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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    My cousin was older than my mother, told me ot call her aunt out of respect. On our farm she had her own sheep she managed. She paid me ot help her with stalls and feeding some days. She was a rough talking woman who spoke openly about sex.
    She ask me if my nuts had fell yet?? and I said yes. Have you fucked any of my sheep yet?? NO why would you ask that?? young boys will fuck anything, and sheep pussy is close to a woman.
    She bent over in the barn and pulled up her dress, have you seen one of these?? I looked and blushed, Yes I have seen one. Your sister?? NO, I had seen my much older sister nude, not by plan but by accident. the only one I had seen beside my cousin.
    Come here and look closer. when I got there she sat on a stool and opened her legs. CLOSER; she said, I got close and she opened the lips. spread the thick dark hair with her fingers.
    I bet you could just kiss that?? Couldnt you?? Yes I said. Well kiss it, see what it taste like. I got close and she grabbed my head.
    STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT! YEA, like that. now lick the top part for me. she soon toghtened her legs and had an orgasm.
    Get up here and pull it out for me. She yanked me close and pulled my pants down. stuck it in her mouth and blew me. I said STOP, I had finished and was feeling strange.
    She smiled and ask me if that was my first time with mout my own hand?? I said nothing, smiled and walekd away.

    Week later we led the buck into the in heat females for breeding. When they finished she ask if I got hard watching?? I said no, its animinals. She told me we are animinals. Now come over here with me. She got on the fence rain grabbed the post and told me to stick it in her. I did as she said, and got my first vagina of my life.

    She knew I would not last long, so she watched me and smiled.
    I bet you liked that pussy, didnt you?? yes I did. She smiled and hugged me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    What I am going to confess is taboo, its about me and dad, its just us at home, I wanted to have sex with my dad and him with me I know some think sex between parents and siblings is wrong, I am 19 and never had a sex I am not good looking or confident with boys my only asset is that I have an arse to die for my friends tell me, in the house he would talking to me and drop his trousers in front of me and tidy him self up his dick would be bulging some times sticking down the leg of his under pence, things started to happen at weekends during breakfast we would be in our night clothes dad in his pyjamas the front open I could see part of his dick and black pubic hair a lot of the time he had an erection I could see it bulging it did look good, when he was sat at the table his dick was stuck out of the opening in his pyjamas he saw me look, he said sorry I can not stop it, it looked very good sticking out it had happened regular at weekend, I was a bit naughty I started to ware my short night shirt if I bent over you see my bottom, I often did a little bit it felt good exposing my bottom to dad, I went warm and wet in my vagina, I did it once to often at the table, dad had his dick out and was slowly wanking when I turned around he told me to bend over the table and spread my legs I did gladly I felt the head of his dick rubbing my vagina he found the entrance and slowly pushed inside me, telling to relax not to tense up, that is my confession and proud of it, I would like comments

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    This is so wack, but I don't wanna stop. I have a female cousin, Linda, that's kind of a psycho bitch, but has always been more like a sister or best friend to me. We are always together at family stuff, and we have always just teased the hell out of each other. But last weekend she told me, show me yours and I'll show you mine... well, we did a lot more than show each other. She fucked me so hard I thought my balls were going to fall off!

    After we were done, she told me that I was her last male-cuz-fucks. I looked over at her like WTF, and she told me that she has been fucking every one of our cousins and family members that she can and that I was the last male cousin over 15 that she hadn't fucked yet. That completely just screwed with my head, then she told me that I should do it too. She even gave me a list of cousins that she said are easily fuckable, and then started listing our aunts an uncles that like to do teens. wholly shit, she's even fucked my mom and dad. She said she did a 3some with them and my dad really rocked her c**t. She's even done her own parents.

    I thought no fucking way, she's just trying to screw with my head some more, but I thought what the hell. Her mom is a serious piece of ass, so I dropped by the next day when I knew Linda would not be there and my uncle would be out fishing. I hung around the house a while and used the pool. When I got out, my trunks were wet and I had a serious boner. Linda wasn't kidding. Her mom was in the kitchen eying me when I stood up, but I acted like I didn't know she was there. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and she was so fucking turned on! Her big nipples were really poking up under her tee. I bushed her tits as I leaned over to get a glass of water, and I whispered, "cousins" to her. She got a big grin on her face and dropped to her knees. She pulled my trunks down and started me with a blow right there.

    (Linda told me that she told her mom about her game and referred to it as "cousins")

    I thought Linda was psycho bitch, but her mom is totally sic. We fucked the rest of the afternoon. After she told me that I was the 5th of to punch her card for cousins.

    I have a big family, and just in my area I have over 150 aunts, uncles, and cousins. Like I said, this is wack, but so many to fuck!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    I didn't lock my bedroom door and my teenage son walked in on me the other night with the neighbor's son's penis in my mouth. The problem is I am casual friends with his parents and if they found out, things might get crazy. My son started to hold this against me for his own personal gain. What he proposed to me for keeping his silence is not a normal thing a mother should be doing with her son. We live in a two bedroom apartment and I have two younger daughters also living here.
    Yesterday after work,my son and I were alone and he followed me into the bathroom where I allowed him to feel me up while I gave him a hand job. I never even wanted to go that far and he has let it be known how much he wants me to perform fellatio on him.
    I know now that I am going to give in and end up having both vaginal and anal intercourse with him. After all he is well endowed and really seems physically attracted to me. When he ejaculated onto my bare breasts yesterday, I actually became wet and I masterbated twice before going to sleep.
    I called out from work today and he will be home in about an hour. My daughters both have after school activities and I do not think he is aware that we will be alone again for nearly two hours. The neighbor's son payed me a visit earlier and he left his seed in both my mouth and vagina. I feel so insatiable and am thinking of so many ways to seduce my son when he gets home.
    Maybe I will share just what might exactly transpire here soon as I know he is going to press hard for a blowjob today. I have already come to the conclusion that if he is willing to go down on me I may be willing to start rocking his world like he could ever imagine. The thought of both him and my naughty young neighbor covering me at both ends has me typing with one hand right now if you catch my drift. :P

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    There must be other women out there who are in my predicament. Ones who have made their minds up about what to do, and who have taken the choice by themselves. Unfortunately I'm struggling with not only what I witnessed, but also my own response.

    I'm a very sexually active person and I think my husband and I have a good, if not fantastic sex life. So why then after returning home early from a day out with my sister (It had rained all morning) did I find the man I love with all my heart, lay on the rug in front of our fireplace naked. His legs were up around a guys neck who I didn't know, and the guy who was also naked, was fucking my husband and masturbating him at the same time.

    It was like everything went into slow motion as I watched my husband willingly take this guys cock deep up his asshole. And from I could tell, my husband was loving every second of it. Now the totally bizzare thing, I stood there knowing he was cheating on me, and got unbelievably turned on. I don't mean just curious, I actually mean my pussy was soaking wet with sexual anticipation.

    I found myself willing the guy to fuck my husband harder and I strained to see from the doorway just how big this guys cock was, the obviously large one that was giving my husband so much pleasure. I nearly cried out with the building sexual charge flowing through me, when I touched myself. As hard as I tried to find what they were doing to be repulsive, I just couldn't. Slipping my right hand up under my skirt and into my panties, I knowingly inserted a finger inside myself, as they both began to moan and tell one another how good the other was fucking.

    Pushi ng my husbands legs back over his head almost, the man leaned over and they kissed. It was only seconds later I heard my husband tell tale grunts from when he orgasmed. Seperating slightly I saw cum spread over each of their abdomens. The guy withdrew from my husbands ass and I could clearly see his large condom covered cock. Removing the condom quickly and moving up my husbands body, his cock exploaded showering my husbands face and chest with his cum.

    As hard as I could, I tried to surpress my own moans as I came. But I'm sure they heard something as I ducked behind the doorway. Moving as quickly as I dared, I walked out of the house and got into my car. Driving a few blocks from home, I sat there to try rationalise what I'd seen and why I did what I did. The only conclusion I could come up with, was my husband had an obvious bent for being fucked and loved his secret gay sexual experiances, probably just as much as he loved being dominant with me when he fucked me mercilessly. For my part I think and this is where I'm struggling. Is I think I've found another sexual deviancy in me. And that's watching my husband taking another mans cock deep up his asshole. Because why else would I have masturbated myself to orgasm watching them.

    I cannot make up my mind. If I should let him know I know about his secret gay liason, should I let him have his sexual release from gay sex. Or should I leave the man I love for cheating on me. I do have a touch of jealousy about him seeing a guy to have sex with, but I also know deep down, I actually enjoyed seeing the pleasure on my husbands face as he was taking a big cock up his probably well fucked asshole.

    Decission time is coming, as we're supposed to be away on vacation soon. And I need to know if I can truely love and trust him in future. Wish I knew what other couples had gone through and how they've dealt with it all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    With what happened in this tale everything in my life changed. I had been married 7 years, worked 3 am til about 3 pm, lots of OT. With these hours, i would always be in bed by 6. Picked up wife's little 11yo sis on the way home on Wed. to have her with us til Sun. evening. Dinner over I went to bed, wife and kids went to church. I didn't know little sis stayed home. I always sleep nude, and when I was awaken, still in a foggy state, there was a naked person on top of me putting my dick into her pussy. Thinking my wife was wanting to fuck, I started pushingb up, but found it very hard to get inside. As my dick started to slide in a little, I started waking up more, and some of the fog cleared, Now I knew it wasn't my wife, but little sis. She now knew I was awake enough to know it was her, and she dropped herself alkl the way onto my almost 7 inches and was in great pain. Awake now, I asked why and she said I have been coming down the hall and watching you two fuck for over a year now, and wanted to know what it felt like. She then said it hurts, why would sis want to do this. Now I have to decide something. Do I fuck this little girl or not. I had a vacitomy 3 months ago, and just had my sperm test and can,t get her pg. I decided to finish what she started. Long story short, she ended up loving it and we have been fucking now for years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    A year ago I was kidnapped and held hostage by a couple of men that I didn't know. They kidnapped me when I was getting out of my car at home. They planned to use me as leverage for hostage negotiations when the cops caught up with them because they had robbed a small jewler that day.

    At first I was scared and confused. I didn't know what was going to happen to me and was afraid of these men.

    After an hour of driving, with me tied up in the back seat, we finally arrived at their destination. They shut me in a small room and left me there for a while still tied up. After a while the one took the tape off my mouth and unbound my hands, then left me with a granola bar and bottle of water.

    Once I was able to think clearly, I started thinking about how to escape. The window in the room was barred and boarded and the door was fastened with a heavy lock and I had nothing to use as a weapon in the room.

    After an entire day of thinking, I finally realized there was no way out for me. But that night the thought occurred that my captors are men, and unless they are gay, I might be able to seduce them enough to trick them.

    The next day I started trying to subtly seduce the first man as he brought me a small breakfast. He didn't seem to catch on and I decided to try harder next time. He came back after lunch time with a snack for me and I told him that I would be glad to thank him for my food. He got the hint but didn't act on it. Finally he brought me dinner and again I offered myself to him. This time I said I was grateful for how well they were treating me and wanted to show my appreciation to him. He replied asking how I could do that and I told him to pull down his pants.

    Unfortunately for me, he retied my hands, this time in front of me, but also tied my feet to one of the bars on the window. Despite being disappointed by the man's caution, I knew I had to follow through and maybe earn their trust.

    I gave that guy a blowjob that night and swallowed every drop, hoping to impress him as much as possible. The sooner I could earn their trust the better.

    The next day the second guy brought me breakfast and I immediately started my offers for him. He was much easier and pulled his cock out for lunch. Despite my situation, I still remember being impressed by both men's sizes.

    The second man also received a blowjob for dinner, and I knew he would be the easy on to convince. Three days went on with them taking turns delivering my meals and me giving blowjobs.

    Then the first man left in the morning to make a grocery run to a nearby town. The second man brought me my breakfast and I told him how I was hoping we could go further than what we had been doing. He didn't even hesitate to untie my legs so that I could spread them for him, but he tied my hands tl the window this time. I felt like I would never get these guys to trust me.

    I spread my legs for him that morning and he filled me with his cum despite me having missed my birth control for several days.

    Over the next few days i continued spreading my legs for the second guy and continued sucking the other man's cock. Idk how much they told each other but they had to know.

    Finally after two weeks of being locked in that room the first man went out again and the second man tooknme out of the room. He even untied my hands and feet both this time. I was excited but knew I had to be careful.

    Knowing that the other guy would be gone for a few hours, me and this guy just fucked in one of the bedrooms. I think this is when I realized that I was honestly enjoying being their prisoner.

    Before the first man returned I was put back in the room and like clockwork, the first man came back and soon after came in for my dinner and his blowjob.

    It took me a few more days to get another chance out of that room. The first man left again and I was let out again. This time I knew what I had to do. I knew where the man's cellphone was and I knew that I could probably get away for a phone call after sex if I was good enough and lasted long enough to wear him out for a nap.

    Two and a half hours later the man was snoozing in his bed shortly after filling me with his cum yet again. I snuck out of the room and rushed to the phone. I called 911, explained my situation and also explained that I was calm and treated well and that if the police waited to raid the place another few hours that they could get both men. I then told the dispatcher I had to go.

    To keep them unsuspecting, I returned to the bedroom and fondled the guy into another erection. He woke up with my mouth on his cock again and I gave him a blowjob. He allowed me to quickly clean up and then returned me to my room. Soon after the other man returned and sure enough he came in for his blowjob.

    I had just swallowed his load when the cops sped into the front yards with sirens blaring and lights flashing. I wiped a small blob of his cum off my chin and sucked it off my finger as he ran out of the room.

    Now a year later, I have repeatedly sought out anonymous sex partners to pretend that I am their slave. The entire experience changed me and I am glad it happened.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My Son is Insane

    I spent the day mowing my lawn and I have no idea what that idiot son of mind does when i'm not looking but when my wife returned home from the Mall, she tossed my Bananas off the deck, and I asked her why and she said "They were completely bruised." I just bought those Bananas the other day and now they've been bruised and I wonder did I buy defective Bananas from Kroger?? Well for some reason my son was laughing about it, and I asked "What was so funny??" He told me that he DANCED with my Bananas; "You don't Dance with Bananas, those are for eating not for that foolishness." Those Bananas cost me money that I worked hard for to earn, and then you go and do something as silly and childish such as dancing with bananas; Who in the Hell even Dances with Bananas?? My son is not right in the head anymore he farts all the time in my house and stinks up my house, he puts on my wife's clothes and finds it funny, he plays striptease in front of us at the house, he draws pictures of naked women and looks for real pictures of them on my computer and to top it all of he danced with my bananas; I believe my son is criminally insane.

    After I sent him home to his mother where I believe he inherited his insanity from I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and then took a look back trying to figure out what went wrong with my son, and what made him act so goofy. I think my son needs to see a Councilor because he is not right in the head, and after all he's done to me, he's sent me back to drinking as a result. Than the next week when he came over he tried to dance with my favorite fruit eve, Gr**es; this time I told his if he did the same thing to the Gr**es like he did to my Bananas; I would skin his hind end. I hope now he's straightened up but, I really shouldn't expect much, cause i'm not sure what he'll do next.

    Well now he's got my Banjo and is singing songs about Bananas, Hair, People's Feet, and Women and he's Playing these songs with my Banjo while sitting on the toilet taking a shit. Now this is not normal behavior for a 11 year old boy, and I need to get this boy some serious help before I completely lose my mind; either he needs to do some Consoling or a trip to the Looney Bin, I hope something straightens out my Insane Son and I hope it isn't too late.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The moment I walked into our home I knew she was having sex with someone. The smell of sex was so strong and soft moaning confirmed the fears I'd a had for so long. My wife Melony is I strongly presume, not with me because I've got a fantastic body and a huge cock. No, she's with me because my mother left me a large amount of money in her will, plus the rights to carry on making money with the family business.

    My cock is in fact only five and half inches long when fully erect. That plus a few other things, had always made me think the woman I married would one day cheat on me. I work hard and sometimes neglect our marriage, but I've always said to Melony, I'd give up work at the age of forty five to enjoy our life together. It seemed when I walked in, she wasn't prepared to wait.

    The real sucker punch wasn't walking upstairs, looking through the bannister rail, to see her stunning 28 year old body bouncing up and and down on some guys cock. It was whos cock she was busily ramming up her shaven pussy. The man in question was my step father Ian. The very same man who'd helped bring me up after my father had died. The very same man my mother had met and then remarried. He was also the person who had shown me I could satisfy someone sexually, namely him.

    I was seventeen and a half when we first had sex. My hormones were flying everywhere and I always seemed to have a hard on those days. Catching Ian masturbating one afternoon, I was asked by him if I wanted to join him. Watching the gay porn film he had playing, I lay next to him, took out my rock hard small cock and things kinda went from there. Within two months I was expertly sucking on his cock as he drained mine. For my eighteenth birthday Ian taught me how to take his nine inch cock up my rear. He only stopped fucking me when I moved out at the age of twenty four. My mother died when I was twenty six and I met Melony after I took over the business.

    Seeing Ians cock slide up my wifes pussy wasn't the worst thing for me, even if it did make me nearly cry out in pain. It was betrayal of my step father that hurt the most. Every kind of emotion went through me in matter of minutes, as I continued to watch them fuck. Melony rose up, took hold of Ians cock shaft and slowly guided his pussy juice coated cock up her ass. At that moment time seemed to stand still, as I began to lust after the feeling I knew his cock was giving Melonys asshole. I also wanted at the same time, to be the one giving her that pleasure, making her as she eventually did, cum all over a thick long hard dick.

    Circumstances and DNA made all my thoughts and wishes erelevant. So walking upto the bedroom doorway I stood in plain sight until Ian noticed me stood there. They both jumped up and Ian tried to make some lame excuse. Melony looked at me as if I was ghost. Stepping into the bedroom I told them both to be quiet and then taking hold of Melonys arm, I lead her back onto the bed where Ian was still lay. Looking enviously at his throbbing manhood, I motioned and asked Melony to carry on fucking him. At the same time I took hold of my step fathers cock and began masturbating it for him. melony looked shocked until I told her "It's not the first time I've had hold of it, usually it's my asshole that he fucks".

    The sheer look of disbelief on her face was enough for me to start laughing. I stopped laughing the moment her asshole sunk onto Ians cock again. Still holding the base of Ians cock shaft, I watched and felt my wife begin to fuck my step father. It didn't take too long for Melony to get fully back into what they'd been doing, before she knew I was there. Waiting for her orgasm to rise, I stripped, took hold of her breasts from behind and supported my wife as she really began to enjoy herself on Ians thick long cock.

    Melony came as hard and long as I'd ever seen her do. I waited until she slunk down. Moved her off Ians cock and then took his anal juiced covered cock into my mouth. It had been years since the last time I felt and tasted my step fathers dick, it has become a very regular thing since I found Melonys pussy sliding up and down on it that day. Myself and Ian have also begun to have fun when Melony's not around. She gets to have her thing with Ian on their own, aswell as when I'm there. And I get to have everything I could now wish for. I can tell you the night I sucked my step fathers cum out of my wifes asshole, was an amazing night, especially as she was cumming at the same time.

    My family life has improved ten fold. Not because I accepted their cheating ways. It was because I accepted my own limitations and allowed my self esteem to be nurtured in a different and ultimately pleasurable sexual way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    this was when i was 19. i am now 69 and i have never toldto anyone. just starting my second year in the AF and a high school friend was in collage in this town where i got stationed. his older sis was friends with the mom of this 16 yo girl he wanted me to take out. i met l and we hit it off right from the start.she was in her 3rd year of high school and her mom and dad both worked the evening shift. l took care of her little 2yo sis every evening so for us to go out we took r with us.well 1964 there were lots of drive in movies so we went there. by the second movie r was asleep in the back seat of my car and we had about 2 hours to ourselves. by the second month of dating i was in her pants regulary. sometimes i did noyt have money so we would stay in. the first time this happened was about 4 months in and we put r to bed at 7. by 8 i had l naked in her room and i was too. i was balls deep fucking this 16yo when little 2yo r walks in and climbed into bed with us. i kept fucking and before long r was asleep next to us.

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