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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Two years ago, precisely six months after I married my husband, his step father Ian, a wonderful man who'd brought my husband up alone since he was two, told us he had incurable cancer. About two months later with my husband working away overnight, I got an unexpected text from Ian asking if he could pop over (He lived across the street).
    Sat listening to some of the heart breaking things Ian was saying, about missing out on grand kids, watching us and them grow as a family, I cried like a baby. Then all of a sudden Ian changed the subject. He firstly told me just how long he had left, and not to tell his son (He never once called my husband his "Step son") know how long. Then looking directly into my eyes, Ian asked me if I'd consider giving him sexual pleasure, just one last time for him.
    He stood up straight away and told me to think about it, and was about to walk out. But strangely I didn't need to think about it. I knew if it wasn't one of his dying wishes, he'd never ask. I also knew he'd never hire a hooker. So when I asked Ian to turn around, I'd already removed my top and skirt.
    The sex we had over the next hour, was some of the best sex I'd ever experienced. Ian was such an understanding lover and being very well endowed, he soon had me wondering why he hadn't re married. By the time we sat together naked in front of the fire sipping coffee, I'd orgasmed three times and Ian had cum inside me twice.
    The funeral took place five weeks later, a fortnight after that I told my husband I was pregnant. The timings were correct, but then my husband the very next day after returning home (The night after Ian and I had sex), got emotional. And we ended up having long slow sex on the very spot I'd had sex with Ian the evening before. With it being Ian's wish and his passing, I have never said a thing. Our son does look like my husband in every way, but, well he reminds me of Ian the older he gets. It's got to the point, as to whether I'm going to tell my husband about everything, or forever keep my peace.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    We have just returned from the funeral of my wife's grandmother and I have something to admit. For the past eight years I have had the best erotic and kinky sex with the woman that was in the casket. She was a beautiful and charming woman. She could suck cock like a 100 dollar hooker, and loved to fuck. We managed to get together every few months and just a week before she died I fucked her in the ass while everyone else was at church. I will miss her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    my confession is that i have for many years been shooting my jizz into my daughters meals before i serve it to her.
    at this time have had no complaints from her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 33

    I divorced my husband because I gave birth to a baby of a different race from us. At first he accused me of sleeping with another man which I never did. I was furious and beyond confused. He let our families believe I was a cheater then after I left him he tried to get me to come back by telling me the truth. He had drugged me multiple times so that he could watch other men fuck me. One of the men impregnated me and my husband spent the months of my pregnancy worried about whose baby it was. Well it's not his, it's mine. I made sure everyone knew what happened. I live with my parents and I'm raising my baby with my family's help and I have absolutely nothing to do with my ex other than cashing his checks.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My aunt Kim's husband died early this year and because my mom and me have always been close to my moms youngest sister, we spent a lot of time around her home helping her with anything she wanted. I also had an ulterior motive, and that is I have the hots for my aunt. Kim's extremely fit and still young looking at thirty eight, plus she's got the sweetest smelling pussy ever. I know this because on many occasions when I've stayed at her house, I've found her used panties and masturbated as I sniffed the crotch.

    Things have changed of late though. When in the past I'd used her panties, they were always in the laundry basket waiting to be washed. This past couple of months when I've stayed over (Which is normally once or twice a week) I've found them dropped close to the room I sleep in, and a couple of times (And why else would they be there) actually in the guest bedroom I use. The reason I'm confessing is try to see if anyone has had anything close to what I think is happening. That's because only last week as I was in the bathroom and Kim was going out to work, I walked back into the room to find a pair of her used panties, which were heavily scented with her pussy, on my pillow. They were laid out so her crotch area was showing and it looked like she'd been masturbating before she'd wiped her pussy with them. Straight away I lay on the bed, picked up her panties and began to masturbate. Half way through wanking, Kim popped her head into the room, smiled at me and said "Enjoy yourself today, I'll be back home for dinner". It was if she was just accepting I beat off to her pussy smell, because she turned and walked out.

    The last piece of the puzzle, is Kim text me the same day from work to ask me to put her panties in the wash. She finished the text by saying "Only if you're not using them again". I did use then again as soon as I answered her text and got her response. I let Kim know I was going to whacking one off again, she text back "Bet you wish it was the real thing xxx".

    The dinner we had was a quiet one, but I could feel the sexual tension between us. It was Kim who finally broke the silence by asking me if I'd consider spending the Christmas and New year period with her. I said I'd love to but I'd have to ask my parents first. I've got to give her my answer within two days (If I'm not staying, she's going to go away for a few days) after I find out what my parents are doing. I've already raised the subject with my mom, who said that would be nice after her husband died. My mom thinks it's a purely innocent thing, and if she knew what had already happened she'd freak out. If I stay I think, I know we'll end up having sex, or I hope so anyway. But I don't want to fuck up my family either.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    I know there are a lot of stories about guys being with their moms sexually as a teen, but I really did. She was a lonely divorcé and I was in awkward social reject at school. It was only a few times and it made the world of difference for me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    yesterday i caught my bro wanking. he left his door open and was laying on his bed naked going at it. when i saw him i giggled to myself a little, but watched. he runs cross-country in school so be has a nice bod. i started fondling myself as i watched him. when i could tell he was getting ready orgasm i went into his room and knelt by the side of his bed. i told him OK and took his hand away from his cock and started kissing and sucking it. he shot so much sperm i couldn't hold it in my mouth and gagged. it went all over my face and down my neck. so much i had to take a shower and wash my cloths too.

    i'd do it again too. he's my step, so i don't feel wierd about doing it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    This happened about midnight a week ago. I was in my room just jerking off, when I had the urge to go through my sisters room. She mostly lives out of town but has a room and visits monthly. My sister is 5 years younger. She is blonde about 5'7", not chubby but not a stick, with 32dd.

    I have never thought of her as hot or sexy one bit. But I love big tits. So with my dick in my had I gather up her ChapStick, 2 pics, 5 sexy thongs, a pair of panties she had recently washed,and a bra. I then retreated to my room before I was caught with my dick in my hand.

    I decided to have a photo shoot. I first make a gif rubbing her ChapStick on the head of my throbbing cock. I made sure to leave some precum for her. I then proceeded to take pics of her thongs hanging on my cock. Also pics of my cock on her face.

    My heart was pounding, making my cock swell with the ring I had on. I took her clean black panties and snapped pics putting precum in the crotch.

    I hadn't been this excited since I was 16 and jerked off in my stepsisters(13) closet. This was all planned out. I was going to see my step sis huge d cup tits. It all came together besides she caught me. Anyways that's a great story in its self.

    So I line up her pics and place my favorite thong in the mix. I switch the camera to record and explode nice thick ropes of cum all over my sis pics. Gotta brag I gotta nice aim. Nailed her thong hard too. My legs were shaking, gouche all tightened up. Total ecstasy. I decided to post the pics and video online to showoff my appreciation for my sister's help

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My sister-in-law Melody is a down home country girl and our extended families live pretty close in small town America. She is 7 years younger than me but we have always been close as we both love horseback riding, and get out at least once a week. Our respective families often get together for barbeques and such, and I love when we do because she will take a break from her cowboy boots and put on very sexy wedge sandals, and her bare feet have always made me crazy with desire! She has very white and deep arches and often goes with a French pedicure. I have to confess I have often dreamed about licking and smelling her feet, and also sucking her toes!. She might know that I have a fetish for her sexy feet because I stare at them a lot... maybe I'm letting on.

    It was my birthday recently and as usual we all got together, and she had on the before mentioned sandals. As we sat on patio chairs around the kids inflatible pool, she dipped and moved those hot shoes like a woman posessed and sometimes looked quick my way...I hope to hell we can get our kink going. Maybe I'll ask to hold her feet steady next time she does yoga in the farm house...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    My mother passed about ten years ago,my father a few months ago. My siblings and I were sorting dads stuff we ran across several boxes of old super 8 video tape, it brought back memories, we remembered our parents taking videos of us as kids etc. I asked if I could have the tapes and make them into dvd's my siblings thought it a great idea. A few months later I had a day to myself and decided to watch the movies. I watched several,great memories I thought. I loaded the fifth tape in the old projector and got the shock of my life! It started out a still shot of my parents bed then my nude mother enters , lays down and fingers her pussy,soon dad climbs on top and fucks her! I was shocked, I couldn't believe they recorded this. This first tape was a compilation of dad fucking her in different positions. The second one was my mother in a gang bang! I counted 6 guys! It was obvious this was not her first time,she was very comfortable and took it in all holes, even dp! As I went through the tapes there were other women involved,my dad fucking them,mom kissing them,mom eating was surreal.. I made the dvd's including one of all the sex that I kept for myself!

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