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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 48

    I have the best girlfriend ever! I'm going to marry her and she is going to be the best wife ever. We've been dating for 10 months now and last week was my birthday. I turned 58 and this is what happened.

    I have spent most of my life alone and single and not by choice. I've been pretty shy most of my life. I worked in a factory for thirty years then the place went out of business and I lost my job and then I got work as a cook in a restaurant. I'm overweight, got a hairy body, pretty much out of shape, not a lot of money and I got a small dick. I'm not exactly a chick magnet.

    Then I met Brittney last year. I was in a park photographing birds and waiting patiently for them to approach me and my camera so I could get a good shot. Brittney was also in the park waiting patiently for me to finish before approaching me. She sat on the bench twenty feet behind me, decided she wanted to get to know me and waited two hours until I got my shot. Then she just walked up to me and started up a conversation. She is much braver than me.

    Brittney was 22 at the time. She's extremely small and slender and when I first laid eyes on her approaching me I looked around to see if her mom was around. One cannot be too careful. Only the year before, a man only a little younger than me struck up a conversation with a fifteen year old girl, was caught by the girl's mom and was arrested and charged with "enticing a minor" a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in the state prison. All he did was talk to the girl and he didn't even start the conversation. The girl approached him and asked him a question, that turned into a conversation, her mom witnessed the last half of the conversation and called the police. I know these details because I served on the jury. I disagreed with the arrest and thought the charges were bogus so I had planned to vote not guilty but half way through what would have been a two day trial he made a plea deal with the prosecutor and ended up pleading guilty in exchange for a sentence of 5 years and he'd do 3 1/2 years and be on the sex offender's watch list for life.

    So in light of this I was very hesitant talking to who I thought for sure was a 9 or 10 year old child. But three sentences in to the conversation she mentioned her house, Mercedes and having just graduated from nursing school. I have never seen much less met a little person who had the perfect proportions of a ten year old girl. Not being especially interested in someone young enough to be my granddaughter nor someone who had the chest of a skinny ten year old boy, I attempted to escape politely from the conversation as I packed up my gear. This seemed to encourage her to be even more aggressive and before I was done I had agreed to a first date. Now don't get me wrong. She is a gorgeous woman despite the complete lack of breasts. She had the most amazing mane of blond hair, the prettiest face I'd ever seen. It's just that being seen on a date with someone so young and looking even younger would have been frankly embarrassing. The last girl I dated was ten years ago and three years younger than me. She outweighed me by a hundred pounds, made more money than I did which she kept reminding me of and eventually she lost interest because I could not satisfy her in bed. I just was very skeptical of Brittney's sincerity and kept waiting or her to announce shed won the bet or that the date was because she lost a bet or something like that.

    I went to pick her up in my old beater and she handed me the keys to her Mercedes. She was dressed in a school girl uniform with her knee length hair in pigtails. She called me "Daddy" and handed me a hundred dollar bill and said she was paying for the date since she asked me out and "the asker always pays." She insisted. So at her request I took her to McDonald's for a happy meal and then off to the movies to see a Disney flick. The date ended with her inviting me into her very nice house. I had no idea nurses got paid so well but she explained that it was an inheritance and a condition of the inheritance was she had to work as a pediatric nurse at a children's hospital for 20 years and could then retire. It seems that her grandmother was a nurse, married money (her second husband) and left it all to Britney. But it's all good since she loves working there and working with the kids. She explained that it's an advantage being the size of a child because it puts the patients at ease.

    We didn't fuck that first date or in fact for the next several. It wasn't until the third date that I got to make out with her. But that's OK. When you've been out of circulation as long as I have you gratefully and humbly take whatever table scraps you can get. Only thing was I was being served prime rib and champagne, just slowly and gradually.

    On the third date we made out in her living room, for hours. That's all we did.

    On the 7th date, after I told her I had a tiny cock, she insisted on seeing it. Then she says, "you know the saying some girls say that size isn't everything, they lied. Size is extremely important." When she said that I figured it was all over. It's not like it was a secret. I mentioned that fact the day we met. But then she surprised me by saying that she was kind of scared of big cocks and that mine was slightly larger than she figured would be the perfect cock but then said "I'll have to figure out how to make it fit." That was a sentence I never heard nor expected to ever hear save perhaps as sarcasm.

    On that night she removed my pants and kissed my cock and asked me to teach her how to give me a blow job. She did it with that little girl face of hers. It felt as though I was about to commit a serious felony, the kind that gets you killed your first week in prison. She explained that her fear of penises had kept her from every sucking cock and she told me that she thought she would have to commit a crime in order to play with a cock that was small enough she wasn't afraid of it. So I did my best not having a lot of experience getting blow jobs but I had accumulated enough experience to guide her enough that she would not leave me needing stitches. Turns out she was a natural. Her choking and gagging noises were a huge turn on especially as she smiled while doing it. I had the best cum of my life while she sucked and I played with her pigtails.

    A few weeks later she got brave enough to ask me to take her virginity. She did her self up as an exaggerated stereotypical ten year old girl. She even redecorated her bedroom like one would expect a preteen to do. She was trying to turn me into one of those guys you see on the sex offender's watch list and I was starting to feel like one. I'd never dated anyone as young as her. I had my first date in my thirties and lost my own virginity in my forties to an Asian hooker in an Asian "spa." I'd saved up for six months to afford her.

    It was like Brittney was taking my virginity. I felt like a teenager being seduced by my baby sister's fourth grade friend.

    A few weeks after that Britney invited me to move in with her. She insists on calling me "Daddy" which kind of works when we're out together though most people assume I'm her grandfather. She always dresses up in some sort of sexy little girl costume modified to entice the most evil perverts. Pigtails are pretty much her go to hair style. I came home from work one day shortly before Christmas and in the driveway was a brand new $60k Jeep with a big red bow on top. She handed me the keys with the same excitement a ten year old might have handing her Dad a report card with all straight A's. The Christmas gift she gave me in bed that night was even better than the jeep.

    It was like God was saying, "You've been good your whole life and have suffered greatly and now here's a preview of heaven and you get to have your virgin and she'll never grow up and grow old." I never even desired to do it with kids before I met Britney. And technically I still wasn't since she was 22 going on 23. It was as though I had special permission from God to turn into an evil monster and let out desires I never knew I had as long as I limited it to the one "child."

    In March Brittney insisted I quit my job and pursue painting and writing. I wrote her a poem and made a card for her birthday and she liked it so much she turned one of the spare bedrooms into a studio, bought tons of art supplies and arranged with a local college for me to take art courses and eventually, if I do well academically, graduate, Imagine me going to school at my age.

    So this brings me up to my birthday.

    I got home from school Friday afternoon after the first week of school for the fall semester. There were several cars parked in the driveway. It was my birthday and Brittney knows that due to my shyness I'm not a fan of parties, especially parties where I would be the center of attention. This all due to some traumatic experiences I had as a young boy during my last birthday party. Yes there was more than one. On the humiliation and segregation scale of 1 to 10, it was an infinity. Suffice to say that to express the number accurately by first writing the numeral one then following it with the correct number of zeroes, well life is too short to spend all if it writing zeroes.

    I felt a tinge of dread and betrayal. Britney knew how I felt about a party and especially with guests I did not know.

    When I walked in the front door I was in for a shock. I heard the TV going in the living room which is a bit of a hike from the front foyer. It was loud enough to be echoing off the marble walls. It was some sort of children's show, I think on the Disney channel but I'm not sure. I followed the giggles of several little girls into the living room and found there sitting on pillows on the floor were a dozen little girls ranging from about five to about twelve years old, all wearing bathing suits all with their hair in pigtails and all laughing at something they just saw on the 72" screen. Then Brittney walked in the room pushing our kitchen cart with buckets of popcorn, soda and other goodies and then she ran to me, greeted me with a big "Happy Birthday Daddy!" threw hear arms around me, gave my ass a good squeeze and then announced that she had invited some friends over for a pajama party and hoped I wouldn't mind.

    As it turns out, ever girl sitting on our living room floor was over 18. The oldest was actually 31 and she was the one I thought was around five years old. All of them are members of a the weirdest and most bizarre support group I had ever heard of. They are all dwarfs whose particular rare kind of dwarfism, like Brittney's, has left them looking like a perfectly normal and normally proportioned child AND They are all into Daddy/Daughter sexual age play, Something I have been only recently indoctrinated into by Britney AND they all have a fear of big penises. Brittney then checked to make sure I had not the usual one but two testosterone patches on my shoulder as she had requested two weeks earlier. She asked me if I kept my promise not to try to jerk off the last couple of weeks. I had. We had slept in separate bedrooms the previous two weeks at her request which he vowed I would not regret doing. She asked if I'd taken my daily dose of c****s and I had two hours before. She asked if I'd taken all my other meds and vitamins and I told her I had and she said "GOOD! then you're going to have a lot of fun tonight."

    She introduced me to her twelve little friends then poled the room "WHO WANTS MY DADDY TO MALLEST THEM?!!" The room erupted in tiny voices screaming out "I DO! I DO! I DO!" They were all jumping up and down like they had been asked if they wanted the contents of a toy store to take home. Then she polled them again asking if anyone wanted to lose their virginity and the same response.

    I called in sick the next day. The pajama party lasted two days and nobody went home a virgin. For two days 13 little girls called me "Daddy." None of them wore any clothes save some costumes that made them look even younger and I got the best birthday gift ever.

    I also should mention she made me my favorite dish, prime rib, which isn't easy to make. I got my first birthday cake in almost fifty years, black forest with fudge frosting and it was home made. It read "Happy Birthday Daddy!" I was served a fine wine while the girls all stayed in character and drank chocolate milk. Ever watch thirteen naked little girls sit around on top of a 16 foot marble dining room table stuffing their faces with chocolate cake while dribbling chocolate milk down their naked bodies and between their naked legs? They all signed the birthday card. It was a huge poster size print out of a group photo they took at 25 megapixels, all naked with their legs spread wide holding themselves wide open with their little fingers and all were smiling into the camera all with naughty mischievous smiles. If they were really the ages they appeared to be they could have in an instant turned any sinless saint into an evil monstrous demon. You know what I'm talking about They all autographed the front with birthday greetings and on the back there were copies of 13 driver's licenses proving their ages. Ever cum from just looking at a photo without even touching yourself? I figured at 58 I was all through experiencing firsts. I was wrong.

    As though that was not enough. Each girl presented me with birthday gifts. Some were joke gifts some were very expensive. The 30' fishing boat was delivered the next day.

    So I've saved up a bundle not paying rent while I was working. I have saved every dollar Brittney has given me that I could hide. It's not much compared to what Brittney has. When I told her grandmother (not the one who died but the other one) that I was saving for a ring She told me that Brittney was getting impatient on that topic and was about to resort to asking me to get it over and done with. She told me that Brittney was going to give me her grandfather's gold pocket watch if I said yes. When I told her grandmother how much I had saved, she matched it and took me to Tiffany's to buy her a ring. She already had Brittney's ring size.

    Brittney and I have reservations for a weekend at Disney world in two weeks. I'm going to propose right in front of Cinderella's castle. I just hope I don't get arrested for proposing to and making out with a "preteen."

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    Straight Female / 28

    I was 18 years old when I lost my clothes in a strip game. My two girl friends were there with their boy friends that were getting turned on with my lack of clothes. Tried to hide my embarrassment when I found out if lost again I would be forced to do a sex act in front of them. I relaxed a little when one of my girl friends ended up stripped down to her panties next to her boy friend that had lost it all. Couldn't help looking at him sitting across from me with a huge hard on when the dreaded moment of losing again sent shivers down my spine. "Always had the fantazy of seeing my boy friend sucking another girl's pussy" I remember getting held with my legs spread open, her boy friend's head between my thighs and his tongue sliding into my soaked pussy. My nipples instantly got hard as rocks as he began sucking harder and harder. It was hard pretending not getting aroused and my girl friends telling him to give me an orgasm did help either. It was embarrassing to have one in front of them, but so hot and horny I just didn't care. It was later, when we all went home, that the shame set in realizing what had happed. After all, that night turned into sex orgy and I wasn't the only one grabbing and sucking.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I'm a willing third party participant in a cuckhold relationship. Maggie, a mature housewife that I met being neighbors when they moved in a year ago. Takes too long to go into all the details of how it started.

    Maggie an attractive woman for her age, slightly overweight but when she is dressed up she can still catch the eyes of men looking her way. Her husband Steve, a guy that is in pretty good shape and loves to crossdress.

    I have had sex with guys, a few CD's and I admit that Tranny's turn me on as much as any woman I have been with. Maggie informed me in quite details of their marriage and how Steve became a cuckhold.

    Maggie doesn't have sex with Steve, his cock is very small. I actually feel sorry for the guy having a cock that's basically not big enough to even masturbate with. I'm not making fun, just stating what I have seen.

    Love goes beyond sex, Maggie and Steve are proof of that. She could have had a lot of men in her younger years. Steve told her to have an affair but begged Maggie not to leave him for another guy.

    I don't know where the crossdressing came into the picture, honestly I didn't ask. Maggie greets me at the door, she looks amazing. Her makeup and hair is perfect, she wears very sexy lingerie and heels. She helps Steve get dressed for our evenings as well. Maggie told me she has shaved Steve completely. We sit and talk for a bit, having a few drinks to get everyone relaxed.

    At some point Steve will excuse himself, saying he needs to freshen up a bit. We both watch Steve walking out of the room, he has learned to walk in heels also. Maggie comes over and sits with me on the sofa. She picks up her glass, those long red nails catch my eye every damn time.

    Maggie wears mostly black lingerie, some of it see through. I can see her stocking legs through the material, her patent heels on her feet. I turn to look at those red lips of hers, I glance at her breasts through the sheer black material.

    We begin to make out on the sofa, my days of being a teenager come back to me. Kissing my current girlfriend at the time on my parents sofa when they were out of the house. I can taste Maggie's lipstick on my tongue, it excites me in some strange way. She turns towards me as our lips become one, her tongue slides against mine.

    My cock begins to twitch in my dress pants, Maggie's hot mouth arouses me quickly. The longer we kiss the harder I get. By the time we pull away my cock is steel hard, Maggie's red lipstick is all but gone.

    I begin to fondle her breasts through the silky lingerie, her nipples are hard as erasers and I pinch them gently. She moans rather loudly, suddenly I think about her husband, Steve. Is he behind us looking, I don't turn around to find out.

    I push the thin material to the sides and expose Maggie's breasts. They are full and her nipples just make me drool. I lean over and put my mouth to her breast, first one and then the other. She moans again, her voice carrying throughout the house. My cock aches for release, by now Maggie knows this as well.

    She puts the palm of her hand on my crotch and begins to rub my cock through my pants. Oh I'm so hot for her now, those long red nails just teasing me through the material. She teases me a few more minutes and then excuses herself to freshen up. I know what to expect now, we have played this game for a while.

    Within a few minutes Maggie returns, she has reapplied her red lipstick. But Maggie isn't alone, her husband Steve is with Maggie on her arm. They are dressed similar but in different lingerie, They walk to where I'm seated and both kneel before me. Maggie looks at Steve and tells her she knows what to do.

    I arch my hips slightly, Steve tugs the zipper of my pants down. Steve leans back, it's Maggie's turn. She reaches into my pants and pulls out my throbbing cock. All three of us are looking at the glistening head of my hard cock. I know what to expect, Maggie always lets her husband have the first taste of my cock.

    She holds my cock until Steve leans in and takes it from her. He wears vinyl gloves, I love the way they feel on my throbbing cock. Maggie moves to the side and her husband as direct access to my cock. He leans forward and his thick mane of the wig falls around his face, I feel the warmth of his mouth on my cock instantly.

    I lean back and moan with pleasure, it's not the first time I have enjoyed the pleasure of a mouth that wasn't a women's. Steve was good, he loved sucking my cock. I don't know how many others before me enjoyed his mouth but I enjoyed it every time.

    I began to really get into it, moaning as his red lips slid back and forth at a faster pace now. Then Maggie reached in and pushed her husband away, now it was her between my legs and she took me deeply. My cock was crimson in color with their lipstick, Maggie had me clawing at the sofa cushions in no time.

    I could feel it deep in my loins, the urge to cum was building rapidly. Maggie sensed it also as my cock began to pulsate with every movement on my cock. She pulled away, it was time to go to the bedroom. Maggie looked at Steve, by now he knew the routine between us. He struggled a bit to stand in his heels, then walked out of the room without a word spoken.

    I helped Maggie to her feet, she got her balance quickly in her heels. We walked down the hall and into their bedroom. We stood at the side of the bed and began to kiss deeply, my cock was now dripping precum with excitement.

    I pulled away, helping Maggie onto the bed. I slid out of my pants, my cock bouncing up and down as I made my way onto the bed and between her legs. I spread her legs, pulling the sheer lingerie to each side.

    I went down on Maggie and tasted her freshness, she was drenched and it aroused me even more to know how wet she was. I feasted on her pussy, Maggie crying out as she climaxed all over my face. Her long nails digging into my shoulders and those heels raking my legs as I devoured her feverishly.

    My cock was like a steel pole under me, I couldn't hold back another minute. I knelt between her legs and took hold of my aching cock. I looked into her eyes for a second and then plunged my hardness into her. Maggie cried out loudly, I never thought about who was watching or listening now.

    Selfish sexual greed took over and I fucked Maggie without mercy every single time. She cried out and clawed me savagely until I exploded into her loins, pumping wildly until every drop of my cum was spent inside of her.

    I collapsed on top of Maggie as always with my spent cock still inside of her. We lay that way, our hearts pounding against each other. Sometimes we would kiss, if we had any energy left between us.

    Then I felt the gloved hand as always, Steve pulled my spent cock out of his wife. Pulling my cock backwards, his warm mouth taking my drenched cock. His mouth made me quiver, his tongue cleaning the cum and his wife's juices from my organ. I admit, I loved it. I had never experienced something like this with anyone else. I kissed Maggie hard with erotic pleasure as her husband cleaned my spent cock.

    He knew not to overstay his welcome, cleaning my cock and then leaving shortly thereafter. I would dress and Maggie would stay in the bed and smile up at me. The first time she excused herself for not seeing me to the door, she had to explain she didn't want my cum to leak out of her and that she hoped I would understand. I did understand, I understood everything very clearly by then.

    We have been doing this for sometime now. I have asked Maggie to see me without her husband being around, she says she can't because she is in love with Steve. So we play together and I admit I enjoy it very much.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I love to dress in womans close im latino smooth body open minded and ive dressed a few times alone in ladies clothes..ive been with men and. Ladies one day i was out at the local thrift shop buying ladiea clothes.i was shy but ditermend so i set out..i had a few items in my basket and noticed a man looking he smiled.i smiled back and continued to shop i went over to the fitting room minding my business.i got a room and slipped off my clothes and had put on. A short skirt out of no where the curtain swung open it was him he looked surprised and closed it he did apologise i was embarrassed but rushed to try the rest i quickly made my way over to the cashier when he approached and asked if he could pay i let him..we madw are way out the door he made some small talk we became friends i did give him my number.he was older clean male a few days later he had called me he was a bit shy but foward it was a few months before we met for drinks..he had a few as i did hey i would love to see you in them outfita he asked i was excited.i had him come to my house where served him a drink jumped in the shower and slipped on my i enter the front room he was naked and hard..i was caught off guard but still excited to be dressed in front of a male i walked over towards him his eyes looked me up and down turn around i slowly turned my back to him he reaches for my ass and pulls me close i let him feel me up and down.he bent me over and i could feel his hot breathing over my ass he. Parted my ass and began to kiss and lick me it felt so good i relaxed and enjoyed his wet tounge slipping deep in my ass i fell to the floor my ass wide open and his tounge buried deep in my let him take charge as he had me suck his cock my ass was wet and ready hid condom came out and deep in my ass he went fucking me for a few minutes he unloaded deep in me

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    Straight Male / 37

    Our store decided to hire a cop to be present during business hours over the Christmas season to give our customers a sense of security. The cop who took the job is a lady cop. Thirty or so, Hispanic, with a Hispanic thick body. I worked the relationship until she agreed to go out. She was nice and in charge. She had served in the Marine Corp. At her place things got hot and she took over and I experienced the woman in charge. My first time with the woman in charge, and she was all that she could be.

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    Straight Female / 51

    Linda is my next door neighbor who is 34, married to David, a man the same age. Not long ago I told her my menstruation had ended and she managed to tell David, who began to come around to the large garage we share, at odd times when I return from shopping and so forth. He ended up fucking me there, in the garage. Sometimes we do it in a car sometimes against a car. He also does me doggy with me on the front seat. We also love to fuck standing up, face to face, missionary style, fully dressed with our genitals in intercourse, and get off that way a lot. He loves the freedom of ejaculating inside me. I often just let his sperm drool out of my vagina and wipe the remainder off.

    My husband does not suspect it but, as it turned out, David and I are now both fairly obsessed with fucking each other and do it almost every day. David makes me come a lot and is one of the horniest men I have ever known. He can't get enough of it. He chatters away telling me how much he loves it with me and it turns me on a great deal. My own husband and I never enjoyed it like this. However, I think Linda knows about us and is just open to it. I don't know it for a fact but I'm quite sure of it. She has also been acting warmer and friendlier toward me. In any event, I'm not going to give it up. It's like a new life has opened up to me.

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    Straight Male / 26

    When I was 21, I was renting a little cottage out in the boonies. My neighbors moved away, their 18 year old daughter moved with them and there went the best fuck buddy I ever had. She came over the day after her 16th birthday when her parents went to the grocery store. She was wearing pajamas and sat with me on the couch and wanted to watch my cable TV saying theirs was on the blink. She kept snuggling up to me and resting her head on my chest. She asked me when she was going to get her present. When I asked what present, she said a birthday kiss.

    I kissed her on the forehead and said "Happy birthday." She said, "If that's all I mean to you I'm leaving." As she got up to leave I grabbed the waistband of her pajama bottoms. As she kept walking forward they stretched and I saw that the wasn't wearing any panties. I got up and grabbed her and fell back on the sofa with her on my lap. I apologized and gave her a grown up kiss. She melted into me. I felt her grow warm in my arms. When I pulled back she said, "That was what she wanted.

    I said "If you are all grown up now, then there was no reason for me not to do this." I unbuttoned her top down to below her tits, and reached inside to hold her breast. I started kissing her again, and played with her tit and nipple. I pulled her top off to kiss and suck on her titties, then went down on her. I gave her a birthday orgasm, then sat back on the couch and wrapped her up on a blanket. She heard her mom calling for her, so she quickly got in her pajamas again, we kissed deeply and she ran home.

    She was over at my place after school everyday after that. We'd make out and I'd go down on her. By the end of the week, we were in bed fucking. We weren't careful and we were just lucky she never got pregnant. She was in love with me a little, and I with her, but we were fuck buddies. I could txt her or she would txt me and she'd be right over at my place and we'd fuck then she would go right back home. We felt so lucky when her parents went down to Arizona for two weeks each year and I got to watch out for her. I planned my vacation from work for the same time, and we'd barely get out of bed during that whole time.

    She scared the hell out of me one night when I was having dinner at their place and her mom brought up how she couldn't believe a popular girl like her didn't have a boyfriend. When she said, "I don't need a boyfriend, he keeps me busy enough." I almost fainted. Her mom thought she was talking about helping me with the lawn and the care around the cottage, but I knew better.

    When she graduated from high school, they moved down to Arizona permanently. They offered to rent me their home on a permanent basis, as long as I'd let them stay here when they come up to visit. I'm still living here now, and they've only come up twice in five years. I still keep in touch with their daughter through the wonders of technology. She is graduating this spring, and wants to come back up here to finish her degree. I said she was welcome here, and we are making plans to live separate bedrooms her mom and dad thinks.

    I've already bought an engagement ring, and am going to ask her to marry me as soon as she walks off the plane this September.

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    Straight Male / 31

    Several years ago, a mutual friend of my sister & I came to visit where I was staying.
    I had just recently moved into my own place at the time, and she said she wanted to do a little house warming.
    I knew the woman had a crush on me, but I never thought anything would really come of it, so what happened next was quite a surprise.

    During her visit for the "house warming" the woman gave me a hand job, and a blow job.
    Afterward she stayed the night, I licked her pussy for nearly an hour. It is to this day one of the best I've ever tasted, and she was really into it as well.

    I fucked her pretty intensely that night as well. I loved listening to her moan & feeling her body react.
    My sister was pissed that I hooked up with our mutual friend that night (not really sure what that was about but that's a discussion I'm not interested in ever having either.)

    The friend & I liked our fun that night so much we hooked up several more times afterward.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I had a sexual encounter with a women I used to play tennis with. She was in her thirties but not lookng her age at all. Used to wear the tipical short tennis skirt but hers were extra short with a low cut top just over her breasts. I was sure she was wearing normal panties, as the ones normaly used are bulgier looking. The turth was the out fit didn't leave much to the imagination. Nice tits with nipples sticking out threw the fabric, nice legs that would give me a view of her sweaty panties o maybe the wetness of her vaginal pussy. It was hard not to look and hard not to get a hard on. We were sitting having a drink just outside the cafeteria on a low wall two feet high that bordered a garden and hard for her to keep her legs together. During our conversation she invited me for another drink at her house. Sex was written all over her face and quickly acepted her invitation. Telling me I could take a shower at her place told me it was going to be a long night. I remember taking a shower when she walked in picking up my tennis shorts, t-shirt and underwear. Told me she was going to drop them in the washing machine along with hers, walking away with them and leaving me with nothing but a small towel. Minutes later she stepped into the shower stark naked, telling me if I didn't mine her seeing me naked, tongue kissing me with her hand rapted around my erection and sliding her sexy nude body against mine. I remember her taking my hand and sliding it up the slit of her puszy and rubbing her tits on my chest. The whole act was so suddent I was actually embarrassed.Spent something like five minutes groping each other and ended up on the kitchen floor with her sitting on my face feeding me her pussy. I remember her holding her puszy lips open and my toguen and face burried into it as she swung her hips up and down having an orgasm. It was far from over. It was my turn to get fuked and she did it in the most dirty way a girl has ever done me. I had never been bent over and fucked in the ass with a stap on. Butter did the trick as she slowly pushed that black silicone dick all the way inside my butt hole and began jerking my dick and pinching my nipples with her other hand. It felt dirty, but the submisiveness of the act made me cum like I never had. It seemed like my dick couldn't stop gushing out sperm as she continued drilling my butt and slapping my cheeks, not realizing the rubbing of the strap on against her cilt was giving her another screaming orgasm. That day I never made it home. We had sex all night in every position she could think of. She knew them all and plenty of sexual energy to do them. As for me I couldn't sit down for three days but would gladly let her fuck me again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I went to a small college in Appalachia. There were very few dorm rooms and I decided to live off campus and through the college I found a roommate. She was living in a small two bedroom one bath house about a mile from campus, and she needed a roommate to split the rent and utilities. The arrangement would work for me, I had a car and she seemed nice and we got together.

    We were good roommates. Then one night she came home and a boy was with her so I left them and went into my room. Things got quiet and I got in bed. Then things exploded, she was yelling at the top of her voice, he was calling her a bitch and other bad words, the door slammed and I got up to see what the problem was. She was breathing real hard and she was very upset so I put my arms around her and held her. She told me he had tried to get fresh with her and had gotten on top of her on the couch and she was just lucky that she was able to kick him off. Right then the last thing I wanted to do was let her go, I held onto her and asked her if she wanted to come sleep with me and I would hold her.

    The next night and the next night after that she slept with me. Her room was made up, she made the bed and picked up her stuff and she never slept in that bed again. My room became our room and we cuddled, I mean cuddled, did everything short of making out and having sex. You couldn't have put a knife between us we slept so close. She swore of boys forever and she made me swear with her, not that I had a bad experience. The semester passed, we went home for Christmas, and when we got back she unpacked in my room, putting all her things in the dresser with mine, she got onto me as soon as we got into bed and told me that she had been cold all Christmas break and she wanted me to hold her until she got warm again.

    I guess I thought it was funny or something, she didn't appreciate me laughing at her. I held her alright, I held her real close, I put her in my arms and I stopped laughing and asked her how she thought we should do it. She asked what I meant and I told her if we were going to do it, we needed to do it. We started with a couple of kisses and gentle touching, making sure we touched everything we shouldn't touch and I asked her if she was ready because I was ready and we did it. And so we fell into a very long and intense and cuddled relationship.

    After college we set up house and we didn't tell anyone and didn't not tell anyone, if they asked we were honest if they didn't ask we didn't tell. And then when I was thirty I met this man and things got hot and one night he came over and he tore into me and destroyed any illusions of what sex with a man was like. I had sex on our bed, or rather he had sex with me on our bed, at that time I did not have sex with him. He did not leave me alone, not even close, sex was a constant on his mind and he only came to see me to have sex.

    If he was over at our apartment he was there to have sex with me. And I opened the door for him, I let him in, I set a place for him when we had dinner and I went with him into our room for him to have sex. He didn't spend the night, it wasn't one of those relationships, he came to visit, to have dinner, to take me out or us out, and to have sex. It was a sexual relationship. Until he had sex with her. If one was good for him, then two was better. Like me, she gave in and delivered herself up. He was going to have sex and she wasn't going to stop him. He deserved to have us both.

    Things got hotter and hotter and soon we were having sex all together, we sucked his dick together. We were aggressive and demanding, we wanted sex and we didn't want toys, we wanted the real thing. We went dick crazy, I gave him a blowjob with his coffee after dinner. We served him pussy on the table. For months we had sex, he slept over now and then, we joked that he should start to pay his part of the rent. He moved in. The days of cuddling in bed, soft kisses and just spooning were over. You don't spoon with a guy, there are no soft kisses, he fucks you. That was the difference, no matter how much we made love, kissed and hugged, we never fucked. He fucks. And we want to get fucked. That is the difference with a man. That's why you need a man in the house. You can't fuck with your girlfriend.

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