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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 28

    Yesterday afternoon I was doing something I secretly love doing all on my own when my husband works away. I had my assortment of sex toys out whilst I was watching some porn movies. I normally take my time and work myself into a sexual frenzy, using various toys to fuck my pussy and arsehole.

    I was right in the middle of an amazingly strong orgasm, when my father in law walked in on me. I had a large dildo sticking out of my arse and had a small but strong vibrator buzzing away on my clit, when he stepped into our lounge. It wasn't as if I could hide what I was doing and even being totally embarrassed, I let my orgasm finish before I tried to cover up.

    Max, my father in law said "Don't mind me, I'd love to watch you a little more". What I didn't know was he'd been stood watching me for quite some time. And judging by the huge bulge in his trousers, I knew he probably wanted something to relieve his hard on.

    The phone rang at that point and I answered the call from my husband. All the time Max kept on looking at my naked body as I tried to cover up. Not wanting to give anything away to my husband, I signaled to Max to be quiet. He smiled at me, walked over and cupped my left breast. I could hardly tell him to get off as my husband would know, so I let him continue to fondle me. Finishing the call quickly, I told Max what he was doing was wrong, but also stupidly told him I'd suck him off to make sure he kept quiet.

    Max walked out of our home minus a ball sack full of cum. I finished my afternoon with the knowledge my husbands father has a bigger dick than he does. Also that he cums in copious amounts too. Before Max left I told him it was definitely a one off, a one time sexual favor. He told me "We'll see, might want to bang that pussy some day soon".

    Tal k about being between a rock and a hard place.

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    Straight Female / 44

    This started 5 years ago when I was 39 happily married with an 18 year old son (Rob) and a 15 year old daughter (Lori). My husband was given a new assignment that took him out of town for a week or two and sometimes travelled to another country. We had a very intense and loving sex life. When he was gone for more then a few days, I became very bitchy around the house and the kids couldn't do anything right. I masturbated, but was never satisfied, I wanted a tongue or a nice hard cock in my pussy.

    I was friendly with a male co-worker and on Friday's a few of us went out for a drink after work. One day there was just the two of us and he asked me to have dinner with him. I phoned home and told my son I was having dinner with some of the girls from work. We had a nice meal with wine, and the conversation got to our marriages. He had recently been divorced and I told him my husband was away a lot and I missed our intimate times together.

    We had driven to the restaurant in his car, and when we got in he leaned over and kissed me. Feeling the effects of the wine I returned the kiss and opened my mouth as we kissed more intensely. He put a hand on my breast and I gave a little moan. He drove to a nearby motel and we sat there for a while, when he asked if he should get at room. At first I said yes, but as he got out of the car, I said no, I'm sorry, but I can't do this. He was very understanding and drove me to my car and I went home.

    When I got home Lori was in bed and Rob was watching TV. He said he was waiting up for me and would go to bed when the movie ended. I went to my room and sat on my bed and started crying. When rob passed my room he heard me and lightly tapped on my door. I whipped my eyes and said come in. he sat beside me and asked what was the matter. I said I need your father here. He said well I'm here when ever you need me. I said thank you, but I mean our intimate relationship. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, I can help you with that too. I was shocked to think my son was suggesting we have sex. I told him he better leave.

    That night in bed I kept thinking about Rob suggesting that he would look after my sexual needs. On Saturday morning my husband phoned and said he would be home that night. I was relieved to know I would be getting my urges satisfied and dispel any thoughts of i****t with my son. He stayed home for three weeks and I was a much more happier and satisfied wife and mother. He left again for he said about two weeks.

    The next Friday I went for a drink again before coming home. My friend and I never mentioned our close encounter of a few weeks ago. I got home and we ordered pizza and I opened a bottle of wine and Rob had a glass and I let Lori have a small taste. Rob went out and Lori and I watched A movie. I was in bed when I heard Rob come in around midnight. I tried to sleep, But I was really getting horny and kept thinking about what my son had said that night. I got up and went to his bedroom door and noticed under the door his light was out. I eased open the door and went and sat on his bed looking at him. He opened his eye's and said What's up mom?? I pulled back his sheet and crawled in bed with him and said, don't say another word, I want you to fuck me. He said are you sure. I said no, but do it anyway.

    He put his hand up my nightgown and started to lightly rub my pussy and run his finger along my lips and noticed how wet I already was. He pushed up my nightgown and being already naked, he spread my legs and entered his mother's pussy, and without any preliminaries began to fuck me. Before I realized it, He had an orgasm and filled me with his cum. I never came close to being satisfied, and said don't you know it takes longer for a woman to orgasm and you have to go a little slower. He said, I'm sorry mom, that was my first time. You mean you haven't had sex with your girlfriend?? WE mutually masturbate but we haven't fucked yet. So stick a couple of fingers in my cum filled c**t and do to me what you do to her. He worked his fingers in me And I pinched my nipples until I had an orgasm and got up and went to bed. I lay there thinking I did a terrible thing and took my son's virginity.

    Two nights later I went back to his room and said I guess I have to teach you to make love. I took my nightie off and we lay facing each other and I said pretend I'm your girlfriend and start making out. He started kissing me and put a hand on one of my boobs. He opened his mouth and my tongue went in and intermingled with his as I sucked him into my mouth. His hand wandered down my stomach and his mouth went to my boobs as his finger went in my c**t and stated going around in a circular pattern I reached down and grabbed his erect cock and guided it to my waiting pussy, And said ,now I'm ready to fuck. He went slower this time and I could feel my juices start to flow. He started going faster saying I can't hold back. As he started to cum, I said keep pumping, I'm Cuming as I orgasmed with my son's cock pumping a load of semen in my c**t. I had a good night's sleep.

    Whenever my husband went away I went in Rob's room a couple of times a week and he was getting to be a pretty good lover. I hope his girlfriend appreciates my training. One night he stayed overnight at his girlfriends when her parents went away. The next time I went to his room, he told me when he was making out with her, she said we've done everything else, when are we going to fuck?? we can't stay virgins forever. I said I wasn't sure you were ready to go that far. She said I'm ready. So after we had our first fuck, she said you've done that before. Who's the girl you fucked. I laughed and said that was no girl that was his mother.

    One night he told me he had watched some porn and asked if he could try licking my pussy. I said okay as I loved my husband eating me. So now he started having a little taste of my pussy before fucking me And between when my husband was home and when he was away my appetite for sexual pleasure was being met and I was a happier wife and mother.

    One Friday night I fell asleep in his bed and when I woke I decided to give him a blow job for the first time. I knew his girlfriend had been sucking him off for a while after he ate her the first time and she said where did you learn that?? That was the first time I spent the night with him and when I was coming out of his room Lori who was now 16 saw me and wanted to know what I was doing in Rob's room. I said Oh! he asked me to wake him at 7am and I didn't want to pound on his door and wake you, but I see you already up. she looked at me kind of funny and said, so you went to wake him in your skimpy nightie. He's a horny teenager you know. Oh, come on, I'm his mother and what do you know about being horny. She said in case you haven't noticed I'm a teenager and maybe I get horny. I looked at her and turned and went to my room thinking she may not have believed me.

    I continued my i****tuous relationship with my son now 19whenever my husband was away. After about six months and my husband had been home foe two weeks he called me into Rob's room one day and said he wanted to show me something on his computer. He said his laptop was dead and he wanted to check his business e-mail. He turned it on and clicked on a site titled M&M. There on the screen was Rob sitting on his bed nude, looking up as I walked in also naked and knelt down and started sucking his cock. I put my hand over my mouth and said OH MY GOD!! In the video I got up and lay down with my legs spread wide and my knees up as Rob put his head between my legs and started licking my eager c**t as I ran my fingers through his hair. He raised up and slowly pushed his cock deep in my c**t and started pumping as I pushed up to meet his thrusting cock. I realized Rob had made the tape one Saturday afternoon without me knowing. The tape lasted for about 39 minutes and my husband closed the computer and said, come in our bedroom and we'll talk about this.

    He told me that when he first watched his son fucking his mother he wasn't sure who he would kill first. He said he watched it again and realized he was becoming aroused. While watching a third time he started masturbating and had an enormous orgasm. So he said he would make a bargain with me. He said he knew I had a big appetite for sex and being away so much he worried about me taking up with another man. Rather then you taking up with a stranger< I'll allow you to continue having sexual relations with our son as I can see he's doing a good job and you seem to enjoy having his head buried in your c**t. Just don't let me catch you fucking him when I'm home. I'll make a copy of the tape and watch it when I'm away and have something to masturbate to in my hotel room.

    I was so relieved I pushed him back on the bed and removed his pants and gave him the best blowjob ever and swallowed every drop of his cum. He told me not to tell Rob he knew about him fucking his mother as he wanted to keep their relationship as father and son as good as it has been. I hope Rob never posted the film on a mother, son porn site.

    This went on for almost two years when my husband finally got promoted to a vice presidency and would be staying home. The last weekend he was going to be away, he said he would be home on Sunday. On Friday night, Rob came home late and when he went to bed, I went in his room to tell him it was our last time. I got in his bed and he said, gosh mom I'm pretty tired. So I went down and decided I'd give him a last suck. As soon as I put his cock in my mouth I realized it had just been in his girlfriend's pussy as I could faintly taste her c**t juices lingering on his cock. I lay back thinking about when I was a teenager and my girlfriend and I experiencing a little pussy licking of each other. We soon stated dating boys and outgrew it. When I told my son our i****tuous relationship was over as dad would be staying home, he said that's fine because he really liked his girlfriend.

    So Rob is 23 now and living with his girlfriend and will soon be getting married. he never found out his father knew, an their good pals and go to ballgames together. Lori will soon be 21 and has had a few boyfriends. And I think she might be promiscuous. I guess she's a lot like me. She mentioned one day she always knew Rob and I were having sex when dad was away, she said she listened at the bedroom door sometimes, but decided not to say anything. My husband destroyed his copy of the tape and I hope Rob did also. I know it was a strange arrangement we had, but we all get along very well and our sex life is very good. I've been wanting to tell someone about this and it was longer then I intended and would appreciate any feedback. (30)

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    Straight Female / 45

    I raised my son on my own and had to fill in the dad void as he grew older. He is 16 now. His hormones are raging and I started to notice him peeking at me. I thought to myself its a phase and he will just get through it. As time went on i started to actually enjoy it and get turned on by it.

    He would always try to stand around my bedroom door and watch me change. He has no idea I can see him in one of mirrors. sometimes i would let him get a full view of just my back and I can see his head bopping around trying to get a good view. I also noticed that he would get braver over time.

    I kept getting this thought in my mind. Why don't I just let him see it and let him get it out of his system. It will propably calm him down and he can go back to his home work. Should I just have a talk with him?? He would probably get really embarrassed! Should I just get naked for him and let him see my midle aged mom body?? All these thoughts were going thru my head.

    A few weeks ago i read this article about a mom that lets her son watch her change and shower. She wanted them to appreciate the normal female body that has curves, strech marks and not photo shopped. She wanted him to have the right expectation of his future wife and appreciate her nomal female body. So I thought to myself why don't I try that and have a conversation with him about it.

    One day after school we were watching tv. I said hey honn i know your body is going thru a lot of changes and your hormones are driving you crazy. He got a little uncomfertable. I put him at ease buy letting him know that it is normal. I also told him it was normal to want to see what the female body looks like. he started to talk with me and feel more at ease. I also told him since I'm the only female that he is close too. It was natural for him to be curiouse about my lady parts.

    He got really shy. I told him its okay and it is very natural and all boys go through. Then I asked him to read the article. He was a little shy. I asked him what he thought of the article. He did the usual mommm. so i asked him again and told him it was ok and all boys go thru this.

    He started to losen up a bit. then I asked him if it would help him if I did that for him?? He got really shy. I said honn i know you have been peeking at me all times of the day. It is normal to be curiouse about my female body since I'm the only one you are close too and live with. Don't be embbarassed. He got a little defensive and asked why i thought he peeked at her. I told him about the prior night. Hunn I could see you. I let you see my back so you can relax and go back to your homework. I could see you had your shorts down as well. I waitted for you to finish!

    He got really quite. I asked him did you enjoy seeing me?? he said mommmmm then I said wouldn't it be better if you weren't afraid to get cought?? he was like ya. mom I'm so emmarassed. I was like it is ok hun you are not in trouble. then I asked him. Would you like me to be like that mom in the article?? he said maybe. would you like to see the lady parts you have been dying to see crawling on your knees and being sneeky. He said maybe.

    I said ok. here is what i'm going to do. I will go up to my room and change. I will then read my book naked with the door open on my bed like i like to do. If you want to you can just come in and sit with me as i read my book. It is your call.

    So I Started reading my book naked on my bed. An hour goes buy and i see him standing at the door. I said its ok come in. he walked in loking at the groubd avooiding eye contact. I said come sit on the bed with me as i read my book. he sat on the edge all shy. so I turned towards him on my side and started talking to him about school and stuff. as he got more relaxed he laid on his side as well facing me as we were talking.

    As he got more relaxed and talking. I told him it was ok to look at my body. he slowly started to as things started to get quite. He started to look my breasts and then slowly looking down to my pussy.

    I can tell he really wanted to see it but kept looking back up and away. I said you finally have your chance to see it ha. Its ok hunn look at it you have been wanting to see it. so he started to look at it. so I put one leg up a little so he can get a better view. I asked is this better. he knoded hi head. then I asked him what he thought?? he was pretty quite. but enjoying it as i could tell. then i said your time is almost up i gotta go to bed. I could see how arroused he was. I said ok its time for you to go back to your room young man to finish your business and go to bed.

    Was this wrong?? Do you think this helped him??

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    Straight Female / 30

    How do I tell this, my mom had a boyfriend when she was young. On a cruise she went on she got made pregnant by a passanger from another country. Everyone blamed her, especially her boyfriend. When she had to tell, her boyfriend dropped her and called her names (this part my grandmother told me). I am the girl that was born from that cruise.

    Well it turned out, after everything was examined that my mother was pretty much r**ed by this man, first he was a lot older, second she was escorted by him to his cabin, she thought he was showing her a different way to the pool deck. She never even found out what his name was and never told anyone until after she was back at home when she was pregnant.

    Now her boyfriend never let her date anyone else, even though she was forever poisened, she was not to date anyone. After I was born, he treated me like I was an unwelcome dog, but he gave money to my mother so she could pay for me. He took over full support of her and me and I grew up in a nice school and neighborhood.

    Then, when I was ten he told her that he did not ever want to hear about that cruise again, ever again.

    Everything was all right after that and he took her into his heart and all. Then I turned 19 and one day he came to me and told me that I was the fault of why his house had all those empty rooms, that my mother was supposed to have filled his rooms and that he figured it was up to me now to fill his rooms. He marched me down to the the ministry and married me to him. Don't think that I could say no, that is not possible.

    Now I have filled three of his rooms, with his very own babies. My mother can't do anything about that, she just feels that somehow I turned my back on her. I know that more than anything she always wanted to have his babies, but she was poisened for that.

    This is my problem, my mother is his real true wife, she always has been. But she is poisened. Now I live in this house as his housewife but I know that my mother is the wife in his heart. Every night when I sleep with him I know that he would rather have her with him. I have heard him cry, his love was stolen from him and poisened. All I can do is to lay there and let him cry with me. I know my mother is crying too.

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    Straight Male / 19

    My mom and dad split up when I was 12 years old, with my mom bringing me up on her own from then on. Ocassionally I'd see my dad, but he always seemed to be busy with one new girlfriend after another.

    This spring just gone, my mom died after suffering from cancer for over a year. My dad and I became a little closer but our relationship had definately changed as I'd matured without his guidance. I'd moved back into my moms rented house when she became ill, after leaving to live with a girlfriend. My girlfriend didn't like that I moved back and ditched me. her loss.

    A few weeks after the funeral, I knew that the lease on the rented house was going to be up, so my dad said I could move in with him and his new bride, a woman I'd only met on a few ocassions. Her name is Kate and she is eight years my dads junior. She's very pretty and has what I soon learned was a fantastic body.

    Life moved on and eventually I started to get passed, without forgetting, my moms death. I began to go out with friends again and even got new job. I also started to attend a gym close to where I worked. About four months after staring at the gym I was at home, my dad was at work and Kate was I thought in bed. I'd stripped to get into the shower and was crossing from my bedroom to the bathroom, when Kate walked up the stairs.

    I've always known I was well endowed and even flaccid my cock is around seven inches. Kate looked directly at my cock, then took in my physique and smiled. I went bright red and quickly entered the bathroom. She was sat in the kitchen when I walked downstairs later and said nothing to me other than "You don't take after your father".

    From that point on, and this is where I'm struggling, I'm sure kate has been flirting with me. I caught Kate a month or so back and she was totally naked sat on the couch, as if it was perfectly normal for her to be there naked, and I'm sure she masturbating. She didn't even try to cover herself up and believe me she looked stunning. Other times I've been sat oposite her on the couch and she's flashed me her neatly trimmed pussy, by spreading her legs slowly. Even if my dad has been sat there with her.

    A fortnight ago, as I was getting ready to go out, kate walked into my bedroom and asked me if I wanted to travel with her the next day to a furniture store, as my dad was playing golf. Once again I was naked, but this time I couldn't just walk away and I'm ashamed to say I got an erection stood in front of my dads wife. Kate stood there without saying another word, looking at my cock and licking her lips. It was my dad calling her that broke the moment and it seemed very reluctantly she walked out of my room. Luckily or otherwise for me, it was raining the next day and my dad went with her.

    Now the real hint if I needed one. Only last week with my dad away for the whole day, I definitely heard kate masturbating in their room. Twenty minutes later after I'd returned to my room, getting a drink from the kitchen, I saw a pair of her panties on my pillow. They were moist in the pussy area and it was obvious she'd used them to clean herself up from her noisy masturbation. If it wasn't for my friend calling by, well I genuinely don't know what I would have done or what would have happened.

    So I have a few questions. Is my step mom giving the big come on, and if she is, should I oblige her ?? If not, why did she leave the panties and why does she look at me with what I know to be longing eyes ??

    She is one fine looking woman with a wonderful body and she does turn me on, but after all she is my dads wife and I know he loves her in his won way.

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    Straight Female / 25

    When I was 13 I begged my stepdad to let me blow him. He'd been 'm****ting' me since I was five. He never once hurt or scared me and as I got older and turned into a horny teenager, I began to really like it. Mom was aware of what was going on and didn't care, because she'd been m****ted as a child too. In the beginning, she was always in the room when he played with me to make sure I wasn't hurt or scared. Mostly he would just sit me on his lap while naked and sort of bounce me up and down until he came. I wasn't bothered by it in the least. I loved him very much.

    By the age of thirteen I understood what he was doing and was actually proud to have sex experience that my friends didn't. I asked him to let me suck his cock and was thrilled when he said I could. That was the first time my mom let me have alone time with him. She knew I was old enough to understand and felt that it was time to let us have the freedom to love each other in private.

    Of course I had no idea what I was doing and he had to finish himself off with his hand. Over time I got better at it and we often traded oral sex with each other. Between my mom and me we kept him busy. Sometimes he would pleasure both of us in one night.

    For my fifteenth birthday we had intercourse for the first time. Mom preferred that I get it from the safety of home and thought I was old enough. It was a very loving, pleasant experience. He treated me like a princess and it felt so good to finally have him inside me.

    By this time he had started on my younger sister too. I came in one day and found her giving him oral. It turned me on but made me a little jealous too. Later that night he came to my room to make love to me, explaining that there was plenty of him to go around. So I let him have me.

    Years later I've graduated college and still have sex with him. So do mom and my sister. I'm ready for a baby and want him to be the dad.

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    Straight Male / 36

    So today at 10:42 my little secret saw the light of day, no joke. i had my 2nd child but cant say nothing or else me and my wife's 22 yr old niece will have a little bit to explain. but looking at her, it was as they say "worth the squeeze" and the times we had fun was some of the best sexy i have ever had. the images of those nights are some i will never forget watching her grind her pussy on me and her full firm c cups in my hands is heavenly..

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    Straight Male / 53

    My mother married my step dad and I gained a much older step brother, soon a half brother.

    When I met his son (an adult in his 20's) and his wife, I had passed my sixteenth birthday. They were city people visiting our small town.

    I walked in when he was shagging her pretty good, it took a bit for them to realize the door was open. She was legs up holding her toes and he was buried deep in her.

    She looked at me and smiled, he looked and said CLOSE THE DOOR.

    I did and bit later he came out of the bed room and left the door open. I walked int o get my things from the closet. She looked at me and smiled, what did you see?? she whispered, I saw everything and I broke into a nice smile. She smiled back and laid there watching me get my things.

    Step brothers wife wanted to visit the store, but a few things. Ask me to walk with her. I put her on my bike and rode her there. We arrived back and the house was empty. Note saying they had to take my aunt to the hospital.

    I wanted to go fishing, but most of all I wanted a piece of her sweet ass. I wanted to see those night tits and REALLY wanted to such hers and have her suck mine.

    She wanted to go fishing with me. We walked to the woods stream and carried a few things. A blanket for her to sit and some fishing worms. I did not want to toss lures, I wanted some down time.

    We got it, not a bite one. She ask me about girls and I told her she had a nice body. She said I had seen everything, so she would take my word for it.

    She stripped and laid there in the sun light. the soft breeze made the pubic hair shimmer in the sun light.

    I did not strip but I sure looked. Nice breast and she looked at me, smiled and giggled. Told her it was hard looking at her there nude. She ask me to show me how hard it was, I laughed. She said, I am serious, pull it out.

    I did and she moved over and sucked it. she opened her legs and we did some sixty nine position. She tasted nice and musty. She sucked me nice and I wanted to mount her bad. I brought her to climax orally and she did me.

    Before we left i got some of that, I got a lot of that to be honest.

    She got all I had to give.

    We had sex six more times before they took the bus back home. such a sweet memory for me.

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    Straight Male / 54

    My cousin was older than my mother, told me ot call her aunt out of respect. On our farm she had her own sheep she managed. She paid me ot help her with stalls and feeding some days. She was a rough talking woman who spoke openly about sex.
    She ask me if my nuts had fell yet?? and I said yes. Have you fucked any of my sheep yet?? NO why would you ask that?? young boys will fuck anything, and sheep pussy is close to a woman.
    She bent over in the barn and pulled up her dress, have you seen one of these?? I looked and blushed, Yes I have seen one. Your sister?? NO, I had seen my much older sister nude, not by plan but by accident. the only one I had seen beside my cousin.
    Come here and look closer. when I got there she sat on a stool and opened her legs. CLOSER; she said, I got close and she opened the lips. spread the thick dark hair with her fingers.
    I bet you could just kiss that?? Couldnt you?? Yes I said. Well kiss it, see what it taste like. I got close and she grabbed my head.
    STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT! YEA, like that. now lick the top part for me. she soon toghtened her legs and had an orgasm.
    Get up here and pull it out for me. She yanked me close and pulled my pants down. stuck it in her mouth and blew me. I said STOP, I had finished and was feeling strange.
    She smiled and ask me if that was my first time with mout my own hand?? I said nothing, smiled and walekd away.

    Week later we led the buck into the in heat females for breeding. When they finished she ask if I got hard watching?? I said no, its animinals. She told me we are animinals. Now come over here with me. She got on the fence rain grabbed the post and told me to stick it in her. I did as she said, and got my first vagina of my life.

    She knew I would not last long, so she watched me and smiled.
    I bet you liked that pussy, didnt you?? yes I did. She smiled and hugged me.

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    Straight Female / 19

    What I am going to confess is taboo, its about me and dad, its just us at home, I wanted to have sex with my dad and him with me I know some think sex between parents and siblings is wrong, I am 19 and never had a sex I am not good looking or confident with boys my only asset is that I have an arse to die for my friends tell me, in the house he would talking to me and drop his trousers in front of me and tidy him self up his dick would be bulging some times sticking down the leg of his under pence, things started to happen at weekends during breakfast we would be in our night clothes dad in his pyjamas the front open I could see part of his dick and black pubic hair a lot of the time he had an erection I could see it bulging it did look good, when he was sat at the table his dick was stuck out of the opening in his pyjamas he saw me look, he said sorry I can not stop it, it looked very good sticking out it had happened regular at weekend, I was a bit naughty I started to ware my short night shirt if I bent over you see my bottom, I often did a little bit it felt good exposing my bottom to dad, I went warm and wet in my vagina, I did it once to often at the table, dad had his dick out and was slowly wanking when I turned around he told me to bend over the table and spread my legs I did gladly I felt the head of his dick rubbing my vagina he found the entrance and slowly pushed inside me, telling to relax not to tense up, that is my confession and proud of it, I would like comments

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