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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 36

    Off on a three day trip tomorrow, and I simply cannot wait. My husband will be staying at home (work) so I'll be taking Jack his seventeen year old nephew for company. Which was in a roundabout way my husband's suggestion.
    What my husband doesn't know, is for the past two months, Jack and I have been having sex whenever and wherever we can. Our first sexual engagement was in my car. I'd driven over to my sister in laws to give Jack his seventeenth birthday present, but all hell was breaking loose at their home (Families eh) Driving Jack over to a place I know he likes to chill out at, I couldn't help but notice his cock bulge. Jack was uncomfortable and I could tell. Asking him if things were ok, he told me he'd not had sex yet and all his mates had. Before I could say anything in response, he added "It's because I only want you".
    Now I'm not going to lie and say I hadn't noticed, because I had. What I will say is I wasn't expecting what happened next. Jack undid his shorts in front of me, lowered them and out slapped his extremely thick cock. It's not overly long at six and half inches, but it's so utterly and gorgeously thick. I'm no prude, but I was shocked at what he did. He saw my face and started to apologise. But by then I was horny myself staring at his growing cock. Putting both hands around it, I began to masturbate my husband's nephew.
    Jack groaned and began to kind of fuck my hands, yet I wanted to do something else for him. Shuffling around, I maneuvered myself so I could lean over. Still holding his now fully erect cock, I leant over and sucked in the thickest cock ever.
    It was supposed to be a one time event. I was only going to blow Jack and let him feel special for those brief but exciting moments, but things didn't turn out that way. Jack was taking an eternity to cum. Even though I was tossing him off and sucking hard and deep down my throat, he just wasn't cumming. I myself was incredibly turned on, so not caring if anyone might have seen us, I removed my skirt and knickers, moved us around a little, and mounted his amazingly fat cock.
    I felt my pussy spread like never before, and I swear before his cock fully bottomed out up my pussy, I was already having my first climax.
    Throughout our first fuck, Jacks face was pure lust and surprise. It was never my intention that day to have sex with Jack, although in one of my more sexually wicked moments weeks earlier, I had envisioned him tonguing out my pussy. Anyway that's something else.
    His cock felt perfect for me, so thick and so very hard, that once I really began to fuck Jack, I placed his hands on my breasts, leaned into him and we began to kiss. Taking every inch of his cock, I soon felt him shuddering beneath me and knew he was about to cum. I was right, but before his cock let go, I had a second orgasm which nearly blew my head off. It was so intense, so powerful throughout my entire body, I collapsed on top of him, which in turn had Jack pumping his cock deep inside me, filling my quivering pussy with his seed.
    Separating, I held his hands and then moved them to my pussy. His cum was leaking out, but I wanted him to know something. Making him scoop up his cum, I put his fingers to my mouth and licked every drop off. Swallowing his cum, I told Jack "Anytime you want sex from now on, text me".
    The very next day as I was having my lunch at work, Jack text me to tell me he was horny. Before I drove home after work, I had Jacks cock fucking me from behind again in my car. Again I orgasmed so hard, I was shaking like a leaf, and I knew then we'd carry on having sex.
    The trip was supposed to be with my husband, but his business needs him, so he suggested I take someone else. I mentioned a couple of my girlfriends, but also added in Jacks name. My husband said it would be good for Jack to out of his families environment for a while, so I arranged it so Jack and would take the trip. Telling my husband sleeping obviously would be in separate rooms at the cottage, I and Jack know full well we'll be sharing the same bed.
    Over the past couple of months, Jack and I have had sex most weeks, at least twice a week, sometimes a lot more, depending on time and circumstances. Yet we haven't had a chance to have prolonged time together overnight. I've taught Jack a lot, but over the next three days I'm going to have him learning a while lot more, and I can't wait to have him and his wonderful cock all to myself trying different things to pleasure us both.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    At the age of seven my son Max lost his father in a building trade accident. At the age of fifteen he was involved in a car accident due to him and the older so called friends he was with, drinking cider. It left Max wheelchair bound and in need of constant care because of his lower back injuries and the loss of his lower right arm. He was still the same young energetic Max, but couldn't get about as much or easily as he wanted to.
    Now aged nineteen, using a more appropriate sportier type of wheelchair, he began to have steroid treatment to help with his varied conditions because he was enjoying playing lots of sports. A consequence of the steroids were him having painful erections. I'd hear him often masturbating and knew he was frustrated because of his limitations. Eventually last month I asked him when I'd listened to him struggle to satisfy himself in his room, if he'd like me to arrange a female escort to satisfy his needs. Max flew of the handle and told me to fuck off and get out of his room. Telling me he didn't want some scaggy bitch touching him.
    What he hadn't done though was cover himself up, and I saw my sons cock which I'd helped bathe lots of times since the car accident, was a lot lot bigger than I thought it might be.
    I'm not sure how things got out of hand that evening, but they did. Later on he wheeled himself into our adapted kitchen and sat there semi naked. His penis was semi erect and he'd obviously been playing with it. Looking up at me as I was making our evening meal, my own son said "I don't want just anyone mum, don't you know it's you, I'd want you to do it".
    We had a huge argument then, with me trying to explain how wrong that would be, yet through all of the long drawn out argument, I couldn't stop looking at his gorgeous looking cock. Max is a bright kid and knows how to push my buttons, and he found my weakness to sex by saying "If it was dad asking you to help me, you'd be sucking my dick right now". The flash back I had of me pleasing my husband in the same kitchen made my pussy quiver. I knew it had been so long for me since I'd last had sex, and Max knew it too. Moving his t-shirt up I saw his cock pulsing and I just couldn't help myself.
    Kneeling down in front of Max, I took hold of my sons cock and opened my mouth. Even though I knew it was wrong, the feeling of his cock sliding over my tongue felt amazing. I knew straight away we'd both enjoy what I was about to do and I also knew if he asked me to, I'd take my own sons cock inside my pussy.
    Every inch of his cock I pleasured with my lips mouth and hands. His moans grew and grew and he began as best he could to move up into my mouth. But I had control and knew just how to make my son happy. Standing up, I removed my dress and then my bran and knickers. The look on Max's face was one of pure lust and love. Bending over from my waist, I sucked on his cock som more then stood back up. Wheeling him into the lift we'd had fitted, we traveled up to his room which it directly opened into to. Taking him over to his adapted bed (Raises and lowers) I helped him to lie down and then masturbated him for quite some time. Max kept on looking at my breasts, but wouldn't touch them, not until I placed his left hand onto them. As soon as I did, he asked me if I'd make him cum.
    He probably thought I'd suck him again, but by then I was totally involved and willing to do anything for him. Moving his arm, I straddled my son, took hold of his ragingly hard cock and guided it to my pussy opening. Sinking down in one long press, I took his full length deep inside me and felt an overwhelming feeling I was doing the right thing.
    Putting my hands ont his chest and looking directly into his eyes, I fucked my son, I gave myself to him and let him feel my pussy tighten around his delicious cock.
    The length of time since I last had sex was three years, and that was a disaster. With Max that evening it was sublime, it was for me and I'm sure him too, perfect. Fucking him as hard and as deep as I could manage that first time, I allowed myself to see my sons sexual release as my way of giving, my pure and innocent motherly duty.
    My orgasm was so energetic, so earth shattering I actually cried. Max's cock was raging inside of me and I knew he wasn't far from his climax. The surge of emotion and sexual release was palpable between us and I felt his cock erupt up inside my pussy.
    It was done, we both knew it was only the beginning, yet I still found it difficult to kiss him when he asked me to. Even so, I did lean over and French kiss with my own son, and we carried on kissing until his cock slipped out me as well as his cum.
    The morning after he thanked me as I helped him bathe. His cock rose and he knew i'd take care of it. This time I sucked him off and kept on sucking long after he'd cum and I'd swallowed his seed. We slept together that night in his room, with me again mounting Max. Although Max had grown more confident himself, using his fingers to stimulate my clit as I bounced up and down on his cock.
    And so it has been between us this past month. almost as though we are husband and wife. I've had my double bed moved to his room although it doesn't raise and lower, we're still able to use it as i help Max in and out. Every part of sex we've now explored, and I found a new found love of anal sex. As for Max he now tells me he adores his mother sitting on his face, something I must admit he's extremely good at, licking out my pussy and arsehole.
    We're aware it's a taboo subject, but then who are we hurting, no one... So into our future we travel, and we'll travel it together as mum and son, but also as lovers.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My wife and I have sex with her brother and sister and sister in law and my sister and her husband and our kids as often as we can get together. It started when our mother used to bath my sister and I together at the same time in the same tub. I was two years older. I believe she started when we were babies and my sister and I just never stopped bathing together though that evolved into showering together. It was only natural when I was seven to feel her up. She was five at the time. We took each others cherries when I was 12 and she was 10. It's a miracle I didn't get her pregnant. When I got to high school we both started to date other people. We'd been fucking for years and were curious what it would be like. We liked fucking other people but we always secretly fucking behind our respective lover's backs. When I met my wife I confessed to her that I messed around with my sister. She had a big look of relief on her face and she explained that she was wondering how she would tell me that she fucks her brother. My sister had worse luck. It wasn't until her third fiance that she finally found a guy who thought it was hot that she fucked her brother and he then seduced his own sister and it just grew from there.

    We decided from the beginning that we would encourage our children to be open sexually with each other without actually abusing the directly. Our first was a girl and two years later we had a boy and as soon as he was a year old we moved him into her bedroom. She was thrilled to share a bed with her little brother and loved to bathe with him. We bought a pool and all skinny dipped together with the extended family and cousins included.

    My wife and I discovered our daughter having sex with our son when she was 13 and he was 11. Seems she liked to suck his dick and my wife and I suspected so we walked in on them one day when they were being really quiet in their bedroom late at night. Sure enough, he was fucking her like a bunny rabbit and she was groaning in pleasure with his little cock going in and out of her. Seems he's a bit of an exhibitionist. He came almost violently as his mother and I stood there glaring at them with our hands on our hips in mock disgust. We scolded both of them playfully then my wife left and came back with a box of condoms and I told him not to get his sister pregnant or I would make him go out and get a job to support her and the baby. My wife and I left giggling at the joke. After that they were much more open with their relationship. It was not unusual for them to leave their door wide open and to hear sex sounds coming out of their bedroom. They got so brave with it that sometimes we found them naked on the living room sofa watching porn while fucking. My wife and I would hold hands on the other sofa and watch the porn and our kids fuck. Sometimes we would take turns playfully scolding them for being so naughty and that seems to have turned them on even more. My wife even playfully interrogated them as they fucked asking why they were committing i****t and why they liked doing it and if they were trying to get pregnant and how long they'd been fucking, turned out they started messing around a couple of years earlier.

    One night my sister and her husband and my wife's brother and his wife were over for dinner and the kids just strutted out naked and my daughter gave my son a blow job right in front of the six of us who were all sitting around eating dinner, I fingered my sister and wife at the same time while her brother's wife sucked my cock while the other guys stood there jerking off in front of the two little perverts.

    So we get together for family orgies a few times a year and the kids are mostly grown and yes I fuck both my daughter and son and all their cousins.

    Did you know if you raise children to be bisexual and you gently encourage sexual activity they will grow up to be very well adjusted bisexual perverts?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    I have never wanted to fuck my mother or sister, but I have done both.

    I have always wanted to get with my aunt. Her's are the first bare tits I had ever seen: my mother has a small, old, faded picture set in a brass frame of her and my aunt, mon's younger sister, on her night stand. It was taken at a nearby lake and mom and Aunt Kim are in bikinis, but Kim is sans her top. The first time I ever saw it was shortly after my father died, I came into my mom's room in the middle of the night with night terrors and woke the next morning to see Aunt Kim's huge banana shaped tits framed on the night stand. I have since masturbated literally hundreds of times to thoughts of those hug tits.

    We are a close knit family with dozens of relatives in the area, Aunt Kim lives less than a mile from us and growing up I was the gardener for most of my family in the area--yes, even Aunt Kim. I loved to work her yard in the heat of the day; she would almost always be out tanning in a very skimpy bikini and I always took every opportunity to sneak a glimps of her. My gardening duties eventually led to a lot more than just a glimps.

    Since my father's death, mom has not dated, but instead goes out with her friends, who are girls, and my Aunt Kim, I never really gave that a thought, other than, mom is my dad's wife so why would she ever go out with another guy?

    My summer before college mom, Kim, and my sister all took off for Reno for a week--mom's parting words were: "Don't forget your yard work." I stayed home and had the run of the house to my self. There was a lot of looking at Aunt Kim's picture and wanking that week, and of course no thought of any yard work. Just a nice time alone without mom or my sister.

    Saturday afternoon I remembered mom's words and thought, Oh everyone can wait, but mom is going to see Aunt Kim's place when they get back, so I getter at least get her's done. I ran over to her house and let myself into the garage and pushed the mower out. Just as I was pushing the mower through the side door, I heard a noise from in the house. I tried the back door and it was unlocked, so I crept in.

    Everything seemed normal, but noises were coming from upstairs. I quietly went up stairs following the noises. Upstairs and down the hall was an open door. When I peeked inside I froze; mom, Kim, and my sister were on Aunt Kim's huge bed naked. They were "enjoying each other's company."

    Aunt Kim had a rubber cock strapped around herself and was letting my sister have it while my mom was sucking Kim's tit. I stood there looking in until my sister squealed and pointed, both mom and Kim looked as I ran.

    I heard someone chasing me and was afraid to look. I hit the back door and Kim caught me. She was still wearing the rubber cock and told me that she knew I always looked at her when I was there and that my mom told her that I wnaked to her picture. She convinced me to come back upstairs.

    She didn't ask mom and my sister, but rather told them mater of factly that I was going to join in. She told them to help me get more comfortable, and then sat down on the bed and watched as mom and my sister removed my clothing. She took all 3 of us back to bed and continued where I had seen before, with me sucking her other breast. Before it was all over, Sunday evening, I had done all 3 of them, and Aunt Kim had done all 3 of us with her rubber cock too.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Hi don't want to say my age but I am under age, I'm staying home from school today, last knight my brother woke me up ,his hand was under my t shirt squeezing my boob ,then he took my shirt off and started sucking my nipples, I kind of liked it though, he took my panties off me and licked me there ,felt good ,he said that I still have a little girl pussy, I am starting to grow some hair though then he took his dick out and fucked me hard ,then he said How'd ya like that sis ,then I made him real made ,told him he still had a little boy dick nothing like dads big long one ,then he fucked me really hard my pussy is so sour this morning, I'd better stay home and let daddy take care of it

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm just starting college and am terribly excited. My divorced aunt Betsy and her son live on the seashore so I sometimes stay with her for a few weeks at the end of the summer. I just came back from being with her and her son, Bernie.

    Four years ago, my first vacation with Bets I was 14 and was awakened sexually by auntie Bets. During a terrible thunderstorm, her son Bernie, who was then attending summer camp called to ask how we were. Clearly, I remember that because auntie asked if i wanted to bed with her until the storm passed by. I gladly accepted.

    Bets took off everything and said that she slept best nude, would I like to try? I was excited since I had never thought of that before. We got under the blanket quickly while the thunder exploded over us. I felt Bet's entire warm, nude body and found myself reacting sexually for the first time in memory. Bets kissed me all over and soon our mouths were clamped together with her tongue twisting and flicking on mine.

    These were all feelings I never had before. She rubbed my privates and then went down, licking and sucking me, making me dizzy with excitement. I followed her instructions to please her and it was all amazing to me. Each summer I could not wait for my visit with Bets. She reminded me to keep our private life secret and I had no intention of telling anyone mostly because it might stop.

    This would be my last summer with Bets for a while and Bernie, her son, who was by this time over 6 feet tall, did not go to camp. At dinner, they confessed to me that they had been having sex together and for some reason I was not surprised. Although I was only 18 this year, I lost my virginity a year or so ago, in a botched Christmas party where I drank too much. When they asked me to join them in bed it seemed natural to me and for the first time I experienced things I had never even thought about. Bets showed her son how to prepare my body for "the fuck" the same way she had instructed him to do her.

    I watched Bernie doing Bets, his mom and found it exciting, waiting my turn. We spent a great deal of time fucking this summer. I came home very satisfied and comfortable. Love is wonderful, no matter how it happens, it seems to me. I'll be seeing them during Christmas break in a few months and I can't wait.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    My Bestie, Nan, who has been a partner since we were both little girls, suspected that my husband, Max, was fucking my mother. She said, it took a lot of thought and nerve before telling me. She freaked out when I said that I knew about it and it had been set up by my aunt, who he also fucked. Max is a gentle, weight lifting giant, not stupid, but body builds and the women of my family know he is hung like a stallion and want to check him out. So far he has done mom, aunt Sissy, my grandmother, who can't get enough and me, of course. We all love Max and I see nothing wrong with it. I love sharing him with my loved family members, quite frankly.

    Nan and I got into a long talk about it not long ago and it was decided that she was jealous and wanted a shot at Max so I told her I would fix it up. Max will not go in for orgies or gang-banger-women but he will do it on a one to one basis. He seems to like fucking my granny a lot and I'm glad of it. If you think we are all fucked up, you got that right. We harm no one.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 46

    I breastfed my adult son and jerked him off, last night.
    My husband, his father, is working out of town, the other kids were out or asleep. I was falling asleep on the couch in my robe. I'd just nursed my three year old so I was topless under my robe.
    My son came in from work, grabbed a beer, pulled off his dirty work shirt and leaned against me on the couch. We talked for awhile while he drank, then he laid down across my lap, his head propped up on the couch arm.
    I started to fall asleep again, and I realized his hand was softly stoking my breast, pulling down my robe. It felt so good and I was so relaxed, and I'd just nursed... I could feel my nipples leaking. I knew I should pull up my robe, but my breasts were still so heavy, and it fell against his face as my robe came down. It slipped so effortlessly between his lips. I felt my nipple stiffen and soften again as he started to suckle. It had been fifteen years since he'd been at my breast. He gulped and I moaned.
    I wasn't even aware of my hands until the precum ran down my fingers. That's when I realized I was gripping his cock, stroking up and down. His tongue was milking me as my hand instinctively milked his cock.
    He drained that breast and switched to the other, milk running down his chin. I moaned in ecstasy as he drank from me. I felt his hips stiffen, and knew he was cumming. He shot into the air, onto his stomach, all over my hand. I lucked up what I could from my hands, scooping it off his body. His cum was delicious, better than his fathers, very sweet.
    When that tit was dry, he got up quietly, gave me a kiss goodnight, and went to his room. I was so turned on still I gave myself two orgasms. When I woke this morning to get everyone off to school, he was already gone. I just hope things aren't strange between us now.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    I was 13 when I learned about masturbation. My pussy was wet all the time, if I were to watch porn on my computer, my chair would be soaked with my juices.

    My parents worked abroad, I was left with my mum's brother and his bitchy wife who cussed alot. Uncle Fred was funny and quite a handsome man. Sometimes I caught myself staring at his crotch, fantasizing about its contents.

    One late night, after touching my clit and had a couple of orgasm, I was still horny. I fingered myself but needed more. I sneaked into the kitchen and there was a comb of bananas on the counter. I took the biggest one and slowly pushed it into my pulsating pussy.

    I sat on the floor, my back against the kitchen counter fucking myself with the banana. That was when Uncle Fred walked in on me. I was really embarrassed, stood up quickly, wanting to dash back into my room.

    He stopped me and held my hand to look at the fruit which was glistening with my cum. He placed it on the counter and called me a naughty girl. His hand went under my nightie and he said "Mmmmmmm" when he brushed my soaking wet hole.

    Uncle Fred asked if I wanted something harder than that. I knew what he meant. I nodded. When he dropped his pants, I saw a real penis for the very first time. It was pink and huge. He bent me over and entered my slit from behind. I was in ecstasy. Uncle Fred was gentle at first but groaned louder at every thrust and fucked me faster. I loved it more than the banana for sure. I had an intense orgasm as and almost immediately he pulled out and shot his load all over my back.

    We went on fucking in discreet for a year and half. His wife never suspected nothing. When my parents moved back permanently, we only met Uncle Fred at family fatherings/holidays. To this day, whenever I see a banana, I think of him.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Three days ago I had such amazing sex with my brother in law after he found out about me sucking off a stripper at my hen weekend two years ago. He said he should let his brother know, so I told him I'd do anything for him not to tell. We ended up in bed, and I found out not only has he got a much larger cock than his older brother, but he's far more inventive in bed too. He had me climaxing the whole time we licked sucked and fucked, and by the time he left I'd orgasmed over a dozen times.
    We told each other it was a one off, but already this morning he's text to say he's horny, and knows my husband will be on his late shift. I know I should tell him it's a no go, but he's such a fantastic lover.

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