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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 21

    She was number one. I used to cut the grass for Miss Letitia, a retired school teacher, slim, with gray hair and big spectacles that sat low on her nose. She was slim, but had a nice posture and stood up tall. In fact, she was as tall as I was then when I was 17. I never charged Miss Letitia according to the wishes of my mother, who first introduced me to her.

    Miss Letitia loved her gardening so we got to know each other well. I imagined she was over 65, or around half a century older than me. Little Ernie, a young kid I knew, used to deliver Miss Letitia's groceries for her. I imagined that he was around 13 or 14. He did not have his working papers yet so was not 16.

    One day I stopped mowing and started trimming the flower bed outside Miss Letitia's living room window. I was shocked to see little Ernie mounted on Miss Letitia in the arm chair. He was fucking her like a mad rabbit and she was back in the arm chair, legs spread, eyes closed, with a smile on her lips. Ernie would finish inside her and pull up his pants and leave. Miss Letitia, as I witnessed a number of times, would then close her legs, drop her skirt and nap right there, falling sound asleep.

    After on the sneak, seeing Ernie fuck Miss Letitia about half a dozen times, I began to get hard-ons about it and finally got up the courage to go up to Miss Letitia just after Ernie left from a fuck session with her. She was nearly asleep but she spotted me. I had a tenting bulge in my pants. She said in a sweet, small voice. "Oh, you must have seen us and you want your share." Go ahead, sweetie, help yourself. Her legs spread and she pulled up her skirt. "Don't be too aggressive now and finish inside me. I don't want sperm all over the place."

    My erection popped out of my pants and I leaned to her spread legs and slipped into her, feeling what must have been little Ernie's cum inside her. I was so hot I didn't care. I had never fucked anyone before this. Miss Letitia did me with something extra than little Ernie. She whispered things to me like, "Oh my, that's so nice, don't stop," and "that's beautiful, keep going." After that day, I fucked Miss Letitia daily and on weekends more that daily. I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as I did. It wasn't fancy but it was steady, and fulfilling.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I’m married with a son and a daughter and a husband I adore. For anniversary hat bought me a message session. I told him it isn’t decent for another man to message a woman but he told me to ask for a lady therapist. When the time came for appointment my husband watched the kids. He hinted we would have fun tonight. There was no lady mass Ute on duty that night. I undress to my bra and panties and payed on the table and covered with a towel. He pulled the towel off and told me to roll over on my stomach. He unhooked my bra and said this has got to be off. He got my shoulders and arms and started on my legs. He pulled my panties down before I knew what he was doing. He had me totally into the message at this time. After the legs he messaged my butt cheeks really well. He rolled me over and this was the first time another man had seen my body. I was at the edge of a orgasm by now. He massaged my stomach then really started squeezing my breast. He asked me if I was enjoying myself and I knoded yes. He then reached down and masturbated me. I had a massive orgasm then he fingered me through another. He could have screwed me if he wanted I was in his control now. He then troweled the excess oil off me and gave me a big kiss. I thanked him and got dressed. My husband knew I had a look on my face when I got home. I told him he would slide off me tonight because I was so oily. We did have good sex that night and the effect of the massage lasted for weeks. I haven’t been back but I hope it is my next anniversary present.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I grew up in Dallas in a suburb. We didn’t know all our neighbors but my brothers and I knew the friends our age. Some neighbors moved in the house behind us had a girl my age and a brother 4 years younger. Elementary age we would hang out sometimes but mainly the girl and I got on each other’s nerves. They got a trampoline so we started hanging out there a lot. By jr high my future wife was really getting pretty. We would wrestle on the trampoline. I could tell she like me having contact with her body parts. One day she was trying to sit on my face and I pushed her up by her c**t. She held it there and I started rubbing it. We started kissing soon after that day. We fondled each other every chance we were alone. When is was 14 she came over and we got on my bed. I took her clothes off and was feeling her and kissing her. I cum in my shorts. I started fingering her and we were really heated up and my mom caught us. This brought on many lectures and we could never get together because we were watched. Her family moved because of it. We didn’t see each other for a couple of years. I ran into her at the mall and she was very beautiful. We arranged a date and with strict rules I was allowed to have a relationship with her. We became engaged after high school. We had safe sex for 3 years and then got married. My wife still has a perfect body for her age.

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    Straight Male / 27

    A few years ago, I met and started talking to Debra, a nice looking, well groomed, middle-aged, self-described widow in the produce department of our neighborhood supermarket and, bottom line be told, it resulted in my being invited for sex. When she told me her address I realized she lived right next door to a chick I knew from back in college whom I was derelict in calling after promising that I would call, so I asked her if she could come to my place and she was happy to do so.

    She came over and without much fanfare, we got to it and she was sexually hungry, which I really liked. She would also exude a quiet stream of descriptive, vulgar, whispered expletives while we fucked. She also asked for positions totally unknown to me, some that were new to me, like, kneeling opposite each other, ass-to-ass with my cock in her vagina and fucking that way, something I never even thought about or imagined but found to be hot. She was also fixated on oral sex and gave me a blow job beyond the pale. She came for sex around four times a week and each session left me utterly depleted and I am still in my 20's even today.

    On a Saturday I was home when the postman came and he said he noticed during weekdays, Debbie visiting me for some time. I was not surprised that he knew her name since he had been the neighborhood postman for years. He said, "I might be speaking out of turn, so my apologies if you take this the wrong way but are you a client of Debra's?" I said, "Client? No, what work does she do? He said that she was a fairly high paid prostitute to some businessmen and professionals, even his own doctor. "Most guys can't afford her...I did not think you could," he said. Thanking him, I said I was just a friend and all this was new to me but I would keep it confidential.

    I had to think and realized that maybe due to my youth I was receiving expensive freebies. I never told Debbie I knew a thing and figured the doctor she was doing would see to it that she was disease free so I proceeded to collect my freebies and after that, with newly found gusto and energy. Debbie told me that she relished my energy and openness to trying all kinds of things. The first Christmas the expensive little gifts started. Unfortunately, I have no one just now I can tell all this to so here I am telling it to the world, at least anonymously.

    Thinking of how and why she was so sex-hungry if she did it for a living I recall reading an expose in PENTHOUSE some time back where a prostitute said that her clients lasted about two or three minutes and it was over, leaving her totally ready for sex, then it ended. She would come home starved for real sex. I guessed that was it, especially if Debbie's clients were rich old guys who would just hump her for a few minutes and get off. I'll never see myself as unlucky again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    A couple of different events that happened growing up that marked my life.

    First one, I was eleven, I was raised on a ranch and we raised horses. That day, it was fall, I wanted to ride up into the high country, so my mother sent Pablo with me. Pablo was a ranch hand that had worked for my family since long before I was born. He was old, but not that old. We rode up to this one spot that overlooked a small pond and the mountains across the valley.

    I was off my horse and he came up from behind and put his arms around me and picked me up off the ground and started to whisper things to me in Spanish. With one arm he held me up in the air and with his free hand he grabbed my crotch. He was kissing on my neck and cheeks and he got my face around and he kissed my mouth. He grabbed my crotch real hard and was using his fingers to get me hot. He was still kissing me and he started to say FUCK in English, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, he would say while he fingered me through my blue jeans.

    I was being swung back and forth slowly, and I could see the whole panorama across the valley, the sun in the afternoon, the pond with the sun shining on it, the trees, I held on to his arm as tight as I could while he kissed my cheeks and lips. He repeated a lot in Spanish.

    He let go of my crotch and used that hand to undo his pants and push them down, then he started to undo my pants. My naked legs were slowly swinging from side to side and his fingers went deep into my vagina. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, he said and he laid me down and Fuck, Fuck, Fuck he gave me his penis. I could see the sky and the clouds, holding on to his shoulders, and his head moved from side to side while he kissed my neck and face and lips. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck he kept it up and I held onto him with both arms.

    When he was done, he stood up to pull up his pants and he looked down on me and said I was Chula, which knew meant pretty. After he got his pants put together again he helped me get my pants back on. He gave me a long kiss and put his finger on my lips and told me that we had a secret. I went to him often to get kissed and felt up, and if we could get away we would go and just fuck, fuck, fuck.

    Second event that happened growing up.

    I had been sent to France when I was 16, to get culture. I was on a school tour, with six other kids and two chaperones. There were four girls and two boys. We were all classmates so we knew each other. I shared a room with one of the girls, Ana. She was mostly Italian and had dark eyes and black hair, but she was white and she was very pretty. Lots of guys went for her, but she was difficult and wouldn't give in to them. One night, we were still jet lagged so we were wide awake, I went and got in her bed and we started talking. We talked about sex and I told her in a top secret way, that I had sex with this ranch hand that looked after me. She called me a liar, so I told her some of the things we did. I described sucking him and how it felt when he fucked me. I was convincing enough that she finally agreed that what I was telling her was true.

    For the rest of the trip, either I or she would jump in the other bed and we got ourselves horny talking about Pedro (although I never told her his name). I would show her how he got on me, how he kissed me, how he felt me up, and I showed her how he went down on me. She liked that and she liked being felt up, and she liked being kissed. And after a couple of times of me going down on her, she went down on me. For the next two weeks we went after each other with everything we had, we could kiss and make out for hours, feeling each other and going down. As it turned out, we were both pretty much on the same cycle, and we were free to enjoy ourselves the whole trip.

    She became serious when we got back, and it was obvious that as pretty as she was, there wasn't going to a boy getting close to her. I took her with me to our ranch over the Spring Break, and one night we went outside and walked over to this secluded area and I held her tight and told her about Pablo while I kissed her cheeks, neck and mouth. I got my hand in her pants and I would whisper Fuck, Fuck, Fuck to her and she would tell me she hated Pablo as we lay in the moonlight and kissed and made out.

    I stayed Pablo's girlfriend until long after I left home, until we were no longer able to get things going. He got older, and one day he told me that he thought he was 70. I have stayed girlfriends with Ana well past the time that most high school lovers fall apart. Ana lives in Denver and runs an interior design firm and I live in Denver and run the ranch's business from there. We have thought about moving out to the ranch to live, but we have agreed that we will wait until Pablo has moved on to his rewards in Heaven. It is just to weird for her to be around Pablo knowing he is the one man in my life.

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    Straight Male / 37

    Last year on my birthday we was at the mother in laws place for a visit. I was sitting at the table workimg on my laptop. The MIL came behind me and reached for something on the table pressing her large breasts on my back and held them there for an extended period of time. She walked away and I was curious if it was on purpose or not but the evidence pointed towards intentional.
    After I returned home I could not get this off my mind. So one day I messaged her asked and made no specifics and I only said "on my birthday, intentional or accidental...either way best birthday ever". She replied "as long as u had a good birthday is all that matters."
    It was then I decided next time I would make an effort to show a lil affection someway. Early that morning I walked by her bedroom and I seen she was slowly waking up. I walked in and quietly said good morning, put my hand on her skin exposed back and gave her a peck on the cheek. The feeling was truly electric. At this point I desired her sexually more than ever!
    The next few visits were eventless.
    But few more months later I had a business trip that required me to pass thru her town. I thgt i wud invite her for a quick coffee as we enjoy visiting. She invited me to stop over.
    I stopped over and it was a weekday so she was home alone. We visited for a bit and she made mention of having a sore shoulder so I seen this as my opportunity to make a move. I said "come sit over here and i will give it a lil rub." I then told her to jus lay on her stomach as I wud jus give her a good back rub while I was at it. I pulled up her shirt and after a few mins I unbuckled her bra. As I was rubbing her back with my thumbs I used my other fingers to feel the sides her tits. I realized she was allowing me to do this which gave me the confidence to just go for it.
    I began to go rub lower and lower and eventually began rubbing her ass. I moved down and began giving her a good leg rub as she was wearing shorts. I started to work my way up to her upper thighs. By this time I was rock hard! I told her to lay on her back. I pulled her shorts and panties down and started softly sucking her clit and licker her pussy. The juices flowing tasted amazing!
    I loved it when she pulled out my cock and began to suck it. She climbed on top and we 69'd for awhile but I was so excited I had to stop as I didn't want to cum too fast.
    I really wanted to enjoy this opportunity so I continued to kiss her neck and suck on her huge tits. I kissed her all the way down to her inner thighs and back up again several times. Her scent was making my cock throb. It was truly a fantasy coming true.
    She was softly moaning with pleasure and now asked me to put it in. I inserted just the head of my cock first, pulling the tip in and out as I wanted to tease her a bit and make her want it more. After doing this for a bit I then put it all the way in. She took a deep breathe as it was deep. I was so full of passion I gave her about 10 hard thrusts and realized she started to cum. I pulled out as she was squirting juices everywhere. I started talking dirty and letting her know how turned on I was. I had to wait a few moments to re insert my cock as I was on the verge of cumming myself from all the excitment.
    I reinserted going slow and kissing her neck and mouth passionately as my cock slid n and out slowly. I was determined to make her orgasm again before I finished. We done many positions and I enjoyed ever single one of them.
    I was now ready to cum, so I pulled her legs up high and started thrusting as deep as I cud. I let her know I was going to cum and she yelled out "cum on my tits!" I pulled it and and she quickly put her mouth on my cock and to my amazement, she swallowed it all. This was so impressive because she does not come off as a very sexual expressive person. Very shy about it actually. It feels good to see her comfortable enough with me to open up sexually.Im looking forward to many many years of secret sex with my MIL.

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    Straight Male / 34

    My wife, Alice, and I married five years ago and I am her second husband. She would never talk about her first husband and referred to him only as "the scum-bag." Before she married she said that she had a few "friends with benefits" and she was not going to give them up nor give up her sex activities with them. Since we agreed I would meet them I went for the deal. Alice was not beautiful but good looking, magically sexy and magnetic, the best I can say to describe her.

    Not long ago, I finally met Joan, her final of the handful of "friends" and Joan was, for me, a life-changer. She had long, jet back hair, steely blue eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. Her body was awesome and she claimed to have had a major exercise program to maintain it. Surprised, I asked Alice why she never told me she was "bi" and she said she was not "bi." As I discovered, I might be more "bi" than Alice. I made no secret of being turned on by Joan and eventually asked Alice if she and Joan would consider a threesome. She said she would ask her.

    Joan liked me as well so we planned to try a threesome on a holiday weekend. I would first watch them for a while and then join in. My heart was beating like a snare drum as I watched Joan undress, She was facing away, taking everything off and her ass was a marvel. She turned around when totally naked and I looked down to see a very hard if not huge, hard cock. In my mind was total confusion but suddenly I realized why Alice did not label herself a "bi". I watched them fuck in every conceivable way, slowly growing hot for Joan, although I had no experience with a hard (or soft) cock.

    I decided to co-suck Joan's cock with Alice and it turned out to be a good starter choice. We both made Joan scream out with pleasure. Joan asked us to fuck and she proceeded to fuck us both in the ass while we fucked each other. That was just the beginning. Finally, Joan fucked my mouth and I found the experience hot and liked it. I had never asked Alice if I could threesome with her and any of her other friends, all men, and I had no interest in it but Joan was something else. It's been a few years and sometimes Joan and I fuck together, sans Alice. As for what I am, I have no label to describe it.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I had a female business associate whom I got along so well with and fit with, that people from our business group and clients thought we were either married, a couple, or at least, jumping on each other all the time. Most of the time, they were wrong, and we denied everything, saying only that we were very close friends and coworkers. She and I had tons of little inside jokes and were very hands-on with each other, stoking the fires for people saying we were fucking.

    Notice, I said most of the time. Not all. After being with each other nearly every day, yeah, "D" and I developed sexual desires. Finally acted on it for the first time after a function in the city one night. She wore a beautiful, red dress that had my jaw dropping, her back-length hair down, and flirty personality in full force. We did our usual physical touching, and, in the hallway outside the function, started kissing. I had her against the wall, it was so intense. We were letting loose on each other.

    "Get us a room..We're not going home tonight" she softly said.

    I remember telling her "Time to do what people say we were", and we hit the front desk. By the time we got into the room, we were already half-naked in the elevator (giving "going up" new meaning). Once in the room, I stripped her down as she did the same to me, tossed her petite body on the bed, and mounted her, pressing her tiny hands and arms to the mattress and making her sigh. I knew she was into the physical stuff during sex, from our many hours in my car, so figured do it to her.

    We spent the night fucking our brains out, only taking brief breaks to rest. We didn't sleep at all. It was too good, too intense, and too overdue. And she was just too beautiful to allow myself to fall asleep. I'd always been attracted to her, but that night at the hotel..Wow. I'd never seen or been with anything that beautiful, sexy, or wantable. Pure, firey lust on both our parts.

    Next day, we went to another meeting, and I suggested another night at the hotel. She agreed, saying what we did "put her in a trance", and that we were too good at this to stop. I got the room for another night and we had a repeat, fucking performance, including in the shower and on the small desk. We just didn't want to stop or ever go home. I had her legs spread so much and wide that her hip joint popped, and was on her so much that my back started to get sore. She also had nail marks on my back and arms.

    When we finally did get home to our respective significant others, we spun a tale so believable even we started to buy it. Mostly business-related and a "new event we found when we got to the city", and were in sync with our stories to everybody. She and I continued our fucking adventures for a long time before she moved, not out of the area, but far enough that our time together was cut shorter.

    I still miss having at that woman. Bartender friend of mine often says "She was your soulmate..Get her back". I don't know about that, but, as far as amazing sex partner, yeah, I'd agree.

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    Straight Male / 20

    when I was younger my parents "go to" method of discipline was the naked spanking. Not used much anymore I realize, but that was the way they were both raised. My sister and I would both suffer the fate when warranted. I started getting hard when I'd see my 1 year younger sister take her pants down, and try to get away with keeping her underwear on. She'd have to pull them off too, laying them on the bed then she'd assume the position with her legs over the side on the floor, and her butt just at the edge of the bed. She had beautiful pussy hair, and I saw her tits grow and blossom. Her best feature was always her ass, it was perfect, and looked even better when reddened by a paddle or belt. I always got hard, and later would go jack off seeing her naked and getting spanked.

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    Straight Male / 20

    She is 14 now and I don't necessarily babysit her anymore. It's the neighbors kid and and when she was younger I would pick up some extra cash now and then to watch her. Now I only go over when her Mom and Dad are going to be gone overnight. I provide dinner and we may watch a movie or two but usually she spends the time in her room texting or whatever.

    The last time as my Netflix movie ended and it went back to the main screen were there is no sound, I could hear noises coming from upstairs. I'm 20 so I definitely know what those sounds are and what they mean but, I went upstairs anyway.

    I sat on the top step which is outside her door and listened for a bit. Hearing someone masturbate if very erotic. Especially when it's the opposite sex and a girl. The house is old enough to have doors that skeleton key type of know the ones. We've all looked thru them. I know that is how I found out my parents still did it.

    I couldn't help it. I looked thru the keyhole. She as on top of the covers with her ass in the air and using a small vibrator type thing. I don't know where she wouldn't gotten this. My bet is it came out of moms drawer when they left.

    I think maybe she was still a novice because all she did was stay right on her clit. No moving around, no penetration or boob play or anything. But, I still was hard and hard penises have to be taken care of. I figured I could get my cock out and cum and be gone before she was done.

    I finished and went back downstairs. She eventually came downstairs. "I"m hungry", she said. Me too.

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