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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    For years growing up, I would notice my moms youngest brother Mike, look at me in a different way than he did with other family members. At th age of fourteen I caught him at a family barbecue my mom and dad were holding, fucking a young woman (Around twenty) in the large wooden outbuilding my father keeps his machinery in. He was fucking her from behind when I first walked in and I could see his ass moving as he fucked her. They changed position as I stood their watching, and my uncle had her climb on top of his cock. But before she did, I got to see the size of his cock.
    I'd not seen any in the flesh, but had seen some in a porn magazine my friend had. My uncle was far larger than any I'd seen in the magazine and I later learned that's why he attracted younger woman easily.
    It's my nineteenth birthday next week. I've already had one of my presents, one from Mike. That's because nearly a year ago we finally spoke about me finding him in my fathers outbuilding, fucking that young woman. Mike wasn't in the least bit phased by it, instead my uncle said "I always knew there was something different about you, that's why you always looked at my cock bulge". It was then I realized why he'd always looked at me in a funny way. I guess I had been looking at his crotch, mainly because it always looked so big. To finish off what he was saying to me, my mom's youngest brother asked me if I'd like to see what's inside his shorts.
    I wasn't a virgin when I walked down the garden with Mike to my dads outbuilding. Neither was a shy teenager who didn't like sex, but I have something that puts some guys off. I also wasn't a slut either at that point.
    Entering the outbuilding, Mike asked me if I wanted to go through with what we both knew we'd entered the place for. Letting my dress fall to the floor revealing I was naked under it, told my uncle all he needed to know. Moving us over to a pile of old tyres, he lifted me up and had me lay back spreading my legs. Mike didn't move for a few seconds, but just took in my pussy and asshole from where he stood. His voice was very calm but also full of lust when he said "Well girl you have one hell of pussy and that clit is so fucking horny". You see it's my clit that some guys don't like. My clit isn't an ordinary clit, it's like a small cock.
    It didn't stop the first person ever from pouncing on my pussy with as much eagerness as I'd had with any guy. Some guys had played with it, some guys had even kissed it a little. But no one had licked, sucked and practically made love to it as my uncle did that afternoon. I don't know just how long Mike was lapping, sucking and playing with my pussy lips, labia's and clit, but I'd had two orgasms by the time he even let me see his cock. When I did, I went cock crazy.
    I was already desperate to have him fuck me, and knowing I was on birth control only highlighted the fact I wanted what I saw in front of me. The memory of him fucking that young woman close to where he was gently stroking my clit, whilst taking off his clothing to reveal his enormous cock, had me begging my uncle, my mom's youngest brother to fuck me.
    Mike asked me one more time if I was sure and as soon as I said "Oh fuck yeh" he stepped right up to me, put his massive cock head to my pussy opening and pushed in.
    The undeniable and total pleasure I got from his eleven, yes eleven inch cock sliding up into my body was so defining for me, I can still remember every inch of it pushing past my pussy lips, labia's and stroking my clit as it slid in. Every nerve ending in my pussy was alive with his cock shaft filling me to the brim. I was so full of enthusiasm, I looked him straight in the eyes and told my thirty eight year old uncle, to fuck me like he'd never fucked anyone before.
    I might be his niece, but in that outbuilding almost a year back Mike fucked me like I was a stranger, a whore or as he now calls me, his family slut. In every way I was his. In every way other than anal, I gave myself to Mike and I made damn sure by the time I walked/waddled out of there, he'd given me the best or very close to it, fuck he'd ever given any female. I slutted myself for him by allowing him to choose how he wanted to enter my body. I was his and only his, and I told him as I performed the splits for him over two piles of large tire's, that I would only fuck only him in future as long as he wanted me. Mike was holding my tits from behind, whilst fucking me as my legs took the strain of the splits. He loved my athletic ability to stretch and bend to his wishes and I was fully stretched out that way when he pumped real hard into me, shouted he was cumming then flooded my pussy with his hot sticky cum.
    But I wasn't satisfied. Letting him slip out of me, I got down on my knees and had hi feed me his still semi hard cock. I sucked off my own pussy juices from his cock and kept on sucking his massive cock until it came back to life. Standing up against the outbuilding door, I raised my right leg and had it out straight and upright by my right ear. Mike stood next to me, put his cock back into my pussy and held me as he rammed his cock into my pussy as hard as he could.
    I came twice in quick succession and was just relaxing a little from the second one when he came again filling me up inside. This time I had him lick and tongue me out, as I sat on a ride on mowing machine. My clitty was throbbing by the time I'd cum for the last time that day, and Mike was telling me his jaw ached.
    One of my presents I received from Mike last week, was calling by his apartment and spending two hours having sex. But sex we'd never had before. Knowing I wanted to try it, Mike asked for me to call round. He'd gotten lots of lube ready and had me bathe first. Then in a first for me, my uncle fucked my asshole. It was difficult at first until my asshole got used to his huge size, yet I so wanted to able to please him in every way, I gritted my teeth and had Mike eventually push past my sphincter muscles. Te sexual energy I got from having him fuck my asshole was just awesome. Pretty much as soon as my ass got used to his enormous cock being inside it, I began to orgasm again and again and again.
    Tomorrow night my parents are going out for the night. I've already told Mike to call by. And having had a week to recover from him fucking my asshole, I'm so looking forward to having him fuck me and all my holes.
    I'm most definitely my uncles slut and doesn't he know it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I was a boarder in my teens, one step away from juvie, six weeks at the govt approved school, two weeks at home. Six weeks abstinence, and two weeks eating my mums pussy and jerking off on her legs... Today, modern standards it's counted as abuse, and understandably so... But you know, I think if I hadn't enjoyed it, I had the option to say no.

    Perhaps if pop hadn't been an all American jack-asshole things would have been different.

    C'est la Vie.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    Let me start by saying I always had a normal, good and healthy relationship with my daughter. She's the only child I have with my wife (and my wife and I are still together).

    My now 24 year old daughter got married last summer. Shortly after the wedding they went on their honeymoon. Right after the honeymoon she came to me (as me being the "tech guy" in the family) to tell me that she accidentally deleted the pictures from the memorycard of her camera.

    She left her camera with me, and I told her I would do my best. And with some "undelete" software I was quite easily able to retrieve her honeymoon pictures. Needless to say I browsed through the pictures, so I saw my daughter and her husband smiling, walking on the beach, having dinner, doing fun things together... browsing some more in the pictures, I saw a picture of her in the bathroom of their luxury hotel room after a shower, and she was partly covering her naked body. Wow!

    My heart raced a bit, and then some normal pictures appeared again, and a few pics later on, I saw her in the hotelroom, in a black little thong, with bare breasts! Another heartbeat... slowly going to the next pic, she took her thong off, and her (shaved) pussy was visible! Feeling a bit guilty, but intrigued, I went to the next pic, and now she was on back on the bed, with her legs a bit up in the air, legs spread... ohhhhhhhhh...

    Dam n, I felt guilty... I still do, but I was really excited, strange feeling, to see my very own daughter like that... with her legs spread.

    That was the last picture I watched, and as I closed the picture, my eyes glanced on the "thumbnails pictures" of those pictures, not in detail, but on those small pics I noticed she also had sex with her husband, and she was giving him a blowjob, and maybe some more things, but that's when I closed the window.

    I copied all pics to a USB stick, gave them to my daughter. And a week afterwards or so, my wife and I were invited over to watch the honeymoon pictures together, needless to say she made a selection, and only the "decent pictures" were included.

    NOW... ofcourse, I kept a copy on my laptop, with all the pics included, also the dirty/hot ones, which I didn't see yet. I have mixed feelings, one part of me wants to delete those pics, but another part of me is veeeery excited to see more of my daughter. But still, she's my daughter, and I don't want to have inappropriate thoughts about her. But damn, would love to see that fullscreen picture of her getting fucked! I didn't make up my mind yet.

    (And who knows, since she know I retrieved her lost pictures, she might even know that I watched all her pictures... but she behaves perfectly normal with me)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    Before last March (2015) I would have never of dreamed I'd actually get to fuck her, that's because she's way out of my league when it comes to women. But that was before last March and her and her husband having a huge bust up.

    She came to live with my mum and me the day after her husband had beat her up for not having his meal ready on the table when he got home drunk from the pub. Five days after moving in, she herself walked into our house drunk. With my mother at work on nights, she drunkenly asked me if I'd help her to bed. I'd just about got all her clothing off as she lay sprawled on the guest bed, leaving her in just her bra and knickers, when she pulled her knickers to one side and TOLD me to luck her fanny.

    I'm no virgin, but I'd not ever been with a woman like her. She really is stunningly beautiful. Her well trimmed pussy looked so horny I didn't hesitate for one second. I knew I shouldn't because of who she is, but even so I ripped off her knickers and buried my face up her fanny. She bucked and squirmed as I went nuts, licking and tonguing her pussy hole and clit. And even though she was pissed, it didn't take her long to cum.

    Not missing this kind of chance, I waited until she'd settled a little, licked her again to get her juices flowing once more, then did something I'd only ever day dreamed about. I took off my jogging bottoms, gripped my cock and guided up my older sisters c**t.

    It was so good to feel my cock stretching her pussy, I tested her reaction and asked her if she wanted me to stop. My sisters breathless words were "Dont you dare stop fucking me" She'd just given me all the go ahead I needed. And over the next ten minutes, I hammered my sisters pussy as much as I could give it to her. She even at one stage, reached around to my arse and was pulling me into her, making my cock plow her fuck hole deeper.

    The final and most erotic thing though, was cumming inside her, and then having my sister tell me to luck and suck it all out. I can't remember how long I spent between her long slender tanned legs, but I do know she came twice as I licked, tongued and sucked on her pussy, swallowing my own cum.

    The next morning I was dreading what she would say. When she did finally rise, with my mum in bed after her night shift, my sister walked into the kitchen where I was sat having cereals and said "If you don't tell anyone, I won't". I was just about to tell her there was no way I'd say anything, when she added "And by the way, you fuck so good".

    I swear, I walked about the rest of the day as if I was on air. Two nights later we had sex again. But that time she wasn't drunk, she wasn't angry with her husband, she was as put it "Just horny for your cock".

    My sister stayed for three weeks. And in that time we had sex eleven times. Not always fucking one another. As sometimes I'd lick her fanny and arse, or she'd blow my cock until we gave each other our cum cream. But every time it was her who wanted the sex (well almost every time).

    She returned back to her husband after my father (He moved out and divorced my mother when I was eight) paid my sisters husband a visit. He wasn't such a big man afterwards, mmmm. As for my sister and I, we made sure four or five times a month we met up away from our homes to have sex. It's been such a passionate affair between us though this past two months, fucking as much as we can, we're thinking of getting a place together. It won't be easy, as her husband and my family will not like us being lovers if we tell them, but as my sister now says, "You sometimes have to do what is right for you, no matter what".

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    I saw my teenage son masturbating. He doesn't know. He didn't hear me come home. I should've turned away, made noise, anything else but I watched. Even the "finish". My physical reaction was not disgust, embarrassment, shame. My physical reaction was disturbing. Yes, in that way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ever since my moms new boyfriend moved in, I've fantasized about his enormous cock. I know it's big, really big, because I accidentally on purpose watched him fucking my mom on the couch a few days after he moved in. They didn't see me and for over twenty minutes, I watched him sliding his huge cock up my moms pussy and deep inside her asshole.
    I don't particularly like him, as he's an arrogant bastard, but I have to admit I'd love to be fucked by his massive cock.
    He's not stupid either, he knows I peek at his cock bulge and he also knows this past few weeks I've been wearing shorter and tighter clothing to excite him.
    If I could just have his cock and not have to deal with him or his self congratulating ways, I'd most probably try to seduce him more. As it is I'm left feeling frustrated and masturbate all the time thinking of his meaty cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    He was just about to shove his cock deep up my asshole when my husbands car pulled up. Sexually frustrated and feeling so horny, I told him to stick around. This past month they've not got on at all, that was after a huge argument over money. But even so I wanted fucking and I wanted to feel his young cock up my asshole again. Listening to my hugely overweight uncaring husband talk about his morning was boring, but when he saw John, his constant talking stopped. I knew then he'd not want to have his massive lunch and I also sensed he didn't want to argue with John with me around. Ten minutes later he drove away from our home and back to work, if you can call sitting on your super fat ass all day, work.
    The moment his car pulled out of our driveway, I called John in from the lounge and bent over the island worktop. My panties were already on the kitchen floor and I'd smeared lube all over my ass. John walked in, dropped his shorts and I watched his huge cock spring up. Stepping up to me I felt his cock spear my ass and from then on I had the sexual time of my life, fucking my husbands twenty two year old son.
    Tomorrow will be a whole day of sex if I get my way. The slob as I call him now, will be going over to car meet. Not to look at cars, as he and a another slob will be doing some cooking to sell burgers. Although I dare say, they'll probably eat most of the profits themselves. Giving my excuses I'll invite John, my step son over and make damn sure he walks out of our house with an empty ball sac.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    There is a huge dilemma in my life at the moment, and it's one made partly from my own stupidity.
    First of all I'd like to say, no matter happens from this time on wards, I do love my wife and everything we've built as a couple together over the last three years.
    My wife is a very pretty twenty six year old woman, who's mother just happens to be if anything, a slightly better looking woman at forty four. There's also something else about my wife's mother which she happens to be better at, and that's fucking. I know this because at Christmas time when my wife was working a late shift, my mother in law and I got drunk and ended up having sex in her bedroom.
    We were drunk when we entered the bedroom, but three hours later when I left her falling asleep I can tell you, we were both sober and we both knew what we were doing. I'd never had sex that long with anyone, let alone my wife. And it was her mother who just wanted more and more sex. Not only the normal type of fucking, but ever dirtier sex with me using dildo's of hers to fuck her pussy or asshole as I fucking the other.
    I came up her asshole twice and both times she had me lick and suck my cum out and feed it to her to drink down. I face fucked her, holding her head tightly as she wanted me to make her gag on my cock as I rammed it down her throat. But my overriding memory, will be of of her sliding up and down my arm as she mounted it anally. I fist fucked her when my cock was recovering from it's third orgasm, and boy did my mother in law enjoy having my hand and half my arm up her asshole. She was screaming so much, I genuinely thought someone might call the cops to report some violence. And at one point when she'd just cum, she had me lick out her pussy and fist her ass as fast as I could, making her cum again almost immediately.
    I left her falling sleep to go home feeling great from one perspective, but also feeling lousy from another. Just before my wife got home, my mother in law text me to ask me to say nothing and that it had been a one off. It has remained our secret since Christmas.
    However, my wife is going away in a fortnights time, for eight days to finish off her nursing. And she's asked her mother if she'd like to stay over. Her mother has already said she'll stay the whole time if I don't mind. To which my wife has apparently agreed. What my wife doesn't know, is my mother in law text me two days ago to let me know, she's more than willing to share our bed for the eight days, and in her words, make it our last time together.
    I was about to text back and tell her it wasn't a good idea and that we shouldn't be having sex, but no sooner than the first text arrived, than another arrived and it came with a picture attachment. The picture was of her naked on her bed, her legs were up and spread and poking out of her beautiful looking pussy, was a dildo I've used to fuck her with.
    I know I shouldn't be tempted again, but if you could see the picture and know just how fucking horny my mother in law actually is, you'd have your doubts if you could resist her too.
    So my dilemma is, do I stay well clear and make sure the guest room is ready for my mother in law. Ot do as I'm increasingly thinking, and that's fuck the shit out of her the whole eight days she here, and risk my marriage ??????????

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    I have always been a horny son of a bitch. That is probably the most accurate description I can give you. As young as I can remember, there was the noise of my dad fucking on my mom. I'd lay in bed at night listening for it, and jack myself off while he did her. He liked to drink now and then, and when he did, he'd come home and be all over her. I used to hate and love it when he'd go drinking. When he did, I knew I'd be jacking off while listening to him fuck the hell out of her. If I was still up when he got home, I would frequently get to see my mom at least partially naked. Dad would pull her top off moments after he got home, and if she didn't cooperate, he'd just rip it off, and there she'd be--topless with him going over her big tits. She'd just close her eyes and let him have his way with her. Frequently they didn't make it to their bedroom, he'd tear her shirt off and bend her over the arm of his recliner or the couch and pound away. I especially loved those nights because I'd see her fully naked and be able to watch as he gave it to her. I loved it if I could get a glimpse of her bald c**t. If she ever thought I might have seen or heard, she would always tell me, "A man has certain needs that a woman has to take care of." If she only knew how many times I jacked off thinking of her bent over that chair!

    By the time I was in middle school, dad decided he like black women. I'd find his porn mags in his bathroom and wank myself to the huge titted black bimbo's on their pages. He started bringing black girls home after his drinking sessions and he would fuck both mom and the black woman. I was able to sneak seeing a few of these sessions. I was old enough at that time, I knew what mom was doing when I saw it, she was licking his cum out of the black woman, as he continued fucking mom or sometimes he'd just pass out and they would continue without him. On a couple of occasions one of the black bimbos found her way to my room, I think she was looking for the bathroom or maybe back to my dad's bed, but she would come in my room. I stare at her. A fully naked black woman standing in my room, then she'd ask me if I needed anything. The first time she asked, I was almost in HS and I just kept staring, she just gave me a grin and told me, you will boy, when you think you be a man. Then she went back down the hall to my mom and dad. I jacked myself until my dick was raw. Another time, she gave me what I needed. She sucked my cock. That was the last time I saw her.

    Last year my dad ran off. I've heard my aunt talking to my mom about it, he took off with one of the black women. Since then, I've not seen anyone fucking my mom. When she is asleep, I get up in the night and peek in her room. She still sleeps naked, and on hot nights she is only partially covered by a sheet or sleeping on top of the covers. I stand there looking at her, jacking. I know one of these days she's going to see I'm the man now, and I have certain needs. I must have jacked 1000 times thinking of her bald c**t, how it must feel or how it would feel to have my cock fucking her tits, or wondering if she could keep all my cum in her mouth.

    One of these days she'll find what I leave her as I watch her naked body, she'll find my man juice on her floor and she will know, and then she will do for me. My needs are those of a man, and a woman has to take care of those needs.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    Thinking my step mom was cheating on my dad with another man recently, I burst into their bedroom, only to see that she was in fact using a dildo to fuck herself with whilst watching a porn movie.
    I stood there totally shocked and a very embarrassed. I just couldn't believe how utterly attractive she looked fucking herself, and how gorgeous her body, pussy and breasts were.
    The crazy thing was, she just carried on pumping the dildo in and out of her wet pussy, even though she was by then looking directly at me.
    My step mom who's nine years younger than my father at thirty six, asked me if I wanted something. When I stutteringly said "Sorry, I thought you were". I didn't finish off my sentence. She replied "Well if you don't want any of this (She pointed at her pussy) can you close the door on the way out".
    Like a little lost kid, I shuffled out of their bedroom and walked into my own, not able to add anything to what I'd said. It however didn't stop me from having an almighty hard on. Which I took out of my shorts after lying on my bed and began to stroke my cock. I'd gotten almost to my orgasm when my bedroom door opened. She was still naked as she stood at my door, but it was my turn to try and say something. Instead though my step mom cut in and said "Don't waste it next time, (Again pointing at her pussy) you can shove that nice looking cock in here". The sound of her voice saying what she said and looking at her beautiful body, had my cock exploding in front of her.
    My step mom smiled at me, turned and closed my bedroom door. Nothing has been said directly between us since, but she has since that day worn very revealing clothing around me when my fathers not home. And she's also inferred she'd like a younger guy to "Show me how to have some real fun".
    My dad is away a lot and I know she gets lonely, but fucking my step mom would be wrong wouldn't it ?. Only a few days ago, she mentioned something about having some fun when my dads away soon. She also added she'd prefer it not be a stranger, whilst winking at me.
    Now I'm left thinking, if I didn't fuck her, and I'd secretly love to. Then she'll only fuck someone else behind my dads back.

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