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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    2 summers ago my cousin n me hung out at a party. Got way drunk. He offered me money for sex and I did it. Done it 8 times since for same amount . I feel fine with it. Should i?

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    Straight Male / 23

    God knows why but I thought I'd get this off my chest.
    So basically, when I was about fifteen, I came home early from school as sport training had been cancelled. The door was unlocked and so I just went into the house but as I got into the hallway I heard noises coming from upstairs. It sounded like moaning.
    I went up the stairs very quietly and saw that the noises were coming from my parents room. I couldn't believe what I saw.
    It was my mother getting fucked by a guy in the year above me at school. I'd never seen sex before but I realised looking back on it that she was certainly cumming as they had sex. Eventually I heard him ask her where she "wanted him to finish" and she replied "inside me". I watched as a boy in my school ejaculated inside my cheating mother on my parents' bed, and then when they looked finished and like they would be getting up and dressed I quickly but quietly went back downstairs and back out, coming home later when I was expected to be home.

    Later on that evening, I was doing my homework in my room even though I could hardly think about anything except what I'd seen earlier that day, and my mother came in. She began by making small talk about school etc but it was obvious she wanted to talk about something. She sat on my bed close to me and told me that she knew I was watching earlier.
    I didn't say anything. I had no idea what on earth to think or say. She said to me "You aren't going to tell your father, are you?". I just shook my head. She seemed pleased with that, and stood up to leave, but as she got to my door, she turned and asked me "Did you... enjoy watching it? Enjoy watching me?".
    I looked at the floor and didn't answer until she asked me a second time. I told her the truth, which was yes.

    She closed my bedroom door, turning the lock and walked back to me, knelt down, and asked if I'd like her to do something nice for me. I asked her what she meant, my heart kind of thumping at this point.
    She told me to sit facing her and to take down my shorts. I nervously did so, and she pulled down my boxers revealing my penis. She made me sit down, and then proceeded to take my penis in her mouth. My first ever blowjob came from my mother.
    She kept going until I came, and she swallowed it all. When she'd finished, she smiled at me and just said "Our little secret, ok?". I nodded.

    I watched her with boys whenever I could (some were from my school, some weren't), her always making sure she left the door open so I could see but keeping the boys facing away so they wouldn't see me watching.
    And she would always reward me later that day with a blowjob for my silence.

    This all ended when I left for college, coming home rarely after that. As far as I know my dad never knew what she was up to. I realise it's a pretty fucked up way to grow up and it was horrible in some ways but fucking exciting in others.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Straight Male / 35
    OMG, I can't believe this actually happened although I have been dreaming of it for the longest. Not really in the way it happened but it did happen just the way I had been dreaming. Not night time sleep dreaming, day time dreaming. As I said, I am 35 years old, soon will be 36, a widower (My wife was killed in an auto accident several years ago) and I'll admit I did collect a huge sum from the insurance company but listen to me, I'd give every penny back if I could only get my wife back. I am currently a member of the city counsel but refuse to run for a second term. To many meetings to attend where my word does not mean shit to the older members. All I do is sit there and exhaust myself while others pass useless laws and I get blamed more than them.

    Okay, so much for that. This afternoon I came home exhausted so I just fell down on the floor in front of the TV and flipped through the channels until I came to one I could sleep on. As I lay there with my front door open but with the screen door closed so I could see outside. Well, soon I saw my neighbors wife walking up the side walk. She could see me lying there so instead of ringing the door bell she lightly tapped on the door. I told her to come in. She opened the door and came in, stood there and asked if I was feeling bad for laying there. I told her that I was just exhausted from a long boring meeting. As a School Teacher she could well understand that. I told her to have a seat so she did. I often get people knocking on my door soliciting MONEY election parties so I asked her if she was after money, and smiled. She said she wasn't after money, just my opinion toward the November election. I told her I did not consider myself a Democrat nor Republican but rather an Independent. I do not vote for the Party but more so the subject. She appreciated that.

    She was wearing only a blouse and matching skirt. She sat in my recliner which caused her skirt to slide up some showing more of her beautiful legs, which I could not take my eyes off. I rolled over on my side, facing her, and we talked a little about the upcoming election. I told her that as far as the person(s) running for office, regardless of their party, I would vote for the one who claims to better represent the subject, not the party. I vote on what I believe will benefit the majority, not the party. She really loved that.

    Then the subject got on my wives death. I told her flat out that I loved my wife more than anyone could imagine. She said that she could believe that, that she never got really close to my wife but agreed she was beautiful, a lady that any man could enjoy. I laughed and said, "I hope they never did enjoy her except in their dreams." She smiled. I asked her, "Do you ever have a desire for another man?" She said, "I'll be honest with you. I don't believe I have ever had a real desire but I have seen men that I could just imagine his ability." I kinda puckered up and sent a kiss her way. She smiled. After a few more sexy expressions I began winking at her and throwing those kisses. I could see that it was kinda effecting her buy her actions. She was unconsciously twisting in her chair. She asked what I was watching on TV? I told her I hadn't watched the TV since you came in, only you". She said, "You are so flattering". I rolled back on my back and I suppose she could see that I had inherited a stiff cock. I winked, gave her a distant kiss and motioned for her to come and lay beside me. I did not have to beg. She immediately stood and closed the front door and locked it and then without hesitation, lay down beside me. I could tell by her deep breathing that she was ready. So, I placed my hand on her boobs and they stood erect and the nipples were hard and
    stood straight up. I gave her a light kiss on the lips and asked her if she had ever French Kissed? She said she had and I said, "My version of a French Kiss?" She looked a little puzzled but she didn't refuse when I commenced removing her clothing. I mean she had one beautiful body. Reminded me of my own wives body. She now lay there completely naked.

    I placed my lips on her lips and applied a little pressure until I could feel the warmth and some moisture. Then I slide (forced) my tongue between her lips and began sliding it around and in and out. She seemed to be enjoying it. I continued this action and she began moaning and moving her head from side to side. I kept up my actions until she stopped moaning and settled down and then I removed my lips and moved up to her belly button. She admitted she loved my version of French kissing. She then went down on me, gave me the best blow job I've had since my wives death. Before going down on me she did ask, "Do you want me to suck it?" I said yeah but at the same time I was thinking, "Do you really have to ask?" She helped me remove all my clothing, including my neck tie which is a must on my job. We later ended up 69,ing. Then we got into the missionary position and we fucked until neither of us was able to continue. I bet she climaxed at least 10 times. She says she didn't keep count but admitted she was well satisfied.

    We did visit and play around until she had more homes to visit before calling it a day. We did agree to continue our togetherness. School is out for awhile which gives her freedom and can come home immediately after closing at 4 PM.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My daddy is a very handsome athletic guy. He's forty seven and a man who just so happens to have a huge penis. I know this because not only have I seen it more than once as he showers, or when he and my mom have fucked in the past. But as of two weeks ago, I've sucked it twice. He and mom haven't been getting on too well of late, mainly because she won't satisfy his needs sexually. So I'd caught him twice with his cock out of his shorts after he'd been drinking a lot and watching porn in his snug. He always falls asleep in there, but the alcohol had made him so out of it, he didn't wake up easily. Seeing his gorgeous cock poking out the first time, I didn't do anything, but I did go to my room and masturbate. The following week all I could think about was my dads cock, and knowing he was in there again having drunk whisky, I went in and sure enough his shorts were undone. His cock wasn't out, but it only took seconds for me to release it and before I knew it, I was sucking on my own fathers cock. He didn't cum the first time and I had to leave quickly hearing my mom entering the house. The second time however in the middle of the afternoon with my mom out shopping, I released his cock and he moved a little as I sucked on him. My father after about five minutes of me sucking on his awesome cock, put his hands on my head. It made me jump but I carried on sucking on his cock, then my dad bucked upwards and he came filling my mouth. Swallowing it, fearing I might get it all everywhere, I released his cock and looked up. He was fast asleep still, or so I thought.
    My dad hasn't drunk again since telling me and my mom he's finished with the alcohol. I thought it was because of me and maybe he wasn't asleep, and that bit I now know I'm right. The thing is only a few days ago, he pulled me to one side in the kitchen and told me he wasn't fully asleep in the snug, and at first thought my mom was finally giving him what he needs. Only when he was cumming did he look down and see it was me. He apologized and said it won't happen again, but also added he was confused I'd want to suck his cock. My only response and one he hasn't answered yet, was to tell my father, I'd love him to fuck me too.

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    Straight Male / 26

    About two months ago I had sex with my mother-in-law. I never really had any intentions whatsoever to do such a thing, but I will admit to fantasizing about it. My wife's mom is in her early fifties, still quite good-looking and physically attractive. We've always gotten along very well and we have a habit of playful flirting with each other. Everyone gets a kick out of our relationship, and once again, neither one of us really intended to ever carry our suggestive banter to something physical.

    I work nights, and my wife works during the day. My mother-in-law doesn't have to work; her husband is an investment banker and spends the entire day making money for others, and himself. Since we live only a couple of miles apart, it's just natural that we spend some time together. I'm fairly handy, so whenever my in-law's needed something done around their house, I would do it.

    I went over to change a light bulb. Yeah, it sounds silly, but their house has very high ceilings. The bulb was fifteen feet up, and there's no way my father-in-law was going to climb up a ladder. After I was done, I planned on going home to sleep, but my mother-in-law and I started to talk. Talking made us thirsty, and we began to drink. Our conversation wandered, and somehow we started to talk about sex.

    Predictably we started to flirt, telling each other what we liked, and what we would do to each other if we had the chance. I started to get very horny, and the alcohol didn't help. It was pretty obvious that my mother-in-law was worked up as well. She kept on checking out my crotch, reaching out to touch my leg, and leaning over to sometimes whisper into my ear, even though their was no one around to hear anything we said, even if we shouted.

    Finally, it just happened. My wife's mom leaned over to give me a kiss, and I kissed back. After that it's all sort of a blur. Our hands were everywhere and pieces of clothing started to come off. I fucked her on the living room floor. She wouldn't let me pull out, and when I came she moaned just like my wife.

    We didn't apologize, or try to make excuses to each other for what had happened. I let her know that I enjoyed it, and she said that she did as well. Keeping it secret from our spouses was agreed to be of paramount importance. That night my wife asked my about the marks (rug burns) on the back of my wrists. I told her that I touched something hot at work and she left it at that.

    My mother-in-law texted me the next day to thank me for a wonderful time, and she told me to stop by anytime I liked. I held out as long as I could, but four days later we fucked again, this time in her bed. Since then I can't get enough of her. She has the energy of a teenager, and is willing to try anything I suggest. Best thing about this relationship is that it's made sex with my wife even better. After a day with my mother-in-law, I can't wait for my wife to get home so that I can fuck her too.

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    Straight Female / 48

    We lived in my grandparent's farm house, all that was left after the farm was sold. The farm house was built in the thirties, three bedrooms one bath. The rooms were small, even the master was small only ten by ten. The thin walls meant you spoke in whispers if you had a secret. My sister and shared the room next to my parents. We knew all the right noises, my mother telling my father he should control himself, then the sound of the bed moving, muffled sounds from them with a clear word from time to time. The noise stopped, my mother opened the door and went to the bathroom to get a towel, if we interrupted her she would tell us that being a woman of responsibilities was hard.

    Later, like when we were eleven and thirteen she gave us the talk. She cautioned us, said keeping our legs together wasn't always easy, but being pregnant before we were married was really bad, so keep our knees together. Birth control was an aspirin, hold it with your knees. Sex happened before we were ready, we were sexually active while we were still kids. The babies came, two for me and one for her. I mean kids, I was fourteen and sixteen, my sister was fifteen. My mother wasn't much better she had me at fifteen.

    Rural Ohio in the seventies was rural. We did manage to get married. Life in rural Ohio was pretty much close to nature. We were not the only girls in high school who were mothers.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I was checking out if it had already been ten years, but no. It happened 2009. It was saturday, first day of autumn.

    I was in a local dance hall with my dad and somehow I end up getting horny. We were only dancing, body to body. It was supposed to be innocent father and daughter dance. I hadn't had any friends to go with me and I had asked him to go with me. Making jokes of us there were spark in between of us and I got wet. His hands on my body and his smell were intoxicating. The slight shame made me burn.

    Mom was not at home and when he dropped me to my home, I made something for us and he stay with me. We danced and gently touched each other and then we end up in the kitchen and our touching got more hot, I got bold and kissed him and there I noticed he had a hard on and I pushed my panties off in front of him. He came inside me while I was sitting on my table. Mom sent a text message to him when we were on the table.

    One of the best moments of my life.

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    Lesbian Female / 46

    I was raised by my mother and grandmother. My father was an accident that happened to my mother on a cruise when she was seventeen and my father was never in the picture. I grew up as the only child and attended a nice private preparatory school and was accepted to college to study English. My college roommate came from the Utah and we were quite different. I was modest about most everything, I kept me to myself and didn't speak about my family's condition, which was quite well off. My roommate was there on a scholarship and she came from a large family of eleven kids. She said they were Mormons but of a different sect. I didn't know anything about Mormons so I just accepted what she said.

    All she wanted to do was get married and have kids. She had no ambition to work or do anything else. Being at college was just postponing her goal in life. The man waiting for her had insisted on her attending college since she had gotten the scholarship. Little by little things came out. I wasn't able to put my curiosity aside, the more I asked the more she told me. Her family lived in a small community and they weren't mainstream Mormons, there were plural household in their community. All the wives had loads of kids. She had pictures of her mother and of all of her brothers and sisters. She told me about the meal time, about bed time, about homework time, about chores, about her father and about her mother. Her mother was her role model and she wanted to be a wife so bad that is all she could talk about.

    In my junior year she invited me to go spend a couple of weeks with her. Her house was crazy. She had gone to college but still there were eleven kids still at home, a new baby had been added in the last year. In the morning when we woke up she had two sisters in bed with her. She gave me a sister to sleep with me. All day, every day was a loud disorganized day, laundry day was huge, there were two washers in the house and two dryers. The refrigerator was enormous and there were two more in the garage. Clothes didn't seem to have an owner, if it fit someone they wore it. Her mothers had two rooms, but they were always filled with kids. I was hugged and kissed by so many faces. Other than the first night I didn't sleep alone, I had one or two or three kids in bed with me.

    When I went back home for the rest of the summer my room felt so quiet and empty and my bed was so cold. When we got back to school for our senior year I hugged her so much, I asked about all of her brothers and sisters and her mom and dad. That semester passed fast, I went out to her home for Thanksgiving and met her intended husband. He was a nice enough man, mid thirties but he lived with his older sister and her four kids. We were best friends and he was nice to me and told me I was always welcome. In my last semester I asked her if I could go with her. If she would take me with her. I was desperate. I had to go out again and we had these long meetings, long nights of talking. I wasn't Mormon, I would be the first non-Mormon to live in the community. I spent a lot of time with her mom. I got the other story, the work side of the story, the church side of the story. Was I prepared to accept that Chris was going to be his wife? to follow their teachings, to accept her husband, to release her to have children, because that is what marriage was about.

    She got married as she planned. She became pregnant pretty much as soon as she got married. Although I was accepted as a friend of the family by his older sister, she wasn't convinced of me. She had looked forward to Chris coming home, but I wasn't part of her plans. I never felt I was part of the family. It was hard. Kids were all around us, Chris was having her four kids, one, two, three and four. I had a hard time with some of the teachings, I was totally in sync with Chris, we were on the same level and we were doing the same thing. But Chris' sister in law never warmed up to me and told me many times that I wasn't one of them.

    In the end, after ten years of living in Utah I went back to my family and went back to live near my mother and grandmother. For four years Chris and her kids shuttled back and forth between the East Coast and Utah. The long separations from Chris were painful and lonely. In late 1999 Chris' husband passed away unexpectedly and she and her kids came to live with me. We were free to be together, I had always felt that we were married in our hearts. We had four kids to finish raising, the older ones were getting ready for college. I was fortunate that my family's financial condition was able to absorb us.

    When it was legal Chris and I got married. This time properly married.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I love watching my wife and daughter share black cock together. Our daughter knew that thatâs what we did growing up but never talked about it. After she turned 18 she started asking my wife questions about it. She in turn showed our daughter pictures and videos I took of her and her black bulls. Our daughter found one of them in particular very attractive and told my wife that.

    Usually weâd have guys over when she wasnoutnforna weekend but the following weekend we had himmiber while she was home and they met. It was so hot watching her flirt with him. Eventually we went for a sauna and hot tub, naked.

    An hour later our daughter comes outside and gets in a tiny bikini and gets in the tub with us and sits beside the guy. We chat a bit then she leans in and kisses him. This got me instantly hard. Our daughter has 36cc tits and he pulled her top off and exposed them.

    My wife moved over and started rubbing him while he kissed our daughter. I stood on the edge of the tub and took my raging hard cock out. My daughter looked over and seen me and watched a while. Looking in her eyes while I stroked was almost too much.

    My daughter stood up and bent over in his face and shoved her assnin his face and he started eating it. I moved over to beside him and watched from behind. My wife got in front of me and started sucking my cock beside our daughter and the guy.

    My daughter turned around and pulled her bottoms off and straddled him and started fucking him. This made me cum a huge loadnin my wifeâs mouth. She leaned over and kissed our daughter and gave her my cum and she swallowed it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    Just been thinking, if and they have, all three of my uncles have been fucking me since I was fifteen, which one should I now go and live with.
    My mom passed away three weeks ago, buried last week. You might think I sound a little unaffected, but then it was her who thought up the idea of having her three brothers take turns fucking me once a week, to help to pay for our bills.
    They all had set days they'd call by, and each of them from the start used me like a common whore. They're all big men too, in every way. Not fat, tall and we'll muscled.
    Only Brad is married, yet he still took his turn every week to fuck all my holes. And he was by far the roughest of the three. Mostly fucking me until he and I both were sexually exhausted.
    They each had there own quirks sexually, but it was James who would often want to fuck me right there with mom watching, before paying her for my services.
    Callub is the quietest of the three, and in many ways the most considerate lover. Out of the three he was the one I'd orgasm the most with. Indeed he was the only one who'd go down on me, often spending a very long time pleasuring my pussy and ass with his tongue.
    But having said all I have, in a strange way, I'd now miss them all if I had to choose one over the others.
    My first statement still stands, which one do I now go and live with ???

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