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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    Bukkake Party

    As my 18th birthday was coming up I began to hint to my mother that I would like a car. Actually it was more like pestering.

    She explained to me that we couldn't afford it. She was a single mother and had a crummy job as a bartender.

    But I was a whiney teenager who couldn't take no for an answer.

    So on my birthday she told me that she had a special party planned for me. I was to meet her in the bar afterwork.

    So it was actually after my birthday that I met her at the bar. My mom was there, with another bartender, and 3 regulars.

    They seemed pretty excited when I arrived and all sang me happy birthday.

    My mom was dressed a little slutty for work and had on a black lacy top and red booty shorts. I was dressed as a typical teenager with a tank top and jeans.

    My mother told me they were going to have a bukkake party for me. I had no idea what they were talking about.

    Mom said "Here let me show you how to get and keep a man" (the second part was ironic because she could not keep a man herself).

    She grabbed the bartender by his belt and kneeled down in front of him. He by far was the youngest in the group; about half the age of my mother. He was also the hottest, being muscular, well tanned and a blonde Adonis.

    Mom undid his belt buckle and unzipped his jeans. She pulled down his jeans and the other guys laughed a little because he was wearing tighty whiteys. Then she pulled down his shorts and his cock popped out, almost poking one of her eyes out.

    Then mom started to stroke his cock and lick his balls, and proceeded to instruct me on giving a blowjob. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had already given BJ's to some boys at school.

    Mom pulled off her lacey top, and started to massage the bartender's cock between her tits. I hadn't noticed it but the other guys had pulled out their cocks and we're slowly stroking themselves.

    Mom was making loud slurping noises as she was licking the bartender's cock and even deepthroated him a couple of time (something I could never do myself).

    This whole scene was turning me on, when one of the other guys suddenly said "Oh shit!" and came prematurely. This broke-up everyone in the bar, and the other guys teased him that he must have been turned on by the bartender's cock.

    Mom turned her attention back to the bartender's cock, and soon it was fully erect and pointing straight up vertically. Mom called me over to get a closer look of the action, so I knelt between her and the bartender.

    Frankly I was mesmerized but how long and hard his cock was. Not like the little boys I had blown at highschool. Soon a little pre-cum appeared on the tip of the bartender's cock (this was not my first rodeo).

    With a couple of more strokes of his hard cock, the bartender began to shoot his load, but mom directed his cock to paint his jizz all over my face. I had always swallowed before, but this time I enjoyed the warmth of the hot load on my face.

    I started to clean the cum off my face with my fingers, but mom said to leave it, that this was required for the bukkake.

    Next mom knelt in front of one of the other guy's who was much chubbier. Frankly, the other 3 guys were skanky, which made everything a little nastier.

    My mom followed the same procedure: belt, zipper, pants, and shorts. This guy's cock was much smaller, and with his beer gut mom had to work around it. Eventually he lost control, and was soon shooting his load directly into mom's mouth.

    Mom did not waste anything, and let his cum dribble out of her mouth onto my face (something that I found out later is called "snowballing"). Now I began to figure out a "bukkake" meant to cover my face with as much cum as possible.

    The third guy was now up. He was much taller and thinner, but his cock was the longest of the group. He said that he wanted to fuck my mom instead of a BJ. So mom pulled off her shorts and panties to oblige.

    He picked my mom up on the bar and and then lifted her to mount her on his erect cock. Then he began to give her a standing fuck, something that I had never seen before. My mom's bouncing tits and ass were frankly the biggest turn on.

    Suddenly my mom began to moan and scream, and a clear fluid began to gush out from between her legs. I thought the guy had cum, but it was actually my mom.

    Then the guy pulled out of my mom, and directed his hot load to shoot all over my face.

    Now I had the cum of 3 guys all over my face. The fourth guy could never get it up again.

    Mom proceed to clean up the bukkake and lick the cum off of my face. She snowballed some of the cum into my mouth, and then began to French kiss me with it. She was getting turned on as I was and we were completely oblivious to the guys in the room, who suddenly got quiet so as not to disturb us.

    Then mom pulled my tank top off and spread some of the cum over my puffy nipples. I started to massage her much larger breasts, as she began to lick the cum off of my tiny tits.

    Mom lost control of herself, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my panties off in one complete motion. Then she whispered in my ear that she had heard me diddling myself in my bedroom at night and now she was going to finger bang me.

    She thrusted two fingers into my pussy, and it was lucky that I had already broken my hymen with my own finger fucking. Soon I was sopping wet and mom laid me down on a table and started to lick out my pussy juices.

    I started to moan and squirm, which got the guys hooting and holloring. Then suddenly mom stopped and I was about to protest, when she mounted me scissor style. Soon she was grinding her pussy into mine, and I quickly learned to return the favour. We were now "tribbing" each other, with the guys cheering us on.

    Soon I thought mom was squirting her pussy juices again, but then I realized it was actually me. But mom quickly followed suit and was gushing all over me as well. I had my first mutual orgasm with my own mom.

    Mom took up a collection after the party, and raised enough for a down payment on a good used car.

    I had to start working at the bar to make enough to pay for insurance and gas. Oh, BTW mom also showed me how to earn a lot of extra cash in "tips".


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    I am a freelance therapist and a single dad. I live with my two daughters which has always been fun and interesting. My daughters if I do say so myself are beautiful both inside and out.
    They mostly take after their mom (who passed away when they were younger) in the physical department. The developed early and always looked older than they were because of that.
    There was a pretty open policy in our house around clothing and how much of it was necessary. We were open about the reality of sex, sexuality and sexual arousal. This continued and I would say even picked up after their mom passed away
    Even with all of this, my daughters did not become sexually active for a long time, they did masturbate but didn’t really do much with a partner though they did have many opportunities.
    Back a few years ago I had been working 14 – 16 hour days for about 30 days straight, we were in the middle of what felt like a prolonged heat wave.I arrived home and heard the TV on in one of my daughter’s rooms and figured they were watching something together as they often did.

    I finished my shower wrapped my towel around me and went out to the living room to lay on the couch to cool off. I must have immediately dozed off. When I woke I thought I was dreaming, I was in that state where you don’t if you’re in a dream and can’t really move (sleep paralysis).
    I looked down to see my two daughters topless, in thongs playing with my cock. My cock was very hard maybe the hardest it’s ever been.

    I couldn’t really move I was still in sleep paralysis but I could feel as first one of them would run their hand up and down my shaft then pass it to the other who would do the same.
    There were so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and body, how wrong this was but omg felt so fucking good, and how goddamn sexy my daughters looked.
    Their bodies were amazing and here they were my two voluptuous, beautiful, sexual, sexually aroused daughters stroking my cock and they were right next to each other. As they were next to each other sometimes the sides of their breasts would touch.

    I was so built up with cum I’m amazed I didn’t explode right there. My oldest daughter said to my younger daughter “let&aci rc;€™s try it in our mouths”. I don’t think they realized I was awake yet until she put it in her mouth and I let out a moan.

    My mind was telling me I should stop this but my body couldn’t stop it. She went up and down my shaft with her mouth 4 or 5 times then passed it to my younger daughter.
    As she did this she moved in closer and turned a little towards my older daughter which made their very erect, large nipples touch. That was it! It was too much for me I felt such a surge of cum building up I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I knew it was going to be a lot.

    It felt so wrong but then again so fucking hot, and erotic my cum came flying out it got all over their breasts, their faces, their hair, their shoulders even on their stomachs. There was a lot and it shot hard. They let out a little squeal of surprise when my large load of cum started landing on them. There was so much of it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    First I want you to understand that I have never been abused or coerced. Nor have I ever abused anyone or did anything that was not wanted equally.

    That said, our family was poor and my older brother and I shared a bed. Our house had a shower in the basement that our dad had fashioned himself. No walls, just a showerhead and controls for hot and cold water and a drain in the floor.

    I would often go down and watch my dad or my brother shower before it was my turn. Curiosity began because of the fact that dad had foreskin and my brother did not. Nor did I. I asked dad about it and he explained it best he could and I was satisfied. One day while watching dad, he skinned the foreskin back and washed his cock. It got hard and became so much bigger. I again asked for an explanation. Thus my first sex lesson, but he never touched me nor did I touch him.

    That night when my brother was sound asleep, I reached out and felt his cock through his underwear. As I felt, it got bigger and harder. It soon popped out of his underwear and I could not see it, but it felt really big. As I played with it, I felt some wetness, that I now know as precum. Then all of a sudden it exploded and I learned about cum because it was all over my hand and the bed.

    The next morning, I was scared to death because of what I had done. Nothing was said by my brother, so I guessed I was safe. So that night, I waited and repeated my actions from the night before. Very quickly his cock was hard again and I played with it. Same result. Same thing the next morning. Nothing mentioned.

    The third night when I thought him asleep, I reached for his cock, but this time he had no underwear on. That was really convenient and I liked it. However as I played with his cock, this time he whispered to me to put it in my mouth. I did and immediately liked the taste of the pre cum and soon was sucking his cock as he told me quietly what to do. When he was ready to cum, he said swallow it so there is no mess in the bed. I did, and I was hooked. I not only liked the pre cum, but the cum was so different. Salty but not at all bad tasting to me.

    He cautioned me after that I should not ever tell mom or dad and I promised I would not do that. About a month after I started this game, he rolled on his side and told me to do the same and move my butt back to him. I did, and he put is cock between my legs and moved back and forth until he was about to cum and he told me "quick in your mouth before I shoot." Saved the mess on the bed again.

    About 2 weeks of that every night and he started to finger my asshole. He managed to get a finger way up my ass and I like it and didn't resist. Then one night he put in 2 fingers and moved them all around. The first time he put his cock in my ass he was really careful not to hurt me even though his cock was so big. He told me to suck it and get it really wet with my saliva. That really helped but he put me on my hands and knees and he spit on my asshole and worked that big head in. Soon he was fucking me so hard and so deep, and then he filled my ass with his cum.

    I was in heaven but quickly had to go to the bathroom and it came gushing out but felt soooo good.

    This went on for about a year before my dad caught us. We both thought we were in serious trouble, but he never said a word. We stopped because we were both afraid of being caught again.

    One day I went down to take a shower after dad and I sat on the steps watching. Dad got his cock all soaped up and it was hard again as I had seen it before. His cock looked like it had a huge purple plumb on the end. He looked at me and told me to get in with him. I took my underwear off, and got under the water. He put his hand on the back of my head and bent me over. Next thin I knew, his soapy cock was up my ass before I realized it. He fucked me so hard and filled me with his cum. I finished my shower and he cautioned me to keep quiet about it.

    That night I told my brother. He started fucking me again, and between him and dad I was getting fucked once or twice a day.

    I finish this story for now but I tell you this. I am not gay, but I am bi. I have never kissed a man nor do I have any desire to. But I have sucked a lot of cocks and been fucked too many times to count. Life is good when you are bi.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Tomorrow, a cross-dresser is going to slip into my daughter's bed (she's gone for the summer).

    I'm going to open the door and watching her while s/he strokes herself in my daughter's panties and bra....

    Then I'm going to enter her room, stiff, and tell her that Daddy wants to fuck her mouth.

    This is going to be hot. My (step) daughter is 14. The CD is of legal age.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 30

    I have a step sister who is 6 years younger than me. Growing up I tried to protect her but she hit that bratty mid-teen phase where she became a total douche.

    One summer our parents found a very expensive bottle of wine in the trash. Knowing it wasn't me, therefore it had to be her, still underage, I took the fall, paid them the value of the wine & took my revenge on my smirking step sister.

    Later that day she arrived in my room to thank me for taking the punishment I made sure she didn't do it again.

    I told her I'd rat her out if she didn't do exactly what I told her.

    1. If I said her name she had to strip to her bra & panties.
    2. If I said her middle name she had to strip naked
    3. If I said her last name she had to flash her ass & top
    4. If I asked her to do something, no matter what, when or where, for the next month she had to do it

    Number five was my favourite. A bit of hot & cold. We went down to the kitchen where I had hidden a set of her underwear. A very wet bra (now frozen) in the freezer & a matching thong in which I'd put hot chilli powder & curry powder.

    For the rest of the night I gleefully watched her squirm & shiver. When it was time for bed, I twisted her cold hard nipples & pulled her thong as far up any "crease" it was in.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Straight Male / 19
    I just recently turned 19, high school graduate and ready to start college this fall. This all started when I was 14. We live in the country. My dad owns a pretty huge farm but has it leased out to a neighbor. We live on the farm in a pretty large flush home with a closed in fence. We have a medium sized swimming pool in the back yard where each summer we invite neighbors over for parties. They all love the swimming pool and I love to watch them playing around in it. My mom, especially, always wears a bikini and has a body, WOW. When she visited my school or came in the afternoon to pick me up my friends always asked "IS THAT YOUR SISTER?" Thinking it's a joke question I always answer "YES". Anyway, dad owns his own construction company and often does contract in nearby counties or even states which keeps him away often for several days at the time. Mom and I are always alone during these times. We will use the swimming pool together for exercise. During my school summer vacations, several years ago, when I was maybe 14, she always took afternoon naps and didn't trust me being alone while she napped she would often request that I take a nap with her. One afternoon while laying there I let my mind wonder. I was thinking of some of our neighbor girls about my age and others in my class at school and naturally I got an erection. At the same time I unconsciously began twisting my feet. You know how that happens? Anyway mom turned and lightly slapped me across the belly and told me "STOP THAT. I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" I did for a while but my mind began wondering again and my feet began twisting again. Mom turned again and slapped me across my belly but this time lower and she hit my erection. Immediately she rubbed her hand back over it and asked, "WHAT"S THAT? ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT SLEEPING WITH YOUR MOM?" Embarrassed I said "YES". She then unbuttoned my shorts and grabbed my naked cock and began squeezing it. She asked if I was thinking of some of my friends or if I was thinking of her. Embarrassed again I said "BOTH!" She then turned over facing me and asked if I had ever had sex with one of them. I lied and said, "NO". She then asked if I needed her to teach me a little. "YEAH" was my reply. She then removed all her clothing and helped me remove mine. If you think she looks good in her bikini you should see he nude. She hugged me and began rubbing my naked body all over with special emphases on my hard dick. She spread her legs and took my hand and placed it on her already warm and damp pussy. I began rubbing it like they do in Porno. She asked if I had ever done that to a girl and I said I hadn't. She looked me in the eyes and said, "But you have seen it on Porno. We know you have slipped your dads pornos and watched them.
    She had me there because I had slipped them but returned them but probably not in the order they had them. I knew she was all turned on, she asked about me watching the boys and girls in the pornos sucking each other. I had and wondered how it may taste. I told her that I had seen it. She then twisted around and took my cock into her mouth and began giving me one of the best blowjobs anyone could imagine. Eventually she moved her body where her pussy was directly in front of my face. She turned a little more, spread her legs a little I could not resisting myself. Surprisingly her pussy taste wonderful. I can't explain what it taste like. It was wonderful as I said. I know she cum several times. I never did but felt like it several times. We eventually ended up fucking, me on top and giving her ever thing I had, Several times she mumbled "IT'S SO BIG AND FEELS SO GOOD. DON'T STOP!" But soon she changed her mind and said, "TAKE IT OUT BEFORE YOU CUM." She later told me we should get some condoms because we could not take a chance at her getting pregnant. I'm sure others have had a similar experience. If any changes occur I promise to keep you posted.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My wife is out of the country....

    Tonight, while we were texting, I was looking at pictures of teenagers...

    The same age as my step daughter.

    I really want to fuck her.

    She just turned 14, and she is crazy sexy.]]

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Its a question I wont go into the details but I know my boyfriend is fucking his sister, believe it or not I don't mind, because it makes sex more exciting for me knowing he has had his dick in his sister vagina, while we are having sex I am thing of them fucking, I know its weird I am wet now while I am posting this question, could any give me a reason its such o turn on,

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Recently I found out my father has the largest cock I've ever seen. It's way bigger than my boyfriends and his is about seven inches or so.. When I say way bigger, I also mean much much thicker too.
    I caught him masturbating in his home office to what I presumed wasporn on his lap top. He didn't see me, so I stood and watched for quite a while. What's weird, is I got ultra turned on and started touching myself after slipping my hands under my short skirt and then into my panties.
    only seconds after I saw his cock explode, sending cum so high and then back down onto his chest and some on his chin, I orgasmed and shook so violently, he looked round.
    My dad saw me, smiled in my direction and slowly wiped himself clean, but not before turning the lap top round. On it were pictures taken only days before of me in my bikini around our pool. He'd been tossing himself off to pictures of me and not porn as I'd thought.
    We've said nothing to each ohter since, yet every time I see my dad now, all I can think about is getting that huge cock of his in between my legs. I've even begun to flash him as much as I dare, with my mom around.
    Sometimes I wish I hadn't seen him masturbating to my pictures, but other times, I want him to enter my room and fuck me so hard.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I want to fuck my step daughter so badly...

    I watch i****t porn all the time (not all Dad - daughter: also granddad-grandson, mother-son, etc.)

    When I fucked my (beautiful) wife last night, I imagined I was in L's pussy...
    She's tiny, and 14.

    Today's her birthday.

    She is sexy as fuck, and I know she'll be having sex soon.

    I don't want to be the first.

    But I do want to cum inside her.

    Dads....what do you think?

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