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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Gay Male / 52

    Well I posted on here over a month ago that I am a middle aged man who recently had met a homeless man who both now lives with me and fucks me regularly.I lovingly suck his cock and more or less have become his gay bottom after many years of only having straight sex.I work at a good job and support him.But in the bedroom he controls me and makes sure we have sex 3-4 x a week.
    I am posting again because something real kinky happened last weekend.A 60 yr old slim blonde divorced woman who I had a few dates with off a dating site contacted me out of the blue.After our 3rd date she stood me up for dinner and on the phone told me I was a bitter old man that could not get a woman.Her words hurt me as I was attracted to her but sensed she enjoyed putting me down.She stopped responding to my texts so I forgot about her.We had never had sex or even kissed.Her name is Lila and she is of polish background.
    My lover Carlos was out at the store buying cigarettes for us when my phone rang.It was Lila's rather cold precise voice asking me how I was doing.I was smoking a cigarette and exhaling.She laughed and said What you are smoking now?You always refused my cigarettes on our dates yet you are puffing away like a naughty smoker.I confessed to being a smoker again and she laughed and said What else do you have to confess? I paused for a moment and against my better judgement then proceeded to tell her all about my new sex life with Carlos and loving his cock in 7 inch cut meaty cock in my mouth and ass.I wanted her to know I did not need her or any other woman anymore.She listened for quite awhile as i went into all sorts of details.I was surprised she did not hang up.

    Finally she said.I knew in some kind of weird way you were probably a closeted fag and that is why I dropped you.I want a real man.Then she stunned me.But you may not know she said that I am voyeuristic and I have always wanted to see 2 men together having sex.And I am very curious to see a clean cut harmless nice guy like you with some nasty homeless guy's cock in your mouth and ass.Why don't I come over tonight to watch the both of you and I will bring over a couple bottles of wine.I stammered I am not sure.She laughed and said well ask your gay lover if he is cool with it and I will call back later to find out.She then hung up.

    When Carlos came home I asked him what he thought.He smiled and said well why don't we show her how much you love my cock now and how you do not need women like her veer again.I felt weird inside turned on yet humiliated.But I thought okay if he is fine with it then so be it.She called back and I said yes come on over.She laughed and said I knew you would agree.

    Carlos had me go to the local sex store and get some poppers to snort as that always made me so open for his cock.He then cleaned the condo.Lila arrived around 8 pm to find Carlos and I smoking on our couch.She tossed her thin blonde hair and put the 2 bottles of wine on the counter.She said you 2 look like an unlikely couple to say the least and this is what fascinates me.And I see Mark you are enjoying your cigarette.We started sipping wine on the long couch and smoking cigarettes.She moved to the chair opposite us to watch us more intently.She asked that we neck so we did.She said god you guys kiss like you really mean it.You look like you are in love with each other.I snorted some poppers and felt wild and uninhibited.Lila said what do those poppers do.I told her about the euphoria and how they make my anus relax for intercourse.Soon I was on my knees sucking Carlo's cock slow and deep with lots of deep throating. Lila watched intently.She asked for the poppers and inhaled deeply.She said they made her feel strangely slutty.After a few his of poppers Lila suddenly got up walked over and gently pushed me aside.She got on her knees and started sucking Carlo's cock.She did it expertly but he started getting soft.He said it's Marks mouth I prefer.She laughed.I resumed sucking him and he as soon hard again.She them kissed Carlos deeply on the mouth.She said I have never kissed a homeless man before.They kissed for along time as I sucked.Carlos then said he liked kissing a man or a woman but no sex with women.Lila kept snorting poppers and passing them to me.She kept french kissing Carlos.She said I feel so nasty necking with some homeless fag.But God I am so wet.I made Carlos cum in my mouth as I swallowed his load.Eventually we all went to the bedroom.My cock was so hard.I went down on Lila and her pussy tasted so sweet. She had several orgasms that way and moaned loudly.At some point she rode my hard cock until I came inside her.Carlos cock was again hard.Lila and Carlos then engaged in a long necking session.It looked so wild and strange,they were both snorting poppers and the kissing was getting more and more intense.Then they started telling each other they loved each other.They could not stop kissing.I was dumbfounded.Lila looked like a woman in love.She said she deep down has always wondered about loving a gay man.her and Carlos stayed up all night smoking talking and kissing.Finally in the morning Lila instructed me to sit on Carlos cock and ride him until he blew his load in my ass as she kissed him.I did as she said and soon felt his wet cum spurting in my ass.We sat back and all smoked cigarettes and relaxed.Lila then said While you were napping throughout the night Carlos and I have agreed to a new arrangement.Carlos and I will be in a loving partnership with only necking and cuddling while you supply him sex.He will remain living here and I will be over every weekend so that I can show Carlos my love.You can eat me out and fuck me occasionally but mostly you will have gay sex.Your cock gets hard enough to fuck me but he is hard only with guys.Essentially Carlos will be your top but love me.I will be in charge.My needs come first.You are a weak man but a good compliant man a beta male.I like you but have a much deeper potential love for Carlos as he turns me on in a weird way given he is balding unattractive but is stronger than you mentally.Because I cannot have him sexually I want him even more emotionally and as a partner.You I can have whenever I want.With that Lila got dressed and left.To be continued.........

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    Straight Male / 49

    I was 30 years old when I had just divorced my wife. She left me for her older big money boss. I was living in an apartment alone trying to get my life back in order. A young married couple moved into the complex. I knew the wife well. I knew her from church and other places. She was always nice and conservative. She was basically shy until she got close to someone. I had had conversation with her many times after a couple of months. I worked with construction that mainly worked at night so I had most days off. One day she seemed frisky so I flirted with her. I mention if I was her husband I would be excited to come home with a pretty wife like her. She said I would need to try her to determine if that was true. I invited her to my apartment and we had a long sex session. It started an affair that really stalled my divorce recovery. Almost every day her husband was at work she would come knock on my door. We would kiss and fondle. I would go down on her. After this I could do anything I wanted to her. Her goal was to have me cum inside her two times every session. She no doubt had the hottest pussy I ever screwed. She would have many orgasms each session. Her husband wouldn’t go down on her so I think that was a big energizer for her. My ex wife would come over often after she got off work. I would be drained so I wouldn’t have sex with her even though she wanted sex. I would be drained. My ex wife was upset because she was pregnant with her old husbands child. My fling was 10 years younger than me so it was fun using a young hot woman again. She would get jealous when my ex wife came by but she knew she had me drained. I took a foreman job with a different company so I had to move away. I wanted to move to get out of the drama. I doubt my fling ever stayed faithful to her husband. I did keep her screwed for 6 months. I haven’t heard much about her for years but understand they had 3 kids and settled in a neighborhood. I finally remarried and helped raise 2 step daughters but had no children of my own unless I had gotten my fling pregnant before I moved.

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    Straight Male / 44

    My mother and I always did have a very close relationship. I had just gotten out of the Navy I was if I remember correctly about 23 and my mother was approximately 56 years old I stood about 6 to an about 225 solid build from being in the Navy and my mother I believe was about 5 foot even with a triple D chest and a little bit of flab for her age but relatively very fit and very beautiful pure redhead and I can attest to that.
    On the night that changed our relationship forever I didn't really have anything to do and neither did Mom and so we began to watch movies and drink wine and just chit-chat. I don't know what made me ask it but I asked her what was the wildest thing you ever did in college. Mom looked me right in the eye and asked me are you sure you really want to know the wildest thing that I did in college. I looked her right back in the eyes those beautiful green eyes of hers and told her why not.
    She started saying that she was about 19 when she went to this party with her best friend in college and her best friend's boyfriend at the time and somehow during the party she started feeling a little funny and her best friend led her into a bedroom to let he lay down and the next thing she knows is a funny smelling gas mask was placed over her face. She said she felt very weak and very vulnerable all of a sudden. She told me she passed out shortly after the mask was put over her face and the next thing she remembers is coming awake in the middle of an orgasm as her best friend was going down on her. My mom said that she remembers a blond blue-eyed nurse walk up to her as her friend was eating her pussy and gave her some kind of an injection shortly after the injection took effect she had an explosive orgasm and was forced to breathe more gas in and pass back out. My mom said the only thing that she remembers from that entire weekend was being repeatedly given
    gas and injected from time to time always while she was being forced to orgasm sometimes kept half awake but constantly being forced to orgasm repeatedly till she would pass out from either the gas or the orgasm itself. The only other thing that my mom said that she remembered was a phrase that was being constantly told to her by either her best friend or her boyfriend or the nurse and the phrase went "chloroform makes you sleepy chloroform makes you weak chloroform makes you horny chloroform makes you weak chloroform makes you a slut. Mom said that she remembers on Sunday they upped the ante and added another Factor to the repeated drugging and injections and gas. Her own best friend would rub her pussy and finger her until forcing her to have an orgasm and then hold a wash cloth or a cloth of some kind over her vagina as she came and would either insert the item up into her to make sure it would soak up enough and then would force her to smell it and telling her that it was mixed with chloroform or would hold it over her
    face as they held a mask over the cloth and would tell her that a mixture of her own come and chloroform would ultimately make her super weak super horny and Super Bowl neurable to anybody that was giving it to her. She said they ultimately told her that if she was to be given a mix of chloroform and her own come that it would completely break her will and make her completely vulnerable to anybody and they especially push the idea of her one day being drugged by her own daughter or son in the future.
    I jokingly hopped in her lap and clamped a dish towel over her nose and mouth and whispered into her ear cuz this chloroform make you sleepy I repeated the question three times and then looked her in the face and I saw her eyes start to flutter her arms try to move towards her face and droop to her side immediately I did not push the issue that night I walked her up to her bedroom and kissed her goodnight and left it at that for that evening.

    About a month later I was my mother's designated driver to a company party and we had just gotten home and she was sloshed. I had to help her up to her room and then had to help her undress once I had her dress off I asked her what she wanted to wear to bed she told me that she wanted her Stars and Stripes mighty and I jokingly walked over got the item out of her drawer and shook it in the air and said okay Wonder mom and quietly approached her snickering. She stood up too quickly almost fell over caught herself and stood up with her best superheroine posed and said why not Wonder Woman. I laughed and said well for one you're my mom and you're a Wonder plus you have a bigger chest than Wonder Woman and I would love to capture you. Her eyes open wide and showed her green eyes clearly in shock and asked just how are you going to capture me you don't know any of my weaknesses. I honestly think that she knew what was coming
    next because she saw me for some
    liquid from a smokey brown bottle into a thick washcloth and she did nothing to back away or to stop me as I approached her spun her around so I was facing her from behind and as I clamped the washcloth over her nose and mouth I whispered into your ear how long has it been since you've smelled chloroform she immediately tensed up try to Pat at the cloth and moan into the cloth then her arms dropped to her side her nipples became super hard and poke through her bra I reached up and pinched her nipples and made her moan into the cloth even more she began to droop back into me and I kept her in that position by removing the cloth and letting her have some fresh air. I then asked her if she felt like answering any of my questions she leans her head back so she could look up at me through her sleepy eyes and very groggily said yes I then asked her a few basic questions like her bra size and then the ultimate question even some of my own friends wanted to know if my red-headed mother was truly a redhead and she's silly police said yes the curtains match the carpet I said prove it she then told me to remove her panties and I did as she said what I found was a neatly trimmed SEC patch of fire red hair between her legs and a very puffy cameltoe as her pussy lips were swollen and glistening wet. I then asked her how long it had been since she had had any sex at all even playing with herself and she at first didn't want to admit it that was until I inserted two of my fingers inside of her and made her orgasm and I told her in a very commanding voice tell me the truth and she said that she hadn't had sex with anybody since shortly before my parents divorced. That means my mother had not had a cock inside of her vagina for well over 15 years. I took the knowledge that her little wine induced Story the month before had given me I put my face between my mother's sopping wet pussy and began to suck on her and chords clit inserted my fingers inside of her soaking wet pussy forced her to have two solid orgasms and then took a washcloth pushed it up inside her to soak in all the fluid pulled it out and as her eyes grew big as I got closer to her face she looked at me with begging eyes asking me not to because if she was forced to smell her own come mixed with chloroform it would break her will completely and allow me to do whatever I wanted.
    I then looked her right in the eyes and ask her as I dropped my shorts and my underwear and let her see her own son's rock hard cock saw the lust in her eyes and ask her if I gave her a mix of her own come and chloroform would that make her accept this thick cock inside of her helpless pussy and she looked at me and said in a very sleepy helpless voice yesssss. I looked at her with a very evil grin lust in my eyes and told her then Wonder slut inhale deeply. Her body became limp as in noodle her legs spread wide her arms dropped to her side her eyes fluttered barely open as I forced her to have one last orgasm by rubbing her clit I heard my own mother say with such lust and helplessness please baby please tame your Wonder mom, tame my pussy.
    At that very moment my mother and I locked eyes as I lovingly and forcefully inserted the head of my cock into my mother's wet tight pussy. I took a few short thrusts and then pushed my cock deeply into her wet pussy till I fit the resistance of her hymen. I asked her if this is what she really wanted because once I broke her hymen again we could never take it back. My mother then gave me the deepest most passionate French kiss and whispered into my ear as she wrapped her legs around my back and said taim me, tame your Wonder mom tame this pussy and pulled me fully inside of her.
    Now before any one says fail. Chloroform don't work that quick! No shit! I don't know what they used on my mom in college to put these weaknesses in her head. And I didn't use chloroform on her... It was a splash of mouth wash not chloroform! I love my mom with all my heart. I do know the last part of her life was pure pleasure. She past on just short of 72. She was truly an amazing Wonder Mom!

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    Gay Male / 18

    My mother tells me that I need to get involved in something so I am not so depressed. I am in love with him. Unfortunately for me he does not live here, he lives far away in another land and I met him while on vacation. He talked to me while we were resting our feet in a piazza and he came to our hotel and accidentally ran into us and mentioned that there were better places to eat and suggested that we could go with him. My parents said no, emphatically no, we were not going to leave the hotel with some man no one had ever met. I was fourteen. I escaped from my room later that night and went looking for him (I was sharing a room with my younger brother).

    Now your are thinking why would I just leave our room at night? Well because I wanted to see him and I thought if I went to that restaurant that he mentioned I would see him. I got out of the hotel and walked down the street like he had told my parents and I found the restaurant that he had mentioned. I went in and a waitress came over and asked what I wanted, it was late around 11:30 at that time and the place was half empty and I told her I was looking for Paulo. She came back a few minutes later and Paulo was following her, he smiled and asked what I was doing there and I told him I had come to see the restaurant and no my family was back at the hotel.

    Paulo was nervous about me being there and he said I should come back the next day with my family so I left. A block away from the restaurant Paulo caught up with me and pulled me aside into an alleyway and asked me why I had come and I told him because I wanted to see him. He kissed me right then and said he was happy that I had come to see him but he had to be careful and he took me along the alleyway to this small house and he knocked on the door. A man about his age opened and he spoke to him and after a several minutes of arguing he agreed to let us in and we went to a bedroom.

    Paulo said we had to hurry and he took off his pants and he pushed me on to the small bed and pulled off my pants and quickly started to suck my dick and finger me. He took off his shirt and helped me take off my shirt and asked me if I wanted to suck his dick so I did. He pushed me down again and got my legs up and using some oil he had in the room he fucked his dick in me and after fucking me he kissed me real hard and told me we had to get dressed and leave. He walked me back to the street of our hotel and told me to go back to the hotel and not to bring my family to the restaurant.

    Now you know why I am depressed.

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    Straight Female / 46

    Last year at 55, I'd lived how I was brought up. I got married at 22, had my first child at 24. I was a stay at home mom for all four of our children until the youngest was 18. I finally went to outside work which was fun. I'd stayed faithful to my husband yet he'd cheated on me several times. He always got caught. He's a terrible liar. I'd kept my body in good condition so I was always slim but I have curves. I aged well from combo genetics, never doing drugs or smoking. I drank wine 2 glasses a night but was never drunk. My husband was an excellent father. I credit him highly for that but he wasn't the best husband. We had sex once a week but I needed more. He cheated so he was getting it elsewhere. Last year, it was an empty house. Just the two of us. I'd saved from my job, a little money. I treated myself to some minor surgery cosmetic to hold age off longer on my face area only. It worked well. I already looked 10 years younger but then I looked 20 years younger. I can pass for my mid 30s on good days. I had myself fixed up & I use my regular makeup which is on the light side. Not much foundation but I work around my eyes & keep my hair at shoulder level. I workout as I always have. I eat right but I was drinking a little more & getting some buzzes. My husband & I agreed for financial reasons as well as we do care so if in old age, one gets sick, we need to stay together so we stayed married. He has full rights now to date other women but to remember who the mother of his children is. I was given the okay to date men if I wanted & I wanted to.

    I met a man on FB. I know, all us old people use FB. I'm not familiar with those other things the younger people use. The man was hot in his pictures & he was 35 so he was a lot younger than I was but he was still, a fully grown, legal adult & then some. He was single after a divorce & he has no children. I'd not had sex in a few months so I was in need. I went out to a restaurant to get to know this new man & later in the week, he took me to a movie. No sex that week. He dropped me off at home & was a gentleman entire time. The next week, he asked if he could kiss me so we kissed & he felt my breasts that night. I felt his boner in his pants. I knew he wanted sex but wasn't going to push it. I also know men need to get off because unlike women, they need to ejaculate so he'd just go home & masturbate if we didn't do anything. We got a hotel & it was amazing. We made love for hours. There were breaks but we kept at it. I'd never had such intense orgasms. It must have been the excitement. His penis is about the same as my husband's. I'd say that's average for most men not little but not a monster. Size isn't important to me but I realize it is to some women. He comes to our house now. My husband has a GF who visits but it's not a foursome. We have an active sex life now. My husband & I still do all the other things together & will stay together so I make that clear to my guy that it's a lovely thing & I do care but it has to be friendship & sex yet not more. We are going away to a ski resort next month together & he skies while I'll just have to watch or learn. This is probably boring to most of you but it's a true story confession. Sometimes true stories are boring but I didn't want to add anything extra to this. This all works for us & I don't think it's over the top but it's different than most couples I know of. BTW, my husband & I have had sex a few times since we are dating others. We are careful with our dates & no one has a disease. No one is being harmed.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    Yeah, spontaneous sex can be the most unbelievable sex. I was at the beach with my family when I needed to go to the toilet. I didn't plan on it but at the last moment I popped into the men's bathroom. I acted as normal as I could, like I belonged there and headed for a stall. THERE WAS NO DOORS ON THE STALLS! I just about chickened out right there.

    As I'm doing my thing I'm going between wanting to vanish and wanting to get naked and flaunt my presence. I finish and as I'm leaving a grown man shows up and looks at me a while as he's basically blocking me from leaving. He pushes my shoulders back gently. I could have resisted or yelled but I didn't feel like I needed to. He didn't grab me or anything. Mostly just guide me back into my stall.

    When I'm back in he pulls out his penis. I now know what he wants and I start sucking on it. I suck him hard and keep going. About then I recognise my mother's voice in the women's bathroom with my sister and aunt. Just when I'm about to give up from sore jaw he cums. I didn't want it in my mouth so I pulled off as soon as I felt his first shot. The rest got on my face but mostly on my chest and hands.

    As I'm leaving again I can see my two brothers comming over. I don't have a place to clean up now. I take a LONG slut walk to the beach to avoid my family from seeing the cum mess on me. After I cleaned up in the surf I went back. WOW. I couldn't believe I did that. I still think about that when I'm feeling aroused

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Last Night

    It was a beautiful cold night, my wife is visiting her sister so a few days. I decided to enjoy the evening. I headed straight to my wife's closet. I pulled out her black leather pants, black boots, a black one piece open bottom shaper. Then pulled from her dresser these really sexy black pantyhose and panties. I sipped on the panties and the pantyhose hose. I pulled on the shaper, used balloons with water to create the breasts. I pulled on the leather pants, they were so nice and tight. Then the boots which are a bit tight but fit me, she has big feet for a woman. I then grabbed a bright red sweater with a turtle neck. A black leather jacket. I just need the wig I had stashed away, a long blond shoulder length. I sat at my wife's make-up vanity, did it up using a darker look around the eyes and a nice dark lipstick, I painted my finger nails. I was done and ready to go out. I knew what I wanted a nice hard cock to suck on. I placed an ad on CL. It only took about 20 minutes to start getting responses. One guy stood out he was 49, married, 6', 180lbs, and a nice 6" cock. We would meet at a park about 2 miles away from me. It was already after 9pm, so it would be empty and it is cold too. I drive over and park. About 5 minutes later this pickup pulls in. I get out and walk over. I open the door and climb in. I hear dam you look good. I turn and reach over and slide my hand over his crotch. It is so dark I can't really see his face. I open his jeans and work his cock out. It is still soft so I stroke it, it gets starts to get hard I lean over get to it sucking for him, he places his hand on my head pushing his cock into my mouth. I caress his balls and they feel full. I hear him say yes I am ready then he fills my mouth full of cum, I swallow as fast as I can. But I get it all. I keep right on sucking and keep him hard and get a second load after about 5 minutes more of sucking. My jaw is getting sore, I sit up and he pulls me and kisses me. He starts to rub my thighs, then my crotch and reaches around to my ass cheeks. I am enjoying what he is doing. He pushed me back onto the door and lowers my zipper on the leather pants. He pulls then apart and exposing my panties then he pulls out my cock and strokes me. I am so Hot that I start to cum all over myself. he had gotten hard again, he told me to flip over, I did so with cum dripping on his seats, he pulls the pants down then yanks the panties to one side, he climbs up on the seat gets behind me and uses my own cum to rub my ass and gets me lubed up. He pushed into me and rides me right there. He tells me how tight I am how good I feel then he cums again. I wasn't expecting this but it felt so good. I started to laugh about how I was going to get up and out. Well I pull him out of me and jump out the door and quickly start to dress myself since it was cold, he was out his door doing the same. He got in and started the truck the lights came on and I froze. For now I could see his face completely in the dash lights. It was Don my wife's best friends husband. He didn't recognize me. I closed the door and drove off. When I got home there was an email telling how good I was and how he wanted to see me again soon, then he wrote, I won't tell Susan (his wife), or my wife Maria.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Well I couldn't wait any longer so I went out after 1 year and got me some cock and then let him fuck me in my ass it felt good but it took some doing to get him in my ass my hole shrank but after a while he was in me only thing different was he put a condom on I was ok with that so I fucked 5 guys after still in the glory hole booths so I got my fill and gotta start over again

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    Straight Male / 25

    I don't know why this happened but my girlfriend and I were watching TV one night. We were sitting on the floor leaned up against the couch. One of her girlfriends stopped by and ended up sitting on the other side of me and we all watched the movie together.

    For whatever reason, I just started rubbing both of their necks and heads. After a while they both seemed to just close their eyes then fell asleep. I watched for a while longer then closed my eyes too. I woke up with a boner and when I moved my arm my girlfriend woke up and saw what I had and was playing with my dick. I whispered to her to take it out and she did. She was giving me a very slow and quite handjob right there. Then the friend woke up. She first was like I gotta go then I said can you stay for a minute and help me finish. She looked at my GF who gave her the nod.

    She pulled my pants the rest of the way off and I asked her to just play with my balls while my GF strokes me. It didn't take me long and I was ready. My GF says you will love this, he cums a lot. So they both got in close to my cock and I came. My GF thought it would be funny to aim my dick at her face...what good aim. When I finished cumming my GF offered my cock to her friend who took a few sucks then offered it back.

    Anything like that has never happened again, but the woman and me relive it all the time. It really gets us hot and bothered.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I'm a professional DJ have been for 30 odd years now, and I came across something on the net quite accidently that reminded me of an experience I had about 10 years ago. I work through various entertainment agencies, and on this particular occasion I was in the office for a meeting with my agent, while I was there he said to me do you know anything about this blasted sound system we have here as it keeps conking out. So I had a look at it and I found that the power lead was faulty, not a big problem as it was an ordinary ' kettle ' lead that needed replaced. While I was doing this a woman came in, turned out she was the PR person and Artiste proposer.

    She wasn't beautiful what she was though was sexy what a pair of tits she had and even though she was wearing jeans I could see enough to want to bed her, snag was she was married, but I got a nice wee smile and the way she looked at me I knew she was amiable for a leg over, she started chatting to me, and we got on fine, sub consciously I knew why,as I said nothing stunning just this sexy aura.

    I had to leave for a gig so I thought no more about it, other than I knew I fancied her, and yeah given half a chance I would bed her, so off I went to my gig. A few weeks later I had to go into the agency to collect flyers and posters I had gotten made, and lo and behold Myra was there, she had had her hair done, I commented that I liked her new hair do, she said thanks its for my holiday I'm going to Canada in a couple of days, so I just said great hope you and hubby have a nice time, she just looked at me gave a little giggle and said to me steady he's not coming with me as he would just get in the way of me enjoying myself, it was the way she said it, and how she looked at me, that gave me the impression she was going to get her thighs parted a few times, if she could ? And she did by what she told me later.

    I got a call from the agency a few weeks later asking me to come in and sign a contract that had been offered for my services for a certain amount of bookings,so I went into the office Myra was siting with a woman chatting and the secretary got my file with the contract for me to sign, once I had done that Myra came over to me and started chatting, during the conversation she said I was told you fixed our hi fi system here, I said yes I did, she said could you come over to mine then and have a look at our one as its acting weird, she said I'm free tomorrow if you are.

    So I got her address and arranged to meet her at lunchtime at her home and that was that, so the following day off I went with my bag of tools to Myra's, and when I arrived her hubby answered the door and ushered me in he said I have to go but Myra will show you what's up with the sound system, and off he went, Myra made me a cup of tea and then she showed me where the sound system, told me what was happening with it and left me alone, transpired it had a loose power cable and a loose speaker, took me all of 15 minutes to fix it, as it was no big deal.

    So I lay on the floor putting it all together the way it was, and I hear the click click of high heels, and I looked round and Myra was walking towards me in what I can only describe as a short nightshirt, unbuttoned bar a couple at the bottom and bare legs, I could practically see all of her tits but not quite. The sight of her like that got me all hot and bothered,she came over and bent down and said is that it fixed then ?.

    I said yep its fixed at that she grabbed my hand pulled me up and kissed me tongue down the throat I quickly responded by grabbing her bum cheeks, which were bare, my cock had responded too he had woken up, she led me by the hand into a bedroom, and when we got to the bed she just pulled my T Shirt up over my head quickly undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans pulled them down and I kicked them off, she then nearly ripped my boxers off and took hold of my stiffing cock and started stroking it, I pulled out the two buttons on her nightie and it flapped open revealing an incredible pair of tits and a hairy bush which I like, I pushed her onto the bed spreading her luscious thighs in the process and nearly blew my load there and then.

    I got my head between her lovely thighs and started licking her and eating her, she was moaning like crazy and thrusting her pussy into my face, I then started finger fucking her making her come another three or four times after which I mounted her and slowly started shagging her thrusting my cock ball deep into her sodden wet pussy, I did this for a good 45 minutes at least while she moaned bucked thrust screamed and shouted profanity's, I quickened the pace as I couldn't hold it back much longer she was screaming for me to fill her with spunk and I did just that, exploding my load while ball deep in her nest, I was on her again about half an hour later, aging exploding my ballsack deep inside her, I continued to ride her everytime I got the chance, her tits will live with me for ever as will her beaver it was just perfect

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