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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 36

    My husband's ex-business partner raped me because my husband stole money from the business and bankrupted him. They were partners in real estate for ten years and friends for longer. He and I had always been friendly. After the whole thing went under we were ok because of the money I make but he lost everything. His house, he wife, all of it.

    One day when I came home to an empty house, he was waiting for me and asked to come in. I told him my husband wasn't at home and that it probably wasn't a great idea. Things were definitely strained but he'd been a close for a long time so I eventually invited him in.

    Once inside I made coffee and we talked. He told me that the reason things fell apart was because my husband was a thief. He said that he had stolen enough money to send him prison for years and that we would lose our house to cover the costs of prosecution. My husband had blamed it on the economy.

    He started making me uncomfortable, looking at me funny, talking angry, making weird comments like "You've got a great ass." I finally asked him to leave. He said "what's the matter. You're husband already fucked me. Don't you want to fuck me too??" I ordered him out of my house and to my shock he slapped me across the face so hard I fell on the floor. I was stunned then started kicking my feet when I realized he was trying to drag me upstairs by my hair.

    He was a lot stronger and meaner that I ever realized. He got me to the top of the stairs where I grabbed the rail and held on. I felt pain like you wouldn't believe were he'd punched me in my kidneys. I collapsed in agony. While I was crying my former friend said "bitch, get your ass in the bedroom." I was done fighting. I crawled to our bedroom as fast as I could.

    Once there he pulled me to my feet by my hair and slapped me again and again while holding me tight by my hair. I begged him to stop and said I'd do what ever he wanted. He told me to strip so I did. He said he wanted to tie me to the bed and I begged him not to. He made me promise to behave or he would. I was ready to do anything he wanted. Anything to avoid being tied up or being hurt anymore.

    He made nasty comments about my body and insulted my husband. He didn't like my pubic hair and made me shave it all off while he watched. My hands were trembling and I was shaving slow. He raised his hand to slap me but after I yelled "please no" he grabbed the razor and finished shaving me totally bald down there then made me wash it up.

    He made me get on my knees at the end of our bed and pulled out his dick to make me suck it. He told me what to do the whole way. To kiss the head, lick the shaft, massage and suck his balls. To slowly suckle the head while lightly licking the underside. I did that for him for at least half an hour while he held my head in a death grip. When he was close to an orgasm he held me even harder in place and started pumping in and out of my mouth faster and faster. I don't like cum in my mouth. I hate it but knew it was going to happen so I closed my eyes trying to pretend it wasn't happening. Then I heard him yell out "yes" and felt him jam his dick deep in my mouth as he started cumming. He yelled at me to swallow it all so I tried hard to do it but there was just so much. I managed to swallow most of it but some leaked out. He called me a bitch and raised his hand but didn't strike me after I started crying and said I was sorry. He said, "Yea, I've been saving up for you."

    I was relieved he had cum because I thought it would be over but it wasn't. He ordered me onto the bed and pulled me to the edge and made me spread my legs then made comments about my "bald pussy" and started to play with it. Fingering me and exploring it. Then he got down and started eating me. When he started licking my clit, I closed my legs. He told me if I closed them again he would take one of ms husband's belts to my ass. The whole time he ate me after he said that I held my knees tight so my legs wouldn't close. I was afraid he'd really whip me.

    I held on as he went back to licking my clit. I really didn't want him too. I'm sensitive there and didn't want him near it but he focused right on it licking soft and fast. I put my mind elsewhere ignoring it as long as I could hoping to outlast him. I was doing a good job and sensed he was slowing down then I felt the first tingle down deep and he knew it. He said "I'll make you cum, sluts always cum" then was back at it. I struggled to put it out of my mind but the tingles kept coming back, then the pleasure started. I tried to move my hips enough just to get his tongue on a differed spot but he followed my clit right along. When he exposed my clit pulling it up with his thumb and slipped two fingers in me I knew it was going to happen. I could feel it steadily building. After my first moan I begged him to stop. As the tingle became constant and powerful and centered on my pussy I begged him not to make me cum, please don't make me cum but he kept going and then it was too late. It was seconds away and I couldn't help myself. I started bucking my hips and grinding my clit onto his swirling tongue pushing myself over the edge and groaning like a slut through my orgasm. I asked him to please leave afterward as I lay there sobbing. He said no.

    He pulled me further up the bed and mounted me. He said "I've thought about this moment a million times." as his cock pressed against the entrance to my pussy. I said "please don't" one more time which was answered by the feeling of his shaft slowly entering my pussy. Once he was in, he worked it around getting the feel of it before he started pumping slowly at first, saying he was going to enjoy it. He shifted a better angle and started fucking me. He told me to hang on because he was going to make it last.

    He kept at it for a long time. Every time I thought he was going to cum he either slowed his pace or stopped altogether for a few seconds. I think he was trying to make me cum again but I'm can only cum once without needing a long break so I was safe there. After almost half an hour of this he grabbed my face and made me look at him. He held my face tight and told me to look at his eyes. He fucked me faster and harder as he held me and I looked at him like he wanted. "That's it c**t" he said as he was about to cum. Just as he said "yes" I tried to turn my head but he yanked it back hard and screamed "look at me" as he started cumming. I looked into his eyes with tears in mine as he filled me with his cum. He looked right into my eyes the hole time until he finally stopped grinding. He waited a bit to catch his breath before getting up.

    He made me shower and cleaned out my pussy himself. He made me wash the sheets and the coffee cup from downstairs. I was nude the whole time. Every so often he'd slap my ass or jam a finger in me. When he was satisfied he made my tell him that I loved him and that he was great and when he asked if I wanted to fuck again, I had to answer "yes, anytime."

    Before he left he told me that if I cried rape, he'd tell everyone we'd been having an affair and that I was lying about the rape because my husband was a thief and I was trying to black mail him into not pressing charges. He also said that he knew all along that I wanted to fuck him and that my orgasm proved it. That was a lie but he asked me how I would answer in front of a jury when I was asked if I had an orgasm during the "so-called rape??" "How would I answer when asked if I slammed my pussy onto his mouth as I came??" "How would I answer when asked to demonstrate how I moaned when I came??" I had no explanation for that and still feel ashamed about it. I haven't seen him since. He supposedly moved to California. I received an unsigned card about a year ago that simply said "I'm sorry" which I assume was from him but who knows.

    I thought about it for a long time and decided to keep it to myself. I obtained counseling and learned to talk about it with other woman who've been through similar ordeals and found that the mere act of telling my story helps put the shame and blame I feel in its proper place. My marriage is on the rocks though and will most likely be over soon. I can't get past the resentment I feel towards my husband. He doesn't know what happened but I put a lot of the blame on him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Finding out your husband had been fucking another woman isn't easy to take, especially when you also find out it's a woman you were close friends with, and also grew up with. Both of them were drunk from what I've been told and given my friends past history of sleeping around, John my husband found her a very easy lay. He fucked her in front of everyone at the party they were at, both of them not taking my feelings into anything they were doing. ( Like a mug, I was working to pay for our holiday)
    The hurt and mistrust lasted for a long time and I thought I was over it. Then I heard he'd been flirting with a young eighteen year old woman at his place of work.
    Now totally pissed off and not knowing what to do or think, an oportunity to get more than even, came out of the blue when I was round at his mothers house. She's called Linda and is a young mother in law in every way. She's forty two years old, but looks about thirty and has taken very good care of herself. Her outlook on life is also one of a youthful disposition as she's often out with younger female friends. The one thing I've always known about Linda is she's a lesbian. John was as she often jokes, a moment of weakness. Johns father hasn't been around since he was six months old.
    Linda and I had been sorting through her basement and I'd twisted my back lifting a heavy box. She told me to jump in the shower and see if a hot shower would ease the pain. I was wrapped in a towel about to get dressed in her guest bedroom, when Linda shouted up and asked if it was any better. When I told her it was stiffening up, she told me she'd massage my back for me to see if that helped.
    Lay on my front on the king sized bed, Linda was firmly massaging some creasm into my back where I'd hurt it. Each time she went over the spot which hurt the most, I groaned a little. Bending down she looked at me, grinned and said "Hey honey, stop the moaning it's turning me on". In an instant and without thinking I replied "I wonder what you'd be like if I wasn't wearing the towel then".
    I felt her hands pull at the towel and as she lifted it, it came away from my body. Now naked on the bed she whispered "You're not wearing it now girl". Once again I answered her quickly by saying " So what are you going to do, I won't be fighting you off". Linda's massaging started again. This time though her hands roamed over every inch of my back, down onto my buttocks and on down my legs, lingering on my buttocks, needing them and moving them apart.
    I heard her breath begin to increase as her hands moved back up to my backside. Giving her the ultimate "I'm ok with what you're doing". I opend my legs and spread them, giving her a perfect view of my pussy and arse.
    I probably didn't need to give her an invitation, my actions were enough, but just to make sure she knew I was serious about her having me sexually, I said "Do what you want to me Linda, I want you to, please". I said it almost begging and to push the point, I put my left hand between my legs and gently slipped two fingers in between my labias, caressing myself.
    Linda didn't need asking as I felt her hot breath on my arse cheeks. I couldn't see what she was doing and that made the touch of her tongue circling on my buttocks, all the more erotic. Feeling her trace her wet tongue all over my backside was wonderful. When she reached the crack of my butt, she let some saliva drip into it and then began to lap it up, moving further down as she did.
    John had never tongued my arse cheeks, let alone my arsehole, but it was no barrier to Linda and certainly not to me. I was shaking with anticipation when she finally let her tongue probe my hole. Pulling my cheeks apart my mother in law buried her face all the way between my arse cheeks.
    With my hands now reaching back for her she asked me to turn over. Her massive alluring smile melted me whan I lay on my back. She moved up onto me, but not before ever so slowly removing her clothing. I'm not ashamed to say, Linda was in just as good a shape than I was. Our breasts were squoshed together as we began to kiss. The sort of kiss you know is going to be passionate and full of meaning. I lost all my lesbian doubts as we kissed and moved my hands down to her arse, pulling her into me. I could feel her pubic bone rubbing on my pussy as we held each other tight. Moving and spreading my legs, I wrapped them around her back, gripped her hair and lifted her head back. In a very horny needy way, I told Linda to lick my pussy.
    Once was amazing, twice would have been unusual, but four times for me was a definate first and the fouth oragsm I had, with her awsome tongue and mouthsucking, lapping and licking away at my clit, was what she later told me a whole body orgasm, after I described it to her. I not exagerating when I say I could hardly breath, so strong was the feeling rushing through my whole body.
    We lay next to one other, kissing and fondling each others sex. Linda wanted sexual relief, whispering in my ear as she gave me butterfly kisses "Can you pleasure me too honey, I want to feel your tongue inside me". I wasn't about to dissapoint her, so I slid down her toned body, as we still lay side by side. Reaching her pubic mound, I took in the sweet smell of her sex and as I went to kiss her there, Linda lifted her leg and stretched it up high. I had complete access to my first ever pussy and I took full advantage.
    Tracing my tongue along the line of her pussy slit, I let my tongue slide to and thro until her pussy lips parted slightly. Knowing what I liked I began to insert my tongue along in between her labias, reaching her hole I darted my head forward quickly and penetrated her c**t. She let out a deep low moan and curled her leg around my head, forcing my face deeper into her wetness.
    Pushing my face upwards, I let my stiff tongue glide up her pussy until I met her engorged clit. Opening my mouth, I took it inside my lips and began to suck on it gently, pulsing my tongue and lips over it. Linda's back arching each time I sucked her bud in. Moving my left hand up, I inserted two fingers straight into her dripping wet hole, feeling her pussy twitch as they ent in deeper. I wasn't sure if it was her usual way of cumming, but when she did cum hard, her pussy squirted hot sweet juice all over my fingers, face and neck. I didn't stop, just as she hadn't and continued to eat out her sons exit into the world. By the time Linda had cum again filling my mouth with her beautiful tasting cream ,I was sexually and emotionally drained.
    I was crying gently when we were holding each other, not because I'd cheated on my husband with his own mother, but because Linda told me she'd heard about what he'd done to me at the party. The kiss we had after she told me, was everything I needed at that point. It came with a womans knowledge of hurt and betrayal, it also confirmed the sex we'd just had, wouldn't be the first and only time.
    And so that has been the case, Linda is a wonderful loving responsive lover. We've made no promises to each other, other than as long as I need her and her sex, she'll be there for me. What Linda doesn't know, but she will when I finished typing this and copied it to her, is I've fallen in Love with her and would be more than willing to cast aside her son for his mother.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm 42 years old, I'm married and I have 3 children. But a few weekends ago, I was a slut.
    Last month on one of the weekends my whole family was home and we were doing some chores. My husband was mowing the yard and my children (the oldest is 18, my youngest is 13) were all cleaning their rooms. I took a break from vacuuming and doing the laundry to check my email and noticed that my husband and left his email open. I wasn't trying to snoop but one of his most recent emails was titled "let's meet up again????" I couldn't help myself, I knew what I was about to find. Sure enough, he had been having an affair with some girl from his office. She had sent him some revealing pictures and he'd sent her some back. One of his emails said that he loved how deep she could take him in her mouth.
    I faked a headache and "took a nap" while my family kept working. I cried for hours, in bed and in the shower and anywhere I could get a little privacy. I couldn't look at my husband, I couldn't believe he had done this to me. I try to stay fit, and I'm definitely not out of shape. I try to do every sexual thing my husband wants, I was crushed.

    I didn't confront him about it, I didn't know how to do it or what to say. Thankfully a few weekends ago he had to go out of town for a conference. I couldn't stop thinking about how he could be cheating on me right now, I felt so full of rage and sexual energy that I ended up taking a long shower with a toy of mine. I remembered about this "bookstore" that one of my coworkers mentioned to me once. She said they had a huge selection of adult books, movies, toys, and in the backroom they had these booths with "glory holes". She told me that men would go in there and put themselve through a hole in the wall into another booth and that someone else would service them through that hole. I kept thinking about it, and decided that I wanted to cheat on my husband. It was the only way that I could stay in the marriage. I had to even it up and get my revenge.

    I know it sounds stupid and selfish, which is why this is the only time I'm going to tell anyone this story and it's anonymous. While my husband was out of town I told my children that if they wanted to spend the night with friends tonight would be good because I was going to have a few friends from work come over for some wine and some chat (not uncommon for me)
    They all lined up plans for the evening and when I dropped off my last kid at their friend's house I headed back home to shower and get dressed up. I was gonna get my revenge tonight. I started getting wet even when I was just getting ready, washing myself, shaving my legs and underarms and between my legs. I put on some lingerie that my husband had gotten for me a few years back, put on a dress over it, did my hair and makeup and left the house.

    When I got to the "bookstore" the overweight guy behind the counter told me that I wasn't allowed to go back into the booths alone, for my own safety. I panicked, there wasn't anyone I could tell about what I was doing. There were a few guys in the shop, staring at my legs and ass. eyeing me up and down and I started feeling uncomfortable but I thought about my husband fucking that girl and I started getting so mad that I just had to have my revenge immediately. I asked the guy behind the counter if there wasn't something we could work out and gave him a good peek at my cleavage. He told me to hang on a minute and went in the employees only room and I started looking around at the guys in the store, some were cute but most were kinda gross. It didn't matter, I was steaming mad and starting to get really wet thinking about how bad I wanted revenge. The employee came back out with another guy that worked there and he told me that the other guy would watch the counter and he'd take me in the back. I was so nervous my legs were starting to shake a little in my heels.

    He showed me to the backroom and it was dark and you could hear porno movies from behind the doors. He opened up one of the booth doors and followed me in, locked the door and told me to sit down in the chair. He put on a porno movie and told me to touch myself. I started running my hands over my body and up my thighs. He put his hand down his pants and started touching himself. I stood up and took my dress off, standing there in the lingerie my husband bought, a stranger touching himself right in front of me, I felt so dirty and slutty. He pulled his dick out and put it in my face, I opened my mouth and let him slide it in. Oh my god, the feeling of having another man's dick in my mouth almost made me cum right then. I hadn't touched another man in almost 20 years and running my tongue over this guy's dick and letting him hold the back of my head and push himself down my throat made me wetter than I could ever remember being.

    I sucked him for a few minutes and then he jerked himself off onto my chest. I was practically dripping between my legs and then he pointed out that there was a guy watching me through the hole in the wall. It was like my brain got turned off, all I could think about was how much I wanted to be used. I wanted to know that I had let men use me and degrade me all behind my cheating husband's back.

    The guy on the other side of the wall put his dick through the hole and I started stroking it. The guy in the booth with me pulled out a flask and offered me some vodka, I took a shot or two and started feeling really crazy. I started slurping this anonymous dick through a hole in the wall. I took it as deep down my throat as I could, pushing my nose flat up against the wall. The guy on the other side started thrusting into my mouth and soon after I felt his load shoot into the back of my throat. The guy in the booth with me gave me a cigarette and another shot of vodka, told me that another guy would come by soon. Before I could even finish my cigarette there was another dick coming through the hole in the wall. I got on my knees in front of the wall and started stroking and slurping it, I felt the guy in the booth with me put his hand between my legs from behind me and start to play with my pussy. I came almost as soon as he pushed my panties to the side and touched my clit. I was starting to get a little bit frantic, I was sucking my 3rd dick of the night and I was really into it. I licked and sucked and deepthroated and let him thrust into my mouth as hard and deep as he could. Aside from a little gagging here and there I thought I was doing a good job. The guy in the booth with me was now full on finger fucking me and the guy on the other side of the wall was shooting his load into my mouth. I swallowed some and let some drip out onto the floor.

    Time for more vodka and the guy in the booth with me now had my panties off and was playing with my ass. Another dick came through the hole a few minutes later, this time it was a really big black one. The first black dick that I'd ever seen in person and I was so horny, I immediately started sucking it, trying my hardest to get it all in. At the same time the guy in the booth with me slipped a finger into my ass and started rubbing my clit as well. I came really hard and frantically slurped the dick through the hole in the wall. The guy in the booth with me got right up behind me and started rubbing the tip of his dick against my asshole, I was so wet he just rubbed some of my own juice on my asshole and slid his dick inside. I came again, immediately. Moaning really loudly now I kept sucking the black guy while the other guy just pounded my ass. The guy in the booth with me suggested that I let that black guy fuck me so I turned around and put my ass up against the wall, I felt the black guy's dick pushing around trying to find my pussy so I reached back and guided it into my pussy while i let the guy in the booth with me smack me in the face with his dick until he pushed it down my throat again. I'd never been fucked by such a huge dick before and he filled me up completely and then stretched it more. I was practically screaming and cumming multiple times. I tried to tell the black guy not to cum inside me but with a dick down my throat I couldn't really do anything but moan. I felt his hot cum shooting deep inside my pussy, it started leaking out of me as he continued to pound me through the wall. The guy in the booth with me shot his load on my face. When the black guy was done we took a little break for more vodka and a cigarette, he told me I was such a good whore and I was welcome to come any time I wanted.

    After about 2 hours I left the "bookstore". I sat in my car in the parking lot and had a cigarette. In almost 20 years I had been with only one man. In 2 hours at the bookstore I had sucked about 10 dicks and been fucked by 5 of them, 2 of them in my ass. My jaw was sore, my face was still a little sticky, there was cum all over my lingerie top, my panties were drenched from the cum that was still leaking out of both of my holes. I don't really remember driving home but when I woke up the next morning I was still wearing those same panties and they were still wet. Feeling the cold and wet of those panties up against me made me wet again and I touched myself, rubbing the wet panties up against my clit til I came.

    I showered, cleaned my clothes, picked my children up from their friend's houses and never mentioned it to anyone until just now. My husband doesn't know what a horrible wife I've been to him, but an std test showed me that as long as I'm not pregnant he doesn't have to know about it because I'm clean.
    Sorry this is such a long story, if anyone even bothered to read it. Hope I didn't waste anyone's time but I just had to tell someone. Here's hoping for my monthly friend soon, I really don't want to be pregnant..

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    Straight Female / 20

    When I was in high school a girl named Nancy use to flash me in class. Both our desks were on the back row and as she turned side ways she would spread her legs to me. At first I thought it was just accidental but soon realized she was doing it intentionally. When she knew I was looking she would spread her legs even wider. Her skirt was so short, I could even tell the color of her panties she was wearing almost every day. Never could tell if her panties were black or maybe she wasn't wearing any. I don't know how many time I got erections in class because of her. She was cute, had beautiful legs and couldn't stop peeping on her. I thought it was her way to seduce me and I was more than willing be with her. One day walking home from school with other girls and boys, she told everyone I was peeing under her skirt to get me into trouble. Everyone turned on me calling me pervert and ended being dragged behind the bushes to get beat up. I not only got beat up, but also had my pants and underwear pulled down in font girls. Watching girls rushing up to get look at my penis was embarrassing and humiliating. Never thought I would ever go threw the shame of being stripped in public. Till this day I'm sure Nancy instigated the whole thing just to get me stripped. It's something that took me years deal with but never been able to forget.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 32

    Twenty two years old, was my age when this all started, although at that time I obviously didn't know it would pan out like it has, neither did one of the guys involved.
    I was out with a gay friend of mine, who was showing me a small investment oportunity. We'd gone through the deal and had decided to go and pick up his boyfriend, before they were to drop me off at home. On the way to his car we were attacked by three guys. I was more than a match for the guy attacking me, but my friend didn't fair that well. When the other two finished with him, I faced all three. Before I was knocked unconcious I took a good look at one of them and his face stuck in my mind.
    We were both found battered and out cold, then taken to hospital. My friend had to stay in for a few days, I was released after complaining I was ok the next day. We did try to persue them through the police, but my friend got scared and eventually we dropped the case.
    Ten years on and April this year. I was out with some colleagues, colleagues I was celebrating the ten years of our succesful business venture together. Later in the night myself and one of my collegues decided to try out a new club, known to be hedonistic. It was a great club and many of it's patrons were having a fun time. Drinking, dancing and some having various forms of sex all over the club.
    A little about me... Since the beating I took that night all those years ago with my gay friend, I decided I was going to get myself fit and also to build myself up. I'm a little over six feet tall and now have a body I'm very proud of, after lots of training and years of hard work. Also the one thing I was noted for growing up was having a large cock. Something which has lead to the situation I find myself in today.
    At the club I met a very good looking woman, who straight away came on to me with every intention of having sex. I could see her engagement ring and wedding band and asked her about it. She told me her husband was at the club and wouldn't mind in the slightest if he found us making out. Still very new to the club I declined, but wished I hadn't when she later flashed her stunning pussy and ass at me.
    My colleague dissapeared after a while and I figured he'd took one of the women he was chatting to, to somewhere quieter. He didn't go missing though until he told me, he was the one who'd gone and told the married woman I had a large cock, joking he'd seen it when we were at the gym one time.
    I carried on drinking my drink slowly, watching and enjoying the whole scene in front of me. Then I almost had a flash back when a guy approached me and asked me if I'd reconcider fucking his wife.
    It was one of the guys who'd beaten myself and my gay friend up ten years ealier. There was no mistake, I would have recognised him anywhere, even if he was older and balding now.
    I had a split second to decide what to do. All my senses told me to beat the shit out of the fucker, but his total lack of recognition with me, made me stop and think. Looking at this guy straight in the eye, I told him I'd fuck his wife, but only if he watched.
    Half an hour later I was getting out of a cab and walking up to their front door. During the ride to their address I'd let his wife suck my dick hard, as he sat staring.
    Their house wasn't much, but she definately was as she pulled my cock back out after closing their front door. Moving into the front room I made her strip for me as I took off all but my watch. Her husband, my nemesis was made to sit on a bean bag in the corner of the room.
    Not content with him watching and staying clothed, I made her make him strip too. He might have been a big man with his friends ten years earlier, but most probably the reason he felt the need to beat other people up, was his own inadequacies. When his wife began sucking my long shaft down her throat, he got erect and I could see why she seeked other men to fuck her, his cock was about five inches long and almost as thin as my middle finger.
    She was a wild bitch and we were soon fucking in front of him. For nearly an hour we sucked, licked, fucked each other and then fucked some more. He came after jerking off and was done after five minutes. We however carried on until his wife wanted me to cum up her ass. I was only too happy to give her what she wanted, unloading my cum deep inside her ass, after I'd fucked her to multiple oragsms over the nearly hour long fuck fest.
    I was sat in a chair by the fire when she asked him to get me a beer. I refused the drink but asked her if she wanted more. She was the one to refuse this time, but only because she told him to lay on the floor. When he did lay down with his head only a couple of feet away from where I was sat, she stood up walked over to where he was and squatted over his face. With my mouth wide open from shock, she lowered herself and ordered to him to lick her pussy and ass clean.
    It was the best fucking revenge I could have ever had. I'd fucked his wife and now he was licking out my cum from his wife's ass.
    The sight of him cleaning her up made me horny again and without saying a thing, I got up walked around and shoved my dick straight up her pussy. I began to thrust hard up her very wet pussy, my balls banging into his face as I fucked his wife. He tried to get up but she told him to carry on cleaning her, and then added "lick his balls clean too, you small dicked mother fucker". I was in revenge heaven.
    In a very devious and very satifying way for me,I was close to cumming up her, but decide to pull out. When I shot my load tossing myself off, I shot my cum all over his face. Once again he tried to get up and went to say something but she sank back down, pinning him with her well fucked asshole. My cum being smeared even more all over his face.
    I was sat in his arm chair when she let him get up. It was my turn this time to tell him to get us a drink, after looking at his wife and my muscled body, he quietly slunk into the kitchen and returned with the beers.
    It's not been the only time we've fucked either. I've fucked her once more on our own, after she phoned me and asked me to call by. I've also fucked her with him present on two more occassions aswell. Both times he's been made to do ever more degrading things to her and me. The last time I had him lick my asshole, as I was fucking his wife's on their marrital bed.
    I'm very tempted to let him know who I am, but I want more fun with his delishous wife first. Who knows I might even take her off him, or I might just let only her know instead. We'll just see how things go.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 48

    I don't know what this page will say my age is, but I checked that I am 68, which I am. 10 years ago, I went to my 40th high school reunion. There she was, my old flame, broke up with me 3 weeks before the prom. We renewed our friendship. She has gone through 3 marriages, and I am still with my first. We both have 3 kids, her one by each man, all mine from the one. My wife doesn't come to things like this, say's she thinks they are stupid. So let's just get to the meat of this, I have never been able to last with my wife or any other for more that 20 minutes. Yes, I have had several lovers in the passing years, and now it's been 12 years without making love to the wife.

    Margaret comes to my hotel room after the first evening of reunion, and soon we are together for the first time. No, we never fucked in high school, plan was for us to fuck after the prom dance, and spend the night together. So now, here we are some 40 years later, and we finally fuck. My god that was so great! We fucked for one and a half hours, she came 4 times, I stayed hard, even after coming the first time about 45 minutes in. We stopped after the 1 1/2 hours, without me coming again.

    Next night, repete, and have been lovers now for 10 years. PROBLEM: she wants me to get a devorice, but I keep saying no. So now she keeps braking it off, and coming back for more in a few weeks. She admits that our fucking is the best she has ever had, and she is the BEST I have ever had, I just can't see starting all over.

    Last week, I came across her brother, 3 years younger than us, and he tells me why she broke up when we were in high school. She didn't want me to know that she had already had sex. Seems her step dad had been fucking her from her 11th birthday. OMG, I'm done. I just broke up with her for good last night. No wonder she could not keep one man. She could have told me, I would have understood. We could have had all these years together, but no, she had to lie...

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    Straight Female / 22

    he is at it again, this black guy who seems to want to control everything around him and even in my neighborhood.

    like yeh no one is listening. well what the hell are you nigar.

    I don't have a phone number so fuck off.

    I don't sexting wif u

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    Straight Female / 37

    My ex-husband dumped me for a much younger version of me as soon as he made partner at his law firm. I got the three kids, who he ignores, the house and enough money to live off. He got the 22 year-old blond whore and the freedom to do whatever he wants. Even worse, he treats me like I'm a piece of shit no matter what I do regarding money or our kids. I've grown to hate him.

    I was an aerobics instructor when I met him. One thing I did for myself after the divorce was to start working out again. Over the last three years I've transformed myself. I have my old body back and have taken years off my appearance. I dress well now and get a lot of male attention. I still have difficulty dealing with the rejection of my ex but I've found a way to occasionally gain the satisfaction of revenge.

    My ex always raved about my "oral skills". He used to brag about my blow jobs to his buddies when we were dating. A year and a half ago one of those buddies off offhandedly mentioned it to me while we were chatting about old times at a school function. He is divorced too and jokingly complained about never getting any. He is still friends with my ex and the idea of blowing him to get back at him appealed to me. I texted his friend a few days later and asked if he was still interested in getting a blow job?? He said he was and before long he was in my bedroom shooting a load in my mouth. I've since been getting great satisfaction blowing as many of his friends and co-workers as I can manage. Every time one of their cocks start spurting into my mouth I feel like I just kicked that asshole in the nuts!

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 44

    i have just returned from carrying out the revenge attack i have been dreaming of for months.
    My niebour damaged my car deliberetly and i vowed to get my own back but he has no car,so i decided to take my revenge out on his daughter. she is always bunking off school and i found out where she goes when i was walking my dogs,she hangs around the field near my home as i live in the country.Normally she is with a few of her mates but i have been seeing her regular for a couple of days now while walking my dogs and she was alone today so i pounced. i let my dogs run free and walked up to her saying you should be in school shouldnt you???????? she said its boring so i said how about i show you something not boring,ok she said,so i pulled out my cock and grabbed her.she sreammed but i slapped her and told her i would really hurt her if she wasnt quiet.i threw her to the floor she looked so sexy in her uniform, i knelt down between her legs and pulled up her skirt she tried to stop me but i am too strong next down came her panties and i burried my tongue in her pussy.she tried to fight me off but eventually i think she liked it cuz she didnt fight so much i pulled off her skirt and panties much to her protests then i had to rip off her blouse as she would not let mr undo it.really sweet she had a sexy blue bra on her tiny tits so that was ripped off too,i kept her bra its so nice.i bit her tits and made her cry i sucked her tits hard and because she wouldnt stop crying i pulled her naked body over my lap and spanked he as hard as i could,boy was she crying now so i just had to stuff her panties in her mouth and spank her some more her ass looked so good bright red ,i just couldnt put it off any more i rammed my cock into her pussy from behind letting her hot red ass slap against my belly it was heaven,she sobbed her little heart out but i pumped her pussy good.pulling out her panties i asked her do you want my cock in your mouth now, no she screamed so back in went her panties and i sampled her tight ass instead i had to spit on my cock and in her ass to make it slippy enough as she was so tight but in it went god i have never had a fuck like this before it was so tight after a while i withdrew and a little blood leaked from her ass but i turned her over onto her back pulled panties from her mouth and replaced them with my cock, she bit me the bitch so a very severe spanking was then given to her already red bottom and i tried again this time she was sick but my cock was in her mouth and i came in her mouth,
    i then let her get dressed except her bra i was keeping that,back in her uniform she looked like the sexy schoolgirl she was and made me so randy againg i told her she was to meet me here whenever i wanted for fun she agreed and just in case i put her over my knee once more and thrashed her swollen red bottom some moreafter about an hour i reckon it was time tolet her go so i did, i guess at 14 yrs old she will do as she is told and see me tommorrow for some more fun.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My ex wife believed I had cheated on her with one of her friends. It wasn't true and was hurtful to that friend.
    We've been divorced now for a couple years. I'm now slowly making my way through her friends married and otherwise getting sucked and sometimes fucked by all that I've tried with. I haven't even tried with the one she assumed I was cheating with. They all are as sexy as my ex wife and all have been better in bed.

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