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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    The truth is stranger than fiction.

    I am a married, bisexual, professional male who runs a company for my father, who has retired. No one would ever suspect I am bi and, most likely, mot believe it if told. I am a "man'", if you know what I mean. Someone told me dad I was bi while I was in college and he knows the truth. However, his guidance has been more beneficial than anyone can imagine. I have always followed his advise and not allowed myself to become involved locally with anyone (male or female)...for obvious reasons. Thus the reason I only screw around when I am out of town. I love my wife and kids and have no intention of altering my situation.
    Some 4 or 5 years ago while attending a Trade Convention I met a salesman with another company and we hit it off immediately. He is 39, married with kids and over the years seeing each other we have become close friends. We share the same principal as it relates to extra curricular activities at home and we have gone to strips clubs/bars, picked up women in the presence of the other knowing the other took them to their rooms. Couple of years ago we were in the hotel bar and this gorgeous blonde approached us for some conversation. For over an hour I wondered which one she was after and who would get lucky that night. Just as I was about to excuse myself, as I had determined her interest was not so much with me, that she invited us BOTH to her room for a night cap. I was hesitant and declined, but she insisted...and so did he. I was drunk enough that sharing her would give me opportunity to see my friends hard, as he had no idea I was bi. It was a wonderful fuck session with us split-roasting her, taking turns on her pussy, ass and mouth. When she asked us to DP her I was not sure I could get that close to his above average cock without reaching for it. He lay on the bed with his knees bent...his feet on the floor, she set on him (facing him) and bent over her chest. I stepped up between his legs and shoved my dick up her well lubed ass. My nuts were hitting his dick as I screwed the three of us into a major orgasm. Not to mention feeling his dick through that think layer of skin was driving me nuts.
    That was the spring board for many more three-sums on the road as he admitted was one of his favorite activities. After the three-sums, and before, we began to open up more about our sexual appetites, never revealing to him I was bisexual, although he knew I wasn't homophobic. A few months ago we were on the East coast at a Trade Show and after the second night of not scoring we left the last strip club in a cab headed back to our respective rooms at the hotel. The Cab driver, a middle eastern man, asked if we liked the club and my friend said lap dances didn't take care of his needs and needs him to take us to the hottest bar in town where we might score. The driver told us the bars were closing not sure we had time to get to the most popular one. We joked another night without any ass. the Cab Driver said there was a "whore house".... but he would not recommend it as the girls we older and used, if you know what I mean." We declined and the Driver said, the only place active at this time of the morning is the gay cruise area downtown. I said, "I'll pass." My friend shocked the hell out of me when he said, "the best blow job IO ever received was from a man." The Driver responded, "I agree." My friend looked at me and said, "you need to give it a try sometimes, calling my name." Seeing an opening, I said, "You've never given me bad advise before... I might give it a try." The Driver spoke up and said, "It's time for my shift to end, guys. If interested... I might like to play...give you head."
    A few minutes later we are in my friends room and I am sitting in the bed with the good looking, married, Middle Eastern Cab Drive on his knees (at me knees) taking my married buddies dick into his mouth (he was standing at the foot of the bed). He pushed his pants to the floor stepping out of the legs, now standing on his pants holding the Driver by the sides of the head fucking his mouth and talking real dirty.
    After a few minutes the Driver reached his right hand over to my knee and slowly moved it toward my crotch. My friend told me to "scoot closer", which I did, as the Driver's hand reached my crotch and he began to unzip my pants. I stood up...unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants to my ankles as the Driver reach over and guided my dick to his mouth. I closed my eyes as I placed my hands on his head and that is when I felt my buddies hair against my arm....looked just as he took my cock into his mouth as he was now kneeling beside the Cab Driver. Then, it was one on each side up and down with my cock head in both their mouths as they kissed with my dick in the middle. I thought I was going to blow everywhere, so I pulled back and set down on the bed. My friend motioned for the Cab Driver to stand and, of course, he removes his pants exposing a really big dick. My friend was on it like white on rice and I was really engrossed in how the Driver was skull fucking his mouth, while calling him a "cock sucking, faggot, cum eating, ass rimming, piss drinking, SOB." It was obvious to me my friend was turned on to the verbal comments and the big dick.
    The driver pulled me up beside him as my married, buddy went from my dick to his and back again trying to get both in his mouth at the same time. I so wanted to take his place sucking both but allowed them to control the activities. The two of them swapped being on their knees for some time sucking me and the other until my friend stood as the three of us faced each other... stroking out dicks. Then, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on the Cab Driver's dick and I did not object. It was only a moment before they were taking turns on my mouth too.
    We sucked on each other, even doing a Daisy Chain for a while when the Cab driver laid on his back with his head at the foot of the bed and pulled my friend over him on his hands and knees into a 69 (his knees were on the edge of the bed). My friend told me stand at the foot of the bed and watch, which i did. Then, he told me the condoms were in the to draw and he wanted me to fuck his ass while they did a 69. I got the condom and asked, "where is the lube" and,,,to my utter amazement, he said, "I am so hot I do not need ass is leaking," I walked back over to the foot of the bed and bent over,,,sure as there is a sun, moon and the earth rotates on its married, buddies ass was leaking clear lube. I mean it was dripping onto the back of his hairy balls. I looked closed and his ass hole was opening to the point... I could look up into it. I stuck a finger in and it barely touched the sides. I put on the condom placing my dick at the opening of his ass and one thrust I shoved 8 inches balls deep like it was going in my wife's pussy. He was/is a jock, macho power bottom and I was going to give him the best, roughest fuck of my life. After a few minutes the Cab Driver joined me as we took turns on his ass finally doing a DP. The Drivers phone started beeping again and I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 AM.
    I have been with bottoms that self-lubed, but never one that opened like that before I fingered it while blowing them... and certainly never see one drip clean lube down from his ass and drip off the bottom of his hairy balls. I beat off almost daily reliving the event which we stumbled into and am anxiously awaiting our next quarterly Trade Show in August. To hell with looking for pussy, when I can have his hot ass-pussy all evening, night and early morning. I am even scheduling arriving half a day early and staying over an extra day.
    One more thing: The Cab Driver was laying on his back on the bed and my friend was sitting on his dick with his back to the guys chest. The were at the edge of the bed (the Cab Driver's knees were bent with feet on the floor) when I walked between his legs and shoved my dick on top of his and fucked us into and orgasm. My friend shot a load that hit his face....he never touched his dick as his hands we backwards balancing him on the Driver. When me and the Cab Driver cum that last time... my married, macho friend got off without touching himself.

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    Gay Male / 23

    I must admit that however hard I may pretend, I am nof a real men. Every night I have wet dreams about a real muscular man seducing me and making me his sissy wife and fucking my love hole. Since childhood I have been weak and submissive. And now instead of being ashamed of my desires I have started lovinv them - How effiminate queer I am, how worthless my little cock is. I am dying to be a femmed out sissy fairy faggot and be a real man's sissy wife and become pregnant. Mmmmmmm love this soooo much!

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    Lesbian Female / 38

    I worked with this Cuban woman named Ana Maria. She was 44 and she looked great, gained a little weight, but she was sensual and she had these amazing breasts. She wore pants and they wrapped around her legs, with dresses it seemed we could get a look up her thighs, she always wore white panties. We ate lunch most every days, and if she made black beans and rice, she always brought enough for me. I met her husband at the company Christmas party. She and I spoke Spanish when we were together, and there was heavy sexual overtones. One day I wore a new sweater and she liked it and patted my breast. She had me put my palm on the side of her breast. She told me she was always proud of her breast and that she liked my breasts.

    The flirting got heavier and heavier and the petting got more common. We talked in quiet whispers about sex and what to wear to look hot, we went panty shopping, and talked about what really turned us on. I decided to let her know that she turned me on, and I was open to having relationship with her. She answered that she was married and anyway sharing herself was something she didn't know she could do. I could tell she was declining but not wanting to. I put my hands on her breasts and then her face and kissed her. I asked her if she didn't want to feel like a total woman, to let me show her and then decide.

    We agreed on a Saturday several weeks later, as we had to time things perfectly. We rented a motel room out by the airport and she went along and we had an afternoon of love making, showing her what she could do with a woman, and what really felt good from a woman. After that afternoon, she agreed to see me when we could get the days to work for us, I got to the point of telling her that I thought I was truly in love with her and hoped she loved me.

    Then it all changed, I was at her house when her husband came home, he made every effort to show me she was his wife, and then without as much as a excuse me ma'am, he pushed her down on the couch and has sex with her doggy style. My anger and jealousy was out of control, I yelled at him not to treat her like that, while she said it was ok, she was totally ok with it. My jealousy grew and grew and eventually I was not able to take it any more and told her that we couldn't be friends like I thought, if she let him take advantage of her like that.

    I know what she really is, I don't have any doubt of her true orientation. She is married because she was too young to know better.

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    Lesbian Female / 27

    There are lots of historical issues. Like my parents are devout Catholics and members of the Opus Dei. I am not exaggerating, your born a virgin you die a virgin. The church is there for you and you become a nun. I was watched all my life, I went to a very conservative Catholic girl's school, many many of the girls there went on to become nuns. All my childhood pictures have me looking like the Virgin Mary. In the eleventh grade I was sent to an even more conservative boarding school in Florida to become a novitiate. I got my bra, ordered from a store in that specializes in clothes for nuns. I had to wear that and a camisole every day, and a heavy shirt that completely hid that I had boobs. My mother bought my panties and I wore a conservative skirt. My hair was cut just above my shoulder and I had to wear a hair band to keep my hair in place. I was untouchable. I never dated and I memorized passage after passage of catechism and the bible.

    Except that in Florida, I had gone with this other girl who was there for the same reason to buy bread at this bakery. At the bakery were two girls, dressed in shorts and halter tops, with colored bangs and tattoos on their backs and legs. They did not have on a bra and their boobs all but came out of their tops and their nipples stuck out hard against the fabric. This one girl kept looking at me, she had purple hair and she walked over to me and touched my boob and asked what I was saving it for. She bent over and let her boobs out of her top and held them up to me and said 'these are tits, let me see what you have'.

    We tried to pay, but she stopped me and demanded to see my boobs. Her friend held me from behind and they opened my shirt and pulled up my camisole and bra and exposed my boobs in the store. She said that there were men who would pay a lot of money to have 'those tits flashed in their face'. I managed to cover myself up, but the girl with the purple hair kissed me on the lips and wouldn't let me go. She took my hand and put it on her boob and asked me if that felt good, because it felt good to her and she wanted to fuck me. I finally broke away but not before three or four more kisses and her following us and telling me I was going to be her girlfriend.

    We walked back to the school, they followed us. She would be there when I walked to class and she left a note for me under a planter on the commons, sometimes it was a drawn flower with a message that she had picked me, other times it was a love poem or love lyrics from a song. The school was open campus and she would sit and watch me go to class and show me when she would leave a note under the planted box. If she caught my eye she would blow me a kiss. I dreamt of her every night. I would hold the pillow against me at night and dream of being kissed again. My mid term grades went way down, close to failing, every time I saw her all I would think about was how she was going to come and rescue me.

    One day the note she left me asked if I really was virgin. I wrote and answered that note, and when I saw her I showed the note to her and left it where she left the notes for me, under the planter box. My note was 'yes I am a virgin, I am supposed to become a nun' and on the second line, 'what's your name, I want to pray for you'. We exchanged notes, our names, how old we were, she told me she worked at this bar, which later if found out was a strip bar, she told me that since she met me all she could think of was showing me how much she loved me. I answered and said I thought I loved her too and that I wanted to be rescued.

    The next day she walked passed me and looked in my eyes and whispered 'I love you'. When I got to the end of the walk and had to go into the building I turned and she was standing where we exchanged notes and she mouthed 'I love you' again and left me a note under the planter box. It was instructions of where to be, at what time, and to wear something that didn't have any colors so I would blend into the night. I acted like I got undressed but I went to bed with pants and a shirt on, and waited until one a.m., I got up, put my feet in my shoes, took my small bible with me, and escaped out the back door and met her at the corner she had told me to be. She was with a man. She put a hoodie over me and they walked me to a car and I escaped with her. We went to her apartment and they cut my hair and colored it, I got some other clothes to wear, clothes that fit more what she did than a nun and she told me that her friend was going to drive us to Philadelphia where her mom lived.

    We posted a letter from Georgia to my parents, I told them I would be OK, to pray for me, but I wasn't going to be a nun, I had run away and they weren't going to be able to find me. That night we escaped together, me from that school and she escaped from that life with the help of her pimp. She never went back to that life, and I never became a nun. I am an artist, I paint, we live in the bay area in California, she works for the Child Protective Service. I have several tattoos, and I am not embarrassed to tell her I love her in public. We blend in. We contacted my parents after we moved to California, well after I was 18. They don't pick up the phone now. I pray for them, but I know that they don't pray for me.

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    Gay Male / 26

    It started when I was working construction after high school. I was taking a piss against a wall and this other guy came over and he wanted to sword fight. He pissed all over my shoes. My next incident happened when I was unloading bags of quick dry cement and he grabbed me from behind and pushed me up against the truck and called me a sissy. I wasn't able to shake him off, he was humping hard against me, when I got away and turned around he laughed at me and called me a faggot queer. He opened his zipper and took out his penis and said he wanted it serviced and for me to get on my knees.

    He went around the truck and called over a couple of other workers and told them that I was going to service him and he wanted them to be witnesses. I got slapped several times before I went down on my knees and he put his cock up to me and I took it in my mouth and gave him my best blow job. I managed to get him to cum. He looked down on me and his buddies were looking at me and he said he knew I was a queer faggot.

    When I stood up I realized I had cum in my pants. The other two guys asked for a quick blow job.

    What they didn't know is that was my first time. It was my best time too. It was the only time I came in my pants while giving a blow job. The other best time was the first time I gave in and got fucked.

    At the time the only queer was the me, they didn't consider themselves gay. They liked to fuck me, and I serviced them or gave them blow jobs, but to them I was the faggot not them. It didn't matter, I was clearly a faggot, and I was clearly a bottom and I was ok with that.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    In my sophomore year of college I sublet a room in a two bedroom house from a senior student. She had a boyfriend who had graduated and lived out of town. One late night, she just gave me a kiss on the mouth. She must have seen a look of shock on my face and she apologized and cleaned my lips with her fingers. She came to my room later to apologize again, and I asked her what prompted her to do that. She said she didn't know, it just came over her.

    We were washing dishes, I was drying and she was handing them to me and she gave me this look, I asked her what was going on and she declined to say, she just apologized. I went to her room after she was in bed and I sat on her bed and asked her what was going on. She said she didn't know, I asked her if she had feelings for me, she said yes, and I asked her what about her boyfriend and she told me that she didn't feel anything for him. I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, I asked her if she liked that. I kissed her again and asked her again. I reminded her that she had kissed me first.

    I got in the bed with her, and put my arm and leg over her and kissed her again and asked her if she liked that, did she want to make love with me because I wanted to make love with her. Our first session was mostly kissing and breast play and some genital touching. I told her if she really wanted me to make love with her she was going to have to let me eat her out.

    The next day for breakfast I asked her if was willing to let me eat her out. To take off her pants and sit on the table and lean back and give me her pussy for eating. She was good, I sat in the chair and I ate her out, I had never eaten a girl like that, offering her pussy to me like that.

    I asked her to move to my room because I had a queen size bed and that I expected her to reciprocate, it couldn't just be one way. She had never given and it took a while before she would go down on her own and actually enjoy it. At that time I was wanting to express myself and I expressed myself with her.

    For whatever reason I was never one to display my affection in public, I guess it comes from years of being told to keep it to myself. But what we weren't able to display in public we displayed in private. During spring break the next year she and I went with some other kids to Florida and we were around a lot of gay people and we went gay in public. But when we got back to college we went back to our old ways.

    The thing is that you never know if you are really gay, or if it is just something you want to do. As far as I am concerned I am gay, but as far as I am concerned I don't think she knows.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    A couple of nights ago after a drink or two I ended going back to this strangers house and to cut a long story short got my cock sucked. I don't know how it happened one minute he was engaging me in conversation the next he'd unzipped me and had my ridged shaft out stroking my length. He looked me in the eye as he did so and as a reward I kissed him. He pulled away and smiled that's when it happened. I felt his breath on the tip then I watched as he took my cock into his mouth. He sucked and wanked me to the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I noticed his delight at seeing me slowly going limp then gently he put me away. Before I left he said he understood my guilt and that I wanted to go. He throw his arms round me kissing me passionately and placed his phone number into my pocket. I really don't know whether to call him.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Hello everyone I've really enjoyed your stories for me I've been in love with cock since teen age boys use to shove their cocks in my mouth at the age of 8 and eventually fucked my ass for all it was worth they told me if I r told my folks theyd kill me. The first time it happened it was just one 16 year old and I never went back to the bush fort for about a week so when I figgered the coast was clear after about a week I went back and was playing in the fort I heard people coming but I wasn't doing anything this time he had 8 of his friends he told them that he fucked me and I sucked him pretty good they took off all my clothes I was totally naked

    Soon they were having me suck them off and spit on my hole and fucked me like there was no tomorrow but the funny thing was I liked it and fucked them back they each did me twice each and had me suck them clean and left me with cum running down my legs I squatted and watched it pour out my ass and went there everyday then word got out and other boys would show up to get blown or to fuck me I felt t like that was my purpose

    I've been wondering how I'd be if it never happened but being married 6 times I was always thinking about cock! The last marriage she was bi and I was ok with that I was living in freeland michigan and when she'd go to work after the kids went to school I'd go to the local bar and started talking to this pretty good looking guy he told me there was a abandoned motel across the street and that's where everybody went so off I go with him thinking it was just going to be him it was but there were 7 other guys all clean and fat cocks so off with my clothes and the fuck fest started I told them they could fuck my mouth but I wanted them to cum in my ass I love that feeling especially when they shoot strong so after sucking those beautiful cocks I cleaned up and went home to shower and put my phoney self in the groove till the next morning and back to the motel I went that went on for a year and the only time I couldn't go was when she was home Saturday and Sunday

    I'd try to talk her into going to visit her folks they lived about 4 hours away sometimes she would and I'd run to the motel to get serviced but when she got home she'd want to fuck I didn't mind cause she loved anal so I did the deed all the time thinking about that motel

    I love cock I'm not into the kissing thing that's why I went to glory holes I got the meat and I'd get my ass filled to the top now that I'm older I got to get in before anyone sees me otherwise they'll avoid the old guy but when the come to the hole I play with them real good and if it's big enough I turn around and slide it in my ass and fuck em good I usually have 7 or 8 repeat customers they tell me they like my mouth and ass a couple turn around and put their ass up to the hole for me to fuck them but I'd rather get the cream for myself but everywhere I go I see cock at the public swimming pool I see a lot off nice cock I'd love to reach out and touch all of them but I just think it

    so there you have it even when I watch porn I'm always looking at the guy and get a raging hard on if I could I'd have a cock in my ass all night long and a few of my life long friends will spend the night and we play like when we were kids we suck each other but they always stick it in my ass and ride sometimes 3 or 4 times thru the night everytime they cum I suck em hard again any suggestions email me ultimatekeys@@msn.**m
    thanks and hope you guys and gals have a great weekend and may all your fantasys come true

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I sucked dick for the first time ever recently.

    A few nights ago I went out for a night. I was feeling a bit lonely and a bit horny. I was definitely hoping to meet a sexy woman for a one night stand. After a couple of hours and a good deal of time talking to this one very attractive woman, I convinced her to come home with me.

    She had a great body, a nice set of tits, and her skirt was teasing me so bad the whole time. We got back to my place and it didn't take long to get to business.

    We were making out hard, taking off each other's clothes. I was naked first and my extremely hard cock was throbbing with excitement as she slid her skirt down and wiggled her but at me at the same time. That ass was so fine that I thought I would blow my load right then.

    As she turned around to face me is when I had the ahock of my life. She was a he. I was dumbfounded. I stared at the fully erect cock sticking out from the place where there should have been a soaking pussy on this gorgeous woman.

    I was speechless for a while. She didn't make any moves trying to keep from startling me even more. She started explaining that sex wouldn't have to be any different if I didn't want to see the cock I could just fuck her from behind the entire time.

    My raging boner never lost it's excitement the entire time either. I admitted that I have always been bi-curious. She said now was the perfect time to try it out because I could fool around and still have sex with a sexy woman all night. She was very polite about it and promised to leave if I decided that I couldn't continue.

    A few minutes later I was sucking a beautiful woman's cock on my knees doing everything that I could think to make it the best blow job possible and occasionally looking up at the firm (now I know they're implants) tits above me. I was enjoying ecstasy the whole time.

    We fucked all night long in a lot of different positions. I choked down her first load of cum with just a bit running out of my mouth and down my chin which she eagerly licked it off of me. Then she swallowed my cum like a pro. I fucked her ass for a long time before shooting my second load deep inside.

    Then it was my turn to take a dick in the ass. I was eager after thoroughly loving sucking cock. She went slow and easy at first and once I started to ease up with her cock sliding in my ass, she started speeding up. Soon enough I was moaning and screaming with pleasure just like she had been before.

    Her second load of cum drained out of my rectum as we fell asleep with one another. Waking up a few hours later I was eager for more cock. We 69ed for a while and nearly came at the same time.

    It was wonderful.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    When I got to college I was in a four girl suite. It was my first time being naked around non family members. My roommate jumped in the shower stall with me, she played hide away with my panties, back in our room she threw me on the bed and got on me and kissed me. Still naked, she sat on my hips, got serious and put her hands on my boobs. She got off and apologized. We got dressed and went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

    It was many more weeks before I touched her boobs, we laid on the bed and used fingers on each other. We didn't speak. The kiss was hesitant and short. In the shower the next morning, she soaped me and we kissed again and sighed.

    We moved out the next semester and more or less came out to our families during spring break.

    We are new to this, sleeping together, living together, being together. We are supposed to say we are lesbians, the most we have been able to say in public is that we are girlfriends. We are nineteen, and we are lesbians.

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