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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Gay Male / 48

    I moved several months ago into a friendlier neighborhood. I am 68 and lived most of my life on the south side of town, very straight, very middle class, very family oriented. I moved here to a mixed community, lots of Hispanics, some blacks, bohemian, and a healthy mixture of older gay men. At least to me, I guess I overlook the younger crowd.

    I am not out, as the saying goes. I have an ex wife, three kids, grandkids, my mother is still alive. I have been a closeted bottom for all of my life. I am a love maker, kissing, touching, hugging, certainly cock sucking and mounting, I do have a thing for being mounted. I lean heavily towards confident, empowered gay males. I have never had any type of a relationship with a passive bottom like myself. I need a hard cock, I don't care if it is hard because it is on Viagra, as long as it is hard and owned by a man who intents to fuck.

    My slip into my perversion started early. At the time my father had a photo business, weddings, portraits, birth's, family pictures, nothing commercial. He had an assistant Karl. Karl was from Germany, had survived the war and had come over married to a nurse he had met in Stuttgart after the war. Karl like boys, naked boys. Karl started jerking me off, and sucking my cock. Sometimes Karl kissed me. I loved his hot lips, being held tight in his arms as he kissed me and jerked off my cock. I was much older when I first got to hold his cock, I guess at that time he was in his forties, my hand went around his staff, his staff got hard. I started kissing his cock and eventually he had me suck him holding my head hard between his hands. After I sucked him he would kiss me, sometimes his bristles tickled my face. Many times I came in my pants.

    I was going into the eleventh grade when Karl first fucked me. I leaned over the table where the photographs were lined up, it was dark in the room that afternoon, he grabbed my cock under my legs and squeezed my cock really hard and he licked and tongued my hole and then got behind me and push by push he inserted his cock until he had was slamming his hips against me as he fucked. I don't remember any pain, all I remember is pleasure, a high. He came and slipped his cock out of my ass and wiped my ass clean with a Kleenex. I was always available to get fucked.

    Once I left home to college I only had contact with Karl when I came home for holidays and during the summers when I worked at my fathers photography business. I was Karl's boyfriend in all senses. Karl was a full blown gay man and I was his sissy boyfriend. I loved laying naked and Karl running his hands all over me, kissing me, jerking on my cock, cock sucking me, feeling me up and fingering me, lifting my legs up and leaning over me to fuck me. As always after he was done fucking he would fall on me and after a minute kiss me hard on the mouth. I am very much the sissy when it comes to sex.

    After I got married to the daughter of my mother's best friend, had children, went to work as an Engineer in the aircraft business I had to stop and hide, suppressed my feelings and desires. I jerked off a lot, I am afraid I didn't' fuck my wife as much as she needed. She was very much a frustrated housewife, who eventually got into an affair with a man who owned an Air Conditioning business and we got divorced. I have been divorced and single ever since, bouncing from man to man, most all of them strangers I meet at bars over on the bad side of town. I got blackmailed a couple of times, but that went away as well.

    So now, I am retired, I have some funds and I bought this place in this up and coming section of town. I met John, he is a retired fireman with a pension, like me spent a lot of years married and is now living the way he wants. Of course it isn't like Karl, may he rest in peace, John is not as dominant and he much prefers to fuck doggy style. He does like to have his cock sucked and stroked and likes having his asshole reamed which I have learned to like, anything to please him. I go over to his place, do his laundry, I wear lively panties for him, I suck his cock, watch some television, and we go upstairs to make out, kiss and touch, until he is ready to fuck. I am always ready to fuck, it takes about a half hour for his Viagra to work and we spend that half hour doing what I like, touching, kissing, reaming, playing cat and mouse.

    He is not Karl, not close, but he is all I have right now.

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    Gay Male / 52

    I guess I have fought gay desires all my life,been married, dated women and very often needing to think of cock to cum when I was with a woman.My name is Mark and I am 62 yrs old.Many times I thought I had some control of the desires and could live some sort of straight life.Lately it feels inevitable that I am turning to men for good.Of course I have had anonymous affairs with men and gay interludes when all I could think of was cock.Somehow I would will myself to return to women and swear I would give up these urges.

    I suppose I just did not want to be gay and refused to accept it.Yesterday however everything just fell into place.Leaving my apartment I walked through the local gay area.Knowingly I checked out men's crotches and felt this was not just another cruising experience.It hit me finally that I was gay and I may as well live the rest of my life as a gay man.Just as I was thinking this I noticed this older gay man staring at me.He was outside this gay bar smoking a cigarette enjoying a deep drag.I had seen him before many times and he often smiled and checked me out.I never stopped but felt a stirring in my groin.He was about 70 or so weathered face a bit of a belly and looked like he had been around a long time in the gay lifestyle.In the past I would never have compared myself to him but today was different.I knew that I was becoming more and more like him without realizing it.I was smoking my cigarettes with a slow sensual elegance.I was looking at men's bulges with lust like he did every day.I was hoping to be with men and have sex with them.This time I stopped and went up to him.Hi my name is Mark could I bum a cigarette off you I said.He offered me his pack and I took one.I put it in my mouth and he flicked the lighter for me and I inhaled the smoke deeply.I noticed his short white hair and moustache. Likely the Marlboro man look of the 70's .I took another deep drag and he spoke.Why don;t we get out of here and go to my place he said matter of factly. My name is Bruce by the way.He started walking and I went with him. My heart was pounding.He knew what I needed.After a 10 minute walk we got to his hi rise building and took the elevator to his floor.Inside his apartment I noticed gay videos and magazines and a bottle of poppers on his coffee table.He took his clothes off and I removed mine. It was all inevitable like I no longer had control of it.I said Bruce I am a gay man and this is what I need.He smiled and said I know Mark. I have known you were gay for years.When I saw you looking at me and other men we just know.You have always been one of us now you can admit it.Then he said okay faggot get on your knees and suck this dick.My heart pounded hard as I took his 7 inch cut cock in my mouth.I kissed and licked it with so much lust and desire that has been with me all my life.Before he was even close to coming he had me get on all fours on the living room carpet. Snort these he demanded as he placed the open poppers in front of my nose.I snorted until I felt that rush of heat go through me and the strange waves of lust that poppers induce.Bruce fingered my loosening asshole and put some lube in it from a tube he had nearby.Then he got behind me and slowly entered my assc**t bare.The head of his cock parting my anus easily.Her started fucking me with confident deep strokes.God it felt good.He fucked me like thjat for I do not know how long but it was intense.My body started shaking with the beginnings of a full body orgasm which I had often experienced with dildos and anal play on my own.Now it was his cock making me orgasm like a woman inside my body. I was moaning and crying out.Then he groaned and let loose his seed breeding me with a flood of his semen.He pumped quite a load in me.After he withdrew he said tomorrow you and I will be standing outside that bar watching other men walk by,lusting after them, and smoking our cigarettes contentedly.A couple of gay men just being themselves.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I am in a lesbian marriage. We are married, 32 years old and have been together since our freshman year in college. We have a man that takes care of us, we are both primarily passive and we are obedient. We live together, he has his room and we live in our room, that's not to say that from time to time we start getting touched and that pretty much means that he want us. When he pulls me aside into his arms and tells me that he loves me and I tell him I love him and let him kiss me it is a sign that I am going to have sex with him. The same goes for my wife, although I am his favorite.

    My wife and I met in our freshman year in the dorm. We met one day when we were both going to do laundry but there was just one machine free and she suggested that we wash our clothes together and I went to her dorm room while the machine did its thing. From that day on we did our laundry together, wash, dry and fold. Our first 'act' of a sexual nature was sharing panties. We got naked and put on each other's panties, falling on her bed laughing, we hugged breast to breasts and ended up in our first kiss.

    We moved in together in our sophomore year and in our junior year we moved in with him, sharing a two bedroom townhouse. We did the cooking, cleaning and laundry and he did the eating, dirtying and messing. He was a man with two wives and we loved being his wives and taking care of the house for him. It was the perfect life and after college we all went together to live. We had sex because after all we were the women at home and otherwise we would have had some other woman in the middle. Giving him sex was easy, it was pleasurable, and when we were in college and our early twenties we shared sex together. My wife is more the lesbian, I am more bisexual.

    Later, as we got older we started to deal with the fact that he had fallen in love with us, for real. He refused to choose and when the law changed we got married instead of one of us marrying him. Either way, two of were going to be married and the third one had to be married in spirit. We are married in spirit to him and call him our husband. We like being his wives and we love him.

    I am a cock sucker, swallower of cum. My wife thinks its gross but she sucks his cock but won't let him cum in her mouth. She loves pussy, she has hundreds of pictures of my pussy. She started taking pictures before the iPhone and she stores them in albums and has her favorites. It's a gynecological record. I love tits, I always have. It is pretty much been something for me from when we first got together. It is just that I like the feeling of her tits, in my hand, my mouth, against my chest, rubbing me down the back. I like having her eat my pussy, I like being her woman when she is having sex with me. I would rather have her eat me than him, he is rough and spends too little time before he wants to fuck.

    I guess that our life is me with my wife, and me with him. He won't fuck my wife unless she is really in the mood, he understands that sex with him is something she does to please him. He and I have sex regularly, I sleep with my wife every night, we are both passive when it comes to sex so it takes a lot of hugging and kissing to get us in the mood before she and I have full blown sex. Once she gets started I let her take the lead.

    Outside the bedroom we are like any other early thirties couple. We have a house, we work and we hang out with our friends. That we are together as a lesbian couple is no longer an issue, it is more of an issue with our friends and family that we got with him to his bed from time to time. I guess having us married as lesbians didn't raise much concern. Being wives to one man does. No one believes me that if I hadn't married my wife I would have married him.

    So much from the lives of a threesome with benefits.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am a 62 yr old tall white male around 200 pounds who has been seeing this 60 yr old blonde female with streaks of grey in her long hair for about 6 months.I met her on an online dating site and she is very open-minded about sex.Unlike any other woman I have known she sees other men on dates and has sex with them because she is often horny and cannot wait for me to see her.She tells me about her encounters and enjoys I get a hardon when she describes how it feels when some man's cock is inside her.Judy will incorporate these stories into our lovemaking.Gradually her telling me these erotic encounters has deepened a feeling inside myself that arouses me.I imagine that I am Judy getting fucked by men and sucking their cocks.One night I got the courage to tell her my fantasy and she to my surprise encouraged it to happen.She said I am having other men so why don't you have a man too.But her suggestion was even more kinky and bizarre than that.She described her landlord as this 75 yr old wrinkled lonely widower named Jack who had come on to her for years but she had always turned him down as too old and unattractive.But she had an idea, a crazy one.I will tell Jack he can have me for one night if you suck his cock like i suck other men.This way you can feel like me with a man but you know I am making you blow some old ugly guy for my amusement.And seeing you do this act is so out there I will then let him fuck my pussy.I thought about all of this and wondered whether she was crazy or I was even crazier for contemplating this idea.She then looked at me and smiled.Mark, I think you secretly desire men so trust me on this try it and see if it excites you.But he is old and unattractive I replied.Judy said yeah but he has a lonely cock that needs looking after.So with that it was agreed.

    She spoke to Jack a few days later as he lived on the main floor and she had the basement apartment.She smiled and said it is set for tonight.Let us get a bottle of wine and lose our inhibitions.We drank some wine and both smoked Salems as we waited for him to come downstairs.She was wearing blsck tights and top while i was in some jogging pants and t-shirt.Jack came downstairs looking nervous.By this point Judy and I were a bit tipsy.Jack had receding white hair a big nose and glasses and a bit of a paunch.He was not attractive .And he looked every year of 75.He sat down in a recliner and Judy says well Mark why don't you go over to Jack and get on your knees and caress him a bit.I did as she told and went over to him.He had loose pants on.Judy asked me to unzip his pants and caress his cock through his underwear which I did.I felt this fat cock and stroked it awhile.It gradually stiffened and Jack closed his eyes and moaned a bit.I thought the old bastard is enjoying this.My own cock was stiffening in my jogging pants and Judy could see that.She said OH my Mark you are getting turned on.I then took his cock out of his underwear and played with it some more. It was thick and cut with a big head and about 6 inches long.It looked really sexy to me.Judy then said suck that old dick Mark really suck it good.I kissed the head then slowly engulfed it.I sucked it nice and slow and realized I loved how it felt in my mouth.Judy watched intently as I gave Jack a blowjob.I thought this is how Judy must feel sucking men.The thought excited me and my own cock got so hard it hurt.Judy then lit a cigarette and walked over to me.She asked that i put her cigarette in my mouth while she takes her tights off.She said suck on my cigarette while I ride this fucking cock.I could tell she was really horny.She then sat on Jack's cock and it easily slid inside her.She wrapped her arms around his neck and started riding hard.Soon she was kissing him passionately and moaning.She kept riding until he started crying out I am coming then she cried out herself in orgasm and they both came together.She sat on him for quite awhile then she led him to the bedroom beckoning me in.Her demeanor changed dramatically.She was affectionate and loving with him giving him sweet lengthy kisses.She then said I have a confession to make Mark.I have not been seeing other men only Jack.He fucks me when you are not around.I love him but I need to also have a man that likes the taste of Jack's cock so I can watch.Then she instructed me to lay on the bed.jack will jerk you off now baby because his cock made you so fucking hard.With that Jack caressed my cock and then proceeded to masturbate me to an intense orgasm.Judy smiled and said one day you will be riding Jack's cock too and really know how it feels to me me.

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    Through a totally unrelates series of events a girl came to live with me, first she was there on the couch for a few days while she found another job. But after several weeks of frustration she begged for another week. One night I felt bad, why I don't know and told her she could sleep with me in the bed. The couch was so bad, hand me down from who knows who. I made room for her and we slept ok, the bed was a queen and we are small. She looked for this job and that job and never found a job and she kept up with the apartment and groceries and laundry and I worked and basically supported her, buying clothes for her, shoes and taking her on vacation when I went to see some friends on the West Coast.

    It was while we were on vacation and at a party that my friends had for us to meet their group that this guy was hitting on 'her'. I got jealous, my heart was running, my stomach hurt, I went totally impulsive and walked over to them and said that I wanted to borrow my wife back and took her by the hand to where I was talking with my friends and another couple. Everyone heard me call her my wife. She didn't say anything right than so she wouldn't embarrass me but that night, of course we were sharing a room, we had been sharing a room for over a year by then, she got into her night shirt, she had on this pair of very tight panties that night, her breast were tight in the nightshirt, she could see that I was staring at her, she walked over and asked me if she was my wife was I her wife?

    She took off her nightshirt and stood there in front of me with nothing on but those very tight panties and looked at me and told me to make her my wife. That was the first time we had sex, real unabashed sex. It was my first lesbian experience, my first lesbian kiss, we tried to be quiet but who knows what my friends heard from their room. I called her my wife after that trip, we slowly let it be known that we were not just friends or roommates, we made love or had sex intensely for weeks afterwards. She is my wife, she stays home and I work, we did get married in a simple ceremony with some friends and parents present. We have a king size bed now, we used a gift certificate from our wedding, we have also moved into a small house.

    I love that she is my wife, that we live the way we do. I do not mind at all working to support us, I love that she takes care of me. We have had several conversations with my brother and his wife and he is willing to provide his services for us, his wife wants total clinical insemination but we want natural insemination. It is not like it was he and I, my wife is not a blood relative, but still my sister in law hasn't agreed to a natural insemination and that is what we are discussing. Regardless it will be 'clinical', my sister in law and I will wait outside the room until they have success. I am not downplaying this, it is just that a doctor's office seems so impersonal for such a thing like having our own child, maybe children and my brother is the closest thing to me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I'm 65, and started sucking cocks and getting fucked by men when I was 50.
    I've now sucked hundreds of cocks, and have been fucked by over fifty men, most of them have fucked me many times. I have three men who fuck me weekly, sometimes several times each. I'm retired, so have the time to empty their semen in my mouth or ass. I've been gang banged by four men,and would like to do ten or more.

    I don't even have any interest in sex with women anymore. I discovered my place in this world is to service other mens cocks.

    It took me quite a while to finally admit to myself I'm a faggot. I'm no longer ashamed or humiliated because I service men's cocks. I openly suck cocks in my front yard where my neighbors or anyone driving by may see me. I WANT them to see me.

    My name is Ric Carter, and I live at 305 Cramer Creek Road, Somers, Montana 59932. If you write, address it to "Ric Cocksucker". This is just south of Glacier National Park and Kalispell on Flathead Lake. My email is [email protected]@@@@@@@g***l.**m. Contact me if you are in the area,and I will suck your cock and you can fuck me. I will also send you a picture of me sucking a cock, and other nudes. I would like you to share them with your friends and post them online to further expose me as a faggot.

    I'm proud to be a cock sucking anal slut faggot.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 55

    Starting at about ten I became self aware of my body. I would stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom to see myself. I had to climb up on my mother's make up stool to get a full view. Slowly I started to see changes, my chest got a bit bigger, my hips a little wider, my pubes a little thicker. I loved seeing myself naked.

    I found my mother's lipstick case with it's little mirror and that was my first close up view of down below. It was a while before I was able to find a larger mirror which I stole from a friend's house and kept shoved up between the mattress and the box springs which gave me pretty good views of my insides. At about the same time I figured out that if I stood on the makeup stool and turned around and bent over I could get a real good view of my asshole button and my vagina from the rear. I had found my clit and I masturbated my clit raw, so raw that my panties rubbed against my clit if I sat and spread my legs and leaned forward and rubbed back and forth on the kitchen chair.

    I loved the feeling of my naked pussy and when my mother was out I would sit naked with my legs spread as wide as thy would go while I watched television in the den. I had a friend who would come over and we got into a competition as to who could spread eagle out more and I got to know her pussy real well, to finger her and touch her and eat her. She ate me in return and we got into deep kissing and booby gropes, pussy fingering and eating wet pussy. She and I were in choir together so we spent several afternoons after school. A favorite pastime was stripping our panties off during school and trading and wearing her panties instead of mine.

    We were fifteen when we decided that it was time to lose our virginities. We asked this one friend of ours from choir to do it and he came over to my house when my mother wasn't there, I pushed my panties down and laid back on the bed and he shoved his penis in me and then my friend pushed her panties down and laid back on the bed and he shoved his penis in her. He left and we sixtynined the rest of the afternoon. Other than that one time we never tried another penis until we got married. Around the tenth grade my mother asked me if I did anything with her, sexual. After that we were more careful.

    We didn't have a date for senior prom which was a real marker, but we were two of many nerd choir girls without dates and we went to the prom in a pack. We kissed on the dance floor during a slow dance, not a heavy thing, juts an against the rules kiss on the lips. We didn't call ourselves gay but it wasn't a surprise to her mother or mine that we were. They let us go on after graduation school sponsored trip to Washington D.C. and we shared a room with two other girls, guess who slept with me? We ate pussy in bed and the other two girls watched from their bed. We offered but they didn't take us up on it. We offered to eat them but they declined that too. We did make them show us themselves naked.

    In college, of course we went together, we roomed in the freshman dorm and we were always together, another marker. I guess it was around our junior year that my mother confronted me and asked me outright if I was a lesbian. In 1983 your didn't talk about those things and I admitted to her that we had been having sexual behavior since we were in the eight grade. 'Just be careful'.

    After college we got married to guys and we did the buy the house and have kids thing. But now that we are older and our husband are a lot older we more or less see each other all the time. All during the years when we were actively married, having kids, and raising them we stayed straight as an arrow. Real good friends but not sexually active. It is only now in our 'golden' years that we are traveling together, always on tour with a tour company that we are again sexually active. Two middle aged ladies but I still have a fascination with my naked body and hers. Maybe it is gross but we love to eat pussy, we can't get enough. Boobs are another wonder, when we were kids it felt good but we went downstairs first. Now we spend a good amount of time with boob massages before we go south and eat pussy. We have never been sexual with any other girls, the closest to it was that trip to Washington D.C.

    My mother is in her late eighties and she tells me that the biggest gift of my life was to find my friend so early in life and if we can be 'happy' together who's business is that anyway. My husband in spite of his health problems likes to try but he knows that my world is not so much about him as it is about her.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    I got along well with a coworker I joined her Saturday morning chat group, rotation from home to home every Saturday. Ladies only. She asked me to stay after to help her clean up and then we sat down to talk and that led her to ask me about my life and we got down to my sex life and if I had ever been naughty, like maybe getting frisky with another girl in college, or maybe a stolen kiss at a party? And she comes out and tells me that she really likes me, and she wants a closer relationship and that includes, if I am willing, some alone time together between the sheets. I sat and listened and had a hard time answering so she leaned forward and said she wanted to fuck me.

    How about starting with a kiss, and a chest massage, and maybe a hand up and down my thigh and another kiss? The issue for me is that I have been with another girl, yes I did do it in college and I have gotten along with another woman/girl that I met at this club, but not with anyone at work, male or female. For me it is like getting a buzz at a bar, it feels good, it is hot but I have lots of regrets afterwards. Spending the night with a girl made me really go into a tail spin of who I was and what I was doing. So I told her gently I was really insecure about it but she did draw out of me that I had kissed a girl and gone further than that.

    Well no kiss then? Well how about we just start with a little kiss, just a little bit of lip to lip? How's that? But why did she have to put both hands on my chest and feel me up? Why did the kiss get long and wet? Oh, I am sorry I couldn't control myself. Really? You can't control yourself? Maybe I don't want to be draw into this? Did you think about that? Geez, why is that you find someone you really like, and then she wants to take it to the next level?

    And why oh why did I not want her to stop? How is it that you let some woman, granted not a stranger but a woman yo work your with take your shirt off and reach around and unhitch you to your bra and expose you and how is it that you let her suck on you and then give you a kiss? And why oh why don't you stop it? Why do you let her kiss you and fondle you and run her hand up and down your thigh? Why do you unhitch her bra and let her expose her tits to you? And why do you let her continue to kiss you?

    The living room sofa got too small so she says let's go to the bedroom and get naked like God made us. The last time I was naked like that it was dark, pitch dark, not the middle of the morning with all that sunlight. Sure the girl I got naked with was nice looking but not nice like this. Naked together, on a bed, side by side kissing. She wants my hand between her legs, touch her she says. You touch me and I will touch you. That is what it is, coercion when you can't control yourself. But you touch, you let her touch and you let her climb on you and kiss you and then push herself down to go spelunking in your pussy. It isn't that you don't know what is going on, you are so hyper aware, it is that you are going along, you want her to go on and on and on. What a face? Pretty girl with messed up hair, and a stupid smile and wet cheeks and chin? Why do you kiss her with your pussy smell all over her face? Why do you push down and go spelunking yourself?

    It is a trap, and once you step in the trap you can't get out. Not because you can't just get up and leave but because you do not want to get up and leave. All that shit about it being nothing but messing around, trying things out, and that one night stand, well what was that? Why can't we just lay there and kiss? Why do we have to grabbing our tits? Why do I keep reaching down to finger her pussy? Why did I just turn on my back and open my legs and reach for her to get on? Oh yeah, I forgot. I have never let a guy between my legs, the most I ever did with a guy in college was make out but I was able to say hey this does not work for me and go away.

    It's bad because we work together. It is bad because technically she is my supervisor. It is bad because it is gay and lesbian stuff. It is bad because I was only supposed to like her not fall in love with her. It is bad because it is bad. And I wasn't able to get up and walk away. It is just so bad this thing about making love with her and I don't know how to handle it. I guess sometimes you know what is going to happen and when it does you don't know what to do. OK, so I am queer more or less, but I never thought I was this queer. In love queer.

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    Gay Male / 52

    Way back when I was in college I discovered gay porn. Back then it was all in magazine form and I got my porn second hand from the man that ran the rat lab in the Biology department. He jacked off in front of me on the magazines, he licked the pictures, he offered me his dick. But I just took the magazines, licked and stained with his sperm and went to my apartment and jerked off.

    After college I ordered my own. My job sent me to Denmark and I asked the cab driver if there was a place where I could by dirty magazines and he took me to this street and I found plenty of gay, very explicit gay porn. I bought magazines, took them back to my room and jerked off on them. I still have all those magazines, dozens of them, with pages stuck together where I jerked off to them.

    The age of online came and I found lots of sites to go, all sorts of sites, but I still like the photos better than videos, black and white, vintage stuff, I'm a sucker for hard cock. In Brazil on one of my trips I got to cruising and found this site of Brazilian men. I got up the nerve and asked the driver of the car, he spoke English because that is what the company pays for, if there was a club where I could go, I wanted to a gay cabaret to see gay guys dance. He took me to a club and he said he would go in with me because they didn't speak English. We found a table and he called over a dancer and I got my first in your face gay dance. He paid him extra and he danced over me rubbing his cock on my face and I came in my pants.

    We went back to the hotel and I didn't sleep all night searching for gay porn.

    On one of my many trips later to Brazil I asked the driver, I had asked for that driver, to take me around. I told him that I wanted to suck one of the dancers and if that was allowed. We went to this other club and he asked for a booth with a curtain and he had two dancers come and dance for us I sucked my first cock. I didn't want to quit, but there is a time clock. My driver paid for one of the dancers and rented a room at this two star hotel and he came to pick me up in the morning. It was paid for, but how else do you start. And these dancers are picked because they are professionals.

    My travels take me to lots of places, New York and Amsterdam, Singapore and Bangkok. It is a lot more difficult than you think hooking up with the right kind of place. In spite of my desire I have always been scared of getting rolled or stabbed or catching something really bad. In Copenhagen again, I know where to go for magazines and they are sill sold, I found an add for a club and went there to watch. English is not a problem and I paid for some dances, expensive, but I went back to my hotel to jerk off. I didn't want the porn I wanted to try something real.

    I took a chance and asked the night doorman where a man could go and have a chance to meet someone who maybe liked to get together. He pointed me to this bar and he told me to be careful and not go for any of the young men who were there, but try and make friends with someone my age, who was also there looking for someone. But the young men had a reputation for being rough and sometimes they stole your watch. With apprehension I went and just as he said there were these young men there, very aggressive and I took a stool at the bar and an hour later a man came in and sat at the bar and we broke the ice, he was German and told me he came there from time to time and I was honest and told him it was my first time. We went back to his hotel, he had his own way and what he wanted, truthfully he was very headstrong and in charge. I sucked his cock but he wanted to fuck. He picked me up to fuck and when that was over I was asked to leave, he offered to pay me.

    I do better now, I am more at ease and if it happens it happens, I hang out where the businessmen go, I work up a conversation, my method is tap on the shoulder, a tap on the hand, a tap on the knee. If they tap back well then it might happen, if they let me lay my hand on theirs then I feel that I can make the approach. Sometimes at my hotel and sometimes at theirs, sometimes it is quick and sometimes it is lots of fun. It is hit or miss. I don't consider myself experienced, I am pretty new at this having sucked my first cock in Brazil only five years ago. I am not looking for a relationship. I lost interest in porn and I want the real thing. Well that is not totally true, I still have my magazines and I can get very worked up with them.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I was 14 my sister was 10 when we started fooling around ,And I told her I wanted to try wearing female lingerie and clothing so she helped me dress up,it was a Saturday and we were the only 2 home ,I began walking around the house,I said sis take your clothes off and give me a blow job so she did,I fucked her mouth till I cum in it,we herd a noise so she run to her room , I pulled my panties up and straightened my skirt when mom walked in and caught me Crossdressing,it was a little exciting being caught as it made me hard,she yelled at me and sent me to my room and said don't change till I speak with you,I went into my room and lay on my bed still wearing female lingerie and clothing so I pulled skirt up an began jerking off i started to cum when mom walked in an caught me again ..she stood and stared and said so you want to wear women's clothing,she keeled staring at my cock and said it's big while cum was dripping from it she bent down and put her mouth around my cock and sucked it clean,she stood up and gave me a bag full of clothes and said keep what you are wearing and if you want to dress up in female lingerie and clothing then i don't mind ,

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