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    Straight Female / 25

    I was raised as a Muslim but lost my faith when I was very young. My family are quite strict.
    For the last 5 years, I have secretly been dating a white guy.

    We have had the most experimental sex. Sometimes we're high and he fucks my arsehole whilst I fuck my pussy with a dildo. Sometimes we video ourselves and watch it back whilst fucking. Sometimes he slips me some pills & I wake upto find him fingering my pussy.

    I've looked through his phone secretly & come across hundreds of videos of him abusing me whilst I'm asleep. It turns me on.

    Recently, he's been diagnosed with MS and this has caused our sex life to falter. I find that I'm not as horny as I used to be.

    I used to masturbate twice a day & now it's usually once every 2 weeks-if that.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    Straight Female / 28

    Only my husband Rick can tell you why he allows me to fuck other men. He used to have me go out and have sex with guys I'd met previously. Then after returning home, Rick would have me disclose everything I got upto with the guy, as he tongued out my pussy and ass. He'd always cum so hard as I sat on his face, more often than not making me climax hard too.
    This last few months however, Rick has had me invite men home. Some have backed out once they knew I was married and wanted my husband to watch. But a good number so far, have been more than willing to fuck me in front of Rick. And one recently actually had Rick sucking on his cock after he'd cum up my ass.
    Rick was tonguing out my rear hole, when the guy who's in his forties, told Rick to clean his cock. Rick went to grab some tissue, but the guy said "NO you faggot, lick and suck it for me". Rick looked at me almost for approval, to which I nodded back at him. I then watched my husband take his cock into his mouth.
    It was so horny watching him suck dick, so much so I had him suck the guy for quite some time until he became fully erect again. I then had Rick watch from below me (69) as I sucked on my husband's cock. I was fucked from behind with Rick's face inches away, seeing me taking our guests cock until I orgasmed twice in a row.
    Rick told me afterwards it was the single most horny sex session he's ever had with anyone. And since then we've begun to search for a younger guy our age, who might want to be our regular bisexual fuck buddy. I do have someone in mind, but I'm not sure if Rick would go for it, as it's his cousin Scott. Someone I've always secretly fancied. And someone I know for definite swings both ways.
    All I have to do is work out how to propose it all to Rick.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Two months ago I bet my wife she wouldn't allow a geeky kid I knew to kiss her when we were at a party. Not only did she kiss the young guy, she allowed him touch her tits through her top and to slip a hand up her skirt. I intervened then and told her she'd gone too far.
    Later on she went missing for about twenty minutes. When I eventually found her walking down the stairs, I asked my wife where she'd been. Her response was "Taking the biggest cock I've ever had down my throat". I went to say something but my wife added " The same cock you've sucked many times from what I've just been told".
    Right at that moment Ryan walked down the stairs, smiled at my wife and me and said "Now you both can't say anything".
    Two months on and my wife and I are still welcoming the young man around to our home. Some days my wife has the pleasure of his cock, other times I get to suck him dry. I know he's fucked my wife many times too, as I've tasted his semen when I've gone down on her at night in bed. Now I'm wondering if she's ever tasted my asshole, after Ryan has fucked me.
    In a weeks time we're all getting together, as my work schedule has finally worked out for the three of us. Ryan said he'll decided on the night if and who he's going to fuck, but as yet my wife has no idea her young lover also fucks me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I like to eat and fuck pussy but also like to get fucked in the ass. I often wander what is wrong with me. I can have gay sex all day long but will not feel any emotions for the men. if I sleep with a woman I feel emotions right away. I have a super high sex drive and being uncut doesn't help because I can easily masturbate. I want to have a family and be a conservative traditional man but the gay sex thing has ruined it for me, I love it. I don't know if I can ever live a normal life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    This goes back to when I was 14. I used to go to the movies almost weekly. I sat in the same row and seat in the center where I liked it. I'm not a movie muncher so even in the rare event when I would go with friends, I turned down the popcorn, etc. I recall this was around the time when almost anything would give me a stiff.

    I recall going during the winter, wearing a coat and almost always, putting the folded coat in the next seat, which was usually empty. In fact, in the early PM the entire theater would usually be nearly empty, which is why I went at the time.

    Also, I recall the first time it happened. A woman, not old but not a girl, sat next to me. I felt her hand rest on my lap. Then, she rubbed my thigh a bit and while a bit shocked, I did not feel like removing her hand. She rubbed around while still looking at the movie. Then I felt her go for my crotch and my head spun, I was so excited. My cock grew hard in an instant and she grabbed it, still looking at the movie.

    She was so obvious in wanting to hold my cock that I unzipped and pulled it out. She began to masturbate me, steadily, and with a lot of style and manipulation. I noted she shifted from her entire hand to fingers then back, rubbing my glans and once in a while reaching for and cupping my balls. I just sat there but could not concentrate on the movie. Being a heavy wanker at the time I knew when my climax approached so I took out my handkerchief and placed it over my stander, then came, my cock still embraced by her hand as it pulsed out my cum.

    The woman released my cock, then wiped her hand a bit with my handkerchief and left.

    It happened several times, same time, same place and I looked forward to it. I would be crestfallen when she did not show up. When she did, I was prepared with more than one handkerchief. We never uttered a word to each other. It was just some kind of sexual reaching out that satisfied both of us.

    Until a friend told me about this "confession" site I had just about forgotten this strange incident. I stopped going to the movies each week after graduating from High School so I never saw the woman again. I can still feel her fantastic manipulations on my stiff and that often begins a masturbation session. in the passing years since, I tried to reach g/friends how to do it like her, but they never duplicated it. Some of us need very little to get off. I did back then.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    I saw people fucking in my bushes on Saturday night. We live a few doors down from a bar, so it's not uncommon to find people passed out on our lawn, or puking in our bushes. But this was the first time in a year I'd seen someone fuck.
    I had been out on Friday, and was still a bit hungover, so I was taking a Saturday off. I was playing on my computer, when I heard moans coming through the window that faced the bushes on the side of our house. I shut off the computer monitor, so it was completely dark in the room-don't want people to catch you spying! Lol-and went to the window.
    I saw him first, shirt pulled up to his armpits, face contorted in a pleasure grimace. Then I saw her, bent over, skirt around her waist, her tables ass reflecting the moonlight. She was moaning, and saying yes as he pounded in to her. People were walking by on the street, some heard the sound, but thought it was coming from my house and would point in my window and laugh. The couple was never seen, hidden in the dark in my bushes.
    He came in her, and it looked like her legs buckled. He wiped himself down, but let her hang limp under one of his arms, then dragged her back on to the street. He pulled her in to a car in front of my neighbor's house, and she seemed to lose consciousness as he sat her in it. I just hope they knew each other.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My wife Cheryl and I share the same house and for a time we seldom shared our marital bed for sex. But things have changed for us and I'm so glad they have.
    I'm only forty one, but my libido was that of a tired man in his sixties, so I rarely a while back got horny enouto raise a hard on. Cheryl's sex drive however is a totally different story as her sex drive has if anything
    increased over the years.
    Around two years ago, I returned home early from a night out with some golfing friends, only to find Cheryl getting fucked by a much younger guy, and he was packed. His cock was much larger than mine, and as I watched in total disbelief, I couldn't help but understand why she'd cheated on me. Not wanting them to know I was there, I kept as quiet as I could, and carried on watching him fuck my wife from behind. Cheryl was having a wonderful time from the sounds of it, and I often heard her telling the guy he was far superior to me. Even her put downs weren't offensive, as it was obvious she'd find having him fuck her and his much larger cock a turn on.
    Moving slightly further back hoping they hadn't noticed me when they changed position, I saw my wife mount his cock anally and it was then I began to get a hard on. It was totally out of the blue for me, and I found myself completely enraptured by them fucking one another.
    Hearing my wife of five years orgasm was the final straw for me sexually, and I came in my shorts. Walking outside, I gave myself a few moments before I drove away and sat thinking about what I'd just witnessed and why I'd not intervened. My conclusion before I text my wife to say I was on my way home, was I'd really enjoyed watching her being fucked.
    The guy was gone by the time I walked back in, but Cheryl was still naked on our bed. She didn't say much at first, not until I asked her what she'd been up to. My wife simply and very casually said "You know, you watched us".
    Our conversation lasted for an hour or more. I asked her all about her affair and my wife told me she'd been fucking Alex for over a year. She also told me if I wasn't happy about it, to start divorce proceedings. As she wasn't going to stop having sex with Alex. Then Cheryl said something which has changed our marriage dynamic. She said "Besides, you looked like you enjoyed watching us fuck. You came didn't you?".
    I admitted I'd cum and I also admitted it was a total turn on watching her take his cock. As we talked about the sex further, with ehr telling about other times she'd fucked just before I'd gotten home, I found myself watching her touching herself and getting hard. It was unheard of for me to get a hard on twice in the same night, or sometimes even once. So to have my dick erect again, we both knew I was horny. Cheryl spread her legs once she saw my cock bulge and told me if I was staying, I should lick her pussy for her.
    My clothing was on the bedroom floor in no time, and my face was between my wife's legs seconds later. It was clear the young man had cum deep inside her pussy as I could smell his cum, but as I was about to pull away, Cheryl took hold of my head and forced my face into her sex. Remembering the size and look of his cock as I began to lick out my wife's sloppy c**t, my cock raged with lust. I found myself humping the duvet as I tongued out her pussy and my wife noticed me doing it. Lifting me up, I put my mouth onto hers and we kissed for the first time in a long time. At the same time, she guided my cock into her pussy and I began to fuck her for the first time in over a year.
    I didn't last too long, but long enough for Cheryl to climax on my cock. It was her convulsions when she came, that had me cumming, adding my seed to her lovers. Rolling off of her, I was looking up at the ceiling. Cheryl got up, stood above me and then squatted down over my face. Usually in the past when I'd cum, that was it for me. But seeing her dripping pussy above my face, I pulled her down and finished off what I'd begun to perform for her before. i licked out my wife and swallowed every bit of my cum and whatever was left of Alex's.
    It was a week later when I first met Alex for real. I'd said yes to a question from my wife. She'd asked me if Alex was to visit her for sex, would I stay and enjoy the night.
    There was a lot that took plave that night, and I think most of you can figure out what happened. Something that certainly happened, that has changed my perception of mny sexuality, is that during a long doggy style anal fuck with Cheryl, I got up close. Alex pulled out and I was told to suck it for him. His cock felt strange in my mouth, but I found out lots of things that night about myself and one of them was I was a much much better cock sucker than my wife. I could and still do deep throat and Alex couldn't have been more happy to see me take every inch of his dick down my throat. The other thing I learned about myself, was just how turned on I'd become being involved in their sex. I was so turned on at one point, as my wife sucked on my cock, I allowed Alex to lick and finger my rear hole. It didn't progress form there, but I knew if he'd have asked me, I just might have allowed him to fuck me.
    As had happened the previous week, once Alex had gone home, I spent an age tonguing out my wife's pussy and asshole, making her orgasm over and over again.
    I'm not saying I can match my wife's libido, but I'm now involved in her sexual world. Alex unfortunately isn't around anymore, but Cheryl and I now have a relationship with another man. He's called Brian, he's married, but in a sexless marriage. He's a little older than us, but his sex drive more than matches Cheryl's and then some. But to top it all, Brian's a bisexual man. And one who recently taught me the delights of anal sex, when Cheryl was out of town for a few days. I'm always going to enjoy watching and being involved with my wife's sexual exploits, but a new avenue of sex has opened up for me literally. So knowing just how much I enjoyed being fucked a fortnight back, I think, in fact I'm sure, I'm going to have more gay fun with Brian and who knows maybe some other men too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Female / 19

    I stayed a virgin until I was almost 19, about 3 months ago because I promised daddy.

    About a month before my birthday I ran into a guy in my sexy skirt and top. I had to keep trying to accidentally run into him.

    He is so sexy and manly, I am small and very feminine. We went to his place. I was just starting when his roommate walked in and asked if he could fuck me, I said oh god yes. When he was in he said that he loves popping ass cherries. He pushed what felt like 15 inches hard until his balls began to slap my ass. I had tears but I told them not to stop.

    When I felt my ass take a big load of sperm and my mouth also took a big load. I held it in my mouth and I forgot he shot my lips too. About an hour later I liked my lips and tasted his delicious cum again. I said I wanted to wash the cock from my ass and switch.

    This time I was almost r**ed but I loved being so powerless while I tagged. It is 11 inches of pure man and I am their loving sex slave and house cleaner cook and more while wearing the French maids outfit. I am loving caring for rhem. Tonight the promised they where bringing 2 more men and I am to be the servant until the men are ready for fun. I served dinner and aaked if they wanted desert. One guy pulled me into his lap and said he wanted head. I said, "Yes sir. I love to suck and swallow".

    I was so tired but no sleep until I clean up. My lips were tingling and my ass felt lick a truck drove through it. I was walking like I had 12 inches of hard cock in me still. I was taking my place in bed between my men with no panties so I am easily accessabl. I am there to please and my reward is cock and lots of cum. I am such a lucky girl.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    I make bets on sporting events with hubby and when I lose he has me put on stay-up stockings, heels, make-up and a long button up coat. Once we are a few blocks away from the house he has me unbutton the coat and toss it on the back seat. Once we're at the outskirts of our city he has me place my feet up on the dash as far apart as possible with me seat leaned back just a little which in our little car allows any passing motorists a pretty decent view! Then we head for one of the many nearby public hiking trails.

    Once we get to whichever trail he picks, we get out and start hiking down the trail. About halfway down the trail hubby will tie me spread eagle either between two trees or on top of a picnic table depending on which trail he chooses. He brings an extra pair of stockings to gag me, one in my mouth and ties the other around to keep it in place. Then he puts a note and a baggy of condoms on one of the trees or the table top stating that I've lost a bet and if discovered that the person(s) who find me can either have mercy and set me free or that they can explore every inch and opening of my body and if they use one of the condoms they can fuck my pussy or ass whichever they wish! Hubby then hides very near by for safeties sake.

    There have been a few older couples who have set me free and a few ladies, however that being said, most people will explore, lick,finger and fuck me or take pictures.

    I enjoy it because it is such an incredible turn on. I'm always so incredibly turned on and wet enough that it runs down my thighs and stockings with every noise I hear on the trail, never knowing who might be coming down the trail or how many people!

    There have been many incredibly fun times and a few that really stand out too. I have been discovered by people who I went to school with, worked with or just know from around as well as many total strangers.

    One of my favourites was a husband and wife and the husbands buddy. The guys took turns fucking my pussy while the wife removed my gag and kissed me and fondled, licked and kissed my nipples then while the friend came deep in my pussy and the husband fucked his wife. Then she climbed on the picnic table, parked her lousy on my mouth for me to clean up her hubbies load while she cleaned my pussy of the friends load! While this was going on, all of the sudden her hubby started her in the ass and the friend fucked my ass! It was an afternoon of intense orgasms!!!

    mayatplay4u at mail dot com

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I'm not exactly swimming in money but I have a tragic flaw, a bad habit of enjoying sex with expensive prostitutes, whatever they call themselves. These women are interchangeable with men's magazine photo models. I meet them at upscale bars but I cannot physically tolerate alcohol so I drink various mixers and fruit juices without the alcohol. Bartenders know me as a great tipper and also know why I come in.

    Traveling a lot on my job as a manufacturer's rep, I find myself going to those spots infrequently, which always makes the barkeep's eyes light up upon seeing me. Making small talk with Teddy, the bar-tend, I noticed a stunning woman stroll in. She was beautifully dressed with what I first though was a fine hairdo but turned out the be a wig, as i later discovered.

    Teddy waved at her to come by, signifying me as a "live wire" then introduced me to Nina.
    Sitting next to me, I noticed the slight smell of Jasmine about her. I mentioned that I loved that aroma before we started negotiating. Nina said, "Glad you like it. I do straight to one orgasm any position or all positions for a max of 45 minutes, $575,00 She saw my eyebrows raise a bit and said, "Take it or leave it."

    It ate into my sex budget but I said, "I'll take it." We went outside and got into her car, a high end Lexus, and she said, "I have a condo for my work." On the way there, she said, "$75.00 off if my husband can watch. He's an inveterate peeper." My reaction first occurred as a thought, "A mixed bag gig" and they were rare and added to the event so I said, "Fine, if he only watches." "He'll want to wank off at the time." I said, "That's o.k."

    As she parked in her condo garage she said, "I have a teen age son, an additional $75 off if he can also watch." Thinking that I could have her for $425. just to have an non-intrusive mini audience I said, "Fine." Nina took out her cell phone and said a few words into it then tucked it into her pocket.

    Upstairs we walked into her place, an outstanding, roomy suite with three bedrooms and a dropped living room with large, comfortable looking lounge couches. Nina stretched out, asking me if I wanted a drink. I said, Tonic water is best for me. Then, Nina whipped off her wig and ruffled up a short cropped bob that made her look younger, like a kid. She said that the "peanut gallery" would soon be with us.

    The more time I spent with her the more I liked her and I felt that fucking her solidly, up, bottom, doggy, etc. for 45 minutes at $1 per minute was a "steal." I decided then that I would go down on her, something I never do with professionals, if it was o,k. with her. We had not negotiated that.

    She stepped out of her dress and I lost my breath. She was trim, in top shape, and had tight everything including perfect, smallish breasts. The doorbell rang and she answered it in her underwear. Her husband, Peter, and son walked in. Her son seemed to be only 16 or so, and I wondered how new he was to all of this.

    Nina brought out my tonic water with a slice of lime in it, on ice. We chatted a bit then Nina took my hand and we walked into the larger bedroom, Peter and son remained in the living room.

    Erection pushing my pants I dropped them and she said, "Nice, Peter will enjoy seeing your tool working me over." The fleeting thought of a re-negotiation, ran through my mind but I dismissed it and said, "I want to eat you." She was silent for some time, looking hard at me, then said, "Are you in love with me." I did not know how to respond but I said, "Years before we met, you came to me in a dream."

    Nina laughed and said, "Correct answer, yes, you may nibble a bit. I had no intention to nibble and soon enough, was swallowing her labia whole and sucking hard on her clit. She at first resisted then gave in totally. She was writhing under my head and I felt her wetness mounting. She began to buck into my mouth and I realized she was cumming. That's what I wanted to do. I caressed her body lightly with my hands and kissed her here and there. Then, her legs spread open as if by an invitation and I entered her with my bursting joint and began to fuck her steadily, as she began to moan. I could tell she was not faking it. My patience with her worked well. We also shared a rare familiarity.

    As we fucked, with her meeting my thrusts, I noticed Peter and his son had entered to room
    totally naked. They were both masturbating. Nina seemed in bliss. Noticing Peter licking his lips, I whispered to Nina that Peter could lick and suck our fucking if he wanted to.
    She assumed correctly that her son was also welcomed so she waved him over, whispered in his ear and soon enough they were both licking and sucking our genitals as we fucked.

    I slid in and out of Nina like a well oiled machine and said in a low voice, "My 45 minutes are up. She hugged my hips with her legs and began to push me inside her deeper with her heels. I just kept going. I felt her son cumming on our legs and that, followed by Peter's as he apologized. We went on for a full two hours and I attained orgasm twice but lost count with Nina.

    We met once again some weeks later and had a session. All the sessions that followed were free rides. I never told Teddy a word about any of it but gave him a $200 tip. I saved much money, however, since my desire for unknown Play Mates weakened, then faded.

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