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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 34

    Hello everyone. I would like to share a secret with everyone about my fantasy and sexual obsession with my mother. I am in my thirties now but as I sit here with my cock in a fleshlight, looking at plump mature women doing strip teases in sexy lingerie, I can't help but think about this event in my life.

    When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my parents got a video camera and shortly after I came across a "Video tape". It wasn't until many years later that I made the connection but I will start from the beginning.

    My mother came into my room one night because her and my father were going to spend the night at a hotel. Being so young, I didn't understand why, but I remember how she was dressed. She was a very curvy woman with large breasts but she always maintained an hour-glass figure even though she had a little pudge around the belly. She was wearing a long brown floral dress, her hair was done, her make up like an Egyptian Goddess, and I noticed two black straps over her shoulders, but it looked different than a normal bra. She got her hails done in silver which was very rare and I remember her gold necklace hanging down around around her cleavage and the smell of her perfume. She used her finger nails to scratch my back to sleep and I remember how nice they felt.

    Her energy was very very sensual and sexual that night, but being so young, I didn't pick up on this until hindsight. She was prepared for a very special night.

    About a year or two later I came across a video tape as I was snooping through my parents closet. Of course, I decided to have a look.

    The scene was a motel room, somewhat classy but cheap because my father was a cheap asshole all together and didn't realize what a Goddess he had. There was my mother shaking her hips back and forth to the music in the exact same outfit I remember her from that evening when she scratched my back to sleep with her long silver finger nails.

    As she moved her hips back and forth, she teased the camera a bit by lifting up her skirt and showing showing off her silver high heels and black stockings. I remembered the black stockings now and silver high heels now but I had no idea that underneath that beautiful dress was stockings connected to a garter.

    She danced around a bit more and started taking her dress down exposing her teddy underneath. It was a black 80's style teddy that buttoned at the crotch with tiny red roses. I knew which teddy this was because I had been in her lingerie and panty drawer more than once by this time which was one of my curiosities.

    As she removed her dressed, there she was shaking her hips in a slow erotic manner in a sensual way that I've been unable to find again as I flip through porn hub and other similar places looking for "Mature BBW striptease". She had this certain "class" and "sensuality" to her that is unmatched.

    I remember when she bent over and showed her ass, I was both aroused and shamed. I knew I shouldn't be watching this video but my eyes were fixated on it. She lowers her teddy to reveal the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, probably a DD but natural. Just a little bit of sag, full, and they looked so very soft.

    The video changes to her laying in the bed and she unbuttons the teddy from the crotch area and spreads her legs. There is my mother, beautifully spread in black stockings, silver high heels, make up, jewelry, etc. It was the most BEAUTIFUL and EROTIC scene I have seen in my life.

    When she revealed her pussy, it was just a bit hairy but well trimmed. I remember the first time I saw her spread it and I saw the beautiful pink inside. But she didn't spread it in a raunchy way, she spread it very slowly, the lips sticking to each other and revealing just a little bit of the pink from inside.

    At this point it felt so wrong to look at where I came from like that. I mean, this is my MOTHER. But it was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen!

    The video changes to my father laying down with his dick erect and my mother lays down and starts sucking his cock. i couldn't watch this part at all and fast forwarded past that part. However, I do remember how she looked with a cock in her mouth, how she worked the shaft, and how her bracelets, earrings, and necklace jingled while she did it.

    I put the video back and would take it out from time to time. No one knew I knew where it was.

    About three or four years later I happen to take out the video and there was more footage on it from our new house. My mother was a little bigger by then but she was still so beautiful.

    There was a new scene now of her in a lime green and black teddy, again with black stockings and silver high heels. She was dancing to sensually but this time she bent over the couch and put her ass in the air. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! The camera panned around her large beautiful ass and there I was looking at the glory of where I came from, adorned with sexy lingerie, stockings, high heels, etc.

    My father comes over to her and starts licking her ass and of course I fast forwarded through this part. I just couldn't watch that. However, at this point he starts jacking off while she is bent over and cums on her ass. I remember watching through this a few times and the feeling I got was very strange. Here is a beautiful Goddess, bent over and dressed up so nicely, and he is going to jack off on her ass and that's it?? What about HER pleasure? After this the video ended.

    I remember having access to this video until my early twenties and in hind sight I wish I would have made a copy because it's been impossible to find any similar videos online with the same class and elegance.

    My father left when I was about 15 years old and I didn't understand how lonely my mother was. Had I really understood women back then, I would have attempted to fill her loneliness. In hindsight, I can only imagine how sensual making love to my mother would have been. I remember when she used to touch me, she always had this "gentleness" that I could only IMAGINE how amazing it would be in a sexual context. But, I did the normal thing and just acted like I was not attracted to my mother.

    I remember one time she said "I could teach you a lot about sex if you'd let me". I thought the natural response should be "Mom, that's gross". Oh, if I could go back to that moment and change my reaction!!!

    As a teenager and in my early twenties I always had a side girl who was an older BBW who would dress up for me like my mother in that video. Some of them were happy to play mother-son role-play with her. As time progressed and relationships got more serious, I realized that if I wanted to maintain that part of me, I would have to find a backpage girl because I couldn't maintain a side-relationship.

    Whenever I go out of town on business, I always look for a BBW backpage girl, preferably with long black hair and olive skin. Some are very close, others not so much but as they are sucking my cock, I'm always thinking about how my mother looked with a cock in her mouth, and especially when I'm fucking them from the back, I think about my beautiful Goddess mother.

    I am married now and I have shared this story with my wife. Turns out, she had a thing for her father too! lol. I guess like attracts like, or these type of sexual feelings are more common than we like to admit.

    For me, the ultimate pleasure would be to be able to worship my mother's pussy, only the way a son can do. Thank her for all of her sacrifices, all of her love, and put all of that grateful energy into every lick and touch of her beautiful pussy.

    Right now I have a masseuse that I see who is an older bbw with olive skin and black hair. She entertains my mother-son role playing fantasies, but I don't think she knows the extent of it. She dresses up for me and my wife is OK with it too, so I'm happy.

    My wife looks very much like my mother but not like she did at the time of the video. My mother was a slim-model type in her twenties and my wife looks very close to that. In fact, I have a picture of her in our house at that age and people have often raised an eye-brow as to how similar my wife looks.

    My mother went through chemo and then passed away in my early thirties. She wasn't the same as in the video and she deteriorated as she passed. It's very sad. When she passed, I found a bunch of her lingerie and jewelry, some of the very same she wrote in the video. My wife wore it for me and I found myself dealing with the grief by living out my fantasies with my wife.

    I have the most perfect wife. And I had the most perfect mother. I chose to remember my mother as the sensual Goddess that she was, not the person who was deteriorating from cancer.

    Tell me. Is that fucked up? Is that wrong? It might be.. but, she was my Goddess, second only to my Wife.

    She absolutely LOVED my wife even though she passed just a couple of months after we met. She knew my wife was the one. I think she saw herself in my wife.

    So, there it is. I've shared the story with the world. Be well!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    It started when I was in the shower and saw my younger brother passing. I poked my head out and asked if he wanted to see mine since I saw his. He said yes and he was already hard. I didn't understand yet but started stroking him as he played with me too. We heard a loud noise and he ran out... My heart was pounding.
    After getting out of the shower I decided to look at my open collection and call my friend and read erotica to her. No answer. My brother had already left and now only person home was my sister.... I decided just to watch a movie when my friend knocked and had brought a movie about blowjob s.
    She then told my sister to go upstairs that she was too young to watch. My sister said she be good so I vouched. I sat in the middle as I hugged my friend close but caught my hand stroking my sisters hair. My friend had started breathing harder when my sister lifted the blanket and watched what my friend was hiding. My friend freaked but I kept on fingering her as she watched my sister put her mouth on my dick

    Ab out then my brother walked in. Well short story short we got in trouble and all because my friend told her mom after she had her sister us and we had to move.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My brother married Kathi a year after he graduated from college. We never really got along as I always thought he could do better. Kathi never went to college, instead working at a local restaurant going from a waitress to being the hostess/day manager. Kind of a plain girl, I always thought she was lucky to get my brother,Chuck, who play 4 years of college football and remained in shape after her began working as marketing manager. He's been making good money, and Kathi has recently went for implants and started taking better care of herself.
    A few weeks ago, they asked me to house-sit while they went on a cruise. I'd have the house to myself for a week, but they said no people over. Well, the second day there, I was bored and was using my brother's computer when I found a thumb drive in the back of a drawer. When I inserted the flash drive it had 3 mp4 video files so I opened one up. There was my brother , very well built, well endowed ( I never thought of him that way) and very busy with a woman who was NOT Kathi. The camera man was walking around the room ( it looked like a motel) and was zooming in on Chuck's cock slamming this girl hard and fast. I could see this woman was also in shape, and she was clearly have a great time. She was telling my brother how he was hitting her where she had never been hit before, begging him to do her doggy style. She turned over, and when my brother pulled out, I could see he was over 8 inches and his cock had a big curve to the left!
    He entered this woman again, and as he grabbed her hair, he started slamming her hard. She was saying she was going to cum, and he looked at the camera man and said " now!". The camera man put the go pro on the dresser I guess, pointing at the bed, and I saw it was my sister in law, dressed in a black leotard catsuit climbing into the bed. She positioned herself under this woman and started licking her as Chuck fucked her. The woman started shuddering as I assume she orgasmed and then when my brother pulled out, I watched Kathi lick up all the cum as it dripped out of this woman's pussy.
    I was so hot, my fingers were playing in my panties as I suddenly relized Kathi was enjoying making the video. When I clicked on the second clip, it featured Kathi dressed up as a cat, complete with a furry tail butt plug. She crawled across the floor to Chuck, and he told her to lick him until he came all over his stomach, then drink the milk before it spoiled. He went down on her, all the time making sure the camera had a good angle. He lifted her tail and took her " kitty style" and was fucking her for a while until he pulled the plug out and replaced it with that cock of his. I was masturbating with one hand as I watched the video and needed to cum. I pulled the flash drive out and went to their bedroom, there in the back of the nightstand drawer were a bunch of sex toys. Dildos, handcuffs, buttplugs and more. I spread them out on the bed next to me and proceeded to take a 10" black realistic rubber cock and I fucked myself raw. I fell asleep after the second fantasy involving my big brother.
    The next morning, I watched the next video. It featured Kathi and Chuck and a light skinned black girl I had seen at their house a few times. Again, I ended up naked and satisfied on their bed.
    That Friday, I made a copy of the thumb drive, washed all the sheets and deleted the browser history on the computer. I drove to the airport to pick them up and looked at both of them in a whole new light. It's kind of fucked up, but I would like to star in one of their videos one day!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    A little over five months back my father in law Ray, who lived on his own, was told he had terminal cancer. Over the next few weeks the extremely fit and virile looking man traveled to just about everywhere. And returned looking if anything fitter and more ruggedly handsome than before. My husband works a lot of hours and sometimes works away from home. With his father ill he cut down on his work and his flights away for work. Then out of the blue he had no choice but to take a five day trip for work and I invited Ray to come and stay over with me if he wanted to. On the second night with my husband away, Ray turned up and asked if the offer was still there. Telling him sure it was, he brought his bag in and we settled down after I cooked us a meal. About two hours after eating, he sat by me and said straight out "If you find what I have to say offensive or you're not interested, then tell me and I'll go. I've always liked you from a sexual point of view. Before I die I'd love to make love to a beautiful woman like you, just one more time".

    I sat for a minute thinking about what he'd said and eventually like a light flicking on in my sexual brain, I leaned over to him and we kissed. That night and over the next couple of days, myself and Ray had some of the best sex I've ever experienced. From kissing and caressing that night, to him fucking my asshole over and over again, then licking out my pussy and asshole of his cum and everything in between.

    It was such an awesome night of passionate sex, we were still fucking at four in the morning as I mounted his cock once again. All the next day we went from eating, to sleeping and then having one form of sex or another. By dusk I was literally worn out, but it seemed Ray had a new lease of life and I went with his every wish, no matter what he suggested, and he suggested just about everything.

    Sleeping, that night and waking to have oral sex, a prolonged session of awesome oral sex, it was so climactic I found myself crying with the total desire of his passion. I woke up the following morning finding his penis fully erect and him still asleep. Backing onto his cock, I had Ray's cock inside me before his eyes opened. He fucked me spooning me and we both came almost at the same time. That day I took him for a hospital visit and then out for lunch. Afterwards as we passed a place he knew from his childhood, he had me drive over and we had naked sex under a huge tree. Eating our evening meal he fell asleep. Waking my father in law I took him to bed and he slept the whole night through.

    We had sex one more time the next evening lay on the rug in front of the fire. But Ray's renewed energy was flagging. Even so he still managed to have me orgasming like never before.

    His son returned early and Ray's condition rapidly deteriorated. Within two weeks my father in law was dead.

    Since his death I've thought about Ray a lot. I've even begun to think recently if I should tell my husband what happened between us. My only concern is if he doesn't understand why I did what I did. I stil have great sex with my husband, but it's no where near as good as it was with his father. A wonderful man who I recently found out was taking certain medication, which boosted his libido and his energy levels. Now all I have to decide, is if I disclose to his son, or not.

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    Straight Female / 27

    First and foremost as a disclaimer I must admit when this started I was getting high. My running partner was my brother. We basically spent every day together using or figuring out how to use. I ended up getting clean, went to rehab and he didnât. He is constantly relapsing left and right. During our run together, we started acting out in different ways. Ways we never should have, near blackout states we ended up having sex, multiple times throughout our drug use. On one occasion I even let him film some of it. Worst/best mistake of my life, now clean for almost a year and a half I know how horrible it was to be having sex with my brother. At the same time itâs something that absolutely takes me somewhere I donât know how else to get. He tried blackmailing me by saying heâd show my current boyfriend the video and our friends if I donât keep giving him money to use or sleep with him again. Unbeknownst to him that gave me an excuse to act out on something I can never rid from my thoughts even sober now. So a few weeks ago when he threatened to show my boyfriend if I didnât give him the cash to get high or have sex with him I gave in. I told him I didnât get paid until Thursday and that our parents were home that we werenât having sex, that Iâd think about what I could do and let him know. He kept texting me like crazy and I was stalling by giving short evasive responses. Finally he mustâve realized and came in my room. He said well mom and dad are asleep now, so unless you want âJohnâ to see the video I have you can give me the $125 or we can fuck. I saw in his eyes he was high as can be. I said I really donât have the money and this isnât the best idea, I dunno how I can live with myself if we do this. (I just didnât want him to know I replay our sexual experiences together in my head with enjoyment all the time) He said well I donât know how youâre gonna live with yourself when I text âJohnâ the video then and began to fumble with his phone saying he was gonna send it to him. I shot out of bed and grabbed it from him and said fine, but this isnât gonna keep happening where you keep trying to blackmail me for something that happened when we were using together. Without hesitation he kissed me, we started hooking up. I pretended to pull away but really just wanted him to pull me back in so it seemed as if I really didnât want this. I let him slide down my bootie shorts and start grabbing at my ass. He was hard as a rock, so again I try to pretend to pull away and he pushed me on the bed and said if you arenât gonna do this your boyfriend is gonna have a nice surprise text when he wakes up tomorrow. I try to act as if Iâm paranoid and told him that if he ever found out he could possibly tell our parents out of anger and spite. He just looked at me and said that wasnât his problem as he pushed himself between my legs as Iâm sitting on the bed he pushed me on. I said I canât believe youâre making me do this, as I was saying that I started to pull down his boxers. By this point Iâm dripping wet trying to hide how badly I wanted this to happen again. I slowly stated to kiss his dick, licking it up and down till he grabbed my head and if I didnât want it so badly you could say forced himself in my mouth. Still trying to play it off as if I didnât want it, Iâd stop and look up and ask him if this is really what he wanted. Meanwhile I probably wanted it more than him. I started to blow him again and couldnât help it anymore and said are you going to fuck me or not? I laid down and he got on top of me, I guided him into my now soaked pussy. Oh my God was it amazing, at this point I didnât even care to try and hide that itâs what I wanted. My breathing and moans were out of control. Clearly Iâd been having sex with my boyfriend but this is something totally different. When youâre using as a male especially sometimes you canât stay fully hard, so after awhile when I felt heâd be getting a little soft Iâd start to suck his dick again and talk dirty to him till it was good enough to please me. Iâm not gonna gloat Iâm not perfect by any means but I have a really nice ass. I got on my hands and knees after blowing him hard again and told him to fuck me from behind, he wanted to cum but I told him not yet. So we stopped and I got on top, I rode him and the whole time looked him in the eyes, occasionally leaning down to kiss him. He finally said Iâm about to cum, back when we were using I wasnât responsible and wasnât taking my birth control. So I guess he thought I was gonna make him pull out, without explained that I have been on it for over a year now I said OK but kept riding him wildly. He started to freak and told me to get off before he cums but it was too late as I felt him erupt inside me. When I tell you Iâve never been so fulfilled with pleasure before thatâs an understatement. After he finished I told him it was OK Iâve been on the pill, I also told him how much I missed that and havenât felt that good since Iâve been clean. Obviously this is our parents home so he couldnât stay in my room but I will definitely be trying to make this a regular occurrence. That night we hooked up a few more times, touching each other, fooling around some more and I can honestly say I have no regrets. Yeah maybe itâs completely wrong, but Iâm a recovering addict, I like things that make me feel good. I may not be using anymore but Iâm not perfect and when we are together itâs as close to amazing as it gets. I have never been fucked the way he can fuck me, I never had an orgasm like I do with him, itâs an out of body experience.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    My daughter and I share a secret that until now I've never shared with anyone but, I feel like I can't tell my wife so I'm venting here.

    She just had her 14th birthday and I we decided to take her to dinner and a ball game but at the last minute my wife got busy with clients and couldn't go so it was just the two of us.

    We got to the ball park late so there was no parking so I had to park on a side street. The game was long and ended later than normal. When we were walking back and turned down the street it was dark and mine was the only car. We got to it and before we could get in, two guys confronted us. One behind her and the other behind me. Both guys looked like dingy white druggies.

    One say in the front seat and the other with the gun sat in the back with my daughter and they made us drive to a house and go in.

    I assumed that they would take my money, phone, car etc. but, I was mistaken.

    The guy without a gun ended up being the one in charge. He made her take off her top exposing her breasts then he pulled his pants down and showed her his dick and began stroking it. Next he made her play with it while he touched her breasts.

    After a few minutes of this he said he wanted more. He told her he wanted her lips around it. I yelled no and just asked him to cum and let us get the fuck out of there but he held his ground.

    Finally I said let me do it. Apparently he just wanted a blowjob and didn't care who gave it to him. I exchanged places with her and knelt in front of him.

    I had no idea what to do and my daughter was no help because she didn't know either so I just tried to emulate my wife. I spit on my hand then grabbed his thing. He was already hard. I hesitated so he grabbed my head and guided his dick towards me. His dick was terrible like he hadn't bathed that day.

    My first thought was that I wish this was her so she would not want to suck any dicks until she was older but then I knew that this would ruin oral sex for her and future partners.

    I know what makes me cum fast so that's what I did. I sucked, stroked and played with his balls. He came pretty fast. He maybe was a smoker, drinker and whatever else because it tasted horrible. However, I have no real means for comparison other than my wife saying that she likes mine.

    He let go of me and slumped back onto the couch. The guy with the gun threw my keys at me and told us to get the fuck out of here and never attempt to find them or next time he will make sure that the daughter does all the work while I watch. He wouldn't let her take her shirt so when we got to the car I gave her mine.

    We drove drove a mile or so and I stopped the car and got out and puked. The next day we told Mom that the game was late so we got a late night dinner. We have never spoken of it since.

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    Straight Male / 20

    For nearly six months when I was sixteen I fucked my aunt whenever I went round to her home. I caught her getting fucked by a guy who wasn't her husband, and she made me promise not to say anything. I wouldn't anyway as her husband is a total piss head and sometimes beats my aunt. To make sure I kept quiet, she asked me to call back the same day. In her kitchen she lowered my shorts and my boxers, then sucked in my cock. Getting me super erect, she then had me fuck her from behind as she lay over the table. I didn't last too long as it was only my third time having sex, but I lasted long enough to have my aunt orgasming on my cock. Telling me my cock is the thickest cock she'd ever been fucked by, she had me call by the next day. We had sex again but on the couch and she had me do something I'd never done before, I licked out her pussy and arsehole. Over the next five and three quarter months, I fucked her almost every day, and even sometimes when her husband was at home drunk.
    When they moved after six months I didn;'t get to see her again, not until last month as she returned back from living in Spain. Her husband has died from his drinking habit's, and my aunt visited us almost straight away. Rght from the first time I saw her again, she told me she'd missed me and my cock. The very next morning I went round to her rented flat and fucked her for hours. It is easily the best sex I'd ever had and my aunt said I'd gotten far bigger and knew more on how to pleasure her.
    In three weeks from now, I'm going to be moving in with my thirty eight year old aunt. And whether than rest of the family like it or not, we're going to be living as lovers. I guess my mum will just have to get used to her youngest sister, fucking her youngest son.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Seeing My Dad Naked with Erecrion

    This question has possibly been asked before, I have seen both my parents naked, I am asking the girls when they see there dad naked with an erection do you get a reaction or not, how do you feel about, I have recently seen my dad with a full erection, from a girls point of view what is your reaction,


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I am a widow and on holiday in asia I found a asian young lover who has 7 kids and 10 grandchildren we have found the love we needed in each other. This happened by accident in a way because I got drunk on a boat and was horny for ages for an old rocker and then out of shock when I saw one of my former husbands with an asian woman I went from the concert to making out in the gardens with this asian lover and now we are moving to go live there permanently. We had a lot of sex. It has been the greatest sex of my life after several years without sex since my last husband died turning to my girlfriend to leano on so much bi sex and she attacked me for horny rocker and won but why I have money but she has the looks and class. I was jealous when I seen my ex but the excrement of the show and seeing him pushed me off and I got so drunk I ended up with sort of the wrong man but the right man for me, a strawly asian man who is the greatest lover I have ever had yet. I am now into my 70s and I have done hot sex a lot but this was the best. Volcanos will erupt when we make out in slingo when we marry and the ride with my moe and my leaning girlfriend have a many a 3 somes. now look what we done?

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have been remarried now for a year. My wife has one daughter than just turned 15 and I have one son that is 15 as well. I have noticed that lately those two have been acting way different towards one another.

    For the last few months she has been wanting to use my shower. This was going on a few times a week and I couldn't get to the bottom of it. Finally I decided to put one of those hidden camera's in there so I could figure out what the fuck.

    When it was shower time one night she showed up and wanted to use our shower. After a long shower she came out and went to bed. Later, I checked the video and now I know why. There she was using our shower head messager to masturbate. She orgasmed then washed up, did it again then turned off the water.

    I left the cam on all the time after that and one Saturday morning I left for work early. My wife got up later and left for the day with her friends.

    When I checked it that night, there my wife was getting herself off just like her daughter did. Sometime later to my astonishment my stepdaughter showed up and was showering when my son came in already nude and he got in. They were making out and feeling each other up. Finally he turned her around and fucked her standing up. After a few minutes it was over. On the audio I heard them say they had to get out of there before mom and dad came home.

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