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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    I never felt sexually attracted to my sister growing up. She is only 1 year older. When were young i have memories of her telling me to lay down, she would them unzip my pants, pull down my underwear and squeeze my penis/testicles. She called it playing doctor. I remember liking it back then but i realized when i think about these events in the present i get extremely aroused. I think this is because she kinda introduced me to sexual feelings in a way, so i associate them with her.
    I cannot hide though that i still find her to be very sexually attractive (she has firm breasts and very full ass that makes makes me super hard). Also, the way she dresses makes it seem like she wants everyone to look and her breasts and notice her ass. For example, she will wear spandex all the time its pretty much like staring at her bare ass. You can see the color of her thong and if she doesnt wear any, you can literally see both of her vagina lips in the front.
    As for her shirts, she always shows off as much of her boobs as she can without exposing her nipple. I feel like I see her nude breasts everyday just by the way she dresses. Sometimes she doesnt wear a bra with some of her tank tops and you can see her boobs move whenever she walks. Her nipples also usually show. I try not to look at them all the time but they are a natural C cup and very perky.

    I can not help but be aroused. I obviously never wanted her to know that she turned me on and can make me hard as a rock in seconds.. she did find out though, which was the most embarrassing day of my life. I literally got a 100% full erection sitting next to her at the beach. The only choice i had was to tuck in in my wasteline.
    There was really nothing i could do at that point but look down and pretend it wasnt happening. She did see it after a few mins, she joked and asked if i needed to apply more sunscreen. We both laughed just out of emberassment i guess. This was a very exciting experience for me, my dick was so hard and she saw it! I think she also assumed that she caused it since she was wearing a strapless top and she was leaning back where you could see a tiny bit of her nipples.

    Many of my friends over the years have also been sexually attracted to my sister (they would talk and joke directly to me about her breasts, ass, pussy, etc all the time).. Hearing my friends talk about my sisters pussy was very exciting for me in a way. i would daydream about my friends fucking the shit our of her, which i really wanted to happen. It made me think of the way her tits would bounce when she gets fucked.

    Two of my really good friends eneded up actually fucking my sister and i she didnt know that i knew. My friends were shocked that i wasnt mad but i just told them to fuck her as hard as possible. They both said the my sis was good at giving blowjobs. The fact that she put my frineds penises in her mouth makes me feel so happy. They even said that she licked thier balls.. Her lips are perfect for wrapping around cock and it gives me a boner thinking of her pussy getting fucked hard.. now i daydream all the time about my sister getting railed in the ass while her perky tits are bouncing and she is rubbing her clit. Her breasts are perfect, every time i see her in a bikini i get aroused immediatley and i have to push it down my erection.

    My last sexual encounter happend with her a few years ago when we vacationed in miami. Me and her shared a bed and my parents shared the other. Earlier in the day i had caught a glimpse of her naked boob because a wave knocked her strapless top off one of her boobs.

    Already horny from that, i wanted to cum that night. I waited for when i thought she was asleep. Then i pulled my patns down under the covers and started stroking me cock inches from my sis. She was facing away from me with her butt sticking out towards me. She was wearing royal blue sweats with no thong or panties. I remember the amazing feeling of pressing fully erect dick against her butt cheeks.

    At this point i felt like she was asleep so i very lightly reached around from under her tshirt and exposed her titz which was easy because she wasnt wearing a bra. I almost came as soon is i tocuhed her tits because i was still keeping my dick lodged between her cheeks.

    Then i got the great idea to just slide the sweats downa few inches. Ill never forget the feeling of my hard cock directly touching my sisters round exposed butt cheeks. I used the light on my phone to look at her naked ass. I saw her pussy too because of the way her butt was. I recall shoving my penis in between her cheeks which felt amazing. My balls were flush against her anus which felt awwsome. So i came on the very top of her crack and let my cum drip down her crack. Some did actually reach her asshole and her pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    I am really (16 F mostly lesbian). I want to confess I am the product of i****t. My mom is living in a poly-family with her brother and his wife. They all are very sexual active together.

    I was raised in a clothing free house. Masturbation and sex are openly practiced. Mom and dad have had a relationship since she was 12. He caught her masturbating to a playboy magazine. Blackmailed her into blowjobs, then sex. Other that him mom has never had another male lover.

    My aunt found out about it about 2 years after she married dad. One night after drinking to much mom confessed she really did like dads cock. My aunt was shock that they had fucked before. But she was kind of turned on too. She dared them to show her how it was done. Mom and dad put on a sex show for her. After they were done fucking my aunt eat dads cum out of mom.

    Before long they had all but moved in together. My aunt got pregnant with my half-brother, and mom got pregnant with me. She wasn't planning to breed. But still. After mom and dads parents both past they all did move in together. Mom dad and my aunt share a huge bed every night. Me and my half brother are lovers now to we share a bed. Him and dad are the only cocks I'm interested in.

    And yes I am going to have children with my half-brother.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    When I was a teen living at home, I use to beat off listening to my mom fuck her boyfriends in her room next door. By boyfriends, I mean guys she would pick up for a fuck. She did have the occasional steady guy but not for long. Listening to her moan and grunt, talk filthy, the bedspring singing, really made me horny. I guess I was a perverted young fuck, getting turned on by my mom. She was ok looking in her face, not stunning but by no means ugly. Kind of plainly attractive. Her body on the other hand was rocking, still is at 53.

    She has these 36-38C tits with big long nipples that drive me wild. Her big ass is shaped like a heart. So on a typical night, if I weren't awake already, I would be awakened by noises in her room. I think she would try to be quiet at first but once she got to fucking she lost any ability to control herself. I would immediately get hard and start pumping my cock, listening at the vent register which acted as a speaker. Her gutteral pleas of "fuck me harder, oh God, I love your cock, don't stop", etc... I would easily cum twice if not a third time. A teen boy has a lot of stamina.

    On more than one occasion there would be two guys or a guy and a girl with her. I thought my mom was a freak, which only turned me on more. To this day when I fuck my wife I fantasize about my mom begging me to fuck her harder.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I don't even know why I did it. I really don't.

    My niece is "cute enough", but a bit on the big side. A bit of a stomach, and a bigger butt. But fuck, she's had the nicest set of tits I've ever seen on a girl her age. And she's had boobs like that since she was about 14.

    She just turned 18, is going to college this fall, and she's a good kid. Cute, funny, outgoing, and we'd never even flirted. Never said a single sexual thing towards each other. Nothing. Literally, it'd never come up in conversation.

    But two days ago, she was leaning into my car window, when I'd gone to pick up my step daughter at work, and I couldn't stop staring at those boobs. They fucking turned me on. And she said to me with a giggle, "Uncle Dave, are you checking out my boobs?" and I laughed and said "Sorry". She just giggled, and said "That's funny. But it's OK"

    Two days later, I was at home. My niece called, and I told her no, I was alone. Everyone was gone for the evening, and weren't going to be back for like 4-5 hours. They'd gone out of town to visit my folks. She said that's cool, and wanted to know if she could stop over. I said sure. I had no idea what she wanted.

    I opened the door, and Julie came into the living room. I'd just said "what's up?" and she closed the door. She said "Is Aunt Emily gone for awhile?" and I said yeah. And Julie looked at me, and said "I wanna have sex"

    I just looked at her, and said "You what?" and she just said "With you. I mean, I wanna. If you would?" I just looked at her, and said "Uh. Julie. I'm not sure that's a good idea" and she said "Why? I'm 18. It's not like anyone would know. I dunno, I've thought about it. I just, well, I wanna. I won't tell nobody"

    I had never even looked at her that way. Ever. And I have no fucking clue why that day I changed my mind. I think honestly it was her tits. I was staring at her fucking boobs, and she pulled her shirt and bra off. And I stood there, getting insanely hard looking at the nicest set of boobs I'd ever laid eyes on. Without a word, I walked up to her, and put her nipple in my mouth. I heard her go "OH" and I started sucking. As I'm sucking, I felt her hands move. She's unzipping her shorts. She's pulling them down. I heard her pulling something else down, and I look, and see her pudgy thighs, and a huge thick patch of pubic hair. I was so goddamn hard.

    Julie tried to pull back, but I pulled her up against me, still in my shorts, and sucked on her other nipple. She was moaning, and I pulled down my shorts and my underwear. I was in my shirt, and I stood up, and pulled it off.

    Julie and I were kissing intensely. She was breathing really heavy, and I stopped, pulled back, and said, "are you sure you wanna do this?" She looked at me, breathing hard, and said "Please Uncle Dave. I wanna. Really bad" So I just didn't stop. Even though I'm sure I should have.

    I pushed Julie to the floor of my living room, and started crawling all over her body. Kissing her mouth, her neck, her boobs, sucking her nipples, and listening to her moan. I was kissing on her bigger stomach, and I said "Oh. God. Let me go down on you. Fuck I want to eat you so bad" and I saw her spread her legs. God. What a thick patch of pussy hair. I buried my face in it, and she shoved her pussy into my face, and said "God. Oh. God"

    I felt her squirt cum all over my face. It was soaking me as my tongue was in her pussy. I was licking her furiously, and I was eating on her, and I heard her say "God. Uncle Dave. Please. Don't stop, please don't" and honest to God, I bet Julie came at least 4 or 5 more times. Just when I thought she was done, I desperately wanted to fuck her pussy, I'd heard her moan again, and say she's gonna do it again. And damn if she didn't.

    She finally laid there. I pushed her legs apart, and said "Julie? I wanna have sex with you. Do I need protection?" and she said "No. I'm on the pill" and that's all it took. I took my dick in my hand, and I slid it slowly into her pussy hair. I felt it enter her, soaking me, because her pussy was so wet, and I went all the way in her. I grunted, and said "Oh. God. Julie. Holy shit. You feel so good" and she wrapped her arms around me, and she pulled her legs around my back and shoved me deeper into her. I just gasped and went "Oh my God" and she pushed harder, and said "you feel real good. I like having sex with you" I just kind of laughed and said well, I like it with you too

    We were in that position with me inside her for the longest time. I was thrusting in and out, and sliding in and out, and I felt her go "Oh. I'm gonna do it again" and she came again, soaking me. And then a couple of minutes later, I said "God. Julie. I'm gonna do it inside you. Is that OK?" and she said "Yeah. It's OK Uncle Dave. you can" and that's all it took.

    When I was done cumming, we just laid there. A couple of minutes later, she told me she had to pee. So she got up, and I watched her naked body walk across the room. She came back from the bathroom and we got dressed talking.

    We haven't talked about it yet. But I really want to fuck her again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    See #24481 first

    So my MIL had stayed over at our house the other day which she has never done before. Not a thing happened the night before but when I woke up in the morning I found a note saying her and my wife had gone to the store. They returned a short time later with groceries to make breakfast and other things we needed. The MIL had been wearing a tight shirt which highlighted her nice rounded tits. I helped sort the groceries and the MIL had gone to her room and returned wearing a long baggy t-shirt. It was then I noticed this t-shirt was mine as the wife had given it to her to sleep in as her stay was unexpected.

    I also took notice that she no longer had a bra on or her pants she had wore when returning from the store.
    I had almost finished putting all the groceries away when she offered to take over for the items at the bottom (I soon found out why) I then went on to do some prep for breakfast when she called me and asked "If the cucumbers went in the bottom" I turned to tell her where they went only to find her with a grin on her face, her legs parted and while holding the cucumber near her shaven vagina. I told her "That would be just fine"

    After breakfast we were cleaning up and I took a seat at the table to finish my coffee. She came by with a cloth to wipe the table down and as she leaned forward my baggy shirt she wore allowed me to see her fully exposed tits swaying as she cleaned. She smiled as she caught me looking but continued on cleaning. On her way back to the sink where the wife was doing dishes she dropped the cloth to the floor. When she bent over the shirt rode up exposing her mound and her ass. I swear if we were the only ones there I would have jack hammered her ass right off in that position. My dick was now flowing with precum much like wax running down a lit candle.

    After we cleaned up she went in to use the Jacuzzi tub and asked if she could borrow my phone to surf the web. I gave her the phone but not before giving her the basics of it and asked that she be careful as to not drop it in the tub. The wife was also getting ready to go and jumped in the shower about 15 minutes later. About 5 minutes after that I heard the MIL call for me so I went and knocked on the door asking what was up. She told me the tub went off but she wanted to reset it but wasn't sure how to do so. I tried telling her how to do it but she didn't want to get out and asked that I come in and reset it. I entered the bathroom to find she had not pulled the shower curtain over so there she was in all her glory. She made no effort to cover herself and it was then I pulled out my cock showing her what she had done to me earlier. I stepped to the edge of the tub so she could reach up to milk the precum and place the tip of my cock in her mouth. She did so fo about 30 seconds but stopped and told me that was all I was getting at this time as at any moment we could get caught. I reluctantly reset the timer and left the bathroom only. She is s HUGE tease.

    I went our bedroom to find my wife out of the shower already but I had hoped she was still in the shower to either jerk me off or give me head. For the record she doesn't like to give head, won't swallow and will not even try anal. I know her Mom will give head without a thought and she definitely swallows but anal I don't know about...yet. In to the shower I went with a raging hard on and came out 10 minutes later satisfied for the time being. We all met by the door ready to go out when the MIL returned my phone to me and thanked me for it's use while in the tub. She said she used it to look at recipes and some fitness classes she wanted to take up once again. It wasn't until later when we had a second alone that told me she had left some pictures and a video on there for me. She told me to use them to rub my next one out and then let her know what I thought.

    The next day I was alone at home so I linked my phone to the TV in my office. She made a video of her fingering herself in the tub while licking her nipples and then licking her fingers. She then put her vagina close to one of the jets in the tub which made her cum in a matter of moments. The pictures were of her tits squeezed together, her vagina spread apart, her ass cheeks spread, rubbing her clit and finally her with 4 fingers inside.

    For the record I never even knew she could use the phone LOL. She is a giant cock tease but I hope to fuck her on an upcoming trip but I am going to make her pay for all her cock teasing. Maybe I'll turn the tables and hold out for a bit to make her beg but more likely pound her so hard or put it in her ass without asking.

    I will continue to update as things progress.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Cousine me Amore ( part five )

    As chance would have it there was a family wedding the following Saturday. All the relatives of our families would be there. That meant that my cousin and I would get to meet there.

    It was at the reception that I first noticed my cousin. There had been such an overflowing crowd at the wedding itself that there was no time to see anyone. So when we all arrived at the catering hall we finally got the chance to mingle.

    I was picking at some food at the buffet table when I heard a voice saying, 'hey, hi'. When I turned my head I spotted my cousin standing a few feet away from me.

    She was wearing a formal dress that came down past her knees with a spaghetti string top tied behind her neck. It fell slightly down the front of her body with the tops of her small beasts clearly visible.

    As I glanced over her body she began to smile and asked if she met with my approval. I grinned while noticing that there was no bra beneath the dress. Instead there seemed to be some kind of support built into the dress itself.

    I leaned over to her ear and asked if she was wearing panties beneath the dress. She kept smiling and said, 'like, wouldn't you like to know'. I then said that I was aching to know, and we both glanced around the large room.

    After a few minutes I whispered in her ear to inquire if she really would like to 'do it' here. With no hesitation she said, 'sure'. Remembering the last time we had made out in her backyard I really wasn't that surprised.

    She took my hand and silently led me through the crowded room to a long hall that had many rooms running off it. Ducking inside the last room she locked the door while I looked around.

    I asked her what this room was and she said it was the bride's dressing room. There were upholstered sofas and chairs scattered about the carpeted room and it was lighted by table lamps.

    We turned to face each other and she told me she liked my suit. Before I could reply she ordered me to take it off. As I removed my jacket and pants she reached behind her neck and undid the knot holding her top up.

    The top of her dress fell to expose her breasts. I put my hand on them while she removed my tie and undid the buttons of my shirt. It fell off to the floor and she waited for me to remove my under clothes.

    I was soon naked and she stood before me with her dress still hanging halfway off her body. She backed up a little and slowly kicked off her high heels. With a big smile on her face she lowered her dress until it fell to her ankles.

    So she was wearing panties after all. I pretty much figured she would be. She read my mind and asked if I was disappointed. Without answering I reached toward her and pulled them down.

    We clutched each other in the soft light of one table lamp. Her skin was soft as silk. As we embraced I ran my hands over her back. Reaching lower I felt the roundness of her ass.

    She started to pant and soon let her body fall to the carpet. I leaned down to fall on top of her. As I did she grasped the flesh of my shoulders. I kissed her mouth and then continued on to bring kisses down her face to the smooth skin of her neck.

    She dug her fingers into me until it was almost painful. My mouth caressed her shoulder and then came down upon her breast. Her nipple seemed to jut out for my lips to take and I sucked them both in turn.

    Her hands loosened their grip upon me and her arms dropped to the side. She looked into my eyes like she was expecting me and I drove my penis into her. Her lips parted as the fullness of my organ penetrated within her.

    Our bodies moved in the rhythm of our loins. The sweat glistened upon her body as I came into her. She brought her legs around me to draw me close. I felt the heels of her feet dig into the flesh of my legs.

    The orgasm came quickly now. Her vagina felt warm and wet and together we ground our bodies against each other. When the ultimate climax arrived it seemed to move the earth.

    Slowly we backed away and I collapsed beside her. She raised her knees and touched herself as if feeling for the parts of her body that had tingled in our union.

    After a few minutes she turned on her side and chewed playfully on my ear. I laughed and let her have her way before drawing her mouth to my own. Again we kissed but this time the kisses were more affection than passion.

    It was time now to return to the reception, although neither of us really wanted this time to end. She voiced that sentiment and let out a sigh. I watched her get up, admiring the turn of her ass below her smooth back.

    Our clothes were scattered about the dimly lit room. As she pulled her clothes together and started to dress she looked in my eyes. A small smile curved her lips as I followed her movements. When she finished dressing she sat on the edge of a chair to await me.

    I quickly threw on my clothes and looked around to make certain that everything was clear. She followed the direction of my eyes with a bemused look upon her face. Finally she stood and held her hand out for me to take and we slipped back out to rejoin the party goers.

    When we made our way back to the banquet room we melted into the crowd. Nobody was the wiser about our disappearance and we maintained a respectable distance the rest of the night. But really we only had eyes for the other and every time our eyes met brought smiles to each of our faces.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    Hi this is my first time confessing ever online or in real life about this it's about my mother
    When I was thirteen years old my mother asked me to give her a back rub and I did be for I knew it we were fucking like wild animals I lost my virginity to her my own mother we had sex all that night seven times to be exact some quick and others long the next morning I woke up and my mom did as well we started each other in the eyes for a brief moment until she freaked out she kicked me out of her bed wanted to know what was going on as I got dressed I noticed her feel her pussy and she noticed she was still full of my cum she told me never to tell or talk about it ever I never did.

    Then when I was seventeen the same thing a massage then fucking all night but this time it was two days in a row I loved it but after my mom acted like it never happened again weeks later I tried to talk to her but she freaked and wouldn't talk about us she's always acted like it never happened I tried so many times after that to get with her but no success.

    I over came my feelings for her or at least I thought I did it's her birthday today and all I can do is think naughty thoughts about her why did these feelings come back I have no clue but today I'm going to get mine I'm going to comfort her and get what's owed to me her pussy honestly my mother will be mine

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    Hi this is my first time confessing ever online or in real life about this it's about my mother
    When I was thirteen years old my mother asked me to give her a back rub and I did be for I knew it we were fucking like wild animals I lost my virginity to her my own mother we had sex all that night seven times to be exact some quick and others long the next morning I woke up and my mom did as well we started each other in the eyes for a brief moment until she freaked out she kicked me out of her bed wanted to know what was going on as I got dressed I noticed her feel her pussy and she noticed she was still full of my cum she told me never to tell or talk about it ever I never did.

    Then when I was seventeen the same thing a massage then fucking all night but this time it was two days in a row I loved it but after my mom acted like it never happened again weeks later I tried to talk to her but she freaked and wouldn't talk about us she's always acted like it never happened I tried so many times after that to get with her but no success.

    I over came my feelings for her or at least I thought I did it's her birthday today and all I can do is think naughty thoughts about her why did these feelings come back I have no clue but today I'm going to get mine I'm going to comfort her and get what's owed to me her pussy honestly my mother will be mine

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Everyone thinks people from the south fuck their family. I'm here to tell you it's true. I've been fucking my dad since I was 14. It started when I caught him cheating on my mom with his best friend. I was so turned on I couldn't resit and joined in on the fun. We have had sex almost every day for 4 years. We had sex at his job in church in a park just to name a few. His cock is so big I crave it more and more and I can't get enough. I'm my daddy's personal slut and I love every moment of it

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    outTo start with im in no way a writer, but all that i write here will be the true, so please excuse the plenty of mistakes im bound to make lol!!
    I have just turned home from a small break of a few days by a beech, nothing fancy, the wife my kids 19, 17 and 14...we rented a house within walking distance to the beech, nice. I for one do not like the beech, however my wife does and the kids do as well (any names used will NOT be their real names)
    My wife wendy is a lovely woman very family thinking and will do anything for the kids, my eldest is john fit strong lad, and like going to the gym, i started him with the fittness thing but after a sport of ill health i have had to stop. Ann my only daughter is a very clever girlloves to read, and mark my last child is a good lad and a real joker.
    Anyways we were alldoing the family stuff seeing the sites and playing games are the differnt places, though i wasnt doing the walks thats weliked to do,cos of my health, my wife never complained but i knew she was worried, about me. One day as we were walking upthe town, i just had to stop,i tried to pretend that i was looking at something in the shopwindow, but i was i just sheer pain, that when i sat down and told themtogo on.of course wendy said no, but imanage to covince her to go on, then john put his arm around her and said in anice way hes ok mum come on, and they walked of togather. i made my way back to the house,and the other two kids came in about an hour later, they had been on the beech.
    Wendy text me a few times asking if i were ok, andd i was...........they came back sometime later all smiles and asking me if i was ok. Next day john asks if its okif he and wendy can go to the market, i said u mean you mun and u, he just smiled yea what ever dad. i said sure and he and her heads of her wearing a summer dress again the other two go to the beech.
    so im alone for a few hours and i decide to have a nap, when i wake ann and mark are home and my wife and john just coming in. Now what ever way i have lay down i woke up with an awful pain in my back,( very comman with problem))
    So when they ask if i want to dine out i say nothanks imnot hungery when in fact i am...anyways all four head of and before long ann and mark come home to the house, i ask where the other 2 are, and they went of to a over 18 nite club, fuck this i think and pour myself a whisky now the meds im on i shouldnt drink, moreso not on an empty tummy, knocks me out big time.
    when i wake i think isaw my wfe bend over with my son fucking her, cant be sure if its true or was i dreaming or some shit, but looked fuckinmg real to me. and since then now 2 days later both are over nice to me, and very friend with each other when they think i do see them.
    being honest i cant blame her, i cant really do much in bed, but with our son
    any thoughts, or advice all welcome. cheers steve

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