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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My confession is that my brother and I have been jerking off together for quite some time. We've always been buds despite him being a couple years older than me. We moved around the country quite a few times. Friends were always coming and going in our lives, but the two of us had each other's backs. He taught me not too long after he learned how to jerk off himself. We didn't do it together much at the time, but once we started seeing some sexual stuff late at night on TV, it started to become a regular thing.

    We'd talk and fantasize about girls fictional or ones we knew from school. We'd share and watch porn we found on the internet. During my first year in college college, I roomed up an apartment with him. Since then, we became each other's wingman. We weren't very successful, but we each had a share of luck. On a couple occasions if one of us brought a girl home, we were able to convince them to jumping to the other's room. I know, I know, you probably think that's weird as hell, but hey, sex is sex.

    It's fun sharing our experiences with each other while we jerked off. We try to hype each other up while lasting as long as we can. Still, we make it a game to see who can last the longest and make bets on who's buying lunch or whatnot.

    And yes, he knows I'm bi, and no, I don't find him attractive that way. To us, jerking off together isn't much different than us gaming together. It's just something we do.

    My brother has been bringing the same girl over more often, so our fun has been less frequent. It's not like this hasn't happened before, but still...Jerking off alone just isn't nearly as enjoyable. I just need to work on getting more serious with people rather than focusing on sex.

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    Straight Male / 31


    I belongs to country(IND) where sex is still taboo. Incestuous is no where exist. Where people worshipped there parents. But I admit the first women I saw naked was my mom and first live sex were for my parent's.

    Back in 2003. I was 15, started masturbation on regular basis. Porn was not common that time. It was summer and I was jerking off in bed and I heard some moaning of course from my mother. I woke up and started peeping from window. My mother was naked, lying on bed and just 5 feet away from me.

    I can see her dark nipples in low light. And my father who is fingering my mom and dirty talk. She was bagging for dick. And suddenly my father came over and started fucking her. Within just 2 to 3 minutes he finished giving her cream pie. I masturbated just on the wall. Next day I told my father to buy DVD player. Which he can afford. He brought same day and brought some movies also. We watched 1 movie and I went to my room to sleep. I heard some noise and went to window again. My father has put porn movie. That was my first time to watch porn. They were watching and enjoying. Both were naked. My father asked if she can suck his dick ? My mother refused at first but playing with dick then started kissing on it then finaly took in mouth. She didn't like it. Then my father started kissing my moms pussy. He was enjoying as I can clearly see the joy. My mother was enjoying much. Then he fucks her. After that night. It was my daily routine to check whether they are fucking or not. My father tried anal sex with my mother for first time and I watched it live. Can't explain how much struggles to enter inside my mother's ass. She was refusing and he was just putting oil again and again and trying to insert his dick. At last he succeeded and started fucking her ass daily. He was copying porn from start to end. He shots his load on my mums face multiple times. Forced her to swallow his cum. All sorts of things she is used now. And I was witnessing it. 7 years ago when I was engaged and preparing to marry. My father called me. Giving some tips about married life, at the end he said. "HOPE YOU LEARNED HOW TO MAKE WOMEN HAPPY IN BED AS YOU WATCHED IT LIVE" I was shocked, speechless, embarrassed. Can't understand what to say. He was smiling and said don't worry son it was your mother's plan. I asked why wouldn't call me inside room so I can fuck her. I could have more fun. He said tonight I will ask if she allows. That night I was sitting on couch my mother called me from bedroom when I went we started talking she asked can you do it? I said yeah. You are the one who is teaching me. She said lets marry. I put red sindoor on her forehead and gave her mangal sutra. We started undressing. She holds my dick and started kissing it. My father rubbing his dick watching us at the corner. Then she sucked my dick like a pro . My father was licking her pussy then I also licking for shrt time. Finaly I entered inside her pussy. She was kissing me by saying we are not in hurry. Dont cum fast. My father came and made her sit on his dick and started fucking her from down. I was standing beside her. Then he spread her ass chick's and said lick her ass son. I saw her ass was wide open I started kissing and licking it. She said use lubricant and fuckmy ass. My God. I was totally surprised she wanted double penetration. I picked lotion and applied on her ass and my dick also. Finaly I entered inside my mother's ass hole. She was enjoying 2 cocks at same time. Her ass was perfect. Finaly she sat down. Sucked cocks and we cum in her mouth and face. From that night I fucked my mother almost 2 months since I married. Even after my mother used to call me when she wants double penetration. 1 day my father asked about my wife. I show many nudes of her including video's. He said yiu are lucky son. I asked if he wanted to fuck her. He said of course if she agreed. I started to seduce my wife. After some 25 days she said call your father I will try. I called him. My wife was sitting naked. He entered inside the room and locked the door. He undressing himself and started fucking her. She was enjoying I was cuckolding her. He left me a cream pie. My wife called me and said clean it. That was the first time I tasted men's cum. Same night we did double penetration with my wife and this time my mother was watching fron the door as its it's opened. From that night upto now all 4 of us enjoying sex together with all sorts of nasty stuff like rimming ass, creampie eating both pussy and ass, we started golden shower recently. I admit my mother's piss is more tastier than my wife. My wife is pregnant now. So I sleep with my mom. My wife only watches and sometimes do oral.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I was definitely sheltered as a kid. My mom had me homeschooled, she was a single parent too. My clothes always were blue jeans, white briefs, white socks, polo shirt or a white T-shirt, boots, one pair of shoes and blue jean shorts.

    I didnât really watch much tv, especially no rated r stuff and never saw any nudity in movies. Only nudity that was seen when when my mom or I was naked and that wasnât a real big deal. Just us two so being naked after a shower getting dressed or getting undressed at the end of the day wasnât uncommon.

    Didnât know anything about sex or masturbation. When puberty came I got very hairy in my underwear, had a thick bush! And erections happened but never did anything with them. Morning wood everyday and I get bonkers through out the day.

    When I was 14 my foreskin finally separated from my gland. Which was a huge surprise to me. I was going to pee one day and went to pull my skin back the little it always pulled back and that time it went all the way back. It actually felt really good when it went all the way back. But definitely was a surprise and kinda freaked me out! I let out a little yell lol. My mom came to the bathroom door and asked if everything was alright. I opened the door saying something about my penis freaked me out. Pulled it out of my briefs and showed her. She laughed and said itâs supposed to do that. It just takes years to separate fully, now make sure you pull it all the way back to pee and wash under it with water in the shower.

    I grew up in the country on 6 acres, so when I wasnât inside doing school work I was outside. Taking care of the garden, mowing the lawn, weeding flower beds, making sure the pond is clean. Always something to do. By the time I was 16 and able to drive I was goi g to town by myself getting stuff I needed for things I was working on. And especially since my mom only worked 3 or 4 days a week, being able to drive made it much easier on us.

    When I was 16 is when I got erections all the time. Laying in bed Iâd be hard, I only slept in my tighty whities. In the morning I was very hard. Around that time is when my mom had a masturbation talk with me. She said Iâm 16 so itâs best to be educated on it at that age. Of course being sheltered I had no idea it was a thing. The talk itâs self wasnât really embarrassing. My mom talked about itâs uses, nothing to be ashamed of, how common it is, kinda touched on how itâs done, what comes out of the penis in the end. When she told me most guys figure out how to do it on their own in their early teens I was like I had no idea. She just knew I didnât so thatâs why she talked about it. She explained thatâs why your erect often and say your testicles are sore. Was told that when Iâm laying in bed at night or in the morning, donât feel ashamed to take my underwear off or pull myself out my underwear and masturbate. Just keep something handy for clean up.

    So later that night I gave it a shot. Was stroking up and down and in the matter of minutes I git this intense feeling and I blew out a whole lot of cum! I wasnât ready for it because it got on my sheet. It was soaked! So had to change that. So the next day my mom was working, I was eating some breakfast in just my underwear. Was hard as a rock and that barely fit in my tighty whities! I pulled the waistband down under my balls and started jerking at outside at the table on the patio where I was eating. When I felt that tension building in my penis I started moaning and blew out a big load onto the concrete. It felt so good. I immediately put my penis back in my briefs and finished my food. Then got dressed and got to work in the garden.

    A few days later my mom in the morning said your briefs look tight on you. You must had grown a lot here recently. So that day as I worked on the lawn she went to the store. Came back with some food and new briefs. A bigger size, switched me to menâs briefs. At night getting ready for bed she handed me a clean pair and said try these on. Oh my god they fit so nice! Just the perfect amount of snugness. She said I thought your briefs were way too tight, your male parts do grow during puberty.

    So the sane stuff just continue til, I was 18. By then I git a job and still lived with my mom. Skip to when Iâm 29 now. Finally got my first girlfriend, yes I was a virgin. Had sex for the first time 4 months ago. And that was a blast. The girl Iâm seeing is 28 and not a virgin. But she got me undressed to my briefs. And when she pulled them off she said damn. She said hung and uncut, love it.

    So a few days later I was talking with my mom and I asked her a very personal question. Told her I had sex and the woman said Iâm hung and uncut. What does that mean. She explained that she didnât get me circumcised. That was something interesting to me, especially when she showed me a picture of a circumcised penis. Glad Iâm uncut. But when she said hung means a guy has a big penis. Iâm 8 1/4â long and 6â girth. I honestly thought that was normal since I was sheltered ð¤·ââ&ium l;¸. My mom explained she knew during puberty that I was gifted down there. Especially when I needed bigger underwear often for the room.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Slutty sister!

    My sister Ruth, who is 4 years older than me, was VERY popular with the boys in HS.

    Her modus operandi was to invite them over when she was babysitting me and my two younger sisters.

    The deal was that they would bring over a pizza for us, if we stayed up stairs while Ruth and the guy made out in the basement. Of course we also had to not tell our mother anything.

    I was a little naive and thought they were just kissing, but my curiousity got the better of me and one time I snuck down into the basement to see what they were doing. My other two sisters objected, because they tought I would get caught and ruin the deal
    But, I could safely watch Ruth and her bf on the couch from a vantage point underneath my Dad's work bench.

    As I thought, they were just kissing which seemed a little tame to me for all the secrecy.

    Another time with another guy, who was a little more forceful, I caught him undoing Ruth's blouse and removing her bra. Now things were getting more interesting.

    More guys, more of them reaching 1st base. Then one guy, who was the school jock, reached down the front of Ruth's jeans. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but from the sound of Ruth's moaning she certainly seemed to enjoy it.

    Then one night, a guy much older than my sister (in his 20's) came over. By the time I snuck down into the basement, he had already gotten her jeans off of her, and was fingering and licking Ruth's pee hole. I found this arousing myself and played with my wee wee a bit.

    Same guy came another night. This time I caught him with his cock pulled out and Ruth stroking and licking the shaft. Suddenly this white fluid came out of it and spread all over Ruth's face and breasts.

    At this moment I think Ruth and I made eye contact, which was confirmed when she winked at me.

    I thought that I was in hell for it now. After the guy left, Ruth came to my bedroom. I thought she was going to ball me out, but she just wanted me to promise not to tell our mother what I saw.

    Then she saw that I had a little woody under my pjs. She knelt down in front of me, took my cock out and began to stroke it and lick it like her bf. It wasn't long before I was shooting my own fluid out of my penis, but this was clearer than her bf.

    That would be the first of many glorious nights that Ruth would visit my bedroom.

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    Straight Male / 55

    My , for the rest of the story

    I was telling a story about my granddaughter and our first sexual experience , when I got a phone call from my son ( yep , her father ) . Apparently , he has gotten a leaking roof and he wanted my help to fix the problem . I wasn't done with my story , so , I just sent the uncompleted story . Now , " for the rest of the story " ( a bit from Paul Harvey ...I liked his radio show ) .

    I'll try to pick-up where I left off .

    We were doing a late nite swim , playing some tag . She started the sex when she " accidently " grabbed my hard-on , in attempt to tag me . Once contact was made , we decided that we both wanted what came naturally . She deep-throated ( well , almost all of me ) my 9inch thick cock , swallowing every ounce of my cum .

    All of the women in the family ( grandmother , to my only granddaughter ) are well endowed , from 36c to 50eee . And my granddaughter is sporting a firm 40dd juggs , not bad for a 19yr old and just graduated from high school . I knew as soon as the action got started , that she wasn't totally unexperienced in the wonderful world of sex ( I figured some lucky boy had to gotten " lucky " with her ) .

    After her great blow-job , and some of our passionate kissing , my cock sprang back from it's semi-erection to rock hard again . She knew what was coming next and she wanted it as badly as I did . She walked over to the shallow end of the pool , near the steps , and planted her ass on the bottom step . Giving me that look that would invite wolves to a lamb-dinner . And I was hungry like a wolf , as I approached her with my hard-on swaying with each step . She was almost mesmerized by watching it swinging about .

    She reached around her back and unhooked her bikini-top , tossing it aside . Her big boobs looked like big buoys , floating in the water . She was at the perfect location for me to jugg-fuck them , by just walking up to her and drive my cock in her cleavage . They felt great , pumping them as she held them pressed firmly around my cock . I kept full-stroking her boobs , each full stroke would cause my head of my cock to nearly enter her mouth...again .
    She just looked up into my eyes with pleasure as I kept fucking her juggs , the kind of look that said " yes , fuck-em , fuck-em hard " . And I did . When I felt the need to cum , I thrust my cock deep in her cleavage ( with the head near her mouth ) and just held it there as a load shot out .

    I've always been able to keep a semi-erection after cuming , this allowed it to get hard again much faster . I don't mean to brag , but , I'm not your average " wham-bam-thank you mam " kind of guy and roll over and fall asleep . Oh no , we're just getting started . From my first fuck ( 15yrs old ) to now , I'm an all-niter .

    Granddaughter decided she wanted more too , as she stood up and pulled off her bikini bottom . She sat back down , this time she moved up one step . She leaned back a bit , brought up her legs and spread them wide . If that wasn't an open invite , then I don't know what is . I dropped down on my knees , between her spreaded legs . Most of the time , my cock is so hard and I usually don't need any help with my hand to guide it in , this was no exception . " give it to me poppy ( it's what my other grandkids call me ), I want it all " she whispered .

    I entered her slowly , and I heard the sounds that I miss dearly ...her moaning with pleasure . " oh fuck ...oh shit , it's so damn big " , as I kept feeding it all in . When I was all in , I kept it there as I layed my body onto hers . Loved feeling her boobs pressed against my chest , I took one in my mouth and sucked it . " Oh god , poppy...that feels so fucking awesome...yeah suck my boobs...suck them both " , I wiggled my cock around and still held deep inside her , as I switched to the other boob and sucked hungrily .

    She slowly placed her hands behind my head , while I was sucking one boob ( sucking like a new-born baby wanting to draw milk from it's mother ). I looked into her eyes and saw that she was pleased with all this action so far , but something was still missing . And that's when I started to pump her .

    Some will argue about the difference between fucking and making love to a woman . Fucking is all lust , hard and furious pumping , no passion , no affection , very little full mouth kissing . Making love to woman is all passion , all affection , slow and steady full strokes , never stop kissing . And apparently , that's what was missing in my granddaughter's mind . All the other " lucky " boys that she gave-in to , haven't learned that yet .

    I made love to my granddaughter in that pool , late at nite , just like I make love to all women . I kept a good full stroke pace , until I knew she was about ready to cum too . I picked up the pace a bit , and luckily , we both cam together , hearing her pleasing moans made me happy . With my semi-erection still inside her , and we both tried to catch our breaths , she surprised me with " do you like anal , poppy...none of the fuckers at school like that...I want to try it...please , poppy " . How can a guy that grew up fucking high school girls and mature women ( and they all loved anal ) say no to that simple request ( besides , she did say PLEASE ).

    As I pulled out of her , I wanted to explain how painful it could be for her first time . I wanted to tell her that water is not the best lubricant ( was hoping to get her out the water and onto something more comfortable , like her bedroom ) . But as soon as I stood up , she already rolled over and waving her ass at me .

    Her perfectly plump and firm ass was inviting me too much , too much for me to not to fuck it now . I have done anal with others in the water ( river , lake , pool , shower , hot-tub ) , but only a couple felt well lubed in their ass while fucking in the water . Some , I had to stop , get some lube ( I found olive oil is the best ) and re-enter them .

    " come-on poppy ...don't stop now...since we got this far " , she said with so much joy in her voice . " Ok " I said reluctantly . I grabbed both cheeks to stop her wiggling it around . I had to stop and enjoy feeling her bare ass , so perfect . I tried spreading her ass cheeks to open up her glory hole . " this is going to hurt a bit...but , when I'm all in you , you'll love it " , I whispered in her right ear ( as I lean against her from behind ) . She was so excited about this and yet she had no real clue as to what was going to happen next ( I was really wishing I had some olive oil on hand ). I teased her ass with some gentle cock-slapping on each cheek . And then some cock-rubbing in between those firm ass cheeks . Her breathing picked-up with all the intentions of what was to follow . " come-on poppy...shove it in...fuck my ass " , still talking like a well matured woman that has long enjoyed anal ( and still has no clue .

    " patience , grasshopper " I whispered in her ear the words from Karate Kid , she giggled . I took my cock ( already hard again )by the hand and slowly ( ever so slowly ) guided it in her ass . She began gasping when the head of my cock was being forced to pierce the tight opening . The more I pressed it in and feeling her " virgin territory " giving way to my thick cock , she finally realized this is going to hurt a bit ( like , DUH ). She tried turning her head around to see me pushing it in..." oh FUCK ...shit shit shit " . " Relax , babe ...I'm just getting started " , trying to comfort her .

    With a steady push from me , the head managed to break-in . And I decided to stop there and see what kind of a reaction I would get from her . Her breathing was so damn loud and heavy , I was worried that she would wake-up the whole house . I looked all around , no sign of any activity going on...coast is clear . " relax , babe...take some slow deep breaths...the pain will pass " , I tried coaching her . To my surprise , she did just that . Taking deep slow breaths and blowing them out , repeating this step over and over . As soon as I felt she was almost ready for more penetration , I pushed on . And with every inch going in , she would almost jumped out of the pool in a attempt to escape from me , ( having 2nd thoughts now , babe...too late for that ).

    I was only half way in here , when I can see that she was having 2nd thoughts now . " you want me to stop and pull out ? " , I asked . She was breathing so loud and hard again , I waited for her to re-compose herself to answer me . After a bit of decision making on her part , " fuck it hurts , poppy " , she finally said . " I warned you , told you it would hurt the first time " , I replied . " well , the choice is yours ...pull out , or go for it ". Again , she hesitated with her answer..." Fuck it...let's go for it...nothing ventured , nothing you always say , poppy ". And she's right , I do say that alot .

    " ok we go " , as I began to push deeper . She was trying to grab at anything to help her release any and all of her painful experience ( just like some women will grab a pillow and scream into it ) , she was actually grabbing a handful of grass from the wet lawn and squeezing it with all her might .

    When she started " oh fuck ...oh fuck ...oh fuck " getting louder , and I knew I was almost all in her , I gave her one final push , with a quick thrust . I knew that would cause her to yell , so as soon as I felt all in her , I quickly placed a hand over her mouth ⦠she screamed . I kept looking around again to see if any bedroom lights coming on , nothing so far . I guessed her muffled scream was not heard , thank-god .

    I removed my hand and whispered " good girl , I'm all in ". I gave her some time to re-coop from all of that , slow her heavy breathing , letting the pain slowly ease away . " are you ok , babe ? ", I asked . Her breathing slowed , and I can feel that the pain has somewhat eased away just enough for her to speak to me . " you weren't fuckin-kidding about the damn pain ...shit ! ". I like the feeling of being all in on any women , whether it's their ass or pussy . I wanted her to be ready for some serious pumping to begin .

    What seemed like a long time has passed , before she showed that she was ready for more action , I had to ask her again , " are you ready , babe " . Again , still breathing hard , she finally responded with a bit of doubt in her voice , " ok , poppy...fuck me ...fuck me good " . As I mentioned before , I prefer to make love to women , not just fuck I whispered in her ear again " I'm making love to you ,'re fucking awesome " . She nearly stopped her heavy breathing and I could see a warm smile coming from her .

    I began to pump her perfect ass , slowly pulling nearly completely out , then back all the way deep inside . I kept pumping her slowly and still hearing her yelping a bit and tightening her ass cheeks ( normal reaction ) . As soon as she felt more comfortable with it , I picked up the pace . Soon , you can hear the ass-slapping from my quicken pace balls swinging back and forth and slapping her underneath . My hips banging her ass with every stroke . " OH FUCK ! , poppy ...I fucking like this " , that brought a big smile on my face .

    With feeling the need to finally cum inside her , I quicken the pace even more . I can feel the cum surging thru my cock , and slammed one final stroke and held it deep inside her , exploding warm cum . As soon as I felt the last drop dribble out , I kept my now semi-erect cock inside her and collapsed on her backside . " Fuck ,'re fucking awesome " , now with my heavy breathing . She smiled and giggled a bit .

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    Straight Male / 54

    I'm a man 74 years old. This all started back when I was 42 my wife was 40 on her birthday. Sex had not been good for a long time. It's her birthday an was so turned on I decided I was going to have oral sex with her but she doesn't like it. Thought once I give it to her she will change her opinion of oral. I was so wrong. Didn't have compleation that night or any time after that.

    Her sister lived with us after their mother had been killed a few years earlier. Ruth was 17 and very smart. Two weeks after I was driving her to school and she asked if she could ask a personal question. I said sure go ahead. Said I heard you and Linda on her birthday and I know what happened. I've been listening and I know you have not had sex after. If you're interested I will let you fuck me. Remember when you always took me swimming before mom was killed. I went into my room to change after we came home and you change in the bathroom. I never closed the door because I wanted you to come in. I was laying on my bed naked waiting for you. I planned all kinds of things to get you in my room and was going to let you fuck me.

    I told her I was going to try one more time and if she pushed me away again I would take her up on the offer. Told Ruth to go to sleep and if I came to her it would be around midnight. My room was on the west end of the house and Ruth's on the east.1245 I opened the door dropped my robe and got into bed naked. Reached over to remove her PJ's and she was naked.

    Woke her up kissing her forehead. Kissed down her nose then lips opened mouth then down chin neck tits to bellybutton. Kissed and licking all the way down. Then on to her pussy. Licking up and down through her pussy lips and just a few times her little button came out at the top. Sucked that until she came. Now reversing back to her mouth. As I put my tongue in her mouth I also put my 7 inch dick into her pussy. I fucked her for at least 20 minutes and came deep inside her pussy. After she finished high school I helped her get a job and an apartment. We continue to fuck over the next 4 years. That's when she found a nice boyfriend. They got married and I walked her down the isle that evening. She had asked me to drive her to the church early that afternoon. I helped get her things into the room where she was to dress and she approached me and said she wants me to fuck her one more time before she walked down the isle so my cum would be inside her when she said I do.

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    Straight Male / 43

    When my first child was born, I don't mind saying I was disappointed it was a Girl. I was more disappointed when my wife couldn't have any more Children. As my Daughter grew, she soon realized I wanted a Son. She started watching sports with me. I took her to ball games. At school she got involved in sports. We spent a lot of time together, she even went golfing with me. All through High School, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman.
    When she left for College. I missed her very much. My wife and I always had a very good sex relationship. My Daughter was in her third year of College, when my wife informed me she wanted a divorce. She had been having a relationship with a younger man. I was devastated. I visited my Daughter to tell her. I arrived on Saturday, checked in to a Motel, and picked her up at her Dorm.
    We drove to a nearby park and I was in tears as I told her, her Mother wanted a divorce and I wasn't going to contest it. We walked a bit, talking about the things we did together as she grew up. We went for Dinner and I said I'd drop her at her Dorm and see her again in the morning. she said that's silly, I'll stay with you. I explained there's only only bed. She said; "I'm your Daughter we spent my life together, I see no harm in sharing a bed. Later when she was in bed I was sitting on a chair brooding.
    "Why don't you come to bed Dad? I can't sleep. "Do you want to fuck me?" Words I never expected to hear from my Daughter. "You must know, I'm not a virgin and I'm on birth control" We fucked that night and in the morning, I visit her two or three times a month. I was never so happy to have a Daughter.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Anyone that has been following my stories , knows that I have grown-up in a horny family of women ( VERY horny ) .

    I've been fucking damn near every relative I got , from my mother to my grandmother , and any relative in between . Let's not forget my oldest daughter too ( and as you are reading this , I'll be fucking her this weekend...again ) , she loves her father .

    Just when I thought I got enough action from all of them , a new one comes up . Introducing... my granddaughter . Before all of you start to think that I'm just hooked on family only , you're wrong . When I fell in love with the girl next door ( while I was still fucking my mom and sister ), jealousy among them came up . Both of them thought that our fuck-sessions would end , how wrong they found out .

    After marrying the only one non-relative ( bad humor there ) , and after 3 children later , my wife lost her sex-drive . And since I still have my sex-drive going strong , I had to find some relief . Thank god for my family , ALL of them . I can travel all over this country and find a horny relative ( aunts , cousins , and any in-laws , step-mother ) . From Washington to Florida , California to New York , I was never without any sex .

    Not only did my wife lose her sex-drive , but her love for me slowly disappeared too . Soon , we didn't even vacation together ( which proved to be my advantage ) . I could travel to " visit " any relative and not have to hide our secret .

    When my oldest son returned from the Army , he met and married another soon to be " sex-hungry " family member that I would eventually satisfy . He fathered a daughter ( and a very beautiful one at that ) , and I watched her grow-up to be one of ( if not the BEST ever ) the most beautiful young woman I ever seen ( and I thought my aunt Joy was the best ever ) .

    By now , you're probably wondering as to how and why I enjoyed sex with all ( well , most of them , anyway...still got a few cousins that I haven't done yet ) my family members . Simple , their husbands either lost their sex-drive , got caught cheating , got divorced , and have passed away ( and NO , I never forced myself on any of them ) . they all came to me on their own free will . And I just can't say " no " to any of them .

    Now , back to my granddaughter . As I watched her grow , she really turned into a very attractive young woman . But , I could see ( during her high school days ) , she became depressed . Something was bothering her , but she wouldn't open-up to any of us . She was very athletic ( takes after her all-time , worlds greatest grandfather...ME ) , was popular with everyone , made friends where-ever she went . But , when she came to stay with us for a few weeks ( summer and winter breaks ) , she would just lounge around and mope alot . I would try to cheer her up by playing some sports with her ( she always loved competing with me in any sports ) . After she beat me in every sport ( yeah , yeah...I played the good grandfather and " let " her win...sort-of ) , that would only serve as a short fix to her boredom .

    Then it happened ⦠I got caught in the act with my daughter . It happened when my daughter came home while my granddaughter was doing her bi-annually visit . It was late one nite , and my daughter was really feeling the need for loving father ( and yes , I'm always feeling the need for her too ). We both thought everyone was sound asleep , as I joined her in her old-bedroom . Apparently , not everyone was sound asleep . My granddaughter heard us going at it , my daughter moans loudly .

    But she kept it to herself for most of that summer weekend . While the 2 were swimming in our pool , they both decided to sun-bathe on the deck . Neither of them knew the screen door was open and I could easily hear them talking . " Is he really that good ? " my granddaughter asked . " At what ? " replied my daughter . Granddaughter sat-up and said " FUCKING " , to my daughter . " You heard us , last nite ? " . " Fuck're kind of loud " . My daughter quickly sat-up " you can't tell anyone else'll totally destroy this family " . " Take a chill-pill...I won't tell anyone...will he do me too ? "

    After hearing that , I decided that when they come back in , to play dumb and pretend like I didn't hear a thing . I already got a hard-on from their conversation , plus seeing them both in their bikinis ( daughter still showing her 40dd's...and my granddaughter's boobs were even bigger ) , big boobs run deep in the family .

    Granddaughter wanted to have a campfire that nite , so I lit it up . We made smores , and I drank my usual whiskey . One by one , the women started feeling sleepy and went to bed ( my daughter winking at me , our usual signal for some good fucking ) . My granddaughter and I was the only ones left outside . It got real hot that day , about 105 , and I felt a need to cool-off with a late nite swim . It was over-casted that nite , no full-moon to lite up the night sky . It was perfect for any couple to fuck outdoors and not be seen by the nosy neighbors .

    I went in to change into my swim-suit and to my surprise , so did my granddaughter . " mind if I join you ? " . " nope " , as I kept the talk brief and simple . The water was still warm when I dove in . Granddaughter acted like it was a bit too cold for her , as she slowly entered the water...taking big deep breathes , thrusting her big boobs out further . And then it happened , my cock acting with it's onw brain and grew hard and long quickly . Now I had to try to hide it from her .

    When she finally got all in the water , I kept my distance from her . When she swam to me , I swam away . " what's the matter ? " , she finally figured something was " up " . She finally fooled me , when she tried swimming to me and I tried keeping away from her , she quickly spun around in mid-stride and reached to " tag " me . Damn , her hand " tagged " my hard-on , in her attempt to get me . " SORRY ...hope I didn't hit you hard there " , she quickly stood up in the middle of the pool .

    " Can you yell any louder " , I said with some sarcasm . She crept closer to me , with her smirky smile . " I know about what you did the other nite " , she spoke softer . I can see that she wasn't joking , as she kept gazing at my crotch . She just looked into my eyes and took quick glances to my crotch , as she slowly crept closer to me . I wanted to stop her ( no , REALLY ) , but her fine shapely figure ( her plump and firm ass , and her even more plump and firm boobs ) just over-powered me .

    When she got close enough to touch me , she reached for my near throbbing cock . I just got weak the instant she touched it , slowly gripping it a bit firmer and started gauging it's length by finding the base of my shaft and slowly gliding her hand up the whole length , to it's head . She kept gazing into my eyes , and smiling , until she neared the head of my cock , the whole 9 inches . " damn , you're huge " , as she once again gawked at my hard cock thru my swimsuit .

    I've never thought of myself as " huge " , just the right size for most women ( never got a complaint from any of them ) . She kept fondling it thru my swimsuit as I just stood there , gazing at her , wanting her badly . She finally wanted to see it , up close and personal . She untied the drawstring and slowly pulled down my suit , and she slowly dropped to her knees in the shallow end of the pool . The very instant my cock was free from the suit , my cock sprung up and nearly slapped her face . " God-damn " she whispered . Then she became totally entranced by it's size , as I stood there with the water just below my waist .

    She didn't waste any time , as she really got engrossed and started using both hands on it...gripping it like a baseball bat . After stroking it and still wouldn't ( or couldn't ) take her eyes off of it , " well , are you going to play with it all nite...or what ? " I said with a bit of sarcasm . " God-damn poppy ( that's what my grandkids call me ) , I've never seen one this big " , she said still gawking at it . " stop it , or you'll give me a SWELLED head " saying jokingly , and she finally looked up . " oh poppy " smiling at me .

    As I stared down at her , I couldn't take my eyes off of her " huge " boobs ( I do love to jugg-fuck a big pair of boobs ) , and she noticed that I was staring at her cleavage . Without a single word spoken , she reached around behind her and unhooked her top . She tossed it aside and moved in closer , with her boobs bobbing in the water and gently rubbing my cock . I couldn't help myself when I just guided my cock between her melons . She smiled and cupped her boobs firmly around my cock , I began pumping them .

    Soon I was fully stroking her cleavage , with the head of my cock poking thru and nearly entering her mouth . She picked up on that right away and tried taking it in with each thrust forward . I wanted to deep-throat her so bad , I decided I couldn't wait any longer , as I pulled away from her boobs ( I'll get back them later ) , and held the head of my cock close to he inviting mouth . She just looked up at me with a bit of a scared look " what if I can't take it all in ? " , she asked . " I won't hurt you ... just take what you can...most can't take it all in'll be ok " , I assured her .

    She opened her mouth slowly as I took advantage and slowly entered it into her . To my surprise , she took more than most . With every stroke , it when in deeper ...and deeper . I had to stop myself from getting too excited about her taking it all in , when I heard her gagging . I pulled out " You ok ? " , I whispered so not to arouse anyone in the house . " Almost had it , can cum in mouth ...if you want to...I like the taste of cum " , she informed me . Then it hit me , she's 19 , a high school graduate , and some lucky kid had to get " lucky " with her , at least once . So , without any hesitation , I let her take it back in her mouth . I grabbed her head with both hands and started pumping her mouth , wanting to cum . Still unable to find that elusive " full deep-throat " action I've been longing to find , I just kept pumping her mouth , feeling the head reaching the throat and backing off . Finally I came , and she wasn't kidding , she quickly reached around my bare ass and held my cock as deep as she could take in , filling her mouth with warm cum . She swallowed every bit ( what other surprises does she have ? ) .

    After she wiped away any left-overs that was dribbling from her mouth , she thrusted her huge boobs up at me , inviting for some more jugg-fucking . " nah , I want the rest of you now " , I said , as I reached down for her hands and pulled her up . When she stood completely up , my cock was between her soft thighs and rubbing her bikini bottom . She reached down and grabbed my semi-erect cock and helped guide it near her pussy , teasing it , letting me dry hump her . " come on , don't stop now " I said . She smiled and giggled a bit , as she pulled off her panty . My strong desire to fuck her was really over-powering me , I had to have her that nite ...wanting to fuck every option she would let me .


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I wasn't sure what category to confess in. We are poor in my opinion it's because my parents are drunks and lazy. I don't blame them or anyone. I am just a victim of circumstances. 5 years ago I was sent home from school because I had head lice, when I got home my mom was waisted drunk and my dad wasn't there. I told her that I can't go back to school until I get treated. She sent me to the pharmacy to find out how much the treatment cost. I think it was like $12.00 or something. I ran home to tell her and she said that she didn't have the money. But then I watched her go to the cabinet and grab more booze. I just walked away and went down the street. I remember that I was standing against a pole and crying.when a car pulled up , he seemed concerned and genuine when I told him. He started acting shifty and said that he could give me $20 if I would watch something. He rolled his window all the way and told me to come closer. He had his thing out and was touching it. He told me that all I had to do was watch and he would give me the $20. So I did. After he spurted all over himself he handed me the money and said that if I kept it a secret I could make more money every day. This happened 2 more times , he eventually was able to convince me to get in his car. Then he said that he would pay more if I would be willing to take my clothes off and let him touch me. He said just touching nothing else. He gave me $50 for that. Soon I was expecting to see him and would wait for him at our special spot. He showed up one day and said that he would need more for the kind of money he's paying. So I began doing blow job's. That turned into sex and that turned into me staying the night at his place. It was about 8 or 9 months later when he started introducing me to his ( friends ) . I started to really get used to all the money , I was making more than my parents. The day after my 18th birthday I moved in with him. I know what I am I don't blame anyone but myself.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I like to tell you all about something I did I thought I would be ashamed of but I am not, I committed the ultimate taboo, I am recently married I did regret leaving home because my father spends most of his time out drinking, I had been on honeymoon for two weeks, I was concerned as to how my mother was when I called she was upset about being on her own most of the time, I hugged and kissed her to make her feel better, I have had thoughts about having sex with her many times we both know we have been very to it, I know she could feel my erection pressed against her when we hug and kiss when we meet or I leave, I talked to her to try and cheer het up before I went to my wife the hug and kissing was very frequent until we were kissing like lovers I was rubbing my hands up and down her back I accidently touched her bottom I apologised mum looked at me and said lets do it, we has sex there and then on the floor still half dressed it was the best sex ever, we have been doing it for yeas

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