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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    Had my first taste of anal sex today. Normally I wouldn't have let the guy try to fuck my ass. But then the guy who introduced me to the most glorious of feelings as he pounded my ass, isn't just another guy. He's my uncle who I've been besotted with since I was fifteen. Finally after lots of teasing, flirting and sexual innuendos between us, we fucked on my bed this afternoon. My parents were out and he took his time to tongue out my pussy and ass, as I sucked on his delicious cock. Then after fucking my pussy until I'd orgasmed twice, he taught me the delights of anal sex. And I can honestly say it was the best feeling ever having his cock fucking my ass. It was soo good I came a further three times. Can't wait until this coming weekend now, as my mom and dad are traveling to go to a concert and staying over. It will give my uncle and me the chance to have sex all night, but it will especially give me the opportunity to feel his large cock sliding up my asshole again.

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    My mom give me the best going away gift to college I have ever had. Mom is single she help me moved into the college dorm. After we finish moving my belonging into the dorm she give me a kiss on the cheek and hug me tight. It almost like she didn't want me to leave her behind. I could tell her eyes were watery and sad. I told her it will be fine, I will visit her often during semester breaks and we can Skype. She was hugging me so tight the whole time I was talking to her. After I finish talking I give her a kiss on her cheek but she turn her head and I end up kissing her on the mouth. Just as I finish kissing her I was getting a boner and she notice my cock was hard. She smile and said sweetie are you get horny. I couldn't help myself but to tell her the truth. She said I am not leaving until tomorrow morning and why don't we go out to dinner and spend the rest of the day together afterward we can go to my motel room and continue where we left off.

    At dinner I am thinking wow what is mom going to do to me and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I keep telling her how much I will missed her and how beautiful she is. She keep teasing me at the dinner table by giving me those nasty look is almost like I am on a dated. We had to cut the dinner short because we couldn't wait to go back to her motel room. By the time we got to her room I was horny as hell. As we step into the room I closed the door behind me grab mom by her waist and start tongue kissing her, she didn't resist. We both start rubbing each other private part as we were kissing. She start to unbutton my pants and I start to rub her tits while we were kissing. I help her took my pants off and she undress only down to her bra and panties. She left those on for me to take off and believe me that was sexy seeing mom in her black lace bra and panties.

    I lay on the bed, mom walked over to give me a blowjob I can ever as for from mom. She keep asking me if it feel good and I said yes. But I told her I would love to eat her pussy, she got up turn around and we were in 69 position. She still has her sexy panties on so I pull it to the side. She lower her pussy right onto my mouth and she start grinding her pussy on my tongue back and forth. I start to taste her juice dripping out of her pussy. I told mom her juice tasted good. She couldn't talk because my cock was in her mouth. I could tell she was enjoying me eating her pussy because she was sucking my cock really good. I mean she would take the whole cock deep, suck it hard and fast. I told her I am about to cum but she said wait because she wanted to feel me cumming inside of her pussy. She got up, turn herself around and ride my hard cock. I couldn't wait any longer but to cum inside of her pussy and she was rocking back and forth to feel my hard cock and warm cum. Then suddenly she cum and I can feel her pussy muscle tighten up as she was cumming.

    We were so tired after sex she asked me to spend the night with her in bed. I told her I will do anything you want me to. We got up next morning and have more sex then we have breakfast and she took me back to the dorm. She didn't get out of the car but she lend over and tongue kiss me and I did the same but I got my last squeeze of her tits before she leave. That night we Skype each other and we both masturbate in front of each other. I told her I don't know how I am going to do without her been around. She said she might move closer to me so we can be together. I said that will be great.

    I know some of you think this is bad relationship but mom and I are close and we were never apart for very long. I hope she does move close to me.

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    Straight Male / 35

    This is a story about my curious preteen daughter who finally got her way!!!
    My daughters name is Denise, but her pet name was "D".
    I was living alone, divorced father of 2 beatific girls, ages 10 and twelve, D was 10.
    I get a call from my ex wanting me to take D because she can't handle her, of course I agree and ask why,reason given was D threatened to kill her mom and sis when they went to bed.The next day I drove the 2 hours to pick D up to come live with me.
    I found out on the way home, her mom and sister were cutting her out of the fun and she was tired of it and wanted to liv with me and figured that would get her out quick.
    My home was a 14x80 trailer with a window A/C for cooling and it was 104 outside,Now this is where the curiosity of D comes in, when I get home from work I'm immediately jump in the shower, but 1 problem, the ac is in the kitchen window,my bd room is at 1 end hers the other, so I ask her to stay in her room so I can leave the door open for the A/C and she agreed. I never thought a 10 year old would spy.
    Well long story short she did, for 3 months she was secretly spying on me in the shower I found out later after I caught her.I opened the shower door, and there she was setting in the floor fingering her pussy with 1 hand and rubbing her clit eye's closed.
    D what the fuck r u doing, her eyes came wide open,staring at me standing there naked, her on the floor with her finger in her pussy.She got up and ran to her room at the other end of the trailer.
    After wrapping a towel around me I went in pursuit of her, knocking on her door I go in and proceed to chew her ass out for not keeping her word and finish by asking her what the hell was on her mind,her reply was she wanted to see my dick.
    I'm standing there already thinking where she had learned to play with her pussy like that, but now I'm thinking,10 year old girls don't use the word (dick),so I asked her those 2 questions, her answer was her older sister. I told her it was wrong to see me naked and went to my room to dress.
    Soon after D turned 11,and I knew she was still trying to get a better look at me by continuing to spy(and I was starting to warm up to the idea) I set her up, I knew her routine and when I finished my shower I left the water running not wanting to signal the end of the shower, quickly opening the shower door there she was playing with her pussy, like a shot she was gone,
    Grabbing a towel off to her room I go, opening her door,and at the top of my lungs"WHAT, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANNA SEE)and off comes the towel, there before her was my semi hard 8in fairly thick dick.
    Moving closer still naked herself D reached out grabbing my dick and stroking my dick as she fingering herself. What she did next caught me totally off guard.D, in one move dropped to her knees,her mouth enveloped my now harder diclick in her small mouth.I tried to pull bak but she grabbed my ass with both hands holding me to her.Knowing full well I'm not going to last long, just knowing my dick is being suked by my own daughter had me halfway there from the start.
    After about 5 minutes I'm going to blow, weak kneed at feelingit cumming, I telling D I'm going to cum,and try to bak out again she grabbed my ass to keep me in, so load after load shot in her mouth,out the corners of her mouth and out of her nose,poor D hadn't counted on that,turns out she had furthered hersex-ed on my computer, I forgot to turn on parental control.
    After D got here breath back,she climbed in my lap,both still naked looked me in the eyes and asked,Daddy since u don't have a girlfriend, can I be your girlfriend and u can teach me about the things I found on the Internet?
    Not answering her I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed, and asked,D what do want to learn fist,daddy lik my pussy please.Being a man who loves to eat pussy you don't have to say it twice.
    Wanting her first time to be special, I set on the bed and lean in for a kiss,immediately noticing she has never frenched before,so I part my lips and tease her lips with my tounge, immediately her lips slightly part and my tounge dives in,gasping then realizing how right it felt her tounge dives right back,it developed into a passionate kiss that lasted 5-10 minutes.As I released,she was panting,she said Damn Dad was that frenching, yes I answer,Daddy I want more of that I assured her there would be more.
    I then kissing her neck I reach down and pinch her hard nipple,gasping her ass comes off the bed screaming Daaddyy.Chuckling I ask her what? That never does that when I do it.So I ask her, Is what I'm doing making u feel better than u doing it too youself?Yes Daddy it's never been so good.Why is that Daddy?Because D, with me u r getting more aroused, that means, (D) daddy I know what it means.(dammit how do 11yr olds know so much).Catching her off guard again I dive in enveloping her barely A cup breast completely, suking hard andbacking off a little and stopping at her nice size nipple nibbling and sucking on it again causing her ass to levitate.
    Slowly kissing my way down her stomach,circling her bellybutton with my tongue, then sticking it in gets me the reaction I wanted, Daddy that's driving me crazy,my pussy itches and tingles,Daddys going to take care of that right no baby girl.
    Kissing my way down to her mound and trailing down the inside of one thigh and up the other,knowing what was coming her legs went wide and a finger went in that dripping wet pre teen tight pussy again ass jutting up my mouth found the Prettiest Pussy I've ever seen and road it bak down to the bed, my tongue finding her clit suking flicking it as I finger fuk her.
    Almost immediately she is bucking and screaming ddddaaaaddddyyyy I'm gonna com, daaaaaddddyyy ooooohhhh IIIIIINEEEEVVVRRRRR , getting on my knees and turning my hand palm up,I'm going for the G spot,I bend down taking her clit bak in my mouth,nibbling sukigas I find her G spotoh my fukin God the way she reacted to her first human orgasim,this was going to be one happy teacher when I got her loose enough to take my dick.
    The nearest neighbors were a mile away and I'm still worried about them hearing this vocal vixen.This woman child,squirted as much if not more than a grown woman, and right after clampedher legs closed and said,Daddy I can't take any more right now.
    Kissing my way bak up her belly, as I start kissing it she suks her breath in and cums again and says Daddy how did you do that just by kissing my belly,I just I huskilly chuckle and tell her to justhold on,grabbing my hair as I kiss upwards and reaching her small titties with there big nipples I attached my mouth to one and give no mercy,suking nibbling I bring her to another climax all the while D is screaming and bucking.I got the same result on her other breast, at this point she can hardly breath,begging for me stop for a while,Daddy pppllle==eaaassseee I need to stop for awhile.
    So feeling merciful I crawl up beside her and put my grown-up lips to her small soft lips to mine,giving her a hungry sensual full french kiss,her second one but she was all into this one after sensugly kissing her for 10 minutes I got what I was after,sneak attack orgasim,she turned her head away and screamed (they had to hear that) DADDY I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN UUUUUU BBBBAAAASSSSTTTEEERRRDDDDD, Ooooohhhh FUUUUUKKKK,ass up and all over the place, them splat on the bed and she's out,my poor baby girl fainted.
    So I lay beside her stoking her hair and giving her small kisses and caresses until 10 minutes late she started coming around,I asked if she wanted to take a shower and get something to eat and finish the lesson later on ? Looking at me with pleading eyes she said,she said shower now,lessons much later and giggling skips to the shower.
    Getting to the shower D already has the water on so I step in and she baks up so I can get wet.D asks me,Daddy is sex always like that?I mean you haven't even stuk your dick in my pussy and I'mworried, about what baby girl, about the way u made me feel with kisses and fingers and suking my clit, and I would never thought by kissing Daddy I'm kinda scared!
    Baby Girl it's not always going to be like that with others,it's some guys know how to turn women on better than othres. So not every guy can do that to me, no baby girl but some. (this got my heart)Well daddy I'm your Girlfriend now and don't want anybody else, I want that every time so I only you, we will see baby girl, let's go eat something if we're going to finish your lesson later!
    After we had finished dinner we laid out on the couch naked and spooning as we watched a movie,my half flaccid dick poking her ass crack, about 30 minutes I was caressing,and pinching,pulling on her tits and nips, when out of the blue she asks,Daddy when are you gonna fuk my pussy.?
    Without a word I scoop her up and carry her to my bed and lye her down and coverher lips with mine and her lips immediately parted and her tongue and her tounge met mine,this time she put one on me.Not wanting to waste time my mouth was then on breast one hand on her other, and my other hand was fingering her nubile pussy as my thumb was teasing her clit, After 2 climaxes and 10 minutes later she was as relaxing and into it so I started to insert another finger, arching her butt up to try to get them deeper and I felt her hymen,
    Telling her that the next step was going to hurt a little, she says I know Daddy but I want you to fuck me so bad,I tell her it won't hurt for long then it will feel better than all the other things put together.
    I climb between D's legs and bring my dick to her pussy rubbing the head up and down and over her clit getting a jump out of her.
    D,Daddy going to start sticking my man dick in slowly are you sure u want this, yes Daddy I want u to fuk me with your man sized dick.So moving a little closer I stick my dick at the entrance to her fuk tunnel and push, at first there was resistance and I stopped with my mushroomed head halfway in and asked her again,and told her if we go any further there's no going back, she screams,Daddy don't make me beg,fuk me now PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE.
    Slowly I enter her not wanting her first time to be a bad experience, 1/2 too an inch at a time then pause,finally I hit her cherry,pausing I ask her if she's ok, yes Daddy but I just had a sharp pain,well baby girl I'm at your cherry so get ready it's going to hurt but I will be all the wayin, ready,yes daddy.
    Pulling out a little I give it a hard push breaking her hymen and going balls deep and she didn't scream as loud, just a screech as she bit my shoulder a tear ran down her cheek and I kissed it away.I lay there letting her pussy adjust to me.
    Mabey 5 minutes later she told me it didn't hurt anymore so slowly I started working it in out, reaching down with my left hand I rubbed her clit making her arch her hips upwards into my downward thrusts.
    Realizing she was adjusting and getting wetter I picked up the pace, grabbing her legs and putting her feet putting them on my shoulders I went slow and deep, Ds eyesrolled back as she screamed bloody muder and gushed all over my cock nearly forcing my dick out but I drove it home and gave her another climax.Knowing I'm not for long I let her have it fast and hard,yes Daddy harder harder fuk me Daddy fuk fuk fuk YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS FFUUKKKKK MMEEE DADDDYYYY III CCCCUUUUUMMMMMMIIIINNNGGGG, yes baby girl I'm going to cum, Yes Daddy Cum for yur Baby Girl, I want to feel u cummmmm in me Daddy!!!!
    With all that vocal, and hard and deep fukin I explode on my last deep stroke, I didn't know it could hurt to cum, fuk what intensity and so much cum as tight as D is my juices her juices were running out of her pussy like it sprung a leak. Collapseing on her chest slightly to her side but staying in, I kiss her on the neck and wisper in her ear, How Was It Baby Girl!
    Daddy can we do it again?
    Yes Baby Girl, as much as u want!
    And that was 20 years ago,and we r still together with 3 kids.
    This is the best and longest relationship I've ever had, yeah we had to move, but it was worth it and best of all we r complete equals,and never fight, and still have the best sex ever!!! The End

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    My teenage stepdaughter is one hot piece of ass like her mom. Seeing her walking around in those tight shorts make me rock hard. It fucking sucks to have to hide my hard on with her always around, prancing her tight ass around the house.

    I finally couldn't take it no more last night and stole a pair of her panties and shot my load in them. Damn it I wanna fuck the shit outta her so bad.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    I have a 23 year old daughter who moved back in with me 6 months ago. Last month, I had to pee and went to the bathroom and my daughter was in there showering. I knocked and asked if I could pee and she said yes. I pulled down my shorts and spread my legs and when I did, she pulled back the shower curtain. I looked up at her, spread my legs wider and started to pee. Her eyes were glued to my hairy pussy peeing. Neither of us said a word. She had a complete view of my open pussy and it was so weird but I got turned on. I was still peeing maybe 20 seconds or so when she put her leg up on the side of the tub and started to pee. I had never seen her pussy since she was young. I was staring at her pussy and watched her stream coming out.

    After 30 seconds or so I stopped. Instead of getting up, I put both of my legs up on the tub, spread them and leaned back on the toilet with my head up. It was surreal. I don't know why this was happening but the taboo part of it got me incredibly turned on and I never knew that I would react to it. Then, I started to masturbate. I put my two middle fingers in my pussy and finger fucked myself for my daughter to watch. I'll never forget hearing her, in this sort of involuntary whisper, say," mom, oh my God." I fingered myself until I came and just before, I said, "Lori, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

    We never talk about it, but now I knock to come in when she is showering a couple of times a week and we do the same thing.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I recently discovered that my little sister has been, at the very least, sucking my dad's cock. I don't know the extent of it. I don't know how long it's been going on or if that's all they've done. I was spending the night at my parents house, in my old room. I couldn't really sleep and it was maybe 1am or so and I was going downstairs to try to find something to snack on. As I walked down the stairs I could hear the tv was on. Curious as to who was still awake, I poked my head around the turn in the stairs to try and see who it was. I couldn't see anyone, so I took another step until I had a view of the couch. And that's when I froze in my tracks, at the sight of my dad sitting there, pants around his ankles. My little sister was next to him on the couch, on her knees, leaning over and sucking his cock. She was still fully clothed, if you can call it that. Short shorts and a tank top. I just stood there and stared. I'm not sure how much time had passed before I caught myself just standing there staring, and now with a very stiff hard on. I stepped back to hide myself while still being able to watch. I watched the entire thing. When he came, he held her head down on his cock until he was done, and she came up gasping for air. She sat back upright and he stood up, pulled up his pants, and left the room. I went back to my room and jerked off, thinking about what I had just seen, wishing it was me instead. So now, it's been a couple days, and I've been back at my apartment. I haven't said anything to either of them yet. I'm very tempted to see if I can use this situation to my advantage. She looks good, there's no doubt about that. I do have a girlfriend, and our sex life is fine. But wow... that situation would be a completely different level.

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    Straight Female / 44

    He's just text me to say he's on his way. My son in law Cliff often visits midweek with my eleven month old granddaughter. That's because as well as getting a child minder for few hours until my daughter arrives, he also gets to have any one of my fuck holes he likes. No sooner than my granddaughter has her afternoon nap, we'll go next door to my bedroom and lick and suck one another. Making sure his gorgeous black cock is good and hard, I'll either ride him or have him fuck me anyway he wants. And believe me Clifton with his thick black dick, has enough sex drive to satisfy his wife and his mother in law.

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    Straight Male / 38

    by anonymous | 133 views | 2 comments
    I 'm in my late 30s and I have a little cousin half my age who woke up a little while ago before this post, early in the am, to go to the bathroom. I was awake and horny, so I took my pants off and walked around the family's house in my boxers, even though she freaked out when she was younger and saw me in my boxers. This time, when she was walking into her room, I was walking by in boxers and she made some random small talk to get me to come closer to the light. She kept talking to me and showed me something on her phone but as I was looking at the screen, I noticed she was staring hard at my crotch. And she kept talking to keep me from leaving, and I entertained her by talking back, making small talk as she stared nonstop. I looked down and only then noticed that not only was my boxers unbuttoned and a good portion of my penis exposed to her, but I was slightly hard and thicker due to the knowledge of her staring and my proximity to her while almost naked. After that, she slowly walked back inside her room, and I barely made it to the bathroom to jack off and come harder than I usually do. I only lasted 2 minutes, and in that time, I am pretty sure I heard her pressing (her ear?) against the bathroom door while I was masturbating. I'm also sure I'd heard her quickly run back to her room as I flushed the toilet. I may or may not have hidden cam vids of her fucking her bf a few years before this that I jack off to once in a while, lol. Just had to share this.

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    This is not a confession but let guys know at my age you still can have fun sex.

    After 40 years of marriage my wife have complaint lately I wasn't able to please her in bed. I have ED and have try everything in the markets but nothing seem to work. I was able to stay hard no longer than 5 minutes and she was not happy. She had mention she would love to have some one stay hard enough to please her and complete her needs. I don't want her to have sex with someone but me. I may sound selfish but I am after 40 years.

    We run across this adult toys on the internet one day and decided to give it a try. Since I have erection problem this toy would help me. This is a hallow strap-on dildo for me to put on with my penis inside. Wow, I couldn't believe I was able to slip my penis inside the dildo with the strap on and fuck her like I was a kid again. She like it so much now she wanted more and more. I am fine with it because now I get to fuck her the way she liked. Just to let you know I have cum inside of the dildo when we both got so excited. To add more pleasure I put a small vibrator inside of the hallow dildo before I put my cock in, now we both feel the vibration and is great.

    Even an old guy like me still able to satisfy both of us.

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    Straight Female / 26

    It may be something and Nothing
    I was in bed ill on Saturday morning normally I was out training, as I said earlier it may be something and nothing but I am doubtful. dad was out mum and my brother were still in bed, I herd him get up and go into mums room she was sat up reading a mag I herd him ask mum if she was going to do breakfast ok she said and threw the clothes back her short nightdress was around her waist she put one leg out revealing everything and stood up, my brother said nice one mum he took a step towards her I just herd mum whisper were not alone they walked off down stairs I herd the sound of a slap like on a bottom, my mum has done that in front of me getting out of bed, we have seen each others fannies often but to do it in front of her son, could something inappropriate be happening between them. I was a bit shocked and curious, I did have thoughts of them doing it I tries to chase away, mum is 48 my brother is 24 he hasn't had many girlfriends?

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