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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    A Letter to My Step-Daughter
    My beautiful black Princess, I know you want my dick, and you know I want your precious pussy. For many years now we've given each other subtle little accidentally brushing your titties on my arm with those hard little nipples. I pretend not to notice but you have done it so much. I've let you see my semi- hard dick through my jeans a couple times. Now in your early, 20s I've had the pleasure of watching you ripen like sweet forbidden fruit. I've snuck and sniffed your dirty panties with their dried pussy juice and came so fucking hard the instant I sucked on them.
    I watched those sexy long legs and your beautiful little ass walking so many times. I've imagined the sight of your pussy and it's bubble gum pink inside...sweet black pussy! There where times I could literally smell it when you sat on my lap in your pajamas in the morning. I knew it was so incredibly hot from marinating in it's own juices and although you were old enough I couldn't fuck you.
    You felt how fast I got hard, and I felt those little adjustments you made so that my hardest was right between your thighs. I could smell your pussy I swear, and I would be screaming in my mind, " God, I want to fuck this girl!!" But we never are left alone and even your fiance could sense our lust recently when you where here.

    I know you've never been happy about your ass. You feel as a black girl it should be fat but I want to eat your little ass for being so small and cute. I literally want to taste your asshole and push my tongue as deep as I can into it. I've fantasized about giving your booty the attention you crave from it. Eating your ass like groceries before I pound your little pussy.
    I want to hurt you when I fuck and I think that's what you want too. You've had me horny for so many years I feel you deserved to be beast fucked with your long skinny legs behind your head. I want to pretzle you and fuck you so deep that it feels like I'm hitting bone. You've probably never had a guy dump dick into you that deep but that's when my dickhead will be crashing into your cervix. That sweet 23 year old c**t is going to cream all over my hard black dick.But I want to bent you over and bust a nutt up your back. I've always had a picture in my head of my thick, white cum slowly melting down you tiny little waist and pooled in the small of your back. Oh yeah, daddy can bust fat ass nuts baby! You are going to see one day.
    We will fuck and

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    I don't know if this is the place to write this, I just need to let it out, there are days when the stress is really high. I was an 18 year old freshman at Florida State. A weekend 30th anniversary party for our neighbors was going on. The son of the couple flew in. I ended up with him, giving up my innocence and getting pregnant. I contacted him when I was four months along. I had not told anyone and I didn't look pregnant. He was nice, he listened and he told me that he had a bit of a problem. His current girlfriend was also pregnant, she was three months along.

    A couple of weeks later I called him again and I did my best to remain composed. I had envisioned that he was going to say he was going to marry me, but the girlfriend made that impossible. I was still pregnant and I told him that I needed help and I felt that he should help me. I was four and half months, half way, I had finished one year of college, I was living at home with my parents, I couldn't keep this to myself much longer. I didn't show, not unless you were paying close attention, I couldn't wear a two piece bathing suit and it was summer in Florida.

    He said he didn't know what to do, but that he would send me a ticket and for me to come to Los Angeles, he was going to talk to his girlfriend and that we would figure it out, but that it was probably not going to be anything that made sense to anyone. I stayed with them. Neither one of us looked pregnant, but we were. I stayed a weekend, and then extended it for the week, and then another week. During that time she and I had lots of time to talk, she was with him because she had gotten involved and then she got pregnant, she wasn't particularly in love with him and neither was I.

    She suggested that maybe I could move to L.A., she would continue to work and I could take care of the babies. We would need him to help a lot, and after a couple of years I could go back to school once the babies went to day care. The apartment that they were in was small, about 800 square feet, with two bedrooms and two baths. It was her apartment and convenient for her to go to work.

    He went back to living in another apartment, she and I lived in hers. Once the babies were born, we made one room the nursery and she and I shared the other room. On one occasion when he was visiting he took advantage of the situation and he knocked me up again. The babies are thirteen months apart. Our lives floated, we moved to a bigger place, far away from where Hannah worked, the commute was terrible and I hated having her be gone all day like that. She got a job that paid less with a Dentist office, but she was close to home. Eventually he moved out to where we were.

    Hannah got the burn and when her little one was two and half she got pregnant again. She had good insurance and the dentist she worked for gave her plenty of time off, paying her half wages while she was out. My grand parents helped us to buy a small house, between her job and child support for the four kids, and my parent's financial support we are able to have a home for our kids. Our baby daddy is always around, but we won't let him live with us.

    College with four kids has not been possible. I take courses online, and with my college year and the credits I built up I am scheduled to get my associates. I would like to go to college full time, but we have four kids at home and I have a full time working partner.

    To be honest we don't know what to do with our baby daddy. The rest of our life we can manage. There are days when I just need to be reminded that he is the baby daddy for a reason, and to show me. Hannah works outside the home and she has a lot more adult contact, she doesn't seem to get so far behind as I do, a quiet Sunday afternoon with him seems to be enough for several weeks, but I can't go several weeks. I have always had a higher need factor than she does. We really don't know what to do with our baby daddy. We know that if he moves in everything is going to chaos, but we want him next door, close enough to see him but not in our hair.

    We are juggling our lives, there is no good solution. I don't want to sound like we are unable to manage, we can manage. Hannah and I are very close. Our kids are good kids and lots of fun, and work. When all the kids are in grade school I will try to finish my college degree.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I had always fantasized about my stepdad, I think since I first me him. He was and is probably one of the most attractive and nicest men I had ever met. It was sort on an innocent love or crush.

    In high school it got kind of bad. I really started to notice that he took care of himself well and that he had nice body too. When I lie in bed my body gets hot, I think of the way my nipples are tight and hard because I want him to suck on them, and my pussy is wet because I want him to lick me there and put his cock in me.

    Last year I started to sort of dress sexy when it was just him and me in the house alone. In my sleeping shorts and tank tops, and I've gotten a few long stares when I pretended to not notice him. And I think I got his dick hard once when we were cuddling on the sofa watching a movie, he sort of moved away from my bottom after that.

    I'll turn 18 soon and now I've been thinking of other ways of letting him know I'd be okay with him having sex, without actually telling him. If that makes sense? I don't know if I have it in me to ever say how hot and attractive I find him, and how much I want to have sex with him. I've been thinking I should wait until I'm 18, that he'd be more okay with anything with me if I was.

    If he ever found out some other way and asked me I think I could tell him.

    Obviously I haven't thought this through. I know I'm selfish thinking about what I want and not how this would impact my mom and stepdad. I can't help it, maybe I could keep this as just a fantasy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    I still live at home. It's just me and mom. My dad was never really around and he no longer lives with us.

    For the last month or so my mom has been doing something very strange and if im honest with myself very erotic. Where we live its hot almost all the time so i sleep naked. Have done since i was 12. About a month ago I'll wake up in the middle of the night and my mom will be standing in my room. Ethier in the door way or near my bed. At first i ignored it as half asleep imaginings but i soon realized it was real and ignored it thinking shes just my doting mom checking on me.

    But then one night i wake up to a warm feeling on my crotch. I stay still cause sometimes its just a stray cat come to sleep on my bed and in the past sudden movements have scared them and its no fun being clawed at while naked. So i slowly open my eyes and in the dark i make out the silhouette of mom sitting on my bed. Then as my mind looses the last of the sleep fog and immediately recognize the feeling of someone elses hand on my very hard cock. My mom's soft warm loving hand. She is stroking my dick slowly and smoothly. I guess to try not wake me. Im kinda shocked at this point but also excited as fuck and very turned so i pretend im still sleeping. Im starting to really get into her stroking when i chance opening my eyes a little so i can maybe watch while my beloved mother works my cock. As i do i her the faintest moan coming from her. Hearing that noise from mom was probably the hottest thing ive ever experienced. I look closer and see she has her other hand in her robe between her legs. Realizing what shes doing and why she moaned almost made me cum right then and there but i fought it hard fearing it would stop this magic.

    A second or two later i feel her shuddering a bit through the bed. I guess she had an orgasm. Almost straight away she stops her amazing mom handjob and slowly gets off the bed. She leaned over and kissed me on th e forehead and walked out. I got away with pretending to be asleep cause after that fist time she has done this almost once every week.

    I was so fucking turned on that once she left that first time i jacked off and came all over my sheets. I figure fuck it she does the laundry she should clean up her own mess.

    She acts normally the rest of the time and i dont think she knows i know about her night visits.

    The closest we got to talking about it was when she teased me about my seemingly new string of wet dreams. She said not to worry about it she doesn't mind cleaning my sheets and its normal when guys dont have a girl for a while to have wet dreams. I just joked saying i dont need a girlfriend i have my dreamgirl who takes care of me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 46

    I am insanely attracted to my son and it's getting hard to fight. To give some back story, I divorced his father about 5 years ago and haven't had sex at all. Plus his father and I hadn't touched each other in ages before the split up.

    My son is 23. He's tall, handsome smile, muscular chest, beautiful dark hair. He makes me feel like I'm some naive horny school girl again.
    This started when he was about 16 and only gets worse and he gets older.

    Due to fear of his disgust I never had trouble fighting these urges. But the other night I found some mom/son i****t porn in his search history. I know I shouldn't have invaded his privacy but I wanted to see what he was into and figured he had tons of porn in his history. He did and over half was mom/son.

    My stomach filled with butterflies and my pussy was throbbing. I watched a few and they were insanely hot. It was obviously just pornstars roleplayimg but hot none the less.

    Now knowing he watched those makes it harder to fight. I wonder if he wants to fuck me or if he just likes the fantasy and would rather it be a different older woman.

    It's been so hard not to climb in his bed every night. Last night I was touching myself while watching him sleep. I've never wanted a man more than I do my boy.

    Should I move on these feelings? If so how? I'm at a loss. Anyone with any advice please let me know. I can't fight it much longer.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    For a bet with two friends in February, I shagged my mother in the room next to the one we were all drinking in. She was supposedly drunk and asleep on the couch when I managed to shove my cock up her from behind.
    I fucked her for quite some time, and at one stage, one of the lads popped his head into the room to confirm I was fucking her. Eventually I busted my nut up her soaking wet pussy, wiped myself clean on her skirt, which I'd lifted up, and left her there with my cum seeping out of her well fucked hole.
    The following morning I saw the twenty pounds on the arm of the sofa next to me, and noticed my friends had already gone.
    No sooner had I awoken, my mum appeared and said good morning as though nothing had happened. Thinking she must have not remembered a thing, I said yes to breakfast and sat down with her in the kitchen. After a few minutes, right out of the blue, she said "Your cock felt amazing deep inside me last night. I don't know if you know it, but you made me orgasm twice".
    The thing was, I was too caught up in fucking her, I didn't really take much notice of her needs. She then went on to tell me I crashed out on the sofa, so she told my friends to pay up on the bet, and to leave. Smiling at me like she had a secret, my mum then told me she'd sucked on my cock, but I wouldn't wake up, knowing all along earlier what was to happen.
    Totally embarrassed, I apologised countless times, only to hear my own mother say "Don't be stupid, I loved it. And besides who else would you rather fuck".
    It was the first time I'd ever heard my mum talk this way, and it shocked me more, I think, than actually sliding my cock up her gorgeous pussy. The crazy thing was, she was right. Not only did I enjoy being inside her, but her pussy was only my second hole I'd ever fucked. The first being one of my friends arseholes a few months before in his bedroom. His arsehole I still occasionally fuck to this day. You see both he and my mum know about my cock size. I'm larger than average and it was because of my cock size, both my friends had bet me, I couldn't insert it up my mums pussy before she woke up. Only when it slipped easily inside her already wet c**t, I couldn't help myself and decided to fuck her.
    Still sat in the kitchen, my mum moved me and my chair away from the table, dropped to her knees and took out my dick. Looking up at me, she said "Stop me if you no longer want to fuck me".
    I can tell you now, not only did I not stop her from sucking on my cock. For the first time in my life after we walked up to her bedroom, I tasted my first ever pussy. Mum and me licked, sucked and fucked all morning, with my mother teaching me all kinds of sexual techniques to pleasure her. By the time we emerged to shower together, I'd watched and felt my mum orgasm over a dozen times, and I'd cum twice. Once all over her small tits, and the second time deep inside her pussy.
    We don't let on to anyone I've now moved into her bedroom. And as far as my friends are concerned, it was a drunken one night only. A night they think she still has no recollection of.
    My mum tells me she's never been as happy as she is right now. She also tells me I'm her best lover by a long long way. As for myself, each and every time I thrust my cock into her mouth, pussy and just recently, her beautifully tight arsehole, I realise just how much I love her. How much I'm in love with her. And how much I adore fucking my own mother.
    She must live it, as I fuck her at least once a day, every day.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Back before Christmas I posted that I was video bugging my sister and my mom.

    I did it. When my sister when off to school I started concentrating on my mom, and really enjoyed it. I thought I was getting really good at placing the camera, but not really, mom figured out I was watching her somehow. She was doing it on purpose, she was giving me a show.

    Last week she was going at it on top of her bed, and ya, I had the camera going. She was really getting into it and sat right up, looked right at the camera and said, "Fuck me, I know you want to."

    She was right I really did and do. I mean my mom is hot, she has large tits, more like huge, her bra says 38DD and she has nipples that are huge. They cover the whole end of her tits. And she is fairly thin, I don't know what she weights, but I can count her ribs when she is doing it on her bed. She is like about 5' tall and wears heels all the time. My friends come over to get a look at my mom. A couple have even paid me for pics of her to jack off to.

    Well, when I got my camera back and watched the vid, I lost it. I jacked off 4 times and just kept cumming. She got home and I couldn't hide it. My dick just about jumped out of my pants tenting so much that I couldn't hid it. She smiled and just said, "I see you got me message."

    That's all she said, then life went back to normal it seemed.

    When I went to bed that night, I was in watching the vid again and in walks my mom! Not a fucking thing on. She walked over to the bed and told me she thought I might need tucking in. Her tits fell in my face when she leaned over, and she just left them there until I started sucking. She stopped me and climbed in bed with me. She climbed on top and pushed right down onto me. She rode me until I shot into her, then she climbed off and started sucking me until I was hard again. it didn't take long.

    She sucked until I was ready to cum, then she put my cock between her tits. I dumped everything I had in between them, then she got up and left.

    The next morning, Saturday, I felt something that woke me up. It was my mom crawling back into bed with me. We went back at it again and kept at it for quite a while. Mom and I fuck a lot now, and no more videos.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    My own mother's sister, who is older than she is, has gotten into taking good care of my morning wood. I'm now hooked on the special attention. Unfortunately, it's only Saturday A.M. when she comes to stay over on Friday evenings. I think Mom knows about it. They are very close.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    I confessed to my husband recently that his crazy sister came into my room while I was dozing, climbed on my bed then on me and did me every which way. I was so shocked, I allowed her to take what she wanted. He was silent then looked at me and said, "If she does it again while I am here in the house, call me. I want to watch." I guess craziness runs in the family, but, here I go...
    down the rabbit hole with 'em.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    My brother and I are and have always been very close although he is almost five years younger than I am. As long as I can recall, we had wonderful, meaningful conversations about life and society. That includes sex. Our parents are professionals whose work extends to after hour involvements so Teddy and I are often home alone. Teddy is my brother but also my best friend and I have told him everything.

    So came the day when we both sat (can't believe it was years ago now) and saw the Lannister brother and sister on TV's Game of Thrones, fucking away on screen. He was doing her doggy style and Teddy an I looked at each other and blushed, each realizing that we were just then wondering about fucking each other, a thought that has played in our minds almost daily.

    Almost in one voice, we both said, "GEEZ that is hot." After the show, we discussed fucking each other and in terms of both discovery and the possible psychological result to our lives.
    The discussion has now gone on for years and I'm writing this to confess that we have taken it to first base. We finally decided to masturbate each other and see what if anything happens to us psychologically. We are no longer fearful of discovery. Nothing we can determine happened.

    When I held his nicely sized, erect penis in my hand, stroking it up and down, I almost had an orgasm. I could also tell that Teddy was also enjoying our limited sexual activity. We have not done it yet but I am going to have Teddy's hard penis pumping inside me. I think that after these years, we're ready for it. However, when it happens, I am probably not up to posting it here or anywhere else, like Reddit.

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