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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    In a semi drunken state a fortnight ago, my wife asked me if I thought her mother was good looking. When I told her she was, she then asked me if I thought she had a nice body. Not sure of where the conversation was going, I kept my answer conservative telling my wife her mothers figure was similar to hers (Actually my mother in law has a fantastic figure at 47). Her next question totally threw me. She asked me would I fuck her mum as a favour to her.

    Leaving the conversation there, not really knowing what to say, we both woke up the next morning horny. Fucking her arsehole from behind after spending a long time licking her pussy and arse, my wife turned her head and said "My mums been wanting you to do this to her for years". I was about to say something when she added "Please will you fuck her for me". Within seconds thinking of fucking my wife's mum, I came up her daughters arsehole.

    Sat in the kitchen a little later, my wife said she was serious about what she'd spoken to e about. Al I could think to say was "I'll think about it" When in truth I wanted to say I'd been dying to fuck her since we met. The subject got dropped until two days ago. My mother in law had just been round although I'd missed her getting held up at work. No sooner than I'd sat down, my wife handed me a note from her mother. It reads "Hi **** I know ******* has spoken to you about the possibility of having sex with me. Sorry I missed you as I wanted to ask you myself. It's been a long time since John died (Her husband died two and half years ago) and I've not had a man since. I'd/we'd love you to be my way back into sex. Think on it please ****** x"

    My wife said she wrote the note rather than text me, to prove they were both serious and that I wouldn't think someone else had text me instead. As soon as I read it, my wife kissed me and said "Please honey, just think about it". I had already thought about it and believe me I wasn't going to let them both know how much I wanted to fuck my mother in law. As calm and casual in a way as I could, I told my wife I'd have sex with her mum. Over the next half an hour my wife sucked my cock, had me lick her pussy and arse, and then had me fuck her on our kitchen table. With my cum dripping out of her pussy, she text her mother and got an immediate reply.

    Next weekend my mother in law will be coming round. My wife has already arranged to go out with some of her friends and I've saved every drop of cum for her mother. I'm not sure how this will all end, or if it will be a one off. what I do know is, I'm going to make damn sure I fuck her as long and as hard as she can handle it. And hopefully it won't just be a single fuck. The text I got this morning from her suggests it won't be just a one off. I certainly hope that's the case.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I am a health nut, workout as often as I can. I do have a full time job, living on my own. I have had girlfriends off and on, more off than on, no time for them. My mom is widow. Ever since my dad passed she had let her health and body gone to hell. She was very good looking then. She went to her yearly check-up and the doctor said she need to lost some weight otherwise she will have problem.

    I signed her up at the local health club I go to. She came in for the first two session and she didn't show up for the rest of the week. I was concern and call her up that night. She said she was sore and didn't want to go. She didn't have the drive to push herself. I told her I will pick her up when I go to the gym and we can workout together.

    I went to pick her up she wasn't ready. She said she still sore and couldn't get her yoga pants on. She ask me to help her. Seeing mom completely nude getting her yoga pants on got me horny. I didn't want to show her I was. After I helped her we were on our way to the gym. The whole time we were working out I couldn't get my mind off from her naked body. After we finish working out we head on to her house. She didn't feel comfortable taking a shower in the public place, neither am I.

    On the way to her place she thank me for helping her and she feel much more comfortable with someone working out with her. I said I can continue doing it if she want and we did.

    We got inside her house she strip down and went into the shower. I ask can I shower to. She said sure come on in. We wash each other down. As she was washing my cock it got hard. She said honey you got a nice one here. My face turn red and said mom your pussy is nice to. She said, I haven't had sex ever since your daddy passed away, would you like to take care of your mommy. I was shock and said okay if that is what you want.

    After we finish showering we dry each other off standing in the bathroom fingering her pussy and she stroking my cock. I wasted no time but to go down on her. She straddle one of her leg over my shoulder and I just dive right into her sweet smelling pussy. I was like a kid in the candy store. She moan as she was holding onto my head. I kept eating that pussy and she said lets go lay down on the bed so we can be more comfortable. I kept eating her pussy until she said is my turn to give you blowjob. We were giving each other oral sex for a good hour before we fucked.

    When we finish, she ask if I was going to spend the night at her place. I said sure. The rest of the day we both walk around naked in the house. I slept with her that night and we have sex. She like being cuddle in bed so I lay on top of her with my cock inside of her pussy. It was hard to go to sleep. Than we switch having me lay on the side behind her with my cock in her pussy and my hand holding onto her tits. That seem to work out and she was happy. She had mention she wanted me to move back home so I can save rent money for my apartment. I may just do that.

    Some of you think sex with mom is wrong but I don't look at it that way. Is called taking care of mom needs and we all have our needs.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I guess you could say my mom is a bit weird. Sheâs a nurse by profession. And she hates pubic hair.

    She got laser hair removal when I was younger and so did my dad. She always had my dad shaved but he got tired of it so he got it lasered off like she did.

    When my sister hit puberty my mom encouraged her to shave too. My sister ended up just getting waxed because she liked that better.

    Around the time I was 14 I got pubic hair. I had quite a bit too, it was growing into a full bush. My mom saw it one day and encouraged me to shave it. She said itâs much cooler and less sweaty without it. So she gave me a razor and shaving cream and told me how to do it. It was my first time shaving so I took my time. I shaved it for a few months but I got stubble like crazy. Finally my mom asked if I wanted to get waxed. I decided Iâd try it. I went to my moms friend who also waxed my sister. She waxed me and it was a bit embarrassing the first few times but she waxed other men she told me so I was comfortable with it. Waxing felt great. I loved it. Then when I turned 18 I got my pubic hair and butt hair lasered off.

    My sister had hers lasered off too. We are a pubic hair free family thanks to my ocd mom.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    Visiting my wife's mothers last weekend, she and my wife got talking as I watched the football. They disappeared for a while and I thought nothing of it. Needing a pee I walked upstairs and used the bathroom, then washed my hands and was about to go back down. That's when I heard gentle moaning coming from what I knew to be my mother in laws bedroom. Poking my head around the half open door, I saw something which is now burned into my mind. On her back naked was my mother law, and lay also naked in between her legs was my wife licking her own mothers pussy. I watched for about five minutes maybe, getting a huge erection listening and watching them have oral sex. At one point my mother in law arched her back, holding her daughters head and told her she was orgasming. My wife lifted her head and and turned slightly to the door. I darted back, but I'm sure she saw me.
    Back downstairs with the vision of my wife pleasuring her own mom, my wife entered and smiled at me. She asked me if everything was okay, to which I could only nod. Minutes later her mother entered and asked me if I wanted a drink. I said yes and she fetched me a beer. Drinking it al I could think about was seeing her tits and watching my wife lick out her pussy.
    I know that my mother in law has been divorced from my wife's dad for about two years now. (Split for about four) I also know they're extremely close, but since being with her the past two and half years (Now married for eight months) I didn't have a clue they were having sex together.
    Neither of them mentioned that they'd seen me watching them having sex, so I kept quiet about it. What I did say was, I'd be joining them this coming weekend, as I'd previously told them I won't be able to make it. My wife grinned a massive smile and my mother in law said "Good maybe you could record the sport and join us". She didn't add to that statement, but she give my wife a knowing wink.
    All this week so far, all I've thought about is what I saw, and what could be happening at the weekend. The one thing I haven't said, is not long after I got together with my wife, her mother did try to seduce me in her home. She was blind drunk at the time and I've never mentioned it to my wife. But now thinking about that and what happened last weekend, I'm now thinking my wife does know and they've both thought about including me.
    This might all get out of hand I don't know, and I might be reading way too much into all this. But from what I've seen and heard this past week, I'm sure my wife wants me to fuck her mom, but just won't ask me straight out.

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    Straight Female / 41

    My Great uncle married a woman who my family called crazy. My Great uncle met her at the mental institution where he worked, they fell in love and married. My Great uncle was retired living on an old farm, so he and his wife would watch me. They also watched Mom's sister's children in the summer and after school. I was the only girl there, Great Aunt would have me practice kissing my cousins. I was the same age as the youngest cousin the other two were a year and two years older. She had us dance while she played records on a hand crank record player.
    My great Uncle slept most of the day, he rarely came out of the bedroom. So we were left with this crazy woman. She would strip us down when we got dirty and give us a bath.
    I was developing and my aunt noticed. She pointed out my breast, and by then my oldest cousin had pubic hair. When my youngest cousin ask about breast, my aunt drooped her dress for a full display. That included a touch and feel, then have my cousins touch and feel me.
    She let my cousins finger her vagina to see how it feels. My oldest cousin was post puberty and his cock was hard. My aunt would let him have sex with her. She was older than dirt then, she thought it was cute when he came and his penis fell limp. Then my crazy aunt suggested I let me oldest cousin push his hard cock in me. She forced me to let him try, but he could not get it in me. Thank God there was no lube.
    But That did not last, After weeks of attempts to enter me, He finally got is in. I screamed and that woke my uncle. He walked in the living room and raised hell. Told my aunt that she can not allow this.

    A few days later my aunt was forcing me to let me cousins have sex with me. Eventually I told my mother and she put me with my best friends mom.

    Just a note here, NEVER trust your children with someone who's nuts

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    Straight Female / 20

    I still live at home at the age of 20. I am slightly lazy. I work but hate to get up for the morning shift.
    Mom's husband always knocks on my door to get me up. Two times is usually enough. Ten minutes in between each time. When we get to time number three then I am considered disobedient and need to be disciplined.
    On days when I have to be told three times he comes in my room, takes my blanket off of me and says now. I know what is coming as my eyes open and see the paddle in his hand. I regret it every time.
    I waste his time trying to get me up so I need to be punished. As I get out of bed he tells me to stand up and bend over the bed. I get 30 hard smacks for the 30 min he had to worry about me being out of bed on time.
    All I sleep in is a tshirt so I'm on display. I've always wondered what it would be like if he used his hand and his fingers slid inside me. I've considered resisting to see if he would hold me down so I can rollover and his hand would slip to random places on my body. I am unsure if I should attempt to get him to touch me. I'm always so wet after him spanking me. Knowing he sees my ass and pussy while I'm bent over.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Unlike many of my peers growing up, I didn't date any of the local boys, or even the school/college bucks who everyone else wanted to date, when they wanted to be in my panties.
    And the reason for this, is I had two very eager, highly sexed and extremely well endowed young men who took care of my massive sex drive. Each and every day I needed sex from around the age of fourteen. At first it was myself who teased and pleased my own tits, pussy and ass. But as I got a little older I noticed two individuals looking at me in a sexual way.

    Then one sunny afternoon down by the woods where I was happily masturbating playing with my clit, I was watched. Noticing them after a while, I beckoned them over and knew we'd end up having sex. They both took turns that day to lick my pussy and to feed me their enormous cocks. It was our first dalliance into family sex and I loved it.
    From then on we'd find time to indulge in our passion for orgasms, and I'd often be sucking on one of their cocks somewhere, if I couldn't have them both at once. As for them they both wanted to go to the final stage, they both wanted to fuck me.

    It happened down by the woods again, but it was by then winter and snow covered the ground. Even so I lay naked and took their erect penis's into my mouth and reveled at their attentions to my pussy and ass. It was Chris who first slid his unsheathed cock into my wet folds and I cried out with pain and lust. I was still sucking on Tom's cock and I bit down onto it, causing him some pain. Yet we all knew I'd get to the point of sexual nirvana and so I did over the following hour. Chris and Tom fucked me, taking turns to keep me and them going for as long as we could take the cold. I'd climaxed countless times by the time Tom came all over my tits, something he loves to do to this day. Then Chris pummeled me from behind making me orgasm once more, until finally he too came. But Chris ejaculated deep inside my pussy, knowing as they did I couldn't become pregnant.

    As we grew together, we fucked together. Every day the boys would find me more than eager to accept their cocks. Mostly I must admit one on one. But maybe once a week, sometimes longer, I'd have the pleasure of them both fucking me. And it was during one of those occasions, I took my first anal fucking.
    Tom was beneath me as I was sat on his cock. Chris was licking my asshole and then all of a sudden his tngue was replaced by his huge cock. Not for the first time one of the twins made me cry out in pain. And not for the first time I knew I'd accept it to achieve a sexual level, which I knew my peers could only wish to have.

    We became a threesome from then on throughout our lives. Often I'd find myself looking at some hunk thinking if he match their sexual prowess, only to imagine both boys cocks and how big they actually were.
    At the age of twenty four we'd only just walked out of a hotel after a full nights sex. When I met a guy called Jack who I'd once met at a work related party. Tom knew him too and we got chatting as we crossed the hotel car park. Out of the blue he asked Tom if I was still their concubine. Tom looked over at me then Chris, smiled and said "Of course, she's our sister, who else would we want to fuck".

    The secret was out, yet I somehow knew Jack had kept it to himself. Chris spoke to Tom about Jack knowing as we drove away, and it was Chris who later fully introduced me to my future husband.
    Jack and I married last year. He knows I still indulge sexually with my brothers when their around or when I visit them, yet his sexual prowess isn't affected by my need to keep on with the twins. Indeed Jack's cock is anything much thicker, if not a tiny bit shorter than my brothers.

    I'm still infatuated with my sexual life and enjoy all facets of it. Tom and Chris are a dwindling part of that life, but with Jacks constant need to have sex, I'm kept more than sexually fulfilled. And seeing as Jack sometimes enjoys being a voyeur with me being the center of attraction, he Tom and Chris get along just dandy.

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    Straight Female / 32

    I guess I can post it here just to get it off my chest. I'm 32 years old and desperately in lust (not love) with my nephew, Mark. He's about half a foot taller than me at 23 years of age, has a perfect, muscular, athletic body and is hung. His cock is not massive or long but meaty and thick, easily around seven inches or more. I've seen him only briefly in the shower or through a half open door in his bedroom. Passing by outside his room, I've seen him at his laptop, jerking off a few times to porn. Maybe that's what has turned me on like this. I know he's noticed me. I wanted to tall me sister all about it for months and finally did, last week.

    She looked at me and smiled, then hugged me. She said, "Don't feel like you are the only one lusting after my son."
    GOD it felt so good to tell her. She said she would never sleep with her own son but since he is of age, she said, "go for it." I'm going to, somehow. It's driving me nuts. The next time I see him yanking on it, I'm going to walk in and go down on him without a word. If we get it on, I'll post all about it here.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My mom sat me down one day. She said she noticed that Danny, one year younger than me, and I are going through a "difficult age" which at first did not understand but then she said, "He's dying to fuck you and if you let him, your lives will change and you won't be able to get him off your back for years. You might also become pregnant by him, the last thing in the world you want to happen."

    I'm glad she said all that because I was slowly giving in to the temptation. Now I'll just wait it our until he finds a girl friend to relieve his tensions and I will just keep using my toys that mom gave me.

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