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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 26

    As a study abroad college student I met the woman who lived next door. She took an interest in me and invited me over and took me around. She took me to a party, it was an all 'girl' party, including a game of pairing, you got a number out of a bag, and you got paired with another girl for the night. That was my introduction with girl sex. My partner knew it all, I was a complete novice, but not after that night. She showed me, and I went along.

    After that party I was part of the crowd, obviously only interested in my partner from that first party. She accepted me and we became inseparable. I fell for her, hard. She tried to stay unaffected but cried and cried the night before I had to return home.

    My folks thought it crazy for me to spend my Christmas break, and then Spring break with her. I had to 'come out'. I was cautioned about an older girl, in Paris, watch myself. But love is blind. In the end distance looked like it would kill our thing, I hurt for a year, she thought silence would work. She cried too. Then out of the blue my mother took me to Paris, to either move on or hang on. I hung on, asked her to come to live with us, my Dad would help us until we got married and she could work here.

    Anyway, Springtime in Paris is Springtime in Paris, and love was in the air. We are married now, we got married at sunrise at our beach house and even my Grandparents came. We have all the papers now, my 'wife' works for my Dad as his receptionist for his Dental practice, one step at a time. Oh, she is older, a whole three years older. We need a few years for her citizenship, that's our goal.

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    Straight Male / 50

    i am a 60 year old man that likes to watch guys jerking off.... not sure what this makes me, but i think about it a lot ..... i love to dreaa in panties too

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    Gay Male / 30

    Hello I am a 30 yr old divorced white male who was seduced by a 60 yr old chunky gay man almost 2 months ago.Since them I have let myself go and let Howard fuck me good every weekend.I go over to his place snort some poppers and am soon lubed up and penetrated by his 6 inch cut fat cut cock.I love it inside me and always seem to cum inside myself like a woman now when he shoots his load in me.I find myself realizing more and more that I am discovering I am gay and love being bred by my man.He is my first man but I know it feels right.

    I also lovingly suck his cock to completion and greedily take every drop down my throat.Lately I have been watching gay porn with him and find looking at all the cocks makes mew horny as hell.I get so uninhibited watching the porn that when Howard's 70 yr old mostly bald gay neighbor comes over I spread my legs for him too and take his 7 inch uncut man meat in me as well.The last 2 weekends Fred has been fucking me as well and I also enjoy kissing with him and sucking his cock.As I sit here smoking a cigarette I realize I am meant for cock and to be bred like a whore.Sucking on my cigarette greedily makes me wish I now had a cock in my mouth right now.Soon I will be going over there tonight for another weekend of pleasing older Daddy dick.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    Creepy is what it is. I moved into a new house with my lady and we got married in our back yard with all our friends. We didn't know anyone in the neighborhood and had not met our neighbor. I stood beside her, and I could not help but keep looking up at the window next door where he stood looking at us waving his finger at me and saying no to me. All through the ceremony and the reception which was outside on the deck he stood there and when I looked up at him he waved his finger at me telling me no. That night, my wedding night I was not able to get in the mood. We had a little sex and then just slept tight.

    My neighbor spots me and goes out the mailboxes when he sees me and tells me that I am a sinner. He tells me that for a 'pretty girl' I am wasting God's blessings. I also get mail from him about being a 'good wife' and God's will. He offers to introduce me to eligible bachelors who want a wife and children. He dislikes my wife intently, he says she is an aberration, what can I say I like dykes. He has offered to introduce me to his pastor so that I can be helped.

    I won't lie, I go to his house and talk. My wife works as a harbor pilot and she is out at odd hours and when I am alone I go over there to be lectured. The stupid thing is that I feel like my father is talking to me and it is comforting in the most bizarre way. I know that I am 'wasted' from their point of view, I should be bearing children now. If only, but I am what I am. I wasn't born that way, to be a suburban wife to a man and have children. I am 'off' and although he has gotten me to feel 'pangs' in my 'insides' about children I just can't work up a desire and my wife is definitely not one who wants little kids messing up her life.

    But I do sit by the window in my house around dinner time and watch the kids on the street playing ball and riding their bikes and the moms standing together talking. I can't go out there, I am not one of 'them' so I go next door to be where I know that I am liked and sit and have coffee and talk about why I am distorted and how it is that my life is the way it is and how my calling is to be a mother, he swears that is my calling, but for one stupid gene that got out of whack.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    i'm bi and found about it recently. i haven't told my hubby about it and probably never will. i have slept with 4 womens till now and all of them were lesbians. Despite all this i still enjoy sex with husband.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    i'm bi and found about it recently. i haven't told my hubby about it and probably never will. i have slept with 4 womens till now and all of them were lesbians. Despite all this i still enjoy sex with husband.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I think i'm turning gay. It started with normal porn and progressed to mmf when I found myself interested in those big throbbing lengths of meat pounding those girls. It then led to shemale porn, I tried to tell myself they were chick with dicks. I really knew I was watching men fucking. The other night I watched pure man on man sex whilst having a wank and shot my sticky load over my belly and wandering what it would taste like too, I ate it all up. I think I need someone to help me with my confused state. Can anyone help me? PLEASE

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    Straight Male / 38

    A week ago I got home from work a little early. Like almost 2 hours early. It was about 7:00 PM when I arrived home and let myself in the front door. The house was dark so I just figured my wife was out and about but would probably be home soon. I headed upstairs to change clothes. As I got to the top of the steps I noticed some light coming from our bedroom. I walked up to the door and lo and behold, there was my 35 year old wife all wrapped up with the 19 year old neighbors daughter. They were really going at it and so I just tucked myself back some and watched the show. I must say, the girls were very talented by their actions and the number of orgasms I heard in the next half hour. I mean both pussies were well attended to by hot tongues and fingers.

    Finally they both laid back on the bed side by side lightly touching each other. I guessed they were finished so I snuck back down the steps and went to the front door. I opened it and shouted, hello, anybody home. I heard my wife's voice say, I'll be right down, grab us some ice tea. OK, I replied. I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and took out the pitcher of tea. Grabbed a couple glasses and poured two teas. A minute after that my wife appeared in a house dress type thing and said, you're home early. Yeah, I said, not a lot going on so I headed out early. Great, she said. You look tired I told her. You know how the housework is never done, she replied. I'll start dinner for us. Great I said and went into the living room, turned on a light, and switched on the TV.

    We eventually had diner and watched some TV. When we headed to bed there was no sign of anyone being there at all. She must have sneaked out when I was pouring the tea. I haven't mentioned what I saw yet. Saving it for some special use.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I am a 50 yr old married male who is married to an older domineering woman of 73.This is my second marriage and much better than the first.Even though I am 6 ft 1 200 pound and my wife Mirvana is only 5 ft 5 and petite she wears the pants in the family ordering me around.In spite of that we love each other and do have lots of affectionate kissing and cuddling times.Sexually though we have not had intercourse in 12 years and instead she prefers me to pleasure her with long oral sessions.She thinks I am very oral and this is where my talents lie.

    For quite awhile now she has hinted that she thinks I am gay and this does not concern her as I will stay with her and not chase women for sex.A couple weekends ago she took me aside and said I need to further express my oral talents so she could watch.Her suggestion somewhat surprised me.She said that in her volunteer work she had made friends with this older gay man who was a widower but now fully out of the closet.She said he was 75 and very lonely and had not had sex in years.Why not invite him over on a Saturday night for some fun.I thought about it and realize I never turn my wife down on anything so I agreed.Good she said I will call him up.

    Gordon arrived the next evening appearing nervous and excited.He was balding,short and stocky but very friendly and decent.We had some drinks to relax.My wife then told us all to go into the bedroom which we did.As she lay on the bed smoking a Belmont cigarette she asked us to take our clothes off.We both nervously did as she asked.I noticed Gordon's cut cock was short and stubby maybe 5 inches or so with a medium size head on it.He was hard and had an embarrassed smile on his face.Seeing his hard cock made my bigger cock stiff as well.I am around 6 and a half inches of cut slimmer cock. Mirvana had Gordon sit at the edge of the bed.She then told me to sit beside him so we could kiss a bit.I did as I was told and as I kissed him I found myself and him really getting into it.We frenched deep for quite awhile until my wife asked us to stop.She then directed me to go on my knees and orally pleasure Gordon's cock.I was soon bobbing up and down on it enjoying how it felt in my mouth.It was just the right size.I found myself loving it and putting everything into it.Gordon by this point was moaning a lot.I realized that though I enjoyed orally pleasing my wife I enjoyed sucking cock even more.As I sucked him I could feel his balls tighten up.I am coming Gordon cried and started unloading his cum into my mouth.Take it all you cocksucking fag said my wife.... every last drop.I did as I was told and greedily swallowed every drop of his cum.My wife then had the 2 of us lay on the bed as Gordon polished my bigger dick with a loving blowjob.He had no trouble at all taking every inch of it and soon had me blowing my load deep down his throat.After we lay back and relaxed,Mirvana said that from now on I want you to look after Gordon sexually and keep him happy.He can come over here anytime.Is that okay with you Gordon.He smiled and said absolutely.I really desire your husband and would love to have him as my lover.

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    Straight Female / 36

    This happened ten years ago. I was twenty-six. My husband and I talked about swinging/wife-swapping but never committed on the idea. One Friday night on our usual town tavern socializing we connected and clicked with this couple we never saw in there. They were 30'ish and very friendly. We bought each other rounds of drinks. They told us they was bar hopping and looking for sort of an adult bar. We told them that the only 'adult' bar was a topless bar in a town ten miles away. They asked us to join them and show them where it was. We agreed and left our car at the tavern.

    As we sat at the table and watched the girls dance on the bar I told Barb their breasts was not worth showing off. She laughed, "I agree." They finally confessed they were swingers and was bar hopping looking for a wife-swapping couple for the night. My husband, Jon, and I looked at each and nodded to each other. We told them, why don't they drop us off at our car and follow us to our home were we can discuss this subject matter.

    As we discussed the subject, Barb's hand slipped down into her husband's pants and her husband, Bob, hand slipped into her blouse. "If you guys feel uncomfortable about this, we can always soft swing." they said. "What's that?" we asked. Then they said it was watching each other play with their spouses but not swapping them. We took our clothes off. Jon and I sat on the love seat and they on the couch. We watch Barb go down on her husband and I did the same with Jon. Then Bob went down on Barb and Jon went down on me. This was so erotic and hot! We watched Barb get on Bob. Then she turned around and faced us while sitting on his dick. "Well Jon, let's see you poke Betty." Barb said. I faced Jon because I didn't to see their faces. When the thrill was gone they said they had a long trip back home. We exchanged phone numbers. "Well thank-you people, if you want to exchange partners, give us a call." and they left.

    Jon and I decided to join a swing club. They held parties once a month. While we was in the hot tub at the club we was stunned. To our surprise, our dear friends, Fred and Sally, happened to be there. They said, "If we knew you two wife-swapped, we wouldn't have paid a trial membership." They got in the hot tub and told us this was their first time. We convinced them to go into a private bedroom with us and we would help them get into swinging.

    Our after church activities included Fred and Sally, where we all walked about the home naked after mass.

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