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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    I'd never done anything as dirty as this in my life. I've been with guys, yeah, and even experimented with a girl when I was in high school. I liked doing stuff with people, always had a good time, and I'd made sure I was with people that weren't assholes or that would go talking to others about what we were doing.

    But a couple of days ago, I did something I know I should not have done, and I feel guilty as hell about doing, but I still think about it, and yeah, I might be gross as fuck, but I want to do it again. I was in my bedroom, my mom had gone to work (she works at night), and my step dad was downstairs in the living room. It was probably about 1 in the morning. I wasn't expecting him to still be up, because he usually leaves the house about 7am for work. I went down the stairs, and I stopped in the hallway, when I heard him. I wasn't sure what was going on. But I looked across the living room, and I could see him at his computer. He had some music on, and the lights were off, except the one over his computer. And I'm watching him in his chair, he's sitting back, obviously watching something, and then I realize holy shit. He's masturbating. I stood there, and I realize I'm watching my step dad jerk it. And a few minutes later, I hear him grunt, and I see him blowing his wad into something. I'm not sure if it was a napkin, or a paper towel or dish towel or something. But like 2 minutes later, he reaches down, and he grabs something, and then I see him wipe up. And then he pulls his shorts up. Stands up. And he looks across the room. He stutters, and can't barely speak, and realizes I've seen him. He sees me.

    He knew I'd seen him. He got all embarrassed, and I just kinda laughed and said hope you feel better. He just stares at me, and says oh shit Emily. I just laughed and said hey, everyone has their needs. Whatever it takes. And he looks at me and says you have needs too? I laughed and said well sure. Who doesn't. And I couldn't believe it when he says how about you take care of those needs and let me watch? I laughed. And said you're shitting me? He just says nah. I'm always perverted and dirty. Figure it couldn't hurt to ask. I just kinda looked at him. And realizing he wasn't kidding. I'd never thought about him like that, but I just said well sure. How about now? I think he was gonna shit. He'd just cum. But I think he was gonna shit too. I laughed and said not expecting that huh? How about you put on whatever you were getting off too. Must have been good. He got all uncomfortable, and said no. I'll find something. I just said nope. I wanna see what you had. And he says well, don't say I didn't warn you. It's kinda dirty. I said good. It must have worked to watch you blow your load. And he laughed and said well thanks for that.

    When he put it on, I almost freaked. It was a dude about 30 or something, with a girl about 12 or 13. I looked at him and said kiddie porn? He just said no. Just one. You know she's gotta be 18 or 19. But she's made up to look real young. I looked at him and said not judging. But don't get busted. Just saying. I know a girl's body, cuz I'm a girl, and she's only like 12 or 13. But hey, that's cool. And he says well uh yeah, he's gonna fuck her. I looked at him and said no shit? He just kinda shrugged. I'd never seen anything like that. So I said well I wanna see it. I'm staring at this girl, just like a little patch of pussy hair when I was her age, small boobs, real small nipples, and yeah, this guy was older, has a condom, and he's putting it on his hard dick, and he's gonna fuck her. I knew it.

    I'm watching my step dad, and watching the video too, and when they start getting into it, I pulled my shorts down, and started fingering myself. I hear my step dad go holy fuck. That's hot. I just laughed and looked at him. And he's staring right at me. Felt kinda weird at first, but I dunno, I just started getting turned on. And he says God. You're so fucking hot. I looked at him and kinda laughed. And I realized he was serious. At first, it was kind of creepy, but I don't know why, it just changed the hornier I was getting. I was almost ready to orgasm, and finally got there, and felt it. I came like 3 times fingering myself while this guy was fingering the girl, and then doing oral on her. It was really fucking amazing. And when he's going at it, I came again. I finally was tiring out, and just sat there with my naked ass on my step dad's computer chair. And I said to him how was that? He was looking at me, and he finally said God. You're fucking amazing. That was beyond awesome.

    I'd never done anything like this before. Nothing. I just sat there leaning back, and said "would you have sex with me?" He just about fell off the couch. He said "excuse me?" and I just looked at him and said "sleep with me. I mean, like right now. It's just us in the house. Right now". He just stared at me. And I said "Sorry. I couldn't help it. I shouldn't have said that". He stood up. I looked, and his dick was fucking huge in his shorts. He'd already gotten hard again after cumming earlier.

    I stood up, and he pushed into me, and started kissing me. I'd never thought anything like that. We were kissing intensely for a long time. He took my shirt and bra off, and I felt weird standing there naked in front of my step dad. He kind of leads me back to the living room, and we're standing there. He looks at me, and says to me, did you mean it? I said yeah. I was scared as hell, freaked a bit, not thinking he'd actually do it, but I said to him again yeah. I wanna sleep with you.

    He took me right there on the floor. Went all over my naked body, kissing, licking, sucking on my boobs, fingering me (he made me cum twice more), and getting me all worked up. He kind of got on his knees, and pulled his shorts and boxers off, and his dick was standing straight out. I just looked at him and said no. Have sex with me right now.

    He looked at me, and he just slid inside me. It felt huge. My whole body started shaking. He pushed harder. Got it halfway up, and then pushed harder, and shoved it inside me. It was huge. He was laying there inside me, and started pushing. He started kissing me, and was pushing in and out. And kept saying things, talking while she was doing it. Then I felt it. I came again. I grabbed ahold of his back, an started going off. He kept going and going, and like 5 minutes later, I was watching his face, and he said I'm gonna come. What do you want me to do? I'd never let a guy go off in me. I'm on birth control, but I'd never let a guy do it. Until I told him just go off. It's fine.

    He exploded. I was watching his face, he was groaning, making all sorts of noises, pushing deep in me, pulling out, and pushing harder. It was amazing. When he finished, he was kind of on his knees and his elbows, staring at me. And said holy jesus. I just laughed and said yeah. That's what it felt like.

    He kind of awkwardly got off me, and I was staring at his soft dick. I sat up, and felt his cum dripping out of me. It was all messy. He handed me a shirt, and I put it between my legs, as I took my pajamas into the bathroom. Standing there looking in the mirror, I realized I'd just fucked my step dad.

    When I went back out, he was already dressed. Kind of sitting there. And said maybe we should talk. I said yeah. We talked for like a half hour about it. And we said it was amazing, and really great. I asked him if he'd do it again. He was really surprised, but said hell yes, he'd do it again in a heartbeat. He asked me. I said yes. As long as nobody knew.

    We haven't done it again yet. But I want to.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    It all started when I was 14. I have two sisters who were then 16 (Sue) and 18 (Lori). When I started masturbating I would think of them and sometimes my mother who just turned 40. I was always hoping to see them in the nude. We each had our own bedroom upstairs and shared the same bathroom. Our parents had a bedroom downstairs with an in suite bathroom, so they had more privacy then us. Whenever a sister was showering I would open my door and hope to catch them going back to their room, but they always had a towel wrapped around them.

    One day I came home and one of them was showering and when I heard the shower turn off I waited a few minutes and opened the door and Lori was standing there completely nude. I stood staring for a few seconds and said oops sorry and shut the door. I sat in my room visualizing Lori nude and thought about masturbating, when there was a tap on my door. Without waiting for me to say, come in she entered with a towel around her.

    I muttered an apology for walking in in her. She said I think you did it on purpose, but it's no big deal, Your not a little kid anymore and I guess your teen hormones are running wild and having two sisters to ogle, I guess I should feel flattered you think of me that way when you masturbate. She dropped her towel and said I don't mind you seeing me nude, just don't get any idea about touching me. I sat there stunned as my cock sprang up. She noticed and said I'm not going to stand here and watch you jerk off, so I'll let you take a picture of me, if you promise never to show it to your friends or let mom see it. She let me take three pictures, one standing, one relaxing on my bed, and one sitting on my chair with her legs slightly spread. When she left I took off my clothes and lay on my bed where Lori had laid naked and masturbated shooting a big load of cumm all over my stomach.

    For a couple of months I enjoyed looking at Lori's pictures on my computer as I masturbated. Lori never worried about covering up going from bathroom to her bedroom and I got to see her a few times. One da I heard Sue ask her how come she never worried about Kenny (me) seeing her. Lori said I'm sure he enjoys it and he's our brother so I see no harm. I was going upstairs one day just as Sue came out of the bathroom completely nude and when she saw me she started to cover up and said oh what the hell you may as well see us both nude. There's not much difference.

    Sometimes they never shut the bathroom door when they showered and I could see them through the frosted glass and noticed Lori seemed to be spending a long time rubbing her pussy, as I wondered whether she was masturbating. They didn't mind if I came in to pea while they were in the shower, and I would stand there looking while I stroked my cock. They spent so much time in the bathroom I had to go down and use my parents sometimes. I think sometimes they paraded around nude just to get me aroused knowing I'd be jerking off.

    Sue walked in on me purposely one day to catch me masturbating and Lori's picture was on my screen. I quickly clicked the pictured off and covered up. She said who was that and reached over and clicked back on. O my god it's Lori. She let you take her picture nude knowing you'd be masturbating to them. I said don't tell her you know. She shocked me when she offered to let me take pictures of her. She stepped out of her shorts and removed the tee shirt she had on as I stared at my nude sister. I took several pictures of her with a boner pushing out of my shorts. She sat on my bed and said before I go I want to watch you masturbate. For the first time a girl was going to watch me as I masturbated looking at a girl in the flesh and it was my sister. As I released a load of cum Sue looked all flushed and grabbed her clothes holding them tight to her pussy and ran to her bedroom. It's a good thing Lori wasn't home, she might have wondered what we were doing.

    As I approached my sixteenth birthday I wasn't masturbating quite as much and my sisters never went around nude as much, but I still liked looking at their pictures and wonder if I would ever see my mother nude. Our mother never came upstairs much as My sisters looked after their own rooms and cleaned the bathroom. I kept my room as neat as I could, and changed my own bedclothes. Mom would come up to check my room out once in a while and do some cleaning.
    She came up one day and said she wanted to have a talk with me. She said she was up cleaning my room and I'm embarrassed to say I turned on your computer and saw the pictures of Lori and Sue. They look like they were taken a couple of years ago and I assume they let you take them. So knowing you masturbate I guess your looking at them when you do. And don't tell me there's anything else going on between you and your sisters. I said no we've never touched.

    Thank goodness for that being your sisters and besides I think your too young to be having sexual relations at least until your eighteen. I told your father you had nude pictures of your sisters on your computer. He first seemed shocked , but then smiled and said I wish I had sisters to think about while I masturbated as a teen. I thought about my mom and aunt, who I lusted after. I don't think we'll worry about it and he'll grow out of it some day as I did. Your dad wondered if you thought of me that way and would like my nude picture. I said why would Kenny be interested in an old broad like me. He said you still look pretty good to me, and I think most young boys think of their mothers that way. I'll bet he'd love to have a nude picture of you on his computer if you don't mind competing with your daughters. I told mom I'm glad your not mad and I'd love to have your nude picture.

    A few weeks later I was down in the kitchen getting a drink, when mom called me from her bedroom. No one else was home and mom was sitting on the bed in a bathrobe looking like she just came out of the shower. She I said I keep thinking about you wanting pictures of me to put on your computer with your sisters and I know I can't compete with their young bodies I'm willing to let you with your father's permission. She said go get you camera before anyone comes home.

    I came back and mom took off her bathrobe and stood before me naked as I stared at her too nervous to move. She said are you just going to stand there start clicking, before I change my mind. I said gosh mom your so beautiful as I realized my erection was pushing my shorts out. I took her picture standing, sitting and lying on her bed. She said that's enough as I noticed her staring at my shorts. She asked did I do that to you. I said yes and don't get mad but when I'm eighteen I hope to fuck you. She grabbed her bathrobe and put it on and said you better go to your room and look after things and not think about fucking your mother. I went upstairs and watched a slideshow of my mother and sisters as I masturbated, thinking that one day I would fuck my mother.

    For two years I waited, going out on a few dates, making out, fondling boobs, and feeling pussies and making a girl cum sometimes and having a girl masturbate me, but never having my first fuck. My mom once told me I should wait till I was eighteen and when I jerked off to my mom and sister's pictures wondered if it might be one of them. A week after my eighteenth birthday I had my first fuck and a lot more. It was a wonderful experience and I was lucky to have a member of our family as a willing partner. That's another storey. I never had time to edit this. Sorry for any spelling or grammer errors.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My step brother m****ted me when i was 15. i am 19 now and have been letting him have his way with me ever since. I have been dancing now for the past 7 months and he tells me how pretty i am and says i have the nicest ass. Lately he has been hinting about wanting one of my fellow dancers join us in bed as i told him, me and the girl have kissed and felt each other up before. He got me to call her up and talk about it and i told her i wanted to do it again with her but totally naked this time. My step brother jerked off all over my hair as i finger fucked myself while on the phone. My coworker then played with herself and i let my stepbrother listen while helping him get it up again. He told me if i would do it with her in front of him and then do him, he would do the same for me with a guy friend of his. I do love it when he plays with himself in front of me but the thought of having his friend who i kind of like, do it next to him or even to him, makes my pussy leak like an old faucet. Thinking about having one of them doing it in my mouth while the other does it to me in the ass makes my pussy flow like a river.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    I feel like the biggest perv ever, but I just couldn't help it. After the passing of my father when I was born, eventually my mother re-married. She married a man named Mark. I wasn't the biggest fan of his, but he did have the most gorgeous and sexy step-daughter and soon to be step-sister Iyana. Iyana aparentlly had been having sexual relations with my brother for months now. And they even did it while my mom and Mark were around. Mark never noticed though.

    While this tortured me, it also strangly aroused me. I became almost obsessed with i****t. That idea just turned me on the most. And the aftermath of everything was my brother leaving her behind and ruining that side of the family forever. Not too long later, Mark had passed away. My feelings did not leave, and I secretly hoped Iyana would need "Special help" for cheering her up. This of course did not happen.

    Now to my wicked confession after I told you all the background info. Iyana had been recently abused by her at the time boyfriend. She dumpped him and looked towards me for comfort for one night. I slep next to her, and nothing odd happened. When I woke up that morning, I noticed she was dead asleep. So, I contimplated on if I should do anything or not. So I touched her body, something I had been craving for so long. The perfect small but not flatchested tits, the super wet, but not grossly wet pussy, and everything in between. I felt it all. She didn't seem to notice at the time. And I almost tried to mover her hand for a handjob, but didn't want to risk it. It was the most incredible feeling ever, just bringing it up again make me hard and I can feel and smell everything still. She did notice when i talked to her later that day, and I never talked to her since. I regret what I did, but don't regret the lust I had felt.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    Recently my mom passed away after a long fight with heart problems. My step dad Ian was fantastic throughout and his total devotion to my mom was extremely endearing to me. His care and attention of my mother brought us closer together and in secret I found myself thinking of him sexually.
    My mom was forty seven when she died. Ian is six years younger than my mom and through his job working at a health and fitness centre, he's very fit and toned. I began to really notice his muscular body and his manly scent when we were close. And at one point I almost leant into him to kiss him passionately, not long after we'd put my mom to bed one evening.
    Mom asked me before she died to sort her things out, and to give most of it to charity, something she was passionate about. She asked me specifically to go through her wildlife dvds, something she also loved, and to keep "Any you find personal".
    I waited until Ian was back at work, not wanting to upset him, then did as she'd asked. Eventually I got the dvd's and started to sort through them. Finding three without covers or explanations of what was on them, I played the first and was immediately stunned. Straight away the dvd showed my mother in their bedroom naked and she was having sex with Ian and another man. Turning it off, I wondered why she'd wanted me to find them.
    Removing them, I waited for over a month before playing another one at my own apartment. This one showed Ian only. It was obvious my mom was shooting it and it had Ian posing naked. He oiled himself as he posed for the camera laughing and then began to stroke his large semi erect cock. Mom zoomed in and I watched with complete fascination as my step father masturbated for the camera.
    I realised by the time it had finished, I was completely aroused and had been touching myself through my panties. Putting on the third dvd I again saw my mom and Ian having sex, only this time it was on their own. Even though my mom was having sex with a man who isn't my father, watching it was so emotional for me in two ways, seeing my mother alive and also being incredibly turned on by watching Ian muscular form sexing my mom.
    I couldn't help myself, putting my hand inside my panties I rubbed my clit as I focused on Ians body, but especially his cock as they made love. Bringing myself to orgasm, I shook with such an intense feeling of loss, love and longing.
    That was two months ago. I've watched the dvd with Ian on his own countless times since and masturbated each time. We see each other almost every day as I or he visit one another. In my mind I know I shouldn't want him sexually as bad as I do, but in my heart and sex, I want him to seduce me, to make love to me, to fuck me.
    I haven't told him I've got the dvds, but next week he's staying over, something he suggested to me last week. There wasn't a reason given, only that he wanted to have personal time alone with me.
    Now I'm thinking my mom wanted me to find the dvd's, so that I might form a relationship beyond step daughter and step father. I now think she meant us to be together and I also think Ian knows too. Why else would he tell me to get the same exact oil he used in the dvd for our night together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    I didn't know what to put this under, this is about my friend who is like family. I need help. My friend max is my best friend. I love him to bits, he's the sweetest most considerate guy I know. He's also a very sensitive person. He's the same age as me. He's going through a massive depression. A few months ago he was dating this girl. I always thought she was a bit of a slut. Max dedicated everything to making her happy and she took it without giving anything back. He adored her. I talked to max about this and he'd say "you can't force people to change! People only change when they're ready until then I have to look after her". Max always wanted to help everyone.

    A few months ago his girlfriend dumped him. She said she never really loved him and admitted to cheating. It broke him. He stopped talking to everyone including me, locked himself in his room and just stays there all day. He only comes out to eat, drink or go to the toilet. I tried to help him, I tried talking to him. Telling him not to give her the satisfaction of crying over her. I tried everything but I couldn't get through to him.

    Last time I went to see him was last week. I'll never forget it. I walked in to his room, there were empty beer bottles everywhere, cigarette packs all over the floor. He was siting there staring at the wall. His hair had grown and his beard was getting thicker. I sat next to him and held his hand and said "Max please it's time to move on, why are you doing all this over some slut." he turned his head to me slowly and said "I want the pain to stop. But it won't it never stops" I tried to comfort him but he wouldn't budge. I told him he'd find love and that's where he started to shout. Not at me just shouting. He said "love is not real, its an illusion. The worm on the hook that only leads to suffering". I started to cry because I knew the Max I grew up with was gone.

    Eventually he came out of his room and started hanging out with me again. We did everything we used to he'd take me shopping, we'd go to the cinema and gym. But it wasn't the same. I could still see the pain on his face. Now he's spending most nights getting drunk at the bar. Today while he was out with friends, I went to his house. In his room I found an empty bottle of anti depressants. It was prescribed 3 days before but it was empty already?

    I'm more than worried about Max now, I'm scared. I talked to my friends about it. They said I should stay away from him. I can't do that, I know Max wouldn't do to for me. I need help what do I do? How do I save my friend.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Last weekend, I saw one of my best friends fuck her step dad. I've seen people fuck. It's not that big of a deal. But when I saw her and him together, I'm telling you, people who say that this stuff doesn't happen are full of shit. Her and her step dad got into some of the most intense making out, playing around, and fucking I've ever seen between two people. I'm not kidding. And what makes it even crazier, is that he's raised her since she was like 6 or 7. And when I say they got into it, it was hotter and dirtier than any porn I'd ever seen. Or even gotten off to. I'm not kidding.

    But spending the night last night at her house, obviously it's not the first time they've done that shit (I knew it from watching last weekend), but what I saw last night was something even more intense. I'd never witnessed something that hot, sexy, steamy, and intimate ever. And I mean ever, as in watching others do shit together, or even people fucking in porn.

    I was tired, and told Amber I was going to crash. She said she had some stuff to do, and she was going to be up later. I knew that meant she'd probably end up going downstairs. I just stayed in bed, and a few minutes later, actually heard her come up. She looked in, I pretended I was sleeping, and then I heard her step dad come up the hall, and ask her if I was sleeping. She said yeah. They went into her step dad's bedroom, and closed the door. I waited a few minutes, and I had to sneak into the bathroom through the hall door. I know it's sick as fuck to watch people do that, especially twisted with them being family and all, but I'd never seen something so dirty, and wanted to see if they did it again. And oh shit, did they do it again. I was so wet and horny, I honestly wish I would have walked in on them. I've never been with a guy who has done half the stuff he did. Or lasted as long as he did. And I've never seen a girl orgasm like she did. I'm not kidding, probably at least 8 or 9 orgasms last night.

    The thing is, I knew they'd fucked last weekend, when I watched it. But I didn't know how long they'd been doing this stuff, how often, or what went on. Until last night. When they were in the bedroom, Amber asked him if he felt guilty for fucking her on their bed. He laughed and said no. At least you do it. She won't, doesn't, has no interest, and I'm glad to be sharing this with you, because you're so goddamn incredible, and make me feel so good it's hard to control. She laughed and said good. I'm glad I do something for you. And they laughed.

    I saw them all into it again. I'm talking hot making out, sexy kissing, touching, fingering, and everything else. Except this time, I saw him ask her something, and she got down on her knees, and I'm standing there in the bathroom, hiding behind the door, watching her suck his dick. It was so fucking dirty, I thought I'd end up cumming just watching it. I'm not kidding. And when she got done, I'm standing there, and his dick had to be at least 6 or 7 inches long, hard as fuck, and he was panting. It was so goddamn sexy. She asked him if he wanted her to make him cum. And he smiled and said to her I'm sure you're going to do just that a little later. But let me have some fun with your sexy body first. I was shaking so bad from being horny, listening to them talk. And she said yes. Laid down on the bed, and I stood there watching him eat her out for like 20 minutes. I'm not shitting when I say she came at least 6 or 7 times with his fingers and his mouth. I so much honest to shit wanted to walk out, and let him do that to me, and get me off. But I just stood there and watched.

    And when he was done, he crawls up on her, they're making out, and he's getting all over her. Playing with her boobs, fingering her, and he got her off again. She's going crazy, and he spreads her out, and goddamn if he doesn't eat her pussy again. She's going all over, and he finally stopped, and came up for air. She just laughed and said oh god, if you didn't stop, it might give me a heart attack. And he laughs and says well, let me get you there another way. Goes to the dresser, pulls out condoms, and sets one on the dresser. At that moment, she did something that shocked me speechless. I almost shit myself. She took it out of his hand, and said no. Not this time. He looked at her and said no what? You don't want to? And she says no. No condom. Just raw. I want to feel you inside me. I almost fell over, my knees were shaking. He says to her Amber, you know we've never done that. And she says yeah. I know. You've fucked me since I was 12. He stood there and looked at her. I couldn't believe it. He nodded and said I know. And she said it's been incredible. Every single time. For all this time. Not once have we done it without protection. Just once. He stood there and looked at her. And she said I wanted you to my first time. But you said no. Be safe. Now I'm legal. Worse, if something did happen, it would be easier for us. You know.

    He said nothing. Walked up to her, and they started kissing. I see his naked ass, and he's against her, and not a couple of minutes after hot making out, they go on the bed. I'm watching, turned so fucking on, and figuring honestly they'd stop, figure it's a risk or whatever. But no. They were on the bed, and I watched him go in her. They were fucking for probably 10-15 minutes, and I hear him gasp, and say he's gonna explode. I see her pull him against her, and I'm watching his ass go up and down, he's shaking, panting, and gasping oh my sweet jesus, I'm cumming inside you. This went on for a long time. I was soaking wet, so turned on and horny. I want him to fuck me like that. I'm serious. I want it so bad. He's just that fucking amazing.

    I watched, as they got up, and stood there. He was soft and limp, soaked, and she was dripping. Stood there against him, kissing, hugging, touching, and I saw them talking softly. I snuck back to the room and fell asleep. About a half hour later, she came into the room and I saw her in shorts and a shirt. I could smell fucking all over her. She crawled into bed, didn't say anything and fell asleep next to me.

    Honest to shit, I've never seen two people fuck like that. But what blew my mind was hearing her tell him about that, and knowing he was like 30 or something, and fucking her when she was 12. I don't know anyone who'd fucked that age. Except her. And he was like her step dad, and old. I dunno. It should be suck and dirty. But I'm so turned on I wanna fuck him.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My name is Brittany and I'm twelve years old. My parents are divorced. I lived with my mom until she got a new boyfriend and didn't want me to live with her any more. Now I live with my Dad. I'm probably never going to see my Mom again because she and her new boyfriend moved to Mexico.

    I'm really glad I live with my Dad now because I'm in love with him. I do everything I can think of to make him happy but I want to have sex with him. I want to be his wife and I want him to fuck me. I bate every day while I look at a video he and Mom made of him naked jerking off. He is so fucking sexy. I'm just too scared to figure out how to get him to just fuck me.

    I hope somebody can tell me how to get my Dad to fuck me and marry me.


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    Straight Female / 18

    My name is Brittany and I'm twelve years old. My parents are divorced. I lived with my mom until she got a new boyfriend and didn't want me to live with her any more. Now I live with my Dad. I'm probably never going to see my Mom again because she and her new boyfriend moved to Mexico.

    I'm really glad I live with my Dad now because I'm in love with him. I do everything I can think of to make him happy but I want to have sex with him. I want to be his wife and I want him to fuck me. I bate every day while I look at a video he and Mom made of him naked jerking off. He is so fucking sexy. I'm just too scared to figure out how to get him to just fuck me.

    I hope somebody can tell me how to get my Dad to fuck me and marry me.


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    Straight Female / 19

    Last weekend, I spent the night at my friend Amber's house. And I saw shit I'd never seen before in my life. I mean, like ever. I had heard stories about people doing stuff together, even family and all that, and I'd read stuff online on sites and seen videos (most look fake), but not what I saw. I thought it was hot as fuck, and truthfully, I never knew anyone that did that stuff until then. I think if I had a chance, yeah, I'd do it. But my mom and dad are married, and I'm not gonna do my own real dad. Just kinda gross to me. This though? This was fucking hot.

    Amber and I were hanging out in the living room. Her mom was working, step dad was out somewhere. He got home like midnight. We were chilling, and he came in. We were joking, flirting, and making comments like we always do. I always know he's into heavy flirting with her friends. I think I'd fuck him, seriously, even though I've only been with two guys, and nobody that old. He's like 40 something. Anyhow, I know she's in high school, a couple years younger than I am, but I don't care age. I'll hang with anyone that's fun. So when he says he's gonna go take a shower, I joked with him, and then she says well, too bad I have company. I'd come in with you. I about shit. I'm looking at her, she dies laughing and says I'm just kidding. I didn't care. I'd just never heard anyone be that open about it. So when he leaves, I asked her "would you do him?" and she shrugs and says well yeah. I think he's hot. Married to my mom and shit. But I know they have problems. I think he'd be fun. Probably kinda crazy. And he's older, so he'd know his stuff in the sack. Why not?" I was kinda blown away. And I said you ever see him naked or anything? She said no. I asked if she'd ever seen them fuck. She said no. She's heard it a few times, but nothing she's ever caught or seen. And I asked her if she would. She shrugged and said sure. She's not into her mom and all, but she'd watch her step dad nut. I just laughed and called her a dirty whore. We laughed and she said he'd be in the shower for like an hour, probably jerking himself, so we should go to bed. I looked at her, and said he does that? She laughed and said he's in there for like an hour. I bet probably. At least once, if not more. And I finally said let's go see if we can catch him. She says "Shit no. I'm not gonna walk in the shower". And I laughed and said I would. So I go into the other room, knock on the door, and I hear him say he's in the shower. I said OK and open the door. I hear him go "who is it?" Look around the shower curtain, and go "holy shit. What are you doing?" I laughed and said "peeping". He hides behind the shower, and laughs and says you horny fucker. You gotta get out. Well, I tried to sneak a peek at his dick, but he was hiding, so I couldn't do it. I was laughing when I left, and he says too bad that Amber is home. Otherwise, I wouldn't let you leave. I about shit. I'd never heard him flirting like that.

    Anyhow, like a half hour later, after Amber and I were talking, we headed up to her room. We were laying there in her bed, talking, and I told her what I'd done. She laughed and said he's always kinda freaky and he always says crazy shit. So I asked her again, and she said no, he's never acted on it, although she'd probably do it if he ever did. I was like really? She shrugged and said yeah. I thought that was kinda hot, but she didn't say anything else, so we kinda rolled over and were gonna crash.

    About 45 minutes later, I'd been half asleep, and rolled over. She wasn't in bed. I'd gone down the hall, and I'd heard nothing, so I went down the stairs. I heard some talking, so I stopped. I didn't know what was going on, but I stood in the hall, and they were talking in the living room. And fuck if like 20 seconds later, they're not kissing. I about shit myself. I stood there and watched them like full on make out. I kept hiding, wondering what the fuck. And then I hear her say yeah, she wants to. She liked what they did last time, and wants to do more. So I see them kissing, and I see her take her shirt off. His goes off. Then her shorts come off, and she's just standing there with no top on and in underwear. I see him take his off, and they're kissing more. And then like 2 minutes later, he's pulling her underwear down, and I'm standing there about dying, because she's got nothing on. He pulls his underwear down, and his dick is huge. I'm talking like big. And he says are you sure? She nods and says yeah. I figure they're gonna make out, she might suck on him or something, maybe jerk him off or something, I dunno. But even seeing that? Kinda hot, but kinda weird and different. I'd never seen nothing like that.

    So I'm standing there, hiding, and watching them get into it. They're making out hot and sexy, he's got his hands all over her boobs, playing around and stuff, and he's running his hands all over. I see her moving her hands on his dick, and he's panting and saying stuff to her. It was turning me on really bad. I'm not shitting. I was getting horny. And I hear her tell him, can you do what you did last time? He nods and says yes. And fuck if like 2 minutes later, he's not down on the carpet, eating her out. I'm standing there watching him eat her pussy. For like 20 minutes. He gets her to cum like 5 or 6 times fingering and eating her. It was just fucking dirty. And then I hear him ask her if he can finally do it. She says yes. And she says you know where the stuff is, right? He says yes.

    I see him get up, and go across the living room to a dresser. He goes under some stuff, and comes back up with something in his hand. I stand there and watch him, as he unwraps a condom, and watch him put it on. He doesn't do anything yet. He goes down and eats her out again. I swear to God he made her go off like 4 more times. I'd never seen a dude do that to anyone before. Not like that. Seriously. And then he says he's gonna. She says yeah. And I'm watching, about gonna shit myself, and I see him stick his dick in her. Slowly, and then he pushes farther, and then it's like up in her. I'm standing there, thinking holy shit, I'm watching him fuck her.

    It went on for a long time. He's just on top, and that's how they did it. I'm watching him go at it, and like a long time later, I hear him say he's gonna go off. She says yeah. and I watch his ass go up and down, and then see him push into her, and I can see him moving and know he's cumming. Like 5 minutes later, they're laying there, and I see him get up. He takes it off, and he goes into the other room and throws it out. Comes back. They sit there on the floor talking. I'm standing there, and I'm shitting, because they don't know I've seen the whole thing.

    I just watched my best friend and her step dad fuck in their living room. Like seriously, eating pussy, stroking, jerking on him, making out, and him busting a nut in her using condoms. I'd never seen that before.

    Kind of fucked up, but I wanna see how often they do it and if they are gonna do it again. So if you think people don't do that shit? You're wrong.

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