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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Female / 31

    My husband has a gambling problem and tends to bet big when he is probably going to lose. Well, a few days ago, he had his buddies over for poker and got carried away.

    Before long, they all got drunk and they all started making wild jokes and bets. Then my husband bet that his friend could have sex with me while he watched if he won the game.

    I was angry with him for making such a bet and as he brushed off my anger it only made me even more upset with him. As the game progressed rapidly I determined myself to hold him true on his bet when he did lose as I knew he would. If he was going to be an idiotic asshole, then he was going to have to deal with the consequences.

    As I knew he would, my husband lost the game and lost his bet. Of course he tried to get out of his bet by claiming it was just a joke but I told him if he wasn't going to pay his debts then I would. And I unzipped his friend's pants and pulled out his cock. It was already growing to an impressive size and soon proved to be difficult for me to get the whole thing into my mouth and throat.

    My husband watched it mindlessly. He was so shocke and drunk he didn't even get out of his chair the whole time.

    For almost half an hour, his friend pounder his cock into my pussy again and again making me moan and squeal.

    When it was all over and his friend's cum dripped off my chin, I leaned over real close to his face so he could smell it, and told him his gambling problem had finally paid off for one of us.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My ex-boyfriend cheated on me with this other woman who I have known for a long time but never liked. She was full of herself and thought she was the greatest. She was from a rich family and basically got everything she wanted without having to work for it. My boyfriend and her began to be a couple and he basically cheated on me because she bought him gifts and continued to do so. It seemed to be her only way of getting a guy. One day I unexpectedly saw them when I was in a liquor store and there was some words exchanged between us. She insulted me and my ex-boyfriend didn't say anything while we were exchanging words. I knew she liked to drink and was a bit competitive, and didn't like to lose, so I challenged her to a drinking contest. She accepted without hesitation and we made some rules. She and my ex-boyfriend would both drink as a team and all three of us would have to keep up with each other. If I had one drink the both of them would have to have a drink each. She choose wine as her drink and I choose Vodka while my ex-boyfriend choose Jack Daniels. I choose Vodka because my ex-boyfriend couldn't handle the taste or smell of it after he got really sick on it one night and figured it would give me an advantage. He also doesn't drink much so I figured it would be easy to win since they were working as a team. The rules were once they both finished their drinks I would have 5 minutes to finish mine and if I finished first then the both of them would have 5 minutes to finish theirs. I couldn't believe it when she wanted to add another component which was a penalty if you missed the 5 minute limit and it was to remove a piece of clothing. If one of them failed both would be hit with the penalty. I don't think she truly knew how bad a drinker my ex-boyfriend was so I agreed. It was decided we were going to do this right away at his place so we bought enough liquor and wine to do it.

    We got to his place and I opened my Vodka and waved the bottle under their noses asking if they wanted some of it. My ex-boyfriend didn't like getting a smell of it and wanted it kept away from him. She didn't like the smell much and said she would stick with wine. Me and my ex-boyfriend were doing shots of our liquor and she was doing the equivalent in wine. I did 3 quick shots of Vodka and they were very shocked and surprised. They managed to keep up with me but I could tell they thought they may not fare well as they told me to slow down and enjoy it. I would like to mention that I could easily have chugged the whole bottle of Vodka because little did they know I did a bit of a switch. When the 2 of them went to go look for a cork screw to open the wine I went into the bathroom and poured out the Vodka and replaced it with water. They cheated on me so I figured it was only fair I could cheat too. I did another couple of quick shots and they followed. My ex-boyfriend couldn't handle it and they got a 5 minute penalty which means they each had to remove a piece of clothing. I took it a bit easier on them but my ex-boyfriend was such a non-drinker he was already slurring his word and passing out. I asked his girlfriend if she wanted just us to do it one on one now. She agreed but I insisted she strip him naked which she had no problem doing. There he was naked and we were continuing our drinking. I picked up the pace and she was having difficulty keeping up and was soon down to her bra and panties. She began to say this was ridiculous and we should stop. I replied we could stop if took her bra and panties off and admits I am the winner. She was too stubborn to admit defeat and said she was either going to win or lose trying. She did eventually lose and trying to rub in that the two of them were a couple she began to do sexual stuff to my ex-boyfriend in front of me. It took a while but she finally got him hard and was fucking him. I don't think she realized but I had pulled out my phone and was recording them nude and everything that she was doing. She eventually passed out and I left.

    She contacts me the next day and try's to rub in fucking my ex-boyfriend in front of me and tries to say the image of them together will be stuck in my head forever. I told her it might and if it doesn't I can always look at the video I took. This got her attention as she demanded I delete it and show no one. I told her I wanted the image of them fucking not to only be stuck in my mind but in the minds of everyone. I wasn't planning to do anything with the video but when she called me a "CUNT" I didn't take that lightly and made it my mission to show it to anyone and everyone who wanted to see it. My ex-boyfriend called me and begged me to stop but all I did was hang up on him.

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    Straight Female / 43

    people think I should be grateful for just having the most basic things like a mother but I can't have romance my mother or father, they can't marry and have sex and romance with me or bare me children with them. I want a husband and children. I am sick of hearing "if I were I would be happy just studying" yet they want more and do more. or "if I were you I would be grateful to have my mother alive" well I am but I was expecting a husband and children of my own by now. and who will be there to comfort me when she dies? does anyone care about that?

    karen has been the worst at doing this to me, she is my brothers strange wife and she is brutally abusive towards me, my sister and parents and I am sick of her and my brothers mental illness and abuse.

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    Straight Female / 41

    my mother is a lazy dull minded weirdo. copying her daughters stealing their lives away has to be so sick. and what she hasn't dad has or a sibling full of shit. anyway, she comments about everyone else losing their marbles but she is so lazy and dull headed its like she lives in a fantasy world all of her own. deaf and selfish. I swear they get worse as they get older. all she wants to do is copy me, shop for clothing. go gyming, doctors. run around with her camera and holidays but never allows me to dream to too high or aim for better then her pitiful. my advice to all kids is leave home as early as you can and lie even to get away from parents. I didn't even need to make a lie, they allowed me to be m****ted as a kid but I was too ugly to be cared for by a guy, how I wish I had been a sweet foward pretty teen ready to go find a hot cute sugar daddy to blow. I should have been wiser after m****tation but to be honest sex has always sickened me. I wish it didn't. I wish I was thin and had a brand new house of my own to move to where no lazy dumb mother could tell me what to do ever again. I could pass for a 20 year old again as soon as I lose some weight.

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    Straight Female / 45

    I divorced my husband about 10 years because he was an alcoholic. Most of his family thought I was a bitch because I dumped their brother when he needed support. Well at some point my husband had to help himself, he wasn't willing to do that. According to him I was the one with the problem not him.

    My husband had one brother that didn't hate me like the other family members. He could admit that his brother had a problem and wasn't blaming me for the breakup. Every so often we would meet and have lunch and catch up on what was going on. I always liked Steve a lot, he was relaxed and didn't have to get drunk to have a good time unlike his brother and the rest of his family.

    Steve moved away but we still talked on the phone fairly frequently. About two years later I started dating another guy and we got married about Six months later. Two years later my ex husband passed away because of alcohol. I called Steve to let him know about his brother and he flew back for the funeral.

    Even though it was a sad time, it was so wonderful to see Steve once again. I picked him up at the airport and gave him a big hug and even kissed him on the lips, which Steve seemed to enjoy even though my red lipstick was on his mouth.

    Steve stayed with me and my husband Jeff during the funeral, I didn't want to admit I was sad to see him go back home. I dropped him off at the airport and kissed him again, this time I let my lips linger on his as we said our goodbye's.

    About six months later I got an unexpected surprise. Steve called to say he was going to take a vacation and he was going to come back for week. Steve had a hotel reserved already but I told him to cancel the reservation. Steve argued but he knew me well enough I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I told him I needed him at the house so we could just relax and talk, but I didn't go into details.

    When Steve arrived at the house it was all I could do not to jump into his arms as he got out of his rental car. Had it not been for my husband Jeff standing behind me, I may have been very forward. I still hugged Steve tightly and kissed him quickly on his mouth, I could see Steve felt a bit awkward but it didn't bother me one bit.

    We had dinner that evening and sat out on the veranda until late evening. Jeff lost interest in Steve and I's reunion two hours earlier, I was glad he left to go inside and watch tv. I wanted to tell Steve a lot of things that had happened in the past year but I just couldn't right now.

    It was almost midnight when we called it a day. I know Steve was tired from his trip but my mind seemed to be filled with thoughts I shouldn't be having. By the time I showered and changed into my nightgown my husband was already snoring as usual. I crawled into bed and lay there wide awake listening to my husband cut trees.

    About 30mins later I got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of juice. I stood in the darkness looking out the kitchen window, my mind not letting go of my thoughts. I sat the empty glass into the sink and made my way back to my bedroom. I walked into the living room and stopped. If I walked across the living room it would take me down the hallway to my bedroom, if I turned right I would end up at the door of the spare bedroom where Steve was.

    I opened the bedroom door, being as quiet as possible. I slid the satin robe from my shoulders and let it hit the floor in silence. I climbed on the bed gently and snuggled up against Steve's warm body. Steve jumped as I put my arm over him, he turned over onto his back and I climbed on top of him and put my mouth on his.

    I pushed my tongue into his mouth and Steve didn't resist. In the pitch dark of the bedroom we kissed like lovers. His arms went around me, pulling my body down against his. I was wet already as I felt his cock growing. His hand went behind my neck, his Tongue forcing it's way deeper in my mouth. My hips began to grind against his hardness.

    In the darkness we became lovers, Steve used his mouth and hands freely all over my body. I pulled my mouth away and sat up astride him. I pulled my nightgown over my head and tossed it to the floor. I lay down on him again, my exposed breasts rested against his bare chest as we kissed feverishly.

    I pulled away and slid off to his side. My hand under the sheet and I found his hardness in the darkness. I rubbed his cock and pulled down his underwear to expose his erection. I slid down and put his hard cock into my mouth. I felt Steve's body tense as I took his throbbing cock into my mouth. Steve moaned softly as I sucked his cock. I can't explain how wonderful it felt to have his cock in my mouth. Within minutes I could taste his precum and it just made me wetter.

    Steve's hands were on me, he sat up and put his hand on my breast as I sucked his cock. My nipples were rock hard in moments, I hadn't been this aroused in many years. I sucked him harder and faster, all the while my husband was sound asleep. Steve pinched my nipples and I wanted to moan with pleasure.

    I couldn't take it another moment and I pulled my mouth away and straddled Steve once more in the darkness. I rose up on my knee's and took Steve's hard cock in my hand, guiding his hardness into my wet pussy. I sank down on his cock, taking all of his hardness with a single thrust. Steve put his hands on my hips as I began to ride his cock.

    I wanted to scream with pleasure, it had been too long since I had felt this good with any man. I rode Steve's cock, I came three times. I was biting my lip so I would cry out with intense pleasure.

    Suddenly, Steve was pushing me onto the bed and flipping me onto my back. I spread my legs for him in the darkness. He entered me a moment later, once again he buried his hard cock with a single thrust into my pussy. His tongue pushed deeply into my mouth, his cock pushed deeply into my pussy. I clawed his back as Steve fucked me slowly,taking his time, making me suffer deliciously.

    My mouth was wide open but thankfully no sound escaped. Oh god, Steve began to fuck me a bit faster and a bit harder. My nails dug into his back and shoulders, his mouth was on my neck and I was cumming all over his throbbing cock. I held onto him for dear life. Suddenly he was pulling me up and with his cock still inside of me, somehow we were off the bed and he was laying me on the thick carpet on the floor.

    Steve fucked me like I had always dreamed about. Steve's, hands and mouth made me crazy with desire. His cock thrust into my soaking wet pussy and he bit my hard nipples and kissed me without mercy. I came over and over and I wanted desperately wanted to scream with pleasure.

    He came down over me, his warm chest pressed down on my breasts, his mouth was close to my ear, he whispered he was going to cum. I came with Steve. I felt his cock pulsate inside my pussy, I felt his cum squirting inside of me. I bit his arm to keep myself from screaming as I came.

    He thrust into me until the last drops of his cum were spent inside of my pussy. We kissed again as our orgasms subsided. I didn't want him to pull out of me, his cock felt so damn good inside of me. When Steve finally pulled out, I found the strength to spin around and clean his semi hard cock. I wanted to taste our cum mixed together. Steve moaned softly as I licked his spent cock.

    I didn't want to leave the bedroom. I wanted us to climb onto the bed so I could snuggle with him and drift off to blissful sleep. I managed to stand and find my nightgown and robe in the darkness. We kissed each other again before I slipped out the bedroom down and back to my own bed.

    The next day I could tell Steve wanted to know why last night happened. Later in the day when my husband had an errand to run I told Steve everything. My husband was charged with sexual harassment about eight months earlier. The charges proved to be true and eventually he told me he had sex with the woman he worked with.

    So my husband lives without sex, at least from me. I told him he better find someone else to take care of him because I wasn't going to do it anymore. Honestly I'm not missing much, Jeff will never win any awards for sex.

    I went to Steve's bedroom each night while he was visiting. Each night seemed to get better if that was even possible. I couldn't get enough of him and I long to give him my body as often as he wants it.

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    Straight Female / 29

    My mother stood by the door and the man had sex with me.

    The next time I saw the man he was drunk and he fell asleep on my mother's bed. She came to sleep with me because he had vomited all over the bed.

    Two days later he came again and my mother watched as he had sex with me again.

    My mother lives with me now and she doesn't remember that man. I have sex in front of her and she gets angry with me. I do it because it makes her angry. I want her to watch, to watch when a man has sex with me. She says I am a Puta. I tell her she is angry because the man doesn't want to have sex with her.

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    Straight Female / 28

    My ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friends. It was a five year old relationship. And then they got married and it had been 2 years ever since. Although I moved to another city with a new job this was eating me up. Yes I did have hook ups and one night stands but then I could not forget what they did to me.
    It was destiny that I bumped into him a year back and he now stays in the same city for work, but not his wife as he had just shifted and looking for an apartment.
    We spoke and also went out for drinks that evening and ended up having sex that night (old flings never die).
    It has been 11 months since then and I am just returning a favour to that bitch by sleeping with her husband ever since. Karma is a bitch!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    When I was with my second husband we lived in a house owned by his family with them living all around us, his uncle across the street, his mom and brother next door and grandparents who owned everything up the street. I hated living there and all of those people.

    It got so bad that to get back at my husband for making us move there,I started to have sex with his uncle, brother and a family friend who worked for their grandparents. There was about a three week period I had sex with one or all of them every day I was left alone for any amount of time! I wasnt attracted to any of them but loved letting them fuck me cause I knew my husband would hate it if he found out. I kept letting the uncle fuck me for a couple of months until we moved.

    After we divorced I had the pleasure of telling him all of the details and watching him explode! He still wont talk to his uncle and its been ten years.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Ok so let me start out by saying i have an older brother who's 31 and me and him have always been really close. Like bestfriends but a few years ago he betrayed me by fucking a girl i was in love with and hid it from me for a year. Which ruined us. Fast forward to tonight when i was partying with him and his fiance. And he drank only liquor tonight which was a first so he wound up super drunk and passed out early. Well me and his chick kept drinking and chatting out in their garage which was hot as fuck so i took off my shirt and afew minutes later she took off her shirt to. Now I've seen her tits before so it didn't really phase me when her shirt came off and her tits were just hanging out. After awhile i joked saying i wish i could just be naked because it was so hot.

    She simply replied saying i could because she wouldn't tell if i wouldn't either. So i took off my pants sat naked next to her and we kept talking and joking... Eventually she asked she went to the restroom complaining about the temp in the house so i said well then get naked instantly ;she did and sat back down in her spot near me. As we kept talking the conversation - lead to me and her having a super serious convo where she se put her head on my shoulder and we kept talking she slowly started to pass out while we talked and i told her that if she feel asleep she was fair game. She didnt even open her eyes when i asked if i could fuck her and use her and she said of course j baby referring to my borther who already chrashed out. So i sat in slince for about 10 minutes until i heard her snoring. I started playing with her tits first then slowly down to her pussy to finger her. She didn't move at all so i stood up and opened her noutv qns face fudked her good for awhile. When i went to fuck her pussy i spread oped her lefs and pushed my cock against her and asked again if i could keep going and she mummbled yes so i pushed it all the way in and fucked for awhile. Till i came in her pussy. I was still hard so i pulled out and put it against her ass. Without lube i slowly shoved myself into her ass till i hit the base then pulled it out of her ass quickly and rammed it back down her throat for a bit till i went back to fucking her ass. I came in her ass anout three times then helped her to their bed and left.

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    Straight Female / 45

    masturbate and poop in the baby new mothers gift baskets would feel good and to put a voodoo curse on all those who touch it and use it and seeing a mother and baby cursed to a life of hell that I have been through now would make me feel so much better.

    I could use half of their products and put germs over everything like mothers with their babies do in shops and toilets etc with shitty nappies and their cumming vaginas from all the sex they get. making fun of their fat bodies and ugly babies and stealing the baskets for disadvantaged aged people who have never had any children at all to sell on the black market as the Curse basket.

    like its not like i would get a date or compliment for doing all this good work for others.

    the hide of these mothers and their spoilt vaginas and spoilt babies to expect me to help.

    women years ago never got this help, they were forced to have abortions and not loveable and dumped and pushed aside by men. so why should i help someone who has more in life then me!?

    if I did to them, could I force you to kiss my ass and poop as you love that ugly babies and smelly c**t kissed all the time and force them all to find me a man and stop these spoilt "little girlies" being so selfish.

    little pregnant married sex maniac girlies sicken me. I would love to see more men kick them up the bum on the street at night and in shops during the day, because they are spoilt little girlies playing pretty little pinky girlie dress crybaby girly femme fatale games that make most men sick one day.

    lets hope they all make each other so sick we never have to look at them again.

    once they are married and pregnant they should all be pushed out of jobs. and once the husband has a house and car - they should have their jobs taken from them for others who need the jobs more.

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