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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 48

    I joined the army after High School did my basic and my AIT and then was sent to Germany. I had two girlfriends in school and broke up with number two a few weeks before graduation. I had not had a lot of experience sexually we had felt each other up I fingered the one girlfriend and she tried to suck me but did not like it. So I was pretty wet behind the ears in that area. I was in country a few weeks when some of the guys took me to a fish bar. A fish bar is a bar where girls will tease the shit out of you while you buy them drinks but only thing you may get if you buy them a bottle of Champaign is a hand job. Also they showed me where the red light district was. That is where you go to pay a woman to have sex with you. A week later I found my way back there and picked out one of the girls and went with her to her room. She told me the cost of everything so I said I wanted to fuck. We started with the rubber it did not feel right so I reached down to find she was clamping my cock between her legs and I was not in her pussy. The whole thing made me go limp it was not sexy like I thought it would be in fact it seemed sad. She and I sat and talked and I paid her anyway with a good tip. I walked home feeling sort of sick over the whole thing.
    The room I was in had 4 guys in it two were home on leave so I had not met them yet. My other roommate was younger than me and was always ready to party. I had become a home body just did not leave the barracks much. He dragged me out one night to a club and we drank and had a good time. We got back late and almost missed formation the next morning. Well my other roommates had returned from leave and right off I did not get along with the one guy he was an ass hole big mouth jerk. We ended up in a fist fight one night and I ended up being moved out of the room.
    I was put into a two man room with a guy who had been there a year or so. he seemed ok and we seemed to get along he did not talk much and was a neat freak. Anyway I was a pretty horny guy and would sneak off and beat my meat when ever I had a chance. One night I was in the toilet spanking myself to a porn magazine when I heard slurping noises and moaning. I looked under the stall wall I could see someone on their knees and someone standing. It was not a woman on her knees. I was like fuck what is going on. I can say I was not very savvy about the world and what people got up to. I stayed very still until I heard them finish with the one guy groaning and the other gagging a bit then whispering and then the doors open and shut as they left.
    I later told my roommate what I had heard and seen. He said oh that's probably SP4 Franks he is the barracks cock sucker. What I said how do you know that? My roommate said like it was no big deal everyone knows if your hard and need help just call Franks. I asked if he had he said sure a hole is a hole and he gives great head. I was shocked but a part of me was intrigued.
    I ended up on guard duty with Franks that weekend and the whole night it was on my mind but I just could not bring myself to ask him. he seemed normal like any other guy not what I had come to know a gay guy was like. All I had seen was on TV guys in pink suits flapping their hands around and talking funny. Franks and I chatted about sports etc. None of the other guys seemed to treat him different or care what he did in his off time.
    Well it was a few weeks later I was in my room and there was a knock at my door I opened it and it was Franks I was in my boxers relaxing. He came into the room turned shut the door and locked it. Without saying a word he was on his knees and had my shorts down before I say a word. In my mind I wanted to say no but a part of my horny side wanted to get sucked off. He knew what he was doing and had me hard in no time. he licked my balls and sucked and god damn it felt good. he pushed me back on my bunk and worked my cock like a pro. I did not take long and started to warn him I was going to cum he put his finger to my lips to stifle me as he worked his throat and mouth on my cock and drained every drop out of my seed out of me. He lingered after sucking and fondling my balls. I felt all the pent up sexual tension leave my body. he stood up turned walked to the door unlocked it and was gone not a word. I lay there my boxers around my ankles my cock still wet with his saliva. Wow I thought what the fuck just happened.
    Soon all I had to do was drop him a note and a place to meet me and boom there he was ready and waiting. That guy sucked so much cum out of me in the next few years I was there. I wonder just how he did it cuz I was not the only swinging cock he was sucking. I heard he took it up the ass also but I never got into that but I let him drain me when ever I needed it.
    When I got out of the Army I started working at a factory and soon was afternoon shift foreman. I had an hour drive in to work and an hour drive home. One night I stopped at the rest stop on my way home to take a leak and a guy asked if he could suck my pretty cock right there at the pisser. It had been a while so I followed him to the woods out back of the building. He took my cock and sucked me dry I zipped up and walked back to my car. He followed and said here is my number if ya need any help again. well I do need some help now and then so I have him come over and while I watch porn in my chair he gets down and sucks my cock and licks it until I tell him to suck my cum out. he leaves after no chatting nothing just sucks and goes. I have to say its real nice to get your cock sucked without any bullshit talking just suck it and go. I like pussy and still get some now and then but it just seems more hassle than its worth. Just my opinion on that.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I ordered 3 new dildos for my wife. When they came she was excited that I had ordered her a gang-bang! Yet she was afraid of the biggest, a 9 inch real feel black dildo, 2 inches wide. The 9 inch tall boy dildo and 12 inch double headed toy were a lot thinner, just a bit thicker than my cock. We use condoms on our toys due to a rubber reaction. I had to by Magnum condoms to make sure they wouldn't rip. Surprisingly to both of us, last night my wife took almost the entire big dildo! She fucked it for over an hour while I played with her clit and sucked her big, juicy tits. We watched her favorite interracial, rough gang-bang and she ended up coming all over it, saying it was probably the best orgasm of her life. The white, frothing cum from her pussy showed up nicely against the black dildo and was running down to the realistic looking big, black balls. I licked it off the dildo for her, and told her it tasted great, which it did! When I took my sloppy seconds, the bottom of my cock could barely feel the bottom of her vagina. She taunted my while I frantically tried to pummel away at the loose mess of my wife. She put the dildo between her tits and licked the top, something my short dick could never reach for. I was suppose to pull out, cum on the dildo and clean it, but I chickened out. I've never been intimidated by toys before, but last night may have changed that.
    The scariest part may be that we have already named both toys after guys we know. She called out their names while fucking two of the three toys so far. We both get off on fantasy, that is why I ordered the toys in the first place. Just thinking it may reinforce the idea that she deserves bigger, fatter meat.

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    Lesbian Female / 35

    I was going through my memory book with my aunt and there was a picture of me around 10 in my ballet outfit. It seems like so long ago. I was pretty skinny then, with hair on my shoulders and a mouth to big for my face. I remember my ballet time for one reason, it was the first time I had sex. My ballet teacher, Miss Nichols was in her twenties and one day she was helping me get my tights fixed up and her hand went over my boobs. Not that I had boobs, but I had a little and my nipples were really sensitive and I told her it felt funny when she did that. She touched my boobs again and gently ran her fingers over my nipples and asked me if that is what felt funny. I told her yes that was it, but she assured me funny in a very nice way.

    She took my hands and put them on her boobs and had me rub her nipples with the palm of my hands and she told me that it felt funny to her but it also felt so good, it always felt so nice to have your nipples touched especially if the girl touching your nipples was your favorite girl of all times. She let me touch her boobs, put my hands on her boobs and squeeze them but she asked me to rub her nipples because she liked that and if I wanted to I could give her nipples a kiss. My first kiss was on her shirt my second kiss was on her naked nipples, she held my face and told me to kiss them gently, to put her nipples in between my lips and lick her nipples with my tongue.

    I played with her naked boobs, and she put my face on her boobs to feel how soft they were, she let me suck on her nipples some more, she held me and kissed my face and told me I was her favorite girl of all times. She reciprocated, lowered my top and kissed my nipples and used her hands to cup my boobs and she held me straight up so we could compare boobs and she told me that one day I would have great big nice boobs like her and when I did she wanted to kiss them.

    She kissed my pussy, first gently and then she put her mouth on me and sent her tongue up and down my slit from top to bottom and pushed her tongue inside where it was really sensitive. She told me how pretty my pussy was and how much she enjoyed kissing me and making me feel good. She showed me her pussy and let me touch her and said how much she missed having her pussy like I did, now her pussy was too big and she hated that she had pubic hair all over the place. But she let me touch her, she guided my hand and my fingers and she showed me where her clitoris was and how I could use my fingers to make her feel good. I learned about my clitoris too and how good it made me feel.

    Miss Nichols was my best teacher ever, I loved going to her class and being her favorite girl. She hugged me and I could feel how much she liked me, her kisses on my face and the way she combed my hair. Over the following two years my boobs got bigger and she laughed as they did, pinching my nipples which she knew were very sensitive at the time and finding my clitoris and giving me the beginning of orgasms which made me want to kick but she held me until they were over. I was in love with her boobs, her boobs were my dream boobs, it never seemed like my boobs would get big enough, her nipples were hard and I could fit her nipple in my mouth and lick and suck while she found her clitoris and made herself have an orgasm. The first time she had an orgasm it scared me, but she soon calmed me down so I knew when they were happening and that I needed to stay latched onto her nipples until she stopped convulsing.

    T hose two years with Miss Nichols were my favorite years during my school years. As I grew up and I had to deal with my boobs and my pussy, and I got crush after crush on this girl in choir or that girl in English class. My first reciprocated teen love was with this girl who was on the swim team, she was long and had long hair and she stood so straight. Her boobs were muscled and I loved sucking on her and feeling her and getting her all hot and bothered by pinching her clitoris. She loved it too and we had a long affair which lasted well past our graduation and our first two years of college. Why you fall out of love with your first real love is a mystery, but we did we just remain friends today and our love affair is a silent memory for both of us.

    I can't say how many lovers I have had, I used to keep count, but once I was out of college and working I became obsessed with the chase and after I got a girl into bed I lost interest. Most if not all were much like me, same upbringing, same look, same everything, it was like falling in love with myself over and over again. I do love myself too much, in the sense that I have always played with myself and am very good at giving myself orgasms. But, I am currently with a girl, my age who loves to decorate homes and she works for an interior decorating business for rich clients. She tells me about their houses and we look at our small apartment and laugh, but I bet their large houses aren't as pretty as our small apartment. She is me in the mirror, always me I can't like any other type of girl, same hair color, same build, same sense of humor. And she likes having her nipples touched and made to feel nice, I have this feather I picked up at a garage sale and I use it on her nipples and use my fingers on her clitoris in the same way that Miss Nichols taught me when I was in her ballet class.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Would anyone be interested in swapping some dirty pictures? Kik would probably be easiest if you're interested.... ;)

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    Straight Male / 48

    Is it true that you can fall in love at first sight ? I'm not saying I have, but somethings happened to me. I am a professional DJ both on local FM Radio, and live in pubs, clubs, functions I e Birthday parties & Weddings etc, I have been since 1989. Much as I would have, or could have done, or would not have done, was sleep around, simply because it's really not practical.

    More often than not, I have to take the equipment out and with me, once I have finished the gig. This can take up to an hour ,depending on the size of the venue, so it would mean any prospective girlfriend/ groupie, would have to wait outside until I was ready to leave, so as I said most of the time it's a non starter.

    I have had my one night stands , but not as frequently as people tend to think, I was married for 17 years but got divorced, but not because of infidelity, and even after that, it was a while before I came to terms with it. I did meet and have some relationships but short term, because there is always the trust issues that I have already mentioned.

    Howe ver about two years after my divorce, I met a woman who was in the throes of a divorce, we began a relationship which lasted 12 years, because she suddenly became unwell, and was diagnosed with cancer , and it was terminal, she passed away four weeks later, we had a little girl, who was 5 when her mum passed away, and I have raised her on my own since then, that was 13 years ago.

    I have had brief ' flings ' ( 4 or 5 )since then, lasting no more than a few weeks, and I've kind of given up really, as I'm a bit too old for the loving game now, or so I thought. Recently at a function I was doing I noticed this woman sitting on her own, and she was in my opinion a good looking lass, and when she stood up and walked to the bar, I also saw she had legs to die for ( not the skinny type or thunder thighs but nice and shapely, the type that I would normally go for ) as she was wearing a short skirt.

    She must have noticed me looking at her, because for the rest of the night she kept looking at me, and I couldn't keep my eyes of her, I don't consider myself a hunk or good looking , quite the opposite in fact, so I'm not really confident around the fairer sex, especially if I fancy them. Maybe this is why I'm on my own. Never the less I couldn't keep my eyes of her all night, and she was always looking at me.

    Eventually she came up and asked me to play a song for her, which I happily did, then she asked me to play some more, again I did so, finally just before I finished she asked me to play Maria Carey - All I want For Christmas Is You, and emphasised the You, so I duly played it, and she asked me to dance with her. I never usually do, because me dancing is not something you want to see.

    We started talking and I quickly found out her name was Lynn, and that she was single in her late 40's. I was shocked if I'm honest, because I thought she was 30 ish. One thing of no doubt was that she was a sexy attractive woman, I told her so, and I also said to her that I could not believe she was on her own, because I thought she was lovely, and she is, believe me.

    I had to return to the stage as the music was about to finish, unknown to me Lyn had followed me there, it was only after I put the next track on, that I saw her standing in the wing of the stage, so I went to her, and she said ' you do know I fancy you, or are you gay ? ' well I'm certainly not gay I said and then I blurted out how much I fancied her, Lynn then said to me ' well why don't you do something about it.

    I was a wee bit stunned, because as I said previously this sort of thing never happens to me ,or very rarely, anyway I said do you fancy going for a late night Pizza or something, she immediately said of course. I then said to her you will need to wait til I load the gear when I'm finished, she said that's fine.

    Upshot of this is we went for a late night pizza, went back to her place and had the pizza, then we kissed and had wee fumble, then went to bed, where we had great sex, I was on her, she straddled me, this lasted may 90 minutes, I went home the following day, and she came with me insisting on cooking me dinner, we had a really nice day together, eventually I took her home, but I didn't stay, because she was working the next morning.

    She phoned me from her work the next day, I phoned her later that night, and the same over the next two days, we went out for a meal the following night, my daughter stayed at her sisters, Lynn stayed over at mine. It's early days, but I'm in a Kylie Minogue song situation, I e I cant get her out of my head, I keep thinking about her all the time, to be honest I've either fallen in love at first sight or I've become infatuated with her, do I tell her or shut up, what if she sees me as just a fling ? What if she's looking for commitment ? I'm now behaving like an immature bloody schoolboy and I havnt a blasted clue what I'm doing.

    One things for sure I want her, I want to be with her, I don't really know what to do, yes I'm scared I might f**k things up, at my age you would think I should know, but I don't, the only thing I know for sure, is that I want to be with her, it just feels so right, I feel like I have known her for a long time, she says that she feels at ease with me, and that this feels right to her, fingers crossed it is.

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    Straight Male / 19

    She told me NOT to feel guilty, It was just a stress reducer for me.

    I helped a guy I know more Saturday. Seven people showed up to help, plus a large moving truck. The guy is an older man and real nice if he likes you, if not he can get real mean. We hauled the house things first, then they went back for the storage building and the garages. His wife ask me to help her arrange the furniture while the others went back.

    I stayed and we placed the bedroom things, I set up the bed. Tossed the mattress on top and his wife laid down on the bed. She said she wanted to change her underwear. She went to the bathroom came back without any pants or underwear. She was really hairy and she laid on the bed. She ask me to look her over. Said she had never shaved in her life. Just her legs and arm pits. Told me the hair was much thicker when she younger. Before she started turning gray.

    She ask if I would ever have sex with a woman her age? I said yes and age was not an problem for me. She ask me to lick her pussy, she said it was clean, she just washed it. I ask about being walked in on. She told me it would be two hours before they truck get's back. They would call and ask what we wanted for lunch. We were okay. She said it was fine and we would be the only people who would know.

    She spread the hair and I licked her clit, liked the lips and stuck my tongue up in her as far as I could. I made sounds I have never heard before, she moaned a long time while she grabbed my head and guided it where she wanted. She told me to lay on the bed. She took my pants off and she sucked my dick for me. She took out her top teeth and sucked it. I can not explain just how good that was feeling. When I came she had trouble drinking it all, but she was able to.

    After I came she started licking and sucking my balls. When I started getting hard she jumped up, got on top of me. She rubbed her self all over me. When I got hard she put it in her. She stopped moving and started making her pussy move on the inside. It was like it was pulling my dick in her, then letting go. She rode me and I came again right as she was cumming. We got dressed when the phone rang. The truck would be there soon.

    She said she forgot something in the attack of the old house, she took her car and me, we got a few things to bring back. She ask if I wanted to have sex again, we did it on the floor of her old house. She told me I left carpet burn makers on her back. Her husband would never see. He does not see her naked ever anymore. He does not use her for sex anymore. She said I could meet her some time and I could have her all I want now. Her husband does not get hard anymore, he does not care.

    I told her I feel guilty for doing her like that. She told me to enjoy it. She has stress that needs reducing and I am doing her husband a favor. It makes her more happy for him.

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    Straight Male / 41

    Hi there, I've fucked many married women behind their husbands back. Now i'd like to fuck one whilst their hubby watches. I guess it's a humiliation thing, maybe a fluffer to get me ready or a sloppy seconds for the beta. Anyone interested ?

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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife, me, and our then 15 year old daughter lived very close to the Mall of America. That is, until two years ago when my wife died from cancer.
    My daughter, Kathy, and me moved two hours away and set up a new home. Things were really ok with us, both battling the grief. She came out of it, and made a few close friends.

    So a couple of weeks was her 17th birthday. She asked if I would take her and her two friends to the Mall of America.
    We made the drive and the three, Kathy, Janelle, and Samantha had fun giggling over videos and such on their phones during the drive. we arrived, and scheduled a pick up time and location.

    I went and met up with old friends, had a nice dinner, and did some shopping myself.

    Now it's later, nighttime, and time to pick up the girls. They came running out, laughing and giggling. They put their bags in the trunk. Samantha yelled "shotgun!". So we got in, ready for the 2 hour drive home. After about 50 minutes, the girls in back were sleeping.

    Out of habit, I drive with my hand on the shifter. Samantha took my hand, and placed it on her thigh. I pulled away, with a what the hell look. She smiled, put my hand back on her thigh. Ok....I started rubbing her thigh when she moved my hand up and spread her legs some.
    I sarted rubbing her clit, and after a bit her breathing got heavier. She then pushed back in the seat, hands tight on both sides of the seat, let out a small whimper, and shook.

    This time, I took it further by putting one, then two fingers in her pussy. I fucked her slow, then fast. She had another orgasm. I moved my hand, and she whispered wow.

    Sh e checked the back seat. Both still sleeping. She reached over, took out my cock, and started stroking it. Holy shit, this is the first time in years a female has jerked me. Then she leaned over an took it in her mouth, sucking me with the knowledge of a woman twice her age. After about 10 miutes, I couldn't hold off. I cum what seemed to be an aweful lot, and she kept sucking and swallowed it all.

    By then we were close to home. We dropped Janelle home first, then Samantha. Sam got her bags, gave me a smile and said, "Thank you sooo much! I hope we can shop more often!

    I watched that tight sweet body walk up the driveway and thought, definately more shopping!

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    Straight Male / 46

    I have a friend, I will call him Manuel. He is Mexican. Manuel is a bit strange, does things and says things that can make you uncomfortable. Like bumping into you when you are taking a piss in a public restroom. Manuel plays golf with a couple of guys and from time to time I have played as the fourth. The jokes are always raunchy and the game usually ends up with a long afternoon of drinking. We are all retired so it is not so much about the time as it is about the jokes and the drinking, and the constant touching. That's what it really is, Manuel touches me.

    Well Manuel told me about this guy at the club that he goes to for a massage. He told me that he was good and if I wanted a massage he would talk to him about me and get me the treatment. One of the days that we played golf and after we had been drinking for a while Manuel talked me into going downstairs for a massage. Manuel's guy, I will call him Manuel's guy is also a Mexican, around 35 or so. Manuel talked to him in Spanish and he got another guy to give him a massage and he went to his little room with a curtain and I got on the table with Manuel's guy. So far so good, I was still working off the drinks and I fell asleep as the massage went down.

    I felt Manuel's guy pulling on my boxers and I woke up and he told me they had to go because he gave a complete massage and between guys it really didn't matter. I guess I was still drowsy because he got my boxers off and the first thing he did was lay me on my back and grab my cock in his hand and started to 'massage' me. My cock, which usually has a difficult time getting up, got hard as he massaged me. It felt good I have to admit. He spent quite a few minutes massaging my cock and I got hard for the first time in a long time and when I was hard he bent over and he sucked on me hard, working my cock with his hand. So this was Manuel's friend's special treatment, getting a hand job and a blow job from a Mexican.

    Manuel's friend stopped and he got on a glove and got out some warm lube and told me to lay there and with his middle finger he got his finger up my ass while he massaged my cock with his other hand and sucked me hard. My legs were open and my knees were pulled up and he had his finger way up my ass when I came. While I came he shoved his finger up deeper and sucked hard on my cock, it actually hurt to cum, I hadn't cum in a good long while and he sucked every last bit out until I was completely drained. Manuel's man settled me down rubbing my chest and neck while I lay naked on the table, he helped me turn over and gave me a long massage on my buttocks, pressing his thumbs into my anus and massaging my anus with the warm lube he had used before.

    Now I am not a prude, not by any stretch of the imagination and I had heard of the happy ending massage but I had never experienced it. I had never gotten a hand job or blow job by a man and much less had my prostate massaged, the only man who had ever had his finger up my ass was the doctor, but never a massage. Manuel's guy gave me his card and told me that anytime I needed him I could call and he would come to my house where we could be more private and he would be happy to take care of any needs that came to mind.

    I am not going to lie, I called Manuel's friend and he came over and gave me a complete massage, blow job and after enticing me into it he got naked with me and offered to have me play with his cock, suck his cock and I let him finish me off with his cock. I won't say that I had never thought about it, I had. I had just never been in a position where I could actually act on it. Manuel's man comes over to give me a massage, he isn't cheap really it costs a couple of hundred bucks every time he comes to the house but his deep massages with his warm lube and his 'middle finger' as he calls it, he does wonders with it, I can't believe I let him do it. And I look forward to him getting naked with me, of course he is in incredible shape and I am not. Manuel, my friend Manuel, is like always too friendly, too raunchy, always touching me and asking me how his friend is treating me.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I've never told anyone the complete truth on how I lost my virginity. When I was in the 8th grade my younger sister by 1 year had her best friend over to spend the night. It was still early in the evening when my parents left for their usual Friday night outing telling us they wouldn't be home till after midnight and gave us the number of where they would be and left. This was in the early 70's the days before cable tv or DVDs whoops I mean VHS tapes so we turned on the tv hoping to find something of interest which we didn't.
    We snuck into my dads bar and made these horrible but potent cocktails the ones that had a powder drink mix you just added juice and alcohol. After a two drinks starting our third, my sister suggested we play a game of truth or dare which surprised me. The first dare was to her friend which was to kiss me which I couldn't believe but was happy to oblige. After her kiss it was my turn so in a playful mood I had my sister kiss her which they did quite passionately.
    On my sisters friend turn she hesitated and turned red saying she wanted to see my cock I to was embarrassed because my sister was there but got hard upon the request. I tried to get her to leave but she insisted she stay so I unzipped my pants and pulled it out while my sisters friend Cindy eyed it with what I thought was longing and I got even harder. My sister stated oh my it's so big I turned red I had forgotten for just a sec she was still there. The drinks had loosened us up and my on sisters turn she dared Cindy to show us her breast which were my first I've ever seen up close. Her nipples were hard and my sister pinched them driving me crazy. It was my turn so I dared Cindy to touch my cock which she did instantly, then my sister slurred I want to touch it to and shoved her hand down my pants feeling me up. I was surprised yet so aroused I didn't care that my sister was jerking on me.
    Cindy and my sister suddenly hopped up and ran into the next room, party over they're coming to their senses. Much to my disbelief my sister came back alone and told me that Cindy wanted me to fuck her and she wanted to watch. OMG I can't believe this I wanted to fuck her but my sister watching wasn't something I imagined my first time would include. We went upstairs to my sister room where me and Cindy got naked and climbed on the bed. We started rubbing each other except my cock wouldn't get fully hard, embarrassing. It was having my sister sitting in her chair watching which was freaking me out. I finally told her the only way this would work was she had to leave and she said no way it was her idea and she was watching. She said that she would hide in her closet and peak out which seemed a good idea so into the closet she went and Cindy and I upon the mattress.
    I started sucking her nipples as she stroked my cock getting me Rock hard and she laid back spread her legs and I slid right in her started pumping her steady and slow feeling the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock completely forgetting my sister in the closet. Cindy was riding my cock back and forth moaning lightly and then I could hear my sister moaning quietly and could hear the door creaking open slowly. I started pumping Cindy as hard as I could because I knew I had only seconds left and then I exploded in her pussy not worrying about unintended consequences just pure relief I wasn't a virgin anymore.
    I rolled off her and my sister was naked at the end of the bed rubbing her pussy saying "I want some" I was still to ecstatic to be freaking out over her statement and just layed there as my cock melted. Cindy was lying next to me telling my sister how good it felt and that she should try it. The next thing I know she's on the bed asking me to fuck her please. I was against it but only because she was my sister and my cock had gone soft I didn't think I'd get it back up right away. I told her no I'm not hard and Cindy chirped in that she wanted to watch it was only fair. The next thing I knew was my sister taking my cock into her mouth and working it hard. I couldn't believe my sister was doing this it was my first blow job ever by my own sister. My cock was at full attention at no time and she stopped sucking and slid up placing her pussy right over my cock as she guided it into her pussy and started fucking me. What could I say I just laid there enjoying it till I realized I could suck on her titties as she fucked me and took turns tongueing her nipples. Cindy was still on the bed rubbing her clit like a crazy woman telling my sister to make me cum. I felt like a porn star. I then shot my load deep in my sister as she too came. It was incredible. In that second I started to feel so guilty and perverted I hopped up and left the room to clean up and get dressed. I went downstairs to watch tv with them joining me later. The only thing we said that night afterwards was to swear a pact to never ever tell anyone about our game.
    I woke up the next morning and rubbed one out thinking about the night before. I couldn't believe how experienced and bold my sister and her friend were. I didn't realize it at the time but they were no virgins. My dad had been m****ting my sister for years and the same with Cindys dad. I didn't learn this till years later. My dad had sex with Cindy and my sister several times and my sister did the same with Cindys dad and Cindy. They both loved it according to my sister. They had planned on seducing me that night to see if they could. Me and my sister carried on for years till I got married. She and Cindy were quite the sluts. They loved sex like guys did back then. The woman I married had been m****ted by her step father who she hated but he turned her into one nasty fuck machine. The best pussy out there has been thoroughly trained by their daddy.
    I know.

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