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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 38

    My wife had a daughter before I met her. She is 15 now. My wife loves to talk dirty when we are riding. She calls me a pervert and pretends she is one of my daughters friends. Lately she has steparted calling me daddy and talks about me sniffing her white cotton panties It� ;s very horny. Especially when my stepdaughter is in the net room and can probably here us. Just a follow up on this story. The other night my wife sat beside me on the sofa and put a blanket over my lap and started to jerk me off. Where I was sitting you can see when you walk up the corridor so my stepdaughter comes up and goes to the kitchen but she canât see my cock cause of the blanket but my cock gets harder and my wife notices. My stepdaughter goes back down to her room and I pulled away the blanket exposing my cock. My wife started to tell me how much of a pervert I was because I wanted to get caught. She jerked me off right there with the chance of my stepdaughter coming up at anytime. She would have seen everything.

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    Lesbian Female / 53

    Thirty years ago I was at the end of my student visa and without a job offer, I was facing having to return to Manchester to a dreary life. Plus I was going to have to leave my secret love. We had exhausted all options, I had extended my stay with a Masters but I could not get a job. The lawyer walked me to the elevator and held my arm and said 'get married'.

    Me married? I loved someone I couldn't marry. Depression, desperation, my secret love told me to do it, get pregnant and do it, we would still be together. So twenty three I asked this guy I had gone to graduate school with to marry me. He had a lot of affection for me and knowing this was for the right to stay here, and I had told him who I loved. His serious face disillusioned me, but he said he would do it if it made me happy.

    My lawyer refused to answer me about needing to get pregnant, he would only say it had to be legitimate. My lover and I were scared we would be discovered and the marriage would be ignored so we decided the safe thing to do was to get pregnant. I got married without my parent's knowledge, became pregnant immediately. My husband slept on the couch, I slept in the bedroom and my lover had permission to spend the night. He relented when we kissed in front of him so he could see for himself.

    We never got divorced, when it was time to grow the family I did, and he decided that we would share the bedroom, children talk. My lover continued to be a deep secret, but we always had his permission. I went back to school and got a degree in nursing as my lover is a hospital administrator. My husband wanted a son and I tried one more time and that time our son was born, he is ten years old. Our day to day is all American, our nights not so much. We have perfected the legitimacy of a marriage and preserved our secret love life.

    To my husband we owe a debt of love, he has been my husband, the father of my children, my best friend, and the chief architect of a secret life unknown to anyone but the three of us.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I grew up not knowing much about sex and I still havenât done literally anything I havenât even had my first kiss I discoveres porn as a teen and his in my room and watched I wasnât a fan of fingering or clit running so I kind of got bored and I used to use water pressure on my vagina to get me off and I would sneak into my moms room and use her dildos and vibrators even though I knew how gross it was

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    Straight Female / 19

    Sorting through my moms stuff after her death, I found some pictures in a folder. The pictures were of her sucking off a very well endowed guy, and two especially were of her taking the same guys (Tattoo's) huge cock from behind. It appears somebody else took the pictures from the angle they were shot from, and it also appears she was enjoying herself a whole lot.
    It couldn't have been my father, as they'd split up years before. It was only continuing to go through her things, did I discover a letter. The letter was from a man I knew/know very well and it went through a heap of things which reading it, began to make sense.
    The pictures had indeed been taken by a third party and the words went on to explain how much the man fucking my mother had enjoyed the sex. The person, a woman taking the pictures, was the wife (They're divorced now) of the man fucking my wife and they's apparently both had sex with my mom.
    I found another latter and a picture stapled to it. The letter was a love letter and the picture was of my mom and the male on a mountain trail. A trail I'd walked myself with my parents when I was young. The letter was saying how much he'd missed her over a period of time and how he looked forward to pleasuring her again soon.
    After reading the letter, I did something which has changed my life.
    Texting Olly, he answered back almost immediately. His text said we should meet and I should bring the pictures and the letters.
    In a cafe bar in the middle of the day, I met my moms youngest brother. I met the man who's cock I'd seen deep inside my moms asshole and I looked at him and felt my pussy quiver.
    We chatted quietly for nearly half an hour, about their long standing love affair and the fact they'd been having sex since my mom seduced him when he was only fourteen. Even then it turns out he was known for having a massive cock. And my mom being the sexually needy person she always was, had persuaded her youngest brother to fuck her.
    Sat beside him as we spoke in hushed tones, I couldn't help but get turned on as he spoke to me about times they'd meet up for sex. He even told me he'd once had sex with my mom when I was taking a dip in the pool at his home one bright sunny day. The crazy thing is, I remembered hearing my mom moan and thought at the time it was because she'd banged her already broken toe.
    Asking me finally what i wanted to do with the material, I told him he should have it. Passing him it, we touched hands and it was at that point I knew if he asked me to, I'd have sex with my uncle.
    Nothing happened, although when we kissed to say goodbye, it wasn't a kiss of family pecks. The kiss was a full blown passionate kiss. And I felt his hand reach under my skirt, his fingers touching my pussy though my panties.
    We parted and I saw an old woman staring at us. She smiled that knowing smile at me and I blushed. Not from her seeing what we'd done, but from the knowledge I wanted to feel the same large cock fucking me as it had with my mom.. This was all two months ago. In a fortnight from now I've agreed to stay over at Olly's home. It's going to be after a service for my mom and already he's told me if I want to I can sleep in the same room as him.
    I know I shouldn't, but with each passing day I want to experience what my mom did. And I want to know what it feels like to have such a monster cock taking both of my fuck holes.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Guess this is correct area.

    Gotta be quick in a hurry, but stumbled onto this site.

    A few years back I discovered several cameras in our detached building out back. Deer cam type. It's use for parties, ball game watching, laying out area. Sofa, kitchen etc.

    I assumed the parents wanted to see if when our friends were over if we were behaving when out there.
    Then I figured well maybe dad just likes looking at my sister's and my girl friends that come over. Kinda creepy.

    I saw him and two of his guy friends come from there with one in his hand into the house up to his office.
    This was before I had seen one.

    It was after my oldest sister and her boy friend had been up late with some of her friends having a cookout and fire pit, and a night before I had a sleep over down there.

    OK, so that's probably what they are up to. I told my sisters, they thought it was no big deal, they have the problem.

    In a weird way it kinda made me feel sexy, I know it's strange, but the thought of the friend's prob seeing me naked and me being innocent about it. I started changing into bathing suit down there, walking around in room naked, and it felt so good, made me tingle.

    I also noticed mom and Buddy, one of the guys, coming from down there in the past, me thinking.
    I had heard mom and dad cut up after some drinks and say some things that were probably not for me to hear, but now I'm not so sure. Once I heard he laughing with them and she mentioned "she hadn't see Buddy's big buddy in a while".

    I saw dad come out with camera again, and up to house. He and mom where upstairs in office and so was the other friend that comes by.

    I know sis and he bf have sex down there so there you go. I guess mom likes looking at him.

    Buddy and Rick were at the house one day when I got there talking with mom in the den, I walked through and I could feel the eyes on me. I went and sat on porch, then out to the game room to turn stereo on. Rick and Buddy came down.

    I was younger but not dumb, having older sisters I grew up in some area's way fast.

    It made me feel older and sexy with them there alone with me. I knew the cameras were there and I knew they must have too. And I knew mom was just 100 feet away.

    Mom called my cell said she had to run to store........I knew what was going on, I couldn't believe it but I didn't mind.

    Rick sat on sofa with his hand on his boner rubbing it. Buddy had his hands full of my boobs squeezing them.

    After and hour or say they left, my boobs had been so played with and sucked they hurt. My jaw hurt and they were drained.

    That was the beginning of a couple times a month ritual I look for even years later.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I have never told anyone this and I could never tell anyone family or friends. Not that I would. It was one of the best nights of my life and I had to keep it secret the last 22 years .

    Growing up I had one aunt who I really like .she was fun to be around always having a laugh. She was my mum's youngest sister. She used to visit us every summer. And we go to visit them when we would go Tipperary to visit the grandparents. She did live far from them with her family.

    Anyways I was around when I started to notice her more. Being a teenager didn't help . It was 1989 and she came that summer as always. But this year I saw her different . To be honest i started to fancy the shit out of her . Every chance I got I would spend time around her . And every chance I could to check her out. I even spayed on her when she had a bath. Thank fuck for keyholes lol .

    From that moment on I was cracked about her . And I always looked forward to her visit and seeing her .I spent most of my teenage year's wanking about her. Even when I had a girlfriend.

    Roll on 8 years I was 22 working in a factory in a small town near home . So I was still living at home which was handy to save money.

    It was around that time my aunt's marriage broke down. And she asked mum could she come and stay a while. Until she could get her life back on track. She came to stay with us .

    It was great having her around. I really enjoyed it and we got on very well . After a few weeks it was like she had always been there . And I still had a thing for her .And still wanked thinking of her .And it helped having her around .

    A few months had passed she was getting on well had a job trying to get money to get together to rent a place and start over. Which was good to see her getting on with her life .

    So one friday evening I landed home from work had dinner was watching tv not really doing much and felt like going to the pub for a drink. So I went to my room and got ready . When I was ready I headed down to the kitchen . There was my mum and aunt sitting talking. They asked where I was going I said into town for a few pints . It was at that point the aunt said she wouldn't mind a drink and asked could she tag along. I said sure . She said great and got up to go get ready.

    While she was getting ready I had a coffee with mum and chatted .about 20mins later the aunt lands back all ready to go. She was wearing a black skirt with a red blouse with her ginger hair .She look stunning standing there I mean stunning. She asked was I ready to go I said yes and we headed off .

    Got to the pub I got the first round she got the next. We chatted laughed and drank. Dont remembers who ordered the first round of shots we ended up drinking them for the rest of the night. I really enjoyed the night as pissed as we got and laughing like idiots. At closing we went to get a taxi to get home . We had to walk to the taxi rank. We had gotten a few cans as we left the pub to drink on the way home. Must have been around two when we got to the house everyone was in bed .She had to pee when we got in and I headed to the sitting room sat on the sofa and open a can .

    A few minutes later she lands in and sits beside me I give her a can to drink we chat and laugh for a while. We deside to call it a night. After we had everything drank . We get up to leave she turns to me give me a hug and thanks me for the night.

    I hug her back and said no problem.i dont know how it happened or who made the first move . But we ended up kissing . We didn't speak not a word .It just happened and we seem to let it happen. We ended up on the sofa again. Our hands all over each other .
    I slid my hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy. She had her hand down the front of my jeans .we played with other like that for a few mins. She removed her hand .And started to open my belt and jeans. When the were open she got my cock from my boxers. I had gotten her knickers to one side .then she guided my cock to her pussy and I slipped in . We fucked on the sofa until I came.
    I dont know did she cum .

    We lied there for a few moments. Until she got up all of a sudden and said we shouldn't have done and left . I fixed myself up and headed to bed not know what to think.

    I woke the next morning my head was killing me and then it dawned on me what happened last night. I didnt know what to think what to say .I got up and dressed and headed to the kitchen to get a coffee. Mum was there with my aunt who looked as bad as I felt . When she saw me she look down .mom broke the slice by sayin it's yer own fault no one made ye drink it .I made a coffee and sat down . Mum asked josie did she want to town with she said no .mom got up and said right then im off see ye in a bit and went out the door

    We sat there for a few mins in slince and the aunt was the first to speak. She said we should not have done that I said i know but what now . She said we should forget about it and never tell anyone it was a mistake and we were drunk. It never happened ok . I said ok she left the room.

    The next few weeks were a little awkward there no point lying .Mum tought we had a falling out . But things got better a month later the aunt got her flat. We helped her move in .After a while we started to talk again and got back to where we could talk and laugh. And became great friend. Even to the point where we would give each other little digs and comment to each other about that night in front of family and friends and no knew what it meant only us .all this being said mistake or not to be honest I have never regretting it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I got my first blow job from a guy when I was 15 he was late 20's, up until that time I had been sucked off from 8 by the girl next door, many girlfriends in high school, but the feeling I got from him sucking my Cock was the best I had or have since, i actually thought there was something wrong with me I just kept spurting cum as he continued sucking my Cock, until i had to beg him to stop saying please no more, laying on my back I had been gripping the bed the whole time it was so intense, my fingers were aching. I felt so drained, No pun intended. I couldn't move then he whispered in my ear do you want to suck my cock now, i managed to moan nuh, i was Exhausted I had NEVER experienced such an orgasm like that before. He then commented on how much I had Cum in his mouth and that I should at least give him a hand job in return and gently lifted my hand and placed it on his Big fucking Cock, OMG up until then I didn't even realise he was naked, I had been sleeping when I woke up realising my cock was being sucked, he was huge. I let my fingers drop and spread over his Cock until I was in a position to hold his meat, Ummmm he moaned, there that feels good doesn't it, do you like feeling a big Cock in your hands, Its different I said I'm always playing with my cock kind of nice to be holding a big one like yours. Yeah i love the way your stroking mine, I didn't even realise I had started jerking him off, It felt really, really Hot playing with another guys Cock especially such a BIG Cock, thinking back he must have been at least 7# maybe even 8# and fat too, No hair either. He was moaning real load saying oh your such a natural at stroking Cock, My hands started aching again and I slowed down to a stop, he said what don't stop now I'm so close to cumming, I can't I said almost pleading, can't you finish yourself, No he snapped back at me I sucked your Cock and swallowed All your yummy sperm, Now you have to finish me, I tried again but my wrists were so sore I couldn't go on. Fine he said, roll onto your stomach and I'll just Fuk your arse and cum inside your bottom, NO I said and tried jumping off the bed but as son as I put my hands down to push myself up the pain was unbearable and I fell back. Look he said if you can't pull me off, and you won't let me Fuk you then you'll have to suck my Cock like i did for you, but i didn't ask you to I said, And you didn't stop me either did you. So I'll get some lube and Fuk your right little hole, It won't be tight after I've Fukd you. Ok I said now really scared I will try sucking you then, Good he said and rolled onto his back. I reached for his Cock with my other hand and started stroking his Cock until it was hard again I could see little bits of cum dripping out so i thought ok he's close he helped me sit up, and pulled me over until I my lips were on his Big purple knob and he said just try licking me first if you want, It doesn't taste bad. I knew I had to get it over with or he would tear my arse apart with it, so i stuck out my tongue and licked at his Cum, Mmm yeah nice, how's that taste then he said, Its ok I said. Good then finish the job and he pulled my head down and forced his Cock into my mouth holding my head firmly he worked my mouth up and down his big pole I felt helpless like a was just a toy, his Fuk toy. He was pretty brutal and was in total control of my head and mouth as he just lifted me up and lowered me pulling me further down each time until his knob was pounding the back of my mouth and eventually went into my throat, he didn't care that I was gagging and had snot running out of my nose all he thought about was his own pleasure. Ohhh yeah that's it, that's it grip me tight you little Slut, yeah you like my Cock in your mouth now don't you Slut yeah feels really good yeah, yeah oh yes oh Fuk get ready here comes My big load now, Fuuuuk then I felt my throat filling with his cum trying to gulp it down or drown before he pulled out so his knob was just inside my lips as I think he finished cumming, just swallow he kept saying just swallow, swallow it all down, Good boy, Good good boy. Yeah you see that wasn't so hard was it, No, Good then every time i babysit you from now on we can do each other, Ok. Yes Uncle Steve.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Just like her mother , maybe a bit better .

    I've never claimed to be the worlds greatest lover , nor have I ever bragged about the size of my cock ( altho , my dates always craved for it and a few have raved about it to others ) . The only bragging I've ever ( and still do ) done , was to tell everyone that I actually married to the " girl , next door " . I had the greatest sex-life in my neighborhood , damn near fucked every woman available there . Then she moved in with her older brother .

    He and I became good friends as soon as he moved in , with his new wife . I was always helping him with some projects : auto-repair , home improvements , etc. . One day , while helping him with building a deck in his back-yard , he surprised me with : " would you like to go on a double date with us this Friday nite ? ". I was dumb-founded at first . Then he added : " my sister is coming over and thought you would like to join us for a dinner-n-movie date " . I gave it a quick thought ( knowing I had no real plans ) and said " ok " . And that was when I met the one woman that I wanted to marry . I could've asked any other past dates to marry me , and they probably would've said yes . But , they didn't come close in comparison to her , she was perfect .

    It was love at first sight . We fucked in her brother's livingroom after our first date was over . She always picked me up from all the sports I played in my senior year . We never could get enough of each other , fucking anywhere and anytime . The great sex continued on thru our marriage . Then , we were both excited when she became pregnant , with our only daughter . I was never more prouder when I held her in my hands for the 1st time .

    My wife is a true BBW , full-figured and large breasted ( 44ddd's ) , just like her mother . And most of my teenaged dates ( before my marriage ) were BBW's too , they proved to be better lovers than most other women . Our sex-life just kept going strong , over the years . Until one day , our daughter was caught making the same moans and groans as my wife does when we are fucking . Our little girl was just mimicking what she heard most nites . That was the beginning of the end of our sex-life .

    When she heard what our daughter was repeating from our fucking , she became very embarrassed about it . We started closing our bedroom door at night . She tried to not moan and groan so loudly . And when that wasn't enough , the sex just started tapering off . It use to be almost every night , then she tapered off to once a week . Then it got less and less . I became disappointed from all the same old reasons she gave me when I tried to get her into the mood : " not tonite , I got a headache ⦠damn , is that all you ever want ...quit it , she'll hear us again " .

    One day , the wife came home from a dr. appointment and rudely blurted out to me ( with our 15yr old daughter sitting in the livingroom with me ) : " my dr. told me to tell YOU that I lost my sex-drive and YOU just need to deal with it " . And that ended our sex-life for the rest of our marriage . I couldn't get more embarrassed in front of our daughter , as she was awe-struck and a bit ashamed too .

    Now , my daughter was growing up to be more like her mother , except in more of a athletic-shape ( unlike her mother , who never played sports in school ) . She played Volleyball , Soccer , and Softball thru her school years . Just picture a teenaged girl with a well-toned body and large breasted ( 40dd's ) . Every boy in school wanted her . But , she didn't date much . My wife would always start an argument almost every nite , before going to bed ( it was her nasty way to avoid any sexual attempts from me ) . And our daughter saw and heard it all . There were times that I could see in my daughter's face , that she was embarrassed by all of the antics that my wife would throw at me . Sometimes , we would make eye contact and she looked like she wanted to say : " sorry dad , you don't deserve that " .

    Finally , high school graduation came for our daughter . I was to come home early from work , shower and shave , and meet the wife at the school ( holding seats for us ). But , as all plans go , I got stuck at work trying to complete a job for shipping that day . Now , I'm in a rush to get ready . I came home ( when I thought I was alone in there ) and quickly stripped off my clothes and left the bedroom totally naked , walking to the bathroom . Then , with a sudden loud gasp , I see my daughter ( also totally naked ) standing in the hallway . She just left her bedroom to take a shower too . Apparently she thought she was alone in the house too .

    It didn't take us long that we both were staring at each other , me gazing at her huge full boobs , and her gawking at my 9inch thick cock ( slowly becoming hard and rising up ) . Neither one of us tried to cover up by any means . I finally shook my head and tried to clear away my nasty thoughts : " what are you still doing here , you should be at the school " . But that didn't even faze her , as she still gawked at my cock ( damn near fully erect ). " HEY ...eyes up here " I yelled . She finally snapped out of it and said something that I'll never forget : " Damn , and mom lost her sex-drive from that ( her eyes pointing to my cock hard ). For moment , I felt like I should grab a towel and cover-up , but couldn't . The nasty thoughts came back to me , I really wanted to fuck her so bad .

    I know it's wrong , and I also know that she lost her virginity to a damn high school jock ( that just wanted to fuck her to add to his already growing list ) , and he then dumped her for another conquest ( I liked to shoot him for that ). Wife took her in to the dr. and got her on the pill . But , she never trusted any of the other guys since then .

    She couldn't stop staring at my fully erect hard cock . She had this hungry look , like she wanted it now . She wanted to touch it , hold it firmly , stroke it , taste it , feel it inside of her . And I really wanted to give it to her , completely . I wanted to fuck her in every way possible , with no limits .

    I lost track of all time , I had no idea as to how long we just stood there in the hall , just staring at each other . Finally , she just stepped closer to me and said : " damn , dad , mom has got to be fucking kidding you , that she don't want that anymore ( again , pointing with her my cock ). " thanks , and you look really fucking awesome too " ( with my eyes pointing at those perfectly formed full juggs ) . That actually got her to blush a bit and giggle . " Well , you go ahead and shower and...", before I could finish , she reached for my cock and gripped it a bit firmly . " fuck that idea , WE can both shower together " she surprised me with . And she slowly backed-up into the bathroom , still holding my nearly throbbing cock . I thought I was going to cum right in her hand , it's been too damn long when the wife use to attack me like that . As soon as I closed the door behind me , she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth , not wasting any time . God only knows how I wanted this to happen , but not with my own daughter . I had nasty thoughts about one of her girl-friend's that was also built about the same as my daughter .

    She really sucked my cock with so much eagerness , trying her best to take it all in , deep into her throat . I couldn't stand it any longer and just gave in . I place my hands behind her head , as I stood there and began pumping from my hips , thrusting it deep . " I'm about to cum " , as I wanted to pull out , but she quickly grabbed me by my ass and let me thrust it deep into her throat , I came like I never done it before . And she swallowed it all , with loud moans of pleasure . That was the sounds that I miss so much .

    She slowly pulled away as my cock squirted it last load , some of the cum oozing out of her lips . She stood up , with a very big grin , wiped off the extra cum from her mouth and then kissed me fully . Our tongues playing in each other mouth . I wrapped my arms around here and pulled her close to me , with my semi-erect cock still showing some life again . When we pulled from our passionate kissing , we stared into each others eyes and we both knew what was going to happen next .

    I weigh in at 185lbs ( and in good shape , seeing that I had nothing else to do but lift weights and exercise alot ) , she weighs in at 150lbs ( and also in great shape , well tanned all over , a bit muscular , firm ). I picked her up into my arms like she weighed only about half as much , and carried her to my bedroom . I gave her a good toss onto the bed , in which she giggled as flopped there . I then began to slowly approach her , like a jungle cat about to pounch on it's unsuspecting prey . She got herself positioned in the middle of the bed , knees propped up and spread wide open . I can see the look on her face as she anticipated me to enter her . I began to kiss her leg , first the ankle , then her calf ( switching to leg to leg ), then her inner thigh... now my face was at her pussy . I layed down between her spreading legs , slid my hands under each thigh . I slowly began to kiss and lick all around her shaved pussy . Then like a hungry shark , I opened my mouth wide open and dove into her . She squealed at first , then started moaning loudly ( just like her mother ) . She came with a gushing , her legs quickly clamping my head there . When she finally let me loose , I got up on my knees , wiped some of her cum from my face . She reached up to me to pull me down for some more kissing , tasting her own cum from my mouth .

    Now my cock was alive again , nearly throbbing . I got up on my knees , straddle up closer to her already moist pussy and took a hold of my hard cock . I started to guide it in her , but teased her with it by tapping her pussy with it . " damn , dad , are you going to fuck me with that monster ...or are you going to tease me all nite " . I smiled and I guided it into her . As soon as the head made it in , she arched her back and gasped ( just like her mother ). I could see that she never had a cock like mine , as she grimaced with some pain but quickly turned to pure pleasure .
    I kept feeding it into her slowly as she enjoyed every inch of it . When I was completely in her , I layed my body on her . Feeling her big boobs pressed against my chest , made me want to suck them . I took one nipple in and sucked it to make it stiffen up , then turned my attention to other nipple and repeated the same action there . With my hard cock still in her and I'm attacking her juggs like a shark ( mouth wide open and trying to get as much of her breast into my mouth...sucking ) , she now begins the loud moaning and groaning , with her hips grinding under me , wanting me to start pumping her ( again , just like her mother ) .

    Again , I lost track of all time , as we fucked there on the bed . I really wanted it to never end . But , I accidently noticed the clock on my wife's night stand . " Oh shit , we need to go " , I said just after cuming . My daughter let out a disapproval moan : " fuck graduation ...**me on dad , let's fuck some more ". I smiled back at her : " your mother will kill us both " , as I slowly pulled out of her .

    We made it to the graduation on time ( barely ) , she got her diploma and everyone was happy . Her plans was to go out with her few friends , but those plans got changed .

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    Straight Male / 32

    I had always wanted to flash my mother-in-law and sister-in-law but didn't think it would ever happen. I didn't how they would react and specially how my wife would react. Then there was an opportunity that presented itself where I might be able to do it.

    The 4 of us were on a vacation together in the Caribbean. Our resort had a clothing optional beach and my wife's mother and sister had approached her asking how she would feel if they went topless on it. My wife then approached me telling me what they asked. I told her I didn't have a problem with it and asked her how she would feel if I saw their bare breasts. She told me she had no problem with it. Seizing the moment I asked her how she would feel if I went nude on the beach. She told me she had no problem with it as long as I didn't. I pointed out that it would mean her mother and sister would see everything including my cock and balls. She told me again she didn't have a problem with it but would ask them how they would feel. She asked them and everyone had no issues with it.

    We went to the beach and her mother and sister had no problems with removing their tops right away. My wife is a little shy and had never done so before, but maybe following the others lead, went topless too. I do admit I stared a little longer at their breasts than I should have because it was the first time seeing them. Well it was my turn to be stared at because when my bottoms came off both her sister and mother took a longer that usual at me and what was now exposed. It felt good having them see me this way and me seeing their breasts. About 15 minutes after I got nude her sister slipped off her bottoms. I wasn't expecting that but seeing her pussy was a very pleasant surprise. There was no reaction from my wife or her mother about her doing this. It was another 5 minutes later when her mother decides to take hers off so now I am seeing her mothers pussy too. Her mother turns to my wife and tells her to take hers off but my wife says she wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. She then asks her why and was told she just doesn't. Her mother said it wasn't an acceptable answer and took it upon herself to pull my wife's bottoms off. I was very surprised when my wife accepted they were off and made attempt to cover up. There we all were naked together seeing each other this way for the very first time.

    The beach was an icebreaker. For the rest of that trip there was no concern about each of seeing each other naked or anything else for that matter. Even after the vacation we walked around naked in front of each other and even did some things in the presence of the others that maybe showed how high our comfort level was with each other. Nothing sexual but if someone was in the bathroom shower for example we had no problem peeing front of them. There was one time when my wife, her mother and sister came over to bikini wax each other. I did get called in to help which allowed me to see them in some very interesting poses. It was actually the first time where I got a little more of a look at, and even inside, their pussies because of how they needed to be when waxed. I don't know how many guys can say they saw their MIL's and SIL's clits and even had their hands and fingers down their holding the lips. That day I also got convinced to have my parts waxed which meant the ladies had their hands on me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 21 my sister and her friends took me out for my birthday there was one named Jenny who was a transgender I was flirting with her most the night.

    Around 12am me and Jenny walked my sister home she was trashed when we got to my sister I put her in bed and asked Jenny if she wanted to smoke some weed.

    After smoking I kissed Jenny she smiled and pulled my pants off and shirt then I stripped her next we sucked each other on my sister's sofa then after awhile I let her fuck me then after she nutted we switched we fucked 6times as we cuddled naked my sister walked by then stopped and looked at us we both had cum all over us.

    She smiles and says damn baby bro you need a shower you to Jenny after that me and Jenny started dating and now where married

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