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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My son, among other things, has a a drinking problem. His second year away for school, he got 3 DUIs and partied so much that I pulled the plug on his money and made him move home until he straightened up.
    He tried, Iâll give him that. He stayed away from parties, got a job and helped out around the house a lot.
    His mother and I have always been very sexual people. Weâve done just about everything there is to do. We have fun. But one night something new happened that took us both by surprise.
    The neighbors were having a big bash. They have these a few times each summer and are usually a lot of fun. Needless to say, my son got a bit carried away. He was blasted within the first few hours. The guy is a fun drunk, I must admit, though.
    Anyway, after the party had dwindled down and most of the people had left, someone came up to my wife and said my son was passed out on the other side of the house. My wife found me and we went to go get the drunkard.
    And there he was. Passed out, laying on his back, no shirt, pants around his knees... and this is a part that shook us both, his perfect cock lay flaccid. Neither my wife nor I had seen our grown son naked, never really had the inkling, but damn. What an amazing creation we made!!
    We both crouched beside him, trying to wake him up. He groggily sighed, but that was about it. Maybe it was the alcohol in my own system that made me say it, but I suggested my wife try to wake him up by âplaying with that big piece of meat.â We both laughed, but almost without hesitation, my wife had his cock in her hand. She tossed his floppy member around for a few seconds, but he still didnât wake up. It was hot watching her handling him. But my better judgement kicked in and I suggested we get his pants up and find someone stronger to help me carry him to the house.
    A big biker-type guy named Jim helped me get the young drunk stud into our house. We just threw him onto the couch with a groan. No way I wanted to drag him upstairs to his room. I locked up the house thinking heâd sleep it off and all would be back to normal tomorrow.
    I climbed to stairs to our room to find my wife in the shower. I stripped and joined her, letting her know the kiddo was safe on the couch. â He has a great dick.â We both said almost at the same time; and laughed. âAnd you touched himâ I added with a naughty grin. We finished washing the party off each other and headed to bed. We started fooling around when my wife suggested we go do it next to our passed out son! At first I just laughed, but the idea really turned me on.
    A few minutes later, our naked feet plodded down the stairs to the living room. Without missing a beat, my wife went and undid the drunkardâs pants and pulled them, not so gently off of him. Completely off. There was our son, totally naked; and both of us totally naked. I was harder than Iâve been in quite a while.
    My wife dropped to her knees and started sucking me, just a few feet from my sonâs face. While sucking my cock, her hand ran over to him and started playing with his limp dick again. I watched in delight, occasionally checking to see if he was waking up or not.
    To my surprise, he started to get harder as she played with him. âSuck himâ I whispered. She smiled up at me and turned and took her sonâs cock in her mouth. At first there was no reaction, but he shifted a bit and let out a few groans. Within a few minutes he was rock hard and bigger than I thought he would be while erect.
    It had been quite a while since I sucked another man, but my wife nodded and I joined her on the floor. What a rush to take his long pole in my own mouth. We both sucked him for a while, then while my wife remained giving him head, i slipped behind her and slid my cock inside.
    We finished led while pawing and playing and sucking our drunk son for quite a while. I was about to cum and my wife told me to cum on him. I shot my load with a grunt all over his abs.
    Spent, we decided to go back to bed, but not before taking some pictures for posterity sake!
    I was curious as to what he would think waking up naked with cum all over himself; sadly he was up and in his room when we got up the next morning.
    Weâve never talked to him about that night, but thereâs another party happening soon, and weâre both hoping he gets a little too drunk for his own good.

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 44

    When my brother Joseph and I were 4 years old (we are identical twins) an uncle of ours began baby sitting us. I'm not of all the details it was so long ago but he basically taught us how to have gay sex together. He never touched us directly. So from the age of four Joe and I were gay lovers. We loved sucking on each other's cocks.

    When we were 10 uncle joe wanted to make some videos of us having sex together. We thought it was fun. Then he gave us money and told us that thousands of guys were watching our videos and jerking off while they did and that they loved to watch my brother and I suck each other's cocks, make-out and fuck each other up the ass. we were thrilled that guys wanted to watch us so bad that they were willing to pay us for it.

    We did this for about three years until our uncle said we were too old. But Joe and I continue to this day to be lovers and we both love that our uncle brought us together in such a special way. We also used the money to pay for our college and we now own a gay bath house together as business partners. But before we did that we spent several years doing gay porn together. I don't know what the appeal is but for some reason good looking identical twins are extremely popular in the adult entertainment industry, more so than if we weren't related but had super model looks. We made a small fortune up until we hit our thirties which is when we retired and bought this bath house together. We live as a married couple though we can't legally get married.

    As for our uncle, he eventually moved to a country with an age of consent of 12, changed his citizenship and is now married to a guy he married when the boy was 13.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    One night i was drinking and caught my brother jacking off. I walked by and he stopped. I just kept going acted like i didnt see anything. He's 4 years younger but his dick was so much bigger. Had me turned on. I go to my room and start jacking off. Couple minutes later he comes in and still has a hard on.

    I look at it for a minute and then he sits down beside me and starts stroking it again. He looks at me and says suck it.

    I put it in my mouth and start sucking on it. A few minutes later he cums in my mouth and i swallow his load. I was so drunk i dont remember what it taste lol

    Couple days later he wanted his dick sucked again, and when i seen it sober, i couldnt believe it. But after a few minutes of him asking i gave in a suck him off. This time i remember the taste of his load, filled my mouth then went right down my throat. Turned me on even more sucking off my brother.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My mother had a child with another guy before marrying my biological father. My half brother is 6 years elder than me. He has always been the distant handsome mysterious guy. I never really had a brother-like relationship with him because he preferred being alone and also because he was in boarding school so we didn't really grow up together.

    So this happened one summer when we were at a family vacation. Our parents got drunk and disappeared from where we were. Bro came up to me and gave me tequila, saying "finally we get some freedom"
    We drank in silence and then for the first time had a decent chat when the tequila hit. He got more beer, vodka, whiskey, we almost tried everything. We ran outside the hotel laughing and pranking people. It felt so good. We pranked one guy pretty badly and ran into the garden of the hotel. Tired of running, we dropped to the ground laughing when we heard some sounds. I got on four legs and and peeked from behind a hedge and saw my parents having sex like animals, completely naked. Shocked, I kept staring at them and bro came up beside me to see what was taking so long. We were silent and only the moaning could be heard along with the music that came from the party going on in the hotel.
    I was wearing a tube top and short skirt and because I was so drunk, I didn't even realise when my tube top came down due to all the crawling. Suddenly I felt a hand on my breast which made me realise my top malfunctioned but I was too horny seeing our parents and didn't want bro to move his hands. I looked at him and realised he was out of it but I wanted him so bad. From the position we were in, I rolled and sat on top of him, rubbing my pussy on his crotch. He became hard in no time. I unzipped his pants and we fucked for sometime before he passed out. I was still feeling so horny I rode his dick as he lay there asleep. I heard a noise and I got up, adjusted my clothes and put his penis inside his pants and zipped it. I went to the tree to see if mom and dad were still there but they were gone. When I came back to where I was, the security was looking at my passed out brother and I told him I came here searching for him. After asking me a few questions he called a few more guards and they took him to his room. My parents were in their room, probably passed out, so they decided to speak to them in the morning.
    Next morning, I went to check on brother and he seemed distant than ever. He didn't look at me the whole day. It was the last night of the vacation. Even during dinner he avoided me, even my parents noticed it. I felt embarrassed too, but I felt like I should apologize to him. So that night before bed, I knocked at his door. He opened the door and was shocked and embarrassed to see me, but invited me in anyway. I closed the door behind and immediately apologized for my behaviour last night. He came out of his distant state and in an extremely awkward tone told me that isn't as much as my fault as it was his as he initiated it. He looked so embarrassed like he was about to break down. I felt so sorry for him I blurted out that at least he did it because we both were drunk and engaging but I kept doing it even after he passed out. He was shocked and silent for a minute. He kept looking at me in awe.
    Then after this frightening pause, he took my hand and lead me to his bed. He made me sit beside him and asked what do I mean. I couldn't answer but I blushed. Truth is, we never grew up together and somehow I really liked him. He held my face up and looked into my eyes and asked if I have any kind of feelings for him. I was so embarrassed and yet I knew the answer wasn't a NO. He read my expression and dived into a long kiss. We kissed and kissed like animals and then when we parted to take a breath he told me he always loved me and that he could never bring himself to accept me as his sister. This words made me go crazy and I jumped on him saying I didn't know how I felt but I did now and so we made out which eventually led to sex and it was awesome as fuck.
    I know this is i****t but we never really grew up together and this is how we felt, there was no denying it. It has been one year since and we are going as good as ever. He is so much better than my past boyfriends, I wouldn't leave him for the world. We are so much in love but I'm afraid what will happen next. About our future. That is what scares me the most because the society will never accept us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    The very day my wife told me our three year marriage was over, and that she wanted a divorce, I drove the eleven miles over to her daughters house and fucked my step daughter for nearly two hours. Kelly had always flirted with me and even her mom had noticed. When she moved out, her mom and I sighed a relief. But from my perspective, it was because Kelly was too much of a stunner to resist for much longer. I didn't see the signs of my wife wanting to end our marriage, so when she told me I was extremely hurt. And that hurt was driven into her daughters mouth, pussy and asshole over and over again. We'd only just stopped fucking, when her boyfriend rang to say he was calling over. She jumped in the shower and I thought I'd get out of there. Yet seeing her naked and soaping up, I quickly joined her and fucked that cute ass of hers all over again. Luckily for me he was used to seeing me around, so it wasn't too much of an issue when he walked in and I was just about sat on the sofa.

    Arriving back home I saw my mother in laws car sat on our driveway and thought she was collecting her favorite daughter. She wasn't, she was there to tell me my wife had had a complete change of heart and realized it was her thoughts that were all mixed up. I instantly felt guilty, but also elated from knowing my marriage wasn't over. There was another emotion though, and that was one of pleasure from a wonderful afternoon of sex
    There is a back story too to this and the reason Miriam (MIL) was there to speak to me. Nearly two years ago my wife asked me if I'd accommodate her and her mom. Miriam was apparently ill, and wanted to know if I'd sleep with her. My wife had given her consent, but obviously needed mine too. A week later I stayed over at my mother in laws home and had a long and very passionate nights sex with her. I'm not saying it was the best sex, but Miriam wanted to try everything, some of which i'd not done myself. Miriam then had news we were all glad to hear, she wasn't as ill as she'd first thought. It was that, that my wife couldn't get past. Yet somehow I was blamed.

    I'm now in a situation of having my step daughter wanting more of the same, yet I know if I want to remain married, I'll have to say no. Only Kelly is making it extremely hard with the messages she sends me, and the little sneaky flashes when her moms not looking.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    Part 2

    Hi, no beer this time. Due to some request I am back on here to continue my story of my new adventure that came as a surprise to me but nothing I regret.

    I am the 20 year old guy who had just over a week ago had a sexual relationship with his beautiful mother. I was feeling a bit guilty at the time even though I wasn't really regretting it the way I guess society tells us we should. I had a few beers and decided to confess what I did here. Believe it or not, that confession while having me relive the event, made me loosen up at the thought it could happen again the next day as we had planned. I racked my brain with this was bad, this was good, this shouldn't happen, this was meant to be. I came to a conclusion that if my mother did in fact show up the next day as planned, I would really like that. Of course I gave myself the excuse that it was for her well being, not for me. I knew I was lying to myself but I had to aim it towards the good.

    She rang my bell right at 1:00 PM. It was the time I mentioned she should return after she told me she wanted a repeat performance. I opened the door and there stood this, I didn't think mother, I thought gorgeous petite Asian Woman dressed a bit casual but smart. She was wearing a blouse that while the material was thin, was not see through but clung against her small but still perky breast. Slacks that were tight on top and loosened up as they went down. You could almost see the outline of her pubic area but you had to use your imagination. I was kind of staring at her when she broke the silence with, "you going to make me stand out here or what?" Sorry, I told her. Come in, come in.

    I closed the door behind her and when I turned back around she immediately put her arms around my neck and pulled me close and started kissing me. It was one of those glad to see you kisses. No, it was open your mouth and let me see how far down your throat my tongue reaches kisses. I felt a shiver or something go through me and I returned her kiss, tongue jab for tongue jab. It was instant hard on for me and she knew it since my groin was just above hers pressing into each other. it became evident really fast that she had not changed her mind at all after she had left me yesterday. He hand slipped down my front and she placed it over my now raging hard on. She gave me that lame, so you're glad to see me, line. I said I was. My hand then tried to automatically slip down the front of her pants but they were too tight. She opened the button loosening them and it was easy access from there. My hand slipped right to a warm wet spot. She moaned a bit. She reached down and undid my jeans and pushed them down. She grabbed each side of my underwear and pulled them down. My cock sprang forward now hitting her. She grabbed it with bot hands and slowly caressed it. I finished undoing her pants and pushed them down. I then went for the blouse and bra. she removed my teeshirt and now there were two people standing against each other with pants around our knees but the rest naked. Neither one of us were freely able to move around so we sat down and removed our pants together.

    Damn, she was so beautiful naked. I mean, like teenage beautiful. So natural. So delicious to because I immediately got on the floor, spread her legs wide and dove my head in face first. I sucked down as much of her juice as i could reach. She just kept producing more as my tongue hit her clit over and over again. She had a wild bucking orgasm when I started sucking on her clit. I almost couldn't stay in place but she cupped the back of my head in her hands and just pushed me to stay right were I was and moving with her thrust. It was wild. I have never made any girl orgasm like that. Ever. I would have definitely remembered that. She had me stand and she leaned foreword and started stroking my bulging cock. She would hold it and lick the tip then rim the head with her tongue. I wasn't handling those sensations very well when she told me to relax, good things will follow if I just go with it. I tried to relax as she continued playing with my cock head with her mouth and then my balls with her hands. I thought later how odd that if someone squeezed my balls like that normally, I would scream in pain but with her, it was really exciting. She would slip her mouth down my shaft and back up again slowly. She removed my cock and started her tongue down the shaft. Up and down just in the middle of the underside of it. She went down once and she started licking my balls while she held them in her hand. Suddenly, I felt one get sucked into her mouth, then the other one. Nothing on my life has ever constrained my nuts like that but damn, this was feeling so good. She used her tongue on them moving it all around. I could feel my cum building but it wasn't ready to be released yet. Finally, she removed my balls from her mouth and slowly tongued her way back up my shaft and slipped her lips over it's head and clamped them together around it. She sucked and that was it. I let it all rip. I mean, it felt as it tore through my grown that something was ripping me it was so intense. I think I yelled something like, Oh my fucking god, or something as I filled her mouth and then seen it gush out the corners of it. More cum than I have ever produced I thought.

    We then sat side my side and while I gently rubbed her pussy, she gently caressed my cock. I told her that she made me feel better that anything in my life. She returned that with, she was so happy we did this because it had been so long and finally feeling a man again has opened her senses to having more. We talked a little about if either had any guilt being that what we had done is really taboo in the eyes of society. I was honest with her and told her that after last time i was and a few beers later I felt better after having a conversation with myself. I did not mention this site. She told me that she also had some misgivings but thought of mental and physical benefits it offered the both of us. She told me about the frustration that had built within her while putting off sex for so long but how she has felt release from those frustrations and how she never wanted to experience them again. She told me that sex with me was incredible for her. Maybe because she loved me so much even though it isn't in a romantic sort of way.

    She kept caressing my dick all the while she spoke. I didn't realize at first that she had gotten me quite hard again. She leaned over and started sucking me and working her lips up and down. Now I was rock hard. I reached for her and inserted a finger into that tight hole that seemed to grab it all around. I worked it in and out. She reached down and move my hand just a bit and sort of game my finger a direction to work. Just a little inside to the front. Whatever it was, she was moving with it. She stopped sucking me and just sort of rocked with my finger movements. I saw her stomach muscles tighten and then heard the familiar moans of an orgasm. She whispers, don't stop so i kept up my movements and she continued to have small orgasm after small orgasm. Must have been more than 6 or 7 before she had me stop.

    Fuck me was the next thing out of her mouth. I had moved my condoms and some of them were just within reach now. I grabbed the condom and she got on the carpeted floor. I put on the condom really fast while looking at that hot body laying on the floor, wanting me. She told me to lie on my back. I did as told. She straddled my cock and once she barely slipped the head of it in her, she continued to work her way don it until I was balls deep in her. She was squatting over me raising and lowering herself over my cock. Incredible feeling. I could see my cock going in and out, Pulling the skin around her pussy every time she raised up. She then twisted her way around to face downwards while I was still balls deep. Wow, now that's a sensation I never knew existed. She was facing my feet, bent forwards. I could again get a clear view our action together and it was thrilling. I felt something touch my ass hole again but this time I didn't complain. She had used some lube from her pussy on herself and pushed a finger into me. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but in no time, it was feeling nice. Well, until she decided that the first finger must be lonely and she added another. This hurt but again, it subsided. I did feel full, that's for sure.

    She worked her fingers and kept up her up and down on my cock. needless to say, it was just moments before I emptied my nuts again. I pulled her down so I could do it deep inside her. Of course, the condom was still between us but it didn't feel like it so it felt great. She let my spasms subside before lifting off me. She grabbed the tip of the condom and pulled it off me. She lowered her head and licked my juice off my cock before sitting back leaning against the sofa. I moved over next to her and leaned my head on her shoulder. She asked if I was OK, I said I was and asked her the same. She too said she was. She asked if this was something I would like to continue. Not on a daily basis but somewhat often. I lifted my head and looked at her. I told her that to be honest, this is something I could do as often as she wanted me to. Twice a day, daily, every other day, whatever, I would be there for her. I realized that for the past hour or so, I never regarded her as my mother. Just an incredible sexy Woman that I had the pleasure of being sexually active with. She told me that she would like to continue but she would like to let me know when she wanted it. I said no problem but to be honest, I would prefer more often than not. She laughed and said it figures. She then added that if anytime I want to stop, she would understand. She added that she would expect me to meet some girl and she wouldn't ever want to get in the way of that. "well, I'll tell you what, I told her. I'm not looking and haven't had much desire to look, so we won't think about that." She told me OK, but just keep that in mind.

    We were like a couple kids the remaining afternoon. We never got dressed and just went about doing a little cleaning and watching some TV. We showered and get dressed when it was time to go and get something to eat. Again, after we ate we went our separate ways to our respective homes.

    Stay tuned for part 3 when I get some time. Even more exciting things to come.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    Okay, so I am now a 28 year old widowed husband. My wife and I met in high school and fell madly over heals in love while dating. We attended a local college together and were married immediately after graduation. We both were employed at places where our education meant nothing, I in a bank as a teller and she in a beauty shop as a cosmetic. Anyways, she was riding with a lady friend from work one day when they were hit by an 18 wheeler and my wife was killed. Immediately after the funeral a lawyer came to me and persuaded me to let him sue the truck company since the accident was caused by the truck He sued for $200,000.00 and won. He got $20,ooo which left me with $180,00.
    So, here is where the sex begins. My dad, owning his own business was working on Saturday afternoon. I was laying on the recliner and fell asleep I suppose I was having dreams, anyway I had a rock hard on and as I lay there I felt someone playing with me. I opened my eyes and it was my mon. I almost flipped. She had my pants unbuttoned and was playing with my hard dick. S he just smiled and asked, "You like it?" What could I say? She grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit. WOW! My own mom? She then removed her clothing and then removed my pants and underwear. Here we both sit, her straddled me and my hard dick against her warm and moist pussy. She raised her butt a bit and slid my dick between the lips of her pussy. It felt so wet and warm. Now she leans forward, kissed me lightly and ask, "Don't you want it?" I'm thinking, "Do you have to ask?" Anyways, we went to it. I don't know how many times she cumed but I'd guess about 6 before my once. She waisted no time. After she knew I had cumed inside her she slid down commenced slowly jacking he off and then began sucking mm dick. I'm telling you, I was in heaven, and with my own mom. I had never dreamed of such. With your own mom? But I loved it and still do periodically when dad is away and she and I are all alone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My story starts back on the farm. I grew up in a family of 6, but always took a fancy to my older Sister. She was 4 years older, a pretty brunette with a great body. Many days started and many nights ended, with me shooting cum in a Kleenex, thinking of her. She was very popular in school and I knew she was sexually active. Once a boyfriend nailed her in his car right out in the driveway, while I watched through the windshield and jerked off on the ground.

    By the time I was a freshmen, she was a Senior. I found that when she got up to use the bathroom in the morning, I could run in her room and hide under her bed.
    Then, when she came in to get dressed for school, I'd get a glimpse of her and jack one quick under her bed.

    I guess you could say it was infatuation, all I knew was I wanted to fuck her more than anything.
    By Christmas of my Freshman year I got a girlfriend. She was a very sweet girl, but wouldn't let me enter her. She would give me a handjob, and occasionally a blowjob, and I was always thinking of my older Sis when I came.

    In the spring of that year, Dad and Mom left town to take care of our cousins.
    My Aunt and Uncle had been in an accident, and it was necessary to watch after their kids.
    They also took our younger siblings with them, leaving us home to attend school.

    I had mixed feelings of them leaving, it meant way more work for me on the farm ( my older Sis never worked on the farm), but I also thought here's my chance!

    The second night they were gone, I was home alone. My Sis was out on a Date, and My Girlfriend had gone to her Grandmothers for a birthday party.
    I was bored, horny, and needed relief.
    I took the 8X10 graduation pic of my Sister off he wall, put my Sony Walkman on, and went to town.
    Imagine my surprise when my Sister walked in her room!
    I was lying on her bed, her picture in my left hand, a pair of her blue bikini underwear pulled over the head of my cock as I jerked it.
    She went crazy!! She had going fight with her boyfriend, and had another girl ring her home.
    She ripped the picture out of my hand, and said keep the underwear you sick prick!!

    I was crushed, we had been so close as siblings, and we were home alone, fighting, and I was scared she would tell Mom and Dad.

    The very next night, which was Saturday, she decided she was going to have a party.
    She invited a bunch of kids, the house was full, and someone had brought a couple kegs of beer.
    By the time I came in from ththe barn, there had to be 30-40 kids there. All through the house, basement and garage.
    I went downstairs to take a shower, still upset from the night before, I didn't even jackoff.
    I went upstairs and stated to talk with some of the guys, they were all older than me, but I was on the Varsity football team with them. The beer was flowing, bit I really didn't care for it. Someone broke out a shitload of Boones farm and that was enough for this 9th grader.

    I remember throwing up at one time, and a bunch of kids laughing and giving me shit.
    My Sister was even doing it, atleast she wasn't still avoiding me.

    Two of the girls from my Sisters class helped me to my bedroom, and then I passed out.

    I woke up early Sunday morning to go do my chores (farm boys have an internal clock ), and I
    Was naked in my Sisters bed! I started to slide out from under the covers and noticed I had blood everywhere.
    My hands, abdomen, groin and thighs.

    I stood up looked in the bed and it was everywhere.
    Finally my dream had come true, but I have no memory of it, my Sister was still passed out,
    and had her period.

    I felt like throwing up again. I considered shooting myself, even went to the gun cabinet and stared at it. I took a quick shower and went out and fed the calves. Then I thought I had enough courage to talk to her, but she was still out. I went out to milk and when I came back in she was in the shower. I went in the living room and started to watch TV.

    She came back upstairs in a robe, with a towel wrapped around her head, and I could tell she had been crying.
    I asked what was wrong, and she said " what happened last night?" I told her I didn't know, I got loaded, sick and passed out in my room.
    She started to cry again, and said she thinks she was r**ed.

    After about 10 minutes she went on to say how she knows she had sex last night, but couldn't remember with who. She said she has her period, so she know she wouldn't have initiated it.

    I felt bad, I wanted to tell her, but just couldn't.

    I'm not sure what effect this had on her life at that time, but I can say, it bothered me for a long time.

    The next fall she went away to college, not far away, but far enough to where I didn't see her much.

    I found a girlfriend that I really liked, and we had sex pretty often.
    So much so, that I didn't always think of my Sister.

    I still had her blue underwear, and would still blow a load in those crusty thing from time to time.
    I kept them under my Sisters bed, and it's a good thing I did, my Mom once saw them sticking out from under the bedspread, and put them in the wash.
    The next time My a Sister was home, Mom asked if she was missing a pair of underwear?
    Sis just looked at me and Smiled.

    My Senior year, Sis got married in the Winter, and it was a great party!

    At the wedding dance I slow danced with her, and we were back to being close. I actually got a hardon, and she smiled and said " you still think about me don't you?) I said yeah, but you're a married old lady. We both laughed.

    When the dance ended she gave me a tight squeeze and a kiss on the lips.
    I hustled back to my booth in the ballroom, waiting for my dick to go down.

    At the end of the dance, she threw her bouquet and they headed for their limo.
    She asked me to make sure Mom got all the gifts and cards loaded up.
    I told her I would as she was getting in the car.
    She turned, gave me another hug, then put her hands on my cheeks and stuck her tongue down my throat.

    I asked her what's that all about?
    She whispered in my ear " I know it was you at the party that night" she winked at me and

    got in the car.

    I can't explain how I felt that night. I wouldn't say proud or happy, but my Sister knew I fucked her, and she was alright with it.

    The very next Winter after my Senior year, my girlfriend got pregnant, and We got married while she was still in High School.

    During this time I didn't have time to think a lot about my past.
    Dad had sold the cows and I had to find a job to support my family.

    I got a job in the Northern part of the state, 3 1/2 hours away from home.

    A couple years later, about 4 years after their wedding, my sister and brother in law were having issues.
    He liked to drink and chase skirts.

    She threw his ass out and he went a little crazy. He took a car key to her car in the driveway and slashed 2 of her tires.

    My Wife and I took our baby back home, she went with the baby to her folks, and I continued to my Sisters.

    I got her tires replaced, took her car to a guy I know, and let him take a look at the scratches.
    Then I fixed her garage door springs, so she could get her car in the garage.
    We also changed locks on the house and garage side door.

    She told me over and over how much she appreciated me fixing everything, and that she wished I didn't have to leave tomorrow, and that I didn't live so far away.

    I laid a blanket out on the couch and grabbed the remote.
    She gave me another big kiss, not quite like the last one, but still pretty passionate, and then she went to bed.

    I was watching tv and not able to sleep 2 hours later! I was hard and wanting to go in there and beg to fuck her.
    I started to slowly pull on my dick and looked towards the bathroom. I thought I should just go in there and jerkoff.

    Just when I was going to get up, I actually had thrown the blanket off and had one foot on the floor, my Sister came out. She said she couldn't sleep and asked what I was watching?

    She sat on my left and put her head on my shoulder. I wanted to cum so bad, I actually thought I might right there, without even touching it.

    I looked down and the front of my boxers were wet already.
    Before I could even think about covering it somehow, she noticed it.

    Wow! She said is this because of me?
    She stuck her hand thru the front and pulled my dick out, she started stroking it up and down slowly and I thought I was in heaven.

    She told me to change spots, so she could use her other hand.
    I had my hand on her breast and was rubbing her nipples, nuzzling and licking her neck.
    About 2 minutes of her jacking me and asking if I still thought about fucking her, and I couldn't take it anymore. I came all over her hands.

    She licked some of it off her hands and then gave me another deep kiss.
    Then she went to bed and I also finally fell asleep.

    I woke in the morning before she did, I got my stuff together, and must have woke her up in the process.

    She called me in the bedroom, and there she was, laying on top of the blankets, knees up with that dark trimmed pussy staring at me.

    I asked if she was serious? She said, I don't want you to fuck me, make love to me.
    I stuck my face between her legs and ate her until she was soaked.
    Then she handed me a condom and said hurry.

    I had hoped and waited for this for a long time, but it was over too fast. I gave her everything I had, I felt my cock hitting the top of her pussy on many strokes and she winced every time.

    After we just laid in each other's arms for an hour or so, talking about us and our spouses.
    One thing I was glad she never said it was a mistake or that we could never do it again.

    We went back north where we lived for another 5 years until the economy tanked up there in the early 80's.
    Then we moved back closer to home.
    My Sister and the brother in law patched things up, even though nobody in our family cares for the guy.

    Twenty years had gone by and although I had jerked off many times thinking of my Sister, we hadn't had sex again.

    That changed in 99 with the death of our Dad.
    While alone consoling each other, we ended up in bed again. This time without a condom, and it ended up with a pregnancy scare.
    She was 45 at the time, and I was 41.
    Thank god she wasn't, as her and her husband had NEVER had unprotected sex. He did not want any kids.

    My Wife has always worked shift work in the medical field, including every other weekend.
    Her Husband works a lot of weekend events, so in the last 20 years we have had many opportunities, and living with 10 miles of each other, we have taken advantage of it.

    I'll bet in the last 20 years I've banged her twice a month.
    Her husband who is 5 years older than her, can't get it up all the time anymore, so he doesn't even care to try.
    By coincidence, my wife really doesn't care about it anymore either.

    I know society really wouldn't approve or accept this, but I've struggled with it for a long time.

    You know the saying if it feels good do it? Well it feels good!

    She is 65 now but looks 55 and turns heads everywhere.
    I was home alone for a couple days this week, as my wife was out of town.
    My Sister stopped over 2 nights ago and we had a long session.
    Having regular sex with her is helping me last longer.

    I haven't gone to blue pills yet, but sometimes I/she will jack me off first, then I please her before banging her.

    I'm sorry if some people are offended or sickened by this, this situation is not for most, but sure works great for us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    My relatives lived about 30 miles from us. My mom was a single mom, so she'd always get me to go with her to visit them on weekends in case she had car trouble or something. I'd just sit around my aunt and uncle's house, theyd all be off doing stuff.

    One Spring weekend my Sr year of high school we were up there, I was sitting around watching the baseball game and bored. My older cousin walked in with his girlfriend, they were 2 or 3 yrs older than me. She was average, basic cute small town girl. He introduced us and I was yeah nice to meet you, blah blah blah. He turns to her and says "he plays football and throws the discus at @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ and works out all the time, take off your shirt and show her."

    I'm like WTF?!?!? I sat there for a second then naturally I took off my shirt and showed her, lol. Now I'm not built like The Rock or whoever, but it was track season and I was in really good shape and had been hitting the weights pretty hard. She just stood there staring at me shocked with doe eyes and her mouth open and started to come over and start feeling me, but then she snapped out of it and stopped.

    I thought about taking her hand and leading her back into one of the bedrooms, but I was so shocked by the whole scene that a guy would do that with his girlfriend that I just didnt know what to do. And I liked my cousin, even though he was a dork, I didnt want to fuck his girlfriend, and I was dating a 6' hot girl during that time anyway.

    I found out later from his little brother that he had a tiny, micro penis. I always wondered what he would have done if I'd grabbed his gf and fucked her, lol. Probably for the best I didnt, he would have squealed to someone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    First let me say that my parents had a farm out in the country so I didn't really get to go into town much. School was my biggest outlet to do things I read and heard about. I started letting guys at school play with my tits and kiss me and by the time I was in high school I had been fucked a few times. Turned out I loved sex and the word had gotten around that I was the school slut.

    My brother was in the same school and on the football team so of course he started hearing things about me. On Summer vacation I was pretty much at home most of the time helping around the farm. I loved being outside and around the animals so one of my chores was feeding and watering them. One day taking care of them a couple of my dad's hunting dogs started fucking. Since I had been out of school few a couple of weeks I was missing getting to play with guys cocks and getting fucked.

    While watching the dogs I started rubbing my tits and began getting hot. The way the dog yard was set up I could go in the barn and look out and see them and be out of sight from the house. In the barn I pulled down my shorts and began rubbing my pussy. Before long I was fingering myself and was feeling so good I didn't hear my brother come in and didn't know he was there until he asked "you having fun". I jumped and turned around my blouse open and shorts down to my ankles. He had a view of my whole body but I was so hot I didn't even try to cover up.

    He smiled and walked over to me and told me all the things he had heard in school and asked if they were true. I let him know that they were and I just loved sex. He reached out and rubbed my tits and told me how fine he thought they were and then reached down to rub my pussy. By then I was so hot I would have let the dog fuck me. I undid his pants and soon we were both naked. H said he had heard I was a fantastic cock sucker and also that I let guys cum in my mouth. So I started sucking him and it wasn't long he shot a load of cum in my mouth.

    Him being young and in great shape it wasn't long I had him hard again and was guiding his hard cock into my pussy. Since he had already shot a load he was able to go a while and we fucked like the dogs I had been watching. When we were done and getting dressed he told me the guys were right I was a fantastic cock sucker and a fantastic fuck. We decided this would be a regular thing with us setting up time to fuck whenever we wanted. By mid Summer I had been fucking him nearly every day and he told me he was going to bring me a surprise. The next day a couple of his football playing friends showed up and he introduced me to them and told me that he told them I would fuck them. We winded up doing a threesome with each of them fucking me twice each. I was feeling so good with so much cum in and on me.

    Before the Summer was up I was fucking more of my brothers friends and had just about fucked everyone on the football team. My brother always either fucked me first or I sucked him off while the other guys took turns fucking me. That was the greatest Summer. Too bad my brother graduated and winded up at a college in another city so we didn't have Summers like that any more but every time he came to visit we would fuck like rabbits.

    We are both grown and married but his wife and my hubby both know about us and we still fuck when ever we visit each other. In fact my hubby will fuck my brother's wife while we are fucking and my brother's daughter, who is now 18, told me one day how much she likes my hubby and wants to fuck him so now he gets to fuck her too and I also get to fuck my brother's son when he visits from college.

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