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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    I'm Thelma, a 30-year-old divorcee with a 14-year-old son. We've been having sex together since he was 12. It just happened one evening when Chris got a hard-on and I just couldn't resist it. I had never thought about incest before, but now I'm into it I can't stop. No other sex is like it. When my son is at school I often bring myself off with my vibrator imagining it to be my son's cock. He fucks me four or five times a night and always leaves me exhausted.

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    I overheard my mom talk to my aunt
    my mom says she got raped last night
    at first she is fighting back, but after a while
    she start to enjoying it, because my dad has premature ejaculation
    he never satisfied my mom
    my mom says that guy fuck her at least half hour, and she had several orgasms
    after that guy cum, he point at small camera on his shoulder
    says he got this on video, so don't call the cops
    my mom did not call the cops, she is afraid the video will come out
    she will be so ashamed but she also really enjoy the fucking

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My dad was a horndog. He drove truck, and when he thought I was old enough he took me on the road with him. We were gone for three weeks, and I found a man with the foulest mouth I had ever heard. His talk always seemed to come around to the subject of sex. He was very loose with saying fuck and c**t a lot. He talked about how much my mom loved to suck his big uncut cock and take his jiz anywhere and everywhere he chose to shoot. He said that I should watch them fuck. Of course, my mom would never go for it, but he said that he would leave the window open and the shade up just enough for me to see and hear. When we got home, over dinner he announced to my mom that he was gonna bust the biggest nut he'd ever had tonight. She looked at me and was genuinely embarrassed. After dinner I said I was gonna go to Art's house, but I'd be home by 11. I drove up the street and snuck back to the side of the house where their window was. Sure enough the window was up and the blinds were up just a bit. By 9 they were ready to come to bed. They walked in the room with him behind her and his arms wrapped around and was playing with her tits with both hands. "My dick's so fucking hard, I haven't had a good blowjob in almost a month. I want your mouth on my cock." "Honey," she said, "glad to be of service." He got undressed and told her to strip. He just stood there and waited for her to kneel down and start sucking his cock. "Oh, honey, that feels so fucking good," he said. After a couple of minutes he had her lay on the bed on her back, with her head off the side of the bed and started to fuck her mouth. "Finger fuck yourself," he said. As she sucked his cock she started to rub her c**t, moaning as he fucked her mouth. "Oh, honey, I'm gonna cum," he announced as he glanced toward the window. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," he said,and his body tensed up. I could tell he was cumming, but my mom took every bit of it like she had been doing it all her life. She started to pull off his dick, but he told her not yet. He was gonna fuck her yet, so she hand to make him hard again. He fucked her mouth for a couple of more minutes and pulled out of her mouth. His cock was standing straight out once again, and he told her to beg him to fuck her. She did. I was stroking my own cock as she rolled over and begged him to fuck her in the ass. "I'm your fucking slut," she said. "I need that big cock all the way in." She got up on her hands and knees, and her ass was right at cock level. She pushed her ass back and told him to mount up. They must do this a lot, I thought, because she took his cock all the way up her asshole without nary a whimper. "Oh, yeah, that's it," she said. "Fuck me like a 10 dollar whore." He started to pump in and out harder and harder. "Oh, fuck!" she moaned. "I'm cumming. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He pumped as hard and as fast as he could, telling her that she had the tightest ass c**t he had ever fucked. He pulled his cock out and told her to turn around. She quickly turned over on her back and put her head under his cock. He started to cum again. She had her mouth open, and he started to cum all over her face. "Oh, fuck, honey," he said, "Take that cum. Be my little c**t tonight." He was finally spent, crawled on the bed and laid down next to her. They started kissing, his cum and their saliva were being mixed as one. Without realizing it, I started to cum in my pants. "Oh, fuck," I muttered, and quickly walked back to my car. I had just watched my parents not only fuck, but mouth fuck and butt fuck. Now my pants are stained with my cum, and I had to find a way to get to my bedroom without them noticing. Oh, well, worse things could happen...

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    I never thought of myself as some sort of pervert but I think I am now. I am married and I have a beautiful daughter. I love my husband and he satisfies me sexually. But I discovered somthing that turns me on and I know its not right, natural or normal. It about my daughter. I would not touch her (I dont think) but I have crazy thoughts about her. I have caught her masturbating and she doesnt know , but I have watched her. But what I think about is men fucking her. I have spent lots of money at the mall with her loving dressing her in the shortest or dresses, the sexiest of blouses, and yes heels. I have noticed men looking at my daughter and my pussy gets instantly wet. She is most definatly bi because I have saw her kissing her friends. But I fantisize about older men, or black men fucking her, maybe several at a time. Last year I saw her sucking a young black friend of hers in his car. I remember I had several orgasms that night.
    I know I sound like a bad mom.
    Does any other mom or dad thing about these things??
    Any sudgestions??

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    Straight Male / 18

    My older sister is working of one of those sex stream websites where girls cam and get tips to do all kinds of things for money. I love porn, and i love real life sluts even more so sites like this are amazing to me. But can you imagine my shock to see my sister butt naked with a toy up her twat one night?? I did not know what to do, it was my sister. At first i was disgusted and i realized she was just in the other room down the hall and i wanted to go in there and flip the fuck out on her and tell mom and dad. But her tits were so perfect and much better the i dreamed and my sister actually had a hairy pussy which was so rare these days. And i kept watching as she fucked a toy and soon i found myself fapping of to her and i got off.

    Since that night i have seen my sister fuck herself, squirt, do anal with a toy, use butt plugs, use nipple clamps, and a few times fuck her bf on cam and once eat out a girl who i did not know. I have fapped off to her so many times and spent a small fortune on time and tips for her. If she only knew who robcsu1298 really is. I mean it is not that hard to figure out it stands from Bro (rob backwards) sees you (the number is random).

    I seriously wonder how common this is??

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    Straight Male / 23

    My name is Kevin. What I'm about to write is absolutely true as it happened. When I was 14 I went to stay with my grandmother. She had a small cottage in the countryside and was 49 at the time. Looking back now. I must say that she still had a nice trim figure and her breasts, though small, were were full with large brown nipples.
    On my first night, as I lay on the bed masturbating, the door opened and Nana stepped in. She was not at all embarrassed. She smiled and sat on my bed. I was petrified. Without a word, Nana took over where I had left off. Soon, she was sucking me as she rubbed my cock up and down. It wasn't long before I was shooting my cum down Nana's throat. She continued to suck me as she swallowed the lot.
    Getting me hard again, Nana asked me if I had ever fucked a girl. She actually used the word "fuck". I told he that I hadn't. smiling. Nana climbed over me and inserted my cock into her tight pussy. She told me later that she hadn't had a fuck since Granddad left her three years before. Nana rode my cock, keeping her clit in contact with my pubic bone, and soon had a resounding orgasm. She continued to ride me hard until eventually I shot my spunk up inside her. We fucked three more times that night, and every day of the holidays. She never refused me anything, and taught me how to suck and lick her c**t to bring her off.
    I'23 now and married. Nana often visits us, and we continue to fuck when my wife is shopping or visiting friends. Incest is the greatest sex turn-on imaginable. Everyone should engage in it. If I ever have a daughter I know that I'm going to do mu utmost to seduce her and give her the ecstasy that only incest brings.

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    Straight Male / 34

    When I was little my parents would drop me off at my aunt's house whenever they wanted to go out on a date, which was usually once a week on Friday or Saturday night. My aunt would make me dinner, we would watch a show on TV and have some popcorn, then we would play a game.

    Some times this was dress-up. She would get out some old fancy clothes - stuff she and her husband had worn when they were younger. I would dress in her husband's suits and she would put on some garish makeup and a skin tight dress that barely contained her huge breasts.

    We would walk around the living room, doing a fashion show for each other, then cut off to the spare bedroom and change for another walk through. One night my aunt came back not in a dress, but in a bustier, garter, and stockings. Her large breasts overflowing the top so much that her nipples showed.

    She pranced around the room, turning and posing. The stopped and asked me if she looked good. I don't know why, but the sight of her standing there in those old, poorly fitting lingerie from her youth made me rock hard. I just sat there, slack jawed and nodded.

    She swayed a bit, thinking, then started a bit of a bump and grind. After swaying around the room, trying to dance seductively, she eventually came right up to me and started a lap dance. Grinding her ass into mine. My cock was fully erect and I had a difficult time taking my eyes off her full breasts.

    Making her decision, she turned, dropped to her knees and took my cock out. My cock is not much to speak about, only maybe 5" long, and she took the whole thing into her mouth. I was only 14, so it didn't take but a minute or two before I lost it and came. I thought we were done after that, but she led me to her bedroom and showed me how to return the favor.

    After that night every time my parents dropped me off we would have dinner, watch a movie and share some popcorn, then go straight to her bedroom where we would spend the night having sex in every position imaginable. She had an old copy of the kamasutra, all hand drawn illustrations, and we spent hours and hours working through the positions. Many we couldn't do because we weren't limber enough. But it was still grand.

    My aunt died when I was 24 and I married not much later. My wife has always told me how much she appreciated the education my aunt had provided me.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Before I met and then had a whirlwind romance with my husband, marrying after only eight months, I had an amazing sexual relationship with a guy who still is the best lover I've ever had. His name is Steven and he could make me feel like no man has ever made me. His body was perfect to me, muscular lean and always energetically charged for sex. Steve's cock was by far the largest I've had the pleasure of sucking and filling my pussy and asshole completely. We had on one ocassion a two day sexual marathon, which left me hardly able to walk into work Monday morning. Then all of a sudden he dissapeared.
    I met Jake nine months later and like I've said we were married after only eight months. Jake told me during our short time as a dating couple, he'd fallen out with his step brother and they didn't see each other any longer as his step brother had moved to Europe.
    March this year Jakes mom died and during the service I heard a commotion at the back of the small church we were in. Looking back I saw Jake walking upto a man I thought I knew, only when the service had finished did I come face to face with Steven, Jakes younger step brother.
    It was a total shock to us both as Steven found out I was married to his half brother. But it was more of a shock to me, knowing how I felt. I immediately wanted Steven, I wanted him so bad I cried and Jake thought it was because of his mom. Later on at our home I over heard Jake tell Steven when he moves back over to the States, he can stop with us. Steven moves in with us next month and I secretly can't wait. I know I shouldn't feel the way I do, but I can't help thinking of how good we were together and how much I loved Stevens huge cock fucking me any way he wanted.
    He's even sent me a picture this last week and it leaves nothing to the imagination, as he's only sat in a tight pair on boxers, with what looks like a massive boner underneath. Now I have to decide if I'm going to remain faithful, or as my pussy tells me, to have as much fun as I can.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I am glad I found this site, now I know I am not by myself.

    I live with my mom and my stepdad. They are both good to me. But I have issues, I am lie horny all the time. I am not kidding. Some say it is because I am young and my body is changing and suff. I confess I watch porn and have a dirty imagination.I have gotten up in the middle of the night just to see if I can hear my step dad fucking my mom. I enjoy turning older men on online and have even otten my bestfriend's dad off and he didnt know it was me. I love being in my room so I can pich my nipples and rub my clit. I have been with only 3 bys my whole life. I have sucked more dicks that that but that dont really count lol.
    But the issue is this.. My stepdad..
    I want him in a very big way. I am afraid to because of mom. I am soo tempted but afraid to make a move, but sometimes I almost do. Last week he and I were in our pool and I wrapped my legs around him. I kinda froze realizing how that must look, so swam away quickly.(and yes I felt him against me oh yes). One day while getting ready to hang with my bffs, I decided to do a brave trick. I turned to my stepdad and said "can you see my nipples thru this shirt??"He turnes red and said" a little" I went back to my room and pinched them knowing he could see my tits. I did catch him watching porn during the day, so I know he is a pervert like me lol. I guess it is clear that I want him by now so my questions are:
    Am I normal?? Should I do somthing about my feelings??

    also to all the dads and step dads out there, Do you think about fucking your daughter or step daughter?? Tell me all about it.
    To other girls my age do you have the same wants as I do?? I want to hear all about it.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I grew up with a couple of sisters, i wont say how many because i dont want to be identified. but when we were younger we used to suck each other off and pretend to have sex. as we got older(around 9-10) it was all just a distant memory. sometimes i wondered if it was real or not or just a dream it happened. one day me and one of my sisters was talking about it, she said she remembered when we used to do that kinda stuff. we laughed about it.

    some time later i was sleeping in the same room as my sister, her covers were flipped off her bottom part and she was wearing just a shirt and undies. i couldnt help my self, i took her undies to the side and looked at her pussy, i licked it a little and then slowly tried to put my finger inside(i was a dumb young kid), i didnt realize this would obviously wake her up. she woke up and was like "what are you doing????????????????", i just jumped back in bed i was so scared and she went back to sleep. next day neither of us said anything.

    so let me skip ahead here a couple of years, after a normal sorta preteen phase for us we were both teenagers, i was 16-17 she was 15-16. one sister moved out already so all the siblings have their own room. in her teens my sister had a banging body, fit with nice(c maybe????????) tits and ass. long straight brown hair and the envy of every guy in the neighborhood. you dont know how many of my friends wanted me to hook them up with her.

    well years after the first incident the same situation came up. a family member moved in so i had to share a room with her and sleep on the floor. she went to bed in a shirt and panties and in the middle of the night i awoke to see her covers off her legs. i honestly do not believe she was inviting me for anything it just happened like that. i pulled her panties to the side and started eating her out really gently just tasting her. i noticed she had grown a small patch of pubic hair and i since refuse to let any of my girlfriends go clean shaven so i can see some pubic hair because of this. well she started to stir in her sleep so i put her panties back and i went back to my spot on the floor lightning fast and pretended to be asleep.

    she woke up turned the light and i pretended to be asleep. my eyes were almsot closed but i had them just a bit open and i could see her sitting up. then she just turned the light out and went back to sleep.

    the next day she said nothing so i figured she suspected nothing but when night time came i was wrong. she insisted she sleep on the floor with me because "it looked fun." I have to admit in my teens i was really shy and didnt have much experience with girls, i did some petting and oral but only dry humped one girl. I kinda knew she wanted to do something but didnt know how to go about it. well we turned the lights off and both pretended to be asleep. then i noticed she moved her ass closer to me. i reached my hand over and just kind laid it against her ass and both of us slowly positioned ourselves until eventually one of my fingers was basically laying in between her lips outside of her panties. at this point in my head im thinking "fuck this" i just sit up, roll her over(yep she was awake), pulled her panties down and started eating her out. i never felt or knew what it was like for a girl to cum but i think she must have cuz she pulled my face deep into her pussy and was going "urrgggghh". i could hardly breath when she was doing this and i thought i was going to die. i kept going down on her after she relaxed her death grip and when she started to go wild again i got up, pulled my dick out and stuck it in her. she tried to stop me but ill be damned,i didnt cum yet so i just stuck it in there and fucked her hard and fast. after about 20 seconds i pulled it out and came on her stomach. yeah i know 20 seconds but it was my first real sex experience. the whole time during eating her out and fucking her i was feeling her tits and nipples. so after im done we're both kinda sitting there quiet then shes say "dont cum in me" and i said "i wouldnt" she says "i gotta take a shower" and it was really weird and akward and we didnt say much other than that. she just got up, turned on her light and i see blood going down her leg. i felt really bad.

    next few days i slept on the couch and we pretended like nothing happened. we watched tv and ate dinner and played volleyball and all kinds of shit but it was in the back of my mind the whole time. one night im about to sleep on the couch she goes to the kitchen. everyone else is in bed. next thing i know she throws my covers back, pulls down my shorts and starts putting her mouth on my dick. it gets hard, she sucks it, i blow a load mouth and she keeps on sucking it. i told her to stop cuz i was really sensitive and she goes "my turn" and is smiling and stuff. she starts to lay down on the couch as i get up and i just start to go in like im gonna fuck her and she says "no kiss my pussy". i told her i wouldnt put inside just rub it and she says ok so i start rubbing her pussy lips and clit with my dick. she starts rubbing back faster and i know already that my dick was going in side her. i fuck her till i cum on her stomach again. she says "we gotta get some condoms for next time", im thinking "theres gonna be a next time????????"

    there was, first time i nervously bought condoms in a grocery store was so i could fuck my sister. later my mom found them under my matress and gave me "the sex talk." she gave the same talk to my sister and put her on the pill plus bought her condoms. thanks mom.

    to this day i have no idea why my sister didnt get a boyfriend or screw some guy in the neighborhood and i still feel guilty taking her virginity, but i guess she took mine too. she was easily the hottest girl in our area and there was no shortage of guys at the highschool that wanted to fuck her. if only they knew i was fucking her instead.

    we almost got caught a few times but some how managed to get out of it. she gave me two surprise blowjobs that i'll never forget. once i was actually taking a shit and she walked in on me and said "i need to get some hair stuff." shut the door then just got on her knees and blew me right there on the toilet. the other time was she caught me watching porn and masturbating and she laughed and asked me what i was doing. i just froze i was so embarassed i couldnt even say anything. she came in shut the door and started sucking my dick. i came right away and she just kept on sucking till i came again. we tried anal once but she said it hurt and i didnt want to force it.

    after highschool i got a girlfriend then she got a boyfriend and our secret sex stopped. i was a wiz in the bedroom thanks to my sis but it really felt good having a girl i could hug and kiss in public. i never kissed my sister on the mouth really, maybe a few times but it was kinda weird. i never had an obsession or felt like i was 'in love' with my sis. i really love her but it was just sex and it was fun and other then taking her virginity i dont feel any guilt over what we did. we havent brought it up to this day. she now has a husband and kids and she is still gorgeous. she gained a little weight but guys still oggle her when she goes by. i cant help but wonder how many really good looking girls have secrets like my sister.

    we never really even talked about what we did, we just did it whenever we could catch each other alone without anyone around. the strange thing is the thought of having sex with any of my other sisters disgusts me but to this day i can get a hard on thinking about fucking her. if i had a chance to screw her again tho i dont think i would. its just something that happened in the past and i'll leave it there.

    sorry for the long write but the anonymity of the internet is the only place i can tell this story and really its just a small part of some of the stuff we did.

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