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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I'm a 33 year old mother of two in a 22 year old's body. My husband is 35 and is not as sexually active as I'd like... Well, no one I've ever encountered is. I'm a chronic masturbater, especially if I'm stressed or depressed.

    After he goes to work and the kids are off to school I go back to bed. I'll start off watching porn, usually gang bangs, dp, and submission. Once I get warmed up (which means I have cum a few times) I'll turn off the porn and think about my husband. I will often touch myself up to 2-3 hours. I've had as many as 40 orgasms at a time. I don't use any toys, just my fingers and mostly I just rub my tiny little clit.

    Acter the first few orgasms I'm able to make myself cum in about 10 or 15 seconds. I'll stop for a minute and then start again... for hours. I feel like a freak.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    Three years back, my wife Jenny and I attended a very swanky party at a very nice hotel. During the party my wife noticed a woman really checking me out and asked me "If you were single, would you fuck her". The look I gave Jenny and the unknowing nod said yes, because she said "So you would. Ok, see that guy there". I looked over and said "yes". "Well he's just asked me the same thing about me and him". The guy was older than us, possibly in his early forties. He looked every bit a successful business man and one who'd obviously looked after himself physically.
    Whether it was the wine or just bravado, I turned to Jenny and told her we'd toss a coin to see who fucked who. Jenny won.
    Jenny's only bargain to the man was I had to be present. The rest was down to him what they did. Up in his room ten minutes later, I watched my beautiful wife take a very handsome mans cock into her mouth. Jenny was almost naked save for her panties. He'd stripped her, kissing her body all over as he did. When he took in her enlarged nipples (Jenny has amazingly large nipples) I saw my wife's body raise with lust and in front of me, then she said "I want to see your cock".
    His cock was larger and thicker than mine, and it also curved upwards. I lost track of time and how many times Jenny took his cock down her throat. She worshiped his cock as though it was the last cock on earth, and it made me slightly jealous for the first time. Standing Jenny up and spinning her around, so she was kneeling onto the bed. The older athletically muscled man, ripped off her panties and buried his face into my wifes pussy and asshole from behind. I knew Jenny, so I knew the moment his tongue found her clit, she'd be orgasming straight away. I wasn't wrong, but even I didn't expect the strength of the orgasm she had. With his face full of my wifes pussy and anal juice, and with Jenny still cumming. I watched him stand up, put his cock to her soaking wet pussy, then saw him thrust his cock into her c**t and begin to force fuck my wife.
    There was no mistaking the sex they were having. It wasn't love making, it was pure animalistic fucking and Jenny was loving every minute of it. I stood in the doorway to hotel room watching my wife take another mans cock, and I genuinely wanted him to fuck her until she was all fucked out.
    I couldn't believe just how much I wanted the stranger to fuck my wife. As he hammered away at her pussy I was willing him to take his cock out of her c**t and fuck her asshole. Until he turned around to look at me, I hadn't realised I'd actually asked him to do it. Jenny turned to look at me as well, she smiled at me, took hold of his cock, slipped it out of her pussy and guided it to her rear hole. He did the rest. It was something special to see her take another mans dick so greedily up her asshole, as I knew that's where she liked being fucked the most.
    Over the next twnety minutes I saw Jenny indulge herself on his cock in every conceivable position. I watched my wife slut herself for a stranger right in front of me. And I fucking loved every thrust of his cock as it bottomed out up her super juiced asshole.
    With Jenny flat on her stomach, he started to plow into her in long hard strokes. Getting faster and more impatient with his thrusts. Then in one huge lunge into her ass, he came. His body shook as his cum flooded my wifes asshole and just as I thought he was finished, he rolled her over so I could see her gaping pussy and his cock up her ass. Moving his hands to her pussy as he pumped away, the man forcefully rubbed jenny's pussy and clit, making her cum hard and shout out.
    Passing him in the doorway to the bathroom, he passed me a folded amount of money, said thank you and told me he'd order us a cab. I didn't say anything because jenny gave me a look to as if to say "Shhh, don't say a thing". So I just smiled and thanked him. He didn't know it, but I'd just thanked him for fucking my wife.
    The reason he didn't know it, and what I found out in the taxi on the way back home was. Jenny had told him she was a high class hooker and I was her "Handler".
    Back at home I couldn't wait to go over what had just happened. Jenny apparently couldn't wait to have me lick out her pussy and ass. Before we slept I fucked my wifes asshole and spent another five minutes tasting my own cum as she had me "clean her up".
    Jenny told me the next day, it was a one off, a fantasy fulfilled. the role of a hooker was always a sexual turn on for her, but Jenny wanted it to be safe.
    We haven't gone down that route again, but what Jenny doesn't know is, I'd love to see her with another man again. Maybe one around our own age, but also one who would fuck her real hard and treat her just like the man did three years ago, just like a slut, just like a high class hooker.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I am real ashamed about what I am about to write, back when I was about 18 I had been out drinking and was on the late subway train home. On the same carrieage were a few others and a rowdy group of guys.
    Soon most people were gone but for me and a woman and these group of rowdy guys all about 16 years old. As the doors closed and the train started to move I could see them moving in on this woman, I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep.
    As i watched peeping so they didn't see all 4 of these guys fucked the woman as she was held down and I did nothing to help her just pretended to be asleep. She was begging them to stop and telling them she was married with kids but they just laughed at her and carried right on using her.
    In the end they got off at the stop before mine and left the woman on the floor with cum oozing out of her c**t.
    I am ashamed to admit that I had a raging hard on having seen her r**e and humiliation and have wanked myself off many times remembering her and how they used her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I enlisted in the Navy on my 18th birthday. After basic training and advanced training in communications I was stationed on a large ship. One of my shipmates caught me perving on a fellow sailor who was hung like a horse. He reported me to the NCO who sent the report up the line until I ended up hauled into the Ex-O's office. I sat there opposite of him and he just out and asked if I liked guys. I knew it would kill my navy career but I blurted out "yes" anyways before I realized what I was saying. Instead of filing my discharge papers, he told me to get on my knees, crawl over to him and undo his pants. He ordered me to suck him off. I sure didn't mind because he was hung even bigger than the sailor I was perving on. I choked and gagged but managed to get almost half of it down my throat while he pumped his sperm down my eager hungry throat. I licked him clean and thanked him. He told me that the price for his silence was I had to suck him off regularly. I sure didn't mind. He even let me jerk off in his office while I watched gay porn. This became a regular thing and I sort of became his pet. He had me assigned to him as his personal secretary of sorts and I got promoted pretty much as fast as a sailor could. The one time we were under fire and I saw some shipboard action he made sure to exaggerate the report a bit so that I got a purple heart and a distinguished service medal. I suppose sucking off a commander three or four times a week for a couple of years entitles me to some perks even though I enjoyed doing it.

    Over the years I sucked off a lot of officers and sailors. I retired after twenty years an E-8 and by then I was getting my fair share of blow jobs. Of course none of these things could be revealed at all in those days. Now sailors can admit to being gay without fear though I think there are probably restrictions regarding fraternization. I retired four years ago before the changes. Now I work for the Post Office as a clerk. So I get my Navy pension and my pay as a clerk. I also am a scout leader for the boy scouts. I specialize in mentoring boys who are working on their eagle badge. Most of them are in their late teens. Even though the scouts are anti gay, there are plenty of boy scouts who will suck off a scout leader for a leg up in earning badges and a few how just simply enjoy sucking a man's cock.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I thought I was pretty lucky being a 58 year old man dating a 32 year old woman. She is quite pretty which makes me doubly lucky. But then her 12 year old son started to come on to me a few weeks ago. This morning he asked me to suck his dick. I thought he was kidding at first but when he offered to suck mine in exchange I realized he was serious. So I agreed. I told him he didn't have to suck my dick but I'd be happy to suck him off. So he put his dick in my mouth and I sucked until he came in my mouth. It was delicious so I swallowed it. Afterwards he offered to suck me off and I told him he didn't have to then he begged me to let him suck me so I figured what the hell. turns out he sucks better than his mother. Afterwards he begged me not to tell his mom. I told him anytime he wants me to suck him all he has to do is stick it in my mouth and anytime he wants to suck me all he has to do is pull down the fly and pull it out and suck.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife has a cleaning lady that comes to deep clean our house every couple of weeks. She is very friendly and quite attractive too.

    I rarely see her since she comes to the house while I'm at work. Well last Friday I worked from my home office while she was there. She was busy in other parts of the house most of the day and when she came to my office to clean I moved to the sofa while she cleaned around the desk. We made small talk while she dusted and moved things around.

    She got down on all fours to dust under the desk which gave me a great view of her perfect ass from my spot on the couch. I couldn't help but stare even though my wife was in a different room in the house. I asked her how her house cleaning business was going while I continued my intense gaze at her ass. She said it was going really well and that she was saving up for something special. At this moment she turned her head to make eye contact as one does during a conversation but My eyes were still glued to her body. I was caught. By the time I looked at her eyes she had a little smirk on her face and said "enjoying the view?" I didn't say anything, only sheepishly smiled back at her. She stood up and getting right back to our conversation said "well, do you want to know what I'm saving up for?" I said "sure". She turned around with that same smirk again and slowly unzipped the tiny sweat jacket she was wearing only to reveal she was not wearing anything underneath.

    She grabbed each side of the jacket and held it wide open putting her beautiful soft b cup breasts on full display. Her nipples were small and hard. She said "I'm saving for a boob job" I told her I thought she was perfect the way she is and she smiled and said thanks. I stood up and made my way closer to get a nice good look. She just stood there smiling at me and letting me stare at her body letting the jacket slip off her shoulders a little. Iniwing this is not something that happens everyday I decided to press my luck and try to touch them. I placed my hand in her flat, toned stomach and slid my hand up to her left breast squeezing it. She then pulled her jacket closed with my hand still on her tit and started zipping it up again. I moved my hand but stayed standing close to her. She leaned in to my ear and whispered "Why don't you go take care of this" and grabbed my crotch. "I need to finish cleaning in here." In all of the excitement I didn't notice that I had a massive erection that was clearly visible through my pants. I smiled and said ok. She said to go in the bathroom directly across from my office and that she had it all ready to go. Not sure what she meant by that I obeyed.

    As I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I noticed a bottle of lotion on the sink with a post it note that said "hope you enjoyed the view...leave the door open" two thoughts raced through my mind. First, She set this whole thing up and planned on catching me looking at her and then showing me her tits. That turned me on even more. And second, how can I leave the door open while I jack off for her with my wife in the house.

    I threw caution aside and dropped my pants. Standing there naked and fully erect I slowly opened the door. She was in the office with her arms folded waiting for me. I opened the door the rest of the way and stood there naked in front of her. Her eyes darted to my cock where they stayed, waited by for me to begin. I put some lotion in my hand and began stroking my cock for her. She smiled and slowly unzipped her jacket this time taking it completely off. I stroked faster and harder as the jacket hit the floor.

    I loved pleasuring myself in front of her while taking in the beauty of
    her body. I knew I wouldn't last long and started stroking as fast as I could. She knew I was about to cum and quickly lowered the yoga pants she was wearing and her panties to the floor so I could see her completely nude. I immediately shot my load. I was cumming so hard some cum actually shot into the hallway between the bathroom and office.

    She smiled and mouthed "thank you". I smiled, closed the door and cleaned up. Once I was clean and dressed and came out and found her fully clothed and cleaning up the cum I shot in the hallway. She had a little on her finger and looked me in the eye and put her finger in her mouth licking off my cum. She said she enjoyed that and asked if I would like to do that again sometime.

    She is now cleaning my house every Friday. I have jacked off for her three times now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    Last week I listened into a conversation my wife was having over the phone, which lead me to being able to sign into her online diary. The reason I began to listen in was, I heard her tell who ever it was on the other end of the line, just how much she'd enjoyed having him fuck her.
    They spoke for about another minute. And in that time she told him where to find her online diary, and how to read her entries about them having sex. I immediately started up my tablet and found the site, entered the details she'd told her lover and began to read probably what he was reading right then.
    Her details of what they'd done together was very sexually graphic. In one part she tells of her lust at having to suck his cock as hikers walked past. She was supposed to be on a days long training, but instead had cancelled and met him a beauty spot. He'd walked her up a single track, made her drop to her knees and had her suck his dick as people walked past. Moving up the trail he had my wife strip, lean against an old concrete sub station and fucked her from behind.
    The next comments are her words in the diary "Pete's large cock entered my arsehole, right after he'd been fucking my pussy from behing. I was cumming all over Pete's cock, so I didn't see the dog walker but Pete did. Only when I felt Pete's cum filling my arse did I notice the guy watching us. I was about to protest, but Pete told me to shut the fuck up, called the man over and offered me to him. There was only a brief pause from having one mans cock up my arse, to having it filled by a much older mans. A man old enough to be my dad. If Pete's cock does it for me with it's length, the older mans had me cumming because of how thick his cock was. He didn't last too long as he hammered away at my already cum laden arse, but long enough to make me shudder as another orgasm shook my world. Pete pushed my knickers up my arse before he would let me move back down to the cars. The cold fresh air making my nipples stick out through the thin material of my blouse, my bra a present for the older man. Back in my the car I took Pete's cock back into my mouth and cleaned every single essence of myself off it. Satisfied Pete told me to make sure our bed at home was warm for him on Saturday, as ... is palying golf".
    By the time I'd read her entry, I'd taken my cock out and masturbated covering my shorts with my own cum. I wasn't angry, I was totally turned on and only stopped reading as my wife walked up stairs. She asked me if I was still playing golf on Saturday. I replied saying "Yeah, you out shopping". When she said yes, I found myself saying "Well you have a good time". Knowing she'd be fucking her lover in our bed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I'm a straight guy, but I regularly have fantasies about being fucked by other guys, just pounding into my ass until I cum everywhere and forcing me on my knees to swallow their cocks and cum.

    My kinkiest fantasy is to be tied or held on all fours while a few guys just use my ass and mouth filling me with cum and covering me, then just leaving me exhausted and filthy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 27

    My father was career military. He had three daughters, I am the oldest. He treated me like I was boy, if I couldn't do something or didn't want to do something he called me a sissy or a pussy. If I wanted a dress or anything feminine he would laugh at me and call me a shit head for wanting to wear that. My hair was cut short and I wore boy clothes, except for panties which my mother did let me wear.

    When I hit puberty and started to spread out and grow tits, he became more and more aggressive about any sissy behavior. To his never ending disappointment I grew big tits, for a small girl I grew bit tits. I liked my tits, they made me feel like a girl.

    One day, I was thirteen, I went with my mother to the trailer we had at the beach. She left me there to clean up, because summer was coming, while she went into town for supplies. I got this impulse and took off my top and worked topless. I would stop in front of the mirror in the bedroom and admire my tits. I was only thirteen but I had real grown up tits. From then on I took every opportunity to go topless. Even one day when I was getting ready for school, I needed a blouse that was down in the laundry and I walked out of my room and went down to the laundry with my tits hanging out. I ran into my father, he was speechless.

    He tried to say something and I asked him if he liked my tits, and then I told him 'I fuck too', which wasn't true, but I told him. After that we stopped being friends.

    When I was seventeen, I was sunning topless in the back yard, and these workmen were fixing the deck next door. I could see them looking over the fence. I laid there, I put my arms behind my head so that they could get a good look at my tits. I sat up, stood up, walked around, I gave them something to talk about. That night I went to my room after dinner and had the longest masturbation session and actually got myself off.

    I enjoy my tits and I enjoy being topless and I enjoy showing them off. My father wanted a boy and all he got was a big tittied girl. I think it is justice for the way he treated me when I was growing up.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    I'm a 30yr old Aussie girl. Since I turned 30 I have been so sexually aroused all the time and wanting to live out every fantasy I have.
    I contacted a virgin online and for the last few months I have been introducing him to the world of sexual pleasure. I love to suck his cock until he cums hard in my mouth. I gave him his first rim job and fingered his cute arse as I blew him. He fucks me every way he can and will soon graduate to sliding his cock into my tight back door. I love his enthusiasm for sex and we do it for hours him cumming up to 5 times so far in one session. I love when he sucks on my nipples he can nurse on them for ages while slowly bringing me to a squirting orgasm with his fingers. A very quick learner.
    I went to a swingers club with a friend and watched him spit roast a skanky old bitch while the hottest chick finger fucked my pussy as I feasted on her massive tits and pierced nipples. I went back again alone and ended up in a foursome with her boyfriend her and another chick. I will never forget that cute little blonde sucking on my clit as I ate out my big titted friend. Or sucking her pierced nipples as she was drilled from behind while the little blonde licked and finger fucked me till I squirted over her face.
    I met a guy from online who dominated me. Slapped my arse and my face. Skull fucked me till I couldn't breathe. Tied me down and fucked my dripping pussy until I came and came and came. He fucked me in the arse.. My first time. It was incredible I came so hard and milked his cock of a massive load deep into my bowels.
    I masturbate constantly cumming over and over I can't get enough with my fingers and toys.
    A guy came round to my house and without speaking or seeing each other in the dark he licked my pussy like I have never known before and then left.
    I had a guy who wanked on my tits and shot a huge load then rubbed it into my skin. He also gave me $100 it was hilarious I loved it!
    I had an affair with a married man. I fucked him in a car, in his office on the floor and on his desk.
    I fucked with a 17yr old guy with a huge dick who drilled me while his friend played with his cock and watched.
    I want more.. I can't stop.. I want to be fucked in front of a group of guys who all stroke their cocks until they shoot their hot cum on my body. Being covered in it. My face, hair, tits, stomach - everywhere.
    I want to feel a cock violating my ass again but while another fills my juicy pussy.
    I want to be truly dominated and treated like a little sub cum loving slut.
    I'm so hot now I'm going to go masturbate while I think of you reading this and getting off xox

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