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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    I married to this wonderful lady almost a year. She has a daughter getting ready to go to college near where we lived. She ask me if it was okay for her daughter to move in while going to college. I said sure we do have extra bedroom. During the summer she moved in and I got to know her pretty well, very pretty no boyfriend. I asked her why she don't have a boyfriend. She said she did when she was in high school. She doesn't want one now is because she wants to concentrate in college. She also said they want to get marry and I am not ready for that. School started in fall and she had sign up so many classes to keep her busy in school all day.

    One day I was home alone, it was my day off. I had a crush on my step daughter the first day I met her. She is young sexy looking just my kind of a girl. I went into her bedroom and snoop around. I found her dirty panties and start to smell it. It smell so good I realize the white crusty spot on her panties and I started to lick on it. Then I end up sucking the spot until it was completely clean and gone. I continue my snooping and found she had a small vibrator underneath of her panties she kept. I pick it up and smell it. She must of just used it and didn't bother to clean it. So I put that in my mouth and start sucking and licking the vibrator, it tasted sweet. By then I knew she was on her way home from college so I quickly put things away so I wouldn't get caught.

    I kept on doing that for several months until one day I got caught. She got home early that day due to several of her classes got cancelled. She walked in on me while I was doing the same thing all these time. She was shock seeing me with her panties in my mouth and playing with her vibrator. I told her PLEASE don't tell your mom I will do anything you want. She said how long have I been doing this. I told her the day she moved in I had a crush on her and wanted to know how her little sweet pussy taste. She said really and I said yes I have dream about you in my sleep. When I have sex with your mom I am thinking is you I am having sex with. She said well I haven't had a real cock in my pussy for a long time and I love oral sex. I asked her what do you want me to do. She said you want to see what my pussy taste come over and start licking it.

    She strip down lay on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. I got onto the bed and bury my mouth on her pussy and just gone crazy. She said take your time mom won't be home for awhile. I took my time eating, licking, sucking the clitoris and fingering her wet pussy. She went wild screaming, moaning and said you have to fuck me now. I got up stick my hard cock inside of her wet pussy and start pumping away. As I was fucking her I told her a secret what her mom like to do. She said tell me. I told her we have a strap on she put on. It has a butt plug for her ass, a dildo for her pussy and another dildo for her to fuck me in the ass. She said are you serious, I said yes, is our wild and crazy things we do. I ask her do you want to try it, she said if mom like it I will try it.

    I went into my bedroom and got the strap-on and give it to her to put it on. First she said the butt plug hurts. I said you have to slowly push it in and relax your butt muscle until it get used to it. It took a little while for her to adjust to the butt plug. Then she slip the dildo inside of her wet pussy with no problem. She said, wow this feel different I think I like it. I said your mom love it and now you get to fuck me in the ass. I told her put a lot of lube on then push the dildo into my ass. She did just that and wow, she was enjoy fucking my ass. I told her while you are fucking my ass take one of your hand and start stroking my cock fast and hard. Wow she catch on quick, suddenly I shot my load of cum while she was fucking my ass.

    She said is time for me to cum. I said okay come and sit on my face and grind that sweet pussy of your till you cum. She was rocking back and forth and I was squeezing her boobs. She was about to cum because she grab onto my head really tight against her pussy and her butt cheek was tighten up. She cum so hard her clitoris was sensitive and she quickly got up and lay on the bed exhausted.

    After we had our fun time together. I told her I will do anything she wants and needs just don't tell your mom about all this. She said you got a deal. I want you to pay for my college education while I am staying here along with anything I need. I said as long as we continue having fun together I will do just that and promise me you won't tell anyone about this. She said we both are adult and you have my promise. We continue having our fun time together is great. I got to fuck her mom and my step daughter. What more than a man want....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I share an apartment with my brother. When he masturbates in front of me, he does it without taking his clothes off. He wears a tee shirt and spandex shorts. Spandex is tight material, so I can see the shape of his cock and balls. Yesterday he masturbated. He caressed his cock through his spandex shorts. His cock got erect. I could see the spandex stretching. He stroked his cock and moaned "ohhhhhh, ssssssss." He told me how horny he was. He kept moaning "ohhhhh yeah, ssssss." When he got close to orgasm, his moaning got louder and more desperate, and he said "my cock milk is coming, oooooohhhh my milk is coming." Then he screamed and said "drink my milk." Then he squirted out his cock milk. The crotch area of his spandex shorts got wet. He kept stroking his cock until all his cum was out. He squirted out a lot of cum. When he showered, I secretly smelled his cum. I picked up his spandex shorts and smelled the crotch area. My brother masturbates a lot.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I share an apartment with my brother. He doesn't let me watch him masturbate, but he lets me listen. Yesterday when he was masturbating, I sat outside his room and listened to his moaning. He told me how big his cock is and how horny he was. He was moaning. He told me that he was stroking his cock with baby oil. When he was close to cuming, he said "ohhhhhh, my cock milk is cuming." Then he screamed and said "I'm squiring out my cock milk. Ohhhhh, my sperm is coming out, a lot of cum." My brother masturbates every 2 days. When he needs to masturbate, he tells me that he needs to "milk himself" or that he needs to "let his sperm out."

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 36

    When I was younger my family use to spend some of the summer staying at my aunt and uncles cottage. It was total freedom for us kids as we had the complete run of the rural area and lake.

    My cousin Judy was tall and lanky, but had nice morsels of a-cup breasts. I tried to steal a peek whenever she was wearing a bikini top, which was often. She had brunette hair in a bob, which was a common style.

    She did not pay me any attention, as she was more interested in boys from some of the other cottages. They would sometimes try to sneak off with her into the forest for private time. I became curious and started to follow them.

    Most times I would just observe Judy and the current boy in some hot make-out session. But sometimes a boy would be more bold and reach under her bikini top to cop a feel of her breasts. Judy would often moan in response.

    One time Judy was with a guy named Dan and they had a prolong make-out session. Judy was sitting on Dan's lap while french kissing. Dan began to reach under her bikini top, but Judy removed her top completely. This was my first view of Judy's beautiful breasts with her erect nipples. Dan began to suck on them and Judy moaned appreciatively.

    Then Dan tried to reach inside her bikini bottoms, but Judy push him away. So Dan started to rub between Judy's legs overtop of the cloth of her bottoms. Then Judy began to ride his hand between her legs. I was getting aroused watching all of this and tried to move for a closer view.

    Unfortuna tely this spooked Dan and he ran off, leading Judy still aroused but alone. Judy began to look around and I guess she saw me and called out my name. I came out of my hiding place.

    She called me a pervert for watching her and Dan. I did not respond because I was transfixed on her bikini bottoms as there was a small wet spot over her pussy lips.

    Judy saw this, and said I was nasty for spying on my own cousin. She was mad at me for interrupting her fun, and said I had to make it up for her.

    She told me to pull down my shorts or she would tell my parents what I had been doing. So I complied. She giggled that my cock was so small, but I think she was just being mean to me. She instructed me to start stroking my cock slowly, so I did.

    Judy started to stare at me as I was stroking, then pulled her bikini bottom aside and inserted one finger into her pussy lips. This got me more aroused and my cock got thicker and harder. Judy started to finger herself more vigorously and told me to stroke myself faster. She also squeezed her bare breast with her other hand at the same time.

    We were putting on a show for each other in this joint masturbation session. Judy began to squirm around as she moaned anld groaned. But I was the one who lost control first and I had to grasp a tree branch to avoid falling over as my cock spurted ribbons of cum in Judy's direction.

    Judy was quick to follow and began to babble incoherently, as she startef to squirt. Her pussy juices where harder to see as they were clear, but I could see a large dark wet spot growing on her bikini bottom.

    It took a few minutes for both Judy and I to recover our normal breathing. She told me that I had to escort her back to our cottage to cover up her wet spot. I gladly agreed.

    Judy mentioned that she also wanted me to follow her when she went with a boy into the woods, as a form of protection if a boy got carried away. Judy and I also played alone sometimes, but this will be the source of further stories.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I share an apartment with my brother. My brother has big hard turds and sometimes he gets constipated. This morning he was constipated, so he pooped dog-style. He read somewhere that when you're constipated, you should try pooping dog-style. He pooped in the living room into a big plastic bag. I held the bag in place while he pooped. He grunted to push his poop out. I saw his poop hole stretching and his big turd coming out. He was grunting and pushing (he twisted his face and curled his toes). When his turd came out, he moaned with relief "ohhhhhhhhh." He grunted out 5 big turds. His face looks ugly when he's grunting and pushing out his turds (his face looks like a growling dog). He grunts like a bull.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    My sister masturbated last night with my help. I held open her c**t lips while she stroked her slit. Her slit was wet and she was moaning. She also rubbed her clit (her clit is sensitive, so she curled her toes and made faces). When she was close to cuming, she told me that her c**t milk was cuming. Then she squealed and squirted out her c**t milk. White goo squirted out of her c**t hole. She masturbates every two days and I always hold open her c**t lips while she strokes her slit.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    In some ways I'm still recovering from two days ago, and my twenty eighth birthday celebrations. When I say in some ways, the alcohol and the night of dancing with family and friends at a club, soon dissipated. What hasn't gone away is the memory of what my father in law Ian and I got up to after he helped me take his son up to bed. Olly, my husband, was blind drunk. So it took both of us to shift him upstairs. But instead of coming straight back downstairs, I ended up in our guest bedroom with Ian taking the fucking of my life. I'd known for some time that Ian fancied me, and truth be told, the feeling was mutual. So when he asked me if he could help me with Olly, then said we could find out if we were "Good together" I knew precisely what he meant. And I also knew the moment his hands wrapped around me after exiting our bedroom, I was going to have anything goes sex with my father in law.
    The sex was by some distance the best sex I've ever had with anyone. From sucking on his beautiful cock, having him lick out my pussy and ass, and then fucking in ways I've never done or thought of before. It truly was an amazing time that we spent having sex. Never before had I let someone fuck my asshole for so long and so forceful. It took some getting used to I can tell you. But once I'd had Ian fucking my ass for what seemed like and hour, I absolutely craved his cock deep inside my butt. I would go as far as to say, I practically begged him to carry on fucking my asshole qwhen he came up it. Only the noise of Olly stirring a few hours after we'd entered the guest room stopped us having more sex. And at that point, I was sucking on Ian's cum coated cock after he'd slid out of my ass.
    It was me who had earlier phoned Grace his wife (Olly's step mom) to say Ian would be staying over, as Olly was a real handful being as drunk as he was. She easily accepted her husband would be staying and even implied I have a good time getting to know him properly.
    Two days on I do feel a little guilty. But my overriding feeling is one of wanting to feel Ian's gorgeous cock fucking me all over again. And to that extent I've had Olly invite his father round at the weekend. Grace will be away overnight Saturday after traveling over to see her mom. So knowing Olly will want a drink, I've already got in his favorite drink, Tequila. Hopefully he'll get himself drunk again and if he does, I'll make damn sure I have Ian's cock fucking my mouth, pussy and ass.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    Has anybody wrestled with a family member and things hade gone a bit to far I did with a member of my family and I was being groped wandering hands, to be honest I did like it, I am wondering how far I should let it go, it was suggested we should do it again soon and I agreed to it, it felt wrong because it was family and good at the same time, I would like to hear experiences and opinions from anybody please.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'm a freshman in college and I live with my parents luckily. Last Saturday I was suppose to be heading out of town for a three day camping trip. I had called my parents the night before to tell them I wasn't going to be home for the weekend. Due to heavy drinking the night before we had a late wake up which worked out okay because I needed to grab a few things that I had forgotten at my parents. By the time my friend and I got pulled up to the house it was about 1000 or 1100 am and there was a car I didn't recognize and one that I did belonging to my aunt. The front door was locked which was very unusual so I walked around to the backyard not thinking anything of it and let myself in through the sunroom. As I quietly came in I heard multiple voice belonging to my mom, my aunt, and another lady. They were talking and saying some vulgar and sexual things. I listened for a moment and briefly hear my stepfathers voice. At this point I had to look. Carefully I poked my head around the corner to see into the living room. To my surprise, there was a large blanket spread across the floor, my very handsome and muscular S.Father was on all fours, my mother hand a strap on, on, as well as all of the ladies in the room. My mother was behind my dad grabbing his hips thrusting hard into his butt. My aunt had her hand on the back of his head and was violently making him suck and gag on the dildo she was wearing and the third lady to who I did not know was wearing the largest dildo I have ever seen. I couldn't stop myself from watching. I was grossly mesmerized... I surprisingly felt turned on by all of this. The more I watched my mother and aunt talk dirty to my dad and ram his butt, the more I felt myself getting wet. The third lady with the gigantic dildo soon took position behind my father and from where I stood I could see the struggle she had getting this too large of an item into my fathers ass. When she did start to get it in and push it inside of him he let out a tantalizing moan. As she worked him they talked nasty, he stroked his own large member and soon this lady was forcefully making my father cum all over the blanket. At this point *Oops*, I had been rubbing myself and my fingers were all wet and sticky. I went back to my friends car and called my mom and asked if she wouldn't mind running my things out stating that I was in a hurry. Soon shortly she gave me the things and my friend and I were off. I have since then rubbed myself to completion multiple times thinking of what I saw. I want to bring up the situation to my mother or aunt but am not sure how to or how I would explain that seeing my father like that made me amazingly horny. I guess for now writing confessions online is my best bet. Anybody have any insight on women fucking guys in the ass? Is this a common thing? Am I the only one who gets dripping wet over these kinds of things? I don't know why, but I do. I never would have guessed this of my parents. My Aunt though doesn't surprise me, she more or less a hippie and a slut. Just saying. Thanks y'all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    Since my sister and I are close, I help my sister masturbate. I hold open her c**t lips while she strokes her slit and moans. She rubs her clit too (her clit is small and sensitive, so she cries and curls her toes). When she's close to cuming, she makes weird hissing sounds. Then she screams and squirts out her c**t milk. I hate it when her cum gets on my hand. She masturbates a lot. I think she's obsessed with her c**t. she always has her hand on her crotch.

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