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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I will get to the point I am recently married the family soc****se a lot, I had a night out with my sister-in-law we got back to her house both of us were drunk when its girls alone you don't sit with your legs crossed your more casual we both had short skirts on and I was sat with my legs open I noticed she was repeatedly looking up my skirt I didn't mind, I didn't think anything about it, I said I deed a pee can I use your bathroom she said so do I will come with you, she sat on the side of the bath while I pissed she didn't look away she commented on my bottom it looked really good and she wished she had an arse like mine, she used the toilet as well, I admit I had a good look at her bottom and said it was a good one, I was becoming sexually excited I've never really considered a lesbian relationship mainly because the opportunity assent arose, ime not put off lesbianism, I notice other women's bodies how fit they are, we sat down stairs and had more drinks, she made a point of sitting opposite with her legs open wide and occasional rubbed herself between her legs, I couldn't help look between her legs, she noticed me looking I said sorry she said its ok I don't mind, I knew it was game on if I wanted a girl fuck, but I thought how would I face my husband I know I would look guilty I am a person who cant lie, but I wanted the experience the urge was really stronger than I had expected, we are to meet next week.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My wife is a mid 40's MILF with some extra pounds and big tits. She works out at her gym almost every day, says a few guys flirt with her. When she came home yesterday and was about to take a shower I was talking to her about some things in our master bath that has a large clear privacy window that lets a ton of sunlight in and it was a bright sunny day.

    She was standing in front of me getting undressed and only had her black yoga pants on. I looked down and spotted a obvious camel toe pussy outline in the front of her pants. I was a little surprised, usually she is very conservative in what she wears.

    She was bending over getting some bath items out of the cabinet and when she did the fabric of the yoga pants stretch and become incredibly see through, I could clearly see her ass, crack, and pussy, it's like she had nothing on.

    She's been wearing these for the last year and spending more and more time at the gym and talks about more "friends" there. I noticed she's been wearing more low cut sports bra's too, she's fairly well endowed, lots of cleavage.

    No wonder she has more male workout friends now, lol.

    No I'm not going to tell her. It's kind of hot thinking all those young workout studs are checking her out and hitting on her. Who knows, maybe she's already aware of what the pants look like?

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My grandfather came home much earlier then expected today. He caught me dressed up in my dead grandmother's fancy lingerie and makeup, I was trying on her wigs in the mirror when he walked into the bedroom. I thought he might explode and beat the shit out of me, instead he took me by the hand into the guest room and he made me suck his cock and lick his balls. When he was nice and worked up he bent me over onto the bed and forced his hard cock into me. It hurt like hell, my asshole was burning, but he persisted and pushed into me and not soon after came inside my ass. He told me to let my hair grow out and to work on my makeup skills.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have worked hard and been fortunate in my life to have accumulated some wealth, I am a derivatives trader. To reward myself I've acquired a much younger trophy wife. I've have several people think she is my daughter, which is fine by me, she is definitely my arm candy.

    She is a petite blond, but besides being cute her most noticeable quality is her massive 32G juggs. It was the first thing I noticed and typically what I see most guys stare at when they meet her. With her short stature, she looks to be all boob from her neck to her waist. She tries some of the time to cover them up, but it's a challenge. When we go to nice restaurants she will wear something low cut, showing her massive cleavage and it amuses me watching the young waiters falling all over themselves to fill her water glass after every sip so they can try to look down her top.

    They are all natural, firm but jiggly with high silver dollar sized areolas and pencil eraser sized nipples.

    She goes to the gym daily, her only job is to keep me happy, stay in shape, and look sexy, she will wear low cut sports bra's. I've seen guys at the mall from her gym walk the entire mall and turn around just to "run into" her and chat her up.

    We don't have a ton of sex, which is fine, I'm very busy. She stays nude constantly around me, I work from my home office, or I see plenty of side boob in her loose pajama tops. I don't know if she gets it elsewhere, she has plenty of opportunities, as long as she is discrete, respectful to me, and safe about it, I don't care, I like to keep her happy.

    We did some furniture shopping Friday and she said the guy wrote his number on his card with "call me" on it. I don't know if she was kidding or not, but I'm ok with it. She's very easy on the eyes, that's why she's with me.

    She's like a Ferrari, beautiful to look at and drive, but you don't drive it all the time, only special occasions lol.

    And yes, I have my side candy too, probably just like she does. Lol.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    Have always been attracted to my youngest sister. Shes 5'10", long legs very slim and small breasted. One day when my wife was gone we were in the hot tub drinking and I confessed that I've always thought she was hot and I kissed her. In return she put her hand down to my swim trunks and started rubbing my cock which was already hard. I pulled it out and she started stroking it I undid her bikini top and started sucking on her very erect nipples. Then I put my hand in her bottoms and finger fucked her to orgasm. I then leaned her up against the hot tub and entered her from behind, riding her fast and hard til I came into her pussy. We got ourselves put together before my wife came home. Since then we have fucked many times, a few times almost getting caught by my wife or my daughter. Cant wait til the next time

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Some years back, I had a night out with some girl friends and ended up at a party with just one of the group we were with. I was fairly tipsy by the time she introduced me to a really good looking guy, and straight away we hit it off.
    Long story short, we ended up having sex back at his place having taken a ten minute taxi ride.
    The sex was just the best sex I've ever had. From sucking on his huge cock, him licking out my pussy and arsehole, to him fucking me in so many different positions which had me orgasming all over the place. Then with a massive orgasm having jst ripped through me, he penetrated my arsehole and fucked it over and over again until I was squirting from the intensity of the multiple climaxes he drove me to.
    Eventually he came deep inside my backside, but instead of rolling off me, he sank down and tongued my rear hole, at the same time massaging my clit with his fingers. Licking my arse that way until I orgasmed again and again.
    We slept, had more sex and then slept again. Waking up just before dawn, he had me mount his already erect cock and I rode him vaginally and anally driving us both to orgasm at the same time.
    Before I left his place, I went down on him sucking on his cock and balls, making sure when he came I let his cum swirl around my mouth. Before I could swallow all of it, he kissed me and we exchanged some of his cum into his mouth. It was so erotic knowing he was tasting himself, I actually climaxed as we kissed.
    Returning home as I watched everyone setting off to work and school, I smiled at myself thinking I was going to meet him the following night.
    Only he didn't turn up.
    In September last year (2018), I married my boyfriend/fiance of three years. Everyone of his family was there, as well as my own, except his younger brother, who I'd not even seen a photo of. My husband told me he'd kind of fallen out with his family, when he'd gone into the army to escape a broken heart/relationship.
    Two weeks ago I met my husband's brother for the first time, when he just turned up out of the blue. Only it wasn't the first time I'd met him. Scott was the very same guy who'd I'd had the best sexual time of my life with, and that's still the case.
    It turns out Scott had two weeks before we met at the party, signed up for the army. This was after he had found his girlfriend in bed with my husband, his brother. Both my husband and Scott's girlfriend were blind drunk, and from what I now know, not a great deal happened between them.
    We instantly recognised each other, and Scott to his credit said absolutely nothing. He did however say something when my husband went out of the room to get them both a beer. Scott told me, I was still the most horny woman he'd had sex with, and that he remembers our night so vividly.
    Over the past fortnight, we've not really said much as he's stayed with us, but I did catch him speaking to someone the other day on his mobile. Scott was telling the person he'd love to get me in bed again, saying I looked even better than I did years before. He also told whoever it was, that he should fuck me and carry on fucking me, knowing I'd enjoy his cock far better than his brothers. Before he ended the call, I walked in and he didn't even bat an eye lid. Telling the person on the other end of the call "She's here now, see you later".
    Scott knew I'd heard him, but didn't seem concerned at all. We might not have said much to each other these past two weeks, yet we have flirted a lot by allowing one another to see each others sex. Each time I see Scott now, my pussy gets wet and my arsehole aches for his erection.
    We both know we shouldn't be thinking of doing anything. But with my husband going to France in the next week or so for two days, I'm not sure I won't find myself in bed with the best lover this girl has ever had sex with.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    Sexual fantasies!

    What is the problem with some people?

    The introduction to this website clearly explains at the very outset that some of the stories may be fantasy narratives. Many of these stories are very erotic. Do they have to be real to be arousing?

    It is called fiction folks! You can go to any bookstore and find books that are fiction. There is a whole genre of "romance" novels that are fiction, yet still very popular.

    I come here to write and read erotic fantasy, and yes I do get off a bit. Frankly, it is better that I write about my fantasies, rather than act upon them.

    If you think that I am a sicko, than that is your problem. After all, you are here reading these stories yourself. Get a life!


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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 22

    Lesbian Twin Strippers

    My sister (Laurie) and I (Lynn) have been messing around with each other since we were little. We slept and took baths together, and fingers found holes.

    One time when we were 14 our mother caught us diddling. She was cool with it and told us it was natural and okay. Then she showed us how to lick each other's pussies 69 style.

    When we were teens, guys kept pestering us to make-out for money. Eventually we gave in and started to french kiss at clubs, and even moved to massaging and sucking each other titties at private parties. Their gfs were extremely jealous of some of these guys' attention to us, which even led to some cat fights.

    Once we turned 18, a guy we met propositioned us to strip at clubs. We started to make good money as a feature act and even began to perform extra services in the VIP lounge. But the guy started to disrespectt us and steal our money, so we went out on own.

    We had met a guy at the strip club who was gay (he went there to find guys to blow). He is very well built, so we hired him as our personal bouncer.

    We had done a few bachelor parties when we stripped at the club, so it was not difficult to find similar gigs. Our business has really taken off by word-of-mouth. Who wouldn't want to have lesbian twin strippers?

    When we arrive at a party, Laurie and I go into the bathroom to change. Our bouncer goes over the rules with the guys: no touching, no pictures, no disrespectful name calling, no spilling drinks on us (yes they do that), etc. The best thing is, if they are well-behaved, we will get dirtier and nastier for them.

    When we come out of the bathroom, we are dressed in our costumes (nurse, school uniform, etc.). Our entrance is the best part for us, as the guys are usually quite wound-up by then.

    Our attention turns to the bachelor, as he is the guest-of-honor after all. He usually sits in a chair in the centre of the room. Most of our show is for him, with his friends as cheerleaders. We begin by stripping him of his shirt and pants.

    Then we start covering him in whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce as our "banana split". I seductively peel a banana and then begin to share it with him mouth-to-mouth until we are able to french kiss.

    The guys are really anticipating what is going to happen next, as Lynn and I begin to lick off our "banana split". Then we begin to give the bachelor individual lap dances, each feeding him our tits to suck, sitting on his lap, and grinding our pussies on him (always through our clothing).

    Then we take a break and have a drink, mingling among the guys. It is always surprising to us how laid back and respectful most of the guys are (with gfs and wives).

    A few do proposition us. But we tell them it is really hard to break the bond of twin sisters, and with a "wink" we give them a hint of our second-half show.

    Usually the guys start getting restless, so Lynn and I know when it is time to turn our attentian to each other. I sit in the bachelor's chair because I am more voluptuous. Lynn lights a red candle and begins to drip hot wax on my nipples (which I luv). If she is careful enough she can usually form a solid impression of one of my nipples, which we give to the bachelor as a "souvenir".

    Then Lynn blows out the candle, and begins to use the other end as a dildo, working it in and out of my pussy, as we french kiss. As I get wet, Lynn goes downtown and starts to lick my pussy. The guys start to go wild for this.

    Once I feel that I am losing control, I push Lynn back on the floor, we completely strip, and get into the 69 position to start licking each other's pussies. The guys start cheering by now.

    With all the noise, it is hard for us to completely relax and have an orgasm, although Lynn occasionally does squirt on my face. Most times instead, we have to turn to our trusty toy, a We Vibe Rave. This is a quiet vibrator, with asymmetrical edges that always does the job (trust us guys this will really work on your gfs/wives).

    Because I am already aroused, I usually do Lynn first. It does not take long before she starts squirting, and convulsing uncontrollably. Then she turns her attention to me. I soon start moaning and screaming, before I turn into a blubbering mess (I literally cannot speak). Usually it takes me a couple of minutes for me to fully recover, as Lynn cradles me in her arms and gives me loving pecks on my lips.

    By now the guys are cheering for more. If they have been well behave, we offer them a special treat and auction off a bj at the end of the night. But only in the bathroom for privacy, and with our bouncer guarding the door from the inside for safety (bonus is our gay bouncer gets to see the winner's cock).

    The auction always goes above $1000, and usually some of the guys pool their money together for the bachelor. We take him into the batthroom, but sometimes he is a little reluctant because of his fiancee. We tell him that "no one can really knows what goes on behind closed doors".

    Usually he is already aroused because of our show, so it is easy for us to wear down his resistance. We start taking turns stroking his cock, then licking up and down his shaft, and sucking his balls. We start twirling our tongues around the head of his cock, and then pump his cock in and out of our mouths only a couple of times before he shoots his load.

    Depending on if he gives us a facial or cums in one of our mouths, we starting licking the cum off of each other faces or "snowballing" it between our mouths. Then after we make our faces and mouths really messy, we exit the bathroom to show the guy's friends that he is "the man". The guy usually has a weird mixture of embarrassment and pride.

    Needless to say we get a lot of repeat business. We have even been told that some guys have proposed to their gfs, just so they can have a bachelor party with us. We also do "divorce" parties.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    As a young teenage girl, I loved nothing more than taking off my skirt and panties, kneeling up in the barn and waiting for the first touch. I knew each lunch time they'd be there, and I also knew both of them would be horny.
    Feeling the first hot hard cock spear my folds was sheer delight and I longed to be fucked hard.
    I never once looked round, as I could tell without looking, just who it was who'd buried his cock up my pussy from behind first. besides they alternated each time we had chance to have sex.
    By the time he pumped his cum deep inside of me, I'd most probably already have orgasmed myself twice. Then as he withdrew, I'd be instantly impaled again and my pussy would quiver with anticipation of his thrusts. Taking me as he wished and as hard as he wanted, I loved the sensation of my building climax, and usually by then my body craved their cocks. It never failed and I'd orgasm so hard, I'd often jump right off whoever's cock was fucking me. Only seconds later to be pulled back onto his dick and fucked all over again until he unloaded up my soaking wet vagina.
    One lunch time, about a year after we first began to fuck, as I was quivering from my latest orgasm, his cock slipped out and when he thrust forwards it slid hard into my asshole. He went to pull out, but the sensation, although a little painful, was also incredibly horny. Backing onto him, I turned my head for the first time and told Eric, the oldest, to carry on fucking my ass. And so he did fucking with renewed energy making us both climax together.
    From then on the boys chose which hole they wanted, and my new found love of anal sex just grew and grew. Eric and John both knew I couldn't get pregnant, so they never wore condoms. And I just loved the feel of their bare cocks inside of me.
    Then one afternoon with John having just cum inside of my ass, our mother caught us. It was the first time since dad had died, that she'd been out anywhere near the barn. It was outside of the barn he'd had his heart attack. And that was that for us having sex in the barn. Or anywhere else for that matter for a long time.
    I was sent to live with my aunt and both of my brothers were "Corrected" by our uncle. Mom was sore at us for over a year, and I guess both of the boys got more of a hiding than I did.
    Eventually I began to sneak over to a place where I knew the boys would meet me, and we began to have such amazing afternoons down by the creek. I learned to suck cock down by that creek and I also for the first time began to kiss my brothers as lovers too. It all stopped when Eric became ill and months later he passed away.
    I was allowed to move back home after that, and my mom turned a blind eye to John and I enjoying his or my room. We tried to only have sex when she was out or asleep, but sometimes with our growing libido's, we couldn't wait. John and I would fuck for hours. Eventually though all good things come to an end, and we just stopped having sex.
    Life moved on. John got enegaged recently and I'm in a relationship with a really nice guy. But nothing will replace those wonderful times I had with my siblings, especially John with those long afternoons spent in my room or his.
    We both said a while back it was our exploring and learning stage, but we both knew as we said it, we missed one another sexually.
    A few days ago, John sent me a picture of him stroking his large erect cock. It's a man and cock, I've decided I just cannot live without.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    My mother in law came to visit us last weekend. Wife and I had a lot of work to do preparing for our son's birthday party, and it was very helpful having her mother watch the kids. Mother in law lives far away, so usually stays with us for 4 nights. Although we haven't always gotten along, it usually is peaceful.. That being said, over the past year or so, in law has seemed to take more liking to me. This change has been gradual, and she may just finally be coming around to my relationship with her daughter. We are an interracial couple, I am black and wife is white. There were definitely issues toward this in the beginning, but our kids are so cute that its just hard to not like how things turned out. The last time she visited us (time before this trip), while helping with the kids, I noticed her mother looking through our dresser... being nosey. I'm sure she saw my wifes butt plugs and other toys etc. During that trip, while I was in the bathroom, she opened the door on me while I was taking a leak. In my gut, I just felt she did it so she could see my dick. I don't think I got that vibe for no reason, she had to have known I just went into the bathroom and took her chance to see. I have shared this info with wife. Fast forward to this trip. Mother in law sleeps on the couch, as its very comfortable and we don't have an extra bedroom since having kids. Her mother has definitely aged, and isn't the woman she probably once was, but I used to think about fucking her, just to prove a point... since she didn't like our relationship so much. Either way, it has crossed my mind. One of the nights, she took a sleeping pill to help her rest, and I could hear her snoring when I woke up to take a leak in the middle of the night. I ended up deciding to go out to where she was sleeping. She was wearing a a one piece night gown... and what I believe was nothing under it (no panties). I remembered she took the sleeping pill... and decided to go ahead and take my dick out in the living room. She was deep asleep and I knew she wouldn't wake. SO I jerked off for a while over her. I didn't cum, just played with my dick over her. After, went back to bed. Also during this trip, my wife asked her to get something out of the dresser, a new dresser, she couldn't find it, so wife instructed her to just look through for it. This time, we had paddles, plugs, ball gags, lube etc, all in there where I know she had to have seen it. Shortly after, and for the rest of the trip her mother was very nice to me, almost too nice. When I would talk to her, she would be looking at me.. even after I was done talking and moving on to other things her mothers head would follow me as if we were still talking. The only way to describe, is like when a girl is infatuated with you early in a relationship. After the weekend was over, wife and I were talking about the visit. She tells me of something funny, but embarrassing to share... that during conversation, somehow the topic of not making me upset came up.. her mother joked with her that she hopes not to upset me, or I might spank her! Too funny. She obviously saw our play toys.

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