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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51


    This story is all about crossdressing.I have been dressing in woman's attire for over 45 years and really enjoy it. I get so excited putting on bra's,panties,nylon stockings stiletto high heels,boots.and wedge sandals,garterbelts,waist cinchers,short skirts,blouses,and dresses with earrings,bracelets,and necklaces.I like to be all woman.Now one time when I was 19, I drove down a secluded road and undressed and dressed up in a white 34DD bra with matching white thong,white 4 strap garter belt with coffee nylons and tan 4 inch sandal ankle strap high heels with a short black skirt and top with these dangling earrings.I like to fill my bra's with balloons to give me A nice full breast look.This bra and panty I took from this woman that I have been eyeing up for some time A Kay Parker look a like. She's very hot looking and sexy about 10 years older than me at the time.Once I was dressed I got out of my car like I usually do and take a little walk enjoying being dressed feminely.I'M 5'10'' with beautiful long legs and sexy hot ass. But this time a patrol car was coming down the road as I was almost at my vehicle.I got in and closed the door only to have the officer come to my car and see me with a skirt and nylons on asking me what I was doing and I replied nothing. He then asked me to get out of the car after checking my ID being exposed dressed as a woman I was shaking and so nervous now. He led me to the patrol car and opened the back door and said for me to get in.In the meantime his partner got out and they were talking to each other then the first officer came back and said that they were arresting me. Now being really embaressed and nervous. I said that I would do anything for this not to happen.The officers talked again and opened the rear door and asked me to step out of the car. They then asked to take off my top and skirt and to go take a little walk to give them a show, which I did.When I returned back where they were standing there was a blanket on the ground and they asked me to kneel down as they unzipped their flies.I knew what I was supposed to do. I never gave head but sure did learn fast sucking one than the other. I concentrated on one as the other officer went inside the car and came back out with latex gloves on and a condom on his cock with some lube he knelt behind me moved my thong and put his lubed finger up my ass, he said relax and be a good woman and take care of her man.He asked if I had a woman's name that I liked to be called and I told it was Jasmine.Suddenly his hard cock was in my ass. I continued sucking cock to ease the initial discomfort.He held me by the hips and slapped my virgin ass as the other officer started cumming in my mouth and instructed me to swallow it all down which I did.After a little more pounding my ass I came the officer pulled out and came to front of me and pulled off the condom and put his spasming hard cock in my mouth in which he exploded in my waiting mouth. I swallowed his cum all down finishing my sentence. But before they left I was instructed lick my cum off the blanket. I did.They then said to not drive back here again and left.I got in my car and took off my female attire dressed back up in my guys clothes and drove home thinking of what happened. Knowing that I was r**ed and sodomized for my freedom.I went straight home up the stairs and into the shower washing my just fucked body and rinsing my mouth. I began to cry knowing that what just happened was worth keeping my secret life safe. A few months later I was at a outdoor concert waiting for some friends as this cop came up to me and said Jasmine how are you and asked if I would like to do it again and he gave me his card.This was the only time that I been with men for sex.I basically dress
    up and get off enjoying being in my female attire.My fantasy is to wear a wig and put makeup on and walk around in public.I just love dressing up as a woman .I feel like a woman trapped in a man's body.My legs and ass still look so sexy.I wrote this story dressed in my sexy black and red lingerie with my black seamed full fashioned nylons and 5 inch red ankle strap stiletto high heels stroking my 7 inch pulsating cock.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    My seduction happened when I was 17. At the time I had been elected captain of the drill team for our high school. As the upcoming senior captain I spent quite a bit of time with the coach that summer. She turned 31 and we talked about her birthday and turning 30 and I asked her how come she had never met somebody. She was from my point of view very attractive, smart, she had a masters degree, and she was athletic, but not obsessively so. She was in my eyes a woman who definitely was a ten. I told her then, it just came out, that I thought she was beautiful and a beautiful woman should be able to attract any man she wanted.

    She pulled her chair around so we were sitting knee to knee, she took my hands in hers and told me she thought I was beautiful, that I was the most beautiful girl on the squad, the most beautiful girl in school. She was holding both my hands, she was looking at me not as a coach, she leaned forward and asked me if a woman has to always want to be with a man, what if a woman wants to be with a special girl that they find very very beautiful.

    Her hands were very soft, and face was soft and she leaned over until she gave me a small kiss on the lips. She asked me if it was OK, I nodded and she kissed me again and asked me if I wanted to be her girlfriend. The next kiss was long and her hand caressed my face while she kissed me. She put my hand over her heart and put her hand over my heart. She stared at me and cupped my boob and gave me a gentle squeeze. She was still holding my hand over her heart and she asked me if I wanted to squeeze her boob. She helped me get my hand around her boob and using her hand showed me how to squeeze her boob. She kissed me again and said that when girls get together they say breasts, unless when they are naked together, then they say tits.

    Before I left her office that afternoon, she had kissed me a dozen times, she had held me with her hands under my butt, she had rubbed my nose into her breasts, she had laid out how we were going to be together because we didn't want to get in trouble.

    Love making was always at her apartment, during that summer it was early in the afternoon after practice, but before I had to be home for dinner. And it was lovemaking, tits and all. She was very careful to introduce me into lovemaking one step at a time, and it was after many love making sessions that she asked me if I wanted to kiss her down there. To just do what she did, making sure that I was slow, used my whole mouth and tongue and explored everything that she had to offer. That my tongue had to be my eyes and fingers, just as she used her tongue.

    We moved on to lots of finger play, and breast play, before she introduced some toys, all of which were more like torp**oes and none looked like a penis at all. She told me that if she wanted a penis, then she would get a penis. What she wanted was for me to use the toys to give her pleasure. She introduced love beads, and showed me pictures of how they were used, and some references to Chinese or Japanese drawings, these were toys that had been around a long long time. Everything was about mutual pleasure. Our bodies had many places where we could me made to feel good, whether it was with a missile looking dildo, or a feather caressing your anus. She was my teacher.

    We remained lovers until after I finished college. At that time, she was now 37, and I was 22, she told me that we could never be together in the open. Regardless of how we felt, I was still in high school when we got together and there could only be trouble. So reluctantly we took different paths. She accepted a job in Oregon and I went to work with my degree in marketing for a public relations firm.

    My preferred type continues to be athletic, but I want softness too, a combination you can't find at the gym. I met my current girlfriend through work, she worked for a client, and we hooked up quite by accident, in a conversation similar to the one I had with my coach. We agreed to have dinner together. Why aren't you with a man? Well because I would rather be with a woman, a woman like you, with soft hands and long hair and those lips that just yell out to be kissed, those breasts that cry out to be held, a girls like you, that is what I told her and I kissed her and she accepted the kiss and she said that she wanted to be with me, she had crushed on me when we first met. Funny how you meet. Talking about being with a man.

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    Straight Female / 34

    does anyone on here know anyone around that works in clairvoyance and spiritual or speaking to the dead or picking up poltergeist or demon activity and being able to make it stop. I know this probably sounds crazy but for some time now I have felt like a dark energy is draining off me and I don't know why, Weird things will happen like light bulbs exploding while a house guest was over and noises or doors slamming when no one is there witnessed by many of us in the family. phones dropping out suddenly like someone is listening in and also literally every possible romance I have nearly had has been destroyed by what feels like some ghost and I know that sounds crazy, and I was r**ed and this rapist doesn't seem to want to get the message to get lost and stop bothering me and that he is not welcome in my world. He tries to copy any other man I like and I am sick of it. The police are next to hopeless but do police catch criminal ghosts anyway?. I just want this person to go away and not come back and allow me to move on and find the love and things I need. Things will be moved or power suddenly go off for no reason and a noise like scratching or ticking sounds in corner of the room on the floor where we found a swamp of white ants and termites and it felt like a demonic presence was in the other end of the bedroom roof. Hearing growling noises of a giant pantha or tiger right next to me before a pet or sick and died but the pet was in another room of the house. I know this sounds weird. I know however that I am not the only person in this house to have experienced doors slamming when no one is there, and the door was not even open to slam. we live in Australia and just feel like whatever this presence is its stopped me from getting work and love. how do I make it go away. if you know someone who works in this line can you send me a email with info of place and cost etc. its upsetting us daily. We have heard tapping on windows and knocking on walls before the death of people and sickness and it terrorizes us. out of the blue people will vomit here or the pets will. and other freakish things have happened like apparitions of figures and people talking normally then saying things suddenly out of context and like a demonic spirit is in them, their voice even changes, or people I have never met and they say weird stupid insulting things to me that make no sense and I get this bad vibe then. even of a ghost r****g me and assaulting me at night when I was young and a virgin or doors would be bolted locked but next morning bolt opened and no one had been up to do that. hearing what sounded like a swamp witch one night after Halloween and all saints day. This freaked me out for years. I am coming out of the closet to admit this but there is more I can't say, but I am not gay at least just haunted by poltergeists . But if the church believes in the holy ghost and saints spirits then they must believe in ghosts/spirits in the afterlife.

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    I was dating a guy from work. He was one of those guys that you just do what he wants. He had a friend, another girl, who worked across town. The day I met her was at a CW dance hall. She was very pretty, and he kissed her when he saw her. He just picked her up and kissed her and when he put her down he kept his arm around her and introduced her to me like I was supposed to know everything about her. I had met many pretty girls, but she was pretty, dark hair with blue eyes, 22 like me, slim but with a bust, definitely bustier than me. She sat beside him and I sat across from them, his arm around her shoulders, she looked up to him and he would kiss her.

    He took us both out on the dance floor, and left us dancing when he sat down. I found out that she had dated him for a long time, she dated him as in the present. She was convinced she was going to get married to him. He had promised her a ring. When we got back to the table, he kissed me, he caught me by surprise, I tried to reject his kiss, but he held me and kissed me until I relented and allowed the kiss to go on.

    She was shocked and he told her to hold on, he was just showing me that he wanted me and what better way to show me than to kiss me. He sat us both down, this time she and I beside each other. He took our hands and put them together, he told us we were perfect for each other, that it had dawned on him that we would make our lives perfect. He held our hands together, his hand was on top, and he told us to hold hands, and then to kiss. We weren't leaving until we had kissed. Like I said earlier, he was the type of the guy you did what he wanted, and he wanted us to share a kiss so we did.

    When we got up he told us to hold hands, he didn't want anyone there thinking we were single. Walking to the car, it was cold, so he separated us and put his arm around both of us and we put our arm around his waist. At the car he kissed us each before he sat us down and waited until we had our seat belts on before closing the door. We went straight to my apartment.

    Once inside he told us that night was the night we got together. We were his puppies, he pushed us in to my bedroom and he got naked and asked which one of us wanted to be first. He told me he had fucked me the night before so he fucked her first. He undressed us, finished undressing her first after he had fucked her, and then undressed me and pulled me onto the bed. He told us we were going to be together for a long long time, so he wanted us to kiss and show him that we could be together.

    The spell was going away and we started to ask questions, but he would not let us put anything on. He laid back naked on the bed and we had to talk sitting naked beside him. When we finished he told us to kiss. He wanted a full on kiss, the type of kiss that assured him that we were going to be together with him. The kiss was awkward and stupid, but we kissed and by then we were cold so he pulled us down beside him and we covered up.

    That was our first night together. We kissed and kissed until we had it right, until it didn't feel weird any more, he had us kiss for breakfast, for dinner, in bed, after he made love to one of us, he had us kiss until we kissed, we melted and kissed, until we kissed because we wanted to kiss, until we kissed hello and good by, until we went grocery shopping together, until we made the bed together, we kissed and kissed, we embraced naked and kissed and we made love. We had moved in together, he kept us together, she changed jobs to be closer to home, he wanted us together and he had us together. We go out dancing together, we go to the movies together, we do everything together.

    He keeps his own place, it is stark and dark and not friendly at all. He keeps clothes and other things at our place, but we have our own place and he has his. We are no longer preoccupied with what the neighbors think, as far as they know he is just a close friend, what they do know is that we are an out and about young female couple and that I have the prettiest girl in the complex. In the daylight, she is more beautiful than she was that night we first met. It feels good to know that when we walk to the car she is holding my hand and I kiss her before she sits in her seat I wait for her to get her seat belt on before I close the door.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have been fucking the very high society milf from palm beach florida. On the outside very nice looking, not a blimish, heavens not a hint of a tattoo, perfect hair, maybe one speeding ticket, slept with maybe 3 guys her whole life. Leave her sexual deprived for 18 years cut her lose with fake tits, perfect body, a willingness to fuck in many styles, fashions, abilities and wham you have theperfect storm for erotic nature. also add in oalm beach is like a play ground. It started when she was double dipping, coming to her tennis lesson already fucked. The single was she would have no panties on soon she never left home with panties. she would tell me all her arousal thoughts while she masterbated daily. I tried to fuck her daily but that took some time. at first she was scared she wouldget caught towards the end I think shen did everything to get caught. we kepted going further and further with every fantasy she had. Evrything was based on her getting fucked. either by mem or me after of me with or me watching . before long I had her pawing at husbands of dinner party attenders . I would often post up and spy on her progress. if she did hook up she would want me to be on the lake trail by hern house so we could fuck the cum out of her pussy. I found I love making her pussy bigger and I loved the cum dripping all over. once we got caught by a palm beach policemen biy what a mistake. he fucked her that niiiight snapd pictures said he might file report new where her husbands office was and over the next 3 months fucked her every day period and all. somedays multiple times. it made for a wet and fucked pussy for those three months we didn't fantasy about her findinding a stranger he would show up all the time cock blocking me a few times.he would handcuff her and use his night stick and dick in same hole I warched the video of her car cam corder she got into it when he road her with ass plug or police batam in her ass fucking her pussy. some times you see her grabbing the batan annnd fucking her pussy with her fingers and his mdick, oi asked her about it she said he was malways saying more police guys could cum by and did they her husband was detained on valentimes day as 8 squade cars surrounded there house on brazi;
    lian as 25 cops double fucked every hole including her mouth. best sex was when they were done she came 400 times and another 200 with me

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    1 / 38

    Hello and bye

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    Straight Female / 37

    I arrived home a day early to find my wonderful, masculine, loving husband in our bedroom on his knees wearing my sexiest lingerie. He wore a wig and heels,full makeup and nails and was well appointed with some of my jewelry. He had our next door neighbor's big cock (believe me I know) half-way down his throat. As shocked and mad as I was I couldn't help but watch him devour Mike's cock. Mike noticed me in the doorway and gave me an evil smile as he looked down and nodded toward Tom so intently involved. He grabbed Tom's head with both hands and began fucking his greedy mouth. I watched in stunned amazement as Tom took all of Mike's cock. When Mike helped Tom to his feet I backed out of the doorway into the upstairs hall. I could hear them kiss and became light-headed as Tom's heels clicked on the floor as Mike led him to our bed. I wanted to run away but I also wanted to stay. I peeked around the doorway and had a perfect view as Mike penetrated my husband's ass. I leaned back on the wall just outside the door and listened as they fucked. After some time Mike grunts became familiar and I knew he was about to cum. When he did I quickly made my way out of there. I spent the night at a hotel and arrived home as planned. I haven't let on to Tom, but I'm sure Mike will give me all the details next time we fuck.

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    Gay Male / 38

    Early in my career I was sent overseas as a logistics technician for a shipping company. I was stationed in a backwater port city in South America, with nothing but distractions for a young man with money. In our office we had a guy who was in his early thirties, he worked in accounting and the rumor was that he liked the local boys. No one ever admitted that they had actually seen him with a guy, but as he was never seen with a girl, then the assumption was that he didn't like girls. In the meantime, the rest of the crew spent time at various strip joints and whorehouses, and we had local girlfriends.

    One day I decided that I would become friends with our accountant. He was English, and after talking to him he was somewhat religious. He told me he didn't really see much point getting involved with some whore and catching some desease. I asked him what he did for relief, was he self indulgent. Albeit the conversation had started bad, me butting into his private life, we became friends. We started having dinner together and at his suggestion we started to look into the local culture, getting away from the port area where we lived and worked.

    A national holiday was coming up and he asked me if I wanted to go with him and explore this national park, it was a two hour flight, but with three days off, we could take the time, fly up spend a couple of nights and fly back. We had the money, and the flights were cheap, and the so was the hotel, so we went.

    To save money we rented one room. That first night, when we were getting ready for bed, I saw him naked. He was in good shape, he was pale, and he had a nice looking cock. It was like picture perfect, and he caught me staring at him, and confronted me about it and I told him that I had just gotten carried away, that I had just never really just focused on that.

    That night, the weather was warm so you only slept with a sheet on, I heard him moving on his bed and looked over and he was laying naked on his back stroking himself. His cock was straight up, he looked over and told me that he really didn't like self indulgence and that he could use some help. He stood up between the beds and he was totally naked, holding his rod in his hand stroking it, and asked me again to help him. He lifted the sheet on my bed and got in beside me and wrapped his leg over me and went for my cock. He was a lot stronger that I would have guessed, his hard cock up against my leg, he leaned down and taking my cock in his hand he started to give me a blow job.

    With his hands he worked my boxers off and we were both laying naked on the bed, the sheet on the floor and he was going to town on my cock. After a few minutes, he got over me, his erection pointing at my face and he told me to show him just how much I wanted to please him. He leaned down with his cock on my face and I took his cock and started to suck on him. He was talking to me but I wasn't listening, I was sucking him and stroking myself.

    I had to admit to myself that I liked it, he was strong and with purpose and between hands and mouths we both got off and he sat on the bed smiling at me telling me over and over again that he knew it, he knew I was a cock guy.

    My assignment lasted three years, for the year and half that he and I were stationed together we got together, and from time to time invited some local talent to join us. We managed to have several good parties. He was transferred out to the Far East and spent most of his free time in Thailand, while I circled around South America.

    For a young man with money and some flexibility, that job allowed me to explore my wild side, which in some cases was a bit too wild. At every assignment I found others with similar preferences and between word of mouth and some investigatory work I managed to find a well established community of men with special preferences. Lucky for me that I got hooked up early, I dread to think about how boring my overseas assignments could have been.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    National Championship Game

    My live-in girl friend is at Mass with her family and I am home getting ready for a trip to the national championship game with 3 other married, bi buddies. We will be traveling in my F 150 Super Cab and as soon as we hit the interstate the two in the back will be sucking each others cocks. When we hit the state line we stop at the rest area and swap seats so me and the other guy can suck some dick too.
    As soon as we check into our single room (with 2 beds) we will take turns holding each others dicks while we piss and pile onto one of the beds sucking and fucking in every conceivable position until we all drop a load or two. We do not make out at all as this is not about making love it's pure, unadulterated, raw, uninhibited man-on-man sex with 4 very masculine, professional married/div bisexual men.
    Later in the day we each put a business card in a sack and each draws out a card. The first guy will be the bottom for the 3 others tonight. The second will be the bottom for all 3 in the morning with the 3rd being the bottom for all three that night. The last will be the bottom the next morning but let me assure you there will be plenty of sucking and fucking in between.
    We are a close group of 4 hunters, fisherman, sports enthusiast who spend lots of buddy time together in varying combination enjoying our sports activities and each other. No one would ever suspect the 4 of us to be bi or fuck buddies since college. And at one time, there was a 5th buddy who got transferred to the west coast. When he comes back to visit his parents we wear out his mouth and his ass.
    Last Saturday night me girlfriend and one of my buds wife went to a shower and his kids were at her parents. He came to my house and while we were alone I laid him on his back on my dinning table (right at the end where I eat weekend meals). I set in my arm chair with his legs over his chest and I eat his hairy jock ass until he begged me to "ram in in hard and fast." I went to the kitchen for some Olive Oil which I pushed up his ass and then greased my dick real good. With his hairy legs up beside his head with my hands holding them in place, I put the head of dick at his love tunnel barely pushing it inside. Then when he nodded his head I pushed hard and didn't stop until my 8 incher was pubs deep. His entire body quivered as he rolled his head from side to side cursing, talking nasty, kinky shit which he knows shifts me into over drive. I piston fucked his jock ass for a long time before I pulled him off the table to his knees so he could suck my dick (we both love A.T.M. - Ass-To-Mouth action). Then I bent him over the table slapping his hairy ass several times and rammed it back again pubs deep grinding his jock ass. He was screaming "I'm cumming. I'm cumming" and with his hands on the table I fucked him into an orgasm without touching himself. When he got off it was like a vice grip on my dick and I unloaded up his ass.
    I cannot await until we get to the hotel so we can fuck and suck without concerns for time limits and someone coming back unexpected. We are the real winners regardless of games outcome.

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    Straight Male / 35

    This friend of mine came home early one day, several years ago, and heard a noise in his mom's bedroom. Being curious he went up, found the door open and crawled in and hid in the closet. A man was in bed fucking his mom. About that time his father came home and his mom told her mate to hide in the closet. He did and it was dark in there, and cold. After a short while my friend started mumbling "It's cold in here." It's cold in here." The man asked, "Who are you?" and he answered "I'm the son of the woman you were in bed with and that is my Dad you can hear with Mom now." My friend had in his possession a baseball glove and a baseball. He kept on slamming the ball into his glove and the man with him was afraid he was making enough noise for his father to hear so he told my friend to stop. My friend said, "I'll sell you the ball for $50 and the stranger was afraid if he didn't pay my friend might continue and his Dad would hear. So he gave my friend $50 for the ball. Shortly my friend started slamming his fist into the glove. The stranger again asked him to knock it off. My friend said, "I'll sell you this glove for $150". And he started again repeating "It's cold in here." And in order to get him quiet he paid him $150 for the glove. Shortly the sounds from his mom and dad ceased as they had gone into the kitchen so my friend told the stranger he could let him crawl out the window and no one would catch hi. The stranger obeyed.
    So, a few days later my friends father came home from work and it was a nice day outside so he told my friend to get his ball and glove and they would play some catch. My friend confessed that he had sold both of them. His dad asked how much he sold them for and he answered he received $200 for both. His dad became historical and and shouted, "$200? I paid less than $30 for them."
    They were Christians so Dad told my friend to get in the car, they were going to Confession. Once inside the Catholic Chapel the father told my friend to get into the Confession Booth while he got the Priest. Once the Priest entered his side of the Confessional all he could hear was, "It's cold in here." The Priest said, "You aren't going to start that shit again are you.?"

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