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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 19

    My roommate and I started cuddling during movies in our room. Cuddling became feeling each other, kissing and eventually oral sex on each other. We never thought it was more than having fun until one night we turned away from the movie and just faced each other and kissed. I mean really kissed with a great big hug. We slept together that night.

    I don't know how other women discovered their attraction to another woman. Our situation started because being together felt so good, experimenting but telling ourselves we were just playing around, until our kiss was magic, and the hug eternal.

    For women only, how did you know it was 'real' and not a game? How did you say I love you and mean it? I am still learning, and honestly asking if I could ever love someone else like I love 'my' girlfriend. It still feels unreal that my love focus is another woman.

    I know we are young, but we feel like we have always been together. When we first arrived in our dorm and shook hands and she showed me her list of does and don'ts, I laughed a little and agreed without one modification, I would have written pretty much the same list. Fortunately she didn't have anything on there about cuddling, kissing or sleeping together.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    Growing up we lived in a trailer. My mother, my older brother and me. The trailer had two rooms, my mother slept in one and my brother and me in the other. He was older, and he would lay in his bed and masturbate. We never had sex, or anything like it, he just masturbated until he spit his stuff out.

    The trailer park we lived in had its share of freaks and idiots. My mother earned extra money by having sex with men from her work or from the trailer park. In the trailer park I had my first love affair, with another girl when we were fourteen. I started work as an exotic dancer to be around the girls who worked there. turned 21 as an exotic dancer.

    I moved to Florida and worked at several men's clubs. The same, different type of men, but the same thing, you dance, they give you money, you dance again. The clubs had strict rules about seeing clients after hours. I made decent money from dancing, and I worked at some better clubs.

    I am not saying it is right or wrong. During the time I was a dancer I knew many girls who were hooked up with another girl. I think being in that business makes you want to be around girls. We kept away from men by being together. We lived together and we had a steady relationship. Although some relationships were fluid, with several lovers, I tended to stay with one girl. Getting in bed with her and making love with her was always comforting. Although I worked in that business for several years, I never slept with a man.

    Far be it for me to say how many girls who were in the business were lesbians, but it was more than just a few. Even the some of the ones that turned tricks were lesbians. For me the truth was that I looked for and found love with another woman. For me it was always more about dancing with the other girls than dancing for the men who were paying.

    In one of the raids I met this woman who was a police officer. She interviewed me after several of us were picked up for questioning. I told her the truth, I did not turn tricks. I was also truthful and told her I lived with a woman and I had never had sex with a man. It turned out that she was a lesbian, and we ended up getting together. It is with her that I moved to California. In California I quit dancing all together.

    She is older than me, and works as a detective in the small town where we live. I work as a fitness instructor at a gym, catering to women. My partner is OK working around men, I feel more comfortable working around women. I knew I was a lesbian when I was fourteen. And if I could do it, I would go to a men's club just to see the girls dance. I don't miss dancing, or the hours, but I do miss the money.

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    Lesbian Female / 25

    I roomed with a girl in college. We were good friends. One day, one weekend, my mother was talking about how you knew you were in love.

    Who do you want to wake up and have breakfast with?

    Who do you want to spend your afternoon with?

    When you go to bed at night who do you want beside you?

    When you are sick who do you want to take care of you?

    My roommate, she fit all of the above questions. I went back to college, and I went to her room and asked her if I could sleep with her, because every night I went to sleep I wanted her to be beside me. I told her I wanted to wake up with her. I told her I wanted her to take care of me.

    Sex came later. But that night we slept together.

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    Gay Male / 24

    I say life threw me where I am. I got a job that on paper had everything I wanted. A promotion, a respected company, more money. What I did not expect was a Greek boss with a cock that he expected me to suck. When you are gay and you don't want to accept it, and your Greek boss grabs you in a hammer lock and unzips his pants and shows you his cock, your insides get all torn up. The pain of his hammer lock, knowing that he is going to win and you are going to suck his cock. Wanting but not admitting that you want to suck his cock. The pain of his hammer lock on your neck, he is jacking off and his cock is hard and he is bending you down and your head is on his belly and his cock is there and you start crying and you start sucking his cock and you are wiping away your tears and you suck his cock because right then it is what you want to do.

    The embarrassment of having cried in his office. I never had the hammer lock again, and I never cried again. I did suck his cock again. And I did go with him on a site audit. And I did become totally gay with him. I am totally gay with him.

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    Gay Male / 31

    My life had taken a bit of a bad turn. I had lost my job and to make ends meet I took a job as a sales clerk in the mall. My lunch break was around six and I went to the food court. I met the man who sold suits at the same store and we started to arrange having our lunch break together. He was a professional salesman and had been selling men's suits pretty much his whole career. His resume included most of the big department stores.

    We became friends, actually at that time he was the only person I talked to other than across the sales counter. He knew that where they had me there just wasn't going to be any commissions to speak about. Those jobs were for guys like me, down on their luck, just happy to get minimum wage. He told me the bigger dollars were in shoes, men's suits, and handbags.

    One day he told me that selling required me to have very nice hands. He held my hand in his, he showed me how his were manicured and he told me he used transparent polish. He told me that I had nice hands, and that he could make arrangements for his manicurist to take care of me. It was forty bucks, plus tip, and he could tell that was a strain, so he offered to pay it himself.

    We went together on our day off, Thursday. It was funny him not being in a suit. The place we went was where only someone who knew about it went. The manicurist was very gay acting. He was quite disgusted with my hands, but he told me that for his friend's sake, he would take care of me. I had never had my hands held so long by another man, much less a gay man. My friend sat quietly beside me while his manicurist did his magic. As he worked he sought approval of my friend, he would say, you want his hands nice and soft and no hangnails, so he can treat you right.

    When he was done, and my friend approved, he asked the gay man to give me a facial, his treat. To lay back and enjoy being pampered. I had hot towels on my face, a neck massage, a chest massage, a face massage, and when I had the hot towel on my face removed, my friend was standing over me and asked me how I liked it, his hands on either side of my face, and he leaned over and kissed me. He whispered that we all needed to stay together. The gay manicurist, just laughed and said I was in good hands.

    He was very meticulous when he undressed, he was obviously not someone who spent any time outside. He took my penis in his hands and gently massaged me into an erection and he gave me my first ever man blow job, gently, thorough, not like anything I had experienced. He didn't let me complete, he lay back on the bed and asked me to come over and show him what I could do. To start by holding his penis in my hand, get used to the wonderful feeling, to use my imagination and get an erection out of him, to think where I wanted his penis to be after he became erect.

    To use my mouth, to savor it, to think of all the penises that had gone by and not a one that I had the courage to suck. He gave me instructions and recommendations and guidance, and he would lean over from time to time and suck me, always keeping my penis in his hand. He said that before making love, we needed to kiss. To feel it in my toes. He whispered to me what he was going to do with his penis and he promised I was going to enjoy it.

    He suggested that for my first time I lay on my back, missionary style. He used lots and lots of lubricant, he used one and then two fingers, he would lean over and suck on my penis for a short minute, and then he managed himself into an erection and he laid down on me using his hand to place his penis where he wanted it. It did not hurt, it went in smooth and fast, he told me I was doing a good job, to lay back and really enjoy it. He pinched my nipples, he bent far over for a kiss, it just did not last long enough, soon he was done, his face showed it all. He asked for a few minutes to recover and he would help me with his hand and his mouth. He was going to give me a real blow job.

    It was strange seeing his mouth on my penis, but he did what he promised, he quickly got me up to a full erection and using his strong hands and his mouth I soon had an ejaculation, which he cleaned up with some Kleenex he had by the bed.

    He was gentle and competent, and he knew what he wanted from me and soon it was a weekly and then daily affair. He introduced me to his friends, his arm around my shoulder. He dressed me, being into men's clothes, he always made sure I was well dressed, my hands manicured, my hair properly styled. he doesn't like me to go out embarrassing him by the way I look. I am sure that it is obvious to the men stopping buy to get some lotion and cologne thought I am probably gay. I am gay, but I believe it is the manicured hands that gives it away. He has tenure at the store, which makes it better for me. It will be a while before I get a better station, where I can make more money. But I like my job, and I like my hands. I can't believe I had never had a manicure.

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    Gay Male / 27

    This was back then, when you don't know what you're doing. I was hitchhiking and was eating at the diner at this truck stop and this man sat beside me. He wasn't a trucker, he had suit pants and a dress shirt and he told me he was driving to Oklahoma City. I told him I was heading west myself, I was trying to get out to Colorado to meet up with one my high school buddies. He bought me lunch and said I didn't need to be paying for it because he could put it on his expense report and the company could pay for it. He offered me a ride, at least to Oklahoma City.

    We left Nashville and drove west. As we approached Memphis he asked me if it was OK for us to stop in Memphis, he was tired and felt there really wasn't a good place to stop before sundown. He rented a room at a Holiday Inn, with two beds, and told me I could stay with him and not spend my money. He treated me to dinner, again the expense account excuse.

    Back in the room we found a movie we both could watch, and he stripped down to his shorts and undershirt and laid out on the bed. I had kicked off my shoes but was still dressed. As matter of fact as you could be, he said "don't you want to come over here and suck my dick?". Well you are 19 years old and this forty something man is asking you to suck his dick. I told him I wasn't queer. He said he wasn't either, but that didn't mean I couldn't come over and suck his dick.

    After a minute he said "well maybe I can suck your dick first?" He went on, he said he spent 70 percent of his time on the road, after a while you just got tired fucking waitresses who wanted to get out of town. And one time in Dallas, this guy put his hand on his thigh and told him he could do better than the cocktail waitress, and that was that. He found out that sucking a man off was just about as good as fucking a waitress and there was no leftover shit to deal with. So "if I wanted he would suck my dick".

    He stood up and dropped his shorts and took off his undershirt. There, now didn't his dick look like something I wanted to suck. "Take your clothes off, let's get naked and suck each other off". He came over and got on the bed and leaned over and said "let me kiss you" and he kissed me on the mouth. He was heavy and he was strong and he kissed me again and he said he was going to keep kissing me until I got hard and then he was going to suck my dick and then I was going to suck his dick, and he kissed me again, this time with his hand on my pants grabbing at me.

    He stopped for a moment and told me to undo my pants and get them off, he wanted to feel my dick in his hand. I could fell his hard dick against my leg, I fumbled with my pants but got it done and pushed my pants down and he grabbed my naked dick in his hand and told me he was going to suck it. He bent down and put my dick in his mouth and started to suck it and to run his tongue all over it, to stroke my dick with his hand. I lay there until he told me get my pants off, he wanted me naked.

    He stood up and I finished getting my clothes off, he took the cover off the bed so only the sheet was there and he got between my legs and started to suck me for real. He played and stroked my dick, he got on his side and told me to suck his dick and he would suck my dick. To just grab his dick in my hand and suck him and stroke him. We must have been sucking for a while, the movie credits were running, and he wanted to kiss again.

    He got on his back and told me to get on him, he wanted to feel my dick pumping up against his ass. Using his hand he positioned my dick against his asshole and told me to get on with it. He had his legs up but I couldn't get in and he told me to focus and shove it in. He wanted to feel the pain, to just fuck him, that there wasn't a pussy anywhere tighter than an asshole. I said OK and I got my dick in his ass and shove it in. I never had a girl keep asking for more, but he asked for more, to just keep fucking him. After a few minutes I dropped my load in him and pulled out. He bled a little on the sheets and my dick was full of shit.

    When I cleaned up in the bathroom and came out he was lying there on my bed, spread out telling me that it wasn't enough, that he wanted another fucking. I had lost my appetite by then, I got dressed and left the room and went out to the feeder road and started hitchhiking again.

    I do suck cock now and again, well more than just now and again. Sometimes I get the urge to fuck the guy, sometimes I get the urge to get fucked. I guess that makes me go both ways. I can't make up my mind. I live in that part of town where coming up with someone who needs a blow job isn't that difficult. Some of the big shots from up town come around in their big cars, some of them come for a blow job, other to give blow jobs, some to fuck and some to get fucked. And some to spend the night with. With them you can make more money.

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    Lesbian Female / 20

    This is true. It was a cold and rainy night. It was also the night that I said fuck it and I got out of my bed and got in her bed, I stuffed the pillow under both of our heads, put my arms around her and pulled the covers up over us and spent the night with her.

    When the light of day came, and the sun came out, she wanted an explanation. So I gave her an explanation. I wanted to sleep with her, to hold her and to have her close to me. I want her to be close to me, to sleep with me, to hold her. If there is a six foot bench, and I sit on one side of the bench, I want her to come and find the six inches closest to me and sit down so I can put my arm around her. If there is a field, a football field, and I am standing there alone, I want her to come across the field until she finds the smallest space beside me and stand there so I can put my arms around her. If there is a movie theater, and it is totally empty, and only one seat is occupied by me, I want her to come and sit beside me and take my hand.

    What I do not want is to be alone when she is right there beside me. It hurts to be alone. It hurts to live with her every day, to wake up with her in the bed beside me, to hear her laugh, to watch her read, to get nothing but a little peck on the cheek.

    That is why I said fuck it, I got up and went and got in bed with her and put my arms around her, the covers over us and I held her while we slept. The fact that it was a cold and rainy night helped because it gave me the courage to show her how I feel about her, to tell her how I feel about her, and to ask her to stop hurting me like she does, to open her heart and recognize that it does not matter why we were put together in our little room, we were put together to be together, so we can be together, and we can occupy a space together that is designed for one, but two can fit when your in love.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Letter to my 20-year-old self,

    You won't believe this, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering to write. And even if you were to believe it, it would probably only encourage you to continue with your thrill-seeking porn exploration. But I'm going to say it anyway.

    Right now, you are 100% straight, and women are sooo hot, and cocks are just silly or gross, and seeing one guy blow another guy is absolutely revolting -- and the only reason you stroked yourself while looking at gay cock pictures yesterday is because it was naughty. You couldn't even cum without thinking of a woman, right? Because sexuality is genetic, right, and you were born straight?

    15 years from now, you will be sitting on your couch writing this while you look at a gif of pretty much the sexiest woman in the world running her tongue around the head of a very impressive penis. And even though the lady's beauty is making you swoon, it is actually the penis that is making you hard. And this is not a fluke. It's been this way for several years now: women are still seductive and lovely, but when it comes to raw sexuality (as measured by the stiffness of your cock and the swirling in your balls), you're more into dicks than chicks.

    Sounds like a lark, I know. But the fact is, you are going to get less and less disgusted and more and more aroused by naked men and the things they can do to one another as you continue to experiment with jacking off while looking at them. Meanwhile women will stimulate you less and less. Maybe it's just psychological conditioning; I don't know. You will realize this is happening to you at some point, but you will continue to choose to bring it on, even as you fear and even despise it -- at first because it makes the whole enterprise so much more naughty if it might actually be making you gay, and then later simply because you're already gay enough that you delight in other men's dicks and ball sacks and muscled abs and biceps for their own sake (so why would you want to forego that delight)?

    Don 't want to be a namby-pamby twink who desires to caress other men's muscles with your lips, massage their hard veiny dicks with the inside of your mouth, and slurp their salty cum down your throat? Well, get ready for disappointment. Of course, it will be better than you imagine, because you're imagining them as things you find gross, but future you finds them delectable.

    I both love and hate the gay predilections of my genitalia. I mean, I'm still romantically straight, and I still don't really want to be one of THOSE guys. I want to be with women and I want to be virile and manly for them. But on the other hand, the sight of beautiful nude man makes me feel sooo good, physically. Down there. And I now understand how sad it would be if I didn't appreciate the phenomenal sexiness of other men's cocks. I remember thinking penises were silly and failing to imagine how women or gay men could find them attractive, but now I do find them attractive. The curtain has been pulled aside. Cocks are the sexiest of sexual organs -- tits or pussies just can't hold a candle to them.

    So, younger self, you can try to back away from your nascent experimentation with gay porn, and perhaps your tastes will remain happily confined to women. Or you can continue flirting with homosexuality knowing that it will at least partially accept your offering and turn you into a man whose heart still loves women but whose dick rejoices in your fellow men.

    Who are we kidding? We both know what you'll choose. You're going to wind up getting boners for bodybuilders. The best you can do is to accept it early, I suppose. Lean back and enjoy it. Swallow. Just open wide and swallow.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    In my freshman year I had a roommate, she is one of those girls who is popular from the outset. She is pretty, smart, and outgoing. My personality is more reserved.

    Our dorm had a private bathroom and shower. We had been together for several weeks and that morning she came out of the shower, took her towel off and wrapped her towel around her hair and stood totally, beautifully, naked between our beds and she asked me what I was going to do that day. For a girl like me, I could only stare.

    She looked at me and asked me, "do you like girls?". I looked at her and she said in a sweet, modest voice, she looked into my eyes, and whispered "I like girls too". She took her towel and wrapped it around herself and sat on the bed across from me and asked me how long I had known.

    She asked me if I had ever had a girlfriend, had I ever acted out on it, or was I a virgin. She told me that she had one relationship, with a girl that she went to school with, but that in her senior year the girl told her that she wanted to be straight so it ended.

    She stood up again and dropped her towel and she asked me if she was attractive to me, that I should take my nightgown off and stand naked with her. Once we were both standing naked she took a brush and combed my hair and we kissed, she laid down on her back on my bed and asked me to lay down with her, and lose my virginity with her.

    I fell for her so hard, which she not only liked, but reveled in it. A month later, on this day in mid November, she made this paper heart and wrote "I am a lesbian" on it. Made a separate heart with "I am a lesbian" written on it. And she pinned the heart to my sweater and she pinned her heart to her sweater and said it was time that we walked out and stopped hiding.

    She was brave, we walked down our hall to the stairs, and down into the dining room, got our breakfast trays and went and sat down and ate breakfast. I would never have been able to do that. But we did, and we were out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51


    This story is all about crossdressing.I have been dressing in woman's attire for over 45 years and really enjoy it. I get so excited putting on bra's,panties,nylon stockings stiletto high heels,boots.and wedge sandals,garterbelts,waist cinchers,short skirts,blouses,and dresses with earrings,bracelets,and necklaces.I like to be all woman.Now one time when I was 19, I drove down a secluded road and undressed and dressed up in a white 34DD bra with matching white thong,white 4 strap garter belt with coffee nylons and tan 4 inch sandal ankle strap high heels with a short black skirt and top with these dangling earrings.I like to fill my bra's with balloons to give me A nice full breast look.This bra and panty I took from this woman that I have been eyeing up for some time A Kay Parker look a like. She's very hot looking and sexy about 10 years older than me at the time.Once I was dressed I got out of my car like I usually do and take a little walk enjoying being dressed feminely.I'M 5'10'' with beautiful long legs and sexy hot ass. But this time a patrol car was coming down the road as I was almost at my vehicle.I got in and closed the door only to have the officer come to my car and see me with a skirt and nylons on asking me what I was doing and I replied nothing. He then asked me to get out of the car after checking my ID being exposed dressed as a woman I was shaking and so nervous now. He led me to the patrol car and opened the back door and said for me to get in.In the meantime his partner got out and they were talking to each other then the first officer came back and said that they were arresting me. Now being really embaressed and nervous. I said that I would do anything for this not to happen.The officers talked again and opened the rear door and asked me to step out of the car. They then asked to take off my top and skirt and to go take a little walk to give them a show, which I did.When I returned back where they were standing there was a blanket on the ground and they asked me to kneel down as they unzipped their flies.I knew what I was supposed to do. I never gave head but sure did learn fast sucking one than the other. I concentrated on one as the other officer went inside the car and came back out with latex gloves on and a condom on his cock with some lube he knelt behind me moved my thong and put his lubed finger up my ass, he said relax and be a good woman and take care of her man.He asked if I had a woman's name that I liked to be called and I told it was Jasmine.Suddenly his hard cock was in my ass. I continued sucking cock to ease the initial discomfort.He held me by the hips and slapped my virgin ass as the other officer started cumming in my mouth and instructed me to swallow it all down which I did.After a little more pounding my ass I came the officer pulled out and came to front of me and pulled off the condom and put his spasming hard cock in my mouth in which he exploded in my waiting mouth. I swallowed his cum all down finishing my sentence. But before they left I was instructed lick my cum off the blanket. I did.They then said to not drive back here again and left.I got in my car and took off my female attire dressed back up in my guys clothes and drove home thinking of what happened. Knowing that I was r**ed and sodomized for my freedom.I went straight home up the stairs and into the shower washing my just fucked body and rinsing my mouth. I began to cry knowing that what just happened was worth keeping my secret life safe. A few months later I was at a outdoor concert waiting for some friends as this cop came up to me and said Jasmine how are you and asked if I would like to do it again and he gave me his card.This was the only time that I been with men for sex.I basically dress
    up and get off enjoying being in my female attire.My fantasy is to wear a wig and put makeup on and walk around in public.I just love dressing up as a woman .I feel like a woman trapped in a man's body.My legs and ass still look so sexy.I wrote this story dressed in my sexy black and red lingerie with my black seamed full fashioned nylons and 5 inch red ankle strap stiletto high heels stroking my 7 inch pulsating cock.

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