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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I have dreamed on doing scat sex with powerful men. I have fantasied about tying a man up hangcuffing and raping his ass with a jackhammer and watching his asshole bleed.

    I would love to get a group of horny butch girls into inviting couples of powerful people and those deviants over for swingers sex and doing a coupe on them and making them experience real pain for my pleasure for all the suffering I have gone through.

    I want to do a sudden attack on a swingers party of couples and chain them to wall torture grips whip them and have sadistic pleasures with their bodies. My real fantasy is a terrorist like attack and get a specialized swat scat team to come in in leather masks and jack-ass them all.

    it sounds like so much fun, I will call this adrenaline sex!!

    fuck yeah!

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    Straight Male / 30

    My old roommate and I were military veterans living together. I asked him once what his buddies were doing after the army (he was with JSOP, a special forces branch.) He said he asked one guy and the dude said "I'm going to Cambodia to kill sex traffickers." Pretty awesome right, take an instrument of war and use it for good.

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    Straight Female / 40

    i did not start vaginal insertions til I was 25 after having a thrush infection from antibiotics I was inserting creams and kind of got interesting in trialing insertions.

    prior to that I would masturbate but never insert, mostly out of fear, I did not use tampons as i could not fit them up and it was too painful.

    I wanted to be a virgin on my wedding night because I thought that i was ment to be with William and i wanted to have the hymen and all in tact. he would come over on and off to the house but never looked at me or talked to me. he was very engrossed in being a guy into computers.

    I was wanting someone like him to help me and talk to me. this may sound silly to some but i do know that some young boys are more mature then some older men. surprise surprise!!!!

    i was so hurt over William after one night my father told him to leave with his mate acting stupid on drugs and drunk...

    I loved William but no longer feel safe to feel much for him now.

    but by the age of 25 I just got tired of waiting for a young man to love me and all i got was abuse and violent men sexually assaulting me..i guess i broke down and gave up. i used to cry a lot alone in my room on and off and try to be positive but i felt deeply negative about myself because of childhood abuses.

    like the song by avril "I got tired of waiting" and waiting and waiting to be good enough to be loved by a young man...

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    Straight Male / 40

    I fucked the shit out of a butch lesbian bitch. Her partner loved men and she hated men like no other. The week before we did a 3 way; butch lesbian did everything to make it not happen.

    She did not want me sticking her girl and refused to spread her legs for any man or dick. Sherry told me this and wanted more of a man loving partner. She enjoyed a good dick and wanted to lick a pussy at the same time.

    So the night is here and we had dinner. Sherry goes under the table sucks me off while her butch mate listened. She was pisses. Started to leave, Sherry told her, NO you either enjoy with me or I am gone. I got nasty looks.

    To the room and Sherry and her partner start off while I watch. Sherry pushes her off and waves me over. She makes her suck my cock, she did NOY like that at all. But she did a good job. My guess not the first cock she had sucked before conversion.

    She had a nice set of D cup tits a tight thick build body and ass like a rock. She wore mens white boxer briefs. She was what most would like to breed for line backer kids.

    Sherry pulls me on her and immediately after butch partner starts kissing her. Makes her tell her how good my cock taste. Finally she softened up and it got better. She was nice and licked my nuts while I fuck Sherry. Sherry moans and makes sounds she has not heard before.

    Sherry ask me to cum inside her, I have built up a pretty big load and do as she ask, I pump her full and much runs out. I back out and partner dives in. She cleans her up like eating ice cream. We lay there and Sherrys head on my chest. She tells how good it feels being packed full of dick. Her partner does not like this either. She tells about sucking clits and finger work.

    Sherry spreads her partner and I hear sucking sounds and moaning. She is just about to cum when Sherry tells me FUCK HER. I stand up and she yells, FUCK NO, he is not FUCKING ME. Sherry gets upset and starts packing her things. I leave the room and get dressed..

    She Sherry ask if I would keep her for a few days. Attitude changes. Well if you want me to I will try it. She starts acting like a real women. She gets me undressed and does all she can to fuck me. She ask if she could be on top, I agreed. She has used some big toys and my sixe is not a issue for her. She is a good ride. Yet she is not cumming, she is just trying to get me finished.

    Sherry knows whats happening and will not stand for it. YOU LET HIM FUCK YOU, She stops and gets off. She takes missionary position and refuses to pull up her legs. Sherry forces her and I take control. I now grudge fuck this bitch. Hooked her legs and the pounding starts. I am on a mission and so is she. I seem to win the battle,

    I see her cum face and so does sherry, that's it, fuck her and make her cum for you. She pushed hard but surrendered. She had a massive orgasm followed shortly by another. She in a soft voice ask me if I could stop for a minute. I slowed and leg her legs go. She submitted and acted like she wanted ot fuck now. legs around me ass and pulling the meat in and out of her. She worked her ass and now fucked well. She had another orgasm and big one right after.

    Wrapped me tight and made love to me. I retured the favor and enjoyed the wet box she gave me. She ask me not to cum in her, she took no BC meds and could get pregnant. Sherry tried her to take it for a baby. I did not want a baby in this set up. She could see my cum face working and got me out and off her quickly. She jumped on and started sucking. She did a nice job and depth was not an issue. She did not spill a drop, with a mouth full Sherry kisses and shares the juice.

    I drudge fucked a Butch lesbian and made her cum. She admitted the fuck was nice and she actually enjoyed it. I did visit this two few more times. Sherry was an old GF who just loved sex. She was a good time in bed.

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    Straight Male / 37

    A Pedophile Catholic Priest is Dead... and I know why.

    In 1985, for a brief time, I was an Catholic altar boy. The priest who was my mentor was named Henry Perez. He seemed cool, nice, very kind and funny at first. He performed a puppet show for the kids of the parish called "Linus the Lizard". After performing mass with him, he'd always joke with me about drinking wine in the room where I changed. I didn't understand what was funny at all. At some point he made sexual advances toward me and that creeped me out. A lot. I immediately quit. Actually I just stopped showing up. He found me in the park near the church one day and started acting crazy, making threats, making me feel guilty, saying I was bad. I threatened to get him in trouble for what he tried to do. I tried to walk away. I don't know why but I ended up in his car. He bought me pizza and $300 worth of comic books. Then he said something about the 14 Stations of the Cross and Christ's forgiveness, redemption blah blah blah. He let me kick him in the balls 14 times, punch him in the face 14 times and spit on him. Then he wanted me to piss on him. I didn't. I kept my mouth shut about it. My family forced me to attend church and I hated it. Within a year, he was no longer at that church. I don't know why.
    In 2002, I performed a ritual in which I summoned many demons to do my bidding and wipe him off the planet. 14 days later, he died in a car accident. I don't believe in demons, gods or anything superstitious. But I think it's a nice coincidence. That's my story. He's dead.

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    Straight Female / 21

    I know rape is an often misused word. but when you have been genuinely raped by a stranger and suffer terrible suffering it is no laughing matter. most of my life all I have know is rape or a old man tying me down. I still hate everything about their physical presence. I can not stand the thought of being near that man ever without feeling disgust. rape is over used in a bad way most of the time on this site.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I raped my ex-girlfriend,
    after she broke up with me.

    She was already dating some other guy, but I got her alone on the pretext of returning her housekey. She protested and struggled, but what could she do, really?? She's very petite, and I'm simply bigger and stronger than her.

    Eventually, she gave in and relaxed. And when she did, a funny thing happened. She had a HUGE orgasm! Prior to that, she'd never orgasmed from intercourse.

    I love the fact that I'm responsible for making her carry the shame of rape into her new relationship. She ended up marrying the guy, probably figuring that as a rape victim, she probably couldn't do any better than him. I also love the fact that her loser husband will never feel her vagina clenching orgasmically around his penis, like it did mine, unless he actually gets the balls to rape her someday, like I did.

    My only regret is that I didn't flip her over, and rape her up the ass, something that I'm sure no one but a rapist will ever be allowed to do to her. And it would have served her right for dumping me.

    Finally, I love the fact that I completely and utterly got away with it. The Statute of Limitations has expired. So even if she decides to come forward and report it now, I'll never spend a day in jail; never have to register as a sex offender. I LOVE the justice system!

    So if any guys out there are considering raping their bitch ex-girlfriends, all I can say is that I'm sure glad I did. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

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    Straight Male / 43

    My confession is this. My ex was who was never that great in bed left me for another guy 10 years younger. I know it boosted her ego to have the guy 10 years younger chasing after her.

    So I happened to call a buddy the other day and he mentions that he noticed my ex just got engaged. Amused I call my ex brother who I'm still buddies with to ask him if it true and he confesses that it is and tells me he was sworn to secrecy.

    I send the ex a simple text "congrats!"

    Later that night she show's up on my doorstep pissed off as hell asking why I would tell her "Congrats!".

    I tried to explain that I hoped she was happy....she wasn't buying it.

    I just said "I'm sure he makes you very happy" with a bit of a smirk.

    "Sex isn't everything" she screamed.

    I said I know and pulled at the drawstring to her pants.

    "You arrogant asshole!" She screamed as her pants hit the floor. (She had no panties on)

    "Really????" I said dropping to my knees and started to go down on her.

    She pushed on my head for all of about 2 seconds saying "I can't" as my tongue lashed at her clit. After that it was just "oh fuck, oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this!"

    As her knees started to buckle I guided her over the edge of the couch.
    I just kept licking and she began to quiver clench and shake. It had been 2 years but I still knew when she was cumming.

    I rose behind undid my jeans spit on my hand to coat the tip of my cock and rammed my cock inside her. For the first minute I'll she moaned was "oh my god oh my god" over and over. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she just started moaning "don't stop, don't stop". I could feel her pussy fluttering on my cock again and knew she had climaxed again. As I began to groan and erupt she turned over her shoulder tears streaming down her face.

    "Oh my god your cumming inside me!" she cried.

    I pulled out as the last pulse erupted from my cock. There was no denying I was.

    She curled into a ball on the couch crying "how can I face him??"

    I just smiled and said "Don't worry, sex isn't everything."

    She put back on her pants and stormed out of the house. "You're still and asshole!"

    I just smile to myself thinking..."you're still a slut"

    P.S. As a side note since she made no effort to clean up I hope her new fiancée enjoyed the cream pie.

    I didn't seek revenge but when presented to me I took it.

    I'd appreciate comments from both men and women if I was really in the wrong here?? All I sent was a text that said Congrats!

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    Transsexual Male / 21

    I used to steal gas from gas station, and they came out with a warrant for my arrest. hen I got convicted for running away from a cop. I cam up with a BS story that he was scaring me and I knew him from High school, but I always play the victim and try to deflect blame onto others. I recently sent a death wish email to a sex blogger and got caught and though I tried to deny it I was caught dead to rights. But I keep trying to deflect the blame and get other people in trouble for what I did. Now I am going nuts on the Internet and screwing up at work and not following through on my singing. I'm such a klutz! ;-) LOLOL! Don't laugh or I'll sue you.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I few years ago I lost weight, got weak and took to some medications, I started getting unexplainable and unbearable deadly pain in the abdominals and all body and would have to lay down or fall down.

    to some people it looked like I was on drugs and I took my favorite pills codeine, yes it is easy to become addicted.

    I took a lot of these heavy pills since a car accident and found they were great comfort to me most of 20s and 30s when I had no friends at all and no boyfriend.

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