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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 50

    My wife (57) and I (60) have been married for 35 years. I retired in April. Our sex life is pretty good. She has a widowed Sister (59). Every Monday and Thursday I play golf and am gone most of the day. My Sister-in-law comes and spends the day with my wife. When I come home we share a bottle of wine and have dinner. My wife plays bridge every Monday and Thursday night and when my wife leaves I drive my Sister-in law home. I always kiss her goodnight at her door. The kiss started getting longer and one day I parted my lips. When she felt my tongue on her lips she started to respond and suddenly stopped, turned, said goodnight and went in. The next time she said we shouldn't be kissing. I said I think of you as my Sister. It's not that I don't want you to kiss me. It might lead to us doing something we may both regret.

    That night in bed, I told my wife her Sister didn't want me to kiss her goodnight. She was afraid it might go further. She laughed and said, would you like it to go further? I said, I don't think I could cheat on you, but I guess the thought has crossed my mind. She's been really down in the dumps since her husband died. She's always saying how lucky I am. I'll tell her it's okay if you kiss and if it goes any further to let it happen. Maybe a good fuck will snap her out of it. You mean you'll let me fuck her. Sure, if you don't mind. I don't mind as long as you know.

    The following Monday, I took her home and she turned and let me kiss her. Her lips parted and she accepted my tongue with a slight moan. She asked if I would come in. We sat in the kitchen and she opened a bottle of wine. I said, I shouldn't drink, I have to drive home. She said one glass wont hurt. As we talked, she drank two glasses of wine, while I sipped on mine. She got up and with the last of the wine in her hand went in to her bedroom. About ten minutes later, she called me.

    I went in and she was sitting on the bed in her nightgown with the sheets pulled down. She looked at me and said. Every time you kissed me goodnight I wanted this to happen, so if your willing, will you come to bed with me. I never hesitated and undressed. She stared at my erect cock and gulped some wine. I drew her nightgown off and bent over and kissed her deeply tasting the wine on her tongue. I could feel her hand on my cock. She said it's been so long I wanted to touch it.

    I lay her back on the bed. Her body was still in good shape. She resembled my wife nude. I kissed her as I put my hand between her legs covering her pussy. When I touched her vagina, it was very dry. I reached over and took some wine in my mouth and moistened her vagina as I lightly licked it. I rose up and carefully entered her as she gasped. I started moving a little and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pushing up, urged me on. I started fucking her in earnest as she moved to meet my thrusts. It seemed like forever, but she finally said, YES! YES! I'm cumming. As she settled back, I shot the biggest load of semen in her pussy then I have for a long time. It was the first time I fucked another woman, since I was 22.

    I got home about before 11pm and showered and went to bed. My wife usually came home close to midnight. She always liked me to eat her after bridge, and I knew those "Ladies" liked to talk about their sexual experiences growing up as teens. There is eight of them. There all married and have children and most are Grandmothers. They mentioned, having sex with Brothers, or a Cousin, two mentioned it was a Sister and one said it was her father. She always came home, horny listening to all the stories. I asked her if she told them about her teen years. She never ever answered me. She asked how things went with her Sister. I said, very well after she had some wine for courage. I suppose you enjoyed it? I guess your too tired to eat me now? I'm never too tired, you know I love to make you cum.

    Her Sister came early on Thursday, before I left. She had her hair done and what looked like a new dress. She had flowers for my wife, who asked what they were for. She said, I think you know and I'm taking you out to lunch. After dinner, my wife was getting ready to go out, and said, Sis is a changed woman, she looks good and acts younger. We had a nice day, a nice lunch, went shopping and she couldn't stop talking. She kissed me and said keep up the good work. I said, the pleasures all mine. She laughed and replied, Don't forget who your wife is.

    When I took her Sis home, there was no wine, she was eager to get in bed. Over the next few weeks she became an eager sex partner. She sucked my cock, I ate, (which her husband never liked doing). My wife asked me not to shower when I got home. The next time, after in bed she kissed me and said I want to see what my Sis tastes like and she took my cock in her hand started. She went eagerly at it sucking. When her mouth went up her hand went up, when she sucked down her hand went down. For the second time that night, I shot my cum, as she swallowed every drop. She said it wasn't much but you did save some for me. I think my Sister tastes a lot like me. What do you think? I said maybe. Well get down there and get a taste of me.

    She never wanted me to shower when I got home. She wanted to smell her Sister on me, and wondered if I could fuck two women on the same night. I could get hard but it was a struggle to orgasm, but I could make her cum. One night, her Sis and I never fucked, I ate her and we lay and talked. She told me about her early sexual life, saying the first was with a girl for a while, but then she became very into boys and had a very active sex life until she met
    her husband. I asked, who the girl was. She said, I can't tell you, We're still good friends. That night I fucked my wife and shot a big load in her. She was amazed that I could do it. I laughed and said, I never fucked tonight. I saved it for you. But I did eat her and she told me about her early sexual experience. My wife asked if she mentioned any names. I said no. We kissed, she sucked my tongue and said, I can really taste her juices now.

    (I began to wonder what was on her mind, wanting to taste her Sister on me) (I began to wonder who the girl was that my Sister-in-law had sex with)

    It's been going on almost four months now. My wife and her Sister are getting along great and enjoy going out for lunch and shopping. Her daughter can't believe the change in her Mother and thinks she has a boyfriend. As for me, I'm getting more pussy then I ever did. When the golf season ends, the three of us plan to go to Florida for about three months. I can golf and they can spend the days together doing whatever they like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'd had a crush on my uncle Joey since I was around fifteen. Mainly because I witnessed him fucking another young woman (Twenty) when I called by his home to pick up so stuff he'd borrowed off of my mom.
    His cock looked huge as I watched him fucking her asshole and right there and then, I knew I wanted him to fuck me. But my crush remained my secret of a sorts, because as soon as he saw me staring at his ass bucking too and thro, slamming his cock into her rear hole, he shouted at me to get out.
    He called by a few days later and apologized to me, and also told me he'd shouted because he didn't want his best niece to see him that way. Things and life moved on, but I always kept a light in my heart and my pussy for Joey, yet we never seemed to get any time alone.
    Turning nineteen two months ago, he attended my birthday party and I saw the look on his face. I and he knew I'd changed a whole lot since he'd last seen me nearly a year previously, and I could see the lust in his eyes. And the thing was seeing him, even though my boyfriend was right there, I knew I still wanted him and his cock inside me.
    Joey pulled me to one side later in the evening and told me just how good I looked. He also told me ever since I'd seen him fucking that girl, he'd fantasized about having sex with me. It was like sexual music to my ears. Turning to him I couldn't help myself, I kissed my uncle with passion and with undeniable sexuality. Moving apart, I told him if he wanted to, I'd meet him at his new apartment, and that he could show me just how much he'd dreamed of fucking me.
    Three days later I was knelt up on his bed with awesome cock sliding up my asshole. And Joeys cock has been fucking almost every day since. Every chance we get to have sex we take it. And I just cannot get enough of him and his enormous cock fucking everyone of my holes.
    It's taboo I know. And many people would frown on us for having sex as uncle and niece, but my thirty nine year old uncle to me, is the best lover I think I will ever have. Certainly each time we fuck together now, it just keeps on getting better and hornier.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I am a young man of 19 years old, I consider myself to be smart and level headed but last week I did the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life so far, I woke up with a hard and it wouldn't go away, I jacked off 3 times and it was still hard as a rock, I thought if I walked around my mind would just cause it to relax, I was on way to the kitchen when I noticed my mom's bathroom door was wide open, she was in plain view taking a shower, I found myself stoking my hard dick as I watched my mom through the clear glass shower doors.

    My mom is very beautiful and very well built, my friends kid me a lot about sleeping with her because she is so beautiful, but I never seen her that way before that day, all I could think about was eating her beautiful fresh shaved pussy, licking her sweet rounded ass and sucking on those big firm beautiful breast, her nipple's were light rose pink, not to big but just right, a real centerfold body and I wanted it, I could not get my mind off of her so
    I left the room and went back to my room, I found some of my sleeping pills that I got when I broke my arm a few months ago, yes it's healed now, I got to looking at these pills and my mind was telling me to just put some in her coffee, but I couldn't do that so I went to the kitchen, got me some juice and went to sit in the living room.

    I couldn't stop thinking about my mom in the shower, the way she would soap her breast and her pussy, then she shaved her pussy legs and arm pits, stroking my still hard dick, I was battling myself, this is my mom, why can't I think about someone else? my mom walked in with a towel wrapped around her, she was covered with the towel from her breast to her knees, she wasn't reveling anything, but in my sick mind she just swell have been necked, my dick was throbbing and I so wanted to fuck her.

    David will you please go pour me a cup of coffee? my mom asked me, sure I'l get you a cup, my dick was pushing through my shorts, I was so scared she would say something to me about it, like you sick pervert, but she didn't say nothing, I was hoping that my dick would get soft while I was doing this for her, but it didn't and it was still pushing through my shorts, I tried to set it next to her and sit back down before she seen my hard dick, mom hands me a bottle of lotion and ask me to rub some on her back, so I took the bottle and thought oh shit I will probably blow my wadd touching her body.

    I put some lotion in my hand and rubbed it in my hand to warm the lotion so it wouldn't be cold to her on her back,
    I turned toward her back and she turned her back to me and then holy shit, she removes the towel, I tried to be kool an adult about it you know? I couldn't help myself, I wanted to touch her beautiful breast, this is the first time she has ever asked me to do this, I am so confused as to what is going on, she say's to me, David don't be scared rub some all over me, my skin is dry, I didn't even realize that I was only rubbing her on her shoulders, I started to put the lotion all over her back touching the top part of her sweet ass and around her sides along her breast.

    She put her hand on my leg and slid up the leg of my shorts wrapping her hand around my dick, oh God it feels so good. My mom doesn't say anything, she just jacks my dick as I rub her back, then she pulls my dick out and says to me,Oh David that feels so good to my back but I wish you would massage my breast too, so I reached around her and started fondling her breast, I couldn't believe what I was doing, I slid my hand down to my mom's pussy, she spread her legs wide, I found her sweet clit and started to tease her, slipping my fingers into her sweet hot wet pussy.

    I pulled her back to me so I could feel of her better and see her beautiful body as I run my hands all over her, mom turned and laid back on the couch and spread her legs open for me, she asked me if I wanted to put my dick inside her
    I told her yes I do, I leaned forward and buried my face between her legs, massaging her breast, she told me to fuck her, she wanted to fuck me now, pulling me up onto her she takes my hard dick and puts it in her sweet hot wet pussy, we fucked for a while then she gets on her knees and I fuck her doggy style for a while then she sits in my lapp with her back to me and my hands wrapped around her tits, she gets up and took my dick in her mouth, sucking my dick mom swallows my entire hot load.

    She ask me if I feel better now, I told her yes, she said I watched you jacking off when I was in the shower and you made me excited, very wet, watching you jack off to me, your mother, does that make me MILF now? I said I suppose so mom, I definitely wanted to eat your pussy and fuck you, I'm so sorry your son is a perv. Don't be silly she say's it' a very normal thing what we just did, and anytime you want to do this with me it's ok, I about fell out, I feel so guilty and like such a perv.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I was 11 years old when I first came. My sister was 15 then. She used to use the bathroom in my room whose gate wouldn't shut properly. I was lying on my bed with ligts switched off and had a clear view of her unshaved pussy. I had no idea what was happening with me and i came.
    Eversince that day, i have had been perving on my sister through that door gap. Being a swimmer she has the body that can make any dick erect in seconds. Perfect teardrop firm boobs, an awesome ass and good looking bitchy face.
    I would jack-off like crazy after i'd perved on her.
    It was summer, I was 14 and she, 18. We had a little Air Conditioning trouble and had to sleep in the same room that was cool. Mom and dad slept on the master bed and we two would slept on mattresses laid down on the floor. She used to study late and come to sleep late too.
    One certain night, I caught her playing with herself with her tank top raised above her boobs. She wasn't wearing anything other than her panties and that rolled up tank top. Clearly she hadn't suspected me to be awake. I so badly wanted to grab her boobs but I didn't budge. I later realized that my parents were fucking too on the bed silently. This happened every night of that summer, my sister playing with herself just inches away from me with her anazing boobs in full show.
    Sometimes when i think back, i think she used to do it on purpose for me to look.
    I regret not making a move I am 19 now and I fantacize about my sister voraciously and nothing turns me on like the idea of fucking her. I wish i could fuck the hell out of her now.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I was 14 at the time, my brother was just fixing to turn 16, our parents were outside in the yard where they spend most of their time when they are home, I was sitting on the sofa reading a book and my brother just came out of the shower, he was wearing a towel wrapped around him, which is not unusual for any of us, my brother sat right next to me on the sofa, I didn't pay him no mind, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the towel was jumping up and down so I looked and seen he was hard and his dick was bouncing around moving the towel up and down, I went back to my reading because I had no interest in my brother.

    The towel started to part ways and his hard dick was standing tall, I said to him to cover up no one wanted to see his peepepp, thats what we called it, he started playing with it and asked me to hold it, I told him no to go away, he placed his hand on my breast and gave it a squeeze, I pulled his hand off and he says please, no go away, but he just keeps on begging me to touch him and trying to feel of my breast, I said stop it and go away, I'm trying to read.

    After much begging and fighting him I just gave up and let him feel my breast as I read my book, then he slips his hand under my shirt and bra and feels of both breast side to side he goes as he plays with his dick with his other hand, I couldn't read any longer I was getting wet but didn't want him to know, so I just acted to be reading as he would slide his hand down between my legs, stop it I would yell but I really didn't want him to stop at this point, I was focusing on his dick and I wanted to touch it, so I innocently asked him, Brian if I play with your dick will you leave me alone?

    Yes he said I promise, so I took his dick in my hand, it felt so good to me, it was hot and very hard, I could feel it throbbing in my hand, I wanted to suck it, so I said to him, if you promise not to pee in my mouth or shoot off in my mouth I'l suck your dick for you and then it will go down and you will leave me alone, ok he says to me I promise, so I got off the sofa and down on my knees between his legs and was sucking his dick, I got so wet I needed his dick inside me, so I told him to come in my room but to wait for 2 minutes, he said ok he would.

    I went to my room and took all my clothes off and waited for him on the bed, he came in the room and dropped the towel, he crawled up the bed and right between my legs, he was kissing and licking my twat fingering my honey hole,
    I was going crazy, no one has ever done this before, I've only been fingered, this was so much better, I pulled him on top of me and took his dick and put it in my honey hole, my brother began fucking me and it was so great, and he is a good kisser to, he yelled out oh shit I'm cumming, I wasn't sure what he meant but I figured it out, he cum inside me, it felt so good, then he just lay onto of me and said oh that was so good, we got to do it again.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I'm 20+ year old, still in college. It started about 2 years ago. I was a good student thoughout my high school years and bit book worm. Girls were not interested in me and it didn't bother me. But when I got into college, it was much different situation. I got freedom, and get taste of sex and all the crazy stuffs. My roommates were into milfs and often hooked with older women and female professors. It left bad influence on me, I started thinking about my mom sexually. Most of the time I indulge in the fantasy and my study hampered. My grades started falling off. My parents were very concerned and wanted to know the reason. But I couldn't tell them. But my mom was persistent, and I explained her. She was in utter shock and left crying. A week later, my dad called me that he arranged a room near my college where my mom and I can stay, it would help me to concentrate on my study under my mom's care. When we started living together, mom giving me handjobs, blowjobs to relieve my stress. Soon it proceeded further and now we have full on sex. It is just not for my sake, but for my mom's benefit too since she started enjoying doing it.

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    Straight Male / 25

    My aunt Mary passed away recently and my Mom was really devastated, even my Dad took it very hard and he seemed as lost as my Mom was afterwards. I would soon find out why my Dad was so upset about Mary being gone.

    My Mom and her sister Mary were total opposites. My Mom is miss conservative and aunt Mary was tough, sexy as hell, and she loved being in charge. My Mom dresses down and my Dad used to comment about her dressing like an older woman. Aunt Mary liked to wear skirts and heels and a little bit too much makeup for my Mom's liking.

    Since aunt Mary wasn't married we had to go over to her house and begin the process of going through her things, at some point they would sell her house too. The first few times were hard going over with my Mom, she basically cried the whole time and didn't get much done.

    My Dad acted weird, he made a big deal about waiting for him to go over with us. My Mom said she would be fine without him since I was there with her. One night they even got into a bit of a argument about it, I didn't see what the big deal was.

    My Mom told me when we got there to box up Mary's clothes from her closet, I guess my Mom checked it out and knew Mary wore things she wouldn't wear. She reminded me any paperwork I found make sure I saved that, which I said I would.

    Aunt Mary's closet was filled with skirts and dresses, a lot of them rather short for a woman to be wearing at her age, that's what my Mom used to say all the time. I filled up two large boxes with her high heels and fashion boots. Aunt Mary was only 5'2" and by the looks of her heels she wanted to look taller than she was.

    On a shelf was a box and I opened it to find many Diary Books inside. The pages were dated and the one on top was the most recent, she mentioned about not feeling well a few months earlier and nothing else was written. I flipped back a few pages and a few references to sex caught my attention. Suddenly I realized most of the pages were of Mary's sexual encounters with men as well as women! There were names of the people she had sex with and what they did together in bed, even out of the bedroom. I was just about to drop the Diary Book back into the box when I saw a name that caught my eye.

    The name Travis appeared on a page, and then another page, and one after that. I wouldn't have gave it much thought except the fact Travis was my Dad's name. I sat that Diary down and picked up another one, flipping through the pages and Travis's name was there along with another guy's name and also another female's name at times.

    There was about a dozen or so of these Diary books. I quickly flipped through them all, and realized my aunt was quite a sexual woman since her days in College. I wasn't sure if my Mom would read them or not, but it bugged me the name Travis was in so many of the pages.

    I remember my Mom and Dad would argue because he worked a lot of hours and she used to be mad he wasn't home a lot with the family. I never gave it much thought because at the time I just thought a lot of husbands worked a lot of hours because of their jobs. I bundled up the Diary's and hid them from my Mom until I could put them in my car and take them home with me to read.

    The next few nights when I had time I began to read Mary's Diary's. I hate to use the word slut but Mary had a high sex drive from what I read. There were also a few times that she basically stole a few boyfriends away from her girlfriends. There were also a few pages where Mary had stolen someone's girlfriend or two as well.

    The name Travis started to appear more frequently and Mary wasn't shy about writing their sexual encounters in her Diary. Mary engaged in some fetish play, bondage and a bit of role play between them. I had the idea Mary played the Mistress and this guy Travis played her willing slave. Sometimes they would have another female join them, I guess Mary trolled the classified pages looking for a willing participant.

    There were also times Mary was pissed at Travis because "his commitments" ruined a evening that Mary had planned. She wrote "fuck Travis, I will play with.." there would be another name written, another guy, sometimes a woman's name. According to Mary's Diary, she would make damn sure Travis knew who she was with and what she did with them.

    Now I knew Travis was married! I couldn't help think about my Dad, his time away at work, or was he really at work? I had forgot about a big argument my Mom had with my Dad late one night after I had gone to my room. I heard my Mom ask my Dad if he was cheating on her and he denied such a thing and swore he was working to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table since my Mom didn't work all that much.

    The more I read from Mary's Diary's got me aroused at times honestly. She told Travis she wanted to experiment with toys and Travis wasn't sure? In her Diary Mary said she thought Travis felt threatened at her idea, but he was going to have to deal with it. After all she wasn't threatened when "Allison" joined them for some fun.

    By the next to the last Diary, they were into filming their sexual encounters. It was Mary's idea again and she said Travis thought it would be fun as well. They got a video camera and Mary said she wanted to film everything they did. According to what I read somewhere was many video's with her and Travis, Mary and Allison, and video's of all Three together.

    Mary liked to take her frustration out on Travis when he stood her up. She wanted to role play the next time they were together. From her Diary she would take her anger out on Travis by using a strapon with him bound in some fashion. She loved to make his ass bright red with her riding crop and she got off watching him squirm and beg for her to stop. All of this was on video somewhere?

    She wanted to humiliate Travis as Mary wrote in the Diary, she could almost have an orgasm watching Travis groveling at her high heels. He would regret spending time with his wife over her. I had forgot about the time my Mom had questioned my Dad about

    Up until Mary wrote in her Diary about not feeling well, Mary was trying to lure Travis into Divorcing his prim and proper wife. Mary never mentioned the wife's name in her Diary but I really had the feeling who Mary was referring to now. There was a time or two that Mary would say that to my Mom, I just closed the Diary and tossed it aside.

    That night I laid in bed wondering what sexual secrets were waiting to be found, now I knew why my Dad had made a big deal of wanting to go to Mary's house together. If it was my Dad Mary was talking about in her Diary, would there be incriminating evidence? Mary wrote they made a lot of sexual video's, sometimes watching them as they had sex. Would my Mom find them and be curious enough to watch them?

    The next day my Mom called me and during our conversation she said Dad was getting home from work earlier these days, if it wasn't for Mary's passing she would be pretty darn happy. I just said that's great and left it there. I asked if Dad was going to help clean out Mary's house and Mom said he was going to stop by after work that evening to show a guy from work the Sofa's that Mary had. I asked if she was going over, Mom said she was going to wait for the weekend to go over. She needed a few more days to get herself together, and I understood.

    I thought about everything and my curiosity got the better of me. I knew the time my Dad got off work and I drove down the street and parked from Mary's house. About thirty minutes later I saw my Dad's car pull into Mary's driveway, he backed in close to the side entrance of her house.

    It was a several minutes before I saw my Dad return to the car with two boxes. He popped the trunk and tossed them inside quickly and then went back again a few more times before he closed the trunk and left. I went over to the house, Mom was fixing Dinner. She said Dad was on his way home, the guy never showed up to look at the Sofa's at Mary's house.

    When my Dad got home he was a bit surprised to see me and then told Mom his friend from work had to end up staying late, reminding Mom he knew that feeling all too well. So I listened to his bullshit and I couldn't even bring myself to stay for dinner.

    That weekend we were all there and of course there was no secrets going to be found by me or my Mom, I'm sure Dad removed all the evidence that day. I kept the Diary's for a while, don't know why, but eventually I disposed of them. All of Mary's and my Dad's secrets were gone.

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    Straight Female / 28

    When I was around seven my mom explained to me that I had a lock and boys had a key and the boys used the key to unlock the girl's heart. My mom showed me that she had a lock and I had a lock.

    When I was eleven I had a girl spend the night with me. Her mom worked with my mom and she had to go out of town, so the girl was staying with us. She was budding out, and she had light pubes and she showed me what was inside her lock. She showed me where her vagina was and she stuck a finger in there and asked me to stick a finger in there. Then she opened my lock and stuck her finger in there. We bent over so we could see our toosh and our lock and used my hand mirror so we could see what was difficult to see. She had an older sister who knew all about vaginas.

    When I was fifteen I went on an all girl school field trip to this farm and we learned all about the animals on a farm. The woman who ran the farm explained to us how the cows were impregnated using the bull's semen. She told us that a bull's penis was really large but that it was more efficient to impregnate the cows with a veterinarian using artificial insemination. She had a model of a bull's penis and she let us all hold it. The pigs and the chickens were all impregnated by mounting.

    At home my mom told me that it was true, and that most girls preferred being mounted than being artificially inseminated. We sat on the couch and she told me about the first time she had sex in college and that it was so fast that she only knew she had sex. That for a girl to enjoy it the boy had to take his time. She finished by telling me that sex was for grownups, and that I should not let a boy get close to me like that.

    It wasn't a boy that got close to me, it was a man. And he got on me from behind and got me pregnant. I never even saw his penis.

    I grew the baby without any problems, I was hardly uncomfortable, I still went swimming and did everything I normally did. The birth was fast and the baby was out before I knew it. I stayed home from school for three months, with a tutor provided by the school and distance learning. I graduated on time with my class mates.

    When the father came to see the baby, he would always bring me a gift of something, shoes, a shirt, a purse, anything he could think of, I ended up with a whole closet full of stuff. When the baby was eighteen months old he talked to me about having another baby, so that the babies were close in age. That he had grown up with a much older brother, and he thought that kids should be closer in age. I was an only child, so I didn't know any different, so I got pregnant again.

    Like the first baby, I didn't have any problems. The birth was fast and without complications. My mother helped with the children while I was in class, and I graduated with my nursing degree in five years. The father of my children is more involved now that they are older, I live with my mother and I like my job. I suppose I am an adult, but I don't feel like it. Between my babies' father and my mother taking care of us, I coast along and I have lots of time to spend with my kids. I don't have any financial pressures. My life is pretty easy, when I see some of the people at the hospital, I realize that I am fortunate.

    My lock was opened by a man and he used his key to open my heart. It was that simple, I don't ever recall anything different. One moment my lock was locked and the other it was open.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    my wife picked me up from work this particular friday,said we are going to her mothers.her dad had died a few months ago we called in to cheer her up when we could. we had tea and were sitting watching some boring show the women liked and i fell asleep . next thing my wife is telling me to go and rest on mums bed [there was only one bedroom]. i did and drifted off , next i could hear the mother inlaw saying leave him there pick him up on your way home tomorrow .and the wife saying give him some jobs to do in the morning then she asked where her mum was to sleep oh ill sleep on the sofa . my wife left then mother inlaw comes into the room taps me saying get yourself in bed your staying the night. i didnt argue she then said she was going to shower. i striped naked as thats the way i sleep got under the covers and just lay sthere . she came in with a towel round her said she came for her nighty , cheekily i said sleep naked its better, are you naked she said .iam i replied show was her answer so i threw back the covers .mmmm was all i heard.then she droped the towel and told me to move over got in with me .wewere both a bit stuned at what had happened.we talked for a while well mostly she did she told me she hadnt had oral sex or given it. so i pulled her sideways on the bed knelt on the floor with her legs over my shoulders my hands spreed her c**tls and i tongued her clit till she had a shuddering climax i cuddled her till she s poke again saying that was her t cum and she 55 there is more to thisstory just ask and ill continue

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    I love to show my mother in law my dick. I rub it on her coffee cup whenever I can. I beat off into a pair of her dirty panties once. She had to know, they were stuck all in a bunch because of my cum. I once blew one of the biggest loads of my life into her coffee creamer. I also came all over her toothbrush.

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