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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 53

    You won't read this kind of confession here very often. 50 years ago when I was 13 I murdered the man who kidnapped, r*ped and murdered my 2 year old sister. He got out on a technicality so I took my Dad's shotgun and hunted him down like the monster he was. I put one in his chest and the other one made sure he couldn't have an open casket funeral. I was tried as an adult and sentenced to 50 years to life. I finally got paroled three months ago. I have been reading confessions on this website for a couple of years now but we can only down load we can't up load in prison so it was read only. This is my first post on the internet anywhere ever. I'm going to tell you what I told my parole board. I'm not sorry. I'm glad I did it. I would do it again right now if the same thing happened. I thought for sure they wouldn't let me out but they did. The only thing I would do different is I'd make him suffer more.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    What do you do if and when you find out your wife of eighteen months, has cheated on you with one of your supposed best friends.

    For me it was easy. Her mom already liked me that way, so I fucked her taking pictures of my cock being sucked, then easing it's way up my mother in laws asshole as she looked behind her. Secondly I acrried on fucking her mom for over a fortnight taking lots more pictures, then managed to seduce her younger sister. It was a one off fuck and only a brief drunken one, but I still got one solitary picture of my dick cumming over her face.

    Lastly and almost the most pleasing, was convincing my so called friend to suck on my cock, then fuck him in my truck by a dirt road. It took some persuasion, but once I was fucking him over and over again, he soon stopped being negative and actually back onto my dick. By the time I was cumming up his asshole, he was practically begging me to fuck him.

    My wife will soon be getting all of the pictures, but not before I chance one more time fucking her sister. After all her mom now calls by our apartment for sex. It might be an idea to let her walk in as I'm boning her moms asshole.
    We'll see.

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    Straight Female / 24

    After making a few mistakes as a teen, I became a mom at 17, I've completely turned my life around. I've finished high school, I've have gone on to college and I've met a decent guy. Or so I thought. One morning I showed up for a class only to find out it had been cancelled. Knowing my bf schedule, he lives in residence at school, had a later class that day, I thought I'd go surprise him with some early morning fun. I knock on his door and he answers in his boxers half asleep and behind him on his bed is naked fat girl. I was completely shocked. I hit him and stormed off. I made it a bit down the stairs and ran into a girl I knew, like an acquaintance. She stopped me and asked me what was wrong and I told her what had just happened. I then found out that she thought we had broken up because she had seen him with this girl for the last couple weeks. This only angered me more. I just couldn't figure it out, here I was 5'7", 140 lbs, not a perfect body but I stay in shape, and I have reddish blond hair. And he was cheating with me was what looked like a short, overweight girl. I went through all the emotions, I was angry, I was sad, I was wondering what I did wrong to lead him to do that after 2 years. So I ended up picking my son up from daycare and asked my parents to take him for the night, I needed time alone to myself.

    Now I'm sitting at home, angry, sad, been crying. I decide I need to talk to someone. So I go download the app for POF. I start talking to guys, mostly jerk or losers. lol. I get a message which I ignored at first. He was 45 years old and I'm only 24. But after a bit of not being able to find anyone to actually talk to I replied back. He turned out to be a pretty funny guy. Really lifted my spirits. He wasn't bad looking to. He was divorced, with kids, 6'4" tall, pretty decent build as he plays sports. Eventually he asked me if I wanted to get together for a drink sometime. I hadn't planned to actually meet anyone off the app, but decided "why not?" So I said sure, when? Which he said how about now. I said sure. And I guess he meant it as a joke because he was kind of surprise. But anyways, we decide to meet. And as I'm on my way there, I realize, he's only 2 years younger than my parents. Thinking this is awkward. lol. But we meet and the whole age thing didn't really matter. He was funny, made me laugh a lot. Flirty, which I expected from any guy. I was feeling happy. I was beginning to like him. So we're talking about why our last relationships end, so I told him what had happened. And he was shocked, and thought my ex was crazy. We started talking about what we were looking for, and I said I really didn't know. He laughter and said, "well there's a friends, relationship, fwb, dating, one nighter, marriage." I laugh and said "they all work." He laughed back and said "oh really?" I lean forward towards him and said "let me guess, you're interested in the one night stand or fwb option." He goes "not going to say no to it." lol. So I whisper to him, "let's go back to your place." He gets up to go settle up the tab, I take a look at my phone. I had a number of text from my now ex. I ignore them. We leave to go to his place.

    So we get there, he offers me a beer and starts showing me his place. Really nice condo, high up, great view. So we're looking out the window and I put my bottle down and start kissing him. Things got pretty heavy right away. I ended up without my shirt and bra while in front of the window with him playing with and sucking my tits. Anyone in the nearby buildings could have figured out what was going on. lol. I start to take his shirt off his shirt, was shocked at how buff he was for his age. Just then, my phone rings. Talk about killing the mood. I grab my purse, and it's my ex. I hit ignore. We get back back to business and move into the bedroom. I'm looking at him naked and thinking, he's in better shape than my ex, taller than him and he looks like he's bigger. As soon as I started to suck on it, it was. lol

    This is where things start to get interesting. He goes down on me. I'm enjoying it like you wouldn't believe. My phone rings. I grab it, it ignore fast. I'm getting really annoyed at this point. But my new guy friend doesn't miss a beat and keeps pleasuring me. Eventually he's putting that cock to good use and sliding it in. ;) About a minute or so in my phone rings again. I let out an annoying grown and he asked if it was the ex again. I said yes, give me a sec, he's not going to stop. So I answer with a nasty, "What!?" He goes, "You're there.Why haven't you been answering your phone or messages?" I said "I'm busy!" He then started about how it never happened before, she came on to him the night before while he was drunk, etc, etc.. I replied back "Bullshit!! I heard from others in your dorm you've been seeing each other for a couple weeks. But don't worry about it, I've moved on." And he said "You just saying that caused you're hurt. Which is okay." I then replied "no seriously." I then held the phone up and said to my new friend, "say hi" Which he went "hi. you screw up and now I'm fucking your gf." I laughed and said to the ex "see." He goes, "who's that." So I said his name, that he was 45 years old, successful, tall than you, in better shape than you, pretty hung and really good at eating pussy. So see I'm busy. I hung up and we laughed about it. I turned my ringer off. Which is seriously what I should have done from the start. We were beginning to get back into the mood, he's figuring me a bit when I chuckle a bit. He asked me what and I said, nah it's to mean. He replied, now I have to know. So I said, well my ex knows my pussy (I have a mole on my inner thigh near it). I should take a picture of your dick in me and text it to him. lol. He goes "hand me your phone." He goes down on me again, then starts fucking me a bit, stops, takes the picture and hands me the phone and I sent it and shut my phone off. I said, "enough of this non-sense, Let's do what we came here to do." So I guess I could say my night ended better than it started.

    So the next day I receive an email, of all things, from my ex. Basically trying to turn it around on me about how hurt he is and how could I do something like this to him. I'll admit, the picture might of been over the top. But if I hadn't seen him with a naked girl in his bed, I never would have jumped into bed was a charmig older man. Anyways, it's been a couple weeks now. I won't return my ex's calls or messages. And I've picked a sexy older fwb. lol

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    Straight Male / 28

    Vickie from high school.

    I wrote earlier about the methwhore who lives a couple door down from me that I started fucking and generally sexually abusing in return I pay some of her bills for her. She was a beautiful girl I knew from high school and had turned for the worse. She rebuked me in school and humiliated me in front of other girls, all the while teasing me with glimpses under her super short skirts of her black haired pussy with out any panties. I had a lot of requests to tell what happened after I found it was her and wanted to tell her that I was "that" guy from home room in high school.

    I had all intentions of totally humiliating her and rubbing it in that she was the hot girl who wouldn't have anything to do with me in school. Through the last weeks, I have humiliated her more, she actually likes it or is certainly resigned to this kind of treatment, well before I got with her. She has lost count of the number of guys who've fucked her, has no idea how many more she's given BJ's to or taken up her ass. Before this one guy got her on Meth and Crack she'd had 6 guys she'd blown, and fucked 5 of those, 2 got up her ass. Since then, I'm sure it's a hundred at least.

    I've fucked her in public places, had her walk with me down the street with my cum dripping on her chin and chest, took her into a bodega in a coat and had her take it off and be totally naked while she got the items and took them to the counter for me to pay. I even had her pick up another woman and lick her in front of me, the woman wouldn't lick her back. I've taken pictures of her and a week before this I took her into the shower, told her to not talk, and held her close against my body with both of us naked. She cooed and snuggled into me, I could tell she really missed this kind of treatment from a man. I felt sorry for her, though I started pissing anyway, the warmth moving from our bellies dribbling down our thighs. She looked at me and pulled back a bit and I told her to just let me do it. Holding her close I was pissing all over her black haired pussy.

    The next time I just had her kneel in the shower and I stood outside and pissed all over her body, then took her asshole again. As I was starting to cum up her skinny ass I moved a picture of her and her friend Val in their cheerleading outfits in front of her. I was still cumming as she burst into tears. She knew it was me finally. Crying, piss all over her, and my sperm leaking out of her over-used asshole she sat on the toilet.

    All she said was "I'm sorry", I said "me too". Then she asked "Are you going to stop helping me now?"
    I told her no, that in fact she could move in as her old friend who bought her apartment was trying to kick her out. I put the caveat that she would have to rehab and get off drugs. She agreed, but she is still my submissive woman and does anything sexually I want. She has no boundaries sexually and yes, I use her, I use her body, she knows it and I'm helping her get better. I don't know how it will play out, but I wouldn't mind fucking the "hot" Vickie if I get her better.

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    Straight Female / 44

    My son was hopelessly in love with Terri, a cute but notorious slut. She cheated on him many times, even with his friends. Every time they broke up, he took her back and she'd end up cheating again. Fast forward 3 years, and my son has tried to forget her, but still has feelings for her. I ended up across town with a few friends at a biker bar with my new boyfriend after my husband passed 4 years ago. Who walks in but that skank, Terri.
    I still remember her weakness for tequila and offered her a shot to show no hard feelings. By the 4th or 5th shot, Terri was basically plastered. I kept egging her on about how she needed another drink and got one of the guys to buy her a few more shots. Well, yes her true colors showed and she was soon in the bathroom sucking him off, and we got it on camera! But, the best part was that he is a tattoo artist. We convinced her to get her tramp stamp upgraded for free. Her butterflies now hide the words " anal slut" in the wings and on her ring finger is the word " never".

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Extra strength Orajel takes away the pain by numbing everything it comes in contact with . My wife read somewhere and tried this on my dick...She filled a condom with orajel and put it on my dick after tying me up so I couldn't take it off.After three hours when she finally removed it I couldn't believe the loss of sensation I was experiencing in my dick and when I told her she laughed and told me she was going to do that regularly and eventually I would lose all feeling in my nasty little dick .I got mad and told her if that was what she wanted to do then why not just keep a jell filled condom on me at all times ,and she could draw some of it up in a syringe and squirt it in my pee hole if she wanted to make it even worse for me . Karen just smiled and started being really nice to me the rest of the day .The following morning I woke up to her putting another jell filled rubber on my dick and I told her if that was really what she wanted then I would not touch them so they would stay on me till she removed it or replaced the rubber and I kept my word. My wife kept an orajell filled rubber on my dick 24 /7 for a week and now there is no feeling at all in it. Not only is there no feeling in my dick because of that I am unable to get an erection at all which means I am unable to have sex which doesn't bother my wife at all. She took me to her doctor friend and after some tests she told me that whet I am experiencing is permanent and to make things worse she informed me that since there is no feeling in my dick it will make me unable to get an erection and because I wont use my dick sexually it will begin to get smaller ,how much smaller she wouldn't tell me but she said it will definatly be noticeable

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    My wife is originally from Russia. She had a very rough, very poor upbringing. She is 4 years younger than I am, has put on a few pounds, but still is very appealing. She is 5ft. 7in, C cup tits with darker pink nipples that are always at attention. She has black hair and will shave totally sometimes, trim her pussy hair in different ways and shapes, and will sometimes keep it in full growth. She likes to keep things different for me, has even dyed her hair including her pussy hair to look like a blonde all over for a couple of years. She is a great fuck, taking my cock and my cum in all three holes, has done some really kinky shit I've wanted. She's let me fuck her in public, at nude beaches, in front of windows, walk totally nude down a tourist street in Amsterdam, even went out with my cum dripping down her face and chest down a crowded street one night in Paris. She'll drink my piss, wipe my ass, let me tie her up and stretch her holes. She was fucked by a lot of guys when she was a girl in Russia, and I finally got her to admit and tell me the stories. It took a while but she's been fucked by 64 guys before I met her, and one really tough boyfriend made her make movies while getting fucked by dogs. I've seen some on the internet.

    The biggest thing is that she's a drunk and a total slut. She still gets drunk and her pussy gets wet and she wants cock, whether I'm there or not, she will let anyone fuck her. After she gets drunk and fucked she passes out and I either get nothing or have to fuck a passed out woman who is just lying there. So 2 days ago I come home early and she is letting the pool boy who is all of 16 fuck her. She must have sucked him or something because she had was drinking from a bottle and I could still see a large amount of cum on her face while he was fucking her pussy like crazy. I waited until he shot off, and in her normal way she passed out before he took his cock out of her.

    When he pulled out I stepped into the room. I yelled like crazy, scared the shit out of him and told him I didn't get any pussy because he fucked my wife and now she's lying there useless. I had to take the cigarette out of her hand before it fell and she caught the carpet on fire. He was scared, I told him I took pictures of him fucking my passed out wife, him r****g a passed out woman. He was almost crying. I told him that if I could get some pussy I wouldn't mind. He got up and unexpectedly he bent over the couch, a very nice, firm ass staring back at me. I scooped some of his cum and my wifes pussy juice out of her and into his asshole, then wiped my cock over her face to get more of his cum. I slammed it in, I think he might have been a virgin, he was hurting I could tell. I fucked him for about 10 minutes then blasted in his ass. I purposely didn't wash that night and in the week hours when my wife came too, I made her suck my cock then I fucked her in her asshole.

    I fucked him again in his asshole this morning in the pool house, and told him she would be drinking and around 1pm to go to the house and he could fuck her again.

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    Straight Male / 30

    My wife found out that I had been cheating on her for over a year with several different women but kept it to herself till one night when we got into a fight over sex. When we calmed down she told me she wanted to get kinky and I was ready and willing and let her tie me spread eagled to our bed. She spent the next four hours sucking my cock and jacking me off till just as I was about to explode,,then she would stop till I cooled down ,then she started back up again . I was about to cum and she stopped and left the room and returned with a bowl of crushed i8ce that she poured on my raging hard cock and balls and my cock went totally limp immediately. Next she went to her dresser and pulled out a stainless steep chastity device and slipped my soft cock into it and locked it securely on me. After doing that she explained how she had known all about my fooling around and this was my punishment . Our marriage has changed drastically in the year since she locked my dick up. She ties me up before removing it to clean me and locks me back up immediately and I am so horny that I am about to go crazy . We still have sex,,but I am not allowed to use my cock,she bought me a strap on that I fuck her with now. She isn't totally cruel to me ,,she bought me a vibrator and showed me how to massage my prostrate so I can still have orgasms . My wife loves to watch me fuck myself with my dildo and teases me

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    Straight Male / 21

    I'd like to say that I'm writing this to expose my ex girlfriend from sarnia Ontario, her name is eden and shes a horrible mother who slaps her child in the head and is financially, emotionally and mentally incompetent.

    Her family is highly dysfunctional to the point that they expect her to follow their wishes like commands at the age of 27, she is narcissistic and doesnt think anything she does is her fault she blames others for her problems created by her and her bizzare family whom she is controlled by.

    She's in love with her daughters father who cheated on her multiple times she has the emotional and mental capacity of a child, she stays up all night talking to dudes on plenty of fish and Facebook to compensate for her fear of abandonment and destructive behavior that kills all of her relationships yes shes one of those o need a baby desperates who is far too close with her man child of a father who never educated her on anything but entitlement.

    Eden s house is a pig pen nasty and filthy because she doesnt know how to clean, she has mountains of dirty laundry all over her house her underwear smells like shit and cat urine and her family thinks shes a whore she has no manners no morals she lies about everything even to her friends and family shes hyper defensive all the time, she doesnt understand how to wipe her ass which is fucking gross and dysfigured.

    She lacks every basic skill you could imagine in an adult she is selfish never appreciates anything is immature starts fights with her boy friends to self sabotage relationships so she can rationalize her delusional feelings and insecurities she uses animals as a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with her mental health issues she uses people for whatever she can get from them is emotionally unstable and vampiric.

    Eden believes her weight issues are because of her boyfriends but the reality is far from that, she lacks self control and eats too much fast food complains about not having money but pretty much throws it away then has to sell everything she bought that makes her broke. Shes always going to college because she doesnt know what she wants in life and fails at it because she doesnt know how to do the work and dedicate herself to it, she lives in a fantasy world in which shes the queen of but I reality even though she acts like her shit dont stink it really does so much so that she will go batshit crazy on you if you mention any wrong doing on her behalf.

    Shes essentually a white trash whore with mental retardation suffering from serious delusions of self importance and social class and status due to her father coddling her to the point that his relationship with her would have people wondering if she was fucking her.

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    Straight Male / 28

    In high school the two prettiest girls were best friends. They were both in my home room. Val and vickie, were always together. Vickie even got sent home one day for having too short a skirt. she came back and made it very plain to all the girls, and even let me peek, that she was not wearing underwear. Her black pussy hair against her milky skin got me so hard I couldn't get up from my desk. She and Val were laughing about it everytime they saw me. Val was prettier, taller, and the most off-limits. Vickie was semi-approachable but I was beneath her league. She and Val spread it all around and girls and guys were laughing that I had the balls to ask her out. Needless to say she never accepted.

    That was 12 years ago, I am quite frankly, rather rich now. I was lucky, I worked hard, got scholarships to Ivy League and met many rich friends who became backers. I worked more, had a few ideeas that worked and the friends to back them. So it's not all me. I haven't had a lot of time to meet women, usually I just fuck bar sluts from upscale bars, or even hire call girls. I have an apartment in a very nice bldg, and never understood why just 2 doors down there was a scraggy, strung out meth whore. I heard a past lover bought her the place, and left when he got her too strung out. She barely can pay her bills, she talks to me when she's somewhat coherent. She is skinny, obviously over-used, empty small tits and makes no bones about showing her pussy and ass to get me to fuck her. I finally thought why not, and did it. She sucks like a vacuum hose, is an OK fuck and does my favorite whenever I want it, anal sex.

    I regularly abuse this worn out slut, and make her do all kinds of kinky shit just to get money for her bills, and sometimes for her meth. It was a month before I realized this meth whore was Vickie from high school. She still doesn't know that it's me, probably wouldn't remember but when I make her parade around naked, and bend her over in front of the apartment window and get fucked in the ass, I'm gonna remind her. I use this worn out pussy in all kinds of ways, she's nothing but a few holes to cum in. She truly is a cum dump for me. I even make her answer to "Hole" when I call her. Then I'm going to remind her just how far she's fallen, when I show her some pictures of her and Val from high school, while in front of a window my cock is pushing in and out of her dirty, used asshole.

    This is going to be fun

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