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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 18

    Seeing My Dad Naked with Erecrion

    This question has possibly been asked before, I have seen both my parents naked, I am asking the girls when they see there dad naked with an erection do you get a reaction or not, how do you feel about, I have recently seen my dad with a full erection, from a girls point of view what is your reaction,


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I am a widow and on holiday in asia I found a asian young lover who has 7 kids and 10 grandchildren we have found the love we needed in each other. This happened by accident in a way because I got drunk on a boat and was horny for ages for an old rocker and then out of shock when I saw one of my former husbands with an asian woman I went from the concert to making out in the gardens with this asian lover and now we are moving to go live there permanently. We had a lot of sex. It has been the greatest sex of my life after several years without sex since my last husband died turning to my girlfriend to leano on so much bi sex and she attacked me for horny rocker and won but why I have money but she has the looks and class. I was jealous when I seen my ex but the excrement of the show and seeing him pushed me off and I got so drunk I ended up with sort of the wrong man but the right man for me, a strawly asian man who is the greatest lover I have ever had yet. I am now into my 70s and I have done hot sex a lot but this was the best. Volcanos will erupt when we make out in slingo when we marry and the ride with my moe and my leaning girlfriend have a many a 3 somes. now look what we done?

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have been remarried now for a year. My wife has one daughter than just turned 15 and I have one son that is 15 as well. I have noticed that lately those two have been acting way different towards one another.

    For the last few months she has been wanting to use my shower. This was going on a few times a week and I couldn't get to the bottom of it. Finally I decided to put one of those hidden camera's in there so I could figure out what the fuck.

    When it was shower time one night she showed up and wanted to use our shower. After a long shower she came out and went to bed. Later, I checked the video and now I know why. There she was using our shower head messager to masturbate. She orgasmed then washed up, did it again then turned off the water.

    I left the cam on all the time after that and one Saturday morning I left for work early. My wife got up later and left for the day with her friends.

    When I checked it that night, there my wife was getting herself off just like her daughter did. Sometime later to my astonishment my stepdaughter showed up and was showering when my son came in already nude and he got in. They were making out and feeling each other up. Finally he turned her around and fucked her standing up. After a few minutes it was over. On the audio I heard them say they had to get out of there before mom and dad came home.

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    Straight Female / 50

    I became a woman when I was very young. At the time I was all grown up. The man that made me a woman worked in the neighborhood and caught me on the way home from school. He was my man and everyone in the neighborhood new it, it was all out in the open.

    My mother never cared one way or the other, she was a woman when she was that age. What made me different from my mother is that I never got pregnant at that age. I didn't get pregnant because I had a friend at school who had gotten pregnant and had an abortion and she was put on the pill at this clinic that helped girls and she got them to give me the pill too. So when he called me over I went to him and knowing I couldn't get pregnant I was ready to become his woman.

    We all liked sex I guess most everyone did too but we didn't really talk about it. We talked about taking care of our man. To me my man was a real man, I got spanked a couple of times for not doing things he asked. When your young and your man spanks you on the street everyone knows that you did something wrong and you are being corrected. I laughed when I got spanked so I got yelled at too. It only happened twice and then I never had to get spanked again.

    I went to live with my man when I was seventeen. He had this other woman but she did drugs so he had gotten rid of her and when I became his woman he told me that I couldn't do drugs so I never did drugs. I went to live with him when he set up his own shop and my mother loaned him money. Once you are living with your man you have kids so I had kids. That is just the way it was then. I was lucky that my man wanted me. He had a bad experience with his first woman and some men just used their women. My man wanted me.

    I turned fifty and my kids arranged for us to get married. We got married on a Sunday in the church with a priest. We got married because our children wanted it, we have been together for a long time, we are common law because we own a house and a business together and he calls me his wife and I call him my husband. But our kids are people now and they wanted us to get married. When I grew up we lived in a neighborhood where only the old women and a few old men went to the church. The priest made us do communion, but that was about it. The people of the church didn't want us there and most of the time the old women went to the Saturday night mass which was in Spanish for all the maids. Sunday was really for the people, if you went on Sunday you had to sit in the back and left early before the people left the church. Our kids are people now and they go on Sundays.

    My name is Irma and my husbands name is Jose. We live in California and we own and run the same truck repair shop my mother loaned my man money to start on his own. We also have a fleet of trucks and our son runs the business and our daughters married professional men they met in college. My mother lives with us which is only fair. Our neighborhood is different now, my mother's old house was torn down and my daughter and her husband built a modern house on the lot. The old shop was sold a long time ago and we bought a larger lot for the trucks and built a shop close to the freeway.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I once used to fuck mom in my office allotted quarters while I was posted away for job. I used to be back from office early and she was at my place for a month. I lusted for her while we stayed there away from my big family back at hometown. I enjoying doing her back and cumming in her while the weather outside was extremely hot and dry and we would get drenched inside. The door was often left unlocked as we swayed behind it.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I was 13 years old when my sisters shamed me by exposing me naked in front of their girl friends. They did it because they were older than me and could esealy forced my othes off. I remember my two sisters chacing me, grabing my dick and telling their girl friends I had a hard on. The grabing turned into to pulling my shorts down and being held up by and elastic waist band, they yanked the off along with my underwear. I remember freezing with embarrassment when my stiff dick sprung out and couldn't do a thing to cover it. Just laid there over powered getting my dick slapped and jerked and then having to stand half naked waiting to get my shorts back. The wost was having to stay there behind a bush and embarrassed about my neighbours seeing me half naked with my dick stuck up in the aire. Remember putting my shorts back on and never getting my underwear back. Those were kept to keep my mouth shout, something I would have never talked about anyway.

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    Straight Male / 28

    For the last two years I've been picking up my SIL at her office after her daughter, Trish, drops her off in the AM. Trish is in High School. My SIL, Marie, is in her late 30s and I'm 28. Marie has fantastic legs and a time-stopping ass. She's not bad looking otherwise but not a knock out. Her legs, hips and ass always make me hard.

    A week ago, I was a bit late and her office was virtually closed. The darkness of the office created a mood and
    after meeting Marie I blurted out, "I can't stop thinking of fucking you." Marie pulled up her skirt and said, "You took enough time to ask," leaning over her desk. She had been waiting to fuck, God only knows how long. She was also really wet, as I noticed, slipping in. I had wasted two years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21


    When I was a very young boy my mom[SANDY] and I would take our bathes together. Mom[SANDY] would let me wash her natural 36 D breasts and soap up her bush of a pussy.Also mom[SANDY] would let me watch her get dressed for work sometimes letting me help her with her 5 hook bra straps and letting me hook up her nylons to her garterbelts.
    She was and still is a very beautiful and sexy woman today.What I liked to do was help her fasten her ankle straps on her sexy stiletto high heels.Mom [SANDY] is about 5' 7'' tall with nice long legs a fine looking ass with dirty blond shoulder length hair that she usually wears straight with bangs. As I have gotten older I missed the togetherness of us and seeing her nude and half dressed.By the time I reached puberty I started to look at my mom[ sandy] in a sexual manner. Mom would date but never found MR. RIGHT. It was only her and I most of the time.On some dates when mom was out I would look through her sexy lingerie,nylons, and garterbelts in her dresser drawers getting me excited. Also eyeing up her sexy shoes in her closet and looking through lingerie portfolio.
    Nearing my 18th birthday I heard some buzzing and moaning coming from mom's bedroom as she figured that I was asleep but mom was having an orgasm with her vibrator.The next day I could not wait to be alone and see her toy. It had a sexy and strong aroma on it. I smelled and licked it clean knowing where it's been.Now wanting to get in her one day and have her as my own.Friday neared and mom[sandy] had a date. I was home alone and undressed and went into mom's room and pulled out her sexy bra,gaterbelt,nylons, and her stilettos with those ankle straps on the bed surrounding me as I looked at her lingerie portfolio. I was so hard as I stroked my 7'' cock thinking of my mom[sandy].The door suddenly opened as mom's date ended earlier than I thought I was in a trance. Standing in the doorway was my mom[sandy] staring at my cock not saying a word she caught me on her bed naked. She finally said WOW you have really grown. I told mom[sandy] that I love her and everything about her we hugged and I kissed her putting my tongue down her throat.Telling her again that I love so much.
    Well this was the beginning as mom [sandy] asked me to help her take her dress off. I unzipped it and it fell to t.he ground.She was standing there as I remembered black bra,garterbelt ,nylons and panties in her caged high heels.She was gorgeous I undid her 5 hook 36 D bra releasing those full pointy breasts with those silver dollar aerolaes.Mom[sandy] knelt down caressing my cock and kissing it, I was in heaven.Now was my turn as I laid mom [sandy ] on her bed working my way up her nyloned legs to her dirty blond triangular hairy pussy. I licked and put a finger in her as she moaned say that needs badly so I entered her and began sliding in and out of her fucking her good .She said that I felt so good in her as we continued on.I was getting close to cumming as she told me to pull out and she wanted my cum in her waiting mouth as I stroked my cock and unloaded in her mouth with her savoring and finally swallowing it all down.
    We began sleeping together nightly fucking like mad knowing that this is i****t but this was our secret. We love each other deeply.After I graduated high school we moved to where no one knows us as we are now a couple JERRY &SANDY in love.
    As I neared 21 we decided to go to LAS VEGAS and get married. I bought SANDY some sexy white 5'' stilettos with gold heels that had a wide ankle cuff.Also a white satin bustier with white laced topped seamed nylons with wedding bells on the lace top to go with her see through white nylon panties.SANDY added a short sexy white wedding dress with a veil.Also we picked out matching wedding bands.
    The big day finally came. SANDY looked absolutely stunning. We were married and celebrated drinking champagne as I led my bride to our room carrying over the thresh hold to the bed kissing her like mad.I helped my bride out of her sexy dress and bustier freeing her beautiful breasts in which I enjoyed revealing her hot sexy body as I slid down her panties seeing that beautiful waiting pussy of hers. I licked and inhaled her breath taking scent as I was now so hard as I entered her pumping away as she locked her long nyloned legs around me urging me to fill her c**t with my hot cum.I shot load after load in her as we hoped to get her pregnant. We found out that it sure did happen weeks later.Nine months later SANDY delivered a healthy baby boy as I was there for the birth. Thinking that is where I came out as well.We live as husband and wife ,so much in love with my sexy wife raising our son and doing things couples do together.

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    Straight Female / 30

    Since I was 16 years old my father and I have been having oral sex twice a day. Except when I have my period, on those days I blow him.

    We also have regular sex, but for us 69 is the best. We own a business together so it easy for us to do this as we have a secret bedroom setup in our building.

    It been going on for 20 years now. My husband doesn't know. I never suck my husband only Dad.

    I love him more than any other man he is the only man who has been in my mouth. I swallow everytime.

    Dad is also the father of my children as my husband can barely preform.

    I think of Dsd as my Husband. He is the only man who can make me cum.

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    Straight Male / 48

    SIL #2 (and Niece) by request

    All of the women in my wife's family are blessed with DD tits or bigger. My other SIL is a beautiful 5'10" blond with the standard set of large boobs. The other women in the family are very attractive, but #2 got the model looks and height.

    The back story... She lived in a small town in Georgia, went away to college and came back home after she graduated. She found a basic, low paying job that underutilized her degree and went to work. She settled on marrying a boy who was way under her league, he was an insecure control freak and the older and prettier she got, the more controlling and paranoid he got.

    A few years later a new large company opened moved their home office to town and needed people with her degree, she switched jobs and enjoyed the work. She reported to the CEO, an executive 20 years older than her that was very well off. They worked closely together on projects, including a lot of late nights.

    Naturally her Hubby started giving her more and more shit about working late even though nothing was going on. The more he tried to control her, the more it was starting to drive a wedge between them. She confided in the CEO, so what started off as friends and a boss, turned into emotional cheating which lead to physical cheating while they were at work.

    Her hubby started pressuring her to quit or he was leaving. She was thinking about it but he kept demanding an answer right away, so she said "screw it, im leaving". The CEO was in a bad marriage too, so knowing she was available it made it an easy choice for him, so they both left their spouses and got married.

    So it's a 50 something executive and a 30 yr old hot blond. He got a transfer to get away from their ex's and now he's on their Board of Directors and she's his arm candy and trophy wife.

    She's got long legs and a nice jiggly set of tits. She also forgot about the house's inside security cameras and she visits and watches the house for us a lot, so I've seen her nude as well. Her tits are big and floppy, her nipples point down at a 45 degree angle, but for those of us who like natural boobs, that is hot. Her's aren't as firm as my wife's, she doesn't work out as much, so they have a nice sway and jiggle when she walks.

    Her CEO Hubby has given me the drift that she's fairly conservative when it comes to sex, which isn't surprising considering their upbringing, but what is surprising is that she totally shaves her pussy. I'm thinking "so if Hubby isn't getting that shaved pussy, who is?" Lol.

    Probably the kinkiest thing I've seen her do on the videos was she one time lubed up and fingered her ass, which really surprised me. Either CEO was giving me a load of BS or he's not getting all that she has to offer. Of course there is a large age difference, so who knows? I also linger on hugs with her too, but it's nothing like SIL #1, lol.

    I'll just throw in one more thing...

    She also has a daughter who is a hottie. She's got the same 34DD set of tits but a hot tight body. Her tits stand straight out and have a sweet jiggle to them. We have a pool and I've seen her plenty of times in her little bikini and nude as well, she too has a shaved pussy.

    The crazy thing about her is, I'm about 95% sure I ran across a video on XHamster of her getting herself off. I couldn't believe it at first. It was a video from her bedroom. I'm guessing she cammed with an ex boyfriend and he taped it and uploaded it. I thought there's no way at first, what are the odds with the thousands of videos on the net that I would find this, but I had stayed over at their house in her room when we visited and it looked like her stuff and bed. Then I compared her jewelry with other family pics we had of her during the same time period and they matched. I just couldn't believe it.

    I've never told her I saw it, she would freak out and her mom would disown her. I contacted XHamster and asked them to take it down and they said no, they said the guy who posted it would have to take it down or she would have to contact them, so since I didn't want to tell her, there was nothing I could do. The guy who posted it had deleted his account so I couldn't contact him.

    Yes the video is hot, she's completely nude and her tits and pussy are in full display. She fingers her ass for a little bit (like Mother like Daughter? LOL) and then fingers her pussy until she pulls out a small vibe and finishes herself off. No I won't tell what video it is, just search on teen webcam and you'll find the category.

    All of the above is 100% true. Damn the women in the family have great bodies... Lol

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