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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 24

    This is not really a confession, just something that I'm really peeved about and want to get off my chest.

    I've always had difficulty in reaching orgasm. My best chance of achieving this is when my boyfriend goes down on me. It's my favourite.

    The problem is unless he hits the exact spot and stays there I simply can't cum. I thought I'd reached a solution by giving him instructions. You know, right a bit, left a bit, up, down. If he follows them I can get there every time. The thing is he hates me doing it. He says it puts him right off. In truth I think the real reason is that it undermines his ego. Like all men he thinks he's the world's best lover when actually he's not.

    Now, he's refused, point blank, to go down on me if I instruct him. If I don't it just leads to total frustration! Here's the thing he still expects me to go down on him!

    Should I dump him and find someone who's tongue will hit the right spot?

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    Straight Male / 49

    I want to fuck Karla Ludlow in Mt Vernon Indiana. She is 51, chubby and married. I wanna fuck her. Her husband cheats and she shouldnt feel bad for doing same. 812 568 7670 anyone wants to tell her about this confession. Karla will get wet and horny seeing this. She might know who amd she wants it . It will be our nasty secret. I wonât tell anyome Just ask

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I (19F) have had a crush on my best friend (21M) (We'll call him 'D') for the last four years or so. D has been interested in me since we were 10 and 12. We've always been flirty but last year at an annual camping event in Phoenix, AZ we went beyond flirty messages and revealing snapchats. It went as far as mutual oral, which was fun but I was a nerveous and inexperienced virgin, I couldn't go all the way then.

    Cut to this past Thursday, at the same camping event; hundreds of tents, drummers, belly dancers, campfires, alcohol aplenty, and D was a bit into his cups (tipsy). . . When D is tired or intoxicated, he gets very bold and flirty. D and I were walking around with our gorgeous female friend (37) (who we'll call 'C'). C and I were both getting rather cold as we were both in fairly revealing clothing.

    I think it was D who suggested that we go back to his tent, C and I suggested we all curl up on D's big camp bed and cuddle. C and I were taking great amusement out of teasing D, C had said that I should try on the bondage type top that she was wearing. I did, and it looked hot as hell.

    There was a bit of trouble with the tent heater so D pretty much got up to take care of it, C and I start whispering and she's asking if I'm okay with where this is going and that if I wanted D to myself, she would take her leave. I let her know that I'd had feelings for D for years, that I was a virgin (D already knew this), and that I didn't know what to think and that we should see how the evening goes.

    While we were trying to have this conversation, D walked back into the tent. C and I couldn't talk as much as I would have liked. D and I lay down on the bed, C had to go to the bathroom so she left for a few moments to go to the porta-potty. Which is when D decided to tell me that he had a fairly serious girlfriend, but that he had a hallpass for the event. I had no idea what to think, he hadn't been responding to my flirty/sexy snapchats lately and now I know why. It hurt more than I could express to him, I was just quiet for some time. D asked if I was okay and I told him "Yeah, just thinking and processing." D and I live about 200 miles away from each other and don't actually see each other in person often. He hadn't told me because he wanted to tell me in person because he knew I had feelings for him and there hadn't been a good time prior to that. I'll be honest, I'm jealous and it hurts. It hurts bad, but if he's really happy, I'm glad. Since she's probably better than I could ever be for him. He asked if I still wanted to stay with him and C a while to see what the night would bring(C already knew about the hallpass), I told him that I wanted him but I was nsure about losing my virginity in a threesome with someone I don't know super well, that he was my best guy friend and I trusted him completely with me.

    C got back shortly later and we wanted to crawl under the covers, C and I started undressing D slowly. I'm in my underwear and a bondage top at this point, C is still in most of her stuff. D is enjoying himself immensly, he and I had messed around before so I knew a lot of his turn ons. His hair being messed with/pulled, and being scratched especially on his back. I got short stiletto acrylic nails before the event because I wanted to torture him just a little. I was running my nails up his legs, C was doing the same thing and D's breathing got heavier. When we got D down to his boxers, C said she had to go check on something, D asked if she would be back and she responded with a wink that she would think about it.

    All of a sudden, I realized that I was practically naked in bed with my best friend. I love him, not a romantic love exactly, but it's not not that either, I don't even know. I don't trust anybody like I trust him, he knows my darkest secret and still cares about me. He has been there for me like nobody else through some of the most difficult times in my life, even more so than my other best friend (19F, we'll call her A). D isone of the most important people in my life. I know I'll probably never have him the way I want but I'll still take what I can get.

    D asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this, and I gave him an enthusiastic yes. I wanted him, however I could get him. I wanted him and I wanted him to be happy. D put on a condom and got on top of me, he got himself into position on top of me. He looked me dead in the eyes and asked "Are you really sure?" one last time, after a final affirmation from me, he entered me. It was kind of an odd feeling at first, I've used toys aand stuff before but this was way different. I should probably mention that D is rather well endowed, bigger than the toys I own. D asked if I was okay and I just hummed "uh-huh" I started bucking my hips a bit and shifting underneath him. I told him he could move, and he most certainly did. I'm hyper-flexible so we tried all different kinds of positions, although looking back I wish I'd gotten to ride him (Cowgirl). My legs were up over my head multiple times. . .

    Even with how well-endowed D is, I just absolutely loved it when he went as deep inside me as he could go. D made the comment "Sooo, you like it deep, huh?" I responded "Apparently so." We kept going for quite a while but I'm not sure quite how long, I took a selfie in the bondage top at 12:44 am and got back to my tent at about 4:00 am, so somewhere in that time frame. D wanted to make sure that I had cum before he did, I told him that I had done so twice.

    D asked me how I wanted him to finish, I told him he could do anything he wanted to me. Of the options available (Face, breasts, stomach, hair, back, mouth, etc) D decided that he wanted me to finish him off with my mouth. He took off the condom, and I pushed him back onto the mattress and trailed my nails down his back while lowering my face towards his member, I teased him a little more, then he had me kneel in front of him on the tent floor while he sat on the bed. I started by licking the underside of the shaft like a popsicle, then I lightly swirled my tongue around the tip in circles. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked gently, D groaned at that point. It wasn't long until I was bobbing my head up and down, deepthroating him and looking into his eyes every so often. I had been practicing holding back my gag reflex on the off chance that D and I messed around again, and my work was paying off. After a bit, he grabbed me by the hair, took control of my head and started pushing my mouth up and down on his cock. It was insanely sexy to me, him taking just control of me like that, I wanted him to be rough and make me do whatever he wanted. D eventually came in my mouth, it had kind of a funny taste to it, apparently that can be a thing when people are drinking (Just to clarify, we had both been drinking but we were both sober enough to give enthusiastic consent, always respect boundaries and consent!) but I wouldn't really know too much about how different things affect what a guys cum tastes like. I swallowed all of it as he came and I maintained suction and kept going until it was all gone. Then D told me "You can spit it out if you want to" but I didn't want to spit, and I had already swallowed it. "Spitters are quitters" I'd mumbled to him. He thanked me for letting him be my first, and I thanked him for being my first. We both got dressed and went to the porta-pottys (Always pee after sex!) D offered to walk me back to my camp, but I declined.

    I started my walk across the event site back to my camp when I bumped into a different friend who had just woken up, he walked me back to my camp. There were still friends of mine up partying, I told them me and a few others laid down on the ground to look at the star and we ended up taking an unexpected nap. I haven't told anyone yet, but I'm kinda dying to do so. I love D, I trust him with my whole heart, and that's why I wanted it to be him that I lost my virginity to, and I did. I wish D would have told me about him having a girlfriend sooner, I can't help but feel bad. I fucked a guy with a girlfriend, he said he had a hallpass, and I believe him. He said he didn't want to hurt me, but it was kinda late for that. So altogether, it was fairly bittersweet. He was a good lay, he's still my best friend, but I don't think I will ever be enough to make him happy, so I'll just take what I can get and hope he's happy, cause thats what you do for people you love. I can't even tell my other best friend, A, about this because she hates D. I'm just a fucking mess. . .

    TLDR: My best friend (D) who I have had a crush on for years and I almost had a threesome with another friend (C) until C found out I was a virgin, then she pretty much left D to deflower me in a manly fashion, which he most certainly did.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I have a tight pussy.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Over the last 10 years I've had sex with close to 100 different men, it's usually men over 40 and over 95% were bareback and the way I see it, if I let you fuck me bare you may as well cum inside too.

    No one that knows me personally knows that I'm like this. I've even started letting men of different races fuck me.
    I have no intentions of stopping, there's too many older men out there that need a pussy to dump their cum into. And it makes me really happy to serve them.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ g MA Il.

    I love encouragement. Don't be shy heheh

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    Straight Male / 30

    Three years ago I spent a night with an older fat lady of 64 who told me she wanted to be tied up. The minute I had her tied down and 2 fingers inside of her, she was screaming and cumming over and over. I was worried she was going to have a heart attack and her shivering was unreal. The minute I had her legs over my shoulders and was pounding her, her facial expressions were just like she was out of this world.

    An amazing experience but I never saw her back because it was on a trip through England where I did bed and breakfest. My travel schedule was delayed because I stayed with her for two more nights.
    I was 27 then. Never met a woman who enjoyed sex so intense.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I have an attractive wife. Young petite DD tits. Sex is lackluster and she wonât give me a blow job

    I played a personal ad outlining my situation and asked if anyone wanted to help remind me of what a pair of lips felt like

    I started That I preferred them to be married also

    Wow. I got 15 replies. All sent me naked pic Zmd offered to assist me. Half of them were very hot and attractive

    Tonight I met up w one of them


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    Gay Male / 25

    My dick is only 5" long.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I am 20 and my girlfriend is 36, we've been together now for about 2 years. She is great in bed, tall, beautiful with small A cup tits, which I like a lot, and a great shape, nice long legs that go up to an incredible mound of brunette hair when she's fully grown in. She does sex in all three holes, actually loves anal sex and cums from it, and loves taking my cum on her tits, her face, in her mouth anywhere I want. She is not only beautiful she is very rich too. Though I didn't know about that until we'd been having sex for a few months. She has one kink I didn't know about until we'd been together almost a year.

    We were in San Francisco for a weeks vacation. In the hotel room we'd just had sex before we went out to a nice restaurant. She was sitting naked, having just brushed her hair, and started putting on her make up. In just being silly she came over and told me to close my eyes. She put eye shadow on me. She showed me and I didn't mind, but I got up to wash it off and she wouldn't let me. Instead she insisted that she make up my eyes totally. Lashes, eyebrows, eye shadow, the whole works. Then she wouldn't let me take it off to go to the restaurant. She said that it was SFO and no one would care. In addition she made sure that I wasn't wearing any underwear. At dinner she kept talking about how nice I looked and once back in our room. She made me sit naked and did my entire face in makeup. Then she started shaving my pubes, and went down all the way and was shaving my legs. I have no hair on my chest and very little on my arms, so she basically left me hairless from the neck down. Then she fucked me silly. After that round of sex. When we were getting dressed to go back out to a club, she not only made me wear the makeup she gave me a pair of her lace panties to wear under my pants. I didn't want to, but she insisted so I did it.

    That week went from our normal selves with GREAT sex, to me being fully crossdressed (I'm not that big a guy) and going out in public to dinner, to clubs, even made to dance with other guys, and by the way . . . having even GREATER sex. She even took me to the stores with her, to try on womens clothes which was highly embarrassing for me, but not her. She made everyone around know I was doing it because she was in total control She introduced me to prostate massage while blowing me and that was great. Now back in our town, I don't crossdress and go out, just in private. I have to be dressed for her to have sex with me, unless she is horny and just wants to get fucked, usually out in public somewhere. Other than that, I'm shaved and dressed in female clothes and when we go to bed at night, she purchased lingerie for me to wear. The sex is even better than before, but I just am afraid of what's next.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My junior in office who is almost 10 yrs younger is very pretty. She is almost 5ft4inch. in height but since she is slim with very narrow waist and proportionate booobs, a small face with short hairs, she look very cute, not more than a 15-16 year old school going girl. She has sexy protruding lips with big smile, thin arms and sexy thin legs. I always fancy her in my arms and she is also very open with me, but no physical relation till one day when she came to office and was taking tea with me, she told that her hubbyâs going out for 2 days and she would feel bored in the evening. I told her that since my wife is also not at home, so why donât we meet in the evening at her home and spend some good time. She appreciated my offer and said that she will prepare dinner for both of us and we will enjoy the evening.
    I reached her home at 7.30pm. The door was open. I entered, she was nowhere to be seen. After searching the lobby, kitchen etc. I reached the bedroom and saw that the AC was ON and she was sleeping on the bed. I called her name 2-3 times but she did not responded. Oh my poor baby seems to be fast asleep may be has got tired after the office and preparing food. I reached her bed and saw that she was lying flat with her arms above her head. She was wearing a cute sleeveless red shirt and black skirt which was hardly upto her knees. She was looking so pretty like a small baby with her protruding lips slightly parted. I could see the cute black hairs on her both armpits and she was really in deep sleep. Her shirt was semi transparent and I could see the little cups of her black bra she was wearing. I sat lightly on her bed and put my hand on her forehead and ran my fingers in her hairs lovingly for some time. I could not take my eyes of her and a long pending very strong desire resurfaced in me to take her in my arms.
    When she did not awoke I lightly kept my hand on her right breast, she did not stir, which made me more excited and I kissed her lips lightly. Now she stirred a bid and change the direction of her face towards me. I was highly aroused now and decided that today I want to have my baby. I closed all doors and made the light dim of the room. Then I again sat besides her and start moving my hands all over her small body touching her bare legs, feets, her naked thin arms, her small face and her boobs. She moaned little bit in between my touches but did not awoke. Then I started to open the buttons of her shirt one by one. When all button were open I spread the flaps of her shirt to her left and right. Now her cute breasts were open to me under her small bra and her flat small tummy with beautiful navel button was open to me for the first time. Then I put my right arm around her narrow waist and pulled her towards me and start kissing her naked upper half starting from her shoulders then to her chest, then to her tummy. I put my tongue inside her small belly button and licked it for long. Her skin was proving to be much sweeter and softer then I had ever imagined like of a small child.
    I continued running my hands everywhere on her small tender upper half, bend my face on her frame and start kissing and licking her every millimeter. I did not want to waste this opportunity to taste everything of her after a long wait. While I licked her tummy, her soft chest, shoulders I kept looking at her cute small face. Whenever she stirred a little I would withdraw and then when she falls in deep sleep again I would start licking her again. Then I focused myself on her lovely small armpits with little black soft hairs. I licked both armpits for long time. Her skin was so tender and soft that I could easily suck and taste its sweetness in my mouth. Then I focused on her lovely face and lightly kissed her cheeks, lips, and eyes and then licked her face also for many minutes. Due to deep sleep her lips were slightly parted. I inserted my tongue between her lips and licked her teethes. My mouth filled with sweet juices of her mouth, I inserted my tongue more inside and touched her tongue. Then I took both her lips in my mouth and sucked them for long.
    After exploring her upper part for quiet some time I lifted myself and focused on her lower half. I slowly lifted her skirt and looked inside. I was amazed to saw that she was not wearing panties. I could clearly see her soft beautiful triangle between her legs and a beautiful mound of soft black pubic hairs on it. I started thinking that it means baby also wanted me to make love to her today. I lift her skirt and stood up to shed all my cloths. Then lied again beside her and slowly moved her skirt up till her waistband. I could now see her beautiful mound clearly and immediately put my right hand on it. I ran my fingers in her pubic hairs and bend down to kiss them. After kissing & sucking her mound I started kissing and licking her soft thighs, her shapely thin legs till her toes. Then I put my left leg on her right one and pulled it towards me while my hand parted her right thigh towards right side so that her both legs are parted to the maximum possible. She moaned on this but kept sleeping. Then I came between her legs. As her thighs were also thin the separated legs had made her clit very clearly open up for me. I put my nose on her clit and smelled her tender pussy. Then I inserted my little finger inside and touched her clit. To my surprise her inside was wet. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and touched her clitoris with my tongue. I licked and softly sucked her clitoris and her lovely outer lips for long and then inserted my tongue inside her vagina. After tasting the sweet juices of her little pussy I could not control, I lifted her upper portion little bid and removed her bra. I then inserted my thick organ inside her little pussy and started kneading & sucking her tender boobs very hard. At this time she moaned loudly, squeezed her thighs very hard to had her first wild orgasm and woke up with a startle on her face.
    After she woke up, now there was no stopping and we made very wild love to each other for next two hours continuously.

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