a bed, the four of us slept in one room. My brother slept on the couch. Only my oldest sister had a room for herself.

    As we grew older my sisters each started getting pregnant and moving off to live with their boyfriends. My brother got this girl pregnant, and we later found out she was prostitute. My oldest sister got involved with a girl friend, she says she is gay now. But we know that the father of her two kids comes by and gets what he wants from her. Her girlfriend is gay and doesn't put out to guys.

    My younger sister and I slept together and we touched and kissed each other down there. Most of our touching and kissing down there was in the bathroom where we had some privacy. At night, when it was dark and the house was quiet and we could here our older sisters asleep, we would kiss on the mouth. When we were older and started to go through puberty we would spoon and the outside girl would cup and play tittie.

    We were older, in high school and we were alone at the house, we were usually alone because our parents came home late, we decided to 'fuck'. We found a plastic spoon in the kitchen with a round wide handle and my sister got on her hands and knees and bent over and she lost her virginity first. The feeling of power as I used the spoon to fuck her made me wet, I masturbated while I fucked her with the spoon handle. After a while, she got up on the kitchen table and bent over in front of me and I ate her, I really ate her pussy, I ate her and fingered myself.

    The spoon disappeared from the kitchen and we used it to masturbate or fuck each other. I ate her pussy, I wanted to eat her every day. I fucked her with the spoon and ate her and let me fuck her.

    At school in my senior year this counselor talked to me about getting an associates degree at the city college. After graduation, I enrolled in college and worked retail. I had never paid attention to how many pretty women were everywhere. The girls at school didn't count, I knew them all my life, but now at the mall they were everywhere. I got a job at Coach.

    Clarissa came to work, she was half Porto Rican and half American, her father had been in the service. She was pretty, and she had curves. She wore dresses that clung to her hips and I could see the V when she walked. I wanted her, I knew I could do her, I wanted to eat her, eat her and then fuck her with the spoon.

    My sister got screwed by this guy who worked with my brother and he got her pregnant. We had stopped messing around, the only thing we still did was hold titties and kiss on the neck. But my interests were on Clarissa.

    I kissed her in the stock room after closing, and I felt up her boob. She yelled at me and slapped me. All that made me want to do was fuck her even more. I held her down and kissed her used my hands to grab her boobs. I used my knee to push up into her crotch. I got my hands behind her and lifted her dress and started to pull down her panties. She helped, she wasn't talking any more, he panties came off and she sat on the edge of the little chair in the stock room, and I got on my knees and I ate her pussy. I ate her and let her know that her pussy was now mine.

    Her pussy was mine, and I bought a dildo on line which I used to fuck her. She moved in with me, and we became full time lovers. Of my mother's five daughters two were lesbians, more or less. I was the only one left without kids.

    I had taken a job in an office, because I needed the benefits. Clarissa also got an office job. We were working eight to five and we were active in our neighborhood and had come out to our close friends and family. She grew more beautiful every day. Under her clothes away from the sun, her skin was white, she was full and she had curves and she liked for me to play with her. Life was good.

    At my work a guy started to hit on me. I told him I swung the other way, but he persisted. One day he trapped me in the warehouse and I found out what it was like to have a man on top of you. I was 26 when I lost my virginity to a man. He knocked me down and he ate my pussy on the floor before fucking me. After he fucked me he gave me the look. The look meant don't say no. The look meant give it up when he wants it. I was angry most of the time, but he still got what he wanted. He gave me the look, the look that meant he was going to fuck me and he fucked me.

    My relationship with Clarissa changed, every time he fucked me I told her. She told me to tell him to fuck off, to go fuck some other girl. But nothing worked, one day he came to our apartment and he looked at her and told her to stay in the living room and he fucked me on the bed. That was the day we knew it was hopeless.

    Clar issa and I still live together, we are like my oldest sister. She is totally gay and I'm fucked by a man. I have kids now, kids keep you in line. All my mother's daughters have kids. All my mother's daughters have men. My youngest sister finished college and I have my associates. My brother and other sisters never really finished high school.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    My brother is a very attractive man. I won't lie about it. Ever since he started growing into his manhood, I have been attracted to him. And now, he is a stud. He is three years younger than I am. Unfortunately for him, he has a lot of trouble sleeping sometimes so the doctor prescribed him some really good sleeping pills. Just to test them out on him, I used to try to wake him up after he had been asleep for a while. It would not work, he would sleep right through whatever I did to him. I even went as far as taking off his shorts one time. I yanked them down, expecting him to have on some boxers too but he did not and whatever he was dreaming about that night must have been great because he had a massive boner.

    His cock is thick, and between 8 and 9 inches long. It is a beautiful cock and the first night I saw it, I fell in love. I was shocked at first and just stared at it for a long time.

    I reached out and touched it with one finger, then two, then I wrapped my hand around it. I could barely touch my middle finger to my thumb as I stretched my fingers around his cock as best I could.

    As I touched it and felt it's enormous size in my hand, my brother abruptly rolled over in his sleep and I jumped up and ran to my room afraid that I had just been caught.

    After a while when I was sure no one else was awake but me, I crept back down the hall to his room. This time he was on his side with his cock falling down to touch the sheet. But it was still stiff and I was still amazed.

    I went over to the edge of his bed and knelt down next to his cock. I touched it and grooed it again, amazed and loving the feeling of such a large dick in my hand. After a significant amount of internally arguing with myself about how wrong it was, I convinced myself that as long as no ne found out, it wouldn't be bad at all.

    I finally, eagerly, worked my lips over the large head of his dick and was able to get over half of his big shaft into my mouth before hitting my gag reflex. I loved his cock in my mouth and lost control at that point. I sucked his cock as best as I could manage and swallowed most of his cum as it overfilled my mouth quicker than I could swallow.

    I continued this process for several weeks but what I failed to realize was that my brother had also been gradually reducing how much of the sleeping drug he took. One night at about 2am, I was kneeling between his legs on his bed, taking several inches of his cock in with every bob of my head until he started to ejaculate.

    He ejaculated hard and fast. In the weeks that I had been giving him blowjobs in his sleep he had never cum so much. I struggled to swallow as he shot stream after stream. Finally when it was over, I licked his cock clean and looked up at his sleeping face with amazement which turned tohorrow very fast as I realized that he was not alseep.

    I froze, panicking and afraid. He sat up and calmed me down, telling me that he wasn't upset at all and that it was all fine. And he wouldn't tell anyone.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've been having sex with both of my parents and all three of my older brothers and my older sister and two aunts and an uncle at our weekend orgies for the last 13 years and have loved every minute of it. The best part is getting sucked off by my mom while dad fucks me and I suck my uncle's cock while everyone else is also enjoying the orgy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    So I just met my mum's new guy. Mum invited him over for dinner today to meet me, it was a surprise to see I know him--biblically speaking even. We spent an awkward dinner and evening together, but I think I was able to be cool enough about things that mum is good with us. I told her Tom is a good guy, and I like him--more it's more like I climb on him and ride him limp every chance I get.

    When my dad left 6 years ago, I and mum were really a mess, both of us had really bad nightmares and couldn't sleep, so we started sleeping together. It started out innocent enough, but she woke one night and was really shaken by her dream. I tried to comfort her and we ended up holding each other. We spooned from that night on, and both our night terror problems went away. Spooning lead to fondling and right into some really heavy petting, but we never went far enough to get to oral or fingering each other, just some making each other feel really nice. We even kissed a bit, but not a lot, most of it was just fondling while spooning. Well, after a bit over a year of this mum started to go out with guys and I found a steady bf, so we mostly found our own beds again.

    What I've never told her was that my new bf was an older guy. He was married and 36. I met him while helping my cousin babysit. When he gave us a ride home, he dropped my cousin off and while taking me home he kind of hinted that he was in the mood, I was too, and that's how I got started on older guys. I met Tom about 6 months ago and we've been hot for each other ever since. We both know we're not exclusive, but I never expected to meet him at dinner as my mum's date!

    I can here them in my mum's bed. I'm wondering how my mum would react if I went in and climbed in bed with them.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I do not miss my ex husband, but I miss his family. Especially his sister and her husband. Those two stayed with me and later let me live with them, while my husband was on the road driving a truck.

    He wanted money to build race cars, so he worked long distance and long hours. When he was home he spent that time on race cars, with his friends.

    I told his sister (my sister in law) how frustrated I was sexually. We watched some movies one night when I flipped on a PPV porn movie. we three watched and soon my sister in law had her husband fuck me good. he was a large man with a nice thick cock. Oh how good that was when he fucked me like the guy in the porn movie did.

    He lasted a long time, he satisfied me and then his wife. She and I did each other and found how good she was giving me satisfaction as well. She liked the oral, but she loved her husbands cock.

    With problems I decided I wanted sex all the time, so I found a good man. We have a good sex life, but i miss the time I spend with my ex family. I would love to be with them again, but the last time i ask the answer was no. I think they found someone else. Would be funny if it was my Ex new GF. She moved in after we split.

    thanks for hearing me out

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    This started 10 years ago, when I had dropped out of college. My dad had just died. I moved back home, to live with my mom. I was depressed. Well, both mom and I were. I got a shit job, and just went to work and then came home and got drunk every night. I was just working to help mom out financially, and use what I had left on booze and cigarettes. I often thought about suicide.

    I jerked off a lot. I did miss that about college; that is, the occasional girlfriend or one nighter. I never bothered to try once I dropped out.

    Mom would drink with me sometimes. She was never a big drinker before that. We were just 2 depressed people hanging out. Despite our overall shitty situation, I guess that was one positive; we had never been closer. She's never been the same since dad died.

    My mom is gorgeous. I had always thought so. I used to sneak a peak on her in the shower as a teenager. She's got huge tits and a beautiful face.

    When we'd hang out, mom always dressed slutty-casual? If that's a thing? I never knew what to think of it. Sometimes she'd just wear a nightgown and robe, but the nightgowns were always v-cut. Or she'd have on some shorts or a skirt and a tank top. At the time I never thought anything of it. I figured she was just dressing comfortably.

    On one night we were drinking and both got pretty smashed. We had never even mentioned sex before in our conversations, but she blurted out something like "God I miss your father. I'm so horny right now." But before I could even say anything she quickly apologized and changed the subject. But that comment sure did get my mind going.

    Maybe another hour or so later, and after a few more drinks, I decided to go back to my room. I was horny and needed to jerk off. I was pulling up some porn online but had to head back out to pee. When I passed by the living room, the lights were still on. On the TV, there was some adult movie playing on Cinemax. I looked in, and there's mom, asleep/passed out on the couch. She had been wearing some shorts, but she had taken them off. She lay there in just her panties and a tank top. No bra. Her tits were just dying to pop out.

    I don't know if I can really blame my actions on the alcohol, or my "I don't give a fuck" depressed attitude at that time, or what. I think it was probably a mix of things, including years of built up lust.

    I walked over next to the couch, and peered down at my mother. She looked perfect. Even know as I think back and picture how she looked, I'm getting an erection.

    I lowered my pajama pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers. I started to jerk it. But that wasn't even. I couldn't resist. I slowly moved my hand down and pulled her shirt down below her tits. I like to think I did it gently, fearing that I'd wake her up. But when I think about it, it's a tall task getting her giant knockers out of a shirt like that.

    With her tits exposed, I went back to jerking off. I was going to cum on her tits and them just pray she didn't try to kill me the next day. I closed my eyes and bit my lip and jerked. When I opened my eyes and looked back down at mom, her eyes were open, staring right at me.

    I froze. She said nothing. I think that awkward moment lasted for a good 15-20 seconds. Finally, she moved. Her hand slowly slid down, and she started rubbing her pussy through her panties, as she closed her eyes.

    I started to jerk myself again. I'm not sure what direction she wanted it to go in. Neither of us said a word. Eventually I sat her up, and she put up her arms as I took her shirt off. She looked just as good now as she did when I used to spy on her. She took off her panties and started fingering herself. I just lost it.

    I took off my pants and my boxers. I moved down and pushed her legs open, and got myself in between. About as quickly as I could, I lined my cock up and shoved it inside my mother's pussy. She let out a gasp as her eyes shot open. She stared into my eyes, and to this day I swear it was a mix of pure joy, coupled with disappointment in her son that I'd do that. Or maybe it was guilt? I don't know.

    I fucked her. I started slow but hard, and she moaned or gasped with each thrust. I didn't waste much time with that. I began to fuck her hard and fast. She moaned like a whore and wrapped her legs around me. I'm not sure how long it lasted. Eventually, I was shooting my load inside my mother. She pulled me in close with her legs as I slowly thrusted until I had emptied my load. We kissed, briefly. We told each other "I love you." I wanted more. I don't know if she did or not, but I didn't really care.

    I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to her bedroom and threw her onto the bed. I fucked her again. Hard. I came inside her again, and then we fell asleep.

    We never talk about it. We've been fucking for 10 years. Frankly, I still don't know how she really feels about it. I initiate it about 90 percent of the time. I pretty much just take her, or have her give me a blowjob. Pretty much everything is quickie style. Like, if I want to just lift up her skirt and fuck her over the kitchen counter, that's exactly what I do. I mean, she seems to enjoy it, but I don't know. While we're not doing it, we act like it doesn't happen. Our conversations haven't changed.

    I've been married for 3 years now and have one child. But every once in a while, I always make sure to go and visit mom. My wife tells me I'm a "momma' boy" because of how much we talk on the phone and how much I visit her. If she only knew, lol.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    So glad I found this website because I can't tell any of my friends and I just have to get this out somehow!

    I just found out Two weeks ago that my Sister Denise has been having sexual relations with her own Son. Of course our family is going through the WTF moment and we are all basically in a state of shock over this.

    My sister's husband Phillip is in shock for real, I can't even imagine what's going through his mind in all of this.

    Phillip and Denise are handsome and attractive couple. Alex their Son got more good looks than a child should even have. By the time he was 16yo he was being invited to NYC for a few modeling Agency's and now he flies all over the World.

    From day one when Alex was born Denise doted over Alex, as he got older Denise became more obsessive and frankly most of the family didn't want to be around Denise. It didn't matter the conversation, somehow Denise always had to bring it around to Alex. When he got to be a Teenager Denise became even worse but the weird thing Alex never seemed to mind.

    If Alex had a girlfriend he never said a word about it. As good looking as Alex was none of us could believe there wasn't some girl vying for his affection at School. I asked him once when we had a cookout and he said his modeling career kept him from having a girlfriend. His Mom then appeared and led him away.

    Phillip called me one night after Denise and Alex returned from New York. Denise had a boob job during the Three days her and Alex was there. It was a few weeks before I saw Denise and I was shocked how different she looked besides the boob job. I asked Denise if she had Botox
    and she said it was to go along with her knew breasts.

    When Alex turned 17yo Denise had become what my husband called a MILF. Denise was wearing rather short skirts and high heels most of the time now. She wore a lot more makeup and her hair was looking if she went to a Salon every few days to have it redone. Phillip was calling me relentlessly to talk to Denise. Every time I tried to get together with Denise she always had excuse that she and Alex were going to New York or he had a modeling class she had to take him to.

    Alex celebrated his 18th birthday in New York and Phillip was livid. According to Denise Alex met some people from his Agency and they were going to party together. I saw them a few weeks after they returned, taking Alex his birthday gift over to the house. Two things that shocked me mostly was the fact that Denise hovered over Alex like a lovesick puppy. They sat close together on the sofa, almost like a couple would. She touched him repeatedly and the way she looked at Alex gave me the creeps.

    I needed a drink and I went to the kitchen for something, Denise followed me a moment later thankfully without Alex. While I was having a glass of water Denise showed me the recent pictures of Alex modeling men's briefs. Alex was naked except for the briefs obviously, I was shocked at how Alex's upper body was toned. He must have been working out, his Abs were very defined. Denise pointed to the gray briefs and said something to the fact that Alex took after his father. Besides looks, it appeared that Alex was very endowed. Denise laughed that the Agency would tone it down for the public. Denise seemed to stare at the picture and then I made the decision to leave right then, I had seen and heard enough! That was the last time I have seen Alex or Denise.

    Two weeks later Phillip arrived at our home late. My husband had gone to bed since it was a work week and I was on my way when Phillip knocked on the door. At first I thought there had been an accident with Alex or Denise, or both most likely. Phillip looked like he hadn't been to bed in days, which wasn't far from the truth. He asked to go outside and talk on our patio

    We walked outside and sat down at the patio table. Phillip had a large envelope with a rubber band wrapped around it, he held it in his hand as he started to talk. It took him a minute to get the words out and when he told me that Alex and Denise were lovers, it was me now that was a loss for words.

    When I was able to speak I was trying to be in Denial and yet I was trying to ask questions that I couldn't even finish asking. Of course I flashed back to Alex and Denise, you see the things but they are Mother and Son. Very weird behavior for sure, but lovers, you just can't wrap your mind around that! I asked Phillip if he was sure about all of this and he leaned forward and held the envelope out for me to take. He stood up and told me just to read it all for myself.

    Ok I'm thinking there must be proof so I'm going to get dressed and I will go over and ask Denise what the hell is she thinking? Phillip tells me that Alex and Denise aren't even home as they are on a Plane flying to Paris as we spoke. I just sat down in the chair in disbelief and looked down at the thick envelope in my hand. Phillip said something I didn't even hear and left me a moment later just sitting there stunned, Phillip must have felt the same way when he realized what was going on. Can't even imagined what's going through his mind?

    Obviousl y being tired went out the window. I went to the kitchen and removed the rubber band and spilled the contents out onto the table. There was two Diary books and a DVD along with a note from Denise to Phillip. The note was brief, only stating that Denise didn't expect her husband to understand and that she and Alex were going to Paris for a while.

    I didn't get to bed until 3am reading through the first Diary. Most of it was about Alex and how she was so taken by him from a child to being growing boy. The next night I read through the second Diary, it started out almost a Harlequin Romance book and towards the end began to read like a Pornographic Novel.

    Denise said that after her implant surgery Alex was so helpful for the few days afterwards and she wasn't even embarrassed that Alex saw her breasts exposed frequently. Alex asked if he could touch them and Denise allowed him. She even wrote that Alex became aroused at those times and knew he had reached the pinnacle of being a man.

    Denise wrote that Alex was growing in many ways and he was struggling with becoming a Man and she knew that she would have to do more to be a better Mother to see him through these times just as Alex had helped her in New York.

    When I read the next few pages I thought of Phillip and what he must have felt reading them as I was now. Denise spoke of going into Alex's room many nights and helping Alex relieve himself. Denise was masturbating her own Son and she went on to say that it was difficult to deny her own desire that was building inside of her.

    I skipped over a few pages, most of them repeating the nights she went to Alex's bedroom. I found the page marked Alex Birthday. Denise wrote how it was going to be special, she had gone to Victoria's Secret and bought an outfit for the occasion. She had her hair done and even went to a makeup artist to look her best.

    Basical ly Denise gave herself to Alex on his birthday. She spoke that he was unskilled in oral but that he would learn in time to please her. They had intercourse, and she wrote how Alex filled her completely with his endowment. Denise went on to say she gave herself to Alex several times that night and even though she was sore she couldn't say no to him.

    There was several more pages and by skimming through it appeared they were having sex after they returned from New York when her husband wasn't around. Denise wrote since Alex was now 18 he was free to make the decision and she wasn't going to refuse him.

    It took me a few days before I dared to look at the DVD, honestly not sure what I was going to see on it. Once in the laptop a picture filled the screen with Alex, and many more of him at various places. Then there were picture of Denise, same places that showed Alex before.

    There were pictures of them taken in various hotel suites. Denise would be dressed up wearing a rather short skirt with high heels. Alex would do a closeup as if too show off Denise's makeup, she wore a lot of eyeliner and mascara. I had to admit she did look younger than 40yo

    Then after many pictures of the same, there was a picture of Denise standing by a large window. I could easily see they were in a hotel in New York from the large building outside behind her. She was wearing a very sexy lingerie outfit, I remember reading in the Diary she had gone to Victoria's Secret.

    I realized the pictures were taken on Alex's birthday. There were more pictures, Denise had let the satin robe fall to the floor around her feet. She wore a bustier with a garter belt and stockings, very high heels as well. The next picture showed Denise with her hair down and her curls framed around her face, I almost didn't recognize her. The next picture she had removed the bustier and stood posing with her ample breasts exposed to the camera. I had never asked to see Denise's boob job but they actually looked good on her body. Now the last picture was Denise posing basically nude, except for her garter belt, stockings, and heels.

    She had removed her panties to reveal that she was shaved between her legs. That was about the only thing that didn't surprise me, Denise told me she did that for Phillip many years ago and she liked being shaved.

    The next pictures were of Alex, he was wearing a Tux and not one that just came off a Rack at some rental store. The idea of a young James Bond crossed my mind, he had the looks to make the Tux look better. Just as Denise had done, with every picture some of his clothing came off until he was standing with his gray briefs on. It was easy to see the bulge within the briefs and Denise had taken several pictures of that moment.

    The last few showed Alex out of his briefs and his erection, I flipped through those until there was Denise posed on the well made bed. She was still wearing her garter belt, heels and stockings. I flipped quickly through those as well. The next picture was of Alex lying under the covers as if half asleep, his hair was mussed and the well made bed was a mess. It didn't leave anything to the imagination that they had sex, I took the DVD out and placed it back into the plastic case.

    The next day I called Phillip to say I was going to bring those things back to him. We tried to talk the following night but it was all so weird neither of us could actually speak about the things we read in Denise's Diary. I left the things with Phillip and went home a short time later. We text each other every few days asking each other if we have heard from Denise and so far we have heard nothing.............

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    I want to fuck my 18 year old step daughter so bad it hurts. I dont know how much longer I can go without doing something about it.

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