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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Lesbian Female / 30

    Right out of college I married a nobody. He was available and I couldn't be the last one to get married. He never lived up to being a husband, not with a job and not in bed. Turns out that he is gay, but I had divorced him long before he came out that he was gay.

    During the time that I was married to him I went to a bachelorette party for one of my sorority sisters and I ended up sleeping with one of the girls. I sucked her boob and I let her feel me up. She also kissed me and she told me that she always liked me and wanted me to like her. Gay right? Two women feeling their private parts and kissing and sucking boobs. Yesterday morning I went to her house and I ate her on the living room sofa. She is married to a doctor and has two kids. We watch gay porn, male gay porn and then pretend that we are gay men fucking.

    I am married to an engineer and I have a kid. I don't work either. So when the kids are in day care we get together. I have never spontaneously told my husband I love him, it just won't come out but I tell my girlfriend I love her every time I see her. We make love with our husbands but the older we get it is more and more obvious that we are queer. She is the focus of my affections. She has always admitted to me that she is queer about me and it is the same with me. I am queer about her.

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    Gay Male / 52

    There has not been anything as terrifying in my life as going to prison for the first time in my early twenties. While I was smart enough not to believe everything I heard, I realized that there must be some truth in men having sex with each other in prison. As the saying goes: You can't r**e the willing. It didn't take me long to consider submitting willingly over being violently forced. In all honesty, I was not put off by the notion of sucking dick. I had been curious for years. Some of the hard cocks I seen in the showers made my curiosity grow stronger. Facing a long prison sentence I gave up hope on having sex with a woman after nearly a year in the county jail. I got so horny some times I considered putting it out on front street that I would suck a dick to get my dick sucked.

    The moment of truth came when an oldtimer propositioned me to suck my dick. My pants were down and my dick was in his mouth without another word said. At the heigth of arousal he stopped and told me to return the favor. I initially refused. But he didn't take no for an answer. What I was afraid of was how much I wanted to suck a dick. It's what my fantasies were made of. That and getting my dick sucked. Knowing he was gay I said fuck it and went for it.

    As soon as I seen his dick I accepted my homosexuality. I quit hiding my deep desires for gay sex. I didn't care that he seen how much I was enjoying sucking his dick. I had never been more turned on in my life than with having his big, hard dick in my mouth. The cocksucker came out in me. I knew then that it wasn't going to be the last time I sucked a dick.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    I love my pussy.

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    Lesbian Female / 51

    Growing up I was always the tallest girl in my class. Not taller than all the boys, but definitely taller than the girls. I developed earlier too. I kissed a girl in the sixth grade. My hormones were running and I liked her and I kissed her. I was sent to this alternative school. It was a Catholic all girls school. I had kissed a girl and I was sent to an all girls school. I never understood the punishment. There were girls in that school who liked to kiss and it wasn't long before I was kissing a different set of lips.

    I was athletic and I played on the school soccer team. We played other private schools and I got hot over several girls from the other schools. At one game there was only one shower room for both teams. We showered in our underwear and changed into dry underwear afterwards. But I got naked for this one girl. She was sitting on the bench taking off her shoes and I stood naked in front of her talking to her. It felt good to be naked in front of her, I could feel it, I was very aroused and very wet talking to her. She got up to go to the showers and I went with her. In the showers I told her I wanted her to get naked for me. She refused. I never saw her again, later I heard that she had quit soccer at her school.

    In college I was average in sports. Lots of girls played really hard. I tried out for rugby but did not make the team. I barely hung on to my spot on the soccer team. Barely. I wasn't fast enough or hard enough. I fell in and out of love with girl after girl. I had a short thing with a girl who played rugby, but she was too aggressive for me. I needed to be on top. I found a girl who was studying library science. She was quiet, but in bed she liked oral sex and she had me lick her bum end. She really liked that and requested it almost every time we had sex.

    I went on from college to work at a large shipping and distribution company in customer service. I joined a gym and worked out almost every day. At the gym I met a woman, she was defined, she worked out, and one day she got naked for me. I remembered the girl from my high school days. Except that this time I was the girl sitting on the bench with a naked girl in front of me making conversation. She pulled up her arms over her head and twirled and asked me if I liked. I said I liked. She asked me if I did pussy. I told her I did pussy.

    She was more aggressive to start but not as aggressive once sex started. I introduced her to bum eating. She laid on her tummy holding a pillow and let me lick and eat her bum. She tasted good to me, I almost preferred eating her bum than her pussy. But I ate both. We were work out friends and after work out sex partners. I don't think I ever fell in love with her, but I liked her a lot.

    I got fucked by a guy when I was 31. My memory was how could I be there staring up at the ceiling and this guy naked on top of me sticking his wicked penis in me. But the did. I didn't catch VD, but I caught a kid. With a kid everything changed. I was a reluctant pregnant woman, and I was a reluctant mother. But I had no choice. His idea of help was telling me what to do. I had more sex than I wanted and I ended up staying at home, he moved in with me, and he worked and I stayed at home. We got married.

    I did a second kid, more out of duty than anything else. Getting pregnant on purpose was a hard thing to do. At least the first time I didn't have any say in it. Now I was supposed to be ready for it. I did get pregnant and I did have my second kid.

    The short of all this is that I am married. Twenty years now. I am a lesbian and I have a steady girlfriend, she is a lawyer and we have a life around my husband, my kids and my house. She is the other woman in our life, she is at our house almost every day and my husband likes her well enough. When she gets bitchy he threatens to take her back to the bedroom and show her who is boss. A joke, but not a joke and she knows it. Like me she never expected that she would be deferring to a man, but she does and she doesn't say anything anymore. She likes him well enough.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I just spent the day naked ,tied to a chair with my rubber tube strapped to my dick.The rubber tube fit very tightly and had a smaller tube that ran to an electric pump that had a tube running from it that connected to the ball gag she had strapped securely in my mouth.Finally a clamp placed on my nose made it so the only way that I could breath was through my mouth.It was set up so when I have to piss it turns the pump on and pumps it through the ball gag and into my mouth .I can either hold my piss in my mouth but if I want to breathe I am forced to swallow it . Before all this happened my exwife got me drunk and when I was helpless enough for her to handle she stripped me naked then did this to me . After all the beer she got me to drink it wasnt long before I had to piss and that was when I found out the situation that I was in .After holding it as long as I could I did the only thing I could thinking that I would have to deal with the humiliation of pissing my self but quickly found out it was much worse when the pump kicked on and filled my mouth with my own piss.I held out as long as I could trying to come up with other options but you can only hold your breath for so long and I was forced to swallow every drop of my piss.When my ex finally returned she showed me how a tank can (and was ) be added before the pump which she pissed in and I also swallowed it down .

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I licked up and swallowed another mans sperm last night. That's not all I licked it from my gf's stomach and although that's humiliating enough I have to confess I loved it.

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    Lesbian Female / 27

    As a freshman in college I joined an on campus group that provided tutoring to high school students. The lead was a another freshman girl and she and I became friends. One day after our meeting we went to get a cup of coffee. We were standing at a corner waiting to cross and she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I turned to her, but the light changed and she took my hand and we walked across the street. On the other side she put her arm around my waist and said something like she just loved being with me. The moment was there and she turned into me and I put my arms around her and we hugged real tight and she asked for a kiss.

    I had never kissed anyone, and standing there on a street corner kissing a girl on the mouth and she was asking me if I loved her. She asked for another kiss and told me she loved me and wanted me to tell her I loved her. She wouldn't budge, her arms around my waist telling me speak slowly and tell her I loved and to kiss her between each word. All in all we must have kissed ten times before we walked on, me with my arm around her shoulder and she with her arm around my waist. This is how our affair started.

    Once the topic was out there she wanted to tell me everything, how she felt, how she knew when she saw me that I was the one for her, how she felt at night wanting me to be with her. And she hung on to me, kissing my cheek, my mouth. She asked me to tell her over and over again that I loved her. That night she came to my apartment and we slept together and we figuratively gave our virginities to each other. First with our fingers and then with our tongues. In the morning I was still not sure what had happened, she was sleeping with me and we were naked, we had made love, we had oral sex, we had used our fingers to get in as deep as we could. And now she was asleep naked with me in bed.

    When I got back from the bathroom she was awake, she opened her legs completely and asked me to kiss her there. She said she wanted a morning kiss, to go ahead and kiss her. I leaned down and kissed her, she was already wet and the next thing I knew I was digging into her with my tongue. Our affair had just started, we had a hunger that did not go away and we spent a whole lot of time making out and having sex. I lived in an apartment and she lived in a dorm so most of what we did was in my apartment. She spent the night with me a whole lot. What I remember of that semester was the unending sex. We made out in public, in private, on campus and off campus. We had people tell us to take inside, people cuss us because we were lesbians.

    I am telling this story because this is what happened to us. We were both girls from small towns. We both went away to college fully expecting to meet some guy and come home and get married. Instead we found out that we were not dating material for guys. We were crazy stupid girls that first year, and it took a full year before we more or less settled down into a day in and day out relationship. I won't lie to you, being a girl in a lesbian relationship has a whole lot of challenges. Not the least of which is ourselves, we struggle a lot on who is who. We are just too much alike so our lives is a blend, there is no black and white. We could use some more distinction, more black and white, we are two peas in a pod, more suited to being sisters than a couple.

    But don't ask us to sleep apart.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I chose "Bi-Sexual Male" because it was the closest option to the truth. I've been suffering from extreme depression, existential crisis, dysphoria, just overall feeling horrible and desperately seeking an end to it, and while I feel like I want to finally just be myself and stop trying to be the person that other people want or expect me to be, I can't override my psychological fear of finally doing it.

    I am genderfluid and pansexual. Sometimes I feel male, or at least don't feel female, but other times I feel very female, and it bothers me because while I've told some people, or hinted it to them, their resistance to the idea has scared me back into keeping it a secret. I am attracted to both men and women, preferably fat people, I love big asses, hips, thick legs, bellies, big titties. I am fat myself and believe I have gynecomastia, because my breasts are very feminine, arguably the most feminine natural breasts I've ever seen on a biological male. I also think I have low testosterone, but this is being said without a clinical diagnosis, these are just theories I've considered.

    I guess I've always been this way, but didn't understand it at first until gender identity and sexual preference became a more talked about topic. At first I just thought I was either bi, or gay in denial, but I know I am attracted to women, so I settled on bi, but I was terrified to admit it to anyone because I felt confident they'd see me as a freak and not like me anymore.

    Over the years, I've taken photographs of myself in women's clothing, or nude, and experimented with men, and dildos. I really enjoy giving blowjobs more than anything, even more than getting them, more than vaginal sex, and more than giving or receiving anal. I'm not even sure what about it I like so much, I just feel so appreciated and attractive while sucking a man's cock and hearing him moan and compliment how well I am pleasing him. I always swallow when they let me, as I love feeling them cum in my mouth and love swallowing their cum.

    I've strongly considered painting my nails regularly, shaving my whole body and wearing more feminine clothes, but I am under so much pressure not to do it that it's crippling me. I am horribly depressed and contemplate suicide every so often. I work at a job I hate that expects me to work myself go death for less than 10 bucks an hour. I have foot and ankle injuries that I can't heal because I never get enough time off my feet and can't take a vacation or I wont be able to pay the bills.

    Because I am so unhappy, one of the only things that makes me feel good is when I am feeling feminine, when I am naked, when I take a shower, when I look at my own tits, when I touch myself. I masturbate imagining having sex with a man who treats me like a real woman, or imagine myself receiving a blowjob from someone who is actually attracted to me and enjoys making me feel good.

    I am married, to a women, and our sex life has died down over the last 8 years (we've been together almost 11), she used to suck my dick all the time, willingly (I thought), but one day she just decided she didn't like it anymore and told me she only ever did it to make me happy, so apparently, I don't deserve such a luxury anymore. I've struggled with that too, because not having a regular sex life with my wife fueled my depression and self-hatred because I assumed it was my fault. That I wasn't good enough for her anymore, that I was unattractive and gross. Losing the feeling that I was worthy of intimacy really fucked me up. I found myself craving the feeling of being loved regularly.

    I have worked the entire time we've been married and I give her literally all of my money to pay the bills and do whatever she wants with it. I do whatever she tells/asks me to do. I've always spoiled her as much as I could, because I thought that was the right thing to do, but now that it's too late, I see that I fucked up. Because I didn't make her earn anything, from my love, to my time, to my money, she doesn't appreciate any of it and just expects to have it all without giving anything in return. She's never had a real job as long as we've been together.

    I used to literally be addicted to her, because I was so lonely and depressed before I met her, I thought she was the answer to all of my problems, I was unhealthily infatuated with her, and at first she was also infatuated with me, but her infatuation wore off, and mine stayed for years longer, so me wanting her so badly made her denying me so painful emotionally.

    Eventually, I focused on other things in an attempt to try to overcome my sadness, and practiced not even being sexually attracted to her, I am still attracted to her, I just started to not expect sex ever again, because every time I'd ask her, she'd either straight up reject me or agree out of frustration and make it seem like a chore. But then, once I stopped showing interest in her, eventually she expressed to me that I don't touch her anymore and acted sad about it. How can she expect me to want to be intimate with her when she makes me feel disgusting?

    I' m writing this all out of chronological order, sorry. Before I even met her, I was already fasting to try to lose weight because I hated myself and thought if I could starve myself skinny enough maybe someone might give me a chance. She fell in love with me while I was 260lbs and made me feel like the most attractive man on the planet. It was literally a dream come true, until it ended.

    I still consider fasting again to lose weight, because I hate myself so much sometimes, I think if I lose weight she'll either be attracted to me again or at least someone else will be and she'll show me affection out of jealousy because she feels threatened by other people being interested in me. It's sad I even have to think about trying to make her jealous just so she'll appreciate me.

    Anyway... I don't need to tell you my whole life story.

    TL;DR I am a biologically male, genderfluid, pansexual who is married to a woman who isn't too attracted to me anymore, I fantasize about being a sissy slut for men who will actually appreciate me, I am living a lie by still presenting myself as a straight male to most people, I want to just relax and be myself, but the crippling fear of losing everyone in my life and being criticized and harassed by others keeps me from doing it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I first started getting serious with my girlfriend I confessed to her all about my cross dressing and of course she asked if I had been with any men and I told her yes and she said she was ok with it and let me dress up but made me buy my own clothes. She even got involved and began picking out outfits she wanted me to wear on days that I wasnt going to dress feminine. She decided one day that I needed to wear a bra and panties every day all day long so I threw all my boy underwear away. When she told me she wanted me to be the maid since I was dressed up so much . She told me that I was dressed up so much that it wasnt as fun for her like it used to be and to make it up to her I should have to dp something for her and being the maid would be perfect.I told her I would love to be the maid if she bought me some uniforms.Now I do everything as the maid three times a week dressed in my satin and lace,PVC or latex french maids outfit. I am still so humiliated when I answer the door in my PVC maids outfit and it is one of my friends or Sarahs friends with their husbands . I am used to her family coming over when I am feminized,she makes sure that I am dressed up when she invites them over.

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I moved to take a job as an English language teacher at this private school in Central America. The school was primarily for wealthy kids, although there a few poor children on scholarship. You could tell the difference immediately, the hair, the dress, and the color of their skin. I had this one girl in my class, this was an eight grade English class, her family was very well to do and she was particularly beautiful, long dark hair, dark eyes, with a beautiful hue of honey colored skin.

    I could not resist her and she became my friend and her parents hired me to improve her English and guide her for college in the US. I was only 23 and she was 15. She was affectionate, always affectionate, always hugging me, always leaning against me, always holding my hand. One day while I was at her house she stood in front of me and put her hands on my breasts and asked me if I liked having my breasts squeezed. She told me she liked it when I hugged her and I squeezed her and my arms was around her breast. She grabbed her own breasts, then took my hands and put them on her breasts, turned into my arms and had me hold her cupping her breasts.

    She wanted to kiss. She wanted to lay down and kiss. She grabbed herself between her legs and told me she felt it right there and put my hand and held it tight against her asking me to rub her. She was flush, she was taking her top off, she was reaching for my top to take it off, my heart was beating outside of my chest, when she latched onto my breast and started sucking and then gave me her breast to suck.

    She kept saying that we were women and that men were so bad, her father was so bad with her mom, she didn't ever want to be with a man, she kissed me hard on the mouth, until I was no longer able to hold myself back and I kissed her back and put her on her back and kissed her and touched her uncovered her legs and her wet triangle of matted hair. I told myself to stop, not to do it, but I wasn't in control and I went down on her. It was a fever, it lasted for several minutes, she reached climax and kicked me away, and grabbed me to her and held on.

    We had crossed a line that could never be fixed. I tried to keep a distance, I tried to quit but her mother would not allow it. They offered to pay me more, they asked me to live with them in their house. This was a wild child, insatiable child, she hung on me and I hung on her. In the tenth grade her parents asked me to take her to Europe, on a tour of London, Paris and Rome. A 25 year old with a 17 year old. A teacher with a girl who displayed herself naked to her teacher. A 17 year old that would not go to her room unless she was kissed and told she was loved.

    A 17 year old that spent all three weeks of her tour of Europe sleeping with her teacher. I loved her, more than anyone can ever imagine. Being with her, holding her, sleeping with her, kissing her. Europe was a second crossroads, a crossroads that we could never come back from. In Europe we stopped being teacher and pupil, stopped. We became something else. When we returned from that trip she told her mother that we had slept together every night and she wanted us to sleep together. When her mother questioned her, she told her mother out loud that we were lesbians.

    It wasn't a shock. Her mother knew, but having it said out loud. She was composed and asked me if I was a lesbian. I said I thought maybe I was. I didn't know. She asked how could I not know. I told her I didn't know, but if she asked me if I loved her daughter, then the answer was yes. If she asked me if I had feelings for her, then yes. If I had intimacies with her daughter, then yes. She asked me if her daughter slept with me, and I said yes. Since she was fifteen.

    I left and returned to the States and got a job working at a private school. When Laura graduated from high school the following year she came to the States and went to college and lived with me. Her parents paid for everything. School, our housing, a car for her, spending money, she was kept in the standard she was grown up with. They paid for any and all my expenses as well. Laura finished college and we went on a long summer holiday to Europe, back to the same capitals, this time she was 22 and I was 30.

    Laura is affectionate, which I love. She is obedient to me, and it keeps her from doing things that could hurt her. She doesn't like her father, she doesn't think about him. She is respectful to her mother, but there is a gulf there. I don't ask myself anymore if we are lesbians. For me it was a shock finding out that I wanted and had fallen in love with a girl, a pupil of mine. But Laura, she never doubted herself. Maybe that is why she and her father don't get along. What if anything happened between him and her I don't know, she won't say, except that he is a man.

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