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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 32

    My mom actually caught me sucking myself off in my room when I was 15. We ended up fucking and then did it so many times I lost count. When we were alone in the house, at least twice a week, we would often fuck a dozen times. Once I counted 18 and with both of us having orgasms each time.

    Thankfully, I was very young and could never duplicate those days. We are still doing it a few times a week and she is now 52. At no point did we consider making her pregnant with a child genetically screwed up due to INCEST. Mom loves my cock as much as me and I don't feel jealous. :} We have fucked every imaginable way possible, ass, tits, pussy, every position. We spoke about our over the top lust and believe it is due to the taboos involved. These days, when we can sleep together, once in a while, we might fuck two or three times during the night, but that's it and a fraction of our early days.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    My mom actually caught me sucking myself off in my room when I was 15. We ended up fucking and then did it so many times I lost count. When we were alone in the house, at least twice a week, we would often fuck a dozen times. Once I counted 18 and with both of us having orgasms each time.

    Thankfully, I was very young and could never duplicate those days. We are still doing it a few times a week and she is now 52. At no point did we consider making her pregnant with a child genetically screwed up due to INCEST. Mom loves my cock as much as me and I don't feel jealous. :} We have fucked every imaginable way possible, ass, tits, pussy, every position. We spoke about our over the top lust and believe it is due to the taboos involved. These days, when we can sleep together, once in a while, we might fuck two or three times during the night, but that's it and a fraction of our early days.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Over the last eighteen months I've been having sex with a man, who's just turned thirty six. When we first met I couldn't help but feel attracted to him, and it seemed he felt the same. Joining him two days later on from meeting him at the swimming baths, I rode in his car over to a place I knew. We had sex that day overlooking the valley I live in and throughout the whole thing, he had me climaxing over and over again. Tonguing my pussy and arsehole, then using two fingers up my arse, whilst sucking on my clit making me cum so violently. Sucking on his huge cock in the open air was so special, and I soon had his cock pulsating strongly in my mouth.
    As he leaned against a massive gnarly old oak tree, I sank down facing him, after taking off my top and bra, and felt his full length enter my pussy as he played with my tits. We fucked for so long I thought he'd never cum, but I couldn't stop orgasming. When he did finally begin to thrust up me hard and fast, I knew he was about to cum. So grinding down onto his beautiful dick even more, I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms I'd ever had, when he literally flooded my pussy with his hot massive amounts of cum.
    Each day after that we'd text each other sending naked pictures and expressing how much we'd like to have sex with each other again. Unfortunately because of his work commitments, it was two weeks later when I visited his city centre apartment. We spent a whole afternoon having sex and again he had me cumming time after time. When he fucked me that time, he took his time and we changed positions multiple times, before he unloaded all over my large breasts.
    And so on for about eleven months, we had sex pretty much two to three times a week. Then during a clear out my dad was having, he dug out a load of old pictures. And I froze on the spot, when he showed me pictures of him and his much younger brother Tony.
    My dad and Tony had stopped being friends after the death of their father and I'd not seen him since I was four. He apparently moved away and then went overseas to work in Germany. Moving back two years ago and only six months before I caught him eyeing me up in the swimming baths.
    Texting him so we could meet at a park close to my parents home, he looked quizzical when I began to speak sat next to him on the park bench. I just blurted out who he was to me and cried as I did. Tony put his arms around me and told me we both didn't know and had nothing to feel bad about. What he did add was, it had to be all over between us. What he didn't know, that's was why I was crying. Yes I knew he was my uncle, but even knowing that I still wanted him sexually and I knew I was falling in love with him. Holding onto each other I couldn't resist. I slipped my hand down and into his trousers feeling his growing cock in my hand. He tried to pull away, but I began to stroke his cock and felt it twinge between my fingers. Pulling my head back, he looked at me as I continued to wank him, then said "Are you sure you want to carry this on". Kissing him hard told Tony what I wanted, that and gripping his cock harder. Pulling away again, Tony said "Good because I want you so bad". We moved away from the bench and quickly walked to the far side of the park, a little overgrown part which hardly anyone uses. With my hands holding onto a low tree branch, I leaned over and had Tony lift up my loose dress. Spreading my legs, my uncle entered me and we fucked like long lost lovers discovering themselves again. Our sex didn't last long, but it was so intense and powerful that I came twice, taking Tony's cum moments after my second orgasm.
    Most weeks now, we meet up four to five times. I've even begun to start the process of him and my dad getting back in touch. Telling my dad I've met him whilst at the swimming baths. My dad cried and told me he'd love to see his younger brother again.
    We'll see how it all goes from now on. What I do know is last week and the real reason I'm here, is we both told each other we loved one another. That was after I'd spent the whole night for the first time at his apartment. Tony and I know it would be awkward and difficult to see each other, if and when my father and he get back in touch. But we're determined to stay together, and I'm determined to carry on enjoying the best lover of my life.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My wife has huge, firm 34DD breasts that have grown even bigger since she's gained a few pounds so her bra's can barely contain them. She is a short MILFy type, not fat, not skinny, but her boobs looks even larger because of her height. They look amazing, but she dresses mostly conservative.

    Her sister is also well built, but much taller. I found out later she is a 34DD with large jiggly tits because she does not work out as much as my wife. I have only seen her a time or two without a bra because she is so jiggly it's very clear she is not wearing one. Which looked amazing.

    My niece is about 5-7, cute blond in her early 20's. She is a spitfire and always has to be in the middle of everything. I rarely gave her a second thought because at family gatherings she'd bug the hell out of my kids so she was always causing me problems. As she got older and more mature, she's turned into a nice young lady. She dresses like a normal 20 something, tight fitted clothes, but I never gave it a second thought.

    They were coming up to stay with us for a family vacation and we plaaned to go to the lake a rent a houseboat. I wasn't real thrilled about it, but it was better than working, and would be nice to be out on the lake.

    The day before my wife said the girls were going shopping. She said she was going to look for some new bras because hers had gotten too small. Then out of nowhere she said, did you know my sister wears the same bra size as me? Obviously I am human and always love to hear boob information but didnt want to let on like it was a big deal, so I just said huh, who would have known. Obviously her sister's height made her large boob size less noticeable.

    Then she said, out of nowhere, "and Megan (the niece) is the same bra size as me!!!" Well that caught my attention and I never would have guessed that either. They went shopping and of course all their clothes were stored at my house, so naturally I had to check it out for myself, and sure enough my SIL and niece both wore 34DD's like my wife.

    The next day we all went out on the boat. My wife and SIL were in pretty conservative swimsuits because their mom was with us (who also has huge tits). My niece had on a suit with a t shirt over it. Once we got parked, she stripped it off to reveal a huge set of DD tits that stood straight out firm in a very low cut bikini. I'm sure my MIL about passed out when she took off her t shirt. Her huge tits had just a bit of jiggle to them, just enough to let you know they were huge, and they were real.

    So here we are boat anchored in the water and she was walking around back and forth right next to me and had these perfect huge tits. Fortunately I had on sunglasses because I couldn't take my eyes off of them. So yes I am going blame my wife for sparking my interest by giving me TMI about my niece's tits, lol.

    Later that night when they showered they do not have any idea that our spare bathroom that was remodeled has a small slit where someone can look in and you can bet I happened to be walking by when my SIL and niece were showering.

    As I thought my SIL had nice big, a bit saggy, boobs that jiggled with every step. I'd do her in a heartbeat, but from what my BIL has told me she has little interest in sex like her sister. But my niece, omg, a perfect tight 20 something smooth body. Shaved pussy, and her tits were just as I imagined them to be while staring at her bikini. Perfectly shaped, point out straight ahead, large firm boobs, with perfect quarter sized areola and erasure sized nipples.

    I'm hoping we go back to the lake soon... lol

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    hi my youngest daughter posted on here about are "open family" she's 19 and has a habit of saying/typing love you at every possibility

    on seeing the positive response her post received, I thought id come and explain why me and my husband decided to invite are 2 daughters and son to are love making.

    so here I am, I was raised in a very strict catholic family that demonized sex in all is forms, the human body especially the female body (being the source of original sin) as well as any form of popular entertainment.
    my bedtime stories where all about how bad little girls go to hell and all the different kinds of sin. (trust me on this there is nothing Christian or good in threatening your children, I still have the nightmares to this day)

    I grow up terrified of my own body and the sin it was always tempting me with. the sin was pretty much anything outside my house. if I heard some pop music in a shop and I enjoyed it I would have to pray for an hour or more to absolve my sin. so you can imagine the fear, guilt, self loathing and disgust I would feel when seeing an attractive boy.

    it wasn't until I was 18 and went on a girls only camping trip organized though church, that i learned my parents interpretation of the Christian doctrine was one of abuse. on the first day me and a girl i was sharing a tent with where on pot washing duty, and there was a small radio witch she promptly tuned to (I think radio 1) and I fell apart, years of mental abuse and some times physical abuse finally broke me. in short I had a mental breakdown. I don't really know what happened after that but I woke up in hospital, apparently they had to sedate me quite heavily. after talking to the psychologists later that day it was decided the best treatment would be for me to go live with the most woman who organized the camp (the most lovely woman ever) so I did.

    a day latter my tent mate came round in tears to apologize for hearting me, thinking my breakdown was her fault. and just like that I confided the whole f-ed up mess of it to her. we are now best friends, I love her for all time, she is the one who brought me out of my shell and showed me how to live for pure joy and pleasure.

    me and my husband (more me than him) decided to raze are family to know joy and seek joy, to love music, art, film, fashion and sex they are happy, healthy, adventurous young people who know there parents love them.

    i know you won't understand but there are my reasons

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    This might sound bizarre, but recently I watched my own mother getting fucked whilst she was tonguing the guys wife's pussy. The couple were neighbors who live up the street from us, and of late they've been calling by a lot.
    I'd been feeling unwell at college, so came home early. Watching them have sex for over ten minutes, really turned me on. But what turned me on more was seeing my mom enjoying herself, and seeing her naked sex being fucked.
    When they changed position and the neighbors wife began to lick my moms pussy and ass, I so wished it was me pleasuring my mom. Unable to interrupt their get-together, I waited until both women climaxed, then took myself off to my room to masturbate. I swear still having my moms breasts, pussy and ass still very much in my mind, I had such an awesome orgasm.
    I've always known my mom is extremely sexual, that's why parents split up, as my dad just couldn't match her libido. Now all I can think about is having sex with my mom. All I have to figure out, is how do I get her to agree.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    Just been informed by my wife, my step daughter will be Calling round tomorrow about midday. Sophie who's twenty two will be with her one year old when she arrives, but her husband won't be coming as he's in France working until late next week. Also my wife won't be home until around four o'clock as she's chairing a golf event.
    Sophie text me earlier, so in reality I already knew she'd be calling by tomorrow. I feigned ignorance to her mother, but this is what Sophie text "Be round about lunch time. Hopefully little one will fall asleep soon after I arrive like last week. Because I want your cock so badly. Still can't get over the fact you made me cum so many times by fucking my arsehole. Till tomorrow xxx No wanking now, save it all for me xxx Sophie xxx"
    Myself and Sophie have been fucking since earlier this year. Her husband is a tosser, who prefers his career to fucking such a beautiful sexually energetic horny woman. My wife and I stopped having sex pretty much, so when Sophie asked me if I found her sexually attractive in late January, I was blunt and told her, I'd fuck her until she orgasmed all over my face or cock. That very afternoon we had oral sex with Sophie doing as I suggested she would, she came hard all over my face as I tongued her pussy and arse. It soon progressed from there, and now we have sex as much as two to three times a week. Sometimes we even sneak in a quickie in my garden workshop, as her mother looks after the little one. Sophie has always helped me with projects around the home, so even after she moved out, she'd still call by and enjoy working alongside me. Only these days she helps drain my balls.
    Once my step grand child falls asleep tomorrow, I'm going to fuck his mother all ends up.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 47

    I've been in the mood all day. I had the day off from work and couldn't wait till my wife got home from work. I had planned on an intimate supper and an even more intimate dessert. She had a hard day at work and wanted to talk about it. I have no problem with that. I'm here for her. I understand the need to vent, but after a couple of hours of it I'm not really in the mood to be intimate any more. She is now pissed off at me because I'm no longer feel like having sex because all she can do for the last three hours is bitch and complain. Not exactly sexy in my book. I want to be there for her and listen to her problems, but it's such a turn off when all she can do is whine about her day.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    My son has an enormous penis.

    My son is 16 years old, quite soon turning 17. For a good while I have noticed that my son is packing an absolutely enormous cock. I didn't discover this due to walking in on him masturbating or anything like that, I've simply noticed that his huge cock is always bulging out like crazy from his pants (as well as the occasional times I see him naked accidentally).

    When I say enormous, I don't mean he has like a 8 or 9 inches with above average thickness. NO, I'm talking about a dick that is roughly 14-15 inches long and a good deal thicker than my wrist when it's FLACCID. He also has a pair of balls, each the size of large apples, to match. That's how insanely big my son's penis is. It's that crazy.

    My husband, who is also the father of my son has a cock that is 5.6 inches long (erect) and has average thickness.

    I've always been satisfied by my husband's average sized penis. He's a good lover and I love him dearly, although he's never quite been able to keep up with me sexually, even less now than when he was younger. I have never cheated on my husband. All of this said, I must still say that my son's massive cock really turns me on. I know it's wrong, but I can't help. I know Most women don't like penises that are "too big" (like my son's), but I LOVE them.

    But it doesn't end there. I've also found out that that he cums massive huge as well (which is unsurprising considering the size of his testes). Not only have i seen rags (that I have washed) and paper towels covered in ungodly amounts of semen, I've once also seen him take an empty bucket to his room and then come out 60 minutes later and when I looked in the bucked, there was literally a quart of cum in there. I haven't seen his monstrous schlong erect yet, but I'll probably try to spy on him soon when he is masturbating.

    I've noted that my son has taken up a habit of staring at my breasts and butt. In fact, my son seems more interested in me than my husband. Now I can't really blame him; I've got a very big round ass as well as a pair of watermelon size tits (that are too big for bras), that are very firm and their big nipples can almost always be seen poking out through my shirt. My body is very attractive in general: Toned and flat stomach, smooth and milky skin with no wrinkles, beautiful green eyes and a face to die for. My doctor said that it was like I hadn't aged a day since I was 25 (the same could not be said for my husband, lol) (I'm 38 now). I know this is self-aggrandizement, BUT i think it is relevant because I really think that my son has gotten the hots for me.

    Lastly, I guess I'm kinda concerned for my son. Although he is quite attractive, smart and a good person, he is also kind of a nerd (not saying theres anything wrong with that) and he is still a virgin. This combined with a fact that he has a penis most women would never touch because it's "too big" makes me concerned that he'll have a very hard time finding a girl.

    The entire situation is just really weird, And I needed to get this off my chest somewhere.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    When I was 13, I started sucking my brothers cock. He was 16. Did it for about 2 years, up until he went off to college. We also fucked a handful of times as well. There's no long story to it. I wasn't allowed to date, but I wanted to start trying sex and he was the only guy available to me. It was for fun and experience. We obviously knew it was wrong, but weren't really worried about that, I guess. Many years have passed. These days he's afraid to even talk about it. He's got this same girlfriend that he's been with for a while now. I guess you could say I miss it, or at the very least they're pleasant memories, because I still think about it once in a while.

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