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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    When we had been married a few years back about 1972, we started to talk about wife swapping as it was called then.
    We bought a contact mag and put a ring round 4 or 5 possibilities. We hadnt done anymore when friend were visiting
    Jane found the mag among others in a pile,she was looking through it and suddenly said have you two tried this.
    We both said at once no just looking not sure if we are game.Jonny Janes husband took the mag and read some we had circled out loud,he then suprised us and told how they had but found it a bit clinical and felt the best sex was with someone you had fancied for ages. Jane said like i fancy both of you , she noted we had cicled bi curios ads.Jonny said
    he fancied both of us too.We sat around for ages talking about sex in general when Jane sugested she and my wife go in another room and talk,Jonny asked me if id been with a man before i toldhim as a kid a mate and i had wanked eachother, we had even fucked each other but for whatever reason hadnt sucked eachother.He then said for us to wait for the girls to finish and then if all agree we can have fun . The girls came back a said they wanted to play .
    We decided we would leave one couple at our pace and the other to go to theirs.Iwent with Jane we were in a hurry to get naked and no sooner in the door we were,we went her bedroom she lay back on the bed i knelt and tongued her c**t till she climaxed the taste of her c**t juice was magic .Jane got between my legs andgave me a tremendous headjob she swallowed all my cum. were relaxing and talking of what to do next when the phone rang and the women talked for awhile .When i asked what it was about Jane told me my wife and her wanted to get together .So Jane went back to our place and i waited for Jonny . He came into the bedroom where i was laying naked he said he had sucked cock but hadnt fucked a man
    would i let him .I said hed need lube which he got and as it had been a long time he would need to take it slow .I lay on my back as thats the way i liked it he put the head of his rigid cock against my butthole and eased the head in it felt massive as the last cock up there was 13 years old ,I told him to keep going and I started to relax as that old farmiliar feeling came back to me,he steadily built up a rythem till I felt his cock swell and unleash his spunk deep in my arse mmm that was good.He was excited at what we had done and i asked if he wanted to be fucked he did .It took me ages to get my cock fully in him but i did and he was talking all the time of how good it felt and for me to go faster i knew i wouldnt last long then and blew my spunk up him .We laid back exhausted and both agreed we would do it all again
    if the girls agreed .What did the girls do they did tell me but thats thheir story Jonny and I sucked fucked and even kissed sometimes for years so did the girls.

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    Straight Female / 21

    A friend has been constantly nagging me about the fact that I like to show off my body and send nudes. I got really mad and felt judged by him and told him to leave me alone if he doesn't like me the way I am. I kept telling myself it's okay to do what I want and I wanted more just to prove to myself that nothing is wrong with me as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

    So recently, I came across the idea of websites that offer the option of video chatting with strangers. It felt exciting so I started using webcam to please random eyes. I feel bad about this but at the same time I feel good that people I don't know actually enjoy watching me stripping and doing stuff for them. I don't know if I should stop or not.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I was giving this guys wife a length in his bed when the door opened and he walked in. He forced me to the floor on my belly and fucked my ass. I felt all sorts of guilt and confusion and went back to apologise. He pushed me onto the couch and did me again, as he used me he wanked my cock. I felt humiliated as I orgasmed with his shaft in my arse. As he filled me with spunk he said that if I came back I'd better be wearing a little skirt and lingery. I don't know why but I've bought them.

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    Straight Male / 29

    okay, last year on the website rawconfessions there was a girl around the age 12/13, she was on the site awhile and she gave out her FB, snapchat and one of the guys on the website even managed to get her on web cam.

    guys on that website were daring her to do things, like flirt with her step dad after school and she posted a picture of herself in her school uniform with her school over knees, blouse unbuttoned, and her skirt hitched up with her step dad on the other sofa it was funny to see all the pictures.

    One of the guys from the site save a live stream of her and this guy no sure who he was but looked like he was in mid 20's but they were in this room which must have been hers and they was kissing, I tried her snapchat and FB recently but it as been set to private.

    I wondered what happened to her.

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    Straight Male / 49

    While reading porn stories on line I showed one to my wife as it had a long description about one of our fantasies. Since then she reads more than I do. On Sunday mornings I play golf, I leave her in bed with breakfast and her tablet. When I return four or five hours later, she's still in bed. There's a tube of KY, often some used batteries and her favourite rabbit vibrator. I always ask her how many times (she's cum). Usually between five and seven, once it was nine. Her legs are spread open and her shaved pussy lips are red and swollen. I always lick her very gently, sometimes she lets me fuck her, if she's too sore she sucks me off. By late afternoon she's ready for more, she starts masturbating as she knows it turns me on, and we fuck at least twice during the evening. We hardly have sex in the week as we both have demanding jobs.
    I consider I'm very lucky, but is this amount of masturbation normal?

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    Straight Male / 49

    I am into my second marriage with an old friend who was more interested in companionship and security, than romance. We had sex regularly at first and then she seemed to lose interest. She had a 24 year old daughter, Jessica, who had come to live with us after she broke up with her live in boyfriend. She was a gorgeous girl with a fantastic body and was very much into exhibitionism. I think she was teasing me and getting a kick out of watching me eye balling her up and down.
    One day while I was drying off from my shower, she walked into the bathroom. She had a big smile on her face and looked me up and down, before she walked out. I told my wife what had happened and that I was very uncomfortable. Surprisingly my wife said, "don't worry about it, you haven't got anything that she hasn't seen before." No more than a week later she walked in on me again, but this time she didn't leave, and struck up a conversation about trivial stuff. I told my wife again, what had happened, and surprisingly she said, "she's probably horny since she hasn't had any sex since she broke up with her boyfriend. She probably is horny and you are turning her on. Do you want to fuck her"? I stammered and stuttered for a moment and said of course not. My wife then said, "I am surprised, since she is a really sexy girl."
    The next few weeks Jessica continued with her exhibitionism but was now throwing in some very suggestive comments. It was very apparent now that Jessica was trying to seduce me, and from my conversations with her mother, mom didn't seem to mind and was actually turned on by the thought of her daughter seducing me.
    One day after my wife returned home from work, she informed me that she was going to visit her sister for the weekend. She was taking Friday off and leaving early in the morning and would be returning Sunday night.I decided to also take off Friday and was going to fix some outdoor lighting and do some new wiring.
    I had breakfast with my wife and Jessica and she was out the door by 8:00.
    When her mother was out of site Jessica walked up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. She then whispered in my ear, "lets crawl back in bed". There was no turning back as she planted a big kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. She told me that she had wanted to fuck me from the first day she saw me. Initially I was uncomfortable as I had never cheated on any woman I was involved with, but I was getting signals from my wife that she was kind of excited about her daughter trying to seduce me. Jessica and I fucked and sucked each other for the next three days. Jessica was so much better than her mother and she was game for any thing I wanted to do. I had always loved oral sex the most and licking ass and pussy was my favorite turn on. Jessica loved every minute of it.
    When my wife came home she seemed really upbeat. That night in bed she asked me if Jessica fucked me. I stammered and stuttered and would not admit to it, but it became very apparent that the thought of me fucking her daughter turned her on and she was soon climbing all over me and was hornier than i can ever remember. She fucked me like a crazed nymphomaniac and for the next month she couldn't get enough of my cock. She must have known that Jessica and I had fucked and she was so turned on by it. About a month later she once aagain had to go out of town for the weekend and it was Jessica's turn for passionate lovemaking. When my wife got back home her first question to me was, "did you fuck Jessica again." This time I said, yes. With that she turned into an animal and fucked my brains out. Jessica and I hsving sex had done wonders for my wife and my sex life. My Wife even got to the point where she wanted to know everything I did to her daughter.
    Thanks Jessica for giving me back my sex life with my wife. An also thanks for our continued passion when the opportunity arises.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    It started about 2 years ago and I can't explain why but i have taken up the hobby of luring and fucking married men. The first time it happened it was not planned it was with a family friend I have known my whole life and it just kinda happened because we are close and no one would think twice about us being left home alone.

    I was not virgin and it is likely Larry knew it. I mean I am know even in my family as the wild one but Larry is also know at the anchor of the extended family. I have known him as ling as i can remember and his kids are almost like cousins to me. So our families where on vacation together at the beach which is something we have done for years. I woke up late after bing out partying in a local dance spot and Larry was the only one home because he had to do some work still. After lunch he was working by the pool on his laptop and I am went for a swim. To be totally honest there was not thing sexual meant about this from either side.

    You have to understand that Larry has seen me in my bathing suit many times and there is nothing to it, he is like extended family, so i did not even give it a second thought. Likely, he did not give it a second thought either, it was normal to us. What neither of us considered was this was the first time I'd been in my very skimpy bathing suit when we were all alone.

    He kept glaring at me over tho top of his laptop. It was clear, lust was the reason, although he tried to hide it. He tried not to look. He later told me in 17 years of marriage he had never cheated and his wife Karen (who was a classic milf) did her part in the bedroom, he was not deprived. But all the same there i was young, hot, nearly naked, and wet form the pool, and try as he might his eyes kept getting locked on me in all the naughty places. It was awkward for us both, I did not forsee this nor was i trying to make it happen. He'd seen me dressed like this so many time before I had not given it a second thought. But what do i do now, if i left he'd know why, neither of us could ignore the way he was gawking at me as hard as he tried to keep his eyes on the computer. We chit chatted with him not trying to look at me and I tried causally to not jiggle around and keep under the water mostly but it was so awkward and finally we were both saved by the bell when his phone rang and he scooped up his phone and laptop and headed back in saying, "I gotta take this."

    It was awkward, and I knew our relationship had changed forever but at the same time as a party girl there was a wild twing in my gut that kinda made me feel thrilled that he saw me that way even if i would never act on it. An hour or so later everything seemed calm and when I was coming out of the shower I made sure I was very well covered with a robe because I knew tension was high in the house. He later told me he thought i'd gone out but i came in to the common area and he was on the couch and he did no notice me coming from behind but what i noticed right away was he was on facebook going through all my pictures of me in slutty swimwear and then i notice his hand was under his elastic band of his shorts moving. It took a second to click in he was beating off to me. At that moment i just had to fuck him, married our not, family friend or not, and hot older married man literally wanking off to my fb picture made me lose any remote morals i had i felt so sexy.

    "I know what your doing"< i said out loud scaring him to death. He jumped up, his laptop when flying, he hand still in his pants and his cock clearly erect against his shorts. He was in panic mode going back and forth between, "I was not doing anything," to "I just happened to be on your facebook page," to "I did not mean to get carried way you can't tell anyone, my wife..." I did not know what to say to calm him so i just dropped my robe and that said it all. we sucked and fucked on the couch for most of the afternoon until we thought they'd be returning. He had no problem getting hard over over over for my tight hard teen body.

    After that week I have fucked him a few times, we met up a few times in a motel he got. But it turned out for me it was not just him i was turned on for but it was the idea of man wanting me so much he'd cheat on his wife to get me. I know it sounds shallow and I guess it is, but knowing a guy betrayed his wife and family to get with me makes me feel so sexy and desired. I upgraded from facebook to instagram and snap chat and I actively seek out married men on tinder, and other apps. I prefer first time cheaters because the thrill of making a man cheat his first time drives me so wild but honestly, I found men cheat of often on their wives it is hard to find first timers. Seriously, married men cheat a lot then I ever thought. A lot of girl on some dating apps do them for money or as sugarbabes, i do it for the thrill of it.

    I don't need money for it, i need a good time, and i need him to be somewhat cute or at least clean and well groomed and to be married, and that is pretty much all it takes. I keep the old saying, my own new way, "It don't me a thing, if he don't got that ring." Two years, as of last week i have been with 23 married men and to my best guess made 11 men cheat their first time.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I made a bet with my friend on a game. We jokingly said the loser had to let the winner fuck his wife. I won and dont know if he was serious about the bet. I really want to fuck her now. any suggestions?

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    Straight Male / 44

    Little girls should be taught a man needs to be pleased and fully clothed should be put on her knees face up and eyes closed and let a man wank silly over her and shoot on her face

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    Straight Male / 44

    Last Friday night I was out with my wife Jenny. She's six years my junior and very good looking. Around ten o'clock that night I saw a good looking young guy checking her out, which wasn't unusual. Maybe ten minutes later as I was walking back from the bathroom, I saw him stood talking to Jenny. She was laughing, but with that sexual laugh some women have. Getting up close he turned and smiled at me, then excused himself and walked back over to his friends.
    Asking Jenny what he'd said, she replied "He's just asked if my husband allowed me to have fun with other guys, if so he'd like to use his ten inch cock to fuck me".
    Usually if someone had been that direct, that cheeky I would have gone over and said or done something, but along with another reason and Jenny having a look on her face which said "I'd love to let him screw me". I instead of going over, asked my wife if she'd like to feel a really big cock up her pussy and ass. Jenny smiled at me and said whimsically "But you wouldn't allow me, would you?" It wasn't a denial she didn't want to have him fuck her, it most definitely was a plea to me, to let him. And the thing was, I really wanted to see that large cock fucking my wife.
    Not giving it too much thought, I walked over to the guy, pulled him to one side (His friends thought I was going to hit him) and told him to call by the address (our address) I gave him, in an hour.
    Jenny and I got in the cab and arrived home twenty minutes later. On the journey home I told her the young man might be joining us at home, and for her to get herself ready. The moment we walked through the door, Jenny got on her knees, took out my cock and sucked on my six inch dick until I shot my load down her throat.
    An hour passed and I/we believed he'd lost his nerve or couldn't find our new home. An hour and a half and just before midnight, the doorbell rang. I answered it and saw the young guy stood there smiling. Letting him in, he followed me into our front room, where my wife of eight years was waiting for him just wearing her bra and panties.
    Jenny wasted no time with him, as she walked over to him and like me earlier dropped to her knees, removed his shorts and then lowered his boxers. The biggest cock I've ever seen in my life sprang forwards and up. It was massive and so thick. Jenny smiled up at him, turned around to me and said in a Marilyn Munroe way "Can I honey" I didn't reply, I just smiled and gestured for her to have fun.
    Watching her take his giant cock into her mouth, wasn't like watching my wife cheat with another man. It was like watching a porn movie live right in front if my eyes. She was always and is a fantastic cock sucker. So it was no surprise to me, as I settled down on my chair to watch them have sex, that Jenny had her young lover moaning with delight within minutes, and if anything with her saliva glistening on his cock shaft, his dick looked even larger. Jenny carried on sucking in his length, as he began to fuck her mouth. Then after around ten minutes he withdrew, told Jenny he wanted her c**t and tore off her panties. He didn't go down on her as I thought he might, instead he literally threw her onto the sofa and had her present her asshole to him. Stepping up to her, he didn't bother to ask about condoms, and in one long thrust, entered my wife's pussy from behind.
    The sound Jenny made as his cock drove so deep into her body, had my cock rising again. And then it began.
    He hammered away at Jenny's pussy like a Jack hammer. And it looked fucking awesome from where I was sat stroking my cock.
    Position change after position change saw Jenny climax three times. Then with her asking for it as he lay behind her on his side, he slowly slid every pussy cream coated inch of his impressive cock up my wife's ass. If Jenny had readily orgasmed from him fucking her pussy, then with his cock spreading her asshole as he went on to blitz her rear hole, Jenny just kept on shaking as one after another huge climaxes ripped through her. But then I knew she loved anal sex more.
    Jenny had just cum again when the young man said "I'm going to bust my nut up you, you slut". Seconds later he did just that and filled her rear passage with his seed.
    Not content he moved them around and had my wife lick and suck his cock clean of her/his cum and anal juices.
    They both looked over at me then. Jenny smiled as Corey her twenty year old nephew said "Your turn uncle ****".
    I smiled, got up and walked over to where they lay. Jenny spread her legs and Corey held her left leg high for me, as I buried my face up my wife's freshly fucked pussy.
    You see, since we found out Corey had such s large cock at a family barbecue, and we'd had other young men fuck my wife before. Jenny suggested I try to get her nephew into her panties. Like I've said, Jenny is very good looking and has a stunning body. So when I suggested to Corey that he came back to our old home to fuck his aunt, he jumped at the chance. I watched them that first time and couldn't believe a young seventeen year old could have such a huge dick, and also last that long fucking Jenny.
    We'd moved a fortnight ago and forgot to tell Corey. Meeting him in the bar was pre arranged, as was him following us onto our new home. But we like to play our game of keeping it fresh. So we pretend every time, Corey is a young guy out for fun. His mates have no idea who we are and we certainly keep it secret from the family. That over the last three years, Jenny's nephew has been fucking his aunt at least two to three times a month.
    Slurping up my wife's pussy juices and a little of Corey's cum, which had begun to leak down onto her pussy, I rose up and slipped my cock into my wife's soaking wet c**t. It felt so hot surrounding my cock, but also loose. Corey then brought his arms around my wife as I carried on fucking her, squeezing her breasts hard. Just the thought of screwing her well fucked pussy with his seed still filling her asshole, really turned me on, so even with the best intentions, I didn't last long.
    Jenny made some quip about me not pleasuring her with my cock, so Corey and my wife at the same time told me to eat out her fuck holes.
    Corey moved off the couch, and even though his cock had become flaccid, it was still larger than my erect penis. Offering Jenny his cock to suck, I positioned myself between her legs and for the second time attended to her oral needs. Only the second time they both made sure I ate out every drop of my and Corey's cum. And in doing so, I had Jenny climaxed all over my face.
    It was time to sit apart from them and watch. Corey's cock had risen again from Jenny's awesome oral skills, so with me only a few away, I took in the sight of Jenny's asshole sliding up and down the long thick pole of Corey's manhood, and couldn't have happier seeing my wife getting fucked so good by her own nephew.
    Over the next half an hour Jenny myself and Corey all had something to eat. Then I took a shower before Corey and Jenny took one together.
    With Corey having taken a taxi home, myself and Jenny retired to bed. Just before we had a long sexual kiss goodnight, Jenny told me Corey had fucked her asshole again stood up in the shower. With that on my mind, I kissed Jenny passionately before sleeping a really restful sleep.
    Corey has a girlfriend, and Jenny and I occasionally have a couple round we swing with. But no one gives myself and Jenny more pleasure than her large cocked nephew.

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