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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I have had a friend since I was 10 and we are practically sisters we are practically joined at the hip around 14/15 I started to notice her dad a lot whenever Iâd be there heâd always make an effort to come in whatever room we were in. During summer heâd be out back by the pool as weâd swim and Iâd catch him starting at me at first I thought he was making sure we were ok but it got to be more and more noticeable he was checking me out. One night I slept over which I did quite often during the summer we were up watching movies on the couch my friend had went up to bed as she was tired and her mom had been in bed for awhile already. I think her dad mustâve been on the computer or something beacuse he was gone for awhile I got up to use the bathroom and when I came out he was on the couch so I sat back down and continued watching the movie that was on. After a few moments passed I noticed he was pretty close to me and would see him glance over at my legs and thigh area it was summer so I had on a tank top and some short cheerleader type shorts. I knew heâd checked me out before and my bathing suit is more revealing than this was so I paid it not much mind at all until a little while later he asked me if I had ever had sex that it was Ok he wouldnât tell my parents that he was a cool dad and I told him me and my boyfriend had been sexual before. He asked if I liked it and I think I laughed and said of course I liked it or I wouldnât keep doing it so he asked oh you do it a lot and I said yeah whenever my parents or his parents are out so he said have you only ever had sex with your boyfriend? I lied and said yea he was my first knowing I had given blowjobs to a few guys before at parties and had had sex with 2 other guys at these parties. He said oh you know if you really like that much you should explore your options because thereâs so much to learn and you shouldnât restrict or limit yourself at such a young age. I said I guess youâre right I just havenât had many opportunities he said what if I told you have an opportunity sitting right next to you now? I really thought he was kidding sure heâs checked me out but his wife and daughter my best friend and literally sleeping upstairs and Iâm a teenager for Godâs sake. Being young and naive I said so I just laughed and said oh is that why youâre always looking at me and finding reasons to be close to us when Iâm here? He said Iâm not going to lie the thought has crossed my mind plenty of times and started giving me all these compliments about my looks how beautiful and incredible I am that I must have all these guys lined up to want to date me and it did actually make me feel good. I told him he was good looking too but that I couldnât ever hurt my friend or sheâd never forgive me for it and he basically swore up and down no one would ever know that he wouldnât ever say anything he couldnât have his wife know or sheâd leave him at this point I knew it wasnât just a joke anymore and he was being serious. I really felt between uncomfortable and interested at the same time so I really didnât say much but kind of just looked at him and saw he was just kind of starting at me and said Iâm so sorry I never shouldâve said those things to you I just canât help to be attracted by you youâre one of the sexiest most beautiful girls Iâve ever laid eyes on I wish you were older I donât know why Iâd even think this was ok. I told him itâs fine I wouldnât ever tell anyone what he had said and thanked him for all the kind words and compliments again telling him he was a good looking guy too and then he just put his hand on my leg and kissed me in a panic I froze up and pushed back and said what are you doing you said this is wrong but before I could finish my sentence he kissed me again and this time for whatever reason I was kissing him back I wanted to stop him but I didnât I just kissed him back and felt his hands running up and down my thighs then up my shirt and grabbing my tits. I was 14/15 but still had about B cups at the time and a nice perky ass to match but hadnât filled out entirely yet still it was more than some girls my age had by now kissing for a few minutes he stopped and again said oh my God I canât believe I did that to you what is wrong with me I canât believe this Iâm so sorry Iâm really so sorry something came over me and I said itâs ok I like it donât stop and went to kiss him this time and I took my hand and started to put it down his pajama pants he was so much bigger than my boyfriend after all this was a grown man I was in shock it felt so big in my hand so I put my head between his legs and have him a blowjob I couldnât even take all of it it was really that big he tried to push my head down further but I nearly chocked and after that he stopped and let me handle what I could. My mouth began to hurt so I sat up and pulled my shorts down and my top off and told him to show me the experiences he talked about earlier so he instructed me to lay down and I thought he was going to have sex with me but he started to eat me out no one ever did this before to me yet and it was crazy it felt so good feeling his tongue and mouth play with my clit as heâd stick a finger or two inside me. I came and my whole body shook I didnât know what was happening I donât think I ever came before this he got up and got on top of me and we had sex. He was so gentle and kind asking if I was OK if he wanted him to stop heâd kiss me and not just pound away it was really different from what I had known at the time. After it was over he promised to never tell anyone and I did the same but after that time it was weird we never had sex again and he barely even came around when I was there. Part of me wished wverytine Iâd sleep there we would do it again but it didnât. Now years later and several attempts I just donât appreciate guys my age I date them because itâs more acceptable but I always find myself acting out my sexual desires with older guys I go to bars with my friends and will wait till they leave and wind up going home with some middle aged man or end up in the backseat of his car.

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    Straight Male / 33

    So my girlfriend who Iâve been with for 3 years now is great. I love her more than anything. When we first started dating though I found a journal of stuff she had confessed. In there was a bunch of guys she had slept with, even some names or descriptions. Some she cheated on past boyfriends with, some that were older or married. I was angry even though these were people from the past but never told her I read this stuff. There was a legit good amount of guys on the list, a lot more men than I have been with girls. Not to mention sheâs 6 years younger than me. After being together awhile I realized she was beyond talented, clearly her being with so many guys before me was evident by how freaky she was. I loved it though because I have a high sexual energy too. So after being together over a year or two at this point I kept remembering the list. It started to turn me on thinking about her basically being a whore before we met. So Iâd jerk off whenever I wouldnât be around to the thought of her getting fucked by other guys. Iâd kill her if I knew she cheated on me but thinking about it got me off. It still does actually, right now do to work we really only see each other on weekends and all week I jerk off daily to thinking about her getting fucked by other men. I even went as far as to spread some private pictures around the Internet just to see other guys comments on the stimulation it gave them. She had no idea about this at all. I canât deny though that it really gets me hard thinking about her being fucked. Iâve wanted to share our video to and hear what guys would do to her. I donât think sheâs cheated on me I hope not, itâd kill me. But I really canât stop jerking off to the thought of her being a slut and being used by random guys.

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    Straight Male / 50

    It finally happened. I met her in a small bar on the beach in Mexico. We had a couple of beers and shots of tequila and I learned she was newly divorced after 30 years of marriage.
    She was five foot tall and about 200 pounds. I've forever had a thing for plump women. Having been in Mexico for two weeks, she had a golden tan and her bikini left nothing to the imagination. She was wearing a light jacket that covered her magnificent full breasts. I told her she should take off her top to reveal those beautiful tits. She placed her top in her beach bag and as we sat and talked and drank. It was obvious to anyone who cared to look that she was exposing herself. I reached out a couple of timeb to carress her pkymo tits and pinched her nipples. We french kissed and her tongue was all the way down my throat.
    After a few more shots, it was clear we connected in a sexual way. We decided to go back to my condo where I was treated to the most beautiful soft plump body I had ever seen. I hurried my face between those tanned smooth thighs and began licking and suck8ng her hairless pussy until she grabbed the back of my head grinding her c**t all over my face till she gushed and squirted all over my face. I was in heaven, pure heaven. Laying next to her, catching your breath she told me that was the first time she had climaxed in years.
    Taking my head and pushing it down I
    ate her till she squirted again and again soaking my face and the sheets with her abundant cum.
    We recuperated for a bit before I turned her over and dove into her ass
    tongued that tight hole until she once again soaked the sheets.

    To say the least, I got addicted to her cum and for the next two weeks, wallowed in that squirting pussy over and over again. I also worshipped her tiny feet and cute toes. I even drenched her feet and goes with my hot cum and took my time eating and sucking my cum off her beautiful beautiful feet and toes.
    I fed her several loads of cum and had her keep it in her mouth so we could French kids and pass that creamy cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. In the shower, I drank her piss and took her golden shower eagerly.
    We found oursekves milking one another three or four times a day and some days even more. The last day we spent together was non stop if me making her cum and drinking it down my throat.
    As a parting gift, she squirted into a pair of panties and left thembunder my pillow for me to enjoy once she was gone ... and I did!
    We plan on meeting in a couple of months to pick up where we left off. I will be so hungry for her by then, I can't be responsible for my actions once I taste her again.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I think she was underage, God help me.

    Last August I got caught in one of the insane thunderstorms and could hardly see out the window so I looked to the side of the road and there was this skinny girl with her thumb up giving me the hiking signal. I quick;y pulled over and opened the opposite door for her and she jumped in my car. I told her I would drop here where she wanted to go when the rain let up enough to drive in it and she said, "Great!"

    It was hot in the car and she fanned her face with a hand. Soon, she parted her knees to pull up her skirt which was dripping wet. I was watching her but had not turned my head so as to obviously be staring. She said, "Oh God, I'm hot." I thought she meant the car interior but as I discovered, something else. She caressed her thighs a bit and fanned them with her hand, then a minute later she pulled down a pair of embroidered panties (or so they seemed). She began to masturbate and my cock was quickly alerted.

    She was flogging herself wildly and she looked at my crotch, seeing my boner. She blurted out, Oh, C'mon, C'mon man, fuck me good. I need to fuck NOW! Needing no further invitation I took off my pants and shorts and my cock stood up like a power pole. She went down on it and sucked and licked it like mad while the rain continued battering outside, and now with steamed up windows. I drove a bit closer to the edge of the road by some bushes and she held my hard rod and said, "oh, this is a good one" and mounted me.

    I did not yet know her name but there she was, sliding up and down on my rock-hard one, making cooing sounds. She announced an orgasm, then soon after, another. I was enjoying it so much I did not want to come so I took my thoughts away from the scene momentarily. She said, "When you want to shoot off, just do it. I'm just off the rag. Just come in me."

    I took her little hips and held them tight, pushing my cock deeper to reach as deeply as I could to her cervix and she moaned loudly, announcing another orgasm, saying, "Wow, this is a good one." I started counting the number of times we came and lost count, not believing the electric connection we had.

    The rain eased, we put on our bottoms and I drove her about half a mile to her home, letting her out. She said, "Oh God that was some fine fucking we did back there," walking off. As she pushed the door open I noticed her little handbag, made up as a little white rabbit with big eyes, now soaked as well. Immediately the thought came to me that she must be underage and my heart started pounding. Not even teenagers carry little rabbit bags like that. I went home, took a shower and masturbated to my new memories another few times, not thinking until here and now of anything but out mutual heat and enjoyment. I will just call us, ageless in the rain.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I somewhat recently went through a bad divorce and as a result, I went eight months without sex. I was losing my mind as any normal man would, so I decided to call my friend from college (Devon). He had always had a way with the ladies but he is happily married now. I figured, at the very least, he can give me some pointers (given that I've been out of the game for years)

    We met up, went to a bar, had some beers and we talked to some girls but ultimately, I ended up going home alone. I drove Devon home and agreed to come in for a minute to say hi to Elli (devon's smoking hot wife). She fixed me a cup of coffee and shared some small talk. Mostly about how she sympathized about my divorce.

    As small talk turned to a deep analysis of my situation, the coffee turned to cheap wine and brief cigarette breaks. Halfway through what turned out to be a long night, Devon mentioned to his wife that I'm going through a dry spell and joked about blue balls. We all had a good chuckle until dev drunkenly mentioned that elli gives really great head and that if she were to "help me out just this once " he wouldn't get angry. Elli was appalled (eyes wide and jaw dropped) but we just brushed it off as another classics Devon joke.

    As we approached the bottom of the second bottle of two-buck chuck, our inhibitions disappeared faster than elli's bra when she picked dare instead of truth. That lead to her giving Devon and I lapdances out on the balcony with a street view. One thing led to another and then another and before you know it, I'm sitting on their couch with my pants around my ankles and my college buddy's wife's lips wrapped around the tip of my cock. She was on her knees with her head bobbing up and down (and in circles every so often). I had a handful of that long dark hair in one hand and more than a handful of breast in the other.

    Devon was sitting on the recliner and I could see him massaging himself through his boxers. I was summoning all my strength to not blow eight months of pent up sexual frustrations in her mouth (yet) when I heard her ask Devon if she could mount me. He didn't say anything but the look in his eyes and a single nod said enough.

    Elli climbed up on top of me with a devilish smirk on her face. She straddled over me as she located her moist opening with my dick in her hand and as she lowered herself onto me, her mouth opened wide and she held her breath while she let out a subtle sigh. I took her right breast into my mouth and sucked on her nipple before switching over to the left breast and doing the same while holding them both firmly in my hands and caressing simultaneously.

    Up and down, grinding back and forth... interrupted only by short, sweaty pauses to catch our breath were met with excitement from devon (who was full on masturbating at this point). Her chest grew more and more flushed as she rode faster and faster. My hands now gripping her big butt as she slaps it down on my lap repeatedly. Moaning... her hair in my face and sweat (among other fluids) combined between us.

    I felt myself growing near and tried to postpone my orgasm as much as possible. One, I didn't want it to end and two, I was in her raw and didn't think devon would appreciate me cumming in his wife bare. I guess I started making the faces and the noises because just as I was getting ready to pull out, I hear devon tell me to cum inside her. I looked up at her and her eyes opened as wide as mine did. Her lips puckered slightly and she nodded her head in approval as she worked her hips in a back and forth dragging motion.

    I braced my hands on her squishy ass and just let go inside her. Filling her up with what I can safely assume was at least a gallon of cum. She continued riding me ever so gently while my cock throbbed and pulsed every few seconds. I spread her butt cheeks as wide as they'd go as I pulled out and felt a stream of cum flow out of her, down my lap and onto their couch. She climbed off me, blew us a kiss from her palm and walked into the bathroom. I was still catching my breath when I heard a bottle open and devon asks "wanna beer, bro?"

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    Straight Male / 48

    As far as I'm concerned my late wife was one of the sexiest women I ever knew, to me she had perfect sexy legs a great pair of tits and a dark hairy fanny, if I was to fantasise about a woman I wanted to shag then she would be similar to my late wife.

    We had a healthy sex life , sometimes though I felt like I couldn't fully satisfy her, as she seemed to want more than I could give her. She never complained or strayed though, and neither did I, stray that is, I never ever thought either of us would either, we both were a bit flirty though, but we never thought much about it to be honest, she liked to go out wearing short skirts and bare legs and high heels, also she would wear tops that displayed her ample tits, well if you got it and all that.

    We would go out for meals and then for a few drinks in a pub, and I could see men ogling her especially her legs, some would try and chat her up when I was at the bar or the toilet, even offering to buy her a drink. I even experienced guys saying to her can you get rid of the stiff I e me, and we can have a good time, my late wife just laughed at this.

    I asked her about this one day mostly out of curiosity, and she said if I was gonna cheat it wouldn't be in front of you, if I was gonna cheat it sure as hell would have to be worth my while, the thing is that was her, that was how she looked at it, she said I have sex on tap with you when ever I want it, so why the f**k would I want a quick f**k at the side of the road or in a car, that was her and I knew it.

    One night we were a bit pissed and I asked her if she would tell me her sex fantasy, she initially said she didn't have one, but then said I have often wondered what it would be like to get f**ked by a big cock particularly a black man's cock which was at least 9 inches hard, my dick is a modest 6 and a half fully standing, so I said why have you never tried to find out, she simply said I married you and, a fantasy is a fantasy but its not for life, which is real.

    She then said to me did I have any fantasies I said I have always wanted a threesome with two women much older than me, but like you I have never pursued this, because I am married to you, she then said what if it was possible for us both to fulfil our fantasy with the approval of each other, I remember saying to her, would it make our marriage better, or might we regret it, she said no matter what I'm yours til I die, with or without the fantasy.

    So we discussed this at length finally agreeing to look at sex contact sites, so we started looking most were exactly the same as the other , but we came across one which claimed it was for couples in a relationship who wanted to try and enrich their sex lives. This sounded exactly like what we were after, as it turned out it was.

    My late wife trawled through the list of coloured guys, looking for someone who fitted the bill of what she wanted, I did the same with women, we both found what we were looking for, so set about trying to make things happen, we both decided that the culmination of our search for our fantasy would take place at our home, I said that I would be scarce and go out til she phoned me to come home, likewise with her.

    As things turned out though it didn't quite work out as planned, because my late wife had opted for this coloured guy called Leroy who's cock was 9 and a half inches hard, and nearly 9 inches in circumference, but on the night he was coming to podger my Mrs she suddenly said to me that she was a bit scared so could I hang about, I reluctantly agreed, although I wasn't too happy about it.

    Leroy promptly arrived my Mrs had on a short denim skirt bare legs and a low cut black top and high heels, I could see by the way Leroy looked at her that he fancied the pants of her, she took him into the lounge where they had a couple of drinks, then my Mrs took his hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom I was in the spare room across the hall, my Mrs felt secure because I was there, I wasn't happy but I had agreed so that was that.

    Once in the bedroom my Mrs grabbed Leroys crotch and said to him ok big boy lets see what you've got, he grabbed her and promptly pulled her top up over her head, unclipped her bra and started sucking her lovely tits, I could see all this because my Mrs deliberately left the door open, he then unzipped her skirt and then pulled her panties down, after which he sunk two fingers in her wet fanny and started to finger fuck her, she meanwhile had unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts, and she started playing with his enormous cock, he became hard very quickly, he then bent down and started eating my wifes fanny like there was no tomorrow, she in turn started giving him a BJ.

    They both lay on the bed in the 69 position, my wife was moaning like f**k, after about 10 minutes Leroy positioned my Mrs on all fours and promptly rammed his enormous cock up her sodden wet fanny, which my Mrs screamed at as she exploded in orgasm, he shagged her like this for a good 20 minutes, in which time she had multiple orgasms, meanwhile my cock was straining in my pants to get out throbbing like f**k I knew I just had to get it out and wank myself silly til I exploded my load.

    After he had shagged my Mrs doggy style he started to shag her in the missionary position, my Mrs was gone by this time screaming obscenities and telling Leroy to bull her hard shag me stiff ride the arse of me fill my fanny with your thick hot creamy spunk, he rode her for at least another 20 minutes suddenly he said I cant hold back any longer and promptly shot his load deep into my wifes fanny he bucked at least 6 or 7 seven times while he filled her with his spunk , it was copius to say the least as it was running out down the side of his massive cock and down her thighs. By this time I had not been able to contain myself I stripped off went in and joined them and wanked my cock harder than I had ever done before, I came all over my wifes tits and face she licked up and swallowed what she could.

    Leroy shagged her again a short time later again pumping her full of spunk, it was her fantasy but it turned out to be the most erotic experience of both our lives, and I'm glad my Mrs talked me into it.

    As for my threesome with two older women that went ahead as planned too, and it was everything I thought it would be and more, my Mrs joined in, all I can say is my balls were ejaculating steam, by the time morning came around. We made this a regular thing with all 5 of us at least once a month, it was very enjoyable for both of us, my wife told me that the first time Leroy shagged her she thought she had died and gone to heaven, sadly that is hopefully where she now is as she passed away from cancer a few years ago.

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    Straight Male / 27

    Im a 27 year old horny as fuck guy in all i wanna do is fuck and share pics and chat dirty im straight so no gay men only women thats into crazy shit like me but will try anything get a hold of me at diplomatic7414 g***l.**m

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    Straight Male / 20

    How come itâs ok for me to eat her ass , suck her toes like shrimp, go down on her after I cum; but get a little cum in her hair or her sister and she freaks out?

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    Straight Male / 26

    In January 2018 I was in a family vacation in Brazil. We agreed on joining our finances and renting this beautiful beach house in a wonderful city. I don't know if you've ever been to Brazil, but their summer is extremely hot (we had temperatures above 104F almost every day) and unless you need to go somewhere you'll be wearing nothing but light shirts and shorts. As we were literally in the beach, we guys would spend our days shirtless and in swimming shorts (those are so thin everybody can see your cock after you come out of the water).

    Now, girls are another extremely hot situation in Brazil and the brazilian bikinis leave very little to the imagination. And those asses on them, oh my God! For me it was very hard to resist them because I wasn't in a relationship and apart from my niece I was the only one alone there. I also wasn't very fluent in Portuguese and most brazilians don't speak other languages, so it was very hard to get someone to fuck. I often ended up jerking off in the shower twice a day (you'll need two showers a day in their summer, believe me).

    One particularly hot afternoon I decided to take a nap on a couch in the living room because there I could feel a fresh breeze coming from the beach. I probably dreamed about brazilian girls, because I woke up with my cock as hard as a rock. To my surprise there was my niece sitting in a couch by the foot of mine, using the TV to play some game. She's 17 and very outspoken, so the first thing I hear is "it must've been a very hot dream, huh?". I was so embarassed! Even more because I realised these brazilian swin shorts are just a piece of thin cloth without anything to hide your parts under it and there I was totally hard for God knows how long! It took me a few hours, but I decided to let go. I had nothing to be ashamed of my cock or my sexuality and my niece was grown enough to know what goes on in that area.

    Later that night we all went to sleep and all fans in the house were on. Some time after 2 am someone knocks at my door and it's my niece in her brazilian bikini. She says her fan stopped working and asks if she could stay with me for the night just to avoid the heat. Well, all our beds were double beds and I saw nothing wrong with that. I was a little asleep yet, but unintentionally saw her bend over the bed to straighten her pillow and her bikini move further in her crack. She says "damn it, this thing is always riding up my ass, sorry". No big deal, I just wanted to sleep.

    Some time later I was sleeping facing her and I felt her body slowly press against mine until we were spooning. I woke up immediately, but didn't move or say a word. I knew that was wrong and that she was probably just sleeping, but my cock got hard instantly. There I was with my cock drooling and her ass pressing against it when I felt her reach around. That's it, she caught me and would make a scandal to wake the whole house! But no, she just gently pulled my cock out of my shorts and then positioned it right in the middle of her crack. I couldn't help but let my cock twitch and drool like crazy.

    By now it was very clear we were both awake and aware of what was going on. I then moved my hand right over her firm, young tits and played with her nipples. She responded by preasing her ass even more against my cock and letting it slide towards her pussy. As it was clear I wouldn't resist entering it, she broke the silence to whisper "only dry sex, please". That would be a turn off anywhere else, but I was really needing to cum and her body felt really nice.

    Without a word, I turned her to lay on her belly and moved over her. Put my cock between her ass cheeks and started thrusting it up and down, speeding a little up from time to time. She was moaning in such a hot way that I had to say "please, let me fuck you for real". She was willing, but said "I can't, I'm not protected". Well, I let go really quick - a son is something I don't need right now, let alone an i****t son. My cock is kinda big for first timers in anal (she probably wouldn't go for it if I asked, anyway), so I let that go too. I asked if she wanted to suck, but she said she was very shy and wouldn't be able to face me that time. I keep thrusting and tell her I'm gonna cum, to what she says "cum for me" in the sexiest voice I've ever heard. I just came all over her back in a second after that.

    When things slowed down, silence returns. After a few minutes she gets up in the dark and say "I'm going back to my room, thanks for the night". I ask about her broken fan and she laughs, saying "I lied, silly... But I guarantee my fan will break a lot this summer". I never thought I'd feel so turned on by being deceived. Before she closes the door, she says "by the way, I'll be 18 in november... Maybe I'll let you in it".

    We managed to get the fans to break about 7 or 8 more times during summer and now I just can't wait for November!

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    Straight Male / 52

    I lived in an area of an English city which had quite a mixed population of whites, West Indians and Asians. There was a black West Indian couple who lived near me, with whom I was fairly friendly. His name was Johnny, his wife was called Marie. I had a Scottish girlfriend for several years, but we split up. The year after we split up I met a pretty black woman from Zimbabwe, and we were together for about a year, then went our separate ways. The sex had been okay, but nothing special. One day I met Johnny in the street as I was parking my car. He said "Oh, I don't see (well, let's call her 'Jean') any more." I said "No, we had a disagreement and we split up." "I didn't even know you liked black women", he said. I didn't really know what to say - so the polite thing was just to say 'Oh, yes, of course I do." "D'you like Marie?" he said. Now, Marie was a very attractive women, in a kind of demure and respectable way, but this conversation was unnerving me a bit, as she was his wife after all, so I said 'Oh, well, yes of course, I mean I really like her, but you know, as a person of course." ""But don't you think she's really sexy?" he asked. "Well, yes, since you're asking, I do." This was true - there was something very alluring about Marie. "Maybe you could do with a replacement for Jean," he said, "and you know Marie and I would be prepared to help you out." I thought he meant that they knew a black woman who was looking for a boyfriend, and since I hadn't found anyone else I said 'Oh thanks, that's kind of you."

    "I'll tell what, can you come round on Friday night, about nine o'clock?" he said. "Yes, sure," I said, a bit uncertain, about what was supposed to be happening but since I knew them both well and liked them both I was quite happy. So I went round on Friday evening, and Marie answered the door, very smiley. She invited me in and gave me a glass of red wine. She told me Johnny was out, but would be back later. I was expecting some other woman to show up, but after ten minutes she excused herself and left the room. I sat there alone watching TV and sipping my drink. A bit later the door opened and a black woman in stiletto heels, a white thong, black stockings and suspender belt and a black bra and nothing else at all came in. My jaw dropped as she smiled at me - and for a few seconds I didn't even recognise that it was Marie - and when I did my jaw dropped even further. She laughed when she saw the look on my face.

    "You look shocked!" she said. "Have I gone too far?" I was gawping at her very nice figure, and I was beginning to feel movement in nether regions, but I was torn between wanting to grab her and fuck the ass off her and total shock, as this was the last thing I had expected, having always steered clear of entanglements with other men's women previously. She turned as if to leave displaying her fantastic ass as she did so. "To tell the truth Marie, I just want to grab you and cover you with kisses," I said. "Go ahead then," she said. I stood up and we kissed. I began feeling her lovely body, and began trying to remove her clothes. "Wait," she said, and took my hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom. I only had time to register that the lights in the room were all on and there was a kind of small annex room whose door was open. We laid on the bed, and gradually I took her thong off, got her tits out of her bra, and got her moaning by titillating her clitoris.

    'What about Johnny?" I said, and she said "Don't even think about him, he'll be fine." I pushed her legs back, and had a long, slow, luxurious fuck. She kept saying "D'you like it baby? Is this alright?" and she locked her legs behind my back. She said 'Oh my God, I'm coming," and then obviously did so. "Tell me when you're going to come inside me," she said, and only about thirty seconds later I said "I'm going to come!" "Tell me you're coming inside me!" she said again, and as I came I said "I'm coming inside you!" I was a bit surprised by this conversation, never having experienced anything like it before, but it had been a great fuck. So I rolled onto my back, and was about to put my arm over my eyes, when I saw Johnny standing in the doorway of the annex room. I realised that she had been talking to him too. I was really shocked though, until he started laughing and said "You've never done anything like this before, have you?" Trying not show how relieved I was that he wasn't going to kill me, I said 'No, I haven't." 'Neither have we," he said, "but we talked about it for a while, and decided you would be the best person to try it with."

    I lived in that area for two more years - and I didn't get a girlfriend in that time, because about twice a week I would go round and fuck Marie, while Johnny watched. Sometimes he would wank off while watching, sometimes he would fuck Marie afterwards, or she'd give him a blowjob. Sometimes she'd suck my cock until it was hard, which he also liked to watch.

    I moved away, and I never saw them again, and never got involved with anything like that again. Now I live in Lusaka Zambia where there are hundreds of spectacular black woman - and I only wish I could find another one who has a husband like Johnny.

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