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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 42

    So I bought a vibrating cock ring to spice things up with the wife. She enjoyed it but it broke after one use, it was cheaper than I thought. So I ordered another one, it was well built and rechargeable, but tended to slide around once things got moist / lubed down there. I asked for a refund and was going to return it, they said "no problem, we'll refund you, but you don't have to send it back, just keep it."

    Well the Mrs wasnt really interested in it, so I kept it in my office unused. One day I was "playing" and thought, maybe I'll slip it on and start it vibrating to see if it enhances the playing a bit. I positioned it right under my cock head and it felt pretty good, nothing too crazy, but ok. We ordered another replacement vibrating cock ring and it came with a couple of just normal, tight cock rings that didn't vibrate, so I just kept those in my office too.

    One day I was showering and using the electric toothbrush thinking about playing and wondered, this thing vibrates, I wonder how it would feel, and touched underneath my cock right below the head. OMG, I thought I was going to shoot right then.

    The next time I was alone in the house I put the 3 cock rings on at the same time and threaded the electric toothbrush through the rings underneath my cock so the back of the toothbrush touched underneath my cock head and turned on some hot porn. It immediately felt like I was going to cum, and started building up that nice feeling right before you do.

    I wasn't touching myself just letting the toothbrush do all the work. About 5 minutes later I had my first "no hands" orgasm, cum shooting everywhere, the best orgasm in years. The other thing I noticed, I could do it again in about 30 minutes because it wasn't an entire load. Now I know why women like vibes so much, lol.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    Super Bowl Sunday always makes me think of the 1982 Super Bowl between the Bengals and the 49ers. I was a few months short of 17 and my boss was a big 49ers fan. I thought the Bengals were bigger and tougher and let my mouth cash a check my ass couldn't cash. I owed him way more money than I had or would have for a long time after the Niners won.

    He must have sensed something about me because he offered me the chance to pay off the debt one blow job at a time. I was disgusted at first but that night alone thinking about it I ended up jerking off thinking about it. My boss was a married guy in his early forties who was a fireman and a home contractor. I was a gofer for him on contracting jobs. He came right out and told me he was straight but liked getting head from guys and said that he was older, doing guy stuff was no big deal and that whatever we did would be between us, no one else would ever know. I was thinking work for free for six months or suck his dick a bunch of times? The though went from disgusting me to making me hard. Night after night I got more and more horny and then that Saturday on a job I told him I'd do the blow job thing.

    We were alone on a job. he grabbed a milk crate we had and turned it over, told me to sit. He stood in front of me. Told me to take down his pants. I did and out popped his semi-hard dick. He stiffened right in front of me. I thought I would be sick but instead I was desperate to suck it. His dick was pretty big and thick, with a nice head and was in my face. He told me what to do. I felt him then finally took his dick in my mouth. I was clumsy and awkward but eventually figured it and and sucked like you wouldn't believe. he helped by moving his dick how he liked and after awhile he grabbed me head, head it tight and fucked my face and he came. He told me to swallow but I already had I was that into it.

    I sucked his dick for the next two years whenever he asked, well past when my debt was paid. I became an expert cock sucker teasing, deep throating and taking load after load. I loved going by his house to watch football while his wife was out. I'd suck his dick for an hour or sometimes make him cum fast then later make him cum again.

    I consider myself bi because I love sucking cock. I don't date men, don't have feelings or attractions to men but I love cock. I've been married forever and occasionally manage to sneak in a blow job but I'm really careful about it. My dream would be my wife saying hey if you want to suck go ahead which is ridiculous lol but it's fun to think about!

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    Gay Male / 52

    Looking back I think the origin of my need to be humiliated by a woman in the presence of a man stems from my first sexual experience.I was 16 and cutting grass for a much older married woman of 57.Doris was long haired blonde with streaks of grey quite slim but had full 36C breasts that curved up very firm for her age.I had cut her and her husband's grass a few times before this happened.Doris had a very husky smoker's voice and was quite domineering.She was always smoking a 100 s cigarette when I was around and would bark orders at me as I was outside cutting the grass.It was a hot day and she invited me inside the air conditioned house to cool off.I went inside and she gave me a glass of lemonade in the kitchen.I could hear a man moaning in the living room.Doris laughed and said that is just my husband Frank getting fucked on the massage table by the local old queer and he loves it by the way.Frank loves to be watched wanna go check it out.My face turned red and I did not know what to say.Doris came up behind me close and cupped my stiffening cock in my trousers.Doris said the thought of this makes you hard doesn't it?Many men are secretly fags and you might be one too.Us women in the know marry some of them then we can play with other men as our husbands take cocks up their asses.After she said that she led me into the living room.I was surprised to see the scene there.There was Frank a muscular normal looking 60 yr old with a nice body face down on the massage table with his ass in the air receiving this big 8 inch cut cock from this skinny old guy maybe 65 or so with whitish hair and a wrinkled face.He was not attractive except his cock was long thick and much harder than I thought a 65 yr old's cock would be.he was thrusting hard all the way into Frsnk as Frank moaned like he was in heaven.Doris laughed and sad this old queer even has dentures but Frank does not mind letting him fuck him every weekend.Then she said Frank I got the young guy watching all of this now.She then unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock.She led me with my cock to face Frank's face.She then said fuck the shit out of Frank Charlie and fill his faggot ass with your seed as I milk this young fella so he shoots all over Frank's face.AS she milked me i could see her cigarette dangling from the same hand and the ash dropping on the floor.Suddenly Charlie cried out I am coming as he blew his seed into Frank.At that moment I felt the cum surging out of my balls and all over Frank's face.My spurts of cum went all over his face and into his open mouth.Doris made sure i was emptied then turned me around to give me a deep smoky kiss.She tongue fucked my mouth.As I was 16 I was soon hard again.Doris then gave me a smoky blow job in front of Frank and the other guy while on her knees smoking.Then she pulled away and said come here Charlie.Charlie came over.She then handed her cigarette to Charlie.She said you young man are just as susceptible to being a faggot as my husband Frank now is.Charlie will take his dentures out and first of all smoke this cigarette as you watch.Then you are going to break the fist taboo.You are going to let this old faggot kiss you as I masturbate you.If you stay hard I know you are likely a fag and will one day be like Frank here having fags fuck you.If you are disgusted by this queer necking with you and do not respond to it then I know its just me turning you on.So with that Charlie proceeded to smoke that cigarette.He took a lot of the filter in his mouth when he took a drag and it wss like watching him suck a cigarette like a cock.My own cock stayed stiff.Doris now had her hand on my stiff cock and said okay Charlie kiss him deep.Charlie stood close beside me leaned over and kissed me.It felt strange at first then my cock got even harder.He kissed me slow and with alot of tongue.I could tell he enjoyed it.I found myself responding even more intensely than when Doris kissed me.How was this happening I thought?This homely old queer is exciting me.Doris laughed and said you are amazingly fucking hard.You are a fag deep down i know it.The she urged me on as Charlie and I were still frenchkissing. Ok come on you young faggot let it all go show me what a queer you are.With that I blew a huge load into charlie's mid section.Doris smiled after she emptied me fully. This is the first step dear on your journey.You will think of Charlie kissing you many times after this when you masturbate and the image of him will stay with you forever.And you will always imagine yourself as wishing to be Frank on the table that day.Now run off home and jerk off.

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    Gay Male / 52

    Lila came over last night slept over and just left awhile ago.She started the evening with a long necking session with my gay lover Carlos in our bed.The kissed long and deep only stopping to share a cigarette.God it looks so hot when they kiss.She says she is addicted to kissing my homeless lover now and finds her makes her so wet her pussy just drips with wetness.She called me over as she spread her legs and her first orgasm was with me eating her til she climaxed loudly.She then went back to kissing Carlo for an hour or so until he mounted me from behind and creamed my ass while Lila and him kissed passionately.I took a lengthy nap as they kissed and smoked the night away.What surprised me immensely when I woke up was to see Carlos fucking Lila hard doggy as he cried out in pleasure.It appears his cock now stays hard with her and he can now have intercourse with her.They both told me that now they are getting emotionally involved him being gay no longer interferes with his cock stiffening with her.He told me he has never been turned on by a woman before and this is strange for him but exciting.Needless to say lila is proud of turning him on and says she loves his cock inside her. She climaxed with him as he blew his load in her.After they kissed gently and lovingly still in the afterglow of great sex,Lila now says my new role is to suck Carlos hard before he pushes his cock into her.She will masturbate me to make me cum when she feels it necessary otherwise her and Carlos will now be the primary lovers.My humiliation is now complete.Lila says next weekend she is going to bring this homely coworker over to our apartment some fat guy of 50 who is so unattractive he only has been laid once by an escort who reluctantly fucked him for cash.She says he wants his cock sucked regularly and is happy to have any lover.Lila told him he can fuck me as well.

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    Straight Female / 42

    Over the years I have come to understand that my situation is not that abnormal. My husband is the husband of my sister as well. She and I are almost the same age, we are eleven months apart and we grew up as twins, I was held back and we both went through school together grade by grade. We were different, she didn't like boys and I liked boys. She frowned at me for going out, when I told her I had done 'it' she got mad. The more i did 'it' the more upset she became. She and I were different, she didn't want 'it' and I wanted 'it'.

    In college she told me that she was 'asexual'. What the hell was that? She had no need for sexual contact, and no she wasn't gay or anything, she just didn't have any feelings or desires for sex. Meanwhile I was anything but asexual, I was very much 'sexual' and I had sex at every opportunity. As we got towards our senior year in college I met the guy I married. She was my maid of honor.

    As my marriage moved forward she was part of our house, she was always over at our house. My husband didn't mind, one more woman to serve him. Slowly ever so slowly she started to touch him, like on the arm, or put her arm around his waist, or let him lift her face and kiss her on the forehead. If he grabbed her and lifted her she laughed, at the beach she let him tickle her on the floor and 'fall' between her legs and she let him kiss her. When these things happened I watched and never interfered. It gave me goosebumps and I got wet and if she had been particularly affectionate with him I had better sex that night. One night after sex I asked him if he had sex with her. He denied it and said no. I confronted her in a nice way, not accusing or anything, and she said no. So I asked the big question, if he took her and had sex with her would she let him. She said she wasn't big enough to refuse him.

    All this and one night we were watching a movie together. I crawled over to where he was and took his dick out and started to suck him in front of her. I hardly ever got wet from giving blowjobs, but that night I was about as horny as I could get, I was devouring his dick and I offered his dick to her. She refused so I took off my pants and sat on his dick and told her that it felt good and she should try it. To come over to me and while I rode on his dick I pulled her pants down and got off and told her to get on. I held his dick so that it went in and watched as my sister slipped on his dick for the first time. After a minute I told her that she needed to get on her back so he could fuck her and I told him to fuck hard and he did. All this happened on the carpet in our living room. Later that night when I was alone with my husband we had some of the best sex I had ever had. That night I wanted him to dominated me completely. I had experienced past desires to be dominated but that night I was at my worst.

    After that we had sex parties, but we moved them into the bedroom because the bed is softer and you can fall asleep and lay together. She was new to sex so most of the things that I had been doing for years we did with her, one by one, step by step, teaching her. Adopt the position and he will do the rest. Slowly, or maybe not so slowly she let him do what he wanted and I kept telling her that she needed to submit to him and stop trying to lead. When she tried to set the tone I slapped her hand or her face and told her to submit. By then I was demanding that he be more and more dominant, to take the gloves off, when he was done I wanted to crawl away with my tail between my legs and go cuddle up with my sister. She had to do the same, I wanted her to submit totally to him, I was going to be there for her when he got done but there was not going to be the word 'no', whatever he wanted, however he wanted.

    Our bedroom extended into our daily life, no gloves, he was master and we were his for the taking. Sex was all over the place and we treated him as our master. We found books to read on submitting to your master and we found and bought all sorts of sexual toys and clothes. Over the period of a year we became his maid servants and his sex slaves. Our submission lasted well over ten years and we slowly came up for air as we got older. He is the master of the house and we are his maid servants but our sexual life is more balanced now, mostly because we all just got tired of it, it wasn't fun any more. We have sex mostly together, a couple of times a month, we are always planning for it but for him it is spontaneous, so when he wants it we are ready. Maybe things would be different if it wasn't a case of sharing my marriage with my sister, but then again it is impossible for me to imagine living a life where I don't share everything with her.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Im a married 34 year old tattoo artist. Most people think im straight. But i have an addiction to sucking dick. And every guy i see or meet, i catch myself eyeballing thier crotch. Ive always loved women, but for some reason the older i get, the more attracted to men i get. I find myself more and more wanting to be in a relationship another guy. The first time i tried dick, both oral and anal, i fell in love. Gay sex is by far the best. Im addicted. Ive been with several men behind my wifes back. I cant help myself.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    So, last week I was hella hungry later at night, but ive been strapped for cash lately so I dont have much at home, especially easy to fix stuff. So I said fuck it and gathered up what money I had and walked to the convenient store. I went and got a pre packaged burger, knowing I was two bucks short but hoping since it was so late he would just take what I had and let it slide, I'd like to think im pretty good looking so that helps from time to time. but sometimes it doesn't. When we inevitably rung it up and got the out of reach total, I asked him if there was any way he could cut off the extra money. now, the cashier spoke very little English, so after some confusing back and forth he gestured to the rooms behind the counter telling me to "come, come. pay." I asked him what he meant, but i was left only more confused when he replied. so, into the back i followed him, leading me into a small employee room with a small couch and desk.

    the room was cluttered and somewhat messy. I slowly walked in, sitting carefully on the small couch, its cold dampness pressing against the thin layer of leggings and panties I had on, making me shiver. closing the door and locking it, the man then told me to take off my clothes in very broken english. I told him to wait and that i didnt know that was what he wanted. now that may sound untrue, but at the time it didnt really occur to me. I refused, not exactly wanting to have sex with a man I didnt know, or anything else he may have had planned. In responce, he told me through that thick accent that he would call the police on me for attempting to take the burger, which we both knew was a lie. but with my hands tied,I stood up and took off my clothes, feeling him and the security cam i didnt see until later staring at me.

    once i was done, he looked me over, mumbling in what I can only assume was his language. "sit" he told me, to which I adimantly refused, not wanting my bare pussy anywhere near that thing. He told me again, not asking as he pulled out his cock. my heart began racing as he came closer, pushing me back onto the couch, feeling its cold wetness from being in a cool dark room all day pressing against my womanhood. god knows just how many people have used that couch, but by its sad state and course fabric i assume it was old. I wanted to cry as i felt my soft pussy lips rubbing the thing, then he told me something which confused me then put a pit in my stomach once it was clear what he wanted. Basically, this weirdo wanted me to grind my pussy against this couch since he saw how much it grossed me out. I objected, but at this point you know where that got me. In a few minutes I was reluctantly rubbing myself against the couch while he stroked his cock feverishly seemingly getting off on my discomfort.

    Then he left, telling me to keep going while he was gone which i didnt until he reappeared with what looked like a few packages of those sex stimulants you see up at the counter. I watched him go over to a small water cooler, taking some unknown pills and washing it or them down before bringing me a water, pushing 4 different pills into my mouth, making me swallow them down with the water. after I got them down, he pulled back, eyeing me all over before telling me to lift my legs. this immediately sent my heart into overdrive, after the usual back and forth i stuck my legs out awkwardly straight so I could have room to kick him if he tried moving in with his very erect and very unprotected cock. but to my surprise, he instead ran his hands along my petit feet, sliding them along my thigh high socks, feeling my fabric bound thighs as his filthy dick throbbed with absolute delight. Without even bothering to ask anymore, he pushed my small feet together, pushing his cock between them, starting at the toes, pushing through as he humped. He kept switching his gaze from me to my pussy, still rubbing the foul fabric.

    after a minute or more, he stopped, staring me up and down as he slipped his fingers under the edge of my right sock, pulling it off and sniffing it before taking off the other, then the sick fuck put them in his drawer. as he made his way back to me, he bent down at my clothes, grabbing my underwear, smelling them over and over before using them to stroke his cock, oh so kindly using the inside fabric to clean any pre. right around this time I started to feel a bit more loose and casual even the situation was anything but and I was still aware of that. again, he pulled off my panties, still holding them as he told me to pull up my feet, so that i did, feeling his cock against my bare skin, fucking my feet. At the time, i just went with it, closing my eyes as he did his business, whatever he made me take sidetracking me. I came to awareness quickly as i felt him move move my legs up, but by the time I reacted it was too late, he already had ahold of the undersides of my thights, making any struggle nigh impossible.

    but I didnt even have time for much struggle besides a few quick flails before I felt his disgusting cock force inside my pussy. long story short there, he fucked me until he came inside despite my pleas, he just stuffed my panties in my mouth. Thank god im on birth control, but i have been very inconsistent with it since i hadnt been having any sex, but after I made sure to take as many as I could. He came inside me a total of around six or so times, moving me around and shoving varying things in my mouth as he went. Eventually I was set free, being made to wear my jizzy panties, feeling my wet bare feet in my boots that he at some point came inside, knowing id be barefoot. he offered no cleanup and wouldnt let me use the bathroom. I did end up getting the food but by then I wasnt hungry.

    now, I went back earlier today and to my surprise and discomfort it was him. when I rung my stuff up, he asked me if i wanted a discount and I uncomfortably said no. he finished ringing me up and went back into the room, telling me to hold on. I reluctantly wait since my stuff wasnt bagged hand he came bach with something that he put in my bag with the food. when I got outside, I checked and to both my suprise and not, it was A single sock of mine, made hard by severe overuse. Id be lying if if I told you i didnt try it on. As i laid on my bed writing this ive been rubbing my pussy with the socks heel, feeling the sticky cum against my pussy, brought back from petrification by my increasingly wet pussy. I still havent came and ive been writing for hours, so i think i might just go to the store~

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I have an older girlfriend. She is 58 but gorgeous and classy and she wants me bad. I take advantage of that and use her for sex. I enjoy telling her what I want her to wear and where to me dolled up with a toy in her pussy. She has to wear medium control panties when she does this bc she gets so wet the toy slips out when she wears frilly nylon panties. I tell to go shopping and buy sexy dresses and lingerie and model them for me. She gladly does bc she knows I will fuck her for hours. Anyway, I meet her at a bar, she has my drink ready and she hands me the remote control. I turn it on and off at my pleasure and we talk about how juicy her pussy is getting and she puts her hand on my stiff cock. This is mucho fun. One night we had a booth in a dark corner and I turned it on full, pulled out my cock for her to stroke and she came for me. I enjoy coming on her face, in her mouth, in her hair, on her dress, on her tits, in her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet and so was her dress. I took her out to the car, found a place for her to walk hooker style and she was hesitant but I made her do it. As I watched her walking on this dark street, guys would try to pick her up. I told her to, go up to the car, bend over and show your tits, say thank you but Iâm waiting for my boyfriend. He makes me walk on the street for kicks. When I am watching her, I stroke my cock, she comes back to the car, looks in and I tell her to beg for it. When she gets in, I pull her panties down, the toy slips right out and I finger fuck her to while she is sucking me off. I made a whore out of her and she enjoys it as much as I do.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I have been married 24 years. We got married after I graduated college. We shortly had our two sons and have a good relationship. My wife got a job after sons started school. I have known for years that my wife mastuerbates often. I have no problem with this. I have helped her get opportunities and encourage her to get any toys she could want. She will let me watch her when I have the urge to watch. I recently bought an IPad and I would hide it and record her. I so enjoy watching her get her private enjoyment. What surprised me was the on a recent recording her cell phone rang. She put it on speaker and was talking while mastuerbating. I couldnât recognize the voice but knew I knew the voice. My wife told him she was getting a big O and glad he called. The conversation showed the two had a sex familiar knowledge of each other. She told him to meet the next day (Saturday) at her office. I usually do yard work and chores and my wife always said she did her shopping. So the next day after she departed I drove to her office. I waited until they came out. Her lover was a man we have known for years. I went home and was in the yard and noticed when she returned and unloaded groceries from her car. Later when I went inside she had showered and was cooking. I told her I wanted some of her when we could get a chance and she said ok.
    Iâm surprisingly not jealous. I havenât decided to confront her about her affair. I havenât had enough time to decide how to handle the situation. I know my wife loves me and is good to me. I have always respected her privacy and she respects mine. She is still good in bed if not very good. I donât want to lose her. I do struggle sometimes with the thought of this guy between her legs. Iâm confused but ok.

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    Gay Male / 52

    I had the day off today and woke up to Carlos's hard cock in the late morning.It was easy to lube up and ride his dick til me blew his creamy load inside me.This weekend looking forward to Lila coming over and taking control of me sexually.Since last weekend when she first came over I have been looking forward to her watching me and Carlos having gay sex and her necking and cuddling with him in bed.

    As I reflect on this change in my life I look at the origins of my gay desires.
    and the attraction of females controlling me.For years I never acted on my desires until having sex with Carlos several months ago which I posted on this forum.Getting married,divorced and dating I lived a straight life.I would check out men's bulges especially older men's crotches and fantasize about sucking them.I would masturbate intermittently to gay fantasies but would not act on them.Instead sometimes as I was about to release with a woman an image of an older man would come into my head and it would make the orgasm more intense.But I did not realize how deep these desires went until Carlos.

    After my divorce I was in my early 30's and had lived a pretty straight life.Then one day I went on an adult phone chat line which were popular before the internet came out.There were various women and men on these lines chatting and sometimes meeting.I chatted with this fuller figured blonde who was very open minded and sweet.She was seeing this older gent in his 60's for sex and company off and on.She was only around 30 and this kind of shocked me she was sleeping with a man that old.She said she enjoyed pleasing him and she had a bit of a daddy fixation.She would describe their sex life in detail on the phone and this would arouse me and her until she fingered herself to orgasm.She realized that describing him and his cock turned me on even more so she incorporated that into our chats.One day she had a wild idea.She suggested I come visit her at her apartment and not only would we chat and masturbate in person but that we could role play that she was him and I was her.She was fine masturbating me as long as we did not have intercourse and that she could even fuck me with a strap on dildo that was a similar size to his cock.She concluded I was gay curious and needed to feel the desires more but was not ready to be with a real man.She and I also talked about the cigarette fetish I had as I found smoking erotic especially when women smoke.Up to this point I had never smoked a cigarette and she was a smoker so she was willing to teach me how to smoke as well.So to prep for this meeting she asked me to do several things.She arranged for me to go to a local spa and get my body fully waxed.Also she knew a woman that sold women's clothes second along with bras breast forms and all of that and who also could do my makeup and supply wigs.I bought a package of her brand of cigarettes which were Benson and hedges lights 100s menthol and a nice lighter.She also said that she had some vhs porn of older men with younger women having sex.So when we met I was to be her...Julie and she was going to be Eugene her lover.

    With excitement I went to the spa and clothing store the day of the meeting and got dressed and fully made up.I felt sexy in a weird way and shyly took a cab to her apartment. My fake nails were were painted bright red and my blonde wig looked good.Since she was 38c cup I had breast forms and bra that size.She met me at the door with short hair and in men's clothes but I could see the big boobs underneath.The first couple hours we chatted and she taught me how to smoke inhale and hold a cigarette daintily.She was cute in a mannish way as full figured women sometimes are.We drank red wine and watched her porn.We both started getting real horny and she told me as if I was her all the things that Eugene liked to do in bed.She smiled and said talking about him always makes her wet.She put on the strapon and made me get on my knees and suck it.She lubed me up gently annd pushed in slowly from behind.It hurt alot but after awhile the pain eased due to the red wine and my excitement.She fucked me as if she was Eugene and I was her.She masturbated me as she fucked me.I soon blew a big load into a towel on the floor then she took off the strapon and had me finger her to orgasm.After we smoked a cigarette and I left thanking her.We never chatted again.

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