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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    My niece is 24 and her husband is 29. She has been living in another town about 100 miles away. Got a call from Kristen asked if I still had my 5th wheel. I told her no but I could get another ask why. She said her husband was getting out of prison in three months and she wants to start fresh.

    I went to my friend who is a RV sales and bought a nice used one. Called her told her what I got. She said great when can you pick me up and move me there. Next day I moved her home with me. For the next three months just my niece me and her 7 months old daughter. She spent days with me and I would walk her to the trailer. Put daughter to bed and follow her to the bedroom. Normally I was already in my night shorts and Kristen would get herself ready for bed. All that means she would get naked. I would take off my shorts and then I would eat out her pussy then we would fuck until we both were satisfied. That first night was the first time in over a year when her husband left for prison that she had a dick inside her.

    Well he got out and came to be with her. First 3 days he can't seem to preform. Now he doesn't know she told me but we have never had secrets from each other. You see I raised this little girl from the time her mom my sister died of cancer. Took him to the doctor and turns out its all in his head because he has syphilis from fucking other inmates in the ass.

    Took him to his family and left him there. Next day she filed for divorce. Well it's been 8 months and divorce is finally over with. I can't get her pregnant because I have had a victomy so we can fuck all we want. I have moved her and the baby in with me and now have a nice trailer to travel in. I love my sisters little girl and plan to raise my great niece with my niece until I die.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    I met him during my senior hear in high school. His family gave scholarships for academic excellence to kids in the bad schools. The word is underprivileged but they all come from bad schools and bad homes. So did I, father killed in a botched gas station robbery, mother works as a janitor for the city, sisters pregnant at 16 and dropouts, and a neighborhood just like us. I was reserved, didn't like boys, and a teacher kept me in school. So I got one of the scholarships. A dinner was held for the various scholarship recipients for that graduation class, I was the only Hispanic there, everyone else was black. The family that gave me my scholarship is Hispanic and they own several McDonalds. He had me sit beside him and on that night he grabbed my leg when my name was read.

    I was accepted to a state college and I got tuition, books and room and board, a full ride scholarship from his family. He invited me to their home, he was single and lived with his mother and grabbed me and told me he liked girls who were affectionate. Well I wasn't affectionate and he got angry with me. That's how my four years in college went, he wanted me to be affectionate to him and I didn't want to be affectionate. I don't like to be grabbed and kissed, I just don't like it.

    He forced me to apply for graduate school and when I was accepted he said he would pay all the way, but I had to be affectionate to him, in bed affectionate. It was hard, I didn't cooperate and he did it all and he was very upset with me because I didn't show him I liked him. He decided that if I got married to him then I was going to be affectionate, so we got married in a small ceremony, I was 22 and he was 45. He made sure that I was in bed with him and he did what he wanted. I was married so getting pregnant didn't bother me so much, but I didn't get pregnant because I was on birth control.

    I finished my graduate program, I went to work for his family's business which includes not only the McDonald's but lots of commercial real estate. He made me the Vice President for the Real Estate business. I didn't get paid a salary because I was an owner so we got distributions and dividends. I liked my job and he let me run it and even if I was 25 I bought and sold several pieces of real estate, leased buildings and ran the business. At home it was different, at home I had to have sex, I had to cook, I had a cleaning service but I had to cook. He wanted affection but it is just not in me.

    One of the girls I hired, she graduated from the same school I went to, got close to me and she was very affectionate with me and having her hugging me and hanging onto my neck and kissing my cheek felt good to me. I liked her kissing me and I went to her apartment and we had sex. All the way. For her it wasn't new but to me it was totally new and I hid it from my husband. I felt bad, first time I ever felt guilt around him and decided that I better get pregnant and have some kids before he got rid of me. I didn't see that girl again, I let her go and said she wasn't a good fit.

    I don't enjoy sex with my husband, whether it is casual or forced, whether it is to get pregnant or to satisfy him, I don't like being touched or kissed. I do it because I am married to him and he is the father of my kids. I don't fake it. I have not done anything with another girl either. It's is just not worth the risk. I am all business at business and I have done a good job more than doubling earnings and value in the Real Estate division. I just wish that one time I would go to bed and be nice, but the truth is that when he touches me I freeze up and sex is always cold and the only way I can get wet enough is for him to jam his fingers in me until I'm wet.

    I cook, and I take care of my kids and I take care of his business, and I look after him, he is sixty now. I consider myself straight, other than one instance I do not associate with women in that way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    This site will NOT show my correct age!. I am now 74 not 54.

    I am the oldest of 7 kids. Ruth is the youngest being 17 years younger than myself. I never married and did 30 plus years in the U.S. AIR FORCE. I retired at age of 51 a senior master sergeant so I'm not hurting for much of anything. I purchased 40 acres of beautiful wooded land in North Mississippi. About 15 miles from tupilo. Totally off grid had a top engineering firm design and build my house. It was designed to withstand hurican winds of 300 mph.

    Got notified that my baby sister was gravely ill with cancer and was asking for me. Through some clothes into a bag and left for Arizona. Drove stright through for 26 hours.

    This all happen when I was 61 and Ruth was 44. She wants me to raise her 10 year old daughter. Getting lots of flack from my other 5 sisters so I called in my attorney and had him put everything in leagle language and had Ruth sign with her doctors as witnesses. My niece Kristen I had only seen her 3 times in her life. 2 days after my sister passed. As the youngest I never got to be there much for her. I got more letters from her than all the others put together except mom. I would do anything I could for my ruthie. I came home from Germany for her 8th grade graduate. Didn't tell anyone I was coming and watch her coming down the ramp stepped out and picked her up in my arms. She almost passed out.

    Now Kristen is 16 and in high school. I've been out scouting for deer season and get home later than expected. Walking through the door Kristen jumped into my arms. Said I better not even do that again. Said I was her uncle but also the only dad she has ever had. Ruth had never gotten married. So now I'm the only person in her life that she loves. I'm now 74 and my Kristen is 23. I will be walking her down the aisle in a little over a month from now. I told her I will try not to cry but don't count on it. No promises. She is the best thing that has ever happened to and for me. Thanks to my baby sister Ruth. I have had her body moved and buried on our land here. I have left everything to my little girl Kristen. I love you with all my heart. You are truly my daughter. If you get a DNA test you will find out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My mom and dad got divorced and I started to live with my dad well my mom is up in California and I am in Michigan my dad found this girl who had a 18 year old son I was only 16 his name was Jake his mom was marrying my dad and I was okay with that so I wear these tight underwear to bed because they feel comfortable and I wore a short tank top I woke up and my father told me to do the dishes well my dad and Jake's mom we're going out so I did so I was still wearing my short tank top and my tight underwear Jake woke up he was watching TV in the living room he started to give me a weird glare well I was washing dishes and then emptying the dishwasher to put them in the cabinet and I started to look back and then he looked away and watch the TV again I knew he was looking at me so I kept doing it then I went to my room then starting to get turned on thinking how he would be my step brother and he's looking at me like that and I really liked it so our parents came back and they came back around 12:00 at night so the next day they went out for wedding shopping to get rings and all that and I was stuck home with my soon-to-be step brother and I was doing my chores he kept looking at me and I started to get wet again so I finished with my chores quickly and I went to my room to masturbate because I couldn't handle it I started morning very loud and I think Jake heard me he opened my room and saw me masturbating I just pulled him into bed and undressed him and started to suck his cock then he went down on me and started licking my clit and sucking on my pussy it felt so goddamn good our parents said they won't be coming home until 1:30 a.m. at night so we have plenty of time to have fun I started grinding on his cock while he was laying on his back and I started to ride his dick oh my God it felt amazing and I told him you're going to be the best step brother ever then he started fucking me doggy style and I started to moan very loud and then we both came and we both started cleaning up and he went back to watch TV and I just stayed in my room and relax about a week later our parents were getting married we were at the church and I don't like the color white that much so I put black on my dress to and my soon-to-be Stepbrother looks so fucking hot in his fucking tux I had to help him do his tie and while I was helping him he said you're going to be the best step sister my dad was telling his vows to his soon-to-be wife and I couldn't wait I was happy for my father but I was happy for me too because my soon-to-be stepbrother would be my step-brother so they got married and they went on their honeymoon went to Florida for their honeymoon and that means they left us alone at the house for 3 weeks and oh my God that was Heaven because my step brother was my step brother now and that gave us time to get to know each other and he started sleeping in my room for 3 weeks because we would fuck so much we would get so tired he fucked me three times a day for three weeks it was so fucking good on the last day that we had Alone Together before our parents came back me and him have some fun together we did the position 69 it was so fucking good he ate my pussy so well I couldn't stop sucking his dick it tastes so good he told me that he didn't want a girlfriend because he already felt like he had one and I'm like what do you mean and he told me you're like my girlfriend I don't even need a girlfriend because I already have one and I'm like I don't think I need a boyfriend either we wanted to marry each other when we got older but we didn't think that was the best choice because our parents would be mad but our parents caught us one day and didn't say a word they just shut the door and went to their room and I heard them moaning especially my new mom they wanted us to be together so we fucked until we got older and we never told each other that we were step brother and step sister to
    anyone because we wanted to marry each other when we got older so we changed our last names and we got married our parents are proud of us but my mom in California thinks I'm a disgrace but I don't really care because I was happy me and Jake had two beautiful children we had a boy and we named him Hunter and then we had a girl and we named her violet so this is not the end of the story yet because it gets even better a few years later after they were born Violet was the age 13 and Hunter was the age 14 we put them in the same room because we didn't have any space so the room was separated Violet had one side and Hunter had the another side so me and my husband just got home from the store they were old enough to stay home by their self we heard masturbating and heard moaning in the kids room and we took a peek and the kids were fucking each other he saw us and they started to freak out I told him it was okay and keep doing what they were doing so we went to our room me and Jake I will start fucking because it turned us on so well just like our parents did so our daughter and son wanted to marry and we didn't say a word because we just let them so I think the tradition is going down over and over so that's the end of my story and it's true I am married to my step-brother

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    I want to fuck my mother. I want my dad and I to fuck her at the same time. To fuck her every way possible. Double penetrate her. For us to both fuck her and fill her ass at the same time and then do it to her pussy. I do not know how to get her to know I am this attracted to her and want to do dirty things to her. I know her and my father fuck regularly and I also know how much she loves erotica and to play with toys. I want to see my mother model lingerie in front of me and my dad and then for us to fuck her in it. For her to take us by both our hard cocks and lead us into her ass and pussy and make her have as many orgasms as humanely possible. For us to both cum inside of her at the same time as she has her last orgasm. The state I live in, i****t is actually legal between two consenting adults. I just need her to forget about any ethical boundaries and for her to consent to fucking her son. Once she realizes how much fun we can have, I think this may work. I want to find a way to seduce her or to bring her around to the idea.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    It Was A Surprise

    I arrived home earlier that usual I entered the house quietly because my husband works the early shift 6-2 he has a sleep in the afternoon, as I said I moved around quietly I had to go to the bathroom as I climbed the stairs I herd a noise like some one having an orgasm I herd him saying fuck fuck fuck I thought he has a woman in our bedroom he is fucking another woman I charged in our room and stopped dead I couldn't believe my eyes, he was wearing my stockings and suspender belt he was stood wanking in front of the wardrobe mirror with a but plug up his arse, and dildo on the bed. He was most embarrassed, I assured him was ok as I was turned on seeing him dressed my stockings & suspenders I wanted more specially the dildo I was dying to use it on him, which he eventually let me he took a lot of coaxing to try and admitted he had wondered what it was like to take it up the ars

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    As a 21 year old I met and had a whirlwind romance with a 36 year old man and got married six weeks after we met. His ex-wife was around and after he married me she decided that she wasn't ready to give up and got herself pregnant. My husband said that he had to stick with her, she was his 'real' wife and anyway she had three kids and she was going to have a fourth, so sorry, but it's over.

    Was I pissed? I mean pissed. Yes, no one dumps me. So I did the only thing that you can do in those circumstances, load him down with another baby. Not so fast mister, you want a divorce from a pregnant woman, try me on. Keeping him from getting divorced meant that I kept getting pregnant until I had four kids just like his ex. Except mine were all back to back. Then there was a truce, she would not get him back and he would not leave me. Officially.

    The truth is that he was always back with her, day and night. She was the bookkeeper for his business, and she gave me my household allowance. She picked my doctor, she picked my hospital because she had experience and I was obviously not mature enough to have kids anyway. She picked clothes out for me, she bought things at the grocery store for me, she picked up my kids and asked for a kiss for 'mamma'. Once she told a third party that I was her little sister.

    As to him, he lived at her house and if I want his attention I have to go to him. She laughed when he took me back to the bedroom, tiny tits is what she called me. A girl without tits can't keep a man, behold yourself. I sucked his dick one night, after the kids were in bed, I sucked his dick in the living room and made him cum. She said but can you make him cum with your pussy? If he can't cum in you then he isn't really fucking you. Seems that he told her that he fucked me but didn't cum in me, saving his glorious element for her. Well I hated to break her bubble but he came in me every time and I forced him to admit it right there in the living room holding his balls in my hand. Sorry about the tits Mister, but you picked me.

    The big truth is that for some reason I get along with her. Sure when I had them little I had to depend on her and she gave me my allowance anyway so we got close. Sometimes if we are out and people comment that we look alike I tell them that we are sisters, in the Biblical sense. No one gets it.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I work for my father-in-law and make a lot of money. He pays me extremely well to keep his daughter living the life she is accustomed to, and I have little responsibility other than maintaining a low handicap to entertain clients. We travel quite a bit together and over the last two years I have assumed the role of his sissy cock slut. He is extremely turned on when he feminizes me, it started with lipstick and stockings and now I spend most evenings fully made up. I wear sexy lingerie and outfits he buys for me. He has a big cock and insatiable libido. I love to suck his cock and he loves to make sensationally passionate love to my asshole. I have fallen for my father-in-law, and look forward to every trip.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54


    Yes I am a 74 year old man. I had been dating my wife for 18 months before we married. I lived off base with my older brother. May 66 I rented a one bedroom apartment and moved in as I was getting married in June. I paid for 4 months to last through end of August. July 23 66 left for vietnam thinking everything was fine and the wife's allotments check was kicked in.

    August 7th got a letter from a neighbor two houses from my brother telling me my wife moved into his house on the first. Somehow she found out I knew and said that the landlord didn't want a single person living there. Got the August rent back and had no other place to go. Said she's rented my old room from my brother. I believe her.

    Now I grew up with that neighbor and she was never a girl friend and had never dated. Got a letter from her on August 22 telling me she had baby sit for the neighbors next door to my brother on the 14th my brother birthday. From their den you had a perfect view into my old bedroom if the blinds were open. She said she saw them on my bed fucking. Thinking I might not believe her she got the polorid that belongs to her boss and with baby asleep snuck over to the window and took 2 pictures. They had all the bedroom lights on.

    I had only been gone about 4 weeks when she cheated. Got home July 67 and filed for divorce.

    Kicker of all this is I was stationed in California State next over. Got a call from my x mother in law telling me my x wifes younger sister was promised a trip to the ocean and Disneyland and was there any way I could take her. Parents had devoriced while I was gone and both had to work now. So I said yes but it would have to be on my days off. Picked her up at the airport 2 days later but didn't get a day off for another 5 days. I only had a one bedroom apartment so I fixed the sofa bed before I left for my night shift. Got home at 7 next morning fixed us breakfast went to bed. Got awaken at 9 by my bed shaking opened my eyes and there was my x wifes sister naked on top of me fucking me. She said I had been fucking her back for 15 minutes before I woke up. Took her to ocean Disneyland and the second break I took her to sea world and San Diego zoo. She ended up staying with me until just before school was to start in early September. Almost 2 months and did a lot of fucking. She told me she was on birth control and must have been. Best part of it is she was only 14. When she turned 18 she moved in with me and we lived together for over 6 years. She never told anyone about our first time together and her mom was so happy I could do for her what had been promised by them.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    I want to fuck my cousin. She's 23 and for this we'll call her April. We've messed around before and even made out a few times. About 3 months ago we were hanging out and I sucked her toes to see if that would get a rise out of her. After about 10 minutes she took her toes out of my mouth and shoved my face in her panties. She rubbed my face across her pussy for a few seconds then she picked my head up, kissed me and told me to wait. The next day she left. She comes back over in 2 weeks though. Can't wait.

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