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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 34

    I was over at my in-laws when my father-in-law made a comment that his wife usually walks around around naked unless guests come over and only then does she get dressed. He then adds that we are the only ones who regularly visit and one other couple occasionally comes over. My wife then makes the comment that she is just like me as I spend most of my time naked while at home. My father-in-law then surprisingly suggests both me and his wife get naked. We were all shocked by his comment. He explains if his wife and me are comfortable being nude why don't we just do it together. He said it we just bite the bullet and get over it as it would cause a lot less future panic with us. My wife jumps in that she won't go nude herself but given that me and her mother do it that maybe we should do as her father suggested. My mother-in-law asked I how I would feel about. Her husband jumped in, as did my wife, to tell us to go to their bedroom and just get over it and get undressed. Her husband tells his wife that he and my wife had seen her naked. He says that my wife has seen me naked and he knows what naked men look like. He says it is just his wife and me that hasn't see each other. My mother-in-law sighed, grabbed my hand and off to the bedroom we went. We both undressed in front of each other and there we were naked in front of each other. We took looks at each other and then walked out to the other 2. It was a little intimating standing in front of my father-in-law naked. There was about 5 minutes of comments made before we fell back into normal conversation. Our nudity was no longer an issue.

    Every time I visited them I stripped down as did she when she visited us. My mother-in-law became a lot more playful when it was just us 2 alone. I got the impression she was hoping something more may happen between us. She got a lot more touchy-feely with me including touching me in spots that our spouses may not approve of. One time she grabbed me and began stroking. I should have told her to stop but instead my hand went between her legs and my fingers went to work there. As she was stoking me she suddenly let go and I continued with my fingers in her. She was breathing heavier and moaning and suddenly I felt a gush of liquid come from her. She smiled at me and then grabbed my cock again but quickly let go. She got on top of me and slid my cock in. She was fucking me. Once I finished cumming in her she smiled at me. She got up to clean up as did I.

    Our alone time began to be sexual playtime. We knew we were treading where we shouldn't be but we both enjoyed each others company. She was past the age of childbearing so we didn't need to use condoms and had a fully shaved pussy which I loved. My wife always wanted me to use a condom and refused to shaved her pussy. Her mother gave me what I wanted and also seemed a lot more open and willing to try pretty well anything I suggested. We became each others playtoys. We haven't been caught and for the time being are just having fun. There is nothing like being able to show up somewhere, taking your clothes off and have the other person get to work on you or you doing what you want to them.

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    Straight Male / 36

    It all began when I was about 25, she was 14 and it was the first time we noticed each other. I had no idea how old this girl was or even if she was related to us. All I knew was my parents took me to their house when her father had an event. She was stunning and I knew she was too young for me but it felt weird that she captured my attention and I never forgot the moment we first saw eachother and her smile with me. I went home that night questioning my parents if they were really related and hoping along the way that they would say there was no real relation. I found out she was related to mu father on his mothers side of the family and on his dads side of the family as well. This made it even more weird to feel something for a young girl and more so a relative.

    I let the thought go out of mu mind later that night, but never forgot her and how our eyes locked and her beautiful smile. Later on as I got older, I met someone and got married. The marriage did not last and I ended up staying with my parents for a while. Years had passed and now I was on my way with my parents again to some function at the girls house. In the back of my mind I thought it would be nice to see if she was still beautiful and to see how she looked now. While on the way I heard my mom say something about the girl going off to college to study, so i naturally assumed she would have not been at the event. When we got there she was, and came to sit close to me. She was sitting opposite me and we smiled with each other. I felt inside that the feeling we had years ago ..never died, and I knew it was

    We were facebook friends and as we talked on text I looked at her pics and realised she was about 18 years and would soon be 19. My divorce was not setteled yet and in my mind I didnt know how things would go, all I knew was it was over between me and my wife at the time. Eventually I started getting calla from my new friend / "auty" (who was 11 years younger than me).We talked and talked and it seemed like she was always on the phone with me. I knew she was into me and I knew I wanted her. I told her eventually what I thought of her, and how she made my world stop when she smiled all those years back.She also admitted to never forgetting me and told me she had feelings for me. I told her I was scared because of her young age,and thought she would never have been able to say to her parents she wanted to be with her recently divorced distant relative.

    After a while we decided to keep our feelings for eachother a secret and to see where it goes. Well I also enrolled in to study during my divorce in the same college and we saw each other more. We became so close,I would tell her everything and she would tell me everything about her. One night I asked her if she ever masturbated and thought of me. She laughed and said she does not do that stuff. I knew she was interested and we eventually got to talking about what we were attracted to about each other. I told her I loved her hair, her lips, her curves and continued on talking about her body. She told me she liked my arms and broad shoulders and chest and always wanted to see me barebacked with my chain being worn a particualr way.I knew by her sexy young voice she was wet. I asked are you wet ? She said she thinks so, I said will you check for me? She said yes, its very very wet down there. So i told her what to so and we started phone sex. This became a thing we would do every night until she was about 19.

    We eventually started going out more and I had classes at latr hours, she would come meet me and we would go back to her apartment to study together. We really did study sometimes and other times se just talked and hugged and stayed with each other for company. One evening when I went over I knew it was time to define our relationship. I kissed her and asked her to be mine. We became offical, still keeping it secret, but we were together. I eventually asked her if she wanted me to be with her like we discussed in our phone sex fantasy. She said she wanted me to be her man forver and she wanted me. I told her I didnt like condoms and for our first time I wanted to feel her real body open up to mine. She agreed.

    I remember it was a holiday, and she stayed home at her apartment instead of going home to her parents house. I went to her. I knew I wanted my young aunts thick young body. We kissed, i taught her to be a deep kisser and she was great at hard deep kisses, just the way I love it. I ran my fingers thru her hair and held her close, i felt her breathing heavy and I knew she was horny. We moved to the couch and I pushed her gently back, as she lay on the couch I spread her legs apart, we were still fully clothed. I lay between her legs and we made out, I sucked on her neck and felt her heat rising from between her legs. My cock was rock hard knowing what we were going to do.
    I was in control, she was just letting me guide her. I told her lets take your top off. She did, and I helped her, She helped me take my shirt off and I dropped my jeans. I was in my underwear and she was in her jeans and bra. I rubbed her hot thighs and felt her pussy thru the jeans. It was warm and i knew it was aoaked. I kissed her and started kissing her breasts, all the while i was rubbing my hard cock on her groin thru my underwear and her jeans. I told her lets get these jeans off and we pull them off together. Her panties wer wett and soaked. We made out some more and I wanted to fuck her. We decided to go to her room.
    When we went to the room I took off all her clothes and she was on the bed fully naked. I took off my underwear and lay ontop her between her legs. I felt her hot wet pussy on my cock and wanted to fuck it so bad!. After kissing and sucking her neck and tits, i made my way down her body all the way to her toes and back up to her thick thighs. I spent some time circling my tounge on her body around her pussy area and she moaned and leaked virgin hot pussy juices all over my face and the bed. I ate her slowly and opened her meaty pussy lips to see a thick swolen clit. I started rubbing it and she asked me to ler her cum with me in her, I told her relax and played with her virgin pussy somemore. Her clit grew and got even more swollen. I licked her and stuck my tounge in her and she came on my mouth. She was sensitive but we made out and she revovered and her pussy was even more wet now, her juices were running down her leg and my cock head was so wet with precum that we had to use them.

    I opened her up and placed my cock on her pussy, she was thinking im going to go in,so she said take your time ok ? I said dont worry im not going in yet, I rubbed her pussy with my cock and and we started grinding together, her meety hot wet pussy lips and clit on my swollen rock hard thick cockhead. She said baby im going to cum again, and I wanted her to cum I rubbed her clit with my fat cock head and her juices ooozed out of that pussy hole even more as she came. Her body was shaking in extacy and she was even hornier. I loved it how she could enjoy our moments of passion for as long as I wanted. I slowly started feeling her open pussy wtih my fingers, it was so wet and as i fingered her she opened up quite easy. I asked if it hurt and she said yes but good pain. I continued and started sliding my cock in her. She felt the head and asked if that was it, We both laughed and I said dont worry there is more. She said no I meant if this your cock in me. I Said yes, she knew she had a man, an older man who was her nephew in her and I could see it in her eyes she knew sje was no longer virgin and wanted me deep in her. I slowly pushed in my full cock head and felr her hot pussy, she was tight. She said go slow, and i said thats only my full head can you take me deeper? She moaned at the thought of more cock in her open pussy. She said yes go in slowly. I entered about 2 inches or so deeper into her and felt her insides were so sfot and warm and she opened up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She said its ok come closer hold me. I placed my hand under her head and held her close to me, we kissed deep and wet, while I slid my whole cock into her juicy virgin hole.
    As I held her I slowly pumped my waist and she moaned and enjoyed me being in her, I checked to see if she was okay and she was, she said it hurrrts but soo goood all at once..
    This made me even hornier. I fucked her slowly but deep and she came on my cock screaming "OOHHHHH FUCK OOHHH FFFUUUUUUUCCCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OOOHHH FUUCCCKKKKK!!!! Im sure if there were neighbours there at her apartment they heard us. I pounded away at her pussy after as it opened up for me and started cumming, i pulled out and let it shoot all over her tits ans all some blasted all the way up to her face and on her pillow.

    After this we both became very sexual and she was a great learner. I know she is as kinky as I am. We always expressed our fantasies to each other and admitted our deepest darkest sexual desires. We have some great sex stories to share which I will confess in other confessions if anyone reads and likes this one.

    After the formal stuff ended we talked and she even asked me for my number. I got hers and we started texting each other that same night.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I tried writing this before and had it written so perfectly, for some reason it never was uploaded so it is still a secret.. Here I go again...

    It was the summer of 1995,my cousin came to visit from NY (Anne) and we did not see each other in years. She is 7 or 8 years older than I am. She was about 22 and I was about 15. When she came to visit, another ciusin (Khadine) who is 1 year older that lived not too far away alao came over to spend time with her and all of us. One evening while she was visiting, I went into my room to change, and heard some one laughing. I turned around and didnt see anyone. I continued taking my clothes off and got down to my underwear, I clearly remember it was a green briefs, as I was about to put on a something else, I heard Anne saying to Khadine that she cant help her self and she wanted to see me in my underwear. They both giggled and when I turned around I noticed I didnt close my door fully. They were looking at me peeking in. I turned around and pretended not to have noticed.

    Later that night, Anne came and said that both of the girls wanted to share my room. My parents decided I would sleep in the living room and give the girls the room. As I went off to set up my sleeping space and everyone turned in for the night, I again could hear the girls laughing in the room. I was thinking about my highschool crush Dana and how much I would miss her over the summer. I stsrted to fall asleep, and I was thinking how weird it was that the girls were looking at me and it was a bit uncomfortable, but I thought it was good to know that Im attractive to girls. As I was sleeping that night,I felt a warm wet kiss on my
    lips. I woke up confused and it was Anne she said good night love you cuz. It was my first ever kiss from a girl. It felt so good I got hard and wanted to feel it again.

    I was awake now and wondering what to do, I was horny and in the middle of the house where anyone could walk in anytime from any direction,as all the rooms led out to the living room area. As I lay there horny, hard and uneasy I could hear the girls giggling again. I saw Anne peeking again from my room. I waved and she came over, she started kissing me again, but this time I wanted it. I felt her tounge warm and wet, and tasted her flavour, she was a menthol newport smoker. It was not bad, but all these things being so rong made me so horny. We made out and she said someone may come in, so lets go to the room.
    She led and I followed in, my other cousin was awake and laughed. She said we were gross and laughed. Anne led me into the bed and said come hug me. She was on her back, I was on my side and Khadine turned to face the wall away from us. We began making out, and I could see Khadine looking from time to time. Anne let me touch her tits, they were not big, but more than a handfull and quite enough for me to enjoy. I sucked on her neck and played with her nipples. She got so horny that she pulled me on top her and spread her legs.

    Khadine seeing this whispered yess! You guys stop all this making out and fuck already.I knew she was horny too. At this point I didnt know what to do. I wanted a 3 way with both of my cousins. I knew it would get us into big trouble if anyone knew, bit my head didnt care, my cock took over. I started kissing Anne and pulling off her shirt and bra. She was topless and in the corner of my eyes I could see khadine squirming and rubbing her self. I Wanted to fuck both of them but I didnt get the vibe that they wanted it together. Plus Khadine did not touch me since I came in the room, so I continued making out and touching Anne. I eventually let my hand go down into her panties and felt a wlcoming,warm wet,running pussy. I wanted it so bad. She let me finger her and asked me to keep going. I rubbed and flicked her clit and finger banged her while we made out.

    Anne was so wet she was soaking the sheets, and her body was so smooth and firm, yet supple and soft. We made out all knight and I fingered her until she came. After a while, I wanted to see if I could do it again. With each time I made her cum with my fingers, her body would shake with pleasure because she cluld not screem. In the corner of my eyes, I could see Khadine rubbing her pussy and the entire bed was soo filled with teenage and young pussy juice. In retrospect, now that I love to eat pussy,I think this was what made me
    want to eat pussy, just being surrounded by all that pussy juice.

    Khadine rubbed her pussy and came, and eventually fell asleep looking at us making out.
    I finger banged Anne and sucked her
    titts all night that night and she
    returned the favour by sucking my
    cock. I came a huge load all over her mouth and we made out again, I could smell the scent of pussy and semen all over Anne. It was so sexual and
    so arousing that I could not get enough. Morning came and people started stirring around the house so I went into the bathroom and jerked my self off another time thinking of how close I was to fucking my cousin... not one but possibly both of them.

    I spent the day falling asleep on my self as my brother and some of the boy cousins were all hanging out playing video games. In the evening, I knew I was going to get pussy. I guess Anne was bummed out by Khadine getting horny and wanted me all alone. The problem was that, so many of our cousins were staying over that there were no empty rooms. She tried to "fall asleep in my brother's room, but he didnt want to give it up. He fell asleep waiting on her to get out and now I was stuck with my hopes of pussy and didnt see a way to get any.
    Khadine was alone in my room, but I was a virgin and I wanted Annes pussy first. I decided to go for it. I went to her and slipped under her covers. I kissed her and she started feeling for my cock. We both wanted it. She turned around and tried to let me enter her already soaked pussy. Because my brother was there we had to angle our selves and I slid my cock head into her. It felt hot, wet and soo good. It was so hot in her it almost felt like it was too hot for my virgin cock. I slowly begaan to thrust her, she also started grunding her pussy on me and she started to contract her pussy muscles on my cock. She came all over my cock and got so wet I slipped out of her.

    Re entering her pussy was a bit hard because we could not find a way without waking up my brother next to us. She turned and made out with me side to side, face to face,and took her slippery pussy juices in her hand and rubbed my hard cock with her wet
    fingers. I sprayed my cumm all over her all the way up to her tits was covered in cum. She fingered her self with her hands that was now drenched in my cum and she came again as we made out.

    The next day my, she called me into a room quickly when no one was looking and started sucking my cock. She stopped and looked into my eyes and said, your cock is sooo fat , its bigger than my boyfriends in NY. I felt good that she wanted it again. I pushed her up against a wall and began sucking her tits and made hickey marks all over her tits, then made my way kissing all down to her ass and left marks on her ass and near her pussy. She was shaking and so wett. I wanted a taste of her pussy. We were still standing and i made her open her legs to allow me to eat her out. She raised one leg and bent her knee and dr**ed it over my shoulder as I knelt and went into the space between her legs. I ate her until she came on my lips and stood up and turned her around to face the wall again. She held on to a window as I banged her hard, I held her mouth closed as she moaned and fucked her pussy as hard as I could. I came in her pussy so hard and it dripped out of her and ran down her legs. We heard voices in the other room and she used her panties to wipe off the cum. She stuck it in my back pocket and ran out the room. This was the last time we fucked as she had to go back to NY the next day.

    A few months later she called to say she was pregnant. She told me she is not sure who the father was since I came in her and when she went back her she was thinking of me and fucked her boyfriend. It turned out the baby was not mine thankfully. Years later we met again and I asked if she thinks of what we did. She said she was forcing her self on me and asked me to forgive her and not talk about it and i agreed. The next day she had to say bye to me as I was only visiting her area and she came over wearing a sexy short skirt that looked like a school girl sex outfit. I realised she wanted to entice me to keep thinking of her hot body.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I am 28 and married and have always been in love with my younger female cousin who is 27. She is in a off and on relationship and I really want to kiss her and tell her that I love her but I am scared. She has been the center of most of my fantasies since I was 15. She used to have a crush on me but I donât know if she still does. We are not blood related as we were both adopted. I want to kiss her and even just once to make love to her and eat her little pussy out so badly. Can anyone help by giving me some advice on how to make it happen? I will happily give you all the details if anything happens. Dm me on Twitter @@@@mattnice25

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    Straight Female / 21

    I remember having a terrible crush on my 14 year old cousin Andy. I knew he liked me because I could tell he was getting hard trying to look under my skirt and then crosing his leg to hide it. I kept telling myself I was three years older than him but kept having fantasies of doings dirty things with him. The fact that he was so young, shy and horny was turning me on. I knew it was rong, but couldn't stop thinking of him. I knew I had to make the first move and going on bike ride around the baseball field would be a good way to be alone with him. I remember he fell into my harms when I kissed him and his face turned red when I slipped my hand up the hem of his short pants. He turned purple when I pushed my hand all the way in, aqueezed his hard on and asked if he wanted to go into the small batroom by the bleachers. He was so embarrassed when I stripped his clothes off and jerked him off. He was so ztiff and horny it just took a few sucks to make him cum and went stiff all over again when he saw me naked. We both knew abount keeping it a secreta. Had to finger myself latter bugt shure he will suck pussy better the next time around.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I saw my aunt fully nude one day when I was about 6. She changed after a shower and I saw her reflection in a long mirror in the room I was in.

    The mirror was adjacent to a doorway that connected her bedroom (the room I was in) to an adjacent bedroom she was changing in. She only closed the door about 2/3 of the way, just enough to give herself privacy from my eyes but she was oblivious to the giant mirror.

    I saw everything and it was incredible. She had large tits with big pink nipples and large areolas and as she removed her towel and dried herself off I was mesmerized by their movement, how hard her nipples were in the quiet bedroom air. When she dried her back, she revealed an incredible dark brown bush that has made me a fan of hairy pussy ever since. It was a wide, thick triangle that came to a soft point against her peach thighs.
    I remember her drying her pussy off with the same towel she had just use to conceal herself with just seconds ago, and as she did she turned her body to the side. I saw her the curves of her profile and the post-shower fullness of her bush protruding past her upper thigh. This was in maybe 1987, before women were made to feel more feminine if they shaved their gorgeous bushes away.

    She was beautiful. It was just the most amazing sight I could ever imagine and cemented lifelong powerful sexual turn-ons for me in an instant.

    Thanks to her obliviousness (or just lack of real diligence) I'd also get glimpses - and sometimes long gazes - of her pussy years later when I was a teenager. She was (obviously) older now then when I first saw her naked, maybe in her early 40's and she had gained some weight but still looked beautiful.
    So, I'd spend a lot of time at her house after school. Around bedtime she'd frequently go about in nothing but a long tee-shirt that dropped maybe to her mid thigh but rode up whenever she bent over or sat down in certain positions and...suddenly there was her bush just barely concealing darker labia. I'd position myself strategically to get better glances. She kept her pussy hairy and never shaved. I remember one time seeing her nightshirt lift up as she bent over, revealing the very bottom of her ass and her pussy hair sprouting from her taint and disappearing up between her ass cheeks. My cock got instantly hard. I laid on the floor one time "watching T.V" as she tidied up and got a long view of a legs parted, squatting down glance up-to-pussy-heaven view just behind my head. I looked up at the perfect time, and I saw everything - the color of her lips, the full curls of her hairy asshole, pussy pink with a bit of sheen. Past the horizon of her bush, I saw her belly, and beyond there, the pull of gravity at her tits, with just a short glace of her thick nipples, obscured by the limitations of my view, my gaze drawn back to her pussy. Just everything was seen. I looked over, and my mother is sitting to my left, and she was watching me the entire time. I forced myself to look away, absolutely red-faced. She for sure knew what I was looking at. I didn't care. I had a glimpse of heaven, and a vision of the throne on which sat a Goddess of humanity. An ironically unintentional and harmless obliviousness was my path to this pseudoreligious experience.

    I was in my early teens at the time and these experiences would drive me insane. Gallons of my cum was sprayed at various places in her house, mostly her bathroom or the bedroom I was sleeping in that night. I constantly masturbated while reliving what I witnessed in my mind and then let the uncontrollable minecart of fantasy take over. I used to feel shame for it at the time but I couldn't help it. I never tried to suppress them.

    Eventually I got over it and I now simply accept it as a fundamental function of my sexuality, and at the end of the day, no one was hurt over it. I was always a very sexual person who was absolutely captivated by the body of a woman, and my hormones were raging. Any opportunity I had to see a woman naked in person, I was hopelessly oblivious to. Pussy was pussy and pussy and women are infinitely beautiful and sexy. Nothing surpasses their pure physical beauty. I consider myself lucky to have had such a beautiful standard of exposure, a beautifully oblivious, beautiful aunt who was so, so much more than even that which she will never know. Those early experiences will always be with me and are forever a part of my sexuality.

    P.S. - "There is no such thing as an accident." - S. Freud.

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    Straight Male / 55

    We were latch key kids and one day, when I was 9 and my sister was 12, she asked me to play house. She was the mom and I was the dad. She got me in bed, stripped off our clothes, and she then began to ride my hard penis. I didn't know what was happening but she grinded on me until my lap was soaked.

    This continued and I loved this play. She had huge tits for a 12 year old and a hairy bush. Anytime she wanted to cum, I was her toy and did as I was told. Then one day as she was riding me I had my first orgasm where I shot in her pussy. It was so incredible but then stopped getting my cock. She started fucking a friend of mine and one day she let us play with her. I was so excited and wanted to shoot cum again as I was playing with her big tits and he was fingering her. He told her to get my cock in her hand and play with me which she did. Our parents then came home and we stopped but I so wanted to cum. Later that day my buddy asked to spend the night and I remember waking up finding him sucking me off. He made love to my cock and begged me for my cum which he ate every drop. After this he stopped fucking my sister and became my closet cocksucker. He later came out as gay and told me that of all the cock he has sucked mine was the biggest. I still have fantasies of fucking my sister or any other relative. Incest is so hot.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I have always had the biggest crush on my older first cousin. He is 11 years older than me. I noticed he would start looking at me differently when I started to develop my curves. I made sure to always dress kinda slutty when I knew I would see him.

    My parents would let me drink at family parties. When I was 16 I got really tipsy at the Christmas party. I was sleeping over at his house because Iâm best friends with his younger sister and he stayed at his parents cuz heâd been drinking. Everyone had went to bed and it was just us in the basement. I changed into super tight pajama pants and a tight tank with no bra. His ex gf told me one time that he has a foot fetish and how much she likes getting unlimited foot rubs so I made sure to get a nice pedicure and was barefoot.

    I put my feet close to him and was rubbing them and noticed him staring. I was drunk so I just went for it. I said âConor, I know itâs wrong but I have a huge crush on you. Do you think Iâm pretty?â And got closer to him. At first he was like Kelli we canât do this but I kept at it and asked for a foot rub. I started rubbing his cock with my feet and felt how hard he got. He told me that he always stares at me and canât believe how nice my body is. I got naked, got on my knees and started sucking.

    I was pretty inexperienced and he told me what to do. He asked if I had ever cum before and if Iâve ever been eaten out. I said no and we started 69ing and I came really fast. I told him I was a virgin and wanted my first to be him. He laid me on my back and entered me so slowly. After a while I was begging him to go faster. I told him to suck on my toes and he did.

    Then he turned me around and told me my phat ass was amazing. He entered me from behind and it was the greatest feeling ever. I came twice and he had to cover my mouth cuz I was so loud. We had sex for almost an hour and I didnât let him pull out.

    After that I kept texting him but he felt really bad and said we had to stop. After a month he texted me to come over so I told my mom I was sleeping at a friends and went over. Ever since then weâve been secretly together for 2 years now. Only my best friend knows cuz I had to tell someone and she fully supports me.

    I go to college 5 mins from his apartment in Chicago and never stay at my dorm. Iâm always at his apartment. We almost got caught by his sister one day when she stopped by unexpectedly. I hid in the guest bedroom closet but she saw my shoes and said those look like Kelliâs shoes. She was with me when I bought them.

    She confronted him about it and he confessed and I came out and she was furious but eventually calmed down and agreed to keep our secret. Only because I know of her lesbian affair with her neighbor. She his step sister and she started asking me how the sex was with me so I told her. The next week he told me she was texting him naughty pictures and asking to come over. They are the same age and have been step siblings since they were 9. They were each otherâs first kiss, he was her first blowjob but he would never go all the way.

    She asked me if she could sleep with him as much as she wanted for one weekend. That if I said yes she would always keep our secret. I agreed but only if I was present. She is very pretty and I know that she is bi at this point too and have thought about what it would be like. After only 20 mins watching them I went over while she was blowing him and started eating her out.

    All three of us had the time of our lives. He would take turns on us and we would talk so sorry. Saying how does it feel to fuck your sister and younger first cousin. He would tell us to 69 and watch. Her husband called at one point and she answered while she was blowing him and getting eaten out by me and couldnât hold in her moans. Told him that she hurt her knee and was in pain.

    Now twice a month, all three of us get a suite in downtown Chicago and have our fun and I live with him now. His mother is starting to get suspicious of us cuz when weâre together Iâll imsricktdly do something or touch him in a certain way not realizing who weâre with. One time, without realizing it I put my hand on his thigh while sitting on the couch and she saw it.

    Finally she confronted me. I denied but she didnât believe it and confronted him and he denied it but she still doesnât buy it. She said she wouldnât tell anyone but wants to know so we decided to tell her. We sat her down and told her were in love and she was okay with it and supports us.

    My mom and sister ended up finding out too. When I was home on Christmas vacation I left my phone out and he was texting me and they looked at my phone and saw that we were sexting. I told them that o came into him when I was 16 and that I wanted it. They were furious at first but now accept it. Next month weâre going to tell everybody about us. Weâve already had a pregnancy scare so feel itâs better to be honest.

    His step sister left her husband and is three are kind of in a relationship now. She loves him but is obsessed with me. She eats me out at least once a day and makes me cum so hard while Conor watches. She spoils me too. Buys me whatever I want. Last week she got me a pair of red bottoms Bc she knows Conor loves high heels.

    Conor has a crush on this 16 year old girl I work with at my part tome job and Iâve been trying to hook them up. She tells me how hot he is all the time and I told her he says the same about her so she started texting him. Sheâs a thicc Latina with a perfect booty. We had her over last month and she was really nervous. Told him that she wanted him. He played hard to get saying youâre too young and no one can find out. She got on her knees and begged him saying no one will know.

    I whispered in her ear to go to the bedroom and get naked and call him in. She danced for him for a half hour begging for his dick and started to play with herself. Then she laid on her back, put both legs all the way behind her head and said she was all his. He fucked her so good she was screaming and begging. Lost control of her body multiple times and completely soaked the sheets. She said that she is his if he wants her. That heâs her daddy and she will do whatever he says.

    Her mom works 2 jobs and is never home so she is always here with us. She started an Instagram page and it took off. Conor took the pics. Guys dm her all the time and she tells them sheâs taken forever and has a daddy. She looks 25 so he takes both of us out shopping all the time.

    She told her mom about him finally and she was okay with it after the met. She had her when she was 14 so sheâs young and also beautiful. She told him he can have his daughter only if she can have him occasionally as well. While she was at school her mom came over and absolutely rocked his world. Sheâs a freak. Asked him to film it so I did. Without knowing she asked him to suck her toes while she was getting pounded and would ask him who was better, her or her daughter.

    I found a ring the other day in his drawer. Heâs going to propose to me. He wants to move me, his step sister, Valeria(latina girl) and her mom to LA and get a house together. We all want to have one of his babies. His step sister is already pregnant and as I wrote this I am 5 days late. Valeria turns 17 in 2 weeks and with parental consent can legally be with Conor. Anahi(Valeriaâs mom) recently started a webcam and is doing really well. Conor often fucks her on there in a mask.

    She tells her audience that this is a guy she met at Starbucks. That he came up to her, said damn mami, that phat ass is amazing and asked for her number. She curved him at first but then chased after him and asked him to come over. Said sheâd never been with a white man before and wanted to try it. Then she pulled out his hung cock and couldnât get enough. The first time she had him wear a mask he didnât know he was being recorded. Now they make personal videos for people. The most popular is she is his maid and he comes onto her aggressively into she gives in.

    He already put his transfer in to la for his company and it was approved. He likes sharing pics of all of us so if anyone is interested please respond below. Email or WhatsApp is best. We also have videos. All free of charge unless you want something personal. We all also like to be watched so a FaceTime session is available.

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    Straight Female / 27

    When I was 13 I saw my older sister and dad do something a few times that even tp this day I cannot forget. I grew up in a mixed family. My dad was an Italian and my mom was an immigrant from Vietnam. They met sometime in the 70s in California and moved to Oregon where my siblings and I grew up. I had two younger siblings who were twins (a boy and girl) and my older sister, K. The twins were 2 years younger than me and K was 4 years older than me. She and my dad were really close and out of all of us got the most attention from my dad. My parents had a seemingly good marriage and I never once saw them fight or argue.

    One summer my mom and the twins traveled to Vietnam to spend time with family. My dad was working and couldn't go, my older sister had a part-time job at a grocer and I had already scheduled a short youth camp and some hangouts with friends.

    The first night after my mom and the twins left for Vietnam I was supposed to be at my friend's sleepover, but she cancelled because she had gotten food poisoning. So I walked home and quietly came inside. As I walked up the stairs I heard moaning and I paused near the top of the stairs just enough to peak over the ledge to see what was going on. My dad and my sister were completely naked having sex in the upstairs living room. I wanted to go back down the stairs but they started to creak so I was scared they would hear me. I stayed frozen in place for at least an hour. I don't remember exactly how long it was but I remember it being excrutiatingly long as I watched and heard the whole thing. After they finished they went to my parent's room. I quietly moved to my bedroom and remember hearing more moaning a few times later in the night.

    I lied about a few more sleepovers and saw and over heard them have sex 15 more times that summer. I thought they'd become suspicious why I was suddenly having so many sleepovers with friends but they never questioned it.

    As the years past before my sister went to school I saw them have sex 3 more times and over heard them at least 6 or 7 other times.

    My dad would visit my sister at her school in LA quite often and excuse himself by saying it was a business trip, but I always suspected it was more than that.

    I just graduated college. My dad still pays regular week long visits to my sister in LA. My mom and siblings are none the wiser, but I know they are still very much sexually active. It still weirds me out. Incest is gross to me and I don't see why my sister is in love with my dad. I've never talked with either of them about it nor do I think I could ever drum up the courage to do so. The images and sounds have never left me. To this day I still hear my sister from that first night crying out "Oh, baba (daddy)" as she climaxed . The only person I've ever told is my fiance. He is weirded out by it too and is very cautious around my dad. I assured him he has never approached or abused me in any sexual way and that as far as I could tell, my sister was consensual about their whole affair regardless of how wrong it was. She was 17 and my dad was 48 when I first heard them and I'm pretty sure it had started way before that night.
    Has anyone had similar experience where they witnessed i****t in their family? How did you cope with it? Did they ever find out that you knew? I'm not sure I'll ever get over the experience. I've even considered starting therapy over it.

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    This is a straight true question, when I was in my teenage years, I wont say what or how it started, for a number of years I gave my dad three to four hand jobs a week, why because I knew he was frustrated with mum she had lost interest in sex, I did it for two reasons to stop them breaking up and because I wanted to I wanted to handle what gave me life, I still visit him even though I am married and give him the relief he needs plus it is still very satisfying for me, what do people out there think about me for doing what is wrong.

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