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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    here is what is on my mind. i am not into fucking my mom. not into fucking kids, my sister, or letting another suck my dick, no way and what the fuck. i am into the pussy and only the pussy. pussy over the age of 21 to 100 of age. i think a lot of those stories are B.S and people dreams of what someone once to do. ask i get older i get more sexual boldness and go after what i want. pussy is pussy, black, whit and other women that fall in between. i love to suck the breast right off , enjoy eating a wet pussy from start to finish. love fucking slow and deep . yes ladies i take my time. to the younger men out there, take your time when fucking . don,t go on looks because you could be passing up a great some great pussy. since i was 21 or older i have fuck many women who aren't in the top 10. so what its the pussy i need and a good nut. let me name 3 females i knew. 1- Maryann. she was a total dick suck who would suck my dick each day, dam i miss those lips she was kind of chubby. 2- Susan was kind of thin but had great tits, she had the thing of having a tits orgasms when i would suck her tits. great fuck that would beg for some dick, she was fun looking. 3- Tina was a BBW she had a thing for putting ice cream around her pussy so i could lick it clean also love taking a bath together. now i look and would like to find a fuck friend in her 40,s or 50,s only time will tell. thanks for reading.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    We're just about to set off on hiking trip to the northern part of the UK. My wife thinks the reason I've agreed to meet up with Tom and his wife Louise, is so I can show them all the routes, sites of interest and to finally apologise to Tom for fucking Louise.
    When in fact it wasn't just Louise who I was fucking, Toms arsehole also took a damn good fucking before my wife discovered that I'd been balls deep up Louises c**t. They'd gotten drunk together last month. Louise stupidly admitted she knew what my cock looked like. My wife quizzed her, so she eventually owned upto having a one night fling with me. She somehow didn't mention I'd sucked and fucked with Tom as well, and that she'd masturbated using a dildo as we fucked one another.
    If and its a big if, I can convince my wife to share a bed with Tom and Louise, then I think I might own upto having sex with our neighbours a two years ago (They've moved now). The strange thing was she was actually there in the same room, but once again she was pissed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    Last weekend my friend and i tricked his wife into fucking me. He blindfolded her and let me in the room when she was naked. She sucked my cock and i fucked her in her pussy and ass. He even let me cum in her. She still does not it was me. I hope he lets me do it again sometime.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    This isn't a confession I am just curious about who uses this site.

    1. Which age group? 18 and under, 19-25, 26-35, 36-45. 46-55, 56-65, 65+

    2. Which gender? Male, Female (or which do you identify yourself as)

    3. Sexuality? Straight, Bi, Gay, Lesbian

    4. If Religious what is your religion

    5. using the age groups above, how old was you the first time you had sex?

    6. Which colour are you?

    7. Have you ever posted a false confession on this or any other confession sites?

    Answers to my own questions
    1. 36-45
    2. Male
    3. Straight
    4. Non Religious
    5. 18 and under
    6. White
    7. Never, if you want to tell stories use a story site.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    If I had a dollar every time someone has come upto me this last year to tell me my wife Sarah is having men around when I go to my favourite bar. I'd be able to buy everyone a beer at the bar as I wait to receive a text from my wife to say my services are required.

    By the time I get home, her latest lover will have left our home, but not before leaving a deposit, either in my wifes pussy or asshole. She'll be waiting for me naked, usually on our bed with her legs spread. That's when my services will be required, as I'll eat out her pussy and asshole. Making sure I suck out every drop of her lovers cum and swallow the lot.

    She'll sometimes cum when I'm tonging her, other times she'll just make me lick her quickly as she'll want to go to sleep. I'll know when it's going to be a long luxurious tonging, because my wife will relate everything she's done with her large cocked lover as my mouth tastes their passion.

    Recently though, things have changed a little. She's found a guy who she likes to have regular sex with. He's the one who suggested I take care of him too. So only last week after she'd text me, I walked home to find them both waiting for me. Licking and sucking his cum out of my wifes asshole had an effect on him. He got an hard on and my wife told me to service him. In a first for me, I took his fat long pussy and ass juiced coated cock into my mouth. Licked and sucked it clean, then gave my first ever head as my wife encouraged me to make him cum.

    When he blew his load, my wife held my head forcing me to swallow his surprisingly copious amount of cum. It's also the first time one of her lovers has stayed overnight. I stayed in the guest room most of the night, only going in to service them both, as required.

    It's a situation I initiated a year or so ago, as I knew my small cock couldn't keep my insatiable wife truely happy. And it's a situation I'm now honestly and truely happy to be in.

    Cuckold husband and financial household retainer.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    I can't talk with my husband about role playing. Both of us have never done it. He becomes defensive when i do try bringing it up. I asked him what comes to mind when i say role play and he says he feels stupid because he doesn't know how to act what he isn't. He used to be in acting and enjoyed that. I assured him that if we do try and he isn't liking it, its okay if we just stop and i would be happy that we gave it a shot.

    I won't be asking anymore, i have asked on occasion over the last couple of years. No point in trying when it always ends in an argument and he doesn't know why the thought of role playing overwhelms him. This is me seeing his perspective on it.

    My side is a little different. I've never been in acting and i have wanted to role play for several years now. His defensive reactions are making me feel ashamed about my desires and curiosity. The catch, my desires have become stronger because i do feel so close and happy with my husband. I'm wanting to take our sex life to the next level. He loves it when i do get wild in bed, I'm fearing that its going to become boring for me because i don't want to be the only one "putting on a show". I start holding back and he gets mad at that too. I start hearing how he misses the way i used to be when i would dance for him, talk sexy to him, and so forth. This isn't a weight problem that is weighing me down, i am rather slender with an hour glass figure. Looks sure don't last but I'm wanting to enjoy it while we can.

    He gets really turned on when i crank the music, dance for him, and i don't allow him to touch me until i instruct him to. I know that i could act things out all the way through keeping both of us hot and bothered until we explode. Could he be intimated when he thinks about "putting on a show" for me? I long for him to just grab me and have his way with me and i love hearing him talk dirty to me. He doesn't want to force himself on me in any way so were stuck when it comes to role playing.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I must confess. I found this site when bored one night. And I have spent a lot of time reading the posts on here.

    And my confession is this:

    I feel that at least 95% of the things written on here are total bullshit.

    I cannot believe anyone would actually buy into most of what people have written on here. I saw someone fucked his mom. I saw someone else fucked his sister. I saw a lot of people fucking their step kids. They also fucked their neighbors. Some I saw that warranted some belief, including being m****ted by an uncle, a cousin, a fat old overweight neighbor, or, the classic one, the babysitter (gasp - Not the babysitter. No. Tell me it isn't so).

    Now after the last couple of weeks of reading, I will go off into my world, work my job, and of course, share this website with hundreds of others I know, telling them if they get bored, and would like cheap entertainment, they should all means visit this site. Because it will fill them with laughter as it has me.

    I also read one of the stories and comments where someone wanted to call the FBI? Do you really think that, after reading this, any law enforcement agency with half a mind would believe the mindless bullshit people wrote on here? The idealism that someone would willingly and knowingly confess their dirtiest sins, knowing that various laws could potentially be broken, that warrants could be issued, subpoenas could be created and forced by the court system, and they could discover to their surprise that (gasp), I'd figure 99% of the people on here are using an IP blocker, they are cloning their MAC address, and they are using a firewall with a Ghost Protocol that will hide everything they say.

    So by all means, get your cheap entertainment, enjoyment, and your fun thinking something would actually come of this. I actually did a WHOS Query on this site itself today, and was entertained to find out it was a legitimate company. Go do it yourself. You can find a legal listing online.

    So if they know that this stuff is being posted through THEIR SERVER, if they really thought it was legitimate, you really think they would allow it?

    Cheap entertainment. I confess it's been greatly entertaining to me. I even bookmarked it on my browser one night, because I knew I could always get a good laugh when I return. Tomorrow I'm sure someone will be fucking their step kid, their neighbor, or a cousin's best friend who is about 12 with huge ass boobs.

    Good stuff right there :) I confess I am laughing as I type this. And yes, I am an adult. Employed legally. Financially secure. And cheaply entertained.

    Ha ve a great night now you pathetic losers that use this site. I confess it's bedtime for me :)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    i am lying here tonight in my bed, my nighty on and my panties off. i am soooooo horny i just want to feel another person next to me. a guys cock in my hand or in my mouth, i would do anything right now. i roll over hoping to feel a hard cock pressing my wetness or breasts and nipples pushing into my back.

    my pillow between my legs... rocking. i feel my climax building. mmmmmmmm... oh... no relief. i so need to be fucked!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 47

    I was house sitting for my cousin, and he has one of the bigger breeds of dogs, not sure what exactly it was. Either way, my first night, I get home from work, kick off my heels and change into sweats. I'm lying on the love seat, watching TV, with my feet hanging over the arm, when the dog starts licking my feet. My feet were sore, and it felt so good, I didn't stop him. He was like a machine, and it eventually started to get to me. I became so hot and wet, I ended up masturbating laying on that couch, with the dog still licking my feet. My orgasm was so intense I was dizzy and seeing stars. I repeated this every night for the next six nights. First and last experience like this one.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 19

    Hey im 19 and have always thought about fucking a "bigger girl" yet havent had the courage to actually go through with it. Is this normal? Also if thats all i want how do i even approach it/bring it up without sounding like a sex driven moron? I love sex and sometime just cant get enough of it...

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