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    Straight Female / 49

    At the time I was 16 and working the counter at the Dairy Queen. Two guys and a girl walked in and ordered. They had motorcycles and were passing through. Since they were the only customers in the place, I went over to their table to see if they wanted anything else. One of the guys grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up to him and said if I was serving pussy because he could sure use a serving of that.

    I pulled away, but ended up on his lap with his tongue in my mouth and his other hand on my tit. When he took his tongue out of my mouth he told me he was going to have him some pussy for desert and sat me on the table and pulled my panties off and ate my pussy. I had never had a tongue pushed down my throat or even had my tit grabbed much less had a tongue pushed up into my vagina. When he finished he told me he was going fuck my pussy and that I was going with them.

    The other couple got on one motorcycle and he pulled me up on his, and told me to hold on tight and say goodbye to that Godforsaken town.

    We rode all the rest of the afternoon, until we had to stop for gas, and then we went down to this roadside motel and they rented one room with two beds. He let me pee, and then he fucked me on the bed. He never even took my clothes off or his, he pushed my skirt up and dropped his pants and got on me and fucked me. After he finished fucking me he put his hand on my chest and held me down and he told me he liked my pussy. While I was lying there I remembered that my panties were at the Dairy Queen on the floor.

    I found out his name was John and the other guy's name was John, and the woman was my John's sister. Her name was May. After they cleaned up from the ride, we went out to this burger joint to eat. That night I slept naked in the bed with him, I got fucked again, and he went to sleep. I was awake lying on my side under his arm looking out the window at the moon, May was getting fucked in the other bed, and I went to sleep. I had become a biker's wife.

    We rode to Arizona and stayed in a trailer while the men worked, my John was a good mechanic and always found work and her John was a radio technician that he had learned in the Navy. We stayed there for three years, while we both had babies and made them a family. May accused me of having fucked up my John's head because we had gone straight.

    The year was 1969.

    All in all I had three kids, John had gone straight, although he pretended to be bad, and May and her John had two kids and we stayed put in Arizona for a long time. In the late 70s, John and May's aunt passed away and left them a house in Beaumont Texas so we moved there to live. We still live here and my John never lost his taste for pussy and I never lost my taste for dick. For a sixtyish couple we fuck a lot and more than once in these many years he has thrown me on a table to have pussy for desert.

    I freely confess that the afternoon at the Dairy Queen was the best day of my life, I ran away, I got fucked, I got my pussy eaten, I became a wife, and I have not stopped since.

    God I love to fuck.

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    Straight Male / 19

    When I was 15 or so, the girl I love went on a spring break vacation to the beach with one of her girl friends, without me or her best friend--neither of us could go on account of work and family duties. I was kinda worried but her friend told me not to, she'd take care of my crush. What I didn't know at the time was apparently by "take care of her", she meant getting her to loosen up on vacation and get her laid.

    They took pictures of their escapades, put some of their pics up on social media, like them prancing around in bikinis with the guys they were hanging out and sleeping with throughout the whole week. I got a play-by-play of my crush first arriving at the beach in a conservative swimsuit, and by the end she was wearing a sexy thong bikini and sunning topless. I got suspicious and messaged her friend, asking for details on what they had been up to, at the things they implied in her status updates. I had hoped I was just imagining things, but her friend confirmed that she and my crush had been having sex with guys on their vacation.

    My crush lost her virginity to a guy a couple years older than her mid-vacation. The night before she had let some strangers feel her up, and she gave head to another, same as her friend. After she lost her V-card, she had one or two guys a night until they returned, because the two of them were going to the same hotel room and swapping partners on occasion. She even let a couple of them cum inside her bareback, which her friend said they both thought was hot as hell.

    And even though I was jealous of it all, I have never been more turned on in my life. I spent pretty much every night jerking off to her pics, fantasizing about the naughty implications in their status updates and to the idea of her having sex with strangers... things she actually was doing. I was happy to see my crush return, and she acted like nothing had changed, that I didn't know she had been a dirty slut on her vacation. I found out the details from her friend, even saw the sex pics she took, and jerked off even more over it. She knew I was jealous though and told me mostly to tease me, and said I should let her have fun. Well, boy did she ever.

    I'm in love with her, but I can't get enough of the idea of her having sex with other guys. We're still good friends and talk often, and she still sleeps around on occasion. She spills the details to her friends, and I can get the details from them. I dunno what I'd do if that dried up. I'm still trying to make her mine, but she seems to want to stay single so she can have meaningless sex without repercussion.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My youngest daughter Kelly is a sophomore in high school. Chloe is her best friend and is always around the house. Last Sunday Chloe stopped by while the rest of the family was away for a few days. She said hello and said she left something in Kelly's room. She went upstairs and I went into the family room and turned on a ballgame. About twenty minutes later I heard what sounded like high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. I turned around a saw Chloe wearing my wife's garter belt, stockings, and a lot of makeup. Her beautiful young tits stood proud and her huge nipples were hard. Needless to say within minutes this very well developed 15 year old was licking my balls and sucking my cock. She said she wasn't a virgin and that she wanted me to fuck her. I did and came deep in her young pussy. I feel guilty, but not enough to tell her not to come over again tonight.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was in high school, I took the virginity of my 1st wife when we were 15. We actually took each other's opposite sex virginity as I had sucked a few guys off and had let a couple of them ass fuck me when I was 13 and she and her best friend had been eating each other out at 13 too. I was lucky enough to end up living at her parents house although I had to sleep on the couch but we would fuck and suck like rabbits as soon as her parents were gone to work in the mornings or whenever they went shopping at night or on weekends. But my confession is about her sister.
    When I started seeing my future ex wife, her sister was a 13 year old brat built like a boy and would run and tell her parents if we even so much as kissed but that all changed shortly after she turned 15. She went from nothing to I later found out 34DD,22,36 in what seemed a month! And yes, my young cock noticed as I was getting a hard on whenever she was around and I would fantasize about her when I was fucking her sister. I would even spy on her when she was in the bathroom, seeing her nude in the shower or getting ready for bed at night. Then, one Saturday as I was doing the laundry, she came down to the basement wearing a wife beater and her panties and looking so damn fuckable that I sprouted a major hard on even after fucking her sister who was still laying in bed and she asked if I needed help. I tried to act all hard and told her I could do it when she said she knew I was spying on her all the time and asked if I would like to see her naked body as she pulled the wife beater off and pushed her panties down. I tried to stay in control but she smiled and said she had seen her sister sucking me and she wouldn't say anything as she undid my pants and knelt down to start sucking my cock! I could barely breathe as she sucked away and played with my balls there with both of us naked in the basement. She sucked on me for a few minutes then, pulling my cock from her mouth, she asked if I would like to eat her pussy.
    I pulled her to her feet then buried my face in her firm young tits and sucked both her nipples before sitting her on the dryer, spreading her legs and licking and sucking that fine young c**t until she came then stood up and pushed my cock into her wet slimy puss and fucked her until I shot my wad into her tight c**t.
    We realized what had happened and she ran to the bathroom and I heard the water run as I hoped she was busy washing out her fuck hole as I was worrying if her sister had heard anything and felt as if the whole world knew what we had done.
    Later that day as I had my cock buried in my girlfriends mouth, her kid sister looked in and showed me her big tits and mouthed that she would do me later as I came.
    We did continue to suck and fuck each other and, even after my ex and I divorced, we continued to have sex whenever we could. I'm just sorry I never got the chance to fuck their mother!

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    Straight Male / 51

    I've posted a few stories on here recently, all true and fondly remembered. I've always loved women but was and am attracted to the ones who love sex as much as me

    I have talked about Jo (Joanne) before, I am not sure if she fucked me or I fucked her twice on the first date, but it was good

    We started living together and I got a blow job before I went to work and usually an hour of sex before bed, her favourite was riding my cock while rubbing her clit, she'd cum 5 or 6 times and then suck me off. She was Damn good at that, rarely swallowed but used to spit it back over my cock and carried on playing with it until I couldn't take it any more.

    No had hinted she would like two cocks to play with, while she had mine in her hands, so it set my mind working. I had arranged for an old mate of mine to visit and a night in the locals pubs was in order. I didn't mention sex to Jo but she managed to choose a very small skirt and halter top. She looked bloody great!!

    A good deal of beer was drunk, stupid stories of mine and John's past were laughed at and we rolled back home. I cracked a bottle of wine. John and me were sat on the couch and Jo was sat on the carpet. While we were still joking and laughing I noticed his right foot was under her skirt and was probably rubbing her pussy

    I pulled her up and sat her between us and started complimenting her about how she looked and asking John what he thought, bloody sexy girl I think he said. I said Damn right! Best boobs in Manchester while getting hold of her left one. I was squeezing it and toying with her nipple and asked her if I could show it John. No, I'm not sure about this was the reply. But if you were on the beach, you would let everyone see? Well OK

    I pushed her top over and got on of her boobs out, quite big she had very white skin with pink nipples. John purred his administration. I kept on playing with it and it was having a good effect on Jo . so I got them both out and offered John one. Surprise surprise he didn't refuse

    Jo is laid back with both boobs being sucked by this time and groaning slightly. I didn't bother asking Jo and said to John, do want to see her pussy? I can make her cum really quick. He just grinned.

    I just pulled off her knickers and her legs fell apart, she was dripping and came in about a minute. John put his fingers in her while she bucked

    okay bed time now I said and huddled her upstairs, John went into the spare room which surprised me but by that time I was only thinking about my cock. Two minutes later I had my cock in jo's mouth while she was franticly rubbing her clit. A soft knock at the door and John comes in naked with a big hard on. Can you suck mine as well?

    Well I doubt it was more than ten seconds after that she had him all her mouth and was wanking me off

    John than went down on her and licked her to another couple of orgasms while I was in her mouth, then moved up to fuck her, difficult but good.

    I knew what she wanted, I'd listened to the fantasy stuff she told me. I got John to lay down on his back and Jo mounted him, I let her ride him a bit and then pushed her flat on his chest. I'd fucked her arse before but this was a first, she came like a train....

    We rolled off, both me and John were still really hard, I knew I wanted to cum in her mouth so moved over so she could do it and John could get some. He told me later that he came up her arse after hearing me coming in her mouth

    The moorning was pretty highly charged, so i got Jo to suck him before he went home and dribble all his cum in his pants ð he never did tell me how he explained that to his wife

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    Straight Male / 49

    Steven the cuck

    We agree to meet in a hotel and I tell you to make sure you get two beds. You and Steven have the room and he does not know what is about to happen. You tell Steven you want some wine and for him to run to the store to get some and to bring back 3 glasses. He asks why and you tell him you have a surprise. He gets excited because he thinks there will be one other person coming, but how wrong he is. While he is gone you take out the present I gave you and get dressed in sexy sheer lingerie in the box. The top has holes for your nipples to stick out and the panties are crotchless. Your make-up is perfect and your perfume is wonderful. Steven comes back and tells you how sexy yet slutty you look and you say thanks. He tries to give you a kiss but you say not now as you don't want your make up to get messed up. He starts to remove his clothes and you ask him "what are you doing?" He says he is getting ready for the surprise and you tell him he will know when it is time to get undressed.

    Since it is a nice day you go to the balcony railing and look down to see my friend Rob and I arriving. We look up and see the outline of your sexy body showing in the sheer lingerie. We both blow you a kiss as you wave to us. Steven sees you wave and says "I guess the surprise is almost here." You tell him "you have no idea."

    He hears a knock and goes to answer it, but you tell him to sit on the chair and you will answer it. As you open it, Rob and I are standing there and tell you how sexy you look. Steven's mouth drops and then we both give you a big kiss on your exposed nipples and place our hands on your pussy. Steven says "this is your surprise?" and I say "only the first half sissy boy." I tell him that Rob and I are here to show him how we are going to make his wife our slut for the day and make you scream with every orgasm we make you have. He tries to complain but I tell him to shut the fuck up. I hand him a bag and tell him to go into the bathroom, remove his clothes and put on what is in the bag. He now realizes that I am his master and he says "yes sir, I will obey." I look at him and say, "make sure you put on everything."
    Rob and I now remove our clothes. I tell you to sit on the end of the bed as Rob and I sit next to you. You grab both our cocks and start to stroke them as we pinch your nipples. Steven comes out of the bathroom and he has on the same type lingerie but his is pink. He also is wearing a cock cage to keep his tiny clit dick in. I tell Steven to get on the floor on his hands and knees. I tell him that Rob needs to get hard. He looks at me and I say "crawl over to Rob and suck his cock bitch." You look at Steven and he crawls over and takes Rob's cock in his mouth. As he does I tell you to get on your knees and get my cock hard. You kneel between my legs and take my cock in your hand and start to suck on me. I ask Steven, "do you like sucking cock as much as my slut Ashley does?" You moan with pleasure as you hear him slurping away on Rob's cock. Rob tells me what a good cock sucker he is. You look over to see Rob's cock only about half way in Steven's throat. You stop sucking my cock and tell me to make him deep throat Rob. Rob gets a smile on his face and I say on three. As I start to count you go back to sucking. I say "1, 2, 3." On three Rob takes Steven's head and I take yours and we push down so you are both deep throating us. You have no problem but Steven is starting to gag. You moan on my cock and it feels so good.

    We pull you both off and I say "time for round 2". Rob sits on the bed and his cock is standing straight up. I kiss you as I guide you backwards towards the bed. Steven is still on the floor. Rob takes my cue and guides your hips to him as you sit down and impale your pussy on his cock, taking it deep inside you. I tell Steven to start to lick Rob's balls and cock as you bounce up and down fucking Rob. Steven is back on his hands and knees with his mouth buried in Rob's crotch. I start to tease Steven now. I come up behind him and kneel down. I say to him "sissy boy, ever been fucked by a man before?" He says "No sir, please don't. It might hurt" I tell him to shut the fuck up. I spit on his ass, start to rub my cock around his sissy hole. He says "please don't fuck me." I continue to rub the head of my hard cock up and down his ass crack. I now grab a small thin dildo and Steven has no idea. I spit on his ass again getting the wet and slowly insert the tip into his ass hole. He moans and continues to lick Rob's balls. I start to slowly go in and out with the toy and he realizes it's not my cock as mine is thicker. He says "thank you sir for not fucking me with your cock." I tell him there is no way I would fuck his nasty ass with my cock.

    As you are riding Rob he grabs your tits and you start to cum and your pussy juice starts to squirt out all over Steven's face. I start fucking his ass faster with the toy and he starts to moan. I ask him if he likes his ass fucked and he says "yes sir, as long as it is not too big."

    I get a text message, look at my phone and say time for round 3.
    I tell Rob to move up to the top of the bed. I tell Steven to stand up, sit in the chair and then I blind fold him. You look surprised and I say just wait. I go to the door and let in two of my black friends, John and Jim. They are going to cuck Steven big time. Steven does not hear them as they enter quietly. John and Jim both have 9" cocks. You look at me with a pained look on your face and I whisper they are here for Steven, not you. I touch Steven and say follow me. I lead him to the edge of the other bed and tell him to kneel. I motion for John to get on the bed at the top. I tell you to kneel on the bed on all fours so you are close Rob's cock you like so much. I go the end of the bed with you and Jim goes to the other. I tell you that Rob needs his cock loved by your sweet mouth. I tell Steven to lean over and open his mouth. He hesitates at first then he feels Jim push him over. John says "open your sissy mouth" and as he does Steven now gets a big black cock in it. I look over to Jim and say "whenever you are ready go for it." I now kiss your sweet pussy and taste all the juice. I hold onto your hips and slowly stick my hard cock in your soaking pussy. As I do you moan in pleasure and then hear Jim say "get ready sissy boy". Steven tries to scream as he feels Jim's cock enter his asshole but he has John's cock in his mouth. The four cocks are now getting fucked and sucked and it smells like raw sex in the room. This goes on for the next 10 minutes. Then I say time to switch. Rob now has your pussy and your mouth is on my cock and Jim and John have switched. Steven is now sucking on a black cock wet with his ass juice. He still has no idea of who is fucking him. You look over and see Steven getting spit roasted by two big black cocks. I tell him to take off his blindfold and as he does his eyes go wide open. Jim and John hold him down and continue to use him.

    Now it is time for round 4.
    I tell Jim and John to take a rest and let Steven recover. The sit on the bed as I tell Steven to lay on the floor. I tell you to get up and lay on the bed. You spread your legs and Rob starts to fuck you again but this time he is going to cum deep in your pussy. I tell Steven what a useless sissy he is and how I will be the last one today to fuck his wife and cum in her pussy. Rob is fucking you hard and fast and finally shoots a huge load of cum in your pussy. Just as he is finishing you squirt all over and you are dripping. I tell you "Now lover you know what to do next." I look as Steven and say "open your mouth sissy boy." You get off the bed and squat over Steven's face open your pussy lips and let all the cum drip into his mouth. I tell you to sit on his face and let him lick you clean. As a good cuck he starts to enjoy his useless position and says "thank you sir." I tell you and Rob to lay on the bed and watch. I tell Steven to kneel on the other bed. John walks up to him and shoves his cock in Steven's ass. Jim is standing next to him He continues to pump until he says "here it cums sissy boy." He shoots his load up Steven's ass. As John pulls out, Jim now stuffs his cock up Steven's ass and starts to fuck him. John goes to Steven's head and says "clean it off." Steven opens his mouth and starts to suck a black cock again. Jim now shoots his load and then pulls out and tells Steven to clean him off. John and Jim get dressed and walk out, leaving Steven with his ass filled full of cum. I tell him not to move.

    You and Rob are laying on the bed as I get a glass from the bathroom. I tell Steven to hold this to his ass and stand up and then squat. As he does we are all amazed at the amount of cum flowing into the glass. It is almost half full. I look at him and say "you know what to do next sissy boy." he says "yes sir, drink it right?" I say "every last drop." He seems happy in his new role and proceeds to get every last bit of black cock cum. He now says "thank you sir."

    Now it is time for round 5. I tell Steven he can take off his cock cage if he wants. He takes off the cage and says "thank your sir." I hold out my hand to you and say now I am going to fuck you hard while Steven watches. I tell Steven I want him sitting on the floor with his back against the end of the bed. I tell you to walk over to Steven and let him lick your pussy one more time before he watches me fuck it. He licks the last of Rob's cum from your pussy and you kneel on the bed. I walk over to you as I look at your wet pussy. I ask Steven if he wants to watch me fuck my slut. Steven says, "yes please fuck her like a real man should." I tell Steven to hold my cock and guide it into your pussy. He obeys and submits to being my sissy. I feel him guide my cock into you and I tell him to suck your clit as I start to pump my cock in and out. As I move my hips my balls are slapping his chin. I grab your tits and tell Steven how good your pussy feels with my cock buried deep in it. I tell Steven to open his mouth, as he does I slip out of your pussy and push it deep in his throat. I tell him to taste Rob's cum and your pussy juice on my swollen cock. He gladly licks my hard dick. I continue to pump your pussy hard, slapping my balls on Steven's chin and pinching your tits. I fuck you for 15 minutes telling Steven how your pussy belongs to me. How our cocks are the only thing to be in your mouth and pussy. I tell him how he is to serve Rob and I whenever we want. Steven says "yes sir." I tell him I am about to shoot my cum in your pussy. You can feel my cock start to twitch. I tell Steven to massage my balls so I can get every bit of cum in my slut. He starts to kiss and lick my nut sack. I now feel you tense and start to squirt. At the same time I start to shoot stream after stream of cum in your pussy. I tell Steven to catch everything that comes out and he starts to lick with my cock still buried deep inside you. After what seems like hours I pull out and shove my cock in Steven' mouth to get clean again. He licks and kisses my cock and balls. I tell him to lay down and open his mouth. I help you up and you squat over his mouth and let all my cum and your juice flow into his mouth. He seems to love his new position as my sissy boy. I now get you up and you, Rob and I sit on the bed. We are rubbing your tits and pussy as you stroke our cocks.

    I tell Steven to pour three glasses of wine. He hands them to me and we enjoy being next to each other. Steven say "what about me sir?" I tell him to get the empty glass. He gets it and starts to reach for the bottle of wine. I say "that is not for you." Steven says "then what sir?" I tell him to jerk-off into the glass and drink it all, then I will give him some wine. You are stroking our cocks and getting them hard again as we watch Steven jerk-off into the glass. He cums and just as he puts it up to his mouth I tell him to stop. Rob and I stand up and put our now hard cocks in the glass. You see what I want to do and get the bottle of wine and pour it over our cocks and into the glass. Steven says "now sir?" and I tell him now. He drinks the cum and wine mixture. I look at him and say "Rob and I are going to fuck Sue again and all you can do is sit the corner and stroke your sissy clit cock."
    And thats a story for another time.
    stanroberts6969 at gm ail

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    Straight Male / 51

    I'm 61, male and been divorced for several years. I haven't had any sex since then as mostly I don't feel attracted to women my age and the women I'd want aren't attracted to me

    However.... Last Thursday I was woken up at 1am by a knock on my door, I stopped the dogs barking and answered it to find a drunk girl asking if Dameon live here. No and as far as I know there is no Dameon living close. She kept asking the same question in different ways for a few minutes and I sent her off.

    I went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep but about 15 minutes later there is another knock on the door, it's her again 'I can't find where he lives!' She is being really loud so I tell her to come in and I'll make her a coffee. She asks first if I'm an axe murderer.... Jeez I did say she had been drinking

    We had a coffee and while she poured out her troubles I kidded her around a bit and got her laughing and started teasing her. She was Nicky, she didn't tell me her age but I guess 25/26 pretty girl with a really curvy body. I was starting to find my cock getting hard. She had one of those tops with just strings holding it up so thought'hell why not?' I slipped one of them of and said can I see your boobs?.....they were fucking perfect but she then pulled her top back up..damn

    This was about 2 in the morning and I thought.. Well if this is going to happen I'm going to have to push it along

    Okay Nicky, two choses, I call you a cab or you stay and I saw the indecision on her face and thought bloody hell!!

    Okay she said, where's the bedroom....five minutes later she's playing with her tits and feeding her nipples into my mouth, telling me how much she loves her own boobs

    It took me another five minutes to get her knickers off. I was surprised to see a lot of hair but very pleased to find a very juicy pussy

    I made her cum with my hand and then fucked her from behind.....I had really forgotten how gorgeous a young looks on her hands and knees with a cock in her. We both fell asleep but I woke up about an hour later and realised i had a naked sexy woman next to me. She had her back to me so I started rubbing her bum cheeks and dipping into her pussy. She was half asleep but it was fun to see her cum again

    I woke up early, still a little amazed at this gorgeous thing in my bed... Slowly woke her up and explained I had work and we had to go. I expected some embarramnt from her but she was fine. So I said to her I'd really like to feel that pussy again

    She turned over on her front and stuck her arse up, she was already wet. I finger fucked her with my thumb in her arse till she came again

    My balls are still aching thinking about it

    Thanks nicky xx

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I used to work for a company that where I traveled quite a bit and would often spend weeks at the same motel. While staying there, it was only natural that I began to get to know the staff quite well and began to get friendly with the young lady that worked the front desk. Mandy was a young single black mom with a kind of thick body and an extremely pretty face. We often flirted and teased each other and would exchange dirty jokes. We both liked it and I figured it was all harmless fun even though in my dirty little mind I often jacked off fantasizing about having sex with her.
    About the 2nd year that I had been staying there, Mandy started working the midnight shift and one night as I came in from working late I noticed her staying blankly and asked if she was alright. Mandy jokingly said she was just daydreaming about giving head and asked what I'd do if she let herself in my room and attacked me later. Still thinking she was joking I told her to just give me enough time to get a shower and I would be laying on the bed waiting for her. She looked at me for a minute then told me to just keep dreaming then winked as I walked away. I just figured she was teasing again and went to my room, stripped and got in the shower. I'll admit I did have quite a hard on as I showered and did lay down on the bed intending to jack off.
    As I turned off the light and started to stroke my cock, I heard the door open then watched as Mandy walked in and told me softly just to be quiet and lay back and relax. With that, she pushed my legs apart as she laid between them and took my cock in her hands and began sucking away like a starved woman. All I did was say "Damn" as she really did attack my cock with her hot wet mouth swallowing me again and again to the balls then sucking and licking my balls before sucking me down her throat again. I was squeezing and stroking her hair and telling her how great her mouth felt when she stopped and said she needed me to cum as she went back to her expert cocksucking. Within minutes, I felt my nuts tighten and told her it was cumming expecting her to pull away but she locked her lips around my shaft as I erupted and she swallowed it all. I was still panting after she sucked hard and pumped the last of my sperm into her mouth when she got up, kissed me on the lips and said thanks then left my room as quickly as she had entered it. I stared at the ceiling in the dark and faded off to sleep still not believing what had happened.
    The next few days I didn't see her at the desk but then, sure enough, I walked in and she was standing behind the desk as I arrived at 11 pm. I just said hi and planned on going to my room when she asked me if I had a minute. I stopped and after another guest left the lobby, she asked if I would mind if she stopped in my room later to take care of anything that might be up. I asked if she was serious when she pulled her top down showing my her full breasts and said she might have time to let me play with these then quickly covered them as another guest entered the lobby. I told her she knew where I'd be. True to her word, at 1am, I was wakened by her crawling in between my legs and her soft lips enveloping my cock. This time, she was very gentle and took her time licking my cock softly as I reached down to feel those huge tits and rock hard nipples. again, she was deep throating me in no time and had me ready to cum. I tried to slow her down and asked if she'd let me eat her pussy when she came up and stuck her nipples in my face and said she couldn't be away from the desk very long and just suck tits. I did as she said then she pulled away and sucked my throbbing cock back down her throat. I couldn't hold back and came in her mouth even more than the first time and again, she swallowed then kissed me, this time sliding her tongue into my mouth then, as she broke our kiss, she told me she loved my cock as she pulled on her shirt and bra then, kissing me again, said she would be in my room everytime she worked nights.
    Over 8 years, every time Mandy worked the night shift, she would come to my room during her shift and suck my cock to completion. I did suck her beautiful tits many times, 69'ed with her a few times and even got to eat her ass but I never did get to fuck that sweet pussy of hers. I will never forget her hot mouth as long as I live.

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    I want my wife to make a hardcore porn film with several men. I don't want to know anything about it until she hands me a DVD and tells me to watch it and I would not want anyone else to see it.

    I want the movie to be of her slowly stripping nude and then to get progressively more hardcore throughout the movie. Starting with her playing with vibrators, then moving on to sucking cocks, giving hand jobs and having her pussy eaten.

    The last scene would be along the lines of three guys with enormous cocks taking it in turns to fuck her brains out. Maybe then DP her while she sucks a cock too.

    I want none of them to use condoms and I want to see lots of cocks thrusting in and out of her mouth, ass and pussy until the all squirt huge loads of jizz inside her shaved pussy, up her ass and all over her tits.

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    About two years ago my mother had a surgery and had to stay at my place for about for months while she healed up and did her physical therapy. Her and I got really close I never thought of my mom in s sexual way ever I do admit I slept with my sisters growing up I loved it so did they I'm not sick it just happened. Back to my mom though I've always hated her she wasn't around much which is how my sisters had full control of me growing up.

    But since my mom stayed at our house I saw her naked so many times my mom starting sleeping naked when she was at my place why i don't know I don't think she does it much at home she's normally in a night gown but it's my mom I wasn't turned on by it at the time

    Two weeks after she left and went back to her house I was hanging out with her and she asked me for a massage I have massaged my mom since I was a kid no big deal just back and shoulder rubs sometimes foot rubs well on this night I was sitting on the floor in front of the recliner my mom was sitting on the floor in front of me she had her shirt covering her breasts and her back and shoulders were exposed to me I knew my mom was really soar from all the psychical therapy she had been doing lately so I rubbed her back and shoulders hard and deep for a really super long time over two hours it was strange I got really into giving the massage and she was totally relaxed and loving it after the two in a half hours my mom was puddy in my hands I looked down and noticed my mom was barely covering her breasts now and yes her breasts are enormous I could see almost all of her breasts except her nipples and I got rock hard but ignored it I didn't even think about it because truthfully it had happened be for and if just brush it off she's my mother anyways I started to rub her shoulders really good and she was relaxed moaning she leaned back on me she had my hard dick pressed in between me and her I know she felt it it startled her and me but she leaned more into it as I rubbed her shoulders she was moving kinda squirming enjoying the way my cock felt on her back at one point she reached back and grabbed my cock and said her exact words holy shit this cock is fucking huge biggest I've ever seen how did I not know this about you she looked up and back at me she got shy and moved her hand and leaned back I kept massaging her we were in a weird dry hump rhythm we kissed I started to rub the sides of her breasts very gently I didn't know where it was going I was liking it and she was loving it.

    Right when my mom dropped her shirt and turned towards me to kiss me exposing her beautiful enormous breasts my brother walks in the door luckily my mom has a chime on the front door and we heard him right be for he came in or we would have been caught in a bad position my mom had that split second be for he came in and covered up he acted weird I thought he asked what we were doing I said what's it look like I'm giving mom a shoulder rub to relax but he meant what are we doing for the day.

    He left after five minutes of talking mom got up and went into the bathroom so many thoughts ran through my head I didn't know what to think she came out of the bathroom and smiled she was in a good mood but she was being weird she just showed me away basically we talked about it kind of a week later she said she enjoyed the massage but next time we would have to control ourselves but she wanted another massage I thought this all to be awesome we started flirting and hanging out more my wife started getting mad about me being at my moms all the time I wanted more to happen with my mom but it was a weird flirt stand off thing we both wanted it to happen but neither one of us would make our move it was going along just fine.

    Then there was drama in my family and I got caught up into all of it I stood up for my mom and my brothers wife started more drama snooping around making comments to everyone that my mom and I were to close something weird was going on my sister in law was mad because she tried to sleep with me one night and I turned her down to give my mom a back rub and that's was the start of drama for me she caused a lot of problems and pressure between my mother and me so everything went back to normal I stopped going to see my mom as much. But I was obsessed by this time to be with my mother I can honestly say I fell in love with her and she fell for me as well you could tell everyone including my wife noticed the change in our relationship so it got put on the back burner whatever is was that was going on.

    My mom had to turn her back on me and stop talking to me because her and I we're flirt texting no sex talk just flirting and we would send each other long emails about pass life stories,hopes,dreams and there would be flirting as well but mostly just how bad we wanted to see each other and hangout. One day my brother and sister in law were using my moms computer or helping her with something on it they found and read all the emails I had sent to her it was obvious that my mom and I pretty much were having an online relationship together my brother and sister in law flipped out told the whole world I'm a pervert I can't show my face around now been all of it my mom had ereased all the emails she sent me when they had only saw mine to her she lied to them said I had a problem but she was just dealing with me and didn't know what to do. I let my mom say whatever about me and the situation she wanted my whole extended family dis owns me now my mom explained everything to me and I rather everyone hate me and not her but like she told me last time we talked that she intends to find away for us to continue what we had going she misses the attention and flirting I miss someone being excited to talk to me my home life with my wife and kids is awesome but I long for my mothers attention I don't know why but the longer time has went on it seems that my mom has put me on a back burner for now until the smoke settles the best part of all of this is my wife told me if it was all true then she knows I'm not the one to blame because my mother asked my wife strange things all the time about our sex life and they way she asked was like an x girlfriend not a mom.

    I am getting tired of everyone thinking I'm guilty of all of this and my moms innocent I want to set the record clear but don't know how without exposing everything completely I'm not going to wait much longer though my mom the I ereased all the emails but I saved them all I have proof but she doesn't know I do so the rest of this year should be interesting for all involed

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