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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    OK so I had a party everyone had a great time. Well I woke up to getting the best head I have had thinking it was my wife I kept my eyes shut and enjoyed the oral . I feel her legs straddle me and the tip of my dick touching her warm pussy hole just then I hear my wife say to her 21 year old daughter she needed to take it all she made me cum so much and hard she came herself. Days after I got caught fucking the neibor and she turned out to be my sister.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I regularly have sex with my step brother. We met when we were both 15 years old. Our parents were dating at the time and we never expected them to become serious so we had sex a lot for the first year. At about a year mark, we all moved into one house. By then we realized that our parents were at least becoming a long term relationship so we agreed to try to stop our own sexual relationship.

    That only lasted about a month when we were both wound up and horny and playing in the pool. Fortunately for us our parents weren't home to catch us having very hot sex in the pool which soon turned into hardcore sex in the living room with us screwing in almost every position possible. We finished in the shower with me swallowing my step brother's cum.

    Six months later our parents got engaged but we knew we couldn't give up our desires for each other so we just continued to be secretive and have sex whwnever our parents weren't home.

    After high school, we were both accepted to the same college out of state so we moved together and shared an apartment. All these years later we still share an apartment together. And with the exception of when family or friends come visit, we share the same bed too.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My Mother in Law recently lost her boyfriend of 15 years due to illness and has been spending more time around my wife and I. He was a home body, drinker and introvert which was not at all what she was like. My MIL was a very attractive woman but the years with him have taken a toll on her both physically and mentally. She is 5'5", sandy hair, 38 DD's, 120 lbs, 17 years older then me and has an awesome personality. Prior to them meeting she had spent a fair amount of time around us but after meeting him we saw her only on the usual holidays much to my dismay. I knew she had always been interested in me as when we were first introduced she remarked that I was very handsome and she loved my sense of humor. These events happened prior to them meeting and now that he is gone I'm hoping we can resume the "old days"

    One time we were out of town for the weekend at a cottage. My now wife had gone to bed early and there was a group of 6-8 of us sitting around the fire. The MIL had come down from the cottage wearing track pants and t-shirt with no bra which I clearly noticed being that it was a cool night. She took up the seat beside me and asked if I would mind sharing the blanket I had dr**ed around me so I agreed. She mentioned she was cold and I said to her "I can tell" as she laughed and nuzzled in to me for warmth. I don't know what came over me but I began to rub her back first over her t-shirt and then under it against her bare back. She did not seem to mind so I continued doing so until I reached around her side and cupped her right breast and proceeded to rub her nipple. All of this was being shielded by the blanket so she placed her hand first on my thigh and then reached in to my shorts grabbing my cock which had precum flowing from it. Sadly nothing much happened beyond this and we went to bed. The next morning I was laying on the couch so she stopped, looked around, kissed me on the lips and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

    After this incident nothing much took place for a few years save for the sexual tension and the innuendos each time we were together. My MIL and wife had an argument so there was a time where we never saw her or had any contact with her for a few years. The argument had to do with some leftover bad feelings on how the MIL had left the wife's Father years earlier for some clown. At some point they resumed talking like nothing had ever happened and we were once again seeing her more often.

    The next time something happened was again out of town but this time for something to do at the MIL's cousins house which was party central. We started out by meeting her cousin who was playing in a softball tournament 20 minutes out of their town. I wasn't to keen on this until our ride to the park had to leave unexpectedly leaving just 1 car for 7 people. The MIL elected to sit on my lap for the drive home and what a ride home it would be. She was wearing a light skirt and I was wearing very light and thin shorts which were made of material similar to thermal underwear (I do not wear underwear) Every bump, twist and turn was used by the MIL to grind and punish my cock. I was seated against the right rear door so she allowed her skirt to ride up in the back as no one else could see this. As she did this I pulled my cock and balls out from the elastic waistband and soon found my cock rubbing up against her shaven vagina. Yep, I found out after she had removed her panties prior to us leaving the ballpark. Several bumps and turns later my cock was flowing with precum and I so badly wanted to position her so that I could jam my cock in her right there but how could I wife everyone including my future wife in the car. As we pulled up to the house she adjusted her skirt and I slipped my cock back in my shorts. I immediately went to the bathroom and jerked off to relieve the tension.

    Later that night a few of us began drinking and by nights end I found myself in the hot tub naked, alone, soaking my sore knee but far from drunk. I was hoping the wife, MIL or one of the others females would join me but after 15 minutes no one came around. As I exited the tub I realized I had no towel but there was no one around and it was a short to get one from the closet. I never made it five steps when the MIL's cousin appeared in front of me with my junk hanging out. I covered up and apologized and asked for a towel. She said she would only get me a towel if she could see what I was trying to cover. I nervously laughed and she again asked to see it. I told her no and she said she would tell my wife that I flashed her if I did not let her see it so I pulled my hands away exposing myself to her. So here i am 25 years old standing naked in front of this 47 year old married Cougar. She glanced down and stepped closer to me when she then extended her arm and took my cock in her hand. This sounds cliche but she said it was the largest cock she had ever seen as she slowly pulled on it. She stepped closer and began licking and then sucking my nipples which got me even harder. About a minute or two in to what surely would have been a hand job at the very least we heard someone coming down the stairs so I took cover in the bathroom and grabbed a towel.

    After wrapping up I exited to see the MIL and her cousin talking quietly. Apparently the MIL had told her cousin about the size of my cock earlier upon our arrival. So I now had 2 Cougars on the prowl for cock as they both egged me on to drop the towel. Moments later i sat on the couch and opened the towel up as they each took up a seat on either side of me. The cousin picked up where she left off by stroking me while the MIL massaged my balls and sucked my nipples. The MIL then leaned in taking my cock in her mouth to provide lubricant for the stroking. The cousin and MIL now exchanged jobs but the cousin was soon back working my cock with the MIL after getting a large stream of precum in her mouth (apparently she doesn't like it LOL) I have never had my cock that rock hard before or since as they both continued to work my cock until it exploded with 7 thick ropes of cum. The first 2 shots flew over my shoulder striking the wall and the remainder were deposited on my chest and stomach. The MIL continued to milk me as she leaned in to lap up the remaining cum and the cousin immediately went in to clean up mode. I thought this was the end of the night...

    So it was now time to go to bed but after drinking heavily I was of course now thirsty. The wife was on some meds that made her very tired and she was out soon after getting in to bed. The MIL was sleeping nearby in another pull out couch so I then came up with a plan. I tried waking the wife asking her to get me water using my knee as an excuse for her to get up. She was pissed off but did get up to bring me water which I quickly drank. I waited five minutes and asked her again for water but this time she wouldn't get up to get me it. I kept bugging until her Mom caught on and offered to get it for me. The MIL came to grab the glass and returned minutes later taking up a seat on the edge of the mattress.It was then something unexpected happened...the wife had asked her Mom to just sleep in our bed so that she could get me water throughout the night if I needed it. What luck I have!

    The MIL was now inches away from me wearing only a t-shirt and no panties while the wife was now snoring away. I edged closer to her and placed my hand in her shirt to cup her tits. In an instant her nipples were rock hard and her breathing increased as I know pulled her towards me so my cock was now firmly between her ass cheeks. I now went for the prize as I placed my hand to my mouth to wet my fingers. I circled her mound and then parted her lips so that I could rub her clit and then finger her. She began to moan so I placed my hand to her mouth and she began sucking my fingers. After making sure the wife was still snoring away beside me I moved my pinky finger to the MIL's ass and plunged it in. Minutes later she came and was now reaching for my cock which she began to stroke. She whispered to me "Put it in" I lubed my cock up, aligned myself with her and gently pulled her towards me as my cock slid in as she shuddered and came once again. I couldn't very well pound the ass off of her in the bed so I motioned for her to go the floor. I grabbed a pillow which she took and placed under her stomach meaning she wanted it from behind. With her ass elevated I jack-hammered the fuck out of her until I blew my load inside of her. We lay there for a few minutes until she pushed me back, went to the bathroom to clean up and returned to her bed without saying a word.

    The next morning I woke up late, alone and confused. I got up and wrapped a sheet around me so I could head upstairs to see where everyone was only to find the MIL and her cousin sitting on the deck talking like school girls. As I got closer they grew quiet so I asked where everyone was and was told they had gone to the Fair a short time ago and be back in a few hours. The cousin offered to make me breakfast and while doing so I endured some teasing about the now stained basement wall. I told her I could not accept full responsibility and that the two of them should share in the blame. Of course, we had also discussed that this should never be spoken of outside the 3 of us as it would surely ruin many lives. I went to have a shower and with my back to the door I was soon startled when a hand reached around and began shaking my cock. It was the MIL coming to join me in the shower so I went down on her making her cum a few times and then had her grab her ankles and I pounded her ass off once again.

    Before leaving that day the MIL's cousin pulled me aside saying that the next time she wanted the same treatment I gave to the MIL in the shower. Sadly that was many years ago and I took on a new job that kept me very busy with travel so the cousin never got her wish, the MIL had met someone and we were left only with sexual tension. I'm hoping that we can resume what we once had...

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    Cousine me Amore ( part four )

    About a week later my mom told me we were going to visit my aunt and uncle, and of course by extension my cousin. I said sure while trying not to sound over eager but inside I was pretty excited.

    The night before we went my mom was on the phone with my aunt. I was in my room and before she hung up she called me to the phone. She said my cousin wanted to say hello.

    Trying not to sound too interested I took the phone and said hello. My cousin whispered that we could see each other on the weekend. I said yeah and she asked me if I was looking forward to seeing her. I laughed quietly and said of course, while thinking of her reasoning. Then she mouthed a kiss and we hung up.

    The day of our visit came around and it turned out to be a sunny and warm day. That meant bathing suits for the pool and barbecue on the patio. As soon as we got there I changed to my swimsuit and went to the back yard. My cousin was already in her suit by the pool.

    When I went near the pool my cousin casually looked me over as though trying to recall my body in her mind. She was wearing a stretchy black suit and I noticed the outlines of her small nipples pressing out from beneath the fabric.

    While we were swimming in the pool our parents talked and my uncle started up the barbecue. They didn't notice when my cousin bumped up against me in the pool and our bodies met. She slipped her hand halfway down the front my suit and then pulled away.

    Our parents called us to eat and we all sat together at the picnic table. We stayed in our swimsuits and the sun dried our bodies. My cousin waited on me as though I were her master and she my underling. It was strange but somehow enjoyable.

    As we ate burgers and salads my cousin sat next to me. Whenever she sensed our parents weren't looking she snuggled up against me. Our bare legs touched under the table. She looked in my face with a sly expression directed toward me.

    Of course I knew what she was thinking but I tried to stay composed. She was a little reckless so it fell on me to keep an outward lid on things. So my face remained unchanged despite the very real excitement I felt inside.

    After finishing our barbecue meal our parents went inside to have drinks and talk. They told us to behave before leaving us on our own. Of course they were expecting us to play in the pool and otherwise amuse ourselves. If they only knew.

    About ten minutes after they were gone we climbed out of the pool and walked quickly to the rear of the yard. Back here there were small trees and large bushes on the lawn and we felt pretty well out of sight. As soon as we were near she took my hand and squeezed it.

    The ground sloped down a good bit so between that and the trees and bushes we were hidden. Instead of lawn grass there was wild grass that grew up about twelve or fifteen inches tall and it felt soft against our legs as we walked.

    We turned toward each other and kissed. Her swimsuit straps came down off her shoulders. I peered down her chest and she smiled knowing where I was looking. She pulled the top part of the suit down to her waist exposing her breasts to me. As I watched her I smiled.

    Suddenly she fell to her knees and grabbed the top of my swimsuit. It was still very wet but she pulled it side to side and soon had it off me. With her own suit still hanging halfway down her body she grasped my penis and guided it into her mouth.

    I felt myself become excited as I gazed down on her tanned back. She looked up and our eyes met. After a few seconds we parted and she rolled to her feet. I stared at the lower part of her body and waited.

    A second later she had pushed down her swimsuit and stood before me naked. We didn't say anything; we just stared at each other. Even though we had previously seen each other naked, every new time seemed a wonder.

    I looked her body over. She didn't have what you would call an 'hour-glass' figure. Having not yet ripened into a full blown woman with wide hips and pendulous bosom, she seemed thin but fit. Her breasts pointed out without hanging. Her vagina was framed with a sparse but dark patch of pubic hair.

    Placing my hands on her shoulders, I let them run down the front of her bosom. She closed her eyes and let me feel her. A faint smile came to her lips when my fingers ran over the cleft between her legs.

    She opened her eyes momentarily to look past my shoulder. Satisfied that we were truly alone, she let herself drop to the grass. She held her arms out for me and I leaned down on top of her.

    We kissed passionately with our bodies pressed against one another. Her hands came around my back and dug into my flesh. I sought to get my penis into her. Feeling me fumble atop her she spread her legs and repositioned herself until I finally found my way and pressed inside her.

    If anyone had come back then to discover us they would have seen me lying naked on top of my equally naked cousin while I worked my penis in and out of her. She pressed her face upon my neck and rubbed it over me. The sound of her breath filled my ears as I caressed her body with my fingers.

    When the heat of my orgasm finally faded to stillness I eased off her body and lay beside her. She was staring straight up at the sky with a satisfied expression on her face. I rolled on my side to face her and placed a hand atop her breast.

    She turned and smiled at me. Then she lay one of her hands atop mine and we stayed like that for awhile. I felt happy and her face seemed to express the same feeling. So we lay motionless like that for awhile.

    After ten or fifteen minutes my cousin got to her feet and climbed back into her swimsuit. She said we had better get back so I reluctantly arose and put on my own suit. As we came from the bushes she whispered in my ear that she loved me before heading in ahead of me. I followed close behind thinking about what she had said.

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    Hello, this is all true and just started about two days ago. I am being watched as I type this. My daughter just had a baby two months ago and her tits have gotten huge. I have started thinking about her tits non stop and get so horny I have to jack off. I have also started looking at lactating tits on the web. and thinking about how hot it would be to suck on my daughters huge tits and fuck them maybe even slap them a little. One day I was in my office at home and my son in law came over and I did not hear him come in the house as I was watching a nice set of tits being tied and slapped while I was jacking off. he came into my office and caught me jacking I almost passed out. he saw what I was watching and he knew right away what I was thinking but he ask anyway. "are you thinking about -----
    tits ? I told him no I just like looking at huge tits. he got all rough sounding and told me to get up so he could sit at my p.c. so I got up and he checked my history only to find my daughters name there. I wanted to see if any one has posted some nudes of her. He then told me I was sick and that he was going to tell my wife and daughter about all this. So I ask him what it would take to keep him quite. He told me he had to tell them because I need help. I started to beg him not to tell and said I would give him money or anything he wanted. That's when I got a shock he said my daughter would not give him head. so he said he wanted me to suck him off. I tried to talk him into some other deal but he said no that's what I want or I tell. so I told him to stay in my chair and I got on my knees and helped him get his jeans off. his cock was soft but maybe 4in. I just looked at his cock and him and ask if he was for real he slapped my face and told me to get sucking. so I started stroking his cock and licking the head he told me to suck it so I took it in my mouth and he started fucking my face. his cock got hard really fast. it was about 6.2/6.5 in. when he was hard. he told me he was going to cum and that I needed to drink his cum down ALL OF IT. as he started to cum he held me in place so I had to drink it all. he filled my mouth up and I drank it as he was pumping more in me. after he was drained and soft he let me up only to inform me that he had videoed some of his cocksucking father in law taking his cock. I have sucked him off a number of times since then and he said I will keep sucking his cock or he will tell my wife and daughter and show them the video and post it on line. I don't know how this will turn out but I am starting to like the way he forces me to serve him. it has me thinking of even kinkyer things. that I would love for him to make me do. I guess we will see what happens.

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    I was married to a younger sexy nymphomaniac with a fabulous ass. Add alcohol and the sky was the limit as she would do any and everything. From threesomes with other women to gangbangs with her being the only girl.
    I must admit how much I enjoyed watching her with other guys especially when she sucked their cock. But my favorite memory of all time is when we were with another girl and she tore my ex apart with a strap on. I will never lose the mental image of her sucking on that fake dick attached to this hot ass female while I dicked her up the ass.
    They sure were some fun times. Boy, I do miss her when it comes to bedtime.

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    Straight Male / 44


    after I read her letter, I read it over and over again, very unsure about what to do about it, I mean I wanted this young woman more than anything but the risk that was involved was immense.. I was worried all day about when she arrived at home and how I could look her in the eye knowing what I just read. I stewed on it all day and I came up with a solution, I wrote her a letter and taped it to her bedroom door and told her I would be out until close to bedtime and for her to read this and if she agreed then to come to my room and find the door cracked once I turned off the lights and was in bed.

    in the letter I explained to her how much she turned me on and how immensely I wanted to be with her and how turned on I got when I saw her masturbating the other night in her bed. I explained to her that if we were going to do this that I also would never tell a soul and around other people we would act normal and never give anyone any reason to suspect us being together and we would change nothing about how we live, she would still have her room and I still have mine. I went one step further and went in her moms dresser and got my favorite piece of her lingerie and put it in a box and put it by her door and in the letter explained to her that if she would do so that I would love to see her in this when she came to my room tonight, that it belonged to her mom and I found her mom to be so incredibly sexy in it and I know she would look even more incredible in it, and that if she thought it was too weird or did not want to wear it that it was ok and I would understand..

    wh en I got home that night, I went to the shower and her door was closed but I saw the light on underneath the door, I showered and went to my room and just put on some clean shorts and nothing else and turned on the tv for light and turned off the lights and laid back on my bed with no covers. I closed my eyes and was so nervous about her coming to my room and wondering if she would wear the lingerie, the lingerie was a very sexy sheer light green top that tied right under her breasts and was very sheer and had a matching very sheer thong. I kept looking towards the door but she was not there, I closed my eyes for a minute and then I heard the door creak and I opened my eyes to the most incredible moment ever in my life, there she stood, one arm raised over her head with her hand on the door frame and leaning against it and with the light of the tv, I was simply in awe! she had her hair fixed very nice and looked absolutely stunning in the lingerie, I could clearly see her very large areolas and nipples through the sheer fabric, she had breast fed the baby and her nipples were very large and very nice.

    she took a few steps toward the bed as I stared in disbelief and she did a turning motion and turned around so I could see her ass and then turned back around and looked at me and asked me "is this what you wanted to see?" I simply replied yes In a harsh voice because my mouth was completely dry.. I stood up and stepped over to her and she put her arms on my shoulders and I put my arms around her waist and told her she looked incredible and our lips met with what was an explosion of passion and desire mixed together, I felt my cock throbbing in my shorts and felt the heat of her body against mine.

    she pushed me back on the bed and pulled the string that untied the top and let it fall to the floor, she then reached down and grabbed my shorts and pulled them off of me grabbed my cock in her hand and said "this is what I want" and got on her knees by the bed and took my cock in her mouth and it was all I could do to not cum that very instant, she took my entire cock in her mouth, I am like 7 inches and she took it like it was nothing, her mom did not even do that, she had me raising my hips up off the bed, she licked my balls and sucked my cock with a passion and I thought I would pass out, I knew I was going to cum so I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up towards me and she stood up and I told her to take her panties off and sit on my face because I wanted to eat her sweet pussy, she took off her panties and I slid back on the bed and she crawled on top of me and stopped with her sweet tits hanging right in my face, I sucked and licked on each one of her very hard nipples and held them in my hands and sucked and lick them some more.

    I then pushed her toward my face and she moved up and put her pussy right over my mouth and slowly sat down as I put my hands on her incredibly soft ass and I could smell her sweet pussy that smelled just like her panties did that day when I smelled them. I began licking her pussy and she was so wet and tasted so good, she began to moan loudly and I licked and sucked her hard clit and stuck my tongue in her pussy and pulled her pussy tight to my face and kept licking and sucking on her clit as her moans got louder and louder and suddenly I felt a gush of her juices as her whole body shuddered and she smashed her pussy on my face as she began to cum really hard, she cried out in pleasure as I kept licking and sucking on her clit.

    after the orgasm subsided a bit and I was still licking her, she raised up and moved back and sat on my cock and I felt her wet pussy lips against my rock hard cock, she reached down and took my cock and guided it into her pussy and sat down in one motion and took my entire cock in her pussy and she moaned out "oh god that feels so good". instead of bouncing up and down like her mom did, she began to rock her hips and it felt incredible, she reached up and played with her nipples and looked down at me then she leaned over and put her tits in my face again and I raise up the best I could to lick her nipples and I put my hands on her ass and began to help her fuck me, it was pretty obvious to me that I was not going to last very long, the passion and desire in this young woman, she leaned over to my ear and told me that she wanted my cum in her pussy that she was on birth control and it was ok. she raised up and started to rock her hips back and forth again and I was loosing it and I was now the one crying out in pleasure, I grabbed her hips and rocked her faster and faster and I felt my cock getting ready to explode and I started to cum so damn hard that my ass came up off the bed and I cried out in pleasure and at the same time she was cumming and screaming with pleasure, I felt my cock explode in her so hard and felt the cum gush out around my cock and run down my cock to my balls and I was cumming harder than I think I ever have, she leaned back down and kept moving her hips causing me to buck my hips almost uncontrollably until I could not cum anymore and she kept riding me and I was amazed that I was staying so hard, suddenly she jumped up and got on her knees as I raised up and she turned her ass towards me and stuck her face in the bed with her pussy staring at me and I could see my cum running out of her and she cried out very loudly "fuck me papa ********, oh god fuck me" when she said that, I lost it, I shoved my cock in her and grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard and fast as I could and she was screaming the whole time "fuck me papa******** oh yes fuck me" then she said something that made me cum instantly and I have never came twice in a row like that in years, while she was screaming out for me to fuck her, she screamed out "fuck me papa*********, fuck me like you used to fuck my mom" my cock exploded and my legs shook and I slammed my cock into her pussy and she had an orgasm that caused her to collapse face down on the bed and her legs started shaking violently and her whole body seemed to be shaking as she just kept crying out "oh god, oh god" her body was jerking up and down and shaking like crazy as I watched in amazement.

    after her body calmed down I was sitting on the edge of the bed with sweat pouring off of me and she grabbed my shoulder and sat up and pushed me back on the pillows and laid beside me and put her head on my chest. we laid there without speaking for a few minutes and she whispered in my ear that when me and her mom first met and she was still living here, she would stand outside our bedroom door at night and listen to me fuck her mom and listen to her mom beg me to fuck her and cum in her pussy and she used to use her vibrator and fuck herself while listening to me fuck her mom. I was speechless, she told me that she has wanted to fuck me ever since we met.

    that night will forever remain embedded in my brain as the hottest night of raw, animalistic, passionate, incredible sex, that I have ever had, we fucked a total of five times that night and I came all five times. the last time I came she took it in her mouth and sucked me dry, we fell asleep in each others arms and woke up the next morning and she was almost late for work..

    we fucked for several nights in a row after that and each night was so incredible and so passionate and unbelievable that I think I am dreaming.

    it has been 7 months now and we don't fuck every single night but we do fuck three or four nights a week, when she gets horny she comes to my room at bedtime and we fuck for a while and then she will go to her room to bed. we decided that we will do it that way so no one will ever have the chance to accidently find us sleeping together, she keeps nothing of hers in my room, it looks the same as it always has, in the last 7 months she has worn all of her moms lingerie for me, she is the most incredible woman I have ever been with, I get and stay harder than I ever have, the sex is off the charts and incredible and passionate and just so raw and animalistic, she begs me to fuck her, she begs me to fuck her like I used to fuck her mom, she cries out and begs her "papa *******" to fuck her and that is the most incredible thing that makes me so hard and makes me cum so hard.. no one, not any friends or family suspect anything, I know it wont last but as long as it does, my door is open to her anytime she wants to come to my room..

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    Straight Male / 44

    PART ONE I am still living in disbelief and it has been almost a year since this started and some may find this to be an unusual event or immorally wrong but I just cant seem to stop what has been started.
    this all started almost a year ago when my long term girlfriend got very sick, (we were never married and were together over ten years). she was unable to fight off her sickness and sadly passed away at 51 years of age and it was a sad time for all, I had a hard time dealing with her death, we lived together in a house she owned and she had three children that were like my own even though they were not legally my step children. there are two daughters, one is 27 and the other is 24, and one son that is 22.

    the two daughters live somewhat local, the younger daughter is in same town, the oldest is about an hour away and the son lives out of state.

    after her death and trying to deal with it I came to realize that I was going to have to find a new place to live as this was not my house and it now belonged to her children, i was told not to worry or to rush to find a place that i was fine staying here until i could find somewhere to go. well about two months after her death, the oldest daughter called and wanted to come over so i said sure and when she arrived we talked and she informed me that her and her siblings wanted me to stay and live here in their moms house because it was her wish that i be allowed to remain here after she passed. i was somewhat shocked and surprised to learn this but she informed me that her mom had told them that this is what she wanted for me because all of our memories were in this house together and she did not want me to have to leave and she wanted me to keep her memory alive even after she was gone..

    i told the daughter that i would remain here and that if at any time they wanted me to leave just to let me know and i would find somewhere to go.

    well, i was here for about two months by myself and i did not change much of the house, i let her girls go through most all of her stuff and get what they wanted and i left all of our pictures hanging on the wall and stuff like that, i left our bedroom the same with the pictures on the nightstand and most of her clothes were still in the her dresser as i just could not seem to get rid of them yet. the third month that i was here, the oldest daughter again called and wanted to come over and talk and i agreed, we set up a time and said we would talk in two days on a Friday evening.

    i will call her lisa for the sake of privacy. lisa is 27 years old, i have been in her life since she was 16 and in high school and she lived with us until she went to college. she is a single mother and her daughter is almost two years old now and lisa has a good job and lives alone about an hour away from me.

    i have always thought that she is an attractive young woman and been secretly attracted to her and wondered what it would be like to be with her for a long time now, and when she was pregnant and going thru her pregnancy she was so incredibly sexy.. she is what one would call a "chubby woman" she is blonde and has a few extra pounds but she carries it very well and she is a very beautiful and sexy woman, she has big thighs and a big beautiful ass that turns me on to look at and she mostly wears pretty short shorts and a tank top which shows her beautiful tits that stand out proudly. i know in her younger years that she was very sexually active and her mother told me about all the guys she was sleeping with and she did go thru a lot of boyfriends and i know that her and her mother had many discussions about sex and that lisa loved everything about sex and according to her mother she was just like her when she was her age, very promiscuous..

    when Friday evening arrived, lisa showed up and had the baby and i had fixed some dinner and we ate and talked about just everything in general and how she was doing and coping with the loss of her mom and how the baby was doing. after dinner, the baby feel asleep and we were sitting in the living room talking and she brought up the reason she asked to come over.

    she told me that she was having a hard time financially, and had a question that she wanted to ask me. well, i thought that she was going to ask me for some money and i was prepared to help her all i could when she looked at me and asked me if it would be possible if her and the baby moved in with me for a while until she could save some money and move closer to her work and that if she did not have all the bills from living alone and paying rent to just basically sleep in her house that it would greatly help with the expensive day care that she paid every month for the baby. she told me that she would help me with my bills as much as she could but she just could not afford to do it all on her own.

    i told her that i saw no problem with it because there were two extra bedrooms in this house and i only used one of them and that her and the baby could have their own room and i was willing to let her stay here as long as she needed to do so to help her out, i told her it was the least i could do considering that her and her siblings were allowing me to remain her for free because the house is paid for and i only pay the taxes each year and take care of the maintenance of the house. i told her that she would not pay me anything to live here and it was not up for discussion.

    sh e was thrilled at my acceptance of her staying here and got very emotional and got up and gave me a huge hug and kiss on the cheek and said thank you so much. we talked it all over and i told her to give notice to her landlord and that i would come to her house the following weekend to start moving her stuff. for the rest of the week i moved stuff around and cleaned out the two bedrooms to make room for her and her stuff, there was not too much to move because we just used them for guest rooms mainly, they were furnished and she took the back bedroom and wanted to make the middle room for the baby so i moved the bed in the middle room to the garage to make room for a baby bed and furniture. i told her we would put the rest of her stuff that she did not need right now in the garage so she would not have to pay storage for it.

    after we got her moved in and a couple of weeks went by, i noticed that she was getting very comfortable living here and i began to notice things like her wearing tiny little shorts and tank tops around the house and i tried to not get caught looking at her, sometimes her shorts were so short that i could see her cheeks peeking out, especially when she would bend over to pick up the baby or something, i began to lay in bed at night and wonder what it would be like to be with her but i knew it was not right to think that way, but i could not help myself.

    we would have dinner together every night, sometimes she would even cook, we talked about her mom a lot and how much we both missed her, i told her to live her life and just come and go as she pleased and make this her home and not to worry about baby toys being scattered all over the house and that it was fine and that i enjoyed having her and the baby here and that it had helped me by not being alone all the time like i had been the last couple of months before her and the baby moved in.

    we sometimes watched movies and talked and she told me about how she was really not interested in having a regular boyfriend or a relationship right now that she wanted to save her money and spend time with the baby and did not want to be a mom that sent her to the sitters all the time just so she could go out, she said her party days were pretty much over and she had barely done anything at all since the baby was born and she was two years old now.

    she seemed to really be focused on her future and making a future for the baby and i was proud of her but in my mind i wondered when was the last time she was with a man sexually and had it been two years since she had sex? i found myself becoming very attracted to her, she has a major resemblance to her mother and especially at that age but i did not know her mother at that age and began to wonder when i was alone and in bed at night what it would be like to have sex with her. i started looking at porn on the internet and found myself looking specifically at women her age and ones that resembled her and began to masturbate thinking about having sex with her while looking at pictures of what i imagined she would look like naked..

    most of the time she left for work before i got up, and one morning when i got up and went to the bathroom, she had left her little shorts and tank top and panties laying in the floor by the shower and she had not done this before, well my curiosity got the best of me and i picked up her sexy little panties and held them up and looked at them and i got an erection and although i had never done anything like this before, i brought the crotch of her panties to my nose and inhaled and almost came in my shorts. the crotch of her panties smelled like nothing i had ever smelled before, i can not explain it to you, the smell was intoxicating, the only pussy i had smelled for the last ten years was her mom and she smelled nothing like this, i pulled my shorts down and masturbated while i smelled her panties and came so very hard i thought i would pass out, i could not stop thinking about eating her pussy..

    i cleaned up and put my shorts back on and bunched up her clothes and took them and put them in her hamper in her room and went about my morning and my day. when she got home that evening the very first thing she said to me was that she was sorry and that she remembered after she left that she left her dirty clothes in the bathroom floor, i told her it was ok and don't worry about it that i put them in her hamper for her. she looked at me and blused a little bit and told me she would try not to let it happen again that she was running late this morning and in a hurry and forgot. well she now knew that i had seen and held a pair of her panties and i was wondering if she did it on purpose and was wondering what she was thinking and what i though about touching her panties.

    that night when i went to bed i was lying on my bed and looking at some pictures on my computer of women that resembled her in her looks and was rubbing my cock when thought i saw something out of the corner of my eye, i tried to peek without making it obvious and i could just make her out standing in my bedroom doorway where the door was open aobut an inch or so, it was dark in the house and the only light was my computer screen but i could make out the silhouette of her standing there and looking thru the cracked open door. i got extremely nervous and wondered how long she had been there and if she had seen me rubbing my cock, she obviously could see my computer screen and i did not want her to know i knew she was standing there so i just kept looking at the pictures and rubbing my cock underneath me, i knew she could see what i was doing but i let on like i did not know she was there.

    i looked up again and she was gone. i was so turned on and yet nervous at the same time, i could not believe what i had just seen, she was watching me, how long had she been there, how many times had she done this and me not notice, i don't think she knew i saw her, i never turned my head towards the door, i just used the corner of my eye to look over there and i know she could not see my eyes. i got so horny and so hard, i had been masturbating almost every night since she had been here thinking about her and i had not had sex or even been near a woman since her mom died, it had been three months or so now and i found myself wanting this young woman who was practically my step daughter and i wanted to have sex with her badly.

    i masturbated and came very quickly, then i went to sleep, the next morning when i got up she had left and i was relived because i was not sure how i could look at her face to face knowing she had been watching me. i found myself going to her room and looking in her hamper and taking out her panties and masturbating while smelling them again.

    when the time came for her to get home, i again got very nervous and told myself to relax and not let her know that i knew her secret. when she got home, she acted completely normal and even sitting at the table eating she never let on that anything had happened. over the next few evenings her shorts and tank top changed to very skimpy pajama shorts and top and her nipples were very prominent in the little top and her sweet cheeks were hanging out for me to see, yet nothing changed between us, we just lived like normal, she acted normal, i acted normal, nothing changed except i made it a point to change my position on the bed with my computer so i could get a better view of the doorway and each night after i went to bed and it was completely dark in the house except for the light from my computer screen, i noticed about an hour after i went to bed each night that she would appear in my doorway and watch me, i think this became a game that neither of us spoke about knowing what we were doing or she just did not have the slightest clue that i knew what she was doing. i would look at the pictures and rub my hard cock and she would stand there and watch me for about 15 minutes or so then she would leave.

    i decided to change it up one night to see what might happen and to give her something to see, i took off my shorts one night and laid on my side with my computer blocking my face but i could see past the edge of it and see the doorway very clearly but she could not see me looking that way. i began to look at the pictures like i always did and my cock got hard and i started to stroke it very slowly and after a few minutes of doing this, when i peeked past the screen i saw here there. in my mind i froze, but i knew if i stopped that she would know i saw her, so i kept slowly stroking my hard cock and became so nervous and excited at the same time that it was very hard to keep my composure without giving anything away. i got so hard and kept stroking my cock and when i peeked around the screen again, i could make out one hand in her little shorts and one hand up her shirt playing with her tits and she was obviously rubbing her pussy. it was all i could do to not cum right then and as i continued to stroke my cock i noticed that she was getting off watching me and this was an immense turn on. she stood there about her normal fifteen minutes or so and then suddenly she was gone. i closed my computer and just laid there thinking this over and could not believe what was happening, i was never more turned on in my life and i decided that i was going to actually jerk off tomorrow night and let her see me cum and see what that did for her..

    as i lay there thinking about it, i had to go to the bathroom so i got up and quietly went through the house and purposely snuck thru the house as quiet as possible, her bedroom was the next room past the bathroom and i knew once i closed the bathroom door that if she was awake then she would know i was up, so i very quietly stood by the bathroom door and looked at her bedroom door and to my surprise it was cracked open. i got more nervous than i have ever been in my entire life and knew it was wrong, so wrong, but i could not stop my feet from moving and i found myself at the edge of the door by the wall and very slowly and carefully peeked thru the cracked door and got the shock of my life, the tv was on but no sound and i could see her on the bed on her back and my cock got so hard and my blood started pumping so hard and fast i felt my heart was going to pop out of my chest!

    never before had i seen what i was now seeing, she was lying on her bed on her back with her knees pulled up and her legs spread wide and she was naked and she had a vibrator that was bigger than my cock and her eyes were closed and she was fucking herself with that vibrator, it was unbelievable i was frozen, i could not move or take my eyes off of her obviously shaved pussy and her pussy lips engulfing that vibrator as she fucked herself with it. she was pinching her nipples and rubbing her beautiful breasts with her other hand and softly moaning, it was like she was oblivious to the world around her and my cock was harder than it had ever been my whole life, i had never seen a woman pleasure herself, i tried to get her mom to do it many time but she never would, and seeing her doing it was the most incredible thing i have ever witnessed in my life.. i did not want to move, i could see her moving her hips as she fucked herself, she was moaning and squirming and watching that big vibrator move in and out of her sweet pussy was driving me insane, my heart was pounding, my breathing was fast and heavy and i had to make myself move as i was so afraid she would catch me watching her.

    i forgot all about going to the bathroom and went immediately back to my room and it took all of ten seconds of touching my cock for it to explode all over my bed.. i laid there most of the night thinking about it and wondering if she did this every night and if this was part of the game that i thought we must be playing but not letting each other know, i thought it all through as best i could. was she wanting me to come and see her doing what she had been watching me doing, she obviously was getting off watching me, was she going back to her room and imagining me fucking her?? i wanted to go to her room and fuck her so bad but i knew i could not do it, what if i was wrong, what if she did not know i knew she saw me and watched me and she thought it was her secret, what if she had no intention of me seeing her and i just accidentally did, there was too much at stake to risk letting her know i wanted to fuck her so bad. if her siblings or friends or my friends or family ever found out it would be not only so morally wrong but devastating. what would people think of me if things went wrong and i tried to fuck her but she really did not want it, me an older man having sex with his much younger practical stepdaughter, what if it was simply a game she was playing to relive her sexual tension?? i could not sleep for thinking about it and i heard her the next morning when she got up to go to work and i just laid there until she left.

    well that day i decided that if this was a game she was playing and that if she liked watching me and getting off to watching me look at younger women like her on my computer and play with my cock and after what i saw last night i was going to give her something to see tonight, i decide that i was going to find a video on the internet and let it play on my computer beside me on the bed while i laid on my back staring at the screen and masturbating while watching it and let her watch me cum. getting caught masturbating is far less worse than getting caught propositioning sex from a practical stepdaughter..

    i spent most of the day searching and watching videos and i finally found one that closely resembled her body and her hair length and even big breasts like hers and a shaved pussy. i watched it and this guy and this woman started making out and the clothes came off and the woman sucked his big cock and he licked her tits and then ate her pussy for a few minutes and she then got on top of him and rode his cock for a bit and then she got off of him and he turned her doggie style and fucked her until he came in her pussy and all over her ass.

    i decided this was the video she was going to see me masturbating too. when she got home that evening everything was normal, we decided to watch a movie and she put on her usual tiny little pajamas and acted normal, we watched the movie and then talked for a bit and she said she had to go to bed and get her rest. she went to her room and i turned off all the lights and went to my room and i purposely left my door cracked just a little bit more than normal and i looked at porn for a bit and and then took off my shorts and started the video and laid on my back on my pillow turned my head toward the screen away from the door but i knew that she could easily see the screen and see the video, i kept my head just straight enough that i could see the doorway and hoped that she would make her nightly visit and not be scared to watch because i was not in my normal position and hoped she would be so horny that she would not think i even knew she was watching..

    i kept peeking to the door and she was not there yet, but when she did appear, i saw her and i noticed on the video that it was at the place where he was eating her pussy, i was stroking my cock and intentionally was going to make myself wait until he came and cum at the same time he did. when i would sneak a peek over her way, i could tell she was fingering her pussy and when i looked again, she was totally naked and had one hand in her pussy and the other one on her tits, i kept stroking my cock and held it straight up while i did, it got to the part of the movie where the guy turned her doggie style and i sped up stroking my cock knowing what was going to happen, i got myself very close to the edge and when that guy started to cum in her and pulled his cock out and came all over her ass my cock erupted and shot cum over my head and landed on the headboard, there was no way she did not see it.. i looked up again and she was again gone.. i got up to go to the bathroom to clean up and i caught just a glimpse of her very naked ass going into her bedroom and heard her door shut and i went to the bathroom without sneaking this time and when i came out her door was still closed so i went to bed and called it a night..

    the next night i shut my door completely when i went to bed, i had some very hard thinking to do and i needed a break, this woman was blowing my mind and i was craving her so bad sexually that either something had to happen or i just had to stop this altogether..

    when i got up the next morning i got the second shock of my life, i opened my bedroom door and there was a letter taped to my door that said please read this with a very open mind.. i sat down in my chair and lit a cigarette and opened it up it was two pages long and by reading it she must have written it the night before when she found my door closed.. i am going to paraphrase the letter as i can not remember the exact words.

    the letter began by saying that she was sorry to find my door closed last night, i almost fell out of my chair, she went on to say that she knew that i had to know that she was watching me and that she got very turned on while watching me play with my cock and looking at pictures of women that resembled her in size and such.. she went on to say that she knew that we both had been acting normal and doing this and that she knew i watched her the other night and it made her cum really hard, she told me that she had not had sex since she got pregnant almost two years ago, she said that when she got pregnant she decided that she was going to make a life for her and the baby and stop partying, and when her mom died she felt like she lost her best friend and sex just did not seem important to her anymore. she then said that the first night she saw me stroking my cock was purely by accident, she had come to my room to see if i was still up because she wanted to talk and when she saw me through the cracked door she could not turn away and got very turned on, so each night she would sneak to my room and see if i was playing with my cock and she would watch me and play with her pussy until she came and then go back to bed and use her vibrator. she went on to say that her mom had told her that the two of us had a very good sex life and that i was very good in bed and gave her plenty of good orgasms.. i was shocked, i had no idea that her mom had told her about our sex life!

    she told me at the end of the letter that she wanted to come to my room tonight and if i wanted her to come in to leave the door cracked and she would know it was ok to come in and if the door was closed then she would know not to come in, she said she understood if i did not want to do it but that we either had to do it or stop teasing each other like we have been doing, she even told me that the way she looked at it was that no one would ever suspect us, that she would never say a word to anyone and would take this secret to her grave with her..

    I am out of characters so I will finish this for you readers if you would like to hear about that night and how explosive it was and how we are still going and not suspected by anyone.
    look for part two.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    {Fake fiction, jack off is you wish]

    I love pleasuring my Daddy.

    It first started when I sat on my dragon. He's a green inflatable dragon from a tv show, Jane and the dragon, but my family bought it for me since I always watch the show. I'm 18 but i love it. Anyway, I sat on him and pretended I was riding him like Jane did, and it started to tingle down there. I started to ride faster and began to cry out loudly, for there was a funny feeling growing in my tummy. Daddy was the first man to enter the room as I had my first orgasm. "Daddy!" I yelled, feeling pleasure all over, looking only at his beautiful face. From then on, I associated my pleasure with Daddy.

    I started to ride my dragon more often when Daddy was nearby, so I could get the feeling back. "Daddy? Will you play with me and dragon today?" I would always ask. But he was always busy with Mother in their room.

    I would ride dragon when I couldn't get Daddy to play with me. It was fun but i knew daddy would be more fun than dragon, more pleasurable. Nevertheless, i'd pretend that dragon was daddy sometimes.

    When I was watching Jane and the Dragon I would go on journeys and adventures with dragon. We would hump to the mountains, ride to the eastlands and my tight pussy in my panties would be fucked raw by the end of the journey (dragons material is so tight and good, rubber). I would get so tired from them that I would fall asleep in the next room - Daddy's room ;)

    I would sleep legs wide to show daddy what he was missing, and I would always face my ass up beause I heard mommy say "fuck me in the ass" once and daddy liked that a lot I could tell by his groans. I think he'd like it with me even more. So I waxed my pussy bald just for him and since I was a virgin I was very small and tight looking.

    One day he came home to me and dragon playing together. "Daddy," I said. "Do you think my dragon is sexy?"

    "Wha-what?" He stuttered.

    "My dragon. He's sexy right?"

    &q uot;Why would you say that?" He gulped.

    "Because me and dragon talk about you all the time. He says hes sexier than me, but thats not true, is it Daddy?" I was sitting on dragon, on the floor, and I humped dragon slowly, always looking at Daddy. "Tell me I'm sexy, Daddy."

    My Daddy was shell shocked. But being a loving father, he said: "You're my sexy girl."

    &quo t;Mmm, thank you Daddy." I humped dragon a little faster and harder. I whimpered, getting that feeling again, all the while staring him straight in the eye. I saw his pants move slightly. "And since mommy's away tonight, can your sexy girl get dirty Daddy?"

    "Wh-w ha do you mean?" His eyes popped.

    "I mean..." I said. "This," I humped dragon with all my strength and suddenly moaned loudly and whimpered once more. "Daddy!" I screamed out of habit from envisioning Daddy's hands around me whenever I went on a journey, which I'd been doing for weeks now. "Oh, Daddy, look what you made me do..."

    My juice ran down dragons green back, a mess.

    "Oh, baby girl.." My daddy fell to his knees and immediately took out something from his pants, touching it all over.

    What is that? I wondered. It looked soft but also hard at the same time. I reached out to touch it but he held back, and I felt hurt by that. "But don't you love me Daddy?"

    "I do, baby, you don't know how much I do..."

    " Then let me..." I moaned, reaching for it. He hesitated, before resentfully moving to me and giving it to my hands. It was soft like I thought. I stroked it carefully.

    "I love you, baby. You know I'd never hurt you like that." He said.

    "I know Daddy." I stroked it again, suddenly having an idea. "Daddy?"

    "Yes, princess?"

    " ;Can I put it in my mouth?"

    "Of course, princess." He smiled, shaking his head.

    And I did. It tasted devine in my mouth. I sucked it softly, kissing the tip of it and licking it to taste. He moaned, and he grabbed my neck. "Do it, baby. Do it,"

    "Nuh -uh," I said. I teased him and pulled back, waiting. "First call me Jane,"

    "Jane,& quot; he moaned. "Fucking suck it like your mother does, Jane. Suck it hard and long."

    And so i did.

    After I finished and Daddy spewed white stuff on me, which I licked off, I said: "Jane is not your daughter, Daddy. Call her whenever you need me to be her and I'll satisfy you like Mother never could."

    - Jane. M

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    Straight Male / 45

    Two nights ago, I was on Omegle. I masturbated for a girl on there, let her watch me cum, and then I watched her strip her clothes off, get naked and masturbate until she came.

    When we were done, she asked me if I'd pan out and show her my face. I normally don't do that, but since I was dressed, I said yes. I asked her to show me hers. And when she did, I realized I'd just sat there in my computer chair and watch my 13 year old niece masturbate online.

    I thought it was the hottest and dirtiest sexy thing I've seen. But I'm not sure how many others she's done it to. And as sick as it is? I want to see her do it more..

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