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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    Passing my mom and dads open bedroom window (We lived in a ground floor apartment. We've moved since) when I was fifteen years old, I saw and heard my mom with two guys. My dad was driving his truck I don't know where, but I knew he'd be gone at least another two days, so did my mom.
    She was naked, as were the guys and both were fucking my mom. She was sat on one guys cock, whilst the other young man was fucking her asshole from behind. And both men were not much older than I am now, probably around eighteen.
    I didn't let them know I was there and I didn't try to get a better view. I didn't need to as they were only maybe ten feet from where I stood. The big muscular guy who was fucking my moms asshole sheilded me from anyone seeing me, so I just stood there totally shocked.
    Before I came to my senses and moved away, I distinctly heard my mom telling the guys to fuck her until she orgasmed again. Her voice brought me back and I walked around the block to a freinds house completely freaked out.
    It happened two years ago. Yes I'm seventeen. And I've never said a thing. Not because I don't love my dad, I do love him so much. It's because I know just how much he loves my mom and how much it would hurt him. The thing is, it's making me feel real bad knowing my mom has cheated on him, and I know it.
    I've never seen the two guys again and as far as I know, she hasn't done anything like it since. But then I'm not always at home.
    I'm now wondering if I should tell my dad, or at least let my mom know I saw her that day getting fucked by young men, not much older than I am now.

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    Straight Male / 49

    It is a fantasy I have always had. I can't help it. It's something I have always wanted to do, even though I know it's wrong, and I know that it's something no one should ever talk about, think about, or even want to consider. But I can't help it. I'm an active guy, I've been married for almost 15 years, and I can't help that I have hormone problems that make me think about the dirtiest stuff, and get perverted and so horny I can't control it. I'm not kidding when I say I masturbate to porn 8 or 9 times a week.

    But my fantasy that I have had, for almost the last 4 years, is to fuck my daughter. Yes. She's my real daughter. She just turned 17 this year, is going to finish her junior year of high school, and she's going to be a senior this fall. I know it's just wrong. But if you'd seen her, you'd know what it does to me, and you may not understand it, but at least if I explain what goes on in my mind, you might at least know why I think what I do.

    About a year ago, I saw her in the bathroom, with nothing on. And it was the first time I'd seen her naked. She's about 5 foot 3, weighs about 150 pounds, a bit heavy, a bit of a stomach, kind of plump thighs, and without her knowing, I stood there and started at her firm boobs, her big round nipples, and a red flaming pubic hair bush covering her pussy. I felt my dick grow instantly hard, and I cursed myself for being a perverted dirty old man. She's got long red hair, big eyes, a bit of a pudgy face, and she's got kind of thick thighs. I've heard "curvy" describe girls her size, and that's what it is, but I still can't physically help being so fucking sexually turned on by her it drives me nuts.

    Two weeks ago, I was in the hall, and I saw her standing in her bedroom in a pair of black underwear, and a cute little pink bra, and I couldn't help staring at her, thinking for the love of God, why do I want to so desperately fuck my own kid? I know it's warped, and it's just disgusting, but I can't help it. And I went downstairs that night, found some "daddy/daughter" porn, and jerked so intensely hard I thought I'd never stop cumming.

    If I had my ways, what I would dearly love to do is walk in sometimes when I'd catch her masturbating (I know she does it - I've heard it at night, and I've gotten my dick hard, and I've cum hearing her orgasm in her own room). I've imagined it's me, my dick between her legs, when she's reaching her orgasm, and I'm filling her fire red bush with my cum, squirting so hard I can't stop trembling and my body from shaking as I enter her, and fill her up.

    I'd love to walk into her room, and catch her in the act. I would love to see her naked body, her legs spread, her plump thighs spread out on the bed, her fingers between her legs, and stand there staring as she caresses her pussy. I'd love to stand there with my dick hard and thrusting against my shorts. And I'd imagine she'd stare at me, and ask me if I'd like to give her some help? I would. Desperately. I'd ask her if she'd move her fingers out of the way. I'd go between her plump thighs, and I'd proceed to lick her beautiful red pubic hair bush. I'd slide my fingers inside her hair, and I'd let them enter her 17 year old pussy. I'd caress her vaginal lips, I'd enter my fingers inside her gently, and after wetting them, I'd pull them out, and let her eyes widen as I slid them into my mouth, letting her watch me swallow her teenage pussy juice.

    But this time, my cock would be so erect and thrusting so hard against my shorts, I fantasize that she would stare at me without a word, and I'd pull my shorts down around my ankles, stepping out of them slowly. She would lay there on her bed, and spread her legs. I'd walk between her, and she would hesitate, until I said "Please? I just want to. Please don't tell me no" and she would nod slowly.

    I would enter her fire red pubic hair bush with my massively erect cock, and feel it enter inside her teenage pussy so slowly, and so delicately. I would hold back with everything I had, watching myself enter her, erect, filling her up, and moving forward until I was between her legs, my body against hers, and my ass as close to her naked body as I could get. I would look between our legs, seeing my cock enter her, and pull out slowly, and then enter her again. I would slowly and gently make love to my teenage daughter, filling her up with my manhood.

    And when I felt myself growing intensely harder, and feeling the orgasm building up, I would stare at her, asking her if I could release myself. Her answer would be "I'm not on birth control pills, so please don't do it up inside me". I would build it up slowly and then gradually, feel it filling me. As I thrusted in and out of her, pulling and pushing, I would feel it. And at the last moment, when I was set to reach orgasm, I would pull out of her fire red pussy hair busy, and out of her teenage pussy.

    I exploded. I felt my orgasm just burst from within, exploding across her pubic hair busy, across her stomach, and shooting across her pelvic bone. I would use my hand, stroking it gently, feeling it explode over and over again, shooting massive squirts of white cum all over her naked body, and coating her plump thighs.

    When I was done, staring at my limp cock, I would look at her and say "sweet jesus. That was amazing. You were absolutely incredible". I would slowly pull up my shorts, covering my soaking wet limp cock, and pull up my boxers covering my naked lower half. I would see her sit up, and slowly wrap a blanket around her.

    Fantasizing that I had just had the most amazing and intense physical sex with my daughter I could imagine, what came next was unexpected. When she said she loved everything I'd done, but she wanted to experience letting me orgasm inside her. My response "you're not on the pill" to her response "we can deal with it later" would get me instantly horny again, feel my body building up again, and tingling from within. Staring at her red pubic hair bush, and knowing that in a matter of time, my erect cock would once again be entering her.

    I know it's my daughter. I know she's only a teenager. But I simply cannot help fantasizing about having the most incredible massive orgasms first on her naked body, and then, trembling to the core, emptying my manhood inside her teenage pussy.

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    Gay Male / 55

    My grandson who is 7 now recently moved in cause his mom couldn't take care of his now every night I would ask him if he needed help taking a bath and he would say no but one night I caught him looking at gay old men on the Internet the next day once again I asked him if he needed help talking a bath he say yes cause he hurt himself playing in school so we get into the bathroom and he had asked me to get in with him cause it would be easier so I agreed and he took of his shirt and threw in down on the floor and asked if I could help him take off his pants and undies so I proceed I slip of his blue jeans and his tighty whites and started the water for him to get in then I take off my shorts and boxers and get in the water with him 5 minutes in the bath he asks me to soap up his lower body I take the soap and run it down his smooth body he suddenly gets hard I knew he would but I didn't show a sign of knowing that he was so I wash off his body and dry him off while he is still hard I then notice his erection and he sees that I notice it I act like it wasn't anything until he asked if he could touch mine I say ok but only if he lets me touch his he takes and grabs my flaccid old penis and rubs it slowly then he asked me if he could taste it but I tell him no I grab his hard cock and rub it he asks me if I could put it in my mouth since it was small I agreed I took his small penis and put in the mouth and he instantly bursts his salty cum In my mouth I ask him if it felt good and he says yes and asks if we could do it again tomorrow I say maybe I then put on his pajamas and head him to bed and he is still erect I grab it and put it in my mouth one more time and he grabs my head and pulls my mouth more in and more cum goes down my troat I pull his pajama pants back up and he has his eyes closed from the feeling of the my mouth he opens his eyes and says goodnight the next morning it's a Thursday and he got up and asked me if I could dress him for school I get up and proceed to do so I take off his pajamas and put on his clothes for school but he stops me in the middle of putting on his pants and asked me if I could do the thing again i ask him if he thinks it is wrong he says no cause your my grandpa I say ok he pulls down his pants and asked me to do the same thing as yesterday i agree but this time he asked if he could see mine again I say no cause it is much bigger but he tells me to just do it please I pull of my underwear and he asked me to let him put it in his mouth I say ok but not long cause u have to go to school ok he agrees he puts my soft cock in his mouth and grabs my butt I grow semi hard then i pull out my dick so I wouldn't choke him with my long cock he pulls back the skin and I burst my load all over his shirt and face he asks me to do his I kneel down and put it in my mouth and begin to suck he pulls out half way and shoots his small load on my hairy chest and mouth I clean him up and send him to school it's about 7 now and it's his bath time he asks me to get in with him and bath him up I say ok and we do the same thing but it was different this time he asked ms to give him my butt so he could stick his cock In there I tell him that we already had done it today but he says that he wants more i turn over the tub and his hard cock went in wrinkly butt surprising his hard cock went in my ass I jerk forward cause it's new to me he bursts another load and moans this time and says YES GRANDPA MORE I clean my butt and get him out of the bath and put clothes on him I'm 79 now and he is 12 we do it daily but now he is wanting me to stick in in his butt and cum cause he likes it

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    Straight Male / 18

    I live with my aunt, mom's younger sister, and she is a widow. Her husband was killed in the same car crash that killed my parents. My bedroom is next to hers and I don't think she knows I can here here when she is in her room. She has not dated since the accident, but for the last few months I have become aware that she is being sexually active. I mean I can here here in there at night sometimes and I am sure she is masturbating. I can here her moans and sounds she makes when she is getting ready to orgasm and while she is playing with herself. I cum almost every time I hear her, even if I don't masturbate myself I end up having a huge wet dream about her.

    Now when I go to bed, I just lay there jerking myself off until about midnight hoping to hear her in there doing it. And almost every night I have a dream of her coming into my room naked and seducing me. She is a good looking woman. A little over weight, not an athlete but not fat either, with nice big boobs. I really really want to fuck my aunt.

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    Straight Female / 38

    My name's Denise, I'm thirty eight years old and two years ago I was widowed. My husband was killed in a car crash where his son, my step son Danny, didn't get a scratch on him.
    The confession is about my relationship now with my step son. And how I feel about and lust after him. Four montha ago Danny who's twenty years old met a new girl, and since they met I've often listened to them fucking at night. At first I thought Danny was forming a serious reationship with this girl, That was until I over heard him talking to a friend of his over the phone early last month. I shouldn't have listened in, but I heard my name and got curious.
    Danny basically said he was using this girl, or slut as he called her, because he couldn't fuck me. It shocked me at first, but I listened on and heard him tell his friend he'd wanted to "Stick his cock in me" ever since he saw me naked on my bed, playing with myself when he was just fourteen. The last part and the bit that had my attention the most, was him saying he felt he loved me in "That way".
    I never knew. I just didn't think of Danny that way. But the more I thought about what he'd said, the more I began to think of him sexually and the more I found myself wanting him as a man.
    I'm now at the point I fantasise some days about him being between my legs. Licking my pussy and ass and then fucking me with his youthful cock. I even listened in when his girlfriend was round last week and masturbated as I could hear him asking her if he could finally fuck her asshole. In my mind I was telling Danny he could fuck mine anytime he wanted. She left ten minutes later after I heard her telling him their realtionship was over. He laughed at her just as I was cumming.
    The morning after, I wore a very see through robe when I got up. Danny was already in the kitchen and I knew as I moved around he was eyeing me up, as my large breasts were very much on show. Unfortunately a delivery guy called by, and by the time he left, the moment was gone and Danny had left to walk upstairs.
    I'd love to show danny what he means to me, but I'm still not sure I should be confusing him with my lust for his sex. I also don't know if having sex with Danny would sully his and my memory of his father. What I do know is my thoughts of him and how I percieve my step son have changed, and changed to a realisation, I would have invite Danny into bed with me permenantly.

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    Straight Male / 27

    Kerry my mother in law, is nothing like her daughter Kate. She's far more confident and if I'm being honest has a much better body than Kate. She's also got something I've grown to love, and that's a huge engorged clitoris. It's almost like a small cock. And as of the last four months, I've been licking and sucking on it before Kerry has me fuck her as hard and as long as I can give it to her, in mouth, pussy and my favorite, her asshole.

    Right from the first time we met two years ago, Kerry has always shown herself to like me sexually. Kate always seemed to put it down to her mother just being playful. Kate and Kerry as far as I can tell, have always been close. But some of the things she'd said to me in the first few weeks of myself and kate dating, told me Kate pretty much shared everything with her mom. So it wasn't a surprise really when Kerry asked me if it was true about me having a large cock.

    Kate and I got married just over four months ago. And as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, my wife asked me if I'd help her mom put in a new kitchen to save her some money. It meant I'd have to stay over some days to get an early start, but I agreed. I took some time off work (I'm self employed) but I knew I had a big contract coming up, which meant I could afford to take some time to help Kerry out.

    The very first night I stayed over, kerry walked naked into the guest room I was sleeping in. She made no pretense to why she was there and asked me if I'd fuck her. No easing into it, just a simple question, "Will you fuck me". I turned her down, but believe me looking at her gorgeous body and her firm medium sized breasts, I got hard and wanted to bury my cock up her.

    The next day was a little awkward, not for Kerry it seemed, but for me. She even asked me again around midday if we could take a break to have sex. I told her that we couldn't as I was married to her daughter, and this is where I really should have picked up on what she said. kerry responded by saying "It's ok me and kate share everything". Nothing happened the rest of the day, but around two in the morning kerry again walked into the bedroom I was in. Only this time I didn't hear her. By the time I knew she was there, Kerry was sat on the bed with her legs wide open and playing her beautifully large clit.

    I'd seen pictures of women with enlarged clitoris, but never actually been with a woman who had one. Kerry's pussy was about two feet away from my face. She'd put the bedside lamp on, so it was easy to see what she was doing. She didn't ask this time, she just smiled and moved closer to me. Sexual instinct, her amazing looking pussy and my growing hard on, all pushed me to put my right hand out and touch her large labias and super large clit. She moaned gently, then held my head and moved it and her pussy together.

    I got my first taste of my mother in laws pussy and clit and was hooked immediately. Her clit was like a small cock in my mouth, as I licked and sucked on it. kerry was moaning much louder by then and was almost forcing my face into her c**t. I'd given up any notion of not fucking her, so I got right into pleasuring a woman whom I knew wanted my cock badly. Spinning her over, I put my head between her legs and had kerry take my fully erect cock into her mouth. We sixty nined like that until Kerry had cum, smearing her love juices all over my face. Her clitoris was if possible, even larger and much more pronounced, by the time I slid my cock into her missionary. We didn't use a condom and quite frankly I didn't want to. Her pussy felt awsome as her labias wrapped around my cock. Kerry herself was insatiable. She literally wanted me to hammer the fuck out of her, demanding I fuck her hard and fast.

    When she said she wanted me to fuck her asshole, I was almost ready to cum myself, but once again changing positions, I lay on my back and got her to impale herself on my cock. It gave me a great view of her clitoris as she slid her asshole all the way down onto my dick. As she began to fuck me to her own rhythm, which was again hard and fast, I started to play with her breasts and clitty. Her moaning reached new heights and within a minute my mother in law was cumming on my cock. The look she gave me when she came, which was one of pure horny dirty lust, will stay with me forever. The look also had the desired effect on me and as she sank down one more time onto me, I came up her asshole, filling it with what I knew to be copious amounts of my semen.

    If I thought that was it, I was wrong. No sooner had I had rolled onto my back, kerry slid down my body and took my cock back into hr mouth. It was coated with my cum and her anal juices, but she licked, sucked and swallowed the lot. Kerry carried on licking me, then raised my legs up, and for the first time in my life, I had my asshole tongued. She was like a woman possessed. Almost as if I was going to say "Stop" taking away her chance to have me and my cock. With my cock fully erect again some ten minutes later, Kerry asked me if I'd use it to rub all over her clitoris. It was strange at first, like rubbing my cock onto another smaller but just as erect cock, but I soon got into it as she began to oragsm. Holding my cock and sliding up along her labias and onto her clit time after time, Kerry climaxed twice. I knew what I wanted to do when she'd cum for the second time. So just like we had earlier, we got into a sixty nine and I FUCKED kerry's mouth hard, at the same time sucking on her wonderful clitty. Reaching around her, I eased two fingers up her asshole and felt my own cum, as I began to finger fuck her rear hole. It was then I learned just how much Kerry loves cum as my cock exploaded in her mouth. She swallowed every single drop seconds before her body began to shake violently, her final orgasm of the night flowing through her.

    We slept in late and before we did rise. I got in behind kerry and pushed my morning glory up her asshole. She was still half asleep, but it didn't stop her from telling me to pound her. By the time we both showered together, I'd had Kerry's c**t all over my face again and had my cum dripping out of her ass.

    The kitchen took a few days more than we'd anticipated, mainly due to the fact we hardly stopped fucking, it seemed anyway. Kate called by each day, but each time she'd text me and her mom to let us know she was on her way round. Giving us at least an hour each time. Every time she called by my wife would ask how things were going and then add "And how are you mom getting along". Looking back now, I realise she was saying it as a way to tell me it was ok to be fucking her mom, but at the time, I obviously hid what we were doing and told her things were ok, just hard work. What I didn't know was Kerry was telling my wife every detail of what we'd gotten upto. Every tonging, every cock sucking and every fuck we had.

    Only when I'd finished at her moms home and was in bed with my wife having sex, did she confess to setting me up with her mom. The kitchen was to be fitted by a guy kerry knew, but didn't fancy. So Kate knowing her mom had the sexual hots for me, they'd agreed I could stay over, sort the kitchen out and have Kerry try and seduce me. It worked and they'd spoken about every detail of what we'd gotten upto.

    Its a sexual agreement we still have today, four months on. Each week I spend an evening or have a stay over with Kerry. Kate is so blase about it all. She's even asked me if I've enjoyed her mother large clit. I'm not ready yet to fully involve my wife int the details, she probably gets them all from Kerry anyway, but as long as my wife is fine with me fucking her mother, I'm going to have the time of my life fucking them both.

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    Straight Female / 48

    In relating this story about my life and my family, I am going to use the word fuck for what it is, because there was no lovemaking like we think of it, it was fucking, that is what it was and is amongst the people of indians of XXXXX.

    My parents were missionaries in XXXXXX when I was a kid. They would leave me and my little brother with the maid and her husband when they would go out to the jungle for missionary work. The maid's husband was the driver and also did a lot of the outdoor work. One day he came into my room, I was alone and my brother was with the maid downstairs. He fucked me. I was a virgin, and although I knew about sex and that men fucked women, I really didn't think about it at that time. It just never crossed my mind that I was going to get fucked myself.

    After he fucked me he left the room and about five minutes later the maid came upstairs and barged into my room. I was still lying on the bed. She started to slap me and yell at me and calling me a street whore and a bitch for trying to steal her husband from her. She spread my legs open and hit me between the legs. I got mad at her for yelling at me and slapping my privates and told her that the reason he came upstairs to fuck me was because she was ugly and he didn't want to fuck her any more.

    After that I got fucked a lot by the maid's husband, I got fucked until it was pretty evident that he had me pregnant. The maid took me down to this clinic where her people went, not to the doctor we were supposed to go to, and they confirmed I was about 12 weeks along. I was so proud of being pregnant and not her. I just threw it in her face and told her I was a better woman than her and that he probably couldn't even get hard with her because she was an ugly woman. I got slapped.

    When my parents got back to the city, I was close to four months along, but I didn't show. I went to see the maid and asked her how she was going to tell my mother that I was pregnant. Whatever story she told, she was not to say anything about her husband because if she did he would probably lose his job, and probably she would lose her job too.

    We decided to say that I had been fucked by one of the security men that were all over the neighborhood, a young guy who fucked girls but he was no longer working around there and we didn't know who it was. That was the story we told my mother. Her Spanish was not as good as mine, so I had to translate, I told her that I was coming home from school and that the maid wasn't waiting for me when I was left off the bus and that this guy fucked me in the empty lot next to the house.

    I had to quit the school I was going to, those schools didn't allow pregnant students. Believe me in the years that I was there several girls all of a sudden disappeared from school and were supposed to have gone off to Europe or the US to study, now I knew that they had been pregnant just like me. After a month of being at home, I was sent to live with my grandmother in Michigan, where I had my n***er baby as my grandmother called her.

    I decided to breast feed the baby, just like the women in XXXXXX did, which appalled my grandmother. According to her no self respecting girl took her tits out in public, and for sure neither her nor my mother ever breast fed. But I did, I liked it, maybe because I pissed her off so much.

    About six months after the baby was born I started to get real burn inside of me to get pregnant again, I really missed the baby's father and the way he fucked me. XXXXXXX Indians don't fuck like white people, they don't make love, they just fuck you, and that is what I was used to. I started to lobby to go back to XXXXXX, I needed to be with him, and I needed to be pregnant again. At Christmas I got my chance, I was to go and spend three weeks with my parents and my little brother and I left my baby with my grandmother. So I had to wean the baby and get her on formula, she was already getting along on solid foods.

    I arrived on December 14th, I spent all afternoon with the maid, I had several pictures of the baby and I asked her to see her husband. I told her of the fever inside of me. On the 16th I met him and on the 17th she snuck him into her room and she put me down there with him and he fucked me like I remembered. It was hard to hide him in the house, and my mother was at the house because I was there and it was Christmas, but the maid managed to sneak him in, and to get me down there to be with him. All in all over the three weeks I was there, he fucked me six times. I kept careful count, because I was there to get pregnant.

    I returned to my grandmother's house and after two months I was pretty sure I was pregnant, but it was about the same 12 weeks when I went down to the women's clinic on the other side of town and I got confirmation. I had my second baby, but after that I never returned to XXXXX. I sent pictures once to the maid's house, but I don't know if she ever got them.

    My girls grew up in Michigan, no Spanish or anyone like them. They stood out because of their features, and their skin color. But, all in all, they grew up to be American girls and live no different than other girls in town. I never married, I just couldn't, after all these years I am still tied to him, the maid told me one day after I became his lover, that you can never leave these men. I left him physically, but never left him, if he walked in this door there would be nothing to keep him off of me. Even after all these years.

    To close out the whole story, my parents moved to another country to continue their missionary work, and retired and moved to Florida. My brother finished school in XXXXXXX and attended college and is a high school teacher. He married a local girl. I suppose I should say that I went to college and teach Spanish in the local junior high school.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I feel terrible. This past Friday was my anniversary and my husband has been trying to get me to open up my sexual appetite. He has bought me toys, bed straps, fuzzy handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, even some ben wa balls. I love making him happy but I normally can't keep up with him sexually. But I was going to surprise him this year!

    The plan was that when he came home on friday I would let him find me bound to the bed, blindfolded and gagged. He probably would have cum in his pants if he found me like this. I am still not entirely sure if that is the reaction I wanted but that isn't how worked out in the end anyway.

    I was so excited all day planning my surprise that when I received a text saying "On my way" I immediately started to make the proper preparations. I knew that it was a bit early for him to be coming home but I thought maybe he had asked to get off of work a couple hours early for our anniversary. Instead it was actually my little brother who was coming over to pick up the video games my husband told him he could borrow. It would have been great if only my husband had only told me.

    I was on the bed maybe less than fifteen minutes when the door opened. Our home isnt very big. From the entryway you can see straight into the bedroom if the door is open. Was the door open? Yes, yes it was.

    He saw my foot and he thought I maybe just taking a nap but as came toward the room he saw that I was not sleeping. Instead he found me tied spread eagle on the bed completely naked, blindfolded, and gagged. My pussy completely shaved for the first time in my life, just like my husband always wanted, and a little sign between my thighs that simply said "Enjoy". I thought I was being so romantic and sexy.

    I could feel myself being stared at. I was so wet and excited. I let myself moan as I felt a tongue on my pussy. He never did that. Maybe I should have realized that as my first clue but I thought maybe it was because I was finally shaved that my husband couldn't resist licking me. My brother licked my pussy and my asshole. It was so good! Just like I had always imagined. Of course I couldn't see a clock but it felt like maybe a good ten minutes that he licked my pussy.

    Then it happened. He penetrated me!

    His cock felt so good! I came so hard. He was bigger than anything I had ever had. My husband was the only man I had ever had before. I guess his cock perhaps ins't the biggest one out there but I felt like was getting stretched for the first time again. It was so tight and so good.

    He fucked me hard like I had never been before. I was starting to realize that the man inside me wasn't my husband as I could not only feel the difference but also I could hear his voice from when he moaned and I could tell that something wasn't the same. I probably would have said something too if I wasn't cumming over and over again. He slowed down his pace. He asked "Can I cum inside you?". I nearly shit myself when he spoke. I knew that it was my brother. Not only was he family but he is a minor! I won't say his age only because I feel so ashamed about it but I will say that he doesnt have his licence yet.

    I started to freak out! Squirming and screaming behind the gag. But in my struggling his cock was still inside me and I guess he was too close to the edge as he came inside me, a huge hot load. He could tell I wasn't enjoying things anymore and he undid my restraints and I took off the blindfold an gag.

    It was so awkward! I wasn't going to tell him I didn't enjoy. He had witnessed me cumming on his cock plenty to know that was a lie. I essentially got up, asked what he was here for, got him the games, and got him out.

    The rest of the evening was alright. My husband and I went out and had sex later. I assume he didn't notice anything odd like cum or my pussy being looser than normal, but we enjoyed ourselves. Or at least he did. Not only did I feel guilty about letting my brother fuck me but the thought of his cock was constantly as my husband fucked me.

    Today, I went over to my parents place as I normally do on Sundays but I made sure to talk to my brother about what happened. The result of that discussion? Me with my my brothers cock deep in my throat.

    Now I have no idea what I feel worse about, what I have done or what I might be wanting to do. Should I tell my husband? I am so torn by everything!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I've just listened to my older brother Kyle fucking his girlfriend. He's been making her take his cock anally for the past few weeks, ever since I told him I'd love to have his large thick cock up my asshole. I caught him masturbating in his room two nights before I asked him to fuck me, and saw just how big his dick is. It's a lot larger than my boyfriends, who's dick is about seven inches. Kyle told me once I turned eighteen he'd think about shoving his length up my ass. It's my birthday in five days time, I hope Kyle's horny then and wants to fuck his sister. If not I might just seduce his girlfriend, as I know she's been with an ex girlfriend of mine.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I'd always fantasized about fucking younger girls. If any guys says that they haven't, they are a liar. If they look at a teenage girl in a bathing suit, in a bikini, accidentally catch her in panties and a bra, or whatever it is, and tell you their dick doesn't get hard, they don't fantasize about it, or whatever, they are a fucking liar. It's just a fact of life. Young girls today look amazing. And most guys, including me, are afraid to act on what they fantasize. I'm not going to lie. I've probably jerked off and came a hundred times after my daughter and her friends have gone to bed. Because I just get off on thinking what it would be like to fuck one of those beautiful young teenage pussies.

    Last weekend, one of her friends Kate spent the night. Kate is about 5 foot 3, about 140 pounds, a bit on the heavier side, but has an amazing set of boobs like I've never seen on a girl her age. I've always looked at her boobs, and wondered how the fuck a 15 year old girl could have a chest that size. But it looks good on her. They aren't saggy, nasty, or dropping. And I've seen her in a bikini, and I'm not kidding, while she's not skinny, her boobs make her body look incredibly fucking sexy. When she spent the night, my daughter fell asleep early, and I actually carried her upstairs to her bed, tucked her in (while Kate was laughing), and covered her up. I went downstairs, and was going to watch a movie. It was weird, because all the times I'd had my daughter's friends spend the night, I'd never really hung out with any of them alone.

    When we went downstairs, Kate walked into the living room, and as I was walking near her into the kitchen, she turned around and looked at me. I don't know why the hell I said it, I think because I was fucking horny or just whatever, but I said to her "would you ever fuck a guy like me?" and she laughed. I just looked at her, and she said to me seriously "fuck dude. I'd have done you in 7th grade. You're funnier than shit, and I don't know what it is. Something about you. A guy your age, personality and all that. But I've never acted out on one of my friend's old mans. That would get weird if anyone ever found out". Without hesitating, I walked up to her quickly, and I kissed her. She opened her mouth, and I started making out with her. It was fucking intense. I felt my dick get incredibly hard, and we stated going at it. And I backed off. She looked at me, panting and said "holy fuck. Damn. That was fucking hot. What got into YOU?" I just shrugged and said "I don't know. Always wanted to do that". She looked at me and said "goes no farther?" I just laughed and said "who would I tell" she just said "you got that right". She looked at me, and off came her sweats and her t-shirt. She was standing there in her bra and underwear. I looked at her, and undressed down to my underwear. Now I'm not all skinny and in perfect shape, but I guess that didn't matter. She looked up the stairs, and I said "I don't know". She came up to me, pushed against me, and said "I'm not going to stop. You wanted to" and we went at it. I'm not kidding. I'd never fucked a teenage girl before, but Christ, it was incredible. Probably stupid as shit considering her age and mine, but thus far, a week later, we've texted a half dozen times, she's asked to come over again, and nobody else has said anything so I have to believe she's kept her word.

    When I got her underwear and bra off, I swear to God I thought I'd cum just like that. Flaming red pussy hair busy. Not a terribly skinny body, but big nipples, really big boobs, and they weren't saggy or nasty. They were pretty goddamn firm. And my dick stayed hard the whole time. We were making out. I fingered her for probably 15 minutes. I bet I got her to cum at least 3 times just doing that. And she asked me if I liked oral. I said yeah. She said "would you eat me out? I've always wanted a guy to do that. And I've never had it" Holy fuck. She tasted so goddamn good. I bet I ate her for 20 minutes. I know she came at least 3 times. Kept soaking my face. I finally came up for air, and laid there on the floor and I laughed when I heard her say "jesus christ. I don't know any other 15 year old that can say she's cum 7 times before even having sex" I just laughed.

    I didn't say anything for a second, and Kate said to me "if you're not comfortable.." I said what? And she said she's on the pill. She said it's not a risk. But she'd understand. I knew I should probably not have risked it, but I was so fucking horny I didn't want to wait or anything. I don't use condoms at home, so I didn't have any, and wasn't sure if she'd want me to go all the way out and get some. So I just said no. I was good with it, as long as she was clean. She said yeah. And asked if I was. I said yeah.

    When I put my dick inside that flaming red pussy hair, I'm not kidding, I was afraid I'd cum instantly. She wasn't "tight" like I thought she'd be, but she wasn't loose either. I knew she'd obviously fucked before, but Christ, she felt amazing. I probably fucked her on top for about 10 minutes or so. I was kissing on her, sliding my dick in and out of her, and it felt incredible. I stopped and she asked if I was OK. I said yeah. And kept kissing on her. I was going to do other positions, but she put her hands around my ass, and pulled, while I was kissing on her. Christ, my dick went about as far into her as you could imagine.

    I felt it. I knew it was going to happen. I was kissing on her, and I know I'd said oh fuck, and then I felt it. I was pushing really hard, and started thrusting and pumping really fast, and I blew. I just let my cum loose in her, and kept going and going. It was squirting into her pussy, and I remember gasping oh god. I'm cumming. I know I kept saying oh fuck.

    When I finally finished I just kind of laid there. Was kind of holding onto her and kissing on her. She said to me "Ok, so was that weird?" I just laughed and said NO. I said honestly it was fucking incredible. And she said "You OK with my age?" I laughed and said "I guess I Must have been, because we just did what we did" and we both laughed.

    A bit later, we got up and around, cleaned up, and she said she was gonna head up to bed. She walked to the stairs and kind of stopped. We kissed on each other for a bit, and she went up. Now since then, we've texted and even talked on the phone a couple times.

    Yeah, I know it's fucked up and grossly wrong to fuck a chick that age, but Christ, honestly she was fucking amazing. It just felt so damn good. And it's not like I was the first one she'd fucked. Not to mention she said she'll come over again next weekend.

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