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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    this cute little blonde whore at work is a big n****r lover . she lives with a n****r guy and has a nig daughter with him . he beats the hell out of her cuz shes got such a smart mouth on her shes a pretty bitch from a upscale white family she could be with a white guy not this women beating ape. any way i had to train her on a new job . i acted all nice and shit i said I'm going to get some sodas want one ??sure she said i took it in the bathroom and stuck my cock in it and stirred it up with my big dong i wanted to cum in it but couldn't get to that climax so i pissed in it and gave it to her she drank about half of it . little nasty skank drank my piss ha ha ha i thought got ya c**t.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife of 12 years tells me she thinks about threesomes and wants to have one sometime, she said she did anthreesome with her, her ex husband and a female friend before and she was with two men at the same time but never did a double penetration thing with them.

    She says she likes anal but will not do that with me because she thinks I would hurt her. But you see the problem is she is not into sex hardly at all. Once every two or three months is all she is willing to do. But to my friends she is a cock tease, she always flaunts her small breast and nice ass to them but leads them on only enough to giggle when she notices them getting an erection.

    Well it is revenge time, my friend asked us if we would like to go out on our vacation. We said yes and he plans on getting her shit faced, then going back to the motel and as I am starting to get her ready for sex he wants to take over.

    I told him that she probably would have a issue with that and he said she would be fucked hard.

    I asked her the next morning if she was still interested in a threesome and she said someday. Then closed her laptop and went to work. When I opened it and went online to her last page it was a swinger site and in her profile it said looking for more options and several nude shots of her. She had been a member for three days.

    I am going to let my friend have her while we're on vacation that should be more then enough options for her.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Actually I am 15 but last summer my boyfriend fucked me my first time. We were playing around, making out and he was rubbing my mound and I was really hot. He talked me into letting him put his thing against me and I told him not to put it in. Well, he said he wouldn't but he lied. After rubbing my clit with the head of his thing and moving it back and forth thru' my slit from near my vagina to my clit he surprised me by shoving it all the way in. Despite my trying to get him out, my twisting and turning, my pushing against him, telling him 'NO' and trying to get him off me, he fucked me. Not only did he fuck me, he cummed in me despite promising me he wouldn't do either. Well he did both. I was so mad. The following week-end he came back over and wanted to do it again. And I didn't let him touch me. A few days later a guy came by he hangs out with and told me he was bragging about doing me. I was so mad and he told me exactly what happened. I was so humiliated. But for some reason this guy was understanding and agreed he was wrong to do it and even more so about telling everybody. At any rate, we started making out and soon my clothes were off but instead of laying back and letting him, I took the initiative and pulled his erect thing out of his pants and crawled on top of him. Instead of being fucked, I did the fucking this time and instead of hurting me, it felt really good deep inside me. I can't wait to do this again.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife recently confessed to me that before we were married, she had a black guy living with her and they had sex in every way possible. She said he serviced all her holes and the sex was unforgettable. She said she never wants to go thru that again and she was over her being blacked but wanted me to know about it. Now the problem. Every time she touches me, all I can think about is her being fucked in her pussy ass and mouth by his black cock and her taking his black seed over and over again. She says it meant nothing but she goes out of her way to be polite (actually flirting) with black men all the time and has mumbled his name in her sleep several times and actually called me by his name once when we had sex.
    My question is how do I get past this? I know the black man she fucked and he has told me what a fine piece of ass she was. We still live in the same city where it occurred and others are aware of it. I don't want to leave her but as they both kind of flaunt it since she confessed, I fear they are seeing each other again. Any suggestions?

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    Straight Male / 41

    Caught my second wife Ann-Marie kissing a younger guy three weeks ago at a party we attended. She was out of her head at the time, pissed up and not really knowing what she was doing. But all the same it fucking annoyed me. Especially as he was worming his hands into her panties.
    On the Wednesday afternoon, after that Saturday night party, my wife's twenty year old daughter Louise called by. She already knew about the kiss, as she'd asked how the party went. She also knew I wasn't talking to her mom, who half an hour after Louise arrived, had to go into work for her late shift.
    Not really wanting any conversation, I left Louise watching a movie and went to go over some work related things in my study. I'd been in there only about ten minutes when the door opened, and in walked Louise totally naked.
    Louise isn't the best looking girl out there, but boy does she have a fantastic figure. And from what I knew about her sexually, she was supposed to be a right slut. Closing the door, she stepped closer and these are her exact words "Mom said I should make it up to you, for her being a bitch the other night". I went to say something to stop her, but Louise came and put her legs either side of mine and kissed me full on the lips. At the same time, she took my right hand and placed it right between her legs. Her pussy hair was trimmed and her warm folds were absolutely soaking wet. Breaking off the kiss, my step daughter told me she had permission off her mom to fuck me.
    Now I'm no prude, and believe me I so desperately wanted to fuck her right then, but it all seemed too perfect, too contrived. Asking her to get off me, she looked extremely disappointed. Wriggling her pussy down, I couldn't help but slide two fingers inside her. Smiling at me she said "That's it, you know you want to". I did but I also wanted to remain married.
    Getting Louise to stop and stand up, I told her I would fuck her in a heart beat, if her mother was there to ask me to do it. Again looking hurt she said "You know I'm away for a fortnight from tomorrow. My mom wants you guys to be back how you were, and I want to fuck you".
    But the moment was gone, and although I watched her perfect ass leave my study, I really did want to bury my cock up her pussy and ass.
    I was asleep when my wife got home. However she woke me up by sucking on my cock. Wwe fucked that night and I took out my sexual frustrations on her pounding her pussy and asshole, somewhere she hardly ever let me fuck. Cumming all over her face and neck after withdrawing, we cleaned up and lay next to each other sweating. It was then Ann-Marie asked me why I hadn't had sex with Louise. So it wasn't a plan to get me in trouble.
    Louise got back on Thursday this week. I wasn't in when she called round, but her mom was. However there was a note left for me when I got back from work. It reads "Missed you, wish you'd have gone along with my moms idea. She says we still can. Hope you feel the same, as we'll be alone for two days next week xxx Louise xxx".
    Ann-Marie goes on a two night trip with her work next week. I hadn't said anything about the note, not until yesterday. Not until my wife asked me if I was going to welcome Louise into our bed. It was left at that and nothing else was said.
    Now I seriously don't know if it's a guise to get me to cheat, or if it's genuine thing. I'd love to fuck Louise, but what if it's a trick to see if I'd be faithful. After all it's half my money my wife would be getting if our marriage fails.

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    Straight Female / 25

    THE PUNISHMENT! Better the 50 shades

    My and my boyfriend are now almost 7 years, he is my first and i'm her first. But He cheated on me with another girl who is my cousin.

    They where fucking for a while now. Until my cousin confessed to me about it. So I broke up with him. And since then hes been going after me and saying sorry and wanting me to get back to him. After a while I felt the same and I also wanted to get back to him and I decided to talk to him. I was going to forgive but then he said he'll do anything to be forgiven. Then suddenly I've got an idea. I have been watching femdom porn for sometime and I've been wanting to try for a while. So I told him I'll only forgive him if he'll stay at my apartment for 1 week and he'll do literally anything that I said and he said yes. So it begins. I'll try not to go into details and I'll just share the things I made him do. I'll be narrating my story by day:

    Day 1
    I was straight forward with him. I told him that I'll do femdom to him. At first he wont agree so I just told him to get out and never talk to me again. Well he agreed after.
    I stated the rules first. For starters starting day 1 he will not wear any clothes inside my apartment. So I asked him to get naked everything he's inside And everything will be put on video. And if he ever cheats again he'll know what will happen.
    We started late on day 1. So during the night I just made him do a missionary position in dront of me while I finger his ass while I watch femdom porn for some ideas then I watched 2 romantic movies (he hates romantic movies). And I started asking questions about the movie and everything he made a mistake. I'll put a chopstick in hes ass and guess what? I'm nit even at the second movie and his ass is already full. I was so angry I just shove the chopsticks deep inside him took a packaging tape and put some on his ass to secure the chopsticks and made him wear his underpants. He was crying and begging me to stop.
    I told him we can stop here and he can go home and we are gone. Well, he decided to continue. I made him sleep like that. But he was only able to hold it for 1 and half hour. So I just took it out in exchange that hell masterbate and deink his cum and he actually dis it.

    Day 2

    To be continued... Im so sleepy.

    P.s. We're still at day 4. You guys are free to give me some Ideas.
    He literally does anything. Like he literally drinks hes cum every few hours.
    Right now hes tied up on the floor and large cucumber inserted on his ass and his dick is so red from all the things I did to him.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Revenge or Family, it can fit in both.

    When I was seventeen, I walked into our home to find my twenty year old brother fucking my then girlfriend. I watched for a little while as I was total shock. They didn't see me at any time and I didn't want to make them aware I'd seen them. To this day I'm not sure why he fucked her as he knew I really liked her. Nor did I know why she'd want his much smaller dick. Possibly because he had a reputation in our neighborhood as being a bit of a hard man. Finishing with her, and not telling her why, I pretty much ignored my brother from then on.

    Two years ago my brother got married to an extremely good looking woman, who I instantly knew once we'd met at the wedding (I'd not seen my brother for three years) she fancied me. I'd never stopped keeping fit and had begun a year previously to lift weights when I attended the gym. I wasn't in a relationship per say at the time, as work had taken over my priorities. But I often had sex with an older woman who's marriage had broken apart.

    Nothing happened between us, that was until eight months ago. She called by and told me her husband, my so called older brother had told, bragged to her about a girl he'd once fucked for a while, a girl who used to be my girlfriend. He'd told her I was heart broken and that he knew I'd watched them fuck, but had never said anything. I was so angry when she told me, I had to tell her to leave. It wasn't anger at her or me being horrible to my brothers wife, it was basicaly because I knew if she stayed I'd want to fuck her.

    A week later I met her in the mall close to my home. The gym I attend is right next to the mall, so I'd gone in to get some things. Immediately she asked me if I was free for the sfternoon. When I said I was, she took my hand and lead me to her car. As we walked she told me I was going to fuck her, and I was going to fuck her as I'd watched my brother fuck my girlfriend all those years before. And the reason for it, my brother had gone over and over it with her, almost as if it was his greatest ever triumph.

    Back at my apartment, I screwed my brothers wife for over an hour. She sucked on my cock as I licked her pussy and ass and then we fucked like I've never fucked anyone before. She was like a woman possessed and I loved every minute of it. Our final position, one she insisted on, was me fucking her asshole in the doggy position as she leaned over the arm of my sofa. The exact position I'd seen my brother fucking my girlfriend in. When she'd orgasmed and I'd cum up her ass, she let out a cry of joy and told me from then on we'd fuck whenever we got the chance.

    My brother genuinely believes he's gods gift to women. But his wife certainly doesn't think that anymore, if she ever did. These past eight months I've been having such an intense affair with my brothers wife, and she's recently been asking me if she can move in. Telling me she's finished with her husband.

    In a fortnights time I move to a new city to start a new job for the same company I work for now. I've already bought an apartment and have christened it already, by fucking my brothers wife overnight when he was away fishing with his beer buddies. She told me she got back just before he arrived home, with a pussy and asshole full of my semen. Yesterday I signed off on the home I now live in and also told my brothers wife, if she wants to, in a fortnights time, she can move with me. Her response was "I'm packing in my head already".

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    Straight Female / 26

    My Big Sister Mindy has always been the favorite and got pretty much everything she ever wanted. Mom and Dad had a college fund put aside for her; I had to go to a technical school. They loved her first boyfriend (now her husband); they hated mine and won't help us with anything. Mom told Mindy at her wedding the she was the "perfect daughter" in front of everyone; Dad helped them with two additions on their first house (he's a contractor). Big Sis is Ms. Stepford Wife, perfect and fake. I have blue hair, a couple of piercings, a couple of tattoos. We couldn't be any different. Everyone thinks I'm a screw-up and she can do no wrong. I recently got her back, though, in a BIG way.

    Her perfect husband suffers from depression and he can get really bad. Big Sis was going away for a trip for work and asked me to check on him (she doesn't like to leave him alone these days). Sure enough, the first night I get over there he's pretty much passed out drunk - there's a bottle of bourbon open on the coffee table and about 3 cans of Ginger Ale. Hubbie's been making cocktails for one. He's partially off the couch, partially on it, TV on with a random input rather than actually watching something, and he's mumbling about nothing. He's pretty sloppy right now, I've never seen him this bad. I felt bad for him. I got him up and moving, got a little water in him, and over the course of about an hour or so he starts to come back and we've been talking for awhile. I make myself a bourbon and ginger ale hang around for a little while, till I noticed it was after 10p. I've been there for three hours. Shit, drive back the near hour to get home or stay at Big Sister's house. I started to leave, and out of the blue he grabbed my hand, his head still slumped forward a bit where I sat him up on the couch. I take a half step back and he puts his forehead on my hip. Very weird. I tussle his hair a bit and pat him on the head, and I'll be damned if he doesn't burst into tears, I mean full on. Something came over me and I just sat next to him and held him, eventually he calms down a bit. Like I said, sometimes he gets really bad. He's got a terrible family situation and some real issues of self-worth - I never knew how bad it was until all this went down.

    It's after 11, I'm not going anywhere, so I get him up and moving and heading toward the shower so maybe he can get some sleep. I stand outside the bathroom door and listen to him shower. I hear this pitiful "Jen, I need help," and go in to find him tangled up in his jeans that are half off and sitting on the side of the tub, water running, pretty much naked. LOL. I help him out of his now wet jeans and push him in the shower, pretty amused. I even gave his butt a smack when he seemed to forget to close the shower curtain, more water getting on the floor and me. "I can't remember the last time Mindy and I played like that," he says, and I can see him washing his hair now through the curtain, no shame with being naked in front of his sister-in-law. "I'm not perfect, so she doesn't really want anything to do with me," he says, and I kind of watch him droop a bit, like he said something that really got to him. "She can be like that," I say. "It runs in the family."

    I'm sitting on the toilet lid, and we start talking again, all the way through the shower. When he's done, I held the towel open for him and wrapped him up in it like a kid, we're both laughing but realizing that we have our arms around each other. And he's pretty hard now. And I'm still wet from the shower. He brushes a wet strand of hair off my face like the movies, and we're kissing. Hard. Sloppy. Tongue wrestling. I am jerking his just above average-sized cock as hard and fast as I can, his hands are down the front of my jeans and he's slaying my clit. He picks me up and sets me on the sink counter in the bathroom and yanks my tanktop over my head and in one move has my bra off. My tits are okay, Mindy's are bigger and better shaped, but with her Husband's mouth on them I could care less just then.

    We move to the bed and he really surprises me; first he lays me on my side and hops in front of me, yelling "jetpack" like an idiot. LOL. Then he turns over and SLOWLY kisses my face; eyelids, nose, top lip, bottom lip, chin, neck, and back up the side to my ear. I'm turning to mush with his bourbon-flavored kisses. "Is this okay?" he asks me directly. All I can do is nod my head hard. He's looking into my eyes deep, scanning from one to the other. This is what it's like, I think, and pull him in for another kiss.

    He playfully pins me to the bed, and I spread my legs wide. "It's yours if you want it, I dare you." Just like that, I feel him slowly slide into me. It hurts so good. He's not pounding me, just pushing into me and doing some move so that our crotches grind together with each thrust. It feels GOOD, especially when I've got my fingers on my clit in rhythm. We go at this pace for a long time. It's amazing, and I orgasm hard, wrapping my legs up tight around him, whispering in his ear "your turn," squeezing him with my vagina a bit and biting his ear. "You can even pretend I'm her if you want."

    "But you're not," he says, stopping. "Jen, I'm cheating on Mindy with you. I'm inside you right now."

    I pull him to me, and buck my hips. Once, again, again, again, until he is pounding me a little bit. I push him back so I can look at him, and alternate kissing him and pushing his head down to suck my tits while he's inside me. Sure enough, a few minutes later, I feel him starting to tighten and he's straining to hold back. "Don't pull out," I say, and I feel the first spurt into my vagina. I grip him, feeling each follow up spasm, then I grab the back of him head and pull him down to me. I clean up, then we are asleep, and in the same bed.

    Pretty much the rest of the time Mindy was gone, I was taking care of her husband; blowjobs, handjobs, sex, play, I was the wife and it was wonderful. Big Sister is back now and I'm acting like nothing happened. Any chance I get, though, I'm going to sleep with her husband again. He's not the biggest, he doesn't pound the hardest or fastest, but I loved what I've done with him so far and that I'm getting a little bit of what's hers. After all, she's perfect.

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    Straight Male / 42

    She cheated on me with another guy. We tried to be committed/serious but really (we were too young) it was going nowhere.

    I hid a camera in the bedroom and she had sex with a guy called Darren who worked for me at the time. It was a rubbish web cam but I sent a dated photo to her new husband and parents just after her wedding.

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    Straight Male / 32

    Revenge Fucking on the Mom

    My best friend fucked me over because of money ...

    Thanks to money, I'm planning to blackmail his mom and wife. The mom owes a lot of money and I have pictures of his wife.

    Please share what would you do?

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