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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Lesbian Female / 44

    We are lesbian girls from Luqa


    That's what my mother used to control us. My cousin and I were both of the same year and we were both named Mary, as in the Virgin Mary. We were twelve and spending the night over and my mother caught comparing our new boobs. Down stairs we went, she sat at the dining room table and the talk began.

    Religion, recited from memory

    Now you are going to become women, but right now you are girls. You are girls until your father finds the right man for you to marry and he gives you away. You will notice that your mammary glands are coming out, just like a flower blossoms in the sun. Your body is built like that and it takes quite a long time for your bodies to become full flowers. When you are your father will find a man for you He will find a man for you, not you.

    You are not to disrespect your bodies, no man is to touch your breasts, no man is to touch your birth canal. You, unlike man have been given the body to bring forth life. Until that time you are to remain pure and not embarrass your father or bring shame on his house.

    You were named after the VIRGIN Mary, VIRGIN. Unlike the rest of us, after man sinned, we are thrown amongst the animals and the animal way is the way in which you will bring forth life. The Virgin Mary was selected by God Himself to bear his son, and she and only she has had a virgin birth. You will not, that too is God's will. Your father will find the man for you and he alone will give you away, until that time you are to honor your name sake, the VIRGIN Mary. (So many do you understands that we just nodded).

    Then we went to Biology class.

    Your body has mammary glands and it has a womb. These are for children. You are born to have children, you will have children, it is God's wish. A man will come to you in the night, the man that your father selects for you, and he will like the animals in the field approach you and mount you. Until that time you will remember your namesake, the VIRGIN Mary. You will be put upon, you will want to fight, but God has said that you will cleave to your husband and that is His word and you will cleave. (Again lots of do you understands? and lots of heads shaking).

    Dress code

    You will not expose yourself amongst men (or boys). I do not approve of some of the things that I see in the street. Modesty is next to Godliness. Only one man is to gaze upon you, the man that your father selects for you. (Again do you understand?)

    Our place in the home

    You are no longer children, you are now young women and you will take your place as women of the house. You will help with the younger children, you will help your mother in the kitchen and with the home, you will look upon your father and honor him in all that you do, you will look upon your brothers as you look upon your father.


    The day came when my mother called me into the room and told me my father had approved of a young man and that I was to be married. He was the son of a respectable family and I was scheduled to be married on my seventeenth birthday. I was dressed in my mother's dress and she combed my hair and she held my hands and she told me to honor my husband as I honored my father. My body was going to call out to me to cleave to my husband. That is God's will. I was married on my seventeenth birthday in the year 1993. My cousin was soon married after my father gave approval for her husband.


    My cousin and I from those days when we were young girls found that our bodies cried out for each other, our bodies cry out for each other to this day. We gave our husbands what God had commanded, but if the truth be told we cleaved to one another, it is there, when we lie beside each other and talk in whispers and our hearts beat against each other and our warm kisses cover our face, we are one. We have so many times apologized to the Virgin Mary, but it must be God's will that he saw fit to put us side by side, born to two sisters the same year, that we are in His Grace, for He made us like this, to hold hands and walk side by side. He put us together in the same house, my father to take in her mother when her father died, to be her father as well as mine. We have honored our husbands as my mother commanded to us, we have given our bodies to bring children into the world, we have done all these things and we have never dishonored our father in public. If our lives offend you so be it.

    That we are lesbians is not of our making. We have been lesbians since we first shared a bed together when her father died and my father became her father.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I remember when I was 11 and was listening to mom and my uncle Bill talking in the next room. Mom needs to get a copy of her birth certificate to get a passport. My uncle Bill said she needs to contact the hospital where she was born in riverside ca. So next day mom called.

    Turns out hospital records don't match what was always told to my mom. My aunt Linda is really my grandmother. Now the question is who is my mom's dad. Uncle Bill is really upset because he always thought she was Linda's little sister. Sence Linda died of cancer twelve years ago we can't ask her.

    Now mom has been married and divorced twice and has lived with my uncle from just before Linda passed away. She has always told me that her second husband was my dad and he was asshole. She never let him know she was pregnant. When my mom was born uncle Bill was in the air force but was aunt Linda high school boy friend when she was a freshman he was a senior. Aunt Linda hid her pregnancy and had the baby(my mom) during the summer. Checking the time frame it checked out thet Linda got pregnant on the night before uncle Bill left for the air force.

    Ok so now my uncle is my grandpa. I'm fine with that. But now my mom is getting very upset and worried. I asked what she is worried about and she said I need to get some DNA done. Next day all three of us had DNA testing done. Turns out mom was sleeping with her uncle Bill when sister/mom was diying with cancer. Because she thinks he's only her uncle by marriage that every thing is ok. No blood relative so when she's coming up pregnant no problem.

    DNA results: my grandpa is my daddy. My mom's real daddy is my grandpa/daddy. Omg question for me is do I now want to continue this and get pregnant with my grandpa/uncle/daddy's baby?

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    Straight Male / 29

    Late last year my older brother drunkenly confessed to fucking my ex girlfriend three years previously. Not once, but several times when I was away on service. The following day he had absolutely no recollection of saying what he did, but by then it was too late for me.
    The sudden break down of my relationship with my ex had broken my heart. And it was my older brother who consoled me at the time, telling me how much of a bitch she'd been to me. And how he'd heard she was a slut anyway.
    In March and only through a lot of beseeching by our sister, I attended his wedding to his beautiful wife Emily. When they returned back from their honeymoon, she phoned me and asked if I'd meet up with her.
    In a cafe my brothers wife told me during their honeymoon, her new husband had blurted out during a long alcohol filled night, he'd once slept with an ex of mine Whilst I was away. Again my brother didn't remember saying anything the following day, as she gently probed to what he'd meant the night before.
    I listened to her telling me and heard the guilt she felt for him. Then out of the blue as I'd changed the subject, Emily asked me if I'd like to try and erase the hurt. Asking her what she meant, she leaned over, put her right hand down onto my cock bulge and told me she always liked me.
    Although, and believe me I was tempted to go with her to their home, which was only a couple of hundred yards away for sex, I told her I wasn't my brother.
    Nothing happened between us, even though we saw each other lots of times from then until earlier this month. Out with some friends, I bumped into Emily who had just left my brother pissed up in their home. He was apparently bragging how he loved getting one over on the so called big cocked little brother (Me) of his, when I was away.
    She said she'd seen me earlier going into the pub, and had decided I was going to fuck her. Telling me it was now or never I followed her outside and we got into a taxi.
    It took only minutes to reach my home, but by the time we got out of the cab, she and I had already kissed like lovers and I'd had my hand up her short skirt feeling her hot pussy through her knickers. The taxi driver gave me a look as we exited and said "You lucky sod".
    Not even closing the front door properly to my flat, Emily went down on me. She pulled my jeans down, and my boxers and I watched as her face lit up. Instantly sucking in my semi hard cock, I told myself I'm going to fuck her like I've never fucked any woman.
    And that's precisely what we did for over three wonderful sexually sordid filled hours. Over that time she licked, sucked every single inch of my cock and balls, an had me doing the same to her pussy and arsehole.
    Fucking her was an amazing experience too. Her mouth, pussy and arsehole all took a hammering as she guided me practically in most of the positions she wanted me to fuck her in. When I was fucking her pussy from behind the first time, Emily had me use a thumb to fuck her arsehole at the time. As my thumb slid into her rear hole, my brothers wife told me, this was a position he'd stupidly bragged to own wife, he'd fucked my ex in.
    From then on, we just had the most awesome time doing everything sexual you can possibly fit into those amazing hours we spent together.
    By the time I'd cum deep inside Emily for the third time, she'd orgasmed countless times and I'd not stopped feeling so elated to being making love to such a wonderful person.
    Before she left for home, I spent an age kissing and licking her whole body. And finished off by making her orgasm from tonguing out her cum filled holes. She kissed me then passionately and later told me, she'd kissed her husband on getting into bed with him, passing on any remaining cum she'd had in her mouth from our kiss.
    Emily has continued to visit me at my flat for sex, and we've also just recently had sex in their home too. I know and understand two wrongs don't make a right. Yet my brother even now is I believe, still bragging how he once shagged my ex girlfriend, knowing how much I loved her at the time.
    Well he'll have to deal with that hurt soon, as Emily and I are leaving town to start over together. She'll be leaving him a note on the bed I've just had two wonderful hours on, having some really dirty sex.
    Brotherly love, I don't think so.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Double Mastectomy

    My sister who is 5 years younger than me, began to develop sexually at a very early age, around 11. This made her popular with the boys at school, and less popular with the girls.

    She blossomed into a very voluptous young woman, and I would try to steal glances of her breasts and cleavage whenever she wore a swimsuit or on the rare occassion that I accidently caught her in a bra.

    I remember the glorious days of when halter tops where in style, and I could catch a glimpse of her puffy nipples under the cloth, and even sometimes some bare side boob.

    But being siblings we ran in different crowds, and we went our separate ways. She got married and moved to a different city, while I bounced from one failed relationship to another.

    Then one evening she called me in complete distress. She had just received some terrible news that her body was being ravished by cancer, and she had to have both a hysterectomy and double mastectomy. To add insult to injury, her cruel husband told her that she was no longer a woman and left her.

    Although we were not that close, I tried to console her as best as I could, given that both of our parents were deceased. As the months passed both waiting for the surgery, then recuperating from it, my sister and I became closer through our phone conversations.

    Event ually it looked like things were turning for the better, and my sister began to get healthy again. We made plans to take a vacation together. We booked some flights and met up in Cape Cod, on the premise that the sea air would do her some good.

    However we did not plan well and booked only one hotel room for the two of us. It was no big deal, as we had often roomed and bunked together when we were growing up.

    We had an exciting first day of walking along the beach and catching up. We were closer than we had ever been growing up. To top off the day, we had a huge seafood dinner, which made us want to go bed early.

    We dressed for bed very conservatively, me in a sweat suit and pants, and her in flannel pjs. We climbed into our seperate queen beds, and I nodded off to sleep quickly.

    Around midnight I was awoken by my sister sobbing uncontrollably. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was remembering what her husband had said to her about not being a woman, and she was worried that no man would ever want her again.

    I told her that this was nonsense. I tried to put a positive spin on it, and reminded her that she was scheduled for augmentation surgery. She could get any size breasts that she wanted, that would have men drooling over her and make women green with envy.

    She chuckled at this image, which seemed to help her calm down. I cradled her in my arms and softly stroked her face and hair. Then we began to kiss. At first butterfly kisses, but this eventually lead to full-on french kissing, with our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

    Then she pulled back. At first I thought that I crossed a line. But she unbutton her pj top and exposed her chest to me. She asked me if I thought that she was still a woman. I said "of course", but I didn't let on how flat I thought she was nor that she had absolutely no nipples.

    With a finger I began to gently trace around an outline of a circle where I thought her new breasts would be, trying out different sizes. She giggled and said that it tickled.

    Remem bering our tickle fights when we were kids, I work my way down to her waist and began to stroke her sides with a feather touch. This made her skirm and grind her hips in response.

    Then I got real daring and reach my hand down into the crotch of her pj bottoms. The whole area was musty and then I insert my index finger into her sopping wet pussy. She let out a quiet moan.

    Then I reach into her deeper, first with one and then two fingers, and began to massage her spongy g-spot. She never really squirted, but her pussy juices just flowed out of her. I also began to rub her clitty with my thumb.

    By now my sister was mumbling incoherently, bucking wildly, grinding her pussy into my hand, and began to spasm in an uncontrollable orgasm.

    After she recovered a bit, I made my sister turn over and get on all fours. She probably thought that I was going to fuck her doggy-style, but I had other plans.

    I inserted a couple of my fingers again into her pussy, which was so well-lubricated with her juices by now. Then I inserted a third finger and this gave me a really good position to massage her g-spot. I next took my 4 fingers and formed them into a wedge. With a little thrust I was able to insert this wedge into her c**t, but she let out a yelp.

    Finally I removed my 4 fingers and hide my thumb in the centre of the wedge. With a little twisting and turning, I was able to work my whole hand into her pussy.

    Now I was literally fist-fucking my sister. I pounded away at her pussy, and every time I rotated my fist in her c**t she had another orgasm.

    That night it was all about pleasuring my sister and making her feel like a woman again. Of course she did show her appreciation later, but that is another story.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I fucked my mother-in-law. I've always had the hots for my wife's mother and I was always pretty sure she liked me too. She always giving me these sexy looks. Ya' know, the kind that say "come and get me". Whenever we are at a party or a family gathering she searches me out and stays close to me. She's kind of touchy too. Her hand is always landing on my body somewhere when we talk. And when she gives me a hug, she squeezes me tight, like she doesn't want to let me go, and I can feel her pushing her crotch into mine.

    A couple of months ago we went on a vacation with my in-laws for the first time down to Florida. We stayed in a hotel by the beach, so I got to see a lot of my mother-in-law's body. She's 51 but truly doesn't look it. During the day all she wore was a bikini, and when we went out to eat at night she made sure to wear something that was sexy. I was hornier than I'd ever been, and I'm sure she knew it. She caught me looking at her a couple of times and all she did was smile and give me a wink.

    I won't go into all the details, but we ended up being alone for close to two hours. My mother-in-law made her move on me, and I wasn't going to say no. I was inside of her in the blink of an eye and she loved every minute of it. We fucked on the bed, then in the shower, and then on the bed again. When we finished neither one of us was in any condition to do anything else that day. My wife and her father never suspected that anything happened between the two of us.

    We haven't done anything since then, but I'd love to have another session with her. My mother-in-law has hinted at getting together, but I don't want to get caught, especially in my own bed. My wife talked about going away with her parent's again, so maybe it will happen then.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I just wanted to relate the story of how I got to where I am. It wasn't by design or anything like that, it was pure luck. I didn't grow up with money, in fact I grew up without money. From the time we were ten we were doing chores for money, helping neighbors with their wash, babysitting, plant sitting, anything that paid anything. My mother worked full time so I was home alone after school even in grade school. We were called latchkey kids. I had chores to do at the house, and my mother went over everything she had left for me to do when she came home and if something hadn't been done there was hell to pay.

    When I went through puberty I had a very difficult time with my periods, lots of pain and migraines and no regularity. I got my pants bloodied several times at school and the school nurse called my mother to come in and talk about it. I was twelve and the nurse asked my mother if she had ever talked to me about sex. The answer was no, I wasn't old enough for sex so why talk about it. Well the nurse talked about it and knowing I was a latchkey kid she showed me how to put condoms on a banana and gave me condoms to keep at home in case some man came around and wouldn't leave. My mother found the condoms and punished me for having them.

    I was fourteen and the man stood there looking at me. He took my pants off and took his pants off and I stared at his cock, I knew he was going to fuck me. He took me to my bedroom and said the bed was too small so we went to my mother's bed and he laid me on the bed and stood over me and jerked himself until he was hard again, stuck his fingers in me until I was wet and got on and fucked me. I thought I was going to hate it but I didn't, I liked it. The school nurse from grade school had told me that if I needed to speak to her to come by and she would take care of me.

    I went to see her and told her what had happened. She quizzed me about my timing, she remembered how unpredictable I was and she told me not to let him fuck me again until we were sure I was OK or pregnant. The next time I put the condom on him and he fucked me with it on. What I liked was holding his hard cock and rolling the condom on. Maybe that's why I have always liked holding hard cocks. The nurse followed me and when I had my period she wanted me to start on the pill. She followed up with me every week and kept tabs on how often I had sex and she found out who the man was and said he was all right he just wanted a girlfriend.

    She talked to the counselors in high school and I was put into classes with the good kids and I passed better than them, including Latin. I took AP courses and I did well on the SAT and she helped me apply for scholarships and between my grades and my low income I got into a good college. In college I had to work and I dated and had sex with several guys and my grade school nurse kept having me tested and telling me to slow down and get a steady boy and not fuck around like that. In my senior year I met him and we stayed together after we graduated and two years later we got married.

    I got screwed in the ass one night. Not my first time, but that time I wasn't ready and ended up with an infected and torn anus and it burned and hurt and my boss at work noticed that I was walking funny and asked me if I was OK and I told him my husband had torn me a new asshole. Well that went over pretty bad, he gave me a talking to about not having anal sex, just don't do it. He didn't like my husband after that and pretty much split us up. My boss took over and got me divorced and then had me live with him. He didn't like the way I always talked abut sex, he said I should have more self control and since I was 29 I should start thinking about settling down and having kids. I told him if he wanted me to have kids then he should fuck me and not talk to me about self control. I took my clothes off in his living room and told him to do it or stop running my life.

    He has a real hard time with my sex drive, I told him I didn't like condoms and I didn't tell him that I had stopped taking the pill, I had one thing on my mind and I was going to get it out of him. That's how I got him to marry me, shamed him in front of his sisters for getting me pregnant. That is why I live the way I do, where I do and why I am married into a good family. I can't help my sex drive, it is on all the time and my husband wants me to go see a therapist because I am oversexed. I don't want to talk to a therapist, I want him to do me in the ass, I give him my ass but he pushes me over to do me missionary. I want it in the ass, I want to be his bitch not just his wife. I know his sisters were all saved for marriage, but that is not me. I am girl from the other side of town and I don't like being petted and told to settle down, I am not his dog. I want to be his bitch.

    That's how I am where I am today, I married a guy from a real good family that has lots of money and he makes lots of money. I just live that way now.

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    Straight Female / 54

    I grew up in rural West Virginia where men are men and girl cousins are for finding hiding behind the woodpile. I was a girl cousin, that's how I know. My family was real mixed, several generations, male and female, rural housing, some on wheels, mixed bag of professions, mostly blue collar. As a girl cousin when you came of age around fifteen you were fresh meat. We talked so that we knew who was looking for us and we hid from him, until he found us and we got what was coming to us. No one cared if you had sex, not even if you wound up with a kid. There were lots of kids, of all kinds and all ages, one more didn't matter much.

    The cousin that went looking for me was a smart one, his father was smart and his mother made sure that her kids were his kids, so I followed her and made sure that my kids were his kids, smart is smart and having smart kids is the smart thing to do. I let myself get knocked up, maybe I made sure he knocked me up, I was sixteen and he was twenty three and had two years of college, so we started to live together. One, two and three and that's the way it was, why have one when you can have a whole passel of them. If you didn't have kids everyone knew you were either strange or you were a bitch. Kids was what it was all about.

    No one believes me now, but we were happy. Sure there were some outsiders that got into our pants, and a couple of lowlanders that made it up to where we lived who came up hunting for girls. But mostly it was all in the family, cousins, and cousins and cousins. Turns out that everyone was a cousin, if he lived nearby he was a cousin. Sometimes you spent the afternoon with your best friend cousin figuring out who was the real papa.

    Things changed a lot and as our kids grew up they wanted college and stuff and they left for the jobs down in the city, and married girls where one kid was one too many. We brought some of those boys back and offered up their choice in girl, but they wanted the slick ones, the kind that talked back and thought they were going to run the world. Our girls didn't have boys and our boys went for those city girls. We talked a lot about why the boys were allowed to go to college if all they were going to do was leave.

    Our girls had to put up with passers by, salesmen who had nothing for them except a hot dick. We had babies and we didn't really know the papas. Things got bad then because there were lots of babies without papas. I think that is when things went bad and the kids got out of hand. A kid has to have a papa, one that isn't afraid to use his belt.

    My cousin, the one that found me hiding at the church and put his kids in me, he is a true real cousin, my mother's sister's son. We are true blue, first cousins. Those are the best kind to have. I made sure that each and everyone of my girls found a real cousin, those stick around and take care of you. The passing thru type just keep passing thru and leave you high and dry with a kid or two.

    Our farm is now turned into a subdivision and it's true that we sold it for way more than anyone ever thought that land was worth, but I miss it. The city caught up with us, there is a big high school with a gymnasium and a parking lot for the kids and there is a nine hole golf course up here and we have summer cabins on the river. Our girls are smart now and don't mess with anyone that isn't going to look after them, and we told the boys their cousins were theirs to keep and look after. This generation has done much better. Still the old rule applies, a real cousin is a real cousin, you know their mama and their papa. Of course girls go to college now, and some don't come back because they got themselves a boy from far away. It isn't progress, not here anyways.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Swinger Christening

    My wife and I have been swinging since our 30's. Since we had our daughter, and I was snipped and my wife had her tubes tied.

    We alternate the parties at various members' homes, including occasionally our own. When she was young, our daughter would have a sleep-over at a friend's house when we held the parties.

    But when she got older, we found that she and her friend were using this as an excuse to entertain boys. My wife immediately put my daughter on the pill, and we made her stay locked in her bedroom on the second floor, while we held the parties in the basement, with the floor between us acting as a buffer.

    But my daughter had her own plans. She started to sneak down into the basement and hide in a closet to peek and listen in on the action.

    We only became aware of this when she was 17 and we caught her moaning in the closet and diddling herself. My wife and I both went ballistic and broke-up the party immediately.

    After everyone left, my wife and I both started to lecture her and threatened her with all sorts of punishments, but she argued if it was okay for us to swing, why not her? We told her that she was too young, but her retort was that she was soon turning 18.

    It is not that we wanted her to participate, but she had us in a tight corner. We felt if we didn't let her join in, she might reveal our activities to the authorities for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    So we got her to agree, if ahe stop spying on us, we would let her attend one of our parties when she turned 18.

    Frankly we were hoping that she might find a boyfriend in the interim and lose interest, but no such luck. After she turned 18, a couple of the parties were held at other members homes. We did not allow her to attend because we felt it would be safer to do so in our own home.

    We also wanted to talk to the other members of our group to see if they were weirded out by it. To the contrary, they were excited by the prospect because they had seen her blossoming into a young women.

    So we had stalled as long as we could, and the eventful day came when we held a swinger party in our own home, with our barely legal daughter attending.

    My wife and daughter spent all day trying to figure out what to wear, and eventually they settled on mat hing neon pink bikinis with red high heels. We all also imbided in some red wine a bit to loosen up for the evening.

    With both having long flowing dirty blonde hair, and tanned and toned bodies, my wife and daughter looked like older and younger sisters, with the exception that my wife is much bustier and my daughter is only budding puffy tits.

    When guests arrived, it didn't long for everyone to disrobe with knowing what was in store for the evening festivities. Our group has a tradition of welcoming new female members by christening them (we have a similar ceremony of face squatting for new guys).

    Our daughter was butt naked by now, and she kneeled on a cushion in the centre of the basement rec room. All of the guys surrounded her, with some of the woman also kneeling beside her.

    The rule was that no one could touch her, but she could do what ever she wanted. Some of the guys began stroking themselves in the presence of her nubile young body. I even admit that I began to jerk myself. Some of the women were also "fluffing" the guys, either by hand or orally.

    My daughter seem to get really turned on and started to stroke the calves and even abs of the more muscular guys. As some of the guys got hard, she got more daring and began to stroke their cocks, lick their balls, and eventually deep-throated a couple.

    With the intense action going on, a lot of people began to moan, in addition to the slurping and sucking noises. My daughter had started to diddle herself.

    By now a couple of guys were ready to pop, and began to beat their own meat furiously. My daughter held out her tongue receptively, and they shot their loads partly in her mouth, but mostly on her face and breasts. This started a domino effect, with other guys shooting their hot loads all over my beautiful daughter in succession.

    Then something happened that I was not expecting. Suddenly my wife broke protocol, and began to lick all the cum off of my daughters face and breasts, while also french kissing her. This brought on cheers and clapping from everyone else.

    The rest of the night is a blur, with my daughter being the centre of attention. By mutual agreement, no one fucked her, but that didn't stop everyone from try to diddle her tight young pussy and lick out her flowing juices.

    At the end of the evening after everyone was spent from the ensuing orgy, I could see some of the couples slipping our daughter their phone numbers as they left, to carry-on later.

    I was thinking that I would head to bed, when my wife whispered something in my ear. She said that she wanted me to fuck my daughter so she could lick my cum out of her sweet young pussy. Although I had been tired, I suddenly was re-energized.

    My wife and daughter alternated stroking and licking my cock and balls to get me hard again. Once I had a raging hard-on, I found that it was too tight to insert in her pussy,
    So I made my daughter get on all fours.

    With a big thrust, I was able to insert my bulging cock into my daughter's tight pussy from the rear. My wife postion herself 69-style under my daughter so she could finger and lick her clitty. I began to pound away at my daughter's pussy doggy-style, while also pulling her blonde hair to give her the best mixture of pain and pleasure.

    It wasn't long before I was shooting a hot load of my baby batter into my sweet baby's sopping wet pussy. As soon as I did, my wife flipped my daughter over on her back and began to lick my cum out of her pussy as she promised.

    And this is how we initiated our daughter into the swinger life-style.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    When I was a teenager back in the 70s my mom was drinking a lot of scotch. She would get so drunk that she never remembered anything she did while drinking the next day. I would find her around the house passed out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked. Mom was the first girl I ever got to see nude. Once I learned that nothing would wake her up after she got drunk and passed out cold sleeping I got up the nerve and courage to feel her up.
    Soon I was sucking on her nipples while fingering her vagina while she was so drunk she had no idea what I was doing with her body. I would up late at night for her to get drunk and pass out so I could explore experience and learn about the opposite sex from my drunk mother. After about a year I was able to experience sex with her. This was the first time in my life I ever had sex and it was the greatest experience of my life. She never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time and I was doing this for about six years until she stopped drinking.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Out of the many men and women I've fucked since I was fifteen, there are only a few that I would truly return back to fuck again and again.

    One of those was my first gay sexual partner at the age of seventeen. His name was Rick, he was the same age as me and with my heightened sexual drive, he was a perfect sexual buddy who just loved me fucking him, as much as I adored plunging my cock into his asshole.

    We literally fucked at every opportunity and when I say every opportunity, I genuinely mean anywhere, at any time and even in front of others.

    The only reason our sexual relationship ended, was his enrollment into the navy.

    Another would be a female college tutor of mine, who's husband couldn't match her dirty sexual desires. She was so beautiful, I couldn't get my head around the fact he wouldn't give her the hard rough sex she craved. We had a two year affair in which she taught much of what I know about pleasuring a woman.

    My wife Anya is another. A woman who once could take my phallas in all her holes and enjoy the sexual brutality I enjoyed giving her daily. Unfortunately for us, she can no longer handle that kind of sex, after a car accident.
    The last person and someone who I've only relatively recently been fucking, is known to my wife. And someone I didn't think with his reputation, would ever dream of having me fuck him.

    He's my father in law and he's what you might call a mans man. He's a rough hard individual and not someone you would want to upset. Yet it was he who first came onto me, asking me if the rumors were true about me.

    In his man cave at his home, I pounded him mercilessly for over an hour and loved watching him take my cock deep up his muscular ass. His cock sucking skills are now by far the best I've ever experienced and as for compatibility, he wants my cock just as much as my first gay partner Rick.

    Anya knows I'm fucking her dad and often drives me over on the pretense were having a beer. She says hello, kisses her dad and tells him not to wear me out. No sooner than she drives her car away, he's got my cock and balls out and he's worshiping them.

    Picking me up, usually hours later, Anya gets us both a beer settles down. We chat as if it's totally normal for your husband to be fucking your dad. Nothing is mentioned, other than her quips about the smell of sex and afterwards at our own home, I invariably pleasure my wife orally, the only sex she can now enjoy.

    We are not a regular family, but we are a family and it works for us.

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