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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My father divorced my mother when I was 6. To me it was never clear why they did it, but I thought it was because him and my mother were always fighting over how to raise me right. Turns out he had an affair with another woman and filed for divorce because they wanted to live together and eventually marry.

    Custody came out and he got the right to spend weekends with me, so I'd go to his new house. He seemed to hate that I felt the way I felt about all that and tried to explain to me that it wasn't my fault several times. One time he said he divorced my mother because he was in love with someone who shared the same interests he had and did things she wouldn't. My now stepmother was frequently embarassed when we ended up together alone, but my father always told me to treat her right and she would reciprocate with lots of love.

    This new house had a big pool and the three of us would spend the summer swimming. When we were done, we'd go to a shower to remove the chlorine from our bodies and we'd take off our trunks and she'd take her bikini off as well. My father's cock always got as hard as a rock while we showered, but they seemed to find it so natural that I never really thought of asking the whys of it. One time I even got face to face with it when he turned me to face him to help me dry with a towel, but all I really noticed was how hairy his cock and balls were and that my stepmother had a huge ass, a shaven pussy and big boobs.

    Years went by, I was now 14, had reached puberty, began to get self-concious about nudity and stopped showering with them. They didn't bother at all, as my father kept having his hard-ons and my stepmother kept getting naked in front of me. All I prayed for now is that they'd never ask me to do something while they showered, because my hormones were acting up. I felt guilty because my cock got hard every time my stepmother stripped. My father caught me staring at her ass once and I felt like I wanted to die. I thought I'd get grounded or something, but all he did was talking to me later and saying "son, it's natural to look at a woman's body and feel excited, you saw how I get near her and you shouldn't feel ashamed... she's not your real mother, anyway".

    I figured he had told her about our talk and began noticing she'd spend a lot of time naked around me after that. One day I went to the pool and she was sunbathing totally naked on a beach chair, her legs opened enough that I could see her pussy lips. I got hard immediately and she began to laugh and said "ow, you got a little tent there, how cute is that!". As if it wasn't embarassing enough, she told me to sit next to her and said "look, your father told me about you looking at me and that's fine, I don't mind and I know it's natural at your age... don't feel ashamed,ok?".

    That night I beat several ones off thinking of her body. That shaved pussy had the most beautiful lips I had seen (in porn, of course), her big tits bounced so sexy when she'd walk, and that huge ass... Every time she sunbathed on her belly I wanted to kiss and grab that ass so bad! I ended up having a bad guilt trip, but I came to realize later that I shouldn't feel like I was doing something wrong because her and my father didn't oppose to me looking at her. All was wonderful and I used to beat off twice a day when I was at their house.

    One summer morning I was alone with her in the pool while my father was working. She was sunbathing naked and caught me looking at her and said "come sit by my side, I think you can see better from here". I was horny and by her side in a beat. She looked at my trunks (I was hard) and said "good, you like what you see". I was embarassed, but couldn't take my eyes off her body. I was in heaven and frozen when she asked "wanna touch my boobs?" One timid "yes" later my hand touched her nipple and rested over that big boob. I was so excited I almost came in my trunks. She noticed and said "let's go inside".

    She took me to their bedroom and said "trunks off, lay on the bed". She came over me thrusting her tits against my legs, started to kiss my balls and suck my soft cock until it got hard again, and then gave me my first and most wonderful blowjob. She asked if I had something I wanted to do and I said I wanted to grab and kiss her ass, then she layed on her belly and I got between her legs and started grabbing and kissing it, making her moan softly. She spreads her ass and says "lick my asshole, honey" and I froze for not knowing if it'd taste good, but it was heaven. She then made me lick her pussy and came quickly while I tasted her sweet fluids and her legs were shaking. She immediately threw me on the bed and sucked me until I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. My father got home a few minutes later.

    The next day the time had come and she lead me all the way in her insanely wet pussy. She showed me how to pump up and down and I was in a bliss. Things started to get really hot when she said "fuck me and call me mommy, honey". I felt my cock twitch and began to call her mommy from time to time while she moaned and contorted her body, opening up her pussy to fit my whole cock until she screamed "I'm a fucking slut who loves her son's cock... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... Mommy's cumming, fuuuuuuck!" This was too much for me and I came heavily in her while she growled "yes, impregnate mommy!!!"

    We had lunch and cuddled naked in front of the TV for a few hours until she made me get hard again and we went back to their bedroom. I loved how she let me caress her body freely, my hands wandering wherever I wanted and always spending lots of time on her ass and tits. She taught to suck her nipples and loved asking if I wanted milk in my mouth. Every yes from me was responded with a heavy growl. "Mommy wants you to fuck her in the ass", she said while grabbing a bottle of lube. After she lubbed herself and my cock, she lifted her legs and guided me through it. When my head was half in, she stopped and said "make mommy cum, shove it all in at once". I pushed hard and my balls were pressing against her ass in no time while she grabbed my butt and made me go in every inch I had, screaming in pleasure.

    It was then I heard footsteps behind us and turned to see my father naked and jerking his hard cock. "Don't stop, son, fuck your mother's ass hard", he said while walking towards us. She started to suck his cock and I got harder than ever in her ass. All of a sudden she says "come on, son, suck your father's cock" as he turned it towards my mouth. I had seen him hard for so long and now I was fucking his wife, my new mother, so why not? I wrap my mouth around the head of it and he moans while she screams "I'm cumming again, suck that cock, you litle motherfucker!" I drooped all my load in her ass inatantly.

    She and I had come, but my father didn't. While she kissed me and rubbed her pussy, she said "I want to cum again seeing your father realizing his dream of fucking your ass". I was a little afraid, but I had been having bisexual thoughts for a while and there was no safer way to experiment than with my father so I agreed. She made the honors by softening my hole, first with her tongue and lots of spit and then with lube and her fingers. After a while she said she wanted me to "sit on his cock like a little slut". She fingered herself a lot while watching his big cock stretch my ass and every once and a while she came howling things like "yes, make your father cum in your ass like you did in mommy's!!" He came hard.

    After some resting, we finally ended up talking about it all. My father said that when I was 4 he told my real mother he wanted to fuck me when I'd reach puberty and she was against it even though she had fantasies with young boys herself. That was why they divorced and he married this other woman who wanted to do the same. My stepmother even confessed she used to masturbate looking at pictures of me my father used to send to her since I was 5 and that she fingered herself while in the pool with us. We ended up doing a lot more for the next months until I moved to go to college.

    I graduated, got a job and a girlfriend since then. She knows my sexual taste and we both enjoy gay, lesbian, shemale and crossdresser sex movies. She loves getting fucked in the ass and calling me daddy. I call her mommy and we have a roleplay daughter (over 18) who spends some weekends with us. She knows my parents from a few times we visited and I can't wait for her to get close with my stepmother.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    While attending college I live with my Uncle Matt, he is a childless widower and is glad for the company and it saved my parents a lot of money. He's in his mid-fifties and quite fit and a decent looking guy. He smokes really good weed and one night I was really fucked up and asked him why he isn't dating. Well, we got into a long discussion, mostly about his dead wife and at one point he remarked how much I looked like her, she was my Dad's sister. Well a few bong hits later I'm struggling to zip up the tight black cocktail dress I'm wearing and worried I'll wreck my makeup. Her shoes were a little tight, but all of her lingerie and clothes fit perfectly. When I went downstairs my Uncle Matt looked at me and just smiled. He was happy I didn't look too much like her and hoped I was a better cocksucker than she was. It was awkward, but incredibly hot. It took us a while to figure it all out but I didn't stop him from cumming in my mouth. We went upstairs to his bedroom. I stripped down to my garter and stockings and lubed my ass for his big dick. He mounted me four times throughout the night and into the next morning. We always feel weird about it afterwards and don't talk about it for weeks sometimes months at a time. The fact that it is so infrequent and never openly discussed makes it a huge turn-on when we do hook up. True confession.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    Two years ago I allowed my sons best friend to fuck me, when he thought I was crashed out from too much drink. In reality I knew exactly who it was and what he was doing, and it felt fucking awesome. His cock was far larger than my husband's who was out of the country at the time, and I even orgasmed as quietly as I could, twice on his amazing cock. The following day when he called by, we both didn't say anything, but I knew he knew I'd been conscious enough to know he'd fucked me. Nothing has happpened between us since, but we've flirted heavily each time he's been around.
    The reason I'm confessing is, my son has invited him to stay over (He lives in another state now) knowing his dad and he won't be here on one of the nights his best friend stays. We've recently messaged each other and I now know for sure he's still got very much, the hots for me. With my husband and son away overnight, I just know we're going to end up having a whole night of sex.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I grew up on my grandfather's cattle his side of the family all lived on the property in separate houses. I am the youngest kid. And we all joke about me being the favorite grandchild because out of the 5 kids on the property I was the one who always had to ask to swim in his pool or rides the go carts and he never told me no. But only my oldest and only female cousin and my mom, and Grandma know why.

    My oldest cousin and I were playing truth or dare with a boy her age from down the road one day at my house because my parents were gone, they were 13/14 and I was 9 well my cousin dared the other guy to fuck me and the rule was already made that we had to do anything. So I was naked on the couch getting fucked when my grandpa walked in my house and caught us. He made the neighbor leave and starting scalding us. I was covering myself but still naked and he called my mom and told her what happened and made me talk to her and she said grandpa can punish me however he wanted and that I better obey him. Well when they ended the call he asked my cousin why he saw what he did and she said it was her idea she wanted to see it.
    He let her watch as he made me blow him before he had me sit on his lap. Yes that's right he fucked me. He called my mom afterwards and told her what happened and she was ok with it. When she got home she told me that I wouldn't be in trouble anymore but that it had to be a secret. And made sure I was ok. It was a several months later before it happened again after I broke a fence in the pasture from horseplaying. That time he just sent me over the tailgate in the pasture after helping me fix it. And it kinda just turned into a casual thing that was not discussed openly but that made it more fun...

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    Straight Male / 44

    I thought that I masturbated a lot when I was a kid. My kids are going fucking crazy. With two girls and one boy it seems to be non-stop. My wife and I laugh our asses off daily. They don't seem to realize that the shower is not a sound-proof room. All are young teens. Oh well. An orgasm keeps us healthy on several levels and they seem quite content.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Holy shit!

    We were vacationing in Cabo. My step daughter who is now 14, and I, took a boat out snorkeling. They make you wear these type of life vests that when you put them on, one of the straps goes between your legs.

    As we are in the water she is in front of me. I look up and she has the strap so tight it's going right up her ass like a fucking thong. Then she spins around and now I can see that the strap is going right in her pussy. It's splitting it in two and moving the fabric of the swimsuit so now I can see one full lip.

    All of this happened in seconds. Not exactly what I thought I was going to see down there.

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    Straight Male / 38

    So over the past 7 years or so, my mother in law was always a little flirty. For example, if i was at the table working on my laptop she would come grab something off the table and press her huge tits against my back while grabbing something off the table. She is very careful not to let my wife see and I totally understand that. But over the years i have not really responed. I totally have the hots for her but Ive kept that pretty hidden. Well the last year and a half i have gotten the courage to start making passes back. Now that the tables have turned a bit i know she dont know what to make of it. When ever we are there she still always walks in front of me or bends over in front of me and likes to get noticed. This past summer we was home alone for the first time in years so I had her lay down on the floor and said i was going to give her a massage. She let me for about 5 mins then said she had to use the restroom. When she came outbshe said she had to go to the store. I know it made her uncomfortable. I understand why, and how she could be but at the same time i also know she finds me attractive.

    So over the last year i created an anonymous email account, fake name etc. I wrote a confession letter to her about how atrractive i find her and i sent a fantasy of what I would like to do to her. I never used my name but I said "this maybe the closest to intimacy I may ever get to you so please dont take this opportunity away". She has never responded but this past week I sent a nice cock pic of me through this anonymous email.

    Im hoping she sees it and I hope over time i can send intimate letters, enough to convince her to act on it. I know shes scared as hell and she may never act on it, but I soo wish she would. My hormones have raged around her for years and years. If your reading this, please send a good vibe in hopes this will happen. Thanks.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was twenty two, I became homeless for a short while. It was winter time and I was freezing cold, wet and very hungry. After a couple of weeks sleeping rough I met an older guy who I kind of knew. He said he could put me up for a fortnight or so, but I'd have to pay him in mind for his hospitality.
    On our first night, he sucked me off in his shower, and again on our second night too. On the third night he invited me into his bed, and after sucking my cock hard, he lay on his stomach and told me to fuck him. Entering his arsehole bareback, I gave him every I had and he absolutely loved it.
    Over the next ten days I fucked him practically every night and sometimes during his lunch times too when he came home from his business. Then as quickly as he wanted me there, he told me I'd have to go. His wife arrived only hours after I'd fucked him all over the house, and I very briefly became homeless again.
    My life moved on and early last year I married my beautiful wife. She and I are wonderful together and we're truly in love. But, in between Christmas and New Year just gone, her uncle visited.
    My shock at seeing the man I'd fucked so willingly when I was homeless, with his wife in tow, probably showed on my face, but we didn't say anything to each other. Not until they'd been at our home for two days. The wives were out shopping together for bargains and we were supposed to be watching football. Instead we ended up in bed and I fucked my wife's uncle like we'd never stopped having sex. Only when I had my cock buried deep up his arsehole, did I realise just how much I'd enjoyed fucking him before. And we didn't stop at one fuck either. They stayed an extra two days and both days we found time for me to fuck him.
    And I've been fucking him every chance we get from that day onwards. He's only eleven years older than me, yet he knows so much more about life, sex and how to enjoy gay sex.
    I think I'm falling for him, and I just love fucking his tight arsehole so much.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Years ago my parents went out on a Saturday nite mom looked hot a low cut top short dress showing a lot of leg n Cleavage when they got hm 2:30-300 in the morning drunk they went to there room holding each other up, bout 4am I was going to bed as I passed by there room they were both asleep dad in his boxers mom in a halter style short nite gown both with there backs to me mom closer to me the nite lite on I could see mom clearly het tit out the side of her gown nipple hard what a site for a horny 16 yr old I couldn't help myself I touched her shoulder she didn't react I rubbed yr nipple no movement from her I got brave touched hrs leg nothing g out of her n dad snoring away her gown barely covering her ass I started rubbing her ass then I got on my knees kissed her ass S I was looking g are her pussy I started kissing her pussy then licking it then her ass I heard her moan a quiet moan my tongue was in her pussy then licked her asshole n back to her pussy her juices were flowing then I got up slowly rubbed her pussy with my dick I slid it in it wasn't tight but felt good very wether started moaning louder I got scared thinking she is waking up I stood still but started coming now really s scared as key went soft I left the rm I went to my rm thinking she will know it was me so a stayed in my rm so I heard her get up to make coffee then come to my room n told me wake up sleepy head with a big smile on her face then I heard her tell dad so u enjoyed licking n making love to me as I slept next time wake me up dad said u must have been dreaming I heard her kiss him n said yea rita u didn't as she went to take a shower boy that was a close one

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 8 yrs old I seen the first nude lady as I went to get a drink of water in the middle of the night , being a kid I was curious and was wondering what my dad and his friend were doing , as I stood there for a minute I watched my dad fuck her c**t and his friend was get his cock sucked,and the woman they were fucking was my mom , they were drunk and they fucked .
    A short time later while my dad was out of town my mom got drunk and fucked his friend so when she passed out he left and told me to lock the door and watch my mom, as soon as the door shut I went straight for her room . For a kid with older siblings I knew about sex and where my dick went ,in her mouth or c**t . For the next 4 hours I got to do what I thought was fucking . I was so amazed by who a pussy looked felt and tasted ,yup I did as much as I seen I even used random objects that looked like a dick , after that first Time I liked pussy and tits , I never told my dad my mom fucked his buddy and I'm glad I didn't , cause Every time my dad a d siblings left town for a couple days my got drunk and I got to suck her tits play with her c**t I even fucked her up the ads and used her dildo on her , I was a pervert and as I got older I got worst .
    By the time I was 12 I had stuck my dick in her mouth c**t and ass and had become to enjoy eating pussy . One night when j was 15 I didn realize that she got up when I pulled off her panties , she didn't say anything because she thought I was my dad until I stuck a bigger cock in her and then she said your a bad boy , your not supposed to do this to your mother and as I tried to pull out an said you can't pull out know you gotta finish , so I pushed it back in and that was when I heard a woman moan and move as I pushed after a while she said fuck your cock is big and I can feel how hard it is and the she was wet and pushed me on my back and sucked my cock until I came in her mouth .it's been a long time and when we're alone I fuck her or she sucks my cock. Last week I took her into the city to see a dr. I tell you I stuck it everywhere, I spent more time fucking add then her c**t .I've used so many things and now she likes it in her ads ...

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