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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was about 5 yrs old my 8 yr old step sister invited me in the closet for a secret game. She had a deck of cards and she dealt them out, we looked at them she said she won, and told me to take my shirt off. After a few hands we were naked and on the next hand she told me te lick her where she pees. I did and I liked it. This went on daily till we was getting bold, and I would jump in bed with her well before bedtime and lick and suck her pussy. At one point she peed in my mouth which I didn't like but I didn't stop sucking her pussy. One day we was in the closet when her dad opened the door and beat both our ass. Soon we didn't live together anymore so I started exploring my body compulsively. I was jacking off before I could produce cum and I was fingering my ass with various objects.
    By the time I was 15, I was using a douche to clean my ass and using slim shampoo bottles and such to work my ass. I learned to control my butthole muscle so it didn't hurt and felt good after a good cleaning my ass would make its own lubrication. I started masterbating with the large end of a whiffle ball bat in my ass while I was laying on my back with my knees by my ears. Working the bat fast and I would squirt my cum load in my mouth and swallow it.
    I would often spend the night with cousins when I was 15. He was 13 and would still take a bathe with his sister, which I thought was weird. I started taking a bath with him and he would touch and grab my dick a lot. He said his sister done it to him.
    We slept in the same bed and in the middle of the night he would touch me and stick his hands in underwear and touch my butthole. I would pretend to be asleep but one night I pushed my ass toward him and spread my checks right at the moment he touched my butthole. He jumped and snatched his arm back, I rolled over and found he was naked and jacking off so we jacked off together. The next time I was there it was automatic that we would sleep naked and I soon started teaching him to finger his ass in the tub. I started sucking him off in bed while he jacked me off. By the time I was 18, he was fucking me in the ass and coming in me and I loved it.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I started having sex when I was 15, and never looked back. I'm 22 now. I can't get enough of it. I've always loved pushing the limits on sexual encounters and fun. Public places, one night stands, threesomes, very rough sex, etc. I tend to dress pretty slutty because I like the attention I get. I can't help it. I even dress pretty slutty around the house. It's not a big deal now because I've been living in my own apartment for a couple years now. But when I was still at my parents house, my mom used to constantly tell me to put on more clothes, among other things. We never got along that well and have never really gotten very close.

    Well, very recently I was visiting my parents, and as always I was dressed to kill. That day I had on a short denim skirt, a tank top that showed off my boobs, and a button up sweater that I left unbuttoned. Then at night I changed into some short booty shorts and a smaller spaghetti strap tank top, no bra. Well it was getting late and I had been having some drinks with my dad and brother. Mom had gone to bed early as always. I had just finished making a drink and talking to my brother, when I looked at my dad to include him in the conversation, and I realized he wasn't hearing a word I was saying. He was staring right at me, checking me out. I stopped talking for a minute and looked at my brother and smiled and motioned for him to look at dad, who was still clearly checking me out and had no clue we were looking at him. We both laughed and finally my dad broke out of his stare and went along like nothing had happened, which made Nick (my brother) and I just laugh harder. Now, I was more than okay with daddy checking me out. It excited me. I don't know why. I'm just wired differently, I guess. I know there's probably something wrong with me, lol.

    Well, probably only 10 minutes later, dad started saying he was going to head to bed. I pleaded with him to stay up. He gave me the old "well I really should be heading to bed" routine. I told him to hold on, that I wanted to show him something. I told him I'd be right back, and I headed to my bedroom, which was still setup with a lot of my stuff in it. I didn't really know what I was going to do, but I knew I was horny, and wanted to push the limits with my dad and see what I could or couldn't get him to do. I ended up deciding that I'd do something he couldn't ignore. I took off my shirt, and I walked back into the living room where my brother and dad were sitting down, waiting for me. The looks on their faces were priceless! Lol!

    "Rachel, what the fuck are you doing?" my dad said.

    My brother said nothing. But when I looked at him I could already see that he was trying and failing to cover his erection with his arm.

    I didn't really answer the question. I just said "what? You don't like it?" as I pressed my 34c tits together.

    He told me he was going to bed, but I ran over to him as he tried to get up, and I got on top of him. I pressed my tits into his face and rubbed them back and forth, and then I moved my hips down and grinded my pussy against his cock, which was rock hard at this point. He flipped out, and pushed me off him. He started going on about how I was way out of line, blah blah blah.

    As he stood in front of me, I got onto my knees and looked up at him and said in my sexiest voice "please daddy?" He looked at Nick, and then he looked down at me. And he kept standing there, I started to undo his belt, and then his pants. It didn't take me long to get his boxers down and expose his cock, which was a pretty good size, which was a nice surprise. I started to stroke his cock, and he was saying "baby... really?" in a completely insincere attempt to talk me out of it, lol. I knew I had him. I started to suck his cock. It was a huge thrill for me. At first when I'd look up, his eyes were closed most of the time. After a couple minutes, he was looking down at me, and clearly enjoying the blowjob. He started putting his hand on my head and thrusting his hips, pretty much fucking my mouth. I loved it. I was deepthroating daddy. Eventually, he came inside my mouth and I swallowed every drop. I looked over at Nick, very aware that he was still there, and he had been jerking off. Not one to disappoint, I crawled onto the couch and began to suck his dick. He's not anywhere near as big as my dad. I think he had also gotten pretty close to cumming before I started to blow him, because he came inside my mouth no more than a minute after I started. I wasn't expecting it and some of the cum leaked out of my mouth before I was able to keep the rest in and swallow it. Yeah... I like swallowing cum, lol. I sat up and leaned back on the couch, and looked at my dad who was still standing there, I guess processing everything that had happened. He was staring at me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. Soon, Nick ran off like a bitch to his bedroom. He is my older brother, but I think it's entirely possible that I had just given him his first blowjob.

    Anyway... Dad was still standing there in silence. I got up, happy as hell with myself, and went to make another drink. Jack and Coke. I love to drink almost as much as I love sex, lol. By the time I had finished pouring and turned around, dad had joined me in the kitchen.

    &quo t;What the fuck was that about?" He asked me.

    "I just wanted to have some fun. Didn't you have fun?" I asked him.

    He was silent for a few seconds, seemingly gathering his thoughts, and then he told me "Rachel, for years you've walked around here dressed like a slut. And for years I tried to ignore it. I knew it was wrong. I never would have dreamed of touching you. Never for a second. And now, you do this?" He said.

    I told him "I just wanted to have fun. I didn't know you were thinking about me before. But I'm glad. You deserve to have fun, too."

    There was silence, and then he walked over to me. He leaned in and kissed me, hard. We made out, and he roughly groped my tits.

    And then he stopped, and he said "forgive me". And I started to say "for what daddy? This was all my idea. It's my fault." But I soon realize he didn't mean to forgive him for what we had done, but rather, forgive him for what he was about to do.

    He turned me around and pushed me over, bent over the counter. He quickly pulled down my shorts, and got right behind me. And then, he very aggressively ripped off my panties. And I do mean ripped them off. Granted, it was a thong, but still, he ripped them at the side and tore them off me. He held me down over the counter with his left arm and undid his pants with his other arm. I was his for the taking, but it was a huge turn on that my dad was being rough with me and taking what he wanted. The moment of anticipation didn't last long. He shoved his big cock inside me and leaned down on me. I couldn't help but moan, loud. And then, things got even more interesting...

    "Yeah, is that what you want, you little whore? Daddy's little fucking slut" he said. I was in shock. Completely full of joy and in heaven, but still shocked. I never in a million years had thought that my dad could say anything like that. To anyone, let alone his daughter.

    He began to fuck me, deep, hard, and slow. He put one hand on my back, and the other hand pulling my hair. Sometimes he'd move his hands to my ass or hips with the occasional hard spank, but it was mostly his hand on my back holding me down, or pulling my hair. I was in heaven. He began to fuck me faster, and talked dirty, a lot. He fucked the shit out of me for probably 10 more minutes before he buried his cock deep inside my pussy, and shot his load inside me. His cock twitched inside me long after his cum had stopped pumping. He held me down and told me "there, you little bitch. Are you happy?" I broke free and gave him a huge smile, and said "yes daddy, I am." I then got down on my knees and began to clean the juices off his cock with my mouth and tongue. When I was finished, he told me to go put some clothes on and go to bed. I picked up my shorts and torn panties, and went right to my room and went to bed.

    Now, this was the best sex of my life. Not even a question, and I've had my share of good experiences. The next day, we all got up and acted like it never happened. Well, Nick was a bit strange towards me, but dad was normal and mom was clueless that her husband had fucked his little girl. I went home later during the day. Now all I can do is think back on the great time we had, and hope that we can do it again, sooner rather than later.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    The thought of what I've just done doesn't fill me with pride or sexual energy. It annoys me though that I really really enjoyed the sex. In fact enjoyment is an understatement.
    Four days ago my brother in law Neil called by our home. He'd called by I thought at first, to see his older brother. Only when I turned round after offering him a drink, he'd removed his shorts to reveal to me he is far more well endowed than my husband. Smiling at me, he asked me if I wanted feel his cock sliding up my pussy and ass. I'm now embarrassed to say, I was on my knees and sucking in his mammoth cock within seconds.
    My husband's cock measures exactly five and half inches in length. His younger brothers cock measures precisely nine and half inches in length, and is so much thicker.
    For nearly an hour he had me sucking his cock, taking it up my extremely wet pussy and finally after having me orgasm countless times fucking my pussy, he slid his huge cock up my asshole. I've never had an anal orgasm before, but Neil's massive cock drove me to at least two that I can remember. In all I found myself craving for him to fuck me harder and deeper, and by the time he'd cum inside me for a second time I was his to do what he wanted.
    Walking out without hardly noticing me lay naked in front of him. He said "I'll call by next Friday, make sure you're ready to get fucked all over again, you slut".
    I do feel guilty, and I am honestly annoyed with myself. Yet I now know for certain if he calls by next Friday, I'll want his enormous cock fucking me in all my holes all over again.

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    Straight Female / 18

    In bed with dad

    In a morning when mum has gone out for her early shift one day a week, I usually get in bed with my dad for a hour before I get up for work its something I have always done, I only have my nightie on, when I slide down and my nightie ends around my waste with my bottom in dads lap, he always had his pyjamas on the last time he didn't so my bare bottom was against his naked groin I could feel his body hair and his penis against the crack of my bottom, I know he couldent help getting an erection he apologised, said it was involuntary and he couldent help it, it felt wrong and good at the same time having his dick resting in my crack, if anybody can anybody understands that, we didn't do anything naughty, is it really bad of me enjoying his penis pressing on my private part, it did have the desired affect, if I get in with him again am I asking for something to happen, I know he is going short of sex may be that's why he excited about my bottom in his lap, should I or shouldn't I want to and don't, Help

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    Straight Male / 22

    I am having an affair with my stepmother for 2 years now.

    My father and mother divorced when I was a kid because my father had an affair with the woman who is now my stepmother. She is about 10 years younger than he is. I moved in with my dad and stepmom when I got into a college which is in the same town to save money. They have a son, my step brother.

    My step mom is touching 40 now, but is still quite hot. She is a latina milf - shoulder length black hair, rich brown skin, sparkly black eyes, big hips and a sexy walk. She has just a hint of a spanish accent which is so sexy.

    About a week after I reached, my step mom complained of a headache while my dad was out fishing one weekend. She asked if I would massage her, I agreed. She said I was good, and would I please massage her neck and back. We moved to the bedroom and she stripped down and lay on the bed. I was having fun massaging her and brushing against her boobs and the top of her butt.

    Then she asked my to massage her legs. I was getting the message now and stripped off her jeggings so she was only in a panty. I brought oil and began rubbing it on her thighs and calves. She said I should take off my clothes to avoid getting oil on them, I was out of my clothes before she could finish the sentence.

    Now it was just her panties. I straddled her butt so my hard cock was rubbing up and down her butt crack as a slowly massaged her from shoulder to hip. Using my cockhead, I poked her panties to bunch up in her butt crack, sometimes brushing against her pussy, sometimes against her ass. Then she said she wanted her front massaged too.

    She turned over and I could see her full breasts and the most gorgeous dark nipples all hard and aroused. She could my cock was hard, but she didnt say anything, closed her eyes and let me gently knead her breasts. She has just a little sag and a few stretch marks on her boobs and belly, but they just seemed to make her sexier.

    Slowly I brushed over her nipples, lightly teasing them. With my fingers, I began drawing small circles around them, pulling in to the tip, then outwards. Her mouth opened and her breathing speeded up. Before she could react, I shifted and picked up her legs so they were over my knees instead of under them. She opened her eyes to see I was now position to penetrate her, my cock was knocking at her pussy. Only an oily strip of cloth remained.

    She looked at me, waiting, but I just kept teasing her nipples. I put one hand to her lips and slowly traced their outline. She opened her mouth and reached for my fingers, but I pulled them away. We played catch the finger for a bit, then I let her suck it.

    When that was done, I put my other hand on my cock and began stroking it over her clit through the panties. Now she began grinding against me, caressing me with her hands and finally pulled out my fingers from her mouth and said - fuck me.

    I tore off her panties and pushed myself in her roughly. She yelped at the sudden entry, but I was too caught up to care. I began fucking her fast and hard. She was dripping wet and moaning and gasping like a slut. She was clawing at my shoulders, and the pain just made me fuck her harder. She pulled my head towards her and kissed me, I licked and sucked her nipples pretty violently, she had her legs wrapped around me.

    When she came, she bit down on my shoulder and I sucked her earlobe as her pussy just gave off these really cute little twitches. I kept fucking her (not an athlete, just a hardened masturbator :) until she came a second time then came about half a gallon inside her.

    Since then we've been doing it pretty regularly. Apparently my dad doesn't have much of an appetite any more. My step mom told me shed had a couple of affairs already, but wanted to seize a readily available cock when it came to her house.

    I don't really regret my dads feelings. He did the same to my mom, so I guess its like the circle of life. I do hope my mom never finds out though, because she totally hates my stepmom!

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    Straight Male / 35

    My sister is 3 years older than I am. When I was 13 she called out for me to come into her room, the door was closed so I knocked. she told me to come in. She was sitting on her bed covered with a sheet. She said come here, so I did. She then threw back the sheet and grabbed my hand and made me put a finger in her pussy. She said, "keep doing that, it'll feel better." I said, "how if it feels gross?" Then I pulled my finger out and left. Ever since I wish I would have kept fingering her, and I want to go visit her and fuck her. The best sex I ever had was with one of my ex girlfriends while I was thinking about my sister.

    I know this probably won't get any comments as it's not a great sex story between siblings and that's fine with me, although I would like to read your comments, but it's a true confession. Thanks for reading.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    The other day my father in law ask me to go to the bar with him to have a few drink. I didn't at first but my wife said go and have fun and get some male bonding you two don't get to do things much. So I went with him and we both have so much to drink neither one of us could drive home. We were fuck up good. We sat in the car and we talk, thinking maybe we can be sober enough to drive home afterward. The conversation went well but he asked me about his daughter, is she good in bed. I felt uncomfortable to answer that question so I just ignore it but he ask me again thinking I didn't hear him. This time I told him, yes she is good in bed but she won't let me fuck her in the ass.

    I have always wanted to try it at least once in my life. He said, you have never fuck anyone in the ass and I said no but I would die for it. He said, his wife love to get fuck in the ass and was surprise his daughter doesn't want to try it. Then he said, I have this fetish for years.

    I ask him what is it. He said, he would love to try sucking a real cock instead of a dildo that he been using after he used in his wife pussy. I smile and look straight into his eyes and said are serious about that. He said, yes and if you let me suck your cock I will let you fuck my wife in the ass. I said okay you got yourself a deal. So I pull out my cock and he massaging it, stroking it to get it hard. It didn't take long for him to get my cock in his mouth. He was sucking and licking it so good I cum suddenly I couldn't hold onto it any longer. It was a lot of cum and he took his time licking it all. Then I said you promise me I get to fuck your wife in the ass and he said yes will do just that.

    By this time we both were sober up and we went home. The next day he called me up and said today is the day. I knew what he meant so I told my wife I will be at her parents house helping her dad to do some stuff, she said okay see you when you get home. I went to their house and ring the door bell. The wife open the door with just her robe on nothing underneath. Because I could see her nipples poking out of her nightgown and no panties line. She said, your wish finally came true and you will find out how it feel and I love having a young cock in my ass with a big smile on her face. I guess her husband must of told her already.

    We both walked into her bedroom and she wasted no time but to get me naked. She start sucking my soft cock and stroking it. I asked where is your husband and she said oh he is around here somewhere and told her just have fun. She is having fun alright, we both take turn doing oral sex and I love her pussy. She tasted as good as her daughter pussy. Then her husband walk in while we were having sex and said can I join in. The wife said you just in time, he is getting ready to fuck me in the ass. He laugh and said great I will get on the bottom eating your pussy while he fuck you in the ass. She said I love that. So the husband is on the bottom eating her pussy while I am fucking her ass.

    She has a tight bubble ass and it feel so good going in and out. I was slapping her bubble butt with my hands as I was fucking her ass and the husband is eating her pussy. I was enjoying it so much I didn't want to stop and beside when I pull my cock out the husband was sucking it. So I was getting my cock suck by the husband and at the same time I was fucking his wife ass. What more do I want right....

    This went on for a long time until the wife said I am ready to be fuck in my pussy and ass at the same time. So we sandwich her together and of course I will her ass again. Then she said, she want to suck some cock. The husband got in front of her and I stay in the back to do doggie style to her pussy and ass. I was fucking her ass more than her pussy and wow it was fantastic. Of course we all cum and the husband wanted me to suck his cock next time and I said I have never done that. He said he has never done it until the other night with me. So I don't know at this time but if he keep letting me fuck his wife in the ass I might just do it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    I was going with my wife amd daughter to Paris a d had already made all the arrngements, booked and paid for flights, booked and paid for hotel accommodation etc. the day before we had to leave my mother in law fell iil and my wife said that she could not go with us anymore. I wanted to cancel everything but my wife insisted my daughter and I go and that she would join us a week later or as soon as she could.

    My daughter had not been overseas before so obviously she was keen to go. We decided that we would go and my wife would join us later. The next day my wife dropped us off at the airport and we waited to board the plane. Y daughter took the window seat and I was seated at the aisle, the centre seat was my wife's which was now empty.

    My daughter was 22 years old and very excited to go on her first overseas trip. We had supper on the plane and they switched off the lights so that we could settle down and sleep, we both were watching movies as people normally do. I was watching a movie that had a few sex scences in and I felt a bit horny. I wished my wife was there so that I could at least cuddle up to her a d maybe get a feel or two. I fell asleep with a hardon.

    What I did not realize was that my daughter was watching the same movie amd it had turned her on as well. She wanted to go to the toilet a d had to slide over me as I was asleep. I woke up as she was trying to get over me and she ended up sitting on my lap, and therefore on my massive hardon. Instead of getting off quickly she lingered on my lap and I felt my cock sit snugly between her lovely tight bum cheeks. She has a loose tracsuit bottom on which allowed my cock to go into the groove of het arse.

    She got off and I went to the toilet. When she got back I stood up so she could get to her seat, problem was my cock was still rock hard so I had to cover it up. I am a big guy so I don't sleep well on the plane, usually on and off. She had fallen asleep turned toward the window with her bum towards my side. Her tracksuite pants had moved down and I coud see a portion for het white g string sticking out. I looked away reminding myself that it was my daughter a d not just a sexy young woman with a nice arse.

    The rest of the flight went well and we landed at the airport and made our way to the hotel room. There were twin beds in the room as I had requested. We had a quick nap to recover a bit from the flight. When I woke up my daughter was in the bathroom we had arranged that she would get dressed their And I would get dressed in the room. The door was slightly open amd I could see the mirror in the bath a d the image of her changing, she was in her panty and bra.

    I knew this was going to be a difficult week for me and I needed to have a lot of resistance. I womdered why she had not closed the door completely, maybe she wanted me to see her. We went out of the room to a few sites that we wanted to see. Back at the hotel room we decided to sleep early a d would start our proper sightseeing the following day. She went to the toilet to take a wee and I could clearly hear her peeing, making my cock rock hard again.

    She had a short nighty on with a pair of pantie, white, amd I could see her black dark pussy hairs showing through, i went to the toilet and masturbated. I am sure she must have heard me but I did not care. If I did not masturbate I would have tried to fuck her.

    I slept in a short pants with no shirt. When I woke up the next morning she was still asleep and had no blanket or cover over her. She was lying on her back amd I could clearly see het tits through her top aswell as her pussy through her panties. I stared at her and decided to play with my cock, initially I did it quietly but as my lust increased I did not care anymore. She woke up as I was coming.

    Luckily she did not see me. We got dressed went for breakfast amd comtinued with our days planning. That night we were tired and fell asleep quickly after showering amd getting dressed. I was sleeping on my back and woke up to find my daughter naked on top of me and she was putting my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. She started riding my cock she came quickly, roding me untel I came in her. She said fuck me daddy I know you want to fuck my tight pussy.
    We slept together naked spooning her.

    The next morning I woke up with my hard cock against her bum, when she woke up she took it with her hand at ince again slid my hard cock into het already wet pussy. We fucked all day and day and night for the rest of the week. At the end of the week my wife let me know that she would be joining us as her mother had recovered from her ilness.

    She asked as if we were enjoying our time together and we both said that it was heavenly. I had fucked my sexy daughter the whole week from all sides and angles and could not get enough of her wet pussy. She could also not get enough of my cock.

    My wife joined us a d we needed to take it easy we did not get a chance to do it again. On the way back on the plane my daughter sat in the centre seat amd I sat at the window side. She was able to play with my cock and I fingered her a few times amd fondled her breats.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I started high school, 13 years old, we had a maths teacher that was very sexy, she used to sit with her legs slightly open and we could see her nice white panties, for a 13 year old this was heaven. I used to go home everyday from school and masturbate as many times as time allowed. Obviously with one person on my mind the maths teacher.

    If she just new how many time I had fucked her in my imagination. I wanted more then just a picture in my mind of her pussy I wanted to taste, smell and touch pussy. To see is great but to touch smell and taste is the ultimate. There was no way that I could or would be able to do it with her, so I started looking at my older sister differently. Imagining what her pussy looked like and tasted. I knew what it smelt like - she used to live next door to us in the neighboring apartment and would pop into our house after work.

    She was 12 years older than me therefore 25 and slightly overweight. Every time she popped in to visit after work I could smell her pussy odor. I sat opposite her and she wore mini dresses, hoping to see some panties. She did not disappoint and I would often see the different color panties she had on. Fuck I needed to fucke her. She would walk to the kitchen for a glass of water and I would follow her looking at her arse, putting my hand as close as possible to her arse without touching it.

    When she went home I would immediately go to the toilet and masturbate. One evening she came to our apartment and said that she would be going out and left her key at our house. Just after she left I took the key and went into her apartment to look around for those used panties. I found a pair in laundry basket, they were still warm and wet and had a good amount of pussy juice in them. I tasted it smelled it and masturbated in her toilet cumming in her panties. I put them back into the basket.

    I started doing this on a regular basis, I new what her pussed smelled like, I knew what it tasted like I now want to see and touch it and if lucky put my nice young cock into it. I did not have to wait long for that. One evening she came to our apartment and said she was going out, she dropped off the key and left, shortly afterwards I took the key and went to her apartment. I had just put the panty over my head with the wet and smelly part over my nose and I was buse stroking my hard cock, when the toilet door opened and my sister asked what I was doing. Cock in hand I stood up and was speechless.

    She said she thought that it was me cumming in her used panties and started picking up the pattern. I thought I was in trouble but she said that for a young boy I had a nice big hard cock. She lifted the mini dress and showed me her panties and asked if I had cum in those before. I nodded confirming that I had seen them before. She took them off and asked me to smell them, they were sopping wet. Her c**t was dripping and she coul not keep her eyes of my cock.

    She had a bush of pitch black pussy hair and her skin was white the contrast was beautiful and I almost came just looking at her. She asked me to touch her pussy, I came immediately. She said not to worry she would get it up for me again. She cupped my balls in her hand and gently rubbed them, being so young my cock was immediately up and hard again.

    My sister took me to her room , gave me some head let me touch her body all over and eventually allowed me to fuck her. My first fuck was and is still the best fuck I had. She told me it was a once off and that I needed to focus on other girls but she allowed me to fuck her every now and then.

    There is nothing better in lofe than a woman, I love women for obvious reasons.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Not a normal situation here and one I'd like to have people reply to.
    My dad got married to a really good looking younger woman in June last year (My mother passed away when I was six). So she's technically my step mum.
    When they first married they were having sex all the time. But recently my father who's forty six, has had an accident. It pretty much means for some considerable time they're not going to be fucking.
    Michelle my father's wife who's twenty nine (But looks younger than me) walked in on me just over a couple of weeks back, and caught me wanking to porn. Rather than walking away, she stood, smiled and told me I have a really big dick.
    Embarrassed, I quickly put my cock away and asked her not to say anything to my dad. Winking at me she said "I won't if you do something for me when we get back from our holiday". Before she moved, she took hold of my hand, slid it up under her short loose skirt and pressed it to her pussy through her knickers "Fuck me when we get home". Again she winked at me and sauntered off.
    They went on their holiday the following day, but not before she came into my bedroom naked and told me "This is what you're going to be fucking on our return".
    They got back two days ago. Michelle and I haven't done anything yet (I have told her I've masturbated, thinking about sliding my cock up her pussy and arsehole) But next week, all week, my father will be traveling down south on a business trip. It will leave Michelle and me more than enough time to have sex, and she's been giving me sly sexual innuendos since they got back.
    But, it's my dad's wife I'd be fucking. Yes she's much younger than him, and from what I can gather far more into sex than him. Yet it my step mum who I'd be fucking and all round I don't know if we should be fucking. Having said that, if I met her without her being with my dad, I'd fuck that beautiful woman in s heart beat.
    So my question is, what should I do next week. Ignore our carnal sexual needs, or fuck the shit out of her gorgeous body all week, and risk hurting my dad.

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