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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 34

    I am from a good and reput8 family and only son. But am pervert and a cheat and a full time alcoholic.

    I have cheated my family for alcohol and money.

    Am from today decided to stop all these things just after making one last move to settle things and ensure peace and harmony in family.

    God bless me.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I'm 22 my mom had me when she was18 it's been her and I and my grandma and grandpa. About 3 months ago my mom was out and when she got home I had to help her she was drunk and I put her in the shower I had never seen my mom with out Close on and I was shocked how great her body was I really never looked at her that way I put her in the shower I had a short and shorts on but she had pulled her things off. I started washing her hear and I got hard the next thing I knew she had my cock in her hands and was saying how much a man I was I knew it was because she was drunk I stopped her but she would not stop as I was getting her out she put her hand on my cock and she started sucking me I wanted to stop her but I could not I fall to the floor and she gave me a great blow job and I came in her month she still was sucking me I wanted her to stop I had just came. I don't know how she did it but I got hard again and this time she got on me and she made me cum with her pussy and I had her cum all over me. She then got up and got in her bed I could not move but after laying there I got up and got to my bedroom I could not sleep all night. The next morning she did not say a thing to me or I to her about three days later she said ok we need to talk she told me what we did was wrong and it should not have happened I said I know and we will let it go and not talk about it anymore. Then about a week later I was in bed and she came in and was standing over me I said what's wrong mom she had a rob on she dropped it off of her and her beautiful body was right in my face she said I can't take it anymore she said babeboy I have to have you she pulled my covers off of me and she started sucking me I came for her and we have been fucking every day and we don't plane on stopping. Then last night she tells me she is pregnant with my baby and she wants to keep it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I moved out of the house when I was old enough to live on my own. I can't seem to keep a job I move from one place to another never seem to find the right place to stay. My dad got re-married after mom died and I attended his wedding and met my step-mom. She is a mail-order-bride from Russia. She was so young almost 20 years younger than dad. I said to myself wow dad you sure pick a young one and I am hoping some day I get to fuck her. Will the time had come dad had a massive heart attack and die. My step mom was so sad she didn't know what to do and she didn't have any friends here at the state. What so bad was the "Well" dad had left behind said I will get everything if something were to happen to him. I am the only child and I can't seem to get my shit together I guess. I didn't know that and neither is my step-mom. To made the matter worst under no circumstance to put the house for sale, it said on the Well. I guess he wants to keep it in the family because it was handed down to him from his parents. I am thinking okay that's fine I can't seem to stay at a place long enough anyway. I moved back into town and live in the house, but in the meantime my step-mom needed a place to stay. I offer for her to stay until she was able to be on her own. She said okay and will you help me if I need anything, I said sure what ever you need just let me know.

    My step-mom stay in the master bedroom and I got the other spare bedroom. I didn't want her to move all her stuff, since she was living in it already. Time when on and we got along great. We talk, have dinner together is almost like we were married but we are not. I got on the topic of sex and ask her how often my dad was fucking you. She said as often as he like and he told her that is why he picked a younger woman so he can have sex all the time. Here I am my cock start to get hard just talking about it and she notice I keep moving my legs. She asked is there some thing wrong, silly me I said yes is my cock it keep getting in the way and I laugh. She said is there something I can do and I say sure come over and suck it. She said that is what your daddy say all the time. I laugh and said, like daddy like son and she look at me funny and asked what do you mean by that. I had to explain to her what I meant.

    After she finish sucking my cock I told her, she was sexy and wanted to fuck her. She pull down her panties and got into doggie style, then she turn around and we did missionary. When I was about to cum I pull my cock out of her pussy and put it into her mouth. She got the taste of her pussy juice and my cum and said we have to do this again. I said sure we will. Then she said your cum taste better than your dad and I smile back at her. She said I fuck her harder and faster than dad. I told her is because I am a lot younger than dad and I have more energy. She laugh and said yes that is why your daddy pick a young wife so she can keep up the fucking.

    Several months had gone by and she ask me this crazy question that she want to marry me since we are so good together. I said you are my step-mom I can't do that. She said well your daddy is gone and I have no one here so why don't you want to marry me. I didn't answer her and just walk away. She keep insist and ask me the same question over and over again every time we are together. I keep telling her I don't know, so she finally say no more sex. She said you fuck me all the time and we do things together but you don't want to marry me. Two weeks later I finally told her fine we will get marry. Because I haven't fuck her and no sex for two weeks I can't handle that, beside she is one sexy Russian girl any man would die for her. She has nice long blond hair, nice figure, sexy body, firm boobs, soft round ass, blond hair trim-bush pussy and is tight. She dress so sexy, I just love her lingerie, bras, panties and all of her clothes. I got the dream of a woman any man want thanks to my dad. On our wedding night we fuck and fuck till we can't do it anymore. We had so much sex I think it will last for a while.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    The life changing accident

    When I was 14 I was in a bad car wreck with my mom, she was ok but I had broken both legs and my right arm, when I came home from the hospital I was in a full body cast, the only thing they didn't cover up was my vagina,my breast,and my butt, I had to stay in the bed all the time,mom would take care of me when she was home and dad would take care of me when she wasn't home.
    This one time I had to pee so my dad lifted me up and put the bed pan under neath me,this time was different than any other time,this time he he watched me pee then he cleaned me like he was supposed to but he kept on cleaning me to the point I became wet and was moaning under my breath, he was just massaging my clit and my inner thighs, either his finger or his thumb slid inside me pushing as deep as he could,he asked me if I was ok and if it felt good to me I told him yeah I guess so, he laid over the bed and started eating me out and pulled my covers down exposing my breast, squeezing them as he kissed and licked my vagina,after a while he asked me if he could rub his dick on my pussy, I didn't answer I just rolled my head over towards the wall, I could feel his dick touching me as he slid it back and forth on my vagina,it wasn't long his Penis pushed its way inside me, I started crying a little and he tryed to comfort me wiping my tears, kissing on me every where, thrusting his penis in me deeper and deeper every stroke, I couldn't help it but I started having orgasams and was moaning loudly, I wanted to touch myself but I couldn't, I felt my dads hot sperm shooting inside me, I could feel his penis throb and quiver inside me, I was having another orgasams several then he kissed me in my mouth with his tounge and pulled his penis out of me and then started eating me out again, sucking both of our cum out of me and swallowing it, I couldn't believe it.

    I am now 18 and I am still in a sexual relationship with my dad, one night I had a date with my boyfriend and oh my god you won't believe this but it happened, my dad asked me to fuck my boyfriend outside the house just before I come in and then let my dad suck my boyfriends cum out of my pussy, I never knew until that night my dad loves to suck dic to, I asked my dad if I can get him to come in would you like to suck his dick, my dad said he'll yeah,would you get him to let me? I said I'll see what I can do dad. Not.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 47

    One day my 19 year old daughter had gone out but had left her iPhone on the kitchen table. I guessed what her password was, her birthday, and took a look at some of her text messages. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but did it anyway. The text messages were typical things a 19 year old would text about. I took a look at pictures on her phone and was very surprised what I found. It was pictures of one of her girlfriends fully naked. Looking further I then found pictures of a couple of her other girlfriends partially naked too including a few of my daughter. The videos I found were more surprising. Each of her friends, including her, were naked in them and they were masturbating. One by one they were sharing a sex toy and passing it around while being videoed. I knew I should stop watching but couldn't pull myself away for watching. I thought I should tell her what I found but realized she would be angry at me for violating her privacy. I kept everything to myself but every time I saw her friends I couldn't get their naked images out of my mind.

    I spend quite a lot time masturbating over those but never let any of them know what I saw. The unfatherly thing I also did was take a copy of those pictures and videos just incase I ever got up the nerve to confront her about them but mostly I was using them for my own personal enjoyment.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My son and daughter in law recently have a baby and I told them I would love to see the baby if they could come over and visit. They did and spend a weekend at my place. My son had to go out and get something for his wife. While he was gone my daughter in law was feeding the baby, which is fine until the baby didn't want mommy milk anymore, I guess she was full. My daughter in law say damn it that's all she wanted and I still have a lot of milk in me and she started to complaint how the milk in her breasts made her feel uncomfortable. She said to bad my husband is not her so he can finish sucking the milk. I look at her thinking what are you talking about. She said, he usually finish sucking it when the baby couldn't finish it all and would I willing suck the rest of the milk. I said are you sure you want me to do this and she said yes. I was sitting on the couch she got on top and sit on my leap and having her tits in front of my mouth so i can suck it. After for about 5 minutes or so my cock getting hard and she said I can feel your cock is getting hard do you want to fuck me while you sucking on my tits. I didn't think you would ever ask me to do that. She said is okay, you son does that a lot when he suck my tits. Here I am sucking her tits while she rock back and forth with my cock inside of her pussy.

    Then all of sudden my son walk in and surprising his wife is sitting on my leap and I am sucking her tits. I though he was going to get mad and hit me, but he didn't. He said she get so much milk in her she had to release it otherwise is painful for her. I told him I don't mind sucking it but I got horny sucking it and my cock got hard and is inside of her pussy. I guess he didn't see that is because her dress was covering it up. Then he said is okay dad, I know she gets horny to when someone is sucking her tits and I rather have you fucking her instead of some one I don't know.

    The whole weekend I was fucking and sucking his wife and we end up having threesome. His wife and I were doing 69 my son was fucking her ass and his cum was dripping out of her ass and I was licking her pussy along with some of his cum. I never though I would taste my son cum but I did. He keep saying he was sorry to have all that cum dripping out and I said is okay son, is really not bad. He was fucking her ass so fast couple time it slip off and landed on my tongue because I was licking her pussy and said I am sorry dad, because he felt my tongue. So the next time he slip off I open my mouth wide and pretend it was an accident and so it when inside of my mouth. He said dad do you like sucking cock to. I said sometime, here I am sucking his cock and licking his wife pussy along with her wet pussy juices.

    I told them they can come back and visit anytime and he said we will soon because he got a job that require him to be away a lot. He said he rather have me fucking his wife then some strangers. This way he know she is in a safe place. He was joking you better not get her pregnant and I said I am fixed don't worry.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I have always been exceptional with computers and electronics, my dad had me put in a security system for our home and this is where I go the idea. I did the security for my dad, it is basically motion and entry sensors and some listening and video in the public areas of the house. I streams to his laptop through our home wifi.

    I got the idea that I could do my own "private security" system around the house. It started simple enough with just a camera in my room to see if my siblings were coming in and taking or using my stuff--which they were--but I noticed something I'd not planned on--the camera is motion activated and it catches me in my room too, doing everything. The camera is small and hidden so nobody knows it's here. I have video of my gf and I making out. I have repositioned the camera several times to get the best view and I have several really great shots of her bare breasts and a few of us going at it naked.

    This has grown into a kind of fetish for me. I now have a router in my closet--not hooked up to the internet or anything, it just supplies me with my own local wifi network for my cameras. I still have my security cam in my room to check if anyone comes in, and another at the best angle for my bed--I call it, my girlfriend cam. I also have secreted one in each my sisters' rooms, and even one in my parents' room.

    I have video of each of my sisters naked, masturbating, getting dressed, and making out with their bf's. I even have some video of one of my sisters nude with 3 of her gf all being silly and kind of making out in her room. I have video of my parents too. My favorite is video of my mom while dad is away.

    Mom is alright looking, no super hot milf, but she has nice breasts and shaves her self bare. I have several videos of here pleasing herself while dad is away. She likes to use a large brown dildo. The thing is huge, much larger than my father's meat, and she rides it a lot. She orgasms with it too. I love seeing her use it on herself.

    My biggest surprise was catching her and my uncle a couple of times. Once she gave him a bj and another time when my dad was on a business trip, I caught them doing it. His cock is bigger than dad's and it was very obvious that he came inside her--no protection.

    I like to put a few of the best parts of these videos on and I jerk off to them, and yes, I catch it all on my video while I do it too.

    I am trying to figure out how to get a cam into my neighbor's house. I'd love to see their daughter or even the mom caught on one of my cams.

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    Straight Male / 22

    My oldest sister is getting married and mom asked me to take her to the wedding since she is single, she like to drink and have a good time at the wedding. Mom like to party, she would be dancing, drinking, laughing and talking just like to have fun, their is a never a dull moment with her. After the wedding it was time to take mom home. She was so drunk and could barely walk to the car. So I help her into the car and sit her down on the front seat and buckle her in. As I was helping her into the car and picking up her sexy legs, touching her sexy body.

    I notice she had on a pair of pink lace bra and panties along with garter belt for her nylon hose underneath of her sexy dress. I was getting arouse and my head was thinking okay I know she is my mom and she is drunk. If I touch her in anyway or form will she get mad. Well, I took a chance and place my right hand on her leg while I was driving us home. She didn't even move or acknowledge my hand was on her leg. So I start moving my hand up and down on her leg feeling that silky hose on her and my cock start to get hard. At one point she did moan a little so I got little brave and moved my hand up farther almost touching her crotch. She moan some more and finally said son what are you doing to mommy, are you trying to get to my panties.

    I said mom, I couldn't help it when I help you into my car and you dress so sexy I got arouse. Mom said I am sorry I didn't mean to get you arouse, but I told her is fine and you have such a sexy body, she said thank you and you are so nice to your mommy. I told her, mom I like to get my hand underneath of those lace pink silky panties of yours and feel your pussy. I got right to the point to see what she had to say. In split second her legs was spread apart for my hand to go to her pussy. I thought she was going to hit me or something.

    The whole time I am driving us home my hand was in her panties and playing with her pussy. I got to the point where I want to put my finger inside of her pussy but I couldn't. She realize I was having a hard time so she lend her seat back so I can finger her pussy. I was fingering mom pussy and licking my finger the whole time I was driving us home. I don't know how she was able to keep her pussy wet the whole time. I am not complaining but her pussy tasted good, she was moaning the whole time and she didn't cum, she just moan the whole time and enjoying it.

    As we got home she was still not able to walk on her own. She placed one of her arm on my shoulder and I hold onto her waist as we walk into the house. She whisper into my ear as we were walking and said, was mommy pussy taste good? I know you were fingering my pussy the whole and never stop. I said yes mommy and she said i want you to fuck me when we get inside the house. I said whatever you want me to do mom I am ready and willing to do anything you want me to do.

    We got inside the house and I took her to the bedroom and help her out of her clothes. It was great helping mom to undress, unzipping her dress and pulling it down, taking off her lace pink bra, pulling down her lace pink panties and removing her garter belt and nylon, seeing her sexy body nude. I got behind her nude body and just kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other hand squeezing her tits. Mom was moaning the whole time and my cock was so hard it was poking her ass. I was rubbing my cock on her ass the whole time I was playing with her nude body. We were at it for a long time until she said, son I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum.

    I lay mom down on the bed spread her sexy legs and I was eating that sweet pussy of her. She like it when I suck on her clit and stick my tongue inside of her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder, I know she was enjoying it, so I kept doing it for a long time. Then she said fuck me now. I got up and start fucking her like a jack rabbit. I was pounding mom pussy fast and hard. Then she scream out fuck me harder. I don't know how hard I could fuck, because I was giving all I got. She finally cum and I could feel her c**t squeezing my hard cock inside of her pussy and second later I shot my load of cum inside of her pussy. She said, son I could feel you throbbing inside of my pussy and it feel so good.

    After we both cum together and we just lay in bed and went to sleep, because we were both tired and didn't feel like cleaning up. Next morning when we got up, we continue where we left off and we fuck and fuck some more. Then we got up take a shower together and go about our business. From that day on mom and I were having sex as often as we want and that was our secret not to tell anyone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    Question: Are there any men out there with adult(or almost adult) daughters, and, if so, have any of you had sex with them?

    The reason I ask is, I have a daughter in her early twenties, who I really want to fuck. Of course, obviously, this is a tricky situation; How does one go about seducing their own children?

    Nevertheles s, I know there's at least one of you out there who's done it, so maybe you can help me out here. How do I talk my daughter into letting me fuck her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    I had a lot of sexual incidents with mom. She showered and walked back to her room naked. She rode and fucked her ex. She sucked a guys dick in the kitchen. The best was a guy who came over a few times and went in the bedroom with her. Sometimes, I would hear her gaggimg and sonetines moaning.

    The horniness takes over. I lay in bed nude with a sheet on my leg. Fully erect. She looks in and leaves. She came back in. I froze. My hard on in view. She stood behind me for a few minutes. I turned and said what are you doing. She left. I jacked twice that day. At night mom was on the toilet and sticking her right hand in her pussy. She moaned and came. Years later she kissed me on the lips and pulled me to her. I pulled away because I was hard

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