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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 21

    I am a black man that lives in a little Podunk town where it is mostly white families. i live in one of only a few black families in this town and yes a lot of these white people are racist. But i have found a way to benefit from the racism, a lot of the daughters in these families like to get back at their parents by fucking a black guy. I love fucking white pussy but most of them have the same fantasy and it gets a little weird for me sometimes but cant complain about the sex. most of them want to film it, that's not the crazy part. the crazy part is what they want to scream out loud during sex. things like "fuck me NIGGER" "fuck me with that big black dick in my tiny white pussy" " i want to have your NIGGER baby" "make me your slave girl NIGGER" " i love your NIGGER dick". i might get shot one of these days by one of these crazy dads or brothers. honestly i have even fucked a few of the moms as well wanting to know what it was like with a black guy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    This is less of a sex cofession as it is more of a sex bragging . The reason im sharing it here is because im really mad at a friend of mine and i hope she reads this. I know she visits this site alot.

    I know we have been friends for years but Cheryl M. You really messed up big time and have alot of your riends and family members mad angry and upset with you. I am one of them. So here is what i want you to know. Some time ago im not going to say when because i dont want to get the other girl in trouble but awhile back me one of your babysitters and your husband tim had an amazing threesome.

    I know its wrong but i have been attracted to your husband for a very long time. Weather it was with my finger , toy ,or shower massager i cant tell you how many times i imagined having sex with your husband. And when it finally did happen having one of your sitters there was just an extra cherry on top. Lol.

    Cheryl it happend one of those times when you and the kids were out of town visiting your parents. I called you that morning saying i was just checking in to see how the trip went and to make sure you got there safe. But really i was calling to make sure you were out of town and that your husband was home alone. Ive wanted to have sex with your husband for so long and thought about it so much i just couldnt wait any longer. I made up my mind that day was the day i would finally get what i wanted. Your husbands cock and cum inside me . I didnt know for sure how it was going to happen yet but i wasnt leaving your house till i was fucked by your husband.

    After getting off the phone with you i drove straight to your house. I
    kept wondering what it would take to seduce your husband . How much work will i have to do. Would it be easy to get your husband into bed with me. Did he even want to fuck me.i just know the closer i got to your house the more excited i got and the more my juices started and the more my
    pussy got wet just thinking about it.

    When i got to your house i noticed tim's car was in the yard so i knew he was home. I walked up to the door an nocked but he didnt answer. So i walked to the side door . You the one you always complained about not being locked. Well sure enough it wasnt. After i got in right away i heard
    loud sex sounds coming from your room. But it was a bit loud so i figured tim was just watchin some porn on the big tv you have in your room. I walked down the hallway. Your bedroom door wasnt closed all thwle way and i was able to peek in . What i saw really surprised me. Yes i was right tim was watching porn on the tv. But also tim and one of your sitters were naked on the bed and were really having a great time 69ing
    each other. Tim had his arms wr**ed around that girl pulling her pussy in close and tight and was just licking away. And that sitter wow Cheryl all i can say is that she really had some oral skills and your husband seemd to be enjoying every bit of it. Cheryl im mean im sure if it wasnt your husbands cock she was sucking on you would have been impressed with that
    girls abilty to suck cock. And seeing your husbands cock for the first time wow im mean just wow. I couldnt take it anymore and i just stripped right there in the hallway leaving my clothes there on the floor. And walked into your room naked.

    Cheryl i was i had a pic of the look on ther faces when i walked in. Shock and surprise . Not expecting me to be there and def not naked. The sitter
    jumped up off your hisbands face so fast. Tim just gog avreat big smile on his face didnt ask how i got in or anything just had the biggest grin on his face. I said spmething to break the ice like dont stop jist because im here or something like that. Tim wasted no time .he reached over and just pulled thar cute lil sitter of yours right back over his face . You could tell by the look on her face he was doing a good job of eating her pussy. She was just looking at me as i moved between your hisbands legs. I asked her if she ever had a threesome before she jist shook her head . I told her today will be extra special for you then. Asked how it felt having her pussy eatn by tim . All i heard was amazing as i lowered my mouth to your husbands cock . Im sure she was a lil releaved to take a oral break and just enjoy the feeling of tims toung in her pussy.

    Cheryl i was doing my best to give your husban an amazing blowjob. I wasnt just sucking him off . I was making love to tims cock with my mouth. I was moving my mouth up and down trying to get as much as i could in ..teasing his tip with my toung . Sucking as hard as i could. Stroking him massaging his balls. I was looking at your sitter the whole time. It was obvious she was really enjoying what tim was doing to her. Then i stopped sat up and pushed that cute lil blond head of hers right back down and she sucking on your husbands cock again. We went back and forth sharing tims cock in our mouth for a bit . Then i knew what i wanted. The same thing she did im sure. That was your husbands cock inside me.

    I told her to hold his cock for me im
    going to get on top. She just smiled and said ok. I moved up and she guided tims cock to my pussy. I couldnt believe it .it was finally happing .i was going to get your husbands cock inside my pussy. And i took it Cheryl. All of it . Having him inside me felt amazing. I rode his cock as hard and fast as my hips would let me . I would almost call it a greedy fuck. Because thats how i was fucking tim . With greed and lust. Your sitter and i just wrapped our arms together . Enjoying everything we were getting from tim. Thats when i i moved in and just started kissing her. And she was kissing me back toung deep. we played with each others tits squ÷zing them . i offered her one of my tits and Cheryl she just took it. She sucked and licked on both of my nipples while i a was fucking your husbad. Your room was so loud from the sex
    cheryl. Not just from the porn on the tv but from us just having great sex loud moans and screams and heavy breathing of pleasure and orgasms. I finally had his cock buried in my pussy something ive wanted for so long and i was enjoying every inch of it. i could only imagine what was going through tims mind. having one of your sitter and one of your friends in bed and on top of him at
    the same time. Finally it was time for tim to fuck that cute lil blond sitter of yours .

    After he had us move off him he told her to move to the edge of the bed. After she moved down He said he wanted to watch her eat my pussy as
    he fucked her. I asked her if she ever tasted pussy before . She rold me no only hers.i told her dont worry im sure she will do a good job and i kissed her deeply while squeezing one of her tits. The i moved on top of her and lowered my freshly fucked pussy to her lips. And Cheryl she just went right to it . Licking every bit of my pussy shy could as i was grinding on her face. It was my turn to enjoy some of her oral skills. And she was doing a good job. I was playing with her tits squezing them and pinching her nipples. Staring at that blond lil patch she had between her legs and how tight her pussy looked i could see why tim wanted to fuck her so bad. He just stood there watching us for a few.

    Then he moved between her legs with that big cock of his as hard as it could be. He moved her legs up so her feet was on his shoulders. I took hold of his cock and put it back in my mouth and sucked on it a bit. Then it was my turn to guide tims cock to your sitters pussy. I teased her pussy with it abit first rubbing the tip up and down her slit. Then i put the tip right at her opening . As he pushed his cock inside her i could tell by the muffeld sounds coming from below my pussy that she was getting as much pleasure from tims cock as i was just moments before. Thats when tim and i kissed fro the first time. Weve had more kisses since then but that was def a memorable first kiss.

    Then i just i just sat there enjoying the toung thrashing i was gitting from her and watched your husbands cock just pound this girls pussy. Back and forth. He was fucking her good hard and fast. Cheryl to bad your not into sharing because i can tell you watching your husband fuck another girl is just so fucking hot. He then pulled out of her and began thraot fucking me . Then he would go back to her pussy then back to my mouth. Then back to her pussy to fuck her some more. I can tell you cheryl Tim has some stamina . I mean between our two mouths and our two pussys i just dont know how he was able to hold of cumming so long. Because he was fucking your sitters pussy and my mouth back and forth for what felt like a good 25-30 min or so. I already orgasmed on that cute lil face of hers an squirted all over it and she just kept eating me out.

    Then tim just stoped fucking her and froze. He came when he was deep inside her. When he pulled out her i could see some of his cum dripping out of her . So i just pust my face to her pussy and started eating out her freshly fucked pussy too. Cleaning up as much of your husbands cum out of her as i could. Tim held my face there and just enjoyd watching us two girls 69 each other for awhile. Then it was over . Moved from on top of her and just laid down next to her .kissing her and told her that was amazing and that she did a great job eating me out. Tim left the room. I asked her how did she like the tatse of her first pussy and she just smiled and said she loved it . We just relaxed kissing and holding each other just enjoying the fuck we both just had with your husband Cheryl.

    A lil while later tim came back in
    the room with some food . We all sat there on your bed naked and ate some lunch. She got up and said she had to go . After she got dressed we both kissed her good by. I told tim im free all weekend and didnt have to go anywhere. I stayed with him till a day before you were do back. And yes we spent most of that time in your bed naked and fucking. It was one of the best weekends i ever had.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    A few weeks ago I went to a party as the "Party Fuck". I was tied spread open and from about 9pm till about 2am I was available for any guy and girl who wanted me. I got it from all sorts of guys, and 3 girls. I got it in my mouth, in my pussy and 6 times up my ass. All in all as I remembered it was 17 guys and 3 girls. Many guys were without dates so they took more than one turn. One guy just watched me (I confessed her previously about it) and he wouldn't have sex with me. He drove me home as no one of the organizers was in any shape to do so, I gave him breakfast and cleaned up and then gave him me.

    Turns out I got pregnant. The guy who drove me home says he doesn't care, and still wants to date me. I guess we'll see about that when I'm sticking out with a huge belly and floppy boobs. He mentioned doing the party fuck again once I'm showing. I do find it kind of intriguing.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    My husband and I were walking in a park yesterday. He doesn't let me wear underwear - ever. I love pleasing my husband and do whatever he wishes, whatever pleases him. During our walk he made me put my hand down the front of his shorts and rub him. He had his hand up my short skirt and exposing my bottom. He gets off showing me off to people, and doing more. When he was ready he told me to "get on that bench". I knew the position. I placed my knees on the seat of the bench and leaned forward bracing myself with the back of the park bench. In front of probably 8 people in the park he raised my skirt over my backside and entered me. He has a very big one, and very thick too and he likes people staring thinking that he's putting that big thing inside me. In a few minutes he moaned, and pushed and had emptied himself in me. I sat on the bench and licked and sucked him totally clean and placed him back inside his shorts. As I got up he tucked the front of my skirt in my belt so that it was shorter and showed the bottom of my pussy hair a little so that anyone looking would know I'd just had my husbands sperm inside of me. We walked to our car that way then drove home. In the garage I undressed and walked into the house naked. I walked around he house all the rest of the evening, doing my normal routine of the evening with no clothes and the window treatments open.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I fucked my nieces aunt. She is an army wife so she's alone for long periods of time. She had big tits & fat pussy. Very sexy & pretty too. I started flashing her my cock as much as I could. Got her good a few times where she saw me peeing & fully saw my cock. Her reaction was good. Big smile & blushing. And not turning away but just looking.
    I had some of her dirty panties from her house & I'd jerk off sniffing & licking them. I'd even made a couple obscene phone calls to her while jerking my cock off. Finally she got to see me naked after coming out the shower. The next day I had to help her at her house with a delivery she was getting. I got there early cause she said they said between 9 & 5pm. She still had on her big pj shirt & no bra. Nipples poking out hard.
    She got me something to drink out the fridge & when she bent over I could see she had no panties on! I couldn't help but say omg!! When she turned she saw me squeezing my cock & looking at her. She smiled & took it as a joke & said you better stop. That's where it opened up the conversation. I said I'm sorry I dnt help it you know I'm here alone like you & I'm horny as hell. I dnt know how you do it for so long. Your to fine & sexy, I know you enjoy having sex. She blushed & said yea but she dnt think bout it & if she do she got a toy. That's when she came over with the drink for me & I just put my hand under her shirt & felt her pussy. I said can I be your toy today? I'll do u a lot better. She didn't pull away & I took a titty with my other hand & took it out. She wassup hot as fuck & not resisting. I put it in my mouth real quick & sucked her nipple as I out my finger in her c**t.
    From there I sucked her c**t & licked her ass. She was so horny her c**t flooded with juice! We fucked till the delivery came then fucked some more. Now I fuck her all the time!!

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    Straight Female / 45

    My sister in law had asked me to babysit her kids while she went out one night, her eldest son Ben who was 16 had got in with some bad lads as she said and didnt want to trust him looking after the younger ones.
    I arrived at the house and the young ones were already in bed , Ben was in the kitchen with 2 of his mates and a younger kid who was his mates younger brother about 12. They seemed quite nice and polite and after the sis in law had left they brought me a orange cocktail they had made , it was a warm night so was quite welcome although I told them to lay off the alcohol .I started watching the tv and after about half an hour Ben brought me another drink in , I joked he was trying to get me drunk , he looked a bit taken aback , no auntie Karen he said, I laughed only joking Ben although I was feeling light headed.After the programme I was watching had finished I got up to go to see what they were doing, as I stood I felt very unsteady and very drunk , I stumbled to the kitchen and one of the guys opened the door, did you like our special cocktail he said his hand rubbing my bum. Ben came over to me , your looking very sexy auntie Karen he said also rubbing my bum, his other friend camd over, its my birthday can I have a kiss he said , before I had chance to answer our lips had locked and I could feel hands all over me , I was 45 and being kissed and touched up by young kids , I tried to resist but but I was too far gone and my body was responding to the attention.
    They lay me down on the kitchen table my skirt was pushed up and panties were pilled down , Ben undid my blouse and cupped my tits out of my white silky bra, the birthday boy pushed his cock in me as the other two set about sucking my tits , I remember looking over at the younger brother who was sat wide eyed watching rubbing his cock. The next hour was a blur as they took it in turns to fuck me and play with my tits; after they had finished they helped me up and into the lounge and onto the sofa, as I sat there the younger brother brought me a drink in I leant forward and gave him a peck on the cheek and pulled him towards me, he needed no encouragement as I opened my legs his hard cock was soon inside me he didnt last long as the other guys encouraged him but his orgasm lasted ages pumping and pumping inside me . Im now always available to babysit for my sis in law and the kids always ask for auntie Karen to watch them x

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    Straight Male / 43

    Before i had a kid when i was younger i did porn for a little while to make money. I was desperate for money and couldn't do much else at the time and i had a somewhat big dick 8.5 inches but a lot of girth. lets fast forward to present day, my wife passed away years ago due to health issues and no she was not a pornstar. Now most of what i am about to tell you may seem made up but i assure you this really did happen no matter how crazy it seems. Now my daughter is 17 and a senior in high school, no i am not about to tell you how i fucked my daughter, this story involves several of her friends. so i later found out that my daughters friends found out i did porn when i was younger, i don't know how, they were low production videos that i was surprised ended up on the internet. But i found out when i started getting strange messages from these girls, mostly sexual. then they all started sending me nudes of themselves. these girls ranged from 16 - 18 years old, and yes 16 is the legal age of consent where i live without parent permission. Now i would be lying if i said i wasn't attracted to these girls. they had been to my house countless times in bikinis because i have a pool. these girls were also all races: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, i am white encase you were wondering. For a while i never said anything to these girls cause i didn't know what TO say. but one of the nights a couple of the girls where sleeping over at my house with my daughter. I was just getting out of the shower i was drying off and walking into my bedroom when i look up and see my daughter's friend Ashley this is one of her black 17 year old friends and she is just in her bra and panties. startled i fumble to cover my dick with the towel and i ask her what she is doing there.She nonchalantly says to me she wanted to see if my dick really was as big as it looked in the videos, i asked her what videos? She said that her and the others found out that i had been in porn and had seen my videos and that is why they all had been sexting me. she started moving closer and closer till she was almost up against me and pulled away my towel. as i stood there naked in front of the beautiful teenage girl she puts her hand around my dick and starts gently stroking it and said to me that it was a big as it looked on the porn. she leans in and kisses me, i jump back at first but i thought at that point fuck it and kissed her back she then kissed her way down my chest making her way to my dick. she kneeled down in front of me looking at my now hard dick before she started to suck it. she started with just the tip and then worked her way to going as far down as she could until she would gag. i picked her up and carried her to the bed and slid off her panties revealing just a little patch of hair above her little pussy and i started to eat her out like it was my last meal. she was moaning a squirming on my bed and could tell she was close to orgasm i worked her clit until she couldn't take anymore and began shaking. i let her catch her breath and she said that was amazing no boy at her school could do that. after she caught her breath she was ready for more and had me lay on my back and she climbed on top of me. she slid herself down on my dick and she was so wet be still so tight. she rode me like a bull in the rodeo until i was about to cum. i told her i was close and she just went faster and faster i could feel her pussy muscles clenching me and knew she was having another orgasm and i couldn't hold it any longer and came right inside her. i said i'm sorry, and she said that she was on the pill, i told her it didn't matter i had a vasectomy years ago and couldn't get her pregnant if i wanted to. she kissed me go dressed and went back to my daughters room.

    As i lay in bed thinking did that really just happen, i hear my bedroom door open. i think it is going to be my daughter wanting to ask something but around the corner comes her other friend that is staying the night Kim one of her asian 16 year old friends. Only she is completely naked, cute little a cup titties and she has a completely shaven pussy. she is walking up to my bed i am still naked under my sheets, she said to me that Ashley told her about what happened and how amazing it was and was wondering if i could fuck her too like the girls in the porn. i already fucked one teenager tonight what is another one. i was already hard from looking at her petite little body. she pull back the sheets and she is in shock by the size of my dick, she says it looks bigger in person than in the video. i ask her to suck on it and get it nice and wet, as she is sucking my dick i am fingering her smooth tight pussy. as she gets wet i pull my finger out and lick her juices off my finger and it tastes so sweet. i have her start out on top of me so she can get used to it at her own pace. she is even tighter than Ashley. it took 20 min for her to get used to the size the she really started riding me. she was so small i was able to easily pick her up and flip her over with face down and ass in the air and i started fucking her from behind. i was slamming my dick in her tiny pussy and it felt so good she was moaning loudly, luckily my daughters room is in another part of the house where she cant hear anything. i was getting close to cumming again and she said she wanted to taste it so i pulled out and she turned around and finished me off in her mouth, she swallowed what she could and i helped her clean off the rest. i gave her a kiss and she too went back to my daughters room for the night.

    this was just the beginning of it yes i fucked those two girls again many times but there were also 5 other girls as well. eventually my daughter caught me in the middle of fucking one of her friends, she was a little weird'd out by it but has come to accept it. she has walked in on me fucking almost all her friends now or them sucking my dick.
    The sex is great and almost more than i can handle. they have even done threesomes and foursomes with me, these high school girls are horny especially when they know they are fucking a former porn actor and they love reminding me of that.

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    Straight Male / 29

    This is posted primarily to ask if anyone out there, women or men, has had anyting like this experience or something close to it. I've been at it for over a year and it is still strange to me.

    About ten years ago I dated, Julia, a Polish American woman. We were both in our late teens. She went away to a large University and I remained here, attending a local, commuting state school that could afford. While I did not fall in love with her, I do miss her and phone once in a while. I could feel the growing distance between us. While she was born American she held on to a lot of Polish traditions, especially food and she often drove us to a nearby Polish restaurant she loved. They had a variety of Pierogi, the next, tastier than the last. I became addicted.

    The owners. Polish immigrants, became friends as they would see me come in at least once ever week, alone, and sitting at the table once used by Julia and I. One day, they came to my table with Natalia, a skinny little girl, and asked me to speak to her in English. They gave me a pad and a selection of pencils where I would draw a table and tell her what it was in English, etc. The little girl turned out to be not quite a girl and I learned her age was 19, but she looked much younger and could not speak or understand much English.

    I drew a tiny pig and told her, "Piggy" and she found this funny so I put a tiny cone shaped cap on the piggy and she would crack up. I loved making her laugh. It did not take much effort. We became friends and her aunt told me that she was a brilliant cook so I asked if she made Pierogi and she said, "Of course."

    Several times, she cooked an entire Polish dinner for me at my place. It was sporadic because I had to keep my grades up so as not to be thrown out of school. After dinner, I would wash everything and put it all away. One evening, she embraced me and began intimate caresses and touching. It did not take too much thinking to see that she wanted sex but questions cropped up. Her little body was hot and her little hips started to move. She stripped off her little cotton dress and stood naked before me.

    Looking at her I realized that she had an attractiveness about her. Soon enough, we were both naked and she did things with my cock that told me that she was not totally new to this territory. She has the most darling little bubble butt. I lifted her little body and inserted my cock into her, holding her up. She began to move on me with fervor and excitement, knees up on my hips, breathing hard like a little animal. He sexual abandon was a big turn on for me. That first time we must have fucked non-stop for over one hour, We rested and went back to it again. She has mechanical hips that seem to be run by a machine. They just go and keep going. In short, she does nearly all the fucking motion on my stiff.

    It seems, now, that this is most of what we do. It feels odd to do just that but I can't stop it with her. I have to avoid thinking and just continue our sexual communication. I's now been a few years and still going strong.

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    Straight Male / 21

    Just got in touch with a relative in Mexico
    A cousin to be exact
    She's young
    18 years old
    Dark skinned
    Lusciously curvy everywhere
    For the longest I've had a crush on her messed around with her when we were younger. Now we've both exchanged pictures of eachother naked and what not
    Now we're both wanting to fuck eachother
    I'm excited to see her when I visit. Just might even cream pie her even though we're related.
    I have the same feelings for my step sister too.. I want her so bad... just don't know how to get to her like that... been thinking about how I can get inside my step sister
    Thinking about buying a hidden camera to hide in the bathroom when she showers
    Wish me luck. Leave a email if you have similar fantasies. Preferably women to give me pointers to get closer to my forbidden â¤ï¸

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    Straight Female / 19

    I found out 3 months ago that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. I am back with him now but for a month for revenge had sex with 3 guys I had never met before.

    Two of them was just sex but this 3rd guy was a big mistake. It was me who instigated the sex with him and he took me to a motel where it turned out to be a few hours of hell.

    At first it was basically good sex but then he got way to aggressive with me forcing me first to give him oral sex. I didn't see him take a pill but he probably did to be able to keep an erection for such a long time.

    I became petrified of this guy as he forcefully held my head forcing his penis in my mouth. Without warning he then sodomize me for almost and hour in painful anal sex. He slapped my ass so hard he had me in tears several times and made me swallow his semen. That and anal sex I never experienced before and can only blame myself for getting involved with him

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