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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 15 I asked to see my dad's dick...and he showed me! He didn't even hesitate. Just whipped out his massive cock. Now, back then, I didn't really know what a massive cock was, but he was so much bigger than me... and later, when I knew more about sex and everything else, he really did have a massive cock.
    Not too long after that initial look, he started slipping me his monthly copy of Hustler. He made me swear not to tell mom. I never did. I would jack off several times a day to those old magazines. Such great memories. I wish I would have kept them over the years.
    Not too long after I graduated, my dad come into my room one night and asked if I remembered when I had asked to see his dick? I said, yeah. Then he said I never returned the favor. I shrugged, stood up and pulled my cock and balls out through my pajama's fly. I was nearly as hung as he was soft. He smiled and said he was glad that I got his genes. He sat on the edge of my bed and told me his father and my Uncle Tim weren't as big as we were. He was worried that the "curse" might have got me. I just laughed at that. The subject changed at that point and I don't really remember what we even talked about now. I do remember that I just let my dick hang out the whole time.
    It became rather common for us to show off to each other from that night on. I stayed at home for the next two year while I was in college. My dad was the first to show off hard. It was awesome to see him like that. We would occasionally talk about the women I had been dating. I did have a rather steady girlfriend at that time and we'd talk about fucking. I told him almost everything I liked doing and what she liked. He told me about him and mom a lot, too.
    That was the boom of the VHS era, and dad started buying a lot of porn. He would give them to me like he used to do with the Hustlers. Him and mom would watch in the basement family room...he pretended like it was their "special" time, but I knew what was going on. I would occasionally listen at the top of the stairs for their moans and jack off.
    I remember a particularly hot summer my grandmother on my mom's side passed away and my mom left for Minnesota. My dad didn't go because there wasn't going to be a funeral or any showings. Just legal mumbo-jumbo my mom had to handle. The second night mom was gone, dad asked if I wanted to watch a movie. We went to the basement and he popped in a freshly unwrapped tape called NIGHTSHIFT NURSES. What a great movie! I have since bought it on DVD. That was the first night we jacked off together. We did it at least once a week after that.
    I'm nearly the age that my dad died now. It's scary. I miss the old bastard and his massive cock. I have two boys of my own now and I hope I can be as cool of a father to them as mine was to me...and I can't help but wonder if they have the "curse" or not. I guess I'll just wait and find out in a few years.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I love this site! I love reading about i****t stuff, and I decided to put my own confession here because its not like i can tell anyone anyway cause my daddy would go to jail!

    So Im in love with my daddy and i have been since I was 12. My mom ran off when i was little so my daddy took care of me himself, even though he hurt too since she just left a note and took off. What a bitch! That was when I was 8 and i cried a lot and my daddy did too except he cried in his room and he thought i didnt hear him.

    I started liking boys when i was like 10 but all the boys at school were jerks and none of them were as nice as my daddy. He called me beautiful and his little angel and he was patient when i had a bad day, hugging and cuddling with me and making me my favorite food which is macaroni and cheese with hotdogs and peas in it. He would call me his little angel and said that no boy in the world was good enough for me because i was the most beautiful girl in the world. and when he said things like this I believed him because he was my daddy. It made me feel so happy that I would just sit on his lap and we watched cartoons while he held me in his arms. Maybe I fell in love with him when I was 10, but it was different when i was 12 cause I had my period and my daddy said i was becoming a woman.

    He never got a girlfriend in all that time after mom left and when i asked why he said i was the only girl in his life and he liked it that way. I liked it too and i think that was when i started having fantasies where id be sitting on his lap and hed hug me and start kissing me and id giggle but then id start feeling funny like i wanted him to do more and it was my fantasy so of course he would do more, touching me on my boobs cause they were starting to gtow or between my legs cause i was growing hair down there and he said i was becoming a woman so why couldnt I be his woman?

    It was frustrating cause Id get all wet between my legs but I didnt know about playing with myself yet so I finally told my daddy that i was having fantasies. I was embarrassed cause i thought he might think i was gross for thinking those things about him but he just smiled and said "Well you are becoming a woman so its natural i guess for you to start having fantasies and stuff."
    Then he asked me if i knew about masturbation and i said no so he tried to explain it to me.

    I thought I understood but then i asked him to show me how. he said "Im your dad and its not appropriate for dads to do things like that with their daughters."
    But I begged and said that i dont care because hes my daddy and i love him and i dont wanna ask nobody else, so he said he'd show me how to masturbate but that was it.

    He made me keep my underwear on the whole time, but he started by rubbing my boobs and making my nipples all hard and then he rubbed between my legs and i got all wet and tingly. he explained what he was doing and how i could do it myself, but then he really started rubbing down there and i was so wet and then i sorta locked up and i was humping his hand hard! after a minute it was over and he said i had an orgasm which was the whole point of masturbating and i was so happy i asked him to do it again so he did and i had another one and it was so awesome i almost fainted.

    Then he said i should go practice or whatever and i went to my room and I tried but the only way i could have an orgasm was when I imagined him taking all my clothes off and rubbing me down there. But even though i had an orgasm it didn't feel as good as when he did it so I went to tell him but he was in his room so i went in and he was on his bed and his thingie was out and all hard. he had his hand on it and was pulling on it!

    He put it away and told me i shouldve knocked but i didnt care cause i saw his thingie and it was so cool! I told him that i couldnt make it feel as good as when he did it.
    "Angel I shouldnt do that to you I could get in trouble."
    So I told him Id never ever ever tell on him no matter what and that i loved him more than i love anyone in the whole world and that i wanted him to rub me and make me have an orgasm because he did it better than me.
    "I love you too angel and i want you to be happy but fathers arent supposed to do that with their daughters."

    I said I don't care, ill do anything you want if you do this for me and so he gave in and told me to get up on the bed with him. i asked if i could take my panties off because theyre wet and uncomfortable so he said yes and I took them off. I asked if between my legs was ugly or anything and he said no its beautiful just like the rest of you. So I opened my legs and he started rubbing on the slit like last time but his finger was rubbing in the slit a little too. i was so tingly and it didnt take long to have an orgasm but once i was done i didnt want him to ever stop! So I begged him to do it more and he did.

    I had three orgasms and he was almost laying between my legs by then so he asked if he could try something different and i said he could do anything he wants. he leid between my legs and had me lift up my knees and he began kissing me down there and then he licked in the slit and i had an orgasm right there and he kept doing it. he was licking up all the wetness but my body was making more and more. I asked him if it tasted gross and he said no it was the best taste he ever tasted before. i asked what it tasted like so he came up and kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth and it tasted weird but not bad weird.

    he told me that if i really wanted him to he would lick me there whenever i wanted but we had to keep it a secret because its illegal and he could go to jail and theyd call him a sex pervert. i of course said id never tell anyone no matter what because i love him so much and hes the best daddy in the world! i then asked him if we could do more because i wanted to see his thingie again so he took off his underwear and his thingie popped out. he explained to me why it was hard and that he had been rubbing it so he could have an orgasm so i asked why it was so hard and he said it was because he had such a beautiful young lady in his bed so i asked if i could play with it so i could give him an orgasm too and he said okay.

    he showed me how to do it and which spots were sensitive and i did my best to make him orgasm. then he ssid he was close and that stuff would come out and that it would be messy. then he moaned and whitish stuff came out of the tip and got all over his chest and belly and my hands. because he licked up mine i started licking all the stuff of him and it tasted different from mine but i told him i like his stuff and i did. i even licked some off of his thingie!

    he said its called a penis or a dick if its hard and that mine is a vagina or a cunny. I liked cunny better than vagina so i said so. his penis got soft after his orgasm so he lay down between my legs and started licking my cunny again even sticking his tongue in it which felt really good. i had another orgasm and then he had me like sit on his face but not real hard and he rubbed my butt and licked my cunny til i had another orgasm and then another.
    After he was done he said he loved licking my cunny because it tastes so good and that he loves me so much. i asked if i could be his girlfriend because i was the only girl in his life and he needs a girlfriend. he asked me if i wanted him to get a woman to be his girlfriend but i said no i want to be your girlfriend because id get super jealous if he had a woman girlfriend so he said okay i can be his girlfriend but only in our house when were alone.

    so every day when he got home from work i would get naked and wed go in his bedroom and hed lick my cunny while i played with his dick. he taught me how to suck on it since he could just shoot his semen right into my mouth so i could swallow it and there wouldnt be any mess. i love sucking on his dick and feeling his stuff shoot right down my throat! but the best part ever was the night we first had sex. we were cuddling and we were both naked and his dick was hard and rubbing between my legs. i asked him if i could rub it for him and he said he wanted to try rubbing it on my cunny so of course i said yes you can do anything you want.

    So he got on top and put my legs up so they were on his chest and he started rubbing his dick on my cunny and it felt really good because it was rubbing my slit and my clit at the same time and i was soaking wet so his dick was wet too. he looked like he was having a lot of fun and then the tip was rubbing my slit and it went in just a little and he said sorry but i said keep going. he asked are you sure and i said do it please so he put just a little bit more in and was rubbing it around and then he started to put more in. it felt so good! it barely hurt but it felt really good so i didnt care i told him to put it all the way in and he looked surprised but he did really slow so it wouldnt hurt me more.

    Once it was all the way in I told him i love him so much and i wanted him to do it to me now and he started moving it and telling me i felt so good and that i was so tight and that he promised he would make me feel so good. And it did feel really good and it was even better because it was my daddy and not some stupid boy because my daddy knows how to do it right. he made me orgasm so much that i was shaking hard but i begged him not to stop because i wasnted him to orgasm too. he said he couldnt shoot his cum in me because then id get pregnant but hed take me to get birth control and then once it was working he could do it inside me all we wanted. i told him okay but hes gotta shoot his stuff in my mouth then so it would still be in me but not get me pregnant.

    he kept my legs on his chest for a while and then had me get on my hands and knees and he did it to me from behind. he said "My sweet little angel you feel so good and youre so sexy I love you so much."
    Then he started doing it in me harder and when he was gonna orgasm he took it out and i put it in my mouth and tasted my own stuff and then he shot a bunch of his cum in my mouth. i swallowed it all even licking his dick all clean and then we lay down and rested for a bit.

    He got me on birth control and then a month later he started shooting his stuff deep inside my cunny and i love it! weve made love so much that i cant even imagine doing it with anyone else but my daddy because hes so good and makes me feel so good. hes even done it in my butt and that doesnt feel as good but he likes it so i dont mind as long as he uses a bunch of lube. Im his little angel and ill never be with anyone else but him!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54


    Incest is just an ugly word for 2 consenting adults enjoying sex with each other . It should never matter as to who you are fucking , just as long as no-one gets hurt ( no broken hearts , no harm , no foul ).

    We were just your usual family : loving parents , 2 kids ( son and daughter ). Dad was the typical work-aholic , mom was the stay-at-home type , and my sister and I rounded up the usual teenagers .

    My parents always had a great loving relationship : good sex , great communication skills , worked well with each other , showed respect and trust . Dad was always working long hours and would volunteer for any extra o/t . He missed alot of time watching me and sis growing up . Never there when we got into school sports , but mom never missed a game for the both of us . As time went on , I could see that with dad spending more time working , and less time with the family , mom was starting to feel that she was missing some " special-ME " time ( as mom would call it ) . Whenever dad would be at home for a whole weekend off , he slept alot and didn't join in any family activites : dinner-n-movie dates , picnics at the parks , visit with distant relatives , etc. Mom was the one that taught me to ride a bike , swim , play football , drive a car , etc. Yep , mom taught me alot .

    Then , we got the worse news possible on one friday nite...a state trooper came to the house . He told us that a trucker ( driving way too many hours without a break ) , nodded off behind the wheel and crossed over the center-line and hit dad's car head-on ( 70+ mph ). Dad never stood a chance , the cop felt he died instantly on impact ( no suffering ) .

    It took mom a few years to finally get over the grieving . Sometimes I could hear her crying herself to sleep . I wanted to go and comfort her whenever her crying began , but mom would always try to pull herself together and act like everything was ok , when I approach her . Even sis was getting frustrated with all of it , claiming that mom either need to get over the constant grieving and jump on the dating scene , or see a shrink .

    Mom was not your average stay-at-home type . She was 5ft-10inch tall , around 150lbs , great shape , and has the biggest and firmest 44ddd's boobs I ever seen on any woman . Men would always see her and stare ( and I'm sure they were thinking : " damn , would love to fuck her " ). When most high-school girls I dated was only with 36c tits ( at best ) and I brought them home , they would see mom and got very jealous . Yep , mom was an eye-catcher .

    Dad was well insured , and it provided mom to live well without forcing her to seek any employment . Although , she probably could have gotten any job she wanted , if the boss would not stare at her all damn day .

    One day , coming home from football practice early , I did the usual " mom ? , I'm home " , and got no response . I started looking all-over the house . Then I heard something that sounded like a gentle buzzing sound , like a vibrator ( some of my dates enjoyed using it to get themself " warmed-up " ). Mom was using one in her bedroom , door closed . But I could hear it clearly , and her moans of pleasure . When the " buzzing " stopped , the crying began shortly afterwards . Mom was horney and missing dad , and didn't really like the idea that she had to get some relief from a damn battery operated sex-toy ...she wanted the real-deal . I hated hearing her go thru all of the frustrating and grieving . This went on for a few months , when I finally got tired of hearing the usual routine and her crying always followed later . I decided I need to confront her on it , hope to give her some advice , show her that she is still loved by her siblings and will support her on what-ever means she choose to do to get back to being normal will always move on .

    I took a chance and entered her bedroom after her usual " buzzing " and sobbing routine . I gently knocked on her door and slowly entered . I found mom naked on top of the bed , her legs propped up and the vibrator still inserted in her pussy . She was already into her crying routine and didn't noticed me standing at the foot of the bed . I instantly got mesmerized by her huge firm rack , standing tall like mountains , even tho she was laying on her back , with no cleavage spreading open ( most of my dates , with smaller boobs , would have their tits flopping over and showing a wide cleavage gap ) . I had to shake my head to clear my dirty thoughts and get mom's attention . " mom...MOM "( speaking louder ) , she finally saw me and tried to cover-up quickly by pulling some of the blanket over her , wiping her tearful eyes . " DAMN , don't you knock first ? " she barked back at me . " Sorry mom " , trying to appologize without making any eye contact . " I just wanted to make sure you are ok , I heard some noise " . I noticed that her hand was under the cover and can see it roaming about around her crotch , probably trying to remove the vibrator and hide it under the covers .

    I started to turn away and was about to walk back to my room , when she said " come here , son...your mother needs a hug " . The thoughts about hugging her as she laid naked under the covers , caused me to get a quick hard-on , and I totally forgot that I was standing close to her with just my underwear on ( I never cared for pj's ). My hard-on getting harder by the secound , she would have to be blind as to not notice the big bulge in my undies . I tried to give her a gentle , but not a great hug . I didn't want to her to notice my cock was almost throbbing at that time . When I did lean down to hug her , she reached up with her arms to wrap them around my neck and she began to pull me down onto her . The blankets falling away and exposing her huge juggs completely . She had me in a firm wrap for a hug , pressing her face cheek's next to mine . Slowly rolling her face around to kiss me gently , giving alot of sweet quick pecks . When I tried to roll my face to look into her eyes , her kissing continued onto my lips . I naturally kissed her back . Then it quickly turned into more passionate kissing , like she just lost all control .

    There I was , trying to pull away from her , not wanting her to discover my total errection and I'm starting to feel some of those big naked tits of her's touching me near my chest . Mom tightening her hug on me , forcing me to get closer to her , nearly laying onto her . Then to make things harder , she began french-kissing me . She was forcing her tongue into my mouth . When our tongues touched , I lost all control of myself . I lowered myself onto her and started kissing her back with more passion and my hands began to roam around her body . It was just a matter of time when my hands found themselves gropping her juggs and hearing some approval moans from mom . I worked my whole body to lay completely onto her , as she slowly spread her legs apart to allow me to snuggle down between them . My cock was so rock-hard , it almost hurt . Mom started to do some " romeing fingers and russian hands " too . Her finding my cock and started to grope it thru my undies , until her fingers found their way past the waist band and grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it . " mmm , your even bigger than your father " I heard her say between our kisses . I just couldn't stop the action now , I wanted to fuck my mom...wanted to fuck her all-nite long . Evidently , mom was thinking the same as me , as she started pulling my undies down past my knees . It was then , my cock ( acheing to get inside my mom's hungry pussy . Without stopping our kissing and a bit of crotch grinding , I decided to continue with the removal of my undies . Now we are both totally naked and getting both of us worked up for some great sex . Her hand still stroking my cock and trying to guide it into her already moist c**t . When she got the head of my cock to nearly enter her , I took over and thrust the rest of my hard throbbing cock into her . " FUCK , you're big " mom said . That was all I needed to hear and take charge of it all . Once I got completely into her , balls deep , I paused as she let out a loud moan of pleasure...the kind of pleasure that she longed for , since dad's death . I slowly began to pump her with some long strokes , nearly pulling out all the way ( just leaving the head of my cock in ) and slowly driving it all back in . After a few long strokes , we got back to kissing . My pumping picking up the pace . I wanted to fuck my mom so bad and I wanted to cum so strong for her and make her cum too .

    My pace was getting quicker with shorter strokes , and mom was joinging in the action too . I was feeling the need to explode inside of her so bad . I just had to try to get my mouth on one of her big boobs and see how much I could suck them in . She moaned some more when I got one boob into my mouth ( I was use to the smaller breasted girls from high school , where I can almost suck the whole boob into my mouth ) . There was no-way in hell that I was going to get a 44ddd ( yes , that is 3 d's ) boob completely into my mouth , but I got alot more than she thought I could . " Oh god " as mom's body started to tighten-up and I knew she was about to cum too . I kept pumping her faster , until I felt my cock was about to explode . Timing is always important here , as we both felt the desire to cum finally . With one more deep thrust , I held it deep inside her and she did too .

    This was just the begining of a long and very loving relationship between mother and son ... and it still continues to this very day . But , it included some other family members too . I'll share those adventures at another time .

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    This part of my life Iâve never been able to share and for some reason really feel the need to. I am the oldest of three sisters and have known since a young age that I was different. My dad got us all into girls hockey and my mom used to have to force me to keep my equipment clean, change my bras or to take showers even though I was going through puberty. My parents used to joke they knew what it was like to have a boy, which seemed harmless because my mane of blonde curls and hockey honed butt made me appear so feminine. They didnât know how right they were.

    Girls hockey tends to attract girls who like girls, and our travel team was made up of girls from 9 to 13. The older girls made comments like âeat meâ and teased each other about their pubic hair, so I, and my yonger sister Leisel when she joined, learned a lot, which lead me to Googling even a lot more. One of the things I learned was that I liked girls way more than boys - girls seemed to me the best of both worlds - strong but pretty, smart and fun. It wasnât long before I was sneaking my iPad into bed to masturbate to pictures and videos of girls.

    One hockey road trip the captain of our team was wrestling me in the pool a lot and then suggested we both hit the hot tub. She is tall with long brown hair and is a little overweight, but really funny and crazy. I take after my tiny but curvy blonde mom, so it felt like she was a woman compared to me. While I was sitting with my back to he jets with my eyes closed, she slid next to me and whispered âCan you keep a secret?â I looked at her and nodded and she smiled and told me to turn around. She slyly taught me to position myself so the jet hit my clitoris through my suit just right. I was so aroused that I almost finished just from the covert naughtiness and perfect pressure. Worried someone might notice I was keeping a sharp eye on the others in the pool and didnât notice Jane reaching over. She hoarsely said âlet me helpâ as the next thing I knew she was pulling the crotch of my suit over! I gasped, orgasmed and crouched down into the hot tub all in 2 seconds, panting and embarrassed but so turned on. Unfortunately, that was all that happened with another girl until the following summer.

    My parents had gotten divorced and we went to our cottage in Canada for the first time with just our dad. My sister Leisel and I are only a year apart, natural rivals and total opposites. She loves fashion, boys and girly things, but where we differ most is our personalities. I can be just as loud and silly as her, but when it comes to who I like I am deadly secretive, and never flirt. She on the other hand, is so bold she flirts with our momâs boyfriends, telling them they are handsome or feeling their muscles. I am annoyed and jealous of her âsexyâ behavior at the same time. This summer was one of the hottest I remembered, and our cottage had no AC. Our little sisters took to sleeping in just their panties, but Leisel and I wore t-shirts as nighties. We had our own room together and one night she came in out of the shower and lied down on her bed in just her towel. I made a comment about getting ready for bed she replied âI am sick of sweating - I am sleeping in the buff.â With that she whipped off her towel, rolled over and clicked off her light. I told her âgood callâ, locked our door and took off my shirt. Our small fan was little relief and even the lack of clothing didnât help much. Our twin beds were perpendicular and from mine I could see Leisel tossing and turning. Leisel takes after our dad, and is actually bigger than me. A lot of people assume I am the younger of us. As I lay there watching her on her back, legs splayed and long curly brown hair awash around her budding breasts, I started thinking about the naked girls on my iPad. Silently, laying on my tummy, I started to touch myself. I was ninja stealthy and barely moving, watching her rhythmic breathing for changes. With the fan covering the sound, I started to get a little braver and moved from teasing myself to trying to finish. I was just starting pre-orgasmic tremors when Leisel suddenly sat up and clicked on her light. I instinctively snapped my
    eyes and legs shut and pulled my hand away, but the quick movement made it clear I wasnât sleeping. Leisel paused mid-climbing out of bed and I could almost feel her eyes on me. She padded slowly past me and I heard her in the bathroom. I
    rolled over and pulled the sheet over me. Her returning footsteps stopped at my bed and she whispered âI know youâre up - brought u an ice water.â I rolled over feigning drowsiness and reaches for the glass with a humble âThank you.â She smiled at me in a funny way, then walked over to her bed. Slowly she climbed across her bed, set the glass on the table, then fluffed her pillow, her bare butt and vagina totally exposed to me. She had never done anything like this, and I couldnât tell if it was intentional, to tease me or to make fun of me. I rolled over and went to sleep, frustrated.

    Th e next night was just as hot, but I kept my t-shirt on for bed. Leisel announced she was taking a shower to cool off, and left the room. I hadnât orgasmed in a week and the prior night had left me achy and horny. When I heard the water come
    on I quickly started rubbing myself
    under the covers, when suddenly the door flew open and Leisel walked in nude. âOut of shampooâ she said and then stopped. I had furtively stopped and rolled over, but that just made it more clear I had been on my back, legs apart. She turned, rooted around in a drawer then returned to the shower. I was mortified enough to lay there motionless hoping to sleep away the embarrassment. When Leisel came back in she quickly turned off the light and climbed into bed. There was a moment of silence and then I heard a quiet âdid you finish?â I rolled over to look at her, but the sly smile she had turned my embarrassment to anger.
    âShut up.â I said, but her smile only widened. âItâs ok. I do it too.â âShockerâ I replied implying she was a tramp. She looked at me, smiled and said âI wonât tell if you wonâtâ She has been sitting on the edge of her bed, but she slowly laid
    back into her pillow propped against
    her headrest. Her knees slowly fell apart and she let her hand trail down to her pink mound. I flipped over and looked at the wall telling her âyour gross!â There was no answer, but I realized the fan was off and I could her her making soft breathing noises. I pretended to ignore her but finally I glanced over my should to shoot her a dirty look. Her eyes were closed, one hand gently circling a nipple, then other moving side to side on her vagina. I was suddenly wet. With a resigned âfine..but if u tell anyone Iâll kill youâ I rolled onto my back and joined her under the protection of my sheet. I closed my eyes and the sound of our mutual touching and breathing in the quiet had me close in no time. My legs started to quiver signaling the point of no return, and I opened my eyes to see my sister staring at me intently and barely moving, her wet lips swollen in a way I had never seen before. I covered my mouth and half-sat up in orgasm, laying back to recover in semi-shame. I finally looked over and she was still open mouthed watching me. âWhat?â I asked, âAre u done?â She shook her head. âIâve never finished. I canât seem to. It feels really good but thatâs it.â I was torn between anger that she had tricked me, and a strong pity sisterly urge to help. I propped myself on my elbow and asked âwhy didnât you tell me?â âI was hoping this time I could copy you and maybe it would happen. But u kept your sheet on.â Our mom had the iPad set at an âRâ rating - we could see nudes, but no videos that would be instructional. âPlease Virginia.â Her voice sounded sincere and I thought how frustrated she must be. âFiiiine.â I sighed. I sat up and flipped the sheet off. âWatchâ I held my self open, licked 2 fingers and started gently sliding them over, down and back to expose my clitoris. âYou need to find your clit and get it hard and senstive.â Watching she replied âI donât think mines the same.â She was right, my labia was exposed while hers was hidden behind her vulva. She stood up and walked over to my bed. âI can barely see you from over there.â I gave her look, but slid up and she sat at the end of the bed and spread her legs. âJust do what I do.â I held myself open and gently massaged my clitoris in tiny circles, saying âstart really light, then gently use more pressure.â She mimiced me and I could see the wetness glistening on the insides of her thighs, but her clitoris was barely visible. Following my gaze she said âI think mines really smallâ and I was instantly curious. âHold yourself open with both hands.â She complied and I leaned forward to see the tiny bud a deeper shade of pink. As I did the scent of her arousal hit was sweet and tangy and girly and overwhelmingly intimate. I looked her in the eye and said âquietly donât moveâ and leaned down the rest of the until way my lips touched her other thick vaginal lips. Her gasp was encouraging, and I felt empowered to know her larger, stronger body was completely under
    my command, yet submissive of course in that I wanted and needed so badly to service her. I licked slowly up her lips searching for her sensitive bud and finding its minuscule hardness as her thighs twitched. She started rolling her hips instintively to rub against my soft mouth, but I whispered for her to hold still and proceeded to lightly lick and flick over her tiny clitoris âOh my godâ she half sobbed and suddnely she was pushing at my forehead and flooding me with her sugar. I had just given my sister her first orgasm and was feeling every emotion possible, good and bad, when she pulled me up on her and embraces me. Her hard nipples pressed against my larger (for now) breasts and she shivered an âoh my God that was good.â I smiled and realized my wetness was sticking to her thigh, so I self consciously pulled away. Leisel took the opportunity to reach down and furtively start rubbing my clitoris in circles. I froze with the pleasure of it, and she slid her other and to my breast. I couldnât believe how wonderful her touch felt, how hard my nipples were and how erotic her lingering auger tasted in my mouth âoh shit!â I cried into her shoulder, my teeth clenching her skin as I came hard!

    We lay their panting until I pulled off her and she went to the bathroom. I went when she was done and by the time I returned she was apparently asleep. I laid awake too revved to sleep - appalled at myself but feeling worldly. The next day Leisel acted like nothing happened which was fine with me and I hoped we would let it go. At bedtime she was wearing a nightie and sitting up in bed reading with her knees up. I decided to read too, but a few minutes later when I glanced over, her nightie had ridden up so that I could see her vagina. I knew it wasnât and accident, but I was too weirded out to think of doing or saying anything. After 10 minutes or so, I glanced back over to see that she had somehow silently slipped her hand down into her nighty and was slowly rubbing her self. It was sexy, but I was sort of annoyed she thought it was ok to do. Still I was staring because her head was hidden behind her book and then her hand stopped, her pointer finger crooked and curled up beckoningly. I was open mouthed at her audacity, but at the same time, aroused and desiring to taste a girl again. She lowered her book a little, smiled a pouty smile, arching her eyebrows as if to say, âpleaseâ. I told her âshut off the light.â Her book was on the table and the room was dark in an instant. âDonât move.â I repeated my order from the other night. I slid on my belly and shook my head at how wrong and right it felt at the same time. I was surprised how wet she was as I lightly lapped at her sweet swollen lips, and felt her start to shiver soon after I started. I increased my tongues pressure and suddenly her hand was in my thick curls and pulling my face against her. Rocking her hips Leisel cried a soft sobbing âoh God V!â and came in a long leg twitching orgasm. I sat up to my knees in the dark to embrace her and she kissed my mouth in the dark. âMmmm...â she said lickig her own girl cum off my lips. âI want to try.â She rolled forward onto her knees, kissing me more, her hand cupping my sensitive vulva. I was out of my mind with anxious anticipation, and she seemed to sense that, teasing me with soft carresses but avoiding direct stimulation. Leisel then laid back and pulled me onto her, her strong hands grabbing my bare ass and pulling me forward. She stopped to pull my shirt off, then reached down for my butt and scooted even further. Suddenly I realize what she was doing - she was having me straddle her face! I inched up until my knees were deep in her curls, when her hands squeezed my butt and pulled me down onto her face. She didnât gently lick me, but pushed her tongue right up into my labia, obscenely penetrating me. I gasped and reached forward to steady myself on the headboard, when I felt her lick up to my clitoris then back down and in with long firm licks. I was quivering and close when her hand slid up from my ass and grabbed my breast forcefully. I covered her hand with one hand and my mouth with the other and moaned a gushing orgasm she lapped up relentlessly.

    The rest of the summer was blur of activity, playing all day with the rest of the kids and every other night with each other. It was weird that she was my younger sister, but somewhat in control. On time we were playing hide and seek and we hid under the floating dock. She swam up behind me in the dark and grabbed my vagina from behind, and handful of breast with the other. She wrapped her legs around me, and I had to use both hands to hold us up. âStop it!â I ordered and she giggled into my ear âyou know you love it.â Another time she snuck into one of the outdoor shower cabins I was in and started soaping me up. âLeisel!â I barked worried someone would catch us. âDid you finish already?â She answered laughing and then slipped out into her own stall. I was mad at her brazenness, but turned on too. The worst time was on a camp out with other girls. She was teasing me by winking and nodding toward some of the pretty older girls, mocking the fact I am lesbian (she still had a summer boyfriend she made out with.) We were sharing a tent with 2 girls. They had their heads at one end of the tent and we were across from them feet to feet. It was the middle of the night when i felt my sisters hand under my shirt brushing my nipples rock hard. âStopâ I breathed almost silemtly. Suddnely in the dark I felt my shirt lifted and warm wet lips circling my nipple. She hadnât done that before and it was too nice to stop her. She alternated fondling and suckling each breast until I was having trouble keeping my breathing down. She leaned over and whispered âif you touch yourself I will wake up the other girls and tell them I had a nightmare.â âWhat? Why?â âBecause I want to cum too..â I knew what she meant. I was addicted to her perfet sugar sweet girl cum and she knew it. âCome on...â she lead me outside and over to the beach and kneeled down across a log used for sitting around the canfire. I pulled down her shorts and started lapping at her from behind, her full round butt filling my hands and her giggling moans filling my ears. I couldnât get the right angle on her tiny clitoris, so I used my fingers to rotate it while thrusting my tongue into her tight lips. âOh yes Virginia, donât stop, oh, oh, OH!â âShhh!â I hushed her as she came all over my fingers and tongue. We went back to the tent and she kissed me while I masturbated to silent orgasm.

    When we got back home to separate rooms things calmed way down and we stuck to just taking care of ourselves. Our mom was full on dating divorcee mode, and seemed to have a different boyfriend every month or so. One night after school had began, I woke up to the sounds of her in distress. It took me a moment to realize she had snuck a guy in and was downstairs enjoying herself with him. For some reason I thought it was hilarious, and woke up Leisel to tell her. âCome onâ she giggled, âlets see who it is.â âNo way!â I said. âItâs our house too Virginia - And she said she wouldnât have guys over.â She snuck past me down the stairs and I crept after her. The noises from downstairs were increasing and by the time we reached the foyer our mom was announcing âOh god, Iâm gonna cum, Iâm going to come all over your big cock!â My sister and I peered into the living room to see our tiny blonde naked mom straddling the huge (to us) penis of a guy sitting on the couch. Her orgasm was a crying long sob of oh gods and I was struck by how much Leisel sounded like her. With her back to us, we flew back up stairs and into my room. âMom is a slut!â Leisel laughed...âDid you see that guysâ penis? It was huge?â âIt was gross!â I answered. âI donât care what u think, I have to touch myself after that.â Said Leiesl. âYou can stay or go.â Her panties were off and nightie pulled over her now larger (on their way to huge) young girl boobs. I went over and locked her door and crawled up with my feet near her head so we could watch each other. âI missed thisâ I said âI know u didâ she teased. Then she sat up and pulled me over on to her with my butt in the air. I was staring directly into her vagina when I felt her hand in my curls pushing my face into her hot wetness and her tongue flicking me âShow me ya missed me.â Came from somewhere down between my thighs.

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    I will get to the point I am recently married the family soc****se a lot, I had a night out with my sister-in-law we got back to her house both of us were drunk when its girls alone you don't sit with your legs crossed your more casual we both had short skirts on and I was sat with my legs open I noticed she was repeatedly looking up my skirt I didn't mind, I didn't think anything about it, I said I deed a pee can I use your bathroom she said so do I will come with you, she sat on the side of the bath while I pissed she didn't look away she commented on my bottom it looked really good and she wished she had an arse like mine, she used the toilet as well, I admit I had a good look at her bottom and said it was a good one, I was becoming sexually excited I've never really considered a lesbian relationship mainly because the opportunity assent arose, ime not put off lesbianism, I notice other women's bodies how fit they are, we sat down stairs and had more drinks, she made a point of sitting opposite with her legs open wide and occasional rubbed herself between her legs, I couldn't help look between her legs, she noticed me looking I said sorry she said its ok I don't mind, I knew it was game on if I wanted a girl fuck, but I thought how would I face my husband I know I would look guilty I am a person who cant lie, but I wanted the experience the urge was really stronger than I had expected, we are to meet next week.

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    My wife is a mid 40's MILF with some extra pounds and big tits. She works out at her gym almost every day, says a few guys flirt with her. When she came home yesterday and was about to take a shower I was talking to her about some things in our master bath that has a large clear privacy window that lets a ton of sunlight in and it was a bright sunny day.

    She was standing in front of me getting undressed and only had her black yoga pants on. I looked down and spotted a obvious camel toe pussy outline in the front of her pants. I was a little surprised, usually she is very conservative in what she wears.

    She was bending over getting some bath items out of the cabinet and when she did the fabric of the yoga pants stretch and become incredibly see through, I could clearly see her ass, crack, and pussy, it's like she had nothing on.

    She's been wearing these for the last year and spending more and more time at the gym and talks about more "friends" there. I noticed she's been wearing more low cut sports bra's too, she's fairly well endowed, lots of cleavage.

    No wonder she has more male workout friends now, lol.

    No I'm not going to tell her. It's kind of hot thinking all those young workout studs are checking her out and hitting on her. Who knows, maybe she's already aware of what the pants look like?

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    My grandfather came home much earlier then expected today. He caught me dressed up in my dead grandmother's fancy lingerie and makeup, I was trying on her wigs in the mirror when he walked into the bedroom. I thought he might explode and beat the shit out of me, instead he took me by the hand into the guest room and he made me suck his cock and lick his balls. When he was nice and worked up he bent me over onto the bed and forced his hard cock into me. It hurt like hell, my asshole was burning, but he persisted and pushed into me and not soon after came inside my ass. He told me to let my hair grow out and to work on my makeup skills.

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    I have worked hard and been fortunate in my life to have accumulated some wealth, I am a derivatives trader. To reward myself I've acquired a much younger trophy wife. I've have several people think she is my daughter, which is fine by me, she is definitely my arm candy.

    She is a petite blond, but besides being cute her most noticeable quality is her massive 32G juggs. It was the first thing I noticed and typically what I see most guys stare at when they meet her. With her short stature, she looks to be all boob from her neck to her waist. She tries some of the time to cover them up, but it's a challenge. When we go to nice restaurants she will wear something low cut, showing her massive cleavage and it amuses me watching the young waiters falling all over themselves to fill her water glass after every sip so they can try to look down her top.

    They are all natural, firm but jiggly with high silver dollar sized areolas and pencil eraser sized nipples.

    She goes to the gym daily, her only job is to keep me happy, stay in shape, and look sexy, she will wear low cut sports bra's. I've seen guys at the mall from her gym walk the entire mall and turn around just to "run into" her and chat her up.

    We don't have a ton of sex, which is fine, I'm very busy. She stays nude constantly around me, I work from my home office, or I see plenty of side boob in her loose pajama tops. I don't know if she gets it elsewhere, she has plenty of opportunities, as long as she is discrete, respectful to me, and safe about it, I don't care, I like to keep her happy.

    We did some furniture shopping Friday and she said the guy wrote his number on his card with "call me" on it. I don't know if she was kidding or not, but I'm ok with it. She's very easy on the eyes, that's why she's with me.

    She's like a Ferrari, beautiful to look at and drive, but you don't drive it all the time, only special occasions lol.

    And yes, I have my side candy too, probably just like she does. Lol.

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    Have always been attracted to my youngest sister. Shes 5'10", long legs very slim and small breasted. One day when my wife was gone we were in the hot tub drinking and I confessed that I've always thought she was hot and I kissed her. In return she put her hand down to my swim trunks and started rubbing my cock which was already hard. I pulled it out and she started stroking it I undid her bikini top and started sucking on her very erect nipples. Then I put my hand in her bottoms and finger fucked her to orgasm. I then leaned her up against the hot tub and entered her from behind, riding her fast and hard til I came into her pussy. We got ourselves put together before my wife came home. Since then we have fucked many times, a few times almost getting caught by my wife or my daughter. Cant wait til the next time

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    Some years back, I had a night out with some girl friends and ended up at a party with just one of the group we were with. I was fairly tipsy by the time she introduced me to a really good looking guy, and straight away we hit it off.
    Long story short, we ended up having sex back at his place having taken a ten minute taxi ride.
    The sex was just the best sex I've ever had. From sucking on his huge cock, him licking out my pussy and arsehole, to him fucking me in so many different positions which had me orgasming all over the place. Then with a massive orgasm having jst ripped through me, he penetrated my arsehole and fucked it over and over again until I was squirting from the intensity of the multiple climaxes he drove me to.
    Eventually he came deep inside my backside, but instead of rolling off me, he sank down and tongued my rear hole, at the same time massaging my clit with his fingers. Licking my arse that way until I orgasmed again and again.
    We slept, had more sex and then slept again. Waking up just before dawn, he had me mount his already erect cock and I rode him vaginally and anally driving us both to orgasm at the same time.
    Before I left his place, I went down on him sucking on his cock and balls, making sure when he came I let his cum swirl around my mouth. Before I could swallow all of it, he kissed me and we exchanged some of his cum into his mouth. It was so erotic knowing he was tasting himself, I actually climaxed as we kissed.
    Returning home as I watched everyone setting off to work and school, I smiled at myself thinking I was going to meet him the following night.
    Only he didn't turn up.
    In September last year (2018), I married my boyfriend/fiance of three years. Everyone of his family was there, as well as my own, except his younger brother, who I'd not even seen a photo of. My husband told me he'd kind of fallen out with his family, when he'd gone into the army to escape a broken heart/relationship.
    Two weeks ago I met my husband's brother for the first time, when he just turned up out of the blue. Only it wasn't the first time I'd met him. Scott was the very same guy who'd I'd had the best sexual time of my life with, and that's still the case.
    It turns out Scott had two weeks before we met at the party, signed up for the army. This was after he had found his girlfriend in bed with my husband, his brother. Both my husband and Scott's girlfriend were blind drunk, and from what I now know, not a great deal happened between them.
    We instantly recognised each other, and Scott to his credit said absolutely nothing. He did however say something when my husband went out of the room to get them both a beer. Scott told me, I was still the most horny woman he'd had sex with, and that he remembers our night so vividly.
    Over the past fortnight, we've not really said much as he's stayed with us, but I did catch him speaking to someone the other day on his mobile. Scott was telling the person he'd love to get me in bed again, saying I looked even better than I did years before. He also told whoever it was, that he should fuck me and carry on fucking me, knowing I'd enjoy his cock far better than his brothers. Before he ended the call, I walked in and he didn't even bat an eye lid. Telling the person on the other end of the call "She's here now, see you later".
    Scott knew I'd heard him, but didn't seem concerned at all. We might not have said much to each other these past two weeks, yet we have flirted a lot by allowing one another to see each others sex. Each time I see Scott now, my pussy gets wet and my arsehole aches for his erection.
    We both know we shouldn't be thinking of doing anything. But with my husband going to France in the next week or so for two days, I'm not sure I won't find myself in bed with the best lover this girl has ever had sex with.

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