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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 52

    Recently divorced at 54, kids gone, my husband had me have sex with lots of different men and women for his pleasure. The one thing he always did for me though was to punish my boobs. I love having my boobs hurt, it gets me off. Now I've tried sex with a woman and 2 other men, but I just can't get them to abuse my boobs the way I like. I like it super hard, they were almost always bruised when I was married, I like really rough treatment and pain on my chest. I can't even bring up the topic with someone who is new to me. It's the only way I can orgasm during sex, and I'm tired of using my own hand to get off.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I'm a single female that can orgasm very easily. Recently I bought one of the leave blowers that hangs on your back like a backpack. The first time I used it, it was hanging low on my back and the vibrations from it could be felt throughout my pussy. It took about 60 seconds of this on full speed for me to cum standing right on my deck in the afternoon. Now I clean off the deck way more than I need too.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I came of age at 16. I had a day long Saturday swim meet and I had gone with a friend's family. Her little sister got sick so they went home and dropped me off at my house. I watched television, took a nap, had a sandwich. A guy came to the back door and said he was with this survey and was checking out houses for upgrades to the heating and air conditioning system. He walked around outside and knocked and told me he had to check the heater in the attic so I let him in. He climbed up the ladder and I stood at the foot of ladder until he came back down.

    We were in the hall next to the bedrooms and when he got down he told me he though I was pretty and asked if I was alone because he hadn't seen anyone. I told him that I was and my parents would be home around seven. He checked out the house to make sure I was alone and he asked me if I wanted to get friendly. I asked him what he meant and he said we could play a game, he would let me see his dick if I let him see my pussy. He laughed and said he was just kidding.

    He walked into a bedroom and asked if it was mine. I told him it was little sisters so he opened the closet to look at the clothes and the dresser drawer and took out her panties and held them up and said they probably wouldn't fit me and to take him to my room and we could compare panties. We walked across the hall to my room, which was the only other room other than my parent's room and he opened the dresser and took out a pair of my panties and held them up and then put them on his face telling me that he liked to rub girl panties on his face because they were so soft.

    He sat on my bed and told me he wanted to see my pussy, just look at it. He imagined it looking at my panties but he wanted to see it for real, that he liked pussies and he thought mine would be special. He reached for me and grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him and he asked again to see my pussy. I stood there while he undid my jeans and pushed my jeans and panties down until he could see my pussy. He held my hips and pushed his nose into my pussy and said it smelled just right, how a girl's pussy should smell as he pushed my pants down to my ankles.

    He was pushing is face into my pussy, licking me, biting me, sticking his tongue in me, I pushed on his head but I couldn't move him. I finally stepped out of my jeans and panties he fell to his knees shoving his face up and turning me around and pushing me on the bed. My legs went open and he ate me mouthful after mouthful, grabbing my hips, reaching up and grabbing my tits. He stood up and undid his pants and said we were going to have a little fuck and then he was fucking me. We fucked for a while and then he said he had to cum and he held me and came and came telling me how he was sending his soldiers off to war.

    After laying on the bed for a few minutes he asked me if he had been my first. He said he was glad because his soldiers had to do their duty and he didn't want any competition for them. He ate me a little and then we got dressed and he asked for something to drink. We went to the kitchen and I looked out and asked him where his truck was and he said he didn't have a truck, he was walking and saw that I had gone into the house and decided to check and see if he could get in. I asked him if he was going to rob us and he said he had thought about it, but if I gave him my panties then he would be happy with that. The panties I was wearing, he wanted those panties and to take them off.

    He put me on the couch and pulled off my pants and panties again and told me I had a nice pussy, certainly one of the best pussies he had ever fucked. He took my panties and put them on his face and told me that my pussy smelled good to him and it was giving him a boner. He pushed down his pants and fucked me again on the couch. He said he had millions and millions of soldiers so I didn't have to worry, they were all marching off to war as he tickled my stomach.

    When he left he asked me if he could come over some other time, when my parent's weren't there. I told him to call me first and I gave him my phone number. He gave me a long kiss at the kitchen door and left. He called me once, I waited all afternoon for him but he didn't show.

    I grew up a little more with him, I wasn't as innocent as I looked, I had given a boy a blow job but had never had sex. After him I had sex with various boys until I got together with my current boyfriend. My boyfriend tells me I was stupid to let him in the house, but my boyfriend wasn't there.

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    Straight Male / 54

    My first sex.

    Gemma was 10 to my 9. She and I would slip into sheds in the backyard, when we could into my house when my parents weren't home from work yet and my grandmother thought we were out back or up in Gemmas' house playing. We didn't know about fucking really, I thought that if you stuck your dick into a girls pussy that was sex and she'd get pregnant. Then for some reason we thought of putting it in her ass. It started with the typical "show me yours I'll show you mine" stuff, then to playing doctor, then just outright exploration. I had a tiny little 2" dick she had an equally tiny, hairless pussy. She let me feel her all over, suck on her un-developed nipples, feel her butt and we'd get totally naked whenever possible and just play with each other. I had her bent over in one of the sheds in the back with her pants down at her ankles, and my tiny cock penetrating her tight butthole, but it wasn't enough for her. At 10 by then I was still unable to cum. She kept asking me to do it harder because she couldn't feel it. I finally pulled out my little cock and rammed in my forefinger and she practically screamed with excitement. She kept egging me on to do it harder and harder. I was ramming my finger in her butthole so hard and fast. She then begged me to slip it into her pussy. I wouldn't do it. After we stopped she was flushed, and she sucked on my little dick to show her appreciation.

    By this time she was 11, I was 10. The next day we got the chance to go to my house and both of us totally naked she laid out on my single bed and spread her legs. I was licking her pussy and she was enjoying it greatly wanting me to stick my dick in her and fuck her. I wouldn't as I was afraid of the ever present "pregnancy" scare which was senseless of course. She rolled over and let me hump her ass for a while then asked me to use my finger again, and I obliged. Then at her urging used two fingers to fuck her, ramming her very hard with them. She was bucking back into my slamming fingers. Then without any word she reached back and pulled out my fingers and took both of them and pushed them into her pussy. She yelped slightly and told me to go slow. I was fingering my first, very wet pussy. She got wetter and wetter, she rolled over. I got between her legs, and kept finger fucking her little pussy which by now had small, light wisps of hair coming in on it. I licked her at the same time, then laid on top of her all the while keeping my fingers going. She kissed me, which I didn't want but I realized she wanted to and I did it. We kissed and she got fingered for about 15 more minutes. She begged me to stick my little dick in her but I wouldn't do it. After I pulled out my fingers there was blood. She thought maybe she was finally getting her period but later we both figured out it was her hymen breaking. When she did get her period and developed really big tits and full growth of hair on her pussy she wouldn't let me play anymore. I never got to see more than budding tits and just a bit of darker hair coming in on top of her pussy mound.

    Fast forward 4 years and the 15 year old Gemma is pregnant, showing and about 7 months along. Her boyfriend wouldn't have anything to do with her and meeting on the sidewalk we started talking. Eventually it came around to our former games, and I guess she was horny but she said there was no need to worry about her getting pregnant now. We snuck away, and I fucked the 7 months pregnant Gemma. I finally got to see those big tits, her fully hairy pussy and got to fuck someone. A couple of days later she was reaching back and moving my cock from her pussy to her ass, and while on all fours told me she still likes it fast and hard back there.

    My first pussy, my first sexploration buddy, was also my first fuck. Even though I took her hymen I didn't get to take her cherry with my cock, but she got mine in her very pregnant pussy. After another month she moved away and we only recently connected on social media after about 50 years. In a chat she brought up our old games, I have a hard cock now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I've done this before, and did it again last night. Out of town on business, there was a homeless woman in the parking lot across the street. I have her money and fucked her pussy and her ass. Even when I fucked her ass I stuck my cock in her pussy to cum adding it to my first load.

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    Straight Male / 51

    iv always wanted to fuck tranny never met one but I want to my wife says its gross but I think its hot help me find one

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    Straight Male / 33

    I list "straight" but maybe I'm not quite that. When Craig's List still ran sex personals I saw a photo of a tranny with female movie star looks and holding her fairly large cock. I just kept browsing and could not get that tranny out of my mind so I finally answered her ad and we met at a nice place we found we both liked. I confessed to her that I was just curious but she smiled and we chatted. In an hour we knew we liked each other.

    We ended up at her place and she took me through her likes and dislikes but at the end of the day I was enjoying that hung girl a great deal. I had never even thought of someone else's package, yet, there I was, sucking as much as possible as I heard her moaning. She was clean so I was not turned off when I fucked her, something she really enjoyed a lot as well. After a lot of sex, where she had shown me her tongue mastery on my swollen chubby, we talked and I asked why someone as good looking would have to post on CL and she said, "Most with your curiosity chicken out."

    We enjoyed each other immensely for some time then she had to leave the city. I can't say I have grown "gay" curious, however, men still don't turn me on. It's hard to explain but one has to have the tranny experience with a feminine tranny to understand, is my state of mind.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I have had sex with three of my sons friends on separate occasions and a couple of times together.
    Well with the first one he actually made subtle moves on me and he is definitely very cute. We ended up in my car in the middle of one of his practices and I gave him a bj. From there we set up a time to come to my place and have sex. The other two was mainly a result of me approaching them. Once I had sex with all of them individually, they all eventually found out from the first guy and thats when we had the gangbang. They seem to be more mature than most guys their age though. Can't say I haven't had fun

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    Straight Male / 38

    I got out of a dinner meeting where I was told that we did not get the contract. It was late and I was pissed and frustrated. On the corner walking to my car was a guy asking for a handout. I gave him twenty bucks, he looked at me and asked what that was for and I told him for a blowjob. He said he didn't blow anyone and I told him that I didn't want him to blow me, I wanted to blow him.

    We walked to my car which was in the back of the parking lot and he got in the passenger seat and I leaned over and gave him a blow job. He had a thick enough cock and between blowing him and jerking him I got him to get off and I got as much of it as I could. It had been a long time since I had had cock. That night it felt really good.

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    Straight Male / 20

    SSBBW fuck

    I am dating a girl that is best described as an SSBBW (super sized big beautiful woman). She is hands down, the prettiest girl I've ever dated. Her long, very dark brown hair comes past her shoulders, she is 5ft. 6in tall but weighs 225lbs. She is fat but has a nice shape, very shapely but big. She will shave, keep grown, or trim her pussy hair in anyway I want, right now I have her in full bush. She fucks like a man, she talks dirty, initiates sex at anytime she wants it, and anywhere. She even begs for my cock up her ass at times. She even brought in one of her girlfriends who let me fuck her, and the two of them fucked for me. She is a big girl of 24 years, older than me, with the biggest tits I've ever seen naked. Even though she is big, her outer pussy lips are tiny. My girlfriend before her was 18, and weighed only 100lbs, with what I thought was a tiny pussy, but my big girls outer pussy lips I swear, are only about 2 and 1/2 inches long from the top of her slit to her taint. She's been fucked a lot I know, and don't care about that, so she can take a big cock but it's so hot seeing this big girl with her very shapely, big legs spread open and my cock splitting a tiny pussy on this big body. I've fucked a few fat girls in the past, mostly not good looking, just did it to have a pussy to fuck or a mouth to shoot in when desperate. But this woman is incredible, and an incredible fuck, the prettiest woman I've ever dated, and a total slut/whore in all the best ways, and she doesn't give a crap about who knows it.

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