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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 25

    I have been fucking my aunt for the past six months. Her husband passed away two years earlier and some of us will go over to her house to help with yard work and some small fix it jobs. She has a big house and yard as well. Since my work schedule is flexible I can go over and help her.

    My aunt is 55yo and honestly she isn't bad looking at all. She takes care of herself and always over dresses even when she is staying at home. Even though I never thought about fucking my aunt I have to say I have been attracted to her long red nails she has had forever and she wears heels often even at her age. Those are two things that get my attention every time on a woman.

    So I'm at my aunts house doing some yard work and by the end of the day I'm soaked in sweat and have two splinters in my hand. My aunt comes out and I'm sitting on the patio without my shirt trying to get the splinters out of my hand. Sweat is running down my forehead and into my eyes. I use my shirt to wipe the sweat away so I can try to get the splinters out.

    My aunt sees I'm not having much luck and she takes me inside to the kitchen. She has me sit at the table and she goes and gets tweezers to remove the splinters. She takes my hand in hers and those long red nails are just there beaming at me. So while she is trying to get the splinters out I start asking her about her nails. She tells me that she has had them this way ever since she was married. Her husband wanted her to wear her nails that way and she goes every 2-3 weeks to have them done even though her husband passed away.

    Without thought I just said that I always noticed them ever since I was a kid and I liked them too. I also told her that I liked when she wore her heels. She started to laugh because I reminded her of her husband telling her what I was thinking all those years. Suddenly she got quiet, our conversation must have stirred up some memories and then I apologized for making her feel badly. My aunt removed the splinters and I left shortly after that.

    Two weeks later was my birthday and my aunt showed up at the house with a present for me. She was nicely dressed as always. Skirt, blouse, heels for sure. She handed me a giftwrapped box and made sure I saw those long red nails and gave me a secret smile. I was about to open the box when my aunt put her hand on mine to stop me. "Wait until I go to open it in privacy" she said softly.

    My aunt left and my folks and sister showed up a just a few moments later. My mom even asked if her sister had been by and I told her yes, she had given me a nice gift card. I opened their gifts and ate some cake all the while I'm dying to know what was in the box my aunt brought over.

    Finally everyone left and I took the box out of the closet and began to tear the wrapping off the box like a kid at Christmas. I took the lid off the box and pulled the thin layer of paper to the side. Inside the box was a brand new pair of black patent pumps size 8 1/2. There was a note folded within the tissue paper. The note was from my aunt, it read "I never got to wear these for my husband but maybe I could wear them for you?"

    It was two weeks before I returned the heels to her. It was as awkward as I thought it would be the first time with her. She was a great lover and I learned so much from her. Those long nails raking my back is absolute heaven for sure and she knows exactly what I like. We text each other everyday and when she goes to the nail salon my aunt will take a picture of her nails while they are drying under the lamp and send it to me on my phone.

    My aunt now has to meet me at the nearby shopping center where I have to park my car. My sister made a comment a short time back about seeing my car at our aunts house frequently. I spend more nights with my aunt then I do at my own place.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I've been sleeping with my older brother for a while now.

    It started when I was 15 and my brother, Christian, and his friends threw a party. They're all 3 years older than me. I remember I had a huge crush on his friend, Derek, and would talk to him quite a lot because he was nice. He had a hot body too. At this one party, I think he drank a little more than he could handle, and he collapsed on our stairs right in front of me. I felt sorry for him and took him to my brother's room where he could sleep, thinking my brother wouldn't even mind.

    I was bout to leave him there when something hot wrapped around my waist in the dark. It was Derek's arm, and he sleepily pulled me into bed with him, muttering "Janice, baby, Janice" and "Come to bed" and I figured he was talking about his girlfriend, whose name might have been that- I couldn't remember. He was drunk and I didn't want to say no, so I didn't.

    I slept with him spooning me until the next morning. That's when my brother found us- and boy, was he pissed to see his little sister in HIS bed with another boy, let alone Derek, his friend.

    Derek was kicked out and I immediately tried to leave, but before I could my brother put his toned, tanned arm in front of the door and I remember noticing then just how fit my brother looked.

    But he looked incredibly angry in the way his eyebrows were furrowed and cheeks were flushed red. He looked at me for a long time and said nothing, but then: "What the fuck were you doing with Derek?!" he asked.

    My eyes widened, and while I told him nothing happened, he didn't believe me because he knew that I'd gotten up to a few questionable things in the past. "What will you do?" I asked.

    He thought about it for a while and finally said he'd let me off. "But I just don't get what you see in him. He's way too nice for you." He smirked.

    I agreed but didn't tell him that. Derek was too nice. I kissed him on the cheek as thanks, something I normally do with family. But this kiss felt a little different, and I lingered longer, even caressed his cheek a little. Then I left to get ready for school.

    Life presumed as normal and my feelings for Derek began to die. Instead, I don't know what drove me to it, but I began to tease my brother. It would start with small gestures like accidentally brushing against him, like when I would walk past him or reach for the same cup in the kitchen. I also began flirting with him, sometimes when we were alone I'd bring up sex and masturbation and we eventually grew comfortable talking together about it. So much so that I began to associate him with my fantasies. When I would masturbate, I would think about it being Christian sliding his big, erect cock into my pussy. Slowly fucking me to orgasm. Bending me over in the kitchen. Sucking on his cock on the patio while he fingers my ass. Mostly I thought about doing it with the family inside the house, us locked in the broom cupboard and just fucking like animals as my family unknowingly continues their day. I was so turned on by this taboo thing that it consumed my every thought.

    I got riskier. I would masturbate when we were home alone, beginning with semi-loud moans and then escalating into screams if I could. I'd let him know exactly what I was doing and he never talked to me about it, but he always gave me looks across the table or when we were just watching tv, me lounging around in skimpy, tight shorts and shirts. I would brush against him more often, once I even 'fell' on him and grind my ass into his cock through his pants for a second before collecting myself.

    It happened when my parents were at work. I left my door open while I was masturbating for the fifth time and Cristian finally came in. He sat on my bed and watched me, a smirk on his lips. "What you've been doing is crazy. Teasing me like that.... I haven't had a day off where I haven't jacked off thinking about you."

    He eyed my pink pussy lips, a hungry look in his eyes.

    "Do you want me as much as I want you?" I say, slowly sliding my finger along my clit, teasingly. Then I suck my finger off slowly, always holding his eyes. "I've been fucking myself to you every night. I want you to fuck me now, brother"

    He moved closer towards me, eyes roaming my naked body. His hands roamed up my spread legs as he sat between them.. He rubbed his cock in his pants and it began to rise. "I know I'm 18, and you're brother. But you make me fucking horny, little sister."

    He suddenly pinned my arms above my head, stopping me from my orgasm. His lust controlled him."I need to fuck you."

    Still in his clothes he began grinding against my naked body. I moaned as his cock hardened in his shorts and rubbed against my wet clit. "You dirty little slut" he whispered in my ear.

    "Mmmm, I'm your slut. I'm your slut." I moan. "Put your cock in me brother"

    He removed his shorts, his hard cock springing out. He stroked it for me and told me how to suck it the way he liked. Anything for my big brother, I said. I sucked hard on it and stroked his long shaft up and down. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat and he moaned loudly. Luck Mom and Dad weren't here.

    after that he then sucked my nipples and pinched them, and I moaned. Then he moved down to my tight pussy and licked all around my clit, his tongue doing a wonderful dance. He spread my legs wider and held them down with strong arms while I held the bar behind my head. His tongue was magic.Then he entered me, and his thick member made it painful but all the more fun. He pound my pussy so hard I screamed and cummed in the first few minutes. But he wasn't done. He flipped me over on my stomach, sitting on top of me I could not move out from under him.

    &quo t;Ready to get ass fucked little sister?"

    "I've never done that," I said, nervous. "Don't do it."

    He just smirked and chuckled. "My innocent little sister, that's what I love about you. But," he said, rubbing the head against my hole. I moaned aloud. "Let your big brother change that."

    And he fucked my asshole so hard and fast that I barely felt the pain. Gone was my resistance, all I felt was pleasure. "Fuck me, oh yeah, yeah, harder!" I orgasmed multiple times. Then my brother's cock began throbbing, and before I knew it, his wet cum was exploding inside of me. It felt so good knowing he did that inside of me, his little sister.

    When we were finished he lay me on my back and put his arms around me, tired. His cock, still large with an erection, sat on my thigh while I played with it's head softly in my fingers. We lay there staring at each other for a while, in his arms I felt so safe and calm, more so than I had with anyone else.

    He kissed me on the lips and with a smirk said "This isn't the end. Your my slut now, you'll do whatever I say from now on. Okay?"

    I nodded and said "Whatever pleases my big brother."

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    Straight Male / 25

    I live in Boston, but come from New Jersey. A few years back, my Dad died and my mom was struggling a bit with finances. I would send her money when I could, as her job did not pay that well. She eventually sold her house and moved to a smaller place, which helped a lot, but she still needed money here and there.

    In September, she told me she did not need money anymore a she was doing better with a part time job, which she did not go into details about, rather strange for her.

    Then in October she asked if I could pet sit her dog as she was taking a long weekend trip with a friend to Washington.

    I agreed and met her on Friday and she told me she would be back on Columbus day evening, the next Monday.

    Friday evening, I was sitting around, a bit bored and decided to do a bit of investigating as to this mysterious part time job. I looked around her house with no real clues. I turned on her computer, and after a couple of tries, and remembering something I read that women almost always use their children's birthdays as passwords, managed to get on. I checked her browser bookmarks and found, to my surprise a sex webcam site bookmarked. I opened the page and saw she had an account. As soon as I opened it I got messages in her message box from guys, saying very explicit things to her. I wrote down her handle and closed the page. I thought could it be really true that my mom was making money on this webcam site?

    She came back Monday, and I drove back to Boston. I set up an account on the webcam site, but did not find her there. I thought maybe it was a one time thing. Tuesday night I logged on again, and did not see her but looked around at other cams to get the idea as to how this site worked. I saw women basically doing shows, for free, but guys would give them tokens which they purchased as tips. There was also a thing called private shows, for more tokens that I assumed gave more options.

    As I was looking around, I searched once more and found she was online. I was very nervous, but opened her page. There was my mom, in a very sexy lingerie outfit, bra, panties, garter and stockings, joking and chatting with guys. Now, my Mom is 45, but still very hot looking, slender, small but nice boobs, a great ass. A guy gave her a tip, which I calculated to be five bucks based on the token costs. She took her top off and gave a sexy look as she rubbed her boobs. I could not help but feel a surge in my cock. I quickly went through the steps to buy some tokens, and went back to her page. When I got back, with a bunch of tokens now, she was standing up joking with the guys, wearing only the garter and stockings. She had a nice pussy, big lips, and shaved clean. There was a banner at the top of her page that said cum show when 500 tokens was reached. There was a counter that said the current token count was 350. I hit the button to donate 10 tokens, basically a dollar to see what happened. She said thank you to my handle name on there and turned around and bent over to show a hot view of her pussy from behind. She ran a finger right between her lips.
    That did it, I had my pants off in a flash, my cock harder than I think it has ever been. She turned back around and continued chatting with the guys. I dropped another 10 tokens. This time, she sat back on her chair, opened her legs wide, spreading her pussy lips looking into her camera licking her lips. I got a private message from her asking if I wanted a private show. I sent one back asking what it costs and what happened in a private show. She told me the price, about a dollar a minute, and said she would do anything I wanted within reason, and would view my cam if I like. I told her I would think about it.

    She continued her show, spreading and acting nasty when guys gave tips. She reached out of camera sight and came up with a big dildo. She rubbed the tip of it on her pussy lips. You could hear it buzzing from a vibrator. I knew right then I had to see that dildo go in her c**t. I hooked my camera up, and aimed it down so all you could see was my cock. I sent her a message that I wanted a private show. I was shaking in anticipation. She said great and told me how to pay, I paid 50 dollars worth of tokens, making sure my microphone was off, as I did not want her to hear my voice.

    She did something on her end and then told me we were in private now. I sent a message saying my mic was not working, but my cam was. She turned on my cam and said mmmmm sugar you have a real hot cock. She asked what would I like to do, and I instantly answered I have a fantasy about my mom. She did not bat an eye, it seemed this was a common thing for her on here. She sat back on the chair, spread her legs wide, and started fingering her c**t, saying "do you like mommies hot pussy?" I typed yes. She said mommy loves your big hard dick and wants to suck it, taking the dildo and sucking it like a cock. I don't know what turned me on more seeing her act like this, or knowing she was looking at my hard cock as she did it.

    I typed back I want to fuck mommy's pussy. She sat back, spread her legs and slowly slipped that big dildo in side, moaning and saying yes, fuck mommy good baby. She started slowly, then gradually worked her way up to literally ramming it in hard loudly saying es, yes, yes, fuck my hot c**t. Her pussy was really wet now, dripping as she fucked herself good. I exploded and she said, yes, cum for me baby, fill mommies hot c**t with your cum.
    Knowing she was watching me blow my cum all over as she fucked herself gave me the biggest orgasm I ever had. She took the dildo out and I could see how incredibly wet her pussy was, and she licked the dildo. She told me she hoped to see my big dick again on here real soon.

    Damn, I know I shouldn't, but she probably will see my dick again.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My husband thinks I call by his fathers house each Monday and Friday, to help him around his home after his mild stroke. It was the stroke which first had myself and Don having sex together. He asked me if I'd take care of his sexual needs as he couldn't masturbate at the time. It was simple question if not a little off field, but one he asked when his son wasn't present obviously. As Don sat in his arm chair, I opened his trousers and pulled out the most gorgeous looking cock I think I've ever seen. An eight inch long beautifully veined cock shaft, around six inches in circumference and a large bulbous mushroom shaped head. It was leaking pre cum when I lowered my head and I instantly fell in love with the taste of it, as I stuck out my tongue to lick it off the tip of his cock. Don relaxed back as I took his cock into my mouth and began to pleasure him. That first time took no more than five minutes to have him cumming hard into my mouth. Not wanting to cause a mess, and loving the feel and taste of his cum, I swallowed the lot. The following week I did the same, only I too had an orgasm after I'd played with my pussy sucking on his cock. Don lasted longer and I found myself wishing he'd ask me to mount his cock. He didn't so like the week before I sucked his cock to completion and swallowed his cum.
    On the Monday morning the following week I didn't even bother to dress properly. I drove around to Dons home dressed only in a short skirt and a loose fitting top. No underwear at all. I also didn't bother to ask him when I'd gotten his cock hard, if I could fuck him. Lifting my skirt, I put my knees either side of his legs and mounted his cock. He tried to say something but I leaned forwards and kissed him hard. For the next ten minutes I rode my father in laws cock like a common slut and listening to him, I knew he was loving it just as much as my pussy and I were. I can't remember just how many times I got close to cumming before I stopped to let my feelings subside, but when Don came filling my pussy, I just let go and had the most thrilling orgasm ever.
    That has been the pattern over the last eight months. Every Monday and Friday I call by and we have such a fantastic time licking, sucking and fucking. Don's health has improved much quicker too. And I put it down to the sex we're having. Even if he said he was ok tomorrow, I know we'd carry on fucking, as I'm definitely having the time of my life fucking a man, who I think I'm now in love with.

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    Straight Male / 41

    Watched my beautiful 16 year old stepdaughter taking a shower, she likes to leave the door ajar just enough so you can see in I'm not sure if it's on purpose but I'm glad that she does.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I guess this could also fall into the "My Cheating Heart" category as well -
    I married my wife Julie 7 years ago. She was a 34 year old widow at the time (her husband died in a boating accident) and she had a 13 year old daughter, Kristin.
    I heard how nasty teenage girls can be to their fathers, let alone a step fathers....but Kristin was always so sweet. I never tried to be a 2nd dad to her, but more someone she could enjoy being with and talk to whenever she wanted. When Kristin turned 14 and 15, of course I noticed how her body was developing, but I managed to keep my thoughts decent. By the time she was 16 and 17 - wow - she was SO cute. I tried hard not to undress her in my mind, but I could not stop imagining how her young, pert breasts would look and feel. I actually ended up being jealous when she went on a date, and I was happy anytime she broke up with a guy. I had no idea why I was feeling that way.
    Julie got a new job 2 years ago, which requires her to travel 2 or 3 times a month. Kristin was 18 then, and more of a woman than a girl. The 2nd time Juile was out of town, Kristin and I decided to watch a movie together. I dont even remember what movie it was, but I remember us sitting next to each other, then Kristin leaning into me, and then eventually her puttimg my arm around her saying she was cold.
    Ok - I had my arm around my step daughter, and we were just watching a movie. I kept telling myself it was all just innocent stuff. There was a point in the movie were some kid was giving another kid a hard time about being a virgin. Kristin just came right out and admitted to me that despite all the dates she has gone on, she had not gone all the way yet. I asked her what she was waiting for - and Kristin said she wanted to be with someone older that knew what he was doing, and someone she could trust. Then she looked at me and said "kind of like you". And the atmosphere in the room totally changed. I decided to laugh it off and I said something like "too bad I am your step father". And Kristin said that nobody would have to know.
    I tried to think of something to say, but as much as my mind was saying "no" - I also knew I wanted her. She did not help matters when she moved up and went in to kiss me.
    We ended up making out like crazy there on the couch. I had a raging hard-on in no time, which Kristin felt right away. She asked me to tell her that I wanted her, and I gave in and said 'I want you SO bad". So Kristin told me to take her upstairs and make love to her. And thats what we did.
    I was carfeul and gentle that first time - but she did great at taking my size and letting me know when it hurt so I could back out a little. Eventually we developed a good rhythm...Kristin had told me before that Julie had started her on the pill months ago, so I was able to go natural which was amazing.
    I wish I could say I was a stud that worked her body for hours, but that first time, being inside her, sucking her perfect breasts, kissing her young lips....omg, I only lasted about 10 minutes. But then we spent time kissing and exploring every inch of each other bodies, and I was ready for a second round. My first load acted as lubrication for Kristin, and I slid in much easier and was really able to bang away inside her. And it was not a perverted older guy screwing his innocent, young step daugher. We were making love....and she said it many times, and so did I.
    We fell asleep together in each others arms - for that night - SHE was my wife.
    We got up early and had sex in the morning again, and then she went to school and I went to work. Both of us were VERY happy.
    Juile was due home at around 6pm that evening - so I decided to leave work early and got home around 4pm. Kristin was home from school, and she took my hand and back to the bedroom we went.

    From that day on - we have carried on our affair. Anytime Juile is out of town, Kristin takes her place as my wife in our bed. We dont take too many risks....a couple times Kristin has given mr oral sex while Juile is in the shower, and once Juile had too much to drink and since she was passed out in our bedroom, I had sex with Kristin in hers. And yes, I have arranged it where I had sex with both Juile and her daughter on the same day - but that does not happen too often.

    One time Juile called from her hotel to say goodnight to me. She had no idea that her daughter was naked between my legs, sucking my cock as I talked to her mom.

    Kristin and I will joke sometimes when she has a date. If she ever gets serious and married some guy, he will have no idea that he will be sharing Kristin with me, her step father, since neither of us want our secret affair ever to end. Kristin even talked about having sex with me on her wedding day, then having me walk her down the aisle. That would be very exciting.

    I sometimes think about the "what if" she got pregant. Lord knows I have pumped enough sperm into her, but imagine my wifes grandbaby being MY baby as

    I should feel more ashamed, but Kristin and I are both adults. I love her mother, but I love her, too.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Okay, so I lied about my age so I could print my story. I read the one the 21 year old wrote about him, his sister and his mom. I am not attempting to compete, his story just turned me on enough to print mine.
    I have just turned 16. I am an only child. My Dad has his own business, a chain Hardware but only withing our home state but this still requires his being on the road pretty ofter but is seldom gone more than 1 night at a time.
    My mother is a 34 year old beauty. I'll be honest, she has always been attracted to me every since I first learned to cum. When i would masturbate, I like jack off better, I would often think of her because I was really too young and with lack of knowledge to understand fucking. All I could think of at the time was maybe mom or one of the girls I knew in school doing the jacking off on me.
    So, getting to the point, we live kinda in the country, a couple miles outside city limits. Suppose my parents don't like neighbors. LOL. Anyway, if I'd go into town it would have to be on my bicycle although I do drive, my parents won't allow me to drive into town for fear I'd get a ticket and ruin my chances of getting a license when I become eligible. But I could have friends visit me but I could always find something to entertain myself when alone. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and can play with them.
    But, my mom is still constantly on my mind. She looks so young and beautiful and has a nice set of boobs. Too, she dresses sexy, not just when dad is gone but all the time. I can't keep my eyes and thoughts off of her.
    She, being lonely, nothing to do, takes a nap every afternoon. I have started, within the last 1 year, to lay by her on her bed. I started out by pretending to be asleep after she had relaxed and would roll over facing her and would throw my arm across her body intentionally let it lay on her boobs. At first she would always push my arm away but I'd still pretend to be asleep. After many times repeating this, or laying my arm over her stomach with my hand resting just above her legs. She never seemed to object to this. I then returned to laying my arm over her boobs again. Now she is beginning to tolerate this and I would wiggle several times but still pretending to be asleep and I could feel the nipples of her boobs getting hard and erect. I then might pretend to still be asleep, wiggle around and let my hand slide down her stomach a come to rest on her pussy. She normally would be wearing just a night gown but often would remain in her sexy bra and short shorts. I could feel her wiggle a little and kinda spread her legs as though she was wanting more. Although I wanted to, I chose to not rush things and let her know that I wasn't sleeping but intentionally playing with her body.
    The next afternoon while we were lying on the bed for our nap I again through my arm over her boobs but got no reaction from her other than the feel of her nipples getting hard and erect. I then, still pretending to be asleep, threw my leg across her body with my, now hard and erect, dick pressed against her thigh and hip. I then threw my other arm across her body with my hand laying directly on her wet and warm pussy. Immediately I felt her legs part and a hand sliding under my shorts and onto my throbbing dick. After her hand was holding my dick firmly I jumped as if in shock, took my hand off her pussy and placed it on top of her hand, kinda sit up and said, "What's going on here?" She did not say a thing, just released her bra so her tits were bare, put her empty hand on my head and buried my face between her tits. I rolled my eyes so I was staring directly into her eyes and she said, "You started this, now you have to finish it." She then told me to suck on her nipples which I did, my first ever.
    She removed her bra completely, pushed my shorts down enough for me to get out of them. There I lay, completely naked with my hard dick sticking straight up. She began to remove her short shorts but as short shorts would be, were tight and she asked me to help her remove them. Now we are both necked together, probably the first time since I was a baby and we would get a bath together. Just imagining. She then took my hand and placed it on her warm and wet pussy and asked me to play with it while she played with my dick. Another first but thank God, it wasn't my last and hopefully it will continue until after I am out of school and probably married and raising a family of my own, but that is in the future and right now we are still in the present.
    She asked me if I had ever fucked before and I admitted I had not. Then she kinda smiled and said, "Then I'm gonna be your instructor, right." I nodded my head to the affirmative.
    So she spread her legs, with one hand hanging on to my dick and with the other she parted the lips of her pussy and instructed me lay face down between her legs and she would guide my dick into her pussy and that is the start of a good fuck. I began pushing in slowly at first and then back out slowly. It felt so good, her wet and warm pussy griping onto my dick. She was enjoying it too and was telling me frankly, Fuck me harder and stick it all the way in." Then she would beg me, "Faster". And as I got harder and faster and deeper she was humping and meeting my every stroke. Finally she said, "Keep it up, faster and harder. I'm cuming." I did and before long I was responding with one of the longest and most enjoyable ejaculation to date. She let me know that she was cuming with me. She admitted afterward that she cumed at least 5 times. She enjoyed it.
    We both went into the bath and really bathed each other good.
    Now, today is Sunday and Dad is at home and I really wish he was on the road because I am ready. Mom and I do this at least twice weekly. She really knows how to prepare me. During nap time I do not have to fake sleep, she will place my hands, one on her tits and the other on her pussy while she is jerking me of, getting me ready, with both her hands. I asked her if I should get some rubbers and she stated it wasn't necessary because she is on the pill, whatever this means.
    But now I am beginning to date other girls but as of the present I have not been able to fuck any of them. Not necessary because I probably have better at home.

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    Straight Male / 18

    16 here, 2 years ago i lost a bet with my sister, same age. Who ever won, got to have the loser as a servant for an ENTIRE YEAR. Who ever got a higher math mark won. I came up bombing my mark on the final. When my servant year started, we shook to promise that for next year, we would do the same, but include 5 coupons instead. We have agreed on anything and if the other doesnt like it we can negotiate a deal. Well after a year a painful sevanting, we locked in our coupons before the finals week.

    Her coupons included: Homework stealing, School Project Stealing, Chores, an if neccesary i have to bring one of her friends to any social event, aid her with any hair/makeup need or testing.

    My coupons included: 1 Blowjob, 1 Handjob per week, 1 use only sex, Jerk off over face 1x week, daily sexts.

    as you can see i got very sexual in the past year. Anyways after a couple days of saying no, she finally agreed due to the written rule we made a year ago. Plus she was confident since i was at a 70% entering the exam vs her 87%. At my school, any midterm exam replaces your mark if you score higher, and a final replaces both terms. I cheated hard on the exam and came out 92% while she dropped to a 84%. Instantly i tried to cash in my coupons but we had to negotiate.

    She said she didnt want to lose her virginity to her brother so the sex one was scrapped, then she said the facial and handjob ones were disgusting if she had to do it repeatedly. After a couple days of fighting, we agreed on a deal.

    1. One time blowjob
    2. Every 2 days handjob in exchange for sex one
    3. One time attempt to hook me up with any friend- if failed -3 time blowjob
    4. Once every week I get to jerk off and cum on either chest, belly, panty covered crotch, panty covered ass, back, with no touching
    5. Sexts Daily w/ no face

    I have already came on her chest, panties, and a sneak attack on her face, i used blowjob coupon but got cut short since i was trying to film it, instead i came on her face. Thats it so far

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    I have read many stories on here with this same title but most or with in-laws and not maternal family.
    Now, I want to see someone beat this. I should not be printing it but since there is no way you can determine who me and my family are I feel safe.
    To begin, My father was killed action serving with the Army. My mom received a large insurance from the military plus a separate policy my dad had through another private insurance. She also collects Social Security because of his death. This is what I understand. I was to young to understand when it all was happening.
    Now I am 21, soon 22, earned a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and am employed with a firm only 3 blocks from home.
    My sister is 20 and is in nurse training soon to become a RN. Neither of us are serious about getting married and moving out. Between the three of us we are pretty well fixed in more ways than finances.
    Our mother is a beautiful, well built, 40 year old lady. I enjoy going out with she and my sis and have friends ask me to introduce my date, my mom, and the younger lady. They can't believe it when I tell them this is my mother and younger sister. Really, neither of them even look close to their age. My sis looks like a teen while mom could easily pass for her late 20's.
    Okay, so let's move on. My mom and my sis began going from room to room and in and out of the bath completely nude. They didn't seem to bother that I was all eyes when they would parade by. One night I was sitting on the den couch watching a movie. It was a romantic movie and lots of hugging and kissing going on. Mom and sis came in and sat on either side of me and watched the movie also. Why, I do not know but mom broke the silence by asking why neither of us ever went out on dates with friends. Our answers were pretty much alike, we have never met anyone we wanted to settle down with. She looked at sis and said, "You are telling me that you have no interest in men?" Sis replied, "Maybe if the right one came along." Then she laid her hand on my leg and asked me the same, "And you have no interest in girls?" "Not yet" was my reply.
    Mom broke into tears and confessed that she has never thought of another man since our dad was killed. She said she just loved him, and he loved her, therefore no one else ever entered our mind. She started crying big time. I put my arms around her in an attempt to calm her. Sis moved over to the other side and did likewise. Mom did slowly calm down. She looked at me and asked if I had ever had sex with a girl. "NO" I confessed. She asked sis the same question but with a male. Sis' answer was the same. She said, "It's been a while for me but I think I can teach either or both of you if you wish." I didn't know what to say but mom took my arm from around her shoulder and placed it on her tit. I had seen this in porno film but it was my first, especially with my mom. I have, many times, masturbated, and I told her I had. She said, "Let me see you do that now." Then she turned to sis and asked if she ever masturbates and sis admitted she did but normally when reading sexy stories in magazines. Mom said, "Why don't the three of us undress here now and masturbate?" Mom and sis beat me at it because there were lightly dressed as I said before they run around the house completely nude therefore they had seen each other many times. But this was different, as I watched them undress in front of me I began to get an erection. Mom looked and said, WOW! That's a nice size." She reached over and started playing with it. It really got hard. Then she and sis both began rubbing their bush and that too was hard for me to take. Mom admitted she would love to see me and sis together but it would be difficult if sis is still virgin. She asked sis if she would like to try it and she said she would love to. Mom warned me that I should take it easy at first, maybe use some oil, but don't penetrate all at first, just a little at the time until sis became wet from want and or oil. She warned sis that it might hurt a little at first but if she had the desire she could endure to minor pain. Mom slide down on the couch and spread her legs and told sis to do the same. Sis did and mom told me to move around and get on my knees in front and facing sis. I did and my hard dick was within inches of sis' pussy. Mom reached down, took my hard dick in one hand and with her other she spread the lips of sis' pussy. She told me to just slide the head of my dick up and down at first and she warned sis that this is what she needed to do initially until she and her partner became familiar. She was to spread the lips of her pussy and guide her partners dick inside. She did me just as mom advised. It took awhile for me to insert my dick all the way but when I did sis settled down and enjoyed it. I could tell mom was becoming more excited as things went on. Sis began moaning and said it was feeling funny inside her stomach. Mom laughed and said, "That is the feeling you get when you are cuming." Sis did this several times before mom asked me to pull out. She was ready for some herself and had me get between her legs as she repeated the same instructions as before but with her I did not need to play around. I could go right in and it felt so warm and good. Mom even helped me. As I would slide in she would hump and meet me half way. Now that didn't take long until mom and I wee both cuming together.
    Now, that was just the beginning. This happened about nine months ago and we have been doing it several times a week since. Sometimes I will come home for lunch break and mom and I will be alone. Other times, with sis, we have to wait until night as they take lunch break together in the clinic dinning room.
    But over the last nine months we have even had oral sex and enjoyed it but I am waiting for the time that mom and sis will indulge. They will masturbate each other now while I watch but that is their limit, to my knowledge.
    Sometime, maybe soon, I will continue this and tell of our improvements. Just hang in there.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 30

    I don't know why I let this happen and I know I should feel guilty but I really don't, For a while now I have been looking after my Grandfather who has dementia, As his only living relative I feel responsible for him and I love my Gramps, It started when I was in the kitchen washing up the dishes from dinner, When I heard him behind me and felt his arms slip around my waist as he whispered into my ear "oh Izzy (his pet name for my granny) you look extra lovely today) he pushed his hips against my bum and I could feel him getting hard against me, I was shocked at first but I was frozen to the spot pressed up against the sink, Then as he started to kiss my neck I melted it was such a sift kiss I felt myself getting wet I knew it was wrong to feel that way about him but I couldn't stop it as he kept calling me " Izzy" and started to grope my breasts through my shirt and bra squeezing them firmly I felt myself push my bum against his hard bulge, He groaned and pushed a hand up my skirt rubbing my pussy hard and urgently I opened my legs and his fingers cupped and rubbed me hard I was lost as he masturbated me I shuddered and came gasping loudly, He chuckled and said "you want it don't you Izzy?" I groaned yes and I felt my panties urgently pulled down and the head of his large cock at my pussy I bent over the sink as he slid into me he felt so hard and thick he filled me so much I wanted more and pushed back onto it hard, He started to fuck me hard and fast , I felt so dirty and wrong letting my grandfather fuck me but it also felt so good this man who used to sit me on his knee and buy me sweets as a child was now fucking me, I don't remember how many times I came but it was a lot until he came deep inside me gasping and grunting loudly and calling out NY grand name, Finally he pulled out of me and slapped my bum saying "good girl Izzy" he then left , I pulled myself together and went to the toilet and cleaned myself up, When I found him in the front room he was back to his old dementia self and asked who I was as usual I told him for the hundredth time and made him some tea, It has happened many times since I have even at his request to "Izzy" sucked his large cock but it keeps him happy and at least I am making his last few years alive bearable, No one else knows or will ever know and I find myself looking forward to his moments when he thinks I am gran.

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