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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    We had sex a lot growing up but my sister is married with a kid now. Last Thanksgiving my sis rode with me to our family dinner and sucked my dick on the way. She swallowed it right before we pulled in then got out and gave her husband a kiss. Which made my dick again. It had been about 5 years since we had done anything before that.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I just recently turned 18 and I really want my cousin's husband to fuck me. He is 32 now but I have wanted him ever since I was 16 and "accidentally" saw him get out of the shower and saw his big dick. I think about it every time I masturbate. I dont know how to make it happen or if he would even want it. I dont want my family to find out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    When I was 19 I moved to Florida to go to a technical school. Got a dorm that I ended up Shari g with a 3rd cousin who is a girl. She was 18 at the time. They let a guy and girl stay in the same room because we were family. Wasnât my decision but whatever.

    She was definitely more like a guy, nothing girly about her. She is way shorter then me though. We were fresh out of high school and I was still a virgin so awkward times. After like two months I just got more comfortable and decided to get a bit risky. Iâd come out of the bathroom in the morning in just a shirt and briefs. White Or colored briefs depending on what I wore that day. A virgin and fresh out of high school do briefs were all I wore and knew of. She didnât seem bothered by that habit. Iâd sit on my bed in just the shirt and briefs till I put my pants on before we left for class. At night before bed Iâd shower then wear just my briefs to bed like I did at home.

    A month after doing that she finally saw me get out of bed with my morning wood in my briefs. I just totally forgot I had it one morning when I got up! I could tell she noticed! Around that time she started doing the same as me, shirt and underwear in the morning and at night before bed. She wore bikini briefs and menâs boxer briefs some days. I thought that was kinda odd but her decision.

    Got to talking one night and she was still a virgin too. She asked how I masturbated in a shared room and I embarrassingly said every few days I do it in the bathroom when your sleeping or when I shower. Or in my bed when your showering. She admitted she did it in her bed often and in the shower.

    Another few weeks passed by and when we were at Walmart on a Saturday morning as usually I decided to get risky and told her I need to get some personal items before we checked out. Went to the pharmacy area and found the condoms. I picked up the first pack of Trojans I saw and a small bottle of lube. She looked puzzled and embarrassed asking what those are for. I told her just for my use.

    Skipping forward, four nights later somehow we ended up having sex. I was laying in bed in my white briefs watching a movie on my laptop when she came up beside me in bed to watch some of it with me. She was wearing a shirt and bikini panties that night. Few minutes later she had her hand creeping towards my now erect cock and said she wants to try jerking one and possibly blowing one. She was rubbing my bulge through my briefs till I pulled them off and kicked them on the floor. So my hairy hard cock was in front of her. She said it looks huge lol. She slowly jerked it then licked it a little. I got over my fear and told her to take her shirt off and her boobs were now exposed. Then I grabbed her panties and pulled them off. Her vagina was more hairy then my cock! But I didnât care, I started to lick it then finger it. I could tell she was enjoying it.

    She to,d me how about we get this sex stuff out of the way. So I went to my dresser and grabbed a condom. First time I ever put a condom on! In missionary style I slowly pushed my cock in. Her small framed body had a small vagina so my cock was huge to her. She moaned and said it hurts. I pulled out and she got on top. Finally after 10 minutes she was sitting on my cock and when she got off it there was blood on the condom and my pubes. She looked like I would freak out but I told her itâs fine. She wiped the blood off with a paper towel then we got back in missionary where 3 minutes into fucking I cummed. I was filled with joy! My first orgasm from sex!

    We laid there after sex promising we wouldnât tell anyone and she got up to shower after she pulled the cum filled condom off of me. I laid in bed till she got out of the shower then I showered. I put my briefs back on that were on the floor and she was in her shirt and panties. The next morning I woke up and she was already dressed and ready for class. I asked her how she felt and she told me fine just a little sore. She looked at me and said your obviously the same. I had morning wood.

    So for the next 13 months we had sex regularly. Up to 6 times a week sometimes. Nothing romantic, just sex so each of us could get an orgasm. Probably some of the most vanilla sex ever. We even did anal sex a few times, she wasnât a big fan of that.

    Talk about awkward family reunions. Last year she told me she has yet to find a guy with a dick as nice as mine. Mine had the perfect girth and length for her. I asked if she is still hairy down there and she told me she started shaving after we had sex. I was kinda jealous I didnât get to see her shaved!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 39

    I am married I have two sons they are aware of there sexuality I know they are exploring sex I have caught them wanking each other, I haven't scolded them, I know that the more I tell them off the more they will find a time and a place to do it, but I caught them doing something more serious, sucking each others cocks, I didn't raise the roof to much, it did turn me on seeing them, I thought it was time there dad should be told, I know if they were gay or bisexual there was really nothing I could do, I was Saturday afternoon the boys were out also that was our time to have uninterrupted sex, I was really good he ejaculated in me twice I was more than happy, So I told him all about it and we agreed to ignore it hoping it would stop, he asked more questions about what I saw in detail, I was surprised he pulled the bedclothes back showing me he was hard again, he fucked me again with great force he was like a ram he came a third time, its a long time since we did it three times, I thought about it after why was he so turned on because of what I told him about the boys.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    Granted we'd all had lots to drink, yet having my wife tell me her mom was waiting for me naked on her bed, was a little far out. Yes I'd told me wife before that her mom was hot, and yes I'd flirted a few times with Chrisy (MIL) to the point of us both suggesting sex. But to actually get the ok and invite to fuck her mom, was just fucking surreal. I spent nearly two hours with Chrisy having the best sex of my life. There was nothing we didn't do or at least try in that time, and I learned she can't half take anal sex deep and hard. But probably the best part for me, was as my mother in law mounted my face and had me tonguing both her fuck holes, my wife walked in and sucked my dick clean of her moms love juices. It got me so stoked up, I had my wife promise she'd let me fuck her when we got home.
    However when we did eventually get home, my wife became angry accusing me of seducing her mom and then going too far by fucking her over and over again.
    My wife and I are now back talking and we've also begun to have sex again. Yet I cannot tell her that almost every week since I first fucked her mom nine months back, I've been visiting her moms place and fucking her for as long as we get time together.
    My wife is sexy and good in bed. But her mom is super delicious and an absolute slut for my cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    So it began with a weird FB message from my sister-in-law. I basically deleted my FB because my soon to be ex wife blasted me on there and I grew tired of social media. I did keep the FB Messenger app because I have a lot of friends that I keep in contact with. If they want to talk to me, they can message me directly.

    Like I said before, I received a message from my sister-in-law and it was strange and out of the blue. She recently just had a baby and we donât really talk like that, especially on the FB Messenger. I get a message that says, âWhatâs up?â Iâm like âNot much.â Mind you, she just had a baby and it was just weird she was messaging me. The message then goes on like, âI just had a baby and I canât wait to get back to this size.â She sends me a picture. The pic is her and she nude but covered up by so sort of dr****g. Now this was a red flag for me. Iâm thinking, âWhat the hell os going on?â This has to be someone impersonating her. Boom. Another picture sent.

    The next picture was a collage of her consisting of her fingering herself, shots of her ass and her breasts. Iâm not going to lie, she has a luscious, beautiful breasts and a nice ass. Thatâs when I basically knew someone was acting like her. I would never in a million years try to get with my sister-in-law but man does she have a beautiful body.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    I came home late from work one night and heard my wife in the shower. I immediately walked into the bathroom to let her know I was home and was pleasantly surprised. We have a glass shower enclosure and not only do I clearly see my wife but also her sister. They were showering together and my wife was lathering up her sister. It was so hot to see I got an instant hardon. I had never seen her sister naked before and watching my wife run her hands over her body made it so hot to watch. They both saw me standing there but there was no effort made to stop, cover up or tell me to get out so I took in as much as I could before I thought I might be pushing it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    It was 6 months ago I met this slim attractive 50 yr old brunette with perky tits at a speed dating event.We hit it off and started dating.Carrie Ann has long curly brown hair some freckles and looks about 20 yrs younger than her age.She is very sweet and flirty and has a house which she shares with her father Gordon who is 73 balding chubby and shorter than her about 5 ft 8 while she is 5 ft 10.I had no idea at first there was something going on between her and her father as I though a divorced woman living back with her father was no big deal.One night while drinking we played a truth of dare game.She asked me for one truth and one dare and she surprised me by going first.She said one truth was that she still shares a bed with her father as he has been lonely for years after their mother died.I thought this was quite weird and with a hollow feeling inside me feared the worst, that hanky panky was going on.After this bombshell I did not expect a bigger one but she delivered.Carrie Anne said I think you are very understanding Eugene and you have secrets too.I dare you to watch me and my Dad cuddle.My heart was pounding and at first I thought oh gross then The idea of it stiffened my cock.She smiled and slowly massaged my rock hard penis.Tell me your secrets Mark I will not judge you.I was so horny I felt my inhibitions dissolving.Well one truth for me is that I have fantasized about old men for years sexually but would never act on it.She looked at me and smiled and said why not if it turns you on? My heart kept pounding.My voice grew hoarse and hesitant. My dare is for you to describe your father's cock to me right now.She laughed and said that is easy I know it so well.It is fairly short and chubby about 5 inches cut with a big mushroom head on it.Gets pretty hard though.Oh God i moaned and felt my cock straining against my underwear.That excited you baby didn't it? She then proceeded to take my cock out of my underwear in the bed and gave me a very deep throated slippery blowjob.After she was done she said you are bigger than Daddy and delicious in a different way.

    Weeks went by and she never mentioned the topic again until one night her father who usually was never around when I was there suddenly appeared.He came into her bedroom smoking a Belmont mild.He had a white undershirt on and track pants and I could look at him more closely.He was not terribly attractive but quietly manly in that older man manner.he had glasses on and a belly hanging over the waistband of his pants.Carrie Anne asked her Dad for a drag off his cigarette and she took it from him. She took a long sensual pull on it and exhaled the smoke slowly towards the ceiling.She then knowingly moved face to face with her father standing up and proceeded to give him a deep long welcoming slow kiss.I could not believe it.They started french kissing in front of me as if she was his wife.She had her arms around him and would pull away to take a deep drag on his cigarette.She then pulled down his pants and out popped his stiff 5 inch cut cock with the knob on the end.I could see some pre cum leaking from the tip of his head.She then dropped to her knees.Eugene wants to see me worship Daddy's cock now she said.She then took his cock into her mouth and gave him a long loving blowjob which I am sure she has given him many times before.Before he came in her mouth she pulled away and stubbed out the cigarette.Come here Eugene and show Daddy what you have fantasized about for years.I came over and her Dad faced me with his still stiff stubby cock.Carrie Anne was now lying on the bed with her legs spread and wetness glistening on her naked shaved pussy.Suck him Eugene get him ready for me.I dropped to my knees shaking all over.I faced his cock and gently guided into my mouth. It felt so slippery and right in my mouth.I sucked his cock like I had watched Carrie Anne do.Slowly and lovingly.After a few minutes I decided to stop as I felt intense lust in myself and was shaking still.her father then slowly walked to the bed and mounted his daughter. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and clung to him. He began fucking her like it was second nature.Soon her moaned and his cries missed with each other as he let loose his load in her.After he was dome they kissed. lovingly.They both lit up Belmonts and he offered me one.As I smoked and tried to take in the whole crazy experience her father looked at me and said.Now you and my daughter know how to please me I will expect you to satisfy me whenever I need it. like she does.I took a deep drag and thought soon I am going to be on that bed with my legs wrapped around her daddy feeling exactly what she just had.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Since I noticed my dad gets a boner when I wear skirts around the house, i stopped wearing panties.

    He tries so hard not to look but i know he sneaks a peak.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    When I was seventeen all the moons aligned one weekend and after a bizarre chain of events I wound up in bed with my Mom one Saturday afternoon and we fucked until the next morning. It was an amazing one time thing. We make inside jokes about it to each other to this day. Well, my Dad passed away unexpectedly and after the funeral and luncheon everyone had left except for me and my wife and kids. Mom asked my wife Kim if it was okay for me to stay for a night or two and Kim said goodnight and went home with our three young boys. As soon as they turned out of the drive I turned from the window see my Mom standing right behind me. She gently took my hand led me to her bedroom. And without any words we made passionate love in it's wonderful variety all over her bedroom and the shower the next morning. My mom's ass has always been perfection to me and when I came deep in her ass the first time it was the most intense orgasm of my life, I almost passed out. That was about four months ago and so far only some new inside jokes.

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