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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    Earlier this month, my father and mother in law held a party for their 25th wedding anniversary.
    As per usual when we attend family functions, my husband Des got himself absolutely pissed. I was left at the end of the night to carry him home or as my father in law asked, to stay with them.
    With Des asleep on the couch downstairs. I was asleep in the guest bed. I'd been drinking too but nowhere near as much as my husband. Even so I at first didn't notice having my pussy licked, and in a half sleep I genuinely thought it was Des when I started to come around.
    My labias and clit were being sucked in just the way I love it being done and before long I was orgasming.
    Fully awake I looked down to see a long flowing locks of blonde hair. The blonde hair of my 46 year mother in law, Penny.
    She looked up at me and said "I've been wanting to do that ever since I met you".
    She calmly got up, winked at me and walked out naked of the guest room. The next morning I didn't dare say anything, but inside myself all I wanted to ask Penny, was when can we be alone to do it again.
    I'm hoping we get invited over for Christmas and New Year.....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I grew up in a house where nudity was encouraged and practiced all the time, and my older brother, younger sister and I Were told that it was natural and healthy to want to look at each other and our parents's bodies, so nothing was ever hidden.

    As a young boy who was curious about sexuality, I was in heaven. My favorite things to do were, sitting on the bathroom floor and watch my mother when she showered and she would always make sure I could see everything as she washed herself slowly.

    My other favorite thing was when my dad would stand in front of me while we talked and I had his much bigger dick was right in front of my face only inches away.

    I know now that they both wanted us to look at them because dad would often stand in front of us kids talking when his dick was hard and mom would often sit with her legs wide open and her pussy spread open.

    I used to go into their rooms when they slept and lick and play with mums pussy and suck my dads dick. Nothing was ever said to discourage me when they woke up and caught me playing with them. The only time they said anything was when they found me licking my sisters pussy.

    To this day my biggest fantasy is to have a orgy with my whole family and fuck and suck them all until no one has the energy to get out of bed.

    I am thankful every day for the way that we were raised, I only wish that we could have all fucked each other all the time. And that we still fucked today.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have had sex with my dad for many years. I don't feel abused. I don't feel regret.

    To explain, my parents divorced when I was very young. My mother made both of us miserable and she was such a total bitch that the judge had no problem giving full custody to my dad. I stepped right up to being lady of the house and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I didn't jump into his bed right away. That came gradually. Looking back it just seemed so natural, and still does. You can't put males and females together in such close quarters and not expect them to do it. I was young and full of hormones. Dad was lonely and stressed. He didn't r**e me or anything like that. If anything, I was the one who started it all. I knew what I wanted and went after it. I admit that I teased my dad mercilessly once I knew that I wanted him. I'd sunbathe topless when I knew he was home. I walked in on him in the shower. I let him get 'accidental' peeks up my skirts.

    One day I sat in his lap and started sort of rubbing against him. He closed his eyes and let me do it. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed...until he came inside his own pants. That was how it began. Rubbing led to masturbating which led to oral. Then when I turned fifteen I begged him to make love to me and he did.

    Over the years we have each had other lovers, but we always come back to each other. No one suspects a thing. The sex is good and we make sure I won't get pregnant. No regrets at all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    Three years ago my then 14 year old step son Alex caught me masturbating using a dildo on our bed. He asked me why I needed to use it as I was married to his father. I sought of lied and told him, it was because I get horny sometimes when his father worked away. The truth was his father could no longer satisfy me enough for me to feel sexually fulfilled.

    Now three years on, it was my turn to catch him stroking his cock. The difference was he was using a pair of my panties to masturbate to, sniffing them as he whacked off. And what a cock he was stroking. It was huge and looked so hard and full of pulsating veins. I had trouble not to just leap on his bed and take his massive cock into my mouth, but I did resist, but not before telling him I thought he and his cock looked beautiful.

    This last two weeks I've been masturbating privately, then leaving my panties in his room. I know he knows I do it for him, as he puts them in the wash basket full of his semen afterwards. I can't help myself and know if he asked for sex, which I dearly hope he does, I'll allow him to fuck me.

    It's just a matter of letting him know its ok to ask.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    Have done a lot of things in my life that I am not proud of. But that was my youth, my past. I am confessing today but I have no guilt feeling at all.
    My wifes aunt by marriage lost her husband (my wifes uncle) three years ago. She mismanaged the money, she lost everything. She became homeless, we found her sleeping in the barn of the property. Bank called my wife and ask if she could get her off the property; the police would do the job if she could not.
    So this aunt is now sleeping in the apartment we set up over our garage. We ask her nto to cook there, she has a key to our house and uses the house kitchen and shower.
    I walked in the bathroom and started using it while she was in the shower. Thinking it was my wife I reached in and grabbed her. Did not feel the same, I looked and it was her aunt.
    I told her who I thought it was and apologised. She said it was ok, I just scared her.
    That night at dinner I told my wife what i did and how embarrising it was for me. She laughed and told she would like to have seen the look on her face.
    Week later I woke up and found her aunt in the bed with me. She said the heat in the garage went out, she was cold.
    She was shivering and I pulled her over. Wrapped my leg around her and my arms. She stopped shivering and backed up to me. I laid there thinking about my wife, when I got an errection that puched against her back.
    She reached for it and jerked it some. She ask if she could take care of it for me. I said nothing. she moved under the covers and gave me oral satisfaction.
    Not just a fair job, she did an outstanding job.
    Few days later she and I are eating lunch, I ask her if she minded doign that again. She smiled, told me that would be nice. She enjoyed doing that for me. In the living room, me in the chair and her on the floor. She gave me a nice one.
    The next day at lunch, she ask if I might want another, I smiled this time and said sure. In the living room after and once mroe a great job.
    The next day she went into the living room with out being ask. got on the floor, Are you coming in here today?
    I got my noon time satisfaction and watched the farm report after.
    That after noon I had ot fix the breaker in the garage for her. she keep plugging the microwave and coffee maker in at the same time, it kicks the breaker. When i finished she ask if i wanted oral. and told i could have sex if I did not mind an old woman.
    So I got some of her on her bed. It was nice and she enjoyed it. Told me it had been many years since she had intercource. It was very satisftying.
    My wife had cancer years back and had most of her insides removed. She told me that I was welcome ot hire an escort if i liked. She would preform sex when i liked and in any form i liked. She just not enjoy it her self.
    Her aunt and I made an agreement not to tell anyone. she can not get pregnant, that was over years back.
    Am I right not to feel guilty? Am I right in not tellig nmy wife?
    This is the first time I have had any kind of sex outside our marriage since the first year. I had an old girl friend on the side, and broke that off.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Am I so wrong, so much of a bad woman if I have sex outside our marriage, but inside our family, If my husband no longer turns me on sexually.
    He's put on at least 6 to 8 stone from over eating and constant drinking and has also become so lazy. Almost from the moment we got back from our honeymoon four years ago. Even his family say he's being too reliant on the money I earn to want to sort himself out.
    Indeed it was his father Ian I turned to last year to try and make my husband see some sense. Not even that worked, but because of my feelings and total honesty about our non sex life, it lead to my father in law and I having the most passionate of afternoons. It lead the discovery after my first ever anal sex with Ian, that I now sometimes find myself literally begging Ian to fuck me anally.
    We don't see any harm in the sex we have on a weekly basis as long as we're both careful, and we are. Ian is widowed and I was sexually starved, so surely we are only doing what any sexually active adults would do.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Well im a bisex dad of to dandy kids 1boy 1girl 7and8 yo im usually alone with them half the month no one to help me . Well I found myselfe in quite a spot. When I put the kids down for bed one night ,they were whiney and restless ,I was egar to put them down because my daughter was wiggling on my lap to the point I got erect and horny , so I went to the living room to begen my release ritual, well while I had my thribbing cock cock in one hand and dildoing my ass with the other..lo and behold im interrupted by. can I hold that for you daddy.I nearly jumped into space ,and saw my daughter reaching for my throbbing member.before my heart came back to earth she had it in both of her hands stroking me like she knew what she was doing.freaking out and flabbergasted I froze stareing like a zombie . Only to flinch at the second sound I heard of . Ill get this side thistime sis .then we trade.she slurped out a wet sounding I know I know. As the dildo was pryed away from my hand to find it plunging in and out of me better than ive ever felt .unable to do anything more then just quiver and spaz in pleasure convulsions , I hadnt found my voice when son steped around me to join his sister in tounging and sucking all up and down my shaft to my asshole back and forth and together while he kept the dildo goin and she steady stroked my cock.while putting her mouth around my head as far as she could bless her heart at the top of every journeyto my asshole,at one point she looked me strait in the eye and said dad if u want us to do this agan were gonna hAve to shave this stuff.and she hopped right onto my cock with out missing a beat,I tried to catch her and stop her and realized she had me in her ass, as she pumped her little legs squatting up and down and threw er little arms around my neck stood on my thighs and looked down and said :kyle press it hard in there so we can make him go real fast, ...
    To be

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I was a typical shy horny teenager 13-14 years old that lived on a farm, with my mom and stepdad. I was a late in life surprise and sister was a teen mom with 2 nieces that were close to my age. While my sister and her husband were n prison my nieces lived with us also. As we only had one bathroom i spent a lot of time in our barns jacking off and as I found out later nieces followed and watched several times before I caught them watching. When I did I asked if they wanted a closer look, they said they did. I jerked off till I came. the youngest one wanted to taste it. I asked them if they wanted me to make them feel good too, they said yes, so I rubbed them but as they were virgins didn't go very far inside of them. For a year or so we mutually masturbated each other and in front of each other, done oral, everything but intercourse. Their boyfriends took their virginity :( but after that we had sex quite a bit until they got married. I may have gotten the youngest one pregnant but if she was she lost it. We fooled around almost daily even after parents got out of prison as they lived on the same 112 acres. I was still shy around other girls until I met my 2nd cousin in March 1994, from California and we got married in May 1994. Divorced her just shy of 16 years later. I flirted with my stepsister that was 14 years older but that's all she'd do, whether because of the age difference or the stepsibling thing I don't know. Stepsister and my birthday's are the same day once I bought her a card that said diamonds may be a girls best friend but a good hard ock comes in a close second. i wrote i can't afford the first, you won't let me give you the second so you'll have to settle for this card. 25+ years later she still has it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    Okay, so i read alot on this site and i dont know if i****t is more common than i thought or people just like to pretend.
    My dad and i actually do do i****t, but about an hour ago, we did something for the first time. Weve had sex beffor, but were like scared so always use protection. Well we are having a bbq today and he's pretty drunk. I was in the bathroom and he came in and leaned me over the sink. Cool, no problem, i was horny anyway.
    Anywho, he went in me without a condom and didnt stop even though i asked him not to do that. He just laughed and walked out. Hes sitting out back with his friends drinking now and Im still in the bathroom. I know its vad, bbut i already got myself off like 5 times and still havent taken a shower. Hes 36, i'm 14. Is it so bad i like his cum inside me? Like i get off thinking that its what made me, is in me now, and might make my own little brother. Im totally like between my cycles now so its super bad. I know i should wash it out and go get a plan b pill but, i want more, like again. Whats wrong with me?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    She had come home late from an office party pretty lit up and flopped on the couch. We had a glass of wine and talked for a while and she became sleepy. I moved over to her and undid her blouse and exposed her perfect breasts over her bra. I pinched and sucked on her pencil thick nipples, teething and licking them. She began to stir and instinctively spread her legs. I pulled her skirt up around her waist and pulled her pantyhose and panties to her ankles, leaving her heels on.

    I brought her to three orgasms eating her out. She alternatively pushed me away then pulled me face first into her hot crotch. She kept saying I could not fuck her so I stood up and made her kneel before me. I forced my cock into her reluctant mouth. She tried to keep my cock out of her mouth by pretending to lick and kiss it's rock hardness. I held her head with one hand and forced my cock through her lips and teeth. Once in I held her head tightly with both hands and began to skull fuck her. She slowly took more of me into her mouth gagging on its girth. She began to bob on her own so I released my hands from her head and was a bit surprised to have her suppress her gag reflex, taking my cock into her throat. Without warning I unleashed a huge spurt of cum which made her gag again, she pulled off my dick, three ropes of cum flew in her eyes, hair, and chin. She was coughing and sputtering with cum in her throat and jumped up and took a small sip of wine.

    I pulled her back onto the couch and got behind her, determined to fuck her. She fought a little but I held her hips tightly and easily penetrated her warm, wet pussy. I pushed hard to the hilt making her whelp. I eased out slowly and began fucking her in gentle, slow, deep penetrations. I slowly worked my thumb into her ass, intent on capturing my most coveted desire. I was nearing another orgasm, I slowed down so I wouldn't cum in her pussy. I had worked my finger into her ass and withdrew from her pussy. I very gently and lovingly began to work my dick into her pink puckered asshole. By this time she had given up struggling, she squirmed and moaned as I surged deeper into her ass. When I was balls deep in her ass she became breathless as I held still deep in her. My cock exploded leaving another hot load deep in her ass. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek as I withdrew from her ass. She smiled and sighed and quickly fell asleep.

    I left her on the couch as she was and threw a comforter over her. I turned off the lights and before heading upstairs I turned to her and whispered, "Goodnight, Mom."

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