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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 43

    In three days time I'm going to be inviting my daughters boyfriend into our home, knowing two years ago, along with a friend of his, I spent two hours in a motel room getting fucked until I couldn't take their large cocks anymore.
    My husband and I had gone through a rough patch in our marriage, and we'd separated for a short time. Thinking it a good idea, I went out with a female friend to a bar and met a load of older teenage guys out for a good time. Two of them got my attention when they dropped their trousers showing off. Both young men's cocks were (To me anyway) absolutely massive.
    A little later my friend took a taxi home, and I walked the two blocks to the motel with the two guys. I'm not kidding when I say I walked, nearly crawled, out of that motel hardly able to move. Oral, vaginal and anal sex. Plus at one stage I took both of their cocks up my pussy and asshole at the same time. It is by far the longest hardest sex session I've ever had, and for a few days both of my fuck holes were sore.
    Eventually myself and my husband got it back together and since then we've been really good. Only a few months back my daughter introduced me to her new boyfriend. Immediately we recognized each other, but said nothing and have said nothing in front of anyone since. He has however told me when we've had some brief time alone, that I was and still am the best fuck he's ever had.
    Now he's going to be staying over with us for a couple of days. On one of the days my husband will be going out to watch football (He likes the English premier league), and at the same time my daughter has just told me she has to go into work for a couple of hours.
    It will leave myself and my daughters boyfriend alone for at least two to three hours. Hours in which I will be hard pressed not to want his huge cock again. He was a wonderful fuck I must admit, but now I just wish I hadn't have gone out to that bar that night.

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    Straight Male / 47

    This is probably going to be a little boring, but I'm just feeling the need to vent. So here it goes...

    I've been maried for over 25 years and have a really good life. Good job, good kids and by all rights a fantastic wife in all aspects except one... sex

    When we were first maried sex was good, but after our kids were born things pretty much came to an abrupt halt. She stayed at home with the kids and I worked nights. Which put us on opposite schedules. She rarely instigated sex before but now never. I was getting a little frustrated but could deal. Things progressed to the I'm tired, I have a headache etc... stage and when the occasional sex did happen she approached it like just another household chore.

    Things went on like this for a few years and I tried to be understanding of her feelings and cope the best I could. I ended up having an affair with a coworker's wife for about six months. We both almost ended our respective marriages, but decided we both loved our spouses and kids more than each other.

    After the affair I decided sex just wasn't worth all of the fucking disappointment and stress. When masturbating to porn wasn't enough I'd go to my wife for mediocre sex and hope I didn't get shot down.

    Things progressed like this for several more years until I pretty much lost interest in having sex with my wife. It just wasn't worth the trouble. Once I reached that conclusion I was more less content with my life.

    Fast forward to present day. My wife approaches me and asks why we don't have sex anymore. "Don't you find me attractive anymore?" and such. Yes she is still very attractive and I told her as much, but I also told her she obviously hasn't found me attractive for the last 20 years and I just got tired of trying. The reaction I got to this revelation wasn't really what I expected...

    Utter and complete confusion.

    She was completely shocked that I felt that way. I guess communication really is key huh. I had tried tell her how I was feeling in the past but it always fell on deaf ears. She seemed ready to talk about now so I told her everything from my point of view, feelings and yes, even the affair from 15 years ago. She had no idea about any of it. She told me she just never thought sex was that important. Yeah sure she enjoys it, would orgasm pretty much everytime, but it's just sex... no big deal.

    What happened next was the most incredible sex we had ever had. I'm in my late forties and I managed to cum three times that night and she actually squirted for the first time in her life. Twice. Our combined juices were literally gushing out of her pussy by the end of the night. It was the most inedible sex either of us had ever had.

    After that night she started doings things I would never have imagined. She started sexting pics while I was at work, she bought new toys and filmed herself using them. She decided she wanted to try anal. Dear god she loved it!!! It lead to another session like we had after our talk. After the initial slow careful entry she started talking dirty. She had never done that before. Holy crap that was a turn on!!! Her asshole was so incredibly tight coupled with her telling me to fuck her ass, I blew my load in about 2 minutes. I apologized for being a short timer. She just looked back at me and said I'm patient I'll just occupy my self until you get hard again. She stayed just like she was, head down ass up in the air and started rubbing her clit and moaning. I started to get hard again almost instantly. She pushed some of my cum out of her ass and rubbed it around her pussy lips. It completely sent me over the moon. I was completely hard again. I put some more lube on my cock and gently slid the head in her ass. As soon as I got it in I slammed my full length into her. She immediately drenched my balls and our bed. Her screaming to "fucking pound my ass" and "does my ass feel good wrapped around you cock" sent me over the edge three more times. After over 25 years of marriage I wasn't just content, I completely happy.

    This bliss went on for about six months. Now it seems we are back to almost where we were before. While she rarely turns me down for sex now, it seems we're back to me having to initiate it EVERY time. She won't sext anymore because she doesn't think it's safe. No more lingerie or wearing sexy clothes when we go out unless I specifically ask. (which completely ruins the fun).

    I realize there is going to be hot and cold stretches in any relationship but this goes well beyond that. When I tried to discuss it or anything else sexual in nature there is an immediate change of subject. It's been a little over a year now since our sex life died again

    My first thought was she was having an affair of her own, but it's really just not possible time wise. I'm beginning to think she saw me coming to terms with our previous lack of a sex life and couldn't stand to see me being in a contented state. So she fired up our sex life just enough reinvigorate my sex drive to make sure I'm miserable when she goes back to being a cold fish.

    I made a completely childish decision. I decided I wasn't going to have sex with her again until she initiated it... it's been 3 months now and counting... I've been completely fucking miserable (and pathetic) this whole time.

    I'm really really thinking about leaving her. I do still love her and all other aspects of our marriage are great. I'm just not sure this is something I can or want to get past. Since our kids our gone, the only other thing or things slowing me down are losing my house and my retirement account.

    Ok... Venting done

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    Every now and then I would catch my step son Theo eyeing me up. And only recently caught him masturbating, whilst looking at pictures of me taken during a photo shoot I did last year for a range of bikini's.
    My husband is a very successful older (He's forty nine now) businessman, which allowed me soon after we married four years ago, to work part time, instead of full time in my career as a catalogue model. His first wife passed away when Theo was only seven, and at first Theo, who's now nineteen, resented me marrying his father.
    Things improved as Theo saw I wasn't there to be a replacement for his mom, but as a wife to his dad. Then like I've said, I noticed him looking at me in very suggestive ways. It was never clear at first he was looking at me sexually, but the more I noticed him looking, the more I knew he'd begun to see me as a sexual entity.
    Probably (Can't remember the exact date) eight weeks back, I came home early from a meeting and caught him lay on the couch naked, tossing off his very impressive cock whilst looking at pictures of me. I didn't mean to, but instead of giving him his privacy, I stayed and watched him ejaculate all over a picture of me. It was one which was showing a back shot of me in a white bikini, and by the looks of it from where I stood, he shot his load all over my ass in the picture.
    I was going to mention something to his dad, but something inside me told me not to. Then a few days later having been sorting through his wash pile in his bedroom, I saw a pair of my already worn panties in among his clothing. Again I was going to say something to my husband, but Theo walked upstairs and I just put the panties in my pocket. His grin when he saw me was definitely one of sexual knowing. And I have to admit, thinking of him wanking his beautiful cock to the scent of my pussy, got me all horny.
    Now to even more recent events. Theo's father took a business trip two weeks ago and was gone for two days. During the time he was away I walked into the house to find not only was Theo using another pair of my panties to masturbate to, and some more pictures of me, he didn't stop when he saw me enter our home. If anything seeing me stood there dumbfounded, only made him stroke his cock more quickly. Looking directly at me as he breathed in my pussy scent from my panties, he shot his load all over his own stomach.
    Before I could say anything, he stood up with his cock still wonderfully semi erect, tossed me my panties and told me he was going for a shower. Just as his bare ass was about disappear upstairs, he turned to me and said "You could always join me". Nearly every day after that he's been giving sexual innuendo's to the point of practically asking me for sex. And up until now I've not told his father and more to the point, I've resisted following him into his bedroom and tearing his shorts off.
    Yesterday though I was given the information from his dad, he'll be away between Christmas and the New Year. It's something he can't get out of as it's a very large contract, and he'll be gone for three days. Before I went to bed last night and had sex with his father, Theo pulled me to one side in the kitchen and cupped my pussy through my silk robe. I'd not long had a shower and wasn't wearing any panties, so his fingers sunk right between my pussy lips. Putting his mouth to my ear, he whispered whilst gently circling his fingers over my clit, that he couldn't wait until his father goes away, as "I'm going to fuck you so hard when he's gone".
    It was what Theo had said and what he did with his fingers on my clit, was the reason I went to bed and fucked Theo's father until we were both exhausted from the sex.
    The very thought of Theo's large cock fucking me has me wet between my legs right now. We both know we shouldn't be anywhere near being sexual with each other. But what I do know, is once his dad leaves on the twenty seventh, I honestly don't think I'll be able to resist Theo and his wonderfully long thick cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Over this past few months I've suspected at first, then caught my step father a couple of weeks ago, using my used paties to masturbate with as his sniffs the crotch area. When I suspected he was doing something with them, they'd either go missing from my room, or the laundry basket. And days later they'd be encrusted with I believed to be his spunk.
    Masturbating one afternoon myself a fortnight ago, I used my panties to clean myself up with and kind of set a trap. Placing them at the opening of my room and not putting any back on, I made out I was going out and then sneaked back into my room and waited. Sure enough around twenty minutes later, he stepped in my room and immediately picked up my panties. Walking to his and my moms room, I moved out from where I'd hid and slowly moved along the landing to their bedroom.
    Thinking I was out, he'd not closed their bedroom door. Which gave me a great view of him sniffing my panties, whilst stroking his enormous cock. The more he got into wanking and sniffing my used underwear, the more he began to moan and talk out loud. Before long he was saying things like "You know you'd love me to lick that juicy c**t of your's, wouldn't you Katie". His mention of my name and watching him toss himself off to my pussy scent, got me incredibly aroused and before I knew it, I too was masturbating by putting my hand up my short skirt, then stuffing two fingers up my soaking wet pussy.
    Before he shot his load all over my panties, I'd climaxed myself, but had to stifle my groans as I didn't want him to know I was there. Once he'd cum, he made a comment to himself, but I guess directed to me "Wish that was your pussy girl, one day I'll fuck it".
    Although I haven't directly seen him again toss himself off using my panties, I have heard him wank on a couple more occasions, knowing he's got my underwear.
    I know I stopped myself from entering his room that first time, but now I wish I hadn't. His cock looked so gorgeous two weeks ago, I now hope he takes the hint I'm about to give him by placing my used panties on his pillow.
    Mom's in work right now, I've masturbated in my panties and used them to wipe my pussy clean. He's due home in about an hour, so I'm going to lay on my bed and see what happens. Hope he enters my room.

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    Straight Female / 23

    If our parents knew, or anyone else really, we'd suffer personally and probably have to move away. That's because not only are our family and friends extremely religious, what we're doing is seen by the wilder world as taboo.
    Even since our early teenage years we experimented sexually with each other. He'd touch, caress, kiss, lick and finger fuck my pussy and asshole. I'd lick, kiss and suck on as much of his large cock as I could.
    As the years passed, we got ever more inventive with our oral sex, and then finally with our parents at church one evening, we finally at the age of seventeen broke both of our virginity's.
    Feeling his beautiful long thick cock penetrate me for the first time, was so so special. We'd already decided that evening was going to be the time we went that next step.
    Leaving home we walked along the river and on to a place we'd often tasted each others sex.
    Both naked in the cooling evening air, I watched him appreciate my slim body, my firm medium sized breasts and then saw him drool with anticipation as looked at my neatly trimmed pussy. He'd also trimmed his pubic hair, which made his already large cock look even bigger. His muscles rippled as he approached me, and I gasped when his cool hands cupped my sex.
    Telling me to suck him, I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth, as I had done on many many occasions before. Throughout all the years I'd sucked on his gorgeous cock, making him cum in my mouth countless times, I'd traced every raised vein on his dick. Now with the growing anticipation of him fucking me, I could feel every vein throbbing in my mouth, so I knew when he had me raise up, he was ready to enter my love tunnel.
    The place we'd chosen was a flat bed rock, reputedly used by indigenous peoples for ceremonies in eons gone by. Lying on the rock staring at the outcoming stars, he got up beside me and smiled his beautiful loving smile. Asking me if I was ready, I lifted and spread my legs into the splits, giving him a great view of the love hole his wonderful cock was about to sink into.
    Before his cock entered me, he used both his hands to ease my pussy lips and labia's apart. Bending down low, the heat of his mouth then his tongue hit my pussy, as he began his ritual like tonguing of my quim. There are no words I have that truly tell you just how good he is at giving me oral pleasure. I adore oral sex, and absolutely love how he attracts my nervous system to the epi center which is my love bud. And given his skills, the still night air and his muscled nakedness performing sexual magic within the folds of my sex, I came in a rush of ecstatic sexual energy, that I at first didn't notice he'd put his enormous cock head to my pussy opening.
    Peering up at him, I took joy in his easy smile. I love the way he smiles at me. Then asking me if I was ready, as I opened my mouth to say yes, he thrust forwards and drove his full length into my waiting hole. Every ounce of my being had been waiting for this moment. Every sexual thought of him entering me had lead to this specific point in our lives, and he and his cock delivered everything I'd always lusted for.
    The tone was set when his cock bottomed out, and I gripped his shoulders pulling him down and into me. The sheer joy of having this young man fuck me, had shivers spiralling throughout my body. And then like the brakes being released, he began to fuck me in earnest. It was the real thing. It was us as we should be. One unit, one person almost reaching for the same goal, and so with my nails digging into his back, the fucking of his twin sister began.
    My pussy enveloped his cock so hard, it squeaked with each thrust. I wanted to experience everything in minute detail. I wanted him to give me what he'd promised, and my twin did not disappoint. The rhythm got quicker and as it did his cock drove deeper into me. Moving my hands up to his head, I maneuvered him so we could kiss. Tongues wrapping over each others, I felt him buck his cock into me harder, which in turn made my pussy clamp down further onto his glorious manhood. We were in our favorite spot, sharing something we'd longed to do and I could not have been happier. On and on and on he slid his thick pulsating cock, fucking me with lust and youthful desire, taking us both closer to the sexual climax that every couple newsboy cement their love. Then like a flash, my orgasm built again, and Wham, it powered right through my pussy. It was just as my brother rose off my body, screeching his cry of elation as he came flooding my love tunnel with his seed.
    It was a seminal moment for us both. We knew we'd crossed every line possible, but we didn't care. We were in love, true unadulterated passionate love and it was openly beautiful. Lying there having parted, he asked me if I'd like to experience him inside me again. Looking down I saw his cock was still fully erect. Moving off the slab of rock. I stood leaning over onto it and told him to choose which ever hole he wanted. The promise of taking both of my cherries in one sexual evening was too good to miss. Jumping down, he gave me no time to rethink what I'd just said and slid his cum coated cock straight up my asshole.
    This time there was pain. Yet not enough to deny my brother his second prize of the evening. Animal sex is what I now describe how he fucked my asshole. It wasn't the loving intimate sex we'd just had. It was instant and it was raw. Fucking me like a stranger almost, my brother took his carnal need out of my anal passage. It was so different, I found it difficult at first to connect to him as my twin, but within minutes my asshole relaxed and just like flicking a switch, I was in unison with him. Backing onto his luscious cock I gave him all the hint he needed to fuck me hard. And my brother with the night sky now beaming down on us, gave me and my anus one of the hardest thrashing's it's ever had, even to this day.
    Fully satiated in every way we picked up our clothing, after I'd calmed down from a final rather emotional orgasm, and walked along the river bank talking about love, life and our futures.
    That flat bed rock evoked our passion that wonderful night, and it has remained a special place for us. Even in our busy lives now, each anniversary of our first union we visit it and make love under the stars.
    Our lives have remained closely linked in every way to this day. We share an apartment telling everyone it's to save on costs. But in reality, it's because we're lovers and very much in love. The fact that we both still adore each other and each others bodies and sex, tells me, we'll most probably always be lover's in some way. Even if we have to separate through whatever reason.
    If our family, friend's and society at large, could accept our TRUE LOVE with each other, wouldn't that be something special. Especially in a world where men and women, do other people and people's so much harm.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I'm 46. My son in laws wife is 25.
    We have a slight flirt now and then.. Fun.
    The other day my wife went to do something in the kitchen. Gemma asked if it was alright to wrap a present?
    My wife said it's probably better on the floor, more room.
    Gemma got on to the floor facing away from me rolling out paper and things.
    Her cute arse facing me, short skirt, no knickers...
    My cock was bursting to get out of my jeans.
    She bent forward revealing her sexy shaved pussy.
    I stared, licking my lips and noticing the gold ring.
    I couldn't help it, I took the ring between my thumb and finger. Holding it.
    She went quiet, not moving.
    I pulled on it gently. Then twisted it. She squirmed trying to be quiet.
    Then I slid a finger inside her, foward, back, pulling on the ring.
    She came, drenching my fingers, shaking and quivering.
    I now really want to Fuck her Hard...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Just spent the morning round at my mum and step father's home. Took Kyle my youngest son to see his Granddad as Mike even being my step father, is very much a granddad to my two children.
    Mike took my eight month old son and entertained him for a couple of hours and then Kyle fell asleep. No sooner than we'd put Kyle in his cot bed, I took Mike into his bedroom and stripped naked for him.
    That's because over the last eight weeks, Mike and I have been having amazing sex each time I visit. It was simple question really that started it all. I basically asked Mike if all men are obsessed by their cock size. When he asked why I wanted to know, I told him my husband always goes on about how well endowed he is.
    Mike laughed and didn't say anything at first. Only when I pressured him, did he say "If *** thinks he's well endowed then I must be massive". Knowing they'd played rugby together, I jokingly said "Bet you've both held each others cocks then". When Mike replied something like "His hands aren't big enough" I found myself telling him to prove it. And Mike did.
    My husbands cock when fully erect is seven inches, Mike's cock from guessing, is probably a couple of inches longer, maybe a little more, and it's way thicker. Looking at his cock thickening and hardening, I couldn't help myself. Taking hold of his cock, I stroked it a few times and then asked him if he wanted to have some fun.
    It was probably then we should have stopped. But ten minutes later in his and my mums bed, after I sucked on his gorgeous cock, I lay naked on my back as he entered my pussy. His cock felt awesome slowly sliding inside my pussy and no more than a few strokes of his cock, I orgasmed. It was the first time anyone had made me cum that quickly and over the next twenty or so minutes with us changing positions twice, I came another three times. Finally with Mike fucking from behind, pounding my pussy hard and finger fucking my arsehole, he filled my love hole as he came so deep inside my body.
    Back at home that same day, we text each other and said the same thing. It was a one off, something we couldn't do again. Yet four days later I was back round with Kyle and having Kyle's granddad fucking me again over the kitchen table. The difference that time, was when he'd been fucking me for about five minutes, he slid his cock out of my pussy, and then using my pussy cream he slid his cock straight up my arsehole.
    My husband just wil not entertain anal sex. He says it's for animals and gays, but Mike has no hang ups about anal sex and fucked me so wonderfully, I was climaxing all over the place. And when he came up my arse, unlike anyone I'd ever had sex with, mike went down on me and licked and sucked every drop of his own cum out of my arsehole.
    And so it has been every time I now visit my mums house. I know it's her husband, but from what I can gather they're hardly having sex anyway. And that comes from my mum telling me, not Mike.
    I figure, if we keep it quiet (Obviously) and only have sex when we're sure we won't be disturbed, then I think we can have an affair for as long as we wish to. And believe me with Mike's gorgeous cock and his wonderful ways of making love to me, I'm one lucky woman who adores her kids granddad.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I'm 55 years old and my wife is 35. This is a confession that I never could let my wife know. She is beautiful sexy and will do anything in the bedroom I ask. I will need to use fake names in case she reads this post. Her name is Jan and my name is Jack. Her father name is Don and he is 70 years old. He called the other day and said he was coming down for a visit was that OK. Naturally I said OK because I like the old man and told him you can stay as long as he wanted. We live on a lake and we both love fishing. After we picked him up at the airport we stopped off for a bite to eat and went home. The next day we jumped into my boat and went bass fishing. As usual we had plenty of beers and we was putting them away. Don said he needed to take a leak and I told him no one could see them from the shore the justice out the side of the boat. Now I am straight and get a lot of sex from Jan and never have cheated on her. I have never had any thoughts of having sex with a man, but after Jack Took out his cock to piss I had never seen one that big. He was uncut and when he pull the foreskin back the head of his dick was purple and shiny. I cannot I was getting a erection and that disturbed me. He noticed that I was getting hard and joked about it. He said being I have saw his dick it was only right if he could see mine. I ask him why would he like to see my cock. He said not to tell his daughter but he loved to see hard dicks I confess after drinking several beers I was a little horny. I said OK but don't you tell your daughter because she would not understand. I on the zip my fly and took out what was now a very hard erection. Then Jack asked me if I had ever sucked a cock. I said no but had he and he said after his wife had died 10 years ago the would not fuck him but call us his dick was too large. Looking at it I could understand how they would be hesitant. Hey said he needed sex and only it same day man liked big cocks. That is how he got into sucking cocks and ask would I like him to suck him. Never have a day guy to suck my cock I thought what the hell. Right there in the boat where if Someone from their apartment with binocular or a telescope could see all. I no longer cared and he took a cushion off of the seat and put it on the boats floor. He then give me the best blow job I ever had. He asked me if I like to try it. He said you know I have no diseases and you could stop at any point. I took that cushion from the other seat and put it on the floor of the boat. I got down on my knees and pulled the foreskin back from that shiny purple head cocked. The cock had to be at least 11 inches long and a head of his dick look like a small orange. I did something I Always thought was disgusting for man do to do. As I rolled my tongue around that had my dick got harder than it ever had ever. At that point I realize this was not going to be the only cock I will never suck. He started to just fuck my face or head of his dick was hitting the back of my throat. It was not long before he dropped a load into my mouth and it was flowing around his cock and out my mouth. I swallowed every bit. I would love for him to get into bed with me and my wife and have him stick that super big cock into his own daughter. He said all of his life he wanted to fucker but did not believe she would go along with it. I told him I will leave the bedroom door open and get her super worked up and come in and forecast month. I will continue this story if I can make it happen.

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    Straight Female / 27

    Now that I'm a bit older, and married, and my sex life can be boring at times... I find it fun to look back on all of the naughty things I used to get myself into.

    When I was younger and at an age where my parents didn't even want me having boyfriends, let alone having sex... I used to give blowjobs to both of my brothers to keep them from telling my parents about me sneaking out to be with guys. I have one older brother, and one younger one. I used to suck both of them off. It did start off as just that - bribing them to keep quiet. But I admit I actually came around to really enjoying it after a while. I even fucked my older brother a few times - just for the fun and pleasure of it. He's a big boy, lol, if you know what I mean. But with both of them, I always enjoyed getting them off. I rarely see them these days, as we've all gone our separate ways.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Five weeks ago whilst helping my mother in law Susan decorate her lounge, she came onto me and we ended up fucking pretty much the whole afternoon. The sex was wild, really dirty and just anything was on the cards. Susan told me she'd wanted me to fuck her, ever since she walked in on her daughter and I having sex. I was fucking her, in her old bedroom two years ago when her mum opened the door to see me screwing her daughters arsehole from behind. After the sex with Susan, we both agreed it was a one off, even if and these were her words "You're the horniest fuck I've ever had".
    Susan really is an attractive forty three years old woman, and in many ways is much sexier than her daughter. She's also going off our afternoon five weeks ago, a much better fuck.
    Now to my problem. Her daughter has invited Susan to stay over during the whole of the Christmas and New Year period. As soon as Susan got the invite two days ago, she text me to say, all bets are off as to her and me screwing again. She knows her daughter will have to work on some of the days she's here, and she also knows I'm off the whole of the time.
    I love my wife and enjoy our life together, but her mum is such a wonderful dirty fuck. That's why I just don't know if I'll be able to say no, if she strips naked in front of me again.
    God I'm hard now just thinking of Susan's stunning body and her large swollen suckable clit.

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