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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I took my first cousins anal virginity. She has the finest booty too. Mmm i mean weve always fooled around in our teens and plus shes good looking might be why i became obsessed with taking her dorty underwear from her laundry basket and collecting them. Lol

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    Straight Female / 21

    After my teens I realized that I would never be taller than 4'11" and it caused me a lot of depression. It was mom and me alone until she met Damon, a smart lawyer, good looking but who puts himself down as an "ambulance chaser" because the bulk of his work is auto claims. He and mom married after courting for six months and all seemed well until his two sons came home from college for the summer. I'll call them Ned and Dave. Both of them are well over six feet tall, like Damon.

    They were very nice to me and called me "Dolly-sis". They always smiled and this warmed me over. Ned began to show interest in me and he told Dave he was smitten with me. Dave said, "Fine" and I began to spend more time with Ned When he went to kiss me I reminded him that he was my step-brother but this did not phase him and he started plying me with flowers, etc. After a while I told him about my depression issuing from my diminutive height and he told me that Judy Garland, the Hollywood singer from long ago who sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in Wizard of Oz, was exactly my height. I could not believe it so I looked it up and he was right.

    I had an emotional break-through and felt completely different. I decided to give Ned my virginity and told mom about it. She spent some time thinking about it but consented if we were careful about pregnancy. Ned told his brother about it and Dave said, "Fine." But as I found out, it was not just "Fine." Dave told Ned that he wanted to have me even it was seconds. The two boys talked it over with their dad and he said it would be up to me.

    The talking went into weeks and finally I said that if that is what the family wanted, I would go along with it.
    I had wanked Ned a few times, making out but not until we were both naked did I fully realize how large he was down there. He told me that Dave was larger. I winced but was set on not creating conflicts. We began and I actually felt my hymen give way, a slight sting then followed by smooth in and out of his piston, like a drumbeat. Ned stopped and said, "I'm too hot and don't want to come just yet then proceeded to give me a tongue bath and fingering that drove me to my own orgasm. He picked up my little body and walked around the room slowly fucking me, saying, Baby, oh, baby."

    Suddenly, he put me down in bed and pulled out, coming heavily on my tummy. Two weeks later and much fucking with Ned, who did me daily, it came to be Dave's turn and I was ready, or so I thought. When I saw his cock it seemed impossible but he calmed me and showed me a lubricant made specially for our situation. I liked Dave a lot. Both brothers had beautiful bodies. When we fucked it felt like we had done it before. Unlike Ned, Dave chatted all the time and told me how cute I was and how much fun he was having.

    They went back to school all too soon and in a week my little body was starved for theirs. I went crying to mom and she said she was afraid of that and had talked about it with Damon who suggested that if it got too bad, I could join him and mom in their bed. I liked my step dad a lot Well, that's our family.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was a teen about 17 my stepdad caught me jerking off to a video I had taken with a hidden phone of my mom showering and masturbating. I was turned on by seeing my mom naked not just because she is sexy but the whole forbidden taboo of it all.

    My stepdad wasnât mad, he thought it was kind of funny and totally condoned it. He asked if Iâd like to jerk off to her in person. Basically she liked being tied up, blindfolded, gagged etc. and his plan was to have me sneak in when she was like this.

    He texted me one night that he had her tied up and blindfolded and that she agreed to be fucked by his coworker in this state. I snuck in and played with her big tits and hairy pussy until I got hard and slid my dick in her. It was so fucking hot I canât even describe. I fucked her hard and even fingered her ass. The sound of her moaning to my dick was incredible. When I was close I pulled down the cloth in her mouth and came in her throat, which she happily swallowed. To this day she has no idea she was fucked by her own son and swallowed his cum.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    I've been very happily married to my husband Mark for going on sixteen years as of April. We've always had an fun and exciting sex life and explored and have experienced as much as we can and it's been so awesome. We basically live a m/s role because I'm super submissive, and over the course of our marriage I've been able to completely give up control to him and obey everything he ask of me sexually never question it or resisting it. He loves making me get fucked by anyone and anything he chooses and I never know when he'll decide to make me obey. Well couple weekends ago we went out and hung out with friends at the bar and wound up taking an Uber home, it was a short trip and as a tip for the driver I stripped naked and blew him in our driveway. Mark told me not to get dressed when we got out of the car to go inside. Once we got inside he had me get face down on the living room floor while I reached back and played with myself. Well I guess I didn't realize that I was being pretty loud as I got closer to cumming but I was obviously loud enough to wake up our fifteen year old son who came down stairs and stood in the doorway of the living room. Well after I brought myself to a squirting climax I turned around to look at mark and that's when I caught Garrett standing there. I kinda yelled at him as I tried to cover myself while yelling at him. Mark just laughed and asked how much did he see and to come sit on the couch. As he sat down I began to get up and try to grab a blanket to wrap myself in, and was snapped at by my husband who smirked telling me to sit on the ground and that he hadn't told me to cover up... This was the first time I've ever hesitated but I stood frozen half ass covering my tits and crotch and he kept smirking and nodded at the ground. I've never felt so embarrassed as I did but also never been so aroused by being told to sit down exposed again.. of course I gave in and slowly sat back down on the carpet facing him and Garrett on the couch. Mark asked Garrett what his friends thought of me and he sheepishly said they all wanted to dirty things to me. Mark asked if he wanted me to go back into the position I was in first and G just norded.

    Mark and I made eye contact and he only had to gesture his hand and I found myself rolling over raising my ass in the air as I rested my face on the carpet. Garrett asked if I would reach back and spread my ass cheeks, Mark told him of course I would. So I did. As I laid there I could hear them whispering and after a few minutes I heard them moving around and felt someone behind me and slide into my pussy and start to fuck me. That's when I heard Mark tell me to look back and I did looking at Garrett our son fucking me and he felt so good that I started to moan and really enjoy it. Mark told me to let go and make it amazing for Garrett, and he asked our son if he liked fucking his mom's pussy and G just nodded his head yes while fucking me. I could tell he was close to cumming and begged him to cum in me, over and over till I felt his jizz spray into me. Mark told me to say thank you to Garrett and to clean him off like a good mother. So I quickly turned around wrapping my lips around my son's cock sucking my juices off him and milking the rest of his cum out his cock. When I got done he said he was going to bed. And me mark spent the next few hours having the most intense passionate sex we've had in years. That was the most taboo thing we'd ever done. And I know I shouldn't but I really liked it

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    Just a few years ago, dad gave me a bicycle for my birthday not long after the spring where I ended my junior year in High School. My senior year would start that fall so I had an entire summer with my new, beautiful bike.

    Our house is on slightly higher ground than the garage so there is a double door and then after the second door, a flight of eight steps to the floor of the garage. When my bike was brand new, I used to park it below the small stair well where I could glance at it through the double, half glass door space without having to enter the garage. I did not believe it would be stolen, I just loved glancing at it since it was a beautiful, imported, high-end bike with a nice leather-like saddle.

    One day, I glanced down from behind the second door and saw Ernie, my little 14 year old brother holding my bike frame while he seemed to be sniffing and licking the saddle. Seems not a big deal today but back then my heart beat whilst I wondered what the devil he was up to. When alone, I went into the garage and sniffed the saddle and I distinctly smelled my pussy odor on it. I was at first embarrassed, then amazed to realize that he liked it enough to lick the saddle.

    Once in a while I started to ride in the summer with no underwear and I could feel the moisture from my crotch painting my leather bike saddle. There was then no need to struggle to smell or taste anything. It became rather obvious. I took to checking my bike once in a while and I began to see my little brother, then 15, going nuts sniffing and licking the saddle while he flogged on his erect penis tightly, with his clenched hand. He had a surprisingly large cock and watching him really turned me on so I found myself rubbing my pussy while watching him.

    Fortunately, from my position looking down from behind the second door, he could not see me. I knew about male sexuality from school and so knew about ejaculation but it still surprised me when he began to fire sperm on the garage floor. I could hear his heavy moaning. I had seen it only on Internet porn but never in real life. The event took place almost daily but my schedule made it impossible to see most of his visits to my bike. Once, I was fingering myself watching him as he made love to my bike saddle, his big cock in hand, I rubbed my clit with my thumb and sank four fingers into my vagina and gave myself a grand orgasm simultaneously with my little brother's sperm shooting. It was a strange event and I felt guilty, for some reason.

    The summer ended and dad hung up my bike on the garage wall for the winter so the strange sexuality events ended. I never had sexual contact with Ernie but think of his off-beat penchant for my bike saddle sometimes when I talk to him. He never had a clue of the many times I watched him with my bike saddle.

    I should not end this without saying that my mom and I both talked about our soiled panties feeling crispy as we took them out of the soiled clothes hamper and threw them into the washing machine. We both realized what Ernie was doing, shooting his sperm into our soiled panties, where the sperm would dry crisp, no doubt after sniffing them, but never addressed him with our discovery. I told mom about my bike saddle and his making love to it, but not my own participation. She laughed, saying, "He'll get through this hormone driven period unscathed if we don't tell him we know all about it." Ernie seemed to have an endless supply of spunk.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I walked in on my father-in-law while he was getting a blow job from young Tommy, the neighbor's kid. They didn't notice me so I stood back in the dark hallway outside the door. Dad was encouraging Tommy, telling him what a good little cocksucker he had become as he slowly and firmly face fucked him. I was aroused as I watched wanting desperately to join in, so I quietly got naked in the hallway and walked into the room, fully erect. My father-in-law's eyes went wide and he pushed Tommy away trying to hide. I just laughed and helped Tommy to his knees and wagged my big dick in front of his talented lips. Dad watched and began to stroke his own big cock as Tommy sucked my dick. At this point I got Tommy up unto the sofa and he started sucking Dad's dick as began eating his cute little ass. I worked a couple fingers into his asshole and after lubing up my dick I slowly penetrated his virgin hole. I was very gentle, being quite experienced with first time anal sex. I have fucked eleven different men and a half dozen women in the ass. His hole was tight and he became a little scared as I forced my rock hard cock into him. As they all do, he eventually relaxed and enjoined the fullness in his ass. I fucked him well and gently at first, but by the time I came deep in his ass I was pounding him.
    My father-in-law painted young Tommy's face with his load and I took a picture. I had taken a few to keep as security.
    Tommy took a shower and my father-in-law gave him $200 bucks before he left for "mowing the lawn."

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 54

    When I was 9 I started with my cousin and my brother, both boys, getting naked and touching each other whenever the adults were not around. They would put their little finger sized cocks between my butt cheeks and try to get it in my butt. They would grab and feel my pussy but no insertion, we thought that by insertion you just got pregnant. I would do strip teases for them and then we'd all get naked. I got my pussy rubbed, licked, my butt fingered and dicked, my tiny little nipples on my flat chest sucked and grabbed. I never even thought anything about one of them being a cousin and the other my brother. When I was 12 and only sprouting beginning of hair on my pussy (I was a late bloomer, no period until 13) I stripped in my room with parents away for a few hours, and I bent over with my brother putting his now bigger cock into my ass he pulled out and told me to lay on the bed. I laid down, spread my legs, and he said our cousin should fuck my pussy. We still didn't want to because of pregnancy but with my brother teasing the two of us, I pulled our cousin on top of me and his fingers found the inside of my outer lips. I was soaked, and his cock found its way inside. He pumped a few times, and my brother encouraging us and soon I was getting fully fucked. My tiny little puffies were getting sucked and as he shuddered on top of me he kissed me. It was my first kiss and it was AFTER I had let him put his cock in my pussy. He shot inside me a little, pulled out so my brother could see the rest squirting on my pussy and lower belly. I immediately got up and bent over touching my hands to the mattress and my cousin spread his sperm and my juice on my butt and my brother took his turn. Strangely he didn't shoot in me but said how good it felt. Our cousin and I continued to fuck until we were around 17 and 18 and he got a steady girlfriend, but he fucked me from smooth to growing full hair, from flat to my natural D cups and my mouth, pussy and ass always were willing to receive him. I always hoped I could be a girlfriend for him but it never happened.

    My brother was gay, which we knew nothing about at the time. It was only several years later that I found out our cousin and fucked my brothers ass the night before, that was their first time too. Now many years later, as a grandmother and a widow, our cousins wife died and we fuck now regularly. We visited my brother in his state a couple of weeks ago, and both he and I shared our cousins cock and sperm.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    Dear Grandchildren,

    I just want to mention that your grandmother and I want you to know that your generation did not invent, perfect or improve sex! It's been around for millennia, and will continue. While you believe that all of your dick pics, snapchats and sexting is the end all, it's not!

    You need to understand that your grandmother and I have done more than you can possibly imagine. She's flashed her tits at truckers while riding on the back of my motorcycle, she has been backstage and done an entire rock band in the early 70's. That mouth that kisses you so sweetly has sucked many a dick, and quite possibly mine just this morning! Yes, I've had my tongue in her ass as I've pushed 4 fingers into her pussy. I have photo proof of her being tied to the bed as I've cum on her.

    So, next time we come over and you and your date want to sneak away for a quickie, picture us as I fuck your grandma in the ass, maybe you'll spend a little more time with us.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I was cycling just few hours ago. It was bright sunny morning and I was only relaxing and enjoying the summer.

    I rode to new area where I have not been before. It was suburb. I was riding so slowly. Seeing all the houses and yards. Single houses, two story single houses, row houses, mobile homes, or little cabins in their back yarrd, and then people enjoying summer. I heard people talking, little bit of music from car radio and one person moving the lawn, and another sorting out firewood from the trailer. Few people were also driving bicycle. It was really peaceful ride.

    But I got so horny. I was living in a similar area few years ago and I began to wonder what kind of secrets all these people have. They seemed to be all perfect people. Good neighborhood. Not very rich neighborhood, but clearly people who care about other people. I could imagine neighbors greeting their neighbors.

    Most parents were still at work. Children were already coming from school. Some people were clearly having a holiday. How many people were masturbating at their homes right then? How many of those people were cheating someone right at that moment before their spouses, or girlfriends or boyfriends would come back home? How many trashcans had freshly used condoms or packets of pills, which they had used to prevent pregnancy?

    I was getting so horny and my imagination were running wild and having no limits.

    One mom were out with carriage and having young children with here. Were they really her husbands? Were there any mothers, or sisters or daughters, who had got sperm from their blood related family members today, last night, or last weekend and knew they were still having living sperm swimming all around inside them. I saw teenagers being at their yards or coming from school. Not much clothes. Did those siblings had plans to have sex before parents comes back from work? Were there any family members who are secretly pregnant for their cousins or even sons, brothers or fathers? I wanted to touch myself right there, but I couldn't. Were there any siblings who are living there like any other parents, going to work, having friends and hobbies, but also having children together. How many mothers have made their own grandchildren? Does all these people know their parents secrets? All those peaceful good people, with their dark dirty secrets, or were I only one with these thoughts!!! I was so wet my seat were all slick and my panties and skirt soaked.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    The Sister

    I started seeing J after I met her through a friend. We dated for a month or so before we slept together. I always met her at the place we were going for that first month. She didnât want me to pick her up from her place until she knew it was serious. I didnât meet her family until then.

    My friends were always saying to me have you met her sister yet. After a month I did.
    Now to say J was hot was an understatement. She was incredibly gorgeous about 5â8 short brunette hair and a set of tits that were just amazing. Large C cup and they just sat there. No droop just perfect. She had a tiny body and a tight ass. At 22 she was perfect or so I thought.
    After that month I met the family. Mum was a good looking woman and I saw where J got her looks from, I was still yet to meet the sister until about a week later.

    I went around to pick up J for a date. C answered the door and I nearly lost my load right there at the front door. Wow if J was gorgeous then C was next level. A dancer and model to boot she was about 6 foot tall, long long legs and shoulder length blonde hair. Her tits were smaller than J but they were just as perfect.
    C met me at the door wearing a ultra short skirt and a boob tube type top. She was 18 at the time. She had all the make up on and was preparing to go out for the night. I was in shock. My friends were right. Now I have definitely met the sister and I now know what all the fuss was about.

    I was never allowed to stay at Js house her parents were strict like that but she could stay at my place whenever she wanted.

    We started to spend more time at Js place and I got on really well with C and the more time I spent there the hotter she looked. They had a shower upstairs and every evening C would go upstairs to shower. I would go up when she was finished and go to the bathroom and I noticed that C would leave her dirty g string on the floor of the bathroom most nights. Very rarely she would put them in the laundry basket. So I started to always go up after her shower and sniff and smell her freshly worn panties. I was in heaven.

    On particular night there was about 4 pairs of her panties on the floor and the fresh pair were so wet with her pussy smell I could almost squeeze the juice out of them. I decided I needed to keep those so I put them in my pocket and later that night I smelled that beautiful girls pussy all night. I kept those panties in a zip lock bag to keep the smell. In all the time I went there these were the wettest Iâd come across.
    There were times Iâd have J stay over at mine and while she was in the toilet before coming to bed, Iâd smell her sisters pussy before I started to fuck her. Almost every time I fucked J. I had the smell of her sisters pussy on my face. Mmmm.

    I finally got to stay over at Js place one night when her parents were on holidays.
    We went to bed and started fucking when I heard her sister go upstairs to the bathroom. I finished quickly. And promptly went up to go to the toilet. I snuck up the stairs to see the bathroom door slightly open and C masterbating on the toilet. I walked quickly to the bathroom door pretending that I didnât know she was in there and I burst into the door and caught her with her fingers inside her pussy. I asked her if she wanted a hand with that.
    She just opened her mouth and I as she was about to say no. I started to pull my cock out of my shorts and she just grabbed it and started to suck me. She said that she heard me and J fucking downstairs and got really horny. She was sucking my cock while we were in the toilet and I told her she was tasting her sisters pussy. That just made her suck me harder. I was hard immediately and I told her didnât have much time and got her to stand up and drop her pants. I leaned down and started to lick the same pussy Iâd been tasting the last 6 months. I ate her to an orgasm within minutes and I then began to fuck her from behind while we were in the toilet. She was leaning over the top of the toilet as I fucked her as hard as I could. I came within a couple of minutes and left C in that toilet to clean up.

    I crept into bed with J. She asked why I took so long in the toilet. I lied and said I needed to poo. She rolled over and said under her breath she hoped that Iâd fucked her sister while I was up there.

    J went down on me in the morning and looked up into my eyes and said I knew you would like to fuck her. She then called out to C to join us in bed. C stripped at the door and climbed into bed with us and we had a great weekend. We didnât leave the house.
    I married that girl 3 years later and we still entertain her sister from time to time. Sometimes alone sometimes together.
    What a girl.

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