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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    Around four months ago my nineteen year old daughter Jenny, was going through a bad time with depression. Her boyfriend had ditched her for another girl and her best friend was killed in a car crash.
    I thought for a while she was going to do something bad to herself, but within a couple of weeks of me worrying about her health, she came right out of it, and it was because of my husbands attention with her. He began to take her out and to have lengthy chats when they were at home in her room.
    Brian isn't Jenny's dad, he's her step father and has been for eight years. After a month or so of them getting along famously, I began to have my doubts over Jenny's seemingly happy demenour and Brian's involvement. It wasn't as though I thought her happiness was false, it was because she'd become so happy and so full life. And they were spending more and more time together.
    By pure chance I saw an advert which was describing how a company would and could catch cheating spouses. On the spur of the moment, I phoned them up and five days later I was having two camera's fitted in our home. The camera's fed a direct feed into my lap top, so if anything was amiss I'd know.
    Watching back a recording which was triggered by movement in my daughters bedroom, I first witnessed Jenny entering her room naked except for towel wrapped around her wet hair. And seconds later in walked Brian sporting an erection and dripping water from his body and hard cock.
    Jenny instantly went down on her step dad, tossing the towel aside and Brian began to fuck my daughters mouth. I could tell from the way she was sucking on my husbands fat cock, it wasn't the first time they'd had oral sex. Watching in disbelief, I at first wanted to fast forward the video, but found myself fascinated with what they were doing together. Some five to ten minutes of Jenny sucking on Brian's large cock, he picked her up, tossed her onto her bed and got himself and Jenny into a sixty nine position. Even though it was my daughter and my husband I couldn't help but see the beauty in their sex together, and I found myself touching my pussy through my skirt and panties.
    I heard and saw my own daughter orgasm on my husbands face and wanted to be there. I'd taken my skirt off and practically ripped off my panties by then, as I was finger fucking myself and playing with my swollen clit, to the sight of my daughters orgasmic convulsions. No sooner than she'd calmed down, Brian got up turned Jenny onto her stomach and drove his cock in one long thrust, straight up Jenny's pussy. That was it for me, I climaxed cumming like I'd never ever cum before, as my pussy began to squirt pussy juices everywhere.
    I carried on watching them fuck together. And became more and more turned on seeing her take her step fathers cock in various positions. Then I heard Jenny ask Brian to fuck her asshole. She'd knelt up by then and Brian was slowly fucking her pussy from behind. Sliding his cock out of my daughters extremely wet pussy, he moved his cock upwards and entered Jenny's tight little asshole.
    The look on her face was awesome and I found myself sliding a finger up my own ass. I was gone, totally in their sexual spell and I was truly loving every second of watching them fuck. Brian was pounding Jenny's asshole, harder than I'd ever seen him fuck me and my daughter was loving the anal battering she was receiving.
    Her joyous moans and Brian's actions soon brought me another orgasm, closely followed by Jenny screaming yet another climax. Gripping her hair and pulling her head back, Brian made lots of grunting sounds, told Jenny he was cumming, then I watched him unload his cum deep up my daughters ass.
    They broke apart lay together and then I heard my daughter say "I love you just as much as my mom does, you know that don't you Brian". Brian turned his head and said "Like wise honey".
    Making them their evening meals that night was weird for me, not because I wanted to confront them, but because I found looking into their eyes, I saw only love. Letting what I'd witnessed go, wasn't hard then and hasn't been hard since.
    I eventually bought similar equipment after returning the security/infidelity companies gear, but bought later more advanced camera's and fitted them myself into our bedroom, Jenny's and the lounge.
    I've watched them fuck in all three locations since putting them in, and have masturbated to every one of them. If Brian and I weren't having all the sex we are, and all the sex I need, then I'd say something, but since my daughter is happy and healthy fucking her step dad, then I'm happy to go along with their constant fucking.
    Besides Brian has enough cock for the both of us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    Today I seriously don't know how I feel about it, but yesterday I certainly knew.
    My little sister called by my apartment all upset about her relationship with her fiance. When I say little sister, she's actually twenty six years old and engaged to be married.
    After letting her in dressed in my bath robe, I asked her when she finally calmed down what was the problem. She didn't want to be direct at first, until I told her if she didn't tell me, I couldn't help.
    Crying again, my sister blurted out "Gary said he doesn't like going down on me, not just me, but any female he's ever dated". When I shrugged my shoulders as if to say "What has that got to do with me" My sister added "But it's one of the most important sexual things I like, apart from the obvious".
    She began to cry again, so moving over to where she sat, I put my arms around her to comfort her. Looking up at me, my sister asked me if I thought she was good looking. When I said "Yes of course" (She is very good looking), she stood up stepped away from me and slid off her short skirt to reveal she had no panties on. I stared at my sisters neatly trimmed pussy and I have to admit, got a boner right there and then.
    Smiling for the first time since she entered my apartment, my sister moved closer to me and asked me if I thought her pussy looked good too. My only answer was to nod, as I continued to stare at her beautiful looking pussy. Putting one leg onto the seat of the sofa next to me spreading her pussy lips, my twenty six year old sibling asked me if I'd go down on her.
    It wasn't as though I had to think about it, or to decide not to anything. As my sister held my head and guided my face into her wet folds. There was no time to take in what we were doing. So not thinking about anything but her gorgeous c**t in my face, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick up and down her labia's and on to her engorged clitoris.
    Pushing her a little, I got her to lay down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. Her pussy looked so good, I dived right back into tonguing her. And boy did my sister cry out with joy.
    I'm not sure how long I had my face buried in my sisters soaking wet pussy, but I do know she came twice with my tongue lapping away at her private place. Just after she'd cum the second time, I felt her reach around me, move her hand under my bath robe and grip hold of my cock.
    My dick was so hard, I heard her sigh with need, but I wasn't going to fuck my sister, right!. Instead lifting my head a little I asked her if she'd suck me. Hearing my own sister say "Oh fuck yeh!". was so horny, I very nearly busted my nut with her milking my cock.
    Getting up, I removed my bath robe turned her around and slid my cock into my little sisters mouth. She eagerly accepted it and wiggled her butt, as if to point out she wanted tonguing again. Pulling her legs up towards me, I raised her up so her asshole was facing me and began to lick her tight rear hole. She moaned out loud with my cock fucking her mouth, but didn't motion for me to stop. So still licking her asshole, I put two fingers together and slipped them into her hot pussy. As I fucked my sisters mouth, I also fucked her pussy with two fingers to the same rhythm she was sucking on my pulsing dick.
    Probably no more than five minutes after she'd begun to suck on my cock, I felt my cock throbbing and knew I wanted to cum. Lifting my head I let her know, but she just carried on sucking my dick. Sticking my tongue back up her butt, I came, spurting load after load down my sisters throat and she just gulped down every drop.
    Then when my orgasm subsided, my sister climaxed again and I let her fall to the sofa's seat. I turned around lay next to my sister and held her. She snuggled into me and before I knew it, she was breathing softly being asleep.
    We both woke up about an hour later. She got herself sorted and we sat drinking after I made some coffee. We spoke about what we'd done as if we'd had sex all the time. My sister told me I was far better at pleasuring her than her fiance, and she thought we should have oral sex from then on whenever either of us needed relief. I told my sister i'd think about it, but as I was about to go and have a shower, she moved my bath robe to one side and went down on me again. I lasted a hell of a lot longer the second time and had my sister sucking my cock until I once again busted a load down her throat.
    When I'd finished cumming, she stood up told me she had to go and left me sitting there. Before she walked out though, she turned around and said "Next time I think I might have you fuck me. With that statement my sister walked out of my apartment leaving me thinking all sorts of things.
    Later that night I got a text from her, thanking me for "Easing her feelings" She also told me her fiance was working this weekend and could she call by to have some relief. I text bac telling her I'd think about it.
    My problem is, it is my little sister and although we have had oral sex now, I don't think we should be having full on sex. But after tasting her hot juicy c**t, I honestly don't think I could resist fucking her if she calls by over the weekend.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    well...I've never told anyone this...while still in high school my cousin and I secretly took a shower together. she was a few years younger than I, but she actually pressed the issue.
    on one afternoon, "mona" (i'll call her) and I got into a wrestling match on the couch. I was happily watching a college football game on tv, when she and my aunt came by so my mother and her could do some shopping together, and mona and I were to just hang back at my house. upon their arrival, mona ran in and jumped on me as I was sprawled out on the sofa. a little tussling ensued, then as I had her pinned on her left side, my hand came close to her mouth and she bit down hard on my thumb. through my squealing, I threatened to flick her breasts with my free hand, then felt her bite down even harder. I had both her arms pinned behind her back, but as I squirmed because of the pain, she was able to free her left hand just enough to get stuck up in my crotch. felling my penis brush against her wrist, mona reached up and squeezed my penis and pulled on it.
    now, being a young boy, I became erect in her hand almost immediately. also, as I tried pulling away from her grasp, I noticed my penis sliding through her hand, so I jokingly humped against her hips a few times. the look on mona's face was priceless...I begged her to let go, then quickly thrust against her a few more times. except, now her hips have rolled just enough that as I thrust, my erection slid trough her hand and along her upper thigh.
    at this point, I pleaded for her to let my thumb go because how painful it was. finally, mona released my thumb then I stayed pressed against her as we inspected her incredible bite mark that almost broke the skin. moments later, we realized that she still had a grasp on my still erect penis, so I grabbed her hip and thrust against her again. giggling, mona let go of my erection, rolled onto her back, then coyly asked if she could see it. nervously kneeling between her legs, with my erection jutting out from my gym shorts...I said "only if you take a shower with me, so I can see you too." 100%, I fully thought she would refuse, but jumped up and led me to my bathroom.
    I started the shower, quickly undressed, then got in the shower. mona took a bit longer, but eventually stepped in behind me. I remember feeling her warm pointy nipples touching my back as she hugged up on me from behind. then the incredible sensation of her dainty hands running down my stomach to my already swollen penis. I stood there marveling at her hands exploring my hardening cock, when I felt her pubes tickle my ass as she bent around my side to watch herself fondling my penis. moments later, I coaxed her in front of me, and stood there stunned by her nakedness as the water glistened down her curves and through her dark pubes. we made eye contact, and I noticed her blushing with embarrassment when she thrust her arms around me in a tight embrace. I slowly slid a hand down through her pubic hair, and after a few short strokes, mona became wet then let out a low breathy moan as she wrapped her arm around my neck. I rubbed faster and asked if she had ever had an orgasm. she had not. a few minutes into this, I backed away from her slightly, then guided my penis tip down to her clit. with her hand still on my cock, I rubbed my tip against her clit for a moment, then turned her around. at first, i just reached around and rubbed her fast, slow, and hard at times...eventually, mona began to really get into it, so i got the idea to slide my erection between her thighs from behind. with her wetness, i slid through her legs with ease as i slowly thrust against her while rubbing her hardened clit. not taking long, i became overwhelmed with my own impending orgasm and abandoned her clit for grabbing her hips and thrusting faster through her soaked thighs. i told her i was cuming, pressing against her ass as hard as i could, we both watched my cum jet out of my penis as i convulsed between her thighs.
    looking over mona's shoulder, i could see a little more than the tip jutting through her pubes as i spewed my load through my cousin's thighs. mona covered her mouth with one hand and involuntarily rubbed herself as this goes on, then giggled...saying "holy shit! wow"
    we ended up staying in that position for a while, because my penis never softened. i resumed rubbing her and slowly sliding myself through her thighs, until i a came again. unfortunately, i wasn't able to give mona her first orgasm, but to this day i can hear her moans while i masturbate to that experience. we never talk about it, and have never done anything further together, but every once and a while mona will make a comment that leads me to believe that still thinks about it like i do. at least that's how i take it, because i still fantasize that more has happened or more can happen. unfortunately, mona is not as attractive now, but should she initiate anything...i will be game.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    My Uncle

    I was my mums thirtieth birthday party at our house, I was only young, my uncle sat me on his knee I was a wriggler I could feel something on my bottom, mum came over and took me off his knee and said you must not sit on your uncles knee again why I said he is a nice man, mum said no he's not he is what is called a dirty old man, I watched my talking to him I could tell she was angry with him, years passed by and I new what a dirty old man was, I have always been a teaser, at the next party I sat opposite him without my underwear on I was just starting to grow pubic hairs, I repeatedly crossed and uncrossed my legs making he sure he saw everything he was getting hot and bothered I could see his erection he was trying to hide, I sat with my legs open for a while this really got him going, my mum came over to me and whispered in my ear you've had you tease and fun now go and put your knickers on,
    and smiled at me.
    Not much of a story hope you all enjoyed, if there is any more stories similar I would love to read them.


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I just want to get my story out, I was sexually abused as a child, r**ed as an adult and I suffer from mental illness please watch my channel h******/w**.y*********m/channel/UCaIYu 4lyRMuWPvJfyvONsZg?nohtml5==Fa lse

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    Since I was a kid I was told by my family to do the right thing. Even my Aunts and Uncles would give me the same speech whenever I got into some mischief. Well my family is so full of shit! I have two uncles with DUI's and my parents are no example for me to live by.

    I have been fucking my aunt for about six months now, and it was her that initiated it. I guess she's in her mid 30's and a nice body. Her name is Paula and I never paid much attention to her other than in a family way.

    My mom sent me to see Paula's house to pick up some boxes she had for my Mom. When I got there Paula was on the phone to some guy, maybe a boyfriend? They were having an argument about something, when Paula got off the phone she wasn't very happy. She started saying when I get a girlfriend I needed to do certain things because women need to feel wanted, and it went on from there as I took the boxes out to my truck.

    Anyway I told her I had a few girlfriends before I just didn't have one at the moment. Of course she wanted to know the tragic details of my breakups. Honestly the breakups were my doing, for the simple fact I liked hanging out with my friends and doing things at the last moment if need be.

    Then Paula mentioned sex and how a lot of girls wanted to get pregnant Then how guys only wanted sex just to get their rocks off and leave. She even asked me if I was one of those guys? I told Paula I didn't even have sex with all the girls I dated, it wasn't all about sex, some were friends only. Then she asked me if I liked having sex and of course I said yes.

    Paula comes over to me and looks me in the eye and asks if I ever thought of having sex with her, and I said no I hadn't thought about it since she was my aunt. Thankfully my mom called and I could get the hell out of there before I had to answer anymore questions.

    My parents had to go out of town to see a relative that was sick and I had the house to myself for the weekend. I'd called up some friends and we planned a cook out and refreshments were being served. It was a great time and about midnight everyone started leaving.

    Of course I had a mess to cleanup so I started picking up trash and beer cans under the glare of the spotlights on the back of the house. Suddenly I heard a female voice and I couldn't see who it was at first as the glare was in my eyes. It was Paula and she laughed at the mess I was dealing with. She offered to help and I didn't refuse.

    Once the trash was picked up I was done, I would put the other things away tomorrow. Paula and I came inside to wash our hands at the sink. It started innocently enough as we hip butted each other at the sink, until she turned and kissed me a moment later.

    I could taste a bit of alcohol as Paula kissed me, I knew she liked white wine. When our lips parted and Paula took a small step back, I could see in her eyes she had a bit of a buzz going. Without saying anything I watched as Paula began to unbutton her blouse with a grin on her face. I just stood there and watch her remove her bra a few moments later.

    She took a step forward and kissed me again, making sure to press her breasts against me this time. I had no idea if I would really do this with Paula until she reached down and squeezed my semi hard cock. As soon as I felt the blood rushing into my cock I had my own answer.

    I kissed Paula back, kissed her hard now, our tongues swirling like crazy. I felt her warm skin as I put my hands to the sides of her breast. She made a slight sound and pulled away only enough so I could touch her nipples, they were almost as hard as my cock was now.

    We made it to the sofa in the living room. She kicked off her heels and we tore at each others clothing. My head started to spin as she wrapped her hand around my hardness. She took me into her mouth a moment later, I could see her lipstick on my cock almost at once. I just closed my eyes, lost in the feeling of being blown so good. Paula was anything but shy and she just took charge of my cock, licking and sucking until I pulsated in her mouth.

    Suddenly she let go and lay out on the sofa, spreading her legs for me. I knelt between her legs and she watched as I pushed my cock into her. Paula was soaking wet, even the girls I had been with hadn't been as wet as Paula was this moment.

    She had to coax me to fuck her slowly, but I wanted to pound her like a wild man. She was moaning as my cock went in and out of her, I probably was too. Finally Paula let me go and I thrust my cock into Paula as deep as I could, she clawed at my arms and back as I fucked her feverishly. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me there inside of her as I fucked Paula with all my strength.

    Suddenly I felt the urge of release, Paula must have sensed it also. Her legs released me and I pulled out just as I began to cum. I fisted my cock like I had never done before, thick ropes landing all over Paula's breasts. I think she screamed with pleasure at the sight of this, and urging me to give her more. The rest of my cum coated her belly and filled up her belly button. When I became aware again, Paula was rubbing my cum all over her breasts with a big smile on her face. She put her arms out and I lay down on top of Paula for a few minutes, I could feel my warm cum against my own skin now.

    Paula spent the night and we went at it again, this time I lasted much longer which Paula loved. She cleaned up and I went down on her the second time before I fucked her. I bit her nipples which made her cum almost at once, never experienced that with my girlfriends. Paula teased my cock with her mouth until I was begging to fuck her, which she really seemed to get off on as well. I woke up around 11am and Paula was gone. She left a note with a smiley face and the letter "P" below.

    We get together once or twice a month depending on what's going on with us. Sometimes I think it's wrong to be doing this with Paula, but then I think of all the stupid things my family has done. So I just decided as long as it works for Paula and myself, I'm not going to give up someone I enjoy fucking so much.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    My Husbands Sister Showing her Vagina to Me

    My husbands sister came to stay with us for a week for the first time we were off work for the week as well, we all went out for day trips and meals out and got on very well together, in a morning we had a brew in our night clothes or in bed we didn't rush to get dressed, I couldent help but notice she only had her dressing gown on I could see it flapping open revealing the her pubic hair and the top of her volva, I didn't mind I enjoyed it, I am bisexual, my husband doesn't know that was a previous life, one morning we were up he was still in bed, we were sat in the front room watching morning TV her opposite me, she didn't have her legs crossed considering she was naked beneath her robe her legs open nearly wide I could see everything I didn't mind and tried not to look between her legs but when you try not to look you are drawn to it, I was went very wet it was stirring wonderful old memories, she saw me looking sorry I said, its ok I don't mind if you don't I can tell your a bisexual I've shown you mine now you show me yours I didn't hesitate I put my leg over the chair arm and finger fucked my self while she did the same, that was the beginning of a relationship, there is more but not now.


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    This is SO embarrassing, but I cant talk to anyone else about it. And I honestly don't know what to do.

    My roommate I had at my apartment had to break her lease we had due to a family emergency. She was willing to find someone to sublet her room and pay her half of the bills, but then I would be in an apartment with someone I did not know. I felt bad for her, and I wanted to help her out somehow. That's when my parents suggested letting my younger brother move in with me. They pretty much came right out and said they were sick of him living at home, and since he had a steady job, it was time for him to move out.
    My brother Paul is 4 years younger than me - he dropped out of college, but was able to get a job working on the ramp at the airport. He actually makes pretty good money, so I knew financially I could trust him. He and I have always been pretty close, too, so I decided to let him move in with me at the beginning of this month.

    We had a lot of fun this past weekend - we went out bar hopping and it was more like we were friends than we were brother and sister. I had broken up with a guy I was very serious with about a month ago, my brother was "in between" girlfriends as he put it - so it was nice to have each other for company.

    Two nights ago - I went to bed before he did, and a few hours later I heard the t.v on pretty loud. Since my bedroom wall and where the t.v is in the living room are back-to-back, I went out to ask him to turn it down. Paul was sound asleep on the couch and snoring away - so I went to turn off the t.v completely.
    That's when I noticed he just had a pair of boxer shorts on - and his penis was kind of hanging out of them. My first instinct was to turn away and just go back to my room, but I ended up staring at it. Even though just the head of his cock was poking out, I could tell he had some pretty good girth there. I always thought of Paul as my little brother - but as I looked as his cock, I realized he was a "man".
    I got horny!
    I could not believe that I had to go back to my room and take care of myself for awhile, just because I saw my brothers penis.

    Now its all I can think about....

    I find myself wearing as little as possible when he is around now, hoping he might think of me sexually like I have been thinking about him.

    I want to see more of his cock - I want to see it big and hard, but how would I ever tell him that?
    I wish I could just come right out and say "I saw your cock the other day...."....omg.
    I sometimes wonder what if HE is having the same kinds of thoughts about me?

    How I wish I could just come right out and say something, and if it does not work out - go back in time and take it all back.

    I know its so wrong and so sick - but I cant help but think how much fun we could be having with each other.

    How can I let him know?

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    Transsexual Female / 19

    Dad Taking Photos if me in my School Uniform.

    I have posted this on other confession sites and haven't had an answer,, it was one Sunday afternoon I was in my room sorting out some clothes for throwing out, my door was open so my dad could walked in, we chatted for a while, He saw my old high school uniform and said can you still in it, sure I said, how about showing me he asked, so I stripped to my under ware in front of him which I admit it did give me a bit of sexual excitement, I did still fancy my dad I have always been dads girl, he has seen me in my bra and knickers many times, family catch each other naked it happens, I walked in to my parents room while they having sex I thought they were out I really got a good eye full of the action, which I admit was a turn on seeing my dad thrusting in my mothers vagina,

    When I had my school uniform on dad said I will get my camera and take some photos which he took lots of in different poses some a bit daring, until we herd my mum come home, don't say anything to your mum he asked, a bit later he showed me them, and asked if I would like to like to pose for some more really very naughty poses, I said I would think about it even though I had decided to do it , the question is has any outer girl done this, would they like to tell me about it full detail if possible and the out come, or just a yes or no

    Caroline K

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Some weeks back I was out with some friends drinking mixers. I was a little tipsy, so when an older guy came up and started chatting to me, I didn't as I usually would, tell him where to go. In fact I found him extremely attractive. Which for me who likes sporty young guys was totally off grid.
    I became so attracted to him, I heard myself saying yes when he asked me if I'd like to go back to his and fuck. And what a fuck. By the time we entered his very smart apartment I'd almost fully sobered up, and was I glad I did because I can now remember everything about what we did together.
    I sucked in his large thick cock as he buried his face between my legs, and for a long time we gave each other oral pleasure, with him making me orgasm twice from his expert tonguing. Then my older lover placed a condom on his impressive cock and fucked me to one amazing climax after another. Different positions, different thrusts, slow and then hard, and different holes as he went from my pussy to my asshole.
    In all we spent just over an hour and half having sex, and by the time he came filling the condom up my well screwed asshole, I'd cum multiple times. And I can honestly say it was the best sex I'd had with anyone.
    Drinking a cold drink he gave me in his lounge, I noticed a picture on the stylish coffee table. Only when I picked it up did I see someone I recognized extremely well in the background. Asking him where he got the picture of the family group and who it was in the background, he told me it was a picture of his cousins place and the lady in the background was his sister.
    When I'd met him he'd called himself Tony, but when I asked him shaking what his first name was in his apartment, he said he used Tony, but his real first name is Michael. I looked at him and asked again if the lady in the background was his sister. He replied by telling me it Ann-Marie his oldest sister.
    I sat there totally shocked and then said "Hello uncle, nice to finally meet you".
    My mom and he had had an argument years before and I'd not seen him since I was three. Sat semi naked in his apartment, I'd certainly seen all of him that night.
    It was just as much of a shock to him as it was for me, and he couldn't stop apologizing fior the next half an hour. However because he'd not dressed fully like me, both our sexes were pretty much on show, if you wanted to look. And with his cock seemingly hardening itself, I did look. I just couldn't help myself, the sex had been so good, I wanted him and it some more.
    Telling him I was horny for him, he told me we shouldn't as now knew who we were to each other, but it didn't stop him being balls deep up my pussy five minutes later on his large leather couch. If anything, knowing who he was to me only added to the heightened sexual time we then had. Making him lay on his back, I mounted his beautiful cock and fucked my uncle Michael or Tony as he called himself, as he played with my bouncing breasts.
    Phoning my mom after my uncle had cum inside me, I told her I was staying the night with some friends and that I'd see the following morning. Taking Tony to bed, we had long slow sex for hours and I fell asleep in the knowledge my uncle was the best lover of my short life so far.
    Over the last few weeks we've seen each other at least twice a week and each time we have simply the best sex. It just keeps on getting better and better, and I know I'm falling in love with my own uncle. We both know we shouldn't be doing what we are, but there is no way on earth I'm going to stop wanting Tony and his wonderful sexual prowess.
    We've even spoke about him getting back in touch with the family. I hope so because that would enable us to see each other much more often.

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