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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    it happened when i was only 15 years old. most nights i sleep naked because it gets hot in out house and i was not allowed to touch the thermostat. but this was ok because we all had separate rooms with doors in our house and it was just me and my at the time 19 year old sister upstairs. i always keep my door closed and usually hear if anyone comes in. i must have been sleeping very hard, no pun intended for this next part, but i woke up to my sister sucking my dick. i begin to panic and ask her what the hell she is doing in my room and why is she sucking on my dick. she tells me to keep my voice down, she saw it when i was in the shower the other day and she wanted to know what it was like to suck her brothers cock. i tell her we cant do this she is my sister, but my erection was not going down because she was naked and she did have some really nice tits. she told me to lay back down and just enjoy. i hesitated but she pushed me down and went back to sucking. it felt so good, i have never had a blowjob and was also a virgin at the time so 2 minutes later i was about to cum and she could tell but kept sucking until i blew my load in her mouth. she swallowed every drop of it. she lays in my bed next to me kisses me and says wasnt that better than jerking off. i said yes, and the whole time she is playing with my balls and my dick and within a couple min im hard again. she said she wants to ride it this time, again im a virgin and ask her what does she mean and before i knew it she climbed on top of me and positioned my dick at the entrance to her vagina and then eased her way down. i was in ecstasy, i could not believe i was losing my virginity let alone to my SISTER!!!! she was grinding on me and it felt like nothing i had felt before. i maybe lasted 15 min but she told me she was on the pill and to cum inside her. i came harder than i ever had masturbating and was a little light headed. she lifted up off of me spilling some up my cum back on me. kissed me and said thank you and to never let our parents find out she did this. this is the first time im telling anybody about this and still cant believe my sister talked me into that. that was the only time for awhile that we did that. it didnt happen again until she was 21 and was drunk after a breakup. where she stumbled in and started crying and we sat in my room drinking together and when we were both drunk she reminded me of the last time and how nice it was and how she wishes guys were as nice as her little brother to her and she shoved me down and pulled my pants off and started sucking my dick. she sucked till i came and then we both cuddled up in my bed and went to sleep. i forgot to mention we both put on our sleep clothes so that if our parents walked in it wouldnt seem suspicious, just look like i was comforting my sister when she had her heart broken. this was the last sexual interaction me and my sister ever had. i feel wrong for letting her do that to me and i know it is technically r**e.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    I used to mess around with my younger stepsister. We were playing legos as usual one day, and I suggested we play truth or dare. She kept picking truth, so her first dare, I dared her to only do dares the rest of the game.

    I dared her to see me naked. Dared her to get naked, then finally dared her to get naked with no blanket covering her. I had been rock hard most of the game, but just the sight of a naked girl for the first time made me ooze orecum. I almost got off just looking at her.

    She got aggressive with dares and she ended up daring me dry hump her, "ok let's do it without clothes on" I told her on the next dare.

    Again she stripped down and seeing her lay there made me precum a little. I layed on her, and didn't penetrate, but rubbed my dick in the outside pre cumming. After 10 seconds or so, she said "ok enough." And I immediately stopped.

    A few weeks later we played the same game. She picked only dares this time and after an encore of the first time we played, I dared her to suck my dick. She agreed. The feeling of my dick in her mouth was amazing. I had jacked off before, but never anything like that. After a minute or teo, she gagged and stopped. I finished myself off right in front of her. She was intrigued with me fuming.

    About a month after that we again continued truth or dare. This time our parents were out for the night anywhere was less risk. By now the game was just a thin veil for wanting to experiment. We touched each other, she sucked me a little, then I dared her to get on all fours naked. She was hesitant but complied.

    I slowly inserted the head of my dick into her tight ass. I asked if it gutted and she said she was fine. It was painful doing this without lube, but I got it halfway in.

    I stopped and grabbed some petroleum gel and covered my dick in it. Still the best sex I have had to this day was my first time penetrating her ass. It was so big for her age and round, a near perfect one.

    The slow moving in and extreme tightness was indescribable. I couldn't go fast it was sobtight, but it didn't take long to blow my entire load in her ass.

    We continued with truth or dare games for a couple more months, but we almost got caught once, then she spooked and never wanted to again. After asking again, I let it go.

    Today we never speak of it, and it's like nothing had ever happened.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I more or less grew up with a step-mom and was fairly dumb about things happening around the house for some time. My dad divorced Marie after a few years but I stayed living with her and her daughter, Nancy. Nancy and I were close from day one and soon became lovers. Nancy, who looks like her mom, reveres her. Marie had been a model and still works as one once in a while. I felt similarly warm about her, one of he reasons I did not leave when dad left.

    One day, Marie walked into my bedroom carrying my clean laundry and discovered Nancy eating the shit out of me. Nancy stopped, momentarily, greeted her mom. She said, "Come on mom," and continue sucking on my vulva and clit.

    Soon I found I was being eaten out by my step-mom, Marie, and Nancy was straddling my face, brushing my lips and tongue with her pussy while I sucked her hard and with my thumb sliding in and out of her, fucking her vagina.

    From that day on, the three of us do it all together often, when there is spare time. Sometimes it's just stepmom and me. We love tribbing until we're soaked, then sixty-nine and lick and suck our sopping pussies. Sometimes we push our pussies together when soaked and pull apart, create a sucking, plopping sound. It gets us off. I do it with Nancy, too.

    My only complaint is that I wish this had started a long time ago. Oh, well, better late then never. I'm only 21 and have plenty of time left to enjoy my step-family.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    Late last week, I walked into my daughters and my son in laws home to return a couple of dresses I'd borrowed. It's something I'd done countless times, yet last week was definitely different.
    As I entered their lounge, I saw a young guy naked and sprawled across his couch. Also naked and on top of him fucking his arsehole, was Chris my son in law.
    Needless to say I let them both know what I felt about my son in law cheating on my daughter, and cheating having gay sex. However when Chris pulled out of the young guys arsehole, I couldn't stop myself from staring at his enormous beautiful looking cock.
    He saw me looking and smiled. Telling the young man to go. I waited until he'd left and Chris had put a bathrobe around himself. As soon as he'd walked out I was about to tell Chris what thought. But Chris opened his bath robe and held his erect cock saying "It needs your assistance now he's gone".
    An hour and a half later I walked out of their home, full of my son in laws semen filling my pussy and arsehole. We'd had such amazing sex, I found myself performing sexual acts I'd never even thought of doing. Chris tongued, fingered almost fisted and fucked my pussy and arse to one orgasm after another. Right from the start I sucked on his cock which I'd just seen sliding up a guys arsehole. Then all over their house, I'd had him fuck me as I simply couldn't get enough of his mightly impressive cock.
    At home I thought about what i'd/we'd just done and I have to be honest, I didn't feel one bit guilty. It had been so long since I'd been fucked anything like it, I put it down to a one off.
    That was then. Now with a text message from Chris today, things are different. He's asked me if I'd like him to stay over when my daughter goes over to France next week. I've already text back "Yes".

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    When my husband worked away last week, I was left on my own except for Jack my nineteen year old step son, but he'd gone out with his friends.
    Around one in the morning I heard Jack arrive home, and it sounded like he'd been drinking. Lay there listening to him stumbling about, I decided to get up. Walking downstairs I came across a sight I wasn't expecting. Jack was sat, half lay on the sofa crashed out, and a porn film was showing on the TV. What really caught my attention though, was Jacks cock, which was openly on show as his shorts and boxers were around his ankles.
    His cock was fully erect and even from where I stood, I could tell it was much larger than his father's. Instead of turning around and going back to bed. I walked over, and this is genuine, to cover him up. But the closer I got, the more I couldn't stop looking at his delicious looking hard on.
    Then without thinking, I squatted down next to him, took hold of his cock and slowly began to stroke it, masturbating him him as he slept. But that wasn't enough for me. I'd become incredibly turned on and moved my night shirt up, slid my left hand inside my panties and began to rub my clitty. At the same time, I lowered my head and took my husbands sons cock into my mouth. It felt utterly amazing and so big in my mouth. Sucking in Jack's huge cock head, I gave my step son a long slow blow job.
    His cock pulsed in my mouth and with each bob of my head, his dick responded by throbbing harder and harder. The without any notice after about ten or so minutes, his cock erupted in my mouth. Not wanting any to escape to leak onto Jack, I swallowed every single drop.
    Releasing his cock, I was desperate to orgasm. So moving his left arm out, I took hold of his hand and guided it along my pussy slit. Using it as a rubbing point, I got two of his fingers jammed on my clit and began to fuck them. It didn't take too long for my orgasm to rise, and I was just in the throws or reaching my climax when I saw his eyes open. Too late, I came all over his fingers and watched his perplexed face smile. Jack didn't say anything, but he did grin a knowing grin at me before he went back into a drunken sleep.
    I was up and out early the next morning, so I didn't see Jack when he awoke. However around eleven o'clock that morning I got a text from Jack. It reads "You suck cock so good, love to use my tongue next time and not my fingers". It turns out my step son had been awake all along.
    Jack and I haven't said anything directly all this week, as I've tried to avoid him. But two days ago I got another text from him. I've saved this one too, which reads "Dads away next Monday to Wednesday night. How about I join you in your bed".
    For some time I didn't reply, but eventually I had to answer fearing he might say something to his dad. I replied "We'll see". He immediately put "I'm gonna fuck your pussy and ass so good".
    The crazy thing is, I've been so horny for him to fuck me since I sucked on his cock. And each time I see him now all I want to do is have him fuck my mouth pussy and ass. I know we shouldn't, but I just know I won't be able to resist him next week.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    My stepdaughter Jessica has had a drinking problem since she was a teenager. She is now 25 years old and recently moved back in with her mother and me. Every time Jessica hits on hard times she moves back home. Her mother always lets her come home and then berates her and makes her feel bad. Jessica will stay for 6 months or so and then moves out again.
    Jessica is beautiful and has a body to die for. She knows she is sexy and if she could get her life together she would be desirable to most any guy. Unfortunately she has always used sex to get her way with guys and has never developed a decent relationship. She has used her sexual cunning on so many guys that I was no different. She has on a number of occasions exposed herself to me and it is obvious that she enjoys teasing me and is aware that she is turning me on.
    One day when she and I were home alone she came out of the shower nude and walked past me and into her bedroom. She left her door open and pranced around her room nude knowing that I was watching her. She was blatant and it was obvious what she was doing. I walked into her bedroom and I asked her point blank if she enjoyed teasing me. With that she asked me if I liked what I was seeing. I told her that I was only human and of course it was turning me on. She kind of smiled and gave a little laugh. I then asked her if she wanted to fuck me as a way of getting at her mother as punishment,or was she trying to get me to fuck her so she could black mail me into giving her money for booze and drugs. Jessica then asked me what I thought was her reason for trying to turn me on. I told her that I wasn't sure what was her motivation. Jessica then said that neither of the reasons I gave were her motivation. She then asked me did I ever think that the reason she wanted to seduce me was because she liked to fuck and she knew that I wanted to fuck her. You know how much you want to fuck me. I know it and you know it. Just let it happen and enjoy it as much as I am going to enjoy it. With that, she said, I'm going to fuck you. I've wanted to fuck you ever since you married my mother. Don't fight it, enjoy it. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me. She said take a shower and I'll be waiting for you.
    There was no turning back. I took a quick shower and with my heart beating a mile a minute we passionately began exploring each others bodies. Jessica then said that when she heard me fucking her mother at night she knew that she could give me better sex than her mother. There will be nothing off limits, that she would do anything I wanted and she expected that I would do anything she wanted. We immediately licked and sucked each other and ended up in a 69 with me licking her c**t and her ass. Jessica sucked my cock and licked my balls and finger fucked my ass. I always knew that she would be a good fuck, but it was soon apparent that she had an insatiable appetite for sex. She then rolled me over onto my stomach and told me to get on my knees. She then reached up between my legs and started stroking my cock as she rimmed my asshole with her tongue. Jessica was very verbal with dirty talk as she told me that I've wanted to lick my daddies ass and have him suck my clit for so long. I love you daddy, I want your cum in my pussy so bad. She then got on her back and said, please fuck your daughter daddy. Fill my c**t with your cum, daddy. I climbed on top and guided my throbbing cock into her well lubricated c**t. Fuck me daddy, fuck daddies little girl, make her cum, fill me up daddy. We passionately started kissing and licking and sucking each others tongues as I pumped my cock in her beautiful pussy. Jessica then yelled out, I'm cumming daddy, I'm cumming. Fill me up daddy. With that I couldn't hold it back, as I yelled out, I'm cumming baby; daddies cumming in your c**t.
    I have never been fucked like that in my whole life. Jessica was so right. She is so much better than her mother.
    My wife has no idea that Jessica and I are engaging in the most intense sex that two people could engage in. We cant get enough of each other. And when I fuck my wife now I imagine that it is Jessica and I have to be careful that I don't call out Jessica's name.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    Around 10 years ago, my niece came to spend the night with me while my wife and kids were out of town. We went and rode ATV's for a few hours, and I ended up getting pretty buzzed. Around midnight I said goodnight to my niece and I went to bed and pretty much passed out. Some time later, I woke up to my niece in my bed kissing my cheek with her hand rubbing my chest. I asked her what she was doing, to which she replied, "it's ok, it'll be our little secret". I went through the whole "it's not right, we shouldn't be doing this" blah blah blah. She started kissing me, and making out with me while she pulled my boxers down past my knees. She then straddled me, and started grinding her panty covered crotch on my hard c**k. So I gave in and just let it happen. I pushed her t-shirt up and played with her tits, and sucked on her nipples while she continued to grind on me. Fifteen minutes later we both orgasmed at the same time, she kissed my cheek, said "thanks Unc, I really needed that" and she left my room. Suddenly I was fully wide awake, boxers down past my knees with a big load on my belly and my bedroom door opened a few inches. To this day I'm still not sure if it really happened, or if it was all just an amazing dream. The next morning nothing was ever said about it, and she was acting like nothing happened, and no mention has been made of it all these many years later. Hopefully she reads this and lets me know it happened or not.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    My parents have been married for eighteen years, they act like sex crazed nuts. Dad's always grabbing moms ass and telling her how good she looks. Mom will run up to him and jump. She wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his body. I told me aunt when I was small that my dad beat my mom at night. I could hear her crying a lot at night. I could hear him keep slapping her.

    My parents got me headphones and some music. Mom had a talk with me. explained that's her and dad having sex. How its normal and how those sounds means it feels good. We have a camper the 5th wheel type. When we go camping I wear headphones to cover the sound of my mom. There's been a few times I listen to them, My dad seems pretty violent when he fucks her. The smacking sounds last a long time, then he fucks her slow and she cries and moans.

    We stayed at the old house on my grand parents farm when we go fishing. A rainy day means dad and mom stay in bed all day. In the old house sound travels so I go to the barn. From the barn loft I could see in their bedroom window and I could still hear mom crying. I saw dad pick mom up and hang her on his neck. He slapped her with his body pushing his big dick in her. I heard me mom tell my aunt that her stomach hurt. I thought maybe a baby, she said no that my dad fucked her so hard her vagina hurt ached and fells like she was bruised up inside.

    I do not have the dick my dad has, but I hope I have the sex skills he does. My aunt told my mom that he fucks her hard like that and fucks her so long that she is not interested in someone else putting a dick in her. Mom said she loves it sore pussy and all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    Hard on

    My daughter is a in her mid teens, I know its wrong I keep getting a hard on for her, surely I am not the only dad

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 52

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this but it might be just an over-reaction to my daughter's being involved with someone. Whatever, my husband, David, agrees with me on this. We raised our daughter to be as open and honest as possible and, an only child, we paid a fortune to get her through college then law school. She's generally a highly intelligent young professional woman.

    Dina has her own place but sees us for dinner almost every Sunday. She works for a small law firm that has a top flight reputation mostly in corporate law practice. The firm is owned and operated by a pleasant looking elderly gentleman and his daughter, Elizabeth (Liz for short). Liz is bookish looking, a skinny re-head and always dressed nicely in conservative attire.

    About a month ago, Dina came to Sunday dinner with us carrying a cardboard folio. My husband and I were certain that she was going to present the back-story to some interesting case to us. What it was, large printed photographs of Dina engaged in various sexual acts with Liz. She said that Daniel, Liza's father, had taken them. The photos also included Dina with Daniel and I must say it like it is, a man older than her own grandfather, but with an outrageously large penis, fucking our daughter and his own daughter every which way conceivable.

    Dina is a consenting adult and as I said, highly intelligent. However, David and I, while we held out any judgement, are completely thrown by this. If there is a mature anyone out there who reads this site and who has an opinion, we would like to hear from him/her. We are aware that a great deal of the "confessions" on here are fiction but this is not and we just do not know where to go to seek advice on this event that we consider more than a bit beyond the pale.

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