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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Is it so wrong for myself and my step father to resume a relationship, we both crave for and one which should have never ended. Our circumstances are beyond strange as my mom married my step father a year after we ended a secret relationship. Not once, and this is the truth, did he know that my mom was indeed my mother during their brief relationship and subsequent marriage. That was because after our extremely sexual time together and our un wanted break up, I moved in with my father.
    My mom and he got married after only being together six months and I first met her new husband, who I might add is only nine years older than me, a few months ago, realizing we still lusted after each other.
    That first meeting was so hard for me, as I could still remember all the times we'd had sex. Sex which many couples will never have together. And sex I now know he and my mom don't and never will have.
    There is nothing I wouldn't do for my now step father, and we took each sexual meeting to new lustful levels of enjoyment when we licked, sucked and fucked one another. I gave everything I had sexually with and for him, and through lots of sexual experimenting, I had my step father receiving some of the sex toys we employed to energize our times together.
    My mom still doesn't know about our relationship, yet she's the one who I now feel if anything, loathing for. She split my dad and her up to fuck another younger man. She also had a succession of younger boyfriends throughout my upbringing, an upbringing which taught me one thing. You can easily get what you want with your tits, pussy and ass.
    I first met my moms new husband at a party and knew straight away, he was different from the younger more sexually immature men I'd dated before. Not only in age, obviously, but also in his attitude to giving pleasure.
    Our first time having sex, he went down on me and was still licking and sucking away on my pussy, clit and asshole after half an hour. When he did finally fuck me with his large cock, he made damn sure I continued to orgasm, before finally cumming up my ass.
    Because of who he was to me then, we kept our relationship hidden. Unfortunately after such a wonderfully sexual time with him, our liaisons were noted and we had no choice but to split. But now he's with my mom, nothing other than us can stop our times together.
    We've fucked on five separate occasions since we re met. And each time we get more and more into our sex again. I've told him I'd do anything for him, but he's having difficulty I think, balancing my moms demands of him as a husband, and our increasing sexually lustful times together.
    I'm sure if he could undo his marriage to my mom, he would. I'm damn sure if I could have him all to myself, I'd leave my mom to her younger men, as she still from what I've recently heard dates/fucks them, and take off with my step father.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My family is 100% female led. Males have no rights for us. Not even my 13 year old brother. He is my personal slave. I started to train him when he was 8. I made him lick my feet and kiss my ass when i told him to. He would also bring me books and such on command. When he disobeyed i would face sit him or trample him. Our mother would always encourage this.

    Five years later, he is now the best little brother i can wish for! He is obedient, he is sweet, he isn't demanding, and he is soooo fucking cute! He is kind of short and very skinny, but he looks like a girl! Being a lesbian, that only makes it better for me!

    Now, his slave work is to lick my pussy and drinking my piss. And he does! At night we play games and cuddle when we sleep. I have MMM size breast, so i like smothering him with those. During the day, it a whole different story! When ever my friends are over, i make him serve all of us. They seem to adore him. One of my friends has a younger brother as well. She enslaved him after i told her what my bro is like. When he comes over, we have him and my brother have sex with each other and strip for us.

    Just so you know, this is not a fantasy. This is how i treat my brother, and all other males. He is my underaged slave. And i encourage all girls with a younger brother to do this!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    My younger brother was the one in my family my parents worried about. He seemed to have no real prospects for a livelihood but managed to marry a girl and work in her dads food distribution company. He turned out to be a very good salesman, and eventually bought his father in law out when he retired. Once the father in law was out of the picture, he actually grew the company to about 20 times the sales it had before. He sold it for over 100 times the price he had paid the father in law for it, which made him quite wealthy, and made his in laws very angry, as they felt they deserved the money. He ended up divorcing his wife, had a lawsuit filed against him by the father in law, but in the end, he won. Interestingly, when he married his wife, the father in law had insisted on a two way prenuptial, thinking it would benefit his daughter, but it ended up benefiting my brother.
    So my brother was now 40, wealthy and not real sure what the hell to do with himself. He ended up traveling to find himself and I got letters every once in awhile from just about every spot on the globe. After a year, I got an invitation to his wedding. He was remarrying in California, where he had bought a house north of San Francisco. I flew there and that's where I first met his soon to be wife Linda. I was kind of stunned at first, I mean she was this tiny Korean girl that honestly looked about 13. She was actually 20, but truly looked like a kid. She was very demure, quiet, shy, and I was a bit puzzled as to why in the world these two were getting married. My brother had always gone for the kind of in your face brash women. The wedding went smoothly, and I flew back to New York.
    I heard from my brother on occasion that things were going well for him. He had bought a small club in the town that he ran with Linda. He said they were very happy. Two years later, he invited me out to visit, and I was in need of a vacation anyway, so took him up on it.
    I flew into San Francisco, and was met by my brother. We caught up with things on the drive to his house, that I had never seen. It was a very nice place, not huge, but very nice, with a great setting in the hills, a pool, and a lovely walled in yard and garden.
    We went in and met Linda in the back hanging at the pool. She was wearing a very tiny bikini, and I mean very tiny. She seemed to have gotten over the shyness and was extremely out going. She asked if I wanted to go for a swim, and I said sure. I changed and jumped in the pool, which was very relaxing after the flight. My brother was all ready in the water and Linda came out of the hose with some cold beers for us. We all went to the jacuzzi attached to the pool and sat in the water drinking the cold brew. When Linda's bikini got wet, I found out it was not just tiny, but extremely sheer, now leaving nothing to the imagination. I could see the nips on her tiny little boobs, dark and perky, and when she got out of the jacuzzi to get us another beer, I thought, I could count the hairs on her pussy it was so sheer, except there was on hair on her pussy. You could see her lips, not just cameltoe, but the lips of her pussy. I realized I was going to have to stay in the jacuzzi a while just to be sure I did not have a giant boner. Now I was never a great lover of tiny women, or had a real interest in very young girls, but something about this now 22 year old, that looked 14, was very erotic.
    We eventually got out of the pool, and I was told we were going to my brothers club, that he now owned, for dinner. I got dressed and got settled in the guest bedroom. My brother and I went to the club and he said Linda was all ready there. The club was very nice, elegant, yet California casual. Linda was in the kitchen, talking to the staff. My brother said she was superb at managing the place, ruling it with an iron fist in a velvet glove. She came out wearing a white blouse, a short black skirt, knee high socks, and black shoes. She had on a pair of glasses. I thought she looked like a Japanese school girl.
    We ate the amazing dinner she had ordered, drank some wine, and went to the car to go home. As Linda got in the car, I caught a glimpse of her little white panties. Again, I felt the rise in my pants, and told myself, do not get a hard on and embarrass yourself. I looked out the window the ride back asking about the area, mostly to get my mind off of Linda.
    But, I could not get my mind off that tiny little girl, could not be more than 4 foot 10 or so, tiny little waist, little round butt, and those perky tits. I was in the back seat alone, so when no one noticed, I adjusted my cock, which was getting a bit out of control, lol.
    We got back to the house, and it was a beautiful evening. We sat on the patio in the back yard and talked, joked around some, and Linda went in to make us some coffee. My brother asked me when she was inside, what do you think of Linda? I told him I thought she was really special, and he was lucky to have her. He was quiet for a bit then he said, we were discussing you while you were in the bathroom at the restaurant. I said, oh, not really knowing what that meant. He said, she wants to fuck you. I was stunned to say the least. I said nothing, and he said, look, its ok with me, as long as you are willing. We have an open marriage, and she finds you attractive, and she said she likes the way you look at her. I just said, well, I did not think she saw me looking at her. He laughed and said, come on now, of course she saw you in the jacuzzi, she was doing her best to make sure you looked at her. I said, ok, if it is really ok with you. He smiled and said, hey bro, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.
    Linda came back with the coffee and nothing was said of the conversation. We chit chatted some more, and I said it was getting kind of late, and I had a little jet lag so I was going to bed.
    Everyone said good night and I went to bed, brushing my teeth, kind of wondering if my brother was just yanking my chain. I turned off the light, and got in bed. I was just about to nod off, when I heard the door open. I looked up and the lights came on. Linda came in still in the little school girl out fit, but now with pigtails, and wearing the glasses, really playing up the little school girl thing. She came over to the bed and sat on it next to me. Whatcha doing she said in her best little girl voice. I said, uh, just getting ready to sleep. Can I stay here with you for a while? I am scared. I asked what are you scared of. She said, I don't know, just noises. She was sitting on my bed, and leaned over putting her hand between my legs and right on top of my cock through the covers. Oh, whats that? She asked. I said, I think you know what that is. She giggled and said, can I see it? I said sure, she pulled the covers down exposing my now extremely erect cock. Wow, she said, that's cool. She moved her legs apart on the bed, and lifted her skirt, I don't have one of those, see? She showed her white panties, with her legs apart and a touch of wetness where it counts. I said, I can see that, but I think I like yours better. She giggled again and said, your funny. Can I play with it she said, with a big smile, pointing at my dick. Please do, I said. She put her little hand on my cock and rubbed it, rubbed my balls, still smiling and looking at it intently. She looked up at me, and said, you know, I have boobies, but they are kind of little. She had this put on frown looking at me teasing. I said I am sure they are just fine. She smiled again and said, you can see them if you want to. I said I would love that. She unbuttoned her blouse and put her hands on the snap for the bra. She hesitated, smiling at me and said here goes! And popped the bra off. She giggled again and said tiny boobies. I said I love them. She said, if you rub them a little the nipples stand up, wanna see? I said yes, and began to rub her little tits. She enjoyed it and was rubbing my cock as I rubbed her tits. She was now just wearing her panties and the knee high socks. Her nipples stood erect, she giggled and said, I told you they would do that. She was now stroking my cock, and said, I see you looking at my panties, I think you want to see my little chacha. I said, most definitely. She laughed again and stood on the bed with the panties right in front of my face. Ok, she said, go ahead and pull my panties off. I pulled them down and her amazing little pussy was right in front of my face. I could not resist and licked her pussy between the outer lips. She giggled again and said, mmm that feels good, can you do that more? I took her panties the rest of the way off, and she lay back spreading her legs, opening that cute little pussy wide. I licked and sucked that pussy, it was so tasty, and she got very wet, she was moaning, and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy. There was no more little girl act now, this was just a hot, horny, little slut. She pushed me back on the bed, and squatted in my face, and sucked my cock as I licked her wet pussy, She deepthroated me with ease, surprising the hell out of me. I grabbed her little round but and massaged it as I slid my tongue in deep. She got wetter as I tongued her clit, thoroughly enjoying the expert cock sucking she was giving me.
    I am a pretty big guy, so I picked her up, spun her around so she was sitting on my face facing me. I got up with her legs over my shoulders, standing up with her against the wall, eating her out. She thought this was great and was holding my head, saying, yeah baby, eat my pussy, lick it. She was little and light I could move her around as I pleased. I slid her little body down, with her legs still on my shoulders, she was so flexible, she was folded in half, I reached down and put my cock in her wet pussy, fucking her against the wall. Her pussy was so tight, and so nice, I really wanted to go deep in her, so walked over to the bed, her pussy filled with my dick as I carried her. I put her on the bed and without missing a stroke continued to fuck her,, holding her legs apart, looking down and watching my cock spread that little pussy wide. She moaned as I drove my cock deep in her. I saw she was coming and she suddenly got really wet, my cock making squishy noises as it went in and out. She pushed me back and lay on the bed on her back head facing me, with her head kind of leaning off the bed. I was not really sure what she wanted, so I hesitated. She looked at me and smiled. She had a devilish look and said, do you wanna fuck my mouth? She leaned her head back off the bed and opened her mouth. I put my cock in her mouth and slid it in deeper, and deeper. I had it all the way down her throat and slowly pulled it out, she said, no, I mean fuck my mouth, really fuck it. I grabbed her by the pigtails and rammed my dick down her throat, fucking her throat, and saw she was fingering her pussy like crazy, completely loving being used like this. I would fuck her hard for a while then take my cock out so she could catch her breath, then ram it in again, her gurgling, and rubbing her pussy squirming in pleasure. I knew I was going to cum soon and really wanted more of that hot little pussy. I took my dick out and picked her up, turned her over on all fours, and entered her doggy. I fucked her hard and she was moaning, dripping from her pussy. She said, oh yeah, fuck me hard, balls deep baby, balls deep. I came in her pussy, and she came again as well, and we stood there for a few minutes after coming, my dick still inside her, and I rubbed her little round butt. She turned around and gave me a deep kiss, and said, we will have to do this again before you go back home. I said, I damn sure hope so. And of course she giggled and looked cute.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    My dad died a few years ago, and left me and my mom pretty well off. He was considerably older than my mom, marrying her when she was in her twenties and he was in his late forties. Mom immediately quit her occupation when she married as she never really did it out of love for work, more out of necessity. She had been in a rather popular soap opera before her marriage so was recognized a lot when we went out when I was younger, but as time went by she was not recognized as much. She is a very beautiful woman even in her late forties.
    When I graduated college, she invited me and my girlfriend on a vacation in the Caribbean. She had rented a beautiful house on the beach, with a swimming pool, spa, pretty much the works. My girlfriend and I spent our time on the beach and going to the local clubs at night. My mom relaxed on the beach and at the pool just soaking in the sun and reading. My girlfriend had to go back home to take a class she had signed up for, so the last few days it was just me and mom. I hung out with her on the beach, decompressing from school and thinking about what to do next.
    The night before we were to leave, we were just finishing dinner and there was a knock on the door. I had drunk some wine so maybe I was a bit careless. I did not check to see who it was before I started to open the door. As soon as the door was open a crack, it was kicked wide open, knocking me back and there was a black guy standing there pointing a gun at me. I backed up, and three more guys followed him in. My mom had heard the noise and came into the foyer and gasped to see the guys standing there. She told them take what you want, just do not hurt us. They asked where our money was and she showed them to the den and opened a small safe where she had some cash she had brought. It was a small amount for her I knew, but seemed to really please these guys. The guys whispered among themselves after taking the money. The guy was still pointing the gun at us, and two of the guys started searching the drawers and my moms purse for any other items of value. They came back with some small stuff, my watch, some pieces of my moms jewelry, which I think they did not know was purely costume. One guy had also a roll of duct tape that I knew had been in the kitchen drawer. He motioned for me to sit in a chair. I nervously sat in the chair, and my mom pleaded again to not hurt us, just take the stuff and leave. The guy told her to shut up or she was going to watch me get shot in the head. He told me to put my arms on the arms of the chair, and used the duct tape to strap my arms to the chair arms, then did the same with my legs to the front chair legs. I reasoned they were probably just doing this so we could not call the police when they left, so felt a little better, figuring if they intended to kill us, they would have just shot us. I expected my mom to be strapped to a chair next, but instead, they told my mom to stand. One guy asked her if she was the lady in that old show on TV. He said his mom watched that show when he was little and he thought my mom was the hottest one on there. She told him yes, she was on that show. The guy with the gun was standing next to me with the gun pointed at my head. The guy told my mom, just do what we tell you and your son will live through this.
    The guy next to my mom, that asked about the show reached over and ran his hand up my moms dress, she turned pale, but did not move. I could tell he was feeling her pussy. He reached up and grabbed the front of my moms dress, pulling down hard and all the buttons came loose. He ripped the straps on her shoulders and she was standing there in bra and panties. I struggled, and the guy with the gun, put the gun against my head, saying no, no, no, sit there boy and enjoy the show.
    The guy who ripped her dress off told my mom to get on her knees. She nervously got on her knees and the guy stood in front of her. He was wearing shorts and he pulled them down. His black cock was right in front of moms face. He told her get it hard slut, she reached and put her hand on it, and he hit her, not so hard as to really hurt her, more to get her attention, he said, not that way whore, with your mouth, suck that dick. My mom put her mouth on it and was sucking it. The guy seemed to like that then he said, all the way, all the way in or you will regret it. She started taking more of it in, and almost had it all, but he guy said, I said all of it slut, and grabbed her by her hair and began to fuck her mouth, hard, and she was gagging on it. He took it out so she could catch her breath, then slammed it back in, brutally fucking her mouth. He pulled it out, and she was catching her breath when he shot come all over her face. He then ordered her to lick his dick clean, she was crying a little but did as she was told.
    The guy laughed and turned to one of the other guys and said, your turn. The next guy, grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. He ripped her bra and panties off, and pushed her on the couch after he had squeezed her tits some. He told her to turn around and she started to and he slapped her ass and said, come on slut, butts up. She turned around on the couch so her ass was facing out. The guy ran his hand on her ass, then reached between her legs and fingered her pussy. He turned to his friends and smiled, saying, mmmm this is some first class white pussy, just aching for my big black dick. He dropped his pants and his very hard cock was obviously ready to go. He put the head in and asked my mom, that feel good? She did not say anything so he slapped her ass, and she gave a cry, I asked you if that felt good slut? She said, sobbing some, yes. He yelled yes what? She said, yes, your big black dick feels good. He slid his dick in her slowly laughing as he did, saying to her, here it goes slut, bet you never had any dick like this, once it was all in he began to fuck her hard, making her ass shake as he drove his cock in. One guy watching said, hey check her titties swinging, I like big swinging titties. The other guys laughed at this. The guy fucking her came in her and he pulled his dick out. The guy with the gun at my head said, look at your mommies c**t, see that black dicks come dripping from her? The guys laughed and the one guy left besides the guy with the gun said my turn now. This was the guy that said he liked her big swinging tits. Thee other guys said oh shit slut, you are in for a treat, your little white c**t is gonna split wide open now. She was still facing the couch, afraid to move without their say so.
    The guy dropped his pants and told her to turn around. She turned around on the couch and he put his gigantic dick in front of her face. She did not say anything when he asked if she was scared of his big dick, but it seemed he was not expecting an answer.
    He told her to stand up and she did. He sat on the couch and told her, get it hard slut, lick it and suck it. She got between his legs and licked him and sucked him. I was afraid if this guy did like the first guy did, and fuck her face, she might choke to death, but he did not force it. He said ok, you got it hard bitch, no I want you to put it in, ride my dick. She squatted over him as he lay back, she reached for his dick and slowly put it in her pussy, he told her come on, ride slut. She slowly sunk down going up and down taking a little more in every time she went down. Finally it was all in, the guy, was rubbing her tits as she did, and said damn, love her big white titties. He said, you took my dick like a pro girl. Are you a pro? She did not say anything and one of the guys slapped her ass hard and said answer the man slut. She said yes, I am a pro. He said and what do the call pro fuckers slut? She said whores. He said so what are you? She said I am a whore. He said, as she was still riding his cock, and he was squeezing her tits, yeah, you a whore all right, a black cock whore if I ever saw one. The guy came and it was dripping from moms pussy. Like the first guy, he made her lick his cock clean.
    The guy with the gun handed the gun to one of the other guys. He said my turn now. My mom was now sitting on the couch, and he spread her legs apart. He said, I dont want to put my dick in there slut after al the black cock you been fucking. The other guys laughed. Hmmm, what to do with you, he said. He grinned and said I got an idea, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close to me. He told her, you are gonna unzip this boys pants slut, and you are gonna suck it nice and hard, or you and the boy aren't gonna be leaving. She reached and unzipped my pants, I struggled a bit but the guy with the gun, put it to my head and said, you know better than that, just sit back and enjoy the whore. My mom, said its ok, just do as they say. She took my cock in my mouth, I was thinking I am not going to get hard, but, my dick had other plans. It was soon rock hard. As soon as it was hard, the last guy said, ok, thats good enough, now turn around and sit on this boys dick. She turned and sat on my lap and the guy got in front of her and put his cock in her mouth. She sucked him and the guy told her to put my cock in her, she reached between her legs and put my hard dick inside her, she went up and down slowly. Her pussy was really wet, from two guys fucking her. The guy with the gun cut the tape lose on one of my arms. He said do not get any funny ideas, I want you to squeeze mommies tits. I reached to the front and felt her tits, they were so soft, and sweaty. The guy she was sucking came and he told her to swallow it. He pulled his pants up and told the guy with the gun to cut me loose. He did and they told me to stand. My dick was out, standing straight up and they looked at it. The one guy said not bad for a white boy. They told me to take off all my clothes and lie on the floor. I did and one guy grabbed my mom and pushed her down on top of me, her head facing my feet. One guy said, you like 69 boy, cause we have us a hot whore that needs her pussy cleaned. I looked up to the gun pointed at us and looked at my moms pussy, right in front of my face, I licked it a little and the guy said, no man, get in there, get that tongue deep in that snatch. Cum was dripping still from her, but I stuck my tongue in her, I pulled her pussy open and some come came rolling out. A guy said, yeah thats it, eat the whores c**t. I continued to tongue inside her when one of the guys said, hey, who's phone is this? He was holding my moms smart phone up. She said it was hers. He told us to get up. He said come over here, I want to leave you a souvenir. He told her to get on her knees and suck my cock. She did as she was told and he took pictures with her phone. Ok, he said now you lie on the floor while mommy rides you, again he took pictures from various angles as mom rode my dick. I was thinking I am really going to come any second, when he told us to get up again, and for mom to get on all fours and for me to fuck her doggy. I slid my cock in her, and started to go in and out and he yelled, come on now, fuck her hard, this a whore, a fucking whore, fuck her like you mean it. I started fucking her harder, and though I hated it, I knew it was really turning me on. Her hot round ass was jiggling with every stroke, and her pussy felt amazing. The guy told me to tell him before I come, as he took pic after pic of her and I. Now, I was actually trying to hold off coming as I loved fucking her so much. Finally I knew it was inevitable and I told the guy. He told my mom to get on her knees, and me to stand in front of her, he told me to stroke my cock and told her to face my dick with her mouth open, tongue out, and holding her tits up with her hands. I stroked looking at my mom, as the guys laughed and said look at the slut, waiting for a big load of cum in her face. I shot my cum and it hit her face and on her tongue, dripping down to her tits. The guy was taking pics the whole time, then made my mom pose showing her cummed face and boobs, with her mouth open showing cum in her mouth. He then made her lick my dick clean.
    They told us to get in a closet then and said we had to wait there for half an hour. If we came out earlier, we would both be shot. It was a tiny hall closet and they pushed us in, both naked. Moms tits were pressed against me. We came out finally, looked around and they were gone. I went for the phone to call the police but mom said no, she did not want to be in the news for this. She said she had spent years to finally be out of any mentions in the news, and could lead a normal life, and she was not going to be known as the former actress that was gang r**ed and forced to fuck her son.
    She picked up her cell phone and angrily told me to erase the pictures, as she was pretty ignorant of electronics for the most part. I took the phone as she went to the bathroom to shower. I was about to erase them, but I looked at them first. I sent the pictures to myself, then erased them from her phone.
    We left the next day, never mentioning what happened to this day. I know I will probably go to hell for this, but when I get horny, I open the file on my computer of mom, remembering how her tits felt, her amazing ass, her hot wet pussy, the look on her face as she sucked my cock, and her face full of my cum, dripping onto her tits. I then stroke my cock looking at them.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My brother had an car accident when my sister and I were 13 and 14. He was in a coma for a long stretch, then came home, pretty much with no function to his mental capacities. He was 19 when this happened. My mom took care of him during the day, and when my sister and I came home, she went to work. Taking care of him was mostly just feeding him like a baby a few times a day, giving him water, and helping him pee in the bottle he used. He wore a diaper, but he would make a noise when he had to shit so sometimes we would help him on the toilet. He never seemed to show much response to anything except eating, drinking, or shitting. We would turn on the TV and he pretty much just looked at it blankly, watching the colors I guess.
    One afternoon, my sister called me in and asked if I wanted to see something cool. I said sure. She lifted up my brothers night shirt and I saw his diaper was not on. I said what are you doing, if he shits on his chair we will have to clean it up. She told me, just watch. She then took off her shirt and put her tits right in front of my brothers face. It seemed to get his attention, and my sister laughed and told me to look down. His dick was standing straight up. Now, because of the situation, we had seen my brothers dick every day, but to see a dick totally erect was new to the two of us. We touched it, played with it, and my sister decided to stroke it and it got even more erect, then suddenly it shot off hitting my topless sister as she squealed in surprise.
    So, we used to play this game after school everyday. We took turns being the one to get it started. He seemed to really like it when we rubbed our boobs in his face, getting very erect almost immediately. It was quite big we thought from looking at porn on the internet. I told my sister one day, we should try sucking it, as I was told guys like their dicks sucked, and we had a practice cock right here. I went first, I put the end of it in my mouth, and I could feel it twitch some, he liked it. I could only get about half of it in my mouth that first time. I did not want his stuff in my mouth so I did not do it long. When I thought it was getting close to where he usually shot off I started to take my mouth off and it went off, hitting my face and mouth with a really big one. My sister laughed at me and told me I was a dope. The next day, though, she wanted to try it. She, like me could not put it all in her mouth, and she sucked it. I told her she better take her mouth off soon, but she kept on going. My brother made his weird little noise that he made when he came and she was still sucking. She took her mouth off. I asked if he came and she said he did, but it really did not taste too bad, and she hated cleaning it off herself so this was better.
    We did this for a while, and both my sister and I thought the same thing. We want to try fucking him. We were very scared of getting pregnant and were too nervous to buy condoms. One weekend, my sister came back from a sleepover at a friends house. She called me into her room and said, look what I got. She had six condoms. She said she took them from her friends parents room. That there was a big box of them and she figured six would not be missed.
    We could hardly wait for the next day. As soon as my mom left, we took my brothers diaper off and by now, it did not really require the boobs in the face, the diaper went off and the dick got hard. My sister went first, she took off her clothes and we both got the condom on him, after a little bit of struggle. She sat on his lap and put it just inside, she said it hurt a little but she had read that was common on the first time, she made a few little squeals as she slowly pushed it in, a little blood came out of her, then she said it seemed ok now. She went up and down it until my brother made his little come noise.
    I asked her how it was. She said it was a little painful and difficult at first, but then began to feel better. She told me you have to do it tomorrow.
    The next afternoon, I did like her, took off all my clothes. His dick was hard almost immediately so we put the condom on, and we were better at it this time. I sat on it and put it just in me, I was nervous and felt resistance when I tried to go down further, so kept going just up and down a little with it barely in. My sister said do it for petes sake, don't be a chicken. I finally got the nerve to push harder and I felt the resistance give. It was easier now and I gradually went all the way down until it was all in me. My sister was right, it was pretty good once you got over the first part. My brother made his come noise and I got off. We pulled his condom off and washed him up.
    We got the nerve finally to actually go to the drug store and buy some condoms. We told the guy our dad had asked us to pick them up, not realizing till later how weird that sounded, and teased each other about it. We practiced fucking and found after a while, it really felt good. As we did it more, we found we would get really wet down there doing it, and sometimes had an orgasm, which was really eye opening. Then we found that after my brother came, if you gave him about a half an hour, and then sucked him, it would get hard again, but now we could fuck him longer. We took turns getting the second long fuck, as it was clearly the best. Years later, when my sister and I had boyfriends and had real sex, we blew the poor guys minds.
    My mom got assistance from an agency and eventually hired a woman to take care of my brother in the afternoon, and my sister and I had boyfriends by this time. Whenever my sister or I walked into the room where he was he got very excited. His nurse used to say, your brother loves you so much, he does not react to anyone else like that. We would just smile and say we love him too.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I live on the east coast. My family went this past fall to California to attend my cousins wedding. I have never been to the west coast, and was really looking forward to it. We made a family vacation of it. I thought it was awesome, but had no idea the most awesome part would be the wedding.
    At the wedding, I met many of my mom's relatives that I had never met before. One woman, an extremely hot woman I might add, came up to me and said, you must be Amy and Johns little boy. I asked who she as and she said she was my Aunt Marie. I had no idea I had an Aunt Marie, but she did look like my mom, but had bigger boobs. My mom came over when she saw her talikng to me and said, Hi Marie, and my new aunt said hi back, both being a little cool towards the ach other.I kept looking at my aunt through the wedding and reception, thinking that besides looking a lot like my mom, she looked familiar. We got back to our hotel that evening, leaving the next morning. I asked my mom about my aunt. She just said it was her sister, but they did not really comunicate anymore, and to forget about her.
    We got home and a few days later, I was in my room, checking out some porn videos on the web, and there she was, my aunt. I suddenly realized who she was, the name was different, but it was her. She is a pretty famous pornstar. I just did not recognize her out of context. I searched every video of her I could find. I saw in her early ones, when she was young, her boobs were smaller, loke my mom's. She really looked a lot like my mom back then. I jerkd off to the videos. I thought that night that the falling out my mom and her had must have been the porn thing. I also began to wonder just how much they look alike under the clothes. I masturbated in bed thinking about fucking my aunt marie and mom together. I know I should not think this way, but I can't help it. I even found some porn stills of my aunt, and photoshoped my moms face onto them. I get really horny whenI do that. I do not want my parents to know I found out the little secret about my aunt.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 33

    Because it was his 65th birthday yesterday we got together for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Us means him, his two older daughters, his ex wife, me and my two daughters who are 12 and 9. He is the father of both of my daughters. His older daughters are real big sisters to my daughters. My 12 year old is her father's favorite. He is crazy about her and he shows it. The other girls know it and accept it, they just accept that she is the favorite and that is how it is supposed to be.

    An example of how it is with him. I say this because being with him can be difficult. All the girls see me more as one of the daughters than a wife. They all see Mary as the wife, that is how they treat her and that is how they treat me.

    At the dinner I end up talking with Mary because the girls monopolize his conversation. I put on some weight and the first thing she asks me if I am pregnant again. When I said no, she said well I should. When I was pregnant with my daughters there was hell to pay, I was accused of all sorts of things, I got pregnant because he made me pregnant. he didn't want to have any more babies. That was then, but now she regrets it and ever since she is on my case about getting pregnant again, she wants another baby to look after. I am 33, I am still able to get pregnant but she is 49 and all she talks about is why I don't have another baby. Every time I see her it is all she talks about until I go home and I talk myself into getting pregnant and then I get cold feet.

    We went to Orlando during the summer, just him and me and my two daughters. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. When we got back and I went over to Mary's I felt she was hurt because we didn't do what we went for. All the fun of my trip went away because I feel guilty. She always makes me feel that way, guilty because he pays attention to me, guilty because she is older now and she can't be with him. Guilty that is all I feel, I can't ever feel good. I wish she had just gotten pregnant when he asked her to, and all this would be different. But now this is how it is, she didn't get pregnant and now she is the ex wife and I am the wife.

    I love him, I won't deny that. Everyone knows that. I know Mary still loves him, we talk about that a lot, that you can't unlove someone. You are made to love him and you can't stop.

    I wish we were closer in age, it would be easier.

    I don't want to be older and one day look back and regret not having another baby. I don't want to be like Mary, feeling empty inside. I didn't know what I was doing with my kids when I got pregnant with them, but now I want to get pregnant. I don't want to get cold feet. I want to be strong and go for it. I don't want to say I am scared but I am. I am so scared, if it was an accident that would be one thing. I feel so guilty, we went to Orlando to get pregnant but I didn't. Last night Mary really made me feel bad. It is eating at me, I wish I could just do it.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I grew up in a very open family. I had one brother and one sister. We were allowed to go nude in the house. Dad built a large bathroom, all of us would fit in the shower, so we frequently showered together. My earliest memory is seeing my parents nude in the shower. Yhey encouraged us to "play" while we were all showering together. We would wash each other, my brother and I washing our Mom head to toe while touching her everywhere. As we got older and more developed, we would rub our hard cocks on my mom and sister. Then we started pissing on each other, making mom and sis get doggystyle while we peed on them. Of course they would return the favor! My mother had a huge bush and hairy pits which me and my brother loved.
    Soon we started fucking mom all over the house. My favorite thing to do was for me and my brother to be fucking her when dad got home from work. He would see us spit roasting her and join in. Of course my sis would be there too, she usually had a cock in her mouth when we all were playing. I miss those days!!!

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    Straight Male / 29

    I grew up in a very rural area. My parents liked the idea of living on a farm, but were not farmers, so My sister and I were alone at home once the school bus dropped us off until my parents came home from work. We were so far away from anyone, that we rarely had friends over. When I was 14, and my sister 13, we were both curious about the usual things kids that are. It started with the let me see yours and I'll let you see mine stuff. This gradually became mutual masturbation sessions, and eventually sex.
    We were careful, I would buy condoms for vaginal sex, and if I did not have a condom, it was strictly oral and anal. This went on for a couple of years, then we moved to a suburban house, we both met other teens, and went our separate ways, never talking about or mentioning our little trysts.
    We both got older, I went off to college and we drifted apart. I moved to a large city in the northeast, and my sister got married, had a kid, and lived in Florida. I did not get married, had various girlfriends at times, but essentially lived alone.
    I was aware at some point that my sister's low life husband had lost his job, and they had lost their house and lived in a trailer park outside of Miami. I also knew they were fighting pretty much constantly. I got a call from my mother, who was living alone for my dad had died a few years before, that my sister's husband had left her to parts unknown. She asked if it was possible I go down to Florida and see what I could do to help. I flew to Miami, rented a car and drove to her trailer. She was really desperate, living on whatever she could come up with, with not enough skills to get a job that would pay for daycare for her 2 year old. I stayed for a few days, came up with nothing I could think of to truly help her out of the situation. I told her she should move up to where I lived, as I had an empty bedroom. She could stay there, and without the pressure of money for food, rent, etc., she could even get a loan to go to school part time to get a decent job.
    So, she moved up to my place, and things went relatively smoothly, with hiccups of course, as I was not used to having a two year old around, but I did kind of enjoy it to tell the truth. My sister enrolled in a local junior college for basically an undeclared major to decide what she should do. She was taking a light load, getting used to school again, which was the wise thing to do.
    One evening, I came home after a particularly hard day at work and was annoyed that the sink was full of dishes, and gave her a bit of a hard time about doing her share around the house. It was kind of silent at dinner that night, and I retired to my bedroom right after dinner. I was watching TV, heard my sister putting the baby to bed. She slept in the same room as the kid and I figured she had gone to sleep also.
    I turned off the TV, put on the headphones for my laptop and was checking out some porn. I had had no women over since my sister had moved in, and was very horny. I was sitting in bed, in the dark looking at my laptop, cock out, stroking away. I had not seen my sister come in until she was right by me. I jerked the head phones off, and covered myself with the sheet. I knew she had gotten a good look at exactly what I had been up to, and I was a bit embarrassed. I mumbled some nonsense, and she put her finger to her lips to say quiet, pointing to the baby's room. She was wearing a tshirt and panties, as she generally wore when she slept. She pulled her tshirt off, exposing her incredible boobs. My sister is tall, 6 foot even, slender but not skinny, long dark hair, kind of a hippy child look. I was sitting there staring at her perfect tits hanging there as she reached under the sheets and grabbed my cock. She began to lick my cock and balls, and then slipped her lips over it and slowly went down, rolling her tongue around it as she did. She had certainly gotten good at it since when we were kids. She was between my spread legs, sucking me, when she looked up and raised up a bit to rub her large hanging tits on my cock, squeezing it between her tits. She said I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to her and the baby. She stood up and removed her panties. She was old school hairy pussy, and as soon as I saw it, I wanted it. I motioned for her to straddle my face, she got in the 69 position and I licked her pussy, which was very wet. She sucked my cock as I licked her, slid my finger in her, and felt her nice ass. I had not had sex in a while, and I did not want to blow my load in her mouth, I want to fuck that wet hairy pussy. I whispered to her as to my intentions, she got off and turned around. She straddled me, facing me, reached between her legs and guided my cock inside her. She slowly went up and down, gyrating as I rubbed her tits. She leaned over and we kissed, tongues playing with each other, She whispered in my ear, did you miss my c**t as much as I miss your big dick? Yes! I said, your c**t is the best I ever had. She moaned and I knew she came, she always liked talking nasty when we fucked.
    I turned her over and got behind her doggy style. I looked in the mirror by my bed and saw her big hanging tits swing with each thrust of my dick. I knew, for the first time ever I was going to do something I never did with her when we were kids. I shot a huge load of cum in her pussy, with her moaning from another orgasm.
    My god, it was exciting when we were kids, but now, my sister had become the best fuck I have ever had. She lay in bed with me and she told me that her husband and her had not had sex in over a year. This was her first time since then, and it was way better than anytime with him. I asked why and she said he would not eat her pussy, and only liked to come between her boobs. And, she smiled sheepishly, you have a much better cock.
    Since that night, she and I agreed it was best that the neighbors and my friends not know she was my sister. We do not look very much alike, as I have red hair and she is a brunette. So they think she is just my hot girlfriend. She is 27 now, very close to graduating school, has a part time job, but she still intends to stay here, no matter what happens. We argue at times, but, always finish with hot makeup sex, so I think sometimes the arguments are contrived.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I have this incredible looking aunt who just turned forty and you would swear she was maybe thirty. She is my mom's younger sister a she was a little tipsy on Thanksgiving telling me she masterbates more then having sex with her husband. She also told me she likes women more then men but it's toss up when it comes to young hotties.
    The head on my shoulders was spinning while the one between my legs was throbbing then and now just thinking about her. I would love to read some comments about anyone out there who has a past of even a present with a hot aunt or other family member.

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