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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    In July my youngest and most handsome brother Jack, admitted something to me, something he said happened on a fairly regular basis. And what he's told me, has had me searching my moral compass, as I've been racking my mind to if he has done what he's said, and the fact I'm now thinking about him sexually every day.
    What I'm talking about, is my propensity to fall sound asleep, even after only a glass or two of wine. Jack was staying with me in July, as he'd found a new job and it was closer to his then old apartment. Jack had discovered me fast asleep on the couch one evening, not wearing any panties. I'd apparently slid my comfy shorts down and my pussy and ass were on show.

    What he said next shocked me, but also turned me immensely. My own brother told me, looking down at my pussy and ass, he'd become hony and his cock had hardened. He knew about my sleep pattern and he also knew I'd finished with my boyfriend a month earlier. The reason I'd finished with him, was he couldn't match my sexual appetite.
    Jack said he'd dropped his own shorts, took his cock into his right hand and began to toss himself off, as he lowered his face to my pussy and began to tongue my hole and love button.

    As he described what he'd done to me, I got a shiver through my body and it wasn't because I was cold. It was powered by his description and my mind reeling at the knowledge I would have loved to have been awake. He said I'd shook violently for about half a minute, just before he stood up and shot his cum over my ass cheeks. Not once did I wake up, yet I knew when he confessed, he was telling the truth as I'd woken later to a sticky ass.

    Jack stayed for nearly three weeks and he told me he'd given me oral sex at least half a dozen times in that period. But what had my pussy soaking wet, was when he then said on the last occasion, after I'd had a night out with some girlfriends, he'd walked into my bedroom, removed my remaining clothing and fucked me from behind as he spooned me.
    The following morning as my pussy and asshole seemed to be covered with cum, he owned up to having sex with me. I wasn't angry at all. And it was my reaction, more than his confession of fucking me, that really messed with my head.
    It was I knew, because deep down I wanted to be awake, feeling his cock deep inside me and orgasming along with him.
    When he left to move into his new apartment, I was secretly gutted, because I wanted my youngest brother to fuck me, and I wanted to know and see what his cock looked like screwing my holes.

    I didn't tell him any of this, as he seemed a little embarrassed and guilty. However Jack has said yes to an invite I gave him last week. It's to stay with me over the entire Christmas and New Year period. And I'm seriously thinking of letting him stay in my bed with me.

    No one will ever know, and I've been thinking of Jack fucking me and nothing else these past few months. I know he's my brother and it would be seen as wrong. Yet I cannot now imagine him, not fucking me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    The first woman that I ever had sex with was my mom. My mom, when I was younger, and had broke my arm, decided that she would help me bathe. After I had the cast on. I protested and told her that I could just shower, but she said she didnt want to putting garbage bags on my cast to keep it dry.

    The first couple of days she bathed me, was a bit awkward, but i got use to it by the third day.

    One of the nights in the first week. My family had dinner, finished, and cleaned up and I went to let the water into the tub. Got in and relaxed and waited for my mom to come wash me. When she came in and was washing me and got to my penis, I became hard. I told her I was sorry and she just said it was nothing to worry about. She continued to wash it with the wash cloth. Then about 30 seconds later I noticed she had wrapped the wash cloth and her hand around my penis. I looked at her, and she quietly said, "let me know if you want it to stop." I just shut my eyes and didnt respond. She took the washcloth away and continued to go at it. A couple minutes later I ended up ejaculating on her hand, my crotch and stomach. We continued the act every night. My dad and sister had no idea.

    My mom lending me a hand led into a few blowjobs, and giving her oral when my dad was at work, and my sister wasnt home. Eventually a year or so later, we started having sex.

    I have now moved to the midwest and my mom and dad live on the east coast. I have a wife with 3 kids. My wife knows that I have a sexual relationship with my mom. From I accidentally moaned "mom" when my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were having sex. And it was clear enough for my wife to hear. She stopped, and said, "did you just moan for your mom." I just remained silent. She just laughed, and said, "come on, say something. Do you have a thing for your mom." I still stayed quiet. She said,"oh my god, you do." "Seriously, tell me, I wont be mad." And told me that she would tell me something about her, that she had never told anyone.

    I begged her not to say anything and ended up coming clean with her about things with my mom. She ended up telling me that she enjoys golden showers and had a college room mate that the two of them would play with each other quite frequently and pee on each other. And still now, before she takes a bath she likes pee on herself.

    My wife has been excellent about the whole thing. My parents come and visit at the holiday times. Every few days when they are here, my wife will put the kids in the car and ask my dad to come help pick up carry out. Leaving my mom and I at the house to have fun

    Last time they visited, my wife had everyone in the car, and then ran back in the house to grab her beanie, and looked at us and said to not rush too much, that she hadnt placed the order and she would take a longer route home that would cause them to be in rush hour traffic for a bit. And probably be about 40 minutes. She smiled and looked at us and ran back out to the car. My mom looked mortified, and looked me and asked me if she knew. We had a conversation about what happened with my wife and me awhile ago.

    We ended up having sex in the lounge chair my dad decided to sit in after dinner.

    And my wife is happy because I look after her kink now. My wife and mom have always got along, but they are very close now.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    From 19 through 27, basically all of college, grad school and beyond I lived in a three-way house, man and his sister and me. He had sex with both of us and she and I had sex now and then, sort of follow up to earlier sex with him. At first it was freaky watching him with his sister, but being with her she was more than OK with it. Today we are formalized, he and I are married, we have a young son. My sister in law has moved on, living in her own place to let us have our place.

    Before her I had never been with another woman, she introduced me to my husband. I miss being close with her. That hurts, I miss her, I love her, but we had to choose so we agreed on being more conventional and I married him. But I love her, I miss her and I want to live with her, I can still be married but the wrong two people are living together.

    That's all. First it was me and her. We came first. Then he got in the middle and now I am married to him.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 39

    I am going through a divorce we have been separated for nearly a year, my husband was cheating so I started cheating as well, we are trying to sort out who gets what without solicitors to save costs, I moved out my daughter stayed with her dad because we fight like cats, I called at the house one Saturday morning without warning, we had a cup of and discussed things, I said ime going now I just need to use the bathroom, he gave me a odd look I said is that ok, yes he said go ahead, when I came out of the bathroom I herd my daughters voice say who just called dad, I realised she was in the biggest bedroom, I walked in saying its only me, my 24 year old daughter was sat naked in the double bed reading a magazine, I could tell by the bed clothes two people had slept in it, I dumbly said what are you doing in hear, she dropped the magazine displaying her nakedness and grinning at me, looking at he I knew she is a better fuck than me, I should have realised they were always touchy feely for a dad and daughter the number of times I saw him smacking her bottom playfully and comment on how good her arse and tits looked, I just thought it was a bit of banter, I wanted to get that off my chest and tell someone who I don't know, I still feel like ripping her c**t out sorry.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    I grew up in a nudist family. I have an older brother (4 years older) and older sister (5 years older) as well as a younger sister (3 years younger). We almost never wore clothes around the house except when non-nudist friends/guests came over whih was rare.
    Our home was out in the countryside and was about 2 miles from the next house and at least a half hour's drive from the nearest town. Often, my siblings and I would play in the nude on our 2 acre property.
    We were taught that nudism didn't have to be a sexual thing, but my parents did stray from the norm of traditional nudism by saying that it was okay for nudism to be sexual as well.
    My parents hid nothing from us never closed the door to their bedroom when they had sex. A few times I saw them having sex in the kitchen or in the living room and it never really bothered me. I remember talking with my mom about my day at school while she was having sex with my dad. The way they raised us made sex just as normatuve as nudism.
    When we hit our teens we got to join in on "family movie night" which was actually watching porn together. The first time I got to join them I was amazed by the openess. My older brother and sister were each masturbating as well as my mom and dad who were masterbating each other. They encouraged me to join in as I felt comfortable. The first time I was a bit shy, but I eventually started regularly masturbating with them. We watched porn together as a family about once a week and sometimes more.
    Sex was allowed after 16, but only at our home. We weren't allowed to have sex elsewhere and we had to keep our bedroom door open when we had sex. Our parents said they wanted us to be safe but also have fun. I had sex with two different boys only a few times when I was 16 and 18. I lost my virginity at 16 to my first boyfriend who I had met at a local nudist resort we frequently visited.
    My older sister is a lesbian and has been with her girlfriend for the past 6 years. I saw her have sex with her once out of curiosity. My older brother got married and moved across the country and we occasionally catch up. My younger sister lost her virginity last year to her second boyfriend and is still in high school staying with my parents.
    Currently I am in college and decided to get my own apartment as wearing clothes at home is weird to me after all those years being nude at home. I have had a few one night stands with some guys here at school but am still hoping to find a cute man to date.
    My family is a bit different from some but I love the ol bunch. Did any of you grow up in a nudist home like us? Did any of you watch porn with family? (also for any who might ask, no, I never had sex with any of my siblings. Ew. We might have masturbated together and often saw each other aroused- especially my brother who often had an erection- but we were siblings and sex with each other never interested us. Watching my parents I learned a lot about sex and I was often fascinated by watching my brother shoot cum, but I never wanted sex with them)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    I have always found my mother in law to be very sexy. She went away on a vacation with one of her girl friends and when I found out that they spent some time on a nude beach it caught my attention. It was my wife, me and another couple there when they brought this up. I asked some questions about it and when they admitted they went fully nude it caught my attention even more as I couldn't believe they would actually do something like that. They even teased that they had taken some pictures but it was not anything that they would let anyone else see. I tried to urge them in giving us a peek but it was my mother in law in particular who made it clear there was no way.

    It was a few weeks at my mother in laws place when I was dropping off something for her. Her friend was there and she asked if I could give her a ride home. On the ride with her she brought up their vacation and asked how interested I really was in seeing the pictures. I mentioned they had told us that there was no way anyone would see them. She said there may be a chance if I promised to tell absolutely no one. I had to ask her if she was serious and was told she was. We get to her place and she tells me she had to get me to promise again and do a few other things. I promised and she told me to undress. I told her I couldn't do that as my wife would not approve. She said no one would find out and thought it was only fair if I was to see them she got to see me and even offered to get undressed herself. I began to think about it and she then offered to undress first. She then begins to undress before I gave an answer and was shortly standing naked before me. She was a pretty good looking woman and asked if I wanted to see my mother in law the same way I knew what I had to do. I mentioned my wife would kill me if I did. She told me no one other than us would know because if anyone else did and my mother in law found out she would get killed. She could see I was thinking about it and told me seeing the pictures will let me see in a whole different way and added her body may turn me on but what she was doing may turn me on more. I asked what she was doing and was told I knew what I had to do to find out and said she would give me a quick peek of a picture. She showed me a nude picture of the backside of my mother in law. I made her promise again that no one better find out which she did and I began to undress.

    There I was nude with her now and she leads me over to her computer. She brought another chair over and we sat together and began looking at the pictures. I soon began to see individual pictures of each of them. She told me they were taking turns taking pictures of each other. They showed all their parts but were still rather tasteful. She then warns me the pictures I was about to see would change my opinion of them and in particular that of my mother in law. The two them are posing on the beach together in all sorts of poses. The poses now begin to get more explicit as they begin spreading their legs and their pussy lips with closeups. There are them in on all fours showing off their asses and pussies and their fingers pulling open their holes. She was right that my opinion of them might change but I was getting turned on seeing them in this way. It didn't dawn on me at first but as both of them were in the pictures how or who was taking these. I decided to ask and was told to keep looking at the pictures to find out. She then reached over and grabbed my cock. I looked over at her but under the circumstances didn't mind. We then get to a picture with a young guy in swim trunks and I was told he took the pictures. I then get told the pictures will show how my mother in law thanked him. The pictures showed my mother in law pulling his swim trunks down and then starting to give him a blow job. Then we get to pictures with this guy fucking my mother in law. I saw her in positions doing what I never expected in my life to see her do. That was it for the pictures and I asked if she had sex with the guy too. She said she could never go that far on a beach in view of others.She says she could see I liked the pictures and then straddled me on the chair was sitting on. My cock was in her and she began to ride me. I was caught by surprise but after seeing the pictures, her being willing and the promise of no one finding out this I just let it all happen. I was feeling the need masturbate anyways and figured her pussy lips wrapped around my cock felt a lot better than my hand.

    I cleaned myself up afterwards and she made me promise before I left that I tell no one I had seen the pictures to which I promised I would tell no one. I was more worried about her telling people of us fucking but knew if she did everyone would find out she showed me the pictures. We each had an incentive not to tell anyone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 49

    I was a sleepwalker from a very early age. I wonder what makes people walk in their sleep. Not only did I walk in my sleep but I would carry on conversations with anyone around if they talked to me. I was completely unaware and had no memory of what I did or the conversations, I was only told about this behavior when I was 8 years old while I spent the summer with my aunt and uncle. My aunt heard me moving around my room and bumping into things and talking to nobody, she got up and called my name asking if I was okay. I told her yes, I only needed to go to the bathroom. She asked if I remembered and I had no memory of it at all. The end of summer and my parents picked me up to take me home in time to start the school year, my aunt mentioned my sleep walking and my mom kind of dismissed it and we never talked about it. A few weeks later I said something about it to my youngest brother. That's when he told me he already knew and so did mom. I questioned him wondering how they knew this. That is when he told me when I was 4 years old I would crawl into bed with him at night and put his cock in my mouth and start sucking him. He was 10 years old at the time and a horny boy being a boy he just let it happen without saying a word. He said he would let me suck his cum which I would swallow and moan like getting something delicious "mmm, mmm, mmm". He told me even after he shot his cum I didn't stop and just lay there with his cock in my mouth like a baby sleeping with a nipple. I didn't believe him because I had no memory of doing that. I asked him how many times and he said hundreds of times. He said in the mornings mom would go around to wake us and I would be in his bed sleeping. He said after the first few times he started rubbing on my pussy and finally fingered my pussy helping himself cum, telling me sometimes he would cum 3 times in my mouth those nights.

    After his confession to me he started getting more agressive sexually with me and one day when we were home alone he told me to suck his cock the way I did when I was sleeping. I told him NO, I'm not doing that. He was after me all day and told me since I do it in my sleep I should find out what it felt like so please give it a try. I was still 8 and he was 14, I didn't hate him because he was my brother. He said he was going to go somewhere and I couldn't go. When I begged him to take me with him we reached a bargain, if I sucked his cock he would let me tag along to go to a friends house. I managed to suck him off and even swallow his cum. We agreed we would never let mom and dad know about what we did. I knew we were commiting something that was taboo. That afternoon we met 2 of his friends at one of their homes. One of his friends lived in a trailer house where his parents sold new trailer houses. I wasn't told why we were going to one of the new houses where they cornered me in one of the bedrooms. They made me strip off my clothes and lay down on one of the beds. I was afraid but I also enjoyed the attention I was getting from the boys. Two of the boys spread my legs as wide apart as possible while my brother started fingering my pussy. I was wiggling and moaning somewhat in pain because my pussy was getting dry. He stuck his finger in my mouth and made me lick it clean then he started to suck and lick my pussy. While he was eating and finger fucking me his two friends were pulling on their own cocks getting hard and giving themselves pleasure. When one of his friend said I'm going to cum my brother told him to put it in my mouth and make me suck him off. My body betrayed me as I was in a state of lust while I swallowed the cum. Right after his other friend said the same thing and I had to repeat the sucking and swallowing the cum from his cock. My brother whacked off and shot his cum across my stomach and on my naked and bald pussy lips. They were quite satisfied with themselves while it really didn't mean anything to me. It was just something that happened I had no control over.

    Mom and dad would drive us to the movie theater and tell us they would come back to pick us up at 6 or 7 in the evening. We were left all day. We always went to the balcony seats where almost nobody went. After we had watched the double feature and the first movie was beginning again, my brother would shove my head over his crotch, open his zipper releasing his cock for me to suck. He would get it started by jacking off to make it hard then put my mouth over his cock, he told me to go really slow and just suck it the way I did while in his bed those nights I was sleep walking. He would make his hard on last so long that my jaws and cheeks would start to cramp. About half an hour later I was swallowing his cum.

    I continued my sleep walking routine crawling in bed with my brother and suckling his shaft, I would wake up with his cock in my mouth. That was when I knew what my brother told me had started all those years before was true. I couldn't control what I was doing in my sleep, that's just the way it was. After my brother graduated he joined the army and never lived with us again. I would still get some satisfaction when he would come home on pass every few months. He was 18 and I was 12. Sometimes he would borrow a car and we went to the drive-in movies where I would suck his cock making him cum at least 2 times or 3 depending on how long we are out those nights while he gave my pussy finger fucking and sometimes I suck my own cum from his fingers.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was in my teenage years I had a number of gay relationships, since then I got married with a family, but I still crave sex with another male, I miss having a man on my back, this part of my life is in the closet, I have met up with a friend from my teens, he has hinted he still interested our old way of life, I am tempted

    Jack T

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    Years ago one of my female first cousins, Gene, was visiting while our moms went shopping. She was developing a very nice set of boobs and I couldn't help my eyes fixating on them. She caught me and I was very enbarassed, but instead of slapping me, she told me she'd show if I would.

    We both ended up totally naked. Just as we started touching each other our parents got back, we hurriedly dressed, and though we were not caught doing anything, we were never left alone again.

    I had not seen Gene for more than four decades, I have cum many loads thinking of seeing her naked and what I intended to do before our parents interrupted, that is until yesterday's Thanksgiving reunion.

    She flew in from out of state, alone as her husband passed several years back and never remarried, to attend the reunion. When my eyes first caught her, I have to admit it was those nice tits that drew them to her. She is still every bit as sex as ever.

    We began talking, and talked through the evening. Our reunion was breaking up late and we were still talking. I invited her back to my place, my wife passed a few years ago, and she accepted.

    We got to the house and I offered her a drink, she looked at me and smiled, then said, "I'll show if you do." That all it took, I was that kid again, my cock ready to cut diamonds.

    We went into the bedroom and this time we removed each other's clothing while we kissed and grabbed each other like wild animals. Her breasts were even better than I remembered. She was wet, and my hard cock slid into her tight puss all the way to my balls. We fucked like we were kids again. It has been a long time since I've had my tank completely drained, but it has been now.

    We fucked all night. I am up early and she is still sleeping. I'm just watching her, my cock hard again wanting back in her. We'll fuck more soon, when she wakes--if I can wait that long.

    It's been a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    About a year after I got married I had an affair with my sister-in-law. It started when our family planned a week long get away at Lake Tahoe. A family friend let us borrow their cabin for a week and it was supposed to be my wife, her sister, and her mom and dad. Because of some last minute schedule conflicts and late flights of my in-laws I drove there by myself while my wife waited to pick up her parents. Her sister drove separately as well.
    When I got to the cabin my wife told me that her parent's flight had been cancelled and that they would be a day late as they had to book a flight the next day. They ended up being three days late. I shared the cabin with my sister-in-law for three days until the rest of the family came.
    During the first day we chatted but kept to ourselves for the most part. However on the second day I heard my sister-in-law yelp from the bathroom.
    She had slipt as she stepped out of the shower and bruised her leg. She was completelt naked and it was the first time I saw her like that. I helped her up and somewhere along the line we started kissing. I can't remember exactly who kissed first or why we even kissed, but we didn't stop. I led her to my bedroom and we had sex several times that day and the next.
    After our trip we privately met up and agreed we wouldn't do it again, but a month later we met up and I had almost weekly sex with her. This lasted for about three months but then my sister-in-law stopped having her period and we found out she was pregnant.
    My wife found out as we couldn't hide anymore. She was furious and consequently we got divorced. My sister-in-law miscarried in the second trimester probably from the stress from all the family drama I caused. She cut off all communication with me after that. Their whole family hates me now and even my family is ashamed of me. I was almost married for two years to a beautiful woman and a very nice family but I wasted it all on an affair with her sister.
    It has been a year since I got divorced and I'm still beating myself over the mess I made. The sex with her sister was amazing, but I would take it all back and never do it if I could. Careful what you wish for.

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