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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 25

    It all goes back to when I graduated from High School. At that time I got a job as a life guard in our community pool. Part of the deal was that you walked around with a sun tan all summer long. I also played tennis. At the pool was another life guard, she was also on her summer break before college and we became friends. When we got off together, we would change in the dressing room together. She is a girl with curvy hips and nice boobs. One day, she was putting on her bra and I offered to help. She laughed when I adjusted her boobs in her bra. I didn't laugh, I held her against me and told her she was the prettiest girl I knew. She didn't pull away, she put her hands over my hands and leaned into my arms. She asked me how pretty did I think she was. We stood in the changing room for a long time, making up things about how pretty she was.

    When we were dressed and getting ready to leave she told me to stop and she fixed my hair. She asked me if she had hair like mine, would I still think she was pretty. We walked out together and stopped by her car and talked for another 30 minutes. When she finally sat down in her car it was hard to say see you tomorrow.

    That night I didn't sleep. I texted her around midnight and she answered and we got on the phone and talked for an hour. We started hanging out together, and seeing each other after work and on weekends and we got hot and heavy. She changed colleges to go to college with me. I undressed her many times, she liked being undressed by me, head to toe, and she would turn and ask me how pretty did I think she was. We usually ended up in a very long kiss. We went to college and roomed together.

    She is definitely more athletic than me and into sports more than me. I went to see her every time she played intramurals and we went to the football games together, even when it was cold. More reason to sit together under the blanket. No one knew us at college so kissing during the games or when we caught up with each other on campus was not about anyone else but us. We no longer dated guys, we hadn't since our summer life guard time.

    Prior to being with her I never had a clue, or any feelings about being with a girl instead of a guy. She will tell you that she always had doubts, even in the fifth and sixth grade, but I don't see how you would know then. She says it is because she always only crushed on female artists, and never had a crush on a male artist. I still like male artists, not to go to bed with, but I like them.

    We are done with college, and we are out in the real world with jobs and all. We live together in Queens in a third floor walkup, a one bedroom efficiency which is all we can afford. One day, when we are rich and famous, we will move downtown to some apartment in the sky, if nothing else, for the elevator.

    I don't feel queer or gay or lesbian. And neither does she. But I suppose we are.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I got roped into helping our neighbor rebuild his garage. He was a recently retired man who had purchased the property as a rental. No pay, this was one of those things where you agree but never wanted to agree. He was our neighbor. We lived in an older neighborhood, built up in the thirties, with small wooden houses and a few had stand alone one car garages. His was one of these houses. My roommate and I lived next door, in a house with no garage so we parked in the street.

    Anyway, he wanted to rebuild his garage, get it into condition so he could park a car in there. The structure was pretty bad, and even though I had agreed to help him I felt it was a waste of time. We had already emptied out everything in the garage, most of it was trash, should have been thrown out a long time ago. I won't say we were sweaty, but we were a little.

    He pulled the garage door down and I turned around to see what was going on and he had lowered his pants. He was standing there with his pants around his ankles. He looked at me, standing there, and all he said was something like when you want it you want it. As he stood there he was able to move his penis with his stomach muscles, his penis moved up and down and up and down. Minutes passed, I would look up into his eyes, but I focused mostly on his penis.

    I broke down and went over and got on my knees and put his penis in my mouth and I sucked him and sucked him. He ran his fingers through my hair, keeping my head focused on him. He got large and hard and was using my hand to hold his penis. After a while, who can count time, I felt him start to react and he held my head with both hands and he released himself in my face and when he was done he put his penis on my lips and I sucked him a bit more.

    When you want something you want something.

    That experience more than any other sticks in my mind. That is the day that I walked across the line and I could no longer tell myself that it was just my imagination. That afternoon I knew I was a cock sucker.

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    Lesbian Female / 53

    Now a days everybody is having sex with everybody. But when I was growing up that was not the case. As a girl you had better keep your nose clean or you got a reputation. I kept my nose clean.

    I went to college far enough away so that I lived in the dormitory. My suitemate was from a small town a couple of hundred miles away, so she went home with me on weekends and holidays. My house was small and being the only girl I did have a small room to myself, with one full size bed. When my suitemate came with me to visit we had to share the bed. Now, I know that many people believe otherwise, but to a me being able to see her naked breasts made me want to touch them and kiss them. She took her panties off in front of me and stood by the bed. I had never seen a woman's private parts like that, her soft lips barely visible behind her pubic hair. When she turned her naked bottom was in front of me, I could see her pubic hair between her legs. She bent over to pick up her panties and put them in her bag. Her private parts opened up. I could see her anus and inside between her lady lips. That first night together is etched in my mind like a slow motion movie.

    My feelings were something new to me, I stared at her while she got her nightshirt out and she put it on without any underwear on. She walked back to the bed and sat on it and pulled her nightshirt up so she could sit, her dark mass of pubic hair with her lady lips under them and I sat there in what I would later learn was heat. I was wet, I thought something was wrong, I could feel the wetness between my legs. When I went to the bathroom to wipe I had this liquid, slimy stuff that was poring out of my vagina. I went back to the room to get a fresh pair of panties, but my suitemate told me to keep them off, it felt better that way.

    That night I let her take my nightshirt off, she fondled my breasts and she kissed me. She told me stories about how in the ancient world when rich men kept harems the girls had to look after each other. She had read that, and she wanted us to pretend that we were concubines and we were kept by a mean sultan and we could only find peace if we were in each other's arms. That night I got fingered, and she helped me finger her. I would later learn that she was a lesbian and that she was in love with me. But that first night it was all new to me. Especially the feelings I had about being with her in bed and touching and kissing.

    Because we were in my house, and my house was small, we kept everything very quiet. But when we got back to school we kissed for a long time, and we got naked and we started to kiss our lady lips and vaginas when our suitemates were out. Somewhere in all that one of our suitemates saw us or figured it out and she told the resident advisor, who complained to the administration and we were expelled from school. Our next stop was a small state college and we rented an apartment together. We were careful because even if we were not on campus, being gay was an expelling offense. We found that the only place that we could really let lose was at the beach house of one of my uncles by marriage. He not only did not care if we were sleeping together, he thought it was funny watching us. He repeatedly would ask us which one was the boy. But, he was totally open for us to be as out as out could be with him. But we were not out with anyone else.

    After we finished our college education we went on to live together and start our careers. We are old enough now to remember many things, we even remember how much heat there was when we were very young. It is not the same when you are sixty plus, the heat is not the same. The thing that is the same is just wanting that person to be there when you call for her. We sleep in two single beds pushed together. It is just the penalty of growing older.

    But to those young people that find the need to get together and have sex, I say go for it. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your bodies, don't pay attention to others. This goes for gay girls and for girls that are in love with a real boy. Use your body for your pleasure. It won't disappoint you.

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    Transsexual Female / 22

    My wife is the one who works and I do all the housework.

    When she goes to work I slip into something feminine and do my housework. When I am close to be done after 3 hours, I call my boyfriend.

    I am always done cleaning when he walks in and I am always ready to please John. He likes a good blowjob to start. I have been a cocksucker for a few years. I love to feel the warm cum fill my mouth then the wonderful taste of his cum is so good.

    Then comes the fun part, I begin to lovingly fondle his big cock and sucking until I make him rock hard. Then I get his full 9 inches thrust deep and hard. He loves to make it hurt so good and make me get loud and the best ones make me cry like the girl I am.

    He was thrusting so deep and hard and I was getting loud. Then I heard my wife say that she knew I was gay. I tried to get up to go to her but John said, "Not yet Lisa I'm not done". He was pushing harder than normal because my wife was watching.

    My wife calmly said, "I'm calling my boyfriend over too. My boyfriend has a dick that women want unlike your tiny thingy".

    I had tears from John making love to me. My wife lifted her top and bra and showed John saying, "I want you to fuck him so hard his boobs pop out. He told her how beautiful she and her boobs are. I was moaning from enjoyment saying, "Deeper, keep looking at her and fucking me deeper".

    My wife let John finish but made me stay on all fours for a treat. She didn't let me see but she said, "This is a 15 inch long vibrator. If you want it deeper just moan like a girl".

    She said that John's sperm would be all the lube I get. She put it against my ass and gave a firm push and it went in but ripped my ass a little. She laughed and said, "That comes with being a girl". I let out a big moan and she pushed hard. I moaned again and she went even deeper.

    She said, "What a big girl you are, you have all of it except 2 inches. That means 13 inches are in you and if you moan again I know we can get all 15 inches in your round girl ass". I moaned and said, "Please push it all in me". She pushed and I felt my ass cheeks close as much as a cock streached male ass can.

    My wife said, "Ok John did you record all of it"? He said yes and asked her if she was glad he set this up for her to catch me. She said, "Yes, no more faking being able to feel his, I guess that is her little penis".

    She looked at me and said, "So it's Lisa now. We will stay together but each of us will only have sex with men and honey you are no longer a man. I also will have you give my boyfriend's big cock a blowjob". Her boyfriend walked in and said, "I want to cum in his mouth now". She said, "No it's not his mouth she is a girl now".

    I got up and walked to him and he is big tall and big cocked. He told me not to use teeth and that I better not spit his cum out. I reached into his pants and felt a huge cock. Then he said, "Wait bitch I want John to fuck you hard as I fuck your face. How would you like that"? I was stroking him and said as slutty as I could, "I will do anything to please you".

    The men were doing their best to make me a girl and I was loving it. My wife said that if I am a bad girl ever she would send the video of me being the girl to these two sexy men and their big cocks to everyone I know. She said that I was really having fun with
    two men.

    She said that from now on I was not to wear anything guys wear, I can only wear pretty things but not look slutty, even though I am a slut.

    She works for a doctor and she made me call him and ask to be castrated. I did and he recognized my voice. He told me that my wife had talked to him about it and if you want me to I will. I set an appointment for Wed 4 of April at 8:30. I can't wait to not have them.

    My wife said that now that I am being feminine I would be happier.

    Right now I am wearing short shorts panties bra a cute top and high heels. She is sending me to the grocery store for some food as a girl. She sat me down and fixed my hair pretty and put some make up on me. She said it is only 5 blocks so you should walk.

    I have always been super submissive and would not dare to say no. My neighbors will see me and she said I will talk to them like normal. Ok I must say bye bye so I can be seen by lots of men.

    She said I better flirt with some men while I'm gone. I will too, I love men so much.

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    Lesbian Female / 43

    I was 18, a freshman in college, I joined the campus newspaper to make friends and get to know my new college. I had been an editor on my high school newspaper and thought I might want to study journalism. I met a girl, she was a junior, a journalism student. Everything clicked, a perfect fit, she showed me a shortcut to the commons where we went to lunch, my very first day my hand slipped into hers as we walked to class after lunch, with a kiss on the cheek and see you later.

    It wasn't until several days later that she asked what that meant, me holding her hand. I held her hand whenever we walked together. To class in the morning, when we walked to lunch, if we were out running some sort of errand. I held her hand.

    She had this boyfriend of sorts. He was a graduate student in Journalism. Once I arrived on campus there was never another two person date with him. If he wanted to be with her, then he wanted to be with us. He was welcome to join us, he could drive us, he could pick us up. He could take us to eat, to the movies, or just run errands with us. He walked ahead, and we walked behind, holding hands. Whenever he was with us, we intertwined our fingers when we held hands much tighter.

    One evening we stayed in, we went to his apartment and ordered pizza and sat down to watch the game. During the game he grabbed me and started to fondle me, he lifted my top to see what I was made of, and less than a minute later he had sex with me on the couch. It was my first time, I had lost my virginity. That night she and I slept together. It was her wanting to be with me that night. That night we talked until very late about losing my virginity and what it meant. I wasn't sorry or hurt, it happened and it was bound to happen, and if it happened it happened with him, but still that night we talked until we fell asleep.

    The dynamic between the three of us changed. Him having sex with me was now an established pattern. It is not that we had group sex, it is just that sometimes the three of us were together and we helped out. He did ask for things from us, he wanted to 'see'. We accommodated him so that he could 'see'. But we never did anything alone, we held hands, we did things together, we slept together, but we did not do sex together. Except when he asked us to do something for him to 'see'. If he was watching us, we did things, and we did it with meaning. It wasn't fake.

    When he graduated he went on to work in Washington D.C., we stayed, she went on with her masters, and after she graduated she stayed with me until I graduated. When we moved to live with him it was pretty intense sex for several months.

    His father was operated on and he went to see him. It was the two of us alone. The sex between us was crazy, we lost our boundary and we had sex. Now it was just the two of us. We had never felt this way, but now we did. Now we had fun. Our lives after that week were never the same again. The end game was that we split off to set up our own lives, and he hovered around us, eventually finding a woman for himself.

    Since finishing up with college we have never lived more than a few minutes apart from him. He continues to this day to be the man in our lives. His wife has come to accept that we are his, just one step removed. That we are lesbians is pretty clear. It should have been clear from that first day when we met on campus, that day that we held hands. We know that without the glue of having him in our lives we would not have been able to cement ourselves together. Discovering that sex was also part of our lives, sex for our benefit, not for him to watch, was perhaps the biggest step. You have to want sex with your other person. Not have sex, want sex. The rest of the train follows.

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    When I was seven my cousin and I touched and felt each other. She was also seven at the time. Over the next several years, from time to time we would just have to touch each other, and we started kissing each other. She developed a little faster than me which made me jealous, we were thirteen and she had real boobs and I really didn't need a bra. Her pubes had all come in, and being a family problem, once you get pubes they are thick and dark. I would examine her, spread her legs out and use a flashlight to look inside her, this really dark world with this really red slash which was slippery and looked like the oysters my father ate at the seafood place. Her vagina hole would open and close, not really a lot, like it was breathing, depending on how she held her legs.

    I was different, she would tell me what she saw and it was always different. I just wasn't getting wet like her, but at the time I thought I was different. Another thing to be jealous about. Her boobs were so nice, she could lift them with her hand and put them together and pout her lips. Mine were just like flat, if I squeezed my shoulders together I could get a little bit of cleavage. It just wasn't fair. We were cousins, but we had different moms. My father is her mother's brother. And my mom would tell me that I couldn't expect to have my cousins body, we had different moms. At that time we were still thirteen.

    When we were sixteen, we had both gotten our driver's licenses, we would go places, we always went together. We were in an art class after school, a failure for both of us, we joined a cheerleading camp, another failure, we volunteered at the children's museum, not such a failure. But it really didn't matter, at sixteen we were just as close as we were when we were seven, except she had developed into a very pretty girl, with long brown hair and light brown eyes, and hips and those beautiful boobs of hers. I was long and had blonde hair and small boobs. We were cousins, but not like I wanted to be. She attracted boys, I didn't. I had friends, she had boys trying to get to her, and not just boys from our class.

    One afternoon, we were still sixteen, we had gone to this soccer game and when we got back to her house, she just took off her clothes and got on her bed. Her boobs always begged me to touch them and hold them and to play with her nipples. That afternoon it wasn't different, I was playing with her boobs and sucking on them, I loved the feel of her nipples in my mouth, my hand fell between her legs and I put my hand inside her panties which all she had on and found her vagina and fingered her while I sucked on her boobs. That day I kissed my cousin, a real deep kiss while I fingered her, and I took off her panties and I went down on her. Then we pulled a throw over our shoulders and dozed off for a while.

    The difference between my cousin and I is that she is all passive and I am all active when it comes to sex. I mean now she eats me and will get active after I spend some time getting her hot, but she is basically a beauty that likes to be pleased and I am all over her, pushing and shoving and grabbing and kissing and getting her hot, hot, hot. For a while we cleaned up our act down there, but we went back to all natural, I love opening her legs, that dark jungle all around her honey pot, her dark red glistening oyster just begging to be sucked. I love eating her, I know how to make her go nuts. Somehow, when we were conceived, we were conceived to be together. To fit each other like a hand and glove, for me not to be jealous of her, but to make her mine. It is just that she was always going to be a girl, to look like a girl, but to want to be loved by a girl, and I was destined to be the one to love her. I just got a serious bath of male want when it comes to wanting her. If I had been a boy, I would have fucked her when we were seven years old. That is what I felt back then, I just didn't know what that feeling was.

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    Gay Male / 45

    I got laid off and was hanging around my apartment all day. I started going out for walks, just to get fresh air. in our complex there are three pools and as I walked around I found that at this one pool was a man who laid out for the sun. We nodded as I walked by and one day I found him at the local supermarket and we said hello and got into a conversation. He drove a limo at night, said he worked for a club and they had clients that needed to be driven home. He went on around nine and got off around three. I told him I had been laid off.

    He suggested that instead of walking around alone I come to the pool, catch some sun. The day I decided to go I felt totally awkward, this man was well tanned and I looked like a white beached whale. I told him I was scared I was going to get burned, so he invited me inside and we went up to his apartment, which overlooked the pool. We talked, he had been around, lots of different jobs, he told me he landed the job as the limo driver quite by accident, a recommendation from a guy he had met online.

    He just got to the point, told me he was gay, he had moved to Florida for the sun and to get away from the winter. He asked me if I was gay, I said no. He told me that the club he worked at it was pretty much a private affair, not just anyone could walk in. You had to have money, the girls were all first class, the tips were good, he acted as both a doorman and a driver, he got paid, he got tips and it gave him the day off to do as he pleased, sleep a little hang out at the pool.

    I asked questions, and he answered them. I asked about the girls at the club. He was very descriptive, he said they were all first class, made a good amount of money. He laughed when I suggested that they made tips. Tips, as in what her tip was for giving a rich man a good time. This was a club where men went to spend time with the ladies, not just to watch then dance.

    We spent the afternoon talking, he was open about his lifestyle. He felt mine was boring. He asked me if I was gay what kind of guy would I like. Was I into skinny guys in speedos, or old fat truck drivers. What did I like, there was enough to go around. He suggested that I get online, he gave me a couple of dating sites, find a man I found interesting, if I wanted he would check him out for me, and just get a good fuck, I needed one.

    I went to the websites, I logged on with a fake name, I saw what was there. I was curious, but the more time I spent looking the more interested I became. I hung out at the pool, ever so slowly getting a tan. My severance was running out, and I would have to go on unemployment which wasn't going to be enough. He offered to get me on at the club, he got me a job as a bar back, we went in together and one night when we got off I didn't make it home. I ended up on his bed sucking him off.

    That was ten years ago when I was 35. I work now for an import company and part time as a bartender. I have much more defined tastes, as he said there is enough for all. My likes, the man I want to get off with, works outside, heavy equipment operators, at the port, truck drivers, those types. I never could get off to the skinny guy in a speedo. A man's man, beer, cigar, football, who wants a blow job during the game. I'm his man.

    My friend the limo driver moved on. I am still in town, the club is long gone, moved and changed its name. Some days I think I am going to end up like him, moving to a new place, getting a no name job, I am a bartender so I can get a job most anywhere, find a place, settle in, suck an old man with money, suck a man's man, hang out by the pool and see who walks by. As a bartender I can work nights, work on my tan during the day, keep an eye out, hookup online, maybe the delivery truck driver, who knows. The one thing my friend the limo driver said, is there is plenty to go around.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I live in a small town, American girl who goes to church on Sundays and is at every game on Friday night. I'm pretty, slim, get good grades and have a future ahead of me thanks to a good family, even though we're from the midwest. What people don't know about me is that I'm secretly grossed out by dicks and masturbate to pictures and videos of girls more than guys. I love the way girls smell, especially hugging someone after they've been running or during gym class. All I want is one of my best girlfriends to have a lesbian sleepover with me with LOTS of cuddling and open exploration...

    Oh God. What the hell am I going to do?! I don't want to have to wait until college to figure this out!

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    Gay Male / 37

    Living as a man is now impossible for me.

    I'm honestly surprised that no one has drawn the conclusion (or asked the question at least) of whether I am gay or trans, or both. It's not like I would say no to either one at this point. Some people might be starting to guess though, because I have been getting a few hairdresser comments after having let my hair grow for a year. If only they knew.

    If only they knew that I have a full women's wardrobe.

    If only they knew I had 30 pairs of women's shoes, most of them high heels.

    If only they knew I had more stockings and pantyhose than I could count, most of them exquisitely silky and sheer. Little did I know that when I tried my first pair on at 8 years old that my fate was sealed and I was out of the gene pool. I have never had sex with a woman despite thinking for years that I was straight and had a fetish. How foolish I was. Looking back now, it's so easy to realize that I have always been most excited when dressed sexy for a man, daintily bending over to suck his cock while he gropes me, spanks my ass, and calls me a bitch, a sissy, a faggot, and so many other wonderfully emasculating names. I love fucking in many positions, but so far the best sex I have had was while spooning, and lifting my pantyhosed leg into the air for my man and watching the pump on my foot flop up and down while his dick pumped in and out of my ass, while he pulled my hair and had his hand on my neck, showing me that my destiny is to be another man's bitch. But who am I kidding, sex for me has always involved a cock fucking my ass, and often cumming in it.

    I now go shopping for shoes and clothes dressed as a woman, live almost exclusively as a woman out of the office, and will be going on a date with a guy this Sunday who promises to parade me around town. I eventually hope to be rid of my male wardrobe, and one day say "I do" to a man while wearing a bridal dress.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Fuck you Danny why was it OK for you to fuck my ass when I have a girlfriend but as soon as you have 1 you go weird everyone has known you love dick since you were 12

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