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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I got a swimming scholarship to a Lutheran College. Part of the scholarship included room and board in the athlete's dorm. The dorm wasn't that big, but it had its own cafeteria, half of the building was for men and half for women, two to a room with showers and toilets at the end of each hall. Boys and girls did not mix, at least not by accident.

    When I met my roommate, she was on a soccer scholarship, she appeared to me to be the most beautiful girl in the world. She was built like a runner with long legs and small tight breasts and hips and ass. She was toned all over and she wasn't embarrassed to be naked. I swam, so I was also in shape, not as tall and Italian with dark hair and eyes and she was Nordic with blonde hair and blue eyes. I got naked for her. If she was naked I got naked. Our beds were three feet apart. She bent over her bed and gave me a full foot away look at her pussy. She had very light smooth blonde hairs all over her butt. She turned and asked me if I liked what I saw.

    She ate my pussy, she gave me a name and told me what my duties were. I was to be the at home mom and she was going to be the at work mom. She got as much pussy as she wanted and I got as much pussy as she thought I needed. But when I got pussy I better eat because I never knew when I was going to get some more. I made her bed every day and did her laundry and went to all her practices and her games. I helped with her homework, combed her hair, put her make up on. I was a good at being the at home mom, I wanted her to be proud of me.

    I went to college with very little experience but she came to college with lots of experience. She had been the lover of her History teacher for three years before coming to college, and she made sure I understood that when she went home she was going to get together with her teacher. Her teacher ate her pussy, I got some just to keep me quiet. I didn't care, I had never been in love before and she spent a lot of time showing me how much she liked me. Lots of time, and she liked being naked in the room which meant that I was naked in the room and there was always grabbing and kissing and tumbling.

    When we returned from summer break we asked to be roomed together again. She had broken up with her teacher because her teacher had another girlfriend by then. I became her full focus love interest and we fucked so much we both missed class. It took a lot of work to catch up, we decided that we would study in the library because if we studied in the dorm we would end up on the bed. Her pussy was all mine then and I got as much pussy as I wanted. During those years in the dorm we focused on pussy. Her pussy was covered with light blonde hair, which she shaved or I shaved but we never waxed. I had very heavy Italian dark pubes and the only way to get a clean look was to wax, which we tried doing ourselves but ended up using a saloon.

    The day we went over the edge is the day my grandmother died. I was very close to her and she died suddenly from pneumonia, it just all happened in less than a week. I took her home with me to the funeral. I introduced her as my girlfriend, no one was surprised and that is how we came out to my family. For Spring Break we went to her house and she introduced me and again no one was surprised. I guess we had talked about each other so much and we were both pretty obviously girl friendly, neither one of ever had a boyfriend.

    I live with my girl and we both have seven year olds, which we got from an old friend. It is our attempt to replace ourselves. I am the at home mom and she is the at work mom. We continue with our sports, but it more gym and running and less competitive play. We make love a lot, way too much, it seems that is all we do when the kids are in bed. She gets naked and displays herself for me and I lie naked on the bed and display for her. She is everything I dreamed of as a girl.

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    Lesbian Female / 31

    I am still trying to accept that I am a gay woman. I can't just say it's ok, I have two kids and a husband.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I always had pent up emotions of being feline gay. dressing in lingerie stocking heels and wearing full make up turns me on. I would get fully dressed and go for a drive and walk around in front of stores and gay bars. I loved getting picked up and having parking lot sex. When I got into a car, I was a total sissy gay willing to satisfy my dates needs. And I always did. What ever they wanted I did for them. I had a boyfriend that I met weekly. We would talk too. I was 100% honest and shared all my secrets with him. He would take me to a motel and bring me presents of pretty dresses, panties, make up and watch me get dressed for him. Sometimes he would say âyou are perfectâ he would take me for a ride and tell me to walk around and window shop while He would sit in the car stroking his cock. This turned me on so much. One time another guy drove up and started talking to me. My boyfriend told me to tease him. I did. Then I got in his car and sucked his cock. When he came I made sure some of his cum was still on my face when I walked back and got into my boyfriends car. This turned him on so much. He took me back to our motel room and fucked me all night long.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I was a straight man.

    I honestly was, through and through. Then I experimented with gay porn a little too much. I didn't even like it at first (it was gross), but it was naughty and that was hot. And then I started to feel the changes, little by little. I felt myself becoming less disgusted and more aroused by all the beautiful naked men -- by their meaty dicks and bulging muscles and eventually even their gooey cum and dangling balls. I feared this change tremendously but didn't really give it credence (straight people couldn't turn gay!) until my dick started making my homosexual arousal undeniable. And even then I kept on with it. I thought I wanted to go back, to be done with homosexuality, but I found myself choosing gay porn instead of straight porn over and over, even once I was fully aware of what it was doing to me.

    What frightened me too was when I realized that I was becoming disinterested in tits and pussy. Emotionally, romantically, I am still attracted to women rather than men, but now my dick is very obviously more interested in dudes. I can look at a gorgeous naked woman and hang flaccid as a cooked noodle, and then get rock hard in 10 seconds just from thinking of a bare-chested bodybuilder or of putting my lips around a shapely cock -- without even touching my own.

    If we're talking about ROMANTIC orientation, I'm straight. But if we're talking about SEXUAL orientation, I have to admit that I've become way more gay than straight. GAY! I can't believe I'm saying it. But the proof is in the pudding: when it comes to hard-ons and orgasms, I'm 90% goddamn fucking gay.

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    Straight Male / 50

    This past weekend my wife went out of town to visit her sister in Michigan. I had the house to myself. I have been a crossdresser since I was 8. With my wife gone i decided to take advantage and dress for the weekend. Friday night I drove to a rest area east of here and posted online that I was available for pleasure. I met 2 guys for oral me giving. then a third one who took me into his backseat of his pickup and used me fully. Saturday I got all dolled up and when to a local mall again posted online and spend the day giving oral. I swallowed 8 men. i went home showered and got ready for the evening. I wore sluttiest dress one with a slit up the leg to my waist. These really high heels with 6" stilettos. Real laid in the makeup, then headed for where the hooker walk at night. I actually made $75 in 2 hours. By now it was 2 am and I headed over to gay bar area and walked the streets I was picked up by this guy who was married and ready to explode, he took me home and had me wear his wife's clothes, he did me 3 times then dropped me off. it was 6am and I was walking to my car when this offers me $100 to do me. He took me to a lake park and enjoyed me fully. It was 9am when I he dropped me off. I drove home as i walked in the cum was running down the back of my legs. I walked in and went into the bedroom and as I liked the dress over my head, I hear don't you look sweet. My wife had come home during the night her sister was feeling sick. She had slept in the guestroom. As the dress was partly over my head exposing the panties and the cum stains on my skin and on the stockings she had me dead to rights. She walked up to me and slipped her right hand inside of the panties then pulled it out and licked her fingers. She asked how many men? As I cleared the dress over my head and the money feel out of the bra hitting the carpet. So your a whore? With that I just farted and squirted cum into the panties. Making a big wet spot. I went to walk into the bathroom she grabbed my hand lead me to the bed and told me to get on my stomach. She pushed me down yanked the panties down ope my Cheeks wide apart. She looked into my ass and grabbed the side of the panties and them down and off my legs over the heels. She told me to get on my knees and she spread my cheeks again she pushed her face into my cheeks ad started to lick me. She said you have had a lot of cum you cheap slut. She then stood up and slapped me hard and told me you ever go out whoring again I will cut your nuts off, now go take a shower.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I have just had a major shock and I am so mad I could spit. I just found some utterly disturbing pictures and video in a file my husband inadvertently left open on his laptop. There are seven videos and about two hundred pictures of my husband dressed as a woman, in about half of the pictures he is wearing various items from my lingerie drawer with his painted lips wrapped around various cocks. In others he is posing fully dressed and accessorized in some cute outfits and sexy heels. The videos are only a few minutes long and he seems to enjoy cum facials in those, but the most disturbing video is Tom being fucked in his ass by one of his golfing buddies. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. M&y first impulse is to expose him and publish the videos and pictures, but it would destroy our family. In a strange and uncomfortable way I find them titillating, but I am determined to confront him. I just haven't figured out how.

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    Lesbian Female / 40

    I have been to counseling for several years dealing with my self image and issues about sex. My family saw sex as the evil on earth and the guilt feelings they left in me have never gone away. I can rationalize that it is wrong, but a sex act freezes me up. I have never had a relationship that went beyond a couple of dates. I am 40 now.

    For whatever reason I don't myself understand I confided in this woman at work. I will call her Clara. Clara is 55 and she is from California and she is open about everything. She took her breasts out and showed them to just to let me see that there is nothing wrong with showing your breasts. She told me that she was going to lick my clit. After a good clit licking I was going to stop this nonsense and let some guy fuck me and then I was going to be alright.

    We went to her apartment. We had a glass of wine. She got undressed, totally naked and showed herself to me. She pulled up a chair and sat across from me and lifted her legs and opened her pussy to show me her clit. She asked me to take off my clothes and sit back and open my legs and show her my clit. It was therapy, to get over my self conscious feelings. I sat there, frozen. She got up and went and brought back a couple of toys, a vibrator and a dildo. She told me that I should go back to her room and insert the dildo up my ass and take the vibrator and give my clit a whiz. I sat there.

    She took the dildo and lubed it up, put it between her legs and inserted it in her vagina and fucked herself for a bit. After a few moments she took the dildo out and got on the couch and inserted the dildo in her ass, all the way up to the balls and asked me to fuck her with it. With the dildo still in her ass she stood up and stretched telling me that it felt good to have the dildo up her ass and that I needed to get over myself and start taking care of myself.

    During the whole show I never said a word, I just watched. I was aroused, and when she got down on her knees and pushed her face into my crotch I let her open my legs. She fought to take off my pants and I let her, she put her face and mouth on me and found my clit and started to suck and bite me and finger me. She reached for the dildo and stuffed it up my vagina all the way while she sucked my clit. I lost control and had my first orgasm.

    She finished undressing me until I was totally naked, kissing me and playing with my breasts, fingering me, using the dildo, she got over me and told me to open my mouth and she lowered herself on my face. We were on the rug in the living room, I was shaking but not from fear, she took the vibrator and put it against my clit and fire went through me and I had another orgasm.

    That night we cooked a meal and she told me that I should stay over with her. That we were going to get in bed naked and watch a movie and cuddle and get to know all our intimate areas, that she wanted to get to know my nipples and she wanted me to get to know her pussy. The night went by fast, the movie we never finished watching, I licked her clit, we played with the dildo and the vibrator. In the morning we fixed breakfast and sat on the veranda to eat and have coffee. I got kissed and hugged and we showered together.

    Clara told me that dicks were fine but pussy was better. Lick a girl's clit and she will come. We needed to look for the right girlfriend, maybe a twenty something, or maybe a thirty five year old grade school teacher, a girl who liked to have her clit licked and wanted to share her tits and ass with another woman. Clara and I spent a lot of time together, we met several women, one at her apartment complex that I went out with a couple of times. Clara taught me how to come on to a girl, to whisper things in her ear and ask her if she wanted to have her clit licked. If she said yes you had the right type of girl. I am dating her now, she loves to have her clit licked.

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    Gay Male / 26

    My parents were real church people. I was an only child and I spent all of my youth in church, church camp, church Sunday school, church was the center of my parent's life. When it was time to go to college I was sent to this Church of Christ college. It was the first time that I shared a room with anyone. The boy was a track jock from high school, with long legs and very lean. I didn't realize it but he was my first crush. If he didn't take me with him I was crushed, I talked to him until it was late at night. I was good at math so I did his math for him. I started to take care of his laundry when I did mine.

    The restroom and showers were communal and I started to pay attention to him when he was naked. He was open about it, he never covered up, showered and dried himself in front of me. One morning only the two of us were in the shower and I was sitting on the bench and he was drying off and he was naked and less than a foot from me and his penis was right there. He saw me staring at him and he just stood closer and slapped my face with his penis.

    That night he asked me if I wanted to come over to his bed. He was on his back and he took the covers off and he was naked and his penis was already hard. He told me to just put my mouth on it and suck my heart away. I sucked him, and he sucked me and he told me to keep quiet about it, college kids did this, but telling about it would get us expelled. I got real familiar with his penis and lots of nights he let me sleep in his bed with him. One of those nights he got the urge and we had sex.

    After we had sex things changed. That was more than just what college kids did. I felt guilty at the bottom of my soul, I knew I had fornicated with a man. But I couldn't stop, once we had sex we had sex all the time, at first when I got in bed with him and he got on me from behind, but later on we had sex girl style with me on my back. He had his friends from track and I didn't quite get along with them, but he took me anyway and apologized to his friends for having me there. He tried to get me to dress like he and his friends, but it didn't feel right.

    When the year ended and we went back home for the summer I attended a church camp. Being a college kid I was assigned to be a coach or mentor to the kids. So may boys, and I could walk into their cabin whenever I wanted, I saw them in their underwear, and would shower with them. I had dreams of the boys walking beside my bed in single file letting me suck their penis one at a time. That night I had wet dream in my cot. The feeling of their penis in my mouth was so real. Things were getting out of control and I asked to go home, claiming that I needed to work on my reading for college.

    I am grown up and I have a long term lover, a married engineer from work. I have been with him for three and half years. Since I live alone I have free time to do what I want. I continue to have night wet dreams. I have vivid dreams of sucking the penis of some guy I saw at the mall or at the supermarket during the day, which almost always results in masturbation and ejaculation.

    I don't know why I fixate on that, but it is always the same thing. I am sitting somewhere and the man comes over and he rubs his penis in my face and then I suck him and empty him and put his penis away and zip him up and he says thank you. I never do that with my lover, we primarily have sex with just a little foreplay. When he comes to see me he is always in a hurry to get started.

    I stopped going to church after I moved out of my parent's home. It is the only way I can deal with my guilt.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I had a buy who worked for me that was gay. He wasn't flamboyant or anything like that, he was fifty and he had been with the same guy for a long time. At Christmas party time he asked me if I thought the company could accept it if he invited his partner along. I said sure, be prepared that there may be some who don't, but that really who cared. At the party I shepherded them, made sure that they had a good time, his partner is a big man, bigger than me and he kept his arm around my shoulder to talk, when they left my coworker thanked me and told me he loved me and that we should get together more often.

    For the next several weeks I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they lived. Both are big men, my coworker played ball in college, I wondered who did what, who was the catcher and who was the pitcher. Did they really have anal sex. When my coworker asked me to join them for dinner at a new restaurant that opened I accepted. Lots of people there, they introduced me to a lot of their friends, his partner kept his arm around me like he did at the Christmas party, he hugged me and said that the party was moving to their house. At the house I got a tour, lots of couple pictures of them, in all sorts of vacation destinations. All men, all gay men. Some left and others stayed, they asked me to stay that the party started later.

    When there were about a dozen left they started to play different music, dancing and this one guy asked me to dance, to get in the rhythm. He told me that his friends had asked to melt me down. He grabbed my crotch and he palmed my behind, he held on to me, he told me that man was going to go with me where no man had gone before. Masks were handed out, and some started to take their clothes off, some cock sucking started, lots of naked men, dancing, playing with their cocks. I was helped out of my clothes, my host came over and took me by the cock and walked me around telling me to losen up, which cock did I like, lots of guys there wanted me suck them off.

    His partner came over and told me to stand still, he sat on a chair and started to suck me. He stood up and told me it was my turn, his cock was hard not like mine, he was hard and he let me suck him for a while. He handed me off to another guy in a mask, one guy started to suck me while I was sucking away. A couple of guys started to fuck, I saw my host getting fucked by his partner, and then switching off and another guy fucking him. He came over and offered himself to me, try it, if I didn't like maybe I liked taking it myself. I ended up taking it from a couple of guys, sucking several guys, taking it from my host's partner. He told me that since the Christmas party he wanted that. I figured out who was pitching and who was catching between them. I figured out that I was more comfortable catching, I really enjoyed it.

    The party ended around three in the morning, some of the guys sleeping on the couch, others in the bedrooms. I slept with my host and his partner. The next morning there was breakfast, lots of pancakes and waffles, coffee and juice. I asked my hosts why the masks and they said that from time to time there were videos or pictures so just in case if they got around they would not be face on when shared. They brought over a phone from one of the guys with a video of my first time. Not the most flattering thing.

    I had stepped into another world, a world I wondered about but I was now part of. Parties, dinners, bars and some gang banks like that first night. It's not easy to get comfortable, I tend to stay close to the person I'm with not go out and get anyone and everyone, not having to suck off each and everyone at the party which I had to do at another party, I wasn't the new found lamb anymore and I had to prove my chops, suck them all off.

    I have a one on one with this guy who runs a remodeling business. He doesn't look the part anymore than I do, he is the pitcher and I am the catcher we get along fine. It's like my coworker, yes we do sleep together in a king size bed. I'm the nurturing one and he is the bossy one. It just feels good that way.

    I'm not so far into it to say that I am all in, but I am into it enough to know that I like it and I like my new friends.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 46

    I taught school as a career and retired at 55 mostly because I got bored and I was eligible for my pension. I moved to retirement community, an over 55 community. Getting to know some of the neighbors I took up tennis but I didn't like golf. I met this man who had worked for a corporation and we played tennis a couple of times a week. We got close enough that he asked me over to his house and we fixed hamburgers on the grill. I was sitting across from him, out there on the patio, and his penis was showing under his shorts. The head peaking out like a little mouse scared to come out. I couldn't help but look at it, I hoped he hadn't caught me staring or something. I started to imagine what it would be like to suck on his penis, it was the sun, the beer, tired from playing tennis, but I was sitting their fantasizing about sucking his penis, I just wanted to go over there and suck his little penis head.

    Well, I won't go on, but the fantasy never left me. I played tennis with him, I went to his place, he came to my place and I would look at him and fantasize what it would be like to have him stand naked in front of me in my living room and I would suck his penis. If he begged off to go take a leak or something I wished he wouldn't close the door. I knew his tennis shorts in great detail, he had to be wearing something like a jock strap or maybe briefs, his penis would just not show itself again. I masturbated one day after the game, I stood naked in my living room and masturbated looking at myself in the full length mirror on the wall.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I had an unhealthy fantasy, and standing naked in my living room masturbating in front of the mirror had to be a bad sign. But I did it over and over, looking for the better angles, getting up close when I had gotten to the point of ejaculating. I licked my cum off my finger, I took the cum and used it to lubricate my asshole and then insert a large magic marker that I had around the house. I started looking for suitable objects, but I was smart enough to go online and buy some butt plugs and some anal lube. I played tennis with a butt plug and I fantasized about kissing with my neighbor.

    The ice broke for me one afternoon when I went to this Italian restaurant. I was alone and it was around 2 p.m. so the place was quiet and the waiter was a talker, a Mexican guy in his late fifties or so. At one point he put his hand on my shoulder and kept it there while he talked. He told me he had moved to the town we were in looking for a place to retire, not that he could afford it, but a place where he could be around people his age. I didn't take his hand off my shoulder and when he got close I examined his crotch. He caught me looking and smiled at me. When I got up to go he gave me his name and told me the days he worked and the apartment complex where he lived.

    That night I got my butt plug out, lubed myself up and went out into the living room to masturbate in front of the mirror. Only this time I fantasized with the waiter and not my tennis neighbor. I fantasized about being on a bed with him, kissing and mutually pleasing each other, bending down to suck him and then he got on my back and took my butt plug out and fucked me. I went back to the restaurant on the afternoon that I knew he was working and stayed to have coffee and desert. I took his hand to look at his ring, I let him hold his hand on my shoulder, I asked when he got off that maybe we could be friends.

    That night I had my fantasy come to life. I sucked him, I guess that I always wanted to suck a man, I just always put it aside, but as a teacher many times I had moments of desire with a coach or an administrator, but never some kid. Even once with the janitor. But now it was real, sucking my new friend. He let me suck. I wanted to kiss, he was hesitant but he eventually gave in and we kissed for a while. He must have seen in my face that I wanted him to get on with it. My first time I got down on my knees and grabbed a pillow in my arms and felt his hot penis penetrate me. It was different than a butt plug, it was hot and a whole lot longer and he was thrusting. But the butt plugs must have helped because he went in pretty easily. After he fucked me I lay on the bed with him while he massaged my penis and got me into a full erection and between some sucking and jerking off he got me to ejaculate.

    Pablo moved in with me after six months, I rented a room to him that he never paid for. Pablo was a long time waiter and he knew how to entertain and he made great drinks and prepared good food. We had a small group that got together from time to time, they liked Pablo's service. Whether they ever suspected that Pablo stood naked in my living room while I sucked his penis I don't know. But I did, I liked looking in the mirror out of the corner of my eye while I sucked him. I just love looking at him erect, holding his penis and putting his penis in my mouth.

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