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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Gay Male / 48

    well I was at home had a day off work so a friend calls me ask if I was busy I said no why he said would you sucked my cock I said yes he I have a friend who needs his cock suck too can he come to I said sure so I am thinking two guys to suck off and a hour gose by then a knock at my door I answered it and there wore 5 guys standing there and they all smiled so I said come in and take a seat we talled and then my friend put his cock in my month and told me to suck it and I was on my knees then they all go up and circled around me and I suck there cocks to but when the first guy put his cock in my ass and started to fuck me then it was a free for all I got fuck with five different cocks and each one cummed inside me and this lasted for about 10 hours my jaws and asshole where so fuck sore It hurt to talk and walk but it was worth it I would do it again in a heart beat and in all this sex I had these guys called me a sissy faggot boy all the other guys left but my friend stayed he said we should had video tape it I said ya and out it on the internet he said wow u want to be exposed I yes I want to be exposed for who I really am I AM A SISSY FAGGOT BOY and I love that name I love to suck and fuck cocks my name is Scott H. from Lakeland Florida ad I am a very good sissy faggot boy I love big dicks

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    Straight Male / 23

    I had my first guy/guy experience yesterday, I sucked my sister's bf cock. He is big about 7 inches I would guess and a good thickness, but it was the worst thing I've ever done.

    He has loose foreskin even when fully hard. His cock is just ugly, and his cum was the worst thing I have ever tasted.

    I'm just not cut out to be gay or bi. Never again!

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    Straight Female / 22

    I love how my boyfriend fucks me. Itâs always different every time. I love the feeling of him going inside me. He made me cum so much while we were doing 69. He even flipped me on my back and ate me out more before sliding his dick into me and pounding me missionary style. It felt so good and I crave it so much right now.

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    Straight Male / 33

    I guess this is not a confession, but a warning.

    I was married for 5 years when I met Gwen, a slightly chunky. plain looking girl at work. She was divorced and dated a few guys both on the job and off. After a few weeks of small talk and stuff at work we struck up a professional friendship and would talk occasionally. We ended up having to attend a work related dinner across town, and that's where the trouble started. Gwen had a few vodkas and was in no condition to drive home. Me, being a nice guy, decided to drive her home and make sure she didn't get a DWI or have an accident.

    I walked her to the door of her building, helped her open the door to the foyer and got her inside. She gave me a hug and then said she needed to give me a proper thank you. I should have left, but in seconds, she was on her knees and was unzipping my pants. She was good, had my dick in her mouth is seconds and I got hard quick as she sucked me off. I swear, I didn't ever think of her sexually before, but she really went to town on me. In a short time I knew I was going to cum, and her hand on my sack was all it took. She squeezed a little and I shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down.

    I was embarrassed, excited, paranoid and didn't know what to say or do. Gwen just stood up, and walked down the hall towards the elevator as she said Good Night, like nothing ever happened. I drove home wondering how? Were there surveillance cameras, what would I tell my wife? I was a wreck. I got home, went to the bathroom and washed my face and hands and junk before getting in bed with my sleeping wife. I tossed and turned and swore it would never happen again.

    Well, I fucked up. It happened again. No, there was no drinking involved, Gwen and I just found ourselves working o/t one evening and she took me into the ladies lounge sat me on the couch ( yes, the ladies get a couch in their bathroom) and proceeded to give me a great blowjob. After I came, she took a little warm water , washed me down and said I should finish my paperwork. I looked at her and she said, she just likes doing this, that it was just her way of relaxing me, AND her. She didn't care about where I came as long as it wasn't on her face or hair.

    4 months later, my wife found out that I was " cheating" with Gwen. She confronted Gwen who told her I meant nothing to her, that we only fucked a few times and I was just one of many boyfriends she had. She offered no apologies, and told my wife that if I wanted her, she was there for me. There was no remorse.

    I've lost my wife and daughter, I'm living in an apartment near my job. Divorce is pending, Gwen will still let me stop by for a little, but has no desire to have a relationship, she's happy sucking and fucking whoever she wants.
    Yeah, I should have thought this out better, but guys, be careful.

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    Straight Male / 49

    My Pregnant Wife.
    This is my first story of an event that happened 30 years ago.
    It may be considered tame, however it is true as told to me by my wife who I'll call Dee.

    Dee was pregnant with our first and only child. I loved how sexual she had become, and we enjoyed an active sex life until our daughter was born.
    She had decided to work as long as possible so she would have as much of her maternity leave with the baby as possible, before returning to work. She was into her eighth month before her belly really grew, and she was one of those fortunate women who seemed to bloom in her pregnancy. I found her to be extremely sexy and it seemed that many men shared my opinion, if one saw how many looked at her, and even some who asked to feel her belly.
    One afternoon about a week into her last month, she decided to take all those files to the filing room that she could, as they wouldn't be needed until she returned from maternity leave. None of the girls really liked the dusty and dark filing room and went as seldom as they could. Dee was the same which meant that she had a fair pile to put away.
    Her young manager saw her and offered to carry them for her, and she was happy to let him. He stood as she began to file them away, and they chatted about her pregnancy. She had to squeeze past him a few times but thought nothing of it, and was enjoying the company. She apologised once after her belly bumped him and said she was getting fat. He immediately disagreed, telling her how she had seemed to bloom and glow as her pregnancy advanced.
    He and his wife were going to try for their first baby soon and he asked her a few questions about what to expect.
    That was when our little baby kicked in her belly. She laughed and pointed to het tummy, explaining what was happening. The guy was really intrigued but she knew he couldn't see much with her big loose blouse hanging over her belly.
    Dee was excited, lifted her top up to under her breasts, without first thinking of where she was, to let him see the lump that moved. True to form though, it stopped except for gentle movements. Again she said that he could feel it if he placed his hand on her belly. Only when he had already placed his hand on her bare skin did she remember that her belly was round and very exposed. She dropped the garment over his hand but he kept feeling.
    Her boss was so excited to feel the movement that she left him to feel and follow the movement with his hand on her big tummy.
    Admitting to herself, that she enjoyed the touch on her skin she left him to feel. While he still felt her belly they were talking about innocuous things that they had done at the weekend and office talk, interrupted by "There. I can feel it" or similar comments. As they spoke she didn't notice straight away when the touches became gentle caresses. She didn't want to embarrass herself or him by mentioning it, and began to get a bit aroused with the attention.
    Now her breasts had grown a lot as her pregnancy advanced and her bras were too small now. She had a few new and bigger ones, but that day she had one of her old ones on. With her breasts engorged as they were the lower elastic strap didn't reach her ribcage, rather stopping about 2 cms short. This left some under boob exposed. As he stroked around on her belly his fingers accidentally brushed the soft warm skin of her breast. Time froze for a long moment, but neither of them said anything.
    After that moment he carried on caressing her belly and again he brushed her breast. When she made no comment, but rather carried on talking about what we'd done in the garden that weekend, he obviously took it as a go ahead. He deliberately stroked up and softly ran the back of his fingers over this taboo flesh.
    They were both fully aware of what was happening and fell silent as he moved to cup her breasts and finally tried to get his hand into her bra.
    Dee lifted her shirt and unhooked the front clasp of her bra which sprang open. He started to massage and feel her breasts and tugged and felt her very sensitive nipples. The taboo situation and the stimulation was too much for her and Dee's knees buckled as an orgasm hammered through her body. He grabbed her to stop her from sliding to the floor as she kept shivering through her climax.
    The moment was broken now though and he released her as soon as she could stand. He took a file and dashed out of the room, leaving her to sort out her clothing.
    Dee hurriedly finished her filing and went back to her desk. When she saw him later that afternoon, both blushed but neither said anything about it.
    Dee went into labour two weeks later and our little girl was born. When she returned to work after maternity leave,
    her boss had resigned his position and moved to a different company.
    She told me about what had happened before the birth and was afraid of my reaction. It aroused me so much though that she was soon reassured.
    Now we sometimes remind each other of that day as part of our foreplay.

    I hope that this wasn't too boring and that someone else was a little aroused by the telling.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I've been dating this guy for a while now, and I'm head over heels for him. He's the first guy I've EVER fantasized about sexually or wanted to do sexual things with. I fantasize about him daily. Whenever I get home from work it's straight to my room and masturbating to the thought of him. Alright, so here's the problem: He's got a twin brother who pops up in my fantasies a LOT. Sure, they're just fantasies, but what I would give to have them come true. I know, gross, right? Who would want to fuck their boyfriend AND his brother? Welp, me! I do! What's even better is I've obviously seen my boyfriend's dick, and both he AND his brother have confirmed they look pretty much exactly the same and wow do I want them both inside me at the same time. I want to be on my knees in between them, my hands jerking both of their cocks at the same time while I switch off sucking them off. I want this shit so badly. It feels so wrong and yet I want it so bad.

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    Straight Female / 48

    Happily married 38 years.

    Been faithful the whole time. I have come close not being many times.

    Our sex life for most of the time has been probably average. The last 8 years virtually nothing. He never has lasted long, and I have only had an orgasm by oral means with him. He physically can't anymore.

    He told me years ago that if I wanted to go out with a guy just let him know where I would be and with who for safety. I actually got pissed about that suggestion. The point is I know he probably doesn't mind as long as we stay together. This late in the game why would I leave?

    Out of the blue in April this year, for some reason I got obsessed with thinking about guys who had come onto me years ago. I found myself getting so horny. But would these men find me attractive and sexy now. You know in 10 to 15 years the body changes. I still have very nice looking C cup breast, a few extra pounds on the ass end, but still a small waist.

    It isn't uncommon for me and husband to see one of the guys I worked with at restaurants on Sunday's in our area.
    This particular guy was in his late 20's when I was 38. He use to hit on me a lot at work, but I was just the older married woman and enjoyed it but no more than that.

    Well I saw him one Saturday at car dealership waiting on my car being serviced. We talked like crazy catching up and talking about old co-workers. I'm retired, he isn't. It was a lot of fun, good conversation and after all these years he said I still looked great.

    His wife passed away 5 years ago.

    I called him.......yes I called him. We talked about more serious stuff like not anything happening here much.

    He invited me to stop by and in his usual blunt way he said to not be in a hurry, we have some long time held up things to take care of.

    I knew it was going to happen, I was kinda nervous, kinda I shouldn't, but the feeling of being a young lady that is wanted took over.

    I won't bore you with details but It didn't take long to get down to business when I got there.

    It was like the first time all over, he was so much larger and harder than my husband. I couldn't get over the hardness of that big boy! And it wasn't over in 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. It was great and I gave it to him the best I ever had to anyone.

    We see each other now at least weekly, if not at his place a quick meet in a nice parking lot sometimes for quick bj.

    I have never had my husband cum in my mouth and rarely ever sucked him. But now I have to suck my friend or I get jittery and shakey. Oh yes, and I crave his cum and swallow every drop.

    So if you see a 58 year old, average conservative woman, with a smile it could be she is getting some great cock and looking for more.

    That's my confession to the world.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    33 married female here. 2 kids, married for 6 years. I keep in pretty good shape, have small breasts, hips a bit wider than before the kids and I enjoy my husband and let him enjoy me anyway he wants. In college there was this girl in the dorm who berated me constantly. I was predominantly lesbian in my love life at the time, spent about 3 years without a man, only women, 2 live in situations. But this girl wouldn't let up, calling me names, telling me I'm going to hell for being gay etc. She got drunk, passed out, and totally out of it, which was pretty unusual for her. Her dorm room was open and most were gone for a holiday. I r**ed her.

    I locked the door, tested to make sure she was totally out of it and stripped her testing along the way. I actually r**ed another woman. I stripped, stuck my boob in her mouth to what surprised me was an automatic sucking, then the other. I rubbed my pussy, rubbed hers as she got super super wet, I had never seen a woman get that wet before she was actually leaking on the sheets. I licked her pussy and she stayed out of it but moaned and moved. I thought she was awake, but no. I think she actually had an orgasm in her passed out state. I rubbed myself off all over her face to make sure she would taste and smell the pussy when she woke up. I put her fingers in my pussy, make sure they got all sticky on both hands. After I came over her mouth, I left my panties in the bed and went to my room.

    The next day she was dragging around hung over as shit, and kept looking at me sheepishly. I took some hot tea which I know she likes into her room and she seemed very appreciative. She was very reserved, no chastising comments, then I asked if I had left my panties, apologizing that I couldn't find them in the covers when I left. She opened a dresser drawer and gave them to me. "Did we?" was all she got out and I answered that yes we did. I said how surprised I was in her but she was insistent. I tried to kiss her but she pulled away, "No . . . I'm not like that, I mean . . ." I left it, took my panties and never heard another foul remark from her again.

    I know it was terrible, I wouldn't want it to happen to me, but I r**ed another woman in college to get even with her.

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    Straight Female / 34

    It took forever to find the right guy but we met and has sex in the dressing room at target. We met for coffee. talked. Agreed to get together and off we went. I went first, he followed. He saw which room I entered and followed a few minutes later. Within a minute I was on my knees sucking his cock. He was a nice guy with a nice hard dick who helped me and my husband full fill our little fantasy. I set up my phone and facetimed the video to my husband who was out side. He didn't have the greatest view but he saw me sucking cock, getting eaten out and getting a good hard fuck. He also got to see the guy pull out and cum in my mouth, one of my husbands favorites! Finding the right single guys when you swing is difficult but this guy came through. We'll be getting together again. My husband wants him to "hit on me" at a bar then fucking me either in the rest room or an alley nearby or if need be the car in the parking lot. We'll see.!

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    Straight Male / 53

    Years ago at age 20 I was on an assignment with some execs from a US manufacturer. There was plenty of lax time, I got pretty close to 4 of the VP's. After about a week most of the work was done, we had another 3 weeks to go, and the guys sent for their wives. I didn't send for my girlfriend as it was business. Two of the wives took an interest in me, using me as interpreter; I was the only one who spoke French, on their shopping trips. After a week the two were in a pretty blatant competition to get me into bed. Eventually they both came out with it and just said it, they were available and wanting. I told them I felt I was friends with their husbands and couldn't do it because of that. I thought I was off the hook until the next day. I was cornered by them both and told to choose which one I wanted, because if I didn't fuck them they would tell their husbands that I tried to and even pulled down their swimsuits and grabbed them. I was trapped. I was asked which one. Sue was a 5ft. 8in 42 year old with 36DD tits, very big and very soft and jiggly, in pretty good shape for having 3 kids. She had a 28 inch waist and a very nicely shaped butt with hips at 38 inches. She had great looking well defined legs too. I love great asses and I love dark hair on women and Sue had natural black hair. Lynn was 5ft. 4in, B cup tits about 36 years old, more petite than Sue, with a pretty tight toned body, though her ass was very soft not at all hard and firm, but really inviting. She was blonde on top and medium brown on her pussy.

    Not knowing what to do, I begged some time to think about it. They decided to come to my room an hour later. They just marched in as I answered the door. I locked the door, kissed sue grabbing her pussy under her skirt (no panties), then I kissed Lynn sticking my hand down the back of her shorts and panties grabbing her bare ass. I stripped naked, told them to and they both protested that I had to choose. I told them that I wasn't choosing they were both getting it. I told sue to call it in the air, and tossed a coin. She lost. That meant that Sue got her pussy licked first, but Lynn got my cock first, then I'd switch to Sue, then back to lynn, and so forth and my first cum would go in Lynn. Lynn protested that she had to use a rubber, and I told her that was off the table, she could get dressed and leave at her discretion I'd fuck Sue. Lynn stayed. Sue was on the pill and didn't care just insisted that she needed to clean out before she left and went back to her husband. They really had a hard time getting used to being in the same bed naked, but I figured if they put me on the spot I'd do the same to them.

    I started fucking them both after that, at least once a day, their husbands were giving it to them once a day usually. I told Sue one evening that I wanted her to fuck her husband when they woke up and come to me with a creampie. I fucked her used pussy. Later in the early afternoon he took her from the pool to fuck her and she had whatever remnants from both our cum in her c**t and he ate it. I made lynn do the same thing two days later. Lynn was really feeling inferior to Sue, I think due to her height, her smaller tits, and the fact that Sue's husband outranked Lynns. So I asked if she wanted to do something that Sue wouldn't do. I wanted to fuck her in her ass. She said she'd never done it before, never even tried. But with a gentle prod and a nod to the invisible Sue, I dumped a load in her ass.

    They made me do it, and I abused it for all I could. Lynn wrote letters to me for several months after, I never responded. I had a 22 year old hardbody for a girlfriend who took it in all three holes and begged for more than I could give. BUT . . . even today, thinking of those two older women, on that warm island, the French wine. I still jack off thinking about them.

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