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    Straight Female / 24

    This whole thing started last year when I had to work late. The VP came around the office about nine to make sure everyone had gone home and found me there. He sat down in the other office chair to talk and the conversation moved to college and growing up. Everything was pretty normal and I felt real comfortable. Then in an almost hidden sort of way he asked me to stand up because he wanted to look at me. When I stood up he took my hand and had me circle around and he told me I had a real nice ass and that an ass like that deserved some serious attention.

    Well I had never had anyone say something like that to me, so direct. Maybe things like you look nice or something general, but not that I had a nice ass or anything even remotely similar. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me over to him. He held my hips tight, and asked me if I sported a full bush, that he liked women with a real pussy. He kept talking asking me to let him see, that he wanted to see if I had a full bush and started to undo my belt and when I pulled back, he grabbed my hips again and pulled me close to him. He asked me point blank if I had a full bush.

    I tried to get angry but all I could say is that I kept myself decent and that yes I had a full bush. Then he said, 'look honey, it is like this, I am going to fuck your ass tonight', 'now let me get a good look at your bush, nothing better than a real pussy and a good fuck'. He had my belt unbuckled by then and pulled down on my pants, getting them down to where he was uncovering my pubic region, and I was holding on to my pants and he said 'look bitch, I am going to fuck you, do you want it up your ass or do you want it in your c**t'.

    I guess his voice was just more than I could take and he pulled my pants down to my thighs and he said 'nice pussy', and he pushed my pants down to my shoes and I stepped out of my pants. He stood up and pushed me against the desk he was sitting at and told me to get on it and spread my legs real wide, he wanted them real wide, because he was going to 'eat him some pussy and lick him some ass'.

    I had to lean back on my hands while he pushed my legs up and apart and back until he was able to get his mouth down ran his tongue all over my anus. I had never had that done before, he licked and sucked my anus while he ran his nose in my pussy, then he moved his head up a little and started to eat me out. My hand slipped and I almost fell off the desk, and he got angry and told me he was eating pussy and to get a grip and spread my legs again.

    He ate me for a while, and would lick my ass and then my vagina, and then my ass and then my vagina, and suck on my clit. He had his hands on my ankles spreading my legs wide apart. He stood up and let go of my legs and took out his penis, which was fully erect and asked me if I wanted 'in your c**t or in your ass'. I told him 'up front', but he made me say 'c**t'.

    He slipped in so fast I almost didn't feel it, and then I felt it, he was fucking me with long hard fucks, he fucked me for a good three minutes, and then he pulled out and pressed it against my anus. I knew what he was going to do, he said if I wanted it in my ass on my back or if I wanted to turn over and get in my ass doggie style. I said 'just do it', and he pushed against me until he got in and I had in me all the way while he looked down on me. he fucked me like that until he came.

    After that he became my daddy, and I became his favorite girl. He put me up in an apartment that he owned and gave me a car and an allowance. My allowance was way more than what I was getting paid at work. He made me quit work because his little girl was not supposed to work. I regressed into a world where I would ask my daddy for something and he would always want to please his little girl. I wore special panties and sweaters that he liked and in public when we were at dinner or something, I called him papa. For three years I lived like that until one day he told me he wanted a bun in the oven, just for him.

    At that time I knew that role playing was fine, but a baby shouldn't be raised like that. But he got his bun in the oven, and two years after than another bun in the oven. Now his three girls wait for daddy to come home. Mommy is taken back into the room for special treats, which include his never ending desire for cunnilingus and anilingus, and anal penetration. How he ever got a bun in the oven is always a mystery, because he spends most all the time back there.

    I am thirty three years old and call the man I live with daddy, and he has his fun doing those kinki things with me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've been looking for some time to find a place I could relay my sexual world. Reading some of the confessions and then comments, has lead me to confess on this site. Mainly to put a person who's in my sexual position, point of view across.

    I'm a Cuckold husband and a chosen one at that. In other words I choose to allow my wife to have sex with other men and women. Sometimes I join in, or am allowed to join in would be more accurate. Other times I am allowed to listen or told to listen from outside the room. Other times I'm told no to be there at all.

    Each time no matter what, I have to perform oral services on my wife afterwards. In the seven years we've been married, I've licked and sucked out no less than eighty mens cum loads from my wifes pussy and asshole. There are varying forms of sexual performance I'm asked to do when I'm allowed to watch or participate. From fluffing my wifes sexual partner, to recieving their cum up my ass, which recently due to one specific guy, has become a growing sexual side issue for me.

    I know and she knows when we're man and wife around town or at home in general, I'm the dominant person in the relationship. In our sexual world, I definately know I'm the submissive person and love being just that. I am capable of fucking and often fuck my wife when she wants to scratch her need as she puts it, but mostly I'm there to satisfy and pleasure her, and her sexual partners.

    Too much bullshit has been said and written about sexual tastes and capabilities on here. Let me tell you before someone makes the mistake of thinking I'm not a real man. My job entails throwing puny little men out of places they shouldn't be. Also if some of the men who read this site had my eight and half inch cock, they'd probably not have to come on here to whack off.

    As it is I cannot think of anything more of a turn on, than to have my wife who's been serviced by one of her lovers, to sit on my face and have me clean her out. Each to their own, and my own is my wife, when she allows it to be :) of course!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I am I feel, an everyday suburban mom and housewife. The difference is, if it is a difference, is I have a very high libido and a husband who now kind of understands my needs. He knows and has always known at his age, my sexual needs outstrip his ability to satisfy me, and it was his initial statement that started me on the sexual road I've taken.

    He told me if I needed to satisfy my sexual wants, I should seek something to replace him when he's working away from home. The first time he walked in me after returning from a two day drive, I was in bed with two guys having sex. It wasn't apparently what he'd meant. The finish to that particular day was to put it mildly, violently different.

    Two children (Yes our children) and a new home followed, but if anything my libido only increased and I soon found myself sexually frustrated again. With one child at pre school and still nursing the other, I accepted the offer of a delivery driver after flirting wth him. We had what I call a "quickie" on the stairway of our home. That was it for me I was hooked. I loved the fact it was spontaneous, hard and brought me to an amazing climax. The young guy had fucked me, cum on my face and was gone in ten minutes. Over the next two years I had nine more sexual experiences that fell into my "Quickie" liking, all of which happened outside the home, and all through my work role at the time.

    I was caught again when I had a "Quickie" when we were having building work done on our home. By that time both kids were in schooling and I was doing consultancy work from home, bringing in very good money. My husband was working closer to home, but still driving for a living. What I didn't factor in, was he'd be in the area when he popped home for lunch.

    One of the younger builders was left to clean up from the mornings work and well, well I seduced him. I'd quickly sucked his cock to a wonderful erection in the kitchen and was just about to take his cock up my ass as I spread myself across the kitchen table, when my husband caught us. Like the first time there was a lot of shouting at first, but unlike the first time he caught me, I could see my husband was turned on. Rather than get angry to the point of beating the guy up (as before), my husband actually joined in. So as i was being fucked anlly, my husband offered me his cock to suck. The sex was simply awsome. I came twice before both men unloaded inside of me. My husband in my mouth and after asking my husband, the young guy came up my asshole.

    Six months went by without me cheating again. My husband could see I wasn't happy and that's where my first experience with a woman began. We talked about my addiction to sex and he decided because he'd not blown up after the last episode, he should be allowed to enjoy me with another woman. It sort of backfired on the night for my husband. Yes we all had sex together and yes my husband fucked the younger woman we'd been in contact with through the internet. The thing was once he'd cum all over her breasts, his libido, his sexual energy stopped, mine had only just started. I licked his cum off her small pert breasts and continued down her body. As my husband watched and finally fell asleep, we had sex for the remaining part of the night and into the next morning, using the sex toys he'd bought me years previously to satisfy my needs when he was away. He woke us to tell me he was off to work the next day. We stayed in bed and had sex until we finally surfaced around mid morning. I called round to my moms later on, to pick up the kids and couldn't have been more sexually satiated.

    My husband knows I have sex with other women from time to time now, but rarely gets involved (He is 46). What he doesn't know is every now and then I find a guy to give me what I want and sexually desire. It's always a "quickie" and it's always in the nearby city, where I now have to report once a week. Most of them are married men who only want what I want, a quick fuck to round off the day.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I got back home from a party which was held at my best friends house ten days ago. It was to celebrate his wifes 25th birthday. They've been living across the country from me for a while, as his work often moves them around. So I took a flight out when he requested, almost pleaded that I join them.

    At the airport on my way home the day after the party, I got an email from Noami his wife. It had an attatchment on it and all the message said was "Thank you, now I know what's it's like to be truely fucked". I sat there in shock, trying to remember what I'd/we'd done, if anything.

    I know I'd gotten drunk along with my best friend, that much I knew for sure. One of the last things I kind of remember after everyone else had gone, was Naomi asking me to join her outside in the woods close to where they live. Only minutes after we'd put my friend on his couch to sleep it off. I sought of recalled fooling around in the leaves in the woods and then wham!. The sudden realisation we actually did have sex. Struggling to remember much more I opened the attatchment.

    I couldn't work out how exactly, but Naomi I presumed had filmed us having sex on her cell phone. From the view it gave, I believed at first she'd obviously planned it all, as the shot was from a low hanging branch. It showed Noami on her knees in front of me. I was semi naked and stuffing my cock into her mouth, literally face fucking her. The video stopped and then restarted as Naomi was sat bouncing up and down on my cock. She was totally naked, even though I know it was fairly cold. The last shot or what I thought was the last shot, and this is the strange bit for me, showed a close up directly from above of both my hands on Naomi's ass cheeks and my cock going in and out of her asshole. The only way that could have been achieved was if someone other than Naomi or myself had held the camera phone.

    The video on my phone went blank. And then dressed in a bathrobe my friend appeared sat next to his wife at their kitchen breakfast table. He smiled at the camera said "Hello" and then went on to say "Hey dude, thanks for everything. I'll treasure watching you with Naomi forever. If you didn't already know, you were my special gift to my wife. I told her you've got a big one, and now she knows what it's like to be fucked by a guy with a big dick" There was a pause until he added "Thanks again for coming out dude and we'll both see you soon". As he said the last sentence, he winked and smiled.

    Yesterday, I got another email this time from my friend. He said they've decided to move back close to where I live as he's been offered a better job. He also added "Naomi and I are both looking forward to seeing you again, especially Naomi, see you later dude, bye for now".

    The thing is since the first time I ever met Naomi, I've had a thing for her. But because of my friendship I've always kept that buried. If my best most valued fiend offers his wife to me for sex again, I honestly don't know if I won't steal her off of him. I now wish it hadn't have happened at all.

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    Straight Female / 37

    My boyfriend works nights. I get to see him a few afternoons a week. I go into his apartment and he is often still in bed. So I join him. He's always horny and we fuck like mad. All I want to do is make him happy.

    One day he says to me 'Take off your wedding ring', so I do it. We're in bed after some pretty heavy sex . First he wants me to give it to him but I'm a bit wary of that, so he says,'Put it in your pussy'. I said it's full of your big loads of sperm ans he says yeah it is.OK, I can do that, so I did. Rolled it around in there, getting it covered in cum. He got down down there, up close to watch, and said,"Fucking beautiful'

    I saw him get so hard, and begin playing with it. I took the ring out, sucked on it to clean it and put it back on. He was in a hurry to fuck again. It had really turned him on.

    He said,'Are you going to tell your husband.'

    Yeah, like fuck. Now I know what to do if he goes a bit soft in the dick. Still, I have to admit, it was a pretty good idea.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I work in an insurance office with another girl. She is 28 and has a kid. The owner of the agency is a 50ish man, who likes young women, that is why we work there. Believe me it is not because we know what to do, but because we are young. He has touched my ass, my tits, put his hand between my legs under the table at a restaurant, kissed me hard on the mouth, shown me his dick, grabbed my crotch and told me many things that are unsavory and sexually oriented. I wear mostly short dresses and flash him from my desk. It is a war, I grabbed him by the balls and would not let go until he cried uncle. I love getting fucked by him, he can really make you cry and cringe until you just lose control and he makes you orgasm. Sex with him is like sower chinese candy, you cringe but you can't stop.

    My cell mate, that is what we call each other, is not as forward as I am, she likes to sit back and watch. She likes getting her tits sucked, so that she sits on his lap and gives him her tits while he holds her ass. He fucks her too, but she tends to just ride down on him as opposed to letting him take over and just banging her like he does me.

    Among the worst things we do, is when he calls one of us in to hold his dick when he pees. We stand beside him and hold his dick and help him aim into the toilet. Then we help shake him and squeeze him and put it away for the next time. In spite of the goings on, both my cell mate and me actually know our jobs and we get things done. But we also have this extracurricular activity which makes the days go by faster. Like getting rear ended and looking out the window at people walking by to the CVS. The lady at the CVS asked me why I work for that dirty old man, well I work for him because he is a dirty old man.

    I can't imagine having a job like hers, just checking people at the register or stocking shelves. I wonder if she has someone at home that gives her a good time.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I don't know what heading to post this under. After high school I joined the army in order to get the gi bill to go to college. In the army I had a same sex relationship with an older girl. She made me her 'bitch' from the start and that is the way it stayed until I left the army three years later. As her bitch I had all the duties of a bitch as well as giving her sex.

    I used the gi bill and got into college and there I met a guy that I had sex with, at first it was just raw sex, like making up for lost time after being the bitch for three years. I cannot believe myself what I did with him, some pretty awful stuff. One night we were at a party and he was giving it to me through the back door in front of everyone and this girl opened her legs and told him to put me down there. I had not had my nose in a pussy for a good while and I went for her pretty ravenously. I kept eating her even after he finished with me.

    After that I dropped the guy and took up with that girl. She was much like my relationship in the army and soon I was her bitch. Being her bitch makes me feel good, the more shit she makes me do the more I like it. I mean, being the bitch in a relationship isn't only about sex, it is being the bitch for everything, from laundry to doing her hair.

    I don't know if I am a natural born bitch or it is because of how I was trained in the army. She gives me to her friends (male and female) for sex and anything goes. Like with the guy I was dating, I do some pretty awful stuff, including licking her clean.

    I have thought about seeing a therapist, because I know what I do is pretty sick, I mean licking her ass after she takes a dump is pretty sick, but I do it. The things I did in the army were pretty sick too.

    So that is my confession, I am a bitch and a dirty slut, if my mother ever found out what I have done or what I do she would have a heart attack on the spot. I don't dare have children, god what if your own child found out that its mother does those things. I don't know if a therapist can help me, the biggest problem is that I just think about it, but I never call one.

    I did very well in college and work as a day in day out accountant at a big company. If they only knew what I do when I get home.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Before I start I'd like to say thank you to my wife Sophie for allowing me to type this confession. She is the one constant in my life and I'll do anything for her, anything.

    Sophie is eleven years younger than me and to put it bluntly she's a trophy wife. If I didn't have money, with her beautiful looks and stunning figure, I don't think, I know she wouldn't be with a guy like me. My cock is at best around five and half inches long and not very thick at all. I'm no adonnis either which leads me to why I'm confessing.

    When you have a wife as good looking as Sophie and don't have the personal attributes to, lets say keep her fully satisfied, you either bury your head and hope she doesn't cheat on you. Or like in my case, you give her permission to satisfy her sexual needs whenever she feels horny.

    The first time was difficult for me, as I knew the guy involved and it was at a company party. A company I own, but never the less, lots of people were present. Thankfully Sophie and Craig, the man she'd been flirting with pretty much all night, went off to a side room to have sex. Also luckily for me, it was me who found him pounding my wifes asshole. I couldn't fire him either as he provided our comapny with lots of clients. Closing the door behind me I waited back at the party until they both reappeared. Sophie looked a little guilty, but still took the upper hand by telling me she needed a bigger cock to get her off. That night Craig stayed at our home in our bed, as I slept, lay awake more like, in the next room listening to him pound Sophie's pussy and asshole.

    That was it, the whole scenario was set from that point on. Craig visited again a few times and each time, I'd stay in the guest room as he fucked my wife. The turning point was Sophie asking me to watch them the last time they had sex. Craig tollerated me being there, but that was the last time he called by. As for me it was the perfect way to enjoy my wife with another man. I watched and masturbated, and Sophie got all the large cocked sex she wanted. Craig left earlier than usual, but if I thought that was it, I was wrong, as Sophie had one more request before she had me sleep at the foot of our bed. She wanted me to lick out her pussy and asshole. I knew Craig had cum inside her asshole and I also knew he'd cum partially on her pussy lips, labias and clit. I didn't have chance to prepare myself as Sophie shouted at me for delaying. Burying my face into her pussy and ass, I licked out my wifes cum laden sex.

    Things have moved on from that point. Every guy Sophie wants to sleep with now, knows i'm going to be watching. They also know I'm going to be "cleaning up" after they've fucked one another. Some have been a little reluctant, but by far, the vast majority of the twenty plus men who've fucked Sophie, have willingly fucked my wife in front of me. Some even asking Sophie to order me to clean off their cocks as well as her pussy and asshole.

    Anything you want Sophie, and thank you once again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My ex was basically a whore, since I couldn't get her to quit having extramarital sex, so I decided to join.

    Well, as time went on, I got more comfortable around another naked man and hard dick. One night we had a friend over, wife and I were in a 69 with her on top when all of a sudden I saw his dick and balls as he was entering her she went crazy and was screaming for me not to stop licking and for him to fuck her. Her being in constant orgasm made me hornier than I've ever been. Shawn came and as he pulled out some of his cum dripped and landed between my mouth and nose the smell of his cum filled my head and it was almost intoxicating. Old lady said that was the best orgasm she'd ever had, and about that time I shot the biggest load ever all over her face and neck. Shawn crawled up and without warning began to slowly, and with the most sensual movements I ever saw from a man, clean my spunk from her neck. As he moved up and over her chin she opened her mouth and he began to French kiss her with his cum soaked tongue. I watched as they shared my cum back and forth. He moved to her cheek and when he'd gotten it all went back and shared it with her. This went on for a few minutes as he cleaned up and shared all of my cum with her. She pulled me by the chin to where we were eye to eye and leaned in for a wet kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth and it wasn't bad as I expected.

    Looking very sensual and naughty she said in her best little girl voice, 'now that Shawn cleaned up your mess I think you should clean up his'. Eating pussy is my favorite pass time and I was so turned on by the naughtiness of what just happened that I wasted no time getting my tongue deep in her sloppy pussy. As I sucked their combined juices from her steamy honey pot she was guiding my mouth in and all around her crotch and at the same time squeezing and pushing out what seemed like a never ending flow into my mouth. When I came up for air she attacked my mouth with her tongue and would suck the cocktail of their fluids out of my mouth only to push it back in. When she was satisfied it was well mixed with our saliva added she lay her head under mine and squeezing my cheeks allowed a large glob to fall into her mouth before forcing my head back and telling me to swallow it like a good little whore.

    This lead to all kinds of naughty, kinky things between the three of us. Then one day Shawn was over to watch some games and were getting pretty toasty, Ali and his gf Kim went shopping before the game started. Shawn leaned over like he was about to share with me the secrets of the universe and said, 'You know the girls aren't shopping, there over at my house eating each other out right now as we speak'. I already had a pretty good idea that something like that was probably the case, as I reached under the couch pulled out the tray and loaded another bowl with some of the best sensamilla around. A couple of tokes later and Shawn leaned in and slid his hand up the leg of my shorts and looking up at me said, 'their having fun why shouldn't we?' Given all of the three-way sex we'd enjoyed together there was more than once that cock met mouth and a cordial lick or kiss was exchanged, but never just the two of us and never had it been planned contact. I get pretty horny when I smoke and with the attention Shawn was giving my cock and balls with his fingers lightly brushing and tickling them, before it had completely sunk in to my intoxicated brain, I was as hard as I've ever been. Not sure how we got there but I gladly took the cock staring me in the face into my mouth and alternated sucking and licking it up and down. Being high added to the sensuality of the whole experience and we enjoyed the smells and taste of each other at a leisurely gentle pace. All of a sudden I felt Shawn swell in my mouth and I pulled back until my lips were sealed around the tip just as he let loose a flood on his man seed, filling my mouth and leaking from the corners running down my chin. After he pumped my mouth full for what seemed like hours, Shawn began stroking and sucking my hardness into his mouth and massaging the length better than even I had ever stroked it before. Soon I felt my entire body being sucked inside out and I felt my entire being explode and rush out through my hard as nails cock.

    When the girls came through the door we had just gained our composure dressed and sat back on the couch with fresh beers. Ali walked over to Shawn leaned down and gave him a deep probing kiss. She backed up and looked at Kim and said wow he tastes different than I remember but still somehow familiar. Kim walked over and gave me a similar treatment and l told Ali that I tasted similarly familiar, the leaned close to my ear and whispered, 'Do I taste familiar sweetie?'

    To be continued..

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My boyfriend and I have a mutual friend that confessed his feeling for me a while back. He now has a girlfriend and she's also a friend of mine. We all hang out casually. What my boyfriend doesn't know is that every chance I get I fuck the two of them.

    I eat her pussy when I'm alone with her and vice versa. When I am with the two of them we have threesomes that seem to last forever and when I am with him he always makes me cum multiple times. I've let her fuck me with a strap on and I've made her cum with my boyfriend in the next room sleeping. The three of us all keep this from my boyfriend.

    It's like I'm having an affair with her boyfriend and she doesn't mind cause she get's me as a play thing. I enjoy my time with her but all I can think about is having his mouth on me.

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