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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 30

    Two days before my wedding I had sex with the last boyfriend I had before meeting my husband. I know it was a terrible thing to do but I was very confused at the time and had a lot of doubts if I really wanted to go through with the wedding. Now that I look back I can say that I was really trying to sabotage my life, that was because of a lot of emotional problems but thats just another story.

    My ex came to my house just to say hi, after breaking up we had just remained friends but of course I wasnt going to tell my fiancee my ex was at my house. Even worse my mother was not at the house either so we were completely alone.

    I remember as we started talking I started telling him about my doubts and insecurities and him being a man after all didnt lose the opportunity to wanting to confirm my doubts.

    We kissed on the sofa and he just went straight to getting on top of me and pulling my panties from under my dress. He just pulled his pants down too and he went straight to fuck me right there over the sofa. There wasnt a lot of foreplay involved, we used to be a couple so he knew how to take me quickly if he wanted to.

    As you can imagine, sex wasnt romantic at all. It was very sexual and just very straightforward if you can call it that. He started getting increasingly exited and started penetrating me harder and faster. He probably fucked me for 10 minutes straight, the sex was mainly for him but I was very all right with that, for me it was more of an emotional escape.

    He came very hard inside of me, Im not going to lie and Im going to admit that I liked it. I moaned, I kissed him and I put my feet around him while he was fucking me, this wasnt a forced situation at all.

    Strange enough as soon as he finished I understood that this wasnt what I wanted for the rest of my life, just sex, just a man fucking me and me trying to figure out later what my place was in his life. I actually had a man who wanted to make me his wife and it was clear enough at that moment, that was what I wanted

    My ex thought that this was going to continue as an ongoing affair but I knew that was the last time I was going to have sex with him. I didnt want to explain anything to him at the momento so we said good bye in good terms and I told him I was going to call him

    The wedding happened 2 days later just as planned. I admit for many moments during the day I felt like shit but I also knew that was the last time I was going to be unfaithful to my now husband. Also to be honest we weren't actually married at the time I had sex with my ex so I kept saying it wasnt that bad

    I found out I was pregnant one month after the wedding, and no I never bothered to do any test to know who the father was. When I see my son I see my husband, he looks like him, so thats all I need to know. I told this story here because nobody really knows about this.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I love black cock
    I started dating a woman a few years back and she was previously married to a black guy and dated primarily black guys. I'm a white guy. I always like interracial porn though with a bbc pounding a tiny white hot girl. So when we started dating, I fantasized about her getting taken by huge BBCs.

    The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see a black cock in person. So I found some black guy on Craigslist a while back and I met him at his apartment. I just wanted to touch his dick, but the next thing I was doing was starting to suck him off. He never came and I quickly got pissed at myself and left. But after a few months I was intrigued again, so I met another black dude on CL and started to jerk him off and suck him too. He finally came and I loved it. So much in fact that I met 6 other black guys and eventually had them start recording me sucking them off. I loved it. I loved tasting their cum. I loved that this was so taboo. But the novelty eventually wore off.

    Then for some reason a few months ago, I got the desire again but CL doesn't have those types of ads anymore. So i found a male escort who seemed pretty cool. He came over to my place and I laid on the bed and he started to massage me. I grabbed his shorts and told him that I wanted to see his cock. He quickly obliged and I began to suck him off. Then I got the desire to have him fuck me in the ass. I asked him and he obliged with a condom. I haven't done this before and it hurt like hell, but he continued to fuck me. I wanted his cum in my mouth though, so when he popped, I had him shoot into my mouth. We were done and he left.

    Then a week later, I had the urge again. I called him and he came over. I told him that I wanted the same thing and he said that he needed to take a piss. I told him to follow me into the shower and I had him pee in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It was so delicious. I sucked him off again, had him fuck my ass again and then unload in my mouth finally.

    Then a week later I wanted to try another black guy. So I called another male escort and met him at his place. His cock was huge, but I needed it inside my ass. I told him to fuck me hard but cum into my mouth when he's ready to shoot. He pounded me and eventually came into the condom while being in my ass. Honestly I was a little disappointed because I wanted to taste and eat his cum too.

    So I think I'm addicted to big black cock. I have another appointment on Monday for a new guy. He's a former professional athlete and I can't wait to wrap my lips around his huge cock and have him fuck my throat. I want to feel every inch of his cock in my ass too.

    I now fantasize about my girl being gangbanged by a bunch of black dudes, filling her pussy, ass, and mouth with warm delicious black cum and then I lick it all up, dripping from every hole that she has into my mouth.

    So yeah, I'm a big black cock lover. I love black cock in my ass, fucking me hard, taking him balls deep. I love sucking on black balls, being throat fucked. I love being pissed on and drinking every drop of warm, golden black piss. I love feeling black cocks pulsate and blow their load into my mouth. I love the warmth of creamy black loads in my mouth and I'll swallow every drop. I want to be gangbanged myself by several black guys. I'll drain their balls several times each, enjoying the taste and eating every wonderful drop of black cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    So I have been a cam model for about a year now. But I must confess that sometimes on my show I suck and fuck my stepdad. He wears a mask so no one regognises him. He is such an amazing lover and I cum on his fat cock every time. This is just a confession. No i will not tell you when or where I cam model.

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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife has lost interest in sex. Typical story so far, right?
    On a deeper level, though, the loss of intimacy has created a vicious cycle of not feeling close to each other, and that has led to...less sex. Go figure.

    That's left me doing a lot of masturbating lately, and that's where the problem starts.

    Now that the kids are older, I can't sit downstairs after everyone goes to bed. Someone is likely to catch me at any point because they're up and around until the wee hours. So what's left? Bed.

    I read erotic stories, I look at pictures, and (if she's sleeping really soundly) watch porn videos in bed while jerking off.

    That was the start.

    When that wasn't enough, I started groping her while I jerked off.

    That was the middle.

    Sometimes, I would move carefully into position and shoot my load onto her.

    Here comes the bad part.

    A while back, I was fingering her pussy and she was really slick. Her back was to me, and her legs were curled up, which put her in perfect position. She was snoring away, wearing just a cotton nightshirt that flipped easily out of the way. I had given up on the porn and was lying there stroking my cock with one hand and fucking her with two fingers of the other.

    One thought led to another, though, and I shifted towards her after a while, thinking to cum on her ass. As I got into position, though, I decided impulsively to play "just the tip" to add to my stimulation. My cockhead slipped past her pussy lips with no problem, and the sweet, slippery heat of her drove me over the edge in no time. I'm sure the r**e fantasy factor added to my enjoyment as well. Anyway, I pulled out in time to cum safely on her ass, and wiped away the evidence. I even took the time to get a clean washcloth and gently clean her pussy as well.

    This has happened many times since then. My new favorite is to get myself ready and then pull one leg over mine as we lie in bed together. Then I turn my hips toward her, lining my cock up at just the right height. I can't get very deep in this position, but amazingly, she sleeps soundly enough that I can push her knee up toward her chest and get great penetration. I can't believe she stays asleep through this, but 9 times out of 10, she's snoring away even as I fuck her. Slowly, of course.

    I've never cum inside her, but only because that would be too hard to clean up. I don't want her to find out!

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    Straight Female / 35

    It was my sisters birthday party at her house and we all drank and partied until 3 in the morning. My husband couldnt go because he had to work. By 3 am my kids had gone to sleep with their cousins in their room.

    I admit that I had too much to drink and I was kinda drunk, I remember I decided to just go to one of my nephews empty rooms on the second floor of the house. I just laid on top of the bed, I was tired so I didnt even changed or got under the sheets, I just took my heels off and laid of top of the bed. I was wearing a short dress and it was revealing but I was alone inside the room.

    As I closed my eyes I heard somebody coming inside the room and by the time I opened my eyes to see who it was, I saw my brother in law, my sisters husband, he was getting on top of the bed saying "shhh shhh"

    I started pushing him away saying "no no what are you doing" but like I said I was drunk so I wasnt strong enough and my reflexes were bad. I dont remember every detail of how it happened and I think at some point I just stopped pushing him away. I do remember feeling his hands pulling my panties from under my dress which wasnt hard to do at all because as I said I was wearing a short dress. All of a sudden I remember he grabbed my legs, got on top of me and I felt he started pushing his cock inside of me.

    Im going to be honest here and admit that once he started fucking me I wasnt fighting him at all anymore, and if anybody would have seen us having sex on top of the bed, I probably looked like a willing participant and not somebody who was just being taken sexually by force.

    I do remember that as it was happening I had the awareness that he was taking advantage of me but at the same time I remember feeling pleasure specifically with every penetration, as I said I was drunk and probably in my drunk state at that moment I was horny and wanted to have sex too.

    I dont remember how long it took, it was probably between 8 to 10 minutes… he only fucked me on top of me and like I said I dont remember fighting him as the fucking was happening. Im going to even admit here that I probably moaned and probably even put my feet around him a couple times too. He probably didnt feel at all that he was doing something wrong.

    My brother in law came inside of me and he came very hard because I also remember him squeezing my hips very hard as he was coming. He wasnt using a condom and he could have gotten me pregnant but thankfully nothing happened. When he finished coming for what felt like a long time he pulled his cock from inside of me and sat on the bed. He didnt say anything and to be honest I didnt know what to say either. After a couple of minutes he stood up and left the room and I was confused but I was still kinda drunk so I remember I got under the sheets and fell asleep right away. I think at that moment I just didnt want to think about what just happened.

    The next day when I woke up and saw my panties on the floor next to the bed, that was really when I completely became aware of everything that happened the night before. He didnt hurt me and to be honest I didnt feel victimized…but yeah my sister’s husband fucked me and it was really bad.

    I decided not to say anything because this would completely destroy our families, not only that, but I really didnt have any indication that I was forced by my brother in law and as Ive mentioned here I even have doubts with myself if at some point I willingly just accepted to have sex with him. Ive heard many many times that when this happens the wife takes the side of the husband and thinks the other woman provoked the situation. Im not sure if my sister would take that position if she finds out what happened.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a lover of baseball. Being single I go as much as I can. I took my niece when she was 11 through 17 but then I was tra and we were over 150 miles apart. I just retired early and moved back home. My sister told me she having problems with her daughter. She's now 22 and getting fired every time she turned around. I asked if she remembers us going to the ball game and she gets excited said that was the best time she remembers from growing up.

    I take her to a game and after the game checked into the hotel. She's taking her shower first and then said I'm going to have a smoke while you shower. I come back into the room and she is laying on the bed cover turned down and is sleeping without any thing on but her thong panties. I'm in my robe but nothing else. Decided to not put PJ's on and dropped my robe on the floor. I got into the king bed but could not get to sleep. I played with her tits she about a 32 b cup skinny little girl maybe 95 pounds. She's starting to moan but not moving. I'm sucking her nipples and she seems to like that. I went down on her pulling off her thong and ate her little pussy. She's cum twice now I go back up to her tits then up her neck then chin to her lips. As my tongue goes into her mouth I slipped my dick inside her pussy. I'm only 7 inches and I bottom out and we fucked for the next 45 minutes. Next morning I wake her as I'm fucking her again.

    Turns out she was high on drugs and didn't even remember the night before. Said she's sure going to remember my waking her up for a long long time. My sister has sence gotten a divorce and moved into my house. Got caught fucking her daughter and now I'm fucking both my sister and my niece. I'm loving my life and my family.

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    Straight Female / 23

    A while back I was driving home from work. I stopped at a light and while I waited I noticed a group of guys, 5 in total, all black, waiting at the corner for the light to change, too.
    Now, I'm no prude. Lost my virginity in college, had one threesome with another girl, even experimented with anal a few times. That said, I've always fantasized about an interracial gangbang, but I shook the thoughts out of my head and drove away once the light changed. It was a stupid idea that was dangerous and would never work.
    A short while later, I said "fuck it!" And flipped a U turn back.
    I managed to find them and pulled over to the side just a little ways ahead. Rolled down my window once they were close and asked if they would like a ride out of the heat. They all said "yes" immediately and climbed in, four of them squeezing in the back while the last got in the passenger. They were all in their 30s and walking to one of their apartments for "game night" (which game I honestly don't know nor care).
    We got to the place about 20 minuted later and they invited me up for a drink and a smoke. At this point my heart was damn near beating out of my chest in that "OMG I can't believe I'm doing this!" kind of way, and I almost chickened out completely, but I managed to let out "sure!" and followed them up.
    Thirty minutes later they had me out of my clothes and on the floor, taking turns filling all my holes and using my hands. Each guy came at least 2 or 3 times and we went for HOURS. By the time it was over, I was sticky, immobile, and couldn't even recall my own name lol.
    No regrets!

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    Straight Male / 36

    Years before I met my wife, I fucked a much older woman. She was drunk and really out of it, and she went crazy when she saw my cock. I have a long one, that is very thick. She rode me till she passed out, and I came in her pussy. She roused a little bit, turned over on the bed showing me one of the greatest asses of all time. I have never been able to have anal sex, the girls either won't try it, or can't get it in. I used her hand lotion and lubed her and me excessively and slid into her incredibly tight butthole. She woke up and was protesting what I was doing saying she'd never done it before and that I was hurting her. It didn't take long for me to shoot up that tight shitter while feeling up her DD cup tits. I pulled out and she collapsed again but before she went out she told he that she'd never forget my cock.

    YEP, it's what you think. That older woman, now 19 years later is now my mother-in-law. She didn't remember me, though I remembered her and her nice but jiggly body. I remembered her brown, trimmed pussy hair, her big nipples and brownish aureolae and of course; that wonderful ass. She has been staying with my wife and I for a while, and one afternoon home alone, she wandered into our bedroom. I was coming out of the shower, and didn't have the bathroom door closed. She saw me naked, looked at my cock and then remembered me.

    It was very awkward and her remembering me by my cock was a bit of a problem. She said that I was the one that took her home when she couldn't drive, and undressed her, had sex, then forced her into anal sex for her first time. We agreed that my wife, her daughter shouldn't know. Her only comment was that she thought her daughter was "to damn dumb to know how good she's got it". Then she added "I told you I'd remember your cock".

    Noth ing more will happen between us, but it is kind of interesting, she's much more low key now that she knows I've seen her naked and been in all three of her fuckholes.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I must admit I fantasize about my wife having sex with others. I have told her for years I would love for her to have sex with other men. I encourage her to go out on girls night out with other ladies. She enjoys going out but doesn’t ever come home used. Her and her friends usually go out and have a meal and sit and visit. She will flirt with me pretending to crave other men but doesn’t act on it. She is very attractive but won’t dress revealing. I’m proud of her and want to show her body. She says there is no way to have better sex than we have. She enjoys that I’m proud of her body and takes care of herself. I wish in a way to have normal feelings and want to keep her for only me.

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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband and I have been together since I was 19. We married at 21, he is 4 years older than me. We have a great sex life, I had only sucked one other guy then finished him with my hand before I had sex with my now husband. I've let him do what he wants and by the end of a year we had an active sex life of BJ's, oral on me, anal, vaginal and masturbation sex. It took him a year but he now has sex in my peehole. It hurt at first, but actually it feels very very good. I can have orgasms this way very easily. It took a long time, and a little pain but it's been worth it and as he says, I'm now a 4 hole girl and he uses them all a lot.

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