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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 33

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but here goes. I was at a mates house, he was out. His daughter answered the door. To cut a long story short we ended up play wrestling. I couldn't help but notice her skirt riding up giving glimpses of her pink pepper pig panties. Well I took advantage and touched her body at random intervals. She was beautiful for her age milky white thighs, a little bum to die for and an obvious camel toe. Anyway she fell asleep on my lap with her hand on my bulge and must have been dreaming as she kept unintentionally squeezing my cock. Well I did nothing to prevent this and instead lifted her skirt gently separated her knees and then lifted her panty waist band to peek at her slit. How naughty, this made me cum in my pants. Instead of leaving I let her sleep with my hand on her bum and occasionally running my hand over her thighs both outer and inner occasionally brushing her muff

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I'm a female law enforcement officer a few years on the job and love it. I patrol in a car mostly
    by myself and sometimes with my sergeant. I've been married for five years, happily so, but I have a few lovers on the side. One of them, Clark, owns an auto sales place. He's a 6'4" rugged, Marine retiree with a lovely teen daughter, Emily.

    One day Clark was doing me in his office, pants down doggy style with my gun belt on (I never remove it while on duty) and Emily spotted us and ducked out quickly. I saw Em but Clark did not. After Emily saw her dad doing me, she chatted me up for months and eventually, she had me bent over with my gun belt on, eating me out from behind, playing with herself until she came with one of her hands on my still holstered Glock semi-automatic.

    The sex can become complicated but always enjoyable. Emily loves to be eaten out sitting on a table with both legs on my uniformed shoulders. Clark will never know about Emily and I at each other and of course, my husband will never know how much I love strange sex.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I grew up in a small town, really more of a giant trailer park with a lot of farmland and forest around. My mom was a slut with a rotating bedroom door so it's no wonder I followed in her footsteps. Sex wasn't really hidden from me. I knew what it meant when my mom had a boyfriend over and the trailer started rocking.

    Lost my virginity at a young age with great eagerness. Mom knew and didn't care. I ended up being the high school slut and when I amazingly got into college later, became the college slut. In college, I would sleep with guys for money. And being the cheap trailer trash I was, pretty much just did it for tips and the fun of having sex, which I loved. I did eventually straighten out, and I'm not that way anymore. I got married and I have kids and I would never allow them to grow up the way I did.

    Out of all the things I did in my bad days, there is one that still stands out to me. Looking back as an adult I realize now how risky it was, but when you're young and poor and don't expect to have much of a future, things like that don't matter much.

    It was summer, and school was out. It was hot as heck and so was I, and at the pinnacle of my popularity with the local buys. Did I mention I was the neighborhood slut as well as the school one? All the redneck boys knew where to go to get some pussy. I loved every second of my fame; little dummy that I was.

    I don't remember whose idea it was, or how it got started. But some genius got the idea of me having sex with all of them, one after another. I liked sex and didn't see a problem with it. Mom was locked in the trailer with her own boyfriend (and probably some illicit substances too). So me and six boys went to the back yard where my Mom's old Dodge Daytona was parked. The thing was old and didn't run, but she loved it and refused to get rid of it. It was a sports car with a low hood so I put an old blanket across it to protect myself from the heat, pulled down my shorts, bent over the hood, and spread my legs.

    Then one after another, every one of those boys fucked me.

    The first one was a cute guy from down the street. He dropped his pants and went right to town without any preamble. It went on for about four minutes while the others stood and watched and played with themselves. He shot his load inside me walked away, and then another guy stepped up. Same thing again. The third guy was taller than the others, and half lifted me off my feet as she shoved his way inside. He was a litle rougher than the others, pushing me flat against the hood of the car, fucking me long and hard until he too came inside me. One after the other, all six of them. Every single one finshed inside me. Looking back, I'm horrified. I could have gotten a disease. I could have ended up pregnant. How could I have been so dumb? Dumb little redneck slut.

    My husband knows my mother wasn't much of a mom, but he has no idea what a whore I used to be. Sometimes I wonder what he would think if he knew. If he would look at me differently.

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    Straight Female / 27

    It took me two years of chatter but I wanted to fuck my brother in law in the worst way and the way I accomplished it was to talk my hubby into giving me a DP with his brother. They were close to start with. After they did it one time that was it, they were hooked and now they both fuck me, watch each other, and often do me together. I have had their rock hard cocks in my vagina, anus and mouth together and separately, many times.

    We have all agreed, and I think it wise, to keep our togetherness a secret. No one in our family is ready for that kind of sexual freedom, unfortunately.

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    Straight Female / 54

    I'm finally retired, found this site and thought I would unload some of my guilt. When I was 50, working as the head of the athletics department at a private school, I was also a widow and had not had sex in a decade or so.

    Once in a while, I would replace an absent coach and do a few gym classes, then take a shower. Just so it is understood I have always been slim with no shape. I have an androgynous appearance and wear my hair short. Still, I always noticed Mario, a boy giving me glances. I tried to avoid meeting his glances and it puzzled me. He was of Italian descent and wore his hair to his shoulders but had a natural muscular body.

    One day in the shower, I felt someone scrubbing my back and turned around. It was Mario, smiling, completely nude. I was a bit startled, to say the least, but his hands were already working me all over and I could see his thick, hard boner jutting out of his body. In minutes, he was fucking me in various positions in the shower and I just let it all happen. He fucked me for a good half hour. He went down on his knees and did my vagina then my anus before fucking me hard and fast. I jerked him off as well until he fired his sperm on the wet shower floor where I watched it go down the drain.

    We did not speak to each other and, curiously, it never happened again but for years I masturbated with the memory of it. I don't regret it but do feel a bit of guilt. I guess at my age I should have known better. I'm glad it went by undiscovered and my avoiding more of it was probably why it went by undiscovered. Discovery would have been terrible for me and probably ending with destroying my career and life. I got away with it is all I can think about the event other than the hot memory. I had two lovers after that but none fucked me in any way like Mario did. He was a drooling animal on me.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I have posted on here before about my hopes and dreams about my wife having sex with another
    And it happened last week for the first time.
    I am writing down some thoughts and ideas here, for anyone else considering doing something
    like this.

    I will start by saying that the things you envision about what could happen or that you want
    to have happen, never work out exactly as you hope.

    I wont get into the details about how we met Robert, or the fact that he was black because
    that was not something my wife and I were not specifically looking for.
    We are a big believer in fate, and everything kind of fell into place for us.

    First of all, no matter how prepared you are, those first few minutes when the other guy
    comes into your house, or in our case arrives at our hotel room, it is VERY awkward.
    Robert was nice enough to ask my wife how she wanted to start, so they just made out for about
    10 or 15 minutes.

    I had let Robert know ahead of time that my wife hoped to have her breasts sucked on at the
    same time. Since my wife has small breasts, Robert and I had to have our heads and mouths
    pretty close to each others. I just learned to block out that another guy was right there,
    and just focus on making my wife squirm.

    Robert was the only one that was going to have intercourse with my wife, and when my wife took
    his cock out, she was amazed at his size. I knew ahead of time he would probably be bigger
    than me, and I had to realize its not a bad thing, it was there for my wife to enjoy.

    As they had sex, I was a bystander, which was fine. It was cool to watch a "live" porn
    movie with my wife as the star.
    I guess in my dreams there would be a way for me to get more involved - but when
    Robert was on top, there was not really anywhere for me to go.

    He finally got her on her hands and knees, so I was able to feed her my cock in
    front while he continued to fuck her from behind. My wife was in cock heaven.
    But again, you have to block out that there is another man right there in front of you.
    I will admit, I could not stay hard like he was able to. I was kind of freaked out by that.

    They finished with my wife on top of Robert. To here him groan and know that he was cumming
    inside my wife at that very moment was very exciting. Even though I was not even on the bed,
    it was still a very special moment between my wife and I.

    When she climbed off of Robert, she laid next to him and kind of spread her legs for me.
    Her pussy was so sloppy, I was drawn to it. And yes, I ate her out.
    I kind of figured I was going to do that - and it was a way for my wife and I to
    be even closer by "sharing" something so personal like that between us.

    I was curious about the taste , but aside from the saltiness, it was more just
    a slippery sensation on my lips and tongue. I was actually making slurping sounds
    Robert had cum so much, though

    In my dreams, he would have recharged and have my wife again and again. But they
    only had sex the one time.

    It was interesting to see them kiss each other goodbye - it was more like they were
    lovers kissing. Very passionate. Not sure why that surprised me so much.

    What I did not think about was the "after" part.
    We had to go to a small party after Robert left, it was mostly my wife's family there.
    But it was so exciting to have that secret - they had no idea their sweet girl was just
    being fucked by a black guy less than an hour ago.

    When her mom asked if I was hungry, and I answered that I just ate something...both my wife
    and I had such a smile on our faces. And only we knew why.

    But now, almost 2 weeks later - it is still so exciting to think about.
    We know for sure it will happen again, and hopefully with Robert.

    My advice to anyone considering this, is to make sure you and your wife or girlfriend
    are VERY secure. There can not be any jealousy on your part....ever.
    See it as a treat for her, and enjoy having that something that is so special
    that the two of you got to share.

    I would love to talk someone or email someone about what we did, , but I certainly cannot
    talk to family or friends about it, so here I am.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Iâm 22 y.o. and my only sex experience is with a chubby widow of now 68 y.o.
    Itâs be going on for 5 years now and she forfills all my needs.

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    Straight Male / 22

    My only sexual experience so far is with an chubby widow down the street.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    In my senior year of college I moved in with two other women. One of them was a Vet student and she was pretty manly. She had a part time job at the stables where they kept the horses in vet school. She was strong and toned and always smelled of sweat and barn. She was the male figure to us. She fixed the cars, she took care of the responsibilities. We only paid her our share, but we kept house and cooked. We were a perfect couple, except there were two of us and one of her.

    One day she told us about this stallion at the stables and how she had to put the glove on him to collect sperm. She told us how big the horses cock was, she said she had to hold it with two hands. They had this fake mare and when the stallion humped the fake mare they collected his semen. My other roommate and I asked her to take us out to the stables so we could see the stallion's cock for ourselves.

    Th e animal's cock was enormous, you really did have to hold it with both hands. She told us that we could jack off the stallion to get him to produce semen. She showed us how, and we took turns jacking him off. His cock was just amazing, and then she took over and we watched while she jacked him off and the stallion spilled a gallon of semen on the ground.

    When we were back at the apartment, she went to change and we fixed dinner and she came out looking like a lady. She said she had to go to a reception. I knew she hated wearing a dress, plus she walked like she was a man. I told her I would lend her my diamond studs. When I put the studs on her, we were standing very close, with my boobs in her face, she waited patiently for me to get the studs in her ears and she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open. She said 'eat me'.

    I didn't know what to do, her spread eagled pussy under her panties was visible to me, her panties were tight and her slit was open. She didn't shave and she had a pretty wild look about her. I couldn't see inside her crack, until she lifted her hips and pushed her panties off and told me to eat her again. I sat there staring at that crotch, that nasty slice in the middle, all colors of red and pink, her vagina hole opened and closed, it was not very appetizing, if that is the word. I heard her say one more time, 'just eat me bitch, just fucking eat me and fuck me'.

    My other roommate and I talked about the night we expected her to come into our room and get one of us. We did not expect to see her in a dress with her legs spread eagled asking for it. I put my hair back and held it with one hand, and leaned down into her wild pussy and started eating her out. She slammed her legs shut, so I had to let go of my hair and use both hands to pry her legs open again. I told her to keep her legs open. I used my hands to open her pussy up and more or less comb her before I began eating her again.

    She was pumping out pussy juice and my face was totally wet, her smell was strong, but she had showered before getting dressed, so she tasted clean. I just quit thinking about it and ate her until I felt her go into climax.

    For all her manliness and her toughness she was wimp who wanted her pussy eaten. She wore my studs and wouldn't return them. She told me that my studs bought her pussy, so we were even. She was wild, with me as her lover I got her trimmed down quite a bit, but I liked the look of her pussy lips wearing some pubes, I guess mostly because she had this habit of laying back spread eagled with her pussy wide open. There was no keeping her legs nice and tight with a nicely trimmed pussy and pecking at her slit to open her up. She just laid back and opened up with her pink and red pussy and pulsating vagina hole. I told her if I was a horse, I would stuff her vagina and fill her with a gallon of semen, but all I could do was slobber her up, and leave her pussy with a load of spit and I got off with a mouthful of pussy juice.

    She says I am the bitch to her, but I am pretty sure she is the bitch. She eats pussy pretty well herself, but she has to peck at my slit to open me up. And I keep myself with a small landing strip, there is no jungle on my end.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I stayed in Thailand near the airport for three days for business. I missed out on the Bangkok hookers and other places in the country. There was a massage place near the hotel, I got a great massage but the woman would not touch my cock, did not want me touching her. When I ask about the other two girls, she said they were her daughters, and her husband was in the back room.

    My hotel was the last one in the line, near the water. A few people and one massage woman. My last night there I ask her for a massage, she offered me a hand job for a price, for a bit more a blow job. I paid for the blowjob and she sucked my cock, she spit the load in the hand towel she had.

    I had the massage and I had the hand and blow job, but I wanted to fuck a woman before leaving. At the hotel bar all the woman were with their husbands or family. When I walked by the hotel massage the woman was locking up at 9pm. I offered her money for another blow job, she took me in the room and took her top off. I removed her pants and lifted her on the table. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I had no condom, she worried i would cum inside her. She said I could not give her a baby.

    She had lubed my cock up to help me cum, I pulled her legs up and slapped her clit with my cock, I pushed against her pussy and she let me stick it in her, but quickly told me to pull it out. I pushed against her ass, she said I could fuck her ass. I lubed again and sucked her big tits (for a Thai woman) as I ass fucked her. When I came in her ass and held it there, she smiled and ask if it was good?

    She washed me up and we took a shower together. When I walked out of the shower she sucked my cock for me and swallowed my last load in Thailand.

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