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    Straight Female / 26

    It is weird to say this, and even writing it is making me realize things about myself and why i am who i am. Basically, let me start by saying, I just want to warn ladies, I am out there. I am what you call a hussy, a whore, a tramp. I just want to say I am not, and whatever you call me won't stop me from fucking your husband.

    I like to fuck married men. The truth is i always have, since highschool even. I look for them. I look for the ones who might not be happy. I look for the ones who look down, or beaten, or tired of the hum drum stupid life to you boxed him into and i seek them out to make them feel alive again.

    I don't care what you are thinking. I am not doing it for money. I was honest when i said i was not a whore. I am not charging, other then a dinner date here and there, or some nice gesture that any man might do for someone he dates i won't let them reward me for the sex. This is not about gain for me, it is about how pathetic you are at caring for his needs and how fucking great i feel making him chase after me pursue me, and chase me, woo me, lure me, until i give in and let him partake. I love the feeling of your man chasing me and the whole while he had no idea he was my prey.

    I guess, it makes me feel sexy or desirable to get a man who loves his wife worked up enough to come after me. If you did not know before, you should know now, men rarely cheat on you due to lack of love, most cheaters love their wives. They cheat due to lack of cock sucking, and freaky sex. I don't care how much he loves you, or how many kid's you have together, or how "happy" you think your life is, or how tired you are at the end of the day, or how many years you have been married,if you are not giving him what all men want, he is my prey, and if i find him i won't stop until i get him.

    I start doing this in late highschool with teachers and my friends dads mostly because the sex was better then with guys my own age. I just kept doing it, even while dating guys my own age. I can't tell you how special i feel when a man married for 20 years and always faithful starts chasing me, or when a newly wed man can't keep his eyes from wandering down my low cleavage top (I will let him look AND NEVER PRETEND I NOTICE), or up my well positioned skirt, OR at my ass. I have fucked first timers, and seasoned cheaters, but by far the first timers are my favs. I like setting them free, and letting them know they don't have to be trapped in a sexless marriage or with a boring prude of a fuck. It is not about money, and honestly, and it is not about love, it is about how much i enjoy bending a faithful man to my will, and knowing the only reason i can is because you must being letting him down in bed. Oh how much i love making them free of you, and letting them know there are girls like me who want them to be men in bed!

    Lastly, i don't keep them. Lots and lots are one night stands, quickies at work or in a club, some are long affairs or seasonal flings. But i am not going to keep them, i only want to help them understand if you won't service them I, and others like me will. I usually, don't break up marriages, it is not about that either, it is about letting a man know, he can love you, and still fuck me, and others like me. He can have it both ways. I have broke up a few marriages, but they deserved it, they were bitches, but that is not my norm. I often rub my pussy to the thought of building a mans self esteem up to the point where he fucks me or another girl and then a few hours later goes home and puts that same dick in you, and you're fucking clueless! I teach them to cheat, and cheat well. That is why i make them chase me, i want to teach them, build their self esteem and make them believe they can do this again even with a woman not looking for them. You have so often broken him, defeated him, bruised and damaged him, belittled his manhood, that i take pleasure in making back into a man who knows how to and can score out there on the real market. When I am done, he never knows, i lured him, he leaves believing in himself again.

    Wow, writing this out like this really has brought clarity to me. I sometimes feel guilty. Maybe more often then i admit, because i have fucked more married men then I can re-count, but the sex is too good to stop, and i love being chased. And the truth is most of this is on you not me, i have tried with guys well pleased at home, it is so much harder to even get them to look. So, if your man is my prey, it is simply because your a lame lover, and the poor guy needed me.

    Be warned, i may not be a model, but i am 26, young, firm, cute, and the girl next door, I flirt like a pro, i lead them on, hint, and know how to get attention, I appear sweet and like an old fashion goody goody girl, but if i find your mans eyes on me, i am gonna pound the hell out of his dick between some motel sheets, and if i am good you will never know. Thank you for your husbands dick!

    ps. i doubt i am the only girl like this out there

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I've been having trouble holding a relationship so my friend suggest I check out POF. Met this attractive black girl, we talked for a long time, hung out a few times. She suggested we go on an actual date. She picked the place, really formal bar, very classy. She wore an amazing dress the fit smooth on her 5'9 skinny but curvy perfect body. Her 36c breasts showed perfectly in that sleek dress with a slit up her perfectly toned legs. We shared some great dancing, things started getting sexy as she gave me more drinks. We stepped outside for a smoke and kissed by the river to the sound of pianos playing. Everything was going great, more than perfect. She took me up to her loft near by, obviously she had money judging by the decor. Everything about this night was going more amazing than I had ever expected. We went to her room and laid on her Cali-king bed, started making out, we were feeling each other up, she began to pull clothes off me, her breasts felt amazing. She got me completely naked and I undid her dress and she began to let it slip down, she stopped and revealed her gorgeous chest. Before getting completey naked she had me lay down on the bed to massage my back, so I did. Her felt her dress come off as she caressed my back with nothing but her laced boy shorts on. She rubbed my back and at this point I was at full mast ready to give her some. She went to tie me to four corners of the bed, and I went along with it, expecting for her to handle the work at this point. She went to go take her laced bottoms off and asked if I was ready to get intimate and of course I said I have been ready. I was unprepared for what happened next. As she went to take off her lace underwear I saw the unspeakable happen. A very large intimidating penis swung to her front from her back side. I never knew a cock could be so long or large. I did panic but I was screwed, I was tied down. She mounted me and begN to kiss me again, she rubbed her tits on me and before too long I had a hard erection again and she took my dick in her ass. It felt incredible, she was such a beautiful sight, and then there was her massive black cock hard and bouncing around slapping my stomach. I held out for aslong as I could but she rode me to completion, taking all of me inside her and she dropped from her cock just slightly. I was so wore out, I felt like I was falling asleep after I climaxed. She wasn't don't though. She began to run lube around my asshole, and I felt her poke her wet finger in and around the inside of my ass. It felt like I was going to be force to cum again and my penis started getting hard. Against my will I felt that massive cock push against my back door painfully. In an instant she push her member deep inside of me. My ass hurt so bad, my stomach was contorted and I was officially her fuck toy. She pounded long and hard into me, her hanging balls smacking back n forth. Moments into it the pain went away and I began to feel an urge of pleasure, my penis became raging hard, it was horribly confusing. She must have pounded my ass for a good 30/40 minutes before she pull out and exploded all over me. Still erect and dripping cum she deepthroates me and in an instant she had swallowed my load. That was my last recollection of the night. I woke in the morning, clean and fresh of a shower, laying naked in a massive bed spooning a beautiful black girl in my arms who also was naked and fast asleep. Realizing my ass was sore, I reached to check her crotch, and to my demise was still a big cock. I didn't know what to do, so I just went back to sleep. As of now, her and I are in an official relationship and I don't see us ever going separate ways.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    I'm in the Navy, married with three kids. Love my wife of 6 years and our kids deeply. Recently I sucked my first dick at work, to long of a story to explain what lead up to it. I just know that I loved the feeling of a big dick growing hard in my hands and mouth. I loved the feeling of deepthroating it, the hot swelling and the veiny mass. His load was amazing and exciting. The taste was incredible. He allowed me to fuck him in the ass for the favor I gave him and I was very impressed. His ass was unbelievably tight and he would squeeze down hard on the out stroke. I cummed my entire built up load in his ass. I am completely hooked on this experience. Even writing it down is making me hard again. If i had experienced this before marriage, I wouldn't be married today. I cant help to think of fucking him when I'm giving the wife my cock. Today I'm going to let him fuck me with that beast of a cock, and I'm hoping to feel his whole load shoot inside me. When I tell my wife next weekend that our guy friend and I have been fucking, she is going to be so excited, she will probably cum in here thong right then and there.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Sat alone, once again waiting for him to come home from work, I decided I'd surprise him by driving over to his office and picking him up. (He normally takes the short train journey) No one was there by then and I fully expected to find the door closed, as all the lights were off. Opening the door, I headed straight for Nicks office. I'd gotten to about twenty feet away, when I heard his voice asking whoever it was, to fuck him harder. His office door was slightly ajar, so it was easy for me to sneak up and look inside. Nicks office is fully enclosed and has a large leather couch on one side, his desk on the other and filing cabinets all along one wall, behind where the doorway is. The large full length window taking up the remaining wall.

    Peering through the doors gap, I could easily see the two of them. Both were naked and Nick was knelt up leaning against the arm of the couch. Behind him was a young guy, who'd only the week before been to our home having Sunday lunch. It was obvious straight away he was fucking my husband, and it was also obvious just how much Nick was enjoying having his asshole fucked. The noises both were making and Nicks occasional requests for his lover to fuck him harder and faster, all told me just how into it they both were.

    The previous Sunday then sprang to mind. Nick, myself and his young colleague (I'm not going to name him) had lunch and then they played pool in the basement. Or at least I thought they were playing pool. Looking at them fucking on the couch, I realised the noises I was listening to, were very similar to the sound I caught at home when I went to ask them if they wanted a drink. The noises soon finished and Nick shouted up, they were ok.

    I squatted down and watched my husband, the man I thought was straight, being fucked for over ten minutes. And I'm now being totally honest, I got incredibly horny seeing him take another mans cock deep up his asshole. It had been some time since we'd had sex, and watching him take the young mans cock time and again up his rear hole, I knew why. It was simple, my husband was at the very least bisexual, if not gay and in marital denial. By the time both men had cum, I was touching my soaking wet pussy and wishing I was in their midst enjoying their sex. the only reason i didn't bring myself to orgasm, was I was afraid I'd shout out and let them know I was there.

    I was at home and in the bath by the time Nick got in. When I asked him why he was late, he told me he'd been snowed under with paper work. I knew differently but didn't say anything. I did however climb out of the bath, push him into the bedroom and onto the bed. Then I made him eat out my pussy as I sat on his face. I came violently with the memory of him being fucked. I didn't ask or want him to fuck me and telling him that kind of took the pressure off of him.

    What I have done over the last five weeks since I caught him being fucked, is have him lick me out almost daily. He's even offered a few times to lick my pussy and then fuck me before we get up int he morning. I know he's still being fucked as he still gets in late, and his young lover has been to our home a couple of times when I've not been home.

    All I have to figure out now, is how do I approach the subject of telling him I'm ok with his fucking his male companion and that if possible, I'd like to somehow join them. It's not a unreasonable request I don't think anyway, but how would I start the conversation. There must be someone out there who's in the same situation as myself, or at least someone who might have an idea how to tell my husband, I still love him and want to be a part of his sexual world, without offending him or his macho self.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    When my wife was pregnant, her hormones were good to me. She got horny as fuck all the time, and she for some reason really really loved sucking my cock and tasting my cum.

    She used to swallow full loads, she used to beg me to let her suck my dick or fuck her mouth. She would ask me to masturbate into her mouth, and sometimes let me shoot all over her face. She also let me eat her pussy very often, which was amazing.

    I never felt more manly, confident, desired, or loved than those times...

    I hope if we get pregnant again she turns into a thirsty little freak once more.

    Now she still pleases me often, but she does it almost out of obligation. I get fuck her often, and use her mouth whenever I want but her heart isn't in it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    I used to have a couple of videos of my wife and I...

    She wouldn't let me tape us having intercourse or me eating her out, but I had two or three videos of her blowing me.

    She was really fucking horny at that time too, and the head was amazing. She would wrap her lips around me, lick up and down, kiss the head; she even let me shoot on her face, or into her open mouth, or on her tongue.

    The videos were way better than porn, because they were of us, and because the quality was great. (There wasn't any acting, violence, demeaning, etc.)

    My favorite one was of her lying down and me sort of masturbating on her tongue, sort of using her mouth for pleasure. She would kiss every time I brought my cock near her lips. When I came there was a lot, and it got everywhere.

    In my other favorite, she was far more active. She moved up and down on my shaft, and milked me with her hands and lips. When I blew my load it dripped out of her mouth for a good amount of time.

    I stupidly deleted them, because she was worried about them falling into the wrong hands.

    She didn't tell me I had to or anything, or even ask. She just was uncomfortable. So I erased them to ease her mind.

    I regret it everyday, and wish I had them back. I know it is highly unlikely that I will get to make any more with her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was 14 when I stayed over at my best friend's house. I had been there so many times it felt like a second home. One night, I'd gone downstairs when my friend Amber was sleeping, and I wasn't tired yet. I was bored. But when I went downstairs, I caught Amber's dad masturbating to some porn on his computer. I scared the shit out of him. Funny thing, I'd already had sex with one guy (I know, too young I'm sure you'll say), and I knew what was going on. He was a good looking dude, always funny, saying off the wall crazy shit, and I just got the idea something about him was totally cool.

    I remember laughing and saying "whoops, didn't mean to interrupt you" and he whips his dick back in his pants in a flash. He just says "yeah, sorry about that" and I just looked at him and said don't stop on my account. He just kinda laughed and said no. It's all good. I walked over, and I looked. His dick was rock stiff in his shorts, and I said to him with a smile "No. Really dude. It's all good. Why don't you finish?" And he looks at me, and says "why don't you help?" I actually had given some thought about doing shit, but he was my best friends dad, so I wasn't gonna there. Except he started it, so I said sure. Let's have it. And he looked at me and said oh really? I said yeah.

    He stood up in a flash, and yanked his shorts down. Not a big dick, terribly huge or anything, but pretty good sized. I got down on my knees, and I said well here you go, and right there in his living room, started giving him head. He leaned back, I put my hands on his ass, pulled him against me, and I deep throated him. He was grunting, and I kept sucking hard. I started jerking around with his balls, and rubbing between his legs. When I pulled my mouth off, I looked up at him, breathing hard, and said to him, you know if you wanna finish it off, you can blow in my mouth. He looked at me and said "Christ Sarah, do you not hold back?" I laughed at him and said nope. And he said you'd let me blow? I just said sure. Unless you wanna do it some other way. And he kind of stopped. And said what other way? I just shrugged and said well I dunno if you wanna fuck or something?

    He stood there, and he said wait. You're serious? I just shrugged and said well don't tell Amber, but yeah, I mean. Sure. He said fuck Sarah, you know how bad I'd do you. And I just looked at him and said so go for it?

    He was all over me. I'm not kidding. I think he had me undressed down to my panties and bra in less than a minute. I finally pushed him back, and said damn dude, someone's a little horny? He laughed and said Sarah, you have no idea. None. I laughed and said well then.

    I'm going to say this honestly. He's still to this day (and I have 3 kids from two guys) the best fuck I have ever had. I mean that literally. I was 14, and I didn't have a "lot" of experience, but I knew how to fuck. And when I tell you that, while looking up the stairs, being paranoid someone would come down or interrupt, he ate my pussy for damn near a half hour. I swear to God I've never cum that hard in my life since them. I think he got me off at least 6 or 7 times just eating my pussy. When he stopped, I was dripping. Soaking the floor. I could feel it everywhere. And he just said how's that? I remember looking at him and said Christ, if you fuck anywhere near as good as you eat pussy, I'm in trouble. And he gets up, and says "should I?" and I just shrugged and said I'm on the pill. It's your call.

    Not another word. I'm on my back, my legs are spread, and his dick is up in my pussy. Just like that. I wrapped my legs around his neck, I put my hands around his ass, and I laughed and said well that answers that. He's looking down at me, starts kissing me, and I fucking came. Feeling his tongue in my mouth, I tightened up, and I remember going fucking jesus, and I came. Just like that. A guy had never made me get off like that. He never even broke stride. Just starts sliding in me, pulling back, shoving it in me, and about 5 minutes later, wrapped my arms around his neck, and I came again. It was the most fucking intense orgasm I'd ever had.

    I knew from the look on his face, he was close. I tightened up. I heard him go "Oh shit" and I tightened up more. I heard him go "Oh god' and I kissed him. Wrapped my legs around tight, had my hands on his ass, and I see his face, and I know it's gonna happen. I just looked at him and said "yep" and that's all it took. He came for what felt like 20 minutes. I've never had a guy cum that hard. Seriously, all the guys I've fucked since then? Never.

    When he finally finished emptying it out in me, I felt it dripping. He pulls out, looks, is all soaked, I'm thinking he's done, and fuck if he doesn't stick it back inside me. He starts pushing his limp dick inside me, and I fucking came again.

    We finally finished up, and when we got up, standing there naked, I looked at him and said how's it feel to fuck a 14 year old?" He laughs and says hopefully I'll find out again. And it's not my last time. I laughed and said nope. It won't be.

    I fucked him about a half dozen times during hish school. One time, I honestly thought I was pregnant by him. I was almost two weeks late. But we'd fucked like 7 times in a two week period. It didn't happen, just a bad scare. We are still friends to this day. My bestie and I are still friends, although not nearly as close. I haevn't fucked her dad in probably 6 or 7 years. But yeah. I want to do him again. At least once.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    We have had a fair amount of sex in public or risky locations.

    When we were in college we would fuck with the blinds open once in a while, and we were loud. It wasn't deliberate, it was more like a heat of the moment thing then.

    Later on we had risky sex deliberately.

    H ere Are the instances which I remember:

    Onc e we snuck into a library basement and found a dark supply room and started fucking. Someone came in and we hid and pulled our pants up. I have no idea if they ever knew we were there but we left a while after them with out incident.

    Once she blew me at the top of a staircase in a public building. It was a roof access stair which nobody ever used and There was a window looking out on the street. I watched people walk around while she sucked my cock. Beneath the window sill, completely out of view.

    Once I ate her out and we had intercourse off the trail in a park. We were behind some bushes and could hear people walking and talking.

    Once we had sex under a blanket while watching a movie with her friends. We were spooning, my cock was inside her. I would thrust really really slowly or when their backs were turned would give her a good hard pounding. The first time i did that she let out a squeel and bit her lip. She said it was a hiccup. It was hilarious watching her try not to moan after that.

    Another time she gave my a birthday blowjob ona bike trail. When I came we just let it shoot Through the open air.

    Once she sucked my dick in the back of a moving car... My parents were the drivers. It was dark though and I am pretty certain they had no idea.

    We pulled over on the side of the road once, and fucked in the front seat of our car, just balls out wet and hard fucking.

    We teased eachother on the front lawn of our house once, no nudity though, just heavy petting.

    I was driving once and pulled over in a church parking lot in broad daylight, and had Suck my cock.

    She whipped my dick out and gave me a blowjob while a friend was in the room and his back was turned (he was playing video games).

    Once she blew me in the privacy of our room, and my mom who was visitng barged in unannounced just seconds after I hhad zipped my oants back up but my girl still had a mouthful of fresh jizz.

    She blew me in a dark applebees parking lot once. She swallowed every drop, and we drove away.

    One time we got into a changing room and I stretched her open with a few goood thrusts before we went back into the store.

    Another time we went to a hotel with the inlaws... We were horny as fuck, but they were in the room, so we "went for a walk." We just went to the car, and climbed in the back seat. she started sucking my cock while I rubbed her wet
    panties and then she swung a leg over and started riding me reverse cowgirl. It was dark and we felt safe, then all of a sudden this suv pulls in and shines its headlights right at us. maybe the glare of the windshield meant they couldn't see us, but I could see the driver perfectly, (she was hot as hell by the way.). If she could see us she would have seen my woman's pussy spread open and gripping my rigid shaft. When the lights fell on us we kind of froze. The suv pulled back out of thr parkinglot and we finished up... When I came it stained the ceiling of the car with a drop of cum.

    We fucked in a tent in public campgrounds.

    She used to wear a skirt with no panties whenever we were at her families house. And whenever they left the room we would get a quick thrust or tw in.

    One time we put up a hammock with a big blanket over it, in broad daylight and plain view of a bunch of walkers and joggers. She sucked me dick very carefully without rocking the hammock, and we fucked, again very carefully.

    She stroked me on the back of a greyhound, during a night trip. (not to orgasm though)

    We have had a fantasy of fucking in the back seat of a movie theatre, but we are botha bit wiser and older now, (to scared of getting caught.). Maybe it will happen someday.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    My wife just sucked my cock in front of my buddies.

    We were chilling and Watching a movie

    He was on a chair, we were on the couch.

    She started stroking me randomly, and I could tell she thought he couldn't see, my leg was up and might have blocked direct view, but I am sure it was otherwise obvious.

    Anyway she lays her head on my lap and slips my cock into her mouth.

    I had no clue what to do, ao I just tried to enjoy it, and that wasn't so difficult.

    She was tonguing me and it felt great.

    I am a bit of an exhibitionist myself, and would like to fuck her while strangers watch, but not someone we know!

    When I felt in danger of cumming, I urgently pulled her off. Her saliva was all over my cock and my pants were wet from it. I hid my dick in my pants and waited for my throbbing erection to go away.

    She just cuddled with me the rest of the movie as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

    It frustrates me because if I reach for her pussy anywhere semi public she usually swats my hand away..

    She can tease me but I cant tease her.

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    Straight Male / 24

    She had a rough week, so when I got home from work I did the rest of the chores for her.

    After diner she was very thankful, and said she wanted to give me a nice blowjob to say thankyou.

    Ii can never refuse that, so I told her ok, and she said later. I showered so I would be nice and fresh for her and then came out ready to go, only to find her asleep in bed.

    I didn't want to wake her, but I was horny as fuck. I laid down beside her and started stroking my cock while I looked at her ass and started gently rubbed her thighs. She was wearing blue panties, and I still remember the look of her pussy through the fabric, such a soft looking mound between her legs which were tucked up to her belly.

    I squeezed her ass cheeks and wiggled them just to,see the fabric stretch across her tight little snatch.

    I was rock hard at this point, and should have stopped but I simply couldn't. I put my hand on her lips (her real lips, not her pussy lips) and gently massaged them. It must have tickled because she flinched and wrinkled her nose. I massaged more gently and her lips opened.

    I was able to get a finger in and that sent me over the roof.

    There was pre literally dripping down my shaft and landing on my hand.

    Without thinking, I dabbed a tiny drop on my finger and put it on her lips.

    She didn't seem to mind. I reasoned that she owed me what she told me she would give.

    I put a huge amount of pre on my finger and put it in her mouth, with the intention of rousing her.

    I went to the otherside of her, so my cock was in her face, and kept masturbating, feeding her drop after drop of pre cum.

    I gently woke her up. Her eyes opened and focused on my cock which was pulsing in front of her lips, those gorgeous eyes widened and watched me stroke.

    " ;You said you were going to blow me" I told her, between the fluttering of her eyes.

    I kept stroking, the head lesss than a centimeter from her partly opened lips. Her eyes drifted shut again.

    I rested my quivering tip between her lips and shuddered as a huge bead of pre rolled out into her mouth.

    I moved my cock up and down on her lips, like lipstick almost, relishing the feel of her mouth on my wet cock head.

    I woke her up again, to make sure she was comfortable with what we were doing. We had spoken of this scenario in the past, and she had said she would be ok with it... But I didn't want her to wake up confused and feel as though I had sexually attacked her. She had said it was ok months ago, but a mind is unpredictable when half asleep and I wouldn't want to hurt her. I hefted my glistening shaft in her face, and asked her "do you know what this is?"

    She nodded. And I caressed her chin. "What are you going to do with it?" I Asked.

    "Make it cum" she mumbled.

    I would have preferred her to wake up fully and bob her cute head up and down on my dick, lick my tip and kiss my shaft, actively coax my hapeavy load of cum out of my cock and onto her tongue ... But this was better than my hand and she was obviously to tired for a passionate cock sucking session.

    I pit it back on her lips, stroking and rubbing it across them.

    Then I pushed in. Though her lips were loose, her jaw was shut. My firm member hit the smooth face of her teeth, it was an excusiite and previously unknown feeling. It was great and I could have blasted right there, but I had a burning need to get it in her mouth.

    I used my thumb to wedge open her teeth, and they swung wide enough for the main bulge of my head to disappear behind the, before gently closing around my shaft.

    I basically started gently and slowly fucking her mouth, using it for my pleasure.

    My cock would slide agaiinst her teeth, her tongue, the roof of her mouth.

    I satrted pulsing and flexing, and I knew I was about to fill her mouth with a fresh batch of sperm.

    I urgently woke her up, so she wouldn't choke when a flood of warm jizz squirted towards her throat.

    "I'm cumming!" I half yelled, squeezing her shoulder like a vice.

    Where before she had barely roused she was now wide awake, staring me in the eyes as she always does when I am cumming in her mouth. My hips bucked back and forth, sending my cock in and out of her now wide opene mouth and my hand alternately squeezed her shoukder and caressed her face.

    My junk seemed to move, my balls contracted and every muscle in my groin pulsed. "I love you!" I gasped as the first shot rang out. I shot hard, and it must have been more than she had been expecting. Stream after stream after stream of my semen poured into her mouth. And she made muffled surprised sounds.

    I thanked her and collapsed.

    Every man wants his woman to enjoy eating his dick.

    I can't say with certainty that she did, but a while later she told me we could domthat again, whenever I needed it and she was to tired for a real blowjob.

    I cant wait to take her up on the offer.

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