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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    this was when i was 19. i am now 69 and i have never toldto anyone. just starting my second year in the AF and a high school friend was in collage in this town where i got stationed. his older sis was friends with the mom of this 16 yo girl he wanted me to take out. i met l and we hit it off right from the start.she was in her 3rd year of high school and her mom and dad both worked the evening shift. l took care of her little 2yo sis every evening so for us to go out we took r with us.well 1964 there were lots of drive in movies so we went there. by the second movie r was asleep in the back seat of my car and we had about 2 hours to ourselves. by the second month of dating i was in her pants regulary. sometimes i did noyt have money so we would stay in. the first time this happened was about 4 months in and we put r to bed at 7. by 8 i had l naked in her room and i was too. i was balls deep fucking this 16yo when little 2yo r walks in and climbed into bed with us. i kept fucking and before long r was asleep next to us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    i fucked my cousin last week after we had been partying. She has one of the tightest pussies i have ever fucked.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I was in my room one day sniffing my mothers used panties from the day earlier when all of a sudden the door swung open and my mom came in and caught me. She stood there looking at my throbbing cock in my hand and her panties over my face. She walked over and bent down. She opened her mouth and started sucking my cock. I was in aww. Was this really happening???????? Was my mother sucking my cock???????? She got naked and we started to 69. Her pussy taste so good I blew a massive load in her mouth. She swallowed it all and turned around. She grabbed my cock and slid it into her wet pussy and started to grind me up and down. She was moaning and grabbing her tits as she slid up and down on my cock. She told me to follow her to her room as she bent over and spread her cheeks. I bent down and started to rim her hole as she moaned a came all over. She pulled out a plug and lube and lubed it up and put it in my ass and then lubed her ass up and told me to put it in her ass. I have to admit that the plug make me rock hard and I loved it. I shoved my cock into her ass and started to fuck her tight amazing hole. She was grabbing the sheets and screaming for more as I went harder and harder. I turned her over and threw her legs over my shoulders as I continued to plow her ass. She fingered her clit as I exploded in her ass and watched my cum drip out. She went down on me and tasted her ass on my dick as soon as I pulled out. She pushed me on the bed and slowly pulled out the anal plug from my ass and licked it in front of me. It was so hot seeing her taste my ass. After it was clean she put it back in and said that she would be back for it later that night after my dad fell asleep.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    My wife and step son went to visit and out of state college back in August. They shared a hotel room off campus. Step son emails wife a video download the other day not realizing I have access to her account. The 30 minute 33 seconds start out with a drunk and relaxed wife on the double bed naked except for her panties. Mommy's big boy is playing camera man and I hear a female moaning in the background from an apparent porno movie on the TV.
    I know exactly where this is going and my cock immediately responds in favor while my heart breaks in half. I must admit that she sure does look incredible and the clues I pick up from their banter back and forth lets me know that this isn't their first time around the block. Hell, if my mom looked like her and I was him, I'd be doing the same thing.
    For 18 minutes she is plays with her pussy and finally cums then junior sets the camera on auto pilot and joins mom on the bed. He remarks how he likes her pussy being shaved bald and then fingers her some more before eating her out. Hell, junior even gives mom a rim job before kissing her like mom and son never should. This goes on for about 6 minutes and then with a parachute on his big hard cock, he proceeds to pounding the piss out her pussy while she moans and groans with her legs flying high in the air. 6 minutes later he mounts her from behind and climaxes while inside her.
    I was disappointed that she never sucked his dick as my lovely wife gives great head and I love watching my cock disappear in her pretty mouth.
    After I watched it again while jerking off on her favorite pair of sexy underwear, I realized a few things. One is my step son has about 2 inches on me when it comes to cock length. Two, is that he licks her asshole and she likes the taste of her own shit. Three, when son asked mom if I was good lover, she said that I eat pussy like a woman.
    I do know one thing. my wife is one hot looking and I love her more then ever.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    When I was about 15 I decided to look in my parents room one day when they were out. In my fathers dresser, I found a envelope that contained naked pictures of my mother. Most of them she was in a skimpy nighty and pulled the top down
    exposing her boobs. One of the pictures she was sitting in the living room chair and had her legs spread and showes
    her beautiful twat. As soon as I found the picture I had my pants around my ankles and I jerked off until I came
    in my hand.

    I remember when I was real young about 6 or 7, I was in the tub taking a bath. My mom washed me all over and when she got to my crotch, she grabbed my cock and washed it. I moaned and told my mother that it felt good and asked her not
    to stop. I remember her telling me she couldn't do that and she then left the bathroom. A couple minutes later Mom
    came back and told me if she washed me some more, I couldn't tell anyone. She took my cock in my hands and rubbed
    it. I know I didn't cum, but it felt great.

    One time I seen my mom coming out of the bathroom after she had gone to bed. She had on a almost see through nighty
    and her nipples were quite obvious erect. I tried to act like I wasn't looking but it was hard to carry on a brief
    conversation with my mom with those nipples as hard as they were.

    Saturday night was always the big night for my parents. They use to get dressed up and go out to dinner and then go
    to a friends or out somewhere. I was probably 14 at the time and they left me at home. When they came home they usually had a few drinks in them and quite often I use to sneak to their door and listen to them have sex. I would pull my
    cock as I listed to them talk dirty. I also loved hearing the slurping. I still to this day wonder if it was my mom
    sucking my dad's cock, or dad sucking mom's boobs.

    My Dad had a great collection of porn magazines and from age 14 I use to take one or two at a time and look at
    them in my room. I love jerking off to the hustler magazines because the girls showed everything. They had their
    legs open as wide as possible and I loved to read the kinky corner and look at the beaver hunt amature girls.

    One night when I was 16 my Dad had gone on a fishing trip and Mom and I were home alone. I went to bed about
    10 pm and I was in my bed looking at a hustler magazines and rubbing my cock. There was a knock at my door and
    I tried to hide the magazine under my bed and pull up my underwear. When I said come in I was very nervous.

    My mother came in the room and asked what I was doing and I said nothing, just getting ready to go to sleep.
    She came over and sat on the bed and leaned over and picked up the magazine that was sticking out from under
    the bed. She asked what is this and opened the magazine and started looking at the picture. She asked me
    where I got the magazine and I told her under her bed. She told me that men like my Dad enjoyed looking at
    naked women, but I was still too young to be looking at this type of magazine. Mom then looked at me and
    asked if I got excited when I looked at the magazine.

    I had no answer for that type of question and I blushed. Mom told me it was all right, all boys my age love
    to explore through these types of magazines and usually got excited. Mom then said that it is perfectly normal
    to explore yourself and relieve tension.

    Mom then pulled back the covers and I had hard-on throbbbing in my shorts. Mom said it looks like you are
    excited and then opened the magazine and showed me a couple pictures. I was so hard I couldn't help my
    reach down and move my cock in my underwear. Mom reached over and said "Oh my" as she touched my cock through
    my shorts.

    We continued to look at the magazine and she even commented about some of the women being beauriful.
    Mom rubbed my cock for a little while and then told me to pull down my underwear. I pulled then to my knees
    and Mom said that she would be right back. I couldn't help but pull my cock while she was gone. When mom
    came back she had on her bathrobe and she had a bottle of lubricant. She put some on her hand and then
    started rubbing my cock. It did not take long before I blew a huge load in my mothers hand. She smiled
    and said, this is perfectly normal. I blurted out, please don't tell Dad.

    Mom promised me that she would not tell Dad and then took me into the bathroom and told me to get into the
    shower. Mom then started washing me and then said that she was getting wet and asked if I mided if she took
    off her bathrobe. I said no nervously and mom took off her bathrobe and she was completely naked. She
    got into the shower with my and asked me if I would help wash her. I started washing her back and even touched
    her ass. She then turned around and asked me to wash the front. Her tits were awesome and my mother must have
    been reading my mind because she said it is ok, we are not going to tell Dad. I then started washing her boobs
    and I felt like a kid at christmas.

    We got out of the shower and mom told me to come into bed with her and watch some TV.
    As soon as we got in bed, I was staring at her tits. She told me I could touch them and then took one hand and
    placed it on her boobs. As I rubbed her boob, mom seemed to enjoy it and she spread her legs apart.
    She then told me to kiss them and I went to all out sucking as soon as my mouth touched her boobs.
    I could see Mom's legs go real wide and she stuck a finger between her legs and started to moan as I sucked
    her boobs.

    Mom made herself cum and then told me that she wanted to do something, but it was going to be our little secret.
    She then kissed me on the lips and our tongues met. She then kissed her way down my belly until she got to my cock
    which was rock hard. Mom looked at me and told me she loved me and then took my cock in her mouth. She sucked me
    slowly at first and then started picking up the speed. The entire time mom sucked me she was looking into my eyes.
    When I was going to cum, I told her and she just kept on sucking and I exploded in her mouth. She took every drop
    and told me again that nobody could ever find out because they wouldn't understand.

    Quite often when I came home from school, mom would take me to her room and suck my cock before my father came
    home from work. Another time my dad was gone on a fishing trip, my mom taught me how to lick her pussy.
    I loved it and always wanted to do it, but she would only let me do it when Dad was away.

    Although I have tried and tried, mom will not let me enter her pussy. She said that is where she has to draw
    the line. Although I would love to fuck my mom, I loved getting blown on a regular basis.

    When I did get my first real girlfriend at 17, she loved the way I liked pussy.
    Mom spent quite a bit of time teaching me how to properly please a women with my tongue.

    If you would like to hear more, feel free to email me at bobcisme at yahoo.
    I would love to hear from anyone who also has shared the same type of experience or desires this type of experience.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Hard confession for me to make, but I need to get this off my chest..

    I have a cousin who is five years older. She was a beautiful young girl who jut got her license and her car. She would drive on the date with her boyfriend that night. Reports say she ran a stop sign and got hit by a large truck that drug her and the car down the road doing a lot of damage.

    She laid in a coma to help her take the pain of broken bones. The head swelling to keep her from permanent brain damage. Shaved her head and her face and body covered in stitches and staples. She was hurt by this and cried she would never look the same. She went through counseling and her boyfriend made a full recovery. After this he moved on, he ended up married to someone else.

    She came to live with us and my mother helped her get to and from therapy. She and I became much closer in this time. She told me no man would ever want her now. he did not look talk nor walk as she did before. Men might think of her as a freak of some type. She liked it when I hugged her and held her. She put my hand between her legs and told me to rub it. I rubbed as he rocked and orgasmed. She said thank you for that.

    We talked and agreed to have sex together. Would be when no one was around and I needed to get some condoms.

    That day came and in my room I got her undressed, I gave her oral sex and she gave it to me. She had problems as her jaw had been put back together and not working the best. But she tired.

    I talked her into letting me enter with out a condom for a bit, and after would put one one and finish that way.
    She had put on a lot of weight by then, but not the biggest I had been with. the sex was very memorable for me, very memorable for her. It became a regular thing for us. We stopped using condoms and just pulling out before.

    She got better at sex and it sure did not hurt me. When her therapy was finished five months later she went back home. We would visit and I would take her walking. Each time was an excuse for her and I to have sex. She lost her dad the next year and moved with her mom to a development. he met a widow man there years older than she was. She and he fell in love and moved in together.

    I had guilt feelings for doing this for years. First for having sex with my own cousin, second for having sex with her in that mental condition. Today I feel fine, think it may have helped her accept this man she has today.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Well, came on a road trip with my big brother(step brother 29, I'm 26) while he transfers to San Diego from Virginia. He has a suburban so we just have been using sleeping bags with the back seat laced out for night stops. Last night was our second night and somehow we got to talking about growing up, memories, then it got into if he thought I was pretty, that I used to play with myself thinking about him, he used to peek through his door at me when I changed and jerk himself lol. Well, needless to say, we wound up doing it in a parking lot outside a truck stop. And not like soft, nice sex, like animal I needed him fucking. We did like 3 times watching movies and talking in between, before we fell asleep. He woke me up with another round.
    Now I'm sitting in the truck stop shower room wishing we had like thought about it and walked inside and bout condoms or had him pull out or anything. I've been like trying to rinse myself out, but after 2 showers now, my brand new panties have a wet sticky spot. IDK WTF I was thinking. We still have 2 more nights before we get there, and a month before we come back this way. I wasn't planning on anything so didn't bring my pills or anything. Shacking pretty good but it was probably the best fucks I've ever had ever. He is my step brother, but always been more than that to me. Guess we're more than that too lol.
    Well, gonna have to figure something out when we get there.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    When my wife had to go out of state to be with her mother it was just me and her daughter alone. No, I am not going to tell you that I fucked her or anything like that. But I will confess she drove me sexually crazy the whole time her mom was gone. She knew I could not say anything about anything she did. It was like one endless tease after another. Mostly because she found out that I had enjoyed her panties a few times in the bathroom so she held it over my head and teased the hell out of me. So I could not say anything about whatever she did or she would tell her mother.

    She practically ran the house while her mother was away. She watched porn and turned it up very loud and when I came in her room to ask her to turn it down she just spun her chair around and look down at her panties and said when I get mine I will.

    She had company over it was one of her friends from school. They made out on the sofa were she knew I could see them. And I sure saw everything.

    She sat n my lazy boy with her legs apart rubbing her pussy right in front of me. She rubbed her panties in her pussy and threw them to me and said you wanna lick my panties.

    She drove me nuts.

    after a week of torment, she found her moms dildo and slid it in out of her pusy laying on her bed. and told me to come in her room and stand at the door. She fucked her pussy with her moms toy and kept saying that I wanted this pussy and things like that. It was my breaking point. I took off my shorts and stood in front of her and stroked my cock. She looked up at me while fucking her pussy with the toy as if thats what she wanted for me to do. I stroked right in her face and she started having an orgasm. I also started to cum and I shot cum all over her breast, her mouth, her face and it ran down her body.
    It was the best thing that ever happened , because she stopped teasing so much and acts like she respects now. We are more open with each other and have kissed on several occasions. And after her mother returned when ever she would leave we would play around and she has even sucked my cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    my sister left home when i was 9 and she was 19. she left because of a family feud. back then i had no sexual thoughts towards my sister. she was cool, fun and protective just like a sister should be. years later she contacted my dad and said she wanted to be a part of the family again. after nearly a decade i saw her again and omfg she was fit her tits had grown to dd atleast perfect ass and long legs. i was attracted to her almost immediately.
    one night while a bit drunk she gave me a dance.grinding against me like a slut going up and down.she said it meant nothing because we were siblings still i hard a steel hard on. i wanted to throw her on the couch and fuck her like the slut she was. i was no where near drunk enough to try tho.

    soon after i went round her house for a party. she was wearing a short skirt and a low cut top. i spent the whole night staring at her titz (i think she noticed a time or two). when everyone left we passed out in the lounge. a bottle of vodka had knocked her spark out. the next morning i woke up and she was still out of it. i was about to go back to sleep when i noticed her titz were hanging out. my jaw dropped. her nipples were rock hard. my boner got the better of me i crept over and poked her with my foot she was still wrecked so she wasnt gonna wake up. i gently grabbed her boob, she didnt even flinch. i grabbed both of them and squeezed them. it felt incredible. after a while i licked her nipple she didnt move. so i buried my face in her boobs and sucked them.

    my hand started creeping up her skirt. no panties (SLUT!!!) i loved it. i started fingering her with her tits in my mouh. i thought i was dreaming. as i fingered her harder and faster she started to twist and turn. i shit myself and went back to the couch and pretended to be asleep. seconds later she woke up quickly put her tits away and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. (hangover ha) as far as i know she had no idea what had happened. i pretended to wake up shortly after. she looked at me smiled and continued to watch tv.

    she disapeared again after borrowing alot of money and shouting FU down the phone. we went to her house and apparently she left and moved in with her boyfriend. i hate her shes a thieving slut but still if she wasnt my sister i would do everything to her. i know in the eyes of society its wrong even i think its messed up i just cant help thinking about how i want to fuck her. can anyone relate????

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    I was 18 before: now I'm 23
    My cousin's and my spouses are out on a buisness trip. And my female cousin(23) are ready for a little bonding.

    She pulled me onto the bed and we got into the 69 position. We both ate each other's pussy. God, her tounge was just lapping my cilt. While I stuck my tounge into her as far as I could go. She screamed and her juices sprayed into my mouth. God I love her! Squirting turns me on so much that I had my own orgasm. I led her to the bathtub with warm water and pressed the shower head to her vag. Her response was absoloutly encouraging, "OH! OHHH! Fuuuckk"
    Damn it was so hot, I used my other hand to play with myself. We dryed off and just french kissed for a while. Our tounges were wrestling when she stuck her hand down my soaked panties. I moaned into her mouth. She said,"Hold on." and went into her closet. She came back in a beautiful red and black lingerie set. It was a strappless black bra, netted and sheer. A red lace g-string connected by a strap from the middle of the bra to the top of the g-string joining into a sheer black netted garter belt. I orgasmed right on the spot.

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