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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a 40 tear old male at the time.I used to have a 20 something neighbour who lived next door to me, with his mother and grandfather. At night he kept his blinds open in his room on the second floor, with the lights on. From my room across the laneway, I could see everything. Sometimes I'd watch as he'd be fucking a girl, other times I'd watch him stroke his cock. It wasn't really thick, but very long. I watch his tempo increase until his cum flew out and cover his hairy torso. Occasionally, I'd match him stroke for stroke until I came. Not sure whether he was just an exhibitionist, or whether he knew he was being watched. Either way, it was hot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am ruled by my cock. I have a tarty girlfriend who is a real dirty screw but when Chris said he fancied me and my body was fit I had to make a decision.
    I had always imagined fucking a cute guy and I had wanked to gay porn but here was an offer.
    We made arrangements to meet in a bar on a night when my girlfriend was visiting one of her family.
    Before I left I showered and played with cock and fingered my bum. I wanted him and decided to make a night to remember.
    I decided to go out without my shirt on and wore jeans needless to say they were quite tight and emphasised my cock bulge.
    We met and I could tell he was gagging for it. He said I looked really great and stroked my chest.
    I said that I had thought a lot about him and was going to take him to bed. We left and strolled to my flat on the way we held hands down a quiet road and then kissed.
    Kissing Chris was awesome .I was instantly hard. I unzipped myself and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock to show him but some passing people prevented him from sucking me off so we walked on.
    In my flat we kissed and I pushed him on the double bed and we both tore off our clothes. There was no foreplay I went straight to fucking him. He took me all the way as I rammed it in him. It was a terrific fuck. I spunked up his back and turned him over for the best bow job I have ever had.
    He stayed for hours and I licked his balls and bum hole but he also fucked me and that was tremendous. I adore slutty girls but classic sex is certainly with a horny guy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to a hockey tournament and they put 4 guys to a hotel room - we had 2 double-beds so I ended up pairing with one of the guys from our team - we were 17 and and away from home for a night.

    Everyone was asleep and around 2am, I was awaken by my friend who was spooning me and I could feel his hairy legs on mine. His hands were wondering on my body, my shoulders, by lower back, my butt, my legs and is cock was hard and I could feel it through my undewears on my butt crack. This went on for a good 20 minutes and I my cock was hard as a rock.

    To my surprise, he licked his finger and then went inside my underwears and started rubbing my butt hole - it felt amazing and I was squirming. I pulled down the back of my undies to give him better access - the 2 other guys were asleep - we were extremely quiet.

    I could feel the tip of his cock in my butt crack and he was leaving drips of pre-cum on my skin. He eventually got his cock wet with spit and he started pushing against my hole gently and slowly. I started to push my ass towards him and he was pushing down on my shoulders and all of a sudden, the tip of his cock was in my ass. It was painful, but he went slowly and somehow he started fucking me slowly for a good 10 minutes trying not make any noises.

    My mind was going crazy and I was in total ecstacy !! He was breathing heavy and all of sudden he pulled out and I felt his hot cum all over my ass and I came furiously all over my side of the bed sheets.

    The next morning I woke-up and he was on his side of the bed and the other guys were roaming around the room. I noticed that the room smelled of cum and I am not sure if the other guys were asleep or ever found out what happened that night.

    My friend woke-up and smiled at me and asked me if I had a good night sleep - I answered him "never slept better" with a grin on my face.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister and i started havibg sex 12 an day she ask me to dress in some sexy panties an a bra and some other lingerie .my sis was 10. but had a body. of a 16 yr old.i just finished cuming in her she got up an said she would be back.she came in with womens clothing an told me to put it all on.i put on purple silk lace panties an bra then stockings,suspenders a long slip a long blaxk skirt abn white top. i got ainstant hard sister said do you like wearing female cloths to her i love the feel of these panties an it feels good wearing a bra.she said tonite i would be wearing a long pink silk an lace nite to be i said i could wait.our parent were not going to be home for a few more hours so we went down to lounge room i told my sister i was horny again she undressed an i just lifted. my dress up i was in my sisters pussy fucking her she was making a sound an saying fuck her harder i grabed her hips an said i going to cum in yr pussy an started cuming when all of a sudden our mum walked in an caught me. fucking my sister an dressed in womens cloths. i finished cuming an got off i looked at my sisters pussy an cum was running out of her.that nite my sister sneak into my room an stayed about an hour an said put nitie on so i did i noded off to sleep when i felt someone get in bed with me i thought it was my sister an said. i cant stop having sex with u an. u got me into crossdessing what if mum finds out that u in my bed an im wearing a nitie then a voice came back an said how long have you been wearing yr mums lingerie an cloths an how long have u an yr sister been having sex.i said i been wear womens cloths for 8mths.then said mum please dont make me stop as i love wearing. panties an bra.dressing infemale cloths excites me she said ok you can dress in womens cloths but when u come home from school u get out of yr cloths an put womens cloths on.i said thankyou mom i said mr an kellyanne have beeen having sex for 10 mths we enjoy having sex then my mom reached down between my legs an said yr hard and i see yr wearinng my nitie she pulled it up abit an open her legs an said now fuck me like u do yr sister

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Not sure if it fits here. But I discovered that meany people have more than one lover, with everyones consent, called Polyamory. Its about multiple long term relationship - not (just) sex. Id love to live like this, tried to get my wife interested. She occasionally flirts, but never anything more. THen, by surprise, I met a woman who is available, has feelings for me, and we became really good friends. My wife knew about her, and I was honest about my feelings, and I asked permission for a relationship with this woman. Not only did my wife say no, but she wants to divorce me now. I thought id done better than all those people who cheat.
    I feel Im being punished now as if I had cheated - I did not. How sad monogamy is shoved down our throats like its the only way to live your life.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Im 41 and i have a fetish for my own cum. I stimulate my prostate by using a nice rubber dong. After a while i will catch my thick precum and rub it on my lips. Sometimes i rub it on a cig filter . Sometime i smoke it and get it on my lips or i let it dry and give it to a friend.cant get enough cum to be satisfied. I would love to have a bunch of guys cum on me and fill my ass with cum.. If interested lets hook up. I really like to stay inside and just cum alot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife has been taking steroids to help combat her nausea for the chemo and they are starting to have an affect on her personality.
    She literally dropped a bomb on me over the weekend, that she is bi-sexual or has lesbian feelings (actually, the bomb wasn't coming out, as we had already spoken about the possibility), she had taken overt steps to light the bomb (she phoned a woman she thinks is gay that she is infatuated with for a lunch date, at least she was open about it) and that the marriage is probably over. She left me thunderstruck and I am still figuring it all out. While I knew about her sexual feelings I had no idea that she wants out of the marriage -- or at least to make it non-sexual. Fantasizing is fine, every one does it, but to hear her talk about leaving me for her friend (who may not even be interested even if gay) just hurts. Everything literally felt normal, aside from the cancer and chemotherapy of course, until this past weekend. Maybe this is a chemotherapy phase, but maybe it is not. And even if it is, what do those words mean? Does she really mean it or is it just her tongue loosening up from the drugs? Or maybe it is the cancer causing her to reevaluate her true feelings? She said she probably would have come to this conclusion eventually so I suspect it is more the cancer accelerating things.

    She has discovered some deep feelings, buried since she was a teen, coming to the surface as her body is filled with testosterone. If she were a man I'd suggest she was thinking with her little head and not her big head. For all I know this is just a side effect of part of her drug therapy and these mood swings will go away once her regimen is completed, however she said these feelings have been coming up since she went off the pill a few years ago due to blood clots. For the most part, she can't physically act on it due to her current physical condition, as the chemo starts drying her up and causing sores in unpleasant places, so nothing physical will happen for now. Mentally is another matter.

    I feel like I am being blasted from all sides. I expected no sex in the short term while she undergoes treatment, I did not expect it to be permanent. Just after I thought I got over the fears that breast cancer may take my wife away from me, she said something else may do the same and once again my emotions are all over the place -- about as bad as in the immediate days after she was diagnosed. Her mood is remarkably chipper, of course she has time to think about this. I haven't. As to the future, who knows? It is very upsetting to me, but so far, at least, it is not affecting our children. They are going through enough stress now and don't need more so I am keeping this all inside, aside from this.

    At the moment I don't have anyone to really talk to about all I'm going through. Sometimes I just want to cry. It will all have to come out soon, but I don't want to say anything until my wife is done with her chemo and radiation sometime at the end of the year, especially if her thoughts and feelings are due more to the drugs she is on. She has a habit on fixating on things and this is what she is currently fixated on. The question is, is this just a substitute to take her mind off of breast cancer and chemotherapy or is it something more. I sense it is the later.

    It wouldn't be so bad if we hated each other and were fighting like cats and dogs, but we don't and were actually getting more intimate again in the bedroom (you do have to spice things up after almost two decades), actually exceeding the monthly average for people our age (as time allowed). Maybe I am just blind to my own faults and didn't see what was really going on in our marriage, faults that the cancer brought to the front. Maybe it really is just the medicines.

    I actually feel like a humiliated fool at times and since I don't keep a diary, this is where it will all come out. Should I accept that she wants someone other than me? Should I just acknowledge that I am helping the mother of my children get through chemotherapy and not my wife? I had told her I'm OK if she wants something on the side (not that it is my permission to give, as she told me) but that I wasn't OK with the family being broken up. But with women, it is a mental thing, not necessarily a physical thing and she has told me she doesn't know if she can do that. Even she admits she may be making the stupidest mistake of her life, as an un-impartial observer I can't say I disagree. I am more upset about her wanting to end the marriage then just her having a little fun on the side.

    Sorry this wasn't an x-rated story -- I just needed to vent.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend of one year stays out over night with other men. She even brings them home and has sex with them in our bed. This started when I confessed I liked to wear panties. She even has me going out to find lovers for her pleasure, (One Nighters). She told me that she wants a cock every night and that I am NOT the one she wants to fuck. She has made it clear that SHE WILL FUCK who ever she wants and when ever she wants. Some times when she comes home the next day from being with a large cock as she puts it. She cleans up and goes right back over to is place for the weekend.

    She dresses like a hooker and told me if I do not like it then I am free to leave. She does let me fuck her when she is having her time of the month but tells me I am so inadequate when it comes to my cock. If and when I am allowed to have her for sex, she ties a leather string tightly around my cock and sack. Then she laughs at me as I try to climax while humping her franticly. She tells me it is so amusing watching my frustration as I hump away. I am allowed to try my best until I am warren out and give up. She tells me that she wants no sissy cum in her lovely pussy. Once I have given up I can untie my cock and masturbate as she tells me of her real lovers. Once I climax I need to lick it up. This has taken please many of times over the past four years.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been using a 8 inch dong in my ass and tasting my precum for 25 years. Always wished i had another guy to join me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    im lonely and sad and afraid ill never be "ok" again. my fiancee of seven years told me he wanted to be a woman three years ago. ive tried to be supportive, but the hormones have ripped away the person i once knew better than anyone in the world and replaced them with this petulant teenage girl i dont know and cant connect with.

    i havent had sex in longer than i want to admit. i tried, at first… but i cried after every time. i cant see this… half man half woman person as someone sexual.

    i was going to marry him. we have a daughter together, and i cant bring myself to leave.

    and worst of all, i have to lie to everyone about our relationship. everyone thinks im a lesbian and im not! when people ask about our little girl, our life, i have to lie. sometimes… i think about death. except im too much of a pussy to actually off myself. so i just go through the motions, slap a happy face on, and face another day.

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