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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Three weeks ago I caught my step dad Liam, sniffing a pair of my panties whilst he was tossing himself off. My mom was out with a friend at a concert and I was supposed to be out with my boyfriend, but had had an argument with him, so I returned home early.

    Watching Liam use my panties and stroke his large cock, should have made me angry. But instead I became incredibly turned on. I didn't let him know I was there and watched until his cock exploded spraying his cum all over his stomach and chest. Waiting until he moved upstairs and to the bathroom, I snuck up to my room and couldn't help myself from playing with my pussy. Hearing him going back downstairs, I really went for it removing my clothing and sliding two fingers inside of myself as I frigged my clit. With the image of Liam's cock and him using my panties in my mind, I had an awesome orgasm.

    Over the last three weeks I know for sure Liam has used more of my used panties. I've not seen him masturbate again, but I have purposely left my panties in specific places only for them to be moved when I've returned home. last week I masturbated, used my panties to clean myself up with, making sure I wiped my pussy with the crotch area of the panties, then left them in his work bag. They were on my pillow the next afternoon with a little note. It simply said "Thank you, I guess you know. What now x"

    Nothing has happened as yet, but the more I think about it, the more I get horny and want my moms husband to fuck me. I know it wouldn't be right, but then I know for sure my mom isn't giving Liam all the sex he needs. Her shifts rotate around again soon, which means she'll be on nights for a whole fortnights roster. I text laim yesterday with the knowledge I know about my moms night shifts. He text back "Maybe I could find out for real what you taste like".

    I am going to have sex with Liam, it's inevitable. I want him and his beautiful looking cock. I also want him to bury his head between my legs and taste my pussy for real. When this happens, I will make sure Laim understands it will not be only a one off. From then on, I will expect him to keep my mom and me both extremely happy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    My wife Essiella had no idea I know about her and her lesbian lover. But then she wasn't at home when I had the camera's fitted. In all I have over a dozen digital recordings of her and her fat female friend having sex.
    It was whilst I was watching the latest (Last kept) recording, then transferring it to hard drive, that Cassie my wife's twenty eight year old sister walked in. I wasn't masturbating or anything like that, but the film of her sister licking another females pussy, was clear to see.
    Cassie very calmly asked me why I was watching my wife with another woman and did I accept she was "cool" to do so. Over the next half an hour, I explained I was getting my finances sorted and making arrangements to engage a lawyer to start divorce proceedings. No sooner than I'd finished talking, Cassie who is much better looking than my wife, stripped off and almost begged me not to go in that direction.
    It was her turn to talk, although I was getting more and more distracted and more turned on by seeing her gorgeous body, her wonderful breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. Cassie explained to me that she had had a crush on me for some time. She had apparently once watched me fucking her sister in our lounge (Cassie was and pretty much now lives at out home) and from then on had wanted to feel my cock fucking her pussy and ass.
    I'm not boasting here or trying to say I'm gods gift, but I am reasonably well endowed and I do like to fuck a lot with my high sex drive. Cassie came right over to me put her hand on my growing cock bulge and said "You can have me whenever you wish. Leave her to her lover and fuck me".
    Since that day and up until two months ago, I had only fucked my wife on a few occasions (Thinking about it four times) and they were all spontaneous begrudging fucks when she was drunk.
    That day myself and Cassie had sex the like of which I'd not ever experienced before. For a start it lasted over two hours and by the time I'd cum up Cassie's gorgeous ass again, I'd cum three times. That was with Cassie climaxing countless times on my cock, and with me licking her delightful pussy and ass. She practically made love to my cock with her mouth after having me undress, then did something my wife had never done to me. Cassie had me raise my legs right over as she tongued my asshole. It has to be one of my favorite things we now do when having sex, and Cassie tells me she gets so turned on doing it.
    Fucking her in our lounge actually sat on my wife's sofa in many different positions was such a thrill, as was bending her over my wife's multiple pillows on our bed later on. Yet for me, fucking Cassie's amazing asshole in the shower, then cumming deep inside her only twenty minutes before my wife's car pulled up, was truly exhilarating.
    Cassie and I have made the agreement she wanted. I know for sure my wife is still having sex with her lesbian friend, as I've seen the footage of them having all kinds of lesbian sex until recently. But then for me now, she can have her fun and I only backed up a few of her sexual recordings afterwards. That's because myself and Cassie told my wife all about us, and the recordings two months ago.
    My wife Essiella was completely shocked I knew about her and her lover and balked at seeing herself in a recording I showed her in front of Cassie. She genuinely thought I had no clue to her cheating on me, but was even more shocked to find out her sister and I had become lovers too. Cassie made it perfectly clear she was going to continue to see me and if things work out right, to replace her sister in our home.
    Essiella and I still live together somewhat (For now), but don't share a bedroom. Cassie pretty much lives with us now and we sleep together almost as the married couple of the house. My wife no longer has her friend around, but I do know she goes to her place quite often.
    If it ever gets nasty, then I will be producing the recordings and we'll see where it goes from there. But from what Essiella told me last week, there will be no drama when she moves in with her lesbian friend, hopefully fairly soon.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    I would like to say something. Just because you are a woman does not mean that a man can do just what he wants. I have heard all about the nature of things and heard that you have no choice. I was born the way I am, and not once in all my life have I wanted to be with a man. I have heard from many of the women in my family that I am unnatural, that a woman should want to lie with her husband. I can see that, in that sense I understand that. It is just that I have never wanted that. To me, having him lie with me was both frightening and uncomfortable. Perhaps I should have been sedated. I will do what I must out of the obligations that have been given to me. So be it. But I should not have been made to become a mother and I should not have been made to become a wife. I am just saying.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    I have spent some great times in my life with my stepmother in bed. At my adolescence I loved it when she sweated while at work . Her torso was something one would love to lay hands on_slim n trim.Dad's mostly out of town for business.
    I had to start somewhere. Once I was sleeping next to her in bed, I masturbated thinking of her.The night after I laid out my hands on her and my legs as if in sleep. I also dared to rub my tool against her,though not for long. A few nights later, it was quite hot and she had slept only in saree. The blouse and petticoat were not there. I was getting more feel of her bare flesh. I was sweating even more from tension than heat.But I cudnt resist her either. I was only in shorts. I went to latrine wore a condom and when I came back in the room I took off my shorts. My heart was beating at double the rate. I crept back in the bed in only a condom, as she lay asleep therein. Gradually I tried to feel her body and lift her saree. She moaned. I rubbed her hairy c**t. She oozed aah aah. I cupped he'd buns and rubbed them while my tool brushed her ass. After that I rolled her to my side and before she could awake fully, thrusted in her vagina.
    Two years on I still relish that encounter. Since then we have loved in our terrace, stairs, kitchen, garage,backyard, at other's place even though convincing her was not easy.
    We plan to do in a hotel tomorrow. I will update the details soon.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    Just over a year ago I and a few friends attended a party at a hotel. Late into the evening I got chatting to a very pretty older woman, who's face I couldn't quite put a name to, but somehow thought I knew. To cut a long story short, she got more and more drunk and asked me to join her in her room. By the time I walked out of the hotel around three am, I'd fucked her mouth pussy and asshole over and over again. It was an awesome time and I really learned a lot about how older women, attractive horny women like to be fucked hard.
    Even though I took her number we somehow didn't get back together. Then in December last year just before Christmas my mom said she'd been back in touch with her sister, who she'd fallen out with after the death of their mother years before. I was only five when they argued, and my mom just wouldn't have anything to do with her after their family feud. She wouldn't even have a picture of her anywhere in our home.
    Walking into our lounge, after my mom shouted to me to come down from my bedroom, I greeted my aunt who I'd not seen for over fifteen years. I also came face to face with the woman I'd had such an amazing time fucking the year before.
    She said hello like we'd never met and I just said hello back.
    Long story short again. My aunt Amy had no recollection of who it was that fucked her. She knows she had sex with a younger man, yet from hints and certain things she's alluded to, she definitely or so I thought, didn't know it was me who fucked her. I sort of knew this because I made out it was a friend of mine who went back to her room, after saying we'd been at the same party.
    Or at least that what I thought until four days ago. That's when Amy asked me straight out if I still found her attractive. And asked if I'd told my mom about "Your friend mmmmm" in the hotel room.
    She didn't say anything directly, but now I'm wondering if she's known all along it was me that fucked her and kept quiet. Or if she's just fishing, knowing I know about her and young man in a hotel room after a party.
    Amy is still a very attractive woman and if I didn't know she was my aunt, I would definitely try to get in her panties again. Mind you having said that, given the chance I would most certainly fuck her all over again, even knowing who she is to me now.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    giving my kids goodnight cums, best feeling ever.
    happy mum

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Ok so here it goes. This is a long confession and I hope not overly verbose. My name is Carly and I am married to a wonderful husband Neil and we have two beautiful daughters, Anna (9) and Olivia (7) Neil and I met during my third year of college and have been together ever since. We got married the summer I graduated with my nursing degree and I was 23 at the time. Neil had graduated the year before and worked for his fathers business. Before I met Neil I had only been with 3 other men. The first was my boyfriend in high school during my junior year. We had sex a total of 3 times before he cheated on me at a party. I must add that the sex was just not very good. The second guy I had sex with was at a party my freshman year of college and I was from what little I remember of it not all that special. The third guy was during my second year of school and we dated for a few months before he left. I enjoyed the sex and we did it as often as possible but it was not toe curling nor was it earth shattering. Then I met Neil and after a few dates we went back to his place. The sex that night was good, not great, but good. What was great was the fact that he took his time and really wanted to make me orgasm. I used his tongue to do this several times and he was the first guy to really wanted to be all about me. Needless to say I was hooked. We started dating and we haven't looked back.
    The first few years of our marriage was all about us. He made a substantial income working for his father and my income helped. We travelled and explored as much the world as possible. We new we wanted a family but we wanted to wait a few years. When I was 26 we decided that I would go off birth control and "see what happens" We were both excited and looking forward to starting a family. We thought our lives were perfect until we got the news that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    My mom and dad had retired and I know it sounds cliche, but the now lived in Florida. My sisters and I quickly went out there to spend time with her and my dad. Both my sisters and I live on the west coast. The cancer was terminal and aggressive. My mother passed away just 2 short months after she was diagnosed. My family took it hard but non so hard as my dad. He went into a depression and we were very worried about him. My sisters and I would take turns visiting him but they had families of their own and couldn't be away all the time. After a few months we decided it would be best if dad moved out west. We decided he would move to Portland where I lived and be between my sisters who lived in Seattle and Sacramento.
    As I didn't have a family it fell upon me to help him with the move. So Neil and I flew out to help my dad pack and then Neil would fly back for work and I would help drive the rental truck across the country. My dad had always been in good shape and he worked tirelessly packing boxes and loading furniture. Neil had a hard time keeping up with him and I realized that my dad was very fit for a man is age. We got the truck loaded and were ready to leave the next morning. We spent the night in a hotel and I was hoping to have some fun with Neil before we parted for few days but he was too tired from moving furniture and passed out leaving me frustrated. What Neil didn't know was that according to my last cycle I was entering my most fertile period.
    The next morning we got an early start and Neil caught a cab to the airport. Our first stop was to be Nashville and we had booked a room at hotel online. After about 10 hours in the truck we arrived tired and ready for dinner and some sleep. The hotel had made a mistake and there was only a room with a king bed available. We argued with them and showed our reservation. The manager apologized and offered 100.00 food voucher for the hotel restaurant. We were tired and just accepted the vouchers and headed to our room. We both took quick showers and then headed down the eat. While my dad was in the shower I called Neil and let him know we were safe and would be calling it an early night after dinner. At dinner my dad and I talked and drank a few bottles of wine. Needless to say the early night became later and we were both drunk by the time we made it back to the room.
    The king bed was spacious enough that neither or us thought anything about sharing the bed. We both took turns chasing in the bathroom. I changed into a t-shirt I liked wearing to bed and a pair of cotton shorts while my dad went to bed in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt as well. We turned out the lights and both of us fell quickly into the sleep that only drunk people a truly capable of. It was later in the night that I woke up to someone snuggled up behind me while I slept on my side. I felt a comforting arm wrapped over me and slowly drifted off again. I am not sure how long we slept like that. My drunk sleepy mind didn't process that it was my dads arm wrapped around me nor did it process that it was his hardness poking me from behind. I felt safe and secure and more than a little horny so I pushed back against the hard rod that was nestled against my bottom and I was rewarded by a firm thrust. I remember smiling and perhaps moaning a bit as I ground my ass into what felt like a steel rod. The hand that was attached to the arm holding me began to rub my arms and belly then slowly began to massage my breast. When then hand moved lower and began to explore my sex a spread my leg to give it access. God was I wet! I couldn't believe how hot I was. I still hadn't processed who was making my body feel this way but I was sure I didn't want to stop. I reached behind me, slipping my hand between us and felt the hard object of my desire. It felt so hard and hot and my hand couldn't fit around the whole thing. God I wanted this I thought to myself. The his hand left my sex and started pushing down my shorts I lifted my hips to help and when he pulled back to line himself up I instinctively bent forward to give him better access. When I felt the head of his member at the opening of my sex I pushed back impaling myself. The feeling was amazing. Never Had I been so full. I must have orgasmed immediately and blacked out because the next thing I know he is thrust into me from behind with hand on my hip pulling all the way onto him. I was making noises I had never made as he filled me again and again. The pace was frantic and I was in heaven. I couldn't believe sex could be this good. Then he pulled out all the way and I actually said NOOOOO! It was the first words spoken and I reached back to pull him back into me to be filled again, but he grabbed me and rolled me onto my back. He just placed me wear he wanted and climbed between my legs. I looked down and his cock and was amazed at its size. I couldn't believe that it had been inside of me. It was easier 3 or 4 inches longer than Neils and much thicker. I wanted it back! I reached down and guided it back to my waiting pussy. Before he entered me again I looked up into his eyes. He was consumed with lust and I wanted him so badly. I smiled and said "I Love you Dad" He just smiled and buried himself into me deeper than any man had ever been before. I don't know how many times I came that night but I do know that the most intense and amazing orgasm of my life happened when he thrust deep into me and I felt him erupt inside of me.
    After he came, I slowly pulled out of me. I felt so empty when he was gone. He laid down next to me and said "Wow" I laughed out loud to that and just said "Wow! indeed" He asked if I was upset or sorry it happened. I guess he was feeling guilty. I assured him that I wasn't upset or sorry it had happened and then I kissed him I told him that I hope it happens a lot more on this trip.
    I can tell you more about our trip if you anyone is interested. We had three more nights on the road not to mention some fun while driving. I will also answer any questions you may have.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 55

    Years ago when my daughter was 16 and dating a 16 year old boy, he lost his virginity to me. My daughter does not know

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    For the last three years my son and his girlfriend travel to Florida to spend a week with his grandparents, my exâs. Marcus has been very open about sex and I use to buy his condoms and even took his girlfriend to get birth control as her parents would have freaked out. Each year on their last night there they would park by the beach and his girlfriend would give him head, or at least that is what he would tell me after each trip.

    This year his girlfriend had clinicals and wasnât able to go. When he told his grandparents, they asked if I would come in her place. My in laws and I always got along, so I though what the hell. Flew down with my son and we rented a car. Had a great time and on the last night he drove over to the beach. We sat there looking at the water and talking. As soon as he was about to leave, I asked if this was his annual blow job time. He smiled with a cute smile and said yes. My mind was racing. I thought before I over think this, he has been so good to me this week, so I told him to turn around and park again. He had no idea I was about to make the offer I did. Once parked, I told him to unzip and I will do the rest. He unzipped and took out his cock. I sucked him dry. He came in my mouth three times. It has been a while since I gave head and asked if I did a good job. He told me I was perfect and if I wanted to do it again, I donât need to wait a year.

    It was so wrong and I was worried I would be regret doing it, but I have no regrets. If he wants it again, I am willing to oblige.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 47

    I will get right to the point. I am a whore in my own house. My husband and his two sons all use me and they even share me with friends and pets. I have had over 200 cocks in all my holes and been knocked up once. I talked to my husband about kinky sex telling him I liked being told what to do so he started to dominate me and I liked it. it just took off from there and I love being the cum hole for my men and any cock they bring me....Vanessa

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