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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 13 I was baby sitting my 7 year old brother and his friend while my dad was out. I always wear just my panties and bra when I'm home alone with him. I liked watching him get all excited. his friend couldn't stop staring at me. I was in my dads office on the computer and I could hear them talking about vaginas and sex. I heard my brother tell his friend that he's seen me naked humping the chair and looking at naked guys on the computer. they started talking about their penis's and my brother isn't circumcised but his friend said that he was. I was so horny I needed to see.

    I yelled at them that they needed to get ready for bed and that they should shower from being outside all day. Then I got the idea that they should jump in dads Jacuzzi instead. once the tub was full they got down to their underwear and then asked if they should put swim shorts on. I told them just go naked their both boys it doesn't matter, I walked out then took a peak at their bare bums climbing in with the tv on and a soda.

    Few min later I went back in but only had my house coat on and took my panties off. My brothers friend was out of the tub having a pee, He was embarrassed but then I told him I wanted to see and opened up my house coat to show him my vag. My brother couldn't see what happened he was still laughing about me seeing him pee. He looked like he was in heaven and even started to get hard, I told them that I heard their conversation earlier and then I asked them who they thought had a nicer penis. they were laughing and arguing until they realized that I dropped my robe and was standing away from them and grabbing a towel to wrap myself. My brother asked me what I was doing. I said I was going to have a shower. jokingly asked them if they both had boners now after seeing my bum. His friend said he did so I told him to prove it and stand up. He wouldn't stand but he stuck it up through the bubbles. I had to know so I just reached into the water and touched my brothers dick. He was hard as a rock.

    They promised me that we could keep a secret and I told them that they could touch my vagina. greatest night ever.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I've just listened to, then watched my twenty two year old brother fuck his girlfriend. He must have thought I was out, but I'd actually fallen asleep on my bed, dressed in just an old t-shirt and my panties. Hearing moaning noises I walked out of my bedroom and saw Simon's bedroom door half open. Peering through the gap, I easily saw him fucking his girlfriend from behind. After about three or four minutes, he finally saw me watching him and put a finger to his lips to shhhhsh me. Changing positions he had her mount his very large cock, as I watched on giving me a rear view of her asshole rising and falling onto his dick. His cock looked so good sliding up her ass, I couldn't help myself and slid my hand into my panties. My brother moved a little so he could see me playing with myself and began to fuck his girlfriend really hard, thrusting his cock upwards as she sank down. My fingers were soaking wet from playing with my clit and slipping them occasionally into my fuck hole, and knowing I was reaching orgasm, I moved away a little. Simon slammed his cock hard upwards and began to cum whilst looking directly at me. At the same time I climaxed and let out a low moan I'm sure his girlfriend heard. Just as I turned away, Simon grinned at me and winked. Getting back into my room I heard her saying she was cumming which made my pussy quiver with lust all over again.
    Right now they're both in the shower as I type this. Simon though popped his head into my room and caught me stroking my pussy again. His smile was one of definite lust and he even said "Any time sis, you can have it too". before he joined his girlfriend in the shower. It's not the done thing I guess, but if I got the chance to sit anally on his dick, I'm not sure I could resist my brothers huge cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I have been attracted to my Mother in Law since the first day I met her when I was 19 years old. Approximately 4 years earlier she left my now wife's Father for some dickhead who lied to her about everything. Our first meeting was at Christmas to exchange gifts and I recall she wore those tight leggings with a loose fitting shirt so I tried catching glimpse here and there. I soon discovered she wasn't wearing panties and could clearly see every detail of her mound. While kneeling on the floor in front of thee tree she leaned forward several times almost in a doggy style position which allowed her tits to hang loosely in her bra as I peered down her shirt. This was the day I found out where my wife got her attributes from. Several days later my wife told me that I impressed her Mom and she had commented that I was quite handsome and funny but I laughed it off. Inside though I was planning for the future...

    I had always been shy and in an effort to build up courage for these plans we were at a friend of a friend's house watching movies. It was just my now wife and the friends 38 year old girlfriend Lisa when my wife stretched out on the couch resting her head on my lap. With the Lisa in the chair next to us I decided to put my wife to the test by unzipping and pulling out my cock. Lisa pretended not to see it at first and my wife was shocked but she thought Lisa was asleep so she began giving me head slowly at first. Lisa kept glancing over until she became entranced and just watched my wife work my shaft. Periodically my wife would look up to see if Lisa was watching but Lisa would pretend to be sleeping. The noises from her working my cock grew louder and louder until I blew my load in her mouth. It was an awesome feeling especially knowing that Lisa watched from start to finish as my wife milked me and using her tongue cleaned up the cum which had escaped her mouth.

    I was ready but as fate would have it nothing much happened even though there was some heavy flirting so I had to escalate things with many bulge and cock flashes to my MIL. My first cock flash to her was when she walked in on me while I was changing after a shower. She knew what she was doing so I had prepped myself to give a healthy first impression by making sure I dried my cock with extra attention. She walked in while I was giving myself a few strokes while she never once looked up and instead was fixated on my cock. She could only say "Oh my gosh I am so sorry" and I replied with "No worries I'm sure you've seen one before" She laughed as she turned away telling me that she must have a happy daughter.

    I continued to flash her by using many means like leaving my zipper open slightly, wearing loose shorts allowing my cock to hang out the leg portion, wore biking shorts with a hard on or when she slept over I would walk nude to the Kitchen at night to get a drink. Still all these things didn't get me in and it wasn't until several years later that things progressed in a weird sort of way. We spent some time in another town an hour or so away to visit with the MIL's Aunt and the MIL's cousins. The Aunt had fallen ill and eventually end up passing away so there was a lot of sadness in the family which drew them closer and some even more so.

    After the funeral the MIL and her cousin became even closer which I thought weird but never said anything. Soon he was visiting our town once a week to pick up items for his business and the MIL would meet him for dinner. At the time she was also trying to get back with my Father in Law but he was not so trusting after she left him years earlier. He thought she was like a monkey that wouldn't let go of one vine before grabbing the next. One night he decided he would watch her as he knew where they met so he borrowed a car and waited outside the restaurant. Not long after they emerged holding hands and made their way to the hotel next door. He still thought no big deal on the hand holding but she never emerged from the hotel after 1 1/2 hours so he left. The next morning he stopped by the hotel early to discover her car had not moved and like the other cars had frost from the night.

    Wanting more proof he followed them to her condo a few weeks later. She shared the 1 bedroom condo with her brother but he worked nights and returning home at 8am. The condo was on the 1st floor so the FIL parked in an area with the best view. The lights went on and a few minutes later through the partially sheer curtains he could make out 2 people removing their clothing and then hugging & kissing. Next he saw her get on her knees where she took her cousin's cock in her mouth. She worked his cock for 10 minutes before getting up and moving to the bedroom where presumably they fucked. The FIL asked his former Brother in Law if he had noticed anything strange and after a lot of prodding and pressuring he revealed he had. One morning after work he arrived home early to find them both naked in bed and when confronted they explained the air conditioning wasn't working in the living room so he joined her in the room. This was the end of the possible rekindling of that relationship but the start of mine. I figured if she would suck and fuck her cousin why not me? Oh the cousin thing ended soon after the FIL told her he knew. My FIL told me in confidence and not mention anything to my wife or her brother.

    We all visited another one of her cousin's at his cottage and began drinking and it was then I dropped some hints about her and her cousin. She explained in times of need people do things they normally wouldn't do and may regret. She said she would die if her kids were to ever find out that something may have happened. I used what she had done like a pry bar and later that night my wife had gone to bed. While seated around a fire with a blanket the MIL sat beside me on a bench and asked if I would share the blanket so I gladly did so. I thought here was my chance so I began rubbing her back and when she didn't object I then moved under her shirt. Still no objection so I moved further up her back to discover there was no bra as I reached around to cup her right tit and stroke her nipple. No one could see as the blanket was huge and bulky.

    Moments later I felt her hand rubbing my cock through my shorts and then pushing the leg portion up out of the way she now had my cock firmly in hand (I don't wear underwear) She slowly stroked me and I could feel precum flowing from the head and still no one suspected a thing. She continued until I was ready to cum so I took the plastic drink cup(Red Solo) I had and moved it under the blanket and blew my load in it. The MIL moved her hand to her mouth where she sucked the cum off her hand while make it to appear she was biting her nails. I moved the cup out from under the blanket and was stunned when she grabbed it to chug my cum from it. After that I went to bed and pounded the ass off my wife for a good hour. She was so sore she gave me head to finish me off even though my cock was just inside her. The next morning the MIL woke me up for breakfast by grabbing my morning wood and kissing me with tongue.

    Our next encounter was awesome and took place at the cousin's house she was fucking previously. It was his 45th Birthday party and he had passed out drunk by 10pm but most were still going strong. I needed a release so I convinced my drunken wife to visit with me in the pool house. So about 15 minutes in as my wife is going down on my cock and I'm about to cum, in walks her Mother. I have to give my wife credit as she looked up at her Mother and never missed a stroke. Her Mom stood there as I felt my body buck and jerk as cum spewed out from my cock all over her face and chest. I turned to look for the MIL but she was gone. My wife cleaned up and headed off to bed.

    A few hours later I had enough and went to bed when I discovered the MIL was alongside her daughter sleeping in our bed. I thought perfect as I stripped down to nothing and climbed in between them. My wife was totally passed out as I tested her by rubbing her shaved mound and rubbing her tits. I then turned my attention to my MIL who had her back to me so I reached up under her shirt and began rubbing her tits. As I got closer I could feel my cock against the warmth of her bare ass. She never made a sound but took my hand and pressed it tighter to her. I began lifting her shirt so she moved to help me pull it over her head. Once removed I leaned over her and began sucking her tits as her hand began pulling my cock and mine went for her hot mound. I got up and moved to the floor to kneel at the edge of the bed as I slid her over to me. I began fingering her and then lapped and sucked her clit as she did everything not to moan loudly.. It wasn't that we were afraid to wake my wife but there were several others around on other pullout couches.

    She grabbed my head and held me there until she could take no more and now wanted cock. She asked me to stand and I was barely up when she took my cock in her mouth. Now with a lubed cock we moved to the floor as pounding her on the bed would make a lot of noise. Once on the floor my cock plunged slowly in to her as she wrapped her legs around me as I reached bottom. I continued along at a good pace as I wanted to make this last and I would pull out every now and then to make her taste her own pussy juices. I thought fuck it I'm not in love with her so I'll do the shit to her my wife wouldn't let me do. On about the 4th or 5th time of pulling out and shoving my cock in her mouth I had her apply more spit as I spat in my hand. I applied my spit to her asshole as she flinched but I continued on and placed my cock at her backdoor. I began pressing in as she placed her hand on my chest to slow my entry. About half way in she began objecting by telling me she had never had a cock as large as mine before. I asked her "Like you mean in your ass?" and she replied with "No, ass, pussy, mouth or anywhere.Others were not nearly as big"

    I continued in her ass which my wife would never have allowed. I did the very same thing by pulling out of her ass and shoving my cock in her mouth. I went back in her ass and this time I pounded away as she began to moan. I was about to cum so I thought I would blow part of my load in her ass and then in to her mouth. Well she ended up getting the full load in her ass as it felt so good in there. I removed my cock from her ass, straddled her chest and smacked my cock of her face before shoving it in her mouth for her to clean off. When I thought she had drained all my cum I went to the washroom and cleaned up. I exited and the MIL went in after me to do the same and I could hear her pushing out the cum from her ass. I returned to bed and checked the wife again but she was still out. The MIL shocked me when she came out by joining us once again.

    The next morning I woke up with my cock buried in my MIL's ass cheeks and my hand up her shirt again. I was startled and rolled towards my wife but she was gone as were the others who were in the basement with us the night before. I woke up my MIL and told her we had slept in and the others including her daughter were gone. I jumped out of bed and put on my jeans and shirt but not before the MIL sucked my cock back to attention. I went upstairs to find everyone there including my wife. She looked at me and said "You had a late night and didn't want to wake you." I just replied with a "Yeah" Before she could say anything I said "OMG I woke up with my arm over your Mom. I must have thought it was you..." She was like "Yeah I figured as much" and everyone laughed. It was a good thing she didn't pull back the covers where she'd see my cock firmly planted between her Mom's ass cheeks and my hand cupping her tits.

    I have other encounters with her and more recently my wife's Sister in Law. What I have learned from this is my MIL is a dirty pig but she will do anything for cock and cum.

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    Straight Male / 21

    From age eight it's just been mum and me alone. When I was 14, mum began my sex lessons
    and started to show me how to properly wank. She wanked me almost daily for a long time
    and it was good. When mum would show up in my bedroom at bedtime, with a box of paper tissues I
    knew it was wank time and it was good. I usually closed me eyes, laid back and enjoyed it.

    After a year she began to take her pendulous breasts out and her large nipples would
    stand up to be noticed so I would suck one or the other while she wanked me. It was
    good. She once said, "My, you're so much larger than your da, bless his soul." After
    her large, shapely breasts came out, I began to leave my eyes open.

    So it seems to me that we are now both thinking, that since I came out of her pussy
    I might as well put a part of me back in and then out for a time. That seems good. We shall see
    where this is all headed.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    I am in an intimate relationship with my step daughter. I am surprised I don't feel guilty about it because I never never looked at this way growing up. Now that it's happening I can't imagine it any other way.

    I married her mother when she was five. We ended up getting a divorce when she was sixteen because I caught her screwing her ex.

    I kept in occasional contact with my step daughter. I tried make to every one of her school functions I could. What's sad is I never saw her mom and dad at single one. Once she graduated high school, I was the one that toured colleges with her. I about broke down and cried at the first one when induced me as her real dad. She ended up going the university in our home town.

    One night, around 2:00 a.m. my doorbell starts ringing continuosly. When I get to the door it's my step daughter. She's sobbing uncontrollably and the right side of her face is swelling up and starting to bruise. I get her sat down on the couch and grab a bag of frozen vegetables. It took awhile but I managed to get her calmed down enough to tell me what happened.

    Her so called father came home drunk and high and tried to r**e her while her mother was at work. She managed to fight him off and run from the house. She came straight to my house which is a couple of miles away. Once I found out what happened I was furious. I managed to get a grip on my temper and call the police and then her mother. That night she asked if she could move in with me. She's nineteen at this point so her mother couldn't say anything about it. Her mother was pissed.

    She'd been staying with me a couple of months when the discussion over supper turned to boyfriends. In a nut shell, she told me she didn't have one and probably wouldn't for a while. Between school and work she didn't have time. She also said she wasn't really interested in guys her age. I believe the phrase she used was they're all little boys in grown men's bodies and she can't stand to be around them for any length of time. She told me if she was going to date it would have to be someone older. I didn't recognize it at the time, but she gets this look on her face when she is determined to get something and she knows it's going to be difficult. That look hadn't changed since she was little. She had that look that night.

    A couple of weeks later she comes to me and wants to ask a favor. She explained all of her clothes were loose and baggy, specifically to hide her body from her dad's stares. Now that he's not in the picture anymore she really really wanted some different clothes. Up to this point she's done everything herself. She's worked her ass off to pay her own way. I had no problem spoiling her once in while. So I took her shopping.

    The clothes she was picking out were the polar opposite of what she was wearing now. It wasn't anything different then what I eas seeing other girls her age wear so I didn't think much of it. Then we got to the part of the day where she wanted to pick out what I'll call "ladies foundation undergarments" and oh she so enjoyed making me as uncomfortable as possible. I finally told her I don't need to see what you're picking up. Just let me know how much when you're done. Of course this was a mistake on my part and very intentional on her part.

    By the time we get done it was supper time so we have a nice dinner together and head home. Once we get home we both change into conformable clothes to settle in and watch some tv. When she comes out of her room wearing shorts and a top she bought on our shopping trip. All I could think of was who the fuck designs these things. At first glance they're just a set of loose fitting pj's, but a half a second later I realize that while appearing loose and comfortable, they cling and acentuate every curve and what curves she has. For the first time ever I don't see the little five year old girl I first met. I see an insanely beutiful young woman.

    I stared I couldn't help it. All I could think of I was as bad as her bio dad. She asked me what I thought. It took me a second to get myself back under control and I told it looked wonderful on her. As soon as I said it I realized she had to have noticed me ogling her. I started to apologize to her for staring at her like her dad. She got a fierce look on her face. You could NEVER look at me like he did. When he looked at me all I saw was lust for something to be possessed, used and tossed away when he was done. It made me feel slimey. I saw lust in you, but also love and adoration. It was completely different than how he looked at me. You're more than welcome to look at me like that anytime.

    Another couple months go by and she's slowly wearing down my resolve to treat her like a daughter. Finally, apparently she had lost patience with me. I found out what else she bought besides bras and panties at that store. She came out in a sexy bra, thong, gartebelt, stockings and high heels. She strutted back and forth in front of me a couple of times. She stopped in front of me, spread her legs a little and bent over showing her perfect ass. Her cute clingy pj's were one thing but left no doubt of her intentions. That was the first time we had sex.

    We've been together as a couple for a little over two years now. We stopped hiding it about a year ago. We didn't really mske any announcements or anything. Just stopped trying to hide it. We went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate our "coming out". The waitress made the mistake of referring to her as my daughter. I was going to correct her but I received the shut up look and she played my daughter the rest of dinner. When the waitress brought the check she asked my love if she was treating her father tonight. She told the waitress I was getting a treat tonight but I was paying for supper. She got up and gave me an incredibly passionate kiss. The look on the waitresses face was priceless. The couple at the table next to us had figured what was actually going on and thought it was hilarious.

    Some people judge but those that know us well are very happy for us. We talking about getting married. Life is good.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Bill, my stepdad and his family are pretty cool folks. Bill's dad, Al is in his late 60s. He served in the navy but the fitness routine never retired. He works out daily and is more muscular than my stepdad.

    Thing is, Al and I have been fucking for the past 2 months.

    Spent 2 weeks with Bill's family while Mum and Bill went on a vacation. Al was always fond of me. Took me out to the lake for fishing most evenings and taught me how to cook. It happened that particular day when Al had grabbed the cooler with beer in it. Since we were already parked in the waters, we decided to drink on the boat anyways.

    I was sitting opposite Al, we were talking and laughing.. I leaned back and my legs were apart. I caught Al stealing glances at my crotch so I opened my legs farther apart. He tried to look away. I got very bold.. I actually massaged my pussy. By the time Al was paying full attention.

    I unbuttoned my pants and slid my hand inside. I rubbed my clit, moaning in ecstasy. Al continued watching and leaned closer. I took off my pants and now my shaved pussy was completely exposed.

    I stuck my fingers vigorously in and out of my wet pussy. Al finally said "Let me help". He grabbed me and made me lean on him. His hands fondled my boobs, fingered me till I came. Next, he unzipped his pants, turned me around and shoved his erected cock into my mouth. He let out a groan as I sucked his cock which was about 6inch long and 2inch wide. Al came pretty quick. I swallowed and we decided to head home.

    Once we got home, we landed in my bed and Al was stiff again. We fucked for at least another hour, my orgasms were so intense. Al blew his load on my face and I licked them off.

    I am horny all the time and we'd fuck but when Al can't keep up, he'd handle me with the vibrator. Or the dildo. When Mum and Bill returned from their trip, I was sad to leave Al.

    So far, every weekend I have come to visit and Al was always pleased to have me. I love it whenever he moans to say how tight I am and how he should've met me earlier (although I have no idea which century he meant) but I really enjoy this sexual affair with my stepgrandfather. It sounds sick but so good too.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Dads Offer

    I am 19 I have always been close to dad and not mum, but should I be concerned its my 20th birthday shortly and dad has offered to take me shopping and buy me a bra, French knickers and stockings and suspenders it was a surprise to say the least, well I didn't know what to say, I am sure its not appropriate for a parent to offer to buy sexy underwear to a daughter, or maybe he is just being nice to me and there is nothing in, it I am very close to dad but not that close, I want to tell mum but I dare not because of what it would cause, has any girl out there had a similar offer,
    talk to me please,


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Dads Offer

    I am 19 I have always been close to dad and not mum, but should I be concerned its my 20th birthday shortly and dad has to take me shopping and buy me a bra, French knickers and stockings and suspenders it was a surprise to say the least, well I didn't know what to say, I am sure its not appropriate for a parent to offer to buy sexy underwear to a daughter, or maybe he is just being nice to me and there is nothing in, it I am very close to dad but not that close, I want to tell mum but I dare not because of what it would cause, has any girl out there had a similar offer,
    talk to me please,


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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    So about a year ago i was basically fwb with this late 30s early 40s single mom she had two teenage boy on 16 one 15. Now she always walked around her house topless unless her son's had friends over. They seemed pretty open and fine about everything. So i didn't think that much about it. Now i was her dom and she was always a very obedient sub while we were fucking.... But i was noticing she was starting to be just a sub in everything with me around. So i slowly pushed to see how much control i had. Including blowing strange me. Staying naked even with quest over. I realized the day her brother came to visit her and she explained us to him and me and him laughed and he called bs so i made her strip in front of her brother at first he kinda freaked but he asked her why and she just told him it's fun to make him happy. I'll do anything if it makes him happy. After a few minutes he high fived me saying he wished a bitch would listen to him like that. After about half an hour of her catering to us naked while we bullshitted i asked him if he's bothered by his sister being naked and he said nah it's just a good looking body. Make any cock hard. She thanked him for the compliment. And i asked if it made him hard and he laughed and admitted after first he was hard but it went away. And with a smile and hand wave i sent her over to stand in front of him. And move and pose sexy to make him hard. Sure he enough got hard and she told me and i told her to get doggy style and beg. She gladly did took a good 3 minutes to finally get him to fuck her and he came so dam quick all in here... She instanlty turned and cleaned his cock. We all smoke a cig and kept partying and talking about weird shit. He asked to take a few pics of her and videos blowing him. And i told her what to say and she responded I'll do anything for you big brother because I'm just your little whore sister. After he was done he asked me what the trick was and i told him i have to give her things she wants everyonce in awhile. He asked so what do you want this time lol? And she said for him to pound my ass. And that she knew he was bi. So we both said ok and got naked he fucked me for a good two hours cumming several times. Then we all passed out. He was gone the next morning when we got up. But now i knew how much control i had so a few weeks later me and here were chilling in the backyard when her oldest stromed in slamming doors she went and tried to talk to him but it didn't work so i tried come to find out his gf had been cheating. And said his dick was to small to satisfy any woman. After some chatter i finally told him the best way to get over her is to get under somebody else and he said no girls his aged wanted him so i said then do what I'm doing bang older women. They love it. He laughed and i managed to get him to go outside with me and tell his mom. She got pretty mad and felt sorry for him. And he told her what i said on who to bang and she just laughed and said he's not wrong. Well we kept talking and i mentioned the size of his penis. To which his mom said I've seen you with morning wood your not small she just doesn't know what to do with it. And he blushed and Said thanks and said he's more pissed because he was supposed to see her that night and get some. But now guess he'd just be stuck with his naked mom and me and we all laughed for a bit. He went and used the restroom and i gave her instructions so when he came amd sat back down she got up and went and gave him a hug then held his face with both hands and said he was better off and that it was her loss not his as she moved her hands to his knees and slight stood between them. He leaned back exhaling saying this sucks he really need to get laid. By the time he felt his mom tug down hisb asketball shorts her mouth was already on his cock. He looked shocked and seemed like he was gonna make her stop instead he slid down his seat more and pushed his shorts off. He came in her mouth in under 4 minutes. She swallowed it with a smile and then straddled his still hard cock and took it deep asking him if likes mommies pussy. They banged for a good 30minutes before he was toast and went to bed. I know she's fucked him and his brother since me and her split.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    So a few years ago, middle of the night one night, I was sitting in the living room in the dark trying to get rid of a headache. From where I we sitting there's like a clear view of the kitchen.

    Well, my oldest daughter tiptoes out and into the kitchen, and sneaks back to her room with a cucumber without noticing me either way. Once she's back in her room and the door's locked, I go into the fridge and cut a slit into each of the remaining cucumbers.

    The next morning she's sitting at the kitchen table and I come out. I go in the fridge and grab the one without the slit, coincidentally the thickest one by a noticeable margin, and sit at the table across from her. I make sure she notices I'm holding it and recognizes which one it is, but I act like nothing's up, and then I just eat it. The whole cucumber.

    She looks mortified, like she's going to have a heart attack or throw up or something. I ask her what's wrong. Nothing, she says. Then she leaves for school and never brings it up again, but she still looks embarrassed whenever cucumbers are around.

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