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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 29

    I never told this to anybody but the day I found out my husband had cheated on me with a woman at his office I was so angry that I went straight to his brother’s apartment with every intention of having sex with him.

    I knew his brother liked me because I had caught him many times looking at my ass. I knew he wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to fuck me and I wasn’t wrong. I just went in there and I told him that his brother had cheated on me, I just said I was so furious that I was capable of doing anything to get back at him

    He got the hint immediately, thats really all I said. He went to kiss me, I kissed him back and he went straight to pull my panties down from under my dress. He grabbed me and fucked me right there on top of his living room sofa.

    I was angry so for anybody who has had angry sex in the past you can imagine it was rough hardcore sex. I liked the sex, Im not going to lie but deep inside I just wanted to get back at my husband and humiliate him by being his brother’s whore.

    We probably had sex for about half and hour. He fucked me in every position you can imagine all over his living room's furniture and I gave him oral sex two or three times in between. Since we didnt use a condom, at the end when I felt his was about to cum, I gave him oral sex one more time and let him cum in my mouth because I remember thinking that the last thing I needed was to get pregnant.

    We didnt say much after he finished. We just laid there catching our breath for a while, we were both naked. I think I sensed that he was feeling bad for having fucked his brother’s wife. I wasn’t feeling bad, I was still angry, I left right after that.

    The funny thing is my husband had found out I knew about his cheating and he did everything you can imagine so I would forgive him. I was prepared to throw it in his face that I had fucked his brother but the way things happened I decided that maybe it was better to keep the secret.

    Things didnt get completely resolved for a while but my husband made many amends and I decided to forgive him because even when he never knew I had done the same thing to him.

    He never found out what I did that afternoon out of anger, and of course his brother kept the secret as well.

    My brother in law and I never did anything again. We briefly spoke about it once and he basically said he understood what I was going through at that moment and then he added that he liked it a lot and smiled. I smiled too, I had sucked this guy's cock and made him orgasm in my mouth, yeah I was pretty sure he liked it a lot! but there was nothing we could do to erase what happened. I thanked him for his discretion and we left it at that.

    I dont think I will ever tell my husband, I dont think there would be a point tell him now but I just wanted to confess I did it, I fucked his brother out of revenge that day... and he said he liked it!... a lot! lol

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I caught up with an old school friend yesterday who I hadn't seen since we left school over a decade ago. We got to talking about times past & were happily reminising only to be interrupted by his 17 year old son.

    Now I'd had a small crush on my friend growing up & seeing his son brought all those memories. His son mentioned my old school nickname 'wedgie king' as I could wedgie anyone no matter what type of underwear, male or female. While his father went to pay he mumbled that I couldn't wedgie him, I boasted if he's wearing pants I could get them up his ass.

    He invited me back to their house on the premise of looking at some old school photos his father had. When he came down to join us his underwear was very visible making it obvious what he was suggesting.

    I did successfully wedgie him that night, I also recieved a special trophy for my success

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    Straight Female / 25

    I came harder than I ever have tonight.
    I call my husband daddy. He is my daddy in all ways but blood.

    He was fucking me into oblivion. My pussy was throbbing because had been eating me out and I was still on the edge, and his cock was rubbing agonist my clit while he stroked. I was screaming DADDY as loud as I could. It just made him fuck me harder. I started imagining myself in my parents house getting fucked like this with my real father in the other room hearing it. Hearing this man twice my age fucking his daughters brains out while she called him daddy at the top of her lungs. The thought sent me over the edge over and over, I couldnt stop.

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    Straight Male / 35

    First let me say i understand if you do not believe this story, if i heard it i wouldn't believe it either so here it goes.

    I work for one of the big 3 i am a UAW member with the protection it affords my supervisor is a cute mid 30s short black woman (who ill call A)who ive always butted heads with, as a matter of fact she tried to get me fired once although i only actually got a couple days off.

    Fast forward to recently and during the course of my job as a quality inspector i identified a flaw in some parts we were running. After taking a picture and texting her the issue she said "its fine run it" i knew it wasnt fine but she wouldn't listen despite my protests. So we ran the parts and as i thought they were bad and couldn't be shipped threatening to shut down some assembly plants. This is a absolute disaster that was squarely on her shoulders. Once the plant manager finds out she signed off she will be fired no doubt in my mind.

    So in a effort to cover her ass she calls me up to her office (we work 3rd shift aka midnights) and starts trying to convince me that she didnt want me to run the parts. After showing her the text messages and her replies she starts to sob and begins with the "i cant lose my job" and "i struggled so bad before and i got bills to pay" and blah blah blah. So she asks me to take the blame knowing that as a uaw member i will only get a few days off, I remind her she tried to have me fired before and basically tell her no fucking way. She really starts crying and starts begging me to please help her out. I say fuck no and get up to leave and she physically grabs me and say "please ill do anything"

    So i sit back down and for some reason my dick starts to get hard and my heart starts beating really fast it must have been he pathetic display that got me turned on so i was like ok fuck it im gonna go for it. I look at her and say ok then "get on your knees" she physically recoiled when i said it and looked at my like i was insane, then she started sputtering about no i cant and harrassment and some other bullshit but i could tell she was seriously considering it and i was seriously turned on watching her melt down.

    So after like 20 seconds i just pull my hard dick out its literally twitching and leaking pre cum i just sit there staring at her. At this point the devil on my shoulder is in full control i look her in the eyes and say "get on your fucking knees and suck my dick or im leaving right now" I could see the defeat and humiliation all over her pretty face and that just made me even harder, she slid out of her chair and got on her knees in front of me. Now shes very short like 5 feet tops with nice breast and she is chubby but very cute i tell her to unbutton he blouse which she does and guided her head onto my dick.

    I really wish the blowjob had lasted longer but seeing my hard dick in this bitches mouth who i hated so much and seeing how absolutely humiliated she was made me blow my load in like 2 minutes i gave her no warning just dumped my first blast into her mouth then pulled out and came the rest on her bra. She spit my cum on the floor and the image of her sitting there on her knees trying to wipe my cum of her bra and shirt and gagging and spitting my load out will stay with me forever.

    I kept my word and took the rap and got a week off but it was all worth it to make that stupid bitch suck my cock.....fuck you A

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    Straight Male / 53

    My mother in law moved in several months ago and has taken over the television in the living room comes in and changes the channel whether you are watching it or not. So I downloaded the spp from my cable provider and I keep changing it to the porn channel when I am at work and gets so mad cause she can't figure out why it keeps changing back to porn..lmao

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My husband is 52 and I am 24. I married him for his money and he's pretty good at sex. I cheated and I got caught, that was a year ago. I could leave with nothing as in the pre-nup or ... I took the or! I do anything he wants sexually, he is very into degrading me and humiliating me naked. I am now tattooed with his name above my pussy "Michel's Pussy" and "Anal Slut" split across my butt cheeks very low so I can't wear a bikini without it showing. I endure more anal sex than vaginal sex now, and he has my pussy stretched so much his hand very easily fits inside me now. Every morning after he has his pleasures, I am lubed and he puts a 1 liter Aquafina water bottle in me. I lay there with it inside me for 30 minutes minimum or until he finishes shaving, showering, dressing etc. Then he yanks it out, throws it on the bed. It is my job to clean it up for the next day and put it on my nightstand with the bottle of lubricant for the next morning. Sometimes he uses it in and out of me during the night for sex. He's used it on me for up to an hour. He says this is my punishment so I'll never be able to satisfy another man.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 21

    I've been lucky enough to score some really hot, beautiful girlfriends, and a few that were just occasional or multi-night fucks. I was heavy at work for several months not really having time to socialize much, and didn't pay enough attention to the very very hot girl I'd been dating and fucking. So she left, but with raises and promotions I didn't mind the work. The sexual dry spell went for several months and I'd had nothing but a one nighter with a pretty decent looking consultant who came into town at work, and of course; my hand. I didn't have too much time, but hit a bar around closing time and was talking to a girl who was 19, pretty but chunky. Not overly fat but chubby. On the good side, even though I've always preferred women who were thin, hardbodied, and quite frankly; small titted, this girl did have big ones. They were EE, and really flabby, and floppy with big dark areolae and 1/2 inch long and thick nipples. It was something different and I got into playing with them. After a couple of dates she just asked if I was ready, asking for what, she said to have sex. So on date #2 I'm fucking this chubby pretty girl with the big titties and a black haired furry bush. Surprisingly the chubby girl had a really tight pussy and she'd fucked a lot.

    Not having too much time, she was quite agreeable to a sporadic time spent on dates and still being there for sex. So I had been fucking her for about 5 months and she's putting on even more weight. By then she'd gone from about 165lbs to 200lbs and was now just plain fat. The sex was still good, she sucked and swallowed, took it up her ass, bareback pussy fucking, literally anything sexual I wanted. She even let me start sticking things into her peehole, which was a first for me. Eventually my finger could get in there and she came like crazy when I'd do that. During fuck sessions she kept saying she loved me and how we were meant to be together and shit like that. I couldn't wait to get rid of her. The thing is the more I treated her like shit the more submissive she became and took, even asked, for more. I couldn't find anything she wouldn't let me indulge in. So I told her she had to loose more weight, and she exercised and dropped back to about 175 or so, but this was not marriage material, this was fuck stuff. I would call her my fuckpig, got one of those buttplug pigtails, and plastic pig noses, she wore them. She'd go everyday with a 3" buttplug in her ass the whole day, I wrote disgusting shit on her in marker (which I found I really like doing - pity to the next girlfriend). Once, before a visit to her OB/GYN I shaved her pussy, and wrote "Cum Hole - 36 cocks and counting" which was her number at the time, in india ink. She was embarrassed as hell, but let me do it all, and kept talking about "our future".

    One time she was in the bathroom and I had to take a shower and leave asap, so I barged in. She was shitting, and stood up immediately covering herself embarrassed. I couldn't believe she'd be embarrassed over anything! She hurried up and flushed the toilet, I asked if she wasn't going to wipe herself and she said she'd wait outside until I was done to do that. So . . . idea implanted. About 2 nights later, we're on the floor for some piggy sex. I've eaten her out, she's cum 4 times, she's sucked me off earlier, and now I'm hard and can last a while. I'm slamming her pussy, I know it hurts her this hard and she's about to cum again. Then I pull out, put my legs on the outside of her fat hips, and move up. Placing my cock between her big tits, she pushes them together but I don't tit fuck her. Instead I hold it there, and just wait. She doesn't know why and keeps asking me if everything is OK. I call her a dirty, sexpig, cumbucket and tell her to shut up. She does and I finally let loose a modest size log on her big fat belly. She freaks out, I hold her shoulders down, move between her legs, then fuck her and shoot my cum up her shaved, notepad pussy. I personally never considered shit play and had to make myself touch it (even if it was my own) and moved it like a marker across her belly and nipples, then broke it in two with one piece under each of her massive tits and pushed them down mashing them under her udders.

    Then I stood up, she was just lying there saying nothing but disgusted as hell. "Why did you do something like that? That's disgusting. What do you think I am anyway?" she was whimpering.
    "You're a fuckpig, cumbucket. I figured we'd not done any shit sex, so I want to start it, that and pee sex too. I'm thinking later before we fuck again we go out to the park across the street and you wear some light jean shorts and piss in your pants out there. Then we can walk home with everyone seeing and I'll fuck you again. Maybe I can work up a bigger shit for then" I said.

    With that I grabbed some toilet paper and handed it to her and told her to wipe me up. That did the trick, she refused something . . . FINALLY. She was standing now with shit all under and on her udders, and she was wiping it off with the toilet paper, I bent over and asked her to wipe me up and she refused. She said she had to shower, I told her I needed it first. When I came out, there was dirty toilet paper in the waste basket and she was gone. I'm guessing she got tired of waiting and went to her parents house and her room with some of the shit still on her tits and belly.

    It's been 4 days and not even a phone call. SUCCESS

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 29

    Right from the day I met my father in law Alan he was abusive towards me. He told me within minutes I was taking his son away from his heritage and their family business, his farm. The truth was his son Alex and I had fallen in love and it was indeed Alex who couldn't stand the thought of having to work his entire life on a farm.
    Long story short bit.

    We eventually got married, yet Alan throughout our relationship had tried to intervene. He even once accused me of having sex with him to his son, just to break us up. What he didn't figure, was I was away in France at the time I was supposed to have fucked him in his machine shop. Another time when I refused to end our relationship, and this was after our engagement, he punched me full in the face. I should have told his son what he'd done, but Alex was going through a tough time with his mother having just passed away.

    We married three years ago and I couldn't have been happier. Alex and I moved to a beautiful village which was easily within commuter distance for the pair of us for work. Alan however didn't attend our small wedding and refused to see us afterwards for months.

    In August of last year, Alan became ill and was taken into hospital. Before he lost his voice he somehow persuaded his son, I'd had an affair with a neighbour of his. I'm still not sure just how he got Alex to believe him, because there was and is no truth in what he said. The fact was our marriage was failing and it was because of Alan's deep hatred of me and his sons refusal to bend to his will.

    A whole month later with Alex and I having worked out once again, I couldn't have had the affair his father so vehemently proclaimed, Alan had only days if not less to live.

    Not wanting to at all, but doing it for my husband, I visited Alan to alleviate his sons concerns as he was in Scotland working. Before I got to visit him, I bumped into a male nurse who had flirted with me previously. I'd not shown him any reason to think he had a chance having sex with me, but when he said Alan had only a very short time left, I had a vengeful thought.

    Entering the room where Alan was, I ushered in the male nurse, told him one of Alan's last wishes was to enjoy watching me have sex, I undressed in front of them and told the male nurse it was his lucky day. Alan by then couldn't talk, but he could move his eyes and they said 'You fucking bitch".

    Opening the trousers of the male nurse, I took out his cock, kneeled down and right there in front of my husband's dad, and sucked his dick. Knowing we didn't have long, once his cock was fully erect, I leaned on the bed inches from Alan so he could see clearly as the nurse entered me from behind. We fucked for a couple of minutes before I slid his cock out of my pussy and then purposely had him slid his dick up my arsehole. The reason I did this, was because one of his lies about me with him, was he'd fucked my arsehole in his machine shop.

    I had two orgasms just a feet or so away from the father in law from hell, and loved watching his face as the nurse fucked me to them. When he came up my backside, I moved around and let Alan see the cum dripping my rear hole. He made a few grunting sounds and I knew then I'd had my revenge.

    Six hours later with his son in the room, he murmured something unintelligible and looked at me with hate in his eyes. Alex his only son said to his father "Even now, you cannot be happy for us".
    An hour later Alan was dead.

    For his passing and his turmoil over something he had no control, I'm not overjoyed about Alan's struggles. Yet without his father around and none of the bullshit flying about, supposedly regarding me, Alex and I are truly back on track and loving our life together. I just wish Alan could have see how happy his son is with me, and also seen how I take care of son in every way. But then I guess at the end, he did.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    For a long time I've been a bully for the LGBD community. I thought they were sick and kept making fun of them. Things changed when I met someone who said he was a sissy. Looked pretty feminine with nice tits, beautiful face and blinde hair. Since he was looking so fuckable I made his life a hell everyday until that one particular day. I told him that he was a sissy because he was a loser with a small cock who could satisfy no one. I was acting arrogant telling him no wonder he was a sissy, he couldn't possibly satisfy woman so he challenged me saying "You don't have a big cock but act like you were the biggest, the truth is, you feel jealous and your small cock likes me" I forced him into the toilet and proudly showed him my 5,2" cock. He laughed before taking his out that was at least 6cm bigger than mine. I was left speechless and humiliated. He said that I was more of a girl than he had ever been down there and he was right. I tried to pull my pants in silence before he pushed me against the wall and forced a kiss. "You were wrong about the reason I became a sissy, I'll show u the real one" he said as he squished me balls. We started to fight, more like wrestle, and he was surprisingly strong and quick. I was left breathless on the ground with his legs around my neck and his cock on my face. He ordered me to suck it and I did as told, intimidated. He came in my mouth then kissed me forcing a passionate situation. He asked how it felt like and I hated to admit that it felt good to follow the lead of a stronger person. It made me horny enough to accept it. Later that night someone knocked at my door. It was him. He came inside and told me that it was time for session two. A part of me didn't want until he forced another kiss forcing me against the wall again, reminding me that I didn't really have a choice. I ate his cum again before we went to the tub... He clean my anus and used soap to lube it. He started to fuck me. My masculinity was being fucked away completely. I gave in and enjoyed. He made me cum and then stroke his cock on my face to make me eat his cum again. We then changed places, I became the man again and fucked him. Since then our relationship got better everyday. He is the dom between us but we like to enjoy both roles. At times we invite female or men to join us so that we can be both subs or doms at the same time. We both have tits, long hair and a very feminine figure(curves and asses). Females are jealous of us... We are going to marry soon. We plan on taking 2 women and 2 Black men on our honeymoon.... Can't wait to get my ass destroyed and my tummy full of cum

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    Straight Male / 41

    I read this site sometimes, never thought I'd have a confession.

    I'm an over the road trucker, mostly the north east US. I was on a run bringing me to a section of North Carolina and was headed down a 2 lane through a very rural area. Almost 9 pm, what looked like tobacco fields on both sides as far as I could see.

    As I was driving along, a beat up minivan passed me, swerved back into my lane and brakechecked me hard. I couldn't stop in time and punted the ass end of the van twice. I threw the 4 ways on and pulled over to the side, a girl in her 20's got out and told me she was calling the sheriff if I didn't pay for the damages right then. That's when I pointed to my dash cam and told her that I had the whole incident on video and I was the one calling 911.

    She started panicking, told me to forget it, but I told her if she left, I would report a hit and run, that my front bumper had damage and my insurance wouldn't cover it. She started begging me to let her go and suddenly I had the idea. I told her if she gave me head, I'd lose the video. She told me I was crazy, so I started dialing and she begged me to stop. We walked around the passenger side of my truck, I leaned against the fuel tank and undid my pants. She looked down the road, saw that we were completely alone and started gently sucking.

    I had a pretty good idea she was just looking for drug money or something and told her she had better try harder. Dirty blond hair, decent body wearing a red tee shirt that was a little tight over her tits and even tighter over her belly. I figured she was knocked up.

    After a minute or two, she said " there!" and stopped, but I told her she needed to finish to get out of this. When she said no, I took out my phone and video'd her on her knees and told her I would delete the video when she was done! She started sucking and giving me a handjob and I knew I wouldn't last long. I told her I'd give her $20 if I could cum in her mouth and she said no!

    When I was ready to shoot, I just grabbed the back of her head and unloaded into her mouth, basically fucking her face. I can't say she spit, because it was more like gag, spit cough and puke at the same time. I pulled away right before she bent over spitting into the grass on the side of the road.

    I told her to stand up and made her watch the video on my phone and then she saw me delete it. I told her I wasn't going to delete the dash cam in case she reported me, that I'd just tell my trucker friends to watch out for her and let her leave. I never asked her name, and I don't care. Next time she'll think before trying to fuck over some guy trying to make a living!

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