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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    First let's start with a little background. My name is Lana; I am 20 years old. I have naturally brown hair that I often die different colors depending on my mood. I grew up in a very sexually open family. By that I mean my parents raised us as nudists and they were swingers. They were always very open with my sister and me about sex, teaching us from an early age that sex is a natural thing and all creatures do it. They took hands on approach to sexual education calling the crap they taught in schools a complete waste of time.

    From an early age we were taught all the parts of the body, including the sexual ones, and what they were used for. We were shown various sexual acts as well. By the age of 10 I knew all about the sex, blowjobs, handjobs, anal, and just about anything else you can think of. I read about them, saw them performed, and talked with parents about it
    all. By the time I was 11 I was eager to try out some of what I had learned. With the help of mom and dad I gave my first blowjob, jerked my first cock, sucked my first pussy and had mine sucked in return my both a man and a woman. As I said; we are a VERY sexually open family.

    After I started performing sexual acts my parents thought me old enough to teach me about the "other side" of sex. They showed me all the sexual acts the general population considers nasty and taboo. Having sex with my parents was i****t, I knew, but I saw nothing wrong with it. No one forced me into it and I initiated everything not them. They showed me pictures and videos of various acts of depravity. Their one and only rule when it came to sex was we had to try something at least twice before determining if we hated it or not. I saw pictures of people in various forms of bondage, getting peed on, fisted, and tortured with hot wax and needles, and having sex with all kinds of nimals. I saw gangbangs, creampies, interracial, i****t, all manner of object inserted in pussy and ass alike. Most people think my parents are nut cases for teaching us all of that at such an early age but I think they are the smartest people on the planet. They taught us everything we need to know and allowed us to experiment as we saw fit; that way we had no reason to sneak around behind their backs or get into something we weren't fully prepared for.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I should be ashamed; bit I'm not. I'll bet many women have felt the same way I felt.

    There were four of us. We had arranged a champagne breakfast and girls get-together, just for fun, at the house of our friend; Vera. I bought my son DJ with me, to do the driving duties on the way home. At seventeen he's only a learner-driver so can only drive if accompanied; it doesn't matter if the passengers are three ladies aged between 40 and 48, all slightly worse for the effects of alcohol, as long as there's another licensed driver in the car.

    We were having a great time, the four of us, we had croissants and champagne then, as arranged, we climbed in Vera's hot-tub together for lots more laughs and wines. DJ had been left to his own devices while we enjoyed our little session, preferring to take a dip in the pool outside.

    Vera got out of the tub to fetch, yet another, bottle of wine and returned holding the bottle, giggling, and announced "Mary-Anne. I believe DJ has an erection". She made it sound so funny I nearly spat my mouthful of wine out. "Come and see, girls, come and see". I thought omg; that's my son, don't make fun of him, not sure if Vera was playing some sort of practical joke or not as we stepped from the hot tub, grabbed towels and went to take a look. We went into the lounge where, from a corner window, we could see DJ laying on a bench-chair by the pool and yes; it did appear as if his penis was erect as he lay there in his swimming trunks.

    Vera walked to the patio door, dropping her towel as she went, while we stood watching from the window with no clue what she was up to, just hoping she didn't intend to embarrass him, she was well drunk by this stage. Well; she just walked right up to the bench where DJ was sunbathing and straddled it, seating herself, legs apart on him. A startled DJ arched up towards her, Vera was saying something to him we couldn't hear when she started rocking her hips gently, rhythmically grinding herself on him. My son was receiving a lap-dance from a close friend-a woman of fifty! albeit a fifty-year-old in very good condition; she is petite and has boobs to die for. Vera continued rocking her pelvis against my boy as she reached behind her back for the zip on her swimsuit, pulled it down and then slipped the shoulder straps off, slipping the suit down to reveal her breasts to my son. I was shocked, but admit I had always wanted to see her boobs and they were beautiful. She has olive skin with tan nipples, they looked great as she cupped them towards DJ, laughing. Finally she stood up from the bench, she hadn't embarrassed my young man, just shared some adult fun, but then in just two moves she shed the suit completely; she was stark-naked.

    I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy, a perfectly trimmed triangle, just as I'd imagined. I was aghast, we all were, as Vera lowered DJ's trunks to his thighs, took his penis in her hand and lowered herself onto it. Within seconds she was rocking again, only this time she was fucking my son, fucking him! She put her hands on his shoulders and the rocking sped up, I had no clue what to do, but as she raised her hips and began thrusting herself down over the full length, again and again, I admit I became hugely aroused--desire clouded out all other thoughts. I hadn't seen my son's penis since he was twelve and I couldn't take my eyes off as Vera slipped herself over it, gyrating her fifty-year-old hips over my teenage son's hardness, milking it, until DJ arched his pelvis suddenly and strongly several times, obviously releasing inside her. He seemed to cum a long time before relaxing, Vera was speaking to him again and smiled before she raised herself slowly up off him. The sight of his penis, as it slipped slowly from her, was hugely arousing and will live we me forever. Vera pulled his shorts up, patted his penis, smiled at him and walked inside; still naked.

    A most peculiar feeling came over me, we were all silent, I had sat down on the arm-less chair and had my hand over my mouth as Vera re-entered the house, I loved the way her breasts moved as she walked. She was beaming, grabbed the wine and said "Come on girls, back in the tub". She approached me and stopped, saying it's ok, he wasn't a virgin, but as she stood naked in front of me I reached out and touched her pussy, ran a finger over her vagina and the delicate smear of semen on the surrounding pubic hair. I wanted to grab her, wrestle her to the ground and push my fingers high into her. I wanted to kiss and lick her c**t softly and to taste the mixture of him and her, but, more than that, I wished my son had cum in me instead of her.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I have an issue with a few of my in-laws that my wife doesn't think is an issue at all. It is with her mother and her aunt. Anytime A situation that would require my privacy they think it is acceptable to just walk in. This is when I am an changing, showering or using the bathroom. They walk in and see me naked and when I tell them I am uncomfortable with it they tell me its not a problem. I mentioned it to my wife and all she told me was that we were all family now and I better get used to it. When I said her mother and aunt are catching me naked a little too often and it appeared they were just trying to see me naked, my wife's reply was that they probably just wanted to see my cock and repeated that we are family now and to just get used to it. I asked how they would feel if I walked in on them and saw them naked. She said she would ask them the next time she saw them. I told her I didn't want her doing that and to say nothing.
    We are over at my wife's mother's house and both her mother and aunt are there. At one point her mother and aunt leave the room and come back naked. Her mother says that my wife told her that it made me uneasy being seen naked by them and that I wanted to see her and her aunt naked. They did a little bit of a show and tell showing me their breasts, ass and pussy. They were a little too willing to show themselves that for one area they gave me a more than a simple look which included a very close look at their clits. Her aunt admitted they liked seeing me naked and hopefully this would put me at ease. My wife told me to get naked for them now. I couldn't believe my wife was so casual about what her mother and aunt just showed and now wanted me naked for them. Her aunt and mother decided to come over and undress me. Soon there the 3 of us were naked. It was a little embarrassing because seeing their pussies and clits got me very hard so I was naked with a very big hardon on display.
    This little event did make me feel I little less awkward with them seeing me naked and it started them to get naked more frequently anytime they were with me. The one thing that concerns me is that my wife never goes naked with us and she doesn't mind her mother, aunt and me being naked together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    Nancy, my bride of five years always talked about her paternal aunt, Marcia, whom she felt is a "role model" to her. I had never liked the woman, who always seems to be frowning, never smiling and wore boxy, old suits. I always thought she was a man-hating lesbian but my wife says she is bi and not a "man-hating" lesbian. Through the years, my wife has gone above and beyond to get me to like her. I kept telling her that I was NOT the one sending out negative vibes and have been especially solicitous due to my wife's attitude toward her.

    One night some months ago, Nancy and I went to dinner at an upscale place and Marcia was there. As it turned out, it was Nancy's idea. We sat there quietly and Marcia explained that she was treating us. Marcia seemed a bit warmer than I recalled. After some wine, Nancy blurted out, "Look, it has to come out but Marcia and I are lovers and we have been since my teen years. She is willing to sleep with the two of us to shatter this icy wall between us. We've talked about this endlessly. It's reality."

    There was stony silence and Nancy said, "Well, what's on your mind?" I said, "Not quite a shocker but something close to it." I said, "Give me some time to digest this." I spent a week with my imagination and realized that I cannot change what is so I would give it a try even if the whole thing is an abject failure. Not long after that, I was in my bedroom, having showered with Nancy and Marcia came into the room in a translucent negligee. For the first time in years I realized this woman had a world-class figure. Her waist was narrow and it flowed to beautiful upper and lower body parts.

    Marcia had taken off her make-up and she looked years younger. She and Nancy began to make love and I could quicly tell they were long time lovers. Watching them, my cock got so hard it was burning. Then, Nancy stood on the floor by the bed and began to scarf on Marcia's pussy. They oooed and cooed all over the place and I slid my cock into Nancy with emotions and feelings I did not have since our honeymoon five years before. I fucked Nancy hard and fast and had to slow down because I did not want to cum before fucking Marcia, who was now amazingly sexually attractive to me.

    Nancy moved up and lay on top of Marcia in bed, kissing her with an open mouth as Marcia's mouth met hers just as open. We kept on fucking like that, then Nancy started to move up until she had her pussy on Marcia's mouth. I slipped my engorged cock into Marcia and it felt fantastic. A million thoughts wanted to rush through my head and I whisked them all away ad started to fuck Marcia steadily, with a solid thrust and pull. Nancy had come by my side on the bed while I fucked Marcia and started whispering in my ear. "She's so good, give her a good fucking, my lover, fuck her hard and fast." It was all I could do to keep from coming and I started to kiss Marcia as Nancy brought her mouth to join ours so the three of us were osculating together.

    Marcia said, "You can safely come into me, do it." With that, I started to have the longest orgasm in memory and I shot pulse after pulse, feeling my cum spurting into Marcia. Going soft, I pulled out and my beloved wife went down and began to slurp, lick and suck Marcia's pussy and asshole. Soon enough, I could feel hardening again and went back to fucking my wife as she sucked Marcia's pussy. This all went on into the wee hours of Sunday morning, then we slept. When we awoke, our three lives had changed for the better. The three of us are still having hot sex at least once a week to this day.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    My mom got pregnant to me at the age of fifteen. Her and my dad stayed together until I was eight years old and then he left us. Mom had a few boyfriends over the next few years, but none of them were serious relationships.
    At the age of fifteen myself, my mom had a party in our home for her thirtieth. Lots of family and friends came, and my mom got a little drunk. At the end of the night (Early morning) it was basically upto me to get her to bed.
    Putting her on her bed and taking off most of her clothing, she sprawled out on her back. As she did her panties moved to the side and I could easily see her neatly trimmed pussy. I was just going to move her panties back when she moved and my fingers moved over along her pussy slit. She was wet and as my fingers touched her, she moaned softly a little.
    I realized my dick had become hard and I became ultra turned on. I knew it was wrong, but looking at my moms gorgeous looking pussy, and having my cock achingly hard, I put my hand back down to her wet opening.
    Massaging her pussy gently for a couple of minutes, she moved as if to allow me better access. Her pussy lips opened right up and I could see her labia's, clit and her pussy hole. Bending right down I did something I'd heard of, I kissed my moms pussy and then began to lick along her entire sex. Getting to her clit, I sucked it in and listened as she moaned louder and louder. Stopping what I was doing for a few seconds, I removed my shorts and top and heard my mom drunkenly say "Please don't stop". Bending back down I slurped along her pussy again until once again I had her clit betwen my lips sucking it in hard.
    My moms hands went onto the back of my head. and she pushed my face deeper into her folds. Gripping my cock I began to toss myself off whilst still licking and sucking on my moms pussy. After a few more minutes, she gripped my hair and yelled out she was cumming. I carried on sucking on her clit until she bucked up hard onto my face, forcing me to stop.
    Looking down at her shaking, I moved up and stroked my cock hard. Seeing her open her eys, I came all over her pussy and stomach.
    My mom looked up at me, smiled and told me to go to bed. Rolling over without even cleaning herself, she moved her pillow then went to sleep. I lay on my bed for ages going over what we'd just done and couldn't stop thinking of her beautiful sweet tasting pussy. Getting hard again with my thoughts, I masturbated and eventually came with a watery cum and did something I'd never done before. Scooping up my cum from my stomach, I didn't want to leave my bedroom, so I licked every drop off my hand.
    The next morning, or later that morning, my mom and I sat together and ate breakfast. Neither of us spoke about the night before and didn't really say anything all day. Before my mom went to bed that night, she told me if I wanted to join her in her bedroom, I should look in the kitchen cupboard where she kept the medicines. I waited for about half an hour then went to look in a cupboard that I never normally looked in. At the back was a box of condoms.
    My amazing wonderful sexy mother is now forty one years old. From the age of thirty she's not had any more boyfriends. That's because most nights and sometimes during the day, it's my cock that satisfies her. We've become lovers in every sense of the word, and I don't imagine us ever not having sex. My mom is a very special woman, who knows how to look after her loving son.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have a first cousin that I am still very close to like always. He and I grew up together and have been clos since childhood. We were both country boys and were always outdoors. When the time came and we both were so curious it just seemed natural that we experience sex together also.
    We were 11 or 12 the first time we did anything sexual. It started out pretty innocent that night back in his bedroom real late. we had our hands in each others shorts playing with each others dicks talking quietly and we agree to make each other cum and we wound up with each others cum on our hand then dared each other to lick it off and we did.
    We couldn't keep our hands off each others dicks after that and we were always sneaking around jacking each other off as often as possible. One day out in the thick trees and brush out behind the barn we had our pants down jacking each other off and I leaned down and put my mouth on his dick and right away he pushed his dick in to my mouth grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth and kept telling me to make him cum.
    In no time at all I was on my knees letting him fuck my mouth and found myself enjoying it way too much and soon found out what it was like to have a set of nuts smashed against my chin and several warm blasts of cum shooting in to my mouth and a pair of hands on my head and having to swallow most of my cousins cum then let him hump my mouth until he was finished. He took his turn on me shortly after that and for years we sucked each others dicks often.
    Finally after months of almost begging him to try fucking me he gave in and agreed to try it one night when we were 15 years old and spending the night in a tent on the creek at his house. I had been playing around awhile with myself and had taken quite a few things in my ass and knew I liked it so I asked him to fuck me. I told him what I liked to do with different things up my ass and I went in to detail about how good it felt to fuck myself.
    It took awhile to get him horny enough to fuck me but once he did he liked it enough to want to fuck me fairly often up until we were 18 or 19 and then it stopped after we both got serious about the girls that we would eventually marry and they are our wives still today. Some times I will start to talk about this again with him and he won`t talk about it.
    I still stick things in my ass and enjoy fucking myself with a few sex toys the wife and I have. I really think that if I had a close friend that was curious that I would still enjoy sneaking around to suck each other off but most of all I really would enjoy a friend with a long fat very hard dick that would enjoy fucking me in the ass. I would really enjoy this naked outdoors like my cousin and I used to do it so often.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I am a chemistry teacher in a suburban high school north of NYC. When I started my job I would go to the same diner every morning for breakfast before school. I became friends with one of the waitresses, Barbara, and very soon it blossomed into a romance. She had a 4 year old daughter and was a single mother. Her daughter, Casey, was a real sweet heart and we hit it off immediately. Within a year we got married and Casey immediately started calling me daddy.
    At the time her mother and I were both smokers, and to be honest, that was about all that we had in common. Casey was very active but she did have problems with what we thought was a sinus condition. I took her to a doctor and he suggested that we take her to an allergist. It was determined by the allergist that Casey had asthma and that her health related problems were an allergy to cigarette smoke. I immediately quit smoking and told my wife that she wouldn't be allowed to smoke in the house. That wasn't a problem during the warm weather but once winter set in Barbara was pissed off that she would have to go out in the cold to grab a smoke. She soon started going to a friends house who was a smoker and it seemed like she was spending less and less time at home.
    Casey and I had really gotten close and it was very obvious that we both had a deep love for each other. To be honest, Casey and I had such a bond that being with her was such a beautiful thing, and I really didn't care if her mother was out of the house most of the time. Periodically I would come home and could smell the smoke from Barbara smoking in the house. This led to arguments and was driving a wedge between us.
    Then one day Barbara came home late at night and told me that she was moving to Florida and she was taking Casey with her. I immediately went to family court to plead my case and was told that since I had not officially adopted Casey that I had no leg to stand on. Casey was now 10 years old and she really put up a stink. She said that she wanted to stay with me and if she was forced to go with her mother that she would make her mother miserable. I struck a deal with Barbara and gave her $50,000 to relinquish custody to Casey and to allow me to adopt her.

    After the divorce I had a few affairs but Casey was my first love and my life was devoted to her happiness and development. I was Casey's youth soccer coach and also her softball coach. She had a very close friend, Emma who played on the same teams as Casey and they became inseparable thru Junior High and High school. Emma had a single mother who was struggling to make ends meet and she really appreciated that I had become kind of a surrogate father to her. When Casey and Emma were seniors in high school they had really developed physically into very sexy young ladies. Both girls were 18 years old and they spent a lot of time in our backyard pool. Their bikini's were pretty skimpy and I had a hard time taking my eyes of them. I have to admit that I masturbated every day fantasizing about the girls. What made it most difficult was that Emma knew that I was turned on by her and she would make every effort to act sexual in my presence.

    The summer after the girls graduated from high school they had been accepted to college and things seemed to be falling into place. Casey was going off to Syracuse University which was a 3-4 hour trip from home. Emma was staying home and was going to the local community college.

    One weekend Casey was going to Syracuse, with some friends, to familiarize herself with the campus and the city. When she left early Friday morning Emma showed up about 15 minutes later. When she came in the house I offered her coffee and breakfast and we engaged in small talk for the next 10 minutes.. I was standing at the sink when Emma came up behind me and put her arms around me. As I turned around she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a very passionate kiss on the lips with her tongue probing my mouth. Before I could say a word, Emma said that she knew that I wanted to have sex with her and she wanted me as well. She also said that she and Casey often talked about having sex with me and that they both wanted to fuck me. Emma said that she wasn't a virgin, but that Casey was. She also said that she was on birth control pills and that she wanted passionate love making with me, with no holds barred. By now I had a raging hard on and Emma was rubbing her crotch against it. I knew I shouldn't but I was so horny I couldn't help myself. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and we quickly undressed each other. We both walked into the shower and soaped each other up as we kissed passionately and explored each others bodies.
    After drying off I began the exploration of the most beautiful body I had ever seen. Emma had the body of a fine tuned athlete. Her breasts were firm and full and her ass was so beautiful; every thing about her body was perfect. I would guess that Emma was about 5'8" tall and 125 lbs.
    We very quickly ended up in a 69 with Emma's pussy dripping the sweetest nectar in my mouth. I then rolled her off of me and got her on her stomach. Her ass was so beautiful and so erotic that I buried my tongue in the crack of her ass as I rimmed her little brown hole. I then rolled her over onto her back and buried my face in her pussy. It didn't take long before she exploded in her first orgasm. We then passionately kissed and talked about how much we needed each others bodies. I then buried my cock in Emma's dripping pussy as we began the most intense fuck that I have ever had. I think the taboo nature of it all added to the excitement. Also the thought that my beautiful sexy Casey wanting to fuck me added to the excitement. Emma soon had her second orgasm and as she cried out, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I shot my load in her pussy. My orgasm was so intense that it lasted a good full minute.
    We fucked all morning and all afternoon and Emma had at least 7 or 8 orgasms.
    Before Emma left my house she said that she was going to call Casey and tell her how much she loved our love making and that when she got home from Syracuse that I would be ready to fuck her as well. Casey is just as beautiful and sexy as Emma and all I could think of that night in bed was me taking Casey's cherry and my cock in her juicy c**t.
    Saturday morning Emma was at my door early and we spent the next 8 hours licking, sucking and fucking each other to the point of exhaustion. Emma kept reminding me that tomorrow evening that I would be doing the same thing to my daughter Casey. Emma constantly directed our conversation to me taking Casey's virginity and filling her pussy with my cum.
    Emma was on the phone with Casey through out the weekend and I could not get the thought out of my mind that come Sunday evening I was going to be fucking my daughter.
    When Casey arrived home on Sunday, we hugged and talked about her trip and what she thought of her new school. We had dinner and watched a little TV before bed time. I went to my room and Casey went to her room. We kissed good night and nothing else was said. About 20 minutes later Casey knocked on my door and came in and sat on the side of my bed. She told me that she had talked to Emma at least a dozen times over the weekend and Emma had described in detail everything that we had done. Casey then said that she loved me with all of her heart and that I was the most wonderful father that a girl could ever have. She told me that she loved me so much as a father and she was afraid that if we became lovers that it might ruin our father/daughter relationship. I love Casey so much and agreed that our father/daughter relationship was too important to risk hurting it.
    We sat up and talked for about an hour and got everything out on the table. Casey told me that she had no problem with Emma and me being lovers, but please be discreet and don't do anything to get in trouble or sully my reputation.
    The only thing Casey wanted was for me to put Emma on the back burner when Casey was home and don't let Emma interfere with our relationship. I agreed and so far, during Casey's first year in college, we have made it work.
    I have to admit that there are times when I think about how close I came to having sex with my daughter and on occasion I do masturbate thinking about her.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My mom actually caught me sucking myself off in my room when I was 15. We ended up fucking and then did it so many times I lost count. When we were alone in the house, at least twice a week, we would often fuck a dozen times. Once I counted 18 and with both of us having orgasms each time.

    Thankfully, I was very young and could never duplicate those days. We are still doing it a few times a week and she is now 52. At no point did we consider making her pregnant with a child genetically screwed up due to INCEST. Mom loves my cock as much as me and I don't feel jealous. :} We have fucked every imaginable way possible, ass, tits, pussy, every position. We spoke about our over the top lust and believe it is due to the taboos involved. These days, when we can sleep together, once in a while, we might fuck two or three times during the night, but that's it and a fraction of our early days.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My mom actually caught me sucking myself off in my room when I was 15. We ended up fucking and then did it so many times I lost count. When we were alone in the house, at least twice a week, we would often fuck a dozen times. Once I counted 18 and with both of us having orgasms each time.

    Thankfully, I was very young and could never duplicate those days. We are still doing it a few times a week and she is now 52. At no point did we consider making her pregnant with a child genetically screwed up due to INCEST. Mom loves my cock as much as me and I don't feel jealous. :} We have fucked every imaginable way possible, ass, tits, pussy, every position. We spoke about our over the top lust and believe it is due to the taboos involved. These days, when we can sleep together, once in a while, we might fuck two or three times during the night, but that's it and a fraction of our early days.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Over the last eighteen months I've been having sex with a man, who's just turned thirty six. When we first met I couldn't help but feel attracted to him, and it seemed he felt the same. Joining him two days later on from meeting him at the swimming baths, I rode in his car over to a place I knew. We had sex that day overlooking the valley I live in and throughout the whole thing, he had me climaxing over and over again. Tonguing my pussy and arsehole, then using two fingers up my arse, whilst sucking on my clit making me cum so violently. Sucking on his huge cock in the open air was so special, and I soon had his cock pulsating strongly in my mouth.
    As he leaned against a massive gnarly old oak tree, I sank down facing him, after taking off my top and bra, and felt his full length enter my pussy as he played with my tits. We fucked for so long I thought he'd never cum, but I couldn't stop orgasming. When he did finally begin to thrust up me hard and fast, I knew he was about to cum. So grinding down onto his beautiful dick even more, I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms I'd ever had, when he literally flooded my pussy with his hot massive amounts of cum.
    Each day after that we'd text each other sending naked pictures and expressing how much we'd like to have sex with each other again. Unfortunately because of his work commitments, it was two weeks later when I visited his city centre apartment. We spent a whole afternoon having sex and again he had me cumming time after time. When he fucked me that time, he took his time and we changed positions multiple times, before he unloaded all over my large breasts.
    And so on for about eleven months, we had sex pretty much two to three times a week. Then during a clear out my dad was having, he dug out a load of old pictures. And I froze on the spot, when he showed me pictures of him and his much younger brother Tony.
    My dad and Tony had stopped being friends after the death of their father and I'd not seen him since I was four. He apparently moved away and then went overseas to work in Germany. Moving back two years ago and only six months before I caught him eyeing me up in the swimming baths.
    Texting him so we could meet at a park close to my parents home, he looked quizzical when I began to speak sat next to him on the park bench. I just blurted out who he was to me and cried as I did. Tony put his arms around me and told me we both didn't know and had nothing to feel bad about. What he did add was, it had to be all over between us. What he didn't know, that's was why I was crying. Yes I knew he was my uncle, but even knowing that I still wanted him sexually and I knew I was falling in love with him. Holding onto each other I couldn't resist. I slipped my hand down and into his trousers feeling his growing cock in my hand. He tried to pull away, but I began to stroke his cock and felt it twinge between my fingers. Pulling my head back, he looked at me as I continued to wank him, then said "Are you sure you want to carry this on". Kissing him hard told Tony what I wanted, that and gripping his cock harder. Pulling away again, Tony said "Good because I want you so bad". We moved away from the bench and quickly walked to the far side of the park, a little overgrown part which hardly anyone uses. With my hands holding onto a low tree branch, I leaned over and had Tony lift up my loose dress. Spreading my legs, my uncle entered me and we fucked like long lost lovers discovering themselves again. Our sex didn't last long, but it was so intense and powerful that I came twice, taking Tony's cum moments after my second orgasm.
    Most weeks now, we meet up four to five times. I've even begun to start the process of him and my dad getting back in touch. Telling my dad I've met him whilst at the swimming baths. My dad cried and told me he'd love to see his younger brother again.
    We'll see how it all goes from now on. What I do know is last week and the real reason I'm here, is we both told each other we loved one another. That was after I'd spent the whole night for the first time at his apartment. Tony and I know it would be awkward and difficult to see each other, if and when my father and he get back in touch. But we're determined to stay together, and I'm determined to carry on enjoying the best lover of my life.

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