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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    So a few months ago I gave my neighbours struggling 18 year old son some money to pay off debts with the understanding that he'd pay me back once he was back on his feet.

    Having not paid me back & spending money on other quite public expenses I decided to confront him. I went next door & straight upstairs like his text advised to find him playing on a brand new games console. A flash of rage hit me & jumped on him shouting about the money.

    I pinned him to the ground & started rooting through his tracksuit trousers pockets, they were empty but I noticed a sizeable semi erect cock. Flipping him over I checked the back pocket finding it empty I sat on him & quizzed him as to how he was going to pay me back.

    Telling me he couldn't having spent all his money, in anger I thought, I'll teach him a lesson in responsibility. I pulled the back of his tracksuit bottoms down to find a pair of light blue briefs which I yanked up his ass exposing two tight teen ass cheeks, I started spanking & carried on until they were cherry red.

    Squirming free hell asked what I was doing & I explained taking my payment, I'd wipe the debt if for a week he'd do whatever he was told with no refusal. He agreed. Win!

    So his first task was to strip to those fitted light blue briefs. Standing there I could see the obvious bulge waiting to escape so after enjoying the view a little I had him remove the briefs. As the bulging, semi erect hairless cock sprung free I was amazed that the nerdy next door boy was so well equiped. I explored his naked frame with special attention on the cock, stripped naked & had him wank us both to climax.

    Exiting I told him to come round tomorrow for the first day of repayment. Naked gardening, housework & cooking was a fantastic sight & I even chose his underwear each morning.

    That was about a month ago now & I still get the morning choice & underwear picture message I wonder how I can work it to my advantage...

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    Straight Male / 25

    My girlfriend broke up with me at a party. An argument followed and she tried to hurt me further by hooking up with some other guys at the party. She was drinking far too much and was barely able to walk without assistance from one of the group. I noticed that the guy helping her was also copping a feel of her tits every chance he got and so were his friends. It was very clear that she wasn’t making any attempt to stop them; she knows how jealous I get, so I assume that this was for my benefit and that she was actually enjoying the attention.
    Sometime later a friend came over and told me that she was completely wasted after playing a series of drinking games with them and that everyone was trying to get in her pants.
    I tried to speak to her and get her to leave, but she just told me to mind my own business.
    It wasn't long before some of the older guys at the party got wind of her condition and quickly took control of the situation and I watched helplessly as she went upstairs with them
    She was really out of it and they started on her straight away. I still can picture her limp in their arms being laid down on the bed. They quickly took off her top and played with her tits. I could hear her protesting but not with any conviction. One of the guys pulled down his pants and pushed his hard dick towards her face. I saw her open her mouth and take him in. As he pumped his cock in her mouth the other started pulling down her shorts ready to work on her pussy. She saw me standing there in the doorway and just. I can’t believe that she was prepared to sacrifice her self-respect, just to hurt me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My long-term girlfriend had just finished buckling me into our horrendously expensive heavy-leather strait-jacket, with the latex lining, and was just knotting the draw-cords of the hood, tight around my neck, leaving me just the two tiny air-holes at my nostrils, plus the near-airtight nylon zipper across my mouth, presently tight shut, when the front doorbell chimed. If I'd been able to speak, I would have said 'ignore it' but left the bedroom, and closed the door. A minute later, I heard faintly, raised voices, followed by the slam of the front door. The voices came nearer, then the bedroom door burst open, and a harsh voice said "What the fuck??" and came closer. "Don't hurt him! He didn't know about you!" Emily cried, and I cringed, waiting for blows....she went on "I needed some control, some power, and this guy gave it to me! You were always so damned bossy! What are you doing out of prison anyway? I thought you had another year to go!" He snorted "Long story, WIFE!You do remember that, don't you? What's this fucker's story, anyhow?" She babbled, obviously terrified of this guy. "He..he likes to be tied up, and submissive! He helps with the bills! That's all it is, Rick, I swear!" He grunted, then said in a slightly milder tone "So you're not fucking him, huh babe? Just letting him help with the bills, huh? In return for what? This? Is that it?" She spoke hurriedly "That's all it is, honey, I swear! Just this and the bag!" Yawning, he said "Bag? What bag?" She answered in subservient tones "He's got this big ol' rubber-lined bag he likes to be tied up in - here I'll show you!" and I heard her open the closet. Rustling rubbery canvas sounds, and he said "Wow! You put him in that, huh? Does he really like it?" She snorted "Oh you have no idea! He rambles on about being made to stay in the bag - some kind of fantasy, I guess...." He yawned again, and said "Damn I'm tired! I'm gonna stuff him in this little closet, then you come to bed with me!" So saying he pulled me off the bed, and forced me into the little closet, stuffed full of her coats and other garments, and locked the door. Silence fell, and time passed in an agony of arousal, fear, in about equal amounts. This unseen guy had just got out of prison, and I knew what went on there! The odds were good he was going to make full use of me, and Emily, making up for lost time! I was half-terrified, half excited at the idea, especially if he decided to tie me up in the big rubberized canvas bag! I knew he would show no mercy, and a thrill ran through me at the prospect! I slumped down on the floor, and soon fell asleep myself.
    When I awoke, he was pulling me out of the closet, and still in the dark, he transferred me from the strait-jacket to the rubber-lined bag, effortlessly, with immense strength. I still never got a proper look at him! Emily showed him how it was usually tied, then I was on the bed, tied at the neck, waist and under my feet, now utterly unable to escape! They had long lazy sex, right beside me, and the sounds made me come erect, making a tent in the bag, tight under the lower zipper! Then it was open, and rough fingers grabbed me by the balls, and yanked the whole package outside, tightening the zipper round the roots. "Nice piece!" he sn****red, and effortlessly made me fully erect! "Tell you what, Em - we're gonna keep his ass, right here, and he can go on paying the bills, and since I love having my cock sucked, and you don't like that, well, that's a bonus! He looks happy enough, judging by this weapon, right here!" She giggled, and said dutifully "Whatever you say, Rick! It's so good to have you home!

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    Hello and bye

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    Straight Male / 52


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    Straight Female / 20

    After I broke up with my 25yo boyfriend I was so angry at him that I ended up having sex with his 30yo brother and its our little secret now

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I recently found out my wife had been cheating on me for the past year. So I wanted to pay her back for what she did to me. One night we were having drinks with friends and as the night came to an end I drugged her and she passed out. I got her naked and fucked her good and hard and she never woke. So I had a couple of her nephews come over and fuck her also. They were shoving their cocks in her mouth, fucking and eating her pussy and ass! I took pics of her and sent them to friends and my brother. I even put one on our sons phone. I knew he would jerk off in her panties and he already had a pic of her he had snuck off my phone. A couple of weeks later we did it again except this time our son fucked her along with some of the younger kids in the neighborhood. I even bent her over the bed and got our mixed mut to ram her.

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    Straight Female / 53

    ok, the year was 1984. i was waiting tables at a mexican restaraunt called el torito's who-song and larry's, stupid name i know, in santa clara ca. we had a lot of ethnic indian from india software engineers bring their families (grandpa, grandma, 8 kids) in for dinner. fuckers were the cheapest bastards, would act all snobby, make you run all night like they were your only table. they would demand that we keep the complimentary chips and salsa basket full, not order any drinks, drink only free water, split 5 entrees for 10 people, then not tip. we use to call them "Patels".

    one busy friday night i had a Patel table who were really getting on my last nerve. they had ordered the "sizzling chicken fajitas". that's a hot skillet, so hot that the chicken strips are still sizzling when you place the skillet on the table family style. its a real bitch to serve, as i had to carry the fucking thing through a crowded dining room on an oval tray held shoulder height, the glowing red hot skillet with its searing hot greasy chicken strips crackling, sputtering, frizzling and spitting their hot grease inches from my face. i'd had it. enough was enough. the Patels could go fuck themselves, grandma grandpa and all the kids too.

    i decided to take action. "hey Steve (my coworker)! check this out!" i sucked in and collected a huge green-yellow-brownish loogie from the back of my throat and hocked it right on the scorching hot skillet. it danced in the hot grease, sputtering and spraying mucous and phlegm strings as it boiled on the hot metal. revenge! REVENGE! HA HA HA! TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING PATELS!!! EAT MY SNOT! I GET THE LAST LAUGH, YOU FUCKS! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG WAITER! REVENGE IS MINE!

    steve bent over he was laughing so hard. "which table! which table is that?"
    "table 51. the Patels. ooh,i got something special just for them, i do, those cheap fucks making me run all night."

    i carried it out to them, placing it in the center of the table with a flourish. "enjoy!" i said with a grin.

    oh, we laughed and laughed, steve and i, watching those cheap fucks eat my slimy filthy phlegm, those fuckers.
    "how's everything over here? everything good? how's those fajitas, good aren't they?" oh yeah, theyre good, you cheap free chip and salsa with a glass of water eating sons of bitches. fuck you.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I have been debating with myself for quite some time whether I should put in writing what went on. Only one person knows about this, another woman, my friend from work. She is black, she calls every black guy she has sex with a n****r. She says that black guys become n****rs when they fuck. She told me that black women become bitches when they get fucked. And if some n****r is fucking them day in and day out, then they are full time bitches, and that's why you meet so many black bitches. That is what she says, she is 36 just like me, and she is married and calls her husband a n****r and she will tell you she is a bitch.

    I am 36. I went out with a white guy. He has a business repairing commercial garage door openers. When he fucked me he beat me up. Not a little either. I had to call my friend to come over and help me. She said he was a white n****r for beating me up. That if I didn't want to get beat up I had to learn how to be a bitch, with a capital B. She told me that I should try a black man. I had to learn to defend myself and having a black man fuck me would teach me how to be a bitch and put a white man in his place. No self respecting black bitch lets a black n****r beat her up.

    The man who fucked me was a real n****r. He liked white women, and he liked white pussy, and when he fucked he destroyed what he fucked. I held his black dick in my hand, trying to keep it from going into my pussy, his dick was strong and he fucked me. My friend told me that I was weak, a weak white pussy, and every black n****r that wanted to could fuck me. If I didn't want to end up with some n****r's kid, I should stay away from black men and take whatever is dished out by a white guy, because I was never going to be a bitch.

    I went out again with the guy who beat me up. I told him that he wasn't going to get any pussy if he hit me again. I told him that if he hit me I was going to bite his dick, that he didn't know that I could be a bitch. He caught me off guard once, but it won't happen again. I wanted his dick, and he wanted my pussy and that should be how were going to get along. I don't know if he knows what a black bitch is like, and much less what a black bitch with a capital B is like, but I told him I was going to be a bitch and I was going to bite his white dick. We fucked and fucked, fucked and fucked. He didn't hit me, and when I get his dick and put my lips around it, I put my teeth on his dick and grind down a little to let him know I will bite his dick if he hits me again.

    That's what went on.

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    Hello and bye

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