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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 28

    My wife who is 26, Auburn Redhair, petite frame of 115 pounds, pale and 5'7 and an RN in the ER here in Salt Lake City had to work graveyard shift all weekend during the Memorial Day holiday..
    By Monday afternoon she was exhausted and didnt sleep after she came home at 7am. By that afteroon i had a few friends from work over for a BBQ and beers and i decided to add some crushed up sleeping pills in her drink before she went to sleep before her shift. An hour later she was out cold and i let some of my friends take pictures of her naked and i let my best friend and his cousin have sex with her.
    I finally got her awake around 8 pm to get ready for work... she still has no idea.

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    Straight Female / 55

    sometimes good things happen to good people. Minnie is my friend from college where we were roomies. Life went on, we graduated, met men and both married. I never had a child but Minnie had two who are now grown having long ago left the nest. We never lost touch and after our husbands passed (only two years apart) Minnie and I moved in together. Now this is where some would think we are strange. We are not lesbians but agreed to pleasure each other with sex toys and we both find it agreeable and fun.

    Not long ago, one of our grocery delivery boys, Ronnie, who actually is the son of the store owner (they specialize on imported food from Europe) tipped us that while walking up to our front door, having taken a short cut by the lawn, from our driveway, he caught us having our sex toy fun through the window. He suggested we close the blinders if we want privacy. We thanked him and invited him for dinner that week.

    We prepared a nice Porterhouse steak for him with a lettuce wedge and blue cheese dressing on it. After dinner he said that beef always makes him sleepy and could he have a nap on our couch. I got him a pillow and blanket and it was decided we wake him in no more than 45 minutes. Minnie and I cleaned up and I went to watch a TV show favorite of mine. When I noticed the time I went to wake up Ronnie. Approaching the darkened living room I heard a steady thumping noise and moans. I found Minnie riding Ronnie's cock as he lay flat on his back.

    Even in the dark, I could see the length and thickness of Ronnie's cock as Minnie rose and fell on it. She noticed me and said, "Ohhhhhh, this is really wonderful...Ronnie, can we both have a turn?" He said he could retain his erection only if he did not have an orgasm. Minnie slowed down and in a few minutes told him that if he did not mind, she was coming. He said to go ahead and I already had my panties off. Minnie came and I could see Ronnie's tool standing up like a rigid soldier. I surprised myself by feeling wetness on my crotch, something rare for me but I guess it had been so long since I had a large flesh cock I was excited.

    His cock is wonderful, with a large head the size of a large lemon. I slid up and down on Ronnie until he said he could hold it no longer and was about to come. I slid him in deeper and told him to come ahead then suddenly felt myself exploding with him. In half an hour, Minnie sucked him up again and got on top of him for seconds. I knew I would want seconds, too.

    That first time was wonderful and Ronnie said he loves just laying there with his cock like a Maypole, the center of our fun as we take turns on him. He's young and probably has all the girls he wants but comes by a couple of times a week now to treat Minnie and me. The more we do it, the more fun we have. This is so unexpected. Minnie and I wondered if Ronnie has a friend or two who would also enjoy calling by once in a while.

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    Gay Male / 27

    About 5 years ago I met my best friend we worked together and hung out together. One night I confessed to him that Iâm gay and was attracted to him and that I thought about him at times when I masterbated. He didnât say anything I thought I was about to lose a friend. A few days later we were walking back to our place and I asked him what he wanted to do and he said âFuck your mouthâ I immediately started to drool thinking about his dick I grabbed his ass and asked again what he wanted to do and instead of talking he pushed me into a dark ally and started making out with me. As he was tongue fucking my mouth I undid his pants and fished his cock out. He was hard and big I needed a taste. I fell to my knees and presented my mouth to him, I grabbed his throbbing member and gave it a nice long lick. I was in love ð his smell and taste and need for release I was his bitch and I love him for that. I sucked his tasty dick into my mouth and made him experience my love. I licked his balls and ate his ass like a good slut after awhile he grabbed my head and started throat fucking me. I came instantly but let my mouth open for my one true love. Soon I was nose deep in his stomach as his twiching dick was pouring cum down my throat. A few days later he told me that he was being transferred to Colorado I was devistated I had found my cock daddy and heâs leaving. He pulled me close and kissed me, I told him I had something for him. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, I was already clean shaven all over, and cleaned myself out. I was still an anal virgin (unless didldos count) and wanted to be his forever. I got out and slid on a skirt and tight shirt. I went out to the living room and without saying a word I dropped to my knees and whipped his cock out and started licking. After he was wet a took him by the hand and led him to the bed. I got on my knees and looked over my shoulder at him and said âBe gentle itâs my first timeâ oh fuck the look in his eyes I cum just thinking about it. He grabbed my waist and liend himself up. I felt him at my backdoor and relaxed. He gently slid in and as his balls touched mine I came. OH TANNER YES FUCK ME I screamed as he pulled out I slammed back on him and screamed like a schoolgirl fucking her teacher. Donât pull out my love cum in me I said as his balls repeatetly slapped mine. 10 minutes later he slams deep and cums in me. He slides out and falls next to me and tells me Iâm an amazing fuck. We still stay in contact to this day hoping one day we can be together forever

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    Straight Female / 51

    I suppose I should feel guilty but I'm not. When I began to have physical changes in my late 40s I was a widow, untouched for my husband was ill and had ED for the last ten years of his life. I am still considered attractive, albeit my breasts droop a bit, they are still large with large nipples that I know men love. Meeting a man was another story and I'd be the last to take chances with personals sites and publications.

    Reading a lot about the adventures of MILFS I decided to become a bit predatory even if it wasn't my nature.
    I own a greeting card shop so almost no boys ever venture in here. However, I befriended Marie, a young woman, a girl, really, and she started telling me about her crush on her older brother, Jerry. After many talks she said she wanted to have sex with him and I discouraged it. Once in a while she would come in with him, to "show him off" to me. She was right, tall, handsome, and charming, still, a teenager of 18. I recall it being a rainy day when he ducked into the shop all by himself, asking if he could dry out.

    We chatted for an hour and he confessed that Marie was always "after him" and has come close to hitting on him for sex. He stared at me for a reaction and I gave none. Finally, I said, "I hope you realize that is really out of the question. He said that he knew it was. I told him to find a girl his age if he wants sex. He countered that older women have always attracted him. Just then I knew this was my ticket back to the living. In less than an hour I put the closed sign on the door. We had already had a long, deep kiss and were both burning for more.

    We went back to my office where I have cot and connected bathroom. There, we began to fuck and fuck we did, for a good hour. I told him I was past my monthlies so to go ahead and come inside me, which excited him terribly. He kept coming into my vagina until I could feel the warm fluid dripping out of me. He would come and remain rock hard. I dried up in the bathroom, came out and we started again. That was six months ago and we're still at it several times a week. Jerry told me that I was ten years older than his mum. I told him, "not a word to Marie, she would hate me if she found out how much fucking we are doing, and she's getting none."

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    Straight Female / 52

    I like to show my big titties and spread pussy for people to see. See me at@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@6013411649

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    Straight Male / 35


    Im a married man. Happily marriwd for the most part. But, because my life is boring, I do masturbate... a lot. My wife is absolutely against it, so she doesnt know. And if she found out I watched porn, it'd be over.

    I occassionally watch non hetero porn. I really like shemales with really big dicks. I love any video where someone is eating cum. I eat mine sometimes.

    All that, but I still love pussy. I love the taste, the feel, just everything aboit it. So im confused.

    Im in my 30s now, so my days of wet dreams have been over for a long time. Its been at least 10 years. Atleast until a week ago. I was dreaming I was sucking a big dick. And I remember stroking my dick while doing it. I came in my dream, but kept sucking.

    When i woke up, I had a huge wet spot, like way more cum than usual. Anyone else have this?

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    Straight Female / 24

    Recently, I have discovered a strange kink that I have. It started when I realized that my husbands body still reacts to mine, even when he's dead asleep. All I have to do is rub my ass against his crotch, or lightly graze over his cock with my fingers and he's rock hard. So I have started making it a game of "How long can I do sexual things to him before he stirs and wakes up".
    I've given him blow jobs- all the way up to making him shoot his hot cum all over my face before. I've kept rubbing my ass against him until he's slowly grinding against me in his sleep and leaking so much precum, that all I had to do was move his cock a little, and he slid right into my hot waiting pussy and fucked me- until he came inside me.
    Hell, I've even ridden him for 20 minutes and squirted all over his cock and balls while he's still asleep. But for whatever reason, my favorite thing to do (and it makes me cum SO fucking hard) is be laying on my side, him behind me. Move his hand over my pussy, and make him rub my clit as he sleeps. Meanwhile, I'm slowly grinding my ass against his cock, and before too long I feel his hot load covering my ass and the lower half of my back.
    Masturbating has never really worked for me personally, but when I use his hand it makes me fucking explode, especially if I take longer than he does and I feel him cover me in his tasty juices.

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    Straight Male / 52

    Many years ago, I was totally infatuated with the barmaid at the local bar. Jessica was gorgeous, funny and married to the bar's owner. Like most bar tenders, she was very flirty and sexy with the customers and got great tips. There were stories about her cheating all the time, but I never hit on her.

    A few weeks ago, thanks to facebook, her profile popped up in my people you may know with a mutual friend. After all those years, I messaged Jess, and she remembered me. We agreed to meet for drinks near her place. At the bar, we reminisced over tequila shots. She was widowed, no kids and never remarried. I had 2 failed marriages and no kids. Jessica was as forward as ever, and after coming back from the bathroom, she got between my legs as I sat on the barstool, and ordered another round of shots. When I put my hand on her back, she reached around and pulled it down onto that ass, and I knew we were on. I tipped the bartender and we were soon walking to her place.

    We were barely a block away when we started kissing like teenagers in a small alleyway. She unzipped me, pulled out my dick and got on her knees. There in the dark, I started facefucking the girl I had dreamt about for years. In my mind she was still 21, and as she sucked me, she took her long hair, wrapped it around my cock and rubbed until I came in her mouth. The next thing was totally unexpected, she stood up and with cum still on her lips and tongue started kissing me. I had never tasted cum, and although a little repulsed, I kissed her hard back.

    We continued to her place, and as soon as we got through the door, she was stripping her clothes off. There in front of me was the dream girl I always wanted. As we fell on the bed, I was lying on my back and Jess just got up and straddled my face. As I licked her pussy, she started grinding her clit against my nose. Hell, at 50 she was as wet as any girl I'd ever eaten. She dropped down into a 69 and I was hard again in minutes. At my age that surprised me, so I picked her up, laid her on the bed and slid into her. Jessica gasped a little as I went straight in as deep as I could. I started slow, deep thrusts. The harder I pushed, the more she started talking dirty to me, and I was turned on! We fucked, slow and steady for quite a while. I rolled her over and she said she wanted the top. I just laid there, string at her tits and then into her eyes as she rode me faster and faster. I was staring into those blue eyes as she started to orgasm. That drove me over the edge and I came deep inside her. Jessica just rode me until I went soft and collapsed on top of me.

    I woke a few hours later, and she was still naked next to me. I started looking at that body and started getting hard again. As I rubbed my dick, I started kissing her nipples. Jess told me to stop it, she grabbed my balls and pulled me on top of her and I put my dick between her tits. She lubed me with spit, I started fucking her tits. She reached up and stated pinching my nipples as I watched my dick slide between her tits. I knew it wa soon, and told her I was going to cum. She told me to go ahead, and I shot on her tits all the way up to her chin. She took her finger and scooped up some of the cum and licked her finger. I was so turned on, then she pulled my head down and we kissed. That's when she started pushing my face between her tits, and I started licking up my own cum! As I finished, I continued down and spread her lips and started licking.

    Neither of us went to work that day, Years of wondering and broken relationships led us back together. Jessica moved into my house last week. My sex life is great, we're like kids again and best of all Jessica explained about all the cheating stories, and how they were just a way to get guys to come to the bar.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I am not the prettiest of girls and have a crush on this guy who is very handsome. I know he will never ask me out or be my partner as he goes out with much prettier girls. I am 29 and know I really don't have much time before I become a single cat lady. I work hard but just can't seem to attract any guys. I did have drunk sex with him and i get the random drunk late night calls when he has no other option and asks me to come over to his place. I guess I kid myself to thinking he calls because he wants me, but I know he just wants to fuck . That's ok with me because I get to have him for some time all to my self. He doesn't make love to me or is sweet or cuddles, like I said he just uses my pussy and tits.

    I am on the pill, which is stupid because I only take it for the eventuality I get a call from him. So I've decided to stop taking it and get him to get me pregnant. That is the only way I know I will have some relationship with him for the rest of my life, well and his. I know I'm going to ruin his opportunities to maybe marry a beautiful girl and have this fairytale family, but I want him in my life and really don't care if he marries someone else. All I know if that I will always be the first one to have his baby.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I discovered I liked a girl on my first job after work. She worked with me, we were both beginners coming from different colleges. We got together when her boyfriend took us out dancing one night and she and I danced and he watched. We got really hot dancing and grinding and he kept us dancing for him, he asked us to kiss and hold each other by the butt. He asked us to kiss over and over again until he said that was enough he couldn't take it any more and he was taking us back to her apartment and he was going to fuck us both.

    At the apartment, once we were all on the bed he had us kiss again for him and fondle and finger each other for him. He masturbated while we were showing off for him. The thing about that night is that we had lost interest in him and we were fucking each other, when he got on her to fuck her she tried to throw him off so he used his strength to take her. He literally forced himself into her. Watching her I had an orgasm to myself, I must have been playing with myself. She was angry that I had an orgasm and she didn't.

    The end story is that she and I never broke up. We live together and from time to time we pick up a guy to come and play. We don't want a boyfriend relationship. We just want a live one for the night.

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