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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    My 18 year old nephew dresses in his mom's (my sister) lingerie when I fuck him. He resisted at first, but soon I had him wearing a wig and makeup. He cannot resist any more and he comes by at least once a week. I am grooming him for a three-way with a buddy of mine. He has become a first rate cocksucker and just loves taking it up his ass. I want to share him with a few other guys in the coming months. Perhaps a sissy gang bang is in his future.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My SIL came for a visit to go shopping with my wife for a couple of days. The first day my wife and I took off for work, but I forgot something and had to return home. When I walked past the guest shower I heard the shower running and the door was left cracked open since it gets steamy, my SIL was in the shower. The way the door is situated, you dont notice if someone is peeking in, so I stood and watched.

    My SIL is an attracted 5'10" blond with 34DD tits and a MILF woman body. A few extra pounds but distributed in the right places. Large curvy ass and beautiful jiggly tits that point down in a 45 degree angle that nicely shake when she moves.

    I had noticed her before in swimsuits but hadnt paid much attention, but when she got out of the shower I had to stop and stare at her hot body as she dried off. Her hubby had made a comment to me that she wasnt that interested in sex but I noticed she had a completely shaved pussy. Wondered who she keeps it bald for.

    After I stared long enough to get rock hard I slipped out without her knowing. She looked up a time or two but didnt appear to see me. I'd like to say I walked in and fucked her brains out, but getting to finally see her nude was as good as it was going to get.

    Later when I came home and they were shopping I went in and got her bra and panties and unleashed a full load of cum while thinking about her lucious tits and licking that sweet shaved pussy.

    When my wife got home I took my needs out on her. She wondered what had gotten into me and why I was so horny and hard. I'll look at my SIL a whole lot different from now on, lol.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    When I was 11, I became aware of Mom and Dad closing and locking their bedroom door late at night. There were sounds, muffled. Noises I didnât understand and after a while, one of them would walk down the hall to the bathroom and back to bed. As I got older, I would lay in bed, listening closely to hear what I could. By the time I was 12, I had found Momâs special underwear and nightgowns, lacy ones, leather stuff and a box in the back of her closet with handcuffs, cloths pins, ropes and assorted rubber dildos of different sizes.
    Also, around this time âAunt Deniseâ moved in. She was a friend of Momâs from years back, and she stayed in the guest room next to my parents room. They said they were watching tv at night, and kept the door closed to muffle the noise, but I figured out what was going on.
    Around this time, I began playing with myself, my breasts were developing and my fingers found some nice places to rub. I would masturbate as I listened to the sounds coming from their bedroom. I was 13 when Denise moved out. I would steal one of Momâs toys when I was home alone and use it. I found Dadâs porn on his computer and would watch his history, the watch on my tablet in my room at night. Thatâs when the whole sex thing took over.
    I was noticing things about Mom, how she wouldnât sit down for breakfast some mornings, said her back hurt. How Dad would have marks around his wrists. I showed one of my girlfriends the stuff I was watching on my computer, and we started experimenting. Soon, I was in a relationship with her. I met a guy I liked and gave him his (and my) first blowjob, and let him finger me. I showed him what I liked, but when I asked him to eat me, he freaked out.
    Before I was 15, I was having sex with a few boys and girls. I would masturbate to the sounds of my parents fucking, imagining what was going on.
    Iâm now in an open relationship with my partner, we bring in others to our bed, enjoy all aspects of sex and I have to thank my parents for being adventurous. I do use protection with guys, I donât drink or do any type of drugs, but I am totally open to new things in bed.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I turned 15, I took on the job of taking care of my aunt's yard. Her son my cousin had left for college. I offered to do it, since I could go swimming after I'd finish the work. She was 53 and a widow.
    My uncle had died 10 years earlier of cancer. She hadn't dated at all.
    My aunt was tall 5'7, about 145 lbs, nice firm breasts C cup, small
    waist, and those long slender legs. She wore her hair long just past her shoulders. She loved to wear skirts that came to her knees, with button up blouses, always had on stockings, kept her finger nails painted, and lipstick on, the color she wore mostly was a bright pink. The deal was simple, I would take care of the yard, and then after finishing I could swim in the pool, along with that she would pay me ten dollars. The first couple of times after cutting the grass I would change and jump into the pool.
    It was the third time, she came out and told me she had to go out, and wouldn't be back until after 6pm. No problem I told her. So after finishing the yard work, I went in the house to change.
    I hadn't jacked off in a couple of days, so I was hard all the time.
    As I went into the bathroom, I saw her panties hanging on the shower rail. That got me thinking about her panties. I had discovered my mother's panties a few years earlier. And how wonderful they smelled after she took them off. Always with a sweet smell, and those yellow stains that tasted so salty. A few times they had brown streaks that were musky to smell, but sweet to taste. But these were rinsed out. I turned and there was the dirty clothes basket. I opened it up; on top was a pair of socks, and a tee shirt. Underneath I found a bra and panty wrapped up together. I pulled them out. The panty was blue, and silky, the crotch was white cotton, with yellow stains, I opened it wide and placed it over my face, then breathed in deeply, the aroma was like heaven to me, they were sweeter smelling them my mother's. As I moved them around my face my nose came across the back end of the white cotton, there it was musky but so good, it was where her ass would have been. My cock got so hard, I started to stroke it, as I looked down I saw a pair of stockings, I pulled them out, the softness told me these were silk, I pulled them apart, I rolled one up, then covered my cock with it, then placed the panty on my face and started to jack off again. The feeling of the silk on the head of my cock was wonderful, plus smelling her panties, just drove me up the wall, I let loose my load in her stocking. Once finished I placed everything back in the hamper. Put on my swim suit and went swimming.
    Just after 6 my aunt showed up. She came out, and said still here, I knew you would turn into a fish, I told her the water was great, she turned and said give me a few minutes and I'll join you. She went inside, as she did, I watched her legs, covered in those silk stockings, her ass just wiggled from side to side in rhythm. It took her a few minutes, then she walked out, wearing a black one piece that hugged every curve of her body, I got hard in the water watching her as she walked out, the nipples were poking through the material. She put on a swim cap, and then dove in, when she came up from her dive; the top had shifted a little exposing some nice white skin, almost to her nipple. I looked away, not wanting to give away what I could see, as I dove myself under the water I opened my eyes, and looked her way, the back side had crept up also exposing her left cheek, dam she had a nice ass. As I moved around her I could see her hair coming out the side of her bathing suit, she must have had a very a hairy pussy. We swam for about an hour, and then she said she was going to go take a shower and start dinner, for me to call my mother and tell her I was staying for dinner, she got out, and I was still hard.
    After she went in, I saw the light in bathroom come on. I couldn't resist temptation, I went over by the window, then lifted myself up, slowly pulling my head up, I knew the window was higher then the shower head, as I got higher I could hear the shower running, with one last pull on the ledge, I was looking in, there she was with her back to me, I could see her head and back, I struggled a little, then pulled up, now I could see her ass too. My grip was failing so I dropped down. I listened for the shower to turn off, then I jumped backup, and raised myself up again, as I cleared the ledge there she was toweling herself, with the her leg on toilet, her tits were hanging freely, as she changed legs I got to see her bush, it was so full, but it was the nipples that really got my attention, they were so full and dark. When she started to powder herself, I dropped down, went in and called my mother, told her I was staying for dinner, she said no problem. When my aunt came out she was in her bathrobe that looked very sexy on her, it was a light blue, she had it crossed at her tits, and tied at her waist. Her legs would come out as she walked; I got hard again watching her walk around. I told her I was going to go change, I went into the bathroom, I opened the hamper to find a fresh pair of panties, the ones she had been wearing that afternoon, the smell was so strong, I started to lick them, I reached in and took the stockings that were in the hamper taking the one I hadn't cum into, and rolled it up, then placed it on my cock, and proceeded to jack off with the panty on my face and the stocking on my cock. Once again I shot my load into her stocking, now both were filled with sperm. I put everything back, and then got dressed. By then she was wearing shorts and top, we had dinner, and talked, afterwards I headed home, nothing about me watching her, I loved it, I looked forward to going back over. It was about 10 days later when she called about doing her yard again.
    I got there at about 9 am, she was still in her night gown, it was yellow and long down to her knees, the sleeves were short, and it had lace all long the edges, very airy, it wasn't very see through but it did hug her body very nicely. She told me she was going to get dressed and work on her plants, that she would join me in a little while. I started cutting the grass. About 20 minutes later she came out wearing these blue shorts that really hugged her ass, and a white sleeveless blouse.
    I kept cutting going back and forth. She pulled out her tools, and went to work on the front bushes, she was on her knees bending into the bushes, pushing her ass out, dam it was nice, so round, and as I walk past her I could see this nice heart shape opening between her legs. I felt myself getting hard, on every pass I would slow down and stare at her ass. I could just see myself fucking that ass. I had to make myself keep moving, or I would have just stayed there watching that ass. It took forever but around 11 am, she told me she was going in to fix lunch. I was just about done with the yard. She called me in about 30 minutes later. I had just put away the lawn gear. It was done, as I walked in I found her wearing a swim suit, it was red, no shoulder straps, one piece. That was all it took to get the cock hard again. Her hair was pulled back, really showing off her tits. She said I fixed sandwiches, after I want to swim, it was so hot out there, and I was sweating so much. We sat at the kitchen table and ate. I had to look away; my glare was on those tits. When we finished eating I helped pick up, she told me that she was going to lay out, that I should go change and join her out back.
    I told her I'll be right there, I headed for the bathroom. As soon as the door was closed, I opened the hamper; there on top was my treasure, her used panties that she had just taken off. They were soaked wet from her sweat, I opened them up to expose the crotch, and it was really moist. I took in the smell, it was so good, and it was wet with her pussy odor. As I allowed my nose to move across the material I found different odors on it. The front of the cotton crotch was sweaty and sweet, the back of it was muskier, I just loved it, and I dropped my shorts, and started to stroke my cock. Taking in the aroma of her body. I felt the cum building, I pulled the panties off my face, and let my load shoot into them. It was a healthy load too, since my last cum had been 3 days earlier. I put on my swim shorts and went out. I found her laying on a beach towel by the pool on her stomach. I almost said what crossed my mind. Her back was fully exposed; the red against her skin was so sexy.
    When my eyes took in her ass, the outline of every crack was painted for my viewing. Then those legs so long and curvy. She heard me and turned to look at me, even thou I had just jacked off, my cock went right up, pitching a tent in my shorts, she was wearing her sun glasses, and I knew she had to have seen my cock going up. So I decided to just jump in the pool, I went in with a large splash, it wet her, as I came up she yelled you want to play, she dove in, and came under me, pulling me down by my shorts, the shorts gave way and exposed my ass to her. When she came up is when she noticed my hard on pointing at her. I left it out, and jumped at her, pushing her under, pulling at her like I was playing too.
    I got hold of her swimsuit and pulled hard, her right tit came out; I took advantage of the moment, and grabbed it, rubbing it squeezing the nipple, and rubbing my cock on her legs. She tried to pull away, but I had the upper hand on her so to speak. I let my body fall on hers again, this time I went for her face and found her lips, I kissed her, as I did I pulled down on the left tit, freeing it also. She pushed back on my chest, but I wrapped my arms around her, she mouthed for me to stop, I picked her up, put my mouth on her left tit, sucking it, taking it all in my mouth, I could hear her saying no don't do that, but I was beyond a point of no return, I moved her over to the wall pinning her, she used her arms to try and push me, I grabbed my cock with my right hand, and guided it into her crotch. I rubbed the outside of her suit on her pussy, then went back to kiss her. My tongue made it in her mouth this time, with her struggling it was difficult to get the right angle on her pussy, I let go of my cock, and grabbed her crotch, pulled the suit away from her pussy, exposing it, then lowed my weight and let my cock find its own way. And boy did it, her lips opened up, and let me in, I felt it sliding in, I just kept driving in, I placed one arm down around her waist, and held her tight, the look in her eyes was wild, not mad, not anything I had ever seen before on a woman. Before she could react, I started to pump her, her mouth was partly opened so I kissed her again, this time her mouth opened fully, her tongue was ramming into mind. Now her hips can into play, she was driving me up and down stroking my cock. Her legs came off the bottom and wrapped around me, I broke the kiss, and started to suck her tits, first one then the other. Pumping for all I was worth, when I hear yes fuck me harder, then she yells I'm Cumming, oh god I'm Cumming, her hips went into overdrive, riding me like a wild bull, that was all I could take, I started to cum in her, every last drop was being drained from me, her pussy felt like a vise getting it all. After my last drop was out, I started to slow down, she put her arms around me, kissing me with a passion I had never experienced, when our lips came apart, she looked at me deep into my eyes, I expected her to yell at me, or even slap me, instead she placed her hands on the side of my face, then whispers to me, you are my lover now, my body is yours, you will never need another women. I will teach you how to please me, and show you how I can give you pleasure like no other.
    With that she told me to come with her, we went into the house, she lead me into her bedroom, the suit came off, she then looked at me, and said this is all yours to use, I'm all woman, come fuck me now. I just stood there, she walked over and pulled my shorts down, then had me step out of them, she dropped to her knees, and took me in her mouth, and it didn't take long for my cock to get hard. As I watched her take my cock in her mouth, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnesses. She just opened wide taking my head in her lips, and then she spread wide open and took my shaft down, reaching the balls. Then she started to go back and forth, using her tongue like a whip wrapping itself around my cock, sucking it like a Hoover vacuum, but that is another story, it felt so good, her left hand started to cradle my balls, she jiggled them, and rubbed them, then her hand went deeper, finding my ass, she rubbed my cheeks, it felt so soft as her hand caressed them, then she wedged her hand in my crack, using one finger she felt around for my asshole, when she found it she poked at it, slowly fingering it. All the time her sucking motion on my cock never stopping, with a little effort she opened my ass, then pushed open my ass, her finger went in, she was now finger fucking me, I cold feel the pressure building in my balls, she really started to pump my cock faster, her finger was now stroking inside me, as I started to cum she pushed hard inside me, it was the hardest cum I had ever had. She took every drop right out of my cock, like a baby sucking a bottle, after the last drop was out, she dropped to her ass, looking up at me, cum on her lips, she licked her lips, then asked how was that, I told her it was the best feeling I had ever had.
    She told me that was just the beginning, now come do me, she laid back on the floor opening her legs wide open, the hair on her pussy was wet from her being turned on, her hair was so full and thick, it was black and long, she used her fingers to spread apart the hair and show me her lips, it was like a cave opening up, then this bright pink coming into view, she said come lick me right here pointing to her pink lips. I dropped in front of her, as I got closer the aroma of her pussy came up, I knew it from her panties, I put out my tongue licking her, not really knowing what I was doing, she then placed her hand on my head, she started to direct my licks, it didn't take long for me to catch on. Using slow gentle swirls I licked at her pussy, she held open her lips and had me take this piece of skin in my teeth, as I licked it, she arched her back, she told me that is my clit be nice to it, I got my face deep in her pussy, I found her love hole, then drove my tongue into it, it tasted different then the rest, I didn't know it but I was tasting my own cum, I must have been between her legs for at least 30 minutes, my neck was getting stiff, when she started to ride my face, she arched up high, then yelled yes I'm Cumming baby, it was like a flood, my face was soaked in her cum, I pulled up, looking down at her, she was breathing heavy, she opened her eyes, then smiled at me, then she said now, I want you to lick my ass, I just looked at her, she rolled over, and got on her elbows and knees, I got behind her, she said spread my cheeks, now run your tongue around my ass baby. I started to lick her cheeks, not really being sure what to do, she started to guide my motions, Once I was in her crack she pushed up her ass, I reached her asshole, the smell was so musky, more then her panties, but it tasted so sweet, I began to drill her ass with my tongue. I really loved the taste of it. She was now pushing out, giving me full access to her ass; I couldn't believe here I was sucking that wonderful ass. Once she was soaked, I could hear her moaning, she turned and said now fuck me, I pulled up, I was about to stick my cock in her pussy, when she reached through her legs and guide me to her asshole. It went right in. The feeling was so tight, and so good, I just went right into pumping her. I bend over and grabbed her tits, as my waist drove into her ass. Her nipples were hard as rocks, I felt her hand reach my balls, she said cum for me baby, I wasn't sure I had anymore to give, but I did, and it went straight into her ass. Once I finished, we fell down unto the bed, with me still in her, laying on top of her, as my cock got soft, it slide out of her, she pulled me over the side and kissed me, her lips were so soft and moist, as our lips parted, she said you are my lover, I have given you all I have. Then she said I Love you Baby.
    We got up and took a shower together, we rested on the bed holding each other, in the late afternoon, we made love again, and this time she got on top of me, where I could suck those yummy tits. After we finished she called my mother and told her she was taking me to dinner, and if it was ok to spend the night since she could use my help in the morning moving some stuff around, My mother said sure thing, I spent the night alright, we fucked like two rabbits, I really enjoyed taking showers with her, and swimming naked, every fantasy I have ever had, I was living with her, she did tell me that she found her stockings stuck together from where I had cum in them, she told me to save my cum for her, during the next few weeks, I learned to suck tits the right way, to eat pussy, and suck that ass, I got to taste her pee, that was really a turn on for me. So for the next 3 years we had a wonderful affair.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    I've always had a thing for my mom. She's a stunner. Nothing ever happened when I was growing up and living at home. We weren't a nudist family or ever talked much about sex at all. That never stopped me from stroking my bog cock thinking about her though.
    I recently found my mom on a dating site. A normal dating site, not a sex hook-up page, and I've started cat-fishing her. My own mom. I used a friend of mine's face, but I had already sent real dick pics to my own mom. All we've done is exchanged several emails. I've yet to convince her to send me any nudes, but it'll happen soon. Not sure how all this will play out, but damn I love that she's seen my cock and I love the hearing about the dirtier side of her.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I have recently moved in with a woman we are sleeping together, she has a 14 year old son who doesn't like me at all I can see he sees me as an intruder in his home, we haven't had any verbal disagreements, when I kiss his mother he glares at me, we always kiss with our mouths open and tongs, I noticed when he is going out he always kissed his mother on the lips not in a way a lad should kiss his mum, he holds the kiss until she pushes him away, she looks embarrassed at me, at weekends ime first in the shower when I come out of the shower he is in bed with him mum I haven't seen anything inappropriate happen between them, usually at weekend I wet shave but this day I didn't so I was out of the shower sooner, when I walked in the bedroom his mum was sat with her knees up she put them flat at once he was lay down at her side, they looked sheepish, I was suspicious so I pulled the bed clothes back saying come on you two its time for up, my girlfriends nightie was up not covering her bottom, he had his pyjamas on I could see his bulging cock and it was quite a bulge, when she got out of bed there was a wet patch and she covered the bed up.
    What should I do or not do, I have watched them since and seen him touch her bottom when ime watching, I can understand her letting him fuck her after seeing the size of his cock, I have had thoughts I shouldn't have about him as my post reveals ime bisexual, again what to do

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    Straight Female / 33

    I regularly have sex with my dog I feel thoroughly disgusted with myself when I do it and I think the humiliation especially when he knots inside my pussy so I cannot get away is part of the thrill.
    About 2 years ago now I was knotted in the lounge when there was a knock on the door, at first I panicked but was unable to break free then I thought its OK I will just pretend I am not in. Unfortunately the person knocking opened the letterbox flap and I could see them looking in I just froze I was terrified they would tell someone so I said please wait I will be with you in a minute. Shortly after the knot slipped out of me and I gathered my robe and went to open the door, the eyes had watched the whole time.
    When I opened the door there was a boy about fourteen standing there I ushered him in and shut the door saying I am so sorry please dont tell anyone what you saw.
    He said you are kidding right I just saw a woman boned by a dog and you expect me to keep quiet! I panicked again I remember offering him money but he just laughed at me.
    Eventually he said tell you what I will come round at ten tomorrow morning and you will fuck your dog while I watch, what could I do I agreed, then he unzipped his pants pulled out his already hard cock and said I guess you better get rid of my boner before I go. I just nodded and started jacking him. He said "hell no" I can do that myself. I sucked him mercifully he came very quickly.
    The next day he turned up and as I let him in he said I am looking forwards to this. He sat on the couch and said get naked lady, I did as he said and called my dog a mastiff to me I started masturbating him and as his cock came out of its sheaf I took it in my mouth. After a few minutes I knelt on the floor with my ass in the air and the dog mounted me.
    My dog fucked me quick and hard as usual and soon his knot was forced into me then he started Cummings. After a few minutes he got off my back and turned so we were ass to ass but still knotted then he started to walk towards the kitchen dragging me by my pussy.
    The boy (David) followed and started trying to pull the dogs cock out of me, when it came out together with a gush of cum David caught it in a cup and gave it to me to drink.He then made me suck him again before leaving saying as he left same time tomorrow bitch.
    David made me perform for him for 6 months before he moved from the area.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I was 16 yrs old. I worked in downtown Chicago from 7: pm to 9:00 usually got home by 11- was a hot summer in July, my sisters were out of town. We had no A.C. so we had a box fan in the dining room window blowing out to draw cool air through open bedroom windows. The coolest breeze came through the middle bedroom (my sisters room).
    I got home from work, stripped to my boxers & t-shirt for bed. My mother was in one of the twin beds in my sisters room with her head towards the open window, I got in the other bed with my head towards the wall.
    About 2 or 3 in the morning I woke up, to see my mother was lying face up with her nightgown bunched up around her waist and her legs slightly open, no covers because of the heat. This was my first look at a woman's pussy.
    She had a very hairy c**t and I just had to look closer. I felt that I had to touch it, I started by gently touching her upper belly to see if she stirred, I remember how soft her skin felt. I then gently palmed her full hairy bush. I layed down for a while but had to explore more of her.
    I got up and grew bolder, I felt & traced & her outer lips with my finger. I then gently inserted a finger into her c**t. I was so excited to feel the inside of my mothers pussy.
    I layed back down for a few minutes & sniffed the fragrance of her c**t on my fingers.
    She never showed any sign of waking. I got back up thinking this pussy was mine to explore, I gently inserted two fingers feeling her soft insides, then three fingers. I felt like I was in heaven. She never showed any sign of waking up. I jerked off into the sheets. The next day we poured a concrete patio, mom made bacon & eggs never showing a hint of what happend the night before.

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    Straight Female / 41

    For the past two years at least, I've been telling my husband he'd better buck his ideas up when it comes to satisfying me sexually. He ignored me even though daily I'd have men telling me how hot I am and sometimes right there in front of him. He genuinely thought because of his "Rep" no man would dare come anywhere near me.
    Well in November last year I got totally fed up with his arrogant ways and indulged sexually with a nineteen year old lad. Someone both my husband and I have known since he was born. It's my nephew Aaron and he's one hell of a horny dirty bastard. Most times we're together, whether that's at our home, his mums house, my car or at a hotel we now use a lot, Aaron never fails to fuck me from one intense orgasm to another. And he just wants more and more.
    My mouth, pussy and arsehole all take a hammering and I absolutely adore it. His cock isn't massive at around seven and half inches, yet he stays hard forever and fucks like its always his last time. Some days I struggle to walk properly afterwards, yet I never complain as the sex is the best I've ever experienced.
    My husband can lift all the bloody weights he wants and look muscular good. But he'll never come close to giving me what my own nephew now gives me, three to four times a week.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I dozed off on the couch in the living room and awakened to obvious fucking sounds with
    humping and moaning. I walked into the kitchen and my b/f who is my age, 19, was engaged in sexual intercourse with my grandmother, now in her 50's (I guess). It was a doggy position and they were really enjoying it. Embarrassed, I did not let them know I had seen it.

    Not long after, I told my mother what I had seen and she simply tossed off the incident with a comment, "She used to fuck all my boy friends, don't mind her."

    It was unusual enough but the next time my b/f fucked me, I was strangely turned on by
    the memory of seeing them.I'm tempted to tell him my feelings.

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