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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    So...we bought a house in a small town to get away from the druggies and's a farm town and so far all i'm seeing is retirement age gentlemen. Met a few of them out on the sidewalk and,well,seems that each time I get so damned horny.I fantasize about neighbors knocking on the door...and,as I cross dress most days..perhaps i'll eventually be brave enough to invite a guy in while i'm in panties. I purposely walk in front of windows hoping one will see. God how i'd love to get these older guys off.
    I masturbate several times a day and all I can think about are old kiss,suck,and ride them. Someday...maybe...wife knows how I feel and encourages me to "make friends" which is nice but i'm scared. Only 154 people in this town and wouldn't take much to ruin living here. Anyway..was just obsessively wishing to hear a knock at the door and had to get it out. Thanks.

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    Gay Male / 55

    I guess it is never to late as they say. I would call myself bi for the longest time because I first started sucking cocks when I was 13 and did it on and off for until I was at least 25 mostly between girlfriends. I hooked up with a guy when I was 25 and ended up at his place and lost my virgin ass to him so after that I would hook up and either suck guys off or let them fuck me. I stopped when I got married but after divorcing 10yrs later I started back up again and picked up where I left off between girlfriends. After my last girlfriend and I split up 10yrs ago it has only been sex with men since then.
    I have no desire to have sex with women anymore and just enjoy being used by men for their pleasure and anymore I don't even care if I get off just that they cum where they want and are satisfied when we are done. I wear little things such as bracelets and t-shirts that have the rainbow colors on them just as little hints that I am gay and just about 2 weeks ago I posted on my facebook page that I am gay and now my daughters are a little upset with me and my brothers won't talk to me.
    I wish I would have done this years ago because by now all the drama would be over and everyone would be over it and either excepted me or no longer talk to me. But I feel the burden is off my shoulders and I feel better about myself and now regret not coming out earlier but it's never to late.

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    Straight Male / 26

    My girlfriend is fat, like close to 200 lbs. She's my first "big girl," and we are celebrating our one year anniversary at the end of next month. Listen, I was in a frat in college, dated and fucked my share of skanks over the years. Woke up next to girls that I couldn't remember meeting, had girls put in my room by our frat president after I'd had way too many drinks "just for fun," that sort of thing. Got blowjobs from frat "sweethearts," did coke and swapped girls. Surprised I didn't get an STD, checked and clean I'm happy to say. Most folks who knew me then would say I was a total bro, frat-star doucher. I still look the part, even with my current situation. Wendy, my girlfriend, has changed a lot of me for the better I think.

    Last year I was dating a girl I used to hook up with when I was still active in undergrad, a girl named Shannon. Shannon is HOT AF, but a complete psycho who turned a lot of my "brothers" against me when we broke up last year. You probably know the type: fried brunette hair, a little too much spray on tan, too much makeup and a short skirt for every night of the week who's only goal is being a dick magnet. When she decided she was done with me by sending me pics of her sucking one of my brothers' cocks after we went back to visit for Homecoming and then decided to tell the guys what I really thought about them, I was pretty much fucked friend-wise. And because we still live in the town where our alma mater is, and it's a small college town, everyone knew my business. Never trust a chick that doesn't have tan lines.

    Anyway, someone took pity on my, a friend I had from before I was in the frat who set me up on pretty much a blind date one Thursday night. I needed it, I'd been in social isolation for nearly a month, was drinking like a pledge again and not doing well at work (law office, not a lawyer, I work on our files and archives), and was playing way too much COD. When they said, she's sweet, you'll like her, I should have known better, right? My friend said Wendy would be the girl in the flower-patterned dress with a matching flower in her hair and she'll meet you at the bar at 10. Cool.

    I'm a beer and a half in when Shannon comes in with random doucher #4 and of course blasts by with her evil entourage like we're in fucking high school. I get dirty looks from about two of my former frat bros and this rando, and the other girls are snickering as they walk by. I was still working out three times a week then, but I probably looked pretty rough. I had grown out a lumberjack beard and I'm kind of blondish, so I really stuck out, especially in that place. In hindsight, bad call. Anyway, great start to the night. I go ahead and get my tab together and notice it's actually got a little quieter in the place, which is saying something because it's packed with college kids and oldsters like me trying to net some college pussy. Looking toward the door, I see my friend and his long time girlfriend, and this fucking big bird in the flowered dress and matching flower in her hair. She's blonde, hair cut to her chin, a little curly or wavy, red glasses and matching shoes (I notice her shoes) and she's huge compared to most all the girls in there. My impulse was to run, but they saw me and I didn't want to lose the last friend I had, so I stuck around.

    Best decision I've ever made.

    Over the weeks, now months, Wendy helped me work through a lot. My parents love this girl; even my Dad, after some initial shock, loves her, and I didn't realize how much that actually meant. Son, he says, you dated a lot of sluts that should have never come here to meet us. Her, I like.

    The sex. My fucking GOD the sex. Having this fat little princess on her knees giving me a blowjob in the woods one day when we were supposed to be hiking, watching that flushed and slightly glistening face bob up and down till I shot right down her throat is a memory I'll never forget. Eating out her fat pussy for the first time, which I will do any time she wants now, was incredible. Her big ass and tits look SO fucking good in these dresses she wears which don't fit her. Her panties are always perfectly tight on her ass and when she wears like a teddy or something like that, her big tits stick out and just make me want to motor boat her (which I do). She's not into everything, like anal or facials, but that's perfectly okay. I creampied my first fat chick a couple of weeks ago and goddamn it was heavenly (it was her). I've rubbed lotion on her thighs to alleviate chub rub; I've been hit in the face with a boob with enough force that I thought I was going to have whiplash; I kiss her belly every time I get her naked on my way up or down her curvy body.

    On a serious note, when she smiles, and that perfect round face lights up. When she asks me to help her pick out clothes at the mall or whatever, I love helping her out cause I get a mini fashion show and half the time a blowjob in the dressing room or handjob on the ride home (her hands are so soft and WARM). I've never had a girl actually cook or bake for me before, it's great. Hell, I've read books in the last year! I haven't read a book for fun ever.

    I don't want her to change, or lose weight, unless she wants to make that change herself. I fucking love this girl, seriously. And I really think these girls get a bad rap that's undeserved. I'm learning a lot about how to date a big girl, I still make mistakes with what to say or how to make sure she's not being treated like my fat fetish (I enjoy spending time with her, am proud of her, and really know her at this point). I wish now I'd paid attention to the fat sorority chicks that my brothers and I used to make fun of when they came to the house. I probably would've been a lot happier then, but I probably wouldn't have what I do now so it's a toss-up.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I had a sexual relationship with another guy that started when we were in 7th grade. He initiated the contact but I never resisted until I started getting girls to do the same stuff. He and I were still close friends and he tried off and on to get me to do the stuff we had been doing. We use to just jerk each other off when we did stuff, nothing more except rubbing them together. At 18 we hadn't touched each other in almost 4 years and one night we ended up alone. He tried and I let him play with my dick and jerk me and I felt bad for him so I started feeling him up. He quickly took his pants off, we were in a car and it was dark but when I felt his dick it had gotten so much bigger. I could see it in the moonlight and I was mezmerized by it as I stroked it. I suddenly had the urge to suck him and I had never had that urge before. We had been drinking beer but weren't drunk. I just couldn't take it anymore and I was fairly close to it so I leaned in and started sucking on him some. He became very excited and went down on me as well. We were finally able to position where we could suck each other at the same time. We ended up doing this for around five years.
    One night we got caught by a girl that had been trying to fuck him. He didn't go for girls at all. After she left we started up and in just a few minutes she came in on us. There was about 10 seconds of extreme fear for both of us until she started stripping of and joining us. I've been in lots of three ways but that was the first one where it was two guys and I was sucking the guy with the girl. She never told anyone as far as we know, she kept coming back for more for the next couple of months. I was very afraid she would tell but what could I do but keep doing it, I was afraid of making her mad.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    My Best Friends Son.

    Jim was 9 and I was 8 when his family moved next door. From the very beginning we were joined at the hip - being each others brother. I had an older sister and he had a younger sister, so we were a perfect and inseparable match. Due to Jim's birthday being the last of December we were also class mates until college. We have remained very close these last 40 years and our wives refer to each other as "sisters-in-law'.

    Kyle, Jim's 21 year old son, is attending college out state, so when he came home for the holidays he and his dad had planned a 2 day hunting trip. I have one daughter and Kyle is an only child too. Unfortunately and unexpected out of state business issue mean Jim would not be able to go hunting with so he asked me to go in his place, which I was glad to do. Kyle and I left at 5am Thursday morning with a 67 hour drive to the hunting camp near the coast. We checked in, ate lunch and went back for our orientation for our early morning hunting. Then, we got a tour of the property and came back for a group meeting and dinner with the other hunters.

    Sharing a room was nothing unusual as our families had spent many n nights together traveling over the years, so we had slept in the room with each other many times. The bar in our room was stocked with plenty of liquid refreshments and snacks. I had stripped to my jockeys and was sitting on my bed nursing a beer and Kyle had done the same thing on his bed. However, he was on his 4thd beer and I was on my 2nd. Around 9pm I suggested we turn off the TV and to sleep since we would be getting up at 3:30am. Kyle asked if the TV would bother me and I said no. I pulled the covers up and turned to my right side (back to him) and slide my hand under my pillow (my sleeping position).

    Unable go to sleep quickly, I laid there quietly hoping drift off. I heard Kyle turn off the TV but I could hear noises and see reflections of moving light (screen). Shortly I heard soft moans so I perked my ear and determine that Kyle was watching porn on his lap top. Some time passed and the beer made its way to my bladder and I had to get up and piss. As I rolled up and out of bed Kyle closed his lap top and apologized for waking me. I told him I had to piss and that is what I did. When I went back to bed Kyle was laying in his bed and his lap top was on the night stand and we went to sleep.

    The next morning the guide to Kyle and I to our hunting spot and got up set up. It was quiet as we set waiting for the deer to be driven past up. We waited,and waited and nothing, so we knew the run has by passed us and our chance for success were greatly diminished. Finally the guide returned for us and took us back to the camp for lunch. After lunch we went back to our room with hopes for a more meaningful morning. We didn't talk any at the hunting spot, but when we got to the room Kyle was in over drive - I could tell he was nervous about something.

    After a texting to his dad and his buddies he opened a beer and gave me one. Then he got a second one while I was stilling nursing my first. I told him to slow down or he would be to drunk to walk over to the dinning room for dinner. We laughed and chatted about bull shit when, out of the blue, Kyle said, "I am sorry waking you last night." I said, you didn't wake me and you didn't have to hid what you were looking at. We are all men and we all like porn." He said, "I have several favorite porn sites which I view often." I replied, "So, do I Kyle. However, your dad is the only one I would admit that too." He said, "does dad like porn too?" I said, "just as much as me - and you."

    We shared each others favorite porn sites and was not shocked we share a favorite. By this time he is downed another beer and so have I so we are both buzzed. He asked if I had a favorite type of porn and I said, "Yes. I love three way action." He said, "what combinations" and I said, before I thought), "I don't care but I love to see 2 guys share pussy." He said, "fantasy or reality, uncle Dave?" I said, "your getting personal. How about you, and he said, "I love to see 2 guys on a chick, or 3 guys or a train." I asked, "fact or fantasy?" He said, I've been in several 3 ways with 2 guys and girl and I love them." He downed the last of his beer and said, "My fantasy is to be part of a train, but do not tell me dad." I said, "I don't share with anyone what your dad and I talk about, or what you and I talk about."

    K yle was handing me another beer when he looked at me and said, "how open minded are you? Confidentially and really?" I said, "if it feels good, then do it and its no ones business but yours and the person you did it with...or persons." He opened his lap top and brought up our favorite porn site and set back against the head of his bed and asked my to join. I walked over and set right beside Kyle as he brought up a M/M/F porn. Then a second one, then a third. My heart began to beat fast as my duck got hard and I noticed Kyle's bulge in his pants. Then he opened one and said, this is really my favorite and it was 2 bi men and a female. After the guys took the other guys cock in his mouth Kyle said, "is this okay?" I said, "absolutely. It's fine with me." Then he said, I am bisexual, uncle Dave. Please do not tell dad." I said, "if you want your dad to know you suck dick then you tell him." He said, "you ever had a man blow you?" I said, "Yes" and he reached for my dick.

    Kyle moved the lap top to my hands then he got down between my legs where he unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick and began to suck it like natural born cock sucker. I held the lap top toward me as I raised up and undid my belt with my right hand. Kyle assisted and in no time my pants were in the floor, and his as Kyle laid on his side and made love to my dick. When that video went off I laid the lap top on the night stand and placed my hands on his head and began to hunch my dick in and out of his beautiful jock mouth. I sued to feed him applesauce in his high chair and 20 years later he put the make on me and I am fucking his mouth with a fervor and he's moaning like a Cheshire cat.

    I reached over his back and placed my hand between his hairy legs with my middle finger tickling his hairy hole. He raised his head of my dick and started talking some really nasty, kinky shit and I thought I would cum all over myself. I didn't see this coming but I am glad I on the receiving end. I slapped his ass cheek real hard and he screamed, "I am a cock sucking, mutter fucking, cum loving, slut, Uncle Dave and I love my ass plowed hard and long." Oh My God. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest and my dick was so hard thought it might break half into.

    I jumped off the bed and grabbed him my the hair on his head and pulled him on his knees in front of me. I took my other hand and began to slap him lightly on his cheeks and I called him "cock sucking, slut, cum lapping, piss drinking, personal bitch and I was going to load his belly and his ass with my baby making batter." And for the next 3 hours I fucked him over and over getting of 3 times. I took him to the shower where I pissed all over him before we showered for dinner. I fucked his mouth and ass again 3 times when we came back and we slept naked, spoon and fork.

    We opted out of the next mornings hunt staying in the room fucking like rabbits in Spring time. Just before we dressed to check out I pushed him on the bed and took his dick into my mouth and sucked him to an orgasm, swallow and said let hit the road. He was sucking me on the road home when he looked up at me and asked, "does my dad know you are bisexual?" I said, "No" and don't tell him. He said, "I have had the hot's for you and my dad a long time. At least I got you."

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    Gay Male / 36

    I just posted an ad to Craigslit looking for an alpha male to shove his cock up my ass, because as usual I am dressed like a woman wearing a short skirt, black pumps and pantyhose, and I want to be emasculated.

    I got a response from a guy who knew where I used to live, what I like to wear for men, and what I like to do in my spare time while pretending to be a man.

    A part of me is scared, but my deepest, darkest desire is that he will blackmail me and "force" me to come out as a limp-wristed, feminized sissy faggot who will be "doomed" to spend the rest of his life in high heels and sheer pantyhose.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I've always had a thing about dressing in womens cloths. I love sissy porn and lately been watching gay. I don't know why but yesterday I felt the urge to take it further. dressed in a summer dress underneath was a purple bra, stockings and suspender belt with a light green pair of lacey see through nickers. a wig and makeup to finish off.
    I put on a boiler suit and went to my car and as soon as I got in took it off and put on a pair of black heels. driving through town I got a lot of attention at traffic lights as i'd pulled up my dress as a tease. I could hear mens reaction and some wolf whistles which bolstered my confidence. I drove to a local gay dogging area and it wasn't long before three men were at my window which i'd opened. I allowed them to kiss and fondle my cock and it wasn't long before they dragged me from the car and roasted me. at one point i was riding one cock ,sucking another whilst the third videoed my cock flapping. I was wondering if this was a one off or are there more out there that would like to see me?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Best Sex ever !

    My sophomore year at the university I became roommates with a guy I met the previous year. We clicked from the first time we met - as though we had known each other our entire lives. After a few weeks of hanging together I sense he was bisexual, like me. It was second semester when we found ourselves in the right place, at the right time. The remainder of that semester and summer we became very, very close. Needless to say the next year we got an apartment together- 2 bedrooms. It isn't like we were lovers as we had separate bedrooms, but we slept together a lot and shared some pussy and dick too.
    By the time we entered our fourth year we had established a bond, which binds us today. By the time we realized we were in love and wanted to have a relationship we had been involved in many different 3ways and more ways - with females, but mostly other bi and gay men. Accepting we would continue sharing sex with others we advanced to telling our parents. My folks were shocked shitless for a few weeks, eventually accepting us. His mom was taken back but his dad came to our defense resulting in his mother being acceptable before she really wanted to - if you know what I mean.
    I thought we had been completely open with each other about our lives, including our first times with a girls and a guy as well as other sexual escapes. However, I was taken back when he told me that he and his dad has played around since his dad learned he was bisexual. It took a minute for it to sink in and as shocked as I was I could not get angry because I had been with 2 of my male cousins. As I am listening to him share how he and his dad advanced to doing a 69 I realized my dick was the hardest it had even been.
    My mind was going a thousand miles an hour when I spurted out (without thinking), "have you and your dad had a three way?". He said, "no", but I cut him off asking "when was the last time they had sex?" He said, "we have not had sex since I committed to you, but before that we had sex as often as possible. Dad wants you and I to have a strong relationship, so he told me to be honest with you and assure you it will not happen again." I asked, "three ways?" He responded, "No. We talked about it but for obvious reasons it never materialized."
    Seeing my hard dick through my shorts he reached for my dick and we both unzipped my pants. He was on his knees between my legs and sucked my cock in his mouth while he massaged my hairy legs. I held his head and hunch fucked my dick in his mouth and he loved it - so did I. I think that was the fastest I ever cum in my life, but in my minds eye I envisioned him on his knees with his dad's dick in his mouth, and his dad on h is knees with my lovers dick in his mouth and I blew a load and a half. About the same time I felt him blow all over my legs as it ran down on my shorts, which were around my ankles.
    Over the next few weeks the subject came up a few times and although we had been to his parents house his dad was no different that always even though he knew I knew. What he did know, or my lover, was I wanted to see the two of them go at it in a 69 and I wanted to guide his dick in my lover (his sons) ass and hold his legs up and out while his dad torn him a new ass hole and got it sloppy for me. Since my lover never brought up the subject I let it alone keeping my fantasy to myself.
    We had a cook out at our house and both of our parents and siblings were invited. My lover's mom, who is a BSN Supervisor, we called in to work that evening and could not make it. As the night progressed everyone left expect my parents and his dad. Once we got the kitchen cleaned my parents and his dad were leaving. I was just drunk enough so I asked his dad to help me with the charcoal embers and he did. My parents had gone, it was the three of us and we went into the house as his dad needed to exit through front of kitchen doors. He hugged his son and then me and as he walked to the door I said, "it would please me greatly to watch my lover and his dad in a 69." They both turned and looked at me with surprise. That is when I groped his dads cock and it began to grow instantly.
    I unzipped his shorts and hauled out my lover's father hardening cock and bent down and took it in my mouth. Then I knelt in front of him and sucked it in my mouth like I was a hoover vacuum. Within a minute my lover was kneeling beside me and I guided his dads dick into his mouth. At that point I stood up and backed up a few feet to watch the town of them taking turns sucking each other.
    We went to the bedroom where my fantasy was fulfilled beyond my wildest imagination and sloppy seconds on my loves (after his father) was the most amazing experience of my life. I had my lover doggy and I plowed his sloppy ass while his dad stood over him, facing me, and fucked me mouth. It was the most intense orgasm of my life, the best sex ever and every time we get the opportunity it just as good.

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    Gay Male / 28

    I went out on a Christmas party night. Later on that evening I went to the toilet, the urinals were being used so I entered a disabled stall. No sooner than I was inside I realised a woman was there. I was about to apologise when she raised her dress and enticed me closer. She I mean he had a cock clearly visible through her lacy panties and framed by her stocking clad legs. She put her hands on my shoulders turned me round and sat me on the seat. Stunned, I watched mesmerised as she removed my trousers and pants and seemed powerless as she opened my legs and took my erect cock into her mouth and looking into my eyes sucked me dry. She then whispered in my ear, 'your turn now'. I had never even thought of such a thing and blurted out, 'no, but I'll wank it'. She smiled and nodded. I remove that cock and griped it hard and pulled back the foreskin. With each stroke the big glistening head hypnotically came into view. I just lost it and put my lips around it and sucked as though my life depended on it. At the last moment he pulled out and splattered my face with semen. He wrote his phone number on my inner thigh which I've now got on my phone and smiled, 'call me'. I was straight when I went out but now I think I may be ...

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    Lesbian Female / 34

    I am not bisexual. I am a lesbian. I have known I was a lesbian since about the sixth grade. I like girls, I like having a sexual relationship with a girl. I like the feeling a girl gives me when she gives herself up and we have sex. I have been in love several times with a girl since I was pretty young. I am a lesbian.

    But I am not stupid. Lesbians, at least the ones I have met, are difficult. I imagine I am difficult. A man can handle me, but I never met a woman who could handle me. And on the flip side, I can deal with a man, all his needs, from small petty needs to major life commitment needs. In the end, a long term relationship with a woman did not materialize and I gave myself to a long term relationship with a man. I married him and I decided to go ahead and have children. I am descent wife, a pretty good mother and my husband gets regular sex.

    For a while I bottled up my feelings or need for being with a girl. I give in it to it from time to time, sometimes I give into it a whole lot, and some times I give in to it just enough for a quick get together. I do not get into it with a married bisexual woman who wants to play around. It isn't about sex, but it is about having sex with a woman that is attractive to me. And during my marriage I have had two very deep and long crushes on women.

    I have been called a dyke, I tend to be aggressive about getting it on, but in the end I think I am passive. That is why I am ok with my husband being the dominant partner. If you ask me I believe that I am open and I will take initiative, and I am attracted to femme lesbians. I like women who dress up and like to be presentable and who don't walk around with a big L on their forehead. When we are together the guess is that I am the lesbian, but not the girl I am with. I like slow and seductive and I don't want to be around issues on her sleeve. I have made peace with being a lesbian and I am not a feminist about it. I don't want to be both a lesbian and a bitch.

    My husband enjoys the pleasures of having a wife, and he gets tail both ways, up front or up the back. With him I like starting with lots of foreplay, lots of nakedness, and for him to go full bore up my vagina but finish me off with deep anal. There is just something I have not been able to explain to myself about him dominating me up the behind. A good sound ass fucking will generally keep me quiet for a several days if not weeks. I only generally get horny for being with a girl when he travels, which is part of his job. I think it is the sleeping alone.

    But, especially now, after I have sex with a woman I want to go home. I don't want to create a relationship.

    S o, I am lesbian, I am not bisexual, I do have sex with one man, my husband. I found I enjoy being the wife in the relationship and have really taken to it. It is easy for me.

    In my twelve years of marriage I have never felt a desire to be with another man. It must be him.

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