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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 33

    I was in a Checkers Tournament and just when I was about to win the boomer got a Checkmate and I was so pissed that I was not going to let him get away with that so instead of shaking the boomer's sweaty sausage link hands, I instead threw a couples checkers in his face and the boomer yells at me asking "What the Hell is My Problem?" Then grabbed the Checkers Board and whacked this Boomer in the head with it as his ass fell off of his chair and checkers went all over the park and now i'm banned for life for what they thought was "Unprofessional Conduct" but to me I made a statement that if you cheat me, than I will whoop your ass.

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    Straight Female / 32

    At the Store this bitch had her entire cart full of everything in the store and I was so pissed, my mother couldn't get any canned soup and this bitch was cussing out employees and I told this bitch to give some to other shoppers you selfish bitch and she told me to mind my goddamn business and she doesn't give a shit about these old corpses and they can all die and then I punched this bitch in the fucking jaw then I grabbed her hair and began smashing her head against the conveyor belt and kicked her in the head and then I told the employee to kick out every one of these selfish and greedy hoarders if they are going to be selfish and not leave anything for those who do need it and the Manager agreed and told everyone on the intercom that from now on there will be a limit on groceries and anybody over that limit will be refused service and that's what these employees should tell all of these selfish fuckers.

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    Straight Female / 18


    I guess maybe I should have put bi, but I really don't like sex with other girls, I just did it for my boyfriends who wanted it. My last boyfriend was married, 28 years old, had kids, and I was the one who did all the kinky shit his wife wouldn't do. I thought maybe it would lead to marriage but it was evident that this was not going to happen. I did anything that any boyfriend wanted. I've been peed on, peed in, I've peed on guys and girls, I've licked other girls and had them lick me, even had one guy, a much older guy that wanted to watch me poo on the toilet then he'd wipe me up. I sat backwards on the toilet even to give him a view.

    This last one though, Troy, was really out there. He had a thing about finding younger guys who'd not been laid and letting them get their first in me while he watched. He took me in public parks during the daytime and really liked to take me to areas where a lot of homeless guys are and fuck me while some of them watched. To him, I was his Cumbucket, cumdump, or sumsponge. I did the worst for him when I really thought that he loved me and would take care of me, even maybe marry me. I let him watch, take pictures and video while I got fucked by dogs. I felt so bad about myself after, but I kept doing it. I think it was 12 dogs total, sometimes 2 a night, that fucked me. You can't direct them when they get going, several times they'd pull all the way out of my vagina and push it rapid fire right into my ass. I'm not a virgin there, haven't been since I was 12 but still it hurts to get it rammed in there. When they would cum in my ass they usually knotted and he would laugh while I was knotted with the dog.

    After I wanted to break up he said he'd put the pictures and video around the neighborhood and post on the internet. He did. He even sent a copy of all the pictures to my parents, on the videos he would constantly talk to me calling me cumsponge, cumbucket or cumdump, sometimes just "hole". He'd ask me if I liked it and I would reply yes, because I knew that is what he wanted to hear. He asked me where the cock was and I had to call my vag a c**t, or say it was fucking my ass. My parents heard all that too when they say the videos. It was horrible and devastating. How can you explain doing something like that just to get someone to love you? I know I'm a slut, I have been since I first fell in love with the first cocks that fucked me. 4 boys took my virginity (me willing) for my first time. I got laid 8 times, and took 2 more loads in my mouth that first time. I am a cumsponge, but didn't think it would come to this. I need to leave here and go away and never come back.

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    Straight Male / 30

    The Winnie the Pooh looking fucktard that is responsible for causing the CoronaVirus and having his Goons at WHO spreading lies to mislead the public should all be publicly executed for their crimes.It's real bullshit this Winnie the Pooh looking Fucktard can't take criticism and refuses to give Hong Kong it's freedom so he wants to make the world suffer. Why is this fucktard not the subject of a Worldwide Manhunt instead? I say the Goddamn Government needs to wear Gas Masks into China and find wherever Winnie The Flu is hiding lock him in a room and torture the fucker until he admits the truth of the Virus before hanging him. I'm so goddamn sick to death of hearing about the Goddamn Coronavirus and events getting cancelled because of it, I say this pussy XiJingping needs to admit to spreading the virus or I hope the world publically executes the Communist Fucktard.

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    Straight Female / 19

    The minute she leaves for work, we fuck.
    The minute she takes a bath, we fuck..
    The minute she goes for a pee, he has me lick and suck his cock and balls a little.
    The minute she falls asleep on the couch, I have him eat out my pussy and ass.
    On each and every occasion I persuade him he'd be better off with me. And he fucks me saying she's frigid and a terrible fuck.
    Their marriage is on the rocks, yet she doesn't know it yet. She thinks I'm her reliable, trustworthy and yet she thinks, her dumb little sister.
    Well I'm the little sister who found out her big sister, the bitch, was the one who slept with the love of my life.
    And she did it, just because I was happy.
    She hated me having something she didn't. A good looking guy, happiness and a engagement ring on my finger.
    Never film yourself getting fucked on your own couch, using your phone and saving it to a flash drive. Then don't lose that drive in your little sisters car so she can view you cheating on her with her fiancee.
    He got dumped a month later, long enough for them not to connect that I knew.
    I moved into her apartment until the work on my place is done. Amazing how long building work can take.
    She felt guilty my ex and I had split up, I know it. So she readily said yes to me staying.
    The first day alone with her husband I seduced him and we've now had sex pretty much every day since.
    I'm going to get him to leave her. Send her the videos of us fucking along with a copy of her being fucked by my ex.
    Then I'm going to dump her husband's ass too.
    I might even let dad know just why his precious daughter, the one who does no wrong, has lost the husband she calls perfect.
    Soon bitch.

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    Straight Male / 18

    It angers me that a video surfaced a Teenage Girl punching a boy and he hits back and gets jumped by everyone it really makes me angry that I want to hunt down all of these loser kids and beat the living shit out of them including the stupid bitch who started it.

    News Flash if a woman hits me i'm not going to let her get away with it because i'll punch you back and beat the living shit out of you, and if you see a guy hit a woman mind your Goddamn Business because you're the ones making yourselves look like pussies ganging up on one person defending himself from some stupid attention wanting retarded bitch. Teen Girls are known to be really stupid and are always trying to get away by talking shit about people and doing stupid shit and you know what a punch to their brainless heads is what they deserve and if any of them hit me than believe me they would find themselves waking up in a Hospital Bed or never waking up at all if some stupid bitch tried that on me.

    Women if you want equal rights than here's a lesson if you think it's ok to hit men and for them to not hit back than guess what you have nobody but yourselves to blame when a man hits back and beats the living shit out of you, and you would absolutely deserve it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    It was the worst thing I've ever done. I was 18 and in college for my second year. I was lesbian then, and am bi now, married, kids, and 20 years later. There was an ultra religious girl in the dorm, on my floor who was constantly berating me and yelling out to everyone that I was a lesbian and was "unnatural" all of the hellfire rhetoric to go with it. She was the daughter of a preacher and I found out a 19 year old virgin. There was a big blowout party after finals one semester and the preachers daughter got drunk beyond belief. I am still not sure if she was roofied or not. She couldn't move, eyes closed, and nothing woke her up. Another girl asked if I'd help take her to her room. We trekked across campus carrying her. I had her feet the other girl had her hands. We had to set her down several times. I could see up her skirt as we carried her. Her see through panties put her hairy pussy on display to me. Honestly with women I've always been a sucker for keeping hairy for some reason. One of our rest periods while carrying her, the skirt flipped above her panties and the other girl remarked how hairy she was.

    Once we were in the goodie girls room, the other girl wanted to go back to the party, but I'd had enough. I went to my room. After a few minutes I went back to the goodie girls room. I know I shouldn't have done anything but I did. I stripped her, then I stripped and climbed into bed with her. I kissed her, though she couldn't kiss back, and nothing was waking her up. I was feeling her pussy, getting her really wet, I couldn't believe how wet she got. The entire room smelled of pussy and sex. I pushed my pussy to her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, I sucked on what then, was the most perfect pair of breasts I'd ever seen, and I licked her pussy, taking in as much of that slick liquid as I could. There was a LOT of it, this girl got the wettest of anyone I've ever encountered before or since. I think she came but still didn't wake up. I did make sure that her juice and my pussy juice were drying all over her breasts and her legs, her face, her hands, and lodged throughout her ample pussy hair. I wanted her knowing there was a lot of pussy, and sex in that room.

    Spreading her pussy open I could see her hymen. I couldn't believe a 19 year old, even if a virgin, still had an intact hymen. Three fingers together and I thrust, then fucked her with three fingers for about 15 minutes. She was bleeding a little, getting even wetter. I used her see through panties to wipe the little trickles of blood, still making sure some got on her sheets. I wanted no mistakes to be made by her in the morning. I then starting tribbing with her, and made myself come, getting some more of her virginal blood on my pussy. Then I went to sleep, next to her. I woke up early, left my panties in her bed along with her blood stained panties, and walked back to my room. It was deserted as I walked back. About an hour later, I got showered, dressed, had breakfast and took some coffee and a bagel to her room.
    I knocked, heard a shy voice saying "yes" and went in.
    "I was just wondering if you found my panties? We couldn't find them last night" I said
    Her answer was "did we?" my response was "yes, and thank you, you gave yourself to me for your first time, that was very special. . . YOU are very special"

    She started crying and saying how she wasn't gay and didn't mean to do anything. I sat next to her and held her while she cried. She asked me how we broke her and made her bleed and I told her what she'd asked me to do (knowing it wasn't true). I kissed her, and pulled the sheet down that she was using to cover her breasts and lightly scr**ed my fingers across the nipples and kissed them again. They stood out rigid and firm. I brought her head to my blouse and opened it to my bare tits, and she pulled away.
    "No, I can't"
    "Yes, you can, you did, you couldn't get enough of them last night, that and my . . . you know, down there"
    She erupted crying again. I kissed her and strangely she kissed back. I took my panties and reached out and took her panties saying it was to remember the most special girl I'd ever been with. She let me and was still crying when I left.

    My husband found those panties many years later, and I told him they were mine from the first time I had sex with a guy. He keeps them now in his top drawer and brings them out sometimes when we make love, making me tell him about my first time. I tell him a true story, though the panties weren't part of that story.

    I know it was wrong, but she was such a bitch to me for 2 years, and after that night she stopped. She never uttered a foul word to me again, and sometimes when alone with her, I'd kiss her and reach under her bra and up her skirt and feel her as we kissed. I r**ed another girl. It was wrong, but she was so damn mean to me.

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    Straight Male / 26

    Whoever keeps clicking Remove It on good confessions needs to remove themselves

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    Straight Male / 30

    Dear American Companies please stop hiring Chinese Fucktards to answer phone calls because nobody can understand a goddamn word they are saying. I mean it's bad enough when UPS sends calls to China and some fucktard who can't speak English costs customers money and their parcels because UPS are idiots and couldn't hire somebody who does speak English but now Pizza Hut is doing the same bullshit. What is it with these companies hiring these morons who have very poor to no English speaking skills what so ever and have no business answering a phone and are the reason companies lose both money and customers.

    This Chinese Fucktard was speaking way to fast and I could not understand a goddamn word coming from him when trying to order my Pizza. I tried to tell him a Large with Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms and a side of Breadsticks and he acts like he can't understand a word that i'm saying and then he informs me the Pizza i'm trying to order is Carry Out Only and I get so pissed that I yell at him to go back to fucking Magic Wok you fucktard and hung the phone up and ordered from another Pizza Place.

    Number 1 Employees should be required to speak English when working for American Companies like UPS and Pizza Hut. Number 2 if I wanted to talk to some Chinese Person i'd call one of their restaurants and even then trying to order from them is like pulling teeth. Hey Chinese People SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH before working in this country or you can get the fuck out of here because your taking our money and cause places like Pizza Hut and UPS customers to leave because of your rage inducing speaking skills. So let this be a lesson to these companies hire people who speak ENGLISH not fucking Chinese FUCKTARDS so that way you can earn both Money and Customers.

    By the way Dr. Ken Jeong is a talentless fucktard who is not one bit funny and he's just annoying and is stupid as fuck. Can we please deport that fucktard.

    Also Hong Kong deserves it's independence and may that Winnie the Poo looking dictator be assassinated already.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some

    documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was

    open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had

    just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home making) and was

    bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just entering the

    bathroom and closing the door. So as I turned to keep the coffee on her

    table, I saw her laptop on and an email just popped up. It simply stated

    'Hi honey Gd Morning. See the attachment. Our memoir of last night.

    Enjoy. Have a good day'. Curiosity gave way and I opened the attachment

    which was a video of her lying naked with her boss and she was earnestly

    requesting not to take video. Though I knew there may have some thing

    like that going on, this was the hard proof. Without wasting time I got

    it copied to my phone and made the message unread. Though there was no

    action of sexual thing in the video, both were naked lying on bed resting

    after sex. I later was feeling a thrill and decided to upload the same on

    the Internet for the public to enjoy. Still viewing that

    video and seeing the number of hits I masturbates when my wife is at

    office. At times whenever I get a chance I would scan her laptops and

    even belongings to get hold of any such evidence but have not been

    successful so far.

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