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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    "Revenge" initially, but now it's in "My family"...
    Six is the number of people I've now had sex with, since discovering my husband had slept with my sister only three days before our wedding. Pissed up and abroad on holiday in May, he admitted to me he'd fucked my sister in our bed when I was at work. Keeping my council until I got back home, I visited my sisters home and asked her straight out. Bursting into tears she owned up to having not only a one night stand, but to a two month affair with him.
    Telling her it was all in the past and we should move on with our lives, she seemed relieved. But inside I was livid. That night I rang someone who I knew had the hots for me, met him at a pub and seduced him into his bed after walking back to his flat. That person is my husbands younger brother, and someone who to me had made no secret, I'd chosen the wrong brother. We had such a wild time fucking, I totally forgot the time and ended up getting a taxi home at two in the morning. My husband asked me where I'd been, but soon calmed down as I got him to go down on me. It was his brothers cum he could probably taste, when he began to tongue away at my pussy and clit.
    For the next month or so I visited my brother in laws flat and made sure we had anything goes sex. It was a total turn on to me to know my husband was sometimes tasting his own brothers semen when we later had sex. However my brother in law took a job in Germany and our affair ended.

    By pure chance I met two of my husbands old friends at a hotel I was working at. They'd both made passes to me before I got with my husband, but I'd not responded positively to either of them. Seeing them at the hotel only a couple of months after finding out about my husbands infidelity, I took the opportunity to find out if they still fancied me. Asking one of them if they were staying at the hotel, they both told me they were only there to play golf, but were early. Not really thinking things through, I got hold of the concierge and arranged for a room, telling him it was to show the two gents, clients, the work myself and my company had done at the hotel. Knowing they had only three quarters of an hour, I wasted no time and stripped in front of them. They both looked at one another and then back at me, and by then I was lay on the bed and slowly playing with my clit. Both guys had their cocks sucked and both guys fucked me in both of my holes that afternoon. I took their cum loads in my mouth and down my breasts after only twenty minutes, but by then I'd orgasmed twice myself.

    Moving on to five weeks ago, I had sex with builder my husband had arranged to work on our patio. He was an older man and totally out of his sexual depth. But he still managed to make me climax multiple times, even though he came after only a minute, by licking me out for over half an hour. The patio took an extra couple of days because each day after that, I had him tongue my pussy.
    Yet my most fun times for different reasons, have been with two people which would really hurt my husband and my sister, just as I'd been so hurt. The first was my sisters new (A year) husband. It was easy for me to seduce him as he thinks he's the bees knees when it comes to fucking women. Calling by their home, knowing she was at work, I simply told him I'd longed to have his cock and that was that. He was a total loser in bed, yet I still went along with his pathetic attempts to fuck me and faked an orgasm. He still thinks he's the top man when it comes to sex, dickhead.

    Lastly I went over to my mother in laws home only three weeks ago and related everything. And I do mean everything. Initially it was so she could tell him all as I was going to leave him. But I could see as we chatted in her lounge she was eyeing me up sexually. It had never once occurred to me my mother in law was bisexual, but then I should have guessed as she and my husbands father had split up though her cheating on him.
    The moment I stopped talking she let out a sigh and asked me if I was going to leave her son. I was about to say yes when she removed her top and bra, then hitched up her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing any knickers. Later in bed, she told me she'd removed them in the kitchen making us a drink, when I was half way through telling her about what I'd done.

    The last time I'd had any kind of sexual contact with a female, it was with a friend of mine when I was fifteen. We'd kissed and both played with each others pussy's in her bedroom. Once she'd become extremely wet, I went down on her and tasted my first and only pussy upto last week. Seeing my mother in laws pussy all swollen with sexual anticipation, I instantly became turned on. Telling her she looked amazing at fifty one I let her lead up the stairs and into her bedroom. Alowing her to undress me, I lay on the bed and opened my legs as she moved them apart. Her tongue felt so soft and warm on my clitty, as she licked and sucked away on my love bud. Every single bit of hurt, every single ounce of anger left me as she continued to pleasure me with her mouth and tongue.
    Over the two hours we stayed in her bed, I came four times and had my mother in law sitting on my face at one point. Lay face to face later on, she told me about removing her knickers in the kitchen and she also told me she'd known about her sons infidelity, saying he'd been so cut up for months about it. Asking me to stay with him, she went back down on me and began to lick my pussy and my arsehole. Through a rising orgasm, I told her I'd stay.
    And so I have. My sisters husband still thinks I want sex with him, but I've told him he's got no chance and to keep his mouth shut. My husbands two friends could be a problem, but then they're always making up shit and he knows it. Plus he very rarely see's either of them these days.
    As for my mother in law and me, we're having sex every time I call by. Which at the last count was eleven times in three weeks. I'm not sure my husband will find out about any of this, but if he does so be it. After all it was him who cheated first.

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    Straight Male / 49

    My mother needs in home care. I have to get her in and out of the shower. Not the first time ive seen her naked but the best. Eventually I told her its not right I see her naked but im dressed. So one day I took off my clothes to help her. She said not to but I did anyway. We started touching each other in the shower. It led to actual sex between us. It feels good even though I know its wrong.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My First Time Cumming....

    When I was a young kid, I believe I had just turned 12 years of age, My Mom and Dad rented a vacation cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. I had gone outside just after dark and was walking around trying to catch lightning bugs in a jar.
    AS I walked around in the yard, I noticed that the light was on in the bathroom . I tippy -toed over to the window and got the thrill of a lifetime. There was my Mom stroking my Dad's huge soapy cock in the shower. I couldn't believe my Dad could have such a huge cock, but then what did I know at age 12. My Mom , who is a tall strawberry blonde with 36B breasts was smiling while Dad pulled and tugged on her coffee cup size nipples !
    After a few minutes, I got scared and went and sat on the porch thinking about what had happened as my heart pounded. I saw this scene repeated with more two more times that week.
    Each time, I wound up stroking my own hard soapy little cock in the same shower. On the second night when I got off, I shot my first real load of cum. I had been jerking off for a few weeks prior but had only dribbled a few drops until this glorious experience.
    Anyone else remember their first real load of cum and at what age ?

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    Straight Male / 48

    After a day of too much sun and too many Rum and Cokes, my Mom went straight to bed after the shower episode. I had ordered a pizza and after I ate I went in to check on my Mom. The TV was still on in the bedroom, I spoke my Mom's name but she didn't respond. As I got near, I realized she was still wrapped in the towel only. To be more correct, she was more unwrapped as the towel was almost completely off.
    I stood there motionless and stared at her beautiful body in the pale blue light of the TV. Mom was tall, busty ( 36B ) and always tried to stay in shape. I spoke to her again, but there was no response. I slowly slid my trembling hand across her shoulders and down all the way to her full breasts. Before I knew it I had one hand full of breast and the other squeezing the bulge in my boxers.
    I was starting to tremble at this whole scene, I wasn't even old enough to drive and I was fondling a naked lady as she slept ! I walked around the bed, kicked off my boxers and slid into bed beside Mom. I cautiously let my hands explore my Moms body, several times she moaned or moved slightly. But she never really woke up.
    I had her scent on my fingers by then and I enjoyed that smell as I slowly started to stroke my young hard cock. Just become I came, I slid up close to Mom and slipped her hand around my cock. I held her hand there and squeezed slightly as I slowly thrust back and forth until I came really hard. I then turned off the TV and cuddled up close to Mom.
    When I woke up the next morning, Mom had already gotten up and was fixing breakfast. I was almost in a panic trying to figure out an explanation why I was naked in her bed. Strangely, we didn't really talk about it that much. I told her that she had asked my to sleep in her room that night. She didn't say much after that. Lucky Me !

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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was still a teenager, my Dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Our family was devastated to say the least. My Dad had mortgaged everything to the max to keep his company going and we lost everything . Within 6 months my Mom and I went from a home in the suburbs with a pool to a small apartment back in the city. My Mom had to take a few classes and go back to work in a accounting firm. I found a job after school to help out as much as I could.

    Living together with my Mom in the tiny apartment was sad at first, but it was to become very exciting as my Mom and I started to develop a special relationship that lasted over 20 years. I had never looked upon my Mom in a sexual manner, but the closeness of apartment living and my raging testosterone took over you could say.

    My Mom was 36 years old,tall and leggy with strawberry blonde hair and busty (36B). She always was at the gym working out and also played a lot of tennis.I always remembered how other guys would give her a look when we had pool parties back in the day.

    Things really started to heat up on Labor Day. She and I went to a company picnic at a resort nearby with another lady, Sandy ,who worked with Mom. Sandy and Mom had a few cocktails by the pool while I swam and checked out all the younger babes. Later to my surprise I noticed my Mom and Sandy were lying on their stomachs with their tops undone. I swam up to them and asked my Mom for a sip of her drink. She laughed and said OK, when she stretched out to hand me the drink her entire breast was exposed just in front of my face. I could feel a swelling in my young cock and from that time forward my Mom was all I could think about.

    As the sun was setting, we packed up and headed home in Sandy's car. I noticed that Mom was slurring her words and her eyes were closing. When We got back to the apartment, Mom headed straight for the shower. I could hear the water running and then Mom called out to me. I stuck my head around the corner and she was holding the door open about 2-3 inches. " When I get my shower, I need you to rub some lotion on my back, I think I got way too much sun" she told me. I told her I would , unknown to her, I could see her naked body from the waist up in the mirror across the room !

    I stood just outside the door listening for the water to stop running, while rubbing that bulge in my shorts. In a moment or two I heard the water stop and soon she called out to me. I opened the door slowly and there was my Mom sitting on the edge of the tub wrapped in a towel. I couldn't believe how hot and steamy the room seemed, maybe it was just Me. She handed my a bottle of lotion and asked my to rub lotion on her back and shoulder as she turned away from me. As I began to rub her shoulders I could tell just how much sunburn she had. I could also tell how much booze she had drank and how loaded she was. As I rubbed her shoulders, I noticed that the towel was slowly slipping down and as she moaned slightly. I think she was almost asleep. I could see both her nipples. I rubbed her shoulders and let my hands slip down lower until I had actually touched her breasts several times.

    I leaned forward and pressed my bulging cock against her back as I went back to rubbing her shoulders. She then looked up, kind startled when she realized what was happening. " I think that's enough lotion for now, Ronnie" she said as she pulled up the towel giggling. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as she walked out and told me to get my shower. I had the most fabulous orgasm stroking my hard young soapy cock thinking of Moms big breasts and nipples.

    That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that lasted for years.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Didn't hear the door opening, so I didn't see my brother watching me masturbate. He later told me he'd watched me a few times before, but no where near as adventurous as he did last month. Last month he stood in plain view and took out his cock. Only when I opened my eyes did I know he was there, and by then his dick was enormous.
    Trev is a year younger than me, yet he's already had sex with over a dozen girls and women. His first conquest being an aunt. She doesn't know I know he's fucked her, and that Trev was only fifteen when he banged her in her husbands pick up truck. But then that's his confession I guess.
    Everything you hear or read about says we shouldn't have had sex that day, but I was so fucking horny and Trev's cock really is so fucking huge. There was no fore play as I was already soaking wet and Trev's dick was pulsating as he stood only yards away. Asking him if he was just going to stand there, I allowed my younger brother to get betwen my legs, then slide his awesome cock deep, oh so fucking deep up my pussy.
    It hurt, like no other guy had ever made me hurt. But it was also a horny dirty hurt, one you like even if it makes you scream out in pain, which I did. Mom and Dad were out, so it was only us two at home and I didn't care anyways. Trev took over from that point and gave me the fucking of my short life. It was truly amazing and so out there, so taboo, yet so right. His cock entered my womb I;m sure and it drove me onto such an intense orgasm, I was crying out with lustful delight everytime his cock bottomed out up my pussy. On and on he drove his "Willy" into me and I relaxed more and more giving him more access to my depths.. Then griping my small breasts he screamed out and flooded my love hole. He sank down straight away and I felt his muscular frame squashing me. Lifting his head, my brother looked at me then kissed me hard and full. Our tongues danced and we carried on kissing with his cock still pumpng away deep inside of me.
    Eventually Trev pulled out, and I felt a gushing of fluid follow his cock. Looking down at his own cum leaving my body, he pushed his way down past my stomach and buried his face between my legs. For a young man in his mid to late teens, my brother certainly knew how to use his tongue (Something our aunt taught him, he's told me). Ovre the next twenty minutes, Trev licked and sucked on my pussy and clit, amking me rise and fall with each pulse of sexual desire and overwhelming pleasure. I climaxed twice and held his face into my sex. It was genuinely a beautiful time and I didn't want it to end, but we both heard my dads car pulling up the driveway.
    Saying hello to our parents, I'd showered and Trev had just put his shorts and t-shirt on. They let us know they were going out and wouldn't be back until late. Trev and I looked at each other and smiled. That night and every day since we've had sex. Not always fucking one another as we don't get enough time or privacy, but even with Trev's awesome "Willy" In my mouth as he eats out my pussy, I still adore my younger brothers ways of making me orgasm.
    It took the whole of today for us both to convince our parents we'll be fine if they go on a short break in a weeks time. So instead of having our aunt look after us (The aunt), I'll be looking after Trev in more ways than one.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Since a party last Friday both my roommates have been fucking my little(over 18) sister silly and I am so turned on I can barely handle it.

    I invited her to the party because she has started getting wild lately so I figured it would good to keep an eye on her while letting her still have a good time. She apparently hooked up with one of my roommates while a friend she brought spent the night blue balling me. My other roommate swears he tried to put a stop to things but ended up sleeping with her also. I didn't figure it out until the next morning when I learned how vocal my sister gets during sex. I was pissed but my one roommate could totally take me, but maybe that is just an excuse. Honestly I was jerking off to the sound before my hung over mind realized it was my sister, getting railed. Even then, even while I was angry I didn't stop until the thought of it being me in there fucking my sister crossed my mind and made me cum.

    I always knew my sister was attractive, but I never saw her as a sexual object until now. I am incredibly turned on and I am jerking off constantly, especially while I know she is being fucked. It's not just the sex either. The other day she was in the kitchen, and I had to bust a nut the second she left the room.

    It doesn't help that the three of them have been going at it like rabbits ever since. I have walked in on more then one awkward situation since this started. I can barely stand it. When I walk in on them, she is so easy going about the whole thing that it feels like I could just join in and take what I want. When she is cheerfully walking around our place having just been fucked I want to bender her over the nearest surface, pull down the hem of her leggings and fuck her while she moans my name.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I freely admit it was very exciting to be with an older woman, even though that woman was my aunt. A very sexy lady even at the age of 45yo, she works out daily and takes very good care of herself. Her name is Julie,she has her own Real Estate business that she used to run with her husband until he passed away two years ago.

    My dad was in construction and he taught me a lot of skills when I was old enough to handle a power saw and some other tools. I went to college and also worked part time with my brother's
    framing business.

    One day my aunt called my mom and asked her if I would be interested in helping her out for a while. My aunt was also buying and flipping homes and most needed some types of repairs before she put them on the market. My brother said to help Julie he could get by without me for a while.

    I met Julie at her office the following week. She came out of her office and I admit my mouth dropped a bit. She was dressed very nice and professional. Business skirt and jacket with high heels, her makeup and hair were almost flawless.

    She hugged me tightly and the scent of her perfume made the hug even better. We went to her office and she sat next to me on the sofa and not behind her desk. We talked family for a bit and she kept saying how much I had seem to grown.

    We got down to business and she wanted my help with some homes she was interested in buying for resale. I told Julie her sister would be mad if I didn't help her, she laughed and put her hand on my arm as she joked about my mom being a bitch at times and we both laughed.

    A few months went by and Julie was keeping me more than busy. I needed the money for college so I was happy with the paychecks. Sometimes Julie would stop by the house I was working on and bring me a sandwich and a cold drink and we would talk.

    One day as I ate my sandwich Julie asked me about my girlfriend. I kind of lost my appetite as Julie looked at me knowing she had struck a sour nerve. Since Julie was busy she didn't come to the house to see her sister all that much. The last time Julie was at the house I did have a girlfriend, but that was over several months ago. So I had to tell Julie that my girl friend had left me for someone that was a white collar worker and not blue.

    Julie came over and hugged me, almost making me spill the drink in my hand. She called her a selfish bitch and that she would take ten guys like me over a computer geek any day. I smiled and thanked her. The scent of her perfume lingered and I asked what perfume she wore. Julie asked if I liked it and I said I did very much. She smiled at me and her eyes seemed to linger for a moment or two.

    About three months later I was working on a old Victorian home, I had been busting my ass to get the home in a decent shape to be resold. I called Julie and left a message to tell her I had finished the flooring and the house was ready unless she wanted something else done to it

    That evening I just got out of the shower when my phone started to ring. It was Julie and she was beyond thrilled at the job I had done on the house. Julie wanted to celebrate and that she would pay me for the work done.

    I got dressed and drove to Julie's house about forty five minutes away. She greeted me almost the same way she did at her office the first day. She was dressed as if she were going to a party. Her attire was a bit more on the sexy side, not the professional side. Her skirt was a little high over the knee's, her heels much higher. Her lipstick was fresh and that perfume was a bit stronger that before.

    She broke out a bottle of wine and asked me if I would have a problem with a couple of steaks on the grill. Honestly that was fine, I was pretty tired and didn't feel like going out to party, at least not that night.

    Julie handed me the steaks and pointed me to the door where the grill was. The backyard was large and private. Julie had a pool and a built in gas grill that could have been an outdoor kitchen.

    She came out with a tray with a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice with two glasses. I was at the grill putting the steaks on when Julie walked up beside me and handed me a glass of the wine. Julie smiled and held her glass up to toast. She stood next to me for a moment, there was a sudden awkward silence. She walked over to a chair under the canopy, I admit I checked her legs out in those heels as she walked away.

    We ate by the pool and put a pretty good dent into the bottle of wine. Honestly not being a wine drinker I was starting to feel a serious buzz. Conversation flowed, maybe the wine had something to do with that. Julie talked about her sister and how my mom could be a bit stuck up at times. We were laughing at each others stories about the things she did, I was suddenly aware that Julie's eyes lingered on me and I was enjoying it.

    We killed the steaks and the bottle of wine. The garden lights suddenly popped on around the large backyard. With all the tress and shrubs it was like we were the only ones around for miles.

    The awkward silence returned. I don't know what Julie was thinking but I was thinking about things that I shouldn't! My eyes lingered on her in the shadows. She lit a candle that was in the center of the table, her lips glistened in the candlelight.

    I felt a tingle between my legs and that's when I told Julie I had better go. I stood up but was a bit unsteady. Julie giggled and said there was no way she was going to let me drive any where. We began to gather the plates and salad bowls and carried them inside. I stood behind Julie as she was bent over loading the dishwasher, those slender legs in those heels making my cock tingle more.

    Suddenly Julie turned around and was looking at me looking down at her legs. She smiled and took a step towards me. Without a word she put her lips to mine lightly. She kissed me and when I didn't pull away, she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

    We kissed like lovers do, the passion instantly jumping off the scale. My cock was rock hard within moments and our hands were everywhere on each other. By the time our mouths pulled away most of Julie's lipstick was gone, her lips were slightly swollen from our passionate kissing.

    Julie took my hand and we walked through the house and down the hall to her bedroom. We were a writhing mess on the bed within minutes. Julie was on top of me, then I was on top of her, our clothes came off bit by bit.

    Her beautiful mouth found my cock and devoured me, I was lying on her large bed squirming with pleasure. Julie truly enjoyed sucking my cock, her mouth worked me up and licked the precum as it leaked out. Then it was my turn to pleasure her, yanking her panties down her sexy legs I dived into her shaved pussy.

    Julie's nails clawed my back and she gasped with the same pleasure she gave me. I feasted on her wetness and made her cum several times. Julie pushed me away and spread her legs. I was thankful she was ready for my cock, I wasn't going to last much longer without being inside of her.

    I pushed my cock into her wetness and Julie moaned with pleasure. Her sexy legs wrapped around my waist, I pushed my cock into her pussy as far as it would go. I lowered my body on top of her, her hard nipples felt wonderful against my bare chest. I was gentle at first but animal instincts took over, I began to fuck Julie hard.

    She cried out with pleasure, her long nails ripping my shoulders as I fucked her hard. There was so much more I wanted to do with Julie but it wasn't going to happen that night. Deep in my loins my orgasm was on the way. I felt it racing upwards and now it was me moaning with excitement. I fucked Julie hard and fast and felt the intense release a moment later.

    I came inside of Julie so hard the room seemed to spin. I kept fucking Julie hard and fast until every drop was spent inside of her. I collapsed on top of Julie a few minutes later, her arms wrapped around me and she kissed me as I tried catching my breath.

    Julie wrapped her legs around my back, her hips moved under me. I realized she was still not satisfied. I pushed my body down and buried my mouth into her pussy again. Julie almost screamed with pleasure as I slurped on her swollen clit. I tasted my cum, wasn't crazy about the taste. Her hips bucked, her nails raked my flesh deeply.

    I licked and sucked her pussy, making Julie climax several more times. Finally she couldn't take another orgasm, Julie pushed me away. She reached for me and pulled me up and beside her on the bed. Julie put her leg over mine and curled up into my arm. Her body trembled against me and both of us fell asleep moments later.

    The next morning Julie lay beside me still sound asleep. I couldn't help but touch her body and she began to stir. My cock was growing at the thought of wanting Julie again. She turned on her back and I mounted her again. I fucked her slowly this time, I wanted to enjoy her to the fullest. I leaned down and kissed Julie as I fucked her slowly, her legs wrapped around me again.

    Her nipples were rock hard and I bit them gently. Julie moaned loudly and then pushed me away a moment later. She guided me onto my back and then straddled my cock a moment later. She rode me hard, her nails digging into my bare chest. I actually felt her climax, I felt her wetness running down my cock.

    Julie threw back her head and came once more than collapsed on top of me. Her mouth was on my neck, she kissed me lightly and thanked me. I asked why she thanked me. She told me she was afraid that I only had sex with her because of the wine the night before. I confessed to her the wine had nothing to do with, the truth was I was very attracted to her.

    Since that night we have become lovers, I haven't even tried looking for a girlfriend. My mom has asked why I haven't found someone after all these months. I lie and tell her I'm too busy with work and school.

    Julie and I have sex as often as possible. Thankfully her being older hasn't affected her libido, she wants sex as much if not more than I do. The only thing we have to be careful is not to let my mom find out, she would freak out if she knew I was fucking her older sister.

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    Straight Male / 21

    So lately i keep seeing my little cousin wearing some short dresses it really turns me on. I wish i could push her on my bed spread her legs and fuck her brains out. Suck and squeeze on those sexy stiff breast of hers.

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    Straight Male / 39

    I was 17 almost 18 had just broken up with my girlfriend of two years and had a falling out with my best friend. So this left me alot of time on my hands. Luckily i had an avenue for beer and a car to work on.
    After my dad left my mom poured herself into work. Working two jobs and keeping herself busy till she got hurt. My mom is a beautiful woman dark hair light eyes hourglass figure with ample breasts. After getting hurt she spent alot of time at home and in bed leaving me to take care of her and the place.
    So its a thursday night chores are done yard is mowed and i elect to spend the evening working on my car and drinking beer. Few hours later and a 12 pack in im tired horny and need a shower. I clean up and as im walking the stairs to go in a thouģt that had crossed my mind many times once again popped up. Fucking my mom.
    Count it the beers or what ever i devised a plan. I would get a pair of shorts from my room and instead of using my bathroom i would use her shower. Then think of the next step from there. I walked in her room and said hey mom gonna use your shower. Got the standard ok and she went on watching her movie. I caught a quick glance of her silk nightie and my heart started pounding. As i washed up my heart was racing and so was my mind. What was i gonna say or do to make this happen?
    I washed up and got out my nerve was failing so i sat on the toilet and gathered my self. I left mt shirt off and elected no underwear under neath my shorts. I walk out and lay on the bed next to her my heart still racing. I asked what do you do if you have feelings for someone your not supposed to? She looks over at me and asks well depends on who it is. Well who is it she ask? I hesitated but knew this was my chance. I didnt say anything just slid my hand under the covers and placed my hand on her stomach. I locked eyes with her and what felt like an eternity she said well let me help you with that.
    She sits up and pulls off her nightie exposing her beautiful breasts then lays back. She said she has been fighting coming to my room and taking it from me. I kissed and nibbled at her beautiful nipples while exploring her body. My whole body felt electric i couldnt get enough of her body. I broke free from her tits and we kissed. First just on the lips but as my hand found it way into her panties she engaged me meeting my tounge in a passionate kiss.
    Her trimmed pussy was soaked and my finger just slid in. She hadnt had sex in 4 years since my dad left so it was nice and tight. She puts her hand on my chest and pushes me onto my back and yanks my shorts down exposing my throbbing cock. Wow she said your way bigger than your daddy ever was. She engulfes my cock and gives me that to thus day is the best blow job ive ever had. I pushed her panties out of the way and slid my finger back into her. Her hips started to meet thrust of my finger and for the first time in my life i heard my mom moan as she came. Not wantung to cum yet i lay her back stand up and take off her panties revealing her beautiful 42 yr old pussy.
    I laid down and began licking her sweet pussy. I bc couldnt believe how good it tasted. I found her clit and before long she was cumming hard in my mouth. I slid a finger in and really atarted to work her clit over. She arched her back in exctasy as she came again and again. She reaches down and grabs me by the ears and says fuck me, fuck me now. I raised up and slid the head of my cock into her. She told me go slow so i kissed her neck and worked my way to her breasts and slowly worked my cock into her. Before long we had a rythm going her hips were meeting mine and i was poundimg harder and deeper into her each time i could feel her gripping tighter onto my cock as she got closer to cumming.
    She pulls me close and kisses me as she starts shaking and i pound deep into her her pussy grasping my cock she cumms loudly. I kiss her and say i cant hild back much longer and slowly go deep into her after a few strokes i look down at this beautiful woman and unleash my cumm into my mother. We lay there for a few minutes touchung carressing and enjoying the after glow. She looks at me after a while and says that cant happen again, i just smiled because i knew it would. We ended up sleeping togethet a few more times but none were as good as the first. I live hours away and She says to this day it cant happen again, but i would love to have the chance to watch her
    orgasm once again. Might just have to devise a plan.

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