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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Should my dad still be giving my bottom a slap at 18, when I was younger he use to spank my bare bottom over his knee until mum stopped him she said he was going to far and taking to long and too often, I know he has the right to chastise me, he still gives my bottom a whack when I walk past him, the other morning he did it when I was in my nightdress obviously I didn't have any knickers on, he only does it when mum is out, is it just fun and playful or is he a dirty old men correction middle age man, if I told mum there would be a row.

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    Straight Female / 41

    Three years ago my then nineteen year old son Sean came in drunk from a night out. I was in bed at the time masturbating to porn on my lap top. My husband was on his night shift, so when I heard the thud at the top of the stairs, I guessed it was Sean. Slipping on my short silk night robe over my naked body, I walked out of my bedroom to find Sean semi naked, lay at the top of the stairs. His trousers and boxers were around his kness, and it looked like he'd peed all over the carpet. But it wasn't the pee that held my attention, it was my sons huge hard on.
    Maybe if I'd not been masturbating, it might never have happened. But looking at his beautiful hard young cock, I found myself kneeling down beside him, taking hold of his penis, and then sliding it over my tongue as I went down on my own son.
    His cock responded by pulsing in my mouth. It felt amazing to have a hard thick cock in my mouth after so many years of my husband's ever softening dick.
    Once I'd gone past that taboo point, there was no stopping me. I removed my robe and began to stroke my my pussy and clit and soon got myself into a fervor of lust. Then Sean moved. I thought he'd come round, but he was still relatively out. Looking down on him, I had nothing but love for my son, yet also something else. I'd crossed that boundary, that rule that says we can't have sex with our own. Well that taboo was shattered when I straddled his slim athletic body, gripped his long thick cock shaft and guided it to my pussy opening. Looking at my sons face, I sank down impaling myself on his wonderful cock.
    Riding him slowly at first, letting his cock, his awesome young cock reach inside my love hole was just perfect. Every nerve ending inside my pussy was firing and it only took a few more strokes of my sons cock to have me climaxing.
    It was then that Sean came round. I looked down to see a puzzled and confused look on his face, but I continued to grind down onto the most delicious phallic part of my sons anatomy, making his cock bottom out up my pussy over and over.
    As his mind focused, I could tell he found the situation not completely out there, not totally beyond his desires. And registering that within myself, I went for it. Taking his hands I placed them on my breasts as I made him squeeze them. At the same time I quickened my rhythm forcing his cock ever deeper inside of me.
    His mouth opened as if he was going to say something, yet instead of intelligent words spilling out of his mouth, only a long low groan came out, as my own son ejaculated up his mother's extremely needy pussy.
    Sean orgasmed, spurting his hot sticky cum so deep inside me, that I felt it inside my stomach. And on and on he bucked upwards to empty his balls. Once fully drained he settled back, but I wasn't finished. Pumping away on his dick, really grinding all the way down onto his thick length, I squeezed my pussy walls around his cock, and again felt a rising need to climax.
    It was Sean saying "Fuck yeh", that had my whole body shaking with the massive orgasm the tore through me. I couldn't control my actions or my pussy, and I found myself squirting ball over my son's cock, balls and stomach.
    Leaning forwards I kissed my son full on the lips. Holding the kiss for a few seconds before letting his cock slip from my pussy. Rising I stared down at my one true love, and swore to myself I would and will do anything to make sure Sean's happy.
    It took some getting him to bed, but I achieved it. Undressing him so he was naked, I couldn't resist another sneaky suck on his cock. It tasted of his cum and my love juices, and once again I told myself from then on I'd make sure his gorgeous cock was cleaned, if and when we had sex again.
    At breakfast the conversation was simple. My husband had already gone to bed, so it left us alone. Sean told me he remembered some of what happened between us and added he'd love to have sex with me again, being sober. Passing him one cup of coffee after another, I then tested his and my sexual resolve, by spreading myself naked over the table and inviting my son to enjoy his mother's sex. Sean not only fucked his mother for the second time within twenty four hours, he also had me suck off every drop of his cum and my cream from his beautiful dick.
    Now three years on, Sean and I still have sex, amazing horny sex that his father just can't match. We're both aware it's not socially pc for us to be enjoying one another's bodies, but then we figure as I can no longer become pregnant, and that we're not hurting anyone, who cares.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    I would rather stick my dick in my mother in law than i would my wife...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    This is real. I actually searched for a site like this. I'm glad I found it.

    My sis, Shirl and I have been besties all our lives. We even shared boyfriends while still in school. We both work out together and keep in good shape as we did as teenagers. Shirl is only one year older than me and just a bit taller.

    My husband, Vic, and I were always sexually active to the point where we researched and decided to have me get a tubal ligation to prevent any further pregnancy. We had one boy, David, early in our marriage and really did not want more. No long after, Vic died of a massive heart attack and to make a long story short, Shirl told me that her long time boy friend, Joe, has fancied me for years and it would be o.k. with her if I allowed Joe to have me, sexually, once in a while, now with Vic gone and I all alone at 41.

    On a hot summer weekend day we all went to the beach and I realized Joe could not keep his eyes off of me. Even Shirl noticed, and I suspected that even my son, David, spotted it. Joe's lust for me was palpable. I suspected that soon, he would be pouncing on me, which turned me on. What I think turned him on most is my breasts which are much larger and pendulous with big nipples that jut out when I am aroused or cold, much bigger than Shirl's, where we both have fairly slim bodies and nice, tight fannies. We returned home as the day ended and the sun set. I showered in my bedroom bath while the others were here and there in the house.

    Toweling myself dry by my bed, I realized how dark it had become and planned to turn the light on after I dried off. Then I smelled Joe's wonderful Bay Rum scent, that he knew I liked. I felt him come up behind me. I realized I was ready for him and could feel myself getting wet down below. He hugged, me, kissed my neck, held both my breasts and then his hands went to my hips and I lifted my butt a bit so he could easily enter. He started thrusting in and out soon, I could hear the splatting sound of a dripping vagina being well fucked. I was surprised by his vigor and thought, man, he must have had this in mind all day as I pranced around in my bikini.

    He seemed hotter than I remember as I felt his turgid cock engorged and pulsating with blood, feeling a bit bigger than ever. He continued fucking me from behind, even though I was standing up, as I sensed his Bay Rum mixing with the sweat rising on my back. Joe is much taller than me but managed to do the job perfectly.

    I knew Shirl would want details later. I pulled one of my breasts up to my shoulder and he started sucking madly on it while he fucked me. I took the other and started sucking on it myself. While we both fucked and sucked my breasts, he stroked my clit from behind me, rubbing it strongly, and I began to cum. I must have had six orgasms before quieting down, then felt him ram his cock deep into me and he began to fill me with his cum, spurt after spurt. They were so strong I could actually feel them and I wondered if Shirl felt them as he came into her. I reached for the towel on the bed just in front of me and began to wipe my thighs and pussy now sogging wet.

    Breathing in hard, I said, "Oh Joe, that was so good." Then I heard, "It's not Joe, Mom."
    I was paralyzed with all kinds of emotion. My own son had just given me the best fucking of my life. I blurted out a lot of words, not listening to myself, but do recall saying, "This cannot happen again." knowing that I was already thinking of my next fuck with my own son. It was so fucking good.

    So here I am, confused, guilty, and wondering where the devil this is all going? I am now one of he confessors on line.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My wife told me the other day her mom health is not doing well she want her mom to move in so we can be close to her. I flew across the State to help my mother in law moved. My wife couldn't travel because she hate flying. I rented a U-Haul truck and loading her belonging. She couldn't help me much so I had to do most of the work. When I was going through her bedroom and loading her clothes I came across some adult toys she had. I just put it in a box with her bras and panties. I was surprise to see she has some nice undies and I got arouse just looking at it. She is in her 70's and still wearing nice undies. I continue packing and making small talk as I was packing her things taking out to the truck. I make a comment about her undies I run across and the adult toys. She said yes I do use the toys I don't have anyone around to take care of my needs. I kind of blew her off and continue my work. It was getting late for the day and told her I am at a good stopping point.

    She had dinner ready I ate and went to take a shower. I like to take a long shower because I like to jerk off in the shower. She walk by the bathroom and seeing me jerking off and came in wanted to know if everything was ok. I told her yes I just need to release my needs in the shower. I turn myself around facing the wall because I didn't want her to see me jerking off again. I was surprise she had taking off her clothes and step in the shower and offer to help me finish. I didn't know she was going to do that, my back was turned thinking she was leaving but she didn't.

    I said ok and have her finish jerking me off, then she wants to suck it. I just let her take over didn't say anything. When she finish I ask if we can continue this in her bedroom. She said of course we can. After we both wash each other in the shower. I lay down on her bed and she came in after she put on some sexy nightie. I was getting horny right away. She lay down next to me and I slowly touching, massaging her body, her pussy and breasts, just taking my time with her. She was stroking my cock the whole time. She said aren't you going to eat me. I said yes I will but I want you to suck my cock first. She said lets do sixty nine. We were doing sixty nine and doggie and anything you can think of. She said are you going to make me come because all my toys are packed up. I said of course. Took her a long time for her to come but is ok. I love eating her pussy and fucking her until she come.

    Then for the rest of the time helping her we being fucking and sleeping together she love every minutes of it. When we are traveling back home I was driving she was sucking my cock the whole time. When we stop at a motel to rest for the night we were cuddle, fucking in bed and spooning her. She told me she hasn't have that much attention in bed for a long time. She hope this will continue when we get home. I told her as long as your daughter doesn't find out is ok with me. She said we will see.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    I'm on my third husband and only in my early 30's. I am also a craven whore for a mummy and don't have the courage of a flea. To start with, I am secretly sex-crazed, I guess, because I masturbate here and there most of the day, in the morning, during the day at my desk, sometimes on the bus when I have a coat on, and so forth. Also the reason I dumped my first two husbands, they were sexual duds. My third husband fucks me all the time even before and after I masturbate and while he sometimes watches. Believe me, I know this is not normal behavior.

    Looking at my own body excites me and often I will be in front of a full length mirror (that my third husband and I use when we are engaged in some kind of fornication and other sex. I love watching myself. My own teats, ass and my shaved pussy turn me on wildly, as I stick four fingers inside me, leaving my thumb for my clit, which I then ferociously rub to a cum while my four fingers fuck me. I can't get enough of myself.

    My like-wise oversexed husband matches me in that I rarely see him without his thick, water-hydrant appearing cock straight out and often out of his pants walking around the house, with it flopping from side to side. He zips up only when he hears my daughter coming. He is also a bear of a man and when he tops me you will only see my legs sticking out, sometimes half wrapping around his body. His only fear is "running out of cum" which he feels must have some limit. I told him that was silly since his body produces as much as he needs. Once when my daughter was on a school trip, we must have fucked every half hour night and day. We keep it in the family so I don't believe it is just a wild addiction. It is something else, I guess.

    Now, the reason I am posting this (beyond my obsessions) is that my 17 year old daughter has obviously noticed the goings on and has apparently engaged herself in some activity. At night, turned away from him in bed, making believe I am sleeping, I often hear her sneak into the room and whisper. Then, I hear her sucking my husband's, tree-trunk cock (her step father) off, then riding him until they both cum. I remain quiet, turned away, making believe I am asleep.

    I love their secret coupling in the dark and get extremely excited, always quietly masturbating while they fuck. I actually get dizzy thinking about his giant cock pumping in and out of my daughter's hot pussy. She sneaks out and sometimes he will still be so hard and hot he will move over to me and slide his massive cock in me and start fucking me, his trunk, still slippery from my daughter's pussy. That's the best, and I begin to orgasm almost immediately.

    Sometimes, knowing his cock is still wet from her, I will jump down and try to swallow his entire cock, licking and slurping on it and his balls, while I jerk him off with one hand while holding tightly to his balls with the other hand. When he's on top, I often moan and tell him to go deeper and faster in me. Sometimes he will slide out of my vagina and slide it, slowly, into my asshole, already wet from my leaking pussy juices. Then, he will pump fast and shoot his remaining strands deep into me. My asshole hurts so good.

    I have thought of opening the scenario with my baby girl for three-way action but I'm afraid of shaking her up and having it all end. I love the sneaking around they do so much. For the time being I will just be quiet. Maybe later, when she is out of her teens, it will naturally turn three-way. We might then fuck the poor bear to death.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Helping Dad

    I know its wrong, I have been giving my dad a hand job for a long time, mum is frigid I have herd them talking, how it started was I walked in on dad when was having a wank on the toilet, he was embarrassed being caught my his daughter I was as well, after he apologised and said please don't tell your mum, I apologised as well for spoiling his self pleasure it did something to me seeing dads dick stuck up and hard I wanted to help him I don't know what came over me but I said I can help, and left feeling shy, next day he asked if I men what I said, yes I meant it, he said your mum is going out in the after noon, we nervously waited for mum to go as soon as mum had gone we went upstairs first time it was over with in seconds, I know its very wrong I feel guilty when I look at mum.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    Walked into my mother in laws, Kate's home, in January to deliver some shoes she'd left at our house. My wife had told me the best time to call by would in the afternoon, but I was playing fotball, so called by around ten in the morning. As usdual I knocked and then entered. Kate mustn't have heard me because she was still taking a young guys cock up her arsehole when I entered the front room.
    They both jumped up thinking I was Kate's husband, but on seeing me Kate relaxed a little. Telling the lad to go, I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful body and especially her neatly trimmed pussy. She saw me looking and smiled. No sooner than the guy had gone, she opened her legs and said "Want to finish off what he started".
    I know it's my wife mum. I know we shouldn't have done what we did, but if you saw kate and just how stunning she is, face and body, you'd be like me, still fucking the shit out of her four months on.
    I screwed her all over her house that morning. Having her suck my dick as well myself licking and tonguing her pussy and arsehole. With my cock deep up her backside, fucking her on her bed, She asked me not to say anything to her daughter or her husband (She's not he brightest) Saying I wouldn't, if she allowed me to carry on fucking her in future, she re doubled her efforts and we carried on fucking and having lots of oral sex for at least another hour.
    When I walked out her house that day, I didn't feel an ounce of guilt. Not because I'm cold hearted, but because I saw it as keeping my wife's family together. If it had been anyone else finiding her fucking that young guy (He's well and truly out of the picture now, warned off) I guess my wife's parents would now be split up. As it is, I'm the only one keeping my mother in laws mouth pussy and arsehole happy. Which in turn makes me extremely happy.
    In the four months we've been fucking, and it is fucking we don't make love, I guess we've had sex over fifty times. And each time I use her like I would any dirty slut, yet I believe, I know Kate loves being treated that way. If her husband could fuck her the way I do, and had a larger cock like mine, maybe she wouldn't have strayed. So I see it like I've said as keeping my family together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Got my older sister Claire to suck my dick last night. She was wasted after arriving home from a party knowing our parents were away. Her boyfriend dropped her off and boy was pissed off he couldn't fuck her. She was sick out front, then I helped him get her upstairs. He said his goodbyes, but as he walked out of her room, I saw she'd tried to take her panties off. No sooner than he'd gone I removed her panties completely and slowly began to play with her pussy. She began to get all moody, but I carried on and was soon fingering her soaking wet c**t. Not realizing who it was who was pleasuring her, she pulled me over and grabbed for my cock in my shorts. Dropping them and my boxers, she took my dick into her mouth and started to suck on me. I was going to stop her, honest, not!!!. As she sucked hard on my cock, I really began to finger fuck her, forcing two fingers up her dripping pussy. Moaning out loud, she eventually came hard on my fingers, which made me bust my nut in her mouth. Expecting her to spit it out, my sister swallowed the lot and promptly fell asleep.
    This morning she asked me if her boyfriend stayed with her. When I asked why, she said "The dirty bastard came in my mouth knowing I'd been sick". I made a caring face and told her not to make a big deal out of it. Hope she gets pissed up again soon.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    My father's half sister had three sons and two daughters. Of those the oldest daughter and the two younger sons were off mentally. Some in the family feel was due to some medication my aunt took for a thyroid problem.

    The oldest daughter was fifteen years older than me, about ten years older than her two off brothers. She liked to play with me in her room and my parents did not care, they knew she would not let me be hurt. But over time I soon learned something was happening between her and her youngest brother.

    He would come in her room and have sex with her while I was in there. She was not being forced, she loved it. Then by age ten or so she would give me blow jobs and then put me inside of her and ride me. She was a tall woman with long hanging breast. She liked me to suckle her breast like a baby.

    By the age of 14 or so my mother did not want me alone with her. Mom knew she was an aggressive sexual person. She had ran away and found out back of a bar where men were taking turns on her. She was pissed when they picked her up, she begged to stay and take a few more.

    Mom would not keep me away, I rode my bike to the house and hid out behind the garage. I knew she would be hanging clothes out on Wednesday, as she walked by I called her over. I then got her in the garage in the back of an old camper and thats where I mounted my attack. I planned on giving her so much sex. But she soon had spent me and was riding my limp cock and playing with her tits.

    She ran away a few times and the Dr gave her pills to calm her down.

    But her two brothers who became professional drunks, would come home and take turns taking her to her room, I recall days she told me when her two brothers would fuck her for ten hours one after the other. leaving the bed soaked with sweat and cum. Yet she wanted more.

    The two brothers eventually killed them selves from drinking related deaths. She ended up in a mental hospital in Delaware.

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