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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day I was shopping,and I really had to pee so i ran to the ladies room.There were two stall and only one was open(my luck).I went in and stared to take off my skirt when a very doveloped young woman came in,crossing her legs.she was wearing a tight wite shirt,exposing her full breasts and nipples, and cute,really tight capris.She looked shocked to see that there were no more stalls,and held her pussy tightly.I got so exited to see this,that I almost peed.When she couldnt wait any longer,she reached for her fly,but it wouldnt unzip.she kept on trying but it wouldnt move.Her panties must have gotten stuck in the zipper."can some one please help me?"
    she asked.i unlocked my stall door and walked over to her.
    "need help"?i asked ,smiling.she said yes and asked if I could unzip her zipper."sure,"i said.i got on my knees,i was so exited,i almost started droolind."hurry!I need to pee!"she gasped.I pretened to fiddle with the zipper,as I rubbed her soft pussy.she kept on shaking her thighs faster and faster.I massaged her pussy faster and harder,so that she would need need to pee more and more.It was an accident when her zipper unzipped.the open stall was across the room and we both knew she wouldnt make it in time.
    She wiggled and finally pulled down her capris,exposing nice purple panties.She tried not to notice me watching ,amazed.She was so completely desprate,shaking and moaning,she pulled down her panties,I looked lustfully at her beutiful pussy and thick brown pubick hair.She spread her legs and her golden pee came gushing out,splattering onto the tiled pussy got wet as i watched her moan from the pleasure of relieving herself.
    I finally got the nerve to stick out my finger and taste it it as it flowed out of her soaking pussy.I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked off all of the deliciouse pee.
    finally the last of it trickled onto the floor.she ran into a stall(embarrassed).I think I'll always remember how good her pee tasted.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a woman who gets very aroused by the sight of another girl or woman who is desperate to pee. Maybe that's because I love to pee and I love to hold my pee. I work in an office and I often hold off going to pee as long as I can. This has caused me to squirt pee into my panties on several occasions.

    I nearly always wear dresses or skirts to work and no one can see me when I'm behind my desk. I sometimes sit at my desk put my hand under my skirt and play with my pussy thru my panties. It feels so good to press my hand up against my pussy when I have to pee and the more I have to pee the better it feels.

    I also play other solo pee games at work but I'll save them for later because I want to talk about something I saw in the ladies room.

    I know lots of men would like to know what goes on in ladies rooms. I know that if I see a woman who has to pee badly rush into the ladies room, I wonder what she does if she gets inside and there's a line in there. Lots of women could tell interesting stories about things they've seen in ladies rooms, but I haven't read very many. This is something that happened some time ago but I still remember it because it turned me on so much.

    One day I was downtown shopping and I had to pee. I like the feeling of a full bladder so I kept shopping and holding my pee in. When I couldn't hold it any longer without putting my hand between my legs and rubbing my pussy, I went into a ladies room to let out a little pee. I often let out little squirts of pee into my panties when I have to pee bad but his time I didn't want to get my panties wet.

    I was wearing a pretty pair of satin print boy leg panties from Victoria's Secret that my husband had given me. I like boy leg panties because they don't have elastic in the legs and I can easily slip my hand up the leg of my panties and play with my pussy or my peehole when no one is looking. When I 'm desperate to pee I will sometimes put my hand inside my panties and press on my peehole. It feels so good and helps me hold my pee longer.

    I didn't want to squirt pee that day because my satin panties didn't have a cotton crotch and wouldn't hold much pee. When I squirt pee in them I can feel the pee trickling down my thighs. I love to feel pee on my thighs but I was also having fun giving people little peeks at my pretty panties. It excites me to have men or women look up my skirt and see my panties but I'm also very shy and it would embarrass me if someone could see that I had peed in my panties.

    I love to pee thru my panties but, since I didn't want to get them wet, I pulled them down to my knees so I could play with them while I was peeing. I opened my legs and put 2 fingers against my pussy to hold it shut. Then I let the pee out in hard short spurts. It feels so good when the pee forces my pussy lips open. It's almost as good as an orgasm.

    When I had let out enough pee I dried my pussy with some toilet paper so my panties wouldn't get wet from rubbing against my wet pussy. I pulled my panties up and went to the sink to comb my hair and wash my hands.

    I had just started to wash my hands when a young girl came rushing in with her thighs pressed together. She was wearing a short black skirt but I can't remember anything about her top. There was only one stall and someone was in it. The poor girl had to pee so bad that she just couldn't wait another minute. I don't think she even saw me. I had my back to her but I could see her in the mirror. She could see shoes under the stall door so she knew someone was in there.

    She walked quickly over to the baby changing table yanking up her skirt to reveal the cutest little pair of white cotton bikini panties. I love white cotton panties and I started to get excited just seeing her panties. I think she was peeing in her panties when she came in but she wasn't holding her crotch. Her little white panties were soaking wet but she quickly pulled one leg aside and I could see a little tuff of pubic hair and short jets of pee squirting out of her pussy onto the floor.

    The pee was coming out in short hard spurts because she was trying to stop peeing. She was young and very pretty, probably not more than 20 years old. She was wiggling around and, even though she was not touching her pussy, the pee was squirting straight out in front of her. If I try to pee standing like that, the pee sprays all over the place and runs down my legs.

    I could imagine her squeezing her peehole muscles trying not to pee on the floor, but the pressure was too much and the pee kept squirting out for a long time. I have never seen a girl more desperate to pee; in fact she was already peeing in her panties when I first saw her. She held her skirt up with one hand so it wouldn't get wet until she was finally able to stop peeing. Then she stood there in a puddle of pee waiting to get into the stall. I can remember thinking how wet that little pussy must be and how I would love to feel and taste it.

    The other woman finally came out and she went into the stall. I'm sorry the story has to end like that but I couldn't see what she did next and I never saw her again.

    I knew I had seen a sight that I wouldn't forget for a long time. My own pussy was sopping wet even though I hadn't touched myself. Even now I can just close my eyes and see her standing there, wiggling around, with her skirt pulled up to her waist, her cute little white panties showing and little jets of pee squirting out of her pussy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in an office where we are all basically in low walled cubicles, and can see each other - except some managers who have offices - most people would know the type - glass windows but the top half is frosted.

    Well, I don't think anyone notices, but from my desk I look right into the lower half of one of the females offices, right at her legs through her desk. And if she spins sideways to look at her return (one of those L shaped desks), I can see right up her crotch.

    Anyway, I was working late shift (again!) and she was in there too. I started to hear her groaning, and could see her holding her hand to her crotch now and again - she really needed to pee, I could tell!

    Well, I got carried away with my work when I heard 'Oh, oh, oh my God!' (The last bit getting higher) - I looked up and she had turned sideways, had her legs spread and was soaking her panties, chair and floor! She probably didn't know that I was there (her door had been shut for hours) and I am sure she doesn't know what I can see! But what a view!

    She peed for about 1 minute, through her panties and stockings the whole time, and rubbing herself. I was so turned on I had also pulled my skirt up by now and was pushing to let a little pee out because I love to do it. She then stood up, dropped her stockings (but not her panties) sat down and masturbated. I was already rubbing myself furiously through my only slightly wet panties, when I heard her scream in orgasm - she obviously thought we either had gone home or her door was soundproof!

    I loved it! I have written here before how I like to pee but girls, if you ever get the chance to see a girlfriend pee and masturbate, it is the best site i have ever seen. And though she doesn't know I was watching, I will enjoy that thought every time I have to talk to her from now on!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Would you sleep with another women for a price?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my sisters and i experimented a lil when we were young.. lots of kids do.. and many women told me stories.. i could never had imagained.. much less admitted to... but.. i still remember when she pushed my head in closer.. and tightened her leggs.. that sick filling of being trapped.. could never.. would never do it again.. have never.. ever told anyone that story... never!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a real problem with masturbation. I sometimes can do it six or seven times in a session. I have a fetish about leather and get really turned on by the sight, touch and smell of it. I like to wear leather when I masturbate and get attracted to women and men who are wearing it, particularly biker jackets. I have never had a gay experience but sometimes feel this is something I am missing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have liked looking at women for manys years now. But the older I get it seems I want to be with women other than my husband. I have been with other girls before, but never told him. He don't like the idea of me bringing a woman home for us to enjoy. I think he would enjoy it more than me. He is so old fashion. I have a very open mind. But how do I tell him I like women also??

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I asked a recent ex-lover (now friend) of mine, if he ever had sexual fantasies about me. He said he did, and I made him describe them (in detail) and write them out. I acted all grossed out but then later that night I masturbated to them until orgasm.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I confess! I encouraged my wife to have a sexual affair so she could tell me all the details. She did and it was the most excited I had been in years. Am I crazy? We love each other but I really enjoy her stories. We have incredible sex while she is telling me about her afternoon. How do i encourage her to continue and not make it seem like I'm pushing her away. I know she enjoyed it also.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This election I didn't like any of the Lieutenant governor candidates, so I voted for a Libertarian just for the hell of it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My significant other has, I swear, six boxes crammed full of pornographic magazines in the closet. I don't know why he keeps them. I'd like to throw them away, but where could you throw them away? Two or three magazines, I can understand, but this is overkill!

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