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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband Kevin fell asleep about two hours ago, completely drunk and will probably still be asleep when his youngest brother Jonny leaves for work later on. No sooner than he'd crashed out on the couch, Jonny tore off my panties and had me spread my legs in a chair, no more than five feet from where my husband lay asleep. He might not have a big cock like his older brother, but Jonny has something else I adore. He has the ability to lick and suck on my pussy and asshole for hours.
    Don't get me wrong I enjoy being fucked, and Kevin when he's sober enough fucks me just fine. But nowadays he's mostly drunk and his cock isn't of any use. Jonny pretty much moved in about eight months ago, after he'd had a fight with his step dad. So when he caught me masturbating around six weeks after he moved his stuff over, I was too far gone to stop. He watched me orgasm and I noticed he'd become hard in his shorts. Telling him to be quiet, I spread my legs further and asked him if he'd like to enjoy himself.
    However instead of sliding his cock (It's around six inches) into my already soaking wet pussy, he put his head between my legs and didn't re surface for over half an hour. By then I'd had multiple orgasms and his face was covered with my juices. He did eventually take off his shorts and stick his cock into me, but he only lasted a couple of minutes, withdrew and shot his load all over my stomach.
    Almost every day after that we found time and a place for him to give me cunnilingus. Sometimes in the house, other times out back in the countryside close to our home. And then it happened.
    Thinking Kevin was going to take longer than he did out back, Jonny and I were having sex in the bathroom. I was bent over the tub as Jonny was licking my asshole, devouring it more like. The door opened and stood there was Kevin with a huge grin on his face. We both thought there was going to be all hell break loose, but instead Kevin smiled at me and his brother and said "You make damn sure she's looked after bro, my dick ain't good for fuck all these days". Smiling at us again, he stood over by the toilet and pissed. Jonny went to move away, but Kevin turned to him and said "You made her cum yet, well boy get on with it then".
    As his brother shook his limp cock, Jonny went back to tonguing my asshole and Kevin walked out as if it was the most normal thing in the world, to find your youngest brother tonguing your wife's pussy and ass. Jonny did make me orgas again and again that day. And when we rejoined Kevin downstairs, still apprehensive. all he said was "What's for super honey".
    That night I made our meal and watched Kevin get drunk. He didn't eat with us as he'd fallen asleep, and that's what's happened again today. Only Jonny and I were having sex even before Kevin drifted off. I do enjoy Jonny's cock fucking me, as he's become less frantic and more able to pleasure me that way. But I much prefer his amazing oral skills, and will be having him join me in bed if Kevin doesn't wake up soon.
    I'm a lucky girl to have two such awesome guys around me. And I thank my lucky stars each day by having Jonny lick me to orgasmic nirvana.

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    Straight Male / 27

    Since I was sent away to school most of my childhood I never really knew my mom's sister well. She seemed a very remote, serious person and I found her difficult to warm up to. She had married a much older, wealthy man and they lived across town in a large, stately home that had a tennis court and pool. We would be invited over during the summers to enjoy her large pool. I scarcely ever met with her husband.

    I'm guessing at age and numbers since my memory is not great. During a summer break when I was 16, I think, I had spent some time swimming in my aunt's pool and typically would shower in the pool house dressing room where there was a small shower still. I did not like chlorine on my skin. I would leave the door cracked due to the stall steaming up. I would also sometimes masturbate without any concerns about the cracked door and yes, my aunt spotted me once.

    At home a few days later, she phoned me and said that her husband, Henry, was out of town and asked if I wanted to join her for dinner to discuss a few ideas she had. Puzzled, I went along with this and found she had a small catered dinner brought in from one of her favorite restaurants. We talked during and after dinner but even as a teenager I felt that something was up and waited for it. She said that Nina, her cute 11 year old, had been "put to bed."

    She gave m a cordial and said, bluntly, "I saw you stroking off in the pool shower." I can't stop thinking about your young, strong equipment (???) and I have to tell you, I want us to fuck and soon. It's driving me nuts. I can't even recall when Henry fucked me last, or when I last saw his cock." It was such a dry, unemotional statement that I took it for just what it was and without thinking I said, "I understand. If can help, I will."

    S he came over and got all over me, breathing hard and emitting little cries. I could tell she was terribly hard up. She kissed me as if we were lovers, all over, and began to rub my crotch, which resulted in a first class erection that jumped out of my pants. She dropped down to it and hungrily devoured it. We fucked like mad and both had multiple climaxes. This was some years ago and I can still recall the craziness. I even stopped seeing my girl friend.

    After that, we would meet and fuck almost daily when home and after I graduated and prepared to go to college in a nearby state, about a two hour drive. She would meet me there and take a room at a handy motel where we carried on. I found myself developing a strong appetite for her sex, something she matched. She often stated that we were "beautifully matched in age" (where she was years my senior to be sex partners). Often, she'd say, "I love your cock. It was made for me."

    What I watched unfold is a change in her personality. She warmed up and blossomed as a woman. When Henry died, I attended the funeral but all I could think about was the additional freedom we would have for our sexual adventures.

    Everything took a weird turn after I received a call from her daughter, Nina, who was then around 18. Nina said that she knew about me and her mother and had, in fact, watched us several times. We had been so into each other she could have just walked by unnoticed. She reminded me of the time when I was 16 and received a call from her mom. Nina said,
    "I want what you are giving mom. I deserve it. I'm not a virgin but feel like one."

    They share a commanding personality. That's where I am right now. I will go along with it because Nina said that she had told her mom what she wanted and her mom had consented. At least now I will be able to teach Nina the amazing things her mother taught me as I came of age. Do I have a choice?

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    Straight Male / 41

    This is what's happened so far..........
    I woke up four months ago thinking it was my wife licking my balls and sucking in my cock. It wasn't. It was my seventeen year old daughter Rebecca. I quickly stopped her from sucking on my cock, but then saw she was finger fucking herself at the same time. Moving away, she continued to pay wit herself and as she told me she'd wanted to taste my cock for so long, she brought herself to orgasm on mine and her mothers bed.
    We then had a huge argument about what she'd done and for a some time we didn't talk. I never told her mother, as I thought it would only add fuel to the fire. Weeks went by and Rebecca and I began to communicate again. Only our conversations if you could call them that, became initially from her point of view, very sexual.
    It was clear my own daughter had a crush on me and it was also clear from what she'd said, she listened to and sometimes watched her mother and I having sex. I tried to tell her it was wrong for her be sexually interested in me, but Rebecca just wouldn't stop teasing me by flashing her breasts, pussy and ass at me.
    Moving on to three weeks ago. I found a worn pair of her panties on my pillow with a note. It read "Played with myself and came all over them, use them to wank with, and see if you can deny me/us for much longer..... Love you, all of you Rebecca xxx".
    Rebecca turned eighteen nearly three weeks ago too. And for her birthday present she told me she wanted my cock fucking her pussy and asshole. Again we argued, but I have to admit when she stripped in front of me, I became erect and couldn't stop looking at her beautiful body and sex.
    Nothing happened, but only because her mother shouted up to us both that dinner was ready. And fortunately nothing has happened since, although Rebecca has this past week masturbated in front of me again and again I became erect. We both found out yesterday my wife is going to be away for five days in a fortnights time. Rebecca has already told me she's going to be sharing my bed, and let me know "You will be fucking me". I told her she was stupid to think I'd have sex with her, but my erection gave me away. As I've secretly begun to imagine myself deep inside her pussy and ass.
    Rebecca is a very good looking, slim and sexually adventurous young woman and I know we'd be good in bed together. But she's my daughter and It's wrong. Having said that, I cannot get her gorgeous body and sex out of my mind and I'm slowly but surely coming round to the fact, Rebecca and I might just end up fucking when my wife goes away.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    We were trying to have a baby, she did not get pregnant after six months trying. Exam found cancerous tumors that rendered her childless after the surgery. They took a lot out of her and she changed. We argued all the time and it got the point I no longer wanted to live this way.
    We had counseling, said sexual tensions were a problem, but the largest problem was her issues of never being the mom she wants to be. We had sex after the surgery and it was not bad, but it was no where near the same as before.
    She came to me with a fix for this. She would find another woman to join our relationship. She would have a baby the three of us could raise. She would have sex with me, but I could freely have sex with either and both women. Or in other words another wife. (We are not religious at all)
    I agreed to the arrangement if she could find that person. I would want to wait a while before having a baby in this until we knew it would work.

    She brought in her cousin. Her cousin is ten years younger and was beaten by a gang at her school. She's a home type person who builds web sites. She makes good money and works from home. She's a normal girl with emotional issues from the beating, but she's doing much better now. She lived with us for three months before we did anything sexually. My wife stayed with a family member for three weeks leaving her cousin and I alone. My wife's family is understanding of the arrangement, her aunt is ok with her daughter in this arrangement. She worried her daughter would never have a life or romance, she would hardly leave her bedroom.

    She was a virgin but not a bleeding virgin, she was a very sexual girl who used fingers and sex toys. I had no problems penetrating her and she never used birth control in her life. I took the chance it would not be easy for her to get pregnant, I would take the risk. We had out honeymoon for those weeks when we had sex every night and ever morning. Her period did not bother or stop her from wanting sex. She loved it, I loved giving it to her. I will confess here, but would not to anyone else, She's much better feel up inside than my wife ever was. She's a lot hotter toward sex to the point it's her favorite thing to do.

    The weekend my wife came home there was some confusion who would sleep where. We tore out the wall between two rooms and created a new master bedroom. California king bed and two bathrooms were added. A large walk in shower with tower and rain type shower head system. We could all sleep together we could all shower together. Until that was finished we slept in a queen bed together. My wife encouraged her cousin and I to have sex, She supports that an it would be beautiful to watch and be part of it. While we had sex my wife kissed me, would massage her cousin's body breast and kiss her back softly.

    One night after dinner we went to bed early and my wife decided to join us. She preformed oral sex on her cousin after she and I had finished having sex. My wife gave me oral sex to get me hard and then took her turn having her sex with me. The next morning her cousin told me that was uncomfortable, It's not something she wants again. I told my wife, then she started crying. She wants to be part of this. she told me that she held my nuts while I came in her cousin, she could feel me shooting in her, it bothered her that it was not her taking that.

    It's become a strange house hold, Her cousin's fallen in love with me and I her. While I still love my wife It's a strange feeling after years of arguing and dealing with her emotional issues post cancer. My wife's got a job offer that would make her work midnight to eight am. Meaning she would sleep alone in the day time. My lawyer said it's probably smart we fly to a quick divorce state or country and I marry her cousin, before we have a child. If not it could get ugly later on should my wife want an ugly divorce. I told my wife, she's ask if I could marry both women. She will buy air tickets to Barbados where I can marry both of them.

    This is crazy, this is nuts and this is not where I want to inject a child right now

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was little my Uncle Dave babysat me, he used to give me candy to sit in his lap, then he'd tickle me to make me wiggle around. After a while he'd tell me the game was over and I'd had enough candy. Then he'd get up and go use the bathroom. It wasn't until I was 15 or so that I put it together. Uncle Dave was getting off on me wiggling and bouncing on his cock.

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    Straight Female / 22

    My mom and dad split up only a few months before he had an accident at work. Even though he was badly hurt, my mom wouldn't visit him, and so it was left to me to help him back to health. Or as good as it going to get anyway.
    Having now to use a wheelchair most of the time, I now spend most of my week at his home. Five months ago I walked in and caught him trying to masturbate. He was all embarrassed, but once I'd covered him up and told him he was an adult and could pleasure himself if he wished, he told me it was extremely difficult with his arm injuries.
    Later on after I'd cooked us some food and ate it, he apologized again. But as I opened my mouth to tell him it was okay, he said "No you don't understand I've got a hard on and it won't go down". I already knew the medication he was on would, or could have a side effect of raising his levels of testosterone. Which in turn had him having hard on's which were uncomfortable. Asking him if he wanted some privacy, he told me it was no good as he couldn't relieve himself due to his arms.

    I've never been shy and certainly not around my dad. So moving him over to the sofa, I quickly before he could object, lowered his shorts. He doesn't wear underwear anymore as it's just another layer to remove if he needs to go to the bathroom. My dads cock stood straight up and it was impressive. Taking hold of it as he started to say no, I began to toss him off. But his cock was dry. Bending over I was going to just spit on it, but instead and I honestly don't know why, I opened my mouth and took my own fathers cock into it. He went to say something to stop me I'm sure, but all that came out was "Oh fuck, that's amazing".
    Sucking in as much as I could, I kind of forgot it was my dads cock and really began to give him head like I have to my boyfriends in the past. His groans got louder and louder and eventually I felt his right bandaged hand rest on my head forcing me to suck in even more. At the same time he began to thrust upwards fucking my mouth and making gag a little. It didn't bother me though as I knew from the feel of his pulsating cock he was close to climax. When he came it was like an explosion in my mouth as he'd not cum for so long. Sucking down and swallowing my fathers cum, I made damn sure I sucked out every drop before I released his softening penis. Letting his cock fall from my mouth and not thinking about what I was saying and to whom, I told my dad from then on I'd be relieving his tension when he needed it.

    Over the next couple of hours it was like I'd not done anything, as we chatted about my college work, his recovery and lastly how my mom was getting on with her new boyfriend. Only when I was going, did he say something. He told me I shouldn't sucked his cock, but he was glad that I had as it beginning to hurt having the hard on's. Smiling back at my dad, I told him I'd be round the following day.

    And I was. There was no awkward moments as I lowered his shorts this time and no pretense from either of us, I might not suck on his dick. Taking my time this time, I licked his balls and all along his thick cock shaft. Sucking in his cock head I swirled my tongue all around it, and listened to him telling me I was so good at sucking cock. With each bob of my head taking in his cock, I knew my father was getting immense pleasure and it gave me pleasure to know that. It also had my pussy dripping with sexual excitement and I let him know I was horny.
    There was no conversation or any negative reactiion to me removing my clothing. I was naked in front of my father and I knew what he and I needed. Lowering myself I guided his cock to my pussy opening and slid right down his shaft. The feel of his hot cock entering me blew me away and I came within seconds. I was still orgasming when he thrust hard upwards and drove his cock deeper than any boyfriend of mine had ever entered me. On and on we fucked and I became anything he wanted from me. Although at that time he could only lay there and let me fuck him. Building up to another orgasm, it ripped through me moments before my father yelled out he was cumming. Again his cum was like a torrent and I realized why he'd wanted to masturbate so much. My father it turns out is a big cummer, and his balls need emptying a lot.

    Over the next few weeks we spoke about our sexual times together, and we told each other once he had the ability to pleasure himself, we'd stop. His arms and health have improved hugely, but we haven't stopped fucking. I've become addicted to how my father fucks me and crave his passionate love making. I've pretty much moved in with him now, and only stay at my moms when I have to (College) I'm not saying we've become permanent lovers, but we have begun to share the same bed, and I'm now loving my father going down on me as he gives me the best cunnilingus any man has ever given me. It's a situation borne out of necessity, but it's now one I'm so grateful we're involved together in.

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    Straight Female / 46

    My son Beau was a sweet, helpful boy as a youngster, but when he reached his teens he became more difficult. Skipping school, smoking marijuana, he had a few brushes with the law. I was at my breaking point trying to deal with him. Worried he'd never graduate high school much less go to college. I considered sending him to live with his father more than a few times.

    When he scr**ed by high school I was surprised. That June he turned 18, still refusing to get a job I began making plans to get him out of my house. With 3 weeks vacation in July I figures it would be a good time to bring the hammer down. Standing in the kitchen the first morning of my time off I gave him zan ultimatum. Get a job or get out he had 2 weeks. In typical Beau style he tried to talk his way out.

    "Mom." He said standing up and coming over to rub my shoulders. "I'll get a job later, this is my summer.' " No" I replied determined to be strong, he'd played me many times before. "2 weeks!" Not wanting my resolve to slip I quickly went to my bedroom and shut the door. In my bathroom I got into the shower. Feeling pretty good, I'd said my peace and not let him talk me out of it. Letting the hot water run over the back of my head I began to relax.

    "Mom" he said. I jumped and started to turn. He pushed himself up against me hugging and holding me against him. I could feel his smooth chest against my back, what I thought was his jeans pressing against my bottom.

    "Beau, what are you doing in here?" I asked.

    He brought his chin to my shoulder and whispered "Making you feel good." Giving my neck a kiss,

    "No, Beau," I gasped "This isn't right." He slipped a hand up my body, cupping my breast and running his thumb over the nipple, I felt it tingle and respond, hardening into a little peak.

    "Pleas e." I moaned with very little conviction "stop."

    He rolled my nipple between his thumb and index finger, giving it a little pinch. Kissing and licking the water droplets from my neck and shoulder. "Do you really want me to stop?" He asked cupping both breasts and teasing my nipples. I felt myself push back against him rubbing my bottom on his hard cock. I could feel it under his jeans.

    "Yes." I sighed, "No... Oh Yes Beau."

    We stood there under the water for several minutes. My knees feeling weak as he caressed me. Slipping a hand between my legs and running his fingers over and through my pussy. "Mmm shaved" he moaned. He trained his hands around to my backside, I pushed my bottom out and leaned forward little giving him access between my legs. I heard a little snap noise and then the long slow sound of a zipper going down.

    I tensed a little and started to straighten up. He slid his hand down my bottom and between my legs grazing my brown pucker and slipping 2 fingers over my clit. I leaned forward again. He replaced his fingers with the head of his cock, rubbing it up and down my slit. Dipping just the head into me going a little deeper each time. I pushed back desperate to feel him inside me. "Please." I rasped huskily.

    With a groan he gasped my hips pulling me onto him as he pushed in. I bit my bottom lip and moaned. It had been quite sometime for me, it felt incredible. He reached around and rubbed my clit as he began stroking in and out if me. I put my hands on the cool tiles for balance and met his strokes. "Yes, yes, yes." I encouraged. Our bodies making a clapping noise as they slapped together. The tempo getting faster and faster. I could feel his cock beginning to twitch.

    "Cone in me Beau. Come in Mommy." I gasped my pussy throbbing around his shaft. With a few more thrusts he moaned "Yes, Mommy" and filled me with jet after jet, I could feel it squeezing out around him.

    Breathing hard we leaned against the tile wall as his cock grew soft and slipped out.

    "Thank you, Mom, I've wanted that a long time" he smiled.

    Taking him by the hand I lead him to my bed, smuggled together we did something we hadn't done in a long time. Talked. He told me he'd been thinking about sex with me since he was 14. He'd started smoking marijuana trying to not think about it.

    Over the next 3 weeks we had sex a couple times a day. He really cut back on the weed. He said he didn't need it anymore. By September he expressed interest in trade school. Auto mechanics.

    That was 3 years ago. He's now a certified mechanic working for a local auto dealership. He's got an exemplary work history and attendance record. Almost every morning he gets a little incentive to keep on track and in the evening a reward for a good day. I've started wearing just a little robe at home to make it easier for my boy to get what he needs.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Found videos on my dads cellphone of him getting fucked in the ass. I was amazed by it,never would I have thought my dad was into that.

    Now I know what goes on when he's out of town for work each week in the summer. Guess him and his construction buddies get horny and only have his ass available. By the looks of the few videos he seems to enjoy it but I couldn't help to notice his one buddy I'd huge! No wonder my dad always only takes tighty whities to work.

    Wonder if my mom knows, you could never tell by looking st my dad he likes taking cock

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    Straight Male / 49

    She has moved back home. It's eating at me. She is so beautiful and sexy and has no idea what she does to me, how bad I want her, to feel her skin next to mine, to make love to her. She is my Step-daughter.

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    Straight Female / 32

    My older brother Todd began to enter my room when I was fifteen. He'd go down on me knowing I'd begun to masturbate, as he'd once caught me playing with my clit watching porn on the net. He's so good at giving me cunnilingus, I never once refused and at first that's all he wanted to do. He would toss himself off as he licked and tongued my pussy hole and clit, then cum on my tits before going back to his own room.
    When I had my seventeenth birthday, Todd and I spent two hours having sex, but the difference was, Todd fucked me and took my cherry. It was something that was always going to happen and I'm now so glad it was my brother who took it. His cock isn't the biggest I've been fucked by, but even so, to this day Todd and I still have sex when he's in town. It's so special between us, I hope we never stop having our "Family time" together.

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