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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I guess this is about what we did when we were teens and we can't move on. The backstory, I am girl A, she is girl B, and he is boyfriend C.

    We were in the tenth and eleventh grade. I was in the tenth. They went out on a date and I got jealous. I got a friend of mine to take me to this pizza place where they had gone and I butted in and sat with them. She and I got into an argument and I told her I loved him and she told me she loved him and he sat there telling us girls to settle down and finally got enough of our arguing and took us by the arm and pulled us outside.

    That night we went over to her house and he had sex with both of us. First her and then me. After that night he had sex with both of us, he dated both of us, we all three went out together, she slept at my house I slept at her house, we planned our weekends, we bought gifts for him, we made love to him and with him, we helped each other make love, we did all kind of nasty things for him, we got to the point that our free time was about hanging out and doing nasty things. We had sex all the time, fast quickie sex and long girl sex sessions and he fucking us while we made love. We may not have been bisexual or lesbian but we had become bisexual and lesbian. When we spent the night together we had lesbian sex all night long.

    We all went off to college, we all went on to graduate school. We are all employed and we all live in the same city and she and I live together and he comes to see us and he has sex with us. We suck him together, we fuck with him together, we climb on him together, whatever comes to mind we do. He gets tired of us and takes off and stays away for a few weeks and then comes back and fucks us. This has been going on for years now, since we were going to college. We have periods of lesbian sex for several days and we have periods when we don't have sex with each other at all.

    When we need a boyfriend he is the boyfriend, when he needs a girlfriend we are the girlfriends. I am being completely honest, I have never had sex with any other man nor have I had sex with any other woman. I know that is true for her but she isn't here to say it herself. We know that he has gone to other women but he says they bore him so he has never gotten serious with anyone else. He comes to see us.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I had my cousin Shania W. in uestate NY blow me on my 30th birthday. She got fully topless and sucked me off until I cummed in get mouth making her swallow her cousins seed. Then I pulled out at jizzed all over her face and big titties. She was so pissdd at me for cumming and not telling her. She begged me to not tell anyone she blew her cousin or swallowed my cut.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I'm a professional Entertainer, and in the entertainment business there is a lot of how can I put it , ego massaging when it comes to sexual encounters, as only about 40% to 50& are true. I could tell you that I had a different woman or women after every gig or nearly every gig, but I would be stretching things a bit.

    Don't get me wrong I have had my own experiences, but they are round about the norm, because a lot of the time you are knackered by traveling, rehearsing, and actually performing. It does take its toll believe me, but its not all work and no play, it just depends on the when and the where.

    When I was first becoming established, it really was all work and no play, because I couldn't afford a road crew, so I did most of the slogging and lugging and loading myself, there was one venue though that I did quite regularly, and it was in my home town.

    The first time it happened, I was sitting drinking a bottle of Cola, when this woman Martha that I knew ( who was married ) came and sat beside me and said ' do you mind if I chat you up ? ' I thought she was a bit pissed, so I didn't see any harm in it really. She was ok to start with and then she started to get a wee bit naughty with what she was saying, next thing I knew she had her hand down my trousers grabbing my cock, where upon she started wanking it, at the same time she pulled her top down and stuck her ample tits in my face.

    Now I'm a normal hetero sexual red blooded male, and married or not I did not need a second invitation, so we left the venue and we got into the van and I drove to a secluded golf course near by. Once I parked up she grabbed me over towards her, I said no need the back of the van is empty and its carpeted.

    So we went into the back and I stripped her and she me, and we proceeded to have a great wee sex session in the back of my van, I rode her twice, second time she was on top, but I still shot my hot spunk deep inside her very wet pussy, once we had cleaned ourselves up I dropped her off near her street, I kept up with our ' friendship for quite a while after it

    The next time I got lucky in my home town was with a divorcee older than me, I knew her but not very well, all I knew was she had great legs and big tits. She was at one of my hometown gigs, and she was quite pissed, she started flirting with me at the bar, called me a pussy for drinking cola, but I was driving so no alcohol for me. I just laughed at her, and said something like ' I'm no pussy I'm a real man ' or similar.

    She then said ' Oh yeah , well prove it, take me home and give me a good time ' so I duly obliged, I took her home, spent the night, when I got her naked I could not believe the body she had, all I can say is that I was rigid and proud, and I managed to hump her senseless three times coming deep inside her sodden wet pussy each time, unknown to me though she was very friendly with my mum, and she got very drunk one night she was at the women's social and told my mum all about me and my well hung cock, and how much she liked it.

    Now my mum and dad were divorced, both of them fell out because they were always pissed and fighting with each other and it came to the point that both decided it was better to go their own way , I was grown up by this time so it wasn't as much of a blow as it would have been when I was younger.

    One night my mum and Tricia were out on the razz, I was at home and in my bed when they arrived back , I just thought oh no just keep quiet and let me go to sleep, next thing I knew my auntie Marge arrived, I could tell it was her because she always sings ' Paper Roses ' when she's pissed.

    Now Auntie Marge is the ' one who popped my cherry when I was 15, and she was I have or is one of the sexiest women I ever saw or met, she had in my opinion legs to die for, she always wore short skirts or tight jeans, I just needed to look at her legs and I got a hard on, and yes she was amazing in bed, I should know.

    I just wanted for them all to just shut up so I could get a kip, but they had other ideas or I should say Tricia had, because she came into my room hauled the duvet off me and there I was completely bollock naked, she jumped on top of me and at the top of her voice shouted ' come on then don't be bashful I want that lovely cock of yours in my wet pussy, just as she said this both my mum and my auntie Marge came into the room and switched the light on, now if my mum had not been there I don't think I would have felt red faced, but the fact that she was meant I did.

    Tricia proceeded to strip off and My Auntie Marge decided to join her, now my cock was as stiff as a flagpole by this time, and my mum on seeing it said to the other two ' he certainly doesn't take the big cock from his dad, Tricia said I wonder how big it is, so my mum went and got her tape from her sewing bag, and Tricia measured my cock it was just over 8 and a half inches hard she read out.

    Tricia then slid her wet pussy down my hard shaft and rode me til I nearly came, then she got off and my Auntie Marge got on, but I managed to roll her on her back because I knew she liked it that way, I pumped her vigourously until my load shot deep inside her. Tricia got a vibrator out of her handbag and started massaging her labia and then putting it all deep inside her wet pussy she came god knows how many times.

    Now I thought my mum had gone away but she hadn't she had stayed, I didn't know this til Tricia said to her ' you should have a shot of this, you've been moaning about the lack of cock you've been getting, nows your chance to ease the tension a bit. My mum said no and that was that, later on though I heard Tricia shouting as she had woke me up, she was in my mums room, so I went through not realising I was naked, to see my mum using a vibrator, I had never saw my mum naked, but she had a great body nice Tits, great legs and a hairy pussy, she was taken aback by the sight of me, I went back to bed and a short time later both Tricia & my Auntie Marge came to my room for second helpings before they went home.

    About 3 weeks later my mum was out with her workmates and came home quite late, I was watching tv and there was a film on that had some sex scenes in it, my mum said to me your gonna go blind watching that stuff, and sat down on the chair opposite me, she had on a split skirt and when she sat down it fell away revealing her nice sexy legs, I couldn't keep my eyes off them. Suddenly my mum said to me you shouldn't be looking at my legs, but its kinda nice that you are.

    She then got up to go to the kitchen, and as she did so her thighs parted, and I saw her hairy fanny as she wasn't wearing any pants, when she came back and sat down she said Tricia and Marge keep going on about your cock and how much they are wanting it, knowing fine that I'm no getting any, cos all the guys about here are arseholes and there's no way I'm letting any of them into my pants, now if you were my nephew like your Marge's I would just love to get myself a helping of that cock of yours. In fact I'm going to tell you I have frigged myself in bed fantasising that your pumping it in to me.

    At first I was taken aback with my mum talking to me like this, I realised she was drunk, but I never thought I would hear her say anything like this to me. What I said next came out all wrong, I said to her that she was a real sexy woman, and that she had a body to die for, and that I couldn't understand how she wasn't getting cock, and that I understood that the local studs were pricks, but there must be somebody you can have a good time with, but if its any consolation I have wanked myself silly fantasising that I have been shagging you, because you have a great body and I get a hardon just thinking about it even though your my mum.

    It was out before I could stop myself, and I thought oh no I've said that all wrong, my mum didn't say to much at first, then she said have you really wanked yourself sill fantasising you were shagging me, I said yes I have, she stod up and came over to me and said maybe Marge was right, am so horny I could jump you right now, her split skirt was open a bit so don't ask me why I slid my hand in between her thighs and started to caress them, she moaned a little bit then grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her hairy fanny, I just looked at her and started to finger her, she was already soaking wet.

    Suddenly she said come on and took me upstairs to her room, where she quickly discarded her dress and bra, and was c completely naked, Ive got a bonner by this time, and she just pulled my shorts down and my boxers and started wanking my cock, I again started to finger her and she came a few minutes later, she then said oh my god come on I need it get that big cock in me and ride me hard, and she laid on the bed and parted her thighs I got between her lovely thighs and mounted her, and proceeded to ride her hard as she asked, I had to stop a few times because I nearly came she had multiple orgasms but I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my thick hot spunk deep inside her as she was coming again.

    We both knew it wasn't right but it felt like it was, after that though the barriers had been broken and I continued to ride her as often as I could, Auntie Marge's husband got killed in a car crash, and she couldn't cope , so she gave up her house and moved in with us, where after a while I resumed shagging her too.

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    Straight Male / 30

    About 7 years ago I was regularly having sex with my friends sister [Jane]. It was somewhat of a secret to most of our friends apart from one couple who had seen us kissing at after a party at their house. One night after a drink and coke session at our friends house it was just me, Jane, our other friend and his girlfriend left. It was about 5 in the morning so we all decided to go for a lie down still high. We all lay in the same bed fully clothed. I was horny as hell and my male friend and I suggested the girls kiss. Jane seemed up for it but my friends girlfriend wasnât so interested. We all sort of spooned on the bed to try and sleep after that, I was the little spoon to Jane and my friend and his girl were lying facing the other way. I suddenly felt Janes hand slide around my waist teasing the belt line of my jeans under the blanket. She slowly slid her hand down the front of my pants and started slowly playing with my cock completely silent. This was such a turn on. She gradually teased and wanked me until I eventually cum so hard and silent in my pants and in her hand. We fell asleep after than without our friends ever knowing. It was amazing. I wish weâd got more involved as a group though.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    After the party died down, and everyone left, I noticed my friend was passed out on the bed of my room. The way he was laying though, it exposed his balls. Not his dick, but his balls. They were massive, his sack let them hang so low, out of the bottom of his shorts almost.

    I was completely fascinated by them. I stared. I wanted so bad to touch them, but I didnt. I probably could have, he wasnt gonna wake up.

    I did take a few pictures though. Some very close. I eventually masturbated sitting on my computer chair right next to him.

    I still have the pictures, and I still jack off to them occassionaly.

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    Straight Male / 55

    Maisie, this is your Uncle across the pond.
    You are one of a kind.
    The ultimate female.

    I miss trading stories with you.
    I miss sharing all the details

    I still have the same email.
    Please talk to me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    So this is how it went down.

    I went to work for a manufacturing company. I am design engineer and work primarily with structures to support installations. I am in my mid fifties, and there was this birthday celebration for a woman who works in the department and we go to a bar for some drinks. I am drinking and there is this guy, a black guy in his fifties and we talk a lot. He puts his arm around my shoulder as we talk. The crowd thinned out but we were still there and he kissed my cheek and said 'I love you'. Wow, all of a sudden the arm around my shoulder felt tight and he asked me to come home with him.

    I told him I didn't believe that I had that in me, but he was insistent and he somehow got me to go home with him. He lived in a nice two floor condo in a nice gentrified neighborhood, his place was clean and neat like no one lived there. He got some wine and we sat down in the living room and we talked. I told him this was weird and he told me to relax, that a man never knows what he likes, well he knew what he liked and he liked me from the first time he saw me at work and he wanted to show me how much he liked me.

    It's not that being kissed my him turned me off, it was the opposite, he kissed me several times until I let him kiss me and he said 'see how much you can like something' and he ended with a big long wet kiss while his hand grabbed my crotch. He finished and said he wanted to see what I had for him, he hoped it was nice little white worm, he liked white, black scared him, that white was for loving and black was for fucking and he was black. He got my pants open and found my cock and he played with it for a minute before getting his face down and sucking on it.

    He stood up and told me not to scare me but there is a difference and he undid his pants and let out his cock. His cock was so much bigger than mine and he wasn't even hard. He called it his hose, he told me to take it in my white hands and show him some love. I had never held a cock in my hands, his cock was warm and as I held it, it grew, and he told me to put my lips on it and run my tongue around his cock head. I had to have looked stupid to him, him standing over me and his black cock in my hand. But he just put his hand on my head and said we should go upstairs and I would get to know him very well.

    When we got to his room, it was neat like the rest of the house, he turned down the bed and got completely naked. He was big, heavy man, he had played football in college and stayed in shape. He helped me undress and he sucked my cock for a few minutes and said that nothing bad was going to happen, nothing I wasn't going to be able to handle, and once I took what he was going to give me I was going to come back for more.

    This time he kissed me with a couple of short kisses on the lips and helped me get on my knees on the side of the bed and he told me to lean over and hold myself up with my arms. He took some wipes and cleaned my ass, I guess the right thing to do is not to show up with a dirty ass, but he went on with some warm lubricants that he smeared on my ass and used his fingers to penetrate me and work on my prostate, 'see', he said, 'two fingers and you never knew it'. He got his hard cock up against my back door and after a few minutes he had broken through and he was going in.

    He was counting, one inch, two inches, three inches, and then balls against my ass and he pumped until he came. After he pulled out and gave me a towel to clean up he asked me how it was, had he done a good job, was I sold. Naked on the bed, he massaged me and massaged my cock and he sucked it and used his hands and mouth and got me to ejaculate too. His kisses while he was massaging me were long and he paid careful attention as he slipped from kissing my mouth to sucking my cock, what little of it that there was. His hard black cock knocked against my thigh while he got me to get off.

    A 59 year old black man, and a 55 year old white engineer doesn't seem like the right combination, but it was. He has a way of putting his arm around me, of kissing me, and fucking me that makes me want to be with him. We date, or go out, whatever you want to call it. I know him now and know his cock and know how to work his cock with my hand. He isn't really into blowjobs, there is just no way you can make that happen, it is more of holding him and kissing his cock before he goes to work and does what he likes. It feels good now, it is sort of you build up an anticipation and when he sets his hot rocket loose, you feel your heart pump.

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    Straight Male / 49

    This might get kind of long, it is about a girl naked Kathy.

    I met Kathy when I changed jobs. She was new to the company, a new grad who had just been hired. I was hired in as supervisor. Before I continue I have to tell you that in those days if you told a girl she had a nice rack she said thank you and pulled her shoulders back so you could admire her. That was then. Kathy had a nice rack, and she had nice legs and she had a nice ass and she was good looking to boot. But Kathy liked pussy, not guys.

    The thing with Kathy is she didn't admit it to herself. She tried hard to fit in, to get along, but a guy and she was always two steps away and her eyes were always on the girls, sizing them up, looking, gazing at them. One day, we had an outside auditor in the office and this young girl came in Kathy could not stop staring at her. I watched, just watched as Kathy kept her eyes on her the whole time. The auditor was pretty, not too big, not to small with a nice little rack of her own. When the auditor left the room I snuck over to Kathy and told her I liked that girl's ass, kind of wanted to take her out and fuck her. Kathy looked at me with hard eyes, but I told Kathy to set her up for me, I wanted that girl's ass.

    Of course I was egging Kathy on, not that if I had a chance I would gladly fuck the auditor. But I was egging Kathy on. The next thing I know Kathy says to me that she and some friends were going to this happy hour and if I wanted to come. It wasn't customary for supervisors to fraternize with the help after hours, but Kathy told me the auditor was going to be there so I went. Kathy put the auditor at the table next to me, she put herself in front of us and kept the conversation between the three of us. Time went by and the drinks went by and it was dark outside and I put my arm around the auditor and she pulled away, auditors do not fraternize with their clients. But Kathy looked at me, get her before she gets away. I grabbed the auditor and pulled her up close and kissed her and while she was struggling to get loose I told her that I wanted to fuck her, that I was going to fuck her. In those days you went for the kill, if she tried to get away you put a stop to it and took her outside and showed her that she was fair game and she wasn't going to get away. I took her outside and beside the car I told her that I was going to take her with me. I fucked her and she became docile after that, the usual outcome of getting their ass fucked.

    The next day Kathy wanted to know if she had been fucked and I told her that she had. Like I said the auditor was docile after that and she let herself get fucked and one Friday night after happy hour Kathy watched me fuck her. And while the girl was naked I opened her legs and let Kathy look into her pussy. I told Kathy to eat, her pussy was wet already and she wasn't going to say no, so get down and eat her. But Kathy just couldn't do what she wanted to do. She just looked at her naked on the bed. I kept fucking the auditor long after the audit was over and showed her off to Kathy who could not get enough of looking. In those days the girl did what the man wanted her to do, in this case to have sex and get naked for Kathy. We got Kathy to get naked for us, but that is as far as she would go, all that pussy right there but Kathy could not go for the gold.

    I took the girls to this strip joint and paid for girls to dance for them and sat back and watched while they had tits in their face. The auditor liked the tits, nice big round tits bouncing in her face. Kathy watched, but she was more like a cat eyeing a mouse, she wanted to kill. We went home and I told Kathy to get her tits out, nothing but her tits, to hang her tits out for the auditor, to let the auditor suck on her tits. No pussy, no ass, just tits. After the auditor sucked her tits I fucked the auditor and told her she had done a good job. I told Kathy now that the auditor's pussy was all wet that she had to get over her hang ups and eat pussy. While the auditor laid back I pushed Kathy's face into her pussy, shoved her face in and told her to get tongue out and fucking eat her. It was Kathy's first pussy. I fucked her ass up while she was eating pussy.

    Kathy had a hard time being a girl lover but once she had tasted pussy, once she had her tits sucked, once she got to the point where getting naked with a girl, once she got her pussy eaten, once she had her ass fucked, Kathy got easier and easier, she didn't refuse her ass to me, she ate pussy, sucked tits and generally let the girl stuff happen. I don't know why I loved fucking Kathy's ass, she never complained, her ass was tight and at most she wiggled a little until my dick was balls to the walls. The auditor, well she watched and sometimes she got down and kissed with Kathy while her ass was getting fucked, and sometimes she sat back and put Kathy's face in her pussy.

    I fucked Kathy's pussy a lot too, but that was like just foreplay, it was getting my dick up her ass that turned me on. Fuck her up the ass, but I never fucked the auditor up the ass, I fucked her normal, ate her, kissed her, held her and fucked her slow and let myself go inside of her every time. But Kathy, she got ass fucked and Kathy got her first taste of pussy with us.

    I don't use the auditor's name because she is my wife and after all these years Kathy is still our friend. She finally hooked up with a lady who works for the county in Social Services, a real butch type who I am sure takes Kathy and fucks her. Kathy is pretty submissive to her, she always was submissive, she never complained when I first fucked her ass or anytime after that. My wife the auditor never got together with another girl, she stayed pretty much the way we would think, once married she got herself a house and got her family. Sometimes I open her legs up and ask her if she remembers the day I opened her up so that Kathy could get a good look of pussy and she lays there until I get down and clean her clock. She likes having her clock cleaned, her pussy is sweet and wet and all mine. This girl, the auditor, my wife, was find, I have to thank Kathy for setting us up, even if we broke all the rules about messing around with staff and fucking the outside auditor.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I used to entertain people in my local pub either DJaying or Karaoke Presenting, sometimes both, one night this young lass that I knew came in, she was married and had a child. I had noticed her before , in fact I knew her quite well as I grew up with her two older brothers, and I knew her mum and dad. Her mum was shall I say ' a liker of men 'she was a good looking sexy woman, I will tell about her shortly.

    The young woman that I mentioned was wearing a very short skirt , high heels tight top which accenuated her ample tits, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she cottoned onto me and came over to the stage, and she just said to me ' do you think I'm sexy and fuckable ' I answered ' what do you think ? ' She then said ' if you want it, I'm all yours.

    Of course I wanted it, and I told her so, but I had to wait til I was finished, so she said to me ' ok I will wait ' and she did. We left the pub, and went to the local park where I managed to get us through the broken back door, we proceeded to the changing room because there were tables there with cushioned mattresses. So the scene was set we both stripped each other and I lad her on the treatment table.

    She had an incredible body, believe me, she said to me ' I'm on the pill, so no need to jump off at the vinegar stroke. I finger fucked her and I ate her for a good 30 minutes, during which time she had a few orgasms. I then got her to spread her lovely sexy thighs and I got in between them and mounted her, I wanted to come right away but I managed to hold it back but I only lasted another 10 minutes before my bawls exploded deep inside her sodden wet hairy fanny.

    She said ' please tell me I can get more of that, cos I'm wanting more ' I wanted more as well and told her so, she said to me my hubby is away on a stag week to Benidorm next week so you could give me a few lengths, while he's away, because I want you to come in me and across my tits and in my mouth. I was true to her word, I indeed shagged her hard as required, by her, I even had sex in her toilet with her while her husband was in the lounge, I can honestly say she knows what a stiff cock is for.

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    Gay Male / 21

    Out of a job and without any career plans I took a job on a cruise ship working as a waiter. The cruise ship has a lot of Filipino's but a Puerto Rican fits right in. I bunk with another man on board. Mr. Santos is a 44 year old man from Manila. He is also gay and he masturbates for me. I watch. He masturbates me and when I cum I don't clean it off. I like playing with the semen on my chest or my stomach. He is the boss man and I love sucking his cock. I never sucked an uncircumcised cock before, growing up all the guys I had sex with were circumcised, so am I. Also, I have always just been with white guys up to now.

    Of course he likes to fuck, and of course I like to fuck. It is just that it takes a few days to decide to let him fuck you. He is a boss man, it's a risk but the whole condom thing has always turned me off and so we go bare. Mr. Santos has been on board for a long time and he has a lot of influence so he got me to work the evening shifts where the tips are. Usually morning shifts are given to new waiters on board.

    He likes for me to suck him in the morning after his shower. Our cruises last from four days to seven days. I can't see myself being on a cruise ship for twenty years like Mr. Santos, but I haven't had so much sex as I have since I joined the ship.

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