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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I met Terry while I was still walking the streets. I used to cruise Union Street in Portland, sucking any cock for $20 a shot. I usually didn't swallow, but for a cool $100 I would. Not many would pay that much, but enough did that I got used to the taste, and would take it all. I especially loved an uncut black cock. There was something about the smell and usually the size that got me going. After a few years, however, with no money saved up and getting kinda tired of the same old cocks, I was ready to do something else.

    This one night a cute guy pulls up and I get in his car. I told him my price for a blowjob, but he insisted he wasn't there for that, but was there to rescue me if I wanted. "Are you for real?" I asked. "Absolutely. Our Saving House rescues women trying to get out of the business." I went with him, and those in the old school they converted were all very nice. Not one person approached me for sex, and I found it to be a relief. Terry and I got close, and one night I kissed him, and he responded. We started dating, but never did have sex. A few months later he asked me to marry him. I was taken back, but was really fond of him, so I said yes. He was 26 and I was 32. He said he was a virgin, but whatever I did in the past would stay in the past.

    Our wedding night was awkward. I knew he wanted sex, but I wasn't sure how to treat a virgin. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he wasn't sure, but what did I suggest. I told him I'd really like blow him, then have him fuck me. He said he didn't want me talking like that. It was oral sex and intercourse to him. That was fine, at least for now. He said I would have to take the lead, so I had him take his pants off. He had on brand new underwear, as to not offend me. I thought that was cute. He wasn't a big man, but his cock was sizable, and had a nice foreskin. I had him lay down on the bed, and proceeded to suck his cock. He thought this was a little dirty, but would let me do it this one time. He tried to hold it, but within two minutes he was cumming. He was appalled when I swallowed every bit of his load. "Honey," I said, "You have the biggest cock I have ever sucked." He wasn't sure whether to be mad or complimented. "Don't worry, honey, your cock is fantastic." He seemed pleased. He was awkward at kissing, and it was almost laughable when he started to play with my tits. "Would you fucking relax?" I said. He asked me not to use that word. "Honey, that's the way I talk. I'm gonna suck your cock and fuck you. But don't worry, it'll only be in private, okay?" I gently kissed him and put my hand back on his balls, which were large as well. I felt his cock twitch as he shook his head yes. "Now, fucking relax, and let me teach you how to enjoy sex."

    Over the next two weeks, I sucked his cock almost every night, and he fucked me just as much. He came home that Friday from work, and I met him at the door in a silk nightie. It was only 6 in the afternoon and completely light. He was a little hesitant about doing anything in the daylight, but I just grabbed his hand and took him to the bedroom. I kissed him deeply and rubbed his cock through his pants. He let me undress him, and was surprised when I lifted my nightie and turned around, bending over the bed. "Come on, honey, fuck me like you mean it." He was used to my mouth by now, and took directions well. He stepped up to me and rubbed his cock between my legs until he was hard. He shoved his cock in my pussy and proceeded to fuck me as hard as he ever had. He announced he was gonna cum. I pulled away and turned around. I knelt down and grabbed his cock. I opened my mouth and told him to watch me drink his cum. He looked down at me as he started to cum. I had his cock just outside my mouth, so he could see himself cumming onto my tongue and into my mouth. "Ohhh, honey," he said. I let him finish cumming, but before I could swallow, I stood up and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him and pushed my cum soaked tongue into his mouth. He started to pull away, but I held his head until he got a good taste of his own cum. "Tell me you love it when I suck your cock," I told him. He swallowed what I had fed him, then he said it. I was surprised.

    For a couple of weeks this became our routine. He would cum in my mouth, then we would kiss. One night in the middle of fucking me, I told him to wait a minute. He pulled out and I rolled over onto my back. "I want you to eat me," I told him. He hesitated, but slowly put his face between my legs. He did pretty good. I didn't cum that night, but he seemed to enjoy it. From that I proceeded to let him cum in my pussy, then have him lick the cum out. He was slow to embrace this, but was so eager to please me he did what I asked. We were both very proper in public, but I told him that anything goes when we're alone. He started to embrace everything I wanted to do. He really liked it when I would stick my finger up his ass when I was sucking him, and he had the best orgasms that way. His cock was so big and beautiful I wanted it more every night, which was strange, considering the number of cocks I've had.

    One night I had him lay on the bed with his ass as high as he could get it against the wall. He didn't know what for, but found out when I took my mouth off his cock just as he was starting to cum. He shot right into his face. He shut his eyes and didn't seem to like it until I assured him it turned me on to watch him take his own cum. After a few times like this, he started to enjoy shooting into his open mouth.

    While sucking his cock one night, I had my finger in his ass and decided to stick a second one in. I worked it in, and he was fucking my fingers with his asshole. I was massaging his prostate, and when he started to cum, he actually said, "Oh, fuck me, that's good." I said nothing, but just kept sucking and finger fucking him until he was spent. He was becoming a regular fuck machine. He started to say things like, "Honey, I want to fuck you doggy style, tonight," and "I need your lips around my cock right now."

    One Friday night as we shared a mouthful of his cum, I got him hard a second time and mounted him. Occasionally we would fuck two, and maybe three times in one night. As he was on the bottom fucking me, the taste was still in our mouths as we kissed. "Honey," I said, as he was in the zone, "You ever think what it would be like to suck another man's cock?" "Sometimes," he said, "but I would never do it." I let it go, at least for now.

    A few nights later I had just swallowed a big load and sucked him a second time until he has ready to cum. I pulled off and asked him if he loved me. He said more than life itself. I was stroking his cock, jerking him with his foreskin like he enjoys, and said, "Honey, it would really turn me on to see you with a dick in your mouth." He hardly heard me, but mumbled something like, uh, huh. I took that as a yes, so started to plan it.

    I made plans for us to be out of town for the weekend a couple months later. He jumped at the chance to be alone with me in a strange city. We arrived at the hotel, and as soon as we ate and returned to the room, I told him I had a special treat, and it would make me love him even more if he went along without any questions. He said okay. We showered and were ready for bed. I pulled out a blindfold and asked if he was ready for a kinky night. He said he looked forward to it. I blindfolded him, and even tied his hands behind his back. I had him sit in the chair and knelt between his legs and started to suck him. He was rock hard when I got up. He wondered where I was. "Oh, honey, I'm getting ready for your surprise." He shook his head yes. I quietly opened the door and let a friend, Mike, in. He knew the plan. He quietly walked over to Terry and knelt between his legs, taking Terry's cock in his mouth. At the same time I bent down and kissed him. He jumped a little. "Honey," she said, "Just relax. You're gonna love this." He wasn't too sure, but I assured him it was okay. He started to relax a bit. When he was rock hard, Mike stood up and turned around. He positioned his asshole over Terry's cock and sat down. "Ohhh, fuck," Terry said, rather loud. "That's it, honey," she said. "Go ahead, fuck him." "Him?" he asked. I kissed him to keep him occupied. "Oh, fuck," he kept saying over and over, but he didn't stop fucking Mike. "That's it, honey, fuck him good. Breed that black ass." Not only was he a man, he was black, too. As soon as I said that, he said, "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming." He tensed up and shot his wad into Mike's ass.

    After he was spent, I had him lay on the bed with his head hanging over the edge. He had no clue what was coming next. I said, "Honey, that was so fucking hot. And I know you liked it, didn't you?" Reluctantly he said yes. "Good, now be a good little hubby and open your mouth for me." He did, and Mike put his cock up to Terry's lips. Surprisingly, Terry opened his mouth to take the cock in. He moaned as Mike put his cock in. I saw Terry's cock twitch. "Oh, I think my little man c**t likes cock." I saw him smile a little. I was so fucking turned on, I hopped on his cock and rode him until he was ready to cum. "That's it, honey, take that big, black cock." Mike tensed and I could tell he was cumming. Terry was used to the taste of cum by now, so it was almost natural for him to swallow. He took every drop, and as Mike was cumming, Terry started cumming, too. Mike kept his cock in Terry's mouth until he was totally spent, then got dressed and left. I undid the blindfold and untied his hands. He was embarrassed and humiliated. He went over and sat in the chair, ashamed at what he just did. I saw a tear run down his cheek. I went over and sat on his lap facing him. "Oh, honey, it's okay," I said. "I'm such an ass," he said. "No, you're not. You did this for me. And admit it, you kinda liked it, didn't you?" He looked down and shook his head yes. "Does that make me gay?" he said. "No, honey, it doesn't. At most, you're bi-sexual. But, don't worry, it's our little secret, okay?" I dried his tear and we hugged for a long time. "Are you okay, now?" He said he was, and he was okay with what just happened. "I know you like it when I'm sucking your cock and I finger fuck you, right?" He shook his head. "Okay, then I know you're gonna love a real dick in your ass." "I'm not so sure about that." "It'll be fine." I said and kissed him. "You'll do this for me, won't you, honey?" He took a minute, then shook his head yes. "I knew you'd see it my way." I hopped off his lap and went to the door. I opened it and motioned for Pete to come in. "What's this?" he asked. "Your first ass fuck," I told him as I closed and locked the door. He took it like a whore, and has been craving cock ever since. Man, do we have fun now?

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    Straight Female / 18

    I have been on here for almost 6 months.

    I read comments. And I confess a lot of people on here seem really pissed off and mad when others post things. I can't figure out why they keep reading if they don't believe the stories except for a couple of reasons.

    They can't get laid. So they keep coming here, as pathetic and sad as they really are, hoping to find new stories to get their little dicks off to, because girls won't go near them. I read comments from who I think is the same guy, obviously is mad at everyone on here, because he keeps writing same story, you are obviously a guy.

    How can you tell? How can anyone tell? How can someone know who is writing what on here? The way the stories are, the typing and paragraphs are always the same. No matter who writes it. You don't know really who says what. They all sound like guys. But they all sound like girls.

    I confess I feel really sorry for some people on here. I believe a lot of what I read on here. I don't believe some of what I read on here. But I think a lot of people on here are kind of pitiful that keep leaving angry and mad comments. Are you jealous? Maybe you should stop jerking your little dick off reading dirty stories on here, get off your computer, and find a real girlfriend or boyfriend, and know what it's like to fuck someone.

    I confess I think this site is awesome. I like reading some of the stories. Some of them are kind of sick and fucked up. But I think that a lot of what is on here really happens, and maybe people just want to write about it and not let someone that knows them know what weird stuff is going on in their life.

    To the person that keeps leaving nasty and rude comments, you should get a life or fuck yourself or something. You sound really sad and angry. I think you need friends and not just to hide behind a computer. Are you a fat guy that can't do anything else?

    My last confession? I feel sorry for anyone like you. Your mom should have had an abortion so the world wouldn't have to deal with someone so fucking sad like you.

    Thank you for reading. I'm going to read more dirty stories :)

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    Straight Female / 39

    This is kind of embarassing but also kind of exciting for some reason as well.

    My husband and I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 6 years now. I have become good friends with the family next to us, especially Renee who is the mother of a 14 year old boy. We only have 1 daughter, and she works a lot of hours during the summer so she is not home much.
    Anyhow, we have a nice pool and patio, and Renee and her family know that they can come and use it any time they feel like it.
    The other day I was laying out getting some sun, and Renee and her son Zack came over. They asked if it was o.k if they swam for a bit, which I assured them it was. After only about an hour, Renee said they had to get back home since she had some shopping to do. Zach asked her if he could stay, and since I was o.k with that and told Renee I would be there to watch him, she left.
    It was not until after she left when I really started to notice Zach checking me out. I had my sunglasses on, so he had no idea I was watching him watching me. I felt so silly, but when he was close, I would adjust my bikini to expose myself little more to him "accidently". At one point, I layed on my stomach and pulled at my bikini bottoms up a little as if I was just getting myself comfortable. I am sure Zach got a great view of my butt.
    I decided to be more daring, and I unfastened my top (so I would not get a tan line there of course). Zach got so quiet in the pool - I can only imagine what thoughts he must have been having.
    But for some reason, I found myslef getting aroused at the idea of this boy checking me out. My heart was racing a little faster, and my breathing became more deep just from me showing a little more skin to Zach than I should have been.
    My last bold move was to sit up without tying my top, so I basically exposed my breasts to Zach for a few seconds while I reached around to tie it back on.
    I found myself wondering if he got a hard-on, and what it would look like. My husband is not that big size-wise and I wondered to myself if this kid would be as big, or maybe even bigger than my spouse. I was having so many crazy thoughts!
    Renee was only going to be gone for about an hour, it it had been probably 50 minutes already, so I knew there was not too much time left. I told Zach I was going to go in and rinse off in the shower, and that he could come inside if he was thirsty of if he needed anything. I purposely left the bathroom door open about 1 foot as I stripped and got inside the downstairs shower that has a glass door on it. My heart started racing even faster later on when I was finished, and I saw that the bathroom door was open the whole way. Zach watched me in the shower! omg...I actually had to touch myself a little that excited me so much.
    By the time Renee came back, I was in shorts and a tee shirt and Zach was back in the pool. If only she knew all the teasing I was doing with her son, and that he son saw me naked in the shower.

    When my husband got home that evening, I just about r**ed him. I was still so horny! The entire time we were having sex, I kept thinking about Zach. I have had so many daydreams about what could have happened - and what might have happened if he just joined me in the shower.

    I am ashamed at myself for some of the thoughts I have been having.

    I do hope Renee brings him over more often, and leaves us alone more often, too. I tell myself its just fun teasing, but you never know.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    In my youth, I had a very close friend that I spent a lot of time with. He & I were so close that we seemed to be developing a mental link in our thinking. One day we were wrestling around as usual & this time it was in the bedroom which was not that unusual for us as it was sort of a guys den also.
    Suddenly he was pinning me on my back on the bed & we were bumping and grinding lightly. I was surprised but started to want to see what came next as we play wrestled. We both started to get hard and sort of laughed about it as we carried on some more. Soon he was snuggling close to my neck & ear lobes. His warm breath was intoxicating and then he started to nibble at my ear lobes. Slowly he moved to my nipples with his warm attentions and moved between all three places very slowly.
    I started to find this pleasing and let him continue, then he placed a kiss right on my lips that was hot and intense. He continued with his sensuous attention to me and I was starting to get aroused. Now, I was wondering why this would affect me like it did, but shrugged it off as an unimportant matter. More kisses came my way and they were landing everywhere, but most of all on my lips.
    Soon he was trying to force his tongue into my mouth but I was resisting this for a while, but then I relented and opened up to receive him in. Before long we were French Kissing long, hot & deep. We had both become entwined & entangled from our bump & grinding as we were working on other erogenous spots, so I repositioned myself on the bed in the missionary style and we continued with our explorations of each others nature and needs.
    Slowly he worked down to my crotch and gentley started to kiss all around the area. Meanwhile he had moved into a classic 69 position and was offering me what he had. We both went for it at the same time & after a slow start became ravenous with joy and desire. After a short time we slowed way down to keep control of our situation and then he reached around back and into my crevice where he paid gentle attention to the area and I was getting very aroused by this pulsating and rubbing.
    After a long time of doing this, he inserted a finger in and worked it as long as he could and then pulled out only to come bach in with two fingers. Slowly and skillfully he worked them in & out but added stretching and gyrating to the routine. I was beyond thrilled and was quickly loosing my reason and control. This took a great deal of time and I was starting to feel loose & very hot. Out came the two fingers,to be followed right up by three fingers and now I could feel the stretching and filling and loved it but knew that there must be more coming up !
    Soon he reached in back of me and got an English Cucumber (greenhouse type) that was covered in Crisco and rested it up against my anal sphincter. Slowly he started to move it around, up & down with more and more pressure and I was delirious with heat and pleasure. Now he started to push it in to my love canal ever so slowly while gyrating it a bit as he went. After a while he started to move in and out, all the time going in further ever so slowly.
    I now had a roaring fire of wanton desire taking hold of me. There came a time after a long while that resistance was met and we stopped as he withdrew the cucumber as it has done its job of a full stretching and loosening.After he came back up face to face with me, We French kissed & made out for a while and he asked me to give it up and let him make me his ! I was ready for anything he wanted,based on his promise of the greatest cosmic orgasm of my life so as I kissed him, I said YES !
    Now, he slathered my anus with more Crisco both inside and outside and he moved my legs way up to my chest and tucked them behind my shoulders. Then he entered me in one fast stroke until he met resistance. We kissed & made out for quite a while and then he locked me up so I could not move, rammed his tongue deep down my throat as he pushed in further with force ! As his tongue blocked my throat & his lips sealed my mouth,nothing could be heard but my eyes watered, the pain tore through me and my breath was taken away. We stayed still for a bit and resumed the in and out motion that was a first a bit painful but became more & more electric, thrilling & the most pleasurable I have ever experienced. I felt the pleasure everywhere in my body,mind & soul and I realized that I had just landed in a real state of heaven.
    My friend & I had gone from playmates to lovers on that life changing morning and I have never regretted "Giving It Up" To this day and I keep giving it away anytime I can !
    Later, my lover confessed that he had planned my Seduction and Crowning as his Queen for two years as he had wanted to break me in for quite a while ! Natural love of any kind is great if you give it a chance ! Swallow a lot & Give It Up when you are tempted !


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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Im a male in his 40's, when I was 13/14 I was constantly in trouble at school. Talking in class, smoking, not doing homework etc. I would often end up with detention, sometimes at lunch sometimes after school.

    One Week I had gotten in trouble and been given detention after school on the Friday. I had sport last thing so stayed in my pe kit for detention. It turned out to be a female teacher who was taking detention, and I was the only kid there that day.

    Afterwards the teacher told me to pack up and she'd give me a lift home. I ended up dropping my bag and swore. To my surprise the teacher came over, bent me over my desk pulled my shorts and pants down and spanked me. I stood up afterwards and noticed her looking at the hardon I had gotten.

    On the way home she took a detour to her place and told me to follow her inside. Once in the front room she kissed me on the lips and told me she fancied me. I couldn't believe my luck and replied I fancied her to. She then stripped me and sucked my cock. I had to promise not to tell anyone and if I behaved we could have more fun sometime.

    I readily agreed and ended up going round at weekends with the excuse of mowing the lawn for her, which I did, it's just that we also ended up having sex. Then one week while she sucked my cock she fingered my bum. Noticing how much I enjoyed it, she took me upstairs bent me over the bed and fucked me with a strap-on.

    They were some of the best times I've had. I now live elsewhere but still fondly remember those days and all the different things we did.

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    Straight Male / 35

    My wife has a friend that she us d to do some work for. The friend is 10 years younger than us and smoking hot. Occasionally I would get to see her when she was at my house and we also became friends.
    I always felt like there was a little chemistry between us but figured it was all in my head. I would fantasize about her and masturbate to a couple pictures I had of her in a bathing suit from a party we had all attended.
    Over the course of a year I helped her move into 3 different homes. I wanted to help her and any excuse to see her was great. At the bed of each move she would give me a hug and thank me for helping and I would leave.
    Several months went by and we were not seeing her as often. By chance, one night my wife and I bumped into her at a furniture store. She looked great! Again I felt that little flicker of chemistry. We made small talk and she mentioned she was buying a large piece of furniture. I said I could help her move it in to her place if she needed the help and told her to give me a call. Before we left she hugged my wife and then me. She smelled great and I purposely held on for a split second longer than a normal hug. When we said bye she looked me in the eye and said it was so good to see me and gave me a little smile.
    Later that night I received a text from her asks my if I could stop by the next day to help her move the new furniture in. Of course I jumped at the chance and told her I would stop by after work.
    The next day when I stopped by she answered the door wearing a tank top and yoga pants. I went in and found the furniture she needed help with was actually small and light. I moved it into her room for her and asked if that was all. She said, that's it and have me the hug I always looked forward to. Again, I held on longer than normal but this time she did too. When I let go she moved her hands slowly to my waist and then tucked her fingers into the waistband of my pants. I thought there was no way this was happening. She said she wanted to properly thank me for always being so kind and helping her. She proceeded the drop to her knees and undo my pants. She slid my pants down and found my hard cock waiting anxiously for her. She smiled up at me and took my dick in her mouth. Her warm mouth felt incredible. Not knowing if I would get a chance like this again I reached down and pulled up her top. I told her I had always wanted to see her tits. She stood up and pulled her shirt off, revealing her perky titties to me, and knelt back down. It didn't take long before I wa steady to cum. I told her I was about to and she started stroking my cock faster and belt just outside her opened mouth. I exploded into her mouth and a little got on her lips and face. She smile and said thank you. I asked her if I could come see her again something me and she said please do.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Firstly I'd like to say, I don't nornmally date girls this much younger than myself. It just kind of happened after a party I went to. My girlfriend Kelly-Marie is nineteen years old and a total sexual nymph. She really is a highly sexed girl, who loves older men with large cocks. Thankfully that's what I've got, as my cock measures a little under nine inches and is fairly thick too.
    Now to why I'm confessing (No it's not because I'm fucking a very good looking fit and sexually charged nineteen year old) Kelly-Marie asked me to stay over at her and her moms place to weeks ago. Kelly-Marie's mom Jenny, knew we'd been dating and although I'm almost as old as her (She's thirty nine) she was really cool about it. In fact she phoned me after Kelly-Marie gave her my number. Jenny asked that I stay, telling me she was looking forward to finally meeting me.
    The night I stayed over, whether by plan or just coincidence (I'd like to know) Kelly-Marie said she had to dash out to talk to a friend who needed her support. I said I'd drop her off, but she insisted I stay with her mom.
    Sat watching a dumb movie, Jenny said she was going to have a shower. I felt stupid just sat there and was about to shout up to Jenny to say I'd call back later, when she shouted down to me, to help her with moving a heavy desk.
    Walking into what was a guest bedroom, I found the mother of my girlfriend totally naked on the bed, she had her legs spread wide and was playing with her pussy.
    Smiling at me she asked me if I'd like to have some fun. Kelly-Marie is a fine looking girl, but Jenny is on a different level when it comes to looks and female sexuality. If I thought Kelly-Marie was a nymph, then having unbelievable sex for over an hour with her mom, made Kelly-Marie look like a nun. We did everything sexual I knew about and then lots, lots more I didn't. And all of it was done in a very sordid way. I was totally exhausted after fucking her for nearly an hour. And was about to get a shower, when Jenny told me she wasn't finished. Making me lay on the bed, she climbed obove my face and then sat on it. For the next twenty minutes she had me lick and suck out every drop of cum I'd spurted up her pussy and asshole. Shaking like a leaf throughout, as one orgasm after another went through her, Jenny finally sank onto my face and said "Fuck, I've not had sex like that in years".
    Spookily, I'd only been out of the shower five minutes when Kelly-Marie walked in. She was grinning and was so hyper about me meeting her mom. When Jenny walked into the lounge, Kelly-Marie said "Well, do you like (my name) then). As she said it, she gave her mom such an obvious wink. Jenny replied by saying "He's definitely one to keep honey" I was made to feel like an object, but even saying that, I still wanted to be there.
    Another strange thing that night. Normally Kelly-Marie doesn't give a flying shit who's around when we fuck, like when we met at the party, and other times out and about. But sleeping with her in her large bed, she wouldn't let me fuck her. Instead she asked that we take our time giving each other oral sex. It wasn't so her mom couldn't hear us, as Kelly-Marie was very vocal when having her orgasms, after I made her cum from tonguing her clit. It was if she was saying, "You've fucked enough".
    Indeed when her mom left for work after breakfast, Kelly-Marie had me anally fuck her in the kitchen until she and I both came. When I got home later that day, all I did was relax (I was knackered) and go through what had happened. And wonder if I'd been set up to fuck my girlfriends mom.
    If not, then not only have I cheated on my young beautiful girlfriend, I've actually cheated on her by fucking her mother. I suppose I'll find out soon, as Kelly-Marie has asked me if I'd like to stay over again, after a concert we're attending. As her moms house is close to the venue. She's already hinted she might be having to visit her friend again after the concert, saying she needs support and could possibly stay over. In other words as I see it, "You stay at my moms house alone with her, and I'll keep out of the way as you fuck her".

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    Straight Male / 25

    So my gf is a zookeeper, we met because I care for exotic animals... but this isnt exactly about her. Its about exotic sex.

    Her zoo had two loins, male and a female, who were diagnosed with a disease. They were told the lions might die within two months, and since they didnt want anyone to see that happen, they decided it would be best to put them down that weekend. My gf told me this, and I told her I could watch them instead and give them the attention they needed. Long story short, the zoo actually gave the lions to me. Six months ago the male died, but not the female (her name was Abby).

    About last week Abby went in heat. Whenever I went in to feed her, she would arch her butt into the air begging for me to mate with her. Two days ago was when I became so hard it was impossible to turn her down. I unzipped and showed her I was capable of fulfilling her desire. She sniffed my cock then licked once (lion tounges hurt when they lick there) before lifting her back end up for me.

    I started fingering her, she looked back as if in a trance. Then I stuck my cock in her sweet lioness pussy. It was nice and tight, wetness all over. She let out a thundering growl, but somewhat a happy one. I bent over and grabbed her waist like a male lion would, and she roared with pleasure, then rubbed her face on the ground. It was amazing! I might like to add Abby was better then my gf...

    I just wanted to put it out there. You've heard of K9 sex, but I tell you feline sex is WAY better. I wanted to tell my story to someone, but my gf? Fuck no. Thats was this site is for, right?

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    Straight Male / 35

    For some reason, I have always been interested in my wifes past sexual history. I probably asked too many questions, but it was exciting to me to hear things she did and how many guys she had been with, etc. Her last boyfriend before me, Steve, she admitted was probably the one she enjoyed sex with the most of all her past lovers. She would never get into specifics of why he was so good for her, other than he had a lot of "girth".
    Anyohw, I found myself thinking about Steve more and more - and wondering what she might be leaving out, and wondering what HE thought about sex with her.
    A couple weeks ago, I had too many drinks in me, and my wife had already gone to bed.
    I sent an email to Steve.
    When I look back now, it really did not make must sense - but he responded the next day and basically asked what was I talking
    He and I ended up writing back and forth a few times, and when I started asking, he was more than willing to share intimate details of things he did with my wife (they had a 3some with another guy which I never knew she did!). We both agreed how lucky we were that she swallows, how she moves during sex when she is on top, her sensative nipples - everything. He even sent me his favorite picture of my wife that he still has - with her topless on his bed.

    We both agreed it was a lot of fun swapping stories about my wife - with her having no idea that we are comparing notes. We are going to take it one step farther to see just how faithful my wife would be if she happens to run into Steve "by accident" a few times in the next couple weeks. Of course, I will tell Steve ahead of time where she will be so he can run into her. And Steve promised to let me know what happens between them, if anything.

    My wife has no idea why I have been so horny lately - if only she knew it was because of Steve and I sharing sex stories about her. As we have sex now, I cant help but think about the 3some she had, but since I am not suposed to know about it, I cant ask her what it was like.

    I am glad Steve is being super cool about the whole situation. He knows I am o.k with whatever happens.
    I should feel more guilty for trying to set up my wife like this, but I cant deny how exciting its been just planning it out so far.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Have you ever wondered or thought about whether your girlfriend, fiancee or wife has ever been with a guy with a larger cock than yourself ?.
    Well I did. And then asked my fiancee if she had indeed been with a really well endowed guy. Her answer not only shocked me by who she said. It also gave me, us a whole new sexual respect for one another. And has now opened a new way to enjoy our sexual selves.
    The person my fiancee told me about is a guy called Michael. He's someone seven years ago we both knew. She was having a relationship with Mike. I was having casual sex with him without each other knowing about one another.
    Mike is a sexual laviathan, and that's not an exaggeration. His cock measures almost eleven inches and even now, he's got the uncanny ability to remain erect for hours.
    My fiancee eventually finished her relationship with Mike because of his promiscuity. I couldn't at that time, get enough of his cock ploughing my asshole. We'd meet up after college every Friday and over a two to three hour period, he'd fuck me in so many ways and for so long, I'd have trouble walking over the next couple of days.
    Talking about Mike with my fiancee, brought back very fond memories for us both and we ended up fucking. As I was screwing her asshole, she was telling me just how much she enjoyed Mike fucking her there, but said she couldn't take all of him. That was when I let her know, why Mike and I had a casual on and off sexual relationship for over a year, the same year he was dating her. Letting her know I could take every inch of his cock up my ass.
    Just as I was about to cum up my fiancee's asshole, she cried out "I'd love to see that".
    It's took some time to track Mike down, as he works in different countries from time to time. But he sounded really pleased to hear from me, especially when I told him who I was engaged to be married to.
    We met up at a hotel he was staying in last week and had a great time sexually reliving old times. Mike fucked me again, after I'd sucked on his cock for over half an hour. When he'd cum all over my face for the second time, and we'd showered together, we decided to arrange a threesome with my fiancee. Phoning her from the hotel, to let her know I'd fucked with Mike and to tell her about our plan to have a threesome, she almost screamed down the phone, she was desperate to feel his cock fucking cherry again. I knew exactly what she meant. So next month on the fourth of July, Mike will be staying over with us.
    My fiancee and I will be testing Mike's ability to remain hard, as we'll both be fucking him.
    Cautionary note, make sure your girlfriend, fiancee or wife knows about your past sexual life, if you're going to be fucking other people. My fiancee knows all about my bi sexuality. And has in fact joined in with me and two other men before.
    She's cool with me being fucked. Make damn sure yours does too.....

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