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    Straight Female / 18

    I have become known at the parties as the girl who will suck any dick. And that is pretty much true. All a guy has to do to convince me to suck his cock is pull it out and put it in my face. And all I have to do at parties is sit down somewhere and guys will practically line up waiting for their turn. I always do my best to swallow every drop of cum too.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I'm happily married to a great woman. We enjoy each other and treat each other very well.

    But sometimes variety -- that naughty spice -- cries out.

    I like to get sensual body massages. If they conclude with a "happy ending" (hand job), that's even better. Earlier this year, I found a middle age woman who gave massages at her home. What was a little unusual was her pretty green eyes. She was an attractive black woman with green eyes. A little plump but that's my preference anyway. My first visit there was pleasant and the happy ending was enjoyable too. But she hinted that I could ask for more from the menu in the future. So on my next visit, I arrived and as usual, entered her bedroom. She had a nice queen size bed. The room was fairly dark except for a few lit candles, and she was a great conversationalist who loved contemporary country music, which she would play on her laptop while massaging me.

    She asked, "would you like me to stay in my lingerie? or take it off?". "Oh please, do remove it", I said. "It's quite lovely, but seeing you without it is even better".

    She worked my back, neck, butt and leg muscles. I was enjoying her warm hands and complimented her. She would occasionally switch sides throughout, sitting or kneeling beside my body on the bed. Eventually, she asked me to flip so she could rub my chest. I now got to enjoy an easier view of her boobs. She continued to sit crossed-logged beside me, and she took my hand and placed it between her arm and breast and then massaged the rest of the arm. She used some oil and worked down my body, giving a few delightful teases to my package as her hands moved down to my legs and calf muscles. She moved to my other side to repeat it all.

    Once done, she asked me, "So did you want the full deal today?". "Yes, please!"

    She positioned her body directly over me (cowboy style). I was already hard. I thought she was about to reach for a condom but she grabbed my swollen member, and positioned it at her opening, and said "oooh, be gentle on me. It's been a while and you're big!" My brain wanted to tell her to stop and grab a wrapper but my other head said, "yeah baby!"

    Slowly, she lowered herself onto my hard shaft, and let out a squeal. "Oh my god!" After a few moments, she began to rock and ride me, her pace quickening. I grabbed her ass and squeezed and kneaded it. "Oh, I'm embarrassed", she said. "I'm really getting wet!" I could tell she was enjoying it. Our rhythms synced up and we were fucking for all our worth. My build up was in the works, and I gave her the verbal cues to let her know. Her heart was racing and just before I popped, she screamed in orgasm. I followed right after, and then she collapsed on my chest for a few minutes.

    Of course, I worried later about being unprotected (a full panel test later showed all was clear). But damn, that was a hot good time.

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    Lesbian Female / 27

    Last week I was at work as receptionist at a big dental office working beside my lesbian lover Sally who lives with me at my mother's made the day seem longer.All three of us really love to poop in our panties when we get the chance and have done for years.On Friday morning I realized that I had not pooped since Sunday and now I was feeling like I could be ready to do it today,but I was a little worried that it might be a firm one which I don't like as it can be difficult to push out.I told Sally that I wanted to get messy tonight and she smiled with a sparkle in her eyes and said that she felt ready for that too as she had not done it for a few days.I called home to mom and suggested a pooping expedition after work and she was all in favor of that,saying that she was holding a couple of days of poop too.We all agreed that when we finished work at 5pm we would go home and change into more suitable pooping clothes and then go out to the mall.

    As the day passed it became more exciting as we thought of the evening's pleasures to come and it made the day seem longer,but eventually 5pm came and Sally and I jumped into my car to drive home.By now I could feel that I was going to have a big poop and as I wanted to be sure it would be soft,I rushed into our home and took a good dose of liquid stool softener. Normally this would work in three hours,but when I am already feeling a need to poop it works faster,sometimes in one hour if it does not have a lot of work to do.All three of us selected our clothing for our trip to the mall;snug fitting slacks over white cotton full cut panties that covered our asses well and would hold our poop in place as we walked.Sally and mom also has a little mouthful of the stool softener just to be sure of a soft poop later.

    We took mom's car as it is bigger then mine and she always has a stock of plastic shopping bags in the back seat to cover the seats if she needs to poop in the car.She grabbed three old towels from the rack and threw them in the back seat as we set off for the short drive to the mall.All the stores in there are open until about 10pm so we had plenty of time to wander round as we waited for the softener to work on us.We love to hold it as long as we can as it starts to work and we begin to feel more and more desperate.On the drive to the mall we had all had one can of Pepsi to fill up our bladders and increase the excitement as we held that in too.Mom parked near one of the mall entrances and as we got out we each places plastic bags and towels on our seats ready for when we came back with poop filled pants,so we could get right into the car and drive home for more fun.

    As it was now the 2nd of December it was dark outside and the Christmas decorations were up in the mall for us to wander and look at as we went from store to store.We did not intend buying anything on this trip but it was a good reconaissance for a later trip when we would be buying gifts for friends and family.We had been at the mall for about 45 minutes when I felt my bowels give me a warning that I was going to poop very soon,as I had to stop for a second and clench my cheeks.I nodded to mom and Sally and they smiled and nodded back to let me know that they too were ready as our softener was working on all of us about an hour after taking it;just about right for when we were not actually constipated.

    We made our way to the food hall and got a coffee which we sat at a table and drank,knowing that this would make us more desperate to poop and also to pee,and this was about as far away from our car as we could get,so it would seem like a long walk back for three desperate girls trying not to have an accident and pretending they did not know where the toilets were to be found.By the time we had finished our coffee I could see that mom and Sally were really needing to go soon and I was too.I knew that I could not hold it in much longer as we all got up and started walking slowly with short stops to look at the store windows.As we walked along arm in arm there were not too many people around so mom whispered that she really had to let some out right now.We stopped by a nice window and looked at the pretty things as mom relaxed a little and I could see a soft bulge suddenly appear at her bum.It did not stick out far but spread fairly wide.

    She giggled and said there is more to come soon.Sally and I looked at each other and I eased off clenching my cheeks for a few seconds as I felt a lovely warm soft smooth poop gently sliding into my panties.I tried to stop it but it felt so good as it filled my panties and spread all over my bum while I stood there,so I just let it keep coming.It went up the back of my panties quite a bit so I leaned my back against the window and made it flow to the front of my panties and it felt so exciting as it slipped over my pussy making its way up toward my belly a sit was such a big load.I knew we were going to have lots of fun later at home.Sally turned her back to us and we could see her soft bulge appear and spread well over her bum too as she smiled,and now mom pushed more into her pants so we were all ready to head back to the car.We walked slowly each feeling the soft warm poop spread with each step we took,as it found its way all over our bums.

    Soon we reached the exit door and walked outside into the darkness.By now the Pepsi and coffee were ready to be released,so as we walked all three of us started to pee,not forcing it but just letting it go and it felt so nice to feel the warm flood fill our panties and then flow down our legs.It was only a few steps to our car,so it was still wet and warm as we got in and sat in our seats,moving our bums all round in the seats to feel the warm soft poop being squashed all over us.Mom drove us all home and we rushed straight into my bedroom where mom had prepared my king size bed for our return.The mattress protector was under the sheet and the heating was on to keep us warm as we stripped off our tops to reveal three sets of nice tits waiting to be played with.Our slacks came off too and were thrown in a pile on the bathroom floor leaving us all in just poop filled panties, and boy were they filled.Each of us had hardly any white left showing as the poop had been pushed all over inside them,so now we all got into the big bed.

    Each of us reached into the panties of one of the others and brought out handfulls of poop which we then proceeded to spread over our tits and belly,and when that was done we all got together for a group hug and slipped over the soft poop as we slithered,careful not to get it on our faces as we don't like that.There was such a lot of kissing and stroking and then poking as fingers found a pussy to play with that was not their own.This continued for quite a while as we moaned with such pleasure as each of us orgasmed over and over until we all collapsed in a large brown mass of satisfied female flesh.When we had recovered some energy we made our way to the shower room,still exchanging kisses and strokes.We stepped in to the shower room,closed the door and turned on the spray of warm water,not helping each other to clean up with many hands running over the three bodies until eventually we were clean.Mom then quickly stripped the bed and threw the dirty stuff in a tub to soak until morning when she would wash it.We helped her remake the bed and then all three climbed in to sleep together as we kissed some more and gently touched each other full of love.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I made a bet to my wife and she lost. I dared her one night to wear a sexy lingerie and pretend to be in deep sleep for taking ambien. I invited 2 of my friends to hangout for the night. I told my friend that my wife is totally out coz she's taking some sleeping pill and doesn't remember a thing when she wakes up. Later that night I signaled my friends to go with me in the room and check on my wife. My real intention is to really tease my wife. I slowly undress her thong in front of my friends and told them they can touch her gently so she will not wake up, we alternately caress her breast, licking her pussy and slowly finger her. I told my friend they can rub their cuck on her pussy but not to penetrate. I can see my wife so aroused coz she literally raised her hips and moaning at times. Maybe closed to an hour I told my friend to leave coz she might wake up. I recheck on my wife and she literally beg me to fuck her. Now she wants to try it again this weekend.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 48

    I'm mentally ill. I don't know what the diagnosis is, but I'm definitely mentally ill.

    Even as a little girl I had an i****t fetish. As soon as I knew what masturbation and i****t were I was playing with my pussy, imagining mt father doing anything I could imagine to me. He never did, but I would have let him, I even prayed for it.

    It got so bad that I lost my virginity at 17 to a man my father's age, who was my lover for a year before we married. I was a good wife to him. Our son Joshua was born when I was 18 and our daughter Liana when I was 21. even as I tried to be a nice normal wife I continued to obsess over i****t, now imagining my children as well.

    Perhaps nothing would have happened. Then came the worse three days of my life, when my husband left me after 12 years of marriage and my parents were killed in an accident. This knocked me into a depression which I helped with wine.

    Four days later I looked into Joshua's room and caught him in front of his computer masturbating. My mind began to fracture at that point. I walked in and surprised him. And when I got a good look at what he was jerking off to - Japanese comics about little boys fucking their mothers - I simply snapped.

    I actually praised him for being so mature as to feel lust at such a young age. I told him I liked his comics and I actually did. I told Joshua that his i****tuous urges were normal.

    Then I began lying. I told him that he and his sister weren't fathered by my husband but by my father, that they were actually my siblings as well as my children, and that his late grandparents were half-siblings. I told him that i****t was normal for us because we were all children of i****t. And I told him these lies while fondling his dick.

    We discussed his sexy i****t comic and I told him made-up stories about all the i****t I never had until he came on my hand. I ate his sperm with joy and encouraged him to pll off my clothes and take me. We spent the night in his bed and he fucked me eagerly.

    In the morning Joshua fucked me some more and Liana caught us. I told her the same lies, that this was natural for our family, even as she watched her brother fuck me. Joshua finished off inside me for the fourth time and talked Liana into straddling my face and I ate my very first pussy. She then ate my pussy including all her brother's sperm, which made me cum hard. By the end of the day Liana and I were full of Joshua's cum and eager to get more.

    A year after my husband left I gave birth to my son's child. As I held my child/grandchild, my sanity returned nd I realized what I had done. I was confused for weeks as to what I should do, even as my happy children indulged in the perverse lifestyle I had encouraged. And when I was healed enough, Joshua and Liana pulled my clothes off and ravished me, taking my protests for game-playing. They were experts in forcing climaxes out of my body by this time, and soon I willingly dove back into my madness, becoming a happy pervert once again.

    It's been 18 years since I began this insanity. I've drifted in and out of sanity several times, going from believing my own lies to terrified of my own actions. I gave Joshus three children and my oldest grandchild a child as well. Joshua is 31 and Liana is 28 and both are grandparents. Both have married outside the family and their spouses are "fellow travelers", perverted enough to embrace this lifestyle. What had been madness and lies is now reality.

    And what really surprises me is that no one seems to suspect anything. No police, no snoopy neighbors, nothing.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    If this guy doesn't stick his dick in my mouth soon I'm not going to b happy im dropping hints left right and center

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    Straight Male / 38

    And I LOVE to poop in my underwear. I want no other than a girl that does the same in her panties

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    Straight Male / 46

    My name is Chris and I used to play private footsies in an Asian nail salon with three different estheticians. We got on the table and went sole-to-sole with our pedicured feet until I came all over! Most of the time other ladies were in the next room getting their manicures while kinky fun was going on! Sometimes they would have me wear ladies strappy sandals and legwarmers while I licked every sweet inch of their Asian tootsies! Excellent!

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    Straight Female / 37

    When I was little, around two, my mother discovered my father had a child with another woman. Turned out the baby was six months younger than me. My mom ditched my dad and my dad lived with his girlfriend. When I was seven my mom told me that she threw in the towel and we were moving back with dad. My dad still lived with his girlfriend, so I went to the room with my half-sister and mom took the guest room.

    I remember, it was a Saturday morning so we didn't have school and my sister and I wanted breakfast before we watched television and we couldn't find mom in her room. We went looking and mom was asleep in bed with dad and his girlfriend. We really didn't say anything, all we wanted was breakfast. Mom came out to the kitchen, followed by my sister's mom and they fixed us breakfast, waffles and bacon, which we never got. While we were eating my mom said that we shouldn't judge her, she had needs, needs that only daddy could satisfy and when she had needs she was going to sleep with daddy.

    We were seven, so we really didn't pay much attention to it. Mom slept with daddy a lot, she always had needs. Her bed was never messed up and she and my sister's mom were best friends.

    After she started to sleep with my dad babies started to come, first one, then two and three and four babies were born. My dad converted the garage into a den, and the den into a bedroom for our brothers. Our little sisters got my mom's old room. By the time we were thirteen we had a household of six kids.

    When my sister and I were in high school we started to notice boys and we were convinced that one boy is all we needed, and we zeroed in on this boy. He was the son of the local doctor and his parents prohibited him to be with us because of our family values. But two sisters was too much for him to pass up and in the eleventh grade after school at a mutual friends house we ceremoniously gave up our virginities to him. Same afternoon, same bed, he either dated both of us or we didn't date. Against his father's will, the three of us went to prom.

    In college we moved on and we played around and got into a group sex lifestyle. We grouped, but always and only with the same boy. Not that we only dated one boy, but when it came time to slip out of our clothes, we always did it with one boy. Group sex to us meant the two of us in bed with one boy. What other people did on the other beds or floor or couches didn't matter to us. College was fun, but we did not meet our one guy.

    In our mid twenties, we got dated by this one guy in his late thirties. He dated us hard and he was proud to be with us. We lived with him for three years before we broke up, mostly because he wasn't ever going to settle down.

    It was then that at my work I met a man who took an interest in my work. He coached me and helped me advance in my job. He helped me go back to school and get advanced course work. One day at lunch, we were talking about the future, I was 30, and he told me that I needed to get serious and finish my masters. He told me that if I finished my masters he would give me a baby. It wasn't the promise of a baby that caused me to get my masters, but he remembered and demanded that I allow him to fulfill his promise.

    I spoke with my sister, she told me to go ahead, get a baby and marry him. We were now in our thirties and we needed to settle down. I got married first, and then the baby. But my sister was now on the sidelines and this didn't work for me. We hadn't been together since we broke up with our boyfriend and it was hard talking with her about being married when she wasn't. My husband did not take the hint. He said he didn't want to hear about it.

    We thought back to our moms, and wondered why it worked for them and not for us. In the end it really boiled down to my husband. He was never able to come around, and eventually we broke up. We are still the same, we want to be together and live together. We work, so it isn't an economic burden. In many ways we are just alike, and we are even similar in our looks. My dad was special. My mom was lucky. My sister's mom was understanding. But we aren't lucky.

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    Lesbian Female / 27

    My name is Debbie and I work as a receptionist at a dental office along with a girl called Sally for the past 7 years.We both had boyfriends but about 6 years ago I dumper mine.Mom,also Debbie,took me to a movie which we both wanted so much to see and we sat eating popcorn and drinking our large cokes enjoying the action and really getting into the plot.The thing with popcorn is that it makes me need to poop soon after eating it,so about half way through the movie I felt stirrings in my bowels becoming quite urgent.I whispered to mom that I was going to need to go to the rest room soon and could she tell me what I missed of the movie.Her reply was that she too needed to use the rest room but she did not want to miss any of the movie while she went there.She said we should just sit and enjoy the movie and try to hold on until the end and not to worry if we had a little accident.

    We sat still really loving the movie and sipping our drinks with the popcorn gone by now.Mom was squirming a little in her seat and so was I but if she could hold on then so could I.It was going well so far until a really scary scene made us jump in our seats and the concentration of holding our bowels in check lapsed slightly.I suddenly felt a small soft damp blob appear in my white cotton panties as a tiny bit of smooth soft poop escaped from me.I felt so embarrassed but said nothing until I heard a slight gasp from mom as she very softly said,oops and then giggled very quietly.She looked at me and smiled and told me that she had pooped a tiny bit in her pants,but not to worry if I did too as it would be fine.

    I whispered to her that I had already felt a little blob in my panties but was trying to hold the rest inside me.To my surprise mom told me that she had been pooping her panties for many years since she was at school as it got her out of some classes she did not like.She said that when I was at work she sometimes would poop her panties just for the pleasure it gave her and if I pooped mine fully she thought I might like it too.Then she smiled again and I could hear her gently pushing as she eased her bum up off the seat a little and filled her panties before sitting down on it with a gasp of pleasure.I was so shocked by this revelation,but could see that she was really loving how it felt as she moved her bum in the seat spreading her soft poop all over her bum and pussy.

    She nudged me and told me to relax and let it happen as she thought I would enjoy it,so being a good daughter I relaxed.As soon as I stopped trying to hold everything in I could feel a lovely soft smooth warm feeling spread all over my bum as I leaned back in my seat and allowed my soft poop to flow into my panties.I was so pleased that I was wearing full cut cotton panties as they seemed to be holding it all inside them.Being nice and soft it was easily pushed forward inside my panties but not leaking out of the legs,so it slipped so gently over my pussy lips,making them tingle and almost bringing me to orgasm right there.

    Both of us were wearing slacks that were a snug fit,so we were not worried about it slipping down our legs,and mom favored cotton panties too,so I guessed we would be safe as we left to go to our car.Now I too began to move my bum in my seat forcing soft warm poop to slip back and forth over my pussy and reaching up onto my belly as well as going way up my back.I had to admit that this felt so marvelous and I actually had an orgasm as I watched the rest of the movie just by pushing poop over my pussy.

    Now we were both done pooping it was our bladders that were complaining from all the coke we had been drinking and since we were now totally messy there seemed little point in holding that in,so I lifted my bum off the seat and started to pee my pants,letting it flow until it was all gone and my slacks were soaked all down both legs as well as going up the back and front of them.I had to admit it felt so amazing.My embarrassment was gone now and feeling of total pleasure took over as I knew that I would have to do this again since it felt so good.

    Soon after that the movie ended and while the titles were showing mom and I got up and left by the back door to avoid being seen going through the brightly lit foyer.Our car was parked nor far from the exit door and by now it was dark outside,so we could get to the car without our wet poop filled pants being noticed.When we got into the car we both reached between our legs and used hands to spread our soft,still warm poop all over as far as it would reach and both of us reveled in a massive orgasm before driving home to shower and wash out our clothes.Since then I have taught quite a few friends to enjoy this messy and totally liberating experience.Once they have done it they all have loved the feeling and wanted more.

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