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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    She is just sitting here in her little purple dress no bra breast well stiff. All I can think about is how much I want to fuck her. Just want to force my 9 inch all the ways in her young wet tight pussy. My little 13 year old cousin only God knows how much I want to fuck her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My parents stayed over after a concert last weekend leaving my sister and I to look after ourselves and the house. My sister who's a year older than me took the piss and drank herself stupid until she was wasted.
    Later that night I opened the bathroom door to find her being sick down the toilet. She was totally naked having been sick on her clothing I later found out and her juicy pussy and ass were on show.
    Not able to resist I slapped her ass, and all she did was say something like "Ooooh". It turned me and I found myself becoming erect.
    Instead of leaving her alone to carry on being sick, I piut my right hand down to her pussy and eased in a finger. My sister actually backed onto my finger and made little noises of pleasure.
    By then my dick was rock solid, so I removed my shorts and guided my cock up my own sisters pussy. It felt awesome to have my cock up her snatch, but looking down, her asshole was calling me.
    Slipping my cock out of her pussy, I then drove it hard up her ass. She did moan and lift her head, but she was totally wasted and soon began to moan differently as I began to fuck her. Unfortunately it was so horny fucking the ex prom queen, I busted my nut all too soon and pumped my goo up her ass. Pulling out I watched my cum leak out of her ass, as she continued to stare down the toilet bowl.
    Leaving her there to her alcohol misery, I went and got her a large glass of water and made her drink it on my return. After drinking it all, she drunkenly asked me if I'd just fucked her. Feigning complete ignorance, I told her she was too drunk to know anything and she must have imagined it. Putting her to bed, I too went to bed and tugged one off just thinking of my sisters wet pussy and her tight asshole.
    the next morning she had the mother of all hangovers and could hardly speak for her head banging so hard. She did manage to ask me again about fucking her, but I told her she wasn't my type.
    Yesterday our parents told us they would be staying over at our uncles place in a weeks time. My sisters first reaction was to tell me, she wouldn't be drinking. But then added she would be making sure she had condoms if I wanted to help her in the bathroom again.
    Now I know she knew I fucked her, yet she seems okay with it. And sounds like she'd be willing to fuck together without being drunk. I hope I'm right and not reading too much into it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 55

    I'm a grandma, my grandson and I have a secret we kept to ourselves. I'm very active person doing things alone, don't really need a man around with one exception sex. This is where my grandson come in place. He take care of my needs once or twice a week is all I need.

    The agreement was he would take care of me first before him. It doesn't take him long to cum, for me it takes a long time. He give me oral sex using sex toys to make me cum and this could take hours. I lay on the bed spread my legs let him do all the work and I just enjoy. I don't have as much energy as he does. Once I came and he fuck me and came inside of me that's it we are done until next time.

    There are time I have urgency for sex. I call him up and he rush over telling his mom, grandma need my help around the house. He comes over take care of my sexually needs then leave. I'm wondering if I'm the only grandma that does that?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Hung over and extremely tired, I felt my husband snuggle up to me. Putting his hands between my legs I knew he wanted his Sunday morning fuck. Usully he'd turn me over and we kiss and fondle each other for a while, but this time he carried on massaging my pussy and ass.
    Once I'd become very wet, he got rigt up close and slid his cock into me hard from behind, spooning me. His cock felt enormous, but I put it down to him being extra horny. Beginning ot fuck hared from behind, he reached around and took hold of mty breasts. Squeezing not gentle at al, he really began to hammer into my pussy. Hearing me moan out loud, his thrust got longer and deeper and I was soon begging him to fuck me in the place he knows I like most.
    Pulling out of my pussy, he slid his cock straight up my asshole and right away I had an orgasm. Driving his cock deep up my ass, he moved his right hand down and began to play with my clit, at the same time slamming his cock into my ass. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes later when I felt his cock pulsing up my ass, and he began to thrust even harder. With his fingers playing with my love bud and his cock pounding my ass, I had my second orgasm, only moments before he came so deep up my ass.
    Within seconds he was up and leaving our bedroom. Thinking he was going to use the bathroom, I settled back with the beautiful feeling of just having had two awesome climaxes.
    Drifting off back to sleep, I awoke to find myself alone. Getting up I showered, walked down stairs and found my husband sat in the kitchen with his younger brother, who'd stayed the night. Kissing my husband, I whispered to him the fuck was amazing. He smiled at me, but I also saw the lok on his brothers face and then a little later I heard this comment from my husband "Well what do you think, She's wonderful ain't she, told you you'd enjoy her ass".
    I didn't say anything, but now thinking back to his cock size filling me so much, plus the something I've only just thought about, my husband wearing cologne (He doesn't wear cologne). Did and has my husband allowed his younger brother to fuck me. And if he did, why?. What I will say, it was an amazingly fantastic fuck and I'd honestly in my heart of hearts not say no to him fucking me again. That is if I've not got the wrong end of the stick.
    The thing is neither my husband or my brother in law have said anything to me since that morning. So how dod i find out and how do I tell my husband if it was his brother, I'd love to feel his larger cock fucking me again ???...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I want to fuck my 13 year old cousin so badly. Every time she comes around me with her perfect breast without bra , I just want to through her on the bed eat her out then insert my 9" dick in her tight wet little pussy

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    1 / 29

    <a href==>Houck Evinymn unforb</a>
    <a href==>Userse DiffAsseque RogPiock</a>
    <a href==>dial amiRe Bloolmere</a>
    Meerfeini Cip Enfodoindurn

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    My grandmother had a neighbor who lived behind her that wore shirts way too small for her while working in the backyard and showered with the blinds open. Luckily, grandma had a small storage shed that you could watch her neighbor shower in privacy. My cousin and I knew about this and had left a pair of binoculars in the storage shed. We also didn’t think grandma was aware this occurred.

    I was fifteen and watching a movie with grandma. Kept checking to see if the neighbor was going to shower. When I saw the bathroom light turn on, I told grandma that I was headed out to go for a walk. To me, I was being very sneaky. In reality, it was obvious what I was doing to grandma and she was also perfectly aware what her neighbor did at night. So, I walked out the back door and headed directly to the storage shed and grabbed the binoculars.

    Watched the neighbor get undressed and decided to pleasure myself. What I didn’t realize is that grandma had opened the door and stepped in the shed. I was stroking away and talking to myself out loud a few dirty things. Then, I made a few sounds and blew my load into my hand. I put everything away and turned to see grandma standing there. She simply told me, nice job. I asked her if she just walked in and she said that she was there for the entire performance. I was embarrassed. This is when I found out how cool and fun grandma was.

    Grandma mentioned that I should wear a comdom, so there isn’t any mess. It sounded like a good idea to me, but other than buying a single condom at the gas station, I didn’t have a supply.

    The next day we drove to another town about 30 minutes away to do some grocery shopping. When we were done, grandma stopped at this small convenience store and heads in. She walked back out and handed me a brown paper bag. Inside were two items. The first was a Hustler magazine and the second was a box of condoms. I was shocked and realized how cool grandma was. But, it got better very quickly. Grandma started driving and she asked me if I have ever put on a condom, which I said of course. She didn’t seem convinced and told me that she could show me how to put one on over a banana or a cucumber, but nothing was as good as the real thing. I will never forget what she did next. She drove about ten miles and pulled into an old rest area. There wasn’t much traffic on the road and there were no cars at the place. She told me that if I got it hard, she would show me how to put on a condom. I sat in the front seat with her and began masturbating as my grandma watched. Once it was hard, she told me what to do, but I was struggling figuring it out. She took the condom and slid it over my cock and began stroking my cock. She gave me my first hand job and continued until I came.

    It only got better from there. That night grandma told me she would help me while I watched the neighbor. The two of us went into the storage shed and waited for the neighbor to shower. Once the light went in, I grabbed the binoculars and grandma grabbed my cock. Once it was hard, she put on a condom and gave me a hand job. Over the next three years, grandma gave me numerous hand jobs with and without a condom. It was great. She kept this up until I was eighteen and she finally gave me the ultimate gift. I sure miss those days.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    This happened back when I was about 16. My dad had been working out of town for over a year already. During that time my mom stayed faithful and I did my best to not have sex with my girlfriend's when she was home. Now one weekend my mom's best friend came down for the weekend to visit well it was after school and I wasn't expecting anyone home early so I was banging a friend of mine hardcore in my room my friend was moaning loud as I fucked her hard well my mom's friend bust open my door yelling surprise and I paused for a moment and waved hi and said can't you seem I'm a little busy. My mom's friend closed the door and about 15 minutes later me and my friend went out side and I kissed her goodbye. Well my mom's best friend was sitting on the porch smoking so I joined her and she apologized for barging in but she thought it was porn not me actually fucking. Well we chit chatted till my mom got home then they got ready for their girls night out.

    Fast forward a few hours to them getting home slightly drunk and saw I was smoking on the porch so they came to join me they told me about the night and how much fun they had. And my mom laughed saying how her friend wouldn't stop talking about me and my fucking. Her friend swatted my mom and said I was not and my mom told me how the friend wished she could be fucked like that. I asked if that was true and her friend was like well maybe but it'll never happen because she's old and unattractive and I wouldn't want to. And I told her don't know till you ask. I said if you want it bend over the coffee table and she scoffed it off but eventually did and I jumped up and got behind her and grabbed her hips and slid my hands down her legs and tugged her denim skirt over her ass and smacked it while I undid my pants and let my cock out I pulled her thong to the side and Right as she said for real your mom is right there while gesturing with her hand. I shoved my cock all the way into her and she let out a big moan and my mom said see told you he would but I'm going to bed and she went inside. I fucked her friend for a couple hours on the porch. When we were done her Friend was grinning saying she didn't know what to expect. The next morning I heard her telling my mom all the details till my mom cut her off because she need some dick. Well I had work that night and they went out again well I got home just before them and was taking a shower. When I got done I went out to smoke in just my towel and they both came to chat with me. Her friend told me how my mom didn't want to hear about it anymore because it was unfair that she needed some dick well when I stood up my towel dropped and I had a chubby and I was closest to my mom at the moment so when she turned to look around her lips grazed my head. Her friend decided to grab my mom's head by the back of it and turn it to my cock and push it forward opening onto my cock till she gagged. I fucked her and her friend that night and left my mom a creme pie in her before I went to bed. The next day nothing was said just everyone smiling

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    My father in law visits us once in a while. The second year He came for a long weekend and my husband stepped out in the AM to fetch some eggs and sausages for breakfast. I went to wake up my stepdad in our guest bedroom and found him sound asleep, comfortably on his back. His penis had found its way out of his shorts and stood out like a telephone pole. I dd not measure it but it must have been a least nine inches and thick. I could not stop staring at it and decide not to wake him up just then.

    I returned to the room a few minutes later, my husband still out and all I could think about was impaling myself on that great monster cock. His son is slightly above average but absolutely nothing like that. I stared at it again and then decided to wake him up from outside the room, which I did, from out in the hallway.

    The image of that massive cock haunted me for weeks then I finally went on line and ordered a dildo around the same size. At least it's better than nothing. Whenever he visits us, I try to catch an early morning peek but so far it was only that one time. Whenever he walks around, I get wet.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    Asked my wife two days ago if she'd give me blow job. I was horny as hell, but even so she said she was busy. We were in the kitchen at the time and I thought our daughter Kayleigh who's nineteen was in the shower. Frustrated from her refusal, I decided to go and work on my motor cycle in the garage. About ten minutes later in walks Kayleigh wearing only a bath robe. Letting it fall to the floor, my own daughter says "Hey daddy, I suck your cock for you". At the same time she dropps the robe to reveal her beautiful body, her gorgeous breasts and her very neatly trimmned pussy. I'm not joking I very nearly forgot who she was to me, as she looked so damn sexual. Coming back to my senses, i told her she was being crazy, to which she replied "I've always wanted you to fuck me". Hearing her mom call out her name, Kayleigh put the robe back on ans smiled at me. Turning she lifted the short robe up showing of her butt and said "Moms out next weekend, you can fuck me then". Entering the house she left me shocked, but with a rock hard cock in my shorts. Next weekend my wife is away overnight staying at her sisters. Kayleigh has this past couple of days flashed me her tits and pussy lots of times, always mentioning just how much she's looking forward to next weekend and having me fuck her. I can hardly tell her mom, but wouldn't anyway because now I'm seriously thinking about fucking my own daughter.

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