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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 53

    Not the usual type of person to confess on here I guess, but here goes.
    I'm married, have two grown up daughters and also two grand kids. Both my daughters are married to genuinely nice men. One of my daughters has the two children and is a very proud mother and housewife. Whilst the other younger daughter is a career minded woman. It's the youngest daughter and her husband who this confession is about.
    My husband died four years ago. It left me not only missing him as a person, but also left me bereft of the person I loved to have lots and lots of what some would call horny sex with. That's because I've got a very high libido. I tried to date other men after around a year of being a widow, but soon found it was affecting my relationship with my family. Not through their perceptions, but my own. I bought dildo's to try and sedate my sexual urges, but it was a real mans cock I missed.
    So during a very open and frank discussion late one afternoon with my youngest daughter, she asked me if I had the chance, hypothetically speaking, would I have sex with Ray her husband. I knew why she'd asked me, because once during a drunken night out with them, Ray had said in front of me and my daughter, if he wasn't with my daughter, he'd be trying to bed me.
    The question from my daughter surprised me, but it didn't stop me answering truthfully. I told her because Ray was such a hunk, I'd love to, if we were speaking hypothetically, have him plowing my depths all night long.
    Three hours later in my marital bed, Rays face was between my legs and he was tonguing my pussy and asshole. My daughter believe it or not was only feet away downstairs, preparing all of our evening meals.
    In around an hour of wonderfully hard and sordid fucking, I had the most delicious orgasms with Ray fucking both my pussy and asshole.
    The moment he entered my home, and had his wife explain why she'd called him round, I just knew we'd end up fucking. He was reluctant at first until my daughter helped me undress. Once I was naked and stroking his cock through his trousers, he took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. From sucking on the biggest cock I've certainly seen and had fuck me, to having him tongue my pussy and asshole, I simply couldn't wait to feel a mans cock filling my horny fuck holes again.
    It was such a joyous feeling, I couldn't help screaming out his name when I had my first of many orgasms.
    With both of my love holes decorated with his cum, I showered with Ray, taking his cock again deep up my asshole to reach yet another amazing climax. Finishing our shower, we both walked down stairs and ate our eveing meal. Just as if it was perfectly normal for a mother in law, to be fucking her son in law, when her own daughter was present in her home.
    It's something Ray and I have been doing now for over eighteen months. We sometimes fuck when my daughter and he are hee together, but mostly now we have sex when he gets time during the day to fuck me. It's never less than four or five times a week, and he always leaves with his balls completely empty.
    My daughter says it keeps him very happy, me extremely happy and her intellectually happy, as it means she can concentrate on her extremely promising career.
    As you can see, I'm not your usual twenty something confessor, but all the same, I do still adore sex and paln on having as much of it, for as long as my body and mind still enjoy it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    The first time it happened, I was seventeen. I'd been out with friends and saw him trying to get my mom to suck his cock. They stopped when they saw me watching them, but I could still hear him asking my mo for sex when I'd gone to my room.
    About an hour later he entered my room totally naked. His cock was erect and it was enormous. Looking at me without flinching, he asked me if I'd suck him off. I told him to fuckoff at first, that was until he told me he'd pay for my driving lessons. I sat on my bed and thought it through as quickly as I could and came to the conclusion, I'd sucked off my boyfriend more than a few times, so I knew sucking him off would only take a few minutes.
    Motioning him over, I took hold of his massive cock and tried to suck in as much of his cock shaft as I could. It wasn't easy. After a few minutes I finally began to relax enough to suck more and more of his gorgeous cock into my mouth. And found myself actually beginning to enjoy the whole experience.
    My clit had begun to throb and my panties were becoming wet from the pussy juices leaking out. Then all of sudden, just as I'd started to play with myself, he came, flooding my mouth with his cum. There was so much cum flying out of his cock, I couldn't swallow it down quick enough and it began to flow out of the sides of my lips.
    Letting his cock slip from my mouth, he made a huge groaning sound and even more cum shot from his cock, spraying all over my face. He bent down, kissed me briefly something he'd never done and was about to walk out of my room. The thing was I was so horny by then, I told him I needed to orgasm. Quickly gripping my ankles he threw me onto my back and lifted my legs up and out. Reaching down he ripped off my panties and buried his face between my legs.
    I'd been licked and tongued before by my boyfriend, but nothing prepared me for just how good he was with his tongue. His tongue had me doing cartwheels in my mind as my pussy and asshole were licked, sucked and penetrated. When his tongue snaked its way over my clit, and he began to suck it into his mouth, my whole body began to shake and I had the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I was so overwhelmed I cried out like I'd never done before, and I cried out his name over and over.
    Smiling down at me as he exited my room, he said "That's one fine pussy girl".
    David's been saying that to me now for over twelve years. My mom still doesn't like sex and my husband just can't match his sexual appetite or skills. So every few days, David my step father and I get together either at my mom and his home, or when my husband goes to work, he'll sometimes call by to fuck me.
    I swear even if my mom and he split up, I'd still have David visit me. That's because no man since that first encounter with David, has ever come close to giving me the kind of orgasms he does, either with his tongue or his huge gorgeous cock.
    A devoted step daughter x

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I came home to live because it was cheaper and I am on the road for 2 weeks at a time. Mom is real good about me living there with her. She is 56 and has a good job, but gets a lot of headaches. I work for a small drug mfg. company and we have some real good stuff for headaches. I have not given any to Mom because of the side effects.
    Last month I came home and Mom was in bed with a bad headache she said it was making her sick to her stomach and didn't go to work that day. She asked if I had anything that would help she said I will take anything. I told her the only thing that I had would make her pass out for 8 hours. She said give me some I need help. I gave her 2 pills and with in the next hour she was out like a light.
    Three hours later I went into her room and she was still out cold the sheet was on the floor and her nightgown was around her waist and she was laying on her side. She had a very nice ass and I wanted a better look at her pussy so I rolled her over her pussy was covered with a thick muff of dark brown hair. I had never seen her naked before and I wanted to see more, she wouldn't know it anyway. I spread her legs apart and there it was the doorway to pleasure I just stood there looking at her slit the longer I looked the more I wanted to touch the lips. I saw no harm in it so I gently started touching her slit my prick was getting hard and I couldn't stop rubbing her flesh I opened the lips and saw her opening my finger slid inside of her. It went right in with no problem then a second finger she took them with ease I began sliding them in and out of her. I couldn't stop and I was getting hotter I knew I wanted some of her.
    I took off my pants her legs were still spread I climbed up on the bed and got between them I spit on my prick and began jerking off soon it was covered with pre-cum I knew that would help me go in deeper. I pushed my prick into her c**t she took it all in her, her hole was bigger than that I thought it was going to be. I started pumping away at her I reached under her ass and drove my prick as far in as I could as I shot my load in to her. After I came I lay there on her and thought she must be getting some cock somewhere as Dad has been gone 3 years and she wouldn't be that loose if she had not had some lately. That made me feel better I got up and went into my room.
    Two hours later I went back in to check on her she was still in the same position I had left her in as soon as I saw her pussy I knew I wanted some more of her. I climbed back up on her and as I rubbed her slit some cum came out I knew she would be wet enough to take another ride and ride her I did this time it took me a lot longer to cum as I grabbed her ass to drive my prick further in my finger slid into her asshole. I finished and knew I couldn't cum again but my finger gave me hope that she was going to take in up the ass the next time she needed help.
    She has done nothing but thank me for the pills and told me she knew that I was always going to be there to help her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    My mom and step dad came home last night from an all day drinking session, which they had with my uncle and his wife. Both of them were pissed, but my mom was the worst of the two. I helped my step dad put my mom to bed, and then watched him fall asleep on the sofa, watching a movie across from where I was sat texting friends. I noticed his cock had slipped below the leg hem of the shorts he'd changed into, and it looked big even flaccid.
    Feeling naughty and horny, I moved over to where he lay, moved the material of his shorts further up to reveal most of his cock shaft and began to stroke it. He moved a few times, but didn't wake up. His cock however did wake up and became erect. Now with my pussy dripping wet from feeling like it needed fucking, I took a grip of his cock and opened my mouth. Listening hard, I moved closer and let his cock slide over my tongue. Over the next five minutes I gave my step dad a blow job I wished he would have been awake for. At the same time, I slipped a hand inside my panties and played with my soaking wet clitty.
    I came first with my step fathers cock filling my mouth as it pulsed ready to cum. Not wanting to clean him up when he came flooding my mouth, I decided to swallow his hot sticky load. It tasted far nicer than my boyfriends and there was so much more too. Milking his cock and balls, I made sure I got everything, put his cock back as best I could and climbed the stairs to go to bed.
    This morning both my mom and my step dad had really bad hangovers, but my step dad had enough about him to corner me in the kitchen earlier, and ask me if I enjoyed his cock. I couldn't believe he knew I'd sucked him off, but he had. Before I left to go out with my friends, he said "Your moms out this weekend, you can go for round two if you like".
    I didn't answer him, but I was tempted to ask him if he'd consider fucking me instead. Now I don't know what to do. I've had time to think things through and realize it would be so horrible on my mom, but my step dads cock is so big and his cum tastes so nice, I really want him to fuck me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was 12 or 13 it was Easter in Qld, we were on holidays and all the families were getting together that year, our family got to the camping grounds a day early, I took off when we got their to go swimming to also void myself of the rest of my family which I'd been stuck in a car with all day, and to avoid any tent putting up duties lol fuck that shit, I got the creek and striped off and jumped in, then like in a dream a smoking hot chick was on the bank looking my clothes and as she striped off she asked if she could join, I happily helped her in the water, my cock was erect and i was proud to show it off, and this bird was impressed, she wasted no time in giveing me a hand job, we played with each other all day, wanking, fingering, sucking, licking, she even got me pee on her while she masterbated on some rocks in a private part of the creek,,,,,was a top day, I left her at sunset and made my way back to camp, next day all the different families got there at different times of the day, about 4pm as we were eating, another lot walked in, a lot of the uncles and aunts and cousins we'd never met, and I was introduced to my cousins becky, who happend to be the smoking hot bird I had been clit sucking and peeing on the day before, the amount of cum she had willingly Swollowed was immense, we both turned bright red, and both nerely threw up a little at the same time, then we walked off to everyone's surprise acting like old friends so we could discuss what the fuck was happening, we started talking and after we both finished cumming at least 4 times each it was a done deal lol.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    I guess this isn't just a confession but a how to guide to get the most out of your hamper diving,closet raiding ,panty enjoyment. I've secretly enjoyed a special someone's dirty panties many times and developed this method.
    Using only the best pair, with white vaginal secretions and if I'm lucky, a small little streak of fecal matter, I boil a small bowl of water in the microwave. My goal first of all is to get the richest scent of her pussy and of course her sexy little ass. With my hot water I put the crotch of her panties over the top of the bowl and allow the rising steam to reconstitute the dried pussy juices. About twenty seconds is perfect.
    With my now warm and inhanced panties I sit down and put them over my head so that the crotch is directly over my nose. This serves two purposes, mainly my hands shakes with insane desire while just trying to hold them to my nose and inhale while jacking off. Plus it's hard to keep the "sweet spot" where all her fragrant pussy juices are concentrated. The second purpose of wearing them on my face is with each inhale the scent of pussy and ass mix perfectly and just as I'm about to blow a big load, I pull the crotch down and push it into my mouth. Sucking on her panties and actually tasting her pushes me way over the edge. Try this panty sniffers and tell me if you don't enjoy your kink 100 times more!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Enjoying a really lively barbecue at my father in laws last summer, my wife's brother Martin asked me if I'd help him shift some stuff out of the boot of his car. When I got to his car, Martin asked me to sit inside. He then asked me if I'd ever made a porn video with some other guys. As soon as he said it, I knew what he was going on about. In my first year of college I'd made a bet with another three lads to see if I'd suck each of them off in turn. My winnings were, two football tickets for a Champions league final and a chance to fuck one of the lads girlfriends. What I didn't know at the time because I was too busy sucking cock, was I was being filmed. That film is now on the internet.
    When I told Martin I had, he asked me straight out if I'd suck him off too, saying he'd always fancied me and would love to fuck my face. Sitting in his car, I thought about all the ways I could get out of it, but then I noticed he'd taken his cock out. Telling him to put it away as his sister walked around the side of the house, I asked him if we could use one of his fathers rooms. In my father in laws guest bedroom, I went down on my brother in law and gave him the first blow job I'd given anyone since leaving college.
    After fucking my mouth for over ten minutes, Martin had just cum in my mouth when we both heard a male voice say "Uh huh!!!". It was Martins father and he didn't look best pleased that I was sucking his sons cock. And seeing his daughter, my wife was only downstairs, I wasn't surprised.
    I was totally embarrassed, but Martin didn't seem to care. Brushing past his dad pulling his trousers up, he asked me if I wanted a beer. Swallowing what semen I had left in my mouth, I said "Yeh sure" and followed him with a very angry looking father in law in tow.
    Later that night my father in law pulled me to one side and told me "This is the last time you'll ever cheat on my daughter or be with my son". He said it in such a way I knew he wasn't messing around.
    The girl I was given the chance to fuck when I was in college, is now my wife. She was a slut then when I first fucked her and she's even more of a slut now. But she's got nothing on her brother and I, who now meet up at least once a week to have oral sex, and if we've got time, I now like to have Martin fuck me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    This last summer I figured out that I could see into our bathroom window from our garage. There is a little storage area just over the door that we use for storing canned stuff and basically junk that nobody wants any more, but mom considers good stuff so she won't throw it away. The area has one small window in it and it can see down into the bathroom of our house. I was up there hiding out and wanking, it's where I keep my porn book I found in the trash. I was about to start my favorite pass time when I looked out the window and saw my sister getting ready to shower.

    I was interested, but not real excited because it was, after all, my sister, but then she started to play with her boobs and thing got a lot more interesting. She had the water running, but didn't get in, she stood there playing with her boobs and I was getting a great view. I could tell she was getting excited, but then the window in the bathroom fogged and I couldn't see what was happening. I wanked thinking of my sister playing with herself as she was getting ready to shower.

    The foggy window would not do, so I got some stuff that was supposed to make it so the window wouldn't fog. Well, it worked. The next time she went to shower I went out to the garage and WOW! Seeing a naked girl playing with herself is much better than my book or the internet! I cummed every where. It was all over the storage area because I just exploded. I had to get something to clean it up and come back. When I came back I noticed she was just coming out of the shower, so I wanked again watching her dry off. She has a nice body, but not very big tits, she is a runner in track.

    I feel like such a perve, but I love watching her naked. I now wonder what mom looks like. She is in pretty good shape for a older person and she has nice big tits. Her nipples must be huge because when it is cold it looks like something about the size across as my thumb is poking up. She uses her master bath, and it doesn't have windows. I keep on thinking on how I can get to see her, but so far, I've not been able to do it, but I have taken her panties out of the hamper and jerked off with them. I use her bra too. I really want to see what her nipples look like!

    BTW: she is divorced and keeps in good shape.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    I was in 5th grade when my kid sister Penny, 3 years younger than me, tore her hymen in ballet class. I had just discovered masturbation, and when I figured out what a hymen was, I became sexually intrigued. Penny's pussy became the focus of my jerk-off fantasies. But I figured it would remain fantasy.

    Then one saturday Mom and Dad were out and Penny and me were alone. Or I was alone, because she was in her room. I didn't hear anything so I looked in her room and there she was straddling a pillow and humping like a little slut. She was terrified that I'd caught her, but it took no work to get her to substitute me for the pillow. Her body on mine, with nothing but our undies separating my cock and her wet pussy, grinding against each other, was my first real sexual experience. Her face when she came was gorgeous.

    When we cleaned up afterwards, she played with my dick a bit, making me hard. I'd read about pussy-eating, so I asked her for permission to lick her juices off her. She was all "that's yucky" at first, but she was curious. So I got to eat Penny's delicious pussy and made her cum again. At this point my cock was aching so while she was still cumming I mounted her and slid my dick into her. I think I almost passed out when I came inside her. She was still cumming and I started kissing her. She kissed back and we spent a while making out. My cock got hard again inside her and we had another round, this time her on top. After we had lunch I showed her my porn collection and we tried 69, and that got us both hot again. I didn't bother asking when I flipped her over and eased my dick into her asshole the first time. Her gasping and crying made me hurt as I fucked and came inside her ass.

    We got cleaned up before Mom and Dad got home, but we were very cuddly, and she snuck in my room that night for more. A pretty much stopped jerking off, and Penny became my go-to-girl for sex. She tried Playing Doctor with boys her own age, but that fell flat quickly. She had a couple of girlfriends she managed to seduce though. But I never got anywhere with girls my own age. By the time Penny got to junior high, we had given up on other people and we were a couple.

    Penny and Luke and I moved out as soon as we could. We moved south to the States and claimed to be a married couple. We've had 3 kids, and we pretend our kids haven't done anything with each other.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    For years growing up, I would notice my moms youngest brother Mike, look at me in a different way than he did with other family members. At th age of fourteen I caught him at a family barbecue my mom and dad were holding, fucking a young woman (Around twenty) in the large wooden outbuilding my father keeps his machinery in. He was fucking her from behind when I first walked in and I could see his ass moving as he fucked her. They changed position as I stood their watching, and my uncle had her climb on top of his cock. But before she did, I got to see the size of his cock.
    I'd not seen any in the flesh, but had seen some in a porn magazine my friend had. My uncle was far larger than any I'd seen in the magazine and I later learned that's why he attracted younger woman easily.
    It's my nineteenth birthday next week. I've already had one of my presents, one from Mike. That's because nearly a year ago we finally spoke about me finding him in my fathers outbuilding, fucking that young woman. Mike wasn't in the least bit phased by it, instead my uncle said "I always knew there was something different about you, that's why you always looked at my cock bulge". It was then I realized why he'd always looked at me in a funny way. I guess I had been looking at his crotch, mainly because it always looked so big. To finish off what he was saying to me, my mom's youngest brother asked me if I'd like to see what's inside his shorts.
    I wasn't a virgin when I walked down the garden with Mike to my dads outbuilding. Neither was a shy teenager who didn't like sex, but I have something that puts some guys off. I also wasn't a slut either at that point.
    Entering the outbuilding, Mike asked me if I wanted to go through with what we both knew we'd entered the place for. Letting my dress fall to the floor revealing I was naked under it, told my uncle all he needed to know. Moving us over to a pile of old tyres, he lifted me up and had me lay back spreading my legs. Mike didn't move for a few seconds, but just took in my pussy and asshole from where he stood. His voice was very calm but also full of lust when he said "Well girl you have one hell of pussy and that clit is so fucking horny". You see it's my clit that some guys don't like. My clit isn't an ordinary clit, it's like a small cock.
    It didn't stop the first person ever from pouncing on my pussy with as much eagerness as I'd had with any guy. Some guys had played with it, some guys had even kissed it a little. But no one had licked, sucked and practically made love to it as my uncle did that afternoon. I don't know just how long Mike was lapping, sucking and playing with my pussy lips, labia's and clit, but I'd had two orgasms by the time he even let me see his cock. When I did, I went cock crazy.
    I was already desperate to have him fuck me, and knowing I was on birth control only highlighted the fact I wanted what I saw in front of me. The memory of him fucking that young woman close to where he was gently stroking my clit, whilst taking off his clothing to reveal his enormous cock, had me begging my uncle, my mom's youngest brother to fuck me.
    Mike asked me one more time if I was sure and as soon as I said "Oh fuck yeh" he stepped right up to me, put his massive cock head to my pussy opening and pushed in.
    The undeniable and total pleasure I got from his eleven, yes eleven inch cock sliding up into my body was so defining for me, I can still remember every inch of it pushing past my pussy lips, labia's and stroking my clit as it slid in. Every nerve ending in my pussy was alive with his cock shaft filling me to the brim. I was so full of enthusiasm, I looked him straight in the eyes and told my thirty eight year old uncle, to fuck me like he'd never fucked anyone before.
    I might be his niece, but in that outbuilding almost a year back Mike fucked me like I was a stranger, a whore or as he now calls me, his family slut. In every way I was his. In every way other than anal, I gave myself to Mike and I made damn sure by the time I walked/waddled out of there, he'd given me the best or very close to it, fuck he'd ever given any female. I slutted myself for him by allowing him to choose how he wanted to enter my body. I was his and only his, and I told him as I performed the splits for him over two piles of large tire's, that I would only fuck only him in future as long as he wanted me. Mike was holding my tits from behind, whilst fucking me as my legs took the strain of the splits. He loved my athletic ability to stretch and bend to his wishes and I was fully stretched out that way when he pumped real hard into me, shouted he was cumming then flooded my pussy with his hot sticky cum.
    But I wasn't satisfied. Letting him slip out of me, I got down on my knees and had hi feed me his still semi hard cock. I sucked off my own pussy juices from his cock and kept on sucking his massive cock until it came back to life. Standing up against the outbuilding door, I raised my right leg and had it out straight and upright by my right ear. Mike stood next to me, put his cock back into my pussy and held me as he rammed his cock into my pussy as hard as he could.
    I came twice in quick succession and was just relaxing a little from the second one when he came again filling me up inside. This time I had him lick and tongue me out, as I sat on a ride on mowing machine. My clitty was throbbing by the time I'd cum for the last time that day, and Mike was telling me his jaw ached.
    One of my presents I received from Mike last week, was calling by his apartment and spending two hours having sex. But sex we'd never had before. Knowing I wanted to try it, Mike asked for me to call round. He'd gotten lots of lube ready and had me bathe first. Then in a first for me, my uncle fucked my asshole. It was difficult at first until my asshole got used to his huge size, yet I so wanted to able to please him in every way, I gritted my teeth and had Mike eventually push past my sphincter muscles. Te sexual energy I got from having him fuck my asshole was just awesome. Pretty much as soon as my ass got used to his enormous cock being inside it, I began to orgasm again and again and again.
    Tomorrow night my parents are going out for the night. I've already told Mike to call by. And having had a week to recover from him fucking my asshole, I'm so looking forward to having him fuck me and all my holes.
    I'm most definitely my uncles slut and doesn't he know it.

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