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Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Masters Conquest

    So here`s my Confession thenâ¦..

    Like a lot of Boys and Men, I have fantasised about my Mother since seeing her naked in the shower some years ago when I was around 13 years of age, but nothing has ever come of it....until nowâ¦.and now I am in my late 30`s.

    I arrived home earlier than expected from a party and as I entered the house I heard a noise coming from upstairs. I knew Dad was out and I assumed Mum would be too; so I carefully went to investigate. Knowing my luck it would have been a knife wielding murder or someone.

    But noâ¦the noise was coming from my parentsâ bedroom, so I peeked through the crack of the door and saw Mum in bed with another man (who obviously wasnât my Dad).

    I opened the door and asked (more confidently than I felt) what was going on??

    âI...Iâ¦Iâ ;¦can explainâ Mum stuttered eventually.

    The man slipped naked out of bed and quickly dressed and grabbed the money from the bedside cabinet and rushed out of the house, without saying a word. Mum grabbed the sheet of the bed and scrunched it up against herself.

    âWell what will Dad say when he gets home??â I asked sarcastically, knowing he was waiting for any excuse to divorce her.

    âYo u bastardâ Mum screamed at me, âYou`d do it too wouldnât youâ¦you shit!??â

    âUnl ess we could come to some arrangement of course!â I furthered.

    Mum leaned across and grabbed her purse and slipped a £20 out and offered it to me.

    â£20 is that all??â I asked, âHow much did he get??â

    âFuc k, thereâ said Mum handing me another £30, âthatâs all I have on me, now get the fuck out and let me get dressedâ

    &aci rc;Aha, part two of our arrangement I think Mummy dearest!â I said.

    âI`m sorry what do you mean by that??â she asked.

    âWait there, I`ll be back in a minuteâ I ordered her.

    I went to my room and switched the computer on and set up Word and proceeded to type a contract for Mum to sign; giving me the right to treat her as my Slave for the next month and should she not reach my exacting standards by the end of the month, she would receive another month as my Slave until she understood what was expected of her. I printed 2 copies of the contract and returned to Mum in her bedroom.

    âSign here please Mumâ I asked.

    Mum read the contract and laughed and just went to rip it up.

    âOkay Dad`s lawyer will love thisâ I said.

    Mum scribbled her name on the contracts.

    âJust remember I`m your Motherâ she said, âI`ll only go so farâ

    âYou`ll go as far as I say you`ll goâ¦Bitch!â I answered, again braver than I initially felt.

    I watched as Mum`s face screwed up and knew I had her exactly where I wanted her.

    âI fancy a cup of tea now, Mummyâ I prompted.

    &acir c;I`ll be down in a moment, I`ll just get something onâ She said.

    âI donât think so, do you Mummy??â I replied, âYou`ll do as I say naked from now onâ

    Mum slipped out of bed and covered her vagina with her hands; her breasts temporarily and humiliatingly exposed to me, and slipped past me as I slapped her bottom.

    âYou`ll be having a drink too, yes??â I prompted again.

    âYes okayâ she answered.

    â Yes okay Master!â I said.

    She smirked, âYes Masterâ.

    I sat in the living room awaiting my tea to be brought in when she returned holding one cup of tea in her hand and the other hand covering her vagina.

    âI said you were to have one too Mummyâ

    â ;I have one outside Masterâ she replied.

    âYou should bring them in together, saves time Mummyâ I said.

    âBut&acir c;¦but⦠butâ Mum murmured.

    âBut what Bitch!â

    âPlease do not call me Bitch, I hate that wordâ Mum asked.

    âI will relent on the word Bitch when you prove worthy of another nameâ I said, âuntil then Bitch get your drink!â

    Mum returned to the kitchen and returned with the drinks, one in each hand leaving her totally exposed for the first time. As she stood nude in front of me, I told her to hold the cups out at armâs length with her arms stretched wide and not to spill a drop of the drinks; she nodded. I then got up from the chair and approached her; she shuddered and asked what I was going to do.

    âWhatever I like Bitch!â I replied.

    I kissed her on the lips, but more erotically than a normal Son and Mother kiss, my tongue slipped into her mouth and our tongues entwined, my hands clasped the curvature of her large sagging buxom breasts and I ran my fingers around her large erecting nipples.

    âThis is so wrong!â Mum stated.

    âSo what are you going to do about it??â I asked.

    She remained silent as she knew she had no come back.

    I lowered my head and licked her breast and suckled on her nipple.

    âRemember when I suckled you last Mummy??â I asked, Mum nodded, âI will be suckling you more often now Mummyâ.

    I heard no reply.

    My hand then touched her fat pubic region and I ran my now sweaty fingers though her spread black pubic hairs and touched the edge of her labia majora and I heard her sigh.

    âNo please baby, not thereâ She begged.

    âOh but Mummy, your Master needs to survey and take advantage of his conquest before the month is upâ I informed her.

    âAs a punishment for that remark I`ll do this!â I said.

    I slipped my finger into her clitoris and she tried to squeeze her thighs together to stop me, but I was too strong for her and I proceeded to finger her pussy for several seconds. I was surprised I heard no further comment from herâ¦maybe she liked it as much as I did??

    I slipped my finger out and slipped it into her mouth to suck clean, she did.

    I sat back down and Mum handed me my drink back and she sat down still naked. I ordered her to remain undressed until Dad called to say he was almost home.

    It has been 8 days now since she has been my Slave and she is still unquestionably at my beck and call and dresses as I choose her to dress and washes me clean of a morning once Dad has left the house.

    I like the power I have over her and I am increasingly inclined to find something powerful enough my Dad wants hidden from Mum so I can be Master over him too. Having them both at my command would be amazing.

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    Six weeks ago I made a stupid mistake, but one I now desperately want to repeat. I got drunk after an argument with my husband and ended up walking round to my father in laws house. Mainly because of something he said jokingly to me after we returned back from our honeymoon. In a jestful way he told me If I needed a real man to satisfy me, give him a call.
    Danny is my husbands step father, who brought him up from the age of nine. When my husbands mom died when he was fourteen, Danny brought him up alone. Danny's a good looking man and his outdoor physical job keeps him very fit and toned, and it was his muscled physique that he was jokingly poking fun at my husband for, as he's wirey and not too athletic looking.
    Knocking on his door, Danny let me in and like a dumb blonde I asked Danny if he meant what he'd said. He at first told me he was joking, but being drunk I didn't take a backhanded no for an answer. With Danny stood only a few feet away I stripped naked in front of him, sat on his couch and spread my legs. Whatever doubt or misgivings he had went, and Danny and I ended up fucking pretty much all over his house.
    I'd actually become almost sober by the time I walked outside to get in the taxi cab. And I'd also learned how much of a "Real man" Danny is. Not only is his physique bigger than my husband, but his cock is way longer and much thicker. In the two or so hours I spent at Danny's house I had him fuck my pussy and asshole until I'd cum five times. When he'd cum for the second time filling my asshole, it was after his first orgasm earlier, filling my mouth when I was blowing his wonderful cock, as he licked and sucked my pussy and clit.
    We texted each other the following day, both saying it shouldn't and couldn't happen again. I also told Danny it was a mistake.
    But seeing him each week since then and not having any physical contact, I've come to the realisation I now miss how he pleasured me. And I also miss if truth be known, his much larger cock filling all my holes. I also know from something Danny said last week, he would love to have me call by on my own.

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    When I was traveling alone, I made arrangements to stay at my soon to be sister-in-law's apartment. She was leaving that same day, so I would have the place to myself. When I arrived, I went to her room and found her dirty laundry in the closet. On top was a fresh pair of panties that we're still a bit wet from her pussy. I laid on her bed with those panties over my face and jerked off. Just when I was getting ready to cum, I used her dirty panties to catch my wad. Then I went to her clean underwear drawer and dabbed a little bit of cum on to each pair of her panties, right in the crotch. Whenever I see her I think about how my cum was touching her tight pussy for over a week with every "clean" pair of underwear she put on.

    Once she was drunk and passed out and I looked at her boobs, too, but that's for another story.

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    I'm a 39 year old mother of two and very lonely since my husband is deployed. Last Friday I went out for drinks with some other wives and had a few to many. I was supposed to meet up with my lover afterwards at her home but I got drunk and the group drove me home and put me on my sofa. When I woke up hours later I was in a stupor and thought I was with her. I was fondling my 16 year old daughters breasts and all over and in her coochie. She tried to pull away but I climbed on top of her and proceeded to kiss and got rough and raunchy. I was still drunk. I didn't stop until I orgasmed a couple of times and made her orgasm as well. She was horrified and crying hysterically and traumatized. I'm a monster. She finally told me everything I did to her when she called from God knows where. I told my lover what happened and she is trying to help but my daughter won't talk to her.

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    I've had a sexual relationship with my mother since around the time she taught me how to masturbate with a dildo when I was 14. There's nothing quite the same as being reminded that the pussy you're tonguing is the same one that squeezed you out. Fucking it with a strap-on comes close, though. Sometimes I wish I could know what it would feel like with a real penis.

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    home from school sick when I heard my sister and some guy. I did not say anything and figured she knew I am here. Heard her say in my moms room we can fuck on her bed.
    now I started to worry.
    From my room I can see into moms room using the hall mirror. No idea who the guy is but he is nice looking and my sister is sucking his cock.
    Set up my phone camera and filmed a few minutes to use later if mom blamed me for being in there. I started filming and could not find a good place to stop. She sucked him until he came in her mouth.. I have sucked my boy friend will NOT let him cum in me.
    I wonder why should would make him cum?? he would be finished for a while and she get nothing. Then he started sucking her pussy. She made strange sounds, I guess he must have given her a good suck. I have not made sounds like this. I am sick but would not mind him sucking mine for a while. I better not push that one. I have busted my sister now for life. I have her and some strange guy on my phone.
    I se his dick getting hard and he puts it in her.
    This is pretty fucing amazing, now its hot. this man is fucking my sister and I am getting horny.
    I am watching it now and getting excited, will rub some while I type.
    he is making her cum now and I think she might be in a little pain. or she really enjoys being slammed by this guy. She is now saying don't cum in me I am not taking anything.
    after she told me unless he has a condom keep it out of you. now she is fucking some stranger with nothing. she swallowed his load of cum as well.
    back to the vid, he is slamming her pretty hard, I don't think I ever want that. it looks like it hurts her again. she sounds like it. don't cum in me she said and he yells out oh and oh again and I see his ass pushing in her as he said it. I know what that is, he is cumming in her. I let me boyfriend cum in me on camera before, his ass cheeks get real tight, he just came in my sister.
    that stupid bitch. how fuckin dum does she have to be.

    He got off and she yelled at him, I TOLD you I did not get me pills last month. you get me pregnant you will pay!!
    now pay me. He gives her money and they get dressed. They leave the house.

    Mom calls me and ask how things are. I did not tell her about what happened. If she finds cum stains on her bed she can not blame me this time. I have taken my cough medicine and laid back down.

    I wake up and hear my sister arguing with someone, I think she and this guy are back. Look and see its not him. its some other guy she is argueing about money with. Wonder if I should call the police and they stop. She was saying one hundred he told her all he had was sixty. She told him he could have half for that. Like before she starts sucking him and he looks to be fingering her.
    I had no idea how much my sister liked sex and enjoyed sucking mens dicks. She looks like its fun, I think it taste bad and my boyfriend stinks down there.
    She does not swallow it this time she gets on him and rides him. again no condom at all. She would walk in and bust on me if I did that. My sister is older and a lot bigger. She moves very well for a girl her size. This guy does not get a chance on top and she is not hurting. She does make sounds like I do some, and he cums inside her. She jumps off and said nothing at all. The second guy who has cum in her and neother with a condom.

    I hide back in my room while they get dressed. She rushing the guy out and hits the bathroom. On her way out I called her name. She freaked and acted real crazy. She ask me how long I had been there. I told her all day I am home from school sick. I did not say a word about what I saw. When I ask her why she was not at work, she told me she lost her job. she was having a few drinks at a bar when she got offered a job. She was headed there. Not to tell mom she came by here. I could come stay with her this week end. She would let me drink some wine and listen her music.

    I don't want to tell on my sister but I am not stupid. she is being paid to sleep with me now. It will not be long before she is pregnant or has a disease. Like she told me and now ignores.

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    I love my mom

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    When I was in high school my niece came to live with us for a year. I was the youngest kid in my family and my niece was just a few years younger than me. She was a brat and I noticed that she would act like a little kid sometimes to try and get her way. We were both about 15 so I thought she was weird. It wasn't until one night we were wrestling around and she started talking like a baby and said she needed her die-die changed. I was like what and she said her diaper. She asked me to undress her and pretend I'm putting a diaper on her, and if I wanted to play around a little bit that would be okay too.

    So my niece liked being a baby she and we'd fool around. We were each others first and she'd have me spank her and feed her with a bottle, and when the year was over seeing her leave was the hardest thing that ever happened to me. We kept in touch, but over time we grew more distant.

    Zoom ahead to this month. She called me out of the blue two weeks ago and wants to come up for a visit. She said she got a divorce last year and was thinking about us lately. She came up and it was like we were kids again. She is really into the adult baby thing now and she said she was always afraid of coming out to her husband and it ruined her marriage. She said the only person she could ever trust was me.

    She's been my baby for the last two weeks and she loves it. She rewards me for treating her right with the best sex I've ever had. I told her tonight she she can stay with me for as long as she wants.
    My older sister, her mom is really pissed off.

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    My brother and I always had a very good older sister - younger brother relationship (he is a year younger than I am). Discretely there was always this kind of teasing flirting side that we both liked. Well, as we got older and moved out on our on, I moved away, and there was a period where we didn't get to see each other very much. And then I moved back to town, and had just ended a somewhat serious relationship, and my brother had just broekn up with his girlfriend a few months before. When we saw each other, it was so wonderful being back together, and it was like we just picked up our relationship where we left off. Only now, being older and on our own, it was just easier for the two of us to enjoy each other's company. As they say, maybe just a little too much. Yet, the two of us found the idea of our being intimate quite appealing, and one day we ended up having sex. Doing so, I will admit, quite stupidly not taking any precautions. Well, surprise, I was pregnant! Of course the both of us didn't know what to do. I really was opposed to getting an abortion, and my brother said that he would support whatever decision that I made. I decided to keep the baby, and I told my parents that I was pregnant (although, not that my brother had been the one to impregnate me!). They took it fairly well and were understanding about how these things happen.
    My mother, however, then surprised me, when she disceretly asked if my brother was the father. She said that she suspected, knowing how much we had always liked one another. She was not all accusing or sdaying how this was horrible and wrong and all of that. She said, of course, that it would better if my father didn't ever find out, because he would think of that as being sinful and wrong. My mother suggested that perhaps my brother and I could move away together to where nobody knew us, and just act like a married couple, telling my father that my brother and I were just being roommates.
    Well, this worked out. My brother and I have have happily been together for three years now, and I am pregnant with his child again. No, we never imaged ourselves as being ever becoming husband and wife, but sometimes things can and do work out, and the can be wonderful.

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    Growing up I hated almost everything about my step father, mainly because I thought he was the one who split up my parents. Dillon moved in when I was nine and as I grew older I found new things to hate him for. One was how much more physically fit than my dad was, so I began to despise men and boys my age who looked after themselves. Always thinking they were vain and insecure.
    Then as I reached around fourteen or fifteen I started to notice Dillon looking at me in a different way. It wasn't pervy, but it was definately sexual. It was the first time I actually felt any kind of bond with him, even if it was from afar. I'd look at myself naked in the mirror with my medium sized breasts, long slender legs and my best asset or what I thought was my best asset, my tight firm ass.
    A girlfriend of mine told me one evening how she thought Dillon was such a good looking hunky guy and actually admitted to masturbating about him. I was seventeen at the time, Dillon would have been thirty eight, four years younger than my mom. It shocked me but it also made me look at Dillon in a different way. My adolecent ways forgotten I found myself imagining him naked, his muscles rippling as he moved, his tall frame towering above me and then noticing his large cock swaying as he walked. Never mind my friend, I began to rub my clit at night thinking of Dillons naked body, making myself cum.
    Eight months ago Dillon and I stood by the side of my moms grave, both wrapped up in our grief. Everything I'd tried to deny about myself and Dillon, came flooding out in an outcry of tears and pained guilt. Dillon put his arms around me and it was the first public sighting of our total affection for one another, albeit briefly and restrained. That's because Dillon and I had been having sex secretly since I walked into his and my moms bedroom naked, a year before she was tragically killed in a car accident.
    The night before I'd stayed over and knew when my mom went to work the following morning, I was going to do what I'd told Dillon I was by text the day before. All the years I'd masturbated imagining myself taking his cock didn't prepare me for the beautiful sight of his body and then his rising nine inch cock, as I climbed onto their bed. By the time I mounted my step fathers cock, he'd already eaten my pussy and ass until I'd cum twice.
    Every week from that first time Dillon and I made time to have sex together. At their home or around at my apartment which I initially shared with my boyfiend when he was at work. We split when Dillon was the only man I wanted fucking my pussy and still super tight asshole.
    We have remained secret in our relationship up until now, but shortly I will be telling everyone as Dillon and I will be moving away, to start a wonderful loving new life together. It's not a relationship most would want, but we didn't choose to fall in love and I do now love everything about him.

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