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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 47

    My name is Vanessa and two years ago I let my husband talk me into letting his son have sex with me (I was so drunk ) my husband got me nude and horny as hell then as he was feeding me his hard cock he called his son in our room. his son watched me suck cock for a while then my husband told him he could do as he wanted with me. he got on the bed next to his dad and he too feed me his young cock. as i sucked them both in turn they played with my small tits and pussy. some times spanking both. then my step son got on top of me and pushed his cock in me my husband forced all his cock in my mouth and told his son to pound me good. and he did just that he was great. they both fucked me all night long taking turns with me and making me cum untill i passed out when i woke they were both fucking me at the same time streching my c**t wide open. since that night i have become the house whore. I love letting them fuck me and even ask them to use me.
    my step son has even brought home one of his young friends to use me. omg i am the luckyest woman alive.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Last Saturday I walked into my father in laws Eric's, expecting to find my husband Lee and him discussing the purchase of our new home. Eric is actually my husbands step father, but brought Lee up from an early age with Lee's mum, who's now sadly no longer with us, after her death three years ago.
    Instead of seeing them going over an offer on a house, I found my husband lay on his back on the couch with his legs high in the air, and Eric was naked between his legs fucking his step son.
    They didn't see me, but I could see everything clearly from where I stood. It was obvious straight away from what they were saying to each other, it wasn't the first time they'd fucked. As Eric was telling Lee to "Take my cock like the slut I know you are". As for my husband he was responding by telling his step dad to fuck him harder.
    It wasn't easy at first to watch them having sex, but strangely I became more and more into what they were doing. Although tempted at first to burst in and challenge them, I stood back and began to enjoy the very real scene in front of me as they continued to fuck.
    Eric began to slam his cock really hard into my husbands arsehole, and seconds later Lee's cock erupted, spurting cum all over himself. Eric told him he was nearly there and it was then I realised I was so turned on, I'd begun to touch myself. As Eric came deep inside my husbands arse, I so wished I could have been a part of their extremely horny sex.
    Sneaking out before they noticed me, I drove back to our rented flat, got undressed and played with my pussy and clit on our bed. Furiously frigging my love button until I came in a torrent of pussy juices, thinking of them fucking one another.
    When Lee got home I didn't say a thing, but I so desperately wanted to. I still haven't said anything, but knowing Lee is visiting his father on Friday, I'm now wondering if I should let on if know all about them, and see where it leads.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Every time we get chance to have sex, we take it. It's fantastic when our parents go out for a night, as it gives us much more time to lick, suck and fuck. But even if they're home, we'll find time to at least have oral sex. Usually with me sucking on his beautifully large cock, which is always it seems, erect and in need of my mouth.
    We've been having sex, mutual masturbation first, since we were around fourteen. He caught me playing with myself in my bedroom, and wanted to know how I pleasured my pussy. From that day on I taught him how to lick, tongue and finger fuck me to such amazing orgasms. Finally letting him thrust his huge cock into me when we both turned sixteen.
    It was our birthday present to each other, and after celebrating our sixteenth together with family and friends, we snuck off to a place we'd often had oral sex.
    Beneath our favorite oak tree, I knelt down with my asshole presented to him, and felt his massive cock enter my dripping pussy. He'd already licked and tongued me to two orgasms, before I sucked on his gorgeous cock, getting it ready to fuck me. And that first feel of his dick sliding into my body, will stay with me forever.
    With the sun about to set for the day, my twin brother came deep inside my body and we both cried with joy.
    From that wonderful day to this, my brother, the person I love most on this planet, and I make sure neither of us is left wanting for sexual gratification. We've even made a pledge, stating we'll always seek each other out for sex, if and when we marry.
    If we could, we'd marry each other, but unfortunately the law if the land prohibits us. Pity because we'd be so happy together giving each other something only we as twins can provide. True and definitely adulterated love

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    Straight Female / 34

    I have been reading these "My Family" confessions and always got a charge from them. Brought back memories. Just this past summer, my son was 14 years old, his dad owned his own business and was always there late. I take an afternoon nap frequently and do not trust my son to remain alone. He is a trouble maker. So I had him lay with me in bed. I tried to sleep but he commence shaking his feet, nervous like, so I lightly punched his side and told him to stop because it was shaking the bed and keeping me awake. He stopped but for only a short while and he started again so this time I kinda slapped him across his stomach and told him to knock it off. I hit something hard so I felt again to determine what he had in his pocket. It wasn't in his pocket, he had a hard on. I asked him if he was remembering the bath I had given him a few years previous. He needed to bath before bed and I didn't want him messing up the bathroom for me to clean up. So I got a pan of warm water, a bar of soap, a wash cloth and a towel. As I was bathing him he got an erection and I remained my attention to it and he shot a load which I had to clean up. Anyway I rolled over, put my arm around him, started talking to him about his friends and rubbing his body. I asked him if he had ever made love to any of his female friends. He said NO but I doubted him. I asked if he wanted me to teach him. He said I could if I wanted. Well, I wanted because he had a really nice size dick for a 14 year old. I slipped off my gown and panties and lay there completely naked beside him. I started jerking him off and he was getting harder. I then removed his shorts as that is all he was wearing. I took his hands and placed one on my tits and the other on my wet pussy and told him to play with me. I am convinced I was not his first by the way he started rubbing my pussy and massaging and sucking my nipples. Finally I asked him id he wanted me to suck his hard dick and his answer was "YEAH". So I turned my body into a 69 position and commenced sucking his big hard dick. Soon he began rubbing my pussy again. I stopped long enough to ask if he wasted to lick and suck my pussy. No other asking required, he commenced immediately and I mean he did an outstanding job. He made me orgasm I'll bet 5 times and when he began to get serious about fucking my mouth I talked him into intercourse, fucking as I said to him because I was really in the mood. He got atop me, I spread my pussy lips, took hold of his hard dick and guided it into my pussy. I told him to go slow to start and as he did we both soon wanted it faster, harder and deeper. This didn't last long but longer than I expected. I felt his warm cum flow into my pussy deep inside my stomach. It was a wonderful feeling. We just lay there engaged to one another for a short while until his dick went soft. Then we went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I did take a douse but I was on the pill so there was no worry of pregnacy.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My stepdaughter, Marie, has moved back home after losing her job and being in a financial bind. I really don't know her that well as shortly after her mother and I got married 5 years ago, she moved out and in with her boyfriend.
    My stepdaughter is beautiful, smart and should be making something of her life. She is 26 years old and since high school has just drifter along with no direction. Part of her problem is she has a tendency to drink too much.
    Her mother took me aside one day and asked me if I would try and do something with Marie and maybe be a father figure in her life. I agreed to give it a shot and see if I could get through to her. I told her mother that I thought that it would be a good idea to try and get her enrolled in the local community college or in some computer literacy courses so that she would have some marketable skills.
    I told her mother that I was going to take Marie out to dinner so that just she and I could be alone together, and see if a meaningful dialogue could be established WITH HER. Marie didn't have a very meaningful relationship with her mother and I was hoping that maybe I could get her to open up to me and confide in me.
    While we were dining I said to Marie that I wanted her to open up to me and nothing was off the table. I promised her that any financial, emotional and personal issues would be confidential and that I WOULD NOT divulge any thing to her mother that she didn't want me to.
    At first she was a little reluctant to open up but after sharing a few personal fears and insecurities with me she got much more comfortable. When we left the restaurant and got in the car in the parking lot Marie said that she wanted to tell me something and hoped that I wouldn't be upset with her. I told her that I wanted to be supportive of her and that I promised her that I was in her corner.
    Marie then said that she hadn't had sex in about six months and that she was horny as hell. I told her that I understood and that since she was in the prime of her life I could understand. She then asked me what was the longest time that I had gone with out sex. I told her that when I was first divorced that I went almost a year with out sex. Since I didn't meet her mother until 6 years after my divorce, Marie wanted to know who was I having sex with while I was single. I have a very successful law practice and a couple of my clients and one of my secretaries had provided plenty of sex for me.
    Marie then asked me how long did I know her mother before we had sex. At first I was hesitant about sharing my personal sex life with Marie, but to be honest I was getting turned on by Marie and I had a raging hard on. I told Marie that I didn't remember exactly how long it was before her mom and I had sex, but I did say that it wasn't very long. Marie then wanted to know how often we had sex and what was our favorite sex acts. By now I was getting so turned on that I held nothing back. I told Marie that I fucked her mother at least 3 times a week and that I loved oral sex the best. Do you ever lick mom's ass while you are having oral sex. Being an ass man I told Marie that when I was licking her mom's pussy that I would go back and forth between her ass and pussy.
    Marie then told me that she often times fantasizes about having sex with me and she wanted to know if I ever thought about having sex with her. I admitted that I found her so desirable and when I was fucking her mother that I closed my eyes and fantasized that my cock was in her.
    Marie then slid over next to me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. I didn't resist at first but when Marie reached for my cock and said that she wanted to fuck me, I pushed her away and told her that I had never cheated on her mother before and that as much as I would love to make love to her, it was just wrong.
    Marie looked me straight in the eyes and confidently said, you may be saying no, for now, but the fact of the matter is that we both want each other and it is going to happen. I resisted her for about a week and we had many opportunities to make love, but I held out. Finally I felt like I couldn't hold out much longer. Marie kept talking suggestively and telling me how much she wanted to make love to me, and I was so horny that I had to do something about it. Finally one day I told Marie that I had a plan and if she could hold up her end of the bargain that I would do anything she wanted. I told her that if she enrolled as a full time student at one of the local colleges and worked towards a degree that I would provide her with a car and get her some part time employment at my law office. She agreed and has held up her end of the bargain. She is getting average grades and has been reliable as a temp at my office. She also has become my lover. She is into anything I want to do sexually and she has an insatiable appetite for oral sex. As good as her mother is Marie is even better. Marie and I have passionate sex about 3 or 4 times a month and her mother and I haven't missed a beat either. As a mater of fact the spice that Marie has added to my sex life has only made the sex better with her mother.
    Marie and I are very discreet about our sexual escapades and her mother has no idea what we are doing. In all honesty Marie's mother is so proud of her progress and continually compliments Marie and tells her how proud she is of her. There relationship has gotten better and in all honesty, everyone is happier. No one has been hurt.

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    Straight Male / 41

    So many times over the last few weeks, ever since Natalie my step daughter caught me fucking a young girl her own age (19) in our kitchen, she's been flashing me her pussy tits and ass. She obviously could have told her mom about me fucking the girl, but instead Natalie told the girl to go, then proceeded to suck on my cock. I swear I tried to stop her, but Natalie was having none of it. Popping her head up, she told me to "Shut the fuck up".
    Cock to balls, up my thick cock shaft and then sucking on my large purple head again. Natalie just kept on giving me head.
    Telling her I was going cum, my step daughter sucked on my cock harder, and drained my balls once my cock exploded in her mouth. She rose up, smiled a large sticky smile and said "You're fucking mine from now on".
    The weird bit though, is Natalie just keeps on teasing the fuck outbid me. She can hardly tell her mom, now that she's sucked my dick, and flashed me her sex countless times. And given the text she sent me a few days ago, showing her masturbating using a dildo, she had me buy her last week, I doubt her mom would approve. Or would she?.
    I say that because the same day I got the text, Natalie flashed me her pussy and ass as I sat right next to her mom on the couch. She didn't even try to hide what she was doing. So it was no surprise to hear her mom say "Take it in the bedroom you two, I'm trying to watch this".
    Nothing happened and still hasn't, but I find the whole thing way out of my comfort zone right now. Don't get me wrong, I'd fuck Natalie in a heart beat as the horny little slut turns me right on. Yet I cannot read the situation as it seems at the moment. Wish she'd just ask me to fuck her and get it all started....

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    Straight Female / 44

    When my nineteen year old son who has severe learning difficulties, was seventeen, he told me his lower stomach and balls were aching, I immediately took him to the doctor fearing all sorts of terrible things. The doctor basically and very matter of factly, told me my son needed to masturbate to alleviate the tension in his balls. But my son on returning home got all upset, telling me he didn't like pleasuring himself, as he'd heard in church it was evil.
    Knowing he had to relieve the pressure, I waited until my husband went to work the following day and got my son to sit naked on his bed, telling him his mum would make him feel good and special, even in the eyes of the lord.
    Getting him to close his eyes I took my sons limp cock into my mouth and began to suck. His penis soon rose and became hard, and my son began to moan softly. Running my tongue along his thick cock shaft as I sucked on his dick, I soon had my son humping my mouth. His moans changed too, getting louder and deeper. Then with his cock forcing it's way down my throat, he bucked and came, flooding my mouth and throat with his seed. As he came I heard him shouting out "It feels soooo good". Keeping him in my mouth for a short time, I suckled on his cock making my son squirm as he told me it was too much.
    Releasing his cock, I lay next to him and asked my son if he felt any better. My son replied making me laugh "My balls don't ache now, but I think I might like you to do it again".
    It was then I removed my clothing. My son later told me he'd watched me a few times getting undressed, and that his penis had become hard. But he quickly added "I never played with myself though". It's funny looking back, I know he was telling the truth when he said he didn't touch himself.
    Lay naked next to the young man I'd given birth to, I knew sucking his cock wasn't correct, but I also knew he needed looking after, and besides who else was there.
    Moving my hand down to his cock, I found he'd become hard again. The feeling of his hardness in my hand made my pussy quiver with want, but surely that was taking things to far. Asking my son if he'd like to make me feel special, he responded by asking me how.
    Positioning us around, I had his cock right in front of my face again. Looking down I could see he was staring at my pussy. So I told him to kiss and lick me in between my legs, to tongue up and down my pussy. Sucking on his cock, I felt him darting his tongue all over my pussy. When his tongue finally flicked over my clit, I let his cock fall from my mouth and asked him to suck on the little button he'd just licked.
    Locked in a wonderful sixty nine with my own son, I went from one orgasm to the next. At first he thought he'd hurt me as I cried out, but once he knew I was enjoying his actions on my pussy, my son stuck his tongue right up the whole he'd entered the world through.
    Our bodies were so entwined, I lost all focus at one stage, and actually had my sons balls slapping against my eyes. It was that intense for me, I had trouble separating the fact he was indeed my son and almost asked him to fuck me. But that was too far.
    Climaxing again, my son resurfaced from my pussy and shouted out he was cumming. It was beautiful to watch his cum spurting all over my breasts as I tossed his thick cock, milking him to the last drop.
    All the worry I'd had over his health was something as simple as making sure I helped him ejaculate on a regular basis, and now we'd broken the taboo of i****t, it became from that point onwards a very regular sexual release for my son, and also for me.
    He became unimaginably good at tonguing my pussy and latterly my arsehole, always making sure his mother had at least one, but often more, earth shattering orgasms. We became lovers without my son having lost his virginity to me. My husband was and still is non the wiser, as my son knows it would break our family if he found out. So usually when my husband's at work, myself and my son find time to make sure he never suffers from the horrible pain he did two years ago.
    Over the past two years, having looked up intercourse on the internet, my son has asked, pestered me to allow him to fuck my pussy and arsehole. So far I've held him off promising him he'd find a girl eventually, someone amazing to fulfill his desires in the sense. But he's always been adamant it should be me who gives him that very special sexual awakening. As he says "Who'd want me". The fact is, I would.

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    Straight Male / 18


    I just got the best possible look at my mom's tits and I just had to share it with readers to see if any of you have had similar experiences.

    This morning Mom and I were both in and out of the bathroom getting ready for work and classes. I am a college student. We were both late. The bathroom door was open so I thought she had finished and I raced in wearing only my underpants. To my surprise, Mom was still there and she was TOPLESS. As she turned towards me with a look of surprise, he tits bounced and jiggled just beautifully. There I was staring at her D-cup tits from no more than a couple of feet away. I just stood there staring at them saying nothing. She began to raise her arms as if to cover her tits but stopped and just let them fall. As I said, Mom's tits are a D-cup and based on what I saw, are perfectly shaped. The left tit has a small birthmark but it is hardly noticeable. Her areolas are fairly large, light brown in color, the same color as her nipples. Seeing them was a particular treat because they were HARD. I don't know why. Maybe she was cold. Anyways, as I passed Mom in the doorway, her nipples were only inches away and I could have touched. God knows that I wanted to take her its in my hands and fondle them. There is nom doubt in my mind that Mom knew exactly what I was thinking and I could see a slight smile on her face as she walked back to her bedroom.

    Have any of you sons had similar experiences? Please let me know.

    A fucking horny son.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Continued from #34831

    Since that night at the MIL's cousins house she can't seem to get enough cock and cum in her, on her or around her. She has grown bolder in her quest for cum but I have had to tell her "No" many times due to the fact that my wife is around. But there is also the fact that I don't love her and never will like I do my wife. I use her simply as a means to cum and she is agreeable to that so long as she gets her cum intake. I have made her perform some pretty lewd acts in front of adult crowds at a concert and another time in a strip club.

    At one concert months ago I had told my wife that I was going with a few buddies from work but I actually took her Mom. At some point I made her give me head right in front of all in our immediate section. As she sucked away eagerly I noticed a few other men were watching so I waved them over beside us. I gave them the unzip signal and she soon had 2 other cocks flailing around near her face. She wore a short skirt to the concert with no panties at my request so I motioned her to bend over a chair and as she did I stabbed my cock in to her ass. At this point one of the concert goers waved his dick in front of her where she began to give him head now while she stroked the other one. We had a crowd growing around us so I finished in her ass as the other two drained their loads on to her face. I asked that she leave the 2 loads on her face for the duration of the concert an she agreed. She still managed to eat the cum I had deposited in her ass moments prior by cupping in in to her hands as it drained. The other men zipped up and faded in to the crowd. When the concert was over I dropped her off a few blocks from her house.

    A few weeks went by and I hadn't seen or heard from her until receiving a selfie of her sucking my cock via text message. In it she wrote meet me at this strip club tomorrow night at 8pm and don't be late. Shortly after arriving I was greeted by her where she took my hand and guided me to the VIP area. We had a few drinks and like at the concert I motioned over this dancer who was easily a 12 out of 10. I asked for a more secluded area so she took us to the darkest corner of the club where we sat down. I whispered to the stripper and passed her $ which she took and provided some to the VIP Room Bouncer, in exchange for this she straddled my MIL and began making out with her. At first my MIL found it awkward as I knew she had never had this happen before and things didn't take long to escalate. Soon the MIL began removing clothes and eased back on to the vinyl bench seating. She squirmed so hard when the stripper plunged first her fingers and then tongue in to my MIL's pussy. They then switched spots and my MIL was now eating the strippers pussy all while I began to stroke myself a few feet away. I was now involved in something I had only previously seen on video. Not one to stand by I got up and plunged my cock in to my MIL while the stripper took to sucking my nuts from below. Every 10 strokes or so she pulled my cock out from my MIL to suck it and then guide it back in. I blew my load in the MIL much to her excitement and the stripper drained what remained from my still twitching cock.

    Just last week I had her give me head in a Home Depot parking lot with the convertible top down on my car while people walked and drove by us. After I blew my load all over her face I had her leave it on and had her ask at customer service where the restrooms were. The woman looked at her with amazement and smirk before telling her where they were located. My cum was to the point it was hanging from her chin LOL's

    Got to go for up the SIL.

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    Straight Male / 29

    My wife has recently asked me to do something for her and her mom. My wife's mom Lisa is really hot, a damn fine good looking woman. But unfortunately at her relatively youthful age of forty six, she's "apparently" been told she's only got at the most, six months to live. At the moment she says she's in reasonable health, but tells us/me that will fail. So my wife being the person she is, recently spent a lot of time with her on vacation. After their break, my wife whilst we were fucking in bed asked me something. She asked me if I'd be her mothers lover for as long as she can maintain her health, knowing I have a very high libido. Lisa is divorced and I know from what my wife says, a very sexually needy person.
    Five days ago at Lisa's home, my wife went out only for a brief time, but in that time her mom asked me if her daughter had spoken to me. I told her she had, and Lisa asked me if I'd seriously consider her request. As she said it, she reached into my shorts and gripped my rising cock. Smiling at me she asked me to take it out. I did, and then watched my mother in law take my cock into her mouth. She'd been sucking on my cock for about a minute when my wife walked back in. The look on her face was mixed. It was one of lust, surprise, a touch of jealousy and also one of love. But her comment was only support for her mother as she told us both she'd take a walk. Her mom resumed sucking on my dick until I could hold off no more, and came in her mouth. Lisa swallowed me cum and then rose up to kiss me. It was the kiss that to me at least, seemed totally weird. Moments later my wife walked back in again as if she'd not been away at all.
    Back at home my wife asked me if her mom was a good cock sucker. I didn't want to lie, but I also didn't want to upset my wife, so I told her she was okay. When in fact Lisa was far far better at giving head than my wife.
    My wife has told me she's invited her mom over to stay this week, as she's going out with a female colleague and might stay overnight. Looking directly at me, my wife asked me to let her know what we get up to and how her mom reacts to having sex with me.
    I'm definitely up for having sex with Lisa, but found out yesterday, Lisa hasn't been to a hospital recently (In the past six months) and isn't on any medication at all. Plus one of Lisa's work colleagues, someone I've known for a long time, told me she and Lisa have just booked a vacation for this time next year, WHY ?. Now I'm wondering if this all a great big con, to have me fucking my wife's mom. And if it is, and my wife knows about it, why the fuck haven't they just asked me to fuck her without all the side issues. I'm confused, TOTALLY!!!

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