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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 26

    I am being used for sex by one of my neighbors, and I love it.

    Dana is a recently divorced mother of one who is pregnant again. She was still with her ex up until the papers were signed due to financial issues. She recently moved a few houses away, and we would talk occasionally. 2 weeks ago, we were in the courtyard and we started talking about the homeowners association because her pipes were banging scaring her daughter. She asked if mine made noise, and I told her I never heard anything. She invited my up to hear the noise and I sat on the couch waiting for it to happen as she put her daughter to bed.

    When she came back to the couch, I noticed how curvy she was getting. She got us some sweet tea and as we were talking she just leaned into me and kissed me. Within minutes, we were both naked and I was rubbing my hands all over her body. She told me it has been 4 months since she had had sex and needed it, now. I was happy to oblige her. When we were done, we just snuggled on the couch for a few hours and I went home

    Since then, she will call or text me to come over. Even with her bump, our sex is fantastic. She is up for anything, and is always ready to make sure I am totally drained before I leave, if I leave. Her favorite position is her on her back, with me on my side and her leg over the top of me. This way, I can go as deep as I can and not press on her belly as she plays with herself. From this position, she can just shift her hips and I can get into her ass. If I go really slow, I can feel her ass pulsing as she comes.

    It has been 3 weeks and she is getting bigger and more horny every day. Only 5 1/2 months along, her sexual appetite is amazing.

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    Straight Male / 43

    Last summer I was out drinking and taking a leak behind a loading platform. A very nice looking blond girl who was around 20 walked right up to me. I turned away but she leaned over and watched then just asked me if I wanted head. I stammered a bit as I finished pissing. Before I could answer she said she needed fifty bucks and she'd be happy to make me cum. Of course I was out looking to get sex anyway and the girl was kinda hot and I just shrugged and said ok. She asked for the money. I gave her two twenties and smaller bills to pay her, she put the money in her pocked and pulled me by my shorts over to a spot away from the street and got on her knees and started sucking and using her hand. She was good at it. I got hard fast. After about five minutes I was starting to feel my dick starting to throb and knew time was short. She got up off her knees into a squat position grabbed my shorts with both hands and started pulling me hard towards her mouth as she bobbed and sucked hard on it. AS she was doing this I noticed two people, a guy and a girl watching us from about 20 yards away. The girl said "come on hurry up" and the one sucking my dick waved at her saying shut up and went back to yanking my cock towards her bobbing mouth. About a minute or so of this and I came in her mouth. She kept sucking until she drained every drop from me she could and I was going soft. A few kisses and light sucks to the head and she stood up, gave me a quick shy grin and went to meet her friends and was gone. It was fucking fun!

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    Straight Male / 36

    I am the principal of a small exclusive boarding school. We only have about 65 students grades 4 through 8. Classroom sizes of no more than 14 students per class. I am also the coach/PE teacher.

    Most of the students go home for holiday and sometimes weekends. Spring break was 4 weeks ago and everyone left on Friday except for one 12 year old 7th grade girl. Betty's mom was to be there by 7pm. Sun had set and now it was 8 10 when I got a call from her mom saying she could not make it as she was flying out on business.

    This means I must stay all of spring break a full two weeks. Then I send Margaret to the visitors room A. Told her she will spend spring break there as it's next to mine. All I had left was to get a shower and close up the GYM. Then we would make plans for what we were going to over break.

    I removed my shorts and place the in my locker just off the boys lockeroom the door from the girls lockeroom opens and Margaret entered TOTALLY naked. We only have one shower room that is shared so making sure schedules don't get crossed is important.

    Margaret looks at me and said Mr. Cross I am recognizing myself today as a 19 year old college boy so don't worry we can shower together. I think I will also be the same for the next two weeks. We can then share lots of things and time together.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Not sure what category this goes in, but here goes: My wife who is 60 years old like me, is very quiet and conservative, wears glasses and would never do anything to draw attention to herself. But when we have sex, she moans, and cries out, yells and swears, and when she cums, her face turns deep red and it becomes contorted with passion. I love watching her go through this transformation from shy wife to out-of-control, horny lover. I will hold back on cumming, just so I can watch her while we fuck. Sometimes we will have sex for nearly an hour, and she will cum a dozen times, each time yelling, groaning, her face contorted, eyes rolling back, enjoying each orgasm more than the last one.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I am sure this subject has come up before, inviting another girl to have sex with us. We did this several times inviting girls we hardly knew but we figured were game for some fun. Then I invited a girl I knew from work and she was cool to the idea but after we talked about it another time she agreed. She had never done anything like that, in fact she had never been in a bed naked with another girl and wasn't sure how that was going to work. When it comes to sex I really enjoy being with another girl, it just feels good to me and it feels right, more so that having sex with a man. When I helped her get undressed I fell in love, if ever there was a girl that wax exactly what I had always dreamed of it was her. I couldn't wait to hug her and kiss her and make love with her. I didn't want to share her but our sex thing is he goes first and I go second, it has always been like that I get to have sex with the girl only after he has sex with her.

    It was nervousness or jealousy or just anticipation but while he was having sex with her I had a set of nerves that I couldn't control. Watching him penetrate her and penetrate her over and over again I felt like telling him enough, get off of her, leave her alone, but I knew I had to wait for him. When he finally finished with her and she was mine I held her for a long minute trembling at being able to hold her in my arms. I apologized to her for what he had done to her, I kissed her so many times. She wasn't ready for sex again, she had never had sex with another girl and didn't know what to do or what to expect. So I held her and gently touched her and massaged her boobs, something to show her that I wanted to have sex with her. She finally relented and let me kiss her and go down on her and while I was down on her I got fucked myself.

    The whole thing of having sex usually last around half an hour, it really doesn't go on that long it just seems that way. I asked her not to get dressed and to sleep naked with me. In the morning I asked her for a kiss and she was reluctant but she let me kiss her. I watched her get dressed and I had butterflies the entire time. We all went out to breakfast and he gave us our space but insisted on a hard grab of her butt when we were in line waiting to be seated. It hurt to watch that but he has always been an ass grabber and she wasn't any different. He saw me and grabbed me and pulled me over and kissed me and grabbed my butt. We sat at a table and he brought up several conversations which she followed but I couldn't get into the conversations.

    I tried making love with her that afternoon but she wasn't willing, the most she let me do was kiss her face. I was very frustrated so he took me and fucked me without taking my clothes off, a quick hard fuck but that didn't calm me down. Saying goodbye to her that night and watching her get on the train was like killing me and I wasn't interested in giving him sex that night but I know better than to say no to him.

    I tried inviting her again but she refused, she said she was not into so much girl sex and once was enough. I am just cannot get interested in inviting another girl to join us, it has been six months and he can only have sex with me, I don't want him even thinking about another girl. I cannot get over my friend from work, she is nice always, we have a special connection but she won't have sex with me. The most she will allow is a small kiss but then I get the arm and a stern that's enough. I have sworn my love to her, I have told her that if she wants me to choose I will go alone with her but nothing changes her mind. It hurts for her to tell me she is straight and tell me that all I can have is a kiss and I need to be satisfied with that. I just don't want to be the straight anymore, not when all I do is think about her all day.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I'm scared of myself, and my desires. I'm married, and was never with a lot of men or anything. I've always been turned on by non consent stuff.

    I feel awful that my first thought when I hear about someone being r**ed is 'why wasn't it me? Whats wrong with me that no one has tried to do that to me?'. I watch a lot of porn of those scenarios.

    I've found chatrooms and forums and stuff online, and talked to guys about it. Even giving out some personal info that could be used to find me if they really tried, but not enough to make it super easy. I have the registered sex offender thing as a saved bookmark and I've driven and walked by some of their houses.

    I don't know where this desire comes from, and I hate that I want it and that it turns me on so much. I think about it all the time.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Hey thank you for stopping by and reading my confession... I am Rae 22 from the UK. I run an adult Snapchat where I post dirty pics and vids on my story. I am an innocent girl so nobody would ever suspect I did it. Sometimes I feel guilty about it but I just love people watching me play! If you wanted to check out my Snapchat I donât mind you adding me. My snap name is: snap43deep

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    Straight Male / 49

    Early in our marriage, my wife had several sexual experiences with both men and women...and sometimes both at the same time. The closest I ever got to the action was smelling the dried cum on her tits and jacking off while she told the story of her latest sexual adventure. She was a slut and it was unbelievably hot. But that was 20 years ago and things are much more vanilla now. That was until last week.

    To celebrate our anniversary, we traveled to Florida and found a hotel with its own private island. It was about a fifteen minute boat ride from the hotel. Once on the island, there were chairs, umbrellas, as well as food and drinks. Not much else to do but relax and enjoy the drinks.

    After about an hour, I decided to walk around and explore the island. My wife chose to stay behind. A few hundred yards from our beach chairs, I came across a small sign that said "Warning - Clothing Optional Beach ahead." I looked and didn't seen anyone. Plus, it was vacation, so the opportunity to see some naked people seemed appropriate. About ten minutes later I walked around a corner 7and immediately encountered a group of about 25 people, most who were completely nude. Paul, one of the men from the group invited me over, offered me a beer and introduced me to several others. 7

    As I began to drink the beer, Paul reminded me that this was a nude beach and surely I didn't want to offend my hosts. One thing I need to mention about Paul is that he was well-endowed. I would guess eight to nine inches, very thick and a large mushroom head. Back to the story....As I pulled off my swimsuit, a couple of the ladies giggled and whispered to each other. I suddenly became aware that they were comparing my rather small dick to Paul's, who was standing right next to me. Embarrassed, I quickly thanked them for the beer, but mentioned I needed to get back to my wife. One of the ladies suggested that I get a picture with my new friends so my wife would know where I was. It made sense at the time, so I handed over my phone to her and she took a picture of Paul and myself with several others. Plus, I would just erase the photo as soon as I got out of sight.

    I hurried back to my wife, who asked where I had been. Fumbling through my words, I mentioned there was a nude beach, but I had turned back before I got there. She laughed knowing I would probably not have passed up the opportunity to see a group of naked women. She also knew I would snap a picture if I could, so she grabbed my phone and checked the pics. It was then she saw the picture of myself, Paul and the others. I had hit the "trashcan" on the photo, but failed to hit "delete." There I was nude with a group of strangers for my wife to see.

    "Holy shit!" she said. "Who is that guy?" I pretended not to know what she was talking about, but I knew she meant Paul. Obviously a little drunk at this point, she said rather loudly, "He is at least twice your size!" She got up and then whispered in my ear, "I know what I want for my anniversary" and began walking toward the nude beach area. The slut had returned...and although I was concerned about what might happen, it was incredibly hot to think my wife was hoping to find Paul and fuck his brains out.

    Not sure what to do, I sat quietly in my chair and waited. To help pass the time, I ordered a drink and some food. An hour later she was still not back, so I decided to walk back to the nude beach and see what was up. As I approached the group, one of the ladies greeted me and pulled me into the group. They told me how my wife had walked up to the group naked and had a few drinks. She made out with a couple of the ladies in front of everyone, as well as going down on one of them until she had an orgasm. My wife then got on her knees in front of Paul and began to suck his huge cock while they cheered her on. Apparently she took the entire thing down her throat. They were impressed that she took his entire load.

    After resting for about 15 minutes, my wife and Paul disappeared into the middle of the island and they had yet to come back. It was then one of the ladies pointed out I had a huge erection and there was even a little stain where my pre-cum was leaking. They all had a good laugh. Embarrassed, I decided to find my wife. It took about ten minutes, but eventually I heard the noise ahead, which was my wife screaming and encouraging Paul to "fuck her harder." Not having had the pleasure of seeing my wife get fucked before, I sat back and watched for a while. It was an unbelievable site watching this huge cock inside of my wife. It went on for a least 15 minutes until Paul shot his load inside of my wife.

    As they laid down, Paul looked right at my direction and told me it was okay to come out and join them. I was not sure how to react. I thought I had always wanted to see this and participate, but now the guy who fucked my wife was telling me to come over to them. I was nervous, but aroused at the same time. My wife was still laying down on the towels with her legs spread. Her vagina looked like it had been ravaged and it was oozing cum. She said if I was going to stay around, I had two jobs to do. First, clean her vagina with my tongue, which I gladly did. My second job was to get Paul ready for the next round. I played stupid pretending not to know what she meant, but I did and it had been a secret fantasy of mine to help her lover get hard. With a little encouragement, I got on my knees and sucked his dick (as well as I could) until he became hard enough to fuck my wife again. Before he got started he told me to go back to the other, tell them the entire story and then head back to the hotel. He would drop my wife off when they were finished.

    Now we had gone full circle. I sat by myself in our room anxiously waiting got my wife to come home, tell me the story, let me smell his cum on her (or better yet, eat it from her pussy) and jack myself off. This was our best anniversary yet!

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    Straight Female / 52

    Years ago when my daughters were young teens we often did a vacation on the beach. We were laying on our towels. A young humorous man came along with a belt holder with suntan lotion. I thought it was funny and classy. My daughters had on bikinis, I had on a one piece. My daughters turned him down but I said sure go ahead. He really was giving me a good massage. I was lucky my daughters were embarrassed by me letting him apply lotion so they werenât looking. He started rubbing my clit and hard. He knew what he was doing. I had a mini orgasm before he stopped. He moved on. My daughters told me never to do that again or they would tell there dad.

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    Straight Male / 43

    Ive noticed my wife will sometimes come home from work and take her panties directly downstairs to the laundry room rather than leaving in the laundry basket in our bedroom. I have check and suspected cum stains. My wife says Im paranoid as both of us pretty much only come now talking about her getting gangbanged into poundtown in front of me or her favorite, me pimping her out to make extra money.
    Last night I ate two of my loads out of my wife. I didnât just eat her pussy after I fucked her, I saved up all my cum, got behind her doggy-style, unloaded just outside of her pussy with just my cockhead inside and then crawled underneath. She got up on her knees and let the first few strands of cum drip out and then I could tell by her pussy twitching and the noises that she was pushing the rest out. I chicken out with the first part of the load so it usually goes all over my face rather than in my mouth. I then lick the lips and most of the rest in my mouth. She then grinds her wet, cummy snatch all over me. She tells me Iâm cleaning up other men as well.
    After the first time, with my dried cum all over my chin and upper lip, I fuck my wife with her favorite dildo while she compares my small penis to her butt plug. We take a few picture of her measuring my 5 inch and she tells me she deserves bigger cock. She takes more pictures of me while I lick her clit and fuck her with a real feel 9 inch black toy.
    I call her Cumdump Mother and she calls me many derogatory small dick names on a regular basis. Its basically our current and longest lasting sex routine. Taking pics of my dick next to lighters, butt plugs and small items is new.
    Donât know if im being cuckolded or not. Is the toy making her loose? My imagination?

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