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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 36

    Just graduated I found I was pregnant. Daddy boy had another girlfriend at work who was also pregnant. Because she was working and I wasn't I was the girlfriend that got married. I took care of both babies and my husband and his girlfriend worked. At the time we lived in a three bedroom duplex out by the river. Money was very tight and I did everything I could think of to save money, including washing clothes in the bathtub to save Laundromat money.

    The babies took all the money, and even with full awareness I came down pregnant six months after I gave birth. My husband took a part time job at night to save the money for the delivery leaving us alone until midnight every day. When his girlfriend came down pregnant again we knew we had to do something. It was time to move back home so we packed up our two babies and the five of us moved back to Sacramento. My husband is an electrician and he landed a job, his girlfriend tried but pregnant no one wants to hire you.

    My parents gave us two rooms, one for the babies and the other room for us. We squeezed in. After our number twos were born my husband's girlfriend landed a job at the pharmacy. We were so poor it hurt. Today the kids are all in junior and senior high and once the kids went to school I started working and we could afford to move back out.

    Money is still tight, we have a lifestyle that gives us a moderate living. We deal with our fair share of people that discriminate against us or the kids because of our lifestyle. If only people understood what all we had to do to keep our family intact, to pay our way, to raise nice kids. How we sleep is no one's business, from the very first day to this day we sleep the same way, side by side, mommies on the right and daddy on the left. I grew up like everyone else, and I live like no one else. We are a conservative church family, in a marriage that is big enough for three.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I am now 74 years old. This confession is about myself and my wifes niece who is 23. My sister in law died in 2006 and we ended up with custody of her 10 year old daughter.

    Next 5 years this little girl changed considerably. Became sexual active with boys her age and older. At 15 she decided she was a woman and wanted to have a man to have sex with and she decided I would be the perfect one as I lived in the same house and was not a blood relative.

    Her bio father was back in state and wanted to visit her then he wanted custody. I gave it to him. She continued with her sexual ways and started drugs her last year of high school. Her dad kicked her out at graduation. My wife had died 5 months before and I had retired so I thought I might give her a chance to strengthen out. I decided to take her to a baseball game as she knows I am a big fan. Nearest big league games is almost 200 miles away. Found her number and called.

    Got tickets picked her up and to the games. Had tickets for 2 days in a row. After the first game took her out to dinner then to the hotel. By that time it was almost midnight so I had her shower first. By the time I finished my shower she was asleep. I got into my bed thinking about the past years when we went to games together. I fell asleep and was awakened around 230 from the door closing. Trying to give her space I pretended to be sleeping.

    Shortly after my cover was pulled off and then my shorts leaving me naked. Now it's been awhile so I say to myself she is adult now and I let her fuck me and then I WOKE up. I helped get off drugs and took her home. 3 years sober now and still have her living with me. She plans to live here until I die. I have in my will she gets everything. Yes now at 74 thanks to my little yellow pill we fuck at least 3 times a week. I love her and have been thinking about asking her to marry me so that there can be no question about her inheritance. What Do You People Say?

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    Straight Female / 18

    1 That's so hot, when i was about 14 i saw my daddy's Cock he stepped out of his ensuite naked and proud hanging low and soft was his 6# cock i was talking to my mum at the time, he just stopped and stared at me Mum looked up at me as my eyes were glued to his Cock as it started lifting to salute it was at least 8# by now, Mum said haven't you seen a Cock before dear, No No i said softly only Uncle Drews, Yes dad replied as he walked towards me we know about that incident, your Uncle said you were spying on him. No I wasn't he walked in on me while I was in the bath and did a wee in front of me, but you liked looking at his Cock just like your still stareing at your father's Cock right now, you little Slut, i couldn't believe what my mother just called me, now get on your knees she sternly said as she pulled the covers back revealing she too was naked, at least then i knew what the humming noise was while we were talking she pulled a huge dripping dildo out from between her legs, but mum what are you talking about, Don't Fuk with me she said in a very angry and scary voice as she tore of my dressing gown and PJ's I tried pushing her away but she slapped me so hard I fell back against the door and it closed, Mum what are you doing, Don't mum me Drew told us how you stroked his Cock and sucked him until he came all over your pretty face, Slut... Oh ok but he kept telling me if i didn't he would tell you I asked for it, Slut mum said again, now get on your knees and suck your daddy's cock so I can watch, No mum I won't its wrong, So is sucking your Uncles Cock, now do it or I'll bring Drew in here and they will both Fuck your little c**t while i watch. Daddy was now standing inches from me he grabbed my hand and nearly broke my wrist as he forced me to hold his Cock that's when I just gave up it did feel good again to hold a hot hard Cock in my little hands. I looked up at dad he was smiling back at me, yes that's it doesn't it feel good holding a mans Cock, Well, mum screamed, Yes it feels good, then mum shoved me into dads chest as she finished pulling of my pjs top and pants then my panties I knew I couldn't fight it any longer, there I was standing naked in front of my father he grabbed my hand again I knew what to do i tried holding as much of his Big hard Cock as I could and started stroking it just like Uncle Drew had taught me, i heard the buzzing noise again and turned to see mum, (step mum) pushing that Big dildo into her vagina in and out it went, i suddenly got a strange feeling in my vagina, like i wanted to do what mum was doing, she opened her eyes saw me looking and said this isn't for you, your father's Cock is what your going to get today. Now get on your Fukn knees and suck his Cock so i don't have to, I want to watch you, you little daddy's slut. As i turned back to dad hoping he would comfort me he placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down saying it's ok precious didn't you like sucking Drews Cock. I barely got on my knees when he pushed his big fat Cock onto my lips and forced himself inside my mouth he was gentle at first sliding it in and out a little bit at a time slowly forcing his Cock into my mouth. Then he pulled his Cock out and said oh my goodness, Drew was right you are a natural. I was

    thrilled that daddy was so happy with what i was doing, he slid it back in my mouth as I kept looking up at him i felt like stopping and saying I love you daddy but he was now pushing his Cock back in faster and faster I couldn't breathe sometimes so I learnt to take a breath when I could and hold it, then he suddenly held my head very tight and i think he pushed his whole Cock into my mouth it felt like it was in my throat Ohhhh shit he said, i remember trying to swallow something that was in my
    throat, thought I was drowning or running out of air when daddy pulled me off his Cock it splashed white stuff like Uncle Drews on my face then he let me go, i fell onto my back. OMG i couldn't believe it i had just been m****ted by my dad and all I wanted was more. I sat straight up grabbed his Cock as it splashed more white stuff and licked him like an ice cream cone until he grabbed me and said that's enough. I looked up at mum and she was still shoving that thing in her even though she had been screaming the whole time. Then dad looked up behind me and said did you get all that, most of it yummy it tastes nice, I'm not talking to you, then I looked behind me and there was Uncle Drew with his trusty old video camera. Got it all he said smiling as he took it away from my face and pointed it at mum. Give it to me said Daddy I think she wants more, Drew looked down at me and smiled, i said OK but this time can you Cum in my mouth Uncle Drew I liked it on my face and tits before but i really love eating sperm now.
    The looks on their faces was priceless, They all thought I was their innocent little girl and they were the first ones to feed me Cock, you were right mum i am a Slut I've been screwing Italian Sams lovely big Cock, that nice man at the newsagent who let's me read the magazines for free If I suck his Cock Oh and the bus driver and that mean principal Mark you know the one who always picks on me for nothing makes me stay in at lunch and after school so i can suck his Big Cock and who Finally Fucked me. Yeah I'm a real little Slut learned everything from watching you my step mother who Fucks and sucks any one who comes to the door, Yes even principal Mark, by the way he said I suck his Cock way better than you, Yes daddy your daughter Is a Slut so when your ready take me to my room so you and Uncle Drew can Fuck me, i don't want that bitch watching Us Fuck.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    This is my biggest, darkest secret. Ive never told a soul this story. My therapist says I need to talk about my hang ups but I cannot say this out loud so maybe this will help.

    I was invited to a sex party in LA at a producers house by a fuck friend of mine. It was like a masquerade ball so naturally I brought my kinky pleather mask that zips up in the back, covering the whole head.

    We had some drinks there, did some blow and headed deeper into the house where the real nasty shit was going on. There were dozens of people and I started to enjoy myself playing with the other guests.

    One older guy there seemed very familiar. I recognized the tattoos but couldn’t place it. Maybe he was a celebrity. An old boss? A woman was going down on me when it hit me.

    To my horror I realized IT WAS MY FATHER.

    My dad left us when I was 12 and I had almost no contact with him since then. I always hated him for that. But for some reason seeing him there made me recall a moment as a girl when I caught him jerking off. The sight of his penis made me tingle in a special way and I was now feeling that same tingle. I was also desperate for his approval, feeling for years like he left because me and my mom werent good enough.

    I know he wouldn’t recognize me even without a bondage mask on. With all these feeling bubbling up, mixed in with the drugs and sex I did what I normally do in a crisis which is act out and self destruct.

    I walked over, politely pushed a girl away and put his dick down my throat. I sucked it as well as I could suck a dick. There arent a lot of things I’m good at so I needed to prove I was worth something, whether he knew it or not. I felt so dirty and depraved, it was really getting me off. As I blew him I begged him to cum in my ass.

    There, surrounded by probably 40 people, I got ass fucked by my own father and I was the only one who knew. He came in me. The same cum that had created me was now in my ass. If that aint daddy issues I dont know what is.

    I think he left soon after. I ended up sleeping at the party. Sometimes I like thinking about it but mostly I feel it only made my problems worse.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    There usually isn't enough time for us to fully indulge sexually. So most times he fucks me, we're both still fully clothed. I have to buy new knickers each week as he loves to rip them off from beneath the short skirts I always wear to help us have sex.
    Fore play is reduced to an occasional cock suck, or pussy lick. But on the whole, its him ripping my knickers off then sticking his gorgeously long thick cock up my pussy or arse.
    My mum and dad appreciate all the tutoring he's given me in relation to my grades, and to be fair his input has been immense for me.
    Yet it's been the way he fucks and uses me, that's really helped my self confidence.
    I used to be so shy, so reserved and quite frankly a bit of a geeky girl. Along with his sister, my mum, they've come up with a plan to get me to rise out of my shell.
    Before him I was a virgin. Now I'm a young woman who has an uncle with a huge cock, that fucks her until she orgasms like crazy.
    Mum knows everything as we now talk about every detail of our liaisons. Dad knows nothing, yet thinks his brother in law is a great guy for tutoring his little daughter.
    If dad knew just how much I adore my uncle and the way he fucks me, I guess he'd hit the roof.
    Maybe I'll come back and relate some of the details of our sexual relationship. I think some of you might be interested.

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    Straight Male / 53

    My Mother is 92 and since some time she acts confused. She does not remember things that happened short before.

    I've a Incest-Fetish since my youth when I watched a neighbor, who did it with his daughter while his wife looked TV in dhe Familyroom. I have been 15 when I watched that and I did see it often until she moved away because of studying.

    But my fantasies went aound Incest all the Time. Mostly father/daughter or mother/son and any constellations involving grandparents.

    I never tried anything inside my own family. I'm married without kids.

    We have to look after my mother and we take turns (me, my brother and our Wives). When I was with my mom I more and more fantasized about doing Things with her. I started slowly by taking my cock out und masturbating with her watching. She looked but did not say a word. The next time, I did it. When I had my cock out, I went to her and put it at her mouth. She lookes up at me. I saw, she did not know, what to do. I did not know, if she ever sucked a cock and that made me hornier than ever. I told her to open her mouth and the I put it in. I told her to suck and move her tongue and she did it. I drove my cock deep, when I came and did it deep in her throat.

    She never told anyone about it. And the next time, when I visited her she lifted her shirt and presented me her sagging tits. While I masturbated in front of her she took my hand and put it between her legs. She did not wear underpants. Since then we did it anytime we get a chance.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Last week, my buddy came over to my house with a new camera he bought that can shoot video underwater. What was cool was that it could stream the video right to his laptop computer. We have a pool in our backyard, so we tested it out, taking shots of each other diving into the pool, swimming underwater, that sort of thing.

    Just when we were starting to run out of ideas of what to do, my sister, 17 years old, came out and started swimming in the pool. She was wearing a bikini and I have to admit she looked pretty nice. So, no surprise, my buddy suggested I video my sister from underwater while he watched from the laptop on a table. At first, my sister kind of ignored what I was doing, but kept swimming. Then she called me over and told me to hold the camera underwater pointed at her. I did as she asked, and she pulled down her top and exposed her tits quickly. I didn't quite see her tits that well, but the camera caught what she did very clearly and my buddy let out a little "whoop!" and asked for more.

    My sister said that this better not be on tape or anything, but my buddy explained that since the video was underwater and her head was above water, nobody would know it was her body. That seemed to satisfy her, so she took her top off and began to swim around while I followed her with the camera. My buddy kept egging on my sister to show more. So, she pulled her her bottom so that it wedged into her ass crack, which is the new style on the beach. Again, my head was above water, so my view was distorted, but my buddy was clearly delighted with the high definition view from the camera.

    For the next few minutes, my sister swam around in the pool topless, with her bottom wedged into her crack. My buddy urged her to do more, and so she took off her bottom and swam around completely naked, teasing us for several minutes. I kept following her with the camera, and saw enough of her to get a raging hardon. I was also surprised to see that my sister had shaved off her pubic hair and was completely smooth, which got me excited.

    I brought the camera up close to my sister, pointing the camera between her legs. Then she looked at me and said I had to do the same -- take off my suit. I handed her the camera and took it off. She pointed it at my cock underwater and my buddy looked at me and grinned, teasing me that I had an erection from looking at my sister.

    He came over to the pool and jumped in. he took hold of the camera, he said we should make a sex film underwater and nobody would know it was the three of us. My sister said, she wouldn't make a sex film with my buddy. So, he said he would only hold the camera while we acted. I looked at him like he was crazy, but I couldn't say the feeling wasn't there. I figured that was the end of that, but my sister suddenly said, "okay, but do it quick before I change my mind."

    I was shaking like a leaf feeling all nervous and excited at the same time. My buddy stood to one side while my sister put her hands on the edge of the pool and spread her legs. I got behind my sister and rubbed my cock against her slit, trying to get in. Then I felt her hand take my dick and she guided me in. She turned around and told me not to cum inside her. I started thrusting and made little waves in the pool. My buddy held the camera underneath us, so you could see my cock going into my sister's pussy. It was strange to hear my sister moaning. From time to time, she would turn her head and look back at me. Our eyes would lock. I was feeling both excited and a little scared. At one point I slid my hand up the side of her body and felt her tits. Again she turned and looked at me, her mouth was open and she was panting. Very quickly, I could feel myself right at the edge of cumming. I told my buddy I was about to cum and I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and began spurting underwater. I could see this milky cloud around my cock. My sister turned and looked too. We all kind of laughed nervously and then she swam to the other side of the pool, put her bikini back on and got out of the water and went back inside.

    My buddy and I went over to the laptop and watched the video. He was right. You couldn't see my face or my sisters. just our naked bodies underwater and I saw how she grasped my cock and slid it into her bald pussy. The video shot from below was really awesome, as I could see my shaft sliding in and out of my sister's pussy, and then me pulling out and cumming underwater.

    My buddy sent a copy of the video to me and I watched it that night again, and masturbated. I sent it to my sister and texted her I had just watched and jerked off. About 10 minutes later, she texted back and said she had done the same thing. Talk about wow! I still can't believe it happened, and all so suddenly. Not sure if there's anything happening next, but I wan to do it again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    I lost my virginity in a 1964 Bonneville. He lived in the neighborhood where we could only dream of. He asked me to the Junior Senior dance, I was 16 and he was 17. It happened on the street in front of my house, in the back seat. He wanted a kiss afterwards. Our relationship was all O.K. in my house, but his parents wanted him to do better. He had college on his plate and I had another year in high school. The baby came regardless, we got married after the baby was born. His mother called me a gold digger, my mother said if I had to get knocked up why not a rich kid. Seems like yesterday, his mother eventually tolerated me, but I never liked her. When we got married his father gave us the Bonneville, because we had a baby. We've been married fifty years.

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    Straight Male / 38

    It Wasn't What it looked like

    I am a chiropractor, I have two step daughters and no I haven't done anything inappropriate, the youngest came in to our bedroom in the morning while my wife was showering complaining about her back I asked her what the problem was,
    I knew it was just a strain, I offered to work on it and told her to lie in the floor a solid surface was necessary
    she lay down and pulled her nightie all the way up I was surprised she didn't have any knickers on I wasn't complaining she had the most perfect arse, I said Ann you are naked she said its ok your my step dad, ok I said as long as you don't mind, it wasn't unusual for some woman to strip naked in my practice, I started to massage her back, I couldn't help but get an erection as I was massaging her, her buttocks kept opening I could see he anus and vagina to be honest I was having a good look, bottoms are my turn on, my erection was poking out of the opening in my pyjama bottoms I was on her left her head was turned to the right so she couldn't see my hard cock,
    I herd my wife shout what the fuck are you to up to, Ann jumped a bit and turned around she looked at my hard cock and at her mother, we were pleading our innocence, finally she accepted there was nothing in it, after I explained I couldn't help getting an erection she agreed, after a my stepdaughter and her sister kept smiling and grinning at me and said there backs might be bad tomorrow afternoon, I am off that day

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    Ice Cream Play!

    My brother and I are fraternal twins (I am a few minutes older). We both have sandy blonde hair (mine is long, and his is short), and have blue eyes. We are both fit and in the summer we tan nicely, with tan lines in strategic places.

    During high school we were attractive and popular enough that we led active dating lives.

    We did have one ritual when neither of us had a date on Fri. or Sat. night. We would hold a movie night together in our basement rec room. I know it is cliche but I was into rom-coms and he was into action movies.

    Since we are twins, we are very close and this gave us an opportunity to catch up on each others' lives as we did not frequently socialize in the same circles. We would often share intimate details of dates, reationships, etc., but it never really got sexual. Until it did!

    And of course for movie night snacks were involved. Typically it would be popcorn and sodas and other junk food. But occasionally we would splurge on our normally healthy diets and share a tub of ice cream.

    The movie we were watching was Friends With Benefits. My brother asked me if I ever had a FWB relationship? But I just smiled teasingly in response (although I never did). He kept proding me to tell him, and tried to guess who? (I already knew that he did as a couple of my GFS had told me so).

    He was getting excited about finding out if I had any secrets to tell, and particularly if any of his friends were involved. He began to threaten to flick a spoon of ice cream at me. I don't think he really intended to do it, but I guess the ice cream had melted and slide off the spoon, and accidentally landed on my favorite white blouse.

    I began to freak out because I am a bit of a neat freak (actually a lot I guess). And the ice cream (vanilla) had chocolate sauce on top. So I was particularly worried that it might stain. Without thinking, I stripped my blouse off and threw it into the washer in the laundry room. Then I sat down again on the couch in a huff.

    What I had forgotten was that, because it was a chill night at home, I hadn't bother to wear a bra. So there I was in all my glory, and my brother was very good at acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

    He really didn't stare, because of course we had seen each other naked before, being twins. Our mother had even bathed us together until we began to get a little too curious about each other bits.

    But now I was a nicely developed young woman, and he was a hot-blooded teenage boy. I think he became a little bold and more daring than he normally would because of what we had been talking about before (FWB).

    He began to hold a spoon of ice cream over my bare breast, teasing that it was going to drip (which of course it did). I swiftly punched him in the arm (which is what we did when we were upset with one or the other). He just smiled and said it was worth it. Then he said that it was not fair, that the other breast also needed some attention, so he directly spread some ice cream on the other breast with the spoon.

    I was mad so I took a mouthful of my ice cream and was going to spit it at him at first, but then I realized that this was beneath me. Instead, I abruptly gave him a French kiss, and we mutually mixed the ice cream in our mouths with our tongues.

    Then my brother teased me again saying that I probably couldn't stand the sticky ice cream and chocolate syrup on my breasts (he knows me well), so he began to lick it off, swirling his tongue around as he did. This turned into suckling my nipples, which were erect by now. I was really getting turned on and began to moan in response to his masterful licking (which some of GFS had bragged about).

    By now all of the ice cream was melting, so my brother took another spoonful and drizzled it between my heaving breasts, which dripped all the way down to my bellybutton. Of course he had to lick this clean also.

    With the mixture of our taboo play, and the potential of getting caught by our parents who were just the floor above us, we were really getting hot and bothered. Of course I noticed the raging hard-on growing in my brother's jeans.

    I was drunk with horniness now, and I just had to see how much of a man my brother had grown into. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled down his tighty-whiteys. I had to gasp because I could wrap both hands around the shaft of his erect cock (and I am also a size queen).

    Now it was time for payback, and I started drizzling ice cream onto his cock, and then licking it off of his shaft and balls. My brother began to use his hand on the back of my head as he guided me bobbing up and down on his penis. I tasted a little pre-cum so I pulled him out of my mouth (I don't like swallowing), just as he started to shoot his hot load all over my face.

    Again my neatness fetish took over and I jumped up to get a towel out of the laundry room to quickly wipe my brother's jizz off of my face. When I came back out, my brother was smiling and pretty pleased with our food play.

    But now I wasn't completely satisfied and I wanted some pleasure for myself. So I unbottoned my jeans and pulled them down just enough to reveal my white panties (I do like teasing). A small wet spot had developed and I began to finger myself to make it spread in the cameltoe outline of my panties.

    My brother took the hint, and pulled down my panties so he could finger me himself. First he tried one finger, and then a second, which really got my pussy juices flowing.

    Then I do not know what possessed him to try this, but my brother got ahold of one the ice cream spoons. He gently began to stroke the backside of the spoon against my pussy lips and then worked his way to my clitty. The spoon was warm by now, but it smoothness still had a desirable effect (although we found out later a cold spoon is much better).

    I thought thar he was going to give me a clitoral orgasm, but my brother who was more sexually experienced, had other ideas. He inserted the spoon into my pussy, which startled me at first. But then he began to work his way around in my pussy with the spoon, until he began rubbing the backside of it against my g-spot.

    I had known nothing about the g-spot up until that time, but I certainly enjoyed learning. The smoothness of the spoon back rubbing against my spongy g-spot area brought me to a level of heightened arousal that I had never known.

    Soon I could hear the characteristic squishy noises as my pussy juices began to flow. I began to mumble incoherently, my body started to quiver uncontrollably, and my legs buckled (my brother gently held me up as my orgasm peaked).

    Suddenly in an explosion, my pussy juices gushed all over my brother's face, and like an obedient puppy dog he lapped it all up out of my pussy and also what had dripped down my legs.

    This was the very first time I had squirted, but under my brother's careful sexual tutelage it would not be the last.

    My twin brother had always been my best friend, but now he was my friend with benefits.

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