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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am engaged to a wonderful man for whom I've been in love with for almost five years. I do not wish to change this because I love him and our life, but secretly I wish that I could find a woman and make love to her. I have been having thoughts of hot, sweaty, dirty girl on girl for most of my life and I would love to explore my fantasies. I also confess to looking online for a girl who will humor me just once. I ache for the touch of another woman's body, but I loath my own.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am gay/bi. I love cock and I can't get enough. I want to be a beautiful 13yo girl so I can go around getting cock all the time. I love to dress up and get fucked hard by a group of black guys while their women watch. I like to eat their pussies while I stroke a guy off and one is inside me. When I was 12 I play with my cousin's penis by my great grandma's pond behind the bushes. I even put it in my mouth and licked it. Looking back I realize now that he oozed a ton of pre-cum that I lapped up. I was never with a guy since then until I turned 32. I have been fighting the feeling for years but I have always owned and used dildos. They just keep getting larger LOL. When I turned 33 I searched CL and found a chubby black college boy who sucked me off. That was at Miliken in Decatur, IL. I decided that I wanted to be the one who was the bitch after that and I have never looked back. I refuse any touch of my genitalia be my men or myself. I am a cum bucket here to please real men and I don't deserve to be pleasured. I am that way with women too. If I ever cum, it is alone with a 12" long 3.5"wide dildo in my pussy, all the way to the balls.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    since i have met my girlfriend i haven't done anything with a man but i cant stop thinking about it. i really love and enjoy sex with her but i cant stop thinking of past experiences with guys or fantasize about men, mostly older common friends.
    i do look very straight acting but the truth is i prefer being submissive and be treated like a slut.

    whenever i am home alone for a couple of days (we live together), i always get drunk and start fucking myself with dildos while thinking of how hot it would be to seduce a married friend of mine.

    i really feel ashamed and bad for her. i cant fight it despite that every time i do it, after i feel terrible!

    the worst thing is that this very moment i am naked in front of my pc, i just got ass fucked for over an hour and still i am horny and cant stop thinking of how awful i am treating her andshe is wonderfull and caring, a real one of a kind

    i am the worst guys, the worst man alive

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My husband is very bi ... to the point of where I think he wants to have another bi guy join us more than I care to.

    Sex is still good but I dont want to talk about sucking another guys cock with him EVERY time we have sex.

    It's getting old and these days it's too risky to have random sex with strangers.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy. I'm wearing panties that I stole from a girl named Megan. I jerked off and came in them. Now they are all warm and sticky. I pretend I'm a girl and I just got fucked and the cum is running out of my pussy into my panties making them all gooey.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had fallen asleep after jacking. I was still wearing my girlfriends nightgown. I awoke to the feeling of having my ass penetrated. I let out a yelp, when I realized my girl was ass raping me. She was on my back telling me to take it, she had come home and found me like that. She whispered things in my ear about being a girly man, and how she allways thought I liked the cock. She brutally took me in the ass, and I liked it.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I can't stop thinking about my old school friend (also male).

    When we just into puberty we started jacking off together whilst watching porn. Being the young teenagers that we were, we experimented. A couple of things I can't get off my mind even though I'm in a loving, steady relationship with my girlfriend...

    ... One time we were jacking off, he was on his bed and I was on the floor. For some reason I slipped my hand under the covers and started jacking him off. He didn't stop me. I pulled the covers back and took his hard cock in my mouth, after sucking and jacking for while I for some reason stopped. We carried on jacking til we both cum on a porn mag and that was that.

    Another time we were both drunk and I laid on the floor half passed out. I heard him put some porn on the computer and asking if I wanted to jack off with him, but I just laid there, getting hard at the thought of him getting hard. After a while I felt him kneel over me and rub his hard cock up against my ass. I didn't press back, but this massive part of me fantasised about him slowly getting inside me and fucking me, I was literally rock hard at the thought, I wanted him to pound my ass until he pulled out and shot his load on my back, or if I could pluck up the courage turn round and swallow.

    None of that happened. He stopped pressing up against me after a while, sat on the bed and jacked himself off, my heart sank at the opportunity to not have him inside me and to taste his load.

    I need to confess this now, because he moved away a few years ago, but now he's back. And whilst I was yeyo'd up one night, I text him to tell him how I felt. Even though I am in a loving, sexually fulfilling relationship with my girlfriend. Now he's back I can't help when I look at him, his massive balls, his bel end winding as he tosses his self off, the white hot shots of cum he shoots all over his stomach when he cums.

    I asked him if he would help me. I asked him if we could jack off again together, and if he would let me do what I so badly crave, but he (granted with empathy and understanding) declined. Said he had come to the conclusion he was 100% straight.

    Now I'm left in no mans land. It's kind of him specifically, but not necessarily, I just feel comfortable with him. I do not find men aesthetically attractive, nor am I emotionally attached.

    I have an obsession with cock. I want to grasp another man's, tongue around his shaft. In extreme urges I want another man to fuck me; feel his cock inside me as I tease his balls. I crave so much for a man to groan as I suck him dry, swallowing every last drop he I've worked for.

    I will never get this chance. And I can live with that, but what I can't understand is why I keep a picture of my cock on my emails to send him if he ever by any chance asks, in the hope I can one day see another cock.

    I'm seeing him tomorrow. Whilst I will contain myself. I have to confess, this will be all I think about. His cock . Cock in general.

    I, me, confess, I am bisexual, and I would give anything to please another man.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have to confess. Im a 41 yr old male. I love my giant rubber dong. Ive been riding it hard latley. Some times i go out side by my car and fuck my ass good. Its the thrill when a car goes by.or someone walking. I kinda want to be watched so i go outside on my porch and smoke and fuck my self stupid. I like xanax alot and have passed out with my ass full of cock. 20 min or so. Really wish i could find some real cock to cum in me.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My life now.

    I am dressed like a slut by a female friend of mine. I have been a cross dresser since I have been a very young boy. I am a sissy with strong sissy tendencies. I feel girly all the time and have been dressing full time for over four years now. She has trained me to suck cock and be a submissive sissy boy. My friend see that I am able to nurse regularly on a real man throbbing cock. I have to nurse on a real mans cock until I receive his sticky milk then I drink it down like a starving baby. She sets up my dates, has me dress slutty and takes me to meet them. If he has a large cock she will fuck him and I get to clean both of them up. She has stated that she is looking for a mommy and daddy for me who will use me for there sexual pleasures. I will service there every need just as I have been trained to do. Once I am placed, she will leave and fined another boy to sissify.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a straight 21 year old male.
    I've always loved getting my dick sucked, though it never happens often at all, I barely ever have sex, I'm sexy, fit, and have an 8 inch cock! Plus a nice guy personality, what is not to like?!
    But back to what I was saying, i love getting my dick sucked, so i watch blowjob videos, I love watching it happen.. and since then.. for a few years now I've wondered and really yearned to suck a dick of my own. I Really Really want to, I have been trying to get a few guys to mess around with, one actually came together and we messed around in my truck.. sad thing is.. he is less than an inch, so it was just him playing with me for an hour or so...
    When i was a kid, about 12-14 whenever I was in the shower I would grab a toothbrush or just use my finger and fuck my ass real slow. Eventually I moved up to using a plunger, and I liked it, but never really thought too much of it, or went as far as coming out of the closet as a bi-sexual male, especially at 13, im 21 now and last week I bought a dildo and fucked my ass on numerous occasions; in the shower, and online for other men and even boys :]
    I think I'm bi-sexual ;]

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