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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 27

    I am in a relationship with a man, it is intimate, and I play house for him. I didn't know that he was still in a relationship with another girl and one day she showed up at my apartment and questioned me as to why I was moving in on her man. It caught me out of the blue. I stuttered. After a minute she asked me if I knew he was with her and had been for a lot longer than me. I was honest and said no.

    She walked into my apartment, she didn't ask, she just did. She walked around looking for evidence of his involvement with me. She found his jacket, which he had left, and she found an extra set of toiletries. A complete set because he spent the night fairly often. And a laundered shirt, for when he got dressed the next day. And I had stuff he liked in the refrigerator, and I had the TV cable package that had his preferences for TV, and she found his clothes in the laundry room.

    She asked me if I was in love with him. I said yes. She said she was in love with him too. I am 27 and she is 30, and we sat on the sofa and she told me about herself and I told her about myself, she asked me if I would have a kid with him, was he the baby daddy I wanted? She agreed with me, if she were married she would have a baby. But neither one of us was married. We were lovers, mistresses almost, playing house with him, and he went and played house with her. He had a schedule, and Thursdays and Sundays he seemed to always spend the night with her, and Tuesday and Wednesday he almost never spent the night with her, Tuesdays was almost always the night he spent with me, and Friday night, we usually went out and he spent the night with me, and he would leave after lunch on Saturday and I would see him again on Monday. He spent Sunday afternoon with her, and Sunday night. Sunday was her night.

    She got gifts, and I got gifts, and I showed her my gifts and she had the same gifts. Maybe a bit different, not exactly the same earrings, but same shop, and price point. Including the birthday studs. And then we went through the activities, baby, baby activities, we could recite to each other how he made love to us. What he liked and did and what he never did. And what his thing is, holding us down and getting on our back, and grind into us, and flat on our stomach get himself in us. He dose this with both of us.

    My weakness is that I sat there and talked with her for several hours, we sat and talked and we decided that we had a man to keep and it was better if we cooperated and that way there would be no hurt feelings. We didn't want anything a secret between us. We wanted it all out in the open. If I needed to find him I could call her and she would put him on the phone, if he needed to find me he could call her and she would know where I was. We would agree on the dates, and we would agree on any changes. We also agreed that there would be no open dates, either he was here or he was there. No separate apartment for him, he had two homes. Or there was nothing for him. We had to be strong on that, we could share, but we would not share beyond the two of us.

    He complains that he is tied down. Fine. He should, he is tied down. Together we are strong enough to tie him down.

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    Straight Male / 33

    I'm a master of hiding when I am going to cum to surprise the lucky lady who has my cock in her mouth.

    If you ever say those words "not in my mouth" that pretty much guarantees you'll get a mouthful.

    It's not a good way to get 2nds, but who cares, there is no shortage of women willing to suck cock. There is nothing hotter than a woman who doesn't want seed in her mouth, getting a few surprise spurts!

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    Straight Female / 28

    I recently ended my 4 year relationship with my recent ex because of his ever growing knickerless obsession, my ex had this idea to spice up our sex life his idea was we go out clubbing and I would go knickerless so I decided too give it a try. It was fun at first I would dance with other guys in the dance floor with them being completely obvious to me being commando, me and my bf would go back and have great sex and I told him it was good but I'm not going to keep doing it. He told me okay but soon started asking again I made a deal with him and I said I would do it once every few week for him and he seemed happy at first and now the but... He started getting more demanding he told me it would be a big turn on if I went into work without any on I told him no but he was a persistent asshole and would keep asking every other day... like "it would be so sexy if you did the school run knickerless" or "we should go shopping and you should go knickerless" all I would hear from this asshole is fucking "knickerless" every conversation about going out would go down this same path.

    So I was out last month over Christmas and new years eve and met a hot coloured guy while going knickerless just to shut my asshole ex up! me and his hot guy we disappeared and I told this him I was commando and he ended up licking me out behind the club, anyway we exchanged numbers and a week later I dumped my ex and started dating this guy I met. My ex could not believe it and told he had enough of his knicker fetish and basically told him just to shut the fuck up and piss off. Well few week ago I went out with this guy and decided fuck it I would go without knickers and post something on my Facebook wall so only my ex could see I posted a picture with the new guy I met and mentioned I was knickerless... My ex went mental that night sent me a tone of text messages and tried to comment on my post but had restricted his comments, the next day after I posted my wind-up post and I knew my ex would be reading all the comment from other guys and my friend (who I allowed to see the post) I kicked my ex off my facebook and had him sending more texts, How I plan to drag this out then block his whining hahaha serves you right asshole.

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    Straight Female / 27

    This might not be the right place to post this but it's an event in my life that some might find interesting. When I started college I moved to a small town not far from a large city and the place had a two man police department, one supermarket that was not terribly super, no hospital, and only the College nearby.

    I had moved into a small rented house that had plenty of need for maintenance and I saw my work cut out. One day while working in my yard on a Saturday, a tall man, roughly 6'3" came by and introduced himself as Mark. He said he "ran the neighborhood" and women he chose would be his to use in any way he wanted. I laughed and said, "If you are being serious you need plenty of mental help."

    He said he "Has all the help he needed and one of the policemen in town is his cousin who supported him in anything he did." He explained that he was using the young women in the town, for sex, whenever he needed them. These are not the exact words but the best my memory can recall. It felt like a big joke to me, but alarmed me.

    I phoned my brother, Jim, about it. He lived about 350 miles away and after he heard what I told him he said he would drive in to visit me for a brief time. My brother had spent four years in the military, mostly in Japan, where he had studied Aikido. I knew little about it but knew that he was gifted at it and when he returned to the U.S. continued to study it and began to teach it at the request of his own teacher.

    After Jim arrived he said that he wanted to see Mark and instruct him on his future behavior. It did not take long but we found out where Mark lived and went to his home. There were a couple of odd looking people there. Mark recognized me when he opened his door and I said, "I want to introduce my brother, Jim, to you."

    Jim was not small man but shorter than Mark, about three inches. Jim walked around Mark and said, "Susan told me what you said to her and I came to inform you that as an answer to your insolence toward her, you will now experience some pain. This pain will be mild, but if you show aggression toward me the pain will increase. Then Jim turned toward me and said, "This man is not a fighter at all but a feeble man who has used his towering height to intimidate others. This man is actually a coward." Pissed, Mark said, "I'll show you coward" and made the mistake of lunging toward Jim.

    With a few light hand movements, Jim threw Mark to the floor. There was a loud thud and groan. Mark, puzzled and angry, got up and moved toward Jim again and this time, Jim fell to one knee and tossed Mark right over his head. It was weird seeing a 230 lb, 6'3" man spinning in the air. This time, Mark was injured. However, he quickly learned to not attempt to threaten Jim in any way. The people who were at Mark's left and then Jim instructed Mark to maintain a distance from me as long as I lived in that town. Jim said, "If I hear that you have erred in any way, I will be back with lessons for you that you will carry for the balance of your life."

    As it turned out, Mark was a bully but not altogether stupid. He kept his distance for the few years I lived in the little town. All in all, I was glad to get out of the place. Tiny towns are not for me. There's always one or two complete assholes making a mess.

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    Straight Male / 39

    Due to my job there's never any set time I can get home, especially if we get an emergency. One day I had called home announcing that I would have to come late, around two or three hours. Half hour later I was told the
    situation had been cleared so I was free to leave for the day.

    I had the habit of entering my house in the back door where the sidewalk is raised several feet due to the terrain. From the sidewalk one can see the part of the kitchen through a high window. One cannot see out of the window but easily inside from the sidewalk. Glancing in the window I saw my wife, Tess, bent over the kitchen table as my neighbor, Stan, was helping himself, banging Tess doggy style. I felt humiliated and pissed. I hopped to the side of the sidewalk, went back to my car than waited half an hour. By that time it was dusk and sitting across the street inside my car, slouched down, I saw Stan rapidly tip-toeing it out my front door.

    Walking back and using the back door, I saw Tess cleaning up the kitchen, She had not cooked because she had no idea when I would return. I said, "Let's go out and have a light dinner." She agreed and explained that she wanted to shower first. This was unusual but I said nothing.

    Two weeks later on a Sunday I ran into Fran, Stan's wife, at the drug store and asked her to have some coffee with me, I then told her exactly what I had seen. She said, "Well, that's too bad but Stan is a known pig with women and grabs off as much as he can. Mostly, he ignores me and I stopped giving him blow jobs because I don't know who or what he has been doing lately. Do you find me attractive? I find you attractive."

    Before I could answer, she said, "Wanna fuck up a storm with me?" I finally took a good up and down look at Fran and for the first time was glad I had seen Stan fucking Tess. That was a year ago and Fran and I are still at it whenever we get the chance, a number of times during the week. We do it a lot in her car since she often comes to my office for nooners. There's a university near my office and we always go to the largest parking lot, park in the middle of the lot buried in cars, where we fuck madly, like crazed mice, usually in the back seat. It takes her no time to climb on top of me and ride since she never wears anything under her skirts for our nooners.

    Than k you, Stan and Tess.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I have to get this off my chest and trust anyone in my life with this info about me.
    I have a high sex drive and I went out to the clubs tonight looking for a barslut to bring home since I hadn't had sex since right after my divorce but by the time we left there were no available straight females at the last three bars we hit and I was frustrated that I didn't get to talk to any single ladies all night. I was standing out in the parking lot of the bar and saw a woman walking unbalanced and staggering drunk down 4th toward the bar. She was alone and on the next block down she dipped into the alley. I had a strong urge to go see what was in the alley and found myself walking across the street and continued to the middle of the block where an alleyway cut the block in half. I stopped and looked up the alley and spotted her immediately she was squatting next to a dumpster and either just peed or was trying to I observed by the lack of urine coming out of her. She was looking down but her head snapped up and her face was wide eyed with surprised confusion as her eyes couldn't focus when her brain was swimming in alcohol.
    Now that drunk woman is passed out in my bed and it's tempting to r**e her then drop her off in a park to sleep it off.
    Nobody knows she is here and her cell phone is dead, so if I decided to r**e her i was gonna make it worth the prison time so the drunk bitch was gonna to get r**ed multiple times just by me if I don't keep her for my fucktoy- she looks like she could handle a train being run on her by the size of her big meaty c**t.
    Should i invite a couple friends over to tag team the drunk skank with me-brutally fist her c**t til she begs me to stop. I am almost worked up and horny enough to sexually abuse a woman....

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    Straight Male / 19

    I discovered my Sisters Secret Photos
    I have the most annoying sister, she has always been mean to me, and embarrasses me at every opportunity by flirting with my friends whenever they come to the house. She rarely gets dressed until after lunch and deliberately walks around the house in short robe. She knows they are looking but likes the attention and often teases them by letting it fall open slightly to give them a quick flash of her boobs.
    My sister often had boys up in her room when our parents were out. It would get me hard thinking about what they might be doing and sometimes I could hear them fucking through my wall. The other day, when she was in the bath I managed to guess her password and got into my sisterâs phone where I saw photos of her posing naked with her boyfriend and as I flicked through the photos there was one with her naked with his buddies. There was also video of her sucking his cock, where she let him cum on her face. I quickly copied them all to my laptop in the hope that I could use them to persuade her to this with me the next time we are alone in the house in return for my silence. She is scared of our Dad, so I know she will do it.
    The chance came sooner than I thought. It was my parentâs anniversary coming up at the weekend and they announced that they would be away. Things could not have worked out better as my sisterâs boyfriend was also away on a course, so she would be home alone with me. I told her that I was having a couple of friends around to watch a movie. I donât think she would have been as happy if she knew it was a movie of her. When the night came, we got everything set up downstairs and I called down from her room.
    âWhat do you want, I have just come out of the showerâ, She replied.
    âItâs important I need to show you somethingâ.
    We heard her coming down the stairs and I started the movie playing.
    You should have seen the look on her face when she saw herself on the screen, sucking away on her boyfriendâs cock.
    âWhere the hell did you get thatâ, she screamed at me.
    I calmly told her that she had better come and sit down and do as I said if she didn't want dad to see it.
    She nervously did as I said, sitting on the sofa in between my two friends.
    âWhat do I have to do to get it backâ, she asked.

    âLook if you delete the file and promise not to tell anyone, I will give one of your friends a hand jobâ

    She looked at each of us waiting for a response.
    âNice offer, but you will need to do much better than thatâ, I replied.

    âYou can start by getting naked and showing us those cute titsâ

    We all sat there staring and stroking our cocks as she slowly undressed right there in front of us, then for the full two days we fucked her in every hole. I canât believe how much cum she swallowed

    "Switch now I want to try her mouth," I heard my friend say as he scrambled to her mouth.

    "No please I can't take no more. Please don't make me swallow any more cum," she pleaded with me.

    "Open your mouth like a good little slut, he needs to shoot his load. Now open wide for him," I told her as I yanked her hair.

    As soon as her mouth opened my friend shoved his dick into it. He held her head in a vice like grip and began pumping into her face. My other friend was behind her and shoved his cock into her hole. I pulled back her head so she could look into the boyâs eyes as he filled her mouth with his load. He let out several very loud grunts and groans as he dumped his cum into my sister. Some of it dribbled onto her chin as she tried to swallow the massive load.

    "Next!" I called as he returned to his beer.
    Quickly they exchanged positions and again I watched as another load was dumped into my sister's mouth. She sucked and gagged on his cock as she swallowed his cum, milking his dick of every last drop. I stood behind her watching her swallow cum and spanked her firm round ass .

    "Turn around and look at me you cock sucking slut," I ordered her.

    She began to look over her shoulder and was going to wipe the cum off her lips.

    "No leave that cum on your face. It makes me hard? Can you see my cock?" I asked.

    "Yes, I can see your dick," my sister answered looking back at stiff cock.

    I spank her ass and put the head at the entrance to her pussy.

    "I'm going to shove my fat dick into your pussy right here in front of everyone. You want that?" I ask her.
    âCome on slut, say it into the cameraâ.
    Who would have thought that my annoying sister could become such a porn star?

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    Straight Female / 24

    We married because I got pregnant, and not because I loved him. He was fun, he was a good guy to be around in some ways. And we used to have an okay time in bed too. After the birth of OUR daughter he began to change. He no longer wanted the type of sex I liked to have, telling me that was how HE liked to fuck sluts (Nice, thanks). But now I was his wife and we had a daughter, his and our sexual life had to "Rationalize". Or in other words become totally and utterly boring.
    In November (Eighteen months after our marriage) I had a chat to his father Robert (Robby) about our "Rationalization" of sex, and I watched my father in law laugh. He told me straight out his son was still fucking sluts every week and see's me as his "Homebird". The mother of HIS child and someone to take care of HIS home.
    Without any hesitation and in anger I suppose, I offered myself to Robby. His response was to give me the sexual time of my life over a three hour period. Making me orgasm in many different and wonderful ways from oral, vaginal and anal stimulation, that I actually lost myself fully in his expert sexual charms. Robby is fifty one years old. Yet he knows more about sex and how to pleasure a woman, than his son will ever learn in ten lifetimes.
    Afterwards and I was very open about us fucking, I asked Robby why he'd cheated on his son, as he knew my reason. My father in law said "Because I don't want to lose my grandchild". We chatted for a long time about his son and me and why I wasn't going to move away from our area, but I resolved I was going to end our short marriage and move out.
    I haven't yet finished our marriage. That will take place in early January. I have denied my husband any sex since his father told me he's fucking other women, but I have carried on having sex with Robby. To which he's more than happy with me setting up home alone and finishing with his, in his words "Cretin of a son".
    My new fully decorated, fully furnished apartment will be ready on the eighth of January, and by then everything will be in place for myself and my daughter to move away from my husband (He will be in our capital for three days). He can have HIS home and he can have HIS sluts, but he's not having HIS "Homebird" or HIS daughter living with him, as he enjoys extra marital sex.
    My soon to be ex husband will also learn on or around the eighth, that his father has paid for, and signed over to me alone, my new apartment out of HIS inheritance.
    Robby will continue to see his beautiful granddaughter, and he will if he wants it, still get to fuck me as much as he wants to. That was part of the deal I proposed, and one I know will absolutely piss my husband off. As for him I only found out this morning, the reason for my husband's business trip to our nations capital, is so he and a friend can meet up with, and fuck two sluts they've been fucking for two months.
    Time to move on with my life, but also time to let my husband know HIS way, isn't the only way.

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    Straight Male / 30

    A female family member and I had sex just recently. No it wasn't my mom or sister, nothing that perverse. I was visiting Julie and her husband for a family reunion, they had a spare bedroom to save me on hotel expenses.

    I went to bed about 11pm and I was sound asleep in minutes, the long travel day had worn me out. At some point I was awakened by someone on the bed moving around, with only a street lamp from the street I could see a person on my bed pulling something over their head.

    I sat up and a hand was on my mouth, I hear the female voice say "shhhhhh" quietly. It's Julie's voice. Before I can ask what she is doing, her mouth is on mine and she is pushing me back onto the bed.

    She's on top now, her tongue down my throat and Julie slides her hand around my cock. I feel myself get hard and when I'm fully erect, Julie mounts me and rides my cock. Slowly at first and then faster, her hips thrusting downwards. Her nails claw my bare chest as she starts to climax.

    Once Julie cums, she pulls me off the bed onto the thick carpet of the bedroom. She doesn't speak, she just lets me know it's my turn to be on top. I spread her legs and I enter Julie once again, she soaking wet and it turns me on to feel her so wet.

    I fuck her slowly, Julie pulls me down to kiss her as we fuck. By now I want to slam fuck her but I can't take the chance of making too much noise. Julie moans quietly, her breathing lets me know she is going to cum again soon.

    It takes all of my will to hold back when I finally release my hot load inside of her wet pussy. Julie lays under me as I pump my seed into her, her nails digging into my bare shoulders as I cum inside of her pussy.

    We lay there in the darkness on the thick carpet, both of us breathing hard and my knees are screaming from first degree carpet burns. Julie kisses me again deeply for several minutes before she lets me know she had to go back to her bedroom. She finds her short nightgown and slips it over her head, she kisses me once more as she disappears down the dark hallway to her bedroom.

    The next morning I woke to feel the sting on my knee's, they are still bright red from the carpet burn. I go to shower and I see Julie's nails marks on my shoulders, the ones on my back I would feel when the hot water hit them.

    At breakfast I sat with Julie and her husband at the table. Whenever her husband was looking Julie gave me the "look and smile." Honestly I felt bad, I never fucked any woman that I knew was married until now.

    Later when Julie's husband went to the store she told me if I was feeling guilty about last night, I could put that aside. It seems Julie's husband had been having an affair with a gal from his office and Julie found out about it.

    Julie and I had sex a few more times and that was it. I guess I was "revenge fuck" and once she felt she was even with her husband that was it. We still see each other at family get together's and sometimes we have a hot make out session when privacy permits. I admit I want to fuck her every time I see her...............

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    Straight Female / 34

    I have been married 5 years to my husband. Because of the small town we live in, the rumors of his infidelity got back to me. We still have sex regularly, but the passion has waned since my daughter's birth. It has taken almost a month of planning and much drinking to leave him, but I did just that this past weekend. And I did it in style.

    When I found out he had been sleeping with one of my best friends, I concocted a plan. He came home from an " errand" he had to run. I knew where he had been. I waited until we went to bed and started stroking him, telling him I was in the mood. I went down on him for a while, getting him almost hard and told him I had a surprise for him. I told him it would be an unforgettable night. I took off my nightshirt and started kissing him. Then, I told him to spread his arms and legs as I took a few sections of soft clothesline I had hidden and tied him to the bed. I started sucking him again as I tied him down and told him to watch me. I got up and turned on some mood music and started dancing for him the way a stripper might I kept playing with my breasts and rubbing my nipples. In the dim light, I could see was was hard, so I sat on the big chair in the room and in plain sight, I started playing with myself. He was asking my to come over to him, but I told him the evening had just started.

    I spread my legs onto the arms of the chair, wet my fingers and started fingering myself. He was squirming, and I reached under the chair and pulled out a large rubber dildo. It was much larger than his cock, so I applied some lube and started rubbing it against my kitty. Soon, I started working it in. As I pushed deeper, I started talking dirty to him ( for the first time). Asking him if I was turning him on, if he wanted to fuck my pussy? I started pushing it all the way in, telling him how wet I was and how I wanted to cum. He kept begging me to come fuck, so I told him I wasn't ready for him yet.

    I went over and straddled his face, spreading my lips and teasing him as I just brushed them against his lips. His tongue kept trying to lick me, and I kept moving away. Then I sat on his face. I started smothering him as I ground against his node with my clit. While he was busy, I clicked on the TV.

    I got up and he turned his head to see his faithful wife, the mother of his daughter, fucking a very well endowed young man.

    A taste of his own medicine. As I was getting dressed, and going to get my daughter, he was watching as I rode one of the local teens who was enormous.

    My husband was screaming, and fighting the ropes. He was calling me all sorts of names. I asked him how Melody was, told him I knew all about them. I disconnected my phone from the tv and left him there.

    My daughter and I are several states away, looking forward to our new lives.

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