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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 26

    It Was A Surprise

    I arrived home earlier that usual I entered the house quietly because my husband works the early shift 6-2 he has a sleep in the afternoon, as I said I moved around quietly I had to go to the bathroom as I climbed the stairs I herd a noise like some one having an orgasm I herd him saying fuck fuck fuck I thought he has a woman in our bedroom he is fucking another woman I charged in our room and stopped dead I couldn't believe my eyes, he was wearing my stockings and suspender belt he was stood wanking in front of the wardrobe mirror with a but plug up his arse, and dildo on the bed. He was most embarrassed, I assured him was ok as I was turned on seeing him dressed my stockings & suspenders I wanted more specially the dildo I was dying to use it on him, which he eventually let me he took a lot of coaxing to try and admitted he had wondered what it was like to take it up the ars

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    Straight Female / 29

    As a 21 year old I met and had a whirlwind romance with a 36 year old man and got married six weeks after we met. His ex-wife was around and after he married me she decided that she wasn't ready to give up and got herself pregnant. My husband said that he had to stick with her, she was his 'real' wife and anyway she had three kids and she was going to have a fourth, so sorry, but it's over.

    Was I pissed? I mean pissed. Yes, no one dumps me. So I did the only thing that you can do in those circumstances, load him down with another baby. Not so fast mister, you want a divorce from a pregnant woman, try me on. Keeping him from getting divorced meant that I kept getting pregnant until I had four kids just like his ex. Except mine were all back to back. Then there was a truce, she would not get him back and he would not leave me. Officially.

    The truth is that he was always back with her, day and night. She was the bookkeeper for his business, and she gave me my household allowance. She picked my doctor, she picked my hospital because she had experience and I was obviously not mature enough to have kids anyway. She picked clothes out for me, she bought things at the grocery store for me, she picked up my kids and asked for a kiss for 'mamma'. Once she told a third party that I was her little sister.

    As to him, he lived at her house and if I want his attention I have to go to him. She laughed when he took me back to the bedroom, tiny tits is what she called me. A girl without tits can't keep a man, behold yourself. I sucked his dick one night, after the kids were in bed, I sucked his dick in the living room and made him cum. She said but can you make him cum with your pussy? If he can't cum in you then he isn't really fucking you. Seems that he told her that he fucked me but didn't cum in me, saving his glorious element for her. Well I hated to break her bubble but he came in me every time and I forced him to admit it right there in the living room holding his balls in my hand. Sorry about the tits Mister, but you picked me.

    The big truth is that for some reason I get along with her. Sure when I had them little I had to depend on her and she gave me my allowance anyway so we got close. Sometimes if we are out and people comment that we look alike I tell them that we are sisters, in the Biblical sense. No one gets it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I work for my father-in-law and make a lot of money. He pays me extremely well to keep his daughter living the life she is accustomed to, and I have little responsibility other than maintaining a low handicap to entertain clients. We travel quite a bit together and over the last two years I have assumed the role of his sissy cock slut. He is extremely turned on when he feminizes me, it started with lipstick and stockings and now I spend most evenings fully made up. I wear sexy lingerie and outfits he buys for me. He has a big cock and insatiable libido. I love to suck his cock and he loves to make sensationally passionate love to my asshole. I have fallen for my father-in-law, and look forward to every trip.

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    Straight Male / 54


    Yes I am a 74 year old man. I had been dating my wife for 18 months before we married. I lived off base with my older brother. May 66 I rented a one bedroom apartment and moved in as I was getting married in June. I paid for 4 months to last through end of August. July 23 66 left for vietnam thinking everything was fine and the wife's allotments check was kicked in.

    August 7th got a letter from a neighbor two houses from my brother telling me my wife moved into his house on the first. Somehow she found out I knew and said that the landlord didn't want a single person living there. Got the August rent back and had no other place to go. Said she's rented my old room from my brother. I believe her.

    Now I grew up with that neighbor and she was never a girl friend and had never dated. Got a letter from her on August 22 telling me she had baby sit for the neighbors next door to my brother on the 14th my brother birthday. From their den you had a perfect view into my old bedroom if the blinds were open. She said she saw them on my bed fucking. Thinking I might not believe her she got the polorid that belongs to her boss and with baby asleep snuck over to the window and took 2 pictures. They had all the bedroom lights on.

    I had only been gone about 4 weeks when she cheated. Got home July 67 and filed for divorce.

    Kicker of all this is I was stationed in California State next over. Got a call from my x mother in law telling me my x wifes younger sister was promised a trip to the ocean and Disneyland and was there any way I could take her. Parents had devoriced while I was gone and both had to work now. So I said yes but it would have to be on my days off. Picked her up at the airport 2 days later but didn't get a day off for another 5 days. I only had a one bedroom apartment so I fixed the sofa bed before I left for my night shift. Got home at 7 next morning fixed us breakfast went to bed. Got awaken at 9 by my bed shaking opened my eyes and there was my x wifes sister naked on top of me fucking me. She said I had been fucking her back for 15 minutes before I woke up. Took her to ocean Disneyland and the second break I took her to sea world and San Diego zoo. She ended up staying with me until just before school was to start in early September. Almost 2 months and did a lot of fucking. She told me she was on birth control and must have been. Best part of it is she was only 14. When she turned 18 she moved in with me and we lived together for over 6 years. She never told anyone about our first time together and her mom was so happy I could do for her what had been promised by them.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I want to fuck my cousin. She's 23 and for this we'll call her April. We've messed around before and even made out a few times. About 3 months ago we were hanging out and I sucked her toes to see if that would get a rise out of her. After about 10 minutes she took her toes out of my mouth and shoved my face in her panties. She rubbed my face across her pussy for a few seconds then she picked my head up, kissed me and told me to wait. The next day she left. She comes back over in 2 weeks though. Can't wait.

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    Straight Female / 26

    We have bee recently married after going out for 2 years we didn't live together, we had plenty of opportunity's for sex there are no taboos I will take it up any hole, he did seem very close to his mother they always kissed on the lips with lips parted for a bit longer than normal, there was a lot of touching between them, I have seen him smack his mothers bottom playfully, I wondered if something was going on or had been going on previously, but I thought don't be disgusting, when he first took me home to meet her she seemed to toleration me, when we kissed good night she didn't look happy at all, after we were married when I was on my period I offered a hand job or blow job or he could use my arsehole, he said he preferred to wank himself off for a change, I didn't have a problem with that occasionally he liked me to watch him, I walked into the spare room I saw him quickly put something into a draw I pretended not to notice, when he was out I had a look to me surprise they were nudes of his mother what she was a bit younger they were normal nudes she did have a good body the photos got more and revealing lots of her showing her bottom and porn poses and he playing with her self and a candle inserted, not the kind of photo to have of your mum.
    his mum is separated from his dad,

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    Straight Male / 32

    I've been cumming in my mother in-laws mashed potato for years now, we have been living with the in-laws for a few years and as i always finish work first I'm the one assigned to cooking the dinner she was always not happy about something, the meat is overcooked or the veggies are undercooked, i just snapped one day and thought Fuk you bitch I'll just add some special sauce to your mash and now she actually compliments me on how good it tastes. I usually dangle my balls and rub my knob around inside her tea cup before she gets home too. Now I just smile as she sits there eating her mash and has her cuppa after dinner, I'm trying to think of other ways to feed her my cum.

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    Lesbian Female / 34

    Before I had figured it out I married a man to get out of town. Before I figured it out I had two kids. Before I figured it out I had been married ten years. Now that I figured it out I can't hurt my husband and my kids. I was happier not knowing.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I dont know why but it turns me on to cum into my wifes food. Its possibly because she never gives blowjobs to completion.....and I want her to taste my cum.
    Anyhow...she ususlly takes our previous evenings dinner left overs to work the following day for her lunch. So...
    I ejaculate into the food without her knowing and she takes it to work and eats it. I kind of wish i could watch her eating it sometimes. Thinking about her eating it....maybe a little running down her face....gets my cock so hard! However, in summer time she takes either salad....with dressing(and yes I add to that dressing) OR sandwiches.
    The other day she wanted egg mayonaise sandwiches so I made them for her, adding several good spurts of cum to the mix.
    Imagine my surprise when she told me she'd shared the sandwiches with a co-worker....a girl called Julie...whO I have met a few times and who is quite a sexy looking woman....light brown curly hair, pretty face with brown eyes and a slight upturned nose, full lips - I always think of those lips wrapping around my cock! Slender body with good sized breasts and long legs. When I fantasize about her she always has big erect nipples and a shaven pussy revealing full plump pussy lips.
    You can imagine how horny I felt when the Mrs told me that Julie had asked for the egg mayo recipe!
    Since the excitement of that ...... I have started to cum into food given to other family members (the wifes mother for one) and friends.....including guy friends.
    I always feel so horny when they compliment me on the meal!
    I realise this is wrong.....but I just can't help myself.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 46

    I have been married for 37 years now to my steady, reliable, and loving husband, and we have 3 adult children who are mostly doing okay in life.
    My confession goes way back to when our oldest son left school at 16 to start an apprenticeship, and our other two were still in school. While cleaning Gerard's bedroom while he was at work, it became obvious to me from his stained sheets, that funky sperm smell, and tissues in the bin, that he was heavily into masturbation, which came as no surprise being a typical teen boy.
    A few days later, and before I changed his sticky sheets again, I found a large box on top of his wardrobe that contained dozens of hardcore porn magazines hidden under some sports equipment, so I lifted it down onto his bed and started looking at the mags. To my shock and surprise, I found myself getting very aroused looking at pics of gorgeous naked girls, beautiful men with giant hard cocks fucking the girls in every orifice, and lots of filthy stories to read. I tore my clothes off, pulled back the covers, and laid in my sons spunk stained sheets, and while I flicked pages with one hand I rubbed my pussy madly to orgasm with the other, overcome with lust that I had never felt before.
    I carefully repacked the box and returned it to where I had found it, but that episode released something inside me that I couldn't control, so at every opportunity I would take down that box, lay naked in my teen sons bed with his semen smell, read lurid porn mags, and I would masturbate wantonly until I was sexually drained. I don't know if he ever suspected what I was doing, but neither of us ever said anything, so I continued to enjoy my time in his bed until he moved out of home 18 months later. I can safely say that the intense arousal that I felt back then, and the many many pleasurable orgasms, were way better than anything before or since.

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