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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 30

    To most people this girl is shy & quiet, but to my husband, it's a whole other story.
    I love just relaxing & letting him ravish me like his personal whore, and then cuddle with him afterward.
    One major thing I love is for him to bite me, on the breast, on the legs, and so on.

    I have always been a bit masochistic & with him I have been free to express that part of me.
    Typically most people think a woman with a pain fetish must have a screw loose, but I don't.
    Everyone has the "weird" things that get them off, mine just happens to be that I crave a little pain with my pleasure is all.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    In 1974 I was a fresh college graduate with a degree in Art Appreciation and hoped to teach. I was gay, a lesbian and I had been with a couple of girls in college. I was all appetite. I met this girl, she was twenty and she was working for her family's business and she was gay, and she had an appetite and we got together and went for it. We were hungry, or horny I suppose, we crawled all over each other and got our noses into each other's most intimate business.

    But the reality of the situation was that we couldn't come out at that time, I was teaching school and a lesbian teacher would be fired on the spot, and she feared rejection by her family. We snuck off, on the grounds that we enjoyed art together and we went to the museum and got a hand in here and there and a kiss in here and there, and with a lot of luck got back into bed and didn't want to leave. Her cousin started to pick up on us, he was the manager of the production department of the business and he confronted her and told her that he knew what we were doing. She was devastated and scared. He told her wanted to meet me.

    He accused me of being a lesbian, and he told me that I needed to leave his cousin alone. If I wanted to ruin my life that was my business but that he wanted me to leave his cousin alone. At that time that is the way it was, and he was the older male cousin and she wasn't going to cross him. She went into a depression and he couldn't talk her out of it. She convinced him that I hadn't made her gay, she had always liked girls and gave him a couple of names of girls from school that she had messed around with, both were studying abroad at that time. He got us together and told me that he would allow it, and help us, but only if I agreed to go to bed with him. That was it, if he could fuck me then I could fuck his cousin, but he had to fuck me first.

    The idea of getting fucked turned me off. I had never come close to anything like that, I had never even seen a real penis and no man had ever seen my pussy. But the rule was simple, let him fuck me and I could continue to fuck his cousin. To fuck me he took us to this motel out of town. Inside the room he took his penis out and told me to get my pants off. I lay back on the bed and he got over me and fucked me. It was quick but it was complete, he ejaculated and told me I had a tight pussy. He told his cousin he wanted to see her eat my pussy, if she didn't want me pregnant she better suck out his sperm.

    We got dressed, he told us how it was going to work. I fucked him and after I fucked him she and I could get together. He wanted to watch and if he saw an open pussy he wanted to fuck. He fucked his cousin two weeks later. But he fucked me every time. He made me kiss him, and he made me suck his penis. He sucked my pussy. He sucked his cousin's pussy. And he fucked her too. We always went to the same motel. He would ask for the same room. We started by me sucking his penis and then he would fuck me and it was her job to suck his sperm out. While she had her face in me he fingered her and sometimes fucked her too. We sucked his penis and we all got naked together and had an hour or two of sex. He really liked fucking his cousin and she didn't mind. I liked it when he fucked me too.

    In 1976, two years after we had started our motel meetings he told me he wanted me to marry him. He was tired of not having me sleep with him and he needed pussy at night too. If I married him he would get me a maid, but he expected me to cook he didn't like maid cooking. Being married was going to make things a lot easier for us, my job didn't look well on single teachers, by then I was going to turn 25, so we got married. His cousin was 22 and she was facing the same problem of being single. We thought of who she could marry but we never came up with someone. The idea of being with another man was hard on her and she flatly refused. She did her job and remained a spinster, one of those girls who was never able to find a man. In the meantime we could all three spend the night together, have sex until whatever hour we wanted, we had exhausted all the freaky things to do, and he wanted me to give him sex and sleep with him. I slept up beside him and his cousin slept up beside me. He made love to me and he made love to his cousin. And she and I made love. We said make love when we had missionary sex, lots of kissing and caressing and asking him to get on us and make us happy. We wanted to be happy and missionary sex made us happy.

    Our arrangement has lasted a lifetime. His cousin, the poor thing never married, poor girl, to think she never found a man. Little do they know. For me I was married and all the married things happened to me, including having a family. His cousin inherited a nice house but she spends most of her time with me. If anything, in our older years we spend more one on one time than we did when we set off to fool everyone. He likes to be with us when we make love, we are over any type of hesitation or hang ups, we make love. He doesn't interfere anymore, he leaves us alone, caressing us from time to time, exciting us from time to time, but letting us make love. We make love with him, we love face to face, we love helping and kissing and caressing, but we let him make love. I get deep desires to kiss him when he is making love to me. She likes to wrap herself around him and pull him down on her. Sex is still a central part of our lives. And sometimes we get naked and let things happen. Fortunately we are all still healthy and he manages with the Cialis, Viagra gives him severe headaches.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I have known Cheryl for many years, a slightly chubby girl that turned 39yo only a few weeks ago. She does some contract work through our office, she comes in and spends a few hours and then leaves.

    I'm a smoker, so is Cheryl. Sometimes we would meet outside at the smoking area. Cheryl would tell me her life of that day. She was a mother of two with a husband that she suspected was cheating on her.

    I heard about the divorce many months later, the boyfriends that came and went. Not many guys are into a ready made family. Sometimes Cheryl would call me just wanting to talk, hell I had my own problems with the girl I was dating.

    A few months later I noticed Cheryl looked different, she told me she was on a diet and was losing weight. Eight months later, Cheryl not only had a lovely face, she had a body to go with it. She colored her hair, started to wear makeup.

    Well the guys at work began to take notice of her then, always at her desk and bringing her coffee. We used to laugh about it while we smoked. Now I myself would have fucked Cheryl even before she lost weight, even dropped a few hints about it after she divorced her husband. But seeing her now, my thoughts were turning sexual in nature almost every time I talked to her in the smoking area.

    But reality sucks, I was old enough to be Cheryl's dad. If I was thinking about her wanting to fuck me, I was just dreaming and I knew it. I was the father figure, someone she could talk to and that was it, well sometimes the sun shines on a dog's ass when you least expect it!

    It's last Friday about 11pm and I'm thinking about calling it a day, flipping off the tv and turning off the lights, when my cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID and I see Cheryl's name on the screen.

    I answer the phone and there is silence, I'm thinking it's a butt dial. Cheryl had my number because she would call me about her work hours, so she could get paid. Then she says my name and I can tell she's crying. I can't even understand half of the conversation, and I tell her to meet me at the Wells Fargo bank that's not too far from where we both live. She says okay and the call ends.

    I put my shirt on and drive to the back parking lot, Cheryl's car is already there. I pull next to her car and she gets out and meets me as I come around the back. In the shadows of the bank parking lot lights she comes to me and puts her arms around my neck, telling me just to hold her for a while.

    I do it, no idea what's going on. She is trying not to cry into my neck. Suddenly I realize she seems taller, Cheryl is barely 5'2" on a good day. I barely have to lean forward to allow her to hug my neck.

    We stand there until the cops show up. I guess a bank parking lot isn't the best place to meet after banking hours are long over. The cop is really checking us out, an old guy and then I realized how Cheryl was dressed. May as well just say it, she looked like a hooker!

    In the darkness I didn't see what she was wearing, she came at me so quickly I didn't have a chance to see what she was wearing. She wore a nice blouse, but her skirt, the hem was at mid thigh in length. She wore stockings, they looked black, and heels. I mean she was wearing nose bleed heels, now I know why she seemed so tall.

    The cop told us whatever we were doing, we needed to do it someplace else! I started laughing because I knew what he must have been thinking. Cheryl started to explain, the cop didn't want to here it, he told us to move on, period!

    I just said to Cheryl, asking her if she wanted to go to my house and talk. She agreed quickly and she followed me home a few miles away. We got inside and that's when I really got to see Cheryl in her outfit and heels. Yes I looked, and I admit I was drooling inside. She wasn't the plain jane girl I saw at the office, sneakers, stressed jeans, maybe a bit of eye makeup.

    Her face glowed, the makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. I never saw Cheryl with lipstick on. Her usually semi messy hair was so nicely styled, it didn't even look like the Cheryl I knew.

    I poured Cheryl a glass of wine and we went outside on the patio to have a smoke. We sat at the table and she told me what was going on. Most of the conversation was a repeat of the ones she shared at work. Another boyfriend that was either jealous as hell because a guy looked at her or that her boyfriend had a issue with alcohol and got stupid with her.

    The latest boyfriend was the jealous type. They had been out, a guy looked at her a bit too long and a fight ensued. The last time she saw the boyfriend, the cops were taking him to jail with a charge of assault and battery. Not only did her hit the guy but he was pissed at Cheryl and put his hand around her throat. She tilted her head upwards, I could see a bruise even in the dim patio lighting.

    So we talked, Cheryl had a couple more glasses of wine. It was almost 2am and Cheryl was a bit buzzed by now. I could take her home or she could sleep in my spare bedroom. Honestly I was shocked when she said she would take the spare bedroom. I had a spare toothbrush and knocked on the guest bathroom door. She opened it up and there in the bright lights of the bathroom stood Cheryl and I know she saw my eyes crawling all over her in a blink of the eye.

    She smiled and thanked me, closing the door, leaving me to my twisted sexual thoughts. I went to my bedroom and closed the door. Brushing my teeth and crawling into bed a few minutes later. My last thought before falling asleep, my cock had this excited tingle. The tingle you get when you know your cock would get hard if a breeze went by.

    I had no idea how long I had been asleep, the bed was moving or something? I opened my eyes to the pitch black bedroom. A body was crawling on top of me, I could smell lilac perfume suddenly. Soft hands on my face, warm lips to mine, pushing them apart as Cheryl's wet tongue pushed into my mouth.

    My hands went around her body, she was still clothed. We kissed like lovers, a deep passionate kiss that made my cock react instantly. Her thick mane of curls tickled my face as we kissed feverishly. My cock was growing by the moment, Cheryl could feel it now, pushing her hips downwards, grinding against it.

    Suddenly she sat up on me, still astride my waist. The only thing between us was the thin blanket. In the darkness I could feel her movements, her hands busy. She removed her blouse and bra a moment later. I raised up on my elbows and buried my face into her ample breasts.

    Cher yl put her hand behind my head, holding me there as I sucked on her nipples. She moaned loudly, I even bit those hard erasers gently and not so gently. She cried out again, letting me know it was wonderful and not to stop.

    My cock was now rock hard and Cheryl pushed her hips downward. She moaned with pleasure just as I was now. I put my hands to her shoulders and rolled her onto the bed, moving quickly I got between her legs. Her heels and stockings were still on, I pushed up that short skirt and pulled her panties down quickly, throwing them into the darkness of the bedroom.

    Spreading her legs, I found the object of my hunger. I went down on Cheryl like a starving animal. She was already wet by the time I pushed my tongue inside of her pussy. No idea how long I was there, Cheryl kept having one orgasm after another. I licked her feverishly, even taking her hard clit between my lips, biting it gently. Cheryl's long nails clawed my scalp and my shoulders, her heels digging into my waist, hips, legs.

    I pulled away and knelt between her legs. I shoved my raging hard on into her drenched pussy like a madman. One thrust and I was balls deep into Cheryl. She cried out, cursed, squirmed below, as I thrust my cock into her brutally. Those long nails raked my back as I leaned over top of her and fucked her with all the leverage I could muster. Those short legs wrapped around my waist and I couldn't hold back, blasting my hot load of cum into her a few moments later.

    I was so pissed with myself, wanting it to last longer. Cheryl lay there soaked in sweat and breathing hard with my spent cock still twitching inside of her. I lowered myself until my bare chest could feel her hard nipples against my skin. We kissed again, thinking about going another round in a little bit.

    Wasn't going to happen, Cheryl said she needed to get home. Her mom was watching her boys and she didn't want to over extend using her mom babysitting. We lay there for a few more minutes before Cheryl slid off the bed. She kicked off her heels, saying she wasn't in any shape to walk in those now.

    She went to the bathroom and freshened up, coming out a few minutes later. I put my jeans on but no shirt and walked Cheryl to her car. She stood on her tip toes to kiss me. I pulled her upwards slightly, another deep kiss like before. I wanted her again, tried to convince her to stay. She smiled at me under the streetlamp, telling me maybe another time? She got into her car and drove down the deserted street.

    Since that night, when I see Cheryl at the smoking area, we really don't talk about what happened. We have these stupid smiles between us, a few innuendos. She hasn't said it was a one time thing, she even sent me a photo text with her wearing a corset and heels a few days ago. Hoping we can make it happen again..........

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    Straight Female / 36

    36, married female, 3 kids middle America.

    I'm not a beauty queen, though not plain or ugly, and I keep my body in very good shape. I weigh the same as I did in high school. My hips are wider due to having kids, and my C cups sag more after three kids, and my husband nursing on them. Even after the kids were done nursing; I did 10 weeks with each, my husband kept me milking for almost a year after each one stopped so he could nurse on me. We were fabulously close during those sessions, I would sit up with my back on pillows against the headboard of the bed, and he would lie across me, I'd hold him in my arms and he'd drain my boobs of milk every night. During the day I would go to his office and we'd close the door, sometimes we'd go out to my minivan, other times I'd have to pump to ease the pressure during the day. I loved it so did he. Other than that we don't really have too kinky a lifestyle sexually. I've let him, and several others in my younger days, do whatever they wanted. My husband has had me in every way possible, as much and as often as he wants. Sometimes on vacation we've done it in front of a hotel window knowing there were people watching and he and I both like when he spanks me hard and turns my butt red. But there is one thing that no one knows about me.

    Since I was about 14 I have been into flashing my nudity. First it started with my boobs, then my butt, then my very hairy pussy. I've always had a lot of pubic hair, there was no mistaking that I didn't have panties on. I started by letting my boobs come out of my top at the swimming pool, when I'd adjust my bikini bottoms I'd make sure the boys or girls could see my entire butt. Then that wasn't enough. I would stand in my window at home and show myself totally naked, pretending I didn't know he was watching, to my neighbors husband in his bedroom. I then got bolder and when he was on his back porch, I went outside, and pulled down my shorts with no undies on and showed him my virgin pussy, turned to show him my ass and walked into my house that way. I've been an exhibitionist since then, I go to parks, malls, parking lots, sometimes I go out in just a coat and flash men and teen boys, sometimes even women with my totally naked body.

    I don't know why I do it, I can't stop, and really don't want to stop. I like that so many people have seen me naked. My husband, children, neighbors, pastor, co-workers know nothing about my secret fetish.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    Sleeping together. We are in college and went to South Padre on Spring Break. We partied, we drank, we met people, guys and girls and we got drunk and we got sick and my roommate who was with me walked me back to our room and put me to bed. She said she was going to go out again and I begged her to stay. I felt cold and asked her to cover me up and she got on the bed and put her arms around me and I fell asleep.

    When I woke up around three in the morning, she was with me under the covers, topless with her arm over my chest. My headache was gone but I needed to use the bathroom real bad so I got up and went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth, took off my top and got in bed with her again. I lay beside her while she slept, I kissed her cheeks and touched her nipple with my finger. I took her hand and put her finger on my nipple, I kissed her on the lips. I had become very horny, I thought about masturbating but didn't want to wake her up.

    I got down on my back, and pulled on her and lifted her so that she lay her head on my shoulder, she instinctively put her arm around me and held me and I held her and brushed her hair with my hand. I took her face and kissed her until she woke up. I told her to wake up and fuck me. It took her a couple of minutes to get fully awake and she asked what I had just asked her to do. I put my arms around her neck and asked her to please fuck me. She took my arms off her neck, sat up and turned on the light and asked me to stop playing. We sat there looking at each other and I told her I wanted her to make love with me, I was laying it out for her, we were in the hotel, we were together, we were in bed together and it was time we just made love.

    She turned off the light and said not now and she had me lay on my side and put her arms around me and told me that I was drunk and I didn't know what I was talking about. She fell asleep pretty quick and I lay there holding her hands. In the morning we showered, we went downstairs got some breakfast, we went back to our room, I got on the bed and asked her to come over and make love to me. I wanted her to undress me, to undress herself, and make love to me. She took her top off and pulled my shorts off and helped me out of my shirt and bra and grabbed my boobs and started to make love to me. She pushed her hands down in between my legs and stopped and said for me to first tell her I loved her.

    I asked her if she loved me, she told me I knew she did, but she wanted to hear me say it out loud. I told her I loved her and put my arms out for her and then she made love to me. We went back and slept together.

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    Straight Male / 43

    This is embarrassing, but I cant stop masturbating!

    Some silly little thing will trigger thoughts in my head, and I have to go somewhere
    to be alone to take care of myself.

    I will be in line at the store with a cute check out girl - as soon as I get home I
    have rush off and relieve myself.

    Any story online I read, or on the news about a woman cheating on her husband - off
    I go.
    I was involved with a married woman for several years before I met my wife. I will
    start thinking about some of the wild things I did with her, and the sloppy seconds
    both her husband got from me and I got from him, and I need to cum!

    My wifes best many times she has been in one room talking to my
    wife, and I have been in the room next door day dreaming about her and cumming
    by myself.

    Anytime my wifes' niece comes to visit, even while she is here - omg, I will sneak off
    to stroke off. She is 23 now, but omg, if only she knew how many gallons of cum of
    mine had her name on it! lol

    I love it when my wife calls and says she has to work late. In my mind she is fucking
    her boss or a coworker, so I am hard as a rock and need to cum.

    What is sad is, I can get so big and hard as a rock when I am by myself, but when I
    am with my wife, nothing. I never get hard when she is around. We have not had sex
    in a long time. I'd rather be alone and take care of myself.

    I have a heart condition, so I cant take Viagrra for my wife's benefit, so I know she
    is frustrated.

    But I cant stop sneaking off to be alone - sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!

    I guess when I am alone and close my eys, my secret sex dream world is far more
    exciting than the real world.

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    Gay Male / 49

    In our teens we hung out at this drive in restaurant by the highway. At the time I lived in Santa Fe, NM. A man came by in a Cadillac and asked for directions to one of the hotels downtown and I told him how to go. He offered me a buck if I went with him and showed him. In the car he asked me lots of questions and if I liked school. He told me that when he was in school he didn't get good grades but he had a lot of fun. When we got downtown he stopped the car in a parking lot and asked me if I liked to have fun because he wanted to have fun. He put his hand on my knee and said that if I had fun with him he would give me five bucks.

    I got out of the car and he went to the hotel and checked in. He parked his car and motioned for me to walk over and he told me the room number and to follow in about ten minutes. To use the stairs and not the elevator. When I knocked on the door he let me in and he and put his arm around my shoulder and walked me over to the bed and he fell on it pulling me down on him. I was uncomfortable but he went on and said he had been driving and he needed something to make him feel good.

    He laid me on my back and undid my belt buckle and pants and opened them and took out my dick and started to suck it. He kept talking between sucking and talking about how good it was and how much he had thought about it while he was driving and how he just loved to suck a dick and if I had sucked a dick because I was going to love it. After a while he got up off the bed and took off his shirt and pulled my shoes off and my pants and underwear and told me to take off my shirt. He took his shoes and pants off and stood naked at the foot of the bed.

    He told me to turn over on my stomach, and he got on his knees and rubbed my cheeks with his hands and rubbed his face on my cheeks. He turned me over again and sucked me for a minute and asked me to suck him. He laid on his back and held his dick in his hand and I went down on him and started sucking. He was right that it felt good, and I was holding his hard dick in my hand sucking him while he ran his hand up and down my back and rubbed my behind.

    He stopped me and pulled me up to him and he held me and kissed my face and asked me if I was a man or a boy, but never mind I was going to be a man that afternoon. He went and got some Vaseline out of his suitcase and told me to get on my stomach and that he was going to slick me up and it was going to feel real good. His fingers rubbed the Vaseline on and then he pushed one finger in all the way and asked me if it felt good and not to lie because he knew it felt good, the only thing that felt better was getting the whole banana.

    He took a pillow and put it under my hips and got on and in a couple of minutes he had thrust himself in and was going to town, slow long thrusts followed by quick pull backs and then another long thrust. I answered his questions enjoying it and then I came into the pillow. He felt me as I tried to turn over and called me a bad boy and he went ahead and increased his rhythm until he came.

    We lay naked on the bed for a long time, talking now and then and he told me about when he was a kid and how he had to sneak out to go see Mr. Jones down at the water plant. I told him about the couple of times that I had sucked dick with a friend and we had gotten naked at his house one afternoon. He took my hand and put it on his dick and told me to play with it, that it felt good to get jerked off a bit. He got hard after a while and I got hard myself and I was beating hard with my hand. He sat up and leaned down and sucked me and jerked me and got me to come again.

    I jerked him for a while and sucked him for a while but I didn't get him to come. I got dressed after a while, he gave me the five bucks and I snuck back down the stairs and caught the bus and went home.

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    Straight Female / 51

    This lonely Mississippi housewife looking for a sex buddy in Pike county Mississippi. Today I played with my new phone and took me some new nude photos of myself showing my big titties and shaved pussy so I can send them to people sexting with me.i want a stranger to fuck me at my house in my big water bed. Horny Pike county Mississippi wife wants to taken. See my new pictures text me at 6013411649 Mrs Sharon

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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a 51 yr old horny Mississippi housewife looking for a sex buddy in Pike county Mississippi. I simply want to fuck a stranger in my bed letting him do as he please with my body.for direction to my bedroom text me at 6013411649. Momma please..

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    On a trip from Indiana to Massachusetts, my friends and I just stopped at a rest stop. They both needed a power nap. So i left them be and wandered tge rest stop.

    I've always wanted to let an older man fuck me and cum inside me. So, i thought, 'you got an hour'

    I downloaded Grindr just out of curiosity and punched in my rest stop.

    I waa shocked i got a hit. A trucker in one of the parked rigs. I shot him a dm and he responded. Told me he had a cabin in the back. He was a hotter older guy.

    Minutes later, i was knocking on his truck. He opened the door without a shirt. I was so hard. He was so hot.

    "I've never done this." I said.

    H8s reply, "It's okay. I have..**me on up, son."

    We watched some gay porn together 8n the bunk in his truck as we explored. I kept an eye on my phone, hoping that the alarm i set to awaken my friends wouldn't go off.

    He undressed me, sucked on my nips as i stroked my first cock. He smiled at how nervous i waa. He kissed me often. Told me i was beautiful.

    I asked him if I could suck his cock.

    "I don't want to cum in your mouth. " that made me shiver. Did that mean he was going to want to fuck me?

    He knelt on the bed next to my face and taught me how to suck him. Told me to say 'Yes or no Daddy' to everything he said. I started with stroking him as i licked his shaft. I felt him playing with my ass as i kissed the tip, tasting his precum.

    I think i m8ght be gay. Because I wanted this. Even as his first finger, lubed and gentle, pushed into me.

    I have no idea what he did, but it was like lightning that just shot up ky spine. I moaned, going for broke I slipped more of his coxk into my mouth.

    I couldn't tell you how big he waa. He felt huge.

    He said "Easy easy baby easy." He pulled his coxk out of my mouth but ke0t fingering me. I couldn't even make sound. It hurt but it was also incredible.

    I wasn't aware that he'd moved until i felt his hand on my ass, movibg me to my belly. He laid on my back, i could feel him. God he was so hard.

    He lubed his cock and asked me to tel him what I wanted. I loved this. It was how i wanted it. I'm lucky.

    "Please fuck me, daddy. Fuck me and cum inside me, please." He kissed my cheek and i felt him push in.

    I nearly screamed. But he stopped and kissed me. Told me how i was a good boy. He kept pushing just a bit more in. I just whimpered Daddy to him when he slowly started pumping.

    I heard the alarm go off.

    But ge held me there.

    I did fight it.

    It felt so good afterI got used to him moving. He was hitting that spot again and i kept gasping. He 'made' me say 'Thank you Daddy' a few times. He kissed me after. I gotta say it was better than I hoped. I could feel a bare hard cock pulsing inside me.

    It didn't feel like very long before my body started to shake. I blew a thick load into his bedsheets as i thanked my trucker daddy again.

    As I'm confessing this, I'm in a blanket jerking off where no one can see. I still feel him.

    I lay there panting as he kept fucking me. And he was right behind me. I felt it hot the inside of me, each fucking spurt. Every quiver of my first dick gace me goosebumps. Felt like it took him a year to finish.

    He took a picture of my open asshole leaking cum. He promised to send it.

    My friends were still asleep when I got back. So i went into the rest stop and jerked off. I came fast.

    Now im almost to Massachusetts.

    I'm about to cum again thinking about him fucking the cherry out of my ass. I gotta send him a pic of it.

    I hoped he comes to Massachusetts soon.

    But that's my first time just hours ago on the Mass Pike.

    I'm cumming

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