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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    There can't be many men who have fucked two women, and then been fucked by two men in the same day.
    Waking up as a nineteen year old in my parents home, with my then girlfriend sucking my cock, I soon woke up properly and wanted to fuck her. Getting her to lay on her side, I spooned my girlfriend then slid my straining cock up her tight snatch. Reaching around to take hold of her large tits, I fucked my girlfriend for my own pleasure, not caring if she came or not. She did orgasm, but I waas too wrapped up in my own sexual haze to notice. Cumming up her tight c**t, I made her go down on me to suck my cock clean. A couple of minutes later I was in the shower and ten minutes after that I was driving my girlfriend home, and then taking myself off to work.
    Lunch time saw my bosses wife Andrea call by. She'd flirted with me constantly since I'd started with the firm, but I'd always kept it at that, just flirting. However Andrea told me John her husband was going out that night, and if I wanted to I call by and fuck her. Calling my girlfriend I cancelled our movie date, telling her I had to sort something out.
    At eight o'clock I arrived at John and Andrea's home. My boss had gone out by then, so accepting her invite I entered their home and was balls deep up my bosses wife's arsehole twenty minutes later. She'd sucked my cock hard, as I licked her sweet tasting pussy, then passing me a condom and some lube Andrea asked me to fuck her arsehole.
    Getting her to spread herself naked over their coffee table, I entered her thirty nine year old arse. I'd been fucking her tight arsehole for about ten minutes, changing to having her mount my cock on their large leather couch, when I saw movement to my right. Looking past Andrea I saw two men watching us. No sooner than I'd seen John and his huge mate stood there, Andrea came on my cock.
    She was across the room seconds later with John telling her not to move a muscle. Totally shitting myself, I cringed as he walked over to me and said "So you'd fuck my wife's arsehole would you". Crack! my lip split. "Well, if it's ok for you to fuck my wife's arsehole, then it's going to be okay for me and him to fuck yours".
    If there was two men quicker to get undressed, I'd like to meet them. Although Johns cock was already erect, his mates cock was still flaccid. Yet his cock was already larger than Johns. Crack! my nose began to bleed.
    Being forced onto the floor, my legs were spread and I felt lube being applied to my arse. Seconds later my virgin arsehole was entered. John just went for it, fucking me as if I was a piece of meat. His cock pounded me without any care for my comfort, and I just lay there hurting so badly at first. All of a sudden the pain stopped and the feeling of utter pleasure rose through my groin and on up through my arsehole. It was so sudden, I couldn't help saying "Oh fuck yeh".
    It was like a red rag to a bull when John heard me. He told his friend I was loving it and to feed me his cock. My head was lifted, crack! my right cheek stinging, and I got my first sight of a man with a nine and half inch thick cock. I wasn't given time to say no as I was forced to open my mouth. But just as I'd begun to enjoy Johns cock fucking me, I also immediately began to enjoy sucking on John's friends huge cock. Being spit roasted as they call it, I heard Andrea for the first time since they'd caught us, saying "Go on honey fuck that arsehole".
    It dawned on me then I'd been set up. Andrea knew all along john woud be home with his large muscular mate and she also was aware John had secretly wanted to fuck me all along. Knowing that and hearing her voice telling John to fuck me, had my cock straining for release. So as he carried on fucking me, I came telling them all I was cumming. It triggered a series of events.
    Firstly John came up my arse, filing my bum with his sticky mess. Then I heard Andrea saying she was cumming too as she played with her clit. John pulled out and was instantly replaced by his taller, more muscular friend. I was fucked in that position for only a brief time before I was made to mount his large cock. Turning my head to the sound, I saw Andrea was filming me on her phone. It didn't matter at all then, as I was loving what John's brutish friend was doing to my arsehole. Unfortunately as I was really getting into being fucked, he came all too soon.
    Pushed onto the floor, Andrea stood above me and lowered herself. With Johns words still in my head, i began to tongue his wife's pussy and arse. Andrea came for the final time that night as her husband encouraged me to make her cum.
    Apologizing for the slaps, John told me to stay the night, if I wanted to that was. Johns friend left ten minutes later and Andrea took herself off to the bathroom to shower. John however asked me to suck his cock. I was sucking his cock when Andrea reemerged to tell us she was going to bed. Following John up to their guest room I spent the next hour or so, sucking and being fucked by my boss as his wife slept next door.
    We were late for work the next day. But seeing as I was with the boss, it was fine. It was also fine out on a work site, when John fucked me up against a partition wall. One of his usual labourers walked past as if it was perfectly normal to see him fucking a young guy. And by all accounts, it was.
    I spent the next eleven months working for John. Eleven months where I had to finish with my girlfriend. Not because she wasn't good to me, she was. It was simply because over those eleven months I banged Andrea nearly every day, and had John and sometimes his large burly friend fuck my arsehole until they unloaded their cum deep up my fuckhole.
    Now as a twenty four year old, I'm a openly bisexual man. I'm in a relationship with an amazing woman, a woman who accepts I have weekly sex with a guy I met at a party we both attended. We're all extremely clean living people and mean to keep it that way.
    So on reflection, John and Andrea's little rouse five years back, to both have sex with me, gave me the opportunity to be the confident sexual being I am.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My name is Kyle I was a software tech at a law firm office and I have a secrete, I love wetting my self and being in a wet diaper all day it is fucking amazing.

    I wrote about this back in 2014 (w**.adultconfessions.**m/view /19697) This is an update from my last post in the description. If you want to skip to the sexy stuff its okay, you dont have to read all of this. It is an update from the link above.

    I work for a company that makes manuals for software licencing and other boring stuff. I had a nice thing going and everything was cool for a while. But a little into 2015 the construction began again. One of the workers "found evidence that someone was living in the bathrooms"! I panicked and literately pissed all over my self out of stress (without a diaper). Thoughts raced about how i was going to explain myself when/if they find my fingerprints there! The CEO was a bit of an ass and over bearing sometimes on short deadlines. I thought i was dead, but fate had other plans being the cheap bastard he was he just had the locks changed and beefed up security at the main entrance.

    I was dry and out of the woods but i had to use the regular bathrooms while construction was in progress. STRESSFUL doesn't begin to describe my days after that little incident. I couldn't relieve my urges and felt bottled up!
    it had been 3 weeks and word had already gotten around what had happened and why security got tighter. I heard my co workers talking about "who could possibly live in a bathroom and what were the diapers for anyway? " I made small talk to push the focus other places and
    met [***Sarah***],

    But more on that later. Week four rolled around and construction had stopped again due to more budget cuts as the market was tight. After my shift i ran into the corridor where the bathrooms were and they were open and finished.... mostly anyways.
    ( With Cameras outside non functioning found out, but i wasn't about to take that risk)

    I was so happy. I went exploring the new semi-finished floor there was plastic over everything and smelt like fresh drywall and paint ( very relaxing ). Throughout my exploring I found a staircase leading to the fourth floor I never saw before and assumed it was more law offices. Though the 4th floor was just empty rooms all the way to the elevator. My heart was beating I felt like Indiana Jones exploring a temple or some shit. Just when i was about to turn around and go home, like that i found my golden monkey another set of bathrooms! Walking with the light of my cell phone i Saw keys dangling from the deadbolt lock not just one but a set left behind by the construction workers. You might as well handed me a gold brick. I went home and got up super early and made copies of the keys before buying a ton of adult diapers. My life was complete again i took the elevator to the fourth floor before my shift. It was 7:45 am and the sun was just above the clouds and shining on the bathroom door with a mesmerizing colorful mosaic. I was Happy and wet at last.

    [{ SEXY STUFF}]

    Sarah: A tall skinny brunette in her 20's with a perky attitude to match her breasts she is 5/4 with a beautiful accent i cant put my thumb on.

    Me: A tall Brown haired slightly overweight, underpaid software tech 5/6 180 lbs

    Remember Sarah we become close friends. Through the months that passed after the incident i decided to share my secrete fully trusting her in the beginning of this year.(2016)
    We fucked alot after that. She was shy at first but open minded about the diaper obsession i had. I helped her into a diaper which was loose on her and she looked at me nervously and said she couldn't do it. But later on our break she started twitching her legs while we were talking and we both knew what was up. She tried to talk herself out of it but i convinced her to try it and offered to help her try it.(BEST DECISION EVER!) I Grabbed a diaper and put it on and motioned her to get in with me. I was expecting her to run for the hills but she stepped in and i gave her a hug and told her to relax.
    that was all it took, she flooded the diaper in all and we just stood there living in the moment as if time didn't exist. It was awesome and I was shocked the diaper held it was one of those offbrand stretchy ones i buy from Walgreen's up the street.

    On average we would meet in one of the empty rooms by the *bathrooms* and put on our diapers and take the elevator to work. We would meet on our breaks and fuck or just talk while soaking in our juices. One such day we were in a meeting about some new product and i noticed she was leaking and people hadn't noticed yet but the air was getting a bit musty so i purposefully spilled water on myself and her to get out ( we were sitting next to each other. ) I was so turned on i was diamond hard. she was flushed red and just about hornier than i was. we proceeded to the bathroom where we took our cloths off and i took off my diaper and got in hers and pissed all over her and she did the same she reached her first O before we even had sex. There is something about sitting in warm pee that feels just right especially if you have a partner who is cool with it too ,im so lucky.

    I ended up getting a promotion as the manager of a tech support team and as for Sarah and I we are planning to get married in December

    YAY! {[*]} + {<*>}

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    I want to tell you a story about the wildest night of my life. It was the only first time that I had sex with anyone other than my husband. But first, let me tell you a little about me.

    My name is Joy. I am a brunette with a nice figure. I&#146;m about 5'&#146;2"&#148; tall. My tits are 34C's and I have a cute, round ass. Most of my past boyfriends have been quoted as saying I have to tightest pussy that they&#146; have ever put their dicks in. I was born and raised on a farm so I had experimented with sex from animals to my brother and his friends. I moves into town when I was 18. I met my husband, Frank when I went to work at a power plant when I was 19.

    Frank is handsome with a nice build. The thing that attracted me to him when we met was the fact that he wasn&#146;'t the jealous type. That was a big plus because I like to flirt with just about every man I come in contact with and I still loved sex.

    About a year after Frank had been dating me, we decided to get married. We wanted to have a traditional wedding but with a little twist and we would think of something for the twist before the wedding.

    It turns out the reason Frank was never jealous was because he was actually turned on by the thought of other men fucking me. I never knew about it until a night that we were discussing the wedding reception. He was drunk as shit, and out of nowhere, he suggested he have all his friends over to gang fuck me.

    I thought he was joking, of course, so I agreed. I realized he was serious when I saw the look of euphoria on his face.
    After that, I didn&#146;'t talk to him for days. I was pissed, even though the idea made me hot thinking about it, and seriously thought about canceling the wedding.

    I calmed down eventually and Frank apologized. After that, every now and then when we were having sex, Frank would talk dirty to me. He would talk about how his friends thought I was attractive, how they found my country accent very sexy, and how every one of them wanted to fuck me.

    This kind of talk in bed with Frank's cock ramming into me, I found it quite stimulating. I would have multiple orgasms and scream at the top of my lungs throughout the whole thing. Frank even started buying up every gang bang DVD that he could find so we could watch them before we had sex.

    Over time, the idea of being gang banged started sounding a lot better. About two months before the wedding, we decided on the twist. There would be the Wedding, the Reception, and then the After Reception in which Frank and ten of his friends would gang bang me.

    I was excited, but nervous as hell. I couldn&#146;'t even make eye contact with any of them when I&#146;d see them during the weeks leading up to the wedding. I spent a lot of time avoiding them because I was afraid I&#146;d have to talk to them about it.
    Ironically though, on the day we got married, I wasn&#146;'t nervous at all, just eager to get started. I swear my pussy had never been wetter.

    After the reception, I went home by myself. Frank was with the guys. I showered and got dressed back in my wedding gown. We had decided that every one would wear the same attire that we had worn for the wedding.

    We met in a big warehouse that a few of Frank&#146;s friend worked in. Since one was the general manager, he had the crew set up a corner of it to look exactly like the church.The guys&#146; names were John, Hershel, Julian, Brandon, Guy, Dave, Steve, Tom, Jack, and Carl. They got in a single file line.

    Someone said, &#147;Now you may kiss the bride,&#148; and the first one kissed me.Someone else kept repeating it and each man kissed me. Some were quick kisses; others were longer the way my husband had kissed me in the wedding. Then there were some who literally shoved their tongues down my throat and intertwined them with mine. Some were gentle. Some were rough. They were all good kissers.

    I was amazed by how much I turned them on. I could see their lust in their facial expressions, and even if I couldn&#146;'t, it was apparent by the way their cocks poked me when we kissed.It made me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. I didn&#146;'t need to be nervous. I was in control of everything. They wanted me, not the other way around.

    When we got to the end of the line I was so excited and horny that I could hardly keep control of myself. My legs were wobbly and I could feel my juices trying to seep down my thigh.

    &#147;Let the honeymoon begin,&#148; said someone as the rest surrounded me.

    They were kissing my neck, caressing me, and slowly removing my clothes. It continued like this until they&#146;d stripped me of everything except the laced stockings that I had worn underneath.Dicks started popping out and it seemed like there were a hundred hands feeling me up. I slowly leaned forward and licked the first cock, knowing that there would be someone behind me looking at my ass.

    As expected, I felt rough hands squeezing my tender flesh, and then the man in front of me grabbed my head and gently led it towards his cock.I opened wide and sucked it inside me. He was still holding my head, still guiding it up and down on his shaft. Then I felt a pair of hands spreading my pussy lips, then something warm and hard pushing its way inside. I wanted to moan, but I couldn&#146;'t because my mouth was so full of cock. I couldn'&#146;t believe how good it felt. It was the best feeling of my entire life.

    &#147 ;Suck that dick,&#148; somebody said.

    That, I did. Every cock they put in my face.

    Meanwhile, everyone else had gotten naked. They sat down on a long bench and I sucked every cock as they took turns fucking me from behind. It was odd because I couldn&#146;'t see who was in me. One minute there would be an average sized cock in me, it would pull out, and then it&#146;d be replaced by a super-sized polish sausage. I liked it. The feeling was new to me. I wanted more of it. It was a lot better when they lay me on my back because I could give my legs a rest and concentrate of the dicks in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

    It lasted a ridiculously long time. By the time we were done, I couldn&#146;'t tell whose cock was whose. I was still horny, but the guys were too worn out to keep up with me. They were ready to cum. As I was lying on the bench, they all started jerking their cocks over my head. One after the other, they wet my smiling face up with hot cum and then moved aside so someone else could do the same.

    Since I was still feeling like a whore and loving it, I kept lapping at it and letting some of it fall out of my mouth so I could have more on my face but I couldn&#146;'t help but swallow some. There was so much of it. Cum was the only thing I could smell. It was all over my face, head, tits, stockings&#133; everywhere!

    Once everyone had spilled their nuts in my mouth, I let out a loud giggle and rubbed my tits. I felt wonderful. Frank could see it so he thanked everyone for coming and jokingly told them to get lost. I loved it so much that we had the whole gang over each year to celebrate our anniversaries until some moved away and we began getting other groups together, but that&#146;s another story.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    I love the beach and seeing the sexy girls and guys who frequent it. I once told my hubby I would love to find a grassy area close to the beach and get fucked by some of the guys I saw walking around.On hearing this he said he would take care of setting that up and he did the very next week. Frank, my hubby, had a range of thick and thin, average and supersized cocks for me to experience. They were 6" long but 3" to 4" thick. Others were 9" to 11" long and slim to thick. Some had curves and some were straight. I would never know who these men were, because Frank wanted me blindfolded so I couldn't see the different sizes he had managed to set up. but I knew they would leave me with a lasting reminder.

    I could hear several voices and pictures being taken. Hands roamed over my body, pulling on my hard nipples and my clit. I soon felt a cock pressing against my c**t lips. It was pushing hard, stretching my opening for access to my tunnel. He pulled on c**t lips as he pushed his way in. It wasn't long before he had shoved it all the way in. I wanted to groan out loud as he split me wide open with his thick cock. I could only imagine how big he was as he filled me completely. He slammed his tool hard and deep and I screamed out in total pleasure.

    The dick in my pussy pounded me faster and harder as if he hadn't had pussy for years. He lasted for what seemed hours before I felt him empty into my hot, wet hole. As soon as he pulled out another took his place, thrusting into my already wet cum filled hole. He was thinner but longer than the first one. I could hear them telling the others about who was getting my slut pussy next. Frank told them that they would all have a chance at all my holes. This made me wetter than I had been so far. After he had exploded in my hot hole they readied me for more.

    What I didn't know then was that there were ten of them as I was told later. Frank had sent out an ad on the net and asked for men who would be Interested in fucking his wife to send him a message. He had also included a picture of me naked. He had 60 responses in the first day. He narrowed it down to ten local men and told them when and were he wanted them to arrive. He wanted a range of sizes and shapes to fill me.

    As each one had his turn at my pussy, I tried to keep count but between the pounding and cum pouring out of me I lost count. They would grab my hips and pull me onto their cocks and slam me hard. My tits jiggled as the fucked me harder and harder. I must have cum at least ten times before they stopped. I felt my arms being lowered and then I was bent over and a cock was shoved up my ass hard. I tried to hold in the scream but it was to much for me. I yelled out and felt a hand slap my ass hard and my nipples pulled. The cock in my ass had to be at least 8" and as thick as a cucumber. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back so he could shove his dick in farther. He rammed it in harder and stood me partially upright. I knew someone was moving between my thighs and soon I there were fingers at my pussy. Then there was a hand going in and then a fist. He shoved his fist all the way into my hot hole as the other pumped my ass. I was truly happy being fucked like a whore on the street, only this was better. I found myself pushing backward so that the dick in my ass could go deeper. They all started saying that I was a real slut and a whore to want so much fucking cock. I came right then. My juices poured out onto his fist as he continued to fuck me with it. They continued to
    fuck my ass until it was so full of cum that it ran down my thighs and I could almost taste it. Now I thought they would be finished but they were just getting started. I was lowered down on what had to be the biggest cock of the night. My knees hit the ground my c**t was full again. He lifted me up by my hips and pounded me back down hard. He moved faster and harder in me, then someone pushed me forward and slammed their cock into my ass. I was exhausted and about to collapse when another one was rubbing on my lips. I gladly opened my mouth as he slid down my throat. He held my head as he pumped his dick deep, fucking it as if he were in one of my other holes.

    I was told later by Jay that I had been getting fucked for three hours at this point. My holes were getting sore and I knew I was just about at the end of my endurance. All of my holes were full and I was really getting the full treatment. I was a true whore for them, except that I was giving it away. They continued to fuck me in all my holes as I groaned that I was about to explode. I could feel their cum rising as they pounded me mercilessly. They seemed to all explode at the same time as cum poured out of my mouth, pussy and ass. They pulled out of my holes and moved away. I was again stretched out and I could feel someone near me as my ass was squeezed. Then another rubbed my nipples and then my pussy received a massage. I was shocked at the amount of energy I still had left as they continued working over my ass and pussy. My clit was on fire as they rubbed it. My nipple hard as stone and they continued to suck and rub them. As I exploded, I was filled with total satisfaction. I was told to stay there and to leave the blindfold on. They continued to talk as they rubbed their cocks and told me what a real slut I was. They would tell their friends about me and maybe I would give them a good fuck like I gave them. They jacked off and shot their loads all over my body. They walked away and I was soon left alone, laying on the grass.

    My body was sore but I was satisfied. I finally had my fill of cocks for the night. Frank came over to me and told me to get up on my knees. I did as I was told and he bent me over and pushed his cock into my sore pussy. He fucked me hard and whispered in my ear that I was a true slut wife now and he loved seeing me fucked by lots of guys and covered and filled with their cum. I told him I really enjoyed it to and would love some more, which meant fucking anyone anyplace. I was getting excited again as he moved from my c**t to my ass hole. He pumped me hard and as he filled me up he told me to get use to this because liked fucking me after a lot of men had used me. He pulled out of my ass and shot his cum all over my ass. He pulled me to my feet and removed my blindfold. He led me to the shower and washed my body thoroughly. He caressed my pussy and my nipples as the soap ran over them. He tenderly washed my ass, rubbing it softly.

    He dried my body and helped me lay down on our bed and asked me how I felt about the evening. I told him it was the most wonderful night I had ever had. I never felt so good in my whole life. My pussy , ass and jaws were sore but now I knew what a slut really feels like and I loved every minute of it.

    I knew this would be just the beginning of more interesting fun. Next time I want to see Frank fucking some girl off the beach. I would love to try some pussy with his cum in her. Now that would be a great night of fun....

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 44

    I had Joy dress in some short shorts and a little halter top with heels and told her I was going to call some friends over so they could fuck her. I often do this. I love seeing her getting fucked and guys using her body to dump their cum in and on. When they got there Joy led them into the bedroom.

    She sat down on the mattress and began to massage her own breasts, rubbing the crotches of a couple of guys and kissed one of them. He touch her gently and she let out an audible moan. Several hands touched her and she closed her eyes with a big smile. The hands soon were fondling her breasts and thighs and within a minute her top was off and the shorts followed quickly. She has fondling three or four guys and soon was jerking off guys dicks. I really wanted to just watch so I stayed towards the side.

    We have a guy renting a room from us and he walked in and saw the scene. As soon as my wife saw him, she motioned for him to come to her. She didn't wait a second, she took his massive cock out and stroked it till he was semi hard and went down on him. The hands were all over her body, paying attention to her nipples and her pussy. She pushed the guy down onto the mattress and sucked his cock while she was in the doggy position. One of the guys took the rear driving position and I could see her eyes widen as he entered her very moist pussy. She had a dick in each hand as she was being fucked while sucking on a big dick. The guy she was sucking moved so another guy could take his place as the half dozen guys all found ways to stimulate my wife.

    She was in heaven as the guy continued to fuck her harder now. She had three guys in front of her and took turns stroking and sucking their cocks. I was enjoying this scene tremendously. She obviously enjoyed being the center of attention. The guy behind her let someone else take his spot while he rested. Someone else got in front of my wife and she stroked him with her hand and then used her mouth. She serviced the three guys in front and others waited for their turn in the driver's seat. I watched my lovely wife getting fucked by half dozen guys with several others watching and enjoying the scene.

    At one point she stopped sucking and said she wanted to mount someone. In a microsecond someone was beneath her and the circle of guys closed in around her. It was very nasty to watch her being serviced by two guys and her giving head and hand jobs to two guys on each side of her. She was moaning and repeating how good it felt. She would occasionally let out a muffled scream with a dick down her throat.

    I couldn't see what the two guys were doing but it looked like they were taking turns fucking her pussy. One of the guys getting sucked was about to shoot his load and she gobbled his cock as he did. I decided I wanted to get a closer look and moved into one of the groups in front of her. On my knees to the side of her, I could see a load of cum all over her ass and back. As the guy she was riding came in her pussy, she was continued to suck the dicks in front of her. She would suck each guy for a while and stroke two dicks with her hands. She wanted to take a break to catch her breath so they shifted places while the guy beneath her moved out of her way.

    She rolled over on her back and the guys spread her legs wide. Somebody started eating her while I watched. She was cumming like crazy from the guy's tongue. The other guys were face fucking her, her screams were muffled by the dicks shoved in her mouth and down her throat. One guy shot his load as she deep throated his dick. A guy with a dick that looked like it was at least 10 inches long, took the place of the guy eating her. He just slammed it right into her pussy and within three strokes she was screaming again as the guys continued to face fuck her mouth and throat. The guy with the big cock came hard after a while and the cum was flowing out her pussy now. Another guy took his place and started fucking her as he sat on his knees and took his dick began rubbing it around her face and she took it in her mouth took suck off his cum and her pussy juice. Another guy who had been face fucking my wife had cum on her face and hair. Someone tossed in a towel and a guy wiped her eyes and face. The guy fucking her sped up and came deeply in her pussy.

    My wife said she needed a couple of minutes break and the guys went 'Ahhhh' in unison. My wife laughed and said she'd only be a minute and would be right back. I knew she would. She was really loving this. She had this almost starved look in her eyes - like she could not get enuff and would do anything to get it. And that was exactly how she acted. When she returned, she began telling everyone that she would let them use her anyway they wanted. And that she wanted to be gangfucked by everyone as many times as they could. She was their fuck toy and should be treated like one. She was really getting the guys worked up as she talked and played with some of their dicks. She said she wanted to feel two cocks in her pussy. The guys just went berserk. They grabbed her and pushed her into the doggie position again. She was back sucking cock and jerking dicks.

    Guys who had not fucked her yet were playing with her ass and rubbing their dicks against her, leaving cum marks all over her ass and hips. One guy had his dick in her pussy now and she was really starting to get off from the rough treatment she was getting. I wasn't worried she liked being fucked hard and that's what she wanted. The guy fucking her was slamming her as hard as he could and she was screaming "Harder! Fuck me harder!". I knew she was gonna be an animal later on. The guy started cumming and he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock up against her ass and held it there as the cum started squirting onto her ass. She loved it. She normally wasn't that fond of anal but now she was up for anything.

    As he rolled away spent, a guy hoisted one of her legs and a another guy slid beneath her, his dick throbbing. She grab the dick by the shaft and jumped on the guy, literally. It sank all the way into her pussy. Another guy, with a very big dick, got behind her now. He was rubbing his dick against her already full pussy and was able to get the head of his dick into there. I knew I wanted to watch this and wanted her mouth on my dick, too. I told her so, as the guys pushed further in. She took my dick and rammed it down her throat, my balls against her lips. The two guys had gotten her pussy really spread and were now both fucking her. Her mouth was incredible on my dick. Joy really knows how to suck a dick. She was cumming now and I was letting her work my dick however she wanted. It felt so good and I loved watching the two guys fuck the hell out of her. My dick felt like it was gonna explode and I grabbed her hair and shoved her head down. She didn't care and I kept her head as far down on my dick as possible. I started cumming and she never even flinched as my cum went straight down her throat. I thought I was gonna black out for a second but didn't. IT was that awesome. I rolled away and another guy took my place. I grabbed a soda from the kitchen and returned to the back bedroom. It was so crowded in there now I had to stand in the doorway. It was so damn awesome to watch this many guys doing whatever they wanted to my very slutty wife.

    She was still getting fucked by both guys and they were ramming it in as hard as they could. She just let them do whatever they wanted. The guy in back started cumming and he did the same thing as the previous guy did, only he put the head of his dick against her ass then jammed the head into her. He was cumming hard into her ass and this feeling set the other guy off. She had both dudes cumming in her at the same time! She was frantic with desire even after this kinda of fucking. The guy renting the room had gotten into position and I knew what he was gonna do. He saw me watching in the doorway and said something like "she's the horniest wife anybody has ever seen..." and he probably wasn't that far off either.

    He rammed his dick in her pussy and started hammering away at her as she grabbed another guys dick and started sucking him. She was still going strong and I knew she wasn't done yet. She was taking some deep breathes and screamed, "FUCK ME HARDER!!" several times. She was not gonna wanna stop even after a dozen guys! The renter was ready to cum and he was banging his 6-4, 240 lbs body into her pussy as hard as he could. He actually let out a yell and started cumming into her as she orgasmed a couple more times. They both collapsed into a heap, out of breath and exhausted.

    What a performance from my wife! Several guys complimented her as she lay there still breathing hard. If they had been ready, I know she would have started fucking them. My incredible wife had fucked at least every guy in the room once and many of the guys twice. There were at least a dozen guys in various stages of recovery after fucking my wife. Her entire body and hair were completely soaked with sweat and cum. Cum was still just pouring out her ass and pussy as she rested on the mattress which was also drenched. She finally got the energy to get up, kissed me, then walked out of the bedroom, heading for the shower. A dozen guys lay in her wake, completely done in by just one woman. It looked like a damn hurricane had blown thru the room.

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    Straight Male / 25

    This is gonna sound far-fetched, but it's true. I have had sex with just about every woman in my family. I've done it with my mom, both of my sisters, my aunt(my dad's sister), my cousin(her daughter). I've even been with my grandmother! I know what you're thinking, but she is still hot. Think Helen Mirren.

    The reason for this, is, well, I grew up in a family with a really loose attitude about i****t, so it's not just me. My Dad has been with my aunt and my cousin, too, as well as both my sisters, my mom has been with both of them, and my grandmother(her mom), etc. And it's not just loose, but very casual, ie. I've run into my older sister going into the bathroom to wash up in the morning, and we ended up fucking, or sometimes, when I was younger, I would come home from school, and my mom would give me a blowjob.

    It's not only familial relations that we treat lightly, either, but age. My younger sister was about twelve, when my dad taught her to blow him, and I myself was about thirteen when my mom taught me to eat her pussy.

    And, since you're probably wondering, yeah, we do multiple partners at once. The first time I did it with my grandmother, my mom was there, too. That was...quite an afternoon.

    By the way, I have a girlfriend, and, well, I've told her about all this, and she seems okay with it. Since then, in fact, we've been discussing the possibility of a three-way with her mom or her sister, both of whom are fucking hot, let me tell you. She's a little hesitant because, though she's okay with me doing that stuff, she's nervous about doing it herself. I've told her to start small; give her brother a blowjob. She's still working herself up to that, but I feel she may do it any day now.

    So, thoughts? Questions? Comments? And yes, I fully expect to get a lot of you calling bullshit, and I can't prove my story's true, but those of you who are willing to believe me, maybe take a look at your own family, and see if perhaps i****t is for you. You never know, it might become a family tradition for you, too.

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    Just woke up to my 14 year old sister in law sucking my dick fuck me it was one of the best I've had still feel bad tho

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    Who in their right mind allows their twenty seven year old wife. An extremely very good looking wife, to have anything goes sex with two nineteen year old guys. That person I suppose is me.
    I can no longer keep up with her sexual demands, no where near in fact. So eight weeks ago I asked one of my employee's, one who'd supposidly been blessed with a large penis, if he'd pay our home a visit. He turned up with a mate, someone who works in a different part of my company. My wife already knew of my plans and openly welcomed the idea. So in an evening long sexual haze, I watched both young men fuck my wife over and over again, until she was exhausted from the amount of orgasms she'd been given.
    My problem now, is both young men have become almost lodgers in my own home and I've been moved to the guest room. Most nights they all fuck, until the second smaller cocked young man goes home to his parents. However the slightly older and more well endowed of the pair, stays over constantly, fucking my wife through the night.
    And that's not where it now ends. they both now REQUIRE my services to clean them both up. When ever and which ever time it is, I asked to perform cunnilingus on my wife cum laden pussy and arse, licking up every drop of his sperm, and if she and he's feeling extra horny, I'm made to lick and suck his cock clean of he pussy and anal juices.
    The difference this past week is I've been asked, made to perform fellatio on him even before they fuck. Getting his cock hard for her to savour in her pussy and arsehole.
    It's not something I particularly enjoy, but I don't want to displease my beautiful young wife. I certainly can't keep up with her sexual appetite, so what else can I do, other than allow them to fuck wherever and whenever they want, and to pleasure them as they ask................

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    Straight Female / 42

    It was the first time Frank shared me with his friends. When Frank and I was dating he came over to my place to pick me up to go out. I thought we were going to go for dinner and maybe a movie or back to Frank's place for some more intimate fun. Frank drove, and he took us to posh a colony.

    'What are we doing here?' I asked as he got out of the car.

    'Come on Joy, I've arranged a special evening for you,' said Frank.

    I got out of the car and followed him down a long driveway to a large, nice looking house.

    'Who's place is this?' I asked.

    Frank just turned and grinned, then knocked on the door. His mischievous mood was starting to make me a little bit nervous and excited. I had more than a suspicion of what was about to happen, and my heart started racing. My suspicions proved correct when Billy answered the door. He smiled broadly and opened the door wide, looking at me appreciatively as Frank took my hand and I followed him inside.

    'So good to see you, Joy said Billy.

    'Nice place!' I said.

    I could feel my pussy starting to moisten at the prospect of what was to come. Billy took us through to his kitchen, which was open to the lounge with a large breakfast bar. Sitting at the bar was a large guy, tall and muscular. He turned when we came in.

    'Richard this is Joy' said Billy.

    Richard smiled and looked me up and down.

    'Hi!' I replied, with a little wave.

    'And over there is John, Billy continued, as another guy stood up from the couch and came over to us.

    I waved again. My nervousness was fading away, and I felt my excitement starting to take over.

    'So, what are you guys all doing tonight?' I said.

    John was appraising my body, staring in particular at my breasts.

    'Frank told us we could fuck you, Joy!' he said.

    'Oh really?' I asked, feeling a shiver run up my spine as I felt four pairs of eyes staring at me.

    I gave John a little smile and then quickly stripped off my t-shirt, throwing it at him.

    'Holy shit!' said Richard, standing up quickly as John laughed and threw my t-shirt away.

    Frank stood back and watched with a big smile as they all stared at my tits. I pulled my long brown hair back behind my head, then undid my jeans.

    'You are very beautiful' said John.

    I stripped down to just my bra and panties. My panties were black as well, so the guys couldn't really see just how wet I was already. I turned to see Billy dropping his jeans, and then his underwear. He came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down. I knelt on the floor, and he stood in front of me, jerking his dick slowly.

    'You guys will love how Joy sucks cock!' Frank told them, as I leaned forward to lick the tip of Billy's dick.

    Billy pushed the head of his dick into my mouth, and I tasted the sweet flavor of his precum which covered the bulging head of his cock. I closed my eyes and rubbed my tongue around the tip of his dick, sucking hungrily. My heart pounded with excitement, I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I concentrated on sucking the rock hard dick being pushed into my mouth.

    'Okay baby, Richard's turn!' said Billy, stepping back. I opened my eyes, and saw Richard coming forward towards me.

    His dick was thick, and his foreskin covered the head. He was still wearing all his clothes, his jeans undone and pulled down slightly. I reached out to grab his dick, stroking it and then pulling back his foreskin, revealing the large glistening head of his cock.

    'Ohhh yeah, he groaned as I opened my mouth and took the first two inches of his dick in, sucking hard and rubbing with my tongue.

    I glanced to either side of me, and saw Frank and John undressing hurriedly. I gripped the base of Richard's cock and moved my head up and down on his dick as I sucked.

    'Oh my,' said Richard.

    Frank tapped Richard on the shoulder and he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He then stripped off his clothes as Frank pointed his large, throbbing cock into my face.

    'How are you feeling, Joy?' he asked, as I grabbed his cock with both hands.

    'Hungry!' I replied. The guys seemed to like that, as they laughed and Frank squeezed his dick at the base.

    Frank pushed forward and I began to suck his dick. I moved my head up and down as he looked down at me, and I gently rubbed his balls as I took his dick into my mouth. He soon stepped aside and John rushed in to take his place.

    'Ooooh!' he gasped as I clamped my lips around his dick and started to suck, my tongue flicking around the head.

    'You are so hot!' he mumbled, sliding his cock back out and then pushing harder, forcing about four inches of his shaft into my mouth.

    I felt the head slide over my tongue and just touch the back of my throat. He pulled out again and I sucked hard, taking a deep breath as John grunted with pleasure. John pulled his dick out of my mouth as Billy pulled me to my feet. I stood in the middle, my panties now very wet and my pussy aching with excitement as the four of them admired me standing in my underwear before them. I felt Frank's hands on my shoulders, and he kissed my neck, his hands then slid down to my slim waist. He knelt behind me and his hands moved down, grabbing my panties and slowly sliding them down.

    'Look at that lovely pussy,' said Richard, stroking his dick slowly as he got his first look at my trimmed pussy.

    'Check out her sweet little ass,' said Frank, turning me around and pulling my arms down, making me bend over with my ass facing Richard and John.

    My smooth, round buttocks pointing at them as Frank pulled my panties right down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and John moved in behind me, his hands moving from my lower back down to caress and grab my ass. One of his hands slipped between my legs, and I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy lips.

    'She's soaking wet, I think she needs a fuck!' he announced.

    I felt John push his cock up between my legs, and he quickly pressed it between my slippery pussy lips. I gasped as he roughly slid his rock hard cock into my hot c**t. He then grabbed my waist with both hands, holding me just above my hips. He pushed my torso downwards and pulled my ass back against him, his dick sliding deep into my pussy. I let out a long groan. As John started to grind his dick deep into my pussy, Richard unhooked my bra and pulled it off, then squatted next to me and reached up to grab my breasts.

    'You've got perfect tits, Joy!' he said, gripping one with one hand as he watched the other swinging gently as John fucked me.

    Frank moved in front of me and pulled my chin up with one hand, then forced his cock into my mouth as I groaned.

    'Yeah, does that feel good Joy? ' asked Billy, stroking his cock hard as he watched.

    I sucked hungrily on Frank's throbbing dick as John pulled my hips back and slammed his dick deep into my tight slit. After a short while John pulled his cock out of my tight hole and stepped aside as Richard moved around behind me. He guided his dick to my pussy lips with his hand, and then I groaned loudly as I felt Richard's very thick cock enter my c**t. Frank held my head with one hand and pushed his dick down my throat as Richard gripped my waist and fucked me with fast, hard strokes.

    I could hear his body slapping against mine as I relaxed to allow Frank to fuck my face. I felt Richard's hand move down from my waist and he began to rub my pussy with his fingers, just above where his dick was slamming in and out of my c**t. He rubbed my juices up from my wet pussy and gently began to caress my clit. I felt a swelling warmth inside me and soon I started to cum.

    'Hell yeah baby! You love to be fucked don't you Joy?' said Richard, pounding my pussy as my orgasm arrived.

    My wet c**t was tightening and dripping as Richard's dick thrust deep inside me and Frank pulled his cock out of my mouth.

    'Ohhh yes!' I moaned, Richard continued to fuck me.

    He pushed his cock right up inside me as my whole body quivered, and he held it there as my c**t clenched and spasmed around him.

    'Wow!' he said, stepping back as his rock hard and dripping wet dick sprang from my pussy lips.

    I straightened up and put my hand down to feel my tender, wet pussy. Billy quickly came over and picked me up, carrying me through to the lounge.

    'You love to be fucked don't you Joy?' he asked.

    I nodded and watched as John spread a blanket out on the carpeted floor.

    'I love to be fucked, I love it!' I told him as he lay me down on the floor on my back.

    'Grab your legs baby,' he said, pushing my legs back towards my chest.

    I held on to them, and he then got down and started to lick my pussy lips, running his tongue up and down my slit and then flicking my clit, making me gasp. He moved up and squatted, pointing his cock at my pussy. He then thrust it in with one quick movement, holding my thighs as he started to pump his cock into my pussy. Richard squatted over my face, pointing his dick down as I opened my mouth. He pushed his cock up and down in my mouth for a few moments, groaning. He then moved away to be replaced by John who forced his dick into my throat.

    Billy slid out of my pussy and grabbed a cushion off the couch and pushed it under my ass, then rubbed my slit with his fingers. He rubbed down from the bottom of my pussy and his fingers circled my asshole, smearing my slippery juices around it. He positioned the shiny, pussy lubricated head of his dick at my asshole.

    'Tell me how much you love it up the ass!' Billy told me, rubbing his dick very slowly up and down from my asshole to the very bottom of my pussy lips.

    'I love having a big hard cock deep in my ass!' I moaned.

    I was so horny, I wanted to make these guys crazy. I felt so hot and dirty. I tried to relax totally as I felt Billy pressing his cock against my asshole. It slowly stretched, and the head of his cock began to slide in, gripped so tight by my asshole. He held on to my thighs and put more weight behind it, and I screamed as his cock suddenly popped past the resistance of my asshole and plunged about halfway into my anus.

    'Oh my god, what a tight little ass!' said John, watching as Billy started to push the rest of the length of his member into my ass.

    I grunted, rubbing my pussy with one hand as he thrust himself deeper. I felt his stiff prick thrusting deep into my anus, and he fucked my ass as the other three watched. Billy then pulled his cock out of my ass and got up, and John quickly got down in his place. I gasped as John pushed his cock against my now slightly loosened ass and thrust it in with one movement.

    Billy squatted by my face and pulled my head up towards his dick. I started to suck him, my tongue sucking his dirty cock. John breathlessly fucked my tight asshole and watched me clean Billy's cock in my mouth.

    'You like the taste of your own ass babe?' Richard asked.

    'Mmmm!' I replied as Billy grinned, fucking my face.

    John suddenly pulled out of my asshole with a loud groan and grabbed his dick, gripping it tight.

    'I was about to cum!'

    'Okay Joy get up,' Frank instructed.

    He helped me to my feet, and he lay on his back. He pulled me down facing towards him and I quickly mounted his dick, feeling it slip between my wet hot c**t. He put his arms around me, pulling me down towards him and I glanced over my shoulder to see Richard squatting behind me.

    'So you like to be fucked in both holes at once?' he asked, as his fingers started to rub my tender, reddened asshole.

    'I love it!' I told him. He laughed and pushed a finger inside my ass, hooking it upwards and pulling.

    He and John watched as Richard pulled his finger from me and guided his dick towards my tight hole. I squealed and groaned with delight as Richard forced his cock very slowly into my ass. He seemed to be savouring the moment as his shaft slid inch by inch into my anus, and once he was all the way inside he sighed with pleasure. Frank pulled my head down and kissed me, and then watched my face as Richard started to piston his cock in and out of my ass.

    'You like that Joy?' he whispered.

    'Yes' I replied, grunting each word as Richard pumped his dick deep into my aching butt.

    Frank started to push upwards, his hands on my waist as he slid his cock up and down in my dripping pussy.

    'Suck me!' I heard John say, and I turned to see his dick looming towards my face.

    I opened my mouth and he took hold of my head, pushing his cock in and out as I began to suck him. Billy came close on the other side of me, and he then took my head and made me suck his cock. Soon Richard was really slamming his cock into my ass. He had his hands on my shoulders now as he pulled me backwards with every thrust. I could feel his thick, incredibly hard dick deep in my ass as Frank slowly thrust upwards into my pussy.

    'Oooooooh!' I moaned as Billy's dick slipped out of my mouth.

    I began to cum, my body shaking as my pussy and asshole clenched tight in rapid spasms around the large cocks impaling me. Billy and John began to slap my face with their dicks, laughing as I groaned and panted through my enormous orgasm. I collapsed onto Frank and he started to kiss my face and neck as Richard slowly extracted his dick from my asshole.

    Frank pushed me up and over onto my back, and stood up. Suddenly with a groan John started to unload a massive gush of hot cum into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed, sucking hard as he unloaded his delicious cum. John stepped away and sat on the couch to watch as Richard moved forward. Richard grabbed me and pushed me backwards,

    'Don't move now,' he said, jerking his dick rapidly.

    He pointed his cock at my forehead and moaned softly, and his thick sticky cum started to pour out of his dick. After he had finished he wiped a thick drop of cum from the end of his dick onto my nose, and then pushed his cock into my mouth. I moaned and sucked his dick. I tasted his thick, pungent cum and could feel his sperm slowly oozing down my face towards my ears.

    Frank stepped up and stroked his cock and soon he began to jerk it rapidly. He pulled out and a powerful jet of his cum shot out and hit me in the top lip. I felt it splashing up my face, into my nose and dribbling down my chin as Frank continued to spurt his thick juice onto my face. I felt so hot. I could feel all the cum starting to cool and chill my skin, drips were starting to run down my neck and from my chin onto my tits.

    Frank stepped back now and Billy who had been jerking his cock rapidly quickly pointed his throbbing member at my face. I looked up at him and he groaned. A hot, thick jet of his sperm shot right into my eye and I flinched. Billy grabbed a handful of hair on the top of my head and held me still as his cum splattered out onto my face. He moved his cock, plastering enormous spurts of his cum all over my face. He held his dick tight, and slapped it a few times around my cheeks and forehead, then pushed it into my mouth. It was covered in a mixture of all of their cum. I sucked him clean. The guys all stood around grinning, getting their breath back.

    'That was incredible!' said John.

    I sat up and they all stared at me.

    'You can have a shower if you like,' said Billy as he came back, carrying a large beach towel.

    I got up to take it but Frank stopped me and took it instead. He had gathered up all my clothes except my bra, and panties which the guys said they wanted to keep as reminders. Frank then told me I was going to ride home sitting on the towel but I couldn't cover up with it. He said he wanted to give the truckers a treat and who knows we may even stop at a rest area so I could get fucked some more.

    They all laughed and we headed out.

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    Straight Male / 44

    My, Joy, is always so curious about how things dealing with sex, she is always coming up with different scenario's she wants to play out. She came up with the idea that I take her to a bar out of town and take her in and announce to everyone that she was a cheating slut wife and anyone who wanted to use her could have her any way they wanted.

    We headed out of town and we stopped at a couple of bars and go in, but if it didn't look like the type of place we were looking for or didn't have a nice crowd, we would just get a beer and leave. We finally hit just the right spot. I went over to the bartender and told him our plan and that he could fuck her as much as he wanted also. The only thing I wanted was to be able to watch from a hidden spot where the guys in the bar couldn't see me. He had an upstairs area with a one way mirror overlooking the bar room that had an access stairway from outside. He gave me a key, smiled and said I may be up there a while.

    Joy was dressed in a little skimpy dress, with nothing on underneath, and her fine tits were almost out of it. I took her in the center and sat her on a table where everyone could get a good look and said, "Hey everyone, I caught this slut cheating on me. Since I found out she likes to fuck other guys, now I'm going to let her have the opportunity of really getting fucked. All you guys, get your dicks out and fuck this bitch in her c**t and ass...especially her ass. She likes to suck dicks so make sure you fuck her face real hard! She also likes to get those big tits squeezed and sucked on. Make sure those hooters get a real work out!"

    There must have been a good 30 guys in the bar. We had gotten some notice from a few of the guys nearby but when I ripped Joy's dress off and spread her legs. She was completely naked and with her legs spread wide and ready for action, it got everyone's attention. There wasn't a moment's hesitation when a c**t was presented like that!

    "Here's the plan," I said. "I'm leaving the slut here for all of you to fuck. As I said, make sure you fuck her face, c**t and especially her ass hard and fast. Do a lot of tit sucking and squeezing real hard! She has to be taught a lesson what happens when she cheats on me. I'll be back later to pick the slut up and I want to be sure she has every hole full of cum and covered in cum from head to toe. With that I turned and walked out. Unknowing to them I went outside and upstairs where I could see and hear everything.

    During this barrage, Joy acted stunned by my actions. When I let go of her legs , it was so abrupt that she left them spread for a moment. Unfortunately, a moment was all it took for the horny guys looking for a c**t to move right in and fill that c**t.

    "I got you first, you slut." said a big sloppy guy. He plunged his cock into her c**t so hard that he pushed her across the table a couple of inches. He reached over and grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her back so her ass was at the edge of the table. As he fucked her hard, her big tits bounced up and down. "Hey, look at them big tits bounce around. I love 'em when they are that big." He leaned over and got a good grip on her tits and used them as handles to hold on.

    He kept squeezing and pulling her tits. Joy screamed from pleasure. The guy fucking her thinking it was from pain "Hey, I think the slut likes to play rough. Well, baby, I'm going to give it to you and the rest of the guys here like it pretty rough too."

    A cheer went up from most of the crowd. Another guy grabbed her head and forced his dick into her mouth. He fucked her mouth wildly while he laughed and said that the slut was enjoying his big cock.

    Then the guy fucking her c**t pulled his cock out, leaned over her and jerked off on her tits. "You look good covered with cum. But I'm only the first. When we get done with you, you are going to be a "cum baby" kinda like one of them tar babies. Okay, this c**t is ready for more."

    "Get out of my way, fool. I'm doing her ass." said another guy as he jerked up her legs and bent over and looked at her ass. He stuck his finger in her ass and she tightened up and wouldn't let him in. He smacked her on her ass and yelled: "You don't tighten up your ass when I want to get in, slut. Now relax your ass." .

    The guy then stuck his fingers into her c**t and smeared some c**t juice into her ass. "Here we go now, slut." he said as he rammed his cock into her tight little asshole. It felt so good that Joy closed her eyes. The guy must have thought she had passed out and said, "Hey, throw some water on the slut to bring her around. I want her to enjoy this fucking."

    The bartender brought over a couple of glasses of cold water and threw them in her face. "Hey, slut, don't pass out on me again while I am fucking your ass. You've got to be alert to appreciate a good ass fucking." He kept right on pounding her ass and when he was ready, he pulled out and shot his load on her big tits. "That's number 2!" he yelled."

    More guys crowded around waiting impatiently for their turns at the three holes. There was a lot of hooting and cheering after each guy shot his cock off into her mouth, face, hair, tits, and c**t. Some of the guys who liked sloppy c**ts waited until after enough cum was oozing out of her c**t.

    "I just love these hot and juicy, well used c**ts." said one of the guys. "It makes it a lot easier for fucking her ass too."

    Aft er all the guys had fucked her once, the guy who seemed to be in charge said: "Okay, we got instructions to fuck her face, c**t and ass. If you fucked her face before, you still got to fuck her c**t and ass. If you fucked her c**t, you still got her face and ass. Ditto with you ass fuckers. So, you know who you are. Get in line for whatever hole you need to fuck."

    The bartender said that all drinks were on the house as long as the slut was getting worked over. He said that the slut didn't need anything to drink because she was getting hot cum down her throat and that was plenty of lubrication.

    The bartender stayed behind the bar and watched as each guy fulfilled his instructions of fucking every hole and then down his drink and take off. Some, however, would still hang around to watch the action. Joy was getting what she all the dick she wanted. The bartender seeing her in action knew how much she liked to fuck. Most of the guys in the bar who were using her now had previously fucked her in one of her holes. Soon they just couldn't get theirs dicks up any more.

    The bartender hadn't fucked her yet and when he saw everyone was done he called last call and locked up the bar. He went to Joy and stripped down naked . Joy looked at him and told him thanks for letting her act out one of her fantasy. He said, "you aren't done yet slut, I have some things for you" Joy told him he earned anything he wanted. He started rubbing his dick, which from my vantage point looked to be about 9 inches long and big around also, over Joy's face tits and body as she lay on the table covered in cum.

    He then went behind the bar and began bringing out different size bottles of liquor.He put his dick where Joy could take it in her mouth and began fucking Joy's ass and pussy with different size and shaped bottles. Joy was loving it and continued to suck his dick and he would thrust he dick so hard that she would almost choke on it.

    He slid her back until her head was hanging off the end of the table and slid his dick back in her mouth. Joy had never deep throated anyone, but as he continued to insert different bottles in her ass and pussy, she was becoming more relaxed taking his dick which he was slipping deeper into her mouth with each thrust. Finally on one thrust he slid all of his dick down her throat and I could tell he was shooting a load of cum down her. He pulled and and he was still cumming which landed on her face mostly on her eyes.

    Joy had closed her eyes and was having trouble opening them again with the cum on them and he told her to leave it and keep her eyes closed. He then went behind the bar again and brought out a night stick and and a small baseball bat, the kind you get for kids. I figured maybe it was time I came down stairs as I wasn't sure what he was planning on doing. When I walked up and asked he said don't worry I'm not going to hurt her and you can watch from down here. He took the night stick and began rubbing it around her ass and then inserted it. Joy raised up off the table as it went in and he slid it in even more and Joy moaned about how good it felt.

    He then took the baseball bat and I figured he would use the small end, but he placed the big end at her pussy. Joy had fucked so much and had so much cum that her pussy stretched over the bat fairly easily. I was so amazed at what I was seeing done to Joy that I had to get out of my clothes and play with my dick which was as hard as stone. The bartender slid the bat in a little more and then put his dick back in Joys mouth. Her head was still hanging off the table and he told her to relax because he was going to deep fuck her mouth and mouth. He started sliding his dick in and out going deeper with each stroke until he was putting his entire dick down her throat and then drawing out.

    He looked at me and told me to take her ass or pussy which ever. I jumped at the chance and since her pussy was more convenient I slid the bat out and slid my dick deep in her, feeling the night stick in her ass. In the position I was in I was able to watch the bartender as he continued to fuck Joy's mouth and throat. It didn't take me long to add my cum in with all the rest and shortly the bartender slid out and Joy grabbed his dick and jacked him off all over her face and tits.

    We got her up off the table, but she was so weak that he helped me carry her to the car, still buck naked. I thanked him and he said if we ever wanted to fulfill another of her fantasies he would be glad to help out. I drove Joy home the long way so as many truckers as possible could get a look at my cum drenched naked wife and also to give her time to get her strength back. When we got home she took me to the shower stripped off my clothes and we showered together and I fucked her again in the shower. We went straight to bed and she was soon fast asleep with a smile on her face

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