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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 34

    Before I start, I'm going to say I know what we did was essentially wrong, but please try and understand just how much I adore sex and the fact I'd not not had a mans cock inside me in over a year.
    After my husband died, I abstained from sex for a couple of years, even though lots of men made passes at me. It just didn't seem right at the time. Then around fifteen months ago I met a guy who I briefly had a relationship with. The sex was great, but he wanted more and I didn't, so we split.
    My daughter Natalie who I have a really close relationship with, lives at home with me now, even though she lived with my mom for a while when I had the brief relationship. We tell each other absolutely everything and because I had her so young, and I've kept myself looking young and fit by my fitness regime, people often confuse us with being sisters.
    Eight months ago her boyfriend Jack who Natalie met through me from the gym I work at, moved in with us. He's older than Natalie by two years, being nineteen years old. At first I didn't want him to move in as I thought his presence might disrupt our relationship. And I was right, but in a way I couldn't or didn't fortell.

    Natalie was out when Jack got home from work. I'd not long been back myself and had just showered, putting on a bath robe. Jack took a shower and only had a smallish towel to wrap around himself when he'd finished, as he walked past me in the kitchen. As I turned to say something to him, his towel slipped and I saw my daughters boyfriends stunningly muscled body and semi erect cock.
    It was one of them moments. He saw me looking, He knew I knew he was attracted to me and his cock began to stiffen. There wasn't any embarrassment between us, and neither was there any words. Jack walked over to me as his cock bounced and untied my bath robe. Opening it wide he put one hand on my left breast and one hand down to my pussy. At the same time, I took a hold of his cock and began to slowly stroke it as we kissed passionately.
    When Natalie found us, Jack was just about to put his cock up my asshole from behind, as I was leaning onto the kitchen table. We'd been fucking for about twenty minutes, after I'd spent at least another ten minutes sucking on his wonderful cock and balls. The sex was awsome and I was definitely well into it, when he suggested he fuck my asshole as I was riding his cock on the kitchen floor making myself orgasm on his cock.
    Getting up, I dr**ed myself naked over the kitchen table, squashing my breasts and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Jack was just about to enter my rear when we both heard natalie say "Well now I know you can satisfy my mom too". There wasn't the least bit of sarcasm or jealousy in her voice. She didn't go into a rage and start shouting, Natalie stood there and said to Jack "You better finish what you started". Then added "It's not me who's putting the roof over your head". I was totally embarrassed, but Jack obviously wasn't as he drove his cock straight up my asshole. Not wanting to as he began to fuck my ass, I turned to see if natalie was still stood there. Not only was my daughter still stood watching me being fucked by her boyfriend, she'd moved closer into the kitchen as if it was an every day event.
    I'd like to say I enjoyed the rest of our sex, but I was too embarrassed and self aware to feel any kind of lust for what Jack was doing to mny asshole, although it did feel good. He came filling me deep inside not long afterwards as they both looked and smiled at each other, something I didn't know until later. Withdrawing his softening cock, Jack grabbed his towel, walked over to Natalie and I watched them kiss as if nothing had happened.

    Later that night Natalie came downstairs after they'd been talking for over two hours. It was almost as though she became the parent, as she went onto tell me she was glad Jack and I had had sex. Amongst many other things, she told me they'd spoken about it as she was worried about me not having any kind of sexual relationship (Something we'd spoken about when I had my brief sexual relationship and Natalie had moved out) Like an older person my daughter said "I think you should enjoy Jack just as much as I do, believe me he wants to".
    This sharing, this family love, this arrangement, has been taking place now for over five months. Jack and I never have sex when Natalie's around, and I always make sure he wears protection. She knows we've had sex, as I always tell her. And in the last month or so, Natalies been asking me precisely what we get upto, to which I describe to her in detail, when we have our very intimate mother daughter chats.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Growing up I rarely met my aunt kirsty. She was always abroad working, almost it seemed right from being out of school from my moms accounts.
    She came back home with a new fiance Dwayne four years ago and they married two years back. He's a big muscley happy go lucky kind of man, who straight away the family got on with. His outward appearance was of somebody who knew how to look after himself, but never showed it. And his job as a personal trainer only enthasised his manly demeanour.
    I can't be precise, but it was around the start of April last year that my mom came home and was crying. She said her sister was in hospital and she looked real bad. Some sort of accident at home had caused her injuries. As a way of showing support to my mom I went with her the next day to visit Kirsty, fully expecting to see Dwayne there. He wasn't.
    It's weird thinking back now, but it was looking closely at her facial injuries, I first really noticed how good looking she was (maybe it's my age). Not the injuries obviously, but they seemed to highlight just how pretty the unhurt side of her face was. Kirsty caught me staring and I thought she'd think I was only looking at her injured face, but her soft smile said otherwise.
    Four weeks afterwards she came to visit us on her own again, but my mom and dad were out shopping with my younger sister. I thought she was going to leave, but instead she said she wanted to speak to me. Her bruising on her face and her fractured ribs were healing well, in fact her facial injuries had almost gone. I was about to say something about it as we sat in my parents front room, when kirsty said "You know how I got the injuries don't you". I didn't, but I remembered the look she gave me in the hospital, and with her question, I put two and two together and came up with an answer "Dwayne ?".
    Tears flowed and as she began to cry in sobs, I moved over to her and held my aunt closely. She eventually cried herself out and as I went to say something, she looked up at me and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss was unexpected as was her tongue probing into my mouth. I genuinely didn't know what to do, so like a real dick, I just sat there letting her kiss me.
    She stopped kissing me, which gave me the chance to offer her a drink. Sitting drinking our coffee she began to tell me, not my mom or dad, me, what and why she'd been put in hospital. My guess had turned out to be true.
    Kirsty told me, only mnonths after they married she caught Dwayne in their kitchen fucking another young woman. She tried to leave, but he'd hit her and made her stay in the room until he'd finished fucking the young teenager. Apparently it was her fault for not keeping him satisfied.
    There were more occassions when he'd hit her during their short marriage, mostly when he'd been drunk, although she'd not seen or heard of him having sex with any other women after the first time, that was until April this year. Kirsty had come home early from work feeling ill and found Dwayne upstairs fucking a young guy, someone he'd supposed to be personal training in the home gym he'd built.
    There was an argument and once again Dwayne had used his size to beat my aunt, only this time he'd gone to far as Kirsty had threatened to reveal his sexual secrets to us. When she finished I asked the obvious question "Why stay with a guy who not only cheated on you, but also continued to hit you". My aunts answer was short and simple "I loved him, I thought he loved me".
    I didn't want kirsty to go home, but she insisted. Said she needed to face her abuser. That would be fine if he wasn't so big and such a coward, and if she had protection. But even though I told her I'd go along, she insisted she'd face him as if it was a normal day. When I asked what she meant by normal day, My aunt said she was leaving him.
    Over the next few weeks Dwayne tried to find out where she was living. He didn't come round to our home as my father was on the war path (I told my parents about the abuse), but he was asking around. Kirsty was in a small rented apartment, one I'd helped her decorate and one I'd asked her about the kiss.
    My mothers thirty two year old younger sister, told me "Ever since I got back a few years ago, I've seen you grow up into a fine good looking young man, and". Kirsty didn't finish the sentence as I kissed her.
    That afternoon on her unfinished bedroom floor, my aunt Kirsty and I made love. I wasn't a virgin by some way, but Kirsty showed me ways of enjoying sex that were new to me, and has continued to do so since. Each week over the next few months i'd visit a couple of times a week, and each time we'd have such amazing sex all over her apartment, often lasting for hours.
    Our relationship built to the point, Kirsty said she had to speak to her sister about us. A month later I moved in. My dad doesn't know exactly about kirsty and I, nor does my sister. They think I'm just staying with my aunt because of what happened with Dwayne, but they do know we've become close.
    As for that fuckhead. He's moved back to the shithole he came from. My father and some of his friends saw to that. When he left, he was apparently feeling sore all over his body.
    This is a true account of my life over the last few months. I don't know where it will lead, but I do know I love Kirsty, even if society says you can't love your aunt in that way. I also know from what Kirsty's said, she loves me too.

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    Straight Female / 50

    Okay, Thanks, I'm sure I can complete this well within the allotted 25000 characters.
    I lost my wife 2 years ago. We always had a lovely and sexy feeling for each other.
    Our grand daughter lives and works in Austin, Texas and I live in San Antonio, about 80 miles away.
    Since her grand mother died she has been worried about my well being. She will call me several times weekly and visit every other weekend. Well, this was her weekend to visit but she stayed with her mother since I have in home guest. Every time we talk or visit she will end the conversation with "I LOVE YOU GRANDPA" and will not hang up until I tell her "I love you too." Same thing when she visits, when she leaves she always says "I LOVE YOU GRANDPA" and will just stand there until I tell her I love her also.
    Okay, this weekend she had others to visit also but called me and said she'd come by to say Goodbye before she left. She did, about 1 PM I was on the computer and she walked in to tell me goodbye. I asked if she wanted to have a bite to eat at a restaurant before going. She said she had just eaten but would take a rain check. She was in a hurry because she had only a few minutes to get her brother home. She grabbed me and hugged me and said I LOVE YOU GRANDPA but this time when I said I love you too I gave her a big kiss on her lips. She just stood there and stared at me for a second before leaving.
    Okay, so back to the computer I go. I am reading these sex stories and they always turn me on. Yeah, I'm 60 years old and still get turned on just thinking of sex, especially in old times with my wife. By the way, my grand daughter is 24 years old.
    Well, I'm sitting here reading Adult Confessions when she walks back in, pulls up a chair and sits by me. I asked about her being in such a hurry before and she responded that was to get my brother home. She confessed that in the meantime she couldn't get that kiss off her mind. normally it's just a peck on the cheek or forehead but this time she said I seemed more passionate and wondered if these sex stories caused that. I smiled and said, "No honey, you and your lovely body caused it." She jumped up, threw her arms around me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses, French, her tongue went into my mouth and I responded, grand daughter or no grand daughter. She then asked what I thought of that and I said, "I loved it but is that the end of it?" She bends over and gives me another great French kiss and takes my hand and says, "Lets go into your bedroom."
    I didn't know what to think or expect from this invite. Once in there she sits in front of the TV and ask if I still had those porno videos. I looked at her and asked, "What porno videos." She looked at me and said, "Don't tease me. Remember when you and grand ma used to let me stay over night after mom and dad divorced? I would slip up here and watch and listen to you and grand ma while you watched the videos. I go them from the drawer and let her select, thinking she wanted to take it with her but no, she wanted to watch it while I did to her what I used to do to grand ma. The one she picked was of these 2 girls and 1 man, The girls were bi and my grand daughter seemed to get a charge from watching the girls together. I'll admit, it turns me on too.
    We lay on the bed and start playing with each other. I am massaging her pussy and clit while she has taken my dick out and was stroking it. She again started French kissing me and removing my shirt and sports pants. I took her blouse and bra off. She has some of the most beautiful tits you could hope for. I finally striped her of her slacks and underwear. We were both laying there completely naked. We should be embarrassed but wasn't. She was playing with my dick and then he gave me another kiss and asked if I wanted her to suck it. I said, "yeah, have you ever been eaten out and she said she had. In particular by one of her female workmates who lived in the same apartment complex with her. I asked if she was bi-sexual and she admitted she was but was gradually trying to become straight. So we got busy 69ing and we both enjoyed it. I can't guess at how many times she had her orgasm but it was many. Finally she stopped sucking me and said, "Fuck my grand pa. I want to feel your hard dick inside me." I told her I should get a rubber but she said she was on the pill and had no problem with me cuming deep inside her, Said she loves the feel of hot cum squiring inside her so it didn't take long ,until we both were cuming together.
    Now, I'll bet my bottom dollar that she will begin coming more often and I will be happy to see her come.
    Our i****t was a surprise but something neither of us could stop once we got started. I don't thing God will hold it against us and I don't worry about anyone else because no one else who knows us will ever know about this.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Hello, I'm a 19 year old girl who's going to college. My name isn't important. I'm here simply to confess.

    See, I've fucked my uncle with a strap on. He's a burnout. Lives alone, never married, no children and few friends. Spends most of his days drinking and smoking weed. Before I graduated from high school I used to visit him everyday. My parents were always fighting so his place was sort of a refuge from the chaos at home. I didn't care he was a pervert - we watched porn together as far back as I can remember. The nastier, the better. When it comes to sex i've always been an unusual girl. Growing up I liked to stuff my holes with various household items and film myself. These clips probably still exist somewhere online. Anyway, at the time me and my uncle never did anything. He never tried getting inside my pants. My dad always called him gay...

    We stopped seeing eachother after I moved out of state, but I went back home last christmas for the first time in years. On the way to see my little brother I stopped at my uncle's house. He was watching porn as expected. After sitting there for a while, talking and drinking a little, I got really horny for some reason. Like a robot I began to seduce uncle Larry. I could tell he was inexperienced as hell because he didn't know what to do. I slowly undressed him, grabbed his cock and lead him into the bedroom. Then I exposed my tits, slid my jeans down my hips and pulled my panties to the side. Laying on his bed, spreading wide I begged my uncle to give it to me hard. He crawled on top of me and rested his massive, hairy and filthy body on my chest - almost crushing me. He's a fat fuck! Larry was obviously a virgin because he couldn't get inside. Or he was just really nervous. I had to help that pathetic fool by guiding his cock at the entrance of my c**t. After he felt the warmth of my vulva he just lunged forward and began thrusting in and out like I was some kind of inflatable doll. There was absolutely no passion involved. He lasted only 1 minute before blasting my pussy full of cum and collapsing on his niece. I had no choice but to lay there while this asshole was whispering silly stuff in ear. Then I became really angry and pushed him off me.

    ''You call that fucking, you fat piece of shit?!'' I yelled while going through his night stand. I knew he kepped all his sick stuff and toys in there. Larry's face was flushed red and he looked at me weird, like he didn't know what he did wrong.

    '' I guess the stories are true and you really are a fag, well today you're gonna be treated like one....that's for sure.'' I chuckled while grabbing the item I was looking for - a giant purple looking strapon. It must've been used before because it smelled like poo.

    '' Yeah, this will do just fine.'' I whispered softly as I tightened the attribute around my waist. Then I ordered; '' Get on your back and open your legs wide, bitch. I'll give it to you like you did me, you worthless fuck.''

    Spitting on his asshole I said; ''Here, let's get you lubed up nice and wet like a real whore''. Then I got into a standing position and pushed the end of my artificial dick against uncle larry's anus. I was a little surprised by the amount of pressure I had to apply to get inside. Haha, I had never done this before. After a while I began to get the hang of it. I grabbed my uncle's big feet and fucked his ass like a pro. He was begging me to go harder, deeper and faster - which I did. I was really enjoying myself and felt in control, like a man! While slamming I felt his cum seep out of my pussy and onto the strapon, making it even easier to thrust in and out. My back was aching so I climbed on the bed and into the missionary position. We started to kiss and Larry wrapped his legs around me like any female would do.

    I grabbed his hair and looked him deep into the eye, ''Yeah, you like this? Hmmm, I bet you do. You're my fucking slut. I bet you like getting fucked in the ass by your niece. Tell me you like it, motherfucker! Do it now!''

    Larry complied like a bitch and told me how much he liked receiving it in the butthole. I picked up speed again and began fucking him in a passionate rhythmic motion. From what I heard you can cum by just stimulating the anus and I was trying to do that. After 10 minutes of fucking, however, I realized it wasn't going to happen. I felt tired and sweaty - I wanted to be done with it. We stopped and I removed the strapon. Then I got on my knees and began rimming uncle Larry. His ass tasted like shit - literally! Fuck it...I didn't care! My tongue entered his colon while my hand stroked his cock and I knew he was about to cum when I felt his body trembling. I took his dick in my mouth and ordered him to cum. He shot his load deep in my throat, which made me gag all over his bedroom. Then I sat against the wall and opened my legs wide. I felt an enormous urge to masturbate and cum myself. My clit was oversensitive and it took only a couple of strokes to reach a humungus orgasm - making me squirt all over my uncle and his furniture. After we were finished we kissed goodbye and I haven't seen him since...He didn't even show up at christmas dinner over at my grandma. I guess he's too ashamed to confront me. Haha, loser...

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    Straight Female / 18


    My cousin (17 year old girl) lost a bet with me. She now has to strip to her underwear when I say banana, naked when I say Apple and braless when I say orange.

    However I also own her, she is my slave so... Task ideas needed, the most humiliating the better, once completed I will let the idea giver know how it went. She is staying with us for the next month

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    Straight Female / 44

    i began having sex with my son when he was 14. One night he asked if he could see my breasts? I told him i would think about that. He began staring at my breasts a year ago. A few weeks later i said he could. My breasts are quite large yet they do not sag. He was amazed when i told him to remove my bra. His hands shook as he unhooked the front snap. Stop i said and tell me why you want this. He stuttered and said the young girls i know are all flat chested. I walk around with a hard on all the time when i am around you. What exactly will you do after you look at them? Well he said, i don't really know. Hmm, will looking at my breasts solve your problem? Probably not he said. His face was beet red when he said my friend had sex with his mother. Ever since he told me all i do is think of your breasts. I asked, do you think that he is telling the truth? Well, he and his mother live alone. When he told her he was ready to have sex that weekend with a girl from school she became very angry. He said i really need to feel what it's like to have my manhood in a pussy. She lectured him about he being too young and about diseases he could contract by doing at random like that with someone he did not know. His mother grounded him that weekend and told him he was not to have sex with that girl or any girl for that matter. he was angry and did not speak to her for a few days. That Saturday night she fixed her son's favorite meal for him. After they ate dinner she said to him. come and sit in the jacuzzi with me. After sitting and enjoying the hot water his mother stood and removed her bathing suit top. She said if you insist on having sex, it will have to be with me. His friend could not believe what he was hearing. The boy was told that he and his mother are having sex every Saturday night. After hearing her 14 year old tell her that story, she felt extremely aroused and her nipples were pushing against her nearly opened bra.She told her son go ahead and take my bra off. His eyes were like saucers when he finally saw her beautiful full breasts. She said, hold them and suckle them softly. He closed his eyes and did just that. She was very aroused and passed her hands through his hair. After a while she asked, can i see your penis? What did you say? She said you heard me right. He hesitated and she asked is your penis so small you are ashamed? He sat red faced and said i don't think so. Take your pants off she said. He did as told. Mother is my penis too small for my age. She was amazed at the size of his manhood. He was bigger than his father was. She and his father had separated a few months back and they now lived alone together. She then asked him do you want to know what i feel like with your manly penis in me? He could not believe what his mother was saying. Yes, of course he said. She stood and pulled her bottom down of her swim suit. She then slowly straddled her son and held his penis in her hand a few seconds and then slid down on his large erect penis. They both moaned out loud and took a sharp breath in as she slowly proceeded to slide up and down. She told him put your hands on my hips and suck tenderly on each breasts. In no time they were like wild animals moaning and groaning and quickly moving in and out in wild lust. His mother could not believe what she was doing and the feelings they were both experiencing together. They moved faster and faster and cried out with pleasure. She said oh son i am so close to cumming. He said so am i mom. She whispered in his ear i love dirty talk. Like what do you want to hear? Say whatever you want to. He unleashed what he was feeling and his mother said oh baby boy, please make mommy cum and please cum the same time as i do. That will make this orgasm feel so much better that is about to happen. Ok he said i can't hold off much longer. Baby boy, mommy has never felt a wonderful cock like yours before. Oh mommy i love you so much. They both quickly began moaning and sweating and yes they even cried as they unleashed the wild and quivering orgasm that filled their loins. Mommy's cumming for you baby boy. Oh mommy hear i cum for you. They thought their orgasm would never end. His mother slid off of his long thin penis that was slowly losing it's erection. They now make love every Saturday night as well.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Ever since we were 15, my step brother and I have been having sex with each other. Our parents started dating each other just after my brother and I had sex for the first time.

    At the time we were just friends having sex. Then our parents started dating and we tried to play cool and not have sex anymore but we were teenagers and couldn't help ourselves.

    Then our parents got married amd that made things more complicated even though I gave my step brother a bj at their wedding. Then later at the reception we found a quiet closet and lifted my dress up as I bent over a janitors sink.

    Ever since then we have become all but lovers. We spend a lot of time together, we cuddle, we make out, have oral sex, have regular sex almost daily. Half the time I sleep with him in his bed and sneak back through our connected bathroom to my room before our parents wake up in the morning. Sometimes we shower together also. The only thing keeping us from being boyfriend and girlfriend is our parents marriage.

    It is technically not i****t so we don't care about any gross factor and we have been having sex with each other since before our parents knew each other.

    Recently my brother and I started looking at possible apartments for us. That way we could be together the way we want to without anyone catching us.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Me and my parents would take showers together when I was little; they were pretty liberal with nudity most of the time. I loved my parents and always wanted to be with them because they were fun and interesting - very goofy free-spirited people, and they actually enjoyed caring for me, so I was involved in a lot of intimate moments. We had a large shower we all could gather in in the master bath. When we would shower I remember my parents saying we could pee in the shower because it saves water and it wasn't a big deal. One day me and my Dad were showering while Mom was with a client, I was 5. My dad was washing his body and looking at me, I was dancing and being happy in the water. As he was smiling at me he began to pee on me while I danced. I didn't notice at first till I looked at his cock and the large stream coming from it. I said "daddy your peeing on me!" and he smiled at me, I smiled back and let him. I stood there still and had a nervous smile on my face. He was peeing on my stomach and chest and it was draining down my body right into the slit of my pussy. I think he could tell I was nervous because after he had finished he asked "would it make you feel better if you could pee on Daddy?" I nodded, watching him unleash that hot stream of piss on me for around thirty seconds I had the urge myself. He sat down like he was slouched in a seat and pulled me over him - he positioned me right over his 7 inch erect cock that almost grazed my pussy. He held my hips while I did it, he moan and said "doesn't it feel good baby girl?" I nodded with a big smile, thinking this was really fun, it was like we were playing a shower game.

    After that incident I became enamoured with his cock and him peeing. When we could we'd always take a shower together and piss on each other, he told me Mom couldn't know we did that in the shower. I'd sneak in when both my parents were in the bathroom. I was naturally curious about mommies pee and her parts around this age as well. When we would all shower together mom would sometimes pee as well. One time she was facing the drain I was in the middle, as she pissed I stuck my hand in between her legs and into the stream. She said "what are you doing back there?" and I giggled, Dad started to giggle too, but made the shhh sign while laughing rather hysterically. Mom pushed my hand away and turned around with a embarrassed smile. Nothing was said about it and they laughed it off and said I was really cute!

    My Dad was always really aroused by me peeing on him; for the first few incidents I don't know how he relieved himself, but after like the 4th or 5th time he would cum in the shower, usually as I pissed on his cock. There was a lot of liquids moving around so I didn't see his cum the first time. The next time I made sure I saw what his hands were doing, and he was gently stroking his cock while my warm pissed drained down his balls. He came fast and I saw and felt his cum splash all over my pussy and ass. I swiped some with my finger and asked what it was. He said his penis makes a treat for me when he's happy, and told me to taste. I didn't get much cause of the shower, but I tasted his cum, and I actually liked the salty taste, because I loved salty things like chips and crackers.

    A lot more dirty things happened between me and daddy after this phase, we stopped showering together around 7, to avoid ridicule essentially. I can detail more in the comments and answer questions if anyone is interested!

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    Straight Male / 50

    Yeah, I am a straight male, just turned 50 years old and am separated from my biological family because of raising a family away from home. Being retired military and raising my own family and they are raising their family, my grandkids, I found it impossible to leave them upon my retirement, therefore I settled in California with my biological family in South Carolina.
    Okay, now my story. Last August my brother was killed in an auto accident. Since my family wasn't that close nor familiar I attended the funeral alone. My brother was 2 years my senior. My sister, the only survivor other than me, is 15 years younger than me. Anyway, she invited me to stay with her and her husband while at home for the funeral. After the dinner that was served after the funeral, a South Carolina custom, I went to my sisters home dead tired. I was given a bedroom upstairs with an adjoining bath. So, after my bath I dawned a robe and sat on the side of the bed letting my hair dry before laying down. As I sat there a light knock on my door appeared. I yelled, "Come In. It's not locked." So in comes my sister. She also has her night clothes on. I asked about Jeff, her husband. She said he had gone to take some relatives home who lived out of town and would not be home until at least midnight. Of well, our conversation was more confined to our past. We were more like strangers than siblings since she was only 3 years old when I joined the military, therefore the only time we ever spent together was during my military leave time spent at home. She very faintly remembered me when I enlisted.
    She asked about my family. My wife and I raised 3 kids. I even went into detail that these three kids were born early in marriage as my wife never liked condoms, skin to skin as she called it. Therefore she persuaded me to get a vasectomy after out third was born. My sister seemed to enjoy my frankness. I asked why she and Jeff never had and children and she confessed that Jeff was sterile, and smiled and said, "Which is good because I too like skin against skin." I just stared at her. Her tits were almost bare beneath her night gown. She noticed my gaze and asked if I liked what I saw which I didn't deny. She looked down and saw that my robe was beginning to shake a little and she asked what my problem was and yanked my robe open so my hard dick was visible. She reached and took it into her hand. I likewise grabbed for her tits which were beginning to perk up. Less than a minute we were both laying back completely naked. She was stroking my hard dick and I was massaging her wet pussy while sucking on her tits at the same time. I asked if she wanted me to eat her out and she replied, "Yes, if that's what you want. Would you like to 69?" She needed no answer, my actions were her answer. We twisted around laying side by side in the 69 position. I buried my mouth into her wanting pussy and she began twisting and moaning and I knew she was cuming because at the same time she was attempting to swallow my entire cock. She was good so I tried to show her that I too had experience. I was sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy while at the same time I was massaging her GSpot with my fingers. I know she was cuming over and over because she could not lay still, kept forcing her pussy to my mouth and even at times she would take my cock out of her mouth and tell me how good it felt and that she had never in her life cumed that many times in close order. Then she would go back to sucking my dick. I told her I was close to cuming and asked if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or in her pussy. She said, "Hold off as long as you can and let's fuck and you cum in my pussy because I love the feel of hot cum squirting inside me. It makes me cum with you."
    I didn't last over 2 more minutes and I started shooting my load deep inside her. She stiffened out and started moaning and telling me how good it felt.
    We lay there a short time and she went down stairs and came back with one of her Disposable Vinegar and Water Douche bottles. She sat in the toilet and wanted me to use the douche on her. I did and she just moaned like she may be cuming again. But, I think I got her clean of my cum. In other words, nothing but clear water was running out.
    Afterward we got a nice warm shower, I washed her pussy and tits well while she was washing my dick and balls. Afterward we dried each other and returned to the bedroom where we left our robe and gown. We lay there naked and talked again and looking at each others naked body we began playing around again. I asked if she was ready to fuck again and she said, "Let's 69. I've had enough hard dick for tonight." So we started 69ing. Again she was trying to swallow my entire dick while I was giving her a wonderful blow job, using everything available except my hard dick which she was taking care of. I have learned about that GSpot from fucking my wife and just how to apply pressure to it while I amd sucking and licking her clit. I would run my tongue up and down and in and out of her pussy while still applying pressure to the GSpot. She was cuming over and over. I finally told her I was cuming but rather than take he mouth away she kept sucking and she swallowed this time.
    I am here to tell you that although we had just finished a funeral of our only brother, we enjoyed each other to the fullest. There is always room for enjoyment even in time of sorrow!

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    Straight Male / 18

    So when i was younger i slept over at my (female) cousins house for fun and all that when it was night time we slept in the same room and in the same bed. But we were just like 14 and 15 year olds so we knew what sex was but was never interested.
    But one day i stayed over and i was going to her and our room i saw her touching her self and watching sex on her tablet. She didnt see me at first but i just causualy walked in and said ummm what are you doing. She replied nothing...just something that i saw online... so we made a deal that i wouldnt say anything to her parents and all that fun stuff,then we pretended like that never happened. Later on in the night i was sleeping and i opened my eyes because i heard some noises next to me i look up and see her watching that stuff again...i wake up and say what are you doing...she jumped and pretended to sleep but i said its ok you dont have to hide it. I asked her if she could show me... so we ended up watching sex together but didnt do anything we were just watching. so when we got bored i told her if she would show me how to touch my self with my penis so she showed me some videos that were helpful and i was jerking my penis back and forth...while i was doing that she pulled down her panties and started touching her vagina. we were masturbating together. So days go by and i sleep over at her house again and its daylight i walk in the restroom and see my cousin naked. Her body was so amazing like in the videos we watch bug boobs perfect pussy and a huge ass i caught my self staring for a long time she was just standing there like she wanted me to see her naked. From that day and till this very day today my cousins body drives me crazy i masturbate to pics of her and imagine her naked again.
    So when i first saw her nude later that day she looked at me all day and said to me did you like what you see. I didnt answer so later on a couple days pass and i go to her house again and i go in to her dirty laundry and find her panties so i go to the bathroom and start jerking i forgot to lock the door and in comes my cousin i am frozen stiff i didnt know what to say. So when it was time to go to bed i said sorry and she said it was ok. We had this game called "It" so every time we wanted to play it we would sat lets do "it". So we would take off out under wear and everything else and just lay there close to each other cuddling each other. But now i am 15 and she is 16 i try to give her signs and i grab her legs and try to seduce her but i think she it doing the same thing because the other day she grabbed my dick and said "oops sorry my bad" in a girly sexy way. Also the other day we were staying up all night and she fell asleep and i jacked off right in front of her in her bed, there was cum right beside her. i told her it was her slobber. And i grabbed her ass and she didnt feel it... i steal her dirty panties and cum all over them i have like 4 pairs of her panties. I slept over last week and when we went to sleep she was passed out but i was barely going to sleep and i put my hand in her boobs and i grabbed them...she didnt feel anything i also reached for her pussy i made her wet, and grabbed her ass... But i wont be satisfied until i fuck her until i fuck my own cousin.

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