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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 35

    Church ski trip, 1998, I was sixteen going on seventeen. Every year from the time I was fourteen we went on the spring ski trip to Colorado. Nothing different this year. The ski trip was usually about eight girls, no boys went on these trips, they had their trips on their own. That year we stayed at condo that slept a whole bunch of kids, the adult chaperones got the big bedroom and the kids all spread out in the other three rooms. In the room I was in there were two double beds and we flipped coins with this girl as to who got the window side of the bed.

    That ski trip is when I first touched a girl's tits, sucked on her nipples, felt her hot hand in my pussy, kissed on the lips, fingered pussy, showered with a friend, and by the end of the trip we had slept completely naked, taking our PJs off after we were in bed. The other girls were sound asleep, but they weren't.

    Slowly the story got out, about maybe someone had seen us kiss, or maybe when we were in the got tub and she leaned against me I had put my hands on her tits, well one of the girls vaguely remembered hearing all kind of noises from our bed, we were called in separately to the Pastor's office, there was a lady from the church present, and he asked if the rumors they were hearing were true. I flatly denied it and got up angry and called him an asshole (ooops) and marched out. My girlfriend got the warning and she also kept her mouth shut. But we couldn't keep our hands off each other and at a school party we were caught kissing and not by just one girl but by two and they confronted us and told us that we were gay and they didn't want us in their church.

    We were both called in with our parents, the proof was irrefutable, and the rumors of the ski trip had to be true, the Church, the one that ruled over everything had a strict policy about homosexuality, which my father argued and he agreed was about male homosexuality which dealt with penetration, but two high school girls who just liked each other and kissed, well my father argued was it appropriate to excommunicate them, and throw the families out of the Church? We were saved, but of course the rumors were rampant and we got a talking to when we got home, I did confess to my mother but not my father that we had slept naked on the ski trip but not since then and I did 'feel' something. She said it was hormones and what I needed was a boyfriend.

    What that meeting at church did, what it did to us was push us over the edge. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was in love with her and not a little bit either, and I spread her legs apart and showed her and I told her to do the same to me. This wasn't kissing, or cupping tits, or snuggling together. Going down on her was outright sex, that was sex, no different than penetration, I used my tongue and my finger.

    Well what of it, the church never tried anything stupid again, my father had then cornered, the policy was about male homosexuality, you know sticking a dick up another man's ass, but it didn't say anything about two young girls who liked to suck tits, and stick their face in each other's pussy. The word vagina, or pussy, or breast, was not in the policy. We were not asked to leave the church, what we were asked to do was to keep our hands to ourselves around the church and the parishioners, we agreed but mostly because our parents told us to cool off.

    But hormones are crazy, our senior year was crazy, we didn't date officially but we went to the prom with two other girls who just so happened to like pussy and we ended up at the lake house of one of the girls all four naked in a bed, but we didn't trade pussy, jealousy just didn't allow it. It was the first time that I ate pussy in front of other girls, they ate pussy too, we sucked tits and we made out together, but couples, no swapping, we had sex all night, anything goes sex and we got pretty nasty outdoing each other, that night we found out for sure if we were out and out lesbians, we proved it to each other, that night we swore ourselves together.

    Lesbian sex once raw and out caught me by surprise. This woman, we were women by then goin to turn eighteen, I got raw with emotion, I ate her up, kissing her was like a dose of adrenaline, her tits against mine drove electric sparks through my body, and her pussy, how do you tell someone what it is like to eat pussy? God, I swear I loved to eat pussy and not one single time did I ever ask myself why don't I like dick.

    We are thirty seven year old women, big tits, wide ass women who are blond and blue eyed and we suck pussy like we are crazy, we love camping, we are pretty much into the outdoors, we are both gainfully employed in real jobs and make very good money, we live in North Carolina and her look or her presence or God know what it is drives me crazy, I definitely love big boobs, and I love her wide hips and her pussy, but I love her too, in quiet times, talking about money, or where we should go on our next cruise. She manages the money, and I manage the trips. That is how we live, unabashedly out, our pastor from our childhood church says hello ladies when we are in town to see our parents, we do respect him we really don't get into public displays of affection, we have our bedroom for that. But I do want to say, I have never wanted dick, never called my attention. My mother never got her wish, no boyfriend, ever.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    A younger boy talked me into exposing my dick. We sat facing each other he fully dressed and me naked. I was fully erect when he reached out and grasped my shaft gently wanking it. 'You like that don't you slut'. I submissively replied, 'yes'. He got his phone out and snapped a couple of dick pics. Laughing he forced me to suck my own cock and again took a couple of snaps. He then wanked me from behind increasing the pace a little. The little bugger had sent the snaps to his mate who had just entered the fray. He confidently walked in knelt before me and placed his mouth onto my sensitive meat. 'Come on Joe suck him off', the boy barked. Joe pushed me onto my back, with my legs spread his now dominant penis entered my ass. The boy was now face fucking me, his mate using my arsehole and I just accepting my situation. 'Get into the doggy position and beg for cock bitch'. On all fours I begged for it and like a wanton whore was roasted by the two and accepted their loads. Before leaving they enjoyed spanking my ass and humiliating me verbally. I want to try it again but with different men to prove to myself I really am a whore for cock cock cock.

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    Gay Male / 46

    I George Evans am a 46 Man from Mishawaka Indiana. I am a married closeted gay man who hates pussy and will only ever serve cock. time to come out. :) put me on blast baby. no turning back!

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    The year was 2013, I went to Mazatlán with three other girls on Spring break. We stayed at this low cost motel/hotel two beds one room so we could save on expenses. I got bed number two by the window with my friend Karen. We got drunk and we went back to the room to puke and get over it. Karen was less drunk and she put me to bed and got in beside me and cuddled up and put her arm over my chest pulling me towards her and she kissed me. I was drunk but not passed out and lay there wondering what had happened.

    The next morning Karena and I stayed in bed after the other girls got up and went to get something to eat. Once they were gone I asked her about 'last night', I mean what was that all about, getting me undressed and kissing me when she thought I was passed out. She went around the bush a little and I said cut to the chase, tell me what she was doing and she said well she had never kissed a girl and she wanted to see what it was like, a drunk passed out girl? Anyway I said well if she wanted to kiss me she should kiss me when I get to feel something too, so I got on her and kissed her myself and I told her to kiss me back.

    That Spring Break Karen and I got naked and made out and ate out and breast played, when the other girls were not in the room. We didn't hook up with any guys, we stayed away from getting drunk again and we went back to the room early to get naked and get in bed and make out and sixtynine. Each time I ate her pussy it felt better and better and when she ate my pussy it felt better and better and we slobbered around making out, sucking tits and eating pussy.

    When we got back to Alabama I told her that what we had done on Spring Break was not to get out, we had fun that's all. She agreed. We tried to stay away from each other but I called her and told her that I needed to see her and I wanted to show her how much I missed her. As soon as we got together we fell on her bed and started to make out and we ended up eating pussy. I fell to the ground at the foot of the bed and I told her I gave up, I wanted her pussy and I went back to eating her and after she came I laid down beside her and asked now what?

    We ate pussy, that is what we did. We made out, that is what we did. We lay in bed until noon, that is what we did. We hooked up, that is what we did. We became exclusive and our close friends figured it out, our friends from Mazatlán confessed that they had seen us and left us alone in the room, we kissed at a party for her birthday, we essentially came out as a couple on campus.

    We are much more settled down, we both work and we get home in the evening and we have a bite to eat, watch television, get ready for bed and sleep. On weekends we lay in bed together and on Sundays we go to church. I guess that once every two weeks we eat pussy or something like that, we kiss to say hello and good night, we are 'out', we don't hook up with anyone else. I haven't wanted to be with anyone, I want to go home and be with her. What changed is the desire to get naked and have sex. It takes a lot to get that going, maybe it is work stress or we are just an old 'married' couple but I miss the spontaneity of just getting naked and making out.

    We have bought tickets to go on a cruise later this Spring, we want a honeymoon which we never had, we graduated and we went to work two weeks after we got out of college. I want that feeling again, that is what I want.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    Today I am women's soccer coach at a private school. But when I was in high school I was a soccer player in a private school. We were a small school so I knew all the players and over the years I had pretty much spent the night with all of them at one birthday party or another. We were all getting bigger all over and some of us were turning into hard body girls and others were syphoned off to go to Home Ec. or some other equally useless course. There was no way that I was going to stop playing.

    In the tenth grade a senior girl dared me to suck her pussy. We came off the pitch, we hadn't showered and she sat back on the bench and opened her legs and told me to get down and suck her pussy. The other girls watched. I didn't know it at the time but it was my initiation into their very special club. There were parties, sleep overs, and usually the parties were held at this one girl's house who had a pool cabana away from her house. We ate pussy there, we had tits, we got naked, we watched hard core lesbian movies that somehow some of the girls got on a disc.

    Our teacher had played soccer in college and she told me that I had what it took, and if I let her she would put me up for a scholarship. She took me under her wing and in my senior year she told me that she believed I would get a soccer scholarship at the University of Oklahoma. She kissed me, and not in a sisterly or motherly way, and I ate her pussy.

    At the University of Oklahoma I met this Texas girl, she was from the Dallas area and she was just so perfect, blonde with blue eyes, tallish and hard, and she was standoffish but I could tell that she needed a pussy eating to fit in. I obsessed over her pussy for the longest time and then I had the chance, we were at a party with a lot of other college kids and the opportunity presented itself and I got her cornered and said that we didn't have to hang out there and we could go back to my dorm and I would show her what it was like to be admired and loved. I ate her pussy and she admitted to me that she was one of us, she just didn't want that reputation at school.

    But we had been thrown together and she became my first steady girlfriend and like it or not she got the reputation. We finished college and I got this job that I have. I have a squad of mostly girls from professional families, they are all into sports and other activities, the school that I teach at doesn't accept boys so most of the socializing is between girls. I can pick them out, those that have already tried and those that are going to try. It is a look that they have, the way they look at their teammate, the ones that are in love and those that have a crush and those that do it for fun.

    I don't fantasize about them, it is their turn to have fun. I eat out with my steady who teaches across town. She ended up with a teaching degree and she teaches American History and is the girl's basketball coach. We compare notes, her students are mostly inner city and it is the same thing there. You can tell and we are hardly ever wrong. Its like a guitar string, we know when it is in tune.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    Going on an out of town football trip with several of my sorority sisters I shared a room with Stephanie. She was also a junior , very Cajun from North Louisiana with dark hair and blue eyes. We got a room with two doubles and after dinner with the other girls we went to our rooms.

    Quickly she got undressed and walked around in her panties and no bra. I sat on the bed and just looked at her until she caught me and asked what my problem was. My answer was half jokingly that my pussy was wet and her answer was for me to get my mind out of the gutter. Still kidding I asked her why she didn't come over and give me titty and she answered that I didn't know what I was getting into.

    Her titties are so firm and full and so just right and her nipples are so big for her titties and her panties just seemed to be on too tight and she fell over me onto the bed and I opened my legs for her and sucked her titties. She held my head with her hands and I reached under her and touched her pussy through her panties. She called me a bitch but fell to one side and I got over her and really started to suck titty while I felt her pussy and got my finger down into her slit, found her vagina and fingered her.

    She was compliant and she took her panties off and opened her legs so I could really get my fingers into her, I kissed her mouth and then I went the other way and I kissed her pussy which was so wet that I had to finger myself while I ate her. Stephanie it turned out was a little lesbo bitch herself and she loved to make out and eat out and finger fuck. What started as a joke ended up being a full blown make out and eat out session, going back and forth, until we went into climax and laid there on the bed just holding hands.

    Stephanie is not your normal little lesbo sorority bitch, Stephanie has been lesboing around since she was in high school and she was the teacher and not the student that night. We slept naked and in the morning she clung onto me and rubbed her clit up against my hip and she gave herself a climax. We showered together and went down to meet the girls for breakfast and everyone talked about the movie they watched on pay per view and who watched porn and who watched a movie. We said we watched a lesbian porn movie, we didn't tell them that it was in 3D.

    I fucked with Stephanie all the rest of our college days and I had to decide to go to Monroe with her or break up. I chose Monroe. There isn't much to do in Monroe, it is a small town of married people with a couple of clubs but not lesbo scene. For that we drove to Shreveport where we found a couple of clubs where we could go and just lesbo all night long. I grew up in the big city and she humored me and we would go to my hometown for long weekends, but the rest of the time we lived in Monroe, under the blankets and in the closet, I worked for the bank as a teller and Stephanie worked for her parent's business in the front office.

    We got discovered a year later when we were at this church service and I was spotted putting my hand on her shoulder and whispering in her ear and caressing her hair. It was unconscious, I love being affectionate and I was lost in thought that day. We were confronted by one of the women of the church on behalf of the pastor and I confessed to lusting for her and no I didn't care what the church thought of it. We were thrown out of the church and that was the beginning of our decision to move to the Big City where we could live in peace, fuck when we wanted, make out in the movies, hold hands in the park and basically be as lesbo as we wanted to be.

    For all the bad things about Monroe Stephanie's parents said OK if that is what you'll are. We know that they had to have suspected because in our college days we were noisy bitches when we went to see them. Sure eating Stephanie in her father's house was something I had to do and she had to let me.

    On the day that we decided to be prime time lesbo queers and throw off all the blankets, open all the closet doors, call her my woman and give her my ring we got nothing but go for it girl cheers, I am talking about our sorority sisters now, because they were never fooled about us.

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    Transsexual Male / 48

    I am a crossdresser I live in Lakeland fl. I love to have sex with men and I do it all the married men seem to want a crossdressers and the sex is out of this world and I love the sex and I have more orgasms then I ever did before and I love when they cum inside me its so hot and when it runs down my legs I feel more like a women everyday and I hope it never stops I am also on hormone therapy male to female and been on that for 5 months now I have a whole closet full of women clothes and shoes I have a small dresser full of bras and panties and pantyhose I wish this was online for everybody to see I feel sexy and it makes feel like a women

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Strictly speaking, I'm not gay. But because I am very feminine and have been since I was a toddler, everyone assumes that I am.

    I am also not a transgender female. But since I am so feminine and always have been, my mom assumed I was.

    When I was 10 years old I began an interest in cross dressing. I loved to luxuriate in soft silky girl's clothes and put on make-up and style my long hair. But I never really thought of myself as a girl transgender or otherwise. It thought of myself as a sissy faggot who also just happened to be very attached to her cock and balls, especially her balls and who also just happened to also adore girls both as friends and as potential future sex partners.

    When I was 12 my mom caught me in drag, make-up on, hair in pigtails, high heals and all her favorite garments. For a brief second she was pissed that I'd borrowed her things without asking. Then she was shocked that her son was in drag then she wasn't shocked and said she'd known all along I was either gay, transgender or somehow both. I tried to explain that I was none of the above and that I just liked to pretend I was a girl. So she took me to a psychiatrist who specialized in such things and he talked to me forever and on more than one occasion and then a few weeks later informed my mother that I was merely an effeminate bisexual cross dresser, which I'd already tried to tell her. So he would not sign off on declaring me officially a transgender female which would permit me to use the girls rest room and take gym with the girls and go to school dressed as a girl. Only there had been a resent law suit and so all the schools were terrified of being sued so when my mother asked if it was OK for me to attend school wearing the girl's uniform they bent over backward's to accommodate me. The school nurse and principal were in a meeting with my mom then they brought me in and asked me what my gender was. I blurted out, "sissy faggot." But that I was considering "shemale." Just saying that to both women made me tingle between the legs. They tried to correct me and coax me into admitting I was transgender female but I told them I would not presume to pretend to be an authentic female. I'd heard part of that phrase elsewhere earlier in the week and thought it sounded nifty when I said it. So they said that if I won't admit to being transgender female I can't use the lady's rest room or lady's locker room but I could take gym class with the girls. I could also come to school dressed in either the boy's uniform or girls. I could keep my hair long in any approved girl's hair style which included pigtails. So Mom bought me a full wardrobe of girls uniforms and some girl's gym clothes including a sports bra.

    So there I was in the 7th grade, the youngest grade in St. Patrick's Academy. Our progressive bishop had told the parochial schools to be sensitive to the needs of transgender children lest they be sued. So I wore the burgundy plaid pleated kilt style girl's skirt. Mom carefully read the regulations and hemmed my skirts up the shortest the school permitted with only an eighth of an inch to spare. I wore the short sleeved white blouse with the girl's version of the school patch over my heart. I wore the girl's burgundy knee socks trimmed with a ruffle at the top. I wore school approved girl's brown leather shoes. I had the burgundy and white girls gym uniform with white girls gym shoes. I had the girl's burgundy v-neck sweater and wore my long hair in pigtails held up by burgundy silk satin ribbons. My nails were done in regulation burgundy. No other color was permitted except natural. We could wear a subtle shade of lipstick on Friday's if over 14 but Mom gave me some and showed me how to use it and none of the nuns complained.

    The first time I used the boy's rest room in drag was deliciously humiliating. The boys all called me sissy or faggot and I corrected them by saying "that's MISS Sissy Faggot to you!" But the best part was when the absolute cutest 13 year old 8th grader in the entire school grabbed me at lunch and pulled me into the gym and forced me to give him a blow job while he verbally abused me. He came in my mouth thus deflowering it and that is when I fell in love with the flavor of sperm. I told no one and made myself available for the same fun the next day and frequently after that.

    Many of the nuns gave me dirty looks but were warned by the mother superior to be nice to me. One nun said I looked very pretty and will make some man a nice wife one day forgetting I had testicles. A testament to my mother's cosmetic skills.

    That was six years ago, I recently turned 18 and will be graduating this spring. I have played on some of the boy's sports teams. I'm particularly fond of baseball. I wear the boy's sports uniforms when playing but change into my girl's school uniform when the game is over. the only thing is I always wear my pigtails, long burgundy nails and lipstick on the mound. I'm a relief pitcher but I have won a few games for the team so nobody hassles me about my hair, nails and make-up except our opponents who stop laughing when I strike them out. The thing is my favorite part of going in drag is when the girls ridicule my total lack of masculinity and when the boys demand blow jobs and the best, the very best, are those few times when I get to be viciously ridiculed by my female classmates WHILE they watch me suck a male classmate's cock.

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    Gay Male / 54

    I had a neighbor who was a couple of years older than me. He had a television in his house and he had a large collection of comic books. We were pretty poor and lived in a small house behind the big house and my mother worked in the big house as a maid. We did not have a television, although sometimes I was allowed to watch television in the big house but I was not allowed to sit on the furniture. We were the only black people in the neighborhood.

    In the big house lived a girl who was a younger than me but I was prohibited from playing with her. So my only friend was the boy that lived a couple of houses down and he invited me over to watch television and read his comic books. There was one more thing, he liked my black cock. He would examine it, play with it, suck it, kiss it with long drawn out kisses. He had me run my cock up and down the crack of his white ass and push my cock into his white asshole. Push it until one day I got it in, just the head but I got it in. After that day he wanted that every time we got together. He liked my black cock and I liked the white girl that lived in the big house.

    One day my mother saw me staring at the white girl, she was seven to be exact, and I looked at her with eyes of desire. I wanted to see her white legs. Time would come when that happened but not yet, I went over to the other boy's house and he sucked and kissed my cock and sometimes I sucked and kissed his cock. And I pushed my cock into his ass until I was able to get it in all the way and then I moved it in and out, but if I pulled it out all the way I had to start over again, so I kept at least half of my cock in his ass when we fucked.

    I was reading a comic book and he asked me to go with him to the bathroom and hold his cock while he peed. I loved getting behind him and holding his cock while he peed. That day I let him pee in my mouth. I liked that, sucking his white cock and let him pee in my mouth. I sucked his cock and drank his pee and I fucked him. You just can't tell how good it was. It was about that time that the white girl became pregnant.

    She was discovered to be pregnant by the doctor because she was sick and they thought she had the flew or something worse. She told her family that it was me and I got in trouble and my mother was fired and we moved away and my mother went to work for a hotel. It wasn't me. But the problem with a black baby at that time is that the family could not keep it so the girl went to a school in another state and when the baby was born it went up for adoption. She never saw the baby or ever knew if it was a boy or a girl.

    She went to college and my mother got her address and I went up to see her on the bus. She couldn't invite me in so we talked out on the front lawn of the boarding house she lived in. She told me that she couldn't see me. She told me that she didn't want to see me. I had to understand, she was white and I was black. She never admitted to me that she lied. The year was 1975.

    I was good with my hands and I worked on refinishing furniture and I sucked cock. Black cock and black guys and from time to time I would suck a white cock and fuck a white guy. I was all queer and it wasn't a secret. At that time a black queer was cool, I guess the white guys getting fucked by a black queer were not cool. I had friends and I lived in the back of this store and paid about 75 dollars in rent. Those were good days.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    The short of it is that I acted on impulse and now I don't know what to do. And this isn't about being Out of the Closet, it is completely about being In the Closet. I have a roommate, I met her in college and we were friends and after college when we both got jobs for the same company we agreed to be roommates and get a bigger place. The apartment has two rooms and two bathrooms so we each have our space. That was five years ago. Our social life revolves around doing things together, in the five years we have been living together not once have we ever gone out alone.

    Now what happened is that my boss, who is not her boss, had tickets to see Celine Dion on Las Vegas. These were first class tickets but his wife had to have surgery and he couldn't make the dates so he generously offered the tickets to me, free. Getting over the uncomfortable part of accepting the tickets, I just couldn't take them and not go. The only person I wanted to go with is my roommate. I told her that this was something we had to do together and if for some reason she didn't want to go I would give back the tickets. This was an opportunity for a get away weekend, just the two of us to Las Vegas, catch a great show and just bum around together. She agreed and we bought our plane tickets and rented a room at a not so nice place and the weekend came up and we went.

    Our room had one queen size bed. No big deal, we had slept together many times over the years. We unpacked and we got dressed to go out and we got a ride to the strip and went from one hotel to the other looking for one that we liked. Neither one of us gambles so it was like window shopping. We were standing in line to catch a cab and this man behind us started to get personal and I turned to him and told him to back off couldn't he see we were together. He answered so your queer, figures. Our cab came I helped my roommate into the cab and we went to another casino. While we were walking the floor of the other casino, she took my hand and asked me to stop. We stood there and she asked me if we were queers. Not answering she asked me when was the last time I had sex with a guy, when was the last time I had even gone out with a guy, not since college and I didn't have sex with him. She said she didn't have sex with a guy, she never had. She took my hands and said we are in Las Vegas let's get married. This can be our wedding trip and honeymoon all rolled into one, let's go find one of those quickie marriage places and get married.

    We walked out of the hotel and she asked the concierge where we could go get married and he gave us a name and place and we stopped at this jewelry store in the hotel and we bought rings and she said we were going to do this, right then, we were getting married, she wasn't going back home single. We went to this marriage chapel, we got all the paperwork done, we waited for our turn and an hour later we were married in Las Vegas. We went to a Ruth Chris steak house and had dinner and we had a picture taken of us holding up our ring fingers. We kissed and we went back to our room to start our honeymoon. It was fast, it was everything, everything we had never done living together we did right then until we fell apart. She got up and stood at the foot of the bed and said that was the happiest day of her life, she was now a Mrs. and she was my Mrs. and I was her Mrs. and she wanted us to change her name to mine.

    The rest of the weekend, the Celine Dion show, the whole thing was a long crazy weekend, five years of holding it in came out and the bed was too big for us. We took hundreds of pictures, she bought me a diamond pendant and I bought her a diamond ring. We got our names tattooed. Three days in Las Vegas and when we flew back home we agreed to move into one room and that night we moved all our clothes together, we showered together and had sex on our bed at home. Then we woke up in the morning and got ready for work. We didn't tell anyone, we didn't go to HR, we didn't call our parents, we didn't tell anyone. She went quietly down to change her name, to register it at the Social Security, but we never told HR. Our lives on the outside were exactly the same as before we went to Las Vegas.

    We have been married a year now, we live together just like always, we work at the same company just like always, we haven't told our parents or families, we go out together with friends just like always. The only way you would know is that we sleep together at home and we have sex a couple of times a week. She baked a cake for our anniversary, we exchanged cheesy first year anniversary cards, we kissed over the cake and we agreed that being married is the best thing we have ever done. But it is a secret to everyone.

    Yes it is nobody's business, but we are married. This isn't like just agreeing to sleep together, we are legally married and all her legal papers have my name on them, her driver's license, her Social Security card, her Passport, her bank account, not to mention her tattoo and mine, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we have together and of course we sleep in the same bed and we have sex, real sex. Now what? We have never come out to anyone, the only person who knows we are sexually active is our doctor, and we are in a secret marriage. So how do we have the big reveal?

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