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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Posted by Anonymous

    i love to watch female porn stars esp. the ones with heavy boobs and i am a girl

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i dress up in little girls clothes.i want to be a little girl my whole life.its been very hard growing up a as a man i let myself wear whatever i want.when i come home from work i put on my favorite bathing suite(one peice rainbow with shiney glitter. its so cute!!)swim in my pool.then put on one of my summer dresses and a cute pair of underpants(i like the flowerd ones).then at nigt i wear an adorable little pink nylon nightie with matching nylon the am i become a man again but i wear little girls underpants24/7.i havent worn men undwear in 25 years.i dont think theres anything wrong with what i not hurting anyone.its who i a little girl

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just can't take this anymore. I am a man, 20 years old. And I want to be a girl. A woman. I want soft skin, breasts, I want pussy where I can stick something, a dildo, vibrator, my fingers...

    I want to be fucked, hard and deep... I want to scream of pain and satisfaction. I want that someone would come into my face, I wanna suck cock, I want that it cames deep in my troath.

    I want to be slapped, I want that someone takes me by force, puts a vibrator into my pussy and starts fucking into my ass. I scream, it hurts. I beg him to stop but he wont.

    I wanna be a weak, used, and after wild sex left to bed to clean the mess.

    I want to wear make up, lipstick, mascara, fake eyelashes... I want to shave my legs, shave everything. I want to wear pantyhouse, skirts, bra... Tight tops, my boobies jumping from side to side...

    I want to go party in the city, go into a bar in really short skirt, men looking me all the time... free drinks, sex, sperm in my face, everywhere...


    I was five or six when I tried a pink dress. Since then, I knew. I am a girl in a man's body. This is horrible. I can't describe it, but think yourself in a opposite gender? Would be fun at first... But after a while, you just want to be you. In the way you should be.

    I have a girlfriend, and I have crossdresseded few times, and she didn't mind. But she said she's gonna leave me if I want to be a woman. So I said I don't want that... I've lied to myself, and to everyone. I'm now wearing my mothers bra, my girlfriend hipsters ( one kind of panties, which I stole from her... ) and a sanitary towel. It turns me on, I imagine that I have my period...

    I am gross, please help me....

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a sissy faggot. As I am writing this, I am wearing Victoria's Secret pantyhose, 4-inch pumps and a camisole top - all black. While I wear outfits like this, I enjoy sucking dick, working a real man's shaft over with my lips and my tongue. I absolutely love being fucked while helpless on my back, while my pantyhosed legs and high-heeled feet wave helplessly in the air while listening to the "slap-slap-slap" of a cock working balls deep in and out of my ass.

    But what I crave most is humiliation. I want to be paraded around for everyone to see, then get restrained to be bent over and fucked by anyone who passes by.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    About two years ago I spotted an ad for 'first timers,' usually married men who wanted to experience a man giving them a blow job. I kept thinking about the ad and finally called, where I spoke with a very nice-sounding, non-judgemental man who said I was like so many married men - with a sense of adventure. What happened when I got to his apartment , well, he undressed me and we started kissing. And kissing. And I remember thinking this was so so good. And then, I did what felt so totally right - I slid down and started kissing his cock. The man was surprised "ah - NO hesitation there!" AND, a week later, I was doing it again, a week later more time with that man, and each time, learning more techniques.
    AND of course, this was a total private adventure.
    BUT, I started sending innocent facebook notes to a man I used to work with and who I knew was gay. They became less innocent and I finally had to tell him about my private/secret life. He arranged an introduction with another local 'newbie' and we met, hit it off, and soon I was spending time in HIS bed. Shortly after that, I met more men. More sex.
    About this time, I started feeling the need to be more to these men, to help them enjoy themselves more (or so I convinced myself) I wanted to be their slut. I started growing my hair - I started wearing makeup for those men - and in turn, more than half of them started treating me differently and some began to buy me women's clothing.
    SO? Now, there must be a hundred men I've fucked, or given head to, or been fucked by - and still, no-one at work (to say nothing of my family) know anything about this.

    I just _ _ _ _ need _ _ _ _ men in a way I've NEVER needed women.

    fu**-up or what???

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This started as a fantasy, then became guilty obsession, then a reality, and is now my secret lifestyle.

    When I was a little girl my parents took our Shepherd Big Boy to a stud farm. I saw him mate with several other dogs and overheard the adult jokes I didn't quite understand. Wandering around the place I even saw a dog being "milked" and the woman doing it sneaking a taste. That was my introduction to the physical act of sex.

    As I hit puberty my fantasies sometimes included beastiality but they mostly revolved around being an animal on a leash. I ended up losing my virginity to Big Boy when I was in junior high but that was my only act of actual beastiality and I never had that urge again.

    I developed a secret fetish for animal roleplaying and even bought a collar and leash to wear while I played with myself. I filled notebooks with elaborate sexual fantasies of a girl being broken to a man's or woman's will as a sexualized housepet. When I was married I was secretly subscribed to kitten-play and puppy-play websites - I couldn't even tell my husband about my fetish and I was terrified to actually try to live it out.

    My husband left me eventually leaving me and my son alone and I kept my secret. Then my son found my old notebooks. He asked me about the fantasies in them and I tried to brush them off. When he asked me point blank if I was a "sex weirdo" I admitted it out loud for the first time in my life and cried.

    When I stopped crying, he said those beautiful words I've never forgotten ... "Get off the furniture, girl." I obeyed and brought him my leash in my mouth and barked and he stripped away my clothes and made me his Bitch. That first night was everything I ever wanted with a loving master. That was one year ago at the first of May.

    Since I still have to earn a living, we can't do it full time. But we've made Friday "Pet Night" where I strip down to being a Good Dog and playing with my master. The only other concession I make to being a Bitch the rest of the week is that my Master no longer plays with himself because my mouth and hands are available instead.

    When I get home from work on Fridays I slip out on my clothes and put on my furry paws and ears and tail and get on all fours and become my Master's Bitch. He's a Good Master to me and we play fetch and romp. He disciplines me when I need it and rewards me for proper behavior and when I do tricks. And when he mounts me or gets out a special toy or restrains me for special games I'm very happy.

    I'm anxious for the day when he's a full grown Master and I can become a Bitch full time. He talks to me about renting me out to horny breeders but I'm just a Bitch and can't understand master talk so I just lick him and wag my tail.

    My son is very strong and confident and has a girlfriend who adores him. He used to be shy but now he's the leader of his pack. I feel proud of him.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had discovered my desire to dress up in girls clothing when I was just 9 yrs old after being jealous of every girl who I seen wearing a skirt or dress with pantyhose or tights.I Then became facinated with High heel shoes/boots.I met a girl who had a thing for dressing guys up as a girl.Halloween one year she took me into her bedroom and told me she was gonna dress me in a award winning costume and that i had to keep my eyes closed the whole time she transformed me.I did just that as I knew what she was dressing me as and it was very erotic,I felt her putting pantyhose on me,lacing a corset very tight around my waist,slipping me into a short dress and applying make-up and a long wig and 5" strappy stiletto shoes.I opened my eyes as I was amazed on how much she made me look like a real female.She took me to 4 costume parties where i got first place in 3 of em and 2nd place in another party.She oddly took me to a steak house while i was still dressed.She then confesssed that she knew that I secretly dressed as a girl often as she found my rather large collection of female attire and heels,wigs.She told me she came over more than a few times and seen me sleeping in a nightgown, and other times with me sleeping in a school girl uniform and saw me in the window cleaning while wearing a cheerleader uniform.She soon had me dressing up and going out to the store with her and to the malls as it was fun having her choose what i wore from day to day.She even had me over at her Mom's house while dressed up as she had 2 younger sister's who would give her tips on what to dress me in as they even had began doing my make up/nails several times.The most nervous times out dressed was when she had me go to a wedding as a bridesmaid in a purple dress, and another time she had me fill in for a cheerleader who was sick and couldn't attend any games for 3 weeks as I had to wear shiny tan tights,a short blue striped skirt and a long sleeve tight striped shirt, I was taught how to do the cheers in two days and became good at it.I then proposed to her one day and she said yes but only if I also wore a bridal gown,I agreed as I woulda wore anything to be married to such a kinky girl who loved dressing me as her GF.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Normally I don't think about things too hard, I am an easy going Guy who leads a decent life. under some circumstances I get depressed.
    I was outside hanging up my laundry and chatting with my neighbors when I notices a Ferris wheel looming in the background. it was lit up, the lights caught my eyes. forever since I was little I always loved going to the amusement park, Ive been in 16 different amusement parks spread all a crossed the south of the USA.
    After a quick phone call with my brother I decided that I would venture out to the mall so that I could ride the Ferris wheel. I made sure the house was in order and I left on my rip-claw bicycle.
    The amusement park was scary up close. Tons of people with different ethnics and cultures gathered under this glorious light show. Rides, games, food, and benches with people were lined in a round oval shaped park.I stayed there for what seemed forever. Women, the women, girls, tigers, Asian, I was scared. I have complexity issues around women, Scars..., I feel as if I don't fit in to my own flesh. I walked by a stand with a jackass perched up on a drop cage, sitting there being paid to insult people. the loud microphone he used to spit insults at me. he pointed out my glasses and my long flowing hair, called me a four eyed girl. my mind knew it was nothing to worry about. However the moment got the better of me, I was ashamed as everyone looked at me. I was the only Man there who had long hair. I sat in the back of the amusement park with a couple of strangers, I know that once again I had made the mistake of going somewhere without a partner. My boyfriend lives three cities away and works night shift.
    after a while, with many pretty faces, feelings of resentment, I picked my self up with a fake smile and left. upon arriving at my apartment (being that I'm alone tonight) I stepped throught the door with my bike, dropped my bike and closed the door. I didn't feel too bad about tonight, it was decent. after I was sure I was alone I stripped myself of all clothing and pranced through the house bare, hell I'm typing this and I'm nekid. I'm not at all ashamed of my body as long as I'm not surrounded by people- mainly women. I did really stupid crap to women in the past, even unintentional. I just don't feel like my own flesh when I think about women. people say I'm young (for twenty) but I feel light years old.
    I still masturbate to girls- alot - like 18+ girls, Im not a pedo. I really don't have alot of friends, Ive never been the type to say anything, share, or do anything with another person. I sort of feel left behind most of the time... on my own I feel ok.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I always knew growing up that I was different from the other boys. I thought I was attracted to women. In hindsight, I think I was more attracted to the clothes they wore. I was always fascinated by stockings and pantyhose, and had my first orgasm while wearing pantyhose. One evening during a school dance, another guy called me 'limp wrists.' I certainly didn't act effeminately back then, though in hindsight, I'm wondering if this guy saw something in me that I didn't see in myself.

    During my junior year of college, I started wearing pantyhose regularly, and I haven't stopped since. But that wasn't the only thing I did. I started meeting other men. I sucked cock and got excited by it. About a year ago, another guy fucked me and I finally realized who and what I was sexually. When he was doing me doggiestyle something clicked inside of me. Later he laid me on my back and started fucking me hard. As I looked up at him while he was drilling me, I came to a realization. I must be a cock-craving sissy, because I was wearing a camisole top, sheer black pantyhose and 4-inch black pumps while being fucked by someone who was much more manly than I. As I saw my pantyhosed legs and high heel-clad feet waving helplessly in the air, I knew that my place was not to be with a woman, but to dress for real men and their cocks.

    I'm still closeted though, and not sure of whether to come out. Even though a part of me wants desperately to be outed, few people actually know that I am both gay and a crossdresser.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am not sure this is the right place for this confession- but here goes. Several years ago I was the supervisor at a plant. There many young women working in my section. One of them was was very beautiful, and married with 2 children. She made it very clear that her married life was bad. Her husband also worked in the same building but in a different section. I my self had just asked my future wife to marry me. To make a long story short she and I got very close. I soon realized she was having a lesbian affair with another young woman in the plant. One day I was making my rounds and I came up on the husband standing in a small room rubbing his cokc like a wild man. i went into the next room and noted he was watching his wife and her lover making out,and fingering each other. Holy S*** I thought the whold thing was very sexy. He jacking off and them getting off. I started getting very turned by the entire thing. I slipped into the next room with the husband and started holding his hand as he jerked. It was fantstic and he turned and kissed me, I returned the favor. After he came I helped him cleanup. I don't know what came over me but at that second I wanted to fuck him and fuck his wife. I told him this. He smiled and said I could fuck him anytime I wanted as long as he could watch me fuck his wife...and that is how the next year and a half went....At that point he divorced his wife, she moved away, and I got married...I am now divorced and living with my male lover.... But I will never forget that 18 months of super sex with both of them ....

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