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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 31

    My best friend and roommate has been with me for the past seven years. We both have the same first name, she works for the city in human resources and I work for the city in the parks department. I'm the outdoorsy one and she is the indoor girl, she cooks and decorates. We do not date outside the home, we do have many friends and we get together in groups, Friday nights, beach weekends, ball games.

    I find it interesting how many women try to fix me up with a guy. My roommate gets lots of observations on her decorating skills and what a good wife she is going to make. Are our friends blind? Have they not noticed when they come to our place that one room is made up and never touched? Do they not ask themselves why we do every thing together, vacations, family holidays?

    Do they not notice that I only have eyes for her? That she is ever attentive to me? We are not touchy feely in public, but our conversations, out attentions should give us away, not to mention our lifestyle. Even my mother was surprised when I told her I already had my significant other.

    Pay attention people, not all gay people walk around with a rainbow in their hair.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    If you had to choose would you prefer to be gay or lesbian?

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    As a recent graduate I got a job in the internal audit department of a pipeline company. There were three females and twenty two men. I was in the closet and having grown up in Louisiana I knew red necks when I met them. I kept my thoughts to myself and my needs under my belt. A few weeks after I started my job I was invited to join the guys at a happy hour. I convinced one of the other women to go. We went to a C&W dance hall, I am a good two stepper, again being a girl from Louisiana and I love dancing.

    The coworker I danced with was a nice enough guy. He asked me to to bed with him, you know go to his apartment. I said no thanks, he pressed me as to why, I mean what healthy 22 year old would turn him down? I took him outside, I told him in my steadiest voice, "it's not you, I'm gay". He said I was lying. I begged him not to tell anyone, please keep my secret.

    The company sent me on an out of town training and my coworker was one of the trainers. After dinner he walked with me and asked me if I was really gay, a lesbian. I confirmed what I told him. When we got to my room across the parking lot he asked if he could come in, and I let him. He asked me if he could sleep with me, no sex. Again, I gave in. His erection was obvious and I felt sorry for him and let him have sex, my first intercourse. After that night I was his lover, nothing I said dissuaded him, I was his lover and that was that.

    After a year he gave me a ring, I wore it not to hurt his feelings. My parents were so happy I was engaged. The wedding was in my home church with all my family's friends, and my college lover was my maid of honor. After the wedding, after the reception she kissed me in a lovers embrace and wished me luck. That kiss sent me into a swoon, brought back my feelings, it took my getting married to realize I loved her and she loved me.

    My husband was cold when we sat down with him, I reminded him I was a lesbian, and introduced my girlfriend to him. If I could see my girlfriend, see her with no conditions I would be his wife, I would even have a baby right away. Just don't ask me to walk away from my girlfriend. We went on our honeymoon, he wanted sex three times a day, I gave him all the sex he wanted but reminded him that I was a lesbian and I couldn't change.

    Being a lesbian wife is not easy, I'm the ham in the sandwich, two lovers that demand my full attention. I have kept my word, I gave him a baby, but my body cries out for my girlfriend not my husband. I know my vows, I won't walk away. I am a natural mother and homemaker, I am my husband's wife, for life as long as he will have me. He has kept his word and doesn't restrict my time with my girlfriend, but I know and she knows that I am his wife.

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    Gay Male / 43

    I am a forty three year old middle management guy for the utility company in town. I am overweight by a few pounds and I am generally out of shape, although when I was young and in college I was in good shape. I got divorced soon after I got married and have been single since then. A friend of mine from work suggested that I take up yoga and the yoga place suggested that I take up massage therapy and sold me a package deal for a massage a week for a year. I felt ripped off but I had bought it and decided to use it.

    The first several times I went it was about as boring a thing to do as I could imagine, but I had paid so I went. I dropped yoga because I couldn't bend like that and the other people especially the women there were all so in shape it made me feel uncomfortable. After several months I knew the masseuse by name and he gave me the same treatment, it lasted about an hour, I listened to the music, closed my eyes and took a nap. One Saturday I was upset about work and he could tell and told me that is why I came for a massage to release all my pent up anger.

    When I was on my stomach he pushed up on my thighs, high up under my shorts and then pushed his hands over my cheeks and massaged my ass. I got a hard on as he kept massaging my butt, leaning down on me asking me it I liked that. He told me lots of men liked that and some men came just for that, he usually charged extra for a dirty tricks massage but seeing as I was so tense this one was for free. I ejaculated into the massage table. When he was done I was embarrassed to turn over, my shorts were wet with cum and the table cover was wet with the proverbial wet spot. But he turned me over and he stood and examined my wet shorts with a pout on his face and asked me if he had done that.

    From then on he massaged my butt, only now he took my shorts off so I was completely naked and he put a towel under me so I could cum in the towel. When he was done, or rather when I was done and had cum, he would massage my shoulders and turn me over and he would dry me off with a towel and massage my penis, giving it his undivided attention. When he leaned over to kiss me he caught me by surprise. He told me I was his favorite client and he looked forward to giving me my massage and helping me release myself with him. He offered to give me an even better treat, for free, he didn't charge me but I had to go to his place.

    His treat was a blow job, complete with a penis massage and a full ejaculation into his mouth which he savored before swallowing. He turned me on my stomach and massaged my feet, my calves, my thighs and my butt, only this time he paid attention to my anus, pressing his thumbs tight massaging my anus as he talked dirty to me. His mouth on my anus caught me by surprise, he used his tongue to lick hard as he continued to press in with his thumbs. When he climbed up on his massage table and laid on top of me, his hard cock was in my crack as he told me to relax. His cock fucked me, it was like an out of body experience, he fucked in and out and back in and out and back in only harder and harder until he came inside me and then slowly withdrew his cock from my ass.

    He laid on top of me not getting off, telling me that he just wanted to stay tight against me kissing my back and my neck until he got hard again and he fucked me again, this time more intense with more vigor. After his second coming he did get off the the massage table and helped me sit up, he played with my cock for a few minutes with his hands, looked at me and took my face in his hands and kissed me he told me he was in love with me.

    It was a long time before I got comfortable kissing with him, holding him against me to kiss. Mostly we had sex, variations of the same thing, he massaged me and fucked me, he licked my anus from time to time, he gave me blow jobs and he had me give him blow jobs too. We had been messing around for several months before he asked me to fuck him. After fucking him he became my full time boyfriend, we frequented gay bars together and he introduced me as his husband and he told his friends he was my wife.

    We never did live together, he kept his massage business going and had a large clientele. We were lovers, and more. He brought out all my gay feelings that I suppose I had been keeping hidden away. He insisted on being man and wife, I was his husband and he was my wife. He loved being fucked and I learned to like fucking him. He loved to hug and kiss and lay around naked in the morning. He loved cock and sucking cock and he loved to have me hold his hard cock in my hand and jerk him off. He paid a lot of attention to my butt, lots of attention and when he was in the mood he gave me long treatments with his mouth and tongue. He fucked me, because I love being fucked.

    One day he told me that he was moving away, just like that. He was leaving me and he moved to the west coast where he set up a massage business. He still keeps in touch, calling me still his husband and he says he will always be my wife. It took a while for me to find another lover, but there is no sentiment, it is just sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Im 17 and Iâm very horny and Iâm ready to find a real daddy. Iâm willing to sell my nudes or virginity. Iâd love to suck dick and be fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I love sucking cock and all say i'm good at it. I always dress for sex frilly dress, panties, stockings etc. I enjoy submitting to assertive men, you know forced, slapped, shared and the like. I'm proud of what I am a toy to be used, a cock sucker, a bottom. I wandered if anyone would like to talk, tell me how I should behave in your presence. bye xxxxxx

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    Lesbian Female / 54

    I am going to go back to 1975. Some of you remember those days, we were young then weren't we? In any event I attended a small college in a big city and we were later day hippies. I had met a girl at college and we got a long fine and we had landed on this thing of kissing on the lips when we saw each other. The women's movement was in full swing and there was a gathering that weekend in front of City Hall. I asked her if we should go and she said yes so we asked our neighbor, a guy in his late twenties if he would give us a ride and drop us off and pick us up.

    He heard what we were doing and said no way, he wasn't going to take us there, not to a meeting of whackos. He would take us out if we wanted, but not there. Well, we went anyway, we caught the bus even if it was an hour ride. He heard about us going from another neighbor and he went after us, we were in the middle of this crowd of pretty much whacko women, some of them taking off their bras and everything, speeches by whacko women and all that and he drives up, he stops across the street and walks into the crowd, the crowd splits around him like Moses parting the seas, he come up to us and says he was taking us home.

    The crowd froze, one woman shouted, another one asked if I darned his socks. He turned and told us to come and we locked arms and with our heads up high we followed ten feet behind him, the crowd melted together behind us as we followed him to his truck, he held the door open and we got in. We got bawled out in the truck for coming down after he had told us not to, as far as he was concerned that was once and it wasn't going to happen again.

    Back at our apartment we listened to another hour of his anger. We did not know it that day, but we now had a man in our life and our lives would change forever.

    For 45 years we lived together, he was the man in our life for all these years, we had a large family and we have many grandchildren. We dedicated ourselves to family and our home and to him. He passed away late last year and we are still going through all of the stuff in his room, most of which is in boxes now but we can't quite come to give it away. He left us well off, we never worked and will not have to work, although we were never apart we have never really been alone, not until now. To our children there is nothing hidden, we never did lie to them, he asked us to keep it to our bedroom and we did, but our children were never kept in the dark.

    Now that he is gone, now that things are different and with our children's permission and blessing we have decided to marry, for legal reasons to protect what he left us, but also because we have always been married and now is the time to make it official.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was around 13 of age and was at my Uncles farmhouse on summer

    holidays. One day after lunch having nothing to do I just wandered to my

    cousin's room who is elder to me more than 10 years. Her features were

    fully grown boobs and fine round bulging butts which I had googled and

    masturbated thinking of her. When I entered her room I saw she was in

    deep sleep with her butts facing the edge of the bed and being summer she

    was wearing half skirts which was slightly up her butts revealing her

    fatty thighs. I could not resist my cock jumping and throbbing in my

    trousers. I could hear her slight snoring sound and was sure that she in

    deep slumber. Reaching near to her I slightly catching the edge of her

    skirt fully raised and pulled up to her waist revealing her full round

    butts. She was not wearing any panty. In the Noon sunlight her pussy lips

    were clearly visible. From the backside of her pussy it was full bald and

    I could figure out her inner lips. Her pubic hair up above the clits was

    little visible. Viewing her back side and pussy I simply jerked and

    without much efforts came and ensured the cum fall on her skirt and

    quietly backed out. In the night thinking of her pussy I jerked for a

    second time and at times still fuck my hand on such a heavenly occasion.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My colleague have some collection of porn in his office computer and at

    times shows me few of them during the spare time. While my friend is not

    around I used to drop my wife's nude photos and our fucking videos, our

    faces blocked / blurred in his computer. Then casually I will approach

    him asking to show any fresh porn he has downloaded and I would open my

    photos and videos and myself pass some dirty comments. He astonished

    would say some dirty comments wondering how he had not seen such one

    earlier and how it was downloaded.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Q. How does a normal kid who loves girls, end up sucking Cocks and wanting to be spit roasted by multiple men, while being married to a wonderful woman.
    A. Blame it on daddy and the wonderful wife.
    I found dads porn stash at a very early age, 8 this was full on hardcore XXXX b & w pictures graphic stories & personal ads that puts some of the stuff you see today to shame.
    Now all I want to do as soon as I'm alone at home is call gay chat lines and try hooking up with like-minded married men.
    Funally enough this was all triggered by my wife as she threw up my cum onto my stomach after she blew me and said I'd like to see you do it better. Then I was off. Over the next 20'years I've sucked a dozen Cocks been sucked off by at least the same, 3 guys have tried Fucking me, none had any lube or patience, So I'm still a virgin, but fantasize all the time about being spit roasted and taking on all cumers. I love being on my knees, love holding a total strangers Cock in my hand stroking it, licking it and taking it all in my mouth. The thought of kissing a man repulses me but having his Cock in my mouth, his sperm on my face, or his hands on my waist really gets me hard. I want to be Fucked, I want to feel a Cock inside my arse, I want to be pounded, be full of Cock, would love to be on my back with my head over the edge with a Big Cock in my mouth while my hole is being pounded and I'm jacking off 2 other guys,
    OMG, I could lay there All day take on all cumers, until the wife came home and walked in on me, I could look up at her as his Cock falls out of my mouth, sperm dripping of me everywhere and say I did it honey, I did it and love it, then go back to the Cum fest. Fantasies gotta love em.

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