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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    My father pastored a large church until his retirement a few years back. So, I am known as a, "PK" - Preachers Kid. My brothers were 9, 11, 13 and 14 when I was born. By the time I was in 3rd grade they were all either in college or on their own. My parents had always made our home available to those who were in need - regardless of the needs or the cause. So, dozens of different family members, church members and the like had once lived with us - for some period of time.
    When I was 14, my 23 year old cousin came to live with us while he divorced his wife of 1 year, and got on his feet again. There were only the 2 of us upstairs in 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, so we had our own privacy. Since I never closed my door until bed time he would stop, stand at my door and talk. He was (is) a damn good looking man who any female would be glad to claim as their own. We had attended a church activity that evening which last into the night. Mom and dad asked my cousin to let my ride home with him as an emergency came up and they needed to join some members at the Emergency Room. We got into my cousins car and on the way home someone pulled out in front of us and he slammed on the brakes - he avoided a collision so no one was hurt. However, something came out from under the passenger seat and when I looked down I saw magazines. I picked them up, while he was saying, "don't worry, kick them back.". That is when I realized they were porn magazines. To be exact, there were five magazines and I was holding them in my lap. He tried to grab them, but I held them tight looking down to XXX Rated straight, bi and gay magazines.
    All the way home he was apologizing and begging me not to tell dad and mom. I assured him to do so would cause them to stroke out and I didn't want that on my conscious. Then, I said, "It's not like porn isn't a mouse click away." he asked if I watched porn, and I said, "I have, So, now there is no worry that I would say anything." By the time we got home he admitted he loved porn and had done lots of things while in the military. Not sure how long we talked but he was very open, and explicit about sex and his love for variety - women and men, and both. I told him I was a virgin and not because my pussy wasn't screaming for attention and got sloppy wet when I saw pictures of guys cocks.
    Over the next few weeks our conversations became more erotic and open, to the point I could see his hard dick pushing up his pants. I knew he went to his room and beat off and finally asked him if he did, and he admitted so. It was not uncommon for us to do things together or go places together and no one knew we were having some very intimate sexual discussions as the sexual tension between us heightened. One night while out on errands I saw his hard cock and asked to touch it. He said, "No". After his 3rd, "N0" I reached over and felt it. He pushed my hand away, so I pushed my shorts down and began to rub my pussy and moan. I took his hand off the steering wheel and guided it to my sloppy-wet pussy as I felt his finger separate my pussy lips. He stopped and said, "we've have gone too far." I looked at him and said, "I want you to be my first. I want you to teach me to do all the things other women have done for you." He said, "we have gone way, way, WAY too far."
    Several weeks passed and he was not stopping by my room as much and our sexual conversations had ended all together and he was avoiding me. Then he came to my room one Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to go with him to his friend apartment so we could go swimming. I grabbed my swim suit, some towels and off we went to his friends apt. On the way over he asked if I still wanted him to take my virginity and I said, "YES". He said, his friend was out of the apt to give him and I time to have some fun. He said we had an hour and he would be back, knowing well I just lost my cherry in his bed- and then we would all go to the pool.
    That was, and is, the best experience of my life - loosing my virginity to my movie-star-good-looking cousin. When I saw his 9 inch dick I was scared, but I trusted him and it was am amazing, very special time for me. It was so turned on I didn't want to stop but we had to as it was getting time for his friend. I just stepped out of the bathroom in my swim suit when he came in and we all three of us went to the pool for a while. The friend left first and my cousin told me his friend was envious of him being my first. That is when he said to give them some time alone and he would come back for me - as he and his friend wanted to blow each other.
    A few minutes later he came back down for me and on the way to the apartment he asked if I wanted to fuck again and I said, "YES". Then he asked if was ready fort my first 3 way?
    I spent the next hour of so with dick in my ass, mouth, pussy and sucked my cousin while his friend fucked his ass and vise versa. That experience ignited a fire in me, which 3 ways, especially with bi guys, is the only thing to satisfy me. No one in the family understands why my handsome cousin has never remarried or why I haven't found the right man. Now, I am not on the middle or low scale of looks, or personality, so it isn't because I've not had plenty of offers either. My cousin and I live 250 miles apart and when we can get together we have lots of one-on-one time, as well as 3 parties - male and female. We have met at Swingers Gatherings as a couple and I've found a few dicks larger than my cousin and some hot females who eat pussy better than any man.

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    Straight Male / 53

    i recently moved my 68 year old Mother in with me after my father died. He was 10 yrs older than her. I live two States over and am her only child. She still is an attractive woman. She hurt her leg recently & had to have surgery. I have to help her get around. When helping her to the bathroom to get a shower I found I was sexually attracted to her when I helped her undress so she could shower.

    She likes her Bourbon so one night I made her 3 strong doubles to get her tipsy. It worked. She was in her PJs, a teddy, & I was in my sleeping shorts. I turned on a porn channel & got a ragging hard on which my Mother noticed.

    I started rubbing my Mother's inner thigh & working my way up. She made no attempt to stop me. Got to her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs and lay back on the couch. I pulled her panties off to play with her & finger her. She pulled my Dick out from my shorts and started stroking me. i took her back to my bed, stripped her naked, went down on her & fucked her all night. Best pussy I've ever had.

    People assume we are married as I am only 15 yrs her junior and we are holding ourselves out as married. Fuck her constantly & we can't get enough of each other. Have laid more meat in her & pumped more sperm into her than my father ever did!!!! Women in her family usually make it to their early 90s so I am looking forward to many more years of erotic Incest Sex with my Mother-Wife.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I recently discovered something I didn't know I liked. I was watching porn the other night, and the girl in it called the guy fucking her Daddy. I've heard it before, but never liked it, in fact I got turned off by it. But now I guess it just started to grow on me or something, because when I heard it when watching porn I immediately got turned on.

    I don't know if it's more common that people like calling the other person "daddy", or people like being the "daddy", but now I've been looking for that kind of porn just to hear it. I don't think my girlfriend would be into it, though. She knows I like being called Sir, which I don't think she has to much of a problem with, but I think it's a whole different thing using Daddy, even if I'd totally be into it. Maybe that's just my opinion though.

    Anyone out there like being called Daddy? Anyone else like calling their partner/lover/fuck buddy Daddy? I'm interested to hear, especially because I used to cringe when I heard it. Thanks!

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    Straight Female / 38

    I have sex with other men, and even women for my husband. He wants me to do it so I do. I've always done anything he wanted sexually, not withholding anything from him. I've let him whip me, beat me (always sexually, not for real) and I've come to like it. About 4 years ago he started having me do multiple men in gangbang nights. We used rubbers, all was safe sex, I would suck without a rubber but not cumming in my mouth, they could pull out and cum on my tits or my butt. If they wanted a blowjob till they came they had to have a rubber on. Over the last 6months he has wanted to see me covered in cum, so he says he started having the guys be tested, and I went back on the pill (my husband is infertile so I didn't need them before).

    It started with 5 guys, plus my husband, all taking multiple turns and all bareback. They did my mouth, and my pussy and my ass. The stipulation was that they pull out and cum all over me, anywhere they wanted. I got 13 shots of cum on me that night, I was covered all over my pussy hair, a few on my butt, and the rest on my boobs and my face. After the others left the motel room my husband then got on top of me and with all the cum between us, he kissed me deep filling both our mouths with cum and he made love to me cumming for his fourth time that night and the only time inside me. I stayed covered all night and dirty and smelly he had anal sex in me the next morning, then we hit the showers.

    That has progressed till two nights ago, where we had 16 men plus my husband. I think 3 of them were young enough to have lost their virginities inside me that night. I'm sure at least two of them had their first times in me as they couldn't control their stroking and kept pulling all the way out, and they came in under two minutes. By the early morning hours, when they left, I'd had it in my mouth, my pussy and my ass, or between my pushed together boobs, 41 times. My husband laying on top of me with all that cum on me, kissing me and fucking me came in less than 5 minutes he was so excited. I insisted when I heard the number of men that I would shower after he and I finished and I did. Once again, it was anal in the morning, then we hit the car and headed home.

    He loved it, I am so sore I don't think I can take sex in any variation for a few days at least. But he wants me to do it again as soon as I'm able. I still smell like sperm and it's been about 40 hours, and two showers now. I still smell like that, my husband is lubing himself and pushing between my closed legs, or between my buttcheeks to cum, he can't get enough of the smell, and he lays out the pictures of Friday night while he's getting off. To help him in his excitement he has asked me to put this online. He is masking my face and posting pictures online now.

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    Straight Male / 48

    what I am about to share is a confession that doesn't really fit in any other category, it is not really about me but has affected me in several ways. I have had this bottled up inside me for over a year now and during all this time the situation has remained the same and neither of us is aware that anything between each other has changed and by all appearances we are still the same with the only differences being, I know what she has been doing for over a year and she does not know that I know about every thing she has done since the first time.

    I learned a little over a year ago that my wife was having an affair with another man, but what I actually learned was that this was more than an affair as you will see. I sometimes have to travel with my job and am sometimes gone a few days, never more than a week, and I always seem to have to get the late flight back home and we live about an hour from the airport so I normally just put my truck in long term parking to avoid putting the burden on my wife of having to transport me back and forth to the airport.

    my wife does not work, she stays at home, she has a few minor health issues from a troublesome past in her early life that have left her with scars from surgeries and the taking of regular medication daily. one of the medicines she takes is a sleeping medicine and when she takes it she is out for a solid 8 or 10 hours, I mean a tornado could literally take the house from around her and she would sleep right through it.

    I used to tease her in our early marriage that a thief could come in here at night when she is sleeping and rob us blind and she would not be the wiser until the next day when she woke up, I learned just how hard she slept early on as in the early stages of our marriage when I would arrive home very late I would always tip toe and be extremely quiet when I came in and not turn on lights etc... but I soon learned that it did not matter what I did, she would not be disturbed by me moving around the house and making noise.

    we have been married about 12 years now and like I said, I discovered a little over a year ago that my wife was having an affair, but what I have to tell you is that it is not just your normal affair. I came home really late one night after catching the last flight to my city and arrived home around 2am and came in as usual, put my bags down and went and looked in on her and she was sound asleep in our bed. I went thru the den to go to the kitchen to fix me something to drink when I noticed her laptop was on the dining room table, which was not out of the ordinary as she was a u tube and an internet junkie and her laptop was always sitting there, but what was different is that it was still on and there was something on the screen that appeared to be an email or a document of some kind and as I got closer I recognized that it was google mail that was open but I did not know the senders name or the name of the recipient which I soon found out was my wife..

    there was an email open and the very first two words in all capital letters were, HEY SEXY!!!

    I sat down in the chair in front of her laptop and began to read this email that some other man had sent my wife to what evidently was a secret email account that she had as I had never seen or heard of it but according to the username I knew it was her.

    after the HEY SEXY the man who typed this email said this to my wife:

    what an incredible turn on it was to fuck you in the back of my suv in the parking lot of that restaurant and knowing that anyone could have seen us and seen your legs in the air while we were fucking!

    you are such a fucking incredible sexually hot woman, you make my cock throb with excitement whenever I know we are going to meet somewhere to fuck, and the way you suck my cock is incredible, the way you just take my entire cock in your mouth and your incredible lips that feel like velvet, no one has ever sucked my cock like you do!

    the way you whimpered and moaned when I shoved my cock in your sweet soaking wet pussy tonight as your legs were spread so wide and your feet against the roof of my suv, I was so incredibly turned on and when you said please fuck my married pussy baby, please fuck me like I need to be fucked, please make me cum like only you can baby! I could not help myself but to fuck you like I did, with all my might, listening to you moan and cry out in my ear when you were cumming over and over again as I felt you raise your hips up to meet my hard thrusts, feeling your legs wrap around my back as you locked your feet and put your arms around my neck, begging me to fuck you harder and fill your married pussy up with my cum and when you told me that your married pussy was my pussy and I could fuck it any way I wanted too and anytime I wanted too, I lost it baby, my cock exploded and you cried out oh fuck yes fill me up with your hot cum as I pushed my cock deep in your pussy as it exploded feeling it pulse and empty my balls deep in your sweet pussy, I was sweating profusely and it was dripping all over you as I raised up and you pushed up on my chest and slid down underneath me and took my cock in your mouth and began to lick and suck it, licking it clean of all our juices.

    when I leaned over on my side I could see all the cum all over your pussy and your thighs as you spread your legs to put your panties back on, and as you continued to get dressed I dressed and then I walked you to your car and you got in and rolled down the window and as I leaned over you looked at me and said thank you once again for another awesome fuck and you kissed me and I could taste our juices as you drove away waving your hand as you went across the parking lot.

    you are the most incredible sexually exciting woman I have ever known and I can not wait to fuck you again, have a good night and rest well..


    that is what the email said word for word, I later printed it out because I have read it about ten thousand times!

    after I finished reading it that first time, I was in amazement and to be blunt honest I was actually extremely turned on and sitting there with a very hard cock. I re read it again, and again, not sure I could believe what I had just read, my wife and I had never fucked that way, neither in a vehicle or with such an intensity that he described it to have been, to know that my wife, my conservative wife whom with we mostly only "made love" according to her and she was happy with our sex life according to her, the most exciting thing she had ever done for me was to let me pull her panties down and fuck her bent over the kitchen counter one time, our sex was always in our bed and most always missionary style and that was it, she would suck my cock sometimes for a minute or two, but never once had she taken my entire cock in her mouth and I am only average in that department.

    I felt so hurt and angry and jealous all at the same time! I noticed I was shaking all over, but I could not stop thinking about how turned on I was, I mean I could not stop thinking about my wife on her back with her legs spread wide and feet in the air as some man was evidently pounding on her pussy with all his might (according to what he described).

    i sat there and i closed that email and her inbox was full of emails from the same guy, i started clicking them open one by one and reading them and again i could not believe what i read, i read all about all the different places and hotel rooms and over by the lake outdoors at night and the list went on and on of places i read about where they had fucked, a lot of the emails were just from him but a few of them had where she had replied to him so i read what her responses were to what he had said each time. after reading probably 40 or 50 emails, i read all about how much my wife loved his 9 inch cock and that he was the biggest she had ever even seen much less been fucked by, i read how she told him that her husbands cock was tiny compared to him, i read about how she thought that they had incredible fuck chemistry and how he understood that she was a married woman and that she needed to be able to let go and let her inner slut out and be fucked like a ragdoll which is something she could never share with her husband, i then went to her sent box and there were a zillion emails that she had sent him, mostly each one was after each time they would meet and when she got back home she would tell him how her panties were soaked with his cum and how she had never had that much cum in her pussy before but she loved it, she told him how she would lay in bed in her panties once she got home and before going to sleep she would stick her hand in her panties and play with her pussy and his cum and lick his cum off of her fingers and make herself cum just one more time before she would go to sleep with his cum still inside her and how the next day his cum would still be leaking out of her.

    i had to stop and go to bed at that point, i wondered if she was in there asleep with his cum in her pussy at that moment i was in the dining room reading about it. i took a piece of paper out of my wallet and wrote down her fake email address and i closed out her email and turned off her computer and went and got ready for bed and got in bed beside her and my mind would not shut off, she was in dreamland and never woke up when i came to bed so i laid there and was thinking about all i had read and my cock got very hard again and i reached down and started to gently stroke my cock while imagining the things i had listened to my wife tell this man and him tell her and about how they fucked and it only took a few minutes of this and i was blowing a load in my boxers, i was never more turned on in my life and decided that i was not going to let on like i knew anything and i would figure out her password for her email and keep up with her escapades that way.

    the next morning she greeted me with a kiss and a good morning and all i could think about was that i was kissing her after she had been sucking on his cock and eating his cum but i kissed her back and said good morning.

    i tried to put it all out of my head but could not and once at work in the privacy of my office i went to google mail and put in her username and got her password right the very first try, it was the same as her other one, not too smart on her part but i figured as much..

    i printed a copy of every single email that he sent to her and that she sent to him and i put them in a folder in the bottom of a desk drawer with some business paperwork. when i had time i would check her email to see if there was any new mail and occasionally there was and i discovered that when i told her i was going to be going somewhere for a few days, there would suddenly be an email telling him i was going out of town again, there were a lot of those in my personal file.. they would make plans to meet and would finalize them as soon as my plane was in the air. depending on the time of year, depended on where they would fuck, winter time was most always a hotel in a neighboring city, summertime was a toss up, it might be down by the lake, on a dead end road somewhere leaning against his suv, or over hood of her car, sometimes she went to his place, they had what they called "our place" that i have yet to figure out where that is but they went there a lot.

    one day i went through the emails and i counted that in the 11 months that they had been seeing each other they had fucked 46 times, 46 times and her and i had not fucked 46 times in our entire marriage!

    i read in their early emails how she told him that her husband was a wonderful provider and she loved me very much and had no intentions of ever leaving me, i was her soul mate, but what she needed most i could not give her or do for her and i could not satisfy her sexual needs and desires but she could never tell me that for fear of loosing the love of her life. reading that one paragraph confused me so much but yet at the same time i began to understand what she meant. she respected me for providing for her and understanding her situation that life had dealt her, she respected me so much and loved me so much for loving her enough to provide her with a nice home and never having to worry about money or a car to drive or how i treated her like a queen and adored her. that's every womans dream right? but as much as i do for her the one and only thing according to her that i can not do is satisfy her sexual cravings and desires for a big cock and a man that will bring out her inner whore and fuck her in that same manner letting her be that whore in bed. i read where she told him that she could never be that way with her husband for fear of him leaving her because of her desires and not being the prim and proper wife he thought he married.

    after reading that email, i knew she was telling this man the truth, i understood why she needed this man, i knew she did not have or ever would have any emotional connection of love with this man, she was using him as an object, he was 32 years old to my 48 years old, younger, stronger, nice big thick cock that stays nice and hard to fuck her and satisfy her desires with, basically just a tool for her to use when she needs it..

    our marriage has not changed, i mean i know what i know and as far as i know she has no idea that i know. she takes every effort to go the extra mile to make sure that her affair with him will never in any way interfere with our marriage, she treats me no differently, but i on the other had have been living with the burden of knowing this for over a year now, the burden of knowing that my wife that i love is sharing her most intimate desires with another man, she is letting another man fuck what only i should be fucking, i sometimes can not stay hard while "making love" to her and she sensed this one night and asked if i was ok and i brushed it off saying that i was just extremely tired and she understood.. however when alone i can think about it and get rock hard and masturbate and cum so hard thinking about my sweet wife on her back with her legs in the air or bent over doggie style, which i found out by reading is her favorite position with him because his big cock goes so deep in her pussy and makes her cum like she did not know was possible and even makes her pussy squirt sometimes. i sometimes feel that i am married to a secret porn star but she is another mans porn star.

    now lately in the last couple of months i have noticed that the sex between her and i has become almost non existent and it has now been three weeks since i even saw her naked. i have not even ate her pussy in over 6 months as she has steered me away from doing that, maybe she is thinking i might notice something, but she used to love for me to eat her out. i jerk off all the time now, at least two or three times a day and it is always and i mean always about another man fucking my wife, never about me and another woman or anything else, always her getting fucked, i discovered cuckoldry porn on the internet totally by accident trying to research what was happening to me and low and behold i figured that i am a cuckold, makes me wonder if she knows about this, but what i have read about is that there are some many variations of cuckoldry that i guess this could be one where the wife does it intentionally but keeps it hidden from her husband and slowly weans him away from her so he wont be begging her for sex all the time and she can have her boy toy to fuck her brains out and rock her world and get exactly what she wants, a husband that provides everything for her and his reward is that she is no longer intimate with him in any way and some other man is fucking her like a whore and making her scream and beg for his cock and she does not have a husband nagging her about sex all the time...

    what a confusing mess this has seemed to turn out to be and i am not sure even which way to go or turn or not even sure that i would go any certain way for fear of people finding out about the lifestyle we have sort of ended up in, especially if this is something she planned from the beginning.. maybe she is trying to drive me to have sex with another woman to catch me and make me the bad guy in all of this???

    for now i have just accepted it all and changed nothing, i do what she wants, i don't bug her about the sex, i just jerk myself off, i work my job, i ended up throwing all those emails away and i no longer read their emails to each other and i know it is happening and i just try not to think about it, there was one day a while back that i did see a pair of her panties, a little black thong, on top of the hamper in our bedroom and i noticed the crotch was all wet and creamy with what was obviously globs of his cum, i just acted like i never saw them there as i felt they were put there for me to see because she had never left any panties on top of the hamper before, especially with the crotch showing.. later that day they were gone.. maybe she is wanting me to find out, i have no idea, for right now i just know that for almost 13 months another man has been fucking my wife and has done so probably 80 times by now and filled her pussy up with his cum every time and i have not cum in her pussy in over 6 months now..

    that 's my confession and honestly i don't feel better about confessing it, now i feel worse.

    anyway life goes on i guess and i guess that her and i will never have sex again, she no longer needs me or actually never needed me in the first place to satisfy her sexually that part was all a lie i guess, she may say she loves me but i feel she has a very strange way of showing it...

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    Straight Female / 48

    I drove a school bus for a few years. Through the years there was one boy I watched coming of age. We traded glances for years and I watched him as he grew into manhood. A windowed woman with a grown daughter, I found myself hankering for the boy and after he turned 18 I determined to make a pitch because he would soon be history as he was soon to go off to college.

    The boy was athletic and popular, tall for his age and I could tell, packed a decent tool in his pants. I fell asleep masturbating to my visions of him in various stages of undress and with his cock straight out for me many times, where I could access his stiff. He had a powerful smile that caused me to feel depressed by the differences in our ages. One day toward the end of his term he surprised me with a cup of coffee, saying that it was Irish coffee but I did not believe he knew what it was. I tasted it and indeed, it had some kind of liquor in it. I would drink it after my tour with the kids in the bus.

    The next day, a Friday I will never forget, I took my undergarments off and sat on the driver's seat with my skirt hitched up a bit. When I spotted him approaching the bus steps I spread my legs a bit, for a moment but he caught the sight. He immediately took the seat right behind me and I drove on. When we got to his stop, he did not get off. I knew then that we were on, and I stated to lose my concentration and breathed heavily,

    He remained on the bus after I dropped the last student off and I then drove the bus to the back of a large movie multiplex parking lot. Turning off the engine, I turned around in my seat and he was still there, a large hard-on sticking out of his pants. I let out a large sigh and immediately went down on him. I heard him say, "Jeez I thought of this for years." So, I was not alone in my lustful dreams. I sucked his boner for around five minutes and he came, shooting his load in my mouth. Swallowing his cum, I noted his cock remained hard so I mounted him on his seat. At that point we were fucking like mad and so excited we did not even think to look around the parking lot. Our luck held out, though.

    I saw stars, fucking that kid and I started a series of orgasms, telling him, "Ohhh, here I cum again," a few times. He ejaculated once again, pulsating a number of times inside my vagina. Our intercourse lasted no more than 15-20 minutes and soon enough, I was back in the driver's seat leaving the lot. When I stopped at the parking lot exit, he came from behind and gave me a French kiss, filling my mouth with his fast-moving tongue. I realized that he had a good amount of experience for his age.

    After that, I saw him only a few times as a rider but he managed to touch my shoulder or hand each time, as he walked by. I still think of him and, by this time, I know he must already have graduated college. What a memory. In writing this, it was like re-living it. Thanks to the folks who host this site. It's a great idea despite all the obvious fiction I find in it. Thankfully, my memory is real.

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    Straight Male / 49

    It's funny how things are different when you get older. When I was a young man I was as possessive and jealous as the next guy. If another man made a pass at my girlfriend or wife I was ready to do serious damage to him. I find every kind of woman attractive. They can be beautiful, plain Jane or even homely. Slim, curvy or even a bit heavy. Their looks weren't important, but the amount of sex appeal they had was. Having a woman with a tremendous amount of sex appeal is always challenging. Men seem to come out of the woodwork wanting to have sex with them. I left many a girlfriend and my first wife because they gave in to the advances of other men and fooled around with them. After I left my first wife I stayed single for a good 10 years. I dated, never anything serious. I guess I was tired of all the cheating behind my back.
    When I met my second wife I was immediately attracted to her. She was absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell. Long brunette hair. Hazel eyes and stunning legs. She worked at a place I would frequent. We would chat with each other and flirt a little bit. I found out she was married so I cooled my jets and backed off with the flirting. She noticed, so one evening she approached me and asked if she had done something to anger me. I told her the truth. That I was extremely attracted to her, but she was married so I didn't want to do something I might regret. She just smiled said ok and walked away.
    It was a few days later she told me her and her girlfriends were going out after work for a beer or two. I told her that it sounded like fun and to have a good time. As she was leaving she turned and said you should come with us. I told her I wasn't sure. She told me where they were going if I changed my mind. I went home and it took me all of about 10 minutes to change my mind. Fortunately for me the bar they went to was just about four blocks from my house, So after a shower and a change of clothes I walked to the bar. I met her friends and we all had a fun time shooting pool and dancing. She was the driver so they all piled into her car to leave and I started to walk home. She asked where my car was. When I told I just lived down the street she told me to get in the car and she'd give me a ride. I jumped in and she said she would drop her friends off first, even though they lived in the opposite direction and much further away.
    We dropped her friends off and when we got to my place, she said she had plenty of time if I wanted to talk. I said sure and had her park in my garage. When we got into the garage she saw my Harley and made a comment about how much she liked motorcycles. I told her maybe I could take her for a ride sometime. She said she'd love that. We went into the house and talked for about two hours. She finally had to leave. I walked her out to the garage and before she got into her car I pulled her to me and kissed her. She immediately responded. I didn't need any more encouragement than that. I lifted her to the hood of her car, laid her back, lifted her dress and began licking her pussy through her thong. I pulled her thong to the side and ate her pussy to two great orgasms in about 15 minutes.
    When I finished eating her I didn't even try to fuck her. I pulled her off the hood and helped her straighten her dress. She looked at me and said wow! what was that about? I told her it was something to remember me by, She told me she thought that it would work.
    She would call me and ask if we were going to get together, but I told her I didn't think we should pursue it because she was married. She told me she wanted to see me anyway. So one day I gave in. I called into work to take the day off. She came to my house and we spent the day in bed. It was fantastic. We both wanted more so we started our affair.
    Eventually her husband found out and they split up. She came to live with me against my better judgement. I say that because she was gorgeous and wreaked with sex appeal. This would be yet another challenge. I mean she had cheated on her husband with me and I'm not a stupid man. I knew what the chances were she'd eventually do the same to me.
    After tree years of living together I married her. Sure enough two years into our marriage she began an affair with a much older man. It lasted for two years.
    Here is where the things are different when you get older comes in. I knew almost from the beginning when the affair started. Even though I knew I did nothing to put and end to it. I did not leave her nor did I want to. The idea of my wonderfully gorgeous, sexy wife being such a loose woman was tremendously exciting to me. We have been married for almost twenty year now and she has had several affairs in that period. It's always behind my back and she never thinks I know anything about them. That is except two of them. She knows the first affair I found about. There was the third one that she knew I found out about. It was when I found out about the third one and didn't leave her, she knew I wasn't going to leave her because she likes a little extra cock every now and then.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I had always gotten along well with my ex mother in law. She is in her 60s and has been divorced for a number of years.
    She is a tall woman with a slimmer figure and still very attractive. During one evening, I popped around to her house to have another chat as things were getting me down. I hadn't had sex in a while and began to have wicked thoughts about my ex mother in law. I asked her "would you have sex with me?". Her reply did take a few moments. She exclaimed "Off course dear but we must be careful not to get caught as no one will speak to us if they find out". I headed to her bedroom.
    My ex MIL eventually joined me in bed after grabbing a quick shower and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw what she was wearing. She had a lovely little see through negligee on with frilly little panties. We layed on the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. She kisses me deeply and guided her tongue deep into my mouth. I responded by returning her advance with my own tongue pushing her tongue back into her mouth as I explored her wet warm mouth. As we kissed passionately, I started fondling her breast and bottom through her night wear.
    It was at this point that I realised that she had a nice set of B cup breasts that had kept their composure over 60 plus years. She asked me to remove my jocks so she could gain access to my already swelling package.
    It was at this point that she reached for my firming penis. She asked me to lie on my back whilst she knelt on the bed with her head in my crotch. This gave me access to her arse and c**t so i started playing with both. She held my penis at the base with one hand and guided it into her mouth. It felt so good to have a warm, wet mouth on the head of my cock. At first she concentrated on the head but slowly started putting more of the shaft into her mouth. I was in heaven and had never had anyone suck my cock with so much enthusiasm. By this time, I had pushed her panties aside and was working my middle finger in and out of her wet c**t.
    She continued to put more of my cock into her mouth but couldn't fit all of it's length into her mouth but I loved her enthusiasm. After she had been sucking and licking my cock and balls for about 15 minutes, I was getting close to the point of no return. I knew she was extremely wet from the fingered I gave her whilst she sucked my cock. I proceeded to remove her panties.
    It was at this point she asked me to mount her in the missionary position. Her pussy was extremely wet and it took little effort to get the head of my penis fully into her pussy. Once it was in, I began thrusting slowly into her warm c**t. She was moaning so loudly that I was wondered what was going on. I then increased the pace of my thrusting and the moaning got louder and more urgent. After about a minute of thrusting and her loud moaning, she told me she was about to cum and not to stop. I thought wow that was quick but kept going as I was instructed to do. About another minute later she is cuming again and I'm totally amazed at her ability to have multiple orgasms. She is a sexual dynamo. I fucked her for another 10 minutes which saw her have more orgasms. I had never experienced anyone who could cum so many times in such a short amount of time. I was amazed at her abilities and I was loving every minute of it. I asked her to change position to make it easier for me to cum. I asked if doggy style was ok. She said that was fine and we moved into that position. I entered her from behind and was amazed how much smaller her bum was compared to my ex. It also felt different to my ex because her longer legs had me thrusting more in a vertical movement rather than horizontal. I was loving the change in position but felt my orgasm approaching. I felt my penis pulsate as jet after jet of cum shot from my penis and deep into her pussy. She screamed out again and had another orgasm.
    After we finished cuming, we both laid on the bed kissing and fondling each other. We talked about the experience and how amazing it was for both of us. I asked her about the orgasm she had when I ejactulated. She said that her vagina is that sensitive that the jets of hot cum shooting into her pussy, was enough to make her cum. I expressed my amazement at her ability to cum again and again.
    This started a long love affair between the two of us. As we were mindful of not getting caught by family and friends, I would often drop by after work for a chat. My ex MIL would kiss me passionately and then ask me to remove my pants. She would then expertly suck my cock until I came. I discovered that she had a real love of giving head and would insist on doing it every time we met. The first few times she swallowed my load but decided she didn't like the taste so we varied the experience and I would let her know I was about to come with a tap on the back. She would then sit up, place a towel on my abdomen and stroke my shaft with those long fingers like nothing I had felt before. She is just a natural at sex. Every greeting is passionate with lots of tongue. She loves giving head and is the only woman I have been with who really enjoys sucking cock.
    I don't know were this will lead or when it will end but I'm enjoying fucking her and getting the best blowjobs of my life.

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    Straight Male / 25


    I have a cousin who is about 5 years older than me.She often visited our house as she liked my mother a lot.Even after marriage she used to come to our home with her husband.

    Well I didn't have any interest in her as she was neither beautiful nor had a hot body.So I always treated her as an elder sister.But things changed when she became pregnant.

    During pregnancy her body became very curvy which turned me.Her boobs were heavy with milk.Specially her swollen round tummy erected my dick.

    She used to come to our home every month and I watched her tummy growing gradually.I wanted to fuck her so bad.So I started watching pregnant porn.I liked the way how men fucked pregnant girls while rubbing their baby bump.The more I watched these the more I fantasized about her.

    Then one day my fantasy came true.

    It was about 8th month of her pregnancy and she came to visit my mom.But my mom went to some wedding and I knew she would not come back before night.

    I opened the door and found her stand.That day she was wearing a skirt with a pink T-shirt.As her belly was very big,it only covered half of the belly keeping half exposed which gave me a hard on.

    â Where is your mom",she asked.

    â She is at the market.She will be back can waitâ,I lied to her.

    She came inside and talked for some time.But all the time I was looking at her belly lustily.And she noticed it.

    âI think you like my belly,don't you?âshe asked me.

    I felt really embarrassed and couldn't face her.

    âD o you wanna touch it?âshe asked.

    âIf you don't have any problem.â

    âNo go on,âshe permitted.

    Then I moved closer to her.First I touched the upper potion of the belly which was covered with tshirt and rubbed it for some time.

    I gained more courage and touched the lower potion of the belly which was fully exposed.As I touched her skin I felt her shiver and she let out a soft moan.

    I began rubbing her belly and now she was moaning slightly.Then she pulled her T-shirt up and exposed the full belly for me.

    âI know how your dick goes hard watching this belly.Now here it is.â,she told me with a sexy voice.

    Then I began rubbing her whole belly and kissing it.I started to lick it with my tongue making her moan a bit loud.Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying it a lot.

    I pulled her skirt down and removed her tshirt.Then she was just in bra and panty.She pulled me to her and began kissing me.

    I started to response to her kiss sucking her tongue while rubbing her big belly.

    I slided one hand down and rubbed her pussy over the panty.She was not motionless either.She started moving her hands on my pant in where my dick was already too hard.

    She was damn wet and I could feel her juices over the panty.So I went down and removed it.I started licking her pussy.

    She was moaning out too loud.I was a bit afraid if the neighbours could listen.So I put my fingers in her mouth and she began licking them while I licked her pussy.

    After some time my dick was too hard to handle and I decided to put it in her wet pussy.

    But she stopped me and told me she didn't want her pussy to be fucked in pregnancy.I told her that it was okay but she didn't agree.She then bent down and sucked my dick for a long time.

    My dick was not satisfied.So I told her to be like doggy and I will lick her pussy from behind.She believed me and bent down holding the edge of sofa.

    But I didn't lick her pussy...I inserted my dick in there before she could resist.

    At first she wanted me to back off.But I pressed my dick inside the pussy and started stroking.Then she understood I was not going to stop so she stopped resisting.

    Her big belly was hanging and I rubbed it from behind.I also squeezed her milk filled boobs.Now she again began screaming with pleasure and I had to insert fingers in her mouth again.

    I gave her hard strokes while holding her hairs.After some time she told me..

    âMy belly is hurting.Now please stop.â

    I stopped fucking her and took her to the bedroom and made her lie there.She was still naked.

    But my dick was still hard.So after sometime I moved her to the edge of the bed and again put my dick inside her.Then she was too tired to resist

    I fucked her in that position for half an.hour and then I finally came on her big belly.I wanted to fuck her more but she was very tired and weak so I let her go.

    It was not the only time I fucked her.I again fucked her after some days going to her house.Do you wanna know that story.Then comment.

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    Straight Male / 32

    So my best friends mom is finally divorced from her cheating arse of a husband, I have grown up with their daughter since I moved into the street when I was 5; we became friends quickly and did everything together, fast forward to me being a teenager and crushing on her mom.

    It was a running joke that I always gave her mom a hug before her, her mom is not a supermodel, she rocks a pudgy tummy, slightly overweight, but it is her personality and attitude that drew me to her. She always wore some leather, it could be trousers or boots or jackets but she always had to have her leathers.

    So they got divorced last year, Anne (the mom) is now 60 but still has the same spark that gave me some raging hard-ons and intense dreams from when I was a teen.

    So I knew that she was on her own as my mate is away with work, so no one would be dropping in on her; I took a chance to fulfil my childhood fantasy.

    I showed up at Anne's a fortnight ago on the Saturday on the pre-text of making sure she was ok and if she needed any help or things done around the house.

    Anne thanked me and I gave her a hug that was just a little bit more than friendly, she did not comment and just leaned in a bit before I pulled away.

    So I got on with some of the bits she needed doing and I stopped and had a drink she made me, Anne asked if I could help carry down the boxes of her ex's stuff and put them in the garage. I said sure and she took my arm and led me to the room holding his stuff and giving me a playful slap on the bum told me to get to it whilst she tidied up her room.

    I instantly felt turned on when she slapped my bum and just said "naughty woman" to which she smirked and said "yep" and winked as she walked off.

    I quickly got the boxes shifted and plucking up the courage I knocked on her bedroom door, manners after-all and I heard her say come in.

    She was sat on the end of her bed, a few tears coming down her cheeks and I sat by her and asked what was wrong.
    She told me how lonely she now was and how she needed someone in her life, with her daughter away with work and her own family to look after she did not come round as much. She said how much she needed a man, how she had not felt love in a while.

    I knew she was talking to me because she knows me as one of the family, but as I put my arm around her and pulled her close she leaned in and asked if anyone could love her at her age.

    I said I would, she looked up at that and I leaned down and captured her lips, putting as much into it as I could.

    Her response blew me away as I was shoved back on to the bed; I got to spend the night with my teenage wet dream crush and it was so much better than I could possibly imagine; we fucked and screwed all night and I fell asleep with her in my arms.

    I spent every night there for over a week, as I helped do the housework and chores whilst she got ready for the night; I got to explore her leather collection and even indulged in a bit of bondage ( I liked being tied to bed)

    So my confession is that I am having a great time with a wonderful woman, but her daughter can never know.

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