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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My life now.

    I am dressed like a slut by a female friend of mine. I have been a cross dresser since I have been a very young boy. I am a sissy with strong sissy tendencies. I feel girly all the time and have been dressing full time for over four years now. She has trained me to suck cock and be a submissive sissy boy. My friend see that I am able to nurse regularly on a real man throbbing cock. I have to nurse on a real mans cock until I receive his sticky milk then I drink it down like a starving baby. She sets up my dates, has me dress slutty and takes me to meet them. If he has a large cock she will fuck him and I get to clean both of them up. She has stated that she is looking for a mommy and daddy for me who will use me for there sexual pleasures. I will service there every need just as I have been trained to do. Once I am placed, she will leave and fined another boy to sissify.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a straight 21 year old male.
    I've always loved getting my dick sucked, though it never happens often at all, I barely ever have sex, I'm sexy, fit, and have an 8 inch cock! Plus a nice guy personality, what is not to like?!
    But back to what I was saying, i love getting my dick sucked, so i watch blowjob videos, I love watching it happen.. and since then.. for a few years now I've wondered and really yearned to suck a dick of my own. I Really Really want to, I have been trying to get a few guys to mess around with, one actually came together and we messed around in my truck.. sad thing is.. he is less than an inch, so it was just him playing with me for an hour or so...
    When i was a kid, about 12-14 whenever I was in the shower I would grab a toothbrush or just use my finger and fuck my ass real slow. Eventually I moved up to using a plunger, and I liked it, but never really thought too much of it, or went as far as coming out of the closet as a bi-sexual male, especially at 13, im 21 now and last week I bought a dildo and fucked my ass on numerous occasions; in the shower, and online for other men and even boys :]
    I think I'm bi-sexual ;]

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 15 year old boy I've never considered myself gay but I've been watching gay porn for a year I would love to be fucked by a black guy right in my ass I want to suck him off and be sucked by him.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm not your A typical coming out of the closet gay man, or at least I thought I wasn't.
    I'm twenty nine, married, six feet one inch tall, very fit and muscular, and before I married my very beautiful wife, I had many girlfriends who enjoyed the feel of my eight and quarter inch cock deep inside them.
    Then in June I attended a party with lots of flight stewards and stewardesses I meet everyday at work.
    I'd known the birthday party boy long before I married, and had always gotten along well with him and lots of his gay steward friends, hence the invite to his fiftieth.
    My wife was working that evening, but in her words as she said laughing, "they'll be no one you'll be getting off with anyway".
    I got there a little late and some of the party goers were already drunk, one of whom was a very good friend of the birthday boy.
    He played up to the crowd when one guy asked about his liking for older men, him being in his late teens, by showing his arse to everyone. This brought laughter aswell as comic remarks about how his backside looked well and truely fucked.
    Then one guy saw me looking and said "I bet you wish you'd like to be balls deep up him wouldn't you?"
    I replied by telling him I was a straight. His response has changed my life "Look I can tell a gay man or a gay one a be a mile off, and if you haven't had sex with a man yet I'm sure I could persaude you to".
    Moving away I began to talk to some other people I knew, but with a nagging doubt in my mind.
    Later in the evening I found myself outside smoking when the same guy came up to me and asked me if I'd like to find out what he meant earlier.
    Why, I honestly and truthfully don't know, but I found myself saying "Go on then, lets see what you've got".
    He moved us to a dark corner, sank to his knees and had my cock out in less than a minute.
    In the next five to ten minutes I knew precisely why he said what he said.
    No woman, including my wife, has ever given me the thrill and total orgasmic feeling his mouth gave me as he sucked my cock deep down his throat. It was as if his lips mouth and throat were constricting all around my cock, sucking it to it's full hardness.
    His tongue was moving underneath my cock head making my precum leak out like never before and when I came and I did cum in bucket loads, it was by far the most intense orgasm I'd ever had.
    My cum litterally blasted his mouth and throat, but he took every single drop.
    Still sucking me but with a gentler feeling he continued to excite my penis keeping it erect.
    Then standing up he held my face and we kissed, the first time I'd kissed a man since my father.
    The taste of my cum was all over his tongue as we explored each others mouths, his right hand now stroking my still erect cock.
    I wanted him, I wanted to be inside him like I did when fucking a woman, but this wasn't the time and I think he knew that.
    We broke apart, his hand wanking me. The next thing I knew he pressing a piece of paper into my hand, he kissed me once more then asked me almost whispering to ring him if I still felt the same way in the morning.
    As soon as I got in my car for work the next day I rang him. Within half an hour I'd phoned work to tell them I wasn't going to be in and was driving the six miles to his apartment.
    The rest as they say is history, needless to say I've discovered my love for giving and receiving anal sex, aswell as everything else my gay lover has taught me since...

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My name is Robert and i am a sissy faggot , I wear panites full time and dress in a skirt and bra whenever i am home, my wife knows and accpets my cross dressing but does not know that as often as possible i dress for men and get on my knees in panites and bra and suck them like a girl,i love being put on my back having my skirt lifted and taking a bare cock , the look in a guys eyes when they squirt their seed into me drives me slutty and reinforces just what a girly sissy cum lover i am

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My ex-wife turned me out by making me wear thong underwear, then teddies, then fuking my mouth and ass with strap-ons.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was talking to a guy on a phone dating service, and he asked if i ever dressed up. I said no, and he asked if he could come over and bring me something to wear. I said I guess so, and when he came over he was a rugged man. He got off his motorcycle and met me at the door with a paper bag. He said, "here, put these on". I went into the bathroom and put on the womans bra and panties and a teddy. I was in good shape, and looked at myself in the mirror and became very aroused. He told me to come out by him. He was allready naked, and stroking his fat, big cock. He told me i looked good in his ex-wifes clothes, and wondered if i could suck better than her. He made me get down on his dick, and fingered my ass, and fucked me hard calling me a cum dumpster before cumming up my ass. He took the clothes back and said we should do it again sometime.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    A friend & I had gotten pretty plastered and made it back to his apartment to crash.He had some extassy he scored,we thought it might help keep us awake to enjoy the night a lil' longer and so done it up.Before too long we were watching some hardcore porn on his big screen and having gotten nude were masturbating like crazy.Sharing what we would doif we were in the movies with the porn stars we got into talking about having had had bi sexual curious sex fantasies while watching porn,either of us were a bit surprized of the others bi curiosness and so ended up asking each other in what ways we wanted to explore to get one another curiosity completed.It was some where in this that I remember just saying I could show him alot more better than explaining it and slid my body down oppositly beside his,took his fat hooded cock sharft into my mouth and began mouthing,licking & sucking it while I could feel it growing longer & harder in my throat.As the night went on & we got totally feelings crazed on that exstacy crap, we explored a whole slew of erotic sexual degregation, including much oral sharing of the tastes of one an other's sensual body fluids...,he could'nt handle it...but I allowed him to fist fuck my ass hole...,now I'm still loose and find it hard to hold much poop !

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It started with cartoon porn. Futanari. It seemed so ungay at the time. Chicks with dicks fucking other chicks. To me it was even less gay than normal sex as it had no guys in it.

    But a chick with a dick is still hot like a chick, until you see the dick. Then you get used to seeing the dick. Then cartoon porn is not enough. You have to see real shemales fucking females.

    Then fantasize about fucking the shemale when she fucks the chick. Then you think why get two people, just fuck the shemale. Then you naturally also want your sex partner to feel good / cum when having sex, so you start off by letting them give jack off while you fuck them. Then you start jacking them off while fucking them.

    And then 3 months later your watching yourself bareback a pretty thai shemale ladyboy prostitute in the ass, while furiously jacking her/him off.I dont give a shit about the consequences. I've never been happier and I ant ever gonna stop. YEE HAH!!!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    let me start by saying.I am a 36 year old married man. and my wife is 34. we are both in good shape we work out so we look nice. and we have a fantastic sex life. my wife loves cock. any cock. she also loves to ass fuck me and have me suck her cock she is after all a transexual. I know we are knot realy married but we think of it as we are. and we are the only two that know she has a cock no one in my family knows or any of my friends. one night while she was sucking me I ask if she would like to do a gang suck and she said she would love it so I set it up. I got three of the guys from my work to stop by on a saterday night I told them that my wife wanted to try sucking off more then just me but no fucking or toching her. she would suck all of us off and thats all. unless she ask for more. they said they were cool with that. so when they got to our house we hade a few drinks and talked and lisa told the guys she just always wanted to try it. so I started it off by pulling out my cock. she started licking it then sucking me deep.omg she can suck so good. after I pumped her mouth full of my cum she went down the line sucking the guys one by one. after she had drank all our cum she said she loved it and maybe we could do it again some time. the guys agreed. after they left she told me she loved wills cock saying it fit nicly in her mouth. will is the one black guy that I work with. she ask me to have him over the next weekend and maybe we could both suck him off. I ask will if he would like to come over again because lisa loved his cock and wanted to suck him again. and maybe let him ass fuck her. he said hell yes if your ok with it. I told him I was. so when he got to the house I told him that lisa and I would love to video it so we could watch it some time. he said he dident care so I set up the cam corder and lisa got wills cock out and in her mouth. she sucked on him untill he was hard and he does have a nice fat cock. then she helped him take off his clothes and started back sucking him and licking his balls. slowly she started tounging his ass a little to see what he would do. he told her it felt good. so she licked it more along with his balls and cock. then lisa told will she had to have his cock in her ass. so she got to her hands and knees and pulled her panties down just far enuff to let him get in her ass. as he pushed it in her ass I put my cock in her mouth. we both fucked her good and hard untill I blasted in her mouth and on her face will pounded her ass and told her he loved her ass on his cock. after will filled her ass with cum she licked him clean and thanked him for the fun fuck. he told me and lisa anytime we needed his cock to let him know. two weeks later I told will I wanted him to stop by I had somthing to show him. so he stoped after work that day and lisa and I were ready will cam in and I started the dvd of will fucking her. he said it was strang to see himself on tv. when it was over lisa was stroking wills cock. then the dvd came back to life will said theres more? lisa leened down and told him there was as she sucked his cock into her mouth. thats when the dvd showed me pulling off lisas panties and sucking her cock. will looked at it then started to freek out. started cursing us both for tricking him. I told him no one will ever know but us. the thing is that lisa wants to see me suck your cock to will. he told us to fuck off and punched me out and left. the next day I told will I would tell every one and show the dvd if he dident let me suck him off for lisa to see. he finaly said ok but he was not a fag like me. I told him I was not a fag I just love sex.and with lisa I can have the best of both worlds. he came over that weekend and told us both we were sick and that we just need to get it over with. I told him to take his clothes off and sit down he did and lisa had the cam corder set up as I sucked my first black cock she loved it and she licked his balls and ass while I sucked his cock. when he started to cum lisa held his cock to my mouth so I could get his cum and she also aimed it at my face. when will was done I was a mess. lisa told him he must have liked it because he shot a giant load. he said that lisa and I were sick and left. that was two years ago and lisa and I have both had wills big cock in our mouth and ass. yes we are still useing the dvds to get his black cock but i think he likes it just wont say so if you have never had a transexual you should try it.

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