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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am a older guy that is a little bi curious. Like to find a nice new D&D free very discreet bi/cd to be friends and help me with this.Looking for new friends in the N.E 440 330 areas in N.E. Ohio and N.W. Pa. area too.You can chat with me about this at roseskip672 at the Y. c

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am a older guy that is a little bi curious. Like to find a nice new D&D free very discreet bi/cd to be friends and help me with this.Looking for new friends in the N.E 440 330 areas in N.E. Ohio and N.W. Pa. area too.You can chat with me about this at roseskip672 at the Y. c

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    I grew up in a household of women, my parents had only daughters. I have no brothers. My father was the only male around us, and I suppose that is what is imprinted on me about a male role model. During most of my growing up years we all bunked together in two rooms, the first batch and the second batch. Being one of the first batch we had full responsibilities with the second batch. My mother somehow managed to take care of all of us.

    Somewhere sort of around nine or ten I started to like a girl at school. First I was so into being a girl, everything girl, from the clothes, the dolls, the toys, everything. My 'friend' came from an only child household and when I had her over we spent a lot of time in dress up. I like fixing her hair, putting make up on her, dressing her in my sister's clothes. I started to call her my sister and if she spent the night she bunked with me.

    Going along when we were of dating age, I decided that she could only date with my permission, which I never gave. So, it was always the two of us. We graduate from high school never having dated a boy. By then we were really close, our school psychologist had listed us as codependent.

    Around about our junior year in college we met a guy. I will call him Phil. Phil was a lot like my father, firm but kind, and he had a way of treating us that made us feel good. He was way older than us, he was all of 27, but to us he was really mature. Things progressed, and we decided that we would let Phil turn us into women.

    I can't say that was what we needed, probably not. It is just that letting Phil have sex with us broke the ice between us. Our break took place one morning in the shower. We were both in a hurry and I had to wash my hair, and my codependent other self got in the shower with me to wash my hair, and we ended up lathering each other up, and having a go at our body parts.

    That was the first day we 'made love'. It was not what you think, it was more like 'should I do this', or 'does that feel good', but it was a start into the this wonderful world of girl love. We went from being hesitant to being bold and from exploration to exploitation. A whirlpool of emotions, of raw sex. Somehow we maintained a relationship with Phil. We told him the truth.

    Now, today, we are all out of college living our lives in a neat little package. Phil is the 'man' in our lives, it is mostly platonic, but we slip up once in a while, whereas we are no longer platonic, we are gung ho all in sexual beings. The silly thing is that I don't remember our first kiss, I know it happened one night at a sleepover, but which night I don't remember.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    True experience from last summer.

    I come home from college for the summer and work for my grandfather who owns a construction company. Actually, I've worked part-time (weekends, holidays and summers) since I was 14, so I have a very good understanding of residential construction. Mostly I fill in or go the grunt work for the tradesman, which is fine with me.

    My parents neighbors are my grandparents age with kids in their late 20's and early 30's. Nick, the youngest son, who is 29 moved in with his girlfriend a few years ago and everyone is waiting for a wedding or baby. Nathan, the oldest brother is in his late 30's, married with 2 daughters. Nathan and Nick are co owners in a landscaping business and I have helped them a few times in a crunch. They operate their business, and store their equipment at the parents house. On the far back left side of their property is a double garage which has been doubled in size on the back, and that's where they house their mowers and equipment.

    We had gone to work at dawn with the understanding when we completed we could leave early. That being a Friday was motivation to the entire crews and, skipping lunch, we finished and left that house right at 2 PM. When I got home I noticed both Nick and Nathan's trucks in their parents side yard so I walked over to the house to say, Hi. No one was in the house so I went to the back and saw the garage empty so I thought maybe they were in another vehicle so I went home. After getting a coke and walking out on our back deck I saw someone walk past the neighbors garage to the storage area on the back. I got up and walked down our back year were there is a gate between our house that is located behind the storage room. As I got to the fence an gate I heard Nick saying "on your knees mother fucker". I paused for a minute when I head Nick say, "Suck my G.D. DICK you cock sucking, piss drinking, cum lapping, ass rimming, faggot M.F."

    Now, I am at the gate but hesitant to open it for fear someone will hear me. I was like a deer in the head lights for a minute until I head Nathan say. "give me some of that face pussy." Now, there is no doubt in my mind the guy who worked for them that I saw walking back to their storage are was sucking brothers and life ling neighbors Nick and Nathan. Although I didn't know the guy, he was young and did not appear to manifest any gay tendencies as i watched him walk from his truck past the garage to the storage area.

    The next time I head them barking orders and talking nasty, I opened the gate and stepped to the back of the building to a window, as the garage door was on the side. I peeped in and there on his knees was that guy with Nathan holding the sides of his head skull fucking the guy like crazy. Nick moved the the guys back where he held his head so his brother could fuck him senseless and just as I saw the slobber drip for the guys mouth Nick and Nathan leaned in french kissing each other.

    Nathan pulled back leaned over kiss him and then began to call the guy nasty, fucking names. Then he took his hand and lightly slapped the guy on the face and he and Nick swapped places. Now, Nick is calling his nasty. trashy names as he grabbed the long haired guy my the hair on the sides of his head ramming his dick in and out until I know the guy was about to pass out.

    To my utter amazement the jocks next door, who I never suspected as being bi are now on the knees facing each other with their mouths on each side of that guys dick. Then they took turns sucking it and while one sucked the other brother called him nasty, names. It was a intense, verbal, nasty, raunchy sessions with 3 married men. They were sucking was other, rimming each other, slapping each other and the more they sucked, and talked the more intense it became. Cell phones ringing and beeping to beat the band being ignored as if they were on Mars.

    Nathan and Nick now have their shorts off nothing on my shirts, boots and socks as they laid on the floor in a 69 and I watched those tow brothers suck each others dick.s That is when the other guy began his verbal, nasty talking which appeared to heighten the brother 69. They the guy blurted out, "I need a dick rammed in my hair, married, jock ass. I want it so hard I pass out. I want you to take turns like you did Monday morning." By this time my dick is out and I am afraid to touch it for fear I'll blow. Not that it would have stopped me from looking, only thing I knew I would moan and they would hear me.

    Now I am standing mid way the window looking in not thinking they could see me and the guy bent over trailer wheel well on the trailer pulling the riding mowers as Nick sucked Nathans cock and guided it to the guys ass. The guy screamed as Nathans cock disappeared in his hairy ass and Nick laid on his back leaning his head between his brothers legs pushing until his head hit the tire getting a birds eye view of his older brother donkey conging that guys ass.
    Nathan was talking nasty the guy was talking nasty as Nathan pulled back and so did Nick who was coming up between his brothers legs. His eyes caught mine at the same time and we both froze to the point Nathan looked won at his brother then turned to look back and saw me outside the window looking in.

    They saw my arm and shoulder moving so they smiled and motioned me around the door and inside. By the time I got to the side they were opening the door and no more than closed when brothers Nathan and Nick were on the knees side my side taking turns on my dick. The other guy came over and reached for my balls, then up to my chest and nipples with his wedding band glistening in the light.

    The three knelt beside each other taking turns, rimming my ass, and I got to suck on all three of them too. We did a daisy chain in the floor before we all took turns on the guys ass. I was the last since I have the biggest dick and Nick was sucking him while I fucked him and the guy was blowing Nathan. I cum in his ass, Nick shot off all over my kegs, the guy cum in Nicks mouth and Nathan cum down his throat. They guy pulled himself together, kissed all three of us and told then he would see then Monday morning and left. That is when the brothers I have know all my life to be jocks pushed me to my knees and took turns skull fucking to the point I has to push them back to get a breath of air. They both took turns on my ass and I took turns on theirs.

    That was a hot, wicked, intense, erotic, raunchy surprise but it wasn't the only time we got together ( as a 3 sum, one-on-one with each, and with that guy and a couple of others when we had a 3 and 4 man jock bisexual fuck sessions with all married, divorced and be men. I returned from Christmas break with a really sore ass because they arranged my first gang bang where 6 men took turns on my ass for 4 hours.

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    Transsexual Female / 30

    When I was 17 and still in the closet as transgender I met an 18 year old girl. She was flirting with me but I was not flirting back. She then reached out and began to rub my pants but couldn't find my penis. She put her hand down my pants and felt my panties and then she grabbed my penis with her finger and thumb. It is too small for anymore fingers.

    She laughed and then she told me she would help me pick out something sexy from her clothes and get dressed she had plans for me.

    When dressed she found a pair of high heels to put on my stocking covered feet. Then came make up.

    We got in her car and she drove telling me that we were going to the truck stop and I would be asking the male truck drivers if I could keep them company for $50 anything they want.

    I walked to the first truck and the driver said, "$50 for me and my partner sure". The passenger got out and helped me in and fondled me like a girl as I giggled.

    I had to suck both cocks going from one to the other and back. It took a while but I was loving those big cocks in my mouth. When the first man came he pulled out and shot his large load all over my face. The other man filled my mouth. I felt the warm cum then I had this wonderful flavor of cum. The first man took his fingers and pushed his cum in my mouth and I sucked them clean of spern.

    They said I would wait for a short time feel the same cocks in my ass that gagged me so much. I began to play with their cocks and sucked on them until they got hard.

    I was told to get on my back and he put my legs on his shoulders and then I felt pain as he pushed in like I was loose. I screamed and then it began to feel like the best thing ever and I moaned like a real prostitute. He said, "That's a good girl I knew you would love this. I was holding him tight begging him to go deeper, and he did.

    I went on to make $600 dollars that night. I also gave the men my number and they call at least twice a week.

    I thank Sheri for helping me become the truck driver pleasure toy. My penis is less than an inch and a half when fully hard. I can only shoot one tiny drop of cum and only with a big cock in my ass.

    My second night I had been with 6 different men before I was arrested for prostitution. I have been arrested a total of 5 times all for prostitution.

    I want a sex correction surgery but the doctor said my penis might be too tiny to make it a girls thing. I have curves and boobs like other girls though. Being on estrogen has made me unable to get an erection, thank God. My DD boobs make up for that. I just love getting so much big hard cock and cum.

    I am a lucky girl to get so much cock. I am happy to be a prostitute with so many customers.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am an only child and am very close to my mom and dad. My dad is a retired CEO of a major corporation and remains to be my best friend. Dad had always been very honest, forthright and straight forward in our relationship. I knew the detailed facts of life and anytime I had a questions or was unsure about anything I knew dad would be honest in his answer. As a preteen I knew masturbation was a natural, biological truth and the people who said they didn't masturbate were liars. I also know it was something I did in the privacy of my own room with the door closed and to clean up with tissue, which I flushed immediately - not to leave any tail-tail signs for mom to see. "A respectful act not one of dishonesty or shame," dad still declares. Masturbation is also a "Right Of Passage, self discovery and exploration with other males." Dad knew the first time I jacked off with a neighbor, the first time we jacked each other and the first time we sucked each other. He also knew the first time a female sucked my dick and he gave me pointers on getting and keeping a female hot and worked up and, most important, insuring she gets satisfied too.

    Dad told me I was doing nothing he hadn't done and admitted me still jacks off as he had a strong sex driver. I was in my early teens when he began to talk about the difference between making love, loving someone and having sex with them and a sexual encounter with someone else - "there is a difference between making love and just getting a nutt."

    I was amazed at how people (everyone) would spill their guts to dad and he's never betrayed a confidence. He always/still says: "when an individual is comfortable with themselves (sexually, mentally and emotionally) that inner peace will be a magnet to others seeking the same. I was 21 when I realized I had the same magnetism as my dad - and for the same reason. People I met in school, including professors, wanted to get to know me and, eventually, many would bare the souls - mostly regarding sexual frustration.

    The numbers of married men who have confided in me is amazing. A few have hit on me or vise versa as I love to fuck jock ass and skull fuck his mouth pussy on his knees with both my hands full of this head hair. I also, delight in the fact I make sure my female partner is satisfied before I get off. I've never had sex with my dad, but he has given me lots of pointers, showed me movies and books to demonstrate his advice.

    My wife and I divorced 4 years ago and I am very content in my single life. After we sold out property I moved into a condo while I built a new house in the suburbs. I am in a guard-gated planned community and, like myself, all of my neighbors are professional, even tho I am the only divorced male. I have plenty of female and male company and interact frequently with all of my neighbors. The couple on one side are in their late 50's with 2 kids in college and the couple on the other side are in their mid 30's. She is an Attorney and he is a CPA who works from his home office 3 days a week. They have a 5 and 3 yo who is in day care so he is home alone 3 days. I also work from home a couple of days a week, although his days and my days are not always the same days.

    I have a pool where I set sometimes while working and he can see me from his main and upper level windows. I've only been here 2 years and although he and I have had many, lengthy conversations, share meals, swim times and watching games in my lower level media room, I have know he was bi, but never said anything. During the summer his wife was out of town attending a convention for a week and his girls were with her parents at the beach, so he was alone. I had worked in the office that day and came home to meet him walking over with a 6 pack and a pizza. He followed me to my bedroom to shed the suit and whiter shirt, which was the first time he has seen me naked as I was commando that day - no swim trucks, as he had seen may times. He set in a club chair in my bedroom while I took off my clothes dropping them on the bed. With nothing remaining but my suit pants I unbuckled, unzipped and dropped my suit pants. I bent down to pick them up and when I raised up his eyes were glued to my above average cock. I slipped on some cotton sweat pants and a tee shirt, putting my dress clothes in the hamper.

    We finished the pizza, one beer for me and him on his 3rd he blurted out: "I need to get something off my chest and I trust you. So, of I tell you something will you promise not to every tell my wife or anyone?" I said, "you know my lips are sealed." Expecting him to hit on me i was shocked when he said, "I had sex with my uncle (his dad's younger brother)." I said, "My lips are sealed." he said, "I am 17 the first time it happened and he was not my first man-to-man experience" He chugged the rest of his beer, went to the refrigerator for another one and began to unload for the first time in his life. Seems he and 2 cousins (brothers) had been sucking and fucking each other since middle school and the younger cousins put the make on their uncle, who gladly let his nephew suck his married dick and proceeded to take his ass cherry.

    A while later he admitted to his older brother who was invited to became a 3way with his brother and uncle, which went on for some time. They never told my neighbor although they had circle jerks and 3 ways with other guys their age. One day my neighbor was home alone when that uncle dropped by and to his shock told him he knew he was sucking his brother cousins and now was time to suck the uncle, which, according to my neighbor, he did with great pleasure. The uncle wasn't the firs to fuck his ass but fucked him that day 2 times. That evening the uncle came back inviting my neighbor to go help him with some heavy lifting. My neighbor said the uncle was unzipping his pants as he backed out of the drive and my neighbor was sucking his dick before they were out of site. The uncle took him to the woods where he laid my neighbor on the uncles truck tailgate, put his legs on his shoulders and fucked him 2 times filling his ass with cum.

    My neighbor said, "does this repulse you?" I replied, "No", what your sharing is a fact of life, happens and the time. There is nothing new under the sun. So, No, I am not repulsed and my lips are sealed." Now he tells me about having sex with his older sisters husband, but he has no idea about the uncle or cousins. He had not had sex with one of the cousins who lives in another state, but hi, his cousins and uncle gets together as often as possible-
    individually or together. They met the other cousin at an NFL game and the 4 of them sucked and fucked for 2 days and did the same on a weekend hunting trip down south.

    Now, I am on my 3rd beer and my neighbor is on his 6th and is sharing his bisexual activities with men all over the area, including his best friend. He said he jacks off several times a day thinking about dicks (mostly) and pussy. By 10PM he had told me about dozens and dozens of bi, mostly married) men he had been with including a bi man and his wife. By this time his hard dick is protruding the pants leg of his cotton shorts with a wet spot over his head. He was turned on being able to bare his soul to me. Not that he has quilt for anything, but needed someone, other than his uncle and cousins, he came take the mask off with.

    I went to the bathroom and when I came back into the family room his head was laying back and his hands were on his hard cock. I handed his some paper towels and said, "If you don't jack off your going to explode and I can handle cum on my leather - not blood and piss." He said, "I am sorry I am embarrassed you and talked too much." I said, "No, your not the first man to share their inner most secrets. However, your to first to have sucked and fucked 2 paternal cousins, a paternal and maternal uncle, and his sisters husband. He gave his parents a surprise anniversary party and I met the uncles, cousins and brother-in-law. As much as I wanted to jack off with him, I declined walking out of the room to give him some privacy. As I was walking out he said, "Don't let me run you out of your own family room. I cam go home or i can jack off in front of you." I set down in my recliner as he stood, dropping his short exposing a really nice, thick, big headed dick with thick black curly pubs. I watched him stroke as he talked more about this 22 year old me met a a cruise park who, according to him, moans like a Saturday night whore while he plows his ass." He shot a load so far it hit his forehead and cheeks. Once he stopped cumming I said, "you need to wipe that cum off your face with your fingers and stick them in your mouth." And that is exactly what he did.

    Yesterday he called and wanted to know if he could come over and watch the games with me. I agreed and mid way the first quarter he got a text. That is when he looked at me and said, "can my uncle some over and watch too?" I said, "Absolutely". A few minutes later the wife, kids and uncle came in my door. The wife and kids were telling him they were going shopping and ask if he needed anything. When she got to the Mall she text him they were there and going to lunch. He laid the phone down, looked at me and said, "can we borrow a bedroom?" I said, "you can use any room you like." With that they unzipped and were immediately on the floor in a 69. That was one of the most erotic scenes I have every witnessed in my entire life. I was so hard I thought my dick would break off in my shorts. I slipped out while they were into it and went into my kitchen. I unzipped my dick, pulled it out and within 30 seconds blew a load half was across the floor. I cleaned up, grabbed 3 beers and when back in time to see the uncle eating his nephews ass...the nephew was calling my name...asking me to let him blow me. Then they were both on their knees beside each other facing me chair and begging me to come over and give it a try. That married uncle and his married nephew took turns sucking my dick and snowballed my load. Most erotic, intense orgasm of my life.

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    Straight Male / 41

    Crack turns me into a girl.
    I can see why so many honeys turn into freaky nymphos on it.
    Its the devil for sure.

    Anytime i down some buds fast i get a craving for it, problem is that im just a fiend anymore and it makes me insane. I have to power smoke it all as fast as i can naked of corse, and then i feel like such a little horney bitch boy slut.
    My dick gets tiny scared numb and if im body shaved smooth from the neck down, i let my long bleach blonde hair out of its pony to flow down my back to my hot tight ass.

    I just love being nude alone or in company to dance and shake it, jiggle and show off.
    If i keep drinking and smoking i want to do anything. My invisible turtle head is numb and my asshole twitches for pleasure as my mouth waters for some juicy salty rods to slurp and suck dry.

    That shit is evil cause it makes me want to be gangbanged doggystyle and filled with goo in both ends till im dripping and too sore to walk.

    Id be screaming pull my hair while your fuckin me, and slap my ass raw between facefucks. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm i want to dance naked for strangers and be a hard core goo guzzlin naked anal slave. Id love to suck cocks and lick tasty balls all night long while being double anal pounded in front of some sexy girls.

    Id like to star in a gay gangr**e oil orgy porn and set the record for most loads gulped down by a sissy while being pounded non stop in my hiked up raw ass. Then tied to post quarter style as hundreds of men squirt on me and at the end have a 5 gallon bucket of cum poured over my head, freed from bondage to rub it all over me erotically licking my fingers often.

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    Transsexual Female / 37

    When I was young I didn't understand that I was transgender, I thought I was gay.

    I had just turned 18 about a month earlier. I was at home alone and dressed in the sexiest mini dress I found in the closet of one of 3 sisters.

    I was afraid to go in a dress but felt comfortable with answering the door at home. When I heard the doorbell I jumped up and walked to the door with my 4 inch stiletto heel clicking. I opened it to a man I that was so attractive and I wanted to know him so much deeper.

    After some small talk, most likely talk of my very small penis, we were sitting on the couch talking and flirting. His hands were all over every part of me that is a turn on for women. Then he pulled me close and began to kiss me with his tongue.

    I had my hand down his pants and a very big hard cock in it. He said that I had to suck his cock. I got on my knees and said, "I will but you have to talk me through it". He commented that I must be a virgin. He said that guys like to gag us and we never spit cum out. I did everything he wanted and he warned me he was cumming and it will be a lot.

    He pulled out except for the head and I felt warm all over my mouth and then I tasted it. I swallowed and thanked him for letting me do that can I do it again? He said next is a cum facial then I will take your ass. I asked when. He said the next few hours. I said I was not sure about the ass. He said, "You are going to take it all. You are my sex slave.

    He shot cum all over my face after an hour and 45 minutes after that I was screaming as he held me tight and pushed in my ass. Then he thrust it in until his balls hit my ass. I moaned like a girl and said, "Oh God, please don't stop go harder give me more".

    He lasted longer but still left a large load of his sperm. He asked me to hold my penis next to his cock. His 9 inches of real man cock next to my 1 1/8 inches of less than a clitoris. He said that he was proud of his being so big. I said that I am very proud of how tiny and easy to hide in my panties.

    He grabbed me like I was his girl and he began to kiss me again with tongue. When he let me breath I begged him more. He said he had to shower first. I said, "Great idea we can go shower and maybe after I wash your cock I can suck it in the shower. I took his hand and led him to my room.

    He said it was easy to see it is a girls room. We got in the shower and I washed his cock and it grew as I did it. He rinsed it off and I was on my knees with my mouth open wide. He pulled my head and gagged me a lot. I felt the warm cum and tasted it I swallowed. I told him that his cum tasted so good and I will be his cocksucker anytime just give me at least 2 minutes notice.

    He still likes my body and he said he loves that I am so submissive and will do anything except have any sexual contact with another female. I love his big cock and am so lucky that he comes over after a bad day at work. He has bad days at least 4 work days and on weekends I usually get lucky and he sleeps in my bed and I am in his arms. I feel his cock pushing at my ass.

    I have been in love with him for 12 years but I don't dare tell him and risk losing the man I am totally in LOVE with. I do everything for him and would just die if he left me.

    He is just so sexy and handsome and his male body is so nice and different than my petite and so much more feminine. He says I am his pretty princess and he is my prince.

    He is worth the world to me and I will do so much for him because he is so precious to me.

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