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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    I am a horrible person. I am selfish. So much that I made my sister cry on her birthday. I feel horrible and I deserve to. I felt rushed and I became angry at dinner lashing out at her.

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    I came here to confess something that I didnt think id see so many confessions of!

    I came home from cheerleading practice tonight. The last one before spring break. I was eager to be home because in the morning I leave for spring break wit my besties. Starting the weekend right in Daytona bitchezz hehe.

    Im anonymous so I dont mind being blunt. It is what it is. Just forgive my bad typing on my phone hehe.

    So just in time I see my package DID arrive on time. I was going to have to go shopping if not because the first blunt part I spoke of plan is to find the hottest guy I can and fuck til we are half dead. Lol. Hey my boyfriend isnt going to be there and't get herself in the best possible shape to not party a full party. Lol. So the second I knew he wasnt going I ordered 3 new micro bikinis. 1 of them see thru when wet. For that jacuzzi in my room. I ordered 3 new dresses. All very tight and revealing of my nice ass and tits. I dont have the biggest tits in the world but they are a C even if barely. And they look big on my small frame. I am very lucky. For so long I was just a stick with boobs. But not a day too soon I developed a body Im very very proud of. Im a show off but thats just me enjoying my youth while I still have it. I bought a lot more clothes and 'clothes' at the mall. Everything I was taking was new still with tags. I probably spent a little too much but I was telling myself that Id be spending a lot of this week getting pounded so Id not need that money. Still I only had $937. And well...Im used to living it up and being able to buy stuff.
    So I decide to take a soak in our jacuzzi with my old see thru bikini. I wanted to keep my new white one for...the moment..but I also wanted to loosen up from practice and feel a little sexy. Id only recently been waxed and it was time my skin could take it again hehe. So I put last years purple see thru micro and stepped in. I was listening to a playlist on my phone on youtube and just relaxing and fantasuzing about my slut week in FL. hehe. Why not????! Vacation isnt real is it.
    The 45 minute playlist was over and I was about to get out and start packing my bags in the car for the morning. My flight is at 455am so Im going to be a bit tired. Worth it.
    I got a text from my stepdad Eric. He was asking me if he should put my bags in the car and I said sure. He told me Mom got to NY ok. Asked me if I STILL HAd plenty of money and I was just like not really but...

    So long story short he ends up coming in. Nothing unusual...Im not naked...everone is always sure if that is so. No different than seeing someone in the pool. He asked me how much I had. I saud I didn't kbow exactly and got out to grab my bsg to count. As Im counting hes counting too. He tells me that he will turn my cash into 1500 and and that he had another $1000 which was half my bday present early. Im easily excited so I start squealing and clappung and then I noticed that Im wearing the see thru bikini. Oh my God lol so he obviously notices now too. In the swrill of me trying to cover and him trying to help...the strapless top came down. He tried putting it back but my bobs are a little bigger and rolled back off. It all made his finger graze my nipple. My weakness. I turn into super slut when my nipples are stimulated. I looked at him no longer ashamed and said I think Im pregnant now. Hehe. We laughed so hard and then its like we both noticed that I wasnt covering, and he was starring at my tits like he wanted to eat them and his acvidential touching had both nipples hard so he knew I was arroused. He told me that was what made him brave enough to tear off my bikini and carried me naked while kissing me to the couch. He had me sit on top of the would die...while he took off his clothes. I started rubbing my tits and soon he joined me. Kissing me again and dien to my breasts and moving down and spreading my legs and kissing all the way to my pussy. I leaned against the wall and held his head into me both because he was making me feel things I never felt. His tongue is magic. He doesnt cate what he licks hehe I was going to fall if I didnt hold one. I was jerking like crazy. Id have pribably been embarressed if I weren't in this trying out slutting moid hehe. I wanted to feel sexy and seeing this 47 year old man about have a heart attack from his obvious lust...too hot to not. Rt???? Hehe.

    So I am about to explode from this man and my need for him niw and I moved down to what I hadn't gotten myself to look at yet. Dont get me wrong I understood by now that its big but what I faced in front of me was porno big! It was about 9 inches! My boyfriend is 7 inches and he was the biggest. This thing in front if my face was fatter too. By thing I mean this beast. By beast I mean the most wonderful speimin a girl playing slut can possibly see. I told him that it was a good thing I was so wet because hed never get that in my little pussy. That turned him on becaus he brought my head to that big beautiful dick and to wet it first I licked him slowly all over. Took his balls in my mouth and got them wet too. I wanted to give a good blow job so I was determined. I started moving my mouth on hm and it wasnt long before I realizes I wasnt getting much in. Not an acceptable amout. I told him I needed to do something to relax my throat. So I headed ti my room where he followed and pulled out a blunt and winkrd at him as I lit it...they had no idea. He didnt care right then hehe. While I smokedhe played with, kissed and g ropped my body. He sat me up on my dresser where he kissed ne and even took a french hit hehe and abour drove me mad when he drew up my knees and put my feet on the dresser and gentily played with my clit with his thumb. Just as Im getting blown hes playing with my asshole with his finger. Its odd and idk weird. Kind of scary and very intense, bit there is slight pleasure on top of that. Thats all I know to portray my point lol. I am positively blown when I tell him to wait. I ran naked to the bathroom and spray my thriat with numbing spray. I orobably WOULD have a sore throat even if I didnt now hehe. I squated down before him when I came back in. I played with my pussy for him while I slowly got his dick pretty far diwn my throat. He loved it. By laying long ways on my dresser I was able to hang ny head over the edge so that I could give him a better angle to possibly fuck my mouth a bit. It went better than expected. The numbing kicked in well and soon he was balls deep in my mouth and throat, pumping and reaching over to play with my pussy. I dud gag and stuff but I was able to relax quick thanks to mj hehe. Still good when it didnt take long for him to shoot his hot cum down my throat. That was AWESOME.
    I dont think his dick ever went soft. He threw me down on the bed and spread my legs and held them down while he fucked me with his tongue. And when I came he refused to let me go. I was screaming and begging and about to thrash through the roof but he was so strong and soon it started to feel goid again. Very good hehe. He came up to suck on my nipples again and kiss me and asked me if I was ready. I was more than ready. Didnt even fuck yet and already the best sex of my life hehe. Si I looked at him as hes getting up in top of me and I told him to make that pussy his. He spread my legs and said it looked like it was already his hehe so I said then streach it out and he put his dick inside of me. A little. He said damn you ARE tight. I could tell I was the tightest he had because he looked a little confused and a lot like he won a lottery slowly he breaks his way through and Im already in heaven I feel so full and I understand fully that when he starts really going...its going to be that slight pain I love. The kind that makes it hard to walk in airports the next day hehe.
    Si he startsreally going and already having a hard time not cumming. I wanted to make it even harder for him so I started talking dirty. I told him it was the best fuck I ever had and U got up on him to ride him and I was telling him that he was going to ruin me for other guys and just making him feel like a king. He managed to hold back and he stood me up and had me standing bending over the bed. He left the room and came vack in no time. He had lube. He licked on my pussy and ass A bit more and then he put his dick in my pussy and was slowly getting faster and harder. Next thing i know a lubbed uo finger is gentilly entering my ass whileanother reaches around me to play with my clit. Im way over stimulated. Hows he even doing this????! Hand in my clit. Dick in my pussy. Finger getting even deeper in my ass. I was scared. Terrified. Moaning my ass off hehe but afraid that finger would go all the way and that it would hurt.
    And it did. Now he was pounding my pussy like a jackhamner...and his finger is all the way in my ass and suddenly he speeds up to an impossible speed and both of us are cumming like we never had before.
    Its ok. I cant get pregnant.

    He smacked me on my ass hard and said I was bad. Ni woman ever let him put his finger in their ass but that mine even started opening up for him. I did notice that was exactky what happened. He said that if I let him fuck me in the ass when I get back hed buy me a new car. Idk. Maybe Ill let the guy I meet do it. If he has a smaller duck. See how it goes.
    Either way I know Ill be fucking him again when I get back.

    I mean I kinda feel bad cuz I know mom SERIOUSLY loves him and thet have a good marriage. But then I think about never feeling what I just felt and... Guess its my turn now hehe

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    My Aunt Betty had ne go pick up a bag at her house and when I got there Warren seduced ne. I fucked my uncle lol. I cant believe this just happened. Hes not blood but still...
    It was REALLY good sex though.

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    Sometimes I fucking wish my mom would let my younger schizophrenic brother be a fucking ward of the state (foster care). I'm sick and tired of dealing with this shit. I deserve a life of my own and I'm sick and tired of having to be the "responsible" one.

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    I always had a very close relationship with my mom , always been accomplices and confidants . But there is one thing that I never shared with anyone.
    I have a fetish with my mother´s breasts.
    First I'll describe her. She is 37 years old woman, she has a pretty face, she is short, has blonde hair and pouty lips,
    a white and smooth skin, plump legs and a fat ass, and the best part, she has a fantastic round and huge breasts.
    I started masturbating when I was about 13, I started mostly because of her.
    I always saw my mother naked through the house mostly after showering, she did not mind or felt shame or embarrassment ,
    after all I am her son and she was the one who brought me to the world .
    At that time I spent hours locked in the bathroom masturbating, thinking about her boobs.
    Thinking about how would feel to kiss them and to suck them and feel them in my innocent hands...
    Years later I started to use her bras, sometimes even her dirty panties, because it gave me much more pleasure, i still do it. By the way I am 23 years old by now. I use to put her bras around my glans and then I jerk off.
    I cum very quickly when I use her bras around my cock! I do it almost every day.
    I know all my mother's bras. One time I came a lot in the bra´s tissue, I was afraid she would figure what I was doing with her bras, but she never told me anything.
    Maybe she has seen it, but thought it was my father's sperm !
    My father is an international trucker; He only comes home 15 to 15 days to spend a weekend with me and mom. He is a strong and good looking man, but my mom hates the fact that he is rarely at home.
    When he is home I cannot control myself and at night i go to their bedroom door to see whatâs happening through the keyhole and to hear my mother moaning
    I love to hear the sounds that she does with her mouth while she is sucking daddy´s cock.
    The sounds make me have sure that she uses lots of spit in Bj´s, she spits a lot! And her movements, oh her movements are wild! , which makes me even more horny.
    She must suck wonderfully judging by my father´s breath sound...
    I usually canât handle my orgasm for very long and after few minutes watching I explode in my hands.
    The last time I went to their door was the best one! Was the one that left me completely crazy about my mom.
    My father was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room , sat down and I could see his big erect penis...
    For once I had a view of everything that was going on in that room.
    My mother was right in front of him wearing a sexy black and red lingerie ..
    Probably was a gift that my father brought her that afternoon . âWOW ! She looks super sexy in that stockingsâ ..... " Fuck , my dad is so lucky " ..
    She was caressing her breasts , while my dad was jerkin off watching.
    He has a huge penis glans, now I knew where mine came from!
    I could not stand still and began to stroke my cock.
    And the action started, she got to her knees in front of him and started to give him a handjob , and then sucked his head for a while , he moaned with pleasure.
    Meanwhile I was dying with lust!
    After a few minutes my father took one boob out from her bra , my mother returned it inside and said, "Shhh , today itâs going to be diferentâ. "
    She grabbed his huge penis and placed it in the middle of her boobs inside the bra and began to go up and down on him. What a beautiful sight I was having ..
    The bra was a bit small and her tits almost leaped off every time she moved. My father began to moan intensely â¦
    I saw in her face that she was loving it ... soon she began to spit in the middle of her tits so my dad´s cock can slide easier.
    OOHHHHH shit! I had one orgasm when I saw that , I jizzed my panties, a lot!
    But I was so horny that I kept stroking my dick;
    I spat in my hand to get lubed and to pretend my hands were my mother´s tits, full of saliva, with a great spit shine!
    " She does it so good " I thought .
    She kept making those moves faster and faster , one of her tits eventually jumped out from the bra , oh my god , it was all moist , shiny , and the erect nipple! Hmmm!
    She took her other breast out of the bra and continued giving him a hell of a titjob, always spiting in the middle, and sucking my father's head ... what a madness!
    I was so horny that without realizing it knocked on the door, I stopped for a moment, but they haven´t heard nothing. How lucky I was! "I canât handle much more, I´ll cum soon," I thought .
    She started sucking his glans while giving the titjob. My father began to tremble and after a deep moan he came!! He came right in the middle of her tits! He Filled those shiny tits with cum!!! ... She smiled at him with her hair in front of her face... Finaly I came again! I jizzed my hands and my panties again... She started to clean up and said " Im thirsty,".
    I realized that she was going to leave the room to get a glass of water.
    I dressed up my panties and went back to my room very quickly. I havn´t slept that night thinking about what I had seen ...
    The weekend was over, it was Sunday afternoon , and this was the day that all happened ..
    My father was taking the bags to the truck and my mother was preparing him a meal for the trip .. I was at the living room watching TV . " Time to go," Said my father. Mommy came quickly and gave him the lunchbox with food and said: âOh wait , there still missing the cookies I made for you ", and went back to get them.
    She Returned running , "oh my god, the way that big boobs swing at each step " ... ( ... ) Daddy said âBe a good boy, bye byeâ and hugged me. My father has finally out!!
    I Continued on the couch for a few more hours watching movies while she was cleaning the house. Later she was preparing dinner, I went to the kitchen and there she was cooking at the table, I hugged her saying -"I love you mommy" she smiled! I remained with my arms arround to her for a few more seconds, as result I got an hard on. My cock was rubbing on her bubble ass, she felt it! She pushed me away and said, âYou should not do these things, I am your mother!â I felt very embarrassed, I apologized. She sure could see the volume in my pants ... I went up to my room and after a few minutes I heard noise at the bathroom, she was taking a shower. Now is the time! I'll try my luck! I knocked the door and asked , - "May I come in mommy??," she said - " Yes dear ." I got in and there she was all hot, rubbing the soap on her belly and legs. I was amazed looking at her, I started to walk to the toilet⦠âDon´t stare at me!, Why are you taking so long ??" she asked.
    âNothing , nothing, im going out nowâ. I had no courageâ¦I left and went to my room feeling frustrated.
    After she left the bathroom, I came back to take her dirty bra, then I noticed the body lotion that she uses every day. And I thought, "this must be good as a lube, even better because it has her smell on it ." I took the bottle and went to my room. I took my cock out and started rubbing it in her bra and soon it became hard as a rock, I was thinking about mom and dad doing sex last night and that got me even harder, I spilled some of her lotion in my hand and started a slow handjob. Minutes later the door of my room opened. It was her! Oh shit I forgot to lock the door! Shit, Shit, Shit!! I tried to hide my dick very quickly but it was no use, she had seen.
    I was red as a tomato, I could feel the heat in my face. She approached me and said, - " This is the smell of my body lotion, what are you doing with it?? " - "Im Sorry mom" was the only thing I could say.
    She began to smile with that naughty face and exclaimed - " You know dear, I already noticed the way you look at my body , I also know you use my bras and panties to help you in your masturbation sessions , and I know you were peeking in the door last night , " OOPS I was speechless . " I'll get grounded the rest of my life," I thought .
    "Take off your panties, we have to clean this mess", she ordered. "I´ll Be right back ", after few seconds she returned with a wet towel in her hand. I said, - "sorry mom, this will never happen again!, I'll clean it up ,"
    - " No, You will not , I will help you!", she said that with a straight face .
    I was still very embarrassed ... "ok " .
    I stood up and she started to clean my penis, she grabbed it gently with one hand and started cleaning with the towel. My cock that was already soft started to get hard again.
    Before I could say anything she said - "Calm down dear, it's normal, that happens to all boys at your age, do not worry " ..
    I felt relieved, - "well, it´s getting hot in here", she said. And right after pulled out her shirt, leaving those beautiful boobs in front of my eyes. I was mesmerized at such beauty , she was wearing a black bra , it was not my favorite one but it was still very sexy!! She smiled at me and asked, -"Witch one gets you more horny, the right boob, or the left boob??".. I gone crazy and without thinking I answered âboth!â - "No, You can only choose one sweetheart "â¦â¦. "hmmm, the left one I guessââ¦
    " Okay sweetheart "
    and Baam! she pulled out the left tit and started rubbing my glans in her hard nipple. -" you know dear, I never thought about doing such a thing , but your desire for me gets me so horny, and I'm sick of feeling alone in this house, nothing matters at this point, I'll do what I want without thinking of the consequences.".
    That was music to my ears. âYes mommy, I wish you, and never wanted any woman as I want you, I can´t wait to feel your touchâ.
    She continued to rub my cock on that big boob and then kissed the nipple leaving it with the brightness of her saliva.
    -"oh mom I can´t believe this is happening", she smiled and said - . . . "sit down dear, I'll take care of you ". I sat in bed with my cock rock hard, she got on her knees in front of me and started giving me a handjob, a few minutes later I had an orgasm. I felt ashamed... "don´t worry son, next time you´re gonna last longer .", then she cleaned my sperm with the towel.
    My cock was still so hard⦠Here we go againâ¦she began to caress me , - "Ok baby, time to get serious", She spat in her hand and began to massage my cock, " ooooh it feels so good mommy!" ... " see dear, you don´t need my body lotion, mommy has the best lubricant, and it is natural! " chuac chuac choc ... I love the sound of her wet hand around my cock...
    - " Mom , please , let me touch your tits . "
    I was crazy, with that desire . "Of course dear "
    Finally my dream was about to become true.
    I took her right boob out of the bra and filled my hands with that big titties! - "Wow, they are so soft mom, I wonât let them alone anymoreâ, i grabbed her tits, sticked my cock in between them and started to tittyfuck her. It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my entire life.
    I was about to cum. She pulled my cock away and said :
    Calm down baby , let's not end this right now "
    She holded the base of my cock and started sucking , (I´ve never seen my cock so big!), after a few moves of her head my cock was all wet , slippery with her saliva ... Her mouth was making those sounds , she is a blowjob expert! I tried few girls mouth, but mommy´s mouth was way better than what I was used to!
    - " Mommy I canât take it anymore",
    - "I will make you howl like a wolf sweetheart "
    She held in boobies and hugged my cock with them. After that she starded giving me the hottest titjob.
    - " Mother , please spit on your titties"
    - " Uuuh you like it nasty baby??"
    Pfchc , she spat on my cock and rubbed it with her hand to spread the saliva and then spat in the middle of the teats. The titjob madness continued.
    Up, down , up, down, her tits look and feel so wonderful ,
    She began to suck my glans with those full pouty lips will spit all around... I was in love, she was looking at me with her sweet mother look, she was enjoying to take care of me. Her eyes were so shinny⦠âI love you mommyâ
    - "Come on darling, don´t be shy "
    Mom I'll cum now!!, take your mouth off! I screamed !
    She did not took her mouth away and kept sucking with her motherly look...
    I can´t take it anymore!

    OOHHHH MOOM! I finaly came! Oh god, I just came inside her soft mouth, I never tought that was possible to feel this kind of sensations⦠it was the best orgasm ever! She got up and ran to the bathroom with her hand covering her mouth. She returned after a few seconds. â âSweetie, I hope this does not change things between us," I smiled, -"It was the best thing that ever happened to me mom, I can´t wait for the next time.â She became silent for a moment⦠- " Get ready , now it's my turn" ( ... )
    This ... was the beginning of an incestuous relationship . I loved it, and recommend it to everyone, do not be afraid! Live and enjoy life!

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    I think I'm in love with my sister.

    I was watching something on TV and she was making a fuss wanting to watch American Idol. It was late and she was in a t-shirt and her underwear, I was in my sweatpants. I fucking hate that show and she was grabbing at the remote. We started wresting around on the floor and started having fun. My knee was between her legs and she was pressing herself into it. I put my hand on her t-shirt and felt her boob, she didn't stop me. I kissed her and we started making out. I put my hand between her legs and she said "Not unless I can watch Idol."

    I said okay, but I get to each her out while she watches. She got to watch her show, I got to each her out and kiss her tits.

    I thought this would be a one time thing and so did she but we've been a lot closer, kissing a lot more, and touching each other. I don't know if she just likes the sex, but I am really falling in love with my own sister.


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    For a number of years I've noticed my 19 year old step son changing not only physically, but also his sexual awareness of me. Especially the way he looks at me now. I'm a lot younger than his real mom who he still lives with, but he often stays with us, and it's becoming more and more frequent. Two weeks ago I noticed some of my panties were missing from the linen basket when I went to wash them. I looked everywhere and only by chance found them in Kyals room, in one of his draws after I'd gone to put back his laundered jeans. Both pairs had what looked like cum stains all over them and it looked from the way they been placed, he'd been sniffing the crotch area.
    I cannot tell you how turned on I became. Lying down on his bed, lifting my skirt and moving my pantied to one side, I began to play with myself. Using two fingers on my left hand I inserted them in my increasingly wet pussy and started to play with my clit using my right hand. I was lay in that position when I saw out of the corner of my eye, some movement. I thought everyone was out, but I was wrong and I'm pretty sure now it was Kyal who'd seen me masturbating on his bed. No one was there when I looked but I did hear the bathroom door closing. When I was back downstairs later Kyal walked in flushed and smiling.
    Last week I did something which proved I was right about Kyal. I masturbated and cleaned myself up using a pair of my panties. I left them by Kyals bed on the floor as if I'd dropped them. They were on our bed the following afternoon with obvious cum stains and a note. " My jeans need washing" Looking in his jeans pocket I found another note which said "Thank you, your pussy smells and tastes real good".
    I sat and thought about what I was doing. That it is wrong of me to lead him on, but every time I see his young muscular lean body now, I want Kyal to rip my clothes off and bury his face into my pussy and ass. His father would divorce me in a second, but I cannot get past the fact I want my step sons cock, if only I could find a way to keep them both happy.

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    I just turned 18 AND got my first place. Ive been ready for a long time and always saved my money for this moment. Still a lot of change at once can be scary. So since I also needed a car I decided to gi with someone I could trust.
    My cousin who is 38 and seriously the nicest person you ever met asked me if I wanted to buy hers. It was only 5 years old so I told her Id drive it to see how it worked for me so she sent her husband to bring it over a few days later so I could test it out.
    So Derrick drove over and we went for a ride.
    Long before we got back to my apartment I knew I wanted the Camry. So he came up to call my cousin Kim and discuss our next step.
    I tried to get Kim to come over because I was crazy with excitement. My first apartment. My first car I bought with my own money. But shes old lol and also 8 mos pregnant. So that didnt happen.
    I had never paid much attention to Derrick before. Kim was like a second mom to me and they have only been married 2 years and So I only just noticed that day that he might be a lot older at 42, but he was really goodlooking. Like johnny depp he was gonna be hawt forever lol.
    So wow it was a mix if so many things that put me in exactly the right mood to start acting a bit playful...maybe a bit too playful. We ended up in my bed and for a couple if hours si omg we had to come up wit do msny excuses but tg my cousin didnt even suspect anything. Not sure things can ever be the same...

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    I feel the need to finally confess to an affair I have been having for quite some time. I am a happily married housewife and mother of 2 grown children. I have only had sex with 1 partner, my husband of 37 years, up until 3 years ago when I began an extremely sexual and erotic relationship with my daughter's husband.

    My son in-law is 32 years old and although I think what im doing is so very wrong on many levels, he has pleased me sexually in ways i never dreamed possible. I am very close with my daughter and the whole thing is VERY secret. I was very surprised when it all started, which seemingly was very mutual and spontaneous and we indulge only a few times a year maybe when there is an opportune time.

    Having only been with one man my entire life, I was so naive to what another mans penis would even look like. My daughter's husband seems to have a very large and full penis to me, at least compared to my husband's and the passion is beyond words. We truly make love to each other and although I know its wrong, I find myself oddly turned on by the fact that my daughter and I secretly share the same man.

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    When i was 15 my aunt and i went on vacation together. she was 45 at the time but was and still is just as sexy as a 20 year old. we had to share a room in our hotel and every night i got so horny, after she fell asleep i would get up and raid her panty drawer and use them to masturbate. i never came in them because i was scared she would find the cum stains and then she would know what was up. but every night for two weeks i fucked her panties. i would just about climax then i would go to the bathroom and finish into the toilet. she slept in a bra and pair of panties every night. if only she knew how much it turned me on. i considered telling her several times but i didnt because i was scared she would tell the rest of my family. one night it was really hot and she slept without a blanket. i could she her whole gorgeous body in the moon light. i though maybe i could touch her without her noticing, but i decided that she would wake up and it wouldnt be good. i still wish i had gotten the balls to tell her how i felt no matter what the consequences she was and is a very horny single woman. she always takes about fantasizing about men. if only i had made my move maybe my fantasy could have been satisfied

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