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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    my cousin is and impressive guy with everyone. He builds homes has a small farm and looking for a bride. He has dated a lot of girls but none he keeps around long. I worried he may have sexual problems and ask him. he told me everything works and if I like I may try it out.
    Few weeks later I attended a BBQ and dance at a friends house. He was taking me home when I ask of the offer was still good. I had enough to drink to let me self god some. I started by sucking his cock while he drove to his house. he took me in the bed room four times. There is nothing wrong with his equipment now how he uses it. My vag has changed shape and size from his actions.

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    I take the chance to confess the following. At age 6 I let my older next door neighbour play with my cock, from oral sex to intercourse (bare back) by age 10 I had, had sex with 26 different partners. I have never licked a steely pussy for too long, unless I was drunk or being paid for it. I have been paid for sex in cash & everything else. I have fucked a pro so long she asked to be swapped at a brothel in Liverpool Sydney, I have fucked a mother & daughter in the shower. I have fucked two sets of twins in my life. I have hidden in a closet while some guy fell asleep then went back to fucking his wife beside him as he slept, she let me do anything to her after that. I have fucked several close mates mothers, I once paid my alcoholic anuty in law to suck me off, which was taking too long, so she offered sex instead, were I got to fuck the shit out of her repeatedly.

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    When I was little I was sexually abused by my dad. It started when I was really little. My little brother was three years younger than me and we used to take baths together. He found out when we were bathing together because he was looking at my butt and saw that my asshole was bruised. I don't know why I didn't have a problem with my little brother touching me and learning that boys and girls had different parts, and when my dad touched me I would freak out and only stop fighting because it hurt less.

    My brother was little enough not to understand what was going on, but when we were being dried off by mom and he said "Patty has a purple butt hole" my dad heard from the other room and ran in. He grabbed my brother hard, spanked him until his bottom was bright red and told him to stop lying.

    Dad was more careful after that. Dad would take me out every Friday night to "The Movies" This meant that he drove to the gun shop he worked weekends and raped me. My brother used to pout that he liked movies too and didn't understand why Dad never took him along. I learned to lie and tell my brother that the movies we saw would scare him too much. I'd cuddle with my brother and read to him. He was the one person in the world I could trust not to hurt me and he was so innocent. We were inseparable when we were together, and when he started school I helped him at home so he could keep ahead of the other kids. Soon he was raised a grade and finally my parents started paying attention to him as more than just another mouth to feed.

    Being at school and being around my brother made my hell easier to live in. Then I started to grow boobs in the 6th grade and was getting noticed by boys. This made dad angry and if he saw me with any boys from school he could accuse me of being a whore. His punishment was to strip me, put me over his lap and whip me with his leather belt. Then he would apologize and take me to his room and rape me. Once my brother came into my dad's bedroom and tried to pull him off me. My dad hit my brother so hard he knocked him across the room. Then he pulled my little brother up off the floor, pulled his pants off and told him it was about time he became a man. Dad made me get on my hands and knees and then he shoved my little brother up against me and was trying to force him to fuck me. My brother was so scared he was crying and trying to get out of my dad's hold. Thankfully he was also so scared that he didn't get an erection and all dad was doing was rubbing my brother up against me. Dad finally gave up and told my brother to get the hell out of his room and never ever come back in there.

    It got worse when I went to Junior High and my brother was still in Grade school. I joined the flag team just so I would have to stay late at school every night and would walk part way home with the other girls. Sometimes my dad would pick me up after practice and he'd drive straight out to the gun shop, rape me, then we'd go home and have dinner like nothing happened.

    Oh, if you are wondering why my Mom never did anything to help me, so did I. My Mom gave up years before and was basically a Zombie, just there to keep the house clean and cook meals.

    My brother and I were in Junior High together my last year and his first. My brother joined the Wresting team and was also in the school band, and he was in the drama club. He just wanted to be away from home as much as possible. Being on the wresting team honed his body and he went from a chubby kid who still had his baby fat to a trim well muscled guy who started getting attention from the girls. It didn't hurt that he showed his softer side by being in drama club and the band. The girls liked him a lot more than the jocks, and I was jealous that my brother got to have some romances and I was still stuck by myself and my dad.

    My brother stayed every night after school to walk me home and sometimes the girl he was seeing at the time would walk with us. I found out that the girls at school wondered what was wrong with me and why I never got together with anyone. I also found out that my brother used to get in fights whenever he heard someone talking shit about me. I think I fell in love with my brother then. I went into his room really late at night and woke him up, told him he shouldn't be fighting over me and that I wanted to thank him for being so nice. I didn't know any other way to so my love so I pulled my top off and told my brother he could touch them if he wanted to. I put his hands on my breasts and it felt so good, not like when Dad groped me and mauled my flesh. I crawled under the covers with my brother and we cuddled like we used to do when I read to him. We spooned and I held his hands to my breasts.

    I would crawl in bed with him whenever I thought I wouldn't get caught. If my dad raped me that day I would wait until Mom and Dad went to sleep and I would crawl in bed with my brother for comfort. We never did anything sexual, even though I could feel his erection pressing against me while we were in bed. He would tell me that someday all the pain would be over and everyone would see how pretty I was, then I would find a boyfriend and everything would be okay. I didn't tell him but I wanted him to be my boyfriend. For all these horrible years he was the only thing keeping me sane.

    Then one day I slipped up. Practice was cancelled and my brother had to stay at school. We were in high school when this happened. I was seeing a boy at school and he had an MG Midget and I loved this guy. We'd make out in the parking lot behind the school whenever we could. He liked my brother too and that was a big plus for me. Since practice was cancelled and I knew my Dad didn't expect me at home for another two hours my "boyfriend" and I drove near my home and fooled around in the car. I begged him not to drive me the rest of the way home but he did. I couldn't tell him why.

    When his car pulled up and I jumped out my "boyfriend" tried to kiss me and I said NO! My dad was out of the house and yelling for him to Get the hell out of there away from my daughter or I'm calling the cops. That was the last time I got to see him. My dad dragged me into the house and I was screaming that I didn't do anything wrong. The neighbors that heard me just peeked out their windows at us.

    Dad told me I wasn't too old to get spanked. He made me stand in the living room naked and he went to get his belt. I tried to cover myself up and Dad said to keep my arms to my side. I looked at my mom begging her to do something and she just sat there silent. Dad came back with his old leather belt and sat down, made me walk across the room then he pushed me across his lap. Dad started swatting me with the belt and it hurt worse than I ever remembered. I didn't hold in my screams like I used to. I called my dad every name in the book and some. When my dad decided that I had had enough me didn't even drag me back to his bedroom. He made me stand beside the sofa and bend over. He pulled down his pants and raped me right in front of Mom. Then my brother burst in the front door and he had a bunch of his wresting buddies and a couple of his girlfriends that I knew with him. My brother punched my dad in the face and they started fighting. A couple of my brother's friends joined in and kicked the shit out of my dad. The girls and one of the guys helped me get dressed and took me out to their car. They said they were taking me to the hospital and I begged them not to. There was a nice nurse that checked me out and I didn't want to but they did a rape kit thing on me to collect DNA. I was horrified that they would know about dad raping me. I was 17 but inside I was still the scared little 5 year old. I had to fill out a police report and a lady cop tried to make me feel better. I stayed with the family of one of my brother's girlfriends for a couple days until the police said I could go back home. I didn't go back to school at all.

    When I got home my brother told me that they called the cops and dad was arrested. He wasn't going to be back home ever. Mom gave me a hug and said she was sorry. My brother said that Mom wanted to divorce dad now but I said what was the fucking point and why didn't she do that 12 years ago???????? I was screaming at my Mom and all she did was cry and say she was sorry. My brother took her out of the room and sat Mom down in the kitchen. When my brother came back into the living room he told me that after they took Dad away Mom started to talk and told him all the nasty things he did to her before we were born. My brother and I could now understand why mom gave up.

    My brother suddenly became the responsible one in the family. He found a lawyer that made sure dad got a really high sentence. They also worked with CPS to keep us from being torn apart. I only had six months until I turned 18 and my brother had already turned 15. The courts found our mom just as guilty as our dad but the lawyer worked out a deal where mom got a lot of therapy. My brother and I were "technically" wards of the state, but we were allowed to live in our house and six months later when I turned 18 my brother was in my custody.

    My brother made me get a GED and he made me apply to Community College and get an AA. We were both working part-time jobs to have enough money to survive. Our mom was working at a maid in some flea bag motel and started dating the owner. I found an interest in Psychology and Sociology and my brother made me study my ass off. There were nights when I would get home from school, after working 4 hours and just want to lay down and sleep. My brother would force me to stay up and go through all my work with me to make sure I really understood what was being taught. I didn't think about it at the time but the way he was helping me he was getting a free college education.

    I got a scholarship and was accepted to go to a really good college out of state and get my BA, then start working on my Masters degree. I didn't want to leave my brother but he made me leave. We called each other almost every night until the first phone bills arrived and we had to cut down on our talking. One day he called and told me to check my bank account. There was over $100,000 in there. He told me he sold the house, put mom in an adult care facility that was fully paid for by Dad's union pension. He said he was going to take a year off and finally finish high school then would get an apartment near the college and find a job.

    His year off wound up being three. My brother joined the peace corps and helped villages in poor countries get fresh water and set up schools. When I met him at the airport I barely recognized him. His skin was tan and leathery from the sun. He had a short beard and his eyes were so bright. When he hugged me I thought I was going to die I was so happy. We hopped in a taxi and I took him back to my dorm room. My roommates fell in love with him instantly and I was jealous as hell. We stayed up all night in the commons area and we talked and drank and he told amazing stories about his peace corps adventures. All of us stayed up all night and in the morning he wanted to see the sunrise. We grabbed blankets, cereal and milk. 12 of us ate Cheerios and watched the Sun come up. When I got up my brother was sound asleep cuddled up with two of the girls from my floor. I wanted to wake him up so bad and make him sleep in the same bed as me. Instead I curled up with them and we all slept for a couple hours.

    My brother went out and found a nice place and I moved in at the end of the quarter. I had my own room and was disappointed when I saw that. We curled up on the sofa together and watched a movie that night. I told him that I missed him so much that it made me ache. He said that he was home now and everything would be okay, he'd find a job and when I graduated in six months I could find a place to help other fucked up people like us.
    When the movie ended I didn't want to move. My brother tried to get up and I told him not to move, that it felt perfect laying there with him. When he protested more I fell back to my old way of thinking. I took my top off and put his hands on my boobs. He pulled them off and I didn't know what to do. I begged him to tell me what was the matter and that if I did anything wrong to please tell me. He was so sweet and so understanding that he pulled a blanket over us both and we slept together on the sofa, me laying on top of him. I should say that he slept, I was awake all night just looking at him. I studied his entire face, every hair, every little wrinkle, every little scarâïÂ& iquest;½à ¦and made a mental note to ask him about those. I finally passed out more than fell asleep and only woke up when he nudged me in the morning and told me he had to pee. My had went straight down to his crotch and I could feel his erection. I pulled my hand away and said sorry, rolled off him and said I would make us something to eat. He yelled out of the bathroom that since we were up we could go somewhere and eat then he'd ask around about work, but first he wanted to take a shower.

    There was only one bathroom in the apartment and I had to piss really bad while he was in the shower. I told him I needed to pee and he said go ahead and bring him a fresh towel. I found the towels and grabbed two. After I pissed I stripped down and got in the shower with him. He had soap in his eyes and wanted do know what I was doing. I had to say something so I said I just wanted to wash his back for him. I could tell that after 4 years apart he had grown distant while I was still pining away for him. I soaped up his back and found more scars. I ran my fingers over them and he said that he's tell me what happened sometime. I rubbed the soap into his back and was more giving him a massage than washing him. He told me how good that felt and he stood with his hands against the shower wall and I rubbed him up and down. His muscles were so firm and his skin felt so nice under my hands. I couldn't help myself and I hugged him, pressing my breasts into him. I said something stupid like I really missed my little brother and now it's time for you to wash my back. He washed me but wouldn't go down past my hips. I told him my butt needed to be washed too and he went ahead and started. I leaned forward and spread my legs a little. He told me we shouldn't be doing this. I told him I wanted him too and I backed up a little until I could feel his half hard dick pressing against my ass. I reached back and pulled his hands over my breasts and told him that I had been waiting to long for his moment. I turned around and started kissing him. He said no and I kept kissing him until he gave in. I blew my little brother in the shower, then we made love in his bed. I slept in the same bed with him every night and with a little coaxing on my part he would make love to me when I wanted to. I was in heaven, and while he enjoyed the sex he told me it was messed up to do this after what we went through as kids, especially bad since I was going to be a social worker and was planning on helping fucked up kids.

    My brother finally found work doing light contraction and was hoping to get something better later. I started working at a crappy clinic for shit wages but I was at least working in my field. Most of my work was helping get people off the street, or helping them get on waiting lists for services. Once in a while thought I would be able to help someone who really needed more. It made it all worthwhile. My brother and I were basically living like husband and wife and for two years we were happy in our fucked up relationship. I didn't think or want anything to change. I was working at a better place, and he had risen to foreman. I thought we had made it but just when you are settled down and fine lie throws you a curve. I got a call that made me want to die. My brother was injured at work and was in the hospital. He was hurt bad and they said I should get down there immediately. One of the carpenters that worked with my brother was waiting with me in the hospital. Apparently it was a freak accident and a big truck started to roll. My brother tried to jump on it to get inside and stop it but was thrown under it and it ran over his chest and abdomen. I was final allowed in to see my brother but only for a few minutes. He was attached to every machine I think a hospital had. The doctor finally pulled me into an office and told me how bad it was and that for my peace of mind I should think about making arrangements. I didn't know what he meant by that and he had to come right out and tell me that they did what they could but there was little chance I would recover.

    I didn't know what to do. My little brother always took care of me. 25 days after the accident my brother died. The union took care of everything, but now I had a hole in my heart and nothing could ever fill it.

    Its been 4 years since my brother died in the hospital. Most days I just go on like a robot and do what I need to do. Life has lost all its joy and I find myself at home, his home, sometimes just staring at one of the little things he brought back with him from his travels. I'll look at the clock later and suddenly hours have gone by. Clinically I know I am depressed. I feel guilty seeing someone about this but I have to. I don't want to feel happy anymore, I would feel guilty feeling happy without my brother.

    I'm sorry this is so long but its taken a lot of time to get to the point where I can talk about it all and face everything. Writing this is part of my therapy, but every work I typed felt more like putting a nail in my heart that making me feel better.

    I didn't lose my brother, I lost myself.

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    Why I married my 13 year old sister Meagan.

    I was 18 at the time. My sister was having stomach problems for a while and after going from doctor to doctor it was found that she had pancreatic cancer. It's one of the worst cancers to have since it is usually diagnosed as it was in my sister's case after it is too late to do anything. My sister had 6 months to 6 years to live. She had a 25% chance of living 6 months and a 5% chance she'd live another 6 years.

    Most people would go into denial or go around ignoring what was happening. Meagan accepted what was happening and took life by the horns. She said she wanted to live what little life she had left to the fullest instead of spending time in clinics looking for a miracle cure. Don't get me wrong, there were times when she was do depressed that she just wanted to give up, but then she'd bounce back and tell us we were going camping or to the zoo, or to a million other things she wanted to do. I quit my job to be with my sister full time. Mom and Dad both worked but they spent every minute of every night and weekend with her.

    Meagan was never hungry and I spoon fed her just so she would eat. Nothing tasted good to her anymore. It was probably the pain meds she was on. She was losing weight and I was trying to help her keep some on. She knew that she wasn't as pretty as she used to be and often she would say that it wasn't fair that she wasn't going to grow up and date boys and make out, and get married.

    I would hug her so hard that I thought she would break. She told me she'd be happy if she had a boyfriend just like me. I told her one Friday that we were going out on a real date and no one had to know that we were really brother and sister. We went dancing until she couldn't stand up anymore and when we went home I kissed her at the front door and asked her if she wanted to go out again. She said YES and wrapped her arms around me and wanted a real kiss. We went inside and laid on the sofa together and I made out with her. I think it was the first time she ever made out with anyone.

    As time went by we got even closer. We got to the point where we were finishing each others sentences and knew what the other was thinking. When she fell into her depressed moods she would sleep in my bed with me and cuddle up for comfort. One night she started kissing me and didn't want to stop. I pulled her pajamas off her and kissed her all over. She said "You can if you want to." and we made love that night.

    When we woke up before sunrise the next morning. She wanted to do it again and I did. She asked me if she wasn't my sister would I marry her. I said yes. She pulled me out of bed and we were both knelling in prayer on the floor. My sister pulled one of my t-shirts on her head like a scarf and she held my hand asking God to marry us and keep us together, until death parts us. I almost started crying, she was crying. We got back in bed together and made love again. After that night we always slept together in my room.

    My parents knew something was going on but they never said anything. All that mattered was that my sister's mood improved and her depression didn't last as long or fell as deep as it did before. As far as my sister was concerned we were married, and we were dating, and we were making out. All the things she didn't want to miss.

    My sister died two years later. My parents both died recently. Since I'm the only one left I thought I could finally tell my story.

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    I have a very close relationship with my older sister and my niece Amanda. They only live a mile from me so we are visiting each other all the time, and my place is on the way to my niece's school.

    Amanda is a chubby 13 year old and she comes over often after school. She'll lay on the sofa with me and and tell me about her day, what is going on and how she wishes she had a boyfriend. She always says boys don't like fat girls, and how she'll die alone. I'll hold her and tell her that she is beautiful, that boys will appreciate her eventually, and that she'll soon have her pick of boyfriends. I'll rub her back and give her a massage and she'll relax with me listening to music. She's a good kid just lonely for attention.

    Anyway while I was having dinner at my sister's place one night Amanda was feeling depressed and I tried to cheer her up. She was moaning about never getting kissed and touched like the other girls so I kissed her on the lips and gave her a long hug. She said something like, No! I want boys to kiss and touch me like Uncle Mike does! She suddenly got white as a sheet and ran into her bedroom.

    Uncle Mike is what we call my sister's boyfriend.

    My niece wouldn't talk to her mom, but I got her to talk to me. My niece said that Uncle Mike was "teaching" her how to have sex so that when she did it with a boy she'd not have to worry about what to do. Instead of my sister getting upset at her boyfriend she was lashing out at her own daughter.

    I told my sister that until she worked this out with HER BOYFRIEND I was taking Amanda to live with me. A month later Amanda was still living with me and I finally told my sister that Amanda was going to live with me until Uncle Mike was gone.

    Amanda graduates from high school in a few months. She turns 18 in September. She said she's never going home. My sister married the guy who was molesting Amanda.

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    My little brother used to hug me from behind pretending that he just wanted to show me how much he loved his big sister. He's reach around and squeeze my boobs and the time he was hugging me. I really liked the way his hands felt on my boobs even though I'd tell him to stop.

    One day I was wrapped in a towel after taking a shower and he hugged me from behind. I kept walking to my room and he kept his grip on my tits. When I got to my room I let the front of the towel slip open and pushed his hands away. When he grabbed me again he was grabbing bare skin.

    I asked him if he liked that and he said Yeah. I pushed him away and the towel fell to he ground and I sat on the edge of the bed. I told him to close the door and he could touch them if he wanted to.

    I wound up laying on the bed with my brother touching me all over. I told him to kiss my tits and I got myself off with my hand while he sucked on my nipples.

    We did this a few times until mom caught us. Of course mom thought it was all his fault and he was grounded for the rest of the summer.

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    I've had the same babysitter watching my daughter Gail from the time she was three. My babysitter was 16 when she started watching my daughter and now she is 19.

    She usually drives over to watch my daughter but one weekend she called and said she was having car trouble and needed a ride over. When I left for the evening my babysitter gave me a big hug and a kiss. Nothing unusual for her, she has always been affectionate towards me. I kissed her back and took off.

    When I got back home I didn't see the babysitter in the living room where she usually is. I called out her name and she answered, I could tell she was in my bedroom. I went in and she was in my bed. She got out of bed and was just wearing a pair of panties. She gave me a hug and a kiss and said she hoped that she didn't mind, but she got really tired and lay down for a nap.

    I told her to get ready and I'd give her a ride home. She said it was okay and she could stay the night if it was okay with me. I asked if she knew what she was saying and she said we've been flirting enough and she wanted to spend the night with me.

    She moved in with me two weeks later. Gail calls her Mommy and I haven't dated another woman since my babysitter and I slept together. If it wasn't for our 12 year age difference I'd be tempted to marry her. I've talked to her about it and she says that age doesn't matter. I feel that at her age it should.

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    If anyone knew who I was I would have to just disappear. I've spent so much time trying to forget that I almost succeeded, but now I realize that I have to face it.
    I don't remember when or how it started, but my earliest memories of my childhood are of my older sister molesting me. I knew it was wrong and I wanted so badly to make it stop. I didn't know how. She touched my all over my body and inside, and made me touch her. I remember hating the way she smelled when she was turned on. When she took my hand and forced it to her ugly snatch I wanted to puke. The feel of her public hair was horrid. I spent so much time just wishing to die. To stop breathing by some miracle. She was stronger than me and would kick me in the stomach until I couldn't do anything but gasp for air. This went on until I was 12.

    By this time, she was a teenager and sexually actively. She tried to drag me into it, but I was sure to have other plans so I wasn't able to meet her. My mother sent me to bring her home from her friends' house. On the way I was attacked by 4 men who held me up by my armpits while they took turns raping me until there was blood running down my legs. Then they dropped me in a filthy mud filled ditch, where I sliced my led on a broken culvert pipe. To keep me quiet, they said if I spoke up they would do the same to my sister. Somehow I felt the need to protect her, despite what she'd done to me. I'd known something was wrong with her mind since I was 8.
    I found out 7 years ago that she had orchestrated the whole thing.

    I was raised in an extremely emotionally abusive household, where I was taught that any feelings I had of either happiness, anger, or depression were selfish and bad. I was to never show emotion and was made to feel guilty all the time. I remember being in Sunday school at 10. There were visiting missionaries who offered a chance to confess. Feeling a horrendous guilt, I took the opportunity. Once apart from the group, one chance I might have gotten help, and I could only cry. I couldn't even speak. I concluded that there was nothing to believe in anymore. No one was going to help me.
    In sixth grade I broke down in the hallway after being pulled out of my class for my increasingly antisocial behavior, and spilled the beans that my mother hadn't spoken to me in weeks. I had no idea what I had done. Still no help.

    So now I am 26. Over 2 decades of emotional, physical and sexually abuse that I have never told anyone. I have been in very abusive relationships because I am afraid of people being mad at me. I have a son whose father will never know about him. I have had sex with so many men I can't even remember, always just searching for a feeling that I've been missing all my life. My sister is now on disability for mental illnesses. She phones me constantly. I listen to her talk about her sad sad life and counsel her because I am the only one who can calm her down.
    I hate her. I secretly wish her all the suffering I had to endure. I feel the same about my parents. One day I will have power of attorney over each of them, because I am the only mentally stable kin. Laughable.

    I've been on medication to keep my brain from thinking too deeply and to control the anxiety and panic attacks. I can't keep a job. I have a lot of migraines. This is killing me slowly like a parasite in my head.
    My only goal in life is to make sure that my son never feels the way I did growing up. I'll never have more children. No sibling will hurt him. No one will touch my boy. We are learning about feelings together. We laugh and cry together, because it is okay to FEEL. It is okay to show those feelings. He will grow up so different than I did. He will have a chance.

    So this is what becomes of survivors of extreme family abuse.
    And I still can only talk about it anonymously.

    Be good to your children.
    They choose your nursing home.

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    The sex between my wife and me has been going down hill for years. It used to be great. She would send me to the video store for porn and we would fuck every which way. She even wanted to go to a strip club once. She chickened out at the door though. She kept requesting certain porn stars (Jeanna Fine) when she sent me for vids and I found her more than once masturbating to girl/girl scenes after I fell asleep (after a couple of hours of sex.) I think she was close to admitting to herself she was bisexual. I think that scared her and she said "Jesus wouldn't want us to watch porn." Then our sex life faded. THe adventure was gone. Sometimes I'm not allowed to kiss her, just suck a boob, go down on her and when I'm hard I can stick it in. Forget about blowjobs.
    Anyway, recently I had an opportunity to fuck with her head. She and another artist friend of hers were talking and drinking mimosas. THey both got sloppy drunk and smoked some weed. When I made their last drinks for the night I slipped in some flexeril, a muscle relaxant that puts my wife out. Soon they were both passed out on the couch. Phase one complete.
    Phase two was me carrying them to the bedroom.Neither one of them woke up. I stripped my wife and her girlfriend. I took a small vibrator(clitoral stimulator) and worked on my wife with it. I could see her pussy lips spread and get wet.Her nipples were hard. Then I did the same to Jackie. I went down on Jackie and licked her pussy and ass real good. I could feel the spasms and knew she was cumming. I kissed and sucked her tits and made sure I gave her a hickie next to one nipple.I put a hickie on my wife's neck. I used Jackie's fingers to fuck my wife's pussy. and left them inside her. I posed them intertwined and covered them up with the blanket.
    I went to the couch, jerked off and went to sleep.
    The next morning, about 11am was priceless. THey came out of the bedroom, and didn't say a word to me. They seemed a little awkward with each other. After coffee Jackie left. My wife asked me how I ended up on the couch and the two of them in the bed. I said "You don't remember??" SHe said "No." I told her she and Jackie started kissing each other and feeling each other up. "She kissed me??" Like it was Jackie's fault. "Yeah, and you had your hand in her shirt. You led her to the bedroom and took her clothes off. I thought we were going to have a threesome but you said you wanted it to just be you and her. It sounded like you two were really enjoying it."
    We ended up in bed and she was all over my cock, like sucking it could erase her (she thought) lesbian tryst. She even swallowed my cum. For the next week we had more sexthan in the last two years. I read her texts from Jackie. Jackie commented on the hickie my wife gave her on her tit and how she had to hide it from her boyfriend. THey wrote it off to just a drunk night, but have been going out more often. My wife smells of Jackie's perfume and them my wife guilt fucks me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    Sitting her with memories of yesterday and my past, I am so turned on right now. Attended a family dinner at my cousins house. He came in the house and found me in the bathroom washing my hands. he slid up behind me and grabbed both hands full of my breast. He pushed up to my back side and humped me some. I told him any time, any time. name the time and place. he smiled and said its tempting very tempting. He is married and I love his wife; But I want him to screw me like we did before.
    He and I were the same age. born three days apart. So we grew up together. My mom watched him while his mom worked. I cried when he went home most days. Some days his mom took me home with him. We slept together right up to age 10. His mom put another bed in his room.
    We knew each others inner most secrets. we took a bath together till age 8 or 9. So being nude was not a shock for us. I started my period at 12 and he got his pubic hair about that time. We showed each other this as well. When we hit 13 we started kissing and before 14 we had our first sex. I had horrible period pain and mom put me on birth control to correct this. So we had unprotected sex ALOT. I would date at 16 and find him for sex after.
    We became very good at sex by 18, I mean pros. he and I spent so much time together my mom told me it did not look good. She thought I had more than family love for him. my dad would not take that well at all.
    She did not think he had the same feeling for me, just the family type of love. She might be shocked to know he kissed me and told me he loved me the night before.
    She had a point and I told him. We needed to date other people. Cut our meetings down to save face.
    He met a girl and they picked up where we left off. He deserves her, she is beautiful and loves him. I just want him so much. My boyfriend is nice, he loves me. I just have my heart full of my cousin.

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