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    I've always been drawn to older men, I have a "Daddy Complex". I was 18 the first time I was with an older man, he was a neighbor, I babysat for his children when he had them in the summer.

    The first time I was with him started off innocently enough. I was home alone on a Saturday afternoon, my Dad had asked me to watch for the mail delivery because he was expecting a package. When it arrived I ran out to the box. When I tried to go back inside I realized I'd locked myself out. With neither of my parents due home for hours I sat on the front porch. Greg, the neighbor pulled into his driveway about 30 minutes later. Seeing me he waved then asked what I was up to. When I told him I'd locked myself out he invited me to his house so I could wait in the AC. I gratefully accepted.

    When we got inside I helped him put away groceries and we talked, he asked if I would be free to watch his kids that coming summer, I said yes, etc. Once the groceries were away he excused himself to take a shower saying he'd been out on his dirt bike earlier. I sat down in the living room. A few minutes later I heard the shower come on and I saw a sliver of light in the darkened hall showing his bedroom door was slightly opened. Leaving the tv on I snuck down the hall and took a peek. Looking into the mirror in the bathroom area I could see him in the shower. His muscular back and bottom looked so good. As he turned to rinse I could see his cock, it hung down thick and long between his legs reaching almost mid thigh, his pubs neatly trimmed. I slipped my hand under my short skirt and rubbed my clit through my panties as I continued to watch him. I had to bite my lower lip to keep from moaning.

    When I saw him reach for the water controls I moved away from the door and back to the living room. I was pretending to be interested in some music show when he came out a few minutes later. His hair still damp, he wore faded blue jeans and a grey shirt that matched his eyes, I could smell his spicy body wash. When he asked me if I'd like a drink there was a long pause before I could answer. Yes.

    I'd somewhat gotten myself back together when he brought me a bottled water and sat down at the other end of the couch with a beer. I could only manage a sip of the water and set the bottle on the coffee table. For the next few minutes I tried not to stare and couldn't help taking deep breaths smelling him.

    Without my noticing the music show ended, when he asked "What now??" I jumped a little. With a smile he reached over and took the remote his fingers lingering on mine, as he pulled the remote away I let him pull my hand toward him a few inches before out hands parted. I wanted to reach out and grab his hand back. He set the remote on the coffee table and returned his hand to mine before I pulled it back toward me. Looking into my eyes he moved across the couch toward me. As he moved I turned toward him a little. His hand traced up my arm and to my shoulder as he got closer. With our faces only a few inches apart he stopped, his fingers drawing little circles on my back and asked "Yes??" His voice sounded deep and distant, I could hear my heart racing in my ears, he smelled so good.

    I nodded "Yes." As his other hand traced up my arm and along my neck tilting my chin up and bringing my lips to his. He gave me several short kisses his thumb caressing my cheek, trapping my lower lip between his lips in short bursts he deepened his kisses darting his tongue out and sucking gently on my lip. I softly moaned into his kiss sliding my hands along his arms I let one slip to his chest while caressing the side of his neck with the other. He slowly leaned back pulling me onto his chest stretching our legs out so we were laying side by side my back to the back of the couch. I moved my knee up slightly tangling our legs together as he ran his hand down to my lower back pulling me toward him.

    With a groan he whispered my name "Amber." as he rolled toward me slightly pressing the entire length of my body into the couch with his. I could feel his aroused cock pressed up against me and slid my hand to the front of his jeans caressing him through the fabric. He pulled me even closer, and tucked me under him as I spread my legs allowing him between them, my skirt pushed up around my hips. His cock pressed against my pussy through his jeans and my panties I began moving my hips and rubbing against him. My breath coming in gasps and moans. I clung to his waist with my hands.

    He snaked a hand between us and began rubbing my hip, his fingers tangling in the thin romanticized lace string at the side of my panties he gave a sharp tug tearing the fabric, he quickly repeated on the other side. He then slid his hand to my pussy. Lifting his lips from mine he smiled as his fingers caressed my smooth shaved pussy. I reached down and unfastened his jeans letting his long thick cock fall out. After a quick look I gasped and looked into his eyes. "Its so big, I don't know if I can." I whispered. My body trembling slightly. I knew he was going to be big from what I saw in the shower but he was much bigger than I though he'd be.

    He slid his hand under my shirt pushing it up to reveal my 34b tits as he kissed my neck and whispered "I'll go slowly." He cupped my right tit sliding his thumb over my nipple teasing it until it stood out like a little pebble, then lowering his lips to it and gently sucking it into his mouth running his tongue around it. I arched my back savoring the feeling, until I thought I'd combust. When I pressed my hips up rubbing his cock with my pussy he smiled "Ready??" He asked.

    I answered by reaching down and gently sliding the head of his cock along my pussy coating him in my wetness. When I stopped with the head pressed against my opening I felt him tense and tremble for a moment. Looking directly into his eyes I moaned "Please. Daddy." For the briefest of seconds I wondered if I'd gone too far. Then I felt him push into me slowly but firmly sinking into me, stretching me wider than I'd ever been, demanding entry but going at a pace that didn't hurt me. With 3/4 of him inside me I gasped, he was deeper than anyone had ever been, he was touching places no one had ever touched.

    Pulling back slightly he asked "Are you ok, baby girl??" I felt a surge of pleasure sweep over me and I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper into me feeling his cock stretching me opened further and further as I begged "Yes, Daddy, fuck me. I want all of you in me Daddy."

    "Oh God, baby, Yes." He gasped as he pushed in deeper. Forcing my pussy to accommodate every centimeter of his cock as I clung to him. Lifting my hips to meet his strokes as they became faster and harder, pressing me into the couch.

    "Yes, Daddy, Yes." I gasped over and over. As he took me thoroughly, my words mixing with his Crystal of "Yes, baby." I shuddered as my pussy throbbed around his cock his every touch feeling like electricity as I came, my juice squirting out around his cock.

    His strokes becoming shorter and harder. He gasped, "Where?? Baby, Where do you want Daddy's cum??"

    I shivered as I begged him "Cum in me, Daddy. Fill me with your cum." I felt his cock swell and throb as he released rope after rope of cum inside me, filling me to overflowing.

    Spent we collapsed his cock slowly softening until he slipped out of me with a rush of his cum. We laid on the couch tangled together for quite a while before either of us spoke. I finally broke the silence by asking ' Was that too weird??" It took him a few seconds to answer then he said "No, that was fantastic."

    With a long kiss he picked me up and carried me to the shower where we continued to explore my Daddy Complex.

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    I recently found some interesting video files on my wife's laptop. They are of her and her ex-boyfriend and basically he is fucking the shit out of her in all of them. He has a gigantic dick and I am wondering why she has kept them after all these years. Do you think she forgot about them or is she getting off to them?? If she is it would make me feel like shit. I am not as endowed as him, but I thought we had a good sex life.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    My ex girlfriend (Who I'm on good terms with now) is dating this kid (18) who's a virgin, yet thinks he's hot stuff. Last week he was complaining about how disgusting he thinks I am because I'm Bi.

    Later that night, when we were outside, I said, "Can I talk to you????" And he agreed, so I (gently) pinned him against the fence and kissed him. He didn't pull back, so I did that for a few seconds. When I was done, I just walked away as he stuttered and blushed.

    He hasn't bothered me since.

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    Hi I luv wearing panties. Last night I put my girlfriends vibrator all the way in my ass until it fully disappeare inside my ass.
    I then fucked her with the vibrations at top speed we both came intensively .
    Now I can't help but put it in my ass n mursterbateat the same time.
    Sometimes I feel liked being fucked by a large cock!

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    Straight Male / 45

    During that time of the month for my wife of 30 years; She usually just gives me a blow job. She doesn't like to swallow my cum and gets tired easy when I last a long time.

    This last Halloween, we went to a party and my wife dressed up as a 1920's gangster and I dressed up as her lady together with stockings, bra, corset, and panties.... After, the party she had fund undressing me, sucking me, spanking me, calling me dirty names, etc. However, when it came down to it, I took my 9" in her and made her cum hard.

    Lately, we have been experiencing with some anal sex lately. Not as you are thinking. She is actually, giving me a blowjob and using her fingers to arouse me by putting her fingers in my ass. I didn't think I was going to like it but it makes me cum hard and fast specially when she is going through that time of the month. During one of these episodes, she grab my legs, spread them and began rubbing her panties in my ass as if she had a cock inside me. It was weird, but I came in a matter of minutes just thinking about what she was doing. I had cum all over my chest and she began liking it. This is the fist time that she actually took my cum in her mouth. To my surprise, she kissed me and allowed to to taste it. It was salty, but did not taste bad. She is using her fingers in my ass more and more; while blowing me off! I can feel sometimes one and two. I don't think its weird and we usually do it at least once or twice a month. However, lately she begins telling me; "Honey, make sure you wash off before going to bed". I know exactly what she means and I comply.

    One night a while ago, She asked me to take a special bath, etc. She got it all ready that night. It was a Friday and a long weekend. She got the bath ready for me and I was very relaxed. However, when I got our of the shower. My wife had placed the Halloween costumed by my side of the bed. I was not sure! However, I got dress putting the stockings, etc. By the time, I was putting on the panties (which she said it was on the wrong ordered) I had a hard on. I waited a little; so, the panties can fit and hold my penis from protruding the dress. At this time, I was waiting for her to finish taking her shower or batch. I can't remember which one.

    I was thinking that she was going to come out dress as the gangster. However, when she came out of the shower I was very surprise. She was wearing a corset with her bare breast sticking out. She had black stockings similar to mine, black boy shorts and ...... She was wearing a strap on Dildo. She also had anal lube and a rubber in her hand.

    She said "Honey, do you want me to undress you or would you like to get in bed now????" I was not sure what to think... I stood there watching her walk towards me with a smile. I could see the dildo bounce up and down while she was approaching me. She extend it her arms and began caressing my arms, getting closer to my ass and moving my dress up and she was caressing my ass. As she got close, I could feel the dildo rubbing against me. I began to wonder if all girls feel the same... She unzip the dress and as it felt down, she began sucking my chest as if they were tits! My nipples were hard and I almost let out a laugh! I was very turn on and she could tell when she started using her fingers to rub my penis through my panties. We kissed as she pinch and grab my ass. She would slightly spanked it and would whisper dirty things in my ear!

    Eventually, she grab my head and push me down. I was starring at the dildo not sure what to think or do. She grab my hair and push it towards the dildo. I open my mouth and she thrust the dildo in my mouth. She said "Suck it for me". So I began sucking it. I could tell that she was getting pleasure from watching me suck the strap on and I was getting horny not necessarily enjoying it. After all it was rubber. I used my hand to rub her pussy when I could. I could tell she was wet. Very wet! She pulled me up and push me on the bed. I felt on my back...

    When I was on the bed, she turn me around and asked me to be in all four which I comply. She laid on her back and began sucking my cock while rubbing my ass with her finger. Now, that felt good and she knew that i was going to come fast if she keep going. However, she stopped! The next thing she did was the first time she has ever done this. She began rubbing my ass hole with the tip of her tongue. It was amazing! I came a little and I was moaning. She kept doing it while she was using her hand to jerk me off! Again, she knew I was about to have an orgasm. But, she stopped, there was a little come in her fingers which she licked it off. I have never seen her do it. So, I was very turn on.

    The next thing I heard was her squeezing the tube and I felt the cold gel going inside my ass with her fingers. There was a lot of gel, so I could not tell whether she was using one or two fingers. I think I was ready...

    I could see my wife positioning herself behind me. She rubbed more gel in the dildo. Then, I could feel the head of the dildo rubbing against my anus. Then, I could feel my wife moving and she began fucking me! It was different. However, I was getting pleasure as well. My cock was hard and bounding up and down as my wife kept her rhythm going.

    After enjoying the dildo in my ass, my wife put me on my back. She hold my legs with her arms and penetrated me again with her dildo. This next time what very hot! She was going at it and I was enjoying it. I could feel the dildo inside me and while my wife thrust it as she wished. She let go of my legs and I keep them wide open for her. She laid on top of me and began kissing me. I grab her ass and wrap my legs around her. She was thrusting and moving her waist as if the dildo was part of her. I could not hold myself and I had the biggest orgasms. My wife was thrusting it harder and harder as I came. She realized that I had an orgasm because there was come all over her stomach and mine. She licked my cum and began kissing me. She liked more cum out of my stomach and gave it to me to taste. She suck my cock hard again. In two minutes, I came inside her mouth. She came closer to me and gave me a big wet salty kiss.

    I wanted to fuck her ass, but she did not let me. I licked her pussy until she came.....

    It was a good night... I spend it wearing women's clothing; getting anal sex, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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    I can't find attractive a man that waxes his chest,arms,legs,eyebrowns done or even wearing make-up.I'm talking about metrosexual men.It dissapear al his manhood and his virility.A man I'd like,he would have be clean,shower daily and wax his armpits and crotch, a little hair on chest and arms/legs doesn't bother me at all.It wouldn't be funny at all arguing with some pretty boy waxed boyfriend about borrowing my waxing kit and foundation or hearing him singing in the bathroom with a high pitched voice "I feel pretty".But,don't get me wrong I like a man that takes care of his body,works out and doesn't neglect the way he look but please spare me from waxing and make-up, eyebrows&co that's my specialty.So,I like those kind of men that have a natural look without trying to much to impress through their looks,personality counts also,but that's only my oppinion. :)

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    i read adult confessions a lot and just wanted to know if there are some couples, females around me, Johnson City Tenn. just asking.

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    I have a fantasy of wanting to meet and befriend a family that is into incest and have them look at me as their surrogate uncle. I imagine having sex with the mom and dad in a wild 3some and then having their kids of varying ages come in and join in.

    The teenaged daughter starts off with her mom, and then her dad and they introduce me to her and motion for her to come to me, and we start kissing and fondling, all the while mom and dad are watching and playing with each other and with us. Next her younger brother comes in and joins in. He strips and starts playing with mom and dad, and his little cock get so stiff. He looks over at me and I at him and he comes over and I put my mouth on his cock and he rocks back and forth fucking my mouth

    Next, 70 yo granny joins us, and she come in, and without a word, takes my cock in her mouth and gives me an awesome blowjob. I picture myself going down on the daughter, while her little brother is pumping his cute little cock in and out of my ass.

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    thinking back on the fun days,back in high school i was a late blooming. black male with thick glasses. i was the late to get a date no big deal cause i had a good group of male friends. no gay shit back then and the same now. i grew up in Philadelphia Pa . i didn't have one date when i was in high school. when i hit the age of 22 i was ready to get going. i have a sense of humor that women love.on weekends i use to party in the dance clubs. then i made up for lost time. i was fucking the normal females that must men would pass by, the ones that most guys would say that cant win a beauty contest but to me it was new pussy. i meet females that would fuck if you hit the right keys. women that we call to thin, to big, or the ones that fall in between. i would listen to the words of other male friends talk about women as it was going out of style. to me a women dost have to be a model to be love. i learn at a early age that i love a sexy women who was a bbw , or a women who was just the every day kind of women. i learn how to kiss slow, nasty, and long. women love the kind of male that takes his time. most of them would be call today. geeks or nerds but it was a women. she didn't have to be a sexy women but it was pussy and tits. i try to tell the boys of this year 2014 not to judge the women they talk to the looks don't matter cause she is a sex freak once you get going. the every day women can suck a dick just as good as a x rated star. here is my list of the women i have fuck, women 1, thin women she can suck and lick you dry and suck it back to life. heavy set women get wet very quick and talk nasty. the ones that i have fuck are just needing a good long fuck. why are most male hang up on the size of your manhood, look it comes down how you control your action, when i am fuck a women i start slow and think that i am i in a different place, this may help some male who come to quickly , put on some sexy sounds and hold back. i find that most males think about them self, get the female wet, lick the pussy use that mouth ( eat pussy ) a females loves a male that is willing to please her first.i myself have a breast thing, i love tit,s of all sizes and have spent hours sucking and fingering a wet pussy into she cums. i have meet and fuck women who are freaks in bed but you cant tell outside of the bedrooms. just my through . have a safe day.

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    Straight Female / 25

    How often do you have anal sex?? Has anyone had any issues due to having too much anal??

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