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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My daughter Jessica and I have lived alone together, since her mother decided she wanted to live with her lesbian lover. Who knew!.

    Jessica is now twenty years old, but was only seventeen when she decided rather than sleep in her own room, she was going to move into mine. And the reason why. She walked in one afternoon as I was entertaining a hooker, fucking the woman from behind up her sweet ass.

    My daughter didn't say much, only "Nice" then left us alone. but she did say much more later on after I'd showered, then cocked us both a meal. Jess asked me if my libido was high. It was a weird question until she added "Because mine definitely is". She went onto to tell me she'd often heard me masturbating and wondered if I had the same sex drive as her.

    The conversation had gotten a little awkward for me, and I was about to tell her it was inappropriate when Jess stood up, removed her clothing and asked me if I thought she was attractive. I was about to tell her to get dressed, but my boner gave me away looking at my stunning looking sexy daughter.

    Jess smiled at me but didn't do anything more, then. We kind of, or I did anyway, avoided Jess the rest of that evening. In bed later I couldn't get the image of Jess out of my head and realized I'd become erect. Talk about timing, I'd just thrown my duvet off myself when my bedroom door opened. Jess stood there naked and saw my erection.

    There is a time in everyone's life, where you think back and wonder if you could or should have done things differently. I think back now and think, should I have allowed my daughter to suck on my cock and then mount it, taking it deep inside her tight neatly trimmed pussy. But by then I was too enraptured by her perfect body and her will to have sex with me. She'd spoken as she entered, telling me I was about be fucked, telling me "From now on only I masturbate you, only I fuck you".

    Watching her bounce up and down, throwing her head back as she climaxed twice on my cock will live me forever. Her long wavy brunette hair falling over her beautiful pert breasts and feeling her sex squeeze my cock. looking at her face which was a picture of pure lust, sexual abandon and love was to me the most alluring sight of my entire life. Jess made love to me, she took control and fucked me as if it was our last time together.

    Rising off my erection, she moved so she was facing away from me. Her asshole was winking at me, as her orgasm was still flowing through her and Jess looked back and said "Fuck me like you fucked the whore". I'm not sure to this day if she meant for me to fuck her asshole, but that;'s where I thought she wanted me to thrust in my cock. So holding her hips and staring down at her gorgeous ass, I put my mushroom shaped cock head to her rear and pushed in hard. Jess made lots of low moaning sounds as she put her face into one of my pillows. The rising up after a few thrusts, my daughter turned her head and told me to cum up her ass.

    There is no equal to that moment. hat first time that my cock erupted up my stunningly beautiful daughters ass. I was at one with the only person I truly loved and it was perfect. Emptying my balls so deep inside of her delightful body, I told her I loved her, but she and I knew I meant it as lovers.

    Over the next hour or so, Jess and I kissed and fondled each other. I went down on nym daughter and tasted her pussy and ass for the first time. I even ate out my own cum from her ass, passing it to her as we kissed again. I became hard again and Jess took full advantage by having me spoon her. Kissing her the whole time I fucked her tight pussy from behind, we got into a rhythm which had Jess orgasming twice more on my cock. Not once did our mouths part and in the time we spent fucking, I kissed Jess probably more than I'd ever kissed anyone, period.

    She slept with me that night and has done so every night since. It wasn't planned and it definitely wasn't in my mind that I'd have a long lasting sexual relationship with my own daughter, but then it wasn't me leading the sex. Jess has made it abundantly clear she's now my woman, and has recently told me she never wants anyone but me. I'm fine with that, as well as now being fine with confessing as much as I have on here. I can't tell anyone anywhere else, as it would seen as morally wrong, but then Jess and I no longer care what other people think. It's our lives and we're going to live and enjoy them together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    My girlfriend wants to send a dix pic of me to my 74 yr old single mom. WWYD

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    After the death of her husband two years ago my older sister really beagn to struggle with her then seventeen year old son Max. Max has learning difficulties from his syndrome, yet still understands fully the world around him. He's a big young man with a lot of power, so when he began to hit his mother I got involved.
    Straight away Max told me in a round a bout way, he wanted sex. He'd become sexually aware, yet with his condition he wouldn't be likely to find someone who would instantly fulfill his needs. Speaking with his mom, she admitted he'd tried on a couple of occasions since his father died, to seduce her, but with force.
    The following week I visited them again and I instantly knew Max had tried to have sex with his mom again. She was all coy about it, but the bruises on her arms were new and I became determined to fix her problem.
    I'm now thirty six, but obviously was only thirty four when this all began. Even though I was relatively young in my marriage, our sex life had stopped. My husband suffered a stroke when I was thirty one and we basically haven't had sex since. So not only was Max sexually frustrated, so was I. I had I will confess now, met with and had sex with three men in those years and it never once felt right. I knew I was cheating and I also knew the men only wanted me for a quick fuck. After meeting with and then having sex with a guy in a motel one afternoon, I told myself I'd had to stop. And up until Max's problems with my sister, I did.
    Max was withdrawn and not his usually bullish self. He knew when I approached him in his room, I knew all about his attempts to fuck his own mother. Speaking with him for some time, he told me inn his own words he was desperate to find out what it was like to have sex. It was during our chat I looked down at his crotch to find the biggest cock bulge in apair of loose fitting shorts you'll ever find.
    Quckly popping back down to see his mom, I spoke with my sister briefly and told her what I was about to do. She was against it at first, but I soon explained my reasons and what I felt was right for all concerned. Ten minutes later I was fully naked in front of Max and watching him reveal to me the biggest erection this thirty six year old has ever seen.
    Max is now nineteen. He's six foot two and built like a barn door. He's a very polite individual now, but two years ago boy could he get angry. And with that anger came his sexual frustration which would cause his ten inch cock to ache. Looking at that cock right there in front of me, it was pussy that was aching.
    Getting Max to walk over to where I sat on his bed, I took hold of his huge erection and opened my mouth. We both at the same time made a noise of satisfaction, as my lips encircled his delicious cock. I knew he'd masturbated, but my mouth was the first to wrap around his cock and I savored that fact as I sucked on my own nephews heavily veined penis. Sucking in his cock heada nd then deep throating as much of his cock as I could, I gave him as good a blow job as I'd ever given anyone. It was bourne out of sexual need for the pair of us and I soon forgot who he was to me. Reaching down to my pussy I began to play with myself and knew I wanted to feel his tongue there. Moving us both onto the bed I took the next twenty or so minutes teaching my nephew how to lick and suck on my pussy and clit.
    Max for his lack of life skills, soon picked up on what made his aunt moan with pleasure. And in turn he became more relaxed. We lay head to toe giving each others sex oral relief for those glorious minutes and Max eventually had me climbing the walls with a huge orgasm which tore through me. He thought he'd hurt me in some way, as he stopped but I soon forced his face back into my sex and told him to carry on. Making my orgasm a second time he then understood it was what his aunt wanted and needed.
    His cock had begun to pulsate massively in my mouth by then and I knewit would have only been amtter of time before his cock exploded. I wanted him and I to experience his cock inside my pussy, so I stopped sucking on his magnificent cock and knelt up in front of him. Explaining what I wanted him to do, the young man slid his full length inside of me in one long thrust.
    It was a natural event. A human trait I suppose that all humans have to have sex. And Max soon became my best ever lover. He literally fucked me to half a dozen orgasms with his cock piston fucking me. I let him go, I let him have his lead and his way of fucking my love hole that first time. Max only knew he wanted to feel as good as I'd told him he would during his pounding of my sex. I was talking to him constantly in between the orgasms his beautiful dick drove me to. Explaining how it was good for him to have me shaking like he did. He and his cock took me to new heights of sexual pleasure, pleasure that was so intense from the beginning to the moment his cock erupted up my pussy.
    He'd begun to moan loudly and I knewhe was close. Telling him to relax and let his sexual emotions flow, he shouted out and his cock plowed so deeply into me, I swear his cock felt like it was in between my lower ribs. His cum just kept on pumping into me and I felt like I was being flooded. Finally he stopped thrusting and collapsed onto my back. Moving off his dick, I looked back to see his glistening cock still fully erect and covered in his cum and my juices. Spinning around I quickly took hold of his manhood, then devoured it for around five minutes.
    Max sat opposite myself and his mom after we'd both showered. We spoke about things in general, but didn't mention our sexual time together. Out of the blue, Max looked at his mother and said "I'm sorry mom". It touched us both and I felt a tear roll down my face, then saw my sister cry a little. Max got up, walked over to us and hugged us both together.
    Max has been hugging us both ever since. I call by around three times a week now. Sometimes my sister will go out and leave us to enjoy "Max time". Other times she'll take a bath and relax as we make out in his bedroom. His mood, attitude and his learning capacity have all improved immensely. He's become so loving with his mother, in a normal way and now see's me as sort of his wife.
    It was never planned as a way to control his angry outbursts, but now he's becoming a rounded individual. Just one who happens to fuck his loving aunt three to four times a week. And this aunt is so pleased to have helped in her own sexually charged way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    This is wrong I know I shouldn't have done it but it did now I can't stop. I moved back home living with mom when dad passed away to keep her company. She need emotionally and physically help. For the first two month everything was fine. One night I was masturbating and mom walk in on me. I though she was sleeping she said she couldn't. She saw my bedroom light was on and came in to fine me stroking my dick. She said I'm so sorry and walk out. I said don't be would you like to help me. My hands is getting tired stroking it.

    She walk over to my bed stroking my dick. I shot my load and she licked it off her hand. She said you got me horny and would you like to fuck your mommy. I was surprising she wants me to fuck her. She strip down and we went at it for hours. After making her cum we both felt asleep on my bed.

    Now I can't stop fucking her, is like a drug. I fuck her every night before we go to bed. Some nights she wants me to sleep with her with my dick inside of her pussy from behind. We shower together and doing things together is like we are marry, is weird. People said when my male hormone kick in I let my little head do the thinking instead of my big head. Pussy is pussy and it feels good.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My step sister Hannah is only 7 months younger than me. Our parents got married when we were 8 and so life since then has been very competitive. We are very close but both very stubborn people and we both hate to lose.

    When we were 15 I kissed her best friend Katy and felt her up when she was over at our place to hang out with Hannah. Hannah was super pissed at me. She came in my room the next day yelling 'why don't you get your own friends you're always stealing mine' to which I replied 'why don't you suck my dick Hannah?' And then the fight was on. She said, 'maybe I will, bet you don't have the guts to flop it out' not backing down from the challenge I pulled my shorts off and lay on the bed with my cock out. 'Come get it sis' I said thinking she'd be grossed out and leave but she didn't back down instead she came over 'don't call me sis, we are not related!' She said took my cock in her hand and stated sucking me! We kept insulting each other as she kept giving me head. I had only had one blowjob before and it wasn't to completion. Just a 30sec suck in a game of truth or dare. She said 'I dare you to cum, I bet you won't you're not enough of a man yet' I said 'I will come and you better swallow it bitch' I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed it all got up and left the room. I'm not sure who won the argument but I'm sure as hell that I came out better off.
    Since then whenever we have arguments something sexual happens. A few times we've gone all the way. One time I tried hooking up with her when we were drunk and our parents were away but she wouldn't have it. It's only after a stupid childish fight we both end up so horny and we always abuse each other verbally the whole time. Not sure if we will always do this but it sure is a good way to end a fight!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    She is just sitting here in her little purple dress no bra breast well stiff. All I can think about is how much I want to fuck her. Just want to force my 9 inch all the ways in her young wet tight pussy. My little 13 year old cousin only God knows how much I want to fuck her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My parents stayed over after a concert last weekend leaving my sister and I to look after ourselves and the house. My sister who's a year older than me took the piss and drank herself stupid until she was wasted.
    Later that night I opened the bathroom door to find her being sick down the toilet. She was totally naked having been sick on her clothing I later found out and her juicy pussy and ass were on show.
    Not able to resist I slapped her ass, and all she did was say something like "Ooooh". It turned me and I found myself becoming erect.
    Instead of leaving her alone to carry on being sick, I piut my right hand down to her pussy and eased in a finger. My sister actually backed onto my finger and made little noises of pleasure.
    By then my dick was rock solid, so I removed my shorts and guided my cock up my own sisters pussy. It felt awesome to have my cock up her snatch, but looking down, her asshole was calling me.
    Slipping my cock out of her pussy, I then drove it hard up her ass. She did moan and lift her head, but she was totally wasted and soon began to moan differently as I began to fuck her. Unfortunately it was so horny fucking the ex prom queen, I busted my nut all too soon and pumped my goo up her ass. Pulling out I watched my cum leak out of her ass, as she continued to stare down the toilet bowl.
    Leaving her there to her alcohol misery, I went and got her a large glass of water and made her drink it on my return. After drinking it all, she drunkenly asked me if I'd just fucked her. Feigning complete ignorance, I told her she was too drunk to know anything and she must have imagined it. Putting her to bed, I too went to bed and tugged one off just thinking of my sisters wet pussy and her tight asshole.
    the next morning she had the mother of all hangovers and could hardly speak for her head banging so hard. She did manage to ask me again about fucking her, but I told her she wasn't my type.
    Yesterday our parents told us they would be staying over at our uncles place in a weeks time. My sisters first reaction was to tell me, she wouldn't be drinking. But then added she would be making sure she had condoms if I wanted to help her in the bathroom again.
    Now I know she knew I fucked her, yet she seems okay with it. And sounds like she'd be willing to fuck together without being drunk. I hope I'm right and not reading too much into it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 55

    I'm a grandma, my grandson and I have a secret we kept to ourselves. I'm very active person doing things alone, don't really need a man around with one exception sex. This is where my grandson come in place. He take care of my needs once or twice a week is all I need.

    The agreement was he would take care of me first before him. It doesn't take him long to cum, for me it takes a long time. He give me oral sex using sex toys to make me cum and this could take hours. I lay on the bed spread my legs let him do all the work and I just enjoy. I don't have as much energy as he does. Once I came and he fuck me and came inside of me that's it we are done until next time.

    There are time I have urgency for sex. I call him up and he rush over telling his mom, grandma need my help around the house. He comes over take care of my sexually needs then leave. I'm wondering if I'm the only grandma that does that?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Hung over and extremely tired, I felt my husband snuggle up to me. Putting his hands between my legs I knew he wanted his Sunday morning fuck. Usully he'd turn me over and we kiss and fondle each other for a while, but this time he carried on massaging my pussy and ass.
    Once I'd become very wet, he got rigt up close and slid his cock into me hard from behind, spooning me. His cock felt enormous, but I put it down to him being extra horny. Beginning ot fuck hared from behind, he reached around and took hold of mty breasts. Squeezing not gentle at al, he really began to hammer into my pussy. Hearing me moan out loud, his thrust got longer and deeper and I was soon begging him to fuck me in the place he knows I like most.
    Pulling out of my pussy, he slid his cock straight up my asshole and right away I had an orgasm. Driving his cock deep up my ass, he moved his right hand down and began to play with my clit, at the same time slamming his cock into my ass. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes later when I felt his cock pulsing up my ass, and he began to thrust even harder. With his fingers playing with my love bud and his cock pounding my ass, I had my second orgasm, only moments before he came so deep up my ass.
    Within seconds he was up and leaving our bedroom. Thinking he was going to use the bathroom, I settled back with the beautiful feeling of just having had two awesome climaxes.
    Drifting off back to sleep, I awoke to find myself alone. Getting up I showered, walked down stairs and found my husband sat in the kitchen with his younger brother, who'd stayed the night. Kissing my husband, I whispered to him the fuck was amazing. He smiled at me, but I also saw the lok on his brothers face and then a little later I heard this comment from my husband "Well what do you think, She's wonderful ain't she, told you you'd enjoy her ass".
    I didn't say anything, but now thinking back to his cock size filling me so much, plus the something I've only just thought about, my husband wearing cologne (He doesn't wear cologne). Did and has my husband allowed his younger brother to fuck me. And if he did, why?. What I will say, it was an amazingly fantastic fuck and I'd honestly in my heart of hearts not say no to him fucking me again. That is if I've not got the wrong end of the stick.
    The thing is neither my husband or my brother in law have said anything to me since that morning. So how dod i find out and how do I tell my husband if it was his brother, I'd love to feel his larger cock fucking me again ???...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I want to fuck my 13 year old cousin so badly. Every time she comes around me with her perfect breast without bra , I just want to through her on the bed eat her out then insert my 9" dick in her tight wet little pussy

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