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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 44

    I must admit I fantasize about my wife having sex with others. I have told her for years I would love for her to have sex with other men. I encourage her to go out on girls night out with other ladies. She enjoys going out but doesnât ever come home used. Her and her friends usually go out and have a meal and sit and visit. She will flirt with me pretending to crave other men but doesnât act on it. She is very attractive but wonât dress revealing. Iâm proud of her and want to show her body. She says there is no way to have better sex than we have. She enjoys that Iâm proud of her body and takes care of herself. I wish in a way to have normal feelings and want to keep her for only me.

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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband and I have been together since I was 19. We married at 21, he is 4 years older than me. We have a great sex life, I had only sucked one other guy then finished him with my hand before I had sex with my now husband. I've let him do what he wants and by the end of a year we had an active sex life of BJ's, oral on me, anal, vaginal and masturbation sex. It took him a year but he now has sex in my peehole. It hurt at first, but actually it feels very very good. I can have orgasms this way very easily. It took a long time, and a little pain but it's been worth it and as he says, I'm now a 4 hole girl and he uses them all a lot.

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    Straight Male / 52

    My name is Ron and I want my mother in law Zora to see my cock. I want her to see my hanging big smooth balls and throbbing pulsating cock. I want Zora to just touch and play with my cock until my precum is literally running and dripping from my pee hole. I want to see Zora's 73 year old hairless pussy. I want to smell her and taste her lucious vagina and watch her pussy convulse with orgasm. I want to feel Zora's tits against my cock and for Zora to gently take my penis into her mouth and start to suck it while my sister in law Rhonda strips naked and starts to masturbate while she watches me and her mother. Then Zora can hold my cock while Rhonda sucks me until I'm about to cum then Zora can take my cock into her mouth again and I start to cum in Zora's mouth. Zora takes some hot delicious cum into her sexy mouth and then let's the rest of my cum pump all over hers and Rhonda's tits then we all lick my cum off of each other.

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    Straight Male / 53

    About 20 years ago :
    I found the front door unlocked when I arrived home, that itself was unusual, being the car wasnât on the drive. Unless of course my wife had decided to park around the back or just nipped down the shop.

    Nevertheless, I enter, and the house appears to be empty. In the kitchen a slow stew is on the cooker the smell teasing me no end. I hear a bang from upstairs. So, Helen was upstairs, I was going to surprise her, after all, Iâd been in for about ten minutes now and she hadnât heard me.

    Stealth like, I creep up the first flight of stairs avoiding the creaky step. On the landing I hear another thud, coming from the spare room up another short flight of stairs.

    I creep up the three steps and see the door of the small box room ajar. In that room are just boxes and camping gear. I push the door open and step in. My god, Iâm not sure who is more surprised.

    My sister-in-law is standing there, with a shocked look on her face too. At 20, Allie is four years younger than my wife but around the same height as my Helen. She has the same shoulder length thin strawberry blonde hair but sheâs slightly slimmer and doesnât need glasses either and my eyes burn into her soft blue eyes.

    Iâm looking at her wondering why she is standing there with her green Combat trousers around her ankles. My keen eyes canât resist looking at her camel toe and tuffs of ginger pubes sticking out here and there.

    I spot some bags with Ann Summers written on them and suddenly I remember the conservation I overheard just a few weeks ago. Allie had told the group her boyfriend didnât like giving her oral yet expected regular blow jobs.

    My thoughts overtake me as I continue to scan her slim body and my eyes settle on her forbidden fruit once again. I want to treat her and taste her pussy. Without thought of any consequences I find myself kneeling in front of her shaking body lapping at her pussy through her panties.

    Despite her protests and shouts of what the hell I was doing, I continue lapping and pulling the crutch of her knickers to one side revealing her pussy. I am delighted Allie is not attempting to stop me as I take in the aroma of her woman hood and start lapping her lips again. Her protests recede and she is no longer resisting and sits on the edge of a box spreading her thighs for me.

    Her protests are now of enjoyment as my thumbs spread her open and my mouth sucks on her clitoris. My fingers explore her inners and already her pussy shows signs of excitement and wetness.

    She holds my head in place and thrusting her pussy in circular movements begs me not to stop as mouth, tongue and fingers bring her on sending her into a spasm and uncontrolled moaning as she climaxes squirting her juice.

    She smelt and tasted good, I wanted more, and I could tell she wanted more, but first, I wanted her tits. I stand rapidly and kiss and suck on her ear, something I knew she liked, I keep going softly kissing her ear and neck at the same time, pulling her woollen jumper up as I did so.

    My mouth tastes her perfume as I kiss her soft skin and my hands cup her bra and pull her breasts out. They are smaller than my wifeâs, but who cares. My hand holds and squeezes one as I suck hard on the other exploring every inch of her breast and my other hand fingers her damp pussy.

    I move onto her other breast, giving that equal attention and then kiss up to her neck, both hands on her breasts now and I am aware that my bulging tent is pressing against her pussy. If only my cock wasnât encased in my trousers, one good thrust and Allieâs pussy would be taking it in, I had no doubt about that.

    I grab Allies head and plant a loving kiss on her mouth, then kiss all down her body again and kneel and start to give her pussy some more attention. My lapping is hard, and she groans nosily spreading her own pussy lips with one hand while holding her knickers to one side with the other.

    She shakes violently forcing her quivering legs to stay apart as she squirts again, her pussy soaking and dripping and the aroma is starting to get overwhelming, but I donât stop, I just keep going like some animal. I lap and suck hard eating her out for longer than Iâd ever done with her sister.

    Allie starts to shake again, her thighs clamping my head and I can feel her straining to keep them apart. Then she explodes, her pussy awash with her juice and she gives me a good shove and tells me thatâs enough. I back off, wiping girl juice from my face with my tee shirt watching her as she quickly recovers her trousers.

    I undo my trousers and extract my stiff cock. Allie stares at it admiring the length and makes the comment Helen had told her it was big. I take a step towards her saying she could have it in her pussy if she wanted.

    The girlâs eyes brighten and widen and at the same time she answers yes and turns around pushing her Combat trousers and knickers down bending over boxes. Iâm behind her, one hand on her butt and the other teasing her pussy rubbing the head up and down her slit.

    It feels good, pushing my erection into her wetness and squeezing her open. She is so wet I push all the way in as she groans with pleasure. All the way in and ease back then in again picking up momentum until I am banging her hard. I feel her squirt around my cock, and I can feel my own explosion building.

    I slow pace as my excitement builds, I dare myself sub consciously to keep going to the last possible moment. Allie is building up again too, she squeezes a fist around my tee shirt and thrusts backwards demanding that I donât stop. We cum together. She squirts and flinches at the same time my cock pumps thick ropy cum into her pussy.

    I empty my balls inside her and stagger back. She is still bent over the boxes. I look at her butt and see strands of cum hanging out her pussy and that is a turn on. A thick wad drips out of her and makes a big patch in the crutch of her knickers as soon as she stands up straight.

    Her hands clutch her trousers and turning towards me we hear my wife coming through the front door shouting hello. Iâm out of there and in the bathroom. Allie is looking quite composed when I join the sisters in the kitchen.

    I got aroused looking at her thinking she was standing just feet from my wife with cum still in her pussy and knickers. A wet patch was showing between her legs too. She eyed me and smiled. She was a lot happier when she left my wife tells me later, she was in a strange mood when she had first arrived. Oh, I wonder why I enquired. Well Helen tells me; she brought a couple of toys, so I guess she tried them out and she smelt a bit. Smelt I asked, yes, my wife informs me, musky sort of smell.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    My confession is about my butthole.I once let a gay man pay me 20$ a picture,all of my butthole as I spread it open and as wide as I could.He numbed my butthole with lidocaine to numb my sphincter so it would open wider.He was behind me as I was face down ass up,spreading with my fingers next to my butthole on both sides I gave a good stretch and I felt my butthole pop open.The more I spread the bigger the hole until I eventually was gasped, my butthole stayed open.My problem is I can't forget what happened.

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    Straight Male / 38

    First time on this site, I google searched sex confession.

    I cheated on my wife last night.

    We went to an engagement party for one of her coworkers son, and while being terribly uncomfortable at this fancy resort I saw a familiar face. My high school sweetheart, first love, first sex was in the same room with her husband! The moment I saw Chrissie, I felt all those old feelings again. From 16 years old until I was almost 19, we dated, learned everything about each others bodies and planned to be together forever.

    I didn't know what to do. I mean we both had our new lives, but I needed to talk to her. I wanted to find out how we ever broke up! I went to the bar to get another drink and Chrissie walked up and said hello. She asked me to meet her in the hallway in 10 minutes. I excused myself from the table and headed out. We talked a bit, she was working as a real estate agent, was married for 6 years, no kids and so on. We just walked along past the courtyard and down a path along the lake. Just small talk until I couldn't help myself and I just turned her towards me and kissed her. Not a gentle kiss, but a deep passionate kiss. Her arms went around my waist and I grabbed that ass just like highschool. We both knew where this was going.

    We looked around and saw the swim house down the path, I grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. There wasn't much in the room, but soon we were making out like kids again. I had my hands up under her dress as we kissed. I hooked my thumbs over her panties and she did that little wiggle thing as I pulled them down and she kicked them across the room. I lifted her one leg and she put her foot an a small chair. That smell! I kissed her just below her navel and worked my way down. Chrissie spread her lips and that was all the invitation I needed. Like the old days, I just licked her whole pussy with wide flat strokes of my tongue , up all the way past her clit, just like she used to love. I felt her hands in my hair as I kept licking until she whispered ," Now!" and I started nibbling then biting her button until she was shaking.

    When she came, she told me I needed to fuck her hard! I dropped my pants and she bent over the back of the chair. There was no easing in, I just slowly pushed my cock into her all the way on the first push. I grabbed those hips and started pushing. I was 18 again. I started going faster and harder and Chrissie started with those little whimpers she used to do. I was just staring at the dimples above her ass and realized I was going to cum. Unlike High school, she told me to cum now! I just kept thrusting as hard and deep as I could. She was biting down on her own arm to keep quiet and I kept pounding her even after I came, until I went soft.

    Now was the hard part. It was awkward. All my feelings came back. How do I go back to the party, my wife? Her husband was there. She headed back before me and was at the bar when I walked in. My wife asked if I was ok, and I told her I must have had a bad clam, and went for a walk. She tole me I looked pale and should just take it easy.

    When we were leaving I saw Chrissie across the room, She was radiant. She offered me her card, and said if I ever wanted to buy or sell her personal number was on the back.

    This is going to cause problems

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    A local park has a bathroom with a glory hole.

    Now, I'm addicted to it.

    Almost every day I drive there. Park. Cruise around a bit.

    When I go inside, there's almost always a guy in the stall. The moment I see his feet under the door, I know I'm going to cum in his mouth.

    These days, I just walk up and stick my cock through the hole, and I'm immediately suck. Other guys sometimes walk in, watch, stroke....maybe kiss me while I stroke them....

    I'm VERY verbal...I love telling the guy sucking me how at hot cocksucker he good his mouth he sucks better than my wife and daughter fuck.

    And I always cum SO fucking hard...

    And then go back the next day, too.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I want to suck my friend's cock. I'm not attracted to guys, not even him, but I saw his cock when we were in the dressing room at our local pool. I even woke up from a dream cumming while I was dreaming I was sucking it. He came in my mouth while I was sucking him in the dream and I woke up cumming!

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    Straight Male / 54

    My best friend is one of my wife's ex-bf. Whenever he comes over I have such a fantasy that he an I fuck her. I've talked to her about it. She says she is not interested, but after he leaves she fucks like there is no tomorrow!

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    Straight Female / 38

    I'm happily married with 3 children all in school. My husband and I got married during college. We started our family early so I didn't get a job until all our children started school. I work in a business with several men and I'm the office manager. All are flirty with me. I was offended for a time but learned to flirt back and enjoy. Most is innocent and not to be taken serious. One man who is ten years younger than myself is overly zealous trying to have sex with me. I continually tell him I'm happily married but he won't stop. I let him hug me but he gropes my butt and won't let go quick. He comes up behind me and squeezes my breast often. He has had his hand between my legs many times but I push his hand away. The thing is I'm not offended but I love my family. My husband and I have good sex. One day he was feeling me up from behind and really got me excited, I waited to long to push him away. He apparently saw my face that I enjoyed it. He has shown me his erect penis many times which is so beautiful. I get paid well for my work so I don't need to change from a job which I enjoy. I'm holding faithful but I almost want to give him my body to use. My husband has been clipped so I'm not on birth control so an affair would be risky. Even today he came up behind me and nibbled my neck and squeezed my breast before I stopped him. Has any other women experienced this at work?

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