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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 18

    Last year when I was seventeen my parents were killed in a car accident. My grandparents are ill and on Social Security and could not afford to take me in. My best friend talked her parents into giving me a home. At her home I could have the den converted into a room or share a room with her. We became roommates, bedmates. In her bed she held the blankets up for me, and held me too her and I cried, the first cry since my parents died.

    Being hugged by her, held by her, kissed by her, loved by her, gave me the strength to go on. At one point I rolled onto my back and took her into my arms to be loved by her, I held her to me and told her I loved her. The trauma was real, my feelings for her are real, I am in love with her. So maybe if my parents hadn't been killed I would not be lesbian, in love with a woman, maybe. But the truth is that night she held me and she kissed me and I cried I knew that her embrace was for me.

    I do not have any desire to be with a man, none. Might as well ask me to kiss a frog. All I see are her lips, her face, her love. Yes when she hugs me and I hug her magic runs through me, I have desire, I want to be touched, felt up, feel her fingers in me, feel her lips on me, and I want to kiss her down there.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I am not gay but I have come out of the closet in many other ways. When I was younger, like a lot of boys, I had fun messing around with some friends. To me it was just fun and I never felt attracted to other boys as such. Then years went by and the opportunity to do something lke that again never came up.

    Two years ago I ended a long term relationship with a girl. Naturally I was pretty depressed about this, and not at all eager to get into another relationship. Then, by chance, a guy my own age and unmarried who lives in my apartment building that I sort f knew, got to talking and being friendly. That was howit started. Then after a couple of weeks one day he confessed how horny he was feeling, and I said that I was too, and he suggested that we jack off together. Ordinarily I probably would hve decline, but it sounded like fun. So we went into his place and got naked and we jacked off together. It was exciting and pleasingly male doing that together. So we did this a few more times, and became more adventurous and we jacked each other off. Well, that was great.
    Feeling increasingly adventurous we tried having oral sex and actually gave each other a blow job. We did this several times together and finally we decided to try having anal sex. It was amazing being that open and adventurous!
    Since that time I have found several other guys who are like myself, not gay, but who enjoy having some discrete male fun. At first I was very self-conscious about liking this as much as I did. Then I finally figured, what the hell? That it was up to me to do whatever I liked and who cares if somebody else doesn’t. Now I have started to think of myself as being quite actively bisexual and I have never enjoyed life more!

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    Straight Male / 45

    Iv never admitted to anyone, that when i was 35 and happily married i let this young guy suck my cock while we were on a 2 day course in another area. It was quite an experience to have this youngster down on my cock obviously enjoying having my cock in his mouth.I never tried to get as much of my cock in his mouth as possible as he was in full control licking,sucking and taking as much of my cock as he wanted until i just lost it at the end and had to thrust deep in as i come.It felt a bit strange afterwards as he did not want to stop sucking at my cock but a few hours later he was back down it again.I was way out of my comfort zone but while he was down on my cock i did not care and even got a kick out of how much he wanted it.I thought this was a one of but over the year that followed i myself started glancing at the bulge some youngsters get in there jeans and started to wonder why i was even looking .A friend of mine who i knew was Bi but did not know what id done said i hate these judgemental people who think you must be weak, no good with women or take it up the butt if you stray from the straight and narrow path.I came close to telling him what id done and the bloody thoughts nagging me but i knew id never be able to face him again no matter how much i trusted him. I must have let my interest in this young man bulge show a bit to much as he had no trouble hanging back in while i sat back on a toilet seat and took his cock stopping every time i heard a noise but he did come and i went of knowing i could not handle getting caught in some dirty toilet and feeling very guilty. Over the next year i learned people rarely show any sighs that they would let you suck there cock or suck yours and yet 1 then 2 together really gave my mouth what it craved for and all though the 2 youngsters went of laughing after taking turns twice i knew id never have to see them again and id come doing it,The final lad was regular and when he left i was 37 and lost all interest what so ever

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I kicked down the doors to the closet. I'm now fully exposed as a cock sucking anal slut. My pictures sucking cocks and being fucked are all over the internet. I don't regret it a bit. It will be good when all my friends know I'm a cum dump. Here is my profile from Hampster

    Go to Hampster, search for Friesbaconnekkid. Check my photos. My name is Ric Carter, from Somers, Montana. I'm proud to help keep men's cocks drained. rcriccarter at g mail if you want to fuck me or have your cock sucked.

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    Gay Male / 21

    I'm 21 and I've had a relationship with a former coworker for about 2 years. His name is Martin and he is now 62.
    When we met, we became quick friends. He is a fatherly/grandfatherly type, that I didnt have growing up, who took
    me under his wing and showed me the ropes around the job site.
    When I made mistakes he never got angry, he simply showed me where my mistake was and how to do the task properly. Sometimes it was in the form of a stern lecture or a
    "timeout" as he called it so that I could "get my dam head straight"
    before moving on to the next job. Haha...
    After several months we became pretty familiar with each other. I was barely 20 at the time, had
    gone to community college after high school, still lived at home with my mom and this was my first
    job. He in turn, had worked for our current employer for almost 40 years and was soon to retire. Martin had been married once with
    a son that was now in his mid 30's but had gotten divorced shortly after he was born. He has lived alone since but enjoys having friends and neighbors over to watch sports and backyard barbecues.
    At the time I hadn't really come to terms with my sexual
    orientation. I was still a virgin and to be honest, I think I suspected from the beginning that Martin was gay but never said anything.
    Martin lived fairly close to the job site so it was a easy commute to his home. We started hanging out after work at his house a few times a week. He would fire up his grill and throw steaks or burgers on and invite others over. Even
    though I wasn't 21 yet he would hand me beers when passing them around to others. I would drink a few but not enough to impair me from driving the hour commute back to my moms house. He had interesting friends and neighbors.
    The gatherings were fairly intergenerational although i was still always the youngest to attend.
    Martin has an older but well cared for home. It's no mansion but it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
    One bedroom is a playroom for when his grandchildren come over and the others are his and a guest room. It's a nice place.
    One Friday morning Martin came to work and told me that he wanted to have an impromptu birthday
    barbecue for his son after work and asked for my help with the set up and cooking. Of course I agreed. No big deal.
    It was a fairly large gathering. I met his son and his wife and Martins two grandsons. Nice
    people. But I sensed an awkwardness that at the time I couldn't figure out.
    After everyone had left and we had cleaned up, it was late and I had a few beers but figured I was fine to drive. Martin wouldn't have it
    and besides there was still more beer to drink and he has a guest room.
    To be honest, I dont really recall how it started. I dont even really recall the details of our conversation. It was probably a
    combination of alcohol and tiredness, Martin returned from a bathroom trip and sat next to me on the couch rather than returning to his recliner. With only a slight drunken slur, he said that the reason he got divorced and
    that he lived alone was that he was gay. He told me that he wanted to do something and that if I didnt want or like it that I only needed to tell him no. With that he unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to my knees, took my
    penis into his mouth and started to give me my first ever blow job!
    Oh my god did it feel good!
    He would run his mouth up and down and then swirl his tongue around the head of my erection and from time to time pull off and ask me
    if I was ok and liked what he was doing. I could only nod and he would continue. It didnt take long before I orgasmed and squirted semen into his mouth. He opened up his mouth and showed me my cum then swallowed it and chased it
    down with a swig of beer.
    What the fuck was I doing??
    I was on an emotional roller coaster! An older man had just performed oral sex on me and I loved it. I was having an emotional crisis coming to terms
    that I was most definitely gay!
    That's when Martin told me
    something that has been an understanding in our relationship all along. Respect is important, if I dont like what's going on at anytime I can say so and whatever
    happens is nobody's business but ours. I felt at ease.
    He invited me to his bedroom. He took my hand in his and helped me to my feet. I could stay with him that night or in the guest room. I stepped out of my pants and
    underwear that were around my ankles and he led me by my hand to his bed.
    I laid back on his king sized bed and he returned his mouth to my now hard penis. After again cumming in his mouth he coached me
    to grip his cock. Never had I given a blow job or a hand job to another man. I stroked him and he became semi-aroused but not hard. He placed his hand on my head and guided my mouth to the tip of his penis. He could clearly tell I had
    no experience so he talked me through it telling me what felt good and what didnt. I tried to mimic what he had just done with me but he still didn't seem to be getting as hard as I thought he should. I thought I was doing it
    wrong. He said I was doing fine and pressed my head back down over penis and I took it back in my mouth. As I sucked on him he softly spoke to me telling me that he had developed E.D some years ago and most times couldn't achieve a productive erection, only this semi-stiff member without Viagra.
    He worked my head up and down all the while assuring me that it felt really good and that even though he was semi-stiff he was close to
    cumming. When he came I took his load in my mouth, it didnt taste bad... but man, the slimey texture made me gag a little! Martin chuckled a little and said "be a good boy and swallow." I spit it out onto his stomach.
    It's taken me lots of time and many blowjobs to get used to the texture but I have. Drinking beer or being flat out inebriated helps. Haha!
    I ended up not just spending the night with him but the whole weekend. I called my mom and told
    her that we decided to pick up some overtime Saturday and Sunday (a lie) and that I wouldnt be home
    until Monday after work.
    We spent the weekend hanging out watching movies and grilling in his backyard and exchanging hand and blow jobs. Martin introduced me to anal play when he slipped a lubricated finger into my anus while performing oral on me. He worked his finger in a "come hither" motion massaging my prostate as I dumped my load into his mouth!
    It was fucking amazing and I had him do it multiple times over the weekend.
    He asked me to top him. He yearned for me to penetrate him. He wanted my virginity.
    I was hesitant. This was too much, too fast but he talked to me about it. In that fatherly tone I heard so often at work he spoke reassuringly. He calmed my nerves as he stroked me to an erection and rolled a condom on. Encouraged my ego as he lubricated me and his anus and then lowered himself onto my cock. He winced as it slipped past his sphincter muscle. He rode me for a bit and then rolled us over and repositioned himself under me and held onto his knees. I was on the verge... "dont cum yet, young man".
    That was enough to set me off. I shot my load into the condom.
    That's how I lost my virginity.
    I remember the overwhelmed feeling hitting back.
    I had just topped a man 3 times my age.
    I fucked him again a few hours later. This time from behind and lasting way longer than before.
    I would have gone a third time that day but Martin admitted that it had been a long time since he last bottomed and he "was out of
    In the weeks that followed we would meet up at his house after work for sex. It wasnt penetrative sex everytime we were together but most. If not with my cock then with an assortment of anal plugs and dildos Martin owned. I even got to the point I could take a plug. It felt good but I still hadn't bottomed for him and up to that point he hadn't asked.
    On his birthday I told him that I wanted him inside of me. I wanted to bottom for him. It was after work at his house I got into the shower and cleaned myself out. I had never done that before! Apparently, if you are going to bottom it's a good idea to use an enema. Who knew??
    As I walked out of the bathroom i tossed my towel in the hamper and joined Martin in bed. He had taken his Viagra and had already been working his erection. He had me lay on my stomach with my hips propped up with pillows. He got behind me and lubed us both up. After fingering and plugging me for awhile he position his penis in my crack and applied pressure. I asked him about a condom but he told me he wanted to claim me. Thia made me a little nervous. After several attempts and more lube he slipped into me and I felt his whole body shutter.
    I dont care what people say! Even with a highly experienced top, the first time is at least uncomfortable or at worst toe curling pain!
    At times it was both.
    Martin lowered himself on top of me and spoke into my ear. I was so tight. Did I like it?
    "I'll slow down."
    At one point I didnt think I could handle it anymore. I told him to stop for a moment but he continued to thrust into me. When tears ran down my cheeks he wiped them with the bedsheets and told me to "hang in there, I'm almost done!"
    He grunted several times and quickly bounced his hips off of my buttocks.
    With a series of hard hip thrusts I cried and he forced my face into the pillow while shushing me and saying "take me into you, dont resist!"
    He yelled and orgasmed and dumped his load into my anal orifice.
    He got off of me and wiped my ass with a warm wet cloth. There was blood and poop on it.
    That was my first bottom and how I lost my "anal virginity" so to speak.
    I top most of the time but if Martin begs enough I will occasionally bottom. I just haven't gotten to a point that I enjoy it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I got divorced seven years ago after 36 years of marriage. The reason our marriage fell apart was because our daughter was prostituting herself to buy drugs and my wife would not deal with it. In any event I have been alone since then, I care about my exwife, and I care about my daughter. The truth as hard as it is is that my daughter is a drug dependent prostitute who does not want or accept help to get off drugs. My daughter is now 33 years old.

    Going through this hell I looked for help through my Church to no avail, however there I was told to try a support group for parents who have kids on drugs. It was there that I met an ex cop who was able to help me out. He had a sort of experience that I guess you get because you have been to hell and back. One day he told me that I needed to let myself be loved. Another day he told me that I was going to be OK and that maybe what I needed was to get away from it all and he invited me to go fishing. At the fishing shack, after we had a few beers and we talked about our lives and his experiences as a cop and just as matter as fact as you can get he told me he wanted to suck my cock.

    We were alone out there at this fishing shack and he was serious and he told me he was a cop but he was also gay and he had fallen for me and what he wanted was to show me and he wanted to start by sucking my cock. He went on that in his experience with me, you started there sucking cock. If the guy liked it well you would go on and on until you kissed. Once you kissed well then that was that and you could get on and just have a nice time together. So, let him suck my cock.

    You have to understand, I worked in the steel industry, not as blue collar worker but in sales, but still in steel. His hand on my lap felt bad but good. He didn't take his hand off. Somehow I let him get my pants unzipped and he got my cock out and he sucked it, sure as I was sitting there. I got hard as a rock and he sucked me hard. I kept looking out the window into the darkness trying to ignore what was going on. His hand was working my cock and his mouth was working my cock and when I came I came hard, it had been a long time since I had come like that and he laughed and licked some of it up and told me that I had a nice cock and he liked sucking it.

    From then on what do you do, you talk. He told me the whole back story of how he found out he was gay, he was a young guy and another young guy made him suck his cock and that was that. He learned pretty quickly that he was much more of a bottom guy than a top and that he loved to suck cock and loved getting treated to a good fuck. His kiss my mouth caught me by surprise, he grabbed my package hard while he kissed me and asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. There wasn't much ceremony, he got his pants off and stood over me while I sat in the chair and he stroked his cock until he was hard and told me to open my mouth and he would slide it on in.

    His cock felt good in my mouth that night and when later on he told me that he wanted to shove his cock up my ass, ha ha, he lubed me up with this clear liquid he had and I took it up the ass like a man. Every last inch of his cop cock up my ass. He kept whispering to me over my shoulder that he was next and he wanted it hard and hot and that's the way it turned out that night. He didn't only kiss me and suck my cock, he fucked me and I fucked him, something I can't say I had ever contemplated in my life.

    Cops are funny sort of guys, they are in charge and I guess I became the boyfriend and we continued to see each other and one day he asked me if I didn't think that all along I was a gay mother and that I had missed out on it all my life, because from where he sat he knew that I loved cock and I loved a good fuck. The truth was that I did love cock, I loved sucking his hard cock and I loved having him on my back, much more than me getting on his back, but it is tit for tat.

    He told me that I needed to make amends with my daughter to move on, she was a whore and I was cocksucker and I should tell her that, that I sucked cock because I enjoyed it and I had a cop as a boyfriend. Well I didn't quite tell her any of that, I just stopped getting upset about it, and worried more about the drugs than being a whore, after all she was a whore to support her drug habit. It isn't right and I can't help her, but somehow sucking my boyfriend's cock makes it all seem relative. Looking out at the night moon with a cop's cock up your ass makes you think in perspective.

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    Gay Male / 34

    34 and single I mostly socialized with a group of friends from college. Thru one of these friends I met Roy, a fifty something public relations manager and fellow alum. Personable, smart, polished and he was very gracious inviting me to a football party at his house. There were two other guys there, I was the youngest there. The game was in our favor and we celebrated a victory. When his friends left I found myself alone with him helping him clean up.

    Washing down the kitchen counters he asked if I wanted to spend the night. It took a couple of minutes to realize he was propositioning me. Standing against the counter with a dishtowel in my hand he grabbed my package. When I reacted he told me to relax, his hand working me with hot pressure but no pain. His other hand on my chest he told me I was his type and wanted to show me just how much he liked me.

    As unreal as it was he took control and I was soon being kissed and rubbed down. From being dressed to being undressed was zero time, I was on my back on the bed while he mouthed my cock, using his hands to rub down my thighs, buttocks, chest, neck and face followed by kisses while he jerked my cock. My turn came to take his cock in my hand and then my mouth, his hand holding my head still while he pumped my mouth. Bells going off were ignored and I went to work enjoying his cock while he fingered my ass and using slick lube he fingered me fucking in and out, his cock followed, filling me with the most remarkable sexual feeling I had ever experienced.

    I spent the night, we went out to breakfast to a small coffee house, he introduced me as his special friend. The waiters were all gay, they welcomed me, his lay from the night before.

    That in a nutshell was my first time, there have been many more, maybe it helps explain why I never met the girl of my dreams.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    This is pretty plain vanilla. I got a job working as a hostess at this small restaurant that catered primarily to working women. I was told by one of the waitresses that not all of the women were straight, like there may be some that were lesbian. I was so curious and she would point out that one, or those two, and so on. Some I could believe, but some I just couldn't. One afternoon after the lunch rush, part of my job was helping set up for dinner before my shift ended, she asked me to go out with her that night. I didn't think anything of it, I went. We went to this Chinese restaurant she had told me about and then we went to this bar. She whispered to me that this was a ladies bar and that most of the women there were lesbians, except maybe for me. She told me that she was a lesbian and she thought I should explore my feelings. I was uncomfortable mostly because every woman that walked by I couldn't get over that maybe she was lesbian, according to her there was no maybe. She pointed out the ones that were quiet and the ones that were loud, the ones that were there looking for a one night stand and the ones that were there together. She told me that the only way you knew if you were a lesbian was to kiss a lesbian and she puckered up and told me to kiss her. No one would care, lots of girls kissed in there. Kiss her and run my tongue over her lips. I felt weird, strange and she kissed me and ran her tongue over my lips, and she said for me to kiss her, to just lay it on her, to kiss her and put my arms around her neck and put everything I had into the kiss. It was more like she kissed me, but I did put my arms around her neck. We left the bar and went to her place and she gave me a whole lot of instructions, she was going to make love to me and she wanted me to go along. First get undressed and show off my wares. Second undress her and admire her wares. Third lean over and suck on her nipple. Fourth, get tit to tit and kiss and kiss, make out, shove my hips into her. Fifth, lay down and let her feel me up, finger me and then kiss me, open my legs and just let her kiss and lick and do things with her mouth and tongue. Now do her. I did it all with her and she said spend the night with her and when we got up in the morning we would go to this breakfast place where only lesbians went. I had to get used to being around lesbians, from now on nothing but lesbians. I am new to being a lesbian, learning about it.

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    Gay Male / 48

    Hi lam a 58 yo sissy faggot crossdresser from Lakeland Fl. Well yesterday morning I woke up early so I dressed put on a mini skirt atop bra thongs and sandals.
    I made coffee and had a cup then I went to my mail box I live in Appartment complex I was walking and got to the mail boxes and this black man came up was getting his mail.
    Then out the he said hay baby want to play and I said where he said Wright here it was still dark .
    But there was lights on in parking lots he came over to me and stated to kiss me and rub on my body.
    And I started to rub his cock and it huge so I couldn't help my self so got his dick out and suck it for a little while got it nice and hard.
    Then he bent me over the Trish can pulled up my skirt and then pulled my thongs to the side and started his big cock in side me .
    Started to fuck me and go deeper and deeper inside me he fucked me for what I thought was an hour but wasn't but when he exploded inside my ass it came out around hiscockand ran down my legs made me have orgasm too.
    I love was the greatest fuck I had for a long time .but what didn't know there was people watching .
    I found out because so sent him a video of us fucking and he said what if they put it on the internet I told I didn't care if they did or not I said if u find it write on best fuck u ever had.
    And I was a sissy faggot crossdresser u put my name where I live I don't care what people think about me anymore I love who I am and very proud to be a sissy faggot crossdresser and that black men have big cocks I love to fuck black men.
    They can last longer and cum a hell of a lot more and I love getting my ass filled up Ok until next time

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    Eighteen and in my freshman year I went to a frat party. Some guy pinned me down between the couch and the wall and worked my pants down until he was able to fuck me. He left me there and I lay there with my pants around my knees until a girl saw me and helped me up. She helped me get my pants up, took me to the bathroom and went to get a coke and washed out my vagina. The coke was supposed to kill the sperm. It didn't work.

    She and I became best friends, she helped me with my pregnancy and was with me when I gave birth. Raising my daughter while attending college would have been impossible without her help. We moved to Colorado after we graduated, she got a job while I looked for a house and a preschool. After we settled in I got a part time job.

    When my daughter turned seven we decided we needed to join a church. We kept a low profile and put my daughter in Sunday school. When she talked about having two moms we had to meet with the church leadership. They told us we violated their standards for members. We stood our ground and told them there is always a first time and it was going to be their first time. We registered as two single women.

    It never crossed our minds that we were gay, I just found myself in a hard place and she stood by me. We know now that we are probably platonic gays, we live in comfort with each other. Really we are more like sisters than anything else. We are in church therapy learning to show affection for each other, if we are gay we might as well be gay. It is a very strange and funny thing learning how to sleep together after living together for over ten years, it's like sleeping with my sister. But the church says we are their first gay couple and we don't want to disappoint them. The assistant minister offered to marry us so we stop living in sin.

    So we are telling our families and friends that their assumptions have been right all along.

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