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You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!
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    Straight Male / 46

    I dropped a story under Revenge yesterday. It's the one where I slam my cock in my wife's ass for nagging to much.

    Fast forward 5 hours, both of us are drunk, and getting ready for bed.
    Time for round 2, plan b.

    I've got a semi as I watch her undress, ask her if she wants a fuck, "not up the ass." She replays.
    I come around and push her to the bed, lift up her legs and lick her pussy like a starving man.

    The slight sent of Ass and KY hits my nose, my cock gets harder. Her slit now tastes of pussy, nice and moist. I climb back up and head to my dresser, I pull out my cock extender, aptly named the Crystal Bullying. This sleeve adds over two inches of length, and a little over one a half of girth. She sees this as I turn around and her smile disappears, she knows she fucked up.

    I lube up the tip, and run some down the shaft. I push her back further on the bed and spread her legs apart.

    I slowly rub her glistening slit with the head of the sleeve, and work in into her. She moans, as the head and first two inches slide in.

    Now, I don't have a Porn Star cock, but I'm bigger than the average cock, I am especially proud of the head of my cock, bigger than the shaft, but not to big. I have always though that's why the women like anal from me, once the head of my cock squeezes by their tight ring piece, it's A snug fit, but better than the initial entry.

    Anyway I bring this up because the sleeve is cock head, skinnies up, the bulges out a bit where my cock head is, then slowly tapers out to a vagina stretching base.

    So I'm work my strokes slowly getting deeper, her moans turn to concern and she says "this is not comfortable." I reply " do you want it up your ass!" She shuts up.

    I start to stroke harder, I'm not all the way down yet, her moans turn to ughs and ows, deep breaths and eyes squeezed shut. I slam my cock to the base and she yells out a ahhh!

    I pull her legs toward my and I start to slam that pussy, each yelp of pain driving me more and more to keep hitting the base.

    I slow down and withdraw to the tip of the sleave and slow down, her gasps go quieter, I can hear the relief and see her body relax. She thinks I came, she starts to open her eyes, when I start again, this time long strokes. Tip to base, she's vocalizing worry, surprise, being stretched out, each breath ending in an ugh, as my thick base hits home.

    I can see slight tears in the corner of her eyes, as my strokes increase.
    After my revenge fuck of her asshole earlier in the evening, she knows she deserves to be treated like this.

    Finally after listening to her yelp and yelling ow, her sharp intakes of breath as I plunge into her waiting slipery stretched pussy. I blow my load, to my surprise it's a big one, especially after shooting large wads of cum up her shit pipe earlier.
    Each wave I make sure I'm in as deep as I can be, I take my time withdrawing, I can hear her like a deflating tire, as I withdraw from her over stretched pussy, the relief of not having this Crystal Bullying in her. Once again I get up and head to the shower, leaving her to recover from this lesson.

    Three things:
    1) she did stop nagging for awhile.
    2) later that week I dove into that pussy for some romantic sex, and it was tight as ever!
    3) She's starting up nagging again, but with a long weekend coming up, I think she may see the "point" of my argument!

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    Straight Male / 46

    Well lately the wife has been riding me at night while I'm trying to watch TV. Nope, not THAT type of riding, and I figured I had had about enough.

    So that weekend she had dropped off the kids at her Moms house, and just got home.
    I looked at her a said, "prepare your asshole" and proceeded to strip her down. I put some porn on for her to watch, and stripped down my self, bending her over the foot stool and burying my face between her Ass cheeks. This was more for me, than her, my cock finished getting hard right there. Her Ass cheeks pressing against my cheeks, kissing her tight ass hole and smelling the scent of Ass.

    It had been awhile since she did anal, both times we tried we had to call it off, once my cock was in halfway she would quickly shake her head no, grunting and crying it was to painful. This always left me more horny, especially since I've been plowing that shit pipe for almost 20 years!

    Like I said earlier, this wasn't about pleasure tonight, so she will just have to bare down and ride it out....

    I pull my face up and position her ass in the air, she's got a view of the TV, some Brunette getting plugged by a cock I wish I had right now. Anyway, grab the KY, lube up my shaft, and put some extra on the head of my cock, rub the extra on her puckered butthole and take aim.

    The tip of my cock feels resistance, she is making noises already, then yells "ah!" As the head of my cock enters her ass hole with a "pop!"

    I look down and see shaft, coming to a point where tight stretched ass hole begins, almost like it's one body part.
    I slowly push forward, she moves forward to, not wanting to take any more. The Bitch! I grab her hips and pull back as well as push forward, her tight hole slides down my shaft. She moans, not in a good way, I pull back until I feel the base of my cock head against her hole, her moans get quieter.
    I push forward again, stroking about five times back and forth. Each time she moans louder, then quieter, her tits swinging back and forth with each stroke.
    Finally, at half way in, I plunge right to the base of my cock, her moan becomes a yell of surprise and pain! I work the bottom half of my cock 5 or 6 times, this time she's yelling, "ahhh!" "Ohhhh!" Every time my shaft goes deep then back half way.

    She's squirming, but both hands are holding on tight, her tits are now swinging in circles.

    I pause, and I hear her sucking in air deeply, as she's trying to accommodate my swollen, greasy, cock in her backdoor. I run the length a few times base to tip and back again, she's not enjoying this as much as me! Her fingers are gripping the leather of the foot stool tightly.

    I pause, at the base, balls laying right over her hot pussy lips, I say in her ear, "are you going to talk shit now?"

    I pump a few strokes, she grunts,"are you going to be lippy anymore?" I pump a few more. She mutters a painful "no!"

    "Good I say!" I ride her ass now, nice 3/4 strokes, building up to speed. She's taking it, not enjoying it, the moans in her throats are building up. Whining like a dog, my cock feels like it is rock hard, thick as can be, straining her shitter, my shaft wet with lube pushing up her shit pipe.

    I bite my lip, willing to get in some more strokes, pumping faster, I am teaching this lippy whore wife of mine a lesson. I tell her this as so blow my load, deep into her ass. My balls unload, wave after wave of cum, deep on her shitter, I get a wavy feeling over me, as I blast more cum, jeez, her shits are going to be white I think!

    A few more squirts and I pullout, it was a clean ass fuck, her asshole is brown with a tinge of red and puffy, with a little cum smeared over it.

    I leave and go take a shower, she can take care of herself!

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    Straight Female / 20

    Haha, shagged my older sisters (She's 26) husband last night and only just left their place before she got home. He'd been wanting to fuck me for at least two years and I'd always said no. However late last week I found out off an old boyfriend of mine, who I was so close to emotionally and sexually, she'd slept with him just to prove to herself she could. I was seventeen at the time and he was nineteen. I was infatuated with him and my sister knew it. Just before he went into the army, she seduced him and they fucked in his car.
    Well last night Robby my sisters husband of two years, finally got his wish as we made out in their bed. I let him know why I was having sex with him, and also that he could fuck me again, if he good in bed. It turns out my sisters a lucky bitch, as Robby has a large cock and certainly knows how to use it. I even let him fuck my asshole before taking his cum all over my face and breasts.
    Texting him this morning, I asked him if everything was fine when my sister got home from her girly night out. He told me didn't get chance to shower before she wanted to suck him off. Now I have double the revenge, as I know she'd have been licking and sucking off my anal cream from his dick.
    That bitch had it coming to her...

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    When I was in high school, I had a crush on my god mother Beverly. I practically lived with her during the summer and a lot of times on school weekends. She allowed me to wear to clothes and shoes a lot. We had a great time. Beverly also helped foster my interest in fast cars as she drove a red 1969 Galaxy convertible. She had ordered with a 429 Cobra Jet and a 4 speed.

    Beverly knew that I had a crush on her and did not make a move until I was 18. But in the meantime, she teased me by encouraging me to wear her clothes and shoes. I literally ruined every pair of Keds sneakers each summer by not wearing socks.

    When I turned 16, I desperately wanted to drive her hot, fast Galaxy convertible to prom. I'm not sure if she was concerned that I could not handle the powerful car or if she was jealous that I was going with some cute guy, but Beverly refused to let me drive it. I was furious. Looking back, it was probably a little bit of both reasons, as she was protective of me and was a little jealous of the attention I received. Regardless, the prom came and went, and I hung around with Beverly a lot that summer in spite of my anger.

    Then it occurred to me that the upcoming Halloween would be great opportunity to "even the score" with 'ole Bev by vandalizing her beloved Galaxy. I enjoyed fantasizing about various tricks I could play and the priceless reaction on Beverly's face when she found my handiwork. It became a bit of an obsession for he week before Halloween.

    Finally, Halloween night came, and I went out to "run an errand" at around 10.00 p.m. after the trick or treaters had gone home. There Beverly's Galaxy sat in her driveway while she was a Halloween party with a friend. My blood pressure began to rise, and I ever began to sweat. I parked my '75 Camaro out of the way, and snuck up to Bevelry's house dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and ironically Beverly's navy blue Sear Jeepers Sneakers without socks.

    Then it was time for revenge. I pulled out a utility knife and cut the first almost new raised letter Goodyear Poly Glas GT tire on the right front. The air began whistled out of the sidewall as I proceeded to the right rear. More air sound as I cut a 1" gash. The car began to tilt a little toward the right side as I started on the left rear. The right front stopped hissing point, and I carved the left front and threw an egg in the middle of the hood.

    Immediately, I began to sneak back to my car while I was shaking from the rush of adrenaline. For a moment, I looked back to see my handiwork in the moon light. The Galaxy was appeared to be almost sitting on the ground. I had to grab my mouth to not start snickering. I made to my car and slowly left. I was sweating profusely from the excitement.

    The next day, Beverly called and said that someone had slashed her new tires. I held back my excitement, but I believe that she figured out it was me even though she did not say it. Years passed, and I turned 18. We had quite a little love affair until I had to go off to college. It was sad parting, but I was starting a new life.

    A few years after that, I became engaged to a guy and got married. When I got home from the honeymoon, I found my 75 Camaro sitting on its rims with slashed tires and one egg on the hood. At first, I was shocked, then I fondly smiled. In the mailbox at our new house was an envelope addressed to me. I opened and found a note that merely said, "KARMA" and enough money to replace my tires. I never cleaned the egg off as a reminder of my fun times with Beverly.


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    My wife of six years cheated on me with a younger guy she met at work. They had a ten month affair before I found out, and as soon as I did find out, I kicked her out of our home. I was in bits for quite a while and it took some getting used to living on my own again after our divorce. I'm bisexual and always have been since I first sucked cock at the age of thirteen. yet I hadn't had any gay sex since I begun dating my wife. Free from any restraints, I had a few one night stands fucking younger guys. And also having sex with a female colleague of mine for a couple of months. But it still hurt to think of what my wife had done to me knowing she'd eventually gone on to marry the guy. Then five months ago I met a guy at hotel I was doing some work in. He was there transiting between fights and we just hit it off. Joining him in his room I spent two wonderful hours sucking and fucking with him. I couldn't get enough of his tight asshole and screwed him as much as I'd ever fucked anyone. Over the next couple of months we met constantly and we fucked like life long lovers. Meeting up with him at another hotel a month back and having such mind blowing sex, he told me he thought he was in love with me. He also told me he was married, something I didn't know about as he never wore a wedding band. Even after he told me he was fairly recently married, we still had sex and I ended up letting my feelings known to him as I came up his ass again. Then only a week ago he turned up on my doorstep and told me he'd left his wife. He admitted to me and himself he was in love me and we spent the whole night having sex. The following morning he told me who his wife was and that he was once her fling. Only it to him, he finally realized had always been false. Yesterday I told him who I was in relation to his wife. I told him we'd both been married to Louise. Tomorrow after a long chat last night between us, he's going to tell Louise who he's moving in with. It's her side of the bed he now sleeps on, and its our old marital bed I now fuck her husband every night in. Life a bitch, but then there's always revenge.

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