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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    My brother, 2 years my senior, was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. I caught the first available flight out. My sister, 10 years my junior, met me at the airport. On our way to the funeral home where they were holding a viewing/wake/visitation she asked if I was going to stay at her home. I said I had planned on getting a hotel room and renting a car for my short stay but if she had room I would be happy. She was only 3 years old when I joined the military, therefore we were more like perfect strangers.
    After the viewing we, she, her husband and me, went to a local restaurant for a quick dinner. Then to their home. We did get some extra chatting in before bedtime. The next day her husband, Ben, took me to a couple car rentals but he told me that I was welcome to used his pickup if I was satisfied with it. As a military man, I am used to all sorts of vehicles. Anyway, the funeral was that afternoon and I would be going home the following day so I accepted the offer.
    Now, after the funeral there was a Reception and I met lots of friends and relatives I haven't seen in ages. That tired me out. Afterward we returned to my sisters home. My room was upstairs so I went there, removed all my clothing, donned my bathrobe and got me a quick shave and shower. Put my robe back on and returned to my room. It was now about 9 PM, to tired to stay up and to early to retire. As I was sitting on the side of my bed, facing the dresser with a huge mirror, applying some Axe deodorant, there was a peck on the door. I yelled, "It's open." And my sister entered. She wanted to chat and learn what time my flight was the next day. I checked my ticket, she sat down by me and leaned over to look at the ticket as I did. My flight was at 1 PM the next day. I knew this but rechecked to make sure. As she leaned over her breast rubbed against my arm. It really felt good. I asked where Ben was and she said he had gone to drive some family home, in another town, and wouldn't be back until midnight at the earliest. She then sniffed my deodorant and asked, "What kind of deodorant I was wearing??" I told her that it's called Axe and bent over to get it, the spray on kind, and show her. My robe fell open. She said, "WOW!" I said, "Yeah, it is a good smelling fragrance." And she said, "I'm not talking about the deodorant. I'm talking about that thing between your legs" and she put a big hug on me and gave me a light kiss on my cheek. I was embarrassed, I started getting an erection so I pulled my robe back over me. She laughed and said, "To late for that. I have already seen enough. Let's get it all off and that thing on" and she began pulling my robe off my shoulders and letting it fall to the bed around my butt. "Now I see why you are called Big Brother" she said and snickered. I looked at her and said, "Since you have seen me and are so proud of what you saw, why not show me what you are so proud of you have to hide with all those clothes." She stood and said, "Don't run away. I'll be right back>" And she left the room. Shortly she returned with only her night gown on. She stood in front of me, released the tie on belt and let everything fall to the floor and said, "Is this disappointing??" My reply, "No Way. You're beautiful." and I pulled her close and buried her tit's in my face. I began sucking her nipples. I don't know how to describe her tit's, they were probably a C as I understand a D is large. Hers were ample size for her body. As I say kissing and sucking her nipples she got a handful of my hard dick. She immediately dropped to her knees and began playing with my dick. She looked up at me and asked, "What do you want me to do?? Do you want me to suck it??" What could I say?? I said, "Do what ever you want to do, Sis!" And she pushed me back on the bed, pulled my robe from under me and said, "Don't call me Sis. It ruins everything." so I said, "Okay, do whatever you want, Betty." Her name is Elizabeth but everybody calls her Betty. She liked that and as she was laying in the 69 position she took my hard dick into her mouth and began. I mean she was good. I just couldn't resist, I spread her legs, with her help, and started massaging her pussy with my hands while licking her clit with my tongue. She was really going wild. She was moaning so loud, I was glad Ben was gone and not down stairs. He would have thought I was punishing his wife. I then slid my fingers inside her pussy and continued sucking her clit while finger fucking her. She started another orgasm. I could tell by the way she would stiffen up and quiver. She soon stopped sucking, wiggled around and said, "Fuck me Gene, I want to feel that big thing inside me." That made me feel good. I don't profess to have a monster but it does make me feel good for her to say "That Big Thing". I got on top as she spread her legs and brought her knees up to her shoulders almost. She reached down, grabbed my dick and slipped it inside her wet warm pussy and I then started pressing it in slowly. She was moaning and saying, "Fuck me Gene, that feels so good. Deeper, harder." Now that is all it took. I began fucking her like there was no tomorrow, I could feel the head on my dick hit the stopping point inside her stomach. She had her arms around me and would squeeze me tight and hump up as I way pounding in. She stiffened ou, started quivering, and said, "I'm cuming, Gene." And I started fucking her harder, if possible. She started begging me to cum inside her. I asked if she was serious. She said she could not get pregnant, which gave meaning why they had no children after about 6 years of marriage. But the freedom of knowing I could not get her pregnant gave more meaning to the outstanding fuck. She again stiffened up and began quivering but this time she was crying, "I'm cuming darling, cum in me. I wnat to feel your warm cum shoot inside me". And at that I began to cum, I couldn't continue, I just stuck my dick in as far and hard as I could and said, "I'm cuming now." And she was still moaning and said, "Don't stop. Fuck me as hard as you can." and I started pounding her again and she again started quivering and stiffened out. I knew she was having the world record orgasm. After she finally relaxed and I knew she had finished that one last orgasm we just lay the, my dick still in her, and we were kissing like real lovers. She said, "I don't want this to ever stop. I want to feel you dick in me forever." But we both knew this could never happen. We got up, got into the upstairs shower together and got they worlds first and best cleaning from brothe and sister, me and her. We finished, got out, dried off, returned to my bedroom and she donned her gown and I put on my PJ's. We embraced, kissed and she went back downstairs. I looked at my watch and It was 11:00 PM, my bedtime and about time for Ben to return.
    We had breakfast at her home but I feasted them for lunch at the airport while awaiting my flight. When the call came to board, they couldn't walk me to the plane because of the Security. Ben and I shook hand and hugged and then Sis, I mean Betty, gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my lips and whispered, "Till we meet again." and smiled.
    Now, She and our niece, just 3 months younger than Sis, have made plans to visit me this summer. Now, how are we to separate from our niece or do they plan on a threesome?????????????? Gives me chills just to think of it.
    So, as Sis says, "TILL WE MEET AGAIN"!

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    OK I don't know what to do after what I did, last Saturday we were celebrating Mother's day at my house everyone were happy and having fun after 2:4am everyone were gone but my sister 26 was sleeping with her boyfriend 31 she was way drunk and pass out I walk in to her room I saw her by naked and I always thought he's hot and had little crush anyways I grab his dock and start suckling his cock he got really hard his about 9.5" he open his eyes and saw me but he didn't said anything so I keep suckling him after 8m of ducking him I told him in bed ears come to my room so he did and he fuck me hard and make me swallowed his cum after we finish
    He told me don't tell ur sister and we can do it again, now I feel bad but I loved
    So what do u think I should do??

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    I once fuck my cousin after a night of partying. We were drunk and i took her home, undressed her to put her in bed and could not help myself. Her pussy and ass were very tight. I came in her ass. We woke up naked next to each other in the morning and never spoke of it again.

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    my brother invited me to his wifes family house. Mothers day was a big dinner party. His wifes aunt made a pass at me, I took her up on it. We went for a drive in her car, we parked and I got her big ass spread. I bounced up and down on her till she ask me to finish up. I had her moaning and groaning. She gave me her number and her address.
    When we got back she told what we did to brothers wife. Said her husband must be fun in bed. His brother was.
    Now she is pissed at me. That's not right. Hell that woman is almost 50 and horny as hell.

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    I have to confess to an addiction... My fiance and her 14 yr old daughter live with me. Her daughter complains frequently to her mother, which I hear, about her extreme wetness at night and during the day from her crotch. I help out around the house and do quite a bit of laundry. At 12 her mother bought her the first of many thongs. I see the thin crotch of her dirty panties and many times the fabric is stuck together like glue. One day I came across a pair she had just removed laying on her bathroom floor. The crotch was completely soaked and I couldn't help but explore. Her wetness was thick and white. I held it to my nose and there was really no odor, just the slightest hint of musk. The arousal in my pants got the best of me and I began licking the girl cum from her panties. I was instantly hooked on the taste! I can't get enough of her juicy teen pussy on my lips. I have kissed my fiance with her daughters taste in my mouth without her knowing. I have even rubbed the slimy wetness on the head of my cock and unknown to my fiance had her suck my cock. My fiancé knows I sniff her own panties because I have done it in front of her. I don't know if she ever questions my obsession with doing that and if it spills over to her daughter. I have many fantasies related to her daughters wet panties. I am hooked...

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    While waiting for my two sons to visit me on Mother's Day, reminded me of three years ago when they were 32 and 34, both married with children and they asked me what I wanted them to do for Mother's Day. I smiled and said I want to watch you give each other a blowjob. They both looked shocked and said we can't do that. I proceeded to tell them I knew they were masturbating and sucking each other's cock when they were teenagers. Mothers know more about what their children are up to then they give them credit for. I decided I was going to put a stop to that, because I wanted them to get married and give me some grandchildren. So when they both past their 16th Birthday I moved them in to separate rooms and took turns visiting them when their father was away and let them fuck me. They soon left each other alone and started dating girls. They still come over and fuck me once in a while even though I'm a sixty year old widow. They insisted they weren't going to do it, but I said there might be repercussions if you don't. (They knew what I meant). They looked at each other and shrugged and decided they better satisfy me. They removed their pants and underwear and sat beside each other. They reached for each other's cock and began stroking them. As their erections began to grow I looked in their faces and could tell they were starting to get turned on. Mike bent down slowly and began to suck Roy's now fully hard cock as Roy pumped away on Mike. As Mike got tired (not used to sucking cocks) they switched places and Roy engulfed Mike's cock in his mouth as Mike pumped on Roy's. My hand was stroking my pussy as I watched my two adult sons enjoying each other's cock. They looked like they were about to cum and I told them to get in into a sixty-nine and finish each other off and swallow each other's semen. They did as asked, put their pants on, and shook hands with a smile on their faces. I said now give me a kiss and go home to your families.

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    Husband and i were having a hard day with on and off arguing and i had to call to wish mom a happy mothers day. Was torn that if i waited too long to call her though things were not good at home at the time, it would backfire and she would find reason to cry. It sucked, i asked husband to give me space so i can call her and i wasn't going to let her catch on that we were having a hard day. She sticks her nose where it doesn't belong, i wasn't going to give the dog a bone (my mother}. Things got worked out between us and my mother wasn't forgotten god forbid. I called her 11:00 am her time and she was already working herself up, heard it in her quivering voice as she was eating my every word. "what are you guys up to, how is your day??"~~"oh it would be great if we can get some fishing in, its cold out sooo were not sure if we want to catch a chill". Whew she bought it and dropped the personal questions. Happy mothers day mom, would have been nice if i felt i could call you during a time that was good for me so it could be sincere~shhh!

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    my cousin is and impressive guy with everyone. He builds homes has a small farm and looking for a bride. He has dated a lot of girls but none he keeps around long. I worried he may have sexual problems and ask him. he told me everything works and if I like I may try it out.
    Few weeks later I attended a BBQ and dance at a friends house. He was taking me home when I ask of the offer was still good. I had enough to drink to let me self god some. I started by sucking his cock while he drove to his house. he took me in the bed room four times. There is nothing wrong with his equipment now how he uses it. My vag has changed shape and size from his actions.

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    I take the chance to confess the following. At age 6 I let my older next door neighbour play with my cock, from oral sex to intercourse (bare back) by age 10 I had, had sex with 26 different partners. I have never licked a steely pussy for too long, unless I was drunk or being paid for it. I have been paid for sex in cash & everything else. I have fucked a pro so long she asked to be swapped at a brothel in Liverpool Sydney, I have fucked a mother & daughter in the shower. I have fucked two sets of twins in my life. I have hidden in a closet while some guy fell asleep then went back to fucking his wife beside him as he slept, she let me do anything to her after that. I have fucked several close mates mothers, I once paid my alcoholic anuty in law to suck me off, which was taking too long, so she offered sex instead, were I got to fuck the shit out of her repeatedly.

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    When I was little I was sexually abused by my dad. It started when I was really little. My little brother was three years younger than me and we used to take baths together. He found out when we were bathing together because he was looking at my butt and saw that my asshole was bruised. I don't know why I didn't have a problem with my little brother touching me and learning that boys and girls had different parts, and when my dad touched me I would freak out and only stop fighting because it hurt less.

    My brother was little enough not to understand what was going on, but when we were being dried off by mom and he said "Patty has a purple butt hole" my dad heard from the other room and ran in. He grabbed my brother hard, spanked him until his bottom was bright red and told him to stop lying.

    Dad was more careful after that. Dad would take me out every Friday night to "The Movies" This meant that he drove to the gun shop he worked weekends and raped me. My brother used to pout that he liked movies too and didn't understand why Dad never took him along. I learned to lie and tell my brother that the movies we saw would scare him too much. I'd cuddle with my brother and read to him. He was the one person in the world I could trust not to hurt me and he was so innocent. We were inseparable when we were together, and when he started school I helped him at home so he could keep ahead of the other kids. Soon he was raised a grade and finally my parents started paying attention to him as more than just another mouth to feed.

    Being at school and being around my brother made my hell easier to live in. Then I started to grow boobs in the 6th grade and was getting noticed by boys. This made dad angry and if he saw me with any boys from school he could accuse me of being a whore. His punishment was to strip me, put me over his lap and whip me with his leather belt. Then he would apologize and take me to his room and rape me. Once my brother came into my dad's bedroom and tried to pull him off me. My dad hit my brother so hard he knocked him across the room. Then he pulled my little brother up off the floor, pulled his pants off and told him it was about time he became a man. Dad made me get on my hands and knees and then he shoved my little brother up against me and was trying to force him to fuck me. My brother was so scared he was crying and trying to get out of my dad's hold. Thankfully he was also so scared that he didn't get an erection and all dad was doing was rubbing my brother up against me. Dad finally gave up and told my brother to get the hell out of his room and never ever come back in there.

    It got worse when I went to Junior High and my brother was still in Grade school. I joined the flag team just so I would have to stay late at school every night and would walk part way home with the other girls. Sometimes my dad would pick me up after practice and he'd drive straight out to the gun shop, rape me, then we'd go home and have dinner like nothing happened.

    Oh, if you are wondering why my Mom never did anything to help me, so did I. My Mom gave up years before and was basically a Zombie, just there to keep the house clean and cook meals.

    My brother and I were in Junior High together my last year and his first. My brother joined the Wresting team and was also in the school band, and he was in the drama club. He just wanted to be away from home as much as possible. Being on the wresting team honed his body and he went from a chubby kid who still had his baby fat to a trim well muscled guy who started getting attention from the girls. It didn't hurt that he showed his softer side by being in drama club and the band. The girls liked him a lot more than the jocks, and I was jealous that my brother got to have some romances and I was still stuck by myself and my dad.

    My brother stayed every night after school to walk me home and sometimes the girl he was seeing at the time would walk with us. I found out that the girls at school wondered what was wrong with me and why I never got together with anyone. I also found out that my brother used to get in fights whenever he heard someone talking shit about me. I think I fell in love with my brother then. I went into his room really late at night and woke him up, told him he shouldn't be fighting over me and that I wanted to thank him for being so nice. I didn't know any other way to so my love so I pulled my top off and told my brother he could touch them if he wanted to. I put his hands on my breasts and it felt so good, not like when Dad groped me and mauled my flesh. I crawled under the covers with my brother and we cuddled like we used to do when I read to him. We spooned and I held his hands to my breasts.

    I would crawl in bed with him whenever I thought I wouldn't get caught. If my dad raped me that day I would wait until Mom and Dad went to sleep and I would crawl in bed with my brother for comfort. We never did anything sexual, even though I could feel his erection pressing against me while we were in bed. He would tell me that someday all the pain would be over and everyone would see how pretty I was, then I would find a boyfriend and everything would be okay. I didn't tell him but I wanted him to be my boyfriend. For all these horrible years he was the only thing keeping me sane.

    Then one day I slipped up. Practice was cancelled and my brother had to stay at school. We were in high school when this happened. I was seeing a boy at school and he had an MG Midget and I loved this guy. We'd make out in the parking lot behind the school whenever we could. He liked my brother too and that was a big plus for me. Since practice was cancelled and I knew my Dad didn't expect me at home for another two hours my "boyfriend" and I drove near my home and fooled around in the car. I begged him not to drive me the rest of the way home but he did. I couldn't tell him why.

    When his car pulled up and I jumped out my "boyfriend" tried to kiss me and I said NO! My dad was out of the house and yelling for him to Get the hell out of there away from my daughter or I'm calling the cops. That was the last time I got to see him. My dad dragged me into the house and I was screaming that I didn't do anything wrong. The neighbors that heard me just peeked out their windows at us.

    Dad told me I wasn't too old to get spanked. He made me stand in the living room naked and he went to get his belt. I tried to cover myself up and Dad said to keep my arms to my side. I looked at my mom begging her to do something and she just sat there silent. Dad came back with his old leather belt and sat down, made me walk across the room then he pushed me across his lap. Dad started swatting me with the belt and it hurt worse than I ever remembered. I didn't hold in my screams like I used to. I called my dad every name in the book and some. When my dad decided that I had had enough me didn't even drag me back to his bedroom. He made me stand beside the sofa and bend over. He pulled down his pants and raped me right in front of Mom. Then my brother burst in the front door and he had a bunch of his wresting buddies and a couple of his girlfriends that I knew with him. My brother punched my dad in the face and they started fighting. A couple of my brother's friends joined in and kicked the shit out of my dad. The girls and one of the guys helped me get dressed and took me out to their car. They said they were taking me to the hospital and I begged them not to. There was a nice nurse that checked me out and I didn't want to but they did a rape kit thing on me to collect DNA. I was horrified that they would know about dad raping me. I was 17 but inside I was still the scared little 5 year old. I had to fill out a police report and a lady cop tried to make me feel better. I stayed with the family of one of my brother's girlfriends for a couple days until the police said I could go back home. I didn't go back to school at all.

    When I got home my brother told me that they called the cops and dad was arrested. He wasn't going to be back home ever. Mom gave me a hug and said she was sorry. My brother said that Mom wanted to divorce dad now but I said what was the fucking point and why didn't she do that 12 years ago???????? I was screaming at my Mom and all she did was cry and say she was sorry. My brother took her out of the room and sat Mom down in the kitchen. When my brother came back into the living room he told me that after they took Dad away Mom started to talk and told him all the nasty things he did to her before we were born. My brother and I could now understand why mom gave up.

    My brother suddenly became the responsible one in the family. He found a lawyer that made sure dad got a really high sentence. They also worked with CPS to keep us from being torn apart. I only had six months until I turned 18 and my brother had already turned 15. The courts found our mom just as guilty as our dad but the lawyer worked out a deal where mom got a lot of therapy. My brother and I were "technically" wards of the state, but we were allowed to live in our house and six months later when I turned 18 my brother was in my custody.

    My brother made me get a GED and he made me apply to Community College and get an AA. We were both working part-time jobs to have enough money to survive. Our mom was working at a maid in some flea bag motel and started dating the owner. I found an interest in Psychology and Sociology and my brother made me study my ass off. There were nights when I would get home from school, after working 4 hours and just want to lay down and sleep. My brother would force me to stay up and go through all my work with me to make sure I really understood what was being taught. I didn't think about it at the time but the way he was helping me he was getting a free college education.

    I got a scholarship and was accepted to go to a really good college out of state and get my BA, then start working on my Masters degree. I didn't want to leave my brother but he made me leave. We called each other almost every night until the first phone bills arrived and we had to cut down on our talking. One day he called and told me to check my bank account. There was over $100,000 in there. He told me he sold the house, put mom in an adult care facility that was fully paid for by Dad's union pension. He said he was going to take a year off and finally finish high school then would get an apartment near the college and find a job.

    His year off wound up being three. My brother joined the peace corps and helped villages in poor countries get fresh water and set up schools. When I met him at the airport I barely recognized him. His skin was tan and leathery from the sun. He had a short beard and his eyes were so bright. When he hugged me I thought I was going to die I was so happy. We hopped in a taxi and I took him back to my dorm room. My roommates fell in love with him instantly and I was jealous as hell. We stayed up all night in the commons area and we talked and drank and he told amazing stories about his peace corps adventures. All of us stayed up all night and in the morning he wanted to see the sunrise. We grabbed blankets, cereal and milk. 12 of us ate Cheerios and watched the Sun come up. When I got up my brother was sound asleep cuddled up with two of the girls from my floor. I wanted to wake him up so bad and make him sleep in the same bed as me. Instead I curled up with them and we all slept for a couple hours.

    My brother went out and found a nice place and I moved in at the end of the quarter. I had my own room and was disappointed when I saw that. We curled up on the sofa together and watched a movie that night. I told him that I missed him so much that it made me ache. He said that he was home now and everything would be okay, he'd find a job and when I graduated in six months I could find a place to help other fucked up people like us.
    When the movie ended I didn't want to move. My brother tried to get up and I told him not to move, that it felt perfect laying there with him. When he protested more I fell back to my old way of thinking. I took my top off and put his hands on my boobs. He pulled them off and I didn't know what to do. I begged him to tell me what was the matter and that if I did anything wrong to please tell me. He was so sweet and so understanding that he pulled a blanket over us both and we slept together on the sofa, me laying on top of him. I should say that he slept, I was awake all night just looking at him. I studied his entire face, every hair, every little wrinkle, every little scarâïÂ& iquest;½à ¦and made a mental note to ask him about those. I finally passed out more than fell asleep and only woke up when he nudged me in the morning and told me he had to pee. My had went straight down to his crotch and I could feel his erection. I pulled my hand away and said sorry, rolled off him and said I would make us something to eat. He yelled out of the bathroom that since we were up we could go somewhere and eat then he'd ask around about work, but first he wanted to take a shower.

    There was only one bathroom in the apartment and I had to piss really bad while he was in the shower. I told him I needed to pee and he said go ahead and bring him a fresh towel. I found the towels and grabbed two. After I pissed I stripped down and got in the shower with him. He had soap in his eyes and wanted do know what I was doing. I had to say something so I said I just wanted to wash his back for him. I could tell that after 4 years apart he had grown distant while I was still pining away for him. I soaped up his back and found more scars. I ran my fingers over them and he said that he's tell me what happened sometime. I rubbed the soap into his back and was more giving him a massage than washing him. He told me how good that felt and he stood with his hands against the shower wall and I rubbed him up and down. His muscles were so firm and his skin felt so nice under my hands. I couldn't help myself and I hugged him, pressing my breasts into him. I said something stupid like I really missed my little brother and now it's time for you to wash my back. He washed me but wouldn't go down past my hips. I told him my butt needed to be washed too and he went ahead and started. I leaned forward and spread my legs a little. He told me we shouldn't be doing this. I told him I wanted him too and I backed up a little until I could feel his half hard dick pressing against my ass. I reached back and pulled his hands over my breasts and told him that I had been waiting to long for his moment. I turned around and started kissing him. He said no and I kept kissing him until he gave in. I blew my little brother in the shower, then we made love in his bed. I slept in the same bed with him every night and with a little coaxing on my part he would make love to me when I wanted to. I was in heaven, and while he enjoyed the sex he told me it was messed up to do this after what we went through as kids, especially bad since I was going to be a social worker and was planning on helping fucked up kids.

    My brother finally found work doing light contraction and was hoping to get something better later. I started working at a crappy clinic for shit wages but I was at least working in my field. Most of my work was helping get people off the street, or helping them get on waiting lists for services. Once in a while thought I would be able to help someone who really needed more. It made it all worthwhile. My brother and I were basically living like husband and wife and for two years we were happy in our fucked up relationship. I didn't think or want anything to change. I was working at a better place, and he had risen to foreman. I thought we had made it but just when you are settled down and fine lie throws you a curve. I got a call that made me want to die. My brother was injured at work and was in the hospital. He was hurt bad and they said I should get down there immediately. One of the carpenters that worked with my brother was waiting with me in the hospital. Apparently it was a freak accident and a big truck started to roll. My brother tried to jump on it to get inside and stop it but was thrown under it and it ran over his chest and abdomen. I was final allowed in to see my brother but only for a few minutes. He was attached to every machine I think a hospital had. The doctor finally pulled me into an office and told me how bad it was and that for my peace of mind I should think about making arrangements. I didn't know what he meant by that and he had to come right out and tell me that they did what they could but there was little chance I would recover.

    I didn't know what to do. My little brother always took care of me. 25 days after the accident my brother died. The union took care of everything, but now I had a hole in my heart and nothing could ever fill it.

    Its been 4 years since my brother died in the hospital. Most days I just go on like a robot and do what I need to do. Life has lost all its joy and I find myself at home, his home, sometimes just staring at one of the little things he brought back with him from his travels. I'll look at the clock later and suddenly hours have gone by. Clinically I know I am depressed. I feel guilty seeing someone about this but I have to. I don't want to feel happy anymore, I would feel guilty feeling happy without my brother.

    I'm sorry this is so long but its taken a lot of time to get to the point where I can talk about it all and face everything. Writing this is part of my therapy, but every work I typed felt more like putting a nail in my heart that making me feel better.

    I didn't lose my brother, I lost myself.

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