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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife, me, and our then 15 year old daughter lived very close to the Mall of America. That is, until two years ago when my wife died from cancer.
    My daughter, Kathy, and me moved two hours away and set up a new home. Things were really ok with us, both battling the grief. She came out of it, and made a few close friends.

    So a couple of weeks was her 17th birthday. She asked if I would take her and her two friends to the Mall of America.
    We made the drive and the three, Kathy, Janelle, and Samantha had fun giggling over videos and such on their phones during the drive. we arrived, and scheduled a pick up time and location.

    I went and met up with old friends, had a nice dinner, and did some shopping myself.

    Now it's later, nighttime, and time to pick up the girls. They came running out, laughing and giggling. They put their bags in the trunk. Samantha yelled "shotgun!". So we got in, ready for the 2 hour drive home. After about 50 minutes, the girls in back were sleeping.

    Out of habit, I drive with my hand on the shifter. Samantha took my hand, and placed it on her thigh. I pulled away, with a what the hell look. She smiled, put my hand back on her thigh. Ok....I started rubbing her thigh when she moved my hand up and spread her legs some.
    I sarted rubbing her clit, and after a bit her breathing got heavier. She then pushed back in the seat, hands tight on both sides of the seat, let out a small whimper, and shook.

    This time, I took it further by putting one, then two fingers in her pussy. I fucked her slow, then fast. She had another orgasm. I moved my hand, and she whispered wow.

    Sh e checked the back seat. Both still sleeping. She reached over, took out my cock, and started stroking it. Holy shit, this is the first time in years a female has jerked me. Then she leaned over an took it in her mouth, sucking me with the knowledge of a woman twice her age. After about 10 miutes, I couldn't hold off. I cum what seemed to be an aweful lot, and she kept sucking and swallowed it all.

    By then we were close to home. We dropped Janelle home first, then Samantha. Sam got her bags, gave me a smile and said, "Thank you sooo much! I hope we can shop more often!

    I watched that tight sweet body walk up the driveway and thought, definately more shopping!

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    Straight Male / 46

    I have a friend, I will call him Manuel. He is Mexican. Manuel is a bit strange, does things and says things that can make you uncomfortable. Like bumping into you when you are taking a piss in a public restroom. Manuel plays golf with a couple of guys and from time to time I have played as the fourth. The jokes are always raunchy and the game usually ends up with a long afternoon of drinking. We are all retired so it is not so much about the time as it is about the jokes and the drinking, and the constant touching. That's what it really is, Manuel touches me.

    Well Manuel told me about this guy at the club that he goes to for a massage. He told me that he was good and if I wanted a massage he would talk to him about me and get me the treatment. One of the days that we played golf and after we had been drinking for a while Manuel talked me into going downstairs for a massage. Manuel's guy, I will call him Manuel's guy is also a Mexican, around 35 or so. Manuel talked to him in Spanish and he got another guy to give him a massage and he went to his little room with a curtain and I got on the table with Manuel's guy. So far so good, I was still working off the drinks and I fell asleep as the massage went down.

    I felt Manuel's guy pulling on my boxers and I woke up and he told me they had to go because he gave a complete massage and between guys it really didn't matter. I guess I was still drowsy because he got my boxers off and the first thing he did was lay me on my back and grab my cock in his hand and started to 'massage' me. My cock, which usually has a difficult time getting up, got hard as he massaged me. It felt good I have to admit. He spent quite a few minutes massaging my cock and I got hard for the first time in a long time and when I was hard he bent over and he sucked on me hard, working my cock with his hand. So this was Manuel's friend's special treatment, getting a hand job and a blow job from a Mexican.

    Manuel's friend stopped and he got on a glove and got out some warm lube and told me to lay there and with his middle finger he got his finger up my ass while he massaged my cock with his other hand and sucked me hard. My legs were open and my knees were pulled up and he had his finger way up my ass when I came. While I came he shoved his finger up deeper and sucked hard on my cock, it actually hurt to cum, I hadn't cum in a good long while and he sucked every last bit out until I was completely drained. Manuel's man settled me down rubbing my chest and neck while I lay naked on the table, he helped me turn over and gave me a long massage on my buttocks, pressing his thumbs into my anus and massaging my anus with the warm lube he had used before.

    Now I am not a prude, not by any stretch of the imagination and I had heard of the happy ending massage but I had never experienced it. I had never gotten a hand job or blow job by a man and much less had my prostate massaged, the only man who had ever had his finger up my ass was the doctor, but never a massage. Manuel's guy gave me his card and told me that anytime I needed him I could call and he would come to my house where we could be more private and he would be happy to take care of any needs that came to mind.

    I am not going to lie, I called Manuel's friend and he came over and gave me a complete massage, blow job and after enticing me into it he got naked with me and offered to have me play with his cock, suck his cock and I let him finish me off with his cock. I won't say that I had never thought about it, I had. I had just never been in a position where I could actually act on it. Manuel's man comes over to give me a massage, he isn't cheap really it costs a couple of hundred bucks every time he comes to the house but his deep massages with his warm lube and his 'middle finger' as he calls it, he does wonders with it, I can't believe I let him do it. And I look forward to him getting naked with me, of course he is in incredible shape and I am not. Manuel, my friend Manuel, is like always too friendly, too raunchy, always touching me and asking me how his friend is treating me.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I've never told anyone the complete truth on how I lost my virginity. When I was in the 8th grade my younger sister by 1 year had her best friend over to spend the night. It was still early in the evening when my parents left for their usual Friday night outing telling us they wouldn't be home till after midnight and gave us the number of where they would be and left. This was in the early 70's the days before cable tv or DVDs whoops I mean VHS tapes so we turned on the tv hoping to find something of interest which we didn't.
    We snuck into my dads bar and made these horrible but potent cocktails the ones that had a powder drink mix you just added juice and alcohol. After a two drinks starting our third, my sister suggested we play a game of truth or dare which surprised me. The first dare was to her friend which was to kiss me which I couldn't believe but was happy to oblige. After her kiss it was my turn so in a playful mood I had my sister kiss her which they did quite passionately.
    On my sisters friend turn she hesitated and turned red saying she wanted to see my cock I to was embarrassed because my sister was there but got hard upon the request. I tried to get her to leave but she insisted she stay so I unzipped my pants and pulled it out while my sisters friend Cindy eyed it with what I thought was longing and I got even harder. My sister stated oh my it's so big I turned red I had forgotten for just a sec she was still there. The drinks had loosened us up and my on sisters turn she dared Cindy to show us her breast which were my first I've ever seen up close. Her nipples were hard and my sister pinched them driving me crazy. It was my turn so I dared Cindy to touch my cock which she did instantly, then my sister slurred I want to touch it to and shoved her hand down my pants feeling me up. I was surprised yet so aroused I didn't care that my sister was jerking on me.
    Cindy and my sister suddenly hopped up and ran into the next room, party over they're coming to their senses. Much to my disbelief my sister came back alone and told me that Cindy wanted me to fuck her and she wanted to watch. OMG I can't believe this I wanted to fuck her but my sister watching wasn't something I imagined my first time would include. We went upstairs to my sister room where me and Cindy got naked and climbed on the bed. We started rubbing each other except my cock wouldn't get fully hard, embarrassing. It was having my sister sitting in her chair watching which was freaking me out. I finally told her the only way this would work was she had to leave and she said no way it was her idea and she was watching. She said that she would hide in her closet and peak out which seemed a good idea so into the closet she went and Cindy and I upon the mattress.
    I started sucking her nipples as she stroked my cock getting me Rock hard and she laid back spread her legs and I slid right in her started pumping her steady and slow feeling the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock completely forgetting my sister in the closet. Cindy was riding my cock back and forth moaning lightly and then I could hear my sister moaning quietly and could hear the door creaking open slowly. I started pumping Cindy as hard as I could because I knew I had only seconds left and then I exploded in her pussy not worrying about unintended consequences just pure relief I wasn't a virgin anymore.
    I rolled off her and my sister was naked at the end of the bed rubbing her pussy saying "I want some" I was still to ecstatic to be freaking out over her statement and just layed there as my cock melted. Cindy was lying next to me telling my sister how good it felt and that she should try it. The next thing I know she's on the bed asking me to fuck her please. I was against it but only because she was my sister and my cock had gone soft I didn't think I'd get it back up right away. I told her no I'm not hard and Cindy chirped in that she wanted to watch it was only fair. The next thing I knew was my sister taking my cock into her mouth and working it hard. I couldn't believe my sister was doing this it was my first blow job ever by my own sister. My cock was at full attention at no time and she stopped sucking and slid up placing her pussy right over my cock as she guided it into her pussy and started fucking me. What could I say I just laid there enjoying it till I realized I could suck on her titties as she fucked me and took turns tongueing her nipples. Cindy was still on the bed rubbing her clit like a crazy woman telling my sister to make me cum. I felt like a porn star. I then shot my load deep in my sister as she too came. It was incredible. In that second I started to feel so guilty and perverted I hopped up and left the room to clean up and get dressed. I went downstairs to watch tv with them joining me later. The only thing we said that night afterwards was to swear a pact to never ever tell anyone about our game.
    I woke up the next morning and rubbed one out thinking about the night before. I couldn't believe how experienced and bold my sister and her friend were. I didn't realize it at the time but they were no virgins. My dad had been m****ting my sister for years and the same with Cindys dad. I didn't learn this till years later. My dad had sex with Cindy and my sister several times and my sister did the same with Cindys dad and Cindy. They both loved it according to my sister. They had planned on seducing me that night to see if they could. Me and my sister carried on for years till I got married. She and Cindy were quite the sluts. They loved sex like guys did back then. The woman I married had been m****ted by her step father who she hated but he turned her into one nasty fuck machine. The best pussy out there has been thoroughly trained by their daddy.
    I know.

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    Straight Female / 35

    Not sure this is the right place, so forgive me. I have written it as the events actually happened and give details of the circumstances as they were. I have made it like a story as I have had time to think about how to present it. So if that is wrong please forgive me.

    Up to this encounter, my hubby had been my only lover. I am the shy slightly submissive book reading type easily satisfied with marriage and contented with everything, good and bad times!!!

    Guys had generally avoided me and not given second looks, reasons for that I need not bore you with now, but you have an understanding that my sexual experiences were limited to what me and Hubby have done together...

    Gina is the mother of a couple of kids who have often visited my house after school, I had never met her partner, Dwayne, who is black until one Friday evening. Gina had told us at a girls party, that Dwayne had a sizeable dick, a good 9 inches she told us and thick too.

    I was looking forward to meeting him, not because of his Dick, but we had not meet in six months. He was sat in their front room and did a double take when he saw me. Looked me up and down and gave me a strange look. It was one of acceptance and approval, or so I imagined. A little nod and a grin seemed to be an agreement of some sort between us. I took it as a liking of each other and not sexually, on my part anyway.

    Our paths crossed rarely, but when they did, he gave me a little glance across the school playground and a knowing grin. It was clear he liked me and I felt pleased someone other than my hubby was giving me some appreciative attention, and if he could get away with it, a sexy comment.

    This went on for several months, and I must confess I was a little aroused by it, not that I intended to do anything about it, I and he were both in very good marriages and happy.

    Fast forward: The summer holidays came and went and I had not seen Dwayne since before the school break, forgotten about him in fact. Summer draw towards autumn and another half term break. My Hubby is a coach driver and due to go to Italy, I could go along too, a week away, great, kids could stay with Nan.... So with excitement, in the afternoon we set off and met the coach at a rest area on a motorway, already loaded and ready to go.

    We arrived at Dover where I discovered to my horror, my bag was missing! Purse and more importantly passport. There was little else to do other than get left behind. So after a tearful goodbye to hubby and a week to wait for his return, I now had to make my own way home.

    I phoned Gina, who appeared to be the only person available to answer the phone or answer my text messages. She laughed at my situation and told me Dwayne was on his way to get me despite my protests. He would be with me in a few hours and I wasn't to argue..

    Three hours later, Dwayne arrived and collected me. He drove a mini-bus type van. Three seats in front, three behind and the rear section a type of camper-van, simple seat that folded out and a kitchenette. Dwayne had been working all day and had come straight out to me, it was obvious he was tired and as we headed back, keep dosing off at the wheel. A dangerous thing to be doing. I too was tired, so we decided we should stop and take a few hours kip.

    Dwayne found a safe place and pulled over into a lay-by. The bed was pulled out, it was too big for single but two small for a double, but by mutual consent we agreed to share it. We snuggled down, me wearing my jeans and T and he T and trousers. We snuggled up, not that we could avoid body contact, but we both seemed comfortable with it and soon drifted off in sleep.

    I was aware that during sleep we had hugged and cuddled, more so a sort of comfort than anything sexual. I stirred sleepily on my left side with him behind me snuggled in. His left arm around my neck and his arm across my chest and his right over my thighs and tucked into my body. I could also feel a lump poking me in the small of my back.

    It was obvious it was his dick!
    It thrilled me a little, I must confess, but nonetheless, I moved away from it slightly and needed to lean back and turn slightly onto my back. That action only resulted in his right hand now resting on the front of his jeans, and feeling his hand on my mound, made me stir even more.

    He stirred a little and his left hand cupped a breast through my t shirt, I wasn't wearing a bra... My nipples instantly went hard. I was shocked but thrilled at the same time... His right hand started pushing into my mound, and that thrilled me too.
    I laid there wanting him to stop but he started nuzzling my neck with his lips. I half hardheartedly protested getting really turned on and feeling his dick pressing against me again. He rubbed the front of my jeans trying to push his hand in between a couple of times, but I resisted by pulling his away. His hand felt for mine and he placed it on the bulge of his trousers.

    It felt big and thick, I just had to feel it. My fingers squeezed it through his trousers, it was long and very thick. He whispered in my ear to get it out, so I did. It was long and thick and meaty. I stroked it willingly and admitted his was the first black cock in real life I had encountered. Now he had his hand between my legs and I gave just a little resistance but soon he had my jeans open and his fingers deep in my pussy.

    I was soaking wet within a few minutes, his kisses, fingers and mouth doing everything that was so sexually thrilling that I heard my pussy squelching in juices as he finger fucked me bouncing off my g spot. I had long stopped jerking his massive dick through seer delight and pleasure he was giving me. He whispered sexily in my ear, making me feel even more hornier and turned on.

    In the darkness, he confirmed that I could be fucked and take his big married black dick bare up my married pussy and take a creampie. There was no reason not too...
    He worked the thing in slowly and delicately, then when I was used to his size he hammered me hard just the way I like it and changed positions with me riding him before he slammed me on my back and pumped his hot thick cream deep inside me, he pulled out squirting more over my tits and stomach. We recovered dressed and resumed our way home. Unbelieving, he pulled up again and said he wanted to fuck me again.

    That was fine by me... Jeans down, bent over the sofa, he pounded me again giving me another good fucking. We drove home with him revealing something rather odd. he said he had read in his predictions about a an encounter in black and a spice. Well I'm ginger and when I first saw him I had been wearing jeans, t shirt and sports shoes all that were black!!! He said he knew it was me and even before he asked, knew I could be fucked bareback.

    I had no reason not to believe him and those early looks he gave me, probably meant there was some truth in it.

    We have never got together again, our meetings being just the same as before, as if nothing has ever happened.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My confession is I met a guy last night from online and had awesome sex with him. That might not seem like a big deal on a site like this, but the truth is that despite looking like a sweet, innocent girl Iâm secretly obsessed with sex. No one knows, just the guy I was with. He is 44 and said heâs separated. He took my body bareback. He was a little on the thicker side so he had to work it in a bit. It felt so amazing when he released inside me. I guess it was really intense for him, too.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife is a nurse who works at a fertility center. To be honest she sees a lot of dicks especially when they have to perform surgeries to extract sperm so itâs not that big a deal to her and most of the guys are white.

    This past week she told me they had an African guy come in and in her words his cock was massive. She said it was like 7 inches soft which is bigger than me hard. She kinda of had a lustful look in her eye too. Maybe Iâm reading too much into it but after we ate dinner she went upstairs and I could hear her using her vibrator in the bathroom. She was in there for a long time and maybe thinking about that guys cock. I donât know just wondering what people think.

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    Straight Female / 35

    We live in a neighborhood that has very few street lights, most lighting came from the homes with their porch lights for visability. Without my knowledge my husband arranged a silouette show. Our house had large plate glass windows in the living room with simple white window covering maybe the thickness of a bed sheet. One day my husband moved the furniture and lighting for the living room around. We have a large wooden trunk we use as a coffee table. He put new cushions on top for extra seating near the windows. He placed the lamps towards the back of the room. I admit we both get extra horny when we get a buzz after maybe too much to drink. We started out just talking and having drinks in the living room when my husband started feeling me up and fondled my tits he was getting a hard on so he asked me to do a striptease while he masturbated. I was in my performance for him and enjoyed watching him working his cock up and down. We enjoy talking dirty and sexy coaching each other during our sexual activities. It's just a huge turn on. Better than the usual grunting and moaning seen in simple porn videos. We got really wound up and after I started masturbating myself with my own fingers he got up and crawled over to me telling me to lay on my back across the trunk. I helped him strip touching him sensually. He started sucking on my pussy and licking me on to several orgasms then started working his cock in and out of my pussy nice and slow to prolong the joy of sex. Then he had us change so I was on top of him while we indulged in a delicious 69 session. When we were both spent and satisified sexually we retired to our shower and off to bed to sleep.

    The next day when my husband went to get the mail and had a long conversation with our neighbor from across the street. That wasn't unusual because they always talked guy stuff and the usual cars, tools, landscape chores, etc.

    That night we enjoyed another evening of drinking and sexing things out in our newly arranged living space. While I did my striptease my husband tilted the lamp shades back so more light was on me like I was in the spot light. This time he went from stroking and fucking my pussy to have me position to let my head leaning back off the end of the trunk, then he had me giving him a deep throat blowjob filling my mouth and throat with his creamy cum.

    The next morning my husband went over to the neighbors house and returned with his cell phone he said he loaned the neighbor. The neighbor shot a video of our silouette show including the audio. Couldn't hear my husband and me, but definitely could hear the neighbor and a couple other guys getting themselves off while masturbating to the live porn show. When my husband showed it to me I got so turned on I wanted always perform our sexual trips in the living space for anybody that wanted to watch.

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    Straight Female / 25

    Unfortunately you can't put photo's on here as would help, I'm 25 and I had two extremely attractive parents, now the reason I said what I said is simple, I was my moms twin! her living image literally, even though we were 20 years apart you couldn't tell us apart, it led to confusion sometimes but also it led to a lot of fun!

    We lived in Devon and were financially secure, I was at uni at the time to studying to become an engineer, in 2013 I was 20 years old, life was good, my studies were going great then I got a call, it was dad, he was not making a lot of sense but he told me to get home as quickly as possible which I did only to be greeted with the news that my mom has collapsed with a brain haemorrhage and she had died right there on the spot, there was nothing anyone could do.

    It was totally crushing, two weeks later we had the funeral and said our last goodbyes and went home, a week later I went back to uni, i thought I would bury myself in work and try to work through everything I was feeling, dad had his job in London so I thought he would be Ok and I was going home again 6 weeks later so I could check on him or he could call me.

    I got no call so I thought he was OK until I walked in the front door, He was going to work but the house was a mess so I started tidying up, doing dishes and just wait till he got back from work, he got back at 7 in the evening and i think he forgot I was coming home that day as he was surprised to see me, he came sat down and I got him a drink with me and asked why the place was so untidy when I walked in, he could manage work but not the house keeping! in fact he never once since I was born did it! to my knowledge anyway!

    He really did look like a shadow of the dad I had, he said he would just sit there looking at the pics of us all together drinking and the dishes with everything else could wait, i knew this was no good so I made the biggest decision of my life, I dropped out of uni, I decided to stay and look after him the best way I could, mom had taught me how to cook and I could look after a house, why couldn't I look after dad too, it wasn't all good going for me either, I couldn't really talk about what happened to anyone but dad, it had made me bad tempered and moody with everyone that even got close to asking me what happened so maybe it was a good thing, we both needed each other now more than ever.

    So I set about the house the next day getting it back to the way it used be! there was dishes, vacuuming, the windows inside, I had to pay the window cleaner and rehire him! all the laundry that had been pilling up, send dads suits of to the dry cleaners, it was lucky I had a driving licence! and in a short while everything was looking the way it should, hard work though as the house had 5 bedrooms! but i got there, every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and all I saw was mom.

    Dad had tidied himself up too although he wasn't pleased I gave up my studies! but in a way I think he was! what else could I do, they had given me everything in life, it was time to repay something back when it was needed.

    Me and mom had the same first name, but different pet names! it saved confusion as sometime both of us would turn around!

    I had been home 6 months by this time, things were settling down a little, dad thought it was time to talk, so we sat down at I think 8 in the evening and we were still talking at 3 in the morning! we talked about everything, it was what we needed, to talk about the god times and how much we loved and missed mom, it seemed to act as a release for the two of us, we were more comfortable with it.

    Another couple of months went by and dad wanted to take me out, he said it was about time he did something for us and he wanted us to go out together, I thought it was a great idea and suggested the weekend and why didn't we just get in the car and drive as it was going to be a long weekend, Ok he said where, anywhere I said, Ok i'll have a think about it.

    Saturday morning came and it was a beautiful day I remember, the sun was up and it was warm so summer clothes were the order of the day with a jacket in case! we got in the car and headed south, I didn't really care where we were out together, we stopped at a few pubs along the way, had soft drinks and went on our way, by the end of the day we went so far we ended up in Cornwall!

    we didn't feel like going all the way back so dad said we could go to the St Michaels Resort hotel in Falmouth, he and mom used to stay there on a regular basis and the staff knew him, but I had never been there, he called them to see if they had a ROOM! I think he forgot for a second and they had so he booked it for the night! I did point out that he needed two rooms and he said oh god yes I'm sorry sweetheart, I said not to worry about it they will probably think I'm mom anyway and it was the holiday season too so just take it! there will be a couch in there!

    We got there and it was really nice and he was right, they did know him cause they greeted him with, Ah Mr & Mrs! and before he could point anything out I sort of said no as it was funny! we had no luggage so we went straight up to our room, now dad could always tell me and mom apart, and he said I would not have believed it if I hadn't actually seen it, they think your my wife! I know I said so why don't I act like it while we are here I said! we went and had a bite to eat and none of the staff there knew I was his daughter! they did compliment me on looking young though! LOL'S!

    Wonderful meal in there and after it we went out for a drink after visiting a cash point!

    WE went back to the hotel after a great time out and the only thing that bothered me was not having a change of clothes! he didn't either and I don't think we expected to be out all night! I told dad I was going to have a shower and if he wanted he could do my back for me! and he surprised me by saying yes, I just might honey! I smiled and went in.

    I heard the door open and thought he needed the loo, instead he said do you still want your back doing then? I thought he was joking and yes I do, he rolled up his shirt sleeves slid the door open with my back to him, he got a bar of soap and did my back! it felt so nice him doing that, he said he used to do it for mom when they went in together, that was the first time I knew that they showered together! I didn't have the nerve to say well come in here with me then! but I did ask if he wanted his done in return and he said Ok then, I came out put a hotel dressing gown on and went to brush my hair while he went in.

    I went back into the shower room and said Ok I'm here to do your back, want to turn around for me, he did and I opened the door, I don't know what made me do it, but I slipped of my dressing gown and stepped into the shower with him, he knew I was in there with him he could feel how close I was, he never said a word as I stood there naked washing his back! he turned around and we stood face to face, I didn't know what to say so I put my arms around him and my head on his chest, I felt his arms go around me too as we stood there under the shower, a few seconds later I reached up and kissed him on the lips, it seemed a totally natural thing to do, all I said said was, I'm going to bed, are you coming.

    I got out of the shower and put my dressing gown back on, he did the same, we dried off and went to bed, we still didn't say anything to each other, as I lay there I turned to dad, he was going to say something but I put my finger on his lips and went Shhhhhhhhhh.

    I kissed him and he returned it, slowly at first then more passionately, his hands started to feel my body working there way up and down it, I reached over to his and did the same thing, we kissed and stroked each other for what seemed ages until I found his cock, he was huge and so hard, I put my hand between his legs stroking him and played with his balls, he forgot his inhibitions and his hand went between my legs, I made it easy for him, I rolled on my back and opened my legs for him, he stroked and played with my pussy, putting his fingers in me and making me come and after what seemed ages, he climbed over the top of me, I parted my legs for him like it was a natural thing for a daughter to do for her dad.

    I felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy, it stayed there for a few seconds before he slid all of himself inside me, I can't adequately put into words of that felt except to say it was wonderful as he got into a rhythm and made love to me, we stayed like that for what seemed ages, 10 minutes or so, I felt the need to push against him, I got my very first squirting orgasm! I soaked the pair of us! he slowed down after another 5 or so minutes and with one push all the way in, I felt him come, he unloaded a years worth of sperm inside me at once and felt it pouring out of me at the same time.

    After that he lay down, I went over the top of him to suck his cock, he pulled me lower to his mouth and I felt him lick me and put his tongue inside me, he played with my clitoris and I felt the need to come again, I pushed and squirted for a second time in his mouth, his cock was hard again as I licked sucked him to another orgasm, his sperm tasted nice, not to salty unlike my Ex's boyfriends!

    WE made love till the early hours of the morning, I don't know how many times he came inside me, I didn't care, we made love in different ways too.

    We got a few hours sleep and got up around 8 in the morning, we both showered and dad said before we left that no one must know of what happened here, I looked at him and said nothing happened dad, and I hope nothing happens tonight too! He had the good sense to get me the morning after pill too, which I took.

    We have made love every night since then, when his or my friends are there, I'm his daughter but when night comes we are lovers, we stayed at our home for another 8 months, we sold it and moved on, 400 miles north, we bought a house in the country and we live together as husband and wife, I also have two children now, a boy and girl, he's a wonderful father and neither of them look that close to us! but time will tell if it happens again.

    I never planned for that to happen, it just did, out of the ashes of mom passing we developed a loving and passionate relationship, at first I think he was making love to mom, but now he makes love to me, his daughter, I got my dad back in the most unusual way, otherwise I don't know what he may have done, I could have been orphaned with no one if he had got to depressed, and I couldn't have that could I.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I didn't know anything about being bisexual until I went to college. I arrived there a virgin roomed with a black kid who was a football star in high school. Not good enough for college but intimidating to me just the same. He seemed ok but had no problem telling me what to do. Then one afternoon, he told me to suck his dick. I said no I'm not gay. He didn't care. He said he'd seen me starring at his dick. He walked around all day in our room naked I had to look. He said it made me gay. I liked girls just couldn't get one but my first sexual experience turned out to be sucking his dick. And he turned out to be right. After a minute or so I lustfully sucked him. I made him cum. When he did he forced his dick deep and held my head tight until he finished down my throat. I was a mess after. He made me admit I liked it. After every time he needed head he'd just say come over and suck my dick. And I did. Every time. Hundreds of times even later after we weren't roommates anymore I'd go suck him whenever he wanted. He had his own place with a few guys senior year. He had me come over one friday night. He was there with his uncle. Everyone else was gone somewhere. He told me his uncle wanted head. Said he was the one who showed him about getting head from 'pussies". I ended up sucking them both off. Next night same thing. His uncle came twice. I met with his uncle a few times more after that and yeah he really did like me sucking him off. After graduation turns out I missed being told to come over to suck them off. I missed dick and cum so bad. I tried for a while to find someone knew. Sucked off a shit ton of guys much older than me. It was ok but not the same. As I got older I started using the internet to find black guys to blow. Sucked off maybe a hundred and it was great but not as fulfilling and it was hard to find them and ussualy had to drive forever. Finally met a woman and dated. She was nice but dumped me but at least I wasn't a virgin anymore. Finally met the right woman, married, kids now 35 and I'm off guys but have the memories and when I am really horny I think of my old roommate and how nice it would be to suck just one more load out of him.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I have a weakness for a certain type of man. The times it has happened the man has come on to me first. For example, I was working for a food service delivery company, I was in accounts receivable and my job was to chase down customers for payment. In this business many of the customers were small restaurants. This one restaurant that in the end always paid but never on time I had to follow up with all the time. I got to know the restaurant owner. I was at his restaurant early one morning before he opened asking him to settle his bill, he owed for several deliveries. We were standing side by side at the counter and then he put his arm around my head and held me in a head lock. He held me for a long time, probably a couple of minutes. The thing is I liked being held like that, it felt good being held against him. I didn't complain I just went back to pointing out the deliveries that he needed to pay for. His arm went up my back and he had me again in a head lock and this time he was patting my face and talking to me in baby talk and he got his zipper down with his other hand and he got his cock out and after a little bit of time he got hard and told me he wanted me to give him a blow job. There is something about a cock that I can't resist, how he knew that I couldn't resist I don't know but he got his blow job and more. That morning I didn't want to only have his cock in my mouth I wanted him to cum and he did. His bill paying never changed, he was always late but in the end he paid. What changed was that I went to see him and to have sex.

    I don't lie to myself, I have a weakness for being with certain men and I am attracted to certain types of men. For example, some overly pale art type man does not attract me, neither does a jogger or a tennis player type. I don't go for musicians either. I go for men in the forties or fifties who are aggressive, I don't like passive men. I can say that from the very first time I have been attracted to that type, forty, aggressive, middle eastern or mediterranean types, who seduce me, corner me and I submit to them. My very first one was a butcher at our local grocery store.

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