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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Not sure in which category I should post this.

    I'm in my late 30's, so when I was in my early teens there wasn't any internet, and I only had 2 Playboy's which I got from a friend, and no other sources of nudity available.

    One evening I was in my room reading, and I heard my sister taking a shower... she was 13 at the time, and I was 12... I always had (and still do) have a good and healthy relationship with my sister, but ofcourse I couldn't help noticing that she was becoming a little lady, her breasts growing, etc.

    So once I heard her walking from the shower into her bedroom (and closing/locking her door), and quietly sneaked out of my bedroom, and looked through the keyhole... she was still wrapped in her bathing towel, and my heart was beating sooooo fast... and finally she dropped the towel, and I could see her bare ass... and breasts from the side...

    Then she opened her closet (turn door closet), and on the inside of the closet there was a big mirror... and wow.. there she was, my sister fully nude, and to my great surprise: her pussy was fully covered with pubic hair. I was really surprised to see that she was already this developed! (Me being a 12 year old guy didn't have any pubes back then).

    Before she got dressed again she "cupped" her little breasts in her hands... really interesting to see.

    So, after that evening I did the same many more times... peeping really excites me! And I honestly do respect and honour my sister very much, but hey, peeping is such a big turn on to me!

    When she was 15, she had her first boyfriend, and again I watched... saw them kissing, and saw the guy feeling up my sister (with clothes on).

    That's pretty much all I saw, but great memories!

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    My father came to my room most nights and kissed and fondled me. In time he and I had sex almost every night. I thought every girl did this and I enjoyed it. I talked with my friend and ask if her dad came to her at night???? NO why???? Oh I was just wondering. A girl told me her dad did. She tired to find out who this was, I did not dare tell it was me. She told me it was bad wrong but seemed to get excited when I told her about it.
    My mom did not know we did this. By my teens I knew for a fact this was wrong, I never said anything. he was a good and kind lover. I did not want to to stop, it did not stop. I came home from collage just to get some. He would visit me at school and get a hotel, left mom at home. I slept with him like any girl would, except I welcome him inside me. I ask for him to visit and wanted more time with him.

    he told me to date and find someone. that was the right thing to do. I dated a boy and we got serious pretty quick. He took the roll of my dad, I had him in me on the second date. Pretty rare for a Christian collage, but he accepted that as me wanting him. Yet when we came home I slept alone (like any Christian house hold) and my dad came to my room, my mom in one room and my boyfriend in the other. I had guilt feeling's to do this, but the pleasure was worth it to me. my father and I stopped this for fear of my children desire. On rare occasions we will meet and have relations. I feel such guilt for this,, I KNOW this is wrong and still can not help my self.

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    I live in the West Midlands area of England and here is a little of what it was like to be me not too long ago.
    When i was a teenager i had a breakdown before i had the chance to get much education and was stuck living at home right through my 20s.

    My life has been very embarrassing and sexually frustrating.
    I am a reasonably good looking guy but not very tall and with no education and mental illness my late teens and 20s were no fun.

    My social life consisted of following my mum around and i had to get pocket money to buy anything and was too unwell to go on benefits and for many years did not want to speak to the doctors about my problems.
    On occassions i would become violent and this is why my mum made me admit that i had mental problems to her and she tok me to the hospital where i was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    I spent all of my time around the house and had mental nurses come and chat to me occassionally.
    My brother and sister moved out and went to uni and my friends all moved away and went to university also.
    I remember that i preferred winter to summer because i got hot really easily and in the summer time my mum would wear low tops and short skirts and this was frustating because she had a large chest and did not always wear underwear.
    Also to add to my sexual frustration my mother loved to gave my bottom a good feel when she was walking near me or after giving me a hug but i never made too much of a fuss even though it annoyed me. I suppose it was her way of saying that 'my ass belonged to her' for want of a better phrase, to be fair she was right and i was in no position to leave home or deal with any changes at all. I spent my time watching tv and playing video games like a teeneager and hardly ever left the house. I was quiet, lonely and couldnt really concentrate properly, i didnt want to do any chores, and liked aggressive music and the louder the better. I was pretty scared that even in my 20s my mom was going to start spanking me if i did anything really bad but tried to avoid doing anything to upset my parents. The last thing i needed to worry about on top of everything else was getting a sore bum at my age. The feel of mums hand on my clothed butt was disturbing enough without anything more than that and the thought that my bare butt was going to end up over her knee was a serious worry to say the least.

    Anyway this is a brief synopsis of my late teens and my 20s. I would be interested to know if anyone else could relate to my fears and struggles as unusual as they were.

    Yours sincerely,


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Please dont judge.
    ok here goes. I confess that I am sexually attracted to my step-dad. I know it sounds wrong but I feel the way I feel. Not sure if I will ever act on it but..
    After my mom and Robert got married I liked him. I was proud of my mom and how she had a good relationship. And now I admit I am slightly envious of her, not that I want to marry him or whatever but because he has such sexual chemistery.
    I have listened to them having sex thru her bedroom door. I hear her pussy getting slapped with his dick and her screaming..omg I have masturbated like a ton listening to them.

    I do enjoy kinda fliring with him. I have noticed he enjoys it when I walk around in front of hin in my t-shirt n panties.
    I accualy leave my panties in the restroom floor sometimes knowing that he can see them. I also have noticed he moves them and I have found them turned in-side out after I have left tem for him.

    He has almost caught me masturbating befor but I moved fastenough that he didnt see what I was doing.
    The only thing he has ever caught me doing was when my bff Destiny was making out on the sofa( no one was home btw)
    He saw us, well saw her licking me, but he never judged he just walked to his room and til this day acts as if it never happened.

    I think he is amazing I think alot about him. I fantasize about him.. I wonder is what he thinks of me.

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    I am 56 year old guy from Long Island with a sexy hot 24 year old wife from the Philippines. What i mean by that is I pretty much got a mail order bride. It was more complex then that but that is the basic idea. She is my legal wife, and she is here, and her green card is almost complete. The confession is she is really my sex slave. She gives me as much sex as i want, in any hole, and any way i want it, and "no" is not an option to her unless she is on her rag or really not feeling well for real. In addition, she cooks and cleans. The trade off is she gets a nice home, car, life, and green-card eventually plus i send a certain amount of money back home to her family. It is not a matter of me not loving her or wanting to love her, it is just that a hot little pinay like her would not be bouncing on the cock of a fat old guy like me unless she got something out of it. Poverty is so bad there that many the girls are pretty much fuck machines to the tourist as soon as they are old enough. You could almost say they are bread to be whores. The US military use to call them rice fuckers because they pretty much fucked for the cost of rice for a day for their family.

    My friends think she will leave when she gets the green-card and i admit it is a risk and she could take me for a lot. But i doubt will happen for two reasons 1) this is the best life she has ever had. When i met her at age 20 she had already been a blow job girl in a bar for years. To her she is in bliss here. And 2) her family back home can't make it without her either there selling herself or me sending them money back home. I treat her really good and she is lives it up here so and she talks about how happy she is, and she never complains about servicing me.

    And now that really bad part... twice already i have loaned her out to other men (i did not pimp her and won't there was no money i just loaned her as a perk to a couple friends). And here is the fucked up part, being passed around to other men to help your family out did not even register as wrong in her mind. It was just kind of normal and not a big deal to her as long as i trusted them.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I frigged my niece while she sat on my lap watching cartoons wearing just a pair of flower-print bikini panties.

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    I AM not 18 I am 15 now.

    OK. I have a step-brother which means I have a blended family, so he took me to his high school presentations of there projects, poster boards. And I was the only one willing to go, my step is 17 almost graduating. As he spoke about his project against droning of the united states I was thinking maybe I should roam around through the school. Close to 9:30 the presentations were still going on. I entered a room with just only a table available in the middle, I took a quick look to see if anyone was outside to my view...nope.

    10:45 the presentations were finally finished and I gladly walked to our car to go home, he was still learning but who's going to arrest us at 11:00PM???? it was a long ride home since he liked taking the time from going back home to chaos. We pulled into an abandoned parking lot "what are we doing here" I asked him,

    "well...there's something I have to tell you" I nodded for him to continue,

    "you see your, SO fucking sexy...and I cant help but get a boner...around you" I looked down at his crotch he was right it was there.

    "and my friends told me that...maybe we should have sex" he stopped looking at me, I didn't take my eyes of his erection through his pants, he noticed " have you seen a dick before????" I shook my head no, I am a goody-goody.

    "you want to..." I nodded my brother was hot, extremely hot and I do want to see his erection.

    he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped it slowly "you want to do the rest????" he asked "yeah"
    I leaned over and unbuckled my seat belt and sat near his crotch he was still in his tux, I began to rub it softly afraid I might hurt it, then I picked up my pace. His breathing pace picked up too. I stopped, he opened his eyes and stared straight into my eyes I slowly put my face against his and we started to make out. he moved his along my tights I was wearing and then squeezed my butt to the point where I giggled. "you like it" he said against my lips "yeah, do you practice????" I asked pulling away from him, he didn't answer we just started to undress while making out.

    he still had on his tight boxer briefs where I could still see his erection I wanted to suck it so bad, but then again I'm afraid to get penetrated. he put his hand on my head, but I guided myself to his dick licked the it through his briefs I made it so wet you could see his white dick through it. Sucked on the tip through his underwear "oh my god!" he shouted not to loud but loud in the car. I peeled back his underwear from his sticky, hot dick and smiled at it, so pretty white and handsome like him I took it in my mouth without any teasing. "uh!!! my god" he said to me pumping away at his dick, it tasted good, sweet for my first try. he began to heave, his moans were getting closer and closer together in his breaths he held my head down. as I felt warm sloshing stuff hit the back of my throat I giggled that made him cum even more making it hard to swallow.

    he pulled me up to meet his face "god seems like this isn't your first time" I didn't answer anything I went on kissing him, he pushed me down and started to pull down my underwear "let me see her" he said my pussy was cleanly shaved at wet as can be "ohh" I said as his mouth circled around my outer lips. he separated my main lips with a slish, and began again "ohh, my god" I moaned in my high pitched voice "come on let it go" he said against my pussy, I screamed in pleasure "uh!!" he smiled as I let it all out he cleaned up the mess on the seat. a big stain still has everyone guessing today. "come fuck me" I said again grabbing his dick he pulled me closer to him and leaned me down and started to enter my pussy. "wait don't you didle????" "no I use moms vibrator, I haven't inserted anything" he smiled "your going to love this" he slowly entered me checking my face every time he went in farther.

    it was hurting but then it got good, really good, to good his speed was at learning pace, which I liked I even asked him to speed up he did he was going fast I was screaming in pleasure, we heaved together and we both finally orgasm together. we cleaned up on the way home I sucked his dick while we drive home. he came 2 times in a simply 45 minutes. We haven't had any occasions yet again, speaking it did just happen on Thursday 5/15/14, but me and him are going to another high school presentation but without out the high school part just an old abandoned parking lot.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My sister when she was around 15-18 (she's 21 now) dated one of the sweetest, cutest girls who I had ever laid my eyes upon. She was just my type and it took awhile before I realised that I loved her. All these cute handmade gifts she would send my sister, the way she smiled and even the sound of her voice, it all just seemed so beautiful. My sister broke up with her back when she was 18 and that was it. But it's only recently that I found out that my sister dumped her because she was "too possessive" (I actually quite like possessiveness). It just makes me wish that I was her back then... she had everything I wanted and more. It just makes me hate her more than I ever could hate anyone else.

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    Twice a month every month since I married my husband, his step father Martin has stayed over. It coincides with my husbands night shifts and Martins job, which brings him over our side of the country. After the first visit, red wine and a soft porn movie on the TV. Myself and Martin have been having such amazingly frantic hard sex together. He's much bigger than my husband and loves to give me what my husband has never done, and that's incredibly strong orgasms through anal sex which I just adore. I know we should stop, but I have too much fun and awsome cum laden sex sessions with Martin, I just can't.

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    Hello. I am a 29 year old guy. I have to get something off my chest. Last summer I went to visit my sister who lives an hour and a half away. She is married and is seven months pregnant. I got there mid afternoon. Her husband works as a truck driver and is gone for days at a time. So anyway
    we get to talk about how its going just shooting the shit. I asked her how the pregnancy is going. She say ok I guess.
    I say whats wrong
    she says she needs to ask me something
    she asked if when my wife was pregnant did I want to have sex with her.
    I kinda laughed and said why doug doesn't want to have sex
    she say he thinks its not right to because of the baby
    so she tells me they haven't had any since they found out
    Thats crazy I wanted my wife even more
    I said. I didn't tell her but it made me horny as fuck when my wife was pregnant. So my sister says she has hormones like crazy and wants sex. So I tell her to talk to doug and that was that

    Half hour later we decided to go for a swim before dinner.
    so we go in and change. I come out and get in the pool
    5minutes later she comes out and gets in. I was shocked she was having her first kid and her tits were huge. And she had a great ass. At this point my cock kinda gets semi hard.
    well when she came up after swimming under water one of her boobs fell out of her bikini top. I saw the hole thing. I went rock hard. She laughs kind For shocked and say damn I dont fit in this top any more
    the next 30 minutes or so we just swim around and go to get changed to get ready for dinner. She goes up the stairs and my dick goes hard again because of her ass. She looks at me as I don't make my way out of the pool
    you coming
    I said yeah in a bit.
    she goes in and a get out and grab a towel. Still rock hard I go in the house and in to the spare room to change. She comes in the room like 30 seconds after and goes
    I made you hard!
    I go not that hard
    and she was still in bikini
    so I was still solid
    she grabs my cock and goes bull shit
    then her eyes go wide and shes like
    holy fuck your stiff as fuck
    im said so your sexy pregnant
    without warning she pulls down my trunks and starts to jerk me off
    I told her she better stop but she didnt listen. She pulls her bottoms off and says im soaking wet pushes me aside and says
    you have to fuck me if nothing else just once she gets on the bed and tells me to fuck her from behind so we don't have to see each other and then it wont be weird. I couldn't help myself. She was so rwady for it I just slipped right in. She screams
    OH MY GOD! Your are so deep and hard
    I can't believe how wet she was
    she begs me to fuck her and she hasn't had an orgasm from a cock in months
    I just kept fucking her until I was about to cum. I told her when I was going to blow.
    she's like dont stop what ever you do
    its not like I can get pregnant
    I pumped her as hard as I could
    that pregnant girl screamed and came all over my cock I put the biggest load in her ive ever had.

    we fucked once more that night so she can ride mu cock. When I got home my wife and I fucked all night.
    a month and a half later doug wanted some one to stay with herbecause he was going to be gone for a week. I took vacation time and stayed with my sister. My wife stayed with our kid at home for school.
    Needless to say

    in three days I fucked her 10 times and she went into Labour the 4th day
    we never had sex after that
    but she told us last weekend shes pregnant

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