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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    We are glad to see you in our midst Like to blow my nickname (Albina81)

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    Straight Female / 24

    My older sister Alison hates the fact I'm better looking than her. She also hates that I've got a really fantastic figure and has done ever since I was about fifteen. She'd tell potential boyfriends that I peed the bed, and that I had a grossly disfigured vagina. Sometimes I'd here her telling boys I'd begun to date, that she'd have full sex with them, if they fucked me off. Because she was older she'd always take my pocket money too, and spend it on dresses she knew I liked. And there were many other snidey horrible things she'd do to me also.
    When she got engaged at the age of twenty four, I was nineteen. She was so much in love with her fiance Andrew, and always told us he was this and he was that. But most of all she'd say just how much he loved her.
    Well I knew something about Andrew, I knew he fancied the pants off of me. Two weeks after their engagement, I went into a hotel with him and spent two hours having what he said was the best sex he'd ever had. Everything he said my sister wouldn't do, anal sex, bareback fucking and swallowing his cum when he'd fucked me for so long, I did. I even sat on his face and forced him to lick out my pussy and arsehole, before having him fuck me all over again.
    Eventually he broke off their engagement and we began an affair, which my sister never found out about. She was heart broken when he finished with her and tried to say, it was her decision. But I knew different and every time we fucked after they finished, I made sure Andrew would never want her back. Andrew is a thing of the past now though, as I ditched him when I found out he'd secretly been with guys before and when he was with my sister.
    She did eventually move on and last year got married to an ex soldier. But it's an ex soldier who has recently been telling me, just how much he'd like to get into my knickers. Believe me the next time my older nasty sister says anything remotely horrible to or about me, her husband will be tasting my pussy and arsehole too.

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    Transsexual Female / 23

    I was 17 and unless you knew I was born with a penis you would think I am a total woman.

    When I was 11 I began to grow boobs and girl hips. I was so happy to have a girl body. I had dressed and been treated like a girl. I was the 3rd girl in my class to get boobs.

    I have most of the female parts inside so I have estrogen levels the same as any girl.

    My sex reassignment surgery is set for Sep 23, 2017. My sister's birthday is that date. She said my surgery is my gift to her.

    I am 5'7" when I wear my 4" high heels and I am 98 pounds. I have no muscles and look like a girl. I wear size 6 ladies shoes and 4 in guys shoes. My penis is very very tiny small. I can hold it with one finger only and thank God I can get hard. I was lucky and I never had testicles so no testosterone or sperm.

    I don't know why men want their cocks so much but thankfully they do so I can have fun. I have been kicked down there and it was any kick no big deal, but when I saw a guy get kicked there he rolled around like it hurt really bad. I guess because I don't have balls.

    My penis is 3/4 inch small and tiny. I am 34-22-36 with big C small D cup boobs. Guys boobs are heavy believe me but worth the weight. I love my womanly figure and would never want to look like a guy. We women are the lucky ones who have men making love with us is so wonderful.

    I have never been with a female and I won't ever be with a female, I don't have any lesbian tendencies. I am all about men and I am very good at attracting very hot men.

    I have been told by lots of men that I am very pretty and have a sexy body. I don't think I am so pretty but all that matters is men thinking that about me and wanting me. I have a boyfriend but no names, he might see this. Sorry he means too much to lose and I love him more than any other man I have been with. I love you my sexy baby.

    Ok he is ready for one of his daily blowjobs and I am ready to swallow more so wish me luck for a big load of hot, creamy cum in my mouth. I try for 5 or more blowjobs a day and he tries to make me a happy woman so he lets me suck often.

    Men I hope you never taste cum because you would like it and stop letting me suck you. The very first time I let that first cock in my mouth I was like an addict and cock is my drug. I was a kind of young teenager and I became very good at sucking cock by graduation. Before graduation ceremony I had a train of guys I promised blowjobs if they graduate. Their must of been about 30 Guys. Almost half came in my face and thankfully I was in a regular dress because cum dripped off my face on my dress. I had cum completely covering my face and Guys scooped handfuls off my dress and I wanted me to lap it up like a dog. I am a totally submissive girl and did. I was hungry until all the sperm filled me up. I had the best taste in my mouth.

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    Transsexual Female / 28

    I was married, to a woman to try to pass myself off as a straight man. I am little for a guy but at 5'4" and 97 pounds I am just right as a girl.

    My wife had an affair with a very sexy man and I walked in on them. The guy said, "Join us miss". My wife said, "She is my husband". I had made my way to where I was fondling his cock.

    My wife, "He is gay". I said, "No I am a girl. I did not ask and I began to suck his cock. My wife was pushing my head down gagging me. He began to tell me that he was going to give me a cum facial and I was to swallow every last drop. I did and I loved the taste. My wife said that she is the girl with a pussy. He said my ass would be happy.

    I am living as a woman and have my own man who loves his woman and I love being his woman. Men are so much fun in bed and I am a pleaser for him.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Been married for over 8 years and I can tell you that the sex life dont exist anymore. If I am lucky I get it maybe three times a year. She says she is always tired or work and kids are in the way etc.

    Yesterday I walked into the bathroom while she was in the shower and I could see her playing with herself, yup she was moaning and everything. I asked her when she got out why she did that and not touched me and she said that she just dont get turned on very much and when the urge hit her she went with it.

    We was watching porn the other night hoping something would happen and when a scene of multiple men screwing the girl comes on after a few minutes next thing I know she is on my lap riding me like we was teenagers again.

    I asked her where that came from she said it turned her on.

    No sex after that.

    So now I took some images of her and shared them with my close friends and they all like what they see.. They are coming over Friday and she is not expecting it, but I am thinking the sex is going to be good!

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    Straight Male / 29

    Well i guess I'm an asshole because i tried to keep my girl tonight from taking her meds and drinking because she always blacks out but of course that caused us to fight all night and make it unenjoyable for me but she still blacked out. So we got home around 1:30 this morning and i literally had to carry her inside and she never woke up even when i dropped her. And i was gonna just leave her like that but i was still pissed so i stripped her completely naked and had her spread eagle on her back completely naked of course i took some pics sent some to various friends yada yada yada. Well now was my chance for payback for all night so i grabbed our toy bag and slowly stretched her out till the biggest toy could fit then rammed it in her. I even did the same process to her asshole when i flipped her over and put her face down ass up. And when that big toy was hanging in her ass i went to go smoke. While I'm smoking i see her german shepard start snooping around her and eventually start licking her pussy, when i finished smoking and opened the door he thought he was in trouble and ran but i called him back and let him keep going i pulled out the big toy and just let her dog have fun after about 30 minutes he started getting really anxious and pacing and finally started trying to mount her it took about 6 tries but it went in. Hard fast and deep and i recorded the whole thing even when he came and finally slid out and the cum oozed out to i decided to fuck her asshole till i came which after what i watched didn't take long. And now she's still in the living room naked and me and the dog are laying in bed looking for the fun morning when i show her how karma got her back

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    Straight Male / 24

    This was revenge without me knowing at first, it was revenge. But we both know now.
    A couple of weeks back I took a punch from a drunken muscled up tosser. I was in a pub with my mates, when he struck out hitting myself and another guy. My mates kind of controlled the situation, but I was left angry with a slightly bruised eye.
    Early last week, again out with my mates, I met a really attractive woman who was with another younger female. Straight away That look was passed between us, and before long WE were chatting. It turned out or so she said she was on a night of freedom, after her recent divorce.
    Cut a longer story short, we ended up at my mates place, with him fucking the younger female. As I had the best sex of my life, in a whole night of sex with her older friend.
    There was almost nothing we didn't do. Oral sex both ways, sixty nine. Her licking and sucking on my cock balls and arsehole, then I fucked her pussy and arsehole in as many different positions as I can remember doing with any girl. She was insatiable and it took some effort to keep up with her desires, yet because she was so fucking gorgeous, and so fucking dirty with how she wanted sex, I found myself cumming inside her three times.
    Waking up with her wanting more sex, I took her into the shower and fucked her arsehole from behind whilst squeezing her amazing tits. Getting her to kneel down, I came in her mouth as she tossed me off, and then watched as she swallowed my cum.
    Before both women left, I heard the younger of the two say "I'll phone Sean and tell him you couldn't get reception, so we stayed in a hotel".
    My friend and I gave each other a knowing look before swapping numbers with the women.
    Three days ago my mate said "Isn't that *****-*****". when we about to walk into the gym. I turned to see the knobhead who'd hit me kissing the cheek of the girl my mate had fucked. Then as I turned to say yes, my mate said "Look". Turning again I saw the horny bitch I'd had such a good time with. She too was kissed by Mr Cockhead, but their kiss was one you have with a partner or your wife.
    It took all of a minute to find out who the Knob was, when a guy who we know, came out of the gym and said "Isn't that the c**t **** ******** who hit you, with his wife and niece".
    I swear my friend and I couldn't stop laughing. And we were still laughing when the girls saw us.
    An hour later I got a text message. And three hours after that I was fucking a very rampant horny fit thirty six year old in the back of my car.
    Yesterday I let her know about her husband and myself meeting. She told me, as well as only having a small cock, he's an idiot who can't control himself. At the time I was lay naked next to her, after just cumming up her arsehole.
    Revenge for me, is best served hot with Sean's wife...

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    Straight Male / 29

    I actually feel guilt about this but post it here with the hope of getting some opinions. When I was newly married, my bride suggested we go to one of her favorite restaurants. They serve Northern Italian food (some rice and less pasta) which she likes a lot.

    From the first time we were there, we ran into her old boyfriend, a fellow built like The Hulk only not green. At first he started kidding her about their past then he got bolder as we both ignored him. After a few more experiences, I offered to take her to another place. Two weeks later, he showed up there as well and began his haranguing from the next table with obscene remarks such as, "I wanna fuck you again, real bad. honey."

    I'm not The Hulk but after a while I had my fill. I took her back to the original place only this time I put on my USMC issue Belleville 550s with the steel toe. He was there, waiting for us. After a few comments I said, "Let's take it outside" and he looked at me (I'm only 5'11) as if I was nuts, and laughed. We went outside and off to the front next place, a shop now closed. Getting close enough, I delivered a solid kick in his balls and he fell down with a giant scream.

    Kneeling next to him on the ground, I said, "If I even see you in this restaurant again I will gut you, take your body out of town and bury it with a marker, "One less asshole."

    Insid e, my wife looked at me, puzzled as I sat down. She asked, "What happened?" I answered. "I think we found some common ground." We never saw him again. I always felt that inside every bully is a true coward.

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    Straight Female / 40

    I found some emails my man sent while out of town (because he took off for mini-vacation by himself) to two different Craigslist whores ( in the same town he travelled to, on the one night he was away). He swore he was hacked, but we both know he's lying. Since this time, I've snooped in all the ways I can think of but haven't found a shred of evidence. He's become a regular expert at deleting search histories and text messages, and doesn't even have email active on his phone anymore. This was almost a year ago. Since then, he's accused me of flirting with his friend and having an affair while away business. I've done neither. I want revenge. Never so much in my whole life did I think I'd be sticking it out, but here I am, in marriage trying to make it work while he's never even apologized to me. When did I become so controlled? When did I lose my spirit?

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    Straight Male / 45

    my wifes a bitch she used to be this super foxie beautiful chic that everyboby was chasin . i got her and married her yrs later anyhow now she a fat lazy retarded bitch drinks and pops pills . we live far from our old town now 200 miles away she calls this c**t bitch Karen who has a dyke sister who seems to be her only other friend this c**ts a real asshole trys to stir up trouble and start shit. i used to think she was ok . she married a little baby boy guy 25 yrs younger than her man who marries a old bitch his mothers age?? she told my old lady she hates sex .she tried starting shit over my son living here at my house hes 20yrs old i thought hey bitch aint none ya business who lives underroof you paying the bills ?? hes my wifes step id so c**t Karen would really push to fire my fat drunk assed wife up over it. once i picked up the phone and she on it my old lady says ya hes all pissed off and bitchin good c**t Karen says hopefully he'll give his self a heartattack and die . i layed into her you nasty ugly little bitch fucking drop dead you pile of dog shit i said . my old lady later saw she wasnt a great friend but still calls the skank at times .id like to grab her up and ass fuck her sooo hard and g really humiliate that nasty bitch id beat her and tie her ass up in a prominent place in town naked so shed be seen by many . just a fantasy id never do it or even go to that town no more but it nice to dream anyhow

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