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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 20

    A year ago this coming weekend, my mom and I had sex over an eight hour period. We'd both been drinking and reminiscing about my father who died three years before. She confessed to not having sex since he died and told me she really missed it. She also told me she'd once watched me masturbate in my room and very nearly walked in to "Help" me cum. When she told me that, I let her know I used to dream of fucking her and sometimes woke up erect and dying to cum. Then whacking one off with the very vivid memory of me sliding my cock up her pussy.
    Without saying anything else for some time, she took out my cock from my comfy's and began to suck on my dick. I spun her around, practically ripped off her panties and buried my face between her long slender legs. We stayed like that for quite some time with my mom climaxing at least twice that I remember. Again without talking, she took off the rest of her clothing, ahd me sit up and mounted my cock. I'm not saying it was the best sex at that time, but it was to me the most amazing time I've ever had sexually. With my moms breasts bouncing only inches from my face, I leaned forwards and sucked in each nipple one after another. She began to moan as I bit harder onto one of the and orgasmed all over my cock. It sent her pussy pulsing and clamped down onto my cock, which in turn had my cock exploding up her tight pussy.

    When we'd both calmed down, she finally said "Lets go to bed". My mom and I carried on having prolonged sex and it just got better and better. After cumming inside of her for the second time, spooning her as she had me play with her clit, making her orgasm too, we drifted off to sleep. Waking up with it still dark, i slid my erection into her from behind and listened to her soft moaning. My cock was all slippery from her juices and my cock, and using those juices she eased my cock out of her pussy and into her asshole. Going very slowly at first, almost not moving at all, we talked to each other about what we wee doing and where it might lead. All the time I was easing more and more of my cock up her asshole and she began to moan. Pushing back onto me, my mom said "Fuck me son, I need you to". I did as she wanted and started to thrust harder up her tight ass, and I cannot forget just how in love with her I felt at that moment. After a very watery cum load filled her ass, she finally settled back into me and we slept for real.
    Eight hours after she first sucked on my cock, my mom and I took a shower. We washed each other and my mom then had me go down on her again, as the water flowed over us both.
    During our breakfast, we talked like it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. And we decided to see if we'd want to take it any further. My bed is now my moms bed, and over the last year we've become inseparable lovers. I'm not in the least bit ashamed, as to me and to us, it's perfectly normal and natural we became sexual partners. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to carry on loving and fucking the one woman I know I can trust and love forever.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    This all started as an 11yr old boy.

    My older brother was going through puberty and was always walking around with his cock hard showing me what it looked like. Mum and dad both worked so we were home alone a lot.
    One afternoon after school my brother came into my room and pulled his pants down to show me his cock yet again but his time he had other plans. He walked up to me and said suck it. I wasn’t sure what he meant so he said open your mouth so I can put it in. Reluctantly I agreed and that was the start of a daily ritual that went on for years. He was about 14 at the time and was always horny. From that day on every afternoon I would suck his cock. I was a quick learner and he would cum down my throat. He would make me swallow it all. Things progressed over the next year to him asking me if he could put it in my ass. Once again like a good little brother I agreed and he started to slowly ease his cock into my ass. He would grab the vasoline on the way to my room to make it easier to slide in then he would “practice “ fucking me. Most afternoons we had about an hour before our parents would get home and he would spend most of that time fucking me. At first he would cum really quick, after a while he would last longer and longer til eventually he could fuck me for up to an hour before he came inside me.
    He would get me to suck him clean after.
    This however wasn’t enough for him as he approached 16yrs old. At night he would want to cum again before he went to sleep. So he would come into my room after everyone went to bed and stick his cock in my mouth for a quick blowjob before bed.
    So that became the new routine. Fucking in the the afternoon and a blowjob at night. I was happy to oblige. It was really the only time my brother paid any attention to me so I would do just about anything he wanted.
    I finished school at 15 my parents divorced and my father,brother and I moved to a new house to live with my Uncle who was divorced as well.
    My brother was working and I just started a job as well. The house was quite small and we had to share a room together. That just meant easier access for him to fuck me. On the outside we looked like just the average brothers but as soon as the door shut he was naked and fucking me within seconds.
    My uncle soon discovered our little secret and demanded one night that I perform for him as well, or he would tell my father what has been happening behind closed doors.
    So I had to do to him what I’d been doing to my brother all these years. My brother quickly lost interest in me then. He didn’t want to get caught and got his own room built. That left most nights with my uncle fucking me alone in my room.
    My father and brother would go away for weekends leaving me at home with my uncle. He would tie me to the coffee table and fuck me whenever he wanted. He had the whole weekend to do whatever he wanted. He would invite his mates around and they would enjoy my 16yr old ass and mouth. Repeatedly getting fucked and having cum all over me for 2 days straight. I would be allowed up at night to sleep but that was it. Tied back to the table the next morning, hosed off occasionally or pissed on. Whatever they wanted to do to me.
    We moved away from my uncle 2 years later and it all stopped I was 18 and moved into my own place.
    I miss my childhood.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    My sister Cheryl and I first started to play with one another's pussies when we were still in our early teens. She's a year older than me and used to get me to insert a finger inside of her as she gyrated about. She'd orgasm, then do the same to me. Although I didn't climax at first, it still felt amazing and I soon learned that I also needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm. That came in the form of Cheryl licking and sucking on my clit as she finger fucked my pussy. From then on we'd sixty nine and give each other the same pleasure.
    Things gradually moved on with us both wanting more and stronger orgasms from our times together. Eventually, now in our late teens, we'd purchased a couple of dildo's and used those along with our growing oral sexual skills. Also by then I'd developed a liking for my sister to stimulate my asshole too, which again moved on to her fucking my pussy and ass with the dildo's.
    Life moved on for us and we both met guys who eventually became our husband's. Yet we still carried on meeting up for lesbian sex every now and then. Our husbands still have no idea we're sexually involved, or that every once in a while we visit a friend of my sisters, one who has lesbian orgies with her set of middle class friends.
    I'm not saying everyone out there is having wild sex outside of their marriages, but for my sister and I, we set our life path with regards to sex very early, and it's been awesome fun along the way.
    You my think it's not right to cheat on our respective husbands, but then we think they're lucky to have such actively sexual women. One's who treat them to extremely horny sex when we're at home. I know this about my sister, because we share absolutely everything, including what we get up to with our men.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I was traveling for work and about an hour from where my sister lived. I hadn't seen her in a few years since she moved. Since she moved, her husband had cheated on her so they got divorced. She has 3 kids, the youngest is 30.
    I left the job site early one day to go to see her.
    We had a nice time, we had dinner, I had some beers and she had wine.
    When it came time to leave, I hugged her at the door.
    She started crying because it had been long song since I had seen her.
    I don't know what came over me but I began to kiss her tears.
    I then went to kisss her goodbye so I could get back to my hotel. Instead I stuck my tongue in her mouth, Ithought she was going to slap my face, but instead, she started moaning.
    I then began to nibble on her neck. We were both pushing our hips into each other. She said I should stay since I had been drinking, she would setup the spare bedroom.
    I said I would only stay if I could stay in her bed with her. She looked shocked but I quickly went back to her neck. I was nibbling, biting her neck. She said stay.
    I closed the front door, and took her hand and led her to her bedroom. My head was spinning and I know hers was too because she kept saying "you're freaking me out" but I knew I had to have her. Since I was a kid I always thought of her as I was jerking off.
    So I took her to her bed and began kissinging her again, her moans were making me insane.
    I undressed her and laid her on the bed, I immediately attacked her pussy with my tongue.
    She was wet, very wet. I began to tongue her pussy drinking her juice, my cock was rock hard.
    I've had sex with my wife and know that when I cum, I'm done so I was hoping not to disappoint my sister.
    I stopped eating her pussy and climbed on top of her. I went back to her neck and heard her moans. I just pushed my cock inside her. It was incredible, i knew this where my cock belonged. She fucked me back. I came in her 4 times that night. My cock would not get soft, it just wanted to fill her with cum.
    The next morning, I got up and went to work, we have never mentioned it to each other, but I want to cum in her again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My mum made me get circumcised a few weeks before my 18th birthday but unfortunately it went wrong, which turned my nice 6.3 inch (16 cm) uncut junk into a 1.1 inch (2.8 cm) micropenis.

    Everything is healed now but I have a humiliating, baby-sized clit in my pants that is even smaller than you can imagine.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    True Confession: My cousin took my virginity and turned me into a slut

    I grew up on a large cattle ranch the youngest of 5 - I barely remember my oldest brother and sister living at home. By the time I was 12 they were all gone (military, college, married and working away).
    Dad's youngest brother and his only child (a boy) lived in a house nor far from ours. Since my cousin Jimmy was only 2 years older, and he and I were the only kids within miles, became best friends.

    We were the first on the the school bus so we set up front. Coming home Jimmy, being older, was one of the last on the bus so he was always in the back coming home and I would make my way back to him as my girl friends got off. Being reared on a ranch breeding is a fact of life and you learn early the birds and the bees. Once we got off the school bus and walked to our homes we would immediately change clothes and meet somewhere on the ranch as we had chores together - they varied depending on the day and season.

    Jimmy and I had played "show me yours and I'll show you mine" long before he ever sprouted his first pub, much less mine. As we grew older when we would be safe (alone) he would ask me to "pull back the dust flaps" so he could look closely at my pussy. He had put his fingers all over me and in me a little before I ever sprouted pubs and I had kissed/sucked his dick before he ever shot his first load.

    One Saturday our dads and some of the help had gone to the cattle auction and my mom had gone to a church social leaving us teenagers alone with some of the help who were in the barn and in the fields. Jimmy took me to his house where he showed me some of his dad's porn magazines and videos. I was on fire watching people fuck and suck for the first time. It didn't take long for us to get naked and me to have Jimmy's dick in my mouth and his hands and fingers all over my pussy. I was sitting on the edge of his dad's bed and he was standing in front of my while I sucked his dick. He pushed me onto my back spread my legs, I thought he was going to look up my pussy again, when I felt his mouth on my pussy and I went ape shit. It only took a short time before I experienced my first orgasm and I thought I was going to die. My entire body was shaking, I was gasping for air and, when he raised his head, his face was covered. I began to apologize but he pushed me back onto my back again, spread my legs and asked if he could fuck me. I said, yes. That is when I felt my first cock rubbing my pussy lips. He tired to get it in but it wouldn't go in. So, he opened the nightstand drawer pulling out some lube which he spread on his dick and on my pussy. He placed his dick back and said, this is going to hurt for a minute but it will feel good soon. With that He pushed his dick into my tight, virgin pussy and we have not been the same since.

    I love nothing more than the feeling of a dick in my pussy, mouth and ass and all three at the same time too. From that time on we had not been able to keep our hands off each other. I have sucked his dick on the back seat of the school bus and the driver be none the wiser as the seats are high. Then came the year I got on the bus alone because he was away at college knowing ever week or two I sucked his dick and swallowed his load. About a week after school started as I was getting off the driver said, I'm sure you miss Jimmy - if you know what I mean. He had only been our drive Jimmy's senior year working days so he could go to college at night himself. He had been in the Marines for 4 years so he was 23 years old. I got off the bus and said nothing.

    It was a few weeks later when he asked me to move closer to the front so we could chat the last few minutes before he dropped me off. I was sitting behind him on the right side so I could see him. When I set down he laid his right hand on his crotch and said, do you like sucking dick or did Jimmy make you? I was stunned and said nothing. Then he pointed to a round mirror over the exit steps and said, from here I can see the back seat and I knew when your head disappeared you were sucking your cousin. You must be good, because he sure had a smile on his face when you were not visible. I ignored him and its seemed like the next 10 minutes was a hour.

    Before I changed clothes I called Jimmy to relay the story. Jimmy said, I thought he was checking things out but he never said anything, so I knew he was cool. Then he told me, tell him the only way I will suck his dick is if he eats my pussy first. The next morning as I got on the nus I told him what Jimmy said. As soon as we were out of sit of our ranch he stopped the bus and said, come up here, drop those jeans and hold your leg on this bar. I did and he went to town on my pussy then stopped as he only had a couple of minutes. As soon as the last group we off the bus that afternoon I was beside him on my knees unzipping his jeans. I sucked his dick while he maneuvered the bus down the road. When we were out of their others sight he stopped the bus stood up facing the aisle and shoved his dick in my mouth and I loved it. he was bigger than Jimmy and he cum a load.

    A few weekend later as he reached my driveway there stood Jimmy. He opened the door but Jimmy told me to stay in side and in he came. He told me to sake off my jeans and lay in the floor, which I did. That is when he knelt down and began to eat my pussy and told the driver to fuck my mouth, which he did. Then Jimmy got up to watch out and told him to fuck me, which he did and he loaded my pussy with his cum. He is standing there in his jean with the zipped down and his dick out. Jimmy had his out and he shoved it in my used pussy and whispered, I have dreamed to sharing your pussy with another man and I feel his cum all in you and with that he loaded me too. I folded a napkin and put it in my panties to catch the run out as Jimmy and I walked to his house.

    Once inside he told me to take off my pants, which I did and he was eating my pussy like never before and I was rewarding him with one orgasm after the other. I love to see Jimmy's face while he watches me get fucked and his cock gets harder than a piece of granite. I've eaten a few pussies for him and been eaten by a few but, by far, we prefer me, Jimmy, another man or men. He is back at the ranch helping our dads, as was the plan and so am I. Only I work in town and find the men to share with my cousin Jimmy who also sucks dick and likes it in his ass while he eats multiple cream pies from off my pussy lips, tits and stomach. We've never invited any ranch hands as that too close home. However, I'm a cock magnet for other ranch hands and married men in town.

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    Straight Female / 39

    Is it genetic that a daughter should have sex with their father ?. At the age of sixteen I seduced my father and gave him a blow job when he was drunk. Nearly a year later with my mom out of town, I entered his bedroom naked and we had sex the whole night through. From then on until I left home at twenty years of age, my father and I fucked as often as we dared to, sometimes with my mom asleep in the house.
    During the festive period just gone, I entered our home (I'd been to my dads home) and heard the distinct sound of sex coming from the snug. It's my husband's study and chill out area of the house, and not normally a place he'd watch porn.
    Opening the door as quietly as I could, I came across the sight of my nineteen year old naked daughter bouncing up and down on her fathers cock. They both looked so beautiful having sex, I couldn't help but touch myself, even though my father and I had not long had oral sex together. Watching them for about three or four minutes I witnessed my daughter climax on his cock, but ducked out of the way before I heard my husband shout out he was cumming up her pussy.
    I know for certain they've had sex since then. And I also caught my husband tossing himself off, whilst watching what I now believe to be him fucking our daughter on his phone. That in itself had me playing with my clit, but again I didn't interrupt his pleasure.
    I'm away again shortly, and I'd like to be able to tell them I don't mind them fucking. I know my daughter is on birth control and I know for sure my husband is clean. So knowing they obviously love each other, as I still do my father, then I'd love to find a way to tell them it's okay with me for them to make out, but how ???

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm married and happily so. Yet I'm not having sex with my husband. He's not in the least interested in sex anymore and much prefers to sit by a river bank fishing.
    It was his idea for me to find and have sex with other men, as he simply lost any libido he did have after his motor cycle accident. I was a for some time using a variety of vibrators and dildo's to satisfy my high sex drive, but after he walked in on me fucking myself using a suction cup dildo in the shower, he very calmly said "You need to get a man to sort that pussy and arse out love". Thinking he was joking, I asked him later on as we sat watching tv, and his reply was "Look I ain't fucking you, so find someone who will".
    It was around a month later when I plucked up the courage to ask a neighbour of ours round. I knew he liked me, yet I was so nervous having not been interested in other men that way, since I got married. My husband was out, yes fishing, and within minutes I had a twenty seven year old's cock in my mouth. We spent an age giving each other oral sex and I orgasmed over and over again as he licked my pussy and arsehole. Then desperate to feel his cock inside me, I mounted him and felt a hot thick hard cock deep up my pussy for the first time in over two years.
    In those minutes and hours, I went cock crazy and took two wonderful sticky cum loads deep inside my pussy and arse, and still encouraged our neighbour to give me more. I was just about to suck his cock back into my mouth again on our sofa when my husband walked in. You should have seen our neighbour jump. Yet all my husband said was "Hey **** make sure you fuck her good and proper". With my husband happily cleaning off his fishing gear in the kitchen, I lay over the arm of the sofa and had **** fuck me again from behind.
    It seems weird now after all the other men I've now had sex with, but having my husband watch him fuck me that afternoon will live with me forever. In the twelve months since our neighbour, who still fucks me, and I had sex, I've gone on to have sex with eight different men. Two like the neighbour have become regular fuck buddies and my husband knows both guys very well. He should do, he works with the pair of them.

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    Straight Female / 19

    About two months ago I discovered my dad fucking a young teenager I know. I knew my mom had stopped wanting sex, as we spoke often regarding our female needs. Yet I didn't know my mom allowed my father to fuck other females in our home, even when she was at home. Because she at home, I didn't for one minute think the noise coming from our guest room was my dad fucking a girl, and one only six months younger than me. Yet when I entered there he was pounding her from behind and by the sounds of it, she was enjoying every thrust. As soon as he knew I was stood there, he calmly withdrew from her pussy and said he'd speak to me later. The whole time he spoke, I couldn't take my eyes off his massive cock. I'd known from certain hints my mom had made in the past, my dad was well endowed. But nothing prepared me for the sight of his huge dick that day. The largest one of my ex boyfriends was, eight inches. My dad's cock is easily two to three inches longer and I'd say almost twice as thick too. Still looking at his cock, he repeated he'd speak to me later and I looked up to see him smiling. No sooner than he'd said it, he slid his cock back up the girls pussy, and I watched every inch enter her.
    Downstairs I spoke to my mom, and she just as calmly as my dad had been, spoke to me about him and his needs. The girl and my dad came downstairs about twenty minutes later and she said hello to my mom and then promptly left. It was if nothing had taken place and everything was just normal. But it wasn't and I couldn't get my head around it for some time. My dad did try to speak to me about his sexual needs, but I wasn't having any of it. Only later in my room did I know why I wouldn't accept their reasons.
    Lay on my bed I found myself thinking about my dad and his huge cock. I also couldn't stop thinking about it sliding up the girls pussy from behind. Before I knew it I was playing with myself, rubbing my clitty hard and inserting a finger up my pussy. With the memory of my dads cock and seeing him fuck a teenager, I came as hard if not more than I'd ever orgasmed before. And almost every day since I've masturbated to the memory of his cock and longed for it to be fucking me.
    You see, that's what it was that had me not wanting to understand. It wasn't my dad, my mom or the girl. It was me. I wanted to be the one taking his enormous cock, I wanted to be his girl receiving a good fucking and I wanted to feel him taking me to amazing orgasms one after another. And to this day, I still do.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I am the cause of my own situation. What I did was wrong. Mark is my son and was almost eighteen when my friend Michelle and I took Mark and his friend Steve to a water park. Let me put things into perspective. I divorced when Mark was five. Over the years since then, I have dated a number of guys and even a couple moved in with me. I have a very nice body and one of the guys I dated use to like for me to flash. Flashing was an addiction for me. I loved the thrill and loved it when guys looked. All of these guys had another thing in common, they didn’t want a relationship, just sex. It was always fun, but after a while I got tired of them being lazy. Mark was an athlete. He was in excellent physical shape and was very attractive. To say that I was in a good place mentally during this time would be an inaccurate statement.

    Mark and Steve were in the wave pool and I was watching while sitting in a beach chair at the waters edge. They were having such a good time. Mark got out and I asked how it was. He told me to get in and try it. So, I walked in and went under water very quickly. It wasn’t any fun to me. I walked out and back up to Mark. Steve had walked away and Michelle was in the lazy river. I sat down, put my sunglasses back on and began telling mark that wasn’t any fun. A few minutes later a very nice lady walked by and told me my breast was exposed. I figured it might have slipped to the side a little as I was wearing a string bikini, which wasn’t a good idea, but I loved the attention while wearing it. When I looked down, my left boob was completely out and my top had pulled up over it. I was kind of mortified, but after thinking about it, I liked it a little. Mark and I jumped up to get drinks when I realized that he didn’t say a word. I stopped him and asked if he saw it. He sheepishly nodded yes as he lowere his head. This excited me and I thought I would embarrass him a little. I told him he was a little shit for not telling me. When we were in line, I asked him if it looked good or bad. He didn’t know what I meant, so I reached down and touched my breast. He smiled really big and said it looked good. If we were somewhere else when he said that, I would have given him a big kiss. It was all I could do to contain myself.

    This sounds terrible, I know it, but it only got worse from there. We were going to leave and Michelle and Steve headed out to the car first. There were outside lockers at the water park. We had the back set, which couldn’t be seen unless you walked in and through the other lockers all the way to the back. All I needed to do was put on shorts and a shirt over my bikini. But, I was a little excited and told Mark to see if anyone was coming. When he said no, I took off my bikini top and threw on my shirt. It was very quick, but mark was watching the whole thing. For a second I thought about doing the same thing with my bikini bottoms, but decided that was too much even for me. As we walked to the car, mark asked me why I didn’t take off my bikini before I put on my shorts. As I smiled at him, I told him I thought it would embarrass him. Instead he asked if we wanted to go back in so I could change. I laughed said no. Then mark said I could step between two vans in the lot and he would stand cover for me. I realized I had created a monster. I really thought about doing it, bud didn’t.

    The rest of the summer before mark left for college he made comments to me like he wondered if I wanted to lay out or if I want my back rubbed, topless, of course. It was cute and kind of fun. I think during this point, we both looked at each other most of the time not as mother-son. I would tease him by going braless in tight shirts or wearing skimpy nighties. We were both having a good time.

    Mark and Steve went off to college. The school was only 30 minutes away and they moved into a dorm. I had to work in that same town every Tuesday. I would stop by the dorm and see mark and Steve. One day while I was there, I walked up the stairs to the second floor where they lived. As I was walking down the hall, one of the guys whistled at me. I hurried into Mark’s room. In walked the guy who whistled and was trying to say hello when Steve told the guy I was Mark’s mom. He didn’t believe and began saying I was fine and so on. Steve got up to leave to go eat and it left mark and me in the room. I brought up what they guy said. Mark immediately agreed and began telling me how good looking I was. It made me feel really good. We left and went to go eat. When we got back, Mark leaned over and gave me a kiss. It was more than a peck on the lips. It felt good.

    A month later i stopped by and we went out to eat. When we were done, Mark asked me to come up to his room. At first I said no, but he said he had something to give me. We walked up there and into the room. He shut the door and I asked what he had for me. Out of nowhere, he grabbed me and began kissing me. I submitted to his will and we began passionately kissing. Before I knew it, I was laying on top of him on his bed. I stopped to ask where Steve was. All he said is he won’t be back tonight. We kissed some more and I finally decided I better leave. Mark was begging me to stay. I asked what would we do. He just smiled and I kept asking what he wanted to do. He finally got up and kissed me and whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me. I acted shocked and told him I was his mother. Kind of defeated the purpose of that statement as I began kissing him again. I asked him how would I get out of here without causing suspicion. He said that we would get in bed and have fun then at three or four in the morning, we would get up, he would have me wear a hoodie and I could walk right out the side door. With the hoodie, no one would know who it was. I told him that it would be wrong. He said he would skip all of his classes the next day and follow me home and would could have sex at home. I told him no and left shortly after that. If he would have followed me home, I would have had sex willingly with him, but he didn’t. I enjoyed the teasing and the excitement when I was at his dorm, but I knew that if we were left alone at home, we would have sex. So, I hurried up and began dating a guy. Mark was devastated. When I stopped by to see him, he would leave. Steve told me that Mark didn’t like the guy I was dating. I knew why. Christmas was horrible. The next semester we barely spoke. Over the summer mark and Steve rented an apartment and Mark only came home one weekend. It was killing me.

    A few months ago, I broke up with Sam, who I was dating. I didn’t tell mark, but he heard. He was still barely talking to me. On Tuesdays I still was in the same town as Mark. We had a family business where I had to do the bookkeeping and take the money to the bank. I did this every week by myself, but this week, I called mark and asked for his help. I explained that there was a considerable amount of money and I was concerned about taking it to the bank myself. He agreed to help, so I picked him up at his apartment. He didn’t speak even though I was talking and asking questions. We went to the business and got the money and took it to the bank. We drove back to the business and I put away a few things. There was no one around, so I went back to the bathroom and changed my top. I took off my top and bra and put on a very thin low cut top. I walked out and Mark immediately noticed. I didn’t have to say a thing to him. He leaned down to kiss me, but I was concerned about doing that in front of the glass door. I told him we needed to go in back. My intentions were just to kiss, but he thought I was giving him the full green light. He began kissing me and took off my top. Instantly he unzipped my pants. This was not the time to say no again. I wanted the first time to be nicer than him bending me over a dirty sink and pounding me so hard from behind. He came inside me and I turned around and got on my knees to clean off his cum covered cock. Over the weekend Mark came back. We spent as much time as we could having sex. Neither of us can walk. I know what I’m doing is horrible, but it feels so right.

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