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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 50

    When I first got married we used to go on holiday twice a year, for the first three years, all over Europe. Our last holiday into Europe, was to the south of France, where we had rented a farm cottage,in a village near Nice. We fell in love with the place,and we decided to go there all the time, we got to know the farmer and his wife, they were both in their early forties, 14 years older than us, the farmers wife was very attractive, and the farmer was quite handsome as well.

    After going there for a couple of years, we thought about staying there permanently, as it was just a short flight to Gatwick from the nearby Nice Airport. My wife was an English teacher and I am a motor mechanic, so we decided to find out about jobs, and a suitable place to live.

    The farmer suggested us renting the cottage long term at a cheaper rate, til we could buy somewhere in, or near the village. So that was it , we both got jobs, and moved to the south of France, we had gotten to know some of the locals, and when we moved they held a party for us, it was a dream move for both of us.

    We had been there about 3 months, when the farmer said 'I'm having a party on Saturday night, as its my wife's birthday ' and it's fancy dress. So we set about getting our costumes, eventually I chose a Pilots uniform and my wife chose this very revealing Toga.

    Saturday arrived and we both got ready, ( we had also made another decision, my wife wanted to start a family, so she came of the pill )and went to the party, the farmers wife greeted us, and I got an instant horn, she was dressed as a Burlesque Singer, and her ample tits and great legs were well on show. Add to that my wife in her sexy Toga I was as horny as a bag of Thistles and Holly, then the farmer appeared, and he was dressed as a Pirate.

    We went into the house as other people in fancy dress were arriving, soon the house was full and the party got into full swing. After about an hour and a half, the farmers wife caught me looking at her legs and tits, so she came over to me and said ' So you like my dress ? patting my crotch with the palm of her hand, saying my my you do like my dress, and we need to do something about that, pointing to my stiff cock, and promptly lead me away to an outhouse, where she proceeded to haul my uniform off, so without further ado I relived her of her dress, we settled down to what I can only describe as, the most glorious sex that I'd ever had.

    We were at it for at least an hour, I had finger fucked her, ate her out, sucked on her lovely tits, and mounted her from the rear, doggy style, finally laying her out in the missionary position, And finally I shot my copious spunk deep inside her sodden wet fanny.

    I thought I had died and went to heaven, as her body was just perfect, meanwhile unknown to me the farmer had spied my wife and gotten her drinks making her quite tipsy, and he started flirting with her, which she responded to, when I got back to the party my wife, was well and truly pretty oiled, and she informed me, that she had been flirting with the farmer. I asked her if she fancied him, and she replied 'Of course I do ( he's a handsome man ') at that I thought if I could get him interested, it would alleviate the guilty feeling that I had.

    I didn't need to coax the farmer , because he saw my wife, and took her down the courtyard, where he proceeded to tell her wanted to bull her hard, to my surprise she said ok , so they walked off in the direction of the bedrooms downstairs, I followed them, and he took her into an empty room and started to get this very revealing Toga of her, once he had done this, he stripped off all his clothes, revealing the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have been 9 inches hard at least.

    The farmer then went on to Finger fuck her, then suck her lovely tits, and then eat her fanny out, finally rolling her onto her belly, and lifting her arse up and parting her thighs, before ramming his huge cock straight Up Her dripping wet pussy, after about 15 minutes screwing the arse of her, he rolled her over onto her back and started shagging her hard in the missionary position, he was pounding away, and I suddenly realised she wasn't on the pill anymore, and I rushed in to get him to stop, I recognised the faster panting of a man about to shoot his load, and I ran to the bed, and tried to pull him off, my wife though was having none of it, she was moaning and bucking like hell, and she was kicking out at me, trying to get me to stop, and all the time the farmer was riding her like there was no tomorrow, I kept trying to get him off her, when suddenly he bucked, shooting his hot thick spunk right up, and deep into her fanny, he continued to buck 6 or 7 times before finally stopping.

    That was 8 months ago, and now my wife is heavily pregnant, but so is the farmers wife, they are both due at the same time, we have all moved in together now, as it makes sense, who is the farmer and me going to shag after the babies are born, does it really matter because I know who ever it is that I'm going to have great sex, as watching my wife getting shagged long and hard was a huge turn on, and the farmer has told me he would like to see me hump his wife too, til she was screaming with pleasure, I cant wait.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My cousin and I are married to other people now but we still have sex. We started in our teens, really early teens and haven't stopped. When I fuck my wife I think of her. She is always there for me, always, she is always hot. She doesn't give me explicit details of her and her husband but she pretty much tells me she waits for me. I love fucking her, being close like that with her, I love dropping my load in her, a day without seeing her is a long ass day, my wife says we have a codependency problem but I don't think she realizes that we fuck. Pussy, is pussy, is pussy, but my cousin's pussy is better than my wife's.

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    Straight Female / 39

    My husband is in the Air Force, he is part of a transport aircraft crew and is gone for several days at a time. I get lonely (no children) and started going to the enlisted club and flirt with the young airmen who are away from their girlfriends and need some female companionship. I need male companionship as well. Its almost like "Which one do I want". Anyway when I go there, it is not long until a young airman will ask if they can buy me a drink and if I accept he will join me and we will chat some. If I like the vibes, I ask him if he wants to go home with me. I have been fortunate and have had good sex with lots of guys, and of all ethnic backgrounds as well. I know it is wrong but I am a sexual woman and have needs.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Itâs funny how every fake fucker who does family sex ends up on this website lol (yeah they didnât use it before right... before they made up the stories)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I've read it on here so know I'm not the only one.

    I can't help it but I love sex variety from both men and women. They all bring something different even if only slightly different, to the bed. I can, and have fucked different people in one day, who do not even know each other. My only care is STD and I watch for that like a hawk because friends have caught it, being negligent.

    A major movie star confessed she had fucked three men on the same day, well, I have more than doubled that and topped it with a hot, horny girl who watched me with my last man of the day then went down on me. All I can say is that I know I'm not a head turner but my body, tits and ass, and my general naughty, horny looks, people turn on to me. Let them come (pun intended). I know you know the type I am.

    Some men related to me, including two brothers, have asked me for sex. Relatives are OUT! That's not for me.

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    Straight Male / 30

    2007 I started to fuck my cousin she was too hot by then nlikuwa namtomba hadi anachanganyikiwa she has some really nice bubble ass my wish is kumfila Bt it didn't happen too bad. Wakati hio tunakaa kinondoni tukaamia Temeke still fucking her in our home during night, while all members of the family are sleep. I fucked her for 9yrs

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    Straight Male / 27

    We were a tight group of teenage boys coming of age, all with permanent erections from the strange new flow of powerful hormones. Little was more important to us than our erections. We started to have circle jerks, then contests as to who could shoot sperm the furthest. I won a few times but was nowhere near the two distance leaders who could both sometimes fire off a measured six feet and a bit more.

    One of the kids could fill a shot glass with his cum. At some point, the boys started to rub their cocks together, an activity gays do that I later came to know as frotting. I did it with one or two of the boys and we soaked each other's cock with cum. He was uncut and often engulfed my large glans penis with his foreskin and did a little fucking movement that way. Once, doing this, we came together and his foreskin flooded with our mixed sperm while it dripped over our cocks and to the floor. We could do this while watching others wank others while they were being wanked off by someone else.

    Less than half the boys began to have anal and oral sex with each other while the rest of us watched and jerked off. One boy of us was from a lot of money and sometimes brought silicon sex toys to his pool bath with two near full sized amazing dolls from Japan. They could be fucked in their anus, vagina and mouth and were incredibly good looking and flesh like texture and realistic skin with full, firm breasts. We all took turns fucking the silicon blocks of asses, vaginas and complete dolls and jerking off while we watched. We found out the dolls cost well over $800 and this was years ago. They can still be found for sale on line. My friend Charlie and I double fucked them and enjoyed feeling our cocks sliding in and out of different orifices together.

    With the passing of time and growing out of the powerful flow of hormones some boys began to date girls and the old circle jerk group quickly fell apart and each went his own way. Sometimes some of us get together and talk about those bizarre, stoney cocks and sperm-filled days

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    Straight Female / 27

    When I was 24 I was in an area I shouldnât have been in at a bar with my boyfriend and we got into a huge argument over the outfit I was wearing even though I was out with him and not my friends he was super jealous of other guys looking at me. I ended up telling him we are here to have fun to relax it doesnât matter who looks at me Iâm with you but it didnât matter and he ended up leaving we had separate cars so I stayed behind angry he got so upset over something Iâd wear basically for him not for attention. Iâd be dishonest if I said I was really drunk or severely altered but I wasnât. One of these guys came up to me at some point and asked me if I smoked weed which I do and asked if I wanted to go smoke with him so I did as I preferred it over drinking anyway and was still pissed off over the argument. So I followed him to his apartment and we smoked and just chilled watching TV I didnât want to stay long because I didnât want my boyfriend to make more assumptions since he got so uptight over clothing earlier. I went to get up to leave and this guy said did you really think I just invited you over to smoke with me and then leave thatâs not how this works at all. He was kind of a bigger in the built sense black guy so I was kind of intimidated as I already knew what he was insinuating so I offered to pay him for the weed and he just laughed and grabbed me and started groping me all over. I started to scream and tremble with fear but he was overpowering and put his hand over my mouth and started to put his other hand up my dress and inside me. I was inbetween crying and trying to scream through his hand covering my mouth. He told me to shut the fuck up if I ever wanted to leave and released his hand from my mouth and pulled down my straps of the dress with his other hand still inside me. Still crying he started kissing me all over I didnât kiss him back but every time I went to pull away he would grab me harder and hurt so I stopped fighting knowing there was no way to get away from him. He shoved me onto the couch and literally ripped my thong off not down but off and told me to suck his dick or he was gonna fuck me till my pussy ripped. I was crying hysterically begging him to leave that I donât even know his name Iâd never tell anyone he hit me and said you know where I live bitch so shut the fuck up and suck my dick or Iâll rip you apart your choice. So standing over me with his dick in my face I started to suck his dick he was forcing it down my throat and it was absolutely way too big I couldnât even breathe still crying as I was forced to suck his dick. After what felt like hours but was probably only minutes he put his hand around my throat and pushed me further on the couch and said now Iâm gonna fuck you until you canât even walk out of here and if you scream Iâll kill you white girl. He started fucking me so hard and so furiously it hurt like hell. Halfway through though I started to cum and actually at the time didnât realize it but was enjoying being fucked by this guy he was so big I never saw anyone this big before. I guess he knew because I went from crying to morning and even telling him to keep going and fuck me harder not to stop I think he was in shock because he said oh you crazy white bitch huh you like getting fucked like the slut you are which made me even more horny and I just kept telling him to fuck me harder donât stop keep fucking me. It lasted for another 15 minutes or so and I felt him release inside me I donât know for sure but I think I hade multiple orgasms I felt myself tighten up with him inside me a couple times which usually only happens when Iâm having an orgasm. He got off me and took my purse and my license and said I know where you live I know your name if you ever tell anyone Iâll kill you and whoever else lives with you so shut the fuck up if you value your life c**t. I put my dress back together and left without my underwear that he viciously tore off me. On the ride home I felt his cum oozing out of me and in a way I couldnât stop thinking about what happened I never told anyone this besides my therapist but lately Iâve been driving to that bar he was at before we went to smoke hoping to find him again I want to get fucked again by someone that big. Iâm with my boyfriend a different one and itâs not doing it for me I donât like black guys usually never dated one or even hooked up with one but lately all I want is to get fucked by anyone in particular whoâs that big color doesnât even matter. I havenât seen him again but have contemplated walking in the bar in a tight short dress again and just approaching whatever built black guy and hoping heâs into white girls. I donât know why Iâm so turned on since it was basically r**ed but I ended up enjoying being fucked by him so much that now I even seek it out regularly that part I havenât disclosed to my therapist.

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    Straight Male / 31

    This is a real posting, not fiction.

    My current g/f was engaged prior to our meeting and while I have felt that she met me on a rebound she holds tight to denial. One of our issues is her penchant for anal sex imparted by her former fiancee who actually preferred her anus and did it a lot to her. She ultimately began to orgasm from the practice and preferred it for various reasons: his freedom to ejaculate inside her no matter how often. She told me how wonderful it felt for her and loved to squeeze the cum out and watch it with a close up hand mirror, ooze and drip out of her anus.

    On my side the stench of human excrement gagged me and I could not tolerate it. The fear a major urethral infection, and I had one from unprotected anal sex with an airline stew. The doctor laid it all out for me, including a scholarly thesis on why shit happens, warning me to use condoms if I had to do what he called,
    dealing with bacterial hell.

    Wanting to please my g/f i explained my position and she agreed to prepare her poop chute with enemas and would accept condom fucks. She hated the condoms so I compromised and took the chance of quickly stripping off the condom just before I came, and plunging my quivering rod back into her asshole so she could feel the pulsating of my vibrating cock as it fired off deep into her rectum. We had all kinds of compromises but in the end, she found another guy who had yet to become infected from unprotected anal sex and was for it with her. Since it appeared that sex of that type was ultimately more important to her than anything else I was happy to see her flap off
    with her hungry asshole agape.

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    Straight Female / 39

    The best sex I ever had was with a man going through town. At the time I was still in high school and I was at a bride's maid reception for my cousin that was getting married. I went out to the lobby of the hotel and that is where I met him. He talked to me and invited me up to his room and undressed me and told me he really liked a girl with a nice big ass and tits. He had oral sex with me and I had oral sex with him, he had intercourse with me and we also had anal sex. I stayed the night with him and I didn't go back to my room with my sister until after sunup in the morning.

    I got all sorts of hell from her, I am sorry that she worried so much, but no one knew where I was. I told her everything, all the sex that I had including that I had anal sex with him. She asked me if I enjoyed it because that was all that mattered, if I enjoyed it then she understood, if I didn't then she was going to call the police. I told her the truth, I told her that I liked it and it felt good and she got jealous for a short while and told me that I shouldn't talk about it with anyone, what I had done was wrong and she was going to get in trouble for not keeping an eye on me.

    Sometimes when she and I are alone we talk about having anal sex. I tell her again that I did, I really had anal sex with him and I was on my hands and knees and at first I was kind of shocked but it felt really good and it didn't hurt at all. She won't do it, I don't blame her the truth was that it was very messy and he took me into the shower to wash me, we had to strip the sheets off the bed and sleep on the mattress cover and in the morning when we had sex again it was normal missionary sex and that is what I remember the most about that night, having morning sex with him.

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