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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Straight Male / 47

    Hi my name is naked boy. I am a closet freak and im totally obsessed with my fantasy of being a naked dancing bitchboy crack ho anal/oral doggystyle gangbang slave.

    I want to smoke like a fiend after getting drunk all day then get naked and dance on atage for strangers while they throw change at my shaved oiled hot nude ass.

    I am soo stupid, every time i smoke the shit i power smoke it untill its gone and i become a total freak.
    The shit makes me crazy. I get nude and my shaved cock practically disappears but idont care cause i feel euphoric, like a bitch whore.
    I have such a sexy body and hot little tight shaved ass and my long blonde flowing hair reaches the small of my back, from behind i look like a fuckin hottie and feel like one too when im high and have a turtle head scared pecker.

    I want to be gangbanged and id love to rub oil on myself head to toe while dancing nude on stage untill being manhandled and publicly humiliated like a piece of meat twink by some well hung studs in front of people i know as they heckle me and taunt the men to do me voilently pulling my hair and slapping my ass cheeks beet red as they pull a train on my cocked up gaping ass and drooling gulping mouth.
    Mmmmm mmmm mmm.
    #please baby please!
    Weird huh? Across my chest"I love 2 suck cocks", and "goo guzzlin fool".
    "Nude dancer"and naked slave" also on my belly.
    "Fuck me",Anal Slave,and Sperm bank"across my shaved ass cheeks.
    Ha ha is that queer or what!?!
    I have put up to 50 temp tats all over me at once on top of that also.
    They were sissy glitter ones like faries, hearts, flowers, ect. Anything feminane and i stuck them provocivatly in between the degrading phrases. The few craziest times i was completly covered, shaved neck to ankels and even had shit like "prison bitch, throw me to the n****rs, soak me in jizz, and please gangr**e me".
    I love the taste of balls, ream my pussy, manhandle me, ect, basically any and everything nasty i could think of. I would doll up with hlush, masscara, eye shawdow ,lip gloss and nail polish too.
    Looking like a total slut then add costume jewelery.
    Necklace, waist chain, ankel braclets, Imagine the euphoria i felt looking that way covered like a slutty punk bitch!
    So i would do shots and small hit for hours dancing in mirrors shaking and spanking my ass raw and filming myself.
    Id get soo high and numb i would usually ride the fuck outta a fat wooden shovel handle for hours.
    Sometimes id set up a cucumber system on rotissararie spines, front and back where id get on all fours and simulate throat ass r**e, but willingly. Id down a shot, do a blast, then deep throat that veggie gagging and slurp sucking, wishing it was a juicy cock while riding the hard pickle behind me eventually making it dissappear.
    Oooh it felt soo good and i would get wild crazy fast wanting it to be real.
    I never have acted on my freakis desires beyond that i suppose out of shame and embarrassment, but since the smart phone age have watched lots of porn while humping my memory foam pillow with my ass spread wide and hiked up high.
    I mean Jesus!!!,some of that shit is unreal. I know i love women, but i must be bi cause when i see a petite lil small tit clean shaved tight ass honey, like sasha grey in gangbang brunette for example, taking and loving a dozen or so smooth cocks in every hole and every position being passed around like a piece of raw meat for the beat red pounding and she loves it soo much that she degrades herself and the punishing studs as they are brutally ruining all her delicious holes, i just want to be her tag team partner and do EVERYTHING, and have anything done to me.
    What im saying is that i desperatly want to be her in a remake of "Gangbang brunette" as a nympho naked bitchboy twink dolled up excessively as i stated earlier and call the remake "Gangbang blonde naked bitchboy" duplicating the long version precisally substituting the DP scenes with double anal. FUUUUCK MAN, TIE ME UP AND RAPE MY HOT TIGHT VIRGIN ASS AND GAGGING THROAT TILL IM TOO SORE TO WALK BURPING UP CUM AND BEGGING FOR MORE JUICY SALTY DELICIOS MEAT LOGS AND CREAM!!!! MAKE SURE U DONT FORGET TO SLAP MY ASS CHEEKS RAW AND LEAVES HAND PRINTS ON THEM BOTH AS U SPREAD THEM APART TO THURST ME VIOLENTLY,AND FOR GODS SAKE, PULL MY HAIR WHILE YOUR NUTTING IN MY BITCHBOY HOLE FOOL!!!!!!!!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 51

    I am 61 and she is 60. We have been sharing a room and sleeping in the same be for forty years. For the first twenty years we did not think of ourselves as being lesbians. Far from it, we were just shoved into the same room and bed by the man we lived with because that is the way he liked it. He lived in another room, but sex was always in our room in our bed, and very seldom were we ever alone with him. To him sex was never complete unless we were both there. We just thought this is how we were supposed to be.

    We got together with him at a time when a man did not ask permission, he took what he wanted. She and I were new roommates, we had started work for a large company and the HR department had lined us up and we had rented a two room apartment close to work. He was a guy we met a dance hall. After dancing with me he took me outside and screwed me in the parking lot and then took us home and screwed me again and went to her room and sent her to sleep with me so he could have her bed. That is how she and I ended up in bed together. At the time I had a full size bed and we were on top of each other, so we ended up spooning to sleep and I woke up with my arms around her and my head on her chest and she was holding me because she didn't want to wake me.

    He screwed her after breakfast. It wasn't very ceremonious, it was a wham bang screwing. But she got screwed by him. He moved in, he took over our apartment, moved us into one room and one bed and took over the other room and he set us up to cohabitate with him. I know we were young, we were 20 and 21, and we were getting screwed twice a week, he took over paying the rent and we used his car to get around. The only sex in his room was when we went to give him a blow job if we had messed up and we were asking for forgiveness. We didn't know it at the time, we thought we were falling in love with him without realizing how we were falling in love. We were together in one room and one bed and the best part of the day was when we snuggled up to sleep and had pillow talk. By then he was back in his room, we were alone and we lay side by side and whispered until I turned over and she put her arms around me and we went to sleep.

    This was the time when our friends and coworkers were getting married, having babies and living in the suburbs. We lived in town, convenient, but far away from girls our age. We begged him to move us to the suburbs, we would get jobs out there and he would commute, but that is what all the other men did. We just wanted to be around other women our age and we wanted to have our own babies. It was a crazy time, we called him in to our bathroom and dropped our birth control pills into the toilet and flushed them away, He was put on notice. I got pregnant first and she got pregnant two months later. We moved to the suburbs into a four bedroom house, he bought us a car of our own and he commuted into to town. After our babies were born we quit work.

    Most every one was from somewhere else, we made friends through the babies, it was an accepting time and some women we got close with asked questions, but mostly we just blended in. We turned 30 with four kids.

    The day we crossed the line, he was traveling out of town on projects, he was gone a lot in those days, and the kids were a handful., We took a bath together that night, which we did often, we got ready for bed, and as I did a lot of times, I put my arms around her and my leg over her and snuggled on tight. I wanted her to hold me tight. I started to caress her breast and I felt like kissing her and put her nipple in my mouth and started to suckle on her while she caressed my face. We kissed that night, a long long kiss, and a thousand small kisses, I straddle her and sat on her and held her face and kissed her. We kissed fifteen years of being together.

    That broke the ice, we started to kiss every night, to hold each other out in the open, to start and show and share affection at all times of the day. It took five years longer before we acknowledged that we were in fact lesbian. Maybe because we were forty. Maybe because the heat with him had slowed down, we were having sex a couple of times a month. Maybe because being lesbian was no longer such a bad thing. We used the word with him, we asked him if he thought we were lesbians or something like it. He surprised us and said he thought we had to have some kind of connection like that, he always knew we were connected. By then she and I were totally comfortable being sexually active together. We didn't just kiss and touch, we made love and we expressed our love for each other.

    We are grandmothers now, and after he retired we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is in his early seventies, and we give him the attention and affection he deserves. He has supported us for all but one year since we first met. For these forty years our sleeping arrangement has been the same, he has his room and we have our room. We know now that that first morning when we woke up together and it felt so good to be in her arms that there was something queer about us.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 25

    Hey everyone, id like to come out of the closet tonight, well not about my sexuality, rather my secret addiction to cocaine that ive hidden for the last month and where it has taken me and what has happened thus far.

    It all begins at the end of my last relationship, I had noticed when she landed a new job that she was starting to distance and this was breaking me minute by minute but I never wanted to accept or even believe in this truth. I then did everything I could to be as nice, loving and loyal as I could but nothing was working. Every day she would talk about guys at work and what they did from them which really got me nervous. I didnt even know what to think of this.

    On The Big Day,
    I had just arrived home from work like any other typical day and sat down to relax putting on some TV. My phone rang and it was my Girlfriend who was calling, Excited I answered the phone but Immediately I knew something was off, she seemed different, a strange vibe over telephone static and silence. What happenes next is where it really hit me as she said " hey, I need you to leave because I have friends coming over, please go somewhere... anywhere.... I need you to leave" I didnt know what to say other than " What? Why ? I cant really go... " so whats the big deal right ?

    We have never been apart a single day and neither of us had wanted to be apart. I listened in silence over the phone as this conversation rolled onwards, she said once more " please go " and thats when anger struck and I hung the phone up as my heart was pounding out of my chest. I had cut everything we made together or that i gifted to her up. Notes on the fridge I ripped up and threw on the ground, pictures as well. I had everything packed and gone before the next hour came.

    The next day She flew off to another state for a business trip * this i know is true * and spent days there.
    During this time I didnt believe it at all, this wasn't real as we had a few arguments before that were iffy but repairable. While she was gone I hungout with my friends thinking everything was okay but as days went on I heard nothing from her. The day of her departure back to our state I knew by heart, and that night I spent hours looking at the night sky just hating that she was up there with the starts and night sky that i have forever held so dear, I hated her for polluting the night skies beauty.

    When she arrived home I got a devastating wake up when she called me, she was acting vvery very distant and mean and was treating me like a stranger when I was crying like my own child was just murdered in front of me. I begged and begged her sobbing but she didnt hesitate and said " ive gone to far, goodbye ' She blocked me on social media, she blocked my number and texts, she completely blocked me and i never spoke to her again.

    Days, months went by and I was pretending I was okay as I even got into a new relationship believing that I was over her. I was partying and having so much fun trying to get her out of my head and thats when one day I ran into the guy at the party with Cocaine. I wished I never met him but the sad reality is this is where my addiction starts.

    After trying his coke, a few days late I was trying to buy more and convinced myself that I was only doing this because I was going to a Rave/EDM concert. I missed it, and stayed home with the Cocaine in my bedroom. Looking at the Gram I was scared to even try it knowing how addictive it was. None the less I proceeded into trying a sniff/snort/hit of the Cocaine. I thought " This isnt bad " and hit bump after bump after bump until it was gone.

    Waking up the next day I thought how beautiful it was that I was self destructing and metaphorically speaking, killing the me that loved her. So I went and bought more Cocaine, one Gram after another until I was buying 8 balls.
    Never stopping until they were gone. It got so bad that my coworkers knew something was wrong and started paying attention to the things i say or have said. My family watched me as I drastically lost 100 pounds in a short period of time. I was blowing money on Cocaine and having fun doing this not really giving a fuck about responsibility, besides... im already broken and twisted inside anyways as the few days after the break up I had become seriously suicidal measuring ropes at work to hang myself with from the rafters in the garage and I came so close.

    Now, Its not even about the self destruction or any beautiful metaphor written over a broken heart as it is now a full blown addiction.

    im not sure where to go, and I know I want to quit.
    she was the reason why my heart broke and the reason why I wanted the old me gone, the one who loved her.
    the new me? cold, broken, lost... that good looking guy over there who you can tell has been to hurt to ever open up again and not to mess with because thats just bad news....

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    Gay Male / 28

    hi all im a sissy fairy who wants the world to know what a cocksucking sissy fairy and powderpuff i am . i like to be humiliated , laughed at and vebally abused by anyone who wants to abuse me online , and ok if you want to tell anyone about me . im sissy bernice broedriek who lives in the uk , and my e-mail is bernice@@@@mail2woman.**m spread the word as much as you can on this sissy , as its what i want as i know im just a useless sissy faggot . please add me all over

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I love it when I have to work the Saturday shift while the mechanics service all the work trucks, cause I'm all alone in the office, No one can see me or come in, I always wear shorts so I just slip them & my jocks off, put them in my bottom draw & sit at my desk doing my normal duties stroking my Cock every now and then. I used to
    fantasize that one of the guys would somehow walk in see me naked and force me to suck his Cock or he would tell on me. Lately my fantasies are getting more X rated I've been fantasizing they all
    force me to suck their Cocks one at a time, swallowing their cum then the next one would walk up pull out his Cock grab my head and Fuck my mouth. This past Saturday I upt it that after all 4 off them had used
    my mouth, that one by one they came back in my office and Fucked my virgin arse, I had my eyes closed was stroking away furiously as I was imagining the little Italian
    guy Mikey holding my waist as he
    pounded my arse with his salami when I heard a noise, stopped and jumped up it was my boss, what the Fuck are you doing he says, I felt
    weak and must have gone white I had to sit back down I thought I was
    going to faint, He walked up saying shit are you alright, then he knelt down between my legs and put his Big hand across my forehead and
    said your burning up son, then as
    my heart is slowing down he simply
    said I'm sure this will make you better he dropped his head and started sucking my now limp Cock back to life. OMG my 60 y.o. boss was sucking my Fucken Cock. He
    looked up and said do you feel
    better, Uhu I managed to say hoping he wasn't going to stop, He didn't, in less than 5 minutes I'd gone from having a heart attack to about to cum in my bosses mouth, when I said stop, now he stops, I won't
    tell anyone if you don't he said.
    I won't tell if you let me suck your Cock first I blurted back, that seemed to put a bigger grin on his face, He stood up straight away, unbundled his trousers and
    let them fall to his feet, I was a bit nervous at first and my heart started racing aagain, but I finally had my chance to suck a Cock, He was my boss, He was 60ish,
    but he was fairly handsome and
    fit, so I reached out and pulled his briefs down his Cock was at least 5# but soft and thick, it was The first real Cock I'd ever seen up close. I knew what to do, I'd
    seen plenty of porn. And knew what
    I liked so I just went for it I grabbed hold of his meat that was now maybe 6# and getting stiffer
    and started running my tongue around his purple headed Cock, this
    was fun, I'd fantasized sooooo
    much about having a Cock in my mouth and now it was happening, totally unexpected man was I hot for his Cock something switched On in me & I just took his Big knob & slid it in my mouth and kept pushing down until his knob hit my tonsils I was thinking I'm going to gag any second now, but nothing so I pulled him closer until I could feel his ball sac on my chin, OMG I had his whole Cock in my mouth and
    down my fricken throat. I was thinking this is easy & started moving my head back as his meat was sliding back out of my mouth until it "popped" out first I looked at
    his Cock, it was at least 8# I'm
    thinking how the Fuck did I get that all in my mouth when he tilts my head up & I'm now looking into his eyes, I was a bit scared I didn't know what he was thinking
    then he smiled, I hope your going
    to keep going he whispered. I dropped my head opened my mouth & slid his meat inch by inch into my mouth until he was balls deep in my mouth then started to Suck his Cock, I was pulling him into my
    mouth then I'd relax my grip on his butt & he'd slide back out this went on for at least 10 minutes I'd stop & start, lick his Big knob & his salty precum, then I suggested
    he sit on my desk I pulled my chair
    right up to my desk put his legs over my shoulders & started sucking his Big old Cock again I had to stop after 5 minutes it wasn't as comfortable as I thought, then I
    had an idea I stood up took of my shirt I was now totally naked, very excited, I then said why don't you take me into your office & make me lay across your big desk with my head over the edge of the table &
    you can Fuck my mouth with that
    beautiful big Cock of yours. Great Fucken idea he said, I remember how hot it felt walking through the office naked being led by my boss, not worrying about who was there
    who would see or aanything like
    that. Into his office door wide open he cleared his desk a little looked at me with a angry look on his face & said get up on my desk you little slut, I'm going to Fuck
    your mouth with my big Cock & your
    going to swallow all my cum. Well I nearly blew my load, without even touching my raging Boner it started twitching I could feel I was going to blow. I quickly grabbed my Cock
    & squeezed it as my balls started
    pumping cum, I'd done it before a couple of times don't know if it's a bad thing, but I was able to recompose myself for the job ahead, I was still hard as a rock as I got
    up on his desk and layed with my
    head over the end of his cold wooden desk, I'd seen this position a few times & for some reason thought it would make it easier to take a Cock down a throat. Even
    though I already knew I could take
    his whole Cock in my mouth without gagging it was still a thrill I wanted to experience, Can you imagine it I was laying naked across my bosses desk his door open
    Fellow workers cubicles & desks were in full view outside his big
    glass wall, this was any mans Bi sexual or gay fantasy right here. He stepped up to me I was so Fucken horny I would have let anyone or everyone Fuck my arse right now I
    opened my mouth he just slid that
    big hard Cock in my salivating mouth,I was in gaga land he was sliding that big pole under my tongue that felt so tight against his Big old Cock I Never wanted this to stop, I could feel the top ridge of his knob as it slid in and out under my tongues my head lay over the edge of his desk upside down all I could see was his Big saggy ball sac swinging
    back and forward like a swing in
    the breeze. Now he was pummeling my mouth & throat, he was excited, He layed his hands on my chest as he stroked in & out I could hear him breathing harder, louder as he was
    really Fucking my slutty virgin
    throat. Oh yeah I wanted to call out Fuck Me, Fuck Me but my mouth was full of Cock, he was really starting to thrust deeper, when I felt his Cock get fatter & he started pumping his warm sperm deep in my throat I was gulping down as quick as he was spraying my throat, I had to keep swallowing his warm juices though cause he kept fucking my mouth, Fuck Me the old boy cum more than a months worth I reckon, when he finally stopped and pulled his yummy big Cock out of my mouth he went straight to my Cock and gave me The Best blow job I've Ever had in my life, OMG in less than 1 minute I was pumping my pent up semen in his hungry mouth I felt like he was using my Cock as a straw and sucking my balls empty. I just wish he would have Fucked me then and there but he said sorry this old boy needs a break. Maybe next time. Fuck yeah I'll be volunteering the next time a Saturday comes up, for sure.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Female / 25

    One week after I turned 18 my neighbor approached me and invited me over and have on that sexy black mini dress I saw you wearing through your window. Then he grabbed my ass and then gave me a nice firm spanking and said that I had 1/2 an hour to be in girl clothes and at his side.

    I was early and he said I should use the bathroom and put on my make-up like a good girl. I am glad I grabbed my make-up before going.

    I was very attracted to him and he was confident and dominant and I was so turned on by that and I became super submissive to his strong masculine personality. I was an ass virgin and he said, "Get on your knees and suck my big cock". I sucked but he pulled out and let his cum build up.

    He grabbed me and undressed me and told me that his cock is going to hurt your ass but hold on a minute and you will want it deeper and harder but until then you will beg for more cock no matter how much you hurt. I said, "Yes lover I will do everything you tell me to".

    He pushed it in and thrust it in hard and I screamed and remembered that I was to beg and I did and then I began to love it and pushed my ass back as he thrusts in and it is amazing.

    I had a great time with him and he said that I would be over to suck his big cock before I ate. That gave me the taste of cum when I ate and I t tasted so good.

    I am now very happy with him and I am only allowed to dress and be feminine. I love him and he loves me. Being a girl is the best way to be and I get to have big cock often.

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