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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 43

    Can I explain what, how and where we did everything, yes I can. Can I tell you just why it all began, not really. All I do know we are extremely happy together now, and don't ever want to stop.
    When your son tells you his girlfriend, someone he adored with all his heart, dumped him because of his so called lack of experience with girls. You either tell him to learn through his own ways, or you take an interest. Why I chose the latter of the two I cannot say exactly, all I know is I saw my son really hurting and I wanted his pain to stop.
    His way of telling me was crude, not really what you should speak to your mom about. He told me he'd always had a problem with cunnilingus and she wanted a more aggressive type of sex too. I was embarrassed for him as he told me those things, but I was also kind of pleased he thought he could talk to me about such intimate sexual details.
    One evening last spring like any other evening, other than the fact I now knew about why he was down, I'd had some wine and was myself feeling horny. Not having a husband for eight years (He was killed at work in an accident) I was used to using my fingers and a dildo I'd bought myself. Thinking of my son (I'll call him Tim, close enough) and his predicament instead of getting the dildo out, I lay on my bed naked and shoted for him to come into my bedroom. I'd spread my legs and was playing with my clit when Tim walked in. His reaction was to say "Mom what the fuck are you doing". My response was to tell him I wanted him to learn. That was the pivotal moment, the moment we'd both discover if anything at all would happen between us.
    Tim didn't walk out, he turn away. What he did do, was to walk over to me and tell me my pussy looked way nicer than his ex girlfriends. Not wanting to stay the moment, I asked my son, the one person who has always been there for me, if he'd let me be there for him. I asked him to kiss my pussy.
    The feeling of his hot breath on my pussy lips, then my labia's and finally my engorged clit was and is something I will always remember. But like a kid not understanding what he was doing he dived in too hard, to fast and with no understanding of what a woman likes orally. Asking him to undress I told him I'd teach him everything and I meant everything. Once he was completely naked and I saw his wonderful manhood stood straight up and out in front of him, I knew we were going to have a marvelously sexual time together.
    When he got between my legs a second time, I told Tim to slowly circle his around my pussy, to lick me gently and to take his time. I wasn't going tobe going anywhere and he could lick and tongue all night if he so pleased. Just talking to him changed his perception of his needs to pleasure me quickly. And his response was immediate. If he'd been too eager to pleasure me at first, then as soon as his mouth began to taste my pussy again, he became a wonderfully slow intimate oral lover. It was like chalk and cheese in his approach and he had me on the verge of orgasm within minutes.
    Things changed again when I told him I was nearly there. He reverted back to being too hasty, and it took another spoken lesson in how to bring a woman fully through an orgasm with his tongue.
    Making him build up my orgasm again, I had him insert a finger into the hole he emerged into the world through. Letting his finger sink all the way in, I squoze my pussy hard down onto it and had my son, suck in my clit. The orgasm was totally fulfilling sexually. I was in utter sexual rapture and had Tim continue to suck on my clit and finger my love hole. That true and wonderful sensation women get when they're taken through an orgasm to it's completion, was my first for eight years. and I told my son he was amazing.
    But I had my son carry on. I didn't let him fuck me yet. No I wanted him to know it's perfectly ok to satisfy a woman with just his tongue. Over the next hour I had Tim work wonders with his tongue and mouth and taught him just much pressure, how deep to penetrate both my pussy and asshole with his tongue and how correctly finger fuck both holes too. it was about him giving me oral pleasure and how to sustain his appetite for a woman's sex.
    Once I'd had my third climax, I made Tim lay back. He thought I was going to suck him, but instead I mounted his face making him tongue my love juices out of my pussy. He was such a quick learner, I wondered why his girlfriend hadn't taken the time to show him what she liked, then I remembered she wasn't the most patient girl around.
    Te joy had Tim give me was absolute. I had him licking my asshole next, showing him some women, me included love anal stimulation just as much as vaginal. His tongue probed my asshole and I had him inserting two fingers up my ass. Dragging my ass back, it gave Tim access to my clit again. So with his fingers drilling into my asshole and his lips sucking in my clit, I did something I'd not ever achieved before. That's because when I came, I squirted all over his face.
    Settling down beside him, I kissed my son. Not a s amother but as his lover. He wanted to fuck me, but I told him that was for later. I told him to calm down and to enjoy the pleasures he'd given me. To think about how he'd achieved those pleasures and to see if he wanted to it all again.
    A few minutes slater Tim's tongue was inside my pussy again. Only that time, I too tasted his sweetness, as I sucked in my sons cock for the first time. We shared one another's oral skills and I had Tim on the verge several times before I let him cum in my mouth. His cock wasn't the largest I've had sex with, but it was by far the most heavily veined. And during our mutual oral love making, I traced every inch of them all over his cock, showing him he too should be pleasured slowly. His seed was beautiful, sweet, hot and very sticky. I savored it for as long as I could, before I swallowed every drop. The feeling of it sliding down my throat and Tim's growing expert ways of tonguing me, had my pussy erupting with juices, as I orgasmed all over his face again.
    We slept then. A long relaxed sleep with my son cradling me from behind. His hands didn't let go of my small pert breasts once, and I didn't want him to either. The following morning we showered together where I had my son go down on me again. His response was to take his time to give me what I wanted and then, he took control. I'd just cum when he spun me around and in one long thrust entered my pussy. I thought he was going to revert back to hasty ways, but Tim had learned. Instead of fucking me into oblivion is seconds, he took his time to build up his rhythm and he was kissing me at the same time too.
    His cock felt wonderful inside of me, it felt right and it also had the abilty to arc around to my G spot. I was in total awe of my sons sexual prowess. His cock drove past my G spot time after time, and no more than five later I was cumming on his cock. He asked me if he could cum inside me, but before I could answer his cock erupted up my pussy and I felt his hot cum fill me up inside.
    Turning to kiss each other, I asked my son if he'd enjoyed the last twenty four hours. Dropping down to his knees he put his face to my freshly fucked pussy and tongued out his own cum.
    It was a perfect start to our ongoing sexual relationship. Tim has become my lover as well as my son. We rarely go a day without one or the other offering and giving the other sexual pleasure. He's become a wonderfully kind and generous lover too, often taking hours to show me he loves me. He no longer needs my teachings and I'm sure he'd make a fantastic lover to any woman out there. But for now at least, we're going to carry on having sex and carry on learning with each other our sexual boundaries.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    Just call me Debbie, 17 years old at the time 118lbs long brown hair blue eyes, 36DD with an ass everyone wants to eat, so at least they tell me, Everyone always say's how beautiful I am and I do draw a lot of attention from guy's and girls too.
    I'll never forget this one night I had just got out of the shower, I had a towel wrapped around my head and one around my breast and waist, I thought I was home alone because mom had to work till like 3 in the morning as a nurse and my father was gone to play poker at his friends house with a bunch of other guy's but to my surprise my father had changed his mind and came home shortly after work, well all wrapped up I took off to the kitchen to get me a cold glass of tea, coming back through the living room I screamed, I wasn't expecting to see my father sitting there on the sofa but he was and it shocked me, I started laughing and carrying on I didn't even realize one of my tits was uncovered but my father did and he was enjoying it to, he kept on talking and asking stupid stuff just to keep me in front of him, he had me to come closer to him and dared me to take off my towel, I said why? why do you want me to take it off, he said because I want to see your other tity too, and I looked and whoa my tit was exposed, then he slides his hand up my leg and holds the towel and says to me please take it off, but why I asked, whats in it for me
    anything you want he says, grabbing his cock in his other hand I started to get wet and playful to I might add.

    I took the towel and opened it up for him to see me and he starts fondling me between my legs and stands up caressing my breast and sucking my tits with his fingers inside my wet hot pussy, I reached down grabbing his cock undoing his pants, pulling out this huge massive dick, he sticks his tongue in my mouth and kisses me and kissed him back then I said to him I want to suck your dick and he said I want to eat your pussy so we started kissing and going down to the floor I never let go of his big thick dick, I wanted it now.

    We rolled around on the floor into the 69 and I started sucking his dick like I owned it and he says GD no one has ever took my whole cock in their mouth before, he is eating my pussy better than it has ever ben eaten before to, I'm so wet, he spins around gets between my legs and guides his massive dick inside my hot wet swollen pussy, oh god it's so big but I want it, when he gets all the way inside me he starts kissing me and puts his fingers in my asshole using my own juices to make it slide in me, I lost count of how many times I actually cum he fucked me right and he fucked me good then when he got ready to cum he put his dick in my mouth and said suck it baby so I did and swallowed as much of his cum as I could and then we just played on the floor fondling each other.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    Went out for drinks with my mom recently. Had a great time out and caught up on a lot of chatting. We were both a bit tipsy, and decided to go home. We made it to the train station and sat down on the bench and waited. My mom said how she had a great night, and said she was going to go use the bathroom before the train came in. She went to get up and use my leg to help push herself up and her hand accidentally was partially on my crotch and a little bit of my leg. My mom noticed and looked at me, giggled and said sorry. And walked off to the bathroom. She came back and the train came in and we got on.

    After several stops there was no one left on the train beside me and her. My mom looked around and then spoke up and asked me if she hurt me back at the station. Took me a second to think about what she was referring to. And then I remembered and chuckled and told her no. She then shocked me and said, "I shouldn't say this, but, very nice." It was a bit awkward, but I think with the alcohol, it made it fun. I took my moms hand and gave it a squeeze and rested it on my thigh. My mom brushed her thumb back and forth for a couple of minutes.

    She inched her hand up a couple of times, and I looked at her after the second time and told her it was okay. She said she shouldn't. I told her it was just for fun. She slowly moved her hand on my crotch and began to squeeze. After a few minutes, I took her hand and put it at the top of my jeans and she slowly worked her hand into my pants and took a hold of my penis. She looked at me and asked me if it felt good. She squeezed and slowly stroked it. We were getting close to our stop, and my mom noticed and pulled her hand out and said, "wait until we get off the train."

    The house is about 7 blocks from the station. We were a couple blocks into the walk and from the alcohol and the excitement, I had to piss pretty bad. I told her I was going to go behind the used car yard building that was closed up and empty. She came with me, and stood and watched as I took my penis out and commented that she thought I had a really nice one. As I started to piss, my mom walked up to me and took a hold of it. When I finished she shook it and then said, "I better finish what I started." And then she asked, "Are you sure you are okay with this." I nodded and said, "are you" and she nodded. She squatted down in front of me and licked the tip of my penis a few times and then I watched as her lips wrapped around and penis disappear into her mouth. She sucked me off for about 10 minutes and then I couldn't hold back and ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed.

    We then walked back home. So yeah... wild experience.

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    Straight Male / 39

    Who can resist a beautiful twenty year old young woman. One who's five feet nine tall, slim with long wavy brunette hair, hazel eyes. Medium sized firm breasts, a neatly trimmed pussy and an asshole which looks tight enough to be a nut cracker, literally.
    I've just described my step daughter to you. She called Fiona and she's an absolute stunner. My problem if it is a problem, is Fiona has seen fit to be teasing me something rotten these past five weeks or so. She caught me having a quick masturbation session, as her mom has been away recently with work.
    I don't like boasting, but one of the reasons her moms with me, is the orgasms she has from my rather large cock when we fuck. Once Fiona saw my cock fully erect, she's not stopped flirting with me. And the reason I know so much about her gorgeous body, is she's not stopped flashing it to me. Only yesterday she walked right across the living room naked as I sat and watched tv. Her mom was taking a nap and as I tried so hard not to react, she turned to me and asked me if I found her attractive. The boner in my shorts told her all needed to know, which made her smile so wide. Bending down near me on purpose, spreading her long slender legs, Fiona told me if I ever got bored of fucking her mom, she'd make sure I was kept happy.
    I'm not kidding the moment she walked out touching her pussy, I took out my cock and busted my nut after tossing myself off in record time.
    It's getting harder and harder though, not to get a hold of her and shove my dick so far and so deep up her beautiful looking holes.
    She's not my daughter, but I have known her since she was nine. And boy is she one gorgeous piece of ass.

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    Straight Female / 43

    So over the past few months I have been (sort of) having sex with my 19 year old son. I had my son at 24 and we have always been very close. I have to admit that he is my favourite of my children. I know that's a horrible thing for a mother to say but it's true.

    One night my son and I were up watching films as we frequently do on weekends. I have been divorced from his father for the past 5 years so we've grown even closer now with more time to spend together. Anyway, as usual I was drinking and this time I got more drunk then usual and my son carried me to bed.

    After being out for I don't know how long, I woke up to the feeling of my body being bumped into repeatedly. As I became more alert I realized I was having sex. The room was pretty dark but I could tell it was my son. He must have been caught up in the moment cause his eyes were closed and he didn't notice I had woken up.

    At first I was about to scream at him but it felt too good for me to stop him. It had been ages since I had a good fuck and he felt really large in me.

    I decided to pretend to stay asleep. After about a minute or two I felt him cum in me. It was very premature but I expect that from younger men. It actually turned me on that he enjoyed me that much. He quietly sneaked out of the room and I finished off with a toy.

    As soon as I came I felt horrible for letting him do that to me. I felt like such a sick and horrible mother and even cried.

    But by the next night, I faked getting very drunk in hopes he would do it again. He didn't disappoint and has continued to fuck me while I pretend to be out. He has gotten braver and even has rubbed his cock on my lips and stuck the tip in my mouth.

    Each time I feel less guilty but still haven't had the courage to let him know I'm awake. It's so hard not to wrap my arms around him as he fucks me.

    I may be sick for this but I love my son and it feels amazing and I wanted to share it.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Everything that is taboo about sex with a family member is wrong. You don't choose to fall in love and you certainly can't turn your emotions on and off at the drop of a hat. It's not my fault I find my uncle so damn hot, and I don't understand why when we're so good together sexually, we shouldn't be allowed to marry.
    He's such a wonderful lover and has an amazingly large thick cock. I always orgasm multiple times when we have sex and he always makes sure he pleasures me orally, vaginally and anally. It's such a crying shame society doesn't understand family love and it's ultra intense sexual chemistry.
    We meet up every other day to have mind blowingly fantastic sex. And his ability to stay hard for such a long time always gets me awesomely powerful orgasms. I've found since we first started having sex when I was seventeen, that we've become incredibly close and almost telepathic lovers. I just know what pleases him and what makes him extremely happy, and he does likewise with me.
    And the real crazy thing is, my uncle is only seven years older than me. It's just not fair we can't be together like a normal couple. We're probably much more in love than most so called society normal married people. I just wish we could love, be sexual and live as we want.

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    Straight Male / 35

    The last few years have been emotional rough for myself but no one has a clue I am very happily married with kids everything is great with my home life but my heart and mind are confused about a lot I've had a fling with my oldest sister since I can remember it's a good thing it's always been natural for her and I to love on each other we live far apart so it happens here and there no biggie it's all around a great thing my other sister on the other hand has thrown me through a loop and started a fire in my heart I will explain about six years ago right before I quit drinking for good I was camping just outside of town to get away from life for a couple of days one night my second oldest sister shows up and she was tipsy my sister is beautiful and sexy to everyone else but I never saw her like that she was just my sister my oldest sister was my love and tamed my heart early I'm married now and madly in love with my wife but still feel that same way so there was my second oldest sister sitting at the picnic table with me she had a low cut shirt on her tits were kind of hanging out it was nothing new I saw all the women in my family naked a lot because I played it cool and they were comfortable around me not my Pevert brothers which I'm positive my second oldest sister has slept with all of my brothers with the exception of me so we're sitting there drinking taking shots having beers side note my sister always got to drunk she wasn't a slut but when she drank she slept around a lot most the time I don't think she remembered it I don't know so after were good and drunk we had been talking about everything when out of no where my sister asked me about my ex and a bottle of viagra I told her it was for fun and at one point I couldn't stand my ex and I needed them to preform she started talking quite and told me that last week when I fell asleep on her couch at her place that I had a massive hard on and I was stroking it in my sleep she told me she pulled it out of my pants and helped me stroke it in my sleep then finished me off she said I had the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life and had to have it and now she feels guilty because she can't stop thinking about my cock or me I was shocked and turned on I thought she had finally lost it I thought it was a trick so I would sleep with her because I had turned her drunk ass down all my life she noticed the whole conversation gave me a hard on she was flirting bad I got upset I told her I was married and she's my sister all that good stuff it didn't phase her at all she kept looking at my crouch I don't know why still to this day but I got pissed I pulled my monster cock out and told her if she wanted she was going to get it she instantly started sucking me off I was mad about my sister sucking my dick so I let her have it I fucked her face hard and pulled her hair I made her choke on it the whole time she loved loved it she just took it and wanted more I came down her throat after a half hour before she was done swallowing I threw her little ass in the camper I fucked her in every way possible hard and rough for an entire day I made sure she sobered up and fucked her even harder if she wanted it she got it my sister couldn't even walk to her truck I tore up her pussy and ass she left with out saying anything the next day my mother called to say she was worried about my sister she couldn't walk or hardly get out of bed did I know what happened to her she was asking because she knew my sister spent the night camping I told my mom we just got drunk she might have fell but I didn't know anything it was weird lying to my mom about my sister turned me on I didn't see my sister for awhile she always left just before I showed up one day I saw her in town and I asked her so that wasn't what you wanted she told me it was she was waiting for more I took her in the gas station bathroom and fucked her really rough over the sink she told me to come over to bet place when I could and left a week later I went over to her place and had my way with her again the next morning my mother called again and said my sister couldn't even walk at all and wanted to know what was up two times in a row I was with her and she got hurt I just said I didn't know but I noticed my mom was talking to me differently like she knows what was going but something different she was slightly flirting with me it was strange I avoid my family for awhile after that well my sister missed me and came over telling me she was madly in love with me I put an end to it and told her off after that I didn't have anyone to hangout with other then my wife and kids which is awesome but I needed a friend or something to hang with before I knew it or even noticed I found myself hanging out with my mom all the time I'd just hangout run her on errands all kinds of stuff I gave my mom a massage one night and let's say we almost broke the mom son relationship boundaries I don't know how we got so into each and relaxed we both knew and stopped well that brings me up to where I'm at now I tried to connect with my mom but she shyed away from me she wouldn't let herself give in I guess my sisters both of them hound me to visit but when I'm around them I think of my mom and when I'm sleeping with my wife and we have sex a lot I mean a lot I think of all of them my wife kind of knows something is up because I can't not fuck her at least five times a day or my mind gets carried away and I want to give into the urges of my family I'm stuck I need advice should I just leave it all behind or should I try for the queen my mom and lose my wife what do I do and yes it's strange and weird but you wouldn't understand unless you're in my shoes

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    Straight Female / 41

    Every time we have sex, I still find it a little strange at first. Yet during and afterwards I crave his body, but mostly his magnificent cock. It truly is such an awesomely beautifully thick cock. It's only seven inches long, but it is it's girth that has me going back time after time to his apartment.
    My husband thinks I'm taking IT lessons at night college, but it's Blake who's teaching me everything I need to know from a technical point of view with computers. And then I'm having such amazing sex with him. We both know we shouldn't be having sex, and we both understand just how difficult it would be for our family to accept what we're doing. Even so when we are having sex and he's fucking either my mouth pussy or asshole, I forget all about the world outside and concentrate on giving my son the loving he wants and needs from his mom.
    It's funny, if I hadn't have caught him masturbating when I visited five months ago, I doubt we'd be having a taboo affair. But I did watch my son stroking his gorgeous cock, and knew right there and then I wanted him sexually. He didn't need too much convincing either, not once I'd removed all my clothing and began to suck on his massive cock head. He'd always had a thing for watching me undress, and I'd often seen him watching me get naked. Indeed only a couple of months after he'd moved out, I found porn on his lap top he'd left for me to use. It all depicted sex between a mom and her son. I now know he left it all on the lap top for me to find.
    There are rules in society that states you cannot and should not have sex with your own blood. But those rules don't take into account just how horny we've now become to one another. Blake makes my sexual world worth being here for, and I will not give up the special bond we now share. If he wants to move on and stop our beautiful liaisons, then so be it. But given what he said last night as he was fucking my asshole, I don't think we'll stop wanting each others bodies to enjoy, anytime soon.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When my parents went on holiday I got sent to my aunts to stay for a fortnight, somehow the messages got mixed up because I arrived a day before I was supposed to, the front door was open so I went in, I could hear sounds in the lounge and guessed that my aunt was in there. When I got to the lounge door it was slightly ajar and what I saw took my breath away.
    My Aunt was on all 4s on the floor completely butt naked (it was my first look at a real naked woman as I was only 14 at this time) but what was really hot was that there was a lad of about 15 or 16 kneeling behind her banging his cock into her saying take my cock mommy you like it don't you, and she was saying yes son fuck your slut mom hard and stuff like that. weird really as my aunt has no children and is not even with a guy.
    I gotta admit my cock grew like rock as I watched, after a few minutes the guy grunted as he came fucking her then pulled his condom covered cock out of her, oddly I noticed his cock was smaller than mine. He gave her $20 and said that was hot Catherine as he got dressed. I went outside the house and waited 'till he came out and went off before going back and knocking on the door.
    My aunt was surprised to see me as I was a day early but showed me in and up to the room I would be using, she was by now wearing a robe of course. I am not sure what made me do it but I grabbed her then and pulled her hard up to me and kissed her lips, she of course tried to pull away saying what the hell do you think you are doing but I held on feeling my cock grow hard between us. Then I let her go and said so it is only OK if I have £20 for you is it?
    Man you would have thought I had poleaxed her, she just started mumbling about how did I know and I mustnt tell anyone.
    I stepped back and said of course I wont let anyone know you fuck underage boys for money Aunt Catherine, she blushed bright red, and I continued, I saw you with that boy just now. I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock which was hard as a log and said, of course this needs taking care of. She did not say a word just dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth, I confess it took me only about 2 minutes till I was blowing a wad into her hot mouth. After she just knelt there looking at me with tears in her eyes, I said its OK it is our secret and kissed her lips tasting my own cum on them when to my surprise I felt her tongue wriggling into my mouth, within minutes we were on the floor and I was fucking her furiously and she was begging me to treat her like a whore.
    During the next 2 weeks we fucked most days at least 3 times and she told me that she had always liked being treated like a whore by younger guys and she also told me that when she and my mom were 18/19 (my mom is a year younger) they would have contests as to who could fuck the youngest boy, she told me my mom held the record for being done by a 12 and 13 year old together when she was 18.
    Me mom and aunt Catherine had an interesting conversation when mom came back from holiday, as to Aunt Catherine, I live with her now and mom visits regularly.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Just like every other cup final weekend, I'm sure this years barbecue will inspire my husband and his brother to get themselves absolutely blind drunk. But unlike all those other cup final weekends where his brother Paul and my husbands nephew Alex have stayed over, Alex won't be here just to enjoy the football.
    Alex and I have been texting each other daily since he visited our home last week. I already knew why he was calling round as we'd swapped sexual pictures of ourselves. Unfortunately just as I was taking Alex's wonderfully large cock deep up my pussy, my husband decided he'd finish early and drive home. I'd probably had Alex's cock in me no more than a minute when my husbands car pulled up. When he walked in, myself and Alex were chatting about the barbecue and my husband didn't suspect a thing.
    The barbecue is all set, as are the extra beers and rum to ensure they do have great time getting pissed. Alex's guest room is also ready to for him to receive his aunt, who will be visiting his room as soon as I know his father and uncle are passed out. Believe me I won't be letting Alex's cock slip out and escape my pussy for a second time.

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