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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 20

    We both know we shouldn't be doing what we are doing, but we both understand just how good our liaisons are. He's married and has been for sixteen years and they still have sex regularly. I have a boyfriend who often pleasures me sexually. Yet we still meet up at least three times a week for I describe as my "Fuck days".
    You see we don't make love. The sex we have isn't for most people, as we use each other for often hard dirty sex. There are no boundaries other than pain, but even that has some merit in our sexual times together.
    Straight from our first time together, at his wife's fortieth birthday barbecue, we fucked hard in their bathroom. He pounded my asshole for over ten minutes making me cum twice, before he withdrew and forced me to deep throat his anal juice covered cock. I was also made to swallow his hot sticky cum too when his cock exploded in my mouth.
    From that first time, a long awaited time from both of us, we've continued to have sex at every opportunity. Our last liaison was only yesterday following his companies acceptance of a huge contract. His wife had already pleasured him during his and her lunch breaks, and she'd gone back to work, literally across the street. He remained at their home knowing I was on my way.
    The short five minute walk, was made in the full knowledge her pussy cream would still be coating his cock. But still when I arrived I went straight down on him and revived his flaccid cock. Having him fuck me then for over half an hour, before he had to return to the work. I walked out of their home hardly able to walk properly, but then who could if they'd just been fucked vaginally and anally by a man who's cock measures almost ten inches. Ten inches I've now been taking in all my holes for three wonderful years.
    Knowing who we are to each other and the age gap, still to me doesn't make me want to stop. But then my uncle, my moms youngest brother might just see it differently. However yesterday and all the previous times we've fucked says otherwise.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have a wife and a teenage daughter. My wife dosent give me enough sex so when she works weekends I watch porn in the basement. Yesterday I was watching porn and stroking .
    Not knowing my daughter was watching me. She walked in and asked to watch me. So I kept jerking and started to taste my precum. She was shocked.
    I told her it tastes good and then I was ready to blow my load. I asked her to help me by holding my legs over my head.
    She asked what was I going to do next. As I looked up at her tight little body I opened my mouth and shot my huge load on my tounge and lips.
    Next time I let her jerk me off until I was ready to cum. She asked it she could taste it. So I put my cock up to her mouth and filled her mouth with cum and she swelled all of it. Now we do this everytime we are alone.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    she sent me a text on my bday, happy bday hope you got your reply no the only sex i get now is when im alone. her reply thats the best sex you get what you want. me i love forplay too how about you. her a good tongue i i have one. this went on for a week or so then the wife and i had reason to visit our daughter who lived close to her. ilet her know of our trip she text to say we must meet up.
    as soon as we arrived i was told tess had call her had asked if i could help her with a plumbing problem she had. wife and daughter droped me off at tess place next day said theay would pick me up later in the day . tess had a tracksuit on and as soon as we were alone led me to her bedroom striped naked so i did the same she sat on the bed laid back and smiled. i knelt between her legs spreed her c**tlips and tongued her eventually she had the most violent climax ive ever seen,it took a while for her to calm down i lay holding her till she did . she gave me the best headjob ive had.when i asked about the plumbing job she said that was it. whenever we can we meet in between we sext or have pnone sex if we are alone. i love my niece 73 she 45

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Home from College for the summer, staying at my mom's house. My parents split up a few years ago. My mom dates off and on from what she tells me, but I have really never seen one of her dates or boyfriends?

    One night my Mom asks me to go out to dinner with her and I accept, I really wasn't going with anyone at the time. During dinner a another woman comes over to our table, she is about the same age as my mom.

    It's obvious they know each other because they exchange a kiss on the cheek and they are just smiling ear to ear. Mom introduces the woman, her name is Georgia. Very attractive woman for her age. Nicely dressed, hair and nails recently done. I can't help notice Georgia is wearing some rather high heels as well.

    Mom has Georgia sit with us and she orders dinner salad. So they talk away and I can't help but notice their eyes seem to linger on each other and there seems to be a undercurrent of something between them. Every so often Georgia's hand would be below the table and I could swear I would see the slightest grin on my mom's face.

    I don't know why it worked on me so much, but I just had to know if there was something going on between them. After I had finished my meal I excused myself to the restroom. I made my way through the people and then stopped. I could barely see my mom and Georgia, but I knew they
    couldn't see me looking at them. Sure enough a few moments later I saw Georgia and my mom exchange a quick kiss on the lips and then gather themselves since they were in a public place.

    We walked out to the parking lot afterwards and mom and Georgia exchanged another kiss on their cheeks before we got in our cars and drove away. My mom talked about Georgia just about the whole way home, even commenting how nice Georgia looked.

    Being home or around town I always knew when Georgia texted my mom, she would get this little grin on her face. Sometimes I would call her out, mom would just say someone sent her a silly joke. Ok I'm not going to lie, I just had to see her phone!

    It would be a few weeks before the opportunity presented it's self. Mom was outside with a neighbor and I could see them standing there talking. Mom had left her phone on the kitchen counter, now was my chance.

    I was glancing through the window and trying to bring up the messages up on my mom's phone as quickly as I could. The first few texts were mature rated, Georgia making innuendo's of a sexual nature. Mom must have saved all of them, I scrolled down quite a bit before I found the truly X-Rated texts.

    I could barely take my eyes off the phone to keep a lookout for my mom coming back. I was in disbelief as I read the graphic text Georgia had written. It was obvious they had sex, what shocked me was the amount of times they had sex!

    They even had little trysts at other peoples homes during a party. They would sneak into the bathroom or wherever they had privacy, their hands under each others skirts until one or both of them came.

    They would text each other to say if they were going to wear panties or not whenever they were going out together. One text from Georgia telling my mom she was going to wear pantyhose and she wanted my mom to make her soak them through.

    Suddenly the door opened, I had forgot to look outside. I had barely put my mom's phone down on the counter when she came around the corner. I was panicked because the home screen was still visible. Thankfully my mom had something in her hand from the neighbor and she walked on by. My heart raced until the screen when dark.

    My mom and Georgia see each other several times a week. I think my mom suspects I'm curious about Georgia, sometimes I think she lies to me and says she's going to see someone else but I'm sure she goes and meets Georgia. After reading a few texts, it sounds like they both want it a lot.

    I have to say sometimes I get a bit aroused thinking about my mom doing another woman, maybe the other way around? It should be a very interesting Summer vacation for sure...........

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    Two weeks ago my daughter and my son in law stayed over at my apartment at my daughters request. We all had quite a lot of wine, but my daughter drank more than anyone. Around eleven thirty that night she took herself off to bed, leaving myself and Joey her husband watching a movie my daughter earlier chose from an online rental provider. What we both didn't know before it started, was just how sexual the movie would get. It bordered on porn at times and one of the side subjects of the film, was a very sexual relationship between a mother and son in law.
    Watching it I could see Joey moving himself (His cock), as if he was getting a hard on. What Joey didn't know is I'd become soaking wet between my legs and incredibly turned on. From nowhere I had a thought instantly hit me and without thinking too much about it, I took off my top and skirt. Joey stared wide eyed at me, but didn't look away when I removed my bra and panties. Looking round at him as I began to play with my pussy, I said "Now I'm comfy".
    His grin was one of a sexual nature and within a minute he too was naked and stroking a very impressive looking cock. At first we just sat there masturbating whilst watching the movie. Then Joey turned to me and said "Look your horny, I'm horny and from what your daughter has told me, you've not had a guy in four years". Before he could change his mind, I got up moved over to where he sat and mounted his beautiful dick. He could no longer see the movie as I fucked my son in law hard from the word go. Joey was right, I hadn't had a man in over four years since I'd divorced my daughters father. So having a virile young twenty six year old, naked and sporting a gorgeous large cock. only drove me wild with lust.
    I didn't stop even when we both heard my daughter stirring along the corridor. It was too late to stop in my mind and I carried on fucking Joey, making damn sure his cock was deep inside my pussy. One orgasm as he began to thrust upwards, was closely followed by another. Then as Joey moved us so I was knelt up on the sofa with him fucking me from behind, I thought I saw movement to the right. Looking round no one was there, but I was sure there had been.
    Joey leaned over me as his cock went further and further up my love hole, whispering into my ear he said "I've always loved looking at your tight ass, I'd love to fuck it". As his body moved away, I reached back and removed his slick pussy coated cock from my soaking wet pussy and moved his dick upwards towards a hole I'd not been fucked in since college. Guiding him, I had my first anal experience in twenty five years.
    From moments of pain, to absolute pleasure my third orgasm struck and I was his to do wit whatever he wanted. On and on we fucked. Doggy, missionary, Joey spooning me and me sat again on his cock anally. And on went my orgasms. I didn't care by then if I made a noise and it seemed neither did Joey as he began telling me loudly just how much of a slut I was being. His words plus his cock pounding me, only made me even more horny, so when he eventually came dep up my asshole, I had him lay on his back on the rug, and squatted over his face. Making my daughters husband lick and tongue my asshole clean of his cum, I then shared his cum by kissing him.
    My daughter was sat at the kitchen table when I woke up and walked on through my apartment. Joey had gone to bed minutes before I did, and I could hear them talking. What about I couldn't tell, but there wasn't any shouting.
    She smiled her big glowing smile at me when I entered the kitchen. Saying good morning to each other, she quickly said "Hope you and Joey had a good time last night, sure looked like it". I was stunned, but not too stunned to realize that was why she'd wanted to stay over and picked the movie she had.
    We chatted then for over half an hour before joey appeared. Talking about how Joey had gone to bed, and then told her everything we'd done together. My daughter was so understanding of my sexual abstinence, she'd wanted Joey and I to have sex for months. Joey kind of knew, but not when. I didn't have a clue, well maybe a little one from his sexual innuendo's of late. So when he walk into the kitchen it was clear we all knew where we stood and Joey kiss after he'd kissed my daughter good morning, was definitely a sexual one.
    They left an hour later, but not before my daughter kissed me goodbye and told Joey she'd wait in the car. Telling him not be too long. Twenty minutes later Joey walked out of my apartment, minus a cum load which I sucked out of his cock in the hallway knelt on my knees.
    They're both calling by again and staying over on Friday. The wine is in, as is a porn film I loaned from a male colleague at work.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I started having sex with my mother in law, after we had a huge fight. She was watching my kids and being a bitch. She yelled at me for being 5 min late and I told her to shut up. Later that night I get a text asking me to meet her the next day.

    I didn't want to go but I went to talk to her. She told me that no one has ever talked to her like that, I said I was sorry, but she then said she liked it. With that She told me to talk to her that way again. So I told her to shut her mouth and show me her tits. She looked at me and took off her shirt and bra. I went over and licked her now hard nipples, she moaned. I stepped back and told her to get on her knees and suck my cock, she did as she was told and had my dick in her mouth and gave me a great blow job.

    Right before I came I had her drop her panties and went down on her wet pussy, when my tounge hit her pussy her legs began to shake. I knew she was ready for me to fuck her. She got on all fours and arched her back. I started to stick my dick in her dripping pussy when she turned and said wrong hole. I almost lost it, I then licked her pussy to her asshole to get it wet. When I touched her ass she came again. My dick slid into her ass no problem, we fucked like that for 10 min. She came countless times, when I was ready, I spun her around and came on her face.

    Now when ever my wife won't fuck me, I call her mom. She sends me nudes all the time. She does whatever I ask her to do. At Thanksgiving she blew me while her hubby and my wife were watching football. I came in her mouth and she went right over and kissed her husband, she looked back at me and just smiled.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Under Age

    Just a question is it really wrong to let an adult mess around with you if you like and want it, and I was underage
    there is a reason I am asking it concerns my uncle and what happened between us, replies to


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    I feel so disgusting!! I have ended up in having a lust for my 10 year old daughter. I would have killed a man if he touched a child and now I fight the evil I am becoming. I know she wants me to do things to her because about 3 months ago she masturbated me while I was asleep and I woke up when I was about to cum, saw her doing it to me and became shocked but then within 5 seconds I shot my sperm and it went over her hand. It was that split second that as a man you know you are going to cum and I try to tell myself that it was not her doing this to me as I let myself go, but it was and it was long enough to send her that message that I loved her doing that to me. She tried a number of times again but I stopped her and I did not yell at her. I did not know how to handle this problem and I did not want my wife to find out about it so I would say something like not tonight darling but the truth is I had two voices inside my head and felt disgusting I did like her doing that to me.
    She was 9 at the time and I broke my left ankle and tore my ligaments in my right knee so I was bed ridden for some time. My wife would let my wife wash me but I could have done most of it and it was easier to just stay in bed naked and pull the sheet over me as it was hot. Not much of a story but my wife worked as a nurse and did shift work so my daughter would help me and run errands around the house and probably thought she was the woman of the house when mom was not home. I would lay in bed and watch TV with my daughter snuggled beside me and no I never tried anything apart from telling her I love her and I am proud of her. What any father would say to their child. I obviously fell asleep during the movie and I suspect she would experiment. At times I took pain killers that would knock me out as I really damaged that knee so I am guessing she might have been doing this for some time to end up being so bold to do what she did.
    She is a child and she doesnít fully understand what she is doing but I am the adult and I know better but I have these disgusting thoughts that are getting stronger. It sickens me that I masturbate thinking about her and my cum on her hand but when I cum I straight away say NO!
    There is more and I feel everyday like the worst parent in the world. I was able to eventually get around with a cane and had to use my daughters computer where I discovered she was downloading porn. She had been looking at it for at least 12 months and it looked as if she had watched a lot of porn. She did not delete it from history so I did and did not tell my wife and I masturbated over the thought.
    The problem now is she knows that I caught her watching porn and that I have not told mom about anything that has happened and that when she tries to masturbate me I just say not tonight darling that she must believe I want it and its just our special secret. She would touch me in a soft seductive way and kiss my neck when she goes to bed and when she gets the chance she does sexy little things just so I can see her. I feel really bad and need to try and stop it but I am also weak and think that if she became more forceful I might cave in and start something.
    I already feel like a Pedo and I want to tell my wife so I can stop this but when she gets the whole story I think she will think that I had something to do with what happened and I might get into a lot of trouble. itís the nuances that this confession does not cover in its tone that I have not communicated properly which I believe will be what gets me into a lot of trouble. I feel hopeless to do anything and want her to stop.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Whilst everyone in my college has a boyfriend/ girlfriend or partner if they're gay. I don't have anyone. Well not in the conventional way.
    My mum who's forty three is married to Chris my step father. They married when I was fifteen and even before any of this took place, I fancied the arse off of him. But things being as they were, I obviously couldn't have the fun I so desperately wanted with Chris.
    That all changed late last year (2015) when my mum's menopause arrived early. Not only did her emotional state of mind change, so did her libido. When I say her emotional state, I mean before the menopause she and I just didn't see eye to eye. Afterwards we got on like a house on fire. So much so, when my mums libido crashed she sat me down one evening asking Chris to go out for an hour.
    When he returned I was naked in my bed waiting for him. He walked in and asked how I felt about the situation. Throwing my quilt to one side, not only did I show him I was naked, I also showed my mums husband I was masturbating slowly by rubbing my clit. Chris walked over, undressed to show me after all that time why my mother moaned so loud when they had sex. Chris's cock is large, really large.
    Getting between my legs, Chris used his fingers to open up my pussy lips and labia's and then licked and sucked on my pussy and clit until I was climaxing all over the place. I'd cum plenty of times by myself but nothing was equal or is equal to his expert oral skills when getting me to cum over and over again. I had that many orgasms, I swear I was nearly unconcious by the time he asked me if he could fuck me.
    The feeling of his beautiful long thick cock sliding up my pussy was just perfection. I was no virgin, but out of the three guys I'd had sex with (Not dated) none of them came anywhere near Chris's size and expertise. It was a sexual lesson in every sense of the phrase for me. Everything I THOUGHT I knew was re learned by having Chris show me new and exciting ways to reach orgasm from many different positions. But the best was kept for last.
    I'd just cum all over his cock and was still shaking when I felt him slide his cock upwards. I was kneeling up and he'd just fucked me doggy style. In one long easy thrust, my step father entered my arsehole. Everything I'd ever heard about anal sex for me, was wrong. It didn't hurt (Maybe a tiny bit) and his cock didn't get coated in poo. Instead my arsehole became totally receptive to his cock, and I couldn't get enough of the feelings his erection was sending right through my entire body.
    We fucked that way for over ten minutes and I orgasmed twice more, but the orgasms were incredibly intense. I actualy cried through the sheer joy after the second climax. Then building up his speed and fucking me deeper, Chris finally came deep up my arse.
    We lay side by side for a few seconds, until I rolled over and kissed Chris as I'd wanted to kiss him for years. It was a passionately sexual kiss and he returned my kiss rolling his tongue around my own. Kissing caressing and slowly teasing each otherrs sex, Chris became hard again so I climed on top and rode him ever so slowly until we both came again.
    After showering we both walked into the front room to speak to my mum. She was only to pleased we'd had sex and asked Chris if he wanted to move bedrooms. I was a little put out when he said "Not just yet honey". Even so, myself and Chris had some form of sex each day from then on, trying to keep it to a minimum when my mother was home.
    In February Chris did move into my room and we bought a king sized bed. My mum is as happy as I've ever seen her. She still has a husband who looks after her in every way other than sexual, and I make sure that side is well and truly taken care of.
    It's not how most families run I don't think, but it definitely works for us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    Okay, I promised to write this story and since I am sitting here remembering the past I find no better time to write it.
    As a good Christian I am inclined to agree partially with those who object to INCEST. But this happened long before I became a christian but I don'r regret it at all mainly because it all began with my mothers teachings. To start, I was rained in the country, on a farm but the farm was leased to someone else but as a kid I did love to play in the dirt. I knew nothing about sex except what I had heard from the boys my age in school. Sure, I would play with myself until I'd get a hard on and then I would stroke it because it felt good. When the pre-cum showed up I thought that was all there was to it but, yes, but, a friend of mine, a year or so older, told me that was pre-cum and when I did cum I would definitely know it. And I confess that I did. I was jacking off it the bathtub one day when I cumed for my first time. At first it scared the hell out of me, "what is happening?" I thought I was dying but then it came to me what my friend had said and he was right, I decided I was cuming for my first time and it felt so good I never quit afterward. I did note there was a little blood in it but learned later that was normal, something inside had to break in order to release the cum but I've never found blood since. I still do when my wife is at work and I read some of these stories. She knows it too!
    Okay, on with the best part of the story. I think I was about 12 at the time and as I said I loved to play in the dirt therefor mom would never let me go to bed before I bathed and as a 12 year old when I bathed I'd end up making a mess. This particular night my mom ran the bath water and called me in. I was really a mess I suppose therefore mom decided to bath me herself to insure I was clean. As she soaped me and bathed me she had me to stand. She used the soap on my limber dick but it didn't remain that way long. I got a hard on put she said nothing, just kept on scrubbing me with emphasis on my hard dick. I couldn't take it, I knew I was cuming so I turned facing the wall and I shot my load. All mom said was, "My baby has become a man." She did get her hands soapy again and was cleaning my dick of the cum by squeezing it and forcing all the cum out. She knew what she was doing.
    Okay, a few years afterward, nothing had been said about what had happened. My dad owned his own business in town therefor he felt he had to be present each minute it was open. But living in the country and my mom never worked, never had to, but she would take an afternoon nap. She didn't trust me, after all, I was only 14 and subject to get into all kinds of mischief, therefore she always made me lay down with her for a nap. This one particular day I guess I was having weird thoughts so, laying there I kept unconsciously flopping my feet back and forth. Mom turned lightly slapped me across my belly and told me to knock it off, she couldn't sleep. But the light slap ended right on my hard dick. She slid her hand back over me to see what she had hit. She found out. She asked me if I was thinking of the bath she had given me. I wasn't but for some reason I mumbled, yessss! That opened the door. She asked if I ever played with it. I had. If I had ever seen a girl necked? I had not. She asked if I knew anything about sex and said, "Nothing but what the boys at school tell." Then she said that I was old enough to learn about it before I started dating girls and having to learn the hard way. She asked if I was aware of why and how babies are born. I did slightly from hearing the boys talk. I knew that a man cums inside the woman causing her to get present but I don't remember ever being told about condoms. Mom explained the condom and thought all teenagers who were aggressive in sex should use them because sometimes it's so good you can't pull out to prevent getting her pregnant. I could tell she was getting hot because she was breathing hard and often touched my dick. She asked if I wanted to see a naked girl and learn about sex. I was so hard and I wanted anything. She stood, removed he house coat and dress and stood there in just her panties and bra. She told me to remove my clothing. I did and I lay there with my dick sticking straight up. She then lay in the bed beside me and why I don't know but I asked her to get naked also. She did and grabbed me and squeezed me. She took my dick into her hand and stated that it seemed big for a 14 year old. Then she asked if I wanted to see what it's like to make love or I just wanted to lay there naked and play around. I wanted to experience sex. She rolled back on her back and told me to get on top, face down. She reached down, took my hard dick and placed the head against her pussy and told me to push it in slowly. I did and it felt so wet and warm. She began humping to meet me and instructing me on what to do. I remembered the condom explanation and asked her about it. She said there no problem, she was almost due for her period and could not get pregnant but I could pull out if I wanted. Well, we didn't last to long because this was new to me so I shot my load inside her. She commented that the warm cum felt so good shooting into her stomach. It really felt good so we lay there awhile until I went soft. She said she would need to take a douche but I didn't understand so she let me go with her to the bathroom and watch. She made me promise to never tell my friends about this because lots disagree with it and condone it.
    Well, that was only the beginning. Later she taught me to suck pussy which I was hesitant at first but the taste was lots better than I expected. She would suck my dick and make me cum, sometimes in her mouth but sometimes when she realized I was cuming she would jack me off and make me cum but she would catch it in her hand.
    We did this together, not as frequent, for several years. We loved it. She did admit that she loved it and dad was often reluctant because of working long hours plus he was 5 years older than she.
    I appreciate her teachings because as I got older I could fuck one of my school mates and I believe she would tell other girls how good I was which had them flirting with me. I'll confess, I was never without pussy, thank's to mom.
    Just after high school I joined the military, went overseas and went home on leave after having spent 4 years. My old buddies told me I should meet this high school senior, she is a hottie. So I began searching for her. Finally one day I was sitting in a local cafe sipping coffee and chatting with my cousin, the waitress. I looked over my shoulder and there sat 6 girls in a booth, school had just let out. This one cute girl, I noticed, was looking at me each time I'd turn for another look. Soon she got up and left. I asked my cousin who she was and she told me, it was the same girl my buddies had told me about. My cousin said, "You should go and make a date with her." I did, I jumped up, went out, got in my car and headed down the street. There she was walking alone. I pulled to the curb and asked if she needed a ride,she did. I still kid her that I hadn't even got the window down and she was in the car already. Anyway, I drove her home and made a date with her for the following night to attend a school basketball game. I dated her every night for the rest of my leave time. I never proposed to her, I did tell her I'd come home in August after she graduated and we would get married. Now, let me explain, what ever my buddies meant by hottie is different than what I interpret it. She loved necking, kissing, and even playing around some but I'll guarantee you, she was 100% virgin on out wedding night. But OMG, she hasn't made any changed since. I tell people that during out marriage I have never heard her say NO but one time and that was once I asked her if she had had enough.
    Now, we were married only 2 1/2 years when our second child was born. I got orders for overseas again and we were at home, mom's home, on delay in route. My mom had just undergone female surgery but seemed to be doing well. We visited her one night and she enjoyed our two babies. We left, the next morning about 6 AM the phone rang. I answered and it was Dad. "Son, your Mom died this morning." What a shock. It appeared she had a blood clot and it broke loose, hit her heart and killed her. She was only 42 years old, meaning she was only 18 when I was born. I loved her and Still love and miss her, but I have a beautiful young lady for a wife, and she understands her duty.

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