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    Straight Female / 32

    Not getting any sex at home because he's always "Tired" I decided to enjoy myself with some extra marital fun. In the eighteen months I've been putting myself out for sex, I've had nine different men and four women enjoy all my love holes. Most of the people I've had sex with have been through work, as I work for a hotel chain. Some have been employee's (I'm a manager) but most have been clients. The vast majority of the men have been married businessmen attracted to my slim figure and good looks. As for the women all but one of them I've met when I take my gym classes. The other one is an employee who's nineteen and we're still having sex most weeks when I visit her hotel. In a weeks time I'm taking a four day business trip over to Sweden with two young male employee's. One had already tasted my pussy and fucked all of my holes. The other young man will learn when we're away, there are benefits to looking after your manager. I just wish I'd have begun this years ago. But I guess we're all clever with hindsight.

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    Straight Female / 39

    I have a crush on our teenage neighbor!

    I simply cannot stop thinking about this boy. It is just so crazy.
    My heart races and my stomach gets turned in knots every time we are over at their house.
    Every week day at 255pm I find myself looking out the window just to see Trent walk by from
    the school up the street. I will often be touching myself as I watch him.
    I feel so dirty.
    A couple weeks ago at a barbeque his family was having, Trent and my husband were
    playing a card game against each other. I was secretly hoping Trent would beat my husband,
    and he did.
    Even that got me aroused!
    At one point, I was able to sneak upstairs and lay down on Trent's bed just for about a minute.
    I inhaled the scent on his pillow, and dreamed about him laying there with me.

    When my husband and I are intimate, I can only think of Trent. I close my eyes and I
    am kissing him, it is his young penis inside me, it is his cum emptying inside my body.
    My husband has no idea why I have been initiating sex so much lately (lol)

    Trent is dominant over my husband, and he has no idea.

    I would never want to cheat, but I am to the point now where I would with Trent.
    If only he knew that.

    I think about the 2 hours we could have with each other when he is done with school, and before
    my husband comes home.

    I am pretty good friends with his mom, and anytime I am talking to her there is a voice in the
    back of my mind screaming "I want your son!!"

    I am old enough to be Trent's mom - maybe that has some kind of erotic kink for me since I do
    not have any kids of my own.

    I am turning 40 soon, maybe I want Trent to make me feel young again.

    I am in great shape, but I cant help but think of all the pretty girls he goes to school with.
    Why would he ever be interested in me?

    I want to make love to Trent. My body craves him.

    Lord help me

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    For years I lead a life of sexual abandon. Nothing was taboo and I would have sex at the drop of a hat, or clothing. My boyfriend at the time, whom I met when I was eighteen, enjoyed knowing about my sexual exploits as he fucked me. I'd tell him every detail of what I got up to each day, then have him lick out my pussy and arse with us both knowing I'd have someone else's cum all over me.
    It began when I got drunk at a party and he allowed two much older men to fuck me. He told me the next morning what I'd gotten up to with the men, and how they'd both fucked my pussy and arse. I didn't believe him until he showed me the pictures he'd taken on his phone. I should have been angry, but instead I was incredibly turned on by it all. After seeing the pictures, we had sex and I literally sat on his face for ages making him lick my holes clean of any remaining cum.
    From then on he encouraged me to have sex with others. And once he even tried to get me to have sex with his sister, but I hated her so nothing happened. I did however have sex with lots of girls without ever letting him know, as it was my way of keeping my sexual self to myself sometimes.
    Year after year I'd find men or women and have sex with and then relate what had happened before he enjoyed his fetish of going down on me. You think of a place to meet other people, and believe me I've been there and found lots of people prepared to have spontaneous sex. In all and this is being conservative, I reckon by the time I'd reached twenty three I'd slept with well over two hundred and fifty different men and women.
    During all that time I kept myself extremely fit by working as I did then in a gym. And I would guess over half of the people I had sex with, I'd have met them at the gym. Two of the managers were regular sexual partners of mine and both were married with kids. One of whom has the second biggest cock I've ever seen or had sex with.
    Then a few months after my twenty third birthday, I lost my mother to breast cancer. It changed my hole perspective on life and I dumped my boyfriend, got a new job and decided things needed to change drastically.
    Taking a whole series of tests for STD's I somehow found I was clear. I'd always been relatively careful, well to some degree anyway. But even so I was totally relieved when I found out my ex had become really ill because of an STD. (I think from his new partner). Life moved on for me and I remained single (My choice) for some time.
    Dating two men and one woman over the last two years, I found I missed the harshness of some of the sex I'd had. Call it rough sex, or hard sex, or anything goes sex. Call it what you will, but I found I missed it when I dated those people. Then I met Cal after another break from dating. He's a really nice guy who's strangely wonderfully naive when it comes to sex. He's got a massive cock, a really massive cock and an ever lasting supply of sexual energy it seems. Yet it took me more than six months to get him to dominate me how I love to be fucked.
    Last month I was out with Cal, one week after I'd accepted his proposal of marriage we bumped into one of my old gym managers. He thought Cal was just another one of my sexual conquests and began to talk about my old lifestyle in a "You still a slut" way. I could see Cal's demeanor changing and then wham, Cal punched him.
    We walked off, but I could tell Cal had taken in some of what he'd said. That night in our house Cal asked me if the rumors were true about me. Someone he said had told him all about my old life and who I once had been. It hurt to hear him relay some of what he said, then he said the person's name. It was my old boyfriend who Cal had gotten his information off.
    I was livid, but I was also scared Cal might end our relationship. But that's not what happened. Cal nearing midnight took me to bed, almost dragged me to bed. And fucked me like I'd always wanted him to, yet in doing so he treated me so bluntly. It wasn't him fucking me, it was my past. Well into the next day we carried on having sex and throughout he was rough with me.
    Cal apologised to me the following afternoon when we rose from our bed. He said he'd been hurt by what my ex had told him. But there was no denying that was who I once was. Going over some of my past but not telling him everything, I related my views and feelings and told him that was the past and not how I lived my life now. I also told him just how very much I loved him.
    Over the last few weeks it's not as if things between us have changed. Yes he fucks me a little more aggressively, but then I like that. He's even begun to tell me often, something he hardly ever did, that he loves me. It's something else I feel is different, and I just hope he's able to see I am a completely changed woman.
    My past life was what it was and in the past it will stay. My only worry is something Cal said last week. He asked me if I'd ever sleep with another woman again. When I asked why, he said he found the thought of me returning to him after having sex with another woman, a total turn on.

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    Lesbian Female / 47

    When I was coming of age, I was having serious crushes on a particular female actress. The problem is that I was female and I just couldn't put her out of my mind. I excused my feelings by telling myself that she was a real good actress and I liked her movies, but at night I would fantasize about doing things with her, or rather how she would do things with me.

    I stayed crushed on her and in my junior year of high school I confessed my obsession with this actress to this other girl. She and I had a joint project, but we were otherwise not friends. She kidded me about my obsession and started to swat my behind, and would reach out and touch my boobs. One afternoon she got behind me and grabbed both of my boobs and whispered that she knew I liked it. She pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me and kissed me and challenged me to tell her I didn't like it. After feeling me up real good she said I was queer. She told me she was queer so my secret was locked away with her.

    She was the only other queer girl I knew at school. We went to different colleges but we got together when we were home for holidays and such. We were too young to drink, so we either went to the movies or out to eat pizza or hung out together. Yes, every once in a while, we would get our faces to close to each other and we let our cheeks rub against each other. But our feelings were more like really close friends. Neither one of us acted out anything, other than that one afternoon at my house, we never did anything. And that meant not with any one else either.

    As we got along towards graduation we were both in a series of weddings for friends, and because we were from the same town and school, we had mutual friends that were getting married and she and I would go together. At these weddings we were introduced to a lot of eligible men, but we never met anyone that interested us. After graduation we had to decided what we were going to do, so we rented a small two bedroom house and took jobs in town. We were oblivious to how we were perceived, at least no one ever said anything to us, but later we found out we had been 'pegged', but we were left alone.

    At my work I met a man, he was in his late forties, but he was a really nice man and I would have lunch with him and I confessed my situation to him and he told me that staying platonic was the worst thing for us, either get in bed and 'be' who we wanted to be or move on and find someone that we could give ourselves to. He actually talked to both of us at the same time and asked us to spell it out, did we 'hunger' to be together? His 'orders' were to get buck naked and get some tits and ass and not stop until we fell apart exhausted.

    It didn't happen quite like that, but it did happen, we gingerly got in bed and gingerly touched and kissed. It was after many hesitant times together that we got buck naked and went all out for some tits and ass. It wasn't normal for people to come out, but he told us to write down in a letter to our parents and tell them we were queer. Not mail it, but write it down, how would we tell our parents we were queer. To write down on a piece of paper everyday when we went to work "I am queer", then to make a poster like we did in high school, with big bold letters "We are Queers" He made us tell him out loud that we ate pussy. It sound easy now, but it wasn't, telling a man in those days that you 'ate pussy'.

    It took a long time before I told my mother I wasn't interested in a 'man'. It was not well received, she said it was her worst nightmare. My girlfriend, we had gotten around to calling ourselves girlfriends, we didn't use the word partner or anything even similar to that, my girlfriend's family told her to keep such things to herself.

    My girlfriend had a cousin, he was a man who had traveled quite a bit and had lived in Europe and we approached him and asked him if he would do us the favor and that is how we got our daughter. She is grow up now, and has a her family. In 2016 we tied the knot, not really for any reason other than why not. For a honeymoon we went on a cruise, and we introduced ourselves as a married couple and we had a grand time, along with the other grandmother's showing off pictures of our grandkids.

    Go for it, say it out loud to yourself, if you are queer you are queer. Just don't shove it anyone's face, that is no way to make friends.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I watched my 40 yo wife get fucked by a 25 yo guy this weekend with a huge cock. I was so exciting watching her pussy stretch to fit his big cock. He fucked the shit out of her and i loved every minute. He came all over her big tits. I hope she will do it again.

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    Straight Male / 34

    MY first group sex experience didn't go as planned. My wife and I joined another couple for a camping trip knowing they were swingers and knowing they were interested in "playing" which is what they call swapping. So my wife and I having known the other couple for a long time and doing a lot of partying, flirting and near misses were ready to give swapping a shot.

    Lots of beer and laughs and we ended up in their big tent. Now we're not campers but this was a first time thing so we were staying with them sharing an air mattress making it more likely we end up in a sexual situation. I was hopeful. I always found the other woman very sexy. She's tall, dark, and pretty with a curvy body while my wife is just the opposite more athletic, thin, small boobs, pretty with dark blond hair and fair skin so a change was exciting.

    We're in the tent a little drunk and the guys talks about playing a card game which was really just an excuse to get naked. The girls were topless in no time and he kept pushing things until they were making out then sucking each other's tits, figuring each other and all that.

    While the girls went at it, he stripped nude so I did as well. I couldn't help but notice his dick it was rock hard and long and really thick. I'm was never into guys but his cock was something else I was looking back and forth between his wife's bald pussy, my wife's bald pussy and his trimmed cock. He said hey get hard let's go and I was. I never felt so horny in my life or free and perverted it was an exciting feeling.

    So the girls are going at it and he starts touching first his wife then he touched mine, feeling her ass, her tits and rubbing her clit. I did the same to his wife. We're all in a kind of mash up touching all over and I feel my dick getting sucked. The lighting in the tent was dim but you could see a little. I thought his wife was sucking my cock but as things settled down I ended up on my back getting a crazy hot blow job and I slowing realized that he was sucking my cock. The girls were in a hot sixty nine and weren't even in contact with us anymore they were totally into each other's pussies while he was deep thoating and nobbing me. I wanted to stop him but it felt so good I couldn't. He shifted position a few times and there was his huge cock inches from my face.

    I knew he wanted me to suck him but I resisted. His cock was bumping my face, cheeks across my mouth, he was trying to get in it and then he just rolled us over now I saw on top, him sucking, me slow moving my hips groaning and his dick in my face. I looked over at my wife who was lost in pussy and said fuck and took it into my mouth. I sucked, took him as deep as I could and kept as it trying to figure it out but found it wasn't all that tough to do. It tasted good, felt good in my mouth, I was able to take it almost all the way down and even tasting pre-cum was ok.

    So there we are the two girls have oral with each other and the two guys having sex with each other. Not what I expected by any means but it was fun and it felt good. He got serious and did this thing with him mouth that made him cum so hard. He swallowed and then there I was trying to finish him off too. I wished I was still horny but I focused really hard on sucking his cock head. He talked me into slowing way down which did the trick he ended up cumming which didn't taste as gross as anticipated and swallowing was cool other than the "holy shit I swallowed cum" thoughts after.

    After he came, I lay back and realized the girls were watching when I made him cum. My wife's eye were wide but she didn't say anything bad.

    We spent the next day and night together and that night we swapped finally so I got to fuck his smoke show wife and he did mine. When we got home my wife was saying wow and I can't believe we both had same sex sex and acted like it was crazy for both of us even though it was really weird for me. After doing that I can say it wasn't bad and TBH I'd like to do it again.

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    Straight Male / 32

    This is the home office of a large insurance company and the work is boring as hell. The situation I'm in probably had its genesis in the widespread boredom.

    Abou t two years ago, in the men's room, a fellow I did not know, glanced at my penis while I urinated. He glanced a few times to the point where I almost spoke out. While washing, he introduced himself to me and asked if I would join him for a drink after work. I told him I don't use alcohol so he offered a cup of coffee.

    Before I finished the second cup, he blurted out, "Look, Pete, my wife and I have an open marriage and we both scout sex partners for each other. Are you, interested?" Before I spoke out, he said, "The fact that you are single does not enter the picture."

    The bottom line, I ended up nailing his somewhat sexy wife, often. She also has a great sense of humor I much enjoy. The downside, he wants to watch, sit on the sideline and jerk off. I've gotten used to it. The more recent news, he has a friend that might offer me the same deal if his wife wants me. I'm game.

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    Straight Female / 38

    This isn't a confession about not getting enough sex, and it isn't a confession about me falling out of love with my husband Neil either. It is about him having a massive sex drive and a really large cock, which keeps me more than happy in bed. In fact he wants sex too much for me nowadays and I simply want help.
    The thing is, Neil's a nice guy who wouldn't cheat on me, not even if I withdrew from sex altogether. And believe me he's such a fantastic lover.

    I'm not the only person who lives in our home with Neil. At the age of nineteen I had a daughter to my first real boyfriend. He's long gone, but Melissa my daughter who's a beautiful young woman lives with us. She's extremely fond of Neil and I know from secretly reading her diary recently she'd love to have him between her legs.
    She was drunk a few weeks back when I put her to bed, only to find her diary open next to her door. Ever the curious type, I read a little and then a little more. In many of her entries she'd put just how much she wanted Neil to take advantage of her, to fuck her and for him to be her long term lover.
    I didn't say anything, more because she'd know I'd read her diary, but the more I think about what she's wrote down, the more I think the situation could work for us all.

    Last weekend with Melissa out, and neil and I having sex, when he was licking my pussy and arsehole, I breathlessly asked him would he like it to be melissa'a pussy and arse he was tonguing. He didn't answer at first, nor did he say anything when I posed the questionagain ashe slid his cock into me from behind. What did happen though, is my daughter's step father absolutely pounded my pussy, then my arse making me orgasm twice before he came up my bum. It was such a passionate fuck, even more then usual, I asked Neil as we lay together if he'd been thinking of Melissa.
    Turning to face me, my husband said "Yes".

    Nothing and I genuinely mean that. Nothing has happened yet, as I'm thinking carefully if I should allow them to have sex together. I've spoken to Neil on a few occasions now and he's admitted he's wanted to seduce Melissa for some time, but never would have being married to me. But now I've asked him, he's told me he'd see us all as a joint marriage.

    The ice breaker if you like was something Melissa said last night and why I'm here today. She mentioned that she found Neil attractive and also that she'd written things about him in her diary. She never said she'd seen me reading it, but now I think she did. Lastly my daughter said "Mum, I love you, I'd never take Neil away from you, you know that don't you".

    I smiled at my daughter and bizarrely felt a longing lust for her to make love to my husband.

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    Straight Male / 33

    There was a two year difference between my sister and I she was the oldest. When we were young I was about 7 and she was 9 years old we would play "Dr and nurse" she was the nurse and I played the Dr. The longer we played the more things would happen and it got to the point of things like "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and we did. I know now that we were not the ones who done this when we were young so don't bullshit me that other siblings did not do this!
    She and I always would come in the bathroom on each other when showers was being taken when were young but when we got in our early teen years I was around 13 and she was 15 our parents stopped this.
    Our bedrooms were on one end of the house and our parents had a bath in there bedroom on the other end so we shared the one in our hallway. We still would play grabbing each other but one day while I was fixing to take a shower and the water was running she walked in on me jacking off. I was shooting my load in the toilet and I turned around fast but still shooting. She said "oh I'm sorry and walked out" but she saw it all because I had my leg on the toilet playing with my balls and I was facing the door so she got a great view.
    Around a week later our parents went out to eat and go to a movie with some friends of ours and Diane and I was watching TV.
    I was in my running shorts laying on the couch and she was in her night gown which was a short one. I started getting a boner because she would prop her leg on the edge or hang one across the arm rest. She saw my dick starting to stick up and she just flat out ask me if she could see my dick and balls like she had saw in the bathroom. I told her we had saw each other before but not like when we were younger except through the shower glass.
    I had been jacking off for a while seeing her in the shower but for her to ask me was a surprise so I said I would if she would get naked. She agreed to this but she wanted to see me jack off and cum because she had never saw this real life just pictures. We went to her bedroom in a dim light she had and she took off her night gown and panties and damn what a set of perky tits and her pussy looked good but she said she would not spread her legs for me to see her between those beautiful legs she had. I had already dropped my shorts and my dick was hard and throbbing and I did have to jack off then but I wanted to see her pussy spread and my dick was hurting!!!
    I took her by her hand, moved up against her and my dick went up her belly and I started "humping" on her. The next thing I knew we were kissing and she let me suck on her tits. I eased her back on the bed and she started spreading her legs wider as we kissed and I sucked on her tits. I tried to put my dick in her but she started pushing me off and ask me again to jack off for her. I stood up and put my left leg on her bed and started pulling my dick fast and hard. She started to play with herself but I shot a nut on her in less than a minute!!
    I was embarrassed now and I went to the bathroom to get the cum off of my hand and get dressed. She came in and still naked and started to play with my balls and dick with my cream still on her. We kissed and I got hard again. She took me by the hand, took me back to her bedroom, laid down on the bed spread her legs some and started fingering herself and told me she had been doing this for a while because she would crack the door and watch me jacking off in the shower and she wanted to see me cum and I told her I watched her to fingering her pussy so we both were both guilty of watching each other!!
    I started again asking her to spread her pussy so I could see inside her pink hole and she did some but she wanted to masturbate with me.
    I shot another nut on her tits but it took a little while this time and she said she had a orgasm to!
    After this we would be with each other as much as possible especially when we got home from school I would finger her while she jacked me off. It finally got to the point (about a month) where we would leave the light on at dark so we could see each other good while we masturbated together. I got a couple of condoms from my friend and the first time we had sex I know she was 17 and she was pissed off at her boyfriend so I was lucky!!! Also this was the first time she sucked my dick while I licked her c**t and she squirted in my mouth and she swallowed my cum, we licked each other dry or tried to!!!
    Believe what you want but we are both in our 30's now, married with kids but she was the best lover I've ever had. Every now and then she will call me or I will call her and we will meet even at hotels and when were together and get a chance we flat out fuck because we enjoy each other that much and we still love to masturbate and watch each other!!!!

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    Straight Male / 36

    My wife Karen is a few years younger than me (27 to be exact). She's really pretty with a great body. She has been acting for five years but it hasn't gotten her anything other than a few local commercials and a background part on a tv show as an extra.

    She came home a few months ago and said she had gotten an audition for the lead in an indi flick where she would play a sex addict. She seemed concerned because the part required her to simulate sex on camera with at least four male actors in different scenes and She would be fully nude. She wasn't sure if she was ready for that intense of a roll.

    She asked me how I felt about it and I responded as honestly as I could. Simply said, I told her she has an awesome body and has nothing to be ashamed of and since the sex would be simulated, she had no reason to worry. She chewed it over for a week, changing her mind half a dozen times.

    After her audition, she text me saying they offered her the part but we needed to talk. That night when I got home, I brought it up after dinner. I asked what she needed to talk to me about. She told me that the casting guy and the producer loved her but the director seemed indifferent. She said she nailed her lines and that she felt nervous when it came time to take her clothes of in front of three strange men but that they were very professional and that after the fact, she felt really confident.

    The problem was that the producers wanted proof of her being on birth control and disease free. When she asked the why that was necessary, they explained that they want the scenes to be as real and raw as possible, therefore she would be having intercourse and performing oral sex with the actors in these four scenes and one very graphic masturbation scene.

    I felt a jealous surge flow through me but I was also strangely aroused. I asked her what she wanted but could easily tell she was considering it by her response. She claimed that it wouldn't technically be cheating since it would be just acting and it's not like she would fall in love with any of her co stars. She explained that she had already let herself get her hopes up and She really wants this role. I was worried about what this might do to our marriage but I wanted to support her in her career so I left the decision in her hands.

    Last night she came home from filming and crawled into bed with me. I could smell the bourbon on her breath as she woke me up. She was feeling frisky and wanted to fool around. I was more preoccupied with knowing if she'd done it yet.

    She grabbed my semi hard penis and put it in her mouth and began caressing the tip with her tongue in a swirly motion whole she looked up at me with those big green eyes. "Did you do it?" I asked. She continued her magic as if trying to avoid the question but I asked again. With a catch in her throat she answered "yeah, I had my first scene today with Sam and tomorrow I'll be shooting a scene with Bobby"

    My cock got hard as rock when she said that. I had to really focus on not cumming right then and there. She noticed it too and playful suggested that if I wanted to hear the details I would have to do so while she rides me slowly (I like to go hard and fast). She swung her hips around and put the head of my dick right at the opening of her hairless and dripping wet pussy. "Are you ready?" She asked with a sinful grin on her face. All I could manage was a nod since my throat and mouth were dry with anticipation.

    She slowly lowered herself onto me with her thick, pale thighs at either side of me. Her eyes fluttered and her jaw dropped ever so slightly. The sight of her flushed chest breathing harder and harder as I went deeper into her sent chills down my back. She was really, really wet.

    She began to slowly rock her hips back and forth as she recalled the events with her eyes closed.

    "I walked to my mark,dropped my robe and slid into the bed with him. He put his hands on my naked body. It was cold but his hands were warm. There were maybe about twenty people in the room with us and everones eyes were on me. We were kissing and he was gently massaging my breasts. Then he started licking and sucking my nipples. He laid back and I started kissing his ripped chest then moving slowly down his abs and eventually down to his cock."

    "I gave him my best blowjob, after All, it would be on film. I moved my tongue and drew him into the back of my throat. I tasted him with every lick. It was so passionate. Then the director called cut but I didn't want to stop"

    "S am took a few minutes to compose himself and then we were back in action. This was the penetration scene. Back at our marks, I got on top of him just like this but with a camera in my face and a camera by my butt. When he slid inside me, I felt every inch of his d ick glide in. It felt so wrong, so foreign but I was enjoying it.

    "The director had us switch position and now he was doing me doggie over the bed. I was moaning so loud! He had me so passionately. I began to forget there were other people there and I got really into it. The director let us roll with and we did. We switched positions again but it wasn't long before Sam came"

    I couldn't believe what my wife was telling me. I should have felt angry or jealous but I couldn't care less. It was turning me on so much. I had to ask her where he came. She shamelessly admitted that he came inside her. So much so that it was running down her legs. I was in ecstasy to think another man was inside my wife but then knowing he had came inside her nearly made me blow my load too. She told me that director needed more takes therefore Sam and her had to have sex multiple times.

    "We would be fucking real good and then Sam would get all tense and get all shakey. I must have made him fun at least five times just today. He blew each load inside me too. Or the director would cut and we'd be paused with Sam's dick deep inside me and I would feel him sneak a few thrusts for himself between takes"

    Before we knew it, Karen had been riding me and describing what she did with Sam for over an hour. I needed to cum really bad so I sat forward and scoped her up from her butt and turned her onto her back with my cock still inside her and I began going to town on her. She wrapped her legs around me and She whispered in my ear.

    "After we were done I got cleaned up and Sam came to see me with a bottle of whiskey. He said he wanted to toast to a great scene well done. So he poured each of us a shot and we downed them but there was still a lot of sexual tension between us. Before i knew it I was bent over the bathroom sink and his face pressed into my ass and both his hands spreading my cheeks from behind as he ate me out. Pussy and ass! You'd think after fucking all day and cumming five times he's be done but he was more agile now that the cameras weren't there. He stood up and penetrated me from behind. He pounded me so hard. It only lasted a few minutes until he came inside me for the sixth time. He came so hard and so deep that when I got home, his cum was still dripping out"

    I couldn't hold it anymore. I came inside her too. That last part really did it for me. The fact that it was no longer "acting". Rather, a dirty desire. She considered that cheating but she did it anyway. Can't wait until she shoots her next scenes with Bobby.

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