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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Years ago, I went to the doctors for my checkup. When I got there, I found that my doctor had left the practice and moved to another location. My new doctor was a young man who was soft spoken and very polite. When he came in, he had me strip down to my underwear and sit on the edge of the table. He gave me a general examination. Then he spent time just sitting and talking with me, he said he wanted to get to know me. Doctors don't do that much nowdays. He started to ask me about me history, which eventually lead to me telling him I was sexual abused as a child and that I always feared that I was going to develop some kind of health issues from the sexual acts I participated in. The whole time we talked, I was sitting there in my underwear.

    The doctor assured me of confidentalality between us and to feel free to discuss anything I wanted with him. He began to ask me what kind of sexual acts I did when I was younger. I told him that my best friends father would always have me lick him all over between his legs. The doctor started asking me more detailed questions, like: "where exactly did he make you lick him?" I told him that he really liked to be licked on the sides of his ball sack and on the head of his penis.

    Then the doctor asked me if he ever made me suck on his penis. I hung my head in shame for a moment, I noticed that my dick was getting hard real fast because I was talking about all this stuff. I quickly covered my crotch with my hands as I got up my nerve and said yes, I sucked on the head of his penis many times. The doctor got up off his stool and locked the door, then he he said that he wanted me to feel comfortable in speaking with him and that he was making sure no one was going to walk in on us and hear anything personal that we were discussing.

    As I kept my crotch covered up with my hands, I could not believe how hard my dick was pulsating in my underwear. The doctor asked me if I wanted to keep talking, and I said yes. Then he came over r and knelt down in front of me, he put one hand on each thigh and said, "there is no reason to be ashamed about what we are talking about or about the way it makes you feel.

    I nodded, and then he said: "there is also no reason to feel ashamed about your penis getting hard when your in this office with me, and there is nothing wrong with me seeing your penis when it is hard as well, ok?
    I said ok, and then he slowly reached
    for my arms and removed my hands from covering my crotch. So here was my doctor kneeling in front of me, starinG at my bulging underwear. Then while he was there, he asked me if I ever liked the taste and smell of sucking on my best friends father's dick head? He never looked up at me but kept on staring at my crotch. I told him that I was ashamed to admit it, but I did like doing it and that I always masturbate to the memories. He told me that he would like me to have peace of mind about my own health, but that meant he would need to take a sperm sample. Then he told me that he could clearly see a wet spot in the front of my underwear, and it was a clear sign that my penis was feeling very horny and that I had some sperm to release. Then he said, do you mind if I collect a sperm sample from you? I said, "no I don't mind, but how do you do that?"

    He reminded me that the door was locked, and that what he was going to do was just between me and him as a doctor and patient. I said ok. Then he had my get up on the examination table on all fours, on my hands and knees, then he stood next to me as he wispered in my ear, "now just relax and tell me what feels good to you and how your penis is feeling, ok? So I nodded ok.

    My doctors hand started feeling and lightly squeezing the back of my underwear. Then his hand slid down my backside and up between my legs as he gently started to feel and rub the bulge hanging down in my underwear. My underpants were old and worn out, the leg holes were stretched out also and while he was feeling my bulge, I could feel his fingers sometime go up into my leg hole a lightly brush the side of my nuts. When this would happen, I would catch myself start to groan.

    My doctor asked me how my penis was feeling, I don't know why, but I started to cry a little as I told him that it was feeling so horny and throbbing hard. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed me on the side of my face and said, " then it is time for me to pull down your underwear and take them off, you will be totally naked in front me with your horny throbbing penis hanging out, is that ok if I see you like that? I slowly nodded yes.

    Then as I was on all fours, my doctor slowly walked around behind me, and began to slid my underwear down. I was looking down between my legs when my penis popped out of my underwear, the head of my dick was so swollen, it just hung there bobbing up and down. When he got my underwear off, he started lick my balls. I had never felt anything like it. Then he hand went around the shaft of my dick and he bet it downward and backward! Then he told me to keep my hands on the table, but to raise up off my knees and onto my feet, and speak my legs apart. So I did, but it was a very humiliating position, kinda like I was gEttinger ready to hike a football in the nude while my doctor has a death grip on my dick.

    Then I watch him looking down between my legs as he slowly started sucking on my dick as he held it pointing backwards. I felt so unbelieveble that it did not take me long to start squirting my cum! My doctor just kept sucking as hard as he could as I squirted all my sperm into his mouth. I saw it start to run down his chin, but he did not stop sucking. When I was done cumming, he let go of my dick and it slapped upward and hit my stomach. He went and spit my cum into a clear little cup. I remember thinking that there was alot of sperm in there.

    Later that night, My doctor called me at home and told me that I may have to come back next week for another

    While I was typing this story, I ended up masturbating and eating my own sperm, it was very salty and sticky, I loved it.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Three weeks ago a neighbor asked me if it was my husbands son who calls by most week days. I'm Johns second wife, and although he does have a son with his first wife, I doubted it would be him as he's only eleven and the young guy our neighbor described was in his late teens to early twenties.

    John works from home as technical adviser to an airline. He's eleven years older than me and believe me, he's handsome and very fit. He's great lover with large cock that has me cumming over and over again when we make love. And always has me laughing with his cheerful character.

    So to hear he was having a young guy around without telling me, had me doubting what he was up to. I at first thought it might have something to do with his work, but asking him the same evening as our neighbor had spoken to me, if he ever had direct help with his workload, John said no.

    It had me suspicious, but funnily enough not worried. I knew John and I were solid, but who was the young guy and why was he calling round. Knowing through work, a guy who supplies security equipment, I asked him if it would be possible to place a camera in our home without John knowing. It took five days to have one camera fitted. A camera which I could control remotely via my lap top or smart phone. It was placed in our bedroom and you just wouldn't have known it was there, if you didn't see it being fitted.

    The following Monday morning I waited an hour after arriving in work, then taking a personal break, I switched on my phone and logged into the camera. Straight away it showed John naked on our bed. He was lay on his stomach and also naked was a young man on top of him, fucking my husband. The picture wasn't perfect, but it was clear enough for me to see every detail I needed to, to know the young man was well endowed and was hammering away at my husbands ass.
    There was no sound that first time, as I didn't know how to use the camera properly. But the pictures were enough for me to understand what they were doing. And incredibly I didn't get angry or jealous, I actually became turned on.
    In my mind, John wasn't cheating on me, he was having fun with a guy and weren't they having fun. They'd switched positions. The young man had lay on his back, and facing away from his young lover, John had mounted his cock. As John bounced up and down basically fucking himself with the guys large cock, his own erect cock was swinging to and thro.
    I could see Johns face and he was clearly enjoying the feeling of being fucked. Moments later his cock sprang straight up and his cock let go with cum flting everywhere. Holding onto my husband the young man began to thrust hard upwards and not being able to hear anything, I only surmised he'd cum up my husbands ass.

    They rolled over together and I saw them kiss one another. I also realized I was touching myself through my panties. Watching my husband kiss and fondle that young mans still erect thick long cock, I came flooding my panties with my pussy juices.

    Over the last two and half weeks, I've watched John and his male lover have sex three more times. Each time I got more and more turned on, and each time I masturbated. I even took time off one day last week so I could walk in on them fucking. But at the last minute I decided only to watch in my car, which was parked along a dirt road only minutes from our home. Again I played with myself and had an awesome orgasm watching them fuck.

    The reason I didn't walk in on them, is I don't know what kind of reaction I'd get from John. I'd love to tell him I enjoy watching him being fucked and I'd also love to inform him, I'd like to watch close up and maybe be a part of their sex. But again I'm unsure of how to broach the subject and what his response might be.

    John has been John since I discovered what he's been doing. There has been no loss to our sex life and knowing he enjoys being fucked, I've begun to lick and tongue his asshole during sex. I've also finger fucked his rear hole when he's been fucking me missionary. He still tells me he loves me every day, and we still have a great time together. Now I have to decide if I'm going to let him know, I know. Or stay in the background. If only I knew how he would take me knowing, I'd tell him I know and not only do I accept, but enjoy him having a gay lover, today.

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    Straight Male / 30

    When I was a kid there was a house a few doors down that didn't fit in with the rest of the neighborhood houses. The property was twice as big and the house looked like a commercial building almost.

    All of the kids were told by their parents to stay away, I guess our parents knew there was some things going on at that house and we did stay away until after the fire. One night the second story was in flames and once the fire was put out, the owners never came back.

    One night me and two friends slipped over there under the cover of darkness with a flashlight and checked things out. The downstairs was basically intact, but the fire and water damage was pretty bad.

    We found a closet with clothes still on their hangers, the clothing reeked of smoke. We were just about to move on when we spotted a cardboard box below. We opened it to find a shit load of VHS Tapes inside. The VHS tapes were in plain covers with only names written on the box or the VHS tape it's self. There was one girl whose name was Monica on almost every VHS tape and sometimes another same along with her's.

    Between the three of us we got the VHS tapes over to my house and stashed them away up in a loft above the garage. My dad only had one arm and he wasn't going to climb a ladder trying to put stuff there or take it down, so I knew the Tapes would be safe. Now we made plans to get together one Saturday when my parents were going to be gone for the day. I had a 13in tv with a VCR built in and we would see what was on those Tapes.

    Well that fell apart when we got busted for going over to the house. Nobody ratted us out, the smell of our clothes gave it all away. My mom had a fit, she called my friends mom and sure enough his clothes smelled like they had been in a fire as well. So my tv was taken away for two weeks and a few extra chores added for good measure!

    It would be weeks before another opportunity came along to watch the Tapes, but both my friends had to do other things with their parents. So I went to the garage and brought down two VHS tapes. I figured if my parents came home I could ditch the two VHS tapes easily.

    The first Tape was Monica, some guy out of view called her by name. I remember seeing her once in a while outside of their house. She was about 30yo I suppose but wasn't sure. She had an okay body, a bit chunky around her middle though. Someone told her to strip and she did a few moments later. A guy walked into the picture and began to play with her Breasts and grab her ass. It wasn't long before Monica was giving the guy a BJ. Although you couldn't see them you could their voices and there were other men as well as women watching from behind the camera for sure.

    The guy would fuck Monica and the cat calls could be heard, the guy would give a thumbs up sign to the camera and the others would laugh. He did Monica a few different ways, since I had only reached the masturbation stage, actual sex was pretty new to me at the time.

    When the guy came he turned Monica's ass to the camera, I watched as they filmed his cum dripping out of her. The people applauded and then then the camera faded to black. I was about to turn it off when another Scene appeared. It was Monica again with another women sitting next to her on the sofa, they each had a bottle of beer in their hands.

    At some point they began to make out. The guys could be heard in the background egging them on. They eventually stripped and basically grinded their pussies together until they both came. The VHS Tape ended there.

    I checked the time, making sure my parents wern't due home for a while. I pulled out the VHS tape and put the other Tape into the player.

    At first I thought it was just a home movie. Another gal walked into the view of the camera and she was nicely dressed. She seemed to be around mid 40's and she looked like she had maybe been dressed for work. She wore a skirt and blouse and heels, she sat down on the sofa and waited.

    I could see her eyes looking past the camera, sometimes she would smile quickly and then look away. I could hear whispers and the woman would grin. I saw her eyes lower suddenly as this dog suddenly rushed into the view of the camera.

    The dog immediately tried to jump into her lap, but being the size of a Rottweiler that wasn't going to happen. The dog was wound up, it jumped in place and was trying to lick her face. She was basically trying to fend the dog off, I could hear voices in the background saying "this is going to be good!"

    Then the woman spreads her legs slightly, the dog pushed it's head up under her skirt instantly. I could hear men laugh, she looked past the camera and smiled now. The dog was going crazy now, snorting and jumping around in place. She has to force the the dog back, his head pops out from under her skirt.

    The woman stands up and the dog's head goes under her skirt again. The woman says something but I can't make it out, suddenly a male voice calls the dog by name. The male voice is deep and very stern, the dog doesn't want to go. After another call from the same voice the dog lowers it's head and walks out of camera view.

    The woman reaches behind and unzips her skirt, she lets it fall to the floor at her heels. I can hear the dog whining off camera. She looks towards the camera but not directly at it, she bends over and picks the skirt up and just tosses it on the sofa behind her. She's standing now with blouse, panties, and heels on. The dog is almost trying to bark as the woman slides her panties down her legs. The male voices are laughing, I hear one guy say "get the leash" the dog can be heard panting and whining again.

    The woman stoops down and sits on the floor, she smiles briefly and lays back on her elbows as the dog begins to bark. The same male voice tells the dog to "shut up" and the dog quiets down at once.

    Then a guy walks into view and the dog is on the leash, it's jumping and straining against the leash with all it's strength. The dog makes a choking sound as the guy walks close enough to the woman spread eagle on the floor.

    The dog buries his muzzle in the woman's pussy, she lets out a scream and says "Oh my God." I can hear the voices off camera saying "holy shit!" The man stands there with the leash for a another moment or two, the woman says it's okay now. He leans down and removes the leash, the dog never flinched and the guy walks out of view.

    At first the woman was kind of smiling, maybe giggling even as the dog went at her. Then her expression changed dramatically and she started to move her hips as the dog licked her like a bowl full of Ice Cream. She closed her eyes, her head falling backwards slightly. She bit her lip and arched her back, the dog never stopped licking her. My first experience seeing how a woman cums. She clenched her fists tightly, her face slightly contorted as she screamed out "Oh my God," again.

    Her face and neck were flushed, she fell flat on her back now and the dog never stopped licking her pussy. I watched the woman cum several more times until she begged for someone to get the dog. The same guy again, he attached the leash and literally dragged the dog away. It barked and whined loudly, the man shouted at the dog to shut up. The camera faded to black.

    I was just about to pop the Tape out when the movie restarted. It was obvious they had taken a break after that. The woman still had her top on with her heels, her panties were also on once again.

    She positioned herself in front of the camera and slid her panties off again, kicking them aside with her heels. Someone off camera said "get the dog" as the woman knelt down onto her fours. The dog must have been put outside, you could here it banging against a door as they let it in.

    Once again a guy brought the dog to the woman, he had the leash tightly and up closer to the collar now. The dog jumped, barked, and whined as he was led up behind the woman. Suddenly I saw this big bright red dick sticking out from under the dogs belly. You could hear people in the background talking, someone saying "holy fuck!" and then laughter.

    The guy unhooked the leash and immediately the dog tried to mount her. I watched in shock as the woman reached between her legs, guiding the dog dick into her. She screamed again and another "Oh my God!" as the dog began to hump her.

    Like a jackhammer the dog fucked the woman, she moaned with pleasure. The dog trying to climb on top of her, his paws clawing at her back trying to hold on. The men off camera started to laugh watching this take place, the woman moaning loudly as she climaxed quickly. The dog just kept going, frantically trying to fuck the woman.

    At some point the woman came again and she moaned loudly. I could hear guys saying "fuck yeah" in the background now. "Oh my God, yes!" she cried out suddenly. The dog was cumming inside of her now.

    Then suddenly the guy rushed in and pulled the dog off of the woman, she screamed in pain as the dick came out of her. The red dick was engorged in some fucked up way and she collapsed on the floor as they led the dog away quickly.

    The woman just lay there with the camera rolling, several guys in the background laughing and making jokes about what just happened. Suddenly a another woman came into view, she was the same gal with the girl/girl video I watched earlier. She brought a robe to cover the woman as she still lay there on the floor, the Scene faded to black.......

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife has a part time job and is out every day for about four and a half hours. In that time with the aid of some porn I masturbate between four and six times. Is this normal?

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    Straight Male / 23

    I went for an early morning jog due to the fact it was going to get extremely hot in the afternoon. It must have been around 5:00am when left my house and the weather was already somewhat hot. I was sweating profusely and decided to take a break at the halfway point which I usually do. It was coming up to 6:00am now and I was right by a lake. I didn't see anyone around and figured I would take a quick dip to cool off. I took all my clothes off and went in for a few minutes. It was very refreshing. I came back out and put my clothes back on and continued to sit around when about 10 minutes later three women, who look like they were in their late 50's, come by. One of them tells me I shouldn't masturbate in public like I did. I told her I didn't, which was the truth, and she said the three of them saw me. I once again told them I didn't. The three of them told me they knew I didn't but now expected me to. I told them I wasn't going to. One of them says she thinks they can change my mind. She tells me they saw me in the water naked and took a few pictures. She said if I masturbate for them that they will do nothing but if I don't do as they ask they will show the police my naked pictures and tell them that they saw me masturbating and want me arrested. One of them was holding a cellphones up now and smiling. I told them I wasn't going to do it. Another one of them made a comment asking me who the police would believe, me or the three of them with naked pictures of me. She made a good point and I was worried about getting charged with doing something I hadn't done. I agreed to do as they asked but only under the condition they delete my naked pictures and not call the police. They agreed but only after I did it. I undressed and there I was naked in front of the three of them as they watched me cum for them. It took a lot longer than usual for me to cum as I was extremely embarrassed doing what I was doing in front of them as I had never done something this with anyone watching. I think they enjoyed it was taking longer because they were getting to see a younger naked guy stroke himself longer. Finally I did cum for them and they were pleased. I asked for them to erase the pictures now and they asked what pictures. It turns out they didn't have any naked pictures of me and that only one of them thought they had seen me naked and they decided to use that against me. The fact I gave in to them made them realize I must have been naked. As they were leaving they said it was nice to see young cock but that I was such a sucker for exposing myself so easily. They said I could have so easily got them to strip before I did what I did so all of us would have been naked. They then added with all of us naked you never know what could have happened.

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    Straight Male / 33

    Who in their right mind allows a teenager to enter their garden, massage their wife and then watch as he slowly penetrates her with his fingers. As she begins to stir from her relaxed state, the teenager then begins to rub her clit, which gets her to turn over. He literally rips off her bikini bottoms, buries his face between her legs and then has her orgasming moments later. Once she's calmed down from her climax, he strips himself to rebeal he's very well endowed and she opens her mouth to accept his enormous cock. Sucking and slurping away on his long fat dick, she almost makes him cum, but he wants her fuck holes and boy does he get them for the next twenty minutes. Her pussy and asshole are pounded as hard as she can take it, and then some. Drilling her asshole from behind, he grips her hair, yanks her head back and unloads his cum deep up her rear fuckhole. Once he's drained his balls up her, he has her turn around and service his cock, getting her to lick and suck every drop of cum and anal cream off of it. Once she's done he puts his cock away and gets up. Walking out of our garden, he turns to me and tells me to text him next time she wants his cock. I smile at our neighbors son and let him know he's welcome anytime, and so does my wife.
    He's nineteen now, but he lost his cherry in my wife's pussy four years ago. And each week I watch him fuck her anyway he likes. I love watching them fuck. My wife loves having him fuck her. And he adores the fact it's on tap for him whenever he's horny and wants to empty his balls. Oh yeh! I forgot to mention I get to clean my wife up each and every time afterwards. Just love the taste of freshly fucked pussy and asshole, especially with a bucket load of cum leaking out of those beautiful holes.

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    Lesbian Female / 47

    When I was 24 I was a 3rd grade teacher at a suburban elementary. I rented a duplex close to the school. I was brought up Catholic and I had never dated. I was a middle child, one of seven. I just never dated.

    Next door was a couple, in the fifties. She worked as a cashier at the book store and he was mechanic for an auto dealer. We were neighbors and we made friends and they invited me over to dinner and we talked from time to time. I was home from school, and she was off that afternoon and she came to my place and we talked. She broached the subject of boyfriends. I told her the truth that I never met anyone I liked. She said in a real firm voice that maybe I wanted a girl instead.

    I laughed, really, I thought she was crazy. But she wasn't and she walked over to me and touched me between my legs. She backed me up into the corner of the kitchen, touching me between the legs and touching my breasts. All the time telling me that what I really wanted was pussy. Once against the counter in the corner she put her hand up into my crotch and her other hand on my breast while she tried to kiss me. She got my mouth and kissed me and kissed me all over my face while she kept touching me.

    She was totally on me and told me that she was going to push my pants down and she was going to eat my pussy and she wanted me to open my legs. While she was eating me, she helped me out of my pants. After a few minutes of eating me, she stood up and took me to the living room and sat me down on the couch and ate me.

    She stood up wiping her face and told me not to move, when she came back she wanted my legs wide open because she was going to bring me something I was really going to like. She left and came back with a large, purple, rubber penis. I let her, I didn't stop her and she used the penis on me, spreading me as wide as she could while she got on me and put her face between my breasts and fucked me with that penis until I had my first orgasm.

    She gave me to her husband, which I did not like, but it was the price I had to pay to be with her.

    When she left town I cried. I was so alone.

    For the next twenty years I had short term relationships with other women I met here and there. I am not aggressive and it is hard for me to make a move. I moved to a part of town where a lot of gay people live, but mostly all I saw was gay men. I have a hard time identifying gay women, at least women that I would pick.

    I have a younger woman that I see now, she expects me to make advances. I really miss my days with my neighbor, I have never been able to replace that. I really want to be forced upon, that is the truth.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I started a long, ongoing affair with my mother in law by flashing her in a bar.
    She was playing a video poker machine that showed animated nude women whenever you would win. She was playing one that was in the corner when I walked over and said" don't you ever get tired of looking at those chicks in there?" She said " yeah I wish that they had ones with men on them". So I went to the bathroom and came back. She was winning pretty good and I was watching for a while.
    Suddenly I just got the urge pulled out my cock (which was fully hard) and said "here you go, you know for winning so much". She didn't know what I meant, of course do she turned around. My cock staring right at her. She looks down me gasps. Then gets a huge smile on her face.
    She was like, "what are you doing?" And I said "you said that you wanted to see a man, so I figured I would show you one". She looks at my Cock again, smiles, licks her lips, and says "wow, that's for sure!"
    Later that night my wife (girlfriend at the time) get into a huge fight. Her husband decided to stay out drinking for the night so I call her up and ask her if I could sleep at her place. She says "yes, but when you get here, I need you to give me a back massage". I said ok and drive like a maniac to her house.
    I walk in the door and she's in the bedroom. I walk into her room and drop my pants around my ankles. It's pretty dark so she has no clue. I say hi and ask her where her back hurts as I start rubbing her. She tells me where and I give her the rubbing she needed. I notice that's she's moaning a lot for just getting a back rub. I try to break the ice by telling her how I've been attracted to her for years. Ever since I saw her exiting the pool in a quite clingy bathing suite. (You could basically count her pubic hair). And ask her how she liked the back rub. She says that she has some tension at the top around the middle of her shoulders. So I start rubbing up there. Faking being clumsy around her bra straps.
    I tell her that I can't really rub her good unless she takes her bra off. She says ok. So I undo her bra and start rubbing her again. She's moaning even louder now. I start rubbing from her spine out to the side of her back. Just below her arm pits. Then her sides. Making sure to brush the sides of her tits. No resistance! So I move back to the middle of her back and start moving down.
    I reach the top of her ass crack when I figure I would try my luck. I turn my thanks facing her feet and keep moving down. Slipping my hands under her pajama bottoms and into her pantys. Then I start rubbing her ass.
    She starts writhing around. I love further down her ass and start massaging the back of her thighs. I can feel her body giving in to my every touch and rub. So I start moving in to her inner thighs. All the sudden she clenches up. I ask her "hey, I've always wondered how you trim your pussy hair". She says "the that's a pretty intimate uestion". I say "yeah, so?" You just saw mine earlier tonight". She's like "yeah that's true, but I think that's a bit too intimate". I say "how's this for intimate?"
    I grab her hand and put it on my cock. I say "feel how hard I am for you right now?" She starts rubbing my cock. She says "I can't believe that your dick gets so hard so fast!" I tell her that it's only when I get really turned on and that's what she is doing to me right now. She turns over and kisses me. Then immediately goes down and starts sucking my cock.
    I push her away and say" I really want to eat your pussy right now." She says ok and tells me to lay down. She straddles my face and I start luck her pussy really lightly. Just barely touching her warm wet pussy lips with my tongue. I start licking towards her clit and she almost collapses on me. I can hear her pussy gurgling in the juices that it's producing so I can't take it anymore and start licking it harder and harder. At this point she can't sit back up anymore and takes my cock into her mouth.
    We give each other probably the best 69 either of us have ever had. She rolls off of me onto her stomach and says " I can't take it anymore, I need your big cock inside me!" So I kneel over her. She's on her stomach with her legs just slightly open.
    I position myself so that I can access her pussy with my cock. I rub the head up and down her lips to tease her a little more. She says "cmon, I can't take it anymore, out it inside me!" So I slowly slide my cock in her pussy. Making sure that she feels every inch as I enter her soaking wet pussy. He lets out a gasp as if she's thinking holy fuck this guy is going to fuck my brains out. I start fucking her slowly at first. And she's grinding back hungrily on my cock. Wanting me more and more. So I start fucking her harder.
    She's starts to moan like a wild woman and after a few minutes I pull out and flip her over and out it in her missionary style because I wanted to play with her tits.
    Long story short, we fucked in five different positions. Ending up transitioning from doggy to her pulling my cock out and shoving it in her own ass! Finally after a while I tell her that I'm about to cum. She says "go ahead you've made me cum so many times now that I'm getting dizzy". That statement pretty much was the trigger for me. I can't take it anymore and start cumming into her asshole. Thrusting so hard from cumming that I'm almost throwing her off of my dick. When I stop, she takes my dick out, turns around and starts sucking me clean. She says "holy fuck! I wish we could do this all night but it's been a couple hours now". I don't know when my husband is coming home, but you better head out to the couch". I set you out s blanket and a pillow". "Thanks mom" I said as we are both getting dressed. We both laugh our asses off I as walk out of her room.
    We both know that this is going to be a long, ongoing thing.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I rent a master suite in a large 4 bdrm home in Las Vegas. The home is in a rather upscale neighborhood and I have two other roommates that share the home. My one roommate is Jim, he is 35yo and without sounding gay, a good looking guy. He does advertisement work for the MGM Grand, so I know he meets a lot of people daily.

    Anyway, Jim is always bringing home women to fuck. Mostly the women just come rolling up in their BMW's, Mercedes, etc. BTW most of these women are older, some appear to be in their mid 50's as well.

    The funny part is these nicely manicured women with their hair freshly done, and their prim and proper looks are screaming for Jim to fuck them within a short time. They come over in the middle of the day, and for sure late in the evenings.

    Me and my other roommate Jerry start laughing when Jim is in his bedroom blasting one of his Cougars. The headboard slams against the wall and the gal is just moaning like a teenager in heat.

    I love to watch them leave after a hour or so with Jim, they can barely walk out to their cars in their high heels. They get behind the wheel and start fixing their hair and putting their makeup back on.

    One night Jim knocked on my door saying he was going to be entertaining a special lady and he would appreciate it if Jerry and I wouldn't say anything to anyone about who it was. I just laughed and said "ok."

    If Jim hadn't said anything I probably wouldn't have paid attention, but now Jerry and I was sure curious as hell. About 8pm the sun was going down when this top of the line Mercedes pulled into the driveway. The windows were blacked out so we couldn't see inside of the car.

    Jerry is in my room and were peeking out through the blinds. The woman finally got out of the Mercedes. Another Cougar, and dressed to the fucking nines! Her hair was perfect as if she had just left the Salon. Very nice outfit, leather skirt and nice blouse. Patent pumps with very high heels, and those big sunglasses that obscure the facial features.

    My roommate says quietly "holy shit!" He asks me if I know who that was, and I really don't recognize her. But according to Jerry, she was the wife of one of the big Casino Execs. So we hear Jim let her in as she gets to the front door.

    We hear the champagne bottle being opened and away they go to Jim's bedroom a short time later. I thought I had heard some shit from some of Jim's other Cougars, but this gal put the rest of them to shame.

    This gal screamed and moaned as Jerry fucked her. We could hear him spanking her ass while her fucked her. She loved it, we could hear her begging Jim for more. Even with the homes spaced apart, it wouldn't have surprised me if the cops showed up. Things would quiet down for a bit, then start all over again.

    Since it was dark when she left about 2hrs later, we had the outside lights on. Jerry and I peeking out the window as she walked to her Mercedes with Jim. She was carrying her high heels along with her purse. Her hair wasn't quite as perfect as it had been when she arrived earlier.

    She had opened the driver's door and tossed her heels and purse inside. She turned and gave Jim a pretty hot kiss, Jim sliding his hand up under her leather skirt for until she finally back away. You could see on her face Jim had wore her out, no doubt she would be in the car fixing her hair and applying her makeup before she pulled away.

    She made several more appearances before I moved out. Obviously I wasn't there every time she came around, but enough to know whatever Jim was doing to her she was really enjoying......

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    I am having an affair with a married woman, but that is not my main confession. Part of me would love to tell
    him everything that has been going on. Maybe to brag to him a little, but mostly to see if he would get turned on at all to hear about what has been going on with his wife.

    Here is what I would love for him to know, if I had the chance to tell him.

    I enjoy "sharing" her sexually with you, her husband, even though you have no idea she is cheating.
    I have gotten so many of your sloppy seconds over the years, and I know of at least 4 times you have gone 2nd after me. I am willing to admit that I have started to enjoy eating your cum out of her, and then replacing it with my own cum. We know she cannot get pregnant, so we are both free to cum inside her as much as we want. Aren't we lucky?? She has gone to bed probably a hundred times with a mixture of us inside her.
    I know your cock is thicker than mine, but mine is longer than yours. I actually think to myself as I am fucking her (in your bed) "you go wide, I'll go deep!" She has the best of both worlds between us.
    I have talked her into calling you about a dozen times while we were in bed and having sex. Honestly, to be quietly pushing in and out of a woman as she talks to her husband on the phone is beyond exciting.

    On your 10 year anniversary, you went to California. I worked for the airlines at the time, and I hated the idea of you having her all to yourself for 4 nights. So - I flew out there and got to spend 3 hours with her that one afternoon while you played golf. That was one of the times I know for sure you got MY seconds. How did I taste??

    You almost caught us was a Sunday, and we could not go to your house since you were home, so we parked at a doctors office that was closed and pretty secluded. You decided to take a long bike ride that day, and you rode right past where we were having sex. If our cars were parked opposite, with hers facing the street, you would have seen it for sure.

    I love that little ceramic jar you have in your office on the desk. I know you put money in for "emergencies". I have told your wife that I was low on gas, and asked to borrow money. She would take money out of the jar before I left - so basically there have been times that you have indirectly paid me to fuck your

    We have fucked all over your house. I would say just about all the stains on your couch and on your favorite lazy-boy are not from things spilling, but overflow out of your wife. Sorry.

    If you ever wondered how the pages that you saved in the book on your night stand seem to change - don't worry, you are not losing your mind. That's just a little game I play with you to let you know I was there.

    I never want her to leave you for me....her and I getting together is just for sex. From what is seems like, the two of you are happy together, and I don't want to interfere with that.
    I just think your wife needs a lot more sex that just 1 man can give her. I think you and I have done great for her so far - we are a team!
    Thanks for sharing her with me.

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