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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 50

    Last month on a Sunday! Was upstairs in my room watching TV. I am Jake and my wife is may.that day I am watching a wife came in and said her cousin was here.i said ok tell her I said hi. I am busy with my movie.a while later her cousin knocked and popped her head in.may went to the store she will be back in a little while. I said ok. she asked me what I was old movie I wife's cousin said.i have something better for you to watch.her name is liz.liz pushed the door open and came in.she was completely I am looking at a 16 year old you like what you see.liz are you crazy. you are 16.if may sees this i will be in jail.liz stood in front of me and rubbed her you like it.ya I like it but I don't want to see you naked.may will go nuts.liz Bent over and spread her legs wide.her pussy was pink and her lips were real close to her dick got hard very fast.i said.what are you going to tell may if she sees this.liz said may dared me to do it.thats why she is not here Jake. I am supposed to suck your dick if you want me are 16. And you want to give me a blowjob yes Jake. do you want me to.of course I want you to.ok Jake. then get naked and I will do it.i took off my clothes and Liz went to my dick right away. Jake will you play with my pussy.liz I will do whatever you want.ok then. She had my dick in her hand and said.cover your eyes and I will do it.ok.i put my pillow and couldn't see.go ahead.a second later I feel a month on my cock.liz you know if May catches us.the whole family will know.i don't care.i have wanted to suck your dick since I met you.does it feel good.of course.i want to lick your pussy.ok wait a minute.then she took the pillow off my face.i couldn't believe wife her cousin and her mom.were naked . I asked if they were doing it the same time.ya it was all of us.i said who is wife's mom Bent down and took my entire dick in her mouth.i was amazed.i said I want to at least put my cock in all of wife may said.i want to see you stick it in my mom's pussy first.i fucked my wife may and her cousin Liz and my wife's Mom. They all ate my jiz

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    Straight Male / 33

    I work out a lot and am pretty fit and muscular so when my mother-in-law approached me about helping her get in shape I agreed to help. She was recently divorced, had just turned 54 years old, a little chubby and made it her goal to improve herself by the time she turned 55. Since I have exercise equipment at home it would be no problem to easily get her in the best shape of her life. My wife must have been inspired to improve herself too so I helped both of them out. I don't mean to put my wife down but being that she was only 31 years old she was getting a little chubby too. It was great they both decided to make this decision but I think they didn't like me for the first part of their training because I did work them hard and made them be disciplined to stick to it. As time when on and they saw the results they seemed to be more thankful with me and the training. After only a few months the results of their hard work showed. They both lost weight, became very toned, including sculpted abs and firm buttocks, that even I was surprised with the results.

    I saw their confidence levels go way up. They even went out and purchased bikinis which I know they hadn't done in years. I was a little surprised with their bikini choices as the bottoms were a thong type and the tops did not provide much coverage. They did look very good in them but I didn't know if I wanted guys drooling over my wife's very exposed ass and barely covered breasts. Given their confidence levels I decided to keep my feelings to myself and enjoy the success they achieved. The first time they went to the beach in their new bikinis was a sight. They were noticed very quickly by guys and I could see they were enjoying the attention. The two of them were almost mimicking each other. The two of them were laying on their towels face down and her mother untied her top and removed it and my wife followed suit. My wife's confidence must have been really high as she had never done that before as she was always concerned someone may accidentally get flashed something they shouldn't see. I was shocked in a pleasant way but liked how my wife's confidence level had greatly improved since working out.

    I don't know if was just confidence but her mother stood up at one point complaining she needed to stretch and my wife did the same. They made no attempt to put their tops on first and were standing topless on a non-topless beach. It was only for a minute before they were back to laying face down on their towels but they had just flashed their breasts to everyone on the beach with little concern with what they had done. When they were rolling over on their towels earlier to be face up they had always put their tops on first. I didn't now if they realized what they just did or just didn't care.

    The day was coming to a close and what happened next seemed a big surprise to me or maybe I was just reaching my own conclusions about what I witnessed. Once again my wife and her mother stood up topless exposing themselves to the whole beach. They then grabbed the shirts they wore to the beach and put them on. Her mother grabbed the shorts she wore to the beach and quickly slipped off her bikini bottoms giving a quick flash of herself below the waist before her shorts were slipped on. My wife slipped her bikini bottoms off like her mother did but unlike her mother my wife's shirt only went down to her belly button. My wife's pussy was exposed and also unlike her mother my wife did not have her shorts in hand to quickly slip on. She was looking in her bag for them with what seemed to be be for minutes. She was also casually talking and being interrupted by her mother causing her exposure to continue. I noticed more people looking her way and mentioned she better cover up. She said she couldn't find them and her mother suggested to just wrap her towel around her. She tells her mother the towel is smelly, wet and had sand on it and her shirt would get that way. Her mother said she didn't option and my wife said she knows what she can do. My wife wife takes off her shirt and then begins shaking her towel to get sand off it which is making some noise and drawing attention to her as she is literally naked from head to toe doing this. I was utterly in shock with her naked on this beach and having drawn everyone's attention I didn't know what to do or say. My wife's tits, ass and pussy are exposed for all to see. She finally wraps the towel around her and as we were leaving the beach she was getting a lot of smiles from the guys we passed by.

    It seemed like my wife deliberately exposed herself. I was thinking her and her mother's topless exposure earlier may have been planned. On the car ride home both of them asked how I felt about their nudity on the beach. I asked why they were asking and was told I better get used to it and they began to explain. They told me they felt so great with their bodies now that they did a nude photo shoot together. That was unexpected. They then mentioned they got naked on the beach to see how I would react. I asked about the photo shoot and was told it was supposed to be tasteful but they got a little carried away and I might not want to see it. They said it was only them in the photo shoot so I wasn't being cheated on but they didn't know how I would feel with what I would see then doing. I asked how the photo shoot came about. They told me they saw some magazines in a store and took a look at them to see how they compared to the women in them. They bought one to take home and look at it further. They said they thought they looked just as good or even better than the women in the magazine. One thing led to another and the application was filled out with pictures attached. The magazine called them and asked some questions about themselves and what their limits were and asked to meet them. The magazine said they have a whole group of magazines and they would easily be able to find them one to be depending what they where willing to do. I asked what they did and they said I would have to find out.

    The magazine came out and I was given a copy to look at. They were advertised as the mother daughter team. They were naked and as I flipped the pages their legs were spread showing themselves off. They then had toys which they used on themselves. I was told the magazine was paying them $2000 each for the shoot. I was about to flip the page and was told I may not want to see what was next. During this point in the shoot they were offered double to do a few extra things. They said the money was tempting and they both felt great and took the offer. The 2 of them were in a 69 position using the toys on each other. As I flipped more pages they stopped with the toys and were using their fingers and tongues on each other. It was both weird but so HOT to see. I knew they must be really close to do something like that with each other.

    They continued their workouts and the confidence and comfort levels with their bodies continued. My wife and her mother toned down their nudity but did do the occasional topless and nude tanning.

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    Straight Female / 52

    Before I met my Yankee boyfriend, who was five years younger than I, I use to get sexual relief from my nephew. I thought my nephew was pretty well endowed until I met my boyfriend. He was really hung. He surprised me when I went down on him on our first date. I knew I wanted this guy for my partner.

    I confessed to my two daughters what I had found. A guy that was hung and not jealous. As time went by, my boyfriend, Jon, told me he was into wife-swapping with his two ex wives. I told my sister Deb about him and what he was into. She confessed she and her husband was in swapping and nothing wrong with it.

    Jon and I posted our profile on a couple of swing sites and tried out a swing club. To my surprise, my older daughter Lisa and her husband was there. We all was somewhat embarrassed, but Jon said, " What the hell, we are all adults that enjoy sexual fun. " We socialized on our separate ways with members at the club.

    I told Jon about a nudist resort nearby and that I always wanted to see what it was like. We went there one weekend. Some of the people there I recognized. About mid afternoon, while tanning at the pool, I felt a tap on my back. I turned around and it was my younger daughter Dana and her husband. Never less, I was embarrassed again. I noticed my son-in-law and knew why Dana married him. He had a fat penis. Dana and I walked the hiking trail and chatted. Dana said she and Donnie saw mine and Jon's profile and pics on the internet. "What's this, are we all wife swappers in this family! " I said and laughed.

    Lisa had a big house and we decided to hold our family holloween party there. Deb, my sister, suggested it be an adult theme dress code. Us women mainly dressed as hookers and sluts. The guys wore uniforms, police, fireman, doctor etc. Jon, being hung as he was, was our stripper man. We all sneak upstairs to play around with each other. I enjoyed Donnie, being the youngest there with the thickest penis.

    When we all get together for a cookout around my pool, we skinny dip in it and enjoy the family get togethers. I admitted to all that I was doing Wade, my nephew, before meeting Jon.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Am I a bad person?

    So Iâm actually 15 almost 16, shhhhh donât tell on me lol. Iâm 4â8 dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, perky little tits, actually Iâm almost identical to my mum to the point people think we are sisters. My parents divorced when I was born, I see my dad but only like 2-3 times a year and he is more like a friend than a dad but thatâs life I guess. When I was like 2-3 my mum remarried a slightly younger, richer man, he was always very nice and to me was my dad, he has been around as long as I can remember, and is always there for me. This is the story about how I betrayed him and my mum for my own personal gain, Iâve never told anyone else this I hope you kinky people like it some may think Iâm a bar person but hey I donât care.

    As I said he was always a father to me and always will be my dad. We often got funny looks when out and about saying we are dad and daughter,because he is a tall muscular black man and Iâm a tiny little white girl, but that never bothered us we always thought it was funny. Growing up he always made sure I had all that I needed and more but I was never spoiled. I donât know if it was to teach me humility or the value of working for things and not just being a spoiled little girl, or if he was just a tight ass, either way I was certainly not as spoiled as his money could have allowed. As I got older I started wanting things like a dog, more allowance, to go out with friends for longer, latest phones etc as most kids do. I was never allowed a dog full stop, I had a phone but always a hand me down, not much of an allowance but then again I was lazy and didnât want to put in any effort in to get more.

    The big event came tho just after my 15th when my friends older sister was having a wedding in Cyprus and my friend wanted me to be her plus one. I begged my parents to let me go for months in advanced and even tho it was already paid for and her parents said they would keep an eye on me of course my dad still wouldnât agree. I was so angry, I really wanted to go. So I spent ages thinking of ways to make him agree, I thought of everything, bribery - I had no money, seduction - he wouldnât go for it, blackmail - I had nothing on him. I wracked my brain for ages but I couldnât come up with anything. Until I eventually concluded that my only feasible option was to create some dirt on him and then blackmail him. That in itself wasnât going to be easy as he was an upstanding citizen, would never break the law or do anything morally wrong. After much deliberation I came up with a plan.

    It was one of my parents usual social gatherings at the house, they are social butterflyâs always having people over for small parties and drinks etc. To everyone else this party was no different but for me it was he night I would gain control. As per usual people that didnât want to drink too much left early and those that stayed got very drunk and took taxis home. As the evening wore on tho I had been spiking my parents drinks giving them quadruple vodka in their drinks, so by the time the last guests were leaving my parents were shit faced. My mum being tiny like me was soon passed out in the summer house (which was the party room when people came over) My dad stubbled back to the house while waved good bye to the last guests. It was finally time for my plan, my heart was pounding, as dad climbed the stairs to bed I snuck out to the summer house and found my mum still passed out on the sofa. After calling her and shaking her to make sure she defiantly wasnât waking up I started to take her dress off. As I pulled her shoulder straps off and started pulling the dress down her tits popped out right in front of my face as she wasnât wearing a bra. I paused for a moment and something just came over me and I just had this strong, sudden urge to touch her nips. Confident she was blacked out I leaned in and licked one of her nips to see if she reacted, nothing. With more confidence this time I leaned in and started sucking on my mums tits, I did this for a few minutes and before long I was getting bolder. So I really started getting into it, giving them a squeeze and nibbling on them. When she let out a soft moan my heart sank thinking she had woken up and I froze, what was only a few seconds but felt like hours at the time I was just frozen inches from her naked tits. Then she softly moaned my stepdads name and my adrenaline calmed down and I continued. After I had nibbled, sucked and squeezed her tits for a while I started to pull her dress down some more until it slide over her hips and down her legs to her ankles revealing her waxed pussy. It was wet, she must have enjoyed the attention her tits got. Part of me thought I should just stick to the plan, but a bigger part of me said donât waste this opportunity. So I slide the dress off her ankles and slowly parted her legs, and started kissing down her inner thigh. Just a few inches from her pussy she moaned again and my adrenaline come flooding back my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. Then she slurred for my stepdad not to stop now, so with a smile I tasted my mums pussy for the first time as I slide my tongue up and down her slit. As my tongue ran up and down I found her clit and started playing with it swirling my tongue over it. Mum started moaning a bit more and I knew she was enjoying it, after a while I got brave and slide my tongue inside her opening and farted in and out of her, I really enjoyed the taste. This went on for a while then I let my tongue flick further down and found her asshole. No reaction so I slide my tongue in and got some more soft moans as I explored her ass with my tongue. My mum seemed to be enjoying it but as for my I was loving it, but a little voice inside my head said that I should get back to the plan. So I pulled my tongue out and was about to move away when my mum slurred donât stop now I was getting close. I didnât need a second invitation and my tongue found her clit again, as I flicked fast and hard, I shoved 2 fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her, this only lasted about a minute when she started moaning and bucking and she squirted on my tongue. She orgasmed harder than I expected and I froze hopping she wouldnât wake up, she smiled rolled over and started snoring. Phew, well I hadnât planned for that but it was amazing fun, so I took my mums dress and shoes and headed back to the house.

    I took myself into the bathroom and got changed into my mums dress and redid my hair to be like hers even out on some of her makeup, I then went and found my dad in bed with just his jeans on. I put my phone on record and placed so it got a view of the whole room, then I went and started to wake my dad up. I wake him up just enough for him to stir in his drunken state but not enough to be fully coherent. Hunny donât go to sleep yet I want some fun I said in my best mum voice. I started to unbutton his jeans when he looked at me and said wow my luck is in I didnât think Iâd be getting any tonight. I just smiled as a huge black dick flopped out, I grabbed and it was huge in my tiny hands, I started to stroke and he lagged back closed his eye and moaned softly. He moans my mums name and I knew I had him, smiling to myself thinking Iâm going to really enjoy this and get the material I need to blackmail him win win. As I stroked him I stated sucking on his balls then slowly licking up his monster to the tip, this was met by him moaning wow Carla (mums name) You donât usually get this into it, I just smiled and carried on up to the tip and started sucking it while stroking the base. Whatâs gotten into you Carla you donât normally do anything like this, in my best mum voice I say that it must be the alcohol because Iâm feeling very kinky. He said I can tell you donât normally let me out my cock in your mouth, I said tonight baby you have a free pass to do whatever you want. Anything ?! He said, I paused and whispered ANYTHING! No sooner had I finished the word his hand was in the back of my head pushing it down on his cock, OMG he moaned loudly and says he always wanted to fuck you hard and rough Carla, I gage on his dick then he let me up for air and I said well tonightâs your chance so make it count. With that he grabbed me by the throat and forced me onto my back with my head hanging off the end of the bed, I was already wet from being with my mum but when my daddy bragged my throat I thought I was going to cum right there and then. He lined his cock up to my mouth and as soon as I opened my lips he thrust balls deep into my throat gaging and choking me as his balls rested on my chin. He holds it there for a few seconds then pulls out just long enough for me to catch half a breath before slamming it back in then he built up a rhythm and started face fucking me while I gagged, choked and squirmed for breath. He pounded my throat mercilessly until my makeup was mixed with my spit and smeared all over my face. Just when I thought I couldnât take it anymore he slide his dick out and pulled me up to my feet by my hair, at that point I was just glad to breath again as I gasped for air. He said thatâs the warm up over with as he forced me to my hands and knees and got behind me, he smeared some of the spit from his dick onto my pussy lips and I braced myself. He guided the tip in the grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he thrust all 12inchs into me, I screamed out in pain but he didnât care as he slide back out to the tip then slammed into me again. The first 3-4 mins hurt like hell and I thought what have I got myself into as I cried, but then the pain started to subside and it became more and more pleasurable. After another few mins I found myself screaming not in but in pleasure and begging for more, donât get me wrong I was still very sore but then pleasure completely out weighed the pain. He really started fucking me hard spanking me, pulling my hair, all this just turned me on more and soon after I squirted for the first time. The orgasm was so intense my pussy clamped down on his dick my whole body shaking as I squirt on his dick and balls, he did t let up still fucking me mercilessly then he slammed into me hard and grunted and I thought to myself of fuck he is coming and Iâm not on birth control, I wanted to say something but for some reason I didnât and I let his cum flood my pussy. He grunted and slammed into me hard and kept me impaled balls deep as spurt after spurt filled my unprotected pussy. We stayed there like that for what seemed ages with my sore pussy throbbing on his cock, eventually he slide out and I thought I was done but he grabbed my hair again and guided his dick to my mouth and said clean up your mess. I smiled to myself as I lick and sucked all of our cum off his dick and balls. Shortly after I was done he was snoring and I got up with his cum leaking down my legs and grabbed my phone and went back to my room. I was so sore the next day it was crazy, I had the fun of watching my very confused mum walk the length of our garden (fairly long) naked while our dirty old neighbour perved over her as he looked at her from his garden. We all tidied up the house as per usual and aside from mum being confused as to why she was naked all was normal. My mum went out later in the after noon and I approached my dad asking if he had a good time last night, he said he did then I let on a few details about the sexual encounter and he was confused as to how I knew, I showed him the video (I had cut out the beginning so it stated from when he was rough fucking me and it looked like he r**ed me) He was in shock and apologised over and over, needless to say I got what I wanted from then on including his dick on several more occasions but they are another story.

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    Straight Male / 18

    My little sister teases me crazy all the time. She caught me jacking off in my room last month, and now she teases me. Not about me jacking off, but she makes me hard and laughs.

    She is 16 and built. When nobody is looking she giggles her tits so I can see. Lifts her top. Or sometimes she'll run from the bathroom to her room naked if she knows I am in the hall.

    She does this to get me hard, because she knows I JO a lot. She is not interested in anything sexual with me, believe me I have tried. She doesn't watch or listen. She just teases me crazy and I end up in my room jacking off.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Brother and Sister:

    My brother and I live together as a couple. We moved away from home so no one would discover us, although my mom knows (she sometimes plays with my bro also).

    I was 12 and he was 14 when we first started to play sexually. We were tickle wrestling on the couch. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. He was in jeans and was shirtless.

    We are Hispanic with light brown skin and I have long brunette hair, while he has a crop top. I am slender and petite, while he is very muscular.

    I was on top and started to grind on his crotch area. He didn't resist me. He reached around and began to play with my bum.

    I removed my t-shirt to tease him. He started to suckle on my tiny tits. I began to get warm and tingly all over. Then suddenly I squirted all over his jeans.

    I thought that I had peed and started to cry. He said it was okay and natural.

    He then took out his cock and began to jerk off in front of me. I was mesmerized. Then he shot his cum all over my chest.

    Now we live together and have a lot of oral sex and outercourse. I luv when he cums on me because it is so nasty and submissive.

    Mom put me on the pill as soon as she found out that we were playing together, and my brother uses a condom whenever he fucks me for double protection. He fucks our mom bareback because she had a hysterectomy.

    My gfs think my bf is hot (they do not know that he is my bro). We have seduced a couple of them into a 3some, especially if I know that they on the pill.

    We first invite one of them to our place and get them a little tipsy or high. Then I start to make out with the gf to tease my bf/bro. Next I start to rub his crotch, then pull out his cock when it gets hard. I start to lick it and usually my gf joins in.

    Once my bf/bro has a raging hard on, I back off and he starts to give my gf a good dicking. I then diddle myself as I watch to let my gf know that it is okay. Then when he shoots his load, I lick his cum out of her pussy.

    A few of my gfs have tried to betray me and get some alone time with my bf/bro, but he lets them know that he is loyal to me. And I cut the bitch off from anymore 3somes.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    My best friend's Mom passed away and we held a funeral for her yesterday. I have known Mrs. G since I was a little kid and she will be missed. Even at eighty-six she was pretty spry and tragically died when she was struck by a city bus. Mrs. G will always be special to me, she was the first woman to touch my cock and she gave me my first blow job when I was fourteen. I am blessed with a big thick cock and by the time I was a sophomore in high school I had fucked Mrs G two times that summer. Over the years we've gotten together a dozen or so times, the last on her eightieth birthday. She had me return to her suite after everyone else had gone home. Over time I have fucked nearly every woman in John's life. I never planned it that way, but when she caught me in bed with her mom, his sister Jeanie basically forced me to fuck or she threatened to tell. I fucked John's wife Sarah before they were married and once my wife and I did a three-way with her. His daughter sucked my cock during a sleepover at our house, she was fifteen at the time and we have gotten together on a few occasions. But the real twist is my favorite, his son Brian is a crossdresser and he was wearing one of his granmother's wigs the first time I fucked him. The kinky nature of this weird circle was not lost on me.

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    Straight Male / 39

    My mother-in-law has some pain issues and has been prescribed different medications. Most didn't help much but there was a relativity new medication they wanted her to try. They advised there were some possible side effects and requested someone be with her day and night for the first few days to see how she was reacting to it. She is 61 years old and widowed. My wife was too busy with work and since no one else was available to be with her day and night I volunteered. I took a week off work and was going to stay with her and report back if I noticed anything out of the ordinary. Her doctor had a talk with me and outlined what to look for and told me what to expect. I was told excessive sexual activity was the big possible side effect. I asked what that actually meant and was told in drug trials the test subjects mostly lost their inhibitions resulting in nudity and public masturbation. The doctor told me not to mention this to anyone, especially my mother-in-law, as it could cause her to subconsciously act in that way. I asked what I was to do if she started doing something like that. I was told to just let her finish what she started so as not to upset her. I mentioned that would be hard to do if we were in a public place. The doctor suggested keeping her at home until we get a full understanding of how the drug would affect her as everyone reacts differently. The doctor did mention that these sexual actions were strong on the first few days of taking the drug but as people adjusted to taking them they reduced. I mentioned if she does anything like this she will be very embarrassed with me seeing her do so. The doctor stated the one thing that was noted in the test subjects was that they didn't recall doing any sexual activity so if she did anything it would only be me that would know about it which is why it best she be kept at home and only with one person.

    I went over to her place and was there when she took her first pill. In 20 minutes she suddenly began to remove her clothes and started rubbing herself between her legs. It was strange watching her because the look on her face was no different than usual except she was naked and masturbating with no concern that was she was doing she shouldn't be doing in front of me. I took the advice from her doctor to just let her do what she was doing until finished so I jsu let her continue. I was very shocked and caught off guard when she stopped what she was doing and began trying to pull my pants down. I was so in shock that not only did she actually managed to get them down but managed to take them right off of me. I was a little confused if I should stop her or just let her continue so as not to upset her. As no one but me would know I just let her continue and she took off everything I was wearing. I didn't know what her intention was going to be but with her climbing on top of me I was going to stop it because there was a very remote possibly of what could be coming next. I then reminded myself it could upset her and since no one would know I decided to let her decide how far she wanted to go. She was putting her breasts in my face and told me to suck them. Her pussy was pressed against my cock but that's as far as that seemed to be going. I knew my mother-in-law pretty well and knew she wasn't going any further with that. She began to open mouth kiss me which was very unexpected. She began to rub her pussy against my cock so there was no penetration but it did make me cum. She got very wet and did get off too. We didn't have sex but I still couldn't believe what we had just done.

    When she took her next pill the same thing happened. The next day she masturbated in front of me but that was it. By day three her sexual urges subsided and she was basically back to her usual self. I only mentioned to her doctor that she did masturbate for the first couple of days but that was it. I couldn't mention my cock and her pussy were rubbed together cause up both to have a sexual releases.

    For what it is worth, the medication has caused her pain has subsided.

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    My uncle has got the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's way bigger than my ex boyfriends and it's much much thicker too. I know all this because eight months back when I was seventeen, I moved in with him. My mum took a job which meant her working a lot of her time out of the country. There is no dad, so instead of me moving in and out the area to attend college, my mom said I should stay with her brother. The only thing is, he loves to walk about semi naked. I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen his flaccid cock, but more recently I've noticed him wanking and his cock is absolutely huge. To me anyway. I've even begun to touch myself, bringing myself to orgasm, imagining him fucking me with his mammoth dick. All of this wouldn't have been a problem, if I hadn't had seen him tossing himself off as he sniffed a used pair of my knickers only a couple of weeks ago. But even more than that, I didn't react as seeing it as gross. I saw it as being a total turn on and he caught me playing with my pussy. He made all kinds of apologies and genuine ones too. But now I cannot get that image out of my head and long for him to tell me he'd love to fuck my holes.

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    Came home from work today and saw my mother-in-law, she lives with us, at the side door talking to a neighbor kid. Parked in the garage and noticed a stream of cum down the back of her leg and wetness on the inner thigh of her short shorts. I went into the house and when she came back inside I asked: "Good day today?"

    Her reply was a blush and muffled yes as she scampered up stars.

    I hope it becomes a regular thing, that kid did the lawn for free.

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