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    Straight Male / 35

    I fucked a college age escort i found on backpages and had lots of good reviews. When i was close to cumming i changed positions and bent her over. Since she was bent over she could not see I torn the tip of the condom with my nail on purpose and ripped it. Then i went in for the deep cum and blew i load deep deep in you young college age whore pussy.

    She did not feel it and when i pulled out I pulled off the condom myself and through it away like nothing had happened. Fuck, i'd love to find out i knocked her up. She is a busy whore, her reviews show it. So if she does get knocked up she'd have no idea who did it.

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    I have a pure bred dog, a bitch, and when it was time to breed her I got in touch with a man who had a pure bred male and we worked out the deal for the services.

    When I was at his house, and the male was mounting my bitch I got the worse ever sense that he was looking at me with the same intentions. I couldn't help myself, I was smiling at him and looking at his bulge and I said what the hell, and I put myself out for him. Being an upright and horny man it didn't take him a second look to service me.

    Leaning against this kitchen table, while watching our dogs locked together in the backyard, I got 'serviced' as well. Maybe going to far, but it is one of the more memorable sexual encounters for me. We became 'friends with benefits' and continued our relationship for a good long while, until we mutually agreed that we should 'grow up'.

    We got a good litter of puppies of it, and we got several months of close encounters ourselves.

    Bette r stop now, or I'm going to be running over to his house for some more.

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    Straight Male / 46

    The house next door fell to need a lot of repairs. Then I her at the mail box and a moving truck in the yard. I ask if she was moving out? She said no, her husband had left her eight months back and her girlfriend was renting a room.
    The friend was a hard looking woman who looked at me pretty nasty. She called for Carol to come in the house.

    Weeks later Carol walked out to me while I was mulching leaves, Would you come in the house for coffee please?
    I did and Carol hit me with some info that shocked me. Her husband left her when she told him to get a job and stop playing poker with her friends all day. he picked leaving her and living with one of his relatives. She had been contacted by her room mate and ask if she would let her rent a room. Shortly after the room mate offered to spend a lot of money on the house, and take her on some trips. The key part of this was a lesbian relationship.

    She was not lesbian, but the woman was mroe into her satisfaction than her own, but now and then liked a little oral. She did not want to miss the trips and she wanted her house fixed up. Mostly she was tired of being alone. There was a huge BUT in this, she had problems with her own sexuality with this arrangement. She missed the feeling of a man in her and the feeling of a real penis. Would i like to do her a favor and just let her try sex again with out any conditions or stings.

    We had almost an hour that day and we got right to it. We have had several days after. Now she wants me to keep coming over, and wants me to not tell her room mate. She is scared her wealthy lesbian room mate will leave her all alone. I told her I was not interested in a relationship,

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    It was still pitch black when I was awaken by someone's lips licking and sucking my cock. At first I though it may be my wife home a day early, but I quickly realized that she was still in LA when I spoke with her on the phone the previous night. I turned the light on and was shocked to see my youngest daughter's best friend Marybeth gobbling my knob. I went to push her away, but she persisted and I relented, allowing her to work her magic lips. She expertly throated my cock taking nearly all 8 inches. I was getting pretty worked up and was about to shoot my load into her mouth when she pulled off and stood up on the bed. She slipped off her tiny panties and straddled me. I had a brief moment of sanity and tried again to stop her. But the sight of her young pussy just inches from my cock proved too much and the feeling of deeply penetrating her tight little snatch sent me over the edge and I almost instantly blew a hot load of cum deep inside her. She giggled and said that always seems to happen the first time with all her friend's fathers. It lessened the guilt I was feeling about having sex with a 15 year old, but I'm still sick to my stomach about it. I never would have contemplated sex with anyone so young, yet it has happened and I am dealing with it. The big question is will I have enough will power to not allow it to ever happen again.

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    Straight Male / 35

    My phone broke last week and a buddy let me borrow one of his old phones until i can afford to buy a new one. No upgrade yet. As i was setting the phone up i came across some naked pics of his wife. The were very explicit. Her laying with her lags spread, doggy style and a couple of videos of her playing with herself. I don't know if he left them on the phone on purpose or did not realize they were still on the phone. I don't know if i should tell him or just delete them and not say anything. Of course i have already downloaded them onto my computer and have been jerking off to them. She is 24, blonde with a smokin bod!!!

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    Straight Male / 40

    last weekend i was partying at some friends house. They are in their mid twenties. After a lot of drinking his wife passed out. He took her back to the bedroom and then called me to come there. When i got there he had her stripped completely naked and laying on the bed. he asked me if i wanted to fuck her. He said he has always wanted to watch another man fuck her but had not been able to talk her into it. I said are you sure. He reached over and spread her legs to expose her very sweet nicely trimmed pussy. I started by eating her out and then fucking her pussy and ass while he watched and jerked off. I cam in her and him on her. I went over the next day and it did not seem like she remembered it. I felt bad for fucking her while she was passed out but it felt so good. he told me he was going to tell her one day but not tell her who it was. The problem is i want to fuck her again when she is conscious. He told me that if he can talk her into it i can be the first.or i guess the second.

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    Straight Male / 36

    My wife and I have had a great sex life and enjoyed a few threesomes with friends of mine. We hangout at a bar restaurant and got friendly with the bartender, one night when nobody else was around he told us he did a stint as a male stripper. After we left we talked about Jason and his past, my wife said she wasn't surprised based on the size of his package and the rest of his body wasn't bad either. We had sex when we got home and Jason's name came up, she said she would like to see him perform. Fast forward a month, we were in the bar late, talking and invited Jason over for drinks after he got off. He accepted, my wife could hardly contain herself on the drive home and changed into some sexy shorts and a t shirt before he arrived. We headed for our bar and after a few drinks he was loosening up and she asked if he missed dancing, he said it was a blast but he quit when he got a steady (now ex) girlfriend. She said she would enjoy a show, he looked at me, I smiled and said what the hell, I'd go for anything. I turned some music on, he had another drink, got up and started dancing, peeled his shirt off and handed it to her, slowly slipped his jeans down, then motioned her to join him. They danced some and he said it was her turn. With that she peeled her shirt off, bra next, motioning to him. Down slid his boxers revealing a big cock, she asked if touching was allowed, he said it worked both ways. Soon they were dancing close, grinding and she went down on him. I was hot watching her suck him, she pulled him to her barstool, he slipped her shorts off revealing her pussy and as she pulled him closer he asked if we were ok with this. She said she wanted him, and guided his huge hardon to her. She winced as he started to enter her but kept pulling him closer. I had a hard time containing myself as he buried his dick in her, fucking a little faster, she came at least 4 times before he exploded inside her. She held him there until his cock went limp and slipped out, oozing cum. I couldn't take it, came around the bar and slipped my hardon in her soaked pussy while he sipped his drink and watched while I unloaded. We were all exhausted, he got dressed and left, we haven't had a rematch yet but might.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Phone numbers

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    Would not have believed it if I hadn't done it. I was having lunch at this neighborhood hole in the wall and the waitress and I got to talking and she told me it was her birthday and she was 50. One thing led to another and I told her she looked good for her age and I ended up taking her out.

    I have messed around quite a bit, I am a professional salesman and travel all over the world and I have fucked my share of women, from all races and countries. Fucking her was the best fuck I have had. She was into fucking and she was not held back, she fucked. In the shower she gave me the best bj, which was a first all encompassing shower bj for me, and she had me eat her out under the shower spray, also a first for me. We fucked for the love of fucking, no strings attached.

    She also treated me nice breakfast afterwards, great breakfast and she makes the best coffee. She may be 50 but she is way out front when it comes to sex, way out front. No holdbacks, no issues, just plain good old fucking, and a great breakfast to top off the fun.

    Happy Birthday Yolanda, you made my day.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My mother was a real prostitute, she brought her johns to the apartment and I saw her have sex many times. Most of the men who came were just there for a few minutes, she got on the bed they got on top they were done and they were gone. But this one afternoon, the sun was still up, she came home with this man. He had a suit on and he took his dick out and he banged her right there in the kitchen. She kept turning around until she got ahold of the counter and then she let him rip her. He took some money out and gave it to her and she pushed him out the door. That was the first time I wanted to get it done to me.

    It was a long time later before I got sex, it was a guy I met working at the mall and I took him home and he could hardly get it up, but once he did he managed to have sex. It was a far cry from that afternoon. I tried several guys I met here and there, but nothing, it was all just in and out and it was over.

    I was working at a hotel as a cocktail waitress and I talked to this man and he offered me some money to stop by and see him later. I got the shit knocked out of me but I got what I wanted, and I got some money. I don't do sex for money, but that night the money made it feel better, he paid for it and he did what he wanted and getting the shit knocked out of me made it even better. It was the first time I had a total orgasm with a guy.

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