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    Straight Female / 29

    This has been weighing on me for 5 years now.
    My best friend, Lisa , got married in October 2011. I was the maid of honor.
    I would never do anything to hurt Lisa, we are like sisters more than friends.

    But the night before her wedding, and just before her wedding, I did something that I will
    always regret.

    I am a big believer in fate, and if I had left 2 minutes earlier, or had we gone to a different
    bar, none of this would have happened.
    I had gone out with some friends (Lisa included) and I had quite a few drinks in me. I was the
    last one to leave the bar, and as I was literally walking out, Lisa's fiancé walked in. He was
    hoping to catch her still there so they could have 1 last drink together before they were not
    allowed to see each other the next day. I told Paul that everyone had gone, and he asked me to
    stay for one. Which I did. Which led to two, and before I knew it we had closed the bar.

    At the time, I lived walking distance from that bar, and Paul offered to walk me home and he would
    take a cab from there.

    Somehow I think we both knew that once we got to my place, I was going to invite him in. And then he
    kissed me, and I kissed back.
    I blame the sex we had that night on the alcohol - but the following morning, Paul and I made love
    over and over.
    We both agreed that it was something we had to get out of our systems, and boy did we ever.
    That Saturday morning was by far the most sex I have ever had, and the longest I had a guy penetrating
    me. Paul was like a machine.
    I don't know why, but I wanted Paul to say things about how he liked my body more than Lisa's, how
    sex was better with me, how he will think about me every time he and Lisa have sex from that day on.
    I feel so bad now for wanting to hear such hurtful things then.

    We had just finished a round of sex, and Lisa called me. I about died when I saw it was her number
    on my phone. But, I had to answer in case she was coming over or something.
    I had about a 5 minute talk with Lisa about wedding stuff, as her future husband quietly kissed my
    lips and sucked on my breasts.
    Paul and I took a romantic shower together, and even though we did not have much time, we had sex once
    more literally 2 hours before the wedding.
    My pussy was so sore as I stood at the altar with Lisa, and as exciting as the thought could have
    been knowing it was the groom that made me that sore, I felt ashamed.

    And I still do.

    I was very late with me period the following month, and all I could think about was how my
    best friend's husband may have gotten ME pregnant on their wedding day.
    Luckily it was a false alarm, and Lisa and Paul have been happily married for 5 years now.
    They have a beautiful 3 year old boy and another on the way - I am so very happy for her.

    I just don't know what to do about this 5 years of guilt.
    Part of me would love to confess everything to Lisa, but that would just ruin things for everyone.
    Paul and I have never talked about what we did, and he has never made any advances on me
    since. I think we both want to pretend it never happened.
    But it did.

    I am living with a great guy now, but I almost feel like I deserve to be cheated on.
    Lisa and I were in a silly mood the other day, and somehow we got into a conversation about
    sex. She was bragging about Paul's "size"...and I just wanted to scream out "ok he is big, but
    not THAT big!"
    My boyfriend and I talk about Lisa - I think of all my friends he has the hots for her more
    than anyone else. And honestly, I would love for them to have each other sometime.
    This is bad, but the other day Lisa was coming over, and I purposely ran to the store just before
    she got there to give her and my boyfriend some time alone.

    Maybe I should just tell her that she has my permission to try to seduce my boyfriend.
    I owe her that.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    There are so many men, boyfriends and husbands out there, who are in denial about their wive's, girlfriends, and themselves. I was one of those men until I faced up to and embraced the fact, I couldn't keep up with my wife's insatiable appetite for sex. Indeed my wife's need for sex/orgasms lead me to buy her a series of dildo's and vibrators.
    The thing was, I knew deep down the sex toys weren't enough. We'd fuck and fuck all night sometimes, and I'd still find her using a dildo after we'd finished to excite herself again. So it was no surprise to me when she suggested during sex one evening, if we shouldn't include and invite someone we both knew fancied her, to have sex with us.
    Not wanting to brag too much, but my wife who's seven years my junior, is a very attractive slim horny looking woman. She's a very straight person outside of our home. And no one who knows her professionally, family or in our social life, would think of her as a nymphomaniac, yet she is.
    Chris is a neighbor of ours. He's nineteen and has from what I've now discovered has a massive cock. I first caught him checking out Renia my wife at a barbecue we held for my wife moms birthday last year. Chris was eighteen then and full of sexual desire for my wife and it showed. Renia also saw him checking her out, and in her own words "I teased the hell out of him". By the time the barbecue was ending, he'd approached me and asked me if I knew Renia had stroked his cock in the kitchem. I hadn't known, but I grew hard just thinking of her doing it. I told Chris I did know and then went to speak to Renia. She dragged me into our upstairs bathroom and blew my cock, getting me to lick out her pussy and ass iuntil she came al over my face.
    Three weeks later during an early evening sex session, she asked me as I was fucking her asshole, if I'd like to invite Chris to fuck her. Half an hour later I got a text reply from Chris saying "Fuck, yeh man I'll be right round". Watching that young mans huge cock slide down my wife's throat was in a way a little unnerving, and yet also extremely exciting. He was young and is young, so he had absolutely no inhibitions about anything to do with sex. And he also took no time at all, to be balls deep up my wife's asshole.
    They fucked and fucked for quite some time, without me joining in. Then Renia asked Chris to suck my dick. He didn't bat an eyelid taking my already erect cock into his mouth. Renia was sucking on his dick at the time and we all ended up on the bed giving each other oral sex as I moved to lick in and suck on my wife's swollen clit. Over the next hour or two we all enjoyed some form of sexual contact with the other, with me eventually sucking off Chris's cock after it had been fucking my wife's pussy to orgasm.
    Over the next couple of months, it became normal for me to walk in from work to find his large cock pounding my wife's pussy and asshole. I became less and less involved and eventually they brought in another guy, an older guy called Tony who Chris knew from college. With one evening walking into my home to find Chris fucking Renia's pussy, as Tony was thrusting up her asshole from behind. they all saw me and it was Tony who shouted at me to lick his ass. Getting out of my business suit and underwear, I was ordered to lick each of their sexes and assholes in turn. Then in a turn of events which has changed the whole dynamic of my marriage, Renia told Tony to fuck me. He made some protest at first, but like me, she ordered him around and like a puppy he followed her suggestion.
    Lay on her back with Chris's cock sliding in and out of her well fucked pussy, she had me lay next to her also on my back, and watched Tony's cock disappear up my asshole. It wasn't pleasant at all at first, but Renia told Tony not to give me any time to get used to him. So he didn't and I was fucked hard from the first thrust of his cock. And that's just how I like it now.
    Chris and Tony often visit our home, but I'm no longer THE cuckold husband. Our relationship has changed, yet I still fuck my wife whenever I want. The difference now is, when she's being fucked by one of her four different men, I'm often getting fucked myself, by one of the three men I now exclusively have to myself. Tony still fucks me when he's around with Chris, but his cock isn't the only one to keep my wife and moreover, me happy.
    And to make things even better for me at least, Chris has this past month began to slide that monster cock of his, up my willing asshole, when Renia's at her new place of work. Happy days...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    My wife still gets hot remembering how she fucked her boss.

    She worked as a waitress when we met. We hadn't been dating long when she confessed that she had been fucking her boss. It was a tearful admission and she assured me that she told him she couldn't have sex any more after we got serious. But she also said it was hard because he really wanted to have sex with her and it turned her on. She said the last time, it was the end of the day and only her and her boss were there. She was washing the dishes and he came up behind her and pulled her pants down and started feeling her. But she said she didn't fuck him.

    We have been married for years now and having an affair is still one of her favourite fantasies. She says that one of the best things about fucking her boss at the restaurant was that he was married and they did it in secret. Also, that he was very horny and always wanted her. She is quite open about it and we often talk about it when we have sex. It always turns her on and she gets very hot and wet.

    We were cuddling and kissing this morning. I had been feeling her body for a while, squeezing her ass, rubbing up and down her legs and feeling up her little tits, when she groaned a little, pulled down her panties and rolled away a little so I could fell her pussy. She was into it but not really - still dry and just a little excited.

    I kept rubbing her clit and asked her what makes her the wettest. She said "Fucking Mr. Wong" and, as soon as she said it, she started to get wet. "He said I'm like the tofu in the kitchen - always very wet".

    And she was getting wet. I knew the answer, but I asked anyway "Do you like getting fucked?"

    &quo t;Yes" she said, and I could see her expression change.

    "Did it make you wet, knowing he wanted to fuck you?"

    "Yes, I was always wet when he touched me. He would grab me and my pants would get wet. Then he would fuck me from behind with his big cock."

    By this time, she was very wet. I kissed her then looked at her and she had the most beautiful expression as I massaged her clit and ran my fingers through her sopping wet pussy.

    "He was always very fast, but his cock was very big." she said, with a smile.

    Then she arched her back and shook as she came.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I moved from my small town into the city and looked for a job. I got a temp assignment through a placement agency at an insurance company. I was there to do filing. The woman I worked is middle thirties, Hispanic. She said she was single and she did not have any children. I worked in her office all day, taking files out of the cabinets and moving them to boxes. I caught her looking at me, staring at me. I started to put the files into the boxes in front of her desk so she couldn't look at me.

    She sent me down to the first floor to get a sandwich for us, and she closed the door for us to each lunch. She asked me to pull the chair around so I would be by her side instead of across from her. When she put her hand on my thigh she told me to shush and be a good girl. Her hand went all the way up my thigh and she asked for a kiss. I tried to tell her that I didn't want to do that but she stood up and leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. She sat down and opened her legs and pulled up her skirt and told me she wanted me to give her a kiss between her legs. When I refused she told me I had to be good to mommy and to kiss her real good.

    I managed to break her hold on my wrist and stood up and went to the door and left. Since I didn't have a ticket signed I didn't get paid.

    On another occasion I was substituting for a woman who was out on maternity leave, my job required me to attend to customers at the front desk of this auto repair shop. The owner was a middle aged man, who had a picture of his wife and four kids on his desk. He came up from behind me and put his arms around me and grabbed my breasts and started to kiss me on my neck. He asked me if I knew what I was supposed to do because he wanted to get some pussy. The front door was locked and he kept leaning on me until he had his whole body weight against me. I could feel his erection against me and he was grabbing my breasts real hard. He let go of my breasts and got my pants halfway down my thighs and he put his hand up under my crotch to open my legs and he stuck his penis in me. After he was done he sat in his chair and wanted me to give him oral sex.

    I thought that it was crazy, but I got down on my knees and gave him oral sex. He had sex with me several times during my temp job while the other girl came back from maternity.

    Whe n she came back, he gave me a cell phone to call him, so we could get together to have sex. During most of the times he had sex with me, I closed my eyes and remembered the woman at the insurance company and how her legs were open and how she wanted me to kiss her. I dreamt that I would get down and she would take her panties off and I would kiss her and love her and she would tell me what a good girl I was and that mommy loved me. At night, I would remember having sex with him and would think about her open legs and masturbate.

    Until I called her out of the blue and asked her if she had any work for me. I met her at a restaurant and told her about my temp jobs and that I needed a full time job and I apologized for walking out, that she had scared me. I went to her apartment and I did what I had been dreaming. I told her about the man from the repair shop and how I needed to think of her for it to feel good. She helped me get a job at a company where a friend of hers worked. That is where I work now.

    I don't see the man anymore, I am totally involved with her. When I left my home I never dreamt that I would enjoy being with a woman, and that I would enjoy a woman being with me. I also never thought I would enjoy being sexual so much. If I had stayed home I would probably have to get married to my friend from high school who works at the paint factory.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 54

    My ex-wife, Beth, was an alcoholic. She drank wine by the boxfull. One night at home she got pretty drunk and we went up to the bedroom and had sex. Pretty much our usual routine …. missionary, then her on top, etc. She then passed out. When she was passed out almost nothing could wake her. She was on her side and I started moving closer to her, my crotch area pushing up to her. I reached from behind her and started feeling and squeezing her nice tits. My cock started getting hard and thought this would be a good chance to fuck her again. I didn't want her to notice what I did, so I got out of bed and put a condom on and came back to bed. I snuggled up close to her from behind and massaged her tits some more. She only had a short nightie on with no panties, so it was easy to get to her tits and pussy.

    My cock was really hard by then. I guided it into her, both of us on our sides. She was still wet from our previous sex, so my cock slid into her very smoothly. She was so passed out that she didn't even move. I pushed my cock in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster, until I shot a big load of cum into the condom. I pulled out of her, lowered her nightie, got out of bed, cleaned up, came back and went to sleep, with her none the wiser.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    Lost all focus and credibility with myself at the moment. First my wife tells me she finds it hard to orgasm when we make love. Then she informs me there's a guy she'd love to have sex with, and I somehow find myself agreeing she can fuck him. After a few weeks of them fucking away from our home, and her insisting I somehow try to please her by tonguing out her pussy and asshole afterwards, she then tells me he's staying over and I'm to sleep in the guest bedroom.
    They fucked pretty much all night, with my wife screaming the house down with the amount of orgasms she was having. I got to see him for the first time and I'm not surprised she went for him. He's and ex Marine who's built like a tank. Full of muscle and from my wife's description when he arived, has a huge cock.
    Around seven in the morning my wife enters the guest room, pulls back the duvet and sits on my face. Her pussy and ass are both full of cum and so are her tits which he's only just cum over. After having me lick out her love holes, she lets his new sticky load drip into my mouth from her nipples.
    I'd just about cleaned off her large pert breasts when he stands in the bedroom doorway. It's perfectly clear my wife wasn't lying as his dick is enormous. Far larger than mine and much thicker too. And it's standing to attention. He smiles at me, tells my wife to move over and climbs on the bed. Right there in front of me, he slips his huge cock up my wifes asshole from behind and looking right into my eyes begins to fuck her. She orgasms twice as he rams his dick so far up her asshole, and I lay there and watch as if it's perfectly normal.
    This was my final demoralization. Once he came up MY wife's asshole calling her a slut, he puled out and I heard my wife tell me to clean him off. His cock was still erect and dripping cum when I turned to see him smiling at me. His wrds stil stick in my head "Suck my cock clean you fucking wimp". And opening my mouth to receive it, I did.
    Once they were both satisfied I'd done a good enough job, of slurping off the cum and anal juices off his huge cock, they both grinned at each other and my wife told me to get them breakfast. They joined me half an hour later in the kitchen. My wife told me he wouldn't be around for a while after that day, so I'd have to pay special attention to her needs.
    Each day for over a fortnight I had my wife sit on my face. Sometimes it was fresh and others it was clear she'd been fucked by some other dude. Her Marine came back a month back and since then I've not stopped servicing them both. He's told my wife he'd love to try and fuck me to really "doormat" me. She's not allowed him yet, as she see's me now as just a "cuckold" to be abused (Her words). But they both discussed it again last night as I had his cock in my mouth, sucking off both of their climaxes. My wifes last statement before they went ot bed was "He'd probably fucking love it up his ass, so yeh it'd be fun to watch you fuck him". As she left the room, she turned her head and said "Make sure you're ready for him next weekend when he stays over, as your going to be one he fucks first".
    He's already text her today telling her he's looking forward to drilling my ass. And I now for sure I'm going to let him. Besides what choice do I have.............

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 55

    I tried sucking my first cock when I was very young and after that I became addicted to sucking cock and over the years I not only sucked plenty of cock but was also introduced into anal sex and found I love having cock buried inside me. Now many years later I have got to the point where I suck or get fucked at a drop of a hat and it doesn't matter where.
    I have found that the older you get the harder it is to find guys wanting to have sex. It doesn't help that I live in a very small town and there are no gay bars or even adult stores near me and being in a small town guys are afraid to meet because they seem to be afraid they might know me and their secret of having gay sex would get out in town.
    The thing is if I get to have sex I am not going to tell anyone because if it were to turn into a regular thing then why would I want to ruin that. It seems the older I get the hornier I am and I am always looking for cock to suck because I truly love the act and I do love when a man cums in my mouth and swallowing his cum.
    I have got to the point where I am always checking out guys and not afraid if they catch me as well as I have been known to flat out ask a guy is he wants sucked off. Yes it has caused a few issues hear and there but it has also been a benefit from time to time. I have sucked guys off in restrooms, parks, parking lots and in the woods. I have put ads on places like craig's list and a few others looking for guys that want to come over and watch Sunday/Monday football and during the whole game I have been between their legs edging them by sucking and licking their cock and balls and near the end of the game had them explode in some of the biggest cum shots that have made it near impossible to swallow it all.
    My dream is to have a cock or 3 to suck off a few times each week and if they want a piece of ass I would enjoy that also. If I were in my 20's and knew then what I know now I know I would have been the biggest cock sucker in town but getting older and finding out how much I love cock and how hard it is to find some is a real bitch.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my dirty confession.

    My name is Matthew. I'm 6ft, 215lbs of nicely cut muscle, light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm a clean cut man's kind of man. I have some ready great friends, I keep a down to eart opened minded fit group of people as company. Well recently my kinky wild gf and I were at a small house party drinking and having a great time and as the night went on things got sexy. Two of our friends started having sex in the living room after we convinced them to just go at it. We all watched and cheered them on. This is sort of a normal thing in our group, we all like to work out and have sex together. Well my buddy has a fairly large cock and got her to cumming quickly. Another lady from our group started getting naked to help him out since he had yet to finish when my girlfriend suggested we join them on the couch and see which girl could hold out the longest. We proceeded to just that. I sat shoulder in shoulder naked with my naked buddy and the girls began. Unfortunately both girls finish, his before mine but here we both still hard dicks sitting on the couch. One of the girls suggested since we lasted so long to see who could jack the other one off faster. After some mild discussion and another beer we gave it a go. Something new for us both but both our gfs pushed us into it saying it would be really hot to see two hung guys go at it. We both started giving it a go, trying to see which guy could finish the other faster. It was actually really neat having a different cock other than my own in my hand. Our gfs responded well as they began to sexily started rubbing on one another. He began to tire in his arm and to be honest my hand was getting from gripping his girthy member. Our buddy thought it would be funny suggest that him and I try sucking each other off. We both didn't agree with this. When he called us out and asked how we didn't know we wouldn't like it... Didn't have an answer. The girls were intrigued as he got down and began to give me head. Honestly, it was by far the best head I had ever gotten, especially better than a woman has ever done for me. One thing led to the other and shortly there soon after we three we sucking each other's cock. The girls were getting wild over this, all hot and bother and dripping wet. When two of the girls suggested we try fucking each other we all kind of stopped and look at ea h other. Why not, we were drunk and horny. Well as one of the girls was telling us how to start anal, my more hung buddy was fiddling his dick around my asshole. Something about this had my cock raging hard and ready to burst when my girlfriend cut in saying she wanted me to fuck her in the ass and let it all go. So instead I began to fuck her in the ass while my two buddies began to try each other ass. At this point I could t stop staring at my buddy taking another buddies cock and him moaning loudly enjoying it. My gf finished quickly again annoyingly. So her gf jumped on to finish the job, I came really hard on her watching him fuck him. Later that night, well earlier morning when most everyone was crashing after a lot of drinking and sex and a lol bit of weed. I was laying down thinking about that dick on my asshole and I began to get erect. I waited for my hung buddy to go to the restroom, when he did I followed. I asked him if he wanted to finish what he started, he stated I would have to get him hard again. After a moment pause I dropped to my knee and pulled his cock out and began to suck, and quickly I let go of any worried or reserves I had and just went at it like a horny slut. I slobbered that cock and stroked it perfectly. What happened next caught me off guard. He pushed me over to being on all fours and began to lick my asshole. I almost lost it, it was a intense feeling that made me ready to lose control and then I felt it, his cock pressing my asshole, I took a deep breath and began to push back onto him. Oh it hurt so bad at first but I am not a quitter and I didn't want to disappoint my buddy, so I forced myself to take it all. He moaned as I took him all in. He then grabbed me forcefully by my hips and stood me up but bent over and began to take long deep strokes into me. This was a new and incredible feeling, I felt like I was cumming in a new way. As I began to stand all the way he drove harder and more aggressively. By this time the sound of our fapping bodies had gain some attention by our not so sleeping friend, they barged into the bathroom as he grabbed me around the neck and moaned heavily as he came inside my ass. At this point I was hooked and everyone loved seeing that situation go down. Now we still get together all of us friend but the sex is so much more amazing and open.

    I now sneak behind my gf's back to go ride a big dick every now and then. All gents should try.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I work for a disability company and from time to time I work in the respite centre. One evening the driver and myself had to pick up a disabled girl around 14 years old and take her to another accommodation to give her mother respite. My job is to sit with the girl during transport. As we were heading the 45 minute drive to the accommodation out in the country the girl put her hand on my penis and I let her do what she wanted. It was dark outside and I knew the driver could not see so on the trip I enjoyed oral and her drinking me. When she finished she whispered that she loved sucking my cock and wanted me to fuck her. I put her in the adjoining room to my room and over the next few days fucked her a lot.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I own a pest control business where I go inside and outside of my clients home to spray chemical to kill bugs. There was this home I look forward to go and spray, every time I go inside I would make sure I spend extra time in there bathroom and the girls bedroom. You know how teenage girls they leave stuff laying around. They leave their panties, bras and clothes everywhere, knowing what they wear underneath of their clothes when I see them turn me on. So I had to moved some clothes around before I spray there room. I didn't want the chemical I was using to get onto the clothes, beside the smell of the chemical can be bad for them. So when I move some clothing around there was this dildo came out of the pile of clothes along with other toys. I didn't know these girls were using toys at that early in age, I was surprise by it. I quickly cover it back up and moved onto the bathroom, lord and behold, there were bras, panties, pantyhose you name it, it was hanging to get dry. Then I saw breasts form the girls was using just laying on top of the bathroom counter. By now I am starting to get arouse and I had to take a deep breath so I can finish the job and moved onto the next job.

    The next job is little different, meaning I have clients that can't pay me money but in return I get sex. I usually wait until the end of my day to this client but after seeing all this stuff at this house I had to moved this one up. This client is a single mom with a teenage girl and they hate spiders, ants and other kind of bugs. I got to this house everything is fine until the daughter open the door and said mommy just went out to the store to get something. I said oh do you know when she be back and she said no. See usually when I do this house is late of the day the daughter is gone to her friends house and the mom is alone so we can have sex. This time I though I screw-up but I didn't because the daughter said if I happen to show up early when she is not home just give him the usual things. I said what do you mean, she said mom told me every time when you finish spraying the house she give you blowjob, because we can't afford to pay you. I was so shock she knew, I guess mom must of told her about it. This time I got a blowjob by her daughter, it was okay but I like the mom better because she knew how to please me. Next time I might get both of them if I can work out a deal.

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