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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I've done this before, and did it again last night. Out of town on business, there was a homeless woman in the parking lot across the street. I have her money and fucked her pussy and her ass. Even when I fucked her ass I stuck my cock in her pussy to cum adding it to my first load.

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    Straight Male / 51

    iv always wanted to fuck tranny never met one but I want to my wife says its gross but I think its hot help me find one

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    Straight Male / 33

    I list "straight" but maybe I'm not quite that. When Craig's List still ran sex personals I saw a photo of a tranny with female movie star looks and holding her fairly large cock. I just kept browsing and could not get that tranny out of my mind so I finally answered her ad and we met at a nice place we found we both liked. I confessed to her that I was just curious but she smiled and we chatted. In an hour we knew we liked each other.

    We ended up at her place and she took me through her likes and dislikes but at the end of the day I was enjoying that hung girl a great deal. I had never even thought of someone else's package, yet, there I was, sucking as much as possible as I heard her moaning. She was clean so I was not turned off when I fucked her, something she really enjoyed a lot as well. After a lot of sex, where she had shown me her tongue mastery on my swollen chubby, we talked and I asked why someone as good looking would have to post on CL and she said, "Most with your curiosity chicken out."

    We enjoyed each other immensely for some time then she had to leave the city. I can't say I have grown "gay" curious, however, men still don't turn me on. It's hard to explain but one has to have the tranny experience with a feminine tranny to understand, is my state of mind.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I have had sex with three of my sons friends on separate occasions and a couple of times together.
    Well with the first one he actually made subtle moves on me and he is definitely very cute. We ended up in my car in the middle of one of his practices and I gave him a bj. From there we set up a time to come to my place and have sex. The other two was mainly a result of me approaching them. Once I had sex with all of them individually, they all eventually found out from the first guy and thats when we had the gangbang. They seem to be more mature than most guys their age though. Can't say I haven't had fun

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    Straight Male / 38

    I got out of a dinner meeting where I was told that we did not get the contract. It was late and I was pissed and frustrated. On the corner walking to my car was a guy asking for a handout. I gave him twenty bucks, he looked at me and asked what that was for and I told him for a blowjob. He said he didn't blow anyone and I told him that I didn't want him to blow me, I wanted to blow him.

    We walked to my car which was in the back of the parking lot and he got in the passenger seat and I leaned over and gave him a blow job. He had a thick enough cock and between blowing him and jerking him I got him to get off and I got as much of it as I could. It had been a long time since I had had cock. That night it felt really good.

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    Straight Male / 20

    SSBBW fuck

    I am dating a girl that is best described as an SSBBW (super sized big beautiful woman). She is hands down, the prettiest girl I've ever dated. Her long, very dark brown hair comes past her shoulders, she is 5ft. 6in tall but weighs 225lbs. She is fat but has a nice shape, very shapely but big. She will shave, keep grown, or trim her pussy hair in anyway I want, right now I have her in full bush. She fucks like a man, she talks dirty, initiates sex at anytime she wants it, and anywhere. She even begs for my cock up her ass at times. She even brought in one of her girlfriends who let me fuck her, and the two of them fucked for me. She is a big girl of 24 years, older than me, with the biggest tits I've ever seen naked. Even though she is big, her outer pussy lips are tiny. My girlfriend before her was 18, and weighed only 100lbs, with what I thought was a tiny pussy, but my big girls outer pussy lips I swear, are only about 2 and 1/2 inches long from the top of her slit to her taint. She's been fucked a lot I know, and don't care about that, so she can take a big cock but it's so hot seeing this big girl with her very shapely, big legs spread open and my cock splitting a tiny pussy on this big body. I've fucked a few fat girls in the past, mostly not good looking, just did it to have a pussy to fuck or a mouth to shoot in when desperate. But this woman is incredible, and an incredible fuck, the prettiest woman I've ever dated, and a total slut/whore in all the best ways, and she doesn't give a crap about who knows it.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I first got married we used to go on holiday twice a year, for the first three years, all over Europe. Our last holiday into Europe, was to the south of France, where we had rented a farm cottage,in a village near Nice. We fell in love with the place,and we decided to go there all the time, we got to know the farmer and his wife, they were both in their early forties, 14 years older than us, the farmers wife was very attractive, and the farmer was quite handsome as well.

    After going there for a couple of years, we thought about staying there permanently, as it was just a short flight to Gatwick from the nearby Nice Airport. My wife was an English teacher and I am a motor mechanic, so we decided to find out about jobs, and a suitable place to live.

    The farmer suggested us renting the cottage long term at a cheaper rate, til we could buy somewhere in, or near the village. So that was it , we both got jobs, and moved to the south of France, we had gotten to know some of the locals, and when we moved they held a party for us, it was a dream move for both of us.

    We had been there about 3 months, when the farmer said 'I'm having a party on Saturday night, as its my wife's birthday ' and it's fancy dress. So we set about getting our costumes, eventually I chose a Pilots uniform and my wife chose this very revealing Toga.

    Saturday arrived and we both got ready, ( we had also made another decision, my wife wanted to start a family, so she came of the pill )and went to the party, the farmers wife greeted us, and I got an instant horn, she was dressed as a Burlesque Singer, and her ample tits and great legs were well on show. Add to that my wife in her sexy Toga I was as horny as a bag of Thistles and Holly, then the farmer appeared, and he was dressed as a Pirate.

    We went into the house as other people in fancy dress were arriving, soon the house was full and the party got into full swing. After about an hour and a half, the farmers wife caught me looking at her legs and tits, so she came over to me and said ' So you like my dress ? patting my crotch with the palm of her hand, saying my my you do like my dress, and we need to do something about that, pointing to my stiff cock, and promptly lead me away to an outhouse, where she proceeded to haul my uniform off, so without further ado I relived her of her dress, we settled down to what I can only describe as, the most glorious sex that I'd ever had.

    We were at it for at least an hour, I had finger fucked her, ate her out, sucked on her lovely tits, and mounted her from the rear, doggy style, finally laying her out in the missionary position, And finally I shot my copious spunk deep inside her sodden wet fanny.

    I thought I had died and went to heaven, as her body was just perfect, meanwhile unknown to me the farmer had spied my wife and gotten her drinks making her quite tipsy, and he started flirting with her, which she responded to, when I got back to the party my wife, was well and truly pretty oiled, and she informed me, that she had been flirting with the farmer. I asked her if she fancied him, and she replied 'Of course I do ( he's a handsome man ') at that I thought if I could get him interested, it would alleviate the guilty feeling that I had.

    I didn't need to coax the farmer , because he saw my wife, and took her down the courtyard, where he proceeded to tell her wanted to bull her hard, to my surprise she said ok , so they walked off in the direction of the bedrooms downstairs, I followed them, and he took her into an empty room and started to get this very revealing Toga of her, once he had done this, he stripped off all his clothes, revealing the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have been 9 inches hard at least.

    The farmer then went on to Finger fuck her, then suck her lovely tits, and then eat her fanny out, finally rolling her onto her belly, and lifting her arse up and parting her thighs, before ramming his huge cock straight Up Her dripping wet pussy, after about 15 minutes screwing the arse of her, he rolled her over onto her back and started shagging her hard in the missionary position, he was pounding away, and I suddenly realised she wasn't on the pill anymore, and I rushed in to get him to stop, I recognised the faster panting of a man about to shoot his load, and I ran to the bed, and tried to pull him off, my wife though was having none of it, she was moaning and bucking like hell, and she was kicking out at me, trying to get me to stop, and all the time the farmer was riding her like there was no tomorrow, I kept trying to get him off her, when suddenly he bucked, shooting his hot thick spunk right up, and deep into her fanny, he continued to buck 6 or 7 times before finally stopping.

    That was 8 months ago, and now my wife is heavily pregnant, but so is the farmers wife, they are both due at the same time, we have all moved in together now, as it makes sense, who is the farmer and me going to shag after the babies are born, does it really matter because I know who ever it is that I'm going to have great sex, as watching my wife getting shagged long and hard was a huge turn on, and the farmer has told me he would like to see me hump his wife too, til she was screaming with pleasure, I cant wait.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My cousin and I are married to other people now but we still have sex. We started in our teens, really early teens and haven't stopped. When I fuck my wife I think of her. She is always there for me, always, she is always hot. She doesn't give me explicit details of her and her husband but she pretty much tells me she waits for me. I love fucking her, being close like that with her, I love dropping my load in her, a day without seeing her is a long ass day, my wife says we have a codependency problem but I don't think she realizes that we fuck. Pussy, is pussy, is pussy, but my cousin's pussy is better than my wife's.

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    Straight Female / 39

    My husband is in the Air Force, he is part of a transport aircraft crew and is gone for several days at a time. I get lonely (no children) and started going to the enlisted club and flirt with the young airmen who are away from their girlfriends and need some female companionship. I need male companionship as well. Its almost like "Which one do I want". Anyway when I go there, it is not long until a young airman will ask if they can buy me a drink and if I accept he will join me and we will chat some. If I like the vibes, I ask him if he wants to go home with me. I have been fortunate and have had good sex with lots of guys, and of all ethnic backgrounds as well. I know it is wrong but I am a sexual woman and have needs.

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    Straight Male / 18

    It’s funny how every fake fucker who does family sex ends up on this website lol (yeah they didn’t use it before right... before they made up the stories)

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