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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 44

    After years of swinging together I gave the ok for my wife to meet a guy on her own. This opened up a whole new sex life for us. She started out meeting a man she'd already been with several times she had a good connection with. Spent four or five night with him, loved it. Wanted to meet more guys. At a swinger party, one we go to every year, she met a very young guy who turned out to be 19 years old. No idea how he got there being so young but he was there. He was a really dorky looking kid who was confident enough to introduce himself to my wife. He made her laugh which is a sure fire way into her pants. He was also hung like a horse which is another surefire way into her pants. I watched them interact and at first thought this kid was crazy trying to bed my wife but she was warming up to him. I started thinking he might pull it off. He very politely asked if he could touch her breasts after complimenting my wife on them. She said yes. He didn't just feel them he massaged them.

    She started to really enjoy the massage and he got her to sit on his lap in a way that let him really give her tits a nice deep massage. He did it for a really long time. She was really enjoying it, laying back, smiling and just humming hhhmmm every so often. He was whispering in her ear. I saw her nod, he moved her to a little different position, then slid his hand down between her legs. She opened her legs for him. He felt her pussy, licked his fingers then slowly began circling her clit. Slowly. She was now actively moaning. He was still massaging her tits with one hand and slowly circling her clit getting her on edge. He occasionally wet his fingers with her pussy juice then back to her clit. He was very focused on her pleasure. I had settled in to watch this scene with a few other people.

    He whispered in her ear again and again she nodded. He then reached down and slid two fingers into her making he moan out loud. He fingered her making her moan and squirm then went back to her clit this time rubbing it. She had her head tossed back, eyes closed tight, mouth closed tight but lips open breathing through her teeth. I knew she was very close. I knew she was going to cum in seconds when she shifted her body, lifting her legs, curling her toes, spreading her legs further, exposing her pussy to those of us who were observing, then grabbing at the fabric of the couch. My wife is a sheet grabber when she comes. There wasn't much to grab but she got a bit between her fingers and hung on as she started cumming. She said "ahhh" as she came. I heard a woman saw "awe" and a few guys make comments like "nice" or "oh yeah" or whatever.

    The guy was so attentive and polite to her I was hoping she'd fuck him after all that. She was relaxing on his lap, smiling. They were whispering and he lifted her up. This allowed his dick to spring into view. It looked like it was a foot long if it was an inch. He was very thick as well. In reality he was just under ten inches as I've since learned but at that moment myself and others practically gasped when he popped that thing out.

    My wife reached down and stroked him for a bit while he whispered to her. Then he licked his fingers, wet her pussy, lifted her but her butt with her helping and he put her right down on his dick. I've seen the description "impaled her" before and this was what came to mind. He impaled her on his cock. She was motionless until he found her hole then he let her go. She slowly, very slowly sank down, his head first stuck at her entrance while she worked it in then after the head popped out of view she slid about halfway down his shaft and she just moaned. It took awhile but eventually she was riding him, about 3/4 of his dick sliding in and out as she rode. My wife, who was 39 at the time, was riding a 19 year-old's cock in front of a bunch of people. She usually saves the real sex for behind closed door but not this time. I watched as she rode, him, her face telling us that another orgasm was coming. It didn't take long at all. Maybe two minutes of hard fucking and she came hard again. She jumped off his cock as soon as she was done coming. Said later she had too.

    She rolled over, whispered to him, this time he nodded and she slid down to suck his pussy juice covered cock. She watched his face as she sucked, watching for signs of pleasure and using that and his body's reactions to guise her. It wasn't long before she stopped sucking to clean up his dick. I had no idea he had even cum. He gave no indication she just swallowed and started finishing him up. I was a little disappointed there was no big finish. After she was down cleaning him up and settling his dick down he leaned down and gave her a long deep kiss. That was a first. I don't know of many guys who kiss after a blow job but he did.

    A little while later she was ready to leave. At some parties she'll fuck three or four guys, and others just one and she's done. That night she was done. I came back from getting our stuff and he was talking with her. My wife announced that he had given her his number and said that he would like to get together again. That's kind of off limits in most swinger situations but for, whatever reason I was ok with it this time. Especially since my wife was instantly honest about it.

    On the ride home she said that he had asked if I would be ok with her meeting him at a hotel for a night together. He wanted her alone to himself. I left it up to her since she obviously wanted too. Two weeks later off she went. Then next afternoon she came home very happy and with a very sore pussy. She's been going off to spend time with him ever since. A few times a month mostly. Sometimes she meet him for a quick blow job or fuck in the car and occasionally she invites him to our place during the day when she's off and the house is empty.

    She still really enjoys sex with him. Previously most guys she was interested in were one night thing or maybe a regular thing for a few months but not this guy, she's fucked him probably a hundred times now with no end in sight. I did ask her once if she had developed feeling for him. She said she'd developed sexual feelings and friendship feelings but not romantic feelings. She described him as a friend she loves fucking. Her seeing him hasn't lessened my sex life with her at all and we still go out to meet other couple or sex parties together just like always so it's like she's just added an extra thing to her sex life. It's strange but she's never been happier and we are making our way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Iâm a married man and I canât stop thinking about having sex with other men. I donât find men attractive I only enjoy another mans cock. Iâve acted on it a few times, performed oral sex a few times and I have been fucked three times with a condom. Am I crazy or are there other men out there that enjoy cock but are not attracted to men?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    About 7 years ago it started. I had a great deal of trouble getting my cock hard and worse trouble keeping it hard. I had to go from fucking my wife for 30 minutes to hurrying up and fucking her for 3 minutes just so I could shoot before I went soft. I would continue in her, lick her to orgasm. Even the pills didn't help. I went to the doc and he put me on 2 different pills and after a few months that stopped working. Then the shots, directly into my cock shaft. That stopped working after about 4 months too. My wife, with my blessing started fucking other men, she has stayed as hot as when I met her at 22. She has an incredible body and is beautiful. So she had no trouble getting fucked, but she didn't like being a slut and just fucking guys. She wanted more, and it was with a lot of sorrow on both our parts, but total understanding on my part that she met someone and wanted to be with him exclusively. So I was alone and after over a year of not having anyone else touch my body, I gave in. Just to have some human contact, not to mention some sexual content, I started letting me fuck me and I blow them. I prefer married men as I feel safer with them. I've also found 3 friends with whom I dress as a woman as do they, and we get together for sex. I get fucked, feel like I'm with a woman, I suck which brings it back that it's a man instead. but it's better than nothing. They know I can only cum my jacking off, or sometimes with them jacking me. I do like getting together with each of them and having "girls" afternoons. Other than that there is one married guy who likes me to dress in lingerie when he has sex with me. He loves BJ's and loves anal sex, but his fat, prude of a wife won't do either for him. So I'm wife #2 for him.

    I never wanted this, and I know that if I weren't sexually disabled I'd have never let a guy stick a cock into my mouth or my ass. My ex knows and understands why I do it, other than her and the ones I have sex with, no one knows. No one even knows that I can't have sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was 18 years old hiking by myself along the Yuba River in Northern California. I had taken our family dog Rex, a golden lab along with me.

    I was a super hot bright sunny summer afternoon. I was dripping with sweat. The Yuba River where I hike is known for nude sunbathers and skinny-dippers. As I walked the trail I'd sometimes see various individuals, couples, and groups who were nude. I just thought it made the walk interesting.

    As I went around a turn in the trail Rex went running off. I didn't know what he saw, perhaps a deer or other wild animal O figured. I was worried having let him go unleashed because there were rattlesnakes, skunks, and porcupine, animals I worried Rex might get hurt bothering.

    I ran after Rex. I turned out it was a naked man he had gone off the trail a ways. I went through the brush and jumped across rocks.

    The man was about 40 year old, nude, sunbathing down at the river's edge. Rex was barking at the man.

    I ran up and grabbed Rex's collar. I apologized to the man. Rex normally didn't ever do that. I felt awkward because the man was naked near me.

    The man laughed and said no problem. He said if I wanted I could let Rex swim in the water.

    It made total sense because I knew Rex needed to cool down on a very hot day, plus Rex is just obsessed with water.

    I let go of Rex, picked up a stick that ironically was right there on the shore. I threw the stick far into the river.

    Rex immediately jumped in the water and went swimming after the quickly floating away stick.

    As I repeatedly threw the stick the man and I talked. It was just stuff like where we are from and what we do. I told him how I was starting college in the fall, just enjoying the summer.

    The man offered me some food, things like chips and soda. He saw I was dripping in sweat.

    I was trying to be polite but was too tempted. I had entered a local town beauty pageant, which I'd actually won. It gave me $2,560 in scholarship money, some clothes, coupons, and odds and ends. I'd starved myself for the competition. I had just won two nights earlier. I figured I might as well continue to celebrate. The soda was fantastic. I was like a binge eater!

    He asked me if I wanted to swim.

    I told him I hadn't brought my bikini.

    He laughed. He said who up where we were in ten miles on this river wears a swimsuit?

    He was right. I'd skinny-dipped an untold number of times with some of my friends on the river. It wouldn't be my first.

    I undressed, only it's the first time I ever skinny-dipped only with a stranger.

    The water was cold as usual but refreshing. We swam and floated in the cold water. Rex was in heaven playing in the water too.

    We finally got out of the water and relaxed on a big flat granite slab surrounded by brush near our clothes. The warm rock felt glorious! I was covered in goosebumps, the warm sun now feeling wonderful!

    We sat and talked in our nudism. I tried to be polite and not keep looking at his dick but I couldn't help it. I'd had sex before, but never with a grown man. I kept wondering what it would feel like.

    The man got up and walked over to where our stuff was at. He came back carrying our sunglasses, his comforter blanket, and a big tube of sunblock.

    He handed me my sunglasses and said he had sunblock if I wanted.

    I told him definitely. I didn't want wrinkles or skin cancer.

    He started putting sunblock on his arms and legs. He asked if I'd put some sunblock on his back.

    As I was rubbing the sunblock on his back he started moaning how nice it felt, that he hadn't had anyone touch him for eight years.

    I was shocked. I asked why.

    He said he was married but his wife had died from a brain cancer. As I rubbed his back he told me about his wife. Something about this man I found amazing. He had never mentioned any of that when we talked. I had wondered why he didn't mention anything about his love life but I didn't want to probe. I was touched how he loved his wife so much he assumed no one could ever replace her.

    Even though I was undressed I just felt I had to do it. I took off my sunglasses. I hugged this man. I just felt I needed to. We stood. I hugged him more. I understand now why younger females get drawn to older men. He just felt and was different from younger guys my age. It was really weird because while I hugged him, we stopped. He and I put sunblock on me. I wanted him to rub sunblock on my tits but he was too polite. Something about that turned me on more.

    I noticed he was aroused.

    I was aroused too.

    I joked and said I can see he still had manly desires! I just thought the hell with it. I grabbed his cock. It was so nice to hold. The perfect size I like. It was intriguing because his penis had all these big veins I'd never. noticed with other dicks I'd held. It turned me in even more. I started stroking his juicy dick.

    I figured what the hell, he's a nice man. He needed to be cheered up. I was horny anyway. He didn't even ask me. I wanted to. On the blanket I got down on my knees. I started sucking and licking his cock. I even licked his balls and stroked him.

    My body tingled.

    I tried to swallow his cock but started choking and gagging. I made it my goal I was going to take his entire dick in my mouth, go down all the way. I made it my goal to get my lips down to his balls. I actually did it! My eyes watered and I gagged a lot but I did it! I felt embarrassed because I kept coughing and dripping tears. I loved feeling his penis veins with my tongue and lips.

    I got back up. I wanted his bulgy vein dick in me. I was already feeling my pussy aroused wet with wanting him in me. We faced each other. I spit and wet his dick even more Both he and I guided his dick into my pussy.

    It felt fantastic!

    It was the first time I'd ever fucked an older guy, the first time I'd ever fucked a stranger, the first time I 'd ever fucked standing up naked in the outdoors like that. It was my first time with a vein dick!

    He grabbed my butt cheeks. I felt his fingers play with my ass!!! To this day I wonder how he knew I loved backdoor fun too. His finger rimed my butt!!! It felt so nice!!! I wrapped my arms around his neck. We were like unstoppable fucking bunny rabbits fucking!!! My pussy just took off! I remember I looked down. My breasts jiggled at each thrust even though they felt hard as rocks!!! I still can't believe I did that shit with a total stranger less than an hour after meeting him!

    Vein dick (what I call. him as a term of affection) quickly shot his cum in me. I didn't even care. I am still on the pill. I just knew he was clean. It was so thrilling! I'd only had sex with condoms before. I loved the idea his raw vein dick and cum was sliding in my vag!

    After he came his cum dripped down and globed out of me. Grabbed his cum with my hands. I kept smearing it all over my tits!!! I love cum on my tits. It's just a strange girl thing I like.

    He told me to lie down.


    I went FUCKING INSANE!!! He made his low rumble hum sound. His tongue swirled and lips just drove me wild!

    I came so many times I finally had to beg him to stop! My pussy was like blown out and red!!! I'd never cum that many times before at one time in my life!!!

    I couldn't even move afterwards. I was like dead. I felt so relaxed. It was like an experience out of this world! We snuggled for a bit but it was so hot our bodies just poured with sweat again. He pressed his fingers against my clit. I'd never had anyone ever do it after sex. It felt so soothing. He held my breasts. It felt so lovely to feel his hands.

    Poor Rex just sat in the shade nearby obediently watching. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to hike back out the canyon.

    Anyhow, my hike out was quite an adventure! I am still fuck buddies with vein dick on some weekends when I can visit. I thank and hug Rex for being such a great dog!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    My boyfriend just gave me the best rim job last night. I thought about it all day at work.He stuck his tongue so deep in my asshole. Licking and sucking my tight little hole for good 20 minutes straight. I asked him if he liked how it taste he answered with a moan with his tongue in my hole. So of course I couldn't hold back my orgasm when he stuck his finger deep in my asshole and sucked on my clit at the same time I just about lost it screaming and moaning, it almost was too much for me to take. Then he licked up all my nice pussy juice but the best part is afterwards we he came up to give me a nice long kiss he stuck his tongue down my throat I can taste my ass and pussy I just love to tasted myself. Right after the nice long kiss he told me to turn over and he fuck me doggy style but not for long because he couldn't hold back he came so hard just after a few pumps. We both collapsed in bed and was fast asleep before we could even say I love you. That was the best sleep I've had in a long time. Today at lunch I texted and told him that we have to have more nights like that more often.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When my wife wants me to cum, she will say YEAH BIG DADDY, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR 5 INCHES!
    I cum immediately. Im usually frantically pumping away at her loose pussy or grinding balls deep trying to get as deep as I can. Lately, she been calling my penis Tiny Tim.

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    Straight Male / 52

    Why the hell do people post comments in other peoples posts that are talking about how they are all BS, untrue, and calling them names etc.?

    This is a confession site, which means probably that 80% of the confessions here are fantasies not real confessions. It's an outlet for some of us to post our fantasies to the public and see that there may be people who have the same one. Some are real experiences, and it's nice to hear from people who've had the same type of experiences.

    What is with these guys? so what if it's fantasy, they probably are fantasy and not real confessions. It's the nature of the beast. It's also a shame that these guys have nothing better to do than to crap on other peoples posts. Hell, take some time and post your own fantasies, or real confessions.

    Why should you care? Stop crapping on other people, is that what you need to feel better about yourself?

    Let people voice their experiences, even if it's the experiences they just wish they'd had.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I fucked my wifes' mother and neither of them knows it.

    I was with some guys driving around several years ago when I was only 16. We came out of a pizza place, and this woman came out of the bar stumbling around the parking lot looking for her car. She was so drunk she could barely walk, mumbling and slurring words, we found her car and the guys followed as she asked me to drive her home. It took a while to get an address out of her that was understandable. She got out of the car and asked if I was coming in. I did, the guys followed and I don't think she even noticed.

    She started taking off her clothes and went upstairs to her bedroom asking me to follow. She got full naked very quickly, and was gorgeous. she was about 48 at the time, divorced, had a great body, C cup tits that sagged a bit, but were full and with really nice big nipples. Her pussy hair was dark brown, very thick, and had some gray mixed in. She plopped on her back on the bed and motioned me over. She sucked on me then sort of went out of it, I fucked her and she responded. After I was done three of the guys took turns. She yelled up for me to come upstairs again as we were about to leave. She started pulling off my clothes again. She wanted me to fuck her more. I did it again, spilling my second load in her used pussy. Her pussy was a mess, she now had 5 loads inside her and matted into her thick pussy hair. It was sloppy 5ths but I shot up her anyway. She wanted me to stay but my ride was going, I went too. I never told the guys but that was my first fuck ever. I'd never even got to feel a girls pussy, only one girl let me see her tits.

    I met my now wife in college when I was 20, she was 18. We are now married. It was on a trip back home (we lived in the same city but never met before college), I realized I was taking her to the same house in which I'd lost my virginity. It was her mother, she had absolutely no rememberance (thank heaven) that it was me, or for that matter that she even let 4 guys fuck her one night she was so drunk. I don't know how she wrote off all the cum between her legs but . . . she has no ideea that I've fucked her, neither does my now wife.

    I have managed to see my mother-in-laws pussy and tits a few times, without her knowing; again she was so damn drunk and left her bedroom door open. Her pussy hair is still very thick haired, and has those brown inner lips. Her tits still don't sag as much as I figure they would. she's very attractive, very nice body that has had a few kids. As I look in on her so drunk sometimes I think about the fact that I fucked her in that same bed a few years ago. In fact, my wife thinks it's kinky when we fuck at times in her mothers bed, when we go there for overnight visits. My wifes pussy is a near duplicate of her moms, her tits have smaller nipples, and are smaller in size. They both have incredible legs and asses. If my wife grows older like her mom, I'm a very lucky man.

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    Straight Male / 49

    When I first discovered what my cock was for, I also became aware of my auntie Madge, well it was her sexy legs that I became aware of really, as she was always wearing shortish skirts. I could have ogled those legs all day, I would fantasise about shagging her, and wank myself stupid, this continued for a good couple of years.

    When I was 16, and I had just left school, I was staying at my grandparents , which I did pretty regularly, and I was having a bath, I never thought to lock the door, as I had never had to before, suddenly the door opened and my auntie came in and she said sorry but I have to wee, and proceeded to drop her pants and relieve herself, when she was finished, she pulled up her panties, and I caught glimpse of her hairy muff, instantly my cock started to grow, just as she was leaving she glanced over at me, and saw my cock as it was stiffening, she didn't say anything and left.

    A little while later when I was outside in the garden playing about with a football, she came out and sat on a garden chair and started to read a magazine, I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs, I dunno if she noticed me but she kept crossing her legs, giving me an eyeful, and giving me the horn at the same time. A friend of mine appeared and asked me to go for a game of football in the local park, so I agreed, and started to leave, as I was going by my auntie she looked up at me uncrossing her sexy legs at the same time , where I'm sure she knew I copped a real eyeful. she said to me a little coyly as I was passing, ' I hope I didn't embarrass you earlier in the bathroom ?' then looked at my crotch, which was hiding a semi, I said no I wasn't and it was fine, and then she whispered to me ' That it was better than fine, and it was a pity she didn't have time to see your cock fully hard, and let me tell you that you put your uncle to shame ' this shook me a little as I had never thought that my dick was any different from any other male.

    A few months went by and my uncle was in Germany with the T.A. And while he was there my auntie phoned my grans and my mums asking for help from my grandad & Dad because her washing machine had broken down, nether were in, I was in my room and my mum came in and asked me if I could go and help my auntie, so off I went. When I got there, she was trying to mop up the water on the floor which had flooded out of the washing machine, I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs, and I felt the usual stirring in my pants. Despite this I helped her clean up and pull the washing machine out and drain the rest of the water, by this time both of us were soaking wet.

    My auntie then said to me I can put your things through the tumble drier if you want, I said I would but there was only one problem I was soaked right through to my undies, she just said that's fine you can put on a pair of your uncles trackie bottoms, while your clothes are drying, so she went and got me a pair of trackies, and gave them to me, Ive got a full hardon though, because I could see her tits through her sodden blouse and coupled with the sight of her bare legs, it was too much for my young cock to bear.

    I said to my auntie I will just go to the toilet and change, she said ' Indeed you will not, and drip water all through the house, you can take your clothes off here and put them in the drier '. So I had no choice and just stripped off rather embarrassingly, as my cock was by now throbbing, when I was naked my auntie saw my stiff cock, she then suddenly started to strip off her sodden clothes this got my cock even more agitated, and when she was naked I nearly blew my load.

    She looked at me, then looked at my cock, I couldn't take my eyes of her body, and she said ' Well I wondered how big your cock would be fully hard, now I know, and I like it, your far bigger than your uncle that's for sure ( I am just over 8 inches hard, I know because a girlfriend measured it out of curiosity I think ) and theres no need to ask you what you think of me naked either, and she was right as she was sexier than I had ever imagined, and she was unshaved, which made it even better.

    There was a bit of a pregnant pause then my auntie said to me ' Well you cant stand about here all day showing me your lovely cock, we better do something about it ' and proceeded to take me by the hand up to the bedroom, where she laid on the bed and opened her legs and just said to me ' My beavers on fire because of your nice big cock so you better try and extinguish the heat' so without further ado I mounted her, didn't last long till I had filled her with my spunk, I regally shagged her 3 more times that day, and I have to say that it wasn't the last, as I continued to shag her every time the opportunity arose even after I got married, she was definitely the best ride I ever had, I've even got a hardon now just thinking about her as I write this.

    To add to this her sister, whom I had never met before came to live nearby after her husband had suddenly died, and she was every bit as sexy as my auntie, my auntie asked to help her sister decorate her house, now I don't know if she had told her about her and I because I went to the sisters house to paint her hall, and she answered the door in this short nightie leaving not much to the imagination, and lets just say it took me longer to paint the hall as I was too busy whitewashing the inside of her beaver, and that also continued, there were a few threesomes with my auntie and her sister, the thing is I would not say that I am good looking or anything, and I did say that to both of them, they both replied its not your face that's shagging us is it ?

    They are both in their mid sixties now but they have not lost any of their sexiness, I can testify to that, because I'm still shagging both of them, they have both moved in with each other as my uncle passed away, my wife has also passed away she developed cancer sadly, ad just to add to this she knew about my auntie, but she also had a wee sideline of her own with a friend she grew up with, it was , just like us, sex no more than that.

    Incidently before I finish, my auntie, her sister and I are about to go on holiday together, I can guarantee my balls will be empty by the time we get back.

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    Straight Male / 48

    The manufacture housing community that I live in, started to get overrun with Mexican families. Some of the wives and daughters were hot looking, others not so hot sexy looking. One day the Mexican wife of the family across the street walked up to me while I was sitting on my porch. "You like tequila?" she asked. "Yes", I said. She went back to her place and brought back a bottle of tequila. "We drink, yes?" she said in broken English. I brought out a couple of glasses from inside my trailer.

    As we drank, she says " I see different women come and go from this place. Family ?" I answered, "No." "Sex fun maybe?" she asked. I answered, "Yes." "No special girlfriend you have?" she kept asking about my personal life. I thought to myself, she's a nosey bitch. "We go inside and drink, OK?" she asked. I'm thinking we already went thru have the bottle and she still wants to drink. She's a lush I thought to myself.

    As we sat around the table I could feel her foot trying to touch my crotch. "You been with Mexican lady?" she asked. "No," I answered. "I never been with American white man, maybe good fun I dream". She then tells me many Mexican women are natural down there and she's has been all her life. "You get upset with hairy kitty?" she asked. I'm thinking to myself, this bitch is trying to seduce me. Then I tell her it's sexy, which was sort of a white lie. "You think I'm pretty,yes or no." She was a plain looking Mexican mom, but told her yes, she was pretty. While filling up the glasses, she bared her breasts. Small saggy breasts with big dark pertruding nipples. Then she told me Mexican women like pleasing their man.

    I turn my chair around and whipped out my dick. "Please this, Anita!" "you got big one, my husband small, I like". She went down on her knees sucking my balls and tugging my cock. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom and flung her onto the bed. "You rough, I like." I undressed her. I thought to myself, "holy shit. she wasn't kidding about being natural." She had jet black c**t hair up to her belly and hairy legs. I was intrigue in fucking that pussy. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and rammed my cock ito that snatch."So rough, I like!" she said. As I rammed her and pulled her long erect nipples with my teeth she started to yell out in spanish al sorts of words.

    "Mister Jon, I like your big American dick, and you rough and demanding. I bring tequila over, we drink and me be your girlfriend when husband not home, please Mr. Jon." she begged. She wasn't attractive looking, but she gave me a fetish for her hairy c**t. To cover it with my cum and to hear scream with extacy in spanish. So we drink and fuck now and then when her kids and husband isn't around.

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