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Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    My boyfriend and I were experimenting with putting a dildo in him.I made the mistake of sticking the vibrator so far in that the end got sort of lost. Then we spent an hour trying to get it out. Scariest moment of our lives.

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    I have a confession which is a True Story, not a fake made up by some kid claiming to be a woman, or a queer.
    This stared back immediately upon marriage. I am a few months plus 2 years older than my wife. We have been married for a little over 10 years. We are having a very happy marriage and a tremendous sex life. I sucked her pussy while on our honeymoon but it took several months to coax her into giving me a blow job. When she finally did she confessed if she had known it was this pleasurable we'd been doing it all along. We both work for the school system. We are off today for the long Easter weekend.
    This story starts back approximately 6 years ago. Although we were having a beautiful marriage, we watched too much porno which kept both of us horny constantly. I even attended an adult shop a few times, watched some porno film. That's were I came by owning porno flicks. Bought some adult woman's sex toys like rubber dicks and vibrators. I even watched lesbian porno. The gal who works there as the cashier knew I love the lesbian pornos so each time I'd attend she'd always tell me which booths the lesbian movies were in. Each time as I was leaving she'd smile and ask if I got lucky. She knew there were no women back there, only me so if I got lucky she knew it would have to be a man. She and I talked about our personal life. She is about my age, has been married but is divorced. Still as cute as a bugs ear. But I personally think my wife is #1 in any and all aspects of life. Anyways, one days were were talking and I flat asked her if she liked lesbian sex. She admitted she had tried it several times when she was younger but gave it up for a strict straight life. Said she decided she liked hotdogs better than tacos. I laughed, I though that was cute.
    She asked if I was gay or bi. I said, "Neither but I can go both ways. I admitted there was no man in this world that could turn me on but when I get turned on watching the lesbian pornos I could take on any young, clean and well hung man. And more often than none they were available in that adult shop.
    Well, with her knowing my preference she started insuring a lesbian booth with a glory hole. I had never heard them as glory holes, I thought they were just peep hole. So, one day I was in the booth watching lesbians and playing with myself when I saw something move from the corner of my eye. I looked around and saw a mans face in the peep/glory hold and his hand sticking through, palm up. I can't explain why but I couldn't resist, I stood up and laid my hard dick in that hand and was squeezed and then my dick was pulled through the hole. I felt a warm wet tongue doing a dance on the head of my dick. I just leaned into the wall so my entire dick was on the other side. I got my first blow job from the same sex and it felt good. Afterward I left my booth but hung around waiting to see who comes out of the other booth. Shortly this fellow about my age came out but I didn't let on. This happened about once a week for awhile. Then one day while I was watching a flick someone stuch their hard dick through that hole and again I could not resist, before I could think I was down giving head to someone I did not know. It really wasn't too bad. I told myself if I thought it was bad I wouldn't let my wife do it and she had become an expert. But, after he shot his load, he was gentleman enough to pull out of my mouth and cumm on his side of the wall. I put my dick away, zipped my pants and got out to watch who came out again. It was that same individual I had been having all along, one who appeared to like giving better than receiving.
    Upon arriving home I went straight to the bathroom and rinsed my mouty with mouth wash. I didn't want my wife to detect dick on my breath. It started that night while we were making mad love. I asked her if she'd like to watch me suck a dick. She never answered. It seemed that each time were were engaged in love I'd ask her the same question but never got an answer. One night when I asked her thaat she looked at me and asked, "Why do you keep asking me that??" And I said, "Well when we watch porno you always seem to enjoy freesomes when the two boys would suck each other off. "Okay" she said and reached under her pillow and got the rubber dick I had bought for her and often use it on her during foreplay, and stuck it in my mouth. And that night I mean she gave me a good fucking while holding the rubber toy in my mouth. She did this quiet often afterward which told me that she would enjoy it but too embarrassed to say so.
    Now, one day when I made my routine stop at the adult shop I ended up talking to the gent who had been engaging with me all these times. I confessed to him that I had asked my wife many times also if she would like to try a threesome. Again I never got an answer but did get rougher sex which told me she was thinking. So, I had advertised a lawn mower for sell so I asked him if he wished to follow me home and we could pretend you came to look at the lawn mower. I drove a pick up.
    So off we go. Upon arrival at home we both go in at the same time. It was a little past 9 PM. My wife had already dressed for bed and was wearing a long robe that had a like cloth belt that tied in front. I introduced the two and we started to go out to the garage. My wife spoke, "Are you sure you didn't meet this fellow at the adult shop??" I was shocked, what did she know about the adult shop. As it turned out, a friend of her's husband goes there sometimes and had told her that he had seen me there. But I asked what she meant by that remark. And her answer was, "Remember the questions you have been popping lately??" I figured she had caught me with my pants down. "So, what about it??" I asked. And she said, "The lawn mower can wait if you want to enact what you have been dramatizing."
    So my friend returned to the front of the love seat which she was so relaxed on. I said, "What do you mean by that??" She said, "Simple. If you had planned this I'll help. Take off your clothes and do your thing and let me sit here and watch." So we did, we removed our bulky clothing and took out or dicks which were already semi hard and began playing with each other in plain view of my wife. She was all eyes. We then remove the rest of our clothes and we were completely naked. We lay on the carpeted floor in front of her in a 69 position and began sucking and stroking each other. It was kind of weird. I crossed my eyes up at my wife and she had leaned back, untied her robe and let it fall open, with nothing on underneath. She was massaging her pussy and clit with one hand while rubbing and squeezing her tits with the other. That was turning me on more than the dick I had in my mouth. Periodically she would stick some finger inside her pussy and finger fuck herself, then take her fingers out and place then inside her mouth. I had seen this many times in the porno flicks but my first seeing her do it. It was a turn on. I tried to hold off on cuming but I could tell my friend was on his way so I grabbed a decoration towel from the arm of the love seat and caught his cum and milked him down good. Then I took my dick from his mouth, wiped it off and slide over at my wifes feet. But for the open robe she was completel naked. I leaned over and kissed her pussy and she moaned. I asked my friend if he wanted to suck her pussy. I needed no ask. He was immediately on it. My wife just stiffened out and placed her hands on the back of his head and pressed down while humping to meet his tongue and it was impossible for him to get away even if he wanted. I know that she cumed several times during this because I am aware of her actions when she cums.
    When he finished and moved away I moved in and took my hard dick and commenced pounding her pussy hard and fast. I felt her cum several more times. I looked up and she was sucking his dick as if their life depended on it. These like actions continued un til after 10:30 when my friend went into the bathroom and cleaned up. Upon returning he commented it was getting late and he had to go but would return some other time to see the lawn mower I I hadn't sold it.
    After he left my wife and I lay exhausted on the love seat for a short while, then went in for a shower together.
    Afterward we dried off and retired to our bedroom, completely naked. We lay side by side, naked, rubbing each others body, and talking. I asked her since it is all in the past, was she embarrassed or did she regret it. She confessed that she was pretty well prepared for it because she suspect it was going to happen sooner or later because it seemed to be all I talked about any more.
    At this time I changed my approach. Now my question is, "Will you be interested in a threesome with another woman??" She never answered but I'll bet my last dollar that she is thinking about it as she knows my watching lesbians is my great turn on. I have my fingers crossed. I do know she has a really cute girlfriend that has never married and I have often wondered if she likes tacos better that hot dogs. LOL.
    SO, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. If anything changes I'll surely keep you posted. Just remember this post number. I'll refer to it if and when I continue this.

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    I'm craving a good hard fuck right now like no tomorrow and my husband is at work. I'm very attractive myself and could easily find a cock in no time only its my husbands solid hard cock I'm wanting. Before i met him, i didn't overly enjoy sex and he changed all that for me! I'm not going to masturbate either, I'm waiting to jump his bones and show him my deep burning desire i have for him. He thinks that he is lucky to have a sexy and faithful wife but I'm the lucky one to have him.

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    When I was thirteen, I was still a tomboy, but I had developed. I had C cup breasts and had already been shaving for a year. My best friend lived two houses down, and he'd started to notice too. It was obvious we were developing from just friends into having innocent crushes on one another.

    There was an abandoned house across the street that the kids from the neighborhood would play in. It had several rooms and at anytime when school was out there would be four to ten kids inside, smoking their parents cigarettes, sharing a single can of beer stolen from a fridge, or reading one of the three or four playboy magazines hidden around the place. It was a place for taboo experimentation, even though ninety percent of what went on there wasn't as serious rebellion as we thought it was.

    It was there that my neighbor boy first touched me. We were sitting around talking and he simply reached up and grabbed my tit through my shirt. I slapped his hand away and we both laughed about it, but something inside me lit up. Over the next few weeks he would try to touch again and again, and I'd let his hand stay a little longer each time. One afternoon, it was getting late I needed to go home. He blocked the door with a big smile on his face and said "you can't leave until you show me what they look like." We argued and laughed playfully for awhile while I tried to shove past him. Eventually, wanting to show them as much as he wanted to see them, I pulled up my shirt and my bra. His eyes widened to saucers. He reached up to grab one and I slapped his hand away. "You said see, not touch."

    Fast forward a few weeks, and we had began to touch each other a little more. He would grope me under my shirt and I'd rub his hard on through his pants a little. He'd stolen a really dirty full-on penetration magazine from his dad's closet and we looked at it together. He asked me if I'd ever masturbated. I said I did, and asked him if he did. He said he did, and that it was always thinking about me.

    Before I knew it, we both had our pants down and were touching ourselves. One thing led to another and he had the door locked and was sucking both my nipples while he jerked himself off. I was so wet that I took one of his hands and made him touch me, and he immediately went to shoving a finger inside of me. I had to slow him down and show him where to rub, how to please me, and he got so excited he came all over my leg.

    We fooled around together for the next year. We started going down on each other. He would do everything I told him with his tongue and mouth and then I'd suck him dry. At the tender age of fourteen, I stripped completely naked and crawled into his lap, taking his hard cock inside of me. We had been smart enough to use a condom. We learned new positions from magazines, and we tried something new every day. All day long at school, all I could think about was getting home to play with my boy-toy.

    It wasn't long after we were fifteen that I slipped into the abandoned house after school one day, already dripping wet thinking about having sex with him. The place was pretty empty, and when I got to the room we normally used, the door was shut. I started to open it when I heard a moan from inside. I pushed the door open just a crack so I could see into the room, and there was my neighbor boy completely naked, another girl's head in his lap. I was suddenly furious. I paused to consider what to do, when I realized who the girl was. It was a girl from one block over, and she was barely 12. She was completely naked, and sucking his dick like she was a grown woman who had lots of experience. I was angry, but I was turned on watching it. I slipped my hand down my pants and slid a finger between my lips and pushed at my hole while I watched her. Eventually he turned her around and she leaned forward, and he slid his cock into her with ease. It hadn't been like that for us, and I felt jealous. My heart hurt, but my pussy ached. He grabbed her hips and fucked her like crazy, and I fingered my button along with his strokes. I came just as he pulled his dick free. She spun around and opened her mouth and he shot across her face. I was so upset then that I ran from the house.

    I told my mother what I'd seen, and only because I was jealous. The neighbor boy went away for a long time. I have never spoke to him again.

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    I am a horrible person. I know that. What I did was wrong, but it felt so incredibly good. I feel guilty every time I think of it, but that guilt doesn't stop me from getting wet or wanting to do it again.

    My sister and her husband own a lovely lake-front home that's an hour away from the college I'm going to. On weekends, I would often go and stay with them just to get away from the campus for awhile. I'm very close with my sister, and I always liked her husband. He's a kind man who's very protective, and the two of them have done a lot for me over the years when my parents fell through. Last spring break, they invited me to stay with them for the week and enjoy the lake during my holiday away from studying and tests.

    On the second day, my sister was at work but her husband was off. His job requires shift work, so he'll be there for twelve days and then gets seven off. I went out to the garage to put a load of laundry on and he was out there working out. He said a polite "hello" and then went about his business. I'd never seen him like that before, but he was shirtless and glistening with sweat, and his body was chiseled from rock. I couldn't stop staring, and he didn't notice. I threw my laundry in and went back into the house. About an hour later I heard the shower go on, and fantasized about going in and taking a shower with him. I felt guilty about the fantasy, but assured myself that's all it was.

    The next night, after my sister had gone to bed, I found her husband watching a movie in the living room area, drinking a beer and kicked back on the couch. I sat on the other end and asked what he was watching. He caught me up on the details, and offered me a beer. By the time the movie was over, I was buzzed, and we were chatting about our lives, our troubles, college, and all sorts of things. We were sitting awful close at that point, and I could feel a strange tension building. I leaned in and kissed him, and he kissed back.

    Now I should say that my sister and I are very different. She's short and buxom. Big tits, curvy hips, and muscled like a cheer-leader. I'm quite the opposite in most respects. I'm taller, leaner, small tits, but a big round ass from years of playing softball that draws attention anytime I wear anything tight. I couldn't understand his interest, being that my sister was ten times the looker I was, but I suppose it was that very difference that drew him in.

    Before I knew it, he was peeling my shirt off. His lips and mouth were all over my neck and he unhooked my small bra and tossed it off like a man possessed. He pushed me onto my back and suckled at my little pink nipples, and I wrapped him up with my long tan legs. He seemed to realize himself and started to pull away. "We can't," he said. "We shouldn't." he said. I reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock through his pants and gave it a light squeeze, and he shut his eyes and bit his lip. He didn't move, but he didn't come back to me, so I unbuttoned his trousers and peeled down the zipper. He was wearing nothing beneath and his long thick cock sprang out. It was a sight to behold. I could see for certain yet another trait that my sister found wonderful in him.

    Before he could protest, I slid down so that I could take his cock into my mouth. I skirted my lips with my hand so that he couldn't tell where my mouth began and ended, and fought to take as much in as I could. My jaw felt as if it wasn't going to break as I tried to drink him in. He groaned with each stroke as I bobbed my head, pistoning my lips around his length. I felt him reach back and lay his hand between my legs, and he started to rub against my pussy through my shorts. I was already hot and wet, and I was sure he knew by the way I moaned around his cock. I pulled my lips free and told him to lie down.

    When he did, I stood up and peeled off my shorts and panties. I turned so he could get a good look at my round ass and threw a leg over him. I lowered myself so I could suck his cock and pressed my pussy flush against his mouth. His hands filled with my ass cheeks, he lapped at me like a wild animal, and I struggled to take him deep into my mouth. With wild abandoned we worked each other until we were in a frenzy. When I pulled free, he started to protest again, saying this wasn't right and that we shouldn't and that he loved my sister and they were married. I was lost to my lust and I flat out didn't care. I wanted to fuck him. He was going to fuck me.

    I straddle his hips and put a finger to his lips. Reaching down between us with my other hand I lifted his rock hard cock so that it's head nestled just against my wet hole. I pressed my hips down and took just the tip into me and his head rolled back and he groaned like he'd never been inside a woman before. I rolled my hips for a solid minute until I worked half of him in, and at first it felt like I was being split in two. He was so thick I was sure I couldn't take more, but as I began to slowly build my rhythm, the pain gave way to pleasure. I leaned forward and shoved my tongue in my mouth, and he gripped my ass tight, pulling them apart. My clit was grinding into his flesh as I took as much of him inside of me as I could, and I felt his finger brush against my asshole. I moaned, and he took it as an invitation. Strangely, he didn't force a finger in like most men try. He simply rubbed his finger against my wetness until it was moist, and then put a little bit of pressure against my tight little button hole. Then he moved it in a tiny little circle, and the feeling was amazing. I couldn't stop the build of my orgasm, and I came so hard I had to bury my face in the couch pillows to keep from being too loud. As my orgasm subsided, I fucked him long and slow, savoring each stroke for it's intensity. His cock was pulsing, and he kissed me deeply, his hands running through my hair. I shivered, and could feel goose bumps rise all over my skin.

    "From behind," he said quietly. "Please." He didn't need to ask more than that. I stood, pulling his cock from me, and got down on the floor in front of the couch. He kneeled behind me, cradling his erection into my waiting quim. He dug his hands into the flesh of my big round ass and pushed into me so deep that I gasped. Then he pulled nearly free and thrust himself almost completely into me. My entire body rocked as he began to fuck me, and I reached between my legs to play with my own clit. It was almost painful, but the sensation combined with the tickling on my clit became more than bearable. I began to realize that my sister could catch us any minute, and from there, I had a strange thought. In my mind's eye, I could see him fucking my sister like this. Her face contorted in pleasure, her big tits swaying as he pounded her from behind. It turned me on to imagine them fucking, and I was sure I'd be able to cum again. Still, I knew it was risky to go on to long, and as he pounded away, I wasn't sure he was close enough. I turned and looked over my shoulder, my mouth a perfect O shape as I cooed. When his eyes met mine, I decided to help him along.

    "You like that pussy, baby??" I asked. He nodded. "Fuck that little pussy. Fuck MY pussy." He moaned, his eyes still on mine, and picked up speed. "Come on," I coaxed. "Fuck me baby. Fuck that tight little pussy." I was pulling out all the stops. I'd never talked dirty before, but it was turning me on just as much as him. "Fuck my tight little slutty pussy!" I cooed, feeling another orgasm building as I watched his pectoral muscles tense as he pulled me into him by my hips. "Fuck me!" I commanded. "FUCK ME!" I shouted. I felt him tense and try to pull free, but I was orgasming too. I pushed back against him as he tried to withdraw and he toppled to his ass. I pushed up on him and rocked my hips faster and faster. He tried to push me off but at the angle he was, he could get no weight behind him. "No!" He said, even as I felt his cock spasm inside me. I felt his first hot gush spatter inside of me, and it pushed me over the edge. I came hard as he began shooting thick spurts inside of me, and he was desperately saying "no no no" even as he came. When we finished, he collapsed onto his back, and I pulled my pussy free. I was dripping wet, and his cum leaked from my lips. He looked absolutely disgusted with himself, and when I went to kiss him, he turned his head.

    "This is completely fucked up," he said. I tried to assure him that everything was fine. That we were just human beings caught up in the moment. He was pushing me away and I was trying to comfort him. He got away as soon as he could, and went for a shower. I cleaned up and got dressed, then went to bed.

    Since then he's been dodging me, but I've kept the secret. He doesn't say much to me when I visit and he won't allow himself to be alone with me in a room. I've tried approaching him and he gives me a few short words and then walks away. I want him to know that I'll keep the secret. That I won't ever tell my sister. That it was the best sex I've ever had and that I'd love to do it again anytime he's willing. But then I see my sister's face and how proud she is of what I'm doing with my life, and I feel horribly guilty.

    I'm a terrible person. I know that.

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    When you are having intercourse, what type of sounds does your partner make??

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    Here's to the fly boy who thinks all of these confessions or text are sure some r a load of bull but this a former usmc 78 to 83. Im 55 now and live in the deep south .here we men like to hunt.I hunt wild turkeys in the spring and have a married lady friend I work with that likes to hunt too.but her old man dont hunt birds so I take each season.have for the last 12 years and have been fuckin her for 11 of those years each spring.shes older than me by 2 years fine for her age .short salt n pepper hair blue eyes hot ass frame for her age .great ass and tits. I keep wipes in my huntin vest so she can clean her pussy when we are done .dont need to when she swallows .no evidence its in her belly.she said after the seasons over she dont get fucked 20 times the rest of the year.she loves spring time and so do I.

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    I grew up in a household with five sisters, and I was the youngest. By the time my parents had me, they were worn out. Where they had doted on my sisters, they left me mostly to my own design. I read and painted most of the time, didn't have a lot of friends, and when I had the time, I stole away to visit with my cousin.

    He was six years older than me. He was smart, artistic, and handsome. All the girls loved him, and I had a major crush on him throughout my teenaged years. I knew it wasn't right; I just couldn't help it. Every chance I had to be near him I took it. We grew to be close, but it was a strictly platonic situation.

    When our grandmother died, he took it extra hard. They had been quite close. At the dinner gathering after the funeral, he sat outside by himself, smoking and listening to music on his ipod. Everyone said he should be left alone to grieve, but I wanted to be near him. I went out and found him sipping on a bottle of liquor and enjoying the afternoon. We chatted, and he coerced me into a few drinks with him. Before I knew it, we were laughing and joking around, pushing at each other and leaning into one another for comfort. I don't know who made the first move or what led up to it, but our lips met. It was my second kiss ever, and when he slipped his tongue inside of my mouth my entire body felt like it was on fire.

    He backed away and apologized profusely, but I assured him it was alright and that I had enjoyed it. He seemed pleased by this, and kissed me again. This time around I was ready, and our hands were all over each other. As he pushed his palms into my breasts and squeezed, I couldn't think of anything else but taking it further. Although I'd only been with one guy before and it hadn't amounted to much, I decided I was going to fuck my cousin.

    We crept off to a shed out back and shut ourselves in with a board to brace the door. He tore at my clothes until I was completely naked. He fell between my thighs and did things with his tongue and mouth I still don't completely understand, but I was in ecstasy. I'd never cum with a man before until that moment, and he had to shove a knuckle in my mouth to hush my moans. As I lay quietly in the afterglow, he pulled his giant cock from his pants, and I immediately could see another reason he was a hit with the ladies. He was long and thick and hard as a rock. He nudged it against my lips and I understood his desire. I know I must have been terrible, but I listened to his breathing and suckled at him as if my life depended on it.

    He pulled free from me suddenly and crept back between my thighs. He pushed his hips forwards and nudged the head of his cock between my nether lips. His body covered mine and he kissed me wildly as he sank his hard on into my wetness. I thought he would surely split me in two, but after a few moments the sensation became nothing but pleasure. He stood and stuck his thumb against my clit and made gentle circles, and his other hand reached other for a handful of ass. Watching him fuck me was extremely hot, his muscles tensing, his face in pleasurable agony. I came again, drunk with lust and want of him, and as soon as I'd finished he pulled free and jerked himself off. He shot thick torrents of hot seed across my belly and tits, moaning as he did. He kissed me deeply, and we cleaned ourselves up the best we could. We returned to the dinner function, both of our spirits high, and went on like nothing happened.

    We talked about it not long after. Both of us were completely fine with what happened. Not a month later, we were fucking again, this time in a lovely hotel room. Not a few days after that I jumped him in the front seat of his own car and rode him until he filled my quim with his spunk. The very next day, I sucked his cock in the doorway of his apartment where anyone might have seen, and swallowed every drop. That night, he fucked me in his bed in positions I had no idea existed. I was mad for him. I came so easily at just his touch. We went on like that for a few weeks before he suddenly developed a conscious and explained we'd have to stop. I begged him to reconsider, but he wouldn't. That's been nearly a week ago.

    I can't stop thinking of him. I adore him. I love him with all of my heart. I masturbate constantly to the images in my head of his chiseled body sweating over mine, or the feeling of his hands on my hips as he took me from behind, or the warmth of his mouth on my nipples as he slid himself deep into my pussy. I miss him. I truly miss him.

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    I once had a girl i badly wanted to date but she was with another guy (wouldn't leave him either!) and so instead decided it best we just have lots of sex instead. She was young and naive, then again so was I (though i was older)

    So we would find places around town and do crazy things.

    We would find dressing rooms and she would go down on me and give me the greatest head, find buildings in which she would let me fuck her doggy style or up against walls, even once she gave me a blow job whilst she was on the phone to someone, all in public as well.

    Definatly a crazy time!

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    Straight Male / 32

    I once found a girl on a dating site and messaged her saying she was quite cute and that we should meet up, except maybe not date, as such, see where things went.

    We exchanged naughty texts for a week or two and get the tension building.

    Turns out she was local and had her dad drop her off at my house (crazy) she was 18 and I was 24 at the time. She came in and i offered her a massage, from there... i went down on her a little then we started kissing. My cock was throbbing and i couldn't wait to penetrate her.

    I slipped it in her pussy and started to gently screw her (missionary position) and after a short while I couldn't hold it in and came inside, without out condom as well, such an intense orgasm.

    I then asked if she had any lube (she did) and i asked if i could fuck her in the ass, she was rather excited and said yes as it seems she really likes anal. It was my first time so i was soon hard again and ready to go!

    She lubed up and then let me enter her again, i was so hard! when my cock gets hard it swells so much and the bell end gets huge, most girls get scared before giving me a blow job because it takes a lot to get around the head!

    So after some slow movements i was penetrating her anally, it was so sexy, It was super tight and literally took all my will not to blow my load right there and then. After a short time i had to come, and did so... inside her ass, to which she replied: "you're the first person thats ever cum in there!"

    That second orgasm drained my balls like never before and we had to call it quits as her dad had to come get her.

    After a few weeks i think we started texting again and agreed to meet up for a second 'round'. I was rather excited to say the least.

    So she comes round again and we get straight to it, kissing, nipple licking and folding. I ask her this time to give me head as she once told me that she was "the best head that most of her partners had ever had" she took my penis in her mouth and liked my head with her tongue piercing, which was amazing and proceeded to show me why she had that title.

    I then asked the inevitable; can we have anal sex again??

    So once again i found myself balls deep in her young, tight ass and proceeding to fuck her vigoursly until i cum harder than ever, which makes me moan and loose all sense of reality. Again no condom in sight!

    We have a break and after a few mins i decide to fuck her doggy style, so i make sure my cock is clean and fuck her pussy again, this time slowly and hard and we both cum together, a wonderful experience.

    After that we were spent and she had to go home again. SO we said our goodbyes and after she leaves i find I'm hard again! so i proceed to masturabate until i come hard again, so very tired!

    She texts me some weeks later telling me she things she is falling for me, we didn't see each other again until some years later when I'm with my (now) girlfriend in a club taking a guy somewhere to blow him, most likely :-)

    That was a good experience i thought, definatly sewed my wild oats!

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