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    Straight Male / 38

    I was working a trade show with a friend and coworker that my wife had experienced a couple threesoomes with, we were within a half hour of home and my wife was going to pick us up at end of the day. We got in the car and stopped for supper and a couple beers, a little flirting was going on and had been a couple years since we were together. When we got back to the car I got in the drivers seat, as he got in the back he said he was lonely and she could join him if she wanted, I said then I would be lonely, we laughed and she went for it climbing in back. I diverted to a more scenic route and before long they were making out and she went down on him sucking his cock while I watched in the mirror. I could tell he was about to cum but she said not so fast, slipped her pants off and straddled him sliding her pussy down on his hard dick and went to work. We were getting close to home when she came and he unloaded inside her, we dropped him off and I hauled ass for home to get seconds. Can't wait for the next encounter

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    Straight Female / 29

    So on Friday night I had a few work drinks followed by a few more and then went to a bar with a friend. Instead of going home I took myself off to another pub for a dance. I ended up dancing with this very tall sexy man for a couple of hours. There was a little playful touching and it was hot and it seemed like he had a nice package in his jeans! The lights came on and his wedding ring become very clear! we spoke a little and I decided to distanced myself, he left and waved goodbye.

    The trouble is I haven't had sex in so long he really got me flushed!

    I've considered Craig's list but meeting from the Internet makes me nervous.

    All I know is that masterbating twice a day isn't cutting it anymore! Why o why did be have to be married!!!

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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife is 5', a DD cup, and redheaded. And almost constantly hungry for sex. When we first started having sex, and into our first couple of years of marriage, she was somewhat conservative, probably not sure how I'd react to her proclivities. But over time she's gotten more and more bold.

    As it turns out, she loves anal. LOVES it. Sometimes when we're 69ing she'll specifically grind her asshole into my tongue so I can get it ready with a good rimming, while she preps my cock with spit and coconut oil. Then she'll sit on my dick and ride it with her ass while fingering herself into a climax.

    When she's feeling particularly kinky she'll pull out her big dildo and use it on her pussy while I fuck her ass doggystyle. She cums so hard I usually have to take over the dildo operation. She's not typically much of a screamer, but when we do that I make sure she has something to scream into or the neighbors will know exactly what's going on.

    And blowjobs. Wow. When we first got together she wasn't too good at it, but with some research and practice she's learned to give the most mindblowing head I've ever experienced. She knows exactly how to lead into it, slowly licking and kissing my inner thighs and my shaft, massaging and stroking, and finally ending up with me in her mouth while she pumps me with her lips and hand. Occasionally she'll slide a finger up my backdoor and massage my prostate. And she makes sure she's conveniently positioned so I can stick my fingers in her pussy or ass (or both) while I enjoy her administrations. When I cum I almost black out, it's so violent.

    And yes, she swallows.

    Of course, she enjoys standard sex as well. Quickies are pretty common. She can't shower alone -- she wants me in there with her, and she almost always ends up with my dick in one of her eager holes. She gives great handjobs too. She gets some kind of power high just getting me off. She jacks me off onto her breasts and then rubs the cum into her chest while I watch.

    I've heard the stories of lots of other guys whose women don't like to put out or are really lame in bed, and so I've come to realize what a lucky guy I am. We have sex almost every night. She'll send me flirty texts and sometimes pics of a nipple or her lips or ass. Once I got a pic of her fingers on her clit. She keeps my motor running all day while I'm at work and when I get home she's ready for me. I am one lucky guy indeed -- assuming she doesn't kill me eventually with her nymphomania. We're both strictly monogamous, but I sometimes wonder how far she's going to end up pushing the sexual envelope.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My best friends wife keeps sending me naked pics of her. They are very explicit. I don't know if i should tell him or just fuck her brains out. I jack off to them all the time. She says I can fuck any hole i want. should i just fuck her?

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    Straight Female / 27

    Every time we go out now, my husband Mark tries to get other me to fuck to me. At first I was extremely reluctant, almost terrified of his real intentions. That's because Mark is built like a man mountain, but not in the cock department.
    Then one evening out with another female friend, Mark met an old school friend of his called Simon, and invited him to join us. My friend was a little put out when Mark tried to fix her up with his mate, mainly because Simon told Mark he fancied me. It really turned me to think two men would be vying for my attention and after another approach from Mark, I finally said yes.
    With Mark sat in the front seat driving us around and my female having taken a taxi home, I first had oral sex with Simon and his enormous cock on the back seat. Then stripping naked, I had him fuck me from behind as Mark looked on using the rear view mirror. It was such a amazing experience being watched and being fucked by such a large cock, I came over and over again. Simon eventually asked Mark if he could cum in me. Mark pulled over down a side street as Simon continued to pound away at my pussy, and turning around watched his old school friend cum up his wife. I didn't know Mark had taken out his cock, but I did when I heard then saw him stroke his cock to a strong climax.
    We dropped Simon off at home, but not before I sucked him off again, only this time to completion as Mark egged me on. Making arrangements to see Simon again, we drove home. Then Mark pounced on me at home, threw me onto the bed and immediately went down on me. Making me cum countless times with his expert tongue, my husband licked and sucked out Simons cum and swallowed every single drop. By the time I went to sleep that night I was completely and utterly sexually exhausted.
    Simon became over the next few months a frequent visitor to our home and each time we got more and more adventurous with our sexual times together, and each time afterwards Mark would lick and suck on my pussy, clit and arsehole, swallowing Simon's load. Only a posting abroad stopped the army sergeant from fucking me from then on.
    It didn't however stop Marks enthusiasm to watch me being fucked. So each time we went out, he'd try and find men who were willing to fuck a huge mans wife. Sometimes he'd fail as they'd shit themselves thinking it was aset up, but mostly we'd find men we both liked and I'd end up having sex with them in the car, outdoors, or if we really liked them, Mark would invite them back to ours.
    We've even begun to visit a well known dogging place, where Mark has had me suck off lots of older men. He always makes sure that they behave, but as far as the sex goes, I pick who's cocks I suck dry.
    There has been a regular visitor to our home too, someone who Mark doesn't know about. He's a builder who worked on our garage conversion. Mark spent a lot of time away during the conversion, so I took advantage of the fact the older builder likes younger women and also has a massively thick cock. He calls by each week when I text him Marks gone to work, and he always has me craving his cock deep inside all my holes when he fucks me for hours on end.
    If I was a reluctant wife at first, then now I'm surely a very compliant and eager to be fucked wife now.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I don't have any friends or family left, everyone is either dead or has disowned me. I have an incurable illness that will kill me sometime in the next couple years guaranteed, because even if they found a cure now it's already progressed too far for anything to be effective.

    I've been crossing things off my bucket list steadily for the last few months, traveling with a man I met online. And once everything is crossed off and I'm satisfied I've done everything I wanted to do, which shouldn't be too much longer, I'm giving myself to him.

    I'm going to let him do what he wants with me. No limits whatsoever. The only requirement is that he has to kill me before the illness does, and then he can do whatever he wants with my body. There's nobody left to go to my funeral, so why should I care what happens with my body after I die?

    I don't know how much I can say on here without getting my confession deleted, but he's gone over a lot of his ideas about what to do with me before and after death. I'm sure they won't be as fun as they sound now when he's actually doing them to me, but I'm looking at maximum 2 years of life anyway, if I'm lucky, and I'd rather let someone else live out their sick fantasies than sit alone in a hospital waiting to die anyway.

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    Straight Female / 18

    So I worked out pretty late in my apartment and took a quick shower...pretty standard boring Monday night. I passed out in basically just a towel on top of my bed. I awoke to the intensely arousing sensation of having my pussy licked and was on the verge of orgasm. Before my sleepy brain could even process what was happening...I came...HARD. My black lab had licked me out better than I've had it in awhiiiiiile (ever?). Woman's best friend??? Lol

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 41

    I've fucked over 250 different men. I lost count around 220, and kept going for another few years before I met and married my husband. I've never cheated, but he has no clue about my past promiscuity. Now, I've had some great fucks, and some less than thrilling encounters, but lately, the ones that keep coming to mind are the anonymous guys that I would pick up, take home, fuck and kick out. No names, no telephone numbers, no second dates. Something raw and primal about that type of fucking that I miss. Making love to my man is great...he "delivers", but the thrill of selecting the face (or body) from the crowd that I was targeting and then the seduction... (men can be quite intimidated by a woman who just says " you're cute, wanna fuck?" Although that will work about 20% of the time). It was fun, finding out what they liked in bed, what their fantasy was or just hearing about their boring problems as a way to get them to relax, and then to perform for them, to put on a fuck show worthy of a movie, any position, no inhibitions, no rules, and making them cum again and again until I was tired....yeah, I miss it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    It doesn't matter who I'm with, male or female, or what their leanings are. Inevitably, something will end up in my ass. It's been years since I've had sex without at least a finger or a toy in my ass. The reason for this I lay entirely on one of my ex girlfriends, who I am still on good terms with.

    She convinced me to try pegging, and once I got over the initial discomfort, I loved it. Eventually, and this was her idea not mine, she was exclusively fucking me. She pegged me, and I ate her out, that was how sex between us went most of the time. I hadn't put my dick in anything for over a year when we broke up, despite having sex nearly daily.

    Since then I've had sex with men and women, and I have not once had sex without something going in my ass. Even if I'm just having like the most vanilla penis-in-vagina sex, I'll put a plug or a dildo in there while I'm doing it. Had sex with trans girls who liked that I was actually happy they had a dick. Trans guys who loved the excuse to use a strap on on me.

    I've heard that taking it in the ass is the best way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. If this is true, I'm pretty much never getting prostate cancer.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    So, I just had a major realization about why my girlfriend likes me, and why she's asked me to do some of the things she's asked me to do.

    My girlfriend is 29, and we started talking when I was 16. Had sex the first time (with her) when I was 17. Now, I'm 19, but people are always surprised to hear this because I'm fairly short (5'1") and apparently I look like I'm 12 or something. It doesn't help that I don't really grow much body hair.

    So, yknow I thought it was super awesome (still do, though it's a bit awkward right now) that this older chick was into me. Just thought I was lucky as hell.

    So I'm on her computer and I'm on the internet, forget that it's her computer so I go to check my bookmarks. Her bookmarks are absolutely filled with thousands of links to pages and pictures of like, "traps"/crossdressers, and Hentai featuring those kinds of characters but also like cute young boys?

    At first I just kind of went okay that's a bit weird, but whatever. But then I thought about it, that's me. That's why she likes me. I'm this cute little boy to her, and it's a perfect situation because I'm over 18 (now, not that I was when we started talking, or when we first had sex) but I still look really young.

    And like, I went from, at the start of our relationship i was wearing really baggy clothes to now I wear tighter clothes that show off more skin. A lot of short shorts and tank tops. Because she seemed to be more handsy/want to have sex more often when I wore clothes like that. And she's jokingly suggested I dress up like a girl, but now I'm thinking that was to gauge my response?

    I don't know. I'm very confused. She's going to be home in a couple of hours. I don't really feel any differently towards her, I just kind of feel, I don't know, embarrassed? To have this insight into how she sees me?

    When she gets home, I'm going to give her a hug. We're going to eat. Then I'm going to ask, as innocently as I can manage, if she wants to dress me up in girls clothes.

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