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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Due to my kind of tramatic past I feel like my taste in sex is kind of fucked up.

    I say this because right now, I really want to be owned by a sexual daddy who will dress me up and treat me like a princess anywhere but the bed. I want daddy to use my kitty however he wants. If I could find a daddy that would be great. I would serve him and only him.

    Sadly all this virus stuff is going on and I can't even go out to find one. Me and poor kitty wanna be filled by him but until he areives my fingers and possibly a new toy will have to do.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I graduated last year and couldn't wait to get out of my parents' house. I moved in with a co-worker, which is great she worked mornings and I worked closing so almost like a private. That is until quarantine.

    We both are still working, but reduced hours and basically same shifts. We are doing everything we can to save money! We eat the free meal at work, take the bus, do laundry together, but it's not enough.

    We turned out heat down and sit around wrapped in blankets when home together. Last week we even started showering together. She usually showers in the mornings, and I before bed. Now we both shower before bed.

    The first time was totally awkward, I'd not ever showered with anyone before. I was just get in soap and get out. She was about the same. I don't even think we looked at each other. By last weekend we were comfortable enough to wash each other's backs, and I guess actually look and talk to each other while showering.

    Sunday she commented that I was getting bushy, I looked and so was she, I laughed and told her, "Not like we have anywhere to go or anybody to see." She looked at me and said, "Ya, been a while."

    It has been a while!

    Yesterday she kind of sheepishly told me, "It's too crowded in here to shave together. If you wanna, we could get out and shave each other."

    I thought she was joking, but her face was bright red from embarrassment when I looked. I told her, "Not right now, but I'll think about it."

    I have been thinking about it. We are both getting grossly hair, and it has really been a while. This morning at breakfast, I told her, "Ya, I need it too."

    So after showering tonight, we're going to shave each other. Neither of us are lesbian, or even bi, but we'll see if it goes more than a shave. It REALLY has been a long time.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Im jim 42
    I came home from work early our hours have been cut at work
    Cidy 36 my wife and step mom to my son was on her back sexy legs open wife our sponsored foreign exchange student Akshat a young man 18 from north India was fucking the shit out of cindy.
    1 Akshat is in college athletic dresses like a greeser
    Cindy is 36 a mom and wife. Blonde curly hair green eyes absolutely sexy body great ass and tits sexy legs she jogs and dose yoga slightly curvy but with her ass and tits she has one amazing looking body. Pretty cute face as well very soft and pretty.

    I walk in my garage head up the breeze way. I hear faint mm mm mm mmm mmm mmm mm mm of moans so i stop and make sure porn is not playing on my phone. Nothing at all then i hear louder oh oh oh oh mm mmm mm ah ah ah ah aahh yes yes god yes give it to me. I know that voice its cindy.
    I walk up where i can see into the main house and there is 5ft9 brown skin punk holding cindys legs together with a bear hug his body moving a fish out of water frantic and hard. I see her tits huge dd's bouncing around her high heels dangling from her feet legs tensed and flexed her hands dug into the couch
    Her loud moans filled the house as he pulled out i noticed my cock was hard i was more turned on then mad and his dick was huge he bent cindy over fucked her doggy style for a good long minute then made her ride him she fucked him like a prom date in heat. A minute later he was cumming inside my wife thank god for the pill.
    I jim and i like watching my wife fuck other men

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Married for 40 years, I have fantasised about this for all of this time.
    Finally I have managed it, achieved my dream via a gay hook up site.
    Yes, I sucked a cock for the first time 3 months ago.On my knees, fondling a pair of big balls, I sucked a cock . After a few minutes he started to groan. I felt his cock 8ncreasing in size in my mouth. I felt his spunk spurt into my mouth.
    And most of all , I loved it and felt pride I had satisfied that cock. Iâm addicted already after just the once, I want more and cannot imagine ever stoppping. I loved it so much.

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    Straight Female / 19

    So I have a confession. I look up pictures of large penises, like, all the time. I guess you could say it is a fetish. Not even my boyfriend knows. And I do not particularly like this about myself but if I ever saw a big, thick one in person I would really want to suck it. I do not know how that would happen as I would not be in a position to find out but I know that when I look at the pictures I get really turned on and want to suck them. So, yeah, that is my secret.

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    Gay Male / 53

    For what it is worth my name is Joel. I am 63, recently retired from the Utility company where I worked as an Electrical Engineer for 43 years. I married a girl 20 years ago, a then secretary in the procurement department that showed up pregnant, both getting her pregnant and marrying her were a mistake that I have paid for dearly ever since. The kid is mine, proven every which way, as are the other two kids she wanted.

    My private life has always included time with boys. I started in high school, I was on the swimming team and got involved quite actively with a senior boy, I developed a very strong taste for cock, lots of cock, the more cock the better. At that time I really liked getting it straight up my ass.

    In college I had a relationship with the undergraduate History professor, a man in his forties who had a strong like to college kids. He was my kind of man, always hard, always wanting to fuck, and he liked having his cock sucked. I would say that I fell in love with him, knowing full well that it was a college thing and when I graduated he was going to replace me.

    During my first years working for the Utility company I grazed, had a lot one night stands, I experimented with guys my age and men who were a lot older. The comfort of an older man competed with the pure juice of the younger man, in the end I settled for an older man who worked for the City and stayed with him for close to fifteen years until he got pretty sick. It was during his illness that I went out with some coworkers and fucked this girl and she got pregnant on the first bang and my life got changed in ways I never imagined. I can't say that I ever enjoyed fucking her, but I did out of obligation, but I craved cock which I had to find on the side.

    Now I am retired, I met a fellow retiree and we hit it off. Our wives don't get along in part because of the large age difference and my buddy and I have to find time to go down to the man cave, put on the TV and suck and fuck, after all these years I still prefer to have a hard cock right up my ass. I just enjoy it.

    Now all cooped up in the house I can't get over to my buddy, I have had to resort to masturbation, fucking my wife and watching stupid TV. I really miss my buddy right now, I could really use an afternoon down in the man cave.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I have an incredible girlfriend, we met at college. We had many of the same classes, and I am 3 years younger than she is. I started college very young and went through very quickly. She was attractive enough, pretty though not really the type that you would find stunning or heart stopping in any way. She has quite normal brunette hair, always dresses in layers so I noticed her, but not too much. At a blowout party at the end of the school year a couple years ago she was at the party without her layers of clothing. She had on a white blouse tucked into a red skirt that was much shorter than anything I'd seen her wear to classes or around campus. She got so drunk she passed out and a couple of the guys moved her into a bedroom. I didn't notice for a while but then saw guys going into the room and coming out. I asked what was going on and an older student said "free pussy". I went in and there she was, totally naked, lying on her back, hips to the edge of the mattress and her legs hanging over touching the floor. There was a LOT of sperm leaking out of her hairy pussy. I mean a LOT of it. It was all over her pussy, inside and out, leaking out and leaving a dripping pool on the edge of the bed. She was stunningly beautiful when out of her clothes. I never knew she had that good a body with the most perfectly shaped, and sized tits ever. Her nipples soft pink and then my fantasy was interrupted. Two guys came in and I watched as they fucked her. One of them said that makes number 9 as he left. I'm guessing 9 guys had fucked her already. I took some tissue and wiped off the sperm as much as I could and I admit. I also fucked her. I was the 10th guy to r**e her that night. Despite it all, I found her so incredibly attractive it was surreal. I was a virgin till I fucked this perfect woman while so many others had her as well.

    She evidently woke up about 6 that morning, I had taken a second turn in her before I left. She knew what had happened but didn't say anything since she didn't have any idea who had r**ed her, nor how many. Two years later I finally got her to go on a date. We dated a few times, and after several weeks, maybe two months of dating, while we were kissing and groping, she told me about the night of the party. Letting me know she'd been had that night by a lot of guys, but had no idea who or the number of guys that had r**ed her. She said she is over it, and wanted me to know in case I wanted to back out of a potential relationship. I did get out of her that she lost her virginity when she was 15 with a boy from high school, then had sex with one more boy before going to college. At college she had two boyfriends that she had sex with. I told her I was still inexperienced, and she was under the impression that she was my first. She actually was my first, but I was one of the group that r**ed her that night. I have a perfect girlfriend, who is beautiful, stunning, with an incredible body, and we make love as often as we can. She's the only girl or woman I guess, that I've ever had and I hope I can keep her.

    I still have the guilt of knowing that I fucked her, r**ed her two years ago.

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    Straight Male / 20

    On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. Feeling the excitement as if to take some cloth which was hung on the hooks on the door, I moved closer to the door so that she may have a good look at my erect cock and she may not come to eye contact. My cock head was almost just 2 inches away from her eyes. Casually turning around and facing the light I started slowly pull back my foreskin to and forth giving the little girl a full demonstration of masturbation. As her mother was busy in the kitchen and father out in office, I gave good fifteen minute jerking action in all possible ways. Soaped the cock and washed it twice watching whether the little eyes were still peeping. When I was about to come, I inched slowly to the door crack for her to see how a cock ejaculates the white sperm cum, on to my palm. After finishing the bath as I found the little girl look at me and trying to look at my waist to see any bulges, I thought to give her some other tease.

    As I was wearing only a small loose shorts and no underwear, laying down on the couch with one leg folded up and the other leg straight, the little seated on the chair at the other end could view my cock through the shorts. As if I am browsing my phone I covered my face and opened the camera view to see whether she is noticing my cock. Yes she was trying to see through the shorts my cock. Casually I scratched my cock with one hand to give it a erection start and excited the girl is watching it was easy erection. After that I got up took the little girl as if loving and allowed her to sit on my lap with the erect penis on the side of my shorts, which I adjusted to be between her butt crack. But I did not touch her in any other ways. She too knew that she is sitting on hot rod and I could feel her butt pulsating on my cock. When I felt I may cum if continued leaving the child moved to my room.

    Further the door crack peeping of the little girl gave me the idea of peeping my cousin's wife. While the gorgeous lady went for the bath, I also peeped for the first time and had a good view of hairy pussy leading to happy masturbation.

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    Straight Female / 38

    In high school at 16 years old, I was a goody goody girl I guess, though I dressed like I wasn't. I was attractive, had a great body and wore very short skirts whenever possible. One morning I was called into the principals office during the first 10 minutes in home room before we went to classes. I was told my skirt was too short and to go home and change. I walked the two blocks and changed. Though the new skirt was only 2 inches longer it covered more so it was ok. On my way out of the male principals office I bent over to pick up a piece of paper on the ground and showed him my ass and through my opened legs my hairy pussy from behind. I didn't wear underwear but met his dress code. I knew I was right, he didn't say anything about my lack of underwear.

    I realized I got off on showing myself. Showing my pussy and my ass to him. Not just him though. I have very light skin, very pale white and have black hair which made it more apparent when I flashed my pussy. I showed off to all my male teachers and at least 20 boys through the day. I found myself getting very wet. I started going pantyless very often to school and I have no idea how many boys have seen my naked pussy and ass. It was 2 years before I let a boy have sex with me. I had plenty of offers but waited until I felt it was right.

    It was the right boy. He is now, and still the right husband and father. He also likes when I show my pussy, ass and tits to others. We both get off on exhibitionism. He was the right one.

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    Straight Female / 22

    A few years ago I was living at home near a lake that I swimmed in. The public access was a couple miles away but much closer was a private launch that was really in disrepair but the water was fine enough to swim in and what passed for the beach was surrounded by trees and the like really secluding it. For the longest time I never knew who owned it until one day I met him. He was a nice guy, probably late 30s, and kind of good-looking. I found out he owned the lake house near by and was rarely up there but sometimes he came out to work on it. He told me he didnât mind me using it as long as I didnât make a mess of it. We would talk on occasion, and one day he asked if my bikini was new. There was an old canoe/boat thing on like sawhorses so I leaned against that and told him it was and asked if he liked it. He quickly muttered that I really fill it out.

    Now for perspective I was like 5â1, skinny, and I was a 34DD. He was over 6â tall. He often worked without a shirt on so I could see he was in shape with a hairy chest and tummy. I tried playing it off as no big deal by saying they were just boobs, whatever. He laughed a said something like âoh so youâd be okay with someone just walking up and having a feel?â I laughed saying maybe not anyone. He stepped in front of me and as I was leaning on the canoe I instinctive leaned back which had the added effect of shoving my breasts out. We stood like that for what felt like forever, not touching but I was taking nervous breaths unsure what would happen. He reached up... and grabbed a rag from behind me. I half jokingly said âHere I thought you were going to cop a feel.â He laughed saying something like âI think youâre beating me to it.â It was now that I realized my fingertips on one hand were lightly touching his tummy just above the button on his shorts.

    It was here that my whole mood shifted. I went âOhâ and started gently caressing his tummy before slowly working my fingers down and rubbing the front of his shorts. He asked what I was doing and I said âexploringâ. I could feel him growing thru the fabric. I asked him âDo you...?â I donât remember if I was asking if he wanted to explore too or wanted me to stop but I was unzipping his shorts and noticed his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy. I reached in thru the zipper and grabbed him. He gasped. I couldnât but help give a quick, high pitched moan myself.

    I didnât realize until I pulled it out but he was really thick. I could feel it but seeing it was something else. It didnât take long for him to be fully sprung. One hand I held him at the base, the other was feeling him. He stood close to me, one hand on either side resting on the canoe. I could feel his precum and he was close enough that as I stroked him his tip would brush my stomach, leaving streaks of precum on me. By this point I was pumping away on him. My arm was getting tired. He put his hand on my hip and slowly brought it up to where it was next to my boob. I stuck my chest out a little to hunt that it was ok. He brought it over and grabbed my entire boob. I went âYesâ as I gently moaned.

    I noticed his body start to tense and his hand went up to my neck and grabbed my hair. He started moanâgrunting and I was looking down as I pumped him faster and harder, until he gave one long moan... and erupted. I donât know how else to describe it as it was a series of long, thick shots that plastered my stomach, running down over my bikini bottoms. He could barely stand and kind of pushed against me. I was still stroking him but I had slowed my rhythm. I said âwow. Is there always this much?â He chuckled that it was like that most times. I had considered trying going down for the first time but wasnât sure I could fit him in my mouth and after his orgasm I was glad I didnât try. I probably would have drowned! Ha ha!

    Since we were safe from prying eyes I took my top off so he could see my boobs and feel them up for a bit. I found myself rubbing his load all over my stomach while he did. Eventually I got in the water to rinse it all off. We had a couple more encounters that summer but eventually he sold the house and I eventually moved out of state.

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