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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    My mom and dad have just told me I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle this festive season, as they will be visiting my older brother Mikey who's had an accident abroad.

    I'm totally looking forward to it, especially if my aunt decides to drink as much as she did last time I was at their home. She got herself wasted and me and my moms youngest brother Lee, decided to find out if I could fit his monster cock in my mouth and up my pussy. Lee's cock isn't the longest I've had fuck me, that's my boyfriends at nine inches. Lee's cock is about eight inches. It's the girth of Lee's cock that makes it a monster cock for me, as it's so thick and veiny.

    We only manaaged to have sex briefly, as my aunt somehow woke up and staggered downstairs. I'd managed to suck the head of my uncles cock until he became erect, then as I lay on my side he slid his fat cock into my soaking wet c**t. It stretched me so wide as he began to fuck me, I came almost instantly. Maybe it was me crying out from my orgasm that woke my aunt, but Lee didn't manage to cum up me before she came down.

    We tried again when she went back upstairs, but Lee was too put off as she kept on shouting for him to go to bed with her. I know from his texts this last week, he's wants to fuck me. I replied by sending him pictures of me naked and with my fingers playing with my pussy. And with him buying her a case of Vodka we'll be definately trying to have sex. Then I can enjoy my uncles awsomely thick cock again.

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    Straight Female / 38

    Hii, my name is Tammy. I'm a 38 year old nurse and part-time yoga instructor. Six months ago my husband left me and our son Richard, who is a senior in High school, for another woman. Asshole...I've should've seen it coming when he lost all sexual interest in me. We were forced out of the house and since then live in a shabby apartment complex until I can afford a better place for the two of us. During this difficult period me and my son grew closer than ever. Richard had a hard time accepting the fact that his father abandoned him and went through depression. To help keep his mind off everything negative I suggested he'd write poems or short stories, which he did. I also took him to amusement parks, sporting events and we took art classes together. Slowly and surely, he started feeling better and going out with his friends again. One night I was home alone and picking up laundry from Richard's room when I saw one of his poems out in the open. At first I didn't want to violate his privacy but curiosity got a hold of me and I just had to take a peak. Now I knew why he always refused to share any of his writings with me...

    It contained references to i****t and other disgraceful sexual acts. Needless to say, I was shocked and mortified! Not to mention confused. Richard was and is still very much a boy - physically AND mentally. Apparently he was growing up harder than I expected...

    The following day at breakfast I decided to confront him about it. Richard brushed me off and called me paranoid. According to him it was just a story, nothing to worry about! Maybe he was right. See, it's hard to try and understand kids these days. Therefore I chose to back off from this awkard situation. A couple of weeks passed and things got back to normal. I completely forgot about the entire ordeal.

    Every friday is horror night. I wait for Richard to get home from work at the pizza place and together we pick a movie, grab a bag of chips, some cokes and snuggle under a blanket on the couch. Sometimes I will playfully burrow my face into his shoulder or take his hand during the scary parts, as if i'm seeking protection. Normally we'd laugh, but this time I felt a weird tension which made me a little uncomfortable. I was about to stand up when all of a sudden Richard clasped me even tighter. He reached over behind my neck and gently began playing with my hair. His finger tips lightly touched my neck massaging it. I knew this wasn't right, but I hadn't been touched by a man in ages and to be honest; this felt really good. Automatically, my hand lifted his shirt up and came to rest on his stomach. Richard looked at me and smiled as I began stroke his flat stomach softly, running my fingers across the trail of blonde hairs leading down from his navel. It was obvious that Richard was still a virgin and not used to a woman's delicate touch. His body twitched from every caress and his eyes darkened with desire. I could tell he was hard, the enormous bulge in his sweatpants made my pussy all tingly. I just had to reach down, slip my hand fully into his pants and brush my thumb across the head of his cock, collecting the drop of pre-cum that was already forming. I brought it to my lips and licked my thumb.

    ''Why don't you give me easier access? Pull your pants down a little, baby...You're in for a real treat'', I whispered quietly in his ear.

    At this point I could still turn around and walk away, but I didn't want to. My pussy was dripping wet, and I was dying for a taste of my son. I leaned down and firmly gripped his hot and heavy penis. Pushing my lips against it I could feel the soft, short pubic hairs against my face. I inhaled deeply, smelling him. Then I took it in my mouth and began kissing it, licking it and just suck it with a vigor I hadn't felt since I first met his father. Richard grabbed my head pushing it even deeper into his crotch while rocking his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth and making me gag all over his dick. There was drool on my chin and all over my shirt. It only took several seconds before I felt a twitching and realized he was shooting his load deep inside my throat. I had no choice but to swallow it all...

    After he was done he just stood up and dissapeared into his room without saying a word. I suddenly became completely and helplessly overridden with guilt and shame. For 20 minutes I just sat there staring blanklessly at pictures of us two at disney world, before going to bed and crying myself to sleep. The following morning I woke up and hoped I had been dreaming, but as I got in the bathroom and looked in the mirror I knew it really happened. My entire body was covered in dried cum and spit. I felt disgusting and a total perverse slut. Things would never be the same!

    As I got in the living room I noticed a piece of paper laying on the table. It was a note by Richard, saying he was staying over at a friend's house. He must've felt equally ashamed and slipped out of the house in the middle of the night. I remember feeling relieved because I had no idea how to approach my son. Not after what happened. Luckily my activities kept me busy and my mind off things that weekend. Saturday I was at my elderly father's house all day. He lives alone and I often help him clean and stuff. If only he knew how depraved his daughter is...Sunday was my workout day. I teach a yoga and aerobics class to a select group of friends in the local park. We always have lots of fun. After we finished I decided to jog back home. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Richard's bycicle and I knew he had finally returned. He was sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich. We didn't say a word as I opened the refrigirator for a cold drink. In addition to my aerobics outfit I was wearing a sports bra and a pair of panties, both in pink. Richard was facing my back but I knew he was looking at me, it's like I could feel his eyes on me - checking out my curves. Without warning he stood up and grabbed my waist, pushing his body into mine. I immediately felt the bulge in his pants pressing against my butt. Then he lifted my top, exposing my tits and started groping them. The thought of me breastfeeding him only a couple of years before drove me insane with lust. My son must've felt it too...

    He quickly spun me around and placed the palms of both hands on each side of my face.

    '' You have no fucking idea how much I want you.'' He said while unbottening his jeans and slipping my spandex pants of my hips and down my legs to the ground.

    Oh, I-I-uh- I don't know if...'' I struggled to speak as my son pulled my panties to the side and pushed me against the kitchen table. He was trying to push his dick into me. As soon as I sensed the head of his cock against my soft vulva, I became very horny. I asked him if that felt good, and he said yes.

    '' Spit on it, I'll guide you in.'' I whispered softly in his ear. Richard lowered his lips to mine and we started kissing. Hmmm, I shared to most passionate kiss in years with my own son. Richard was still struggling to get inside...

    '' Come on, don't be scared. Act like a man, just fuck me!'' I demand as I take his cock and place it at the entrance of my hole. I leaned back even further to allow Richard get clumsily on top of my sweaty body. Carefully he pushed a little harder until his cock dissapeared all the way into his mom's c**t. '' That's it baby, now thrust in and out gently''.

    Richard's confidence was building as I noticed him picking up speed. '' Oh, mom...This feels good. You're so fucking soft and warm...Oh, I'm loving this.''

    At that moment I didn't care that my son was fucking me. I didn't care I was a depraved i****t slut...I only cared about getting filled to the brim. '' Yeah son, do me! Harder! Harder! Like that, yeah! FUCK!!!''

    We were like growling animals mating like our lives depended on it. I wanted to cum so badly! Reaching down I grabbed my clit and started stroking it like crazy. Richard was moving very jerky, I knew he was about to cum too. '' Mom, please let me cum inside you...Please!?'' He begged me...

    '' You want to cum inside mommy, don't you!? Yeah, do it! Fuck me harder! Cum inside me, now! Now goddamnit, I'm cumming!!''

    The strength of my orgasm started in my toes and traveled upwards until I was squirting all over my son's cock. Richard collapsed on top of me as I felt him ejaculate inside my vagina. I wanted to feel even more intimate to my son, so I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his buttocks to push him even closer to my body. As if I wanted him to crawl back inside my womb...

    We laid there for approximately 10 minutes just enjoying each other's warmth and then started laughing. We got up and went into the bathroom. He to wash his dick, and I to sit on the toilet and push him cum out. After that we became lover's in every way, and I don't care. It just feels too good. I'm on birth control but secretely I'm thinking about having his baby. We'll see...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    I started sleeping with my grandfather when I was just 14 years old. Do you have any idea how good it feels to see that in writing? I've kept it a secret now for almost 9-years.

    My parents were divorced when I was 10. My father was granted custody of my sister and I 2-years later when our mother was jailed for dealing and prostitution. He married Jenny when I was 13 and we got a whole new family - a new mother and another set of grandparents.

    Pops and Nana were great people, very loving and supportive. They treated my sister and i like were were family and I will always remember how much they helped my dad out during the recession when he was between jobs.

    It was about a year after our dad married Jennifer that her mother, our new Nana, died from breast cancer. It was diagnosed late and took her quickly in just 4-months despite a radical double mastectomy. Pops was crushed, they had been together since high school and was the only woman he had ever been with.

    Since we had a big 4-bedroom house dad asked Pops to move in with us, and after he sold his house he did. It was rough going the first 3-months or so, Pops tended to go to be early (9pm) and get up early (4am) for his morning exercise. For a man of nearly 50 he kept himself in good shape, walking and working out at the local Y.

    One Saturday morning I guess he forgot to local the door to the hall bathroom after his workout and I walked in. He was standing there, naked, drying his hair. I don't think I was exactly shocked, as I had seen my dad naked before, but seeing him standing there all ripped and his dick hanging down between his legs caught me off guard. I just stood there, staring, until he called my name a couple times. When I looked up he was smiling, and I though I would die of embarrassment so I ran to my room.

    I remember there was a knock at the door, then Pops was sitting on the edge of the bed next to me wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. I was crying and told him to go away, but he put his hand on the small of my back and told me I had nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear, and my response was normal. I don't know what I was planning to do, but when I rolled over to say something I suddenly found myself wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him.

    I don't know how much more I want to write right now. I want to shout everything to the world. Tell everyone how much I miss Pops, how much I still love him, and tell everyone how much he gave to me over the years.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    My sister Kim is six years older than me, she's extremely good looking and for a woman her age, she still gets admiring looks from men as her body is amazingly fit.

    From the age of around twleve years old I began to listen in when she had boyfriends round. I would hear them having sex and I always knew when she climaxed either from oral sex or fom them fucking her, as her orgasm noises were very distinctive.

    Three years on I was about to go out when I saw her bedroom door ajar. I knew she had her latest flame round and I could tell they were fucking. Putting my face to the crack in the door jam I could see her bed. Moving slightly Kims naked body came into view. She was sat on the guys cock with her asshole facing me, and she was slowly raising up and down on his cock. Her ass looked perfect as her pussy enveloped his dick. I instantly became hard and in a first I took out my cock from my shorts and began to stroke it.

    As Kim started to fuck him harder and faster, so did I, as I masturbated to the view of my own sister having sex. I didn't hear or see him or her cum as I was too busy cleaning myself up. I'd cum all over myself and the floor outside her bedroom, then sneaked back into my own to clean myself.

    Later that night, our first night, she asked me to go into her bedroom, telling me she'd follow me up when our mom and dad were watching the movie they'd rented. I was sat on her bed when she entered trying to look inocent. It didn't last long as she said "I knew you were there today. I found your cum stain on the carpet outside my room as well. Did you like watching me and Tim fuck. It was horny knowing you were watching and wanking". I'd been busted and I didn't know what to say. Kim did though, she asked me to show her my cock.

    I was fifteen years old. Still a virgin, but I knew my cock was bigger than most of my peers and somehow I knew Kim knew too. When I tried to leave her room Kim said "Don't you want to see my pussy and asshole up close" That was the clincher and the sentence which started our seventeen i****tuos affair.

    Undoing my shorts I lowered them and immediately my cock flopped out (I'd stopped wearing underwear about six months prior to our first sexual encounter) Kims face lit up and before I could say no or resist, my twenty one year old sister had her mouth around my cock. It felt utterly awsome as she took in nearly every inch of my flaccid cock. As it grew though she began to struggle with it's girth and bega to lick my balls, then back up to take the glands of my dick back into her mouth. As I began to moan Kim stopped, slipped off the bath robe she had on and told me to kiss her pussy.

    I did as I was asked, but I didn't know what I was doing as Kim went back to sucking on my then erect cock. I sort of played along as if I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't play along for too long as my cock erupted filling Kims mouth. The orgasm I had was so sudden and so strong I didn't have time to warn her. Not that it mattered as my sister swallowed every drop. Smiling at me Kim said "Thank you for letting give you a blow job, your cock really is as big as they say. If you come to my room tomorrow night when mom and dad go out, I'll teach you how to make me cum too".

    I couldn't wait for them to go out the next night. I knew kim was in her room, but what I didn't know was she'd shaven her pussy bald. Both lay on her bed naked with my cock rapidly rising, kim started my life long love affair with her pussy and asshole, by teaching how to pleasure a woman with my mouth, tongue, fingers and my nine inch cock.

    I lost my virginity that night to my own sister and if society wasn't so set against siblings marrying, I would have wed her long before we were expected to form long lasting relationships with other people. As it is we are both married to people who we both agreed the other could marry. Kim and I still get together four or five times a month to renew our love for each other. We also know if one or the other does break up with their respective partners, we just might leave and live together as man and wife anyway.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I love my mother so much! I fucked my mother for the first time when I was a fifteen year old boy. Emma, my mom, was fifty-four years old, and I just went into her bedroom, tugged her panties off her, and fucked her on her bed. I'd been getting big hard-ons for my mom ever since I turned fourteen. My dad didn't live with us anymore, it was just me and my mom in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, and I was supposed to sleep on the livingroom couch. My mom was embarrassed everytime she saw my big hard-ons bulging in my pants for her! She scolded me and told me I was naughty, but I followed her everywhere around the apartment. I was so horny for my mom!

    I peeked into her bedroom regularly when I was a thirteen year old boy just to see her in her bra and panties. When she had her bra off, Mom's big fat milky-white titties and huge pink teats flopped down over the waistband of her white nylon panty briefs, and my dick got so big and hard for her when I saw her like that! I got so excited! Sometimes I pulled down my underpants and masturbated in front of my horrified mother. She just stood there like a deer caught in my headlights. I leered at her titties and panties and jerked myself off in front of my middle-aged mother until I shot my creamy wad onto her bedroom carpet. It felt so good! My embarrassed mom just blushed as she stared at the puddle of cum I left on her bedroom carpet. She hated it when she had to get down on her hands and knees and clean up the gooey mess her horny teenage son left in her bedroom for her!

    The day after my fifteenth birthday, my mom sat me down beside her and had a heart-to-heart talk with me. She told me that the way I was feeling towards her was "very naughty," and that I needed a girlfriend badly. She was too embarrassed to look me in the face as she talked to me as a loving mother. I sat beside her on her bed and had a big hard-on for her the whole time she was talking to me! I finally just leaned over on her and put my hands on her titties. She hushed up right away. I cuddled up beside her and fondled my mother's titties. My dick got harder and harder for her. She was so embarrassed! She just sat there as I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra.

    My mom was so sweet! She bashfully undressed for me until she was only wearing her white nylon panty briefs. She sat down on her bed and spread her flabby thighs open for me. Emma, my mom, was hardly a centerfold! She was a plump fifty-four year old lady, with red hair, a flabby pair of titties flopped down in her lap, and milky-white rolls of fat jiggling all over her naked body. But when I leered between her open thighs, I saw my mom as just a "pussy," and my cock got so hard for her! Emma, my fat old mom, sat on her bed bashfully shooting beaver for me! I could see my
    mother's c**t right through her white nylon panties! My own mom's c**t!

    I hurriedly pulled down my jeans and underpants and showed my mother my big hard-on. The next thing I knew, Mom was taking it in her warm hand and was tugging on it for me. My own mother was masturbating me! She lovingly cradled my balls in one hand and tugged on my huge hard cock with her other hand. I loved her so much! Any mother that would do that for her teenage son was worthy of "Mother of the Year" in my eyes! I just stood between her open thighs and looked adoringly down at her as she masturbated me.

    I could tell by the way she stared at it that my mother was surprised by how big her boy's cock was! Later, after I was Emma's fucker, Mom adoringly told me I had a really big dick for a boy my age! She hadn't had cock in her pussy for so long, my mother was thrilled that her own son had such a big cock! As she tugged on it for me, I was so in love with her! I was such a lucky boy to have a mom like her! I hunched over her and tried to get her head down between my legs. I wanted my mother to suck on my dick! I wanted to fuck her in the mouth so bad! I fondly rubbed my big pink cockhead over her lips and tried to get it in her mouth. But I guess my mom didn't want to be a cocksucker. She turned her face away and leaned back to get away from me.

    That's when I started to squirt. My mom laid back, spread her legs, and furiously tugged on my cock as I spurted all over the front of her panties. Emma just sat there shooting beaver and let me come on her nylon panty briefs. As my creamy spurts of sperm squirted onto my mother's panty-covered c**t, I stood over her, grunted, and happily unloaded my balls between her legs. It felt so good to have my mother's hand jerking my cock! I was so in love with her! My creamy sperm spurted out onto her panties, and she just bashfully sat there as I left a creamy mess on her pussy.

    When I was all finished, my mom sat on her bed, blushed, and didn't say anything. Her face was almost as red as her hair! Some of my milky-white cum was splattered on Emma's fat titties, but most of my creamy mess was on her nylon panties. My mom didn't speak to me, she just pranced off to the bathroom in her wet, sticky panty briefs and hid in there from me. I found her cum-drenched panties in the garbage later.

    I fucked my mother a week later on a Mothers' Day weekend. It was the Saturday night before Mothers' Day, and instead of getting flowers from her loving son, my mom got my big hard cock in her c**t instead! I came in at bedtime, yanked down her panties, held her face-down on her bed, and fucked my mother from behind. She didn't put up a fuss like you'd think she would. My mom just buried her face in the bedsheets and grunted as I squeezed my hard penis into her pink c**t. I was only a fifteen year old boy, and my mom was my first pussy I ever fucked. I cuddled up to her creamy-soft buns, laid over her naked body, and made i****tuous love in my mom's warm pussy.

    Emma, my poor mom, liked me fucking her, but she begged me not to come inside her! Mom liked my big hard cock in her pussy, and she kept pushing her fat bottom back against me and grunting. My mom was my first pussy, and I was loving her! But she begged me not to come inside her! She liked her son fucking her, but she didn't want me to come in her pussy! We bounced around on her bed, fucking and loving each other, and the more she pleaded with me not to come inside her, the more I wanted to squirt my sperm into my mother's c**t! I was just a boy, and all I could think about was unloading my balls in my mom's juicy twat!

    I squirted, and my mother groaned underneath me as my creamy sperm spurted through her pussy lips. I held my penis in her fat body and made creamy love in my mom's c**t. It was the most heavenly feeling I've ever felt! I remember shouting "mommy! mommy!" to her over and over as I squirted between her pussy lips and filled the luscious
    hole between my mother's legs. I hadn't called her "mommy" since I was a little boy! But I was so in love with my mom! I held my cock inside her and emptied my balls in her pussy.

    My poor mom was so embarrassed when she pulled up her panties afterwards! My creamy sperm dribbled out of her pussy, and she had a worried look on her face. I leered at the creamy wet spot on the crotch of Emma's nylon panties and grinned. I felt so proud of myself! I fucked my mom and creamed in her pussy! She was fifty-four, and I was only a boy and wasn't worried at all about getting my mother pregnant. I didn't know my mom hadn't been through menopause yet. She had a very worried look on her face and didn't talk to me about it for a long time.

    I loved my mother so much! I started sleeping in my mom's bed with her after that. She didn't want me to, but I told her I was the man of the house now, and I made her keep her mouth shut about it. I never looked at my mother the same after that. I looked longingly at my mom a lot, and like any boy my age all I thought about was the pussy she had down in her panties for me. With her panties off, Emma, my mom, was just a c**t for me to fuck! I mean, I love my mom and all, but being in bed with her night after night, and fucking her in her mouth, pussy, and ass, she began to feel more like a wife than a mother to me! She'd be asleep beside me, and when I'd cuddle up and rub my hard-on over her bottom, Mom would dutifully slip down the back of her panties for me and take my hard cock into her c**t or asshole just like a wife. I'd i****tuously fuck her from behind like always and come in her pussy or ass. Then we'd kiss just like lovers, and my darling mother would pull up her panties and drift off to sleep with my cum in her body.

    Mom had to do monthly pregnancy tests for the first couple of years I was her fucker. We went into the bathroom together and she pulled down her panties and peed on the test strip in front of me. I was a horny teenage boy, so I thought it was nasty to watch my own mother squatting and pissing in front of me. She always had such a worried look on her face while we waited to see if I'd gotten my mother knocked up. As much sperm as I squirted in my mom's pussy, it's astounding I didn't get my mother pregnant! By the time I was seventeen years old, Emma had gone through menopause, and we had i****t almost every night. My poor old mom got exhausted trying to keep a horny teenage boy satisfied, but she did a good job of keeping up with me. My mother just adored my cock when it was big and hard for her! She pulled down her panties for me and let me fuck her in her pussy right up until she was almost sixty-five years old.

    I know boys aren't supposed to fuck their mothers, but my mom was such good pussy and I couldn't help myself! My dear old mom loved feeling my big hard cock between her legs, and she loved it when I fucked her! I suppose it embarrassed her to have her own son as her fucker, but it sure didn't embarrass me to stick my cock in my mother's pussy and fuck her and make love inside her! There are some intimate, i****tuous moments between a mother and son that are beyond understanding.

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    Straight Male / 32

    Well where should I start. I'm just an average joe who has had some interesting experiences in my life and because of some of these I am plagued with guilt, you see I had a small fling with a women about 9 years ago for about three weeks and I had to end it because of a new job causing me to relocate to a new city. Well here is the real kicker, I was looking her up on Facebook this week and I found her, and OH BOY where to start! I messaged her asking if she was the woman from my past and to no avail no response even two months later nothing. I was able to view some photos and her friends list and a heavy sinking feeling began to sink through my chest, she has two children one still young enough to be in kindergarten and the other about nine years of age so I decided to look through her photos just to see how this woman has changed... and bam! here was a photo of her oldest daughter with her mother looking at me, this little girl looks just like I did as a child. The facial structure, the blond hair, the gray blue eyes, the tooth structure, the ears... I suddenly felt guilt, shame, and hatred for myself. I asked around for her number or at least a mailing address one of my old friends came up with a number for me so I called, it was the number I was looking for but I got the answering machine so I left a message and a contact number where she could contact me. I have received over twenty seven calls from the number but when I pick up all I hear is breathing and silence with the exception of the last two calls all were silent but these two times I could hear a muffled sniffling and crying, I decided to take a step and just throw a few words out there. I said to this women the vary thing I am saying to all of you, I told her that I was sorry if I had caused her any pain, and that I still cared for her and that I never meant to hurt her, I also said that I had visited her old apartment three months after relocating and she had moved and that I have been trying to find her again this whole time.

    Amongst the muffled crying and sniffling she finally said something to me and what that was shocked me shook me to the vary core, she said she had lost her job and ended up being evicted from her place and she moved to her mothers temporarily so she could get back on her feet. She proceeded to ask me if I knew she was with child when I left and I replied to her, that I in fact didn't but I do know now again apologizing to her I began to tell her that I felt an unbelievable amount of guilt and anger toward myself not only for not finding her sooner but for causing a little girl to suffer the indignity of not knowing her father. She proceeded to tell me that she was the one who had to explain to this little girl that her daddy ran away or just disappeared from her life, she asked me what happened to the cell phone I had given her a number for and why I didn't keep the number. I explained to her that all calls to that cell would have been long distance due to my phone plan and I couldn't take on the extra financial strain at the time, I also told her I don't blame you if you hate me nor would I blame my daughter if she hated me as well. She told me she needed to let me go and told me she would call me back in a week or two so she could take time to wrap her head around all of this, about a week later I did get a call from her she asked me if we could be friends I told her we could she seemed really happy about this and I was starting to feel this could be my chances to undo the wrongs and get to know my estranged child. Well no more did I think that when I heard a voice in the background say "mom who are you talking to" she replied no one hunny just an old friend who called to see how I'm doing, the voice in the background said "oh well I have homework to do before dinner" and that was the last I heard of her. Her mother told me that she looks just like me and that she just can't bring herself to tell her about me after all this time, I said in reply that she is going to have to tell her some day and that I would really like her to know about me, to know that I didn't mean for her to not know about me. I asked her if she wanted to know my address and if she wanted to meet some time to talk, she said that she would need some time to think about this and told me she needed to start making dinner so she would call me again later.

    I waited intently for about a week and a half after that and I finally got a call from her, she said she would like my address so she could mail me photos of my daughter from the years I missed I was over joyed to hear this even though I still knew she was keeping me a secret from my daughter, we ended our call for the time being because she had to take my daughter to soccer. We agreed to meet up when I was in town which happened to be at a local coffee shop I waited there for six hours that night I called the house and only got an answering machine figuring okay she must be on her way I waited two more hours and nothing, I called three more times that night the final time I left a message telling her that I waited for her and I would be in town for two more days if she wanted to setup a new time to meet and that I was staying at a local motel. I left the coffee shop and headed out for a bite to eat and returned to my hotel room for the night, I watched some TV and decided to go to sleep so I would be well rested for the following day just in case she wanted to arrange a meeting again. I was awoken around eight in the morning to the sound of loud pounding, it was the police they asked me if they could talk to me about phone calls I made to someone last night, I told them sure and asked them what the problem was, they told me that the mother of my daughter was reported missing by the babysitter last night and that I was apparently the last known person in contact with her. I told them that I did arrange a meeting at a coffee shop with her and that I waited for hours but she didn't show up, they proceeded to tell me that I was going to have to come to the police station to give a formal statement and that they would have to hold me until things were figured out. I said as they cuffed me wait so if shes not at home and she never met up with me where is she and who is taking care of my daughter. The two cops looked at one another and looked at me again and asked you are the father of the little girl at the house, I said yes but it is complicated they told me to sit and I began to explain everything to them as I have to all of you when I was done they had informed me that my daughter was taken into child services custody because there was no one that they could call to come and get her. They took me to the police station and got a formal statement from me in a small room with me chained to a table that was bolted to the floor, I sat in this room for about nineteen hours before a detective came in and told me something that I didn't want to ever hear, the reason why the mother of my child never met me is because she was hit by a drunk driver that night and was announced DOA when paramedics arrived on scene, he also told me that because I wasn't on the birth certificate that legally I wasn't able to be my daughters legal guardian and that she would remain in the custody of child services until a legally recognized relative could be found.

    I called everyone you could imagine trying to set things straight, trying everything I could to ensure my child would have a father who would care for her, I spent my life savings of fifty seven thousand dollars fighting courts for a year and a half trying to claim my daughter as my own. After the court case my lawyer called me about three months later to tell me that my daughters grand parents had taken custody of her and that she was no longer in the care of child services, I was almost ready to jump up and down when he said but there is a problem, I asked what do you mean a problem he proceeded to tell me that the grand parents had been told about me and they have placed a restraining order against me. I sat there feeling my heart sinking into my gut, he told me they don't want you to have contact with your daughter or either one of them directly or indirectly and that the order was taken out for a lengthly period until she was eight teen to be exact. I nearly broke down all I could say to my lawyer was why are they doing this to me this is ridiculous, he just kept saying there is nothing I can do I wish I could but I can't, I asked him in a moment of absolute devastation if that was all he had to tell me. He told me no! you are not allowed to visit or enter the city in which they reside until the order has expired, I lost it I hung the phone up and for a moment I felt as if I could literally kill someone. I know I'm pathetic, I know I sound strange but I'm not giving up ever no matter what and come hell or high water my little girl is going to know who her daddy is.

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    My dad frequently fucks his assistant. My mom has absolutely no idea. I found out while I was home alone, borrowed his computer trying to print some schoolwork - and found a folder with videos. The videos was one of him getting a blowjob from her in our home office - one of him getting a handjob in his car - and one of him fucking her in what I belive is her place. I'm pretty sure they still fuck regularly. She's hot as fuck, I don't blame him.

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    My dad frequently fucks his assistant. My mom has absolutely no idea. I found out while I was home alone, borrowed his computer trying to print some schoolwork - and found a folder with videos. The videos was one of him getting a blowjob from her in our home office - one of him getting a handjob in his car - and one of him fucking her in what I belive is her place. I'm pretty sure they still fuck regularly. She's hot as fuck, I don't blame him.

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    Harry is my aunt Sara's 2nd husband and turned 73 last week. Because of a spinal injury I moved in with them when I was 17 in 2009. It was a humiliation nightmare at first since I was dressed, bathed and assisted with toilet needs. Even though aunt Sara bathed me Harry assisted her often and Harry saw me naked several times each week. After a year or so my modesty subsided and the embarrassment lessened. In 2012 aunt Sara died and the talk was that I would move back with my mother. She was to febble and weak to care for me so I ended up staying with Harry. I think because of his age and the fact he had seen me naked so often I was no longer humiliated being nude in front of him. He became even more attentive to me than aunt Sara and to be honest I began to enjoy it. I just let him dress and undress me and let him give me a bath. When aunt Sara was alive he was always dressed but a few months went by and he seemed to be in his underware more often, which I didn't mind. What I did start to realize is that he would get erections when undressing me and especially when he was giving me a bath and washing my body. There are many times its not necesssary for him to bathe me but he always asks if I need him to and even though I don't need assistance I let him wash me. It arouses me the way he washes my breasts and vagina and I masturbate as soon as I am back in bed and wonder if Harry is doing the same. I have never seen Harry naked but when he bathes me now, acting like its a chore, he is always in his underware and its obvious to me he has an erection. I have gone from a totally embarrassed teenage to where I get aroused just knowing Harry sees me naked and more aroused when he is bathing me. I suppose also that he enjoys it as much as I do since everyday he asks what assistance I need. I'm not even embarrassed when I ask him to bathe me and he is always agreeable to do it. Shame on me but it is only sexual satisfaction I have.

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    I was driving home late last night and as usual passed by my in-law's home. Parked in the driveway was the parish priest's car. Thinking something was wrong I parked my car next to his and made my way to the door. I passed by an open bedroom window and heard some curious sounds, if you know what I mean. I went up to the window and was stunned to see my macho father-in-law on all fours getting fucked in the ass by Father Murray. He was really putting the wood to him. I watched for a while and was further amazed when he suddenly pulled out and shoved his cock into dad's mouth. My father-in-law swallowed his cum and then they kissed passionately. Stunned and amazed I took a quick picture with my phone then hurried to my car and drove home.

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