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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 50

    I am 60 now and all this happened 44 years ago, I was an only child but it didn't matter, considering what happened then it was maybe just as well.
    We were happy family with really nothing to worry about, typical family that took holidays together and everything, I was about to leave school and go to college, thats was until the 8th of march 1979.

    I was only 16 at the time but I remember that day with particular clarity, the phone rang, I answered it, it was my Dads works and they asked to speak to my Mother, my Dad was an electrical engineer at the Golborne colliery, in Lancashire, there had been an accident, it was bad, my Dad had been killed instantly by a methane explosion.

    I remember the look of disbelieve on my Mothers face as she beckoned me towards her and just hugged me crying before she told me what happened, a short time after someone from the pit knocked on the door to speak to Mother.

    The funeral was planned and even the Mayor of Wigan launched an appeal for money, for the people and family's affected was raised, as I remember it was quite a lot but we didn't really need it at the time.

    The funeral over with I thought we would settle down to some kind of normality but we didn't, my Mother would spend a lot of time crying and worrying but what was more worrying, she had turned to drinking and more often than not she would smell of drink most of the day and this was not her, I am not ashamed to say at 35, she was an extremely attractive woman and could pass easily for someone at least 10 years younger, she kept herself in shape too and had a lovely figure, but after that happened she just went downhill with vodka and I had to resort to the local chip shop most of the time.

    At night lying in bed I used to here her crying, she missed my Dad so much but there was nothing I could do to take that hurt away except to be there for her and it began to affect me too, I would go out drinking with my friends because it would hurt me so much to see my Mother like that.

    My friends were no help either, they got used to seeing her drunk and it sort of became the norm, one day I decided to stay in, there was a film I wanted to watch and I got one of my friends to me some cans of lager, that night was to change my life totally.

    I had a shower, put a tea shirt on and a pair of football shorts on with nothing underneath, I started watching the film and enjoying the lager but I fell asleep on the settee, I never heard my Mother come down the stairs or into the living room but was woke up in the most sensual way and the biggest shock of my life! she had her hand down my shorts feeling my my penis and balls! and I had gotten an erection!

    I jumped up in total shock pulling my shorts back up, I didn't know what to say or think at the time, it seemed a total mind block! I went upstairs to my room and went to bed, I heard my Mother come up the stairs and she knocked on my door, I didn't answer so she knocked again calling me by name and asked to come in so she could talk to me, Ok come in Mom I said, she cried and apologized for what she had done and explained all she could see was my Dad laying there, I didn't say a word except for Ok and she left, apart from the shock of finding my own Mother holding my penis and balls, there was no harm done and it actually felt good! and I couldn't help but go to the bathroom and masturbate into the sink.

    The following morning I knew Mother had not got much sleep cause I didn't either! I had been thinking about what had happened all night and it actually turned me on enormously! I mean totally illegal but it had actually kept me hard most of the night! almost to the point where I thought I would have to stand on my hands to pee!
    I decided to be honest with her about it if she asked, I knew she would anyway.

    I went downstairs, got myself some cornflakes and a cup of tea, around ten minutes later my Mother came downstairs, the first thing she said was she that she was sorry, Biting my tongue a little I said it was ok and I shouldn't just left like that and it actually felt nice but I got a huge shock!
    I didn't know quite what to expect to that! all she said was Oh, it felt nice last night did it, I said yes but I wasn't expecting to find her doing that! and with that she was ok, it's out little secret then sweetheart and she came over, kissed me on the cheek and patted my crotch! I didn't really want to admit that my Mother was the first to touch me there! although I suspect she knew already! that I was still a virgin!

    I said we should just spend that night in together and talk if she wanted and she ok, it sounds good, should I rent a film for us to watch later then, yes ok but you pick it mom.

    That night came and as promised we stayed in, she had not been drinking as much that day, if fact she seemed quite sober, I can't remember what film she got or if she even put it on cause we talked and talked about how much we both missed dad, we talked as adults and drank, about last night she said, I know I shouldn't have done that and I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, it's really ok and I shouldn't have acted so silly either just running upstairs the way I did, this morning when you said you enjoyed it, did you mean it she asked, I knew I was being railroaded but I was at least honest and said yes.

    She admitted to me she did too, also that she wished I has stayed where I was! I wasn't stupid, I knew where this was going but I liked her now the way she was, sober! I said if it were now I wouldn't run upstairs I would just sit there and let her! Hold on she said, I'll be back in moment, she went upstairs and when she came back she was in the most lovely nightgown, white and silk, thats better she said and sat down beside me, isn't this nice she said, just the two of us, after a couple of minutes we both talked at the same time! you go first I said, Can I do that again then if you liked it? in these jeans I said! you can try! that was all it took, she reached over and loosened my belt, undid the button and pulled down the zip, her hand went into my underwear right down into my crotch, I was squirming around a bit and she said if it was uncomfortable just take them off!

    I did just that, naked from the waist down! at first it felt like it did last night, weird but then it felt nice, really nice, she held my balls with one hand and played with my penis with the other, I got a huge erection and it was not long before I wanted to come, my mother didn't care she kept on until I did! all over myself! my first orgasm with a girl!!!!

    After that she still played with me and kept me hard, she took my hand and put it inside her night gown, no bra as I touched and played with her breasts, I couldn't help myself, my hand went down to her thigh, I touched and stroked it working my way towards her vagina, she never stopped me, she helped by opening her legs slightly, she was just as apprehensive as me but it was too late, she wasn't wearing any knickers either, I touched my first naked vagina! all wet and hairy, it was nice rubbing it, I felt her hand touch mine and push my finger inside her, I felt her vagina grip onto my finger and convulse, the smell was like, a warm fishy pissy smell, the smell of sex, eventually she got up, over the top of me, she directed my penis into her very wet and warm vagina, she took my cherry ans she knew it!

    She started gently riding me and got a little quicker, I was thrusting up inside her too, the feelings was indescribable! I knew she was coming, I could feel it running between my legs and there was a lot of it, I couldn't take anymore and let my load go, much better than any wank!

    We went to bed after that, and made love for most of the night! the difference in her was almost immediate, she took better care of herself, she dressed nice and she stopped drinking except for social, I had replaced what was missing in her life, I watched her change back into that beautiful woman again from the brink of alcoholism.

    My mother died last year, I don't regret anything anything I did with her, we made love up to the day she died of a heart attack, at least I gave one person in this life their self respect back so they could live happy again.

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    Straight Male / 26

    Because my parents both worked, I always went to my neighbor after school. She was an old fat widow, already with gray hair, and she was always in her nightie when I came out of school.

    Occasio nally she took me to her bedroom because she wanted to take a nap. She always told me to undress and lay beside her. She did it too undress and I remember the big hairy pubic hair between her legs.
    The first time it happened when she one day lay down on the bed, her legs spread wide and told me to put my head on her big round belly. She slowly pushed my head down to her pussy and told me that one day she will ask my parents she will take me to Disneyland as a reward for me if I use my tongue on her pussy. What young boy wouldnât go to Disney Land and how I did my best to earn it. She spreaded her both pussy lips and guided me with intructions how to lick her pussy.

    I thought I was doing something wrong because the neighbor started moaning and moaning and I didn't know why. I wanted to push my head back, but she held my head tightly and told me not to stop and telling me I was doing fine on her, just as she wanted. She came with a loud shout.

    She told me that I did a good job and then she gave me my first blow job. It was amazing and I kept hard and asked her to do this again.

    She told me to keep it a secret if I wanted to do this mote often in the future.
    I never told my parents, I was 13 and kept visiting her after school until I went to another city for my studies.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    OK, this isn't a story but more of a confession. I put bi because I don't know what I am.

    Truth is lately I've been realizing that although I am attracted to women and men do nothing for me in the attraction department, I want to have sex with a man. I mean ideally it'd be one of those trans girls that look way too much like a real girl but they have a dick, but odds are it'd be easier to just find a guy. Except I like to keep to myself and don't really want people around me to know.

    I'll keep checking this for a bit if people want to leave advice or anything...

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    Straight Female / 18

    I am a pervert, I often have fantasies about my mom and sister being dominated by my boyfriend and having us all as his harem/slaves/sexdolls, training us until we do as he said like we were objects, this is a big turn on for me and a big secret.

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    Straight Male / 36


    So my wife and I have a mutual friend that happens to be gay. It doesnt bother either of us, so we never evem talked about it.

    Two nights ago, he was at our house and we were just hanging out in our basement where the pool table is. We started kidding around and he acted like he was flirting with me. I told her she has competition, just jokingly, and she said shed love to see us fuck.

    She wasnt kidding. She got completely serious and said she wants tonsee him take my dick in his ass, and then my cum in his mouth.

    I was kinda speechless. I didnt even respond. Then he said hed be down for that. I kinda brushed them both off and we changed the subject.

    Since then though, I have been thinking a lot about it. Maybe I should try it. Maybe I will.

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    Straight Male / 36

    The first lady I lost my virginity to was actually also my landlady. Iâd like to think that she was my girlfriend at the the time, coz I did have feelings for her and thought she felt the same towards me too. However, I was only 19 then and she was 45 and married (yes, her husband was living under the same roof; I rented a room from them).

    Everything was normal at first and nothing happened; I just went for my studies as usual, and she to work. However, as time went by, I noticed that she was extremely nice and caring towards me. She would prepare meals for me, do my laundry, and chat with me while watching TV. Also, it didnât hurt that she always had a smile on her face, and also a big, heavy pair of breasts. Nothing really happened for the first 4 months of my living there, although I must admit we grew closer and closer.

    One weekend, when she was doing
    some housework around the house, I was sitting in the living room and noticed that she wearing a loose t-shirt which really opened up at the neckline when she bent down or forwards. This allowed me to have a clear view of her chest - in fact, I could almost see the entire front portion of her body waist up. That was when I first really saw her huge heavy bosom and the pretty bra which was straining to hold them in. Her cleavage was so, so deep due her huge breasts. And those breasts of hers - so fair and soft - I knew coz I noticed how they bounced and swayed when she moved around! I knew it was wrong to do so, but couldnât peel my eyes away, as if I had been hypnotized! Also, her husband wasnât around so I wasnât too worried.

    My eyes followed her around as she moved from one bent-over position to the next. I even changed my sitting position so that I had the most unobstructed view of her breasts! But alas, this must have aroused her suspicions at some point, and she she looked up straight at me and caught me staring down her neckline! I just froze, but what surprised me was that she flashed her usual smile at me and said, âYouâve been looking at me for some time; is something wrong?â. I couldnât answer her as my mind was a complete blank! She then looked down towards her own chest and back up again,âWhere you looking down my blouse?â Her smile remained though. I hesitated a bit, but eventually just nodded dumbly in response. She still remained in her bent-over position, âReally? I didnât think this was worth looking at..â She looked down her own blouse one more and back up. âYou like it?â I nodded again. âSurely this is not the first time youâve seen a womanâs breasts, right?â Yes, it was. âReally....? Would you like to see more then?â, she said.

    Without waiting for my reply, she straightened up and walked straight towards me, stopping only when she was inches from my face (I was seated on the sofa). âIf you promise not to tell anyone about this, I donât mind letting you see more.â Again, I nodded. With this, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the top, each button undone showing more of her soft, fair skin and her lovely bra with large cups. Once done, she let her blouse hang at her elbows while she placed her hands at her hips. It was as if she was modeling for me. Gosh, how stunning she looked. Her breasts looked amazing - so big, so soft, so heavy! And they were mere inches away from my face!

    âHowâs this? You like?â.

    âYe.. yes...â I finally replied. âYour... your bra...â.

    S he started pulling down her bra straps, which had already left marks on her shoulders, further showing how heavy her assets were. Her bosom drooped considerably when the straps came off. Next, she undid her bra buckles, and gently let her bra slip downwards...

    (I will continue soon, if you all would like to hear some more)

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    Straight Male / 48

    I never really paid much attention to my mother In law in an attraction or sexual way, well I would think most men really do, do they ? So what I am about to write could well be on the rare side, I never really got on with my Mother In law , but this was more of my wifes fault than mine, I say wife but really we are divorced now but we were ' together 'at the time I am writing about.

    I am endowed with a thick 8 inch dick when it is hard, my wife measured it , because she said it was too big for her, it wasn't of course , she just did not like foreplay and just wanted me to mount her pump away for about 10 minutes, shoot my load, and that was that, she would complain that I was over sexed if I wanted sex more than once a week.

    She left me to stay at her friends because of this a few times, as it turned out my wife was actually gay but didn't realise it at the time. It was during one of my wife's episodes ? that what I am about to tell you happened with my Mother In Law.

    Her name is Betty, and one night she turned up at our house quite the worse for wear with drink, yes she was pissed, it later transpired because she had found out my Father In law had, been dipping his wick in another womans fireplace a few years back, and that she wanted to tell her daughter ( my wife )about it.

    As I mentioned my wife had went to stay with a female ' friend ' to get her head sorted, I in the meantime remained in our home It was late in the evening, and I decided to have a shower, un beknown to me my Mother In law had arrived to see my wife, heard the shower and presumed it was my wife in it, so she helped herself to a Vodka, and sat down.

    I was in the shower as previously mentioned, and thinking that I was alone, I came out the shower, dried myself and came out of the bathroom, I went to the kitchen switched the kettle on for a coffee, I then proceeded to the living area, to check what was on Telly, I never noticed my Mother In law sitting on the sofa, til I turned round from the telly. There I was bollock naked in front of my wife's Mother, and I stopped dead in my tracks immediately put my hands down to cover my manhood, at that instant my Mother In law said to me ' pointless doing that now, as I have seen the lot, and I have to say your a lot bigger than my hubby.

    This sort of threw me, and I stammered I wont be a minute, as I'm going to put some clothes on, she said to me why bother, as it was pointless now, and besides I would prefer you to stay naked, as she didn't get the chance to see much dick these days never mind get any, I was a little bit red faced but she told me not to be as there was nothing I should be embarrassed about.

    She asked me where her daughter was ? I diplomatically told her that she was out with her friend Maureen, and would be staying with her overnight,at that she said to my surprise, good we wont be disturbed, which I put down to a misuse of words due to her being pissed, how wrong I was. She said to me I would love to see that dick of yours when it was throbbing hard, this again was not how this woman normally spoke or behaved. I replied you would if you were naked, thinking that would be that ?

    It wasn't as it happens because she said to me, I doubt that as I don't think if you saw me in the nude that you would get a stiffy, I just said to her oh I think I would, never imagining she would call my bluff, because she stood up took off her coat came over to me bent down and grabbed my dick with both hands, and started to massage it. So I thought what do I do ? Instinctively I put my hands on her tits a good handful they are too, she stood up and started to unbutton her blouse, I said to her so do you want me to see you naked ? she said Of course because I want to your dick fully grown and hard.

    I said if you get my dick hard what then ? I soon found out as she suddenly unzipped her skirt, and dropped it to the floor revealing a decent pair of sexy legs, so I started to unbutton her blouse which took seconds really, she unclipped her bra, and I slowly pulled down her panties revealing a nice bushy black beaver, my eyes were feasted I can tell you she had a body that most men would desire to have sex with, I'm no exception, my dick by this time had risen to his full height, throbbing and hard as a rock.

    She just looked at me took my hand and led me to the bedroom firstly going by the front door and locking it, I spent the night Horsing my Mother In Law, when I first mounted her I nearly came right away, she certainly did, and as I was pumping away she said you can come in me I want you to shoot your thick hot spunk deep inside my pussy, its ok I was doctored so I can't fall pregnant, so I duly did as she wanted 3 times that night and again before she went home at lunchtime.

    My wife and I are now divorced, but I am still giving Betty a seeing to quite regularly, does my ex know ? I don't think so, if she does shes said nothing to either of us, Betty is coming to see me tomorrow, and shes is going to get what my ex wife should have been getting, but I'm not complaining, not me not one bit.

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    Straight Male / 22

    This MILF me and my roommate have played with told me she posts on this site, so she told me I should too from my side of the story.

    B is a 40's MILF, about 5'2 130 lbs, huge natural tits, not fat, curvy. She's worked out at our gym for the last year or two. It's mostly girls and guys between classes, MILF's, older adults during the day. She used to dress very conservatively, but over the last few months started wearing more yoga pants and tight sports bra's that show off her huge tits. She's always friendly but got even more chatty over the past few months when she started dressing hotter.

    There's a Starbucks next door, we go over sometimes after we work out. One day she was over there and we started talking, eventually we somehow turned the conversation to sex and she started telling us about her husband cheating on her. We kind of took advantage of the situation, she was getting pretty angry talking about him so we asked if she wanted to come over to our apartment for a drink and she surprisingly accepted.

    Once we got her over there, she had a few drinks and started flirting even more, putting her hands on us. Then she took off her top and unleashed those awesome boobs and we were all over her. I still can't believe it, but she wanted both of us to fuck her and we did. She was on the pill and we were tested and clean, so we knew we were safe, so we filled her with two huge loads of cum, it was leaking out of her and soaking the bed by the time she was done.

    She acted like she hadn't had sex in years, she wore both of us out and kept sucking us to get us hard to fuck her again.

    Things have cooled off at the gym since then, but she's hinted that it might happen again some day. I just thought this shit happened in porn films, lol. If you get a chance with a MILF, do it. Totally worth it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    Some time ago I had problems with sleepwalking (do not worry I am ok now), a few days ago I decided to play a joke to my stepson and pretended to be sleepwalking when we were alone, when he saw me I keep walking slowly trying it to make it more real. I thought he would try wake up and then I would say it was a joke but instead he stared at me and then he began to grope me, at that point I froze and I admit that I felt somewhat excited, it was less than a minute I think and he whispered "I want you to wear more sexy clothes when we are alone" and Then he took me to my room and let me fall carefully on the bed where I pretended to be sleeping for a while, it seems he thinks you can suggest things to people while they are asleep (which I understand is not possible) but it kinda turn me on to think about keeping this joke a bit more and see how far he wants to take it thinking is real, I really wonder if he would try to fuck me or anyting else.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My friend showed me her nipple rings today, and I couldn't help but think about running my tongue on them. Needless to say I'm wet now haha.

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