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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Watching my 13 year old nephew and 8 year old niece, I went to check on them for dinner, and I hear him saying its coming, and asking her to swallow. Wondering what's happening here, I peaked in and I see his back almost to me, and her face pull up and semen falling out, followed by her telling him it tastes weird.

    This happened when I was 16. I've since then asked her if it happened anymore after that, and she tells me no. Its been over 10 years and we are all adults now.

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    sometimes when im high and horny i give myself blow jobs and eat my cum when my parents fall asleep, and one night i came home drunk, high and horny and self sucking wasnt doing it for me so i tried going outside and self sucking, not the least bit more exciting... so i came back inside and thought about when my sister and me were young, and id want to sleep in her bed, she would make me make out with her, if not it was my own bed. i knew it was a bad idea, and if she says no i would be so embarrased and if she tells my mom im screwed, but before i knew it i was already walking to her room with my shirt off (i never walk around without my shirt on). i opened her room door slowly, she was still awake moving books, she had her glasses and pajamas on and a black vest. i said "remember when we were young and wanted to sleep in your bed, we would make out first" she said no... i lost all hope but i couldnt caontain myself at that point, i was just too horny, and she looked so sexy in that outfit, the thought of when we were young, and i already had my hand on her going to hold her and kind of hug her just to get close enough to kiss her neck, thats pretty damn close! i continued kissing her and we started to make out i was so suprised and hard. she seemed like she was into it, this is so much better than the cam shows on livejasmin! i lowered my hands to her ass, moved them to the front rubbing my hands on her cotton blue pajamas, and started rubbing her pussy and she started rubbing my cock clearly sticking through my shorts. i was so worried our mom would walk in but i couldnt be bothered by that. we slowly moved onto the bed groping and feeling eachother sensually it was intense. i pulled my shorts a bit down just enough to get my cock out, she didnt pull hers down, but as she started stroking i slipped my hands in there and pushed one finger in. she was breathing a little heavier, i know this is her first time probably ever doing anything like this, she barely leaves the house and never had a boyfriend, which made it so much better. she turned around pulled her pajama bottoms down half way and said "just put it between my legs, dont put it in" i asked why not and she just said said queitly "no condom". i wasnt pleased at that but i was so grateful for this i respected what she said... it felt amazing anyway, i think the tease was thrilling me because i was going to cum, she turned around and quickly put her mouth over my cock, i think in 4 thrust of her head i already came in her mouth, she kept her mouth on my cock for a few seconds after just swallowing the cum slowly, she came back up, she looked like she didnt want to swallow or taste it, but she did anyway. she started making out with me again, i didnt care if she just swallowed my cum and is making out with me, i swallow my own cum most of the time.. after a few minutes of waking up she told me to go back to my room. i went back to my room satisfied and just knocked out. the next morning i thought to myself i cant believe i did that! i still kind of cant believe it but a few nights later i had a dream she was riding on my cock naked in bed and after that dream, ive been fantasizing about it, i often masturbait and fantasize about my exs sister or my sister now, i know this is a bad thing but i cant help it. unfortunately over a month later, my sister moved into the attic, i barely ever see her anymore and wonder if im the reason why.. but if i could have that dream come true i wouldnt care if she moved away... i was actually thinking to get drunk with her one day because she does drink sometimes but i know that wont happen.

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    Straight Female / 27

    My niece is a bitch on facebook, makes me embarrassed to be related to her from the evil crap that she thinks and posts. Leave it to a teenage mother who never heard the word "NO" when she was growing up.

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    Straight Male / 36

    My brother, 2 years my senior, was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. I caught the first available flight out. My sister, 10 years my junior, met me at the airport. On our way to the funeral home where they were holding a viewing/wake/visitation she asked if I was going to stay at her home. I said I had planned on getting a hotel room and renting a car for my short stay but if she had room I would be happy. She was only 3 years old when I joined the military, therefore we were more like perfect strangers.
    After the viewing we, she, her husband and me, went to a local restaurant for a quick dinner. Then to their home. We did get some extra chatting in before bedtime. The next day her husband, Ben, took me to a couple car rentals but he told me that I was welcome to used his pickup if I was satisfied with it. As a military man, I am used to all sorts of vehicles. Anyway, the funeral was that afternoon and I would be going home the following day so I accepted the offer.
    Now, after the funeral there was a Reception and I met lots of friends and relatives I haven't seen in ages. That tired me out. Afterward we returned to my sisters home. My room was upstairs so I went there, removed all my clothing, donned my bathrobe and got me a quick shave and shower. Put my robe back on and returned to my room. It was now about 9 PM, to tired to stay up and to early to retire. As I was sitting on the side of my bed, facing the dresser with a huge mirror, applying some Axe deodorant, there was a peck on the door. I yelled, "It's open." And my sister entered. She wanted to chat and learn what time my flight was the next day. I checked my ticket, she sat down by me and leaned over to look at the ticket as I did. My flight was at 1 PM the next day. I knew this but rechecked to make sure. As she leaned over her breast rubbed against my arm. It really felt good. I asked where Ben was and she said he had gone to drive some family home, in another town, and wouldn't be back until midnight at the earliest. She then sniffed my deodorant and asked, "What kind of deodorant I was wearing??" I told her that it's called Axe and bent over to get it, the spray on kind, and show her. My robe fell open. She said, "WOW!" I said, "Yeah, it is a good smelling fragrance." And she said, "I'm not talking about the deodorant. I'm talking about that thing between your legs" and she put a big hug on me and gave me a light kiss on my cheek. I was embarrassed, I started getting an erection so I pulled my robe back over me. She laughed and said, "To late for that. I have already seen enough. Let's get it all off and that thing on" and she began pulling my robe off my shoulders and letting it fall to the bed around my butt. "Now I see why you are called Big Brother" she said and snickered. I looked at her and said, "Since you have seen me and are so proud of what you saw, why not show me what you are so proud of you have to hide with all those clothes." She stood and said, "Don't run away. I'll be right back>" And she left the room. Shortly she returned with only her night gown on. She stood in front of me, released the tie on belt and let everything fall to the floor and said, "Is this disappointing??" My reply, "No Way. You're beautiful." and I pulled her close and buried her tit's in my face. I began sucking her nipples. I don't know how to describe her tit's, they were probably a C as I understand a D is large. Hers were ample size for her body. As I say kissing and sucking her nipples she got a handful of my hard dick. She immediately dropped to her knees and began playing with my dick. She looked up at me and asked, "What do you want me to do?? Do you want me to suck it??" What could I say?? I said, "Do what ever you want to do, Sis!" And she pushed me back on the bed, pulled my robe from under me and said, "Don't call me Sis. It ruins everything." so I said, "Okay, do whatever you want, Betty." Her name is Elizabeth but everybody calls her Betty. She liked that and as she was laying in the 69 position she took my hard dick into her mouth and began. I mean she was good. I just couldn't resist, I spread her legs, with her help, and started massaging her pussy with my hands while licking her clit with my tongue. She was really going wild. She was moaning so loud, I was glad Ben was gone and not down stairs. He would have thought I was punishing his wife. I then slid my fingers inside her pussy and continued sucking her clit while finger fucking her. She started another orgasm. I could tell by the way she would stiffen up and quiver. She soon stopped sucking, wiggled around and said, "Fuck me Gene, I want to feel that big thing inside me." That made me feel good. I don't profess to have a monster but it does make me feel good for her to say "That Big Thing". I got on top as she spread her legs and brought her knees up to her shoulders almost. She reached down, grabbed my dick and slipped it inside her wet warm pussy and I then started pressing it in slowly. She was moaning and saying, "Fuck me Gene, that feels so good. Deeper, harder." Now that is all it took. I began fucking her like there was no tomorrow, I could feel the head on my dick hit the stopping point inside her stomach. She had her arms around me and would squeeze me tight and hump up as I way pounding in. She stiffened ou, started quivering, and said, "I'm cuming, Gene." And I started fucking her harder, if possible. She started begging me to cum inside her. I asked if she was serious. She said she could not get pregnant, which gave meaning why they had no children after about 6 years of marriage. But the freedom of knowing I could not get her pregnant gave more meaning to the outstanding fuck. She again stiffened up and began quivering but this time she was crying, "I'm cuming darling, cum in me. I wnat to feel your warm cum shoot inside me". And at that I began to cum, I couldn't continue, I just stuck my dick in as far and hard as I could and said, "I'm cuming now." And she was still moaning and said, "Don't stop. Fuck me as hard as you can." and I started pounding her again and she again started quivering and stiffened out. I knew she was having the world record orgasm. After she finally relaxed and I knew she had finished that one last orgasm we just lay the, my dick still in her, and we were kissing like real lovers. She said, "I don't want this to ever stop. I want to feel you dick in me forever." But we both knew this could never happen. We got up, got into the upstairs shower together and got they worlds first and best cleaning from brothe and sister, me and her. We finished, got out, dried off, returned to my bedroom and she donned her gown and I put on my PJ's. We embraced, kissed and she went back downstairs. I looked at my watch and It was 11:00 PM, my bedtime and about time for Ben to return.
    We had breakfast at her home but I feasted them for lunch at the airport while awaiting my flight. When the call came to board, they couldn't walk me to the plane because of the Security. Ben and I shook hand and hugged and then Sis, I mean Betty, gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my lips and whispered, "Till we meet again." and smiled.
    Now, She and our niece, just 3 months younger than Sis, have made plans to visit me this summer. Now, how are we to separate from our niece or do they plan on a threesome?????????????? Gives me chills just to think of it.
    So, as Sis says, "TILL WE MEET AGAIN"!

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    OK I don't know what to do after what I did, last Saturday we were celebrating Mother's day at my house everyone were happy and having fun after 2:4am everyone were gone but my sister 26 was sleeping with her boyfriend 31 she was way drunk and pass out I walk in to her room I saw her by naked and I always thought he's hot and had little crush anyways I grab his dock and start suckling his cock he got really hard his about 9.5" he open his eyes and saw me but he didn't said anything so I keep suckling him after 8m of ducking him I told him in bed ears come to my room so he did and he fuck me hard and make me swallowed his cum after we finish
    He told me don't tell ur sister and we can do it again, now I feel bad but I loved
    So what do u think I should do??

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    I once fuck my cousin after a night of partying. We were drunk and i took her home, undressed her to put her in bed and could not help myself. Her pussy and ass were very tight. I came in her ass. We woke up naked next to each other in the morning and never spoke of it again.

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    Straight Female / 24

    my brother invited me to his wifes family house. Mothers day was a big dinner party. His wifes aunt made a pass at me, I took her up on it. We went for a drive in her car, we parked and I got her big ass spread. I bounced up and down on her till she ask me to finish up. I had her moaning and groaning. She gave me her number and her address.
    When we got back she told what we did to brothers wife. Said her husband must be fun in bed. His brother was.
    Now she is pissed at me. That's not right. Hell that woman is almost 50 and horny as hell.

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    I have to confess to an addiction... My fiance and her 14 yr old daughter live with me. Her daughter complains frequently to her mother, which I hear, about her extreme wetness at night and during the day from her crotch. I help out around the house and do quite a bit of laundry. At 12 her mother bought her the first of many thongs. I see the thin crotch of her dirty panties and many times the fabric is stuck together like glue. One day I came across a pair she had just removed laying on her bathroom floor. The crotch was completely soaked and I couldn't help but explore. Her wetness was thick and white. I held it to my nose and there was really no odor, just the slightest hint of musk. The arousal in my pants got the best of me and I began licking the girl cum from her panties. I was instantly hooked on the taste! I can't get enough of her juicy teen pussy on my lips. I have kissed my fiance with her daughters taste in my mouth without her knowing. I have even rubbed the slimy wetness on the head of my cock and unknown to my fiance had her suck my cock. My fiancé knows I sniff her own panties because I have done it in front of her. I don't know if she ever questions my obsession with doing that and if it spills over to her daughter. I have many fantasies related to her daughters wet panties. I am hooked...

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    Straight Female / 50

    While waiting for my two sons to visit me on Mother's Day, reminded me of three years ago when they were 32 and 34, both married with children and they asked me what I wanted them to do for Mother's Day. I smiled and said I want to watch you give each other a blowjob. They both looked shocked and said we can't do that. I proceeded to tell them I knew they were masturbating and sucking each other's cock when they were teenagers. Mothers know more about what their children are up to then they give them credit for. I decided I was going to put a stop to that, because I wanted them to get married and give me some grandchildren. So when they both past their 16th Birthday I moved them in to separate rooms and took turns visiting them when their father was away and let them fuck me. They soon left each other alone and started dating girls. They still come over and fuck me once in a while even though I'm a sixty year old widow. They insisted they weren't going to do it, but I said there might be repercussions if you don't. (They knew what I meant). They looked at each other and shrugged and decided they better satisfy me. They removed their pants and underwear and sat beside each other. They reached for each other's cock and began stroking them. As their erections began to grow I looked in their faces and could tell they were starting to get turned on. Mike bent down slowly and began to suck Roy's now fully hard cock as Roy pumped away on Mike. As Mike got tired (not used to sucking cocks) they switched places and Roy engulfed Mike's cock in his mouth as Mike pumped on Roy's. My hand was stroking my pussy as I watched my two adult sons enjoying each other's cock. They looked like they were about to cum and I told them to get in into a sixty-nine and finish each other off and swallow each other's semen. They did as asked, put their pants on, and shook hands with a smile on their faces. I said now give me a kiss and go home to your families.

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    Husband and i were having a hard day with on and off arguing and i had to call to wish mom a happy mothers day. Was torn that if i waited too long to call her though things were not good at home at the time, it would backfire and she would find reason to cry. It sucked, i asked husband to give me space so i can call her and i wasn't going to let her catch on that we were having a hard day. She sticks her nose where it doesn't belong, i wasn't going to give the dog a bone (my mother}. Things got worked out between us and my mother wasn't forgotten god forbid. I called her 11:00 am her time and she was already working herself up, heard it in her quivering voice as she was eating my every word. "what are you guys up to, how is your day??"~~"oh it would be great if we can get some fishing in, its cold out sooo were not sure if we want to catch a chill". Whew she bought it and dropped the personal questions. Happy mothers day mom, would have been nice if i felt i could call you during a time that was good for me so it could be sincere~shhh!

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