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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    My mom and three sisters are all angry with me. My oldest sister found out her husband of thirty years was having an affair and ran to our mother all upset and my other sisters joined in telling her to throw him out and divorce him. I went over to join the sob fest and told them to grow up. They have been together for a lifetime. If he strayed he strayed. Seriously, after all that time who cares. She should have kept it to herself. Spoken with him and only him about it and asked him to end it if it bothers her so much.

    They blew up at me and told me I'd feel different if it was me. Well unbeknown to any of them I found out four years ago that my husband was having an affair. I kept it to myself and let him have his fun. We have been together ourselves since we were 17 years old. I understand where he's at and I'm not going to throw away a life time together over a little sex. If his affair ever starts to interfere with our life together I will sit him down and ask him to cool it but I'm not going to play the victim and make a big deal out of something that pretty much doesn't effect me at all. Until it does it's really none of my business.

    I know other women, and a few men, who have been in the same situation and the ones who made a big deal out of it and threw away their marriage, without fail ended up lonely, miserable, and very regretful that they hadn't treated it the way I have. They all wish they had handled it differently. I've had close friends crying hysterically on my shoulder while drunk pleading for their husbands to come home years after the divorce. Well it's too late then. Way too late. Wounded pride is no reason to throw away a lifetime of happiness. At least that's how I feel about it.

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    Because of my older sister all my adult life i've had an upskirt and panty fetish, It started when i was ten and she was thirteen, One day she caught me looking up her skirt as she sat carelessly on the sofa, She snapped her legs shut and went to her room, After that she would regularly tease me by opening her legs and flashing her panties at me even outdoors she'd squat by me as i played giving me a quick view up her skirt, Her favourite was to sit in a chair with her ankle on her knee as i looked, One day our parents were in the garden and she came up to me and put her skirt over my head ground her panty covered pussy into my face and said "sniff it dirty boy" and i did it smelled wonderful to me and as quick as she did it she stopped skipping off into the garden, She loved playing with her new power over me and knew i would'nt say anything to our parents, As we got older she took to sneaking into my room and lifting her nightie showing off her panties to me i would get hard and then she'd leave, Only once did she stay when i was fifteen and watched as i masturbated as she put her panty covered pussy close to my face so i could smell her, Ever since i've collected images of upskirts and panty shots and before i fuck a woman i have to lick and sniff her through her panties in particular if they are white panties as they remind me of my teasing sister, We have spoken about it since and she's pleased she gave me a fetish and has continued on occasion to flash her panties at me to this day in fact she did it yesterday she is such a bad girl, We have discussed having sex but she says maybe one day she might i dont know if she will but i wont complain if she does after all these years.

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    My half sister Jessica is a smoking hot little blond with a killer body. I found the key to her joutnal and read three entires about her dreaming of me in the past two weeks. She wrote that I played with myself in front of her and the last one, four days ago, said I talked her into kissing my dick and she was ready to do it "against her better judgement", and then she woke up.
    Both of my heads are spinning right now as I am typing this while stroking my hard cock imagining my beautiful little sister blowing me. I've already cum twice and am nearing a third knowing that the sexy ass girl who sleeps about twenty feet from me every night in the next room dreams about my cock.
    I have convinced myself that the next time I get the chance, I am going to let her catch me jerking off and see what happens. Ahh Jess, I want to fuck you in your pretty little mouth so bad............

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    My step-sister and I have sex when we are alone together in the house. I really like it when she comes to my bedroom after mom and dad go to bed and she spends the night with me. She sneaks back to her bed before our parents get up.

    I'm going to be going to a new school this coming fall and renting an apartment. I told my step-sister she can move in with me if she wants and we can live as a couple.

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    My older cousin and I drove to our grandfather's cabin this past Saturday and he got me drunk enough to take advantage of me and I LOVED IT! He had me lay on this bear skin rug and fuck myself with a candle while he played with his fat cock in front of me. Watching a guy do that is the hottest thing in the world to me. Anyway, he then made me kneel in front of him and I sucked his cock until he shot his hot cum down my throat. I choked on it as it tasted terrible and then started to throw up on my way to the bath room. He came in as I was hugging the bowl and slipped off my shorts and panties. He rubbed my soaking pussy while sliding his lubed finger in and out of my asshole. I never thought anything could feel so good until he slid his hard fat cock up my pussy and I let out a howl that woke up half of the forest. He slapped my ass cheeks and pulled my hair calling me his little cum slut while punding my pussy and then my asshole for another 10 minutes or so before he took his sloppy, sticky dick out and popped it in my mouth holding the back of my head and he fucked my mouth so hard that his balls nearly bounced off of my throat. He wanted to see what I looked like with cum on my face and shot it on my nose and lips getting me to lick it off of my fingers and once again taste his nasty cum. But I must admit I have never been fucked so good as we spent the next 4 and half hours fucking and sucking every which way. I made him cum 4 more times and it felt soo good inside my ass and pussy. He mentioned something about next time inviting a few friends to maybe join in. I can barely walk right now, but we'll see as I did say something about triple penetration being every girl's fantasy.

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    Ever since I met my husbands Uncle Lee, I've always had a soft spot for him in more ways than one. He's a funny, warm and very handsome man. At first I thought it was just his personality that attracted me, but I soon realised how much I was taken by his physique and good looks. I'd even imagined it was his cock inside me when my husband and I were having sex on numerous occasions, with the result I'd cum so strong.
    Nothing happened for over two years, but I couldn't get away from the fact every time I saw him, my heart would beat a little faster and I'd find myself wanting him sexually. Then at the start of February he called round to deliver my husbands birthday present, but my husband had been sent by his company on a rush job in the next state. It was an overnighter and knowing this was the most oportune time I asked Lee if he wanted to come in and have a drink.
    We didn't get into the lounge before Lee spun me around. I knew and he knew why he was really there, that's because I knew my husband had text him to say he'd be gone overnight. The short see through satin bath robe was a give away to Lee, I was ready to find out if my imagined fantasies of him were true.
    If you can fall in love by having the roughest, horniest and mind blowingly deep sex, then I have. Lee was everything and then some, in the way he gave me total sexual pleasure. From the first oral orgasm he gave me with his tongue, lapping away at my pussy, ass and clit. To the utterly amazingly hard way he fucked me over and over again with his iron like cock shaft, giving me multiple vaginal and anal orgasms. I actually came when he was throat fucking me, without touching myself, I was that turned on.
    It's been repeated several times since that night, and I honestly don't think I can do without the way he dominates my slim curvy body anymore. My husband and his uncle are like chalk and cheese, and I'm most deffinately a cheese lover now.

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    I moved out when I was 16, and not under good terms. My parents died last year in a car accident, and I got custody of my little brother Alan who's six years younger then me.

    He had a hard time of it at first and had nightmares, so I started letting him stay in my bed. I suspected something was going on when I had funny stains on my pj's and blankets. Then after two weeks, I woke up in the middle of the night with Alan dry-humping my hip and gripping my tit. I let it happen, wondering what to do. After all, he had been having nightmares before and now he had been cheerful. And truth be told I was kind of enjoying it. I'm not fugly, but I wasn't a sex object either. And my sex life had actually dried up after high school as I had to spend all my time working.

    Alan was surprised when I started wiggling around. I slipped off my pj bottoms and opened my top andand pushed down his bottoms, and everything resumed, but now he was in skin contact and sucking my tit and I was rubbing myself. we both had a good hard cum and joked about it afterwards.

    It became a nightly thing and we played more and more, giving each other handys and making out and smearing our cum over each other's bodies.

    After a couple of weeks, I woke up and felt Alan rubbing his dick between my ass-cheeks. I had no problem with that, and gave him some dirty talk to help him get off. When he shot his load I gave an extra wiggle. And the cum acted like lube and his cock popped into my asshole. No one ever fucked my ass before and we both ended up loving it. Before I fell asleep I decided that since he had actually cum inside me, there was no point in holding back.

    The next day we showered together and we became lovers in every way, spending the day fucking in every room of the house. I dumped pj's in favor of sexier things for Adam's enjoyment, and he became more aggressive sexually. When the ice storms closed down my job for a week, we spent that time fucking all day long.

    Okay an incest relationship with my little brother isn't healthy maybe but it's the best sex of my life and it's helped us both get over our parent's accident.

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    Recently my grandfather died my mother was distrought and in floods of tears the most upset i'd ever seen her, At the reading of his will i was given a letter from him, In it he confessed to me that i was his daughter by my mother also his daughter, So that's why she was so gripped with grief i thought, I put the letter in my handbag until later when we were alone, I showed her the letter she cried a lot saying how sorry she was she hadn't told me herself, I couldnlt help it i laughed loudly and hugged her tightly, She asked why i was laughing pulling myself together i told her my secret my two kids were his too! i'd been fucking him since i was fourteen, She stopped crying then said " the dirty old goat! i hadn't a clue about you two", We hugged again and she told me he'd had sex with her since she was twelve untill she fell pregnant with me at sixteen, Now only us two know i dont intend telling my kids they dont need to know, We both loved him very much and we'll miss him greatly but at least there are no secrets between us now we even share very detailed memories with each other which we enjoy very much.

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    So my sister is a few years older than me, and ever since we've been little girls she's always been the favorite. Other girls wanted to hang out with her, boys wanted to get her attention and moms wished she was their daughter, so imagine how many attention my own parents gave her.
    Now over the years I've grown used to it, she grew up and because beautiful just like everyone knew it would happen, by that time I was a tomboy, I took my anger of being ignore on the whole world. Then about two years later after she became a full grown woman, my time came.
    It was weird, I always been tall, awkwardly tall, but when womanhood hit, it all because a lot less awkward and for the first time, I became the center of attention with my huge boobs and flat stomach, at first i was a little self conscious but I liked the attention of the guys... So I because somewhat of a slutty girl,no, I didn't have sex with every guy but I did like to play around with them. For the first few months my parents because more used to my new imagine, and she started to suggest I could pull off a work as a model, I was suddenly the favorite child, they took me out to work dinners, and work reunions showing me off like a toy, and I loved every second of it, I was finally the sexy, smart and charming favorite daughter.
    My parents were obvious to my not so innocent interaction with the male population, but my sister, she found out and was fucking furious, she told me someone had some photos and we argued and at the end, we went our separated ways, but at that time we were both in high school, she was a senior and I was a junior.
    I think secretly she hated the fact that she wasn't the best anymore, at school all the boys that would flirt with her became mine and her friends, became mine, she acted like she didn't give a damn but when her boyfriend broke up with her and asked me out, she cried for two days. We didn't fight, she wouldn't talk to me anymore and it honestly pissed me off more.
    I agreed to go out with him, and at the second week he took my virginity, and what makes it worse.. We did it in my sister's bed.

    So yeah, after a few months we broke up, my sister graduated and went to college and I grew up, now I'm on my first year of college, and well, I can't help myself with all these guys. And the thing is, if my sister hadn't been the perfect one all those years back maybe I would never have push myself to be better than her, sometimes I want to take her because without her I wouldn't take so much care of myself, and even now, when people always tell me I look better than her, I still think she's better.

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    I am a horrible person. I am selfish. So much that I made my sister cry on her birthday. I feel horrible and I deserve to. I felt rushed and I became angry at dinner lashing out at her.

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