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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 52

    My girl friend and I were good friends with my aunt and uncle. My aunt was moms youngest sister and almost twenty years older than me. I know and and my uncle were sexual people and sexually active. My aunt and uncle were drinkers for sure, they drank every night to some level.
    We went to to a lot of big private parties on farms around us. Would be a band playing and a few hundred people around. The farmer would sell beer and drinks to pay the band. The next week the party could be at another farm.
    In winter the party went to the Elks or other places around.

    The problem at many of these events were bathrooms. Most were farm families and to pee in the woods was normal for them. My aunt did not care for the woods at night. she had a fear of snakes. The portable pots were usually a river of pissed floors by midnight. So my aunt ask me to help her find a place to pee. I walked her to the shed where the equipment was stored and i held her as she bent over so she would not fall down. She said she would drip dry. She held my leg while I took a leak as she dried off.

    I ask if she would get lucky when she got home? she laughed and told me that her husband would be so drunk he would pass out. He did not take care of her any more. he drank so much he could not get it hard. She grabbed my cock and told me I had a nice one. My aunt was a small woman probably around 90 lbs and around 5 feet tall. She wrapped her hand and then the other one. She said thats nice you have dick left over with both my hands on it. I told her to hold on to the tire for a bit. I grabbed some feed bags and tossed them on the wagon.

    I picked her up and laid her on the wagon. I spread her legs and gave her some tongue action. I did her nice and she liked that. She kept saying "give me some of that big dick" I mounted her and put it in. Slid it up in her and hit the stop point. She said "Give me a lot less of that dick" and I backed off. I admit it was so nice to try her, I had wondered how good and tight she would be. She had three kids but she was a small woman. She was a fun and fine ride. Some one came over and could see us fucking and ask, hey, can I get some of her when you are done? She said NO I got all the fucking I can take. he went away and we went back to getting each other off. She was satisfied I could tell so i sped up the stroke. I ask if I could finish inside of her, she said yes by all means, get what you want.

    That night was an awakening for me and I think for her. We did not have sex every weekend after that, but when the opportunity came around, I took it. That included when I could catch her alone in the middle of the week. We would meet up for a quick one, or an hour or so in a hotel room.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    I have seen a side of my family and learned something from that. My sister told me she had made some porn with her then boyfriend now husband. She wanted to know how to make it into a movie. I had worked with the guys at the TV station and made most of the commercials for them. I let her use an old laptop and she made a mess of it. She finally ask me if i would do the video for her. Not what I wanted to see but I love my sister and we are very close. I had seen her nude before, it would be watching her have sex that would bother me.

    I took the laptop and made the movie for her. The movie was fair but lacked the close ups and detail. Lighting was horrible and hurt the video. SO I had an idea to set up three cameras in the bed room and she would insist the light be left on. That worked out well for video work. I had one close up camera at the end of the bed desk. I used the laptop camera for a large view and a nanny cam on the table by the bed for close up front shots. My sister had him centered on the bed and she bent over when she rode to see better.

    If I ignored it was my sister it turned me on. But most of all it gave me an idea how sexual my sister was. I had an idea for my on info. How did my other sister and her husband do in bed? and my brother and his wife? how did mom and dad do? Took my two years of trial and error video set up, but I got the footage I needed.

    I found my second oldest sister and my mom looked like twins when they had an orgasm. They preformed oral sex nearly the same. They both did not like being on top but when they did get on top, they rode the same. They kept about the same amount of penis inside of them. Mom liked it slow and so did she. The orgasm was the most intense when they were stroked slowly.

    My brother was some what like dad in how he preformed. Dad had a much large penis and mine is a lot like dads. My brother picked a girl who looks like my younger sister for his wife. and the girl I like looks a like like the build of my mom. I like the thinner girl with nice breast.

    I did not have any desire to have sex with any of my family. But I do think my mom and my sisters are beautiful women. I think my brother in laws are lucky to have my sisters. They are as sexual as my mom is. That I found interesting as well. My mom likes sex almost every night and if dad is not up to it, she will wait for him to get to sleep and rolls on her side and masturbates her self. When mom and dad have sex it last a long time and foreplay does not seem to be that long. It seems mom pulls him to her when she is ready.

    If my brother was not married to his wife, I would like to try her. She is a beautiful girl. She has the big curves with large breast and plump butt.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I'm 22, a girl and live with my 53 year old mom. What I want to confess is that my mom and I masturbate to each others pussy's. She is incredibly hairy and I'm shaved. I had never seen anyone really hairy and she had never seen a girl shaved. It started a month or so ago one night when we were just sitting around one night drinking home made mojitos. We got pretty hammered and the conversation turned to sex and we got on the subject of bi sex. My mom said if she did go with another woman she would have to be around her age as any younger girl would probably be turned off by all her hair. That was the first time I knew that she was really hairy.

    I then said the same in that I would have to be with someone younger because an older woman might not like that I shaved. This turned into interest on both our parts. I told her I had never seen anyone hairy and she the same about being shaved. It was actually her suggestion that we look at each other. We were in the living room and decided to take off our shorts and panties. What we didn't realize, was how turned on each of us would be.

    While I assumed we would just stand there and show each other, mom actually took off her panties and leaned back on the couch and opened her legs.I was just frozen. I couldn't talk. I never imagined a pussy looking like hers. Her hair goes down the inside of her thigh's, is very dark and most surprising are her big lips. Wow, I could feel my heart pounding. I undressed and sat on the floor in front of her and opened my legs. Her response was, "oh, wow, that's really different and your whole pussy really shows.

    All of a sudden, mom starts rubbing her pussy. That had me doing the same thing. Within just a minute we started really masturbating. Mom had her two middle fingers going in and out of her pussy and I was rubbing my clit like mad. Mom was getting really hot. Her words were broken from her breathing. As she fingered herself, she was saying, " honey we can't tell anyone, a mother masturbating for her daughter wouldn't be understood." I said, " I know, is this i****t?" She said, again, breathing heavy, " I think that's touching." Right then, she, honey, I need my dildo." She got up, went to her room and returned with a life like large dildo.

    I moved the coffee table out of the way and sat right in front of her. This was really euphoric and seemed like a dream. Mom spread her legs wide and fucked herself with that large dildo. I couldn't believe it. I could actually hear it she was so wet. I couldn't take it anymore and I said, "Mom, I'm cumming." I remember her words then. "Oh my God Lori, yes."
    Right under her, the couch cushion had this wet spot. Her cum was actually running out of her and with a minute, she said, " I'm going cum, I'm going to cum." Her hips were bucking and she fucked herself fast.

    The next day, I think we both wondered how things would be sober. Our answer came quickly. We were out on the deck getting some sun and mom took off her bottoms and started fingering herself and I did the same. We faced each other and masturbated to orgasm. We now do it once or twice a week and love it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Last weekend my younger brother (17) let me use his laptop for a school assignment I had. I was trying to add a video to my PowerPoint when I accidently came across his personal saved videos. Being the caring nosey older sister I am I found myself scanning through them. I came across a particular three that almost took my breath away, and immediately emailed it to my email. The first one I found was him sitting where I was in his room recording himself rubbing one out. I was completely caught off guard, I never knew my baby brother was hung like a thick ass horse, I watched to the end where cummed many large loads on himself. Gorgeous! The second one was I believe his girlfriend, same place, fucking him in the butt with a pretty large sized dildo, completely speechless and surprised. Both the videos were very hot and got my pussy wet and throbbing. The third, I'm not sure what to think about it yet... The video is of him fucking our stepmom and it looks like he was going to pull her pussy out with his dick. Idk what to think/feel about the last one. I have to admit, I'm extremely turned on by all the videos. I've rubbed myself off and orgasimed to them all, and now I find myself jealous of our stepmom and think about my little brother sexually... All the time. I don't know how to get these thoughts out of my head. Just thinking about my brother gets me dripping wet and excited. I've made up my mind this morning to try and have sex with my brother this weekend. I want that heavy cock of his in me, I want to feel his large loads fill me. I'll write on here and share how it goes. Wish me luck, I'll be taking the biggest dick I've ever seen.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Ok so this happened just today so i figured i would write about it. my younger second cousin lets call her Patty. i hadn't seen her since she was seven and we were having a party for her high school graduation. it was being held at my house since i have the nicest back yard. my parents and my aunt and uncle were already there then she showed up with her mom. she was gorgeous she had some nice big titties and a delicious bubble butt. she had her dog with her and when she bent over to unclip his leash i saw right down her shirt and saw one of her beautiful tits was in full view. and the best part was she had brown nipples. a fetish of mine
    well she had to use the bathroom and i managed to slip in there before her and turn on the camera i had hidden in there. i had installed it when my ex and i had been dating but i ended up catching her cheating with it so. yeah. anyway.
    well the party ran late and rather than head out and get home at three in the morning. (they lived four hours away) my family put them up. my parents guest bedroom went to Patty's mom so i volunteered to have Patty stay at my place.
    that night i made up a batch of root beer floats with a special ingredient. heavy duty sleeping pills. she was out like a light twenty minutes later and i checked on the camera. i plugged it into my computer and transferred the video. i started watching and pulled my cock out of my shorts. i'm not actually very big only five inches long but pretty thick i guess. i never actually measured so i don't really know.
    as the video loaded onto the screen i decided what the hell and just took my pants clear off. the video started playing and i saw her walk over to the toilet and drop her pants as she turned around. i saw her pussy under a thick patch of hair. her lips were clear but above them it was free game. then she lifted her shirt up to rearrange one of her boobs. i saw her handling her generous tit flesh and almost came right there. i sat around for another twenty minutes idly stroking my cock waiting until i was sure the pills took effect.
    i walked into her room and wiping some of the precum that was pouring out of my dick off i spread it on her lips before opening her mouth with my hand. i slid my dick into her mouth and shot my load deep into her throat. luckily i'm young i can cum two or three times without stopping. i pulled her shirt off and slipped off her pants and started slurping at her pussy. it was delicious so sweet and juicy. the whole time i tongue fucked her i was groping her soft ass.
    i slip up and was about to start loving on her tits when i felt her hot juices on my cock so i figured why not? i shoved my cock in her c**t. i started fucking her and squeezing her big tits just before i came i pulled out and stuck my cock between her tits. i blew my load into the valley between the two mountains of pleasure. then with the lubrication of my cum i started fucking her tits. twenty minutes later i was close to cumming so i pulled out and started to fuck her mouth again. after ten minutes of that i came into her throat again. i got my camera and took some video and some pictures of my cousin nude with cum between her tits and a sopping pussy. i cleaned her up and got her dressed again, then came to tell you all about it.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I am going to post this because I posted something last night, and someone left a comment on there asking me. I do not email or private message anyone anything. When I post on here, I am able to keep it as anonymous as possible, so I will respond to what he asked.

    My step dad and I had sex the other day. It was not the first time, nor will it be the last time. My mom treats him like shit. He's stayed for the kids. I know that. He's as much as told me that straight out. He simply does not want to fight with her, so he puts up with it. They rarely see each other, so it works out well. And honestly, I do not feel guilty for what I've done, because he treats me nice, we do things together socially with my friends and my siblings, and sometimes we just talk. It's that simple. He knows it's not real easy to just leave, and I respect what he does. He's even told me that on occasion he "might" have sex with my mom, but it's over as soon as she gets what she wants, and he just goes through the motions. I feel bad for him, but I get why he does it. And when I read comments on other stories about people fucking their relatives and stuff, and some idiot comments it's a lie, or "all the same stuff written" or whatever, well they haven't gone through it. They haven't seen it. They haven't done it. But it does happen. I know this. Because I've done it.

    To answer the questions that a person posted on my other writing, I will say this. I was going honestly to lose my virginity to my step dad when I was 13. He had seen me half dressed a couple of times. I felt creepy at first, and then I realized all he was doing was looking at me. I talked to a friend who said that she knew others who did it, and it's a normal guy thing. So when my step dad would stare at me time to time, I'd just know it wasn't anything mean, nasty or gross. He was just being a guy. And as I got more comfortable around him, I knew that he liked looking at me. And it felt good knowing I guess that someone thought I was worth looking at. So I didn't really try to avoid it. One night, I was part way dressed when he walked into the bathroom not knowing I was in there. We often left the door part way open, but not closed, so he might have thought it was empty. I was wearing just underwear and a bra, and he stood there staring at me. I don't know why I did it, but I asked why he was staring at me. He said I was beautiful, and he'd never seen a girl my age look so sexy. I just remember standing there getting embarrassed. And I don't remember exactly how it started, but one night I let him come into my room as I changed. I let him sit there and watch me change. Then one night, we kissed. And it started leading slowly to other things. I never tried to stop him. I know he wanted to do stuff, because I also knew he wasn't with my mom. I wasn't stupid, even if I didn't know a lot about sex, except what I'd seen on videos, talked to friends, and watched in some movies. But watching, it looked like when the guy and girl were doing stuff, it made them feel good, and they liked touching and kissing, so that's why I wanted to see what it was like.

    When he started talking to me, he explained to me what was going on was wrong. I told him I liked how he made me feel, and I liked it when he touched me. Over a long period of time, he would watch me undress in front of him. He would watch me undress, and he would undress and let me see him. I would watch as he grew hard, and we would touch, do a lot of dirty things, and then over time, it led to him undressing me, touching my naked body all over, doing oral sex on me, and he showed me how to use sex toys gradually. I never objected, and often asked him if he liked it. He said yes, and he said he just was afraid someone would find out. As I grew older, he would watch me undress, and I would at times watch him masturbate. He showed me how to masturbate, just like on porn, and even would watch me bring myself to orgasm. Shortly after, he would perform oral sex on me, and he would masturbate himself to orgasm. I remember asking him one time if he would have sex with me, and he could it like normal guys and girls did. And he said no. He would wait until I was older.

    One night, when I was 14, I hadn't lost my virginity yet, and we almost did it. We had done multiple things sexually that night, and he told me just wanted to "feel me just for a minute" and I was afraid, but I was curious what it would be like, and I saw him undress, and he put himself just part way inside me, and he couldn't go farther, as nobody had done that. When he reached a certain point, I knew he would have to have sex with me. Or he would stop. He stopped. He then pulled back out, and performed oral sex on me again, and brought me to orgasm. That was as close as we got until I turned 16.

    We would do various things, often times he would show me things, and he would watch as I did stuff with myself, or he would ask me if I would like to make him feel good, so I would ask him how he wanted me to do things, and he would show me. This continued until just shortly after my 16th birthday, when we had sex together for the first time.

    I will see him again this weekend, when my mom works, and I will say honestly I play to have sex with him at least once or twice. He is amazing, gentle, tender, and very physical. I love the way he touches me, and the way that it brings him off when we are going to finish. And my mom has no clue. Maybe if she didn't treat him like shit, this wouldn't happen. I can't honestly say.

    But to the person that asked, if you would like more details, please just comment.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I just wanted to post this and share with anyone that thinks that these things do not happen, you are truly wrong. I am 27 years old, and had sex with my step dad two nights ago. It was not the first time we have had relations, nor will it be the last time. The first time we "did" anything, quite honestly, I was 12. Yes, I wanted to do it. I knew he'd fantasized about me, he'd openly admitted it, and I wanted to know what an experience was. You can ask/comment, and yes, I will tell you what happened. But I also will tell you, I was openly willing to give up my virginity to him when I was 13. He refused to have sex with me, even though I was on birth control pills, for fear of getting caught, someone finding out, having an accident (we would have also used other protection), or being labeled "that guy" if it ever came out. So the guy I did give it up to was a fucking asshole. I regret it to this day.

    My step dad and I did "other" things up until that point, and I finally slept with him the first time when I was 16 (legal age in the state we live in). He told me that night that he loved every single moment of it, and that he hoped dearly that we would be together more than just that one night. I had no hesitation, and was willing to. There were several times through my high school years that we'd had sex the nights my mom was at work, and he admitted several times he was nearly caught, because when she initiated it in the morning after she came home from work, he could literally not orgasm, having done it one or two times the night before with me.

    I am sharing this to simply tell people to stop thinking it's all a lie. My step dad is an incredible guy. My mom treats him like shit. But he stays because I have siblings that he wants to be a part of their lives, so he puts up with it. And I will share that we have sex at least once or twice a month. Do I regret it? No. The only thing I do regret is that we cannot physically do it more without fear of getting caught.

    You can believe what you want. But he is an amazing guy. And I will continue to do what we want to do. Regardless of what others think.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    My mom and step dad have had problems for years. It'd gone on even before my brother was born, and after my sister was born. I suspect my step dad jerks off at night, as he's always up super late on his computer. I know that him and my mom sleep in different rooms, and have for like two years. I'm not even sure if they fuck around anymore, because I don't see them kissing or doing anything.

    I'd been on my laptop one night watching porn while he was doing something on his computer. And I dunno why I thought about it, but wondered if at night he'd jerk off, or if sometimes I'm in the living room, because he's got his computer turned around, so he watches TV, I can't see what he's doing, if he was watching porn too. So I kinda joked, and said "hey, turn off the porn you dirty old man". He laughed and said sure. Well, I got up, and walked over, and he didn't hide it quick enough. I almost shit because it was a dude fucking this chick that was about 16 or 17, and he was blowing his nut in her. I looked at my step dad, and kind of laughed and said busted. He just laughed and said hey, I'm a guy, what do you expect? I dunno why I did something, but I just looked at him and said betcha it makes you horny as fuck. I better leave you alone so you can take care of it. And he smarts off and says to me "well smart ass, why don't you help me take care of it?" I stood there, blown away, because he'd never done nothing like that before. Ever. He'd never even joked about it. I turned around and said "OK". And he looked at me and said "what?" I just laughed and said "OK" and he just stared at me. I'd never acted on anything like this. He'd never acted on it before. He'd never flirted with me, never joked with me, never made sex talk. Nothing. I was kind of afraid, but I just came out and said "Have you ever thought about fucking me?" He stared at me and said "did your mom put you up to this?" I laughed and said her? Oh God. I can't imagine talking to her about fucking. So I hope that answers your question. And he sat there staring at me. So I did it. I really did it.

    I pulled off my shirt. I pulled off my shorts. I stood there in my underwear and bra. I kinda wished I'd had something cute on or sexy, but I didn't. He sat there. And he said nothing. I just said "well that was exciting" and I bent down to pick up my stuff. He jumped out of the chair, literally picked me up, pushed me against the couch, and got between my legs. I felt his dick pushing against me, and he started kissing on me. He shoved his tongue in my mouth, was kissing on me hard, and god I felt myself getting wet. I'd never done nothing like this. And he pulls back and looks at me. I just blurted out "God. Fuck Me. I mean it. Now. Please. Don't stop". He took like 30 seconds to yank my underwear down. He didn't even ask, didn't say anything, just spread my legs, put his mouth on my pussy hair, and started eating me out. Honest to God I came in like 20 seconds. I almost shoved him off the couch. I just pushed. And started going off. More than once. He finally stopped and I heard him say holy fuck. He stood up, and I saw it. It was huge. Sticking out of his shorts. He stood there. I said take them off? He pulled them down, and he was hard as a rock. He didn't say anything. I pulled off my bra, and he stood there and he said sweet Jesus Hannah. Oh my God you are fucking amazing. I just laughed and said well thanks. And he said I'm serious. He moved up against me, his mouth all over my body. I'd never had a guy do this before. Ever. Serious, usually they'd kiss a bit, and we'd fuck. He kept going, and all the sudden, he's between my legs, standing there. He pushed up against me, and I felt him go in me. It was huge. I couldn't move. He just stared at me. Kept pushing. I watched his face, and I came. I just started going crazy. He was in me, pushing really hard, and I saw him. I thought he was gonna do it. He was pulling out, and said I gotta pull out. I said NO. Don't. And he pushed back in me, and yelled Oh Jesus. I'm cumming. And I felt it. It was shooting in me, he was really big, and kept shoving it up inside me. And then without warning, he just stopped. I felt it go limp. He was leaning against the couch, and pushed against me. I was soaking wet, and a huge puddle on the couch. He just leaned against me, and he says to me holy fucking shit. God that was intense.

    I just laid there, thinking about what we'd just done. My step dad just fucked me on my mom and step dad's couch. I didn't know what to do. He kept looking at me and said are you OK? I said yeah. And he said are you sure? So I was honest. I said I didn't expect this to really happen. I mean, you guys are like together. And he said yeah. He said I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I pulled him against me, and said fuck, no, don't say that. I know it's kind of wrong, but don't say that. I don't regret it. I really don't. I'm glad we did it. I liked it with you. He just sat there staring at me. And it was kind of funny, because I stared at him, he's got his hands on my boobs, touching me, and I was getting wet again. And I felt him. I looked and said well for someone that regrets doing it, you're getting turned on again pretty quick. He just laughed and hesitated and said well you make me feel good. I like how it feels.

    I pulled him on top of me on the floor, and we started fucking again. He was on top, and I felt it go all the way in me. It was amazing. We kind of played around a bit, and then he finally asked me if it was safe to do it in me. I said well if it wasn't, it's kinda late now. He freaked out, and I laughed and said I was kidding. Mom put me on the shot like a year and a half ago. So yeah.

    When he was on top of me again, I was watching him, and like 15 minutes later, he came again. It lasted forever. When we got done, he was just laying there and said he'd wanted to do that for a long time. We talked for like a half hour after it was done. And he kept asking me to make sure I wasn't gonna tell my mom. I just kept saying no. I don't want you to worry about it.

    He approached me last night about having sex again. I couldn't do anything because of my period. But I told him tonight I wanted to fuck. Again. I've never had a guy do it like he does. And yeah, I feel like shit because he's married to my mom. But he is better than any guy I've ever been with.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I will be honest. I have always had a significant amount of lust for my father-in-law. He is a very attractive older man and I have gone out of my way to see him shirtless more than once but the thought of cheating on my husband woth anyone, especially his own father, never crossed my mind.

    Then one day, my husband and I had a night of drinking and he got a little too drunk and said that he wanted me to have sex with his dad. At first I shook it off as just drunken rambling. But it kept bothering me so I asked him a few days later if he meant it. After some persistence, I got him to confess. He actually did have a fantasy that I would have sex with his dad.

    He eventually got me drunk one night and I admitted to being interested. After that I couldn't get him to leave me alone about it. He convinced me that it wouldnt be weird between him and his dad because they had apperently had sex with each other's girlfriends in the past.

    Now, six months later, I can't stop having sex with my father-in-law. His cock is just as impressive as my husband. And they both fuck with the same passion. Him being an older man satisfies me just a little more. I never knew that I had such a desire for an older man until the first night with him.

    I almost have a solid schedule now. My husband works monday through friday, so his father keeps me company during the day. Then in the evenings and weekends, I belong to my husband again. My husband loves it. He loves when I tell him how his father fucked me on the couch or bent me over the bathroom sink. I can really get him horny when I tell him how I sucked his father's cock and swallowed his load. I never knew I could have such a great family situation like this.

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    Straight Female / 18

    It happened last week. Then a few days ago. And about 9pm this evening. I heard them making noises, and they were in the bedroom, just before my mom had to go to work. I saw them going at it again. It's been three times in a week that I've seen my mom and step dad fuck.

    Funny thing is, I've heard him for like two years complain to a couple of friends, that he's bored with his sex life, he wishes he could do something crazy, experiment, try things that he's not supposed to, or even meet someone younger and fuck them like he used to when he was younger. He's only 37. He's not that old. But neither am I (I'm not 18). I'd never thought about doing an older guy before. I've been with two guys so far.

    But seeing what he does, and how he does it? It may sound really gross, but I seriously wanna fuck him.

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