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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    My name is Tina, I live in the Big City where no one sleeps. I met Bruce after hours at a bar on 57th street. He is the kind of guy who takes over and soon he had me eating out of his hand and doing his bidding. Growing up with a dominant father and three brothers I was used to catering to men and doing Bruce's bidding just fell into place.

    Bruce buys a king size bed. I ask him why he needs something like that? He says because he needs it for his girlfriends. I say what girlfriends, I am your girlfriend. He says yes you are but I have another and I want my girlfriends here with me. Well to tell the truth I did not believe him so he says I will prove it to you and he tells me to be at his place on Saturday and he will introduce me to Andrea. She is fine, like a real fine looking girl, 20 or 19 but young and she had the this mouth that looks like it was painted on, you just want to kiss those lips. She is long, slender, with tight little bust against her rib cage, her venus mound is covered with light brown hair and her pussy lips under her mound stand out to be kissed and touched.

    Bruce gets down on his knees and starts to eat her pussy. She holds his head against her and his chin is deep in between her legs, his tongue licking away. I get undressed, I am a bit shorter and thick and my bust is firm but larger than hers, I stand beside her and ask him to eat me. She moves over and puts his face up into my pussy he starts to lick and Andrea watches. He pushes me on the bed and I let him go deep. He stops and Andrea gets on the bed and opens up for him and he goes deep. I want some of Andrea and push him out of the way an go in as deep as I can. I love pussy more than I love dick, unless his dick is doing me while I am doing pussy, then I really like dick.

    I pull up and kiss Andrea's lips, I put her hand on my breast and we lay on our side and kiss. Bruce chooses and he gets on and fucks. He is pretty horny and blows in a minute and pulls out and I go down on Andrea and suck out his cum. Andrea and I slip into a doze and he falls fast asleep. We wake up after a while and we kiss some more and go to shower. Go back to bed to sleep. The king size bed is big enough for us to sleep beside him.

    I like to fuck, I always have but when I love pussy too and a fine girl like Andrea is hard to find. She is a true blue queen and loves to have my face in her soul. She loves to kiss and to play with my tits. She doesn't care if Bruce wants to fuck, fuck her and then give her back to me. Andrea is from the Caribbean island of Curacao, tall and slim and light brown, mulata, father owns a bar and mother is local girl. Her pussy is sweet in a way that only mulato girls can be sweet. Her light brown skin against my dark skin feels good. Bruce is white, white like the white sheets on your bed and he likes his coffee dark.

    His king size bed is certainly big enough, a fine girl like Andrea is hard to find. Bruce meant his girls, both of us. On clean white sheets, she looks like a caramel desert, her pussy is so sweet and her tits are like small Hershey milk chocolate kisses. I do love pussy and caramel pussy is something so hard to find. Pussy like that makes you forget about the man that keeps you. But he likes his chocolate girls and makes sure they remember he is there for them on a king size bed overlooking the river.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I often photo shop my moms pics on to porn pics and jerk myself to them afterwards I dee guilty as shit

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Woke up this morning and headed for the living room *roommates music playing"
    as I walked in I noticed my wife bent over the couch being fucked hard by my roommate
    they startled for a second before continuing.
    "morning guys" - me
    "you want next babe?" - wife
    I sat down at the end of the couch with my wife's head over me so we could "spitroast" her.
    he filled her up as she tried to blow me, he was barely done cumming and she climbed up onto me and started to ride me, I could feel his juice ooze out as I thrust in.
    after I filled her up too she said "I wanna get off the pill"

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    Straight Male / 33

    About 2 years ago I found pictures on my wife's laptop of her and her ex bofriend. I've used them to jack off to ever since!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    My friend and I are jerking off together while his girlfriend is gone. I hope one of these times she walks in and we all fuck, but till then I'm gonna swallow his loads, I'm trying to get him to cum as I'm writing this, and he just did while I was on "as" it tastes so fucking good, I mean not literally, but just having my bffs cum in my mouth is heaven. Any who, I'm gonna stop typing and clean this up, see if I can get the dick elsewhere before she's back. Wish me luck.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    My husband came in me one morning. I was in a rush to get to a meeting on time so I just wiped with some tissue I usually would use a towel and water. But after the meeting I got home my husband must been pussy hunger because he just started in on me pulled down my pants and panties and started eating my pussy right there on the couch. After a few licks he looked up at me and said I can taste my cum. I orgasmed so hard thinking about him licking his cum out my pussy.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I attended a wedding this past weekend, in a quaint area in the mountains. It was a small and cozy venue in a converted farm house. Tons of great home made food, plenty to drink and everyone was having a great time. There was a guy playing DJ with some CD's but none of the idiotic banter. I noticed the Mother of the Bride was by herself at the bar and walked up and asked her to dance. We went out and as soon as we started dancing, the song stopped and a slow song started. I looked at her and she just put her arms around me and we slow danced.

    We danced until the song ended and I whispered how hot she looked into her ear. She told me to save the corny pick up lines for some young girl. I told her that the young girls do nothing for me, I like real women. She looked me in the eye, and told me to meet her upstairs, in the room to the right. Then she walked away.

    I went upstairs to the room she mentioned and there were clothes thrown all over the bed. I guess it was the room for the bridal party to change in. As I walked in, she was just taking her stockings and panties off. I walked up to her and started kissing her hard. My hands lifted the back of her gown and I could feel her soft ass as we kissed and swayed to the music from downstairs. I looked into her eyes, and spun her away from me and bent her over the table in front of the window. I dropped my pants around my ankles, spit on my hand and lubed up my dick. With her heels still on, it was easy to line up and as I rubbed my dick against her lips, I could tell she was wet and ready.

    I slipped in slowly, and she made a little sound as I pushed deeper. Then it was short, slow strokes over and over, then one hard fast deep one! She'd gasp and push back against me, but I'd go back to the short slow thrusts. Randomly, I'd drive it home, hard and deep until she said " stop fucking around and fuck me hard". That was all I needed. I grabbed her shoulders, and as we looked out the window, we could see guests out on the grass socializing as I slammed her, hard and deep and fast. The slapping noise as we fucked was soon being drowned out by her moans. I couldn't take it any more and I grabbed her hips and pumped my load deep inside her. We stood there as the throbbing subsided, looking out the window as I pulled out. I was still half hard so I put my still dripping dick against her asshole and tried pushing it in, but she told me that was off limits. I grabbed a make up cloth off the table and we both wiped up and walked downstairs.

    Then, I heard my daughter's voice " Mom, Dad, where were you? We're going to cut the cake"! It was a good wedding!

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    Straight Male / 39

    I want to confess that I am 39 years old and have recently had passionate wonderful sex with a 15 year old girl.

    I found her on instagram. A young amateur girl who loves posting selfies of herself in her underwear and bikini shots by the pool.
    I figured out that she lived only a few suburbs away from me, due to the location and familiar scenery in some of her photos. I decided to message her saying that I would like to offer her a high paying job and if she wanted more information then she should meet me in a public place of her choice where she would be safe. She accepted and asked that we meet at her local McDonalds, which was always busy and not easy for both of us to travel to. We met later that afternoon. She was even hotter in real life than her instagram photos She was wearing a plain white skin tight singlet with black bra underneath, and a short denim skirt which showed off her perfectly shaped athletic little silky smooth legs. I bought her a strawberry Frappe, and we chatted for a little while. It was clear that she was in touch with her sexuality, and certainly was not a virgin. I eventually got around to the point where I told her that I found her sexually attractive and would like to offer her $1,000 if she would let me have sex with her for just half an hour. For such a large amount of money, and being very sexually adept, she accepted.
    I took her to my house and lay her down on my bed, I took my clothes off and told her to do the same. I lay on top of her and started kissing her juicy sweet lips while I held her firm little breasts in the palm of my hands, I licked her pink little clitoris with the tip of my tongue before I slipped my tongue in and out of her tight moist little hairless vagina while she moaned and begged for me to fuck her as her pussy moistened for me. I then gently slipped my hard Penis into her amazing little sex hole. It felt like her pussy had been made and designed for my Penis to fit inside. She wrapped her perfect legs tight around my waist so that I could push and push myself as far up her as I possibly could and she would not let me stop until I blew my warm cum hard up her 15 year old c**t while we both came at at the same time together.
    I'm 39 years old. I couldn't have begun to imagine how amazing it was to have a hot little 15 year old girls legs wrapped tight around my waist while I pushed my hard Penis up her moist wondrous little vagina and not stop until I blew her full of my cum so hard while she cried with pleasure. It was by far the best fuck that I've ever had in my entire life. No adult woman has even come close giving me the unbelievably amazing sexual experience that I shared with that teenage girl. I hope she will let me do it again, im sure she will <3

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    Straight Male / 44

    After years of swinging together I gave the ok for my wife to meet a guy on her own. This opened up a whole new sex life for us. She started out meeting a man she'd already been with several times she had a good connection with. Spent four or five night with him, loved it. Wanted to meet more guys. At a swinger party, one we go to every year, she met a very young guy who turned out to be 19 years old. No idea how he got there being so young but he was there. He was a really dorky looking kid who was confident enough to introduce himself to my wife. He made her laugh which is a sure fire way into her pants. He was also hung like a horse which is another surefire way into her pants. I watched them interact and at first thought this kid was crazy trying to bed my wife but she was warming up to him. I started thinking he might pull it off. He very politely asked if he could touch her breasts after complimenting my wife on them. She said yes. He didn't just feel them he massaged them.

    She started to really enjoy the massage and he got her to sit on his lap in a way that let him really give her tits a nice deep massage. He did it for a really long time. She was really enjoying it, laying back, smiling and just humming hhhmmm every so often. He was whispering in her ear. I saw her nod, he moved her to a little different position, then slid his hand down between her legs. She opened her legs for him. He felt her pussy, licked his fingers then slowly began circling her clit. Slowly. She was now actively moaning. He was still massaging her tits with one hand and slowly circling her clit getting her on edge. He occasionally wet his fingers with her pussy juice then back to her clit. He was very focused on her pleasure. I had settled in to watch this scene with a few other people.

    He whispered in her ear again and again she nodded. He then reached down and slid two fingers into her making he moan out loud. He fingered her making her moan and squirm then went back to her clit this time rubbing it. She had her head tossed back, eyes closed tight, mouth closed tight but lips open breathing through her teeth. I knew she was very close. I knew she was going to cum in seconds when she shifted her body, lifting her legs, curling her toes, spreading her legs further, exposing her pussy to those of us who were observing, then grabbing at the fabric of the couch. My wife is a sheet grabber when she comes. There wasn't much to grab but she got a bit between her fingers and hung on as she started cumming. She said "ahhh" as she came. I heard a woman saw "awe" and a few guys make comments like "nice" or "oh yeah" or whatever.

    The guy was so attentive and polite to her I was hoping she'd fuck him after all that. She was relaxing on his lap, smiling. They were whispering and he lifted her up. This allowed his dick to spring into view. It looked like it was a foot long if it was an inch. He was very thick as well. In reality he was just under ten inches as I've since learned but at that moment myself and others practically gasped when he popped that thing out.

    My wife reached down and stroked him for a bit while he whispered to her. Then he licked his fingers, wet her pussy, lifted her but her butt with her helping and he put her right down on his dick. I've seen the description "impaled her" before and this was what came to mind. He impaled her on his cock. She was motionless until he found her hole then he let her go. She slowly, very slowly sank down, his head first stuck at her entrance while she worked it in then after the head popped out of view she slid about halfway down his shaft and she just moaned. It took awhile but eventually she was riding him, about 3/4 of his dick sliding in and out as she rode. My wife, who was 39 at the time, was riding a 19 year-old's cock in front of a bunch of people. She usually saves the real sex for behind closed door but not this time. I watched as she rode, him, her face telling us that another orgasm was coming. It didn't take long at all. Maybe two minutes of hard fucking and she came hard again. She jumped off his cock as soon as she was done coming. Said later she had too.

    She rolled over, whispered to him, this time he nodded and she slid down to suck his pussy juice covered cock. She watched his face as she sucked, watching for signs of pleasure and using that and his body's reactions to guise her. It wasn't long before she stopped sucking to clean up his dick. I had no idea he had even cum. He gave no indication she just swallowed and started finishing him up. I was a little disappointed there was no big finish. After she was down cleaning him up and settling his dick down he leaned down and gave her a long deep kiss. That was a first. I don't know of many guys who kiss after a blow job but he did.

    A little while later she was ready to leave. At some parties she'll fuck three or four guys, and others just one and she's done. That night she was done. I came back from getting our stuff and he was talking with her. My wife announced that he had given her his number and said that he would like to get together again. That's kind of off limits in most swinger situations but for, whatever reason I was ok with it this time. Especially since my wife was instantly honest about it.

    On the ride home she said that he had asked if I would be ok with her meeting him at a hotel for a night together. He wanted her alone to himself. I left it up to her since she obviously wanted too. Two weeks later off she went. Then next afternoon she came home very happy and with a very sore pussy. She's been going off to spend time with him ever since. A few times a month mostly. Sometimes she meet him for a quick blow job or fuck in the car and occasionally she invites him to our place during the day when she's off and the house is empty.

    She still really enjoys sex with him. Previously most guys she was interested in were one night thing or maybe a regular thing for a few months but not this guy, she's fucked him probably a hundred times now with no end in sight. I did ask her once if she had developed feeling for him. She said she'd developed sexual feelings and friendship feelings but not romantic feelings. She described him as a friend she loves fucking. Her seeing him hasn't lessened my sex life with her at all and we still go out to meet other couple or sex parties together just like always so it's like she's just added an extra thing to her sex life. It's strange but she's never been happier and we are making our way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Iâm a married man and I canât stop thinking about having sex with other men. I donât find men attractive I only enjoy another mans cock. Iâve acted on it a few times, performed oral sex a few times and I have been fucked three times with a condom. Am I crazy or are there other men out there that enjoy cock but are not attracted to men?

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