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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 42

    Unable to sleep last week around midday, after my night shift with my wife already out at work. I walked down stairs and discovered my step daughter Natalie totally naked, sat bouncing up and down on her boyfriends cock, taking it up the ass.
    I stood and watched for some time, getting the hardest boner I can ever remember having. They changed position so Natalie was facing where I stood. She didn't first see me, but eventually as I was rubbing my cock through my bed shorts, she looked up. Smiling at me, she turned her head and told her boyfriend to really give it to her. He began to hammer into her ass, and Natalie began to moan. Looking back at me as I moved backwards a little, just enough so her boyfriend wasn't able to see me at all, Natalie slowly motioned for me to masturbate whilst licking her lips.
    Taking my hard erect cock out, I saw her grin and then lick her lips again. Stroking my cock I tried to stroke at the same rhythm as she was being fucked. Then Natalie bucked backwards and climaxed hard, just seconds before I saw her boyfriend cum up her ass. It was all too much for me and I busted my nut all over the floor in front of me. Again Natalie grinned widely watching me cum and then winked my way.
    I returned to bed after wiping up my mess, and eventually fell asleep, but not before I re ran the whole thing in my head.
    Later that day I was in the kitchen making myself some coffee, when Natalie walked in and kissed me on the cheek. It was something she never did, nor was the movement of her right hand down to my cock. Rubbing it hard she said "Maybe you should have joined in, .... wouldn't have cared less". Before I coule reply the front door opened and in walked Natalie's mom.
    Since that day I haven't seen much of Natalie and when I have my wife has been there. But I did see her briefly yesterday and she smiled before she said "Moms out tomorrow night with my aunt. ....'s away playing football, wanna visit my room and see up close what you missed the other day".
    I answered the only way I could seing that was how my cock reacted. I told my eighteen year old step daughter, before I held her to me and kissed her hard, I'd love to fuck her.
    Now we'll see if she's up to her word tomorrow, won't we!!!

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    Straight Female / 39

    Two nights ago I blew my twenty year old step son off as he lay crashed out on the living room couch. He'd been out with his mates, and I'd gotten up leaving his dad asleep in bed to get myself a drink. From what it looked like, he'd been masturbating or playing with his cock, as it was out and flopped to one side.
    It looked so horny and so big, I couldn't help myself. Dropping to my knees, I took hold of it, popped it in my mouth and began to suck on it. It wasn't too long until it was fully erect and I felt his hands on the back of my head, forcing me to take in more of his beautiful dick. Licking sucking and slurping in his cock, I fully enjoyed every inch of his prick. Playing with my pussy and clit as I sucked in his cock I brought myself to orgasm, just before he unloaded in my mouth. He kept on fucking my face until every single drop had left his balls and I'd swallowed the lot.
    Releasing his cock, I lifted my head and smiled at him, he smiled back and said "Been wanting you to do that for two years now". Hearing his dad moving upstairs, we both sorted ourselves out, and I went to get my drink. Stood facing the sink, he walked up behind me, put his hands around my body and felt my bra-less breasts through the cotton robe I had on. Putting his mouth to my ear he whispered moments before his dad walked into the kitchen "Next time I'm going to fuck you".
    That next time could be as little as three days away, as his father will be working away for two nights. Now all I have to decide is am I going to cheat on my husband with his son, and allow him to fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 34

    So im the only son in house full of women I grew up wit 6 older sisters beautiful sisters our single mother was also very attractive and very wild party type so naturally my sisters followed suit ... Always throwing party's I seen a lot at a young age but the first time I seen anyone having sex it was my sister Lexy the youngest of the 6 girls and it was during a party at our house I was in my room when suddenly my door flies open its my sister Lexy and from how it looked she was being forced in through the door by a really big guy she didn't seem to welcome it tho not noticing that I was sitting in the opposite corner of room he continued to force his way upon her when she tried to push him off her he just returned with more force rubbing her body very aggressively pulling her clothes off until she was naked I kept thinkin to myself u gotta say something that's ur sister but at same time I wanted to see more I wanted to see her get fukd so I stayed quite as he continues to get what he wants at this time he throws her bak on my bed and she still saying no but that don't stop him he spreads her legs wide and starts licking her pussy of course she squirms and try's to object but he so big and strong music bumpin from downstairs so no one can hear but me and since it's my first time seeing anything sexual i did nothing to stop him as he is licking and fingering her pussy I watch as he spreads her snatch open so intriguing the beauty of women's body by this time she not fighting no more in fact she's rubbing her tittys and pinching her nipples finally his pants come down and just before he Rams it in her I get a glance at the biggest penis I'd ever seen and he just starts pounding my sisters pussy hard fast they both moaning and I'm loving it my lil dick is hard as fuk when I accidentally said out loud fuk yeah fuk her they heard me and stopped for a sec my sis starts yelling at me wtf are u doing in here I replied this my room wtf are you doing in here still sliding his cock in and out her pussy he says your right lil man it is your room and today is your lucky day come get u some pussy I said no way that's my sister he didn't like me saying no he got mad got up and pulled me over to the bed and says ur guna fuk ur sister right now or I'll take it from u just like I took it from her he pushes me on top of her idk what the fuk to do tears are falling down my face when my sis grabs hold of me and says do as he says lil brother my cock is hard I'm on top of my sister and she guides me to the sweet spot best feeling ever turns out I'm sum kind of stud cuz bout after 5 or 6 pumps my sis is really enjoying herself she starts kissing me very passionately I like it they we are brother and sister being forced to fuk and we were loving it she flips me on my bak and stars riding my cock goodness how good it felt it seemed liked we fukd for hours when he finally got tired of watching I could see him stand behind her and slowly I can feel her pussy get smaller tighter and her moans louder as she says oh brother your in my pussy and he's in my ass moaning dripping wet bouncing on me while he pounds her ass she says can u feel him brother can u feel him in my ass I said fuk yeah I can it feels great your pussy is the shit I can't believe it's going down like this she turns to him and says I want my lil brother on top of me again so we switched and now I'm pounding her from the top agAin kissing and rubbing when suddenly I feel his hands on my hips and without warning he is deep in my virgin ass it hurts like hell but my dick feels so good in my sister I block it out and before you know it he is fuking jamming in and out of my ass my sis loves it and begs him to pound me harder and he did when I was ready to bust a nut she pulled me tight so that I would come in her pussy she starts screaming oh brother come with me come in my pussy bro just then I shoot my load in my sisters pussy deep in there she moans out yes I'm coming he pounds me a few times hard as fuk and buried his nut in my ass that's my story hope u enjoyed it as much as we did

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    As I'm lay here with cum seeping out of my arsehole, my husband is driving down to London to attend some business meetings. He'll be gone until Friday, which will give Aaron and I plenty of time to have the kind of sex we enjoy.
    Aaron is my husband's youngest son at nineteen years old, and is my stepson. His father Donald (Don) who I married four years ago, is forty eight and no longer capable of raising an erection, and therefore no longer interested in sex.
    However Aaron and myself most definitely are.
    It was actually Don's idea, that Aaron move in with us (He used to live with his mother) once Don caught us fucking nearly six months ago. Aaron was fucking my arsehole so deeply that day, when Don returned early from work to watch his own son's cock plowing his wife's arse. that I was flooding his son's cock with pussy juice as I climaxed so strongly.
    And my husband's response to seeing me orgasm on Aaron's eight and half inch cock was "Oh well, at least it ain't some dumb ugly fucker, you've been cheating on me with".
    Aaron was about to pull out of my rear hole, when his father said "Hey don't stop fucking her on my account, I can't screw her anymore".
    Walking out of our bedroom, Don's son, my stepson, plunged his cock even harder and deeper up the hole he knew I loved being fucked. With his father downstairs, Aaron continued to fuck me until he blew his load far inside my bowels.
    We didn't and sometimes don't have to wait until Don's not around. But when we fuck like we have done today. And that's anything goes dirty prolonged sex, we tend to do it when he's not here.
    There is absolutely no jealousy between father and son now, and if anything with Don moving into the guestroom and Aaron sleeping with me, their relationship has in many ways become stronger and more "adult like".
    It's not a usual arrangement I don't think, but it certainly works for us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    My older brother Jason visited me two months ago and stayed over. He and his wife had broken up about six months previously and I could tell he was still hurting. Or that's what I first thought.
    Chatting with Jason sharing our second bottle of wine, I asked him why they'd split up. His response was simple and to the point. He said "I love sex and have a big, you know. She's (He paused) Since we married, she's pretty much gone off sex, it's that simple really".
    Not sure where it came from, but Jokingly at first, I asked him to prove he was well endowed. Jason didn't bat an eyelid as he slid his shorts down to reveal he wasn't wearing underwear, and to prove to me he was indeed well endowed.
    I couldn't take my eyes off his hardening cock, and still looking at it, Jason said "You wanna touch it". As he said it, he stood up and shuffled over to where I was sat. Right in front of me was my brother, and his huge cock was only inches from me.
    Reaching up I gripped his long thick cock and knew the moment I felt it pulse in my hand, I wanted him sexually. Beginning to stroke him, Jason said "You do that some more sis and I'll want to fuck you". It just seemed perfectly natural for me to reply "Ok then, but I wanna ride you".
    Thirty seconds later I had my panties off, my short skirt around my waist and my top (I don't wear a bra as I'm small breasted). Jason was sat where I'd been and I had my legs either side of his. Lowering myself I took my brothers cock into my drippingly wet pussy and felt my pussy stretch to accommodate his extremely large cock.
    I'm not going to tell you it was the best fuck I've ever had, because that first time it wasn't. It was all over too quickly for that. We were both hyped up sexually and before I knew it with Jason's cock plowing up into my pussy, my pussy tightened and I orgasmed hard. My pussy gripping his cock tightly had the desired effect on Jason, and seconds later his cock exploded and his cum filled my love tunnel.
    I sat on his dick for time afterwards and felt it softening. Then Jason asked me if I'd clean him up. I'd had enough sex to know what he was asking, so sliding off his dick, I lowered my head and took my brothers cock into my mouth. The taste of his cum and my pussy juices, plus the reality of sucking on my own brothers dick, had my pussy tingling, and without touching myself as I sucked in half of his cock, I came again.
    We sat there laughing afterwards, yet we both knew we'd crossed that line. We both knew we wanted more and it was Jason who took my hand and lead me into my own bedroom. Both naked I stood up to my brother and kissed him as I'd kiss any lover. Passionately and with desire to be fucked.
    Throughout the night and into the early hours of the morning we had every form of sex. Oral, vaginal and finally with Jason's cock super hard from him licking out my pussy and asshole for over half an hour, anal. If the sex earlier was hurried and over too quickly, then the whole night of sexual exploring with each others bodies, was slow, deliberate and oh so good.
    Jason stayed until lunch time. And in that time we slept, kissed loved and fucked. It was an amazing time and lay next to each other having both just climaxed again, I asked my brother to move in with me.
    Jason and I now live together. His apartment, which he owns, he now rents out. So we share my apartment in every way. We are siblings, but we're also the greatest of friends and the horniest of lovers. Our passion for each other grows each day, as does our sex together. If anything it's just getting better and better with each night of passion we have.
    Two months ago I was single and in truth, not really looking. Two months on from or first night together, I couldn't be happier and I couldn't want or have sex with a hornier good looking guy. And the big plus other than the fact he's my big brother, I suppose is Jason's enormous always randy cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    There is a large generation gap between my and my oldest sister of about 16 years and she got pregnant when she was 16 and had my niece Gwen a few weeks before I was even born. She had my second niece Heidi just about 16 months after I was born. So I actually grew up with Gwen and Heidi as more like sisters. My real sister Sherri, had a drug and alcohol problem so Gwen and Heidi often lived with us for extended periods of time. Sherrie would periodically get her life back to together which usually would involve a long term relationship with some loser. During these times she would keep Gwen and Heidi with her. It was during one of these times when they all lived together a few miles away that things changed between me Gwen
    We were planning a trip to see my moms brother in Oregon. It was going to be my mom, my dad, Gwen and myself. I was 13 at the time. We lived in a small two bedroom trailer and we wanted to leave before sunrise so Sherri and Gwen stayed with us. My mom had Gwen share my little bed which is something we had done so many times that nobody gave it a second thought. The only thing is, we hadn't shared a bed in a few years and now we were both 13.
    When we went to bed, Gwen slept with her head on a pillow down at the foot of the bed I had my normal spot at the head. I am still not sure what prompted me to do what I did. Maybe it was just that I was a horny teenaged boy or maybe it was something more, but my actions that night opened pandoras box. I was laying there and we had just gone to bed when I looked under the single blanket that we shared and saw her white cotton panties. I couldn't help myself as I reached out and started to rub her pussy through her panties. Gwen clamped her legs closed over my hand but didn't say a thing. She was laying on her back with my hand trapped between her legs. She was pretending to be asleep but I was pretty sure she was awaked so I started to wiggle my fingers and she slowly started to spread her legs. Eventually she had her legs spread wide enough for me to really start rubbing and sliding her panties to the side so I could slip my finger in her.
    I fingered her like this for a few minutes and then decided to try licking her. I had seen my uncles porn magazines and new what going down on a girl was but didn't really know what to do so I just bent down and started licking everywhere. She spread her legs even more and even put her hand on my head as I licked her pussy. Then whole time she pretended to be asleep.
    After a licking her for awhile I changed positions so that I was on top of her. I started rubbing my cock against her pussy but didn't know what the hell I was doing. I eventually found her her entrance and pushed. She let out a pretty loud gasp and my bed squeaked. I looked down into her face but her eyes where still closed. My cock was only part way in but I knew I wanted to be deeper. I started to pull back and push in again. She grunted as I pushed and my bed really squeaked. I was now only half way in when I heard voices from my parents room and heard their bed squeak. I knew someone was getting up so I quickly pulled out and got back to my original position.
    When my mom looked into my room and saw that I was awake she asked what was wrong. I just said I couldn't get comfortable. She suggested I move out to the couch and sleep. What could I say? So I ended up on the couch jacking off thinking about how close I had been. The whole time Gwen didn't say anything or open her eyes. I began to have my doubts. Maybe she did sleep through the whole thing.
    The next day we left early. Gwen and I wrapped in blankets in the back seat with my mom and dad up front. It was in the early eighties and we had an old car that didn't work very well so the blankets were a must. We each had a book to read and a tablet to write in to keep us occupied. Gwen still hadn't said anything and she wasn't acting differently at all. After a few hours Gwen started writing in her notebook while I tried to read my book. She tapped my leg and putting a finger to her lips indicating that I should be quite. She then paced me her notebook for me to read. When I looked down and saw what she wrote my heart stopped.
    YOU WERE VERY BAD LAST NIGHT was written in bold letters. I looked at her and she was just smiling at me and indicated I should write back. So the following is the exchange we had in silence in the back seat of the care. I still have the notebook.
    Gwen - You were very bad last night
    Me - Sorry (with a sad face drawn at the end)
    Gwen - I can't believe what you did
    Me - I am really sorry. I could't help myself
    Gwen - Why did you stop
    Me - because I heard my mom getting up
    Gwen - Oh my god! what if she had walked in when you were doing it
    Me - I know!!!!! Did you like it?
    Gwen - Yes!!!!!!! We need to be more careful next time. (happy face drawn at end)
    Me - you mean you want to do it again?????
    Gwen - YES!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me - It was my first time doing that. I hope you liked it
    Gwen - mine to and yes i liked it i just want to do it longer
    me - i can't wait to get to uncle Bob's
    Gwen - why wait?
    With that started to rub my cock under the covers while I fingered her. I will tell more of our adventures and relate how and when Heidi and I got involved if people want to hear more.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 12, amd my brother was 16, I would do things for my brother and in return he would let me play his video games. One day he was being a bit rude about it and refusing to let me play at all. I tried to offer him everything I could think of to get him to let me play games. He refused every offer.

    I got frustrated and went back to my room. As I lay in my bed wondering how to change his mind. Then I had the idea that if I offered to jerk him off, he would change his mind. What guy wouldn't like that deal.

    I went back to his room and made the offer. He turned to me suprised. "How desperate are you to play my video games sis?" He asked me. I said, "I am very desperate."

    He turned completely around and was only wearing his boxers. I could see the buldge of his hard on. He said, "Are you desperate enough to do more than jerk me off?" I looked at him for a minute then answered. "I will do whatever you want me to do."

    He sat on his chair and pulled boxers off, tossing them to the side. He said, "Then suck my dick sis." I was young, naive, and just plain foolish. I knelt down in front of his and gave my first ever blowjob. I probably wasn't very good but he blew a big load and I swallowed most of it. A few minutes later I was happily playing video games.

    That night as I lay in bed thinking about what I had done, I realized that I could probably get anything I wanted from my brother just by sucking his dick. I decided that it was a very good trade. I liked sucking my brother's dick, loved the taste of his cum, and honestly enjoyed the whole idea.

    Now, several years later, he and I are practically fuck buddies. Our relationship developed from brother and sister to trading sexual favors and now we just have sex for the fun of it.

    Almost every day he and I find some time to have sex or at least get some oral sex in. Just yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend while my brother's cum was still inside me from just 20 minutes earlier. We had almost been caught. My brother shot a massive load in my pussy, then left to go to work and just 2 minutes after he left, my boyfriend pulled in the driveway. I wiped out as much of my brother's cum as I could then went to lay on my bed. My boyfriend walked in to me laying naked on my bed. I immediately seduced him and skipped foreplay to keep him from seeing the cum spilling from my vagina. A short while later he came in me and I was relieved in more than one way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My wife (57) and I (60) have been married for 35 years. I retired in April. Our sex life is pretty good. She has a widowed Sister (59). Every Monday and Thursday I play golf and am gone most of the day. My Sister-in-law comes and spends the day with my wife. When I come home we share a bottle of wine and have dinner. My wife plays bridge every Monday and Thursday night and when my wife leaves I drive my Sister-in law home. I always kiss her goodnight at her door. The kiss started getting longer and one day I parted my lips. When she felt my tongue on her lips she started to respond and suddenly stopped, turned, said goodnight and went in. The next time she said we shouldn't be kissing. I said I think of you as my Sister. It's not that I don't want you to kiss me. It might lead to us doing something we may both regret.

    That night in bed, I told my wife her Sister didn't want me to kiss her goodnight. She was afraid it might go further. She laughed and said, would you like it to go further? I said, I don't think I could cheat on you, but I guess the thought has crossed my mind. She's been really down in the dumps since her husband died. She's always saying how lucky I am. I'll tell her it's okay if you kiss and if it goes any further to let it happen. Maybe a good fuck will snap her out of it. You mean you'll let me fuck her. Sure, if you don't mind. I don't mind as long as you know.

    The following Monday, I took her home and she turned and let me kiss her. Her lips parted and she accepted my tongue with a slight moan. She asked if I would come in. We sat in the kitchen and she opened a bottle of wine. I said, I shouldn't drink, I have to drive home. She said one glass wont hurt. As we talked, she drank two glasses of wine, while I sipped on mine. She got up and with the last of the wine in her hand went in to her bedroom. About ten minutes later, she called me.

    I went in and she was sitting on the bed in her nightgown with the sheets pulled down. She looked at me and said. Every time you kissed me goodnight I wanted this to happen, so if your willing, will you come to bed with me. I never hesitated and undressed. She stared at my erect cock and gulped some wine. I drew her nightgown off and bent over and kissed her deeply tasting the wine on her tongue. I could feel her hand on my cock. She said it's been so long I wanted to touch it.

    I lay her back on the bed. Her body was still in good shape. She resembled my wife nude. I kissed her as I put my hand between her legs covering her pussy. When I touched her vagina, it was very dry. I reached over and took some wine in my mouth and moistened her vagina as I lightly licked it. I rose up and carefully entered her as she gasped. I started moving a little and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pushing up, urged me on. I started fucking her in earnest as she moved to meet my thrusts. It seemed like forever, but she finally said, YES! YES! I'm cumming. As she settled back, I shot the biggest load of semen in her pussy then I have for a long time. It was the first time I fucked another woman, since I was 22.

    I got home about before 11pm and showered and went to bed. My wife usually came home close to midnight. She always liked me to eat her after bridge, and I knew those "Ladies" liked to talk about their sexual experiences growing up as teens. There is eight of them. There all married and have children and most are Grandmothers. They mentioned, having sex with Brothers, or a Cousin, two mentioned it was a Sister and one said it was her father. She always came home, horny listening to all the stories. I asked her if she told them about her teen years. She never ever answered me. She asked how things went with her Sister. I said, very well after she had some wine for courage. I suppose you enjoyed it? I guess your too tired to eat me now? I'm never too tired, you know I love to make you cum.

    Her Sister came early on Thursday, before I left. She had her hair done and what looked like a new dress. She had flowers for my wife, who asked what they were for. She said, I think you know and I'm taking you out to lunch. After dinner, my wife was getting ready to go out, and said, Sis is a changed woman, she looks good and acts younger. We had a nice day, a nice lunch, went shopping and she couldn't stop talking. She kissed me and said keep up the good work. I said, the pleasures all mine. She laughed and replied, Don't forget who your wife is.

    When I took her Sis home, there was no wine, she was eager to get in bed. Over the next few weeks she became an eager sex partner. She sucked my cock, I ate, (which her husband never liked doing). My wife asked me not to shower when I got home. The next time, after in bed she kissed me and said I want to see what my Sis tastes like and she took my cock in her hand started. She went eagerly at it sucking. When her mouth went up her hand went up, when she sucked down her hand went down. For the second time that night, I shot my cum, as she swallowed every drop. She said it wasn't much but you did save some for me. I think my Sister tastes a lot like me. What do you think? I said maybe. Well get down there and get a taste of me.

    She never wanted me to shower when I got home. She wanted to smell her Sister on me, and wondered if I could fuck two women on the same night. I could get hard but it was a struggle to orgasm, but I could make her cum. One night, her Sis and I never fucked, I ate her and we lay and talked. She told me about her early sexual life, saying the first was with a girl for a while, but then she became very into boys and had a very active sex life until she met
    her husband. I asked, who the girl was. She said, I can't tell you, We're still good friends. That night I fucked my wife and shot a big load in her. She was amazed that I could do it. I laughed and said, I never fucked tonight. I saved it for you. But I did eat her and she told me about her early sexual experience. My wife asked if she mentioned any names. I said no. We kissed, she sucked my tongue and said, I can really taste her juices now.

    (I began to wonder what was on her mind, wanting to taste her Sister on me) (I began to wonder who the girl was that my Sister-in-law had sex with)

    It's been going on almost four months now. My wife and her Sister are getting along great and enjoy going out for lunch and shopping. Her daughter can't believe the change in her Mother and thinks she has a boyfriend. As for me, I'm getting more pussy then I ever did. When the golf season ends, the three of us plan to go to Florida for about three months. I can golf and they can spend the days together doing whatever they like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'd had a crush on my uncle Joey since I was around fifteen. Mainly because I witnessed him fucking another young woman (Twenty) when I called by his home to pick up so stuff he'd borrowed off of my mom.
    His cock looked huge as I watched him fucking her asshole and right there and then, I knew I wanted him to fuck me. But my crush remained my secret of a sorts, because as soon as he saw me staring at his ass bucking too and thro, slamming his cock into her rear hole, he shouted at me to get out.
    He called by a few days later and apologized to me, and also told me he'd shouted because he didn't want his best niece to see him that way. Things and life moved on, but I always kept a light in my heart and my pussy for Joey, yet we never seemed to get any time alone.
    Turning nineteen two months ago, he attended my birthday party and I saw the look on his face. I and he knew I'd changed a whole lot since he'd last seen me nearly a year previously, and I could see the lust in his eyes. And the thing was seeing him, even though my boyfriend was right there, I knew I still wanted him and his cock inside me.
    Joey pulled me to one side later in the evening and told me just how good I looked. He also told me ever since I'd seen him fucking that girl, he'd fantasized about having sex with me. It was like sexual music to my ears. Turning to him I couldn't help myself, I kissed my uncle with passion and with undeniable sexuality. Moving apart, I told him if he wanted to, I'd meet him at his new apartment, and that he could show me just how much he'd dreamed of fucking me.
    Three days later I was knelt up on his bed with awesome cock sliding up my asshole. And Joeys cock has been fucking almost every day since. Every chance we get to have sex we take it. And I just cannot get enough of him and his enormous cock fucking everyone of my holes.
    It's taboo I know. And many people would frown on us for having sex as uncle and niece, but my thirty nine year old uncle to me, is the best lover I think I will ever have. Certainly each time we fuck together now, it just keeps on getting better and hornier.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I am a young man of 19 years old, I consider myself to be smart and level headed but last week I did the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life so far, I woke up with a hard and it wouldn't go away, I jacked off 3 times and it was still hard as a rock, I thought if I walked around my mind would just cause it to relax, I was on way to the kitchen when I noticed my mom's bathroom door was wide open, she was in plain view taking a shower, I found myself stoking my hard dick as I watched my mom through the clear glass shower doors.

    My mom is very beautiful and very well built, my friends kid me a lot about sleeping with her because she is so beautiful, but I never seen her that way before that day, all I could think about was eating her beautiful fresh shaved pussy, licking her sweet rounded ass and sucking on those big firm beautiful breast, her nipple's were light rose pink, not to big but just right, a real centerfold body and I wanted it, I could not get my mind off of her so
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