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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ever since we were 15, my step brother and I have been having sex with each other. Our parents started dating each other just after my brother and I had sex for the first time.

    At the time we were just friends having sex. Then our parents started dating and we tried to play cool and not have sex anymore but we were teenagers and couldn't help ourselves.

    Then our parents got married amd that made things more complicated even though I gave my step brother a bj at their wedding. Then later at the reception we found a quiet closet and lifted my dress up as I bent over a janitors sink.

    Ever since then we have become all but lovers. We spend a lot of time together, we cuddle, we make out, have oral sex, have regular sex almost daily. Half the time I sleep with him in his bed and sneak back through our connected bathroom to my room before our parents wake up in the morning. Sometimes we shower together also. The only thing keeping us from being boyfriend and girlfriend is our parents marriage.

    It is technically not i****t so we don't care about any gross factor and we have been having sex with each other since before our parents knew each other.

    Recently my brother and I started looking at possible apartments for us. That way we could be together the way we want to without anyone catching us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Me and my parents would take showers together when I was little; they were pretty liberal with nudity most of the time. I loved my parents and always wanted to be with them because they were fun and interesting - very goofy free-spirited people, and they actually enjoyed caring for me, so I was involved in a lot of intimate moments. We had a large shower we all could gather in in the master bath. When we would shower I remember my parents saying we could pee in the shower because it saves water and it wasn't a big deal. One day me and my Dad were showering while Mom was with a client, I was 5. My dad was washing his body and looking at me, I was dancing and being happy in the water. As he was smiling at me he began to pee on me while I danced. I didn't notice at first till I looked at his cock and the large stream coming from it. I said "daddy your peeing on me!" and he smiled at me, I smiled back and let him. I stood there still and had a nervous smile on my face. He was peeing on my stomach and chest and it was draining down my body right into the slit of my pussy. I think he could tell I was nervous because after he had finished he asked "would it make you feel better if you could pee on Daddy?" I nodded, watching him unleash that hot stream of piss on me for around thirty seconds I had the urge myself. He sat down like he was slouched in a seat and pulled me over him - he positioned me right over his 7 inch erect cock that almost grazed my pussy. He held my hips while I did it, he moan and said "doesn't it feel good baby girl?" I nodded with a big smile, thinking this was really fun, it was like we were playing a shower game.

    After that incident I became enamoured with his cock and him peeing. When we could we'd always take a shower together and piss on each other, he told me Mom couldn't know we did that in the shower. I'd sneak in when both my parents were in the bathroom. I was naturally curious about mommies pee and her parts around this age as well. When we would all shower together mom would sometimes pee as well. One time she was facing the drain I was in the middle, as she pissed I stuck my hand in between her legs and into the stream. She said "what are you doing back there?" and I giggled, Dad started to giggle too, but made the shhh sign while laughing rather hysterically. Mom pushed my hand away and turned around with a embarrassed smile. Nothing was said about it and they laughed it off and said I was really cute!

    My Dad was always really aroused by me peeing on him; for the first few incidents I don't know how he relieved himself, but after like the 4th or 5th time he would cum in the shower, usually as I pissed on his cock. There was a lot of liquids moving around so I didn't see his cum the first time. The next time I made sure I saw what his hands were doing, and he was gently stroking his cock while my warm pissed drained down his balls. He came fast and I saw and felt his cum splash all over my pussy and ass. I swiped some with my finger and asked what it was. He said his penis makes a treat for me when he's happy, and told me to taste. I didn't get much cause of the shower, but I tasted his cum, and I actually liked the salty taste, because I loved salty things like chips and crackers.

    A lot more dirty things happened between me and daddy after this phase, we stopped showering together around 7, to avoid ridicule essentially. I can detail more in the comments and answer questions if anyone is interested!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    Yeah, I am a straight male, just turned 50 years old and am separated from my biological family because of raising a family away from home. Being retired military and raising my own family and they are raising their family, my grandkids, I found it impossible to leave them upon my retirement, therefore I settled in California with my biological family in South Carolina.
    Okay, now my story. Last August my brother was killed in an auto accident. Since my family wasn't that close nor familiar I attended the funeral alone. My brother was 2 years my senior. My sister, the only survivor other than me, is 15 years younger than me. Anyway, she invited me to stay with her and her husband while at home for the funeral. After the dinner that was served after the funeral, a South Carolina custom, I went to my sisters home dead tired. I was given a bedroom upstairs with an adjoining bath. So, after my bath I dawned a robe and sat on the side of the bed letting my hair dry before laying down. As I sat there a light knock on my door appeared. I yelled, "Come In. It's not locked." So in comes my sister. She also has her night clothes on. I asked about Jeff, her husband. She said he had gone to take some relatives home who lived out of town and would not be home until at least midnight. Of well, our conversation was more confined to our past. We were more like strangers than siblings since she was only 3 years old when I joined the military, therefore the only time we ever spent together was during my military leave time spent at home. She very faintly remembered me when I enlisted.
    She asked about my family. My wife and I raised 3 kids. I even went into detail that these three kids were born early in marriage as my wife never liked condoms, skin to skin as she called it. Therefore she persuaded me to get a vasectomy after out third was born. My sister seemed to enjoy my frankness. I asked why she and Jeff never had and children and she confessed that Jeff was sterile, and smiled and said, "Which is good because I too like skin against skin." I just stared at her. Her tits were almost bare beneath her night gown. She noticed my gaze and asked if I liked what I saw which I didn't deny. She looked down and saw that my robe was beginning to shake a little and she asked what my problem was and yanked my robe open so my hard dick was visible. She reached and took it into her hand. I likewise grabbed for her tits which were beginning to perk up. Less than a minute we were both laying back completely naked. She was stroking my hard dick and I was massaging her wet pussy while sucking on her tits at the same time. I asked if she wanted me to eat her out and she replied, "Yes, if that's what you want. Would you like to 69?" She needed no answer, my actions were her answer. We twisted around laying side by side in the 69 position. I buried my mouth into her wanting pussy and she began twisting and moaning and I knew she was cuming because at the same time she was attempting to swallow my entire cock. She was good so I tried to show her that I too had experience. I was sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy while at the same time I was massaging her GSpot with my fingers. I know she was cuming over and over because she could not lay still, kept forcing her pussy to my mouth and even at times she would take my cock out of her mouth and tell me how good it felt and that she had never in her life cumed that many times in close order. Then she would go back to sucking my dick. I told her I was close to cuming and asked if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or in her pussy. She said, "Hold off as long as you can and let's fuck and you cum in my pussy because I love the feel of hot cum squirting inside me. It makes me cum with you."
    I didn't last over 2 more minutes and I started shooting my load deep inside her. She stiffened out and started moaning and telling me how good it felt.
    We lay there a short time and she went down stairs and came back with one of her Disposable Vinegar and Water Douche bottles. She sat in the toilet and wanted me to use the douche on her. I did and she just moaned like she may be cuming again. But, I think I got her clean of my cum. In other words, nothing but clear water was running out.
    Afterward we got a nice warm shower, I washed her pussy and tits well while she was washing my dick and balls. Afterward we dried each other and returned to the bedroom where we left our robe and gown. We lay there naked and talked again and looking at each others naked body we began playing around again. I asked if she was ready to fuck again and she said, "Let's 69. I've had enough hard dick for tonight." So we started 69ing. Again she was trying to swallow my entire dick while I was giving her a wonderful blow job, using everything available except my hard dick which she was taking care of. I have learned about that GSpot from fucking my wife and just how to apply pressure to it while I amd sucking and licking her clit. I would run my tongue up and down and in and out of her pussy while still applying pressure to the GSpot. She was cuming over and over. I finally told her I was cuming but rather than take he mouth away she kept sucking and she swallowed this time.
    I am here to tell you that although we had just finished a funeral of our only brother, we enjoyed each other to the fullest. There is always room for enjoyment even in time of sorrow!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    So when i was younger i slept over at my (female) cousins house for fun and all that when it was night time we slept in the same room and in the same bed. But we were just like 14 and 15 year olds so we knew what sex was but was never interested.
    But one day i stayed over and i was going to her and our room i saw her touching her self and watching sex on her tablet. She didnt see me at first but i just causualy walked in and said ummm what are you doing. She replied nothing...just something that i saw online... so we made a deal that i wouldnt say anything to her parents and all that fun stuff,then we pretended like that never happened. Later on in the night i was sleeping and i opened my eyes because i heard some noises next to me i look up and see her watching that stuff again...i wake up and say what are you doing...she jumped and pretended to sleep but i said its ok you dont have to hide it. I asked her if she could show me... so we ended up watching sex together but didnt do anything we were just watching. so when we got bored i told her if she would show me how to touch my self with my penis so she showed me some videos that were helpful and i was jerking my penis back and forth...while i was doing that she pulled down her panties and started touching her vagina. we were masturbating together. So days go by and i sleep over at her house again and its daylight i walk in the restroom and see my cousin naked. Her body was so amazing like in the videos we watch bug boobs perfect pussy and a huge ass i caught my self staring for a long time she was just standing there like she wanted me to see her naked. From that day and till this very day today my cousins body drives me crazy i masturbate to pics of her and imagine her naked again.
    So when i first saw her nude later that day she looked at me all day and said to me did you like what you see. I didnt answer so later on a couple days pass and i go to her house again and i go in to her dirty laundry and find her panties so i go to the bathroom and start jerking i forgot to lock the door and in comes my cousin i am frozen stiff i didnt know what to say. So when it was time to go to bed i said sorry and she said it was ok. We had this game called "It" so every time we wanted to play it we would sat lets do "it". So we would take off out under wear and everything else and just lay there close to each other cuddling each other. But now i am 15 and she is 16 i try to give her signs and i grab her legs and try to seduce her but i think she it doing the same thing because the other day she grabbed my dick and said "oops sorry my bad" in a girly sexy way. Also the other day we were staying up all night and she fell asleep and i jacked off right in front of her in her bed, there was cum right beside her. i told her it was her slobber. And i grabbed her ass and she didnt feel it... i steal her dirty panties and cum all over them i have like 4 pairs of her panties. I slept over last week and when we went to sleep she was passed out but i was barely going to sleep and i put my hand in her boobs and i grabbed them...she didnt feel anything i also reached for her pussy i made her wet, and grabbed her ass... But i wont be satisfied until i fuck her until i fuck my own cousin.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    Every decent part of my mind is telling me it's wrong to think what I think about my step daughter Stacey. But every bad part of my mind and my cock is telling me, I should take advantage of what's being offered by my wifes seventeen year old slut of a daughter.
    She found me masturbating in our snug two weeks ago. I was watching porn on my lap top stroking one off, when she walked in just as I came all over my stomach. Gidily she laughed and then walked out, but not before she'd walked over to me and gripped my softening dick, squeezing out the remaining cum.
    Since that afternoon she's been flirting heavilly with me, making suggestive remarks about us finding time to have sex, when her mom goes to work. She's also this past few days been flashing me her pert breasts, her trimmed pussy and her gorgeous shaped ass whenever she gets the chance to.
    It's driving me mad with lust as I know she's a real horny slut, and would do anything I wanted sexually.
    If I thought I could get away with it, I'd fuck every one of her holes and make her swallow my load.
    I know it's wrong to think of her that way, as I've known her since she was only a toddler. But believe me it's Stacey doing all the flashing and flirting.
    I'm the one left with a boner and a step daughter who is teasing the balls off of me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    On Christmas Eve my mom and step dad Ian held a party. Our whole family was there as were lots of our friends. As usual people commented on how much my mom and me looked alike, only she might be my older sister.
    Late on I decided with my boyfriend wasted lay out on the kitchen floor, I was going to bed. As my mom was asleep on the couch and my cousin had taken my bed, I decided that I'd sleep in my mom and Ians room. Thinking Ian would crash out with my mom.
    At first I didn't quite understand what was going on as I'd a few drinks, then I realised I was being tongued from behind. My pussy and asshole were taking a very good licking and it felt awsome. Usually I have to beg my boyfriend to tongue my ass, as I love having it done, but it seemed he didn't need asking. I orgasmed lay on my left hand side without turning over once, the cunnilingus was that good.
    Only when I felt him rise up my body and I could feel a hairy chest on my back, did I know it wasn't my boyfriend, as his chest is smooth. I froze, I know I should have said something but I just froze, so when I felt the mans cock nudge up against my pussy I just let him enter me.
    I genuinely was about to tell whoever it was to stop, but his long thick cock felt so good inside my pussy, I let out a moan of pleasure rather than a cry of refusal.
    Over the next five to ten minutes I was fucked from behind. Not made love to, but fucked and fucked so good I came again. I even heard myself ask him not to stop. His arm reached under me and took hold of my left breast as his right hand snaked down to my clit. He continued to fuck me and I continued to cum again and again. I'd never had that many orgasms in one go before, and just before he pulled out to ejaculate all over my lower back and asshole, I was willing him to cum inside me.
    Not moving, I let him hold me tight. Then I heard him say "Penny, don't tell your mom, she wouldn't understand".
    So it wasn't a mistaken identity from Ian. He knew exactly who he was fucking and as far as I was concerned at that precise moment, I couldn't have cared less.
    Ian got out of the bed and covered me up, then walked out of the room naked. I slept like a baby and woke up to the sounds and smells of cooking coming from the kitchen. My boyfriend was outside smoking when I went downstairs, and my mom was doing the cooking. Ian said hello in a very calm and knowing way as I sat oposite him at the table. When my mom went out to get my boyfriend for breakfast, I told Ian it wasn't going to be a one off. His smile and his foot reaching under my short bathrobe, touching my naked pussy, told me it definitely wasn't going to be a one time fuck either.
    New Year now, so we'll see if I get to have Ian all to myself when my mom goes back to work.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 47

    sleeping in the other day, my wife had to go to work. i work at the local grade school and no school for 4 days. around 7 45 i awoke to find my 13 year old step daughter riding my dick. when she realized i was awake she calmly said good morning daddy. now she had been henting for weeks now that she wanted to fuck but i didn t take her seriously. so now its out in the open and i roll her over and give her an hour of fucking on my dick. i know it is wrong but she already had me inside her pussy. what would you have done.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Mom was at work, I should have been at my friends house, but I'd forgotten she too should have been at work. And my dad, well he should should have kept his cock in his pants, I think!.
    Walking back into our home, not hiding the fact I was there I saw my dad fucking my friend Kelly up her ass. They were both unaware I was there and watching them it was obvious, this wasn't the first time they'd fucked one another.
    kelly was naked on top of my dad and I could easilly see his cock dissapearing up her asshole. What shocked me the most was just how big my dads cock was. Compared to my boyfreinds it was huge.
    This is where my confession gets kinda weird.
    I started to enjoy watching them fuck. Yes it was my dad fucking my best friend, but Kelly and I have a sexual past ourselves, and I knew just how much she was enjoying being fucked. As for it being my dad fucking her asshole, it sort of meant she wasn't cheating on our memory. And my dads cock looked beutiful fucking her rear hole.
    I stood watching until my dad busted his nut up her ass. Then I watched as kelly climbed off his still rigid cock. My dad turned kelly over and I saw him doing something I once adored doing to Kelly. He licked and tongued her pussy and ass until she too came, right there on our living room couch.
    It was ten days ago and I've thought of nothing else since. I haven't said anything to my mom or to Kelly and my dad. I've seen kelly since and she's played it cool, not saying anything.
    I'm so tempted to let them both know what I saw them doing, but I don't know what the outcome would be. I'm even stoked at the thought of seeing my dads huge cock. Wish I knew what to do for the best...........

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    This past Christmas Eve I was drinking with my father-in-law. We had nearly finished off a full bottle of 25 year old scotch and decided not to go to the midnight service. Our wives decided to go anyway and left us alone. I'm not very clear on how it happened, but shortly after they left I was on my knees with his big thick cock in my mouth. He was skull-fucking me and I was gagging mightily on his hot cock. He was really getting off and just before I thought he was going to cum he pulled me up from my knees and led me into his man-cave in the basement. Once there we both stripped naked. He had me kneel on the edge of a big arm chair and produced a tube of lube. After greasing his cock and working some into my ass he proceeded to force his cock into me. I wouldn't say it was painful, but it was very uncomfortable at first. He took it slow and somehow worked his big tool balls deep into my ass. Too my amazement I became rock hard as he began slow powerful thrusts. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself as he began to pound my ass in earnest. After a while his stokes became more intense as he put his full weight into it and finally shot his load in me. We emerged from the basement just as the women came home from church. I was shocked when my mother-in-law gave me a knowing wink. Christmas day I rode with him into town to get cigarettes and sucked him off as he drove. That's how I spent Christmas at the in-laws.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    "When I see her sat opposite me with her legs slowly parting, I long to glimpse her naked pussy. As I know she doesn't wear panties. I feel like a adolescent pervert, but one who knows her secret. That secret is she wants all nine inches of my seventeen year old cock deep inside her pussy and ass".

    Tha t is an excerpt from my step sons online diary. He'd left it open when he rushed out last week. I went into his room to collect his washing. To be specific his underwear, as I wanted to use them to masturbate with. Instead I read his diary entries and played with my clit, reading each line with a growing lust for his muscled body and my learnt knowledge of his nine inch cock.

    He knows I don't wear panties because he once saw me getting ready to go out with his father. He saw exactly how large my labias are and how big my super engorged clit is. I knew then even though he was only fourteen, he probably had thoughts of me being naked. It excited me that day that a good looking young man would want to fuck me. It lead to my masturbation sessions and to me dreaming of him inside me.

    Now I know he has a large cock, I'm desperate to feel it plugging my holes. I also now know he's sexually interested in me. I just need to find a way to show him it's ok for him to want me, and to make sure his father doesn't catch us. Because I'm sure I want my step sons cock to give me what his father hasn't in some time, and that's to orgasm on a large thick cock.

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