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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I had just completed my first semester at college and had gone home for a few days with a friend. About a mile before my house a truck ran a red light, T-boned are in front of us and flipped back and my friend ran right into the left rear of the truck. I recall the truck hitting the car, our screams and the next thing I know I wake in ICU in serious condition. I had a broken leg and ankle, lost my spleen and both arms were broken. I was in a cast which wrapped my chest and my left arm with out at an angle over my chest with a rod supporting it against the chest cast. My Right arm was broken and that cast was from just below my shoulder, angled inward all the way to my fingers (thumb stuck out the cast). After 4 days in ICU I was transferred to a private room where I remained for another 2 weeks. I could not feed myself and had to have aid when I used the bathroom (urinal and bed pans). I was humiliated as I had lost all sense of dignity. I was unable to pull the bed blanket over when I was cold.
    For a week my parents (mom, step dad and my dad) were always with me. However, the hospital stall took care of my needs. The cast on my leg and foot was replaced after 10 days and a new one was out back on which allowed me some mobility in being able to set on the bed and in a chair (bed side toilet) but not walk.
    I was transferred to a Rehabilitation Facility after 3 weeks to wait out another 3 weeks before the cast on my arms would be removed. My parents and friends had resumed their daily lives and I knew I was improving because my dick had started getting hard again. Harder than a piece of Georgia Granite too and an amazing need to get a nut. I have always had a strong sex drive and it was nothing to get off several times a day. When I would get hard laying in bed I would hold up my good leg so my knee with tent the bed covers and no one would see my raging boner, which by this time was beginning to and drool was sticking in my thick black pubs. I knew the man who would come and bath me every day knew I was suffering because I would get hard as a rock when he got anywhere near washing my crotch. He would thumb it with his g fingers and say, "one day closer to taking matter into your own hands." The other man who came on other days wouldn't say anything, even when I apologized. Then came the day this really nice looking black man ( mid 40's) came in and told me the other aide was going to be out for 6 weeks for surgery and he would be taking care of me until I was dismissed or the other man returned.
    They would hand ways me in my bed the get me up in the chair to change the linen so when he pulled back the sheets and pulled the wash basin beside my bed on the bed table there I was with my 7 1/2 incher sticking up like a flag pole. I apo0logized and he said, "your isn't the first hard cock I've seen, won't be my last...and not the first one I have held while I wash it down." Then he asked why my girlfriend hasn't come in to take care of me. I told him she was a100 miles away and only came when others were here. He said, "I've caught people getting head jobs but turned and walked away. We are all sexual and have sexual needs and they need to be satisfied." Then he asked, how long after your accident before your sex drive returned? " That is when he said, nursing staff reports changes to the doctors as its a sign of healing."
    He was washing my foot when he said, "So its been how long since you got off?" Not sure why I said it, but I blurted out, "I beat off the morning before the accident, so its been 4 1/2 weeks." He said, "when I was your age I was fucking or jacking my dick 4 or 5 times a day." I said, "me too." The sexual openness with this man, my desperate need to get a nut had precum oozing out of my cock (per his comment) like sap dripping down a Pine tree. He pulled my good leg out and placed the warm wash cloth between my ass cheeks and began to wash my ass hole. My body began to tremble and my dick jumping all over. He said, "you want me to help you blow a big one?" I shook my head YES. With that he moved the rag and was doing something that is when he turned and ran his wet, lubed finger against my ass and told me to raise my hips. I did and he shoved his finger in my ass and I shoot to hard it went up and hit him in his face, then he jerked toward my head and shot all over my cheeks, chin, hair and I kept on shooting. My entire body was shaking as he put his hand over my mouth. He was wiggling his long finger back and forth over my prostrate as my hips shook. I was out of breath but he kept massaging my prostrate and when I opened my eyes his hands were still over my mouth and we was staring at my still hard cock. He said, "want to blow another one?" I shook my head yes and down on my dick he went sucking it deep in his very hot mouth.
    With his right hand between my legs and his long finger massaging my prostate and his head going up and down on my dick I was his wedding band on his left hand which was now laying on my stomach massaging in my cum. It took a few more minutes and I shot off in his mouth and he swallowed.
    He washed my face again to remove the cum, washed it off the cast and washed my ass again. He asked was I okay and I said, YES>". He got me up and into the chair in my room and changed my bed. When He was getting my up to get back to bed he said, "once I get you settled I need to jack off in your bathroom as there is no where private here - other than rooms." I said, "leave the door open, please. I've never see a hard black cock before." With that he pushed down his scrubs and out popped the biggest dick I've ever seen. He asked, "have you ever fooled around with other guys?" I said, "circle jerks in middle and high school. But you just gave me the best blow job of my life and your married." He said, "married men are the safest and best sex buddies of all men." He stood on the foot stood beside my bed and jacked his dick and shot all over a towel which he had placed over my med section.
    I remained in the facility for 2 weeks after all the cast were removed for physical therapy and every day he worked I got a blow job. Then, one day I set down in that chair and pulled him to me and sucked my first ever dick and swallowed his load. He and I have been friend for several years and he took my ass cherry in his bedroom while his wife went out of town with their daughter.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I chose the category "out of the closet", because I've come to realize I am a cuckold and would like to admit that here. I have been married to my beautiful wife since 1999. She is 10 years younger than me and gets a lot of attention from other men. She has no problem flirting with men even when I'm present. For some reason I love it. I have never tried to stop her flirting even when other people notice and say something about it. I always say it's no big deal. They're just friends. I make sure my wife and the guy can hear me when I respond. I want them to be encouraged to continue flirting. I can almost always tell if she will meet the guy later. If he's tall (over 6 feet) and slim, she almost always will. That's not to say she wouldn't be with other men with different physical attributes. I know from when we first met, she is not shy about letting a man know she wants him.
    I have found out about at least four affairs she has had during our marriage. She may have had more, but I'm only certain about four. When I found out about her first one we had a typical fight over infedelity and almost split up. Instead we stayed together and things got better. Then about three years later I found out about another affair she was having. This time for some reason I found it really exciting and did not try to stop it. It eventually ran it's course and when it ended she came to me to confess. She was more than shocked when I told her I knew about it while it was going on. She asked why I didn't say anything. I told her it turned me on to know she was having sex with another man and I was ok with her cheating. She thought that was weird that I felt that way. She was willing to incorporate stories of her cheating into our sex life. She saw how hard I got from her stories, but when I told her I'd like to watch her have sex with another man, she absolutely refused. Which I thought strange since she had no problem cheating on me already.
    Well anyway, she has had a couple of affairs since then. I could always tell when she was cheating, I just let it happen and would jack off to it when she was out. Then for the past five years or so no indication of her cheating.
    I thought that's to bad. Maybe she is done with it. Then the other day I'm getting dressed for work and I notice a foot print on the bedroom wall. It was a much bigger foot print than what I would leave. If the old saying about big feet is true, whoever had this foot also had quite a large cock. The print was at the right height and distance from the end of the bed, that it could have been made when a man would have layed on his back. It looks like he would have been laying there with a woman between his legs sucking his cock and his foot up against the wall.
    I didn't say anything about it to my wife for about a week. Finally yesterday I asked her who's footprint it was. She started to give some answer when suddenly in the middle of what she was saying, she changed the subject without explanation. I didn't persue an answer. I'm hoping it's what I think it is and she's having sex with another man.
    When I visualize her on her knees pleasing a man I get rock hard. The thought of her laying back and spreading her legs to receive a large cock from some other man almost makes me cum in my pants.
    So like I said I have to admit to being a cuckold.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Truth is stranger than fiction:

    I' ve known most of my life than I preferred sex with other men even though I like women too. The year I graduated high school my only sister graduated college, got married and moved across the country. We live in a fairly large southern city and both of us attended local universities. Although I was required to live in the dorm my first semester, afterwards I was back at home and liked it that way. Mom was a Nursing Supervisor at the local hospital and worked these odd rotating (day and night) 12 hours shifts on with 3 days on and 3 days off. Dad works in upper management so he is one a standard 8 to 5 work schedule, unless there are special meetings or he is on the road. Needless to say, I enjoyed my own personal time with each.

    I had just completed my second year and on a break to the beach before I began a summer semester. When I came home dad told me my sister had a miscarriage and mom had flow out to be with her a week or so. Then he told me to grab a soda and sit down at the table (I had just driven home). I was wasn't sure what this serious conversation was about, but I knew it was serious. Dad told me that Thursday night some gay came to the house and told mom that I was gay and needed to be kicked out of the house. Seems this flamer I knew, who I had refused to have sex with, decided to tell my parents I was gay I hopes my Christian parents would run me off. Dad came home while the man was there and when mom told him what the man said, dad chased him to his car waving his fist at his face. That is when I found out dad felt I was at least bi for some time but has no discussed it with mom. Anyhow, they had a fight and dad took up for me. Oddly enough while they were fighting my brother-in-law called, fighting turned to packing and mom left early the next morning for the west coast.

    I knew my dad wasn't a homophobe like mom, but was relieved he was so receptive, none judgmental and so very, very supportive of my being myself - regardless. Over the next week when we were together our conversations centered about my being bisexual, when and how and with who I first experimented. Mom came home and was anything but hostile, or angry. Being away on the west coast, with a sister and brother-in-law who were supportive of me when she told them had a very positive effect on my mom. Dad and I seemed to become closer than ever before and we began to spend a lot of time together going fishing, hunting, Sports activities etc. Dad was supportive but advised me to shun screaming gays, as their loves are so filled with drama and they are vindictive - personal experience.
    Dad would day, "because you like an occasional role in the hay with a man doesn't mean you have to act like a women."

    Over the next 2 years dad became my best friend, and confident and mom and I became even closer. Once she told me, if I ever decided to marry a man, he would be welcomed as a son-in-law. Dad had invited me to go with him and 2 men from his office to an NFL game, which was an over night adventure. It was a 7 hour drive to the game and the 4 of us had a great time talking about everything, including gay live. I was relieved when these 2 married men seemed to share my dad's attitude and okay with man-on-man. After a few drinks that night at the bar the older guy, who was in his late 50's, shocked me when he said, "I've never had a women suck me as good as a man." We all laughed as the other man agreed. Dad changed the subject and a few minutes later dad and I headed off to our room.

    Dad and I were each in our own beds watching TV when dad said, "I've been telling you a masculine acting man will get more dude action than a screaming queen action and it won't be with another queen." For the first time in my life I wondered if my dad has been with a man, so I asked. He laughed and said, "the only man who hasn't at least been in a circle jerk is either a liar, ugly as hell or no male friends." I asked dad if he ever let a man slow him and he said. "absolutely. But I never said it" and he laughed as he turned off the light and rolled his back to me.

    Some weeks passed before I brought up the trip again and asked dad if he thought those guys played around and he said, "Its none of my business what they do or do not do." I asked if he would given and opportunity. Dad said, "you already know the answer to that question. Would you let a man, who looks like and acts like a man blow your dick he asked?" I said, "hell yeah...and I would probably blow him too." Dad said, "me too, son" From that point on dad and I had some very open and detailed conversations about the men I date and I gladly share details. Dad finally admitted to doing a 69 with a man in the neighborhood...a couple of co workers, including both the guys who were on that trip. I've seen may dad hard as stone through his shorts and leaking big time when we talked and especially when we watch bi porn, which is dads favorite (bi men). I have never had sex with my dad but I would and he know I would. My dad set me up for a 3 some with the two men he works with who went with us to the game. On several trips we have swapped off roommates with my and my dad having male sex in the next room with the same men the other has sex with the trip before, or night before. On a fishing trip with these same two married men dad was driving and one was giving dad head in the from seat and the other was sucking me in the back. Dad looked into the back and winked at me as the other was bobbing up and down in my dick. When asked by me, or the other guys why he will not have sex with me, dada always says, "Someday. Someday."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Im a stupid ass, im a nude slave, my name is naked boy. I am such a fuckup!! I cant stop being nude.
    All i qant to do is shave off all my body hair and oil up and work outside completly nude everyday. I get drunk in the sun while working hard then wash off at the end of the day and eat, continue drinking, then like a fool call the dope man and have some rock delivered.

    As soon as i get my shit, i smoke like a fucking fiend untill im in a state of parinoid bliss.

    My cock is turtle head scared, but im a horney naked freak aa i pace the backyard, asshole twitching, buck naked and contimplating streaking through the hood.

    My fucking ass is soo hot and my tall tone slender body looks damn good scorched dark bronzed from my daily antics.

    I cant explain why i want to be such a showoff freak, especially high, but i just get crazy when i smoke.

    I mean i know im not normal, but i have done some freaky shir and want to do more, especially with others.

    What should i do? I keep fucking smoking outside nude in the dark, crouching in the bushes doing huge blasts then pacing around craving roaming the streets like a bitchboy ready to be captured and enslaved.

    Ive gone there, but not lately.
    never caught, dont know how, but ive booked around like a freak for hours wearing nothing but marker ink, makup, and slutty jewelery.

    Once i got soo fucking drunk and high that i shaved my head, leaving it long in back, about 18in. along with shaving my 6ft. fully tan bod head to toe free of any body hair smooth, then writing obscene phrases all over myself in permanent hot pink sharpie.

    I colored my nipples pink, wrote cock sucking cum guzzlin naked dancing goo boy slave across my tight chest, Anal Slave in big bold caps on my ass cheecks, and saturated my wntire body in baby oil.

    I put a faux diamond studded collar on my neck that said slave, a feminane silver gaudy decorative belt, and two krinkly pink headwraps tightly on my legs up to my thighs just undernieth my plump meaty jiggling ass cheeks.

    Finally hot pink lip gloss, slutty purple eye shadow and lash thickener, and painted all 20 nails whore red.

    I chugged a glass of whiskey, snortes a fat line of brown nose fire crank, chugged a beer then did three straight bell ringers, i was sooo high i couldnt think about anything but sex and wanting to be a freak.
    My cock was numb and almost invisible as it shrank to a teeny lil nubby clit like bump but i was euphorically horney and got off on it, wanting to stay that way and show it off.

    I remember how tinglee my hot nips were and how good it felt playing with them and rubbing my slick oiled chest. The whole time my hot soaked ass cheeks were jiggling with joy as my lubed twitching asshole craved to be filled, so i crammed the shaft of a light up carnival toy up it leaving the baseball sized transparent neon flickering globe activated between my cheeks. God that felt soooooo good!

    I took one final look in the mirror and did a 360, put clothespins on my nipples and casually hopped the backyard fence skipping across the main road to the feild.

    My God i was soo fucked up i crept through the hood for hours in the night unbelivabley undetected with my strobe globe flashing between my ass cheeks, frequently twisting and thrusting it as i longed to be fucked.

    Im telling you i was WASTED and i would have loved to been ganged like a punk on all fours in a circle of strangers being brutally facefucked assreamed beat slapped and hairpulled and soaked in spew as my gapeing raw ass oozed and i licked and sucked countless shafts and ball sacks clean.
    Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm.

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    Gay Male / 35

    I work for a large furniture manufacturing company. I accepted a posting as quality control manager at our factory in Brazil. As soon as I got there I started to get hit on by several women, some my age and some a whole lot younger. I screwed a couple of the women. Things got complicated real fast with them and pushing them away was very difficult.

    An older man, he was in his early sixties, told me not to mess with the women, they had only one thing on their mind and that was to get married to an expat, and if getting pregnant was necessary, then they would get pregnant. I started to hang out with my new friend. Then one night, we had gone out to dinner, and he suggested drinks at this bar, in the bar he put his move on me by gabbing me and kissing me. I tried to push him away, but he was strong and knew what he wanted and he was massaging me through my pants into an erection and he was kissing me. He told me to calm down, no one in that bar was going to care, this was a bar where men brought their boyfriends. All around me there were only men, some dancing, some kissing in the corner, others holding hands and kissing across the table.

    I had a very hard erection and he held it tight in his hand while he talked to me telling me to relax so that he could kiss me, I was pressed back deep into the booth, it was dark and the waiter and the other patrons just walked by. He used his other hand to undo my pants and unzip me and he took my penis out of my pants started to suck on me and give me head. He held my naked penis in his hand while he slapped it against his lips and he told me that I didn't need to have a girlfriend in Brazil, I had a boyfriend. He gave my penis a long suck and then sat up and helped me put my pants back together and demanded a long kiss on the mouth.

    In other booths there were other lovers, and he leaned over me and kissed me and asked me if I wanted to suck his penis, he wanted all the other boys in the bar to see that I was his boyfriend, so he stood up on the seat of the booth and undid his pants and gave me his penis to suck. I sucked him, I looked around but no one seemed to care, so I shut my eyes and tried to suck him like I knew what I was doing. I was gay in Brazil and I slept with a man that night and he showed me that I was his boyfriend, and although it was a different feeling, having him on top of me and using his penis to put me under his control felt incredibly good.

    I asked for an extension of my assignment in Brazil I am his boyfriend, in the street, at dinner, at the beach, and of course in his bed where I learned to enjoy being with a man more than I ever believed I could. I love kissing and skin on skin before lovemaking, before giving him a long period of oral sex, so that he is totally ready to get on me and give me his penis, whether it is on my back or on my knees and hands, either way as long as he goes in deep and I can feel him knock his balls against me. I don't really want to leave, I have been told I have to rotate out and leave him behind.

    I am not ready to be gay when I get back to the states. Because I am gay, totally gay and I love it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    What. The. Fuck.

    This wasn't supposed to be possible. It was supposed to be genetic: either you got hard thinking about other men and their cocks or you didn't, and that didn't change. Well, I'm here to tell you, it can change. I used to be 100% straight, for the first 20 years of my life, at least. Then in a search for greater sexual thrills, I toyed a little with the masochistic fantasy of becoming reluctantly gay. Incredibly, a few silly masturbatory experiments (could I coerce myself to cum while looking at a naked man?) set in motion a years-long cascade of expanding and shifting sexuality. I didn't recognize it at first. I thought it was just a silly but ineffectual fantasy. Stroking my disinterested cock while looking at gay porn, or getting myself ready with straight porn and then substituting some gross gay image just in time for orgasm, made me feel naughty but wouldn't and couldn't actually make me gay. Right? Not entirely.

    The more I did things like that, the less disgusting and the more pleasurable they became. At first, months would go by between "experiments". But those months shrank to weeks, and those weeks to days. Somewhere along the way, I found that my cock wasn't disinterested anymore. I realized that I was cumming without having to think of a woman like I used to. And then I got really worried when I had to admit to myself that my cock was getting hard all by itself at the thought or sight of nude men or gay sex. Didn't that mean I was gay, or at least bisexual? I mean, if the sight of another guy's cock makes your cock spring to full mast, glistening with precum...well, that's pretty fucking gay. So is having to think about sucking some dude's cock in order to cum inside your wife.

    I never developed any romantic interest in men, but my loins have taken on a mind of their own. Gay porn is now more physically arousing and orgasmically satisfying than straight porn for me. Women still turn me on -- they just don't seem to get me off, at least not with the raw intensity that men do. The image of an attractive man's junk gets me hard in seconds, as if I were 16 again. I see women in the street that I desire so much, physically and otherwise, but if you put them next to a gorgeous bodybuilder with his thick flaccid cock hanging down past his balls and the tip of his head peeking out of his foreskin, my cock chooses him every time. I can't control it. The women are more beautiful, more lovely, more desirable up in my chest. But below the waist, it's the men that make my cock rise and my cum gush.

    So the masochistic fantasy has come true, in a way. I am a straight guy with a gay cock. I have tried to get back into boobs and pussy, but I always relapse because the naughty bits of other men make my dick feel so much more electric.

    So fuck it.

    Regardless of how I got here, I confess: I'm sexually attracted to other men. I love cock! And abs and balls and biceps and pecs and... Other men turn me on, get me hard, and make me cum.

    And if you're a gay man out there reading this and getting hard thinking of my straight ass (literally perhaps) and my virgin lips and my traitorous man-crazy penis, then I'm glad to have given something back to the community. :)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Hi everybody!

    So I have been a fan of this site for a while and decided to share my tale, my confession my dirty secret.
    This is a bit of long confession as I felt I needed to get it all out there, from meeting the woman I now love to how we came to our quirky kinky relationship.

    So here goes, as you can see by the above I am a bi-sexual girl who is nearing 20years of age. I am from Oxford, the city of dreaming spires; I have a petite frame with soft curves, dark jet black hair and lucky to have grown up with the ability to afford to pursue my dreams and ambitions.
    Now this all sounds good right, hot, single and so many options to choose from both sides of the human species.

    So I came on here to confess about me submitting to an older woman in her 40's, my horse riding instructor; I have known (I will call her Emily on here) for about 2 years, she took over from my old coach and came with great references etc... She’s strict, single and has a penchant for keeping everything under her control.

    My horse is stabled at her farmhouse a twenty minute drive Oxford into the edge of the Cotswolds, as this makes lessons easier and it is a good way to ensure my horse is safely looked after.

    Emily is very classy, with that crisp class of a woman of wealth; she dress’s impeccably and she is always in the latest of fashions.

    So everything was pretty platonic and professional until I hit the big 18th birthday milestone, that's when I noticed the banter changing from friendly to flirty nature from her. It started out with a mild comment here, a touch on my arm a hug at the end of the session. It carried on for a week or more and as I was cleaning out the stalls and putting my beautiful horse away, I heard her calling me to come and see her in her kitchen before I left.

    It was rare to spend time in her house as normally we chatted in her office or the stables, so taking off my overalls I went into the kitchen to find her there with a bottle of wine and offer of a cooked meal; it wasn't too late and I was hungry so I agreed.

    I realised that I couldn't drive by the time we got through the bottle and she offered me a room for the night, I called my parents and they were ok with that and they reminded me I am an adult now but thanked me for telling them.

    So Emily and I sat in her tasteful living room and she put on the L-word, she said she was catching up on a DVD she was lent and did I mind; I said no as I had already watched the show and liked it.

    That got a cheeky comment and we sat down on the sofa to watch, as the show went on Emily asked me if I thought of being with a woman and I admitted that I was bi-sexual with little experience but said my parents were not aware and Emily assured me that she wouldn't tell.

    She said that she too had been with women and found it too be wonderful, as she laid her arm on my leg and started to draw circles with her fingers. I shivered at her touch and we carried on watching the show, but her hand stayed where it was.

    As we were relaxing and me leaning into her she asked if I wanted to too experience more and if I wanted to take this upstairs, she leaned in and kissed me; I didn't hesitate and let her lead me to her room as we entered she shut the door and pulled me to her kissing me in a way I had never experienced. It was both passionate and gentle but with enough force to ignite a hunger for more.

    Walking me backwards she pushed me onto her bed, kissing my neck as she lay down on top, her hands pinning mine to the bed as she teased my neck with nibbles and kisses.

    She led the way the whole night, taking every bit of pleasure she could from my body, showing me how to eat her out and the best way to bring her to orgasm. I hardly slept that night and she was quite the instructor.
    I think you can gather from this that she is quite dominant as I found out shortly after, I wasn't really surprised when we talked the next morning as she held me in her arms snuggled under the covers.

    We carried on like this for a few weeks, I would spend the night once or twice a week; she would teach me more and I was growing to really care for her, my heart was really falling in deep with her.

    One evening she said we can leave it at this and I can have a great memory or if I would like to take this further then I would have to submit to her, she went on to explain how she was into BDSM and other fetishes, how she enjoyed latex and rubber clothing, how she enjoyed teaching women to serve her. She assured me that even if I didn’t choose this then we would always be friends and would cherish the time we spent together.

    I thought long and hard over the coming days, as she told me to look into things and see if I liked the idea of it; I spent some time going through porn sites and bondage forums and the more I saw and read the more intrigued I was.

    It took me week and I showed up on her door late in the evening and broached the subject and I agreed on condition that if it became too much I could walk away, she was happy with this and said we would begin with a tour of the attic, her play area.

    As she held my hand and led me up the stairs, my heart beat faster; I was breathing heavy and will admit to being nervous, I imagined a room dark and forbidding with chains, toys and all sorts of wicked devices as I had seen in some video’s online.

    As Emily opened the door I was both right and wrong, like the rest of the house it was tastefully decorated, a double bed occupied one wall, a set of cupboards and draws another, there was a massage table and what I assumed was a large chest.

    I saw the bolts and hopes set in the walls and ceiling and as Emily pointed it was hard for anyone to see in day or night.

    She showed me the cupboards and the outfits within them, saying that one of them was hers and the other contained outfits and shoes for me, she told me there was various sizes but most of her lovers were around my size so most should fit rather nicely.

    The draws were filled with toys, she explained what each was showing me them and telling how they work. There were gags, restraints, butt plugs and dildo's, hoods and all manner of kinky toys.

    She pulled out a black latex catsuit with a open faced hood and asked if I would like to try it on, I felt the latex in my hands, the shine of it and the smell.

    I simply nodded and she said that tonight we would just play and get to know the room and after tonight if I liked it then I would be trained.

    I did as she said and stripped and put my clothes in a bag which she tossed down the stairs, she said that it would be easier to put once she had put some lube inside it and rubbed it around; she told me to stand at the end of the bed and wait.

    I stood there as she poured the liquid in and spread it around before walking over to me and holding it open she said to put my right leg in; it slid on as she pulled it into place, getting my foot out of the bottom and tightening the zip closing it around just above my ankle. This was repeated with my left leg and then she began the task of pulling it up sealing my legs in and pulling it over my arse as she then did the same with my arms, it felt amazing as it got tighter and tighter, standing up straight she pulled it over my shoulders and it suddenly snapped to my body like a second skin, she pulled the hood up and pulling my hair through the hole at the top I was finally zipped up and I heard a click as a small lock made it impossible for me to escape it.

    I stood in front of the mirror and admired my look, I ran my fingers over the material and shivered in pleasure,

    Emily explained that this is one of the outfits I would were and from it she could add and change how I look; she asked me if I wanted to add more and I said yes, euphoria taking over me.

    She brought out a pair of knee high boots, 4inch heels and asked me to put them on, I noticed the pull and sound of the latex as I stretched and bent down to zip them on. I found them a little tight, but not painful.

    Emily then said she was going to change, but first I needed to be secured; this is where I faltered a bit a slight fear kicking in at being helpless but looking at her eyes all I could see was a deep love for her building in me and I knew she wouldn’t hurt me.

    She led me to the draws again and took out what she explained to be ankle and wrist cuffs, which she then proceeded to put on me; making sure that they were comfortable and secure.

    I was then led to the bed and she had me lay down as she pulled out restraint cords and straps from underneath and proceeded to lock me spread eagled on the bed.

    I couldn’t move and found myself very turned on, she leaned in and gave me a long kiss full of passion; her eyes looking into mine as she said I love you, my heart burst hearing her say that and in that moment more than any other I became hers and she mine.

    It has now been nearly a year and a half, I told my parents after 6mths and they were shocked at first and slightly confused to how this came to be but over a series of talks and tears they realised I was happy.

    We are a normal couple in every way, but behind the doors of our home I am a good girl who serves the love of her life.

    I have used this site to tell you all as few know what we do behind closed doors, my parents accept our love but I think dad would have a heart attack if he knew what his precious daughter did.
    I welcome comments and will answer when I can.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Male / 18

    Hi everyone, at the beginning of this year I made a new years resolution to start being who I wanted to be; I was raised by my aunt after my mom died when I was 15, my dad was not in our lives and none of us have heard from him in over a decade and to be honest that's fine with me. I had the best childhood I could have with the family I had, mom, my crazy but amazing aunt and their parents. Now at 18 there is just me and aunt Anne left. Now my aunt is freaking amazing, she is a great cook, loves music and as this is an important fact she is gay and has never hidden it.

    We have always been close and we have a great bond that got even deeper after mom left us, I still went to school and did all the typical things a teenage boy should do but I kept a secret; I had always wanted to cross dress and being a girl, I wanted to meet a guy and go on a date, be wooed and romanced.

    Now my figure is slim, 5ft3 and I have always had long hair, down past my shoulders, looking at me you would be hard pressed to tell if I was a boy or a girl. The guys at school had picked on me some but when my mom died most just left me to myself. I have never had stubble or facial hear of any significant amount, so my face could quite easily pass for a female with little effort.

    I guess you could say I was a bit skater, some emo and add in some rock n roll and you can guess the way I looked.

    So anyways I decided that I wanted to explore this side of me and at 18 I waited long enough and so in early January of this year I began to cross-dress, I took clothes from the lost and found ( I made sure they were washed using a local laundry-mat), I built up the courage and trying to look as fem as I could (tom-boy) I bought the basics (a pair of high heels, a set of underwear and some make-up) with my allowance and earnings from odd jobs. I figured with this and what I could 'borrow' from my aunt (my aunt was similar in height to me but had curves) I had everything I needed.

    I took out my suitcase and stuffed everything I could squirrel away into it and waited until I had a chance; it came in the form of my aunt going to a book club (gossip club!) on a Friday night for me to have my chance.

    I knew my aunt would be out for at least 2-3hours from 7pm; I waited 15mins to make sure and then ran like hell to my room and throw open the suit case.

    I quickly took out what I wanted and as I watched my mom do when I was a kid, I started with the clothes and left the makeup till last so I did not ruin or get it on the clothes as I put them on.

    I started with the underwear a simple set of black bra and panties, they felt amazing as I slid them on and did the straps up.

    I had decided to get an outfit from my aunts room, I choose a black leather look pencil skirt and a red lacy top; putting these on I noticed how natural it felt.

    Sitting in front of the mirror in the bathroom I began to try and get the makeup right, I did not look amazing and certainly not as good as the girls at school; but I was happy and confident for my first time.

    I then brushed my hair out and tried to add a bit of style to it, once I was done I tried heels for the first time and I felt my self standing taller, more confident and definitely liked how they made me look.

    All in all I was happy, I felt amazing and in the euphoria of the moment I decided to take a quick walk; at this point it was dark and I figured if I slipped out the back no one would really notice; I grabbed my aunts leather jacket and slipped it on. walking felt awkward as I was not used to the feel of the heels and had a few stumbles as I did a quick practise.

    going out the door I suddenly felt nervous, what the fuck was I doing? I sat down on the deck and suddenly felt all these bottle up emotions, anger, guilt, shame a whole load of things hit me at once; I cried and I shuddered as I thought what would my aunt think of me?

    then the worst moment happened, my aunt was home! I heard her calling my name, what the hell could I do? I couldn't sneak back in with her standing in the hallway, there was nowhere for me to go.

    The light went on in the kitchen and I heard the back door open, my aunt froze in the doorway as her eyes locked to my mine and her hand went to her mouth as a gasp escaped; this is it I thought, pack my bags and get out you freak! I had a hundred moments running through my mind as she stood there, tears slipping down her eyes.

    I was still frozen there on the deck as she came forward and sat by me, I waited for the mocking or the tirade of angry words to begin but I felt her arm reach around my shoulders and she just held me as I cried; whispering it's ok over and over.

    I lost track of how long we sat there, with her holding me and me crying but after a while my sobs subsided and she stood up and held out her hand to help me up, as I stood with her help she finally took in what I was wearing and breaking the ice she just said I should ask if I wanted to borrow her things.

    I went into the kitchen with her and took the jacket off, she told me to take of the heels and sit down at the table as we needed to talk.

    We spent the night talking away, going over my feelings, why was I doing this and the most hurtful thing for her is why I didn't come to her.

    It was around 3am before I hit my bed, the clothes discarded on my drawers as I slept an exhausted sleep.

    The next morning, I was nervous as I came downstairs not sure really what to expect as aunt could have done a 180 in the last few hours.

    There on the table was breakfast and my aunt sat at her laptop typing away, she greeted me warmly and told me to eat up as she wanted to talk more about last night.

    We spent the morning talking over everything again, how I had wanted to be, did I know if I wanted to be with men and how this was going to go as we moved forward.

    I found myself amazed and felt even more love for my aunt as she agreed to help me and to support me in this as her sister supported her.

    I could go on and on about how much this meant to me.

    We started slowly and she agreed to me doing this at home for now, she gave me £500 of my inheritance to use towards clothes and things I would like to try.

    Over the last few months I have learned a lot, we are closer than ever and I feel more me than ever before; I am now confident in doing make up and hair, I have a decent range of clothes and shoes and I am free to borrow from my aunts rather large collection of clothes.

    We are going to go to Soho in London during the summer and are renting some rooms at a gay friendly hotel, this will be the first time I will be 'out' out and I am both nervous and looking forward to it.

    My style has ended up being a real mix of classy casual, some more elegant dresses and my fav is the leather outfits I can borrow of my aunt.

    I am considering gender re-assignment and we have talked about it and if I am still wanting to be like this at 20 then we will see a doctor.

    I told this to all of you as sometimes there are people out there who really will go to the ends of the earth for you

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have always loved pornography and have come to the realisation it's the cocks I love. I've just done a sexuality test and it came up as straight/bi curious. One of the questions was:- would you like to suck a cock before you die? Without hesitation I replied yes. How would I go about doing this without anyone knowing? I'm white, fit with an eight inch cock

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I Enjoy Humiliation

    I have come out recently to some of my friends as being a crossdresser and bisexual. Some were okay with it, and others didn't go so well.

    However, there is one lady in particular, that is having fun with it! She knows that I like wearing panties, and other lingerie. In fact, she has seen pictures that show everything! She works as a waitress, and I go there for breakfast sometimes. She always discreetly asks me what color panties I have on. Sometimes, she also tells me what color panties to wear the next time that I go in.

    Almost every time, too, she asks me how it is going with me looking for another guy to suck off, and gives me encouragement to keep looking.

    You see, I really enjoy being teased about being a sissy, and that I have sucked a couple of guys off, and enjoyed doing it. There are times that I see her smiling, well almost a smirk, and I know that inside she is laughing at her sissy friend. That is actually one of my favorite things!

    I wonder at times if she has shared anything with the other girls that work there. If she has, they are being really cool about it. Still, I wonder if anything is being said about her sissy friend after I leave. Part of me really hopes that they are talking about it, and part of me is worried about it getting to be general knowledge. The part hoping that they are talking, and laughing, about it wins out. LOL!

    Every time that I go in, I look forward to her asking me what she wants, and making me tell her the answers. I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful friend, and I am so glad that I finally told her everything. Several times I have thanked her for everything, and always tip her some extra as a way of thanking her for teasing and humiliating me. I just hope that she knows how much I enjoy her participating. I also hope that she keeps having fun and coming up with new comments and questions.

    I feel lucky to have such a wonderful and understanding friend.

    sissy faith

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