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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 34

    I know these girlfriend for a while. I owe a bar and she worked in wine shop just few corners away. She is hot as fuck, gym lover and brunette, and little by little, few drinks, and pasing by, we went to few dinners and dates before we fucked like rabbits in my apartment. She is like sweet little devil, and enjoys all attention that she brings around to man and woman. Sexapades were great and full of lust, she opened to me and talked dirty all the time, I just could not get my cock down. But where was the cache? She went for lessons to became a cabin crew member for a fight company based in S. Arabia, she told me that on our firsth date and that it was always been her Dream to work as stuardess. I accepted that and agreed to see how  all of this is gonna work.. She finnaly went and i missed her body so much, we heard each other few times a week with lots of of online sex but by the time goes by, it has been more and more rarely
    Finnaly, she came back after few months and sex was unbelievable. One evening she went to by some cigarettes and left her mobile phone (later, i found out that it was on purpose). Without any protetcion on screen, i easilly scrolled to whatsapp mesaages an all i could see was some international names, most of them were man and was hot and dirty sexual mesaages, pictures and videos, not only in wapp, but in her galleries. She was fucking few members of her plane, there were explicit fucking photos and my cock was so hard it could explode. She was at the door looking at me and said, I left it on purpose, I could not let it hidden Away from you anymore... She just came near the bed and started to jerk me off... She told me that presssure was just to high and she just felt so vunerble by their uniform and authority from pilots that sing all the those storys and showed me pictures and videos of her being used like dirty whore. I fucked the shit out of her, but, with her behaviour, she was the one who was winning.. She is so hot, has been there now for months, and now stuck in Jeddah because of Corona virus fight restrictions and is sending me videos and pictures of every pervert way, fucking with those pilots in hotel rooms an I'm loving It. I have a girlfriend now but could not wait to see her again and bury my face down to her delicious pussyhe just could not resist and she just gave herself to them, at firsth, it was just one of them, them his friend, they were fucking her like fucking horny muslims and bringing her to climax on any way possible... My dick was so hard, she was looking so fucking hot, telling all the those storys and showed me pictures and videos of her being used like dirty whore. I fucked the shit out of her, but, with her behaviour, she was the one who was winning.. She is so hot, has been there now for months, and now stuck in Jeddah because of Corona virus fight restrictions and is sending me videos and pictures of every pervert way, fucking with those pilots in hotel rooms and I'm loving It. I have a girlfriend now but could not wait to see her again and bury my face down to her delicious pussy. And for the record, she always uses condoms and gets tested when she returns...

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    Straight Male / 27

    Me and my slightly elder GF love each other so much.. after 3 years of dating we both decided to start sleeping together as a couple..
    Both virgins... For our first time we both had a long foreplay and things got heat up... But unfortunately when she touched my cock i leaked in 2 sec...
    She was kind and understanding enough and sucked my leaked cock.... That moment i knew she was a keeper.... We both laid down and just snuggles as she held me in her gentle grip... After 30 mins of snuggling...i got hard and we had our first sex... Surprisingly i lasted for 45 minutes before i came again that night...
    I love her... She is mist understand girl a person can have as a partner... We are so much in love that we gave sex every day (except her periods)...
    Real keeper women are hard to find.. i found mine... We are thinking of going to next stage and have a baby too...
    Love you V..

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    Straight Female / 20

    My boyfriend just got back into town after being gone for training, and it was cut short due to the current situation. We are due to get married in a couple of weeks. He and I have not had sex, I am a virgin, he is not. However; that isn't true for me any longer. I went with a friend from high school, we dated a few times when I was around 15. He took me to a mutual friends wedding, where we all played catch up with all our friends from school. I got pretty drunk, and we started making out after the reception. I was still conscious it wasn't that he took that much advantage of me, but he knew I was not having sex till I got married. We had sex on the front seat of his car in the dark in front of my parents house. I was, and am, so ashamed that I let someone other than my future husband do this to me.

    I panicked when I heard he was coming home, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go to my brothers as they find the school friend and beat him senseless, I also didn't want the shame of telling them I let someone else have sex with me. My sister is way too young to give any advice. The neighbors across the street have always been good friends to the whole family. The wife is only 8 years older than me. So I told her the story and asked her what to do. I didn't want anyone else to know but she suggested that we ask her husband about it and see what to do from a "guys" perpective.

    Ashamed, and head down we went to him and his response was decisive, quick, and steady. LIE! NEVER tell your husband that you weren't a virgin. Make up a lie about how the hymen broke when I was 11 or 12, use the bicycle seat story if you can't think of anything better. Or if I don't already use tampons start, and make sure he knows. In short, tell him that I am a virgin, act like he hurts me when it's going in, and for the first time take an attitude and demeanor of "grin and bear it" and then ask it if it felt good for him. If, and only if, HE brings up the lack of blood when he enters me, THEN tell him the story of how I broke my hymen when I was 11 or 12. But ONLY if he brings it up.

    "But can't a guy tell?" was my stupid question.
    "NO, no fucking way, a guy doesn't know shit about women and can't tell anything, unless he's extremely experienced."

    So I asked what to do if the guy tells him, or tells someone else who tells my future husband. The answer again, very clear, very quick. "Ask him why he didn't knock the person who said something on his ass for calling you a tramp"

    So I used the tampon story, and planned to say that since I've been using them a few months now, that I felt something strange when I first started using them. Then if he questions that, just say that I couldn't tell if there was blood or not because it was during my period!

    So I'm starting my marriage with a lie, but a lot of love. So far no one has said anything. I did take the boy from school off the invite list along with anyone who might be using him as their plus one.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Title: The time I had sex with a bride at her Bachlorette party

    I am a well endowed male, until recently I thought maybe I was maybe just a bit above average. Turns out 9 inches, with about 6 circumference isn't as common as I may have thought. About 2 months ago, and old booty call from college, who I have kept in touch with occasionally, started sending me random texts on a Friday night like "Remember our late nights ;)" or just the eggplant and peach emojii. She was getting me turned on and eventually said "can you send me a reminder of what that big (eggplant emoji) looks like?" I spent some time getting the perfect pic and when it felt right, I sent it off and waited for a reply. It was about 10 minutes but felt like days of being on "read." My mind was racing wondering if she just wanted a description and was appalled by a picture, or if the picture was just so terrible she lost interest. I sent a few texts like "Is that what you wanted?" and "I miss your body 2, mind sending a reminder to me?" Turns out she was the maid of honor at a bachlorette party, and she had been bragging about the size of my dick. The delay was the phone being passed around by the girls there and all apparently amazed by my picture. When a response finally came, it was a 6 girl selfie in a mirror, all flashing me and the message "They all loved it." The conversation died pretty quickly after that, as they seemed to move onto other things. I jerked off to that picture and went about my business.
    A few hours later I was playing some xbox, it was about 11 pm at this point. I get another text from her saying "We want you to come hang out to the bars with us! They were in Milwaukee and I was near Chicago. It would be about a 2 hour drive, but I figured it would be fun to go out and get to hook up with my old booty call again, so I started the drive up to Milwaukee. I was wayyy too sober right when I met up with them, so I did a few shots right away and then got consumed by the spirit of the party. Most people thought I was the gay friend in the bridal party, it was alot of fun bar hopping with them. They were calling me "big dick <my name that i dont want to share>" I also learned that the picture had been shared with all the other girls at the party, because a couple of the girls had showed me the picture from their own phone. I got a bit worried at this point, wondering how many other people this may have gone out to by now, but decided not to let it worry me. I was focused on getting laid from my old booty call, but also started to think I may have a chance with one of these other bridesmaids.
    I was far too drunk to drive, and the girls ended up letting me stay at their Air BnB. The party continued there, where it looked like it had started with drinks and penis shaped straws, balloons, snacks, ect... all over the house. After continuing the party for a few more hours, it was probably 4 or 5 in the morning at this point and we were all very drunk. 1 of the bridesmaids had passed out a couple hours back but the rest of us were still going strong, when the girl who invited me started a chant "Show us your dick." I was a bit worried because Im a grower, and right now it would not live up to expectations, but the thought of my dick out with a room full of girls (who wanted it out?!) started to turn me on anyways. I unfastened my belt and threw my pants to the floor and a combination of giggles and cheers replaced the chant. They were asking things like "How long it is?" and "Are you able to fit the whole thing into a girl?" The girl who invited me, answered that one saying "it does in me!" in a bragging tone.
    One of the girls said "Let's measure it!" and went off to her room and came back with one of those tailor's rulers that are flimsy for fitting clothes. She came up to me and handed it to me, I was about to start measuring, but one of the proudest moments of my life for my quick thinking i said "I'm not completely sure how to use one like this, do you want to do it?" She agreed and now was playing with my dick and measuring it. The other girls gathered around to see, and started suggesting different angles and spots to measure, they also started to pass it around and so throughout this process, 3 of them had touched my dick and measured it in some way. Next they started to make fun of the bride saying "You want to get married and give up sex like this?" The attention shifted off me and towards the bride, and they were kinda making fun of her and talking about sex and such. I was going to pull my pants back up, but decided I wouldn't have a chance like this again, so I grabbed another beer and sat down on the couch and left my pants on the floor. After about 5 minutes my boner started to fade and my dick had shrunk quite a bit, one of the girls noticed and was fascinated by how different it looked. The attention was back on my dick and this started to turn me on again, and they enjoyed watching it get hard again.
    The conversation quickly shifted to all the bridesmaids convincing the bride to have sex with me! I was stunned, I think my jaw literally dropped. They were saying "You aren't married yet, this is your only chance for a dick that big." One of the bridesmaids asked me "You think she is hott right, wouldn't you have sex with her?" I did think she was pretty attractive. She clearly had a spray tan, but had a pretty athletic build and was short. Her tits were not large, but not small either, a nice medium size. She also had pierced nipples. I just said "I think she is super hott." It didn't feel right to add a yes in there, because she was clearly taken. One of the bridesmaids said "Just try, it probably wont even fit." These seemed to be the magic words for the bride because she agreed with that. It was as if her mindset changed to, I'm just having fun, and if he fits in me, then I was supposed to do this. I gave a half hearted attempt to give her another chance to say no, but I was also excited at the idea of getting to fuck her. She had some white sleeping dress type clothing on, and pulled it up over her head. She only had a thong on under that, and quickly slid that down also, I was still on the couch with my rock hard boner pointed straight into the air.
    She walked over to me and I stood up for her to lay on the couch. I had some pre-cum on the tip of my dick and rubbed that around a bit to get more lubed up, and then also spit into my hand a bit and rubbed that on getting it even more lubed. Once she laid down and was settled, I started to work my way to lay on top of her between her spread legs. I asked if she was ready and the other girls were all around and cheered. I also noticed that a couple of them were recording on their phones. I wasn't too thrilled about that part, but I didn't want to say anything that was going to stop this from happening. I was in full blown 'think with your dick mode' at this point. I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down her slit a few times, to warm her up and find a good spot to push in. I slowly pushed my hips forward and the tip slid right in, but not much more on the first slow push. She let out a light moan. I pulled back out and gave a 2nd slow push back in, this time getting about 1/3 of the way in. Her moan was louder with this push. A few more strokes got about the same depth as it felt super tight and I didn't want to hurt her, but she told me "Deeper." She was really wet at this point and I was able to slide most of the way in. As i slid in this time, it was like my dick pushed the words "O fuck" out of her mouth. I started to speed up and she was moaning like crazy. After a few minutes i put her legs up over my shoulder and kept going at her. She screamed that she was cumming about 4 or 5 times. After going at if for a bit one of the girls said "Where should he cum?" This sparked an excited discussion among the brides maids, and most of them were telling me to cum inside her. Even in my drunk and lusty state, I knew that was a bad idea, but all the talk of where to cum, and the idea of cumming in her got me on the edge of bursting, so pulled out got off the couch and walked up by her face, and blew my load sideways across her face. The girls cheered and were taking pictures and videos.

    The bridesmaid who had invited me sent me a snapchat of the bride kissing the tip of my dick, with cum on her face. I didn't open it until I got home and I used a computer camera to take a picture of my phone screen, so I will have that picture forever. As far as I know, their wedding is still on.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I love sex and need it regularly. Sometimes when I am not getting it for long periods at home, I go to the rub and tug joints. Once I met this incredibly sexy little massuse. Her name was Candice and she was doing a great job at making my body feel good. She began kissing me body lightly and as she did this she turned on her stomach so her bare breasts would be pressing on me, she also put her head and face close to my cock and kissed all aroubd my hard cock. I got even harder seeing her perfect pussy and pretty pink asshole as she played with my cock and balls I could see her get wet.

    I asked her if she offers any other services, she said only if I kept coming back often to visit her she could have sex with me. I asked her if she would mind if I kissed her body too and she didnt mind. I began kissing her legs and pulled her down over my face and began eating her pretty pussy. It tasted sop good. I took my time and made her even more horny and wet. Sometimes I dont need to have full sex to feel satisfied. I just need passionate real 1 on 1 sex play. She was getting hornier and her youbg pussy was so juicy and tasty. Eventually I decided that her pretth ass was too tempting so I licked he pussy a bit more and started pushing my tounge in her pussy, and spread her ass apart with my hands to better view her pink hole as I ate and licked up her yummy juices.
    She moaned and started pushing back on my tounge. I fucked her with my tounge as deep as it would go. She loved it so much that by now she forgot she was supposed to be giving me a hand job. I didnt care, I was so horny seeing this beautiful young girl with a perfect body on me and enjoying me play with her pussy and ass. I then started licking her small soft pussy lips and letting my tounge go up to her clit and tease it , while I did this I took my fingers and rubbed her open pussy and they got so wet I decided to play with her ass. I gently rubbed her ass and she began moaning even louder. I switched hands and used my other hand on her clit and started esting her ass. This girl had the prettiest asshole I ever saw. I could not help my self. I sucked and licked and rimmed her as I flicked her clit. She let me eat her and started jerking me off again. She was so much into it that she began grinding her ass on my face as I ate her out. She started cumming and I moved my mouth from her ass back to her pussy for a few more licks and deep sucking before she was done.
    When she was done she turned to me so her face would be next to mine and sbe started kissing me like a girlfriend would. It was so passionate and so tender. She was kissing me and played with my cock for what seemed like half an hour until I shot a huge load all over her beautiful body. I always wanted to go back and visit her but neber got time to with work and home. Later on when I did go to the spa I found out she left. I did get lucky with a sexy girl from Ukrane and actually fucked her but that story is for another confession.

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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 16 and 17 I had for two years, all four semesters the same English teacher. Every week she'd have two days were she would wear these very tight, short mini skirts. She put me in the front of the class, initially for disruptions I caused, then just kept me there. I thought something was strange though when only after I moved right in front of her desk, did she start sitting on her desk when she had her shortest skirts on. In talking with the class she would let her legs open and I could see her panties. Sometimes I saw hair peeking around the outsides and more often as time wore on she would wear see through panties on those days of the short skirts. I asked around and she never sat on her desk at any other time, for any other class. Just when I was there. I usually had my arms folded on the desk and put my chin on my clasped hands. This put my face even with her legs which were incredibly shapely and nice. I could see right up her skirt. A couple of times I would move my eyes to her and she would smile at me.

    After a few weeks and plenty of time to get a good look at her hairy pussy, she had me stay after and I was the last one to leave the room. It was the last period so no one else was coming in. She asked me straight up and out front, "Do you like what you see when you look up my skirt?". I was initially taken aback but then decided to act nonchalant and said that I did like what I saw but it was a shame I couldn't see more. Then I walked out. She followed me to the door and I was only about 4 feet down the hall when she said "You never know, sometimes we get what we want in life".

    In short, it turns out her husband was having an affair, was bored with her, she was only 22 but had been fucking her since she was 16. I got my wish. In a motel room, far away from the school, my home, her home and her husbands workplace, I got to see her totally naked and got to fuck her. We fucked twice that afternoon, later she would give me handjobs, and blowjobs in her car as we hid away from others prying eyes. We fucked as often as we could, sometimes I'd just reach under her skirt or dress and rub her pussy and make her cum, then walk to my next class or walk home. I had the run of this perfect body with light brown, long hair, pretty face, nice smallish B cup tits with puffy nipples. She taught me how to fuck, how to please a woman. I eventually got a girlfriend my age, at the urging of my parents and hers (they lived next door) and found my teacher jealous. She taught for two semesters the girl next door who was 2 years younger than me. She knew her and actually made things a little rough on her in class. I got that to stop, but it started again when I told the teacher I'd taken the girls cherry and fucked her. Instead of ending it, she gave me her cherry. This teacher who'd been fucked since she was 16 gave me her first time in her ass. I continued fucking them both, getting blowjobs, and handjobs from them both, even started fucking the girl next door in her ass too. But I never could get the teacher far from my mind or my fantasy sex life.

    I graduated, and since I had the grades, I was going to college half a day during my last year of high school. With summer sessions and taking increased class loads I was through college in 2 years, and within 9 months had a graduate degree. During that time I was fucking several college girls, even a teaching assistant. I went back to see the teacher, I'd long since passed the girl off to a friend of mine who got her knocked up at 18 and got married. The teacher was divorced now, and not seeing anyone. She was 26 and I was 20, I started dating her, got a great job, we moved to New York together and when she got pregnant 6 months later, we got married. We now have 3 kids, and she is still as exciting to fuck as anyone ever.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    I started working out with a new trainer. She was hard on me, pushing me beyond anything I had done before. That and the supplements I was taking started to grow facial hair on me. I liked the way I looked, I had never looked so buff. One of the other women at the gym told me she was a dyke, if I liked that. I had never looked at her like that, or looked at the other woman like that. The other woman caught my interest, I started to hang out with her. She told me that she wasn't one of those women, but if that's what I liked why not hit on the trainer.

    I asked her what if, she let me date her. Well, maybe not date her but if I wanted to hang with her she was good for that. The longer we hung out the harder I pushed, the more I pushed the more she played with me, the hornier I got. When she told me she had dated the trainer and she didn't want to date another dyke. I told her I wasn't a dyke, I was just into body building, but I wasn't a dyke. She disagreed, to her I was a dyke.

    It took several more very long weeks before she let herself be kissed, when I did she told me not to dyke her. How do you move forward? She said I was on probation, don't blow it. Kissing was fine, holding hands was fine, but bedtime was not fine. When I did get her pants down she had the hardest biggest clit I had ever seen. I immediately took it in my mouth, she slapped me and told me her clit was off limits, eat her vagina but leave her clit alone. It was frustrating, painful, working around her hard clit made lovemaking difficult, until I pushed her hand away and ate her clit and fingered her into a hard orgasm. And she called me a dyke and to leave her pussy alone.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I picked up this very pretty, fat chick a few days ago. She was willing to do anything to be with a guy. The first time I fucked her I told her to roll over to take it in the ass. She let me do it. I pulled her off the bed with her feet on the floor and her huge, floppy EEE cup titties on the bed and for our first time having sex I was buttfucking this pig. I stayed around, and saw her every day over the weekend. Got my fill of any hole I wanted, even made her bend over and take it up the ass in a public park leaning her hands against a picnic table. I liked fucking her c**t too, it had blonde hair and I'd never had a natural blonde pussy before. I told her I want to fuck her all hairy when she has her period, so that's due the beginning of next week. I'll be taking out her tampon and fucking that bleeding pussy, getting all that blonde hair red with her flow.

    I never had a fat girl before, she's very pretty but fat and she really tries to do anything sexual I want. I really like having sex with her. Her pussy is super tight too, I know she's been fucked a lot by a lot of cocks, but I guess being so fat it keeps her pussy tight or something. She let me write Mikes Buttfuck Slut on her ass in magic marker too. Next I'm gonna write my name over her pussy. I want to buy a nipple and clit pump and pump them up too.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I am the utility worker who made the confession years back about a woman I met while working. It was confession number 22278 I am still seeing that woman her name is Sandi. I fuck her every chance I get if you read my first confession you know That she sucked my cock in her house and thatâs what the confession was about but as things moved on I went back a little while later And ended up fucking her in her garage. She eventually told her husband that black guy was flirting with her but she said I was there not as a worker but to buy Christmas trees because thatâs what her and husband do. Lucky for me he wanted to watch a black guy fuck his wife and now I continue to fuck her but itâs in front of him the first time was we met in a van I was very nervous he was driving the van and I was in the back with his wife but once I started pumping My cock in his wife thereâs no turning back and I didnât care who was there. He insists that he has to be there but there are times when Sandy and I sneak away when he doesnât know and that really excites me at those times my cock seems like itâs extra hard and I fuck her extra hard. But I have to admit it also makes me really hard when Iâm fucking her while heâs there Right before I start to cum In her little pussy I make her look at her husband so he can see her eyes Roll up into her head while I explode in her

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    Straight Female / 38

    I absolutely love men and it's something about a man with a beautiful smile that attracts me and this is about the time I ended up f****** the guy who was putting up blinds at my friend's house.

    I was just going to my friend's house to stay there for a bit while he finish installing the blinds because she had an appointment to attend to. I was hungry so I asked him if he wanted pizza because he had been there for a while. so after my friend left we ended up eating together and sitting very close on the couch

    I could see his hard-on through his pants but just ignored it I was wet as f*** because I knew he'd noticed if I looked. He stood up to clean up his mess from the job he was attending to. Somehow someway we ended up kissing when I stood up and needless to say I ended up on my knees. His dick wasn't exactly big but it wasn't small either. He ended up cumming after five pumps.

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