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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    I love my mom

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    When I was in high school my niece came to live with us for a year. I was the youngest kid in my family and my niece was just a few years younger than me. She was a brat and I noticed that she would act like a little kid sometimes to try and get her way. We were both about 15 so I thought she was weird. It wasn't until one night we were wrestling around and she started talking like a baby and said she needed her die-die changed. I was like what and she said her diaper. She asked me to undress her and pretend I'm putting a diaper on her, and if I wanted to play around a little bit that would be okay too.

    So my niece liked being a baby she and we'd fool around. We were each others first and she'd have me spank her and feed her with a bottle, and when the year was over seeing her leave was the hardest thing that ever happened to me. We kept in touch, but over time we grew more distant.

    Zoom ahead to this month. She called me out of the blue two weeks ago and wants to come up for a visit. She said she got a divorce last year and was thinking about us lately. She came up and it was like we were kids again. She is really into the adult baby thing now and she said she was always afraid of coming out to her husband and it ruined her marriage. She said the only person she could ever trust was me.

    She's been my baby for the last two weeks and she loves it. She rewards me for treating her right with the best sex I've ever had. I told her tonight she she can stay with me for as long as she wants.
    My older sister, her mom is really pissed off.

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    My brother and I always had a very good older sister - younger brother relationship (he is a year younger than I am). Discretely there was always this kind of teasing flirting side that we both liked. Well, as we got older and moved out on our on, I moved away, and there was a period where we didn't get to see each other very much. And then I moved back to town, and had just ended a somewhat serious relationship, and my brother had just broekn up with his girlfriend a few months before. When we saw each other, it was so wonderful being back together, and it was like we just picked up our relationship where we left off. Only now, being older and on our own, it was just easier for the two of us to enjoy each other's company. As they say, maybe just a little too much. Yet, the two of us found the idea of our being intimate quite appealing, and one day we ended up having sex. Doing so, I will admit, quite stupidly not taking any precautions. Well, surprise, I was pregnant! Of course the both of us didn't know what to do. I really was opposed to getting an abortion, and my brother said that he would support whatever decision that I made. I decided to keep the baby, and I told my parents that I was pregnant (although, not that my brother had been the one to impregnate me!). They took it fairly well and were understanding about how these things happen.
    My mother, however, then surprised me, when she disceretly asked if my brother was the father. She said that she suspected, knowing how much we had always liked one another. She was not all accusing or sdaying how this was horrible and wrong and all of that. She said, of course, that it would better if my father didn't ever find out, because he would think of that as being sinful and wrong. My mother suggested that perhaps my brother and I could move away together to where nobody knew us, and just act like a married couple, telling my father that my brother and I were just being roommates.
    Well, this worked out. My brother and I have have happily been together for three years now, and I am pregnant with his child again. No, we never imaged ourselves as being ever becoming husband and wife, but sometimes things can and do work out, and the can be wonderful.

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    Growing up I hated almost everything about my step father, mainly because I thought he was the one who split up my parents. Dillon moved in when I was nine and as I grew older I found new things to hate him for. One was how much more physically fit than my dad was, so I began to despise men and boys my age who looked after themselves. Always thinking they were vain and insecure.
    Then as I reached around fourteen or fifteen I started to notice Dillon looking at me in a different way. It wasn't pervy, but it was definately sexual. It was the first time I actually felt any kind of bond with him, even if it was from afar. I'd look at myself naked in the mirror with my medium sized breasts, long slender legs and my best asset or what I thought was my best asset, my tight firm ass.
    A girlfriend of mine told me one evening how she thought Dillon was such a good looking hunky guy and actually admitted to masturbating about him. I was seventeen at the time, Dillon would have been thirty eight, four years younger than my mom. It shocked me but it also made me look at Dillon in a different way. My adolecent ways forgotten I found myself imagining him naked, his muscles rippling as he moved, his tall frame towering above me and then noticing his large cock swaying as he walked. Never mind my friend, I began to rub my clit at night thinking of Dillons naked body, making myself cum.
    Eight months ago Dillon and I stood by the side of my moms grave, both wrapped up in our grief. Everything I'd tried to deny about myself and Dillon, came flooding out in an outcry of tears and pained guilt. Dillon put his arms around me and it was the first public sighting of our total affection for one another, albeit briefly and restrained. That's because Dillon and I had been having sex secretly since I walked into his and my moms bedroom naked, a year before she was tragically killed in a car accident.
    The night before I'd stayed over and knew when my mom went to work the following morning, I was going to do what I'd told Dillon I was by text the day before. All the years I'd masturbated imagining myself taking his cock didn't prepare me for the beautiful sight of his body and then his rising nine inch cock, as I climbed onto their bed. By the time I mounted my step fathers cock, he'd already eaten my pussy and ass until I'd cum twice.
    Every week from that first time Dillon and I made time to have sex together. At their home or around at my apartment which I initially shared with my boyfiend when he was at work. We split when Dillon was the only man I wanted fucking my pussy and still super tight asshole.
    We have remained secret in our relationship up until now, but shortly I will be telling everyone as Dillon and I will be moving away, to start a wonderful loving new life together. It's not a relationship most would want, but we didn't choose to fall in love and I do now love everything about him.

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    When I was growing up my brother used to come into my room at night and fuck me. I couldn't tell mom because he said he'd kill me. I can't even imagine being attracted to a man. When I see a man checking me out all I think of is how my brother treated me.

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    I wished my mom was a lot older. She had me when she was 14. I was raised by my grandma and I thought my mom was my sister. When my sister graduated from high school she took care of me more.

    My mom was younger than the other moms and my friend always teased me about having a MILF for a mom. Yeah, my mom was hotter than their moms but she was also about 10 years younger.

    When I hit puberty I was attracted to my mom like crazy. When she ran around in the summer in a bikini I'd get hard ons and it was embarassing. Mom told me not to be but I was. When I went to my other friends houses and walked by the laundry basket I noticed their moms wore granny panties. My mom wore sexy underwear. When mom caught me jerking off into a pair of her underwear instead of being mad she bought me a couple adult magazines (this was before the internet) and told me to enjoy myself.

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    I'm so ashamed of myself and I'm struggling whether I should confess to my mother about what I've done with my step father. My mother was out with friends, my step father came in after he'd been out with his friends playing pool and had been drinking. I found him lay on the sofa wearing his loose shorts and they weren't fitting him properly. In other words his cock was showing. Feeling very horny I took his cock and began to play with it, then bending over I took it into my mouth and sucked on it until it became hard. My pussy was acheing to be fucked after I'd been touching myself, so I lowered my night pants and panties, backed up to where he lay and skipped his cock into my pussy. I fucked my step father until I came on his cock, with him only murmering slightly about it feeling nice. Seeing his engorged dick still throbbing, I turned around and rubbed and rubbed his cock head all over my pussy slit until he came all over me and the sofa. Fearing he might wake up I left him that way and heard my mom shouting at him saying he was stupid idiot, masturbating and leaving his cock hanging out so I could have seen it. They both don't know it was me, but they've not spoken civily since and have argued about it constantly. I don't know if I should own up or keep quiet, because secretly I'd love to feel him inside me again.

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    Okay, here goes. I am only 16 but 18 was the lowest age to check.
    I love to read these confessions. When am home alone, which is often because my parents are divorced but still friends. I am an only kid.
    Saturday was a bad day for out side activity because of the snow and cold. Mom was working and not suppose to be home until after 8PM.
    About 4PM I was reading some confessions and had my pants down to my ankles and was masturbating. Being alone I left my bedroom door stand open. I was really having a ball. And I do not have a tiny dick as you may suspect of a 16 year old. I have a good 7 inches when hard, and I mean it was hard. As a matter of fact, after gym at school and we hit the showers most of the boys comment about my size.
    So I was sitting there, my pants down an jacking of as if my life depended on it, I heard my Mom, "What in the world are you doing??" I just froze and reached for my pants. Mom said, "To late. You may as well finish." She came over, looked at what I was reading but paid more attention to the pictures underneath. She commented something about the naked women sucking the big cocks. (Her words). Coming from my Mom it kind of embarrassed me. She then placed her hands on both sides of my face, bent my head backward and kissed my forehead and said, "Don't be ashamed Bill. I wasn't born yesterday. I know all about what little boys and girls do." She asked if I'd like to see her dressed the way those girls are dressed. I said, "They aren't dressed. They are undressed". So she changed her question and asked if I wanted to see her undressed that way. OMG, you don't know how badly I did want to see her that way. My Mom is beautiful, full figured, with a body that all men stare at, even my classmates. Then she took my hand and led me into her bedroom. There she asked if I would like to see one of my Dad's DVD's he left behind. "It's intended for adults only but if you promise not to tell your friends I'll let you watch it," she said. I promised. I didn't tell her that I had already, several times, slipped and watched it. I made it look like a surprise. She put it into her DVD player ad turned he TV on. While it was advancing through the introduction she began removing her clothing piece by piece, teasing me as she went. Finally she asked, "Aren't you going to strip too??" I did and as I did my dick came to life. She just stared at it. She turned the top covers back and we both lay side by side on the bed and watched the movie. I could have told her all about it before I happened but that would have been a give away.
    As the movie progressed I had my eyes glued on my Mom's body, in particular her tits and he pussy. Her firm tits stood straight up, partly because she was excited like me and mostly because of her build. They had not yet began to droop.
    Mom reached over, took my hand an placed it on her tits. I mean they felt great, if possible, I became more erect. As Mom would say, a harder cock. One reason too was because she was now squeezing and stroking my rock hard slowly.
    The movie was now showing this woman giving this man a blow job. She asked if I'd like her to do that to my big cock. I'll admit, I have never had anyone to give me head but had often thought about it while jacking off, women only. I said, "If you want to." She did so she turned so that her pussy was close to my face while s was taking about every inch of my cock in her mouth. It felt so warm and good. I commenced playing with her pussy. I have done this to some of my girl classmates when we would play around. I felt I already knew the exact spot that they enjoyed most. Mom would wiggle and moan leading me to believe I was doing it right for her. Soon she stopped sucking my cock, looked at me and asked if I wanted to lick her pussy. This too would be my first but I really did want to. I told her she would have to tell me how. She said should know how from reading those confessions I was caught reading. So I dove in, using my tongue and fingers as the confessions spoke of doing. I found what the confessions describe as her clit. I sucked on it and licked it while running my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I found a rough spot in the top of her pussy and devoted my time to it, rubbing and massaging it with my fingers while really sucking hard on her cit. Mom began really moaning and saying "Do it Bill. You are good." So I surmise that what I had was her GSpot as the confessions describe. She was really moaning and squirming so I started doing it harder.
    She told me later that she had 4 orgasms while I was sucking and fingering her.
    Okay, so we stop this and she asked me if I had a rubber. I didn't so she checked the night stand drawer, I suppose where Dad had kept his but none was there. She just said we'll have to be careful and have you pull out before you come. She had me get on top, her legs spread wide, and she took my cock and started it into her pussy. It felt so warm and tight on me. She told me to let her know when I was about to come. She was humping and telling me to fuck her hard and fast. I was learning but the most interesting part was that I was learning from my mother. Soon I felt the glow and told her that was coming. She pushed me off and commenced jacking me off. I shot my load all over her belly. We both lay there completely exhausted.
    As we lay there resting, Mom asked me if I was embarrassed to having sex with my mother. I told her I knew it wasn't right but enjoyed it and couldn't stop. She smiled and squeezed me tight. She said she enjoyed it also. She also said that if we wanted to do it again sometime she would get some condoms from where she works. Then she looked at me, grabbed my cock, and asked, "Do you think you'll want to do it again sometimes??" I told her that I thought maybe I would want to repeat it sometimes. She said she might just bring one of her working friends home and we could have a threesome. Now I am wondering if her girlfriend is gay or if she just wants me to fuck both of them. I guess time will tell.

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    First off this really happened. I'm posting it because if you see signs of child abuse you need to speak up. I don't care if it's your friends or family, you need to speak up. The little girl mentioned her is now a healthy 20 year old so I felt it safe to post. I am still involved in her life but her parents aren't. Please report child abuse.

    I found horrible things about my cousins and had to call the police. I was going camping and my cousin wondered if I could take her daughter with me so she could get to know me better and my cousin and her husband could have some alone time.

    My grand niece was 8 at the time. We were having fun camping and I wanted to teach her how to fish. While we were fishing she asked me "Why don't you love me??"

    I couldn't understand what she was talking about. I told her I did love her and doesn't she think I did. She told me I didn't hug and kiss her like mommy and daddy did. I gave her a hug and a kiss and she said, "No like mommy and daddy!"

    I told her to show me and she tried to french kiss me. I made her stop and she said, "See you don't love me." "You don't even play with me right." She started rubbing between her legs.

    I left all my camping and fishing gear there, drove her to the police. The police put me and her into a room with a female officer and a big mirror so I knew we were being watched and recorded. The officer was trying to make friends and gave her the standard teddy bear so she could so them where mommy and daddy touched her. She was afraid to talk but was filling out reports and they were taking down my statements. I got my grand-niece talking by suggesting "Can you tell the nice lady why I didn't love you like mommy and daddy does??". I would ask her where she wanted me to touch her and how he wanted me to kiss her. She stuck her tongue out and said like that, and instead of using the bear she pulled her pants down and was rubbing her panties and making humping movements. I got her to stop and got her dressed. The officer and I drove her to the hospital and we told her we were just going to make sure she didn't get any bugs out in the woods. The doctor examined her, found some suspicious bruises and verified that she had been sexually assaulted both anally and vaginally. I filled out more reports and statements and we had to wait for CPS to show up.

    I told my grand niece she was going to get to spend the night with some friends of mine tonight and I would visit her in the morning. She didn't want to go but I promised that we could go back to the fishing hole if she stayed with my friends. CPS came and took her away. I went back to the fishing hole packed up and went home waiting for "the call."

    The detective called me first to tell me that my cousin and her husband were picked up and that the police would contact me if they needed more information. My mother and Aunt called me screaming at me for getting the police involved in family matters. I refused to take their calls after that and even had to call the cops on my own family when they came over threatening me.

    It took about a week until I was called back to the police station. The detectives found tons of evidence, photos of my grand-niece, videos, DNA evidence. Even with that evidence my family was in denial that my cousin and her husband could or would do anything wrong. They got 5 years each, my grand-niece was put into foster care until I passed the tests to prove that I was capable of providing for her, and getting the psychological help she needed to recover so I could foster her.

    It was very hard and took a lot of help from CPS and the scars are still there but she has grown into a wonderful person.

    Don't ever keep your mouth shut if you suspect a child is being abused.

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    I hate my mom and my revenge is that I give my blow jobs and let him have anal sex with me. He doesn't fuck mom anymore and it makes me happy to see her get so frustrated when I sit on daddys lap and kiss him.

    Dad said he'll pay for my college if I live at home and go to one close by. This pisses off mom too because she was hoping that once I was out of the house she and dad would have a normal life again.

    I've asked dad why he doesn't just divorce her but he never gave a good answer.

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