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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I married the wrong girl.
    I'm still friends...close friends with the woman I wish I had made a move on. Instead I'm growing old next to a woman who only takes and takes. I cannot bring myself to leave.

    I wonder when things will break.

    Val, I wish I had married you instead.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It was so amazing feeling my 16yr old baby boy cum deep inside my belly!! I was on top and had all 12 inches of him inside of me! When he told me he was gonna cum, mommy reached around and grabbed his balls! Mommy continued to grind my babys big cock into my belly!! I started playing with his big balls just as he was ready to cum! He started to fertilize mommys hot belly while mommy was still grinding on him! I drained all his young hot fertle sperm into my belly! I felt it shoot behind my belly button!! I have a hot fire in my belly now! Its all his young hot fertle 16yr old sperm! I love him!

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 33 yr old female and I am a dancer/stripper! I am told that I am very attractive and some tell me that I am hot! I am 5' 9" tall, I have very long blonde hair, almost down to my ass! My hair is almost white blonde! I have bright blue eyes and I am very,very skinny..I only weigh 106lbs and my figure is 36DD-22-30. I have very long skinny legs and a very tight and very tiny ass and I like to keep it that way!!

    I am a single mom of the cutest 16yr old boy, and he is my life! He means the world to me! I had Bobby when I was 17 and raised him on my own. Bobby is the sweetest 16yr old teenage kid that any parent could ask for. I guess you can say that I raised him the right way! He is so sweet and he is so gorgeous too! He is going to become a male model! He is 5'7" tall(shorter than me!:P)has short black hair and has a hot body too, as me and him work out together!

    Last week I came home early one night. I was calling Bobbys name, but got no responce! I noticed that he had some music on and that's probably why he didn't hear me calling him! So I walked towards his room and noticed the door was opened just a little..I peeked into his room and I was shocked at what I saw! He was looking at some of my sexy photos on the computer and he was masturbating to my pictures! It got me really turned on to see my son jerking off to my photos! The other thing that shocked me, was that my little 16yr old baby has a fucking huge cock!! Bobby just turned 16 and his cock has to be around a foot long! I got so wet and excited when I saw his huge cock pointing straight up! He is so cute, and the fact that he is jerking off to my photos got me so hot and wet! His cock looked so amazing!

    I went back outside and called him from my cell phone and told him I was on my way home from work! I didn't wanna walk in on him and embaress him! When I came back in, Bobby was sitting on the couch, and all I could think about was his huge rod! All I wanted to do was jump on him and ride him!! So I walked over to him and just straddled him on the couch and mommy stuck my tongue down her baby's throat ;-P I told him that mommy thinks her baby is so cute and mommy wants to fuck my baby boys huge cock! I started to dry grind on his cock and I could feel it getting hard between my legs! I had my legs spread out and wrapped around him!

    Finally, I got up and I grabbed Bobby by his hand and said to him, come with mommy! I took my little baby to mommy's room..I started kissing him and I pulled his shirt off...Bobby said to me, mommy, you are so hot!I fantasize about you all the time mommy!! I took his pants off, then I pushed him back onto my bed! I climbed on top of him and said, I know you fantasize about me! Alot of young guys fantasize having sex with their hot mommies!! I started to suck his big cock! I said to him that mommy's baby is so fucking cute!! Mommys going to fuck her little baby all night long!! Mommy loves your big dick! Bobby kept saying, mommy your so fucking hot!! Mommy, your so beautiful!I sucked his cock for over 20 minutes, and got him hard and wet!

    I was dressed really slutty that night! I had short shorts on and a cutoff t shirt with no bra! I had my long blonde hair teased out and my hair down! I told Bobby, don't you move! Mommy will be right back! I stood up and ripped off my shirt and my shorts..I looked down at my baby boy and Bobby was lying on his back, on mommys bed with his huge cock pointing straight up in the air! Mommy got on the bed next to him and I started jerking my babys big cock off..His cock was so fucking big! I opened my desk drawer next to the bed and grabbed the 12 inch ruler..I held it next to my babys huge cock and OMG!! My 16yr old baby boy has a 12 inch cock!! I cant believe my sweetie has a 12 inch dick! And it's almost 2.5 inches wide! Mommy's gonna have some hot fun with her little baby! I wanna feel my babys big cock in mommys belly!

    My pussy was so wet! I looked down at my baby and said to him, are you ready for mommy's hot pussy? Are you ready for mommy to fuck your big cock all night?? Bobby was going crazy! He couldn't believe what was about to happen!! My nipples were so hard and my pussy was throbbing and dripping! I kept thinking about the fact that I'm 33yrs old and I was getting ready to ride my hot 16yr old babys huge cock!

    I straddled his legs, with his big 12 inch rod in front of my belly, and we both got so excited! With his cock in front of my belly, it went up past my belly button!(WOW!)I got so wet after I saw that!! I started thinking about how deep he was going to go inside of me! My pussy was dripping and finally I lifted myself on my knees, and lifted one leg over him...Mommy straddled my baby and grabbed his huge cock and lowered myself down on to my baby!OMG!!

    It was so hot getting my baby's huge cock inside of mommy! I started to lower myself down on to him.. It was so hot feeling my hot 16yr old babies cock going deeper into mommy! I looked down at Bobby and I got so hot thinking that I have my hot 16yr old baby boy in my bed, and mommy has total control over him! I lowered myself even more, and I could feel my baby's huge rod getting really deep!! Mommy started to throw my long blonde hair around..I had my hands on my belly and I told my sweetie that mommy loves you!

    Bobby was holding on to mommy's tight little ass! I threw all of my long blonde hair to one side and I lowered myself even further down on Bobbies huge cock, and all of a sudden my baby's big cock hit my cervix! I had about 9 inches of his thick love rod deep inside of mommies dripping love box! When his cock hit my cervix, he made me cum instantly! I squirted all over my babies love stick! I started screaming and my baby boy told mommy how hot she is and how hot I felt! He spanked me and sucked on mommies boobies!! I leaned forward and we kissed, and I told Bobby that I loved him so much!! I was going crazy!! Mommy started grinding on her hot 16yr old baby boy, taking him deeper and deeper each time...Bobbys huge dick was rubbing back and forth on my cervix.. It was so fucking hot!

    I looked down at my baby and said that you started a hot fire in mommys belly! Bobby said to me "mommy, your belly feels so hot and tight"! Mommy, you feel so amazing! So, I lowered myself even more, and had almost all of him in me! I felt more pressure on my cervix! It felt so fuckin hot!! All of a sudden, I felt his cock pop deep inside of me! We both gasped! I realized that my babies huge cock had poped up past my cervix! I guess I had got both of us so wet and I grinded on my baby so hard, that his cock went up past my cervix!! I let out such a scream and such a squirt!! It was the most amazing thing that I ever felt!!

    Now mommy was able to lower myself down even more! I now had 11 inches of my babys love rod inside of mommy! It felt like Bobbys big cock was in my belly! It was so fucking hot! I took the last inch of my baby boy!I had all of him inside of me and mommy was going crazy on him!! I was grinding and wiggling on him! My legs were spread all the way out so that I had every last inch of my baby inside of my belly! I told him to bend his legs up at the knees, and when he did, I wrapped my legs around him and under his legs!! So now, mommy had total control of her baby!!

    I have my baby boys 12 inch rod in mommys belly, and mommy's gonna have her way with you!! ..I can feel the head of my babys big cock rubbing my cervix and my belly button!! OMG....I keep squirting all over him!!My 16 yr old baby is inside of mommys hot little belly! OMG,Bobbys got a fire burning in my belly! I keep sticking a finger in my belly button and cumming!! My belly button is burning!! Bobby loves when I throw my long blonde hair around! I keep grinding my babys big dick into my belly! It feels so amazing to have my babys big dick inside mommys belly! When I stick my finger in my belly button, I can feel my 16yr old baby big cock head behind my belly button!! OMG,do I love grinding him so deep inside of my belly!! I must have cum 80 times already!! Now it's time to satisfy my little baby boy!! I want my 16yr old babys hot fertle sperm inside my belly! I'm talking so dirty to my baby! I told him that mommys not gonna stop fucking my baby until you fertilize mommys belly!! Mommy's not gonna stop until you squirt your young hot baby fertilizer into her belly! Whose in control of you baby boy? Whose belly are you gonna fertilize? Mommys been on top of you for 3 hours! Mommy's having her way with you! Mommy loves you! Now squirt a baby into mommys womb! Mommy's not getting off of you until I drain you baby makers into mommies belly! OMG, mommy, I'm gonna cum! MMMMM, young hot fertle baby juice!!

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My niece interviewed with my employer for an internship. Her grades are just okay, but i knew the guy interviewing her was always horny, so i suugested she dress up. She wore a tight skirt that she rolled up once we were at the office.

    She admitted to me after the interview that she sat so he would see "everything" and agrred to meet him later that night for coffee. She said that if he asked for sex, she would be okay with that but would i get in trouble if she did anything with him. I explained that he would get in trouble not me. She just said"oh, that's okay then."

    She 20, so do i say more than "it might backfire..." - that's all i said and i'm assuming she's sleeping with him regularly now. She's not married, but is hoping her college boyfriend proposes... i know the moral issues, but do i interfere and risk family issues and/or her best shot at a good internship?

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My "summer of love" happened when I was 17 and my cousin spent those months living with us. It'd been several years since I'd seen her last and now at 15; she was a teen boy's wet dream come alive in the flesh. It was the first weekend, when I saw her in her bikini and all I could think of was how beautiful she was. Walking back from the local swimming pool, I playfully grabbed her around the waist and tried to kiss her. Instead of slapping me, she kissed me back and our hands explored each others bodies. Getting back home (thankfully no one was there) we showered together and with our excitement and passion building, explored each other's bodies. Yes, we had sex. Several times that afternoon.
    We fucked liked wild aniimals in heat that entire summer. Every chance we had, we took advantage of. Looking back, I can't believe we never got caught.
    Years later, we still keep in touch but haven't repeated our youthfull pleasures.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When i got to high school I discovered Goth. I immediately got myself a black wardrobe and black lipstick and jewelry with a inverted-cross and bat and skull theme and listened to depressing industrial music. My father proclaimed me a devil-worshiper and a disciple of Satan, and I told him that Satan was too much of a pussy to hang with me.

    At one point he was complaining about my thong straps being visible above my skirt-top, so I pulled off my thong and threw it at him. He stammered and turned red and I saw an opening. After that I was all sex and accusing him of incestuous longings saying things like "Oh bad daddy wanting to fuck my little pussy! You just want incest you evil evil man!" in a cute little girl voice. I got into the habit of flashing him several times a day and yelling out "fuck me daddy" as I masturbated.

    I seriously never expected him to break but he did. It took two months. I was making a show of bending over a lot in a micro-skirt, showing off my newly-shaved pussy and saying how much better it felt without hair. When I noticed he hadn't called me a Whore of Satan yet I asked if he was too busy staring at my cunt. And he said "yes". And after two months of teasing him I just couldn't help but blurt out "then fuck me already". And he did and it hurt a bit going in because I was dry but I lubed up quick. But he came to fast and I ordered him to make me cum and he worked on me until I got off.

    After that I called myself his incest slave but the fact was that he was my incest slave. I fucked him a couple of times a day or more and showed him off to my friends. It even started a brief secret incest fad at my school, with all the goths trying to have relationships with relatives.

    Dad still thinks I'm the Whore of Satan but he considers himself my helpless slave and has convinced himself that I used black magic to enslave him. That means he can still think of himself as a good Christian despite the fact that whenever I visit or he has to see me we end up fucking. Christians are amazing - they see the whole world as wicked but they are never wicked no matter what.

    I like the power I have over my father. I dominate him sexually and if he tries to assert himself I can cry "rape" and he will be the one who goes to prison. Not that he will because I own his heart and soul and dick and he considers me his owner. Sometimes I even make him worship me before sex. I was careless and had a kid by him but my cousins are raising him. I visit on occasion and he's becoming cute. When he gets old enough to notice girls I might take him, too, but I haven't decided yet.

    Anyway that's my life to now.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Went on vacation with my wife and sister in law. I came back to the beach house to get some things and noticed my sister in law changing in her room. She was buck naked with a little patch of fur. She noticed me and covered up. I said I was sorry but told her she looked beautiful naked and I wanted to see more. She said what about my sister and I said she is still at the beach . Her towel came off and i had an instant boner. I went up to her and started to suck on her breasts and fingering her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my cock and blew me. I then took my hard cock and slapped her pussy and then went in for the kill. She felt so good and it didn't take long for me to blow my load. Of Course i stopped and put on a condom. After we got dressed and headed for the beach. All I can say is AWSOME

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had a sexual affair with my mom. Started when I was 16 lasted on and off till I was about 23. I dont regeit it and would do it all over again.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I hate my sister and her kids.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife has two sisters, and four very hot cusions and i would like to see them all naked and have sex with them all, like a big FAMILY AFFAIR..

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