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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 18

    My cousin is so hot. her big lips and huge tits are my favorite. I want to do her.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My mother, brother, two sisters, aunts and uncle are all narcissistic pieces of shit. All have failed marriages, except for one aunt whom has been fucking her uncle since before I was even born, all are narcissistic dim witted users who thrive on conflict and playing people against one another. I can't wait for my family to die off so the shame they bring will be forgotten with them, these are the kinds of people who would take their own sins to the grave but exploit the most minimal of anyone else's to get what they want or need, they're the kind of people most commonly referred to as social/emotional vampires who spend their lives fucking up other peoples lives but deny having any part in wronging others. They use their retired elderly fathers social status to make people think they're well adjusted, when the reality couldn't be further from the truth, all of them have more pharmaceuticals in their homes than a drug store that they keep a secret from all of their friends and coworkers, meanwhile on weekends spend most of their time fighting or causing fights with one another and or crying in a pitiful mess because they feel someone wronged them...But it's okay for them to wrong others....It's okay from them to manipulate steal and emotionally damage others.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Did any of you grow up with a situation you didn't realize until you were an adult wasn't normal?? I had something like that with my brother, who's a couple years older than me. We were...sexually active with each other.

    It didn't start right away with fucking, but happened gradually. It really started, when I was about thirteen, with us making out on the couch. Mom and Dad were out for the night, we were watching a movie, suddenly my brother scoots over and kisses me. I...was surprised, and taken aback, so much so, I didn't resist when he kissed me again. It actually kind of excited me, and turned me on. After that, any time Mom and Dad went out, which was fairly often, we did that.

    After a while, things got a little more intense. One night, while we were making out, my brother whispered "Take off your panties." I was just wearing a night-shirt and my panties, as I'd just taken a shower. I took my panties off, and my brother got down on the floor in front of me, spread open my legs, and started eating my pussy. It felt...amazing. I'd never even masturbated before, so I'd never felt anything like this. It felt like I had to pee. It didn't take long before my brother gave me my first orgasm.

    Some time later, when I was fourteen, I was in my bathroom, peeing, when he came in. This was again not a big deal for us. Obviously, if it was the other thing, we preferred not to be bothered, but this, we didn't care. He was leaning on the sink in front of me, and we were talking about something, when I noticed he had a hard-on, and I worked out the real reason he came in.

    "_____, do you want me to suck your cock??" He nodded yes. I'd never done this before, but I knew about it. I reached into his boxers, and pulled his cock out. Again, I'd never done this before, so I started out timidly kissing the head, before wrapping my lips around his shaft, and getting into full-on sucking. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. At one point, he pulled off my shirt, then took off my bra. I still didn't have much in the way of boobs then, but he seemed to like them.

    "God, ___, you look so fucking sexy doing that. I wish I had a camera, so I could show people how hot my little sister looks sucking me off." When he was about to come, he told me to lean back. "I wanna come on those little titties." I did so, and he jerked his dick for a few seconds, until, with a loud groan, he shot his hot sperm all over my chest, my neck, and my stomach. He then put his dick back, kissed the top of my head, said "Thanks", and then left. I wiped some of his jism off my chest with my fingers, and licked it.

    When I was fifteen, I was walking around my room one day, completely naked except for a pair of panties, when he appeared in the doorway. "God, you look hot."

    "Oh, hi, _____." I smiled.

    He came in, and we kissed for at least a minute, before he whispered, "I wanna eat you." I squeed at this, took off my panties, and sat on the bed, with my legs open. I loved when my brother would eat me out; it felt so good, and he made me feel so sexy with the things he would whisper to me.

    After he made me come, he stood up, and lowered his boxers, and I knew what he was about to do; he was gonna take my virginity. I'd been hoping for this for some time, but wanted to be patient. I scooted back on the bed, and he followed. There is no way to describe how good it felt when my brother's cock entered me for the first time. My brother didn't just fuck me, he made love to me. He made me come a few times, then when he did, the feeling of his hot come inside me felt...just awesome. Oh, and don't worry, I'd secretly started taking birth control pills, because I'd been anticipating this.

    Even though I know now this kind of thing isn't normal, me and my brother still sometimes get together and have sex. I'm just so used to doing it with him, I can't imagine stopping it.


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    Straight Male / 29

    I used to cum on the counter, peel open my sisters tampons, dip them in it alittle, then wipe alittle to seal it shut again. Then I would check to see if they were gone later

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    My mom has a boyfriend who lives with us now for about two years. His son Eddie is here two weekends a month and I am convinced he is an exhibitionist. I see him him naked at least three or four times every weekend he is here and don't know how many times I have seen him masturbating when My mom and his father are out. He tries to act like he doesn't know I am watching him but I sure he does this on purpose. I have told him many times that I see him naked around the house but al he says is sorry which I know he doesn't mean. He's only tried three times to peek in at me in my bedroom and the third time I smaked his face so now he doesn't do it anymore. He's naked alot even when My mom or his dad are here but is always sneaky about it. Its funny to me anymore and I just laugh about it and tell him its not big enough for him to show his penis off to anyone. That doesn't stop him though and not always but he often has an erection while coming out of the bathroom naked. He's only 13 so I just laugh about it and wonder if he does it to other girls around him. He tells me I'm pretty all the time so I just tell him to grow up.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    so. i am male and married forty something but can't stop talking to dirty old men about my childhood
    when i was a lad i often witnessed my dad touching up and kissing my older sisters whenever mum wasn't around
    when i was about 10 my oldest sister would hug me and get me to play with her breasts. thumbing her nipples and kissing them. 
    my other sister would sleep in the same bed as me at weekends at grandma's and she would lay on me and hump me. we still had undies on so no penetrative love involved
    when my sisters left home when i was fourteen my dad started fondling me whenever we were alone. he went to jail for having sex with my sisters but i never told anyone. 
    now i can't help talking to strange old guys on the phone who want to hear my life story.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I'm from Europe, and when I was 14 (my brother was 16) I was on vacation with him and my parents in Switzerland. We stayed there for 3 weeks, and I had a vacation boyfriend and he had a vacation girlfriend... on the last evening of vacation, both him and the girl, and me and my "boyfriend" found a little private place behind the shower/machine room... and just a few meters away from each other we kissed our lovers... my brother, always being veeeery protective towards me, warned my boyfriend not to go too far with his little sister (yes, that's me!).

    I kissed my boyfriend, and he felt underneath my shirt... (first time a guy touched my breasts!)... and it was semi-dark outside, and when I look sideways towards my brother and his girlfriend, I noticed she had his bermuda's unzipped... and was jerking his erect penis while they were kissing passionately! Kinda shocking to see, and my heart raced like crazy... I never saw my brother's (or any other) penis before, not even in a flacid state, and now, this girl was arousing him, and jerking him.

    My brother had his hands on her lower body as well, but I couldn't see exactly (if he was masturbating her as well or not)... anyhow, my brother look at us and warned my boyfriend again (haha, my boyfriend was kinda afraid of my big brother!)... and my brother moved around the corner with his girlfriend, as apparently he didn't feel too comfy with me around. ;-)

    (By the way, I did not jerk my boyfriend off back then, I was way too shy... but it was kinda shocking and semi-interesting to see that my brother got a handjob! We even talked about it afterwards... not too much in detail, but I guess his girlfriend made him cum)

    And for the record: I am not and never was sexually interested in my brother, but it was just interesting for me to see an erect penis at that time.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    I didn't really know what category to put this confession in. I'm the mother of a 19 year old daughter who a few months ago returned home after her first year of college. She had so many new things to share as her eyes got wide open to the world.We spent the first few days catching up and nothing was really surprise. That was until I heard her talking to her friend Kim. She was in the kitchen and had her phone on speaker. I think she thought I was upstairs but I was in the laundry room next to the kitchen.I stayed quiet to listen.

    The conversation was Kim having seen her mother nude and becoming so excited because her mom has a really full bush. Apparently neither of them have ever seen hair on a woman. Her friend was saying that she should try and seem me to see if I'm hairy as well. I said to myself, "if she only knew." I have a large triangle of hair and I enjoy it. I find it very sexual. My daughter asked her if she saw between her mother legs and Kim's comment back to her was, "no, I wanted to because I think it gets even hairier there."

    That evening, I was undressing getting ready to shower and was looking in the mirror at myself thinking how surprised my daughter would be if she saw me. I felt a little guilty having that thought. I struggled back and forth whether or not it was wrong if my daughter saw me. I said to myself that it wasn't unusual for a daughter to see her mother nude, but my question was, was it O.K. if it was planned. I decided it didn't matter how it came about, I was O.K. with it because many daughters have seen their mothers.

    When I got out of the shower, I called for my daughter to come to my room. I decided I would talk to her about whether or not she was going out and have small chit chat. I got nervous and went back and forth whether or not I would do it. She came into my room and sat on the end of the bed with IPhone in hand of course. I was really nervous. I would start to undo my towel and then chicken out.

    Then, out of the blue, my daughter said, "mom, do you have tan lines??" Did she say that with intent?? Was it just a curious question?? Either way, that was my "permission slip" to drop my towel. I turned toward her, undid my towel and dropped it to the floor and said, "yea, but they aren't real prominent." She nearly dropped her phone. She was just staring. I felt this rush of heat go through me. I was getting excited and I knew that feeling was wrong. It was really taboo since I knew that it was happenstance.

    I was making conversation all the while. I pointed to my pussy and said, "the lines are a little darker here." She said nothing. I went over to my dresser and got a bottle of lotion. I wanted to out it on my legs. I took the chair from my make up stand and positioned it so that I was facing her. I put one leg up on the chair and applied lotion to it. This had my legs spread. I will admit that I opened them more than was normal for that stance.I spent about five minutes doing this. My daughter never said a word.

    I got dressed and she left. She went right to her room. I was guessing she was going to call her friend Kim and I wax right. I listened at the door and her say, "Kim, oh my God, you won't believe this, I was in my moms room and she was in her towel and I asked if she had tan lines and she dropped her towel and I saw her whole pussy and I even saw between her legs!" I don't know what Kim asked her, but her response was, "yea, I was like shaking the whole time and I even got wet."

    Hearing my daughter say that she got wet resonated with me. Since then, my daughter has been in my room several times and I let her look. There have been times when I have stayed naked for at least 20-30 minutes.There have been times when I have felt my juice running down my inner thigh because I have been so hot over it.I shouldn't react to it I know, but I can't help myself. I start thinking about it and then masturbate. I've masturbated about it several times a week for the past two months. I have never had such wet and powerful orgasms.

    I didn't think I would share this, but here goes. I fantasize about opening my legs for her to see all my hair and masturbating so she can tell her friend Kim.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I luv jerking my cock with my junkie prostitute nieces pink thong panties as i suck on my 25yo semi prostitute whore roomates dirty shit and c**t stained panties, i look at naked pics of my niece i stole from her and i fantasize that im on my hands and knees wearing my older sisters whos my nieces mom bra and panties my niece is naked except for her black latex stripper boots kneeling next to her pervert uncle her 1 hand is on my head forcing it against her moms dirty asshole telling me i better lick mommies asshole totally clean her other hand is jerking my cock with my sisters panties as a hugh cocked black guy is behind me pounding my asshole with his hugh black gets me so hard imagining being my sister and nieces faggot bitch having to lick shit from my sisters asshole as im being ass raped by hugh black cock...tobe forced milked by my slut niece tasting her moms shitty asshole

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    Straight Female / 18

    I know its bad but me and my step dad have an unspoken
    Secret between us. We both will admit it to each other or anyone else. I know he knows I know and I know he knows, but we dare to tell each other.

    I leave my panties in the bathroom and her enjoys them. He jacks off using my panties. He smells them and and licks them. I make sure he has my best panties and I rub my pussy with them. I masturbate and leave them for him. Then I find them nice and neat in the top of the laundry hamper. I smile and sometimes I go to my room and masturbate thinking about it.

    It is what they call a "win win" we both get off and no one ever has to know. We both pretend we don't do things like that.

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