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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I have a sexual fantasy about being a slave on a plantation fucked by my master.

    I am a 25/yr black female, and I have a secret fantasy about being back during the 1800s and being routinely brutally r**ed by my master/his friends. I feel very guilty about this for obvious reasons, and I try not to let myself fantasize about it. But sometimes I act it out with my boyfriend (40yr white male)
    He doesn't like to hurt me enough tho

    I also try to find porn that is racist in nature, but can't find anything that's RACIST like that, and set in that time.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Lenght and spank lol forgive me

    My parents were hard core goodie goodies i enjoyed being me, i lived many personas with them to survive

    Aa week before hand i had a school girlfriend downstairs eating her pussy my brother who was a perv came down to annoy me i ate pussy and explained for him to fuck off as usual
    Emily the girl toook it well aand got to cum it was a plus

    The next week on the same day she had a friend who joined and the same thing happened as i ate both pussy my little bro interrupted again so i as i ate both pussy's i explained for him to fuck off,,,,,, now thats when the my girlfriends friend asked if we wanted to go back to her place as her mum was cool, we packed up and went over.

    And her mum was cool, her mother offered us condoms as soon as she saw us 3way kissing in the doorway. She lead us inside gave us the lounge room condoms and a tube of lube, so we played and mixed it up a blew my load 5 times i had no cum left but was fucking like a porn star after the the 3rd load and the girls played well together,,,

    , as we fucked on my 5th time my girlfrieds friends mother offered us drinks -mine was coffee the girls got a jucie, and the girls both sat down and went to sleep nearly as soon as they had finished their drinks.

    It was then i felt her breath in my ear her words were so sweet, she said in a soft tempting low voice " dumb sluts, so amature", then she rubbed her underwear over lips and grabed my hard cock reaching down from behind making sure her tits were in my face,, i grabed the back of her head and pulled her over the lounge seat a firmly began making her take my monster cock fully in her throat as i got my head between her legs and sucked the fuck out her clit and deep tounged her arse hole as a twist and she loved it, i mean she stayed upside down till she cum....

    After she screamed she'd cum i literally threw her on the floor and kicked her legs together the punishingly i fucked one hole then the next from pussy to arse one for one each stroke was as deep as i could slam and i kept going for hours and this bitch took it so i gave it and man my cock was sore for days.

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    Straight Male / 29

    Cara and I started dating in High School. She's almost a year older than I am and still is rather unassuming. We used to fool around in her parents basement from the beginning of our relationship, and we lost our virginity to each other in out junior year. Basic missionary, and nothing more. 12 years and one child later, we still have a very vanilla sex life. We probably have some sort of sex around once a month. How do I survive? I've been fucking her younger sister the whole time!

    Toni is 2 years younger than Cara, and one day when I came to call on Cara, Toni and I ended up in the basement while Cara was shopping. I was her first, her teacher and I was an ass for doing what I did. The strange part was, she loved the sex with me, was open to anything and I didn't hold back.

    After that first time, I always found a way to spend time with Toni. I would come over when Cara was at work, and wait for Cara to come home. For almost a year, Toni and I explored each other, and the boundaries vanished. Toni did all the things Cara wouldn't do, anal, bondage, swallow and public sex. She was up for anything I wanted, any time!

    I landed a job that afforded us enough money for a cheap apartment, and when Cara and I moved out Toni was pissed. Cara landed a very well paying job and we got engaged. Toni was livid. I thought she would tell her sister, but one day when she came over we started arguing and I bent her over the couch and ass fucked her while Cara was at the laundromat. I told Toni that if she ever told her sister about what we did, I would hurt her worse.

    You would think that it was over, but Toni and I can't stop having sex. She's married with 2 children, and I'm afraid of a DNA test. We almost never talk, or show any affection, but if we end up alone together, we're like teens again. The other day, she needed a ride home from dropping her car off for repairs. She got out of my car, walked up to the front door and kissed her husband. I wondered if he even had an idea I just came in her mouth!

    We live a secret, our spouses either don't know or don't care and that's ok by me.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Im an upstanding citizen, active in my church, community, and pta. I'm a married woman, chubby, outwardly satisfied, well to do.
    I made a bad mistake last night. I went and bought pot for the first time by myself.
    It was late, after dark and after I bought a small amount, just a couple joints, I got pulled over. I guess the cop knew what I had. I was so scared.
    All I had was the pot, but as he searched, he also found cocaine. I know he planted it but there was nothing I could prove.
    He told me I was going to jail and put me in handcuffs. I was terrified.
    Then he frisked me. He felt me all over.
    Then he turned me to face him and gave me a choice. He said either I would go to jail for a long time, or I could let him pull my shirt up. Of course I said he could pull my shirt up. Only, that's no where he stopped. He pulled my t-shirt up and then my bra. He started pinching my nipples right there on the side of the road. He pinched me hard til I started crying.
    He then led me to the other side of the car and forced me to my knees. Still cuffed, I had no choice. I knew I would be r**ed.
    First, he took his battan out and put it on the good of the car, then opened his zipper. When he pulled his penis out, I started sucking it right away, hoping that would satisfy him.
    It didn't, before I could make him cum, he pulled his penis out of my mouth and pulled me up to my feet, spun me around, and bent me over the car hood. He put his hand over my mouth. Then he grabbed his battan and forced it into my pussy. All the way without warning. He fucked me with the battan for a while then sodomized me. Hard.
    When he came in me, he pulled out, uncuffed me and told me that he had my address and would be coming to see me soon. Then he drove off. He left his battan in my pussy, I had to pull it out myself.
    I'm terrified he really wants to come back and r**e me again.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I'm a regular guy, well over 6 feet, large muscular guy. I intimidate a lot of guys because of my size and the way I carry myself and because I can handle myself and have many times. I've never been married and have mostly just casual relationships and fucked around with more women than I can remember. I've probably fucked a couple hundred. I'd never had gay thoughts, or thought about men in any way I didn't think men having sex with each other was bad or good I just didn't care enough to even think about it.

    Recently I ended up hanging with a smaller guy who is only about 5'3 and 140 pounds but he had a aggressive personality. I met him through a girl I was fucking. He was fucking her friend. We ended up hanging out a lot and one night we were drinking at his place, the girls hadn't shown and were't going to make it. He put on some porn, we watched and drank, he had some coke so we shared and I was feeling beyond horny. While watching a good porn he pulled out his dick and started stroking. He told me to join him. The way he said it it was like I just obeyed. I pulled my dick out and stroked. We were both there watching each other stroke ourselves. Then he took off his pants and told me to too and I did. Then more drinking, porn and coke and I was reeling. His dick was right there for a while.

    He finally asked me if I liked his cock and I said something without really answering and he was mad saying tell me the truth you like my cock. Now his cock was much bigger than mine. Longer, thicker, harder and I had trouble taking my eyes off of it. It was so big and hard and I felt inferior and said to the guy that I liked it. This is a guy I could physically dominate but for some reason I was letting him mentally dominate me.

    He ordered me to go over to him, to get between his legs and touch his dick. I did. I was a nervous wreck, being bossed around by a tiny little guy just because he had a big dick but I just kept going along. He relaxed and had me stroke him while we watched the porn. He told me to stroke myself too. So here I was, feeling good stroking my own dick and at the same time feeling fucked up stroking his dick.

    Then he ordered me to get his cock wet. I spit on him, he angrily said use your mouth. I hesitated, he stood up, grabbed my head, held me and pointed his cock at my mouth and told me to suck him. I opened my mouth but held still. He put his cock on my lips and ordered me again to suck. What can I say, I felt subservient to this guy and I took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it. Strange and horrifying at first I sucked as best I could and he directed my efforts and started verbally abusing me while telling me what a good cocksucker I was when he liked what I was doing.

    I started to feel good every time he said it felt good or that I was good. It became emotionally satisfying to please this guy this way. I sucked his cock for a very long time, seemed like hours but it was probably 45 minutes or so before he ordered me to keep sucking exactly I was at that moment. Ten or so more minutes of sucking just the way he instructed, and ten minutes of praise spurring me on and he came. He didn't tell me he was going to cum but I noticed his cock throbbing, then heard his moaning and a few seconds later felt the wetness in my mouth. I sucked his cock hard and he ended up filling my mouth with his cum. He ordered me to swallow, I followed orders and he had me soft suck his dick for a while longer until I had swallowed every last drop.

    I felt humiliated, scared people would find out, the girls would know, I thought I had gone gay. My mind was reeling. The he ordered me to jerk off with his cock in my mouth. I almost said no but again, after a brief hesitation, I sucked on his now soft cock and stroked myself until I came on his rug. He had me clean it up with a towel and then we kept drinking and doing lines. He was regular after that just like he usually is.

    I had no idea what happened to me or why I just did gay stuff because this little guy with a big dick told me too. I avoided him for a long time and when we finally hung out again it was like nothing happened. We've been hanging out with the girls again a lot and it's like it never happened. Unfortunately I sometimes think about it and start wishing that the girls would bail and leave us alone for another go around but it hasn't happened.

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    Straight Female / 44

    My husband and I have 2 small kids. I was always saying go ask daddy, go sit with daddy. After a while I started calling him daddy.
    One day he said ya know when the kids are bad they get their asses whacked.
    You call me daddy maybe I should try that on you when you get that shitty attitude of yours going.
    I said no you shouldn't.
    He seemed to think I should. I was thinking he was just kidding.
    I slowed down on calling him daddy but by now it was so natural.
    After a couple of days went by and a couple of attitudes floated through hubby offered to help me do laundry in the basement after the boys were sleeping for the night. I thought it was wierd that he wanted to help but I'll take whatever help I can get.
    After the washer was loaded he hugged me from behind and said you've been a bad girl. You need to be punished.
    I said what are you talking about.
    He said daddy is gonna get that attitude out of you.
    I was a lil worried, waiting to see what was going to happen.
    I was guided to a chair, he sat down and told me to lay over his lap.
    I was kinda excited and scared at the same time.
    After being told three times I finally placed myself over his lap. He raised my night shirt and started rubbing my butt cheeks. He said daddy is tired of your attitude. You need a reminder why that attitude is a bad idea. Do you understand. I said yes.
    He instructs me to stay still.
    Slaps start. Lightly at first then it gets harder. My ass is burning. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay still.
    Finally he stops. He says stand up. I do and he asks how do you feel. I explain that my butt is burning. He says how's your attitude. I say I think I can control it now. He tells me to go check the laundry. I get to the washer and he is behind me pushing me forward and slamming his hard rod right into my wetness. That was the best sex we have ever had. After we both cum he whispers in my ear You can definitely expect more trips down here.
    It's been 6 months and at least twice a month hubby "helps" me do laundry. Over time the slaps have gotten harder but it feels so good.

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    Straight Male / 54

    To Amy and Maisie.
    This is Doug.

    If you are reading this you know who you are.

    I responded to your initial post because you seemed sincere.
    And because I honestly wanted to help you and believed I could.

    In your case, and in your post you specifically asked for input to help you solve your problem.
    You got the usual pompous criticisms typical to the smoke and mirror comments found on this site.

    But I don't do that.
    I never criticized or condemned your particular kinks.

    If I post a comment, it's positive and supportive and based on experience.
    If you choose to apply it, it might work.
    In your case it did work.

    I usually post my email because I truly want to be friends.
    We traded a few and then you dissed me.

    It's happened before.
    Fuck it.
    Glad I could help you and I wish you the best.

    Kiss my ass too :))

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    Straight Male / 29

    i am a black guy from south africa. i guess i can say im a sex/porn addict. i like watching porn n reading about it. i have a gf who is 4 yrs younger than me. i love her very much we hv a 3 yr old daughter. i would have already married her if it wasnt for financial constrains. we are zulus so i must pay lobola first. now to the story. when we first met she had 3 exes before me. its safe to say i blew her away sexually. her exes were bad in bed. me bein a freak tht i am i took the opportunity to teach her things i like sexually which is basically every thing porn related. i was happy i taught her masturbation nw i get to watch anytime even film it. shes just confessd to hv done a girĺ on girl with her bff. it turnd me on so much what they did i encouraged her to continue.i hope to fuck her n hr frnd n even share her with othr guys.shes open to it. shes done anal with me n went without panties i wana turñ her to my personal slut shes williñg to try. cnt wait till she gets there.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Couple of weeks ago, drunk wife wanted sex.
    Being the husband I am, I told her she was gonna get it up the ass!

    Stripped her down, face down, ass up, my thick cock went in her brown hole and she immediately wanted it out!

    Much me thrusting and her crying out âit hurtâ, I blew my load deep in her sore asshole.

    She swore it wasnât going to happen again....

    Two things I know, a couple of bottles of wine and she will be screaming into the pillow again....

    And I love it when sheâs yelling it hurts when Iâm in her asshole, I cum
    So much harder when she is taking it up her shitter!

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    Straight Male / 38

    A few years ago I started a new job. Last year I was assigned to work on a project with Nancy. Nancy is about fifteen years older than me. We hit it off and went for drinks a few times. One thing led to another and now we fuck all the time. She is married and so am I. But, my wife and family live about 75 miles away. Her husband works in the same town as we work. Nancy had to run something to her husbands work one day at lunch. I had no idea and she made me go in and meet him. Some of his coworkers and him went to a restaurant, so Nancy wanted to go to the same place. Nancy and I sat at a table while her husband and the other guys sat at a table. It was weird. But it only got stranger.

    When Nancy plans to see her husband during lunch, she has me fuck her and make sure to cum inside her. She keeps the cum in while we eat and he is at the next table.

    Just the other day she drove her vehicle to a place her husband and coworkers eat at a lot. We didnât have sex before we went in. Her husband showed up and as normal, Nancy and I sat at a different table. She was upset we didnât fuck before. So, when we left, she had me drive her car. The windows are tinted and she began giving me head while in the parking lot. We pulled away and in the mirror, I could see her husband and the other guys leaving the restaurant. He didnât see us, but it was close.

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