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    Straight Male / 19

    Is Fellatio with Mom Okay??

    Last weekend, some of my male friends and I got together for an evening of drinking beer, reminiscing and discussing various diverse topics of mutual interest. Topics ranged current events such as the civil war raging in Syria to such mundane topics as the best kind of motorcycle to purchase on a shoestring budget. Most of us are university students, so economics are always a high priority. Later, as we began to exhaust the usual range of topics to discuss, one came to mind that I felt would be of interest all of us, as young males. I was worried that it might be a taboo subject but I introduced it anyways. I mentioned that I had read a posting by a PhD who suggested that one percent of young males our age have had some sexual activity with their biological mother by the time they leave home. I was surprised when my friends told me to go first and describe, if I dare, any sexual events that occurred between my mom and me. The following is the event that I related to my friends.

    About a month ago, my mother was invited by her girl friends to accompany them to a male "strip club", just to see what it is like. They have never been in one before. She accepted the invitation and left only to return about three hours later with her friends who were laughing and giggling because of some event that occurred. All were a tad drunk, I would say. I listened to what they were saying from another room because I had recently taken a shower and was wearing only underpants. I overheard them asking Mom what it was like having "fellatio" with a male stripper. It seems that a male stripper had invited Mom to perform fellatio on him in front of her friends. I had no idea what this was at the time, although I figured it was something sexual. Mom initially refused but eventually consented when encoraged by her friends. Back at home, I overheard Mom say that she hasn't done that for a very long time and to do it to a young male stripper was such a treat. She added that she just love to do it again, but in private, not with a crowd around.

    Shortly after Mom's friends left, I emerged from hiding and asked Mom, "What is fellatio??" She was surprised that I would ask and after a few moments of reflective thought, said, "I'll show you. I'll perform fellatio on you." It is important to understand that alcohol lowers Mom's inhibitions and she says and does things that she would not normally do. As she approached me to begin the act, she explained that fellatio is oral sex, where one partner stimulates the genitals of the other partner. Now, I have heard of oral sex and know that it is pretty intimate sexual activity, so I immediately told her, "Mom, I think that would be going a little too far. You are my mom and I am your son." But she would have none of it. When Mom gets an idea in her head, it is impossible to purge it out. She sat down beside me where I was lying down, took hold of my underpants and started to pull them down. I immediately stopped her by gripping her hands with mine and explaining that it would be going too far. I told her, Mom, you haven't even seen me naked since I was a child and now you want to do this?? But she adamant and repeated over and over how benign fellatio is and after futile attempts to dissuate her, I took a fateful decision and released her hands. I knew that from this point on by allowing Mom to perform a sex act on me, that our relationship would never be quite as innocent as before. I had this sense of helplessness and foreboding as my mother nonechalantly pulled my underpants down to my ankles and examined my genitals with delight. She immediately kneeled down in front of me and grasped my "balls" tightly in one hand and with her other hand, took my penis and began masturbating it to produce an erection. The stimulation quickly resulted in a full erection and she inserted the tip of my penis into her mouth. She alternated between sucking hard on it and stimulating it my masturbating it with her mouth. After several minutes of this, she tried inserting my penis so deep into her mouth that she almost gagged several times. I must admit that as much as I was reluctant to engage in sexual activity with my mom, it became apparent that I was reaching a sexual high. Whether or not I approved of it, it began to feel really good and I wanted more and more of it. Yes, Mom and I were indeed having sex, albeit, oral sex, and I could not get enough of it. Minutes later, I shouted to Mon, "Mom, I'm c-o-m-i-n-g!". She took my penis in her hands and masturbated it so vigorously that I ejaculated into her hands. The gush of semen into the palm of her hands seemed to be a sexual high for her and she proclaimed, "Oh, I just have performed fellatio on my son and isn't that wonderful!" As I quickly regained my composure and covered myself, Mom just thanked me for allowing her to demonstrate fellatio and assured me that, "It's all right, son."

    The following morning, Mom apolgized for being so aggressive last night and made me swear that I wouldn't say a thing about it to my dad. I got the impression that even though she was sober now, that this was NOT an apology for wanting to have oral sex with me and that she really DID want it. I also got the impression that she perceives oral sex as a kind of incest, so she doesn't want others to know about it. Whether or not it is incest doesn't bother me unduly.

    Having related this experience to my friends, it was time for all to leave but we made a promise that we would discuss it further the next time we get together. It will be interesting to hear their views on whether or not fellatio with their mother is acceptable conduct.

    A Mother's Loving (no pun) Son

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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a 47 year old mother of a 19 year old daughter who is home for the summer from her first year of school. What I want to confess is something that started out innocent enough on my part but evolved into something much more.

    My daughter and I were talking at dinner and she said something I found quite surprising. This was the conversation.

    "Mom, you know my friend at school right????"

    "Well, you have told me about her yes."

    "She told me that she saw her mom naked and that she has like this big triangle of dark hair on her pussy."

    "I 've never heard you say that word before, but yes, many women our age don't shave."

    "Are you hairy????"

    "Yes, quite."

    "Really???? "

    " Yes."

    &q uot;Mom, do you know that I have never seen any girl or anyone with hair in my life????"

    "O.K . , and why is that news????"

    "Mo m, I'm 19 and never have seen a hairy pussy????"

    "There's that word again. So, you feel you should have seen this to make your life whole????"

    "Come on Mom, you know what I mean."

    "Did your friend Kim get fulfilled when she saw her mom????"

    "Mom, its not being fulfilled, its just that Kim said it was amazing and that I should really see it."

    " So, I assume she asked you if you had seen me."

    "Yea, she did, but I told her no."

    "Was that so bad????"

    "No, but she make its sound like it's no big deal and she didn't just see her mom once like by , she sees her a lot."

    &quo t;Her mom purposely let's her daughter see her naked????"

    "Yea, Kim just goes into her room if her mom is like getting out of the shower and her mom stands there and down cover up or anything."

    "Do Kim and her mom talk about it while she is standing there????"

    "No, not all the time, but they did once and then her mom lets her see now."

    "Wel l, how did that go the first time they talked about it????"

    "Ki m said that her mom was in the kitchen once and her bathrobe like opened a little and Kim saw her hair and asked her mom if she could really see it because she never had,"

    "What did her mom do????"

    "Well, nothing right then but later that night, she said her mom was in the living room on the couch and Kim went in and laid on the floor and her mom she had her knees up and her robe didn't cover anything and Kim got to just lay there and look. While they watched TV her mom would like reach to the end table to get a drink of water her robe would open up even more. Kim said that she looked her mom right in the eye and her mom just smiled. Kim said that she wanted to make sure that her mom like really knew so she put down her IPhone and just looked and her mom let her."

    "Oh, I see. So, what you're telling me is that this excites Kim????"

    "Oh yea. Mom, please, you can't tell anyone. Kim told me she masturbates about it."


    "Yea, but don't ever ever tell anyone."

    " ;You can be sure I won't. What do you think about that????"

    " At first, I kind of thought it was weird like its your mother ya know, but when Kim said that it felt taboo and how she describes her moms pussy, I started like getting excited myself."

    &qu ot;Oh, I see. So I suppose the next question is whether or not I'm going to let you see me, right????"

    "Well, kind of I guess. Can I????"

    " This is sexual in nature you know."

    "How's that????"

    &quo t;You told me that Kim masturbates about her mom. Isn't that sexual????"

    "Well, she doesn't do it in front of her."

    "Well, you have a point, but have you really thought about this???? What happens if you get excited???? Are you going to masturbate about me????"

    "Well, what if I did, you wouldn't know it."

    "well , that's my point. If you masturbate about me, that means that you will be fantasizing about your mother and more importantly about my pussy."

    "Well, what if I did, would it bother you you to know about it????"

    "Let me ask you this. What If I go into my room right now and tell you that I'm going to masturbate about you and picture your pussy????"

    "Mom, you know what we could do????"


    "Don't get mad. If we did it together, we could look at each other."

    "Y ou want us, as mother daughter, to masturbate in front of each other????"

    "Who would ever know????"

    & quot;Kim would know because you would tell her."

    "Yea, but I know about her and her mom????"

    "We ll, you have a point."

    We ended our conversation because my sister showed up at the door. I will write again and share what happened.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I had a girlfriend that was very proper, she always dressed conservatively, but also loved to make out (usually a lot of kissing, some heavy groping and maybe I'd get a bj (she didn't swallow) or a hand job. I was over at her place one evening having dinner for the first time with her parents, she lived with her parents, and the evening was very nice. dinner was rather late and I had a long way to drive home. I asked if I could take a nap before I started the long drive hoome. Her parents said I could use their son's room, her older brother's room who was away at college, in the basement. She took me down in the basement and showed me the room. I tried to make out with her a bit, but she just brushed my advances off and went back upstairs to be with her family. I laid down and got to sleep after a few minutes.

    About an hour later I was awakened by her unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out, then climbing on. I would say her panties were soaked, but she didn't have any on. She was fully dressed as she was at dinner, conservative dress, stockings, and heels--but no panty. My cock slid full length into her wet puss and she proceeded to fuck my brains out. I dumped 2 loads into her c**t before I felt her pussy muscles clamp onto my cock and start spasming.

    She drove down hard, and it felt like her puss was trying to suck my balls up into her. She was kind of growling and moaning at the same time and got louder as she climaxed. She climbed off and cleaned my almost flaccid cock with her tongue and mouth, then gave me a kiss and told me that it was time for me to go, then ran off upstairs.

    I collected my whits and headed upstairs to leave. She was waiting for me at the front door, her parents had gone to bed. She was in her robe, and when she opened it I could clearly see she didn't have anything on underneath. I could see my cum running down the inside of her legs. She walked me out to my car and sucked me dry before I left.

    I was so spent I had to stop along the road and take a nap on the way home.

    After that night I had sex with her a lot. She was always willing, always wet, always wanted my cum in her and she swallowed when she gave me a bj, and when not at her parents' place she was always a screaming fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Okay, I am sixteen, i have DD cup breasts, a nice figure, and a decent ass. I am pretty, and nothing is physically wrong with me. (I've asked plenty of people) I am engaged to someone who I thought was the love of my life, but I don't think he wants to be with me anymore, and i think he might be gay.
    When we first got together, the sex was awesome. We did every position out of the book. I sucked his cock all the time, he ate my pussy a lot too.
    About six months later, the sex came to a screeching halt, and now we have sex MAYBE once a month. I tried bondage, lingerie, morning blow jobs, ... I tried everything. I even offered a threesome, and he rejects every idea I try. He JUST really doesn't wanna have sex with me. And I know he isn't cheating, because he spends just about every waking moment with me.
    He doesn't check out other girls with me like he used to, and he doesn't ever look at me. I wanna go have fun and get fucked, but he just wants to sit around and play xbox. I currently haven't had sex in four months. He is slightly abusing and clingy.

    Is he gay?? Should i leave him??

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    Straight Female / 19

    My boyfriend has been away in saskatchewan, canada working for 10 days on 4 days off as a railroad electrical maintenance person. I have been here at home working also, but mostly fantasizing and watching a lot of porn. I guess you could consider me quite the nympho.. Remembering how amazing it felt when we marathon fucked right before he had left. Me and him have been together for almost a year now and the sex only gets better and better!!

    He just makes me wants more and more. He is so fucking handsome and gorgeous. Incredibly muscular, tanned 6'1, athletic, with a nice meaty thick cock to boot. I love worshiping his body.
    The night before we left was the pinnacle, if you may say, of our sexual history..

    I love to start by sucking his cock, his pleasure is my pleasure. He was sleeping this time and I think i surprised him a little bit when he woke up to my lips wrapped all the way around his dick and starting right into his big brown eyes. I proceeded to suck his big dick bobbing my head up and down working the shaft with one hand. I then shove my fat ass into his face while sucking his dick as i know he goes absolutely mental over my booty. He then starts to eat me out as i plant my face into the bed and he sticks his tounge so deep into my asshole. He then grabs my hips, and teases me.. I hate being teased.

    He starts sliding his dick up and down my pussy lips with a lot of force and slips right in without any question. Doggy style. At this point in time im breathing so hard that there is NO WAY MY GRANDPA DOESNT HERE THIS SHIT. He was in the other rooom not having any idea what was happening. My sweet boyfriend then, begins to whisper in my ear telling me how amazing my pussy feels and i tell him how satisfying and complete i feel with him inside of me. He puts one of his fingers in my mouth and i suck it as we continue to fuck with passion. I look to shake my nice toned ass all over his cock up whilst he fucks me from behind. I can tell he appreciates all the squats i do for him ;)

    I couldnt help but just fucking pin him down and riding the absolute shit out of his cock but instead he flips me over and makes me take every single inch of him on my back.

    He fucks me amazingly but sometimes i really want to just tell him to absolutely rip my pussy apart but not to sure if that is too forward. Hahaha oh well sometimes a girl honestly just needs to be manhandled. Like i said the sex is amazing but it COULD be a 10/10 in my opinion with work. Should i show him my favorite porn scene to show him what im into so he has an idea of exactly how i want it?? Cant wait to hopefully get some passionate-aggressive rough yet loving sex when he gets home..

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    Straight Male / 20

    The other day i stayed at my friends house. His name is "bob" and he lives with his divorced mom. i stayed over for the weekend at his house because i was helping him build somthing. so we worked on it friday and saturday until like six o'clock because he got a call from work for a night shift so he had to leave.

    It was just me and his mom alone in his house. around 8 me and his mom had dinner then she said she was going to sleep early. i watched some tv then went up to take a shower. after my shower i came out but forgot to get a towel. i couldnt find a towel in the guest room so i thought i could get one from bob's moms room. i thought she was sleeping and i opened the door and walked in. i looked at her bed and froze. what i saw was amazing, she was on the bed with one hand squeezing her tits and the other hand a was shoving a dildo in her pussy. i just froze ther staring at her tits. she was staring at me too thats when i realized that i was naked and my dick was rock hard. i was so embarrassed. i started explaing why i was there and she just stared at me she started biting the bottom of her lips and moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. she stoped then removed the dildo and said that i interrupted her. she got up and walked up to me and grabbed my dick and started stroking it. we started making out and she got on her knees and started sucking my dick. after that i got her on the bed and spread her knees. i wasted no time and licked her pussy it tasted so good i licked her clit and then i rubbed my dick head on her pussy before i shoved it in. she was moaning as i was fucking her. i then came in her pussy. cum was dripping out onto the bed as she was licking the rest off my dick. the next morning i snuck into her room and ate her pussy again. i came allover her face. that day when were eating breakfast bob noticed some cum on her cheek and said "you have somthing on your cheek" and wiped it off. i just smiled at her.

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    Straight Male / 46

    For medical reasons I'm not going into, sex has pretty much become an impossibility for my girlfriend. We've gone without for about two years. This past weekend, we went to a campground where some of her family live part of the year. Due to her medical issues, she cannot sleep in a tent, so I slept in a tent alone. The woman is question lives very near, and could see I was on my phone rather late from her place. She stopped by my tent, said she couldn't sleep, and asked if I wanted to have a drink in her camper. A couple of drinks later, one thing led to another. She is not the best looking woman, but the sex was pretty much amazing. The next morning at breakfast not a word was said. Not even any uncomfortable looks between us. I do feel bad, but it was so enjoyable, I don't feel as bad as I should.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I'm in my 20s moved out with the mr. We've probably had sex noire than 10 times in 8 months. I was getting frustrated and talked about it, we are both young and fit individual but we work different shift patterns so hardly see eachother.

    An ex-colleague of mine got back in touch with me. I am currently having an meeting up for sex with him, which started in June with harmless flirting and quickly exculated to us arranging to meet and have axe no-stings. We hardly spoke to eachother when we did work together I was reception/sales and he was a fitness instructor there, so he has a great body and whenever I used the gym facilities he came and said hi with no length conversation.

    First time we met I walked into his flat and we was uncomfortably catching up and reminiscing on the few moments we did share. He could tell I was nervous. Before long he came round the back of me whilst I was looking out of the window into the glorious view, grabbed my hip and slowly spun me to face him, kissed me and took my hand and into the bedroom we had sex 3 times that day in the space of an hr and a half. It was so good and just what I needed but I immediately felt the guilt dawn over me as soon as I left.

    As soon as I got home I had a text saying that he had fun and wouldn't mind seeing me again. I text him back and told him I really enjoyed it but I felt guilty for cheating on my partner. I then avoided him for a week and he text me asking how I was. Before we knew it we arranged another hook up.

    This time I walked in we didn't speak a word. He took my clothes off as soon as I walked in and kissed me hard pushing me up against the wall whilst i was undressing him and fucked me hard whilst my legs was wrapped around his waist. He took me towards the sofa and made me sit down and he have me mind blowing oral, so I returned the favourïÂ&a mp;frac14;ï&iques t;½he told me that was the best he had. I felt as if I had to leave immediately because I didn't want any emotional attachment with him. Before I even got in my car I got a text from him saying he really owes me and he wants to meet again very soon.

    Our next hook up as the week after.
    I was driving past his past his, on the way to see one of my close friend. So I have him a quick text to ask if he was in and he swiftly replied.stopped at a traffic light it read "yes I'm free now but I'm going out in an hour x" Perfect. I replied "I am on my way for a deep and hard fuck x".

    It was pouring down with rain and traffic was heavy, stuck in rush hour. I had to text him to let him know i wasn't going to make it and immediately got a response saying he
    can spare an extra half hour he will just be late.

    As I approached I quickly pulled up and ran towards the building. I buzzed him and he was so quick as though he was stood waiting to buzz me in. When I got up he opened the door before I even knocked. Stood naked with a towel wrapped round him and he looked so hot with his 6 pack and strong arms showing. I kissed him and atarted undressing! Clothes everywhere he grabbed me and pulled me hard against his chest and lifted me up inserting his cock deep me as he walked me to his room! Still inside me he laid me down on his bed and kissed me hard and said ride me. So he sat up and I got on top of him and I rode him as he rubbed my clit till I came, span me round and fucked me doggy style, fast, hard and deep. He pulled out and came on my back. I laid on my front and he got the towel he was wrapped in to wipe his cum off my back.

    He wanted to talk and i was following the trail of clothing towards the door and said I really to go now. He said okay and gave me a hug and kiss.

    This was just four days ago.. I think he's starting to cross the line of being "fuck buddies" and wants more.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I am 55, my wife is 43... She does not know that I know this but I have read some of her msgs that came on her phone from someone other than her friends. At first it was just a friendly note to say Hi and nice meeting you. As she got more texts, it became bolder and more sexually graphic.
    One night she said she was going out with her friends from work and said she would be late so I did not need to stay up for her when she comes home.
    I heard her come in through the front door and as she walked into the bedroom I just watched her without saying anything. It was past midnight and she looked like she was tipsy from drinking so much. I watched as she undressed and rinsed her mouth in the bathroom and heard her slide into bed. I never let on that I was awake and let her think I was sleeping. Sure enough about 10 minutes later I could hear her breathing heavily almost to a snore. I shifted on the bed and she didnt move. I was horny and thought I will try to see if I can make myself cum on her naked ass. She had her back to me so I could easily pull my cock out and rub it on her ass cheeks. I snuggled closer to her and placed my cock near the entrance of her ass. As I slid it down, I felt that her pussy was wet and it got my cock harder. She must have gotten horny and wet her panties. I slid closer and pushed my cock further between her cheeks. I was practically on her now and as I touched her thigh she just remained asleep probably from too much alcohol. I was hard, she seemed wet, I wanted sex and she would never know so..
    I pushed her top leg over and it slid towards the front of her. Her legs were now in an open scissor type of position exposing more of her pussy to me. I slid downward and raised up and holding my cock, slid the tip over her pussy. I was amazed how wet she felt. I got some on my fingers and when I brought it up to my nose. It was sperm!!
    My cock got rock hard, I moved over her and sunk my cock inside her cum filled c**t. I fucked her for about 5 minutes and blew my load quickly thinking how she just came home with sperm in her c**t.
    Next morning, nothing, she didnt remember anything when she got home but she did get out of bed fast to jump in the shower. I never told her what happened and a few more times she came home in the same state and i fucked her each time shooting my cum inside.

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    Straight Male / 37

    I find myself turned on by my wife's past sex life for some reason. She became a stripper for a while after she got out of school, and at a sleazy club besides. She's admitted to me that she was having sex with her boss, and even some of her customers that bought lap dances from her. She was still working as a stripper when I first met her, so she was doing that sort of thing even then, and it drives me crazy. It's dangerous, I know, but it turns me on like nothing else to know that my sweet wife could be such a nasty little whore.

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