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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 24

    I married Callum my husband at a relatively young age. I was nineteen and thought I knew everything. It turned out I didn't know anything. Callum was and is a bully. Not at first during our dating or even around a year after we got married, but his true nature soon came out.
    It soon became apparent he wanted me to be a slut for him at all times, even when his friends were around. Sometimes making me fuck him in front of them. And on one occasion when they were all drunk, he had three of his so called mates have sex with me. I absolutely hated it and him for making me, but the refusal I gave him at first brought me a black eye and a blooded nose.
    My family all kind of knew about the violence and intimidation, except one. But all I got back from them was "We told you so".
    Yes I was wrong not to listen to them about being too young, to impetuous, but to be abandoned with them knowing I was taking beatings, really really hurt me.
    After a particular bad punch to the face this time last year, because I wouldn't let Callum's friend fuck my asshole when they were watching football, I called by my moms home. She was drunk as usual and had her new "Boyfriend" around who was also drunk. I was about to leave having only been there a minute, when her youngest brother Alex who I'd hardly seen since I was about seven, turned up out of the blue to collect some money he'd loaned her. He looked at my mother and then at me. I don't know why, but I broke down crying, sobbing really and I just couldn't stop. My mom shouted at me for being such a "Drama queen" as she called it, as my face in her opinion wasn't too badly swollen.
    Alex laughed, then sneered at my mom, said something I'm not going to repeat and gripped my hand. Taking me to his car Alex asked me if my moms new boyfriend had hit me. When I told him it was Callum who'd caused the injuries, he looked at me with complete astonishment.
    He hadn't known about Callum's beatings and really tried to get me to tell him more but I was too upset. Alex had tried to get me to say something because as I later found out, Callum used to be one of his favorite students at his martial arts school.
    Sat in his car, I sobbed my heart out as he drove me to his apartment. Eventually I calmed down enough and realized it was the first time I'd cried in years. All throughout my beatings and sexual intimidation, I'd held all my emotions in check, especially when I'd been hit.
    In a hour long sprawl in Alex's apartment, of frustrated emotional outbursts, I told Alex absolutely everything. From thinking I knew what was best for me, right down to being forced to fuck Callum's friends over a two hour period, where they did absolutely anything they wanted with me.
    Again I cried at the end of my retelling. Alex put his huge muscular arms around me and said "That's the last time you'll have to cry about anything like that again.
    Alex phoned Callum once I'd given him his number, to tell him I was staying over. And even though Alex was twenty feet away, I could hear Callum shouting down on the other end of the phone. It scared me, but once Alex put the phone down, he came over to me and said "I promise you, it's the last time he'll ever threaten a member of my family again".
    I don't know why exactly. Whether it was the emotion, or just sheer relief at being safe, but I reached up to Alex, held his head and kissed him on the lips. It was meant to be a thank you kiss at first, but I carried on until I was kissing him passionately. Alex backed away and told me it wasn't right, saying he was my uncle and he'd only be taking advantage of my emotional state.
    It was that last part I thought about in his guest bedroom later as I lay in bed. He'd said, he'd only be taking advantage of me. In other words, if I wasn't upset, he'd possibly see me as a woman he'd be attracted to. Thinking about it for a long time, I got out of bed, slipped off the t shirt he'd borrowed me and lowered my panties to the floor. Opening the bedroom door, I walked the forty paces to his bedroom door, opened it and saw a tall, muscular man called Uncle Alex lying naked on his bed. His cock was flaccid and lay to one side. His face was turned away from me, but I could hear him gently breathing in a deep sleep. Crossing to the bed, I sat by him, leaned over and in one motion took his flaccid cock into my hands, lowered my body, then let his cock slip into my mouth.
    I'd been slowly sucking on his cock for about a minute, when I felt his hands take hold of my head gently. He pulled me up and said "This is wrong, you shouldn't be" But before he could finish what he was saying, I lowered myself again and took in more of his thick veiny cock. His cock reacted and within less than a minute had become totally erect. Gently holding his large balls, I squeezed a little and took as much as I could of his long thick manhood.
    When Alex took hold of my head again, it wasn't to pull me off of him, it was to hold it to set the rhythm of him fucking my mouth. There was no forcing, just a gentle pressure to ensure I sucked his cock the way he liked it. Every vein in his cock felt divine in my mouth, as did his massive cock head. When I heard Alex's breathing later, I knew he was on the verge of cumming. Moving my hands beneath his ass, I pulled him further down my throat, letting Alex know it was fine for him to cum in my mouth.
    Then all of a sudden Alex stopped. He quickly moved us around so his face was between my legs. Apologizing to me, he said it wasn't "Gentlemanly" to let only him have the enjoyment. No sooner than I'd taken his cock back into my mouth, I felt his hot breath on the inside of my thighs, then felt his warm wet tongue slide up between my labia's and on to my clitoris.
    It was the first time in years I felt totally relaxed during sex and I came instantly. My orgasm was so surprising, I didn't have time to stop myself from shaking, and with my body convulsing I took Alex's cock all the way to the base, down my throat. It was that, that had Alex's cock explode in my mouth. His semen just kept on flooding down my throat as he fucked me orally. It was to me the most beautiful sexual encounter I'd ever had and I also felt if I wasn't being silly, loved.
    Myself and Alex lay there talking about nothing, with my head on his massive chest. He didn't mention Callum once, but talked about things that lovers say to each other after sex. Turning my head up, he kissed me just as passionately as I'd kissed him earlier. I responded and felt for the first time in a very long time, wanted for being me, for being the attractive young woman I am, and not just a fuck tool.
    Asking me if I'd sleep with him, he got in behind me when I said yes and I could feel his hard cock shaft pressing on my lower back. Turning my head a little, I asked my uncle if he would enter me. The feeling of his cock sliding inside my body was so perfect, I cried silently, letting tears flow as Alex slowly and gently fucked me from behind. His huge arms circled me, making me feel safe, making feel loved and making our lovemaking close and beautiful.
    I don't know for how long we had sex. I didn't care to imagine him not in my body. It was a very slow deep penetration of my pussy, that I had some of the longest most intensive orgasms I'd ever had. And they just kept on cumming (Pun intended).
    Moving me so I was lay back to his chest, Alex carried on fucking me, building up his rhythm until I knew he was going to cum. Putting my head next to his, I whispered to him to cum inside me. Moments later that's just what he did and I couldn't have been happier.
    I stayed with Alex for two days. Each day we made love and I learned just how wonderful Alex was at pleasuring me. Callum rang my mobile countless times, but I ignored him. Then we both heard Callum's voice outside Alex's apartment. Alex made his excses to me, got himself ready and walked out.
    He walked back in again about an hour and a half an hour later. There was a slight graze on his arm, but that was it. Alex smiled at me, said he was sorry for being so long, but he had to make things ok for me. Callum, I believe moved away, or was moved away the following day. His family made some noises about him being "Not well", but that's all it was. They knew just what he was like, and in some ways they were more supportive than my own.
    I've not heard from him since that day, and never ever want to either. I now live with Alex as lovers, partners and as total equals. It's been a long learning curve for me, one I admit, I wasn't all innocent in. But in no way did I deserve Callum and his moronic ways. Alex might be fourteen years older than me, but to me and us, It might as well be nothing. That's because I love my uncle, my Alex, in every way possible.

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    Straight Male / 35

    When I was 15 I slepted with my sister for the first time I loved it my sister was a flirt I massaged her a lot when I was young I saw her tits several times at parties my sister is extremely beautiful one day after she got off work she asked for a massage which was normal nothing kinky or anything like that we went to the couch as she undressed one of her boobs flopped out she didn't really care I saw and took her time covering back up I had a hard on the whole massage I accidentally ground up against her with my hard on that I was trying to hide she didn't seem to notice I got to rubbing her bad really hard and I bumped her with my hard on again she reached behind herself to feel what bumped her she grabbed my dick held it for a second or two I think she was shocked I had a hard and that I'm hung like a horse I have a monster in my pants my sister rolled over and pushed me away and told me I had two seconds to explain myself I was so nervous and tense I told her I just got worked up from the massage and her boob falling out earlier she was pissed off at me I fired back and told her she fucks a lot of guys and she flashes her tits to everyone all kinds of strangers I told her I'm her brother and I just admirer her and she should feel comfortable with me I've pretty much massaged her all my life and now she freaks I told her it was fair she shared that side of her with everyone but me I told her no more massages ever again and left I didn't talk to my sister unless I had to after that for almost nine months she asked for so many massages in that time I just told her no get one of her boyfriends to do it I started getting closer to my other sister she loved massages and asked all the time she would get drunk I would massage her after awhile she always let me massage her boobs I rubbed her pussy real good but only one time and she came to her senses and had me stop my oldest sister called me to her house which was moms rental house so I had to do all the yard work and chores I walked in the door asked her what she wanted she just wanted to hangout we hung out for awhile but it was awkward so I left the next day I was mowing the yard my sister came up said she hurt her back please help her with a massage she would pay me some cash so I did I went in the house and cleaned up when I came out of the bathroom my sister was laying there in her bra and panties I'd only seen her in her panties a couple of times by accident I asked why she had no pants on she said because she needed a full body massage she asked me if it was ok and pointed to a hundred dollars on the counter said it was mine for the massage I rubbed her back for a long time she asked me to go lower to her ass and thighs I told her I couldn't I didn't want her to get pissed like last time I got to excited she said she didn't care how hard my dick was she needed the massage I rubbed her for four hours from head to toe she only had on a bra and panties she ended up falling asleep while I massaged her so I left the next day she came bye the house and gave me the hundred dollars and asked why I left her passed out like that with no blanket I laughed told her I didn't even think about she asked me if I could give her massages again regularly that night I massaged her again this time she undid the back of her bra I always wanted to undo it and massage
    her I loved it I could see side boob her boobs are huge I was very turned on so I tried to hurry it up and leave so I could go jack off but befor I left she thanked me for being a gentleman and not trying shit like my older brothers I asked what she told me that they tried to sleep with her and if she ever got a message from them they tried to put there hands all over her I pissed me off but turned me on at the same time a month passed massaging her regularly but I got bored she only wanted a massage and my balls were blue from being turned on by her two weeks passed with no massages then one night she comes over comes in my room and tells me how I was right she was more comfortable with strangers then me I was confused so I asked what she meant she told me how awesome I was for massaging her and she said she felt sick to her stomach because the men she been with wouldn't do half of what I do and the fact she shows her tits
    to random strangers but not me I reacted and said I don't want to see them she told me to get real she knows I like them I agreed she went on to say that she should be comfortable with me so if my dick gets hard during a massage she doesn't mind and the she tells me the best thing ever she said she would make sure her tits popped out her and there and she would give me a sneak peeks if I was a good boy and massaged her everyday so she actually did I saw her tits a lot and saw her in her panties and her pussy a lot I noticed some times she was shaved and other time she would
    have a bare pussy I don't know why but I told her I'd seen her vagina several times she said she knew I asked her why shave it she said because it feels amazing the next night while giving her a back massage she pulled my hand underneath her and had me start rubbing her pussy she was controlling my had here pussy was so wet she put my finger inside her she was very tight I took over and ruubbed and fingered her pussy raw she orgasmed so many times she fell asleep I left I covered her up and kissed her on my way out I didn't hear from my sister for almost three months until she called me over for another massage during the massage she told me she couldn't believe that she fuck me her little brother I told her we never had sex what was she talking about I told her she had me play with her pussy all night but that was it she was so out of it
    that night she thought we fucked
    because her pussy was soaked when she woke up and my hat was there she really thought we fucked I tried to massage her but it was awkward this time I went home shortly after we talked I was confused about my sister for sure a few days later out of no where my other sister tells me that she talked to our sister and she was head over heels for some guys he had been seeing I was jealous for the first time in my young life I couldn't think of who the guy would be all these thought were racing in my mind I didn't hear anything else she was saying until she said she had a good idea who the guy was and if it's who she thought the guy was gyro pay because she liked him first fucking sister shit she came over to me on the bed and told me I seemed jealous and then she told me how she knew I was giving my other sister erotic massages up late all hours of the night so the guy had to be me and she was going to tell our mom I told her it's not me and there just fun
    massages that's all I embarrassed she knew though she pushed me back on my bed said she knows it's me she climbed on me I tried to push her away but then she pulled her dress up with no panties on just bush before I could do anything her pussy was in my mouth I just started eating her she was grinding and fucking my face the whole time she told me I had to eat her pussy or she's telling our mom about me and my other sister she talked so dirty I had no clue she was a freak like that I was so mind fucked I didn't have a clue what was going on she left my room and said she owned me but she didn't have shit on me but her pussy was so good I just went with it I ate her pussy every day she wouldn't let me do anything other then eating her and I massaged my oldest sister every night until I realized I was basically my oldest sisters boyfriend we did everything together but sex I was taking care of her in almost every way one day I realized she was In love with me for real I didn't know what to do life was getting complicated so I got sick of all one night I was massaging I ripped her panties off and fingered her pussy we were talking nasty I told her it was the last time for any of it we heard s noise and stopped I went home my other sister was the waiting for her nightly oral I got her off and went to bed the next day my mom told me that her and I needed to talk so we started small talk then she changed the subject to sex and said a bunch of odd ball things then in one sentence my mom tells me she knows about me and my sisters before I could say anything she said do a good job for them and always where a rubber I was shocked I denied all of it but she had saw me fingering my one sister and she saw my other sister riding my face I didn't get one word in she told me how she fucked my uncle her brother she comes from a big family she said my uncle was special to her and it just happened and they have always just been together I was freaking out hearing all of it I went to my room got pissed listening to music and I went over to my sisters I put music on massaged her made her orgasm for almost two hours she was begging me for the dick so I fucked her for three days I didn't go home she called off work I turned her out she is my life long whore now my other sister visits a week out of the year and during that week she does get off my face and my mom is a freak the more I find out she offered herself to me once but we got inturupted while we were making out she still my uncles whore but just last week she said she wanted to leave him and enjoy me I told her yes but the moment hasn't been right she's a little on the old side but I don't care and yes my sister still are loving me to this day

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    Straight Male / 34

    Me and my wife were going away on vacation for a couple of weeks and her mother offered to watch our house while we were away. I have security cameras on the outside of our house and was surprised to see what they captured while we were away. Her mother was out in our backyard and on most occasions she was laying out in the sun wearing nothing. It was the first time I had seen her naked. I never mentioned this to anyone because I didn't know how my wife or her mother would take me see her naked. I had also put some cameras in the house which my wife didn't know about. I caught some very interesting stuff that I never expected. Her mother was going through some of our things and looking at some personal things. She found one thing which was a binder we had hidden of some very private pictures of us while on some vacations. We were naked and sometimes doing some naughty things in them and her mother was now viewing them. I guess Karma came back to haunt us. I saw her naked and she was now seeing me. Later I see her sit down to watch a couple of movies. The second movie was a porno and she was really into it. She actually undressed and was naked on the couch. As the movie went on she left the room and came back with a towel. She put a towel on the couch to sit down on and then began to please herself. She was spread eagle masturbating and I had it recorded. I guess my mother in law and me had seen each other in some interesting action but we never let the other know. My wife knew nothing about any of this and I was not going to tell her anything. My mother in law seemed to smile a little more than usual with me the next few times we met probably because she saw our naughty naked pictures but she didn't know I saw and have a video of her doing some self sexual satisfaction.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I am a 32 year old man that still enjoys partying and having a great time fucking every woman I can. I also have this crazy fucking Aunt that fucks around on my Uncle all the time. I see her out in the clubs at night dancing drinking and hanging all over other men and she knows I see her all the time. She is only 42 and 6 years older than me and one of the hottest women ever. Long dark beautiful hair big blue eyes big really nice tits and ass and just a drop dead beautiful woman.
    I have always wanted to fuck her and stick my big thick hard 8" cock in her juicy snatch but most of all I think about hearing her moan as I shove my big dick up her sexy hot ass. I think about it all the time so I caught her out one night and spent some time drinking and talking to her and after she danced with several men and came back to talk to me I just came right out and asked her if she was fucking any of the guys she danced with. She didn`t answer right away but finally said she had. That opened the door for me to question her even more and after a very open fairly hot conversation I asked her why she didn`t fuck me. She laughed and said I think you know why. It took me awhile and after dancing with her a few times rubbing my thick hard cock on her she started to change her tune and later on made up this excuse about being too drunk to drive and asked me to take her to the house. I knew what she was up to so I put her in the truck and drove her to her house knowing my Uncle was out of town working. on the way there she told me you know no one needs to know about this and it would really cause us both a lot of trouble if they did.
    I told her I would never tell all I wanted to do was fuck her and that I had wanted to for years. She acted surprised at first but soon opened up to me and made a comment about how she was pretty anxious to see if my cock was as big as it felt on the dance floor. I said it is and you know what I think about most of all is sticking in your hot sexy ass. That really got her attention and she said she hardly ever got that but really enjoys it a lot.
    To make a very long story short my Aunt and I were up until damn and she swallowed my cum I shot a huge load deep in her shaved tight hot pussy then fucked her up the ass not once but two times filling her tight ass with two big hot loads before I left.
    I figured that would be my only opportunity to nail that hot bitch so I made the best of it. A week later she called me and asked me to drop by that evening so I did. When she answered the door she was in a see thru long silk gown just a G string and no bra. When she shut the door the gown hit the floor and she turned her back to me slightly bent over looking back with a big smile placed both hands on her hot ass spread her cheeks then asked if I could take care of it for her.
    She turned back around started to undo my jeans and in a few seconds was on her knees sucking my cock and rubbing her wet pussy and stopped long enough to let me know that she wanted me to cum in her mouth again and she was looking right up at me as she swallowed every drop of my big thick load. Off to bed we went and we fucked like crazy and I filled her pussy up with cum then fucked hat sweet asshole two times just like I did the week before but she told me to stay the night and before I left the next day I shot 3 more loads up her hot sweet asshole and we showered together and she sucked my dick until we ran out of hot water then finished me off in the living room floor on her knees.
    I left after that to go to work but she called me at work to tell me she wasn`t going out that night and for me to drop by id I wanted some more of her ass. I did and have been dropping by almost every time my Ucle is out of town and now after two years her ass belongs to me and some times we even meet out in the country at my parents cabin to fill her hot ass with my cum. She is my little whore and loves my cock up her ass. Who knowshow long this will last but I will show up every time she wants to give up that hot tight sexy ass.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 12 my cousin came to live with my mom and me. She was 7. My mom worked so we were alone after school and I got to liking to hug her tight and hold her against me. I got a hard when I did and would hump her, she learned to lay still until I came in my underwear.

    She would come to sleep with me and I would hold her all night long. We saw each other naked. There wasn't anything to hide. We started humping when she filled out and she was pregnant at 17. At the time my mother had a garage apartment that was rented out, and after she got pregnant my mother sent me to live in the garage apartment to keep away from her, but it didn't work, she slept with me anyway.

    A man came by one day looking for a place to live so my mother rented the garage apartment to him, and I moved back into the house and my cousin and I shared a room so her room could be used for the baby. No more faking it, we lived together and slept together and had sex when ever we wanted. At that time we would watch tv, get up go and have sex and come back before the show was over. My mother made comments about us, going to hell and all because we were more brother and sister than cousins, and she was her mother's sister and she didn't think her sister had the idea of her and me living together and having kids when she sent her to live with us.

    She had another kid at 19 and then another kid at 22. She had associates degree in nutrition and she worked at the hospital and I had my construction job and we were making good money. When the man renting the garage apartment left, my mother moved in there so we could have the house to ourselves.

    One day I got my hands on a girl from work and got her pregnant. This caused all sorts of problems at the house, and it took a lot for my cousin to forgive me. It was sex, I didn't want her then, just to have sex. But with a baby she had to have a place to live so she moved in with my mother. It was hard because she had a hard time accepting that my cousin was the real woman and she had second place. Even if I had sex with her, I would sleep with my cousin.

    It didn't matter a whole lot really, my cousin was in charge between the two of them. After her kid was three she moved to live with one of her sisters, so it was easier, sort of dating instead of living next door. At that time we still had sex a lot, mostly at her sister's house. Not that her sister approved, but that's the way it was.

    When my cousin was 36 she got pregnant again, not a plan, just one of those accidents. At first she was upset, but then got really exited about the new baby. That little girl has turned out to be the princess or all princesses. She is spoiled by everyone.

    My mother died at 62 and left us the house. After my mother died, my girlfriend moved in next door.

    At night, I like having my cousin up tight, I like to hold her real tight and feel her against me. If I love someone, really love someone, it is my cousin. No matter how much I want to be with my girlfriend, at night I want my cousin with me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    Every couple of weeks or so, my aunt Susan stays over with my girlfriend and I. It's because of the traffic and where she works every so often. It's just easier for her to walk into her regional office, rather than drive across the city.
    Two weeks ago my aunts visit coincided with my girlfriends night shift at the hospital. When Susan arrived at our home she'd already had a few to drink. Then she got stuck into a bottle of wine when my girlfriend left for work. By ten o'clock at night Susan was wasted.
    She was lying on the couch sprawled out when I walked back in from the kitchen, after I'd been doing some emailing on my lap top. I couldn't help but notice her pussy as her short flared skirt had rode up and she'd apparently removed her knickers. Only when I turned to look at the tv, did I realise she'd been watching a porn movie with the sound off.
    Looking at her asleep and seeing her wet looking pussy, I couldn't help myself. Kneeling down close to her, I put my face in between her legs and licked at her pussy. Rather than move away or close her legs, my aunt opened her legs wider giving me much easier access to her soaking wet c**t.
    Pushing her legs even wider, I put my head back down and began to lick her labia's and her clit. Susan began to moan, then put her hands on my head. It was almost like she was giving me the green light to have sex with her. So stopping for a minute, I got myself undressed, put my face back between her legs and stroked my growing cock at the same time.
    She was bucking up and down after a few minutes, and let out a low guttural moan. She'd just orgasmed and I was by then aching to fuck her. Moving her a little, I got in behind her, turning her onto her left hand side. Taking hold of my cock, I guided it into her drippingly wet pussy and fucked her like she was a common slut.
    I piston fucked my own aunt for as long as I can remember fucking any girl in the past. And during that one position fuck, my aunt began to back onto me as I entered her tight pussy. I don't know how long I fucked her like that, but she made the same guttural moaning sound and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick. She'd cum again making her pussy even wetter, and it drove me to an amazing orgasm. I came flooding her pussy in huge spurts of cum leaving my cock, and shooting deep up my aunts c**t.
    Getting myself from behind her, I was just about to go and have a shower when I heard Susan say "Thank you, I needed that". I didn't look back, but I knew she knew exactly what had just happened between us and it sounded as thought she was perfectly ok with it.
    I was still in bed when she left for work the next day. She'd chatted to my girlfriend when she'd gotten back in from her night shift. Then my girlfriend got into bed with me. We had sex, but it was no where near as spontaneous as I'd had with my aunt. And I realised as I was fucking my girlfriend from behind, my aunt is much sexier, even if she is thirty seven.
    Yesterday morning I got a text message from my aunt. It reads "I know ........ is at work again tomorrow tonight and the night after. I'm working at the regional office for two days. Any chance of staying over both nights and maybe sharing your bed". There was a winking smile sent with the message and a kiss. I replied by telling her it was fine for her stay and cheekily added "I love anal". My aunt Susan answered my text by saying "We'll see, not been fucked there for some time".
    Susan text again last night. It was a quick text and straight to the point "You can fuck my arse, as long as you lick it out afterwards" Again it was sent with a winking smile, but also with this 8======,,,.
    Should I be fucking my aunt, I don't know. Should I be cheating on my girlfriend, probably not. The fact is, my aunt is far more sexual than my girlfriend and to me far more attractive. So am I going to fuck her tonight. You're damn right I am.

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    Straight Female / 31

    At work I got along great with a guy, but he had a girlfriend. She was nice, I met her, she had a real ordinary body, kind of skinny, with small boobs. From the day I met her I wondered what she would be like in bed. When I get with a girl I am very oral, I love to eat pussy and I especially love to suck boobs and make out. For me it is about getting my mouth all over her. I like oral too, I like having my boobs played with and kissed and sucked, as I said I love to make out, and if the girl is willing, I love to have my pussy eaten.

    That is what I saw when I met her, a girl I would love to get naked with.

    One day I was talking with my coworker and he brought up the part about fucking two women at once, that every guy thinks about it. I told him that I loved to get fucked, and if the right girl was there, I could see myself sharing the moment. The truth is that I don't particularly like getting fucked, although that comes with the territory, between getting fucked and a hot night with a girl, I will choose the girl every time. But here, he was talking about something where maybe I could get with his girlfriend.

    We worked late one night, it was a project to get this shipment out, and I was bent over trying to get this box taped up when he goosed me. He put his hand right up my backside as I was bent over and grabbed me hard. I stood up and slapped him, I didn't even think, I called him an asshole, I was angry beyond control. He was harsh with me and told me that he figured he would fuck me. With his hand he pushed me against the wall and to undo my pants and let them down. When my pants were down, he told me to undo his pants and let them down. Then to bend over so he could fuck me he, or he would push me down on the table and fuck me. His cock was hard and opted for bending over.

    With his hand grabbing my neck from behind, he bent me over until he got his cock in me and fucked me. He fucked me and I had an orgasm, I couldn't stop myself. He could tell and he finished fucking me and called me bitch and told me he wanted his cock sucked. I got fucked a whole lot after that night, always his bitch. Whenever I asked him about his girlfriend, he told me she was hands off, he was going to marry her and he didn't want me to get with her. I reminded him about what he had said, but his answer was one thing was fucking two bitches, but he never meant his girlfriend.

    When he got married, I felt left out. One thing was talking about him getting married, and another was him actually getting married. Soon she was pregnant and he was paying a lot of attention to her, and he wasn't paying attention to me. He still saw me, but he was fucking me on my back and wanting to talk and having me sucking him softly and then laying on my back so he could get on me and fuck me. I told him I wasn't his wife, that what turned me on about him was that he didn't take shit when he fucked me. I admitted to him that I liked being controlled and fucked. That is what got me horny, that is how I got wet. That marriage sex just took forever for me to get ready.

    After a year of marriage sex, and him with his wife and new son, I told him that if he wanted me for marriage sex, then I was going to get pregnant and I wanted him to keep me like he kept his wife. That for every kid he had with her he would have a kid with me. I wanted what she wanted. And I realized that it had been a long time since I had thought about getting with her, I never even thought about any more, I hadn't thought about another woman in a long time.

    When I was pregnant, I got needy and jealous. When he was with her, I died of jealousy. So much so, that one afternoon after work, instead of going back to my apartment, I went to their house. I drove over there and six months pregnant I rang the doorbell and said hello to his wife and that I wanted to talk to her. I told her that he was the father, and that we needed to talk. I had been with him for three years, since before he married her, and he spent a lot of time with me, but she was clueless that he was seeing me on the side. I was sure she knew, I knew everything about her, everything, he told me everything, but he had not told her about me.

    It was a cold feeling. Somewhere I started to realize that I was the other woman, that I was cheating with him. She was totally into her marriage, and now her husband had a pregnant lover. I apologized, for being with him, and for breaking down her walls. I sat there and while she talked, really while she cried and talked, and I told over and over again how much he loved her, that he had married her and not me, and how he kept her in her house, I kept thinking to myself what if when he was still dating her and messing around with me, he had put us together. What would than have been like. Both of us getting fucked together. She was crying and I was thinking about that.

    She cried herself out, and all I could do was try to comfort her. But she never asked me to leave. I was pregnant, and she could see that and we ended up talking about how long I had been with him, which was before they got married, and I told her truthfully that I was only with him, I did not see any other men. I had my arm around her, and she let me hold her and I reminded her that she had met me once and I told her how I thought she was beautiful and how if she would let me I would hold her and let her cry.

    He does fuck us both, in that sense he has been fucking two women at the same time. But we never did get in bed together, the bed was not for both of us at the same time. We didn't live together, but we became friends and shared him between us. I never did do it with another girl again, I just never had the desire again. Married, in my way, with a kid took all that away. I learned to really like marriage sex. There is just something about having marriage sex, and waking up with your man beside you. We talk openly about her and she tells me that he talks openly about me. Somehow he managed to get what he wanted, two women at the same time. I'm glad one of them is me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 53

    Not the usual type of person to confess on here I guess, but here goes.
    I'm married, have two grown up daughters and also two grand kids. Both my daughters are married to genuinely nice men. One of my daughters has the two children and is a very proud mother and housewife. Whilst the other younger daughter is a career minded woman. It's the youngest daughter and her husband who this confession is about.
    My husband died four years ago. It left me not only missing him as a person, but also left me bereft of the person I loved to have lots and lots of what some would call horny sex with. That's because I've got a very high libido. I tried to date other men after around a year of being a widow, but soon found it was affecting my relationship with my family. Not through their perceptions, but my own. I bought dildo's to try and sedate my sexual urges, but it was a real mans cock I missed.
    So during a very open and frank discussion late one afternoon with my youngest daughter, she asked me if I had the chance, hypothetically speaking, would I have sex with Ray her husband. I knew why she'd asked me, because once during a drunken night out with them, Ray had said in front of me and my daughter, if he wasn't with my daughter, he'd be trying to bed me.
    The question from my daughter surprised me, but it didn't stop me answering truthfully. I told her because Ray was such a hunk, I'd love to, if we were speaking hypothetically, have him plowing my depths all night long.
    Three hours later in my marital bed, Rays face was between my legs and he was tonguing my pussy and asshole. My daughter believe it or not was only feet away downstairs, preparing all of our evening meals.
    In around an hour of wonderfully hard and sordid fucking, I had the most delicious orgasms with Ray fucking both my pussy and asshole.
    The moment he entered my home, and had his wife explain why she'd called him round, I just knew we'd end up fucking. He was reluctant at first until my daughter helped me undress. Once I was naked and stroking his cock through his trousers, he took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. From sucking on the biggest cock I've certainly seen and had fuck me, to having him tongue my pussy and asshole, I simply couldn't wait to feel a mans cock filling my horny fuck holes again.
    It was such a joyous feeling, I couldn't help screaming out his name when I had my first of many orgasms.
    With both of my love holes decorated with his cum, I showered with Ray, taking his cock again deep up my asshole to reach yet another amazing climax. Finishing our shower, we both walked down stairs and ate our eveing meal. Just as if it was perfectly normal for a mother in law, to be fucking her son in law, when her own daughter was present in her home.
    It's something Ray and I have been doing now for over eighteen months. We sometimes fuck when my daughter and he are hee together, but mostly now we have sex when he gets time during the day to fuck me. It's never less than four or five times a week, and he always leaves with his balls completely empty.
    My daughter says it keeps him very happy, me extremely happy and her intellectually happy, as it means she can concentrate on her extremely promising career.
    As you can see, I'm not your usual twenty something confessor, but all the same, I do still adore sex and paln on having as much of it, for as long as my body and mind still enjoy it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    The first time it happened, I was seventeen. I'd been out with friends and saw him trying to get my mom to suck his cock. They stopped when they saw me watching them, but I could still hear him asking my mo for sex when I'd gone to my room.
    About an hour later he entered my room totally naked. His cock was erect and it was enormous. Looking at me without flinching, he asked me if I'd suck him off. I told him to fuckoff at first, that was until he told me he'd pay for my driving lessons. I sat on my bed and thought it through as quickly as I could and came to the conclusion, I'd sucked off my boyfriend more than a few times, so I knew sucking him off would only take a few minutes.
    Motioning him over, I took hold of his massive cock and tried to suck in as much of his cock shaft as I could. It wasn't easy. After a few minutes I finally began to relax enough to suck more and more of his gorgeous cock into my mouth. And found myself actually beginning to enjoy the whole experience.
    My clit had begun to throb and my panties were becoming wet from the pussy juices leaking out. Then all of sudden, just as I'd started to play with myself, he came, flooding my mouth with his cum. There was so much cum flying out of his cock, I couldn't swallow it down quick enough and it began to flow out of the sides of my lips.
    Letting his cock slip from my mouth, he made a huge groaning sound and even more cum shot from his cock, spraying all over my face. He bent down, kissed me briefly something he'd never done and was about to walk out of my room. The thing was I was so horny by then, I told him I needed to orgasm. Quickly gripping my ankles he threw me onto my back and lifted my legs up and out. Reaching down he ripped off my panties and buried his face between my legs.
    I'd been licked and tongued before by my boyfriend, but nothing prepared me for just how good he was with his tongue. His tongue had me doing cartwheels in my mind as my pussy and asshole were licked, sucked and penetrated. When his tongue snaked its way over my clit, and he began to suck it into his mouth, my whole body began to shake and I had the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I was so overwhelmed I cried out like I'd never done before, and I cried out his name over and over.
    Smiling down at me as he exited my room, he said "That's one fine pussy girl".
    David's been saying that to me now for over twelve years. My mom still doesn't like sex and my husband just can't match his sexual appetite or skills. So every few days, David my step father and I get together either at my mom and his home, or when my husband goes to work, he'll sometimes call by to fuck me.
    I swear even if my mom and he split up, I'd still have David visit me. That's because no man since that first encounter with David, has ever come close to giving me the kind of orgasms he does, either with his tongue or his huge gorgeous cock.
    A devoted step daughter x

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I came home to live because it was cheaper and I am on the road for 2 weeks at a time. Mom is real good about me living there with her. She is 56 and has a good job, but gets a lot of headaches. I work for a small drug mfg. company and we have some real good stuff for headaches. I have not given any to Mom because of the side effects.
    Last month I came home and Mom was in bed with a bad headache she said it was making her sick to her stomach and didn't go to work that day. She asked if I had anything that would help she said I will take anything. I told her the only thing that I had would make her pass out for 8 hours. She said give me some I need help. I gave her 2 pills and with in the next hour she was out like a light.
    Three hours later I went into her room and she was still out cold the sheet was on the floor and her nightgown was around her waist and she was laying on her side. She had a very nice ass and I wanted a better look at her pussy so I rolled her over her pussy was covered with a thick muff of dark brown hair. I had never seen her naked before and I wanted to see more, she wouldn't know it anyway. I spread her legs apart and there it was the doorway to pleasure I just stood there looking at her slit the longer I looked the more I wanted to touch the lips. I saw no harm in it so I gently started touching her slit my prick was getting hard and I couldn't stop rubbing her flesh I opened the lips and saw her opening my finger slid inside of her. It went right in with no problem then a second finger she took them with ease I began sliding them in and out of her. I couldn't stop and I was getting hotter I knew I wanted some of her.
    I took off my pants her legs were still spread I climbed up on the bed and got between them I spit on my prick and began jerking off soon it was covered with pre-cum I knew that would help me go in deeper. I pushed my prick into her c**t she took it all in her, her hole was bigger than that I thought it was going to be. I started pumping away at her I reached under her ass and drove my prick as far in as I could as I shot my load in to her. After I came I lay there on her and thought she must be getting some cock somewhere as Dad has been gone 3 years and she wouldn't be that loose if she had not had some lately. That made me feel better I got up and went into my room.
    Two hours later I went back in to check on her she was still in the same position I had left her in as soon as I saw her pussy I knew I wanted some more of her. I climbed back up on her and as I rubbed her slit some cum came out I knew she would be wet enough to take another ride and ride her I did this time it took me a lot longer to cum as I grabbed her ass to drive my prick further in my finger slid into her asshole. I finished and knew I couldn't cum again but my finger gave me hope that she was going to take in up the ass the next time she needed help.
    She has done nothing but thank me for the pills and told me she knew that I was always going to be there to help her.

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