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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I'm a personal trainer/ consultant who works with a variety of clients but most are middle age successful white men. I also have a fetish for turning straight men. It's not as hard as you may think. I'm in great shape, dark skinned Italian with a very, long, thick cock. I've found that most men, whether they'll admit it or not, are fascinated with big dicks. Sometimes I'll troll adult dating sites and my body/ dick pics always get responses but I'm careful to wade through to the actual straight guys. Sometimes it is just as simple as walking around the locker room naked. Noticing glances of guys I know are married or straight. I ask them if they want to have a beer, get a couple in them and ask them if they want to grab a drink at my place. If they say yes I know that they are gong to at least suck my cock. Watching a straight guy swallow cum for the first time is a very empowering, sexy experience. My favorite by far though is what I call The Give. That's when I talk a perfectly straight narrow minded dude into letting me fuck him bareback and drop in his ass. I have cum in more than 100 straight men's asses many to their utter shock, disbelief but always begging pleasure. When I enter a straight mans tight virgin hole with my big naked cock all of their manhood is stripped away. Every single one, when I started fucking them and asked if I could cum in their ass agreed. Nothing turns me on more than the build to my orgasm and then exploding cum deep in a virgin ass. All of their manhood and pride has been given to me and they can no longer kid themselves that they are straight. They always ask to meet up again and I often do.

    To be clear I get tested very regularly because I never want to be the guy spreading disease. Especially as trust is what gets me into the best, straightest asses.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    How old to you have to be to come out of the closet. I have been a lesbian all my life. I knew when I was around eleven. My first full fledged lover was my dance teacher. She was petite with small breasts and large nipples. She shaved her region and as I was going through puberty she shaved me too. She said she didn't like hair in her mouth and she didn't want me to get hairs stuck in my teeth or throat.

    When I left school we had to part. In college I stopped being a lesbian and started dating guys. I left college and at my first job I met the guy I would marry. I married him because he got me pregnant. The first time we had sex I had no protection and he didn't use any either. A lot of good it did for him to ask me when I got my period after he had sex with me.

    Marriage was OK, not great but OK. I had a daughter and later a son. During that time when the kids were small I never really thought about other women. My day was full with child care, housework, and my job.

    My kids were in school, and I went to the grocery store. At the service counter I was attended to by a woman in her thirties. She had a beautiful face and round breasts that barely fit in her shirt. Her pants were also a bit small. I stared at her breasts. After a few minutes she asked me what I was thinking about and if I liked her 'girls'. I was embarrassed. She finished my transaction and she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and said she would like 'our girls' to get to know each other.

    I shopped at this store and I saw her often. She always made a point of coming over to talk to me and ask me how my 'girls' were doing. She would tell me that her 'girls' were lonely and they didn't have any girls to play with. One afternoon I had to use the restroom and she came in after I did. She was very forward and asked me what kind of nipples I had, to show her my nipples. She opened her shirt and took out a breast and showed me. Her breast was bigger than her hand and she had nice dollar size nipples. She asked to see my nipples. I was scared, I told her someone was going to come in, and she assured me that we were alone, she had put an out of service card on the door.

    She took her second breast out of her shirt and undid her bra so her breasts were free to fall and she came over to me and she unbuttoned my shirt and reached under my arms and undid my bra and let my breasts fall lose. She caressed them with her hands, and she reached down and kissed my nipples running her tongue all over and around them. She asked to see down my pants, she helped me undo my clasp and opened my pants and pulled my panties out so she could look. She put her hand under my panties and slowly felt me. She asked me if I liked pussy, or if I was a tittie girl. She felt me up for a little while and took my hand and had me feel her up through her pants. She kissed me on the mouth and said that we needed to get together and that she was off on Tuesday afternoon and she wanted me to come over. She took my phone number and told me that she wanted to kiss me in that special place.

    On Tuesday she called and I felt like I needed to go. She was dressed in a nice dress, which flattered her chest. She showed me that she didn't have anything on under her dress because we were going to get to know each other. She quickly got my top off and started to kiss my breasts and to feel me with her hand. She walked me back to the bedroom and once she put me on the bed she took off my pants and went into me with her wet mouth. She ate me for a few minutes, and then got on the bed and pulled her dress up over her waist and exposed her pussy to me. I don't remember thinking, her hand was on my head and I was sucking up her pussy with my tongue trying to penetrate her vagina.

    Sex with her was crazy, both of us had been without for a long time and it took a long time for us become satisfied.

    When I think of breasts of I think of her, when I think of a woman I think of her laying on her back with her legs open for me. I was an adult now and eating her drove me into a frenzy, needing to get as much as I could. When I was with my teacher she was the one who ate me, I almost never ate her, but now I could eat my new lover as much as I wanted. We have been lovers for a couple of years now and we are never satisfied. I accommodate my husband, but I have sex with my lover.

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    Lesbian Female / 20

    Oh well, I acknowledge that I lean heavily towards other women. I agreed to travel back home with this girl, by car. So much time to talk until you just say it. I am into girls. Her response was 'what else is new'. I guess I am not as subtle as I thought. I am pretty girly, I would have thought that covered me.

    Right now I am defining myself. I am only attracted to girl like me.

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    Transsexual Female / 21

    I was born a male but I am female now. I had my corrective surgery to make me the girl I am inside when I was 15.

    I had defective testicals that were unable to produce any testosterone. Because of that wonderful defect I never developed any guy traits. I was started on estrogen and I developed hips, breasts and curves.

    I am 5'2" and I wear size 4 dresses and size 6 in high heels. My arms and legs are smaller around than any of my sisters and most girls I went to school with. I have never been mistaken for a guy. My small size and natural femininity has always been more than enough to be accepted as a girl.

    In high school I had to change clothes for pe in a separate room from the other girls until my surgery took my worthless penis and testicals. Then I was a girl and I was treated like the other girls. My first time in high school PE I wore my pantyhose. I got I trouble for it. I tried to tell her that I wore a dress and didn't have time after pe to put them back on. During the Cold months I wore Pantyhose under my sweat pants and I put socks on to hide my pantyhose. When I got a run in them one day and I stopped wearing them to PE. It took me longer putting them back on but it was right before lunch so I had time.

    My corrective surgery was just over 6 years ago. I have met the man of my dreams and have been dating for 2 years in May. I am deeply in love with this man, Bill. He is such a wonderful man. He was talking about me having 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. I am not able to get pregnant (unfortunately) and I felt that I must tell him that I was not born a little girl. I feared that I would lose Bill forever. I had no choice.

    I have met his entire family and they all love me and I love them. I was so afraid to lose Bill and his family that treated me like one of their own daughters. I was risking everything. I sat Bill down and told him that I had to tell him something and I was deathly afraid that I would lose him and his wonderful family.

    I told him that I really love him and I hoped that we can get through this. He asked if I cheated on him. I said, "No I have no desire to be with any other men but you". I took his hand and said, "I was born a man and I can't have children". I did not expect it but I was crying like a baby. He stood up and helped me up then he hugged me and held me tight and kissed my forehead. He said that we are going to work this out together.

    The next day he said that we have to tell his family. I put on my prettiest dress and since it was warm no pantyhose just some cute sandles that matched my dress. We arrived and he small talked while I helped the other women in the kitchen. I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. We went out where the men were. Bill said that we had to tell them something and hoped they would be OK with it.

    Bill started to tell them and I stopped him and said that I had to tell it. I told them about my childhood and not having any testosterone in my body. When it was all out Bill's mom hugged me and said that I was a woman as far as they were concerned. His father tried to say something bad but Bill's mom stopped him and said, "She is like your daughter already and she makes Bill so happy. She also is a great woman. She cooks and cleans like a woman not a man and she is a woman". I was crying from telling them and then more after hearing what Bill's mom said.

    Then she said that she would be very proud and happy to have me be her daughter. Not daughter-in-law, daughter. Bill said that was good because he was going to marry me even if they did not accept me. I was so happy. I told them that I wanted to cook dinner as a thank you. His mom, April, told me that was not necessary. I said that it was a very special meal and I really wanted to. I made them my own recipe for lemon chicken, homemade stuffing and peas for dinner. Everyone had seconds except me I have to watch my wieght so I can fit the wedding gown I picked out.

    I am so lucky to be marrying into such a wonderful family. His mom was wondering about my childhood. I told her about knowing that I was a girl when I was 3. She felt sorry for me growing up like that. I told her about my parents understanding and that I was allowed to dress up and be the girl that I am. I was 3 and dressed as a boy trying on girls clothes in Walmart. I was Enjoying it but some lady said that I should not be put in dresses. I asked if I was not supposed to wear dresses and my mom said, "Sarah you can wear dresses anytime you want". I asked, "I only want to wear dresses". I took home 5 dresses and 2 skirts and 4 cute tops. At home I saw my best friend and she said that she really liked my skirt and top and shoes.

    I asked her if I could come over and play with Barbie dolls. She said yes. When I knocked on the door her mom answered and said that my skirt and top were so cute. She asked if I was always going to dress as a girl. I told her that I was a girl and my parents just bought me dresses and skirts and tops. She was proud of me being so honest. I was treated like a girl there. They knew that I was feminine and not masculine at all. I was always at their house playing with Barbie dolls and baby dolls. I told them that I was Sarah 2 weeks before I told my parents.

    In 8th grade I reached my full hieght of 5'2" and I never got facial and or muscles. I was checked by a doctor and was told that my severally deformed testicals are not producing any testosterone, not even the small amount found in normal females. He said that I would be hyper feminine because of it. I was started on estrogen and when I 16 my name came up for my sexual reassignment surgery to make me the girl that I was supposed to be. After that I was able to get changed into gym clothes in front of the other girls instead of in a private room. They were curious about my surgery and asked if they could see. I showed them and they asked how big I was down there. When I showed them with my fingers how small it was and they laughed and said that none of them have ever seen one so small one and together they have seen a lot. I did not get upset about being laughed at.

    They said sorry for laughing about being so small. I said that I am a girl and my little penis was because of my nonworking testicals which made me so feminine and I am happy about that. The girls began to try to find a guy that would take me out on a date. Everyone at school knew I was born a boy. One of my best friends, Beth, said that she knew a few boys from another school. She asked me if I would like to date a guy? I said that I would love to but that the guy has to meet my parents and then they would say yes or no.

    After school Beth had me go to her house. She dialed the phone and asked for Bobby. He came to the phone and she said that her girlfriend wanted to talk to him and gave me the phone. He was nice and sweet and Beth said that he was so cute. He was 16 and asked me to go on a date with him. I told him that he had to meet my parents and they would decide if I could go.

    The next day he met my parents. He was drug and alcohol free, did not smoke and was on the honor roll. My parents approved and said that I could go out with Bob.

    On Friday night he picked me up. He took me out to eat and to a movie. He began to kiss me and sexually played with me. I was very into what he was doing to me. My hand found its way to his dick. I was playing with it and it quickly became hard. We left the movie early and went to his house. Only his sister was home. She did not care he had a girl over. We went to his room and did more of what we did at the movies. He slowly lifted my dress over my head. Then he unhooked my bra and pulled my panties down. Then he began to undress. I had never seen a guy without clothes on before. His dick was a lot bigger than my old penis. I took his dick in my mouth and began to try my first blowjob. I did like the other girls told me to do. He said that I was the best blowjob he ever had. After about a half an hour he gently got ontop of me and slid his dick inside me. It felt so wonderful to have him over me and in me. I knew he was in charge of things and I was more than ready to be submissive to his strong personality.

    I was so turned on by him and he made it such a magical moment I was in heaven. I had never been with a guy but I was sure that Bobby was very good in bed.

    We dated for 2 years and he was so good. We broke up for about a year and we both dated. I had one boyfriend and he was not as big as Bobby and was not as passionate or as good in bed. Bobby had 2 girlfriends. He told me that I sucked dick dick better and was tighter down there than they were. We began to date again. My family was happy that we got back together. Not as much as I was to be getting back the dick that gave me so much pleasure.

    I was now a junior and he was a senior. He took me to his prom and I took him to my Junior prom and senior prom. My mom made sure I had 2 prom dresses for his senior prom and my Junior prom. I could not wear the same dress twice. I had a pink dress for his prom and a baby blue dress for my Junior prom. I had a great time at the proms. This was only our 4 time dancing together. He says I'm a natural dancer.

    I had to tell him that I was born wrong. I sat him down and cried while telling him. He said that he didn't care, he loves me. Then we told his family and they were fine with it. His sisters and mom said that they would have to see it sometime. Well I told the girls to follow me. We went to the bedroom and I showed them. They were surprised how real it is. I explained about my very deformed testicals and not having any testosterone at all. I explained about that making me hyper feminine. I was always helping his mom and sister do the "women's work" and cooking. They asked how I got so good at it. I said that I had to learn so that I could take care of my man.

    It has been dating for 4 years and engaged for 2 years. We are going to be married in Hawaii on Sunday June 4, 2017. I have my wedding gown picked out and it is so beautiful. Bobby is going to love it when he sees me in it. I am so happy to be marrying the man of my dreams. My father can't wait to walk me down the isle and give me away. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Soon to be Mrs Bobby Belmont or Sarah Belmont. We plan to adopt so that we can be parents. I can't wait to be a mommy and Bobby will be a great father.

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    Transsexual Female / 21

    I am a crossdresser transgender girl. I was married for 2 years. I came out to my wife. We decided that I would play the cuckold.

    One night my wife, Sherry, called me from work to tell me that she was bringing her boyfriend home for sex. When they got there I opened the DOOR and let them in. My wife said that her boyfriend, John, was looking forward to seeing me dressed as a woman. I tried to show I was embarrassed. She just said, "Oh Lori be a good girl and change. John already knows all about you".

    Although I was embarrassed John told me that he would not make fun of me and to please change for him. I blushed and said OK but no laughing. I changed and my wife did my make-up. I had my own girl clothes and shoes and also make-up.

    I walked in and stood a whole 5'8" in my 4 inch heels. John stood there with his mouth open. My wife asked, "Isn't she beautiful"? He said that I was. He said that I should go out to the club and maybe meet a guy. I said that I am not pretty enough.

    John said that he knows a guy who would be happy to take me dancing. He made a phone call and he told them that I was transgender and very pretty, he then said that I needed a date. I had butterflies in my stomach. Then he said, "If you don't think she is pretty then you can leave".

    The knock came on the door. My wife kind of giggled and told me to not keep him waiting. I opened the door and he thought that I was John's date. I told him that I am Lori and I was his date if he still wanted me. He got very excited and said that he would be very happy to be seen with me.

    We first went out to eat and talk. My date, Jim, was pleased to hear that I am a great cook and and excellent housekeeper. He was 23 and very handsome and rugged.

    After dinner we went dancing and my wife told me to dance like I am dancing with her. She always said that she was the leader dancing and that I was the girl. I must have danced all but 2 dances and Jim said that I was a very good dancer.

    After dancing Jim asked me to come with him to his apartment. My wife said that I would be bored at home because John and her would be in bed the entire time. I accompanied Jim home. I brought a change of clothes and lingirie. I changed into my lingirie and got in bed. Jim took a minute and joined me. He was like an octopus, arms everywhere and I was enjoying it so much.

    I took his cock in my hand and I fondled it and I felt it grow in my hand. This was not my first time with a guy. I threw the covers back and I took his cock in my mouth. I was using all the blowjob tricks I learned and he was Loving it. Just before he shot his cum he said he going to. I let all of it out of my mouth just keeping the head in. Just then he shot his big load of cum in my mouth. It was so good and after a good taste I swallowed.

    He was pleased and fell asleep holding me. I decided that I was going to play with his cock more. After a half an hour he got another big hard-on. Then his eyes opened and he began to suck on my nipples. He commented about the size of my nipples being as big as a woman's nipples. I told him that I was born with them. I don't know if guys like their nipples played with but it makes me feel so feminine.

    Jim laid me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his well lubed cock in my ass. I let out a girl scream and he stopped and asked if I was OK. I said yes it just hurts a little. He told me that oNce he was inside me it would feel better. I told him that I was ready and in it went. It felt better than anything I have ever felt. Afterwards he fell asleep still inside me. As he got soft I felt it pop our.

    The next morning we showered together and that is when he noticed that my penis is so small. He asked how I had sex with my wife. I told him that I have had sex with her about 5 times, then we agreed that I was to be a cuckold. It was nice to watch and get to see big cock and dream I was getting it. He fingered my little penis and said that it was my clitty. It felt so wonderful to feel a man's hands on my body. He dropped me off at home on his way to work.

    My wife and I sat down and had some coffee and we just started to tell each other all about our men. She said that it is so nice to feel a man inside her, I was never able to get her to make any noise except, "I don't feel it, I don't think you are in me". She said John is at least 9 inches, more than 7 inches longer than mine. Jim is 8 inches. My tiny penis and almost non-existent testicals are easy to hide in my panties.

    After her next date with John she moved me into the guest room so we could entertain our men in private. Two weeks later and I moved in with Jim. He needed me to cook and clean for him, he is such a guy. I am so happy to be the house girlfriend and take care of him. I now have no guy clothes at all.

    When I quit my job I walked in wearing my sexiest dress and full make-up with my 4 inch stiletto heels. I walked to my boss and said I quit. He said, Ma'am do you work for me"? I told him my name and he could not believe I was not a girl. I told him about my new boyfriend and that I moved in with him. He told me that I could work as a secretary for him as a woman. He said that it would be a pay increase but I would have to wear a dress or skirt and Pantyhose with heels. He said it would be here if I wanted.

    I took Him and visited my family and they were not surprised to see me in my new dress or with a boyfriend. They said that they were shocked when I married a woman. My dad talked to Jim about taking good care of his new daughter. He said that he would. He is so good to me. My family said that it was about time I finally became the woman I should be.

    It has been a year since I moved in with him and I couldn't be any happier. I live as Lori all the time
    and I am never mistaken for a man. I have my driver's license showing that I am female. Being a full time woman is so rewarding and makes me feel like a good girlfriend.


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    Transsexual Female / 23

    I was 12 when I gave my first blowjob and got fucked. He was 16 and I really loved it.

    I was not allowed to live as a girl. It was the 70's and I had no idea I was transgender. I told my family that I was a girl when I was 4 but it was just not spoke of.

    Growing up it was drummed into me to get a girlfriend and get married. I would ask why would I want a girlfriend. I would be hushed. After hearing it over and over I met a girl. Susan.

    Sex was not great. I don't have much in the pants. Kind of small. A little depressed covered up with trying to be funny. Being funny helped me hide that I was a girl. Being funny is what attracted my girlfriend.

    She never complained about my small penis or body as long as I made her laugh.

    We got married in May 1988. Then I joined the Air Force and went to W. Germany. I was there alone and I met up with a guy I knew from tech school John. He was my roommate in Air Force tech school.

    In tech school I realized after sharing a room and talking to him all the time about everything that I was falling in love with John.

    I kept the dorm room clean for inspections. I also did our laundry including folding everything and putting it away. I ironed and starched his uniforms and mine. If he said he was thirsty I would jump and ask what he wanted and get it.

    I loved to listen to every single word he said. I had the privilege of pretending to be asleep while he changed underwear, and he was big.

    Now in W Germany seeing him I am so excited to see him. I rented a 1 bedroom apartment with a queen size bed. I asked John to move in. He saw the bed and said that he gets the side by the door. IN my head I was the head cheerleader doing my I have a man cheer.

    It took more than a year for me to get my wife there and all the time I am sleeping with my love. He drank a lot and many times I woke up with his cock pushing at my ass hole and did not move for fear of him moving it away. I loved those times.

    Now that I was the housewife I still did all cleaning and laundry plus cooking and I always served him and took his dishes when he was done. I did not know that I was being feminine that was just me.

    One day John asked if I liked doing all the women's work. I said I didn't understand. He told me what I did. I told him that I really enjoy doing things for him and how he always tells me thanks. He said that I sounded like a girl. I had to tell him.

    After telling him everything and crying in his arms for a long time, he gently lifted my head and kissed me. I was so excited.

    My hand found its way to his cock and I began to play with it and it was growing under my hand. I opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I was so happy I gave him all the blowjob tricks I learned since my first one when I was 12.

    My wife came over and 6 months later she caught me in lingirie with John's big cock in my mouth. She was not happy. I lost her. She said I was too gay for her. I did not want to hurt her. I am happy with John and I am no longer male. I had my sex change operation in 1994.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    After this past long weekend, from Friday morning till Tuesday morning I have changed. I had a few encounters with other males sexually. Mainly having to suck them or get fucked, I fucked 1 other and got sucked by 2 guys. Now though I know I am a total sissy. I've always had a small body, and a small cock. I was embarrassed when having to get naked with the 3 women I've had sex with. I spent Friday through all of Monday into Tuesday morning in girls clothes, make up, and my long hair styled as a girl. I was with another guy who is 10 years older than me. He treated me like his girlfriend; soft touching, kissing, seducing me totally. By Saturday morning I was totally sissified, dressing and acting like a girl, cooking for him, pleasing him in anyway he wanted. I even allowed him to shoot some saline into my boobs to make small titties for his pleasure. I am breaking it off with my current female lover, I know she won't be disappointed, we are not exclusive anyway. I let the other guy do everything without condoms (we've known each other a while)and for the first time I felt a man shooting his sperm inside my body and I loved it. HE wants me to move in with him and be his girl. He will pay for it, but I want to see a doctor to start female hormones for him, to feminize my body more and grow soft, natural boobs for him. I really want to be his girl.

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    Gay Male / 29

    When I was 15 my P.E. teacher caught me alone in the showers and I soon found myself being masterbated by him. It felt so wrong but so right. He towelled me off and ordered me to come see him at his car after school. 4 'o' clock I was there. He took me to his house and I soon found myself naked when he got up and went to the closet. He returned and dressed me. Black stockings a suspender belt and a yellow flowered dress. He got me to parade for him my little but hard cock flashing into view. Suddenly he grabbed my waist and dragged me down before him raised my dress and with one leg behind his neck started to play with me again. I remember staring down as he grasped my shaft and squeezed and stroked it then lowering his head and sucking me for the first time. I know it sounds strange but I didn't find it unusual. I was hard and aroused when he lifted me and with my knees at my shoulders sitting on his dick he proceeded to fuck my ass hard and fast. I was shooting sperm all over the place when I heard him say, 'that's it enjoy the fuck princess'. Spent I was placed over the arm of a chair and rocked to the steady rhythm of cock, then motionless spunk oozing from my hole. Finally he slapped my ass and disappeared into another room, 'close the door on your way out princess'. Shocked I got up and it wasn't until I was outside I realised I was in a dress but the door had slammed shut. Anyway I met him again today and he asked if I still liked my pretty arse fucked and gave me his number. I felt my little cock harden as he spoke. I think i'd like to try again but should I dress for the occasion?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    So...we bought a house in a small town to get away from the druggies and's a farm town and so far all i'm seeing is retirement age gentlemen. Met a few of them out on the sidewalk and,well,seems that each time I get so damned horny.I fantasize about neighbors knocking on the door...and,as I cross dress most days..perhaps i'll eventually be brave enough to invite a guy in while i'm in panties. I purposely walk in front of windows hoping one will see. God how i'd love to get these older guys off.
    I masturbate several times a day and all I can think about are old kiss,suck,and ride them. Someday...maybe...wife knows how I feel and encourages me to "make friends" which is nice but i'm scared. Only 154 people in this town and wouldn't take much to ruin living here. Anyway..was just obsessively wishing to hear a knock at the door and had to get it out. Thanks.

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    Gay Male / 55

    I guess it is never to late as they say. I would call myself bi for the longest time because I first started sucking cocks when I was 13 and did it on and off for until I was at least 25 mostly between girlfriends. I hooked up with a guy when I was 25 and ended up at his place and lost my virgin ass to him so after that I would hook up and either suck guys off or let them fuck me. I stopped when I got married but after divorcing 10yrs later I started back up again and picked up where I left off between girlfriends. After my last girlfriend and I split up 10yrs ago it has only been sex with men since then.
    I have no desire to have sex with women anymore and just enjoy being used by men for their pleasure and anymore I don't even care if I get off just that they cum where they want and are satisfied when we are done. I wear little things such as bracelets and t-shirts that have the rainbow colors on them just as little hints that I am gay and just about 2 weeks ago I posted on my facebook page that I am gay and now my daughters are a little upset with me and my brothers won't talk to me.
    I wish I would have done this years ago because by now all the drama would be over and everyone would be over it and either excepted me or no longer talk to me. But I feel the burden is off my shoulders and I feel better about myself and now regret not coming out earlier but it's never to late.

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