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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 51

    When I was about 15, I learned something that completely changed the way that I looked at my Mom and Dad. Since Mother's Day was this past weekend, I figured why not share it.

    Growing up, compared to a lot of my friends my Mom and Dad were very much in love. You could see it in the way they acted around each other. When they fought, they would go to another room for a little while or go for a walk around the block in our neighborhood, then come back and continue on, usually jovially. This is something I do with my wife now, and it has helped us stay married for almost 30 year successfully.

    One time, though, things got a little rough, and I ended up going over to our neighbor's house for a little while so they could cool down. It was about money, Dad had made a big miscalculation and bought something he shouldn't have (can't remember what now) as a "gift" for Mom and it ended up in a shouting match in the living room rather than the usual take it elsewhere and come back strong approach. So I went over to Pat's house, the woman who would later take my virginity at around age 15.

    Pat and her husband Paul were probably about 10 years older than my Mom and Dad, and had been really good to us over the years. They had no children of their own, so they were kind of like an aunt and uncle to me and my sister when we lived in the neighborhood. Sometimes they took the two of us to baseball games, the zoo, even camping once. So this particular situation, when Mom and Dad were fighting hard and my sis wasn't home, it wasn't unnatural for me to head over there and hang out. Pat was an attractive, slim brunette who never wore a bra that I can remember, and her perfectly sloped tits not only enticed my teenage self, but really set a standard for what I wanted in a woman thereafter. So again, not unpleasant to go and visit her and Paul one bit.

    Paul was out that day, and Pat knew something was wrong immediately. I told her Mom and Dad were fighting, and Pat had me come on inside, made us a couple of glasses of lemonade, and sat on her couch. She sat with her feet tucked up under her and for some reason I remember that image most clearly from that day.

    She told me right away that my Mom and Dad REALLY love each other, and that this would blow over and not to worry. I asked her how she knew that and she said she had seen how connected they are compared to other couples she'd been around. After a brief explanation of what I already knew about them - how they flirted with each other, touched often, complimented each other, and took on hobbies together - Pat was making me feel a lot better and pretty hopeful that this wasn't anything serious. Pat sighed and said she wished she had that with her husband, that Mom and Dad made that look so effortless.

    Plus, Pat said, my Dad apparently has a nice cock and my Mom absolutely loves it. I was in shock and tried to sink into the couch. Pat laughed, and said it's okay this is adult talk. This is where things got a little crazy.

    Pat proceeded to tell me how she and Paul had been "swinging" with my Mom and Dad for years, but not like you would think. Apparently, one night they got a little tipsy while at Pat and Paul's place, and some things were said that resulted in the wives having a blowjob contest, who could make their husband cum first. The girls got topless and dropped down in front of their guys right there in the living room. Pat won, and she and Paul watched as my Mom blew the daylights out of my Dad for nearly a half hour. Pat might have won the contest, but according to her my Mom made fellatio into an art form. Pat and Paul were trying to get a swap going with my Mom and Dad, but ended up watching an amazing scene unfold in front of them that evening. After my Dad blew the biggest load Pat had ever seen all over my Mom's tits with a loud moan, everyone had a good laugh and relaxed a little while longer. Pat and my Mom then told their men that it was their turn, and essentially proceeded to ride their individual husbands into the couch. Pat said she couldn't keep her eyes off of my Dad and wished that my Mom would give up his cock for her. She never did, and the two of them really never even paid that much attention to Pat and Paul that night other than giving them a show. Over the years, this continued, and essentially the formula was unchanged every time. My Mom and Dad never touched the other couple, they were into each other and just enjoyed the company. They might talk during, give each other pointers or encouragement, but these two couples were having monogamous sex next to each other for close to a decade and still going pretty regularly. Pat said hell, your mom most likely got pregnant with you over here rather than in your house. I was stunned, and weirdly turned on.

    Pat finished her story by telling me just how bad she wanted my Dad, and always had. She was incredibly frustrated that he wouldn't swap, but she did value their friendship enough to take what she could get. She also didn't want to hurt my Mom, they were really good friends and she had learned a few things from her incredible devotion to sex with my Dad. They love each other, she concluded, and they've helped me and Paul get closer.

    The phone rang, I jumped out of my skin. It was my Mom, asking if I was over there with Pat. Pat told her I was on the way back, and with a wink at me started making plans for that Friday night to "play cards." She smiled really big and made a motion like she was giving a blowjob, then held her hand over the phone and told me to go on home and that she would see me Saturday for the movie she was taking me and my sister to. When I got home and saw my Mom on the phone with Pat, and noticed she and Dad looked a little sweaty and red-faced, I couldn't help but grin. Whatever they were arguing about, they fucked it out. I noticed that from then on, ANY time they went over to Pat and Paul's, they would come back in that same way, hand in hand, Dad letting Mom come into the front door first like a gentleman while he snuck a peek at her backside. My Mom and Dad really love each other, and have always shown it.

    As I stated earlier, Pat would later invite me into her incredible body while Paul cheered me on, but that's another story for another time. Happy belated Mother's Day!

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    Straight Female / 36

    I am a 36 year old divorcee with a 20 year old son. I got pregnant when I was a teenager and planned on giving the baby up for adoption. When the baby was born I immediately fell in love with this beautiful boy and just couldn't give him up. Fortunately my mom and dad stepped in and helped out so that I could get my GED and eventually go onto advanced studies and get licensed as a court stenographer.
    I did eventually get married to a guy who developed a drinking problem and became verbally abusive to my son and me. He was no father to my son and I eventually threw him out and became a single mother.
    When my son Zach was 20 years old he was in his junior year in the local college where he was playing soccer and working towards a degree in education. He was really handsome and there were many times when I would see him coming out of the shower or when he left his door open when he was dressing. He had the most beautiful body and I often times fantasized about him sexually. When he was 18 was the first time I walked in on him in the bathroom jerking off. I said nothing and turned around and walked out. It happened again when he was 19 and once again I said nothing and walked out.
    Zach jerked off a lot and every week when I changed the sheets on his bed there were semen stains on his sheets. He was very careless about cleaning up his cum and on one side of the bed he would wipe the semen on the top sheet. Why he didn't use tissues I will never know.
    I was young and healthy and had my own sexual desires and over the years of being single I had had a number of sex partners, some married, and some not. Some were good lovers and some not. To be honest I had no desire to have another man permanently in my life. I was financially independent and had a pretty good life.
    I also masturbated on a regular basis and had a vibrator that gave me some pretty incredible orgasms. Zach was usually my fantasy when I masturbated.
    One evening I came home from work and found an I-phone on the kitchen counter. It had a cover that I didn't recognize so I asked Zach whose phone it was. He said, oh, it must be Trudy's, I'll see that she gets it back. Trudy was a 16 year old girl who lived two houses down from us. Trudy was very physically mature for her age and because she was 4 years behind Zach in school, they had never socialized in the past. I had noticed that Trudy always showed signs of having a crush on Zach, but then again many girls had a crush on Zach.
    The next day was Saturday and it was my day for house cleaning. As I was emptying the waste basket in the bathroom, I noticed a big wad of a paper towel that had an interesting smell and was damp. Out of curiosity I unwrapped it and found a condom with semen leaking out and being absorbed by the towel. My first thought was, oh my god, Zach is fucking Trudy, who is only 16 years old. I had seen Zach's cock when he was jerking off and would guess that it was about 7 inches long. Thinking about Zach fucking Trudy got me so excited that I went into my room and masturbated with my vibrator to the most intense orgasm that I had in years.
    I never said anything to Zach, but a few days later I noticed a wad of paper towels in the waste basket, and sure enough I found another condom oozing cum.
    As excited as I was and how the thought of Zach fucking Trudy made my orgasms so intense, I tried to put everything in prospective and figure out how this could impact Zach's and my life. Trudy was 16 years old and not of the age of consent. If Zach was found out, he could be prosecuted for statutory r**e and end up in jail. I had to have a talk with him and get every thing out on the table.
    That night after Zach took a shower and then I took my shower. Many people like morning showers, Zach and I were evening shower takers.
    I put my bath robe on and knocked on Zach's door. Come on in mom. I sat down on the edge of Zach's bed and told him that I wanted to talk to him about something very important. What's up mom?
    I paused for a moment as I wanted to make sure that I worded everything properly. Zach have you been having sex with Trudy? Zach couldn't talk; he just stumbled to say something but just couldn't come up with the words he was looking for.
    I told him that I know he is and I just want him to make sure that he didn't get her pregnant or get arrested and be sent to jail. He finally opened up and we got everything out on the table. Zach finally said that he was tired of always having to jerk off and he loved sex so much that a friend of his at college, who was of age, and Trudy gave him so much pleasure. As our conversation continued, I could see that under the covers that Zach had a hard on and was stroking his cock. I was also getting excited and my c**t juices were starting to run down the inside of my leg. I told Zach that I understood how it was normal for a guy to want sex and that it was okay. I then said that I understood full well as I had my own desires. When Zach asked me, do you? I said of course I do, When I caught you jerking off those times I couldn't get your cock off of my mind and went to my room and masturbated to a beautiful orgasm. Zach got a big smile on his face, and said that the few times he had seen me without clothes that he would also jerk off.
    We both looked at each other and for about 2 to 3 minutes we just looked at each other with blank looks on our faces. Zach was still playing with his cock under the covers and I could not hold myself back. I pulled back the covers and there was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I took his cock in my hand and told Zach that he didn't need Trudy and that other girl at school, as I could pleasure him as good as they could and he could have me when ever he wanted. As I started to jerk him off, Zach said, mom I've wanted to fuck you ever since I can remember. I then took his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked his cock and balls to the point where he said, I'm going to cum, mom. I stopped sucking him and rolled over on my back and told him that I wanted him to come in my pussy.
    When he climbed on me his cock felt so good going in. It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever had. Within 2 minutes of pumping his 7-8 inch cock in me he yelled out, I'm cumming mommy. I could feel the explosion of his cum blasting in my c**t and I came about 10 seconds after he shot his load. My orgasm lasted much longer than his and by the time I came down from mine, his cock had gone soft.
    As horny as Zach is, he is not very experienced and has obviously much to learn. He is a willing learner and I have taught him so much over the past few months. We always take a shower before bed and I have really got Zach turned on to oral sex. He loves me to sit on his face and cum in his mouth. He also loves it when we lick each others asses and get in a 69. Sucking my clit is without a doubt my biggest turn on since I have also shown him how to find my g==spot as he sucks me. He loves to have me suck his cock and to come in my mouth. At first I would spit it out into a napkin, but I have swallowed his cum lately and it is something that I think I could get used to.
    I had wanted to fuck Zach for so long and the taboo nature of i****t had always been the one thing that kept me from seducing Zach. Once we become lovers the taboo nature of i****t actually mades it more exciting. We both love talking dirty to each other as we make love and that intensifies the experience. We both are maintaining productive lives and nobody knows about our i****tuous relationship. Nobody is being hurt. It is consensual on both ends and it is getting better every week.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I have always enjoyed confessions about guys having sex with their mothers and other family members, but a lot of the 'commenters' would dispute the stories as false or bullshit. Well, I decided to see if I could pull this off.
    Before I go into it, let me tell you something.....I was initially fucking scared out of my mind, but wanted to try it anyway.
    I borrowed $150,000. from my bank bank, just in case I got locked up if things went wrong. It would be used for a great lawyer and bond/bail money. Anyway, I stared with my wife. I have on occasion have had sex with her while she was asleep or drunk, but usually only fondling and light touching. This time when she came in drunk, I was determined to fuck the shit out of her
    It was 1:30 in the morning and she had come home drunk and was laying on the couch snoring. I pulled out mu dick and started to rub my dick across her lips and on her cheeks. She didn't move.....I started to push my dick into her mouth slowly and was inching my dick into her mouth, slowly going back and forth into her mouth. She was still snoring and I began to thrust into her mouth, slowly but I began to speed up my and out in and out into her mouth until I was actually thrusting deep into her mouth. I was enjoying myself and began to hold her head with one hand while I thrust into her mouth getting myself off. I finally thrust hard and she didn't wake up and my cum shit and spurted into her mouth and over her cheeks. She coughed a little as if she was about to choke, but she didn't. I rubbed my dick over her mouth, cheeks and forehead. I was felt all between her legs and she was barely moist, but as I probed with my fingers she began to get wer. I decided that I didn't want to fuck her that night, but I enjoyed what I had done. The only problem I had was that I fucked her mouth, but there was no suction and her mouth was dry to me.

    Next was my 24 year old daughter. She likes to party and goes to clubs on a regular basis. Well, she came home one evening very drunk and went to bed. I waited almost 30 minutes, before creeping into her room and I saw her nude on the bed with her legs closely together. I slowly pulled her legs apart to see her glistening pussy and I began to slowly finger her. She became wet almost instantly and my dick became very very hard. My heart was beating and pounding against my chest, it was almost as if I couldn't breathe, but I just said damn my fears and began to feel her all over. I squeezed her breast and began to suck on them while fingering her. I thought of my wife, was she in the next bedroom in a deep sleep, I didn't know, but I wasn't caring at that moment. I began to rub and caress my daughters body briskly, squeezing her breast, rubbing my hand over her flat, taut stomach while still deeply fingering her pussy. All of a sudden my daughter moaned and began to move.......I froze in total fear. She moved her own hand down to her pussy and touched my hand......I didn't know what to do, because I then saw my life flash before me, but she only moaned was saying something and then I realized.....she's still asleep. I took my dick out from my boxers and I kinda leaned over the bed to get a angle on her widely splayed open legs. I didn't want my weight to lay on top of her, because I didn't want to awaken her, but I positioned myself over her and eased my dick to her pussy lips. As I was doing this I realized that I was even trying to hold my breath trying to be quiet. Once my dick head touched those pussy was like magic. It seemed like her pussy lips was throbbing, trying to engulf my dick and well.....I just said, fuck it and eased my dick into her pulsation get vagina all in one motion.
    I eased my dick all the way to the hilt and stopped ......for a full minute I savored the moisture and the warmth of her pussy and then I began to slowly stroke in and out of her moist, juicy pussy. I couldn't believe that I was in this pussy, the pussy of my daughter. I carefully held myself up by my elbows, so that my body weight was not completely laying on her and then I slowly began to thrust in and out. After about 5 minutes I threw caution to the wind and began to thrust into her rapidly and deeply and I mean....I began to fuck her like a piston. She was moaning and all of a sudden her arms came up and she held me tight. I was creaking the fuck out! How could she be still asleep gripping me like this and then she began to talk clearer....oh Paul,fuck me Paul cum in me Paul....I didn't know who the fuck Paul was, but I continued thrusting into her like a piston. I begin to feel my nut about to rise and I definitely wanted to cum into her, but I thought better of it. I pulled out and nutted over her stomach.
    I immediately ran out of her room and went back to my room and found my wife still snoring and sleeping. My heart was beating fast and I wanted more. I could have turned my wife over, but I decided to go back to my daughters room.
    I crept back in and to my amazement, my dick was at full erection. I kneeled up on the bed next to my daughters face and like I had done with my wife before, I rubbed my dick over my daughters mouth and lips. I slowly eased my manhood into her mouth and she started sucking as I was thrusting into her mouth. Now keep in mind, I wasn't thrusting to get into her throat......only enough for half of my dick was in her mouth. I busted a nut within 3 minutes and it was spewing out of her mouth onto her chin and the bed. I went back to my bedroom and rubbed the remaining semen with my wife's underwear which was laying by the bed. I went soundly to sleep.

    Next, the target was my 19 year old daughter. She is not as fit and shapely likely my older daughter, but she is still beautiful in my eyes and she's young. I sat in the living room with her and my wife. They like crabs and shrimp, so I brought seafood and we were enjoying them. Normally we only drink beers with our seafood, but I intentionally set out the bourbon and vodka and kept encouraging them to drink. I was filling up their glasses, playing the good music and just having a good time. Soon my wife was drunk and fell asleep on the love seat. My younger daughter was tipsy, but still coherent, so I kept filling her glass until she was incoherent and unable to stand. She said she wanted to go to bed, so I told her to go ahead, no one's stopping you, but she laughed and smiled and, I need some help to get upstairs. So I helped her up the stairs and took her to her room. I started to help her undress and when I came back from the bathroom with a washcloth, she was knocked out asleep.
    No snoring from this daughter, but nice firm titties and a completely shaved pussy. I went downstairs to check on my wife and she was snoring loudly sound asleep, so I went back upstairs pulled my daughter to the edge of the bed and let her legs dangle over the side. For some reason, I kept playing with her calling her name and she didn't respond. I bent down and slowly started stroking her pussy with my hand and fingers. I opened her legs wider exposing those pussy lips and I knelt down to taste her. Man, that was some good tasting pussy......smooth, with that musky sweet smell, I indulged myself for a good 10 minutes, savoring in her pussy juices. But I had other plans.....I wanted to fuck that pussy. For some reason, I didn't feel the need to be as gentle or quiet with her.....she was completely out of it. So I just dropped my pants and boxers and lifted her legs up and I just put my dick right at her pussy lips and inched forward. Damn, the pussy was tight, but it was super wet from me eating her out and it enveloped my dick like a glove. I just started thrusting and humping into that sweet pussy. I was thrusting hard into my young daughter and didn't care if she woke up or not. I started laughing as I thought of how much movement you can do without someone waking up when they are drunk or in a deep sleep. Made me realize that I could have fucked so many women who were sisters, my aunts, friends wives,, look at all the pussy I let pass me by. I begin to tighten up as my thrusting became more rapid and forceful. I didn't want to nut in this pussy, because she's my daughter, but I wasn't caring at the moment. After a few more thrusts I leaned forward and emptied my semen all in that tight pussy. No I didn't want her to get pregnant, but if she did I would be the understanding dad and support her (sigh).

    I went back downstairs and cleaned up our little seafood snack and got my wife upstairs to our bedroom. I undressed her and was going to stick my dick in her mouth while she was asleep, but immediately my dick got hard when I thought of my young daughter in her room. I only fucked her and didn't get my dick sucked. So I went back into her room. Laid on the bed and stuck my dick into her mouth. I gently grabbed her head with both my hands and I humped her mouth and kept facefucking her mouth and throat. Amazed that she was partially awake but kept falling back to sleep while I am thrusting this dick into her face.

    I am going to close for now,but I have done my mother in law who is 61, my very own sister who is 42, 4 of my young nieces (all over 22) when they spent the night here and 2 of my wife's friends.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When I went through a divorce my wife was dealing with a drinking problem and was in no condition to deal with our daughter Teri. We had a nice house and I knew that my wife wouldn't be able to keep it up, so I rented a nice apartment in a nice area of the town for her.
    Teri was 17 years old and a senior in high school. She was an average student but a terrific athlete who excelled in soccer and lacrosse. She seemed pretty well grounded and never gave us any problems. Dealing with her mothers problems with alcohol and the drama associated with it made it difficult to be as attentive to Teri as we probably should have.
    Once my wife was out of the house Teri and I actually started making up for those years of neglect. We would go out to dinner a couple of times a week, I would attend her athletic events and we started spending leasurely time just talking and sharing thoughts. I'm a small business man and during the summer I had Teri working in the office helping my secretary, book keeper and keeping busy to make a few bucks as she was getting ready to start college in the fall.
    It was a hot day in July on a Sunday and I just got home from playing a round of golf. I came in the house and headed to the kitchen to get a cold beer. I didn't see Teri and figured that she was probably out with some of her friends. I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking my beer when Teri suddenly appeared . She had been sun bathing in the back yard. When she walked in the kitchen she had on the skimpiest bikini bottom that just barely covered her in the front and had just a string in the back that ran up the crack of her ass. The top was so small that it just covered her nipples. I always knew that Teri was very well proportioned and in great shape, but I had never seen her in such a sexually seductive situation as this. I mentioned to her that I had never seen her like that before and I wanted to know if she actually wore that bikini when she went to the beach. She said she didn't, that she only wore it in private settings where she wanted to get a good tan. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and I was getting a raging hard on. I must have sat there with a look of lust on my face for a good 30 seconds before Teri asked me, "are you Okay dad." I told her that I had never seen her dressed so provocatively and I didn't know how to react.
    Over the next few weeks Teri was doing a lot of sun bathing after dinner in the evenings after work. After that first time seeing Teri in that bikini I started having fantasizes about her and was jerking off, some times a couple times a day. There is a half bath off the kitchen and one day, after watching Teri sunbathing I went in the bathroom and was jerking off. I didn't hear Teri come in the house and she surprised me by walking in on me with my hand pumping my cock. She didn't say a word and just stared at my cock for about 5 seconds and turned around and left.
    Nothing was said and for the next 3 days we hardly communicated at all. Teri was the one who finally broke the ice when she said, dad, I'm not a virgin and I have jerked off a few guys before. Are you having a problem that you want to talk about? I'm not a slut but I know how guys satisfy their sexual urges and I know what it takes to please a guy. When I caught you jerking off it was obvious that you have some needs that are not being met. Am I right?
    I am well aware that you are getting turned on when you are watching me in my bikini. Also I notice that you always have a hard sticking out in the front of your pants.
    I didn't deny that she was turning me on and I was jerking off every day thinking about her.
    Teri then said that when she saw me jerking off, that she had a desire to take over and jerk me off. She then said that since we lived alone together and nobody knew what was going on in our house that she wouldn't mind if we spent a little time pleasing each other. I said that I would like that.
    We both took a shower and crawled onto my bed. Because Teri was wearing such a scanty bikini she had shaved her pubic hair. Naked, she looked stunning. We both seemed a little awkward as we started to caress but once Teri started stroking my cock and I started sucking her beautiful nipples all inhibitions left us both. Within minutes I was down between her legs with my tongue licking and sucking her clit. Oh God, daddy that feels so good. Make me cum daddy. Make me cum. I lifted Teri's legs up so that while I was licking her c**t, I could also lick her ass. I would go from her c**t to her ass, back to her c**t and I couldn't decide which I wanted the most. It wasn't long before Teri started bucking and squeeling as she exploded in a massive orgasm. She was gasping for air and hyper ventilating as she came down from her orgasm. God, daddy, I have never cum like that before in my life. It was beautiful.
    I told her how much I loved her and she said that she loved me too. We just held each other and cuddled for about 5 minutes before Teri told me that she wanted to make me feel good like she did and that she wanted to suck my cock til I came in her mouth. I told her that I wanted to continue making love but I wanted to cum in her pussy instead of her mouth. She asked me if I had a condom, because we didn't want to get pregnant. I told her that I had had a vasectomy after she was born and that she couldn't get pregnant. She was so glad, because she said the thought of my cum filling her up was so exciting. Our kissing was so erotic with our tongues exploring each other and when Teri started sucking my cock I turned her around so that we could get in a sixty nine. She was still dripping her cum from her first orgasm and as I am licking her cum out of her pussy she is building up more c**t juices. It was the most beautiful taste in my mouth and I was swallowing every drop of her juices that I could get in my mouth. She then blurted out, daddy I'm getting ready to cum again. I stopped sucking an rolled her over n her back. Are you ready for daddies cock, baby. Yes daddy, fuck me. As I positioned my cock at the opening to her pussy, I slowly pushed it in. Teri was so lubricated that my cock went in so easy. As tight as her pussy was it went in with no discomfort at all for Teri. We kissed passionately as I gently pumped my cock in and out of her pussy, and within two minutes Teri had her second orgasm. Within 30 seconds and before she had finished her orgasm I shot my load in her pussy. Teri said that she could feel that first burst of cum that I shot in her and it felt so good.
    We have talked about how society frowns upon i****t and are we sure that we want to continue being lovers. We talk about our feelings and should we feel guilt knowing that we are engaged in a taboo act. Neither of us feels any guilt and we both feel a greater love for the other. We are discrete and no body is being hurt. We are meeting the needs of each other and our love making is so beautiful and fulfilling.
    I know that Teri has her whole life ahead of her and there obviously will come a time when, for any number of reasons, we will stop. I have no idea when that time will come, but for now I love loving Teri and she makes me happier than I have ever been in my whole life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Ok so today I finally plucked up the courage to walk out with an erection to my mom, i know it was wrong but i had two beers in me and was I feeling brave and had already been playing with my cock so I was horny. I hear my mother in our upstairs bathroom which is across the hall from my bedroom, so I went for it. Wearing only my loose football shorts, and my not small, 8 inch erection clearly visible beneath them, I made my way across the hall to where she was, I entered the bathroom and seen her as she spotted me, she glanced down sharply at my, at this point, throbbing hard-on under my shorts, and as every man does with an erection, I tried to swiftly tuck it in neatly under my waistline. Thinking I had got away with 1) my mom seeing my erection, and 2) me hiding it like an accident, i looked down for a second check to reassure myself, but no, as I tried to hide my cock below my waistline, my throbbing cock head was peeping out, full head on show. So as I looked up again my mom was still staring so I tried to fix myself again but she tried to stumble on by me. I apologised because I knew she seen me fumbling my hard cock in front of her but she walked on by not saying a word. My mind is racing for what she might think of seeing my cock. I hope she is interested and wants to see more, only time will tell until I can pluck up more courage to show her again without getting suspicious

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    Straight Male / 44

    I have been married to my second wife a little over 18 months and it is just my wife and I with her daughter Lydia living in my house. I got the house as part of my divorce settlement. I have two horses and a real neat horse stable on the 16 acre property. My 17 year old stepdaughter Lydia loves the horses and spends most of her time in the stable brushing and tending the horses. I have a phone line that serves the stable and the main house. One weekend my wife was visiting her sister in Connecticut and she was spending the weekend to help her sister do some re-decorating in the house.
    I wanted to place an order with the grain store for horse feed and picked up the phone to make a call. I heard Lydia talking on the phone and I was going to immediately hang up, but out of curiosity I thought I would listen in to see who she was talking to. She was talking to her best friend Toni and much to my surprise I caught pretty much the beginning and all of the conversation between the two of them. I heard Lydia ask Toni if she was enjoying fucking Mike and was he as good as Gordon. I knew who Gordon was but I didn't know who she was referring to.. Toni then said that she was going to break up with Gordon as she couldn't get enough of Mikes cock and that he was so much more experienced and so much better as a lover than Gordon. Toni then said that fucking her stepfather Mike was something she had always wanted and she always knew by the way he looked at her that he wanted her as well. Toni said that the taboo nature of i****t had always turned her on and made it that much more exciting.
    Toni then asked Lydia if she was going to seduce me too since she was always talking about wanting my cock in her. Toni said that she thought I was really hot and she wouldn't mind fucking me herself. Lydia then said that she thinks of me every night when she masturbates. When she hears me fucking her mother she wishes that it was her that my cock was in. Toni then told Lydia that she would love being fucked by me. She said it is the most erotic thing to be saying, fuck me daddy, please put your big cock in my c**t daddy. God Lydia, if you don't fuck him, I may come over and do it myself. The two of them then laughed and thought it was real cool to be talking about fucking their stepfathers. Lydia then said, I'm going to do it Toni. I want his cock so bad. With that Toni said that she thought she and Mike would be able to get some sex this weekend when her mother went grocery shopping. I'll tell you all about it in school on Monday. Bye.
    I was so horny that I immediately went into the bathroom and jerked off and shot the biggest load of cum that I had ever had into the toilet.
    I then went down to the stable and casually struck up a conversation with Lydia. We talked about the horses and made small talk for a while. I then thought I would see if she wanted to talk about seducing me and I asked her if there was any thing that she wanted to say or talk about with me. Lydia then seemed to be getting nervous. I said to her, listen Lydia, you can talk to me about anything and I am not going to give you a hard time or be judgmental with you. Is there anything you want to tell me. With that Lydia said that she had lied to me about the damage to my car the night she borrowed it. The damage didn't happen while they were in the movies, but she had backed into a light pole in the parking lot. I'm sorry I lied to you daddy, I was scared that you would be mad at me.
    That was the first time she had ever called me daddy and with that I took her in my arms and hugged her and held her
    in my arms for about 15 seconds. I loved holding her and didn't want to let her go. I had a hard on and we were pressed against each other and I know she could feel it. I then took her face in my hands and kissed her on the cheek and told her that it was okay and I'm glad she straightened things out. She said, thank you daddy and wrapped her arms around me again and my cock was pressed against her for a good minute. As we hugged I could feel Lydia's body getting hotter and hotter. Her face was flushed and I could feel the heat from her body.
    I have not tried to seduce Lydia and as much as I want to fuck her, I am going to leave it up to her to make the first move. It has been 3 months since that incident and Lydia's body language tells me that she wants to make love with me, but doesn't have the courage to go that extra step. Knowing that she wants me has made my love making with her mother that much better.
    When her friend Toni is at my house she and Lydia are all over the place; in the barn, the pool, the house - you name it. When I get the chance to talk with Toni I make little comments about how sexy she looks in her bikini and I undress her with my eyes. Her body language tells me that she is sexually charged and I'm sure she would fuck me on the spot if I agreed. I'm sure she talks to Lydia about how I'm flirting with her and maybe Lydia will be motivated to make a move.
    I know a lot of things can happen and most of them are not good. I know I have to be careful. If anything happens I will follow up on this story. Write down the # of the post and we will see if there is a follow up.

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    My second wife Emma is a beautiful sexy woman and has a an insatiable appetite for sex. We fuck every day and sometimes in the morning and again at night. Emma's 16 year old daughter Renee is also beautiful and has an insatiable appetite for sex just like her mother. Renee is an exhibitionist and when her mother isn't around she likes to walk around the house with practically nothing on. She knows that I have a perpetual hard on when we are in the same room. Renee also likes to masturbate on the couch in my presence, and she knows that it drives me crazy. She will sit on the couch with a blanket over her lap with her hand in her panties rubbing her clit. When she has her orgasm she lets out a loud moaning cry and ends it with a big loud yawn like she is stretching and yawning.
    This had been going on for quite some time and Renee was making me so horny that I had to put a stop to it. It was just a matter of finding an opportune time to confront her.
    Emma was an art teacher and worked with another art teacher by the name of Linda. Linda was also beautiful, and in her mid twenties. She was single but very much in demand by guys, but she was playing hard to get. One weekend Emma and Linda were attending a teachers conference at a retreat and would be gone from Friday to Sunday night. Friday night I was watching the evening news on TV and was comfortably sitting in my recliner. Renee came in with her blanket and sprawled out on the couch with the blanket over her. It started slowly with her rubbing her clit, and then the intensity picked up. Renee was making no effort to mask what she was doing. When she reached her orgasm she let out her usual sounds of relief with stretching and yawning. I figured that this was the time that I could confront her and make an effort to put a stop to her teasing me. I asked her, did that feel good Renee. She replied with, of course, daddy, it always feels good. I asked her if she was horny and trying to seduce me. She said that she enjoyed listening to me fucking her mother and that she fantasizes that I am fucking her.
    I told her that I would never cheat on her mother and that as much as I was flattered that she wanted to fuck me, it wasn't going to happen. Renee then said that she couldn't understand why I would not fuck her since her mother was cheating on me. I told her that I didn't believe her and she didn't have any proof, and if she did, who was the guy?
    Renee said that it wasn't a guy, that it was her friend Linda. Renee said that one day her mother took a sick day from school and interestingly Linda also took a sick day. We only live a 1/4 of a mile from the school and Renee had a headache that day, and at lunch time she said went to the nurse and said that she didn't feel good and was going to walk home. The nurse said that she would call Emma to come and get her. Renee said that her mother didn't feel well and she would walk home. Renee said that when she walked in the house she thought her mother might be sleeping and that she would be very quiet so she wouldn't disturb her. To her surprise Renee heard moaning and noises coming from Emma's and my bedroom. The door was open and Renee said that she looked in and saw her mom eating
    Linda's pussy. When her mother and Linda saw Renee they panicked . Renee said that she had always had thoughts about girl on girl and that she got very horny when she saw her mother and Linda making love. Renee said, don't stop. I like it and want to watch. They were so shocked that Renee caught them that Linda got dressed and quickly left. Emma had a lot of explaining to do and she was surprised that Renee said that she would love to have sex with Linda as well.
    At his point Renee said that because her mother was cheating on me that it would be perfectly okay if I had sex with her. I told Renee that I didn't know if I believed her and that it wasn't fair for her to tease me and get me so horny. Renee then said that if I wouldn't fuck her, would I at least let her jerk me off. Renee was unzipping my pants by now and had fished my cock out of my pants. I wasn't satisfied with a hand job and within minutes our clothes were off and my tongue was licking Renee's pussy and ass. Renee quickly got me into a 69 and began devouring my cock. She was just as good at sucking cock as her mother and the taboo nature of me sucking and fucking my stepdaughter made it into the most exciting experience I have ever had.
    I have never confronted Emma with the knowledge that I know she and Linda are lovers. As a matter of fact I am enjoying my love making with Emma more than I ever have before. I have also been encouraging Emma to take part in outside activities and taking trips with Linda. Emma thinks that is so nice of me and she is taking advantage of it with trips with Linda and activities that afford them time together. One weekend when Emma and Linda were at a flower show and out of town for an over nighter, Renee and I were making love, when Renee said that she would love to have sex with Linda and was trying to figure out a way in which she could approach her mother. She then asked me if I would love to fuck Linda as well. Actually I would love to fuck Linda, but Emma and Renee were providing me so much sex that I wasn't sure that I could handle it. Since Emma didn't know that I knew about her and Linda, I was afraid to bring up the subject. I was getting plenty of fabulous sex from Emma and maybe once or twice a week with Renee. I was afraid to make a mistake where my wife might find out that I was also fucking her daughter and that this whole affair might blow up in my face.
    This all started about 2 years ago and Renee is now attending college in Florida and has a steady boyfriend. I really miss Renee's time with me and have been giving some thought to maybe approaching Emma and see if she would be agreeable to an arrangement with Linda that included me. I'm not sure how to approach her and am fearful that emma would not be agreeable to seeing me with my cock in another woman. I have been very careful and have covered my tracks pretty well up to now and don't want to mess things up.

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    I heard a strange noise that startled me from my sleep. I went to my mom's room to let her know about the strange noise. I forgot that she had to work today, so she was already gone. That's when my eyes focused, and there was my stepdad, laying there asleep, uncovered and completely nude. This is the first time I've seen him naked, and omg, his cock looks absolutely delicious! I couldn't help myself, I knelt down beside the bed and just stared at it. His pubic hair is neatly trimmed with no hair on his balls. I so desperately wanted to touch it, stroke it, feel it in my hand, but I was too afraid that he would wake up and catch me. I went back to my room and furiously masturbated myself to an amazing orgasm while envisioning his cock in my mind. God, I so want to play with his cock now. I want to go back in there and see if he's still asleep just so I can see it again, and maybe touch it, but I'm to nervous to try.

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    I heard a strange noise that startled me from my sleep. I went to my mom's room to let her know about the strange noise. I forgot that she had to work today, so she was already gone. That's when my eyes focused, and there was my stepdad, laying there asleep, uncovered and completely nude. This is the first time I've seen him naked, and omg, his cock looks absolutely delicious! I couldn't help myself, I knelt down beside the bed and just stared at it. His pubic hair is neatly trimmed with no hair on his balls. I so desperately wanted to touch it, stroke it, feel it in my hand, but I was too afraid that he would wake up and catch me. I went back to my room and furiously masturbated myself to an amazing orgasm while envisioning his cock in my mind. God, I so want to play with his cock now. I want to go back in there and see if he's still asleep just so I can see it again, and maybe touch it, but I'm to nervous to try.

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    I live a nice life with my boyfriend who is the same age as me and he's great in bed and knows how to use his gorgeous cock to please me so I don't suffer from a lack of Sex far from it, But it's his Nephew that is becoming a habit he's 17 and Gay too, It started one day at a family party he came up to me while nobody else was around to hear and he whispered that I should go outside and meet him at the Garden shed as he did so his hand brushed against my crotch he winked and licked his lips, He left me with a growing bulge and in shock that such a young boy would be so brazen let alone my boyfriends Nephew, I checked on my boyfriend who was happily in a deep conversation so I slipped outside and headed to the shed, As I got closer the door opened he smiled and whispered "quick get in", As soon as the door shut he was on me his tongue slipping eagerly into my mouth as he ground his hard bulge against me I pulled him closer to me by grabbing his firm arse and pulling him roughly against me he moaned softly, His hand slipped between us and unzipped my trousers his hand slipped in grabbing my hard cock he moaned into my mouth softly and suddenly stopped kissing me and said in a husky voice " I want you to fuck me right now", With that he dropped his trousers and shorts span round and leant over a work bench his small sweet round arse looked so fuckable, I spat on my hand and lubed his hole up then my now raging hard cock and pushed into him he groaned loudly as I slid into him as his soft round cheeks pushed back onto me eager for more until I was deep inside him and I heard him whisper loudly "Oooh! Yeah fuck me daddy fuck me hard!" I pounded him hard against that workbench the various tools on it were rattling loudly, I reached around taking his hot young cock in my hand stroking it in time to my cock fucking him, He moaned under me and suddenly grunted loudly as I felt his cock jerk as he came hard I let go of his cock and licked his cum off my fingers it tasted great and I grabbed his hips and fucked him even harder until I came deep inside his tight young arse, I've fucked him a lot since and discovered how good he is at sucking my cock, My boyfriend has no idea and when he is away on business his Nephew shares my bed he's such a naughty kinky boy that I can't stop fucking him.

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