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Out Of The Closet
Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?
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    Straight Male / 28

    I don't know what to say I've never tried it before being my country is against it but I've been wanting to be fucked by a next guy I want to suck on a dick and feel it up my ass yours truly Jamaican boy

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    So I am going to confess that I sleep with another girl. She works with me, what she and I have in common is that we went to the same college. But we were never in the same crowd or the same major. We just met at work. She is an Admin Assistant in HR and I am a tax accountant. We are both 28. Well the thing started because she told me that there was this art fair near her apartment and if I wanted to go.

    I went, she was in her normal earth clothes and I was in shorts and a top and sneakers. I run and stay in shape, she is more of one of those that is just naturally thin and she didn't' wear a bra, I noticed that, no bra but she is thin and not busty so it was just her nipples showing through her white top. And she saw me looking at her nipples and she pinched them really hard so that pulled her shoulders back and asked me if I liked then.

    We walked to the fair, it was about four blocks along the river. Lots of people, kids and dogs and strollers and the crowd got heavy and she pulled me here and there to look at this and that. A couple of women were coming toward us, she whispered that they were friends from the neighborhood and she took my hand and introduced me as her 'girlfriend from work'. When we walked away she put her arm around my waist and swung around into my arms and told me to hold her. They were watching and she wanted a hug.

    They had gone along their way and she said she was gay, and they were gay and they were always trying to set her up and she had told them that she had a girlfriend at work. And she put her arms around my neck and said forgive me but I love you and if I wanted to kiss her it was O.K. with her. Just be her girlfriend because there were a lot of gay people she knew and she told them I was her girlfriend from work. If she wasn't holding my hand she wanted to put her arm around my waist and have me hold her by the shoulder. And just kiss her, to give her a long, long kiss so that all the people she knew would stop bothering her. And I kissed her, for a second there it felt strange but then she pulled herself up into my arms and the kiss went on for a minute When she released she confessed her love again.

    We went to this small bar slash restaurant and she introduced me to several women there. She told me to hold her, to put my arms around her and let her lean back into my arms and hold her. I held her longer that I thought I ever would, I held her and let her lean against me and I smelled her hair and kissed her cheek. We left the fair and the bar slash restaurant and we went walking on the path beside the river and she asked me to declare my love for her. I told her things had gone a little far but she said no they hadn't, she had told me she loved me and she wanted me to tell her that I loved her. Right then I said it, she went up into my arms and I kissed her. This time no one was watching and the kiss lasted a long time.

    We went back to her apartment, she showed me everything, all her clothes and her jewelry and her pictures and sat beside me and kissed me on the cheek and asked me to put my arm around her and hold her. Then just out of blue she asked me if I wanted to make love. She took her top off and lowered her pants and stood there in her panties and said she wanted me kiss her right there where he finger was. To kiss her there and pull her panties down for her. To make love to her. With her panties off she went and got on the bed and asked me to come over and make love to her.

    Kissing her was one thing, holding her was one thing, but getting undressed and going down on her was another. I had only done that once before in college on a dare and she said to come over to her and after I got undressed I did. See that was the point of no return, getting naked and going down on a girl. And then getting up to her face and kissing her and telling her that you loved her, not like I did out there at the fair either. Now you said it because you meant it. Now you said it because you saw her everyday at work and she was the only person you could talk to. Now you said it because that is all you wanted to say. We made love, and we ate dinner and went back to making love and we slept together.

    To get my attention she pinches her nipples. She takes a bath in the evening so that she is fresh in bed. She is a pretty good cook and I have met many of her friends and we get together and I tell them that she was my closet crush at work and I kiss her in front of them. We have parties at our apartment now, and we got to parties and go to that bar slash restaurant and we don't have to fake being affectionate in public. The neighborhood is pretty much gay, we fit in. At work we keep things under wraps just because we work together. Some close people know that we are not just sharing an apartment to cut down on expenses, but most people don't and don't care. That she is gay is no surprise to these close people, but that I am gay is. I don't look the part, I jog, I work out, I am competent at work, how many gay tax accountants do you know? But I am gay and mostly I live in a gay community and most of our friends are lesbians who wish they could be in love too.

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    Lesbian Female / 52

    I went to a mostly women's college. For my 21st birthday a girl gave me a pair of crotchless panties. Red, satin, lacy crotchless panties. Everyone laughed and jokes were made. The girls asked me to model the panties and after a lot of pushing I put them on and came out for them to see. Standing up you couldn't tell anything, except of course that they were red and satin and lacy panties. The girl who gave me the panties stood up and came over to me and kissed me straight on the lips. It was a straight on lip to lip kiss. The other girls made noises and called for more. This time she kissed me and put her hand on my boob. She took my boob out and kissed it, sucking gently on my nipple. I was uncomfortable while she kissed my boob, she kissed me again on my lips and pushed me down into the easy chair and got down on her knees and took my knees in her hands and opened my legs. The other girls were standing around, telling her to go for it, she got my legs open and she went for it and ate me in front of everyone there.

    From then on she always kissed me on the lips, she touched my boobs. If I tried to push her away she gave these looks and I relented and she would caress my boobs and either kiss me through my shirt or open my shirt and kiss my boob. I got pushed down on the bed one afternoon and she took off her panties and straddled my face and told me she wanted to feel my tongue all the way inside her pussy. She called me her girlfriend and expected me to tell everyone that she was my girlfriend. This was a women's liberal arts college and there was an active gay community, and we were identified as a lesbian couple. Several of the girls I knew were also lesbians and now that I was out among them I found out that more and more girls were lesbian, not to mention several of the members of the faculty.

    But this was the fall of 1986, being queer was something you did not write home about. I was queer all right, and I was her queer girlfriend. I was over all the hesitation and on campus and at parties where most of the girls were queer we got wild. I was passed around a bit, but jealousy kept her from letting me go to far and she eventually put a stop to it. From time to time she would eat a freshman, but she told me it was for their own good. Someone had to open their eyes.

    We moved to New York after graduation, getting jobs as assistants in Advertising and Publicity. Her dad was an executive in this large ad agency and he got us the jobs. Entry level, use our English degrees and learn the business. Her dad knew we were queer, lots of people in the advertising business were queer, men and women. It was just easier to spot the queer men. I got hit on from time to time, but the word got out that I liked a girl and after a year we had settled into our routine.

    We were young. And I was head over heals in love with her. One evening she didn't come home on time. She came in quite late, I was a mess by then worrying where she was and she told me that this guy had gotten her and screwed her. A man from her work, she tried calling before she left work but I wasn't home and she wasn't able to avoid going out with him. We spent the night washing her out, but we lived in fear until she got her period. Being queer wasn't that easy, and we lived waiting for it to happen again or happen to me. It was only a matter of time before some man decided that you were it for him. It happened to me at a company Holiday party. Now we were both dirty. We were both twenty three years old.

    We went on the pill, a precaution. We were lucky neither one of us got pregnant. In the nineties it wasn't common for queer girls to have kids. Yes, there were kids, but usually from a marriage. And to be truthful we didn't seem to want kids, it wasn't in us. We were good aunts instead. Queer aunts. In our homes no one spoke that we were queer, we were just friends, friends that had never found anyone. My father would say that was one of the problems of sending me to that women's college, I hadn't met a husband and now it was too late. Sure they knew, we were obvious, we lived in a an apartment and had one room and one bed. But the excuse was that living in New York was expensive and that is all we could afford on our salaries. We turned 30 and our parents chipped in and we went to Paris.

    In Paris it was o.k. to hold hands, but we kissed under the Eiffel Tower and we were booed and hushed. There was no place to show our love and kiss and hold each other, not like the straight couples did. There were clubs and behind closed doors, and parties with other queer ladies, but no where out in the open. Today it is o.k., but not then. Not when we were young. Who cares if two fifty year old women go on a cruise together. Who cares if two fifty year old women introduce themselves as being married. Who cares if I call her my wife. No one cares anymore. It is just that the kiss we had for each other in Paris never happened. That kiss never happened. When you are fifty two years old and you kiss in Paris it is not the same passion you had when you were thirty. Not the passion you see with the young girls kissing under the Eiffel Tower today.

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    Gay Male / 51

    Job in sub Saharan Africa. The other engineer that went with me was an older man was from Colombia. We shared a room at the camp. From the beginning he took a shower before dinner after the day in the field, he just stayed naked until it was time to dress for dinner. He would lay on his bed and ask me to join him, to get naked. I told him I didn't swing that way and he answered that I didn't know.

    The day I gave in he was getting dressed, he had on a shirt but was otherwise naked. I was sitting on the chair, he walked over to me and offered me his penis. Why I agreed I really don't know. I let him put his penis on my lips and I took it in my mouth. I cried in my bed that night. But it was too late, I had to suck him every night and get on his bed naked with him, let him screw me. I tried not to kiss him but I failed there too. It was scary too, the country we were in it was illegal to be gay. I didn't feel gay, but he was definitely gay and we were having gay sex.

    When my minimum commitment came up I resigned and never went back. But I can't stop looking for men to have sex with. I don't want to know their names, I use an alias. It has been twenty three years and I prefer
    Latinos. I will top, I am versatile, but I prefer to bottom. The truth is I am gay.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    A week ago I was driving to a business meeting about 3 hours from my home. I live in a small Pacific Islands country and pretty much know most of the cars driven by expats...I am one myself. I was about an hour out when I caught sight of a familiar 4x4 ahead. There were three cars between us. We drove for a bit then the car slowed and turned off the main road and headed toward the beach. I caught a glimpse of the two men in the car as we went passed. One I knew well but the other was a stranger to me.
    In the few seconds I got to see him I could make out he looked quite a lot younger than the guy I knew who was driving, and had a young surfer look about him. ...the curly longish dirty blonde hair know what I mean.
    I am married, and bi but because this is such a small place only take a man for sex when I travel.
    This little scene immediately aroused my imagination, and my penis which had become rather swollen in my suit pants.
    I decided to go back and take a discreet look. I knew the spot well having stopped to swim there a few times myself.
    I parked my own 4x4 a little way from the beach and walked carefully through the bush towards the beach. I spotted the 4x4 ahead and then saw the guys a little way up the beach, walking away from the carpark. The young guy had taken his shirt off and was carrying it. The guy I knew had shorts and t on. they stopped after a few more feet and both stripped and were nude. They dumped their clothes on the beach and walked into the water. My erection was busting in my pants so I undid the zip and pulled my cock out of my bikini briefs.
    I watched the guys make out standing waist deep in the water, then the young guy turned and backed into the guy I knew who then obviously entered his ass and started fucking him. I started to stroke my very hard cock watching them as they fucked and fucked until my friend let out a groan and I imagine ejaculated into the young guys ass. They made out a bit and then started to swim around. I continued masturbating until I ejaculated.
    Seeing my married friend fucking the young surfer had really turned me on.
    I ran a dozen scenarios in my I just remain discreet and closeted I let my friend know I have seen him fucking a hot young guy and out myself to him? Do I try and start having an affair with him? And so on...
    I tucked myself in and made my way back to my 4x4.
    Then I decided to be bold.
    I undressed and grabbed a towel from the back and walked nude back up the beach a ways and not calling out to him went into the water. The anticipation of what my friend would or wouldn't do really turned me on and my erection returned. I swam a bit then started to look in their direction. They had moved out of the water and were nude on the beach. Either he hadn't noticed me or hadn't recognised me or both. I walked ashore and grabbed my towel. I was nude and semi erect. I put my towel around my neck and walked towards them.
    I got close and heard hey fuck, Tom, what the fuck?
    He stood as I got close. His cock lifted and he didn't try to hide it. Mine became fully erect. Up close the surfer was gorgeous...he stayed lying down...his penis semi erect on his stomach.
    He said to me it seems we have more in common than golf and tennis. He reached down and started stroking my cock. Then he planted his lips on mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. The young guy stood and got close
    rubbing his hands on one each of our ass cheeks. We kissed each other randomly. I knelt and took the young guys cock in my friend entered him and started fucking him again as I sucked his cock. My friend ejaculated and pulled out. I stood and backed my ass into the young guys groin...I felt him ease his cock head into my wanting ass and he fucked me. He ejaculated in me and we all walked into the water.
    Since that incredible event I have had sex with my friend 3 times...each time sucking rimming and fucking each other.
    Awesome to finally have a close lover.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    When I was in the ninth grade my mom knew I was wearing her lingerie and makeup when she was out on a date.
    My friend over heard her talking to his mother about it and told me. We talked about it and I trusted him and told him everything. He wanted to come over a watch me get dress up and said ok. I took my time getting dressed and putting on my face partly to see his reactions and partly bc I was getting turned on doing it. I finished my makeup and put on a dress and we drove to the bay parking lot and he took out his cock and started stroking it and looking at me. I didn’t mind. It was a dark and private and nobody else was around so we got out of the car and he started to touch me and started treating me like a girl he just met. Well, actually that was the case. When I am dressed feminine I totally change into a girl. We started making out, his hands were all over me and I loved it. I held his cock for the first time and wanted to suck it but knew I should wait for his direction like most girls do. We got in the car and started talking about sucking cock and how good it would feel and I just went down on him. I sucked his cock for only a few minutes,and I knew he was going to cum so I stopped. I wanted it to last so I waited a few minutes thinking I could keep it hard so I could lick it and suck it for,a,long long time but as soon as I put my lips on it, he came all over my face. By the time we got home he was ready again and followed me into the bathroom and stroked it while he watched me fix my makeup. I put on a slutty face with lined lips and dark eye makeup and kept looking at his cock. I wanted it again too then he told me to take off my dress and get on my knees and open my mouth round. Of course I did what I was told to do and he rubbed his cock all over my face and shoved it in and out of my mouth. He was teasing the hell out of me and I loved it. Finally, I got to suck it again and he lasted longer than before. When he finally came, I held my lips tightly around it and felt his cum squirting on my tongue. He finished cumming, pulled it out and squirted the rest on my fucked up makeup. We sat down on the back porch, me still dressed in lingerie and talked for a while before he left. I told him that as long as he kept my secret, I would dress for him and give him all the sex he wanted. Surprisingly, he did and we had good times until he went off to college.

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    Gay Male / 29

    As a recent graduate accountant I took a job with a major hotel chain and was assigned to one of their resort properties. The controller was a local woman and the other staff accountant was local. It was obvious from the beginning that I was not wanted there. The night auditor, an older Scotsman was the only one that was nice to me.

    I had a room at the hotel as part of my assignment, but there were strict rules about having anything to do with guests. Not knowing anyone and the locals not wanting to have anything to do with me I found myself alone sitting my room and watching local television or walking along the beach front to this small restaurant and ordering the same thing.

    One afternoon I ran into the night auditor. He was at a small restaurant with a friend of his and seeing me alone he invited me to his table. He was off that night and his friend told me that they were going to a party and maybe if I wanted I should come, not go back to the hotel alone. The night auditor was not enthused with the idea but I jumped on it and tagged along. I got in the back seat and we drove to this house. I had never been in the residential part of the island and when we got to the party the night auditor's friend told me he hoped I liked it because I wasn't going back to the hotel until they were ready.

    There were maybe a dozen of people there, no one so young as me, and all locals. All men. Greeting my new friend they complimented him on his new boy toy. The night auditor told me what I knew, this was a gay party and I was on display. If I didn't want to participate to gently say no, but if I did to go for it, I was sure to get laid that night.

    Soon there was porn on the television, all gay porn, mostly young guys sucking and fucking. A man came up to me and asked me which way I swung, he said he got a hard on when I walked in. Wanted to know if I bottomed or topped or both, right then he wanted to top with me. My coworker left me to my own, he didn't help or interfere. I had an arm around me, pulling me down into the sofa in front of the television. He told me not to say no, that was bad manners, after all I was the guest. Turned out he owned the house and ran an offshore fishing boat. His arm was tight around me, the guys on the television were kissing and he asked for a kiss. He leaned on top of me and told me not to say no, remember my manners, he wanted a kiss and wanted me to cooperate.

    He had figured out that I was not where I wanted to be. He told me that everyone had a first time and that night was going to be my first time and my first time was going to be with him. He kissed me, held my face with his free hand and kissed my lips. When I didn't respond to him he got mad and told me to kiss back, I was in his house and I was his guest and I was his for the night. I could see my coworker by the pool with his friend from the restaurant with his arm around him. Some other guys having fun, then one guy fell to his knees and sucked a guy off. The party kicked off and soon there was dancing and men getting naked and getting in the pool and men going off to the rooms, and men kissing and talking and my coworker wasn't anywhere to be seen.

    I got slapped and my host grabbed me hard and told me to get up and he was going to initiate me and I was going to like it. He took me to the master room and took off his shirt and told me to strip down. He was then out of his shorts and he was standing naked with a hard on. He got some lube off the bureau and squirted some onto his hand and started to lubricate his dick. He came up to me and pushed my boxers down and told me to lay back on the bed and open my legs. His fingers lubed me and then he stuck a couple of fingers in me and got on and started to rock on me and insert his dick in me. I got initiated that night and slept with my host, naked.

    I learned to kiss him, he was very oral and loved kissing and have me hold his hand. He gave oral and wanted oral sex and of course he wanted anal sex. I became his toy boy and I became part of the social group. I could lube myself for him and lay back and open up and let him come to me. If I lubed myself then he had me suck him first before he got on. He loved fucking me, both face to face and ass first, usually out in the living room or by the pool. I didn't always have to lube anymore, I could take him without it, lube helped but it felt better without it. We had parties most of the weekends, the same crowd. The only two non locals were myself and the night auditor, but he was mostly local he had been there so long. I learned to like it, to look at other men and wonder what it would be like with them. But I was my host's toy boy, reserved for him. But that didn't mean that he didn't have fun with some of his friends who had been around a long time. When he did I had to wait my turn.

    I am still on the island as Assistant Controller.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I work in insurance, health and life. I have had my own firm since the early nineties. I have a client, life insurance, he owns a company and he had me broker for him the health insurance for the employees. After twenty years of knowing him he invited me to spend the weekend at his lake house. It was just the two of us, we fished and relaxed, watched a movie, he cooked.

    It became an annual thing, go up to his lake house for a long weekend, relax, listen to music, watch some action movies, cook, fish and just let the worries go by. Every year until last year. Last year he asked me if I wanted to go with him to this resort in Mexico. I said sure.

    This place was on the beach, a small place. Men only. Men only. All older men like us except for the staff. We went to our rooms. Naked men in the pool. Naked men at the bar. Naked men kissing at the bar. Naked men kissing in the pool. We went to our rooms, I didn't know what to do. He came and knocked on my door. He was totally naked. He expected me to get naked with him. We went down, he was naked and I was in shorts and shirt.

    At the pool I saw a man sucking off another man. Men with their arms around each other at the bar, kissing, a guy sitting on a stool holding another mans junk. He said hi to a couple of the guys and introduced me, telling them it was my first time. One of the naked guys put his arm around my shoulder and told me that I would get used to it pretty quickly, being a nudist didn't happen just like that.

    We went to the bar and ordered a couple of beers. He put his arm around me and we walked over to a table by the pool. He kept putting his arm around my shoulder telling me I needed to relax.

    We had dinner, except for me and the staff everyone was naked, maybe wearing shoes, but naked. The music got loud and men danced and he asked me to dance. To let my hair down, to get into the rhythm, this was a place for men like us. He grabbed my crotch and said I had to decide. He wanted a kiss, a full on kiss on the mouth. He kissed me. I danced with him. He told me that was my night. After dinner and dancing and watching the hugs and kisses and penis holding, a guy here and there sucking off his friend by the pool we went to our cabanas.

    He told me that it was customary to be friends, friends don't sleep alone. Grabbing me by the crotch he pushed me into the room and sat me down and told me to get a mouth full. He shamed me into getting my pants off and he sucked me so hard it hurt. I had been married early on and my then wife never sucked me. He kissed me and sucked me and got me to suck him and friends were friends and we spent the night. The next day he got me to out naked to the pool with him. It wasn't the easiest thing to do. He held my manhood in his hand and told me to hold his. Show the boys I was getting comfortable. A long kiss by the pool.

    We were there for three nights and by the time we left I had spent two days naked with a bunch of other men, from all walks of life, some Brits and Germans and most Americans. It is a private club where you get naked and meet men or bring your friend and you hang out. Back home after the mini holiday I found out that life was different. I guess I was the girl in the relationship and he got on me and taught me to like it. I like sucking him, and I like kissing and I like being of service. Getting used to being the girl has been harder. But someone has to be the girl, I guess that is me.

    I'm still hoping I am bisexual and not gay. I am thinking of my ex wife and why we drifted apart. It wasn't her, it was me.

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    I got a swimming scholarship to a Lutheran College. Part of the scholarship included room and board in the athlete's dorm. The dorm wasn't that big, but it had its own cafeteria, half of the building was for men and half for women, two to a room with showers and toilets at the end of each hall. Boys and girls did not mix, at least not by accident.

    When I met my roommate, she was on a soccer scholarship, she appeared to me to be the most beautiful girl in the world. She was built like a runner with long legs and small tight breasts and hips and ass. She was toned all over and she wasn't embarrassed to be naked. I swam, so I was also in shape, not as tall and Italian with dark hair and eyes and she was Nordic with blonde hair and blue eyes. I got naked for her. If she was naked I got naked. Our beds were three feet apart. She bent over her bed and gave me a full foot away look at her pussy. She had very light smooth blonde hairs all over her butt. She turned and asked me if I liked what I saw.

    She ate my pussy, she gave me a name and told me what my duties were. I was to be the at home mom and she was going to be the at work mom. She got as much pussy as she wanted and I got as much pussy as she thought I needed. But when I got pussy I better eat because I never knew when I was going to get some more. I made her bed every day and did her laundry and went to all her practices and her games. I helped with her homework, combed her hair, put her make up on. I was a good at being the at home mom, I wanted her to be proud of me.

    I went to college with very little experience but she came to college with lots of experience. She had been the lover of her History teacher for three years before coming to college, and she made sure I understood that when she went home she was going to get together with her teacher. Her teacher ate her pussy, I got some just to keep me quiet. I didn't care, I had never been in love before and she spent a lot of time showing me how much she liked me. Lots of time, and she liked being naked in the room which meant that I was naked in the room and there was always grabbing and kissing and tumbling.

    When we returned from summer break we asked to be roomed together again. She had broken up with her teacher because her teacher had another girlfriend by then. I became her full focus love interest and we fucked so much we both missed class. It took a lot of work to catch up, we decided that we would study in the library because if we studied in the dorm we would end up on the bed. Her pussy was all mine then and I got as much pussy as I wanted. During those years in the dorm we focused on pussy. Her pussy was covered with light blonde hair, which she shaved or I shaved but we never waxed. I had very heavy Italian dark pubes and the only way to get a clean look was to wax, which we tried doing ourselves but ended up using a saloon.

    The day we went over the edge is the day my grandmother died. I was very close to her and she died suddenly from pneumonia, it just all happened in less than a week. I took her home with me to the funeral. I introduced her as my girlfriend, no one was surprised and that is how we came out to my family. For Spring Break we went to her house and she introduced me and again no one was surprised. I guess we had talked about each other so much and we were both pretty obviously girl friendly, neither one of ever had a boyfriend.

    I live with my girl and we both have seven year olds, which we got from an old friend. It is our attempt to replace ourselves. I am the at home mom and she is the at work mom. We continue with our sports, but it more gym and running and less competitive play. We make love a lot, way too much, it seems that is all we do when the kids are in bed. She gets naked and displays herself for me and I lie naked on the bed and display for her. She is everything I dreamed of as a girl.

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    Lesbian Female / 31

    I am still trying to accept that I am a gay woman. I can't just say it's ok, I have two kids and a husband.

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