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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    My husband first noticed, my niece was eyeing me up I am her aunt, some of the family know I am bisexual since my husband caught me in bed with his sister he was ok about it providing he can watch us, he has seen me with different girls its a turn on for all three of us, he told me about her looking at my arse and tits as well as up my skirt,
    there is a big but she is only 16 so she is still classed as a minor, it is a turn on for me when I know she is looking at my body,around the house I don't wear underwear I am a bit casual about not fastening my blouse properly or sitting with my legs crossed, she is a well developed girl she tells me jokes mainly about lesbians, the thing is I want her, my husband has given the green light and is turned on and wouldn't mind watching us, but I dare not
    I have herd about prosecutions about historical sex with minors, when she goes home we hug and kiss on the cheek, now she has started kissing me firmly on the lips and I am letting her, its to tempting I want to but its to risky, anyone had this situation did you weaken to taste forbidden fruit

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My older brother was a sex addict at sixteen, and being overweight, bespectacled, and acne-ridden, was not able to deal with his addiction - other than through me! Somewhere he got hold of some REALLY kinky porn magazines, and stories, so consequently, me being a hundred pounds lighter, scrawny in fact, and not very brave at the age of fourteen, I was "roped" into his fantasies, as an unwilling participant. Our father went on business trips regularly, and Randy had bullshitted him into believing he was trustworthy, sensible and reliable, thus capable of being left "in charge".... So, I was subjected to all kinds of imaginative bondage and torture, always involving long sessions of having his cock in my mouth, for hours on end. He was insatiable, and after much complaining on my part about cramps and cut-off circulation, he fabricated a very effective strait-jacket, out of an old raincoat, rubber-lined, and with a draw-cord hood attached. He riveted a broad belt cut in half, to the sleeve-ends, and was thus able to buckle them effectively behind my back, loosely but inescapably. End of "problem" in his view, so the length of my confinement doubled and tripled, until I spent almost every minute of our unsupervised "togetherness" trussed up comfortably like that. The hood tightened down like a second skin, round my head and face, leaving only a wadded-up orifice over my mouth, just big enough to accommodate his tireless cock. We slept like that, even, while he face-fucked me every few hours.
    Problem was, I was beginning to get very horny myself, by then, and looked forward hungrily to his clumsy assault, through the rubberized material, on my larger-than-average erection! When it dawned on him that my efforts to please him were directly related to the state of my arousal, things settled into an unwilling mutual effort. The inevitable happened - I quickly became as addicted to my helpless cooperation, as he did, from the opposite end of the scale, and his power over me was complete! Then Dad remarried, and his new bride, a plump foul-tempered 'bossy-bitch' caught us in flagrante, and blackmailed us into utter compliance, showing him the "carrot" and me the "stick"......She kept our father occupied all the time he was home, and enjoyed "supervising" our activities, whenever possible, with suggestions for him to escalate his torture and confinement of me! This went on literally for years, until Randy got his first job and left home! I was devastated, until Helga made it clear that it would be business as usual, but under new management! So, the orifice in the hood was plugged with a ball-gag. and she deftly inserted a six-inch zipper right over my crotch, giving her unfettered access to my tireless, eager cock! This was a new and delightful experience, but a few skillful punishments, through scary rationing of my air, taught me to take her needs and wishes very seriously, and concentrate on not coming, until she was completely satisfied, and brought me to climax quickly and mercilessly.
    This lasted a long time, and I ended up marrying her daughter, another plump foul-tempered Germanic blonde, who was delighted to maintain the status quo, and looks like it will be permanent! Every submissive masochist's dream, I guess, but there is a down side - you don't get to see much of life, other than earning money for your wife, and then - the blackness of heavy rubber, and more sex than anyone but an addict would be comfortable with....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    As a lesbian who had been out for ten years finding myself as the woman in a male relationship was hard. Getting pregnant was the hardest intentional thing I have ever done. I did it to please him. I found myself changing to please him, living with him, playing house with him, and being pregnant. The birth was everything I dreaded, being a mother was overwhelming asking my sister and my mom for help. Getting married. Talk about all the 'I told you sos'. I went all in, changing my name, wearing the rings, staying home with baby fever. I had number two, and a couple of years later number three. I turned 35 with three kids and a house and a husband.

    I didn't flip, or change, or get religion. I just could not say no to him. I never felt anything like it before. I have this new life, I am an experienced mom now, and I suppose an experienced wife now. I think about my twenties, I can't find one moment where I thought I would get married and have my own family. The only thing I can point to is turning 30. I guess I just grew up. I will never go back, this is me now. Twenty was fun, thirty five is so much better.

    I am going to put straight because I believe I am straight, I just took a detour for ten years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    Let's put a temporary halt to this mom and son, dad and daughter i****t for a minute.
    Yesterday I was in the street trying my best to help my neighbor kid get his kite airborne. Nothing but troubles although we did have ample wind. Soon my 30 year old cute wife came out and stood by the front door and watched. Soon she yelled to me, "Honey, you need more tail." I threw the spool of twine down an stomped back to the house. stopping by the door and looked straight into my wife's eyes and said, "Darn it. I wish you'd make up your mind. Last night you told me to go fly a kite."

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    I listen to my step-daughter masturbate and if I am alone I do the same and I want to fuck her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    My sister moved in with hubby and I some years ago. She works for a non-profit charity and loves it but her salary is almost non-existent. Hubby and I do not charge her rent. A while back she confided to me that she could hear hubby and I going at it and said it makes her extremely horny. I approached hubby about it and we decided to bring sis on on out sexcapades. We're not Mormons but now live together as two wives for hubby. At first it was awkward but in time, it became a wonderful lifestyle for the three of us. Unlike Mormons, we do threesomes and have a lot o fun at it with hubby keeping us with us sisters.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Daddy and I have been fucking for some time, a lot, actually. We posted a video of ourselves (bodies only) on a porn site. It as up there for a good while and with good comments on how hot it was.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    I often hear about people who black out or blank out past sexual abuse that occurred when they were younger. I must admit that I really didn't believe all of them, but I personally know of incidents from the past that these same people claim they don't remember.

    I remember catching a younger brother
    fucking one of our sisters, she was 4 years younger than he was and I screamed at him and told him to go down stairs. I told her to lay still and I rubbed her bare bottom for a minute. I was extremely hard and was going to fuck her also, but after caressing her bottom and super wet pussy, I decided not to, because she was after all, my sister. I told her to get dressed and to not do this again. I went downstairs and gave my brother a thorough verbal lashing and demanded that he never touch our sister again. I don't know if that was their first time or even if it was their last time.
    That was over 40 years ago. Recently I asked him about it and he vigorously denied it ever happened.
    I asked him about a cousin of ours and he denied ever fucking her also.
    I reminded him that we, me and him had fucked her at the same time at her house when we were teenagers. He swears it didn't happen.
    Just this past 4th of July, this same cousin brought up the fact that she had loved all her family and sheepishly mentioned to me that she had fucked over 17 male cousins, including me and my brother. I told her that he doesn't remember that and she said, well we are all getting older and memories fade.
    I say this,because on numerous occasions, people claim they don't remember the bad things that happened to them. I was abused at 8 years old by a 30/40 year old neighbor. I willingly let him fuck me in the ass.
    No one knew then and no one knows now, but it hasn't been blocked from my memory.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    i am eighteen and just joined college. before, i lived with my parents and sibling in the city,. we have a small flat and like many in india , i shared my bedroom with my younger brother.

    I had sex with my brother since he was ten. He's fourteen now. We had to be silent while fucking and careful since our parents slept in the next room. we went sixtynine mostly, with his long dick in his mouth, while he sent his tongue deep into my clit.I had come several times in his mouth when we we went sixtynine. i liked the way he used his tongue, running it over and inside my clit that i released loads of wetness as i came.

    yesterday was special. its almost a year since we had fucked.i had seen my dads dick and seen him cum loads in my mothers mouth nad wondered, looking at my brother's crotch, whether he had grown pubic hair and could cum. i was extremely horny and i had weaned his dick inside me, filling me with is rock hard dick..

    that night ,Our parents left for a late night movie and as soon, i reached inside his trousers and clamped my hand over his limp dick. i held him as he hardened and i led him to our parents bed. i sat on his face drawing my knickers to the side and pushed my clit into his mouth . i bent over and took his dick in my mouth. he had wispy hair round his dick . It was so much like dads dick and it aroused me further. i liked his tongue n my clit as it went in and over the most sensitive points and made my clit pucker and release loads of wetness. I sucked hardeer on his long dick as his tongue sent paroxyms of pleasure and then i felt hin stiffen, become incredibly hard in my moouth and i felt a warm sticky gush. He had come in my mouth ad as i pulled out, his dick arched and sent spurts of warm cum across my face. i grabbed him back and sucked on his sticky semen gorged pole and i felt myself expolde and come, an orgiastic high releasing copiuos wetness from my clit.

    i turned over and held his still throbbing dick and mounted him, inserting his long hard dick deep into my clit and fucked him, bobbing up nad down furiously. i felt my c**t pucker and grip his hard dick, his sticky semen amd my cum mingled and his dick slipped in and out with a slick plip plap sound and i reached a second climax and the pleasure burst through and i arched back as he let another load of cum lose into my vagina.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Recently i went home during vacation. we live in a small apartment and i shared a bedroom with my kid brother, whos now fourteen.

    i was caught by surpise yesterday when my brother exposed himself . he was huge and his penis sttod straight and hard against his belly and i felt an immense ache in my c**t.I have never seen a man's cock in real except my dads while secretly watching him have sex with my mother. That was long ago.i felt my c**t wetting and felt an immense urge to expose myself .i spread my legs my legs and exposed myself by drawing my knickers to the side.

    We stared at each other for sometime and the longing to have his cock inside me peaked .i parted my thighs and showed him my glistening c**t. He came over and i drew him towrds me tightly clutching his erect cock in my hand. It was very thick and hard ad i let him mount me and drive his blood gorged penis deep into me. Every stroke was bliss as i felt my clitoris tighten and relax and release wet cum with his every thrust and then i felt him become incredibly hard inside me and then i felt a burst of warmth inside me, something sticky that filled my c**t. I realised he had come inside me and then his semen filled stroke made my c**t pucker and grip his penis aand .His semen filled thrust slipped in and out of my wet c**t ,sending a paroxym of uudying pleasure through my vagina as i came.

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