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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I've recently graduated from college. If you heard about "the cheerleader who fucked half the team" that's me. I even did some of my fellow cheerleaders, all juicy. Je n'ai aucun regret.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Last night I was on my knees giving my husband a long, sloppy blowjob. He was playing with me at the same time. He started finger fucking me and before I knew it I was riding his hand just like I would a nice, hard dick. The combinations of that & giving him a long, arousing blowjob was amazing, to say the least.

    It got me thinking about how I'd love to suck a nice hard cock while riding one, at the same time. My husband and I have been together since high school and I have no desire for another man. But what about s dildo?

    I only own a little vibrator as far as toys go, and we have all kinds of fun with that together, I wonder/fantasize abouthow much fun we could have with a suction cup dildo.

    I'm scared he'd get offended, like his cock isn't good enough or something (it's PLENTY good enough, btw). I found the perfect 6.5 inch, curved, one with a suction cup online AND it's 50% off right now. I might just order it and hide it from him until I find a safe way to bring it up. The thoughts get me soaking wet, I can only imagine how good it would be in reality.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Straight Male / 24

    My cousin who is 2 years younger than I always spent time together growing up. Other than my moms, she was the first pussy I saw, and I her first cock. Once she got hair on her pussy and grew these huge tits I almost had to force her to let me take a look but she did. I would rub her pussy, massage her big, curvy body, and suck on her enormous tits. I gave her the first orgasm and she jacked me to mine. Eventually we ate each other and then gradually knew we had to stop.

    She was married for 2 years and wanted children, but even though trying she didn't get pregnant. She asked me and I fucked her for a month and she got pregnant. She was fucking her husband all the time, and he thinks it's his but Cathy and I know it is ours.

    I wish I could have popped her cherry, she has the sweetest pussy.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I stummbled onto this site and love it. I have only told my girlfriend about this, and she gets turned on by the stories and goes home to fuck her husband. I am a 5 ft 9, 130 lbs and have 36b, boobs. I like to go try on shoes with no panties on and have both men and women look up my dress. It started by accident one day, and when the man helped measure my foot he got a good look at my trimmed pussy. I saw him get a hard on and it made me wet. Now i do it all the time. I have had many people ask me for a date, but being married I have said no. But when women see my pussy some are turned off by it, while a few have kept looking. I am not gay but this 1 women almost started to drool looking at my pussy and asked to meet for coffee on her break. I don't know why I said yes, but we went ot her car and she ate me out until I came, then stuck a finger in my ass ( which I won't let the hubby do ) and I came again. On my last trip a young stud had a big hard on and his dick looked to be 8+. I even rubbed my foot on him, It was some of the best sex my husband and I had in a long time.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    How things have changed sexually:

    It all started after back surgery. I was straight at the time, but became impotent after the surgery, no longer able to please a female. My erection would be lost during insertion. So for many years now, no sex as I once knew it. Masturbation was the only thing left. Then one day while searching the internet, I came across pro-dominatrix, but I had to pay for this service.

    So I decided to try this, at least I would be with a female. We met, then she took over. She told me to strip naked, then she dressed me in female lingerie and makeup and told me how pretty I looked. She said it was time to act like a female. She put on a strapon and instructed me to get down on my knees and suck it. After some time I really got into it. I was spanked until my cheeks were red hot. She then told me to get down on all fours and she was going to take my virginity away. With lots of lube and patience, she was deep inside me, pumping away, she jacked me off and I shot a load of cum like never before. I was very happy from this experience.

    I went back a few more times and then sought out other dommes. Every time, I was feminized, sucked their cocks and bent over for it. I found out this has become the best sexual encounters I've ever had. I really enjoy being a "sissy slut". Finally, I was introduced to forced bi, she said it was time to suck a real man's cock. This was hard to do at first, but following her strict instructions, I did as I was told. I was now sucking cock. It was time for him to cum and was told to swallow ever drop, which I did. It was not as bad as I first imagined it would be.

    A few months later, she had me take my first cock up my now pussy. It was wonderful, he came inside and it felt so incredible having his cum leaking out. So now, I guess I can be called a "sissy faggot".

    I have now purchased many female clothes, dildos, makeup, wigs, breast forms and love dressing as female. I have been on craigslist and found men to come over for blow jobs and fucking. I love making men cum and satisfying their sexual needs. Some have even said I gave them the best blow job they ever had.

    I sometime fish in secluded areas and fish, wearing only bra/panties to get a nice tan line set for the summer. I don't even think about fucking women anymore like a man, but just imagine them fucking me with their big strapons. They always make me eat my own cum at the end. So I have found that I'm addicted to cum, whether it's my own or someone else's. I like it down my throat, on my face or in my pussy hole.

    Life as a "sissy faggot" has been rewarding. Sitting around for those years without any sex are gone forever, I now feel complete again and sexually satisfied.

    Now if I happened into a gay bar and someone hit up on me, I would know what to do and be comfortable. I have also dressed and and been to a few fast food drive thru windows, quite exciting. I do have a couple fantasies that I want to do. One is going shopping at a female clothing store and be fitted for a bra. I also, since I have many dildos of various sizes, my hole has been stretched out and now I want to be fisted.

    I do enjoy being with a domme the most. Especially when she has other people there. I love the humiliation, the verbal humiliation, just the whole idea of being a total "submissive sissy slut faggot".


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    Straight Female / 24

    I make my boyfriend who is 20, change my tampons and pads when I'm on my period.
    He hates it, I love making him do it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I certainly was no virgin when I met my husband in college. I started sex at 12 and had a well deserved reputation as an easy piece. I welcomed going away to college as a way to get away from my sexual reputation. I'd been with many older men, boys my age, some younger, and girls even old women. I'd done every kinky thing that anyone could imagine since it all started with the worst thing that could happen at 12. My husband doesn't know, he thinks that I had my first sex at 17 with a boy I was in love with and I told him a story about it happening after prom in a local motel. In fact I've made it with 12 girls/women, and 48 boys or men. My first time was with a dog, I lost my virginity to a dog with a boy watching me. I can never tell my husband after all these years the truth about me.

    This neighbor boy and I were playing around, looking at each others bodies, he would feel me, even stick a finger in me, I fingered his butt (he did that to me also) and we kissed, he sucked my boobs which were growing already, and I jacked him off his first time, the first time he ever shot off and it hit me right on my pussy hair. One day we were in the basement naked with his dog. We'd ignored the dog and were naked, I was on my hands and knees and Bobby was playing around pushing his cock into my butt and moving it around. The dog kept coming over and we shooed him away. Bobby erupted, shooting all over my butthole and I was waiting for him to get a rag to wipe me up and while he was gone the dog tried to mount me. I pushed him away, Bobby yelled at him and closed the bathroom door. With that the dog was licking me between the legs and it felt heavenly but I still didn't want it. He started cleaning my butt, licking all the sperm Bobby had deposited. He jumped on me and pumped a few times, I was moving away and put my knee on a piece of plastic that was on the floor and it caused me to get down a little as it hurt. When I did that it happened. The dog went inside me just as Bobby came out and he saw the dog humping me. I was crying and trying to get away but the dog was growling at me, and we were both afraid he'd bite. The dog kept going, it wasn't too long and I felt him push and I felt the sperm shooting out of him. I was crying, my first time and it was forced by a dog to do it. The dog took several minutes before he could pull out of me and bobby was trying to console me. He got between my legs with me on my back and kissed me and entered me. He fucked me right there and said that he wouldn't tell anyone, and that my first time was with him, it was him who broke my cherry.

    We fucked, I got pregnant, my mom called me a whore and made me have an abortion. I started fucking everyone and anyone. To this day only Bobby and I know that I lost my virginity to a dog. I just can't bring myself to tell my husband. I think if he ever found out about the dog, the fact that I was only 12 and was having sex, and that I've been with so many people sexually he'd leave me. He is very religious, comes from a very old money family and none would understand.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I have a female lover, Margy, that my husband knows about and fortunately for him, does not complain about it. She is still a virgin in heterosexual sex. Not long ago, hubby and his best friend gave me a double vaginal penetration fucking and I have not gotten over it. MY GOD! It was fantastic. I want more. All women bored by sex should try it. I'm trying to talk Margy into it.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have been with my wife 20 years now. To this day that woman drives me mad with desire. Beauty is subjective to one's preference I know. She is 5'4, 115 lbs, 34C tits, hour glass figure and an ass that could stop traffic. Blond hair with big blue eyes and always keeps her pussy shaved. Last time I saw her with pubic hair many years ago it was blond. I asked her over the weekend if she let it grow if it would still be blond and she said yes. I happen to like smooth kept c u n t s.

    I insist she remain naked when at home so I can watch her ass with that sexy walk of hers and her firm tits with blond colored nipples jiggle. I stare at her so much it does cause her to be uncomfortable but I can't stop looking.
    I masturbate quite often looking at one of the thousand nude pics I have of her. She made a promise to never deny me sex before we got married and she has kept that promise.

    This past weekend I took a cocktail of c****s and viagra with every intent to stay hard and her pussy sore. I was unrelenting in pumping her naked body for 3 days. Actually I am to large for her comfort but that is not my fault. I have a need to cum very often. When we go to the office I insist she wear the tightest pants possible. I enjoy watching her pull and stretch them on her body.

    I find everyway I can to expose that hot body naked in front of people. I get so excited watching both men and women looking at her naked body. This morning before work I f ucked her to the point I knew she was going to scream out of frustration for being over sexed all weekend. Im aware she works very hard to make me cum so she can have a break. It's not my fault that she was born with her natural sexy look. Hot women get f ucked and should be seen nude is all I know.

    Occasionally I will turn on my computer cam when she is unaware so that she is naked in front of thousands of people. Pretty naked women should be seen by others don't you think?

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    Straight Male / 19

    I found out, the couple that own the butcher shop are both 55 and will retire soon as their business is slowly being eaten up by the large chain store that opened on this side of town not long ago. Mary and Pete are a nice couple that i have known from early childhood when dad or mom took me into their store to buy stuff.

    I was in picking up stuff on my 18th birthday almost a year ago and Pete was in the back getting cuts off a side, hammering away. I told Mary it was my 18th birthday and she shocked me by grabbing me and giving me a big, wet kiss. Her tongue rolled inside my mouth and I got a giant hard-on. While she kissed me that way I recalled she was around 15 year older than my own mom. Still, I remained hard.

    Hugging me, Mary felt my cock through my pants and all kinds of thoughts whirled through my head. I had always admired Mary's round ass, shapely and firm looking. I put my hands on it while she hugged me after the kiss. I could hear Pete in the back hammering on the steer. Mary pulled me over to a part behind the counter unseen from outside the store. She pulled her panties off and lifted her skirt, turning away from me and said, "You've been looking at it for years now just get your cock inside me in the back side and enjoy your coming of age.

    Taking out my cock, Mary rubbed tallow on it and pulled it inside her asshole. It felt unreal and I fought not to come as this was my first ever fuck with anyone. In minutes, however, I could not help it and shot off deep up into her asshole, which was beyond anything I could imagine. Since that one time, Mary has phoned me whenever Pete will be tied up or not in the shop. We fuck standing up, clothes on, and I drive my hard cock into her asshole while she frigs herself. We are trying to come simultaneously. I count the times and we have now done it 17 times. I can't get enough of it.

    We talked about going elsewhere and came to the choice of her sister's home, not far from either of us, where we can start really fucking and sucking each other. She's 36 years older than me but when I am inside her, time vanishes.

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