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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 51

    One of my so called friends need to borrow money off me about a 3 years ago. So I let him and he promised he'd pay me back. It was quite a bit of money so I figured it'd take awhile to get back. Well it's been to long now.

    His son turned 18 this past June and he's a senior in high school. His son actually chops wood for me and I pay him to do it. Well seeing him put in the sun chopping wood with his shirt off and his briefs waistband poking out got me think one day, if my friend won't pay me back I'll get my money back another way.

    I was giving his son some food off the grill and something to drink one evening and straight up told him his dad owes me money. He didn't know that but I told him I expected him to suck my dick everyday until he graduates and moves away to college. At first he was saying no way but I told him okay I can tell your dad some bad shit about you. So after that I'd be sitting with my pants and underwear around my ankles every evening having him blow me. I never made him swallow my cum though.

    Well he was blowing me for a month straight and I'd always be staring at his fruit of the loom tighty whities waistband poking out. It would get me harder thinking about his tight ass. So three weeks ago I brought him in my house to blow me this time. Only I had a bottle of lube sitting next to my bed. I was naked this time and I told him I was thinking something else. I pulled him off my cock, push his jeans and whities to the floor and fucked him! My dick is quite thick so I definitely stretched him a lot. He moaned a lot till I dumped my load in him. I wiped his ass off for him and pulled his underwear and pants back up.

    So ever since then I've been fucking his ass instead of him blowing me. This is the first guys ass I've fucked and I love it. So I'm definitely forgetting about that money my friend owes me because I'm fucking his 18 year old son in the ass and his son was a virgin till I got him!

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    Straight Male / 46

    The mother of my children cheated on me and humiliated our family I'm secretly going to kill all the men and women she cheated on me with then kill her.

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    Straight Male / 24

    My boss is abusive and humiliates me often in front of my co-worker’s, as I don`t have other job options, am tolerating him

    I managed to seduce his 18 yrs old daughter who`s my sub now, so whenever my boss abuses me I fuck her ass and whenever he humiliates I cum on her face

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    Straight Male / 39

    I had just finished swimming at a local public pool and was now in the showers. It was an open shower area which was basically a room with many shower heads mounted to the walls. I am in there naked as is one other guy who looks to be in his early 20's. After a few minutes of showering 4 girls come busting in with one of them screaming at the guy. She is telling him he is an asshole for posting her naked pictures for others to see and she is going to post him naked. All 4 have their phones out and are taking pictures and video. He is trying to hide himself from them and is using me as a shield. I was telling him to fuck off at first and then realized the girls shouldn't be in there so I started swearing and shouting at them to leave. They didn't seem very pleased with me doing that and one shouted to the others about getting some pictures of me. I began to run at them and they finally ran away.

    I got caught in the revenge a girl was trying to do to a guy and most of what they captured was probably me, not him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I love sex of any kind. Not good on writing
    Mom told me how to please men and women

    This is good way to chat

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 30

    I've been in a relationship with Dave for 7 years and we have been living together for six. I know for sure that he has cheated on me with 3 different women. The frequency of his "business trips" has increased over the last 2 years and last April when he was supposed to be in New York one of my friends saw him in Atlantic City. What started out as getting even has turned into a threesome every time Dave goes away. It started with Brad who I met in a bar and went back to his apartment. His room mate Juan was there and after Brad and I went into his bedroom Juan also walked in. I was already down to my bra and panties with Brad already naked. He began taking off my bra as Juan began to undress just as Brad pushed me down on the bed and pulled my panties off. At first I thought the worst thinking I was going to be assaulted. Brad began giving me oral sex as Juan came over and began fondling and kissing my breasts. Juan then took my hand placing it around his penis and by that time I was fully aroused and began giving him oral sex. Things happened so fast that next I was sucking Brad and Juan was screwing me. They turned me over and as I was on my knees Juan kept screwing me as I sucked Brad. I had never done anything like this before and had only seen such things on porn films. Orgasms kept coming and aside from giving both oral sex they both had intercourse with me, Juan 2 times. These two guys are in their 40's and since last April I have been with them every time Dave goes away for a few days. It happens almost every week and I'm usually with them 1 or 2 nights. Its obvious they have no respect for me but I get so aroused it doesn't matter to me anymore. They have anal sex with me and Brad is the one who introduced the sex toys which at times they tie me up and like a fool I just let them. There are times I should be humiliated but am so aroused or having an orgasm I don't care. They have taken the liberty to ejaculate in my mouth which I don't allow Dave to do. I don't care for anal sex but it seems I have become accustom to it now since they usually have me tied when that happens. When I go home afterwards I am always completely satisfied sexually and as much as they take advantage of me I keep going back. I've turned myself into a slut yet don't have regrets for doing it. One of these days I'll tell Dave about it because I know our relationship will come to an end in the near future.

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    Straight Male / 26

    Stupid slut ex-gf, we lived together and i pay for everything and she still cheated on me.... But it's fine because her daughter isn't a virgin anymore And i couldn't be more ok with that

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    Straight Male / 33

    My landlord kicked me out of my apartment that I'd lived in for 7 years to make room for his niece. Except it wasn't his niece. It was his girlfriend. I knew because guys don't normally make out with their nieces while feeling them up. I caught them doing that behind the building. But they don't know I did. I didn't make my presence known.

    Fortunately for me, unfortunately for him, he gave me 30 days notice. Well he had to, the lease required him to. So I installed some secret cameras and microphones in the place and connected them to an old laptop connected to the internet and recorded hundreds of hours of them fucking in the first week alone. How does any body fuck that much. I could't fuck that much as a teenager if surrounded by willing beautiful girls.

    Anyways I know his wife. Not well but well enough I could walk into her office (she owns a separate business) and she would stop and chat for a few minutes. I gave her the bad news. She said she suspected but had no proof. I offered to give her proof. She looked at the videos, was pissed and filed for divorce. Her husband owned three buildings. She got the one I used to live in, evicted her husband's girlfriend and gave me my old apartment back and for half what I had previously paid and three in free utilities. Then she signed a ten year lease that made it impossible for her to raise my rent or change the terms for the entire decade. I've got more than 9 years to go.

    Occasionally my landlady comes by to collect the rent in person and she does not always require cash. Sometimes she lets me pay with services rendered.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 25

    Im pretty sure that my GF has cheated on me as I have pretty solid evidence that points to it.
    The way she is acting has been completely strange, distant and cold. She often does so many means things to me that I never would do to anyone. All in All she has been rotten and bullying me into believing im a loser without her and threatens to leave me all the time if I do not do what she says! HOWEVER haha however.....

    Im not going to say anything at all about it and keep on as if everything is normal. Watch her every move, her every word, how she says things, call her out on what she says, just investigate the whole 9 yards without leaving a stone unturned. Ill wait for the complete verification of her infidelity and take action only then. Like I said, im convinced but still awaiting confirmation. Here is my EVIL PLAN.

    The very beginning - The Start before the relationship :
    We werent dating yet just talking and having sex, she was fresh out of a marriage and I was fresh out of a relationship that was terribly unemotionally unstable, nothing serious. Anyways during this time I took a long trip and stopped randomly at a fast food joint and met this cute girl. Got her number and texted her, VERY NEXT DAY I was at her house having sex with her, i mean raw and full on.

    But Here is my REVENGE PLAN:
    If in fact my evidence is as strong as it appears to be and she is infact cheating : My plan is

    ill wait.... till she thinks shes getting away with cheating and goes off to screw whatever poor soul it may be and thats when Ill STRIKE:

    First - I'll bring my best guy friend who I have known since I was a much younger and who has been pretty much sexually active with me my entire life. The only Guy ive ever had sex with. Ill bring him in her bed. I'll let him have screw me silly, raw and ravage me without anything covering him. Hell pretty much make her room for the night a sex cave and ravage me from bed to floor to dresser and then finally finish inside of me just like the bitch life is, I represent life in this, lol haha.

    Then bring the girl from the store who ive been chatting to only as friends all this time into her house.

    FINALLY For the Heavy Hitter - Ill then bring my EX who I loved most in my life. We had an amazingly trusting, faithful type relationship and are still on talking terms. we had the deepest intimate bond ive ever had with anyone, this includes the best love making as well, my current GF HATES HER FOR THIS . She HATES me for loving her.

    With this EX I can have complete unprotected sex with and even ejaculate inside of her as she has iud. Im going to make sure that she leaks her bodily fluids from us having sex all over her house, bed-pillows sheets, Couch and floor, dining room table and the bathroom, where ever my current gf goes or touches we will taint, YOU NAME IT! BUT THATS NOT ALL!!! WAIT... THERE IS MORE!


    With this EX I will not clean myself up after and be very careful to preserve as much smell, dried bodily fluids from inside her. My gf and i still have sex, though it feels lifeless on her end after i tried everything to freshen it up. Ill take myself that was just a few short hour or so ago in my EX and have her go down on me.

    my plan if she is cheating.
    i do not even do this im not this kind of a person to begin with but i loved her way to much and put my feelings for her out on her table for her to chop apart... ive lost friendships cause of her and pushed away family and spent money carelessly and just bad bad stuff in order to keep her happy and i have tried everything for her as I do love her lots. but i hope she isnt screwing me over and just having a bad day

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 45

    There is a woman I know, her name is Elaine. I have known her for most of my life, she is eleven years older than me. When we had sex the first time we were both married and it was her that came into my bedroom.

    From the moment she put her lips to mine, she was in control of the sexual encounter. In the darkness of the bedroom she quietly let me know what she wanted and how she wanted it. Elaine rode my cock for the first two orgasms and then allowed me to fuck her missionary.

    She pushed me backwards, my hard cock popping out of her soaking wet pussy. She wanted me to lick her and make her cum with my mouth. I did as instructed and she came two more times and then let me inside of her once more, almost demanding that I cum inside of her right then.

    I won't say I was disappointed with the sex but I will say that I felt like a submissive sex toy for Elaine's enjoyment. This would happen a few more times when she decided the time was right for her.

    At some point I found out in a round about way why Elaine was fucking me. It seems her husband was caught having sex with a female employee where he worked. So basically I was her "revenge sex" partner.

    Part of me enjoyed it, part of me felt like I was just being used because she was pissed with her husband. Everything was under her control and when I when I told Elaine I wasn't into that she got upset, not pissed upset, but she would come onto me like a woman in heat.

    We ended up in bed and always the same results. She was in charge and I was there to service her needs whatever they might be. There are time when our spouses are nearby and Elaine will kiss me deeply, her red lipstick on my mouth. My wife will come around the corner and I'm racing to the bathroom to remove the lipstick.

    Now after many years I find myself longing for Elaine and the sex we have, even if it's not very often. I have even begun to masturbate and my thoughts turn to a dominate/submissive fantasy which I won't bother to go into.

    We text each night after our spouses have gone to bed. She tells me she will be needing me again soon, I'm like a dog begging for a treat. I hate it but I can't say no to her after all these years.

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