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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 18

    I have lived next door to Tammy for 5 years. She is almost 2 years younger than I. She is cute, has a very nice body, great legs and butt which is a weakness of mine, and has made it clear that she wants me to ask her out. She has also made it very clear in meetings out in the yards or at school that she is willing to do "what that girl you used to go out with would do"! That meant she was willing to fuck. She asked me when she was 14 and 15 if I would go out with her and I explained that I had a girlfriend and with her prodding while in the pool at my parents I admitted that she and I have sex, in all ways we can have it. She didn't know what that meant and I explained oral, vaginal and anal. Tammy at only 14 reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms down all the way and showed me her pussy and turning very slowly showed me the most beautiful butt I'd seen. Pulling them up at the shallow end of the pool she knelt down, and pulled her top below two fantastically firm B cup tits. They would finish up at C cups. She said she'd do whatever the other girl did and I said she was too young.

    Now she's making a big point of my dating her, and even getting her dad to talk to my dad, and she's even talked to my mom about it. What I can't say anything about is that for 3 years I've been fucking Tammy's mother. We've had an affair that started that far back. Even though her dad thinks its nice that she dates the "boy next door" he has no idea that I've been fucking his wife for almost three years. I lick her pussy, fuck her pussy, she sucks my cock and though she had never let her husband or the only other guy who fucked her have her ass, she gave it up to me. I've spilled so much cum into Tammy's mom that I know she would freak out if I even went on a date with her daughter.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to date Tammy, she's really turned into a stunner, but I know her mom would tell her or something and it could all go wrong. Not to mention I'd really like to fuck a mother and her daughter.

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    Straight Female / 23

    Received an anonymous note to go around to my boyfriends house and peek in his bedroom window at 8 that night. I was already pissed off because I knew I would see him fucking some other woman. I was wrong. He was lying face down on his bed with a man on top of him fucking his ass. This guys cock was huge, really long and very very thick. There was my boyfriend taking it all and moaning like a woman, begging him for more. The man pulled his big cock out of my boyfriend and rolled him over onto his back.

    My BF brought his legs up locking them around the other mans waist as he got that big one shoved into him all the way with a grunt from the both of them. It was then that I noticed the stockings and garter my boyfriend was wearing, and the lipstick on his lips as the man kissed him and was kissed back. I watched it all. They fucked for a full 30 minutes before the man shot off into my boyfriends ass. Then I saw my boyfriend sashaying around the house talking like a girl. After another 30 minutes or so, he was sucking the man, got him hard and was getting fucked again.

    After the second load of mans cum went into his ass I knocked on the door. He answered and didn't want me coming in. I pushed in and said I thought he had great garter and stockings. In the bedroom, on the bed where I'd been fucked so many times was Mr. Bigcock. Not a word as I walked out. I still like him, he is great in the sack, but can't let him have bare sex in me with him letting men fuck him bare. Just too risky.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I was a virgin when I went away to college and was terrified of living away from home. Early in my freshman year one of my dorm mates brought me to a party to meet some other students and local residents. I guess I drank a little too much because I ended up hitting it off with this guy and we broke off to a spare room. We were kissing and he started to try and undo my pants. I told him I was a virgin and wasn't ready to go that far.

    He said that was okay but why don't I give him oral sex instead. I'd never done that before either and was going to say so but then he kissed me again, harder and deeper than before, and while I was distracted he had unbuttoned his pants and gotten his dick out. When I looked down at it he wound his fingers in my hair and guided my head down between his legs.

    I'm sure I was clumsy and awkward but he didn't complain and I realized pretty quickly that I really liked the taste and the feeling of my mouth filled up. He laid back on the bed we were on and his dick got too big for me to fit my mouth on all the way so he told me to try sucking on his testicles instead. I did and I realized I liked sucking them even more. The taste and the feeling of the hairs on my tongue and my nose were nice though it was a little awkward having his hard dick between my eyes and on my cheek.

    He asked me if he promised not to touch me in any way I didn't want if I would take my clothes off. He said I was beautiful and that he wanted to see me naked and that we didn't have to have sex. I was shaking with nerves but somehow I found the strength to do it. He still had his clothes on which made it even more of an odd feeling being naked. But I was eager to get my mouth back on his balls.

    I don't know how long i sucked his testicles and licked his cock but I did it until I heard the door open. I heard a guy's voice that I didn't recognize ask him who the "slut" was. I was so scared and humiliated that I buried my face in my guy's crotch so the other couldn't see it even as I realized that I was on my knees so I had lifted my butt in the air and the other guy could see my pussy. I heard a zipper go down and the guy asked if my guy wanted to double team me.

    I felt my guy's weight shift and I started crying thinking that he was going to say yes and let this other guy r**e me. But then I felt his big hand cover my sex and he told the second guy to get the fuck out. The other guy cursed and slammed the door. I looked up at my guy and realized that he was starting to get dressed. I sat up on the edge of the bad and said thank you and my guy said it was stupid for him to have asked me to take my clothes off.

    I told my guy that I didn't want him to leave. He asked why and I told him it was because of how he had protected me. I said he made me feel safe and asked if maybe we could keep going. He asked me what I meant and I told him he could finish in my mouth if he wanted. Without saying anything he took his dick back out and I played with his balls until he was hard again and i started to suck his cock again. After a minute he told me to open my mouth andnhe ejaculated right on my tongue. I'd never tasted cum before and it was thicker than I'd thought it would be but I swallowed.

    My guy then told me that he really wanted to fuck me but I told him I wasn't ready for that with anyone. He said he wouldn't mind waiting but he would be my first and he didn't think it would be too long until my pussy was his. I was surprised he was so crude about it but then he said he would wait to leave until I was dressed. It was odd that he slipped so seemlessly between chivalry and being crude but it also made him twice as sexy. I got up still naked and gave him the longest, deepest kiss I'd ever given anyone. Then I got dressed and we left the room together.

    We met up at several more parties where i got naked and sucked his dick and balls. I had short hair at the time but he still liked to ball it up in his fist and guide my head. I liked it too except for one time he tried to get me to lick his ass and for a minute I thought he would make me do it but he let me go and came on my forehead. I let the cum ooze down onto my nose and lips and realized thay I loved that feeling too.

    Even though I'd never had sex vaginally or anally I felt like a pro at oral. I was addicted to the taste of my guy's dick and balls and cum and he taught me how much it turrned me on to be completely naked while he still had some clothes on. We went out on solo dates too and I learned more about him, particularly that he was a graduating Senior and he had an off campus apartment. It wasn't long before I moved in with him and started giving him blowjobs all over the house. I especially loved doing it in odd places like under the kitchen table and on the floor in front of the TV.

    We lived in the apartment for the rest of that year and as he neared graduation I finally felt ready to lose my virginity. My guy was a gentleman about it and let me choose all of the circumstances around my deflowering. I decided the only thing I wanted was to suck his cock until it was as hard and big as it would be. After I sucked him hard he took me on my side with my leg on his shoulder. It was an experience I'll never forget, capped off by my guy emptying his cum filled condom on my face and let it drip into my mouth.

    The day after his graduation we spent all day and night in our apartment. We had sex over and over again and I drank so much of his cum that I could feel it in my stomach. I let him take pictures of me drenched in sweat and cum and then I jerked him off as we scrolled through them. I told him that I loved him and that I was his.

    A few days later we parted for the summer after one last blowjob and I kissed him goodbye with his semen in my stomach. That was the last time we were together. Within days he had his phone number and email address changed and his apartment near the school had its lease cancelled abruptly. I often wonder if I was the first or last girl whi he abandoned after stealing her virginity and if I'm the only one who can still taste his cock and balls when she closes her eyes.

    I'm 26 years old now, graduated with a degree and a boyfriend I'm expecting to be engaged to before I'm 30. He doesn't know anything about my guy in college but I suck his dick every chance I get. I love licking his balls but they just don't taste the same. And even though my guy in college used me as a Freshman and dumped me, if he showed up on my doorstep and took his dick out, I'd be naked with that thing in my throat in an instant.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    My name is Lilith I'm 28 engaged to be married. In high school and college i had a lot of sex.
    I went out with a friend from work for drinks one night after work.
    Cindy and I made good friends fast. Her husband and I have had sex while Cindy watched and masterbaite.
    We got to Cindy's house after drinking. Her husband was not home I was kinda horny. We talked about how we discovered sex.
    Some how we both got into talking about beastiality we both had done it in high school and college.
    Her dogs brute and Max are large male Akita Max loves me but brute is stand offish when ever I come around. Cindy went and got her vibrator and brought max I the room.
    It took me no time at all.
    He had a red rocket a little of his dick hanging out.
    I jacked max off until he was hard. Just like high school I sucked his dick drinking in his constant stream of cum.
    I got on all fours and was naked.
    It took no time and her dog Mounted me. I felt his big dog dick slide into my hot wet pussy.
    This dog fucked me hard.
    His dick when it was not in me almost touched the floor. Twenty minutes of primal hard thrusting and a painful dog knott and we where tied together. My pussy filled and over flowed with cum it felt amazing
    The next day I got my self a bullmastiff puppy 12 weeks old. I will not lie it is for his dick I love being fucked by dogs and I imbrace the feeling they give me.
    Until my puppy can fuck me I visit Cindy and let max fuck me.

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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband has a stressful job. Some nights he comes home and would put his head on my lap while I sat on the couch and I would rub his head. One night he was particularly stressed and while I rubbed his head, he nuzzled my boobs for a while and then lifted my shirt and began to suck on my nipple. After a while he said he felt much better, and since then he has continued to breastfeed from me even though I don't have any milk. He just says it relaxes him. But it didn't take long before he decided masturbating while nursing was even a better stress-reliever. I was fine with that, but now he wants me to babytalk to him. It's definitely become weird...

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Wife is not home and I'm all nervous because I'm about to have the neighbor over, I'll suck his big black d*ck till it's big and fat. Today I'm going to let him pound my ass that he's been fingering for the last few times and has wanted. Today is the day he bust this tight white boys @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@$$. Gotta go!

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    Straight Male / 45

    My wife is a bouncy little BBW with a great smile. I thought I would give poppers a try to spice up our sex life. I seceretly ordered them and tried them out briefly before having sex with them. Inhaling then exhaling at first I did not notice anything, then a wave sweeps over you, making you feel very horny. The world seems to close in, then your heart will start beating, finally your head will start pulsating and my upper body will get hot at the euphoria sweeps over. I tried this once hoping I could time this all without being discovered. I like to have about a shot and a half before making love to my wife. It really loosens me up. I will often lick my wifes dirty panties from the day, she has a real heady distinctive scent that drives me crazy.

    One of us will usually drop a hint about wanting to fuck and she has usually had some time to think about it getting her pussy hot. When we first lay down to fuck I can usually smell her wet pussy. My wife is a very responsive lover and we usually beging with me jerking her clit off. She has come to really like this and we spend some time doing it. Her orgasms are epic especially if I kiss her neck near the center. She will usually come several times before I eat her out. I usually begin by spreading her lips and tonguing her clit, sucking it like a little dick. She usually will then spread her lips with both hands allowing me access to her clit. I will spend some time eating her out, finger fucking her until she squirts on the bed (she usually has a towel under her to catch the squirt). Sometimes she will grab my head holding it as I eat her out. I love the feeling of her using me for her pleasure.

    After multiple orgasms she usually asks to suck my cock. We spend a little time doing this as she loves the feel of my hard cock in her mouth and has gotten quited good at sucking it. She will go down deeply on my tool twisting her head as she comes back up. I usually am lightly touching the sides of her chest as she is working on my cock. After a few minutes of this I usually tell her I am ready to put this hard veiny cock in her. She is very submissive and will then lay on her back with legs spread waiting for me to put my engorged cock in her wet pussy.

    I am an over achiever and always strive to give her a great time. I slowly put my cock in her then slow pump her to orgasm. I love the look on my wife's face as she cums, she will blush heavily, eyes closed, mouth open in total ecstacy. After several orgasms like this we will decide how to finish, sometimes she likes it from behind, which seems to be how she cums the hardest. Other times she will lay on her back, totally submissive, legs in the air cumming hard until I creampie in her sweet pussy. Tonight after she got her fucking, she asked me how I would like to finish. I had told her sucking my cock.

    My wife always lets me cum in her mouth and never misses a drop. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom first. I went to the bathroom, had the poppers hid in the cabinet above the toilet. I took a long hit on the poppers, holding my breath, I walked back to the bedroom. As I lay on my back in the bed exhaling, the poppers began to take effect. I could feel the world start to close in on just this moment. My wife began to crawl across me to prepare to suck my cock. The sensations were unbelievable as she put her warm mouth around my cock. I closed my eyes tightly holding my breath as much as I could. Waves of ecstacy washed over me with each time she went up and down my cock. My eyes closed tightly, I began to buck with each mouth stroke. She made several trips up and down my cock with me focusing on how good it felt.

    All of my focus was on this physical contact as my wife tongued the tip of my cock then deep throated me. When she started to use her hand in combination was when I lost it. It felt like her tongue was clawing the cum from my cock as that was the only thing in my world. She would later tell me there were 7 huge spirts of cum that hit the back of her throat and scared her with it's intensity. With each spurt she would go the full length of my cock moaning and sucking my juices. She had no idea about the poppers, it was literally the greatest orgasm I had ever had.

    After she finished sucking I tucked her in and we went to bed for the night. My wife knows me well and I can never tell if she is just going along with something or has a real idea about what had happened. I waited at least a day before mentioning the experience. She had no idea that anything had happened with the poppers, she was just amazed at how hard I had cum and the quantity. I would really like to introduce her to the poppers, I think she would really like it but there is a little stigma to get past. Her orgasms are hard anyway but I sure the poppers would really put her over the edge. Maybe I can get her to try them soon!

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    Straight Female / 30

    Two days before my wedding I had sex with the last boyfriend I had before meeting my husband. I know it was a terrible thing to do but I was very confused at the time and had a lot of doubts if I really wanted to go through with the wedding. Now that I look back I can say that I was really trying to sabotage my life, that was because of a lot of emotional problems but thats just another story.

    My ex came to my house just to say hi, after breaking up we had just remained friends but of course I wasnt going to tell my fiancee my ex was at my house. Even worse my mother was not at the house either so we were completely alone.

    I remember as we started talking I started telling him about my doubts and insecurities and him being a man after all didnt lose the opportunity to wanting to confirm my doubts.

    We kissed on the sofa and he just went straight to getting on top of me and pulling my panties from under my dress. He just pulled his pants down too and he went straight to fuck me right there over the sofa. There wasnt a lot of foreplay involved, we used to be a couple so he knew how to take me quickly if he wanted to.

    As you can imagine, sex wasnt romantic at all. It was very sexual and just very straightforward if you can call it that. He started getting increasingly exited and started penetrating me harder and faster. He probably fucked me for 10 minutes straight, the sex was mainly for him but I was very all right with that, for me it was more of an emotional escape.

    He came very hard inside of me, Im not going to lie and Im going to admit that I liked it. I moaned, I kissed him and I put my feet around him while he was fucking me, this wasnt a forced situation at all.

    Strange enough as soon as he finished I understood that this wasnt what I wanted for the rest of my life, just sex, just a man fucking me and me trying to figure out later what my place was in his life. I actually had a man who wanted to make me his wife and it was clear enough at that moment, that was what I wanted

    My ex thought that this was going to continue as an ongoing affair but I knew that was the last time I was going to have sex with him. I didnt want to explain anything to him at the momento so we said good bye in good terms and I told him I was going to call him

    The wedding happened 2 days later just as planned. I admit for many moments during the day I felt like shit but I also knew that was the last time I was going to be unfaithful to my now husband. Also to be honest we weren't actually married at the time I had sex with my ex so I kept saying it wasnt that bad

    I found out I was pregnant one month after the wedding, and no I never bothered to do any test to know who the father was. When I see my son I see my husband, he looks like him, so thats all I need to know. I told this story here because nobody really knows about this.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I love black cock
    I started dating a woman a few years back and she was previously married to a black guy and dated primarily black guys. I'm a white guy. I always like interracial porn though with a bbc pounding a tiny white hot girl. So when we started dating, I fantasized about her getting taken by huge BBCs.

    The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see a black cock in person. So I found some black guy on Craigslist a while back and I met him at his apartment. I just wanted to touch his dick, but the next thing I was doing was starting to suck him off. He never came and I quickly got pissed at myself and left. But after a few months I was intrigued again, so I met another black dude on CL and started to jerk him off and suck him too. He finally came and I loved it. So much in fact that I met 6 other black guys and eventually had them start recording me sucking them off. I loved it. I loved tasting their cum. I loved that this was so taboo. But the novelty eventually wore off.

    Then for some reason a few months ago, I got the desire again but CL doesn't have those types of ads anymore. So i found a male escort who seemed pretty cool. He came over to my place and I laid on the bed and he started to massage me. I grabbed his shorts and told him that I wanted to see his cock. He quickly obliged and I began to suck him off. Then I got the desire to have him fuck me in the ass. I asked him and he obliged with a condom. I haven't done this before and it hurt like hell, but he continued to fuck me. I wanted his cum in my mouth though, so when he popped, I had him shoot into my mouth. We were done and he left.

    Then a week later, I had the urge again. I called him and he came over. I told him that I wanted the same thing and he said that he needed to take a piss. I told him to follow me into the shower and I had him pee in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It was so delicious. I sucked him off again, had him fuck my ass again and then unload in my mouth finally.

    Then a week later I wanted to try another black guy. So I called another male escort and met him at his place. His cock was huge, but I needed it inside my ass. I told him to fuck me hard but cum into my mouth when he's ready to shoot. He pounded me and eventually came into the condom while being in my ass. Honestly I was a little disappointed because I wanted to taste and eat his cum too.

    So I think I'm addicted to big black cock. I have another appointment on Monday for a new guy. He's a former professional athlete and I can't wait to wrap my lips around his huge cock and have him fuck my throat. I want to feel every inch of his cock in my ass too.

    I now fantasize about my girl being gangbanged by a bunch of black dudes, filling her pussy, ass, and mouth with warm delicious black cum and then I lick it all up, dripping from every hole that she has into my mouth.

    So yeah, I'm a big black cock lover. I love black cock in my ass, fucking me hard, taking him balls deep. I love sucking on black balls, being throat fucked. I love being pissed on and drinking every drop of warm, golden black piss. I love feeling black cocks pulsate and blow their load into my mouth. I love the warmth of creamy black loads in my mouth and I'll swallow every drop. I want to be gangbanged myself by several black guys. I'll drain their balls several times each, enjoying the taste and eating every wonderful drop of black cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    So I have been a cam model for about a year now. But I must confess that sometimes on my show I suck and fuck my stepdad. He wears a mask so no one regognises him. He is such an amazing lover and I cum on his fat cock every time. This is just a confession. No i will not tell you when or where I cam model.

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