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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 26

    Five months back, I had an amazing nights sex with a woman who just wanted to try everything sexual you can think of. She told me her husbands cock was so small, it always failed to get her off and she really wanted to experience having sex with a well endowed guy. When she left my place the following morning, I'd fucked her mouth, pussy and arsehole over and over again. She'd orgasmed countless times and I'd cum inside of her holes four times. Even just before the taxi came to pick her up, I had her sucking on my cock, balls and licking my arsehole.

    Sat that afternoon wondering if she'd text me as she said she would, she turned up on my doorstep, saying her husband was going to be away working one more night. We sucked, tongued and fucked until we both fell asleep totally drained. What woke us up as it was nearing ten at night, was her husband ringing her. But as I awoke, my cock had risen again and I had a stiffy. As she answered, I slid my cock up her from behind. Slowly and as quietly as I could, I fucked her as she explained she was staying over at one of her friends. When she put her phone down, and just before it went blank, I saw a picture up on the screen and it was the picture of a man who'd beaten me up when I was a kid.

    His name is Rick, he's a fucking bully and from what I'd heard of him since he'd battered me, he'd also beaten women up too. I didn't say anything right away, but carried on fucking his wife. In a way seeing his face made me a little angry and to some degree I took it out on her pussy and arsehole. Fucking her extremely hard, she later told me it was some of, if not the best sex she'd ever had.

    Showered dressed and waiting to drop her off the next morning, I told her about my past with her husband. She didn't believe me at first, not until I then told her about him battering one of his ex girlfriends and then another woman outside of a pub. She winced when I said what I did and then confessed he'd hit her more than once. She stayed longer that morning and we had sex again, only it was far more involved and more loving. In fact we made love and she cried afterwards. Not from any guilt or remorse, but from the way we'd made each other feel emotionally.

    The outcome has been K will soon be leaving her husband and moving in with me. He knows nothing about us, as yet, as we've continued to see each other. K's wife beating husband is eleven years older than her, and she's two years older than me. I just wish I'd have met her earlier in my life and then she wouldn't have had to deal with his childish rages.

    And by the way, if you think he'd beat me up again, you'd be be very wrong. I'm no longer that fourteen year old skinny kid he battered. These days it would be Rick who'd be taken to hospital.

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    Straight Male / 22

    A Hispanic girl in a purple shirt with black stripes horizontally and black hair in a ponytail is being extremly rude and prejudice towards people at a college. Fuck that asshole.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I got even with my wife. We were married 10 years last October & I'd always stayed faithful. Through all her BS of drugs, nagging & not letting me get sex when she was pregnant. I worked all the time supporting her, our two kids & her gay brother who always had some financial problem. Her baby bro was always the one who got everything from her parents & us. I spent more money on him just for my wife. We had 10k in savings while everyone else had lots of money. I had to bail him out of a DUI which cost 5k. He was 22 last year still living at home. Like my wife, I was always okay with gay but she was so protective even of his boyfriends around him to make sure he was the so called top which he was. She would have had a fit if his boyfriend had busted his virginity in the ass.

    I suspected my wife was cheating on me & using other excuses for no sex. I found out she sure was while pregnant with our last child. That blew my mind to know another man had his dick in her while she was pregnant with my kid. I didn't tell her I knew. I found out they broke up so I thought maybe I'll just let it go as a one time affair. Then, she went for a dude I work with on a construction site. I'm the boss as in the one of the builders. He does ironwork. He's two years younger than I am. I could tell he has a big dick from how his jeans always look. Mine is pretty big but I'm sure his is bigger. I found out he was ramming that dick in my wife. I was going to get even. I'd known a long time her brother had the hots for me. I'd often drop stuff off for him on my way home like all his energy drinks. His parents were out of Town for two weeks so he was totally alone. My wife knew I'd be there five minutes then come home but that time I stayed talking to him. She was texting & I ignored the texts. I got him distracted & turned his phone off. I knew she was texting him too. I asked him if he had any fav porn since I was curious about what two guys really do. As if I don't know what they do. I'd never done it with a guy but I knew what went on. He showed me some porn & I just let my dick get rock hard in my pants in front of him. He finally gave in & reached for it to rub it. He figured he was going to get to do a BJ on me in secret. He did suck on it some but I asked where his fap lube was & had him put it on my dick. We were both totally naked & I got my dick up his ass. I had it timed perfectly. About an hour had gone by since I was there & my wife had come over. She has a key. I had him moaning like a woman when I heard her at his bedroom door then I started moaning about his virgin ass my dick was busting lol when she came in on us. I blew my load up his ass while she screamed. They were both screaming for different reasons. I was just moaning as my load was busting. His gay ass isn't virgin anymore & my wife thinks I might be gay. Let her think that. I don't care. That's how you get even with your wife.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I've been sober for just over 3 years. I am still a member of my favorite bar's pool team and a regular there. Always on my regular stool with a club soda, I watch some of the patrons who over-indulge.

    Last Monday was like that, I was there for a league match and noticed a cute girl who was clearly on a mission to get fucked up. She was drinking flavored vodka shots, and some of the guys were already buying her more. As she headed to the bathroom, she answered her phone, from what I could hear she must have caught her boyfriend with his sidechick. On her way back, she was crying, so I just handed her a napkin from the bar as she passed. That's all it took for her to decide I was the one she was going to vent on, cry to, and it up for advice.

    Listening to her as she went from yelling at me/him, her slurred words were turning into one big run on word. She asked the bartender for 2 more shots, one for each of us, and I told Dennis to make them my usual. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Regan and she came to town to surprise her boyfriend at school. Regan was the one surprised. She downed the shot and didn't even notice it wasn't vodka. I tried to calm her down but she wanted to go back and confront him again because he wouldn't pick up the phone or answer her texts. She was in no condition to drive, so I told her I would drive.

    Of course, he didn't answer the door so I said I would drive her to where she was staying. That's when it got a little weird. I thought she fell asleep as we were driving when I felt her rubbing my dick as we drove. When I looked down and asked her what the hell she was doing, she told me she needed a favor. She unzipped my pants and put her lips up to my dick and snapped a pic and sent it to him. Then she put it against her nose, took another and sent that!

    I told her that was enough and to stop. Suddenly her phone was blowing up. Seems she hit a nerve with her Bf. I kept driving and she fell asleep for real. When we got to the hotel she was staying at, I woke her up. She was still toasted, so I messed with her head a little. I asked if she was going to finish the blowjob she fell asleep giving me. She said I was crazy, and to stop when I told her to look at the pics in her phone. When she saw them she forgot why she took them, so I told her to just finish the job, that she couldn't leave me with a problem like that and showed her how hard I was. She was a trooper, and went at it. About halfway through, I asked her for her phone and we made a vid of her taking a shot to the face and licking it up. I told her she should send that to her boyfriend.

    I walked her to the room, made sure she made it inside and left. I never got her number, she didn't get mine. All she has is some dick pics and a really jealous boyfriend now!

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    Straight Male / 42

    We just found out my girlfriend is pregnant. What she doesn't know is that i've had a vasectomy and hence the baby is not mine. I've always suspected she cheated on me, but that really didn't really bother me as I also cheated on her. I know when she cheats because when she gets tipsy she becomes very flirtatious and she is really easy to get turned on. She is always wet and always ready to be fucked. I've also know when she has fucked because she comes home horny letting me know she is really wet. I know of course she has just been fucked and wants more. I can tell cause she still has some other guys cum deep in her pussy. She thinks I only think she is wet, but cum leaves a particular smell. I still fuck her and really enjoy it at her getting off.

    Guess this is a blessing in disguise, cause she wants to have the baby thinking it is mine (as we have talked about it). The good thing is that even though she swears she does not cheat (i have a spy camera in our bedroom) I have proof she does. And, when I get tired or bored I can just leave and leave her with a baby and all that comes it. Just so you know she has 4 other kids.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I work for a large firm in Manhattan as an associate. The VP of marketing, Derek, made it clear that I was to attend a New Years get together at his home regardless of my prior plans. I ended up fighting with my date, who did not want to change our plans so I ended up alone.

    I arrived around 11pm at a very large and gaudy home in the suburbs. Upon entering the house, I was met by staff that took my coat and was immediately handed a glass of Champagne and appetizers. I found myself talking to a few coworkers when I heard a commotion from the 4 seasons room. Derek, obviously intoxicated, was making rather rude comments about some of the women at the party. His venom continued at some of the associates who chose not to attend. A woman who must have been his wife tried to calm him down, but he really unleashed on her until she ran away in tears.

    I followed her to the other end of the house to see if she was alright. She thanked me, assured me it was just the alcohol and all would be fine in a day or two. As we spoke, I gave her a tissue to wipe her tears. Her name was Carla and I just stood there and listened as she vented about what an asshole Derek could be. A true trophy wife, she was tiny but with large implants and obvious other surgeries. After a few minutes, I wiped away a tear from her cheek, she looked up at me and we kissed. She took my hand, opened the door next to her and we went into the 3 car garage. As soon as the door locked, I had her panties off and dropped my pants. She licked her hand, lubed me and I lifted her and slid in.

    Carla controlled the pace and slowly worked her way up and down with her hands around my neck. I just buried my nose between her tits and let her have her way. Then I saw Dereks BMW M6, his pride and joy. I brought Carla over to the car, and gently pushed her over the car and took her from behind. She had her arm across the hood and asked me to just go very slow and deep. Soon, she was whimpering quietly and Then suddenly stood up. I could see the bite marks she had left in her own arm when she came. She turned to me and told me that she would finish what she started, that she couldn't send me away like that. I noticed the hand marks, the marks from her tits on the hood of the car. I chuckled to myself and told her it was my pleasure serving her. I straightened myself out, and headed back to the party.

    Around 10 minutes later, Carla showed up looking fabulous in a completely different dress. She made the social rounds and came by to introduce herself to me. Derek drunkenly told her that I was on the fast track on the job and she should watch out for me. She promised she would .

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    Gay Male / 32

    When I took my first job in Manchester I lived in an older building on the fifth floor. The only window looked out on the building next door. At night when the lights were on and the dr**es were open you could see clearly inside peoples flats, you could almost watch what they were watching on television living their nice little domestic lives. That is why I would leave my dr**es open with the lights on and sit on the small couch and masturbate. I was so good at it, I buttered myself up and I could keep it going for a long time before surrendering to my manly urge. If I could see into their flat, they could see into mine.

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    Straight Female / 24

    When I was in college my little sister told us that she wanted to become a nun. It did not go over well, she was pulled out of the Catholic school she was attending and she was sent to live with an Uncle and Aunt so that she would not be around the same kids or the influence of the School. For Spring break I went to see her at my Uncle's house on behalf of my parents. She was totally quiet, wouldn't speak to anyone and she had cut her hair short, like almost no hair, she wore only black pants and tops that in no way let anyone know she was a girl, her finger nails were black. I don't think she had brushed her teeth in months. My Uncle was at the end of his rope and told me he was sending her back home. I took her with me to college.

    I was living with two other girls so she had to stay in my room with me. At first she insisted on sleeping on the floor but after a week I got her to come to bed with me. Her bath and teeth routine were so bad she smelled like a homeless person and one day I forced her into the shower with me and washed her and washed her hair and used my finger to wash her teeth with toothpaste. I sat her on the toilet and cut her hair again so it was at least neat, I took all her clothes away and gave her some of mine to wear which were at least much more feminine and appropriate instead of those black pants and tops. I painted her up a little. Through all this she didn't resist. She didn't resist when I took her into the shower the next day or the next or dressed her or took her to bed. She just obeyed, not that she was agreeing with me.

    Because of her being there I missed class and had to drop out that semester. I told my parents I would bring her home as soon as I thought she would stay but my parents did not want her at home because of the school. It took a long time, several weeks before she slowly opened up to me. One of the nuns had been seeing her since she was in the seventh grade, she was now supposed to go into the eleventh grade. I don't know, but I convinced her that we needed to go home and when we were home I went looking for that nun and I hit her with a baseball bat. I am only sorry that I was not big enough to make it count. That is where I wish we had a six foot brother. My sister stayed with me and finished high school while I finished college, my parents paid for us to have an apartment to ourselves and I went and got myself the biggest guy I could find, if anyone tries to hurt my sister again I am sending him to fix it.

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    Straight Male / 53

    You won't read this kind of confession here very often. 50 years ago when I was 13 I murdered the man who kidnapped, r*ped and murdered my 2 year old sister. He got out on a technicality so I took my Dad's shotgun and hunted him down like the monster he was. I put one in his chest and the other one made sure he couldn't have an open casket funeral. I was tried as an adult and sentenced to 50 years to life. I finally got paroled three months ago. I have been reading confessions on this website for a couple of years now but we can only down load we can't up load in prison so it was read only. This is my first post on the internet anywhere ever. I'm going to tell you what I told my parole board. I'm not sorry. I'm glad I did it. I would do it again right now if the same thing happened. I thought for sure they wouldn't let me out but they did. The only thing I would do different is I'd make him suffer more.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    What do you do if and when you find out your wife of eighteen months, has cheated on you with one of your supposed best friends.

    For me it was easy. Her mom already liked me that way, so I fucked her taking pictures of my cock being sucked, then easing it's way up my mother in laws asshole as she looked behind her. Secondly I acrried on fucking her mom for over a fortnight taking lots more pictures, then managed to seduce her younger sister. It was a one off fuck and only a brief drunken one, but I still got one solitary picture of my dick cumming over her face.

    Lastly and almost the most pleasing, was convincing my so called friend to suck on my cock, then fuck him in my truck by a dirt road. It took some persuasion, but once I was fucking him over and over again, he soon stopped being negative and actually back onto my dick. By the time I was cumming up his asshole, he was practically begging me to fuck him.

    My wife will soon be getting all of the pictures, but not before I chance one more time fucking her sister. After all her mom now calls by our apartment for sex. It might be an idea to let her walk in as I'm boning her moms asshole.
    We'll see.

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