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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    After her divorce, my sister bought a house that has a notorious past. It was once a brothel and even a sexual predator lived there and when two girls disappeared from the vicinity, the monster who lived there was caught and they found a hidden room in the basement where he abused them. The guy was eventually executed for his crimes.
    Every time I go over there I feel like someone is watching me with bad intentions. I finally told my sister and she told me that she is very uncomfortable in the basement and had her oldest son, when he is home, accompany her when she needed to go down there. The color ran out of her face as she made me swear never to tell anyone but when they were down there the last time she heard a voice say "you know you want that young cock." The freaky thing is her son heard it too and when they ran upstairs, she had to fight the urge of being attracted to him and he started looking at her differently. Two nights later she had her first wet dream in decades and it involved her oldest. As she told me a little more of the dream then I wanted to hear, I could feel my panties moistening and there felt like a cool breeze coming at me chest level making my nipples harden a bit. I had to get out of there and as I was heading for the door in walked her oldest and I nearly creamed my jeans when he hugged me.
    As soon as I was outside I felt like I just walked through a change of attitude zone or something. I sat in my car not believing what my sister had told me and how horny I became knowing full well all she would have had to do is touch me in the wrong spot and I would have had lesbian sex with my sister. The thought of me going back and getting her and my nephew into the basement flashed through my mind but I drove off. After I few minutes I tried calling her and she didn't answer. I began to wonder if they were down in the basement.
    I love my sister and her family but something is wrong with that house and what may be going on in there. I plan on visiting again soon but keep thinking of reasons why I shouldn't. She has been kind of stand offish to me too and I am beginning to feel she wishes she never told me what she did.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    This happened when I was 20. I was home one afternoon and had the house to myself. My mom wasnt home until the evenings from work. So i figured I had a few hours to myself and decided to watch porn in the living room and masturbate.

    I had been watching for about an hour and out of nowhere I hear my mom speak up and say, "Looks like you're having fun." I think I about jump out of my skin. I tried to cover my cock with my hand and started apologizing. She laughed and told me not to be sorry. And said I was old enough to watch porn and wasn't expecting her to be home. She failed to mention she had a meeting at work and that she was able to leave early.

    What she said after a little small talk came as a shock. She nervously said, "This is a bit awkward, but do you mind if I join you and watch." I said, "the TV or me?" She smiled and said, "both." And went on to say that I shouldn't stop and get frustrated. I told her that I didn't mind if she wanted to join.

    We sat there for about 5 minutes watching, and my mom looked over and said, "I can leave if you need me to." I told her that it was okay and she didn't need to leave. I slowly started to masturbate again. Was weird at first. Aftee a few minutes my mom began to watch me instead of the TV. She stood up for a moment and started undoing her pants and said, "I need to get off." We sat there and watched each other masturbate. She came twice and then I came. She got up and left the room and came back and gave me a towel to clean up with.

    She smiled, and said, "that was fun." I got up and had a shower and rehashed everything that happened. When I came back downstairs, my mom was putting dishes away, and looked at me, and asked me if I was ok. Which I told her I was fine and that what just happened was pretty wicked. She giggled. She said that it was pretty hot, but didn't want it to lead to sex. She added in that she wouldn't mind for a repeat of what had just happened and told me that anytime I felt like masturbating, if I wanted her to watch she was more than happy to.

    Fast forward two years now, We still watch porn together and masturbate. Sex is definitely out of the question. But she has given in to giving me handjobs.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    My name is Tina I'm 34 yrs old and have an 11yr old son named Jake. A couple nights ago I was getting ready for bed and decided to check on him before I turned in. I opened his door and peeked in and to my surprise he was lying on his back uncovered with an erection sticking up out of his underpants. I tip toed in closer to get a better look and quietly sat on the edge of his bed staring at his beautiful penis. It was about 7in with a nice round head and it was throbbing. As I watched his dick throb he started to move around a little lifting his bottom off the bed and hump the air. He let out a quiet moan and his penis started jerking and semen squirted from it all over his stomach and chest. My baby just had a wet dream and I was there to see it. As I sat watching his dick go limp I reached over and scooped up some of his boy cum with my fingers and tasted it. I have had a few men cum in my mouth but his was the sweetest I have ever tasted. I went back to my room and masturbated to a mind blowing orgasm thinking about what I just witnessed. When I got up the next morning instead of getting dressed I put on my sexiest pink panties and a tight tank top to show off my firm tits went in the kitchen and sat at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper waiting for my beautiful boy. When he finally walked in he was wearing a clean pair of tight white underwear. He sat down at the table and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast " cereals fine mommy" he replied. I got up and walked over to fix him a bowl and noticed he was staring at the camel toe in my panties and my hard nipples. He reached down and was adjusting his penis when I brought over his cereal. When I sat down I moved the gusset of my panties to one side so my pussy lips would be exposed and spread my legs I then dropped a spoon and asked him if he would get that for me. "sure mommy " he crawled under the table and I heard him gasp he was looking at my pussy for the first time. When he got up he finished his cereal and I told him to put the bowl in the sink. He walked over to the sink trying to cover up his stiff cock. I told him "don't be shy around me baby all boys your age get hard and its nothing to be concerned about and if you want to you can go in your room and jack it off to make it go away". He stood and looked at me not knowing what to say when I told him " oh for heavens sake baby I can do it for you if you want". He stammered and said "will you mommy" " sure I will ". I pulled down his underpants and told him to sit on mommas lap. He sat down and leaned back against me I reached around and started to slowly jerk him off and fondle his big cum filled balls. "oh mommy that feels so good don't stop please don't stop" I started to jerk him faster and asked him " my goodness baby what made your penis so stiff" " I saw your pussy under the table and it made my pecker stand up" I was squeezing his balls and jerking him faster and said " tell momma when your about to shoot I have a special treat for you" "ok mommy I'm almost ready" I turned him around and put the head of his dick in my mouth and started to suck. "oh mommy I'm squirting I'm squirting" he filled my mouth with his sweet cum pumping in load after sticky load. when he finished he sat on my lap and hugged me "that felt wonderful". mommy. I got up and told him to follow me and walked in the bedroom. I slid my panties off and took off my shirt. I laid on the bed with my legs spread and said "now Jake you can do what ever you want to me feel free too explore my body with your fingers or your mouth but don't ever tell anyone this is our secret". "ok mommy I wont I promise". He got on the bed beside me and started playing with my tits pinching the nipples. He then bent down and started licking and sucking on them .my pussy was soaked at the feeling of his lips on my nipples. He then moved between my legs staring at my vagina I could see his dick getting hard again. "oh mommy its so pretty". I reached down and spread my lips apart so he could get a better look and told him " if you want to you can stick your penis inside me and cum in mommas c**t. I told him to lay on top of me and I guided his dick in my hole. " ok baby push it in" he did and it felt so good. "now push it in and out and fuck momma hard". he was fucking me hard and fast when I came all over his dick. "Oh you made me cum with your big dick baby" "oh yea mommy I'm gonna cum now" and he shot his cum in my pussy. when he pulled out his cock I could feel his semen pour out of my pussy down my ass crack. I hugged him and said "your the best son ever".

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    For two years without each other knowing it (I really don't know how we didn't find out about the other sooner) we both vied for Neil's affections. We were going through a family breakdown and Neil our uncle, became a rock to us both. For my part I wanted sex with him way before I actually got to suck on his massive cock. I remember being fourteen and at our parents house. My mom, his sister, was arguing again with my dad about money, so Neil took me outside to sit by our small pool. I couldn't help but notice his penis poking out from his shorts and knew then he had a large cock. I also knew I wanted to feel it, to touch it and to do as some of my school friends had done with their boyfriends, suck his cock. It didn't happen obviously, but I did notice him more and more checking me out the older I got.
    Three days after my seventeenth birthday, and eight weeks after my mom and dad split up, Neil invited me round to collect my present. What I didn't know, was my sister had been round the day before to collect hers. Sat in his lounge Neil walked in with my drink he'd offered me, wearing only his flip flops. His massive cock was semi hard and I couldn't help staring at it. He gave me my drink and then said "This is yours if you want it". He paused before he added "I've noticed you watching me and this for some time, so if you'd like to have some fun, I'm and it's all yours for today".
    I couldn't get his cock in my mouth quick enough. It had been my desire for so long, or so it seemed and there it was ready for me to enjoy. And enjoy it I did. I spent the next quater of an hour giving my uncle all kinds of pleasure with my mouth and tongue. His wasn't the first cock I'd sucked, but it was by some margin the biggest. And knowing he was enjoying what I was doing for him, made me enjoy the whole experience until he came flooding my mouth with his cum, all the hornier.
    With his salty cum filling my mouth, he asked me if he could tongue me. Taking of my skirt and panties but leaving on my top, I lay on his couch and spread my legs. Neil gave me such an amazing tonguing, I found myself cumming four times. The first time I'd ever orgasmed that many times in a row. After my final climax, I asked him if he'd fuck me as I was desperate tro feel his cock inside of me. But Neil told me he wouldn't fuck me until I turned eighteen.
    It was a very long, yet sexually satisfying year. My sister and I without knowing for some time fell in love with Neil, and his wonderful way of teasing out many many orgasms with his masterful tongue. And every time I gave him head, he'd give me such quantities of cum, I found myself gulping down what seemed like gallons.
    Throughout it all and up to finding out about each other, my sister and I grew very close, but neither of us told about the other. Then my sister got a cold, a bad cold and didn't go over to Neil's when they'd arranged. Thinking she'd miss their weekly sex session, Neil text me and asked me to call by after college. I was sucking in his huge cock when my sister walked in.
    It might be that we are twins, or that we went through such tough times with our parents splitting up, but my sister didn't react as maybe you might think. Instead of shouting about Neil being her lover, my sister said "Move over girl, let me get some of that". Neil's response was to say "Thank fuck for that, now I don't have to hide one from the other".
    Over the next half an hour with my sister stripping naked as I was, we both pleasured our uncles cock and had him tongue us both to orgasm, as we took turns to sit on his face. Then with my uncle having his cock sucked by my sister, I looked at her freshly climaxed pussy and couldn't resist putting my mouth down to her wetness. In all our time growing up, we'd not once touched each other sexually, so when my tongue lapped up and down her wet slit, I thought she might tell me to stop. Instead she held my face to her pussy and encouraged me to give her cunnilingus. No sooner than Neil had cum in her mouth, my sister had a violent orgasm soaking my face with her juices.
    Totally sexed out, we all lay naked and then looking at one another began to laugh. Neil went on to tell each of us about the other, and also added he hadn't fucked either. It was such a relief in a way, knowing the taboo surrounding Neil's and my sexual encounters, were out. And out with someone who loved me dearly.
    For the next four months my sister and I met up at Neil's home and had sex as a threesome. Each week we'd stay at one of our parents home and then couldn't wait to have sex together. My sister and I also started to have sex alone without Neil. It wasn't as intense, but a more loving type of sex. Kissing more, stroking each other more and definitely more gentler oral sex.
    Then three weeks off a year ago, Neil invited us both over to collect our "Birthday present". Watching his cock bury itself up my sisters pussy will saty with me forever. They fucked and fucked until he had my sister screaming with delight from a huge orgasm. With her settling down, I mounted my uncles pussy juice covered cock and rode him as you might see a guy riding a rodeo horse. It was such a thrilling fuck, I kind of forgot for a while my sister was right there watching me take Neil's large cock up my pussy. It was my turn to cum as Neil had had me get into the doggy position. As soon as he moved us around, my sister got infront of me, opened her legs and asked me to tongue her. When I orgasmed from Neil's forceful fucking, I also brought my sister to climax and had her bucking in my face.
    We stayed having sex together for another two hours, with my sister becoming more of the dominant person in regards to us. Neil took his sweet time pleasuring us both with his massive cock, and only afterwards did I discover he'd taken a little blue pill to give a birthday present to remember.
    This past year has been hard with regards to my parents, as it's been a messy divorce to say the least. But Neil and my sister have been rocks to me. Both in a family way and of course sexually.
    If and when I eventually move on from fucking Neil (Not planning to quite yet, as he's too good in bed), and find a man to marry. I don't think I'll ever stop having our time together, as sister and sister lovers.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    So one Easter my mom has her bfs entire family over everyone is getting drunk I've had a few drinks and decide I'm gunna go out for the night so I decide to have a shower I was in the shower longer then I thought masterbating enjoying the hot water when I hear the door open and say sorry it's Sarah I really have to pee she's my mom's bfs brothers wife and not bad for her age she says sorry and she won't look if I don't as I sit in the shower holding my hard dick I'm like OK and hear her move to the toilet and sit down of course the horn dog I am I try and take a peek watching her pee I start jerking it again trying to be quiet but guess I wasn't quiet enough cuz she turned and caught me still sitting on the toilet she ripped the shower curtain open and says if u want to look just ask I'm speechless then she grabs my dick and says relax I'll help and begins to suck on my dick it literally took seonds and I said to her in gunna cum she didt budge and just swallowed the whole thing still the best head I've ever had

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was about 18 I was couch surfing from place to place at one point in time I stayed at my aunt's for a few weeks with her and my to younger really hot cousins she gave me a roll out bed in my 15 year old cousins room because I was working I was always in bed first and usually asleep before she got home but one night I just couldn't sleep I layed there eyes closed trying until I heard the door she came down the stairs threw her stuff on her bed and then proceeded to what I'm guessing is make sure I was asleep I layed pretending I guess she was fool cuz she proceeded to start taking her clothes off I watched and as each piece of clothing came off I got harder I thought I can totally jerk it and not get caught so I started slow she started to take off her panties and I must have lost control and made a noise xuase she turned around and stared at me I had stop holding my dick trying to be still as she walked over to see if I was asleep when she got next to me she was looking down at me and suddenly ripped off the covers embarrassed I shot up and started rambling she told me to shush and said she's never seen a guy masterbate and she wanted to watch so being shy I started slow and she sat down on her bed and told me to do it faster so I did and she started to touch her self and I couldn't help but beat it harder she told me she wanted to see me cum and that's all it took to set me off and I came all over myself she said she loved it

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    Straight Male / 40

    I have a cousin that is my age. We grew up together and are still very close. We still do sexual things together even today but not like we used to do growing up. As young boys he used to get on top of me late at night in our bedrooms and hump on me. Me always face down with him on top of me. Neither of us could even cum at that age but the sensation was there. After he started humping on my ass it wasn`t long before he would pull my underwear down and his and rub his hard bare dick on my ass. We did it more often after he started doing that and did it all the time. Since we both lived out in the country we had a lot of places to go and hide to do this even if it was just to get behind something out of sight to pull our pants down so he could hump his dick on my ass.

    We did this for a very long gtime then he told me he could cum and wanted to do it to me and cum on my ass so I let him. Shortly after that I started to shoot a little cum too. One day out behind our trsactor shed he talked me into sucking is dick and said he wanted to suck mne too. I can still remember getting on my knees watching him take his pants down and his hard little dick sticking in my faceas he talked me in to putting it in my mouth.

    Once I did the rsst was pretty simple and I sucked on it with my hands on his ass and he kept telling me to make him cum and I did right in my mouth and he begged me not to stop so I didn`t and his cum tasted like mine so I just let it slide down my throat and swallowed it. There wasn`t that much of it and it felt pretty good to swallow it.
    He went to his knees right after that and waited for me to get my pants down and he quickly started to suck my dick and he let me cum in his mouth too and he swallowed it and even before we pulled our pants up and left that spot we were both already talking about doing it again real soon. we went to bed that night with our jaws sore from sucking each other so many times that first day but it didn`t keep us from sucking each other more that night.

    weeks went by that summer with us sucking each others dicks all the time and we both swallowed our share of each others cum and we figured out how to 69 and suck each other off at the same time and It was just too good when we both came at the same time. We both liked sucking and getting sucked and for both of us tobe sucking on each others dicks and cum together was just too good toever think about not doing it.

    we both liked getting up in the hay loft at his house or mine and sucking dick so we were up there a lot. Then one day he wanted to hump my ass up in the loft and we bot brave enough to chance taking off all our clothes to do it and I was face down in the hay with him on top of me humping my ass and he told me he wanted to stick his dick in me to see how it felt. He had to talk me in to it but I let him try it and I can still remember his chest on my upper back as he raised his hips high enough to hold on to his dick and find my tight asshole with the head of it.

    He touched the head of his dick to my asshole then started to push until it went in then he pushed it all the way inside of me then asked if I liked it. I told him it felt good and he said it felt good to him too so he started to fuck me and pretty soon asked me if he could leave it in me when he came. I thought a few seconds and told him to go ahead and if I didn't like it he could take it out the next time. He asked if I liked it enough to let him do it again and I said sure I like it and then he said he was going to cum in me and I felt his tiny load squirt in my ass and we both liked it.

    We had plenty of time so we stayed there naked until he got hard again and we were both very anxious to do it again so I spread my ass cheeks and let him stick it in my ass again and fuck me some more until he came in me again. We sat there naked talking and I asked if he could do it again and he couldn't get it hard enough but told me we could do it again later.

    we got dressed and went outside to run around awhile and later he told me he was getting hard again so we went out in the bushes behind the tractor shed and I took my pants down then leaned forward on a tree limb and he took his jeans down and stuck his dick in me from behind and held on to my hips as he fucked me then told me he was going to cum in me and he did. He stayed hard and fucked me again and came in my ass a second time. He pulled out we pulled up our pants and left. We stayed outside all day long running around and talking about it and each time he could get hard we hid some where with our pants down and he fucked me from behind and came in me.

    That entire summer we did the same thing every day plus we sucked each others dicks a lot too. As we got older we just fucked a lot more often and some how let two of our friends know what we were doing and before long they were in on it too so we all were sucking each others dicks but they didn`t know my cousin was fucking me in the ass until one night while we were all camping out in my tent out in the woods behind the barn and after sucking each other off my cousin told them about me letting him fuck me and I was pretty mad and embarrassed as hell at first but after we all talked about it everything was OK for awhile until they started asking if I would let them try it too.

    I really didn't want to but then again I wanted to so after they asked me a few times I said OK but not in front of the others so I said I would let them do it one at a time in the dark out behind the tent so the first one walked out in to the darkness with me and I took my clothes off and got on my hands and knees and waited for him to fuck me. Once he got his dick in my ass he got too excited and came pretty fast then pulled his dick out of me then asked to fuck me again later. He went back to the tent and I could hear him talking to both of the other boys about how good it felt and how he hoped he could do it again later. I waited there naked awhile then the other boy showed up and I let him fuck me on my hands and knees but right away I noticed his dick was quite a bit bigger than the other two and he fucked me longer and seemed to cum more.

    He walked back to the tent and all I could hear was them talking about fucking me and how tight my ass was and how they enjoyed it and they really liked shooting their cum in my ass. Once I got my clothes on and walked back to the tent my cousin wanted to fuck me but asked if he could fuck me in the tent and I said Ok. We both got in the tent and took our clothes off and he was fucking me when the other two stepped inside the tent to watch and jack off. Right away I liked getting fucked and them watching and listening to them all talk to each other about fucking my ass and after my cousin came and got off of me the next one got on top of me and for the next hour or so I was face down in the floor of the tent getting fucked in the ass by one right after the other and they were all emptying their young nuts in my ass and I was enjoying it ay too much so I never asked them to stop and just left my clothes off all night and let them all fuck me when ever they wanted to for the ret of the night.

    After that first night it was like that until we were out of High school. All three of them fucking me all the time and us all sucking each others dicks and a lot of times I had one I my ass and mouth at the same time and could get all of them off with no trouble at all. We all grew up and have moved on except for my cousin and I and we still suck each others dicks but not often but we do find time to run around together so we can sneak around and he can fuck my ass with his big thick hard dick and put a couple of big thick loads up my hot masculine asshole.

    Here lately I have been talking to a married very well hung guy I know that is Bisexual and have just about talked him and my cousin in to getting together to fuck me at the same time and I really want to do it and can arrange to rent a private cabin out by the lake for this to happen. I am trying hard to work this out and both of them know how bad I want it and I have told both of them if all goes well I want to act out a r**e scene and at least be tied down and fucked hard by both of them. I hope I get them to do this because I really would enjoy being used by two very well hung men very soon and take as much cum as they can give me in both ends.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    One mistake, and a drunken mistake at that is still costing me sexual favors. I wouldn't say I dislike what we're doing, as Jack's a real good fuck, but I simply cannot help but feel guilty afterwards, every time we have sex.
    Jack just so happened to attend a party I was at after I'd had a huge argument with my husband. Feeling very hurt from a lot of what my husband had said to me, I gave a guy I didn't know from Adam, a blow job. I was drunk, but it didn't and doesn't make way for any excuses for what I did. And to top everything my husbands youngest brother caught me doing it.

    He said nothing until nearly everyone had left the party and pulled me outside to let me know he'd seen me swallowing the guys cock. Extremely anxious and sobering up quickly, I asked Jack not to say anything to my husband. He responded by saying "My cock could use a polish".

    In the dark of that back yard, I gave my brother in law a blow job to keep him quiet. And in doing so, learned he was far more well endowed than his older brother. When I was sucking on his large thick cock, Jack took hold of my head and began to fuck my mouth, then began to call me a slut. The combination of him fucking my mouth hard and him calling me names had my pussy aching for sex. So stopping him from fucking my mouth for a few seconds, I told him I was horny for his cock.

    Without using a condom, he had me stand up, lean against a tall steel post and drove his cock straight into my soaking wet pussy from behind. Right away it felt wonderful to have his larger cock fucking me and almost straight away I came. He didn't though, not for quite some considerable time as he pounded my pussy, making slapping sounds as his thighs, hips and cock slammed into me.

    I'd just about cum again, when the rear door to the house where the party was being held. The light from inside shone out and gave Jack a clear view of my pussy and asshole. He made some comment about always wanting to fuck me, and then unloaded up my love hole.

    Afterwards I didn't immediately feel guilty, but I did when he dropped me off at home and his brother came out to apologize to me. Jack just seemed to take it in his stride, as if nothing had happened. They even had a beer together as I got into bed feeling really bad about what I'd just done.

    The next day, Jack text me to ask me to meet up with him. On my lunch break from work, I met my brother in law who told me he'd booked a motel room for an hour. Even though inside my head I was saying no, my pussy and asshole were desperate to feel his cock inside me again.

    We actually spent nearly an hour and half licking, sucking and fucking one another. I was late back to work, (Told the boss I got a puncture) but not before I'd had five amazing orgasms from Jack licking my pussy and asshole first, then fucking my mouth, my pussy and my ass. It was easily the best sex I'd ever had and Jack made me promise we'd continue to have sex if and when we could.

    Again I felt ultra guilty, but it didn't and hasn't stopped me from having Jack fuck me as often as we can meet up safely to have such horny and dirty sex. Sex I know I simply could not now do without, even if I still feel unbelievably guilty afterwards.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I just have to get this off my chest, The other day my daughter visited me with my pretty granddaughter, She's 10 nearly 11 and cute with little button nose and brown hair she will grow into a heartbreaker when she is older, So after breakfast my daughter asked if I'd look after June her daughter for the day, I was delighted and said I would after her mother had gone we watched TV and a DVD she wanted to watch with popcorn of course, Afterwards she began messing around giggling and generally having fun as girls do then she asked for a horsey ride which she has always loved so she sat astride my leg as I jiggled her up and down like she was on a horse as she giggled and whooped, Suddenly she seemed to change getting quieter and pressing herself down onto my leg she actually started to grind down on it as she bounced up and down, Her legs gripped my leg tightly and her breathing became harsh as she closed her eyes with a smile on her face, As I watched her I became hard she looked so angelic but quite sexy, I just sat there watching her bounce and grind her hand grabbed my other leg on the thigh and squeezed it tightly and said "don't stop grandpops" her brow furrowed in concentration and her eyes tightly shut, She then shuddered and let out a gasp as her legs clamped tightly against my leg as I stopped my bouncing of her she ground herself hard against my leg, Then she stopped opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at me and in a sweet voice said "thanks grandpops" She hopped off my leg and ran to the bathroom saying she needed a pee, I was rock hard I looked at my leg to see a wet patch on my trousers where she was sitting I ran my finger over it and smelt it the sweet smell of pussy hit my nose, I feel a bit guilty but she didn't complain in fact she gave me knowing looks and smiles ever since so I don't feel too bad.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    My stepsis is one hot bitch. She walks around the house in those tight clothes and with no underwear, always giving me a hard on.

    I jack off with her panties and cum in them when she is out.
    I also jack off to the noise of her getting fucked by her boyfriend next door. She moans like a slut.
    I once found some naked pics of her while secretly going through her phone.

    I wanna fuck her so bad. I would fuck the shit out of that bitch.

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