The name says it all. Many sexual situations are very embarrassing, or happen in the work place, and might seem to fit in other Adult Confessions categories. But if you're looking for some wild stories, and want to add your two cents, then you might want to pick Sex!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 29

    I feel like an extreme person I go from needing sex all the time to complete aversion just over minor things and get bad migraines and heart palpitations over sexual worries and hang ups and not having sex for so long. people think its funny but my heart literally does skip a beat and makes sex feel fearful. I am afraid of having a stroke or heart attack whenever horny.

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    Transsexual Female / 54

    story of a 50 year old woman told by our cleaning lady.
    Very nice lady cleans for us and helps me take my treatments. We talk about everything openly. I helped her find a web site to meet guys. She tells me about her friends and adventures.
    One of her neighbors was a pest, always her door. I suggested taking her out to party. She might meet some guy and become busy.
    She did what I suggested. A fairly rough bar she frequents has a number of guys looking for loose females. She had her along as one of the girls. About two hours before closing a guy had this neighbor dancing. So she walked up and told her, We are leaving, the guy said I will take her home, she is ok. So she walked away. happened before the neighbor could say a word, the women were gone. they hit another bar near the beach.

    The next day she got details of the night.

    This guy took her home and ask to use her bathroom. he finished and went to her room. She walked in and said this guy had a great long one sticking right up. He would not leave, and she worried others would know he was there. She agreed to giving him a blow job. She stared and he said take your top off. She did, he sucked her tits and held her as she sucked him. he pulled up her skirt and hand in her pants. The guy could not cum no matter what. he got her panties off and pulled her over. He sucked my pussy and it was nice. She laid back and enjoyed the oral sex and he was fingering her. her head popped up when he plunged that long rod in her. She wet some from the pressure and drinks. She wanted to get up, he said just lay there, I am about to finish. She went her own bed to let this guy finish. he pulled out and jerked on her belly and skirt. got up and dressed. Said he would see her tomorrow night. he would bring the beer.
    She wanted to hide from him in her apartment.

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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was ten, I lived next door to a woman and a man who were bikers and white trash. My parents told me to stay away from them, and I'd overhear them constantly complain about the loud and raucous parties they'd have. The neighbors had two daughters. One was twelve and the other must have been fourteen or fifteen. They were totally hot to me then, and they dressed like complete harlots and new more about sex than any young kid should know. I would sneak off to hang out with them in a "clubhouse" we'd made of a bunch of ply-wood and old milk crates in a clump of trees that grew in a field across from our houses. I was shy and embarrassed then, so when they'd offer to do things to me I turned them down. One day they brought a bottle of some liquor and drank it while we sat in the clubhouse. The older girl suddenly jumped on top of me and held me down. The younger girl tied me up with an electrical cord. I still don't know where it came from. The older girl pulled my pants down and started sucking on my dick. I begged them to stop, as good as it felt, because I was scared and shy and just wanted to go home. The older girl made the younger girl suck me and then pulled off her pants. She sat on my face and yelled until I stuck my tongue out and licked her. She forced me to lick her pussy and her ass, and by then I was crying. They started making fun of me and laughing at me, and the bigger girl eventually sat down on my little hard on and fucked me while the younger girl watched.

    I never told anyone what happened, but I stopped hanging out with the girls for a long time. As I got a little older, I of course went with them anywhere they wanted and I'd have more sex with the two of them than I can write about here. The original time fucked me up emotionally, mentally, and sexually, and I hated women and used them for the longest.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Someone posted about a hook up with person from E.P. and I had one as well. Kim was her name, round face pretty woman with killer body. She ask me to meet her at a hotel, did not want to alert her kids. I arrived early and watched her drive up. I checked in and she paid me half for the room.
    Got her stripped and watched her jiggle as she walked. Turned me on, I like plump women.
    Wore a condom and we great sex. She set a meeting in two weeks. We met and this time she got really into it. by the third time I pulled the condom off when she turned over. She did get worried, not upset.
    Last meeting I wore nothing and finished inside her three times.

    I started looking at her post, she was and is married. I am in to deep now to stop, the deed is done.

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    Straight Male / 36

    Still taste her pussy in my mustache from this morning. We were alone for a change, her legs went open and I dove right in. Left her soaked from her second orgasm, could like the creamy juice leaking from her. plunged in her and started a firm stroke. Not long before she started her soft moans.

    Damn she is a hot ride.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I joined experiance project and stayed up tslking to a guy from my hometown all night. I actually know the bitch hes married to. I went to school with her.
    We sent each other naked pics. He wants to meet me bad this weekend. I think im going to do it.

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    Straight Male / 18

    i fucken love big big big bouncing titties the bigger the better the hornier I feel. I love sucking and fondling nipples. I love watching nipples and have a thing for big puffy inverted nipples and find them so horny ... I love to jiggle nipples and clits and the tip heads of penis on nipples. and watch the cream pie booby jiggle. I love boob jobs so much with big big big big big tits. I love huge mega tits exposed in public and watching them bounce out in play parks and I am turned on by old fat sluts with big tits and love to see them exposed at parties and fun parks etc

    I love seeing professional women breast feed and pull out the tits, nothing turns me on more then mirror sunglasses lip gloss on nipples and full chubby babes ...

    chubby bubby bodies and chubby tubby titties are my thing.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I love seeing young bitches who look perfect in business suits or carrying babies humiliated and fucked in public. I love watching porn of public sex. I just love professional women being humiliated in threesomes in the workplace. so hot. so hot... complete hard on!

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    Straight Male / 33

    Over the long weekend we had some time for sex and sleeping in. With a few drinks I talked my wife into letting me in the back door.
    Saturday night we had showered I gave her a massage and oral sex. I ran the tongue around the back hole and she took it well. She spread her cheeks and relaxed for the attention.
    We had front door sex until we were spent, had some drinks and watched porn. now she would be relaxed and ready, started by a good lube and more vaginal sex. With her ass lubed up and waiting; the transition should be smooth. Legs up and stroked her till she came, as soon as she finished, I stuck it in her ass. She took it well and enjoyed it. She rubbed her clitoris and had an orgasm as I enjoyed it. When I finished she wanted to kiss, I soon plopped out limp. The juice ran out of her.

    Was not as good as I thought, she soon got loose. I could pull out and see a gapped hole. She did enjoy and told she wanted it again soon. I like the feel of her vagina so much more.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I'm not a virgin, definitely not, but I have a boyfriend who is 22 years old and still a virgin. I've never had a problem having sex before and I absolutely LOVE sex. We've been together for a few months now and he's starting to really trust me which means a lot to me. I've never pressured him or anything but lately he's been telling me that he wants to have sex with me. The problem is that I'm afraid to have sex with him because I don't want to fuck up our relationship by having sex with him and I hate that he's a virgin while I'm not. I feel like an absolute asshole because he isn't my first but I am his. Hell, he's like the 8th guy I'll have ever had sex with. So I've been avoiding having sex with him which really sucks, because he turns me on so hard, and knows how to use his hands and mouth to make me super horny and wet, and I REALLY WANT TO HAVE SEX but I feel so bad about it. Like I mean HE REALLY REALLY TURNS ME ON, like he's the best I've ever had and he's not even using his dick yet, and it's really big too, and I fantasize about us having sex all of the time, and it's so tempting. He's so good, that I'm getting turned on just thinking about him when he turns me on. Ahhhh, the conflict! Fucking virgin! God dammit. And now I'm really horny.... FUCK.

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