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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 20

    I was about 15 16 at the time and I have this step sister. She was about 14 or 15. Well long story short.. I have feelings for her. It all started one day when she was workin on homework. And so I sat next to her and got close. Got a bit touchy and made my way to grabbing her titties. She's a thick girl. In all the right places.. If I could I'd be dating her rn if our parent weren't together. But that same day I touched her I ended up cuddling with her. With my hand up her shirt and all that. But it got serious. We would sleep together every night before we went to school. Watching her dressing up. She was so into me and I know she was.. Because it led to us having sex. Best sex hands down.. But I still have feelings for her and I hope I get to do the things I did with her before again. What do y'all think of my confession?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My mom started to eat me out when I was five. I started to return the favor when I was nine. We are still lovers.

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    Straight Female / 34

    You shouldn't want to have sex with your son, should you. But I do. Falling pregnant when I was just sixteen wasn't the best of starts. And then having the father of our son Jackson, pass away when he was just two and half, meant I brought our son up alone. Since that early age we became extremely close, and that closeness has even meant Jackson asking advice about very intimate sexual things of late. And it's lead to a sexual act which I couldn't or more to the point, didn't want to stop.
    Things like "How do women prefer to have the clitoris's licked". And "When a man's cock is inside your vagina, is it far more enjoyable than your arsehole". Both questions I gave answers to, sort of, only to have Jackson ask me if I'd show him how I like to be pleasured orally.
    Telling him it was inappropriate to be masturbating in front of him, my son said "Why, you've watched me wanking". His statement shocked me, but it wasn't a lie. Indeed the week before I had witnessed him masturbating on our sofa. I'd gone to bed, but felt thirsty later on. Getting up I walked downstairs to find Jackson stroking his cock, and what an impressive cock it is, to a soft porn film on the TV. I stood rooted to the spot and watched him wank himself to orgasm. Only when he'd cum, did he turn around and say "Hope you enjoyed that". He'd known all along I was there, but didn't stop to cover himself.
    Three days after he'd asked me about oral, vaginal and anal sex, I'd been out with my sister. We'd had lots of wine and I got in around midnight. Jackson was already in bed, so I decided to retire myself. I'd been in bed asleep around an hour, when I felt a warm wet tongue licking at my pussy lips. At first having had the alcohol, I thought I'd dreamed it, or imagined it. But when the tongue lapped at my clit and it began to make me feel aroused, I soon realised I was indeed having my pussy and clit tongued.
    The tonguing got better and better, as my clit began to throb and then I felt a finger enter my pussy. I dared not look down, but just lay there and let whoever it was carry on giving me pleasure. What changed things was the finger that was fingering my pussy was slid out of it, and then slipped up my arse. My pussy received another finger and before I knew it, both my pussy and arse were being fucked and my clit was being sucked into a very keen mouth.
    Putting my hands down to my sex, I felt the familiar curls of Jackson's hair, as he carried on licking me out and finger fucking my sex holes. Gripping his hair let him know I was awake, but it also told him as I pushed his face deeper into my pussy, I wanted him to carry on. Lifting his a little, I heard my own son say "I knew you'd like me giving you cunnilingus". His words plus his tongue licking away at my love bud, brought me to such a wonderfully strong orgasm, I was still shaking five minutes after he'd stopped.
    Jackson moved up my body once I'd climaxed. Kneeling up on the bed, I saw for the first time he was naked. His large cock was bolt upright in front of him. Taking hold of his own cock, he began to masturbate himself. But knowing he'd just given me such amazing oral pleasure, I reached up, took hold of his cock and pulled him towards me. Opening my mouth, I let my own son slide his cock over my tongue, as I began to suck in every inch of his cock that I could.
    Sucking and licking on his long thick cock, I gave Jackson the best head I'd possibly given anyone before. It was such a special ten minutes sucking away on his cock, I got lost in needing to give my son a fantastic blow job. Then Jackson held my head tightly and moments later I felt his cock explode in my mouth. Not wanting to show him I didn't enjoy his seed, I swallowed the lot.
    Jackson and I lay there not talking for some time. I broke the silence telling him I needed to sleep. Jackson rolled over and said okay, but before he got up to leave my room, he slipped a finger into my pussy, then put it to his mouth to suck on it. Looking down at me, Jackson said "Next time, I'd like to fuck you".
    There hasn't been a next time, yet. I spoke to him the following morning and told him it was very much a one off. A mistake on my part to allow him to seduce me. But in my head and in my pussy, I so wanted him to tell me he was going to fuck me no matter what I said. I wanted my own son to dominate me. To fuck all my holes and to use me to make sure he got all the pleasure he desired.
    We haven't moved on from that point sexually. It's been a little awkward I suppose, but nevertheless I get the distinct impression Jackson's building up to asking me, or even better I hope, to making me have sex with him again. I know I shouldn't want him to have sex with me, but Jackson and his cock are so beautiful, I am so desperate to feel my son and his cock fucking my pussy and arsehole.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My mum and dad went through a very messy divorce. He found her fucking a young guy in our home nearly two and half years ago, yet only recently has his decree absolute come through. Mainly due to lots of arguing and legal issues.
    Ten days ago (I live with my dad) I walked into our home and was about to take a bath, when I heard what sounded like a porno playing in my dads bedroom. Walking upstairs, I couldn't help but see into his bedroom. On his bed was a young woman around my age, and she was naked. Knelt behind her and also naked was my dad. And he was fucking the girl so hard, she was screaming out with joy.
    Over the next five minutes or so I watched my dad fuck that girl, until they changed position and he had her mount his cock. And what a cock!. I knew from some of things my mother had said in the past, my dad was large in that department. Yet looking at my own fathers cock, I realised my mum hadn't fully explained just how big his dick was. My boyfriends cock is around eight inches fully erect. My dad's cock was at least a couple of inches longer than that and much thicker.
    Watching her take my dads cock up her wet pussy, got my pussy wet too. And I couldn't help myself from touching my pussy through my knickers, after lifting my short loose skirt up and around my waist.
    And that's how my dad caught me watching him. I'd just slipped my hand inside my knickers and was gently stroking my clit, when he turned around and noticed me watching him fuck her.
    There was a lot of jumping around and shouting, so I walked back downstairs and sat in the kitchen. I heard my dad telling the girl to leave and that he'd phone her later.
    About ten minutes later he walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Sitting down opposite me, he went onto explain the girl was a kind of present to himself as his divorce from my mum had come through. The girl was a slut he knew from his gym, and someone who apparently fucked anyone alive with a cock.
    Asking me if I'd seen much, I went on to explain what I had seen and then let it slip, I'd really enjoyed watching his huge cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. My dad said something strange then "Maybe in a different life, it would have been yours".
    We didn't speak much after that, but I did a couple of days later notice a pair of my knickers in his bedroom. They were used ones and were lay on his pillow. I don't know what he was doing with them, I can only guess.
    The incredible thing is, I cannot get the vision of my dads cock out of my mind. And have masturbated nearly every night now, just thinking of him and it fucking all my holes. I know I shouldn't be thinking that way, but from what he said in the kitchen, and finding my knickers in his room, maybe my father who I adore, is thinking precisely the same thing.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    Attended a party with a friend two weeks ago. We both got drunk, but unlike my friend who passed out, I found myself stumbling into a dark bedroom after visiting the bathroom.
    On the bed was a guy having his cock sucked by what looked like in the gloom, a really fit naked woman. Stood in the doorway, he looked round at me, pointed at her ass and said "Come and join in, fuck her dude".
    Drunk and not thinking straight, I got on the bed, undid my jeans and lowered my boxers. Putting my right hand down to her soaking wet pussy, I began to finger fuck her, making her moan and squirm about.
    Fully erect, I put my cock to her pussy hole and pushed in. I'm reasonably well endowed, so her pussy was tight around my cock. Even so with her being so wet, I began to fuck her. The guy having his cock sucked yelled at me to give it to her hard, so I did.
    Fucking her as fast and as deep advice could, she really began to moan loudly still sucking on the older guys cock. Then he gripped her hair, buckedva few times and came in her mouth saying "Take it all Jackie, swallow it you bitch".
    He withdrew, got off the bed which made it easier for me to spin her around. Even so her long brunette hair covered her face. Entering her again as she wrapped her legs around my back, I took hold of her small firm breasts and hammered into tight hole. Seconds later she arched upwards and orgasmed on my cock. Closely followed by me cumming deep inside her. Moving her arms upwards, she brushed away her hair and said "Wow dude, that was an awesome fuck". It was only then hearing her voice and finally seeing her face, I realized I'd just fucked my aunt Jackie.
    It took Jackie a few moments more to realize who I was, yet even then she didn't have me withdraw from her cum filled pussy. Reaching forwards and gripping my ass, Jackie pulled me deeper into her and said "We'll keep this just between us, your mamma don't need to know honey".
    I was about to say "What about him", but turning around I saw that he'd gone. Jackie turned my head back around saying "Don't you pay him no mind, I don't even know what his name was". Still having hold if my face, my aunt pulled me downwards and kissed me. Not like an aunt and nephew, but as someone who she's since said, gave her an awesome fuck. Eventually we stopped kissing, and if this sounds strange, believe me it's true. I actually found kissing her with our tongues dancing together, more intimate in a way than fucking her. Maybe because I didn't know it was my aunt whom I was fucking.
    A few minutes later I followed Jackie downstairs. She was sat by a very drunk man who was flaked out on a bean bag. My uncle had no idea his thirty nine year old wife had just sucked off a stranger, or had her oldest nephew fuck her to orgasm.
    Jackie and I said goodnight, when I helped her put John her husband into a cab with her. It wasn't however a simple goodnight as we kissed passionately again. And just before the taxi drove them home, Jackie told me to text her the following day.
    The reply from my text which said "Hi Jackie it's ****. You asked me to text you last night, hope you remember". Was "I remember ****, won't ever forget having my nephew fuck me so good. Hal's going fishing all of next weekend, why don't you drop by. Hope to see all of you soon Jackie xxx".
    Hal did go fishing last weekend, and I did call by. What Jackie, my moms sister and I did for nearly two days of sex, is far too much for this confession. Maybe I'll write another soon, we'll see.
    What I will say, is because of last week, Jackie has booked and paid for Hal to go fishing in December for a week. She's asked me to stop over all week. I've already changed my plans so I can do just that. In the meantime I'll visit as much as I can and have my aunt teach me everything she knows....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    I am 51 years old and happily married, I love my wife and our sex life is good..
    I have a niece who is 26, she is my sister's daughter. We have always been close and I do call at her house from time to time to see her and her husband, have a cup of coffee and just chat. I called round one evening expecting to find them both there but there was just my niece and she was upset and I could see she had been crying. She told me she had had a big row with her husband and he had slapped her face and stormed out. She was standing as she told me so I went over to her and put my arms around her and held her as she started to sob. I just held her and then took her face between my hands and kissed the top of her head. Holding her so close I could feel her breasts pressing against me and my cock got hard, it was pressed against her and I was worried she worried would feel it and pull away but she stayed pressed against me. I then held her face again between my hands and this time kissed her on the lips and I felt her respond and kissed me back and I felt her tongue on my lips. At this my cock was rock hard and I am sure she could feel it pressing against her. I took her to the sofa and we carried on kissing and I started to stroke her leg and slowing stroked higher slipping my hand between her thighs and I could feel the heat of her pussy through her panties. At this I just knelt on the floor opened her legs wide and pulled down her panties and there was her pussy, It was so wet and I kissed her pussy lips, sucked on her clit and she orgasmed. While I licked her pussy I had pulled my pants down to my knees. I pulled her down on to the carpet and slid my very hard cock into her pussy, it felt so good I didn't last long and shot my cum into her pussy
    We just lay there for a few minutes and I remember thinking what have I done. I said I'm sorry I should never have done that and she just smiled and told me not to worry, she had needed that. She then got up to go to the bathroom to clean up and as she went she said it's ok I'm on the pill. Anyway I got myself dressed and she came back, made a cup of coffee for us and I was still worried but she just said Lets just say it never happened and then she said but I am glad it did. She and her husband are now OK and I still go and chat with them both. Looking back I am glad it happened and I am still very close to my niece but nothing has happened since, I have to admit I would like it to but know it never will.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I share an apartment with my brother who is 28 (we're college students). My room is next door to my brother's room. Sometimes I hear my brother masturbating at night (I know he's masturbating because I hear him moaning). I feel bad to say this, but I get turned on when I hear him masturbating. I told my brother that I hear him masturbating sometimes. He denied that he masturbates. He said that the moaning and dirty talk that I hear is from porn videos. I know he's lying (I can tell the difference between sounds from the home and sounds from a t.v.). A few days ago I heard my brother moaning again and I knew he was masturbating. To prove to myself that I'm right and to satisfy my turn-on, I spied on my brother masturbating (I spied through the vent on the wall that separates my room from his room). My brother was lying on his bed with his legs wide apart in the air. He was stroking his cock with some kind of oil and pulling his balls. His cock was erect, huge, and curved (how weird to have a curved cock). He was moaning "ohhhhh". He was talking dirty to himself (weird) and saying stuff like "suck my cock". He made a lot of weird sounds like "ssssss...ohhhh". When he was close to cuming, he said to himself "my cock milk is coming, oh sweet Jesus". Right before he squirted, he screamed "I'm about to squirt my cock milk, suck my cum". He squirted out a lot of milky cum. He kept stroking his cock until all his cum was out. Now I know that my brother has a weird curved cock.

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    Lesbian Female / 41

    The moment his tongue slid along my pussy slit and I felt his lips encircle my clit, I knew I was going to allow him to fuck me.
    It had taken three years for this to happen, something we both knew would happen eventually, especially as our flirting had got to the point whereby we were openly flashing and touching one another.
    It began when I moved in and truly met Leon for the first time. That first look and hand shake was one of acceptance from him, but also as I took it, one of desire. We both from the very first meeting, knew we enjoyed each others physical shape. I was and still am, a gym instructor. And Leon (Named after the film) was a top athlete in school.
    Three years down the line from our first handshake, and five days after Leon's twentieth birthday, he came to claim what was promised to him in a round about way, as a birthday present.
    Their had been many many occasions in those three years, where I'd wanted to feel what I'd seen lots of times, Leon's super thick long cock. He knew it and teased me, just as much as I flashed and teased him. Our teasing had risen to us both touching each other intimately, but not taking it any further.
    Then during a party for his birthday, I let him know my pussy ached for him and his cock. Leon's comment that night was "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, as soon as my dad leaves for his next business trip".
    Five days after Leon's birthday, my husband left for Europe and Leon entered our bedroom that night.
    I was asleep but felt the duvet being lifted off me. I always sleep naked, so he had easy access to my freshly showered body. Moving my legs apart with me pretending to be asleep, he got between them and put his face to my pussy. The very mment his lips encircled my clit and sucked on it, I came. Shuddering with excitement of my climax and knowing he was going to be entering me, I told my twenty year old step son to take me as he wished.
    Leon and I were still fucking as the sun was rising. I was absolutely shattered, but also completely and utterly sexually overawed. For a young man, Leon certainly knew how to pleasure a woman. Something I knew from the many girls he had back at our home, fucking them, knowing I was listening and once watching.
    Every movement of our bodies, seemed to be taken from years of sexual times together, and not just this single night of complete passion. Every frustrated chance or hint at sex over the three years, was seen out and we did just about everything.
    Kissing, licking one anothers bodies, touching, stroking, oral sex both ways, Leon finger fucking my pussy and ass over and over again. Him teasing me endlessly with his tongue, making me orgasm countless times. Then just when I thought he'd never put that beautiful hard young cock inside of me, Leon flipped me over, pulled me up into a kneeling position and drove his unsheathed cock straight into my waiting quim.
    There are no words to describe fully what I felt right then. Only a total acceptance of his dominion over my body and sexual mind. He owned me for over an hour solid, and we fucked until I'd exhausted all my sexual energy, or so I thought.
    The magnitude of our sexual separation over the three years drove Leon to try everything he'd ever wanted to do with and to me, culminating in him fucking my asshole mercilessly driving me to one orgasm after another. Then when his cock exploded up my ass, filling me with his seed, I thought I could relax a little. Leon had other ideas and made me swallow his cum coated cock, as he went down on me again.
    It was slower more deliberate sex after the first stage of our time together. We played with each others sex more, taking time to trace every inch of each others sexual bodies. I even tongued out his asshole, as he was sending me crazy with his tongue licking my clit ever so gently.
    We slept for a little time before he woke me, entering me from behind spooning my body and squeezing my breasts tightly whilst we kissed passionately. Taking his cock from my pussy, he slid it into my asshole and for however long it was, we screwed each other in a rhythmic way sending shivers all over my body, each time his cock ever so slowly bottomed out up my ass.
    The sun was rising when Leon lapped every drop of his cum from my asshole. Entering the shower together, he asked me if he could sleep the day away with me. I awoke him nearing midday, sucking on his balls and cock. We fucked again, and it was a hard intense fuck. Each taking what they needed to climax from one another.
    And so it went for the next day as well. If it wasn't for my husband returning, myself and Leon would probably have fucked the whole of the following day too.
    This has been the case now every time Leon's father goes away on business. It's also a frequent event for us to sneak in "quickie" fucks when and where we can.
    Two nights ago as my husband dozed in his arm chair, Leon fucked me twenty feet away facing him from our kitchen. He'd just cum up my pussy from behind, and I was sucking off his cock, when my husband woke. Then they had a two minute conversation about his forthcoming trip to Europe next week, without him seeing me lick and suck his sons cock below the breakfast bar.
    Next week Leon will be moving into our bed, and believe me he and I will be taking every chance to test out one another's sexual needs and endurance.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    This is something from many years ago when I was 16. I lived with my mother and younger sister, my father was dead.
    One evening my mother went out with her sister and a friend leaving me to look after my sister. My sister went to bed and I stayed reading. I was about to go to bed when my mother came back and she had obviously drunk too much which surprised me because she very rarely drank. Her sister, my aunt had brought her back and she took my mother upstairs to put her to bed. My aunt came downstairs and told me to look in on my mother to make sure she was alright. After about 15 minutes I went to check in my mother and she was lying on her back and the bedclothes had been pulled to one side so I went to pull them back over her. When I lifted the bedclothes I saw she was wearing just a bra and a pair of these French knickers which were popular in those days. I admit I was fascinated seeing her like this and did get an erection. These French knickers had wide leg openings and I pulled the opening of one leg to one side and saw my mothers vagina which was covered with dark hair. This was the first time I had ever seen a woman's vagina and I just very gently stroked her vagina lips. My cock was very hard and I masturbated. I ejaculated after just a few strokes and my sperm shot over my mother's thigh and panties and on to the sheet. When i saw this I was really worried so I got a cloth and started to wipe the semen off her thigh but then she turned over so I could not wipe any more off her. I was scared about what she would think or do next morning when she woke up, would she notice the semen on her leg and panties. Anyway the next morning she just said she not feeling well and said she was sorry she had come back in that state. Other than that nothing more was said and over the years I have wondered if she had discovered my semen on her.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I am not sure where to begin, okay here it go's. My father in law passed away for months and my lovely wife doesn't want her mom to live alone in a State where she doesn't have any friends. I wonder why, is because she and I don't get along. My wife wanted her mom to move in with us since we do have a spare bedroom. I fight, scream, pissed off and along with everything else. I keep telling her we don't get along and it will be tough for both of us since she is working and I am not. I would be the one at home most of the time and seeing her day in and day out. Well everything I said went to death ears, she had made up her mind she will be living with us.

    Her mom flew in from another State and we went to pick her up at the airport. We got home everything is find. I was adjusting for her being home with me, months had passed and we start to get along a little better each day. I like to wear boxer shorts during summer time at home because I want to be comfortable and damn it is my house I get to do whatever I want to do. She make a comment about the way I dress and I told her if she doesn't like to see me in them, she should turn away and not look at me.

    To my surprise she said, I don't mean it in a bad way. It just I could see your big cock hanging out the side of those boxer shorts. I said I was sorry and walk away. She said don't be come on over here let me see that big cock of yours. I walked over and she pull down my boxer shorts and said oh wow that is big. She said my husband is not as big as yours can I touch it. I said okay if you want to, next thing I know my cock is in her mouth sucking it and I was in heaven. She said she haven't suck a cock for a long time and thank me for it. I guess she wasn't bad after all these years.

    After she suck me off and I cum in her mouth, she said why don't you fuck me. Let me tell you this she is a full figure woman and for me to fuck her, she would have to be on the bottom. Boy old boy did I fuck her good, I pound that fat ass pussy like there was no tomorrow and she cum. I felt her squeezing my cock tight. After that day I told her we can't tell her daughter because I don't know what she will do. She has a temper and is a bad one. So she agree to keep it to ourselves and we continue fucking and sucking.

    She said all these years we don't see eye to eye but when it comes to sex we are fine. I said you better believe it. We are having sex more and more each day. My wife is always tired after work so I had to get it from her mom.

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