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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I must admit to doing some of it but too many of my family members are having too much sex with other family members. Somehow I feel it's not all right. When I was 14, four years ago, I walked in on my aunt and uncle (they are brother and sister) having sex. They seemed to take it in stride then started doing me, both of them, for too many times. It feels good, especially my aunt, but I don't know.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 39

    This morning I was sat across from Michael my step son. He's nineteen years old but if you saw him you'd think of him physically as an older man. He's like his father, a heavily muscular man, but just a lot bigger.
    His father had only five minutes before walked out to drive to work, when Michael droped his shorts and and boxers and revealed his enormous cock to me. I'd been checking out my emails before driving off to work myself, so I hadn't noticed that he'd been stroking his cock. But I sure damn well noticed it when he dropped his clothing.
    His father in well endowed at eight and half inches, but Michael's cock is much bigger. He smiled at me when he saw the look of surprise on my face and said "It's about time you and I fucked, I know you've wanted to for some time".

    I didn't answer him directly, as I got up and walked into the kitchen. He followed me pulling his clothing up and told me he'd seen me looking at his crotch a number of times, and he then said he'd caught me looking at him a few weeks back when he was getting dressed in his room. It was then I answered when I told him, evading the subject, I had to go to work. Before I left the house, he asked me if I was going to say anything to his dad. When I said I wouldn't and we could just forget about his misunderstanding of what I thought, he replied "You know you want me to fuck you, you're only delaying the inevitable".

    I'm now sat at home. Michael's out with his friends but he's left a note. The note says "Dad's away next week as you know. I hope you and I can work out what we spoke about this morning. I'm sure you want it". Michael left the note in a place he knew I'd find it. Inside my lap top. He also knows his dad wouldn't look at my lap top as he's a tech phobe.

    What I haven't mentioned yet, is Michael is right. I have been looking at his crotch, but I'd seen his fully erect cock before he caught me watching him dress a few weeks ago. I actually watched him masturbate in our lounge, when I came down to get a drink. It was then I became fully aware of his beautiful cock and his gorgeous body. He's also not wrong about me longing for him to fuck me either. I've used one of my dildo's a few times, imagining it was Michael's cock that was fucking me.

    It's a sexual Pandora's box I'll be opening if I allow my step son to fuck me next week, but then I don't think I'll be able to resist............. Have to go my husband's just pulling up.......................

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    I've known my uncle has had a thing for me for, I'll say a LONG time, but I can say for a fact that he never actually tried anything when I was younger and the only reason I know is because I caught the way he was looking when I was old enough to know and like, thought back to other times.

    Anyway that's not what this is about. So I've known for a while that he had a thing for me, so about 2 months ago I confronted him about it. I told him I knew and at first he denied it but I told him I wasn't stupid and I didn't care because he never did anything to me. So I got him to admit it, he said he's never felt an attraction to anyone else that young and he would never do anything to anyone that young especially after different things that had happened in his life.

    Eventua lly I convinced him to tell me about what he thought about doing to me, and he told me as much as he could think of. Then I told him that I wanted to let him live out those fantasies since I was an adult now.

    We went out and he bought me a bunch of clothes. We put together some outfits that would fit that were like ones he remembered liking on me, put together a match for my old school uniform and I even dug out my old backpack and some stuffed animals I had at the time.

    Then we spent a week together. I dressed up in what were essentially scaled up versions of clothes I used to wear when I was younger, or close to them, and acted like I was a little girl while he touched me, toyed with me, fucked me, or just jerked off and I acted like it was perfectly normal. We acted out specific things he'd fantasized about, too.

    I was going to type out some of the things we acted out but it would make it really long so if you want to hear about them just ask and I'll type them out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    My older brother Nick calls by our home most weekdays and fucks my wife. Their sex is far dirtier than the sex I have with my wife, and by the looks of it his cock is much bigger than mine too. It's now been going on for over a year. Although I've only been recording them fucking for the past two months.
    I was going to use the video footage as part of my divorce claim, but the more I've watched of them fuck, and they fuck a lot, the more I've begun to enjoy seeing my wife take his cock.
    It's not as though we don't have sex, as we're always getting it on in one way or another. I know for sure I've been down on her not long after my brother has fucked her, so maybe that's why i'm now considering letting thm know about the five camera's and the memory sticks I have of them fucking.
    My wife cannot have kids, so maybe it's her way of keeping her family happy. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do, but I will admit to it being a turn on.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    My husband's nephew Jack is such a hunk. He's nineteen very handsome with an athletic muscular build and I know from witnessing it the other week, a massive cock.
    I also know from what my husband has told me, Jack has told him he finds me attractive. When my husband pushed him on the issue, he owned up to masturbating thinking about fucking me.
    This is where the shit gets weird, and why I'm here.
    Three days ago I was chatting away normally to my husband after we'd had sex. I was just about to go and have a shower when my husband said "I bet Jack would have loved to have fucked you tonight". I didn't reply straight away, as I thought he was waiting for me to drop myself in it. So my husband went onto say "I think it'd be horny as fuck to watch him fucking you, what do you think?". Again I didn't say anything at first, so he repeated what he'd said. Finally I told my husband I'd seen Jacks cock when he'd stayed over with us a few weeks ago. I went on to tell him, I found his nephew to be handsome and also that I'd secretly imagined Jack fucking me when he was fucking me.
    My husband smiled at me but didn't add anything more.
    Yesterday my husband told me he would be away for a couple of days at the end of November (Business) Before he gave me chance to say yes or no, he said "Jacks staying over those days, hope you don't mind". He never said anything about sex, but later on he did mention I might want to get lots of sleep before Jack stays.
    My mind is all over the place at the moment. We've never done anything remotely like this before, and I know in the past my husband has gotten jealous just by other men looking at me sexually.
    So is he giving me the green light to fuck his nephew, or is he testing me to see if I'd cheat on him ?.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    My mother was a pornstar..

    I found a video of my mom from the 90s where she was probably 20 or 21 years old and it's a porn video. Currently my mom is working as an waitress in a nearby restaurant and my father is a chef in the same restaurant. I am her only son and I would have never doubted that my mom was a pornstar if I didn't see that video.

    Well, basically it was a disturbing rough porn where two guys basically dragged my mom by her hair while randomly fucking her. She was made to act as if she was having fun and forced to smile while they spat on her face and in her mouth. They slapped her, spanked her, abused her breasts for almost two hours and then the video ended with my mom getting kicked out of the studio by those guys.

    I think this is the only video she casted in cause I didn't find any other porn video casting her. Whatever it is, I feel bad for what she went through. Probably she was misguided by her friends back then.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    Before I even met my wife, I knew and had had sex with my mother in law. It was never a relationship of any kind, just two horny people fucking whenever we got together. She was married at the time, but her husband was an alcoholic (He's dead now) and couldn't raise his head let alone his cock.
    I'd fancied her for some time before we actually got to fuck, as she's a stunning looking older woman (forty seven now) Then at a party we chatted and she asked me about the rumor. I told her to find out for herself and ten minutes later were fucking in her mates back bedroom.
    After that, we'd get together once or twice a week and fuck. There was no emotion between us, other than a sexual thing. She enjoyed my large thick cock and I loved her dirty mind and sexual habits. Practically everything was up for trial when we had sex, so it was always fun to be with her. We even had a mate of mine join us a couple of times and we both fucked her every which way.

    Without knowing at all that Lucy was her daughter, I began to date her. We got along great and soon found we were not only fantastic in bed together, but also we became the very best of friends. It was about six months after first dating Lucy that I met her mother. We'd stopped having sex, mainly because she was moving between the UK and Spain after the death of her husband.
    The look on her face when we met that first time, with Lucy introducing me to her was priceless. She smiled at me and didn't let on she already knew me. What she did say to Lucy right there in front of me was "You lucky girl".
    Cutting the boring bit out. We dated for four years before we got married. Myself and her mother never once cheated during that time, although I will admit to tossing myself off to some of my memories of what we got upto together.
    Not long after our marriage last year, Lucy asked me if her mum could move in with us for a while whilst she was having some work done on her home, to which I said of course.
    With Lucy away on a training week with work, it left her mother and I alone all week. The inevitable happened and we ended up fucking. It was just as horny as before, if not more so. With my mother in law going crazy for my cock each and every time we fucked. In the week Lucy was away, I guess we fucked over thirty times. Sometimes it was full on sex, other times my mother in law had me licking then fisting her pussy and arse. By the time my wife got back home, I was totally knackered.

    Out of the blue in May this year, after we'd just finished having sex, Lucy came right out and asked me if I'd ever fucked her mother. I was about to say something when she added "Don't lie to me, because we've spoken about everything". I spent the next half an hour or so relating what I've just put here, but adding more to it as she quizzed me. By the time I'd finished telling her most of what I could remember, Lucy was stroking my cock and I was ready to go again.
    Inserting my cock from behind up my wife's pussy, she turned her head and said "Fuck me like you fucked my mum". The thing was, I always did and still do.
    The next morning with Lucy singing away happily I asked her what happens next. I guess I'm the luckiest guy alive, because my wife said "I guess you've two horny bitches to keep happy". And that has been the case since May. Lucy often invites her mother over, or we'll visit her at her home and then Lucy will take a long hot bath. My mother in law takes total advantage of that time believe me, and when my wife reappears it's like nothing has happened. They chat about ths and that, but never mention the sex I've just had with my mother in law. However from something Lucy said recently, I now know they talk about every detail of what we get up to. And Lucy has begun to ask me to fuck her the way I often fuck her mother.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    I raised my niece from the age of 10. Her mom died of cancer, same thing that took my wife 3 years before. Now I was the uncle by marrage, so no blood relationships. She married when she was 22 years old, her new husband was 37. After trying to get PG, 2 years now, with no success, I was taking her to our annual weekend of a professional base ball game. We have done this from the time she wss 5. As we live in a town that is a 6 hour drive to the game, we have always stayed overnight. Her husband was invited to go with us, but he said he didn't want to infringe on our time together. After the game, in the hotel room, she was crying and told me she really wants to get pregnant, but was afread that it would never happen. Around 3 in the morning, I woke to my niece naked on top of me trying to get me hard enough to have sex with her. Well I got her pregnet that night and he didn't know. 3 years later, another baseball game, she has another one comming. I love my niece,and will do what ever it takes to keep her happy. That was the only two times we ever had sex. Her husband was killed in a car accident shortly after she was pregnant with our second, and I have them living with me now. The kids will never know I am really their father instead of their great uncle.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    Since my son met and subsequently married Joy his beautiful wife, she's always been extremely forward with me. From having very sexual conversations, to making sure I noticed when she was flashing her breasts or pussy at me.

    It got to the stage where I had to speak to her about her sexual nature. Her response was to tell me my son wasn't able to meet her growing sexual needs, and if I didn't fuck her soon, she'd find another man and cheat on him, outside of the family.
    I thought long and hard about what she'd said over the following few days, but still questioned her motives.

    Then in early October that year, she called round knowing full well I was on leave from work, and her husband was working away. Within five minutes of her entering my flat Joy was completely naked, lay on my front rug with her legs wide open, and she was playing with her beautiful looking pussy.

    Now I'm a man, someone who at the time hadn't had sex in over two years. Looking down at Joy who's body and pussy looked perfect to me, only had one effect. I became ultra horny and ultra erect. I did I swear try to get her to put her clothing back on, but Joys response was to turn over, kneel up and slip two fingers up her her gorgeous arse. Looking back at me she said "It's you or a guy I've been chatting to online, your decision".
    I'd like to be able say I resisted. I'd like to say Joy and I didn't fuck the whole afternoon. But then I'd be lying, as we did have sex, and what an afternoon of sex.

    My sons wife is undoubtedly the filthiest slut I've ever had sex with. Nothing and I do mean nothing was out of bounds. From licking her pussy and arse, to fucking all her holes and on to pissing all over her when I'd cum in each of her holes. She was relentless, and made sure I was by feeding me a little blue pill.
    Sucking my cock each time I'd fucked her pussy and arse, then having me lay down as she literally fucked my face. At one point in the shower I was fucking her pussy from behind and shoving four fingers up her arsehole.
    By the time she had me licking and sucking away on her pussy and clit, that after three hours, I was totally knackered. Yet I was also so sexually charged, I didn't say no when she asked me to watch her to take a shit.

    Even then she played with her own clit as her pod hit the toilet. I wasn't that into I'll admit, but it was strangely erotic watching her pleasure herself that way. Showering again I slid my cock up her arse and felt her orgasm all over my dick.
    Joy left me to go home to my son, almost unable to function. But told me as she left "I knew you'd be a good fuck".

    It's now been over a year since we first fucked. Joy has totally transformed our relationship with her constant sexual needs. It appears she has kept to her word, and not slept around outside of the family group, but she recently implied she'd like to involve another man. I've even this past nine months begun to go to the gym, just to keep up with her sexual demands. It's helped immensely as I no longer use those little blue pills. I can also sometimes be the one wanting more sex when Joy is all climaxed out.

    We are both aware how unfaithful we've been, yet the way I now see it, is if I hadn't fucked Joy that first time, and continued to do so, my son wouldn't now be married, and blissfully happy with Joy. As for our growing ever changing sexual tastes, it's not for everyone, but then we all like what we like. Joy has been a good wife to my son, and makes sure he's happy in all departments of their marriage. He's just been promoted at work which will entail him having to work away a few times a month. Joy has already said she'll be staying over at mine on those days. What's more and something I wasn't expecting, is my son asked me other day if I'd consider letting her stay over as they live in a rural location. I've already said yes, to which he replied "That'll make us both happy".

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    My step-father used to sneak into my room at night a m****t me. It started with me waking to him feeling my breasts under the covers. I would lay there mobile waiting for him to finish and leave. One night I woke to find the covered pulled back and him stroking his cock over my naked body. I tried to tell my mother what was happening, but she spent most of her waking hours drunk or stoned on Valium her doctor gave her to help with anxiety she just never cared. I remember waking one night with him on top of me, pushing his cock into me, it hurt so much I cried and he tried to comfort me as he continued taking my virginity. One night after he finished and went to bed I got up, went to the garage and slashed the tires on his car. He was furious the next morning and said he was going to make me pay for it and I yelled back I was going to make him pay for fucking me. He didn't like that. That night he came to my room again and I pushed me over to my stomach, I felt the cold wet greasiness of Vaseline as he smeared it all over my asshole, his rough fingers pushing it up inside me. I knew what was coming and bit down on my pillow when he stuffed his cock up my arse. I ran away from home when I was 16 and lived on the streets selling the same things my father stole from me. Now I work as a crisis counselor at a woman's shelter and listen to these same stories from wives and children every day.

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