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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 32

    The thought of sucking on his cock two years ago would have grossed me out, but two years on, I'm like a new born sucking on it's mother breasts. And to think he's in his mid fifties too.
    And none of what has happened, would have happened if my husband didn't keep a diary avidly. Finding out purely by chance he'd fucked one of my bridesmaids on our weeding day, through reading one of his entries, had my blood boiling and my heart torn apart. Not only for his deceit, but the bridesmaid was my sister.
    My husband's father is what mst people would call, a bit of a dullard. He's quiet and very understated in his ways. Yet his love of anything physical or sport has kept him in fantastic shape. Even so, the thought of having sex with him prior to my discovery, would have been out of the question.
    Taking my discovery to him first, his simple but very to the point answer was "Why don't you get even. Stay married but have a free pass to fuck who you like". It was his very real and open candour which made me ask him if he was talking about himself, when he ws talking about fucking someone. His answer that time was "Why not".
    For the first time in my life, I had a man who I'd not fancied and who I'd not given out messages for sex to, undress in front of me. When he removed his boxers, I found myself gasping. Harry was everything I wouldn't have found attractive in a man, as I like powerful (Business), well educated and intellectual men. Just like his son. Yet with him stood naked in front of me with his huge thick cock, I was instantly turned on. And Harry was balls deep up my pussy and asshole the rest of the afternoon, after I'd spent an age sucking on his beautiful manhood. I was that taken with his cock, I actually sucked on it after he'd cum up my ass, cleaning off his cum and my anal juices, making his cock become erect again. Losing all my inhibitions, I had my husbands father fuck me on his porch as the sun was setting. Finally climaxing powerfully, as the stars rose in the night sky.
    Going home my husband asked me where I'd been. I very nearly told him "fucking your dad all day". But something inside me stopped me from ending our marriage. It didn't stop me from visiting Harry the next day to appologise to him, but in reality seek out his gorgeous body and cock again. Again we fucked and this time I became everything he'd ever wanted, doing and trying everything he'd ever wanted sexually. In truth I became a slut for my father in law.
    And so it went on and still does. My husband is one the wiser, as it's just his father visiting our home. Or me taking Harry something round, after cooking it for his dad.
    As for my sister, well lets just say her latest male friend, her fiance no less, no longer see's her as the best fuck in the family. They were going to get married, but he's seen the light so to speak.
    Am I sad that I found out my husband and sister cheated on me, you're damn right I am. Am I sad I've fucked my father in law and my sisters, which was to be her future husband. Not in the slightest.
    And if any of this ever gets out, I'll walk away with Harry and live with an older man who values me for what I am. His lover, his friend and his younger ever willing slut. And if you doubt that, I'm typing this in front of Harry, who's not long had me sit on his cock all morning.

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    Straight Male / 20

    My grandma has always been friendly and love giving hugs when I see her. She is little on the heavy side with big boobs. I don't care I love hugging with those large boobs squeezing my chest. One day I took it little farther when no one around and when she give me a hug I squeeze her butt instead having my hands on her back. She didn't say anything but hugging me tighter. I figure she like it and I give her big kiss in the mouth and wrap my legs around her legs. She felt my hard dick on her legs and said, sweetie you got a boner, I smile and said would you like to have it? She grab it and stroking it and I am rubbing her bush pussy. She said we need to continue this but not here, everyone is here we have to go some place. She make up a excuse telling everyone I need to take her to the store she had forgot to get for dinner. Grandma love cooking and does a good job at it. On the way to the store she was giving me a blowjob. I didn't know she like to swallow. She swallowed my load of cum and said she wants to get fuck. I had to find a spot where no one is around. I found this spot had grandma in the backseat and I was fucking her. I was pumping her and she was moaning the whole time. When I was ready to cum I push my dick deep inside of her bush pussy and just let it all out. She said sweetie you filled up my hole and is dripping out. I told her I was sorry and she said no need to be I love feeling the warm cum deep inside. She use her panties to clean herself up and handed to me to keep for memory. She was walking around the entire day without her panties on. We did when into the grocery store and got what we want and went home.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    My hubby bought me a new bikini that was a old silvery/Grey and while dry it was a solid looking colour. What I didn't know was that he had cut the lining out of both the top and the bottom and that once it got wet that it would become 100% totally transparent.

    It was a pretty sexy bikini, maybe a little bit too sexy to wear to swim at my sisters place, but hubby insisted that I looked great in it and so I decided to go ahead and wear it to my sisters place. She and her husband were at work and she had given me permission to swim in her pool anytime that I wanted.

    I went to her place a when I got there her son and my oldest sisters two sons were also there swimming in the pool.

    I was a little bit nervous about the new bikini as it was pretty sexy but because it wasn't transparent I went ahead and jumped into the pool with all three of my nephews. I was 26 and they were 19, 18 and 18.

    Just like any other day that I had been in the pool with them we began to play Marco Polo. The only difference that day was that all 3 of them seemed to be hanging a lot closer to me than usual.

    I had chalked it up to my new bikini being a little bit sexier than my other ones and their teenage hormones.

    They were going under water right in front of me and eventually one of the two 18 year olds, (the son of my sister whose pool I was in), started to swim between my legs when he went underwater facing up at me which made me feel a little bit uneasy.

    I decided to get out of the pool and lay on my towel to dry off and get a little sun.

    I was on the towel legs spread slightly and after a while I realized that all 3 of my nephews were staring at me which made me feel really self conscious.

    I decided to go to the poolside change room to get changed. The change room had a wall to wall mirror on the one wall and it was only then that I realized why I was getting so much attention.

    I might as well have been nude as I could see my breasts and nipples and then when I glanced down I could see that at some point the bottom had ridden up between my pussy lips and my labia werected hanging out both sides of the bottom! I was so embarrassed that I immediately left and went straight home.

    I was afraid that one of them would say something to one of my sisters.

    Later that evening though I was quite turned on knowing that my nephews had seen me pretty much totally naked!!

    About a week afterwards the 18 year old of my sister who owned the pool started to come over to my house every morning shortly after my husband would leave for work.

    After a few days he just right out and asked if he could see me in the bikini again. It really turned me on to hear that and after about 3 weeks of him continuously asking, I decided that I would give him a special day.

    I got up early and put on heels, stay-up stockings, did my hair and did my make up. I threw on a long frumpy houseboat and placed a few of hubbies photo albums of my nude pictures on the coffee table in the living room, put a videotape of me stripping and playing with my vibrator and dildo in the VCR.

    I made hubby breakfast and told him before he left for work that he should be prepared for a fun evening when he got home.

    Shortly after hubby left for work my nephew showed up as had become the routine and I think that he must have noticed that I was wearing heels and stockings under my house coat because he had a grin that was pretty much ear to ear and I couldn't help but notice that he began to pop a tent which made me wet in anticipation of what was about to happen!

    He went out to the living room and I turned on the coffee maker and looked out into the living room and much to my deliget I saw that he had discovered the photo albums of my nude pictures!!!

    I was already wet enough that it was dripping down my thighs onto my stockings! I went out a few minutes later with the coffee and he was so into my pictures that he didn't see or hear me come intothe living room. I decided to take off my house coat, I sat legs spread wide open directly across from where he was sitting and I turned on the TV and VCR and pushed play. As soon as the video started he looked up, saw my tits and pussy with the video of me stripping and masturbating and almost immediately came in his pants!!!

    I wanted it to be an amazing day for her and I sincerely I went to him, took off his pants and licked up the mess which made him CUM yet again down my throat as I sacked him for all I was worth! Then I layer down on the floor spread eagle, told him to come to me and while I grabbed his hair with one hand and guided his mouth to my pussy I grabbed his hands with my other hand and helped get him started playing with my tits and nipples!!

    After I had a few amazing orgasms I let him fuck me for the first of several good fucks that first day!

    After that it became an almost every day hubby worked routine right up until the fall when he went away to university. Then it was whenever he came back on weekends and holidays he and I would go for drives or go to a hotel or motel to fuck and sucks like there was no tomorrow!

    The night of his wedding I took him to the bathroom and gave him a blow job and gave him a good fucking!

    To this day he still visits his favorite Aunt and few times a year for a little special fun!!

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    Straight Male / 25

    My aunt recently moved in with me after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her in their house. At the start she was staying with my parents, but he kept trying to force his way in to see her after drinking really late, so now she lives with me in another town. At the start she apologized for the inconvenience and I said it was no problem and that I'd be there to look after her. She was trying to get her own job out here, but no one seemed to be hiring.

    Then, almost a week ago, I came home and I could hear my aunt upstairs talking. I went upstairs to her room and she was on the floor in some really hot lingerie, masturbating with a dildo in front of a webcam on a laptop, doing a live show. I stayed there watching her bounce on it on the floor, then lick it clean and put it back in her pussy, and I got really hard and jerked off watching her. She started to cum and I watched her squirt all over the floor, then I saw somebody tipped her money on her laptop, telling her to bend down and lick it up for more money. She got on her knees and stuck her ass in the air as she put her face to the ground and licked it up, making me even harder. I left before she saw me and went to my room to finish and I came thinking of her ass in the air as she licked my cock clean.

    That evening she came downstairs and she told me got a job that would get her some money. I asked where was the job and she said she could work from home. I decided to let her know that I knew. She got a bit embarrassed, then asked if I kept watching it and if I enjoyed it, and I said I really did, then she asked if I thought she was any good at it, and I said yes, I'd love a personal show. She smiled at me and bit her lip, then kissed me and said we'll see.

    Over the last couple of days, she's been walking around with less and less clothes on. Today she only had a shirt on, nothing else! When I come home I go to her door while she does her live show and jerk off watching her, I think it turns her on more too. Today, she said she had a special surprise for me tomorrow, so now I'm sitting here jerking off thinking of what we'll do.

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    Straight Male / 32

    It was Saturday morning and my wife was still asleep. I slipped out of bed and went down to the kitchen to get some water to drink as I was very thirsty. After I finished drinking my water I turn to put the glass on the counter and there stands my sister-in-law. I forgot she had spent the night which wasn't that big a deal other than the fact that I was naked and still sporting morning wood. I usually walk around naked but only when my wife is there. Her sister was mostly staring and not saying anything and I was like a deer in the headlights. I stood there not knowing what to say or do. Then I hear my wife coming downstairs who sees me standing naked in front of her sister. I didn't know how she would react with me exposed to her sister the way I was. She turns to her sister and tells her I always walk around naked. Her sister asks her if she minds her seeing me this way. My wife says "he doesn't so why should I". My wife has a glass of water and while doing so her sister asks her if she truly doesn't mind her seeing me this way. My wife finishes her water and tells her it seems she is more worried about it than she is. She replies, "It's your husband and he's naked with everything exposed to me. He should only be this exposed with you". My wife replies, "Maybe. So now he is naked and exposed to you. What's the big deal? It's like you have never seen a man naked before". She replies, "Yes, but this one is your husband." My wife replies, "So you have seen him naked now. Does it bother you so much seeing him this way? Is seeing his cock that has you so bothered? Every guy has one and now you have seen his. I don't mind, he doesn't mind and I see no reason why you should." She then tells us she is going back to bed and leaves. Her sister takes another look at me and says, "She does mind me seeing you this way." She then asks if I truly feel the same. I told her it was no big deal. She then replies it is a big deal for her. I asked why and after a little reluctance told me she had wondered what I looked like but now that she has seen me I was bigger than expected. She then asked if I ever wondered what she looked like. I told her it had crossed my mind. She was in a robe and began to remove it revealing her in a bra and panties. She removed her bra releasing 2 large breasts. She then slipped of her panties revealing a smooth hairless pussy. She put one leg up on the kitchen table and then took 2 of her fingers and pulled her lips apart. She looked over at me and told me it looked like I liked what I saw and thanked me for the comment. I never said anything but looking down I was extremely rock hard. She looked at me and said I was welcome to if I wanted to. I didn't know exactly what she meant but she repeated herself stating it in a more direct way this time. She said I was very hard and she was very wet and there was no reason to have us each be left this way. I moved closer to her and slipped myself in. We should have stopped ourselves but I think we both wanted it bad so we couldn't restrain ourselves. Shortly after we finished we began cleaning ourselves up. We hear my wife coming back downstairs, and with her sister not having enough time to get dressed, catches both of us naked. We were panicking thinking about what she would say or do. My wife turns to sister and says, "Great, you are naked with him. I glad you finally realized there is nothing wrong with being naked in front of each other." Her sister replied, "You were right, big sis". My wife had another glass of water and off to bed she went again. Before she left she turned to me and said, "She has a nice set of tits doesn't she? I bet we will need a pry bar to keep your eyes off of them."
    After she left, me and her sister had a little talk about how close that was. Her sister told me we would have to be more careful next time and said she was going to have a shower now and left. It appeared her sister wants to do this again.
    It has been about a week and my wife said her sister called today and asked I could go over to her place to fix something. She then tells me I would and asked if it was a problem. I told her it wasn't. I guess I will find out what she has in store.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Four years after we were married my wife was r**ed. She was a waitress at a local bar. After work one night two guys grabbed her, tossed her into their truck and took her out to the country, r**ed her, beat her half to death and left her for dead. The only reason she survived is her manager saw the abduction. He was to late to help her, but he got a good description of the pickup and the license plate. He called the cops and they got them as they came back into town. They were able to find her and get her to the hospital in time.

    That was nine years ago. It took a long time for her to recover physically, it was almost a year before she could walk again. It still sends me into a rage when I think about what they did to her.

    Mentally, she had a lot of problems and she's worked through most all of the with the help of therapists and doctors and I did my best to be there for her and do what ever I could to support and encourage her. While nothing is one hundred percent she can at least go out in public alone and can manage to sleep through most nights without waking up screaming. Unfortunately for me sex is still an issue for her.

    I couldn't even hold her hand without her having to suppress her shuddering for the first couple of years. The first time we tried to have sex was nearly three years after the attack. It didn't go well. She had a full on panic attack. I ended up just holding her for the rest of the night.

    Eventually things got a little better, but the best she could do was make it through sex most of the time. Other times she'd have to stop me mid coitus. Either way afterwards we would both feel like shit. She wanted desperately to please me and herself and to just be able to enjoy being intimate with me. So she would feel horribly guilty for not being able to do so. I'd feel guilty for making her feel that way.

    Six years after the attack I had more or less given up on sex with her. I never told her that though I just stopped trying. I couldn't stand how it made us feel afterwards and the sex wasn't particularly satisfying, so it just wasn't worth it to me. I was feeling a little trapped. I love her more than I could ever express. Everything we've been through has brought us closer than I could ever imagine. Leaving her was unimaginable.

    Time went on while the lack of sex was frustrating for me, but we were generally happy otherwise.

    Six months ago we went out for supper at one of the nicer restaurants in our town. She wore a dress that looked fantastic on her. She looked just plain hot. She hadn't dressed like that in ages, since before the attack. Apparently she'd gone shopping recently. All could think was she was trying to tell me something. I was estatic. We had a wonderful meal together.

    When we get home I take her into my arms and I try to kiss her and she flinches. So I stop. She tells me no keep going. As I'm kissing her I move one hand down to her ass and she starts shuddering. This time I do stop, even though she tells me to keep going. Her reactions just killed my mood. I tell her sorry, but I can't do this. For the first time in years she got mad at me.

    What followed was an epic fight. We both had years of pent up frustration that all came out at once. The fight ended with her running to the bedroom crying and me heading to liquor store and coming home with a bottle of cheap vodka.

    I'm not sure how much time went by but I was pretty drunk when she came out of the bedroom. She saw me drinking and it set her off again. Basically she told me so that's how you're going start dealing with things. Go ahead and drink yourself into oblivion. That started another round of fighting. God I was so angry. A lot of things were said that we both regretted. She finally uttered the phrase "why don't you just fucking man up and r**e me. Just get it over with you fucking pussy. That sent me into a rage. I grabbed her and tossed her over the back of the coach. Lifted up her dress and yanked her panties down. I got my pants down and once I got into position I just slammed into her. She was crying and moaning at the same time. The harder I slammed into her the crying lessoned and moaning increased. She let out a scream and completely soaked me. That sent me over the edge and I came hard.

    Afterwards she started sobbing uncontrollably. She couldn't even catch her breath. All I could think was oh god what have I done over and over. I wanted to kill myself, really and truly kill myself. I just kind of backed myself in a corner slid down into a sitting position. I zoned out and finally fell asleep siting there.

    She woke me up in the morning. I was instantly confused. She was beaming at me. She saw my confusion and pointed to rather large stain on the floor behind the couch and told me you made me cum and cum alot last night. We had a very very long talk after that.

    We tried just regular sex a couple of times after that. While she didn't have problems with it like she used to, it did absolutely nothing for her. Me eating her got her wet enough for sex so we didn't have to use lube like we used to, but that was it.

    She told me she wanted me to r**e her again. I was really really uncomfortable with the idea, but it was what she wanted. We talked about it and she didn't really know exactly what she wanted. She just knew she wanted to be forced and she didn't want to know it was coming. The only thing she knew she didn't want was she knew she didn't want to be punched. She wasn't sure about being slapped, but definately no punching. I didn't think I bring myself to punch her anyway. I told her I wanted to start slow the first time, maybe something similar to what happened the other night. She told me no, she wanted more. She wanted me to use her in anyway I can think of and be rough about it. If something was to much, that's what the safe word is for.

    On a side note here. A couple of days after our fight she talked to her psychiatrist about what happened, how it made her feel and what she wanted me to do. I won't discuss details but there was no way I was going to do this without consulting him first. She agreed.

    I gave it a few days and waited for what felt like the right time. I wasn't sure if I could actually do this like she wanted. Last time she told me the fight didn't start out that way, but she admitted to intentionaly goading me into it at the end.

    I was heading for the bathroom when she stepped out just wearing a towel. I pushed her against the wall and ripped the towel off of her and forced her to the ground. I held her down with one arm while I got my pants unzipped. Once I had my dick free, I grabbed her hair and got her to a kneeling position. She was crying no the whole time. I just about stopped, seeing her like this was killing me, but this was what she wanted. I told her to open her fucking mouth. She did and I shoved my now harding dick in her mouth and commanded her to suck. Once I was fully hard I started fucking her mouth. She was sobbing harder now. I was getting close to cumming so I stopped. I yanked on her hair and forced her forward and face down on the floor. She was screaming no over and over at this point. I look back and see a puddle where she was kneeling. I was shocked she already had an orgasm. It gave me more confidence I was doing the right thing. I got between her legs and found her opening. She was sopping wet. As soon as she felt my fingers she started crying no again. I slid the head of my dick in her and then rammed it in my full length. She screamed. I slammed into her as hard as I could. She had two massive orgasms within a couple of minutes of each other. Once I got close I pulled out and turn her over. I stuck my dick in her mouth and told her to suck. In next to no time I exploded in her mouth. She held my cum in her mouth and let some dribble out. I commanded her to swallow. I grabbed her hair and slapped her across the face and repeat swallow. After three times of that she finally did. She gagged quite a bit but she manged to get my cum down.

    She was still crying so I sat on the floor and gently took her in my arms. She stopped crying shortly thereafter. She grinned up at me and told me that was awesome. She then gave me suggestions for next time.

    Over the next six months we did that four more times, each time got better and better. Even our normal sex is vastly improved. I think I finally have my wife back. This isn't the way I pictured my married life, but I'll take it as long as it's with her.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Spending the night at my aunts house was great! I wantwd to fuck her so bad!! She had big tits & ass!! She had gotten tipsy that night & kinda fell asleep on the couch watching tv with me. Her tits were showing & i got real horny! I took out my cock & stroked it looking at them. Then stood over her & touched them.
    I even touched her c**t! It was fat & hairy!! I shot my cum on her tits. A lil while later i woke her up & helped her to her bed. I felt her tits on the way. When she laid down her c**t was showing & i said dam as i grabbed my cock! She heard & saw me & just smiled. I left & came back a lil while later. I called her name & touched her to make sure she was sleeping. Then i took out my cock & jerked it as i fingered her fat c**t & even licked it!
    When i couldnt take it anymore i got on her & put my cock in her. Cunt was wet & hot & i stroked her good! I was strijing her a while & as i went deeper & harder she started to wake up.but she just let me keep going & i fucked the shit out of her!! Shit my cum in her too!!

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and I have been maried for ten years. Two months ago one of my wife's so called friends convinced her that I was having an affair. For the entirety of our relationship, from our first date until now, I have never been with anyone else but her. I couldn't convince her of that, so she left.

    For the first month I tried to convince her of my inoscence, but she wouldn't take my calls or messages. I wasn't giving up entirely, but I thought I'd give her some space.

    Some friends convinced me I needed a night out. We head to a popular bar in our area and long story short I see my wife leaving with some guy. She sees me and actually had the nerve to smile at me. An older guy sitting at the table next to us saw the look we exchanged and told me it looks like I missed the boat tonight, but he was sure she'd be back tomorrow if I still wanted to hit that. I questioned him a little and found out for the last month she's been in every Friday and Saturday and usually leaves with someone different every time. I told my friends I was leaving. They understood. I took a cab home after a brief stop at a liquor store.

    Yesterday morning I get a call from her saying we really need to talk. I told her fine and agreed to meet her over lunch. I picked a fast food joint mostly because I'm trying to save every cent I can for a good divorce attorney.

    We meet and she tells me she is so sorry, but she just found out her friend was wrong and I had in fact not cheated on her. She wanted to come home. I told her technically it's her house too. I didn't think I could do anything legally to stop her at this point. As far as living there as husband and wife ever again probably not going to happen. She told me she would do anything to make it up to me. I told her I didn't think that was possible at this point. Trust is one of the most important things in a marriage and apparently she didn't trust me, since she took the word of one friend over her husbsnd's. I told her I couldn't trust her anymore either since I saw her leave with that guy at the bar and if only half of what they were saying in there about you is true I would never consider touching you again until some std testing was done. I just got up and walked out.

    She's sent me a few messages and called me a couple times since yesterday. I haven't replied or answered yet. I will eventually, I just need a little processing time. I did talk with one of her friends when she called me. She told me she didn't know what was said to me at the bar, but the night I saw her leave with someone was the only time she did that and she only did it then because she saw me and wanted me to know what it felt like to be cheated on. To be honest I'm inclined to believe her friend over some random dude in the bar. My biggest problem is how easily she was convinced I was cheating on her. That just doesn't sit well with me at all.

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    Straight Female / 25

    My husband and mother never got along too well but over the last 6 months things really improved between them. I was happy because they always used to get into arguments and it was never a good situation. Now they seem to get along very well and have become very close. They always hug each other when they meet and say goodbye and even give each a quick kiss. I was becoming a little jealous of their new relationship because they seemed to be getting a little too close. I thought my jealousy was causing me to falsely read things into their closeness. Every time they hugged I felt it was a little too long with their hands and arms a little lower than where I would expect a mother and son-in-law to have them. Their kisses I found to be longer than what I would consider should be normal and once I thought I may have even noticed an open mouth kiss between them. I think it was just my jealousy causing me to read things into a situation that wasn't like that. They were getting along great now and I think I was just feeling like my mother was stealing some of the attention from my husband that he should have been giving me. Her and my father broke up quite a few years ago and maybe she was just trying to fill the hole he left. I figured it was all in my mind so I just began to accept it.
    Recently I dropped off my husband at my mother's place so he could help her with doing some work out in her yard. Later that day when I came back to pick him up my mother answered the door with a towel wrapped around her. She mentioned he was still out working in the yard and she was just relaxing watching him. We walked to her back yard and she removed the towel she was wearing and placed in on the lounge chair before she lay down on it. I was in total shock but said nothing. She was nude in clear view of my husband. In my whole life I could never remember ever seeing my mother naked and would have never expected to have her be this way in front of my husband. I just figured if she was fine with it who was I to actually say or make mention of it. When my husband was done with working in her yard he went in to have a quick shower. He came back out about 15 minutes later with a towel around his waist. The towel didn't stay around his waist long as began to use it to towel dry his hair. My husband was now standing nude in front of both me and my mother with not a care about doing so. He does walk around our house naked on occasion but here he was fully exposed to my mother not just nude but nude with an erection. I felt he should have covered that up but he made no attempt to do so. I didn't think this was appropriate but thought if they felt comfortable with it I would just accept it as it wasn't hurting anyone. The 2 of them were so casual about being naked in front of each other and literally didn't mind the other seeing them that way. I don't know if it was me imagining things again but I felt like my mother may have deliberately been keeping her legs open for my husband to see. In the past they used to argue and now they were extremely close and I didn't want to destroy that so I just let them carry on with whatever they wanted to do and said nothing. It was time for us to leave and they were still naked. They gave each other a hug and I did feel uncomfortable watching them as their bodies were tightly pressed against each other but watched anyway and kept my feelings to myself. My mother's breasts were pressed against him and his cock was pressed against her. There was a kiss on the lips and my husband had a hand on one of her butt cheeks and she had both her hands on his butt and I swear she was squeezing them. I went to use the bathroom and when I came back they were still in a hug but she had one leg up which he was holding up by her thigh and quickly dropped when they noticed I returned. I think I interrupted something but wasn't going to mention anything. He got dressed and we left.
    I now think there is something going on between them but wonder if it is worth confronting them on it. I love them both and if I accuse them of anything they will hate me. Right now they get along great and so do my husband and me. I have found it best to ignore anything I see or might see between them and keep up one big happy family.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Lived in small Mid-West town, my cousin who is of same age as me is my best friend,we practically grew up together,she`s most beautiful person I know and most beautiful thing happened to me,she had a body to die for, 5ft 7" tall, long legged, fit and toned, beautiful, and natural silky chestnut hair, hair she slightly tinted in the spring ready for summer, because her personal view was, it looked a bit gingery in certain lights. It hung down her smooth back, and tapered to a point. She kept it parted in the centre, so with a shake, she could shroud her beautiful face to give her a pouting, smoldering look through her huge lidded hazel eyes, our first intimate experience happened when we were about 18 yrs, it was summer afternoon....

    I was home alone when she came to my house, she told me she`s bored I told her I too am bored, we began playing video game, out of sudden she asked me if I have any porn ?, of couse I did ! I put on the CD , it was straight peon , we sitting next to each other ,all I was wearing was boxers which could not hide my hard on, we both were engrossed in watching intimate acts, to my surprise she slid her hand in my boxer and grabbed by erect cock and began to stroke , her hand was magic for my cock , she kissed me on my lips and told me to relax and enjoy, she wanted to do this with me for a long time, so no way it was " Mercy Sex " ,I feelt her hand on the tip, pressing and rubbing at my most sensitive spot, the orifice, the pee hole,She knew just how hard to press, how fast to rub, how far to stretch,my back arched and twisted, my cock both seeking more and trying to escape. I couldn`t breathe, my lungs caught between sharp inhale and explosive exhale, my legs tensed, trying to draw up and protect me from the sharp, exquisite jabs of delight, cum was boiling in my balls , she pulled down my boxer, leaving me with relief and a very hard cock pointing straight up at her soft, plump boobs,she removed her top & bra and my eyes were immediately drawn to them, and how warm and soft they looked, She took me tenderly in her mouth and began to suck my swollen cock vigorously , making me cry out in relief and pleasure , I was throbbing in her mouth and her lips began working on my head just the way I like, while she rubbed with amazing pressure on the rest of my member , then my darling cousin grabbed my balls in her hands and began to massage and gingerly scratch them, I was going up the wall with pleasure and my toes were curling more and more by the second, she sensed that I was going to explode , began sucking harder faster and deeper , I was shaking & shuddering , I moaned out as my cock shot first spurt of my cum deep in her throath followed by wads and wads , she swollowed every drop of my juice , licked my cock clean, I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately , it was a mixture of many emotions , she them told me it was my turn to make her happy :)

    I relived her of her remaining clothings and ask her to lay comfortably on the sofa, I adjust myself, sliding down between her legs so that my mouth is poised over her pussy,my tongue pushing in to spread her pussy lips apart, I run my tongue over her spread genitalia, tasting the tang of her juices, then licking up toward her clit, I slide my hands under , using her ass to pull you into my face, I set about tonguing her, lapping at the juices oozing from inside , pushing my tongue in to lick them out , eating out her wetness, I push my face in, my nose rubbing against her clit, her juices smearing over my face, covering me in the smell and taste of her,my hands squeezing her ass, massaging in a rhythm , she was pleasantly surprised with tip of my tongue touched her bum-hole , she giggled and wriggled , taking this a cue , I tried to push my tongue in her tight bum-hole but in vain , she was moaning with delight , told me its first time soneone has rimmed her and its absolutely awesome , my tongue swirled around her bum-hole , my thumb massing her clit ,she started to move with me, her hips tilting to push herself into me, the motion maximizing the pressure of my tongue on her body

    I then gave all my attention to her clit, using my lips and tongue on it, licking and flicking it, sucking it into my mouth, the response was instant, with her back arching and her hips bucking into my mouth, my hands on her ass my lips over the flesh of her clit, flicking my tongue over it, pressing over and around the delicate, sensitive spot which is the total focus of her being , her legs over my shoulders, hands on the back of my head, trying to pull me closer , her Yes Yes became faster and more demanding, I kept my head buried between her legs, focusing on giving her clit as much fast direct licking as it can take, Moving a hand up beneath my chin, I slip two fingers inside her, marvelling at how wet she was, feeling my probing digits squelch into her, with her juices flooding out, then I return my full attention to her clit, still licking, licking, pressing my lips on, sucking it in, teasing and flicking, she begs me for more, and I pull her ass toward me again, squeezing it hard and pushing it up so that her pussy rubs against my chin, coating me with slick, dripping juices as shelet out an ecstatic moan and start to tremble beneath me, she lay beneath me gasping with pleasure, pulling me up, almost dragging me by the hair up to her mouth, clasping me by the shoulders she pulls my mouth on to hers, and I lie on her, feeling her wet pussy against my leg as I kiss you back, pressing my body into hers

    I also confess that after this beautiful incident we also began having penetrative sex , both vaginal as well as anal but her first condition always was that I lick eat and rim her bum-hole, today we both are 30 , she`s married, mom of 2 kids, but we never miss an opportunity to make each other sexually happy

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