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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 50

    I'm married for many years to my second husband. The first few years the sexy was pretty good I thought. As time went by, sex began to dwindle and when we had sex it was me giving him a blow job and then Frank would tell me he would give me an IOU.

    Well eventually I got tired of his IOU's and I would rebuff his sexual advances, after all I was getting nothing from sex. This went on for about a year and then one day I found out that my husband was being charged with sexual harassment at work. He lost his job of course and it came out this woman and Frank were having sex.

    I thought about divorce but to be honest I was comfortable and I wasn't ready to go through another divorce proceeding again. I told Frank we would stay together but we would be nothing more than glorified roommates! He would take care of me or I would take care of him in divorce court.

    Since my husband loves his money more than anyone, he wasn't about to rock the boat. We have been this way for a few years now. I'm still in pretty excellent shape and I can get a guy very easily.

    One day out of the blue I get a call from my ex brother in law from my first marriage. Rick and I had remained friends after I divorced his brother. I was forced into divorce because Rick's brother became addicted to pain killers after a accident at work.

    Rick said he was going to be in town and he wanted to know if he could come by and see me. It had been many years since I had seen Rick. I told Rick I wanted to see him very much and I would be happy to see him again.

    A few weeks later Rick arrived at my door and I was so happy to see him. Frank knew about Rick of course but they hadn't met before. I had dinner ready and Rick stayed, we talked over dinner and after dinner. It was getting late and Rick needed to get to his hotel. I told Rick just to stay here and save some money. At first he argued with me but Rick knows I always get my way sooner or later.

    I showed Rick his bedroom and the bathroom for him to shower. We sat on the back porch afterwards and talked until after midnight! When we got ready for bed the bedroom I stayed in was not the bedroom where my husband slept. Rick seemed to pick up on it but I didn't say anything then and I let it go for now.

    The next day my husband Frank went to play golf and that's when I took Rick for lunch and told him everything going on with my husband, so then I explained I didn't sleep in the same bedroom with Frank since I found out about his affair at work.

    It was after midnight when Rick and I called it a night, I know I talked his ears off but Rick didn't seem to mind one bit, we always got along when I was married to his brother. My husband had gone to bed earlier, it didn't bother me in the slightest.

    Rick took a shower and went to bed, I followed suite a short time later. I went to my bedroom and dried my hair, eventually going to bed and lying there wide awake. I got out of bed without turning the light on and walked out into the hallway. The house was pitch dark and silent.

    I stood in the hallway and looked at the other bedroom door where Rick was staying. In the darkness I fumbled for the doorknob and turned it slowly. I pushed the door open and slipped inside the bedroom, closing the door as quietly as I could.

    I stood at the foot of Rick's bed, I could hear him breathing evenly, he was sound asleep I knew. I reached for the terry cloth belt of my robe and slipped it off my shoulders, it fell silently around my bare feet.

    It suddenly occurred to me the age difference, I was fifty years old and Rick was thirty eight. Even with the room pitch black, how would he react? I climbed onto the bed slowly and slipped under the covers next to Rick.

    By the time I felt his warm body Rick jumped, I put my hand to his mouth and whispered into his ear. Rick lay back down and I literally crawled on top of him. I couldn't see his face in the darkness, no idea what he thought. I put my mouth to his and kissed him. At first there was no response from his mouth, I pushed my tongue into his mouth, Rick's hands came around me, his tongue reacted to mine.

    We started to kiss, gently at first. His mouth was inviting, Rick started to kiss me back and with more intensity. His warm hands slid up my naked back and I could feel the goosebumps all over my body. I kissed Rick hard and he responded, he pulled my body against his warm chest.

    I could already feel my body tingle, it had been a very long time since I had been with any man. Even my husband didn't make me tingle like this. Suddenly Rick rolled me onto my back, his body on top of me, his tongue deep in my mouth. My hands went around his back, I spread my legs and I could feel his hard cock against my mound.

    I pushed Rick away, pushed him downwards, he knew what I wanted. I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood when I felt his tongue slide into my pussy. I clawed at Rick's neck and shoulders, I was going to cum. I wanted to scream when I climaxed, I held Rick's head tightly and grinded my pussy against Rick's mouth. I wanted to drown him with my cum, I could feel my wetness pouring out of my pussy.

    I squirmed away, pushed Rick onto his back, I took hold of Rick's hard cock and began to suck it for everything I had. Rick groaned rather loudly, I didn't even care now. I had forgot how much I loved sucking and licking a nice hard cock.

    I tasted the salty flavor of Rick's cock, I knew he was as aroused as I was. I took him deeply and felt his body squirm. I was so hot and I was needy, I crawled on Rick, straddled his waist. Reaching back I found the object of my desire, kneeling up I guided Rick's cock into my wet pussy.

    I rode Rick's thick cock and I climaxed like a teenager within moments. I dug my nails into his bare chest, another orgasm ripping though my loins. Now I was moaning with pleasure and again I didn't care. If Frank walked in right now I wouldn't have stopped until I came again.

    Rick suddenly flipped me onto my back, he was between my legs instantly. He spread my legs and pushed his hard cock into my pussy. I bit my lip again as the pleasure of his cock filling my pussy sent me over the edge. Rick fucked me slowly, oh I wished I could see his delicious cock going into my pussy.

    I wanted to scream so bad, I was cumming, then cumming again moments later. Rick leaned over and kissed me with his cock buried inside of me. I clawed his back and shoulders, Rick grunted with pain and pleasure. I whispered into Rick's ear to fuck me faster. Suddenly he pulled out of me, took my hand, pulled me onto the carpet beside the bed.

    Rick rammed his cock inside of my pussy, and I wanted to faint with pleasure. His softness was gone, his hips jack hammered me. The sound of our flesh seemed to echo off the bedroom walls, neither of us cared who heard us now. He pounded me into submission and for once I didn't care.

    Rick whispered he was going to cum, he raised up as if he were going to pull out. I grabbed his ass and held him. Rick lowered himself down and kissed me again. his hips thrust into me so hard it took my breath away. I felt Rick cum, his thick cock pulsating inside of my pussy.

    I felt the warmth of his cum filling me, and then I climaxed again. Rick kept fucking me until his hardness began to wane, I didn't want it to end. I wanted more from Rick but I should be thankful to get what I got. Rick helped me to my feet, standing there making out with his cum running down my thighs.

    I found my robe in the darkness and put the robe around me. Rick kissed me again at the door, I didn't want to go back to my bedroom. He could have kissed me and I would have cum again I know.

    Rick stayed two more days, I made Rick fuck me three more times and I have no regrets and I have no guilt. My husband decided to fuck around on me than I can do the same, maybe one day I will tell him.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I dated a woman from sarnia ontario, this woman has a cognative disability and grew up in a mentally and emotionally unstable home. She is so mentally delayed that she hides the fact shes suicidal and slaps her kid in the head constantly

    She becomes angry when you ask her to get off her phone makes absurd excuses for behaviors that most functioning people would consider to be cheater behaviour, her relationship with her father is almost i****tuously disturbing, she cant manage money or think for herself without having other people make her decisions.

    She doesnt understand why she has no money but the truth is shes so emotionally and mentally stunted and plagued with depression she over compensates by spending money she shouldn't and eats hundreds of dollars worth of fast food a month.

    This woman never cleans he kid is always sick and wears glasses so thick shes almost considered to be blind but the mother attacks anyone who notices her child walking into things, both the mother and child are brats who throw tantrums when they dont get their way, the mother got her first real job at 27 and works 7 days a week making 17hr but cant seem to pay rent and Bills.

    Her father is a mechanic who is lazy and nutless living off of his rich gf they're all immensely slow and have no concept of what most people do to survive in the world they are selfish uncaring people who abuse eachother and think their shit doesnt stink when the truth is they are fake imbacilic people who are emotionally and socially parasitic and treat anyone wanting to get ahead in life like shit because the chapmans of sarnia are adult children with an island complex with no worldly experience or understanding of economics or rational thinking small town inbred people who hate new ideas everyone else has embraced.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife's younger boss has been fucking for over a year now. It began when he stated to her he needed to thin out some of the older employee's, to make way for a younger more progressive set of people. She came home that night crying and confessed to me, she'd sucked him off in his office.
    She kept her job with his promise to keep her on, and the very next afternoon he fucked her over his desk. Again she confessed to me what she'd done and I was at the time, at a loss to stop him. We desperately needed the money my wife earned, and boy did he know it.
    Week after week she'd just nod when I looked at her in a certain way, and I knew he'd had his cock up my wife's pussy and ass. Then as a total surprise during my fortieth birthday celebrations, he turned up. After they chatted for a short while, he took my wife outside for a "Chat" and fucked her over the hood of my car. This she didn't tell me until the following week.
    Now totally lost in all my thoughts and understandings, feeling helpless, I became determined to get things right. Applying for job after job, I took on another job and then another. Soon I was working all hours, and it kind of paid off.
    My wife's friend noticed how we'd become separated and she asked my wife why. She broke down and told her everything, and also included I was working three jobs to try and end the situation.
    The very next day I got a phone call and was offered a job which completely smashed my earnings with the other three. A few weeks later whilst I was working for my wife's friends husband, someone who hated my wife's boss, he told me something. And soon it will have all taken place.
    The reason my wife's boss wanted to change focus so radically, was the family behind the business was being challenged to sell his it. I now know that the person who's just bought it, literally, and it is my wife's female friend on behalf of her husband.
    In the next few days my wife is going to be made the senior director of the new business, and why she had to stay on. Her first duty, she's been told, will be sack her old boss and to let him know every scrap of information, plus the security footage of him fucking my wife outside of my birthday venue, will be going to his wife.
    It was his wife who's family owned the business he was a junior partner in, who sold the business suspecting her husband of cheating on her. They'll get that information shortly and I know from things said, he'll be receiving a divorce notice and will be moving out of his wife's comfortable home.
    What goes around, comes around.................

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    Straight Male / 52

    Its not a shocking confession, i had been seeing a man that i had known for a long time and it started just kissing and touching when i was very young,

    I felt very special and i liked our time together well we have been having a full on relationship for about three years now and i didn't have to be made to go all the way eventually, well it has been good and fun even though it is a secret due to age, but i recently found out that he has been meeting another one of our football team ,and keeping it secret since the first time we kissed i have not done anything with anyone, and now if find out that he is and this is true as i have seen it with my own eyes.
    i saw them whispering after training one night and i got a bad feeling, so i have since then been watching my team mate and not the coach, he acts like nothing is going on to me, so a week or two after i saw them , i watched the team mate sneak round the back of the club house, well we all walked to home after we got ready, but i didn't as i got up the road i hid in the bushes and a bit later he drove out and my team mate was with him, so i knew what was going on and as the car turned the corner i jumped on my bike and rode as fast as i could to the lay by that he always took me to if we didn't have lots of time, it wasn't far away but i thought it was worth looking just to check, and if they wasn't there then ok , the place was far enough of a country road so even if a car drove past nothing could be seen and trees and bushes helped make it private,

    i got of my bike as i got neat and walked down the side near the hedge and trees until i got really close to it, i thought he would be there but hoped he wasn't as i parted a bush a bit and looked in the lay-by his car was there, i was so hurt and confused but needed to know for sure, so i got down and crawled to the side of the car, i then knew they was both in it but could not stand up to look what if anything was happening so i crawled back and crept through the hedge and bushes till i was level with the drivers door, and stood and watched, i soon got the answer, as i saw my team mate lean over and dissapear below his drivers door window , well that meant one thing bj, and not long after sex on his passenger seat. so for ages i didn't know what to do, and then just thought dont worry about it, and didn't anymore and we carried on seeing each other although i was a bit less available after seeing him like that, so i decided to get him back, and get even , for ages one of my sports teachers had been saying little things to me and i knew he liked me in that way, but he nor me had ever said anything, so he was going to be revenge, and he was,
    for the next few weeks i raised the banter with my teacher and he did the same it was getting really cheeky and a bit rude, so for fun i slipped in the showers and pretended i had hurt my leg and shoulder, so sat on the bench in the changing rooms with a towel around me as they checked me over but nothing broken just twisted they said, so that was good,but as i had a bad leg and shoulder could not dress myself and said i would ait until
    everyone had gone so i didnt embarrasses myself trying, i asked if i could use the staff room in the gym to try and dress so i wasnt alone in the changing rooms, and that was ok, well after a while everyone went and only two teachers and me,

    i said no reason for both of you to stay as once i get dressed its only to lock the door so the other one left , and i limped into the staff room and pretended to try getting dressed had got my shirt on but not done up and still had the towel around me , so i sat on the desk and managed to get my underpants on one foot but no more. he came to the door and asked if i was ok, i said no i cannot manage but its ok can you come in , so he did and i sat there pretending to be hurt and said i am struggling sir but if i stand up i might be able to get my pants on my other foot and so got of the table and as i did dropped the towel right in front of him.
    he was staring at me and i knew that look so i knew what to do and span round to face away from him as i was shy , then i reached across the desk to grab a jumper to cover me , and that meant i as near naked bent over his table with my arse in full view,
    and then started laughing to myself he said what is so funny, and i said well sir what would it look like if someone saw us now you behind me and me bent over your desk and bottom less , and laughted again he said yes it would not look good and still giggling i said back , well not to who saw us but it looks good to me sir , he said you need to stop being such a bad boy and flirt, so i said well dont you like it, he said its wrong i am a teacher, and i said yes sir you are sorry, and then lent right over the desk and said to punish me fr being bad you should spank me sir, i deserve it. and then slapped my bum with a hand and said on that sir, i want you to and think you do,and he could not help and he did six spanks on it, when he finished i said thank you , and said i felt a bit better and as i didnt get my shower , could i go now he said yes, so i said can you take my shirt of for me please so he did and i stepped out of my pants, and stood naked so grabbbed the towel and walked past him and went to the showers and as i did said best use cold to cool my bum down after that sir and we both laughted, i was in the shower washing when i heard him say round the shower to me how are you doing i said not sure if i am getting clean as its hard to wash as my shoulder hurts , and then walked out and said am i clean sir can you look , he said yes your clean i said but you haven't looked properly, have you and said check if i am please and did a 360 in front of him and then he said yes clean so i turned away and bent right over and said is everything clean to which he said yes i think it is, so then i said just to be sure and put my hands on my bum and spread my cheeks right in front of him , and said does that bit look good sir, he said yes and that this was very wrong t which i said your only helping me sir and if i wanted anyone to see me like you have it is you sir, im not embarrassed in front of you, well best finish my shower will you lock the door for when i try to dess so no one comes in and he said ok, and i went back in and he went and locked the door, then he stood out side talking to me saying that what had happened was wrong and a teacher should not be with a naked boy, i said is that because people might think that you are taking advantage of him and having sex with him against his will, he said pretty much and i giggled out loud and said well they would be very wrong wouldnt they sir , he said yes they would, so i said for one you wouldnt be taking advantage of me and then said and it wouldnt be against my will if you did have sex with me ,and giggled again, he said thats not really a good defense but dont say that to anyone again ,
    i was laughing in the showers as he was outside,then i said one last thing sir if you will, now what he said ,i said i have soap all over me and cannot get it off will you or i could be ages and the doors locked so no one will see, , he said no so i said please i cannot do it myself i wont say a thing if you dont, so he came in and started moving me around the shower to clear the suds, and as he did he ran his hand down my back and as he got near to the bottom stopped i said thats no good sir got to clear it all i dont mind and cannot do it myself. so he did and rubbed my bum and as he did i was clenching and releasing it, then i turned round and said just the front to go sir, dont hang about, so he washed my chest of and downwards i said dont stop this time sir do a full job, and as he got to my bits and his hand touched my cock i made sure that he knew i had shuddered and as he went around it washing it , i even gasped and said that feels so nice sir, i like how you hands feel as you wash me, hope you dont mind me saying as long as i dont say it to anyone else, he kinda just said i am glad it was nice but it should not have happened, this is so wrong so i said why dies it feel so right then and as i talked i was stroking my cock and arse, i said as i looked him in the eye i know it woiuld be said it is wrong but i dont feel it is hope you dont , and then handed him a bottle of baby oil off the shelf and said i want you to use that now sir in the office and changing room and in the shower , he said no so then i said sir as we stand here me naked andwanting you so much , i am going to neal down and unless you force me am going to give you a fantastic bj. and so down i went and he made feeble attempts to push me away but let me and he got a bj there and then,and after he finished i kept going and he git hard again almost instantly and then he used the oil and i let him fuck me just so i could say to my man that i had done the same as him, ha well not being 100% sure how to tell him what i knew i carried on the same for weeks , but during those weeks my teacher wanted replays so couldnt refuse so he got it about 6 more times and it was sweet revenge , and later as for my team mate he got a good hiding from me,

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    Straight Female / 25

    My mother-in-law has always been snobby. I've never been good enough, never done anything right in her eyes, and she's just SO high class and we'll educated, whereas I'm "white trailer park trash" to her just because I haven't been to college. Oh well. Getting on with my confession.
    Last night she asked me over for dinner, she said she wanted to apologize about something. Knowing she was full of shit, I merely went along with it to humor my husband. So, I went over to her house by myself and sat with her for dinner. She started off nice enough, but she wasn't really eating and kept drinking wine, and slowly her apologies turned into blaming me for ridiculous things yet again.
    I got up to leave, stating that I'd heard enough and I was going home. She stepped in front of me to stop me, and without thinking, I punched her in the jaw- because she was in my face and screaming again. She was more tipsy than I'd thought, because she immediately fell to the floor on her back, and she was mostly unconscious.
    At first I freaked and didn't know what to do. What if her husband came home and found her like this? What if he came home right now and saw me standing over her like this, and knew I'd done it?
    Then something else went through me, I'm not sure why or where it came from. I guess it was because I was just so fed up with her bullshit. I wanted to completely dominate this bitch. I wanted her to know I wasn't going to put up with her shit anymore.
    I hurried and straddled her face and lifted my skirt, moving my thong to one side so that my clit was pushed against her lips. Then I began to grind, and she began to stir. I panicked again and tried to figure out what I was going to say. She tried to ask what the fuck I was doing, but before she got the sentence halfway out, I ran my fingers through her hair, grabbed a handful and shoved her face into my pussy.
    I was just as surprised as she was when I heard- out of my own mouth, "Suck on my clit, you fucking bitch" She hesitated for a minute, I can only assume in shock, before I felt her begin to flick her tongue around and start sucking. It turned me on so much- this power trip i had over her. I absolutely loved it. I moved my hips forward and made her tongue go into my vagina, and she started to tongue fuck me.
    "Yeah, eat that fucking cum oozing out of my pussy. By the way, your son just got done fucking me and filling me up.... eat it." She did. I couldn't tell if she was just playing along, but she didn't seem to hate it. I kept moving my hips around and grinding into her face and shoving her face into my pussy at random and I eventually came in her mouth.
    When I was finished, I spun around and tore her shorts off and commanded her to spread her legs. She didn't have the prettiest pussy, and I've never been interested in eating/fucking a pussy, but this overwhelming need to completely dominate this bitch wouldn't let up. So while she was still licking my pussy, I spat on her clit and started to finger fuck her. She came pretty quickly. The more she squirmed, the more I shoved my pussy into her face, and when I did, she seemed more eager to make me cum again.
    This went on for a while, and I even started licking her pussy, which she seemed to love as well. Then one time when I happen to look up, i see her husband peeking around a corner just watching us. I grinned and made the "come here" motion with my finger. He smirked and came into the room and just stood watching us.
    I had always had a little bit of a fatasy about him fucking me, he was an attractive older man. I told him to get behind me and fuck me if he'd like, and I'd make her keep licking my clit. That was another fantasy- to have a guy fuck mem from behind while someone else was underneath me going wild with their tongue, and it felt just as amazing as id imagined. His cock was about 8" and THICK, and felt wonderful sliding up into my tight wet pussy. He let out a deep groan of pleasure when he got his cock all the way in me and started hammering. It was no time before I came all over him, and as he was pulling my hair/smacking my ass/biting the back of my neck and earlobe, he was ready to shoot his load.
    I could tell he was close as he had a death grip on my hips and as he was hammering away, I felt his cock start to pulsate and get even harder than before. He started to pull out and I rocked my hips back toward him which made him cum even harder.
    After all was said and done, I told my mother-in-law next time she wanted to apologize, she could just get on her knees instead.
    I had plenty of fun shoving her face into my pussy. It seemed it wasn't the first time she'd licked a clit, either. The best part was when I went home, hubby had no idea and he was already horny for me. He licked my pussy and ate Greg's cum, without knowing, and making me squirt for the first time because it was so irresistibly sexy.
    I hope she calls me again soon.

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    Gay Male / 24

    When I got out of college I got a job in Memphis. I hated it, but it was the only thing I got. I lived in a recovered warehouse loft. I didn't know anyone and I spent my time after work watching television. Across from my building was another recovered warehouse loft, separated by a small courtyard. I noticed that the loft across the street left the dr**es open at night and I could see in. There was a man there who pretty much did the same thing I did, come home and watch television.

    I have a collection of porn videos from my college days. In college I stroked to porn all the time and that night I put a cd in that always got me off and got some oils and sat back in my chair with my feet on the table and stroked myself with the blinds pulled up. Knowing that he was watching me made it better. It became a ritual and whenever I saw him across the way I would stroke myself. I walked around the room naked.

    He sat back and had his television on but I could tell he was watching the window because when I stood up to walk across the room he leaned up in the chair. If I ran into him during the day we just nodded to each other and went our way. Then one day I was at the corner store grocery and he was there and we bumped into each other. And with an exchange of pleasantries, neighbors recognizing each other we introduced ourselves. He was an accountant for FedEx in their facilities there, divorced.

    That night I went back to my favorite cd and stroked for him. I imagined him watching me, now I knew what his face looked like. I imagined that he was sitting across the courtyard stroking himself. That evening I stood up and stroked until I came. I started to leave the blinds up in the bedroom, to sleep naked with a small light on. When we ran into each other we were always polite. I bought some small binoculars and found a place where I could kneel on the floor and watch him. I knew when he went to the bathroom, back to the bedroom. Sometimes the blinds were up in his bedroom. I saw him in his boxer shorts. And I continued to watch porn and stroke myself in the evening when he watched television.

    Then one night, I saw him in his bedroom naked. His blinds were completely up and the overhead light was on. He just walked around. He stood in front of a mirror and ran his hands over his body, he pulled on his penis, turned to the side, went and got on his bed and I saw him masturbate on the bed. Not often, but too many times to be an accident, he stood naked in his room, with my binoculars I could see him clearly. And then he knocked on my door.

    He caught me, I was home for only a little while. The porn cds were on the coffee table, the oils I used, my clean up rag, my towel I sat on to stroke myself. He came in, looked across the courtyard and his apartment, he picked up the cds and went through them one by one and he asked to see it up front and personal. He sat down on the chair that I used and told me to let it out and let him look. He touched me, and then put his mouth around my penis and began to suck. He stopped and asked me if that is what I liked and went back to sucking me. He had me undress completely, and he undressed completely. He had broad shoulders but he also had a belly and he had me reach down and hold his penis with my hand and stroke him into an erection.

    I sucked him. He stopped me and told me to lean against the back of the chair and using the oils he prepared me and he got behind me and fucked me. He had me use my clean up rag to clean him up and asked me to suck him again. After I sucked him for a while he had me stand in the middle of the room and he stroked me and had me kiss his chest and nipples and he stroked me until I came. He let me sit back in my chair and clean myself with my rag. He took the binoculars off the table and asked me to look across into his apartment. On a tripod back in the middle of the room was a video recorder. He said he could operate it remotely, turn it on and off, it had an amazing zoom and he recorded us having sex. He told me that he normally had the video recorder hidden in a plant and he had recorded me for some time.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My brother in law is in a wheelchair. My husband brought him into our house. He is insufferable. One morning after working out he caught me going from the bathroom to the bedroom after my shower. All I had on was a towel. I dropped it on the floor and stood naked in front of him for a couple of minutes. I know he can't get an erection, I hope I pissed him off. He can't even masturbate if he tried.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Two days after my seventeenth birthday a so called friend of mine, beat the shit out of me. The reason being, that I'd so called tried to get off with his girlfriend. He knew I had a big cock, and he'd heard from another idiot, that I'd offered to fuck his girlfriend at a party.

    It was all a lie and in fact I'd left the party well before his girlfriend had gotten there. She had and I know this for sure, been fucked by another guy, but it definitely wasn't me.
    Two days I spent in hospital. Two days in which my mum and dad tried to get me to tell them who'd beaten me up, so they could report the person to the police. I never did say anything, not because it was out of loyalty to my supposed friend, but because I knew deep down inside me, I'd somehow get him back one day.

    That opportunity I thought had gone, when he moved away only months after kicking my head like a football. Moving on with my life, I went into the building game and through hard work, lots of hard work, I built myself a small business, which now employs four people. Actually it now kind of employs five.

    In early March this year I got a call from a supplier who said his new driver thought he knew me. It turned out, Gary, their new driver, was the very same old friend of mine who liked to beat up smaller people. When I first saw him, he couldn't have been more apologetic, and even bought me some expensive whisky. He'd been inside for violence and through a deal I'd done with my supplier, we sponsored men who were finding it hard to come by employment due to their recent incarceration.

    Before Gary went inside he got married and his bride, although I didn't know it at the time, turned out to be an ex girlfriend of mine. She's a very attractive woman, who when I was having fun with her, enjoyed lots of sex and lots of varied sex. In fact I'd say she's the dirtiest bitch I've ever fucked. Beneath her stunning looks, that woman is a real anything goes cock hungry slut, I can tell you.

    Because Gary worked for my supplier, I began to see him a couple of times a week. After a couple of months, so the end of May, I got a message from my supplier saying he was having a bash for his fiftieth. I went along and saw Gary there, with to my surprise, my ex. He introduced me to his wife and when she kissed my cheek to say hello, not letting on we knew each other, she whispered "I don't half miss your cock".

    I saw the look on Gary's face, but it soon disappeared when as usual the birthday boy piped up "Oy, you queer bastard, you getting me a drink or what". It was my supplier shouting to me. It was something he called me after seeing me looking through a gay mag I'd found at a house we were renovating, years before.
    Later on in the evening, I went outside for some air and turned round when I heard a female voice saying my name. It was my ex and straight away she walked over to me, cupped my cock bulge and asked me if I'd take her somewhere and fuck her.

    Knowing the place we were at, I knew around the other side of the building, there were groves of trees and plenty of cover. It took us only a couple of minutes to get there, and to have each others tongues fighting as we kissed passionately. She all but had my trousers and boxers down stroking my cock. I had my right hand up her short skirt, furiously as I knew she liked it, finger fucking her pussy and arsehole. Breaking off she said we didn't have long and she'd wanted all night since first seeing me to feel my cock up her pussy. Bending her over against a tree, I put my cock head to her opening and thrust in. I didn't waste time letting her get used to the size of my cock, instead I reached around and gripped her tits hard. She gasped as I squoze her breasts, but she backed onto me as if telling me she wanted rough sex. Slapping her arsehole as I fucked her time after time, she turned her head and told me "It's yours if you want it". I knew what she meant, so I slid my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and forced it up her tight arsehole. She cried out a little, but I didn't care and still rammed it home. Screwing her arsehole as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone before, I realised I was taking out my long term frustration of being beaten up, on his wife.
    My ex reached back to me, almost as if to tell me she was near, but didn't get chance to say anything as she came hard on my dick. No more than four or five thrusts later, I too came, flooding her arsehole with my cum.

    She moved off my cock getting herself sorted out, but I wasn't finished. Yanking on her hair hard, I pushed her down and shoved my cock into her face. Over the next five minutes she worshiped my cock, licking and sucking on it until every drop of my cum and her anal juice was cleaned off.

    We were back in the main function room of the golf club a few minutes later and her husband was non the wiser. He was I think, re telling his part in my reason for going to hospital when I was seventeen. He sounded all cock sure of himself and I got a little angry, but then I had just fucked his wife and had her swallow some of my seed. What cooled my temper, was seeing her go up to him, kiss him full on the mouth and then turn to wink at me.
    The following Monday morning, I phoned my supplier and asked him if he'd had a good evening, as well telling me it had been great, he also told me about some new materials I'd wanted. Saying he'd send Gary over later in the afternoon, I asked him to direct Gary over to a site which was on the other side of the city. A good hour in ordinary traffic and told him to text me when he left his yard.

    As soon as I put the phone down, I text the number Gary's wife had given me, and got a text back saying "I'm home now, can't wait". Getting the text from my supplier, I drove over to Gary's home. half an hour later I was balls deep up his wife's pussy, after she'd been sucking on my dick whilst I was tonguing her pussy and arse.
    It's funny most of Gary's deliveries have been these past couple of months, out of town. And I've pretty much taken him on via my supplier most days of the week. It's also funny his wife never goes short of sex now, not now I'm fucking her every chance we get.

    Now to why I'm really here. In three days time, I'll be sending over a van to pick up Michelle's things from Gary's. She's moving in with me and ditching her tosser of a husband. She now knows about his past with myself and has also decided as soon as she can, she's divorcing him. Gary will be delivering his last ever items for me in the south of the country. It will take him at least five hours there and back. When he returns, he'll find a note from his wife and he'll find her gone.

    What will be really galling for him, Is he'll know from the note and the men I'll have sat there, it's because of me. And believe me, he'll have no choice but to keep quiet and stay away. It's that or a huge beating and a definite return to prison. And from what I now know, he apparently doesn't enjoy being fucked up the arse by bigger, much harder men.

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    Straight Male / 45

    After Joe found out his wife cheated, he gave her an ultimatum.
    Either they would divorce (and she would get nothing, as per their pre-nup) or she could stay married to him and continue to have the stability he provided, in return for being enslaved to him.

    She actually enjoyed the life he had built with/for her, and she felt horrible that she had cheated. He was generally a good man, she didn't know what had possessed her to even do it. So, whether it was out of guilt, love, desperation, or a combination of all, she agreed to be enslaved.

    Her 1st assignment as his new slave was to seal their deal with a blowjob. He told her "suck it, bitch, and I mean to completion". She was humiliated, to the point of being nearly in tears. He had never talked to her like that before.

    She knew how deeply she had wounded him with her unfaithfulness at this point. She knew he was just hurting her because she had hurt him. As much as his harsh words stung, she couldn't help but be aroused.

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    Straight Female / 18

    At 16, I'm the oldest of three daughters with our baby girl being 12. Mom married a Baboon after she divorced dad. The asshole began to r**e us girls. After a few months I found one of my real dad's straight razors. I told the Baboon that ONE OF US, and he won't know which until it happens, will cut his fucking balls off with one stroke and flush them down the toilet if he continues to r**e us. I was furious, shaking, with a red face when I told him that.

    The Baboon has not been back and we don't expect him to return. If he does, we WILL cut his fucking balls off.

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