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My Family
Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked.

This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, slutty sisters, and flatulent uncles. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them.
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    Straight Male / 47

    sleeping in the other day, my wife had to go to work. i work at the local grade school and no school for 4 days. around 7 45 i awoke to find my 13 year old step daughter riding my dick. when she realized i was awake she calmly said good morning daddy. now she had been henting for weeks now that she wanted to fuck but i didn t take her seriously. so now its out in the open and i roll her over and give her an hour of fucking on my dick. i know it is wrong but she already had me inside her pussy. what would you have done.

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    Straight Female / 20

    Mom was at work, I should have been at my friends house, but I'd forgotten she too should have been at work. And my dad, well he should should have kept his cock in his pants, I think!.
    Walking back into our home, not hiding the fact I was there I saw my dad fucking my friend Kelly up her ass. They were both unaware I was there and watching them it was obvious, this wasn't the first time they'd fucked one another.
    kelly was naked on top of my dad and I could easilly see his cock dissapearing up her asshole. What shocked me the most was just how big my dads cock was. Compared to my boyfreinds it was huge.
    This is where my confession gets kinda weird.
    I started to enjoy watching them fuck. Yes it was my dad fucking my best friend, but Kelly and I have a sexual past ourselves, and I knew just how much she was enjoying being fucked. As for it being my dad fucking her asshole, it sort of meant she wasn't cheating on our memory. And my dads cock looked beutiful fucking her rear hole.
    I stood watching until my dad busted his nut up her ass. Then I watched as kelly climbed off his still rigid cock. My dad turned kelly over and I saw him doing something I once adored doing to Kelly. He licked and tongued her pussy and ass until she too came, right there on our living room couch.
    It was ten days ago and I've thought of nothing else since. I haven't said anything to my mom or to Kelly and my dad. I've seen kelly since and she's played it cool, not saying anything.
    I'm so tempted to let them both know what I saw them doing, but I don't know what the outcome would be. I'm even stoked at the thought of seeing my dads huge cock. Wish I knew what to do for the best...........

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    This past Christmas Eve I was drinking with my father-in-law. We had nearly finished off a full bottle of 25 year old scotch and decided not to go to the midnight service. Our wives decided to go anyway and left us alone. I'm not very clear on how it happened, but shortly after they left I was on my knees with his big thick cock in my mouth. He was skull-fucking me and I was gagging mightily on his hot cock. He was really getting off and just before I thought he was going to cum he pulled me up from my knees and led me into his man-cave in the basement. Once there we both stripped naked. He had me kneel on the edge of a big arm chair and produced a tube of lube. After greasing his cock and working some into my ass he proceeded to force his cock into me. I wouldn't say it was painful, but it was very uncomfortable at first. He took it slow and somehow worked his big tool balls deep into my ass. Too my amazement I became rock hard as he began slow powerful thrusts. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying myself as he began to pound my ass in earnest. After a while his stokes became more intense as he put his full weight into it and finally shot his load in me. We emerged from the basement just as the women came home from church. I was shocked when my mother-in-law gave me a knowing wink. Christmas day I rode with him into town to get cigarettes and sucked him off as he drove. That's how I spent Christmas at the in-laws.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    "When I see her sat opposite me with her legs slowly parting, I long to glimpse her naked pussy. As I know she doesn't wear panties. I feel like a adolescent pervert, but one who knows her secret. That secret is she wants all nine inches of my seventeen year old cock deep inside her pussy and ass".

    Tha t is an excerpt from my step sons online diary. He'd left it open when he rushed out last week. I went into his room to collect his washing. To be specific his underwear, as I wanted to use them to masturbate with. Instead I read his diary entries and played with my clit, reading each line with a growing lust for his muscled body and my learnt knowledge of his nine inch cock.

    He knows I don't wear panties because he once saw me getting ready to go out with his father. He saw exactly how large my labias are and how big my super engorged clit is. I knew then even though he was only fourteen, he probably had thoughts of me being naked. It excited me that day that a good looking young man would want to fuck me. It lead to my masturbation sessions and to me dreaming of him inside me.

    Now I know he has a large cock, I'm desperate to feel it plugging my holes. I also now know he's sexually interested in me. I just need to find a way to show him it's ok for him to want me, and to make sure his father doesn't catch us. Because I'm sure I want my step sons cock to give me what his father hasn't in some time, and that's to orgasm on a large thick cock.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I was at my fathers house and he had to go to work on a Sunday, so I was left home with his wife my stepmom Tiffany. Tiffany was a 46 year old brown haired women with bright green eyes and an amazing body. She has very big tits, a huge round ass, and a sexy habit of touching her crotch. So she went to the bathroom (which is right next to her bedroom) and I went into her room and started looking through her dresser drawers. I had looked before and found tampons, pantyhose, and normal underwear before. So as usual I opened up the first of the three drawers and just found normal clothes, jeans and shirts, and a couple dresses, nothing new. Then I opened the second drawer and again found her tampons, pantyhose, and a couple pairs or underwear, nothing special. But when I checked the third drawer which was normally empty I realized I had hit the jackpot. My stepmom must have moved some stuff around because the drawer now contained lacy underwear, bras, dildos, and flavored lube. She must have had dozens of lacy bras and panties and I kept pulling out every little piece and touching it and then I looked at the dirty hamper bin next to the dresser. I had an idea to check through there and when I did I found about 3 pairs of more lacy underwear and 2 more lacy bras that had been worn and dirty. I saw one of the panties was white so I pulled down my pants and wrapped the white pair around my penis and began jerking off. After I came onto the panties I wiped off the drips of cum off my penis onto the inside cup of one of the bras and threw everything back into the hamper and went back to her dresser drawer when I looked at the bedroom door and saw my stepmother peeping into the room from a small crack. She had seen everything and she noticed that I had seen her.She kept looking at me and opened the door more and walked in while shutting the door behind her and said that she didn't mean to peep on me but she just wanted to see what I was going to do to her clothes. I got embarrassed and told her I was really sorry but she just told me to hush and said there was nothing wrong with being curios and then placed hand down her pants and the other on my penis and started jerking me off. She stopped and began taking off her clothes and then sat down of the bed and told me to grab the flavored lube and her dildo and for me to take off my pants. I grab the lube and dildo, placed them on the bed, took off my pants and underwear and sat down next to her, then she sat on my lap and pushed her breasts up against my face and leaned over me until I was on my back and she kept pushing her self onto me and then she grabbed the dildo and lube and lubed up her dildo and pushed it into her pussy which was actually a little hairy to my surprise. She then poured more lube onto my crotch and started to lick my penis and then began sucking on it and I looked at her and she looked right back into my eyes and then she shoved my entire penis into her throat and I just fell back and she stopped and said that I should touch her clit and mess with her butt and she began to suck some more. So I grabbed the lube again and poured it onto my hand and she moved her body back over mine to a 69 sort of position and I poured more lube onto her butt and began to finger her. She started moving her butt back and forth and I started using my other hand to rub her clit and move the dildo back and forth in her. I told her I was about to come and she moved her mouth off of me immediately and waited while I kept fingering her butt hole. After about 30 seconds she had an orgasm and took the dildo out and moved so her breasts were at my crotch and the rest of her body was aimed toward my feet. She put my penis between her breast and moved them back and forth and licked the tip of my penis and when I said I was about to come she stopped titfucking me and again shoved her mouth onto my penis and I came down her throat and she kept sucking and I had another orgasm, and then she just kept licking the tip and using her hand to jerk me off and touched herself with the other hand. I told her I had to come again and she pushed her breasts onto my penis and I came all over her tits and she just said I had a lot of cum in me and licked the tip and stood up and went back into the bathroom. About an hour later (I stayed laying on the bed and had the clothes she had taken off all piled around my crotch and fell asleep) and Tiffany came back into the room and woke me up by sucking on my penis again and told me that she would keep doing this with me as long as I didn't tell anyone. I promised and she picked up her clothes and threw them back into the hamper and then went back to giving me a blowjob until I came into her mouth again and she came up and laid next to me and I put one of my hands up her shirt and the other down her pants and we fell asleep. About 3 hours later She woke up and said my father would be home soon so we better get ready. We both got up and she told me to wait a minute and gave me another blowjob and then acted like nothing happened 20 minutes later when my father arrived home.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I have two kids from a previous marriage. My daughter is 24 and lives with my ex because she is going to college. I have a very open relationship with my daughter. She can come and talk to me about anything that happens in her life. I know about every thing she had done as far as sexy goes. And she has done a lot!!
    The issue that I am having is that some of the things she is telling that she has done are really turning me on. She recently told me that she has been in a 4 month relationship with a couple. She is their girl toy to play with. They are only allowed to play together when it's all three of them. She has sent them several nude pic of herself masturbating and dressing in sexy clothes.
    All I can think about is wanting to watch my daughter eat this girls pussy while her husband fucks my daughter from behind. Or my daughter have her pussy eaten while she sucks off the husband. Is that wrong of me??
    My daughter is very sexy. About 5'5", 115#, 36c tits, which are pierced, and a cute ass.

    Let me know if anyone else has something like this going on.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    This past summer my father-in-law caught me while I was crossdressed. During the summer my wife and kids live at our shore home, I go on weekends. He had stopped by one evening unexpectedly, I was fully dressed head to toe watching tranny porn on my big screen. Long story short he promised to keep quiet as long as I sucked his cock. I have been a closeted crossdresser since I first put on my Mom's bra and panties when I was thirteen. He was the first person to ever see me dressed as a woman. Needless to say his was the first cock to ever pass my lips. I took to cocksucking so naturally he refused to believe I hadn't done it before. I swallowed his cum and and when I looked up at him with my lips and chin coated with cum, he took my picture with his phone. I am now at his beck and call and have blown him six times since.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I was 16 and my stepmom was 42, I was a virgin, the worst thing I had ever done was finger a girl.
    I was at my dad's house for the weekend and he had to work on Saturday so it was just me and my stepmom Kim for a few hours, and she was very attractive. Long brown hair, large breasts, a nice round ass, and huge beautiful lips and bright blue eyes. While we were home alone we were in her and my fathers room and she sat on the bed and asked me to join her. So I walked over to her bed and we were talking and she was showing me some pictures on her phone when she passed by a photo of herself with her friends and my stepmom's nipple was sticking our from the armhole in her dress, but I ignored it and I don't think she noticed it either. She asked me to look in one of her drawers for her charger, and I began opening each drawer looking for it when I opened one full of lacy bras and panties and 'outfits' and saw a bottle of lube in the drawer as well as her tampons and tissues. She knew what drawer I opened and rushed over to me and shut the drawer apologizing saying I wasn't supposed to see that. I looked at her and said it was ok, I didn't mind and she looked at me angrily for a second and then smiled and laughed saying 'well at least you didn't see this' and she lifted her shirt and flashed her boobs at me for a second. I didn't know how to respond and just stood there with a smile on my face and she looked back at me and said 'I guess since we're home alone we'll have to make the best of it' and she started taking off her clothes and asked me to help her undress. She had me pull off her shirt, unbutton and take off her skirt, and pull down her panties, she then took the panties out of my hand and put them in her mouth and tugged at them with her hand. She opened the drawer back up, threw her plain old black panties to the side, and asked me to pick out things for her to try on. I started looking for the sexiest bra and thong I could find and then found a little nurse outfit, a maid outfit, a schoolgirl outfit, and a police women outfit, and she said she didn't wanna be in costume, just wanted the underwear. So I picked out a see through lacy bra and a skimpy matching thong and she put them on, then she walked me back over to the bed and told me to do whatever I pleased. I started touching her breast and rubbing her butt, and then started rubbing her clit and eventually fingering her until she squirted, and then she told me to take off my pants and she took off her thong and bra. She put my penis between her breast and started moving them back and forth and licking the top of my penis, and then she stopped using her breast and took my entire penis into her mouth, she was gagging, but when she came back up she told me to use my hands and force her, to face fuck her. So I did, she gagged and smiled and kept sucking on my penis and when I said I was gonna come she kept going and swallowed it all. And the she started using her hand to jerk me off and I came again all over her breast and face, and then she got on top and starting riding and grinding on me until I orgasmed yet again. After we had both come yet again, she moved down and started giving me a blowjob again and stuck her butt towards me and said to finger her ass, so I did. After about 20 minutes I came 2 more times and I continued to finger her pussy and ass and she started fingering herself and tasting herself and then she went into the shower to clean off my cum and then she came back and laid in her bed with me for a couple hours until I fell asleep, and about 2 hours later I woke up to her giving me another blowjob saying my father would be home soon and she wanted to give me one last thing before it was over. So she sucked and I came and she swallowed every last bit, and minutes later the door opened and my father was back. That was over 3 years ago, and he still has no idea that she gives me a blowjob everytime we're home alone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    I completed my finals early this last semester and decided to head home for Christmas early. My bus pulled into the station about 5:30PM and I decided to catch a local to my mom's place. I got there about 7PM-ish. Most of the lights were on and my gf car was there. I thought Carol might be visiting, my mom treats her like a daughter, and making plans for Christmas. I snuck into the house wanting to surprise them, but I didn't find anyone in the kitchen or family room.

    I headed down the hall to my room and heard some noise coming from the end of the hall, my mom's room. The door was open so I peeked in. There to my surprise and shock was my mother and girlfriend naked in bed together. Mom had a hold on the corners of her pillow and Carol was between her legs licking like crazy. It took me a couple minutes to get over the shock, but was brought around by my raging hardon trying to rip through my pants.

    Carol saw me, but continued satisfying my mother orally. She gave me a little grin as I slipped my clothing off and eased onto the bed beside her. I took my mom's nipple in my mouth and started to suck. As I did Carol climbed on my mom and held her down with the weight of her body and started kissing her mouth so she could not object. Mom's hips were grinding up to Carol straining, trying to hump her when she first realized I was in bed with them. She tried to feign an objection, but Carol just kept kissing her and pushed her hand down between her legs and started rubbing.

    Carol whispered in my mom's ear that I was there and she wanted to share me. We repositioned with me kneeling between my mom's legs and Carol taking her turn with mom's nipples. I eased my cock into my mom's c**t and she immediately started bucking like crazy. I couldn't hold back and shot my load into her. As soon as I started to cum, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight. We were locked together as my cum pumped into her.

    I rolled to the side and Carol started lapping the cum from my mom's c**t. I watched and stroked until I was hard again, then took my place behind Carol. I shoved my cock balls deep into my gf and pounded her c**t until I felt my balls tighten. I pushed in hard and dumped my second load into Carol.

    We licked, sucked, fingered, and fucked until we all just passed out. When we woke I made breakfast while my 2 girls relaxed in bed together. I went into mom's bedroom to tell them I had breakfast ready, but it was long time cold before we made it out to the kitchen.

    I've always known my gf was bi, and we do a 3some from time to time, but now I can see our family dinners are going to be a lot more intimate. We've all been together one more time since, and we're playing things by ear to see how Christmas Dinner is going to go. I have a pretty good idea--a couple bottles of wine and dinner, then I'm sure we're going to all have a very close family gathering after.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    I came home early from work. My wife, son and eldest daughter were at work. The only one who should have been home was my 15 year-old daughter. Sitting on my couch screwing around on my computer I hear noises coming from my daughter's room. Sex noises. She doesn't have a boyfriend that I'm aware of so I go to her door to listen.

    I hear my daughter talking dirty and moaning. Loud moaning. She's having sex. I freak out, burst in just as she's orgasming.

    She's in a 69 with one of her girlfriends. She's on top, the girlfriend under her. Legs spread wide, her bald pussy dripping wet feet from where I'm standing. My daughter holding her head up obviously cumming, her mouth dripping with the other girl's pussy juice, moaning and grinding her own pussy against the other girl's face.

    My daughter opens her eyes in mid orgasm and sees me. Shock in her eyes, pain and fright on her face, she just closes her eyes and drops her head and finishes as I stand there dumbfounded, her face in the other girl's pussy. I walk out and close the door.

    Twenty minutes later she and the girl come out. She's been friends with her since first grade. I've known her for years and I just saw her wet pussy and saw her making my daughter cum right in my own house.

    The friend sheepishly said hi then just as quickly bye and left as fast as she could. My daughter started crying and tried to explain that she's not a lesbian but that they were just experimenting. I was speechless at first then explained to her about digression and being careful. Want else was I gonna do? We agreed we wouldn't talk about it with anyone else.

    We've never mentioned it and her friend never comes around if I an home. I can't imagine how she feels knowing what I saw.

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