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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    I can't actually believe I'm putting this here and I'm certainly not expecting it to help but I feel like I just want to tell someone, even if it's just strangers on the damned internet.
    Basically (ok, here goes), I sucked off my brother after getting naked and kissing/groping together.
    We were sharing a hotel room for the weekend last week because of a cousin's wedding. It was after the reception, we were both a little tipsy and happy and had been dancing and celebrating with friends and family all afternoon and evening.
    When we got back to the room it was late and we were just chatting about how nice a day we'd had. I said something about wishing I could have a wedding like that someday and he caught me off guard by telling me how sure he was that I would because of how sexy I was. He apologised immediately and I felt bad for him so told him thankyou for being so sweet.
    For some reason I walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek. He looked at me after with the exact look a guy gives when he wants a girl, and for some reason I didn't pull away. I was waiting to see if he was gonna do what I thought he was gonna do- kiss me.
    He did.
    And I let him.
    It was long and passionate and the most forbidden yet lovely thing I'd ever done. We eventually started fumbling and lay down on the bed together with our arms wrapped around each other. We didn't say anything. We just kissed, and began taking off each other's clothes.
    If anyone has told me that at this wedding I'd be having my breasts sucked on by my brother as he fingered me, I'd have retched and then hit them. But that's exactly what happened and it made me cum three times in a row which I've never done before.
    That was the point that I just slid down the bed and took my brother's penis into my mouth and gave him only the third ever blowjob I have ever given in my life. I even let him finish in my mouth and swallowed (never done that before).
    After that we sort of just spooned and cuddled until we fell asleep.
    In the morning we barely looked at each other and it's like there's just an unspoken agreement in place since then that we never speak of it again.
    I can't believe this happened and I have literally NO idea what to do now.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I don't think this is sexy or anything like that, this is about two nineteen year old girls that got pregnant by the same man at the same time.

    He is the type of man that won't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to sex. He is charged up and your going to give him pussy. I was living alone in a condo he owned. He had rented it to me but stopped collecting the rent. He came over and got sex instead. I am going to be honest and say that I got off on having sex with him. He wasn't some ordinary guy, he was educated and had money and he knew how to treat a lady. And when he got started he didn't stop until he got what he wanted and he got it in you all over the apartment. He fucked me a lot in the living room and he liked to have the curtains open in case someone saw they knew he was getting a piece of ass.

    He paid the bills and I sucked his dick.

    He came to me and told me that this girl Veronica needed a place to stay. She worked as a cashier close to his office and she had to move. It would be for a month or maybe two until she found her own place. She could have the guest room. Two weekends into her staying with me and he decided he wanted to get some pussy off of her. She couldn't get away, he knew the apartment really well, and he ended up bringing her out to the living room and screwing her on the floor. She kept telling him she was going to get pregnant but that only made him want her more, and when he had her completely fucked he took her hard and released all his man stuff into her.

    When he got off of her he kissed her really long on the mouth and told her to lay still. He got a cushion off the sofa and put it under her hips and told her lay still and let his little men crawl up into her and finish he job. He told me to get down on the carpet and hold her head in my lap. He kissed me and he told me he wanted me just like her, all knocked up and to get off the pill.

    I don't know if the first time knocked her up, or maybe the second or third, but they were all in the next day or two. I had to hold her afterwards and keep her hips elevated so his little men could do their work. I got off the pill like he said and I was pregnant within a couple of months.

    Veronica never moved out. She moved in. She was excited to be pregnant. She had me measure her tummy every day to see how much she had grown. She would sit and lay her head on my belly and listen. She was more excited than I was at my pregnancy. Most if not all nights she came and got in bed with me so we could keep ourselves warm together and let our pregnant hormones work on each other. He came over almost every day and wanted to hear the latest, blow by blow, to have us stand side by side and see who was winning.

    Her baby came first by two months. That is when I started to get excited about my pregnancy. Holding her baby made me feel good. Holding her while she fed the baby felt good. During my last two months we almost didn't go out, except for going to the doctor. We stayed together, me getting to the finish line and she taking care of her infant.

    When my baby came she was all over me, helping me, taking care of me, putting her baby in my arms to nurse and stimulate my milk. Putting my baby against her breast. Her nipples looked so large, how could a little baby get that nipple in her mouth. As the babies got bigger we set up routines for them, we watched them together, day and night. We turned twenty and we never celebrated our birthdays. We hadn't worked in months, almost a year, since I got pregnant.

    Our man father moved in with us and started to look for a house for us to move. It is selfish but we didn't need him then, Veronica and I had each other, we had our babies, the last thing we needed was a man wanting to poke around some more. He poked around, caught us off guard and poked us before we were ready. I got pregnant again at two months, so she let herself get pregnant in the following month. We were in our own little world, we didn't do anything other than have babies and take care of them. The bills never crossed our minds, if he wasn't paying for everything we would have been on welfare.

    We are older now and our babies are not babies any more, I went back to work and she stays home. She is studying online to be a court reporter, but she never wants to go back to work. We did move into our house, a two room condo got very small for us. We all live together. He calls us sisters and reminds us that we are family and we need to be together because the three of us are tied to each other forever. We still have heat, but between two it is easier, you don't have to carry the burden all by yourself.

    It is just hard to remember how much heat we had when he was getting us pregnant. We couldn't put it out, we just wanted him to do it over and over again. We tell the story like it was all him, but it wasn't him, it was us, being together like that we were on overdrive. Watching him get her pregnant that day turned my insides on and nothing could put out the fire. It took two kids back to back to calm it down. The fire is not out, whatever happens happens, the more he pokes around the better I feel. We signed up for round two.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    During a bad period for my mom and me, with my dad dying six months earlier, I did something which I'm not proud of.
    My mom was drinking a lot and often passing out. I was seventeen, full of anger and full of testosterone. Seeing my mom crashed out on the sofa drunk again, I saw she'd not put any panties on and her pussy was there for all the world to see. Feeling horny after a few minutes of staring at her beautiful looking sex, I decided to touch it.
    Sliding my hand over her pussy, she didn't move, so it gave me more courage to ease a finger along her pussy slit. Again she didn't move, which had me playing with her clit, then down to her pussy hole. Getting in closer to her, I could smell her sweet scent and decided to see what her pussy tasted like. Moving my hand out of the way, I dipped my head and began to lick her pussy. It tasted delightful and I was soon sliding my tongue right along her pussy to her clit, sucking it in a little and then back again to her fuck hole.
    I kept on doing this for some time and eventually she began to moan and move around. But not once did she wake up. I took out my cock whilst still licking her and decided if she didn't wake up when I inserted two fingers inside of her, I'd try to fuck my own mom.
    She didn't move too much and indeed spread her legs to give me easier access. Rising up, I got myself so my cock was touching her pussy opening and thrust in. She did initially come round a little, but not enough for me to stop, so I carried on fucking her, getting deeper with each thrust.
    By the time I was ready to cum, I was literally fucking her for real and she wasn't budging one bit. Humping away at her awesome pussy, I came inside my mom and shuddered as my orgasm passed through me.
    Withdrawing, I moved away and watched as my cum slowly leaked from her gaping pussy. Not once did she open her eyes, yet I felt as if she'd been awake all the time. Finally with the guilt of what I'd just done, I got some paper towel and gently wiped her clean. The guilt however didn't stop me doing similar things to my mom on the sofa again and again, and also on her bed each time she passed out from drink. In all I guess I fucked my mom over a dozen times, and came inside her each time.
    Nothing was ever said the following morning, and each time I made sure to clean her up afterwards. And that's how I thought it was to this day. I'd fucked my own mom and she hadn't a clue I'd done it.
    Well as I've recently found out, I was wrong. Not only did my mom know about me fucking her each and every time, she's not long told me, she orgasmed each and every time. Not as I fucked her, but afterwards playing with herself, making sure she used the remaining cum I didn't manage to clean up to frig her own clit.
    The conversation we had only three days ago came about because of a comment I made. I told her I didn't lose my cherry until I was eighteen. Her response was "Oh, I thought when you fucked me at seventeen you lost your virginity". To say I was embarrassed is an understatement.
    My mom went on to say, she'd not given me any encouragement at the time, but also said she didn't refuse me because of the trauma we were both going through. It to her, had been her way of making things easier for me after my father had died. It had also it appears made her want to get back into the real world, by giving up the alcohol.
    My mom text me this morning whilst I was at football practice. Telling me I shouldn't be embarrassed at all by what I'd done. And that she'd thoroughly enjoyed having sex with me, even if she didn't let on at the time. She also mentioned in her text, this "Any time you're feeling alone or in need of, you know, I'm here for you totally xxx".
    I know I shouldn't be thinking this way, but my mom is a hot looking woman and only nineteen years older than me. I know many men hit on her all the time, but she's staying single for a time. I also know if I asked, she'd have me in her bed tonight.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Even though my husband and I have sex regularly, and that some of the sex is good. It nowhere near matches the sex I have with my younger brother Jack.
    He and I have been fucking since I was seventeen and he was fifteen, very nearly sixteen. I caught him tossing himself off whilst using my panties to sniff. Challenging him I was about to yell to our parents, but then I saw just how big my little brother's cock was.
    His cock is still the largest thickest cock I've ever been fucked by, and he and I have fucked countless times since that first day.
    He hadn't had time to reach orgasm, so closing his bedroom door as I stripped naked, I walked over, took hold of his cock and went down on him. He made some kind of comment about it being wrong, but soon shut up once my mouth began to work on his magnificent cock. He became erect again very quickly, and I so wanted to feel it deep inside of me.
    Jack again made a brief argument about us fucking being i****tuous and against god, but as his cock entered my soaking wet pussy from me mounting him, he soon lay back and let me fuck him.
    That first time he came within a minute, and he never once touched me, even though I tried to get him to hold my breasts. I did all the work and carried on fucking him even after he'd cum. I reached my own climax a few minutes later and slumped down on top of him.
    Jack and I sat and talked in his room for the next half an hour or so, until my mom shouted us down for our evening meal. By then his cum had leaked out of my pussy. I scooped it up and licked it all into my mouth, swallowing every drop I could. Jack told me I was a horny bitch and asked me if we could fuck again. It was then with his cum still on my lips, I kissed my younger brother.
    It was over a week later when we had sex again. Mom and dad went shopping and wanted me to go with them. It was jack who said he wanted me to help him with some school work. Literally as my dads car puled out of the driveway, I had Jacks cock in my mouth and was pushing his face towards my pussy. Letting his cock go, I spent the next five to ten minutes explaining what I wanted him to do. And instructed him on how to lick and suck on my pussy clit, and finally my asshole.
    We spent an age giving each other oral pleasure with Jack making me orgasm twice. He wanted to cum well before I actually let him fuck me doggy style, but I knew and know of ways to delay a guy from cumming. Although I'd taken his cock sat on to of him. It was nothing to the excitement and feel of him pounding my pussy from behind. Because of his inexperience, he hammered away at my love hole like it was his last hour on earth. Talk about being power fucked, I was having my fourth orgasm well before I knew he'd actually cum. By then I'd had him do something to me I'd longed to try sexually.
    With his cock sliding so deeply into my pussy, I asked him to slip a finger up my asshole. He wouldn't at first, but soon slid his middle finger up my ass, when I told him we'd have to stop. That and his constant hammering of my pussy took me to the most memorable climax, I think I've ever had. It was so strong and so long lasting, I swear when I finally relaxed Jack was pulling out of me, having cum filling my pussy without me knowing he'd cum.
    We lay together afterwards kissing and fondling each other. He asked me if I liked to feel my asshole being fucked. I told him it was a first for me, but next time I'd like to see what it felt like to have his cock up my ass. I didn't have to wait long.
    It was my younger brother who got up close behind me without me prompting him. He held onto my right breast with one hand and guided his fully erect cock with his other towards my asshole. There is nothing to fully describe the pain and the amazing feeling of pure animal lust I felt right then. In one part of my mind I was saying "Get that fucking thing out of my asshole" But in another part, I was begging him to drive his cock as far as his cock would reach inside my bowels. And boy did Jack fuck his older sister.
    If he'd fucked me to an amazing set of orgasms earlier, then having his cock slowly fucking my asshole only intensified every sexual nerve in my body. I was so much in tune with what he was doing to me, I actually began to cry. Not form pain or ecstacy, but from a pure sense of true love and sexual passion. Jack was and is my brother, he's also the best lover I've ever had. And during those moments of complete and utter giving, we both experienced a dynamic and pure sexual escape. And it sent me over the i****tuous edge forever. No matter what he wanted to do with and to me from then on, it was going to be fine with me.
    And so Jack and I did begin a life long sexual discovery together. Yes we both have our partners and yes we both live separate lives in regard of those people. Yet each time we get together, which is usually two to three times a month now, we fuck like it was our first time, every time.
    We should be life partners in marriage, but we're not allowed to in today's society. So twelve years after I first took my little brothers cock inside my mouth pussy and asshole, I'm stil craving him and his domination of my love holes, each and every time we fuck.
    Nothing and no one will ultimately stop us, and if we could we'd live together as a married couple. Until or if ever society says we can, I guess my younger brother and I will have to carry on fucking as and when we can.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    I have been fucking my little sister for the last six years.
    Our parents don't have a clue. We both enjoy how 'wrong' it is and we have no intention of stopping.
    I also love that she let's me do literally whatever I like to her. She swallows, she let's me fuck her ass and now she's on the pill we don't use condoms anymore.
    I'm telling you- there is no better feeling than cumming inside your little sister's pussy while hearing her cum at the same time. Nothing.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    This is 100% true. I am an exhibitionist, I just love showing off my cock in safer environments ie not dropping trousers at the train station! I happen to live next to my in-laws in the middle of the country so whenever the weather is good, we'll pop over the wall for a drink or food.

    They have a large dining cabin in their garden with a table in the middle and couches around the outside. We popped over the a couple of years ago for afternoon drinks and it was particularly hot so I was in porno shorts (my go-to apparel in hot weather), T-shirt and flip flops. I was half pissed and was sat at the head of the table with my partner to my left. My MIL (58) was sat on the couch to my left and my FIL was on the couch opposite. Whilst chatting, I was idly fiddling with my cock under the table (it's a show-er so gets to about 6 inches and fat before it starts to erect, so a nice show) I flopped it out of the side of the shorts along with my low hanging balls and was just sort of flopping it around - as we all do from time to time. I was oblivious to anyone being able to see it so carried on for a good hour. My MIL got up and left the cabin to go to the main house and was gone for about 20 minutes, probably played with herself and wanted me to follow. Of course, I'm still oblivious!

    I moved to sit where she'd been after she'd gone inside and noticed that she could see EVERYTHING. I was mortified but secretly happy. She's been extra nice to me since, I did the same trick a couple of weeks later to her approval. Her hubby isn't hung so it's nice for her to see a man-sized one occasionally.

    Since that day, I've been around there in larger shorts or tracksuit bottoms and had a full erection whilst sitting at her table or in her lounge and just pretended not to notice. She always asks if I need a refill and has a good look while she's at it. Wonder what the future holds....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 38

    About eight years ago I started dating a single mother (we're now married) with a 8 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. As I got to see her daughter develop, against my better judgment, I became more and more attracted to her.

    Her mother is extremely beautiful and she started to take on many of her qualities as a young teen. I quickly found myself becoming obsessed and wanting to push the boundaries. My first indiscretion was starting to secretly film her in her bedroom and bathroom. The results were not disappointing! She had flawless fair skin, beautifully puffy nipples, skinny waist and a plump tight ass! This was probably my greatest mistake because from that point on I had an unquenchable desire to fuck her young, perfect body!

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 30

    I am a 30 year old pregnant lesbian, professional social worker. I was in a committed relationship with my girlfriend, but I am now married to a man.

    In my case being a lesbian skipped a generation. My maternal grandmother was a lesbian. In her day she married young and had eight children. My grandfather was very upset with her as she grew older and insisted on being able to spend time with her lesbian love. In the end my grandfather took a mistress and had three children with his mistress.

    My mother has asked me to honor the command to have children. She asks that I honor my grandmother. This is a difficult situation. After a whole lot of thought and pain I surrendered to my body's purpose. I married a man, I am pregnant by him and will honor the command to have children. My husband knows I am a lesbian and I told him my condition of becoming his wife is that he not prohibit me from my feelings for my girlfriend. That is our arrangement.

    My grandmother was not able to have such an arrangement. She gave her body to her command to have children. I don't know if my command will result in eight children, but if that is my command I deliver my body to that purpose. I will do as my grandmother did, I have her strength. It may be that our lesbian being will skip a generation again, only time will tell. If so she will know of her grandmother and great great grandmother and follow her command in her time, of that I am sure.

    Life is sacred, being a lesbian does not excuse us of fulfilling the command to have children.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    The day started off like anoy other day at the In laws. THey live on 7 acres of woods with a nice pool. My wife and I went over for a cook out and some drinking, it was a beautiful, sunny and 85 that day. I watched my wife and her mom swim around for awhile and helped cook. Watching my wife in her bikini was getting me horny. After a few hours off drinking , the wife and I went off for a walk in the woods. She could barley walk after drinking in the sun most of the day. She was taking her top off and asked me to fuck her. She reached for my suit and had it at my ankles in no time, she does't often suck my dick but that day she went to town on it. I felt ready to explode and she must have sensed it and stopped sucking took her bottoms off and bent over a tree for me to fuck her. I wasted no time in sinking my dick in her bald pussy. She came pretty quick, and when she did she passed out. So here I am with a hrad on and a passed out wife. I turned to get my trunks when I saw my mother in law watching us. She had her top off and i was finally able to see her 38DD boobs and pointty nipples. She told me I could not go back with a woody, she walked over to me and feel to her knees and was now sucking my cock a few minutes after it had been in her daughter. I played with her tits and kept pushing her head tight to my dick. She wanted fucked, so she stood up dropped her bottoms and told me to lick her hairy pussy, so I did as I was told. She was grinding her hips on my tounge and came twice while I was down on her. I wanted to fuck her pussy I stopped licking her and started to enter her when she stopped me and told me she wanted her ass pounded, who am I to say no. With my wife passed out, I bent her mom over the same tree as my wife and fucked her ass. It was only my second time doind that and didnt last long, but she got off. I pulled out of her ass and watched my cum drip from her. She kissed me and said we had to hurry back, before they were looking for us. I dressed my wife and carried her back to the party. I never thought of fucking my mother in law before now that is all I can think about. We have fucked a few times after that. but nothing like the first time.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    I'm a 2nd-year college student in Business Studies and I recently met a girl that I really like. She is also a student at the same college. We began dating several months ago and now things have gotten really hot. Just last weekend we had sex for the first time. She was obviously a virgin - in fact, she told me so - and I made the mistake of saying that I was a virgin, too. It isn't quite true but almost (sort of). Anyways, she was surprised that I "did it so well" as if I had some previous experience. I got the impression that she doesn't really believe that she was "my first time". I am kind of "caught in a lie". I am hoping that she will get over this doubting because I really like her.

    You see before I left for college, Mom and Dad broke up Mom took it pretty hard. I tried to comfort her as much as I could but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I found that laying beside her on her bed helped, especially when we would watch TV together and talk. She had this television set mounted on her bedroom wall at the opposite end of the bed. Later, I found it convenient to lay beside her in bedclothes - just underpants - because I could go straight to bed when I got tired. I guess she noticed that I was getting cold because so she began inviting me invited me to get under the blankets. I think this was all done quite innocently. There were times that she would fall asleep first and then I would get up and leave. At other times, I'd fall asleep and we would end up sleeping together for part of the night. Other times, I would wake up and discover Mom cuddling me. I quickly discovered how soft and warm and nice that Mom's body is and I think she noticed my interest, too. Then one night, she caught me running my hands over her breasts and fondling her nipples. She uttered something like "Ohhh", as I remember and she then shifted around in bed in such a way that she could take my penis and press it against her genitals. I was really hard and I could feel her insert it into her vagina. It was the first time that I had entered a woman and it felt so incredibly good. Neither of us said anything and I guess we both knew what we wanted to do. She started the pumping and before I knew it, we had established a steady rhythm. I quickly reached my climax and ejaculated inside her. I stayed inside her for as long as I could hold my erection, a few minutes. After returning from the bathroom to clean up, Mom got back into bed and we cuddled and talked a bit about having intercourse. She asked me if I mind and so forth and all I could say was that it was "so nice". In the morning, we talked more about it and the consensus was that we aren't doing anything wrong. She said that she enjoyed having intercourse with me and I enjoyed having intercourse with her and that was that.

    During the next year before leaving for college, Mom and I did pretty much the same things were doing before. The only difference is that we were often had intercourse before going to sleep. She taught me the few positions that she knew: her on top, me on top, me on my side and her on her back and rear entry. Occasionally, we had intercourse in the morning, too, and this happened more frequently when she realized that I would be leaving for college soon. Even after I left for college, I returned home during breaks and summer and Mom and I continued to have intercourse.

    A nyways, now that I have met a really nice girl, things might come to a head. I mentioned to Mom about the girlfriend and Mom is afraid that I'll return home less frequently now. So that is how it stands. Maybe I'll just end up having sex with both my girlfriend AND Mom for the foreseeable future. We'll see.

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