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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 30

    I am a white male. I used to have a black girlfriend that liked to roll play. You are thinking what is wrong with that. Well she liked to roll play slave and slave owner. I didn't know why she liked it but it always made me a little uncomfortable. She would have me yell racial things at her. She said it turned her on. Don't get me wrong over all the sex was amazing with her and would do almost anything. Call it white guilt if you want but I wasn't 100% ok with taking like that or the roll play itself. Just thought she should have more respect for herself. And I understand there are alot of submissive people out there.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I'm actually afraid to admit but I'm 34, still live with my mom, and still am a virgin.

    My mom knows I still am a virgin and constantly tells me to get out of the house on the weekends and go have fun. But I'm always just sitting in front of my computer working at night in just my tighty whities before I got to bed and wake up at 5am every day.

    I usually masturbate at night before bed and in the morning when I wake up. My mom sees me sitting in my room in the morning or in the kitchen getting breakfast in just my briefs and jokingly asks when I'm gonna grow up and pit some pants on and move out. I always tell her never. I work a decent job and have money saved up but not enough to the point where I can buy property and build a house yet.

    To make matters even more awkward, my birthday was a few months ago and she bought me a fleshlight. I opened up the box asking what the heck is this. She pulled the top off and it looked like a pussy! She said your 34 now, time to stop using your hand like your still a teen! I did that day go buy some lube and use that flashlight. Holy heck have I been missing out but I still will remain a virgin. I see no point in having sex with a woman when I am actually really good friends with two. They know I'm a virgin and they are cool with it. But that fleshlight makes me wonder about pussy. Getting hard in my briefs as I type this

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I just turn 7 yo the week end my sister (3yers older) had a girlfriend spend the weekend with her. Our parents had gone to the next town for gro. and ect. The three of us were upstairs playing and the girls thought it would be fun to teach me to fuck. The friend (we will call her Jo) pulled her panties off and took my dick out and shod me where to put me dick. She pushed it in and out awhile, then told sis to do it. They fucked me trading off for most of the morning. I had no idea of Cuming and don't think either one of them did. That night Jo and sis slept in sisters bed and there was just a curtain between our Beds. After sis went to sleep, Jo came and got in my bed and started playing with my dick. She Wanted me to suck her pussy and showed me kind of how by sucking my dick. Well I do not know how she knw all this stuff, (she did have an older brother)but she taught me all about sex that night. We sucked and fucked until the sun started to come up and Jo went back to sisters bed. After that night, I was a pussy crazed boy and tried to fuck every girl I met. and did most of them. We moved to another town in north west Colorado that fall and The school we went to was much bigger and lots more girls. The second week in school, I made friends with a pretty girl who lived 2 houses from ours. and after school we played in her back yard. She had a play house back there and we played "mom and dad" As soon as I could, I would get her to go to bed and make love. She had no idea what was going on but I would take her panties of and play with her pussy. We would go to the movies on Saturday afternoon and I would finger fuck her for the whole movie. I taught her to suck my dick and she got really good at it. A year later we moved to Oklahoma and a new school. Small school, only 25 in my class, 12 boys, 13 girls. All Pretty much I there own click, and I Went to work soon after we got moved in. It was was during the first year that I found a good friend and we would stay over night some times and when we did, we jacked each other off until I started sucking his cock. we both like that and did it every time we got together. When we finished high school. He got married and I went in the army. Started stationed in Cal. and took basic training. Went to Japan for a year then we all shipped to Korea. Got fuck several girls in Japan and had a staff Sargent that like to suck cocks and get sucked. I got him to fuck me one night when he was pretty drunk. I RELLLY liked that and made him fuck me before I would suck his dick. I met a nice Korean girl and moved in with her. S had a niece bout 8 or 9 and she thought I was the cats meow. She came to visit one week end an as we didn't know she was coming, the girl friend had gone to Soul shopping. The minute (will call her Jan) Jan learned Sue (not her real name) was not home, dhe sat on my lap and started kissing me. I kissed her back and put my tongue in her mouth ss far as I could and we stayed that way several minutes. I felt of her legs and worked up to her puss. When I started to finger her pussy, she got off my lap and went in the bed room. when she came back in she was naked. God I just about shit my pants. She was beautiful. nice little bubble tits a clean tiny c**t. My dick got harder than it had ever been When caught my breath, I said" what are you doing" She just looked at me a second then said "you want to fuck me don't you" I said ?yes but you are way to young fr me to fuck" could go to prison if I got caught. She said " no one will ever know and besides, who is goung to send you to jail?" I just got up, pull my pants and shorts off and lad her on the couch and began to push my hard cock in her virgin pussy. It was so tight it took several tries to get cock in When I did get it in, It was the tightest, best pussy I had ever had. I fucked her until time for her aunt to get back from Soul. She went to her home next day, but she said she would be back She did almost every other weekend. could not fuck her every time she cane but we all would go to a movie and I could finger fuck her in the movie house. I returned to the usa and was discharged and didn't hear any thing about her Until this past Jan. hen I got a short letter from her. The letter had been around the world a couple time by the looks of the envelope. She said she married an air force captain And lived in Florida until husband Passed last year. She moved to Mobile, Alabama To work for a lawyer firm. She got my address from a friend that lived next to her in Florida. Funny ho things turn out. This friend was a lady I was trying to get to move to Alabama and We could have sex. Now My Korean Fuck friend was almost next door and wants to see me. Gave me her phone number and I did call her. We talked quite a long time. She spoke very good English And asked If I minded if she came this past weekend to visit. Of course I said "Please do" . She got to my house about 6:30am Saturday. We ate breakfast, talk about old times. after breakfast. We moved to the sofa next to each other and Shortly we were kissing and feeling each other like many years before. I said we should go to bed and do this right. She agreed And Man did we have sex or did we have sex. She Is moving in with me and I am going to fuck her, eat her pussy, fuck her ass hole and Make up for all those years I was n not getting any. Thank you God for sensing here back to my bed.

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    Straight Male / 30

    My wife's best friend is a 23 year old transsexual woman (pre-op so still has a dick). She really is a beautiful woman and would never know there was anything else down below. Now my wife and I are into multiple partner sex so we have threesomes and foursomes all the time. My wife one day told me she really wanted to have a threesome with her best friend but was afraid to ask and mess up their friendship.

    Now I do flirt with her all the time in front of my wife and we joke around about me leaving my wife for her. But it is all in joking manner never any seriousness in how we talk.

    Well one week she was staying with us. It was during the summer and we were planing on just swimming in our pool and drinking beer. We were out by the pool, I was lounging on one of those reclining wicker chairs that lays out flat. We were running low on beer and my wife said she would head into town and get more and we could stay and relax. She went inside and got dressed and left. Soon after my wife left her friend came over, and I have to say she looks amazing in a bikini.she has a sweet body, slim waist and a little bubble in her ass. Anyway, she comes over and sits next to me.

    She says to me that she doesn't want me to burn and offers to rub lotion on me. I say sure I'm not going to turn down being rubbed on by someone that looks like her. As she is rubbing the lotion on me she starts saying how nice I am to her and don't treat her like a freak like some guys do. I tell her she is a beautiful woman and don't let anybody tell her otherwise. All of a sudden I feel her hand on the front of my swim suit and she is rubbing my dick. I ask what she is doing. She says she knows that my wife and I have a kind of open marriage and she has always wanted to fuck me and my wife. I'm shocked cause that is what my wife is wanted too. She asked me if I had ever been with a trans. I said no, and she said "I bet I could suck your dick and make you cum before she get back."

    Before I knew it she untied my swim suit and had my now very hard dick out. She held it and said " wow your wife wasn't lying about how big you are". She starting sucking and I have to tell you it was the best blowjob I had ever had. I must have only lasted ten minutes and I came hard in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop and licked me clean. I told her that was amazing, but don't tell my wife yet, we will have fun with her later.

    My wife got back with the beer and me and her friend acted like nothing happened. Later when we went inside we all had to shower. I finished first and then her friend so I got her and we went to our bed room while my wife was in the shower. We both got naked and got on the bed. This was the first time I actually saw her dick, it was about 5-6 inches and she was completely shaven. I laid behind her my dick against her ads and starting to get hard as a play with her soft tits. We waited for my wife to come out of the bathroom.

    When she came out in only a towel she saw us on the bed and was surprised. She asked what we were doing. I told her we were waiting for you." I know you have been wanting to be sexual with your friend here, well it turns out she does too. Now I think it is time we all had some real fun together. My wife came over and kissed me passionately and said she wanted to watch me and her friend first. She wanted to see me fuck her ass and suck her dick. I said as you wish my love and started sucking her dick like I had been doing it all my life. This was the first time I had ever had a cock in my mouth but with her it felt natural.( we 69 all the time now) she was getting close to cumming and I just kept going till she came in my mouth. It almost tasted sweet and I swallowed all I wife licked the remains off my face and then lick her dick clean.

    Her friend then said I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours that I sucked off earlier. My wife gave me a devious smile and said " oh I see y'all started all this fun without me". I grabbed the lube from bed side drawer and put a good about rubbing it all over my dick and the acquired some on her little asshole.I figured some in their to get her good and ready then I started pushing my cock in her ass.she let out a cute little moan as I pushed in from behind her. I was now balls deep inside her ass and could feel her sack against mine. She then moaned and begged I fuck her like a little whore. I started slamming my dick in her and it felt so good. After a few minutes of fucking her doggy style I flipped her on her back and lifted her legs and fucked her like that so I could see her face and watch her little tuts bounce as I pumped myself in her. We fucked for a solid 30-40 min before I was about to cum. She wanted me to cum on her stomach and tits, so I pulled out and jerked off onto her belly and chest. We laid there tired as my wife cleaned her friend off with her tongue, she loves the taste of cum.

    That was only the first time we had sex. That whole week was mostly us having sex with each other and hanging out by the pool. I even watched my wife ride her friends coco and I even let her fuck me in the ass. My wife said it was hot. I actually kinda liked it. Might get my wife a strap-on. It was an amazing sexual week and honestly some of the best sex we have had. Her friend is welcome any time at our house.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When my niece was still a child she use to play with my dick and let me rub her pussy with my dick.

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    Straight Male / 47

    You might call this a confession and perhaps it belongs in the Family Section. But I posted it here because it involves a sex act which, unfortunately, was never committed.

    A couple of the guys and myself were watching porn videos that were brought over from the Netherlands. The guy who owned them was pilot and flew international flights. He had stay-overs in Amsterdam where he occasionally visited video stores that carry porn material. he bought a couple of them and when he told us the price in euros (we had to convert to American dollars), we were surprised that they were so expensive. The pilot said it was because they were the "real thing", sex between a mother and her adult son. I was skeptical because any such videos that I have watched always involves role playing between porn actors. But the pilot said that the video store owner assured him that they were real and that "he would get his money's worth", or some such expression.

    Even from my teenage years I have always been fascinated by the thought of sexual activity with my mother. She was the first woman that I ever saw topless and later naked and I can still remember how horny I got the first time I got a good look at her breasts. I was about 15 and they were so beautiful. Mom had me when she was 23 so I calculate that she was 23 + 15 == 38 years old. Not much later I remember seeing (and hearing) through a slit in their bedroom door dad fucking mom. Dad was ding it from behind. I still remember the thump, thump, thump and Mom asking him, "Are you finished?". Mom subsequently got pregnant with my third sister. At the time, I wondered what it would feel like to stick my penis into Mom. Nothing more. Just that.

    I graduated from high school at 18 and I was still a virgin. I had seem Mom's c__t one time when she had bent over wearing nothing but her petticoat. She was pouring milk into the cat's tray and I was standing behind her. It was the perfect look and her vagina slit was so clear that I can remember it now many years later.

    I left home at 18, worked abroad, got married, and had my own kids. But too continue with the story, we all started watching this video from the Netherlands and discovered that it wasn't in English. But the pictures told the story. The first part of the video showed a typical Dutch family going through a family album. The viewer is shown several pictures including that of the husband, the wife, a boy and a girl. The narrator seems to focus on the wife and the boy who gets older and older as more pictures are shown. Finally we see the boy who is now a young man and his mother who is also older now sitting next to each other holding hands. The narrator seems to talk to them for quite as while but eventually the mother and boy leave the room and enter what appears to be the boy's bedroom. There are graduation pictures of him, family pictures and other paraphernalia. Then, amazingly, both the young man and him mom begin to undress one garment at a time. When they are both naked, she begins to perform oral sex on him and this goes on for some time. The photography leaves nothing for the imagination. She then mounts him and they fuck quite passionately. He then rolls her over and fucks her really hard and fast in the missionary position. This goes on and on until he reaches his climax, ejaculates into her and pulls out. The video ends showing his mother's legs spread apart and semen oozing out of her vagina.

    All of us were pretty amazed at the video and agreed these were not actors role playing. They even show baby pictures of the son and of the mother, although I don't know why they were included. Anyways, it was a pretty amazing video.

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    Straight Male / 33

    Among the more irresponsible things I have done.

    I was in Denver attending a vendor presentation, and I had taken a cab back to the airport for a late night flight. I got into a conversation with the cab driver, told him the whole trip had been a stress, we talked about a couple of nonsense things, he asked me if I had ever stepped out and tried something different. I said like what, and he said that every once in a while I should consider doing something crazy, and I had ever gotten together with a man. I answered something like 'your crazy'. He got off the freeway and found a place to pull over in a parking lot and leaned over the seat and asked me if I could use a blow job.

    My answer was I was going to miss my flight, and he said yes, but your going to get a blowjob and feel a lot better, to consider it part of the cab fare. I could catch a later flight. He drove to a parking garage and found a secluded corner and came and got in the back seat and started to give me a blowjob. He told me to settle down, no one came there, he used that place a lot and he wanted me to enjoy it. I was in a total erection and he was pulling on me while he sucked and I started to work up to losing control.

    He stopped, and wiped his mouth and sat back and pulled out his dick and said he liked it long and hard, to suck on him and he would make sure I got my treat. With a grab by the neck and telling me that I knew I wanted it he bent me down and I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck on the head. He told me to take it all in and suck him hard and long, long hard sucks. While I was sucking him he had my dick in his hand jacking me off, he coached me until he told me I was going to cum, to keep my mouth on his dick, because if wasted any of it he was going to make me lick it up.

    I got four long hot shots in my mouth, he put his hand over my mouth and I swallowed it all. He bent over and sucked me and got me back to where I was and I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. He pulled up his pants and offered me to go to his place and he would get me to the airport the next morning.

    His place was a one room apartment with a bed and small table and chair. He got undressed and laid on the bed and told me to get undressed and get on the bed with him. On the bed he sucked on me, and then insisted on kissing me, he fingered my a-hole, had me suck him again until he was fully erect. With his erection he stood up and went over to a drawer in the kitchen cabinet and told me to get on my stomach and he lubed and fingered my a-hole, getting two fingers in and then he got on me and slipped his dick all the way up to his balls and fucked me until he was able to cum again and got off. He washed my butt with a wet rag and started to lick me ass. He said he wanted to fuck me again, but we had to wait until he was recharged.

    He had me play with his dick, and suck his dick, and he jacked me and sucked me, we got in a 69 position. He got up and used the rag to clean his butt, told me to give it a try, once you go down on a guy you never forget, it was the ultimate act of appreciation. At first it was difficult to concentrate, but I was high on sex and once I got started I found that I liked it and rimmed him completely.

    We slept for a while, he woke me up around 3 a.m. and asked me if I wanted another fuck, I said yes, and he had me suck him into an erection, he lubed me up and fucked me again.

    In the morning, before heading to the airport I sucked after he got out of the shower and stood in the kitchen and he kissed me again. The ride to the airport was quiet, when we arrived he turned down the fare saying he had made me miss my flight and offered that if I was back in Denver to call him up and to be careful who I let fuck me.

    At home with my wife I got on her and fucked her until she complained.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I love watching my mom masturbate ! I noticed a couple of months ago that a couple of my porn DVDs were missing, I ended up finding one in our Blu Ray player in our family room, me, my mom & dad are the only ones living in the house now and my father works quite a bit or is out of town working so I kind of figured it was my mom. I hid my camcorder in our family room and started turning it on every morning before I would leave for work then check it when I got home. Nothing happened the first 2 times I did it but the 3rd time was the charm ! I seen my mom come into the family room with a DVD in one hand and a dildo in the other, she had on a pair of cutoff sweat pants shorts and a bra, she put the DVD in and started playing it and sat on the couch, her hand instantly went down inside her shorts, I could tell she was finger fucking herself, that lasted about 5 minutes then she pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side and started fucking herself with the dildo, I seen her cum 2 times, it was a total fucking rush the first time I seen this unbelievable ! I have now seen her do this 8 or 9 times and it is some serious jacking off material to watch, better than watching any porno flick by far, maybe because it's real & it's my mom,it's so fucking hot watching her get into it, I can tell she must definitely still like to fuck, not into the i****t thing but OMG her pussy looks good, I have wondered if I could get into her panties if I tried, I think I would definitely eat her out if I had the chance, that pussy looks awesome, I think if I tried hard enough I could fuck her, but don't think I have the balls to try that.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Like most young boys growing up I experimented with my best friend. it all started out just play with ourselves in front of each other and eventually playing with each other when we could get away with it. We touched each other a lot and often because it felt very good and excited us both. Once we got old enough to cum things got pretty interesting. We both liked to jack each other off and make each other cum.
    It wasn`t long after that we both admitted to knowing what our cum tasted like and later on we jacked off and on a dare we tasted our own cum in front of each other. I guess we both got excited seeing that because we talked about it often and did it several more times in front of each other and we both knew we were doing it in private almost every time we jacked off. It was bound to happen sooner or later and after we dared each other many times we tried sucking each others dicks one day after school.
    We both wanted to but couldn`t agree on who would suck who first. Finally one day after too much anticipation we drew straws and I was to suck his dick first but he had to suck mine too. After school that day we were walking home and took another trail thru the wooded area we always walked thru to and from school. We knew a spot where no one would see us so we went there and after a few nervous moments we both had our pants down stroking our dicks as he kept asking me if I was really going to do it. Finally after thinking about how much I wanted him to suck my dick knowing it was no going to happen unless I sucked his I stepped up close to him and grabbed his dick and slowly got to my knees. Looking up at him I made him promise again that he would suck mine after I sucked his.
    Once he promised me I slowly put my face even closer to his dick and after looking at my hand around it stroking it I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the head of his dick and before long I was licking it and in a few seconds had his dick in my mouth and it didn`t feel bad at all so I closed my lips around it and began to suck on it. He started to moan out loud right away and I knew it felt good so I kept on sucking his dick and he started talking to me telling me it felt god and asking me not to stop over and over then his hands were on my head and he began to move his hips back and forth moaning and telling me to suck it! Oh yes it feels good! Keep sucking me!
    Just listening to him and seeing how excited he was somehow made me want to try and excite him even more so I put my hands on his naked ass cheeks and began to squeeze his ass cheeks and pull him to me and the way his nuts felt each time they touched my chin and how the head of his dick felt in my mouth made me forget about everything except sucking his dick and making him feel good. I started to get the taste of something familiar in my mouth. It was his pre cum and it tasted much like my own and it excited me even more and in the heat of the moment I squeezed his ass cheeks really hard and pulled him to me as hard as I could as he pulled on my head and just as I was about to gag with his nuts smashed against my chin he started to cum and there was no turning back at that point.
    I had to gag as several warm squirts of his cum went right in my throat and my eyes began to water and it became hard for me to breath because my mouth was full of dick and my nose was buried in his belly as his cum went down my throat. When his nuts were empty he slowly let go of the tight grip he had on my head and I got my breath but he tried to keep his dick in my mouth and I just let him do whatever he wanted to at that point. I ended up sucking and licking around on his dick a bit more and even sucked on his nuts and had them in my mouth also and during all the excitement I came harder than I ever had and when I touched my dick I felt a little bit of cum on the head of my dick.
    I stroked my dick as I finished sucking on his nuts and once I stood up we just looked at each other not saying a word both of us in shock neither of us believing what had just happened and neither of us was expecting it to go that far and both of us knowing his cum was now in my stomach and it wasn`t that bad. As a matter of a fact it was pretty damn good.
    Before we had to leave for home he sucked my dick as he had agreed and returned the favor very well and tried to make me feel just as good as I had made him feel. His efforts were a carbon copy of what I had done to him earlier and now my cum was in his stomach and we had successfully given each other a very good first blow job and swallowed each others cum which neither of us ever expected would happen. I couldn`t stop thinking about it and neither could he so for at least a week or so every day we went down in the woods and sucked each other off and once we figured out what a 69 was we could not suck each other off enough and the first time we came together in a 69 was something neither of us would ever forget and something we did often.
    The real turning point in our friendship came one winter day after we had sucked each other off by the fireplace in my Parents house. They were both at work and would be gone all day so we had a long 69 in front of the fire place and were just sitting there naked talking when he asked me if he could tell me something but asked me no to get mad or think he was crazy. I said go ahead ask me what ever you want to. I could tell it wasn`t easy for him to talk about it and he tried several times to say it then finally he told me. He said that he had wondered about it for awhile and really wanted to try it. When I asked what it was he just looked at me for a few seconds and then said "Would you ever let me screw you in the butt?"
    I was shocked but had wondered about it myself many times but never talked to him about it. After we talked about it awhile I admitted to putting a finger in my ass several times while jacking off and it felt great and even told him I used Vaseline the last few times and it was much easier to get my finger in my ass and I tried taking two fingers and it felt god once I got used to it. He told me he tried fingering his ass too but didn`t like it much and that's what go him to thinking about wanting to screw me in the butt.
    By then we were both hard as a rock and had our hands around each others dicks and he was really waning to try to screw me. I really wanted to try it so I finally said we could try it only if he would stop if I asked him to. He agreed and I went to get the Vaseline and a towel for me to lay on in the floor by the fire place. It was not that easy to do at first and I wasn`t that comfortable letting him see me stick the Vaseline in my asshole but he seemed to enjoy watching it. We talked about how we were going to do it and after me getting in to several different positions I ended up face down on the towel with my feet wide apart and we both agreed that it looked like the best way to try it for our first time.
    By then I was just as excited as he was and my asshole had begun to tingle in anticipation of him trying to put his dick inside of me. I felt him kneel between my legs then lay on top of me and his dick was harder than ever as he humped on my ass breathing on the back of me neck as I laid there quietly waiting to see what he was going to do next. He asked me if I was ready to try it and I just said I think so. I can still remember how it felt for me to lay there naked with him on top of me naked as he raised up bracing his upper body on hos left arm and his right hand on his dick as he rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass pushing down a little harder each time he rubbed the head of his dick across my asshole.
    Then I got too excited and really wanted to feel him penetrate my young tight 13 year old ass so I reached back wit both hands and spread my ass cheeks for him to try and help him enter me and I even told him at that point to "Go head and see if you can stick it in me" He put the head of his dick right on my asshole then pushed and I began to wonder if I was going to be able to take it then I felt my tiny hole begin to open up slowly as he kept pushing and I felt a little stinging sensation around my asshole as I felt the hard of his dick go inside of me and I told him to go slow as it hurt quite a bit and he had to take it out three different times before I was able to let him put it all the way in my ass.
    I was laying there with my eyes closed my best friend on top of my naked body with his hard dick nuts deep in my asshole as the stinging continued. His nuts touching mine and I could feel his pulse beating in my ass as his dick twitched inside of me and then he told me it felt good to him and asked if it felt good to me. I told him it was starting to feel better then he lightly thrust his dick in to me a few times as we both grunted and groaned and a lot of moaning then he told me he was going to cum. I said Already! He said it just felt too good and he couldn`t stop and before I could say anything he started to cum in my ass and really shove it in me hard and during all the excitement I came all over myself and we both went crazy as he really shoved his dick up my ass hard and I squeezed his dick with my asshole as I laid there in my own cum as my best friend put his cum deep in my ass.
    Right away we both wanted to do it some more and I asked him not to take it out of me and he said he didn`t want to either and what happened next was very good for both of us. He was able to fuck me that time and it took him a long time to cum the second time and just before he did I was telling him to do it harder! Go faster! and then I asked him several times to cum in me and he did. He came a lot and kept grinding his dick around in my ass until it went soft and slipped out and his cum covered dick was between my legs as he held me tight humping me telling me how much he liked it and we just laid thee talking as he humped on my and we talked about what we both enjoyed most screwing and I felt his cum start to leak out of my ass. At that point I just had to ask him if he would ever want to do it again and he said sure any time I would let him. Then I told him I lied it and it felt very good and then I told him really liked the way I felt when he came inside of me and I wanted him to cum in me a lot more.
    We took a shower together after that and as we talked and soaped up washing our young naked horny bodies I rubbed my ass on him a few times and then asked him to stick it in me again which he was more than happy to do. I leaned forward and from behind he easily put his dick in me and I just stood there as the warm water ran over my naked body and my best friend fucked me in the ass and put a third warm load up my asshole. When his came out of my ass I felt his cum run down my leg. We showered and put on a pair of shorts and hung around the house talking and about an hour or so before I knew my Mom would be home I told him I wanted him to screw me again an we did it in my room with me bent over the end of my bed with him standing behind me fucking me. At one point I turned my head to the side and could see him fucking me in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door and watched until he came in my ass for the forth time that day. We barely got cleaned up and were sitting watching TV when my Mom got home.
    That was when we were 13. We are both in our mid to late 50`s now. Both happily married with kids and grandkids and no one person even knows that we are sill doing it together. We hunt and fish together all the time. Both of us are very straight acting muscular masculine men that no one would ever suspect of being anything but best friends. He really gets off sucking my big hard dick and we bot still like to 69 to completion very much when ever we can but my favorite thing is taking his extra thick 9" dick balls deep in my ass. He really fucks me good and shoots huge thick loads in to me and it just feels good.
    Twice a year once in the winter we take a week to go hunting and a week together in the summer to fish and we both enjoy it very much. Sex between us is very casual and relaxed and very normal and neither of us plan to stop doing it any time soon. Just two very good life long friends having some very good private sex together.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    There is probably a million to one chance my wife's ex boyfriend will read this,
    but I am hoping.
    This is an open letter to him, since the last couple emails I have sent him have
    not gone through.

    Bottom line is, my wife still wants you. She is just too hung up on the right/wrong
    about it all to do anything about it.
    This will sound crazy, but we talk about you all the time as WE are having sex.
    It turns her on to think about your cock and how it felt. And I will admit it turns
    me on to hear about your size and how she will admit that you were "the best" for
    her sexually.
    There has been a few times where she has moaned that she wishes I was you as we are
    being intimate, but its not in a bad way. We both know she is just stating a fact.

    Remember when you guys were writing emails back and forth a couple year ago?
    She admitted she misses you and especially your cock. You admitted that you
    masturbated to thoughts of her at night sometimes.
    We have to get the two of you hooked up again!

    I am secure enough in our marriage to accept her seeing you on the side.
    If you want that, and I want that, there should be a way to make it happen.

    My wife has told me so many times about how your girth always hit her in the right
    She needs that again.

    We have actually role-played about a night where she sees you first, and then
    comes home to me. She gets so excited about the idea of having a "mixture"
    of our cum inside her at the same time.
    I can stop thinking about how my wife's pussy would feel (and after you
    have been busy with her.

    What is neat to think about, is that you and my wife would be fucking.
    But then she gets to come home and make love to me.

    I know she stopped emailing you because she started freaking out about some of
    the things you guys starting writing about.
    Please try to contact her again.

    Or maybe I can let you know what bar she goes to after volleyball, and you can
    "accidently" run into her there.

    My wife needs you.

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