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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 43

    My confession is this. My ex was who was never that great in bed left me for another guy 10 years younger. I know it boosted her ego to have the guy 10 years younger chasing after her.

    So I happened to call a buddy the other day and he mentions that he noticed my ex just got engaged. Amused I call my ex brother who I'm still buddies with to ask him if it true and he confesses that it is and tells me he was sworn to secrecy.

    I send the ex a simple text "congrats!"

    Later that night she show's up on my doorstep pissed off as hell asking why I would tell her "Congrats!".

    I tried to explain that I hoped she was happy....she wasn't buying it.

    I just said "I'm sure he makes you very happy" with a bit of a smirk.

    "Sex isn't everything" she screamed.

    I said I know and pulled at the drawstring to her pants.

    "You arrogant asshole!" She screamed as her pants hit the floor. (She had no panties on)

    "Really????" I said dropping to my knees and started to go down on her.

    She pushed on my head for all of about 2 seconds saying "I can't" as my tongue lashed at her clit. After that it was just "oh fuck, oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this!"

    As her knees started to buckle I guided her over the edge of the couch.
    I just kept licking and she began to quiver clench and shake. It had been 2 years but I still knew when she was cumming.

    I rose behind undid my jeans spit on my hand to coat the tip of my cock and rammed my cock inside her. For the first minute I'll she moaned was "oh my god oh my god" over and over. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she just started moaning "don't stop, don't stop". I could feel her pussy fluttering on my cock again and knew she had climaxed again. As I began to groan and erupt she turned over her shoulder tears streaming down her face.

    "Oh my god your cumming inside me!" she cried.

    I pulled out as the last pulse erupted from my cock. There was no denying I was.

    She curled into a ball on the couch crying "how can I face him??"

    I just smiled and said "Don't worry, sex isn't everything."

    She put back on her pants and stormed out of the house. "You're still and asshole!"

    I just smile to myself thinking..."you're still a slut"

    P.S. As a side note since she made no effort to clean up I hope her new fiancée enjoyed the cream pie.

    I didn't seek revenge but when presented to me I took it.

    I'd appreciate comments from both men and women if I was really in the wrong here?? All I sent was a text that said Congrats!

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    Transsexual Male / 21

    I used to steal gas from gas station, and they came out with a warrant for my arrest. hen I got convicted for running away from a cop. I cam up with a BS story that he was scaring me and I knew him from High school, but I always play the victim and try to deflect blame onto others. I recently sent a death wish email to a sex blogger and got caught and though I tried to deny it I was caught dead to rights. But I keep trying to deflect the blame and get other people in trouble for what I did. Now I am going nuts on the Internet and screwing up at work and not following through on my singing. I'm such a klutz! ;-) LOLOL! Don't laugh or I'll sue you.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I few years ago I lost weight, got weak and took to some medications, I started getting unexplainable and unbearable deadly pain in the abdominals and all body and would have to lay down or fall down.

    to some people it looked like I was on drugs and I took my favorite pills codeine, yes it is easy to become addicted.

    I took a lot of these heavy pills since a car accident and found they were great comfort to me most of 20s and 30s when I had no friends at all and no boyfriend.

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  • — Revenge —
    Gay Male / 28

    my grandfather and great grandfather were music managers back 100 years ago or more. if I sound bitter or bitchy right now its just that I have missed out on a lot of things and a lot of love.
    I am not getting any sex at all and that is frustrating to me. I do need love but rarely get any kind of romantic love or care. I don't get sex much. I am often ignored. I am the shadow that hides in the dark that casts a eye over what is often unseen by many.

    If I sound mean its because I am hurt and burnt and I am just speaking to people how I have been spoken to.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 47

    When in high school I fell in love with a beautiful girl but was too shy to really try to date her and didn't have the means, which was a major draw back. We did talk and engage socially at events and at school. She started dating an older guy who, I had heard him brag he could fuck without worry of getting a girl pregnant. Wrong!
    At school one Friday the girl called me off to the side in the gym and said no matter what happened she had always liked me. I didn't know what to say. The following Monday at school I found out they had eloped and she was pregnant.
    Though I've been happily married for 34 years, occasionally when I see her , she looks at me with the "I wish it had been you" look. I still melt with want to for her and hate toward him. When I'm dead, those few who know my feelings will probably remember the George Jones song "He stopped loving her today".
    Though I converse with the guy in a friendly way, I have wanted revenge for his getting her pregnant and taking away my chances with her.
    From the time that happened, my fantasy for revenge has been to hang him up naked by the wrist with his feet inches off the floor, feet tied to post making him spread eagle, shove a thick splintered shaft up his ass, occasionally twisting and pumping it in him. Tie a twenty pound weight to his cock and shoot blunt tip arrows at his balls. Leave him hanging for a couple of days, continuing said revenge on his genitals, while occasionally making a thin cut with a sharp knife on his legs and torso, then tossing rubbing alcohol on him. Once sufficiently amused at his cries for mercy, with a dull knife castrate him and stuff his balls ad cock in his mouth. Then cut him down and tell him to have a good life now that he knows how I feel.
    I know it will never happen but I would like to fuck her sometime take pictures and put them on the internet and let her know how she screwed up my life. Another option is they have two granddaughter ages 9 and 13. I could fuck them and let it be known they are available to any hard dicks and girl pussy lickers. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

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    Straight Male / 22

    I live with a friend and his girlfriend. Ive know her for years and him almost as long. Me and her almost had a thing, but it never panned out. Over the years ive made plenty of advances and as such her boy friend has grown upset about that. One night me and him had an argument and had to settle the issue. I recently found out that she has a blog online where she does naughty things to herself. Ive been anonymously telling her to do things to herself and take pictures (which she has). We've even had private cam show sessions where shes come screaming my name (its a pretty common name) and ive loved every second of it. It makes me feel great knowing i have almost complete control over her and knowing that if her boy friend found out how pissed he would be.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I dry hummped my cousin and I feel bad.

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    Straight Male / 45

    The girl down the road used me for her sex toy. We were both teens and both sexually active early in life. I broke her hymen at 13. She had sex with few other guys including some older.

    She would cum and would not help me cum. She forced me to stop just before I came. from pushing me off to smashing my nuts hurting me. She managed to make me stop wanting to fuck and get away from her.

    I was wrong to do this but had enough of her. Would tell me go jerk off and no help no blow job. told me cum made her sick.

    walked by her house and she called me in. I did the normal, went into her bedroom window. Her mom was usually gone and grandmom was always sleeping off a good drunk.

    Once inside she promised me I could finish and more so inside her. She had been fingering her self for some time, she was ready to fuck. Off my shorts came and into her pussy.

    I let it finish getting hard inside her as she liked. I did bottom out in her and did hurt her some times. We did the normal missionary and she did her turn on top.

    She came and fell off me, she turned on her belly and refused to spread her legs. I mounted her and she yelled, DONT YOU FUCK MY ASS!!, I am not

    I spread her ass cheeks and she pushes the pussy up to me. She sure did not want this up her ass. Said that would be her husbands wedding night treat.

    The pussy is good and I have her held down. I pound her and watch her little ass cheeks jump with each slap. She starts to cum and its a good one. She is moaning and starts, DONT YOU CUM INSIDE ME, I tell her I am not cumming yet. She starts moaning and asking to turn over, I will not have it. I am getting mine this time.

    I start a hard slap and drive her up the bed with each pump. She is trying to get away and trying to enjoy this new fuck position at the same time. I feel the orgasm starting and I grab her neck and her shoulder. I drive and feel the cum splash in her. You FUCKER, I do not stop and I splash her with each stroke. I stop and lay on her. I feel cum running in her and out of me. Damn, that feels good. She is pretty pissed and starts calling for her grandmom.

    Shut up or else I fuck you up the ass, I will do it. She calms down and lets me enjoy the feeling of her pussy. The quivering and her ass tightening up makes it feel better for me.

    I did not get her pregnant, but we both worried for a month or so. She stopped letting guys at her with out a condom. She would not let anyone on her like this again.
    I got my revenge for the past.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 31

    I hate my sister. I hope she dies !!!! I hate her for everything that spastic dog has done to me.











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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 55

    Revenge is probably the correct title for this. I wrote this earlier but AC refused to post it for some reason. They kept saying I should ebter the Caaptcia but they refuse to post one for me to copy. Finally they just delted the whole thing. But, this is really a non-sexual comfession, more of a plea for help!
    You see, my wife is currently in a Nursing home because of mistakes the medical profession made. In the late 70's she was in an auto accident and was paralized from the neck down. She regain her feelings after about 4 weeks in the hospital. But, she became Epileptic and was having grand mal seizures as many as 5 and 6 daily. Sometimes I diden't think she could live through them. Her doctor placed her on 3000 mg depakote daily and for 30 plus years you would never know she was epileptic. Then we lost our daughter to an over dose of perscription drugs. She could not grieve openly, her grief built up inside until she had a stroke and then right back into the hospital. After improvement there she was transfered to a Nursing Home. There she began having seizures again. After learning they had cut her depakote levet to 1000 mg dailey I, excuse the language, raised pure hell until they finally raised it back to 2000 mg.
    Then after improvement she was discharge and came home. All this time at home I was giving her 2 500 mg in the AM and 2 in the PM. She was doing well and stopped gaining weight.
    Okay, last fall she had a relapse and instead of the hospital they had in home care three days a week. She began declining so they brought Hospice nurses in. Immediately they transfered her from Home Care to Hospice, telling me she had less than 6 months to live. I freaked out. My grand daughter and I were looking at her mediaction one evening aand she said, Garndpa, these aren't 500 mg, they are 250 mg. So, again the shit hit the fan, I raised hell and they raised the level back to 2000 daily and they discharged her from Hospice and placed her in Aa Nursing Home. They never admitted that she was getting better, only that she had deceased declining.
    Now the big shock. The nursing home charges $225 per day for semi private room but said they wsere doing me a favor and only charging me $180 per day for, as they call it, room and board.
    Okay, I am Air Force Retired after 30 years active service including Korea and Vietnam. I have many decorations to prove my services which include the Airmans Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, amoung others. Let me confess here and now. I am not seeking a pat on the back. I did this because I refused to take my discharge and have to go to work. LOL.
    Okay, upon retirement I was promised FREE MEDICAL for me and my dependents for the remainder of our life. My wife is my only remaining dependent but $180 a day does not sound FREE to me. I appealed and protested but no one wants to listen. They showd me a law that went into effect in 2007. My argument is that this only effects thos who retire on or after that date. I should come under the grand father clause which holds me to the old law from my retirement date.
    Since last November I have paid this Nursing Home $56,000.00 plus from my own pocket. How much longer before I am in the poor house or insane ward??
    Now, has anyone any suggestions before I loose my mind completely??
    THANKS for any info and THANKS for taking your time to read this.

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