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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Hello, what I'm about to say feels almost euphoric to my senses.

    I want to admit almost everything.

    I'm absolutely, 100% bisexual without any doubt.

    Also, I've always felt more comfortable being addressed as a girl and always wanted to look pretty as I am a good looking guy, I prefer to have feminine traits

    I'm okay to say that there are guys out there I've noticed that really make my heart sink, and I think they're cute and would love to be with them in a committed relationship.

    I find naked men sexy and attractive, I find the penis to be very sexy, I've always loved the testicles the most and have always been attracted to sperm and till today I've never accepted it.

    I want loyalty and for a guy to protect me, I'd say I'm definitely the pleaser in the relationship

    I'm a one guy short of being a virgin bottom no doubt, it makes me feel natural and attractive when I'm on bottom.. Id love to have a boyfriend if my current relationship doesn't work out and to please my future boyfriend when the time comes.

    I've slept with only one guy who was not a sleep around, we went all the way when we had sex and that means without a condom which was amazingly intimate.

    I just really really like guys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was a straight male into BDSM until I met Maxine, an older domme tranny in her mid 50s to early 60s, online about three years ago.

    Maxine lives in a small farmhouse in a remote rural area and I am a pain slut pig.

    I see Maxine about every 10 days to 2 weeks for bondage, pain and humiliation.

    Maxine sometimes makes undress and put on a thong but more often requires me to wear a speedo.

    A typical session with Maxine includes long walks in the woods on a leash, wearing only handcuffs and a speedo, even when the weather is cold or wet.

    She often ties a rope around my neck and hikes me up on my tippy toes. Sometimes she just watches me and enjoys my struggle to stay up on my toes and breathe as I'm face first turns red and then blue.

    Other times she paddles my speedo encased butt and/or whips me all over with a switch, while I fight for air, until I am covered with welts.

    She also likes to tie me with my back to a tree with my hands cuffed behind my back around the tree.

    She finishes my bondage with ropes pinning my ankles, thighs and neck securely to the tree and completes my misery with 5 or 6 very tight wraps of rope around my belly.

    Occasionally she will use duct tape instead of rope to bind me to trees or posts.

    While I'm restrained, Maxine gets excited by punching my belly and chest with her fists.

    She occasionally pun he's me in my face but more often she slaps the piss out of me.

    Our sessions always end with me giving her one or more BJ's on my knees with my hands tied behind my back.

    I love and crave these visits with Maxine. They make me feel like a dirty whore and I'm obsessed with visiting her as often as possible.

    Right now I'm trying to talk Maxine into including several more people in my humiliation, bondage and pain sessions.

    Any volunteers for possible participation or fresh ideas for hurting me?

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    What I am writing down is hard to say. I am gay and I am very upset. I don't want to be gay. I have spent a lot of time asking myself if I am really gay. I went to the MOMA and sat in a quiet room and asked myself if I had ever fallen for a guy. Had I ever really kissed a guy. The answer to those questions are no. A guy kissed me once, in high school. I never spoke to him again. When I am alone at night, do I ever think about a guy. Again, no. If I see an ad for men's underwear do I think he is hot. Again, no.

    If I see an ad for women's underwear what do I think. That she is cute, how big her breasts are, just love her lips, if I changed her hair how would she look. Does she have blue eyes.

    I finished my senior year in college and will be doing one more year to get my masters. I took an internship at a firm in the city. Hence why I went to the MOMA.

    Out to lunch with this girl. When we came to crossing the street she took my hand to cross me over. We sat at a booth, side by side, and spoke in whispers so no one could hear us. On the way back to the office she took my hand again because I wasn't used navigating with all the people. We went out to lunch almost every day.

    She invited me to have Sabbath dinner with her folks. She is Jewish, I am Catholic, so for me it was a first experience. She told me what to expect, that her father is a Cardiologist, her little sister, everything. After dinner, we went up to her old room. She laid down on her old bed and asked me to come and lay down beside her so we could talk without being overheard. She caressed my face a thousand times, she spoke to me with our noses touching.

    On the way back uptown, we were in the subway station alone, and she said it was customary to kiss your date on the subway platform. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. She said she wanted a kiss back. To put my arms around her waist and we should hold a kiss until the subway came. On the subway, it was empty, we sat side by side and she held my hand in her lap. We got to her stop and she said she wanted me to come up, to see her apartment. A one bedroom, with a view, and she said she wanted me to spend the night. She got on the bed and asked me to come to her.

    We spent the night, we shared a toothbrush, we spent all morning naked in bed. She showed me how to kiss her, how to touch her, and she touched me. We showered, ate a bite, and back in bed again. We stayed in bed all day, and didn't get dressed until night and went out for pizza. When we got back we shared a toothbrush again, she brushed my teeth and I brushed hers and we kissed with our mouths full of toothpaste. We made love again. She loaned me some clothes. We were pretty tired so we slept for a long time. I didn't go back to my apartment until late the next day, which I share with three other people.

    The bottom line is that I moved in with her. We are constantly having sex. We share clothes, we have one toothbrush, she lets me make her up, comb her hair. We bought matching high heel shoes to go out dancing. We didn't come out at work, but everyone knows. Her parents don't acknowledge us, at her parent's we have to toe the line, so we stay long enough for dinner and then leave and go dancing or just come home. My parents live in Chicago, I don't have the heart to tell them that I am living with a girl, that I am not living at my apartment where I pay rent.

    At the MOMA, sitting there I accepted that I am gay, I am for the first time pretty much head over heels for someone, a girl. That sleeping with her is so nice, that patting her behind in her panties feels good. That kissing on a subway platform feels normal. That holding hands crossing the street is what you do. Now how to tell my parents. How to get her parents to acknowledge what they know. How to get over knowing that I am gay. One of us has to convert.

    I am gay, I don't want to be gay, it hurts to know that you are gay. I am in love with a Jewish girl and our life is pretty much going to be Jewish. I have a lot to learn.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've been wearing women's clothing for years and recently wanted to take it further. On a web page I discovered a posting for a party (tranny's and bi's). I turned up dressed normally but with a bag. Inside the party was in full swing and a drink or two later a cross dresser came over to chat me up. I explained my fetish and he accompanied me to the bedroom and watched me change. After my transformation he led me into the public domain for the first time. To my surprise I received a lot of attention, hands everywhere, my little clit standing to attention. I danced with many men, their hands squeezing my bum and kissing me. I was then led to a room and fucked by one of them fully clothed with my pink frilly panties pulled to one side. I was in a daze I hadn't expected to have a cock inside me. I lay on the bed stunned when the door opened and in came the cross dresser he lifted my dress and fondled my bulge. I opened my legs to allow access and surrendered to the best oral I've ever had. After that I decided to leave but on my way out I was given a card with the next venue. It was supposed to be a one off but my email address must have been circulated and most of the men would like me to attend. Do I attend?

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    Lesbian Female / 31

    Never a big dater, I spent most of my free time with church. The summer I left my church I was asked to go with a group of teens on mission trip to Kenya. We did mission work, but since we were there we went out for a day to a natural park near Nairobi. At the park, a woman asked if she could join us, she was with the US Embassy, she was a Captain with the Air Force and she was alone at the park.

    I am not going to go into the quick moves she made, that night she came to our hotel and she hand fucked me with a dildo, ate me, fingered me, sucked my breasts until the hurt, and she hurt me some more with the dildo, using it up my ass. I was a complete virgin when she came to my room, no one had ever kissed my lips on purpose and she stuck her tongue in my vagina and she hand fucked me with a dildo.

    She told me she just needed pussy, white American pussy, a girl she could tongue. She had all she could take with so many Africans, the Europeans, she wanted an American girl to eat, to fuck.

    I ate her, not because I wanted to, but she told me that I couldn't go home with out her taste in my mouth. Every time I smelled something she wanted me to remember the smell of her pussy, every time I tasted something she wanted me to remember the taste of her pussy.

    We talked on Skype every day when she got off work, I wrote her long love letters, she wrote me sex letters telling me what she wanted to do. She got R&R and she came to the states and ate me for an hour (maybe less but it felt like an hour) and then she gave me her pussy to eat, to get her taste back in my mouth. I quite my church, I quit my job and I got a job as a teacher in a Nairobi Christian expat school and I 'roomed' with her until her assignment was up.

    She gave up her commission, we moved to California where nobody cares if you are a Lesbian. She works for an aerospace company and I teach school. We are still not off our high of having sex. I think we have too much sex, she had an almost exaggerated sex drive, but I guess that keeps me pacified and focused on her. I didn't know just how frustrated I was, I never thought I was a lesbian, she says she just knew when she talked to me.

    Now that we are out we don't hide anything.

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    Straight Male / 55

    My step daughter is just divorced.

    A few days back she started playing games with me in coded words telling me that she needs sex. It started with accidental touches and naught jokes. It graduated to accidental exposures and laughter's and finally letting me see her naked.

    I just kept silent and just laughed at that time. Now she has told me that she has feelings for me and wants me to love her like I do her mom. Apparenly She has seen everything we do on bed including how I suck pussy.

    She has promised secrecy and she knows it is wrong. Yet she wants me.

    I already let her undress me and sleep naked. I feel guilty. I have stopped myself from entering her and all other things including oral sex is already there.

    She is like her mother when I married her mom. I feel for her young pussy. In the meantime, I do not feel earlier joy with my wife. It has become just a stunt.

    It is toomuch....

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 55

    I have stolen nude private pictures of my friends wives and girlfriends and my family members. When I go into people's homes I search t closets and dresser draws looking for nude private pictures of the lady of the house. After I'm done pleasuring myself looking at the pictures I will leave some of them where their sons, neighbors and coworker's can find them so everyone can see the private pictures of the nude women. Do they get embarrassed? Does anyone tell them about the private pictures that they have found and seen of them nude? Does their sons jerk off looking at their mothers nude body while jerking off. Do son's now try to see more of Mom nude and want to have sex with her. I always upload the pictures on the internet with real names hoping that their families and friends and coworkers will see them and download them to keep. Do these ladies know that most everyone they know have seen them nude and having sex with guys and dildos with nice up close pussy shots. If you have nude pics of yourself you may already be on the internet and seen by your friends and family members

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I have been a feminine gay hiding in the closet for years. Since I was a young teen dressing in my mothers lingere and dresses when she was away. It stopped for years but when I would go on business trips, I would check out the gay clubs and always stay over to party. I would go in dressed straight, have a drink and check things out and if cool, usually were, I would go back to motel room, put on nylon panties, short shorts and girly blouse and go back to the club. I needed to "let myself out", be a feminine gay and get picked up for dates. It always worked. Guys would buy me drinks, invite me over to meet their friends and go with them to their car parked in a dark part of the parking lot. I would let them do what they wanted, played coy and always got my head shoved down on a stiff cock. I didn't complain, I was too busy sucking my dates cock. Making a guy come in my mouth was everything. Licking his cum was so good. Sometimes when I was lucky I would find another"date" waiting for me in the back seat. I,would get out of the car wearing panties only making sure the guys in the next car could see me, get in the back seat and satisfy my new date. Sometimes I would be so turned in I would walk around the dark parking lot hooker style hoping to get picked up. I always did. Sometimes I sucked off guys that were straight but just needed a blowout job. I didn't mind. By the time I was about to drop I would go back to my motel room and sleep very very good. Totally satisfied I did this a lot.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I am single, bisexual, professional, masculine male who has several females I date and several bisexual, married men who come by my condo for a role-in-the-hay. I am not part of the gay community and neither do I cruise gay spots for pick-ups or hustlers. For some reason I have this unique ability to spot masculine bi men, and some masculine gay men and they feel drawn to me ( so they say). Perhaps its the biblical "mystery of the fellowship" as the good book says.
    After college I accepted a position in a mid-sized southern town in deep red American and the buckle of the bible belt. I am spiritual and believes ones theological convictions are between them and God and anti denomination. needless to say, I am not fancied by some of my older coworkers, but don't give a damn. However, there appears to be a growing number of people my age (born and breed in the area) who share my theological convictions.
    Almost every morning I power walk 2 to 3 miles before I get ready for work. Many times I am out before the sun rise, or just as rises, walking around a lake in the subdivision where I purchased my home.
    Our area has been soaked off an on for weeks with rain, thus limiting my morning ritual. Even where there has been no rain there has been so much there is excessive water drainage damage to the side walk around the lake (1 mile). The community center has small exercise room with treadmills buts its not like walking around the lake or down the road. One of my neighbors told me that the major mall in town opens at 5:am for seniors to walk both levels in the A.C. and they know several who go almost every morning. After another week or bad weather and an unknown date the sidewalk would be repaired or the trees removed I decided to drive over one Saturday morning to join the seniors in several laps around both levels of the mall.
    I parked on the upper level of the parking garage so I would walk into the second floor to being my exercise. It took me 20 minutes to walk that level one time and, I must admit, more refreshing than walking in the warm morning heat. After that first lap I went down the 42 steps to the lover level so see individuals, couples and groups walking together. I was half way around that level when coming toward me was a very good looking man who appeared to be in his 40's. Our eyes met as we passed and the connection was so strong I walked a few feet before turning to look over my shoulder and he was stopped looking back at me. I turned forward and continued my walking knowing we had a connection and he was interested in me and I was interested in him too. I glanced back just before I turned into one of the off shuts and he was gone.
    As I reached the end of the mall and turned back there he was again- facing me and only a few store away. Our eyes were locking like sonar and as he passed on my left he spoke and so did I. He had a deep voice, which I like on a man, and as I looked back over my left shoulder he was behind me moving between me and the stores. I moved out so he could come beside me and he said, "mind if I walk with?" I said, "I welcome the company". For the next 45 minutes we walked that same level 2 times having exchanged names and I noticed his diamond wedding band. He suggest we stop for coffee, I opted for a diet soda and we set down in the food court across the table from each other.
    It took a couple of minutes before IO felt his food reach over and against the outside of my food. This is good, I thought and I pushed back with my food signaling my approval. Of course he moved it foot as a couple began to walk toward us and their table. Then the bottom of his foot (toe) set on top of my foot and he pressed and I lifted my toes up.
    We played footsie for a few minutes without a word when he said, "you like to have your duck sucked?" I nodded Yes and I said, "yes." He said, "you want to walk back down the mall to the other side were there is a Men's Room across the back hall for Mall Security?" I said, "is that safe?" He replied, "Mall Security is out in the mall recording which stores aren't opened on time. It's 9:40 so we have a 30 plus minutes window." I asked, "how do you know what Mall Security is doing." He replied, "I'm on the Board which owns the Mall, but no one here knows."
    15 minutes later we are in the handicapped stall with him sitting on the toilet enthusiastically sucking my dick as he massaged my hairy balls. I was about to blow when I pulled back told him, "my turn." I set on the toilet and for the first time he unzipped his shorts and came this beautiful cock and I was on it like white on rice. He was turned on having sucked on my foe a while so he said, "I am close" and put my hands on his hips and he began to skull fuck me and white washed my tonsils. Then he set back down and it only took a minute and I unloaded down his throat.
    We straightened up, washed out hands exiting the Men's Room, down the long corridor back into the Mall were we set on a bench facing one of the anchor stores and began to talk. It was some 20 minutes later when we noticed the Mall Security man heading back to the office. He told me. "he's going to complete his report maybe take a leak and he will be back walking the mall shortly." Sure enough, in a few minutes he came back and I followed him back into the Men's Room where we got each other off a second time, with one brief interruption of someone pissing.
    That Mall is 25 miles from my home (other side of town) and I am now a Saturday morning regular and in the bathroom at 9:45 AM.

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    <a href==></a>

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