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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 36

    It was New Year's Eve, and we had some friends and family over. It had started as a more family friendly thing, until after a lot of drinking had been done, and a few people left shortly after midnight. It got pretty loud, and most people were gathered outside, lighting fireworks and watching other people with fireworks. I went back inside to be alone and drink in peace... and honestly I had become horny as hell seeing some of the women at this thing dressed the way they were, including my wife. But she was far too busy outside being loud with the rest of them. To make a long story short, while everyone else was still outside, I wound up alone with my teenage niece, who very willingly and excitedly sucked my cock and swallowed every bit of cum I shot down her throat. And then when we realized everyone was still outside and having fun, I fucked her, hard. We never even got our clothes off. She had her shirt up over her head, bra off, and her panties and leggings still dangling on her ankle as she lay on the couch with her head pinned againt and banging into the arm rest as I pounded her tight pussy. She slid the leggings and panties off when we moved down to the floor and I fucked her doggystyle, until I pulled out and shot my load on her cute ass and lower back. I'm sure we were too loud. But so were the people outside. When we were done, we made out for a bit after she had gotten her clothes back on. We said our goodbyes and she went back outside and mingled with the few remaining people like nothing had happened. I snuck out back to smoke a cigarette before hopping into the shower. I think she and her mom were here until probably 5am before they finally left, and we said goodbye acting like nothing had happened, besides one huge grin she gave me when no one was looking. I know this may not be for everyone, but I was in heaven. I don't know if it'll ever happen again, but it sure was great that night.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Sometimes things happen around you and you are just there for the benefits. In college I lived in a run down place and next door to me lived a photographer. His girlfriend worked a job as a hostess and he made believe he made money as a photographer, weddings and thing like that. I got in a motorcycle wreck and broke my femur and was laid up in my house.

    I hobbled along and had a hard time. This friend brought me groceries, but I was mostly alone. This one afternoon, it was late spring, my neighbor girl came over. She brought along cleaning supplies, brushes and sponges and she set about to clean my apartment. She washed all the dishes in the sink and cleaned the stove and oven, cleaned out the refrigerator and cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen while I watched. We talked since we were alone and she told me she was a Mormon and she had been taught how to keep house and mend clothes.

    After the kitchen she took on the bathroom, which she scrubbed down and cleaned better than it had ever been cleaned. She did the laundry I had, which required her to take the clothes across the street to a pay washer dryer shack, and she cleaned and changed my bed.

    When she was folding clothes I asked her why she had come over and she told me her man had sent her. After that she came every week, bucket and mop in hand. She brought over a hot meal every evening. She washed and cut my hair.

    One evening after she brought over my dinner she asked me if I wanted a blow job or a hand job. I was taken aback and asked her why she would offer that. She said her man told her that by now I would be straining real bad and that I probably needed relief. She came over and sat beside me and worked open my jeans and gave me the sweetest blow job ever.

    By the time I got my cast off, which was six months, she and I were really good friends. By then we were doing the nasty, she would ride high on my waist away from the top of the cast. She liked oral sex which I could really indulge her with. After I was ambulatory again I managed to get my job back, and one day she asked me if she could live with me that she and her man were no longer together.

    She told me that she was a Mormon and she wanted to get married, even if I wasn't a Mormon and she hoped I didn't mind that she had a man before me. She told me the story of running away with him, she just had to get away from how she grew up. She was seventeen then and she always knew he was a mistake. But to make a story short, she wanted to get married more than anything and she said she had showed me she could be a good wife and she assured me that she knew how to take care of kids.

    So that is how I met my wife, she is a good wife and she got herself a large Mormon passel of kids, even if I am not a Mormon. From knowing her family it is evident that being a good wife is everything, and she has taught all her daughters to be good wives, something she started working on from the time they were very young.

    I would never want any of my daughters to run away, and she knows that so we keep the Mormon stuff to a minimum.

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    Straight Male / 23

    An Erection For Mum

    I would like to ask a question, I keep getting erections when I am in the presence of my mother it is not intended it just happens, it first started one morning when I was eating breakfast in the kitchen, my mother has a good body for her age, I got an erection when she was bending over with her bottom right next to me sorting out a cupboard, I kept looking at her bottom I knew I shouldn't have, I went to the bathroom and relieved my self,
    I thought the reason for my hard on was I hadn't had a wank for three days and nothing to do with mums bottom nearly in my face. When I leave for work we hug and kiss before I go, it happened again I was bulging so much it could be seen, now it happening very frequently every time I am in her company even talking to her I can not control it, she has noticed it
    and keeps glancing at it occasionally she has not said anything. am I the only male who has a hard on for his mum I just can not stop it happening, I know what I want to do. any comments please.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Yesterday i fucked my mum.
    I dont know exactly how we got there but it was after a christmas day fueled by booze.

    So i'm a guy with a few pecial interests. Like watersports, anal and a few other things that arent the norm.
    If im alone my porn history is full of the weird and wonderful. However not with what happened christmas day.

    After the usual gift giving with my parents, 1 sister and 2 brothers, all with partners we sat and had the traditional crimbo meal and wine....or in this case champagne.
    Food eaten, booze drank. We all retired to the lounge to chill and drink more. One by one the couples went home. Leaving myself and parents in the house.
    Now im single because i have a demanding job but also have special tastes. And if not fulfilled i look elsewjere for forfillment. Im 6"2 and pretty good looking (not braggin).

    So as everyone tailed off. My dad was spark out in his normal chair. Now he dont drink normally but 3 glasseshe was dead to the world.
    Me and mum continued talking about everything and anything as you do when youre drunk.

    "Why are you with anyone?" She blurted out of the blue.
    "Mum dont go there. Ill sort it out one day. Just gotta find the one. I replied.

    Mum looked at me in a way id never seen. Then with that look she proceeded to say and shock me with what was on her drunken mind.
    "Youre a good looking boy. Any woman would be lucky to have you" she slurred.
    I was dumb struck but smile and said thank you.
    " youre the type of guy i shouldve gone with" mum again blurted out in a slur.
    I said shes had enough and it was time for bed. Mum nodded in agreement. Unsteady on her feet i helped her to bed. In she got fully clothed. I disappeared into one of the spare rooms to get my head down. Sure enough i did. It wasnt mad late. About 11:30ish.

    I was awoken by an odd sensation. I looked at my phone. 2:30am. What was this feeling. I hd felt it before but alonv time ago. Plus i was half asleep.
    Getting my barings i realised my covers were up around my waiste. I wzas hard and now knew i was being sucked off. Still slighyly drunk i couldnt figure out who?
    I bucked up the courage to pull the covers down.
    Holy shit!! There she was. My mother. Sucking qnd licking my fat cock. I gasped. She loobed up and whispered. "This is for me and you.shhh keep it our secret.

    Long story short. My curvy mum with massive tits rode me to within an inch of my life. She came loads and i discovered she was a squirter. Its fucked up. We did all sorts. From licking eash otherd cum to other kinky stuff.
    To be continued....

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    Straight Male / 23

    I am back staying with my mom so I can attend a major university in our state and save on some room and board money. My mom has always been a hottie, and my dad and her used to go at it all the time about her flirting with guys and they finally split over it. Before Thanksgiving I got home early from school and walked in on her fingering herself on the couch. Since then it's kind of been an inside joke that she needs a "shower buddy". That is what she calls one of those suction cup dongs. For Christmas I figured what the hell, so for a gag, I ordered her the biggest "stick-on cock" I could find. I wrapped it and put it under the tree with a note that said, "Santa knows you've been bad." When she opened it yesterday she was embarrassed, but knew it was part of our joke.

    I spent the day with me gf yesterday, and when I got home there was mom with her present and an open bottle of Seagrams. All she said was, "Does Santa want to watch?" Then she suctioned it to the coffee table and climbed on. She got off a couple of times, then finished with it in her ass--all the way in her ass!

    I jacked off most of the night thinking of her boobs bouncing under her nighty while she rode that sucker! I thought it would be a gag, but I really hope she does this again!

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    Straight Male / 43

    Looking forward to visiting the in-laws again this year for Christmas. Two years ago I fucked my mother-in-law while my wife and her dad went to midnight Mass. Last year with over 30 friends and family over for Christmas dinner she gave a quick blowjob just before we all sat down. I went quickly down the back steps to the kitchen when the dinner call was made. She said she needed to take a moment to clean up and would be right down. A few minutes later she reappeared with fresh lipstick. Upon sitting down she immediately and deliberately spilled a glass of wine all over the front of her blouse. She winked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Later she told me it was the only we she could hide the cum stains. Merry Christmas to me.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Last week I visited my parents house as I usually do on a Thursday.
    Go on my own as my wife and mum fell out with each other over something silly and both are as stubborn as mules nd neither will apologise.
    So going on my own is so much easier.
    Well I got there and walked in as normal. Mum in the kitchen as per usual. Now dad normally sat in his chair half asleep. Not tonight. He was out on a works do, so mum explained.
    Well the usual mundane chat ensued as I clock watched. 20 minutes in mum wandered off and grab a bottle of her favourite wine. "Booze on a school night mother" I joked. "Sod it! I'm off tomorrow and I need something to knock me out because of your dad's snoring" she laughed.
    Mum guzzler down the bottle in less than an hour. Then cracked open another. "You'll regret it" I joked.
    "Nope. Off tomorrow and I don't have to deal with your dad trying it on" she slurred.
    Now you don't wanna hear about that but mum continued like I was one of her friends. "He's unattractive and fat. Who'd want that over you?" She drunkenly continued.
    I was silent. No reply. Awkward to say the least.
    "Oh come on son, don't very embarrassed. How'd you think you got here" she crackled.
    I replied the best I could. "Devine conception?" I replied.
    Mum went on about how he was a miserable git, that wanted a "wham bam thank you mam" once a month or after a beer.
    I was dumb struck. Embarrassed to hear my middle class bought up mum talk about her sex life, or lack of it, with her eldest son.
    It was nearly 9 and about time to be leaving. By this time mum was getting a little depressing.
    I tried to make my excuses but she kept talking. "Why couldn't I have married a boy like you turned out to be" she said as she slumped in her chair. Time for bed I said. But she didn't move. She was passed as a fart!!
    I text my wife telling her mum was drunk and I'll be home after trying to get her up to bed. "OK honey" she replied.
    Now this is where things went weird.
    Mum is in her mid 50's. Not bad looking but a little plump after 5 kids. My work mates called her a milf. Obviously I didn't see it.
    Helping mum up the stairs she thanked me and apologised profusely at the same time. We got to the top and as we turned the corner to her room she stopped suddenly. "I need a wee" she proclaimed at the top of her voice.
    So I lead her the short distance to the bathroom. Go on the you drunkard I said said. She managed to close the door behind her. After a few minutes of fumbling around and hearing half swear words coming from the bathroom. I asked if she was OK. "I can't undo my trousers" she shouted. "Help me me please. I'm gonna wee myself" she slurred. I was getting annoyed and a little awkward again at this point but wanted to go home so without thinking I went in and helped my mum undo her trousers. Unfastened the buttons mum apologised again and told me not to tell anyone. I agreed. However as soon as her trousers were undone. Mum pushed them down and sat on the toilet. Dunno why I noticed but she wasn't wearing knickers however I didn't ask. I just went to leave. As I did she grabbed my arm and said "don't go please I need your help. I'm so embarrassed. I know you shouldn't have to see your mum in this way son. But I trust you". Silently I nodded. She smiled and bowed her head. I looked away as to preserve her modesty. But I felt weird. I heard her pissing. Hard at that too. All the time she had hold of my wrist. Weird to say the least.
    After 20 econds or so she finished and tried to grab some toilet paper. Drunkenly she knocked it off onto the floor out of reach for her. "I'm sorry please help me Rich" she groaned. I bent and picked it up turned to hand it to her. However I froze. My mums legs were wide open and for the first time ever I saw my mums bald pushy. I was dumb struck. I'm male and when you get the opportunity to see a pushy you take it, however this was my mums private area. Time stopped and I tried to look away. Mum looked at me with a drunken stare. "Can I have the toilet roll please" she uttered. Oblivious to her eldest son catching a glimpse of her inns pushy. I looked away again as she wiped and flushed. Pulling her trousers up.
    Silently I walked her to her room. Helped her, fully clothed, into her bed.
    I wished her goodnight and she wished me the same and hugged me. Again apologising.....but then the biggest shock of my life happened. As we hugged she whispered "I saw you look at mummy's fanny. Did you like".
    I couldn't answer I was in that much shock. You read i****t stories and think "bullshit" but this was a mother asking her son if he liked her nether regions! I was frozen again still bent over. Mum whispered again "I know you did. I saw you. I saw you all hard when you were younger don't you know". I couldn't believe my ears. She continued "that's why I wanted a boy like you to marry". WHAT THE FUCK? Now I was blessed a little in that department but now my mum had been looking at it. I was confused. I got my senses at told my mum she wouldn't remember this and left.
    I haven't spoken to her till today and she asked me to meet her for lunch to discuss what went on. The weird thing is since that night I have had dreams. Wrong ones. Ones of my own mum fuckin me and pissing on me. And I wake up hard. On one occasion covered in spunk!
    I'm so confused.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I took care of my auntie toward the end of her life because no-one care about her but me. I will try to keep it short that you would not be bore.

    I am 26 yrs and my auntie was 42 yrs old before she passed away. When I was young she take me to many places to have fun and she was the one who taught me about sex. I was afraid to ask my parents because they would think I am going to have sex with someone. I was 10 at the time and was curious about girls. I feel comfortable to ask my auntie. She taught me everything I need to know about girls including getting me involved with her, like having sex together. She moved away to become a fashion model. I don't know what happen somehow she got into porn business and became a porn star. No one know until one day at the family gathering someone asked her about her modeling career, out of the blue she said she is no longer modeling but got into porn business because they pay three times as much as modeling. This become a big problem because working as a porn star is a no no in the family. After she told everyone about her career every body stop talking to her and avoid her the entire night. She end up leaving early from the family gathering. As she was leaving I told her you are still my auntie no matter what and I don't care about what you do and I still love you. She smile as she was leaving and no one hear from her since that night.

    Until just recently she called me and told me about her health problem. I don't know how she find me but she did. She told me the doctor said she only have few weeks to live. She had caught the disease during her career doing porn movies. She wanted me to come and stay with her until she die. She has no one to go to but me and I felt sorry about her situation and moved in to take care of her. During the time I am staying with her. She told me she want her body to be cremated and wanted me to keep her ashes. She continue telling me she should not have got into the porn business, it was all about the money.

    During the two weeks I stay with her I went through her personal stuff and she didn't care, she was dying anyway. I found some photos and movies she was making and was shock how good she was in the movies. After I watch several of them when she was sleeping. The next day I took some photos to show her and we talked about the movies she made. I told her how good she was and she said I couldn't do that anymore. I was disappointed to hear that and she could tell by the look of my face. Then she said if you want we can try it. My eyes just open wide and my face was smiling. She said why don't you help me clean up in the bath tub and you can dry me off and we can both have fun. We had sex that night but her legs was weak and she had to lay down a lot. I was able to fuck her in the mouth, ass and pussy. It was tough but I manage. She doesn't have much strength in her arms and legs but she can grab and close her hands tight. She was grabbing my cock tight but she couldn't stroke it back and forth. While she was grabbing it tight I moved my hip back and forth and that work out just fine. We were doing a lot of 69 with her on the bottom.

    The whole time we were having sex either myself or her have on protection. I didn't want to catch what she got so I was being real careful about it. I told her I want to live long with a smile on my face and she laugh.

    As the days went on I looked in her closet and saw a lot of her intimate wear clothing. I asked her about it and she said yes I love dressing up and get fuck in it. I said do you still like to do that? She said if you help me get into some of them I love to. Now I get to dress her up before I fuck her. She said guys like to see girls all dress up sexy before they fuck them. Here I am dressing up my auntie before we have sex, isn't that crazy. She did tell me what she want to have on just before they cremated her body. She wanted to be dressed in all black. I put her on black lace bra and panties set with black nylon and garter belt underneath of her black mini skirt. I know it really doesn't matter because it all turn into ashes but is what she wanted.

    Some of you think this is fake but is no fake at all. It was the best two weeks I spend with my auntie. Now I have her ashes and is sitting on top of my bed and it will stay with me. Every time I have sex with some one I think about her and how she taught me all about it.

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    Straight Female / 43

    In three days time I'm going to be inviting my daughters boyfriend into our home, knowing two years ago, along with a friend of his, I spent two hours in a motel room getting fucked until I couldn't take their large cocks anymore.
    My husband and I had gone through a rough patch in our marriage, and we'd separated for a short time. Thinking it a good idea, I went out with a female friend to a bar and met a load of older teenage guys out for a good time. Two of them got my attention when they dropped their trousers showing off. Both young men's cocks were (To me anyway) absolutely massive.
    A little later my friend took a taxi home, and I walked the two blocks to the motel with the two guys. I'm not kidding when I say I walked, nearly crawled, out of that motel hardly able to move. Oral, vaginal and anal sex. Plus at one stage I took both of their cocks up my pussy and asshole at the same time. It is by far the longest hardest sex session I've ever had, and for a few days both of my fuck holes were sore.
    Eventually myself and my husband got it back together and since then we've been really good. Only a few months back my daughter introduced me to her new boyfriend. Immediately we recognized each other, but said nothing and have said nothing in front of anyone since. He has however told me when we've had some brief time alone, that I was and still am the best fuck he's ever had.
    Now he's going to be staying over with us for a couple of days. On one of the days my husband will be going out to watch football (He likes the English premier league), and at the same time my daughter has just told me she has to go into work for a couple of hours.
    It will leave myself and my daughters boyfriend alone for at least two to three hours. Hours in which I will be hard pressed not to want his huge cock again. He was a wonderful fuck I must admit, but now I just wish I hadn't have gone out to that bar that night.

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    Straight Male / 47

    This is probably going to be a little boring, but I'm just feeling the need to vent. So here it goes...

    I've been maried for over 25 years and have a really good life. Good job, good kids and by all rights a fantastic wife in all aspects except one... sex

    When we were first maried sex was good, but after our kids were born things pretty much came to an abrupt halt. She stayed at home with the kids and I worked nights. Which put us on opposite schedules. She rarely instigated sex before but now never. I was getting a little frustrated but could deal. Things progressed to the I'm tired, I have a headache etc... stage and when the occasional sex did happen she approached it like just another household chore.

    Things went on like this for a few years and I tried to be understanding of her feelings and cope the best I could. I ended up having an affair with a coworker's wife for about six months. We both almost ended our respective marriages, but decided we both loved our spouses and kids more than each other.

    After the affair I decided sex just wasn't worth all of the fucking disappointment and stress. When masturbating to porn wasn't enough I'd go to my wife for mediocre sex and hope I didn't get shot down.

    Things progressed like this for several more years until I pretty much lost interest in having sex with my wife. It just wasn't worth the trouble. Once I reached that conclusion I was more less content with my life.

    Fast forward to present day. My wife approaches me and asks why we don't have sex anymore. "Don't you find me attractive anymore?" and such. Yes she is still very attractive and I told her as much, but I also told her she obviously hasn't found me attractive for the last 20 years and I just got tired of trying. The reaction I got to this revelation wasn't really what I expected...

    Utter and complete confusion.

    She was completely shocked that I felt that way. I guess communication really is key huh. I had tried tell her how I was feeling in the past but it always fell on deaf ears. She seemed ready to talk about now so I told her everything from my point of view, feelings and yes, even the affair from 15 years ago. She had no idea about any of it. She told me she just never thought sex was that important. Yeah sure she enjoys it, would orgasm pretty much everytime, but it's just sex... no big deal.

    What happened next was the most incredible sex we had ever had. I'm in my late forties and I managed to cum three times that night and she actually squirted for the first time in her life. Twice. Our combined juices were literally gushing out of her pussy by the end of the night. It was the most inedible sex either of us had ever had.

    After that night she started doings things I would never have imagined. She started sexting pics while I was at work, she bought new toys and filmed herself using them. She decided she wanted to try anal. Dear god she loved it!!! It lead to another session like we had after our talk. After the initial slow careful entry she started talking dirty. She had never done that before. Holy crap that was a turn on!!! Her asshole was so incredibly tight coupled with her telling me to fuck her ass, I blew my load in about 2 minutes. I apologized for being a short timer. She just looked back at me and said I'm patient I'll just occupy my self until you get hard again. She stayed just like she was, head down ass up in the air and started rubbing her clit and moaning. I started to get hard again almost instantly. She pushed some of my cum out of her ass and rubbed it around her pussy lips. It completely sent me over the moon. I was completely hard again. I put some more lube on my cock and gently slid the head in her ass. As soon as I got it in I slammed my full length into her. She immediately drenched my balls and our bed. Her screaming to "fucking pound my ass" and "does my ass feel good wrapped around you cock" sent me over the edge three more times. After over 25 years of marriage I wasn't just content, I completely happy.

    This bliss went on for about six months. Now it seems we are back to almost where we were before. While she rarely turns me down for sex now, it seems we're back to me having to initiate it EVERY time. She won't sext anymore because she doesn't think it's safe. No more lingerie or wearing sexy clothes when we go out unless I specifically ask. (which completely ruins the fun).

    I realize there is going to be hot and cold stretches in any relationship but this goes well beyond that. When I tried to discuss it or anything else sexual in nature there is an immediate change of subject. It's been a little over a year now since our sex life died again

    My first thought was she was having an affair of her own, but it's really just not possible time wise. I'm beginning to think she saw me coming to terms with our previous lack of a sex life and couldn't stand to see me being in a contented state. So she fired up our sex life just enough reinvigorate my sex drive to make sure I'm miserable when she goes back to being a cold fish.

    I made a completely childish decision. I decided I wasn't going to have sex with her again until she initiated it... it's been 3 months now and counting... I've been completely fucking miserable (and pathetic) this whole time.

    I'm really really thinking about leaving her. I do still love her and all other aspects of our marriage are great. I'm just not sure this is something I can or want to get past. Since our kids our gone, the only other thing or things slowing me down are losing my house and my retirement account.

    Ok... Venting done

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