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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 46

    Couple of weeks ago, drunk wife wanted sex.
    Being the husband I am, I told her she was gonna get it up the ass!

    Stripped her down, face down, ass up, my thick cock went in her brown hole and she immediately wanted it out!

    Much me thrusting and her crying out âit hurtâ, I blew my load deep in her sore asshole.

    She swore it wasnât going to happen again....

    Two things I know, a couple of bottles of wine and she will be screaming into the pillow again....

    And I love it when sheâs yelling it hurts when Iâm in her asshole, I cum
    So much harder when she is taking it up her shitter!

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    Straight Male / 38

    A few years ago I started a new job. Last year I was assigned to work on a project with Nancy. Nancy is about fifteen years older than me. We hit it off and went for drinks a few times. One thing led to another and now we fuck all the time. She is married and so am I. But, my wife and family live about 75 miles away. Her husband works in the same town as we work. Nancy had to run something to her husbands work one day at lunch. I had no idea and she made me go in and meet him. Some of his coworkers and him went to a restaurant, so Nancy wanted to go to the same place. Nancy and I sat at a table while her husband and the other guys sat at a table. It was weird. But it only got stranger.

    When Nancy plans to see her husband during lunch, she has me fuck her and make sure to cum inside her. She keeps the cum in while we eat and he is at the next table.

    Just the other day she drove her vehicle to a place her husband and coworkers eat at a lot. We didnât have sex before we went in. Her husband showed up and as normal, Nancy and I sat at a different table. She was upset we didnât fuck before. So, when we left, she had me drive her car. The windows are tinted and she began giving me head while in the parking lot. We pulled away and in the mirror, I could see her husband and the other guys leaving the restaurant. He didnât see us, but it was close.

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    Straight Female / 28

    When I was in high school, I was shy, short and overweight. Although most people were nice to me, there was this one girl who was pretty mean to me. She wasn't much taller than me, but she was outgoing, slim. She had a boyfriend, who sat next to me in a few classes. He was the complete opposite to her. Very friendly to me, always trying to make me laugh. After graduation, where we were from a smaller town, I decided to go to college in a nearby bigger city. It was a new start for me.

    As time went on, I lost weight, became more out going, and started dating. I was now the complete opposite of what I was when I was a teen. I eventually went on to get my dream job and had a good life going for me.

    One day, out of the blue I get a friend's request on facebook. It was from the boyfriend of this girl. But now they were married with a few children. I accepted the request, and looked at his photos with his family. I was shocked, his now wife was bigger than I had been in high school. Now I know it's wrong to take joy in something like that, but considering how she use to treat me badly for my weight, it was kind of funny.

    So the guy and I started talking off and on for a couple months. I got to know more about him. He then told me that he was going to visit his brother to help him out with some things one weekend. Turned out the brother live in the same city as me. So I thought I'd be friendly and suggested we get together for a drink. He said he might take me up on the offer. I figure nothing would come of it. But on the Saturday evening, I get a text message from him. His brother had to work the next morning and was wondering if offer was still open. So I said yes, picked him up at his motel and went to a local pub. We caught up on old times, and I got the impression his marriage wasn't all the best. Eventually we decided to call it a night. I drove him back to his motel. As we got there, I made a comment about the motel not having the best reputation. He thought I meant that is was because it was for drugs, etc. I said no, it was because it was a place where people came for hooking up and having affairs. His reply what, "oh. Well I could never be that lucky." I said, "oh, you think so huh?" I preceded to get out of the car and pulled him to his room.

    As soon as we got into the room we started with a lot of heavy kissing and touching. Slowly some of our clothes came off. He was feeling my breast and I whispered to him "I've been wanting to do this with you for so many years." Truth was, I was doing this mostly because I was getting revenge on his wife. But there was part of me that felt bad for him. He seemed like a broke man. He was so full of life and now was a shell of a man. As things progressed, I started to give him a bj, then we switched places and he went down on me. One this about me, I love changing positions while having sex, so I kept getting him to change it up every so often. I'm pretty sure whom ever was in the room next to us enjoyed listening to us. lol. As we were resting, he told me that was the first bj he had gotten in almost 10 years. I was shocked. So he went to have a shower, I soon followed him into the shower and gave him a full bj, start to finish. First time for that I heard. I ended up spending the night. And even though I had an affair with a married man, I have to admit it was fun and passionate.

    He eventually went home, and we stayed in contact. Soon after I was completely shocked, his wife sent me a friends request on facebook. If only you know the things I've done to your husband. lol. Anyways, him and I are planning his next trip to help his brother. lol

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Many years ago I married a woman who had been married 4 times before. She told me she had sex with 8 guys in high school and cheated on all 4 of her husbands. I liked her honesty and married her. She said I was the lousiest sex partner she ever had and was going to cheat on me. I was not surprised and accepted it. She brought black men home and had sex with them right in front of me. She got me to go down on them and become a bitch. She divorced me 2 years later, leaving me a bi-sexual submissive for black men.
    Would I change anything? No, I am satisfied with who I am and what she turned me into. I am now single.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    When I was around eleven I started to get feelings down there and started to touch myself. The only big mirror was in the bathroom and I would stand on the vanity and look at myself. My grandmother had a makeup mirror and when I went to her house I used it to really look at myself. I found my hole and fingered myself. I was thirteen or so when I found my clit, really found it and played with it at night. I couldn't wait to go to bed to play with myself. At my grandmas I put her makeup mirror between my legs, turn on the light and examine everything.

    I got older and everything got older, I have a lot of pubic hair and I didn't shave until I got to college when I was embarrassed by other girls. I bought a makeup mirror with a light, and I also bought a smaller hand held mirror. I can't say the number of things I used to fuck myself, but mostly I used my fingers. I was too embarrassed to buy a sex toy. I let a girl I met in class finger me, she let me finger her and we examine ourselves and kissed her and licked her. Once I got fucked by a guy. In the end she liked a guy while we were in college so we only played around.

    I live alone. As for guys, I prefer to be fucked and dumped, if at all. I am obsessed with pussy, hers and mine. We have various mirrors that we use and we have various toys that we use. Some are pretty obscene. The only pussy I will eat is hers, we get together to eat pussy and mess around. I love eating her pussy, we take a bath together before we get on the bed. I love eating her and she lets me enjoy her open pussy. I have made a screen saver of a picture I took of her, but I only turn it on when I am alone and thinking of her and I need to masturbate.

    When it is her turn she likes to kiss my mouth. She uses her fingers and the toys and her mouth on me to get me excited and when she gets me to come she kisses me on the mouth and keeps kissing me until I settle down. After sex I lay on my back and she caresses my boobs and kisses me. She knows how to make me feel like her girlfriend.

    In the seven years that I have known her we have never met a guy who is taking one of us out. For me it is once and done, but for her she gets into seeing the guy until she gets over him and come back to me. That is why I live alone, I don't want to meet any guy she is seeing.

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    Straight Male / 35


    I am in my mid 30s, and every since I can remember, i have wanted to eat my own load. I have successfully done it, maybe 10 times. I just cant do it, after I cum, I loose that urge.

    Aparently im not alone. From what I read, lots of people are the same. I actually like the taste. I am not gay, I have no urge to taste someone elses cum, just mine.

    I once had a girlfriend who told me she wanted me to suck it out of her pussy after we fucked. I did, and I absolutely loved every drop. I just acted like I didnt.

    I also stick things in my ass to massage my prostate. I have gotten lots a few times, but mostly just dribble.

    Any ideas how to would be great.

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    Straight Male / 35


    So my wife and I have really slowed down sexually in the past couple years. It has made things a little tense. We decided to talk about it and figure things out.

    Our conversation was good, both of us realized our sex drives were the same. We just ran into time problems, and that sex has to be a higher priority.

    We talked about maybe living out sone fantasies we have kept hidden. I told her one of my big ones was to watch and film her peeing in her panties. I was embarassed, but we were telling all. She told me she wants to maybe peg me with a strap on dildo. Im into trying it also.

    So, some future stories maybe brewing soon.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I was 20 at the time and horny as hell, in NYC and the mid town area was still running great guns with sex shows, hookers at night (especially as you got down toward 9th ave and higher), massage parlors etc. I didn't want to get with a street whore, but was feeling the need. I didn't know anyone in town at the time, so I went to a massage parlor that was at an entrance on 9th ave, but a few steps in, you went down stairs to the basement of the bldg. I was shown to a room after I paid my fee, and soon a girl a couple years older than me come in. She was a size 4, great, hard body, very pretty face, well shaped legs in her high heels and coal black hair. I love dark hair and black is the best. In those days pussy shaving wasn't the norm, so she had a really nice black haired bush, against milk white skin. Not a flaw on her.

    I could tell from her banter she wasn't the brightest bulb in the bin though, but I wasn't here to find a girlfriend, just to get fucked or at least a happy ending. I paid extra, got her naked too, and she gave me my massage. At the end she starts rubbing my cock and jacking me, as I sneak my hand to her pussy she leans over and whispers "don't let them see you do that, it's supposed to cost extra but I like when guys do that". While she leaned over I took the time to suck on one of her C cup tits, bringing a reddish nipple into my mouth. She just moaned and said "that too", meaning not to get caught. I was holding off as I wanted to fuck her, and when I asked her "What about here" fingering her puss, she walked out. I thought maybe I'd done something really bad. In walks a 40 something short blonde and starts holding a negotiating session with me while I'm naked. I'm an anal freak, and love to buttfuck women, so we agreed on a price that I'd fuck her pussy for a bit, then roll her over and buttfuck the girl. I paid my money and the woman starts to walk out, then comes back and fondles my cock. As it starts growing she remarked how Kim would love getting it. Now I'm confused, the girl I was with was Sandra not Kim.

    In walks the same black haired beauty, dumb but gorgeous and hot. I asked her about the name and she started whispering that Sandra was her real name and she shouldn't have told it to me. She asked if I mentioned it to the other woman and I said no. There was physical and mental relief in her sigh. She starts blowing me, gets me hard, we hop up on the massage table and I'm fucking that pink lipped pussy with all the coal black hair on it and when I ready she tried to roll over, we just can't do it right. I like to keep a girls legs together and put mine on the outside while I buttfuck a girl. So she and I stand up, she bends over the table and I insert into her super tight asshole. It was so damn tight, she was wincing. Now I'm not that big, and she's a damn hooker for crying out loud. I pumped her and came in about 5 minutes. All the time shes talking about all kinds of dumb shit and letting me know that she isn't going to be working her way through college soon. I cum pretty quick, and she slips off my ass and gets a rag and wipes off my cock. Now she's telling me that it's good to have a guy cum so quick. How fucking dumb can she be? Never tell a guy shit like that. She's telling me how she normally gets old guys in the parlor and she has to fuck, suck, fuck some more, suck them, jack them fuck, suck and jack them off before they'll finally cum. I got dressed and as I was leaving, I got to the top of the stairs, and out comes Sandra with a pen in her hand. She asked if it was mine, as it was left in the room in which I fucked her. I said no and she handed me a paper and said don't open it now. On the paper was her full name, her home phone and address. A note said she got off at 2am and would wait for me. I could do anything I wanted to her it said.

    So for 3 years I dated a hot, low level massage parlor hooker. I found out I was her first assfuck and I broke her in right. I fucked her that night at her place also fucked her pussy. I didn't want to but I ate her out and she came that way. I knew she used rubbers at work and could taste the rubber while eating her pussy. I asked her and she'd given 4 happy endings, and got fucked 5 more times that night, none in her ass, and she sucked all the guys with 1 taking a full BJ and cumming on her tits. It was nice having a woman who was so open about sex, who would do anything, and talk about anything and tell me all about her nights at work. Who knows if I hadn't gotten the little church girl pregnant back in my hometown I may still have been with Sandra. I KNOW I'd have a lot more adventurous sex life.

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    Straight Female / 20

    Though not a prude, definitely not virginal any longer, in any of the places one can have insertion. I feel like shit. Last night, I was drunk at a bar, 3 guys were daring me, and feeling me, reaching under my dress through the night. I took off my panties and bra right in the bar and let them feel what they wanted. One asked me to go outside to his car, knowing I'm be fucked I did it. The other 2 guys came out too slight behind us, I had my legs in the air on the backseat with the door open and my boobs out of the top of my dress and a cock in me in less than a minute. Talk about less than a minute . . . they guy was done in a flash, he'd cum inside me and pulled out, another guy replaced him. This one lasted about 10 minutes and a voice was urging him to hurry up so he could get a turn. I let the third guy come out and have a turn after that. That was only about 5 minutes. The first guy slipped into me again, sucking on my no bruised tits; the second guy was mauling them. He was the only one, but he actually kissed me and I drifted off kissing him back not really thinking what was really going on. One time when I was 17 I let a boyfriend have sex with me in the afternoon and later that night let another boy have sex. That was the only time I had multiple guys in a day, much less an evening. By the time the guy was done the other two were waiting, taking a second go, and when I looked up, I saw another 4 guys from the bar with their cocks out and watching. I tried to get up after this guy finished, but was pushed down in the car seat by one of the new arrivals.

    I was drunk with strangers, made a terrible decision, I have no idea how many times I got fucked on that backseat, to my last count there were 8 different guys who were taking turns on me, many went twice, some three times. I took my panties out of my purse put them on, stuffed my boobs back into my dress, and wobbled to my car and drove home. I woke up with dried cum all over an expensive dress, in my very expensive panties, on my boobs and had liquid leaking out of me. I deserve what I got for acting that way.

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    Straight Male / 44

    Watching my wife having sex with a stranger.
    Over the 15 years we have been married my wife has mentioned on 5 or 6 occasions that she was disappointed she never had a one night stand. So I wasnât surprised when a couple of weeks ago she told me that as she was turning 40 this year she was worried she was getting too old to live out her fantasy. Caroline is very attractive and her arse and tits still pass the pencil test, so I told her she had many years left where all men would be very keen and that I was happy for her to go for it. I half jokingly said âit would be great if I could watchâ but got no response. We had even better than usual sex that night and after we finished Caroline casually said âI suppose I could bring him home and you could hide in the wardrobeâ. Our wardrobe has louvre doors so I would be able to get a decent look.
    Last weekend we sent the kids off to their grandparents and planned our Saturday night. Caroline dressed sexily but not too much, she didnât want to look like a slut and left for a bar in the city at about 6pm.
    Her plan was to tell any guy who tried to pick her up she was waiting for a friend, but if he seemed her type would text her friend (me) to find out where she was. I would reply something had come up and Caroline would take it from there. Later she told me that as soon as she got the reply from her âfriendâ she turned to the guy and said âitâs your lucky night, my friend has cancelled and my husband is away so letâs go back to my placeâ. Caroline told me the look on his face was as if heâd just won the lottery!
    I looked out the window with excitement and eventually a cab pulled up and as soon as I saw caroline headed for the wardrobe.
    I had to wait about 20 minutes but finally they came in. Caroline turned the radio on (in case I made a noise) and told the guy to wait while she went to the bathroom. He just sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. He appeared to be late 40âs and a little overweight but had a nice face. Caroline later told me his looks gave her more confidence as it had been nearly 20 years since anyone but me had seen her naked. While she in the bathroom I got a text from her that read âIâm glad youâre watching otherwise I donât think Iâd go through with it, Iâm as horny as hell. Enjoy the show!
    She came out of the bathroom in heels, a g string and bra, I could see the look on the guys face and I think he was in heaven. Caroline then asked him to stand up so could help him take off his pants. While she undid his belt and pulled down his trousers he took his shirt off ina hurried fashion. She then pulled his undies down and started licking them sucking his cock, I didnât have a great view which was disappointing but after a few minutes my luck changed. Caroline had the guy lye on the bed and got on all fours to continue sucking his cock. He was moaning and inside so was I. I had a great view of her arse and bald pussy and then she started fingering herself! After a few more minutes she climbed on top of him and slid his cock up her pussy. Watching he bounce on his cock was great but I wished I could see her face and then, as if on command she turned around and straddled him revere cowgirl! Now I was in heaven. She was looking straight at me with a cock up her pussy and she even leant back and stuck two fingers inside, she came almost immediately. Shortly after the guy came inside her and she even squatted for a moment to let some of his cum run out of her pussy.
    Almost immediately after that I sent (as previously planned) he a text. She told the guy it was her husband and he was coming home tonight not tomorrow as planned. She said how disappointed she was as she was enjoying herself but that he had better go.
    After he left we had fantastic sex, it was kind of erotic fucking my wife with another manâs come in her and I said if she ever wanted to have a second one night stand I was definitely up for it, so to speak.

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