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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 48

    I am a 48 year old woman who kept herself in shape through the last 35 years, but have started to sag and get a little chubby. I am divorced twice, have had countless men inside me, do sex of any kind with anyone. I've had many women both alone and with men. I've had a two year live-in lesbian relationship with a very dominant woman whom I let do all sorts of sexual things to me, even sell me for sex. I got fucked by two boys when I was 13 and loved it. I got anal sex two days later. I am a cock sleeve. I love cocks inside me in any way they want. I love feeling them shoot in my mouth, my pussy or deep up my ass. My body is just a sleeve that is empty until I can get the next cock to slide into it. I'm worse than a slut or a whore, I'm just a sleeve for cocks.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was a "wild-child" from grade school. At first it was "show and tell" and that lead to other stuff. By the time I got to High School I was far from being a virgin. Not long ago I went to work for a large company in their coffee shop and I take a cart out with fresh coffee and rolls, donuts out every morning. What I thought would happen did and one fellow, Ted, closed his office door, the very first day I was there. He then took his tool out and his hardness and size excited me so I had to start sucking him off right away. I have no idea how he knew I would not run out and get him into trouble.

    The second day I saw him, he closed his door again and said "You know what we both want, let's do it and be quick about it, this is a busy office." So, we did it and fast but it was so good, I love his hard tool. I saw him once again.

    The second week, Ms. Thompson, a middle aged woman came to the coffee shop. She said that she knew Ted from his first day a that office, a while back, and she has fucked him hundreds of times. Ted confided to her that I was "new talent." I looked at her and she seemed like my own mother. She told me without any further comment, "I also love pussy, are you so inclined?," she said, pulling out one large breast from her blouse. I just about lost my breath seeing it, full, with a fabulous nipple. She reminded me of a lady I used to baby sit for in my early teens who seduced me, only. I fumbled a few words out of my head and told her I would not turn her down if she wanted to eat me out. She gave me a note with her phone extension and told her to meet her in the lobby after work.

    Hours later, filled with expectation I met her in the lobby. We walked to her car and she said, "We can have dinner at my place, I live alone." Ms. Thompson took me to her bed and flew me to paradise half a dozen times.
    She also said, "I know where all the action is in the company. I've been there 20 years. While driving me home I said, "I can't believe I connected with you and Ted so fast. I wondered how he knew about me? She said, "Those of us into "the natural way of folks" can tell. In time, you will, too.

    Later while scarfing on Ms. Thompson's large vulva lips and clit, between moans, she said, "Teddy was right, you ARE a talent." Ms. Thompson also said, "I don't do any of it in the office. Fifteen years ago I was caught with one of the top executives. He was fired and the man who fired him started fucking me. I never cared for him, so, thankfully, he's gone now but I don't ever want to go through that again."

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Tried some dick and now I am hooked.

    I was in Dubai and at the hotel I got to talking to this Dutch man and we had one too many and he invited me up to his room and I sucked his dick. To be honest I liked it. He was a pretty top man and he wanted more than just getting his dick sucked and I ended up giving him my ass as well. He used plenty of lubricant and a condom, he was well prepared and getting stuffed was far better than I would have guessed.

    Anyway since then I have hooked up two more times, once with an Arab man from Turkey who drove a cab in Paris who fucked me literally, no lube, no condom, no patience. He had me suck him afterwards. I don't know if I liked him more. He took me back to my hotel around 3 a.m. I asked him point blank where I could hook up with a man and he offered for a higher cab fare.

    My third connection was in New York. I made arrangements through an escort service to meet the guy at Times Square. I told him how I was dressed and that I gave him a fake name. He came by, a man in his later forties and we went to this bar which was all gay men. He kept his hand on my shoulder and I told him about my two previous encounters. He had made arrangements for us to go to a small hotel. For a small man he had a bid dick. He gave me his dick to suck and then told me to get on the bed and he gave me a massage. He brought some anal beads with him and he inserted them in me while he was giving me the massage. He told me kissing was extra, and rimming was extra, it was up to me.

    He meant he would charge me to rim me, but I rimmed him. He fucked me with a condom and lube, after pulling out the anal beads, and when he went to pee afterwards I followed him into the bathroom and he peed a little into my mouth. It was expensive, what with the cost of the room and the total time he spent with me, including the side trip to the gay bar.

    So far all three men were pretty much tops. Of the three the escort was best and I enjoyed hanging out with him at the gay bar. I also liked having him pee in my mouth. Also I think the escort is safest, he is in it for the money, not like the Turk who wanted to fuck to hurt. But the reality is that I can't afford that kind of money for an escort. I really didn't like the Dutch man. I have two trips ahead of me, one to Mexico City and one to Singapore. I heard that Singapore was not the place to look for company like that, but Mexico should be a lot easier.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Her name is Marcie, an uppity black bitch that is a supervisor of our section. When she first arrived I had the idea she was racist as any white person could be. However after a few weeks of Marcie's arrival, I realized she treated the black employee's as shitty as she did the white ones. She always talked down to the employees like we were children, there was a few of us including the black employees talked about knocking her on her ass.

    Marcie wasn't a bad looking gal, she appeared to be in her mid 30's. She wore frumpy looking clothes, no makeup, and her personality was of a pit bull. None of the guys ever talked about hitting on her, something unusual for the group of guys I worked with.

    About six months later I was coming home from a party one Friday night, it was about 1am when I saw a car on the side of the road with it's flashers on. In the darkness I could see a woman standing in front of the car as I slowly drove by. There was little traffic and I pulled over and turned my flashers on as I put the car into park.

    I walked back and the woman was on the phone, her back was towards me. She was going off on someone and I realized that voice sounded very familiar. She turned around and there was Marcie standing there. It took her a moment to recognize me, she told the person on the phone she would call them back.

    It was the first time I had seen Marcie smile at anything or anyone. She told me she had a flat tire and pointed to the right rear tire. It was dark, but it was easy to see her car was listing. She said something about her boyfriend was supposed to change the tire, he didn't get around to it for whatever reason.

    I'm standing there and I'm just pissed with myself, she would be the last person I would help because she was such a bitch. Too late, I was committed to help Marcie now. She opened the back of her SUV and I found the spare tire and went about changing her damn tire. While I changed the tire, she was back on the phone giving her husband or boyfriend hell for not fixing the tire before this happened.

    She screamed into the phone a big "fuck you" and hung up, a disgusted grunt and she came around to the back as I was letting the SUV down on the ground. I put the flat tire in the back and closed the hatch. Marcie actually said thank you to me and then offered me some money for fixing her tire. I told her no, it wasn't necessary. Then she offered to buy me a cup of coffee down the road at a nearby diner. I told her no but she wouldn't give up, finally I agreed and I followed her down the road to the diner.

    At least I could wash my hands, they were black with dirt and grease. It wasn't until I got back to the booth that Marcie was seated in I realized she looked different. She had on a nice dress with boots, her hair looked pretty decent and she wore a bit of makeup. She really looked pretty nice.

    Marcie controlled the conversation, which was no surprise after working for her these past months. She told me about her on and off again boyfriend and her two daughters. I drank my coffee and just listened. The waitress talked me into a piece of pie and Marcie had a piece as well.

    I was more than ready to leave after the coffee and pie. I went to pay the tab but Marcie said she would get the bill. I didn't hesitate to let her pick up the tab, something I never did with a woman.

    I walked her to her car in the parking lot and just as she opened the door to get into her car, she turned around and put her mouth to mine instantly. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and her hand was pressed against my cock. At first I was in shock, I didn't respond in any fashion. Suddenly her hand began to stir my cock inside my jeans, she rubbed my cock and kissed me hard.

    When my cock began to get hard, I began to kiss her back. She pulled my hand to her breast and guided my hand to squeeze her breast rather hard. She groaned as we continued to kiss, I felt her nipple getting hard even through her bra. She pressed her body against me, grinding her hips against my fully aroused cock.

    We got into my car and I drove down to the nearest hotel, Marcie kept squeezing my cock through my jeans until I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. By the time the door closed behind us, I was on top of Marcie, who climbed onto the bed instantly. We kissed each other hard, she groaned with pleasure.

    I barely remember removing her dress, she was down to her bra, panties and boots. She removed her bra and I feasted on her thick hard nipples. Her hands removed my shirt, her manicured nails raked my back at once. My cock was fully erect once again and she demanded I fucked her.

    I yanked her panties down and tossed them to the floor, she spread her legs and her fingers dived into her pussy. I tore my jeans off and got between her legs, not even bothering to remove her boots. I spread her booted legs and rammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

    She cried out loudly as I buried my hard cock into her pussy. We just fucked, I slammed my cock into her savagely. I called Marcie a slut and a whore, she seemed to really get off on it. Her nails raked my shoulders as I fucked her hard and fast. She wrapped her booted legs around my back, as if to keep me inside of her pussy.

    Marcie just saying "fuck me" "fuck me" over and over. I gave her what she wanted and more. I flipped her onto her fours and rammed her from behind. I spanked her ass as I fucked her as hard as I could. She just kept saying "yes, make me cum!"

    She was almost screaming, I reached around and covered her mouth as I fucked her. She climaxed instantly. I reached out and yanked her arms backwards, I held her that way as I fucked her. She loved it! She begged for me to do anything I wanted, and wicked ideas ran through my mind.

    Honestly I would have done a lot more but I was about five seconds from blasting my load into Marcie. I let go of her arms and she fell to the bed, my hard cock popped out just as the first squirt of cum shot out. I grabbed my cock and jerked it, my cum shooting all over her curvy ass and the small of her back.

    She lay there panting and I emptied my load all over her, she said nothing, just trying to catch her breath. I knelt behind her, between her booted legs. I stared at her dark skin, it was coated with sweat. I slowly slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. I showered and when I came out, Marcie was gone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I met this girl at the park a few months ago and after a week we started having sex,usually at my place because she lived with her parents and she didnt want them to catch us.She told me she was 18 and looked and acted like it but I never asked her for ID or anything.Last night she texted me and tells me her parents had been drinking all day and got pretty drunk and had been in bed for a couple of hours and were passed out ,she told me she couldnt wait any longer and needed me to fuck her so I told her to wait outside and I walked over to her house as fast as I could.She was on the porch and took me to her room and quickly had both of our clothes off and got on the bed .I was hard as a rock so as soon as I got between her legs I slipped it in and started fucking her being as quiet as possible. After a few minutes her eyes got really big and she tensed up and said "oh my god,,Daddy im sorry" .I pushed into her all the way ,stopped and turned my head and there was her dad,I never even heard the door open.He grabbed the chair from her dask and stepped up next to us and grabbed me ,jerked me up off his daughter ,out of the bed and slammed me into the chair and told me to put my hands behind the chair,I was so scared that I didnt hesitate and he tightly tied my wrists behind me and to the back of the chair then a wrap of duct tape around each ankle to each chair leg and I was totally helpless and unable to escape. He asked me if I knew how old his little girl is and I answered 18 ,he said try again and I told him she told me she was 18.He told her to tell me how old she is and she giggled and told me she never said she was 18 ,and that she is only 14 years old ,,I was in deep shit . Her dad told me I was going to be arrested and go to jail for r****g a minor and I started crying ,telling him I was sorry and had no idea she was not 18 and begged him to let me go telling him id never talk to her ever again. He asked me if I knew what would happen to me in jail and I just nodded and he slapped me and told me tell him and say it out loud .With tears running down my face I said they would make me suck their cocks and fuck me in my ass .The girl giggled and said id probably like that then asked me if I wanted to suck mens cocks and if I have ever sucked mens cocks and I quickly told them that no I didnt want to and that I havent ever sucked cock . Her father got up and stood over in front of me saying that since I was going to suck cock in jail I could suck his cock and see if I really didnt like it,His daughter got up saying I would love doing it and pulled her dads shorts off taking a hold of his cock pumping on it .I shook my head and told him that I wouldnt like it and wasnt going to try it and started to struggle and get free.He slapped me again and told me to sit still,,he said he caught me fucking his little girl who is under age and was going to call the cops and I would be arrested and as soon as I was locked up in jail the men would beat me up ,make me suck their cocks and either torture me till I offered them my tight little sissy c**t or they would get tired of waiting and just r**e me,either way I was going to suck every cock in my pod and have my ass fucked good and hard ,,I started crying hard and begged him to let me go .I kept begging and offered anything I could think of to get free and they just laughed telling me that I would like being a sissy whore for those men ,,either eventually or maybe even right away .Her dad told me he had an idea,told me he would let me go ,not have me arrested but only if I agreed to suck his cock .I quickly thought it over,,spend no telling how long in jail where id be a sex toy for all those men or suck this one mans cock so I quickly agreed to suck his cock.That wasnt good enough,,they wanted me to say that I wanted to suck his cock,,I did then with out thinking I begged him to please let me suck his hard cock that I wanted to do it more than anything. The father sat naked on his daughters bed while she released me and told me to show them how bad I wanted his cock,reminding me that if I didnt obey that id get to please my boyfriends in jail.I dropped to my knees between the mans legs and took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it hoping he would hurry up and cum so this night mare would be over ,unfortunatly he didnt and I was forced to suck on it for over half an hour.Finally he told me he was going to cum in my mouth ,I had to keep my lips wrapped around it ,,swallow every drop or he would make me do it over and over till I could ,,lastly to keep sucking until I made it hard again.I was lucky and was able to swallow it all as ordered,then sucked him hard again . He told me to sit in the chair and watch a real man fuck his daughter,,I sat there and watched them have incredible sex and afterwards licked and sucked her pussy clean then sucked his cock again making sure it was clean as before he caught me fucking his little girl

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    Straight Male / 46

    When I was in my mid 30s I dated a woman who was about 10 years younger than me. One night while in bed she confessed to me that her father m****ted repeatedly from the time she was 12 until she left the house at 18. At first she didn't think her mother knew, but one night when she was 15 and she caught a glimpse in a mirror of her mom sitting the hallway masturbating as her dad was on top of her fucking her. At that point she decided to get even at some point in her life and she asked me to help her.

    So one night we were over at her parents, who where in their mid to late 50s. At this point her dad was heavy and had let himself go and was just a sloppy fat fuck. Her mom was thin -- in part because her dad was strict and made her do weigh ins and monitored her foot intake -- and you could tell at one point she was probably a cute woman but was now just a broken human. Their lives were pretty miserable but since I promised my gf I'd help her get revenge I helped.

    We got them drunk, not bad but drunk nonetheless. My gf started to cock tease her dad and when he looked like he was starting to get turned on she hauled off and punched him so hard he fell off the chair. We then taped his arms and legs together and propped him up against the wall. We then proceeded to make her mother fuck me, suck me, lick my asshole and drink my gf's piss. We were so turned on that we then went into her parent's room and fucked in the bed, making it a sloppy mess. After we were done, she went over and pissed on her dad and told him if he touched her or her mother again she'd call the police. She then told her mother to get her shit together because she was moving in with her.

    Over time, her mother started to look better and I started to fuck both of them. Even though my gf broke up with me, I still fuck her mother from time to time even though she's in her 70s. My wife likes to watch and even makes the old lady lick her pussy.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife sucks here bosses dick several times a week. I know about it and don't know what to do because we need the money. He doesn't fuck her or make her do anything else. He doesn't fondle her or touch her he just sits in his chair and she kneels down and gives him head until he cums. She was making $14 an hour and He propositioned her and told her that he would pay her $25 an hour if she would service him whenever he asked her to. She came home and we talked about it over the weekend and we both decided to let her do it. She's been doing it for almost 2 years now and he's now paying her $35 an hour. It hasn't affected our sex life, we just don't talk about it. We have an agreement that if he does anything or asks anything different of her she will tell me so that we can discuss it. She admitted to me the other day that sometimes she gets sexually aroused when she is sucking his dick but she has never let him know. She also admitted that sometimes she will go to his door and ask if he needs her services knowing that he's going to have her suck his dick. Sometimes when I French kiss her I think about him nutting in her mouth and it's kind of weird.

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    Straight Male / 54

    My wife and I were really kinky when we first got married. She was a party girl before we got together and was known for giving great blowjobs any time she was partying with you. As a matter of fact, she would blow a guy in the other room and after he would nut and go back out into the party, another guy would come in and she would blow him, and then the next guy. She just liked sucking dick and that made her popular with the guys.
    So afte we got married, she was always sucking my dick, which I loved. She and her best friend sucked my dick together and then she backed off and let her friend finish me off while she watched. Then,a week later or so, I let her suck off my younger brother while we were all watching porn one night. I ended up fucking her doggy style while she sucked his dick. It was really a turn on to watch her give him head while I fucked her from behind. He started nutting in her mouth and the sight of that made me blow my load in her pussy at the same time. So she got two loads of cum at the same time, one in her mouth and one on her pussy.

    Well, that was years ago and we have had a normal sex life for over 20 years. But the other night she admitted to me the other night that she had sucked off one of my friends several times when I wasnât home and they were partying together during that time period but never since then.
    She also told me that she had given my brother a hand job and sucked his dick years ago. One night when we were all dropping acid and I had left the house to take a friend home, my younger brother had flipped out so she had taken him back to the bedroom to try to calm him down. When I got back to the house, I walked in the bedroom and saw my brother laying naked on the bed, with a hardon and my wife standing next to the bed. She sheepishly said âIâve been wishing you were hereâ. She claimed that nothing had happened between the two of them so I blew it off. She admitted the other night that she had been massaging his dick and then had started giving him head but I came home before she could finish. She told me that she had been carrying the guilt for years and had always been afraid that someone would tell me. Instead of getting mad, it turned me on to think about her blowing my friend and my brother without me knowing. I told her that it was all right with me that she had done that and I had fantasized about her doing it with strangers for years but didnât think she was into that kind of thing anymore. I told her that it would really turn me on to watch her blow some young guys while I watched. At first, she got mad when I suggested it but then said that she would have to think about it. Iâm really hoping sheâll decide to do it. Iâve already set up a Craigslist ad and have a bunch of guys waiting if she decides to go through with it but I havenât told her because I donât want to freak her out.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I just started college and moved in with Mandy, my older sister, and Tom, her husband. They live closer to the school than my parents. Mandy thinks I don't know that she knows I'm now fucking Tom. She knows. I just want to work it into a threesome before discussing it. Mandy and I used to mess around a bit and talk about watching each other get fucked by some guy when we were kids. Now's our chance.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I feel bad about it but I have sex with my daughters friend. She has two older brothers who both use her. She is very pretty and athletic. Her parents put her on birth control. I take my daughter and her to soccer practice and games often. She wants sex with me whenever we get an opportunity. She drives over when no one is at our house but me often. My wife works night in the hospital so I have our bed alone. The friend sleeps over often and comes get in bed with me. This is how we started. I was asleep one night and thought I was having a good dream so when I awoke she was in bed with me naked giving me a blow job. She got on top and milked me dry. She is of legal age but this isnât the right thing to do..I canât get her mad with me because she may spill the beans. I now enjoy her young body and hope for the best.

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