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    Straight Male / 40

    Watched my wife fuck a younger man this last weekend. I was not sure how I would like it but i loved it. Watching his hard cock slide in and out of her wet pussy was fantastic. Watching his balls tighten up as he shot his load in her made me cum harder then i ever have. If you are married and have not tried this you need too.

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    Straight Male / 41

    I am a masseuse who works at an established massage parlour. Yesterday evening, I was assigned to a female customer who wanted 2-hour body massage. She was very cute. Probably late 20s. We proceeded to the room upstairs where she would be topless, and don a pair of loose shorts. I have been in this trade for about 10 years. Rarely I serve young girls but my receptionist called me because she requested for a strong pair of hands.

    Our session started. She selected Lavender scent and as I poured the oil on her, I admired her perfect back. I started working on her shoulders, neck, down her spine, it was all very professional. Checked if the strength was okay from time to time and she would giggle whenever she said yes followed by a polite thank you.

    I know what you guys are thinking but I am not a pervert. Admittedly, I wasn't quite myself with her. As I rubbed her lower back on her tail bone (at this point, her pants were lowered further), her round ass was so firm. When it comes to massaging the pelvic area, it is mostly done in circular motion. I massaged both side of her hips, circling her buttcheeks and every time I go nearer to her inner thigh, I pushed hard. That way, the pressure goes onto her vagina as well. I gradually pushed harder and she let out soft gasps.

    After 20 minutes of prolonged massage on her hips, she started to shift around. Her legs parted and she was gently grinding on herself. My cock had been rubbing the edge of the massage couch and it was stiff to see her reaction. She was definitely aroused. I slid my hand under her groin, massaged her inguinal area and the other held her belly.

    I could her moan softly when I pressed near her labia. I shifted to her opposite and continued the same gesture. I had to test the waters, literally speaking. I tucked my thumb under her shorts.

    Her warm pussy hole was flooded. Those juicy labia folds were wet. My cock oozed some precum. I wished I could penetrate that sweet pussy. I flicked my thumb on her clit gently, she didn't stop me or complained. She just let me play with her.

    I turned her around. Clients usually have a small towel over their eyes. Her lips were succulent and thick. How nice if she had them wrapped on my cock, I imagined I could have her suck me for hours.

    Her legs are opened wide, I continued working on her feet upwards to her groin again. The sexual tension was doubling. She was moving her hips on her own. Her mouth was half opened, I wanted to kiss her badly. I don't know what got into me, I pulled down her shorts. Her hand came up and she tried to cover her pussy but I gently placed it on her side. Her eyes were still covered, she turned to her side and laid still.

    I inserted my index finger slowly into her pussy. It was tight as hell. Even though she was wet. Her vagina walls gripped my finger tight as I fingered her. I thrusted my finger in and out, while rubbing her clit. Her left leg was placed straight, her right leg was bent. I tucked her foot under my crotch and she was moving her foot as well, rubbing my balls through my pants.

    I must have been a bit rough because she let out a cry and told me to stop. She giggled and wanted to go back to the normal massage. I was dying to continue but also worried a little that she might make a report. I performed as she commanded.

    The remaining 20 minutes was slow massages to relax the body. Suddenly, she took my hand, placed it on her crotch and said, "Finish it please". I rubbed her clit so hard, it was swollen by now and more juices flowed out. I bent down to suck on her nipple and at the same time dry hump the edge of the bed. Fuck I have never felt this horny. She gripped my arm, her back arched as she came. She was trying to catch her breath while I felt her clit pulsating.

    She giggled again. And said thank you. We had some small talks after but she looked as though nothing happened. I asked for her number, she giggled and said No. As she paid and left, she gave me a decent tip but that was it.

    I went back to the washroom and jacked myself off. I couldn't help but wonder if I will see her again. My cock is still very stiff today. That girl was really quite something.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My boyfriend loves taking me to the various glory holes around where we live. He gets so turned on watching me suck and fuck total strangers through a hole in the wall. We have been together for four years and he convinced me to suck a cocktail at a glory hole for his birthday two years ago. I will admit that I enjoyed it a lot too, but he absolutely loved it.

    He will just watch me as I take whatever cock slides through the hole in the wall. I lick, tease, and suck the stranger's cock and it gets him so horny. When I can tell he is horny enough is when I bend over and press my ass to the wall with a random dick in my puss and as the stranger starts to fuck me through the wall I undo my boyfriend's pants and start sucking his cock.

    Sometimes I try to time it so that I can swallow my boyfriend's cum as the stranger fills my pussy with his load.

    My boyfriend loves this so much that we visit a glory hole once a week or more.

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    Straight Female / 28

    After I graduated I decided I wanted to take some time and travel around the united states. I didn't really have a specific goal in mind, I packed a big backpack with clothes and supplies. I bought a tent because one thing I knew I wanted to do was go camping in different places. Didn't have much money, and I didn't have a car.

    So at one point I was walking and I was getting tired, I was in an area I knew I wasn't allowed to camp so I didn't want to risk it, and I was pretty far from the town I was walking to.

    I noticed a couple cars headed my way so I decided to hitchhike into town. They pulled over, it was 5 guys and two girls. They looked like hikers or mountain climbers or something to me. They told me they bought a big cabin and they were going up there to live in the wilderness for a while. They asked me if I wanted to join them and I said no thanks.

    At some point I asked if I could get a drink, my canteen had been empty for a few miles and I was thirsty. The one girl, t other was in the other car, offered me one of her bottles and I didn't really think about it, I just thanked her and drank it down.

    When I woke up I was in the trunk. Naked, gagged, wrists and ankles tied to each other behind my back, and the rope wasn't coming loose no matter what I tried. And on top of being tied, I was stuffed inside a sleeping bag. The more I struggled the harder it was to breathe, so eventually I had to just stop.

    They took me to their cabin. This huge like mcmansion sized cabin, it looked like it might at one point have been like a hunting lodge or something.

    They kept me there as their sex slave. I wasn't allowed clothes, I wore a locked collar at all times, and for the first few months I wasn't allowed out of the basement. I was r**ed, and if I hurt one of them they would leave the window to the basement open that night. It was fall, and this was far enough north to be close to the Canadian border, so I would be freezing that night.

    After a few weeks I didn't want to risk being cold at night anymore, especially knowing it wouldn't be fall forever, so I stopped fighting back. After I stopped fighting back they started training me. To do as they said, even if it was humiliating, disgusting, or painful. To suck and fuck, to take it in the ass, to eat pussy and ass. And, they trained me to exercise every day, mostly squats, crunches, pushups, and yoga, a routine I still keep.

    All of them took a turn with me. One on one, sometimes more. More than a few times it was all of them at once.

    After a few months they let me come up into the rest of the cabin during the daytime, as long as at least two of them were awake. I was allowed to roam around pretty much freely as long as the second someone ordered me to do something I did it.

    I tried to escape once after it turned spring and was warm enough I wouldn't freeze to death, but I got caught in a trap they had set for animals. A net trap. I noticed it before it sprung but my leg got caught when it went up. My thigh got scr**ed up on the tree it was in started bleeding, and I hit my head when they cut me down.

    They took care of my wounds and put me back in the basement. During the first month they didn't talk to me or use me no matter how much I tried talking to them, just brought me food and left. By the end of the month I was going crazy.

    Finally, they brought me back upstairs and I begged each of them individually, on my knees, head on the floor, sobbing, for forgiveness.

    They put me back in the basement and treated me like they had when I first got there for another month, they trained me again from the beginning, and this time if I did something wrong they spanked me with a paddle and took my bedding away for the night.

    When they finally let me back upstairs, there was no way I was going to try to escape again, but if I got too close to the door without one of them holding a leash they would spank me then make me sit on a hard stool in the middle of the room.

    Speaking of the leash. When it got warmer out, once a day one of them would take me out for a walk in the woods, usually with my wrists cuffed behind me. Usually they would let me wear my shoes, but it depended on who was walking me and whether they wanted me to go barefoot or not. With the one girl she never let me wear shoes.

    Usually whoever was walking me would use me while we were out in the woods, but not always.

    Even as it got to fall and winter sometimes they brought me outside just because they felt like it. When it snowed, one of the guys liked to take me out in it sometimes. He would hook my leash to a tree and throw a few snowballs at me, then fuck me while I laid in the snow before bringing me back in.

    By the middle of the second year I was pretty much completely their pet. They even brought my bedding upstairs to let me sleep in the living room, and sometimes one of them would bring me to their room to sleep.

    I didn't think of myself as a person anymore, I was just their pet, their fucktoy, their servant, their property. I didn't deserve clothes, I didn't deserve freedom. They kept me fed and warm, and I earned it by doing what they told me. If I failed them, I deserved to be punished. Any kindness or warmpth they showed me beyond just treating me like a pet or a fucktoy confused me, but made me want to do my best to try to get them to do it more often.

    It was 6 years before police came around looking for me. They'd gotten a tip from someone in the last town I stopped in that I talked to, I had told him where I was headed and the next town I was going through. They found a keychain that had fallen out of my pocket when they were stripping me by the side of the road to put me in the trunk before they got into town.

    They didn't find me the first time they were there. I was hiding in the woods with one of the guys. I was actually afraid they would find me, I didn't want them to, but just to be safe he held his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't try yelling out.

    I don't know what made them come back, but they came back at night a few weeks later. I guess one of them saw me inside that night, but they pretended like they hadn't. I overheard their conversation as I was hiding in a closet, and the officer left his card and said to call if they saw me, but that he wouldn't bother them about it again.

    The next night they surrounded the cabin and ordered us all out. I hid in a crate in the attic while the others walked out, but they found me. I kicked and screamed the whole way to the truck, begging them to leave me there with them.

    Most of them went to prison. The two girls and one of the guys pled to a lower sentence to give up the others. I wouldn't testify against any of them.

    To this day I still feel more comfortable naked than wearing clothes, I hesitate when I go near doors, I sleep on the floor sometimes and I definitely always sleep naked if I can get away with it. All anyone has to do to get between my legs, man or woman, is ask. I've tried to turn that off, but I guess sex as an act just doesn't mean that much to me anymore. It's not like they really tortured me sexually. I sometimes have flashbacks about when they were forcing me in the beginning, but now sex is just a thing that happens. If someone wants to fuck me and I'm not doing anything else I just go with it.

    Besides all that, I think I am getting back to something approaching normal. My daily life at least seems normal.

    That being said though, I'm not to a point where I could honestly say that, if they all got out of prison and wanted me back, I would say no. I don't know what I would say. I know in that situation I should say no, go to hell, but I don't know.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Today I attended my first orgy. It was a blast. This was the first weekend I have been old enough to join a private orgy club that operates in my city. I joined the moment I was eligible. I went right there and signed up for membership and I was being felt up by the manager before I was done filling out the forms. I got the grand tour of the place and when the manager asked what I would like to do next I said I wanted a bunch of people of both genders to rip off my clothes and do naughty things to me all night. I ate pussy and sucked cock both for the first time and you should have seen the frenzy when they discovered I was still a virgin. They made a big deal of letting me play with every cock in the place to determine which would get to go first. You might think I'd pick the biggest one but I actually picked the smallest one. It went in no trouble and the guy was so grateful that he came after about 30 seconds. He was replaced by the second smallest one who only took slightly longer to fill my pussy. I didn't take every cock in the place as I was getting sore but I took about half and you should have seen the looks on their faces as each one emptied themselves in me. I sucked off the rest of them. But I was also surprised how much I enjoyed eating out all those pussies. I'd never even thought about women until that first one squatted down on my mouth and demanded I lick. The taste and smell were intoxicating as she dribbled the cum from several cocks into my mouth. I'm going to go back next month and hope to take even more cocks.

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    Straight Female / 29

    It all started with Tony (friend/neighbour) making advances while Stuart (my husband) was at work. He kept making excuses for coming round and one-day he tried it on physically in the kitchen, fortunately my kids came home from school. I made sure from that day I wasn't home alone BUT every time I saw him acting normally with Stuart, with the usual banter which always goes on between them about me with Stuart telling him that I do flashing, full blow jobs even saying that I don't mind anal making me dead embarrassed but making Tony jealous saying about Stuart able to see me naked at any time with Stuart actually daring me to give him a flash after all Tony was a friend but I didn't rise to the dare. Later on when Tony left leaving us alone, after all this time I decided to tell Stuart about those happenings with Tony all that time ago.
    At first he was furious and was going to go round and belt him for what he had tried BUT after calming down he actually got turned on asking lots of questions eventually us making real passionate love. Then one night my "revenge" opportunity came real because my kids were out for the night and Tony's wife was away so he came round for a drink and as usual the banter went on.
    I made an excuse to go upstairs so I could put my plan into action. Changing into my yellow slightly see-through button up dress, with Basque, stockings, red see-through knickers underneath I shouted down for them to come upstairs BOTH of them were gobsmacked by what I was wearing and obviously we were in our bedroom. I had music playing, telling them to stand to one side and watch but they can't touch telling Tony he was now going to see what he always wanted.
    Unbuttoning my dress letting it fall from my shoulders revealing my Basque then sliding it further down until completely letting it go then sitting on the edge of the bed unfastening my stockings sliding them down, now reaching behind me unfastening my Basque holding it for a second before letting it go now revealing my bare tits, my nipples were now starting to stick out which Stuart commented to Tony about that no doubt I was getting worked up myself but I was still in control of everything happening at this moment.
    I still had my slightly see-through knickers on. Making sure telling them to stay by the dressing table lying down pushing down on my waistband of my knickers telling Tony that he was about to see what he was hoping to use all that time ago. At this time I will admit I was getting dead excited myself and my heart was pounding and really I should of been prepared for what happened next because STUART said to Tony something like "Hell this is to much should we sample what is on offer" meaning me obviously "I never had a chance to even get up because both of them literally pinned me down with Stuart telling Tony to pull my knickers right off and to spread my legs. I didn't think that Stuart would act like this but I hadn't realised that I had got them so worked up. They were like sex starved animals with Stuart telling Tony I wanted fingering and the rougher the better I liked it. Stuart very rarely acts like this but I started to feel actually humiliated because as well I could feel myself Cumming shaking not in control of my body . By now both of them had their dicks out with Stuart TELLING me to give Tony one of my special blow jobs first before they will take it in turns to fuck me I wasn't disappointed when I saw Tony's Dick because it was a bit bigger than Stuart and also circumcised so now with it being rock hard I was made to suck him till he came having to swallow it while Stuart got me to the doggie position fucking me. Between them they made me cum a couple more times and each time they ridiculed me about how much I must be liking it. It was about 2 AM when they actually finished with Stuart saying to Tony that he must come round again soon if he wanted to NOT bothering what I thought although I will admit I secretly enjoyed it

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    Straight Female / 27

    At a company birthday party for the boss, not long ago, when deciding to leave,
    I went up to one of the bedrooms where I had dr**ed my coat on the bed upon arrival earlier in the evening.

    I saw two male work-mates who are known to me, on the bed, pants down to their knees,
    madly sixty-nining each other, loudly sucking, slurping and with heads throbbing, as their wives watched, standing close together, each with their hands down the front of each other's dresses and panties, playing with each other's pussies.

    I had to rub my eyes and look again and, yes, it was actually happening. The
    following Monday in the office, we all greeted each other as if nothing had taken place.

    When you begin to think you have the world checked out, think again.
    I mean, strange, really strange. I actually went on line searching for some place to post this and found this site
    looking for some outlet for the experience. I'm still startled. It must be my youthful age.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    A friend who I have been sucking , rimming, and fucking, took me to a xrated theater, before we got into the auditorium I gave him a blowjob in the men's room, we the got into the theater a a fees guys were jerking off to the movie, he then he said go sit next to that guy in the front seat and while he starts to pull out his cock go down on him, a
    So now I'm sucking this really thick cock, another guy who was watching me asked if he can finish him, so I say sure go ahead and he swallows his load. Now my friend stand up in front of everyone and pulls out his dick, I get on my knees and I start to suck him all the while guys are jerking off to my show, it was the first time I sucked two guys in public...what a show , so we leave and go to the nearest motel and hie gets me on all fours an fucks me good

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    Straight Female / 33

    Yes, my husband r**es me. He had r**ed me before we got married and I still said "I do". He has r**ed me since then, and in fact one of our children was conceived on a night I had already told him no twice, then asked him not to cum inside me when I gave up trying to push him off of me.

    I also fully expect him to r**e me again in the future. That's how he is, and as much as I wish he'd stop I know he won't.

    But I've never considered divorcing him. Not because I don't think divorce is a good thing or I should be endlessly obedient to him or whatever, but because I honestly just don't think r**e is bad enough to warrant divorcing him over. I love him, he makes me happy, he's a good father, and, aside from the fact that he doesn't care about my consent, he's been a good, loving husband.

    And I feel the same about any man, not just him. Finding out someone is a rapist doesn't change my opinion of them much. In fact, if you have ever r**ed someone and want to talk about it, leave a comment. I won't judge.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Driving home from a business meeting more than 100 miles away on a lonely
    interstate my only thought was to stay awake as the sun set in the western
    sky. For that reason, I skipped dinner with the guys and brought a quart of
    coffee in a vacuum container along. I stopped, ran around the car, drank
    some of my hot coffee and took a leak, then started out for home again.

    About half an hour later, I was surprised to see a spotlight blinking
    on and off and a row of emergency lights. It was a state police cruiser.
    Since I was moving at speed I had no concerns but was surprised when
    I realized the trooper was a woman. She had a crew-cut under the large
    Stetson and a fairly rough appearance, easily close to my height, around
    six feet tall.

    She said, "just stopped you to see if everything is o.k. here. You were weaving
    left to right." "Just wanted to break the monotony, officer." "Trooper," she
    joined. She ran her flashlight in the front of my car, a large Lincoln, and
    asked, "Is that coffee?" I said, "Yeah, how about some?. It should be hot."

    Wi thin minutes, we were grinding our faces together. She had half her
    tongue in my mouth. She said, "Shit, you're a gift. I am so fucking
    horny. I get like this on the job. I masturbate like crazy on patrol."

    "Wanna go for some?" She asked. I was out of breath and just managed a groan that
    was meant to affirm. She opened the door, went to her car parked behind
    me, put her red blinkers on again, came back, went to my back seat and
    removed her gun belt and pants. I was back there in a flash. She stood
    up on top of the seat and pushed a neatly shaved pussy into my mouth and
    face, grinding away, my thump working her already soaking vagina from behind,
    another finger up her asshole. Her thighs were total muscle.

    I went to town on her. She was moaning and saying, "yeah, yeah, like
    that." Then she slid down to her knees and without any help, kept going
    until I was balls deep in. I said, "Holy shit, that's good." She said,
    "deep, deep, I like it de-e--ee-p"

    The event lasted only around 15 minutes but it was so unexpected and
    successful I was enjoying it on a psychological level as well as
    physical. My heart was pumping like mad and we were both breathing
    hard. I thought of all kinds of scenarios to keep from cumming and
    then felt her give way, she blurted, out, C-c-c- aarghh - I'mmmm safe,
    go ahead. I blasted off, shooting deep into her. I kissed her and went to sit in the
    front as she replaced her pants and gun. That sounds weird but
    that's what it was. She told me that the guys on the job claim they get laid
    like that all the time then return to the barracks and whisper it around,
    but always near enough to be sure she hears it. She had grown increasingly
    horny as the stories mounted so I have a number of unknowns to thank.

    Whenever I returned to that run I hoped and prayed she would show up but no
    such luck. Later, I realized I was in such shock that I did not even think of
    getting her number. I wanted so much more.

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