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    Straight Female / 40

    I love feeding my daughter and best friend my men's cock she loves it too, been doing it as long as I can remember and believe me men become your slaves

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    Straight Female / 18

    Well Im going trough a bad break up and I just need to get this all out.
    Ohkayy well we where going out for 2 years and I found out that he was cheating on me with another man...

    I just don't know anymore he was my first serious relationship, my first love, I gave him everything including my virginity. It sucks when you catch feelings for someone and you think everything is perfect, you have that feeling like you're on top of the world nothing can bring you down then just like that its gone.

    That one person who could make everything go away with a simple smile and a kiss is now the reason you feel all this pain. It hurts, you start over thinking things playing old memories over and over again trying to find the moment when everything went to shit. Thinking about how you could've done better or how you could've kept quiet.

    You remember how that one person made you feel, like you where unstoppable like nothing in the world mattered but him. And now he's gone and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and hide from the world, just disappear for a couple days. I just feel so shitty, I literally felt my world crumble beneath my feet

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    Straight Female / 23

    I was institutionalized by my school counselor when I was 15 under the pretense of being paranoid schizophrenic. She did this as punishment because I refused to have sex with her and to discredit me if I told anyone she was trying to take advantage of me. I spent 7 years in and out of straightjackets and padded rooms. I was r**ed by some of the guards and doctors while I was there, multiple times over the years. I was only released because I pretended I was actually schizophrenic and that none of it ever happened.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I am a 16 year old who lives in a nice suburban neighborhood. My neighbors are great people and the mom is sexy as hell. She teaches dance and once in a while I get to see her in shiny tights and a leotard. She will come out to get the mail and show off her sexy legs. One early afternoon this past summer we had gotten some of their mail so I decided to take it over about a half hour before I knew she would leave for work. I thought this would give me a great chance to check out her legs and ass in those tights and leotard. She is 42 years old and about 5'4", nice thick legs and average tits and a decent ass. I knocked on her door and told her I had some of their mail and she invited me in. She was standing there in her silky shiny tan tights and she had the top of her leotard around her waist with a t shirt on with no bra. I could see her nipples sticking out hard as a rock. I stepped in the doorway and she said come all the way in. She said I'll be right back and went around the corner and pulled her leotard up over her shoulders and took off the t shirt. She said to me I am getting too old to wear this stuff anymore. It just blurted out of my mouth. I said no way you look sexy as hell wearing that but I didn't stop. I said I would kiss and lick your legs from your feet to your pussy if I had the chance. I then froze because I realized what I said and I started to apologize. She just looked ate and walked over and said do you want to touch me and my legs, my wet pussy in this leotard? I about lost it but wasn't about to pass this up. I started rubbing her pussy through her leotard and she let out a faint moan. She said kiss my neck! I started kissing her neck and touching her every where. She felt so good in the spandex and those tights. She then said do you want to fuck me in or out of my leotard and tights? I was shocked but said in please. She went to the drawer and cut a hole in her leotard and then her tights. I started to put my dick in her and she said I can't believe how big you are for 16. I p****d her as hard as I could for about 10 pumps as she screamed out in pleasure and then I came inside her. She looked at me and said we will have to work on that. I want the full pleasure of that big cock. She said come over every weekday at 1:00 and I will have something special on for you and we are gonna fuck until you learn to fuck me the right way. It has been fantastic and I am in love with her and her shiny tights and leotard.

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    Straight Male / 39

    I have been having an affair with a married woman for the past couple months. I have no remorse to the woman's husband at all - its always super exciting to be in his house, in his bed, and in his wife. He has no idea how fun she can be sexually, and because of his neglect I am having amazing sex with her. We basically get together just to screw - no dates, no drama - its a purely physical relationship. The few times her husband does pay attention to her needs, I will either be there soon afterwards to finish what he started, or I have already gone first with her.
    I have used his pillow to prop her butt up higher for me to penetrate her easier. I have changed the book page he had saved in the book on the nightstand just to mess with him. I have even talked her into calling him while we were having sex - there is notihng like pushing in and out of a woman quietly while she talks to her husband on the phone!

    But this is the real confession -

    She wanted me to use a condom when we first started. I told her that I had gotten a vasectomy a year ago, and it would be so much nicer not to have to use one. And she believed me.
    I know its bad, but I lied about that. I just think it would be the ultimate to get another guys wife pregnant. So I will continue to cum inside her as much as I can, and as often as I can. I want her to have my baby!

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    Straight Male / 25

    My wife agreed to do whatever I want whenever I want, for a two week period.

    Those two weeks weeks of sex whenever I wanted were initiated during a conversation between her and I.

    I told her I was unsatisfied with the level of sex in our relationship. There was a period of about six months after our son's birth where we did not have any sex at all. Of course, there was physical recover on her part for the first three, but...

    It's been about a year now and sex was barely ever happening and I was meeting rejection more often than not.

    Nothing kills a man's confidence more than a woman who repeatedly turns him down. Nothing hurts more to a husband than a wife who becomes physically distant and sexually uninterested.

    And she was rejecting me so often I just wanted to stop asking all together, which left me sexually frustrated. There were many times where I asked her to make love, and she told me "Just go masturbate." In a voice that said she couldn't be bothered. I explained there were to things I craved, physical orgasm and physical intimacy, and that her suggestion didn't satisfy both.

    Well, I told her if she couldn't keep up with my sexuality- if she couldn't adjust hers to my level: I'd adjust mine to hers. I'd rather be asexual than masturbating and getting rejected all the time.

    --She begged me not to do that-- I asked her why. She said a sexless marriage was no marriage at all.

    I told her, "our marriage is already sexless. It's extremely unfair that you'd ask me to maintain a high sex drive, without fulfilling it."

    Anyway, I told her I couldn't keep putting up with rejection, and that the obvious solution was to let my high sex drive peter out and atrophy. It wasn't doing us any good.

    I was constantly asking her and being rejected, both of us were quite frustrated with the whole thing.

    We'd both be happy that way, because I wouldn't be disappointed and she wouldn't be nagged.

    ----So she said---- "What if I match your sexuality?" She offered to do a 2 week trial run, and have sex anytime, anywhere, at my whim.

    We made love that night, and it was the best we've had in a long long time.

    I didn't want to go overboard, so I didn't ask her to do anything at all the next day and waited till the following night to ask for a blowjob.

    She granted my request, as per our agreement.

    The next night, I told her I wanted to eat some pussy. She said no. I said you have no choice and forced her to recall her promise. She showered and I ate until she came, then we made love.

    The next day I asked her to have sex again. She said "No, but I'll do something else." That blowjob was the beginning of the end.

    The next day, having already been rejected for intercourse once (but still physically satisfied) I asked for a blowjob.

    She said no.

    She went back on her agreement.

    Within the first week she rejected me twice. Then once more on the first day of the second week. And again on the second.

    I stopped asking, and the rest of the week went by without her initiating a single time.

    She agreed to have sex with me whenever I wanted for two weeks, and we only had sex twice. She blew me a few of times. She rejected me as many times as we had sex in that period.

    She can go fuck herself, because I'm sure as hell not going to be doing that ever again.

    It's clear to me now that she wanted me to maintain my sexuality so that she wouldn't have to feel the pain of rejection like I have all year long.

    I don't want her to feel that pain but I'm tired of feeling it myself. So we are going to have an officially sexless marriage.

    Until we get divorced.

    Because I think that will be coming along soon enough. She is rude, insulting and not supportive of me at all.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I love it when I'm hitching rides the driver stopping in quiet places to wank me off. I'm not gay but love the experience. They usually talk dirty while wanking and I love shooting for those naughty strangers. Anyone else with this I'd love to hear from you. Onassiszone at g***l com. Tell me in detail about your experiences of being wanked in cars.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Bla bla bla...

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    Straight Male / 36

    Woman at work ask me to escort her to a wedding. She wanted a date to make her friend get jealous of her. On the trip there she told me how much she hated this girl (her friend?) and how the groom should have been hers. She was only going to see if the groom might have last second thoughts of her and change his mind. I found this strange but I do not have a degree in female.

    Wedding was on a farm and not very nice. Reception was at an Elks bingo hall. Lot of drinking and a horrible band played. Seemed to be more of a drinking party than a wedding reception. I found a out of the way bathroom, the others were all full with a waiting line. When I walked in I used the urinal and looked in the stall and saw a womans heels. She was on her knees throwing up. I ask if i could help, she wanted her dress off and if I would wash a spot of vomit off the front.
    I helped her get it off, to my shock she had no under wear on, no bra. Just a garter belt and stockings. She was the same age as my date, 24 and built. I see what the groom saw in her. I ask about the gown, she said hang it on the door. I then used wet towels and washed the vomit from her hair. Then held her hair while she was throwing up again. Looking at her ass I got turned on, and used my free hand to feel her ass up and then drove my finger in her. She pushed her ass back and seemed to enjoy it. So i pulled my cock out and I got some. I finished and left it in her, she started working it back and forth some, I got hard and did her again. She did some moaning and a little loud as we finished.

    I helped her get dressed and she left before I did. i found her dancing and took my date on the dance floor. I could see wet drops where the bride was dancing, I knew what that was, made me chuckle a bit.

    At the end I drove my date back, she was romantic and told me how I turned her on. How she liked working with me. She invited me up and kissing turned to her and I in her bed. Was a good time for me, she was not that experienced but willing to learn. The final words from her made me smile, While I was getting dressed she told me she bet the bride did not get the good sex she just got.
    I did not tell her what happened, but I thought on the way home, she shared the dried pussy juice of the bride in her bed. I did not get the opportunity to wash up before we were in bed drilling for oil.

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    Straight Male / 30

    When I was thirteen I became very smooth with my older sisters friends they were in there twenties and I could smooth talk them into making out flirting etc. but I could never get them to take my virginty I was like a game or joke to them to give me blue balls. One weekend my mom was out of town my two sisters threw a party it was crazy I was the first time I saw people doing drugs I watched our neighbor get fucked from behind in our backyard it was awesome at the end of the night my two sister and three of there friends that were hot chicks were there they were gossiping about guys and sex one of the girls named Jamie said she wanted someone to cuddle and It started a conversation about how lonely they all were and really wanted some cock i sat quietly listening I was rock hard they were talking about guys who they sucked off or fucked I got so horny hearing them talk then it happened my sisters friend Sarah who was sitting close to me moved closer and started holding my hand under the blanket she kept rubbing the back of her hand up and down on my cock my oldest sister noticed the movement from us and asked what was going on Sarah made a commitment I didn't understand she said it had been for ever and she just didn't care at this point and was going for it.
    My oldest sister told her no I was too young and I'm her brother Sarah just said so what and told her to really think about it then Jamie gets up and pulls the blanket off of me revealing Sarah's and my hands Jamie said shit I thought you were already jacking him off what's wrong with you Sarah lets get this party started that's when don the hottest chic there comes over unzipps my pants and pulls my dick out they were all shocked both of my sisters were really shocked by what was going down they sucked me off until I came in Jamie's mouth.
    Then I told them I wanted to fuck don bent over I fucked the three women the whole night and most of the next morning while I fucked Sarah from behind I got to see my oldest sister masturbate to me fucking her friends my other sister almost got into the mix but she wouldn't let me touch her she just made Jamie eat her pussy it was around noon the next day when we all disbanded the girls went home.

    My sisters bitched me out for hours about what took place in front of them but I didn't care I just lost my virginity to three hot women when my sisters calmed down they told me the most shocking part of all of it is that I have a horse size cock and yes I do but they were shocked the more they talked made me realize they wanted my dick which now I was curious about them seeing them naked and my one sister get eaten out I made my mind up right there I was totally ok with fucking them if I could.

    Weeks went bye with me wondering when my next opportunity to fuck my sisters friends would come up then our neighbor the one I saw getting fucked in our backyard had a party but it was only chics there I snuck out I went to the party before I even got in the door Sarah pulled me away and I fucked her in her car then Jamie in the bathroom after that when I finished with Jamie my sister and don caught me coming out of the bathroom with her next thing I know my sister is dragging me home saying I'm a pervert and she should have never let me get with her friends we got to the house she made me be quite and follow her to her room while she bitched me out for sneaking out when she was done yelling at me she told me to leave her room as I was leaving I heard my mom so I stepped back into my sisters room she had just taken her shirt off I saw her huge tits for the first time she didn't say anything to me just gave me a weird look I walked towards her and I told her she might be my sister but those are the nicest boobs I have ever seen she smacked me and told me to get out she's my sister and I shouldn't talk to her like that months went bye and I was fucking my sisters friends on a regular basis but it wasn't enough.

    I wanted something more no matter how hot or how much I liked the women I was with I craved something more but I didn't know what it was until one day I come home and don and my sister are sitting there talking my sister tells me I can leave I'm not fucking don with her around I walked up to don and pulled my dick out she started sucking right at the sight on my hard cock my sister freaked and tried to make us stop but she couldn't so she left I fucked don several times on my sisters bed then she had to leave I was half passed out on my sisters bed when all of a sudden someone kissed me it was my sister we made out then she slapped me and told me to leave so I did I was upset I thought I fucked up some how but the intense feeling of kissing my sister stayed with me that night all I could think about was my sister and what the hell was it all about after I did the dishes after dinner my sister told me we were cool and to forget about it as I walked to my room my mom called me into her room.

    There my mom was sitting in a night gown her legs were open and I could see her panties which was a pretty normal thing she didn't care but neither did I my mom asked me for a back rub I told her yes she turned her back to me and took her night gown off and laid down on her stomache just in her panties I honestly was trying to see her naked but didn't I had never checked my mom out or ever wanted to but after puberty it was no holds bar I guess I was rubbing my moms lower back when I got rock hard I stared rubbing around her panty line my mom was moaning I decided to run her legs which I had never done before I was rubbing her every where but her ass when finally she told me to rub her butt muscles as she said it so I did I soon was able to take my moms panties off her very slowly she was reluctant at first but slowly let me keep pulling them lower until I had them off I don't know what came over me but I instantly smelled them the second I got them off of her she saw me and told me to knock it off and massage her or what ever this is would be over so I rubbed and rubbed my mom until I got stuck on rubbing her ass befor I knew it I was rubbing her pussy with my thumbs as I rubbed her up and down my mom came several times after that she was mine I made love to my mom for several days the minute she got home until she got up for work I was inside her and yes fucking your mom is wrong most people think but I didn't care she was a goddess in my eyes my mom put a stop to me fucking her when she said it was wrong and we should wait until I got older I was fine with it I still tried to get with her but I got shot down and she eventually told me to stop or it would never happen again.

    One night it was raining out really bad just pouring I went home and all the girls were there the hung out and left but before Jamie left she told me that she had something to tell me she told me she was eating my other sisters pussy every week and asked if I could fuck her while she ate my sister I told her yes but my sister chicken out said it was to weird for her but give her some time to think about it.

    A year went bye and by then I was a man whore I had fucked every woman around except for my two sisters I even fuckedy own mother for a couple of weeks I didn't care then one day my oldest sister starts teasing and flashing me it was a crazy high risk game because there would always be people around finally one night she seduced me I found the feeling I had been missing my sister and I carried on a secret relationship for two years until we hit a point where people would start figuring us out we agreed mutually to end it occasionally fucking but once in a blue moon I confess all this for my first time ever because now my other sister wants me and by the end of the week I'll be caught up in this secret life again I can't wait and by the way my oldest sisters daughter is my kid and nobody in our family has a clue it's fucked up yes but it's true

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