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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 50

    The following is the i****t relationship I had with my sister. Her and I started having sex when she was 15 and I was 13. I was a virgin. She was my first sex partner. I knew she had been with several guys, and from the roomers I heard, she was apparently good-at-it. I had wanted and thought about having sex with her, but didnâï¿&fra c12;�t know how to go about asking her.

    One Saturday her and I were home alone. Our parents were out of town and would not be back until late in the evening. About 10am that morning my sister came to me and asked me to follow her. I followed her into the house and to her bed room. With out saying anything she just started taking off her clothes then laid down and spread her legs. I was looking at my first naked girl and bare pussy. The only thing she said was, Well, Come on. I had an instant hard on.

    I took off my clothes, got on the bed with her, pushed my cock in her and we started fucking. She kept telling what to do and how to fuck her. I tried but I didnt come that first time with her. I was use to masturbating and a wet pussy just didnâï¿&frac 12;�t feel right. However, she did come a couple times before we finished that first time.

    I had a hard-on the entire day and we fucked several more times that same day. I did have an orgasm the third time we fucked and I come in her pussy. Even after I come I still had a hard on. We fucked six or seven times that first day. Mom had her on the pill so we were not concerned about her getting pregnant.

    We fucked many times and as often as we could over the next four years. We were very careful not to get caught. When we didnt have the time to fuck we would masturbate each other or with each other. When we had a few moments she would either jacked me off or suck me, or I would finger fuck her or suck her tits. Lot of times I would stand guard in the hall way for her while she used her vibrator on her pussy. Her door was open when I stood guard so I could watch her twitch and jerk as she come.

    About once a month we managed to spend the entire night together. Our parents would get drunk before they went to bed. Her and I knew they would be dead drunk and passed out all night. We knew would be able to fuck all night and not get caught. Some of those nights we honestly made love, as lovers, and not just fuck. I think we made love at times because of the bond and feelings we had for each other.

    Through the years my sister and I just slowed down and stopped having sex and making love. When she was 19 she married her boy friend. I was 17 at the time and had a steady girl friend that I was fucking. And over the past 25 years her and I have never talked about back then. But even today when Iâ�ï& iquest;½m having sex with my wife or masturbating I think about the fun I had and the love I had for my sister when we were teenagers.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I have been reading this site for a very long time. And much like many people that are on this site, I myself have a very dirty secret that I deal with, and I hide from society itself. I do not feel the need to share my private business with others, knowing they would cast me out, judge me, mistreat me, criticize me, and label me. And I have no interest in tolerating that.

    I have a problem I have dealt with for nearly 8 months, and I am just in need of sharing it. I am an avid lover and watcher of porn. I openly admit it. But not only for the sex acts. But because I physically use the porn to release what I have to. I love masturbating, and physically feel the need to orgasm at least 7-8 times a week. My wife and I on occasion have sex, but aside of that, I simply take care of it myself.

    Approxi mately 8 months ago, my youngest teenage daughter (high school age) caught me masturbating. Interrupting me prior to having an orgasm. It made things very awkward for several days around the house. I attempted to talk to her, and got nowhere with it. Until several days later, when we sat down and had a very long, detailed intimate discussion. And during the discussion, when I'd asked her what the problem was, she got very uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassed. So I pushed. And her response shocked me. She simply stated "I feel like a dirty nasty person. I feel gross and disgusting. But watching what you were doing got me horny, and nearly got me off. I ended up doing myself fantasizing about what you were doing". I sat there in utter shock. Speechless. And she continued I wanted to watch you have an orgasm. I wanted to see it. I wanted to watch you experience it". I was shocked. I had never imagined this. And the conversation commenced to lead into her asking me and pleading with me to let her watch me masturbate to an orgasm. At least once. So help me, I did. I am not sure as to why I allowed it, being my teenage young daughter. But I did, figuring that it would do no harm. She could see the same thing on porn.

    My sexual hormones got the best of me, and I allowed this behavior for nearly two months. Until one night, she came in, and was uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassed. And in trying to get the answer out of her, I got nowhere. So I finally said "Brandy? We can't do this. You need to either talk to me, or something. I'm not entirely sure. And maybe what we've been doing needs to stop? I'm not sure. I think it's made matters worse". She sat there and she finally said "I want to have sex with you". She stopped me in my tracks. I looked at her stunned. She finally said "I sexually get so excited thinking about what you are going to do. What I get to watch you do. Experience it. I want to know what that's like. I want to feel it. I want you to do that with me". I sat there in shock. I said to her "You're my own kid. That's not possible". She stood there, looking at me, reached into her purse, and pulled out condoms. And said to me "you can. If you use protection. No risk. Not like we'd have kids or anything"

    I have no clue why I was even continuing to talk about it. And without a word, she stood there, and undressed. Within a matter of about 3 minutes, my daughter Brandy was standing there naked. Firm round small breasts, small round firm nipples, a stomach that curved down, and the most blessed beautiful pubic hair bush of blonde and brown I had ever seen. I felt my penis growing erect, and increasingly getting painful. She stood there and said "Is there something wrong with me?" I sat there and said Jesus. No. For the love of God. You have one of the most beautiful little bodies I have ever seen" and she stared at me and said to me straight out "then have sex with me. Please. Let me experience the orgasm that you are doing. Rather than watching. Be with me"

    I tried to say no. I tried desperately to decline it, to deny it, to keep my thoughts and perversions to myself. But I stood up, and she could see my erect penis. She said nothing. I finally said "you're sure?" and she nodded and said yes. I'm sure. I want to sleep with you.

    Approximately 25 minutes later, that night, was the first time I had sex with my daughter. Using a condom for protection, when I was going to ejaculate, I had an orgasm inside my condom. When we were done with the act itself, I withdrew from her vagina, and laid there next to her, talking gently and quietly. We laid there kissing slowly, and then approximately 45 minutes later, I wanted to feel it with her again. I asked her "Brandy, can you have sex with me again?" and she nodded and said yes. We proceeded to do all of the things normal couples do. Kissing, touching, caressing, fingering, and a variety of other sex acts.

    Two days later, her mom was at a business meeting, and her older sister was at work. She'd just gotten off the bus from school, and had cone into the house. She was taking a shower, and upon coming out of the shower, I walked up to her, removed the towel, and proceeded to have sex with her right there next to the dining room table. I once again used a condom, that I had been hiding under the mattress in the spare bedroom. And again, upon finishing, I released my sperm into the condom, ejaculating, and emptying myself. We laid there quietly for a few minutes. And I finally said "is this what you want?" She nodded and said yes. I like being with you. It feels right.

    Yesterday evening, after mowing the lawn, and coming in, my daughter walked into the shower with me. This had never happened before. And we commenced to have sexual intercourse in the shower. The only problem is, although my daughter is on birth control pills, I had an orgasm inside her vagina not using a condom for additional protection. I was up against her pushed against the wall, we were kissing, she saw the look on my face, and she said "you're having an orgasm aren't you?" to which I gasped and released. I could not stop myself. I was inside her, and let go.

    I am afraid of the results. But her being on the pill, I have hopes nothing will happen. I know this is morally and ethhically wrong. But I cannot help physically enjoying the feeling of what we are doing sexually. It is a dirty secret that I hide, and I'm not sure what to do about.

    So I have posted it.

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    Straight Female / 19

    The first time I had sex, I was 17. It wasn't a bad experience. The guy was pretty cool. It was a friend of mine's older cousin. Nice, easy to hang out with, we'd gone to some parties, he'd taken me to a movie once, and we were friends. It literally just kind of happened one night, and yeah, I wanted to. I was ready for it, and afterwards, I thought about it, and realized it wasn't as horrible as I'd heard for a first time.

    The second time I slept with a guy was about a year later. I didn't "need" to get it. I could take care of myself just fine, and I'm comfortable admitting that. I like watching porn, no like there. Just something kind of dirty about me. But until last night, I'd never done anything really "off" or "weird" unless watching porn is weird, or maybe on occasion, when I'd spend the night at my friend Heather's house, I knew her and her boyfriend Matt would have sex, I'd watch them from the other room (No, she's not aware I've done it. I just like watching, my dirty little secret).

    last night though, I guess I decided I wanted to do something that I don't know how many others really do. Talk about it yes, maybe think about it yes, but actually carry out and do it? I don't know how many truthful would do it. I'd seen my step dad masturbate a couple of times. I just shrugged it off. He's a guy, and after all, that's what guys do. But the last time I saw it, he was using a condom (and considering him and my mom don't use them, knowing she's fixed, and can't have kids), I thought that was kind of strange. I was watching from the hall doorway, and I saw him put it on. First thing I'm thinking is, he must be cheating on her, as they don't use condoms, and he must have a supply to stay safe. And then watching, I realize that he's using them to masturbate, and to have orgasms inside them almost like real sex. I know him and my mom aren't very active (her fault - she's gotten overweight, lame and prude in her older age. Truth). But watching him, I thought it was really dirty, perverted, and in a way just freaky. And I guess I was curious as to why he did what he did.

    So when him and I were home last night, I actually confronted him. He denied it. Until I said "I'm not trying to be a weirdo, or freak you out. But I saw you" and he about shit. And I said "I heard you" and his face got all red. I just continued on, and said "but I thought it was kind of hot when you were moaning my name, as you were letting go inside the condom you'd put on. Why condoms? You and mom don't use them" and he shrugged and said "I like the feel. I actually have asked her about using them on occasion, just kind of dirty weird, but she won't have it. So I do this sometimes. Guess that's all"

    He looked at he, and said "where's this going?" to which I just shrugged and said I didn't know. Was just curious. He just sat back and said OK. And I finally just said "were you really fantasizing about me?" and he looked at me and said "well, considering if you tell your mom, our marriage is done. But since you asked, yes. That's the truth" so I asked him what. And he told me, much to my surprise. Said he fantasized about me. Wanted to know what it would feel like. And I asked him if he'd ever seen me naked, no clothes, etc. He said "NO. I'm not a fucking pervert" to which I laughed and said I was sorry, didn't mean to creep you out. He just shrugged and said if anyone would creep someone out, it would be me. I mean, you saw my junk, and know I fantasized about you. I just nodded and kind of shrugged and said yeah.

    It got awkward silent for a second. I was sitting on the couch. He was on the recliner next to me. And I looked at him. He asked what was the matter. So I just finally said would you really want to have sex with me? He looked at me and said if you are asking? And if the possibility was there? Yes. I'd sleep with you. You are very good looking, have a beautiful smile, I like your hair, and I think sexually, you would be good company. I could not believe I was going to do this. I stood up. He asked where I was going. I just looked at him and said "I'd like to go upstairs with you. Mom won't be home tonight. It's just us" and he looked at me and said "go upstairs for what?" and I just looked at him and said straight honest "I'd like to have sex with you." He was stunned. Silent and speechless. He said "Are you sure?" to which I nodded and said yes. I am certain. No. It won't go any farther with mom. I won't tell. You have my word. But yes. I'd like to sleep with you.

    When we went up to their room, it was very awkward at first. He asked me what I wanted to do. And I finally said "I'd like to know what it's like to be with you." He walked up to me, put his arms around me, pulled me against him, and I got really nervous. He stood there and said I can stop. I just kissed him. Pressed my mouth to him. He gasped, opened his mouth, and we started kissing.

    It led to us winding up on the bed. We started taking our clothes off one piece at a time, until I got down to my underwear and bra. As I took my bra off, I saw him down between my legs, pulling my underwear off. And I heard him say "oh sweet Jesus. You are beautiful" I just laughed and said well I think thanks? He pushed my legs gently. And I nearly came when he stated touching me. He moved so softly and slowly, that it didn't take long for me to have a massive orgasm. I laid there when I was done, and I heard him say "now that was nice"

    We did various things, and we made it last quite a bit. The sex part didn't come until quite much later. But when it was going to actually happen, he stopped, and was kind of laying there. I initiated the sexual intercourse. I finally rolled over, and I moved on top of him, felt his penis slide slowly inside me, saw him gasp, and it entered me. I had an orgasm almost immediately when he was inside me. I was shaking so bad he had to hold onto me. I finally just laid there, as he started kissing me.

    He was helping me move up and down, and eventually rolled over, spread me, and entered me again. And again, a repeat, I had an orgasm. Almost instantly. He started thrusting slowly, and I watched his face. He came inside me. He was shaking, his knees were trembling, and I felt him squirting up inside me. When he was done gasping and breathing heavy, he propped himself up by his hands, and stayed inside me.

    It lasted for quite awhile. When we were done, we got off, and were wiping off with a towel. He just sat there staring at me. And didn't say anything. I moved in front of him, and I kissed him. Leaned into him. And smiled and said you were awesome. He breathed heavy and smiled and said thanks.

    And then I shocked him again. I told him I truly loved being with him, and every minute of our experience, and I'd like to do it again. He said he'd enjoy that.

    As of now, we haven't discussed it again. But yes. I do plan to sleep with him more. It was truly enjoyable.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I had made friends with another girl from work, she was a Hispanic girl and very pretty. She was brown and I am very white. We became friends because of the gym, and we worked out together and we lost all sense of modesty between us, except I always paid attention to her dark brown nipples as compared to my pink nipples. I had read somewhere that the reason your nipples are darker is so that the baby can find them, I wondered how a baby was going to find my nipples.

    Along he way we both became friends with this man. He talked to us, I mean he talked, and we talked with him, and we became friends. He was pretty direct sometimes and would comment that our dress was too short or our top was too tight, he didn't want anyone else looking at us, he liked us for himself. And he told us. We went along, it was real nice having him be interested in us, and for some reason talking about sex with him and the things that he liked to do.

    He had a way of describing penetration such that you ended up all wet, real wet. One time he described what a pussy looks like to a man as he is eating you out. You get wet, believe me, coming from a man that is old enough to be your father.

    One Saturday he invited us to go to a showing at this art museum, and he would buy us lunch. We didn't have anything to do, so we agreed and we met him for lunch. We went to the museum, and there were several paintings of topless women, and he would ask us which breasts looked like ours. During our walk through the museum he hugged us, first one and then the other, and would squeeze our shoulders together so he could get some cleavage. He asked me to show him my nipple, which I opened my shirt so he could see it. I told him that Melissa's was dark brown and he should ask her too.

    When we were done and walking back to the car, we were both holding hands with him. By holding hands, I mean holding hands, fingers and all and holding on to his arm and resting our heads on his shoulders.

    We got to his car and he told us he wanted to hold us both, in bed. We didn't answer, he hugged us both hard and said he was going to take us home and hold us in bed, he wanted to make doubly sure we were both girls, he did not want any surprises. We got in the car with him.

    Once at his house, he showed us around and took us into the bedroom and started to undress me, he got me down to my panties and gently sucked on each nipple. Then he called Melissa over and undressed her too and sucked on each of her nipples and told me I was right, those nipples were amazing.

    We were held in bed, held and everything else, he consummated his relationship with us. And like two lambs, we followed, we were so ready for consummation, holding back was hard. After we had been made, he held us together, and told us in a whisper that he had a vision for us, he wanted us to conceive together and he had this vision that our babies would flow from one to the other, unimportant which was the mother. His vision was a house with many children, and he had decided that we would fulfill his vision.

    We never answered, there was nothing to answer, his vision was his vision and we were part of his vision. Our part was to fulfill his vision. And so we have.

    Today we live with many children and we work hard for his vision. We have never questioned his vision for us. We never felt the need. We are lambs to him. That was our destiny, of that I am convinced.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Coming down the stairs from my bedroom, I was in the hallway, and I saw the lights out in the living room. I could see the computers screen on, and I was watching my step dad. He always keeps late hours. I've known that for years.

    But I finally realized why he's stayed up as late as he usually does. Standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall, he didn't realize I was even there. I watched him. He slowly pulled his shorts down. I stood there in shock, as I could see from the light on his computer monitor, his shorts around his ankles, and his cock sticking straight out.

    I watched longer, and I was hiding far enough back I knew he couldn't see me. He reached up to grab something, and I realized that it was a condom. It blew my mind. I know on a rare occasion when him and my mom do fuck, having two kids, and knowing my mom is fixed, they don't use condoms. I wasn't sure what he was doing. Until I saw him unwrap it, put the wrapper on his computer printer, lean back in his computer chair, and wrap his dick with the condom. I saw him pull it all the way down, and I just stood there. He didn't even look around (he might have seen me if he did), and he leaned back in his chair.

    I saw him move his computer mouse, and I stood there watching. I had never seen this side of him before, and watching him move his hands slowly, I feel dirty for admitting this, but I got really horny watching it. I'd never seen his dick before, and I'd especially never known that he masturbated using condoms. I stood there, and felt myself getting turned on. Honestly, I almost wanted to walk into the room and see what would happen or where it would go. But I was afraid, so I stood there watching.

    I heard something on the computer screen that sounded like a gasp or a moan. And then realized he was masturbating to porn. I stood there and watched him stroke his dick slowly. And then gradually he started moving faster. And I heard him talk. He was talking to the computer. And God if he didn't lean back and say "Oh God Emily. Oh God Emily. I'm going to cum" and I realized he was fantasizing about me. Whomever was on the computer screen, obviously having sex, he was pretending it was the two of us. I had never seen this before. Ever. I wasn't grossed out or mad. I thought it was dirty, and i wasn't sure what else to think.

    And then like 30 seconds later, he grunted, thrusted, and he gasped "Oh God Emily I'm cumming. You feel so good" and I watched as he had an orgasm in the condom. Then stopped. Leaned back into the chair. Breathing heavy. And slowly took the condom off. Wrapped it in some white computer paper, pulled his shorts up, and headed into the kitchen. As he got up, and went into the other room, I had to sneak back upstairs.

    I went up to bed, and laid there, just realizing, that I'd seen my step dad fantasize, using a condom, and having an orgasm, fantasizing that he was fucking me.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Continued from #23967. I woke in the morning with Grandma standing by my bed. I see your ready for me. She climbed on the bed and pulled up her nightie and said we can't have you walking around all morning with a boner. Much like last night I soon unloaded in her. I'll teach you how to take your time and satisfy your partner as we go along and you will also enjoy it more. Now let's clean up and have breakfast and get some work done.

    We finished about 3pm and went for a swim. Grandma brought her wine in an ice bucket and sat chatting while she sipped on her wine. She got up and walked to the deep end of the pool dropped her bath robe and dived in swimming to the other end and back. I realized she was completely nude. She came to the edge and asked, aren't you coming in. I went over and jumped in beside her. I like to swim in the nude so get rid of your swim shorts. I took them off and threw them on the deck. She grabbed my cock saying we'll do something about that later, meanwhile I'll race you to the other end.

    We swam for a while and I got out and got a towel and sat on a chaise lounge in the sun. As she emerged from the pool I couldn't help admiring her tanned body with no straps or panty lines as the water ran down her body, dripping from her nipples and sparkling in the sun on her wet pussy bush. Her tits were still firm and a nice handful about the size of Sue's with darker nipples and I imagined sucking them and getting a taste of her pussy as my erection grew under my towel. She dried off and sat beside me and filled her wine glass with cold white wine. She drank some wine and sat on the foot of my lounge and said now we'll do something about that thing sticking up and removed the towel.

    She put poured a bit of wine on her hand and wrapped it around my cock and slowly started to masturbated me. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of he hand moving up and down. I realized her hand felt a lot wetter and opened my eyes as she lowered her mouth engulfing my pulsing member. She lifted her head, looking at me and said, I haven't done this for a while, but enjoy as she went back down and slowly moved her lips up and down my shaft. It was the most amazing feeling with her hand squeezing my cock just above my testicles and her sopping to lick the head I soon yelled, Grandma I'm cumming. She kept sucking and I let go in her mouth as she gagged a little, swallowing some and spitting most out on a towel. She took a drink of wine, swished it around a bit in her mouth and swallowed it. She kissed me and said time to start dinner. I lay there having had my first blow job, hoping I wouldn't wake up from my dream.

    After dinner she went to bed about 10pm to read and said to come to her room in about an hour. I went up with the shorts on I slept in and she put down her book and threw back the cover. She was nude and said drop your shorts and come lay beside me. I lay down facing her and she said pretend I'm your girlfriend and start making love to me, You don't have to kiss me if you feel uncomfortable. I nuzzled her neck and put an arm around her raising up and started kissing her as I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue between her lips and she pated them and accepted my tongue and gave it a little suck. I put a hand on a boob squeezing slightly and pinching her nipple. She said not too hard just lightly. I lowered my head and put my mouth on her other nipple and lightly sucked it, as I continued to massage the other one. I put a hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy and inserted a finger in her.

    She said your doing fine so far. Having never tasted pussy before we'll leave that for another day, so I'm ready for you to fuck me. I got on my knees as she raised her legs and I was easily able to slide into her moist pussy. She said now push in deep and hold it for a bit a slowly move up and down letting your partner get some pleasure as you massage the sides of her pussy lips and can feel your cock deep inside her vagina. I tried to hold back but she started bucking a bit and I couldn't wait as I gushed in her c**t. She said stay in me as she lowered her hand and started massaging her clitoris Until she said OH yes as she orgasmed. We lay there for a while till she said, now go to bed so I can clean up and get some sleep.

    In the morning she dropped in to get rid of my morning erection. We were doing pretty good sorting things out were out by the pool by 4pm. She let me take some nude pictures of her before we went swimming. After a while she sat on the edge of the pool and I swam up to her and put my hands on her knees. She spread her legs as I gazed at her pussy. Her lips were nice and firm and not hanging loose like I imagined an older woman's would be. She asked would you like a taste? I moved my head right in and started licking. She reached down parting her lips so I could lick up to her clitoris as she moaned a little and said yes right there suck it a little. She lay back as I continued licking and sucking and she yelled, I'm cumming and I could taste some juices on my tongue. She said it's been a while since I had my pussy eaten and it was wonderful, especially by my grandson.

    I realized I had given my Grandmother an orgasm as I helped her up and we went and sat down with my cock standing up straight. She drank some wine and said I'm too tired to help you out so just stand there and masturbate and shoot your cum all over my body. Having eaten my first pussy it never took me long as I covered her boobs and stomach.
    That night was much the same as the previous night as she helped herself to an orgasm. In the morning another quick fuck before breakfast. We had most things ready that she wasn't keeping and a truck was picking them up on Friday. She had to go out for a few hours in the afternoon to finalize things for her Condo and make sure it was ready for her to move into.

    With nothing to do I lay by the pool getting some sun when I heard someone approaching. I looked up thinking it was Grandma. When I realized it wasn't I grabbed my towel and covered myself. She said don't cover yourself on my account as she walked over and stood beside. In case you don't remember me I'm your Aunt Irene, Your Grandma's sister so I guess I'm really your great Aunt, Although some may not think I'm so great. It's been a while since I saw you and you sure have grown in more ways than one. She had on shorts and halter top as I gazed at her sizable breasts. She had a few more pounds on her then Grandma and it was well distributed. She told me you were here where is she? I said she had to go out. She said well you better take care of that tent in your towel and I'll give her a call tonight. As she walked away in high heels I thought she had great legs as my hand reached for my cock. More to cum.

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    Straight Male / 24

    When I was young, I hated her. Now every time I visit, I want to fuck her so bad. She knows it and plays up to me. She flirts outrageously with me and has in recent times flashed me her breasts, pussy and ass. When I lived at home, not long before I had to move out, she caught me masturbating and stood there watching for what she said was around five minutes. Way before I noticed she was there. She's such a good looking woman, now at thirty eight years old. And that's why I resented her when my dad met, moved her in and then married her. I didn't want my mom replaced, but as I grew older, I obviously knew she hadn't. My dad's much older than her and as far as I can tell, they hardly ever if ever make love any more. I know this to be the case, because I asked my dad in a round about way when we were fishing together. Saying to him "She must wear you out in the bedroom". He answered by telling me "She used to. Now I prefer fishing".
    My dad goes away shortly for his annual sea fishing trip. His wife has asked me if I'll keep her company and maybe stay over. I know in my heart what she wants. I also know in my heart it would be wrong to cheat on my dad. But I don't think I'll be able to refuse her, or my sexual urges to fuck her for all I'm worth.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My brother and I have always been really close. He is a year younger than me. Our parents have always been naive about my relationship with my brother.

    Us being so close all our lives eventually led to sex, which only felt natural for us when it finally happened.

    It was 2 years ago. We had gradually teased each other for over a year in increasingly sexual ways. It got to the point where we would rub up on each other or occasionally flash one another. And since our bedrooms share a bathroom, it was very easy to see each other naked. We even started taking showers together.

    On my brother's 15th birthday, we were taking a shower together when I decided to make the first move toward sex. My brother was rinsing his hair under the shower and I reach down to grab his cock.

    He asked what I was doing and I said I wanted to give my brother a good birthday present. He didn't protest. I dropped to my knees in the shower and gave my brother an amazing blowjob.

    After that day, sex became an almost daily thing.

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    Straight Male / 22

    This is a continuation of Post #23915 on May 30th. Believe it or not it was my Grandmother for my first fuck. At the time she was 64 and my Grandfather who was ten years older had recently died. She was still in great shape, nice and slim, but not skinny. She swam, biked and played tennis. She decided to sell her home and move in to a condo. She asked my parent's if I could stay with her during Easter break and help her sort out the things she wanted to get rid of. I eagerly went knowing I could get some swimming in as she had a nice large pool.

    She picked me up Sunday morning on her way home from church. She lived away from the main city about a 40 mile drive. I had only packed shorts and tee shirts and two bathing shorts. She opened the automatic garage door and drove right in. She drove a Mercedes and I noticed a four year old Buick Regal beside us. She said I used to drive that and your Grandfather drove the Mercedes, I guess I'll have to get rid of it. We went in the house and she took me up to the room I would be sleeping in. She went to her room to change and came down in a flowered loose fitting summer dress and started preparing lunch.

    She said it's Sunday and a nice day so we'll go out by the pool and have a swim and start our task tomorrow. I went and changed to my swim shorts. When I came out Grandma removed her dress and had her bathing suit on underneath. Grandma was a good swimmer and I had a hard time keeping up to her. I got out and sat on a lounge and when Grandma got out I had to admire her body for her age. She asked me to go in and get a bottle of white wine and the opener and glass and find something for yourself to drink unless you want some wine. I got a soda and came out and opened her wine and put the bottle in the ice bucket I found.

    She said you only have me to look at instead of your gorgeous sisters and I noticed you gave you're Mother the odd glance when she got out of the water. I turned a little and blurted out you look pretty good to me Grandma. She smiled and said aren't you a nice grandson. I poured her another glass of wine and she started to tell me I wanted you here to tell you about things that happened over the years and the real reason your here if your willing. I'm going to be blunt and say some words you might be surprised to hear from you're Grandmother but your 18 and supposed to be an adult if you don't like what I tell you, I will stop and say nothing more about it.

    I married your Grandfather when I was 20 and he was 30. He spent his life getting a good education and established himself with a good lucrative position. I met him at the tennis club were I was taking lessons. I took a liking to him and he asked me out to dinner. We saw each other a few times and he kissed me when we parted. I wasn't a virgin, I had been with two different boys when I was a teen. He never tried having sex with me until one day he asked me if I would go on a business trip with him. I accepted and he asked if I would share his room. I was really fond of him and said yes. The first night when he started to make love I realized he never had much experience. I guided him along and he came before I was satisfied so I went in the bathroom to clean up and masturbated. The next night I showed him how to finger me to orgasm, before he fucked me. The next night he fucked me first and I put my hand down and rubbed my clitoris until I came. I poured another glass of wine for her.

    A few days after we got home he asked me to marry him. I liked him a lot and new he would be a good provider and treat me well. We got married and over the next few months I taught him how to love a woman in every way I knew how and over time he became good lover and now don't be shocked an excellent pussy eater. Your dad was born two years later and sadly he had no siblings. I decide when your dad turned 18 he would know the pleasures of a woman's body and how to give pleasure. So to put it bluntly let him fuck me as I taught him and got some pleasure myself from his young body and if you think you can fuck you're old Grandma I will show you the ways to a woman's body and maybe get some pleasure myself. I knew now why dad didn't mind me looking at Mom's nude pictures having fucked his Mother and wondered if he would let me fuck mine.

    I was sitting there with my cock sticking up and Grandma reached over and squeezed it and said Ill take that as a yes. Now go and get me another bottle of wine and maybe you better get another glass for yourself you might need it. I went in to the kitchen dropped my shorts and grabbed some paper towels and quickly masturbated. Threw the cum loaded paper towels in the garbage, grabbed the wine from the fridge and a glass and went out. Grandma looked like she was sleeping so I jumped in the pool to cool off. I stood drying looking at her stretched out on the chaise admiring her body and wondering what it was going to be like fucking her. She looked up and said I guess I dozed off. That's the wine, but I need it for the questions I'm about to ask and you might need some as well to answer them.

    I'll be blunt and I want honest answers and you can not answer if you want to stop. Of course you've kissed a girl? Yes. Touched her boobs? Yes. Felt a pussy? Yes. Make her cum? Yes. Has a girl masturbated you? Yes. Have you had oral sex? NO. Have you fucked a girl? No. Your doing good so far. Who do you think of when you masturbate? My sisters and Mom. Have you seen any of them nude? Yes all of them. Under what circumstances? They let me take nude pictures of them. I have them on my computer. Have any of them watched you masturbate. Sue did when I took her picture and she stayed and watched me. Did she enjoy it? She grabbed her clothes and ran to her room. did you think she got horny and went to her room to masturbate? I thought maybe she did she was holding her pussy.

    If you had a choice who would you like to fuck? My Mother. Considering your Father fucked his Mother he might let you. Do you think she would agree to. I told her when I took her pictures I wanted to fuck her and she told me I was too young to be fucking anybody. I said when I turn 18 I'm going to fuck you. She said we'll see so I'm still waiting for her to let me. Would you mind fucking me before your Mother. No if I get some experience from you, maybe I can give Mom more pleasure and I can make love to her instead of just a fast fuck. I can't believe the conversation I'm having with my Grandmother.

    She said I've drank too much to make it easier for this conversation and I must go lie down for a while before I get dinner ready. After dinner we sat and talked a while me wondering when things would start. At 9pm she said I retire early so give me a chance to get ready for bed and come up to my room. I went up and her door was open and I went in. Grandma was lying in bed with a nightie on. She said come here and remove your sorts and get on the bed. She looked at my erection and said a nice young cock to nurture. She pulled up her nightie and said as it's your first time you'll cum soon and since I haven't been fucked in a few years I prepared my pussy with some ointment so you can slide in easily. Just go ahead and fuck me until you cum and shoot your load in my pussy and don't worry about me. I couldn't believe the feeling as my cock slid in her moist pussy and right away I started pumping up and down and It seemed like only minutes when my cock spewed into her pussy. She said that was real fast now go back to your room and we'll both get some sleep. I couldn't say a word as I got up looking at my cum running out of her c**t. I went to my room wondering about the next week.

    If I know I have readers I will continue with my storey about my sexual awakening from fourteen to the present time as I just finished college and approaching a new life as I hope a normal and responsible adult. I'm writing the storey anyway to file away and let my future wife read it before we marry so she can decide if she still wants to.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My brother has been dating this new girl since he took her home from prom. He said she told him that can have sex this coming weekend. She was over for dinner last night and hanging on him like she was in love. She is a tiny girl about 5 feet tall and looks like a stick. She said she weighs 85 lbs. I got so tickled thinking of her when he pulls his dick out. I got so bad i went to my bedroom and thought about my dog who died to make me stop laughing.

    I remember my dad running around in the camper in his boxers. Could see his swinging as he walked around. My brother was a lot like him. One of the girls at the camp ground told me her brother showered in the bath house with my dad and brother, he told her they looked like freaks. So I knew they were big ones. I had my first sex two years ago and have been with three guys so far. None of them are close to my brother, not close to me dads.

    I would like to hear what she says when she sees it. If she will let him use it on her at all. He will tell me, we share everything.

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