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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 54

    I am a retired officer after an injury. Wanted to share a story of a situation from work.

    Called to a home where a man died in his sleep. Was in his late 60's and his widow was only one around. The M E ask me to talk with her, its seemed strange. She was not upset over the death. He did not see anything on the body, would check for poison.
    She was a sweet women who gave me coffee, I was worried but I did drink it. I ask why she was not upset to find her husband dead?? I am happy to have him dead. Will finally get some peace from him. this was her story.

    He married her as a 15 year old virgin when he was 20 year old vet of ww2. She said he was the best looking man she had ever seen. He courted her a few times before her dad let this happen. He promised to help her dad he would send him money each month to help out. moved her to the city where he worked building cars. he was a man of his word. Each month he mailed her dad money.

    Wedding night he took her virginity and gave her a day off. Then again he wanted sex. Gave her another day off and again. From that point forward he wanted it every night and most mornings. She cooked and did the house work. Found she could not have children and this upset him. He told they would try every day and God might fix her. Sex was good and he did it very well. Most of the time it lasted much longer than she wanted it. She was sore and ask for a break, Not happening. Her period and he did not care, put down a rag and clean up after. He wanted his sex.

    She had her mom come visit after dad died, She told him to stop having sex with her on her period. he told her if she wanted her daughter to have a break, she could take her place. Her mom got upset, and let this go. Was there for a few days and brought it up each night after dinner. That night he said I will give her a break. he cleaned up and got ready for bed. When all were in bed he told his wife, I will be right back. He went in the guest room and had sex with her mom. Not just once, but for a very long time. The next day her mom threatened to call the police.

    That night he did the same thing again. Her mom told her she was going back home. She could not take this any more. She told her to go with her. She declined this, he would just come get her and make it worse.

    her period came and she told him. he would let it run its course. So he brought in some butter and went in her back door. Yes, from that point forward she got it up the ass on her period days. She did not like this at all, but he insisted. She could do this with love and willing or he would take what he deserved.

    This went like this until he got sick. While sick he forced her to masturbate him. He tried to make her suck him off, but her mouth did not open far enough and it really hurt her. The teeth hurt him when she did it. So jarking him off was OK.

    her mom visited again ten years later. She was there for three nights and he had sex with her every night, on the third morning he went in early and had sex before he left for work. She never returned and died some time later.

    She had medical problems and he did not care. he got dinner clean clothes and sex of some kind. She would now have peace from him. She did not kill him if so would have done it when she recovered from being sick.

    I thought this was an interesting story,

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    Straight Female / 28

    I cant stand my Sister. It's really a very long story of why, but really who cares. Shes just always been so lazy, and pathetic. We are twins but mist people think we are just singular sisters because she doesnt take care of herself. She is at least 200 lbs. Likely more 220...shes just nasty, again its pointless.

    So my Sister, Cate...she met a guy online from another country which will remain nameless. She has talked ti him for about a year, and is foolishly in love. Cate is getting ready to go, and marry him.

    So all we ever hear is how great this guy is, and how much she loves him, and he loves her...puke. She keeps bragging because he is from a place where men and women arent ever alone together and so hes apparently a virgin blah blah blah.

    I knew that he had only seen pictures of her because she faked tat the webcam was broken because shes insecure about the weight she refuses to lose.

    For a while now, i have been planning the vacation which started for me Wednesday. I spent tuesday night at Cates...preparing and getting all of the info that i needed...i went straight to the airport, as I already had my bags ready in the trunk.

    When i landed i arrived at the hotel. After a flight that long, its necessary to sleep...which I did for a few hours. I got ready and then I called Ala. The guy Cate had quit her job for and was tying up loose ends to go marry in a couple of months. A spring cute lol. I admit that I was a little bit afraid of what I was about to do. Not because of any reason other than the reaction I was afraid Id get in a land so far away from home upon such a huge surprise.

    To hurry this story along, I met him at the bus stop outside of eork. My hotel was only 2 blocks from it. He had no problem at all believing that I, Lisa was in fact Cate, and that the reason I said the cam was broken was because his love inspired me to lose the weight so that I would look perfect for him.

    U could tell he was shy, but that didnt stop him from a thing. Lol. I obviously sucked his dick first because I knew otherwise hed finish too fast, and because I know Cate will never do it...if they still get married lol.

    The best part of this confession is that before I took his virginity, he looked into my eyes with so much love and I had no problem responding with what he wanted to hear. The truth is, I like this man. Hes so darned cute, and sweet, and he has a huge dick lol. He learns fast because he uses his junk, hands, lips and tongue like a pro. I just might take more than I already have and marry this guy myself. He will make about $90,000 in my country, and together we would have everything we wanted. Added bonus that Cate would have to spend forever knowing that its me he loves. Me he touches. I never did tell what I said was the best part. Im laying next to Ala right now. Soon he will wake and Mr. energy will want his cowgirl to ride her bronco lol. And I have and will continue to give him as much as he want until i leave in the morning. This is also when he will be back in front if a computer and he will not only find out the truth, but naked pics of the disgusting, fat, pimpke bodied one he could have ended up with. What he doesnt know is that I am not flying on to greece. I am staying close until hes not mad anymore and then Im going to not only fuck him again because that will be sum hot sex. Hopefully a lot of it can happen while shes on the phone with him pissed off. Lol. Either some off chance they still marry, he can still have as much head, and pussy as he wants. Evil Lisa is addicted.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Some years back I treated Carla to her first and my third cruise.

    We had been going together for six months, her family was white trash through and through, but it was the sexual chemistry that drew us together in spite of all of the reasons why we should not have been an item. I was only the second man she had ever been with, after her ex, who had cut her loose two years earlier following a grim 30 year marriage. Because of his legacy of never doing anything except missionary, she refused to ever let me face her while having sex because it reminded her too much of him. And our sex life was great; most of the time we had simultaneous orgasms, which was a first for me.

    But on the cruise I found out for certain what I had long suspected, that she was a gambling addict, never leaving the casino so that she could always play her favorite machine. With my money. So I was getting hit up by her twice a day for sixty bucks on her nickel slot. We were dressing up for dinner as she put her arm around me and said "I'll fuck you for another $60 casino money". "What happened to the money I gave you two hours ago??" She didn't reply, so I threw her the three twenties to cover her next bout of losing, my dick was getting hard ready for the impending fuck, so all was good.

    She already had her heels on ready to go to the dining room, but I expected her to just bend over the bed for our doggy-quickie, and believe me, I was cool with that. But what she said was definitely NOT cool "....yeah, after the casino closes tonight we can have sex...." Suddenly I was in a blind rage for being taken for a sap. I turned to her and said "Wrong, bitch!" and pushed her back on the bed. She was stunned as I pulled her panties off, spread her legs apart....I don't even remember how I got my pants off so instantly....and lifted her legs high so that her chin was jammed into her chest and the weight of her body was supported only by her neck where it touched the bed. Within seconds my cock had jammed into her tight and dry pussy.

    I fucked her with a vengeance, seeing the helpless horror in her eyes as for the first time ever we had a face to face fuck. "...what are you??....don't....I can't...." She could only spit out fragments of sentences as my unrelenting ravishing continued. After a couple minutes my cum erupted forth into her now wet pussy. I lowered her legs to the bed letting my now soft dick slide from her... "Are you ready for dinner??", I asked "After that, I am ready for anything!...." She was beaming as she ducked the three Jacksons into her wallet and picked her shoes and panties off the cabin deck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I ejaculated in/on my moms mouth 5 or 6 times while she was knocked out on ambient.

    She caught me the last time but convinced her it was am dream and she laid back down, and didn't remember the next day.

    Never done anything like it again.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I noticed my boyfriend coming home late at night recently and so i looked through his coat pockets and other stuff and found a few condoms in his pants pocket, i found his cell too and saw a girl giving him head, so i took it upon my self to teach those two shits a lesson, i got a needle and poked holes through the condom packs. lets see what that boyfriend of mine does after he fools around with her a few more times, bet she's gonna start gaining weight after a while.

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    Straight Male / 23

    It was almost the end of summer going into my senior year of highschool. Earlier in the summer my friend Steve made out with the girl I was getting with at a party. He told me and it was whatever i didnt make a big deal about it. Now its the end of summer and one day me and my other friend Jason, his girlfriend, and now Steve's girlfriend Kristin who is also our friend are taking a hike up this small mountain. It is just the 4 of us and me and kristin are flirting the whole way up. We make it to the top and we split off and it is me and kristin in this private secluded spot. This was my plan to get back at Steve and we started making out. I was only planning on making out with her and feeling her tits but her hands wandered to my basketball shorts and she pulled them down to my ankles. She gave me oral and we had unprotected sex on the top of the mountain. We never told anyone even our 2 friends as we hiked back down.

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    Straight Male / 35

    The weekend after my divorce from my cheating lying wife I set her and her sister (partner in cheating) to be raped by a group of men. They videod it and sent copies to their families and jobs. My ex wife is now a former HS administrator. Bonus since no one used protection she caught herpes. My ex sister in law is going through a divorce to. She got pregnate. It doesn't make up for the pain she caused my children or me. Almost the whole town knows and no man wants to touch her.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Father in law died and we got her. yea,

    I have the mother in law from hell. She managed to break up the marriage of her other three daughters and her son. She enjoys this like a game. She seduced two of the son in laws and then told her daughters. The others were broken with lies. Before I married my wife we lived together. She told my wife I was driving around with a strange woman. Was a lie and my wife knew it. Told me my wife was in bed with her ex boyfriend, again not true.

    Shortly after our wedding she told I screwed my now niece the night before. Not possible when she was with my wife the night before. She placed a pair of undies in my veh beside the passenger seat. What gave this away she got these as a gift. Wife knew who owned them and how they go there.

    I went through hell with this woman and now I must help give her a bath. I have day shift watching her and she must go with me every where. Told if she is left alone in the house, she could start a fire.

    This is how I do this now. I set her room up and have a eye bolt in the floor. I have leather wrist straps and short chain. I can let her watch TV and not worry about her wondering off. She has a healthy body its her mind that's gone off now. Was washing her junk and she moaned some. That feels good she said. I must admit she like my wife has a great body. Her old tits still firm and nice. So I unzipped and got some. She moaned and enjoyed it. So the next day I did her bath and she bent over the table and opened her legs, I got some, she got ass fucked. When I finished I cleaned up the mess and got her dressed. Told her that was for the lies she told on me. She looked at me pretty upset. I plan to ass fuck her six more times. That's the number of times she tried to end our marriage. For the times my wife cried for the treatment she got.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I married my high school sweetheart and she slowly turned into a useless spiteful drunk that I was pretty sure was cheating on me. She would get blackout drunk 3-5times aweek. She called me around 2:30am mid week from a bar because she lost her keys and somehow it was my fault. When I got there she was face down in the dirt beside the car with a 12 pack. I found her keys on the ground put her in her car and started to drive home in a furious rage. I than decided that this was prime chance to try get out of this relationship. I pulled behind the bar opened and dumped out a few beers, making sure to spill some on her and the car, took her clothes off and tossed them all over the car. I gave her some hickies, fucked the shit out of her a few times making sure to cum on her face, in her hair, in her pussy and generally making a complete mess of her. I half ass covered her with her shirt took her bra and panties (tossing them in a subway dumpster) and left her there. By the time I was done I had to run home and get ready for work.

    About 10 am I get another phone call from her from the police station. She had been booked for DUI, indecent exposure, lude behavior, and a couple other such charges. When I went to get her I was freaking out thinking I was going to get completely fucked over for this until I got there and the cops all had that you poor bastard look. They explained to me that she had begged them not tell me about how she was fond and to not tell me all the charges because she did not want me to find out she was a cheating whore.

    Because of the police report and the fact that she went to a DUI class drunk I was basically able to kick her out, get my divorce, and keep damn near everything. Between the "infidelity" and clear drinking problem she was found incapable of taking care of herself much less the house and dogs.

    She totaled the car shortly after all this on her way home from a bar to her broken down ass piece of shit trailer in a shit trailer park. I still know a few people who I went to school with but really associate with but run into now an again who frequent the area for various illicit items. She is 37 now still a drunk and now a pill head and from what I understand she is pretty much the local cum dumpster from as old as 60+ sometimes in bar bathrooms or parking lots to letting a bunch of high school kids run a train on her at a 17yr olds birthday party, gangbanged, passed around sometimes having as many as 8-10 dicks in her in a night in varying holes and combinations.

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    Straight Female / 45

    After catching my husband with another woman I had a gangbang with four guys from work. I had them take pictures and film the whole thing. I just emailed the pictures and film to my husband at work. Fucking asshole!

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