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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My mom sat me down one day. She said she noticed that Danny, one year younger than me, and I are going through a "difficult age" which at first did not understand but then she said, "He's dying to fuck you and if you let him, your lives will change and you won't be able to get him off your back for years. You might also become pregnant by him, the last thing in the world you want to happen."

    I'm glad she said all that because I was slowly giving in to the temptation. Now I'll just wait it our until he finds a girl friend to relieve his tensions and I will just keep using my toys that mom gave me.

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    Straight Female / 20

    To me he's the perfect man. He's kind, generous and a wonderfully passionate lover. He's very athletic and and has a honed muscular body that drives me insane for his sex. At eight and half inches long and about two and half inches thick, his cock also has me worshiping it and him.
    Right from the first time we had sex, I was captivated by him. Although I had in truth wanted him to fuck me for at least two years prior to his beautiful cock taking my virginity. There was no doubt in my mind once he said he'd consider taking my flower, that it would be him to deflower my love holes.
    That first time was and still is very special to me, as we made love over a two and half hour period in his home. I'd gone there precisely to seduce him, and was waiting naked for him in his bed. He knew I'd taken time off college as I'd text him earlier, telling him I was round at his place. When he saw me naked lay on top of his quilt, He slowly undressed and I was soaking wet between my legs by the time his cock bobbed in front of him.
    We kissed, carressed and stroked one another, then proceeded to give each other oral sex as we sixty nined. Finally with myself begging him to do so, he slid his magnificent cock deep into my pussy, taking my virginity. Over the next couple of hours, I was taught how to pleasure him, and just how special it was to climax over and over again on his cock, as he fucked me in countless beautiful positions (God I still have that memory ingrained into my mind).
    Every week, every chance we got for the next three years, I became his to do as he wished and I soon learned just what he liked sexually. At family get together's and parties we'd find time to have at least oral sex, but it was when we had real time, he'd dominate me and show mr just how much he lusted after my young body.
    That was then and this is most definitely now.
    Two weeks ago arriving back one day early from a course which was supposed to last four days, I entered his home to wait for him to finish work. I wanted him and his cock. I was so horny for him, but I didn't tell him I was arriving so when he saw me naked he'd fuck me the way he knows I like it, rough. Only he wasn't at work and I could hear the sounds of sex when I entered. I knew, I wasn't stupid that he fucked other older women. Women around his age (39) but it hadn't bothered me, as he and I knew one day our sexual relationship would most probably have to end.
    Walking upto his front room door, I pushed it open slightly and was immediately shocked to the core. He was sat on his couch naked. His cock was pointing directly upwards and knelt either said if his cock taking so deep up her arsehole, was my mother. He was slamming his cock into her so hard, she was screaming out with each thrust and within a minute of me stood watching stunned, she orgasmed on his dick.
    My mother, the person who I loved more than anyone in the world including him, was sat on her youngest brothers cock and they were both enraptured with each other. What kept me there watching, was just how incredibly horny it looked to see them fucking. It was obvious they'd had sex before and it was also obvious they loved each other. So much so they were oblivious to me standing only feet away.
    Seeing his cock driving up my mothers arsehole time after time, had my pussy amazingly wet with lust, yet I knew I shouldn't be there. Even so I found it ever so hard to turn around and walk away. I wanted then to stop fucking, I wanted my uncle only to want me, but they looked so perfect together. Eventually I told myself I had to leave and I silently walked out.
    Two hours later with my father having just gotten home, I saw my mother walking up our garden path. She looked like the cat that had gotten the cream, and in many ways she probably had. She kissed my father after saying hello, and I wondered had she just been sucking on her brothers cock. Pushing the thought away I stole a moment alone with my mother and was going to let her know I knew about her and my uncle. But all that came out of my mouth was "Hi mum, I love you". And I meant it.
    My uncle knows I'm back home and has text me more than a few times each day. I've not ignored his texts, but I have been vague answering them, giving him excuses as to why I can't go round. However my parents go on a fortnights holiday in four days from now and I know he'll call by. I so desperately want him and his gorgeous cock to fuck me, but I'm scared all I'll think about is his cock sliding up my mothers arsehole.
    I'm going to have to make up my mind, on whether I'm going to tell him I know about him and my mother, and ask him how long they've been having sex. Or I'm going to ignore that I know, bury the knowledge that I have and indulge into a passionate fortnights sex, with a man who drives me to distraction with the way he fucks my mouth pussy and arse.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    She's driving me crazy at the moment. Every day she's doing something to have my cock straining for release. And boy does she know exactly what she's doing. It's a definite social taboo what I'm thinking of doing with her. Yet she knows when she's flashing me her breasts pussy and ass, it's getting me to the point of no return. Even so she carries on pushing the boundary. It's just me and her now that her moms gone, and this past month it's gotten much much worse. Last weekend she entered my bedroom completely naked, began to play with herself and told me if I didn't take her virginity, then no one would. Believe me I was sorely tempted seeing her beautiful body and her gorgeous looking pussy. I wanted, as I have many mnay times over the last eight months, to bury my face between her long slender legs and then fuck her until we both reached orgasm. She even turned around to show me her pert tight ass, telling me its all mine. With my cock growing she made to climb onto my bed, but I stopped her. Smiling her dirty little smile, she left me lay on my bed telling me I'd give in to her needs soon. I'm ashamed to say once she left my room I tossed myself off, trying to ease my desires to fuck her. There's no doubt in my mind that she loves me for being her father, but she also wants me to be her lover. But it's getting much more difficult to refuse the eighteen year old who I now see as a sexual person...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    It was my 50th birthday in September and these are the events as I remember around that time. Some of the dialogue is an approximate, but it's along the lines of what was said. Also you can choose to believe it or not. What I will say is I've now begun an exciting new chapter in my life and it's fantastic being me at the moment.
    After my wife Rachel arranged a party with all my family and friends, we jetted off to Lisbon in Portugal for five days. On the second night I was getting ready to go out with my wife when there a knock at the door. Rachel asked me to answer it, and on opening the door I saw a very beautiful half dressed young woman stood there. I was about to say she'd gotten the wrong hotel room, when Rachel popped her round and said "Is it Emilia". The girl nodded and Rachel asked me to let her in.
    I've been married to Rachel for eight years, Before that she was married to a nice guy, whom they had a daughter together. Throughout our relationship and subsequent marriage we had a very active and very healthy sex life. That was until Rachel got seriously ill two years ago and everything changed. Her sex drive became non existent and because mine was and still is extremely high, I struggled. Because of my job and high salary, plus having six major cities nearby, which I have to visit at least once a month each, I began to have sex with escorts. Something I might add, I'm not proud of. Yet for me it was something I just needed. Wanking was fine for a short time, but I missed sex and also the touch of a females body.
    Stood at the doorway letting the young girl walk passed me, Rachel said "Happy birthday darling, she's all yours for two hours. I'm going to eat and I'll see you later". I was about to say something, but Rachel cut in saying "I want you to enjoy yourself, I'd like you to fuck her the way you used to fuck me". Seconds later I was in our hotel room alone with a young escort who looked strangely familiar, but not before Rachel's final words before leaving "Hey honey, film some of you two fucking for me on your phone, I'd like to watch it when I get back".
    In those two hours I had a wonderful time fucking the young Portuguese girl. In every way she was amazing and by the time Rachel opened the hotel rooms door, I'd cum three times. Each time emptying my balls deep inside the beauty called Emilia, and once filming myself cumming up her sweet arse.
    Yet this isn't my, or should I say our confession. What is, is our families secret. Yet something I just have to tell someone, even if it is anonymous.
    Back at home that weekend we got a visitor. It was Natalie my wife's daughter, my twenty eight year old step daughter. Natalie moved out of our home four years ago to live with her on off boyfriend. She and I had always gotten on wonderfully well, and sometimes I wondered about her sexual closeness to me. She was always cracking sexual jokes and sitting close by me. Often touching me inappropriately when her mother wasn't in the room. Her moving out solved the issue so I never said anything to her mother.
    I listened as they chatted about the trip, then sat gob smacked as Rachel told her daughter about Emilia. As soon as Rachel mentioned her name, it was obvious to me who Emilia looked like. A little younger, but there was no mistaking Emilia looked like Natalie. What I haven't mentioned is why Rachel picked Portugal. It's where her first husband comes from and somewhere she knows very well. It was Rachel who had chosen Emilia and the reason why, is because she looks very much like Natalie.
    With my jaw still wide open, I watched my wife pick up her phone and run the short video I'd sent to her phone of myself and Emilia fucking. Natalie kept turning round to me, then back to the video which Rachel ran three times. Finally Natalie said "I knew you'd have a big one". I did say something then about it being wrong of them to be viewing me fucking an escort. Rachel smiled at me and aaid "Well, you could have filmed all the others you've fucked this past year or so". It left me speechless that she knew, but not as speechless as when Natalie got up and let her dress fall to the floor. At the same time Rachel got up, kissed me on the cheek and said "No more escorts from now on".
    Natalie was naked beneath her dress so I instantly got to see her beautiful body. Her small breasts were about he same as the Portuguese escorts, her figure was nearly identical and Natalie had even trimmed her pussy hair to the same V shape as Emilia. Stepping over to me, she took my hand and lead us to her old bedroom.
    Lying on her old bed, she opened her legs, spread her pussy lips with her fingers and asked me to kiss her pussy. I spent an age pleasring my step daughters pussy and arsehole with my mouth and tongue. Kissing her sex and licking her rear hole. I sucked away on her love button making her clit throb as Natalie climaxed twice. Then and only when I was ready to give it to her, I rose up removed my clothing and watched her face light up. My cock was ragingly hard and it was already leaking pre cum. Natalie wanted to suck on it, but I needed to be in her pussy. So pushing her over and lifting her towards the edge of her bed, I drove my cock into her pussy from behind, pulling her onto me by her hips.
    It was and I'm not just saying this, the best sex of my life. I've fucked lots of women over the years, yet non of them have made me feel so wanted. Myself and Natalie stayed in her room for over three hours. In that time we did just about everything and then some. Natalie even tongued my arsehole at one point when she'd pulled my cock back through my legs. Sucking on my cock, she eased a finger up my bum and made me so horny, I just had to fuck her all over again.
    We took a shower together and were having sex in the shower, when Rachel walked in. As if it was perfectly normal for us to be fucking, Rachel smiled at us and sat there taking a pee. Wiping herself she smiled again and told us she'd sort some food out. I carried fucking Natalie as her mother washed her hands, and then came up her as we kissed.
    For the past three weeks we've been sorting out our home. Natalie will soon be moving back permanently with us. Rachel has been amazing over those three weeks, although she has told once again I'm no longer to seek out escorts. Yet she's made herself scarce as Natalie and I have had sex on many many occasions.
    I'm not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be as they've not told me. At the moment I still sleep with my wife, but spend a lot of time fucking Natalie in her room. As for them, they're getting on better now than I've ever seen them. I know they chat about what myself and Natalie do sexually, but again it's out in the open and I'm cool with it now.
    As I've said earlier, I'm extremely happy with my life right now and hope it goes well from now on. I don't see why not, as we're all getting what we need in a very caring loving environment.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Ever since I can remember my parents have never been together. My mom and dad share custody and itâs always been great. My mom a dad get along but just donât want to be together.

    My mom remarried when I was little and Iâve always got along with my step dad. My dad on the other hand never got married and as far as I know never has had a girlfriend.

    I was 18 at the time, was half ways through my senior year and was enjoying it. I wasnât a virgin, I had sex with my friend more than a few times when we were younger. That is what made me by. Had sex with my first girl my senior year too.

    My dad openly admitted one day he hadnât had sex in around 13 years. He worked a lot so had no time to date. He traveled for work a lot so on Fridays when I went over to his house for the weekend heâd get home around 8. I finally one night told my dad I was bi sexual. He wasnât too schocjed to find out. He asked if I had anal and I told him I started doing that years ago.

    So that lead in use having sex every Friday night. He says itâs so wrong but I told him no one will find out. He hadnât had sex in 13 years at that point so I figured sex every now and then wouldnât hurt. I wait for him on the couch in my briefs till he gets home Friday night. He strips or just drops his pants and underwear then he bangs one out in my ass. The first time I though he was gonna pass out he came so hard. He needed that release. But dang I had no idea my dad was hung and hairy! I still let him fuck my ass to this day. Itâs just become a routine

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    OK, I can't tell any of my friends about this, but I wanted to share it with someone.

    I live at home and I go to a smaller college that is about 35 minutes from our house.
    It saves me money since I can commute to and from school.

    My boyfriend goes away to college, so we only see each other about once a month.
    He and I bought a vibrator for me to use while I am missing him, and we will
    sometimes have phone sex while I am masturbating with it.

    Anyhow, this past Saturday, some friends and I went out for drinks. I will admit I
    had quite a few in me by the time I got back home.
    It was around midnight, and my parents were still gone at a friends party.

    I was in a mood, but I did not feel like using the same old vibrator on myself again.
    So (and this is embarrassing) I started snooping around my parents room.
    One of the very first drawers I looked in was my mom's underwear drawer, and there
    I found a very large dildo.
    First of all, I was shocked since you never think of your parents having any kind of fun
    like that, right?
    Secondly, I could not believe the size of it. I thought my boyfriend was good size, but
    this was so much longer and thicker.
    I had to try it! LOL

    Even though I was by myself in my own room, for some reason my body lit up like never
    before. I was actually turned on using my moms sex toy!
    Just the idea that that thing has now been in both of our bodies, made me climax over
    and over.
    I could not get the entire thing inside me, but every now and then I would pull it
    out and look at the tip of it and think about how deep inside my mom it has gone.

    I thought about my boyfriend using it on me sometimes - I would keep it a secret that
    its my moms....but imagine if he did know that!

    It made me wonder if my dad is "small" and the dildo is there to make up for that?
    Or is my dad well hung, and that is just what my mom is used to.

    When I put it back in my moms drawer, I could not help but think that I probable left
    a little of "me" on it. If my mom used it that night, some of me would have gone inside
    my mothers vagina...omg...

    Its both neat and gross to think that the same dildo has brought both a mother and
    daughter to orgasm. This will sound strange, but I feel closer to her now. Its like
    we have a special bond together now that she is clueless about.

    I don't have any sexual feeling for her...ew**...but I will admit I am wondering more
    and more about my dads "size".
    I just want to see it - but I don't know how that would ever happen.

    My mom is going shopping later on this morning-- and I don't have classes until
    this afternoon.
    Dildo time soon, and I cant wait.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 24

    My father knows or at least suspects I'm fucking his wife Carla (My step mom), yet has said nothing until a week ago. If anything he's kept out of the way giving us lots of opportunity to fuck, and it seems only when we've fully had our fill of the horniest sex you can imagine, he re enters our home appearing to be non the wiser.
    Only last week he took an overnight job which he hardly ever does, and text us the following morning to say he was an hour away. By then I'd fucked Carla countless times during the night and even had sex in our back yard, screwing her asshole as she laid on the grass. Literally fifteen minutes before he got home, I dumped another load deep up her pussy fucking my step mom in our kitchen as she sat on my cock. All my dad said when he got home was "Hope you guys had fun, I'm sure you did". Before I could answer him, he added "Hey honey, Pete's fitted the new gear. We owe him five hundred bucks".
    Pete is a security spec****st and a good friend of my dads. He fits security camera's to homes and also secret camera's if a client wants one. Now I'm wondering if my dad and Carla are in this together, and if my dad is watching me fuck his wife and enjoying it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    No matter how many times I say it's the last time, I always end up back at his place taking his cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. We both know we shouldn't be fucking one another as we're both married. And we're both fully aware just how damaging it would be for the rest of our families to find out. Yet each time he fucks me, it's like I've never experienced anything as good as he gives me sexual enjoyment. It's a sin and we both know it, but even so I cannot get enough of my husband's youngest brothers cock, and the way he fucks me, is as if I'm his do as he wishes. Which when we fuck, he fucks me anyway he wants.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    Iâm admittedly drunk, so the details on this might be a bit fuzzy, but the basics should still be there.

    Long time reader, first time contributor here. Iâve never had anything to write about before.

    Iâm fucking hard just from thinking about it again. My dad recently passed away after a battle with lung cancer. Yes, itâs been very sad. And undoubtedly heâd have been disgusted with me, well, us, right now.

    It was me and my 2 brothers drunkenly triple teaming our also drunk little sister. Yes, sheâs married. I am, too. But no, her husband wasnât there, and my wife wasnât either. And when I say triple teaming, I mean yes... there was some triple penetration at one point. That part of it was a little awkward. I had never done anything like that before, but as it turns out, finding a rhythm and fucking can be difficult when youâve got 3 guys all trying to get off at the same time.

    I honestly donât know how long it all lasted. If I had to guess, all in all, with the group play and the taking turns on her, maybe 2, closer to 3 hours? She took it like an amateur, and I mean that in the best possible way. Whining and complaining, but also moaning like the little whore we never knew she was.

    I came inside her pussy twice and her ass once. Best sex Iâve ever had, and itâs not even close.

    Iâm sober enough to know that art this point, yeah, we all fucked up. But I wouldnât take it back for the world.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    Donât know if my family is weird but my mom would quite often encourage masturbating. Sheâd always say itâs healty and a very good stress reducer.

    My sister who is three years younger than me and I always thought it was weird but our mom is very open about sex. When I turned 13 she talked to me one night before bed about puberty changes and of course masturbation. She used a banana and two apples to represent my penis and balks she said. She talked about the changes it would have, how to check my balls for cancer, and even stroked the banana talking about masturbation benefits. I was 13 so I was super embarrassed. I was in just my white briefs when she was talking about that and of course I got hard. She saw that and said see, your erect as weâre talking about this. She gave me a bottle of lube and said if you prefer this, this is the best to masturbate with. Unfortunately I didnât masturbate that night.

    The next night after school I was in my room at night, had dick out the fly of my underwear and was playing with myself. Of course my mom walked in. She saw and said oops sorry, I leave you to it. So I started doing the motions my mom described and within a minute I came. It was a new intense feeling. My briefs were cum soaked and so was my stomach. I cleaned up and my mom came back in a little later to tell me good night. She saw my dirty briefs laying on the floor and went to pick them up. She could just smell then from a foot away saying I guess it all went well! She told me donât be afraid to use your underwear to clean up with, they are white and they get bleached any ways.

    Over the course of my high school years there were days my mom would tell me in the morning I should masturbate before school to help me stay calm during tests. When I was taking my graduation tests my mom had me wake up early so I could get ready fir school and study. By the third day I was stressing and I rubbed one out before leaving for school telling my mom I pit my briefs in the hamper and they need to be washed. She knew what I meant. But I found out masturbating that morning helped keep me calm

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