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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Since I am forever horny, I'm glad I have enough good looks to draw men. I can't get enough cocks fucking me top and bottom. I try to cover up but soon enough I have fucked so many men in my employer's that I have learned to quit and go to a new company where I become their "new" sexual predator until I feel it's time to quit again. I've never confessed this to anyone outside of this harmless site and won't. I don't need or want anyone to tell me to go to a sex addict rehab group. What I want is to keep fucking until I'm too old to fuck. If there are any other women out there with the same attitude, I'd like to hear from you.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My husband's ex wife, unknown to him, is bi and she has been sucking and fucking me from the first month of our marriage. I love it. We make believe we're just besties but we're in bed every moment we can get.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I'm married but have a black-Hispanic lover, Ramon, with a humongous cock that can take three hands to jerk it off,
    Ramon is a bit on the wild side and he wanted us to "get caught" by David, my husband, who is a bit of a sissy where Ramon is a macho nit-wit (who fucks like a master fucker).

    Sure enough, Ramon was doing me doggy style in the kitchen when David came home. He said, "What the hell is going on here?" and Ramon said, "Exactly what you see, Linda is taking my noble wood and enjoying it." David, said, "Well, stop it." Then I finally piped up, "Not a chance, David, look closely at his tool." David, puzzled, walked up to us and said, "Oh my GOD Linda, does it hurt?" I said, "It's wonderful."

    To make a long, boring story shot, Ramon is now fucking both of us. He makes David wear one of my short skirts and nails him doggy style as well, Ramon's favorite position. I guess that Ramon simply wanted to fuck David as well.

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    Straight Male / 49

    God, I love women! They're so soft, silky smooth, and sexy. They smell so damn good. If there was ever anything sweeter than a woman, the Gods have kept it for themselves!

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    Straight Male / 28

    This is true, not a fiction story. My g/f, Becky, is one of the finest, brightest young women I have ever met, The best of it is that I utterly respect her. She has smoothly made up blonde hair that is unusual but she does not use dye. She wears it in today's standard natural look. She wears glasses and I have been unable to talk her into contacts so people can get to see her cornflower blue eyes.

    Becky is well off and not ashamed to tell me, after we became serious couple, that her mother, Vicky, became wealthy being a very high priced escort to a select, small group of wealthy men. She had a small list of clients and no opening unless someone left. Most of the time it was not about sex but companionship or to be available for business dinners and so forth.

    Where things turn to a different road is the openness between Becky and her mom, Vicky. The first time I was invited to dinner it was catered and all handled by Vicki's live-in secretary, Penny, who is also her housekeeper.
    When Becky and I began to see each other, I had to be approved by Vicky. Hearing a little about her, something made me buy her a dozen roses prior to meeting her. That was the smartest move I ever made. Becky is bisexual and had brief affair with Penny, that Vicky knows about. They are still close but not lovers.

    Becky tells her mother everything that takes place with me and I am uncomfortable about that because it also includes our sex life. I have been in many deep, after dinner conversations with Becky and her mom and Vicky has no problem describing the sexual tales of her days as a no holds barred companion to her list of ten privileged men
    in front of Becky. Vicky is only 47, beautiful and a health nut and much more so than Becky. After six months, Vicky had made it clear in front of Becky, that she would be sexually available to me. I recall looking at Becky when I heard that and Becky smiled and winked at me.

    Not a fool, I have to examine this possibility closely and I'm not going to jump into it and possibly lose Becky.
    Things in my life have never been that "easy."

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    Straight Male / 49

    My stepdaughter is almost 14 now. She has small boobs that are getting bigger, she's getting a nice ass like her Mother and has a nice bush now. I know she gets herself off but until recently I didn't know the extent of what she does.

    She has a best friend that is always over and she is a little taller with about the same size boobs and a great ass as well.

    My wife went shopping one day and took our son. I was sitting downstairs watching TV and the girls were upstairs. I heard them coming down the stairs so I paused the TV. They both knelt on the floor in front of me and said they wanted to go shopping at the nearby store.

    They didn't have any money and wanted me to give them some. I said no you can wait two days until allowance time. That's when the friend said I'll give you a hand-job for 10 bucks. For 20 bucks I'll give you a hand job with my shirt off and she watches.

    Maybe I should have just gone upstairs but instead I asked what do you know about hand jobs? I've given them before Mr. X and I'm good at it I hear. She took her shirt off and was going bra less. Something I guess you can do easily when your boobs are small. So what about it she said. Well I guess you girls are growing up faster than I thought then looked at my step daughter. So what do you know about this? I'm 14 dad - I've seen plenty of penises already. I said great, I just happen to have 20 bucks right here.

    I made sure there were no cell phones in the room then unzipped and dropped my pants and got into position. The friend scooted closer and grabbed my dick and started stroking it to get me hard. You got a nice cock she said. At this point I was getting very hard and my daughter was behind her now reaching around and massaging her boobs. It's so much better when a girl does it she says. Boy's our age don't get it yet.

    For lack of a better word I think she is the "boy" in the relationship because she started telling my daughter what to do. Take off your shirt for me and show me your titties. Now come next to me and suck my nipples while I do this. All of this is going on in front of me while my dick is in some young chics hands.

    My step daughter says why don't you put your mouth on it. You know you love it. Dad, I've watched her do this before and she love when they cum in her mouth. Maybe next time she said. I want to be able to watch your dads face when he cums. By the way I want some help if you expect half the money. Play with his balls so we can get this over and get out of here. Now I had one girl stroking my cock and one girl massaging my balls. I had a very strong orgasm after than. She stroked me until I was drying and gave me an evil smile. She tasted my cum from her hand and told my step daughter to do the same. She did.

    I thanked them for their time and handed over the cash. When they were headed upstairs she said next time you can see our pussies but we haven't did it yet so don't get any ideas.

    They left and I took a nap.



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    Straight Female / 22

    I never have been in a threesome . Years ago when i heard that some girls doing sex so much or they took part on threesomes or orgies i called them sluts inside me and i felt disgust or when i was watching porn i felt annoyance when a woman enjoyed the sex and I closed the video . I always felt disgust and uncomfortable with sex . I wanted to believe that I am the modest and they were the sluts. I always dressed and I still dress modesty and I critisied other women when their skirt was too short . My behavior was nice and theirs was inappropriate . But then i realized that i was just jealous of them and wanting to be in their place and take part to a lot of threesomes and orgies too .
    I was bigger slut than them and I didn't know it .
    Now i don't feel disgust i just admire those women for not shame to get what they want on sex . I am too shy . And i am so horny that one man is not enough for me . I want two and above . Sometimes my lust is way more than any woman I met and called her a slut. I would love to have sex with many men at once as many as possible . When i masturbate i am thinking that i have sex with 33 men and they fuck me in doubles and at the same time i lick and suck the penises of two men over my face . That's so hot i feel wet right now i swear .
    I wish in the future to take part in a lot of threesomes and orgies so much.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    My 38 year old wife is still a hottie. Still has a rockin' body that most teenage girls only dream of having. She is beautiful, brunette, tall, and together we've grown into certain sexual things we try and do to keep the excitement up in our marriage. The latest got me hard as a rock when I knew how embarrassed she was. Shaving the top of her brunette pussy hair, I took her to a henna tattoo place in Miami while on a long weekend getaway. She bared her pussy in front of the male and female tattoo artists who wrote "Cock Whore" above her pussy and put a little curved arrow point to her pussy slit. The next day I took her back and when the people asked how "things" went, I told them great and she just smiled. "but we need another tattoo after what happened last night" I said.

    They tattooed across her gorgeous ass cheeks "Buttfucked Slut" and we found out that if her bikini bottoms rode down just a little bit you could read the whole thing. It didn't matter too much anyway, I took her to a nude beach and she and I both loved the embarrassment of the young boys and even older men, and women looking and talking about her sex tattoos. They are still on her, and I am fucking the shit out of my wife of 8 years.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I just wanted to say, I guess confess, why I am like I am and I am not just a s**t like some folks seem to think.

    About five years ago I was getting into my first serious relationship with a boy that I totally adored. I had been amazingly romantically seduced by him and in one of our first f***s he told me that cumming inside a girl was the most intense and incredible feelings a guy could ever experience, and of course, I was the best ever for him.

    He knew how to work me perfectly, and I promised myself I would be the best girlfriend ever so let him f**k me every single chance we could. Even if we weren't going out on a date he would come round to mine and we would go up to my room and do it, or of his or my parents were out we would message each other and hook up. I went to my doctors as soon as I could to get on the pill for him too. We were actually like rabbits. lol

    We were together for about two years, so it kind of worked, but now I find I still think the same way and I get a real buzz every time a bf cums in me and I give it up to him every time I can. I'm not complaining, I still totally love it, but guys talk and girls talk probably worse and my reputation is shot.

    This is just soooooooooo unfair.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I'm in my early fifties and single. I've worked for over a year with a really cute girl who's really self-conscious about being overweight but still sexy to me who's 23. We get along well at work and have since she started about a year ago. The odd thing is she has a boyfriend she says she is going to marry but she also blows me all the time.

    One night when we were the only two working she was asking about my love life, I said I was terminally single. She asked when the last time I had sex was and after I said a few years she said well I can't fuck you but if you want head just ask. I laughed because I thought she was joking but she was serious. She leaned in and rubbed my dick saying stuff like come on you know you want it and it got me hard. She squatted down, unzipped me, took out my already stiff dick and used her mouth to make me cum then swallowed like it was nothing. Then said hey, anytime you need head I'm you're girl.

    She was telling the truth. I never even try to get laid anymore, I'm never really that horny because she blows me constantly. It's so weird that a pretty young girl wants to blow me like this but she does. She doesn't want to date, doesn't want to fuck, doesn't want me to give her any pleasure she just wants to suck my dick. She's let me play with her tits a few times but that's it. She blows me five or six times a week and has even meet me on weekends to blow me in a car a bunch of times. One time she blew me in a cemetery in broad daylight while I stood there freaking that someone would see us. If I text her on a weekend that I need head she always comes out. Usually she just blows me at work in the back room or she sits on the toilet and I stand or it's in my car I don't even have to ask it just happens when we're alone. She seems to just like doing it. She's really awesome but I wish she would fuck too, not that I'm complaining.

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