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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 30

    I was 16 back then, my parents were out of town for 2 weeks. Uncle Jimmy (Mum's younger brother in his 40s) would drop by every evening to check on my brother and I, and brought us dinner. Uncle Jimmy and I were quite close as he was very fond of me. He was married to his fat and ugly wife who talked too much.

    One evening, I was alone in the house. I had just finished my shower but there were no clean towel on the shelves. I thought I'd dash into my bedroom naked. Halfway there, Uncle Jimmy appeared from the corner and I sprinted back into the bathroom. Uncle Jimmy definitely caught a full frontal view of my wet body. He called out to ask if I was okay and I told him about the towel situation.

    This was the very moment that I felt a twitch in my pussy, I felt very horny. I asked Uncle Jimmy to pass me a towel. There was silence and then I heard his footsteps towards the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar. When the towel came through the gap, I stepped out from behind the door. Uncle Jimmy stared at my boobs down to my navel and I could see it in his eyes, he liked what he was looking at.

    I took his hand and made him wipe my body. My nipples hardened and my clit was aching to be touched. I moved closer to kiss him. Uncle Jimmy hesitated but responded anyway. His tongue was deep in my mouth. He carried me onto my bed. When our eyes met, it was understood what was going to happen. He licked my nipples hungrily while I moaned in pleasure.

    Uncle Jimmy unzipped his pants. His 6' erected member was straight as an arrow. I sucked on it. We ate each other and I really wanted him to penetrate me. When he got on top of me, he asked softly, "Are you sure you want this? I may enter you?". I smiled and nodded. As his hard cock inched its way into my wet hole, I was closer to orgasm. It was such a huge turn on. He fucked me so hard till I came. My pussy was throbbing when I felt his dickhead swelled up, he pulled out and shot his load all over my body. I loved it.

    When we were done, he kissed my forehead and left. We never did it again, nor spoke about the incident. I was a little sad that we were no longer close like before. I left for college and never saw him till many years later.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Second of January this year, I walked into my grandparents home to find my Nan on her knees naked. She was moaning loudly, taking a much younger mans cock up her from behind as she sprawled herself across their coffee table. Sat facing them, also naked, was my grandfather stroking his cock telling the young man to "Fuck her harder boy, she loves it".
    I'm not exactly sure why I stood there for some time and watched, but I did. Only when my Nan and her young lover changed positions, so she was mounting him cock as he sat on their sofa, did I finally move away.
    They didn't and don't still know I was there, but each time I see them now, I see my grandparents in a whole new light. Even my mum who's parents they are, thinks of them as elderly frail people who probably gave up on sex years ago. I certainly know different, and it's kind of changed how I deal with my Nan and granddad.
    I'm not sure if I should tell them what I saw them doing that day, or of I should keep what I witnessed to myself. After all I suppose it's their life.

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  • — My Family —
    Transsexual Female / 22

    What I Saw Shocked me

    We are a family of four my brother is in the forces he he is away for months on end, he returned home one Friday night, dad was out, I was off out for the day I said bye to my mum and brother, he was having a late breakfast in the kitchen I stopped on my out by the kitchen door to send a text, mum was stood very close at his side I noticed my mum was wearing shorts, he put his hand on her leg near the top they have always been a bit touchy feely, what happened next was not what a son would do to his mother he slid his hand up the leg of her shorts and was groping his mothers bottom, she did nothing are we alone he said, yes she said your ok and parted her legs for him, I watched stunned with shock, he stood up and started to pull her shorts down, I couldent watch any more, even though I was wet, I crept out of the house thinking should I have disturbed they but I could tell it wasn't a new relationship, so there it is I was jealous.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    My second wife and I have been married for 16 years and for the past 3 years she has been having an affair. I intend to file for divorce but I have some pressing business issues that i have to clear up before I start the process. I have known about the affair all along as she is lousy at covering it up. Little does she know that I am aware of it and that her daughter Jessie and I have discussed it.Jessie is 24 and is living with us after she and her boyfriend broke up. Jessie asked me if I was having an affair also. I told her that I wasn't but I was considering it. Stacey asked me if I had anybody in mind. I didn't tell her that I fantasized about having sex with her, so I just said it would probably be a while before I found someone.
    Jessie then said that she couldn't understand why I hadn't found some one already. I'm 49 years old and I still weigh the same as I did when I was playing college football. Jessie said that she really thinks I'm hot and she is sure that most women would love to get me in the sack. Stacey then said that she hoped that I wouldn't get angry with her if she told me something. I promised her that I wouldn't. I was assuming that she was going to tell me something about her mothers affair. Instead, she said that she always found me desirable and that she would love to have sex with me.
    Within two minutes we were on Jessie's bed tearing our clothes off. After passionate kissing and exploring each others bodies we ended up in a 69, Within 5 minutes Jessie had her first orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and it tasted heavenly. She was totally expended and just laid there breathing hard. When she finally caught her breath I turned her over and climbed on her in the missionary position.We passionately kissed with our tongues licking each others faces and probing each others mouth. I started very slowly with my cock going in and out of her pussy. Jessie started to squirm and pump her hips at which time I increased the speed of fucking her. I knew she was near her second orgasm, and I said, "tell me when you start to cum."When she started to cum, she let out animal like scream - I increased the speed and shot my load in her c**t. That had to be the best orgasm that I have ever had. Jessie was such a fabulous lover and plus the fact that the taboo nature of screwing my stepdaughter made it even more exciting.
    About a year after Jessie and I started making love I filed for divorce and moved into a condo I owned. Jessie and I have made no attempt to keep our love making a secret from her mother. Before I moved out I had moved into one of our spare bedrooms. Many nights Jessie would come in to my room and spend the night with me. We told my wife that we knew about her affair and that she could do what she wanted and we would do the same.
    Jessie is now living with me and I have gotten her enrolled in the local community college. We want her to go on and get a degree so that she will have better job prospects. Her mother has stopped talking with Jessie and has a crisis in her life to deal with. Her boyfriend has dumped her and she now has nobody in a support network.
    Jessie and I are enjoying each other and because of the age difference we have agreed that our relationship is only temporary and that either of us can end it at any time. Financially I am giving her a stable home life and while she is in school I expect that she will want to stay with me until she gets her degree.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I really, really,really want to fuck my step daughter just once before Trump ends the world.She is in college but I'm going to make a real effort to get her back home and fuck as soon as I can. And yes I honestly believe she wants me to fuck her too. Any ideas or questions...I am serious about getting balls deep in her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was a teen, I went to the family farm, run by my uncle''s family. While there I could tell that my two cousins, John and Josh definitely wanted me. It was impossible to miss when they were constantly checking me out, taking peeks, making occasional comments on how sexy I am.

    Well to be honest, it turned me on, so I made it obvious that I was no virgin. This only got them more excited. Then after a couple nights, we decided to have a "camping trip" into the woods. We hiked a good ways from the house, set up a tent and lit a fire. Spent the afternoon just hanging out like teens. After dark, and a little bit of alcohol, they finally worked up enoughere courage to see how I would react to their advances on me. I played like I was interested but unsure because we're family but in reality I was dying for their cocks.

    After a short while I told them I needed to change into my night clothes. They looked confused and John asked what night clothes I could need when camping. I said "come on in the tent and find out."

    They followed me into the tent and I told them to turn away. They did. I slipped off my tank top and short shorts that had been all the clothes I was wearing and told them they could see now. The looks on their faces were perfect. The erections in their pants were even better.

    They looked over my body for a few seconds then took off all their clothes also. I started sucking Josh's cock and switched back and forth for a while. It wasn't long until they were begging for a turn at my pussy. I gladly turned around on my hands and knees and presented my round ass to my two cousins. John got there first and slid his cock in deep.

    We didn't sleep much that night, John and Josh just took turns fucking me in various positions most of the night. We didn't stay in the tent very long either. I orgasmed a lot and they each had a turn erupting in my pussy and then my mouth. We all mostly just fucked until we asset out from exhaustion. The last thing I remember was sucking John's cock while Josh thrusted in and out of me from behind. At that point we were all laying down anyway.

    The rest of my stay on the farm was a lot of sex and a little sleep.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    When I was 16 my friend and I were doing a project on my dads computer for school. I never got too nosy on his computer, but when I came back from using the bathroom my friend had found some interesting pictures. It didn't take long to discover it was my dad. She went through the pictures and we seen his HUGE cock. Since that day I have wanted nothing more than to have his hot cum dripping from my mouth, pussy and asshole. 15 years later and I've never got to feel my daddy's cock, but I still think about it all the time.

    Anyone ever had sex with their dad? I really want to pursue him, I just don't know how.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    When I was 16 my friend and I were doing a project on my dads computer for school. I never got too nosy on his computer, but when I came back from using the bathroom my friend had found some interesting pictures. It didn't take long to discover it was my dad. She went through the pictures and we seen his HUGE cock. Since that day I have wanted nothing more than to have his hot cum dropping from my mouth, pussy and asshole. 15 years later and I've never got to feel my daddy's cock, but I still think about it all the time.

    Anyone ever had sex with their dad? I really want to pursue him, I just don't know how.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    I been living by myself as long as I can remember. I like the freedom and no one to report to. I have girlfriends off and on but never got marry. My dad had just passed and mom doesn't like to live by herself where she has no one to turn to. She wants to move in with me and begging me every time I call her to check up on her to make sure she is okay. I kept telling her I live in a very private life and need my space. She promise me she will do just that when she move it. I have giving it a try and she is living with me.

    I didn't tell her much about my private life before she moved it. I like to walk around nude in my own house, she was shock at first but got used to it. The next thing I like to do before bed time is to watch porn movies in my room so I can relax and fall a sleep. She was surprise I was doing that and left it alone. She has her own room and so do I. A week later she figure I was walking around nude so she decided to do the same. I just though she can do whatever she want and pay no attention to it. Then one night I was watching porn in my room she decided to come in and sit next to my bed and watch it with me. I said mom what are you doing aren't you suppose to be in bed. She said, son you watch porn to relax before bed I though I will give it a try. I said do what you want and I continue watching the porn movie. There was couple shots in the movie got really hot and I start to play with my cock. My mom was looking at me and said son you have a big cock. I said yes mom I do. She said can I play with it. I said if you like. She grab hold of my cock and start stroking it then she put it in her mouth. I said mom what are you doing. She said I am giving you blowjob what the hell you think I am doing. I shut the fuck up, lend back and enjoy her sucking my cock. While she was sucking my cock she was also rubbing her own pussy. She got to the point she was wet enough she climb on top of me and rode my cock. I said mom that feel so fucking good and is so fucking deep inside of your pussy. She said yes I know and it feel so fucking good to. She rode me so hard and we both cum together. She said I want to sleep in your bed tonight can I do that. I said sure if you let me leave my cock in your pussy while we sleep. She said fine. We didn't even clean up. She turn around and I spoon her with my cock inside of her and we both fell asleep.

    Next morning we got up she want to take a shower together and I agree to it. While we were in the shower we have more sex. After we finish shower we dry each other off and we walk around the house nude. I told her if she ever need sex just let me know and she said the same thing to me. Now whenever we need sex we just walk up to each other start kissing and touching then we end up fucking or sucking wherever we are at in the house. Some time in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or garage, is being great.

    I didn't want her to move it at first now is not that bad after all...

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    Has any Mum done it for Real

    Its a question, I am a divorced female its just me and my sun I am 43 he is 22, I really like to read confessions about families what interests me most is mother and sun relationships I know the majority are made up but these are the ones that turn me on the most reading about a mother sun sexual relationship, Recently my sun has started walking in when I am in the bath and chatting to me and holds me the towel when I get out so he has a good look,
    SO I locked the door because it was a turn on for me when he saw me naked, after a while I found the lock wasn't working so he was in again having a good look at my body, I know what I want to do. the question is would any mum who has done it for real like to tell me about it and most important how did you feel after,
    Please tell me it would really help me, I will give my name as
    Jess Three,

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