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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hi, my name's Anna-Louise. I'm nineteen years old, good looking with long wavy brunette hair, medium sized pert breasts and a slim but curvy body.
    Since I was around sixteen, right about the time my mom married Danny my step father, I became obsessed with sex. I literally would masturbate at least three or four times a day, and soon progressed to using a dildo my mom thought she had hidden well. By the time I reached eighteen, I'd had sex, rather fucked with seven different guys. One of whom was in his late twenties.
    The thing was and is, is I knew and know what drove me to wanting sex all the time, and that was Danny. He's such a handsome man with a gorgeous muscular body and from seeing him naked coming out of the shower, I know he's got a large cock. But it was the sounds my mom made each night they had sex, which really drove me crazy with sexual lust.
    I lost my virginity after one such night, texting a young male friend to call by. We had sex (Not very good sex) as my mom and Danny slept in from fucking all night.
    From that moment, my sexuality exploded and I craved cock. Going from one more experienced older teenager, on through to the older man who'd just had his twenty ninth birthday. The present I gave him was to allow him to not only fuck my mouth and pussy, but also to be the first to fuck me anally.
    I had hoped all the males I'd had sex with would or might stop my serious longing to have sex with Danny, but if anything, it only increases me desire to have his cock deep inside me.
    And that is the case today. I see him checking me out every now and then, and I know it's a sexual thing. I also know from listening to him masturbate recently he's fantasized about fucking me. That was after hearing him in our games, drinking and movie room, saying my name as he tossed off his cock. I was dying to walk in on him after discovering and watching him stroking his huge tool, but somehow I stopped myself. I know for sure had I stepped int the room, we would have ended up having sex.
    As it is right now, when my mom is around we flirt very subtly, but when she's at work, we practically call each other out to have sex. Only last week I sat next to him on the couch and put his hand under my short skirt. I had no panties on, so when Danny slid his hand over my pussy, he could feel just how wet I was for him. It was our neighbor, Danny's golf buddy calling by that stopped us. Had he not once again I'm sure we'd have ended up fucking.
    I know what I'm doing with Danny is wrong, but I just cannot deny myself such a wonderfully sexy man. If I could figure out a way to have sex with him and not hurt my mom, I would today.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My mom sometimes takes a sleeping medication to help her sleep. When she takes it, nothing seems to wake her up. I count her pills every morning when I brush my teeth. In the evening, I count them again. If she took them, I wait until she has been asleep about an hour, I yell to see if she wakes. I then pull her blankets off and feel her. She sleeps in a long t shirt and panties. I reach up her shirt and feel her big tits, and reach in her panties and slide my finger in her hairy pussy. This gets my cock really hard. Then I pull her shirt up, and pull her panties off. Sometimes I put my dick between her big tits, or against her mouth. I take pictures of it, and pictures of my dick sitting nestled in her hair on her pussy. I never fuck her, but I come on her. I come on her tits, her face, her pussy and belly. I love to suck her tits, and slide my tongue deep inside her pussy. Sometimes I lick the come off her after I blow my load. I love licking it off her pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 30

    My dad re-married when I was in kindergarten. My brother "Joe" was a year older, and my stepbrother "Kevin" was seven years older. Dad and Stepmom went out a lot, always putting "Kevin" in charge.

    At first it was cool - he encouraged us to run around naked with him. But after a while the sexual games began. There was nothing we could do about it because Dad and Stepmom said to do what "Kevin" said when he watched us. It didn't help that he would show us their honeymoon sex tapes and encourage us to peek in on them when they were making love. I can't say I enjoyed it bout I can't say that I didn't either.

    As I grew up I just had the idea that people had sex when no one was looking. I lost my virginity before I got into school and my behavior showed it - my teachers routinely called Dad and Stepmom about my "sexualized acting out behaviors". Dad and Stepmom said it was "nothing but kids being kids" and we both got well-deserved "reputations" with our sexual adventures. It got ignored until I was in the sixth grade and "Joe" was caught by a cop sexing with two other boys in a restaurant restroom. When he got arrested we all got sent to family counseling and "Kevin" was found out. As he was 19 then, "Kevin" got sent up for child-m****ting.

    By then it was too late, I was two months pregnant. I was pulled from school as I swelled up, and Dad and Stepmom fought a lot and eventually divorced. It was an nasty time in my life, but "Joe" comforted me. Dad and Stepmom were in their drama so deep they didn't noticed that we fucked almost every day and slept together. The tests showed that it was "Kevin's" baby. Custody of their grandson "Peter" was another log on the fire of the divorce.

    Eventually Stepmom left with "Peter", which broke my heart, and "Joe" and I spent the rest of our school years in therapy. "Joe" and I continued our sexual relationship, which we'd been doing since we were little kids being directed by "Kevin", so it was natural to us by that time.

    I was 18 when "Kevin" got out of prison and "Joe" and I went to confront him as part of our therapy. Instead we ended up having a three-way. We felt more like a family then than we had in years. We went and fetched "Peter", who was five by then, from Stepmom. Stepmom protested and yelled and cried, but "Kevin" just stared into her eyes and intimidated her into submission. He commanded her to kneel and she did. He ordered her to give us head and she did, all of us, with "Peter" watching. At that moment as we witnessed him breaking his mother's will without words or actions, "Joe" and I realized we worshipped "Kevin's" strength. and moved to another state.

    We settled down into a fairly routine life - I was the housewife, raising "Peter", "Joe" and "Kevin" worked and brought in money, and "Joe" and I were sexually subservient to "Kevin". Our friends and co-workers knew "Joe" was my brother and "Peter" was "Kevin's" son. A few knew about our three-way relationship. No one knew how much "Kevin" was in charge.

    "Kevin" encouraged "Peter" to watch us and be inquisitive. I really don't remember when "Peter" began performing or demanding oral sex, but I remember that when "Peter" began participating on his own, "Kevin" ordered me off birth control.

    In the twelve years we've been a threesome, I've had three children - one with "Kevin", one with "Joe" and one with "Peter" - all at "Kevin's explicit orders." "Joe" had a relationship with a younger girl "Sherry" at Kevin's command and had a baby with her. It's noisy but happy. "Peter" is now more like another man in my life than my son, which is how "Kevin" prefers it. "Kevin" seems to have plans to breed another generation of kids.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    I was 13 when my Dad's brother became a widower. He and my Aunt didn't have
    any children. He had an autobody shop on his property that kept him busy, but he
    didn't have anyone to do any of the household chores any more, (laundry, cooking,
    dishes, etc). He talked to my Dad and I was suddenly given the responsibility of
    going to my Uncles place to do all the housework and cooking.

    It was 1971 and living out in rural farm area I hadn't learned much about life yet but
    that was all about to change. The first weekend after I started helping my Uncle he
    went into town to buy me a few things. He bought me several short skirts, stockings,
    pantyhose, heels, revealing tops, make-up and some perfume. He told me that since I
    was helping him out as lady of the house I should have all the latest ladies fashions. I
    was also at the point where my boobs were developing and my hips were getting those
    curves that apparently my Uncle liked. Every day he would give me hugs, kisses, run
    his hands along my body, covering a little more of my body each time and more often each
    day as time went on. I didn't know anything about anything, I knew that it was
    normal for my dad to touch and kiss my Mom, my 4 older siblings would touch and kiss
    their spouses so I didn't think that there was anything wrong with it at the time. When
    summer came along he got me even shorter mini skirts, and I started to notice that when his
    hands would explore my body my nipples would get hard. It felt funny but in a good way, and I
    would get damp. It felt good, exciting and I didn't know what it was all about and there wasn't
    anyone around to ask about it and I was really starting to enjoy the way it made me feel.

    Anyway, the day that things changed a lot finally happened. It was a hot,humid day, I was down
    on my hands and knees waxing the kitchen floor when my Uncle came in from the shop. I hadn't
    heard him come in, but he got down on the floor behind me and said that it was too damn hot to
    work in the shop. He said that he needed some relief, (I had no idea), he reached over me, ripped
    open my blouse, flipped up my skirt and really began to explore my body. I wasn't sure what was
    going on or about to happen, but it wasn't long and he mounted me from behind. It really hurt at
    first but after a while I noticed that I was feeling VERY strange but in a good way. He picked me up,
    lifted me up onto the kitchen counter and stuck it in from the front and went away at me again for
    what seemed like hours, all the while playing with my chest and kissing me. After that day it
    was almost every day first thing in the morning before he'd go to work, sometimes at lunch and
    again in the evening. The only time it didn't happen was when I had my period. I was really
    enjoying the way it made me feel, and after a few months he even started to bring some of his
    customers in at lunch or after work to give the same special treatment.

    Then he started buying me bananas,telling me that there was something special that I needed to
    learn. He would coach me every day, getting me to stuff the banana a little further down my throat
    each time with less gagging until I could stuff it all the way in and out without any effort at all.
    Then it was time for my next lesson, I found out what the banana workout was for. He had me sucking
    on his penis and although I was able to take it all the way down my throat, the first time he fired a
    load down my throat I threw up! Bananas just don't prepare you for that, it made me gag,
    in fact for the first 4 or 5 times I got sick each time gagging. After that I always made him
    happy and when I had that down he shared that new lesson with some of his customers.
    I was well on my way to becoming the cum guzzling queen that I am today! I love to get several
    loads of throat yogurt when I'm in a naughty mood!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    I'll preface this by saying I have always wanted to do my Mother in Law since the day I met her 20+ years ago. When I met my wife her parents had been divorced for approximately 4 years after she left him for some bull shitter who promised her plenty. She is above average in the looks department, 5' 4", 120 lbs, sandy brown hair, shaved pubic area and for 61 has the body of a woman in her 30's. We have always had a somewhat weird relationship where we flirt openly even while others are around and we have both acted out on this at times.

    Here is a rundown of things that have happened:

    - While at a pool party and drinking I managed to rub her back and then slid my hand up her shirt and cup her tits while others were present but they did not see. She flinched at first but allowed me to continue and stroke her nipples. The next morning while I was in bed she leaned down kissed me on the lips and placed her hand on my cock through the sheets.

    - Walking in the woods and having to pee so I found a spot isolated from the group. She appears out of nowhere to get a glance at my cock and claims she had no idea I was taking a pee. Soon after I returned the favor as she had me stand guard while she peed and this is how I discovered she shaves her box.

    - She was fighting with her boyfriend while out of town so she came to our hotel room. We all had been drinking so her daughter told her Mom to just get in to bed with us...the mother/daughter sandwich. Wife snoring away so roll to MIL and begin rubbing her ass and then move up her shirt to her tits. She doesn't resist and actually holds my hand while I rub her tits. I then detect she is breathing deeper so I slide her panties to the side of her hot mound, wet my fingers, rub her pussy until lubed and then slide my fingers in her. Again she makes no effort to move and instead rubs my cock through my underwear. I remove them and then place my cock between her ass and slap it off her ass and mound. Check the wife and she is still snoring away. She is stroking my cock and playing with my balls while I continue to finger her. I so wanted to fuck her right there but she said "We couldn't" and then went to the chair. I got up and went to the chair with my cock jutting out and pulsating when she took it in her hand and pulled it a few times. She wouldn't even give me a handjob or blowjob so I told her she may as well go get some sleep in the bed and I remained in the chair. Next morning another kiss on the lips but longer this time as well as a few tugs on my morning wood.

    - I have flashed her many times leaving my fly open, having my cock fall out the leg of my shorts while seated, have my cock over the waistband and move my shirt. Basically anytime I get the chance I try and show her my cock.

    - She has sat on my lap on many short car rides where no seats are available and will grind my cock to a pulp all while smiling away.

    - Mornings where we go to her house for breakfast she doesn't wear a bra. She has actually removed it several times after we have arrived.

    Many other things have taken place but nothing has gotten me in the "door" as of yet. Maybe we are just going to continue to flirt. I don't want to give up but ow does one say to there MIL I want to eat you out and fuck you? Maybe I should tell her I want to eat her out only and see what she says.

    What prompted me to write this was that we were at her house tonight for her and the wife to wrap Christmas gifts for her sons family who won't be here. I was seated at the table and the MIL was on the floor wrapping presents in one spot but then she turned towards me and bent down exposing her tits to me each time. My wife may have caught me and I know the MIL definitely did because I just stare without turning away when caught.

    Oh and too add her boyfriend had passed away last year so she gets very upset at this time of year. Maybe I should "comfort" her in some way.

    What to do, what to do...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    My family situation is beyond not normal here. When I was two my mother divorced my father and my mother moved in with her best friend. This is how I got my 'daddy'. I have an 'older brother' and 'older sister', not biological. I was 11 when I realized my mommy was getting it with my 'daddy'. The signs were always there, my mommy 'lived' with my 'daddy' and his wife. My mommy slept with him and many times I found them in bed in the morning, but I was 11 when I realized my 'daddy' was having sex with my mommy. My 'step mom' told me that mommy's like daddies and daddies like mommies and I should be happy that my 'daddy' liked my mommy enough to make her a real mommy in his house

    My big brother and I were close, he is two years older than me. As the youngest I have always been my daddy's little girl. I don't remember when, but before I was seven my daddy decided I would be my big brother's wife. In my house there has always been a lot of talk about babies, both my big sister and I grew up raised to become wives and to have babies. It is in our DNA.

    When I was 17 in my last year of high school I was convinced that when I graduated I would get married. That is all I talked about. My big brother tolerated me. I was extremely clingy with him at that time, if he left me alone I would get very upset, so he took me everywhere with him. He was in college and he had me hanging with him and telling all his friends how I was going to be wife and as soon as I graduated we would get married for real.

    When I was told that it would be better if I waited for him to finish college I was devastated. My big sister was married and she was pregnant already. I went to work for my daddy at his factory, but I was not focused and he decided that maybe I should go to college and grow up.

    College was a new world and I met a lot of people and for the first time I started to question my family. I started to call my parents father and mother and I forced my mother to admit to me that my father wasn't my real father and how she decided to have me with another man instead of him. I also talked to her about getting married to my older brother at home and she told me that if I knew what was good for me I would get married and make it work. My 'father' was never going to accept me being with another man.

    I went through a long period resenting that my father wasn't my real father, I blamed my mother for allowing herself to be with another man. I swore to myself that I would never be with another man.

    My older brother had finished college by then and I was a junior and I was told that as I was in college I should finish before getting married because going to college with a baby was too hard. It was really a revelation to me one day when I figured out that I could be married and I didn't have to have a baby right away. That idea was met with a harsh reprimand from both my mother and my big brother. So I had to wait the longest two years of my life.

    I am married now, and I have a baby. I went to my wedding bed fully charged for getting pregnant. My older brother is now my husband, and in spite of several people telling me that it was a form of i****t to marry him, I went to my wedding bed determined to be his wife and not his little sister.

    Yesterday we had a big party at my parent's house, and everyone wanted to meet my baby. At one point I was sitting on the couch between my father and my big brother, and I was his little girl and I was his little sister again. My new little baby was in my arms sound asleep protected like I was protected growing up.

    My family situation may be strange out in the big world, my parents are all immigrants, and little or no English was spoken at the party. My baby will grow up with different customs, maybe one day she will be the right person for her older cousin, he is six and he likes to hold her and give her kisses. She is his to protect. He has been told.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    I'm small he is larger

    I'm smart he is smarter

    I'm strong he is stronger

    In the end I submit to him, it is not worth the fight

    Children threw me for a loop, childcare consumes my day

    I am not the person I thought I would be, I am consumed by my maternal responsibilities not to mention caring for him and our home

    This is not me, but it is me.

    I wish I had been better prepared for this, it still angers me

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    He worked on my floor and we rode the elevator from time to time. He was in his fifties and me in my twenties. He had a large belly and he was tall and when he looked at me he always looked at my boobs. One day he stared straight ta my crotch, I had leggings on and he could see my slit, I crossed my legs but it didn't help, he asked me if I was up for a fuck.

    I told him not on his life, but the elevator was slow and he reached out had grabbed my boob and told me he would really like to suck some tittie. He didn't let go and asked me again if I was up for a fuck. He fucked me after work in his office chair, with me riding him after giving him a blow job. I came when he stuck his finger in my bum and his tongue down my throat. He came after putting me across his work table. We cleaned up with Kleenex.

    He fucked me so many times I couldn't even count any more, not that he was calling me over, I was going over, my thing was giving him a long blow job and getting him really hard and either riding him and letting him finger my bum, or leaning over the work table and taking it that way. He told me he was taking a pill every day to keep up.

    I tried to cool things down, but he came over to my apartment and fucked me on my bed. In my head I was all no don't do that, but I offered myself to him just like I did in his office. It was the first time he fucked me on my back. I think that is the day I feel for him for real, I didn't want him to leave, I cooked dinner and fed him. If he was going to come over and fuck me then I got to cook dinner for him.

    One Saturday afternoon, I was on my stomach and he was fucking me from behind and I started to think that I could get pregnant. After that every time he fucked me I thought about getting pregnant, until I got off the pill and let myself get pregnant. He was pissed, and I got yelled at for the first time, and all I did was get down on him and suck on him until he started to rub my head and tell me that I was ok. Then I think for the first time since I met him, we made love, and I confessed that I loved him and it was his fault for making me love him and that more than anything I wanted to have a baby.

    With a baby you are really tied to man, after two weeks of day care he had me quit and stay home. I became a kept and housed mistress, keeping a home for him, I see him two or three times a week and sometimes on the weekend. I don't care, any time with him was ok, he is my man and that is what I get and truthfully I don't ever think about anything, I just want him to be happy with me.

    The things I know about his wife he tells me, I never look. My rule for myself is not to look, he is my man and this is my circumstance, if he wants me to know about his wife he will tell me.

    I am into my mistress relationship for six years now, my son is going to be five. My man is my man and I am his mistress. My close friends and my family know and they have quit asking stupid questions. I am his mistress, not his wife. He supports me and looks after me and my son and when I tell him I love him I mean it. I show him how much I love him. He is my man.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    All last week I've been wanting to fuck my twin brother. We don't look alike. But we both have blond hair and blue eyes. This 21-year-old neighbor of ours already fucked him. I've been frustrated. I've asked. Giving hints.
    But he just ignores me. My neighbor told me to come to this site and write. I was so frustrated that I told him to fuck my brother anytime he wanted. I was also a little jealous. My twin, who looks nothing like me is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not bad myself. So the guy who already fucked him said, go for it, just do it. He told me most twins do their brothers anyway, not all but a lot. So I decided to go for it.
    Last Monday, we were going to have the house to ourselves. Our parents were going to be out of state for a while. Funny, I always had the hots for my 21-year-old twin. And noe that I knew he went both ways. I was going to make my moves. My adrenaline was high. My heart pounded as I made sure the bathroom door was unlocked. I decided to get him in the shower. Just seemed right. He went into our parents shower.
    I waited by the bathroom. He was about to lock it. When I pushed in and said I forgot something. He was already shirtless. He said don't forget to lock it. He still had his pants on as he was checking the shower. I pretended to lock the door. I shut it. I could hear the shower now. I immediately stripped naked. My heart pounded as I opened the door. I locked the bathroom door. I could see his athletic body through their shower door. I opened their door. He looked at my naked body, and laughed. "What are doing?" he smiled as I blurted out, "shut up," I walked into the shower.
    Before he could say anything I started kissing him hard with smacking sounds. MY heart was still pounding when I realized my handsome, gorgeous twin who didn't look likely me was kissing me back with the same smacking sounds. He was in my arms. I could feel his dick and balls. It was nice. I just held him in my arms until my sperm came into his dick. It was a massive fuck. I couldn't believe he was letting me fuck him. The dude who lived next door was right. Asking and giving hints didn't work. But doing it with a excited heart did. We just stood there in the shower fucking. He then came into my dick. He then said, "I dropped the soap." I hadn't realized that he was still holding them bar soap. I looked at him and said "You won't need it." I kissed him one more time, then turned him over. I put my huge dick into his asshole. And that hole was massive and deep. A lot of guys cry out in pain when getting nailed like that, and there's no pain for them if you have a condom on, but I didn't have a condom and my twin was actually enjoying my dick. I was in do deep into his man cave when I reached my orgasm. So much sperm came out of my dick, I couldn't believe it. He just stood there, taking the fucking. I had to turn off the water. It had gotten cold. Finally, I turned him over. And as I kissed him I brought him down gently to my dick. I heard he gave good head.
    It wasn't good head, it was great head. He licked my balls st first, then he licked the top of my dick. Then as he knelt in front of me, he put his entire mouth into my huge cock. He just started sucking. Until I exploded with sperm gushing down his throat. I have no idea how long we were in the shower, but it had been morning when I made my moves. It was getting dark. I took my dick out if his mouth. And I picked him up. I led him out if they shower and out if the bathroom with my hand. "My clothes," he said. I looked at him in our parents bedroom. "Don't worry. You won't need them." I led him to my bedroom. And laid him out on my bed. "How did you know?" he kept repeating. I just smiled as I put lotion in my hands to use on him. I got on top of him. And I started fucking him. We were in birthday suitd. I just kissed him and fucked him all night. I had my bedroom door opened and he thought we were going to get caught. I had to remind him that our parents were out of town.

    I've been fucking him so much now. That sometimes he says, "Again." And we just laugh. As I was face fucking him, me sitting on his face, with my dick in his mouth. With my sperm going in. I told him I had to go pee. He said, "pee in my mouth." I was stunned. So I did. All that piss went down his throat. Then more of my sperm went down his throat.
    He then turned me around and started licking my ass with his tongue. We just had a great time. Our cousins visited us the next day. The girl was 25-years-old. She was four years older than us. And our guy cousin was 19-years-old. Both are brother and sister. It was just the four of us. And they just happened to be unlucky or lucky. We were still horny. For some reason both came to visit, probably to check on us.
    She was in his room when he took her. Not even a warning. My gorgeous twin brother was ready. He stripped fast, and took her clothes off without problems. Her bra and panties flew out the door. He had his dick in her pussy so fast. I shut the door to give them privacy. Her brother was stunned. It happened so fast. So I decided to fuck my good looking male cousin. And he let me kiss him. I took his clothes off fast. And mine came off to. We were fucking in the living room. I was on top. "You think they're done," he asked. I looked at him and said "no." He was as good looking as his sister. Then we stopped kissing. He looked at me and asked, "can I suck your dick." I smiled, got off him, and I took him to the kitchen. We were still naked as he started sucking. He sucked for at least 6 hours. My twin was still fucking our girl cousin. We were done. We dressed right away. We could hear her say, "I didn't expect that at all." They left.
    And my twin and I went for another round.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 23

    Hi. My name is Jenny, i am 23 years old. I am about 6"7 and have macromastia. Meaning, my breast grew to abnormal sizes ( fucking annoying). But, that doesnt stop me from working out. So, i have decent muscles (and some sweet abs). I am also a lesbian. I never liked men. Ever. Not my dad, uncles, or my brother.

    Our dad died 7 years back in a car accident. Kind of miss. And my mom died 5 years ago of breast cancer. That left me to take care of my brother. He is 10 now. Like i already said, i don't particularly like him. He isn't bad or anything, in fact, he is the nicest guy i know. Sweet, kind, caring, cute, and very shy.

    I dont have any problems with him, except for one. He is in love with me. Seriously, he is. Strangely enough, he told me this when my friends were over. I was in shock when he said it out loud. One of my friends signaled me to hug him. I did. But, i pressed his face between my tits. My friends thought it was really cute.

    This happened about a week ago. Now my brother sleeps next to me in bed. It's nice, i guess. Today my girlfriend is coming over, and she knows about this. I think we will be squeezing him between us to night!

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