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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    this all started a couple years ago when my niece who was then 16 came to live with me. You see she is my brother's daughter and he is a complete loser and couldn't take care of her so i took her in. she is a beautiful girl about 5'4 small frame. she didn't really have tits but a really nice little ass. Anyway i work from home so i don't have to get up early or go into an office. i do have to go on business trips every now and then. so i have plenty of time to spend with my niece and i love to spend time with her cause she is so much fun. a couple months into her moving in it was now summer and she started dressing a bit skimpier and walking around in a tiny bikini because i also have a pool, so she spent a lot of time out by the pool. i couldn't help but notice her she was so beautiful but i wouldn't act on any attractions to her because she was my niece and that isn't normal. she would come across some of my fantasies while masturbating and found myself looking for porn with girls that had her same build. but one morning I was sleeping in when i was woken up to the feeling of someone sucking my cock. i thought it was just a dream at first, but i then realized it was my niece laying between my legs sucking my rock hard dick. she had pulled the sheets off of me without waking me and started sucking my dick. once i realized it was her i shot up and asked what she was doing. she said had seen me naked before and was intrigued by my cock and she had caught me masturbating before but didn't say anything so she thought i was lonely sexually because it is just me and her in the house together and i don't really get out much.
    so she said she wanted to help me. i told her we shouldnt do anything like that because im her uncle and family shouldnt do that. she asked me if i wasnt her uncle would i think she was sexy. i told her that i think she is the sexiest woman i have ever seen and if she wasn't my niece i would want her so bad. she just said well pretend im not your niece and proceeded to kiss me shoving her tongue in my mouth and i couldnt help but kiss back with our tongues swirling around eachother. as we were kissing she reached down and started to stroke my cock until it got hard again. my niece then told me to lay back and relax and she had gone back to licking and sucking me off while massaging my ball. it had been so long since i had anybody do that so i did not last long and told her i was about to cum but she just kept sucking until i shot a load so hard into her mouth. i saw some come out but it looked like she had swallowed most of it. she sits up and wipes her mouth then says that tasted good, i want to do that for you all the time if you want me to. i told her there is nothing more in this world that i want. i then told her to lay on her back and for me to return the favor. she lays down i spread her legs to reveal her little pussy with just a little patch of hair right above it and her little honey hole is already soaking wet. i went down and i tasted her for the first time and it was the most amazing c**t i had ever tasted. she squealed a little from the first lick and i ask if she was alright and if she ever had anyone do this to her before. she said no and that she was still a virgin! i was shocked but told her i would be gentle and wouldnt do anything she didnt want me to do. so i then went back to licking her perfect little pussy and she was moaning with pleasure. i would shove my tongue as deep as it would go and then massage her clit with my fingers. she began to shutter and scream in ecstasy and then she went limp. when she was finally able to talk she asked me, was that an orgasam? i told her yes it was, she then excitedly said i wish i cold feel like that all the time, well needless to say she does more often now. it is amazing i get any work done with this little cock sucking machine around.

    a couple months later she asked me if i would take her virginity. i was in shock she wanted me to be the one to take it. i know we have been giving each other oral to satisfy our sexual urges but i asked if she was really ready for this? she said, Uncle i love you so much and there is no other man i could ever want to do this with you are so gentle with me and i know you will make my first time special not just some boy that doesnt know what he is doing and doesnt love me. i said i love you more than anything in this world but if we are going to do this we need to get you on birth control. so after we had gotten that taken care of i had planned out a whole evening for us. i took her to her favorite restaurant bought her roses had candles set up in our bedroom, because we didnt see the point in her sleeping in the other room anymore. when we got home i told her to close her eyes as i lead her to the bedroom, i lit the candles and then went back to her and told her to open her eyes. she said it was so romantic and i made her feel so sexy. i turned her around and kissed her passionately and told her she is sexy and i love her so much. she said make love to me uncle, so i unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her little bitty tits ( she hardly ever wore a bra) and her black lacy thong. i then pick her up she felt as light as a feather and placed her on the bed. she whispered, im ready. i undress completely and im already as hard as a rock and i slip her panties off and see she really is ready. so i sit on the bed beside her and begin fingering her wet eager pussy, starting with one and moving up to two i couldnt get three in so i knew it was gonna be tight for me and had to be extra gentle. i position myself between her legs and can feel the tip of me cock just at the opening of her pussy and i as her if she is sure that she is ready? she says yes so i begin to enter her slowly, i can see it hurts her as she is biting her lower lip. but i just ease it in and out going a little deeper each time until i feel her hymn. i told her that this was going to hurt but will soon feel better. i do a few shallow strokes before i thrust all the way in her breaking her hymn, she let out a tear and i asked if she was ok, she said yes it just hurt but is starting to feel better. i ask her if she wants me to to continue, and says yes she wants me. i begin to slowly thrust my cock in and out until i know she is used to it, she then starts to moan in pleasure so i know she is feeling good so i start thrusting a little faster and she starts moaning louder. her pussy is so tight around my cock i have never been with a virgin before but it is an amazing feeling. im thrusting faster and faster and im getting close to cumming and she notices and say i want you to cum inside me uncle i want to feel it inside me. that pushed me over the edge and i came in her continuing to thrust as she was pushed to climax as well. i got off of her and laid beside her and she rolled over to kiss me and said that there was no way losing her virginity could have been better than that. we now have sex regularly and in all kinds of positions, she is very adventurous. she even let me take her anal virginity. she is now 19, she works for me as my assistant and i take her on my business trip all the time where we continue to have sex. and all over our house too. i love that girl and no one can replace her, she is more than my niece she is my partner.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I had just broken up with my girlfriend of five years. She said she was moving on, she had outgrown me. I was hurt and when my sister asked me to go spend a couple of months with her in Malaya, I said why not. She had a toddler, and she needed company.

    Malaya proved to be the wrong place for me, her husband got me pregnant, no doing of my own. My sister threatened to divorce him for what he had done, but I convinced her not to ruin her life, what was done was done. Motherhood wasn't my thing right then, and I asked my sister to help me raise my daughter. This meant that I spent a lot of time with her, and her husband took advantage of my visits. He did what he did, I didn't care, he wanted to do it, so he did it.

    I met this woman while I was in Malaya, she was a correspondent for a London paper, on temporary assignment. She had me in bed on the second date and I fell for her very hard. She was nomadic, and had no intention of staying in Malaya. I had my daughter, and I was making my life with my sister and my brother in law. I was hurt again when she left, it took me a long time to understand that I was just a girl in the port for her.

    I gave myself completely to my brother in law and got pregnant again.

    We are back in the UK, and I live with my sister and her husband, and her kids and my two kids. My sister has given me every reason to be there with her, I have my two kids and I can tolerate my brother in law when he gets close to me. Better him, at least I have my kids with him, than having my heart broken. I really don't mind at all now when he comes looking for me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    I had just come back from school and was sweating. My black lace bra was showing through my white shirt and I could feel my erected nipple sticking out. As I opened the door I see my stepdad Steve sitting on the couch with his legs spread and his eyes closed as he snored away in his boxers. Mom was away for a couple of days on her work trip and expected me to look after Steve. I turned the porn off and it woke him so I said hi and went off to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Steve then followed and stood so close to me I could feel his semi erect cock on my back. He put his arms around me and started to grind. I wiggled to try get out of his cuddle but he held tight against my boobs. He moved close to my neck and started to give gentle bites, kisses and the occasional suck. His hand moved my skirt up as he slid my panties to the side so he could now feel my wet pussy with his fingers. I moaned "noo Steve, mom won't be happy" as he continued to slide his finger in and out fast from my moist pussy. He spun me around and forced his face onto my boobs and sucked my sensitive nipples as I quivered from bliss.
    "Ohh yea daddy" as I let out a moan. "fuck me faster" as he used his fingers. I slid his boxers off and saw a hard thick 10 inch cock. I wrapped my mouth around the tip and began to suck it as I stroked the balls. He pulled my hair back and pushed his cock deeper as I sucked it till his pre cum was dripping out my mouth. He took my school tie and tied my hand together, carried me back to the lounge and pinned me to the carpet floor. "Won't you give it to me stepdaddy". He shoved his big hard cock in and I could feel my pussy stretch as he thrusted faster. "You like that, you like the hard fuck baby" he said as he thrusted it deeper inside.
    I untied myself and pushed Steve to the floor as I straddled his cock. I rode him and felt his 10 inch go deeper hitting against my spot "Yes stepdaddy I want your cock" I moaned. I sucked his beautiful bold tip again and again and felt his veins rush. He forced me to bend down and flipped me to shove it from behind and thrusted till I was begging "ohh yea! More! Ahh...fuck yea, please cum inside me step daddy cum inside me" his hot juices spilled out as I lay there exhausted and unable to move. He sprayed the remaining cum across my stomach up to my Boobs and onto my face as I swallow what the rest he sprayed into my mouth.

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    Straight Male / 46

    My step daughter Charlie has just arrived with our grandchildren. In around half an hour from now, Charlie's mom will be taking the eldest out for a trip to the zoo. It wil leave myself and Charlie alone for about two to three hours.
    The youngest is only five months old and sleeps all the time. So as soon as my wife leaves, we'll make sure the little one is okay, then we'll fuck the whole afternoon. It's something Charlie and I have been doing since she was seventeen. She caught me masturbating back then and instead of turning away, she walked over and sucked on my cock. From that moment onward's we've been licking sucking and fucking one another.
    Charlie is now twenty five and married to a nice guy, but as she says "He ain't got the size of cock to have me cumming like you do". We stopped having sex for over two years, but after the birth of her first child, she asked me if i'd pay her a visit at their home. Charlie was waiting for me naked when I got there, and within minutes of entering their home I had my cock deep up her sweet tight asshole.
    It'll be her asshole this afternoon I'll be fucking as her monthly cycle has arrived, but then we both enjoy anal sex.
    Here's to a wonderful afternoons fucking...

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    Straight Female / 19

    When I was in preschool, my family lived right next to my mother's sister, my Aunt Cindy. She is a couple years older than my mom, and has kids about the same age as my mom has. My cousin about the same age as me is my cousin Jeff. He's just a month older than I am. We used to be inseparable from the time we woke in the morning until we went to bed at night, this went on until my parents moved when I was 10.

    We visited them this summer, Jeff has turned in to a fairly backward geek. He's handsome, tall, and still has the sense of humor I adored. It wasn't long before Jeff and I were carrying on almost like we did before, until his older sister's friends came over. They tease him relentlessly. He embarrasses easily and is very backward sexually. I couldn't stand how they treated him, so I decided to do something about it.

    I decided to give Jeff lessons on how to treat girls. He not only quickly learned what I was teaching, but I found he really is a delightful old world style gentleman. He opens the door for me and walks on the outside to protect me when we're out. I really enjoyed my time with him.

    About a week before my parents had scheduled return, I was walking through the park with Jeff and I noticed he was acting shy and walking kind of clumsily. He had an erection! He was trying to hide it, but I found myself sneaking peaks at it, it was really making a bulge in his pants. A few feet up the trail I stopped and asked him to join me sitting on the bench, he did, and was glad to sit to hid his erection.

    I could tell he was embarrassed, he was blushing red even up to his ears. I put my hand on his thigh to comfort him and tell him it was ok, but when I did, he orgasmed. I hadn't realize that he had never been with a girl. I think he was awkward about his inexperience when he was around girls. We sat and talked a long time, there on the bench. He looked up at me and I smiled, then I just knelt down right there and unzipped his pants. He was a bit of a mess already, but he gave me his handkerchief and let me clean him up, then I gave him the best bj I have ever given. His cock is large enough that I could barely get it in my mouth. It wasn't long before I wanted him in me, so we went behind some bushes and I laid down, and pulled him on top of me. I slipped my jeans off and guided his cock in me. He felt so nice! Wow, it was great.

    Every day that week I was with Jeff. By the time we left, Jeff was really good. I talk to him a couple times a week, and he said he has been with a couple of his sister's friends. He's handsome and a great person, and now he's great in bed too!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    I was 18 the first time Daddy fucked me. Mom had been gone for just over 8 months, off somewhere out west "finding herself" Dad ad taken her leaving bad, hitting thee booze hard especially on weekends That Friday night was no different, Dad had retreated to his study right after work, I could hear the clink of ice going into his glass throughout the evening.

    At about 1am he finally came out. I was sitting on the couch watching a movie, he came and sat beside me. "How you doin', Baby?" He asked his speech slightly slurred. What did he want me to say? "Luke shit, my mom was a flake and my Dad was well on his way to being a drunk. " I'm OK, Daddy." I lied.

    He held his arm out and I snuggled up against him. Almost like old times. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly. I awoke at about 3, according to the wall clock, to Daddy's hand under my shirt fondling my tits. I started to pull away when he smiled "I love your tits, Beverly." He moaned my mom's name. Stunned at hearing him use her name for the first time in months I couldn't move. His fingers found my nipple and gave it a little pinch. It felt so good, I gasped. Lowering his lips to my neck he kissed "I know you what you need." He murmured into my earturning toward me and slipping his other hand to my other breast. He kneaded them and ran hius thumbs over my taught nipples making me shiver with delight.

    Pulling my shirt up to reveal my tits he gently nudged me to lay down. He positioned himself over me and cupped my tits in his hands, pushing them together he lowered his head and began teasing my nipples with his tongue, sucking each deep into his mouth and gently nibbling. I arched my back wanting more. He ran his hand down my side and pulled my skirt up. I spread my legs a little wider. He slipped 1 finger then 2 into the let of my panties and began rubbing my clit. I nearly screamed it felt so good.

    He moved down my body and between my kegs, he pulled my panties to the side. Before I could figure out what he was doing he thrust his tongues into me. Tweisting and turning it, giving my clit several rapid licks. I hissed out a single word "Yesss."
    He pulled my panties off and really got to work. Sucking and nibbling on my clit as he slid 2 fingers into me.

    I wasn't a virgin I'd had sex with a boyfriend shortly before mom left, but he was nothing compared to Daddy. He'd fumbled with my pussy for meer minute or 2 before jabbing his cock in me for a few clumsy strokes before he came. Daddy was playing my pussy like a Stradivarius, my juices coating his lips and chin he showed no signs of letting up until he'd made me sing. I felt his fingers curl slightly inside of me followed by an intense pleasure building. He'd found my button and he was pushing it to maximum. He clamped his lips to my clit and sucked as my hips bucked and my pussy throbbed. I felt a gush of juice rush out of me.

    "That's it Bev " he smiled from between my legs "Squirt all over me."

    I shivered, I wanted him to know it was me but I didn't want it to stop. He leaned back and unfastened his pants pushing down and off. His cock stood at attention from below his stomach. Quite a bit bigger than the other cock I'd had, the head glistening. I leaned forward and gave it a few strokes. "Daddy." I whispered "It's Katie." After a moment his eyes widened and he looked at me. He started to pull away, I grasped his cock a little tighter but not tight enough to hurt. "No, Daddy." whispered "Don't stop. I want you to fuck me."

    His cock gave a twitch and he moaned. "We need condoms." He gasped looking for a way to skiw things down.

    "No Daddy. I'm on the pill." I moaned kissing his neck and chest gently pulling him toward my by his cock and shoulder. I brought bhim down on top of me laying on the couch. His cock nestled between us against my wet pussy but not in it yet. "Please Daddy," I begged "I need this as much as you do."

    Loo king in my eyes he slipped his hand between us and guided the head of his cock to my opening, sliding the head between my lips wet it. He eased the first inch or so in, when he didn't feel any resistance "Not a virgin?" He asked. "No Daddy," I replied "No need to be too gentle. I need a good Daddy fucking."

    &quo t;Yes, you do " He growled through clentched teeth "and Daddy needs his Baby's pussy." He pushed all the way in and began thrusting hard, I wrapped my legs around him and held on. His thrusts were both violently needy and exceptionally giving as he fucked me. My pussy stretched around his cock fitting like a glove.

    I could feel the tension building in my lower belly again. I arched my back. "Who am I Daddy?" I gasped "Wanting to hear him tell me and acknowledge it was me once again as I came." You're my Baby Girl Katie." He said "Best daughter ever." I came as he spoke my pussy pulsing up and down his cock . He was just behind me his cock jumping inside of me as he let off huge spurts filling me and leaking out around him onto the couch cushion. "Yes, Daddy," I encouraged him "give me every drop."

    We layed on the couch for several minutes afterward his cock still lodged inside of me as we caught our breath. I felt itbsoften and finally pop free with a gush of our combined cum. I took his face in my hands and gave him a kiss. "I love you, Daddy." I whispered. He kissed me back and said "I love you, my daughter Katie."

    We slept the rest of that night in Daddy's bed. In the morning I learned how to suck his cock. Watching his face as I got the suction and pressure right was exhilarating. When he placed me on my hands and knees and drove his cock into me from behind it was pure bliss.

    In the 25 years since even though Daddy's remarried and I'm married we still regularly fuck. Sometimes with our spouses, sometimes just the 2 of us.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    When I was 18 my Uncle Mike took me on a road trip. Traveling by truck and trailer, we hit the lower 48 in 3 months. Because of the close quarters in the trailer we became lax with personal space, seeing each other in various stages of undress, I soon began to see him not just as my Dad's younger brother but as a really handsome man. We were in Montana, 5 weeks into the trip, parked in a small campground with no one else around when I slipped from my bed into his with him saying "I think I heard a bear." As I pressed my my back against him in spoon formation I could feel his semi erect cock pressing back.

    "Sadie, get back in your bed." He ordered, his voice sounding stressed.

    "I don't want to, Uncle Mike." I whined back. "I wanna stay right here in your bed, in your arms."

    With a growl he pushed me away a little not trevally trying. I moved right back and gyrated my hips grinding on his cockna little.

    "Sadie!" He yelled "Stop that!"

    "What?&quo t; I smiled doing it again.

    "Damn it Sadie!" He moaned, pulling me closer and movie ng his hips to compliment my gyrations.

    We "dry humped" for a while before we mutually decided we needed more and I laid down on my back and spread my legs so he coulkd sink his cock into me and stratch our mutual itch.

    We spent the rest of the trip sharing a bed and fucking in every position we could think of. We continue to fuck every time we get a chance.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    I was traveling with my work and was in the area of my cousins house so I called her to drop by for a visit. I have jacked off many years thinking about fucking her. She is so hot and sexy I have wanted to fuck her for years since childhood.
    Her husband was out of town working and we had quite a few drinks and it got pretty late so we took showers and got ready for bed had another drink and she went to her room and I was in the guest bedroom. I couldn`t help myself and started to jack off thinking about my big dick deep in my cousins tight pussy. Being drunk I guess I got carried away and was making a lot of noise because the bedroom door opened slightly and there she was peeking thru the crack in the door watching me stroke my big hard cock.
    She pushed the door open and walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed just watching me. She didn`t have to tell me because I wasn`t about to stop and as she watched she removed her top and then leaned down and put her lips around my dick and started to suck me off. Her small hand wouldn`t reach all the way around my dick but she was stroking it as she sucked it and stopped just long enough to look right in to my eyes and smile then say "I know we both have wanted this for years so lets just do it and keep it between us" Then she went back to sucking my dick and we got in to a 69 and had each other so worked up that she had a huge orgasm which tasted so sweet I was trying to lick up every drop when I shot my huge load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop and we kept licking and sucking each other until I just had to shove my dick in her so I turned her on her back and put her sexy legs over my shoulders and shoved my dick in her balls deep and we started fucking like crazy and she squirted on me twice while I plowed her tight sweet pussy deep and hard then unloaded my balls as deep as I could inside of her.
    When I was on my back next to her she went down to suck my dick and licked our juices off my big cock then got next to me and we drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up she had my cock in her mouth sucking me and licking my nuts then got over the top of me and guided my cock back in to her tight wet pussy and started fucking me again looking in to my eyes she would take my cock out and rub it in the crack of that sexy ass and before long her ass was nice and slick with our juices and as she was looking in my eyes she held my cock in her hand and moved her ass until my cock was touching her asshole then she lowered her sexy body down until my cock went in her tight asshole then moaned out softly as my cock went up her tight asshole.
    Once it was buried deep in her ass she said " I just love to be fucked in the ass" I almost came right then and for the next 30 minutes or so we changed positions and I fucked her ass good stopping several times so I wouldn`t cum then fucked her some more until I couldn`t hold out any longer and she knew it and started talking dirty to me which is a huge turn on for me and she kept saying things like "Fuck my tight ass with that big cock!" "Oh fuck me good cousin! give it to me in the ass!" "You want to cum in my ass don`t you?" "Oh baby shot that big load up my tight asshole! Fuck me harder cousin! Cum up my ass! Oh fuck my ass with that big dick! Give it to me in the ass!" I couldn`t hold off any longer and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back then rammed my dick up her asshole and filled her tight ass with the biggest load I ever shot in my life and pushed her face down on the bed and tried to ram my cock up her ass as hard as I could while my cum filled her asshole and she began to squirt like crazy spraying her juices all over both of us and I just laid on top of her with my dick up her ass never wanting to take it out.
    We turned on our sides and as my cock began to get soft it slowly slipped out of her and my cock was tight against her ass and my cum poured out of her asshole on to my cock as I held her close and humped her ass. When she finally spoke she turned her head to look back at me and said "Well I don`t know what your plans are but Scott Won`t be home until Saturday and you can stay as long as you want" The next morning after a good long fuck she called in sick and I changed my travel plans and for the next three days all we did was fuck like crazy and had some of the best oral sex ever and I had that sweet tight ass many times before I left.
    We made special plans to do it again when Scott is working out of town in two weeks an d I can`t wait. My cousin is a hot little sexy nympho slut and I am a very lucky man to be on the receiving end and get to fuck such a hot little nymphomaniac that loves to swallow my cum and take it in the ass. I love my cousin she is fucking smoking hot.

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    Straight Female / 36

    This past eighteen months my husband Gary has been excluding himself from any physical contact with me. It's a mental thing and has affected all of us in the family. As a result, we've obviously not had sex. Which to me was a major problem, as I adore sex. Actually adore is not the right word, I'm addicted to sex.
    I'm Gary's second wife, and it's their kids Julie and Todd who live with us. Julie's nearly twenty two and Todd has just turned twenty. Todd is always around, but Julie often stays away now, sleeping at her boyfriends home, mainly because how her dad is. Todd however is totally different and stays at home for one reason, he's fucking me as often as we can find time for sex. Once or twice a day is usual for us, sometimes up to four times a day.
    It was a typical afternoon for me when Todd caught me masturbating. His dad was out having some mental therapy, so on our bed naked, I was using a dildo I'd bought to fuck myself with. Todd walked in, saw me thrusting the dildo up my pussy and quite casually, asked me if I wanted his cock instead.
    After he'd stripped naked like yself, he joined me on the bed, sporting a very large hard cock. Removing the dildo from my pussy, he leaned in between my legs, put his face in front of my drippingly wet pussy and dove in. It had been so long since I'd had actual physical sex with Gary, Todd's attentions to my pussy had me cumming in no time.
    Then without bothering to put on the condom I offered Todd, he slammed his gorgeous cock stright into my waiting hole. Unfortunately it was all over after only a few minutes, as Todd shot his load deep inside my love tunnel. But he wasn't finished as far as I was concerned. Making him go down on me again, I had Todd tongue my pussy and ashole, telling him I wanting fucking anally. It had the desired effect, and Todd was soon erect and ready to go again.
    Pretty much the whole afternoon from that point on, myself and Todd fucked in every conceivable position, vaginally and anally. His first attempt at fucking me, cumming so quickly has never been repeated, as was the case during the rest of the afternoon. Only Gary's car pulling up, stopped us from fucking any longer and even then once Gary had taken himself off to bed later on, Todd and I had a prolonged oral session on the sofa, both cumming hard.
    And that's pretty much been the case over the past ten months. Todd and I get lots of time to enjoy ourselves, and we make damn sure we do.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Six days ago my wife Sarah asked me if i'd consider doing something for her and her mom. In plain English, she asked me if I'd fuck her mom.
    I already knew Helen my wife's mom fancied me. Not a secret really as she'd often flirted with me right in front of Sarah. Telling her daughter if I wasn't with her, she'd seduce me.
    My problem, if indeed it is a problem, is the reason I've been asked to fuck Helen, is Helen's husband Colin apparently can no longer get a hard on (Medical problem). But then I already knew about that. Mainly because over the past year and a half, I've been fucking him at every opportunity. Colin might not be able to get a boner, but he can sure take my cock up his hill billy asshole.
    Each and every time we go fishing, which is normally twice week, or if we get time alone at their house, we fuck. I just can't get enough of his tight ass, or his amazing cock sucking skills.
    He has told me Helen is one fine cock sicker, but lacks adventure when being fucked. Now I have to decide if I'm going to fuck my wife's mom, and maybe compromise my time with Colin.

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