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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 31

    It was just a few months after my 15th birthday when we married; my husband was older than me and had reached the ripe old age of 31. I agreed to marry him to get away from home and out on my own. I just didnât realize the mistake I was making at the time.

    Joe had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The girls did not get along and rarely had anything to do with each other. On the other hand, the boys often got together and when they did the redneck really flowed out. They were the most obnoxious vulgar people I had ever met.

    After almost a year of marriage, my husbandâs dad moved in with us. He was widowed and over 72 and on social security. He was really an odd type, even to look at. He always wore overalls and a little small derby type hat. Then add his thick horn rim glass with oversize lenses which all but covered most of his face, he cast a weird image.

    Now my husband was mean. He said âKeepâem well fucked and you wonât have trouble out of a womanâ. He also had a sadistic side to him and every other night like clockwork he would show it. Bedtime came the first thing he would do was pull my panties down and go after it. He didnât care about foreplay or anything else, he just wanted to get it in and get off and most of the time he did too.

    There was no need to say no, he did not know the word. Joe was well endowed and he thought what he had every woman wanted. He was almost a thick as a coke can and about 10 inches in length. He would grip and shake it then aim it at me saying âItâs coming for you babe!â

    He would snake my panties off then top me like a bull. He would push the head of it down and literally force it in. I would hold my breath and bare it despite the pain. I did not want him to think I was enjoying what he was doing; I was not. Then after he would cum, I would act as though I was having a climax so he would not question me about enjoying sex.

    Donât get me wrong. I love sex and I like it tender and easy. When he shot his load per se, he would take his fingernails, dig them deep into my back, and claw me. My back was always a pile of serious scratches. Sometimes during the sex, he would moan and whisper trashy things and call me a fucking slut and bitch.

    The old man stood right at 6â 4â and was thin as a rail. He rather looked like that banjo picker on television named string bean. One weekend all Joeâs brothers came. They brought the wives also and those girls were just about as vulgar as their husbands were. Now a womanâs mouth can be quite filthy. Still with their limited lingo of cock and balls, they added quite a mixture to the conversation.

    While I cooked, everyone sat around the kitchen table. Somehow, the conversation got to sex. Then I heard the dad brought into the conversation. He never said a word, just sat there staring at the floor, with a beer in hand. He looked so humiliated when one of the girls popped off about him not getting âpussyâ, that if he could he was too old to handle it anymore.

    Joe laughed as he said âPop hasnât had any pussy since pussy had him!â That brought a riotous roar from everybody. I pretended to be too busy to join in and moved about the kitchen getting things ready for the meal. I felt sorry for him; the old man always was the topic of their laughter and his humiliation seemed to be a game they played.

    There were times I could not help but notice under his overalls the image of his equipment. That was often and I admit I stole more than one look. Finally, one day the old man saw me looking. I was so embarrassed and quickly looked away. After several times of his sons along with their wives taunting the old man about not getting pussy or even being able to I seriously thought of fucking the old man. As quickly as the thought entered my mind, I pushed it out. Still, there were a number of times I really thought about giving him some.

    One day after my husband left for work, I finished the morning dishes while the old man had taken a shower. After awhile, all was quiet and not thinking I started to go to the bathroom. I had forgotten he had been in there and when I open the door, there he was. He had one foot in his overalls and the rest of him was nude.

    His penis just hung there, not straight down but sort of protruding out and hanging. I gasped and shut the door while apologizing. He was every bit as large as my husbandâs so I guess I now knew where Joe had inherited his manhood. When he finally dressed and came out of the bathroom the impression of his semi-erect penis was clearly visible beneath his denim overalls. I kept stealing glances at it every chance I got, but acted as if I hadnât noticed it.

    The bathroom was off the side of the hall to the main bedroom To the left was a linen closet with a full length mirror. That house was not functional at all and whoever designed it I guess had built it as a one bedroom, then later added a room off the kitchen as another bedroom.

    You entered the living room and straight in front of you was the kitchen with a wall divided that separated the two rooms. That divider was only about 4 foot tall with white posts situated equally several places along it extending to the ceiling. The kitchen was almost twice as big as the living room.

    There at the entrance to the kitchen and to the left was the hallway to our bedroom and the bathroom. Nothing was quite spectacular about our bedroom except for the pain inflicted there.
    Our dresser was against the wall and in the corner. From the edge of the bed, you could look into the mirror and see the front door behind the recliner. I moved one edge out a little further so more of the bedroom was visible.

    I used to shower and deliberately give the old man brief glances of my body. I would like drop a towel accidentally coming out of the bathroom after bathing and pretend to be embarrassed I was so clumsy.

    Several times after showering would come out of the bathroom with only a towel covering my front and walk quickly down the hall to our room. There, I stood nude in the bedroom and dressed just inside the edge of the mirror so he could get a glimpse, and several times I caught him looking and the look on his face could not hide the lust in his eye.

    From the corner of my eye, I could see him watching me from the other room. I brushed my wet hair before I dressed then took the hairbrush and brushed that thick triangular patch of pubic hair paying close attention to making it curl with my fingers. Then I would slip into my bikini panties and dress for the day. I like to think I gave him quite a show.

    One morning I went to work with Joe. He ran a garage. While I was in the office, he came in to call the parts house. After he got off the phone, he told me to go in town and pick up the part he just ordered. He told me what it was called and I left.

    When I got back, I carried the box in, unopened and gave it to him. When he opened it, he flew into a rage, slapped me, called me a âfucking bitchâ then added âyou canât do a fucking thing rightâ¦get your ass to the house!â

    I was shocked. The slap stunned me but the name-calling I was already use to. However, he made no qualms about his name-calling no matter who was around. He seemed to regale in it. About a month before his brother came over to carry me to town. It was on that trip his brother told me Joe was screwing some girl on the other side of town. I was pissed so before we got home, his brother and I fucked behind the spillway at the lake. His brother was well endowed too, but not nearly as big and it didnât hurt at all.

    I took the car and drove home, tears flowing and still seething in anger I walked in. His dad was sitting in the recliner. When I slammed the door, he glanced back, saw the tears, got up and asked what happened. I told him.

    The old man said âTurn off the television and put the radio on. Music has a way of soothing you.â He was right. I always found relief in the radio. It always seemed to raise my spirits and ease my troubles, especially if they were playing some good records.

    After about 10 minutes, a song came on and it really made me feel like dancing. However, there was no one to dance with. The old man couldnât rock and roll so I danced by myself. I just let the music take me away. Finally, one song came on. It was slow, really slow and the old man got up and said âI think I can do that one.â

    So I eased into him and he pulled me tight against his chest. We started off slow then in a bit a little more movement and I felt a leg go between mine. In a bit I felt his leg against my pubis while we swayed. I began to get a warm funny feeling between my legs.

    Then I felt something unfamiliar, something hard against my hip. When I moved I felt it again. I thought âhe has a hard-onâ. Instead of stopping the dance and pulling away I teased him each time it touched me by rubbing my pubis against his leg, while my panties became saturated, a desire to feel consumed by what was touching my hip and my body was responding and my groin ached and yearned to be filled.

    The song ended moments later. Had it lasted just a few more seconds I would have cummed. My heart beat rapidly, along with my breath. The old man stepped back and I could see the legging of his overalls had an immense protrusion pushing out under it. There was absolutely no mistake in what it was. The old man reached out, took my hand and said âCome on.â I knew exactly what he was fixing to do.

    I followed him out of the living room, through the kitchen and into the back bedroom. A dresser and mirror was on the other side of the bed. I just stood there not moving, not doing anything just watching him as he leaned forward and unbuttoned his fly. Then his hand disappeared into it and with a slight twist of his hips, he brought out his penis.

    I gasped at the sight of it then he said âWeâre going to have to hurry.â He reached for my head and pulled my face down and toward it. My lips parted as the massive head of his penis came closer and into my mouth. I had trouble getting just the head of it in and could only take about three inches yet my tongue darted around and probed it as I bobbed up and down on it.

    Finally he pulled me up and off his penis. âgotta get this doneâ he said. He was right, we would have to hurry. I unfastened my slacks and pushed them along with my panties all the way to the floor. Then I stepped out of one leg as I turned to lay back of the bed.

    Placing my hands on the edge mattress, I scooted further upon it. He held his penis in the middle as he eased between my legs. I brought them up as I opened my thighs, my eyes still fixated on his erection.

    He placed his left hand on my knee and pushed it to the side as I watched him push the head of his cock down toward my pubic hair. I felt its hot tip as it touched my click and eased it farther down. With several motions, he swirled it from my vagina to my clit and back down. He must have done this several times before finally stopping at my vagina. I was soaked and It made me ache with desire.

    I tensed up as I felt pressure against it, fully expecting pain like I always did with Joe. Instead, he swirled the head of his cock against my vagina with light pressure. There was just a small slight delicious discomfort as he slipped into me. To my shock or disbelief he continued on until I was fully impaled. I just groaned from the delightful pleasure of being so full. I had never been able to take all of Joeâs but here he was all the way in. It felt so glorious to be so full.

    The old man then hooked his arms beneath my knees, grasped my hips and tugged me slightly closer to the edge of the bed. Then he began a short hard thrust. He didnât pull out any, just pushed his pubic bone harder again my bottom. He waited a few seconds and did it again then repeated it over and over.

    I felt it with the first thrust; that something that tells you something good is on its way. After about a dozen or so thrust, I wanted more and anytime, any moment I was going to cum. I did and with the intensity I had never known. I stiffened under him and bit my tongue to keep from screaming. My vagina contracted hard and I could feel every inch of what he put in me, every muscle, every wrinkle as he continued with his short hard thrust.

    Finally he stopped and for a moment thought he had cummed. But he hadnât. He slipped out of me, and pulled me from the bed and said âturn around and lay down.â I did exactly as he said and laid face down on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor.

    He moved behind me and I watched him in the dresser mirror lower himself, felt his hard erection move between my legs and when he raised up, he slipped right back in. I was fully impaled by this wonderful tool he so expertly used. He griped my hips and asked âyou ready?â

    âYesâ I answered. He grasped my hips and began a rhythm but this time he extracted almost all the way out before slamming it back in. He increased the speed, going hard until eventually my feet were barely touched the floor. Once again I had a series of orgasms, one right after the other and having to bite my tongue to remain quiet. Several times he hit my cervix and this brought brief pain but only momentarily as the pleasure I was having far exceed it. I glanced several times at the mirror only to see him watching himself fuck me.

    Finally he stopped and extracted himself. I was soaked and wet all the way down to both my knees. He turned me over again. I scooted up on the edge of the mattress as he moved back between my thighs. His erection glistened from my juices and I watched it disappear once more beneath my pubic hair and slip easily back in me.

    Then he started again but this time it wasnât slow. Long hard fast strokes followed put me back into another orgasm. He pounded into me while the bed rocked beneath us. Then suddenly I felt him go rigid right in the middle of another of my climaxes. His penis seemed to jump inside me then I felt series after series of hard hot spurt inside me. I knew he had cummed. I rolled and twisted my hips on him, locked my legs behind him and with my legs pulled myself onto him as he groaned and gripped me harder. Believe this or not, I wasnât trying to give him a memorable fuck, I was trying to keep that feeling going I was having.

    When he finally finished he stayed in me for a minute or so, I felt that huge monster in me slowly grow smaller then he moved away. I raised up from the mattress, already trying to get my leg back in my panties and slacks. His penis hung away from his body and drops of cum continued to drip from its tip onto the floor. He gripped it in the middle and after two or three times flips of it, he eased it back into his overalls.

    I followed him out of the room and he proceeded to his recliner. I slipped into the bathroom to clean myself up. I hadnât been on the toilet long and semen still dripped from my vagina when my husband walked in the front door. I didnât rush to clean up or hide anything. I just thought you sure could learn something from your daddy.

    I fully intended to fuck the old man again at our first opportunity. Sadly it never materialized as I left my husband about two weeks later.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Let me preface my story for understanding.
    My wife, Ally, and I work together.
    We have for 15 years, that's how we met, we've been married almost 12.
    It is a large office, we are both executives in different departments.

    There is a guy, Henry that is a partner in my wife's department, he has been there 5 or 6 years and has hit on Ally since he started.

    Henry has never been very friendly towards me even though I've tried to shrug off his incessant flirting with my wife. As a matter of fact, he has always been just plain rude.

    One night when a bunch of coworkers got together and went out for drinks Henry even went as far as to ask Ally right in front of me, "Does the carpet match the dr**es?", referring to her red hair.
    I know Ally always enjoyed the attention, she joked and said in return, "Don't you know carpet isn't in style anymore."

    Well that was the last straw. Ally and I had a little argument that night. She assured me that she had always been faithful and was only joking. I knew it was true, Ally and I rarely ever spend any free time apart. None the less, I told her I wanted her to stay away from him outside of work.

    Recently we all went out again. Ally had a touch of the flu so called it a night, while I stayed out.
    We all had a little too much to drink.
    There was this crazy temp, Becca, from Ally's department. She was a lot of fun, but went overboard that night. She made a comment to me that I must be a boob man, judging by my wife, then flashed me right there in the lounge.
    A little while later, Becca plopped right down in my lap and kissed me, we were lip locked for a good minute.
    I had never fooled around on Ally, I felt guilty and akward, so I excused myself and went home.

    A week later, I had a late meeting. As I was about to go in to the meeting, Ally told me, Becca had quit that day because her husband told her to.
    I asked why and Ally told me, "I think you know."
    I wanted to explain, but I was pulled in to the meeting.
    I said , "We'll talk when I get home."
    Ally said, "No, I'm going out with Henry tonight.", then walked away.
    I couldn't say anything because I was with my boss and a client.

    When I got out of the meeting, I had two texts.

    1. There are leftovers in the fridge, don't wait up.

    2. BTW, I hope it was worth it.

    I tried to call Ally, but the phone went straight to voicemail. I tried texting her, but there was no answer. I even used the Find my friends app, but her phone must have been shut off.
    I waited all night for her.
    I couldn't sleep.
    Finally around 8am, (it was Saturday), Ally strolled in, with her make up s mess clothes a mess.

    "I've been up all night", I said.

    "Me too!", Ally said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

    "I was worried about you, didn't you get my texts?"

    "Oh you shouldn't have been worried, I told you where I was." Ally said calmly and still smiling.

    "You went out with Henry??!"

    "No, we didn't go out. We went right to his house. I was perfectly safe, we had a great time and unlike you, I got laid last night.", Ally said as she marched in to the bathroom taking her clothes off.

    My stomach dropped to the floor, I was jealous, upset and strangely horny. I was pissed that of all people, Ally let that prick Henry fuck her.
    He had been trying to fuck my wife since day one and it finally happened.

    I walked in the bathroom behind Ally, she turned around fully nude. She was waiting for the shower to heat up.

    Ally looked at me and said , Henry told her that her tits were better than Becca's.
    (I didn't realize that Henry had seen what happened that night.)
    Ally went on to explain to me that Becca came to her in tears and told her I had taken advantage of how drunk she was and it caused problems in her marriage.
    I tried to explain, that's not what happened, but apparently Henry had seen Becca flash me and kiss me as well as another coworker Sarah.

    Ally told me that she doesn't care what happened, but she was angry that I would tell her to stay away from someone and then I go and kiss a coworker. She said, there is no way I could know how humiliated she feels, then she added, I guess maybe you can.

    I asked her, so you slept with that asshole Henry, just to get back at me?

    Ally responded, Not everything is about you, I had sex with Henry because I wanted to, I have for a long time. I didn't have sex with Henry because of you, but you took away my reason not to. Oh and he's not an asshole at all, he's actually quite gentle, well not always gentle, but he took care to make sure I was enjoying myself as much as he was.

    I looked at my nude wife, at the neatly trimmed red patch between her legs. It ran through my mind, he knows now that the carpet matches.
    Ally had a bruise on her pelvic bone shaped like a thumb.
    What was clearl a hickey on the edge of her aereola.
    I became strangely aroused again and at the same time disgusted because I
    can't stand Henry.

    I blurted out, why couldn't you have fucked anyone else?! As Ally climbed in to the shower.

    Ally said, because I wanted to fuck Henry.
    I'm sorry if that doesn't play in to your cuckold fantasy, but again, this is about me and not you.
    Look at it this way, maybe you'll get lucky and Henry will quit like Becca did, although I doubt it, he doesn't have a wife that will be upset.

    As she climbed in to the shower, I asked Ally, What now, to which she replied, That's up to you.
    Ally said, you can let it go or I will go. I'm not playing tit for tat with you, I don't regret what happened and wouldn't mind spending more time with Henry, I don't love him though, I'm in love with and I am married to you, for better or for
    worse. I hope you can get past it.

    I agreed to let it go.
    That's easier said than done though.
    I find myself at work, wondering if any of my coworkers know, they must.
    Henry now finds any excuse to touch Ally, I see them around the office, he puts his hand on her back when they go through a door, he touches her arm every time they talk.
    He completely ignores me, but has begun calling Ally , 'Red', whenever they are in war shot. I know that's his way of rubbing it in my face, that My wife let him fuck her.
    Ally says I'm over reacting and he has been very mature about it all.

    I know she isn't cheating anymore, we're always together, but Ally has made no qualms about letting me know, that she feels like I make everything about me and if I want her, she isn't having it anymore.

    The truth is, I'm not mad at her for having an affair, I just don't know how to let her know, how much I can't stand him. Ally is done though, she won't even talk about it anymore.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 32

    About a week ago I shared a story about a coworker calling me up in the middle of the night after a fight with her boyfriend and ended up blowing me in her car while she finger blasted herself to orgasm. Well, due to poor timing and an even poorer grab at my phone when a text came in, my fiancee Aimee found out and now we're done. She moved out, even had her dad come down and help pack her up. I really thought I might die - ever been around someone for four hours of angry silence that seems to intensify every thirty minutes? Yep, that was my experience, culminating in the last thing she said to me in the house, "I'm keeping the ring." Great, still paying on that. I'm less angry at most of this, mostly heartbroken and wishing I'd never met Chloe (girl at work). But I let her blow me, didn't stop her, completely enjoyed it and did nothing to block further advances and texts. She and her boyfriend split up over it, ultimately, though she cited the fact that he wasn't interested in marrying her. Nothing physical happened, just a lot of innuendo and conversations about what it would be like to be together. So I've been drinking a lot lately and playing a lot of Battlefield 1. Fuck it.

    Flash forward to last Friday. I've been pretty cold toward Chloe since Aimee left, even downright rude to her on several occasions. Our supervisor pulled me aside after our morning meeting and said I needed to knock it off, has no idea what has happened between us. I got a text from Aimee asking me to meet her outside our office, that she had something to return to me. This can't end well. Sure enough, Aimee has nothing to return at all and proceeds to berate me on the sidewalk in front of where I work. She starts off saying she needs closure, and that turns into shouting, crying, and at one point she just grabs me and kind of claws at me while messing up my shirt. At that exact moment, who comes out of the building but Chloe and our supervisor, getting ready to leave for lunch. How can this scene be any worse for my masculinity? My supervisor (also female, though a bit older) asks if everything is okay and Chloe of all people steps in between us and says, forcefully, "Aimee, you need to leave."

    Time stops. I'm flat-out convinced we're all dead. The look on Aimee's face, contorted like some kind of dying demon in a video game, then the clomp of heels on the sidewalk as she storms off. Wow. Chloe, bad hair, too skinny, ugly crying Chloe just saved my ass from whatever in the hell that was. My fucking hero. She invited me to lunch and the two of them tried to cheer me up.

    Things have taken a weird turn that night and over the weekend. I met up with Chloe at her request, we had some drinks, and ended up fucking each other senseless at her sister's place (where she's been staying since separating from her guy). And it's actually been fun since. She used to annoy me so much, I kind of thought of her as the unwanted little sister. Now she's my personal fucking post, and she's been doing crazy stuff like making me shout "Aimee's a fucking c**twhore" while nailing her. She wrote on my chest with lipstick "Chloe's cock," with an arrow that landed on my shaft. Last night we burned pictures of Aimee in the firepit she and I built out back behind the house, then went inside for another round on my couch that started with a lapdance and ended with her in nothing but her panties pulled aside getting her pussy absolutely filled with my cum. I was trying to not creampie her but when a woman shouts "your cock is mine" while wiggling sideways and barking like a small dog and digging her nails into your thighs, something's gotta happen. I've never had a girl so into me like this before. It's unnerving.

    As I'm writing this, she sent me a picture of her humping her pillow, naked save for some knee high Fallout 4 socks she's wearing. She's got that bad haircut all splayed over her face, head cocked to one side, mouth open, free hand covering her small tits. Caption reads "Can't sleep, this smells like you so I'm fucking it. Get over here and give me cum." I'll see you guys later.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45


    It was the summer of 2014 and my life seemed to be at it's best , I was 45 and was a small business owner and things were going great . My wife and I were very happy and had 2 children a 13 year old boy Mark and 10 year old Alexis . They are all my life and I'm proud at how much my kids love me . My wife Lisa and I decided to invest in summer pleasures by buying a motorhome so we could travel and go camping . So we looked and looked till we found the 1 we both liked but wow it was expensive ! It was a 2012 Prevost 45 foot rear bedroom center bath that would sleep 6 and had everything except the garage and cost $ 472,000.00 , I didn't really want all that debt so we put not quite half down .

    So we had 8 acres with a nice ranch home and off to 1 side on about 3 acres was my business which was a repair shop which handled anything from cars to semi's and a lot of the work was thru trucking ! Our neighbor to the west was a truck driver and I worked on his rig whenever needed . And today was 1 of those days that his truck was in my shop getting the turbo replaced which had came apart which cause other items to be damaged , I had already torn most of it apart and was waiting for the parts to be delivered when a call came in for a car broke down , so my wife Lisa had came out to the shop while I took the roll off wrecker and went to pick up a customers car .

    So anyways I was gone for about an hour but when I arrived back Lisa had said all the parts for the truck had arrived and then the owner of the semi had stopped over too , just to see how things were going . She said he hung out for awhile waiting on me but then had to run some errands . Lisa and I discussed some accounts that were past due and needed to be billed once again and then for her to put a check in the mail to my parts distributor so she went in the office to do just that and I returned to finish working on the semi to get it done by that evening .

    Early the next morning I called my neighbor to inform him that his rig was done and he could come and get it , he arrived like 10 minutes later to pick it up and with cash in hand paid his entire bill , I was shocked cause he had always charged it till he made a few runs then paid up . He said that he didn't want to ruin our friendship by not paying right away because I was the best mechanic he'd ever met ! I felt something wasn't right but oh well just take what he says at face value and let it go , I'm sure it's nothing !

    Well it was 2 days later my wife went to visit her parents in Alabama and would be gone for 4 days , so everyday life for me must go on I have work that has to be done . I had finished up all my repairs early and cleaned the shop and had decided to do a few things in the office . The last thing that crossed my mind was to go thru the footage on the security camera so I did and I was fucking absolutely heart shattered !!!

    The day that I took the wrecker to pick up a customers car and the semi owner came to my shop to check on his rig that wasn't the only thing he checked on , he flirted with my Lisa she flirted back and soon they were touching each other and out came his cock , I was embarrassed to a point cause I'm of average thickness and about 7.25 inches long but Larry was every bit of 9.5 inches long and very thick , on camera he looked to be as thick as my wrist .

    I can't believe it , my wife just dropped to her knees and made more than half of his thick cock just disappear in her mouth she sucked his big cock better than she did mine in the 16 years we've been together . I just sit and watched the video in sadness then she undressed and he licked her pussy for maybe 3-4 minutes as she lay on my office desk he came up and all of a sudden his huge massive meat disappeared again but this time deep in her shaved pussy . I never thought that she could of taken something sooooo big cause when we fuck my cock hits her cervix and she pushes me away and says easy ! But this 9.5 inch long thick cock is buried in my wife's c**t with no problem !

    Now as I sit here watching this I'm hurting inside and very broken hearted but in the same sentence I am rock hard and horny seeing her get fucked by such a huge cock ! I sit and watch the entire 40 minutes of him desperately trashing my wife's pussy and her loving it but as it all comes to an erupt end with him cumming all over her stomach and her c**t she gets up and I thought she was going to kiss him but she didn't , she screams at him to get the fuck out of her husbands shop !!! I thought it was a ongoing affair as easy as it took place but most of just been a last minute turn on that made it happen ... " Which don't make it easier on me though "

    So I'm still hurt and pissed but I'm going to pay a little visit to Larry , I can no longer work on his truck , he's no friend ! So I drive to his place on my ATV his property joins my land just to the west . I arrive there and my god I approach their front door and as I pass the front bay window I see his wife on the floor playing with her pussy she is slamming this huge dildo in and out of her c**t " of course it would have to be huge cause her husband is huge " so I was shocked to see this so I just stood there and watched her like I watched my wife fucking her husband ! I was sort of in a daze as I stood there watching I could see Larry's massive meat slamming Lisa's pussy !

    She was working her pussy over and it looked to be gaping pretty good , my thoughts all of a sudden were to fuck Larry's wife like he did mine but how can that be my cock is much smaller than his she probably won't even enjoy me and thru all of my thoughts and day dreaming I looked at her again and just then she seen me and pulled the blanket she was on over top of her , I was embarrassed but knocked on the door anyway . She came to the door wrapped in the blanket with a red face and said how long was you at the window ? I looked at her and said probably 15 minutes , long enough to get a hard on ! LoL . She responded oh you think you're funny you peeping Tom , and I said no I don't think I'm funny I think I'm fucking hard and horny and enjoyed your show !

    She immediately took me by the hand and took me to where I watch her thru the bay window and she put the blanket on the floor and laid on it like she was before and told me to sit in the chair naked and watch . So I did and she stuck that huge 12 inch long thick cock in her pussy and slid it in and out it glistened with her pussy juices on it and she crawled to me and started to suck my cock and said please work my dildo in and out so I did she was getting it from both ends from me . She then looked at me and said please fuck me in my ass while I use my dildo !

    So I much obliged ,I walked behind her and gently slid my little 7.25 inch cock into her ass and began to gently pump in and out , she still had that giant dildo stuffed in her c**t and she looked over her shoulder and screamed don't be nice about it fuck my ass with that little thing !!! I was so humiliated for being so little but I did what she said and started ramming her ass like I used to do to my wife Lisa when we used to have fun ... Lisa And I used to do everything sexually she even wore a strap on and enjoyed pegging me matter of fact she used to peg me with 1 similar to the 1 that is crammed in Larry's wife's c**t right now as I fuck her in the ass !

    I haven't had sex for probably 3-4 weeks so with me slamming in and out of her ass I probably won't last to long but I am slamming her hard and she is moaning really good , she's actually enjoying my little cock she is soaked . I know I'm ready to cum so I ask should I pull out when I cum and she say OH NO cum in my ass and just then I start squirting my load as deep as my cock will reach in her ass , I can hardly move cause it feels so good and she's screaming fuck my ass and bucking back on my cock . I'm just barely hard but still feels good and finally I can move again .

    I start fucking her as hard as I can but now I have staying power do to cumming , so she's gonna get fucked as much as I now can considering I'm not as big as she's used to getting . She is still moaning and reaches back and hands me a dildo that's about the size of my cock and says shove this in my ass so I go to pull out and she says NO at the same time you are in me ! So dam now she has me and that dildo buried deep in her ass and that huge thick 12 inch long dildo stuffed in her c**t at the same time , HOW HOT ! I continue to slam in and out and with each thrust forward I push the other 1 deep in her ass with mine !

    We fucked and she sucked me off in the next hour then I was leaving and she said what brought you here earlier when you caught me ? I said oh I wanted to see how Larry's truck was running . She said she would let him know . I said Ok . So I returned to my garage and was looking thru some work orders when the phone rang and it was Lisa , she ask how things were going and it made me almost feel like she knew what I had just done ! " I guess it was my own guilt because I love my wife " anyway I said fine and we talked for maybe 15-20 minutes and I wondered how she could act so normal after all I know she got slammed with Larry's huge cock for about 40 minute3s before she left .

    She said she would be leaving her parents home Sunday afternoon and would probably be here by 1-2 am I said why don't you leave earlier so you are not driving so late and she said she wanted to visit as long as possible with her mom and dad I said okay that's fine just let me know when you're leaving she said okay and she loves me and will call then . Well anyway Lisa returned home and it's been about 3 week since then and nothing has been said by anybody and I haven't heard from Larry either ! Hmmmm wonder why ?

    It's now been about 5 weeks later and I'm working in the shop when Lisa comes in and says she has to go shopping and the kids are at home and don't want to go and ask if I could check on them to make sure Mark wasn't being mean to Alexis because we know how he always picks on her and instigates ! I said I was almost done with my current work so before I start my next job I will wash up and go get a bite to eat and check on them . She said that's great and kissed me and was on her way , I couldn't help feel hurt when she kissed me knowing she sucked his huge cock !

    I got involved with work and remembered I was suppose to check on the kids so I got cleaned up and walked to the house and when I got inside I remembered thinking it's awfully quiet and hope they didn't take off outside or kill each other so I continued thru the house and then heard something in the basement so I quietly went downstairs and as I rounded the corner there they were in the finished playroom on the couch getting along way to much , Mark was on top of Alexis with her legs on his shoulders and he was humping her and I took another look and he was not humping her , he was literally fucking her ... OMG my 13 year old son was fucking my 10 year old daughter !

    I stood there in total disbelief as I could hear him say to her his cock feels so good in her pussy and she laughed and said she thinks it tickles inside her , I stood there and watched quietly as his pinky finger sized cock slid in and out of her innocent bald little pussy . He was fucking her like he was some kind of porn star ! Then I heard him say he was about to cum and he pulled out and shot his little load of spunk all over her leg and the couch . They both started laughing and I went up the stairs and screamed down the stairs are you 2 down there ? They giggled and said yes playing video games !

    I went back to my shop into my office closed the door and sit with my head in my hands crying asking myself WTF is wrong with my family ! We have such an awesome family we spend time together doing things and going places we aren't wealthy or filthy rich but we have money because of both Lisa and my work ethics , we do work hard ! We are the family who looks like the perfect family who has everything including loyalty to each other , until you take off the blinders . I cant believe what is happening with in the last 2 months . I need to get a grip on things !

    I get it together close up shop for the night and go back to the house where both kids are in their rooms , I look in on them and Alexis is doing what she always is she's playing and I look in Mark's room and dammit son stop it . He is sitting on the edge of his bed jacking off ! OMG I say to him there is a time and place for that and this is not the time for it your sister is right down the room . He responds so she don't care , I said what makes you say that he says I don't know . But I know what I seen in the basement so I know why he says that !

    I go to mine and Lisa's bedroom and get a change of clothes and go into our bathroom and shower , I get dressed and go out and sit on the front porch waiting on Lisa to get home from shopping , she soon pulls in and I help her carry groceries in and put them away as she starts to make something for dinner . To me she is acting funny and I'm starting to feel as if she knows what happened next door or she's feeling guilty about getting fucked by Larry and I'm standing there knowing everything that has been happening ! Her & Larry , Me & Larry's wife the kids . OMG !

    So the evening goes on and we eat dinner and I can't seem to bring it up because I also fucked up . So I look at Lisa and say sweetie I think we should pack the motorhome up and go somewhere this week end , she says really and I say yes I feel like I'm working to much and I'm neglecting her and the kids . She says I'm not but a trip would be incredibly nice and would let us reconnect . So we watch some TV the kids are now in bed and Lisa and I now go to bed , She gets a shower and me to bed I sleep naked I hear the shower turn off and then I feel her climb in bed .

    She is not laying besides me she is sitting on my legs and rubbing my back and shoulders and I hear her open the lotion to put on my back but it's not lotion it is lube and she has already warmed it in her hot shower with her and now pouring it down the crack of my ass , I look back at her and she is wearing her strap on that we haven't used in years . And mounted on it is Doc Johnson's 12 inch hung and thick dildo she smiles and says she wants to have an awesome night of fucking my ass and that she does for 2 straight hours she even gets a little taboo on me and sticks her hand in my ass and fist me . Then I clean up from the lube mess and we start fucking and she feels tight as usual and Larry didn't seem to stretch her pussy at all she is riding me wickedly like never before and she says to me , PLEASE stick that huge dildo in my pussy ! Maybe Larry has ruined her pussy and she will only want huge cock!

    I get up the next morning as usual 6Am and head to the shop where I start looking over the motor coach to service it and make sure everything is ready for our trip that we will be taking next week as soon as I finish my work load . I then get started on my regular work for the day . The rest of the week goes pretty fast but seems awkward for some reason , maybe it's been everything that's been on my mind for the last 2 months but anyway the weekend is now here and we are almost ready to take off on our trip the coach is loaded the car trailer is hooked up and the SUV is inside . Kids are excited the wife seems awkward again but happy to be going and I'm worried that things are falling apart but hanging on by a thread .

    So we have decide to go to Memphis Tn. on our trip cause she likes Elvis and gambling and there's the town of Tunica , Ms. about 50 miles south of Memphis, Tn. that is called Vegas of the south . We have spent 3 days in Memphis and are now headed to Tunica to do a little gambling for a day then we will head to Biloxi, Ms where she has a cousin that she wants to see for a couple of days .

    Well we have arrived now in Biloxi, Ms and I'm looking forward to getting back to the house because work is piling up and I have several jobs that have arrived at the shop since we've been gone . Lisa tells me that her and the kids will be fine and why don't I take the coach and go ahead back to the house so I can try to get caught back up and so I will quit worrying , I agree and kiss them all and head out . It's about 670 miles back to our home town which I will leave out because I don't want people to know who I am . So I'm on my way and almost about halfway home when I notice the engine temp. gauge says it's getting hot so I pull into the rest area 1 mile ahead to check things out .

    I get the problem taken care of and get cleaned up and now it's dark and I don't feel up to driving so I figure I would sleep for a few hours and get up and go. So I have a pair of shorts on but nothing else and somebody knocks on the door to the coach I look out and OMG it's Larry my neighbor ,Hey I thought this looked like your coach . And I explained what all has went on about our trip and me heading back to work and the coach overheating . He proceeds to ask if I would let him shower in the coach and I said I would really like to get some sleep he says it will only take 5 minutes , I told him that the bathroom is visible from my bed and I want to lay down , he says that's fine .

    So I say okay but you have to be quick he steps out to get some clothes from his rig and is back in 3 minutes or so I'm now laying on my bed with a perfect view to the shower because it is all glass doors he undresses and gets in the shower and I can't help but watch him because this man fucked my wife and now acts like he did nothing wrong , he starts to rinse off so I roll over and act like I'm half asleep so he will just say thanks and leave and all of a sudden I hear something wet sounding and I turn my head and he's stroking his huge cock just 4 feet from my bed .

    I just laid there and I felt him tug on my shorts gently and then I felt his fingers massage my asshole he then spit on his finger and worked it in my hole I just moved a little and spread my legs open he pulled my loose fitting shorts aside and I heard something snap and then my asshole got something wet poured on it which was lube he then got up on my bed and between my legs and I thought he was about to fuck me like my wife does then I felt his tongue OMG he was eating my ass . I have never had that done in my 45 years , how hot it felt . What he poured on was a cherry flavored desentisizing lube , he worked it in my asshole with his tongue and by now I wanted my shorts off.

    I took them off and put my ass in the air the way Lisa likes it when she pegs me and dam if he didn't go back to eating my asshole he was moaning more than me , I think . I don't really care I just know it feels good and just then he quit and I felt all 9.5 inches of his fat thick cock invade my asshole OH it felt better than Lisa's big dildo as I could feel his skin move back and forth with every pump he ask if I was ok and I said hell yes not even thinking about who he is , the man who fucked my wife and doesn't know that I know about it ! His cock felt great .

    He must of fucked my ass for a half hour doggie style when he flipped me over on my back pulled my legs up to my chest and reinserted his huge meaty cock back in my ass , he pumped his cock in and out and so fast that it made my toes curl in excitement , I was feeling very pleasured and full of his huge cock . I'm glad my coach has levelers because if not I know that thing would of been rocking . I could no longer take it with my legs up so I rolled over and he straddle my ass and shoved that cock back in me I felt like it was in my stomach , he then laid on me and continued to fuck my ass , he came in me and had me get back in doggie style where he fucked my ass so hard that his cum lathered up and was running down my nuts ! He pulled out went to the bathroom and washed off with a wash cloth .

    He looked at me and said dam I didn't expect that , I said come here I grabbed his thick cock and started sucking on it , it barely fit in my mouth that's how thick it is ! But I continued to suck on it for almost an hour it seemed like and then he shot his load in my mouth and down my throat and pumped my mouth and his cum was so much that with every pump it made it squirt out of the corners of my mouth , I had never been with a man before but this was hot and turned me on big time . He then bent over and sucked the cum out of my cock and said see you at the shop !

    I returned home the next day and got started on my work load , like dam 12 vehicles had been towed to my shop since we left town . It was a lot of work but I caught up over the next 4 days and now it was Friday and a regular scheduled appointment for Larry's rig to get the fluids changed and the chassis greased but he was not back in town yet but had called and said he would be in by 6pm and ask if I could work late because he had to leave out Sat. morning early to deliver 1st thing Monday 1100 miles away so I said he would be billed double time , he said fine !

    It was about 6:40 pm when he finally pulled in so I went to the shop and got started it took me about 2 hours to finish his rig , I washed up and was changing out of my clothes when he got out of his cab and handed me a com-check for $800.00 I looked at it and thought dam my double time isn't that much . He looked at me and said he needed a receipt so in my grey loose boxers headed to my office to print 1 for him , I sat down at my desk and looked over and his cock was stirring me right about mouth height I couldn't get it in my mouth quick enough . I sucked and sucked and he said he wanted to cum in my ass but I can't my wife has been pegging me every night since we got back and I don't want cum lathering up on the dildo and her seeing it .

    So I sucked the cum right out of his thick huge cock and then he fucked me in my ass and ended up giving me a load there too . He then came up and put his cock at my mouth so I sucked on it again and all of a sudden I heard the man door slam shut I looked out the office window to see Alexis running towards the house . OMG what did she see ? Larry you have to go your rig is done . He left and I cleaned up from all his cum and went home . I walked in Lisa greeted me but said she was going to bed and that Mark stayed at a friends house and that Alexis was downstairs in the game room . I gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek and hoped she wouldn't smell the man sex on my breath . Good night baby !

    She went to bed and I got a shower in the main bath to assure I didn't keep her awake , I put on some shorts as always and went to the basement to maybe play a video with Alexis she was playing pac-man I ask if I could play a few games with her and she said sure as she held back tears her lower lip was trembling and I was starting to choke up because I know whats wrong ! So we were playing and she kept saying eat me , I thought because pac-man but it wasn't ! She looked at me and said nobody loves her and started crying , I said why you say that and she said you , mom have fun but I can't Mark is with his friend having sex and Mom was playing with a big rubber cock while you were at the shop having a real 1 ! OMG I was losing it I can't believe what I just heard . I was lost for words !

    I took her on my lap and said I Love you and that you shouldn't think that way . I then said Alexis honey you know I caught you and Mark before our trip right here on this couch having sex but couldn't say anything to nobody because just earlier I had played my security video and caught your mom having sex with the neighbor in my shop . And Alexis just looked at me and said lick me like you lick mommy and she stood up and took off her panties walked over to me and grabbed my cock thru my shorts and said I don't want to tell mommy what I seen in the garage . My jaw dropped !

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    I started a twitter page a while back getting local guys to send me naked pics of local girls. It was a huge success. I got banned eventually but I'm back. Please send me amateur nude girls to me on Kik @@ belfastwhores and I'll put them on my twitter. Please follow me to @@jdanske

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    This happened almost 2 years ago with my while i was still dating my ex...

    So i had gone out of town for the week because of work and i wasn't supposed to be back till friday night. Well thursday night my gf told me that she was gonna be having a girls night with her mom just relaxing and what not which is nothing unusual... Well as luck would have it i finished my work by lunch. That thursday and was gonna be home that night but just really late. So i decided to surprise her so i didn't tell her i was coming home early. It was about midnight by the time i got home and i snuck in to our dark apartment thinking her mom had already left and she was in bed so i quietly moved to the bedroom and as i closer to the room i could hear faint moans so i thought she was mastrubating. The bedroom door was cracked open so i peeked through to see if she was masturbating but what i saw was her going down on her mom. I gently pushed the door open a little more to see better and they were really into it. So instead of busting them i recorded them for awhile. Snuck back out of the apartment and came back in a as if i was just arriving home and sure enough they stopped what they were doing and played it off after talking about my trip her mom left and me and my girl went to bed. The following day my girl and her mom went shopping. Because her mom needed help picking out an outfit for her anniversary. And they both needed other clothes. Well as they are putting a little fashion show, showing off the new outfits i notice a lingerie bag and joking told her to show me that one and my ex replied it looked super hot on her and i looked smirked and said "good enough for you to want to fuck" without skipping a beat my ex replied with a haha maybe if i was super drunk and they both started laughing. With a straight face i say oh you mean like last night... They looked at each other very awkwardly for a few minutes before trying to respond and i spoke up saying of yea i saw it last night even recorded it. They both went pale in the face as i started playing the video i looked at her mom and said so why don't you model the lingerie for me she came out in it and looked amazing. And i told them that if they didn't want me showing their whole family the video they were gonna have to do what i say. So i got them to spill all the detail turns out if wasn't the first time that they did it every chance they could. Well for the rest of that evening i made her mom blow and ride me and fuck her daughter with a strapon in the ass. But my favorite was when i made my ex's suck and fuck her unconscious dad while her mom watched. When me and my ex split her mom begged me to get rid of my blackmail... So did as a final way of ending the relationship. The next day i regretted getting rid of the video but that's life.... But i found out about a year ago from a mutual friend that apparently the secret came out on it's own haha gotta love how life works sometimes

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    I didn't start out with revenge in my heart. My husband cheated on me early in our marriage, of course being young and having a child I forgave him, better said I realized that I couldn't make it on my own and did my best but that hurt lingered. He was a very good husband after that for many years I wouldn't say that we had a sizzling life, we lived like friends, had 4 more children, endured a couple of tragedies. Instead of them bringing us closer together, that and me beginning menopause slowly began creating a wall of separation that neither one of us made any effort to tear down.
    Then he had another affair, Looking back I should have see it coming. I have to admit my behavior towards him during this time didn't help. I was distant, wanted to do a lot of things with out him, 30 plus years of being a stay at home mother I felt the need to be an individual instead of being someone's wife or mom. I had stopped sleeping in the same bedroom invariably because I had terrible night sweats and heat flashes, but quickly got used to the freedom of sleeping by myself.
    That being said, it still was his choice to cheat and this time it hurt worse than the first time, It was even worse because of some finical decisions that I had made I was more dependent on him that the first time. I felt so trapped.
    Then my daughters (they were all grown and had moved out) got me a laptop and introduced me to social media, mostly to stay in touch with them, but I soon discovered how many people were out there looking for old acquaintances, friends or classmates. My husbands early career had moved us all around the country and I had lost contact with a lot of really good friends and I soon found myself spending hours on the computer doing just that.
    It certainly gave me a new outlook to past my time. I found many people that I known over the years and enjoyed catching up with them, it gave me a sense of contentment I hadn't felt in years. Then one day I got a request from a man that I had went to high school with. In fact he had been the only lover that I'd had beside my husband. It started out innocently enough. Getting caught up on each others lives, he was a lawyer, an assistant prosecutor. I have always had a keen interest in true crime so I was enthralled with him recounting the cases he was working on. In his messages he always showed a concern for me, how I was feeling, was I happy, I began to feel closer to him than my husband whom I hardly talked to and had just been transfer to another work location so I only saw at the weekends.
    It was too long before I told him what a morass that my life had become and about my relationship with my husband. He told me about his recent divorce and how it upset him, but consoled me by saying things change but we can count on inner strength to move on. I guess that he got me hooked when he said that he always remember what great times we had together coyly. I don't know why but I felt flirty, after all he lived in a different state and it wasn't as if we were face to face, I asked if he was referring to the sex we shared.
    I didn't get a message back right away and was a bit scared that I'd gotten a bit too risqué. Then a couple hours later I got this sweet missive from him. He said he had to really take his time to compose this message but that yes, he often thought about sexual interludes, he didn't want to sound forward or graphic but making love to me was the best time of his life only eclipsed by the time that we spend afterwards in each other's arm sweaty, giggling and talking, and the if he concentrated real hard he could still smell the odors of our loving and it always aroused him.
    Needless to say it started a long emotional affair and I went right through the steps, from messaging him all day reliving the innocent sex that teenagers share, to sharing my longing for him and how I would love him now, to a weekly phone call, then to him instructing me on how to set up a skype account and we would talk each night before going to bed. Oh I was head over heels back in love with him, I lost weight, started going to the gym, he was on my mind all of the time.
    I started putting on a see thru nightie before we talked at night and he said that my breast were as beautiful as he remembered, I exposed my breast because he asked for a better view and I readily complied. I could hear a gasp from him, and then he moved the camera so I could see his erection as he told me how I turned him on. He asked me if I move farther back so he could see that sweet pussy of mine. Then we both masturbated for each other, it was fabulous because as far apart as we were we both climaxed at the same time.
    This was our daily routine except for weekends for about 6 months, we began to talk about seeing each other, at first it was just off hand remarks, then it got serious, comparing schedules, looking for places that we could meet as we lived 10 hours away from each other and decided to meet up somewhere between. It got very intense, and exciting and yes invigorating, the secrecy, things coming together, anticipation.
    It all came to fruition, we met at a lovely B&B, I think that I almost leaped into his arms and the 30 plus years I hadn't seen him melted away. He'd already had our room and helped me settle in. He didn't rush me into anything, Oh yes we kissed and embraced, he asked if I wanted to get something to eat. I was a bit, replied I was really hungry for him and that started a marathon session of loving.
    We undressed each other slowly, I mean that we take off an article of clothing, then be distracted as we explored that part and were constantly kissing. Oh I hadn't kissed or been kissed like that in such a long time, it just created so much more excitement. We finally got naked in each others arms we paused enjoying the contact of each others skin, I had one arm around him and was caressing his cock with the other, I was obsessed with it and didn't want to let go of it, so hard that it poked me as we rubbed together.
    We lay in the bed and his mouth went straight to my pussy, his cock didn't need any attention to get ready, but I kissed and licked it sucking the his ooze and truly I enjoyed the taste. He explored my pussy with his tongue, he joked that he was just getting familiar with it again. I pushed and moaned, I could feel all of the stress draining away from my body and had the most relaxing orgasm of my life, a spasm or two and I felt limp and oh so fulfilled.
    I must have squirted as I could smell myself on his goatee and mouth and while that normally puts me off I found it highly erotic with him and kissed and licked him and forcefully tonged his mouth reveling in my abandonment. His cock was at my pussy and I opened my legs wide and he arched his hips a little and it slipped home, driving deep inside me. He picked up the speed of his thrusts and I pushed against each of his, his deep breaths, my panting, the sloppy wet sounds of sex I could hear and feel it all. He pushed my legs up and began long thrusts almost pulling out and then driving deep inside me, I couldn't feel his sack hitting my ass as it began to tighten up. I was entranced watched his face as his breaths became grunts as he pushed as deep as he could and feel his cock pulse inside of me and I began to come too and wrapped my legs tightly around him to draw in more deeply. Institutively I wanted his every last drop inside of me. It seemed that time stopped, the spasms of my orgasm were ebbing and we were sharing the kisses of satisfied lovers.
    We spent the next two days fucking like teenagers, I don't know how to explain how we had that energy to continue like that except that what real love and desire gives us.

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    Already bursting for a pee, I pulled into a supermarket car park close to Christmas. It was packed, so seeing a guy pulling out of a space, I patiently waited, even though I really needed to pee. He pulled out, but in my direction. As he passed, a woman shot into the space I was heading into, parked up and walked past me laughing.
    She was in such a rush though, she'd left her side window open. Annoyed, seeing her laughing at me, but then seeing the window open, I quickly jumped out of my car, ran over to hers, opened my trousers and took out my cock. Pointing it into her car, I relieved myself all over her drivers seat, steering wheel and gear stick. Finishing off, I looked up to see a car pulling out a row back.
    Quickly getting into my car, I did manage to claim the spot, but instead of getting out, I just sat there. Sure enough about ten minutes later the woman walked out of the store and over to her car. Putting her shopping into the boot, she then without taking any notice of her still opened side window, got in.
    Within seconds she jumped back out with her skirt soaking wet, and boy was she angry.
    Pulling out of the parking spot I was in, I drove around to her lane, then drove passed her laughing my head off. She went to say something, but I drowned her out by beeping horn, then calling her "Pissy pants" as I drove away.
    And best of all, a family member who works in the supermarket told me later that evening, some woman had come into the store to complain about someone pissing in her car, hoping there would be cctv. Unfortunately for her they were having it all revamped for the Christmas rush and didn't have any footage.
    He who laughs last, laughs longest!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I found my wife of 13 years was cheating, not just with one man but with several and had actually never been faithful. She is still very beautiful at 40 years of age, I am 38. She wears an American size 4 dress, her 36C tits are still pretty darn firm, and she has a great pair of legs leading up to one of the sexiest bubble butts I've ever seen. She keeps her brown pussy hair trimmed the way I like it and dresses sexy. She is always up for sex taking cock in any of her three holes. As much sex as I have with her I really thought she wouldn't need or want any more. But I was wrong. I had pictures of her and 6 other guys, going into their places, going in and coming out of motels. One guy always got the same hotel room, twice a week. We got a camera in there and had video of her getting fucked. I had everything lined up and waiting for her when she arrived from having a quick fuck with a redheaded man named Tom. She was mortified. My little sexy wife was speechless when confronted. She had the good sense be truthful and not lie to me. I asked if she'd just been fucked and she said that she had. Tom had fucked her twice that afternoon. I told her to pull up her skirt, pull down her panties and bend over the table. She, to my surprise, was very obedient and did exactly what she was told. Tom, like most of the others fucked her pussy bareback and left two loads of his sperm up her pretty pussy. I put the panties with some of his leaked sperm in the crotch just under her face, and stuck two fingers in her pussy. The sperm lubed her up and was dripping out as I was finger-fucking my cheating wife. I kept it up and she actually orgasmed begging me to fuck her. I pulled as much of the cum as possible and stuck it in her whore mouth and got behind her and stuck my big cock up her pussy. When it was lubed enough I pulled out and proceeded to give her a rough ass fuck that was making her cry and yet cum at the same time. I told her to take off her clothes and sit down in the living room and tell me all about the men she fucks, OR call an attorney.

    She was adamant that she did not want to divorce, she wanted to stay married to me. I made her tell me all about her sex antics, and had to slap her once to get her to forget about the sperm from Tom and me leaking out of her whore holes onto the couch. I knew she had 11 cocks in her before starting to fuck me, that number was actually closer to 25, and since then she's had a total now of 85 cocks in her pussy, 56 in her asshole, and she knows over a hundred in her mouth. She's let some of her guys bring in friends to gang fuck her. About a month before she even had an all anal gangbang with 8 guys. I told her to lay over my lap and I proceeded to spank her. I didn't stop for over 30 minutes, my hands were very sore, and her ass was as red as a crayon color. She had another orgasm rubbing on my knee while getting spanked. I rolled her over and proceeded to fuck her used pussy and dumped my second load there. I pinched her tits so hard they bruised, and at the end I told her that she could continue to fuck as long as I'm told ahead of time, and know exactly what she is doing, and how many guys are involved. Then I told her that she would be my sex slave. She could be in charge with any of her outside fuckers, but in our house it was my rules, my sex and she didn't matter anymore. I would do anything I wanted, or we were going to court.

    She really didn't want that, and convinced me that she always loved me and only me, not the others she just needed lots of different cocks. I figured the worst is already done, I'd lived with it for this many years why not continue. She was still super hot, and now I had a woman who would do anything I wanted. So now I fuck and eat her creampies, make her eat other womens pussies, I mark on her with india ink all kinds of disgusting things. Last night before she left to fuck two guys I wrote "Fuck my wife for free" in india ink above her pussy. I wrote "Buttfucked asshole" on her ass. I've even given her to four underage teens to lose their virginities with her slut body. They all appreciated it. I even made her seduce a young thing for me to fuck in front of her. During the summer she always wears slinky, small bikinis and I wrote things where the bikini wouldn't cover them and still made her go out in her skimpiest. I took her to a nude beach in Florida with "Wife Whore" on her belly, and shaved her pussy and wrote "Fuck my slut pussy" with an arrow to her slit. Last week I took her to a tattoo/body modification place where I had her pussy and ass branded. Her pussy has "Sex Slave" branded on it, and where it will show in bikini season. Her left ass cheek has "Buttfucked" branded on it, and on her other cheek a Dollar sign.

    I love, but don't like my wife. I love having a sex slave whore.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 51

    My wife has always been very tight lipped about her sexual past. She told me that she had fooled around with a few boys but that I was her first. I always trusted her at her word even though I told her about rumors I had heard, she always insisted that they were lies.
    We moved back home after living abroad for years to take care of our aging parents. The second years we were home happened to be her 30th High School reunion. I had graduated the year before her and knew many of her classmates, but I almost had to force her to go as while she had talked about seeing them she showed a great reluctance to take me along. That is until she was told of all of the attendees. Then she agreed but said I didn't have to go, but finally agreed when I said that I'd be in the back talking with some of the spouses of her classmates that I knew well.
    When we got there she went over to greet and talk to her classmates, I noticed that she often glanced over to see who I was talking with. I guess that once she was sure I was sitting with the spouses and involved in conversation she sort of disappeared.
    A woman from her class, that I had known quite well in school sat down by me. I was talking to her husband and she asked me who I was as she couldn't place the face. When I Told her who I was, she was surprised and apologized for not recognizing me. Then she asked what I was doing there as I wasn't in her class and I said that I was here with my wife. A gained she had a surprised look and sort of blurted out that she was surprised that I was still married. Now it was my turn to have a surprised look and asked her what she meant.
    It didn't take too much promoting on my part to ave her rehash years old gossip. Mostly because she always was gossipy but also because my wife was more than a bit of a bitch and snobby because she didn't like preppies. It seems that While we were engaged and I was off at school she was fucking a classmate. They were really hot and heavy until they had a pregnancy scare and he told her that he couldn't marry her.
    I took this all in and then excused myself and went off to see where my wife was. Now this reunion was at a campground, so I sort of went into the shadows so I wouldn't been seen. Low and behold she and her old flame were off behind this van, in each other's arm. They were talking in whispers and nuzzling with a kiss here and there. I watched for awhile, I was getting really mad, all of these years of her dishonesty, still I didn't cause a scene but went back to the pininic table, sat down and thought. She came back and asked me how I was and if I wanted to go that was alright as she'd get a ride home. I asked what she was doing and she told me that a couple of her old girlfriends were there and they had been reminiscing and that she was going back to talk with them. I asked her if she had met anyone special and she looked me right in the eye and said oh no, just her girlfriends.
    Okay, now I was really pissed but kept my self control. Told her if that was what she wanted then I was going home. As I drove home, knowing what a good liar she is a plan began to form in my mind. So I put spyware on her computer to see what she was doing. Facebook had just started and she was all into that. She started messaging him that week. They talked about everything, all hours of the night and day, after a week they started to relive their sexcapades, then sexting which including nude selfies and finally skyping while each other masterbated..
    I let this go one for about a year and half, collecting it all. Occasionally I'd ask her if she was still happy with our marriage. Monthly sex had dwindled off to nothing. She always had a explanation, she always followed with a why would I think anything other. All this time I took to get my finances in order, getting ready for my move, because their relationship was building too and they were making plans as he was getting a divorce and they wanted to wait for that to be done before she started anything. Oh they were going to be so happy.
    Now her lover was a Assit District Attorney, and lived in another state. He could afford any scandal and his wife was a very successful Corporate Lawyer and he was going to get a big settlement from her.
    All my ducks in a row, everything that I wanted was at my new apartment, I came down stairs, I had just read her last text, how much she missed him and when could they have their next love fest and hard it was to even look at me anymore. She was startled as she didn't hear me come down the steps, and quickly closed her laptop. I asked her if there was anything that she wanted to say. She said nothing special but why because I didn't talk to her anymore anyway. I said whose choice is that anyway as it seemed to me that she was alway on her computer and she is the one that thought she didn't have enough freedom. Oh she said are we going to have a fight. I said no that I'm going to clear the air.
    I confronted her about what I heard at the reunion. She didn't bat an eye and said they were all old lies. Then I told her that I saw her and him, and then she began to attack by saying was I just a spy. Okay that where you want to go with this, I have all of your messages and pictures, and if that is the game you want to play I'll just send them to his wife as I am sure that she'd like them for her divorce. She called me a fucking bastard, and I might be one but I am not a lying whore and that she'd be getting her papers tomorrow.
    I am free of that bitch now. I gave her the house but don't spend a penny on support or alimony. I am not responsible for any of her large credit card debit. I have kept my word and not told anyone. My revenge is that after 32 years of never having to work, living a good life with many processions, she is now a prep cook at a chain restaurant, a job which I hear that she hates. Our Daughters don't see her often, They are puzzled why she wanted a divorce. Her Lover has dropped her and that generally most people now see the real person that she is hateful spiteful shrew bitter about life.
    I will not lie and say that I have any love interests, I don't. Still getting my life together. I have finally reached the point where I don't gloat. I am sure better things are ahead for me now.

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