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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 27

    A few months back I was in a car accident where the car behind shunted into mine. The guy in the car was so apologetic and straight away admitted to it being his fault. There was a reasonable amount damage to both cars and I was shook up. After phoning my husband Martin to get him to convey my insurance details over the phone, telling him first what had happened, I phoned the insurance company.
    During that call Martin turned up in his car and went balistic with the guy who'd hit me. I swear he went totally mental. Ending my call I interviened and calmed my husband, telling him the guy had been really good, making sure I was ok and clearing both cars off the road. Eventually Martin stopped being a pratt and cooled off.
    Two days after the crash I was at home when the door bell rang. It was the guy from our collision, a man I'll call Simon. He had a bunch of flowers in his hand, some chocolates and a cheque to cover the damage to my car. When I looked at the cheque it was way over the amount it would have taken to fix my car, and probably more than I would have gotten in some of those bogus whiplash claims.
    Inviting him in we chatted for over an hour, funnily enough, mostly about my marriage to Martin. Before he left I apologised for my husbands behaviour and thanked him for the gifts and the money.
    Later when my husband got home from work he went mental again. This time he was threatening to go to Simons house and beat him up. I couldn't understand what was wrong with him and started to defend Simon. Martins response was to say "Oh it's fucking Simon now is it. What, did he comfort you by sticking his cock up your arse". I couldn't believe this was my husband speaking. When I went to speak again I got one word out "Simon" before I felt an almighty slap across my face, before I fell to the floor.
    The whole thing was now way out of hand and I didn't have a clue why. I tried talking to Martin but he just clammed up, so I was left hurt and totally confused. The following morning after I'd slept in the guest room, I took the flowers out of the bin, Martin had thrown them in there and was about to start putting them in a vase. I noticed a card and saw it had a hand written mobile number on it. Picking up my mobile I rang the number and within an hour Simon was back at our house.
    He saw the bruising on my face and asked what had happened, so I went over everything that had happened from the crash onwards. Simon sat patiently and listened to what I had to say, not saying a word himself until I'd finished. He paused before he said "Look the crash wasn't an accident, I drove into you deliberately, maybe a little too hard, but all the same I did it on purpose". He must have seen my puzzled look before he added "Your husband Martin is the reason, that's why he's being so stupid with you. Twelve months ago he and my wife had a brief affair". Pause "She admitted it and I confronted your husband at his workplace, the same workplace my ex wife worked at".
    There was a long silence as I took in what he'd just told me. As I thought about what Simon had just said, everything seemed to pop right into place. The moods Martin got into a year back, the constant late nights at work and not wanting sex with me. Then the accident and his totally unreal behaviour.
    Before I could say anything Simon spoke, he said "Your husband must be the most stupid man on earth, you're very attractive, young and from what I can see for myself, you have a very, if you don't mind me saying, stunning figure".
    My head was spinning and then one thing popped into my head, one thing I knew Martin wanted from me and something he'd said to me before he hit me, had I wanted Simon to fuck me up the arse. Something I didn't want Martin to do because of the size of his cock. Not because it was too big, on the contrary it wasn't big enough to please me there and I always ended up getting sexually frustrated.
    It turns out Simons ex wife really had a thing for being taken anally and didn't mind a smallish cock fucking her there. Hey presto it all fitted (no pun intended) and I was alone in my house with the man who my husband had ended the marriage of.
    Once again Simon was the perfect gentleman. Getting up he asked me if I ever got the desire to feel sexually excited or even just wanted to talk, to get in touch. He was gone a thirty seconds later and I was left with my own thoughts and a husband who'd cheated on me.
    Four weeks passed before I finally got my head around what I was going to do. I didn't confront Martin, that would have been too easy for him. I kept my own council and decided to contact Simon after the four weeks. Driving to his flat I already knew what I was going to do.
    As Simons door opened and he looked at me, I opened my coat to reveal I was totally naked underneath. The open invitation was obvious and we didn't waist too much time making the obvious happen.
    Simon showered as I waited for him on his bed naked. To make him know I was completely his I knelt up on the bed with my arsehole to the doorway and began to massage my pussy and arse. I had two finger sinside my pussy and one up my rear hole when he entered. The look on Simons face was awsome, as was the next three hours of the most electrifying sex we had together.
    I cannot even now understand why Simons wife would want to stray from there marriage. He has a great body, a large fat uncircumsized cock, which I just love to reveal the purple head of, after rolling back the foreskin with my mouth. He also loves to fuck me anally, something his ex wife adored, but it's me who he fucks now.
    We have sex as often as we can, mostly at Simons flat, but it's in my and Martins marrital bed I love to fuck with Simon most. I always get extra horny, knowing Martin will be lying on the same place his wife had her pussy and arsehole licked, sucked the large cock of another man and had her mouth, pussy and arsehole fucked hard until she came. I've even wiped some of Simons cum onto Martins pillow, letting it dry, then watching him sleep on it.
    I'll wait a while yet before I finally let Martin know. When I do, we'll be long gone with most of the money I've been squirreling away. I might even leave him with a bed full of mine and Simons cum juices, just to piss him off even more.

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    Straight Male / 30

    My wife Hazel and I have separated and are now going through the final stages of divorce. The reason we split in the first place was she had, and this is her description, a drunken fuck with a neighbour. I found them fucking nearly a year ago in his lounge after I'd suspected her of cheating on me. He no longer lives in the same town as me and left in a hurry. It's funny how he doesn't walk particulary well now.
    Anyway back to why I'm here confessing.
    Three months ago I met Janette, my nearly to be ex wife's mother, in the local swimming baths where I work. I'd only just changed my shift times the week before and normally I wouldn't have been there at that time. I saw her walking towards me in her swimming costume and I at first didn't recognise her, but I did think she was very attractive all the same.
    When she said hello and I realised who she was, I noticed how physically fit she'd become. We started chatting mainly about myself and her daughter and all the time I couldn't help but look over her stunning figure. She knew I was checking her out and didn't shy away from my obvious attentions. As she walked away to get changed she caught me staring at her tight arse, turning to me she asked me to call by her house when I was next free.
    Two days later I saw her again in the swimming baths, she asked me why I hadn't called round. When I told her it was because of her daughter, she told me she was an adult and could take responsibility for who she invited into her home or bed. It was an invitation I thought I would never hear and before my split with her daughter and her weight loss, plus her looking so damn good, I never would have entertained it. Asking my boss if I could take an hour off the end of my shift, I left with Janette.
    We both knew why I was at her house and we both understood, whatever happened it would have to remain secret. Hazel is only eighteen years younger than Janette, but in terms of sexual knowledge there is a huge gulf between them. Janette and I spent the whole afternoon and early evening having sex, and sex which I learned a lot about myself too. Janette told me as I was fucking her arsehole for the second time, how much she'd wanted to get me into bed when I was with her daughter, often listening to us fuck when we stayed over at her house. In a sureal moment as I was about to answer her, I looked over at the dresser on the other side of the room, and saw a picture of Hazel and Janette together, taken I now know only a few months earlier on hoilday. Pulling her mothers hair, using it to control our fucking whilst at the same time ramming my seven inch cock into her arsehole, I carried on looking at the picture until I came hard up her tight hole.
    When Janette was sucking my cock a little later, I told her about looking at the picture. I'm not sure if was me telling her about it, or that my cock had become rock hard. Janette stopped sucking me, climbed up my body and mounted my cock. Kissing me real hard, she rode me like a common slut until she climaxed all over my cock and balls.
    It's not the only time we've spent together. It's not like we get together every few days or something, we usually only see each other when Hazels dad is working away, but when we do get together the sex is always horny, dirty and often lasts throughout the day.
    I've come to terms with losing my wife, did so a long time ago. I don't think she'd ever come to terms with the fact I'm fucking her mother and with how downright sexually filthy we are together. After all finding your mum being fisted in her arse, would I think shock anyone.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was devastated to find out my wife was having an affair but, by turning to religion, I was soon able to come to terms with the whole thing. I converted to Islam and we are stoning her in the morning.

    I walked into the pub with my girlfriend last night. Locals were shouting "phile" and other names at me, just because my girlfriend is 21 and I am 50. It completely spoiled our 10th anniversary.

    This fellow called 911 and said, "I think my wife is dead". The operator says, "How do you know??" He says, "The sex is about the same but the laundry is piling up."

    My wife suggested I get myself one of those penis enlargers, so I did. She's 21 and her name is Lucy.

    My son was thrown out of school today for letting a girl in his class give him a hand-job. I told him, "Son, that's 3 schools this year. You'd better stop before you're banned from teaching altogether."

    Question: Are there too many illegal immigrants in the USA?? 17% said Yes; 11% said No: 72% said "I am not understanding the question please."

    The cost of living has now gotten so bad that my wife is having sex with me because she can't afford batteries.

    My wife has been miss for a week now. The police said to prepare for the worst. So, I had to go down to Goodwill and get all of her clothes back.

    There is a new Muslim clothing shop that opened in our shopping center. They threw me out because I asked if I could look at the bomber jackets.

    The Red Cross just knocked on my door and asked if I could contribute towards the floods in Pakistan. I said I'd love to but my garden hose only reaches to the driveway.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I was working away and came home 3 days early , expecting to surprise her , in a good way , instead I was the one who was surprised .
    She had been partying hard with some guy , there were empty spirits bottles laying around , the house was trashed , the two of them were in a compromised position , my wife bent over the arm of our couch , her backside in the air where he had taken her, her panties still on but down her thighs , and well soaked and crusted in their fluids , he was passed out on the floor , bottle in hand .
    I was , and still am seriously , SERIOUSLY pissed , betrayed , hurt , crushed .. everything

    I went into the kitchen to make coffee and consider things , and saw the jar of chilli paste , it was something my wife had bought a while ago but was just too hot to use , she has accidentally brushed her face while she had a trace of it on her hand and she had swelled up crazy . It gave me an idea .

    I slathered her crotch in chilli paste , butthole ,inside her sex , everything , covered well . She began to redded and swell almost immediately .

    I put the jar in her lovers lap , and spread a good sized dollop on his hand , then laid his hand in his lap , so he was rubbing the stuff on his own penis . He really began to wank himself with it in his drunken sleep

    I washed up , and left .

    It was enough to make me smile , a bit , but I was still hurting bad inside . I rang the police and reported that I couldn't contact my wife and feared a break in , they said they'd call around and check .

    I drove to the end of the block and waited . The police arrived in about 20 minutes , 2 large police men went toward the house , and knocked , looked through the windows , and promptly kicked the front door in , shortly an ambulance arrived , then another .

    My wife's lover was wheeled out on a stretcher , with a sheet that looked like it was covering a basket ball on his crotch , each bump of the stretcher cart bought a moan of pain . He was escorted by a police officer .

    My wife was also wheeled out on another stretcher , her legs up as if she was giving birth .

    The senior officer gave me a short run down on what they'd found and then left trying not to laugh in front of me .

    I straight away began phoning my wife's parents and brothers and sisters , telling them that she had been sexually assaulted , and was heading for the local hospital right now , she needed their support asap .

    At the time of writing , my wife ,and her lover who is also her employer , are in different wards of the local hospital , feeling sorry for themselves .

    I don't know yet if divorce is the answer .

    I do know that revenge served cold , is not always best , some like it hot .

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    Straight Female / 18

    Who and How my cherry was popped.

    Growing up in a small town I had a friend that I went to school and church with. By the time we were 13 she started making nasty jokes about thinking my dad was handsome and wondered how big his dick was. She'd ask me embarrassing questions like, "Have you ever seen you dad's dick??, Does he let you play with it??, Do you think he'd let me play with it??"

    I tolerated this for a while but eventually she started flirting with my dad and it really pissed me off. My mom and dad are happily married and I thought wow what a slut. She started saying that she planned on fucking my dad one day. She later on confessed that her dad has been teaching her how to give great blow jobs when her mom wasn't around. It kind of made sense to me after that. This got me sexually curious.

    One night when I was sleeping over her house, I couldn't sleep because of some sounds I heard. I'm a verrry light sleeper. My friend was fast asleep so I snuck out of her room to go to where the noise was. Her dad was sitting in his recliner watching porn in his room that they called the "Man Cave". I accidently walked in on him jacking off in the chair. He jumped and turned off the tv. I told him I was sorry and that he didn't have to stop, that it was ok. He asked if I wanted to watch. He whipped his hard dick out and started stroking it. I told him it looked like it felt good and said that I've never seen a penis before. He said I could touch it if I wanted, and that my friend rubs it for him all the time. I don't know why but instead of touching it I just started sucking on the tip. He immediately let go of it and grabbed the back of my head instead, pushing me lightly and rocking his hips forward which caused me to slide my lips down his shaft more than I wanted. It was so big and hard that I had a hard time breathing. He told me to stand up and he slipped his hand down my pants and started rubbing my pussy. I told him I liked it and how good it felt. He said to come sit on his lap. I started climbing onto the chair and he grabbe my ass and stood me up so my crotch was in front of his face. He continued to rub his fingers inbetween my slit and rubbed my little nub here and there. He tried sliding a finger in me, but I gasped and flinched back a little. He said that it's ok and that he promised to be gentle and that I would like everything he wanted to do to me. He licked his finger and tried sliding it in me again. This time it went in and wow did it feel good. There was a spot in front he kept getting that kind of made me feel like I was going to pee.

    He said, "You're really tight" and asked if I've ever had anyone in me before. I said no and he told me what a good little I was. While he had one finger in me he pulled me in and stuck out his tongue and licked between my slit. All of a sudden my pussy started leaking. Then I felt him try to slide 2 fingers in me but it wouldn't fit and I complained it hurt. So he pulled out his fingers and grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled my pussy onto his face and just went crazy on my throbbing c**t. Just thinking about it is making me wet again. He said I tasted so sweet and he kept flicking my clit with his tongue and my body shook everytime he flicked it. My legs felt like they were gonna collapse at any time so I pushed back and sat down forgetting about his cock under neath me. He lifted me up by the hips a little bit and held his cock up between my thighs and rested me on the tip of his head. I kind of just stopped there and I was partially supporting my weight and partially just sitting on the head of his cock. He held my hips and said it's ok we'll do it slow and started pushing my hips down onto his cock some more. It didn't work so he grabbed his cock and spread my wetness around with the tip and placed it back at the opening again. This time I felt myself slip down just a little more. I moaned a litle bit cuz it was getting sore. He had his hands on my hips pushing me down onto his cock and I was resisting a little bit because it my lips stretching was getting sore. He said to relax my muscles and let him do all the work. That if I relax, then he could make me feel really good inside. So I laid my arms around his neck and relaxed my thigh muscles and let myself drop. As soon as he felt me do that he pushed my hips down so hard that he just shoved his cock in me and it hurt so bad. He had pushed me down so far that I was basically completely stuffed by his meat and I was basically sitting on his lap with my legs hanging out the sides of his chair. I yelped and he shushed me right away and reached for the remote control and turned the tv back on and turned up the volume a little bit.

    I wanted to cry but yet it kind of felt good, being stuffed every inch inside of me by a man. He started rocking my hips back and forth in little movements not really pulling out much. He kept calling out to sweet Jesus and telling me how my sweet pussy feels like heaven on his dick. Well this started exciting me and soon the pain turned into some crazy sensations. I told him it felt good too. He started rocking my hips harder and dug his fingers so deep into my skin it later left bruises. I told him it feels like I had to pee and he said thats a good things and kept rocking my hips for me. I started rocking my hips front and back myself and he pushed me to lean me back. My legs started to shake and my toes started to curl and I told him something's happening and he started thrusting his hips up towards me and his thick meat just kept sliding around inside me and all of a sudden I felt my pussy explode with electricity and pussy gushed out all this liquid all over us. I think I left my body at that pont and he said, "Let me finish" and he started lifting my hips up and down and I planted my feet back on the chair and started helping him by bounching up and down on his shaft slowly. I could barely do it because my body felt like jello and he just slammed my pussy down one last time onto him and held me there as he made noises like he was crying or something. I felt some warm thick stuff coming out the sides of my pussy and his cock.

    Well that was years ago. Yes I lost my virginity to my friend's dad and kind of ruined it for the boys to follow later on who didn't really know what to do and made sex feel awkward. And yes I replay how my cherry popped every time I get horny and want to cum by myself. Wrong?? I know.

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    Straight Female / 30

    Years ago I was convinced my husband was about to cheat on me. We were at a low place in our marriage & his ex happened to come out of nowhere to say Hi & "see how he was doing" & wanted to have dinner with him. The only reason I knew all of this was, not because my husband told me (we weren't talking), was because his phone butt dialed me & I listened to him brag to his friends about it.

    So I got angry & thought, I'll beat him to it. Well a friend of a friend was flirting with me one night at a restaurant. A hot blonde I had only met once before. She invited me over to her house afterward for some drinks & to "hang out". I like the way she looked at me. She started with her hand on my knee & I was sexually frustrated so I kissed her & she started taking off my top. Let me just say that that was the first time anyone has ever made me come with just their tongue. Amazing. I miss her mouth. No one, I mean no one, eat pussy like this chic. I still get wet just thinking about it.

    Well long story short my husband didn't end up cheating on me. I guess I jumped the gun on that one. Ooops

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    Straight Female / 32

    My boyfriend caught me cheating. When I came home my college roommate was talking to him. They both chased me into my room. Once he caught me my roommate told me that my boyfriend and her were cousins. So she was happy to help him get me fucked. Once he pinned me my roommate took my clothes off. She found an extension cord and tied me down to the bed. My boyfriend then told me he would rape me until I died. All the while my roommate laughed. After I woke up I thought about telling the police but I think I deserved it. I'm glad he raped me. It taught me to not cheat. My roommate told me she would have raped me too if she could. She said she still might when I least expect it. I want her to rape me. If she thinks I should get raped for cheating on her cousin. I hope they both rape.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 32

    My boyfriend caught me cheating. When I came home my college roommate was talking to him. They both chased me into my room. Once he caught my roommate told me that my boyfriend and her were cousins. So she was happy to help him get me fucked. Once he pinned me my rotate took my clothes off. She found an extension cord and tied me down to the bed. My boyfriend then told me he would rape me until I died. All the while my roommate laughed. After I woke up I thought about telling the police but I think I deserved it. I'm glad he raped me. It taught me to not cheat. My roommate told me she would have raped me too if she could. She said she still might when I least expect it. I want her to rape me. If she thinks I should get raped for cheating on her cousin. I hope they both rape.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I have dreamed on doing scat sex with powerful men. I have fantasied about tying a man up hangcuffing and raping his ass with a jackhammer and watching his asshole bleed.

    I would love to get a group of horny butch girls into inviting couples of powerful people and those deviants over for swingers sex and doing a coupe on them and making them experience real pain for my pleasure for all the suffering I have gone through.

    I want to do a sudden attack on a swingers party of couples and chain them to wall torture grips whip them and have sadistic pleasures with their bodies. My real fantasy is a terrorist like attack and get a specialized swat scat team to come in in leather masks and jack-ass them all.

    it sounds like so much fun, I will call this adrenaline sex!!

    fuck yeah!

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    Straight Male / 30

    My old roommate and I were military veterans living together. I asked him once what his buddies were doing after the army (he was with JSOP, a special forces branch.) He said he asked one guy and the dude said "I'm going to Cambodia to kill sex traffickers." Pretty awesome right, take an instrument of war and use it for good.

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