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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Gay Male / 26

    My parents were real church people. I was an only child and I spent all of my youth in church, church camp, church Sunday school, church was the center of my parent's life. When it was time to go to college I was sent to this Church of Christ college. It was the first time that I shared a room with anyone. The boy was a track jock from high school, with long legs and very lean. I didn't realize it but he was my first crush. If he didn't take me with him I was crushed, I talked to him until it was late at night. I was good at math so I did his math for him. I started to take care of his laundry when I did mine.

    The restroom and showers were communal and I started to pay attention to him when he was naked. He was open about it, he never covered up, showered and dried himself in front of me. One morning only the two of us were in the shower and I was sitting on the bench and he was drying off and he was naked and less than a foot from me and his penis was right there. He saw me staring at him and he just stood closer and slapped my face with his penis.

    That night he asked me if I wanted to come over to his bed. He was on his back and he took the covers off and he was naked and his penis was already hard. He told me to just put my mouth on it and suck my heart away. I sucked him, and he sucked me and he told me to keep quiet about it, college kids did this, but telling about it would get us expelled. I got real familiar with his penis and lots of nights he let me sleep in his bed with him. One of those nights he got the urge and we had sex.

    After we had sex things changed. That was more than just what college kids did. I felt guilty at the bottom of my soul, I knew I had fornicated with a man. But I couldn't stop, once we had sex we had sex all the time, at first when I got in bed with him and he got on me from behind, but later on we had sex girl style with me on my back. He had his friends from track and I didn't quite get along with them, but he took me anyway and apologized to his friends for having me there. He tried to get me to dress like he and his friends, but it didn't feel right.

    When the year ended and we went back home for the summer I attended a church camp. Being a college kid I was assigned to be a coach or mentor to the kids. So may boys, and I could walk into their cabin whenever I wanted, I saw them in their underwear, and would shower with them. I had dreams of the boys walking beside my bed in single file letting me suck their penis one at a time. That night I had wet dream in my cot. The feeling of their penis in my mouth was so real. Things were getting out of control and I asked to go home, claiming that I needed to work on my reading for college.

    I am grown up and I have a long term lover, a married engineer from work. I have been with him for three and half years. Since I live alone I have free time to do what I want. I continue to have night wet dreams. I have vivid dreams of sucking the penis of some guy I saw at the mall or at the supermarket during the day, which almost always results in masturbation and ejaculation.

    I don't know why I fixate on that, but it is always the same thing. I am sitting somewhere and the man comes over and he rubs his penis in my face and then I suck him and empty him and put his penis away and zip him up and he says thank you. I never do that with my lover, we primarily have sex with just a little foreplay. When he comes to see me he is always in a hurry to get started.

    I stopped going to church after I moved out of my parent's home. It is the only way I can deal with my guilt.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I had a buy who worked for me that was gay. He wasn't flamboyant or anything like that, he was fifty and he had been with the same guy for a long time. At Christmas party time he asked me if I thought the company could accept it if he invited his partner along. I said sure, be prepared that there may be some who don't, but that really who cared. At the party I shepherded them, made sure that they had a good time, his partner is a big man, bigger than me and he kept his arm around my shoulder to talk, when they left my coworker thanked me and told me he loved me and that we should get together more often.

    For the next several weeks I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they lived. Both are big men, my coworker played ball in college, I wondered who did what, who was the catcher and who was the pitcher. Did they really have anal sex. When my coworker asked me to join them for dinner at a new restaurant that opened I accepted. Lots of people there, they introduced me to a lot of their friends, his partner kept his arm around me like he did at the Christmas party, he hugged me and said that the party was moving to their house. At the house I got a tour, lots of couple pictures of them, in all sorts of vacation destinations. All men, all gay men. Some left and others stayed, they asked me to stay that the party started later.

    When there were about a dozen left they started to play different music, dancing and this one guy asked me to dance, to get in the rhythm. He told me that his friends had asked to melt me down. He grabbed my crotch and he palmed my behind, he held on to me, he told me that man was going to go with me where no man had gone before. Masks were handed out, and some started to take their clothes off, some cock sucking started, lots of naked men, dancing, playing with their cocks. I was helped out of my clothes, my host came over and took me by the cock and walked me around telling me to losen up, which cock did I like, lots of guys there wanted me suck them off.

    His partner came over and told me to stand still, he sat on a chair and started to suck me. He stood up and told me it was my turn, his cock was hard not like mine, he was hard and he let me suck him for a while. He handed me off to another guy in a mask, one guy started to suck me while I was sucking away. A couple of guys started to fuck, I saw my host getting fucked by his partner, and then switching off and another guy fucking him. He came over and offered himself to me, try it, if I didn't like maybe I liked taking it myself. I ended up taking it from a couple of guys, sucking several guys, taking it from my host's partner. He told me that since the Christmas party he wanted that. I figured out who was pitching and who was catching between them. I figured out that I was more comfortable catching, I really enjoyed it.

    The party ended around three in the morning, some of the guys sleeping on the couch, others in the bedrooms. I slept with my host and his partner. The next morning there was breakfast, lots of pancakes and waffles, coffee and juice. I asked my hosts why the masks and they said that from time to time there were videos or pictures so just in case if they got around they would not be face on when shared. They brought over a phone from one of the guys with a video of my first time. Not the most flattering thing.

    I had stepped into another world, a world I wondered about but I was now part of. Parties, dinners, bars and some gang banks like that first night. It's not easy to get comfortable, I tend to stay close to the person I'm with not go out and get anyone and everyone, not having to suck off each and everyone at the party which I had to do at another party, I wasn't the new found lamb anymore and I had to prove my chops, suck them all off.

    I have a one on one with this guy who runs a remodeling business. He doesn't look the part anymore than I do, he is the pitcher and I am the catcher we get along fine. It's like my coworker, yes we do sleep together in a king size bed. I'm the nurturing one and he is the bossy one. It just feels good that way.

    I'm not so far into it to say that I am all in, but I am into it enough to know that I like it and I like my new friends.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I taught school as a career and retired at 55 mostly because I got bored and I was eligible for my pension. I moved to retirement community, an over 55 community. Getting to know some of the neighbors I took up tennis but I didn't like golf. I met this man who had worked for a corporation and we played tennis a couple of times a week. We got close enough that he asked me over to his house and we fixed hamburgers on the grill. I was sitting across from him, out there on the patio, and his penis was showing under his shorts. The head peaking out like a little mouse scared to come out. I couldn't help but look at it, I hoped he hadn't caught me staring or something. I started to imagine what it would be like to suck on his penis, it was the sun, the beer, tired from playing tennis, but I was sitting their fantasizing about sucking his penis, I just wanted to go over there and suck his little penis head.

    Well, I won't go on, but the fantasy never left me. I played tennis with him, I went to his place, he came to my place and I would look at him and fantasize what it would be like to have him stand naked in front of me in my living room and I would suck his penis. If he begged off to go take a leak or something I wished he wouldn't close the door. I knew his tennis shorts in great detail, he had to be wearing something like a jock strap or maybe briefs, his penis would just not show itself again. I masturbated one day after the game, I stood naked in my living room and masturbated looking at myself in the full length mirror on the wall.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I had an unhealthy fantasy, and standing naked in my living room masturbating in front of the mirror had to be a bad sign. But I did it over and over, looking for the better angles, getting up close when I had gotten to the point of ejaculating. I licked my cum off my finger, I took the cum and used it to lubricate my asshole and then insert a large magic marker that I had around the house. I started looking for suitable objects, but I was smart enough to go online and buy some butt plugs and some anal lube. I played tennis with a butt plug and I fantasized about kissing with my neighbor.

    The ice broke for me one afternoon when I went to this Italian restaurant. I was alone and it was around 2 p.m. so the place was quiet and the waiter was a talker, a Mexican guy in his late fifties or so. At one point he put his hand on my shoulder and kept it there while he talked. He told me he had moved to the town we were in looking for a place to retire, not that he could afford it, but a place where he could be around people his age. I didn't take his hand off my shoulder and when he got close I examined his crotch. He caught me looking and smiled at me. When I got up to go he gave me his name and told me the days he worked and the apartment complex where he lived.

    That night I got my butt plug out, lubed myself up and went out into the living room to masturbate in front of the mirror. Only this time I fantasized with the waiter and not my tennis neighbor. I fantasized about being on a bed with him, kissing and mutually pleasing each other, bending down to suck him and then he got on my back and took my butt plug out and fucked me. I went back to the restaurant on the afternoon that I knew he was working and stayed to have coffee and desert. I took his hand to look at his ring, I let him hold his hand on my shoulder, I asked when he got off that maybe we could be friends.

    That night I had my fantasy come to life. I sucked him, I guess that I always wanted to suck a man, I just always put it aside, but as a teacher many times I had moments of desire with a coach or an administrator, but never some kid. Even once with the janitor. But now it was real, sucking my new friend. He let me suck. I wanted to kiss, he was hesitant but he eventually gave in and we kissed for a while. He must have seen in my face that I wanted him to get on with it. My first time I got down on my knees and grabbed a pillow in my arms and felt his hot penis penetrate me. It was different than a butt plug, it was hot and a whole lot longer and he was thrusting. But the butt plugs must have helped because he went in pretty easily. After he fucked me I lay on the bed with him while he massaged my penis and got me into a full erection and between some sucking and jerking off he got me to ejaculate.

    Pablo moved in with me after six months, I rented a room to him that he never paid for. Pablo was a long time waiter and he knew how to entertain and he made great drinks and prepared good food. We had a small group that got together from time to time, they liked Pablo's service. Whether they ever suspected that Pablo stood naked in my living room while I sucked his penis I don't know. But I did, I liked looking in the mirror out of the corner of my eye while I sucked him. I just love looking at him erect, holding his penis and putting his penis in my mouth.

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    Straight Male / 44


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I got laid off when I was 45 and I ended up with a job at Home Depot while I looked for a job in my profession (I am welder by trade). During that job I met a guy who had been retired when he turned 60 and he and I hit it off. One day I was at his house watching a ball game and his dog was on the carpet laying in front of us and he started to lick his penis. The penis stuck out of his sheath about four inches and I couldn't help but stare at it. My new friend told me that his dog liked to have his penis sucked. When I looked at him, he got down on his knees and took the dog's sheath in his hand and started to suck the dog.

    Along with a certain amount of disgust I got a hard on. He invited me to suck the dog and said he sucked the dog all the time and he was used to it so he would let me. After a few minutes he got back up on the couch and called the dog to him and he hugged the dog and let the dog lick his face. He told me that one day he was sitting there and the dog was licking his penis and he decided to see what it was like and he had been doing it ever since, but that he wanted to suck a man. He got up and got over me and kissed me on the mouth and slid down until he was on the floor between my legs grabbing my package and clawing to unzip my pants.

    I got my first blow job, he was thorough and he sucked really hard and he got me to cum. He took out his dick and offered it to me or if I wanted I could suck the dog. It was a nasty thing all around, he kissed me a dozen times got me to hold his hard dick and to put it in my mouth. By then we were naked on the couch and he wouldn't stop kissing me and he wanted to fuck.

    We went to the bedroom and he had me sit on the bed and suck him for a while and he went and got a tube of anal lube and told me to lean back so he could grease me up. The penetration was fast and complete and he fucked away until he had cum. After we had cleaned up he kissed me some more. We were going to get dressed but he told me to stay naked because it turned him on. We sat on the couch again and we kissed and grabbed each other's dicks.

    When I finally got up to leave he told me I was hot, his type and not to get jealous but he liked sucking off his dog but he would fuck me anytime. We got together after work, I loved kissing and being naked together, I got over my inhibitions and we had a pretty heated sex affair. He showed me how he got his dog to cum by holding on to his sheath and dick and let the dog hump in his hand. I never got the nerve to suck his dog, but he sucked his dog all the time. I loved getting fucked and kissed. The whole affair distracted me from getting another job until I ran out of savings and had to go back to work full time as welder in a pressure vessel manufacturing company.

    I felt guilty around so many tradesmen at the plant, knowing that I would leave work and go suck a man and get fucked. I told my friend and he assured me that more than one guy out there was a cock sucker and bent over to get fucked. I never met one, I wouldn't know how to identify one, plus I was hooked and spent my time off over at my friend's house, dog and all.

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    Straight Male / 42

    True story of my firt bi experience:

    It was the 3rd night of a week long trade show and conference. It was the night all attendees were on their own for following the afternoon sessions. Several of our industry vendors had scheduled "Open Hospitality Suites" from 5pm until 7pm. If one visits 3 of the 5 vendors for drinks they are, in most cases, drunk by the last even if they make all 5 vendors. I was in my room on a conference call regarding issues and problems at the home office and it was 7:30pm before I was able to leave me room. The first 2 vendors suites I went to had already closed and those vendors were on their way to the Casino. I was getting on the elevator when one of my collegues was in the elevator and told me there was one vendor suite with a few people. I rode to the lobby floor with him and then went back up to the top floor suite in hopes of a good stiff drink or two.

    Walking from the elevator toward the suite I passed a couple of people I knew who told me I was still in time for a drink as there were still people in the suite. When I went into the suite I saw a handfull of people. By the time I finished my first drink and went to the bar for the second, the bar tender was packing up his mobile bar. The host came over and told the bar tender to leave a couple of bottles of liquor and some beer as there were still 4 people.
    Within the next few minutes the bar tender had gone, as well as two of the other collegues. That left the vendor host and a collegue from a sister location. The guy from our sister company told me he had recieved a text and knew there were issues at my office. We set down on the sofa as the host poured my third drink as he and I talked.

    The personal issues I was dealing with evolved around a very well qualified gay man who had been transferred to my office in a senior management position and a homophobic, conservative, Republican man resenting a gay man telling him what to do. It had taken months for his resentment to surface, however, with me being gone all week that employee had been lobbying for a revolt demanding I fire the well qualitied gay man when I got back...or...

    Th e vendor host was listening to our conversation and commented that being gay or straight should have no bearing on ones ability to do their job or their, justified promotion. We all aggreed as each of the other two shared issues they had enountered regarding gay and bi individuals. Over the next couple of hours we had eaten (ordered in) in the suite and were working on a real buzz.
    tOur conversation has evolved to porn, women we hooked with on the road and my collegue admitting to some threewways on the road with another man and women. The vendor host put his lap top on the coffee table, turned it on to PornHub and were were drinking and watching porn. The conversation went back to gays and then to bi men when my collegue told the host to switch to "bi M/M/F" porn. I am now sitting between a collegue and vendor host watching men suck each other, take it in the ass while fucking and eating pussy. The host then said, "I see nothing wrong with what they are doing - it's raw, unhibited sex", and my collegue agreed. I have turned down blow jobs from guys since I was in middle school. My guy sex was limited to circle jerks in middle school and one while I was in college.

    The host typed into the search tab "Gay threeways" and up came hundreds of videos and he opened the first. I wasn't saying anything but the other two's conversations was leading to admissions of bi activity. When I noticed my c9llegue rubbing his crotch I was frozen not knowing what was about to happen. Then, the host was rubbing his crotch, so I decided I needed to leave and stood up. Howevere, I was not steady on my legs and set back down on my ass. I told my collegue to swap seats, which put me on the end and the two of them beside each other. They asked it I would be offended if they got comfortable and I said, "do your thing."

    Both unzipped their dress pants with their had dicks now exposed. I heard the host say, "damn what a cock." That is when I looked and my collegue (a bi racial, married man) was stroking the biggest cock I have ever seen; it was a big as any cock I had seen on porn. He had one hand on it (at the base) and the host had his hand on the top and the head was sticking out. Together they were stroking it real slow. The host leaned over and engulfed the head into his mouth. My collegue had his had on the back of his head and was hunching his cock head in and out of his mouth. That was the point I felt a stiring in my groins for the first time - EVER with a man. That is how I like to face fuck females.

    They pushed the coffee table back as the host hit his knees. My collegue stood up (back towatd me) as he face fucked our vendor host. I could not see the cock in his mouth as was looking as my collegues ass cheeks. Now my collegue knelt, the host stood up and he took his cock into his mouth. Now he is fucking his cock in and out the mouth of my collegue and friend. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst out the zipper. The host looking at my hard cock in my pants told me to "unzip and let it out". Liquor or whatever, I stood, unzipped and hauled out my hard, throbbing cock. The host pulled my cllegue of his cock turning his head back to look at my dick. He turned completely, reaching for my cock stroking it as I looked down. Then, he took my cock into his mouth and I gasped with pleasure as he devoured my hard cock.

    My eyes were closed and mu head turned up as I felt my collegue guide my cock to the mouth of our vendor host. I looked down and two married men were now taking turns sucking my cock and balls. They had only been on me a couple of minutes and I was about to blow. So I pulled back placing my hand over my cock. Drool was drippping out of me like sap from a maple tree. My collegue said, "your cock tells my you like this." I shook my head yes. The host placed his hand on my shoulders pushing down, and to my knees I went. He took the black cock of my collegue and guided it to my mouth which I willingly opened.

    Had anyone ever told me I would suck a dick or even think about doing so, I would have called them a lie. Now, here i am sucking on my college and our host vendor, on my knees with hands on my head and being face fucked like I did the females. Drool was pouring out of my cock onto the carpet and I was thoroughly enjoying partaking of the forbidden fruit.

    We took off our cloths and moved to the bed where I watched my collegue shove pubs deep into the ass of another married man and I was wanting some too. Needless to say, when I shoved my dick in his ass it went in with ease and my collegue laid on his back and slid under the host, who I was fucking doggy, and he licked my balls and the bottom om my dick as I fucked my first man pussy. I was on my back with my legs spread wide as they took turns sucking my to an orgasm with shot cum all the way to the head of the bed, They licked every drop of cum on my body and even kissed me some. My cock was still semi hard when our host twisted my head towad the foot of the best, got over me doggy sucking my cock and I was sucking his. My collegue stood at the foot of the bed fucking him over my face and we all got off again. That was the first time a man ever cum in my mouth.

    It was 5am when we left the host vendorrs suit returning to each of our room to shower and get ready for the last day. Fortunatly that day ended at noon with an ending lunch. As soon as we could get to the host suite were were naked and sucking each other. To my shock and surprise, my collegue had invited another bi, married man to join us. We each sucked getting each other off a time or two. Around midnight, after being fucked by the host and other guy, I took my collegues big thick, black dick in my ass and it only took a few minutes until I shot off all over the place, and without touching myself.

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    Lesbian Female / 43

    Guilt, Catholic guilt. I am pretty sure that only Catholics appreciate the Catholic guilt. I am female so the guilt trip is a lot higher than it is for males. I was one of sisters, no boys in our family. My mother was very religious and we went to Mass every Sunday and usually we had some sort of Catholic thing that was going on. Catholic girls do not look at other Catholic girls. There are sins, but that is one sin that you cannot get out of. Looking at another girl.

    Her name was Kathy. She was new in our town, she came from Monroe, Louisiana and everyone knows that girls from Louisiana are easy. She was taller than me, her hair was dark and her eyes were dark and my father told me that she was probably a Cajun. To me she was the prettiest girl I had ever met. She was a senior in high school and I was a freshman. In the bathroom I had seen her nipple, she had bent over to clean her shoe with a tissue and I saw her nipple. I masturbated for the first time thinking about her. I got two fingers inside of me and I didn't stop until I had an orgasm. My first. I died from shame afterwards.

    As one of four girls I knew that the penalty for masturbation was bad so I did not talk to my priest. I dreamt on my bed that she was leaning over to kiss me, I could feel her lips on mine, I dreamt it was her hand touching me, I pulled my legs up and used my fingers and masturbated dreaming that she was kissing my breasts but that she would only give me a little small kiss on my sex down there.

    I went to the bookstore and I found these books on homosexuality. I read them in the isle, I bought a novel, Lover, and took it with me and read it in the bathroom and kept it hidden under my mattress. I went to church to see her, I stayed late at school to see her. She saw me, how couldn't she, I was always there. One day she asked me if I didn't have someplace else to go. I was embarrassed. At church she came up to me and apologized and said she didn't mean to be harsh, it is just that her friends noticed and they were asking about me.

    She went to college and I stayed in love. I wrote her long letters while she was away, pages and pages, I imitated the writing style of the novel, in one describing what I wore on Sunday with notes about how I didn't like the bras that my mother bought me and she gave me suggestions and told me that when she was home she would take me bra shopping. She needed some bras so that is something we could do together. Sometimes she would answer my letters with a short letters telling me to cool it, I sounded like I was going to explode. And once she wrote me and told me that it was ok, I could write to her and tell her everything I felt, no matter how personal, she wanted me to know that I should write to her every day if I wanted, she loved getting my letters and read them over and over.

    One day I got this letter, it was typed. It had one sentence on it. "Do you love me?". After her signature she had three hearts. I took me a while, I mean a while because I was still staring at her typed words, until I noticed that in each heart she had written I LOVE YOU. Talk about a melt down. I was fifteen. When she came home for Thanksgiving I couldn't wait to see her and I had my older sister drive me over to her house. Things were crazy, she told me to calm down, to cool it. We made arrangements to see each other on Friday at the mall.

    She took me bra shopping like she said. She picked out her bras and she helped me pick out my bras and we got in the stall and she got topless and helped me get topless and she held my breasts with her hands and had me put my hands on her breasts. Maybe a half a minute, but it was a half a minute and she helped me try on several bras, cupping me with each one to find the right one, all the time braless. After she found a bra for herself we paid and we went out into the mall and she took me aside and said that I shouldn't be telling anyone that we bought bras together. And that included my sisters.

    On Saturday she invited me to her house. We spent all afternoon in her room. She locked the door and laid back on her bed and asked me which part I liked best. What ever I liked best I could take off. But anything I took off she would take off of me. Of course I started with her top and she took off my top and sat there bare breasted touching our nipples and she leaned over and kissed my nipple and she had me lean over and kiss hers. She leaned back on the bed and told me to take something else off, something that was really private. She was long and her legs came together in a perfect V. She put her finger at the top of her V and told me that is exactly where she wanted the kiss. She took off my pants and laid me out on the bed with my legs straight and kissed me right there. She said we had to get serious. So she took my knees and opened my legs and pushed them back and lowered her head until she had her mouth on me and shot her tongue into me. It was my turn next and it was hard to do, but it also felt good to do. We had done 'it'. It was the first time for both of us.

    Later on as things got serious and people noticed and we were both out of college and living together and we had come out to our families, we moved to the West Coast where things were supposed to be easier. We didn't fit in and we moved to New York where we live today. Today it is pretty easy, no one seems to care. But back then my priest when he found out that I was seeing a girl pretty much excommunicated me from our church. People talked, some were supportive, some weren't. Kids at school were generally supportive, whatever made you happy. In college I was there alone so no one really knew. At work I had a roommate, so many other young professionals had roommates, they had just not gone to our apartment where we were definitely roommates. In the end the rumors about girls from Monroe, Louisiana turned out to be true, those girls were easy, just not they way the boys had wanted.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Im fucked!!! Im a twink ass closet nudist drunk crack ho wanna be. I quit crack for 2 months cold turkey but fell off today. Well, same ol same ol. Drunk, got a gram and smoked it like a fiend in my back yard buck naked. I want to be gangbanged in public doggystyle while studs are pulling my long blonde hair as they are pounding my hiked up ass raw and slapping my ass cheeks. Throat fuckin my drooling mouth and gulpin down loads of jizz on the other end too.
    Oooooh yeah, Im a dick suckin ball lickin rod ridin sexy ass shaved exibitionist hott ass twink and its my fantisy to get shit faced drunk, power smoke an 8 ball untill my cock shrinks to a nub and be manhandled by a dozen or so well endowed studs on a silver tarp in the blazing sun oiled and completly shaved smooth of all my body hair from the neck down.
    I would be the biggest slut on earth begging for cum and wildly suckin lickin fuckin and gulpin cocks for hours untill too sore to walk and burpin up gooo, licking balls clean and eating out asses as im pumped like a lil sissy bitch boy. Ooooh my God, i want to be gangbanged soooo bad!!!! Fuck me Fuck me PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!! â¡ NAKED BOY.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I caught my young nephew dressed in his Mother's lingerie this afternoon. The rest of the family is down the shore and he was home alone. I had stopped by to pick up some fireworks I had left in their garage last year. I stood watching him stride back and forth in front of the hallway mirror. His knees buckled and he nearly fell out of his four-inch stiletto heels when he noticed me smiling at him. He tried to stammer some excuse and tried to run up the stairs and he stumbled. I gently helped him to his feet and he wouldn't look at me. I told him he looked very nice and that his secret was safe with me. He began to calm down and I calmly asked him how long he'd been sucking cock. "Never!, he protested. "Would you like too?, I grinned at him. He was a natural and with minimal coaching he made me cum in his mouth. He instinctively swallowed the whole load. He was very upset afterwords and felt really guilty. I sat with him and tried to calm him giving him a few soft pecks on his lips. Soon we were kissing quite passionately. I then went down on him, pulling aside his panties I got his dick nice and wet with my tongue and began fingering his virgin asshole. I was bringing him to the brink with my mouth and finger when he suddenly exclaimed, "Fuck me, fuck me now!" It took some doing and a generous amount of lube but he whelped with pleasure when I penetrated him. I was very gentle and we fucked for some time. I rolled Tommy onto his back and began kissing him as we fucked missionary. It was so intense and I came hard and deep in his ass. I told him that it would stay between us and all he had to do is ask if he wants to hook up again.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My best friend from high school stayed with me. I lived with three other girls, so she stayed in my room and slept with me in my bed. We went on a trip to Europe, we shared a room and a bed. I moved to Queens, I got an efficiency apartment, she moved to New York and we live together.

    How many days, months, do we have to live together, sleep together, be together before we have to come out? We will be living together one year on July 4th. How do we know we are the real thing? How do we know we are not just really good friends who love being together? How do you tell your mom you are not interested in meeting any more 'nice' guys?

    We 'fondle', cuddle, kiss, but she is scared of making a mistake. How do we know we are in love?

    I am putting straight, but I only have butterflies for her.

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