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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 53

    At 63, I'm 5ft. 4in. 175lbs, with C cups that sag and after breastfeeding look deflated. During the late 70s I was a coke whore, turned cock whore, cum whore and as one boyfriend called me, a cum receptacle. I had 1 boyfriend I let fuck me when I was 17 and that was it. A couple of years of sucking his cock, getting fucked he took me to his friend Tony's and it was Tony who introduced me to cocaine. I didn't realize the expense, and Tony invited me over when my boyfriend wasn't with me. I went and got more coke. He told me it was $ 200 and I didn't have money. I wanted more, and I gave him a blowjob, and let him fuck me. Later that night I let him stick 9 inches that was 2 inches thick into my ass and I got my first, very painful, anal sex. I went back the next day, let him fuck me twice, once in my ass again, and did more coke. By the end of the weekend my boyfriend was watching me get fucked by 4 guys. I'd had a total of 12 guys that weekend all friends of Tony's who would pay for my coke and some pot. I didn't care anymore I was high, I liked it, and I'd become a slut or whore.

    My boyfriend broke up with me, AFTER he fucked me anally too with Tony watching. I fucked probably 150 to 200 guys in the next few years. I had gangbangs, a few guys sold me to have sex with others, I had all-anal gangbangs that sometimes lasted an entire weekend. Even this long after, my butt has never been the same, I have trouble controlling my movements, and my hole is very opened and loose. At my lowest, I would eat other girls, and let them eat me, and was letting people - male and female - piss on me, sometimes with clothes on, sometimes naked.

    By about 27 I straightened up, got a good job, and married a man from work. I have grandchildren now, and my husband, the pastor, and no one in my life would believe what I used to be.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Since I grew up in residential school I always had gay encounters from the age of 15... and it was always just blowjobs and handjobs... no penetration... it grossed me out always.. the fear for the pain is also reason for aversion..after schooling ,in college had a pretty good sex life with women varing from 18 to 40âs.. but I never know I had things for shemales unless I was in Thailand last summer. It was all just massages With happy ending.. but was awesome. No other encounters. After getting back to my place I mastrubated a lot to shemale videos. Mostly one that involves a male female and shemale. Then to my surprise found a tinder match who happened to be a shemale. Not a hooker. A shemale in a respectable job. Met her. She was beautiful , elegant and well composed. Had couple of drinks. We straight away got to work once we entered the room. It was all kissing. Undressed ourself. There she was with a decent size boobs and a hard erected cock. Such a turn on. She was too good at blowing and I put her cock and in my mouth and sucked it all slow and deep while playing with her breast. As she moans I got aggressive and sucked the cock real bad. I loved sucking it. She said she wanted in her ass.. bummer.. I donât have a condom. So we decided to help each other out and finished with a handjob.. I canât wait to meet her next and give it in her ass... she likes it hard and submissive she told me.. waiting to treat her like my bitch.. even I might get my first anal penetration.. who knows.. btw I still fuck women!

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    Straight Male / 42

    I've been married for 12 years.
    About 10 years ago, my wife had an affair, with my permission.
    There was a new guy, Ty, at work and he asked Kayla out. She told him she was married, which he didn't care about. Kayla said she found him annoying.
    Kayla came home and we joked about it. I never took it serious at first. Then one day Kayla came home and wanted to talk to me about something. She asked how I would feel if I knew she was turned on by other men. I told her it kind of turned me one. She said good and I did my pants. Kayla said she wanted fuck Ty and then began to blow me. I came in less than 60 seconds. Kayla looked at me and said, so is that a yes? I gave her my permission.
    Kayla began having sex with him and our sex life got even better too. I never met him though, because Kayla thought it was weird. She had a very strict upbringing so this behavior violated what she was taught. It was probably why she wanted to do it. Anyway after a couple months she called it off, because of how she felt. For some years I tried to get her to do something like that again, but she made it clear that it was never going to happen again.
    Well about 3 months ago, we went out to eat at a local steak restaurant. Sitting at a table near us is this local News anchor guy that Kayla can't stand. His name is John and I will leave out his last name. She always makes me change the channel when he's on.
    So jokingly, I said there's your boyfriend. (I picked that phrase up from Kayla's best friend Beth, who always called him that when he came on).
    Kayla's face flushed and she just said Oh shit. I was confused, I knew she didn't like him, but I thought she was overreacting. She spent the whole meal trying to avoid being seen by him.
    Finally he saw her and he recognized her. He came over. He leaned right in and planted a big kiss right on her mouth and called her by name. Kayla blushed, bright red and introduced me.
    He introduced himself as John and shook my hand. He asked Kayla, Same guy?
    She said yes. John told me what a lucky guy I am and how most guys would kill for a woman like her.
    He explained that they used to work together and that he'd heard a lot about me. He gave Kayla his card and invited her for a drink sometime. He didn't seem to be extending the offer to me though. Then he left.
    That's when Kayla confessed that he was the guy she had a fling with. Which made sense why Beth called him her boyfriend. Beth knew.
    But I thought his name was Ty. It turns out that was just a stupid nickname they had given him at that job and he was a college student back then.
    Kayla said she's never going to call him, which I believe. But now every time I see him on TV, I want to bring it up. I want her to do it just one more time.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 17 female, living in middle America. A little over a year ago I lost my virginity I was just about 16 and finally once some of my friends had lost theirs they would talk about it, and I'd join in. Only my story was made up. I couldn't bring myself and still can't tell anyone that I lost my virginity to a 45 year old woman. I was helping her out, she is someone I've known for almost all my life, and working together at her house for sometimes a week at a time during a summer we would sleep together in the same bed. Snuggling lead to kissing, feeling each others bodies, then showering in the morning together, and eventually my first orgasm from her lips, tongue and delicate fingers. She taught me how to do the same for her only it was with my hand inside her.

    One night she told me it was time and with 3 fingers she broke my hymen. She would use a vibrating dildo on me, and a vibrating strap on and make love to me like a man would.

    I still see her, we are lovers full on and we are in love. I can't bring myself to tell anyone of my real experience for my first time though so I make up a story of a boy I was with when I went to Chicago for 2 weeks. I put bi in the description as I don't want a boy or man, but she wants me to experience it. I love the sex we have but just can't bring myself to tell anyone about us.

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    Straight Male / 35

    When I was about 13i started taking a interest in girls and women's lingerie and clothing,First i walked in on my mom just in sexy lingerie,one day i was asked to take washing off the line as i was putting it in the basket i came along a few pairs of silky lace panties,slip and a couple of bra's,i took them off the line and rub them on my face,i loved the feel of them so i put the panties down front of my shorts so they were against my cock,i got really excited and hard.I raced inside put the washing in mom's room then started taking my clothes off,I grabbed the panties and put them on next was the bra,i loved the feel,i looked in mirror and was all excited so I thought im not stopping now so i went through her draws took out a pair of silk black pantyhose an noticed a vibrator i grabbed it out and put down front of my panties,i looked in her wardrobe and took a long pink silky lace petticoat a long red maxi skirt and a white button up see thru blouse,I knew nobody would be home for nearly 4 hours ,There i was all dressed up in women's clothing and i loved it,I began walking around the house and as we lived on a huge farm in bushland and our closest neighbor 8 miles away i desided to fenture outside and walk to sheds ,i was walking around when I herd my 11 yr old sister calling out for me,then I spotted her so i quickly went into the shed,i forgot she was getting dropped off after camp,i knew i was safe in the shed so i lay back on a old bed we had in there pulled up front of my skirt and rub vibrator over my cock,my eyes were closed and i knew it wouldn't be long before I started cumming,i began jerking my cock when I herd my sister say what are you doing dressed in women's clothing and pulling your cock for,I open my eyes and looked at her,i said please sis don't say anything to anybody about this,she came sat besde me an asked how long have you been doing this for,i told her i seen her a few times naked dressing up in mom's clothes and i seen mom in just lingerie,i told her i seen her playing with her self a couple of times and i took a few pictures of her naked she asked if I showed anybody i said no,she made me promise not to say i seen her playing with her self wearing mom's clothes i said ok but only if you take your clothes off and watch me masturbate she agreed,while she lay beside me i started playing and feeling her all over then started rubbing her pussy and slipped a finger inside her and finger fucked her till she cum on my fingers,i stopped jerking my cock rolled over and began kissing her on the lips and putting my tongue in her mouth,i pushed her legs open and got between her legs and started rubbing my cock up and down her pussy she began moaning and wiggling so i lined her hole up and slowly slipped my cock half way inside her pussy and stopped,i pulled out a little bit then kissed her and slammed my cock all the way inside her,she screamed to get it out cause it was hurting her i replied it's all the way in,i started fucking her harder and faster and felt her cum twice on my cock,i whispered to her so you like being fuck by big brother she nodded yes,i stiffened grabbed her waist and pushed as far as I could get it in her and exploded deep inside her,Today every chance we get we meet up at a motel she dresses me up and we enjoy sex

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    Straight Female / 38

    So I was asleep the other night and woke up face down with my husband having sex with me. He was going at it pretty hard and it hurt a bit. I was rather shocked and pretended to be asleep. It went on for quite a while with him just slamming me. Finally he finished and rolled off of me. He's never done anything like this befor, and I know its bad, but it was kinda hot.

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    Straight Male / 53

    (1985) Trish had invited me over to her place. a just turned eighteen years old gymnast in high school, she had moved out of her parents house and got a studio apartment of her own. black hair, blue eyes, firm rocking little frame, pale skin with freckles, little upturned nose, great smile. nice, nice ass. i procured us some booze and met her after work.

    "hope you don't mind, my friend Cathy's here, too", she said as she let me in the door. nope, didn't mind at all, once i got to see her.
    Cathy was a willowy seventeen year old ballerina, a senior in high school as well. long legged and high waisted, big brown eyes, shoulder length dirty blonde hair. 34B tits that stuck out on her thin frame with that nice swoopy swope that made them look like puppies playing under a blanket when she moved. skinny. well, like a ballerina. "hi" she said, smiling at me. "hi, nice to meet you", i replied. little did i know i would be fucking her as well as Trish in a few hours.

    i had brought my acoustic guitar, i made some cocktails, we got drunk sang songs and danced. i made sure to give most of my attention to Trish, as she had invited me over and i kinda liked her. by now it was about midnight and Trish decided it was bedtime. Trish turned down the lights and the girls took off their clothes, changing into just t-shirts and panties in front of me in the small apartment. i stripped down to my boxers. we all got into Trish's bed, me in the middle. fuck yeah! i couldn't believe it, i was in bed with two hot chicks! Trish turned to me and started kissing me, running her her hand down to my hard cock poking out of the fly of my shorts, taking it in her little fist and stroking it. "mmm, nice" she smiled to me in the dark, her breath soft on my cheek. i put my hands under her shirt and squeezed her small lemon shaped tits, the nipples hard already. kissing her, i got on top of her, ignoring Cathy. Trish spread her legs so that my hard cock was pushing against her cotton pantie covered little pussy. i could feel the heat radiating off of it, and the dampness too. i pulled her panties to the side and put the head of my hard cock against her damp pussy, sliding it up and down, then smacking her clit with it. "ah , ah" she said with a sharp intake of breath." don't tease me, put it in". my cock throbbed. i slipped the head in, she was hella tight! just the head, my cock started to throb, i pulled out and pushed back in, going deeper each time as her tiny pussy loosened up with each stroke. fuck goddamn, she felt sooooo fucking good, tight little pussy, smooth firm little body,her running her hands up and down my chest and shoulders, spreading her legs for me, me pushing my cock into her nice and slow, hearing her sigh and moan in the dark, so fucking sexy!

    Cathy rolled onto her side, stroking my back. "hey" she whispered. "hi". she kissed me, ran her hands down to my ass and pulled off my shorts. i turned to her and started french kissing her while burying my firm solid shaft in Trish's tiny little pussy. oh sweet jesus, i almost came right there, it was sooo intense, kissing this gorgeous young girl while buried balls deep in another gorgeous young girl...she kissed differently than Trish, more open mouthed and a little sloppy but still good. Trish lifted her ass off the bed, pulling off her underwear, then spread her legs again as i re-entered her tight little snatch. she started bucking her hips as i fucked her,me running my hands all over her smooth legs and body. Cathy had lost her shirt and panties by now, and was running her hands all over me, running her fingers through my hair, kissing me, squeezing my ass and stroking my balls as i fucked her friend. she looked mesmerized, watching us fuck and she positioned her face down by my ass to watch my cock slide in and out of Trish's pussy. i found out later she liked to watch. she was pinching her nipples and playing with her pussy. "fuck, that looks good" she panted, breathing hard. she lay back, spreading her legs. "play with me" she said, taking my hand and putting it on her open pussy. she had a big wet c**t, big bush, long lips. i easily slipped one, two, three fingers into her sopping box. she moaned and grabbed my wrist, moving my hand back and forth while rolling her hips up and down. we were in a tangle of legs and arms and Cathy's tits, smooth girl flesh rubbing all over me, my cock in one girl and me finger banging the other. YEAH! WOO HOO! I'M THE KING! guitars and vodka, gets me laid! by two girls at the same time!!

    Trish was moaning and cooing as i fucked her, wiggling around, kissing me, my neck, my chest, running her hands through my chest hair, sighing and wrapping her legs around me, hugging me and nibbling on my ear...damn, it felt sooo fucking good, Cathy laying down next to us, now on her side, rubbing her pointy tits against my arm and sticking her tongue in my ear while i fucked Trish. Cathy stuck her tits in my face, her pink pencil-eraser nipples rubbing my cheek. i took one in my mouth, she sighed and quivered, pushing my fingers deeper into her. oh fuck, i wanted to stick my cock in her, too, so i pulled out of Trish and pushed Cathy onto her back, getting between her legs. she grabbed her ankles and in one swift motion pulled them behind her head, spreading herself for me, taking my face in her hands and soul kissing me. "aww fuck goddamn, you look so fuckin' good" i whispered. "fuck me", she said. i took my cock and positioned it right at her pussy and slid right in to my balls in one easy push. wow! she had a BIG WIDE PUSSY, not really deep but really loose and wide, slick and wet already. she felt completely different than Trish, her body long and limber, long arms, long legs, loose and flexible. not compact and muscular like Trish's gymnastic trained body. and her pussy! wet, and loose, not at all like Trish's tight little box. it just looked so different and felt soooo different than Trish's.

    Trish laid there and watched us, rubbing her pussy and then licking her fingers. i take her fingers into my mouth and suck on them, tasting her sweet little pussy. her scent is musky and slightly peppery spicy. she tastes good. I'm pounding Cathy's big sloppy c**t, trying to get some traction inside of her, its kinda like sticking my dick into a glass of warm water. it doesn't feel bad, its just kinda hard to get my nut. she's starting to get off, she pushes me back and straddles me cowgirl style. i'm buried all the way inside of her, she starts grinding and pounding c**t on my cock so hard that afterwards i had a bruise on the base of my dick. i grab her hips and push her up and down, she puts her hands on my chest, rolls her eyes back, arches her back, quivers and lets out a long sigh. she had one of those "quiet" orgasms, all sighs and small moans.

    i'm still hard, and i wanted to cum in Trish first anyway. i push her to the side and before i know it Trish is straddling me reverse-cowgirl style. she takes my cock in her hand and impales herself on it, showing me her bubble butt and cinnamon ring ass hole, and starts violently bouncing up and down, like Cathy did but in reverse. she was the type of girl who didn't have quiet orgasms, she started moaning and crying out "uh uh uh" LOUD. oh yeah, this is it, her pussy felt sooo nice and tight after me being in Cathy's loose quim.
    leaning forward, she licked my ankle, then my foot, then started sucking on my toe. kinda gross, i know, but it felt fucking awesome! Cathy started kissing me again, running her hands all over me, alternating between putting her nipples in my mouth so i could suck them to putting her head on my shoulder so we could both watch my hard cock slide in and out of Trish as she bounced up and down on it. it looked soooo fucking hot, the whole situation was so fucking hot, i couldn't believe it, here i was, fucking two girls at the same time! one a gymnast, the other a ballerina...fuck, i love rich high school girls. Trish fucked me till she came, then i put her on her back and started doing her missionary. i put her so that her legs were hooked over my elbows, holding them open. Cathy guided my cock into Trish's pussy for me and i started fucking her hard. Trish is panting, telling me "faster, faster, harder harder! cum inside me!" shit, it was too much, Cathy stroking my balls, stroking my cock when i pulled it all the way out, my cock started throbbing. i stuck it in all the way. "fuck, i;'m cumming! ah shit!" Trish stuck her tongue in my mouth as i shot load after load of cum into her little pussy, Cathy squeezing my ass as i came. i collapsed on Trish, Cathy lying next to us, stroking my back, me taking turns kissing them both. i pulled out and glanced down at my glistening cock as i did, admiring Trish's little freshly fucked kitten. "oh, that looks beautiful" Cathy gasped. "so beautiful". she got down there and started sucking my flaccid cock back to life.

    i laid on my back and let her suck it. she moaned in her throat giving me a hummer, taking it all the way down. everything about her was loose, she could open her mouth really wide, she had a big sloppy loose pussy, she was flexible like a contortionist. i guess being a ballerina makes you flexible. Trish stuck her head down there too, and they took turns sucking my cock, Trish taking only the head in, then Cathy taking the whole thing down to the root. when i was good and hard, Cathy wanted to fuck some more and got on top of me again, sliding down easily on my hard pole. i wanted to cum in her, and i wanted to fuck her missionary like i had fucked Trish so i could compare them. i pushed her back and started fucking her just like i had fucked Trish, legs hooked over my arms, spread wide. wow, her pussy was sooo different. wet, loose, sloppy. i fucked her like that for a little bit, then flipped her over and put her face down buns up, grabbing her hips and fucking her hard doggie style, really getting deep in her big pussy. i really liked the contrast between the two. Trish is now kissing me, and i feel my balls start to tighten for Cathy, getting ready to release my second load of the night, inside Cathy this time. "aw fuck, i'm gonna cum! shit!" i grunt and bury my pulsating member inside Cathy's sopping wet pussy, shooting cum up inside her. she pushes back against me and bites the pillow her face is on, grunting also. i feel Trish caressing my nut sack. "i wanted to feel them as you came" she said. i pull out and flop down next to Cathy, she rolls over and kisses me, then snuggles up next to me. Trish does the same on the other side. i kiss Trish some more, and tell the girls i need a little break before we go again. i was twenty years old and in bed with two hot horny girls. yes, i fucked them both twice more, fell asleep, then fucked each one again in the morning. good times. oh, to be young and beautiful...

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    Straight Male / 36

    I have a 15 year old foster kid, he is taller than me at 5'10. So he is a big boy. Anyway I'm dating this 34 year old hot model, and I got home at 4:30, one hour early and what do I see in the downstairs room, the little slut is Dogie and he is pounding here.
    I don't know what to do. I asked here to leave. But it kinda makes me excited to she her doing that, but is she crazy??? What do I do with the both of them, animals..

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    Straight Male / 32

    I find that the more children women have, the more likely they are to take it in the ass.

    The vagina can recover after one birth, but after 2, or 3, or more they lose their tightness altogether and often the sensation too. That means a guy with an average cock stands no chance of satisfying a mother of 5.
    Anal sex brings back the spark in women. They remember what it's like to be stretched by an erect penis.
    Of course there are women who enjoy it so much that their rectums also become saggy and worn out.
    I prefer a woman mid to late 30s, with enough kids to make her sex life with her husband non existent, and a virginal asshole. Nothing better than popping a milf's anal cherry. My cock is average size so they normally don't take much convincing.

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    Gay Male / 46

    It seems that late teens is always a difficult time. I was never one to have any friends in school and I could not stay at home when I got back from school and listen to my mother complain. So I took my biked and would go bike riding. In our town there was a small commercial airport, not big jets or anything like that, but lots of private planes. At the end of the runway was a hill between the runway and the highway, and I would sneak under the fence and go sit on the hill to watch the planes land and take off.

    There was one plane in particular, it was a vintage P-51. The pilot would fly it on weekends, and once in a while if the weather was good on Thursdays. He was a dentist in town and a flyer. When the P-51 flew I would stand to watch. After a while when the P-51 flew over me on take off he would rock his wings and I would wave to him.

    One afternoon I was sitting watching the planes and this man walked up the hill from the highway. I thought I was in trouble, it had to be the police or the security from the airport. But it wasn't, it was the pilot of the P-51. He sat down with me and told me that was the best place to watch planes take off and land. We talked for a while and he told me that if I rode my bike over to the hangars and asked for him, he would see that they would let me in sand I could see the planes up close. To come on Saturday afternoon around 4 and he would be there.

    I showed up, gave his name, they said that they had been advised and I went in. Staying on the marked walkway until I got to the hangar where he stored his P-51. It was a beaut. It was big too, in the air it didn't look so big. He took me around and explained all the features, he let me climb the ladder to look in the cockpit, and seeing my face he said I could get in.

    When the tour was done, we went and saw some other airplanes, two engine, one engine, a couple of vintage bi-wings, he bought me a coke from the machine, he gave me his card and told me if I brought a note from my mother he would take me up in a trainer, a measly little two seater trainer. I begged and my mother made a couple of calls and I got the note. The next week I went up for the first time, I was in the air.

    When we got back down, I had to use the bathroom and I went in and he followed me and there were two urinals and a stall. I undid my belt and stepped into the stall. He called me out and said that if I was going to hang around men then I had to pee like a man and let it all hang out and pee at the urinal. He took out his penis, it was dark, and big and he told me to whip it out, and we peed. He said that when he was in the Air Force and two pilots met for the first time they would shake each other by the penis (he called it dick). Just grab his dick and hold on to see who lets go first, and he grabbed my penis and he told me to grab his and he use his hand with a motion of his fingers to work me into an erection.

    He put his arm around my shoulders and told me to use my hand and get him hard, that was the only way men could really compare, hard on to hard on. He hugged me closer, holding my penis and using his hand on my penis and telling me to do the same on his penis. We were both hard, and he said we should go ahead and do a head knock and a head rub, and he took my penis against his and started to rub my head against his. He had me hugged very close to him, rubbing our penises together, I was so hard and his penis was so hard, he said we were real men. Many minutes passed while we held each other's penis. He leaned over so he spoke in my ear, he said that the tradition in the Air Force was that the guy with the smaller penis had to suck the man with the larger penis.

    We walked away from the urinals and he bent down and gave my penis a long suck. I expected that he wanted me to suck him. He sucked me for a good long while. He stopped for a minute and told me that the only thing better than getting your dick sucked was sucking a dick yourself. You just had to suck dick, to go ahead and suck him, he had shown me how and to do it. He got me to get down on my knees and suck him. At that point I wanted to suck him, I felt he got bigger and harder, he would say 'that's it, keep sucking and then we will do some fucking'.

    I really don't know when he got my pants undone and pushed down to my ankles, he was holding my penis in his hand and he looked at me and asked me if I wanted to get kissed first. He said that a lot of girls needed to get kissed before they got fucked. He didn't wait for an answer and he kissed me and he said 'now you be a good girl, it's going to take a bit of work to get your properly fucked unless you want it to hurt'.

    He walked me with my pants still around my ankles to the sink and told me to put both hands on it, he pulled me back a little at a time until I was bent over, he had me open my legs and he started dropping spit on my back and rubbing it into my hole. After a couple of minutes he put his penis up against my hole and he told me to hold my breath, that most girls did better that way. He got into it shoving and pushing and reaching around and grabbing my penis real hard, until he got through and started to move his penis in and out and in and out deeper and deeper, telling me in explicit detail how I was doing and how much more penis I had yet to go.

    I wanted to quit but he told me that to take it all the first time was best, that way I would always be a good girl for him. I started counting, I was at fifty and kept counting, I was at one hundred and kept counting, and he kept reading off how much more penis was left. I was at two hundred and twenty when he said one more good shove and you'll be broken in. When we were done, and he swore me to secrecy, we grabbed each other's penis again. He unlocked the door and had me go out first. After a while he came out and he put the key back in the box next to the desk for the clerk that worked in the hangar.

    I don't know if I liked it, I was never able to resist afterwards, I wanted it and whenever I went to see him I went ready. I got to where I could really suck him good, I got to the point where I could get him to cum, but he liked getting really hard and fucking me until he came. When he came he would always tell me I was a good girl. I've been a good girl ever since, I love getting a man behind me, I love to suck. but a successful outing ends with a trip down memory lane, counting from one to a hundred, sometimes to two hundred, while the man behind me does his duty. I never joined the Air Force, or any of the services for that matter.

    I went to work in the sanitation department and rose to be plant supervisor at the waste water treatment plant. I stayed in the maintenance department because there were always young men who needed to be taught how two men said hello, what the proper etiquette is when you have a penis in your hand, what you are supposed to do before you get behind the man to do your magic, get your penis hard, real hard, get something to lubricate the gate, give it time, let him enjoy every millimeter of it until you are balls in, then you can fuck for your own pleasure to get off. Just remember, that when you meet, if you have the smaller penis, you have to suck. Those were the rules as long as I was the supervisor there. And I still love the opportunity to be the girl.

    I got to see just about every airplane that landed at the airport, and to sit in the vintage biwings, a big yellow one. To sit in the cockpit of his P-51, I took many lessons, really we just went up and we flew around. I would watch him take off in his P-51 and wait for him to land.

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