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    Straight Female / 24

    I am straight. I have spent the last five years in a lesbian relationship with a girl I met at school. She knows I am straight. In spite of agreeing to an open relationship, we have never dated anyone else. I am passive in the bedroom, I enjoy her approach, she is always thinking of ways to make me comfortable.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Growing up and still in my mid teens, I soon learned that not only do I have a much larger cock than most guys, I was also attracting lots of looks from the married men as I was from their wives, as I walked along the beach front.
    The beach is for nude bathing and I began to love to the leering looks of much older men and women. Being of mixed race, I had fun with the holiday makers and quickly found out who was there for fun. Losing my virginity to the daughter of a couple who almost dragged me into their rooms, I enjoyed a whole two days with her and eventually fucked her mother when she and her father took up some surf paragliding.

    My first encounter sexually with a guy was the following season, and by then I'd fucked over a dozen different married women. Some with their husbands totally oblivious to their sexual antics, others whilst their husband watched. The guy was married, yet couldn't take his eyes off my cock. I knew he wanted sex and I also knew by then, I'd fuck him. Signalling him to follow me after watching his wife fall asleep, I took him to a well known place guys have sex together. He immediately sucked on my cock as other married men watched on. Then made himself ready for my cock, by placing a condom along it and smearing a cold lube over my fully erect cock, then his arsehole. I fucked him from behind as he leaned onto one of the beach tree's behind the sand dunes. It was an awesome fuck and I loved how the other men encouraged me to fuck him harder. Before I shot my load, filling the condom inside of him, he came spurting his cum all over the sandy floor.

    Watching him back with his wife a little later, she was all over him and I thought I heard her asking him, if he'd enjoyed being fucked. For me though it was an eye opener and a sexual awakening. I began to understand why certain married couples were attracted to the beach, and why certain men let their wives tag along. It was to them just as much of a thing to have their wives pick out a fuck partner for them, as it was for them to be fucked. And I soon learned how to pick them out. That second season, I fucked just as many men as I did their wives, girlfriends or sometimes their daughters.

    By the time the third season began (I was nineteen then), I'd resolved myself to being totally bisexual and had by then in the close season, been fucked myself. He was/ still is a bar owner, and has a well deserved reputation for liking well hung young men. I did fuck him many times before he persuaded me to take his cock deep into my arsehole. It was a beautiful moment when his cock drove me to orgasm, without me or him touching my fully erect bouncing cock.

    The island was to me by then, just that, an island and somewhere I wanted to move away from. Even so I enjoyed another full season of fun and sex with many many married couples and so called single men. I tried hard to pick out couples who wanted sex together and would let me fuck them both. And succeeded on quite a few occasions, more than you may think. Just as you wouldn't believe how many married men are out there who love to suck on, or take cock up their arses. I had my twentieth birthday on the island, and spent most of it fucking a British couple who were celebrating their honeymoon. After screwing his wife to multiple orgasms, she then watched as he mounted my cock and rode me like he was riding a horse. It was a fun night and one I will remember fondly for their total willingness to try everything sexual.

    I moved off the island after the season, taking an opportunity to study in England. For three years I studied hard and almost went without sex throughout. I say almost, because right at the start of my tuition, I was fucking a teacher and her husband. They really knew what they wanted and liked sexually, and I soon became a regular partner to them. Sometimes fucking him alone when his wife was at uni teaching.

    My life has now revolved full circle. I've moved back to the island, but no longer walk that beach. I own a travel business that caters for married couples who know what they want. Sometimes depending on the client, I'll indulge in their fantasies myself, but mostly, I now have four guys who fulfill that role and fulfill it within strict health guidelines. You could say it's a growing business, and one that takes all kinds of sexual people to make it viable. But then that's what I've known all my life. There's nothing as queer as folk. And I for one am certainly glad that's the case.

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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a fifty one year old grandmother who lost her husband in the middle of last year. We had such a physical relationship, I instantly missed having his wonderful cock pleasuring my pussy and ass. His death was very sudden and for a while I almost couldn't believe he was gone. My family tried to help as best they could, but at nighttime on my own I missed everything about him. Mostly though when I entered our bed, I missed how most nights we'd have such passionate sex.
    After a couple of months I tried masturbation using my fingers and then eventually bought a dildo off the internet. But it wasn't the same. I'd already had one offer by then of sex. It was from a man who I'd known for years, but he was to me only a friend. Throughout my life I've kept myself very much in shape by swimming jogging and lots of Yoga. I'm still very supple and have a body that many twenty year olds would love to have. Age to me is only a number and I don't in any way feel or look fifty one.
    Just after New year, a new family moved in across the street and one of the older children, a young man called Gabe, began doing things around the neighborhood for money. Having had an accident with my DIY skills, I asked someone who knew them and the following day Gabe called over. He was so charming, yet also a little forward in the way he spoke. At one point I caught him eyeing up my ass when I showed him what I wanted doing. I didn't get angry or feel as though he'd overstepped the mark. Instead I felt incredibly turned on. Again and again I caught him looking at my ass, my breasts or peering at my pussy mound through my tight Yoga pants. Eventually I asked him if he liked older women. The young man who I'd only known for about quarter of an hour said "Only the one's who look like you".
    What took place then I can only say, was done through need, sexual starvation and having a nineteen year old kid telling me basically he'd fuck me.
    I dropped down yanked down his shorts and saw he had no underwear on. Gabe's cock wasn't as big/long as my deceased husband's, but it was and is much thicker. Even so I sucked it into my mouth easily and knew when he instantly gripped my long blonde hair, he wanted sex just s much as I did.
    The feeling of his young cock growing in my mouth, as I continued to suck on every inch of his beautiful manhood gave me a thrill I'd not felt for a long time. I worshiped his cock as though I'd never get one to suck on again, and Gabe only made it better by fucking my mouth after a while. Moving my hands a round to his firm buttocks I felt him squeezing them as he fucked me face and it sent shivers of delight down my spine and into my sex organs. i was alive again and I was going to make damn sure this young man would want more.
    Releasing his cock, I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me. As we went we were both removing our clothing. I turned to see his fully erect cock bobbing in front of him as we mounted the stairs and couldn't wait. Sitting on a step I took his gorgeous cock back into my mouth and sucked on him again. Letting it slip from my eager lips, I renewed my movement upstairs and on into the bedroom I shared with my husband for so long. Turning as he entered I was about to say something, but Gabe threw me onto the bed and instantly put his face between my legs.
    Over the next whatever time it was, he licked sucked and fingered my pussy and clit. After having two awesomely strong orgasms, I was about to rise, but he pushed my back down, sucked in my engorged clit and slipped two fingers deep inside my asshole. My body reacted by spasming into one of the most intense climaxes I can ever remember having. My back arched so much I thought he'd never be able to keep his mouth sucking on my clit, but Gabe was clamped to my love bud and he wasn't letting my ride finish just yet.
    Lifting his face briefly away from my sex, he asked me if I'd ever been taken up my ass. The response he got was for me to slide two of my own fingers up my ass, and tell him to lick my "mummy hole". Something my husband used to call my pussy.
    Sex has always been a special part of my life, and not from a very good start either. At the age of fourteen I was taken by a man who later found himself without the possibility of being able to walk. Thanks Uncle Jim!.
    From then on however, I soon found myself as someone who loved sex and men. I wasn't a slut per say, but when I was with someone I really liked sexually, I'd make damn sure they and I had a whale of a time sexually. Often doing things other girls wouldn't do or try. And anal was one of those sexual bents I had.
    Anal sex, that's what Gabe wanted and I was more than prepared to offer him. Parting from his arms I moved him up so we were in a missionary position, then I held his cock and guided it into my pussy. His cock slid in and made me gasp. My husband had a longer cock, but his cock and the dildo I'd been using, wasn't anywhere near as broad as Gabe's fully erect penis. And his awesome cock stretched my pussy until I felt myself fully surround his length. And it felt utterly dirty.
    I had a nineteen year old kid deep inside my pussy and I was holding onto his butt cheeks pulling him in. He'd just then lifted his head up and we were facing each other. In a purely spontaneous way, he lowered his head and we kissed. I didn't see us as a loving couple, or did I ever envisage myself kissing another man in that way. But it felt right and it also felt passionate too.
    gabe's cock drove into me over and over again sending pulses of delight throughout my body, I was having my mini orgasms as he fucked me with a knowledge beyond his years. Then like it was agreed between us, he quickly slid his cock out of my pussy, lifted me up a little and then drove his cock hard into my asshole. the pain was instant, but also was the sheer and wonderful feeling of absolute pleasure. It was combined in such a way I gave myself completely to him.
    Missionary, doggy, spooning me holding onto my breasts so tightly. And then with Gabe gasping from his exertions, I mounted the young man and let my pussy take the first hammering in that position. Gabe reached up and played with my tits again. His grin was one of sexual want and I knew what to do. Grinding down onto his cock, I reached behind me and squoze his balls. not gently, but also not too much as to hurt him. I knew if I carried on fucking him this way, he'd cum and I didn't want his semen just yet.
    Looking directly into his deep blue eyes, I told him I was going to slide my asshole onto his cock shaft. I also told him he'd better make damn sure I orgasmed first. The added pressure I gave him, to me had always been a way of holding a man off from cumming too quickly. And Gabe didn't disappoint. His cock botomed out up my ass and I felt his pubes tickle the inside of my thighs. Punping his cock up as I sank right down onto him, I built up rhythm and force. My asshole was in heaven and I knew I wan't far from a very powerful climax. Gripping his chest told him I was cumming and watched as he thrust hard driving his cock deep into my bowels. My asshole tightened and my pussy winked its knowledge of pleasure. Then my whole world span as the orgasm tore through me. I'm not sure how many times Gabe thrust upwards into my anal cavity. What I do know, is he didn't stop fucking me long after his own orgasm forced his hot semen into my body, making my orgasm renew itself and we both collapsed together, with Gabe's cock still see sawing up my rear hole.
    On parting we kissed again, and I told him we should shower. We did so, and we washed each other, not caring about the time or the years between us. Kissing throughout, he finally broke away and told me I was his first anal conquest. He also told me he wanted to fuck me again and again.
    Gabe to my family is a quiet young guy who gives me a hand around my home. He is very good with his hands. Only it's not only DIY he uses them for. We don't fuck all the time, just most of it. And we don't advertise anything either. To the outside world we're just good friends and neighbors.
    Inside my house, my bed and anywhere else we fancy fucking, Gabe and I have become amazing lovers. I'm not stupid enough to fall in love with him, but I do love him for what we have. It's sexual I know that, and it's whilst it lasts. What I do know is, if and when Gabe fancies another girl maybe his age, I'll make sure I'm not left alone long until I find another younger man to take his sexual enpowerment deep inside my sexually energized body.
    Thank you for reading my confession and happy times sexually, if you're able to enjoy somebody else's life.
    Clara x

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    Straight Male / 42

    I grew up in a small town. We all went to school together from grade school on up. I had a friend, she was a girl of all things, and one day she asked me what it was like to be kicked in the balls. I know exactly how old we were, we were twelve. We talked about being kicked in the balls, and I told her that the worst that had happened to me was that I slipped off the seat of my bike and crushed my balls on the bar.

    We snuck around to the back of her house and went into the garden shed and I let her touch and feel my balls and penis. She lowered her pants and let me touch and feel her. From then on our conversations were more mature, we talked all the time about growing up and how people had sex. It didn't cross our minds at the time, but we were both younger kids in our families, she had three older sisters and an older brother, and two younger siblings, and I was the third of six.

    We would escape on to the roof of my house. You could get out a window on the second floor to the roof over the kitchen, and then up onto the main roof of the house. We would take these large beach towels and go lay out there and talk. The world all around us down below, and we would lie up there and talk and she would play with my balls and penis. It was on the roof that we first kissed. It was also on the roof that I had my first ejaculation with her.

    We were in the tenth grade when she said it was time that we had intercourse. It was on my bed, we closed the door and she dropped her pants and laid back on the bed. She was on the edge, her legs hanging over the edge. Her legs were open just a little, she was hurrying me up to get my pants down. I got on her and we had penetration and ejaculation and then it was over. If it was a minute it lasted a long time.

    We didn't have intercourse again for a long time, not until we went to our senior prom. That night her older sister arranged for us to have a motel room and we had all naked, raw sexual intercourse. We had sex a couple of times that night. She wasn't worried, her sister had gotten her on the pill three months before. It was all planned. That night, all naked together, I really appreciated her. You may imagine a lot, you may have gotten a boob out of a bra cup, but having her all naked, head to toe, what could be better than that.

    My wife, her name is Anita by the way, was taught step by step by her older sisters, she was educated on the art of fondling me, of giving me head in the movie theater, of letting me get from base to base, she was told how and when to have intercourse, she was put on the pill by them. She and her sisters get together and have discussions about sex, what to do, how to do it, what not to try. They are very inventive, and what works they do over and over again, and what doesn't work is a one time thing.

    Still to this day, one of my favorite things, my favorite thing, is to watch tv on my bed and she lays beside me with her head on my lap and she plays with my penis and my balls. There are many minutes of massage, a few minutes of intense kissing and sucking, if she happens to get me too excited, she blows me hard and gets me off, and we go back to watching the movie or the show.

    Anita is a whole lot of things. She grew up as a girl amongst girls and she manages the house very well, and she has her daughters help now that they are old enough. She degreed but has been a stay at home mom once the little ones started to come along. We are in our early forties, we have five kids. But our time together is important. I don't know what she teaches her girls, or what happens when the girls all get together, aunts and female cousins. The girls know what they need to know, that's all I'm told.

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    Straight Female / 51

    Quick confession...

    My husband who's a year older than me, is a relatively reserved individual. Who just so happens to have a huge cock. Now I love all ten inches it in my mouth, up my pussy or occasionally deep up my asshole. But over the last year or so I've had visions, daydreams, or just plain thoughts about him fucking a very pretty nubile young teenager.
    I told him about those thoughts and he laughed them off. Yet three weeks back it became a reality. A young nineteen year old girl contacted us through an add I'd put on a sex website. I did it as a kind of "Lets see if anything happens" And boy did it happen.
    I spent two wonderful hours watching my husband licking on her sweet looking pussy, and watched her enjoying his massive member, sucking away on it as if it was the last cock on earth. I then got a little closer to them as he inserted his cock up her tight pussy and marveled at them having sex together. They changed position lots of times and each time I got a thrill from seeing her gaping quim. The ultimate though, was seeing her asshole stretch to take his full length. My husband who's normally not adventurous giving anal, went all animal on her ass. And I was astounded to see just how much he wanted to be fucking her asshole.
    They swapped over positions anally too and I just had to masturbate when she mounted his cock. I climaxed easily and then watched her have what turned out to be her eighth orgasm. Afterwards my husband was all sheepish about what he'd done with the girl, but I couldn't have been happier. As for her, she told us it's the best sex she's had and wanted to know if she could visit again. This coming weekend she's staying over and I've arranged for my husband to buy a digital film camera. We're going to film them fucking and I'm thinking of maybe joining them.
    It's easily one of the best things sexually I've ever experienced. Only wish we'd have done it years ago.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    Switching sides.

    I no longer identify myself as a lesbian. I had many friends, maybe they were really not friends, who have iced me out because I went over to the other side. I don't know what happened. I don't know, I can't explain it.

    He kisses me differently. When he kisses me I fall apart. The first time he kissed me was a stolen kiss, actually a brutal stolen kiss. He kissed me, and I started to fall apart. A minute and I was no longer able to push him away. It was my first kiss by a man.

    Before he drilled me, he fingered me. I had been fingered a thousand times. But he fingered me and when he got on me I wanted him to drill me so bad. I never tried to push him away, to the contrary. I did hit him afterwards, and I cried that he had done that to me. I was angry and I yelled at him. But I didn't not leave the bed, I ran out of energy and laid back down with my arms over my chest crying, or maybe sobbing is the right word.

    I hated seeing his penis. But I loved seeing his penis. And when I had to hold his penis in my hand I felt very strange inside, and he has this habit of kissing me when I feel strange inside. I don't fight his penis anymore, or his hands, or his kisses, or his words, I don't fight anymore.

    My day now, after work, is to go 'home' and take care of things there so that we can have dinner. I have different people I see now, and some of the old people I used to see. A lot of people know about my past. In my circle and my family it was pretty well known because I was a loud mouth activist, which I just can't get the energy to do anymore. I hear it, but I don't want to be a part of it anymore. I should say so that you can understand I went to college at Berkley.

    He put it out there. Get married and settle down. I didn't say no. Everyone is a little skeptical about helping me with a wedding. I understand. No one believes I will go through with it. But I will, I am on a different boat now, with a different captain in my life. My best friend gave me an apron, a symbol she said of what I have become. She is happy for me, it was a joke, but it isn't really a joke. I put it on one morning and I asked him if this is what he wanted, he said yes, and more. Maybe I am now ready for an apron.

    So I am coming out of the closet. I am straight.

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    Straight Male / 27

    I suppose this is as good a place to spill the beans about a bizarre relationship going on. After college I spent a lot of time searching for a clean apartment (sans roaches and rats) in a building not made of cardboard where I could hear the entire constellation of biological functions of my next door neighbor. Against the warnings of a few friends I walked into the rental office of an ugly building that I heard, despite the fact that it looked like a coffin from the outside, that it was a good one.

    The rental agent, Liz, was around 50, a shapeless woman who wore silly, over-sized glasses that looked like they were falling off the ridge of her nose. She was around 5'7" and badly needed to spend time at a gym. She showed me one of the apartments and I noted the building was steel and concrete with large cinder-blocks for walls. I signed up. A month later the rental agent showed up, unannounced and asked me how everything was going on, if I had any complaints. I said, "No, it's all good."

    She informed me that her husband (whom I had not met) was part owner of the property so she took "special pains to check things out." She was, as I experienced, a nasty lady, ready with some negative remark, some slight or put-down. She inserted herself into my space when talking to me and while I expected to be turned off by stench, she actually smelled of some exotic aroma unknown to me. Out of nowhere, she cam out with the comment, "A good looking hunk like you, at your age, you must be getting tons of ass." Startled, I had no idea how to respond.

    I finally let out a weak, "I'm fine." She developed the habit of coming by weekly and more or less pestering me,
    asking for a cup of coffee. She also sat in my couch with a leg up on it and I asked her to please do not get her shoe on my couch. Eventually she stopped doing it. One day, I came out of the kitchen with her coffee and she was sitting with her leg up again but no shoes. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and she had a serious look on her face. "Give you any ideas?" she asked. I could clearly see her entire camel toe and gash. She was not shaven but well trimmed. Her genitalia was large and magnetic, something that surprized me.

    My cock took over my brain and began to rise up, so I unzipped to give it space. Feeling somehow out of control, I walked up to Liz and she spread her legs wider. There was no foreplay (other than a dozen or so boring coffee chats in the past, and I held my cock with both hands and aimed it toward her gash. As it slipped in, I smelled her perfume again and was really ready to fuck the nasty bitch. Slipping in easily, I felt her vagina clutching me like a hand. She said, "Get ready for the treat of your nothing life, kid." My thrusts and pulls were met with a real gripping action from her vagina. She started the most obscene banter I ever heard. She instructed me on rolling my hips as I thrust in and out, moving my hard cock from side to side while she "jerked" me with her vagina.

    In my mid-twenties I really did not have much experience and certainly nothing like this. That first time was a marathon, lasting around 45 minutes where we shifted to several positions. In the meantime, she regaled me with stories about how good her husband was before coming down with E.D. She said, "Too bad for him, the old fucker, but I'm still getting what I need." She got on top of me and rode my but not up and down, just sliding over me so my cock could feel her entire vagina she slid on me front to back...and she could demonstrate her muscular control. In a few weeks, she announced that she had stopped fucking two other young tenants and wanted to concentrate on me, for various reasons.

    She said, "You throw a terrific hump, kid." We began to do it daily and she would show up wearing nothing under her skirt. We always go for it minutes after she walks into my front door. We're still at it. Where she stops, nobody knows. It's completely unexpected but we actually make a great couple of fuckers. There's much more detail but I'll spare you that. My message is, "Never judge a book by its cover" an old cliche that happens to be true.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I let a 44 year old woman (really hot) buttfuck me with her strap on. She calls me names, laughs at my opened "boipussy" and demeans me the whole time she does it. She fucks me with it about 4 times a week, gotten bigger and bigger ones through the 2 months after she initiated me into her doing that to me. I get to fuck her anytime, anyplace, and in any hole I want. So I let her do it. She likes being dom and actually cums from fucking me.

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    Straight Male / 33

    Her name is Stephanie. She was sixteen and we met at a party. Like her I had not really wanted to go to the party, it was for adults only, but I went because my parents took me. Stephanie was not like any other girl I had ever met. She was so different.

    We ended up sitting together. We wandered off into the garden outside and we sat and talked. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, to which I answered no, she told me she didn't have a boyfriend. She put her hand on my lap, grabbing me and asked me if I had ever had a blow job. She got up and walked over around the side of the house, and she told me to take off my jacket, that she wasn't going to kneel in the wet grass. She got down and gave me a blow job. I had never had a blow job, I had never had a girl touch my dick. I was hard when she stopped. She held onto my dick and told me to fuck her.

    She got her dress up over her waist and got her panties down and leaned against the side of the house. Her command was not to try and be gentle, to just ram it in. I had never seen a naked girl's behind, much less a girl's asshole. She was impatient, she wanted it rammed in, to pull it out and ram it in again. This time I came and bathed her all of her insides. She told me I was stupid, I was supposed to pull out and let it out on the ground, not in her.

    Stephanie was in charge. I was her boyfriend from that night on. She liked it rough, she wanted to be mounted, to show her who was the man. I guess we were lucky because she didn't get pregnant. She wasn't on the pill and we never used condoms. If she gave me a blowjob and she got me to cum, she would let me cum in her mouth. She told me she was doing this for me, she would never let some other guy shoot in her mouth. We took lots of risks, on her back she always wanted me to cum inside.

    As we got older she wanted it more and more. Just shoot it, if I am pregnant I am pregnant, just shoot it, she would say. "For God's sake, just shoot and get me pregnant and get it over with". She wanted to get pregnant real bad. She wanted to get married and she knew that unless she was pregnant they weren't going to let us get married.

    After we graduated from high school she focused on her tits for a while. She was always asking me if I liked her tits. Hell I had never seen another girl's tits up close, I had never touched another girl's tits. She would stand back and have me pinch her nipples and pull her forward against her will. And then she wanted to get fucked, to just fuck her real bad, for God Damn's sake show her I was the man.

    On our wedding night, after we were done with college. On our wedding night she confessed to me that she was a one man woman. That blow job and fuck at that party was her first ever. She thought I was supposed to fuck her and when I didn't make the move, she did. She used to read these steamy novels that she found in the attic of her house. She got on top of me that night, our wedding night, and she told me that she was my virgin and to fuck her and get her pregnant, we had been fucking for eight years. To get her fucking ass pregnant, she wasn't ever going to use anything and I wasn't ever going to pull out of her again. She had the ring and she was a Mrs. Fill her up to the top, she wanted it so bad she got me to want it too. A baby right then was stupid on all counts, but Stephanie had waited so long for it, I said yes baby and fucked her that night, that first night she was my wife, I fucked her so that she would get pregnant.

    And she got pregnant. If not I may not be here telling the story.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I am a very young 23 year old maiden when I took the job. I work for a small company in town. My boss, who owns the business, asked me to go with him to a luncheon fund raiser for cause. It was my first time out with him and he insisted on grabbing my hand in the car, when I refused he looked at me with this look that I just let him hold my hand. At the luncheon he put his hand on my thigh, when I tried to remove his hand, he grabbed my hand and I had to hold his hand in my lap, up very high, and hold on so his fingers wouldn't explore.

    The speaker at the luncheon was a classmate of mine from high school. She went to journalism school and was trying to be an anchor on the local news. She had changed from what I remembered, she was beautiful, beautiful in a way that all I could do was stare at her. My boss kept telling me to cool it, people were noticing how I was looking at her, that if I was going to look at anyone like that I should reserve that for him.

    To make matters worse, after her speech, she came to our table to sit down because my boss had paid for the table with the speaker and the head fundraiser for the cause. After she and I hooked up again as old high school classmates, he had her sit beside me so we could talk. He kept his hand in my lap, he used the opportunity to get his hand up between my thighs, up against my crotch and wiggled his fingers and would whisper to me if I was wet yet. And on the other side I had my ex-classmate who talked and talked and she was very touchy feely with me.

    When we left she and I had this great big hug and she asked me if I was his lap princess. I said no, but she told me I was because he had his hand in my pussy.

    The next several weeks were sort of normal, except that my boss talked to me a lot and insisted on me telling him all about me and my love life, which wasn't much, but he wanted details. I ended up in bed with him.

    He invited me to a party one weekend, he told me it was going to be very intimate. I agreed, I knew what he meant and when I got dressed to go I made sure I was dressed correctly, I even left food out for my cat because I knew I wasn't going to be returning to my apartment that night. When I got to his place he wasn't alone. My ex-high school friend was there, she was as surprised as I was. We had a small pleasant hello and he asked us to sit down. After getting us a glass of wine he said he was getting straight to the point.

    He had noticed that we had hit it off, and here was his offer. He wanted to have sex with both of us, not one at a time, together. If she agreed he would use his influence to get her on camera. He didn't offer me anything because he said he wanted me either way.

    There was a long silence, he wasn't asking me, he was asking her. She kept looking at me, what was I suppose to say? I said the only thing I could say, if she wanted to get on camera here was her chance. She asked me if I was ok with it? I said yes, getting a chance to be with her, I was ok with it. She asked me if I was gay? I told her the truth, I didn't know, sometimes I was but not always. She told my boss that she was gay, that if it was ok she would sleep with me, she was sure we could be together. She turned and asked me if I would sleep with her, and of course I said yes.

    His offer stood, she had to sleep with him, what we did afterwards didn't matter to him, as long as we stayed in bed with him. She wasn't as composed as she had been, she wanted to say no but I convinced her to agree, it was her chance. She became the morning anchor and later the evening anchor in our town. Today she is all over the place, she has a great following and great ratings, she has the magic as a public speaker. Our affair is pretty hidden, in town I am seen as being with him, which I am. But from an affair point of view, she and I are have been having an affair, financed by him. After that first intimate party, I told him she was all one way, and not to put her in that situation again. So he let me have her as a gift.

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