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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 45

    The girl down the road used me for her sex toy. We were both teens and both sexually active early in life. I broke her hymen at 13. She had sex with few other guys including some older.

    She would cum and would not help me cum. She forced me to stop just before I came. from pushing me off to smashing my nuts hurting me. She managed to make me stop wanting to fuck and get away from her.

    I was wrong to do this but had enough of her. Would tell me go jerk off and no help no blow job. told me cum made her sick.

    walked by her house and she called me in. I did the normal, went into her bedroom window. Her mom was usually gone and grandmom was always sleeping off a good drunk.

    Once inside she promised me I could finish and more so inside her. She had been fingering her self for some time, she was ready to fuck. Off my shorts came and into her pussy.

    I let it finish getting hard inside her as she liked. I did bottom out in her and did hurt her some times. We did the normal missionary and she did her turn on top.

    She came and fell off me, she turned on her belly and refused to spread her legs. I mounted her and she yelled, DONT YOU FUCK MY ASS!!, I am not

    I spread her ass cheeks and she pushes the pussy up to me. She sure did not want this up her ass. Said that would be her husbands wedding night treat.

    The pussy is good and I have her held down. I pound her and watch her little ass cheeks jump with each slap. She starts to cum and its a good one. She is moaning and starts, DONT YOU CUM INSIDE ME, I tell her I am not cumming yet. She starts moaning and asking to turn over, I will not have it. I am getting mine this time.

    I start a hard slap and drive her up the bed with each pump. She is trying to get away and trying to enjoy this new fuck position at the same time. I feel the orgasm starting and I grab her neck and her shoulder. I drive and feel the cum splash in her. You FUCKER, I do not stop and I splash her with each stroke. I stop and lay on her. I feel cum running in her and out of me. Damn, that feels good. She is pretty pissed and starts calling for her grandmom.

    Shut up or else I fuck you up the ass, I will do it. She calms down and lets me enjoy the feeling of her pussy. The quivering and her ass tightening up makes it feel better for me.

    I did not get her pregnant, but we both worried for a month or so. She stopped letting guys at her with out a condom. She would not let anyone on her like this again.
    I got my revenge for the past.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I hate my sister. I hope she dies !!!! I hate her for everything that spastic dog has done to me.











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    Straight Male / 55

    Revenge is probably the correct title for this. I wrote this earlier but AC refused to post it for some reason. They kept saying I should ebter the Caaptcia but they refuse to post one for me to copy. Finally they just delted the whole thing. But, this is really a non-sexual comfession, more of a plea for help!
    You see, my wife is currently in a Nursing home because of mistakes the medical profession made. In the late 70's she was in an auto accident and was paralized from the neck down. She regain her feelings after about 4 weeks in the hospital. But, she became Epileptic and was having grand mal seizures as many as 5 and 6 daily. Sometimes I diden't think she could live through them. Her doctor placed her on 3000 mg depakote daily and for 30 plus years you would never know she was epileptic. Then we lost our daughter to an over dose of perscription drugs. She could not grieve openly, her grief built up inside until she had a stroke and then right back into the hospital. After improvement there she was transfered to a Nursing Home. There she began having seizures again. After learning they had cut her depakote levet to 1000 mg dailey I, excuse the language, raised pure hell until they finally raised it back to 2000 mg.
    Then after improvement she was discharge and came home. All this time at home I was giving her 2 500 mg in the AM and 2 in the PM. She was doing well and stopped gaining weight.
    Okay, last fall she had a relapse and instead of the hospital they had in home care three days a week. She began declining so they brought Hospice nurses in. Immediately they transfered her from Home Care to Hospice, telling me she had less than 6 months to live. I freaked out. My grand daughter and I were looking at her mediaction one evening aand she said, Garndpa, these aren't 500 mg, they are 250 mg. So, again the shit hit the fan, I raised hell and they raised the level back to 2000 daily and they discharged her from Hospice and placed her in Aa Nursing Home. They never admitted that she was getting better, only that she had deceased declining.
    Now the big shock. The nursing home charges $225 per day for semi private room but said they wsere doing me a favor and only charging me $180 per day for, as they call it, room and board.
    Okay, I am Air Force Retired after 30 years active service including Korea and Vietnam. I have many decorations to prove my services which include the Airmans Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, amoung others. Let me confess here and now. I am not seeking a pat on the back. I did this because I refused to take my discharge and have to go to work. LOL.
    Okay, upon retirement I was promised FREE MEDICAL for me and my dependents for the remainder of our life. My wife is my only remaining dependent but $180 a day does not sound FREE to me. I appealed and protested but no one wants to listen. They showd me a law that went into effect in 2007. My argument is that this only effects thos who retire on or after that date. I should come under the grand father clause which holds me to the old law from my retirement date.
    Since last November I have paid this Nursing Home $56,000.00 plus from my own pocket. How much longer before I am in the poor house or insane ward??
    Now, has anyone any suggestions before I loose my mind completely??
    THANKS for any info and THANKS for taking your time to read this.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Well this happened roughly about four months ago, I was drinking with my girlfriend and our room mate (also a couple of other mates), and it all started with my girlfriend telling me that she finaly came around to the idea of having a threesome, I was extreamly excited, so after the party died down my I went to back to my room with my gf and our room mate, things got heated quickly then they both said they wanted to blindfolded me cause it'll be fun!, so I let them (I was to drunk to say no really) after a long quiet pause I felt someone giving me head... I was getting into it and started to rock my hips as well, I started to rock my head around and the blindfoled moved alittle so I could see who was doing what... but what I saw shocked me.. I was getting head from Jole one of our roommates mates who is gay and to make it worse my gf and roommate were filming it.. I lost it and freaked out all they could do was laugh and run off,I left and stayed at my parents abd tried my best to not see them but they contacted me and said they wanted to talk, all they had to say on the subject was that it was pay back for all the nasty pranks I had played on them, I couldn't belive what I was hearing, how could my gf the girl I cared so much about, and my roommate (also one of my bestfriends) do this to me.. over the next month and a half I did everything they told me to do, cause I was afraid that they would show the video to someone eals.... then one day at work one of my work mates and a close friend to my gf asked me in privet if what she saw was actully real and how I was couping with it... I was shocked I mean I had done everything they had asked and they still showed others the video... all I could think of was I need to get revenge, so I started to search up the best ways to get revenge and by clicking through some web pages I got to a site similar to this and reqd acouple of stories that got me thinking, it took a couple of weeks but my plan was about to happen, it had been 2 months since what had happened and we were all drinking again, while everyone had gone to town I convinced my gf to stay home, and through facebook I contacted one of her work mates (Adam this creep middel aged man) and had asked him to come over, so while he was on his way over I tied up and blindfolded my gf at this point she was so drunk she couldn't even put a proper sentence togeather, I went and out and met with Adam and told him to be as quiet as he can, I showed him to the room were my gf was tied up I stood near the bed and started recording as he started to fondel and have sex with my gf (yeah I felt guilty and I wanted to stop him but after what she did.. that wasn't going to happen) After he finished I quickly got him out of the house, I did feel guilty, but she deserved it didn't she, over the next week my gf said she kept getting weird looks from Adam but didn't know why.. the same rutine continued thet both continued to tease me an: bring up the video and I fuigerd why just get even with just one I didn't really have a plan but i just wanted to imbaress my roommate so after a long night in town, I got a drunk txt to go pick her up and drive her home, so I went to pick her up she was by a run down public toilet which was also a glory hole so I started thinking, it took a couple of weeks but she was back in town and again I got another txt to go pick her up except this time I had a plan I told her to meet me where I picked her up last time when I got there she was to drunk to stand straight, and tbh I don't know how I did it but I convinced her to go into one of the stalls and take a seat, I told her I'd be back and told her to hold on to something for me and stuck my mates street cam on her head (it took some time and work but finally let me put it on her) I pretended to leave but jumped into the other stall beside her to check if she was as easy as I was told, I put my d#k through the hole it took a bit but suprise suprise I got what I expected, I still wasn't sure what i was gonna do, but instead txted her ex bfto see if he was in yown and explained to him that there was a chick in this glory hole giving free blowjobs and she was dtf,I wasn't sure if it was going to work... but he asked where I was so I told him, after a few minuets he showed up with two other guys.. (and what happens next I really didn't mean or wanted to happen) but he works with her dad and was in town having drinks he showed up with h8m anf asked if she was still in there I told them to be quiet... (I wanted to tell them the truth but I couldn't without getting in deep shit), but I just watched them go for gold, I didn't feel sick till after her dad desided to join in on the fun, I regreted what I had done I mean the stall was shacking at this point... after they had finished I had to make up something to get them out of there.. driving her home, I honestly didn't know what to think, over the next few weeks the same rutine carried on they showed/told a couple more people and idk weather to blackmail them back or not bring it up at all

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    Straight Female / 18

    I hate my older sister. She is in her late twenties and oh so beautiful and perfect and I am a 'druggie". She turned my parents against me and won't even speak with me anymore. My life sucks cuz of her.

    A few years ago I found a thumb drive in her room and copied a bunch of sex pics of the bitch her ex-boyfriend took. Her nude, sucking her own perfect tits, spreading herself, diddling and fingering herself, sucking his dick and fucking. There's hundreds of pictures of little miss perfect being a total slut.

    I created a fake Facebook account using her name. Made friends with every guy I know she knows including from her work and talked with them over FB pretending to be her. I flirted and sex chatted and started sending the nude ones to these guys. Now almost every guy she knows has pictures of her nude including close ups of her spread open vag and of her playing with herself.

    I sent a lot of the fuck pics to strangers I met online while pretending to be her. Its only a matter of time until they start showing up on-line and people she knows start seeing them.

    My mom told me that my sister has been having trouble with different guys she knows coming round and calling her and hassling her. Men at work have been sexually harassing her all of a sudden. They don't understand whats going on. I do. LOL. I'm thinking of inviting some of the strange men I've met online from near us to come round to fuck her. Maybe some of the real scary, nasty, pervert, stalker types. Maybe on nights when I know she'll be home alone.

    Fuck her.

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    Straight Female / 39

    why are there so many animalistic mental cases in the world???? why are there so many stupid women????

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    Straight Female / 22

    in 1993 I met a south American teacher at university OMG he was so ricky like and I nearly died when I seen a photo of him later. I was like "there is no way this is the same guy"... is that why bugsy got someone to bash me to keep me away???? then it happened again. I met a south American guy who looked spainish rather then south American.

    he keeps popping up

    then I seen db a few times.

    now I am really confused because when I seen david it was spooky how much he looked like my sister ex but not quite.

    I need a drink or I am just over tired and crazy.

    please don't leave me david at least until this is worked out.

    they keep saying I don't deserve a life and I do. I am a good honest person. I am sick of not having a life of my own, a husband, and identity. I need you.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I was once head over heels in love.
    It's not something that happens to me often. Before Dawn I'd only ever felt that particular mix of emotions once before. It's not anything you can describe. It has to be experienced and when you're experiencing it, you just know what it is.
    I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted her to have my children. If she would have asked me to lasso the stars and pull them down to Earth, I would have tried to do it.
    We were both just a couple of poor country kids. We spent our days visiting one another, either at my place or hers. We swam in the little creek in the woods at the edge of our town, we watched wrestling and laughed over how crazy it was. Dawn adopted a mangy old stray kitten and named it Ziggy. She said it was our "son". She'd make me kiss him goodnight whenever I'd leave to go home.
    I loved that girl with all my heart. I may not have had much in the world, but I had her and that made everything else ok.
    Then she started hanging around with Chad. Oh, don't be jealous she told me. Chad's gay. That's why he's in the cosmetology course with me. You see, Dawn left our regular high school during our junior year to attend a vocational school, with a special cosmetology curiculum. When she graduated she could go right to work in a salon somewhere.
    Whenever I'd run into her and Chad, he'd have this little shit eating grin on his face and in his eyes, like "haha I know something you don't know". It twisted my guts, but what could I do?? Dawn swore she loved me and he was just a friend (and gay).
    I should have known something was up when Dawn stopped saying "I love you too" when we'd end a phone call or I'd go home for the night. I'd say it, because I meant it and we'd hug and kiss. I'd wait a second or two for her to reply and she'd give me a "Ok, goodnight sweets. Talk to you tomorrow."
    I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised when she finally admitted to me - over the phone no less - that she'd been sleeping with Chad and might even be pregnant by him (turns out, she wasn't) .
    I'm 6'2'', 210 pounds. Even at seventeen in high school I considered myself a man. I'd gone through what I thought were some pretty rough times in my life. But I've never had my heart and soul ripped out like that. I didn't know whether to vomit, cry or wreck my own house. I wanted to do all three.
    Just like that it was over. I spent a week brooding in a place I never want to go again. It was a real dark time for me.
    For her part, relieved of the burden of her needing to keep her new romance hidden, Dawn was as light as a feather. She was everywhere with her new boyfriend. Driving around in the car his dad gave him, going to all the old places we used to hang out, excitedly showing Chad our swimming hole, our backtrails for romantic walks, our special place for watching the sunset.
    Slowly, over weeks the love I'd once felt for her so strongly turned mean.
    I could tell Dawn was really falling for Chad. Why wouldn't she?? He could do things for her and give her things that she wanted. Most of the rest of us had fathers, uncles and older brothers who worked for Chad's dad at the dried fruit and nut packing plant in town.
    Dawn saw visions of herself living in a big old house, surrounded by luxury and her and Chad's kids. When he took over his dad's factory one day, the money would roll in.
    Except, I wasn't about to let that happen.
    There was a big 4th of July party being planned. Just to rub a little salt into my still fresh wounds, Chad invited me to come. He liked doing shit like that. Well, I accepted. The better man had won, I grinned and we shook. Water under the bridge. He and Dawn looked good together.
    You see, I knew Dawn turned into a damned little fool when she had a few drinks in her. I remembered parties at the creek with our friends where she'd danced in nothing but her panties or ran through the milkweed and cattails naked after a little Jaegermeister. She couldn't hold her booze.
    So at the party, I found Dawn and we talked. I laid it on real good. I didn't hold anything against her. She smiled and hugged me and I handed her a drink. We walked and talked and drank and before too long she was bombed.
    Just once more for old times sake?? I asked, nodding out toward a patch of woods free of partiers. Just a quickie.
    She thought about it, smiled and shrugged. Ok.
    So we walked hand in hand back into those woods and laid down in the high grass and had sex. Only it wasn't a quickie, because once turned on, Dawn was hard to cool down. We lay there and fucked and kissed and wrestled around for the better part of an hour and all the while, I was snapping pics with my phone. Just for memories, I promised.
    I would have loved seeing Chad's face when he got a full set of those pics in his e-mail two days later.
    What happened was Dawn called me, furious, crying. How could I?? That was a rotten thing to do. She trusted me.
    Chad had shown them to her and broken up with her on the spot. He'd looked so crushed, she said. It had broken her heart.
    Aww, I replied. You mean you can't take him to our swimming hole anymore, or go on long walks in the evening along those trails I showed you when we first got together?? No more driving past my place or inviting me to parties just to rub your relationship in my face??
    That's a shame.
    She called me a bastard and hung up.
    About a month later she called me back.
    Chad was dating her ex best friend Courtney. She couldn't believe that bitch was dating her ex!
    Uh huh I replied.
    Anyway, she went on. I kinda miss you and so does our boy, Ziggy. Want to come by??
    Oh... ok then. Bye.
    Bye I smiled and ended the call.
    It sucks when you lose the love of your life, doesn't it Dawn??

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    Straight Male / 18

    My sister can be the biggest pain you've ever met but she can be lots of fun to. She's very pretty but she set me up with someone she knew had crabs and I caught them. Boy did I catch them,so thinking about how I could get her back me and a few friends on mine brought a lot of beer to her and her b/f's apartment. Well my sister loves to party and get sloppy drunk and her b/f don't drink and hates it when she does so he gets all pissed off and leaves and we know she won't quit til she passes out. She's 3 sheets in the wind down to tjust her shirt and panties oblivious to where she's even at and she passes out. She purposely gave me crabs by setting me up so I take her panties off and rubbed myself all over her even her mouth,now we are brother and sister so I didn't fuck her,ok. I did strip down naked and pull her upon my chest and went to sleep,she woke me up screaming which scared me at first then I realized she took the bait and she thought we had sex and boy I'm still milking that one and haven't told her yet we didn't. She was soo upset she told our parents which was furious with us both over it and gave us the lecture on why siblings shouldn't be intimate with each other. Omg I almost fessed up but couldn't do it and she caught those crabs which made it a hundred times worse on her and we see the same family doctor and he gave us the talk on why incest was a very bad idea. Now everybody in our hometown knows us as the crab family and my sister's moving after her and her b/f broke up over it which I didn't like him much anyway which is a good thing that came out of it. I'll tell her the truth probably by this weekend but don't know if she'll believe me.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I was married at 18 to the guy who got me pregnant. I worked to pay for him to go through college, and as soon as he got a residency, I ended up with a baby and not a penny to my name, with mountains of documents that said I gave up all rights to every penny. I worked hard and gave up everything for my Danny.

    So a decade later, he calls out of nowhere saying he wants custody of our son. He's been married three times since leaving me, and has no other kids. It turns out that the one good shot he had was the one he gave me, and he decided now to become a daddy. I told him to fuck off.

    He tried to go to court, but it turned out he couldn't identify his own son in court (I'd brought a friend of his, it worked beautifully). The judge said that it had to be my Danny's choice.

    That began a charm assault. A tidal wave of presents, tickets to movies, empty promises ... Danny was a boy and he enjoyed the attention and loot. I was terrified of losing him.

    When my ex and my son were on a weekend trip, I tried to relax by watching a Julia Roberts movie - I always liked her. It was one I hadn't seen before called "Mother's Boys" about a crazy woman trying to turn her sons against her ex-husband. She was the bad guy, but the scene where she tried to seduce her oldest son inspired me.

    I did a lot of soul-searching, and I decided that I loved my son enough to do anything to keep him, that I hated my ex-husband enough to do anything to stop him, and compared to both of those motives, nothing else mattered.

    I paid for a series of "boudoir photos" and I have to admit I looked pretty good in them. When I picked Danny up, I left a small album with the pictures for him to look at. He enjoyed them enough to get an erection in his jeans. I was wearing a skirt and let it ride up, showing off my pussy. He was squirming and I put my hand over and squeezed his dick through his jeans. I told Danny that I loved him and would do anything for him. He ended up humping my hand and I told him to whip it out and I jerked him off onto my blouse and skirt.

    When we arrived home, I told Danny that I loved him and I was willing to risk going to prison to give him the one thing I knew would make him happy, my body. I broke into tears and told him I would be his love-slave if he wouldn't leave me.

    He was the one who kissed me. We spent minutes necking before he told me he wanted me to suck his dick. And I did it. We spent the whole night and most of the next day fucking. Danny was a much more adventurous lover than his father.

    We had committed ourselves, and Danny told his father to go to hell.

    It's been a year now. My ex keeps contacting us, it turns out his current trophy-wife didn't like the idea of either adopting or the idea of breeding for him. Danny is the Man of the House with all the privileges (including sticking his dick in the Lady of the House) and doesn't seem to want to give that up just to go to a boarding school so his father can say he has a son. He's tried to send money but the same documents he tricked me into signing all those years ago state that I have no right to any money from him, so I return the checks.

    I and Danny abandoned, now he begs to be part of Danny's life, and Danny doesn't like him. Or at least he likes me more. So I had to violate the laws of man and god and nature to do it. My ex is crawling and I have my son. Not to mention I get lots and lots of hard-and-fast fucking and a guy who tells me I'm the sexiest thing on Earth every day.

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