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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    SWEET MARIE and I had arranged to meet the one Friday evening at her place for a evening of hot sex. It was beyond hot as she answered the door dressed so sexy wearing a FUCK ME rhinestone sex collar standing only in her black 6 inch ankle strap high heels with a sheer red short robe barely concealing her 34D tits She said that she wanted to be fucked all night.In her bedroom she had the bed ready with wrist and ankle restraints and her newly purchased fuck machine lined up near her bed. The dildo cock on it is a replica of my 7 inch cock. She has used it a few times when I could not get together with her. It keeps her satisfied when I'm not there.This time she wanted to see how long she could take the machine fucking her thick brown hairy pussy. But I said that I would fuck her first . I got SWEET MARIE fastened to the bed awaiting her mechanical lover .I then slid my rock hard cock in her fucking her real good then pulling out and deposited a full load of cum in her waiting mouth in which she savored. Now I lined up the fuck machine with her juicy c**t putting it on slow then increasing the speed for her. Soon it was pumping her fast and furious and she was enjoying the action.SWEET MARIE got vocal screaming that's it keep fucking my pussy. I love it.I sat in the wing chair watching her and occasionally squirting some lube on the thrusting dildo as I stroked my cock then putting it in her mouth to suck. She wanted to see how many times she would cum. After about twenty minutes she had cum already twice. I think that she has found her match in this machine as she loves to be fucked.She was fucked for 45 minutes straight and after cumming numerous times asked me to shut it off.I then undid her restraints for her to relax and get composed. She said that was a workout.We had a drink and talked and she said that she wanted it up her ass now.She loves anal.So I retied her on her hands and knees and repositioned her mechanical lover to enter her ass. As this was proceeding to fuck her as I crawled under her to watch and eat her soaked c**t tasting her sweet juices from her freshly fucked pussy while she sucked on my hard cock. I then inserted my cock in her c**t giving her a double fucking. This drove her wild as she was loving it.
    About 15 minutes later she wanted it to stop. She was done.I untied her and kissed her and said that she is special and sexy and we fell asleep in each others arms for a little nap.The next day she called and said that she was somewhat sore but she really enjoyed it.A great experience.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I worked as a electrician. The other day my mother in law called me up and asked if I can come over to check on her hot tub. She use her hot tub daily for her medical reason. She said the jets are not working but the water is hot. I told my wife she been bugging me daily and I need to go over and check it out and not sure how long is going to take. My mother in law is in her 50's and her husband had passed away a year ago.

    I got to my mother in law house and she took me to the hot tub. She turns on the hot tub but jets are not working and the water is hot. I open up the door to the pumps and find out the electric breaker had tripped for some reason. I reset the breakers and the jets start to work. She said wow that was fast and thank me for coming over, can I pay you for your service. I said no and joking saying I like to check out the hot tub since I don't have one at home. She said would you like to try it out and the water is hot, now the jets are working it should feel good. I said, but I didn't bring anything to wear to go in. She said, just jump in nude I do it all the time and no one can see you but me, is not that I haven't seem any man cock before. She is right, she has trees all the way around the house and no one can see in her back yard.

    I stripped naked and just in the hot tub. Wow does it feel good. I was relaxing and closing my eyes just thinking how good it feel. Than I got water splash in my face thinking is the jets but it was my mother in law jumping into the hot tub nude. She said you know I need to do this daily because of my medical reason. I said yes, you told me before and I was sorry it took so long to come over to work on it.

    We sit across from each other in the hot tub and I am staring at her boobs. She realize I was doing it the whole time we were talking. She said would you like to come over and sit next to me. I said are you sure and she said if I wasn't sure I wouldn't ask you to come over. I went over and sit next to her with my hand wrap around her shoulder and touching her boob. She seem to like it because her hand was on my cock and stroking it. We talk some more and I told her how beautiful she is and how she keep herself looking so young.

    Out of nowhere she kiss me in the mouth and I kiss her back. Then we start tongue kissing each other while she is stroking my cock. By now my other hand is rubbing her pussy and my cock is hard. I ask if she would give me blowjob and she said is about time you ask me to do that. I quickly stand up in front of her and she was just sucking it away. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other guiding my cock in and out of her mouth. I told her I was about to cum and she said I am ready. I shot that load of cum down her throat while my cock was inside of her mouth. She swallow it all and thank me for doing it. She said, she love swallowing cum and her late husband do that all the time. She missed swallow his cum and I told her I can fill in the space he left behind and she laugh.

    By now she want her pussy to be eaten and I full fill her needs. She has a nice sweet pussy, may be is because we both were in the hot tub having sex. I was eaten her pussy for long time, then she said why don't you fuck me. I told her I wasn't done eating her pussy. I love the taste of her juice from my fingers pulling out of her wet pussy. I was sucking her clitoris and fingering her pussy and tasting that sweet pussy juice. Finally I was ready to fuck her. Oh wow, her pussy was so fucking wet and hot feeling. I was fucking her like I have never fuck anyone before. She was moaning and said fuck me harder and faster. I though I was doing that, but anyway I fuck her to the point where we both cum together. My cock was pulsing and her pussy was squeezing my cock, it felt so good. Afterward we both just sit in the hot tub with her sitting on my lap and her boobs in my face.

    WOW, I will never forget this and told her thank you if she wants me to come by just give me a call. She smile and said I sure will. I went home and didn't say anything to my wife. She said how did it go and I said I had to work on her pump and it took longer than I though. She said okay. I hope her mom doesn't tell her about what happen between us.

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    Straight Male / 54

    When my daughter turned 13 I noticed that she became very interested in my penis. She used to try wrestle with me and as soon as I grabbed her she would turn around with her bum in my direction and push back against my crotch. I would immediately get a hard on which she rubbed her arse against making me feel very uncomfortable. She would do this almost everyday and then run off to her room.

    After one of these regular incidents I decided to follow her to her room stood at the closed door to listen to what she was doing. After a few secons I would hear her make moaning noises amd realized that she was masturbate, proberly thinking about her daddy's nice hard cock.

    Totally turned on I would go to the toilet and masturbate thinking what it would feel like to enter that nice tight wet pussy of hers. I came very quickly and immediately felt embarrassed about thinking about doing it with my little girl.

    One evening she told me that her neck was stiff and asked if I would not massage it for her. I agreed. She had her pajamas on which consisted of a top and a panty. I put some oil on her shoulders and started massaging her. She sat on her bed and I stood behind her. She said my hands were big and strong.

    While I was messaging her I could see down her top and noticed her nice small breasts and saw that her perfect little nipples were nice and erect, she was obviously getting turned on. I was very tempted to reach down and touch those lovely little buds but for obvious reasons did not. I left her room straight to the toilet, took out my nice hard cock and masturbate. So turned on I came after just a few strokes. I thought I heard something at the door of the toilet.

    This continued for a few days, her asking me for a neck massage every night. One night she said her back was sore too and asked me to massage it through her clothes. As I rubbed her back her pajama top move up exposing her panties and nice tight arse. She had put on a normal white panty a d I could see the wetness of her pussy juice on the panty.

    I so wanted to slip my cock into that nice wet pussy and had to fight hard not to. I left her room, she asked me to close the door behind me as I left. I stood by the door and heard her fingering herself to an orgasm. I was tying to imagine what that nice little wet pussy looked like. I just had to see it!

    The next day I decided to peek through her bedroom doors keyhole to see if I could get a glimpse of that nice tight wet pussy. Luck for me she had just taken off that white panty of the previous night and beant down to put on a school panty, what a lovely sight to see her beautiful tight pussy with a fluffy bush of black pussy hair, I came without even touching my cock.

    Needless to say I wanted to, needed to, fuck that nice tight pussy. Her being so young I decided to not destroy her young life by acting on my lust for her. I did not. Years later she moved out of the house, I had seen that nice, arse, pussy and tits on many occassions but never crossed the line.

    One day she came to visit, my wife was not at home, and we we in the TV lounge just chatting. She stood up and said she was going to the toilet to have a pee. She had a nice tight denim pants on and I noticed her nice toght arse. I decided to follow her and take a peek through the keyhole as I had done many times. Fortunately the toilet door and the toilet bowl were directly inline and I could clearly see her pussy when she dropped her pants. (Had also peeked on my daughter in law and many of my wife's friends that had come to visit)

    I heared that she had stopped peeing and she started wiping herself off. My cock was in my hand by this time amd I was busy masturbating, my heart rate was up could hear my heart pumping . She started rubbing her clit she must have heard me and realizes that I was peeking at her. She was stairing at the door and lifting her pussy up for me to see. She stood on het feet gving me a full view of her wet pussy and I could not hold out anymore and came. She came at the same time.

    She pulled up her pants and walked towards the door. I had put my cock back in and ran back to the tv lounge. She came out and said thanks Daddy that was the best orgasm I have had and asked me if I enjoyed it too?

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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband and I lost our home over his stupidity drunk driving. I am living in my cousin's travel trailer parked behind his farm. I have helped him on the farm to keep my mind occupied.

    Today I fixed us lunch in the trailer and talked. We talked about how we had sex in our teen years. It sounded so good that he and I had sex again.

    I feel guilty but I so enjoyed it. my marriage is over and has been hell since my husband will not stop drinking.

    Please forgive me for what I did, and what I will do again when the opportunity arises

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    Straight Male / 46

    Alone in the bed, but not in the house. It's late and I'm horny with no outlet. The door is open, but, oh well. Covers thrown off I am stroking my hard cock and thinking about whatever will get me there quickest.

    Suddenl y the step-daughters door, at a 90 to my own, opens. No time to do anything but freeze and drop my hand to my leg. She steps out and glances my direction, freezing herself. Her eyes lock on my standing member. She simply stares for what seems forever, glimpsed through my slitted eyes. Her left hand slowly creeps to glide over hard nipples on pert, firm breasts as her right hand slips across her firm buttocks before sliding around to the front. She is mesmerized by my erection as her fingertips begin to brush over her clit through her silky pink pajama bottoms. Her nipples are now straining against the thin fabric of her t-shirt as she gently tweaks one then the other.

    She begins creeping closer, slow steps matched with now firmer strokes of her right hand. As she stops at the edge of the bed, still staring at my hardness, her hand quickly slips up and under her waistband to touch her slit directly. I can't see what she is doing exactly, but her rapid respiration tells me she likes it. I flex and make my cock twitch which elicits a small gasp accompanied by a low moan. Left hand under her shirt now, kneading and squeezing those lovely globes, her breathing is getting faster as she nears orgasm. The right side of her mouth drops as the left corner goes between her teeth to nibble as the waves of her orgasm wash over her.

    As the spasms subside, my left hand which has been hanging over the side of the bed twitches from trying to stay frozen. She glances from my still iron shaft to my hand, palm up, and her eyes widen. She quickly pushes her pjs down revealing a lacy thong in the limited light. It soon follows her pjs to the floor, inches from me is that tiny slit I have so longed to see. Her inner lips are engorged from arousal and manual stimulation and her clit hood is just peeking through. Possibly the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, and it is right next to me. I have to fight to stifle my own moan as she approaches my hand, spreading her legs slightly to allow it between. She bends her knees and brushes her outer labia over my fingers gently, bringing shivers through her whole body. She begins rubbing against my hand harder and faster, another orgasm about to follow the first.

    She reaches down to spread her outer lips, allowing my fingertips to feel how soaking wet those inner lips are. Her eyes close and her head goes back as she grinds her pussy against my hand, little moans and grunts uttered from her throat come faster and faster as she nears climax. When I sense she is nearly done, I curl my middle finger slightly upward as her hips rock back, and as she slides forward again, it slips directly up her oh so tight opening. She freezes again, staring into my eyes, trying to see if I am awake, before moaning loudly and resuming her frantic strokes. My finger is now plunging into her again and again, each stroke stirring her loins while getting coated with her flowing juices.

    Watching her again, as this new, more intense feeling rushes through her whole body, I sense she is really going to come hard. She isn't even trying to be quiet now, moaning and crying out as the amazing feelings course through her. Her flooded little cavern sliding up and down my finger, pulsing and sucking at my digit like a hungry mouth. As her strokes suddenly become slow back and hard forward, I curl my other finger so it slips inside also. She instantly grabs my wrist with both hands, driving her sopping wet slit onto my fingers, grinding her clit against my palm and crying out loudly with an amazing orgasm.

    Her hips seem to rock forever, slower and slower as her orgasm subsides. She lifts herself from my hand and pulls up her thong and pjs with a contented sigh. She slowly turns and heads for the door. As she reaches it, she looks back at me to see my eyes wide open and those two fingers in my mouth as I suck her wonderful warm juices from my fingers. With a gasp she disappears back into her room. Wonder what tomorrow will bring........

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    Straight Female / 27

    When I was growing up I wanted to be a nun. My aunt was a nun, and I thought it was right for me.

    But at 15 I got fucked by this guy at school and it was a mortal sin for a nun according to my aunt and I was going to be excommunicated from the church as soon as the priest found out. I was pregnant and I could only hide it so long. My mom said my aunt was crazy, had always been crazy and I should ignore her completely because God made us to get pregnant, so it could not be a mortal sin.

    So my mom got pregnant and my older married sister got pregnant and that way all three of us would go to hell if getting pregnant was a mortal sin.

    So that is how we ended up with three little ones at the same time. My little sister was 16 years younger than me and 20 years younger than my older sister. My older sister stayed at home and took care of all three babies. I finished school and college and the guy I married adopted my son. And as far as I know we are not going to hell.

    That whole thing led to us distancing ourselves from my crazy aunt.

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    Straight Male / 40

    38FF hot sister in law part 2. part 1 is #28514.

    Part 1, I was telling about my 38FF SIL lately rubbing her huge tits against me anytime
    she gets the chance now.

    Part 2, she stayed at our house recently. I got up early to do some work in my home
    office as she was headed to the shower. She had on a oversized very loose
    fitting t shirt and sweats, she always wears oversized stuff because her tits are so big

    As she was walking towards me down the hall I could tell she was not wearing a bra and her
    huge melons were jiggling and swaying as she walked. They were unbelivable. The most amazing
    thing though was that her nipples poking out on her shirt were so high up. Usually in older
    women with huge breasts that might be a bit saggy they seem to always be at the bottom, but
    hers were perky and at the top of her lucious boobs. I'm sure she could notice my cock get
    stiff and she got closer, she took a couple of peeks down there.

    She stopped and talked to me for a minute, as we were talking she bent over to pick something
    up and her massive tits were hanging down jiggling like two huge cantilopes. I could see a bit
    down her shirt and all I could see was cleavage and the outline of two huge tits. Then she
    looked up amd caught me and smiled. She knows what shes got and how to use it. I wanted to
    run my hands up her shirt and play with those melons. I have very large hands and I know
    they would overflow in them.

    My wife who has some large tits herself told me my SIL was thinking about getting a boob
    reduction, I just laughed and said "there's no way, she loves the attention she gets from
    them". My brother in law doesnt get along with her, I would bet he stays with her and puts
    up with her s@@@@@@ just to play with those massive tits. From what I've heard she seldom
    wears a bra at home, and judging from my encounter doesnt need to. While they were there and away from
    the house I took a look at her bra and confirmed they were 38FF. She could probably be a boob
    model if she wanted.

    Christmas is just around the corner, I'm hoping she'll want some attention for them from me...

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    Straight Female / 19

    My eldest sister Louise and her husband Colin visit my parents home at least twice a week. Louise and my mum are always off to my mums study room, going through work they're involved with. It leaves Colin alone quite often, but I never leave him to sit alone.
    Making sure I wear the most provocative clothing, usually very short loose skirts, leaving off my knickers and tight t-shirts with no bra on. I purposely touch my breasts and have my nipples hard and erect. Then i'll sit opposite him and flash him my shaven pussy, knowing he can see right up my skirt and get a good look at my increasingly wet pussy.
    When I see he's getting an erection which he does every time, I'll put my hand between my legs as if it's perfectly normal to do so, and stroke my clit.
    Many times I've almost orgasmed from constantly touching my pussy and teasing us both. But so far I've held off, even knowing his cock is ragingly hard from his huge cock bulge. Sometimes he'll mention something about me being a dirty bitch, but mostly he suffers in silence. However two days ago I was especially horny watching him struggle to deny himself a look at my quim.
    Leaving the room and walking into the kitchen, I was bending over to pull a try out of the fridge. t was then I felt Colin's hand reach up inder my skirt and feel my soaking wet pussy. Straightening up, I went to say something, but then felt his hot hard cock enter me from behind.
    Holding onto my tits through my t-shirt, he began to fuck me and it felt utterly amazing. I'd never seen his cock, but it felt huge in my pussy. As my pussy got used to his size, I was just beginning to orgasm when we both heard my sister shouting Colin. As quickly as he'd entered me, he pulled out and I was left feeling frustrated. Probably just as frustrated as I'd made him feel for some time. And to top it all, I still haven't seen his cock.
    he rest of the evening was spent trying to resume our liaison but unfortunately we couldn't re-enact what we'd done previously. I did manage to masturbate in front of him though, bringing not only a massive smile from him, but also his customary cock bulge.
    They're both coming here for the Christmas break. Staying over for five nights. If I don't, but I'm sure we'll get the oportunity, to get to have him fuck me then, I'll just have to carry on teasing the fuck out of him.
    It's something we both shouldn't be doing, but then he is far too good for my frigid sister.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    As we entered the store we headed straight for the men's clothing section. I told Brad to get a pair of pants to try on and go into the changing room, strip from the waist down, get his cock nice and hard, and I would be in there to let him fuck me.
    I watched as he entered the dressing room so I would know which one he was in. I waited about 3-4 minutes, grabbed a pair of pants and headed in. When he opened the door, he was naked from the waist down and his hard cock was sticking straight out. I smiled and dropped to my knees and sucked it in. I wanted to get him lubed up with my saliva, so I deep throated him to let his cock pull out the really slippery saliva from my throat. It didn't take but a couple of times and his cock was nice and slippery.
    I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear, spit on my hand and rubbed it into my man pussy. I fingered myself a little to help open me up for his big cock. I turned around and bent over and reached back between my legs, found his cock and guided it home.
    It took a few tires to get his cock to penetrate my ass, but when it did, it hurt soooo good. When he was finally balls deep, he whispered that my ass was so hot and tight. I whispered back that his cock felt really good and for him to start fucking me. He did as I said and started pumping me with long slow strokes. It felt so good my knees were getting weak. After a couple minutes of slow stroking he picked up the pace and was fucking me good. I was standing facing the mirror and could see him in it and could tell he was about to cum. I pulled away and told him to sit on the bench. He did and I backed up and sit down on his throbbing cock. It felt so good going back in all the way. I started riding him like it was the last dick I would ever ride. He kept saying things like, I can't believe this, your ass feels better than any pussy I have ever fucked.
    He grabbed my hips, pulled me down on him so he was as deep as he could get, and said I'm gonna cum. I squeezed his cock with my man pussy and he let out a moan as I felt his warm cum filling me up. That made me started cumming and I shot my load all over the floor.
    When he was done I got up off of him, as his cock plopped out of me, his cum ran down the inside of my leg. I turned around and he reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled it to his mouth and sucked it in. He sucked the remaining cum from my cock. I told him we had better go before someone caught us.
    We got dressed and headed back out into the store. He walked up beside me and told me that was the best fuck I have ever had and said he definitely wanted to do it again. We didn't even buy anything and went back out to my truck and as soon as we were in the truck he was pulling my cock out and was sucking on it. I started driving toward home, he sucked me the whole way back and just as we pulled in the drive way I let go of my second load and he eagerly swallowed it all.
    As we were walking back into the house I told him that he might feel a little strange and regretful after while since it was his first man on man experience. I told him that it was natural but if he wanted to try it again, that I really enjoyed his cock and would love to take another load from him anytime he wanted.
    As we entered the house my wife asked if we had fun, Brad said he had a great time. We all chatted for awhile and Brad went to bed.
    The next morning Brad and I were the first up, he told me that he talked to Tammy after he went to bed and told her that he and I had sucked each others dick and that he had fucked me in the dressing room at the Bass Pro Shop. He said that it turned her on so much that they skyped and masturbated for each other. He also told me that he told her that he wanted me to be the first guy that they did a mfm with and that he wanted me to be the first guy to fuck him. She told him that that would be great, that she had always wanted to fuck me.
    They are back together now and are planning on coming down next week and stay at a hotel so my wife wont know they are here and so I can cum visit them and fuck both of them. I can't wait.

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    Straight Male / 48

    She'll be arriving shortly. Her son will be with her, but then at his age he'll probably be asleep. Here mother won't arrive home for another three hours and in that time, as in many other times, I'll fuck the shit out of my step daughter. She's a slut, and a self confessed slut a that. She knows I love to fuck her, and in return I definitely know if it wasn't my cock screwing her pussy and arse, it would be some other guy apart from from her husband.
    So in a way, you could say I'm keeping the family together. Fucking that horny bitch two to three times a week certainly keeps me happy anyway.

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