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    Straight Male / 40

    My significant other is generally shy when it comes to sexual matters. However, if she is able to relax deeply enough, her sexual appetite rises and her inhibutions basically fly out the window.
    I love helping her be able to relax & just let loose.

    I'm sure everyone has heard about all women having (for lack of a better term) an "inner slut" and they should not be shamed for expressing it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    this happened like super recently i was sitting with my boyfriend and his hand was on my thigh. he started moving it up near my crotch and teased me. i fucking literally like actually got so fucking dizzy. this shit never happened to me before so i was like heating the fuck up. it got me so fucking wet and i feel so dazed. i'm actually burning up right now

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    Straight Male / 31

    When I look out back from my second story window I can see right into the kitchen of a house out back. They have big glass sliding door so there is nothing obstructing the view into the kitchen. This past Saturday around 8:00pm I see a man and a woman in the kitchen and it caught my attention. The guy is wearing a t-shirt and board shorts. The woman is leaning against the kitchen island facing me and the guy is near the glass doors with his back towards me. I see him start to pose and flex his arm muscles. The woman looked to have her smartphone in her hand and taking pictures. The guy then takes off his shirt and continues to pose and flex. It appeared the woman was then motioning with her hand trying to get him to take his shorts off but he was shaking his head and didn't do it. The woman then came over to him and they began hugging. While hugging, the woman was pulling down the back side of his shorts exposing his ass. I got quite a few full views of his ass. Every time she did this he would pull them back up and she would then pull them down again. She did this about 5 times and he wasn't always that quick to pull them back up so I got quite a few good looks at his ass. Once they finished their hugging, he began posing and flexing again as she took more pictures. I think she was still trying to get him to take his shorts off but he was still shaking his head NO. One time with his back to her and facing me he pulled them down. The woman was only seeing his bare ass but I was seeing him full frontal and his cock fully exposed. He posed this way for a bit and I think the woman wanted him to turn around to get pictures of his cock. I could see their mouths moving so they were talking about something. Next I see the woman begin to undress. She is full undressed and jumps up and sits on kitchen island and I can see her tits and pussy. The guy turns around and is facing her and does some posing. She has her phone up and is taking pictures and he gets closer to her. He puts his face between her legs and she then reclines back. This went on for a little while until he climbs up on the island with her and begins fucking her. They changed positions a lot which was good for me because some positions provided me better views of them fucking. It was super HOT watching them fuck that I even dropped my pants and stroked watching them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Sat in a bar my wife and I often visit just over a year back, minding my own business, a guy walks over to where I was sat and asks me if I'm married to a younger woman called Hanah. The easy and obvious answer I gave him was, Yes. Thinking to myself, why's he asking.
    Pulling out a large smart phone, he goes through it and then shows me the screen.
    Straight away I see my wife naked on our bed, and she's gotten three very well endowed naked men all sexually involved with her.
    What I mean by that is, she's sitting across a guy, with his cock buried deep up her pussy. Another guy is behind her fucking her asshole at the same rhythm the guy under her is thrusting upwards. And yet another is stood in front of my wife and he's feeding her his long fat cock to suck.
    I was at first totally dumbfounded. And I didn't really know what to say or do. The guy showing me the video was somebody I didn't know, and he looked like he'd have no trouble in dismantling me if I took exception to him showing me the video.
    After watching for a couple of minutes of them constantly fucking my wife, I looked up at him and like a light switch going on, I recognized him as the guy fucking my wife's asshole. He smiled at me when I looked up at him, and he very casually said "She's a great fuck. Pay up what you owe ------ or it won't be just your wife we're fucking with, it'll be you and your head".
    To emphasize what he was saying, he slapped me hard making everyone look round as I slumped against the bar. As soon as they saw who it was stood over me, they looked away quickly. That more than anything made me think I'd better at least say "I'll do as you ask".
    Two days later, without first speaking to my wife about what I'd seen in the bar on the guys phone, I went over to pay my debt and thought that would be that. However on getting home, I saw my wife about to get in the shower. The whole house smelled of sex and I couldn't help but ask her if the men had been around again. She gave me a look of pure distaste, told me I was a wanker and said "Next time and there will be a next time by the way, I'm inviting them around when you're in. GAMBLING AGAIN???".
    It's something we'd agreed on before she said she'd marry me, something I promised her I'd not do again. Yet I'd gambled a lot of money and lost.
    The crazy thing was, I couldn't get the vision out of my mind of them fucking her. And I couldn't stop myself from becoming incredibly turned on.
    It was a week or so later I told her what I'd seen in the bar and what had happened. She told me she knew I knew, but then said she had two more sessions with the guys, so I wouldn't have my face rearranged. When I asked her if she'd enjoyed the sex, she smiled at me, told me it was the best sex she'd ever had and then asked me "Why are you jealous". Opening my mouth I found myself telling my beautiful wife "You look amazing taking their cocks".
    It hasn't just been those two other occasions over the last year or so. One of the guys still visits our home, the one who slapped me. Yet it's another man who visits with him now.
    I'm always home when they visit my wife for sex these days, and I'm invariably involved in some way as they fuck her. When I say involved, what I mean is, I clean up after them using my mouth and tongue to lick and suck away their cum from my wife's tits, pussy and ass.
    And if I'm really lucky, the guy who slapped me has me clean him up personally. I'm not the best cock sucker out there, but he never complains as I get every drop of cum and my wife's juices off his very large cock.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I used to manage a branch of a popular pizza franchise in the UK when I was in my early 30s.

    Most the staff were young blokes doing deliveries but we had a few girls answering phones and the odd one or two that delivered but that was unusual.

    I had one 16 year old girl working for me who was a hard worker. We will call her ES on these pages.

    ES was unfortunately ugly. She was a short skinny tom boy with bad hair, bad skin and just generally scruffy. She had not had a boyfriend and was still a virgin (I learned) at 16 when she started working for me.

    She got bullied a bit at work and had obviously been bullied through school. I have always hated bullying and looked after her at work. Which was probably where she got a crush on me and we ended up having a bit of a relationship. I was twice her age and it was best kept between us rather than a load of gossiping teenagers.

    I am a little bit BI but probably only 10-20% really. ES was really boyish looking with an almost flat chest, short hair and normally in jeans/t-shirt. She must have weighed 90lbs or 100 at most and roughly 4ft 9in tall.

    She started staying at the shop late to 'help me lock up' and spend a fair bit of time staring at me with lovestruck eyes so it was pretty obvious. The grown up in me was telling myself to leave her alome (employee, half my age, etc) but the horny (little bit BI) man in me was thinking 'give her what she wants' so I did...

    First time I just asked in the pizza ahop. Said 'are you into me?' and she said yeah. She also said she was flat sitting for a mate round the corner. Did I want to come back and have a drink. So I did...

    She was totally inexperienced in bed but she had shaved her vagina, which she said was in case I saw her naked. I loved fucking her little young boyish body. She was so tight i had to lube up and ease it in a bit at a time. I am not huge (7-8in) but with her little body and little c**t I felt huge. It is hard to hold back an orgasm in a tight c**t but I managed to just slowly slide it in and out of her while I just watched it. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she told me to cum inside her. Decided not to do that (trap) so came over her stomach and tits.

    Now this might sound sexist but she was SO grateful and so into me that I was recovering my hard on just thinking what else I can do (to) with her. It turned out she was looking afrer her friend's house for nearly two weeks so we could have some fun.

    That first night I did make it more about her. Lots of foreplay, sex and many many ogasms for her. First time she has had sex so make it all about her.

    Over the next two weeks we did a lot. I took her up the arse, choked her, bit her, drew on her, spanked her, filmed her, made her wear a school uniform (skirt and trousers), wore some of her clothes, made her shave me, throat fucked her, rimmed her and spent hours teaching her to wank/edge me. Made her lie back and let me just slap and rub my cock all over her.

    Never really sure if she was really into it or just really trying to impress me. I told her from the start this is just going to be sex not a relationship.

    Although she was never a looker I can still remember how tight she was and how long I spent getting all of me into into her

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    Straight Female / 47

    I'm the wrong side of forty, yet I've kept myself very much in shape and my looks have always attracted both sexes, even if I've only ever indulged sexually once with a female.
    My husband doesn't like sex anymore, prefers fishing nowadays. So I get my kicks and cocks from much younger men. It used to be more difficult as I had to go out seeking guys who'd want to fuck a girl my age. In the chase for a hard willing cock, I'd have to be more overt, more obvious that I wanted sex. And it made me more aggressive sexually when I did get that look.
    In supermarkets, at my local library, walking around town or my local park. I'd always find someone I fancied, and I made it perfectly clear I wanted fucking. Not love making, but hard short term sex. I had lots of fun outdoors, often having very brief encounters with younger men who saw me as a challenge I guess. But winters in our country meant I wasn't getting the sex I needed throughout the year.
    The internet, oh what a boon. At first it freaked me out a little, that I wasn't directly talking to the young men who were checking out my profile pages. Even so I was able to vet the young guys I wanted to have sex with, and also arrange perfect dates and times. There was a lot of time wasters at first, but I soon learned how to weed those out with certain questions I'd ask them.
    Now I have a steady and regular set of young men who visit me for sex. They're all in their twenties and early thirties. Some visit my home once or twice a month, others more frequently. Just like Sam. He's twenty four, very athletic and has a huge black thick cock. He's very much into older white women, and to him I'm his dream woman. However at first he wanted to treat me like I was his regular girlfriend, but I soon had him fucking me like the slut I wanted to be for him. He's totally on board with my sexual needs now, and accepts I'm not his and his alone. He's even mentioned only a week or so back, if I'd like to experience a threesome with him and a friend of his. Now that had me arranging a date and time I can tell you. And it's soon.
    There are new and often single experience sexual partners, but those too can be amazing sexual encounters. As I had just last week with a nineteen year old. He's a student and was looking for a motherly type. When he left my home, I can promise you, he didn't see me as his mother, more as his sex instructor. His body, mind and cock were all worn out and I'd had a series of wonderful orgasms teaching him what an older woman likes, by the time he left. It was I'm happy to say, his first time ever fucking a woman anally too.
    My life style might not fit and be for everyone, and if my husband had wanted sex as much as me, or at all maybe, then I might not have taken this route. As it is and for the time being, I'm still attracting horny young men. I adore my young lovers and enjoy making their lives sexually blessed also.
    We're not here long, so if you're not already doing so, get out there and seek out new and exciting pleasures. You might just surprise yourself.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I don;t know if this is a gay story. It might be. I'm still fairly young and just don't know. Most of my time thus far since around age 13 or so has been focus on the female body and how to fuck various parts of it. However, the other day after football practice, I walked into the shower and around the first tiled wall came moaning noises so I peeked. Our head coach was there, nude, with one of the student players, my age. The coach as totally naked with a dark tan except for his hips where his skin was light compared to the rest. He had a six pack stomach that was clear and well ripped. Best of all, he had a powerful cock on him that seemed to have light around it. I could not stop looking at that big, strong, hard and thick cock.

    The kid was on his knees, sucking coach's balls and cock, licking his entire crotch, rubbing his face and head on the cock and making a real effort at swallowing it in deep throat (but failing). I felt myself totally electrified and ducked out before they caught me peeking. I cannot stop the scene from returning to me and I get a hard boner from thinking about it. I'm wondering if this means that I am discovering my true sexual orientation. However, only the coach and that majestic body and cock comes to mind.

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    Straight Male / 20

    Always been a cheeky type of lad, so when England recently played Colombia in the world cup, I went into a packed bar with some mates and noticed an older couple having a bit of a row. The woman was so good looking and dressed in a short ish skirt and a tight fitting blouse top. Everyone was eyeing her up, so when we made way back from the bar, I got myself in behind the couple. It wasn't easy over the din of the fans in the bar and the football on the large screen, but I definitely heard the woman say to her fella "Maybe I should get someone in here to fuck me then".
    Without thinking of the consequences, I immediately put my right hand up her skirt and slid it up her inner thigh to her knicker covered pussy. If she was going to do something, or say something to her man, then that was the point she was. Instead she opened her legs a little and turned her head to smile back at me. It gave me a boost, so I moved her knickers aside and slipped two fingers in her already wet pussy. Finger fucking her slowly at first, I then moved my fingers up to her clit and heard her moaning a little. It was then she backed right onto me and I used my thumb and fingers to alternate between her clit and pussy hole, fucking her faster and faster.
    Then just as quickly as I'd slid my hand up her skirt, I had to remove it as her fells turned around to say he was going to the bar. Instantly she said "I'm going outside for bit, see you back in here". He nodded and I followed her out seconds later. Leading me to the rear of the bar and behind some large bins, she took off her knickers, told me we'd better be quick and fumbled around to open my shorts.
    I'm not the biggest guy out there, but my cock does measure just over seven inches and it's fairly thick also. She grinned at me, squatted down and took my cock straight into her mouth. Sucking on ym dick, which felt fucking amazing, for only a couple of minutes, she then stood up spun around and presented her pussy and arsehole to me. Turning her head she said "I'm not on the pill, use the back door".
    Seconds later with a little forcing, my cock slid up her arsehole and she began to moan loudly. By then I wouldn't have cared if her bloke had come and seen us, as my cock was pumping into her arse. She was pushing back too, telling me to fuck her harder, so I did. Then just as my cock plunged in again once more, she cried out and her whole body trembled. She'd climaxed on my cock and it made her arsehole tighten around my dick. Forcing my cock even deeper up her arse, I told her I was cumming, to which she replied "Don't pull out, cum up me, I want it".
    My cock exploded up her sweet tight arsehole and I carried on thrusting until every drop had left my balls. She pulled off my dick, pulled her knickers back on and then opened her small black bag. Taking out her phone she told me her number and then inputted mine into her phone, under the name of Kate.
    Back in the bar, her fella, husband I now know, watched her walk across to him and also watched all the men eyeing her up. He smiled as if to say "She's all mine", and I caught his smile, and smiled to myself thinking "No she fucking ain't". "Even if you are a meat head". He kissed her as if to re affirm she was with him and then I joined my mates.
    One of them asked me if I'd just been outside with the woman. When I said I had, he told me exactly who the guy was. It turns out he's a very well known (Not to me) hard man who loves nothing more than beating the shit out of young guys like me. He's also from my mates account a very jealous husband.
    However even with my mate telling these things, I've still over the last couple of weeks fucked her in their home, in my car and during the hot weather, fucked her outdoors at a place I know. She's a dirty bitch and prepared to do anything for a good fuck. And believe me we've tried lots and lots of dirty things since we first fucked.
    I know I'm a passing phase to her, and yet she is so amazingly pretty, that I just don't care. Fucking her is well beyond my level normally, so maybe from now on, I might just keep on being cheeky with the women. Married or not...

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    Straight Male / 27

    I noticed this hot babe standing with some guy at the bar last night, all of her girl friends were dancing and flirting. The club was kicking and she was just standing as this guy watched soccer on the TV. We made eye contact a few times, and I quietly had the barmaid freshen her drink, on me. As the match went on, she headed out on the dance floor with her friends and I knew it was my chance. I started dancing near her, and as a new beat dropped, I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me. She was rubbing her ass against me and we mutually danced towards the corner away from her boyfriend. As she leaned back, I put my hand under her dress and started rubbing her pussy. She got so wet, I told her to go to the bathroom and take them off and bring them to me.
    When she came back, she was smiling and handed me her soaked panties. I stuffed them in my pocket and we ended up in the corner, making out as I fingered her in the club. I told her we need to go outside, and she told her boyfriend she was going out for a smoke. We walked around the back of the bar, outside the fenced area to a small parking area for the employees, and I told her to bend over a car. I opened my pants, lifted her dress and fucked her standing right there in the parking area. People were walking by, and we didn't stop until we both came. I gave her a kiss and left. Later I saw her in the club standing by her boyfriend, and wondered if my cum was still dripping out and how she was going to explain no panties to him. I guess I should have got her name and number, because she was fine!

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    Straight Male / 28

    I am a bit of an exhibitionist and if the opportunity ever presents itself I may be a flash.

    This one time I am walking down the street and I see this woman who looks about 60 years old having difficulty getting a big box out of her car so I offer to help. The box was pretty easy for me to handle so it was no big deal. I brought it in her house for her and she wanted to pay me for it but I refused. She wanted to do something for my help and made me a coffee. We were talking as we had our coffee's and I brought up the sketches she had on her walls. She said she did them herself and asked me if she could sketch me. I took this an an opportunity to possibly flash her and I had an idea. I asked her what I would need to do and she said I would just need to pose and she would do the rest. I told her I would feel a little embarrassed as I had never done this before. She said there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I told her having her eyes on my body may make me a little uncomfortable. She said her eyes were on me now and asked how I felt. I told her it was a little different now because it is just a quick look but with sketching me you will probably be taking longer looks and looking at me in more detail and I am a little shy. She tells me there is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about as it is just art and has been done for thousands of years. I asked how long and what pose she would want me to do? She said it could take up to 30 minutes and I could just be laying on the couch which is an easy pose to hold. I agreed to do it and she asked if I needed to use the washroom first.

    I went to the washroom and decided I would put my plan into action from here. I knew she wasn't asking for me to pose nude but figured I was going to walk back to her naked carrying my clothes and seeing what her reaction was going to be. I walk back out and she gasped when she saw me naked. She asked why I took my clothes off. I told her I thought that was how she wanted me to pose. She told me I didn't need to be nude and asked if that was why I felt embarrassed about posing. I told her it was and told her I was now even more embarrassed with the misunderstanding. She said she wasn't planning on sketching me nude but since I was prepared for it maybe we should continue that way. I lay naked on her couch as she sketched away.

    She said I seemed to be a good model considering how embarrassed I must feel. I told her I was less embarrassed as time went on. She said she was feeling a little awkward at first but is feeling more relaxed now. She added that it wasn't everyday a woman her age has a young naked man on her couch with everything exposed and allowing her to see it, I mean, his whole body. She said Sorry and that her eyes keep getting drawn towards my thing and hoped it wasn't offending me or making me feel uncomfortable. I told her I understood and if her eyes keep getting drawn towards it I didn't mind. If I felt too uncomfortable I told her I would cover up or get dressed. She said she just didn't want me to think bad about her. I told her is she means she was looking at me in a sexual perverted way it was no big deal as seeing anyone naked can invoke different thoughts in people.

    I asked when the last time she saw a man naked was and was told me too too long ago. She said she was done sketching.
    I said you got me here now and can have all the looks you want and then asked if she wanted to have me pose in any other ways. She said she had a few ideas but some might be inappropriate. with that comment I could tell she was having some sexual thoughts in her head. I said she has me very willing now and better not pass up the opportunity. She said she didn't know if she could bring herself to ask me to do them. The worst thing I will say is no. She said she couldn't. I asked if she wanted to me just try some poses and let me know what she thought. My whole scheme was now working to really show myself off and with what she was saying I think she wanted to see me be a lot more sexual but was afraid to ask.

    I began with some tame poses but began to add more explicit aspects to them. She seemed a little shocked but at the same time pleased I was doing them. I began grabbing myself and she was giving me ratings on how good she thought they were. She was warming up to what I was doing and then came a breakthrough. She came over and touched my body for the first time by re-positioning one of my legs. The breakthrough got bigger when she put her hand on my ass and by sliding it down it ended up going between my legs and brushed against my balls. I got a very hard erection by this touch and she noticed. Then came the ultimate. She said I had an erection and grabbed my cock and squeezed saying it was very firm. I don't think she intended to do that and felt she over stepped her boundaries and said she had to get to bed. I got dressed and that was the end of the night.

    I left and did end up seeing her on the street a few days later. She quickly apologized for grabbing me the way she did and said she had to get me out of there before she would have forcibly thrown herself at me. She then scurried off before I had a chance to reply.

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