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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I simply have to tell someone about this but cannot tell anyone who knows me.
    I am a 28 year old female doctor and I am addicted to dog cum.
    It started when I was 18, I don't even know why but when I was a bit drunk one night I sucked off my pet labrador and when he shot in my mouth i was so turned on, I did it every day. I got my own place when I was 24 and got 2 dods and sucked them both in the morning and evening.
    It got to the stage where even this was not enough for me and I now have 4 dogs all of who I suck twice a day, I can never have a normal relationship and if ever I get found out my career is over but I cannot stop.

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    Straight Male / 20


    U nlike my other posts, this is actually true and did happen. This is the story of how I lost my virginity. I had a friend called Emma. Actually she was a friend of a friend. But we met once and barely talked she's great looking from head to toe. Long red hair, big green eyes, big 34d breasts, ass with POW!

    I added her on Facebook which she accepted a second later. The first thing she said to me was, "wanna be friends with benefits?" I was a bit shocked about this. I asked her if she was sure and she said she needed a good fucking. I agreed and she came to mine the following weekend.

    I opened the door and without a word spoken she walked in and kissed me. I shut the door and we walked up the stairs to my bedroom, stripping each others clothes while we did. When we got into my room she threw me on the bed and pulled my pants down licking, kissing and sucking my hard cock. I layer back and enjoyed while she went to work with her mouth. "shit that's great, suck it yh". She looked up at me smiling and continued sucking my boy. I was in heaven, it was even better that I hardly knew this girl. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. She came up and kissed me while she stroked my cock. Then she licked my neck which I thought was hot. She whispered in my ear "I'm a naughty girl and I need to be punished. I need to be spanked so hard".

    I sat up and pulled her over my lap I pulled her trousers down to reveal a black g string. I kissed her on the ass and she laughed. I raised my hand above my head and slapped down on her ass making her scream followed by giggling. I continued to spank her hard, calling her names like slut, whore, bitch. I spanked her til her ass was bright red. She was still giggling. I layed her on the bed and pulled her panties down and began licking her already wet pussy. I licked her out as she held my head down, rubbing her clot while I did it. She was moaning really hard now. "oooooh fuck, shit lick me please don't stop". Her pussy tasted so sweet I loved every second of it and so did she. I started rubbing her clit even harder still licking. "shit keep going I'm nearly there oh fuck". Licked and rubbed even harder making her scream hard as she orgasmed.

    She looked dazed I think she may have blacked out for a minute but I wasn't finished. I sat on her chest and put my Dick back in her mouth and she sucked it. I enjoyed the blowjob while I fingered her pussy. Finally I was ready to duck her brains out. She sat up and spread her legs inviting me to pound her pussy. I entered her and she started moaning straight away I rocked back and forth sucking her hard as I could. I was kinda worried that I wasn't doing it right, but she was moaning hard so I decided not to change anything. I leaned down and kissed her while I sucked her. Her legs were spread wide as they could. "shit yes c'mon fuck me like that, oh I love it." hearing her say that made me Hornier "your so tight shit, I'm loving this" I was starting to feel a strong attraction to her, I just wanted to fuck her all day every day forever. I didn't wanna stop. Finally we separated, she stood up panting I thought she was gonna fall over.

    She got on all fours and I entered her again, fucking her doggy style. I pounded her listening to her moans I could feel myself cumming. "oh shit I'm nearly there I'm cumming". She bounced off me and lied down in front of me. I reached the peak of pleasure as I came all over her tits. We stayed in bed all day that day and fucked at least 5 times til she had to go home. This was an amazing experience but just one thing bothers me. I was 19 when this happened she was 15. I know by society's laws this is wrong but we both wanted it. She initiated it. That makes it ok. Doesn't it?

    More coming soon

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    Straight Male / 22

    I'm a 22-year-old straight male. That's how I identify anyway. Here I list some of my weirder quirks, which, for the most part, are only valid within the confines of my imagination, as opposed to real life:

    1) I'm attracted to penises. I get jealous when I watch blowjob scenes in porn. That's part of the turn-on for me, I wish I could join in and taste the girl's saliva on the guy's cock. Looking at the guy's face is a turn-off for me though, unless he's somewhat less masculine. I might be able to get on board with a shy, fresh-faced emo-looking dude. But the actual body does it for me more. I desire penises. I want to suck them, taste cum, tongue the guy's ass, finger him, suck my fingers afterwards, even fuck him and cum inside him. But in the real world, I've never, ever been attracted to a real guy I've met, and so I don't identify as being bi. I AM most definitely attracted to real women, however, and so I identify as straight with some unusual turn-ons. I love the idea of rimjobs, prostate play etc. I'd love to get fingered by a girl, or fucked in the ass. Sometimes I imagine being fucked in the ass by a guy, and overpowered. The point remains, though, that this never really applies to real life. I just don't have that attraction with real guys. Guys in porn and in my imagination though can do it, but usually because I'm emphasizing the body over the face.

    2) Rape fantasies, if they can be called that, do it for me. Before bed, I often let myself drift into an imaginative world in which I chase down a clothed girl and abuse her. Slap her, spit on her, finger her throat until she gags, tear off her clothes, force her to lick my ass, have my way with her. Again, this is something that exists only in the realm of my sexual imagination. I would never do such a thing in real life, that would certainly NOT do it for me. But as far as fantasy is concerned, I love it. I also love the idea of being tied up and r**ed by a girl or several girls, with fingers, strap ons etc., until I cum. And the idea of forcing a guy to cum and to keep going after orgasm to torture him does it for me too.

    3) Clothing does it for me, in weird ways. I love girls in stockings. I love girls in t-shirts and nothing more. I love the idea of forcing a clothed girl to deepthroat and cumming in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, on her clothes. I love the idea of spitting in her face and smearing my saliva into her hair and make-up.

    4) I love watching young girls fuck old men. Something about that seems really dirty. I love watching them make them cum, suck their dicks, lick their asses, finger them.

    5) Teenage boys and girls. I'd love to suck and fuck a young teenage boy against his will, make him cum, swallow. I'd love to fuck a teenage girl, force her to take me, a comparatively older man. I think this fantasy stems from a desire to feel more dominant, powerful, superior and in control. The societal taboo of fucking a younger girl does it for me too.

    6) Pee. Again, an abusive fantasy. But I'd also love to drink a girl's pee. Fluid exchange. Basic sexual instinct.

    7) This one's deep and psychological. In my most heightened moments, such as during an intense orgasm, I have a strong desire to suck up and absorb everything that the person I'm thinking of is. To swallow their soul, in a way. To take everything that they are for myself.

    So I guess my inner fantasies lean towards the abusive side, though this is something that I'll always keep to my own personal dream world. I have a nice girlfriend and I'm perfectly satisfied with regular sex, and I'll never share this stuff with her because I don't feel like I need to. But it feels good to share this and to just be honest about what I feel and think about in my more personal sexual moments. I suppose I have an innate desire to be superior, an aggressive kind of sexuality that wants to completely destroy and dishevel the person I'm with, to taste them in every way, to make them taste me in every way, and to utterly consume them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    This isnât a short confession as I wonât be confessing this again anywhere. So if you donât like a true longish confession, skip this.

    As a young trainee apprentice at a engineering company, I used to walk the same way every day to and from work. After I'd been there for about eight months, of a four year apprenticeship, I started to notice a woman and a guy on my route to my workplace, having sex in their front room. They were easily seen, as their cottage was set down from the pathway close to the woods I took a short cut through.

    Maybe after six or seven occasions of seeing them fuck, I was walking past when I saw the female apparently stood at the window totally naked. She smiled at me and then beckoned me over. I was seventeen at the time and was a sexual hormone on legs. Nervously walking up to her front door, the guy answered it, also totally naked. In a very casual way he asked me if I'd like to fuck his wife. I'd never met them before, I'd only ever seen them in their front room fucking, so the question was at the very least bizarre, if not a little disturbing. But as I've just said, I was a walking sexual hormone and having had two girlfriends already, I knew what sex was about, or I thought I did. Telling him I would be late for work, he replied by saying "That's fine, if you get a lunch hour, call by". Seconds later the door closed and I was left stood on their doorstep thinking to myself "Did that just happen".

    For the next week or so, I took a different route. Not because I was scared, but because I'd just started dating a girl my age. Unfortunately the girl was frigid in her sexual outlook, so after dumping her, I once again started to walk to work taking my original route. Friday morning that week, the guy was stood at his front door as I passed. He was dressed in only a pair of shorts as it was already warm (For the UK that was) and as I got level with their garden gate he shouted over "Lunch time, food and sex if you're free". Again there was a casual sense of "You can fuck my wife if you want". But there was also another feeling, though I shut that out of my head immediately.

    Close to lunch time I asked my manager, who was also one of my instructors, if I could have a longer lunch hour, as I wanted to buy my mother a present. He knew my mother and also knew it was her birthday shortly, so he said yes. As I was walking out for lunch, the manager shouted over, that I could take the rest of the day off, as long as I got in an hour earlier on Monday. I was outside the small cottage ten minutes later knocking on their front door. I was about to walk away as no one answered for a couple of minutes, when the door opened. The woman who I guessed at the time to be in her early thirties, was stood there in just a pair of knickers. Opening the door wide she said "Come in, Toms out shopping". It was only then I noticed her two prosthetics legs from the knees downwards (Probably why it took her so long to answer, I never asked). I followed her into their lounge after closing the front door, totally taken in by her beautiful body and her amazingly large nipples, which were stood pointing right at me as she sat down on very large leather couch, signalling for me to join her.

    My arse cheeks had just about touched the sofa, when she leaned into me and kissed my lips. Pulling away from me she said "Toms going to be gone at least a couple of hours, he's fine with you fucking me and more to the point, so am I". Leaning back towards me she kissed me again. Only that time I kissed her back. Seconds later we were both exploring each other mouths with our tongues. I couldn't resist, so as our tongues swirled around each others, I put my left hand onto her smallish right breast and let her super large nipple slide between my fingers. She instantly got more into kissing me, making soft moaning sounds, then pulled me onto her as she lay back. Moving my left hand down I traced past her flat taught stomach and on down to her cotton covered pussy. Before I had time to slip my hand inside her knickers, she broke away from me again saying âLets me take these off firstâ. Sitting up she quickly removed her false lower legs, lay back, spread her legs and moved her knickers to one side. I was about to put my hand towards her pussy when she said âMy nameâs Kate, so please kiss Kateâs pussy for herâ.

    Kateâs beautiful pink pussy was the first Iâd ever kissed or tongued, so as she watched me intently, I put my lips to her already soaking wet pussy and let her scent fill my nostrils. I was instantly hooked by her sweet smelling musk. Kateâs pussy was and still is the most juiciest, most pleasant tasting pussy Iâve ever kissed, licked an sucked. Iâm not saying I was an instant expert, far from it , but I was very eager to learn and to please her. So with Kate giving me little hints, I spent the best part of half an hour tonguing her gorgeously sweet wet c**t.

    Iâd never made a girl cum before. I was so involved in pleasing myself, making myself cum in their pussies, to think about their pleasure. So I didnât recognise it when Kate orgasmed. She shook and cried out. And at first I thought Iâd hurt her by sucking on her little bud, the one sheâd asked me to tongue and suck. Only when I stopped and sheâd begged me to continue, did I know she was ok. Kate came twice more in the half an hour I spent worshipping her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

    With her unable to stand, Kate asked me to undress myself. My cock was ragingly hard in the blue overalls I had on. I didnât as the summer was a hot one, have any other clothing on, other than my boxer shorts. So in seconds I was naked and my cock was pointing upwards and leaking pre cum. Kateâs face was a picture of pure lust and she didnât waste any time in pulling me towards her by gripping my cock shaft. In one long slow envelopment of my eight inch cock, Kate swallowed in my entire length, something neither of my previous three girlfriends had done.

    In a series of licking, sucking and gentle biting, a first for me, Kate brought me to the point of orgasm on numerous occasions. Her tongue traced every vein on my cock, from itâs base to the tip of my large cock head. She obviously knew what she was doing as each time I was on the verge, sheâd squeeze my balls gently, before sucking each one of them into her mouth, and then back onto sucking my cock. After what must have been twenty minutes or more, Kate asked me if Iâd like to fuck her. I was about to say yes when I heard âYeah fuck her and fuck her until she cums hardâ. It was Tom and heâd been stood watching me having my cock sucked by his wife. He was also naked and his cock, a little shorter than mine, was stood erect and straight out from his body. I was about to say something when he added âKate loves being fucked doggie. Hold her stumps and fuck her real hard, sheâll cum all over that big cock of yoursâ.

    If I could have filmed back then what I did with Kate and Tom over the next hour, on a mobile phone, I would have. It was for me the most perfect sexual experience of my life. Thatâs why I recall almost everything about it in detail.

    Moving in behind Kate as she kind of knelt up on the sofa, I put my pre cum leaking cock head to her pussy opening and slowly pushed in. It was like having a welcome from her pussy as I heard it squelch the more my dick entered her love hole. Tom wasnât idle either. Heâd moved in front of Kate and offered her his cock. She greedily took hold of his cock shaft and let his cock slide over her tongue. That was it for me. Watching Toms cock being sucked at such a close range made me amazingly horny. So gripping Kateâs hips, I brought my cock and hips back, until it was almost out, and then slammed it back into her pussy. I did what Iâd always done, I took my pleasure from her hot c**t and fucked her the way Iâd fucked the two girls Iâd had sex with. Then Tom told me to slow down, to fuck her in long powerful slow thrusts, making sure my dick bottomed out up her âhoney potâ as he called it, each time.

    It had the desired effect on Kate as she began to moan louder and louder, the longer I fucked her. Tom had removed his cock from her mouth and had walked behind me. When I was just about to cum, and I heard Kate telling me and Tom she was getting close, I felt Tom pull my arse cheeks apart and then felt his hot tongue probing my arsehole. It surprised me, but it also strangely made my orgasm, my first ever all over body orgasm much, much stronger. Saying in gasps, just as my cum shot out of my dick, and deep into Kateâs pussy âHeâs licking my arseâ. I heard Kate say âIâm Cumming, Iâm Cummingâ and like earlier when I was sucking on her clit, Kate came in one almighty long shaking orgasm.

    As Kate settled down crawling away so my cock fell out of her dripping c**t, Tom carried on licking and tonguing my arsehole. I didnât stop or try to stop him as I was enjoying what he was doing to me. Furthermore I wanted to feel that awesome feeling again when Iâd cum. After a few minutes my dick had begun to get hard again. I was by then on my stomach, my arse cheeks were being pulled apart roughly and I was in anal wonderment. But not as much as when Tom swapped his tongue for his cock in one easy smooth action. Before I knew it, he was behind and on top of me. And his cock was sliding into my arsehole. I didnât know what to say. I didnât know these two people and I wasnât really confident enough to tell an older man to stop. Once his cock passed what I now know to be my sphincter muscles, I definitely didnât want Tom to stop anyway.

    Looking forwards as Toms cock began to pound into my arse, and my own dick was rubbing onto the leather cushion beneath me, I saw Kate scooping out my cum from her pussy, putting her fingers to her mouth and then licking it off them, swallowing my sperm. That had Toms cock pulsing in my arsehole and I knew from my own ejaculations, he was close to Cumming. I was right. Only a few more thrusts of his cock deep inside my bowels and I felt his cock explode inside me. Tom made a âWhaoooâ noise and spun us both over. It was Kateâs cue to dive onto my erection and start sucking me off. With Toms cock still buried deep inside my arse, my cock erupted in her mouth. Kate didnât take her mouth away, she just kept on sucking hard on my cock, milking it with her lips and tongue. When I was dry and Tom had pulled out of me. Kate told me to turn onto my side. Putting her face between my cheeks, she stuck her tongue out and gave me what is called a âFelchingâ. Look it up or try and get your lover, partner, wife or husband to do it for you. Believe me, youâll love it.

    I stayed another couple of hours. We all stayed naked and I eventually tasted cock for the first time in my life ( But I wonât discuss that now, as that alone would take another confession). I also had time alone with Kate when Tom went for a bath. She explained a car accident had taken her lower legs two years previously, but had given her an ultra high libido. Tom had difficulty keeping up with his wifeâs libido. So occasionally when they saw someone they thought theyâd have a good time with, sheâd ask Tom if she could have sex with them. I was that person for over three years. Three amazingly wonderful sexual learning years, until I passed my apprenticeship and had learnt how to drive.

    We didnât see each other for over four years, as Iâd moved away starting a new career. By then I was twenty five and engaged to be married to woman who is now my wife. By sheer coincidence I bumped into Kate at a disability convention, where I was presenting a new wheelchair design Iâd engineered. I thought going back to her hotel room was going to be a last âgood timeâ for old times sake. The sex was simply the best love making Iâve ever been involved in. We didnât just simply fuck, we made love for hour after hour after hour. Her sexual self wasnât diminished. She still wanted everything I could give her, but our pre knowledge, plus my relationships Iâd had, both male and female since weâd last seen each other, had improved my understanding on how to pleasure a woman.

    The convention took place eighteen months ago. I got married last autumn and Kate was a guest of mine. Tom would have been, but he was ill, an illness which unfortunately took his life ten months ago. Every now and then I visit Kate, not out of any feeling of pity. No I visit Kate, to renew my love for woman who knows who she is and what she wants. And someone who gets as much out our âarrangementâ as I do. As she said to me at Toms funeral âIâll never marry again, but it wonât stop me enjoying cock when I want it, besides Tom would want that tooâ.

    Am I cheating on my wife. Yes in the true sense of the word. Do I love my wife, Yes I do with all my heart. The fact is, I had a life and an unusual relationship previously with a woman (and her husband), who now only wants brief liaisons with men, as her relationship with a astonishing kind woman (Who knows about me) is her main concern. We see each other occasionally to have sex and to relive our times together. It helps us both through our daily lives and weâre not hurting anyone. No one (other than her female soul mate) will ever know who we are and what weâre doing together, so the way I see it, it's two adults enjoying one another and keeping faith to who they are, when theyâre together.

    After all. If you canât be with the one you love, love the one your withâ¦

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    DD again. Married bi make, 10.5 and thick cock and wide mushroom tip. I've always been very fit, and maybe even fearless to everything.

    I have a complete fetish for the male and female body, no emotional connection towards makes, just fucking. I carry my self as heterosexual, no one would ever doubt it.

    Growing up I had a lot of male friends, and took advantage of them all sexually. I love sucking dick, I love to deepthroat, to swallow, to ride, being cummed in and on. I also love to pound some ass and pussy like its the last time.

    Sucking, fucking and riding all my male friends in middle school and high school was always very exciting, but it wasn't enough.

    I would move in on my friends dads, who married apparently weren't satisfied with the wife. This was two sided though. I would very successfull move in on my friends moms, sisters and brothers. Usually one on one, sometimes it would be all of the siblings together, sometimes both parents at the same time. On a few occasions I had sex with entire families. Looking back, I realized I was ridiculously blind to social norms. I feel as I helped my friends parents sexual relationships and opened doors for my friends siblings. Probably brought families closer together. Some may see me as corrupting or evil, but I made people happy and I was happy too. I never forced anyone to do anything they didn't want to do. All I did was expose people's perversions, very easily.

    One particular time I cherish to this day.

    I was at my friends house, him and I had been fucking for awhile. I had already moved in on his parents, the three of us knew the situation. I had just rode my friend to completion in the living room while his mother watched. Then after, I had his father naked, on his knee sucking at my tool as his wife played with herself on the couch. My friend went to go clean up, his mom was talking dirty to him and I. None of us heard the downstairs door open and close, not even the foot steps on the stairs coming up by the living room. I had my balls almost swinging to his chin, his wife moaning and my naked friend walking back in when we heard a female voice shout "Oh my god dad!" We all turned in time to see my friends sister walk into the living room where we were all naked and playing wildly. She continued "dad! What are you doing?! Mom! What are you doing?! You're okay with all of this!?!?, brother, why are you naked!" She said quickly almost in a frantic state. He almost swallowed and choked on my cock in shock. I couldn't help but to laugh a little, as her mother walked her out of the room. As soon as soon as mom and daughter were in the other room I felt the husband quickly snatch my cock as say we had to do this quickly. He turned over and pressed my cock to his ass, which I wasted no time burying my dick in his ass and began to pound hard into his almost virgin man pussy. He moaned loudly, as my friend watched and got hard again. Mother and daughter walked back in right before dad began to shoot loads across the floor and couch. The mother had explained everything, and said what was happening was a good thing and that she should try. I was still craving more having not yet finished and asked my friends mom if she was ready to go. She laid on the blanket on the floor, guiding her daughter over to watch.
    Then in a few short moments I was pushing my tower between her legs turn her lips out. I began in a smooth steady pattern, her lips gripping my cock tightly. Her mother became excessively loud encouraging her daughter to the whole situation.
    Without warning I felt the daughters hand reach down and pull my shaft from her mother soaked pussy and wrap her lips around it. Her mother gasping for air asked if she had lost her Virginty yet, having already done so, she told her she ought to ride which she did eagerlied. It was very exciting the two women of the house swapping position on me. The mother was blatantly more experienced, she screamed in joy where as the daughter cried in pain and pleasure. The mother quickly finished allowing her daughter to take over completely. At this point I was coming to a quick finished but was damn determined to break this girl. I forced my self as hard as I could into as she continued to cry, soon there she let out a yelping scream that started us all. She orgasimed violently and I lost my self in the excitement and let all my build up spray into her. At this the mother the smiles wide but her husband didn't share the same joy.

    By chance, I had knocked up my friends sister while his parents watched. The parents offered her options, but she carried him to term. She today is successful in her career. The whole family is still close. The boy is roughly 8 or 10 years old now. The twisted part is both the mother and daughter were pregnant together. Whether or not I was the father to either child, they haven't informed me. I doubt either had a paternity test done. So I terms, I could have given my friend his nephew and younger sister, or maybe not.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Part 3....

    Five years ago, when my wife, daughter and I went on vacation, we took my daughter Ashley's friend Julie. It was an amazing fun time, but while we were on the trip, things happened that I would have never expected, never would have thought I would experience, and in looking back, am shocked I ever let happen, considering the consequences that could have happened. Julie is now 18, and after the experiences that we had over a period of time, I will not lie and say it didn't happen again. Because much more did through the years of her friendship with my daughter Ashley. As an "adult", yes, I should have put a stop to it, but sexually, physically, and emotionally, I did not want to. Nor did Julie. She made no attempt whatsoever to put a stop to it, or to tell me she did not want to participate.

    The first two nights we were on vacation, we'd had a great time. Seeing the sights, traveling around town, playing games in the house, walking through the woods in the secluded community we were in, and then relaxing later that night in the hot tub. Both nights were amazing. But after my wife and daughter went to bed the first night, Julie and I ended up having an encounter I never would have imagined, especially with a kid her age. It just wasn't appropriate, it wasn't right, and it wasn't normal for someone of my age to participate in something like that with a kid her age. With exceptions of her body, her sexual attitude, her mouth, her blunt personality, and what she did sexually, something no other had ever taken the liberty to do in the manner she did.

    The second night, she took it one step farther, once again masturbating me under the covers on the couch in the living room. Making my erect penis explode, and shoot forth cum like I'd never experienced. I've had oral sex, I've had chicks give me hand jobs, but never in my time or experience, had I had someone of her age, maturity, and the way she sexually turned me on, get me going like that. And the way she handled it, how nonchalant she was, and later on, finding out these weren't the first experiences she'd had as a kid her age. I should have been appalled or grossed out, but it never crossed my mind. Especially as I'm sitting there, glancing down the hallway, where my wife and daughter slept, watching this girl, flaming red hair, pulling down her shorts, pulling off her underwear, and slowly pulling up her t-shirt to expose overly large breasts for a girl of her age, flaming red pussy hair on a slightly overweight body, and stroking me until I reached orgasm and exploded, panting and gasping like a dirty old man.

    I sat there, staring at her teenage naked body on the couch, panting, gasping and exploding my juices all over the blanket, all over my leg, and across her hands. It was overwhelming, sitting there, leaning back, having this sexy cute young girl ask me, was that OK? Did it feel good? And me to answer good God, yes, that was the most amazing thing I'd ever experienced. And then the second night, her sitting there, asking me "would you make me feel good?" to which my entire body stopped, I thought my heart would stop in my chest, and I could not stop staring at her pubic hair bush, her overly round breasts, her perfectly large nipples, and having sexual impure thoughts that nobody my age should have with a girl her age. To which I honestly said yes. I'd gladly make you feel good. What would you like me to do? And nearly gasped, with my heart stopping, as she said touch me down there. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was immoral, disgusting, and just improper, and not appropriate. But after what she'd given me the last two nights, I just found it impossible to say no, how beautiful and sexy that slightly overweight body of hers was.

    Much to my surprise and shock, when she was sitting back under the covers, as I slid my fingers up her plump thighs, and slowly touched her bush of flaming red pussy hair, I slowly moved upwards against her pussy lips, and found that she was soaking wet between her legs. I'm not talking just moist. I'm talking soaking wet. I sat there, stared in shock, and she shrugged and said she's not sure why, but it happens easily. She can't control it. When she gets overworked and horny, she goes crazy, and she loses control of what happens. She was soaking my fingers, as I touched her pussy lips, caressed her pubic hair, and God help me, I couldn't stop thinking about how fucking dirty it was, but how good it felt. I felt my cock twitch, and I shockingly stared down, seeing it grown harder again. She didn't notice it, leaning back, as I touched her. I kept staring at the doorway, staring down the hall, deathly afraid I'd wake someone. As she leaned back, I moved in, and I put my mouth on one of Julie's round nipples, and I sucked. I cupped her breast, I sucked on her round nipple, and I kept fingering her pussy. Shortly after, I felt her tremble, heard her gasp, and I heard her say "oh geez. Please. Don't stop. Please. Please" and I felt her pussy wrap around my fingers. They tightened up, squeezed so hard it nearly hurt me, and she kept breathing heavy. It took a long time, until she finally gasped, and leaned back. I was sucking on her nipples, cupping her breasts, and she finally looked at me and said "thank you. That was amazing. You made me feel so incredible. I liked it".

    She leaned back, and my cock was intensely hard. But I was scared. I had no intentions of crossing "that line" with a kid her age. She leaned in, and looked at me. I opened my mouth to say something, and Julie kissed me on my mouth. I kissed her back, hungrily, and we started kissing heavily. She reached down, sitting there naked, and started touching me. She started stroking my erect penis, and I felt myself gasping. She looked at me as I was panting, and I just laid back while she kept stroking.

    A minute or two later, I exploded. It shot all over her pudgy stomach, all over her thighs, and coated her pubic hair busy with my cum. It was intense. I was shaking and trembling so hard, I couldn't speak. And when it was done, she got up, and I saw her walk over to the kitchen area, get some towels, and help us both clean up.

    More later...

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    Straight Male / 45

    About 5 years ago, my wife and daughter and I took a vacation. We went about 6-7 hours from home, and spent 5 days having a great time. On the trip, we'd told my daughter Ashley that she could take someone with her. She picked a friend from school Julie that we knew, but didn't know much about. Ashley explained that her and Julie had just kind of gotten to know each other, and she thought it would be fun trying to hang out with someone new. My wife and I talked to her folks, they were good with it, and although we hesitated to spend that kind of money on a trip for someone we barely knew, we figured it might be a good experience. So when we packed everything up and headed out, we're having a good time in the car, taking the trip, on the expressway, singing to music, being stupid, laughing and having fun, telling dumb jokes, I'm thinking it's going to turn out to be a blast.

    We checked into the house we were staying at, get our stuff together, and after dinner, later that night, Julie says she's going to get in the hot tub. I see her walk out a few minutes later, big round butt, nice big boobs, and about 160. Not fat, but definitely bigger for a girl her age. My daughter walks out, wife walks out, I went in and got dressed in a pair of swim trunks, and all I can do is try to not stare at Julie, this girl who's in middle school, with a body like I've never seen. So we're in the hot tub, stretching out, relaxing, and about 10-15 minutes into it, I'm leaning back, and I felt something touch my leg. Look around. Nobody. I know my wife isn't into the dirty shit. She'd never risk doing something in front of someone. But hell, I didn't know. So I"m still leaning back, eyes closed, and I feel it again. Glance over. See Julie kind of stare at me and look away. Close my eyes. Feel it again. And slowly, her hand starts moving in the water up against my leg. Takes a few minutes. Moves again. I say nothing. And then I feel it. Rubbing the underside of my balls. I almost groaned. Had to keep my mouth shut. She starts moving her hand in the water, and I feel it crawl up my dick. She's got her hand touching me, and I feel it getting hard. She starts moving it, and it's getting bigger. I felt it, and I'm scared shitless I'm going to end up cumming in the water. I shook my head really hard. She kept moving. I shook it again. I can't move or jerk really hard, so I just looked at her. A couple of minutes later, I feel her hand crawling back down my leg, and I'm sitting there in the water, thinking Christ, I just had a 13 year old stroke me. But it just felt incredibly fucking hot.

    We ended up getting dressed up shortly after, and spent the evening watching TV. Later that night, after my wife and daughter went to bed, I was on the couch, still awake, reading a book, when Julie came in. I had to ask her what in the world she was doing. She just shrugged and said I don't know. I wanted to. I had never had someone do that kind of stuff. Especially not her age. Looking back now, I realized that it was obviously the product of her house, her life, her family, parents, etc.

    But we talked for about 20 minutes. I said you know we could have gotten caught? She shrugged and said no. She said she'd never let that happen, and nobody would know what she was doing. And she looked at me and said well if you want, I could you know, finish? I said finish what? And she said well, you know, I had to stop. So you couldn't finish. But you know, if you want to? I can let you now? I'd never had someone her age do shit with me. I'd never even touched a girl her age. But I couldn't help but wondering if she was serious. So I just shrugged and said sure.

    She came over near me, and sat down next to me on the couch. I kept looking down the hallway. She asked me if I liked what she did earlier. I said yes. She asked if I wanted her to do it again? I said yes. She started rubbing me inside my shorts and underwear. I sat there on the couch, my legs spread, with her hand inside my shorts, and down inside my underwear. I kept staring down the hallway, and she said to me is that ok? I said yes. I said it felt really nice. And she said well if you wanna take them off, you know, it might be a bit better. I said no. I was afraid that if someone came down the hall, they'd see. She moved a blanket over my lap, and said well we'd hear the door open, so you know, you can hide.

    I have no clue what the fuck I was thinking, but I pulled my shorts down. She looked and just said I like it. It looks nice. I just looked at her and said well thanks. And she started doing it again. About 5 minutes later, I felt it inside me, and I looked at her and said Julie, I'm going to have an orgasm. It's going to happen. And she kept going. About a minute later, I felt it squirt against the blanket. I felt it drip onto my legs, and the sticky mess drop onto my pubic hair. I felt it squirting really hard, and she was jerking it as I was squirting. I finished, and just laid back against the couch.

    She looked at me and said well that was nice. I liked it. Did it feel good? I just smiled and said yeah. It felt amazing. She smiled and said well that's good. I better go before someone knows I'm up. I said OK. She got up off the couch, and walked down the hall, into the bedroom where she was sleeping with my daughter.

    I went back into bed that night, just laying there thinking about what just happened... To be continued..

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife and I went to a neighborhood party a few weeks back. These things are usually pretty dull, so we usually end up drinking a little too much to pass the time. It was getting late and nearly everyone was gone. I was a bit tipsy and my wife was really drunk. As I went into the host's house to grab another beer, Jim (the host) walked up to me. He was quite drunk, and casually said, "Hey, you wanna fuck my wife?" This took me back a bit. This was straight-laced Jim asking me to fuck his wife. I asked if he was kidding, but before he could answer his wife stuck her head around the corner. She said, "No, he's not. I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time."

    "What abut my wife?" I asked. "Don't worry," Deb said. "She's in the bedroom waiting for us. She wants to play, too." My cock was already starting to get hard just thinking about it. "Well, then, Fuck yes," I said. Deb grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. My wife, Lynda was sitting in a chair in the corner naked. We all stripped down to nothing and Deb and I crawled on the bed. She pushed me onto my back and crawled on top of me. She planted one on my lips and soon her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. My cock was twitching, so I knew it was growing. She was straddling me with her pussy just above my pubic hair. I reached up and started playing with her nipples when I felt someone crawl on the bed. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. I assumed it was my wife, but then my wife crawled on the bed and straddled my face. Her pussy was at my mouth. She never does this, so I wasn't going to complain. She and Deb started kissing and playing with each other's tits. I then realized it was Jim sucking my cock. After a couple minutes, the girls rolled off of me and Jim turned around and straddled me with his cock at my mouth.

    I had never sucked a cock before, but I was so turned on I opened my mouth and pulled his cock in. He had a fairly small sized cock, so I was able to take it all in my mouth. We 69'd for about 10 minutes and I felt like I was gonna cum. I started to fuck his mouth a little faster, but before I could cum he started cumming. He had a fairly small load and I swallowed it all. I opened my eyes and my wife was laying beside me staring at my mouth. "That's it, honey, take it all," she said. She could tell he was cumming and I was swallowing. Then I started to cum as well. Jim managed to take all my cum too. After we were both spend Deb straddled my face, facing toward my feet. Her c**t smelled fantastic, and tasted even better. My wife was urging me on, telling me how to eat Deb's c**t the way Lyn likes it. I licked and sucked on her until she arched her back and let out a yelp. I tasted her cum as she let go. After she was spent, she crawled off and they turned me over. I felt hands all over my body, and then a hand between my ass cheeks. I love it when Lynda plays with my ass, so this was a real treat.

    Deb sat up at my head with her legs on each side of me and scooted forward until her c**t was right at my mouth again. As I ate her pussy, I felt a finger enter my asshole. I arched and pushed my ass in the air to give better access. I assumed it was my wife. I felt a second finger in my ass, and then I was being finger fucked. I could feel my cock start to grow again. The fingers were pulled out and I felt a cock at my asshole. It was Jim! I started to protest, then thought, "Oh well, what the fuck. I might as well relax and enjoy it." So I didn't complain when he shoved his cock in my asshole. He leaned forward, and surprisingly there was no pain. I guess I was used to my wife's finger in my ass, so this wasn't much more. He started fucking me, slowly at first, then a little faster and harder. Each time he pushed in I moaned, and before I knew it he was cumming for a second time. My ass got more slippery the more he came, and I was in heaven. I couldn't imagine this could feel so good. Deb was cumming for the second time as well.

    We all were pretty spent by now, and Jim said we might as well stay there for the night. We agreed and all crawled under the covers. We were asleep pretty quick, but the best part of the whole party was the next morning when I felt both Deb and Lynda taking turns on my cock. It wasn't only the booze after all. After Deb swallowed all of my cum we all agreed to do it again the next weekend. We did, and plan on it for many more weekends to come.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Last Sunday morning I woke as usual around seven am. What was unusual was my wife Ann-Marie wasn't next to me. It took a few seconds for me to remember what had happened the night before, and for the drunken state I'd been in to deminish.
    Then I heard movement in the bedroom next door, and the unmistakable sounds of Ann-Marie being fucked. Those oohs and ahhhs were imprinted in my mind, I'd fucked her thousands of times over our nine year relationship, three of which we'd been married. We'd also had on a few occassions, threesomes during the time of our long engagement, and I knew when we had other men involved, Ann-Marie had really enjoyed the sex.
    Getting up with my head spinning, I walked out of our bedroom and slowly opened the door of the guest bedroom. There she was in her beautiful splendour (God my wife is beautiful) riding the cock of my best friend growing up, Jamie. The same friend the afternoon before I'd text to ask him to do us a favour.
    Ann-Marie and I had spoken about having kids. She said it was about time we seriously considered starting a family. And as our discussions carried on over a few weeks, we both decided we'd each have one more side fling before the kids startred coming along. Actually it was more my idea.
    I chose a hooker after a night out with Ann-Marie. She went home and I spent the night fucking a young latino whore, who to me just wasn't as good or as dirty in bed as Ann-Marie.
    Ann-marie asked me if her last chance to have sex before the kids, could be with Jamie. We argued at first as I thought she'd choose some guy who I didn't know and have a quick one off fuck. I knew why she wanted to have sex with Jamie, Christ I'd seen his cock often enough growing up, as we skinny dipped, or when we fucked girls together as young teenagers. I'd mentioned it to Ann-Marie on many occassions about the size of Jamies cock, so in a way it was no surprise really she wanted him to be her last fling.
    Watching her take his massive cock as she rose up and down, only told me I wasn't in the same league as Jamie when it came to fucking women. His cock is far longer than my seven inches and much thicker too. So seeing my wife orgasm on it only seconds after I entered the room, didn't make me angry, but it did make me in some way realise, there was no way in future I would be able to deny her his cock, if she said she wanted to fuck him.
    I went back to our bedroom and lay on the bed listening to her begging Jamie to fuck her asshole. And the long low moan coming from her mouth, when he did fill her rear hole with his huge cock. Then the nights events came flooding back to me. How she'd slavered all over his cock as if it was the only cock in the world. I'd watched him lick her pussy and asshole as she sucked on his enormous cock head. I left them to it though, when I saw her pleading with him to thrust it into her soaking wet pussy.
    I sat downstairs drinking my whisky, and listened to my wife being fucked by my best friend. And knew Ann-Marie would want more.
    Two days later. Tuesday last week. Ann-Marie asked me if we could maybe have one more last time. She said I could invite a hooker around, or Karen (A twenty year old girl I know from work, who has the hots for me) if she could invite Jamie.
    I won't be inviting anyone around, but I have just text Jamie to see if he's free on Saturday night. He responded by texting me "Ann-Marie has just asked me, so yes I'll be round, get the beers in".
    It seems it was happening anyway.....

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    Straight Female / 34

    He chose the resort. He chose the hotel and he chose to allow the barman, a young nineteen year old to chat me up. I even asked him, when Trey the barman had gone to change a barrel, if he was serious about what he'd said to Trey. My husband David answered by telling me and I'm quoting him "It's always been a fantasy of mine to see you being fucked by a younger well endowed guy". Those were his exact words. Not "I'm not sure honey" or "Maybe I was wrong". No David actually wanted me to have sex with Trey and wanted him to fuck me by the pool.

    It was very late. Everyone else had long gone to bed and we were the only people left. So when Trey reappeared, David asked him if he was up for, his words again "Slipping your pole up her asshole". Trey took me by the hand and lead us all down to the poolside. Dropping his shorts, he had no underwear on, Trey's huge curved black cock sprang up and forwards. I looked one more time towards David and waited until he said "Go on you slut, suck that black dick". That statement got a look from me. I'm not a slut, not usually anyway. I did however take david up on his word. Holding Treys long hard cock shaft, I took as much of his shiny black cock into my mouth as I could.

    It was the start of over an hours long sex with Trey. We did everything together, things I hadn't done with David. Things like licking and dep tonging Treys asshole. Or swallowing his cum once he'd sucked it out of my ass and fead it to me as we kissed. I can't remember every position we fucked in, but needless to say Trey and moreover David had him fuck my pussy and ass in as many positions as they both could think of. I've never been as sexually satisfied in my entire life. It seemed no sooner than I'd had one orgasm, Trey was fucking me to another. By the time he'd dumped his second load up my asshole, the one we shared kissing, I'd lost count of the amount of times my body had been wracked by the orgasms flowing through me.

    As a parting statement, Trey told me I was the dirtiest woman he'd ever had sex with. And coming from a guy even at the age of nineteen, who probably fucked many younger girls and women, that was some comment. We left the island the next afternoon and flew home. My asshole was sore, but I didn't care. I'd had the best sex of my life and at that point I thought my husband had enjoyed watching me being fucked too. Back at home things turned out very different. That's when after a few days David started calling me a "black mans slut". He wouldn't have sex with me and then completely out of the blue said I'd lead Trey on. It was me who'd wanted to have sex with him all along. Absolute bullshit. But david was having none of it, as I tried to tell him it was all his idea.

    And unfortunately that's where we're at right now five months on. David still thinks it was me who wanted to be fucked by Trey and has said as much when he now calls me a "Black mans whore". It's becoming stupid as Davids recollection of what happened is all messed up. So last week after another bout of his unintellectual crap, I waited until he went to work and replied to a message from a guy, someone I'd contacted three days earlier. He arived at our home about an hour later and twenty minutes after that, I was taking his shiny black cock deep inside my pussy.

    David might think he's right. But it was genuinely his idea to have his wife fucked by Trey. He doesn't know about Dwayne, but who cares now. I'm getting all the sex I can handle at the moment, so David can carry on with his moods and his stupid deranged lies about me. If he thinks I'm a "Black cock whore". and constantly call it me, I might as well be one.

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