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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 49


    The thing about Ambien is not only are your prohibitions far less but the things you actually notice you may be doing. I one time watched my wife get up and go down to the kitchen completely naked. Eat the snacks in bed and in the morning blame me for doing it.

    On one summer night it was very hot. It was so hot outside that our upstairs was hot too. I came out of my office around 9:00 to tuck in our daughter (my step daughter) who is 13 and looking more and more like her mother every day. There is also the filling out part that comes with having daughters that are getting older. I know this is life but I think I would rather her stay little for just a while longer.

    It was the usual routine. Wait until bed time to ask me all her questions for the day, complaining that she is not tired and will not be able to fall asleep and so on. Anything to get to 9:30 before I finally said enough and hit the light and walked out.

    I went to our room and was going to hit the shower. As soon as I opened the door my wife was completely nude and crawling into bed. She took her pills and said with a wink that I should hurry up. It was a coin toss. Take a quick shower and have some goodnight sex or take a long hot relaxing shower then have sex anyway. I chose the latter.

    We prefer to keep ourselves groomed down below out of respect for the other person and it was passed my time so I got out the trimmer and the razor and then got on with my shower.

    I had been preparing myself if you know what I mean for the sex I was about to have. I opened the door and walked out with a half mass hard on. One thing is for sure...only the wife and I were in the bedroom when I went into the shower. Now, there she stood talking to Mom who was in no condition to be talking to anybody. I froze. My freshly groomed pride and joy now on display. Our daughter looked at me then just like clockwork I watched her eyes work there way down where they seemed to stay. My wife on the other hand made this "woo hoo" sound and mumbled something that sounded like "Mama is ready for that" then closed her eyes again. I finally got up the nerve to walk on by and get my robe out of the closet.

    When I came back she said I just wanted to tell mom that I couldn't sleep so she gave me a piece of one of her sleeping pills. I walked her back to bed and said goodnight.

    I'm climbed into bed thinking I can't do it now so I just watched TV and fell asleep. I don't know what went on during the next 30-45 minutes but I opened my eyes just a bit and there is my wife sitting up, the covers are kicked off of us. She is nude, I am nude and she is giving me a hand job and talking to someone. Hey, if she wants to jack me off and talk to herself while doing it, who am I to stand in her way. I closed me eyes and got myself into a better position. If your a guy, you know what I mean. We all have a favorite hand job position. It sounded to me like she was trying to explain to herself what she was doing. Go up and down like this, don't forget the head and especially don't forget the balls and then when you're ready for the big finish just do this. I don't know if there is a name for this move but she does this little trick were she clasps her hands together with her fingers intertwined. About 60 seconds of this and I came.

    It was over and I felt my wife giggle and make a satisfied yawn then turn over and cover up. The next thing I felt was someone else get up. I opened my eyes to see our daughter walking out the door. It felt like I lay there for a while but I'd just cum so I snuggled my wife and fell asleep.

    In the morning my wife said I'm sorry I fell asleep. I know you wanted to have sex. Maybe tonight...if your lucky. I don't know if anyone besides me remembers that night, but I'm not going to start asking questions.



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    Straight Male / 49


    There are some things we do that only come with Ambien nights. Anal sex, for instance. Her past lovers definitely wanted to do it however, she would never let them.

    I never understood the hangup most women have about trying this. I do get some of the concerns tho. It's messy, it will hurt etc., but if you prepare I here it can be very erotic and enjoyable. I'm sure that having something shoved up your ass out of the blue is not the most pleasant thing. I also think that turn about is fair play. If she said I want to slick my finger up your ass or something else while giving me head I feel like I owe that since I enjoy playing with her ass.

    Anyway, we discussed it several times and finally decided on the night. We prepared and for the first time I went missionary so we could be face to face. I entered her and we made love that way as opposed to fucking. When it was over we took a shower together and discussed the event. although it was great for me, it wasn't her favorite. She said it didn't hurt but just felt a little uncomfortable. And, it definitely wasn't something that could get her off. Nevertheless, she enjoyed watching my face during the ordeal. We have done it several times since but it's not as often as I would like.

    The memory I jack off too was about a phone conversation we had. She was home and horny and called me mid day at work. She said how she wanted to "do stuff" and if I was home what she would do to me. She didn't hold anything back...I want to get on my knees while you unzip your pants and walk towards me. Cock slap me and tell me to wrap my lips around this! Eat me out until I beg for mercy. Throw me on the bed and tell me to get into the doggie-style position. Finger me and massage my clit while you play with my ass. I want to feel your fingers, your tongue and your lips on my backside. Fuck me for a while until we both can't take it any longer. Before you cum turn me over I want to taste you. Lie me down with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. Fuck my mouth quickly until you cum. Do pull out I want to feel your body as you are cumming in my mouth. I love your cum and, by the way. Tonight, when I'm asleep, I want you to fuck me in the ass.

    I just wanted you to know that and then she hung up. I couldn't leave. Wanted too badly but couldn't. I settled for a little me time in the bathroom if you know what I mean.

    That evening after the Ambien had taken effect we fooled around and I gave her two good Orgasms. Both on my face. I with her on her back and the second in a 69. I almost lost it a couple times myself thinking about what I was about to do. After her second cum I told her she couldn't touch my dick anymore...I couldn't take it and I wanted to make sure I was plenty hard for what was in store.

    As always, it didn't take her long to fall asleep. I watched TV for a little while. I turned her over facing away from me and got out the lube. I fingered her ass while playing with myself. When it was time I slid in. It's quite fascinating how easy it slides in when the person is asleep and totally relaxed. As I began moving my hips, going slowly at first, I could feel her loosen up even more. Unlike our first time, I didn't take it slow and easy any longer. I went balls deep with long slow strokes at first then quickened my pace. I wasn't long and I was ready to cum. I fucked her ass the same as her pussy and after about one minute more of this I came. Much harder than most times. When my orgasm started to subside I began fucking again. Hoping that I could take it and would get hard again. I really wanted to fuck her again. But, my dick was not cooperating and the feeling was way to intense and I had to pull out.

    Sometimes during regular sex she will wake and say what are you doing. This time she didn't wake up at all or even squirm.

    I left for work and she called me mid-morning asking if I had did what she asked. She wasn't sure but felt as though something was "in there". Once again you can image where the conversation was going and just where I ended up.


    A ddicted.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I met a woman at work a couple of years ago. Jolene was 35, had short auburn, and was a little overweight with hefty breasts and a rotund butt.

    She was sexy enough, perhaps a little chatty and had a daughter named Tara.

    Although Jolene flirted with me, I really interested because I didn't want to get tied into a family relationship.

    One night I was at an office function, and Jolene was drunk and hitting on me all night. Being a horny guy I decided to take advantage of the situation and took Jolene back to my car.

    Still reluctant to get into a relationship I was just planning to make out, but once Jolene was in the car she was all over me. She unbutton her blouse to expose her ample breasts in her black lacey bra and began to massage my swelling cock through my jeans.

    Getting into it myself, I reached under her skirt and found out she wasn't wearing any panties. I began to finger her pussy and it was already sopping wet. Jolene told me later that she hadn't been with a guy in over a year.

    I inserted a second finger in Jolene's pussy and began to rock her rhythmically. She began to moan, and it wasn't long before she began to squeeze my fingers in her pussy and then she began to squiry and convulse uncontrollably in an orgasm.

    It took Jolene a few minutes to recover, but then she kneeled down on the car floor and began to whip off my belt. In a frenzy she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

    She kissed the tip, and then began to pump up & down on the shaft of my cock with her luscious lips. She then turn her attention to my hairy balls and began to lick them. She continued to alternate between sucking the shaft of my cock and licking my balls until I shot a hot load, half in her mouth and half all over her face.

    After that Jolene felt that we were in a committed relationship but I was just into it for the nasty sex. She would flash me her breasts and pussy at work, and occasionally give me a blow job in the supply closet. Every once in a while I would spring for a local hotel room and we would have a nooner.

    This went on for a few months, and then Jolene mentioned that she wanted me to meet her daughter Tara. I knew that Jolene was getting serious, but I agreed to because I didn't want the hot and dirty sex to end.

    So I started going to Jolene's place for Netflix and chill. Tara being the typical teenager had no interest in me (as I also did not have in her) and spent most of the time on her iPhone in her bedroom.

    Then her mother began to do the full court press and started to hint at us living together to save on money. She also wanted Tara and I to get along better, and this actually began to become a bone of contention in my relationship with Jolene.

    At the same time Jolene must have been putting some pressure on Tara as her behavior began to change toward me. Tara began to dress more sexy with tops that showed off her perky 16 yr. old breasts & cleavage, and even went bra-less on occassion so I could see her budding nips. She also wore tight jean shorts that showed off her long tanned legs and even short skirts so she could flash me her panties.

    I thought that Tara was just acting out to get back at her mother. But it was working, as I was looking forward to my visits more to see Tara than her mother. Tara was getting more daring and flirty with me. She would twirl her long blonde hair as we chatted more and lick her sexy lips.

    I think Jolene was getting a little jealous of her daughter and drinking more to cope. One night she had drunken too much and had fallen asleep on the couch.

    I had to relieve myself so I went upstairs where the bathroom and bedrooms are located. I was about to enter the bathroom when I heard some strange noises coming from Tara's room.

    The door was ajar a bit, and although the bedroom light was out, from the hall light I could clearly make out that Tara was given some guy head.

    I switched the bedroom light on and shouted WTF! I told the kid to get the hell out of there or I would kick his ass. The guy fled zippung up his jeans on the way.

    At this point I realized that Tara was topless and I could ogle her nubile breasts and erect nipples as I had dreamed of. Tara was upset and pleaded with me not to tell her mother. I told her I had to tell her mother and she would likely ground Tara and take away her cell phone.

    Tara continued to beg me not to tell her mother and said she would do anything for me, with a wry smile. I took the hint and pushed back onto the bed. I got down on my knees, began to unbuckle her belt, unzipped her jeans and pulled them off.

    Then I pulled off her panties which were wet from her pussy juices. I took a sniff of their sweet nectar, told Tara that I was going to make her my sex slave, and then stuffed the panties into her mouth.

    Then I spread her legs and went to town on Tara's pussy, beginning to lick her outer lips. I darted my tongue in & out of her wet pussy and sucked up her pussy juices. I licked my tongue up and down her slit, rubbed my nose on her clit, and then began to nibble on it.

    I held Tara's wrists as she began to squirm and breathe heavily. She started to moan and suddenly squirted her cum all over my face.

    Then I flipped Tara over on her stomach, spread her ass cheeks, and began to lick her anus. It wasn't too long before Tara had a second orgasm with me.

    I crawled up on the bed with Tara and laid her on her back again. We started to make out, as I deftly inserted first one and then two fingers in her pussy. I used the "come hither" move to massage Tara's g-spot. Tara got much more vocal and began to scream. I was worried her mother might wake up, but I didn't care.

    Suddenly Tara began to buck widly and then gushed all her pussy juices over my hand and her bed.

    Tara was a little incoherent and mumbled for a bit, but then she recovered and realized that she wanted to show her appreciation to me. She said "I want to suck your cock Daddy" even though I am not her Daddy.

    I laid on my back as Tara unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and tugged them off of me. She them pulled my hard cock out of my tighty-whiteys, and immediately began to deep throat me. I admired her skills as she sucked and stroked my cock, licked my balls and even my taint. It wasn't long before I shot my creamy load and she used my cock to paint my jizz all over her face.

    Needless to say after our first night together I wanted to play more with Tara, as she did with me.

    I think that it was the double benefit that she could get back at her mother and I could also help her out more financially than boys her own age.

    I gave her money for clothes and make-up, to go out with her friends, and even helped her mother buy her a car (which I paid for fully myself).

    As my relationship got better with Tara, it got worst with her mother Jolene (who never knew that Tara and I had gotten intimate). Jolene kept pressuring me to move in with her, but when she turned 18 it was Tara who I moved in with.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My wife does not sleep well and takes Ambien to help. If anyone reading this knows someone that also takes this then they know that it 1) starts taking effect in about 20 minutes 2) Is kind of like a truth serum and 3) fucks with your memory. Almost anything that happens after it's in full effect will not be remembered.

    Of course, we both knew all of this and would have fun with it and I would share all the details with her the next day. A few of the memories stand out in my mind and, when she's not home I will recount those times while I get myself off.


    I know when it has taken effect because her speech becomes a little slurred and the eyes glaze over. This was like most nights. We were watching TV in bed. I had been stroking myself a little under the covers and probably had half a hard on. Once I realized she had passed the point of no return, I lifted the blanket's and showed her my half aroused cock. She grabbed it and started to stroke it. She was sitting up in bed so I simply straddled her so my cock was right in front of her. Her mouth opened and I slid in, slowly fucking her face. For whatever reason, I started talking to her and asking questions. "Have you ever sucked someone's cock like this before." "Did you let them make love to your mouth the way I'm doing now?" She nodded that she had and that this talk was making her horny. "Did they slide it all the way in?", the way I'm doing now? Did you suck on their balls? Yes, she said as she let my cock go to catch her breath. As I slid it back in and ask her to describe the other cocks. Where they longer or thicker than mine. Did those guys fuck her mouth hard or softly. As she stroked me she said that the guy with the biggest cock was gentle but going faster than I was. She kept gagging as he pushed deeper and deeper. I was getting more and more turned on by this and could tell that my Orgasm was close. I told her to slide down just a bit. As I started stroking my cock right above her face she stuck out her tongue like it was instinct. I ask if anyone had cum on her face before. She explained that the guy with the big one was the only one to do that. In fact that was her first experience with that kind of thing. She admitted that she was 14 and he was 18 and just assumed that this is what a "blow job" was. She, of course, had nothing to compare it too and when he came, there was cum everywhere, she said. In my eye, my hair...everywhere. This put me over the edge. I told her to grab my cock and jack me off onto her face in in her mouth.

    I kissed her, thanked her and cleaned her up. She promptly fell asleep. She asked me the next morning over breakfast if something happened. Apparently I missed some spots. We discussed the entire thing and ended up right back in bed.

    My next two memories will be posted.


    Addict ed

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    I am now a married mom and grandmother. I keep my body in good shape, I think I look younger than I really am, and my boobs and butt never really sagged much through the years. In my late teens I lived in New York. I started letting boys, and other girls sneak peeks at my naked body when I was about 12. I loved it, it thrilled me to no end and when I discovered masturbation I carried my exhibitionist streak even farther. By 14 I was fucking a few boys, there was no hole left untouched by 15 and I didn't mind other guys or girls watching me as I made it with guys or sometimes girls.

    I started dancing in the clubs, and stripping with a false ID. Then after a while I found the perfect job. I got a job in times square in the adult stores. I was one of the girls that would lay and masturbate in front of about a dozen pay booths, roaming around to each guy's window and letting him touch my boobs and my pussy or my ass for a dollar. If they wanted to finger me in either lower hole it cost $5. I was making a fortune. I would do private booth shows as well, and sometimes actually would suck the customer and even got fucked a few times in those.

    Then the owner, who was a real sleaze bag, started putting me on the schedule in really shitty times so I couldn't make any money. One of the girls told me I had to have sex and give him BJ's when he wanted to get the prime spots. I did it. My income went up drastically. One afternoon he was in a panic, the girl who was supposed to do a live show in the theater didn't show up, and her back up wasn't answering her phone. He was pleading for one of us to do the live show. The live show meant going out on a tiny raised platform and letting 1 to 4 very large cocked guys fuck you in front of the audience. I told him what I wanted, and that I wanted the best schedule times and no more fucking and sucking to get it. He agreed, and I went out and in front of about 25 men, and 2 women I let 2 guys have sex with me.

    After that I did the live shows, and really did them well. I moaned, and groaned, called to the almighty and fucked the hell out of those cocks. One night there were over 100 people crammed in to watch me get fucked by 10 guys with everyone going twice. They really never came just stuck it in me and pumped for about 5 minutes then pretended to cum. Sometimes the guys would actually cum, but they wore rubbers. I continued to do the private and big booth shows and found my exhibitionist streak slowly diminishing. I went back to the strip bars and started dancing there, which was only topless and could still make good money doing lapdances.

    Through a girlfriend I met this guy who had only made it with 2 girls, one was the girlfriend who introduced us, and eventually I married him. I finally after a few years got him to a nudist resort and could once again enjoy showing my naked body to others. We even started making love in front of others sometimes. He never knew about what I used to do, and still doesn't know.

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    Straight Female / 55

    Last summer, I was the cashier at a community pool where they were open to non-residents who would fork over $10 for a week's use of pool privilege. We did not get many residents and on some days the pool was very quiet in the morning. I'm retired now from regular work but still in good shape and once in a while I get extremely horny, yes, we grannies get horny too.

    Shiela, a friendly young girl, the regular lifeguard, was replaced by Danny a young man who was obviously a competitive swimmer since his body was beautifully developed. He did not know it but I could see him on the stand by the side of the pool if I pushed my chair back a foot or two and looked out of the narrow window near me. His body made me hotter than hell and once in a while if there was no one in the office I would reach down and rub one or two off watching Danny. At home, I use my larger dildo when thinking of him.

    He's only 20 but I have to have him. I don't have a clue how but I'm going to have him. I'm still that confident that if I at least try I can get to him. I'm tired of masturbating to his fantastic body and I want him in me. Posting this here offers a bit of comfort, like, I have no one else to tell about what I want.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I think that I'm addicted to the smell of pussy.

    I have a great sex life with my wife - doing all the normal stuff. She loves how good I eat pussy and she gives the best blow-jobs. When I'm going down on her I will stop to inhale her scent deeply for a bit. If I bring my fingers up to my nose while she is giving me head, it's all over.

    I also have a 13 year old step daughter that is growing up to look just like her mother. She is definitely going through puberty. She has boobs...small ,but still boobs and according to who mother, has a very full bush. Grooming has not become a priority yet I guess.

    Lately, I've begun to take some of her panties and smell them. Some have no scent at all, but some have a very sweet smelling pussy scent. This of course drives me crazy and I am horny the entire day. I'f my wife is home she will take care of the boner I have. Sometimes she is not and I will have to jack off. Sometimes with her panties up to my nose.

    This happened today...this morning to be exact. It's night now and I'm still horny as hell. If I can't fuck my wife later, I will just have to take care of it myself.



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    Straight Male / 41

    My wife and I brought in the New Year watching a cuckold gangbang and her kissing me when the ball dropped with a big dildo buried as deep as it can go. She drunkenly slurred BRING IN THE YEAR WITH SOME BIG BLACK COCK. The next day she swears its all just talk but goes to see our weed dealer wearing no panties or bra! What started as fantasy is now normal sex life and I think she is cheating.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I can't decide if I am going to take the chance yet but my roommate and cousin is passed out on our couch wearing only a t-shirt and dirty panties that are stained and look filthy. Dark pubic hair is spilling out of the seams of her dingy yellowish white panties. How drunk she was when she passed out half naked is unknown but I have tried shaking her shoulder and saying her name with no response so gently r****g her while she is unconscious has definitely been a recurring idea but I am too scared of her waking up and getting caught inside her. She is just too sexy in her nasty panties and stinky unwashed pussy odor that permeates everything in my living room with a pungent aroma of not bathing or cleaning herself but having lots of sex with guys who left her leaking sperm and juices that stink of sex, sweat, cum and shame.
    I don't think I will r**e her but I have pulled her panties aside and peeked at her pussy. She has a surprisingly big pussy that looks loose and dirty. She had thick white creamy fluid built up in the crevices and folds of her meaty pussy and it turns me on to peek at her nasty vagina without her knowing I was struggling to not r**e her passed out body.
    I am going to cum in or on her though, but deciding where to squirt my sperm is difficult. I would love to shoot a hot load of my cum all over her sleeping face or maybe lift her shirt and leave a huge load on her chest and stomache to wake up to. But now that I am hard and occasionally touching myself to stay close I am going to risk getting caught and pull her panties to the side when I get close and ejaculate into the crack of her pussy then put her panties back in place with my load of sperm coating her pussy all night. Okay, time to cum into and on her pussy. Her panties are going to be soaked with my cum after I have my way. Sweet dreams Amanda, I am about shoot my cum on ur sleeping c**t, I hope you enjoy the slimy nasty load of sperm I give you.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I have become obsessed with sucking men’s cocks in public toilets. I don’t consider myself to be gay but there is something very exciting about sucking a mans cock at a urinal and swallowing their hot load. I let them fuck my face and try to always deep throat. I always swallow as I know guys like that more. I never ask for anything in return. I will stay in the toilets and suck between 8 and 10 cocks each time.

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