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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 35

    The weekend after my divorce from my cheating lying wife I set her and her sister (partner in cheating) to be raped by a group of men. They videod it and sent copies to their families and jobs. My ex wife is now a former HS administrator. Bonus since no one used protection she caught herpes. My ex sister in law is going through a divorce to. She got pregnate. It doesn't make up for the pain she caused my children or me. Almost the whole town knows and no man wants to touch her.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Father in law died and we got her. yea,

    I have the mother in law from hell. She managed to break up the marriage of her other three daughters and her son. She enjoys this like a game. She seduced two of the son in laws and then told her daughters. The others were broken with lies. Before I married my wife we lived together. She told my wife I was driving around with a strange woman. Was a lie and my wife knew it. Told me my wife was in bed with her ex boyfriend, again not true.

    Shortly after our wedding she told I screwed my now niece the night before. Not possible when she was with my wife the night before. She placed a pair of undies in my veh beside the passenger seat. What gave this away she got these as a gift. Wife knew who owned them and how they go there.

    I went through hell with this woman and now I must help give her a bath. I have day shift watching her and she must go with me every where. Told if she is left alone in the house, she could start a fire.

    This is how I do this now. I set her room up and have a eye bolt in the floor. I have leather wrist straps and short chain. I can let her watch TV and not worry about her wondering off. She has a healthy body its her mind that's gone off now. Was washing her junk and she moaned some. That feels good she said. I must admit she like my wife has a great body. Her old tits still firm and nice. So I unzipped and got some. She moaned and enjoyed it. So the next day I did her bath and she bent over the table and opened her legs, I got some, she got ass fucked. When I finished I cleaned up the mess and got her dressed. Told her that was for the lies she told on me. She looked at me pretty upset. I plan to ass fuck her six more times. That's the number of times she tried to end our marriage. For the times my wife cried for the treatment she got.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I married my high school sweetheart and she slowly turned into a useless spiteful drunk that I was pretty sure was cheating on me. She would get blackout drunk 3-5times aweek. She called me around 2:30am mid week from a bar because she lost her keys and somehow it was my fault. When I got there she was face down in the dirt beside the car with a 12 pack. I found her keys on the ground put her in her car and started to drive home in a furious rage. I than decided that this was prime chance to try get out of this relationship. I pulled behind the bar opened and dumped out a few beers, making sure to spill some on her and the car, took her clothes off and tossed them all over the car. I gave her some hickies, fucked the shit out of her a few times making sure to cum on her face, in her hair, in her pussy and generally making a complete mess of her. I half ass covered her with her shirt took her bra and panties (tossing them in a subway dumpster) and left her there. By the time I was done I had to run home and get ready for work.

    About 10 am I get another phone call from her from the police station. She had been booked for DUI, indecent exposure, lude behavior, and a couple other such charges. When I went to get her I was freaking out thinking I was going to get completely fucked over for this until I got there and the cops all had that you poor bastard look. They explained to me that she had begged them not tell me about how she was fond and to not tell me all the charges because she did not want me to find out she was a cheating whore.

    Because of the police report and the fact that she went to a DUI class drunk I was basically able to kick her out, get my divorce, and keep damn near everything. Between the "infidelity" and clear drinking problem she was found incapable of taking care of herself much less the house and dogs.

    She totaled the car shortly after all this on her way home from a bar to her broken down ass piece of shit trailer in a shit trailer park. I still know a few people who I went to school with but really associate with but run into now an again who frequent the area for various illicit items. She is 37 now still a drunk and now a pill head and from what I understand she is pretty much the local cum dumpster from as old as 60+ sometimes in bar bathrooms or parking lots to letting a bunch of high school kids run a train on her at a 17yr olds birthday party, gangbanged, passed around sometimes having as many as 8-10 dicks in her in a night in varying holes and combinations.

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    Straight Female / 45

    After catching my husband with another woman I had a gangbang with four guys from work. I had them take pictures and film the whole thing. I just emailed the pictures and film to my husband at work. Fucking asshole!

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    Straight Male / 33

    I finally snapped. She's insulted me for the last time. I was waiting for a sign. There it was. She was going to punch my arm. I jumped back and furiously punched her shoulder 3 times as hard as I could. I was so mad. I've never been so mad my whole life. She cried with her mouth open. She held her arm where I punched her. It must've hurt a lot. I felt really good. Then she was going to punch me again. I pushed her hard with both hands. She ended up sitting on the chair, but lost her balance and ended up falling on her back. The maids came out of the room crying and rushed to her side. She was crying and was saying she couldn't stand up because of the pain. My daughter was asking what happened why her mom was crying. I just calmly told her to go back to her room. I didn't answer her why her mom was crying. I was just sitting there staring blankly. I felt so guilty, but at the same time felt that she deserved all of it. I'm here in my mom's house. I haven't gone home. I don't know what to do. God help me. I don't want to apologize because she's emotionally and physically abused me for the longest time. I prayed for wisdom and patience hours before this happened. This was your answer?? To test my limits?? God help me please.

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    Straight Male / 19

    My little sister was stealing money out of mom's purse. I had suspected it for a while, but until now I never had any proof. Mom had always been a little absent minded. But lately, at the rate she'd been misplacing a $20 here and $10 there, well I think even she knew the truth. One of her kids was ripping her off. She just couldn't bring herself to actually say it. I knew it wasn't me, so that didn't leave a whole lot of other suspects.

    I'd been sneaking around trying to catch sis for a few days. I'll admit, she was pretty damn good at evasion. But I'd finally caught her red handed and had the proof on my phone. A fifteen second long video of her rummaging through our mother's massive purse, fishing out the wallet and then plucking a crisp new twenty out of the small wad of cash inside, before tucking it all back in place and slipping the money in her hip pocket.

    That night after mom went to work and we were alone at home, I left a note stuck to the fridge with a magnet. I knew she'd read it sooner or later. She always got the munchies around midnight and needed cookies or ice cream. I just kicked back and waited...

    About half past twelve she pushed my bedroom door open and glared at me. "So what's the note supposed to mean?? Some stupid little red hand and "come see me" scribbled at the bottom."
    I smiled and held up my phone.
    "It means I caught you red handed," I said. "Stealing money from mom's purse. I knew it was you."
    I'll give sis credit she had a great poker face.
    "Oh fuck you," she replied. "You didn't catch me doing shit."
    "Well now, this video says different," I sighed and played it for her.
    "Damn snoop," she muttered under her breath. "So that's why you've been shadowing me. I knew you were up to something."
    "Oh, that's not all," I said, slipping my phone back into my pocket. "Have you checked your stash lately??'
    "My what??" Her poker face finally showed some cracks.
    I opened a drawer and pulled out a sandwich bag full of pot. She snatched it out of my hands, furious.
    "Bastard! So you've been going through my room too??"
    "Oh save the outrage," I replied. "For someone that rips off her own mother on a regular basis I think thou protesteth a little bit much, eh??"
    She started to leave the room.
    "I don't remember saying you could leave."
    "Fuck you," she snapped, but stopped.
    "I recorded finding the pot in your room too," I said. "So I've pretty well got you by the pubes."
    She was red now, hands on her hips, face screwed up in anger. "Now what??"
    I rolled off my bed and sat on the edge. "Now what. Hmm... blackmail I think."
    "You really are a bastard, you know that??"
    "Last time I checked mom wasn't married to your dad either when you were born so yeah," I replied. "Takes one to know one."
    "What do you want??" She asked.
    "Well," I smiled pleasantly and folded my arms across my chest. "Naked pictures of your friend Maegen for starters."
    "How in the hell am I supposed to get those??"
    "Be creative," I dropped the smile and stretched back out on my bed. "You're on a time limit. You've got five days."

    Four nights later I was opening an e-mail with several attachments. Good ol' sis, I smiled. There was her best friend Maegen in all her bare assed charm. Tall, leggy brown eyed Maegen with possibly the world's greatest set of tits. Not a bad little ass either.
    "I don't need to know how you pulled that off," I said, sticking my head into my sister's room later that same night. "But congratulations. Well done."
    "I did what you asked," she said. "Delete the videos."
    "Oh noooo," I laughed. "We're not even close to being finished. I want more out of you than a few naked pics of Maegen."
    She shook her head, no longer staring at me.
    "What now," she finally breathed.
    "What now, see I love that question," I told her. "You should ask that after you complete the next task too."
    She barked a short laugh, it wasn't the least bit humorous. "the next task ...."
    "You know it's been a while since I've had a steady girlfriend," I said. "Almost a year."
    "I can't imagine why," she replied sarcastically.
    "Being that I'm a healthy young man in the prime of my life, and being that I'm just full of strong hetero urges," I cracked my knuckles. "I think I'd like a blowjob."
    She stared at me.
    "You're out of your fucking mind!"
    "Maybe," I shrugged. "But I still want one and since you happen to be the only female here, I guess that means..."
    "It means you can go to hell," she stormed over to the door and slammed it in my face.
    I stood there a moment. "Is that a no??"
    Then, grinning I walked back to my room. Knowing full well she'd change her mind eventually.
    It was two hours later and I'd started to think, wow she really means to hold out and let me show mom the videos when she came to my room.
    "I hate you," she muttered.
    "Yeah you've been telling me that since we were in diapers practically," I stood up and unzipped my jeans, working my flaccid cock out.
    Sis was no Maegen, but she wasn't bad. She was fifteen, jet black hair cut short, big blue eyes, short, slender, small perky tits, cute little round butt. She started to get down on her knees. I stopped her.
    "You know what, I really like that yellow bikini you wore last summer when we went to the beach," I said. "I want you to put that on and do it."
    She didn't argue this time, just did it. She came back in after changing and got on her knees, taking my cock in one hand and stroking it until it hardened. She then proceeded to give me a world class blowjob. She didn't even flinch when I blew my load in her mouth.
    "Something tells me you've done that before," I sighed, lying back on my bed afterward and relaxing.
    She didn't say a word just left the room.

    I guess I could have stopped with that. I mean, I'd busted her doing 2 things she shouldn't have been doing and now she'd done me 2 favors. But I couldn't resist asking for one more thing.
    "Ok, this is the last thing I swear," I told her one night. "Do this and I'll let you delete the videos personally."
    "What??" She asked.
    "I want to fuck Maegen," I said.
    "Oh please," she rolled her eyes. "Getting pictures is one thing, getting her to do that is another!"
    "I never said it would be easy," I told her.
    "Try impossible," she replied. "Try never happening. Maegen is a lesbian. I had to convince her I liked her and make out with her to get those pictures."
    "Whoa, wait what," I held up my hands. "Go back, you did what now??"
    "Maegen's always had a crush on me," she said. "But I like guys. Well, mostly anyway... I lied to her and told her I'd been thinking about it and I wanted to experiment with a girl. So we made out and then I asked for nudie pics. At first she was all, why you can see me anytime. But I finally badgered her into it."
    "No shit," I laughed. "So my little sis went all bush pilot to get me those pics."
    "More like little sis scored with the girl you dream of," she shot back. "Hows it feel to know I can have Maegen anytime I feel like it while you never can??"
    "Sounds about like how my life goes," I shrugged. "But its whatever. I guess I have to ask for something else."
    "Oh shit .... what??"
    "I want to fuck you then," I said.
    "No way," she said. "A blowjob is one thing, this... no. Go ahead show mom the videos. I don't give a damn."
    "K then," I said and walked away.
    She came to my room early the next morning before mom got home from work.
    "I'll talk to Maegen," she said and went away.

    "I just want you to know I think you're a fucking scumbag for blackmailing your own sister," Maegen told me a few days later. She had agreed to a sleepover with sis, a little cover for agreeing to do what sis had somehow talked her into doing. "If I didn't love her this wouldn't be happening. As a matter of fact I might just have a couple guys I know kick your ass for this."
    "Ok," I replied, not caring a bit. "So you want to be on top or bottom??"
    Maegen just gaped at me "Unbe fucking leavable. Is he for real??"
    "He's retarded," my sister said. "Look at his room. I mean how old is he and look at this shit. Star Trek toys, comic books, action figures."
    "Hey, those are collectibles," I said. "They're an investment."
    Both girls rolled there eyes.
    My sister left the room and Maegen undressed, so did I. I tried to kiss her, she shoved me aside. "No kissing. Just do what you asked to do and get it over with."
    "But if I don't get a kiss I won't feel loved," I made a pouty face.
    "I totally understand why she wants you dead," Maegen told me.
    She lie down on my bed and I put on a condom and climbed on top. I imagine the sex would have been a lot better if she'd actually moved and not just lie there like a corpse. I finished up and got dressed.
    "Well that wasn't as amazing as I thought," I smirked.
    "Good," she picked her clothes up and left the room.

    A minute later my sister walked in smiling from ear to ear.
    "I wonder how long you'll get for raping Maegen," she said. "Poor kid comes over to spend some time with me and my brother forces himself on her. Jeez... a few years at least."
    "Huh??&quo t; I blinked.
    Maegen joined her, smiling. "Blackmail time. Let's start off by you giving us that phone...."
    "We can talk about this right," I asked. "Right.... girls??"

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I am currently planning to murder the man my ex-girlfriend was seeing behind my back and left me for.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I hate my child's biological father. He lied, cheated, raped, stole and plenty more while we were together, unfortunately I was too blinded by love to let him go. After we had a child together he started stealing her birth money. I kicked him out and it has been a year since I last heard from him. My child's birthday, father's day and Christmas all passed and he made no contact and sent nothing, selfishly this made me very happy.
    I say the child is mine, because he has nothing to do with anything, apart from being the equivalent of a sperm donor.
    It had been a year since he last saw my child and 6 months since he last phoned, until today. Today was the day he rang for the first time and I was so angry. He told me about his stupid bills he had to pay, how he had got himself into even more debt, the tax man is after him, the CSA won't get off his case, he could only save ã4 in the last month and wanted to see my child to give her a present. I don't know why. He has nothing to do with anything. I'm hoping he will just fuck off again. There are 3 father figures in my child's life; my father, best friend and brother in law. Why does my child need a let down of a father figure????
    I'm not a bad person. I'm at college studying hard and have just applied to University. My college work is going very well even though I joint the course late. I intend on finding the love of my life when the time is right to help me raise my daughter, buy a house, drive, get a decent job and continue to raise my child in the best way possible.
    I know he will only drag the two of us down. My child cannot even recognise him when shown a photo. That is his fault, not mine. Please, someone tell me I'm doing the right thing by thinking he is not worthy of being in her life. My friends all say I'm a great mom and he is a let down. If I let him into my child's life again he will only let her down again. Which in turn will mess up her head, I only believe that because it happened to some of my friends.
    He knows nothing about my child's nursery, favourite colour, pet, height, hair etc.
    I feel like crying. I had convinced myself he would not hassle us again, clearly I was wrong. One of my friends suggested calling the police and calling it harassment. Would the police really see it that way???? Don't feel sorry for this pathetic excuse for a man, he left his child and he is number one is his world. Nothing is ever his fault. For example, he tried blaming he for the debt he got into when he was 18, I had never met him at this point or knew he exists therefore making this impossible. He puts the blame entirely on everyone else.

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    Straight Female / 55

    I'm Jeanne from Biddeford Maine. I like to make my husband jealous. One day there were some men that pulled up beside us while we were in the parking lot of a food store on a hot July day. I said to my husband, let's go swimming. I grabbed my bathing suit from the back seat and started taking off my shirt and bra. I could see the men looking. My husband said, Jeanne they can see you. You should have seen my husband's face as those men stared at my bare tits. He was so jealous. I took my sweet time and let those guys look my tits and nipples over.

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    Gay Male / 18

    Ever sence we broke up I've had this fantisy about rapping my Ex. I often jack off to the last picture he sent me of him all red faced and mad. I picture him like that crying as I fuck his face and drill his ass.

    I never want to date him again. I don't even want to talk to him, but I'd love to deepthroat him one last time. I'd like to be held and hold him. Just one more night before I leave forever.

    I want him to hurt as I do.
    And I know I can. I've planned it all out. And I know his timied ass wouldn't tell. I just...

    I don't know if I could really do it and be ok with myself afterwords.

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