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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    I'm so ashamed of myself and I'm struggling whether I should confess to my mother about what I've done with my step father. My mother was out with friends, my step father came in after he'd been out with his friends playing pool and had been drinking. I found him lay on the sofa wearing his loose shorts and they weren't fitting him properly. In other words his cock was showing. Feeling very horny I took his cock and began to play with it, then bending over I took it into my mouth and sucked on it until it became hard. My pussy was acheing to be fucked after I'd been touching myself, so I lowered my night pants and panties, backed up to where he lay and skipped his cock into my pussy. I fucked my step father until I came on his cock, with him only murmering slightly about it feeling nice. Seeing his engorged dick still throbbing, I turned around and rubbed and rubbed his cock head all over my pussy slit until he came all over me and the sofa. Fearing he might wake up I left him that way and heard my mom shouting at him saying he was stupid idiot, masturbating and leaving his cock hanging out so I could have seen it. They both don't know it was me, but they've not spoken civily since and have argued about it constantly. I don't know if I should own up or keep quiet, because secretly I'd love to feel him inside me again.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Okay, here goes. I am only 16 but 18 was the lowest age to check.
    I love to read these confessions. When am home alone, which is often because my parents are divorced but still friends. I am an only kid.
    Saturday was a bad day for out side activity because of the snow and cold. Mom was working and not suppose to be home until after 8PM.
    About 4PM I was reading some confessions and had my pants down to my ankles and was masturbating. Being alone I left my bedroom door stand open. I was really having a ball. And I do not have a tiny dick as you may suspect of a 16 year old. I have a good 7 inches when hard, and I mean it was hard. As a matter of fact, after gym at school and we hit the showers most of the boys comment about my size.
    So I was sitting there, my pants down an jacking of as if my life depended on it, I heard my Mom, "What in the world are you doing??" I just froze and reached for my pants. Mom said, "To late. You may as well finish." She came over, looked at what I was reading but paid more attention to the pictures underneath. She commented something about the naked women sucking the big cocks. (Her words). Coming from my Mom it kind of embarrassed me. She then placed her hands on both sides of my face, bent my head backward and kissed my forehead and said, "Don't be ashamed Bill. I wasn't born yesterday. I know all about what little boys and girls do." She asked if I'd like to see her dressed the way those girls are dressed. I said, "They aren't dressed. They are undressed". So she changed her question and asked if I wanted to see her undressed that way. OMG, you don't know how badly I did want to see her that way. My Mom is beautiful, full figured, with a body that all men stare at, even my classmates. Then she took my hand and led me into her bedroom. There she asked if I would like to see one of my Dad's DVD's he left behind. "It's intended for adults only but if you promise not to tell your friends I'll let you watch it," she said. I promised. I didn't tell her that I had already, several times, slipped and watched it. I made it look like a surprise. She put it into her DVD player ad turned he TV on. While it was advancing through the introduction she began removing her clothing piece by piece, teasing me as she went. Finally she asked, "Aren't you going to strip too??" I did and as I did my dick came to life. She just stared at it. She turned the top covers back and we both lay side by side on the bed and watched the movie. I could have told her all about it before I happened but that would have been a give away.
    As the movie progressed I had my eyes glued on my Mom's body, in particular her tits and he pussy. Her firm tits stood straight up, partly because she was excited like me and mostly because of her build. They had not yet began to droop.
    Mom reached over, took my hand an placed it on her tits. I mean they felt great, if possible, I became more erect. As Mom would say, a harder cock. One reason too was because she was now squeezing and stroking my rock hard slowly.
    The movie was now showing this woman giving this man a blow job. She asked if I'd like her to do that to my big cock. I'll admit, I have never had anyone to give me head but had often thought about it while jacking off, women only. I said, "If you want to." She did so she turned so that her pussy was close to my face while s was taking about every inch of my cock in her mouth. It felt so warm and good. I commenced playing with her pussy. I have done this to some of my girl classmates when we would play around. I felt I already knew the exact spot that they enjoyed most. Mom would wiggle and moan leading me to believe I was doing it right for her. Soon she stopped sucking my cock, looked at me and asked if I wanted to lick her pussy. This too would be my first but I really did want to. I told her she would have to tell me how. She said should know how from reading those confessions I was caught reading. So I dove in, using my tongue and fingers as the confessions spoke of doing. I found what the confessions describe as her clit. I sucked on it and licked it while running my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I found a rough spot in the top of her pussy and devoted my time to it, rubbing and massaging it with my fingers while really sucking hard on her cit. Mom began really moaning and saying "Do it Bill. You are good." So I surmise that what I had was her GSpot as the confessions describe. She was really moaning and squirming so I started doing it harder.
    She told me later that she had 4 orgasms while I was sucking and fingering her.
    Okay, so we stop this and she asked me if I had a rubber. I didn't so she checked the night stand drawer, I suppose where Dad had kept his but none was there. She just said we'll have to be careful and have you pull out before you come. She had me get on top, her legs spread wide, and she took my cock and started it into her pussy. It felt so warm and tight on me. She told me to let her know when I was about to come. She was humping and telling me to fuck her hard and fast. I was learning but the most interesting part was that I was learning from my mother. Soon I felt the glow and told her that was coming. She pushed me off and commenced jacking me off. I shot my load all over her belly. We both lay there completely exhausted.
    As we lay there resting, Mom asked me if I was embarrassed to having sex with my mother. I told her I knew it wasn't right but enjoyed it and couldn't stop. She smiled and squeezed me tight. She said she enjoyed it also. She also said that if we wanted to do it again sometime she would get some condoms from where she works. Then she looked at me, grabbed my cock, and asked, "Do you think you'll want to do it again sometimes??" I told her that I thought maybe I would want to repeat it sometimes. She said she might just bring one of her working friends home and we could have a threesome. Now I am wondering if her girlfriend is gay or if she just wants me to fuck both of them. I guess time will tell.

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    Straight Male / 36

    First off this really happened. I'm posting it because if you see signs of child abuse you need to speak up. I don't care if it's your friends or family, you need to speak up. The little girl mentioned her is now a healthy 20 year old so I felt it safe to post. I am still involved in her life but her parents aren't. Please report child abuse.

    I found horrible things about my cousins and had to call the police. I was going camping and my cousin wondered if I could take her daughter with me so she could get to know me better and my cousin and her husband could have some alone time.

    My grand niece was 8 at the time. We were having fun camping and I wanted to teach her how to fish. While we were fishing she asked me "Why don't you love me??"

    I couldn't understand what she was talking about. I told her I did love her and doesn't she think I did. She told me I didn't hug and kiss her like mommy and daddy did. I gave her a hug and a kiss and she said, "No like mommy and daddy!"

    I told her to show me and she tried to french kiss me. I made her stop and she said, "See you don't love me." "You don't even play with me right." She started rubbing between her legs.

    I left all my camping and fishing gear there, drove her to the police. The police put me and her into a room with a female officer and a big mirror so I knew we were being watched and recorded. The officer was trying to make friends and gave her the standard teddy bear so she could so them where mommy and daddy touched her. She was afraid to talk but was filling out reports and they were taking down my statements. I got my grand-niece talking by suggesting "Can you tell the nice lady why I didn't love you like mommy and daddy does??". I would ask her where she wanted me to touch her and how he wanted me to kiss her. She stuck her tongue out and said like that, and instead of using the bear she pulled her pants down and was rubbing her panties and making humping movements. I got her to stop and got her dressed. The officer and I drove her to the hospital and we told her we were just going to make sure she didn't get any bugs out in the woods. The doctor examined her, found some suspicious bruises and verified that she had been sexually assaulted both anally and vaginally. I filled out more reports and statements and we had to wait for CPS to show up.

    I told my grand niece she was going to get to spend the night with some friends of mine tonight and I would visit her in the morning. She didn't want to go but I promised that we could go back to the fishing hole if she stayed with my friends. CPS came and took her away. I went back to the fishing hole packed up and went home waiting for "the call."

    The detective called me first to tell me that my cousin and her husband were picked up and that the police would contact me if they needed more information. My mother and Aunt called me screaming at me for getting the police involved in family matters. I refused to take their calls after that and even had to call the cops on my own family when they came over threatening me.

    It took about a week until I was called back to the police station. The detectives found tons of evidence, photos of my grand-niece, videos, DNA evidence. Even with that evidence my family was in denial that my cousin and her husband could or would do anything wrong. They got 5 years each, my grand-niece was put into foster care until I passed the tests to prove that I was capable of providing for her, and getting the psychological help she needed to recover so I could foster her.

    It was very hard and took a lot of help from CPS and the scars are still there but she has grown into a wonderful person.

    Don't ever keep your mouth shut if you suspect a child is being abused.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I hate my mom and my revenge is that I give my blow jobs and let him have anal sex with me. He doesn't fuck mom anymore and it makes me happy to see her get so frustrated when I sit on daddys lap and kiss him.

    Dad said he'll pay for my college if I live at home and go to one close by. This pisses off mom too because she was hoping that once I was out of the house she and dad would have a normal life again.

    I've asked dad why he doesn't just divorce her but he never gave a good answer.

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    Straight Male / 20

    My girl friend and I had a sex picnic Saturday. We went to the pond behind a farm we till. She and I were in the sun and no one around(we thought).
    Got her nude and had some hot sex. She rode me and rubbed her nipples as she had an orgasm. We enjoyed the alone time and the great sex. She rode me with a tight grind and made me cum so well.
    My brother found out we were going there and set up a trail camera. He got it all on video and sent me a copy on my phone. She found this and thinks I shot the video. Told me FUCK YOU, we are finished. Have you posted me on line yet?? she slapped me and left.

    My brother called her and confessed, she told him nice try. she thinks he is covering for me.
    How do I get her back. She is 18 and want a looker. I like this girl very much. this was our third time having sex. I am lost now.

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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband of almost 16 years adopted me when I was 6. He raised me and taught me what it meant to be a woman and a wife, he proposed when I was 12 and I accepted but we couldn't get married, then I married him as soon as we could legally marry once I turned 18. I never bothered to finish high school because it wasn't teaching me anything I needed to know anyway.

    He taught me how to cook and clean, showed me how he liked to have massages, disciplined me when I was bad, taught me how to act womanly and how men are smarter and stronger and that's why I'm supposed to be quiet and do as he says, and why pants and suits and stuff are men's clothes even if the people at the store tell me they're "women's" clothes, so he taught me that women are supposed to wear dresses and clothes with skirts, nothing going between the legs unless it's that time of the month, then I'm supposed to wear panties and pads.

    I saved myself for him and after we got married he taught me how to have sex the way he likes. I had thought there was only one place the penis was supposed to go, but he showed me where else it could go. It kind of hurts when he puts it in the one place, but he says that's his favorite so I'm happy to do it. He still calls me his little girl and likes it when I call him daddy.

    When I was still in high school they told me something about using these rubber things and "birth control" but he explained those were actually bad for me and it's important for a good woman to get pregnant as often as possible. I guess God doesn't want me to have that many babies though, so far I've only been pregnant 3 times and the one time didn't work out.

    I'm so glad my husband adopted me and taught me what life is really like, since it seems like everyone else is just lying to me all the time and doesn't know how to be a good person.

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    I always feel horny & gud when i play wid my mom's panty . . . . When i am alone a home , i go to mom's bedrum and take her bra ,panty ,gown etc from her cupborad . . . . Then i take off my clothes . . . Then i smell my mom's panty & suck the panty with tongue ,its feel amazing ,wow . . . And then i wear my mom's bra ,panty ,and gown . . . . Then i remove the gown . . . Then keep my finger in ass ,i think that i m a women (my mom) . . . Then i press my chest and remove the bra. . . And then ,i keep my mom's panty in my mouth and do handjob with my penis . . . . I do this for last 4years when i live alone . . . Wow ,i feel . .superb

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    Straight Male / 46

    Must confess this today. I am not sure if I am dreaming or not, but this is a strange one.

    My ex wife and my wife today are friends. She came to help my wife when I had an accident. From there she helped our children and me. She took time from work and nursed me while my wife worked. Our kids love her and so do I. She has the spare room as her own now, actually was our bedroom when we were married.

    In the evenings she would join us and watch a movie. Wife on one side my ex on the other. each of my children cuddled up to each women. My kids call her Aunt and seem to love her like one. I recovered slowly but had my sex desire long ago. Each have given me a bath and my wife would give me a blow job when I could not have sex yet. My ex would not give oral sex out of respect for me marriage. She did jerk me off a few times.

    We watched the TV show where morman wives have one husband. My ex said that's like us except for the sex part. My wife got upset and left the room. The two talked for a long time before returning. My wife told how hard this must be on her. Watching another women take her place. knowing we were having sex as she lay in the spare room. She could not stand this position and wanted us to change how we did things. not wanting the kids to know anything at all. She wanted me to spend some time with her in her bed. She did not want to watch or hear about it. She just wants us to be as we are. She does not want her to leave our home. She feels like she is part of our family.

    I had trouble accepting this. My ex was ok with this completely. She wanted to bring this up but feared total rejection. I head in my ex wifes room and spend time with her. We have sex and I stay around and hold her after. She would be ok to sleep and have sex as a group. Would have sex with me and my new wife if she would allow. Might be something for the future, my wife today is not willing to try this one. I finish and shower, go to our bedroom. I notice my wife wants sex right after I have sex with the other. She is last and strives to be my best. I see jealousy with her sexually.

    Had sex with my ex last night and showered. Found her in bed with my wife watching a movie. I got between them and had both cuddled up to me. When it was finished my ex got up and kissed me good night. She kisses her as well. Wife said, just sleep with us tonight.
    No sex but that was pretty exciting and strange for me. We set an alarm to get her out before the kids woke up.

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    Straight Male / 49

    When I was 40 I moved to a middle eastern country. I had gotten a job as a consultant for an architectural firm with a contract with the government. Part of my compensation included a home in the city. As a bachelor I didn't feel I needed much but since it was free I graciously accepted. The place was immense. Externally it's not much to look at. Just an old wall with a big double door big enough to drive a truck through. Inside is a big courtyard and multiple levels and rooms on all sides and open at the top. It was a palace. I quickly learned one of my neighbors was a gentleman from Norway who brought his family with him. His family consisted of his wife and three daughters. His oldest Daughter was 9 years old, the others were 5 and 2.

    I like little girls and not in a way that most people would approve.

    As it turns out, my neighbor, like me, was a foreign ex-pat working as a consultant for a government contractor. He also liked little girls and after we got to know each other, he told me about how he married his wife when she was 12 and so I quickly did the math and found she was 22. Normally there is a stumbling block for a foreigner to marry a child in that country. They require such men to be Muslim. However, if the child is in fact not Muslim they don't care what you are. Since neither of us are Muslim there was no problem.

    We negotiated and came to an appropriate price and I was engaged to a 9 year old. We got married in a civil ceremony and less than two weeks after our original conversation on the topic I was in my bed with Astrid playing with her long blond hair while she explored my cock. I was patient and gentle because I wanted her to like me and hopefully one day love me so I figured if I was nice to her and treated her well that might happen. When I licked her she smiled a lot and it was way easier to talk her into sucking my cock after having spent three hours licking her. Living next door to her folks made it easy on her. Many child brides are traumatized buy lack of contact with their family. I sent her next door to play with her sisters and often I had them over my place for dinner and vice versa. I also hired a tutor for her because I wanted her educated but there were no schools that would teach a non Muslim girl.

    My patience paid off and within a month of marrying her she asked me to fuck her. I thought for sure I would have to put a lot more effort into getting her to let me do that but instead she actually came to me. So I did it as softly as I could and fucked her. She cried a bit and I licked her to sooth her wounded pussy and she recovered and it took another month for her to actually enjoy it. We fucked almost every night after I took her virginity and when she finally had her first orgasm from fucking after 6 weeks of doing that I knew we were going to have a happy marriage. Of course I know you are by this point thinking I am some sort of evil monster. Perhaps I am. But considering my cock is only 4 inches long and an inch thick, roughly the same size and shape of one normally found on a boy of about 10 or 11 I don't think I am as monstrous as all this sounds. This is especially true since I told her we don't have to fuck until she has a full bush of pubic hair, fully developed tits and a regular menstrual cycle. In fact the only sexual activity that I insisted upon was I had the right to lick her wherever I wanted to. She thought it was a silly rule since she liked being licked a lot.

    I didn't think she would get pregnant until at least 14. I was wrong. She gave birth to our first child at 12. I was ecstatic. She put her whole being into being a mother. Watching her nurse our daughter was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Having in-laws next door proved to be quite convenient.

    One day while our daughter was spending the night next door, Astrid told me that her sister, Ingrid, who was now 8 years old had expressed interest in becoming my wife. Back in Norway, or in the U.S., for that matter, you can't have more than one wife, but here you can have as many as you can support. What I didn't know is that Ingrid had already approached her parents and asked if she could marry me and Astrid was sent on a mission to find out if I was interested. Who wouldn't want yet another gorgeous wife?? I jumped at the chance and didn't even wait till the next day. I went next door Astrid beaming along side me, and asked her parents if I could speak to Ingrid. The pleased look on their face told me this was going to work out. So we went into Ingrid's room and I got down on one knee, Astrid standing next to me, and asked Ingrid if she would be my wife. She answered by throwing her arms around me and kissing me right on the lips.

    Two weeks later Ingrid and I had our own honeymoon together. She wasn't interested in waiting and she didn't want gentle. She was always a bit of a tom-boy despite being incredibly pretty and feminine and so was kind of a rough and tumble sort of girl. So I just rammed it home hard and painful, she screamed for a second then just started to fuck me back. I think she had been given tips by her sister.

    A year later the youngest sister, Kari, who was by then six had joined her sisters as my wife. She was far more delicate than either of her sisters and our sexual play consisted entirely of me licking her and her just hugging and kissing me for the first three years. Finally, at her sisters' behest, she came to me and told me it was time for her to become a woman. It actually took about a month of patient multiple attempts that included a lot of vibrator play and licking to get to the point where I could get all of my cock inside her. This of course is extremely ironic since many years later she developed a strong interest in S&M and now I whip and torture her frequently. She can no longer cum unless she feels pain but all that was her idea. Personally at my age I find it a lot easier to just lick but young people like to play hard.

    So now Astrid is 28 and we have three kids, a girl and two boys. Ingrid is 24 and has two girls and Kari is now 21 and has three sons. We all move back and forth between the U.S. and Norway but I spend most of my time in the U.S. My in-laws live mostly in Norway but frequently come here to visit. I once asked all my wives how they felt about me "raping" them at such an early age and they all reminded me that they chose when. The oldest was pretty much sold to me and I guess we got lucky that we both liked each other a lot. The younger two both asked to be my wives and I guess that means I did something right.

    In the U.S. we are not legally married, only the marriage between Astrid and me is recognized but we don't actually care about that. The girls and I are happy the way things are and coming to the U.S. meant they could explore sexual activities that would have gotten them the death penalty back "home." We frequently have threesomes and foursomes and the girls have been exploring each other's bodies since coming to the U.S. I wish we didn't have to wait until my youngest wife turned 18 but we did and now we get to live our happy lives the way we want.

    Astrid and my oldest daughter is now 16. She has expressed a strong interest in joining her mother and me in the bedroom but we have always followed local laws wherever we have lived and that includes no sex with the kids until they are 18. She doesn't want to wait but too bad. One of my sons has also expressed similar interest but he has quite a few more years to go as well.

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    Last christmas eve i had sex with my 25 year old sister. After the christmas party we were pretty drunk and decided to go home. I joined my oldest sister because she was super drunk and might pass out before she gets home. So when we reached the door she said she might need help up the stairs, so i helped her. When we got upstairs she fell on me and we both fell on the bed. Then we both laughed and she stopped and looked dead serious in my eyes for about 20 seconds. She suddenly started to kiss me on the lips and i was in shock. She climbed on me and pushed me against her. My body just took over and i just joined. We massaged each other for over 30 minutes and then got to the sex. We had sex for about an hour before i came inside her twice. She wanted anal as well so we could continue having sex. The next morning i snuck out when she was still asleep and i don't know if she remembers. She's pregnant and thinks it's her boyfriends' when i know it's ours.
    What should i do??

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