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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Female / 37

    I had sex with my nephew.

    My nephew is 19, and he's really hot, his father is hot and we're a good looking family so when my sister and her husband had him, duh he's was going to be a bomb. Anyway the last time we had met he was 13 years old, and so our friend's daughter was getting married and we (my sister who's his mom and I) went to the wedding and I made sure to make myself look hot.

    After my sister kindly invited me to come to her house, as I lived far, everyone else went to sleep except he and I. He was doing homework and I was still dressed up, I went to the bathroom, put on some dark red lipstick, brought down the cleavage some more, and went to his room and started talking to him.

    One thing led to another, I noticed his boner and commented on it, shaming him for having it over his auntie. He denied and said it's nothing, I lied down on his bed with my breast perked up in the air, and as if magic he just went to bed as well and we started talking. He asked where his cousin (my son) was, and he was asleep in the guest room, we then turned to each other and I asked him if he's ever had sex, he's said no and I started commenting on how hot he looks that there's no way he was still a virgin, then like the man he is he couldn't control the excitement and just grabbed and kissed me and started ravishing me.

    But he didn't want to do penis in vagina sex, so we had sex three times and they were just me giving him blowjobs. That pissed me off a bit but whatever. I'm a bit sad because I just left the house as it's now morning and I don't know when we'll meet again, but I made sure to give him one last extra blowjob when I went into his room to say goodbye, giving him a nice big wet kiss stain on his cock and on his balls so he can remember me.

    God I'm such a fucking dirty person.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My father Rick and I have been lovers since I was nineteen. He and my mom were involved in a car accident when I was fourteen, which killed my mom, and left my dad facially scarred. The drunk driver who crashed into them, had a few bumps and bruises and only went to prison for a few years. Justice eh!!!
    My dad eventually got himself back together, but it wasn't easy. Nor was it easy for him to date other women once he'd got his sexual self back. His scars scared off most, and the couple of women who did see some way past the damage, only lasted a short time.

    Having had my nineteenth birthday the week before, we were on his large couch watching a movie. I'd snuggled up to him, like we were spooning, and he'd put his right arm over me. The movie had changed from the all out action one, to a very steamy sex scene and my dads erection began to poke me in my lower back. He made some comment about being sorry, but all I had in my head and in between my legs, was I wanted to make my dad feel great again. Just like my mom used to do when I listened to them fucking. Reaching behind me I slid my right hand into his comfy shorts and gripped his rock hard cock. Telling me it wasn't right, I started to stroke his dick ad felt the pre cum on my hand. He made some half hearted attempt to stop me, but I just gripped his cock tighter.

    Hearing his breathing change I spun around and faced my beautiful dad. Kissing him as I would have my then boyfriend, we were soon kissing as lovers and not as father and daughter. His hands roamed all over my body and then finally sought out my pussy. Letting him remove my lounge pants and panties, I opened my legs for him and felt his fingers slide into my wetness.

    The sheer delight of having my own father pleasure me was ecstatic and within seconds of him finger fucking me, I orgasmed. We kept on kissing and playing with one another's sex and my father's breathing began to become really heavy. Knowing he was close to cumming, I quickly sank down and took his cock into my mouth. Just in time to feel his cock erupt in my mouth. I kept my mouth wrapped around his dick and carried on licking and sucking, draining his balls of his delicious cum.

    His cock remained hard and I knew then he would be able to fuck me. Rising up to kiss him again, he slid his fingers back into me. But I wanted something else first. Moving further up his body, I had him lay on his back and squatted over my fathers face. Sinking down as he held my butt cheeks apart, I slid my pussy and ass all over his face until he began to lick me. The sensations were awesome, as was his technique of kissing, tonguing, sucking and then finger fucking my pussy and ass alternatively. I came at leat three times from what I can now remember, and then looked back to se his cock pulsating and stood bolt upright. Lifting off his face and seeing his scars wet with my juices, I told my dad I was goiing to fuck him. His very words were "I love you honey, please forgive me".

    There was in my eyes and mind nothing to forgive and over the next half an hour I fucked the man who had so been the rock of our family all of my life. I mounted him first, then after climaxing again as he played with my breasts, I spooned him making his cock slip easily up my wet asshole. His wasn't the first to fuck my ass, so I knew what to expect, or thought I did. I'd never orgasmed anally before, so when the feeling grew and then my whole body exploded with the intense feeling of a pure lustful orgasm, I felt incredible love for my father. Still we fucked and still he drilled into me.

    Finally I lay on my back, looked into his eyes and told him how much I loved him. His cock entered my pussy and we kissed more slowly just as he slowly thrusted into my love hole. Gripping my ass cheeks, he pulled himself into my body and I accepted anything he wanted. Grunting out his sexual efforts, I felt his cock pulse hard inside me and then his cock let go. His cum sprayed into my body and I cried with the knowledge of what we now had together.
    I knew in that instant, in that moment of total sexual acceptance, I would be my fathers lover, doing whatever he wanted, for as long as he wanted to fuck me.

    We slept together that night, and the next and the next. Our love making, our sex, explored every avenue of lust and I truely understood why my mom loved him so much. He gave everything when he made love to me, and in return I gave up my being to him.

    We're very much in love in every way possible with two human beings. I'm not in least bit ashamed of our love or our sexual life. We share my parents bed now, and have sex whenever each or any of us is horny. I'm not saying we have sex every day or night. But in the three and bit years we have been lovers, my father and I have enjoyed countless hours of passion with each other, and we have no plans whatsoever to stop.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    SIL #1

    So my SIL is a fairly plain looking 40 something but has always had a killer body. I never paid much attention to her until we were at a family function one time and she had on one of those half shirts like we would wear in football that exposes your stomach, so for her it ended right below her nice sized tits. Seeing as how the women in the family are very conservative it was quite the scene. She was younger and slimmer then, her boobs were large but not like now.

    Fast forward 20 years up to a couple of years ago. I hadn't seen her in quite some time and when I did I was shocked. She had put on some weight but didn't look like a typical BBW, more like an amazon. She was never fat but solid, just a big solid girl, but her boobs had become enormous, like most of her weight gain had gone directly there. To look at her you could not ignore that she was all boob now.

    The first time that was odd was family pictures, she would always end up beside me and I noticed more and more she would slide up next to me and press her tits against my arm. Or if we were in line getting food. The first time I blew it off thinking it was just an accident but it happened the next 2 or 3 family occasions, which I thought was strange.

    She can be something of a pain in the ass, there were times I wondered why my BIL stayed with her, but I'm sure that tremendous body had a lot to do with it. For some reason she's always treated me different because she knows I won't take any shit off of her so I think she respects that, you can tell when someone acts different towards you than everyone else close by.

    She gives off mixed messages about her boobs, saying "I'm going to get a reduction, then in the next breath bragging about how some random guy was gawking at her and even told her how great her boobs were to her face. I'm sure they are a pain, literally, to carry around but they get her a lot of attention and she gives off messages that she enjoys it.

    She usually tries to cover her big melons up for the most part, wearing oversized sweat shirts and such, but this was summertime and near 100 degrees and we were working outside, so she had no place to hide them and had on a thin white t shirt. There were several of us working on a family project and she and I eventually ended up alone taking something apart. I was totally focused on the project and she was handing me tools, not looking I reached over for some pliers she was holding and got a handful of enormous boob. I quickly let go and looked at her and muttered something about "oh sorry" and she just looked at me and smiled.

    After that I got a little bolder, when we would do the family hugs, the first time was unintentional, but its like you have to go around her boobs to get your hands behind her to hug her, lol, so I grazed her boob and got no bad reaction. From then on, anytime I get the chance to hug her I try to brush or press up against them as long as I can. She's not an idiot, I'm sure she realizes it.

    We live in Florida a couple of blocks from the beach, so we get the family visiting on a regular basis. One time when she was here they were out shopping and I looked at her bra and it did say 38FF which I understand is a G. I tried to find a boob model with similar features and the closest I could come up with was Tessa Fowler only bigger, which is suprising because Tessa is a GG and SIL is bigger than her. SIL could easily be a boob model if she wanted.

    Since they visit a lot, and we have other people stay in our house through places like VRBO, we have security cameras pretty much everywhere, but we tell renters that. We've told family several times, but apparently one of the times SIL was staying there she forgot and she apparently likes to walk around nude, so yep I got a nice set of videos showing her massive tits and full black hairy pussy, I felt like I had won the powerball, lol.

    The most surprising part of seeing her nude was her boobs are so huge and hang down to just above her belly button, but her nipples are way up high in the middle of her tits, I've never seen any others like it, they are just perfect. Of course they would move and jiggle with every step and flop around, she is a site to behold.

    Do I think she would take things farther? Maybe. But she is the type that I would never trust to fool around with, she would probably blab it to my BIL or someone and wreck the family, so I'll have to be happy with my occasional grabs and brushes for the time being.

    It's not a story as hot as some of the fiction people put on her, but the above is 100% true.

    My other SIL's boobs aren't as big, she's just a 34E, but she's a trophy wife, a hot 5'10 blond. I've seen her on the security cameras too.

    Family is fun

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    I’m the mother of an 19 year old daughter. There have been a few times when it seemed too coincidental that my daughter would appear in the hallway when I was getting out of the shower. My room is right next to the bath and sometimes I just take the two steps naked. The times that she was there, I happened to have on a towel the first time and the second, I was through the doorway into my room so she no doubt saw my ass. Neither of us said anything and at the time, I just thought it was by happenstance.

    Last month, it happened again. I opened the bathroom door and she was passing in the hall. I grabbed a towel and went into my room. This time, I knew. For whatever reason, she has been trying to see me naked. Quite frankly, I’m nothing hot. I’m a size 10-12, have substantially large breasts, an ample butt and my bush is very full. I just wondered if maybe she was inquisitive about seeing an older woman’s body. It was the only thing I could think of.

    The following week, it had been on my mind nearly each day. Saturday came and we decided to go to the mall. She had mentioned she wanted to try and find some shorts and a top and I want to try on some bathing suits. Once at the mall, it was packed and when we went to the dressing rooms, they were all full expect one. I told her we could both use the one available. It was then that I thought I could see if if in fact she was interested in seeing me.

    Once in the dressing room, I took off my blouse and slide down my shorts. My daughter was sitting on her bench reading the tags on the shorts. I looked over at her and said, “do you want me to turn around?” She said, “ um, no, that’s fine. “ Right then, I got this butterfly in my stomach and realized I was about to let my daughter see me completely naked. Actually, I was more excited than nervous which was a bit odd.

    I unhooked my bra and my tits fell out. I could see her looking up at me through her bangs pretending that she wasn’t and fumbling with her shorts. I said,” it’s O.K., you can look, we’re both women. “ with that, she looked up and stared at my tits. I could feel my nipples growing. I then slide off my panties. Her eyes were glued to my pussy and I’ll never forget hearing her say in this involuntary soft voice, “ oh my God.” I then said, “ first time seeing a bush like this?” She said, “yea.” I then said, “ do you think it’s gross, I know girls you age are obsessed with shaving.” She said, “ not at all.”

    Then, without thinking, I put my hands on my tits and started rubbing my nipples. I was now turned on. I knew this had to be a form of i****t, but that didn’t deter me. She said, “ mom, you’re nipples are incredible.” I said, “ are you o.k. With this?” She just said, “yes.” With that, I sat down on my bench, brought my feet up onto it and opened my legs. Actually, I should have said I spread them because I did. Very wide. My daughter was looking at my open pussy and I continued to find it a turn on. Without hesitation, I started rubbing myself. Then, in a whisper, she said, “mom, put your fingers in.” I took my two middle fingers and thrust them inside me. I began fucking myself for her. As I thrust them in and out you could hear my wetness.

    Within just a minute or so I knew I was going to cum. I then whispered, “ I’m going to cum honey, “ a few seconds later, I squirted. It went across the room and onto her leg. The second one, just as far. I had a third and a fourth squirt. We both were shaking. I waited a minute and just sat there with my legs open and my liquid dripping onto the bench. She just stared.

    We got up and I got dressed and we put the clothes back and left. We didn’t talk about it again . I have however masturbated about frequently.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife is a petite cute blond MILF with 34DD big firm tits that look even bigger because she's so small. When you look at her she looks like all boobs. She's at the gym a lot and stays in good shape. I tell her all the time guys stare at her tits, and she claims to not notice, even at the gym.

    She's very conservative, I've always encouraged her to dress as sexy as she wants, but never seemed too interested up until the last year or two. She's taken to wearing very low cut sports bra's with a lower cut shirt over it to go to the gym, her massive cleavage in full display.

    She claims she doesn't talk to anyone at the gym, but about the time she started wearing more sexy MILF-wear to the gym we were at the mall and I noticed a man on the other side of the main walkway staring us down, he was pretty obvious. He passed us and doubled back around to our side so he could meet us head on.

    When he passed us my wife's eyes lit up and he's like "Oh hey ______" and chats her up for 15 minutes while I'm standing there. He's a well built black guy turns out from her gym. She doesn't bother to introduce me while they are talking for 15 minutes. Hmmm... So yeah you are probably thinking the same thing.

    I ask her who was that, "some guy from my gym". Oh I didn't think you talked to guys are your gym... Never really got an answer.

    I don't think she's fucking anyone from her gym, she is a bad liar and couldn't handle the guilt. But I do know probably deep down she loves the attention her tits get her. She's never really been that crazy about sex, but if you ever get her motor running she gets into it.

    We just got back from a Florida vacation staying in a nice high rise condo. I convinced her that no one could see in the suite and that she should stay naked most of the time which she did. I got to watch her jiggle for a week and I would bet the condo next door could see her too.

    She's like a Ferrari that you never get to drive much. Figure I might as well let others look but don't touch... She just came home from the gym in a low cut top. She's meeting a carpet cleaner by herself at a different house we own. He'll get an eye full. Maybe we'll get a discount, lol.

    Her sister is a younger trophy wife with the same 34DD big jiggly tits married to an executive. I'm lucky that every woman in her family is DD bra or larger, one SIL is a 38FF, I kid you not, I looked at her bra one day while she was gone. But those are stories for another day....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    Yesterday, I walked in on my husband and father furiously sucking each other's cock in a 69 position. It was
    a real mind bender and I'm still in a crazy buzz about it. I can't come to believe it was real. I'm still repeating, WTF? over and over.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    In January my wife and her mom Andrea said they'd like to speak to me. Usually we'd go out for something to eat, if we had a family chat to have. Unusually my wife said we should go to her moms. Andrea was dressed very seductively when we got there, and within minutes I was given a whisky and told to listen.
    My wife explained her mom hadn't had sex in a long time, and that she'd struggled to keep up with my libido. In a very matter of fact way my wife said "So we'd like you to take care of my moms needs from now on". When my jaw rebounded off the floor and I didn't say anything, my wife added "Look, all we want you do is to enjoy yourself and fuck my mom".
    With my wife listening to music in the garden, I had my mother in laws mouth wrapped round my cock and Andrea was fucking amazing at giving head. She's no looker, nor is she going to win any body of the year contest, but over the next hour, I licked sucked and fucked with Andrea until she'd climaxed half a dozen times and I'd cum twice.
    Literally as I'd just cum all over her moms face, the second time orgasming, my wife walked in. As if she was telling me my dinner was ready, she said we should make the situation a regular thing and I should visit her mom, when and if she or I was horny.
    Switching on the tv, my wife sat down, asked her mom to take me to the bathroom and said we'd be going in half an hour. It gave Andrea and me enough time to get horny again in the shower, and for my mother in law to take my cock up her asshole. The first time in her life she'd had anal sex.
    Andrea and I have more sex than I do with my wife, and quite often I now stay over at her home overnight fucking her. She's lost lots of weight and now has a fantastic figure. Plus and it's big plus for me, my mother in law now adores being fucked up her asshole, just as much as she does her mouth and pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm in my senior year of high school, again.
    I had to repeat because of emotional problems I had at home.
    You might choose to not believe this but I had to write this down as a way to start working though things.

    The short story is this. I was already flunking Calc before my little brother had sex with me.
    Afterwards, I felt so guilty that I couldn't be in the same room, house or school without thinking about what happened.

    My little brother is actually half. My step dad came into my life when I was only five.
    He and my mom moved away from the rest of my mom's family. I still see my grandparents a bunch, but not as much as I used to.

    As far as siblings, we never really got along. He was dad's favorite (for obvious reasons) and I always got blamed for everything that little ass would break or lose. At school he would get his friends to tease me and call me names. It seem to me that I was expected to do well in school, but if he passed with a "D", everything was good.

    Well back to last year - I was doing alright with all my classes except for Calculus. I was sitting at a D or D-.
    I could bring it up to a C+ if I got an A on the mid-term so I had to try. I was told by my step that if I didn't pick up my grade, I'd be grounded for the semester or until my grades came back up. No prom.

    Two weeks before the test, I signed up for tutoring, but I was so frustrated that I cried and stopped going. I studied for three hours a night but I still couldn't really get it. I even bought some Vivarin at the drug store and was staying up until the sun came up. Of course I started falling asleep during class or after school.
    I started taking them earlier in the day and then I got some ZzzQuil to fall asleep around three.

    It was starting to work but I guess my tolerance for the sleeping pills climbed, cause I had trouble falling asleep.
    I think it was a Thursday (I started losing track of the days) and I was in my room and was staring at my ceiling with the lights off. I had been studying for like four hours on just Calc! I was stressed out and had dried tears on my face and hair. I had to get some rest so I went to the kitchen to see if I could find something in the medicine cabinet. Bingo! I found a prescription bottle of "Xanax". My mom called them her magic pills. She took them to calm herself and get her "beauty sleep". As the pill started dissolving on my tongue, I washed the rest down with a sip of water. It wasn't long before I felt my body start to relax and float. I'm not sure when I made it to my room, but I was laying on my bed with the lights on and the door open. I tried to get up to close the door and turn off the lights, but I realized that my body was not responding. I tried again but nothing. It wasn't so much that I was drowsy, but more like my body was already asleep and nobody told my head. My face was okay cause I was grinning.
    I couldn't even lift my legs up to put them back on my mattress.

    Then my brother was standing at my door looking pissed. Apparently, I knocked over the lamp on my way back to my room and woke him up. I was being some kind of selfish bitch (like usual). I tried to lift my head to tell him he was full of shit, but all that came out was "Wheeem". My tongue and mouth were also tired.
    I wanted to let him know that I know he wasn't asleep cause his computer is on the other side of my wall and can hear the moaning and porn star chatter. He masturbates more than any other human being I know! He thinks that he's being quiet, but his chair squeaks and he grunts when he climaxes. Disgusting little dude, but I guess most guys his age have over-active libidos.

    He was making fun of my speech impediment as he approached my bed. "That's all you got?!" I guess he thought I need more lecturing about how disrespectable I was making a racket and I better not try to blame him for the broken lamp. When I didn't respond, he seemed a bit concerned. I just kept the same stupid grin on my face. "What's wrong with you, you stupid bitch?" I pulled me up by my shoulders and my head rolled back. With a little more concern on his face, he says, "are you high?" and shakes me. I dropped back to my bed and with that grin on my face. I found that I could close my eyes. That was really good. Bed time.

    I hear the door close and then quiet and then hands lifting and shifting. I'm sitting up, leaning forward and feel my fan on high and the wind hitting my back and shoulders as my tank top is softly removed. The fabric softly rubbing my belly and breasts on the way up and off. Then I'm laying down again and I feel my hips lifted as my pajama bottoms and pants are peeled off together. Cool air blowing on my whole naked body. I try to open my eyelids as I feel him squatting over on my hips, his rough thumbs and forefingers rubbing and tweaking my nipples. At first they're just as asleep as the rest of my body, but then "boing!" hard as nails.

    I am able to slightly open my eyes in time to see him slowly lick first my left breast and then my right one. He was staring me in the eyes while he did it. I tried to tell him to stop again, but it was more like a moan. He thought I was enjoying it.

    Now he was getting encouraged from the noises I was making and began to bite my nipples. I closed my eyes again.

    It wasn't until he was French-kissing me when I realized he had gotten naked and had interlaced my and his hands as if we were passionately making out. They were to either sides of my head. He had spread my thighs and was dry-humping me with his cock sliding up and down right above my pussy and below my belly button. I was thinking that this could not be happening. I forced my eyes open and found that he had tilted my desk lamp so that it was like a spotlight. I turned my head to the light and could definitely make out that he had clipped his phone on his tripod and was filming this. He was asking me if I wanted it. "You want me to fuck you don't you, you fucking whore. You want this cock in your twat, don't you bitch. Don't you." I don't know how I got into this mess and was moving my lips but only moaning. That's when he shifted his hips and let go of my hands so that he could reach down and lift my legs and put my ankles up on his shoulders. He gripped above my calves and slid his hard little cock in my pussy and started fucking.

    After five minutes, he stopped cause he almost came. He let my legs drop to the mattress and then went back to making out with me. He was kissing and sucking my neck, my tits, under my arm, my sides, my bellybutton, and then he paused at my pussy. "I've always wanted to do this to you." My clit was suddenly and brutally attacked by his tongue and teeth. Despite my state, my pussy was suddenly soggy. Dripping wet. "Do you want me to flip you over?"
    I was already whimpering and moaning so he just said, "cool". I started concentrating on my breathing.

    My alarm clock woke me. The sun was out and bright. I was still lying in my bed completely naked, my clothes were on the floor where he left them and I was face down and ass up. There were a couple of pillows under my pelvis and dried cum on my sheets, ass, back, and face.

    I was able to get up and had a full functioning body again. My phone was on the bed and had a dozen staged pictures of me looking like I was spreading, masturbating and sucking my brothers cock. I had my eyes open in several of them. It would be easy for anyone who saw these to think that I was really enjoying myself!

    I called him and to my surprise, he answered right away. I started to spit and curse about how dare he do this and how I was going to kick his ass and then tell our parents. He was obviously waiting for this cause he stopped me in my tracks. "Did you forget I have you on video fucking and sucking me off. They will be able to tell how much you fucking love my cock cause you are really moaning like a two-bit whore". I did forget.
    I had to try to talk some sense into this little hormone driven piece of shit. I needed that video.
    This should never ever have happened. We were family! What if he had gotten me pregnant?
    "First, I know you have birth control and I pulled it out every time I busted my nut".
    "Second, we aren't even related. Dad told me they adopted you when you were little. You can tell everybody if you want to but I think everyone will believe me. They always do". As stupid as he was with everything he said, he was right about the fact that he was going to get away with it. I told him to stay the fuck away from me and now he really didn't have a sister. He said that's OK, if I miss you, I'll just click play.

    So I dropped my Calc class and lost interest in most of the other classes. My dad did ground me but forgot about it after a couple of weeks. I went to Summer school but couldn't make up the credits so here I am again. This time, I'm doing OK in my math class, and I'm making arrangement to go to college far away from here. This cannot come soon enough. I don't have a relationship with my sibling, but maybe I'll forgive and forget. I only say that because on the really lonely nights, I find myself remembering every moment and before I get to the point where his cock is my mouth, I realize that my hands are down my pants and my finger is feverishly pumping in and out of my wet pussy.
    Recently I have been masturbating to the pictures that he saved for me on the phone. I can't help it, they get me off every single time.

    It might seem to you that this story is finished now and that this was why I wrote this but it's not. Here's why...
    This weekend, my step dad came to my room to have a serious talk.

    "I've noticed a change with your brother this past year and couldn't quite figure it out. I was getting worried about him and thought he was taking drugs or was involved with some bad people so I installed some spyware software on his computer. This past week I checked his activity and found that he was working on some photo/video editing. His cache had some picture files so I opened them. They were all of you. Before you start telling me lies and coming up with excuses, I'll tell you I got the full story from him. How you took advantage of him. He tried to stick up for you and told me you had taken drugs or something and weren't really yourself. It didn't take much for you to seduce him into bed. So don't say anything! He didn't want to, but I had him give me the video. I watched it several times and can see the lust in your eyes. You could have had sex with any boy in town, but you had to have him? Good thing your mother doesn't know about this. She would have a heart attack. It will be our secret. Besides you'll be leaving for school soon so we will not speak of this going forward. Besides, it's not like we don't all have secrets like this. I have sexual fantasies I've wanted to share with you too. If you can be quiet about mine, I can be quiet about yours."

    He leaned in and kissed me just then, tongue and all. I've wanted you for such a long time. I just didn't know how to tell you. I've always known I was going to have you.

    With that, he got up "I'm so glad we had this talk and don't worry, I'll never tell your mother."

    Since then, I have been sleeping with one eye opened. I'm not upset or really freaked out. To tell the truth, I'm getting aroused just writing this out. Honestly, I'm touching myself, now.

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    Not a sex story.

    Today I came face to face with the man responsible for ending my marriage with my wife. 3 years ago I caught her cheating and when I said it was me or him she picked him. That lasted only a few months but it was too much to forgive.

    The guy recognised me today straight away: I was with a colleague waiting for the train. The guy literally stopped in his tracks and looked like he’d seen a ghost before heading off in the opposite direction. Definitely didn’t get on my train.

    Not sure how to feel about it to be honest, but brought back a few memories of darker times and nice to be able to have the moral high ground and show that my life is far more than he’ll ever be :)

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    A couple months ago I found my 19 year old step daughter on a nude cam website. I can't stop masturbating to her and even pay for private cam shows with her. She has no idea it is me and her mother doesnt know she is a cam model. I even think of her when I fuck her mother sometimes. I am thinking of seeing if ahe has ever fantasized about me. I would love to feel her tight little pussy wrapped around my cock.

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