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    Straight Male / 49

    I love older women and always have. Looking for a married woman 55 to 65 in Kent county RI for some oral, I like giving and receiving.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I have the most bizarre confession you'll ever hear. I like sex - I'm 72, my wife is thirty years younger than I am, and my mistress is twenty-six. I also masturbate occasionally. Now comes the strange bit. I don't want my wife to have sex with anyone else, with or without me watching and/or participating. I've never had anal sex, either as a giver or a receiver - in fact I've never had any sexual encounters of any sort with another man, and I don't particularly want to. I've never been to an orgy, and I've never had even a threesome. And I don't care. I've never fucked my sister or my mother or my daughter. I have experimented with positions and oral, but basically I just like ordinary sex. It seems that these days this makes me some kind of oddball. But, what the hell - think what you like!

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    Straight Male / 36

    I am a single father with two daughters. I have had a nylon/pantyhose fetish since I was a young boy. I often times let the girls fall asleep with their tights/pantyhose on then take pictures and have a wank. I feel guilty, but the thrill is incredible....

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    30 year old bi sexual cuckold here and I love testing with strangers and sharing photos and videos of my girlfriend with other guys. Looking for someone interested in having a sexting relationship with. Where we trade fantasies and stories and pictures and stuff.

    When I was 25 I was texting with a random guy who would send me pictures of his wife with other guys and then eventually sent me pictures he found on his daughters computer which was really hot.

    When I was just a teen Iâd go on chatrooms and talk to older guys and sometimes go on webcam for them. I love the idea that when I was only like 14 I was helping older perverts get off. Once I even fucked a girlfriend on webcam for a random guy.

    When my girlfriend was away for school I told her to go on tinder and start sexting guys and she did and was so good at it. She eventually started having them come over and duck her while they filmed for me. One time she had theee guys over at once and it was so fucking hot seeing her take three friends at once. When I visited her one time I watched her married neighbour fuck her and her hot little friend at the same time while his wife was downstairs. I ended up talking him into letting me suck his cock because it was so big and sexy. Me and two girls shared his cock while he filmed it.

    Before she left to come back home she found out her black neighbour sold weed and I told her to go to his place for weed and fool around with him. He was much older then her which she loved. She sent me a video of him and another guy smoking a blunt together on the couch while she ducked them off

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    Straight Female / 19

    Okay, so Iâve been sleeping with a 62 year old man for about a month, like without protection or anything, and I was wondering... old guys canât get you pregnant right? Like, their sperm stops working or something? I am just wondering.

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    Straight Male / 30

    My boss's boss is from Finland and is a very nice slightly older woman. When I was promoted she invited me over for dinner with her and her husband to celebrate as I would now be reporting directly to her. I was a little nervous about it since I didn't want to do anything dumb or stupid that would jeopardize my job. I get to her house which was really nice. I was given a tour of it by both her and her husband. One thing I see is a sauna and when her husband said we could go use it after dinner I became very nervous. I don't know what you all know about Finnish people but sauna's are a big part of their culture. From what I know it is customary to go into the sauna nude which was making nervous because it would mean being exposed in front of my boss. I know I could always decline to go nude but I felt it would be an insult to them and she would react negatively to me. All through dinner I was worried about what was coming and hoped they would forget about it.

    After dinner when the husband brought it up I knew I was going to have to go through with it but I still thought there was a chance nudity may not be required since maybe they too didn't want to expose themselves. My boss said she would get ready first and left the dining room. She returned a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around her waist and her breasts fully exposed. I now knew I was going to have to be nude or risk my boss being insulted. Her husband and me went up to their bedroom to get undressed together. We both fully undressed and he asked me if I wanted a pair of swim trunks. I mentioned that I thought the norm was going nude in the sauna and asked if that was a problem trying to show I had no problem with it even though I so badly wanted to slip them on. Her husband said it was no problem as long as I was comfortable with it but wanted to give me an option since some people are unwilling to be nude. I told him nudity was no problem for me and as long as they were fine with it I would go nude in the sauna. He said he was surprised since it could be a bit intimidating being exposed. He said there were towels down at the sauna and I could go ahead and he would see me down there in a minute.

    I walk down the stairs nude and when I reached the bottom my boss was there. There she was with the towel still wrapped around her and her breasts exposed. She mentioned I was nude and I asked if it was a problem. She said it wasn't but just unexpected. Her husband showed up now and said he offered me a pair of swim trunks to wear but I chose to be nude. I noticed he was not nude now but in swim trunks. I thought with him stripping nude in front of me when we both undressed together he was going to be nude in the sauna too. We then made our way into the sauna. I watched as my boss removed her towel expecting to see her nude for the first time but she had a pair of bikini bottoms on. I felt it was too late to ask for something for me to put on without looking like a coward so I just accepted it. There I was, the only one fully nude. I guess I had seen her husband nude but seeing my boss topless was my only real relief in this whole situation.

    Once we were done in the sauna we got out and each had a quick rinse in the shower. The shower was big enough to let up to 4 people shower together. This is when I finally got to see a little more of my boss. The 3 of us showered together with her husband pulling off his swim trunks as soon as he went in. My boss showered with her bottoms on until almost the end of her shower before she took them off. I now saw my boss's pussy for the first time. After we stepped out of the shower and began toweling off I noticed she wasn't shy in toweling herself off in front of me especially when toweling between her legs. Once we were done her husband suggested we sit out back and have some wine. We were in their backyard, drinking wine, chatting and no one was wearing anything. We were out there for a few hours before it was time for me to go. I stood up and her husband gave me a goodbye handshake and thanked me for coming. My boss gave me a hug with was a little uncomfortable, but in a good way, as we still were both naked and her breasts pressed against me and my cock pressed against her body. Only she came up to the bedroom where my clothes were and before I began getting dressed gave me another long hug. She again thanked me for coming and once again her breasts were pressed against me and my cock pressed against her. I was getting aroused and more so when her hands moved down and were on my ass. She did pull back slightly and looked down to see my cock erect and pressed against her. She didn't say anything but looked me in the eyes and I did feel her squeeze my ass a few times. It's like she didn't want to let go. Our embrace felt good and maybe I shouldn't have but I moved my hands to her ass and gave it a few squeezes. I even moved a finger closer to an area I shouldn't have but she didn't resist even when it did make its way in a little. We were like that for a few minutes before she suggested I get dressed. When we let go of each other, my cock was hard and she gently ran her hand along it. She watched as I dressed and I finally left for the evening.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I recently posted a story about my twin brother. This is the story of him and I fucking a guys wife together while he watched and filmed and directed us

    We were 16 and this 45 year old married guy invited us to his house to fuck his super hot wife. We went there on a Friday night, horny and ready to have fun.

    She answers the door in very sexy lingerie, showing off her big tits and her amazing ass. She walks us over to the couch and straddles me immediately shoving her tits in my face. She tells us to call her mommy for the rest of the night. We both find that very hot and start calling her mommy.

    She asks to see us kiss with lots of tongue for her so we do. She takes my brothers cock out and jerks it. She starts giving him a lap dance and tells me to hold his cock between her ass cheeks. She grinds against him and tells us sheâs always wanted twins and loves that were so young. Sheâs asks about our sexual history and we tell her about a few girls. Her husbands asks if we have any pics of the girls and we have some and show him. He finds a video of a girl from school sucking my dick and loves it. He jerks off to it and tells us he loves high school girls. His wife says if we ever have girlfriends we should bring them over

    She brings us back to her bedroom and offers us a line of coke which weâd meber done. We both do one and she immediately starts taking our clothes off. She gets on her knees and sucks us both off together. Her husband joins in and blows his load all over our cocks for her to run together.

    He sits in a chair and starts just filming us. She takes turns riding us both and we spot roast her a few times then she said itâs time for best part and she sits on my cock facing away from me, then she sits up and puts me in her ass which feels incredible. She pulls my brother toward her and puts him in her pussy and we pound the hell out of her. It felt so amazing feeling his sick against mine inside her. She cums lots and loudly and screams for us to fill her up so we both cum together inside her

    We assumed we would be leaving after that was done but she told us we were staying the night and to get ready for round two.

    We didnât go home till Sunday morning and just ducked her all weekend. At one point a black guy came over and we all watched him fuck her.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I have a twin brother and when we were 15 we were drunk at a neighbours house and there was an older guy there that was chatting with us all night being very friendly. At one point he invites us to a bedroom to smoke a joint.

    As were smoking it he gets on his knees and starts undoing my jeans. I stop him and he says heâll pay us. We ask how much he says a hundred each to suck our dicks. We agree. He takes out our semi hard dicks and starts sucking them both back and forth then both at once.

    He takes out his phone and shows us a video of his insanely hot wife being fucked from behind by a black guy. I find it insanely hot and tell him I wanna fuck his wife. He tells us we both could if we wanted. My brother says heâs gonna cum so the guy jerks him off and shoots his cum all over my dick and it was a thick load. I loved seeing it all over me. I jerked off with his cum, then blew a load myself in the guys mouth.

    My brother leaned down and kissed the guy and swapped my cum to his mouth then kissed me with tongue. It was so hot. Him and I made out for an hour while the guy watched and jerked off. He asked to FaceTime his wife to show her so we did. She was super hot looking and very into us. She asked to see us suck her hisbands dick together and promised if we did we could both dp her.

    We did. We made out on his cock and shared his cum together after we left the room and joined the party again both ended up getting laid later and we shared our stories and jerked off tofether. After that it was very common when our parents werenât home for us to watch porn together and jerk off. Or go on webcam sites together. People loved seeing us obvious twins fooling around

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    Straight Male / 45

    On my last haul from Vegas to Florida, I picked up this little blonde in Oklahoma trying to get a ride to Atlanta.

    Bitch couldnât be older than 20, tight as fuck. I made her suck, fuck and swallow the whole down.

    She sucked my dick while I was driving and I used her like a personal fucktoy in the back of my truck.

    I even fucked that teenage ass before I dropped her off at a truck stop outside of Atlanta.

    Her name was Lena or Lea or some shit like that.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My wife volunteered me to help the mother of one of her friends. I was basically going to be doing some grunt work and literally getting dirty. It was going to be moving some bricks and dirt around in her yard. I got to her house and knowing I would be getting dirty brought a change of clothes. After I finished the work I was dirty and sweaty and asked if I could have a shower. I finished my shower, wrapped a towel around me and walked back to the room where my change of clothes was.

    I was naked and still toweling parts of me off when she walks in on me. She stares at me, makes a comment about me being naked, tells me she can't take back what she just saw, sits down and says it was pointless for her to leave since she has now seen me naked. I told her it wasn't appropriate for her to stay. She tells me to not be concerned and to just get on with what I was doing because it wasn't like I was going to be more naked. I figured it would be best I just quickly finish what I was doing and get dressed. She watched as a toweled myself off. Her watching me was a little unnerving at first but soon I was getting a little turned on by it. I began to take my time and give her a longer show. She was intently watching me as I continued to towel off and grow below. I should have kept my cock covered because exposing a cock was one thing but exposing a cock that was rock hard was another. It was an even bigger turn on now having it exposed to her this way and her reactions to it. I finally did get dressed and had her thank me for the work that day. She added I was a very dirty boy for showing myself to her the way I did. I told her that she was the one who walked in on me. She said she wasn't complaining, and with a bit of a wicked smile and a wink, she was a very dirty girl. She told me it was fun show but her husband and my wife might not agree. That when I realized if this ever got back to my wife she would kill me. So far to date, and as far as I know, no one else has found out about this day.

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