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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    My husband is a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Marines. He is an officer and a genuine hero. He is a vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan. The only medal he does not have is the medal of honor. I first saw him when I was 12 and wanted to jump his bones then but didn't get to actually meet him until I was 15. He would not date me until I turned 18. We were married a year later. We have three kids now and I am the happiest and luckiest woman alive.

    His last deployment was over 18 months and I was a very good girl. I did't screw around behind his back. But I did find out some things from his sister. When they were young they used to fuck, a lot. They still fucked around occasionally on those occasions when they were both single at the same time. My sister, who is the younger cuter version of me also has the hots for him. So I decided to give my husband the best possible home coming. Me, my sister and his sister planned a welcome home orgy/party with just the four of us. But we wanted to make it truly special. He's also football fanatic and only rarely gets to see the game. As it happened he was scheduled to return home two days before the Superbowl and one of the teams playing was HIS team and he was very excited.

    So we fixed him his favorite meal, prime rib sandwiches + chips + beer all of the above in never ending quantities. We set up not one, one two but three 52" screens. The one in the middle would be playing the game. The other two would be set up to play 6 hours worth of teen lesbian porn, his favorite kind. We did this at his sister's house since she's got the best living room for it and it's more private out in the sticks. The kids all stayed at grandma's house. We greeted him in sexy lace lingerie and heels. We all did ourselves up like strippers. The three of us stripped him down using only our mouths. Then we held a contest to see who could stick our tongue down his throat the furthest, at the same time. His sister has a very long tongue so she won. Then we guided him by tugging on his foot long cock, over to the reclining sofa where we curled up in his lap.

    My husband is 6'-3" and all muscle and cock. Not bad for a man pushing 40. Then as the pregame show began we held our own little pregame show. We had a makeshift stage made from the coffee table with pillows on it and the three of us got on it and put on a lesbian show for him. We tried our best to out do what was playing on the two flanking screens. I think we did pretty good for three amateur whores. Our show lasted until five minutes before kick off. At that point we told my husband that for the duration he would only need to get up to take a shit. other than that we would take care of all his needs including hand feeding him his choice of snacks from what we prepared. We also took turns with suck duty. At no point until the game was over or he announced he was done would he be without a mouth on his dick and that included while he was pissing. This way he wouldn't even need to get up for a piss. So one of us was always sucking, another was at the ready to fetch anything he needed and the third just cuddled with him caressing and massaging any part of him that we thought needed some stress relief. We even supplied him with a tit to punch his fist into should the other team score against his. Boy are we glad his team won.

    For half time I sucked his dick while his sister sucked his balls while my sister licked his asshole. He ate me out while we did that. It was nice to get a half time cum load to swallow. At the end of the third quarter he was getting horny again so he fucked my sister while I sucked his balls and his sister and my sister made out with him. Finally he fucked his sister in the ass after his team won, while I licked his ass and my sister sucked his balls.

    Afterwards the three of us spent the night licking and massaging him to sleep and while he slept all night. Sure we were exhausted but after everything he did for our country it was the least we could do. He went through hell the previous twenty years and we wanted him to know what heaven was like.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My name is Samantha and I have a younger brother, Nick who is 16. A couple of weeks ago, there was a rumor going around school that my brother had a few people over and had a hot tub party that got pretty wild. I was hanging with some friends and I told them that I couldn't believe anyone would hook up with my brother. Casey told me about these plug in cameras her parents put in that have audio and low light vision and we decided to borrow one and hide it near the hot tub when my brother planned on having people over.

    We hung the camera up on the porch ceiling on Thursday night hoping to catch Nick jerking off alone or something. Well, that night, the motion sensor sent me a text while I was with Casey and Megan hanging out. We accessed the live feed and Nick was not there, instead my Mom and Dad were! I was shocked and went to turn off the feed when we heard my Dad tell Mom, "C'mon, no ones home, who'll know?" With that Dad sat up on the edge of the hot tub and dropped his shorts. I turned away but Casey said OMG, look at the size of it! I turned back to see my Mom start sucking my Dad's cock, and was pretty damn big.

    Dad just leaned back, grabbed Mom's head and started pushing her down on it. I've only been with a few boys, but Dad was by far the biggest I've ever seen. I told Casey to turn it off, but she said that this was great. Megan was just sitting there, silent and staring! Dad took Mom's top off as she was going down on him and he was playing with her nipples. I had to watch as he told her to play with her pussy. I could tell she was straddling one of the jets, like I've done few times. Then Mom stood up and dropped her bathing suit bottom and told him " fuck me like we did the car". I never heard Mom talk like that. Dad bent her over the rail, and slowly started fucking Mom. Megan's hand was rubbing the front of her shorts as she watched, and Casey was just watching Megan. Mom started pushing back when I heard her say words I didn't think she knew! " Fuck me, Fuck me, harder... I want you to fuck my c**t hard!"

    I could not believe this! Dad grabbed Mom's hips and was slamming her real hard, Mom was telling him " Fuck me like the slut I am, make me cum". Dad grabbed her hair and told her that she should get ready, he took his dick and put it against her asshole... Mom was going to take it in the ass! He started trying to get that huge thing in and Mom just took it all. I couldn't watch, but she grunted a few times and then started push her hips back against him. I was looking at Megan and Casey kissing and rubbing each other as they watched my parents fuck. Then I heard Dad say " it's!" Mom turned around and took a load to the face! Then she just wiped the cum off her face and told Dad it's time to go inside, she's just getting started.

    Megan and Casey were so pissed it was over and Mom ran naked into the house. Dad just stood up, wrapped a towel around himself, looked at the camera and smiled. I guess he knew it all along!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    Everyone tells me I am beautiful, hot, sexy, everyone turns their head when I walk by and every one I know boy's & girls want me to send them nude pics, sometimes I do because it turns me on to, just knowing someone wants to master bate with my pic.
    It was Thursday morning trying to get ready for school, I was in a hurry but promised to send some pics to my friend I thought I hit a certain person but I fucked up and sent over 30 pics and 20 videos of me naked, in the shower, fingering myself and even sucking a dick & eating pussy, all this was sent to my Father, yeah, ohboy, I didn't realize it till around 3 after work when I got a text from dad, Hi baby loved your pics and videos, you made me so hard I had to go jack off like 5 times already today and my dick still wants to get inside you, it is so hard and hot, I can't believe I'm saying this but I want so badly to eat you and fuck you have you suck my hard cock.

    Oh my God what have I done? I can't believe I did this, I am so embarrassed, my Father for God sake? how fucking lame is that?? what do I tell my dad? what the fuck am I suppose to say? he knows I read his text message so wtf am I going to say??? hey dad did you really like them?? or are you fixing to unleash your wrath on me??? I hope you really like them.

    Dad- liked them I fucking love them here is a pic for you baby girl I hope you like it and want to suck it for me.
    Me- oh dad is that your dick?? just how fucking big is your dick?? and yes I want to suck you and have you fuck me.

    I mean come on what else was I going to say after all those pics and videos I sent him?????

    Dad- I'll see you tonight baby girl, love you
    Me- ok dad I love you to...

    WTF just happened? now I got to fuck my own dad.

    about 10 that night I went to bed and few minutes later mom went to bed, then about 11:30 dad came in the room and said I hope your naked and wasn't teasing me, I raised up out of bed took him by the belt pulled him over to me and took his pants off, holding his massive cock in my hand stroking him and just started sucking his huge cock, dad is fondling my breast shoving his cock in my mouth and says let me eat your pussy baby, let me taste your sweet juices, so I played back on the bed and he got in the bed, we were in the 69 position he was eating me and I was sucking his cock, then he turns around gets in-between my legs, I take his cock in my hand and guide him into my hot wet swollen sloppy wet pussy, OMG his cock is so huge I'm thinking as he pushes it all the way inside me, sucking my tits and grabbing them side to side he sucks one and fondles the other, oh he is fucking me so hard now oh god this is so good.
    Fuck me daddy, fuck me harder daddy fuck that pussy hard daddy oh god were both cumin hard he slows down and just slides his dick back n forth really slow, getting all the cum out of his dick, let me suck the juice off of your dick daddy, so gets up stands infant of me, I start sucking his dick and balls till he is ready to stop, then he kisses me on the forehead and says goodnight baby I love, goodnight dad I love you to, and he went to bed.


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    This is no joke, I used to despise my uncle Harry because of his cock sure ways and his perceived view women were just there to be fucked. That was until I saw the size of his cock eight months ago. Once I'd witnessed him fucking a girl I'd known at college, I knew just why he was so sure of himself with women. His cock I now know, is a tiny bit under eleven inches long and six and half inches around.
    I saw him fucking this girl in his back yard when I went to collect some money he owed my dad, his older brother. And watching him pound her pussy and her asshole for about fifteen minutes had my pussy soaking wet. It was probably then I should have walked away. I didn't and Harry caught me spying on him. Not for one second did he stop fucking her. Instead my uncle, my own flesh and blood, asked me if I wanted some of the same.
    This is where you want to here I was correct in deciding it wasn't right between family members to fuck. You'd be wrong. I was undressed and sucking on his pussy tasting cock seconds later. He'd withdrawn from the girls pussy and offered me it to suck, so I did. Once I'd been sucking on his cock for about five minutes, he said the the other girl "You'd go home honey, I'll text you later". There was no jealousy in her voice when she replied "Enjoy his dick ******* because I certainly have". I was still sucking my uncles cock when she left.
    Over the next two hours, Harry and I did everything sexual you can think about. His was only the second cock to enter my asshole and it hurt like wildfire at first. Even taking him deep up my pussy was uncomfortable at first, but having him fuck my asshole was way more painful. Then as he carried on slowly fucking my ass, it finally let him have me. And boy did he have me. I was already on my second orgasm from him fucking my pussy, when his cock began slam into my ass, and from then on my orgasms just kept on cumming, so to speak.
    The twenty minutes I was supposed to be getting the money, turned into nearly two hours. It was my fathers text that had me stop sucking on his cock again. Harry had become hard once more after cumming all over my face and neck, so I didn't want to waste his hard on. Texting my dad, Harry would give me a lift home if he waited another half hour, I mounted my uncles long thick dick and rode him to another amazingly strong hard orgasm. Harry pulled out just before he came again, this time getting me to swallow his spunk.
    Now every week I visit Harry for sex. It's never going anywhere, we both know that. But whilst we can, were both going to enjoy the fact, family members can have some of, if not the best sex going.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I had the day off today but have some busy plans for this evening. Woke up did some chores around the house. The wife had to work her job this afternoon/evening. Before work she sucked my cock and I gave her a good fucking filling up her pussy before she left for work.She thought about taking off work and staying in bed fucking the rest of the day,but had to go in to finish some project.Thank god.Because I had a threesome planned with her sisters SWEET MARIE and JUDY at around 630 this evening. I took a short nap then cleaned up and got ready to go to SWEET MARIES house. I have been fucking her regularly for quite a while. This time JUDY was getting together with us. The three of us have gotten it on once before having a memorable time with some good sex.I have been thinking about fucking JUDY again for sometime. She has a great body and I want to have it some more.JUDY seems to be real exp
    Upon driving to SWEET MARIES I took some viagara wanting to be ready for this evenings action with my 2 horny sister-in-laws. I got there before JUDY did and SWEET MARIE told me how horny and excited she was to eat some pussy and have some cock.SWEET MARIE was dressed in pink,with a pink shelf bra showing off her beautiful 34D tits with pink 6 strap garterbelt and pink nylons and 5 inch pink strappy high heels with a sheer pink short robe. The door bell rang and I opened the door to let JUDY in.WOW did she look sexy wearing a short royal blue dress with matching royal blue 5 inch stiletto pumps, nude nylons with a royal blue back seams.While I poured us some drinks JUDY took off her dress revealing a royal blue 6 strap garterbelt holding up her sexy nylons with matching thong and shelf bra displaying her 36C tits. JUDY looked so good with her lt. brown shag hairstyle,lt. blue eye shadow with her eyes done up.Not to be out done SWEET MARIES eyes were just as sexy with mascara,eyeliner and white eye shadow.Both wore sexy earrings, dangling ones.
    Well it was now time for some hot steamy sex.Into the bedroom we went I undressed and we got on the bed. My 7 inch cock was at full attention waiting for my 2 lovely ladies.I laid on the bed and SWEET MARIE and JUDY started sharing my hard cock.It felt wonderful.JUDY was first she got on her hands and knees and I took her from behind enjoying her pussy.SWEET MARIE slid under us getting a great view and taste of JUDYS c**t and my cock sliding in and out her pussy.JUDY was in position to eat and lick SWEET MARIES pussy after a while we were all coming and I pulled out an gave SWEET MARIE a mouthful of warm cum.She loves swallowing.After a little break JUDY put on a strap on dildo and told Sweet Marie she wanted to fuck her.SWEET MARIE got on her hands and knees, I ,slid under getting a nice view of the ongoing action,licking and eating SWEET MARIES soaked hairy c**t while JUDY fucked her hard.SWEET MARIE was sucking my cock while this was going on.I had an idea we switched positions, JUDY laid on the bed and SWEET MARIE lowered her wet pussy on that dildo and I put my cock up her sweet ass.We had good rhthym going.Ifelt SWEET MARIES body tensing up,knowing she was ready to come and I soon shot a hot load up her ass.
    Now it was SWEET MARIES turn, she put on the strap on dildo and started fucking her sister, I slid under them not wanting to miss this action. I was licking and eating JUDYS neatly trimmed lt. brown haired pussy with her juices flowing.Did she ever taste good.After a short break SWEET MARIE and JUDY were in a 69 position eating each others pussies. I watched them stroking my cock to hardness
    enjoying the show.It was like watching porn with 2 woman going at it but it was live a few feet away. I joined in putting my now hard cock in JUDYS fine looking ass fucking the shit out of her before coming in her backdoor.We all had a great sex fest this evening enjoying each other. I cannot wait to get together again.Just thinking about the nights action I recalled I had the hat trick I fucked all 3 sisters the same day.What a day of sexual pleasure.

    erienced and adventurous. Somewhat bisexual.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I met my wife in high school. We were instantly attracted to each other. I was a freshman and she was a junior. I was 14 she was 17. She was an amazing beauty and a really nice girl and we just hit it off. We ignored a lot of our school mates that said that a Junior girl shouldn't be dating a freshman boy who was that much younger than she was. We had a lot of things in common. We had very similar looks. Both of us are blonds with blue eyes. Both of us have pointy ears (no not like an elf or a Vulcan just a slight point like a lot of people have) We even both have similar freckles. We even have a similar odd birthmark on the base of our necks. We were also both adopted. We were also both searching for our birth parents and not having a lot of luck.

    A few weeks after we started dating one of her girlfriends thought it might be entertaining to do me up like a girl, hair, make-up and clothes. So she, my future wife and another girl sat me down at my future wife's vanity and went to town. An hour later they were gasping and acting shocked. They had me and my future wife stand at a mirror and the other two kept saying how we looked like twin sisters. Having long hair already helped a bit with the effect but they were right, we looked like twin sisters. It was eerie. After that all three frequently referred to me as Brittany's baby sister, Brittany being my then future wife.

    So after high school Brittany went to college and became a nurse and I went to school for two years and became a paralegal. We got married the moment I got my two year degree and now have a beautiful one year old daughter.

    None of this would be especially interesting I suppose except what we discovered about ourselves mid way through my wife's pregnancy. As I said before, we both were searching for our birth parents and with little luck. Since we both wanted to know about our backgrounds and were not getting much luck with a search for our respective parents we both decided to take a DNA test, the kind that tells what your nationality is. They offered a discount for married couples so we sent our samples in together that way and saved $20. A few weeks later we got a letter back informing us that we were ineligible for the discount since we obviously were not a married couple and we needed to remit the $20 balance to get the results. There was a tole free number to call if we had questions so I called and insisted that indeed my wife and I were married and the person at the other end said that was impossible and I asked why and she said "because you are brother and sister!"

    When my wife got home from work I told her what they said and she was as shocked as I was but then we both agreed that it made a lot of sense. We immediately went to our bedroom and stripped naked and stood in front of our full length mirror and stared at each other intently and finally we realized why we had so many similarities. In any case, rather than argue with the woman over the phone I gave her my credit information to pay the difference and told her to send the results immediately. A few weeks later we got the results back and they did indeed confirm. Naturally we were concerned about the baby she was carrying but our doctor said that usually i****t did not automatically mean a deformed baby but rather it took several generations of inbreeding for serious problems to develop.

    From then on our lovemaking took on a new dimension. We agreed that since we were already married and she was already pregnant and we didn't believe in abortion and we were still in love and there was no actual evidence of our i****t other than the DNA test which was confidential, nobody would ever find out so we decided not to change other than the fact that i****t added a kinky side to our relationship. In fact that night we fucked like bunnies while calling each other "bro" and "sis." I know, I said that in high school we frequently joked about me being her younger "sister." But neither one of us really thought we were blood related. It was nothing but a joke to us.

    Then the other shoe dropped.

    Brittany's mother, who had adopted her when Brittany was three, disclosed that she in fact knew Brittany's mother. Here is the mother of the bride who attended our wedding as such, knowing full well that her daughter and son in law were both in a desperate search to find their birth parents and she knew our natural mother. What's more, she was still alive and lived nearby. Now she didn't know the couple who adopted me. What she knew was that the girl she knew, who was thirteen when my wife was born and sixteen when I was born gave up both of us to adoption a few weeks after I was born was unable to take care of both of us. Again, Brittany's adoptive parents still didn't know I was Brittany's biological brother. They still don't know. So her mom told me our biological mother's name and told us where she last heard about where she lived. From that and some searching on the internet we tracked down where she moved to which was about five miles away in the same county. We weren't certain how she would react so we didn't contact her at first but then Brittany's adoptive mom offered to act as a go between.

    A week later she informed us (still not knowing that her adopted daughter married her biological brother) that she contacted Brittany's birth mom for us and that she indeed was willing to meet with Brittany. I went along for "moral support." So Brittany and I drove to a public park to meet her there. She took one look at us and hugged us both. She then asked how Brittany found me. She knew I was her son at one look. Then there was a look of confusion on her face. "I thought you said you were bringing your husband with you." My sister said "I did. Mike and I got marred and now have a daughter and both before we knew he was my biological brother." Hannah, our birth mother, turned white as a ghost. She began to cry. We tried to console her in a group hug but then she told us that she had something very important to tell us.

    Still in tears she confessed to us the real reason she gave us up for adoption. She pulled our birth certificates out of her purse. We read them and the part about the father was left blank. "Mike, Brittany, your father, is my older brother. I was sixteen and our parents found out that my brother and I had been having sex since I was 10 and he was 12. We were in love then and still are in love now but now we are more careful so you two are our only children. But our parents forced me to give you both up for adoption.

    So now you know. Our daughter is the product of two generations of sibling inbreeding and we didn't know this until right after our daughter was born.

    And you, our biological parents, we met our father a few days later, and each other are the only one's in the world that know that my wife and I, both the product of i****t, also have an i****t baby. Oh, and our doctor knows as well, and he informs us that my sister/wife and I are perfectly healthy, have no known hereditary diseases or medical conditions and our daughter is perfectly healthy. So... We have talked about it and decided we want more kids.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    Later on today with my boyfriend and I will be visiting my mom and step-dad for a barbecue. Neil my stepfather will be doing most of the cooking, then if things go to plan, most of the fucking.
    We normally fuck at least twice week, but haven't this last fortnight, as my boyfriend and I have been on vacation. I've missed Neil's huge cock dreadfully, as my boyfriend only has a five inch weaner.
    Once he's cooked the food I'll drag him to my old bedroom, telling him in front of everyone I need help moving some stuff. The two people, my mom and my boyfriend, who might come to see what we're up-to will be drunk by then and probably flirting with each other. So we'll more than likely get left alone. Which for me, seeing as Neil's cock is over nine inches long and loves being up my asshole, a orgasm or two waiting to happen.
    I always cum on Neil's cock especially when I'm riding him anally. And it's something we've been doing since I was seventeen. He caught me using one of my moms old dildos (She stopped using them once she met Neil) Walking into my bedroom he asked me if I wanted the real thing. I'm not kidding once his massive cock was out of his shorts, I pounced on him and it. He'd been in my room no more than five minutes when I had his cock so deep up my pussy, I was climaxing all over his dick.
    We've continued to fuck (We never make love) ever since. Practically every day when I lived at home. Now I'm with my current boyfriend, it's not as often as I'd like, but this afternoon I'll be sucking his cock, then having Neil fuck me hard up my asshole.
    I simply cannot wait...

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I know it is wrong but I have started to think about fucking with my family, especially my brother and my dad. My brother, Josh, is 26 and he's got a nice build and my dad is 50. He's a large man with a bit of a paunch now.
    In the past my brother and I did play around a little but mostly curiosity and just a bit of touching but nothing more. one time I caught him watching porn in his room and masturbating but I think he was as embarrassed as me. When I was 16 I remember showing off my body by letting the towel drop when I was walking back to my room after a shower. The only time it went further was when I asked him about one of his gfs who was also a friend of mine. We got talking about sex and he asked if I had been with anyone which i hadn't at the time. He said he'd show me his penis and lay down on the bed asking if I would touch it. When I did it got hard and felt so warm that I stroked it a couple of times . That was all that happened.
    Not long ago I came home and heard moaning from his bedroom so I sneaked up and pushed the door open a little more. My brother was on the bed and there was this girl riding him. I watched for a moment and then ran to my room, desperate to cum. I started playing with myself pretending I was the girl on top of Josh. I was so carried away I didn't notice the door open and my dad standing there. I was so embarrassed with him catching me like that . He stared a moment and then muttered something about dinner before leaving.
    Now I keep thinking about the two of them fucking me. I know my dad has got a big cock and I think about him sitting in his chair as I walk in. I kneel between his legs and start stroking his thighs whilst breathing hard on his bulge through his jeans. Then I gently undo his zip and reach in feeling his dick getting harder. He tells me to lick it and I tongue his shaft and then lick round the thick head and then I take as much as I can into my mouth. It feels so good sucking him and i feel my pussy getting wetter so I slide a hand inside my knickers. Then I imagine hearing a noise behind me and my brother's voice. He comes over, pulls down my knickers and starts to finger my juicy pussy. Dad is pumping into my mouth as Josh removes his hand and replaces it with his cock. The thought of these two men filling me and then swapping around is just so intense. When they cum they fill my mouth and pussy.
    This fantasy makes me cum really quickly and I have started to imagine either them fucking my pussy and ass or even bringing another guy in, so that all 3 of them fuck me at the same time.

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    Straight Female / 36

    When I moved to another state my sisters 15yr old son Henry rode along for help. He was a nice quiet boy that was kind of nerdy with glasses and black hair and at 5ft and skinny he wasn't exactly athletic material. But he was sweet when you got to know him and I thought this trip might bring him out of his shell a little. After the first day of driving I didn't have much luck getting him to open up to much to me so we stopped at a hotel and got a room to rest up for the next days drive. We went up to the room and ate then got ready for bed. We both fell asleep in no time as we were exhausted from the drive. I woke up to go to the bathroom a couple hours later when I got back in bed Henry had his covers off and his hard on was sticking out the fly of his boxers. This boys dick was at least 9in long but no bigger around than a hot dog. I've had a lot of men in my time but never saw a penis like his. the shaft was long and curved with the head flared out at the bottom and came to a point at the end. It was the most beautiful dick. I've ever seen. I quietly masturbated myself looking at his cock till I came then went to sleep. The next morning we got dressed and hit the road. As we drove I couldn't get his penis off my mind and decided to bring up sex in a conversation "So henry I bet you have a lot of girlfriends at school" " All the girls want bigger guys with muscles and I'm just a skinny wimp" he replied. I told him not all girls want jocks some like smart guys like you. He said "Not at my school they don't". I wanted to make him feel better about himself so I told him " Henry I wasn't going to bring this up but last night while you slept I saw your penis and I thought it was the nicest one I've ever seen" He blushed and covered his face I put my hand on his leg and said "You know when I was in school I had sex with lots of boys but the best were the ones who had long dicks like yours". He smiled and asked me if his thing was hard when I saw it. I told him yes very stiff and sticking up. he got this big grin on his face and it looked like his confidence was back. I was happy to see him smiling so we stopped and got another room. We both got cleaned up and laid in our beds when I started thinking about what we talked about earlier "Henry have you ever tried to have sex with a girl I'm sure if they saw what you have you could have your pick". " No aunt Cathy no girls like me" "Well what do you do when it gets hard like that" I asked. He said " I jack it off or sometimes I suck it my self". I just looked at him for a minute and was starting to get wet I had never seen someone do that before. "You mean that you can actually suck yourself"? "Sure do you wanna see"? With that he took off his boxers and sat on the bed then bent over and pulled his limp dick to his lips and started to lick the head when he was hard he started to suck it licking all over the head and down the shaft. I went over and sat on the bed next to him watching then started to stroke his balls as he sucked his massive cock. " Do you swallow your cum when you shoot baby"? He took his mouth off and said "Sometimes but usually there's so much I cant swallow it all" He continued sucking while I squeezed his sack. "Yeah baby tell me when your gonna cum ok"? He nodded while sucking then said "Ok aunt Cathy its gonna go" I reached over and grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth just when he started to squirt. He wasn't kidding he shot eight long thick ropes of cum in my mouth I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out onto his nut sack. I sucked him till he was limp and asked him how that felt. he just laid there and said great. I played with him till he was stiff again and got on top of him then slid my pussy down on his big cock. When It was all the way in I started fucking him his cock felt wonderful in me as he bucked his hips to meet my wet pussy. "Oh yeah baby fuck my wet pussy fuck it hard" I told him. He fucked me better than I have been in a long time. I turned over doggy style and had him enter me that way he pushed in me with his big balls slapping my clit with every thrust. I came hard feeling him in me then he told me he was ready. "Please don't cum in my pussy baby pull it out when you squirt ok" He pulled out and shot off all over my back it dripped down my sides and onto the bed. We had lots more fun on the trip back.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Never knew my dad, and mom was killed when I was eight. My aunt Susan brought me up, who when I first moved in was married. They always argued as (I listened in so I know) my aunt Susan always wanted more sex, than her older husband could give it to her. At the age of thirteen I walked in on my aunt being fucked by some dude who was a lot younger than her and not much older than me. The thing was I was with her husband too. It ended in them eventually getting divorced, but it also showed me just how much larger I was than most guys.
    A year on and they were separated, waiting for the divorce papers to go through. Susan's husband moved away and I stayed with my aunt in their home. Six months on from seeing her being fucked, I was sat with her watching tv as she drank her vodka and cokes. Out of no where she asked me if I'd like to lick her pussy for her. I was almost fourteen by then and a walking sexual hormone, so her request was to me like opening the sweet shop and saying it's all yours.
    My first ever taste of pussy was that evening, and from then on I was hooked. Her beautiful pussy was just like sweets, but way way better. Susan was lay on her back totally naked after I'd agreed to pleasure her. Her legs were spread wide and she'd given me no end of instructions on how to lick and suck on her pussy and clit. Telling me to take extra time and give attention with her clit. And wow what a clit. Most men might think it was a little cock, as her clit is so large, but to me it was back then just normal.
    Taking my time as she'd asked I licked tongued and sucked away for an age on her pussy and clit and had my aunt bucking all over the place. She told me later (I didn't have a clue when it was happening) that she'd orgasmed four times from my tonguing. After she'd settled down from another series of shaking, she asked me if I was horny enough to show her my cock. If undressing to have sex was a sport, I'd have been an Olympic champ. Susan just stared at first before she asked me if I'd had sex before. When I said no, she smiled and asked me if I knew how big my cock was. I knew but told her I didn't. She moved away from me, got a dress measuring tape and opened it along my cock. She whistled when she got to nine and bit inches, then putting down the tape, she lowered her head and sucked in my leaking cock.
    It was my first blow job, and although I knew you were supposed to last more than a couple of minutes, I didn't. I busted my nut down my aunts throat, and she swallowed the lot. Sat with her naked, Susan said to me "You'll learn how to hold that, because I'm going to teach you".
    Other than Friday nights, most nights after that Susan either had me performing what I now know as cunnilingus, on her. Or she'd be giving me fellatio. Then around three months later, she asked me if I'd like to pleasure her at the same time as she sucked on my cock (69). By then I was lasting around twenty to thirty minutes from her constant sucking of my cock, so I said yes.
    Two days after my fifteenth birthday, she walked me into her bedroom after having me wash her in the shower and spend time sucking on his hugely engorged clit. I was already rock hard and my cock was throbbing to be in her mouth. About to get ready to have my cock sucked, Susan told me to put on a condom she'd passed to me. Kneeling up on the bed, she presented her pussy and asshole to me and said these very words "You're more than old enough to fuck me, certainly big enough (Nine and half inches by then) so it's time to lose your cherry in here". She put a finger inside her pussy and smiled at me.
    I was like a rat up a drain pipe. No sooner had I sheathed my cock in rubber, I slid my dick straight up her wonderful pussy. Her massive clit moved on my cock and she climaxed almost immediately. Like a bull in a China shop, I literally went nuts up her c**t. Pounding and hammering away at her pussy. She was by then playing with her clit and again climaxed on my dick. A few more minutes and she had us change position. Getting me to lay on my back, my aunt mounted my cock and told me to "Frig" her clit for her. As she bounced up and down on my cock, I put my right hand to her pussy and took hold of her soaking wet clit with two fingers, then began to masturbate her. We fucked like that with her medium sized breasts bouncing up and down, for some time. Then with my aunt grinding down hard having another orgasm, I came so hard, I bucked up so fast and deep up her pussy, I heard my Aunt say "Fuck me I'm cumming again". Apparently it was the first time in her life she'd climaxed twice on the run.
    That was it for me. Every chance I got from then on I was fucking Susan. And after a few weeks not just her pussy. She'd tell me her pussy was sore, so offering me her asshole, I began to fuck her there too. I found her asshole easier and more able to take all of my cock, so I found I'd fuck her ass more often than not.
    To the outside world, my thirty seven year old aunt (Then) and I were exactly that, aunt and nephew. Indoors we were lovers in every way possible. Even sleeping together as man and wife did. We did slow down sexually a little, but not much. Most weeks we'd fuck, or as she liked to say, make love at least five to six times a week. Some weeks Susan seemed to be on heat and we'd be fucking twice a day. And it was those weeks I loved.
    Weeks turned into months and then into years. I loved Susan like a husband loves his wife, but then life took over and I fell for a young woman my age. We began to have sex and things at home really slowed down. Susan got jealous and asked me to move out after a while. I did but missed her incredibly. My relationship with the other girl broke down, not because of sex, but because I knew deep down inside myself I was in love with my aunt. I moved back in with Susan five months later and for a time it was like old times. We'd be fucking twice a day, three times a day and sometimes all day it appeared.
    Health after a few years then got in our way, as Susan had a small stroke. With one of the resulting factors, her sex drive diminished. Not all together stopping, but enough for me to miss the close contact. I again met someone, but being really really lucky I met someone special who came to understand my real relationship with my aunt. After a three year relationship were now engaged to be married. She knows about my sexual past with Susan and we visit my aunt every day. And it's here the real confession is I suppose. Once or twice a week when we visit, my fiancee will leave us to walk the block to our apartment and I'll spend the evening with my aunt Susan. Pretty much the entire evening we'll make love (Fuck) but mostly of it nowadays, it'll be me licking and sucking away her gorgeous always soaking wet pussy and massive clit.
    Susan has always since I moved in with her a huge figure in my life. Not just sexually, but also many many other things too. She's helped me become a better person than I think I would have been without her. And in truth in my heart of hearts I know without my aunt I wouldn't be anywhere near the rounded educated person I am. I'm also and this isn't boasting, a really good lover. (Just ask my fiancee). We both know our "Relationship" will end when I get married, and she's now cool with that.
    Having said that, my fiancee (I told you she was special and I was lucky) told me only last week, she's okay with my aunt and me even when we marry. She left it at that as I went down on her super large labia's and clit.

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