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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Greeting from Saudi Arabia, you people in the West raise eyebrows when it comes to sex with cousin, both male as well as female , in Saudi Arabia its a common thing , as matter of fact most of us are married to our cousins , I am 24 yrs Wahabi Muslim male who grew up in ultra conservative Saudi society , my other 3 male cousins of same age bracket and I lived in big house , our sexual escapade started when we were about 16 yrs, our female cousin was 15 yrs, chubby, awesome ass and big boobs , alike us she too was hot blooded , in the beginning we all 4 use to spend hours talking of sex , watching porn , our female cousin { lets call her Aisha } loved to be with us , she would strip for us while we masturbated in front of her, later she began sucking each of us , she began getting more naughty , asked us to suck and fuck each other while she watched , we obliged

    As virginity of girls is of paramount importance in Saudi society, she never let us fuck her pussy or finger her but she let us have anal sex

    For next 2 years we had sex almost daily, then she was married off to another cousin of our so we had to stop, these years were the most beautiful years of my life

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    Straight Female / 20

    I was 16 and my 14, for almost 3 years I lived with my cousins, we slept on the sofas in the living room. We would smoke a joint he would get horny, didn’t think I knew he was hard, eventually he would fall asleep. I would creep over to his sofa and slowly and gently slide my hand under the covers.

    He slept in just boxers. Once my hand got close, it felt really warm, I used my finger tips to touch, feel his semi hard penis, I would squeeze it on the sides to feel his thickness and stiffness. One time, I was lucky, he was out cold, and I opened his boxers and pulled it out. I was able to reach in and cup his balls and bring them out too. My heart was racing and his dick never been harder. Sitting there beside the sofa looking at my cousins beautiful cut thick cock.

    Worked up the courage and licked his penis then backed off. He didn’t make a move, so I went back down, picked up his penis and licked and then sucked it, first dick ever, it felt odd but so amazing in my mouth. My tongue all over his shaft and head. I just felt his dick getting bigger in my mouth. Was nervous but so into it couldn't stop myself. I kept sucking, this would be his first time, no one ever touched his dick before. It didn’t take long for him to be fully erect and unloaded in my mouth. It was a lot of cum, some leaked out but swallowed almost all and licked up the rest. When he was cumming it was clear to both of us what was going on.

    He made me suck his dick every day, a few times, he was young and horny. As we got more comfortable with this he would dominate me and fuck my mouth. For almost 3 years he never had to jerk off, he would just look at me and we would find a spot. He has a pretty large dick, long, thick, cut, nice head. Best sexual time of my life.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    I moved away to college for my freshman year. My little sister came up for a football game and she stayed with me in my dorm room. With my sister in town my dorm mate went to stay with a friend in an apartment. A senior had invited me to the game and he got another ticket for my sister. After the game we went out to eat, and we then went to a party. I told my little sister to stay close to me, not to go off on her own. It wasn't an unknown boy who got ahold of her, it was my date. He gave her beer, and he fondled her up completely, he took her boob out of her shirt and sucked on it on the couch in front of God knows who. He had his hand deep inside her pants, she was completely ready to get screwed. I stood in front of them, and he got her on her back on the couch and screwed her. No one paid any attention, they looked and moved on, no one noticed how old my sister was, a couple of girls stood by and complained that they weren't getting any.

    After he finished with my sister, I took her to the bathroom to clean her up. More than anything I wanted to know when she had her last period. She had barely turned 15 when she had her baby. He paid me and I pretended to give her money for the baby. To keep him in line I had to give myself to him. He never stopped wanting my sister, and she was always ready for when he wanted her. She was on the pill after she gave birth, but still, baby sitting my nephew while my boyfriend was screwing my sister just seemed wrong. I kept a playpen in my apartment for the baby to sleep in when she came to stay with me. He would hug me, maybe make love to me a little, and then turn his attention on her and make love with her like he was never going to see her again.

    My sister was my maid of honor when I got married, she was 17. My nephew was in my mother's arms, my mother never realizing she was watching the father getting married to the sister. On my wedding night, my sister came by to get herself taken care of before we left on our honeymoon. During my entire honeymoon my husband lamented that my sister was not there with us.

    Because she is a single mother she doesn't date. The truth is she doesn't date because she is already in a relationship. She struggles on her income. The truth is that my husband and I give her a substantial amount of money every month. She can't go to school because she is a single mother. The truth is that we have offered to support her if she will go to school. She wants to have another baby, as my nephew is five. I have drawn the line, but she slips under the line and my husband won't enforce the rules. She is his baby girl and she has him wrapped around her finger.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I had been living with my uncle for over a year now and it had been challenging to say the least. The eldest of my mother's siblings, I had never really felt connected to him or his family, but I was greatfull for him allowing me to stay with them while I tried to find my feet in a new city.

    What I discovered very early on was that the disconnect I felt with the family was definitely mutual.

    The relationship quickly deteriorated and we would go days without acknowledging my existence. Clearly my welcome was worn out. The only person who treated me with a little humanity my cousin, my uncle's daughter from a previous marriage. She was considered the screw up, at least until I entered the fray. Rebellious, she and I were kindred spirits.

    I awoke one Saturday morning to find that the family were off to the coast on holiday. Without any care or leaving behind any food they soon disappeared down the street.

    I would make do. I was resilient that way.

    Hours later, I had my feet up and was enjoying the solitude.

    Off course, my hand soon found its way into my pants and I was enjoying some me time.
    That was until my cousin walked into the room. I hadn't even heard her car.
    With a few quick movements I soon had the look of someone who had been doing something.
    She didn't give me a hard time about it. Excuse the pun.
    She did however take me to supper. A much needed and appreciated supper.
    It was well after midnight when we got back.
    She invited herself to to stay over, it was after all her father's home.
    We watched a little TV before she went off to shower.
    I stayed up a bit longer to have a smoke before turning in.
    As I was close to the end of my cigarette, she entered the room only this time she was completely naked.
    I was confused and turned on, off course I might have jerked off a couple of times thinking about her.
    While I sat there dumbfounded, she was soon kneeling between my legs and expertly releasing my cock from its denim prison.

    My cock was free, but soon found a much more welcoming home. Deep in her mouth.
    By the time she raised her head to me, I was almost completely undressed.
    I was ready to fuck, but she wasn’t about to fuck on the lounge floor.
    Taking my hand she led me to the open bed of my uncle. Was she really about to fuck her cousin in her father's bed.

    Answer, yes she was.

    Perhaps it was the taboo of what we were doing or maybe it was just revenge for the abuse we suffered from that family.
    Whatever it was, we fucked, we fucked hard, we fucked dirty.

    By the time we were to exhausted to continue, she had had several orgasms and I had cum in every hole at least once.
    The bed was, as you can imagine, soaked.

    By the time they had returned from their beach holiday, I had emptied every last drop of cum into her.
    As if to underline our new status, she took a load of my cum into her mouth as they drove into the yard.
    She held it in her mouth until she was able to kiss each one of them and welcome them back.
    I lay awake that night wondering if they would realize that they were laying in a cum drenched bed.
    They didn't.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was 6 my big sister who was 16 made me strip out of my clothes and had me eat her out and put a dildo inside of her. (At the time i thought a game of it all) So when I took a trip to West Virginia I fucked my best friend at age 7 (she enjoyed it though). Then I ended up making out (sloppily of course) with her two big brother Zach and Henry who were 14 & 16. Then I had sex with mt niece when I was 8 almost every day, and she was 7. None of them remember, but I do. I wish it could happen again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was in my second marriage and after 5 years it was not going so well. My wife had become real nasty to my stepdaughter, Jessica, who had just graduated from high school. Jessica was working as a receptionist at an office down town and was just barely making it financially. Jessica and her mother just couldn't get along and it seems that I was always ending up in the middle and then I would have to take her abuse as well. I finally had had enough and moved out and into a condo that I owned as a rental property.
    Two years after the divorce I was at a gas station pumping my gas when Jessica pulled in behind me to fill up her tank. We hadn't seen each other since I left her mother and I invited her to a local bar/restaurant so that we could catch up on what was going on in our lives. We decided to have dinner, a few drinks,and have a nice visit. I told Jessica that I was sorry about her mother and that I really missed her. Jessica then said that she missed me too, and that right after I moved out, that she moved out as well. She had found a job as driver, housekeeper, and all purpose helper to a very wealthy gentleman who had a large estate out in the country. There was an apartment over the carriage house that was provided for Jessica.
    Jessica, then out of the blue, asked me if I had ever had sexual thoughts about her when I was living with her and her mother. I asked her what made her ask such a question. She then told me that one time she went on my computer, which I had not shut down, and she saw that I had been watching porn on stepfather/stepdaughter sex. I had to admit that she was very sexy and that I thought about her all the time. She then asked me if I jerked off thinking about her. Once again I had to admit to it. Jessica then said that she also masturbated, every night, thinking about us having sex, and the only thing that kept her from trying to seduce me was her fear of her mother.
    My condo is a short distance from the gas station and I invited Jessica to follow me home and we would catch up on what we had been missing.
    As soon as we walked in the door Jessica was all over me, unzipping my pants and passionately kissing me. We explored each others bodies as we washed each other in the shower. After drying off we laid down on my bed as we kissed and caressed each other. Our minds seemed to work on the same wave links as we soon found our selves in a 69. As we sucked each other Jessica reached a pretty intense orgasm. Her pussy was flowing with her love juices and it tasted so delicious. As she raved about how good my cock tasted and how good her orgasm was, she then asked if I had a condom. I told her that I had had a vasectomy and that she didn't have to worry. I then rolled her over onto her back and buried my cock in her pussy. She began bucking and writhing as I pumped my cock in and out of her. I was holding back on my own orgasm for as long as I could, but when she said that she was going to cum again, I didn't hold back, I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and we both came at the same time. Jessica was so charged that she said that her second orgasm was even better than the first one.
    Jessica said that she would love to stay the night with me but she had to take her boss for a doctors appointment in the morning and was going to have to leave. She said that she was allowed two days a week off and that it was her decision as to when those days would be. She promised to try and work her days off on days when she and I could hook up. Some nights Jessica stays over and a typical night of love making usually lasts most of the night and Jessica will have as many as 5 or 6 orgasms.
    As much as I love the sex, I am concerned about where Jessica is trying to take our relationship. She professes to love me and wants to be with me all the time. She also told me that she told her mother that she was fucking me and that I told her that she was better than her mother. A few days later her mother showed up on my doorstep and told me that she knew I was fucking her daughter and that she wanted part of the action. She also said that if I wouldn't fuck her too, that she would have me arrested. Well, obviously that would never happen, but out of curiosity I decided that I would fuck her. The thought of me fucking her daughter apparently really got her charged and she was an absolute tiger in bed. We had never had as intense a love making session when we were married. This only complicated things as my ex then told her daughter that I had also fucked her. I really wanted to have my ex out of my life and for Jessica and I to continue with our love making, but now I had the two of them at each others throats.
    It was a good run and I had never had as good a lover as Jessica, but things blew up and I had to cut them out of my life.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Who said "You can't have your cake and eat it". Well they were fucking wrong.
    When I met my wife Jayne, her daughter Amy was only thirteen, but already a good looking girl. I knew she resented me at first, but after a while I could tell she was softening with her resentment. Then during a very boring Sunday afternoon with her mother taking a nap, Amy walked over to me and asked me if her mother and I still fucked. I was stunned to hear her say it, but answered her as best I could. I told her it wasn't any where near as often as we used to or as often as I liked. Her response was to tell me she knew, because she said, she always listened next door to us having sex. Asking Amy why she wanted to know, she told me she had her first sexual experience losing her virginity, and it was terrible.
    Amy was fifteen at the time, almost sixteen. And even though I kind of knew what she was getting at, nothing happened for another year or so.
    Again with Amy's mom asleep, but this time at night, Amy came in from where ever she'd been, went to her bedroom and then walked into our lounge totally naked. Amy was seventeen then, extremely pretty with a stunning body, great tits and an ass that absolutely deserved to be fucked. There was no misconception as to why she was stood in front of me naked, as my step daughter simply said "Fuck me".
    Laying her down on the couch, I opened her legs and stared at the most gorgeous pussy I've ever had the privilege to bury my face into. I'm not kidding I must have spent half an hour licking and sucking away on her pussy and clit, making her orgasm three times. By then my cock was ragingly hard in my comfy shorts, so removing them I knelt up and let Amy see what was about to enter her pussy. The smile on her face boosted my ego, as did her comment "I just knew you were big". I'm not the largest cocked man out there, but at eight and three quarter inches, with a large bulbous mushroom shaped cock head, being fairly thick too, I'm more than capable of matching most guys.
    The first time my cock slid into my step daughters pussy, she and I both sighed a huge exclamation of sexual relief. Without wanting to sound all creepy, I'd longed to fuck her and often caught her semi naked or naked in and around her bedroom and bathroom. I know now she was showing me her beautiful body on purpose, but at the time I had to make sure any given glances were from me only unintentional.
    Each thrust into her body was amazing. Amy only helped all the more with her soft whimpering as I built up a rhythm, fucking her in long steady thrusts. Grinding my cock into her faster and deeper, she arched her back upwards and came on my cock. Shuddering for some time, she looked up at me and told me it was the first time she'd orgasmed without having to play with herself. It gave me more impetus to carry on fucking her, so I slid out, sat down and got her to sit on my dick. Watching her amazing tits bounce up and down as she fucked me, had my cock bursting to let go, but I wanted to last longer. Holding off, I let her fuck me as she wished and Amy took full advantage.
    Amy's mom when we were fucking a lot, was a minx. A real horny bitch who loved taking control. Amy is just as passionate in having her own way, if not more so. So I watched the seventeen year old fuck herself using my cock to do it. And believe me it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
    Amy after some time, stayed on my cock, but turned around facing away. I could only see her back and her gorgeous tight ass from where I was, so I didn't see my wife enter the room. Amy did, but then Amy knew she'd be there. Still fucking me, sliding all the way down my full length, she asked me to help her along. Holding her ass cheeks, she pulled them apart, so I wet my middle finger and eased it up her ass. Crying out how wonderful it felt, I began to finger fuck her tight hole and buck upwards with my hips, forcing my cock deeper into her pretty pink pussy. Fucking each other quicker and with more urgency, Amy climaxed again, only seconds before I could hold off no longer, my cock exploding deep inside her pussy.
    Amy sat al the way down onto my cock, then leaned back. It was then I saw Amy's mom watching us and playing with herself as she stood in the doorway. I was about to frk when she put her index finger to her lips and shushed me. Walking over, she gently kissed Amy on the mouth, the leaned over more and kissed me too. Moving to our left, she sat down and moved her panties to one side. As Amy and I watched, my wife frigged her clit and eventually made herself cum.
    I was totally stunned, and really didn't know what to say. Thankfully it was my wife who spoke. She told me Amy had gotten undressed in our bedroom as they spoke about her fucking me. It turns out they'd been speaking about Amy experiencing what it was like to be fucked properly. I obviously wasn't her dad and her mom figured I'd seek out other women if she wasn't capable of keeping me sexually happy. Killing two birds with one cock, is what she called it.
    We all showered one after another that night, but instead of retiring to my own room with my wife, she asked me to stay in Amy's room. Throughout the night myself and Amy had sex and quite a lot of it oral. By the time the sun was rising, I was knackered, but had enough in me to tongue out my tep daughters pussy and asshole one more time. Once Amy was suitably wet from my tonguing, she backed onto my cock as we spooned. Guiding my cock to her asshole, I slowly and carefully entered her rear hole. I took my time making sure she was okay with the size of my dick sliding up her asshole, but I needn't have worried too much as Amy's asshole took every inch of my cock. Holding her tits in my hands and kissing her neck, I fucked my gorgeous step daughters asshole until we both orgasmed. It was and still is one of my most memorable fucks, as we slowly moved in tandem with one another.
    We were both asleep when her mother entered the bedroom. My wife woke me up and we left Amy to sleep. Downstairs sat at the kitchen table we spoke for over an hour before Amy rose, about why she'd wanted Amy to seduce me, and what she wanted from an arrangement which still exists today.
    My wife is truly a remarkable woman. She knew her libido was dropping, yet she also knew of her daughters lust for me. It to her wasn't a big deal to share me with Amy, and even though at the initial part of all this, I was a bit at a loss as to where it all may lead, I now know both women love me in there own way. My wife and I love each other deeply, where as Amy and I have a sexual love. It's pure unadulterated lust both ways and one that now occasionally includes my wife.
    Amy is now nineteen, twenty in two weeks time. She told me yesterday as I was slowly fucking her mother on the bed next to her, that she thinks I should marry them both. Her mother my wifre smiled at her daughter, gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper into her hot wet pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was 15, my brother caught me coming out of the bathroom completely naked. I wasn't expecting him home, my parents were working, and my room was right next door, so I just walked out and accidentally flashed my 16 year old brother. I didn't have a magazine body, but I was slim with solid B cup breasts, tight ass and trimmed pussy, all of which he got to see. We both kinda just froze there, then he turned and nearly ran for his room, and I darted into mine, red-faced with embarrassment.

    That night, trying to get to sleep to forget, I heard from my brother's room next door the unmistakable sound of him jacking off. He was at that age where he masturbated almost every night, and didn't seem to realize that the walls were thin enough that I could hear. I never told him, though, both because I wasn't sure how to tell him without making him embarrassed and and uncomfortable, and because listening to him kinda turned me on a little.

    Some nights, I would wait for him to start in the other room, then would join in from my bed. I would get completely naked, then play with my pussy, rub circles around my clit or finger fuck myself while I teased and pinched my nipples. I was always careful not to make too much noise though.

    This night, however, he sounded frenzied. He was groaning slightly, and the sound of flesh hitting flesh kept getting faster. I thought I knew why, and it really made me wet. Deciding to take a chance, I got up, walked out of my room, and opened his door.

    He must have heard me walking, because when I walked in he was under the covers, although I noticed a slight bulge about midway down. He asked what I was doing, and I replied that I had heard him jacking off. He denied it, of course, but I yanked his blanket off. He hadn't bothered to pull up his pants, and his cock stood up stiffly, moderately sized with some girth.

    He tried to cover himself, but I took his hands away. He stopped protesting when I slid my shorts to the ground, then my panties, and told him how wet listening to him had made me. I climbed onto the bed, straddling his legs, and took hold of his cock. I jerked him, asking him if seeing me naked earlier had made him this hard. He kinda nodded dumbly, like he couldn't believe this was happening, and I couldn't blame him.

    I started to suck him then and his eyes got even wider. I didn't have much experience with blowjobs, and I couldn't fit much of him in my mouth, but I licked him all over, sucked on his tip and balls while jerking him off. I must have done a passable job, because after a few minutes he groaned, grabbed his dick out of my mouth and came all over his stomach. I kissed him on the lips, told him good night and left.

    Over the years we've continued fooling around, mostly late at night or whenever our parents aren't home. I love sucking his cock, and got better to the point I can make him cum in under a minute. He'll stay hard after though, so I'll swallow his load and keep sucking. He fingers me and eats my pussy and ass, and he's gotten pretty good himself. We haven't worked our way up to actual sex yet, but who knows ;)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    When I was in my very early teens, we spent summers at an uncle’s beach house and usually there were several kids our own age, and of course cousins, some first and some second.

    We were paired off for sleeping, with the boys in one room and the girls in another, since we were at the beach, we spent a lot of time in our bathing suits, and changed in and out of clothes several times during the day.

    My older cousin was a fresher in college, and was fully developed, where as we were still budding, she and I got along pretty well, and spent time together, talking and sharing stories about our loves and all, for me it was total infatuation with her, she was the most beautiful girl I knew, and was so overtaken with her body I stared at her all day.

    She noticed it, of course, but did not seem to mind, in fact i think she liked being admired like that, one day after spending time on the beach, we went up to the house to shower and she got in the shower with me, she stripped off her bikini, and washed her privates and told me that if I didn’t take it off i could not get the sand out of my crotch.

    I was a bit embarrassed stripping in front of her, she was so well endowed, and my titties were just starting to burst out, with very large nipples but, hey, I stripped down and we washed together, she grabbed the soap and told me she would show me how to wash, and told me to stand with my legs apart and she washed my pussy, she was very gentle and very thorough, then she asked me to turn around and she washed my butt, gently touching my hole, and then slipping her hand between my legs.

    She then turned to me and asked me to wash her. I had never touched another pussy, and it was very exciting, she slowed down my hand and showed me how to be gentle with her, she then turned around and poked her butt up so that I could wash her little hole, she just kept her legs open, and told me to be very gentle but to wash her real good.

    After she turned back around, she took the soap and soaped up my little boobies, and took my hand to soap down hers, they were the most amazing things to touch, when we were done she told me she really liked me and wanted to shower with me again.

    That night she asked me to sleep with her, in the double bed, it got me off the floor and into her arms, she hugged me and felt me and turned me around into her face, and she kissed me on the lips, she held me real tight, and gestured for me to be quiet so the other girls wouldn’t wake up.

    It was my first time making out, and she kissed me for a good long time, teaching me how to kiss her back, we kissed until we were French kissing and feeling each other’s pussies, she took my finger and masturbated her clit while smiling at me and kissing me, until she came, then, when she recovered she masturbated my clit and kissed me until i came, it was my first ever orgasm.

    I slept with her the rest of the summer, we would escape for a nap and we secretly always took off our bottoms, I really liked being the inside spoon and feeling her pressing her mound up against me, she would like hump me and hold me so tight I couldn’t move, we eventually got down on each other, and she was good teacher, having experimented a lot before, she taught me how to savour the pussy, and all its flavors and smells, she taught me to gently suck her clit and when we showered she liked to have me gently feel her butt. I never fingered her there, or kissed her there, but i sure thought about it a lot while I was massaging her hole.

    It was my summer of enlightenment, both about myself, my cousin and sex, the next summer, she introduced me to sexual intercourse with some older boys, she liked to watch me get fucked, and after the boy rolled off, she would grab me and hold me and kiss me, I would go through the whole experience of getting fucked, to have her hold me, I was in love with her.

    She was my first true love

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    Straight Male / 23

    Last weekend my mom came home really drunk from a party she went to. Helping her up to bed, dressed in just my shorts, she inadvertently yanked them down as she crashed on the bed. Gripping hold of me, she said my dads name (He works as an interstate Truckee) and sucked in my cock. I was going to tell her get off, but my mom was so damn good at giving head, I just let her blow me. Holding her head after a few minutes, I began to fuck her mouth, and a few moments later blew my load without warning her. My mom swallowed my cum, licked her lips and promptly fell back grinning. Within seconds she was fast asleep.
    The following morning she had a hangover as she sat with me in the kitchen. Asking me where my dad was, she looked confused when I told her he was still working and wouldn't be back for at least another day.
    With a puzzled look, she asked me if I'd put her to bed. I told her I did, but then lied, telling her she'd crashed out straight away. Still looking totally confused she said "I must have dreamt it". When I asked her what she meant, she said "Oh, never mind, I enjoyed the dream anyway".
    A little later on that day, my mom made this comment "Hey honey, you sure you didn't stop in my bedroom for some time last night". I lied again, but I could tell my mom knew she'd sucked me off.
    Yesterday I listened in when my parents were chatting. I overheard my mom asking my dad how ling he'd be away. When he told her, she responded by saying "Oh, ok, was thinking of having a few drinks this weekend. I think ****** (Me) is home this weekend, I'm sure we'll take care of each other".
    With some other things she's been saying, I now know for sure she knows she sucked me off instead of my dad. And now I'm wondering if my mom is planning on us having sex this weekend.

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