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    I'm a well respected, successful married male. From time to time, I get an undeniable craving to suck a cock.

    Last week, I posted an ad on Craig'slist to see if any other similarly situated guys wanted a BJ. I had a taker only 15 minutes from my house. So, on my way to work, I drove to his place. He opened up the door, and was dressed in shorts. We very briefly exchanged names, then he pulled down his shorts and sat down on the couch. I immediately became fixated on his cock. I slowly licked and sucked his cock and balls. His dick swelled to maxiumum size in no time. i licked, sucked and deepthroated him for a few minutes. I then put two fingers at the base of his cock while i licked the tender underside below his head, and he said "i'm going to cum!" I worked my tngue even more furiously while gripping the base, and he began to spew his cum into my mouth. He told me that it was going to be a big load, grabbing my head. i sucked it out of him and swallowed it with relative ease. I kept waiting for him to drowm me in cum, but it didn't happen. He told me it was a 6 day load, but i handled it with ease. to be honest, i wondered if the fact that he had grape sized balls factored into the amount of cum. he thought he was busting a big load, but i didn't find it big at all. since then, i've been infaturated with taking on a genuinely big load, just to see if i could handle and enjoy it.

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    I just had my wife's large dildo deep in my ass! I cum so fucking hard like this! I wish I could get up the courage to ask her to fuck me with a strap on while she jerks me off.

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    All the dominate guys that like sissies should comment on my post it's # 21311

    I'm waiting!

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    I'm not sure where to post this, it's more of an experience question than anything else... I'm 23 and have been dating a gorgeous girl for a couple months now. She has a lot of very attractive girl friends too and someone recently told me something interesting. He said that women in an attractive circle of friends tend to be jealous of each other, especially if there is one or two that are particularly good looking. My girlfriend is definitely one of the best looking of the group but her friends are very hot in their own rights. The guy I was talking to said that the other girls will often screw their best looking friend's man just as a sort of, revenge, or confidence booster for themselves. So is this all bullshit/wishful thinking?? Have any women out there done this, gotten their hot friend's man to cheat on her with them?? Have guys experienced this from the lucky position of the boyfriend of the hot girl?? Thanks all

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    I lived with my mother, after my father left us, when I was eleven. She was only in her mid-thirties then, and I thought she was pretty, though she never made the most of herself, and didn't seem to have any interest in meeting anyone else pulled the . One day I found a magazine in the street, and it was all about women tying men up and doing stuff to them. It fascinated me, and I studied and restudied it, and longed to emulate some of the action. When I was fourteen, one day I asked my Mom if she'd tie me up. She looked surprised and said 'no way young man! What's wrong with you????" By now I had this picture in my mind, and I kept pestering her, and promising never to tell anybody. After several more rebuffs, she finally said "Okay, if this is what it takes to get some peace around here!" and pulled the sash out of her bathrobe. spun me around and tied my wrists behind my back with surprising ease. "There! Happy now??" she demanded, with rather more anger in her voice than I had expected. "Well, pictures I've seen, thy often have something tied over their heads..." I began. She broke in "What pictures??" she demanded. When I mentioned the magazine, she went off and fetched it from my room, then sat down and studied it carefully, muttering "unbelievable!" as she turned the pages. "Yes Ma'am, if it's not too much trouble!" I tried. She said she didn't have stuff like this, but she thought she could accommodate me..and left the room. When she came back she had her old gardening trenchcoat over her arm, which usually hung behind the back door. She threw it over my head, and knotted the sleeves round my neck, tightly. I can't describe the feelings that washed through me, as I realized I was truly helpless, senses dulled or cancelled out. I began to get the biggest erection I had ever had, jutting out in my sweatpants. "Oh God!" muttered my Mom. "What are you DOING woman??" Then she spoke to me "Okay, you had enough yet?? Have you come to your senses yet??" "Keep me like this!" I mumbled in the stifling material of the old coat. "Well, a pain in the ass, young man, and I think you should go to your room, like that, and just think about what you're making me do here!" She led me stumbling blindly to my room, pushed me onto the bed, and left, shutting the door firmly, angrily, even. I lay there, in heaven, my arousal seeming more and more permanent. Eventually she came back, asking "Had enough yet, you dummy??" as she came in. "No way! I wanna stay like this!" I mumbled under the heavy material. "Oh God!" she groaned, then came and sat beside me on the bed. " Look, kiddo, things are getting out of control here! If we don't quit this nonsense NOW, we're going to end up in a situation we'll both regret! I loved you father, and it's been so long, and you are so like him, I'm just plain losing it here! Now for Chrissake let's stop right here!" "No! I like this! I want lots and lots more of it!" Silence, then "Well, fuck it I tried!" and she yanked my sweatpants down and off. Then her cool fingers were caressing me, and I almost screamed with the intensity of it. "Oh God Yes! Do that! Do it more! Please please please!" I babbled. "You tell ANYONE about this, I go to jail! You hear me, you manipulative little pig!" "I'll never tell! Just make it go on forever!" I moaned. Then she was fumbling at my sheathed head, and the belt suddenly cut deep into my mouth, silencing me totally. Now all I could do was make a faint 'mmmfff' sound. Then she was on top of me, and my massive erection was slowy engulfed in tight hot wet, while it felt so good I almost fainted. Time passed deliciously, and the delightful torture went on and on, seemingly endlessly, with peaks of bliss that caused her to stop instantly and wait until they died away, to my chagrin. I had come before while playing with myself, but nothing like this! Eventually she screamed and collapsed on top of me, and we lay like that for ages. She was crying, and that really disturbed me. "I hate myself! So weak-willed, I should never have done this! You're going to hate me when you get out of there! "Mm-mm!" I went, shaking my head, and just wanting it to go on for ever! She untied my wrists and left the room, and I lay there stunned, but still horny, and played with myself, leaving the old coat where she'd put it. It nearly killed me when I came, it was so intense. I went to find her and she was locked in the bathroom. I could hear her crying. Later we talked, and I told her I loved her, I loved what she'd done to me, and please could we do it again real soon?? I would never tell a soul, I promised over and over. To cut a long story short we did this and variations, for several years, until she got sick and died, and life as I knew it came to a screeching end. Met an older dominant woman eventually, and married her, and that's where we are now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I'm a slutty little nympho & I want you to tell me what you'd do to me so I can fuck myself with my toys.

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    I want to be triple penetrated. I want 2 in my vagina & 1 in my arse while I'm sucking my boyfriends dick. I want them to make me beg for it & take their cum in my holes like a good girl should. I love to be spanked and have my hair pulled. I want my boyfriend to spank me after because I'm a naughty little slut. I want him to fuck me hard & passionately after knowing that he can feel all their cum in me.

    Damn I'm wet now!!

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    Straight Male / 31

    I was in a hotel room with my beautiful lover, was high on something white with a Mercedes logo and had snorted some white powder.

    It was a very simple and mellow high and it is making me feel really horny. According to past experiences, it would not be possible for me to maintain an erection for long let alone cum.

    My lover was caressing my wonderfully sensitive nipples and dick which is still rather soft but the sensations transcends me into a few marvelous trips.

    I was like in a roller coaster flying through the air with pleasurable sensations all over as my body and it feels like she is giving me a handjob of my life. In fact when i managed to open my eyes she is just casually playing with my dick. I was so impressed with the way she keeps the stimulation to beat that i was really having the time of my life.

    Another experience I had that night was that she seems to be "DJ-ing" me. I dont know what it is really called actually, but this is when she touch me according to the beat of the music and add some effects to enhance the realism of the experience. For example, she will blow air over my face when the song reaches a part where there is a gust of wind.

    She told me that she has been stimulating me for about 3 hours and it felt like i was in heaven for 3 hours!

    I did manage to get an erection after that and we had an hour of beautiful sex. When i finally came, it was a fountain of cum, it was bursting out, and it keeps flowing and flowing.

    I have to confess that this is the best trip i have ever had in my life!

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    I consider my self a normal american male but I have a incredibly high sex drive. And when it has been awhile just about anything turns me on. Now I dont really find men attractive but when i get this way the thought of a huge thick cock turns me on. Just to slowly stroke it hard and just play with it till I cant take it anymore. I break out the lube and stroke that huge cock until it sprays hot cumm everywhere. Have thought about trying to set it up but never can find anyone close to work with my schedule.

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    I'm an amateur DJ, and no matter what the occasion I've been hired for, I always hook up my OhMiBod to my equipment and leave it in the whole night. Really makes some of the more boring/annoying gigs bearable.

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