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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 35

    Continued from 27895 now that my wife is sleeping

    Gee hadn't been around much as she was spending more time at home with her parents but on her next visit with us I made sure she got another look. My wife had gone to bed and I knew Gee was about to leave for the night so I had some biking shorts on and made myself hard. I adjusted
    myself so that my cock lay across my thigh and was very visible to anyone entering the room. As I lay there in anticipation I heard the door open from the BIL's room followed by footsteps coming towards me. The BIL was the first to enter the room and he immediately saw my cock, turned around and guided Gee back towards the hallway. I felt awkward but I didn't care and 5 minutes later they re emerged with the BIL looking straight ahead while Gee smiled and stared intently. As she exited the door she said "Goodnight Big Boy" The BIL came back in and he's like "Dude really? Could you not have adjusted your dick so Gee wouldn't notice it?" I replied "Sorry man but shit happens and I didn't think your girl would be looking at my dick" He went to his room shaking his head.

    Gee and the BIL graduated from High School and she secured an entry level government job while the BIL thought he'd go to Community College. He took some basket weaving course that entailed hotel management/cooking and tourism but in reality it was to escape working and for a time Gee. The second half of the year he left school and did nothing until he heard from a friend that joined a carnival (I shit you not) that asked if he wanted to come along with him on the next tour. He joined him that Summer and he left Gee behind under the guise of wanting to see the country but I know for fact he was fucking some other girl(s) in the carnival. His loss was my gain as Gee spent almost as much time with my wife and I as we went on many weekend trips.

    One day Gee came over crying as she had gotten wind that the BIL while working as a Carney was said to have been fucking some girl that he worked with. She found out because his friend who got him the job spoke to someone else and it made it's way back to through mutual friends. She more or less wanted revenge sex and she wanted to use me as her outlet. We had always had a thing for each other and each of us had wished that we had met earlier in life prior to our current partners. I let Gee takeover that day and she in turn told me I could do anything I wanted to including anal but I could not cum in her mouth. We went to my home office where I had a view of the street and could see anyone pulling in to the driveway. We actually had a plan that Gee would run to the bathroom and in to the shower should my wife come home and I would throw on shorts and t-shirt as I would normally.

    Gee began by jerking my cock with one hand and grasping my balls with the other as I went for her tits. I quickly pushed her hands aside and began licking her from tits to belly button with a few dives below that to her shaved mound. I began eating her out for what seemed like an eternity, so much so that my jaw was beginning to hurt but not before making her cum twice. We swapped positions and she now had me in her mouth. I removed my cock from her mouth and placed it on her mound and began to drag it along the split of her vagina. I slowly pushed in and began with long slow strokes before picking up the pace to the point I could hear my balls slapping off her ass. I pulled my cock out and immediately went to her asshole before pushing in there as well...she did not object to this. Again I pulled out and straddled her before jamming my cock in to her mouth where she sucked her own vaginal juices and those from her own ass. I kept repeating this over and over before finally blowing my load in her vagina. I fucked her ass off for the remaining 5 months Carney Boy was away...there was even a pregnancy scare. They patched things up and have 2 kids. She attributes me for saving their relationship and for that she still jerks me off or gives me head.

    I had mentioned in my previous post that my MIL Dee also learned to like my cock during this time and she would also come along with me, my wife and Gee on these weekend trips. I remember one time I had these old comfortable jeans that were thin to begin with but over time they had worn thin in the groin area to the point where you could see flesh if the threads parted a certain way. These were my flashing pants and I would always catch her staring at the worn area. While staying in the hotel I would wear baggy thin shorts while lounging around but if I moved my leg while seated my cock would flop out. The wife had gone to sleep and the 3 of us continued to watch TV when Dee got up to use the washroom so I moved in my chair to expose my cock to Gee. She had my cock in or on her so many times at that point but I knew she would appreciate a look at it even if she couldn't have it right there and then. She looked at me and said "That's not fair" A moment later the bathroom door opened and I decided I didn't care if the MIL saw my cock hanging out my shorts as I had flashed her many times before. She did everything she could not to look but she had not had any cock in a few years. Dee sat on the edge of the bed which would provide her the best view all while my cock was jutting to attention so I had to fix myself by reaching in my shorts and adjust it. That ended the show for the evening.

    The next morning I woke up to find a note saying that Gee and my wife had gone on a little tour of the area while Dee remained to go swimming. I thought this was awesome as I got to rest up further and nodded off once again before waking up to the door being opened. Knowing this was MIL I kicked off the sheets (I sleep naked) so my junk would visible and pretended to still be sleeping. I saw her walk by our bed and do a double take as she took a seat on her bed but it was then she did something unexpected. She discarded the towel from her shoulder and removed her robe leaving her there with swimsuit only. She moved the straps to each side and began to peel the top portion down to her waist which left her tits exposed as she grabbed the towel to dry off further. She then stood with her back to me and bent over to peel the suit off which revealed her mound to me as she lifted a leg at a time. My cock was now at attention and pulsating with every heartbeat and I could feel precum flowing down the head to the shaft. It was then I took a chance by "waking" up which caught her off guard as she tried to cover herself with her swimsuit to no avail. We both laughed at each other as I was staring at her and she staring at me. There was really no point to covering up now so I sprang out of bed as she continued to stare until I told her I had seen everything so there was no point for her to hold up her bathing suit to cover herself. She relented a minute later and dropped her suit which revealed a nice little stripe of pubic hair. So here I am 24 years old with my 40 year old MIL naked just a few feet from me. BTW my wife and her Mom could pass for sisters and are of similar builds 5' 3" and 5' 4", 120lbs, sandy brown hair, small waists and beautiful racks.

    She told me that she knew the tour they went on would not be over for an hour plus it would take another 15-20 minutes for travel time. There has always been sexual tension between us so we were both in need of a shower so I suggested we save water LOL There was an awkward silence at first but the minute she reached out and took my cock in her hand that all went away. We kissed passionately for a few minutes before I began sucking her tits. She began jerking me off and sucked one of my nipples which I had never had done to me before but I liked it and it made me harder. I immediately went for her mound and found it to be hot and sticky already which I guess is due to her anticipating having cock shoved in her holes. I stopped her from jerking me long enough so that I could kneel at the bed and immediately began lapping at her mound as she put a leg on each shoulder. I added a finger to the mix and soon added 2 more in her while I lapped her clit and she moaned loudly.

    Within minutes she had cum and in this aspect she was very much like her daughter. I made her cum a second time before she asked for my cock to be put inside her. Dee bent down and took my cock in her mouth to lube it further and then lay face down at the edge of the bed so I could enter her from behind. I pushed the head in as she moaned again before sinking the shaft in (I swear I almost blew my load right there and then) so my balls were slapping off the back of her legs. I began to pick up the pace with deep even strokes and Dee sensing that I would cum soon pushed me back and placed the tip of my cock at her asshole. My wife has never let me do this so I viewed it as a bonus. I spit in my hand to add some lube and gently pushed in to my MIL's ass. OMG what a feeling it was as she seemed to be massaging my cock with her muscles. I don't think I lasted but another 20-30 strokes before blowing my entire load in her ass. We kissed again as we entered the shower and she washed my cock and the rest of me before I exited leaving her to wash up.

    As I got dressed a million thoughts went through my head. I had just fucked my wife's Mom and and she had fucked her daughter's husband and what the hell is going to happen now? Dee came out with a towel on and we discussed what had just taken place. We agreed that we would however like to do this again in the future if the opportunity arose. Well the future for me was when she removed the towel in front of me and I saw that stripe of hair guiding me to the bottom of it. I immediately went down on her again before we ended up in a 69 which ended when we both came. Since that day 11 years ago I have continued to service Dee whenever needed.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I was betrothed when I was eight. My parents and his parents thought it would be funny to have us betrothed. From the time I can remember I was always the one that had to look after him when we got together, make sure he was served and taken care of. Our parents got together almost every weekend, and we went on vacation together. I don't recall one vacation that he and I didn't sit beside each other on the plane. He is so spoiled that he won't do anything for himself, he calls me. He doesn't want anyone else to do it for him either. It is me.

    When we got into our teens and we started to have thoughts about sex, we would sit outside in the hammock and talk about it. One time he asked me how many times I wanted to do it, meaning how many kids I was going to have. I told him I didn't know right then how many kids we were going to have, but I suspected a lot. He punched my card when I was sixteen. We got married the July when we finished High School. We went off to college together.

    We have our house now, and he wants me to spoil him. He says he doesn't get spoiled anywhere else, that is what a wife is for, to spoil him rotten. He likes for me to prepare him dinner, and set the table and serve the plates. He helps with clean up and doesn't mind washing the dishes. But he wants me to stay with him until everything is finished, then we can go watch TV.

    I don't think he has purchased a shirt that I haven't approved of, ever. If he wants or needs something, he takes me for my opinion and approval. Everyone thinks it is so romantic how I look after him. The truth is he couldn't tie his shoes if mommy isn't there for him. Mommy meaning me.

    We are planning to have our first child. I told him once the baby was here, the baby has first dibs on mommy, not him. He agrees, but at night he makes me promise him that I will still look after him.

    I know that when we practiced getting married, back when we were ten or so, it was kid stuff. Except that I was not playing then. I meant everything I said. We would stand under this big oak tree in our back yard, and we would hold hands and practice our vows. I would watch for my mother, and she would shake her head in approval or shake it in disapproval, until I got my vows down correctly. When I said my vows on my grown up wedding day, I had rehearsed them so long that the minister just let me go ahead and say them all the way through.

    We are 28 and we have been together for 20 years. I know all his habits, likes and dislikes, how he thinks, everything. And he knows me. We have never had a fight. There is nothing to fight about.

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    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 15yo I had to spend a few weeks during the summer with my Aunt Jamie. I was pissed because I would be away from my friends during our summer break from School. I wouldn't know anyone and I didn't know much about Aunt Jamie, other than the fact she was an RN and never could keep a relationship very long according to what I overheard my Mom saying.

    Aunt Jamie was in her forties I guess, not a bad looking woman at all. She did have a nice Rack and she didn't shy away from alcohol I noticed my first day there at her house. After work she would make us some dinner, have a few drinks and cuss out some guy on the phone for doing something she didn't like. Usually by 7pm Aunt Jamie was buzzin pretty good.

    About a week later I met this girl at the Mall and she only lived a few blocks from my Aunts house. One day I was at her house and we started messing around, basically grinding on each other. Her name was Marie and she had a sexy body for sure, not a lot of boobs, but she looked great anyway.

    Anyway I was still a Virgin and wasn't sure how far this was going to go? Well that mystery would be solved a short time later when her Mom rolled up into the driveway. Lucky we were still dressed, but I had a hard on from hell.

    Marie's Mom must have known something was up and I got the idea my presence wasn't welcomed there, Marie walked me to the door and I walked back to my Aunt's house that was only a few blocks away.

    My Aunt wasn't home from work yet so I decided to watch tv. As I sat there I noticed a slight pain in my groin area, which proceeded to intensify with time. About an hour later I'm almost double over with agony, feeling like I had been kicked in the balls. The only thing I thought to do was get into the bathtub with water as hot as I could stand. I could barely make it up the stairs I was in so much pain.

    I got into the tub and just lay back, the pain was still as intense. I heard my Aunt come in a short time later. At some point she knocked on the bathroom door just to tell me what she was fixing for dinner.

    No idea how much time had passed but the hot water wasn't helping at all and it wasn't even very warm any longer. Aunt Jamie knocked on the door again to say dinner was ready, no way I could even think about eating. I told her not to worry, I wasn't hungry. More time went by and then Aunt Jamie knocked on the door again.

    This time she wasn't going away and wanted to know what was wrong with me. She thought I was on the toilet with the runs, she offered some pills to take. When I told her that wasn't it I heard the doorknob turning, and the bathroom door eased open a moment later.

    The only thing I knew to do was grab the shower curtain and pull it closed, which I did very quickly. So Aunt Jamie is standing there and she wants to know what's going on? She asks if I'm hurt or injured and I say no of course. Then I hear the toilet seat being put down and I can see her shape sitting down. Aunt Jamie informs me she isn't leaving until I tell her what's going on.

    Oh just lovely, having to tell my Aunt that my balls feel like they are in a vise being crushed. I sat there a few more minutes and that's exactly what I told her. There was a split second of silence and then she says "oh I see" and I think she giggled!

    Then she asks me if I had seen Marie today, and of course I say I had seen her hours ago in the early afternoon. Aunt Jamie says she knows what the problem is but I will have to let her look at me just to be sure. I'm like oh hell no, I can't imagine showing my cock and balls to my Aunt! So Jamie then says I can sit there all night and maybe the pain will go away? So she just basically gave me two choices, neither sounded good at all. Aunt Jamie reminded me she was a Nurse and had seen more things than I could ever imagine. Oh like that was any comfort to me regardless!

    There was a few moments of silence and then I struggled to my feet, slightly splashing around in the bathtub water. Aunt Jamie said something but I was in too much pain to hear what she said. I drew the shower curtain back slowly, stopping right before she could see me entirely wet and naked. How utterly humiliating, if the pain had only subsided a little I would have just stayed in the tub.

    Suddenly Aunt Jamie took the shower curtain and pulled it back the rest of the way. I was in shock and didn't even try to cover my privates. She slid off the toilet and onto her knees to the floor. Without a word she reached for my semi hard cock and lifted it up, I just shut my eyes as tightly as possible. Then she put her hand to my balls and I almost screamed with agony.

    Then without a word Aunt Jamie reached behind her and took the bottle of hand lotion and squirted some in her hand. When she wrapped her hand around my half hard cock the bathroom seemed to spin for a moment, until now I had been the only one to touch my cock this way.

    She stroked me slowly and the sensation was over powering, my legs suddenly felt like jello and I didn't think I could stand much longer. My cock was full on hard and I didn't dare look down at Aunt Jamie.

    It didn't take long for the sensation of release to happen. I tried to be quiet while she stroked me but now the pleasure was too much to contain. I heard myself moan and groan as the moment of release was so near. I spread my legs in the bathtub for support, I felt too weak in the knee's I didn't think I could stand another minute.

    Then I felt the moment of no return, my balls suddenly ached more than they had only minutes ago if that was possible. Aunt Jamie must have known and she just told me to "let it go" and I did just that.

    I felt the cum surging through my hardness like a huge spasm. Aunt Jamie's hand kept a steady pace as I heard myself moan loudly. I heard her say "Oh my God!" and opened my eyes for the first time to see the cum jetting out like a rope.

    Aunt Jamie still had her Nurses Uniform on and my thick cum blasted all over her, some of it hit her around the V-neck opening, I could see it on her neck and run down. She didn't stop stroking and the rest of my cum shot out in sprinkles every time her hand slid towards the head of my cock.

    Finally that sensation of release passed. My right hand was flat against the tiles of the bath, trying to keep myself from falling to the floor. Aunt Jamie release my spent cock and held her palm out with a puddle of my cum cradled within.

    She only smiled and stood up a moment later. As I stood there with my legs like rubber Aunt Jamie turned to wash her hands in the sink. The smell of cum filled the bathroom and Jamie walked out of the bathroom a moment later.

    I could only sink back down into the cool water of the bath, my legs didn't have the energy to stand another minute. I pulled the shower curtain closed as I lay back, I was still breathing rather quickly from the moment.

    The pain in my balls was still there but not as bad as before. I just lay in the tub and looked at the droplets of cum still coming out. I finally gathered myself and dried off and went to my bedroom. I lay on the bed with just a towel and fell asleep soon after.

    Later on I woke up and pain was almost entirely gone. Eventually I went downstairs but I was embarrassed for Aunt Jamie to see me now. Obviously she said it would be best if this wasn't ever mentioned to anyone, and until I found the Confession Site, i have never said a word.

    The only times I saw Aunt Jamie afterwards was at either Thanksgiving or Christmas. When I got older there were times Aunt Jamie would just look at me a certain way, it seemed just to be a knowing look. In the freaky part of my Brain I always wondered if that look she gave me was a subtle come on, after all I was over 18yo.....................

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    after being overseas for years i went home to visit family,i stayed with my sister joanne.the first night we talked of old times for hours.out of the blue she asked if i remember when we bathed together as kids.i did and told her how i used to perv on her pussy and boobs as she got older.she suprised me by saying she would dry her hair slowly so i could watch her pussy she knew my prick would get hard and that turned her on.we were laughing and she told me it was late and to shower and we could talk more after . ishowered came out with a towel round me ,she called me i went to the bedroom thinking she would tell me this was where i was to sleep. she was in the bed tol d me to get in before i caught cold ,i didnt wait for a second ask and droped the towel and got in .she moved closer and i realised she too was naked.
    when i started to talk she just said their is something ive always wanted to do and she took hold of my prick, needless to say it rose to the ocation, she stroked it slowly while telling me she wanted to do this when wee were kids i slid my hand onto her leg anddown to her pussy she smiled and we kissed passionately .joanne pulled me close and told me to tounge her pussy i love to do that so got between her legs spread her c**t lips and lapped like a cat drinking milk i could hear her moan and i didnt stop till her arse came off the bed and her pussy was grinding in my face we lay holding each other tell she was calm . she got between my legs and gave me the best blowjob ive ever had.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My mom got remarried a couple of years ago to a man called Pete who was 54. At first I couldn't stand him and he seemed to always have a go at me for not tidying up or helping around the house. It seemed like every day we would have a row and I even think I started to do things to provoke him, like staying out too late or dressing in really revealing clothes when I was going out. When he told me off I would usually end up shouting that he wasn't my dad and he couldn't tell me what to do. Mom tried keep the peace between us and I know she was frustrated with the way things were going. Things got so bad and it was obvious that something had to change.
    This one weekend, Mom went to stay with her sister who was sick and so it was just him and me in the house. That Friday night I was out with some friends and I must admit I had abit to drink. I got home about 2 am and saw there was a light on in Mom's bedroom. I sneaked around to the back door and went in through the kitchen trying to be as quiet as I could. I was holding my heels in my hand as I tiptoed down the hall to the stairs. Suddenly I heard his voice coming from the living room and then a light came on. He said "Where have you been all this time? You were supposed to be home by midnight." I mumbled it wasn't his business what I did and tried to continue upstairs. At this he got so angry and started calling me an ungrateful slut and saying that I was a spoilt brat who had no manners. I swore at him, saying he was a dirty old bastard, and he jumped up and grabbed my arm. He was staring down at me and standing really close so that I could feel his body brushing against mine. Strangely I started to feel excited and started to push myself against him. I could feel him through his jeans and his cock seemed to be getting harder. He told me that I had been behaving terribly for ages and that he wasn't going to put up with it any longer, all the time holding my arm tightly so I couldn't get away. I started to push my tits against his chest and I could feel his cock getting even harder. He kept on lecturing me about my behaviour and how I wasn't going to go on upsetting Mom. I licked my lips and asked what he was going to do about it.
    Suddenly he grinned and told me I needed to be taught a lesson. He tugged me into the living room and pushed me down on the sofa, although I wasn't really struggling. Standing in front of me I could see the shape of his cock in his jeans and it looked huge. He reached down and undid the zipper and then he took hold of my hand and placed it on him. I reached in to feel his warm cock and then I heard him tell me to suck it like the dirty slut that he knew I was. I took it out of his boxers and started to tease him by running my tongue down his shaft and gently holding his balls in my hand, whilst he continued to tell me what a slut and whore I was. Him calling me names got me even hotter and I could feel my pussy getting wet. Suddenly he reached down to pinch a nipple through my top and I yelped in surprise. He then said I was going to be punished. He sat down on the sofa and pushed me down on my knees in front of him. He then told me to take off my top and bra. when my top half was naked he smiled again and reached down to hold my tits in both hands, gripping them firmly so that I started to moan. His cock was now fully erect and it must have been a good 8 inches, as well as very thick. The head was just inches from my mouth as he slid it between my tits and then told me to suck it. i was so turned on by how he was acting that I did as he said. After sucking him for a while he told me that it was time for me to be punished and that I had to stand up and take off the rest of my clothes.
    When I was naked he just sat and examined my body. He made me turn around and bend over so he see my pussy and ass. He ran a finger down my pussy lips and then pressed it to my mouth, laughing as he told me to lick my juices off his finger and saying only a real slut would get excited at what he was doing. He told me to touch my toes and that he was going to punish me for being such a brat. Then I felt his hand slap my ass and I cried out more in shock than pain. he then proceeded to spank my ass harder and harder, until I was begging him to stop saying I would do anything he wanted, anything at all.
    At this he smiled and said "anything?" I nodded as he told me I was going to behave from now on. He said that I was going to make up for all the distress I had caused and that I would be a good slut for him unless i wanted to be punished even more. I was so horny by now and I just wanted to feel his cock in me. Only a short while before he had seemed a monster and now I was aching for him to fuck me. I stood in front of him and slid one finger onside my pussy saying that I would be good from now on. He laughed as I started moaning and then begging him to fuck my pussy. He lay back on the sofa and made me climb on top sliding his cock inside me and holding me around the waist.I squeezed his cock as he slid it slowly in . I didn't think I could take it all but slowly he worked it all the way in so that I was completely filled. It felt so good as he started lifting me up and down and I was building to an amazing orgasm. He kept on fucking me and even reached around to play with my asshole which nobody had done before. I was panting and gasping as he sped up calling me his slut. Soon a wave of ecstasy washed over me and I came so hard, the best I had ever cum. He continued pumping before finally shooting inside me.
    This was the first time we ever fucked and although I feel guilty about it because of Mom, I keep on doing it with him. I don't argue or provoke him so much although I still do on occasion so as to get him to punish me again. He has told me that if I'm really naughty he is going to fuck my ass and that he might even make me take more than one cock, which has got me so horny. I love how he fills me and the though of his huge cock in my ass is both terrifying and thrilling. He is a better lover than the guys my own age.

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    Straight Male / 24

    My little sister Megan had an accident when she was eight years old. Two things have subsequently arisen from the accident. Firstly, she can't have kids. And secondly and the thing which has brought us together sexually, is her libido is really high.
    Sat in a restaurant about eighteen months ago, we were chatting about her latest boyfriend, who had dumped her. Not through not getting enough sex, but because he couldn't keep up with her demands for sex. Half joking half serious (My sister really is a stunning looking girl) I told her she should let me fuckm her because I'm always horny. Her response was to drag me up and ask me to follow her.
    In the ladies bathroom, Megan pulled me into a stall, lifted her skirt to show me she wasn't wearing any panties and told me to shove my dick up her. I hesitated at first, after all it was my little sister. But when she pulled her ass cheeks apart and said "You sure you've never thought about fucking me". She was right, I'd often day dreamed of sliding my cock up her pussy, but they were only day dreams. Actually looking at her beautiful looking pussy and ass, was something entirely different.
    Lowering the shorts and boxers I had on, my cock sprang forwards and my sister said "Wow my big brother, you are packed aren't you". I didn't wait to be asked again. Knowing she couldn't get pregnant, I slid my dick up her pussy and began to fuck Megan hard.
    Women came in the bathroom and probably heard us fucking, but I didn't care by then. Megan's pussy was so tight wrapped around my cock, I only lasted a few more minutes and busted my nut up her hot wet pussy. Turning her head she said "Hey I've not cum, you'll have to lick me". Getting me to sink down, she put her right leg over my left shoulder and gripped my hair. Pushing my face into her cum fulled pussy, I kissed, licked and sucked on my sisters clit until she bucked real hard and came all over my face.
    Back int he restaurant, the guys serving us were laughing and I knew they knew we'd been having sex. Paying up we left and got into my car. Half way back to dropping Megan off at my parents home, she asked me to pull over. Parked up, Megan leaned over, undid my shorts and took out my cock. Sucking in my dick, she slurped away on my cock for about ten minutes making me moan loudly with her amazing oral skills. Holding her head tightly, I began to thrust into her mouth hard and came fro a second time that night, filling her mouth and making her swallow my watery cum.
    The next morning as I woke up in my small apartment, I looked at my phone to see a message from Megan. It reads (I've kept it) "Really enjoyed last night, hope you like me, want to make this something special. I'd love to visit you at your place later, let me know if and when I can. Love Megan xxx".
    I invited Megan around for her evening meal, only her meal was my meat. And my little sex driven horny sister, took it all night and into the following morning.
    Megan and I have been lovers since then. We try to keep it secret, but occasionally we can't help ourselves and find that we're licking sucking and fucking outside. We have been watched on a couple occasions, but we both find it only adds to our excitement, and frankly we couldn't care less if we are now found out.
    We're not going to stop seeing one another, that's a fact. So whether we're supposed to be having sex together or not, Megan and I wil always continue to fuck one another, no matter what people we know, society and the law thinks.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I was nine my uncle jack came to visit I was going outside I walked by jacks room I saw his pents down he was playing with his penis I kept going that night jack came in my room he said I want to show you this its cool he opened his psntd and out came this giant penis he was rubbing it this is called jacking off he opened my poo pants and took out my little penis and rubbed it it felt good he rubbed my he cslled it my cock it got hard he said now you rub mine and I did it was big and hard he rubbed. Faster I felt so good better oh boy then out came white stuff he called it cum g ok f it felt good then he did his faster out shot loots. Of cum he cleaned up and left next morning hr was gone my parents took him to the airport I was home alone I opened my pants topk out my cock and rubbed I got hsrd soi jacked off I didnt even like girls but I jacked off rvery day inside outdide all over then I took off my cloths I was better naked out in the field naked jacking off o loved it school bye the lake I whent in the woods took off my cloths and walked naked jacking off then I was looking at my aunt her breasts her butt it got hard I ehent in the yard pulled my pants down and rubbed my cock then I heard david what are you doing I said nothing she said your 12 were did you learn that I told her jack she said does it feel good bye now I had s little cock just stAY there she came over and put her hand on my cock hard you know what your doing jacking off she said well lets take off your shirt she rubbed my chrest and my pantd I was naked anf it felt good her looking at me rubbing my legs ny asd then she said you might as well see were you will use it she unbuttoned her blouse out came. Her tits big round feel them I got hard you. Are getting horny rubb my tits good now rub my nipples goo she helf my cock and put it between her tits and saueezed them and rubbed her tits off came her blouse she put her mouth on my cock and sucked it I felt so excited I came on her tits jacking off being watched I was at her house once a week until I was sixteen uhh was liking girls I eould fantasise about them and jack off then I started jacking off were I could be seen exciting I eas waiting fir shiela walking home I stood in the trees pants doen stroking my cock she came bye saw me and ssid dave what are you doing your pants are down let me see your playing with your self can I watch I was in heaven she looked asked questions stayed there she liked it it was our secret every day we met I took my pants off now then my shirt ee tried kissing it was nice she put her hands on my bare ass she was great soon I let her do it gof it was so good I watched her jacking me off I came on her then dhe took ofg her blouse she had little tits I kissed them im 14 she is 13 I am naked she takes off her clothd her little ass got me harder she layed on the grasd and opened her legs I never saw in there she pullrd me on top of her tiok my little cock and pushed it in her I pushed in and out good she said faster I sped up hard I did more there was no blood I knew that much she moaned yes dave I came she came a minute lster come to find out her uhcle was m****ting her m wasent her first time now ee are always togeather in the woods today o am seventy I still jack off every day some times more than once in public there is always some one who wants to watch al of the women I know have caught me jacking off I have jacked pff all over strangers look ehrn im in my car thay walk bye look some stop some come ovet some get in thsy want to do it my neigjbor comes ovet to watch me on the deck I jack ofg in stores parks movies library hospital bus stop a twenty sevenvyear old girl askd me to jack off fof her she lets me see her naked 61 years I have jacked off my first wife caught me jacking off and divorced me said I was a pervert so I jacked off in front og herv friends my secoonf eifr liked it most people do once thay see me im sick wont livr s year ill jack off in thr hodpital up until I die I have more space im getting resdy to jack off in a bit on my porch pull my pants down csnt see me over the railing come towards me and no pants even my sister sees me when she comes pver I pull my cock out she liked to play with her self so thats my story I found out later he showed my brothet he felt inclrean said he was m****ted go figure I think im addicted to jacking off thsnk you

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    Before I met, dated and then married my husband, I had a whole night of sordid, horny and hard sex with two young teenage men.
    I'd been out with a friend, on the rebound from a bad relationship. My friend ended the night at a party we eventually attended and I carried on partying. Meeting Troy and Cody, they both appeared very interested in me and soon we were all flirting sexually.
    Inviting them both back to my apartment, we all had wild, very rough sex together. I was used by both young men and had THE sexual time of my entire life. My mouth, pussy and asshole were fucked mercilessly over and over again. And I loved it.
    By four in the morning I'd had countless orgasms and was just taking both Cody's and Troy's cocks up my asshole at the same time. they both came inside me and, then we all crashed out to sleep. I awoke to Troys cock slipping betwen my lips and felt Cody's entering my pussy again. It was almost midday before we took a shower and dressed.
    On their insistence, I sucked them both off in my kitchen before they left and felt like a real slut as they came all over my face, breasts and neck.
    Two years on I met Dylan, dated him and subsequently married him. Then I met Dylan's estranged son at a barbecue we held, after they'd gotten back in touch after six years. This was six weeks ago. Six weeks ago I met a young man who'd seen, licked, stroked and fucked every sexual part of me. Six weks ago I met Cody for the second time in my life.
    We've both not mentioned anything about that night, yet although I know we both understand the possible consequences of saying anything, I know for sure Cody feels the same as I do. That's because I crave his cock again, and the way he in particular fucked me so hard with his large thick cock.
    last week for instance as we lazed in our back yard, Cody let me see his huge cock as he stripped naked to take a dip in our small dip pool. When he got out, he smiled at me as his father was sleeping only feet away, gripped his erect cock and poked it in my direction. I was dying to let him slide it over my tongue and he knew. Walking past me with his cock swaying in front of him, he bent down a little and said "Come inside if you want fucking again".
    Believe me it took all my will power not to enter our home. When he left, I kissed him as usual, but when we kissed, he put his hand down to my pussy and stroked me through my thin dress. Again i wanted him to take me there and then, but pulled away smiling.
    He knows his father will be away on business soon and has asked his father can he stay over when he's away, Dylan unknowingly said "Course you can son, I'm sure (my name) won't mind". The fact is, I won't mind one bit, and know if Cody stays we'll end up fucking.
    I'm in such a state of doubt and pre cheating nerves at the moment, I seriously don't know what to do.

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    She's out again tonight, so just like last week I'll try and seduce Greg my stepfather. So far since I've begun to hopefully have him fuck me, he's resisted. But with each new occasion now I get more and more suggestive, even down right dirty with what I say and do.
    When she was out last week for instance, I sat across from Greg as he watched his tv programs. Wearing a short loose skirt and no panties, I made damn sure he caught glimpses of my trimmed pussy, as I opened and closed my legs. The huge bulge in his shorts told me he was interested, as did the moist stain at the front of his shorts when I slid a finger along my pussy slit. It was only his friend calling by to arrange a bowling night that had me stop, but even then as Greg was talking to his friend, I walked away taking off my top to show Greg my breasts. He took a second look, but didn't say anything. Too bad for me my mom came home not long afterwards.
    In my bedroom as my mom and Greg chatted, I masturbated thinking of him and his cock fucking me.
    Tonight I'm just going to ask him outright as I strip for him, if he'll fuck me. We'll see what his reaction is and maybe I'll let you all know.

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    When I was a child my sister and I had to bathe together, our mom would wash us both together, we never thought nothing about it, probably because we were just to young, but I remember this one time, we had grown a good bit, my sister was growing boobs and had some hair between her legs, I had some hair growing to, so it was normal, but my mom, when she washed me she would always spend a lot of time washing my dick and balls, I had always gotten an erection so this time was not any diffrent except this time it really started to feel good, in much more pleasurable way, she steady pulled on my dick and let her hand slide up and my dick, fast like she wanted to jack me off, and I suppose that is what she was doing, I remember this feeling that came on me, I started moaning and trying to grab my dick but mom wouldn't let me, she started jacking me faster and harder, and then she put her mouth over my dick and I spewed my young cum in her mouth, I felt so good but was wondering why is my mom sliding her mouth up and down my dick, it feels good so I don't care why she is doing it.

    The next day she called me in to take a bath, I said it was to early, it's not even lunch time yet, but made me go any way, I stood up in the tub like always she washed my dick as always, but this time she put her mouth over my dick and started sucking it, I got an erection really quick, she sucked my dick and fondled my balls and made me cum in her mouth again, I loved the way it felt so I didn't care, that night she called us in to take our bath, I said mom you just gave me one, but me and my sister had to go anyway, she washed my sister first then started to wash me, when I stood up in the tub mom started washing my dick, my sister asked my mom if she could wash it this time, my mom looked at her and said yes I think maybe its time for you two to start learning, and so mom took my sisters hand and showed her how to wash my dick, then mom started sucking my dick and asked my sister did she think she could do that, she said yes, and my sister started to suck my dick, my mom said you got to go all the way down on it and then come all the way back up. it took her a few strokes but soon she had my dick feeling good, mom said ok he is fixing to put some hot honey in your mouth, just swallow it like a big girl, and I spewed my load in my sisters mouth.

    My mom told me since my sister pleasured me it was only right for me to pleasure her, so mom said to me, I will teach you how to pleasure a girl since she don't have the same thing that I have, I watched my mom dry off my sister and put a towel on the floor, she lay'ed my sister on the towel and started eating my sisters pussy, and told me to do that like she did, so I did,after a while my sister was moaning and groaning, trying to squirm away, mom said stop, thats good you made her cum, it made my dick hard to, why I didn't know but mom told me to put my dick inside my sister's pussy and so I did, my sister said it hurt but my mom told her to just wait, she promised it would feel good in a minute, mom had her hands on my body telling me what to do and how to do it, it felt good, mom said when you get ready to cum take it and put it in her mouth, not to ever cum in girls pussy, so I pulled my dick out and mom started sucking my dick swallowing my cum.

    Now that I'm 19 we are still taking baths together and having sex with each other, my mom started letting me put my dick in her pussy about 2 years ago, she teaches me new things every time and I love it, my friends at school are always telling me that I have hot mom and they sure wish they could fuck her, but I keep my mouth shut no one knows what we do at home, not even my dad, now that I'm older and know the difference I am sure he would kill us all.

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