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    So I've been with this girl for 3 years and we have broken up our relationship for a month...Now we are together again and during our sex we've been talking dirty and she told me that firsth evening during our break up she was outside clubbing in this club near the river and let a guy older than her (in his forthies,she is 25) fuck her on the nearby bridge,fuck her pussy and fuck her in her ass for about an hour and left her on the floor full of cum in her pussy,ass and all over her face only said nice to meet you you dirty slut,if I've ever meet you again you'll be used like this... She talked and talked about it, that she enjojed being such a used slut girl and that was the best sex of her life... I cummed like a fuckin horse leaving myself and her breathless but in the end she said sou you like me being a slut,don't you...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    ó Out of the Closet ó Bi-Sexual Male / 43
    I had a couple of gay experiences over the years. three to be exact. Two were getting blowjobs from guys in adult bookstores when I was in college. Several years later I got drunk and smoked some weed with younger latin guy i met in a hotel bar and ended up fucking him. I mostly prefer women but once in a while I would get the urge to be with a man for whatever reason but I never really acted on it. About 10 years ago I got divorced and when I moved in to my own place a eventually started looking at hook up type websites and played on line but didn't act on anything. One night though I got a message from a guy that lived in Evanston about 2 miles from me. He intrigued me because his pictures were sexy. he looked skinny and had a very thick, fat cock.

    He asked me to meet him at his place one night and I nervously did. It was a total hook up as it was late and when I showed up he was naked and a soon as I stepped in his door he dropped down and started sucking my cock. It was good and I hadn't had sex in a while. I was very nervous as it was the first time Id ever really be with a guy that wasn't totally anonymous but I was very turned on too. He sucked me to the point I nearly came but then he stood up and started stroking his cock. it wasn't just a fat,thick cock it was very long and I couldn't believe how big it was. I dated a girl once who told me one of her former boyfriends cock was so big that she was only comfortable being on top of him so she could control how deep it went. Though I've been complimented by most of my partners on my dick I was always a bit curious about a huge cock like that and now I was with a guy how was huge.

    Anyway he asked me if I wanted to suck him and I did it. It was a strange but very sexy sensation. I sucked in and tried to deep throat it but it was so big i just gagged and choked. He must have realized I was not real comfortable and he pulled me up and started sucking my cock until I came in his mouth. We didnt say much but we did agree to try and hook up again.

    Several month later I was online and he messaged me and we hooked up again. We did this several more times over the course of about six months and each time we would play a little and he would end up getting me off but I never worked him very hard or made him cum. I even fucked him a couple of times and each time I would cum and then we would talk about getting together again and I would leave immediately after.

    Our sessions became a little more intimate each time as we got more comfortable with each other. As we got to know each other it became obvious that were in the same boat. he had a long time girlfriend and said that since they had dated I was the only guy he had been with but had been with four guys when he was younger. i was dating a very sexy woman who I liked but was not at all ready to get married again. We basically entered into a monogamous gay relationship though we only hooked up every 3 to 6 months. Each time was hot and intense though and finally after about our 10h time together we were into an intense sex session when he laid me back on his bed, climbed on top of me and started riding my cock. He was moaning and telling me how much he loved my dick and I started stroking his huge cock and he suddenly whimpered, moaned and started shooting hot cum all over my stomach and chest. He yelled so loudly and came so much that when he finally finished he collapsed on me and laid in his own cum for several seconds. he apologized profusely and seemed embarrassed that he had cum. I think he felt like I was a total top and wasnt comfortable with him cumming but I told him it was awesome.

    He moved out to the far west suburbs near joliet for a couple of years and we didnt not see each other for that time although we tried twice but it didnt work out. About a year ago he moved back to Evanston. He let me know that he was back and after a week or so we were able to work it out and get together. Neither of us had been with a guy since he had left and the return meeting was very hot. He made me cum buckets and came himself jacking off while sucking my cock.

    I started really loving sucking his huge dick and though I did it every time we got together I only recently made him cum that way. After much practice I am able to deepthroat his cock and about a month ago I was sucking him and he was buried all the way to his balls in my mouth. As he had always done before he started yelling that he was going to cum. Always before I would take his dick out of my mouth and jack him off or let him jack off. This time though I grabbed his ass tightly and pulled his dick deep in my throat and slid a finger into his ass. HE screamed "Oh fuck, Oh fuck. Really? Really? Goddamn!" and his cock swelled and burst huge thick gobs of hot cum deep in my throat and belly. HE screamed and begged but I kept his dick in my mouth until it started to go soft.

    We continued to hook up and it seems the longer we have to wait to ouch each other the hotter the sex is. We joked about him fucking me and several times he rubbed his cock on my ass and I would get very turned on. I never considered letting a man fuck me before but I decided if it happened I wanted it to be him and we started experimenting with it. The first several times it just wouldn't work as I was to nervous and tight and he cock was just too thick. The third time we tried it though I had mixed a combination of expensive lube cream with some good silicone lube oil that made a very sexy, slick paste that felt awesome. We were both very turned on as we had not seen each other in weeks. I knew it was going to be a very hot session because while doing our usual standing in front of each other naked and stroking each other we began to kiss. Far more intimate than I ever thought I'd be with a man and super sexy. As we kissed passionately my cock got as hard as it ever had. I reached over on the nightstand and grabbed my lube concoction and began to rub it on his cock. His huge, veiny cock felt so sexy covered in thick lube that I didn't even say anything just turned over, laid over a Pillow and pulled his cock toward me. This time I relaxed and without much effort he deftly slid his cock deep inside of me. He moaned loudly and said "Oh fuck yes!" And just sat for a second buried deep inside of me while I adjusted. There was some pain when he first pushed through my ass resistance but when he entered me fully the feeling was amazing.

    I have had two different women tell me that they wish they could make me feel how intense their orgasms are. When he began to fuck me slowly with his great cock I found out what they had been talking about. While he was fucking me I began to stroke my own cock with the lube and suddenly, without much build up, I began to cum. It was an orgasm like I had never felt. It was like my cock would never empty of all the cum and I could feel the sensation from my toes to the top of my head. I screamed a guttural kind of groan/pleasure mix that was an indication of my total and complete release. After what seemed like forever I finally stopped cumming and just kind of collapsed in a warm buzz of just total euphoria.

    He had been fucking me slowly throughout my orgasm and I had been so lost in it that I barely heard him. Now I just gave in to him, lifted my ass and turned myself over to him in total. He began to quicken his strokes and in a few seconds he was pound my ass so hard I could hear his balls slapping me. He bowed over me so his face was right be my ear and he moaned over and over "Fuck yes baby, fuck yes!". He suddenly stiffened, grabbed my hips tightly and screamed "Oh God damn. Oh fuck, oh fuck, take it, take it!" And I felt his wam thick cum shooting deep into my ass. He spasmed several times and then fell limp on to off me. He just kept repeating over and over "Oh fuck". He got off of me and I rolled over. As soon as I did he took my tender cock in his mouth and began to slowly roll his tongue around it. I got hard again quickly and when he began lightly finger my ass lubed with his cum I gave up and came again hard in his mouth.

    We rolled back and just kind of held each other. I remember taking briefly about how amazing the sex had been but I dozed off. To my surprise I woke up several hours later with him asleep holding my ball sack gently. I got up to pee and felt sticky all over. My legs were very weak but when I walked I could feel his cum and the lube still in my ass and it felt incredibly good. After going to the bathroom. I thought about leaving as it definitely seemed like we had crossed an sexual anonymity barrier that we hadn't before. But as I looked at him lying there sleeping naked I decided I wasn't done. I laid back down by him gently and when he felt me he reached and pulled me toward him and put his head in my chest. I grabbed his big cock and held it and eventually fell back asleep.

    I awoke a while later and it was light out. I was still holding his cock and when a stroked it a little it began to stiffen. I slid down and took him in my mouth. I heard him moan lightly and rub my head. As his dick got hard I took it deep not my throat being careful to stay calm and breath through my nose so I could get his entire dick in my throat. I reached over and got some lube and began fingering his ass and pretty soon he whimpered and buckled then began shooting cum deep in my throat. My eyes watered over ass he held my head down so he could empty deep into my stomach.

    After he stopped cumming and he began to finally go limp I turned him over and spread his legs making it clear what I wanted. He lifted his ass for me and I slid my now very hard, very thick cock deep in his ass. He moaned with pleasure and I began to pound his perfect little hard ass. After pounding him mercilessly for several moments I final began to rise to orgasm and I screamed and emptied deep inside of him.

    I rolled off him and we both laughed a little. I said "Honestly, no question that is the best sex I have ever had and mean including the Puerto Rican girl" He laughed and said "How are we ever going to top that".

    Then I got dressed and we said our usual nod toward anonymity good bye. This time however we kissed and then left it unsaid.

    So I haven't seen him in a while again and I am lucky to be fucking a very hot girl but I have to say that I betray her with him in my thoughts much too often and nearly always when we are lying in a post coital hug.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I live in the fruit belt and from time to time I pick up hitch hikers that are in the area to fruit pick. One day I picked up this real hot Swedish girl, great body, blond hair and blue eyes. I picked up on her being suggestive and threw caution to the wind and asked her if she would like a drink at my place and she said yes. We got to my place and my 70 year old father pulls up because he is returning a tool he borrowed. We all go inside and I realise I am out of mix and as dad was talking to the girl about her life story I just excused myself to pop down to the store. I was gone about ten minutes and on return I opened the door to find my father fucking this girl. She ended up being a real slut and dad and I shared her and mom is still married to dad. I suspected that dad might have been getting a bit on the side as it was him who told me about this site but to walk in on your 70 year old dad fucking a hot young woman was mind blowing that even at his age men still can pull hot women.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I came across this site about a year ago and from time to time I come here to enjoy some of the confessions which I masturbate to. I am still a virgin but I think about sex a lot and have a boyfriend but apprehensive to go past oral with him. I have come to love sucking cock and drinking cum and not just my boyfriends but I have become a cum slut for dogs.
    Bo the neighbourís dog jumped onto the first step of our pool to cool off. At first I wasnít all horny but I was curious so I gave his balls a nice scratch and tickle and ran my fingers up along the pouch of his cock. I kept doing this for a bit until his cock was erect and sticking out. I then just without thought of what the hell am I doing slid my pointer finger along his lipstick like cock knowing I was giving him pleasure and I then slid my thumb and a few fingers around it and started to pull him off gently and then without hesitation I came in closer and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck his cock. I kept sucking him while I played with my clit which gave me an intense orgasm. I loved it and from then i not only sucked Bo off more I found ways to suck off other dogs. I spend time planning and positioning myself to get alone with other peoples dogs and if I could I would suck a dog every day of the week and more but Bo is the one I really want.
    Grandma has 2 Maltese which I have volunteered to take for walks and I would walk them into a secluded spot and they after a few times knew what is about to happen and lay on their backs while I suck them both off. I do prefer a bigger dogís cock in my mouth but I love the feeling of the little dogs cocks squirting inside my mouth.
    I have sucked my BFís dog and that was the most intense feeling as I did it with my BF in the house while he got caught up with being busy doing something. I was so wet and horny from that that I had to get home and masturbate over the thought.
    One couple up the street both work on Saturdays and I wait to see them leave and their so called guard dog who is supposed to protect the property is actually pumping his cum down my throat and I have even picked up a dog who obviously was well looked after and escaped from his yard and I took him to a secluded park, put the seats up in the back of the SUV and sucked him off while I fingered myself and then took him back to where I found him.
    I suck my Grandmothers dogs on a regular basis but my favourite is BO, my first and I would suck him off on most days and I have sucked him off on the same days I suck the other dogs. I had sucked him off after laying with him naked and running my fingers through his fur with my nails telling him about how I just sucked off the lost dog and at the same time fingering myself.
    I feel that I am ready to have penetration sex but I canít get the thought out of my mind that I want Bo to take my virginity. Every time Bo visits I get so wet and just want to fuck him which I donít get the same feeling towards my BF and in fact I am more drawn to going to his place to see Jed but most of the time I can only get away with masturbating Jed because I can make it look like I am just giving him hugs and once I made Jed cum under the dining table in the kitchen and all over the floor. I usually masturbate over Jed when I get home and thinking that his cum all over the floor and my BFís family finding it and not knowing what it is when their feet slip through it (no shoes allowed in the house and they go bare foot in summer).
    The thought of fucking Bo is so intense but I donít know how to go about it and being a virgin I worry that I may get damage from the experience and then my parents will find out. I think about things like having to go to the hospital and the doctors tell my parents that the damage is due to a sex related act. I probably would trust another woman who is experienced with such things to help me but finding her is not that easy as I have to be careful with everything I do in the pursuit of that help. The desire for Bo is so intense that I dream about Bo and me moving into our own place and becoming lovers and in fact if he was human I would marry him. I am that hooked on Bo that every time I see him my heart skips a beat and a feeling so beautiful washes over me and I just want him inside me. I have never felt that way before and I wonder if that is what love is?
    At the moment I am a cum slut for other dogs but If I had Bo then I would be totally faithful to him.

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    I married and have never cheated before, sex life with my spouse has slowed down a bit. Seems like our busy schedule is affecting our relationship.
    A couple of weeks ago we left our kids with relative and decided to go out with another couple. We met for dinner and drinks and had a good time. After that we went back to our friends' house to continue drinking. We share a few bottles of wine and extended the night.
    The other couple extended an invite to spend the night. We all had too much to drink. Not wanting to drive in that condition we accepted. As the night went on my wife was tired and feeling sick so she called it a night. She went into the guest room and fell a sleep. We continued drinking.
    As the night went on my the other couple began sharing intimate stories and I discovered that the ther wife was a sex addict. According to her husband she can't get enough. He was drunk to and called it a night also. He fell sleep in the couch and his wife and I continued drinking . I stepped out to their backyard for a smoke and to get fresh air, and to my surprise she followed me out there. We smoked and talked and she got a little friendly. I was nervous and wanted to head back but she managed to keep from doing so.
    She finally told she was horny and wanted to suck a cock. I a laughed and she kept getting closer. Finally she reached and grabbed my cock over my pants and asked to see it. I told her it was tempting it would wrong and dangerous . She pulled me by the hand into their garage where she undid her blouse and asked to grab her tits. I could resist and I played with her tits and kiss them as well. She got on her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants and began giving a great blow job . She definitely knew what she was doing. I as was ready to come. She stopped and said it was her turn to enjoy. She lifted her skirt and got on her knees. I moved her black thong to the side and put dick in her wet pussy. I fucked her for several minutes then she told me to come all over her breast. I did exactly that and she seemed to enjoy the warm come in her tits. She cleaned my cock with her mouth and we went back inside. We called it a night and went back inside.
    The next morning I wanted to get out of there quickly but they asked for us to stay for breakfast . I was very uncomfortable. I feel guilty and don't know if I should tell the wife what happen out just keep it a secret. Hope she keeps it a secret as well .

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    I hadn't pood for about three days and I was walking home from town when I had to poo very badly. I was nowhere near a public toilet and I was thinking about looking for a bush or somewhere to go behind but there was nowhere like that. I was close to pooing myself and as there was no one around I thought I could quickly do it at the roadside and walk away before anyone came along. I undid my jeans and started pulling them down when I saw a man coming out of his house and I had to quickly pull them up before he noticed me. Unfortunately I was starting to go in my knickers and I tried to stop it but the relief was so good I couldn't and I filled them completely. I don't know if he realised I was pooing myself but it felt so good I didn't really care.

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    Straight Male / 18

    My friends mother is finally getting married to his father after 18 plus years of a defacto relationship. She is in her mid to late 30ís and I would not say really attractive but in a way she does have a nice look but her body is so fucking hot.
    I get on ok with his parents but I am not that close that I would be invited to his fathers bucks party which by now was just an excuse to have a party. My friend was to be the best man and so he had to organise everything.
    On the same weekend his mom and dad would have their respective parties and his dad plus his mates would end up 5 hours away doing the strip clubs and whatever for the weekend while his mother had a quaint little party at their home.
    Our community is far from just being able to hire hens night strippers that my friend asked me if I could do it? Apparently he sort of helped mums party as well. We were both gym junkies and I had a nice enough body to do it but I would not say the best one could get but I just agreed before the reality set in on the night.
    My friend helped me choose the outfit so I would end up in my undies and then just go, no harm!
    The hens night chosen was the Friday night while the men were travelling to the city and the women who most had children had to take their children to sports or whatever the next day.
    I arrived in casual clothes and got changed in one of the bedrooms. I could hear laughing and music and generally they seemed to be having a great time.
    When It was my turn I signalled one of her friends who was in on it and they positioned her. There were 8 women at the party so it was not that big and when the song started to play on the hired juke box I came out to the cheers of those women.
    I fumbled a bit with the dance sequence but they were just having fun and seemed to enjoy my routine. I did all that you would expect and my body was oiled and the thrust and stuff until I finally finished with me standing in a sexy pair of underwear. I got a cheer from the crown and was about to leave and as I was picking all my stuff up I felt my arse getting fondled. I turned and it was my friends mother who said youíre not going yet!
    In front of the other women she took my stuff and threw it away to the cheers of the other women and let me say they were far worse than me in the Deviot department. The bride to be swung me to face her and ripped my underpants down and grabbed my cock. She had it tight and I could not pull away. I heard the other women say things like suck it! If you donít I will! And she started to suck my cock in which I got really turned on and hard.
    Instead of going home I ended fucking all those women and stayed with my friends mother until after lunch Sunday and we fucked everyway possible. Obviously I have not told my friend and I have not fucked his mom again but she is very friendly when I visit.

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    Straight Male / 18

    My dad passed away a few years ago when I was 13 and my mom just dedicated her time to raising me. I love my mom and I have become a sexual deviate since I saw her letting our English Mastiff fuck her and I masturbate over the thought of it. Mojo was about 4 years old at the time and a really big dog, almost the size of a small pony.
    Mom does not know I know and I could never tell her because it would be so much shame for her. I first learnt of this when I left the house to play weekend football for my team in another town. I thought our games were early around ten oclock but when I got to my mates for the lift I learnt that our games were late games so I was just going to hang around but I forgot my footy boots on the back porch so I had to go home.
    I walked around the back and went to open the door to the back porch which also doubles as a sun room but the door was locked. My first thought was that mom must have gone out so I got the hidden key and unlocked the door and went in. I went to pick up the boots and heard what I quickly learnt was mom moaning. The noise did not register at first and I called out is that you mom as I entered the back lounge room and saw Mojo fucking my mom. I was only metres away and mom was so into it that she did not hear me and Mojo just kept going. I froze and watched it for about 10 seconds and the way she was positioned I could see everything.
    That was the first of many as in the start I let mom believe our games were early and now I donít play football but make up excuses for mum to believe I wonít be home until the afternoon. I donít do this all the time and yes I have wasted time spying on nothing happening.
    I have set up spy cameras in the lounge room, like between the gap of the Tivo and Amplifier and in the gap of a book on the book shelf and in a pot plant that sits perfectly in a position to get the best angle. I set them up before I leave and then sneak into the garage and watch on my laptop and remove them later.
    What mom does is remove the hanging pots from their hooks, which must be anchored well even though mom is petite and by the way has a great body. Mom then hangs this sort of swing which lets her lay on her back with her knees bent under and her legs parted at the perfect height. She puts these special boots on Mojo so he doesnít scratch her but while he is fucking her he is able to have his front legs supported just behind and each side of her head. Her head is able to rest on his chest whatever side she chooses ( when I first saw this her head was on the other side away from me so she could not see me). Mom would smear some jam on her vagina and let Mojo lick it off and you could tell mom love that. Then Mojo who I would say mom trained well would fuck mom without much trouble and he had a big doggy dick. I loved seeing moms naked body and loved the thought of Mojoís hairy body rubbing Moms nipples. And he arms holding onto his sides and her eyes glazed as he was pounding her. I donít know if it is the breed but Mojo didnít seem to have a massive knot and even though they did get knotted it was rather quick they separated and mum never expressed pain, in fact she was able to bring her legs up and around the back of Mojo and hang on until he had spent all of his cum inside her.
    I was so turned on watching my mom orgasm and then see all Mojoís cum dribbling out of mom that I would masturbate at the same time. The problem I had is that I had no sound to the cameras so once I chanced sneaking in and listening to my mom. She was saying things like yeh fuck me you big boy, pound me with that massive cock and cum inside mommy. Then I could hear her really orgasm with this really deep moan as if she was not in control. I believe she was just getting into the moment with her words but I loved hearing my mom talk dirty.
    I have collected my favourites to watch over and they are the ones with her facing the camera as you see the veins in her neck poke out when she is orgasming.
    We do have men coming around to hit on her because she is so attractive but they get nowhere with her because Mojo is her man and probably also because Mojo has probably stretched her.
    Mojo is heading towards seven years old and I think that within the next few years Mojo will have trouble satisfying mom and I think mom will be devastated when he goes. That bread is very expensive but when the time is right maybe I can talk mom into getting another one.

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    I'm married, content, with a man a bit older than me. I have a couple of kids, a house in the suburbs, I drive a nice car, I work part time for a chiropractor. My husband invited me on a vacation to a Mexican resort, at an all inclusive hotel. At the hotel, we were in the hot tub, and this younger than me woman came to join us. It was just the three of us, and my husband struck up a conversation with her. We found out she was there along, she liked to get away from her job, and relax and she came to resort a couple of times a year.

    She was mid thirties, and very attractive and she had a very attractive body. She didn't so much as ignore us as she just wanted my husband to quit asking questions. Any way, he asked her to join us for dinner. To our surprise she showed up, she was nicely dressed, she was very attractive, she was very pretty. Over dinner my husband made a pass at her, inviting her to come upstairs with us. She was nice, but she answered very nicely, that she was flattered, but she really only got together with other women. My husband asked her flat out if she was telling us she was a lesbian. She answered yes, a total lesbian and she didn't really care for guys. He asked why then did she agree to come to dinner? She answered because she though I was pretty, I had the body style she liked and she liked me, she looked at me and apologized, but she said that was the truth.

    My husband left the table for a while, and she and I talked. She worked in L.A. for a company that helped aspiring actresses, she didn't work with men, just girls. She said her sweet spot was girls around 19 or 20. She described her type of girl. She liked girls who appreciated an older woman, those she helped, but the others were pretty much buried and forgotten. She had a couple of success stories, a singer who did the club circuit and a small stage girl, who was on tour with an acting company. Most all the money they made was from the application fees, picture shoots, portfolio work, really they never made money from commissions on work.

    When my husband came back to the table went back to small talk about current events. She thanked us for dinner and got up to leave. She shook his hand but kissed me on the cheek and lips. At the door she stopped and called me over. She said she didn't want to be forward, but she was only going to be there a couple of days, and if my husband gave me permission maybe I wanted to come spend some time with her.

    I went and told my husband, I told him I really wanted to do this. We were far from home, a little entertainment wouldn't hurt, and it wasn't a man.

    She took my clothes off and spread me open on the bed and went down on me. She got me on fire right away, after a few minutes of getting to know me with her mouth and hands, she got undressed and got between my legs and pulled herself up until she and I could kiss. She had both hands on my breasts, she ground into me with her hips, she talked dirty to me, used the word pussy several times, she asked me I wanted her to eat me again, to hold my ankles and she would eat me. She used her fingers to finger me and her mouth to bite my clit and I came in a blue and white wave of light.

    We lay side by side, and she asked me if it was my first time with a lady. I confessed yes, but not the first time I thought about it. After several long minutes she said it was up to me then to see where I could take her, that she really liked to get fingered hard and she wanted her clit to sting. It was hard giving her sex, but once I got started I didn't stop. She was aggressive, and it was difficult to control her, she wanted to take control, but I managed until I sucked hard on her clit with my fingers fucking her as fast as I could. She came and moaned, and slammed her legs shut.

    The rest of the night, it was small slow playing and loving and sleeping. We had breakfast the next day, my husband joined us and asked what had happened, but we didn't tell. We parted company when she left and to this day I have not told my husband what we did that night alone. In short it was the most amazing pure sex experience for me. It was just sex. And that is how I remember it.

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    Straight Male / 55

    We're married for 45 years, I'm 75 and my wife is 68.

    We've always had a good life together and a very satisfying sex life untill 3 years ago.
    Because of a prostate surgery I can't perform in bed anymore and I can't use viagra because my eye infection.

    My wife always was very sex addicted and after we've tried several things she couldn't deal not being penetrated by me. She became depressed and then we've decided she could take a lover for now and then.

    I didn't expect she found herself a young student of 24 who is fond of her old, much overweighted body. She calls him a few times a week and it looks like he doesn't study at all because practically every time he's here within a hour to be with her. She gives him financial support, perhaps that's the reason why he visit her right after she'd called him.

    I'm in the living room now and I can hear their moanings and groanings, they are almost two hours in her bedroom and it seems they still have not enough of it.

    I know I should allow her because I can't satisfy her anymore but I don't know how long I can deal with this because you might understand I'm very jealous of them have so much fun together. Anyway, she's not depressed anymore.

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