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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My long-term girlfriend had just finished buckling me into our horrendously expensive heavy-leather strait-jacket, with the latex lining, and was just knotting the draw-cords of the hood, tight around my neck, leaving me just the two tiny air-holes at my nostrils, plus the near-airtight nylon zipper across my mouth, presently tight shut, when the front doorbell chimed. If I'd been able to speak, I would have said 'ignore it' but left the bedroom, and closed the door. A minute later, I heard faintly, raised voices, followed by the slam of the front door. The voices came nearer, then the bedroom door burst open, and a harsh voice said "What the fuck??" and came closer. "Don't hurt him! He didn't know about you!" Emily cried, and I cringed, waiting for blows....she went on "I needed some control, some power, and this guy gave it to me! You were always so damned bossy! What are you doing out of prison anyway? I thought you had another year to go!" He snorted "Long story, WIFE!You do remember that, don't you? What's this fucker's story, anyhow?" She babbled, obviously terrified of this guy. "He..he likes to be tied up, and submissive! He helps with the bills! That's all it is, Rick, I swear!" He grunted, then said in a slightly milder tone "So you're not fucking him, huh babe? Just letting him help with the bills, huh? In return for what? This? Is that it?" She spoke hurriedly "That's all it is, honey, I swear! Just this and the bag!" Yawning, he said "Bag? What bag?" She answered in subservient tones "He's got this big ol' rubber-lined bag he likes to be tied up in - here I'll show you!" and I heard her open the closet. Rustling rubbery canvas sounds, and he said "Wow! You put him in that, huh? Does he really like it?" She snorted "Oh you have no idea! He rambles on about being made to stay in the bag - some kind of fantasy, I guess...." He yawned again, and said "Damn I'm tired! I'm gonna stuff him in this little closet, then you come to bed with me!" So saying he pulled me off the bed, and forced me into the little closet, stuffed full of her coats and other garments, and locked the door. Silence fell, and time passed in an agony of arousal, fear, in about equal amounts. This unseen guy had just got out of prison, and I knew what went on there! The odds were good he was going to make full use of me, and Emily, making up for lost time! I was half-terrified, half excited at the idea, especially if he decided to tie me up in the big rubberized canvas bag! I knew he would show no mercy, and a thrill ran through me at the prospect! I slumped down on the floor, and soon fell asleep myself.
    When I awoke, he was pulling me out of the closet, and still in the dark, he transferred me from the strait-jacket to the rubber-lined bag, effortlessly, with immense strength. I still never got a proper look at him! Emily showed him how it was usually tied, then I was on the bed, tied at the neck, waist and under my feet, now utterly unable to escape! They had long lazy sex, right beside me, and the sounds made me come erect, making a tent in the bag, tight under the lower zipper! Then it was open, and rough fingers grabbed me by the balls, and yanked the whole package outside, tightening the zipper round the roots. "Nice piece!" he sn****red, and effortlessly made me fully erect! "Tell you what, Em - we're gonna keep his ass, right here, and he can go on paying the bills, and since I love having my cock sucked, and you don't like that, well, that's a bonus! He looks happy enough, judging by this weapon, right here!" She giggled, and said dutifully "Whatever you say, Rick! It's so good to have you home!

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    Hello and bye

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    Straight Female / 20

    After I broke up with my 25yo boyfriend I was so angry at him that I ended up having sex with his 30yo brother and its our little secret now

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I recently found out my wife had been cheating on me for the past year. So I wanted to pay her back for what she did to me. One night we were having drinks with friends and as the night came to an end I drugged her and she passed out. I got her naked and fucked her good and hard and she never woke. So I had a couple of her nephews come over and fuck her also. They were shoving their cocks in her mouth, fucking and eating her pussy and ass! I took pics of her and sent them to friends and my brother. I even put one on our sons phone. I knew he would jerk off in her panties and he already had a pic of her he had snuck off my phone. A couple of weeks later we did it again except this time our son fucked her along with some of the younger kids in the neighborhood. I even bent her over the bed and got our mixed mut to ram her.

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    Straight Female / 53

    ok, the year was 1984. i was waiting tables at a mexican restaraunt called el torito's who-song and larry's, stupid name i know, in santa clara ca. we had a lot of ethnic indian from india software engineers bring their families (grandpa, grandma, 8 kids) in for dinner. fuckers were the cheapest bastards, would act all snobby, make you run all night like they were your only table. they would demand that we keep the complimentary chips and salsa basket full, not order any drinks, drink only free water, split 5 entrees for 10 people, then not tip. we use to call them "Patels".

    one busy friday night i had a Patel table who were really getting on my last nerve. they had ordered the "sizzling chicken fajitas". that's a hot skillet, so hot that the chicken strips are still sizzling when you place the skillet on the table family style. its a real bitch to serve, as i had to carry the fucking thing through a crowded dining room on an oval tray held shoulder height, the glowing red hot skillet with its searing hot greasy chicken strips crackling, sputtering, frizzling and spitting their hot grease inches from my face. i'd had it. enough was enough. the Patels could go fuck themselves, grandma grandpa and all the kids too.

    i decided to take action. "hey Steve (my coworker)! check this out!" i sucked in and collected a huge green-yellow-brownish loogie from the back of my throat and hocked it right on the scorching hot skillet. it danced in the hot grease, sputtering and spraying mucous and phlegm strings as it boiled on the hot metal. revenge! REVENGE! HA HA HA! TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING PATELS!!! EAT MY SNOT! I GET THE LAST LAUGH, YOU FUCKS! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG WAITER! REVENGE IS MINE!

    steve bent over he was laughing so hard. "which table! which table is that?"
    "table 51. the Patels. ooh,i got something special just for them, i do, those cheap fucks making me run all night."

    i carried it out to them, placing it in the center of the table with a flourish. "enjoy!" i said with a grin.

    oh, we laughed and laughed, steve and i, watching those cheap fucks eat my slimy filthy phlegm, those fuckers.
    "how's everything over here? everything good? how's those fajitas, good aren't they?" oh yeah, theyre good, you cheap free chip and salsa with a glass of water eating sons of bitches. fuck you.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I have been debating with myself for quite some time whether I should put in writing what went on. Only one person knows about this, another woman, my friend from work. She is black, she calls every black guy she has sex with a n****r. She says that black guys become n****rs when they fuck. She told me that black women become bitches when they get fucked. And if some n****r is fucking them day in and day out, then they are full time bitches, and that's why you meet so many black bitches. That is what she says, she is 36 just like me, and she is married and calls her husband a n****r and she will tell you she is a bitch.

    I am 36. I went out with a white guy. He has a business repairing commercial garage door openers. When he fucked me he beat me up. Not a little either. I had to call my friend to come over and help me. She said he was a white n****r for beating me up. That if I didn't want to get beat up I had to learn how to be a bitch, with a capital B. She told me that I should try a black man. I had to learn to defend myself and having a black man fuck me would teach me how to be a bitch and put a white man in his place. No self respecting black bitch lets a black n****r beat her up.

    The man who fucked me was a real n****r. He liked white women, and he liked white pussy, and when he fucked he destroyed what he fucked. I held his black dick in my hand, trying to keep it from going into my pussy, his dick was strong and he fucked me. My friend told me that I was weak, a weak white pussy, and every black n****r that wanted to could fuck me. If I didn't want to end up with some n****r's kid, I should stay away from black men and take whatever is dished out by a white guy, because I was never going to be a bitch.

    I went out again with the guy who beat me up. I told him that he wasn't going to get any pussy if he hit me again. I told him that if he hit me I was going to bite his dick, that he didn't know that I could be a bitch. He caught me off guard once, but it won't happen again. I wanted his dick, and he wanted my pussy and that should be how were going to get along. I don't know if he knows what a black bitch is like, and much less what a black bitch with a capital B is like, but I told him I was going to be a bitch and I was going to bite his white dick. We fucked and fucked, fucked and fucked. He didn't hit me, and when I get his dick and put my lips around it, I put my teeth on his dick and grind down a little to let him know I will bite his dick if he hits me again.

    That's what went on.

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    Hello and bye

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Setup for Revenge in the Park
    I'm still kind of new at this and I don't know if writing this down is a good idea or not, but I'm going to explode if I don't tell someone. I was not allowed to bring any guys home throughout high school. My parents were very strict. As long as I was living at home, it was family rules.
    So now I'm on my own and still haven't had a serious boyfriend. I'm not a virgin by any means, but I haven't been with a lot of guys.
    I have my own apartment and a good job, but meeting guys is really hard. I was really excited when a guy from work asked me out. He was really nice but as I got to know him, I found out that he was kind of freaky. He wouldn't have sex with me right off. He would make me masturbate. At first, it was just with my fingers on my pussy. Then he started making me use a vibrator. When he got tired of that, he got me a large black dildo. I had to draw a line at that.
    I am a small Mexican girl. I am barely 5 feet tall and 110 pounds. There's no was that thing was going in my pussy.
    When I told him to go fuck himself with it, he was really pissed. I think he has a problem with being turned down. He didn't talk to me for a day or so.
    I was starting to think that this wasn't going to work out. I was going to call him up to break up when I got a call from him. He apologized for being a dick and asked if he could take me out so that he could make it up to me. He said that he was very upset about losing his job. He didnât want to lose me too. I couldnât tell him no.
    He took me out to eat and a movie. It was pretty nice. Afterwards, we stopped at an adult toy store.
    I bought some cute crotch-less panties and some fuzzy handcuffs. I was planning a little fun tonight.
    Before he went off to look around, I warned him to stay away from the dildos. I think I saw anger flash in his eyes for a second. He just smiled and said, Of course.
    Well now I get back to the apartment and change into my new panties but before I can come out of my room, he calls to me and tells me to get dressed. He says he wants to take a romantic walk through the park, a couple blocks, down the street.
    I put on some comfy yoga pants, a pink camisole top, and a light button up sweater. He was wearing the same jeans and t-shirt but was carrying a backpack. He said he had some wine and stuff for the walk.
    The park is pretty dark with only a few glowing lamp posts to show the way. At first he is very quiet and cold. I was trying to get him to talk. I was working up a way to tell him that maybe we shouldn't see each other. That's when he started telling me that he wanted to break up with me. I was kind of shocked.
    He said that I was kind of a prude and that I was very inexperienced and didn't like trying new things.
    That kind of hurt my feelings. I couldn't help it if I was not into weird stuff. I told him I wasn't a prude and that I've done plenty of kinky shit. Just not with him.
    I guess he took it as a challenge because he kept asking for details. It was kind of amusing trying to make up the things that I've never done. I could tell he was really getting turned on.
    He led the way to the playground area. We were drinking wine on the merry-go-round. I didn't realize he had brought multiple bottles, but we were on our second one when we started making out. In between shoving his tongue down my throat, he wanted more details and about the kinkiest place I'd ever had sex. I thought it was harmless so I told him I'd had sex in a parking lot while several strangers watched. He was suddenly all over me. He was starting to get really rough. He held my arms above my head while his free hand was pulling down my pants and rubbing me raw. I told him to take it easy. He stopped and then started pouting. I told him that if we went back to the apartment, I'd had a surprise for him, there.
    Still on top of me, he reached into his backpack. He pulled out a blindfold and said that if I wore it for a short time, he would stop with all of the kinky shit and we could make have a little fun, right there. What could it hurt? So okay, I could have a little fun. On with the blindfold and then we started making out again. It was kind of fun until he clicked on the handcuffs. At first, I thought they were the ones I bought earlier, but they weren't. They hurt my wrists. I thought he was joking so I was laughing and giggling until he pulled down my yoga pants.
    He was very cold, almost as cold as the bare metal on my naked ass cheeks. He unbuttoned my sweater and pulled up my top. I wasnât wearing a bra. I was really scared now. How did I get into this kind of mess? I was also getting really pissed. I was talking to him, telling him to let me out. He took off my shoes and then my socks. Why my socks? Then he stuck one in my mouth. He said that I could finally shut up. He warned me that he was going to leave me like this and he knew that I was going to break up with him. I was shaking my head and still trying to talk to him. He wasnât talking. He was pinching both my nipples. When they were good and sore (hard as fuck) he moved down to my pussy. He started jamming the wine bottle neck into my tight little hole. He kept saying shit like, âThatâs right, take it all you fucking little Mexican whore!â I was getting bottle fucked on the merry-go-round! Without seeing, I could tell he was jacking himself off. This guy was a sick son of a bitch.
    Then it was over. He came all over on my belly. I was holding my breath until he unlocked the handcuffs. I let out a sigh of relief until he locked my arms apart on each bar. My legs were still free so I started kicking out. He must have been planning for this because he strapped them down with a click.
    This is where it gets out of hand. I thought he may have his way with me but I never thought that he was this depraved. It felt like hours, but it was actually only minutes. Everything was quiet for a time and then I heard him talking with a strange man. WTF. Was someone else going to see me naked? As they come closer, I hear him saying, âOf course this is real! No, Iâm not a cop. This is my girlfriend. She is very kinky and has been begging me to help her with her r**e fantasy.â âWhat do you mean, why donât I do it?â âItâs because she wants me to film it.â âIf you donât want to, itâs okay. Weâll get someone else.â Then I hear the strangerâs voice. He sounds raspy and older. He says, âNo. I didnât say that. Oh, damn! Sheâs a sweet little thing.â âIâll do it, Iâll do it.â âHi there, senorita, my nameâs Paul.â âDo you want me to take it easy with you? I can be really gentle.â The asshole tells him, âNo, sir. She wants the real thing.â âDonât you whore?!â I was shaking my head, furiously.
    All at once heâs on me. The sweet smell of body odor, cigarettes and alcohol fills my nostrils. Heâs sucking on my tits and biting my nipples at the same time. I could tell that he hasnât been with a woman in some time because heâs very clumsy. Heâs either nervous or scarred that heâs going to get caught.
    Iâm trying to keep from throwing up afraid that Iâll choke. Now heâs grinding me hard and I canât keep my legs together. I started whimpering. He got nervous then. He even took the sock out of my mouth. I told him to stop. I wanted him to stop. Then dude was like, âNo, donât stop.â âThatâs part of the fantasy. It has to feel real.â He stuffed the sock back in. The guy was like, âAre you sure?â âReally, itâs alright. Have fun.â
    With that, he really got into it. He was pulling my hair, licking my face, and clawing at my tits. It felt like he was putting hickeys all over my neck and tits. He lifted my body by my ass and shoved his face into my crotch-less panties. He was unshaven and was really stubbly. He was feverishly eating my pussy. My panties must have gotten in the way because he tore them off with one good pull. I just bought them!
    Thatâs when the fucking started. I was still whimpering but this time, he just ignored me. He was strong. He picked me up again and jammed his wrinkly old cock into my pretty little shaved pussy. He was rag-dolled my little Latina body and there was nothing I could do. He was using my body like a sex toy. The metal was cutting into my wrists, he was biting me hard and the freak was filming this whole thing! Although this guy was not huge, it felt like he was slamming his cock into my abdomen. This was all very horrible, but just then he pulls the sock out of my mouth. I was able to draw a good lungful of air and was about to let out a scream. Thatâs when the guy shoves his tongue down deep in my mouth. It was a combination of old cigarettes, beer, bad breath and yeah, my pussy. In between gasps, sobs and pleadings, I try to bite him. âFeisty little girl!â Now heâs merciless. I try to say sorry, but all that comes out is ânoâ. Now heâs squashing me on the playground ride and reality is starting to set in. This is a dirty revenge. Then the pervert says, âDonât you dare pull out, motherfucker! She wants you to fill her up.â With each thrust, I tried, âNo, please donât. â¦No, please donât.â Now he starts kissing me again, but Iâve given up. âI canât believe this. Oh, fuck yeah. Oh, fuck yeah!â Thatâs when he collapses on me. I feel the cuffs come off, then. I canât move with this dude on me so I lay there while he fills my belly with his cum.
    After about five minutes, he starts to move. I think heâs going to get off me now, but instead, I feel him starting to get hard again! Heâs sliding up and down and me. Now that my hands are free, I pull on his hair and pull the sock out of my mouth. As Iâm ripping off the blindfold, I scream at him that this was not a game or a fucking fantasy! With mascara running down my tear filled face, he sees what I already know. âBut the guy saidâ¦â âWhere did he go? He was just here!â He was zipping up his nasty, torn pants and walking away. He looked unwashed, dirty and homeless. I looked around and found my panties and pants. After putting them on, I just sat there wondering why he did that to me. What did I do to deserve this?
    I thought about calling the cops, but I was really ashamed that I let this happen. I felt that I was kind of to blame. I my first priority was to get home and get clean.
    It was late night or early in the morning, I walked into the bathroom. When I turned on the light, I saw all the hickeys. They were all over my body! My tits, neck and pussy were covered with red welts. My hair was really messed up and I had bruising in the shape of hands on my breasts and hips.
    Sex with a homeless man was really demoralizing, humiliating and terrifying, but this was not the worst part of story. As I was lying in the bathtub, I start cleaning the strangerâs spunk from my crotch. I was soaking and scrubbing. I was washing off the dirt from my breasts and with a washcloth I was scrubbing my pussy. I was trying to figure out why I hadnât seen through all of his lies and how I could have prevented it. I was playing out all of the sequences through my mind. How the dirty bum was abusing my clean little vagina and biting my nipples. Thatâs when I noticed that my nipples were rock-hard and my pussy was absolutely throbbing! I had been masturbating without even knowing it. He pounded me even when I begged him to stop. A smelly old man was force fucking me like a toy! I came so hard, over and over and over!
    I never ever thought I would enjoy anything so brutal or disgusting, but I guess a small part of me actually did. What is wrong with me? I tried to find out what happened to the video but I heard this guyâs family moved to California soon after he lost his job. I keep thinking about this night all the time. I try to make sure that I donât date freaky, angry dudes anymore. Some lonely, quiet nights, I think of this for other reasons. It does the job every time.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I married him for the money. I was 23 and he was 39. I worked as an assistant in the marketing department, he is a well known physician. I got pregnant, on purpose. I got married on purpose. I had two other kids on purpose. When I was 33 years old, living my life, he served me for divorce and married a 26 year old.

    After he was married to her, after she had her obligatory baby. I went to her and told her all the dirt I had on him. Everything, I did not leave anything out. Like me she had to sign a prenup, but with the dirt she will do a lot better than the prenup. Two can play this game. He goes to conventions. He likes young waiters, valet workers, bellboys. And I have the pictures.

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