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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Gay Male / 18

    When I was thirteen I came out to my parents. Two years later my Dad came out to Mom and me. She was upset at first but then decided she was OK with it because it explained why they drifted apart. She was already planning to divorce him. So they separated and divorced and were both very happy. We still spend holidays together except that Mom sleeps with her boyfriend and Dad sleeps with me.

    Yes, you read that right. When they got divorced they shared custody but the judge said I was old enough to choose and I chose both so we alternated. I liked the school where my Dad lived better but made up for that with mom by spending a lot of time with her in the summer.

    Well Dad only got a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom and one day I was sitting on the toilet trying to take a dump and Dad walked in naked holding a towel and got in the shower. I gasped at the sight of his amazing cock. It was huge and I became optimistic about my genes after that. All I could think of was sucking that amazing cock. Well Dad figured it out after a few weeks and invited me off the sofa and into his bedroom to view some hot gay porn. every video was about gay men having sex with their teenage gay sons and half of them looked younger than me and I was only 15 at the time. I found myself gawking at Dad's immense throbbing cock bouncing up and down and he told me I could touch it if I wanted to. I wanted to. Actually I wanted to choke it down my hungry throat and I wanted him to shove it hard up my cock hungry ass.

    I just went for it. I grabbed it and went down on him. He called me a dirty little faggot and demanded I suck him off. His mouth got really filthy and that turned me on and the more he verbally abused me the more I wanted his hard cock in me. I'd never had a cock in my and was half scared but I'd been practicing with a dildo for a while so I thought I could handle it. I was wrong. Dad accepted my invitation to fuck my ass, didn't bother with a condom and just shoved his cock up my ass. It hurt badly, very badly. I thought he split me open. I underestimated how bad it could be. He realized he was hurting me and pulled out immediately. He flipped me over and drove his tongue up my ass. His tongue soothed much of the pain. Turns out Dad was not an experienced ass fucker.

    We tried again a week later this time Dad slowly and gradually stretched me with well lubed fingers and dildos and then had me just sit down on his cock and take what I could. I was able to better relax and was amazed when I took him all the way up my ass without any pain. It burned in a deliciously tingling way but not in a sharp painful way. I could feel his head rubbing against my prostate as he picked up speed and intensity. He came up my ass a few minutes later and amazingly stayed hard and then amazed me even more when he bent himself in half and sucked me off with his still hard cock up my ass. Seems he'd been sucking himself off for years behind Mom's back.

    The best blow jobs, I have learned, are ones you get with a big hard cock up your ass. Between that and his massaging my balls I had the best cum in my life. I imagined he was sucking me while another guy was fucking my ass.

    So that is how Dad became my lover. I don't think she knows. But she must suspect it. A gay son and gay father living together in a one bedroom one bath apartment sharing a bed and being openly over affectionate with each other must seem suspicious. But she has never said anything and seems quite happy that Dad and I get along so well together. Maybe she doesn't want to know. Maybe she just keeps her eyes closed. Maybe she knows and is happy her two boys keep each other happy.

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    Lesbian Female / 40

    I grew up with a younger sister by one year. We were very different, different personalities. We shared a room. Our mother was overbearing and strict. She also had an obsession with modesty and the clothes we wore were just about as ugly as you could buy. My sister rebelled and she had lost her virginity at 14 and she had sex with anyone, she wasn't picky, and during those years of junior and senior high school she experimented with girls and older men.

    I was more influenced by my mother, she told me my sister was a whore and she was damned to the world. No one, was ever to touch me there, that was sacres, and letting someone touch you there was a sin. She started calling my sister harlot instead of her name. My sister didn't care, she had guys come to the house to have sex with her so that my mother would find her naked in bed with some guy she had flirted with at the mall.

    I was held back from going to college to wait for my sister, we had to go together. My sister was more sensitive to me, and she would tell me that so and so was going to be coming by for his desert and if I wanted to be somewhere else I could, or if I wanted to stay I could. By the time I was ready for college and she was a senior in high school I had witnessed her have sex with kids from school, with girls from school, and with guys that we never saw again. I was a virgin, I never had a boyfriend and while my sister displayed herself as much as she could, I had a problem with being naked, even around her. Although if she wanted to see me naked I let her undress me and look at me.

    When we went off to college we roomed together and the first semester we were there she met a guy who was an assistant professor. We moved to an apartment the second semester because she was having sex with him several times a week and the dorm was not good, she was a freshman and he was a teacher. He had a group of friends, all older guys and girls and they had sex parties, open sex parties. There was weed, alcohol, mushrooms, pills, music and sex. Anyone could fuck anyone, I got fucked at one of those parties.

    The guy was in college following four years in the military, he was older and he was the supplier of much of the weed and pills. He didn't do pills and he prohibited me from doing any of it. I was there to fuck with him, no other guys and no girls. On my first period after he started to fuck me he introduced me to anal sex. The rule was simple to him, if he wanted to fuck you gave him a hole to fuck. The no other girl rule did not apply to him, and he fucked several of the girls who came to those parties.

    One night, it was already Sunday morning, he told me that he wanted me to try some pussy. I had gotten my voice by then and I told him I didn't do pussy. He told me to wait, I hadn't even met the pussy he was talking about. He went downstairs and brought this new girl up to the room. Her name is Teresa. She was a freshman, he took her panties off and spread her legs open and told me to eat her pussy. Just eat her and do what I was told. I had seen girls eat pussy so I took my hair and put it behind my back and ate her pussy. After I ate her he told me that was the pussy he wanted for me and he told Teresa that she only gave her pussy to me or to him.

    I have been eating Teresa's pussy for twenty years.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 29

    I've never told anyone this not even my wife but I've always wanted to get it off my chest. Maybe it will have some ther**eutic value or something. I left home young but returned at age 29 to pursue a college degree. During the ensuring four years I lived with my parents. I eventually got involved with a girlfriend who I later married but during the first year, I was by myself. No GF, because I was busy with studies. In the evening with Dad working nights, Mom and I sometimes watched TV and movies together on the sofa and I would get pretty horny. She caught me wacking off a few times with my cock in my hand. I would put it away but she knew that I needed some sexual relief. She said things like, "Ah, it's okay, Johny", or "Have you met anyone yet?", meaning a GF. There was the time that she unzipped me, took out my cock and rubbed it while asking me if that helps. Of course it did, but I wanted more and more and I then I splurted cum right in her hand. Over that first year, it all escalated until for the first time ever, I asked her to suck my cock. It was so embarrassing asking her. I was sure she would say no. But she just asked me to take a shower first and later she got on her knees and did it. So here I was, naked on my bed with Mom sucking away and almost gagging at times because she put it in so far. I discovered two things that I didn't know about Mom. First, she liked me to be squeaky clean when sucking cock and secondly, she doesn't like the taste of semen. Sometimes she would get a mouthful and she would run to the bathroom and spit it out. However, I got the biggest surprise of my life when I was laying on my bed naked and waiting for her to suck cock. Instead, she ran her hands over my entire body repeatedly, gave me a strange stare and then began mounting me. She did this while pulling up her dress. I guess she didn't have any underclothes on because with her directly on top of me, she worked my cock into her c**t with her hand. She said something like, "I know you need this." She closed her eyes and began pumping, very slowly at first but gradually faster and faster. So my 53 year old mom and I were fucking for the first time ever and it was truly surreal. Time just seemed to stop. It was stroke after stroke with the bed creaking loudly after every stroke. I told her I was coming and then I felt the surge of cum as it shot into her. I guess the sex act really tired her out because she stopped and lowered her body on mine and we just cuddled for a couple of minutes. Finally, she started pulling herself up until my cock popped out of her. She ran to the bathroom with her hand over her c**t. On returning, her only comment was something like, "I hope that helped". Yeah, at the time it sure did.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    my new bf has showed me things that I've always desired. he has allowed me to suck cock, not just his but most of the men he knows. he has taught me how to take his cock up my ass and allowed me to try others that he has found for me. he's so considerate he often allows me to suck him whilst his friends fuck me to reassure me it's alright. he's bought me a new wardrobe and now I dress as a tranny. the latest is that he's found me a new job as an erotic dancer. I've been at it for several weeks and am very popular jiggling around in my undies. if the crowd are appreciative he pops round with a glass and I remove my panties, walking amongst them so they can suck and fondle my erect clit. I love my man.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 51

    I constantly wonder about what it is like to suck a mans cock. Doesn't have to be big...just wanna suck it. I'm not gay, love women, but just wondering what it would feel like.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 23

    Thing is I want a serious advice. Some background - I have always been quite shy and submissive. After I started masturbating at around 15, I don't remember how but I started having submissive desires. Like I used to masturbate by fingering my cock (not jerking) or humping while imagining a man on top of me fucking me. I didn't think about these things then but from last one or two yrs my desires got even more feminine and I started watching sissy stuff and gay porn and absolutely loved it. Although I am ashamed of it, I now admit that I am getting uncontrollable urges of becoming a girly sissy. This urge also forced me to try petticoat and bra once. Worse, I have now started desiring men not just sexually but romantically. I literally fantasise about being a man's wife, swoon in his arms, blush like a woman, get pregnant and what not. And ofcourse I masturbate to all this while fingering my ass. From last few days I am thinking of having sex with a real man dressed up as his woman. I seriously want to know whether I should go ahead with this. I am afraid, ashamed but my sissy girly urges are so strong that I think about this all day watching sissy stuff. Please tell me.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    I miss my sex crazed high school gf

    I dated Andrea in high school. We dated for 3 years. We had sex a lot during those three years. The sex part started on one of several school trips. We got to take a charter bus. We had to pick our seats. We picked the 2 seater in the very back. It was gonna be a 4 hour trip and we were leaving at 9 pm, staying the night in a hotel and then doing what we were there for in the morning.

    We held hands and stuff like that and then she put her hand on my crotch. She unzipped my shorts and started stroking my cock. She then told me to pull my shorts down a bit. She said to keep a lookout. She went down on me right there in the bus.

    A different trip with a different after school function we were gonna stay in a very nice hotel. Everyone was supposed to all be on one floor. Because of a screw up, I got a suite on the top floor and I had a second key that went to the elevator floor. No chance of a teacher or chaperone going up there. The person I was supposed to room with ended up cancelling so I had the room to myself. Andrea said she wanted to stay with me. I asked if we would get in trouble. She reminded me that my key insured that a teacher couldn't even get to the floor I was on. Her roommate was her best friend and wouldn't tell on her so she stayed in the room with me. We ended up having sex and a shower that night after dinner and had sex again when we woke up before breakfast.

    One summer, she asked if I wanted to go to the park. She had just gotten her license. So we go to the park. This park had 3 different walking trails. One of which wasn't in use for whatever reason. We decided to go on that one. We got a couple miles into it and saw a set of huge rocks about 50 yards off the trail. I wasn't expecting anything but she said, "Wanna do it on those rocks?" I said, "Hell yeah!" So we go down there. She gets completely naked. She puts her clothes down to protect her hands and knees. We had sex in broad daylight on those rocks completely nude.

    Finally, we must have had sex in her house dozens of times. One day, I rode home with her from school in her car. She mentioned that we would have the house to ourselves for about an hour before her parents got home. Her house has an upstairs living room. You can walk to the edge and see the downstairs living room and front door from the railing. I kept my shirt on but had my pants pulled down. She was wearing a dress but she took off her panties. She got in my lap and we had sex cowgirl style. So she had already cum twice. I was on the verge but just not quite there yet. We hear the door open and shut. Her parents were home and were walking upstairs. She spun around perpendicular to me and put a blanket over us both. So her parents walked up and were asking us about our day at school and stuff and there I was emptying my load into her pussy while her parents were talking.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I need help with my Gender and Sexuality and Ive never admitted this to anyone and only I know about any of this.
    Im coming out of the closet but need help or advice.
    -------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------

    I knew at a pretty young age that inside I knew I felt like a cute girl in a guys body. I felt that as an individual I would feel 100% more comfortable as female entirely and constantly day dreamed about how happy, attractive and perfect I would feel to actually have a female body to match who I was on the inside.

    My manly man body never really made me feel completely right and never felt all the way like me.I always feel " OFF " when looking down at my body and seeing my body covered in nasty hair, a manly penis...I didnt really like what I saw but I knew I couldnt change it so I just settle with it because I had to. As a young kid I knew as well that I didnt really like what I had, it didnt feel correct.

    Fast Forward To My High School Experience:
    --------------------------------- -----------
    Being 16 and in high school people would say I would fit the description
    of a " Scene Kid " but did not really dress the part.
    Not to be egotistical but I am a good looking guy and I do like that at least with big hazel eyes with long eye lashes and small lips.

    I had beautiful long dark brown hair with shades of deep auburn that glistened only in the sun.
    My hairstyle was a very feminine style and more of a girl haircut being long in the front with choppy bangs that went across my forehead, cut around my ears and normal male length short in the back .
    My hair was my everything and still to this day a huge part of how I express myself.

    Anyways, In School "and till this day" I always wear nice Hollister Collared Polo shirts that were usually brown or black to match with my girl skinny dark wash jeans that fight tightly to my backside and thighs to make my already feminine jiggly girly butt look so good" its my favorite part of my body" I would wear moccasins with fuzz on the inside to cap the outfit. So, at an early age you can see I did dress pretty feminine and express myself this way.
    Eventually in High School:

    I had met and dated one girl in specific and her name was Amanda who actually happens to be pretty important to me. I remember looking at her Big eyes that I loved so much, her beautiful long black and blonde Scene bob hair and really admiring her personality for how bubbly she was, how cute she was, and thinking I wanted to be exactly like her. I wanted nothing more than to be just like this girl but there was only one problem, I was a guy and she was a girl but I knew there was a girl inside me just like here wanting to come to life. I had to settle with doing the best as I could as a guy, but seen her as a person who is like the feminine girl in me. I couldnt tell you how I admired her.

    Cross Dressing Begins :

    Being alone by myself in the house one of my favorite things to do was trying on girls clothing because of how it made me feel. I could not buy my own so I " borrowed " my cousins who was a sweet little blonde girl. I would wear her all of her underwear and I remember she had so many cute, soft cotton pairs that snugged me so perfectly, Id wear her jeans that were tight like I loved, her bras stuffed because she had really big boobs, cute socks and shoes and alternate different outfits to dresses and pretty skirts. I would do my hair, shave my legs and chest, and sometimes put on mascara and walk around as normal. Paint my toes and fingers and all that... This made me feel euphoric .

    Eventually the dressing up stopped for the longest time. I accepted I was a guy and just lived with it and tried to be happy.I forgot about dressing up and all that because I knew people would see me as weird, creepy or sick. I still expressed femininely but when I got out of High School and Got a job. During my grown up period I had a lot of very sexy girlfriends who I enjoyed being committed to and being with intimately, having all sorts of sex and saving their panties in collections to get off to later and truly loving it and craving sex all the time. I always enjoyed getting as intimate and raw as I could while having sex with some girls I truly loved.I was even able to ejaculate in a few girls who had IUDS which was incredible and deeply intimate BUT THE

    Mix up happens here and this is where im confused.

    T hen I met this gay guy who happened to become a very close friend who unknowingly had plans for me, by that I mean he already knew when he met me he wanted to fuck me, I had no idea.
    He eventually made me comfortable enough to somehow work his way into actually getting sexual with me by touching me and then kissing me and then blowing me and me trying to blow him and me swallowing him. I wasnt sure how I felt and at the time I wasnt comfortable telling any soul on earth. My dad even talked with him and told him he better not " make me day or hed kick his ass " but didnt know we were already doing things like this.

    At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the little stuff, then it was just fun kinky sex and then our sex turned into full on unprotected sex where he would actually orgasm inside of me without a condom...being that close and having his DNA or apart of him, inside in me... for some odd reason knowing that made me feel loved because of how deeply intimate going inside of me was. I tried topping him once or twice but didnt really like it at all and didnt do it again, I feel at home being a bottom and feel cute, attractive, sexy ... all the things I want to feel.

    I felt so good about myself knowing I contributed to his sexual pleasure, I felt really cute and really attractive about myself when I was on top of him having sex and to have his penis inside of me bare skin feeling me from inside.... It was intimacy I never felt, and have only done with him.. no other guys yet because I really want him back but if I cant Id like to try finding a guy sometime. We had a lot of secret affairs together, lots and I loved it but BAM, again it stopped suddenly and I was left SO confused.

    ------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------
    Conclusion/Wrap up :

    So today,im sitting here still feeling like I want to feel, be and look cute/bubbly and to feel sexy and attractive in ways a guy simply can not be. Id love to be who I really am on the inside all together still and I know who I really am but sometimes think the fear of discrimination and alienation hinders me . I constantly try to look feminine in ways that arent very noticable like tight jeans for my bigg round jiggly butt, nice choppy/stylish hair, and when I want to get " loose " ill throw on a small amount of mascara to make my eyes pop but nothing huge.. I want to stay low key until im ready and sure. .

    I STILL feel good wearing some girls clothing like cotton panties from time to time that fit me so perfectly snugg that help make my butt look great in a pair of tight jeans when I go out in public or sometimes even cute socks with my shoes, it still makes me feel good but undercover, HOWEVER I dont wear anything else like dresses, skirts, shirts, bras anymore.. just panties and socks sometimes.

    I like sex with boys and really want to feel the way I once did but Im scared to come out and admit this so its hard for me to get a boyfriend and to have a intimate, committed long term relationship.

    I also still like having sex with girls and being with them. I have sex with my girlfriend all the time and often look at naked girls all over tuumblur.SOOOO

    I accepted that im probably bisexual in some way,
    or am I transexual ?
    Am I a lesbian/bisexual female in a guys body?
    I know im not completely gay because I do love girls and having sex with them too.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Female / 33

    days when I want to carb down I just eat cup a soup broths, and every day I only ever have 1/4 cup of oats and apple and berries for breakfast sometimes I add a little milk and sugar. but I will sometimes deliberately eat less or nothing for dinner and its best to wait til everyone has eaten that way what is left you don't feel guilty about if everyone has pigged out and you can just say "I wasn't that hungry" and I will just eat a mouthful of potato and 1/2 the meat and before bed fill up on Fiber supplement drinks or capsules and like 9 supplements or the skinny tea drinks that are really high laxative anyway with senna. I like the liver detox milk thistle, artichoke and turmeric, ginger and gr**e seed and cherry, African mango seed sometimes I just have them for lunch and skim milk. and night time I have multi vit and olive and coconut oil supplements and a few other things and celery and dandelion drink. its like I feel guilty if I eat anything more then cow grass. sometimes I have some cucumbers in dill and bananas or coconut water. I do eat with my mum and we have tried raw dieting and its hard to stick to. I do eat meat because I have to. I actually do not like bacon anymore. my treat is the occasional macaroon or lammington but mostly I love fruit or baked beans or cheese is a comfort food and lettuce and horseradish and salad sandwiches. I talk about food a lot and my mind is usually on food and how to reduce it, and build muscle. I drink heaps of tea lately but have to go back to water soon. all I want to do is be a perfect fitness again. I hate being fat. I hate doing nothing. I hate boringness. I hate not having friends that just call up and ask me out. I know I have become a grump person focused on food and exercise and medications and measuring them all but I have had to get better to have less illness. I don't get to have romance and sexual love interests and to be honest for the last 10 years I don't even want sex that much. its just a non-topic to me, like "don't want to talk about and it will go away". its a bother, I don't even flirt what's the point?

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Female / 34

    i feel so guilty and lazy today I went to the gym and only did a lazy days effort. like not even touch the battle ropes which I love or kettle weights. just did treadmill, bikes and rowers and mountain climber and floor exercises. usually I do a lot more then this.

    like I feel so guilty about what I eat. I just want someones opinion am I a guts?

    most days I just have oats and apple and berries for breakfast with milk and lunch a small milk and today I had half a sandwich of pork and apple and cheese and crackers with a cup of tea, cheese is my calming food. I love savoury dishes and salads but gone off sweets.

    I want a good body and to feel healthy and fit, so I am not out of breath and I would like to be jogging on treadmill and doing more body weight exercises and heavier weight lifting like the other girls do. like all I do is about 16-20 kg weights or sometimes I do 80kg weights on the push exercises but I see girls half my size doing a lot more. I just want to see the weight change and fat loss and more muscle showing. I can't seem to stick to diet protein shakes as I like to chew my food and enjoy tastes. I wouldn't mind if some protein diet shakes were not so full of goop and sugar and shit.

    i count all the calories and watch what i eat to the point i am barely eating because I feel guilt and I have been studying nutrition for over 3 years and feel more confused now then ever and don't trust a lot of doctors advice as most of them are just trying to sell programs or their own line of products.

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