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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 24

    When I was seven my cousin and I touched and felt each other. She was also seven at the time. Over the next several years, from time to time we would just have to touch each other, and we started kissing each other. She developed a little faster than me which made me jealous, we were thirteen and she had real boobs and I really didn't need a bra. Her pubes had all come in, and being a family problem, once you get pubes they are thick and dark. I would examine her, spread her legs out and use a flashlight to look inside her, this really dark world with this really red slash which was slippery and looked like the oysters my father ate at the seafood place. Her vagina hole would open and close, not really a lot, like it was breathing, depending on how she held her legs.

    I was different, she would tell me what she saw and it was always different. I just wasn't getting wet like her, but at the time I thought I was different. Another thing to be jealous about. Her boobs were so nice, she could lift them with her hand and put them together and pout her lips. Mine were just like flat, if I squeezed my shoulders together I could get a little bit of cleavage. It just wasn't fair. We were cousins, but we had different moms. My father is her mother's brother. And my mom would tell me that I couldn't expect to have my cousins body, we had different moms. At that time we were still thirteen.

    When we were sixteen, we had both gotten our driver's licenses, we would go places, we always went together. We were in an art class after school, a failure for both of us, we joined a cheerleading camp, another failure, we volunteered at the children's museum, not such a failure. But it really didn't matter, at sixteen we were just as close as we were when we were seven, except she had developed into a very pretty girl, with long brown hair and light brown eyes, and hips and those beautiful boobs of hers. I was long and had blonde hair and small boobs. We were cousins, but not like I wanted to be. She attracted boys, I didn't. I had friends, she had boys trying to get to her, and not just boys from our class.

    One afternoon, we were still sixteen, we had gone to this soccer game and when we got back to her house, she just took off her clothes and got on her bed. Her boobs always begged me to touch them and hold them and to play with her nipples. That afternoon it wasn't different, I was playing with her boobs and sucking on them, I loved the feel of her nipples in my mouth, my hand fell between her legs and I put my hand inside her panties which all she had on and found her vagina and fingered her while I sucked on her boobs. That day I kissed my cousin, a real deep kiss while I fingered her, and I took off her panties and I went down on her. Then we pulled a throw over our shoulders and dozed off for a while.

    The difference between my cousin and I is that she is all passive and I am all active when it comes to sex. I mean now she eats me and will get active after I spend some time getting her hot, but she is basically a beauty that likes to be pleased and I am all over her, pushing and shoving and grabbing and kissing and getting her hot, hot, hot. For a while we cleaned up our act down there, but we went back to all natural, I love opening her legs, that dark jungle all around her honey pot, her dark red glistening oyster just begging to be sucked. I love eating her, I know how to make her go nuts. Somehow, when we were conceived, we were conceived to be together. To fit each other like a hand and glove, for me not to be jealous of her, but to make her mine. It is just that she was always going to be a girl, to look like a girl, but to want to be loved by a girl, and I was destined to be the one to love her. I just got a serious bath of male want when it comes to wanting her. If I had been a boy, I would have fucked her when we were seven years old. That is what I felt back then, I just didn't know what that feeling was.

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    Gay Male / 45

    I got laid off and was hanging around my apartment all day. I started going out for walks, just to get fresh air. in our complex there are three pools and as I walked around I found that at this one pool was a man who laid out for the sun. We nodded as I walked by and one day I found him at the local supermarket and we said hello and got into a conversation. He drove a limo at night, said he worked for a club and they had clients that needed to be driven home. He went on around nine and got off around three. I told him I had been laid off.

    He suggested that instead of walking around alone I come to the pool, catch some sun. The day I decided to go I felt totally awkward, this man was well tanned and I looked like a white beached whale. I told him I was scared I was going to get burned, so he invited me inside and we went up to his apartment, which overlooked the pool. We talked, he had been around, lots of different jobs, he told me he landed the job as the limo driver quite by accident, a recommendation from a guy he had met online.

    He just got to the point, told me he was gay, he had moved to Florida for the sun and to get away from the winter. He asked me if I was gay, I said no. He told me that the club he worked at it was pretty much a private affair, not just anyone could walk in. You had to have money, the girls were all first class, the tips were good, he acted as both a doorman and a driver, he got paid, he got tips and it gave him the day off to do as he pleased, sleep a little hang out at the pool.

    I asked questions, and he answered them. I asked about the girls at the club. He was very descriptive, he said they were all first class, made a good amount of money. He laughed when I suggested that they made tips. Tips, as in what her tip was for giving a rich man a good time. This was a club where men went to spend time with the ladies, not just to watch then dance.

    We spent the afternoon talking, he was open about his lifestyle. He felt mine was boring. He asked me if I was gay what kind of guy would I like. Was I into skinny guys in speedos, or old fat truck drivers. What did I like, there was enough to go around. He suggested that I get online, he gave me a couple of dating sites, find a man I found interesting, if I wanted he would check him out for me, and just get a good fuck, I needed one.

    I went to the websites, I logged on with a fake name, I saw what was there. I was curious, but the more time I spent looking the more interested I became. I hung out at the pool, ever so slowly getting a tan. My severance was running out, and I would have to go on unemployment which wasn't going to be enough. He offered to get me on at the club, he got me a job as a bar back, we went in together and one night when we got off I didn't make it home. I ended up on his bed sucking him off.

    That was ten years ago when I was 35. I work now for an import company and part time as a bartender. I have much more defined tastes, as he said there is enough for all. My likes, the man I want to get off with, works outside, heavy equipment operators, at the port, truck drivers, those types. I never could get off to the skinny guy in a speedo. A man's man, beer, cigar, football, who wants a blow job during the game. I'm his man.

    My friend the limo driver moved on. I am still in town, the club is long gone, moved and changed its name. Some days I think I am going to end up like him, moving to a new place, getting a no name job, I am a bartender so I can get a job most anywhere, find a place, settle in, suck an old man with money, suck a man's man, hang out by the pool and see who walks by. As a bartender I can work nights, work on my tan during the day, keep an eye out, hookup online, maybe the delivery truck driver, who knows. The one thing my friend the limo driver said, is there is plenty to go around.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I live in a small town, American girl who goes to church on Sundays and is at every game on Friday night. I'm pretty, slim, get good grades and have a future ahead of me thanks to a good family, even though we're from the midwest. What people don't know about me is that I'm secretly grossed out by dicks and masturbate to pictures and videos of girls more than guys. I love the way girls smell, especially hugging someone after they've been running or during gym class. All I want is one of my best girlfriends to have a lesbian sleepover with me with LOTS of cuddling and open exploration...

    Oh God. What the hell am I going to do?! I don't want to have to wait until college to figure this out!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 37

    Living as a man is now impossible for me.

    I'm honestly surprised that no one has drawn the conclusion (or asked the question at least) of whether I am gay or trans, or both. It's not like I would say no to either one at this point. Some people might be starting to guess though, because I have been getting a few hairdresser comments after having let my hair grow for a year. If only they knew.

    If only they knew that I have a full women's wardrobe.

    If only they knew I had 30 pairs of women's shoes, most of them high heels.

    If only they knew I had more stockings and pantyhose than I could count, most of them exquisitely silky and sheer. Little did I know that when I tried my first pair on at 8 years old that my fate was sealed and I was out of the gene pool. I have never had sex with a woman despite thinking for years that I was straight and had a fetish. How foolish I was. Looking back now, it's so easy to realize that I have always been most excited when dressed sexy for a man, daintily bending over to suck his cock while he gropes me, spanks my ass, and calls me a bitch, a sissy, a faggot, and so many other wonderfully emasculating names. I love fucking in many positions, but so far the best sex I have had was while spooning, and lifting my pantyhosed leg into the air for my man and watching the pump on my foot flop up and down while his dick pumped in and out of my ass, while he pulled my hair and had his hand on my neck, showing me that my destiny is to be another man's bitch. But who am I kidding, sex for me has always involved a cock fucking my ass, and often cumming in it.

    I now go shopping for shoes and clothes dressed as a woman, live almost exclusively as a woman out of the office, and will be going on a date with a guy this Sunday who promises to parade me around town. I eventually hope to be rid of my male wardrobe, and one day say "I do" to a man while wearing a bridal dress.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Fuck you Danny why was it OK for you to fuck my ass when I have a girlfriend but as soon as you have 1 you go weird everyone has known you love dick since you were 12

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Last summer, I started counting the number of people that I slept with over the course of my years.

    I counted 7 girls and 34 guys....yiiiikes !!!!


    The difference I guess is that I probably slept 300 times each with the 7 girls....and most of the 34 guys were hookups.

    I love cock and I love pussy...what can I say !

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    All was good with my life. I had a job I liked, I was making enough money to pay my rent and other bills. I had a nice enough place to my own, no more roommates. I was turning 25. I was in a world of my own.

    I worked for a large company. I interacted a lot with this woman who was the supports services manager. I took her reports and other information and she called me over to take reports back to my department. I saw her a couple of times a day. Whenever we saw each other she was always nice to me.

    I was in the restroom during my lunch break and she came in and asked me how I was doing. She asked me a lot of questions, talking to me while she was in the stall. When she came out she asked me to straighten out her skirt. She turned and started to work my hair with her hands. Her hand went down to my face and she touched my lips and told me that I was very beautiful, that she had always found me very beautiful, and she caressed my face again.

    She called me on Sunday several weeks later and asked if I was interested in going with her to this showing of an artist she was friends with. It was at a small restaurant, we could have an early dinner and make her friend feel better that people came. She came by to pick me up. She was dressed casual but very nice. She told me that she thought I looked particularly beautiful that day. I had a chance to look at her in the car while we talked. She was a beautiful woman herself, very classic looks, very well made up, I kept thinking how beautiful she must have been when she was younger.

    At the restaurant we walked around with a glass of wine looking at the paintings on the wall, I was not expecting them to be priced in the thousands. Some of them said SOLD and others HOLD. There were a good number of people there, I met the lady who painted. She said that Marlene had told her how beautiful I was, but words did not do me justice. She told Marlene that she was a very lucky lady. When we went to our table the waiter brought a bottle of wine for us, compliments of Marlene's friend.

    I was nervous, all around me were people I didn't know. Marlene kept trying to get me to talk about personal stuff. She was touching me, my hands, my legs, touching my face, until she grabbed on to my hand and said she wanted my attention.

    She repeated that she thought I was beautiful, but more importantly that I made her feel good, that when she saw me her day lit up, that being able to be with me convinced her even more that I was the one in a million. She asked me if she could take care of me. She wanted to take care of me. Some girls had daddies and some girls had mommies. That she had a nice place, I could live with her and she would take care of me. She had money, she had been married but they had divorced because she had other interests, she wanted a girl of her own. But her ex husband had taken care of her very well.

    Her friend the painter came over and interrupted, before she sat down she kissed me on the cheek and told me that I could not do better. That she and Marlene had known each other since forever and not to be repeated, but that they used to go out and dance the night away, and split the sheets, if I understood. That Marlene was still her best friend and if Marlene had been just a bit more of a girl, and not married that man, who knows? But leave that alone, now I was with Marlene, Marlene had told her everything about me, she knew that I would make Marlene happy, not to embarrass Marlene, but I was the only thing she talked about.

    After she left Marlene smiled and apologized, she admitted that they had been together for several years and there was still a lot of feelings between them, but that they weren't kids anymore and Marlene needed her own girlfriend and her friend needed her own girlfriend. So to get back to our conversation, would I let her take care of me?

    I tried to tell her that I didn't think I was that kind of girl. But she didn't listen to me, she just stood up leaned over me and kissed me on the lips, square on, and said out loud "Mommy loves you" and went to the restroom.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I made friends with J at work. We worked in the same department, we were about the same age and she was easy to meet. We became lunch friends and one Saturday she invited me to go with her on a girls spa day. We spent a nice day, we had a nice lunch. In the car she asked if I knew that B liked me. I was shocked, B worked in Finance, she was quiet and had a reputation for being very focused at work. J asked me if I liked B. I said no, why would I like B? And how did she know that B liked me?

    J said that B had told her, that B had asked her to find out if I liked B, that B wanted to go out with me. I told J that I didn't date women. J told me that I should really consider it, B really liked me, and B was a real woman when it came to being in bed. I looked at J and I asked her how she knew that B was good in bed. J's answer was straight to the point, she said that B fucked her and B wanted to fuck me. That she wanted me.

    I asked J if she was gay. She asked if I really needed to ask that. Hadn't she shown me that she was gay? How much more obvious did she need to be? And J asked me "you are gay, right?". I said no, I wasn't. She answered by telling me that I did not like guys, not one single guy, that I had never mentioned a guy, she asked me if I had ever been with a guy? She sat there, in the parking lot with me, and she said "kiss me". "Kiss me, and when you do think about how good it would be to be naked together, on a big soft bed, all naked and sweaty".

    She leaned over and kissed me. She also put her hand on my breast. She went on and on about how she liked to be naked and to just rub together, how she liked having her mouth kissed, how she liked a tongue lashing, where it felt so good. I never even noticed that we went to her place. It was small, a one bedroom, she stood in the middle of the living area and took off all her clothes, she stood completely naked in front of me and told me that we were going to find out if I liked guys.

    She went and laid on her back on the bed, she lay in an X, she said that I could start by kissing her lips, then move up and kiss her breasts, and then get on her and hold her face and kiss her. That is what B does, and that is what she wanted me to do.

    She had to take my clothes off and things didn't work out too well, she did most of it, she made me confess that being kissed was good, and that I liked her playing with my breasts, that having her kiss me down there was very weird, and my kiss to her down there drove a sharp sting through me. We ate dinner, watched a movie and I spent the night with her.

    She told B that I needed work, but that it was OK with me. B is a very serious woman, actually she is younger than me but seems a lot older. She is deliberate, she takes your clothes off in order, shoes and then pants and then top, and then bra, and then your underwear. She lays you out, just like J said, in an X and she spends quite a bit of time down there, moving up on you and then embracing you with these long kisses.

    Did we date? I don't know, we spent a lot of time together, she and J and I. She and J are close in a different way, lots of touching when they are alone indoors, hands where they shouldn't be, kisses on the neck and mouth, torn clothes, and J goes for the gold, J gives her tongue lashings where it feels so good, and J gives her hand massage, using the palm of her hand to send you over the moon. I know, J has sent me to the moon and back.

    But with B it is different, it is like B is the father and I am the mother and J is a rebellious teen. B asked me to be her sister. I live with J now, we found a small bungalow two bedroom house. B spends most of her free time with us and when she spends the night we are sisters. It is over a year now that J and I moved in together, and when the three of us wake up after a Friday night séance, it is still a strange feeling to find myself three in a bed.

    J and her X, and being sisters with B, I no longer ask myself if I am going to meet the right guy.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 29

    I'm ball deep on my black masters cock typing my confession as he's instructed. Another white guy turned to the dark side.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 32

    As I got older and I came into my own, I started to develop an attraction to a certain girl. I was embarrassed, I acted like a fool around her, so much so that she told me to give her some space. Oh God, I cried I was so embarrassed. She stood her ground and asked me what was my problem. Not answering, she said she wasn't gay, sorry. But, from then on she was nice and open with me, when I told her I had never felt that way before, she said I would soon get over it and we would be friends.

    She stuck close to me, shielded me, became my defender. On one occasion a couple of girls called me queer in the cafeteria. She went for the throat, belittling them and accusing them of never being in love. She stood beside me and told everyone who was standing around that she was honored that I loved her, that having me love her made her feel good. She took my hand and we left the cafeteria. When we got far enough away, she turned to me and asked me if I understood that now we were both queers.

    We were the queer girls in school. We were counseled, separated so we never had classes together, or lunch together, warned about any, no matter how miniscule pda. Oh, she took me in her arms the day we graduated and kissed me in front of every one, parents, teachers and schoolmates. Too late, we were out of there.

    Yes she took back what she had said, admitting she was gay, and she knew she was gay that day in the tenth grade. But she had never told any one. Well we were so out no one could do anything. ROAD

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