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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I'm 19 year old female. Considered myself as straight as hell till junior in H.S. I have a serious relationship with a guy and we have straight sex regularly.

    One of my best friends has a pool that a lot of us girls have hung out at for years. We have had the privilege to skinny dip and lay out topless since Jr. High.

    Some of the moms have even come over and laid out at times. I do appreciate other females body and can admit to myself if one is hot.

    Several years ago two of the moms where in the house talking about a lesbian friend they knew in front of myself and another of my friends.
    We thought it kinda uncomfortable hearing but also interesting.

    I came to realize it was on purpose to get us in conversation to feel around our thoughts.
    Me and my friend had both said in the past that Ms Rhonda is very touchy, and stares and smiles a lot.

    Ms Rhonda's daughter, Dana is bi and has been with a friend of her sister that is in college. She has shared with us at times about it and how good the girl makes her feel and nothing like the orgasm she has. Most of us at that time was like "hmm ok wow".

    Come to find out through much "I won't tell" from other friends. Dana has been with Jackie, Ms Rhonda's friend. Jackie is in early 50's.

    So this is on my mind constantly and several of my friends. I couldn't help but imagining what it would be like with Dana, Ms Rhonda or any of my friends. But it was starting to get me aroused.

    I started becoming drawn to Ms Rhonda, fantasizing making out with her in a cabin and sometimes even being in bed with her and Ms Jackie, being kissed and eaten by both over and over.

    Well some fantasies come true. One day while in the kitchen and some of the friends at the pool Ms Rhonda comes up behind me and gives me a hug. The normal laugh and turn around didn't happen. I just melted, I surprised myself too. I grabbed her hands that were around my waist and held them there. She stayed there, I tilted my head to one side and it came natural! I exhaled deep and pulled her hands up to my boobs! She kissed me on my neck and whispered "I've been wanting to make love to you for years. That would have put me very young I might add.

    I met Ms Rhonda at a rental house they have in town the next day. I was nervous, excited, soaked and determined I was gonna really let it all go, whatever she wanted.
    There wasn't a lot of foreplay or conversation, oddly we stood in the bedroom, and she had me slowly take her clothes off. It was so fucking hot! I was trembling, her body was so beautiful, I never imagined I would do what I did a week prior.

    I took her blouse off, then her bra, oh my gosh! Touching her boobs....squeezing them..then I sucked them. I realized the role was backwards and that's how she was making sure I was wanting this. I took her skirt off, no panties! Just a gorgeous light, trimmed bush. I licked her tummy then she took my head and put it on her pussy.

    She stripped me, turned me around and lick my ass for awhile. Finally we are in the bed, actually making out! I really enjoyed deep French kissing with an older woman. She said I was doing great and extremely mature young lady.
    I was enjoying being the one making her feel good, me being the aggressor, imagine that. SO I went down on her, I must say when I got there the thought came to mind, I'm a lez, must be, I'm gonna do this every day.

    Her pussy had pretty large lips, I love them. I had a mouth full of them. I got her off, it was great.

    It became my turn, I had never had so many fingers in me, she fingered my ass, ate it for what seemed like hours,sucked and sqeezed my boobs hard.

    I gotta wrap this up.

    I have since, with some time inbetween, made love to Ms Rhonda many times, Ms Jackie maybe 5 times, Dana a bunch.
    Dana, her mom and me know about each other. Her mom though gets into asking me about how Dana is during our times....hmmmm?

    Oh well, I'm bi I guess. Now off to meet my boy friend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    The Realtor.

    I interned with a major corporation during grad school and it developed into full-time employment after graduation. I had sex with my male cousins before I ever had got any pussy, so bisexuality had been part of me since I was in my teens. I was living with a beautiful undergrad during my internship and when I went to work full-time. After a couple of years she began to push me for marriage and I just wasn't interested in a committment. Fortunatley a transfer and promotion was offered but she declined to move with me across ccountry to she deep south. I moved across country and had been living in an apartment almost a year when my grandparents offered to "gift" me the down payment on my own house.
    When I began my house search I had so many realtor referrals from people I decided to choose a realtor at random. I wrote down the names od three local realestate office, put them in a box shook and choose the realtor office to contact. I went to their web side to review the realtors and choose a really handsome realtor and gace him a call.
    Shortly there after he stopped by my office for our first meeting and it went really good. The following Saturday morning we met for breakfast and then went to his office to register me as his client and see if there were any lising that fit my criteris. We parted jsut befor lunch and I went on my way confident I had made a wise decision. As time progressed, we got to know each other and I learned he was 42 with a sons in middle school and his wife was a school a Nursing Supervisor at one of the local hospitals.
    Over the next 6 weeks we spent may hours together looking at houses and condo's, so we got to know each other. One day he told me he had what he thought I might like in a new subdivision which was popular because of the school system which would offer great resaele value, or security when I got married and had choldren. I told him marriage was not on the table with me, that 3 years with a nagging, demanding female was enough for a life time. He responded that marriage had drawbacks but sex at home is better than having to go looking for sex when yuu get horny. I told him I stayed horny and "Mrs Palmer and her five daughters" relieved me daily..sometimes more than once. Dead silence and he said, married men beat off too. Of course, a warm wet has advantages. I turned to look at him as he was driving into the driveway of a house and dsaid, frankly, I preferk blow jobs and the advantages of beating off far exceeded the drama of some women.
    As we got back into his car and he started the engine he said, if you ike head and in a rush there are several Adult Book Stores with glory holes. As long as you don't care who blows you. I said, I am not there to kiss them, make love to them or marry them, I just want to pop a nut, so where are these book storess? By the time we got to the next house he told me there locations (off the beaten path) and admitted he had been there a few times himself as he turned off then car. I looked in his face and said, so your cool with a dude blowing you? He said, I am and you should try it. I said, I am bisexual and give as good as I recieve.
    That was tghe last house on the list for that Saturday, so as we got back in his car to take me to mine he said, have you ever had a 3 way with a man and woman? I said, no but I would love to ...if the name is bi. He said he had a married bi friend who shares his wife and they would intertain a 3rd bi man...if I were interested. I told him I wold think about it.
    The next afternoon he text me indicating a colleague has just listed a new construction house that met all me criteria and he would pick me up and show it, if I had the time. An hour later I was getting in his car and off we went to the new house and it was the closest to what I wanted, so I put in a offer. We went to my apartment to dothe paper work and when finsihed we opened a beer and he set on the sofa and as I went to sit in the chair he said turn some bi porn, which I did. few minutes later I stood up and dropped my shorts exposing my above average Italian Sausage and he did the same, exposing a really thick cock with a big head. Our clothes and shoes were from the living room to the bedroom floor as we hit the bed in 69 and stayed there until we both blew massive loads.
    We went for a 2nd beer while we relaoded and went at it again. That time we took turns istting on the others chest fucking their mouth with our dicks and our hands locked behind their heads.
    My realtor has become a best friend spending lots of time at my new house in the suburbs and has introduced me to several of his bi married/divorced friends and even a couple of 4 sums with his bisexual law enforcement vuddy, his wife and the two of us. Funny how I never made it too the Adule Book Store on the other side of the county. Funny how bi married and divorced men experience the best of straight and bi sex.

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    Lesbian Female / 51

    Long before it was acceptable my lesbian mother had me in secret, hidden away. I was raised by her sister. I found out who my mother was when I was 22. It is also the year my mother came out to me, "I am a lesbian and I am your mother". Of course I knew her all my life, as my aunt. That quirky woman who lived in Oakland, California. Now she was my mother and I met her lesbian partner. So, if she was my mother who was my father? My father who raised me is my father, her sister's husband. Not on purpose, a drunk party when she still hid her perversion from the general public.

    I went to work for Delta after college, a flight attendant with a Math degree. I got the job because a 'close' friend had a job with Delta. I also suffered from the same perversion. My close friend was my college lover, neither one of us showed our true colors to anyone else. I came out to my mother the day she came out to me and confessed she was my mother. My first time telling someone I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend freaked out, she was hurt that I told someone. Being a pervert was not something you admitted to. We were close friends. Now my mother knew we were lovers.

    My mother lived in Oakland, we lived in conservative Atlanta. Sure there were stories of flight attendants that fucked pilots, and whispers of flight attendants that ate pussy. But that was a party girl, just waiting for a mechanic with a big dick to fuck her and have four kids. We did not fuck pilots, we went to Church and felt guilty because we ate pussy. My mother held our hand and helped us realize we were not the only girls who ate pussy. We transferred to San Francisco and my mother took us around.

    Still , all in all my mother that raised me said you get married, you have a family and you keep your girlfriend to yourself. I obeyed the mother that raised me. I married a professor of Mathematics and I had four children. My girlfriend retired from Delta and she helped me raise my children and look after my husband. We never came out to him, or my children. We are just fast friends from college, we might as well have been sisters we are so close.

    My husband lost his fight and cancer took him and I have a hole in my soul. My mother is an old woman now, one of the handful of people who knows. She is a bit more open but she understands that we are not going to step out, not at our age. We are going to stay friends, lay on the couch together, travel together, and from time to time eat pussy. My mother, the one who raised me, she does understand, she has kept her sisters perversion a secret and has kept my perversion a secret too.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Male / 48

    hi everyone my name is Scott Harsh fem name is Cassie Harsh I am a 58 y/o crossdresser from Lakeland Fl. I have sex with other men and men only I suck their cocks until they cum in my month and swallow the cum I also like when they put that big cock inside my ass and fuck me until they explode inside of me I am a sissy faggot boy and I love it I try to have a dick everyday its mostly married men who are attracted to me and in my years of having sex with men I haven't got any diseases so I am going to keep playing with men until I cant anymore I have been going to work in womens clothes more often I got asked by a coworker if I was queer and I said yes I was and he just walk away so my work place knows I am a crossdresser sissy faggot boy and believe me it feel so good that people can except you how you are my boss has ask me out on a date a couple of times I said no but this last time he sent me red roses my favorite so I think I am going to and I would love to get into a real relationship with a man and a man only I love who I am I AM A SISSY FAGGOT BOY CROSSDRESSER I LOVE BEING ONE hugs and kisses to all you sexy men

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    Gay Male / 20

    Finally told my mom that Iâm gay. Came as no surprise though.

    Iâve been having sex with a guy she works with for two years now. He worked with my mom for 10 years. Both are nurses. We were having sex on the couch since my mom was supposed to be at work. I was riding his cock, heâs itâs a great size cock! Then my mom walks in the front door. She saw me on top of him. She didnât know what to say.

    Then when I got off his dick she saw who I was having sex with. Iâm trying talk to my mom while I have a raging boner and heâs putting his underwear on to cover up lol.

    When I finally told my mom that Iâm gay she said I could tell, you have a big dick in your asshole. But she was okay with me being gay, she was just shocked to see who I was having sex with. She didnât know he was gay or that he had such a nice body. And a big dick!

    All while she was telling to to cover myself up, she doesnât want to see me erect.

    Since she knows weâre gay, heâs over a lot now. We have way more sex ow since we donât have to hide it. And I donât have to hide the used condoms in the garbage anymore

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    Gay Male / 46

    I just wanted to sit down and tell someone how I became a cocksucker. Now mind you, I grew up in a world where cocksuckers were despised. I never met a cocksucker that wasn't worth kicking, especially when I was in the Army. In any event, there I was ten years divorced, broke paying a third of my take home pay in alimony and living alone in an apartment in Sacramento working as a truck mechanic. I had taken my car into the Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed and while I was waiting I struck up a conversation with a man who was there waiting on his car. He told me he was a widower and worked as an insurance salesman.

    How the issue came up I don't truly recalled, but I asked how his wife died. She committed suicide, she hung herself in the church one Wednesday so she could be closer to God. Made my divorce shit seem like child's play. In any event we kept talking and it was around noon and he said hey why didn't we go across the street to the diner and get a bite and come back for the cars when they were ready. We spent two hours there. He invited me to come to his place and watch the ball game that started at 4:30 and having nothing to do I accepted.

    We talked and watched the pregame show and I had a beer and the next thing I know it was lights out and I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later, he laughed and asked if I had a good nap. I went to the bathroom to pee and wash my face and when I got back it was going to be time for the game to start. We sat on the couch and that's when it started. He had a small dog, about the size of a cushion on the sofa, mixed breed and he was on the floor licking his dick. Slow long licks of his dick. His dick was pointed, and red and he was licking it. I heard my new friend speak, he asked wouldn't be nice if you could lick your own dick. Seeing as we didn't have someone to do that for us. The next question was when was the last time I had my dick sucked, when was the last time I had sex. And he leaned over and said let me give you a treat.

    He undid my belt and unzipped my pants and took my dick out and started sucking me. It had been so long and his hand on my dick and sucking me and I went into a full erection. Between sucking and jerking me he asked if I liked it because he sure did. All I could do was let him and after a while he stood up and undid his pants and took his dick out and told me it was my turn. He was standing there with his dick straight out, hard, staring at me not more than a foot away and he leaned forward and when his dick touched my lips I opened my mouth. It was instant pleasure, he leaned forward and started to hump my mouth holding my head still with both of his hands. I had to hold his dick with my hand to keep it in my mouth and then he shot his semen in my mouth and on my face. His semen was thick and the bit that got in my mouth swished around and not knowing what to do I swallowed it.

    That day I became a cock sucker. My new friend had experience, I didn't. It turned out that I liked sucking his dick and sucked him off whenever we got together. He liked having his chest rubbed and his nipples played with and I sucked his dick and twisted his nipples. He liked having his butt cheeks massaged, and the inside of his legs and his dick got hard and I sucked his dick and massaged him. I liked it when he came, I liked the feeling of his hot semen in my mouth and did the best I could to keep his dick in my mouth. I swished his cum around with my tongue and slipped it between my teeth before swallowing it. And I liked it when he sucked my dick and a lot of times we sucked dick together.

    Somewhere along the line we started to feel up our assholes, slowly at first and then got aggressive thrusting a thumb or two fingers in, one day I got the urge and I sucked his asshole. One day he got the urge and he fucked my asshole. It was always like that, I sucked his dick, I reamed him and he fucked me. I loved getting fucked on my back and him on top. That way I could pinch his nipples while he fucked. We used a variety of lubes, we took showers before getting on the bed, we did try some golden shower stuff but really what I liked was sucking the remainder of his pee out of his dick after he peed, suck down the last drops. As the months passed we got more and more confortable, we spend time together after work and on weekends. We got together to have sex. I got to know his dick real well and just how to lick his asshole to make him want to come while I jerked him off. He knew just how to fuck, how much to lube and how to thrust, how to stare me down while he fucked, how to make me come after he had fucked me.

    In short, we found ourselves living together and pretending we did it to save money. Except that only one bed is used and it is always a mess, the sheets covered with come and more than once I ate his come right off the sheet.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    As a study abroad college student I met the woman who lived next door. She took an interest in me and invited me over and took me around. She took me to a party, it was an all 'girl' party, including a game of pairing, you got a number out of a bag, and you got paired with another girl for the night. That was my introduction with girl sex. My partner knew it all, I was a complete novice, but not after that night. She showed me, and I went along.

    After that party I was part of the crowd, obviously only interested in my partner from that first party. She accepted me and we became inseparable. I fell for her, hard. She tried to stay unaffected but cried and cried the night before I had to return home.

    My folks thought it crazy for me to spend my Christmas break, and then Spring break with her. I had to 'come out'. I was cautioned about an older girl, in Paris, watch myself. But love is blind. In the end distance looked like it would kill our thing, I hurt for a year, she thought silence would work. She cried too. Then out of the blue my mother took me to Paris, to either move on or hang on. I hung on, asked her to come to live with us, my Dad would help us until we got married and she could work here.

    Anyway, Springtime in Paris is Springtime in Paris, and love was in the air. We are married now, we got married at sunrise at our beach house and even my Grandparents came. We have all the papers now, my 'wife' works for my Dad as his receptionist for his Dental practice, one step at a time. Oh, she is older, a whole three years older. We need a few years for her citizenship, that's our goal.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 50

    i am a 60 year old man that likes to watch guys jerking off.... not sure what this makes me, but i think about it a lot ..... i love to dreaa in panties too

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 30

    Hello I am a 30 yr old divorced white male who was seduced by a 60 yr old chunky gay man almost 2 months ago.Since them I have let myself go and let Howard fuck me good every weekend.I go over to his place snort some poppers and am soon lubed up and penetrated by his 6 inch cut fat cut cock.I love it inside me and always seem to cum inside myself like a woman now when he shoots his load in me.I find myself realizing more and more that I am discovering I am gay and love being bred by my man.He is my first man but I know it feels right.

    I also lovingly suck his cock to completion and greedily take every drop down my throat.Lately I have been watching gay porn with him and find looking at all the cocks makes mew horny as hell.I get so uninhibited watching the porn that when Howard's 70 yr old mostly bald gay neighbor comes over I spread my legs for him too and take his 7 inch uncut man meat in me as well.The last 2 weekends Fred has been fucking me as well and I also enjoy kissing with him and sucking his cock.As I sit here smoking a cigarette I realize I am meant for cock and to be bred like a whore.Sucking on my cigarette greedily makes me wish I now had a cock in my mouth right now.Soon I will be going over there tonight for another weekend of pleasing older Daddy dick.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    Creepy is what it is. I moved into a new house with my lady and we got married in our back yard with all our friends. We didn't know anyone in the neighborhood and had not met our neighbor. I stood beside her, and I could not help but keep looking up at the window next door where he stood looking at us waving his finger at me and saying no to me. All through the ceremony and the reception which was outside on the deck he stood there and when I looked up at him he waved his finger at me telling me no. That night, my wedding night I was not able to get in the mood. We had a little sex and then just slept tight.

    My neighbor spots me and goes out the mailboxes when he sees me and tells me that I am a sinner. He tells me that for a 'pretty girl' I am wasting God's blessings. I also get mail from him about being a 'good wife' and God's will. He offers to introduce me to eligible bachelors who want a wife and children. He dislikes my wife intently, he says she is an aberration, what can I say I like dykes. He has offered to introduce me to his pastor so that I can be helped.

    I won't lie, I go to his house and talk. My wife works as a harbor pilot and she is out at odd hours and when I am alone I go over there to be lectured. The stupid thing is that I feel like my father is talking to me and it is comforting in the most bizarre way. I know that I am 'wasted' from their point of view, I should be bearing children now. If only, but I am what I am. I wasn't born that way, to be a suburban wife to a man and have children. I am 'off' and although he has gotten me to feel 'pangs' in my 'insides' about children I just can't work up a desire and my wife is definitely not one who wants little kids messing up her life.

    But I do sit by the window in my house around dinner time and watch the kids on the street playing ball and riding their bikes and the moms standing together talking. I can't go out there, I am not one of 'them' so I go next door to be where I know that I am liked and sit and have coffee and talk about why I am distorted and how it is that my life is the way it is and how my calling is to be a mother, he swears that is my calling, but for one stupid gene that got out of whack.

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