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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 26

    This came from simple exploratory conversation with my brother, who is five years younger than I am.

    There was no drama or game play. We were just both extremely curious about anal sex and we ended up
    doing it. That's all we do, actually. He wears a condom and uses special lubricant made for sex. I really
    started loving it and usually back into him and do a lot of the motion with my hips.

    That's all we do but if his mind is where mine is, I want to do more exploring with him. We live apart but
    no longer with our parents.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I am a second generation Mexican American. I was born here and have a birth certificate, social security card, and all of my papers. I also have a high school diploma and I have an associates degree. My mother does not have papers and she does not have an education. My father was a man that worked with my mother cleaning offices after she got here. I don't know him, he lives in California now. She doesn't understand the work I do at the hospital. I met an Anglo man at the hospital, got married and got pregnant and have a one year old son.

    What my mother doesn't understand is that I don't like being a Mexican. I don't like speaking Spanish, not that I speak it, I know words but I do not speak it. My last name now is Anglo, not Smith but definitely Anglo. I don't want my son to know that his mother is Mexican and I don't take him to see my mother. I don't like going to her neighborhood and I don't like talking to the people I grew up with. I stay away.

    She is sick so I met her at the hospital with my half sister. I didn't feel anything, nothing. She was just like the hundreds of people I see at a hospital. I know that what she has is incurable, there are medications to help her but she won't get better. I should feel something but I don't.

    Lately I have become very hot, I need to have sex with my husband. I used to not be hot, I had sex with him out of commitment but not because I wanted to have sex. Now I need to have sex. I have never felt this before, I had never been hot. I never sucked his dick before, but now I want to suck his dick and get him hard and have sex. He is reserved and he is holding back. I don't understand why I got hot all of a sudden.

    I know that my husband and me will have to pay for my mother's funeral when she dies. My half sister doesn't make enough money. My husband doesn't want to pay but we have to. I told my half sister to take my mother back to Mexico, let her live there with her family who can take care of her. We can send money to help. But we can't take care of her here.

    I was named Angela Maria but I go by Angie, I never use my full given name.

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    Straight Female / 50

    My son is grown and out of the house, and when Iâm with him, I feel no lustful stirrings. But lately it seems my favorite type of porn is mom and son creampies. I particularly like it when he starts playing with her while she's asleep, slowly exploring her tits, sinking his fingers inside her pussy while he strokes his hard cock. He carefully slides inside her, awakening her with his thrusts, and continues to force himself on her despite her protestations. Groan. I wish it didnât turn me on so much!

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    Straight Male / 32

    My aunt Billie used to baby sit me when I was a tot. I recalled her from the first time. She was slim but had bulbous tits with large nipples that stuck out more than half an inch. The minute Mom's car drove off Auntie Billie would pull out her breasts and stick one after another in my mouth and I would just suck on them. I remember often falling asleep sucking on Aunt Billie's big nipples while she watched TV.

    Years after she stopped baby sitting me I kept remembering those wonderful all day suckers and as a teenager I would get raging erections thinking about them and how I would love to fuck Auntie Billie while I sucked her tits. Sometimes I thought of asking her. I came close to asking since I imagined her wanting my cock (that she had seen many times) sliding in and out of her while I sucked her. Alas, I never raised the courage so it never happened.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I know my dad is fucking my wife. They are fairly open about it, do it a lot and don't seem to care who knows it. I know I should say something but I guess I'm just a dumb coward. I also don't want to lose her completely and I love to fuck her myself. She does it at the drop of a hat and she's a top who loves riding it. I guess dad found that out. I suppose I should just let fucking dogs fuck and keep quiet about it.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I think I made a COCK TEASER on of my wife's little cousin. It happened about 20 year's a go, we were at my wife's grandmothers house up north in Michigan visiting I was the only adult male present, bored I left the house and went outside and sat in a breezeway, and worked a crossword puzzle.
    When along comes the wife's cute little cousin, she was started climbing all over me and pressing her little titties against my back her face against my face hugging me and playing like she was going to seduce me.

    This went on for some time her rubbing against me, climbing on my lap over my head me tickling her little body her beautiful face rubbing against my face hugging and playing like she was my lover, it was a game we were playing she would go behind me and place a couple tennis balls she found out there in her top and she held them in place as if they were b( . )( . )b's and press them against my back. Okay now you've got me horny.

    I know she's flirting with me and I should take the higher road and put a stop to this, but she's just to fcuking cute, and she started it. I started tickling her a little, and when she would climb over my head I would mash my face in her little pussy trying to smell her little pussy and that tight @@@@$$ without being to obvious.
    Prancing back and forth in front of me she would thrust her flat chest out like she had breasts and with her back to me she looked over her shoulder to see if I was looking at her... YEAH! I was, and I made it obvious that I was starring at that ass as I'd give her an approving little smile and look back down at that @@@@$$.

    Okay she has not given up with this cock teasing at all, in fact it's worsening I was beginning to wonder if her father or an older brother, somebody has taught this girl a thing or two? She has given me the biggest HARD ON I have had in a long time. She would start climbing all over me again my dick is throbbing my froth is wet from cum, she's about to find out what she has done to me.

    She's squirming around on my lap so I position her little pussy right on that dick that's as near big as her.
    I made her sit on the biggest FATTEST COCK I ever had and I held her hip's grinding my COCK against her little pussy and making sure she knows what it is throbbing between my leg's, she felt it between her luscious thighs.

    Started she jumped up off my lap looked straight at my bulge with embarrassment and she ran off. Now you've got to be worried she would go and say something to her mother. She didn't in fact she came back about ten minutes later and teased me some more. I was scared now and afraid to get caught so I didn't go that far with her though I'm sorry I didn't because I'm positive that is why now that's what she came back for...

    I didn't get to see her sweet young @@@@$$ again for many year's due to the fact she lived way up north in Michigan and we lived in a southern state, but I always missed her little cousin little titties and little pussy and that day in the breezeway.

    So low and behold she we went up north to visit and there she was a grown woman and married. Her husband never treated me like she ever told him and she seemed happy to see me but we never spoken of that day. I know she's a SWEET LITTLE COCK TEASE and is still hot as fcuk... I miss her and the time we teased each other and in my heart I believe she does as well. I still love her, she still has that sweet smile that says I got you a BIG HRD ON and made you cum in your pant's .... Mm mm mm yummy

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    Never have I told anyone this before but my first experience jerking off was to my own mother nothing like some of these stories but I learned reading here sometimes thatâs natural nothing ever happened with us and she was never even really hot or anything it went like this though and this is the absolute truth too as I remember it vividly after reading here I was away with my family and relatives down the shore and didnât even really know what an erection was probably or even jerking off was I was young and naive in my early early teens I noticed though I was hard looking at women in bikinis and bathing suits I saw my mom in her floral design bikini before but it was different this time my family left at some point of the vacation and it was just me my sister my aunt and my grandpa there still but I realized I had stuff dripping from my dick and when I touched myself itâs feel good and more would drip Iâm speaking in terms as in how I would if I was still in the time period by the way anyway that vacation I found myself in the bathroom frequently playing with myself it wouldnât take much effort to cum but Iâd pretend I had my mom under the piers or boardwalk in her bikini and it would have me rather excited.

    Fast forward a little time later back at home I snooped around and found old polaroids of my mom in lingerie in different poses I guess my dad had taken and kept needless to say still somewhat younger in my teens they made great material to jerk off to she wasnât naked but it was as close as it gets I had even started to fantasize with my eyes closed to her in the bathing suit again but only this time is being sexual with each other

    Year s and years later from that because that all died down once I started messing with girls but one day I found some videos on the internet no they were not my mother but they honestly resembled her and the younger guy seriously resembled me not like believable but close enough and it triggered my weird fantasy all over again this is years later too at this point I would always go back to these videos of the older Russian woman with the younger guy and no we arenât Russian but it seriously resembled what we both look like and this restarted me jerking off to my mom all over again and it lasted awhile on and off

    Now my mom is even older not grandma old but I was honest from the start she had a nice rack and slim build but she was never hot fuckable for sure though anyway I havenât jerked off to her recently but just realized after coming to this site and reading stuff that even though itâs not exactly normal itâs still something that for some is actually normal thatâs all

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Thinking my parents were out for another two hours at least, I had my boyfriend licking out my pussy as we both lay naked on my bed. Looking round I saw my father stood in the doorway just as I reached climax. By the time I'd calmed down, he was looking lovingly at me and my boyfriend had turned on his back wanting me to mount him.

    Like I ahd done many time before, I spun around reverse cowgirl still focusing on my dad, and let my boyfriends cock slide ll the way up to hs balls, deep inside my pussy. Raising and lowering myself, I fucked my boyfriend keeping eye contact with my father the whole time.

    At no time did he move away as I got ever hornier on my boyfriends cock. Nor did my father touch himself through his shorts. Even so with my breasts bouncing up and down, my pussy tightening on my boyfriends cock and my smile growing as another orgasm was approaching, I saw a wet patch appearing on the front of his shorts and saw his face in rapture as he'd cum from just watching me fuck.

    My father moved away then, but not before winking at me, blowing a kiss and shouting down to my mom he was getting changed. With my boyfriend cumming up my pussy and my second orgasm subsiding, I heard my parents going back out. It turns out my mom had forgotten her phone, something she lives on.

    My dad didn't say a thing the following morning or throughout the next week. He did mention however on the weekend after, my mom was going out all day Sunday. Mom did go out shopping with her girlfriends that Sunday, and since then my dad has seen me naked more than once. And its his tongue and cock that keeps me happy nowadays.

    Who needs anyone but their dad for love/sex, I certainly don't.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Completely without my permission at first, he entered my bedroom semi naked sporting a huge erection, flung my quilt off of me and buried his face between my legs. Granted I'd flirted with him since he arrived at our home, and I did and still do find him incredibly attractive. Yet we both knew it was wrong.
    Within minutes after tearing off my panties, I was having my first orgasm as his tongue and lips licked and sucked on my clit. Then when I was still shaking from the climax, he rose up slid his cock into me and proceeded to fuck me. I wrapped my legs around his back and told him he shouldn't be fucking me. His response was "You're not stopping me honey, are you?".
    I can't recount how many times I came before his hot sticky load shot up my love hole. What I do know is he had to jump up quickly and leave my room, as his older brother came back with my mom.
    Downstairs minutes later I heard him telling my parents how he'd look after me. That was after they'd told him they'd booked to travel over to Europe to see my moms sister who's ill.
    My mom and dad go next week, leaving Jack my uncle and I alone for five days. He's already tole me he's looking forward to fucking my asshole. I've already told him, I can't wait.

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    Straight Male / 42

    So whenever my wife is asleep and doesnât want to have sex I go in my computer room and stroke to some porn. One of these nights I didnât realize it but my daughter mustâve woken and when I went to wipe up the mess I made she was right there. Embarrassed mutually she turned around and quickly went to to her room. Not trying to relive the embarrassment I never said anything about it, praying she wouldnât tell my wife how I carelessly let our 19 year old daughter see me jerking off to internet porn. After that I was more careful and made sure the door was fully closed so Iâd hear it open if anyone came in. A few weeks later everyone was out doing there thing and I took my laptop to my room and was at it again. Not realizing the time my daughter mustâve came home and the door opens. I didnât know who it was, my wife, my son, my daughter so I frantically pulled the covers up as if thatâd do much anyway. It was my daughter and she definitely knew because she stood there for a good 2 minutes just looking at me and said just wanted to tell you I was home. Stormed off and slammed my door. It was ruined now and I didnât get to finish. So I heard the shower running and figured I had at least a good half hour as she takes long showers to try and finish my session. I pull the site back up and begin, not a second later I hear her yell for me, dad I forgot to tell you mom said to figure out dinner her and my son were stopping to eat after getting done with shopping. I yelled back OK great. A few more seconds go by and I hear her again dad thereâs no clean towels can you bring me a towel please. So I guess finishing wasnât in the cards today. I got up tucked my hard on and got a towel. I knocked and said I got you your towel she cracked the door to grab it and it fell. As I went to pick it up the door opens more and sheâs there fully exposed. She said Iâm so clumsy but at least since I saw you itâs only fair that you see me. I handed her the towel and walked out. How the hell was i turned on by my 16 year old daughters naked wet body? I called to order us Chinese and when it came I yelled for her to come down. She had on her usual sleep attire which consisted of ridiculously short sleep dress and thin straps. She had bought it to go out but weâd never let her leave the house like that. During our dinner she said dad you know I know you still jerk off, I already caught you, why do you hide it? I told her because itâs embarrassing and a daughter shouldnât ever see her father like that. Jokingly I said you should never see any man like that. She said yeah well you know itâs normal for people to do those things you shouldnât have to hide it. Again I pushed the whole youâre my daughter thing. She said yeah I know thatâs why I let you see me naked before, so weâre wveb. Besides I donât care if you jerk off, Iâm not mom you know? Itâs cool with me, you shouldnât have to hide it. She goes by the way, when you saw me naked did I look as good as the girls on the websites you go to? I quickly told her eat your dinner this conversation is over and I was beat red. She stayed quiet and got up to grab a drink. She asked if I wanted anything and when I went to turn my head and respond she was bent over the refrigerator and I could see her ass and part of her lips. I mustâve stuttered when I asked for iced tea cause she giggled and said oops didnât realize I was giving you another show. Guess that means you owe me one now. She came back to the table and spilt the glass of water she had gotten herself so when she went to wipe it up I had a clear view of her breasts now. I couldnât help but to stare and she glanced up and caught me dead to rights. She just smiled and continued to wipe up the water where I had a clear view down her dress at her breasts but she never broke eye contact. She said oh daddy theyâre just tits every woman has them but I know Iâm youâre daughter blah blah blah. I said thatâs enough Iâm not gonna tell you again, thatâs disgusting. She threw the napkins of water out and walked by and said oh itâs so disgusting yet you seem to have enjoyed it, I said no itâs disgusting not realizing I was erect as can be she pointed and said well I guess disgusting is what youâre into then huh? No denying it I was definitely hard. She said you can go play with your computer if you want they probably wonât be back for an hour. I didnât say a word got up, left my food where it was and went to the bedroom to watch TV. I wasnât going to stroke it after that. I hear my daughter call for me from her room so I get up to see what she wants and I knock she tells me to come in and sheâs laying there, legs spread masturbating. I said what the fuck is wrong with you? Donât you listen to me, some things a child shouldnât see and some things a parent doesnât need to know or see. I went to turn away and she said but I already saw you so I figured it was only right that you know I think itâs OK. Daddy donât you want to watch me? With my back turned about to walk out I said even if I did your mother and brother could be back at any minute. She said yeah but weâre upstairs the doors open weâll hear them come in duh dad come on donât be so stupid. Obviously when she decided to do this she had thought of the answers ahead of time. She said just watch I interrupted you before the least I can do is show you. I turned around and stood in her doorway as I watched firsthand my own flesh and back blood pleasure herself. I was so hard I didnât know what to do with myself and I guess she sensed it because she said I told you itâs ok everyone does it, you can jerk off thereâs nothing wrong with it. In my mind I was saying yeah there is when itâs your own daughter or child. She again said dad what are you gonna stand there with a hard on? Are you gonna make me stop what Iâm doing and do it for you or are you going to do it yourself? I reached down my pants and started to stroke myself while witnessing my daughter run herself. It wasnât good enough becaus she said come on dad you see me, why canât I see you, what are you really that embarrassed for me to see you? I already have so who cares? I silently refused and just kept stroking underneath my pants. She slid down her thin dress straps and exposed her breasts I saw earlier as she cleaned the water she knocked over. Putting one hand back over her pussy she began to play with her breasts with the other. She even started to say things like oh daddy, do you like that? Do you like seeing me play with myself? Do you like how wet my pussy looks? Daddy do you like me watching me rub my pussy? Are you gonna cum for me daddy? Please daddy cum for me, please. Between her words and her moaning while saying then I began stroking even faster not knowing when my wife and son would be back I wanted to finish. She said you know itâd probably be easier if you just dropped your pants a little bit. I really wanted to just cum so I did just that. As soon as I did she started again, oh daddy your so big, oh daddy Iâm so bad, I bet youâd feel so much better inside me instead of my fingers, please daddy, fuck me, fuck me daddy and donât ever stop. I can fuck you better than mommy, I know how to handle that big dick daddy, I know you want me to show you how bad I am daddy. I was about to cum at any minute and she got up got on her knees in front of me breasts exposed and said cum on my titties daddy, please, cum all over your little princesses titties, I want to feel your warm cum drip down my chest daddy, I said stop talking so I can finish, she stayed kneeling in front of me looking up at me jerking off, I really donât know why I hadnât cum and was getting beyond nervous my wife and son were bound to walk in at any second now. Maybe I just couldnât cum out of fear or the fact this is my fucking daughter in front of me acting like a complete slut. I tried closing my eyes thinking about the porn Iâd watch and she started again, daddy whatâs the matter Iâm not good enough? You donât wanna cum on my titties? Please daddy I wanna feel you, daddy let me help you, let me show you how bad I am daddy, please just cum all over my tits. Eyes still closed I feel her tongue on my balls, she started to ferociously lick my then too. I said what the fuck are you doing Iâm about to cum, stop she said there must be a problem because you havenât came yet I just wanna help you daddy, thatâs all, let me help you. Now sheâs sucking my balls and Iâm stroking away the sound of her sucking my balls was crazy, she said daddy let I want to taste it please, let me show you I can help, I know what you want daddy. I know you wanna cum, I wanna feel your cum on my tits, I wanna taste you daddy, cum for me. She started to tongue and suck my balls again and begin to put her hand over mine now, slowly releasing my hand with here and licked from my balls, up my shaft, to the top of my head and started to quite savagely suck me off. Not even using her hands at this point as they were behind my legs as sheâd pull herself further down my dick. I freaked and told her to stop but didnât try to stop her it felt so good, my wife never goes down on me. Hadnât in years, she was so good too, not trying to ruin it by thinking much of it but it was evident my daughter had done this plenty of times before wirh God knows who. She stopped looked st me and said cum for me daddy, I want you to fill my mouth up with your cum, Iâll swallow every last drop, Iâll leave you dry daddy. Then she began to suck me off again but like earlier with the water when she kept eye contact as she saw me starring down her top she was looking up at me as she was sucking every last inch of my dick. Within seconds I came, hard and fast. You wouldâve thought I hadnât cum in a decade, I guess not finishing earlier when she got home and walked in, then the hard on I had during dinner from seeing her bare ass and lips bent over the refrigerator I was really backed up. She didnât even choke as I literally heard her gulp and swallow everything I shot down her throat. She stopped licked me really good and got up. She said I told you Iâd always be your little princess daddy, now get in the shower before they get back. I couldnât even muster up any words to say. I couldnât believe I just let this happen. After I showered my son and wife got home, when I went to say goodnight to my daughter and kiss her forehead she lifted her head up and kissed me on the lips. She said you owe me now dad so we can be even again, next time I donât just want to taste you, I want to feel you inside me and reached over and grabbed my dick and said goodnight tell mommy I love her. After that day it was never a normal family again. Whenever we were home alone we would have sex in some way shape or from depending on the time we had to do it. Thereâs even been a few nights Iâd leave the computer room door cracked late when my wife would be asleep and her brother would be out or sleeping also so she could sneak in and give me blowjobs while I watched porn. Itâs beyond any comprehension how this has gone on for as long as it has and how we never got caught. Iâm for the most part very cautious but sometimes I know i clearly am starting at her or have a hard on when sheâs prancing around in her nighttime clothes or summer clothes. I can careless who believes this because that doesnât matter, as long as I have these moments with my daughter thatâs all that matters in the end. I just have no one to talk to or share these secrets with and this is how I can confess to it without consequences or it weighing on my chest. Regardless of the nature of wrong here when weâre together itâs humanly impossible for something so magical to possibly be wrong. She is now about to turn 18 and Iâm praying secretly she goes to school close to here so she can live home. Otherwise Iâm going to have to figure out how to carry this on.

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