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    The sun has started to really start shining here. My wife was in the mood was trying to lure me into bed. Sadly, I had a deadline I needed to make and so I told her to just give me one hour and I would be right there. She teased me and said she was going to go tanning then. My home office is on the second floor and has a great view of the backyard, meaning I had a great view of her in her swimsuit. She knew I was watching her and we have high fences, so she started to tease me a bit. Pulling her suit down and to the side and starting to play with herself. She removed her swimsuit entirely and really got into it. That is when I noticed that our neighbor's teenage son was watching from his window as well. He didn't have a direct view of her pussy, as she was facing me, but I am sure he saw plenty. Between her little show and getting turned on by the unexpected voyeurism, any hope I had in getting my work done was shot.

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    Before I met my husband I was fairly straight laced. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed sex and really enjoyed sex when I was being dominated and fucked hard, yet it was all tame compared to what I'm now receiving.
    It was my husband who introduced me to having sex with other men. He wanted me to worship them and their huge cocks, so I did. I soon learned I wouldn't break in two, and I also learned I was really good at deep throating men with very large cocks.

    After around two years of my husband sharing me out with other men, he suddenly decided he no longer wanted me to indulge with anyone other than himself. For a while I settled back down into the hum sexual lifestyle we'd had, but I craved those men who's cocks were at least eight inches long and very thick.
    Mentioning it to him, my husband told me those days were over for me and it would be his five inch slim cock from then on, I'd have to be satisfied with. Only I wasn't.

    Meeting a guy called Adam my husband had introduced me to almost a year before, by pure chance, he asked me how I was and was my husband still allowing guys like him to fuck me senseless. I told him what my husband had said and done, to which he said "I'd fuck you right now if I could".
    In his truck only five minutes drive from the cafe I'd been in, I knelt on his vehicles seat and took his massive cock up my asshole. It had been a while, so I had trouble at first taking his large member. But once my asshole was used to his size all over again, we fucked like rabbits for nearly a full half an hour without a pause. in that time he fucked my pussy and ass in many positions in and out of his truck, and he took me to lots of very powerful orgasms before I had him cum up my ass.

    Back at home later on, I looked at my husband made a decision there and then. It was he who'd introduced me to rough and ready sex with larger men, and it was he who was trying to deny me any future pleasure with them. My decision was, I wasn't going to allow him to deny me anything anymore.
    The very next day, I phoned one of the men we'd invited around Ray, and also Adam who'd fucked me the previous day. They both said they'd call by, and by lunch time I was naked on our front room carpet mounting Ray's huge cock deep inside my pussy, as I sucked on Adam's pure man meat.

    It was an afternoon of anything goes sex and by the time they left our home, I'd been fucked so hard and so deep up my pussy and ass, I could hardly walk to the shower. My husband mentioned the odor when he got home, the smell of sex, but I told him it was a candle I'd bought and was burning. I was burning a candle, but I can tell you now, it was definitely the sex he could smell.

    And it's not been a one off either. Since then I've entertained Adam and Ray together on more than one occasion, and had them fuck me many many times individually too.

    The latest person to enjoy my new found expression of my naked sexual self, is a young neighbor who just cannot believe his luck. I would be described as looker, and very trim to go with it. He's a nerdy game player type who's skinny and not that good looking. Yet he's cheeky and has got the cock to go with his obvious ballsy approach.
    His is the biggest cock I've been fucked by, and he knows how to fuck me hard, rough and dominate me just how I love it. It also helps his cock is over nine inches in length, and the same width as my expensive marble rolling pin.
    My husband had, has a choice, and he chose wrong. His mistake.

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    To: Amy from Confession #42750

    From: Poster46 at outlook dot com.

    I know your conference is this week. I'd love for you to get back in touch to let me know what you get up to. I had a lot of fun chatting with you before. I hope you did too.

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    This happened in California when I was 17 years old:

    My older brother's friend had a crush on me. I had a secret crush on him. He asked to take me to a drive-in movie. We have a drive-in theater complex in our city. You sit in cars to watch movies. It's like probably one of the last drive-in theaters in America.

    I figured we would do some touching and making out. Planning and scheming I went kind of wild. It was summer and warm. I assumed we'd be in the dark in a car. I also wanted to be comfortable watching the movie.

    All I wore was a pair of my soft jogging shorts and an almost see-through pastel pink cotton stretch tank top. (I usually wore the clothes for sleep. I also wore my shower sandals. That was it. No bra. No panties. I went commando. I wanted everything to be easy removal. I figured if we were going to do something I wanted to have easy access! I put condoms, some lube, and other essentials in my emptied school pack I brought along that evening for the occasion.

    When my date came to get me I ran outside before my mom noticed how little I was wearing. As soon as I got in my date's car I immediately wondered what I was thinking. It was still daylight. It was like being out in public topless. I had firm C cup boobs (now firm D's), pretty noticeable. My boobs were poking out like super obvious projectiles. You could see everything. I kind of did the fold my arms over my breasts routine.

    Anyhow, now I'm on a date wearing hardly anything. So we first stopped at a fast food restaurant drive through. My date asked me what food I wanted. I thought that was nice of him. I knew he was just a modest income family college student. I had told him I am good with just a movie. I knew he was on a tight budget. It was kind of strange because right after the restaurant he drove nearby to a grocery store. He said he wanted to get some "stuff."

    I wasn't sure what he meant by "stuff." It was things like soda, cookies, potato chips, m&m's. Even though he is lean and muscular my date really loaded up on the junk food! He asked what I wanted. I eat mostly vegan. I grabbed a couple of bananas, carrots, gr**es, and a small can of peanuts that cost like $3. It was awkward to me because as we walked around the store I felt people were looking at my breasts whenever I unfolded my arms.

    At the checkout, I was shocked at how much money it cost. I don't know why. It's just me. I knew my friend had bought all the restaurant food and now this food. I tried to give him $10. He kept refusing.

    So we get all this huge amount of food and drinks and go to the drive-in. It was really warm that evening. I saw how after he parked the car and we rolled down the windows my tits were beginning to sweat. He's obviously trying to be polite. My nipples were hard and popped out too because I felt anxious. I tried to talk and act casual.

    The first movie of the double feature started. We are both nervous so we are stuffing our faces and barely talking. I'm more on the slender-shapely-busty side. I regularly jog and exercise (still do), so it's not like I wanted to add weight. I told myself to slow it down. Eat slower. I started just nibbling. He chowed down! Actually the movie was pretty good. I was really getting into the movie.

    We finish mostly eating. I hadn't even touched my food from the store. He suggests we get into the back seat of his mom's Honda Accord car because we were seated apart in front car sets. It's then I see the back seat has some blankets.

    I tell him like how are we gonna see the movie if we sit in back?

    It was lame of me. I really liked the movie. I also saw how it wasn't dark-dark, just kind of dark with some stars. I could tell it was sort of stupid what I said but it was too late to take back my words.

    At intermission we used the restrooms.

    Back at his car I told him why don't we sit in the back seat? I'd checked the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The next movie wasn't rated very high.

    As soon as I asked him about the back seat it's like I see my brother's friend has a total boner in his shorts. I'm like OMG!!! It's HUGE! He went like a movie played in fast motion putting his chips and snacks back into the grocery bags. He put the car front seats forward. I kinda just stood there holding my girls and felt my pussy throbbing and getting super wet.

    So we get in the back seat. We're kind squeezed together. He like wrapped his arm around me. It was nice. I put my leg over his legs. I was pressed against the rear door. I could barely move or even see the movie. I think we both knew what we wanted.

    It goes hot in like ten seconds. We tongue kissed. Sucked faces. He reached down and started grabbing my breasts under my stretch top.

    It was like a magic trick. He grabbed behind me the back of my tank top. He just pulled my top off so smoothly in like three seconds! It happened so fast I was like how did he just do that?!!! In between us kissing he kissed my face and neck. He motor-boated my breasts. He sucked and kissed my nipples. His and my hands went everywhere.

    I similarly went love crazy too. I reached up a leg of his shorts. I wasn't gonna waste time. I knew I only had a movie's worth of time! I lucked out. He was wearing boxers!

    I grabbed his big meaty man meat hard horse dick. It was fantastic!

    We were both doing weird sexual lust acrobatics to explore each other. With his pants still on I just started jerking him off. He came in like twenty seconds. It was like cum went everywhere in his pants.

    I wanted to see his dick. I had brought in my school pack a water bottle and even a couple terrycloth hand towels. I told him to take off his pants so I can clean up the cum. My biggest reason was I wanted to see his big meat horse dick!

    I was like a love nurse. I washed and wiped him down. Even half-erect in the dark his dick was great!

    I just said to myself forget it. I didn't want to waste time. I slipped off my shorts. I was nude in the back of his car. He pulled off the rest of his clothes too.

    I'm thinking how is this gonna work? He just orgasmed. I wanted his horse dick in me.

    With my feet up by my vag I spread my legs. My pussy was dripping. I could fell my pussy pumping.

    He dug condom out of his removed pants. I thought how lucky. I won't have to use my condom.

    All of a sudden he reached into one of the grocery bags. I immediately thought this is a weird time to get hungry, but I did observe he ate like a horse. He had a horse-sized dick so obviously he gets hungry.

    He pulled out a banana.

    He put condom over the banana. I'd never seen anything like it. I fingered myself while he put a banana in my pussy. He used the banana like a dildo. I kept fingering myself. I kept thinking I want horse dick. I want horse dick. I kept telling him I want horse dick.

    He told me just give him a minute. The banana was nice but I kept begging for his horse dick. The people in the cars near to us were probably wondering what was wrong with me begging for horse dick and telling him I don't want a banana.

    Then he reached back in the grocery bag and pulled out the carrots. He must have expected a lot of sex because he pulled out a second condom. This one he put on his dick.

    I mounted him like a horse. It's all cramped and crazy. My body was just totally in heat! I was galloping away and having bursts of intense orgasms on him. We probably looked so odd. The car was shaking. We hoped no one noticed. He grabbed my lube jelly and smeared it all over the crack of my butt. As I rode him he put lube on a carrot.

    He told me to take a pause. With his horse dick in me he slowly inserted the carrot in my butt.

    I felt so kinky. I rode his throbbing horse dick and simultaneously had a carrot shoved in my ass!

    I went mad carrot-assed crazy. I just felt it build. All of a sudden I had a HUGE Orgasm!!! My body flailed everywhere. The people in the cars near us probably wondered if I had died!

    I didn't think it was possible. My date orgasmed again at the same moment as me too!!! I didn't think guys could recover that quickly!

    We did the craziest stuff!!

    I still had the carrot in my my ass. Without us even wearing clothes we climbed into the front seats of his mom's car, the carrot still in me like a hard tail. Once I got over the front passenger seat. I shoved the banana back in me too.

    We left the drive-in near the end of the second movie. We could care less about the second movie. If someone had asked me details about the second movie I'd never know. We didn't even wear clothes driving away in the car. With my back leaned against the passenger door, my date continued to run the carrot in and out of my butt while I fingered and used the banana gin. We just left hoping no one would in cars would notice.

    We went to my date's bedroom. He and I had sex until the sun came up. I even stuffed his dick in my mouth. I got in all kinds of trouble by my worried mom, but I didn't care. It's not every night a girl rides a horse dick, gets off with a banana in her pussy, cums with a carrot shoved up her ass, and sucks and swallows a horse dick too!

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    Okay I might have taken advantage of a desperate single older-man. He is my boyfriend's landlord I met him for the first time 4 weeks ago. His wife died a few years ago and he now runs their rental properties alone. My boyfriend said he's pretty cool guy so he invited him to his house party.

    I could tell he was a gentle guy and he was really happy to be hanging out with people. We ate and drank with lots of laughs. But then something happened as he was telling me a joke I reached over and touched his chest he grab my hand and gave it a little gentle squeeze. We locked eyes and without saying a word I can tell what he was thinking.

    So by the ends of the night I slipped him my number I've never been with an older guy and it was something about him they got me curious. I know he made me horny I fucked my boyfriend right there in the middle of the living room when we was supposed to be cleaning up.

    So I got his call the very next day. He asked if he could see me. I asked him if he I like licking pussy he got real quiet on the phone then said yes. I knew right then that I was going to be in control.

    I met him at his place. He had made dinner. We ate, a lot of talking and laughing. He couldn't keep his eyes off me. Then after dinner I decided to make my move. Just reach right over and kissed him, I could feel his body quiver.

    I walked over to the couch I hiked up my dress up and pulled off my panties. Laid back and spread in my legs wide open. He was just standing there I asked him what was he waiting for come eat his dessert. He dived into my pussy.

    Oh he gave me the best oral. Nice strong tongue-licking and sucking. The rim job he gave was so intense. I tried to hold out a long as I could but after 20 minutes I was having one of the best orgasms of my life. He stopped and let me caught my breath. Something I really liked because my boyfriend never does that I cum and he jumping on top of me sticking his dick in.

    He asked me if I wanted to go further if I didnt want two we didn't have two. I told him to get his dick out, patted my pussy and told him to come get some.

    He fucked me longer than what I thought he would. He had my turn over he wanted to fuck me from behind. He was so strong he slammed his dick so hard and deep inside me. He ask if he could cum inside me I said no just cum on my ass. He cum all over my backside. He wiped me clean even my pussy something my boyfriend never does.

    Now I'm in a dilemma. He can't get enough of me and wants to be with me all the time. I do enjoy my time with him but I don't want to break up with my boyfriend because I don't know how long this will last with an older man.

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    My hubby has always let me fuck and suck any guys I wanted. He loves for me to enjoy my body. The first time I was fucked was in high school. We lived in a town that is surrounded by strawberry farms and once a year the school let us a week to help with the picking of strawberries for the Strawberry Festival. My first year in high school when they let us off there was a group of us that went to the same farm. One of the seniors started flirting with me and we winded up in a small shed and he winded up fucking me. I so enjoyed it and told him I could do that al day. He said for me to just wait and he would be back. I laid back still naked and was rubbing my tits when he came in with three other guys.

    I didn't know what to think at first until he said to just relax and I would have lots of enjoyment. They each took turns fucking me and before I knew it every guy that was there came in and fucked me some more than once. They each took turns picking some strawberries for me so no one would realize I wasn't in the field. since that time I was the slut of the school and loved it. I was getting fucked any time I wanted it and couldn't get enough.

    So when I met my hubby he knew that I was a slut and he loved it. We would go to clubs and I would wear revealing outfits and the guys would feel me up on the dance floor. I would lead them on and let them know that if they could get four or five guys together my hubby had a motel room close and they could fuck me there. My hubby loved riding down the interstate while I was topless letting the truckers get a good view of my tits, We had a CB in the car and listened to them talk about me. When we would have a few behind us we would let them see us pull into a roadside park and it never failed three or four would pull in too. We would park in the back where they could see us and I would get out and sit on the table. The truckers would wander over and get to talking and my hubby would tell them that I loved being fucked and if they would stand to block the view from others they could each take a turn fucking me. I always loved that just thinking of all the people there that probably knew I was getting some hard dick.

    One of the best times were when went to the beach. We live in Louisiana and a lot of the beaches on the Gulf Of Mexico you can drive on. My hubby had a four wheel drive Bronco and we would go to the beach often and I would lay out with my bikini top undone to tan so I wouldn't get tan lines. This particular time we were there and when we stopped we saw we had forgotten to get any ice. My hubby said we could go back to a little store not too far away and get some. I told him to go ahead and I would stay and soak up some rays while he was gone. It wasn't long after he left that a group of guys were walking down the beach and I guess seeing me they wondered why I was alone. They headed toward me and I acted like I was sleeping and when they got close I jumped and turned over like they had scared me. Of course my top stayed on the towel and I was completely topless when I turned toward them.

    I noticed they were all staring at my tits and I smiled and asked them if they saw anything they liked. They all tried talking at the same time saying yes and one said he would love to see more. I stood up and undid my bottoms and let them drop. I said "well don't just stand there lets have some fun". They were soon all over me playing with my tits, ass and pussy. They took turns fucking me and I sucked their dicks till they would shoot loads of cum on my face and tits. When they had all cummed as much as they could they thank me for such a wonderful time and I thanked them too. They wandered off and when I looked down the beach saw my hubby's Bronco. He pulled up and saw me covered in cum and cum running out my pussy. He smiled and said it looked like I had enjoyed myself while he was gone. I told him to come slide his dick in my cum filled pussy and I would tell him all about it.

    That was just one of the great times I have had and my hubby and I have grown closer because of them.

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    I was 22 when I had an affair with a girl in college. We went to the bathroom together, kissed me and put her hand down the front of my panties. At first I tried to stop her, but sbe got me so horny fingering me I just gave in. I ended up with no panties, skirt hiked up to my neck and gave me an orgasm sucking my pussy. I remember feeling nervous and embarrssed about getting caught. When she invited me to her place I thought I was crazy to accept her invitation. I remembe we had some wine, told me to take my clothes off and began wetting my niples with wine. I remember the embarrasment of this guy walking in on us witch turned out to be her boy friend. "Don't worry weed had threesomes before" That day I got ravished by both of them like a rag doll. I remember her rubbing ber pussy on my face while her boy friend zucked my pussy, put a condom on and shoved his dick into me. I'll never forget how dirty and horny I felt. It was uninhibeted wild sex and hard not to give in to plasure. It only happen once but I will always remember it as the wildest sex I ever had.

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    My told me the other night when her son came back from the Marines that she saw him peeking in or room when she was useing her dildo for me to watch.

    Now she says she wants to show him her pussy. And let him watch her use her dildo or watch us fuck.

    I'm not his father.So I was wondering what to do.
    Any suggestions!

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    I did my time and when I was released I got a job to stay on probation. It was a lousy job arranged by my parole officer, I was 32 and I had a bad cigarette habit and if I drank I drank until I passed out. My job was working as a cashier at a gas station. I didn't come from this, I had grown up in a nice home with a mother and father and a nice school but I got into drugs. That is how I got to the gas station.

    At the gas station was a woman, she was in her fifties and she worked the night shift. She was mean but to me she was nice. I had seen her so many times while I was in prison and when she started to eye me I knew what she wanted. It felt good to be hugged and kissed and felt up, she had strong hands and she unscrewed my boob and fingered me so deep it hurt, but it felt good to be naked and it felt good to have her naked too. She likes having her pussy 'swabbed' and her tits wrung out and she likes to kiss and make out. I moved in with her.

    Things went on for a while until one of my 'friends' was let out and she came looking for me and claiming me. She and my now girlfriend got in a fight, it ended up on the street and the cops came and arrested them both. My now girlfriend didn't have a record and she was able to prove that she had not started it and my prison ma'am had her probation revoked. I work and pay my bills and keep my mouth shut and don't drink. I wish I could stop smoking but my now girlfriend smokes and it is not going to happen. I have pictures of when I was a teenager and I don't look anything like her. I never thought I would end up at the bottom of the pit.

    I last had sex with a man when I was twenty three before I got sent to prison. Before prison I only did men. I am not a woman type but that is what I have and it feels good, I am used to it and I don't ever look for a man. In prison it was mostly a head game, there wasn't anywhere to let it out. Now it is real.

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    During the recent warm spell here in the UK, my husband and I had our first solo rock climb in the Derbyshire hills. Once we'd completed our climb and both looked out over the beautiful countryside, our instructor joined us. So happy with our climb and the gorgeous day, plus the fact my husband knew I liked the instructor, he asked me if i'd thank him properly. Sinking down to my knees, I took out the instructors cock and sucked him off. At no point did he say stop, and no point did my husband want me to stop. Once he'd cum in my mouth and I'd swallowed his wad, I stood up, wiped my mouth and said thank you to them both. Back at the car park, I got into our car with my husband sitting in the driving seat. He grinned at me, but I knew there was something not quite right. Asking him if everything was ok, he said "When I said thank him properly, I meant give him a kiss, not go down on him and suck him off". I'd gotten his intentions all wrong, but I asked him why he hadn't stopped me. My husband replied "Because you looked some damn horny sucking his dick". We're going on a weeks hiking/climbing break soon. I've asked my husband if he'll want me to thank the guide we've hired. He didn't say no, what he did say was "Only if he's got a big cock". Now I can't wait.

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