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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 25

    My mother-in-law has always been snobby. I've never been good enough, never done anything right in her eyes, and she's just SO high class and we'll educated, whereas I'm "white trailer park trash" to her just because I haven't been to college. Oh well. Getting on with my confession.
    Last night she asked me over for dinner, she said she wanted to apologize about something. Knowing she was full of shit, I merely went along with it to humor my husband. So, I went over to her house by myself and sat with her for dinner. She started off nice enough, but she wasn't really eating and kept drinking wine, and slowly her apologies turned into blaming me for ridiculous things yet again.
    I got up to leave, stating that I'd heard enough and I was going home. She stepped in front of me to stop me, and without thinking, I punched her in the jaw- because she was in my face and screaming again. She was more tipsy than I'd thought, because she immediately fell to the floor on her back, and she was mostly unconscious.
    At first I freaked and didn't know what to do. What if her husband came home and found her like this? What if he came home right now and saw me standing over her like this, and knew I'd done it?
    Then something else went through me, I'm not sure why or where it came from. I guess it was because I was just so fed up with her bullshit. I wanted to completely dominate this bitch. I wanted her to know I wasn't going to put up with her shit anymore.
    I hurried and straddled her face and lifted my skirt, moving my thong to one side so that my clit was pushed against her lips. Then I began to grind, and she began to stir. I panicked again and tried to figure out what I was going to say. She tried to ask what the fuck I was doing, but before she got the sentence halfway out, I ran my fingers through her hair, grabbed a handful and shoved her face into my pussy.
    I was just as surprised as she was when I heard- out of my own mouth, "Suck on my clit, you fucking bitch" She hesitated for a minute, I can only assume in shock, before I felt her begin to flick her tongue around and start sucking. It turned me on so much- this power trip i had over her. I absolutely loved it. I moved my hips forward and made her tongue go into my vagina, and she started to tongue fuck me.
    "Yeah, eat that fucking cum oozing out of my pussy. By the way, your son just got done fucking me and filling me up.... eat it." She did. I couldn't tell if she was just playing along, but she didn't seem to hate it. I kept moving my hips around and grinding into her face and shoving her face into my pussy at random and I eventually came in her mouth.
    When I was finished, I spun around and tore her shorts off and commanded her to spread her legs. She didn't have the prettiest pussy, and I've never been interested in eating/fucking a pussy, but this overwhelming need to completely dominate this bitch wouldn't let up. So while she was still licking my pussy, I spat on her clit and started to finger fuck her. She came pretty quickly. The more she squirmed, the more I shoved my pussy into her face, and when I did, she seemed more eager to make me cum again.
    This went on for a while, and I even started licking her pussy, which she seemed to love as well. Then one time when I happen to look up, i see her husband peeking around a corner just watching us. I grinned and made the "come here" motion with my finger. He smirked and came into the room and just stood watching us.
    I had always had a little bit of a fatasy about him fucking me, he was an attractive older man. I told him to get behind me and fuck me if he'd like, and I'd make her keep licking my clit. That was another fantasy- to have a guy fuck mem from behind while someone else was underneath me going wild with their tongue, and it felt just as amazing as id imagined. His cock was about 8" and THICK, and felt wonderful sliding up into my tight wet pussy. He let out a deep groan of pleasure when he got his cock all the way in me and started hammering. It was no time before I came all over him, and as he was pulling my hair/smacking my ass/biting the back of my neck and earlobe, he was ready to shoot his load.
    I could tell he was close as he had a death grip on my hips and as he was hammering away, I felt his cock start to pulsate and get even harder than before. He started to pull out and I rocked my hips back toward him which made him cum even harder.
    After all was said and done, I told my mother-in-law next time she wanted to apologize, she could just get on her knees instead.
    I had plenty of fun shoving her face into my pussy. It seemed it wasn't the first time she'd licked a clit, either. The best part was when I went home, hubby had no idea and he was already horny for me. He licked my pussy and ate Greg's cum, without knowing, and making me squirt for the first time because it was so irresistibly sexy.
    I hope she calls me again soon.

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    Gay Male / 24

    When I got out of college I got a job in Memphis. I hated it, but it was the only thing I got. I lived in a recovered warehouse loft. I didn't know anyone and I spent my time after work watching television. Across from my building was another recovered warehouse loft, separated by a small courtyard. I noticed that the loft across the street left the dr**es open at night and I could see in. There was a man there who pretty much did the same thing I did, come home and watch television.

    I have a collection of porn videos from my college days. In college I stroked to porn all the time and that night I put a cd in that always got me off and got some oils and sat back in my chair with my feet on the table and stroked myself with the blinds pulled up. Knowing that he was watching me made it better. It became a ritual and whenever I saw him across the way I would stroke myself. I walked around the room naked.

    He sat back and had his television on but I could tell he was watching the window because when I stood up to walk across the room he leaned up in the chair. If I ran into him during the day we just nodded to each other and went our way. Then one day I was at the corner store grocery and he was there and we bumped into each other. And with an exchange of pleasantries, neighbors recognizing each other we introduced ourselves. He was an accountant for FedEx in their facilities there, divorced.

    That night I went back to my favorite cd and stroked for him. I imagined him watching me, now I knew what his face looked like. I imagined that he was sitting across the courtyard stroking himself. That evening I stood up and stroked until I came. I started to leave the blinds up in the bedroom, to sleep naked with a small light on. When we ran into each other we were always polite. I bought some small binoculars and found a place where I could kneel on the floor and watch him. I knew when he went to the bathroom, back to the bedroom. Sometimes the blinds were up in his bedroom. I saw him in his boxer shorts. And I continued to watch porn and stroke myself in the evening when he watched television.

    Then one night, I saw him in his bedroom naked. His blinds were completely up and the overhead light was on. He just walked around. He stood in front of a mirror and ran his hands over his body, he pulled on his penis, turned to the side, went and got on his bed and I saw him masturbate on the bed. Not often, but too many times to be an accident, he stood naked in his room, with my binoculars I could see him clearly. And then he knocked on my door.

    He caught me, I was home for only a little while. The porn cds were on the coffee table, the oils I used, my clean up rag, my towel I sat on to stroke myself. He came in, looked across the courtyard and his apartment, he picked up the cds and went through them one by one and he asked to see it up front and personal. He sat down on the chair that I used and told me to let it out and let him look. He touched me, and then put his mouth around my penis and began to suck. He stopped and asked me if that is what I liked and went back to sucking me. He had me undress completely, and he undressed completely. He had broad shoulders but he also had a belly and he had me reach down and hold his penis with my hand and stroke him into an erection.

    I sucked him. He stopped me and told me to lean against the back of the chair and using the oils he prepared me and he got behind me and fucked me. He had me use my clean up rag to clean him up and asked me to suck him again. After I sucked him for a while he had me stand in the middle of the room and he stroked me and had me kiss his chest and nipples and he stroked me until I came. He let me sit back in my chair and clean myself with my rag. He took the binoculars off the table and asked me to look across into his apartment. On a tripod back in the middle of the room was a video recorder. He said he could operate it remotely, turn it on and off, it had an amazing zoom and he recorded us having sex. He told me that he normally had the video recorder hidden in a plant and he had recorded me for some time.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My brother in law is in a wheelchair. My husband brought him into our house. He is insufferable. One morning after working out he caught me going from the bathroom to the bedroom after my shower. All I had on was a towel. I dropped it on the floor and stood naked in front of him for a couple of minutes. I know he can't get an erection, I hope I pissed him off. He can't even masturbate if he tried.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Two days after my seventeenth birthday a so called friend of mine, beat the shit out of me. The reason being, that I'd so called tried to get off with his girlfriend. He knew I had a big cock, and he'd heard from another idiot, that I'd offered to fuck his girlfriend at a party.

    It was all a lie and in fact I'd left the party well before his girlfriend had gotten there. She had and I know this for sure, been fucked by another guy, but it definitely wasn't me.
    Two days I spent in hospital. Two days in which my mum and dad tried to get me to tell them who'd beaten me up, so they could report the person to the police. I never did say anything, not because it was out of loyalty to my supposed friend, but because I knew deep down inside me, I'd somehow get him back one day.

    That opportunity I thought had gone, when he moved away only months after kicking my head like a football. Moving on with my life, I went into the building game and through hard work, lots of hard work, I built myself a small business, which now employs four people. Actually it now kind of employs five.

    In early March this year I got a call from a supplier who said his new driver thought he knew me. It turned out, Gary, their new driver, was the very same old friend of mine who liked to beat up smaller people. When I first saw him, he couldn't have been more apologetic, and even bought me some expensive whisky. He'd been inside for violence and through a deal I'd done with my supplier, we sponsored men who were finding it hard to come by employment due to their recent incarceration.

    Before Gary went inside he got married and his bride, although I didn't know it at the time, turned out to be an ex girlfriend of mine. She's a very attractive woman, who when I was having fun with her, enjoyed lots of sex and lots of varied sex. In fact I'd say she's the dirtiest bitch I've ever fucked. Beneath her stunning looks, that woman is a real anything goes cock hungry slut, I can tell you.

    Because Gary worked for my supplier, I began to see him a couple of times a week. After a couple of months, so the end of May, I got a message from my supplier saying he was having a bash for his fiftieth. I went along and saw Gary there, with to my surprise, my ex. He introduced me to his wife and when she kissed my cheek to say hello, not letting on we knew each other, she whispered "I don't half miss your cock".

    I saw the look on Gary's face, but it soon disappeared when as usual the birthday boy piped up "Oy, you queer bastard, you getting me a drink or what". It was my supplier shouting to me. It was something he called me after seeing me looking through a gay mag I'd found at a house we were renovating, years before.
    Later on in the evening, I went outside for some air and turned round when I heard a female voice saying my name. It was my ex and straight away she walked over to me, cupped my cock bulge and asked me if I'd take her somewhere and fuck her.

    Knowing the place we were at, I knew around the other side of the building, there were groves of trees and plenty of cover. It took us only a couple of minutes to get there, and to have each others tongues fighting as we kissed passionately. She all but had my trousers and boxers down stroking my cock. I had my right hand up her short skirt, furiously as I knew she liked it, finger fucking her pussy and arsehole. Breaking off she said we didn't have long and she'd wanted all night since first seeing me to feel my cock up her pussy. Bending her over against a tree, I put my cock head to her opening and thrust in. I didn't waste time letting her get used to the size of my cock, instead I reached around and gripped her tits hard. She gasped as I squoze her breasts, but she backed onto me as if telling me she wanted rough sex. Slapping her arsehole as I fucked her time after time, she turned her head and told me "It's yours if you want it". I knew what she meant, so I slid my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and forced it up her tight arsehole. She cried out a little, but I didn't care and still rammed it home. Screwing her arsehole as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone before, I realised I was taking out my long term frustration of being beaten up, on his wife.
    My ex reached back to me, almost as if to tell me she was near, but didn't get chance to say anything as she came hard on my dick. No more than four or five thrusts later, I too came, flooding her arsehole with my cum.

    She moved off my cock getting herself sorted out, but I wasn't finished. Yanking on her hair hard, I pushed her down and shoved my cock into her face. Over the next five minutes she worshiped my cock, licking and sucking on it until every drop of my cum and her anal juice was cleaned off.

    We were back in the main function room of the golf club a few minutes later and her husband was non the wiser. He was I think, re telling his part in my reason for going to hospital when I was seventeen. He sounded all cock sure of himself and I got a little angry, but then I had just fucked his wife and had her swallow some of my seed. What cooled my temper, was seeing her go up to him, kiss him full on the mouth and then turn to wink at me.
    The following Monday morning, I phoned my supplier and asked him if he'd had a good evening, as well telling me it had been great, he also told me about some new materials I'd wanted. Saying he'd send Gary over later in the afternoon, I asked him to direct Gary over to a site which was on the other side of the city. A good hour in ordinary traffic and told him to text me when he left his yard.

    As soon as I put the phone down, I text the number Gary's wife had given me, and got a text back saying "I'm home now, can't wait". Getting the text from my supplier, I drove over to Gary's home. half an hour later I was balls deep up his wife's pussy, after she'd been sucking on my dick whilst I was tonguing her pussy and arse.
    It's funny most of Gary's deliveries have been these past couple of months, out of town. And I've pretty much taken him on via my supplier most days of the week. It's also funny his wife never goes short of sex now, not now I'm fucking her every chance we get.

    Now to why I'm really here. In three days time, I'll be sending over a van to pick up Michelle's things from Gary's. She's moving in with me and ditching her tosser of a husband. She now knows about his past with myself and has also decided as soon as she can, she's divorcing him. Gary will be delivering his last ever items for me in the south of the country. It will take him at least five hours there and back. When he returns, he'll find a note from his wife and he'll find her gone.

    What will be really galling for him, Is he'll know from the note and the men I'll have sat there, it's because of me. And believe me, he'll have no choice but to keep quiet and stay away. It's that or a huge beating and a definite return to prison. And from what I now know, he apparently doesn't enjoy being fucked up the arse by bigger, much harder men.

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    Straight Male / 45

    After Joe found out his wife cheated, he gave her an ultimatum.
    Either they would divorce (and she would get nothing, as per their pre-nup) or she could stay married to him and continue to have the stability he provided, in return for being enslaved to him.

    She actually enjoyed the life he had built with/for her, and she felt horrible that she had cheated. He was generally a good man, she didn't know what had possessed her to even do it. So, whether it was out of guilt, love, desperation, or a combination of all, she agreed to be enslaved.

    Her 1st assignment as his new slave was to seal their deal with a blowjob. He told her "suck it, bitch, and I mean to completion". She was humiliated, to the point of being nearly in tears. He had never talked to her like that before.

    She knew how deeply she had wounded him with her unfaithfulness at this point. She knew he was just hurting her because she had hurt him. As much as his harsh words stung, she couldn't help but be aroused.

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    Straight Female / 18

    At 16, I'm the oldest of three daughters with our baby girl being 12. Mom married a Baboon after she divorced dad. The asshole began to r**e us girls. After a few months I found one of my real dad's straight razors. I told the Baboon that ONE OF US, and he won't know which until it happens, will cut his fucking balls off with one stroke and flush them down the toilet if he continues to r**e us. I was furious, shaking, with a red face when I told him that.

    The Baboon has not been back and we don't expect him to return. If he does, we WILL cut his fucking balls off.

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    Straight Male / 35

    So I have been married for 10 years. My wife is 35 about 5,5 140 lbs nice body however she is very much a prude and judgmental.

    Like many guys after marriage blowjobs became extremely rare. A few weeks ago my wife says shes going out with some friends from work for a going away party for a coworker which I thought strange becuse she hates most or her coworkers but whatever. Anyways she comes home very late that night a complete mess, Drunk smelling like smoke (she had quit years ago) and had obviously been crying a lot. So I press her for details and she starts crying hysterically and says i cant tell you.

    Obviously i know she fucked up somehow so i go into nice guy mode (im anything but) and press her she balling again and blurts out i cheated on you!and starts begging forgiveness. Im floored because i would never in a million years think a prude like her would cheat.

    Now let me be honest ive cheated many many times because well im a perv lol but anyways i play the hurt i cant believe this roll and then i tell her i want to know ALL the details. She tells me she got really drunk and this young guy kept hitting on her, eventually he asked her if she wanter to go outside and smoke(about this time my dick starts getting hard becuse im a freak) they start making out in his car....then she stops and says i dont want to says anymore and resumes crying.

    I tell her i need to know everything if im going to get past this. She tells me that the guy asked her for a blowjob (at this point i almost start jerking off becuse her blowing another guy has always been a huge fantasy of mine but i could never brought it up with her she would have went nuts) i ask her if she did and she hides her face in her hands and sobs yes. I start to act mad and ask her how long she sucked his cock she really starts crying and says it was only a couple of minutes then she got sick, i said what made you sick? And she says when he came(dude must have been really backed up)

    At this point im trying not to crack up becuse my wife hates sperm doesnt even like it on her body and some young dude just unloaded into her mouth. I asked "what happened after your boyfriend came in your mouth" she says she jumped out of the car and vomited(which i believe) now that its all out she starts pleading with me again to forgive her, i really lay it on thick with the whole "you hardly ever blow me and you blow some stranger" blah blah blah bullshit.

    But i know i have her in a corner so i tell her i can forgive her but shes got a LOT of making up to do, and after listening to this story my cock is so hard im about to burst i
    pull my dick out (which is dripping pre cum) and i say "you can start now" She looks at me with makeup and tears running down her face like im crazy. I push her head down and my dick goes in now that im in the drivers seat i really take advantage and finally get the blow job ive wanted all along wet sloppy with tons of gagging i was really aggressive but she was i no position to argue. The defeated look on her face was priceless and i did something i never do i came in her mouth! She immediately jumps up to run to the bathroom. After this i let her off the hook for the evening as shes had a pretty rough night of 2 creeps cumming in her mouth, i tell her im hurt but i love and all that bullshit. She showered and we went to bed.

    The next morning i woke up with my usual hard one that i immediately made her suck off it was glorious no fight at all. I make her blow me several times a day now. When she comes home from work ill be waiting on the couch with my dick out. I just love the look on her face as she drops to her knees in her fancy work atire (shes a cpa)to blow me, it turns me on thinking if her coworkers she fucks with could see her now. Anyways the novelty is wearing off but the guilt blowjobs are fun as a matter of fact my cock is still soaked from a blowjob she just gave me. Im going to let her off the hook soon but it was sure fun while it lasted. Now i can just dream she gets drunk again and lets some random fuck her in the ass!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    16 here, not 18. My first sex was about 6 months ago when I was 15. I was staying the night with my friend who is 17 and his mom wasn't at home for the weekend, and we got some beer and tequila and got drunk. That Friday night was first. I passed out and when I woke up Saturday morning he was on top of me fucking me. I yelled for him to stop and he asked why, since he'd fucked me all night long. I was sure he had, my butt was sore but it was the amount of cum that came out and into the toilet when I went. Of course, he made me wait until he was done pushing in another load of his cum before I could go to the toilet. His excuse for what he did was that he was horny, I was hard - he says he jacked me and even sucked me off - and he wanted to fuck someone. He says that I agreed to it but I don't think so. As he said it, the damage was done and if I wanted I could do it to him. He did suck me and then finished me with his hand. Over that weekend I let him fuck me 9 more times. Mostly while I was drinking, but a couple times in the afternoon, and then Monday morning before we went to school. Eventually I just let him do it when he wanted. I was spending several nights over there as he wanted to fuck a LOT.

    His mom was a drinker, and came home drunk often. She'd padd out with her panties off, skirt off, and blouse opened wearing no bra. My friend went into a deep sleep after fucking me twice, and I played with his passed out mom. This happened several times, I would lick her, finger her, even licked and fingerfucked her ass. Several times, usually if she came home after 2am, she'd pass out in various states of undress or naked with sperm in her just-fucked pussy. I'd been swallowing my friends sperm now for month so I'd lick her pussy and the other mens sperm anyway. Finally last weekend I fucked her. I had a butt filled with 2 loads of her sons sperm, and then I fucked his mom. I was too afraid to cum inside her so I pulled out and shot on her C cup titties with tiny nipples and licked it off. Then I returned to my friends room and jacked off while he fucked me the next morning, all the time I was thinking about how hot and moist his moms pussy was only a few hours before. The next time I catch her with cum in her, I'm going to shoot mine inside her too. I can't wait to cum inside a pussy. In the meantime I may fuck her in her butt just like her son does to me, and did my first time while I was drunk and passed out. Rape for a r**e?

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    Straight Female / 28

    I had just recently gotten out of a long term relationship. We had been together for about 4 years. So when he came out and said it was over, I was kind of shocked. And even though I was sadden and upset afterwards, I tried to move on with my life. To add to the pain, I found out the reason for our breakup was because he had run into his ex girlfriend before me, and they felt like there was a spark still there.

    One Friday night, about 5 months after, I went to a local pub/bar with my roommate, her boyfriend and two other friends. So we're sitting at our table and suddenly I noticed across the room, my ex's good friend comes in and sits at the bar. So I started thinking "what do I do?" Do I go over say hi, do I ignore him. I knew this guy was pretty shy, so I could easily walk by him and he likely wouldn't of said anything. But I thought, why not, just say hi. So as we were leaving and I was passing by, we made eye contact. And I acted all excited to see him. My friends all had plans so then left. So I asked him if he would like to have a drink with me and talk a bit. And surprisingly he said sure.

    Now I have to say, while he wasn't a bad looking guy, I never found him attractive. I'm a bit of a sapiosexual, I find people who are smart to be attractive. And while this guy was funny, outgoing, and a pretty sweet guy; he wasn't the smartest guy around.
    So we moved to a table (a little more private) and talked about different things. And he mentioned that he was single. His ex and I weren't friends, in fact, I didn't really like her. lol But we talked often because of the boyfriends. And she bragged often about their sex life. So I was thinking about this and started some subtle flirting. Of course this went right over his head. But I wasn't really planning anything to come of it. But as we were talking I started thinking, "wow, this is the longest we've chatted alone together." And I was thinking he's a pretty interesting guy. But I knew if I wanted anything to happen, it would be a mission. I knew that my ex and him were good friends and they might have some "bro code" about ex's. And even if they didn't how would I get him to go for it.

    Next thing I know, the time had gone by fast. We had been talking a couple hours. So I asked him how he was getting home. I knew he lived close by, like me. So I figured he had walked. Which was the case. So being late I asked him if he wouldn't mind walking me home first. Which he agreed. Neither of us were drunk, we hadn't had to many drinks and they were spread out over the hours. But as we were walking he mentioned about how I kept walking close to him and I accidentally bumped into him a few times. This was a pure accident, I wasn't doing it intentionally. He jokingly put his arm around me and said something about how it seemed I wanted him to put his arm around me. All of a sudden I got this feeling shooting from head to toe in my body. His arms were pretty firm, and I loved the feeling of being close to him. I wanted to fuck him. Thankfully I knew my roommate was staying at her bf's place that weekend. But how to get him in my place. Well, luck would have it, when we got to my place, he asked to use the bathroom. Perfect, I've got him in, now what. Saying something outright would scare him off, I need a plan.

    So I'm showing him to the bathroom, I asked him if he'd like a beer, which he said sure. I was about to get the beer when something my ex said to me a long time back came to me. He told my ex that he thought I had amazing breast. I am a smaller bbw, with a C cup. While his ex gf was skinny, maybe had an A cup. I quickly went into my room, took my zip-up hoodie sweater off, took my bra off from under my t-shirt, put the hoodie back on but didn't zip it up. He sat on my couch and I gave him the beer. I sat on the chair across from him and we chatted just a little and it went silent for a minute or so. I then made a joke about us running out of things to talk about, and he laughed. I stood up, took my hoodie off, and quickly sat next to him (practically on and as soon as I hit the couch, I moved in with a real passionate kiss. This went on for maybe under a minute. We pulled apart and I knew I had to follow up really fast, so I took my shirt off. With no bra on he got to see what he's always wanted to see. lol. The look in his eyes was kind of shock and excitement. I didn't even get back to kissing him again and he had his hands on the girls. After a few minutes, and lot of playing with and sucking my boobs, I said let's go to my bedroom, we'll be more comfortable there. I sat on my bed and he pushed me back and pulled my pants and panties off and went to town with the oral. I was shocked at how good he was at it. It was at this point I realized, "my ex bf's best friend is eating me out." Eventually it was my turn to return the favor. Because of his ex, there was no surprise about one thing, I knew he was cut down below. lol. Then he pushed me back and took me missionary. Within seconds it started to really sink in that I was getting laid by my ex's best friend. I think that gave me an orgasm it self. lol. I also started thinking about his ex and how I was finding out first hand what she was always bragging about.

    In the morning, he left. I figured that it was just a one time thing. But I enjoyed myself a lot. So a few days later I decided to give him a call. He was shocked to hear from me. And told me how much fun he had. So I said to him, I'll keep it quiet if you do, I want to hookup again. So we ended up in a FWB that lasted months. We even had swimming pool sex, sauna sex, anal sex, all a first for me. But we decided to end it after a pregnancy scare. It was kind of strange that his parents weren't upset their son was screwing his best friend's ex, they were excited they might be grandparents.

    So 2 reasons for this being revenge for me. First, I ran into my ex a few times, once with the new gf, and the whole time I was thinking if you only knew how many orgasms I've had, how many bjs I've given, how many crazy things I've done with your best friend. That was a truly great feeling. Second, I ran into his ex one day. And she was a stuck up bitch to me after I was nice. Knowing he dumped her, I came out and told her, I've been fucking your ex for months, and told her something about him that only she would know so she would know it was true. I walked away laughing. Great feeling. lol

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I really hate my dad, who never gave a shit about me growing up, but was always real concerned with who I was with, not having boyfriends, acting like he owned me, etc.

    He hates my now husband, who is a different race. I like to fantasize about being fucked on my childhood bed right in front of him. It really turns me on and I kind of want it to happen for real.

    Just having a huge cock absolutely pummeling my small pussy and him being too shocked to move. I would want the one fucking me to also get off on being caught by him, and cum inside me right in front of him.
    But my husband would never do that:(

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