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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 37

    I'm currently going through a divorce, but it's the most amicable and peaceful one I think I could have ever imagined. That's mostly due to the fact that my soon-to-be ex wife has basically already moved out to live with the husband of a couple we've been swapping with for years. And the wife is indeed coming on over to live with me as she and her husband also have decided to separate. I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't happening to me, but here we are, two couples in a little suburban neighborhood swapping wives permanently, "no trade backs."

    I'm getting the quiet shy girl in the foursome; skinny, small tits, perfect cute little ass, long brunette hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. She's originally from the Ukraine - she's a great cook and we have very in depth conversations about a variety of topics. My ex is almost the exact opposite - blond (when it suits her), big tits, curvy ass, lovely brown eyes. Wifey was quite the partier in her day, only slowed down when we first got together due to a pregnancy scare that put her off from wanting kids for the most part.

    Wifey was the one who initiated the swap once we got to know the other couple. The husband is kind of a bro, which was her type before us anyhow. He's actually a pretty good guy and has been there for us several times over the years, so I can't be too mad about it. After some drinks one night she started the conversation about it as a group, which led to the wives excitedly but hesitantly switching beaus for a little makeout session, but no action other than that followed for a couple of months.

    When it finally happened, and that moment where the girls stood up and walked over to the other fella, that image is kind of burned in my mind though it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. We all talked the whole time, giving pointers to each other, encouraging one another to have fun. The girls weren't trying to go lesbian or team up on a guy, just genuinely enjoying the moment and their new partner. The guys weren't trying to cram all their cocks into one gal, or pound their asses like porn stars. We were all in the same room, but wholly engaged with our new lovers. And as we progressed and swapped in separate rooms, or had little dates or trists on the regular, it again just seemed a natural situation all the way around.

    And no joke, I honestly haven't had sex with my wife after first full swap. We basically swapped there emotionally, I guess. And it's never been weird - we've been friendly, living as roommates basically.

    So divorce papers are filed and we're all talking about a dual wedding. We've been figuring out how to divide assets by meeting and talking about it. No hurt feelings whatsoever (I'm actually kind of happy she'll be taking her little Pomeranian with her, never liked that dog). We all go out on dates together and simply fall in with our new partners like it's nothing. Since we live in a pretty large city, no one really knows what's going on. Everyone still wears their wedding rings, too - just another weird oddity from this whole thing.

    And I do feel that I love my soon-to-be new wife; I'm also happy that my soon-to-be ex wife is happy and in a healthy relationship with someone I approve of and trust not to treat her poorly. We've all talked to our families about the pending divorce, citing changing directions in our lives as the reason. Again, because this has all been so amicable, our families have been supportive.

    What an interesting way to head toward mid-life.

    Seriously, AMA. This is too weird a situation to not talk about a little bit more.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I believe sex with one just man can be great but limited. Sex with two men or more i think it's perfect. When i masturbate i must fantasize myself in threesomes or gangbangs if i want to turn on. If i think of one guy i can't turn on. It's wonderful to feel that your body is desirable by lot's of men and the attention you get and all the orgasms. The fun thing is i never was a part of any threesome or gangbang. But if i met a guy i like and he wants to have sex with me i would want to bring his friends too. I don't know if i was asking him to bring them, probably not, but the idea would make me so horny. If that makes a slut it's okay, deep down i want to be a slut.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Okay so my friend and I are the only two girls that hangout with the guys in my husband's man cave. We are flirty that's true but it has never been an issue. In fact I think even our husbands were ok with it. Friday night we were all having drinks and beers and playing darts. Lisa and I were bouncing around and teasing the guys like normal. The drinking got more intense and her husband decided enough was enough and took her home. I was bummed out and said now I don't have a dance partner. I began to get behind the guys as I was dancing and grabbing their waists pretending to hump them from behind. This went on for a while then the od guy would do it back to me. I looked around and realized that my husband wasn't standing there , I found him in a recliner beside the speakers completely passed out drunk and snoring. When I turned back around I walked right into one of his buddies. He grabbed me and started dirty dancing me and grinding on the front of me. A few seconds later one of the others got behind me and was doing it too. I could feel they were getting excited , they're hands started to become more adventurous running up and down my legs and up towards my breasts. I then realized that the other two were starting to crowd my sides. That's when I realized that things were going to go to far if I didn't say or do something. I was about to say I don't think we should do this when I felt someone's hand between my legs. I heard him say that he could feel the heat even though my pants. With that they were getting very excited and began grabbing at every part of my body. I stood there motionless as they enjoyed themselves. My shirt was lifted up and off my bra was removed they undid my jeans and pulled them down along with my panties. I found myself standing there nude with fingers darting in and out of my bum and vagina. hands squeezing my breasts . I closed my eyes. I was put on the floor on my back I felt hands grabbing my legs and spreading them as they pulled them up. In an instant the first one was in me driving hard and fast while I tried to keep my eyes closed I had to see which one it was. I felt like a whore as the next one got on top I looked over to were my husband was and watched him laying there snoring as the second one of his friends began to cum in side of me. I was rolled over and brought to my hands and knees as the next two preferred to do me doggy style. When it was all over they just left me laying on my side exhausted and ashamed I could feel their fluids draining out of me.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Iâm a dirty slut who loves to fuck strangers. Getting cummed on in the bathroom stall of a club makes me so wet. I love getting pushed up against a wall while some guy sticks his huge cock in me, thrusting me so hard I have bruise while I scream his name and begged to get destroyed. I also love being degraded, ten guys jacking off on to me makes me want to cum in my panties, while they all tell me what a worthless little cum dumpster I am. If I could I would fuck any guy who came up to me and let them use my body however they wanted. In all honesty I think I might be a nimphomanic

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    Straight Female / 31

    Sex does happen, but not always the way you dream about it.

    I found myself in a work team building session and we were paired up with other employees and he just kept running his hand across my behind. I did try to stop him, to slap his hand, push it away, tell him to stop but he just went back to running his hand all over my behind. There were lots of people there, maybe fifty and I didn't want to make a scene so I just stood there and let him put his hand on my behind and pat me and squeeze a cheek, run his finger up and down my butt crack, whisper to me that he had never had such an ass like mine. Worse than all that is that I got horny and the longer he stood beside me the hornier I became. I wet my pants, it was embarrassing that I peed in my pants, not a lot but enough.

    When we went back to the rooms from the sessions to dress for dinner he asked to be with me while I changed. Why not? He had been rubbing my ass all afternoon so why not watch me change. Of course I had to change my panties not just my pants, my panties were damp and they smelled like urine but he kept me standing there with my damp panties on while he ran his finger all the way around my vulva and lips and ran his finger down the middle to mark my lips in a deep camel toe. I decided to take my bra off and stood there bare breasted for him and told him he had to take my panties off so he could see me naked. He got very hard and wanted sex before dinner so I let him.

    After dinner I sucked him off, blow by blow until he lost control and gave into my efforts and came all over me. I told him it wasn't enough and I wanted him to have sex with me again, I wanted to get off too. If he was a big man then he could treat me to a fuck too. I slept with him, I sucked him again, I let him have sex with me again, nothing mattered anymore, just fuck me and make me happy.

    We flew back to our home town and our jobs and he came over to fuck me, I told him I needed it often, so often that he wouldn't have enough for another lady. I sucked him almost every day at work. The sex was crazy, we did everything we could think of and more, every hole was his and he let me suck him off so many times that I could almost do it in my sleep. Right under the head of his dick he has this spot that is like his G spot, rub it hard with my finger and suck his dick head hard and he shoots. I got it.

    All this time, it is now going to be six months, we have sex. It is sex. We go out once in a while, but mostly it is sex. I suck him off at work in his office, I don't want him recharged for another lady. We have sex at my place, I need to be able to clean up and get dressed. He doesn't need to get dressed up, that's the way I look at it, just clean up his dick, comb his hair and tuck in his shirt and he is ready. But I need to clean up properly, it takes time and I have to change into clean underwear before going out.

    And after all this, he hardly ever puts his hands on my behind anymore unless I ask him to. I like that, I like him touching my butt in public, like at the theater the other night, me in his arms and his hand just going all over my butt. It gives me a thrill of sorts to see the eys of other ladies wishing their men would tough their butts. Like I said sex is sex and sometimes sex is more than just sex and you never know where you are going to get it from.

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    Straight Male / 22

    This one's a more of an embarrassing. I've never been good with attracting women being bit of a loner, shy guy. Anyway, being the virgin that I was, my older brother decided to offer up his girlfriend at the time. They agreed it was fine with each other, and she showed me the ropes. I was pretty awkward about the whole thing, but she let me explore, kiss, and have sex. I didn't last long. We cuddled for a bit, but that's everything. She declined another go, and I respected her decision. It's a little embarrassing, but my brother loves to bring it up and laugh about it.

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    Straight Female / 48

    Iv visited a couple of confession sites just out of curiously really and come way thinking what a load of rubbish,so i am back to say yes it can happen to you.I am 48 and i just smiled at this lad waiting for the train to come in.No one else was on the unmanned station and before i knew it i was really flirting with him enjoying the fact that he was responding and coming on to me we went out of sight and his hand went straight between my legs rubbing me though my panties. i guess he was 18 or 19 and his finger was now inside me but i could hear the bloody train coming and his cock was erect in my hand pushing though my fingers He said fuck the train and as soon as it was gone fucked me hard up against the wall.Id gone from loving wife to cheat without even giving it a second thought and just as quickly never done it again even though id loved it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 17 a senior, and to satisfy my older boyfriend who is 21 and in college. I let him have sex with me in front of some of his frat brothers. Then with his cum still inside me I knelt in the main hall of their house and let 8 guys masturbate and shoot on my face. My boyfriend made me sit on the couch and watch an hour of television with him before I could clean off. I stayed naked the whole time and a couple of the boys did it again on my face before I cleaned up. I left immediately, I haven't returned his calls, I am so ashamed.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    About an hour ago, I watched a guy from a place I used to work fuck my wife and cum in her pussy. I hadn't joined at all, just watched. But, after he left, I sucked every drop of cum out of her pussy before filling it again with my own. It was her idea, but secretly, I wanted it so much.


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    Straight Female / 19

    Hi, something has changed for me in my relationship with my bf and I'm just not sure about it. I mentioned it to a few trusted longtime friends and got very mixed answers as to if it is okay or not. Let me explain

    I have been with my bf for over six months and we are pretty steady and long term, he's met my folks and they really get on. Our sex life has always been good and adventurous, maybe not really wild but we both love sex. He's quite "macho" and insists on sex on demand and really likes to control what happens which has been absolutely fine till a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm at college and he works and lives in a house with a few other guys, some he studied with and others from work and the like, they are all I think two or three years older than me and they have money and I still get an allowance from my folks. They are always nice and polite but do treat me like a kid sister a bit.

    Anyway long story short we were round his place watching sport on the TV, there was just five guys and me when my bf said the game was boring and he wanted a fuck, got up and led me willingly out of the TV room and up to his beddroom where we went at it for idk forty minutes or so. He suggested we got a drink and I agreed and he pulled on his shorts and he threw me my skirt. I told him I needed to clean up, but he told me to come downstairs just as I was in a daring kind of way - so I did. Ha I was nervous I tell you.

    The guys were still watching TV but they all looked up as my bf led me topless into the room. I tried to be cool but failed and blushed and tried to cover my titties up, but the guys all saw and a few commented so I toughed it out. My bf seemed okay with the others seeing my tits, I was okay but just kind of wrong footed I guess.

    We two went into the kitchen and got some cold drinks, and bf was teasing me, saying I was a tease and a flirt, I said the ONLY reason I was doing it was because he told me to.

    One of the other guys joined us and the boys started to talk about my tits and nips, they are size 36 and good shape I know but I was feeling very self conscious. My bf squeezed a tit and invited the other guy to do the same then they sucked on them too. I really wasn't sure if to allow it or object, I tried to take the lead from what I thought my bf wanted, so I kind of made a joke of it.

    When we went back to the TV room my two guys told the others they had felt up my titties and asked the others of they wanted to. They said Yes, of course and for the next hour or so I was passed around for these guys I hardly knew to fondle, squeeze and suck on my tits. I did like it, especially the times I had guys sucking both at the same time. My bf made a rule that they could only touch me above my skirt, no pussy.

    It kind of finished when they'd had what they wanted and me and the bf were back up in his room and I really wasn't sure how things would go. My titties were quite tender and had a few bruise marks where the boys had sucked them, I must have looked a state. Well he was as horny as crazy and did me again, he was so excited. The next morning nothing was said with the others I met on our way out.

    I'm now just so confused if my bf still loves me, I mean guys don't share a real gf with their mates, Do they ? but he seems turned on by it and wasn't mad at me for allowing it. I'm not sure what to do or how things are with me and his house mates.

    Actually I feel quite a bit better just having writ that down.

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