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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 38

    Yes, I got what I still consider sweet revenge 6 years ago. It seems my wife of 10 years at that time who supported me in my work and always drove me to do better, get promotions, work overtime or extended hours, and apply myself to business only. A personal relationship could wait so that pretty much meant that sex was not that often. Either no time or I was wore out. She never seemed to mind and always told me that sex just wasn't that important.

    I learned it was all bull shit. She just wanted me away so she could play. That sex thing being not so important, well she was getting it 3 to 4 times a week. The more I was away or busy, the more time she had to play. Just not play with me.

    I learned about her escapades totally by accident. I actually was having lunch at a diner when the two guys next to me started talking about this super sexy lady they had met and how she loved cock, especially two at once. It was some really exotic talk. Then one of the guys mention her name, Jenny. Sure, there are a million Jennys so it didn't really register. Not until they mentioned that she lived on the same street we did. It seemed it was getting narrowed down now but still not putting the dots together. One of the guys eventually mentioned the dangerous looking scorpion tattoo above her pussy. Oh my god. My Jenny has a mean looking scorpion tattoo right above her pussy she got before we ever met. Same street, same tattoo, same name. It has to be.

    I decided to get a bit brave and faced the two guys. Excuse me, I said. I'm sorry but I overheard a bit if your conversation. Would you happen to be talking about that hot Jenny Woman who lives over on Washington St. Yeah, one guy answered. Do you know her. I looked at them and answered, I think so. Brown hair with reddish streaks? Yeah was the immediate answer. I continued, yeah, I know the one. Great lay. For sure, was their reply. I excused myself and said I had to get back to work, which I did.

    My heart breaking and my mind racing. How, why, what about me? I got finished with work and left for home. It was late evening when I got there. All afternoon my mind was racing with thoughts of my wife with other men. How could I have not known? Why is she doing this to me? I decided that I wasn't going to say anything just yet because I just wanted to investigate further to be absolutely sure even though I think I already was.

    My day off is Sunday so early that morning I suggested the 2 if us do some steaks on the grill. We didn't have any steaks or even charcoal inntge house so I suggested she go to the butchers and get some steaks and then the store to pick up the other things we would need. She whined a bit but eventually said OK and headed out. I knew I had at least an hour and a half before she would return. My chance to snoop through her things. I started immediately with her dresser. Plenty of fancy panties I had never seen before but that didn't surprise me. I seldom seen her panties. Another drawer held some treasure fir me. It was loaded with fancy, folded just right, lingere. I had never seen a single one of them before. If we had sex she just removed a pajama and we did it. I moved on to the closet. A few boxes but as U opened them I found one containing wrist and ankle restraints. There was also a blindfold and a ball gag. Some kind if small wheel with sharp points on a handle, a glove with what looked like tacks coming out it's palm, and sone small clams connected to each other by a thin chain. I swear I have never seen a single item before that was in that box. It would seem my wife has a life I know nothing of. Needless to say, I was getting pissed but knew I had to think this through. Ine thing for sure, I was finished with her.

    She arrived home with the steaks and things and I did my best to act normal. I did burn the steaks though. That evening my plan was starting to come into my head. I asked her what she thought about a weekend away. I told her I needed a break and woukd take vacation Friday and Saturday so we could go stay in a hotel for the weekend. She was hesitant at first but finally gave in. I suggested a place and she agreed.

    The next Friday we were headed to our weekend getaway. Arriving late afternoon I checked in and requested a ground floor room facing the street. It was a busy noisy street but that fit right into my plans. Checked in and decided to have dinner at the hotel. That evening we went out and walked through a really fancy mall. Around 10 PM we got back to the hotel. The street was still noisy and busy and I liked that. She hated it and told me to go and change rooms. I pretended to go and after a bit cane back and reported they couldn't change the room. They were full up but if they had a cancelation tye 2nd night they would be happy to change us. She accepted that. We went to bed and I tried to fool around but she was too tired. We went to sleep.

    The second we spent the day out checking out a park and took in some sights. Had a nice lunch and dinner. We returned to the hotel about 7 PM. Once in the room I told her that I would check if anyone canceled. When I returned, I informed her there was none. She didn't like that. I took a shower and she followed me when I finished. She layed down and started watching the TV. I suggested we watch some porn. I had brought along a flash drive with some on it that fits in all the TVs. She seemed interested in that. She was wearing a long pajama top and me my underwear. I slipped in the drive and chose it to play. The movie started and it began with some people sitting around. I got into bed next to her. The group on the screen then started ganging up on the girl and started restraining her with ropes and things. I expected my wife to protest my selection of porn but I was wrong. She just starred at the screen. She was getting into it. I asked her if she ever was tied up. She told me a long time ago before we met. I walked over to my suitcase and started pulling out all the items I found in the box in the closet. He eyes got wide but before she could say I told her that it was great she still gad a desire for it with these things she must have just picked up for us. I told her it is something I had wanted to try with her for a long time. She now knew she didn't need to come up with any excuses and she looked a bit interested.

    I restrained her hands first and used some rope I had fortunantly brought along to secure them straight above her head. I then blindfolded her. I stopped restraing and played with her nipples. I srarted pinching them back and forth. Each time a bit harder. I then just opened and put the clamps on them when there were nice and erect and hard. She asked what for as she tried to move away from the second clamp. She complained they hurt and wanted them off. I ignored her. With the clamps now in place I put the restraints on her ankles. She widened her legs so I could put the ropes so her legs were held open. Too bad, that wasn't my plan. I pulled one leg and tied tye rope to the headboard. She was complaining as I lifted tye second leg up and secured it in place. She niw had her hands above her head out of reach of each other so she couldn't open the restraints and her two legs up over her head too but spread out. She was complaining like crazy about not being comfortable. To change it. I leaned over her face and put the ball gag in her mouth. She was still being noisy so I picked up the panties she had worn and stuffed some of it into any gaps. That reduced the noise. Now, everything was just right and it was time for revenge. I took off my undershorts, went to the window and opened the curtains full. I went back to where my wife was laying there wiggling to get free. I pulled out my camera and took a few shots. Her ass was fully exposed in the air so I got next to it and started rubbing my cock on her ass hole. I think she was protesting but I decided that she was really asking for more. I used my precum as the lube and just pushed to enter her ass. I think she was screaming but maybe not. I finally got it all the way in and let me tell you, even though I have never been in there before, even with no lube it was tight and really warm. I fucked that ass harder than I have ever fucked before. Before long I was shooting my saved up cum deep into her ass. I stayed there until I was soft. Removing it she seemed to calm down. I went to her blindfold and lifted it just a bit where she could just barely see if she looked down and that is just where I wanted her to look. I noticed some of my cum was starting to leak out so took a couple pictures of that.

    I then informed her I knew about all her cheating. She was shaking her head no but I told her I knew and that I even met a couple if her guys. I mentioned all the lingere and I could see a tear or two appear under the blindfold. To late I told her. Now, I am going to make sure you get just what you love. I put on jy clothes and I opened the room door that led to the outside. There were plenty if people on the street. I noticed a group of maybe late teens standing together. I walked up to them and said it's my wife's birthday and she wanted to fullfill a fantasy she had for a long time. I directed them to the window and explained she wanted her pussy and ass filled as many times as possible. Tyey just heeded to make sure they cum on her face down. The guys were immediately interested and went into the room. Within a few minutes they were taking turns fucking her pussy and her sore ass. That was the first five guys. While they were busy I took a few pictures through the window. That action brought a couple of inquisitive guys to the window. Wow, was one comment so I explained the same to them and one of them decided to join in. The other said too many guys around for him. I walked back to the street and found some homeless guys. They got an invitation too and since they probably haven't been with a woman for a long time they were all for the chance. I gave them each 5 dollars for themselves. I added that they coukd clean up afterwards if they wanted but not before. It was pretty easy to tell they had become strangers to soap and water.

    My invitations went on for over 3 hours. Most accepted my offer. One of the later guys came back out by me and told me that she was crying really hard. I let the last 2 guys finish and returned to the room. I closed the door and curtains. Walked over to her and asked if she yad have enough sex for a while. Crying she shook her head yes. I removed her blindfold. I know she was begging to get that gag off but I wasn't ready for that yet. I got up and stood on the bed. I took out my cock and rubbed it to hard. I stroked it until my cum was hitting her face as she watched. I then explained that she just got the last of my cum she would ever get. I gave her permission to fuck all the dicks she wanted now because I would be filling for divorce first thing Monday morning. I shook off my cock, and put it away. I got off the bed, packed my bag, and told her I was going home and would be out before she got home. I took her lipstick from her bag and wrote on the exposed back of her legs, help yourself with arrows pointing to her holes. I left 50 dollars in her bag and told her it was for bus fair. I figured she already had plenty of cash to get back home but I still left it.

    I said good by and left. I figure that by the time the housekeepers check on her she will probably be laying in a puddle of her own piss and the cum that runs off her. All I was wanting is revenge for all her missdeeds against our marriage and making me suffer with being overworked just to give her time for her adventures.

    She made it home by early evening. I was already gone and had found a small apartment near my work. Monday I filed for divorce and when she threatened to take me for everything, I 8ffered the house and nothing else. I sent to her email the pictures I had taken if over 30 guys doing her. She said it was illegal to blackmail her but I told her to just report it. Her pictures with full name and address would still exist all over the internet. She settled for the house. I settled for having a life.

    I got my sweet revenge and have never regretted any of it.

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    Straight Male / 27

    My wife Lynn, was a virgin when we met at the age of 18, She had been touch by a guy but never penetrated, After 7 years of marriage I had an affair that she found out about. Her "revenge" was that I had to arrange for her to have a wild night of sex.
    I approached my cousin's wife asking for her help,knowing that she had several "male friends". She was very willing to help have Lynn screwed. They had actually gone out previously together I found out hoping to hook-up at a hotel bar in Annapolis MD.
    She suggested a guy named Cory, saying he was very large and had great stamina. I talked with Cory on the phone, telling him what Lynn wanted. He asked if anything was off limits and I said only that he not cum in her thinking Lynn would be her usual conservative self. A date was arranged for the following weekend. Lynn was eager and I remember how she spent an hour soaking in the tub getting ready. When she left in our van, she looked wonderful, not slutty looking but a 28 year old female going on a date. I really thought she'd back out.
    The arrangement was she would go meet him, bring him back and park in our driveway where it was safe and concealed. I would be listening and watch from a window, in case thinks went further then Lynn wanted .
    I was worried after almost 2 hours she hadn't come back, thinking that was a sign of her backing out and just riding around. Then I saw the van approach our house.
    It wasn't long before I could hear the sounds of him pounding her. She kept yelling for him to do her harder, I could hear her cum time after time. About 20 minutes into this I heard her say she had to use the bathroom. She came to where I was, her face and arms were bright red. She asked if I saw them and was disappointed when I said no, only the sounds. She informed me they had done it twice before they came back! I had to leave to go to my job working the grave yard shift. All night long its all I thought about. The next morning she told me they did it 8 times that night, in every hole.
    I was shocked since she never allowed me to do this.
    I thought it was over. A week later she informed me she had made another date with him. I begged her not to go. She promised she'd go tell him it was off and come right back.
    After an hour passed I knew she had lied. I knew where she was meeting him and went to the area. Sure enough our van was there, but they took his. I left a note calling her a whore.
    The next morning she came home looking like shit. Her clothing was wrinkled and dirty. She had cum stains on her skirt and blouse and dried on her cheek.
    She said again he used her completely in ever hole, but this time he came in her! Mouth, ass and vagina........all filled. I asked her how she could do that, not being on the pill and bareback. She replied that was what she wanted.
    She informed me he took her to a friends house, an African American guy and had sex several times on his bed. I asked if the friend joined in, she said no, he only watched. I don't believe her. I told her no more, she had her revenge. She promised no more. 3 months later she had to have an abortion. And to this day I believe she fucked him for years. She had changed into someone i don't know. She let him have her in ways she denied me.

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    Straight Male / 52

    well I wanna cheat on my wife she did it to me awile with her ex now she wont fuck or really involve herself with me its like she don't wanna be botherd so what goes around comes around and its not the first time she cheated

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    Straight Female / 29

    Right now I'm waiting for my husband to come home from work. I've taken naked pictures of myself and sent them to him, making him horny for my pussy and ass. One of his favorite things to do, in fact something he always adores doing with me, is licking out my pussy and ass before he fucks me. Only twenty minutes ago I had a twenty year old guy empty his balls all over my pussy and ass, after fucking me most of the past two hours. He's not the only one this past month either who I've invited round for sex. This after I found out my husband cheated on me the night before we married. When he gets home I'm going to sit on his face and have him lick me out, tasting and swallowing down whatever cum is still left on my sex. He's commented lately on just how much he loves the taste of my new body cream. When in reality it's been three different mens cum he's cleaned off his wifes pussy and ass.
    I simply cannot wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Found out in October of last year, my wife had cheated on me twice with an ex boyfriend of hers. Pissed off and hurt, I tried to speak to her father about her past relationship, hoping to find out where the guy lived. His response was to say "You've found out haven't you". He'd known all about it, but had said nothing. Whether he was feeling guilty, or he'd figured me out (I'd once fucked an older guy when I was fifteen), he then asked me if I'd like to take out my anger, my frustration on his arsehole. Most of that afternoon and into the early evening I had my father in law either sucking on my cock, or I was fucking him. In total I fucked him three times, cumming each time up his ex army tight fifty one year old arse.

    Back at home I waited until my wife got home from her gym class, told her I was horny for a blow job and made her suck on my cock in the kitchen. Not once thinking I'd become erect and cum, I did know I'd not cleaned my cock off since fucking her father's arsehole bareback. She sucked and licked away on my dick for ages, then without thinking I could with my dick throbbing, I came in her mouth. It wasn't much, but it was enough for her to pull back and tell me she'd loved sucking on my dick, this after she'd swallowed what little I'd produced.
    Not one week has gone by since then, that I haven't fucked her dads arsehole. And every single time I've saved his anal juices on my cock for her to enjoy as she blows me off. Just the other day, only half an hour after fucking her dad in his home, I fucked my wife's arsehole in exactly the same position over the arm of our sofa.
    Now I couldn't give a flying fuck about her fucking her ex. In fact if I knew he would let me, I'd fuck him too.

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    Straight Female / 29

    In the tenth grade my social studies teacher saw me scribbling at my desk and took the paper and held it up. I was writing the name of this boy and writing Mrs. (his last name). She shamed me in class and broke my crush.

    Years later I am sitting in an airport flying back to college and here comes that social studies teacher. She doesn't recognize me but I recognize her and I go up to her and call her out for what she is, out loud in the waiting area, I tell everyone there that she is a 'hard up' bully and treats kids bad in her class.

    I felt good that day, I had gotten even with her.

    But today I feel bad, it was perhaps the most immature thing I ever did. My apology remains unanswered.

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    Straight Male / 29

    A supposed best friend when I was seventeen, persuaded my then girlfriend to sleep with him. He fucked her and filmed some of it on his phone, showing everyone he knew. She said it was a huge mistake and she'd been drinking heavily with him. We finished, and I was really hurt by it all. Not only by her cheating on me, but also my friend using my girlfriend and belittling me by filming himself fucking her. I was the last to see it months later on another guys phone, and it left a real bad memory in my mind.

    Two months back, I met a stunning looking woman at a concert. She told me her husband was supposed to with her, but he'd gone out drinking with his friends instead. Long story short, we ended up in a motel room, leaving the concert early, having some of the best sex I'd ever had. I knew she was mad at her husband for being a dickhead, but when I was fucking her, I must admit I already knew who she was. We didn't leave that motel room for over two hours, and in those two hours she had me fucking all her holes.

    We met again three days later at the same motel, and that time, asking her if I could, I filmed myself fucking her pussy and ass. She went crazy for my cock, telling me her husband had a big cock, but through years of heavy drinking, could no longer get a hard on. Again the sex was extremely sordid and I even licked out my own cum from her pussy and fed it to her as we kissed. Once we were done, exhausted and lay on the bed, I decided to tell her everything. It was then she shocked me by saying "I know who you are, that's why I sat next to you at the concert".

    I'm still having sex with my ex best friends wife. She tells me she's ready to leave him. I've destroyed the video I made of us fucking. Now all I have to do is arrange when she's moving in with me.

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    Straight Male / 26

    Five months back, I had an amazing nights sex with a woman who just wanted to try everything sexual you can think of. She told me her husbands cock was so small, it always failed to get her off and she really wanted to experience having sex with a well endowed guy. When she left my place the following morning, I'd fucked her mouth, pussy and arsehole over and over again. She'd orgasmed countless times and I'd cum inside of her holes four times. Even just before the taxi came to pick her up, I had her sucking on my cock, balls and licking my arsehole.

    Sat that afternoon wondering if she'd text me as she said she would, she turned up on my doorstep, saying her husband was going to be away working one more night. We sucked, tongued and fucked until we both fell asleep totally drained. What woke us up as it was nearing ten at night, was her husband ringing her. But as I awoke, my cock had risen again and I had a stiffy. As she answered, I slid my cock up her from behind. Slowly and as quietly as I could, I fucked her as she explained she was staying over at one of her friends. When she put her phone down, and just before it went blank, I saw a picture up on the screen and it was the picture of a man who'd beaten me up when I was a kid.

    His name is Rick, he's a fucking bully and from what I'd heard of him since he'd battered me, he'd also beaten women up too. I didn't say anything right away, but carried on fucking his wife. In a way seeing his face made me a little angry and to some degree I took it out on her pussy and arsehole. Fucking her extremely hard, she later told me it was some of, if not the best sex she'd ever had.

    Showered dressed and waiting to drop her off the next morning, I told her about my past with her husband. She didn't believe me at first, not until I then told her about him battering one of his ex girlfriends and then another woman outside of a pub. She winced when I said what I did and then confessed he'd hit her more than once. She stayed longer that morning and we had sex again, only it was far more involved and more loving. In fact we made love and she cried afterwards. Not from any guilt or remorse, but from the way we'd made each other feel emotionally.

    The outcome has been K will soon be leaving her husband and moving in with me. He knows nothing about us, as yet, as we've continued to see each other. K's wife beating husband is eleven years older than her, and she's two years older than me. I just wish I'd have met her earlier in my life and then she wouldn't have had to deal with his childish rages.

    And by the way, if you think he'd beat me up again, you'd be be very wrong. I'm no longer that fourteen year old skinny kid he battered. These days it would be Rick who'd be taken to hospital.

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    Straight Male / 22

    A Hispanic girl in a purple shirt with black stripes horizontally and black hair in a ponytail is being extremly rude and prejudice towards people at a college. Fuck that asshole.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 29

    I got even with my wife. We were married 10 years last October & I'd always stayed faithful. Through all her BS of drugs, nagging & not letting me get sex when she was pregnant. I worked all the time supporting her, our two kids & her gay brother who always had some financial problem. Her baby bro was always the one who got everything from her parents & us. I spent more money on him just for my wife. We had 10k in savings while everyone else had lots of money. I had to bail him out of a DUI which cost 5k. He was 22 last year still living at home. Like my wife, I was always okay with gay but she was so protective even of his boyfriends around him to make sure he was the so called top which he was. She would have had a fit if his boyfriend had busted his virginity in the ass.

    I suspected my wife was cheating on me & using other excuses for no sex. I found out she sure was while pregnant with our last child. That blew my mind to know another man had his dick in her while she was pregnant with my kid. I didn't tell her I knew. I found out they broke up so I thought maybe I'll just let it go as a one time affair. Then, she went for a dude I work with on a construction site. I'm the boss as in the one of the builders. He does ironwork. He's two years younger than I am. I could tell he has a big dick from how his jeans always look. Mine is pretty big but I'm sure his is bigger. I found out he was ramming that dick in my wife. I was going to get even. I'd known a long time her brother had the hots for me. I'd often drop stuff off for him on my way home like all his energy drinks. His parents were out of Town for two weeks so he was totally alone. My wife knew I'd be there five minutes then come home but that time I stayed talking to him. She was texting & I ignored the texts. I got him distracted & turned his phone off. I knew she was texting him too. I asked him if he had any fav porn since I was curious about what two guys really do. As if I don't know what they do. I'd never done it with a guy but I knew what went on. He showed me some porn & I just let my dick get rock hard in my pants in front of him. He finally gave in & reached for it to rub it. He figured he was going to get to do a BJ on me in secret. He did suck on it some but I asked where his fap lube was & had him put it on my dick. We were both totally naked & I got my dick up his ass. I had it timed perfectly. About an hour had gone by since I was there & my wife had come over. She has a key. I had him moaning like a woman when I heard her at his bedroom door then I started moaning about his virgin ass my dick was busting lol when she came in on us. I blew my load up his ass while she screamed. They were both screaming for different reasons. I was just moaning as my load was busting. His gay ass isn't virgin anymore & my wife thinks I might be gay. Let her think that. I don't care. That's how you get even with your wife.

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