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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 25

    To start off, I guess I was a typical horny teenager. I got into porn by the time I was 15. I'm an only child, with 2 parents who both worked. I had far too much time to myself to get into trouble. I had the occasional girlfriend and started having sex when I was 16, but more often than not, I was always in my room on the computer getting into more and more porn.

    I was also 16 when I first came across "i****t" themed porn. It didn't really jump out at me right away. Outside of it being impossible to ignore my mom's big tits, I had never really thought about her that way. After seeing enough of the porn, I started to get into the idea more and definitely started thinking about my mom. Every once in a while I'd go and get some of her panties and jerk off into them, being careful not to get any cum on them. It was shortly after my 17th birthday when one morning my dad angrily approached me, with my mother slowly walking behind him. I was always very careful about deleting my browser history and all that, but somehow I must have forgotten to just once, and that's all it took for my parents to find that I had been looking at/watching the mom/son themed stuff. I was mortified as my dad yelled at me and wound up kicking my ass pretty good. I was already bigger than him at that point, but I wasn't going to hit my dad. Mom was basically silent. I could tell she wasn't happy with him taking it so far. My dad left when he was done with me, and mom came and patted my head and then followed him. That was the end of it, or so I thought. I even stopped looking at the mom/son stuff, out of fear of what would happen if I got caught again.

    A year passed. It was a few days after I turned 18. Mom had a day off from work and was there when I got home from my shitty job that I had gotten after I finished high school. We made small talk for a while. Eventually, she got kind of quiet and I asked her "what's wrong?" and she told me "oh nothing. Just thinking. Bills, you know?" I dismissed it as just that.

    A few minutes later, still quiet, mom asked me "Andrew... do you still think about it?"

    Being clueless, I asked "think about what?"

    I was sitting on the couch, as she stood over by the recliner and folded laundry. I looked at her as she paused and quietly said "you know... me. Us."

    My mind raced. I knew exactly what she was talking about. And yes, I had very much been thinking about her, us. She's a milf, for lack of a better term. 46 years old at that point. 5'5", long brown hair with gray mixed in. Nice, thick figure. Huge tits. I had always imagined what they must look like out of bra and shirt.

    I sat, frozen. I let out with several stutters "what? That? Maybe. Why? I mean... honestly, yes. I'm sorry. Why?"

    She said "it's okay, sweetie. I've thought about it, too."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I stared into my lap nervously for a bit, before looking over at my beautiful mother, who was staring straight at me. She was blushing and smiling. She asked me "what do you like about it? You know... does the mother/son thing turn you on? Is it me?"

    Still nervous as fuck, still sort of stuttering, I told her "well, I guess it's both? I think the idea is hot. And you... look at you. You're hot." If I could do it over I'd have probably told her she was beautiful, or sexy, or something more flattering than "hot", lol. But being 18 and nervous, that's what I blurred out. And lucky for me, she loved it.

    "What about you? You've thought about it? What do you like about it?" I asked her.

    "It's very naughty. I can't put my finger on it, but I haven't been able to stop wondering what it'd be like. And you're very handsome, Andrew."

    By now my imagination was in full swing. The thought of doing anything with my mother was enough to give me a full out erection already. She noticed, as I failed to hide it.

    She walked over to me, leaned over, and rubbed my cock through my pants. "Why don't you come with me? Let's stop wondering."

    She didn't have to tell me twice. We held hands as we walked to mom and dad's bedroom. She told me to get undressed as she headed into their bathroom and shut the door. I quickly undressed and waited. A few minutes passed, and she opened the bathroom door. There stood my mother, wearing this red piece of lingerie and black high heels. She stood in her best "sexy pose" as I stared at her gorgeous body shown off by the see through top of the lingerie.

    I was sitting on the bed as she walked towards me. My heart was pounding. She sat next to me and we started to kiss. Passionately. Only seconds had passed before we leaned back and laid down on the bed, continuing to kiss. I felt her up and down. The girls I had been with before couldn't compare to the curves she has. And the kissing was great.

    Soon enough, she got into a different position. I knew what was coming. She paused for a moment, as her hand wrapped around my cock, and then she looked at me and said with a smile "you're much bigger than your father. Just so you know." And then she took my cock in her mouth. At first I laid still as she sucked my cock. A few minutes had passed before I sat up a bit, reached down, and put my hand on the top of her head. I ran my hand through her hair, before pushing down on her head and forcing my cock into her throat. She pulled off and excitedly said "that's it baby, make mommy do what you want." And then she took my cock back in her mouth.

    I'm not sure how long it went on like that, with me occasionally pushing down on her head. There were times where I think she was going to pull off for a break, but I kept her head down. When I felt myself getting close, I held her head down and began to fuck her mouth. She made distressed sounds but I was so close, I kept going until I was cumming in her mouth and throat. When I was done and let her up, she coughed and caught her breath, and then swallowed my cum.

    She stood up in front of me and asked me "so what do you think we should do now?" with a huge smile on her face. I stood and got very close to her. I slid the straps of her lingerie down to the sides and exposed those gorgeous, huge tits of hers. I played with them for a bit, getting a bit rough at times. I also reached behind her and grabbed her ass for a while, and told her "you're so fucking sexy, mom."

    She grabbed my cock and said "so are you, Andrew... son."

    I pushed her onto the bed. She slipped off her panties and the heels came off. She spread her legs as I shoved them open further. To this day, I'm not sure that anything can beat the excitement of that first time I shoved my cock inside my mom and she yelled "oh my god baby yes! Take me!" I can picture it like it was yesterday. And, I took her.

    I didn't even bother starting slow. I knew I was good to go for a while, having already cum once from the blowjob. I fucked her hard and fast, as she moaned loudly. I was rough and I moved around a lot. Her legs out wide, me leaning onto her and putting my hands on her head to pull her towards me; or her legs up on my shoulders, as I leaned down on her and tried to fuck the life out of my mother. She was enjoying every second of it. At one point during a position change, she started fingering herself with me still inside her. I moved her hand out of the way and started to finger her instead, as I very slowly moved my cock in and out. It didn't take that long before she was yelling that she was cumming. She repeated "mommy's cumming" and "you're making mommy cum" a few times. She wasn't kidding. Her whole body shook, as she'd wrap her legs around me and then spread them wide. I started to fuck her again and she yelled so loud I was worried the neighbors could even hear it.

    I fucked her hard and fast again, until I could feel myself getting close. I announced that I was going to cum, basically trying to see where she wanted me to do it. She just told me "okay baby, cum for me. Cum for mom."

    I pounded her until I started to shoot my load inside her. I grunted and even let out a moan as I buried my cock in my mother and emptied my balls inside her. We looked into each other's eyes and she had this open mouthed, wide-eyed, intense, serious pleasured look on her face. That's the best way I can describe it. We were both in heaven. When I had come to a stop and had finished unloading, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in close and we kissed for a very long time, exchanging smiles several times along the way.

    "So, was it anything like you imagined it'd be like?" She asked me.

    "Even better, mom. You?"

    &q uot;Even better, baby."

    She told me she was going to take a shower and that I had better go do the same before dad gets home. I agreed. We had resumed normal activities before he got home, while exchanging undoubtedly dumb-looking grins with each other up until he got there.

    We went a few months without doing it again or even mentioning it again. I wanted to do it again so badly, but I didn't know if she still wanted more, or if it was just a one time thing for her.

    Eventually one day we were alone and having a disagreement about something, and I just lost it and pushed her down onto the couch. "Well this just got interesting" she said. "What are you going to do now? You're angry, and you've got me all alone."

    I ended up going down on her for a bit before fucking her on the couch. That was the day I realized we could do it a lot more often. And so we did, and have been ever since.

    She's 53 now, and I'm 25. Her tits sag a bit more and she's got more gray hair, but she still looks great. And she still loves to fuck. It's harder for us to find the opportunity as often these days. I'm married and living with my wife, but I still try to find enough time to go and visit mom once in a while. My wife knows I go over there a lot, and teases me that I'm a "momma' boy." If she only knew how true that were, lol.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I've been reading on this site for a while, but until now, I didn't have anything to write about.

    I finally got the courage to try to hook up with my dad. He's been raising me by himself since my mom died when I was 6. I've wanted him since probably when I was 15 or so. We had a strange but strong relationship. He was pretty strict, but he was also very much my best friend. I've had a few boyfriends over the years, but nothing too serious. Enough to have a decent amount of sexual experience at this point. That was one thing dad and I never really talked about. It was the basic "you shouldn't be doing it. But if you do, be safe."

    I never had the courage to tell him I wanted him. By the time I was 17, I was wearing pretty skimpy stuff around the house, trying to get his attention. It never worked how I'd wanted. He'd notice, but he'd ask me why I was dressed like that and I'd tell him because it was comfortable.

    Aft er I graduated high school, I went off to college. I'd only see him some weekends or during breaks. On our most recent break after finals, I was back home visiting him. He looked good, as always. He's 41 now, and still in great shape. And, as always, I still wanted him.

    I was dressed in some short yellow shorts and a white tank top. The whole day had passed with no response, as usual, before he said goodnight and went to bed. As soon as he went into his room, I started to drink some of the brandy he had in the kitchen. I figured I'd just drink away my misery. He's never been okay with the idea of me drinking until after I turn 21, so I had to wait until he was in bed.

    Anyway, a couple hours had passed. I was certainly buzzed. I was just sitting in the living room watching the Batman v Superman movie on demand, and continuing to drink. Suddenly I noticed dad standing off to my right, glaring angrily at me. "You know I don't like you drinking" he said.

    "Dad, I'm in college. I drink. It's a part of life", I told him.

    He was wearing a robe that was tied closed, but his some of his chest and chest hair were exposed. I stared at him and I'm pretty sure I cracked a smile.

    He took a seat in his recliner, and started to watch the movie with me. We hung out and talked for a bit, mostly about how we agreed that Superman would completely destroy Batman in a fight, lol. Before I knew it, I was getting more comfortable and forgetting where I was and who was around me. I took off my bra as we talked and laid it on the top of the couch behind me. It wasn't even a minute later before I realized that my dad was checking me out. He was trying not to stare, but was failing miserably. I realized he could see my tits and nipples very clearly through my white tank top. For those who are curious, 36DD. I'm on the "chubby" side, but I've got curves, thank you.

    I don't know if it was the alcohol, or the years of wanting and frustration getting to me, or both... but I jumped at this opportunity. He looked straight at me, as I slowly took off my shirt.

    Eventually he asked me "what the fuck are you doing, Amy?" That was not the response I was hoping for. I told him "it's okay, dad. You can look. You can touch if you want to. I've wanted you to for so long. That's why I dress like this." I was putting myself out there.

    "No, it's not okay. Put your shirt back on and go to bed. NOW!"

    I teared up and ran to my room. I had been shut down. I cried for a bit. Maybe 5 minutes had passed, when I heard my door open and then close. The light was off but there was enough light from the outside for me to make out my dad's nice frame walking towards my bed. I could see him take off his robe and dropped it on the chair on his way over to my bed.

    "You still awake?" He asked me.
    "Yeah, I'm up." I replied.
    I was still on top of my blanket, and I'm quite sure he could see my topless body laying there, as he couldn't take his eyes off me.

    He sat on the bed next to me and sighed. I rubbed my hand on his back. I leaned in and kissed me. I got soaking wet almost immediately, as his hand started to rub my stomach, and then my thigh.

    "Daddy?" I said.
    "Yeah baby?"
    "Fuck me." I said, in my best attempt at a sexy voice.

    "I really shouldn't" he said. But he climbed all the way onto the bed, and slipped my shorts and panties off. I started to spread my legs and he shoved them open wider, and wasted no time in shoving his huge cock inside me. I say huge, because it felt huge. I'm not sure how big he is, but I can tell you I've never been with anything even close to his size before. I let out a very loud moan and an "oh fuck, DADDY!"

    I could very plainly make out the huge grin on his face as he started to fuck me. Hard but slow, deeper and deeper until he was hitting my cervix. I've never felt anything like it. I'd thought about this moment for years, and never could have imagined it going like this. Dad was fucking me like he had probably been wanting to do it for years, too. He was very rough and aggressive. He continued to fuck me hard, getting faster and then slowing down, then speeding right back up. I'm not sure how long it lasted, or how many times I must have said "oh daddy fuck me" or how many times he said something like "you're so fucking tight, baby girl." When he was ready to cum, he pulled out, and jerked off onto my stomach. When he was done, he went down on me and ate my pussy until I came. We laid there together and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, he was gone. I took a shower and got dressed, but I put a black tank top and this short denim skirt hiked up enough where it just screams "fuck me", lol. I couldn't stop thinking about that night, and wanted more.

    When I wandered into the kitchen he was sitting in his robe again, like so many mornings when I was growing up. He sat and drank coffee as I strolled in slowly.

    "Good morning, daddy." I said.
    "Good morning, Amy." He replied.

    I went over to grab some cereal and make a bowl. To my delight, I got interrupted.

    Dad was right behind me, leaning into me and pushing me against the counter. He pushed me down and bent me over it.

    "Is this what you want? To be my little slut?" He asked me.

    "Yes sir." I said.

    He lifted my skirt even higher, exposing my ass and pussy. I hadn't put on panties. He roughly got his hand in between my legs and started to rub my pussy first, then finger me. And then he opened his robe, got his cock out, and slid into me from behind, in very rough fashion. This was probably even more shocking than the first time. That my dad was being rough with me was a dream come true. The truth was that yes, I absolutely want to be his little slut. Any time and anywhere.

    He kept me bent over the counter and pressed down on my back with his hand. He also spanked me several times, very hard. I was very loud, and he called me all sorts of dirty names. Bitch, slut, whore, and my personal favorite, he called me his "little slut daughter." That's perfect.

    He fucked me hard and deep, and when he started to go really fast, I knew he was getting close. The next thing I knew, my dad was cumming inside me. I could feel spurt after warm spurt inside my pussy, as he grunted and held my head down against the counter. He didn't let me up until he was completely done. He stood me up, turned me around, and kissed me very hard. He told me what a "sexy fucking body" I have. This was still all a shock to me. My dad had never really been the type to use swear words. And now I was his "little slut daughter."

    I had 3 more days of break left before I had to go back to school. We played several more times. He made me suck his cock, and we fucked a lot. I couldn't have imagined it going any better. We don't really even talk about it, outside of when it's happening. Everything else is normal. I left for school again, but not before he stopped me as I approached the door, made me get down and suck his cock, and then fucked me doggystyle. He came inside me, and sent me on my way. I drove the entire way to school in cum soaked panties. Now I miss him more than ever before. I can't wait to visit him again, or get him to visit here. I'm daddy's slut, and I couldn't be happier about it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 52

    I caught her sucking her son's cock. I bent her over and made her keep sucking while I fucked her. I made her get on his cock and I fucked her ass. I came on his face.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    I recently turned 21. On my birthday, I went out with a bunch of friends and my boyfriend. Naturally, I drank a ton and got really fucked up. By the end of the night, I had made my way back to my parents house with my boyfriend. I didn't last long before I must have passed out/fell asleep in my bed, still fully dressed, minus the heels I had been wearing.

    I woke up, I'm not sure how much later, with my legs up on what I thought were my boyfriend's shoulders, and he was fucking me. I still had my clothes on. My skirt was just riding up and my panties were still on, just slid to the side. The sex felt great. When I moaned and said "mmm... baby fuck me", he stopped fucking me. I asked "what's wrong babe? Fuck me!" And as I squinted in the poorly lit room, I saw that it was not my boyfriend inside me. I stared in shock. It was my little brother. I mean, I shouldn't say my "little" brother, because he didn't feel little, lol. But yeah, there he was, frozen in his tracks, still balls deep inside me. It felt great. I didn't even care that the little shit was r****g me in my sleep. I wanted more.

    He started to slowly pull out. I quickly told him "no, don't. Keep fucking me." I didn't have to tell him twice. He kept going and going. Hard and deep. I think he was getting close, because he stopped fucking me and fingered me until I came. And then he shoved his cock right back inside me, fucked me for a little longer, and then the little shit grunted, pinned my legs back, and came inside my pussy. Up until that point, I hadn't even realized he wasn't wearing a condom. But I sure found out, as I felt his warm cum filling me up. Almost immediately after he was done, he ran off, without saying a word. I fell back to sleep pretty soon after.

    When I finally saw him the next day, he acted as if nothing had happened. I don't know if he was banking on me having been so drunk that I'd forget or what, but we still haven't talked about it. I know I should be mad, but I'm not. I didn't mind being taken, and the sex was very good. I wish my boyfriend were that big and could fuck me like that.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    Right smack bang in the middle of having my pussy so wonderfully fucked by a delivery driver, one I'd had sex with a few times, my father in law Ron walked in.
    That's it I thought. My marriage to his son is over and I'll be out of my home within the hour. I couldn't have been more wrong.
    Telling the driver to fuck off, I was left sat naked on the rug in front of the fire. But instead of getting his phone out to phone his son who was working, Ron took his cock out and told me to suck it. Not fully understanding straight away, my father in law said "Suck it, or find somewhere else to live".
    Seconds later I had my fifty eight year old father in laws cock sliding down my throat. And boy did he fuck my mouth. Holding my head he began to thrust hard into my mouth and started to moan loudly as my tongue swirled around his cock head. But Ron and I both knew with me naked as I was, he wasn't only going to want a blow job. And I was right.
    Getting me flop over the arm of the chair his son sits in, he got in behind me and in one long thrust entered my pussy. Ron isn't the largest cocked man I've ever had sex with. Indeed his son is larger, but Ron certainly knows how to fuck a woman and wow can he last for ages. Fucking me like I was just a common whore, he pounded my pussy for what seemed like an hour until I was gushing all over his cock from an extremely strong climax. Then sliding his cock out of my front love tunnel, he drove his cock hard straight up my asshole.
    Impaled on his cock, and with him slamming into me, my mobile buzzed, letting me know by the distinct sound it was his son texting me. Continuing to fuck my ass, I backed onto Ron's cock and let him know I was close to orgasm again. It gave him a push to fuck me even harder, and only a minute or so later he was screaming out his own orgasm as he filled my asshole with his cum.
    We chatted as I got dressed and he made us both a drink. And we came to an arrangement I was only too happy to meet. We decided he wouldn't let his son know I fucked around. And given what we'd just done, he could and would fuck me whenever we got the chance and time to do so. We also decided or I did, that the remaining part of our mortgage which Ron was the main custodian of, he'd pay off in full.
    It's been exactly a year since Ron caught me fucking the delivery driver. My husband and I are much better off now the mortgage has gone. Ron told his son it was his present to us, for missing out so much on his upbringing when he was working away. What it means for me, is Ron is round pretty much once or twice a week. And every time we have sex which only gets better and better each time we fuck.
    Our arrangement isn't for everyone and we make sure we keep it wel hidden from my husband, but for me and for Ron it works out just fine. I get all the sex my husband can't offer and keep up with. And Ron gets a willing younger woman who quite frankly, wished she'd had her father in law fucking her years ago.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    Almost a year ago my 25 year old daughter moved in with me after living on her own for nearly five years. We both hold good jobs and one day talked about sharing expenses which would have us living very well. We talked about privacy issues, shared chores and the like and decided that we would be the best room mates each of us could have.

    Since I turned 50, I decided I was going to shed my conservative parental image which I certainly felt was the responsible thing to do for my daughter and set free those private thoughts, fantasies and even desires. Over the years I had various taboo thoughts but always let them subside in favor of setting the right example.

    Before I share what happened, I'll share that my daughter and I look remarkably alike. In fact, many people over the years have said it was striking how much we look alike.We have that light goth look I guess as we both wear a lot of black (no doubt to disguise our curvy shape)have short black hair, very large breasts, (I'm 38G and she is 38HH) full ass and thighs and this would include, do to our heritage of Italian and French,the ability to grow an abundance of pubic hair. We knew each other didn't shave, but just how much.

    Over the later years I would have a passing thought about whether we looked that much alike with our clothes off. I was curious if her areolas were big around like mine and whether or not they were the same color and again, curious if her pussy mirrored mine. These thoughts increased in the last year once I allowed my mind to concentrate on them. I found them to be really arousing, to the point that I would think about them when we were together which was a first.

    During this time I could feel her energy as well and would catch her in that occasional look which indicated to me she too was curious what my tits looked like for instance. Sometimes you just know these things through intuition. My thoughts evolved beyond curiosity one day when we were in the living room and I was on the couch with my lap top, in my robe without any panties on. I had my knees up holding the lap top between them and while not realizing or thinking about it, I was exposing my pussy. She was staring right at my pussy and was trying not to be obvious.

    That night, I masturbated about her looking at my pussy and this was the pivotal moment that changed how and what I thought. Actually masturbating about my daughter looking at my pussy was a new level and becoming more turned on than ever before while doing it told me there was no doubt more to follow. The next day and several days after I was consumed with thoughts. I wanted to go deeper into this and I guess I was hesitating. After reminding myself that I was "letting go", that night I fantasized and masturbated about my daughter not only looking at my pussy, but me noticing and then laying back on the couch and masturbating for her. I had never cum so much in my life.

    The next morning, that's all I could think about. Right then, my daughter called and asked me to go to the mall to shop for bathing suits. She came over and we went out for the day. As she was driving, I was picturing my session the night before. I actually got wet. Once at the mall we picked out a few suits each and headed for the changing room only to find them very busy.There was only one available on the end I told her to go first. She turned to me with a look of desire and said, "let's do it together."

    That instant a million things flashed through my mind. We were going to be naked. Did she suggest this for that reason? Did she feel that this was the "permission slip" we both needed? Would we turn our backs on each other and undress? Would we cleverly cover up while changing? We opened the door and there were two benches and hooks on each side. We hung our
    suits on the hooks and then turned toward each other. To my surprise, she said, "I've been waiting for this." I just calmly smiled and said, "me too." That said all that needed to be said.

    We both took off our tops, then slide down our jeans. We're standing in bra and panties with anticipation. She said, "will you unhook my bra?" I said, "sure." She turned around and I unsnapped it, then I did the same. We faced each other and dropped our bras. Our huge tits fell out. We both stared for several minutes. My question was answered. Our areolas were very much the same in size and the light brown color. She said, "do you nipple really grow large when you're turned on?" Rather than say anything, I started tugging on them and rubbing them. It didn't take long and they were incredibly erect. My daughter said,"mom, those are amazing."

    Oddly enough, we were very comfortable. I think because we both knew that this day would come. We spent another five minutes or so getting our nipples hard and both just admiring the other. Then I just looked her in the eye and slide down my panties to reveal my big triangle of hair. She then did the same and she too was incredibly hairy. We both then sat on our respective benches and opened our legs for each other to see. Both of our lips were alike which is, in simple terms, big. Our hair travels down the inside of our thighs and is very thick. My daughter said, "I love yours." I then said, "I think yours is very sexy."

    While it was a bit bold, I said, " I've masturbated about you looking at me." She then said, "remember that time in the living room when I was looking? I masturbated about it that night." That turned me on so much! I brought my hand down to my pussy and started fingering myself with my middle two fingers. You could hear my fingers sloshing around I was so wet. She then started to masturbate. We both starred at each others pussy's and fingered ourselves wildly trying not to make any noise. She looked at me and whispered. "I'm going to cum." Right then, she squirted! The first squirt hit my feet. I started cumming. As She squirted again and then a third time, I was mouthing the words, "oh my God!"

    Th is was so amazingly hot. I had no idea that she would squirt. We were both nearly uncontrollable we were so turned on. I wanted more. I wanted i****t with my daughter. I could tell that she was there too. We stood up and stepped toward each other. We met and our tits touched. We then leaned in and kissed. She put her hands on my ass and began rubbing it. I did the same to her. I then put my hand on her tit and began to feel her. Our kiss got passionate. I then said, "let's go home."

    We got dressed, left the suits hanging there and headed for the car. The ride home seemed like forever. I said, "are you with this?" She said, "oh my God yes." We got home and headed for my room. We both tore off our clothes and laid on the bed. We began to finger each other and kiss again. Now we could be vocal and both of us were moaning and panting. I whispered in her ear, "lick me please." I spread my legs and pulled them back so my knees hit my tits. My c**t was wide open for her. As I watched her head get close to my pussy it seemed like slow motion. I began to say, "oh my God, oh my God" in anticipation of her tongue.

    With my ass in the air, I could see her clearly as her tongue reached my hairy lips. It was so surreal. I was having i****t and had never been so turned on. She put her fingers in my while she tongued me. It only took a minute or so and I knew I was going to cum. I said, "I'm going to cum honey, moms going to cum." She moaned sucked harder as I said that as if to say, "yes, cum for me." I let it go and she sucked wildly to ensure she was getting it all. She now laid on her back and I was going to lick my first pussy. Never did I think it would be my own daughters. I loved it. She was incredibly wet. I licked up and down her pussy and ass. It was euphoric. Within a few minutes she let me know she was going to cum and said," mom, I'm going to squirt again. I'm going to squirt on you." She did. Oh my word. It soaked my hair and face. I was swallowing as fast as I could.

    We laid there and got our breath not saying a word. She then said, "that was so fucking hot." I said, "oh,. I agree." The next month she moved in with me. We continue to explore and it has evolved into us eating each other in a 69 and enjoying toys like a large strap-on dildo and rabbit vibrator. We have been doing this for eight months about once a week and we both continue to find it very exciting. Recently we talked about how it might be if we invited another woman to be with us.We both agreed that that might to remain a fantasy as finding a woman who would understand and condone i****t might be hard to find.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I've been sexually active since I was 12. I developed early, and guys were always pretty interested in me. I've always liked the attention and sex.

    Well... at various family gatherings I sort of made my way around, and gave blowjobs to 4 of my cousins and my older brother, and different events. I really just did it for fun, and to see if I could. Never got turned down, never got any complaints, lol. They were all older than me.

    No one ever said anything to each other, or so I thought. When I was 16, my brother invited me to his place to hang out. When I got there, it was my brother, and all 4 of the cousins I had given blowjobs to. It didn't take long for me to realize that they had all talked about our pasts. To make a long story short, I got drunk and they pretty much gangbanged me. I'd say "gangr**e", but you can't r**e the willing. I don't think it would have mattered if I had said no though. They all took turns fucking me and using my mouth and ass. I actually hadn't done anal before that. I'm not a fan of it, lol. But other than that... I loved every second of it.

    I wound up getting pregnant. We've got no idea whose it was, as I'm pretty sure they all came inside me at some point at least once. We just pinned it on my boyfriend and blamed a broken condom. I ended up having a miscarriage. Anyway, we don't talk about it. I rarely see any of them now, even my brother. I think they're all afraid.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    My older sister has been going through a messy divorce for almost a year now, and as a result, she and her daughter moved in with me. It made sense. She wanted to get away from it all, and I live a pretty good distance from the rest of the family. I've also been through a divorce myself, so I can relate. Also, I have enough space for the extra people. Things have always been fine since they moved in. We all get along just fine. I think the only inconvenience would be my loss of "private time."

    A few months ago, I had a day off from work and just hung out at home and drank by myself. This was not unusual. My sister and niece went about their normal routines. My sister was in bed early, needing to be up early for work the next day. I had been sitting in the living room drinking and watching TV. Nicole, my niece, had just finished showering, and as soon as she got out of the bathroom, I darted in there to take a piss. After that relief, I noticed that Nicole had left her clothes on the bathroom floor, including her panties. Being drunk and horny, I let my thoughts begin to wander. She is a very attractive young woman. Very pretty, with a very nice, in shape body. It didn't take long before I had picked up my nieces panties and began jerking off into them, as I sat on the closed toilet. I'm not sure how long I had been going at it, closing my eyes and picturing Nicky's perfect body, before I heard a noise at the door. I opened my eyes to see Nicky standing there, peeking in at me. In my drunken rush to get in there to pee, I hadn't even closed the door all the way. I froze.

    Nicole pushed the door open, walked in, and closed it behind her. I sat still, not knowing what to do, other than to take my hand off my cock, which still had her panties dr**ed on it. She stared for a minute, standing there wearing only a towel.

    "I just came back because I had forgotten my stuff in here. But it looks like you're using it now."

    "I'm really sorry, Nicky." I started to say.

    "It's okay." She said. "I don't mind."

    I apologized again. But again she said "no really, it's okay." And laughed. "I kind of liked it, actually. You don't have to stop if you don't want to."

    I sat frozen, still. I had no idea what to do. It turned out, she knew what to do.

    She walked over to me, reached down, and began to jerk my cock, with her panties still on it. We locked eyes as she slowly stroked me. I couldn't even focus on the pleasure at first. All I could do was wonder "is my niece really doing this?"

    She kneeled down and continued to stroke me. I knew I should stop her, but I couldn't get myself to do it. She told me to stand up, which I did. And then without another word, she took my cock in her pretty mouth. I'm let out what was I'm pretty sure a very loud groan. She began to suck my cock, and from the job she was doing, it was obvious she had done this before. I used my hand on the back of her head to push my cock into her throat from time to time, as she vigorously sucked my cock. When I was began to cum, I pulled her head, shoved my cock in and shot strand after strand into her throat. When I was done and let go, she coughed and grasped for air, while looking up at me. We stared at each other as she breathed heavily. She stood up, and she took off the towel, exposing her gorgeous body. I stared. She stepped closer to me, slowly, until we made contact.

    She whispered "do you want to fuck me?"

    "I really can't. You're my niece."

    "I want you to fuck me." She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. I groped her, but still, I wasn't sure.

    "Fuck me, please, Uncle Nick."

    I was convinced. I grabbed my pants and pulled them back up. I walked over and opened the door. I walked over to my naked niece and picked her up, and carried her to my bedroom. I tossed her onto the bed, where she didn't waste any time. She began to finger herself as I closed and locked the door, and then undressed. I didn't bother turning off the lights. I hopped into the bed with her, and got in between her legs. We briefly kissed, as I positioned the tip of my cock on her pussy opening. I rubbed my tip against it for a bit, before shoving my cock inside her. She let out a loud noise, a mix of a moan and scream. I covered her mouth with my hand as I slowly moved in and out of her tight pussy, cramming more and more of my cock in with each thrust. We stared into each other's eyes as her pussy gripped my cock tight. I asked her if she was okay, and she went "mmm hmm", and I moved my hand off her mouth. I asked her how many times she had done this before, and she told me "I've done it a lot with my boyfriend. But his dick is tiny compared to yours."

    I' ve never really thought of my dick as being big, lol. Above average, yeah, but not like huge or anything. But I was certainly enjoying the complement. We smiled and I continued to fuck her. I kept going slow but firm, until I was able to work my way all the way in. I was balls deep inside my niece, and she felt and looked heavenly. I put my hands on top of her head to keep her from sliding away as I started to fuck her harder and faster. She let out some moans and almost a whining type noise, and even threw in what would best be described as a grunt, followed by "fuck me, daddy."

    I did my best to fuck the life out of her. Eventually, I felt myself getting close, and I needed to slow down. I backed out, leaving just the tip of my cock inside her, and I began to finger her clit. I did that for quite a while, until she started cumming. Her whole body shook and she moaned loudly. I crammed the rest of my cock back inside her, fucked her for a bit, and then pulled out and shot on her stomach. We stared at each other as I kept jerking until I was done, both with huge, dirty grins on our face. We ended up kissing for a bit, and then laid there next to each other. There was an occasional awkward giggle or two mixed in. We had a little talk... obviously, we agreed neither of us was going to say anything about it to my sister. We were both noncommittal as to whether we'd do anything else line that with each other again. We kissed goodnight, she thanked me, and she went back to her room and to sleep.

    To be continued...

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I'm flashed my mother when it was 18

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    When I read the comments after my post about giving my mom her "shower buddy", I thought you guys were just a bunch of pervs, but you were so fucking right. New Year's Eve I spend with my gf and had a great time ringing in the New Year! A bottle of champagne and a lot of fucking. She celebrated the New Year by letting me do her bareback. I went home totally drained!

    When I got home though, my mom was laying on the couch with a fresh bottle of champagne chilling and her shower buddy working her over. She had already had been celebrating by the looks of it, and when she saw me she took her shower buddy out and told me, Santa's turn with the bad girl. Fuck! I was wasted enough I had to have a cabbie bring me home, and she started going over me with her big boobs. Her's are bigger than my gf's, and even though she is mom age she has a tight body. She ran those big tits and hard nipples all over me, and by the time she started taking my pants down, I was a goner. I just wanted to fuck again.

    She pulled my cock out and got it in her mouth, then gave me the best bj I've ever had. My cock was balls deep down her throat when I shot what I had left. She took my cock out of her mouth and started playing with it between her tits. I don't know how, but she got me back up, then climbed on.

    She rode me bareback until I thought my nuts were pumping out my cock, it was just a couple drops, but it was all I had left like my insides where trying to shoot out my dick. She was screaming orgasms. She rode my cock and rubbed her clit at the same time until she had gone off a couple times, then she got down to some really serious fucking until she got me to cum those last few drops.

    She's been fuckin me at least every night since. Not to mention my gf wanting some too. My dick feels like it's going to fall off and I'm tired all the time. I don't sleep anymore I'm too busy fucking! I really need to find a bf for my mom, so maybe my life can get back to normal.

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