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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Straight Male / 35

    when i was about 13 or 14 my sister linda and i use to fool around and play show me yours,i would pull my cock out and let her play with it while my hands found a way inside her panties,i said sis i want to wear girls bra and panties and long decrease,we would go for walks through the Bush while I was dressed up,now im laying here wearing purple silky lace panties and bra,black silk pantyhose long red lace petticoat an long blue maxi holter top dress an sister has just worked to 8 inch vibrators into my arse,im now 50 an marriaged and wife and I use meth,she dont know that I wear female clothing or into i****t,we went out one night for abit of fun,we got in car an i pretended my smokes were inside so i run inside went to her draw and took out blue bra an panties and pair of silk pantyhose,i quickly removed all my clothes and put female lingerie on an a long red petticoat then i grabed a maxi dress black holter top and put it on then put male clothes back oni got in car and wife had no idea i was wearing women's clothing,she had some clothes in car from a few weeks back,once at river i lay blanket on the ground for her an then she got naked,i said i go mix us up a shot,while mixing up i took male clothes off an was now dressed up to women's clothing,i took shot over to her an said does the dress suit me she asked have i been crossdressing before i said no only just now cause I wanted to see what it was like,she said if that's what you want to wear then stay in it till home,i said it feels funny but also feels good,i went for a walk in the park while dressed up and vibrator down my panties and 2 6 inch vibs up my arse,i wore female lingerie and clothing for next 5 days then said to wife ive tryed to stop but can't and said i don't want to stop because I really love wearing women's clothing and lingerie,then one night while slipping into a fresh pair of panties and bra my sister walked in on me she went to walk back out but i quickly grabbed her and locked the door and said please don't tell anyone about me wearing women's clothing and lingerie,i said sis you the only person who knows that I wear female clothing and lingerie,i said we go score when i get dressed,i put over-alls on over female clothing and said sis come on lets get going as it was about 2 hr run it was late an dark i stop got out removed overalls fix my dress and got back in,i lifted front of my dress and pulled out my cock and she played with it,i said do you enjoy it when we have i****t sex she said yes,i said you ok with me crossdressing she said yes,she asked if my wife knew that i wear female clothing and lingerie i said only some now,we spoke about i****t and I said it dont intersect me so you are the only one who knows that I fucked our other 2 sisters

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am happily married for almost thirty years to the mother of three great kids, two boys in college and a young daughter at home. We've enjoyed a loving successful marriage and have done well for ourselves. I have hidden a big secret from her the whole time. When I travel for business I spend most evenings in some strange hotel room on my knees dressed as woman with a cock sliding down my throat. I love to dress in sexy lingerie and ride big hard married cocks the most because if I really like his cock I let him fuck me bareback. I have a small frame and with a wig and the miracle of makeup I'm reasonably passable. But when I'm out shopping or to dinner I am quite turned on when people take a second look at me and wonder. Single guys are weird, married guys are the best and so grateful for a good blow job. I started keeping a journal a couple years after I became a cum slut. In the last twelve years I have sucked cock on one hundred and forty-two occasions. Thirty-eight times with two men at the same time. And one unbelievable sixteen hours when I sucked and got fucked by five different guys. I have been fucked in the ass a hundred and four times by twenty different men, half bareback. Mostly one night stands, a couple threesomes, a five-man gang bang, two extended and one long-term relationship. I love my wife and kids and I adore being a girl.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I never would've believed it when I was twenty. I'd have scoffed if you'd told me I was going to end up as one of those guys who likes other guys' cocks. That was impossible. Straight people couldn't be turned gay, and I was clearly straight (naked men had no effect whatsoever on my dick and trying to think of them sexually grossed me out). You were born gay or you weren't, and I obviously wasn't. I was so hot for women it hurt.

    I'm still hot for women, but I have to admit that my dick mostly prefers men. It's my own damn fault too. Back in my twenties, the supposedly absurd idea of turning gay was the stuff of horror but also the stuff of erotica for me. I would've been mortified to find my dick swelling for the well hung studs flanking me in the locker room shower, but at the same time, part of me kind of wanted that to happen. The idea was so naughty, it turned me on. Enough, in fact, to prompt me to deliberately jack off to cock pictures, repeatedly, even though they were totally unarousing in themselves. I was trying to like dick, and I was thrilled by the naughtiness of doing something gay and by the even greater naughtiness of wanting to be gay -- even as I was insulated by the sure knowledge that this was all just a silly masochistic fantasy because it was impossible for a straight man to develop a sexual attraction to other men.

    Turns out it wasn't impossible.

    I'm still not attracted to men in the same body-and-soul way that I'm attracted to women, so I wouldn't call myself gay. But sexually speaking, as measured by what gets my dick hard and my balls brewing and my cum bursting out of me, I'm actually more attracted to male bodies than female bodies, most days of the week. Certainly, penises have become the sexiest body part of either gender, hands down. Funny thing is, I still remember not even being able to imagine how a penis could be sexy, back when I started jacking off while looking at them. And now I can't imagine how any human being could not find them sexy. A gorgeous cock is so fucking delectable!

    So be careful what you wish for, as they say. I've become the men from the erotic stories I read years ago: a straight guy who winds up intensely aroused by other men's bodies and can't help it, and who ends up so turned on by cock that he doesn't even really want to go back to being content with boring old pussy. The plus side to my bisexuality is that it's like I'm 16 again: I can get an erection whenever I want without even touching my dick just by thinking lascivious thoughts of a well hung bodybuilder.

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    Gay Male / 44

    My story is about crossing over. I was divorced, living in a an apartment complex, nursing my ruined life. The guy next door said hello when we ran into each other and one day he stopped and asked my name and introduced himself. He was a medical sales rep, around fifty, and he was assigned to open up the territory in our city. We said hello and such and one day he asked if I needed company.

    He was a life long gay man. He wasn't pushy, just insistent. He was alone I was alone so why not become friends. He was open about being gay. He knew I was divorced from a fifteen year marriage. One night, he came over almost every night, he said why not let him suck me. That I could probably use a good blow job. I got my first guy blow job on my second hand couch. He knew what to do, and he wouldn't stop until he got me to come. He said that after a good blow job it was customary to give a kiss.

    He didn't leave that night, once you start you have to go all in. Get naked, a full body massage, feel a hard dick against your leg, hold a hard dick in your hand, suck a hard dick. Sucking him was more than ever thought I would do. He offered to help me go all in, but he saw me hesitate and told me that would wait for another night. Right then I needed to get used his dick and having him handle my dick. At night, just to try, he got on my back and humped me.

    I tried to avoid him the next day, but he came over late and said that a relationship had to be cemented and he wanted to give me another blow job, and he needed for me to hold his dick. That night he said was the night, he came prepared, he had the tube and he said we could go bare or if I felt I needed it he would use a condom. But he wanted bare, it just felt better.

    That it felt good it felt good. He used his lube and he kept it slow and easy, he gave me time to adjust. He liked to fuck, said he always had, since he was a kid. He had taken it several times, mostly in the heat of the moment, but he was the guy on top. He told me this was also about roles, someone had to be the wife. It would really be nice if I had something planned for dinner, we could go out, or I could have something for him when he got back from work. And he wanted a kiss, always a kiss, show him I was happy to see him.

    We went out, to gay bars and clubs, to gay restaurants, held hands, he kissed me in public, mostly he said for me to get used to the fact that he was going to kiss me and I was going to kiss him back. We had sex a lot, two three times a week. He gave me the tube and told me to be ready, he shouldn't have to get me dressed up, I should be ready for him.

    I don't know if I was always gay, or for that matter if I am truly gay. I am definitely in the zone, I am definitely the one that looks after things in the house, he likes that his shirts are home ironed, why take them to the cleaners if I can iron them for him. We live together in a townhouse, he makes much more money than I do, and most of what I make goes for child support. Coming out to my kids and ex wife was not as hard as I imagined. My ex wife claims that she always knew.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 24

    I need to accept this after fighting it for long - I am not a real man but a gay femmed out sissy crossdresser. I fought it hard but my gay girlish urges just don't go away. Now I can't even masturbate without imagining myself being taken by a big masculine hunk man like a girlish queer and being cuddled and kissed and ultimately fucked in my ass. I confess it - I want to be a gay sissy wife of a alpha hunk man and swoon in his arms,kiss him,blush like a girlish fag and get my ass fucked like the pathetic impotent girlish queer that I really am. And I am not even ashamed to write this because I have been spoiled completely by my gay sissy queer urges.

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    Lesbian Female / 30

    Right out of college I married a nobody. He was available and I couldn't be the last one to get married. He never lived up to being a husband, not with a job and not in bed. Turns out that he is gay, but I had divorced him long before he came out that he was gay.

    During the time that I was married to him I went to a bachelorette party for one of my sorority sisters and I ended up sleeping with one of the girls. I sucked her boob and I let her feel me up. She also kissed me and she told me that she always liked me and wanted me to like her. Gay right? Two women feeling their private parts and kissing and sucking boobs. Yesterday morning I went to her house and I ate her on the living room sofa. She is married to a doctor and has two kids. We watch gay porn, male gay porn and then pretend that we are gay men fucking.

    I am married to an engineer and I have a kid. I don't work either. So when the kids are in day care we get together. I have never spontaneously told my husband I love him, it just won't come out but I tell my girlfriend I love her every time I see her. We make love with our husbands but the older we get it is more and more obvious that we are queer. She is the focus of my affections. She has always admitted to me that she is queer about me and it is the same with me. I am queer about her.

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    Gay Male / 52

    There has not been anything as terrifying in my life as going to prison for the first time in my early twenties. While I was smart enough not to believe everything I heard, I realized that there must be some truth in men having sex with each other in prison. As the saying goes: You can't r**e the willing. It didn't take me long to consider submitting willingly over being violently forced. In all honesty, I was not put off by the notion of sucking dick. I had been curious for years. Some of the hard cocks I seen in the showers made my curiosity grow stronger. Facing a long prison sentence I gave up hope on having sex with a woman after nearly a year in the county jail. I got so horny some times I considered putting it out on front street that I would suck a dick to get my dick sucked.

    The moment of truth came when an oldtimer propositioned me to suck my dick. My pants were down and my dick was in his mouth without another word said. At the heigth of arousal he stopped and told me to return the favor. I initially refused. But he didn't take no for an answer. What I was afraid of was how much I wanted to suck a dick. It's what my fantasies were made of. That and getting my dick sucked. Knowing he was gay I said fuck it and went for it.

    As soon as I seen his dick I accepted my homosexuality. I quit hiding my deep desires for gay sex. I didn't care that he seen how much I was enjoying sucking his dick. I had never been more turned on in my life than with having his big, hard dick in my mouth. The cocksucker came out in me. I knew then that it wasn't going to be the last time I sucked a dick.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    I love my pussy.

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    Lesbian Female / 51

    Growing up I was always the tallest girl in my class. Not taller than all the boys, but definitely taller than the girls. I developed earlier too. I kissed a girl in the sixth grade. My hormones were running and I liked her and I kissed her. I was sent to this alternative school. It was a Catholic all girls school. I had kissed a girl and I was sent to an all girls school. I never understood the punishment. There were girls in that school who liked to kiss and it wasn't long before I was kissing a different set of lips.

    I was athletic and I played on the school soccer team. We played other private schools and I got hot over several girls from the other schools. At one game there was only one shower room for both teams. We showered in our underwear and changed into dry underwear afterwards. But I got naked for this one girl. She was sitting on the bench taking off her shoes and I stood naked in front of her talking to her. It felt good to be naked in front of her, I could feel it, I was very aroused and very wet talking to her. She got up to go to the showers and I went with her. In the showers I told her I wanted her to get naked for me. She refused. I never saw her again, later I heard that she had quit soccer at her school.

    In college I was average in sports. Lots of girls played really hard. I tried out for rugby but did not make the team. I barely hung on to my spot on the soccer team. Barely. I wasn't fast enough or hard enough. I fell in and out of love with girl after girl. I had a short thing with a girl who played rugby, but she was too aggressive for me. I needed to be on top. I found a girl who was studying library science. She was quiet, but in bed she liked oral sex and she had me lick her bum end. She really liked that and requested it almost every time we had sex.

    I went on from college to work at a large shipping and distribution company in customer service. I joined a gym and worked out almost every day. At the gym I met a woman, she was defined, she worked out, and one day she got naked for me. I remembered the girl from my high school days. Except that this time I was the girl sitting on the bench with a naked girl in front of me making conversation. She pulled up her arms over her head and twirled and asked me if I liked. I said I liked. She asked me if I did pussy. I told her I did pussy.

    She was more aggressive to start but not as aggressive once sex started. I introduced her to bum eating. She laid on her tummy holding a pillow and let me lick and eat her bum. She tasted good to me, I almost preferred eating her bum than her pussy. But I ate both. We were work out friends and after work out sex partners. I don't think I ever fell in love with her, but I liked her a lot.

    I got fucked by a guy when I was 31. My memory was how could I be there staring up at the ceiling and this guy naked on top of me sticking his wicked penis in me. But the did. I didn't catch VD, but I caught a kid. With a kid everything changed. I was a reluctant pregnant woman, and I was a reluctant mother. But I had no choice. His idea of help was telling me what to do. I had more sex than I wanted and I ended up staying at home, he moved in with me, and he worked and I stayed at home. We got married.

    I did a second kid, more out of duty than anything else. Getting pregnant on purpose was a hard thing to do. At least the first time I didn't have any say in it. Now I was supposed to be ready for it. I did get pregnant and I did have my second kid.

    The short of all this is that I am married. Twenty years now. I am a lesbian and I have a steady girlfriend, she is a lawyer and we have a life around my husband, my kids and my house. She is the other woman in our life, she is at our house almost every day and my husband likes her well enough. When she gets bitchy he threatens to take her back to the bedroom and show her who is boss. A joke, but not a joke and she knows it. Like me she never expected that she would be deferring to a man, but she does and she doesn't say anything anymore. She likes him well enough.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I just spent the day naked ,tied to a chair with my rubber tube strapped to my dick.The rubber tube fit very tightly and had a smaller tube that ran to an electric pump that had a tube running from it that connected to the ball gag she had strapped securely in my mouth.Finally a clamp placed on my nose made it so the only way that I could breath was through my mouth.It was set up so when I have to piss it turns the pump on and pumps it through the ball gag and into my mouth .I can either hold my piss in my mouth but if I want to breathe I am forced to swallow it . Before all this happened my exwife got me drunk and when I was helpless enough for her to handle she stripped me naked then did this to me . After all the beer she got me to drink it wasnt long before I had to piss and that was when I found out the situation that I was in .After holding it as long as I could I did the only thing I could thinking that I would have to deal with the humiliation of pissing my self but quickly found out it was much worse when the pump kicked on and filled my mouth with my own piss.I held out as long as I could trying to come up with other options but you can only hold your breath for so long and I was forced to swallow every drop of my piss.When my ex finally returned she showed me how a tank can (and was ) be added before the pump which she pissed in and I also swallowed it down .

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