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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 50

    I troll for women my own age on Plenty of Fish. I reason that some of them may be like me at this age and only looking for "good times"

    I specifically look for woman who are not looking for a relationship and only want to date or hang out.

    I message them that I am looking to get together in a hotel room with a Jacuzzi to play.

    A few woman have responded positive to this and ee have hooked up. Some of them have even sent naked selfies to entice me.

    They are old like me and usually overweight, but "beggars cannot be choser".

    One woman that I have hooked up several times is Sandra. She has arthritis and the hot water in the Jacuzzi provides her some pain relief.

    I pick her up at her place and take her to a hotel room that I have booked. On the outside it looks like a dive, but the room is actually nicely furnished with a king size bed, leather living room furniture, an electric fireplace and of course the Jacuzzi.

    When we get in the room, we turn on the Jacuzzi, and as it begins to fill we strip and begin to make out.

    Sandra is plus size, with blonde hair, voluptuous breasts and a big booty.

    When the Jacuzzi is filled, we turn on the jets and sit in it until the jets automatically turn off.

    Then we get out, dry each other off, and go into the living room to begon to play.

    We have given each other oral sex, and I have fingered her pussy, liked her anus, and fucked her doggy style. At my age it is hard to get it up, so I really like to finger her pussy which is still hot from the Jacuzzi.

    I sit on the leather sofa with her standing in front of me. We french kiss and I suckle on her huge breasts. I finger her pussy and massage her g-spot with a couple of fingers.

    It doesn't take long for her to get really juicy until she eventually gushes all over my legs with her orgasm. She can barely stand now so she gets down on her knees sucking my cock and licking my balls until I come all over her face. It takes me a while to finish given my age.

    This Christmas I got Sandra a toy that we can play with. It is a We-Vibe Rave (no affiliation), which is an asymmetrical vibrator with a twist and an edge. It is designed specifically to stimulate the g-spot.

    Last time we got together, Sandra and I got on the king bed to play with it. I first worked her clit until she was wet and then inserted the Rave in her pussy. She really did not need any lubricant. The Rave is curved so it was easy to hit her g-spot.

    I began to slowly twist the Rave in Sandra's pussy and she began to quickly squirt in multiple orgasms. I have never seen a woman cum so much, and I kept going until she could no longer stand it and pushed me off.

    I gave Sandra the Rave so she can play at home when we cannot get together. It can even be controlled remotely through a Bluetooth capable phone, but we have not tried this function yet.

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    Straight Female / 37

    When I was 17 years old my mother married this guy about 10 years younger than her. He was fat and unattractive, but he was an ass to her and in turn, she was really nasty and hateful with me. I lived this way from the time I was 9 and it was hurtful because mother and I had a good relationship.

    She didn't know I was fucking my boyfriend and another guy from school on a very regular basis for well over a year. I wasn't sexually naive by any means. My mother ignored me so much she thought I was a virgin.

    She had to go out of town one weekend to a funeral he didn't want to go and I wanted to make sure I got rid of him.

    He always did let me drink and one night I got him really drunk, but not too drunk. He wanted to take a shower before bed and I knew he never locked the door.

    When he was in there for awhile, I got completely naked (he had never seen me), walked into the bathroom and pulled back the curtain a little to where he could see one tit and asked him to let me know when he was ready to come out.

    He freaked and told me to cover up. He covered his penis with his hands. I said, "What are you embarrassed about? It's just a body?" I pulled back the curtain to show him I was naked and slowly got closer. "Come on...aren't you the least bit curious?" He knew I hated him and he was hesitant...but the temptation of having a tight girl in front of him was too much and I knew he would take the bait.

    I slowly reached over and touched his cock, he pulled it back like it was on fire and I said, "I always wanted to know what it felt like". He let his guard down and allowed me to start stroking it and started to enjoy the sensation. I pulled his hand over between my legs and parted them a little and pushed one of his finger inside. I then opened my legs really, really wide and I said, "OMG, that feels so good, so deep".

    He forgot about the shower and got out, set me on the toilet (seat was down) and spread my legs open and buried his head into my pussy, licking it and fingering me. I said, "It feels like I want something bigger..fingers aren't filling me up". I thought I was going to vomit while this fat fuck slammed his nasty dick in me, but it was unfortunately necessary.

    He TOTALLY forgot himself and then positioned his cock between my legs and I knew I had him, I pulled both legs back and gave him full access and he buried himself into my pussy. I fucked him like a porn star and did it until I was swollen. He pulled out before he cum and then grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom.

    I got into the shower, washed, and when I was in my room he came in and said, "I am so sorry, that was a mistake. It won't happen again."

    I turned over and spread my legs again so he could see my naked pussy again and said, "Then who is going to keep filling it? Oh that felt so good. Can you lick me again, please? Please?" I started to finger myself and he came over and licked me to orgasm again. I whispered to him before he left, "You should probably know you took my virginity. I always wanted to give it to you."

    He said, "Your mother cannot know about this and it cannot happen again." I nodded.

    He was at work when my mother got back. It was after school and as soon as I heard her enter the door I turned on an academy award winning performance. I was crying hard as I could and told her that he forced himself on me when she was gone. She started crying and said, "Baby...did he..." I then screamed, "I'm not a virgin anymore, that bastard took it from me."

    She started to call the police and I cried harder. I told her I would never testify and would kill myself if he ever came near me again. I said, "If you don't believe me, take me to a doctor, they'll tell you I'm not a virgin".

    Oh, I made it sound good. How I was violated, worthless, why did he do this, etc. She was ENRAGED.

    Yup, he got kicked out. That's all I wanted. She never spoke to him again and he was out of our lives. I think I went through three douches to get the thought of that nasty stepfather's cock out of my pussy.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I'm a lesbian not outed to my parents as they are not just religious freaks but church leaders and for them it would be a major tragedy in their lives. A year ago, as cover, I finally married Ronnie, a good looking, long time male friend who knew all about me and I had to agree to share sex partners with him when they were willing.

    Not many of my lovers are willing but one or two who are bi, go for it. The surprise is that I love watching them fucking and have been thinking of joining after seeing him coupled several dozen times. I have been married to Ronnie for over a year and he never asked once, so far. He honored my choices. I'm now wondering. It's not as if I would lose anything. I'm still young and hot, after all.

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    Straight Female / 28

    This post my be controversial and I have respect for anyone that this has happened to. This is only my experience and I am not in any way suggesting that anyone should look at it the same.

    I was working in a doctor's office and met a pharmaceutical rep. Single, father of three children. He was a gym rat and huge. His arms was about as big as my legs. He kept frequenting the office and one day handed me his business card and told me to call him if I was ever bored one night.

    I waited about a week and called him. He picked me up at my house and we went out for dinner and had a great time. I found him to be surprisingly distant, he never held my hand when we were out, never any level of affection. I started to regret dressing casually. I had a pair of cute leggings under a shorter dress. Maybe he didn't think it was sexy enough. I was getting the distinct vibe that I lost his interest during the date.

    We went into my house and sat on the couch. He never took his coat off. I handed him one glass of wine and as soon as he finished it, he said he had to go.

    We stepped around the side of my couch and he gave me a hug and a kiss before he was getting ready to leave. The kiss started superficial and then he reached behind my hair and gave it a small tug. It was a turn on and I whinced slightly but did not verbalize an objection.

    He then grabbed a full handful of my long hair, quickly turned me around and bend me over the side of the couch that was right beside of us. It happened so fast my breath was knocked out a little, but not completely. He held me down with one of his large arms (he was so strong!) and then I realized he started to pull down my leggings and lefted my dress. He spit on his fingers and before I realized my panties were down he shoved two fingers deep inside of me and his thumb in my ass. He actually lifted me up off the couch while he shoved his fingers inside over and over.

    "Is this what you wanted? Does this feel good?" I couldn't even take a breath deep enough to speak. His fingers were buried so deep.

    He pulled out his hand and then started to unbutton his pants. I said, "No, please...not like this." His cock was rock hard.

    He pushed me over the edge of the couch a little more so my ass was up higher, pulled back on my hair, put his hands around my neck and shoulders and shoved that monster cock into my sooner than he was inside he started pumping it in and out. It was the biggest dick I had ever had in my life.

    "What about that?" while he was pumping "You like that big cock? Ever had one that big? Does it hurt? Am I spreading that pussy open?" I slowly let out, " hurts, it really, really hurts" I only got a single word out between his pumps as with each slam my stomach was pushed into the side of the couch.

    Then, I realized what a freak I had brought into my house.

    He asked me if I was ready for his load, I begged him to please pull out, he said he wasn't going to do it. "I'm going to fill you up and watch it slide down your legs" I thought it wasn't possible for him to thrust harder..but he did...I felt the full force of the strength of his legs and hips slam into me with a full force, my couch was moving across the room. A lamp was knocked over. "I'm getting ready to cum" then I heard this loud, animal like groan as I felt his hot cream fill me up.

    This man....slowed down only a second...I thought for sure he was going to pull out and let me go. I distinctly felt his cock get hard again. No, I thought...nobody does this. Nobody. I was in the early stages of tears, "I can't take anymore...let me go." He said, "I'm gifted cock is hard again because it wants to fuck you over and over".

    He was right back into my pussy, pounding just as hard. My screams louder because I was getting raw. I found myself saying, "Please hurts, please, please it hurts." He just pulled my hair back harder and then I felt this animal-like groan as he unloaded into my for the second time. I had what seemed to be a ton of juice running down my legs. I thought it was finally over.

    It wasn't. He said, "Come on baby," he pulled my hair back, "Walk" He started pulling me back towards the back of the house towards a bedroom. I let my legs go limp and he grabbed my hair and my dress and started dragging me.

    We got to the bedroom and he lifted me up and threw me face down on the bed. He got on top, put one knee in my back while he took my leggings off and then tied my hands behind my back. As soon as they were secured he flipped me around and got on top of me and said, "Open your mouth and suck my cock"

    I shook my head wildly no.."Please, I don't want to." "OPEN YOUR MOUTH" he ordered. I kept my mouth closed and shook my head no. He reached over and pinched my nose, "You can't hold your are going to suck my dick and if you bite, I'm gong to break your arms, now open your mouth."

    I stopped fighting him and opened it up and slowly took that monster in. It was somewhat flacid but he made me lick it and his balls. I tried to stop and then he exerted pressure on one of my arms and said, "Suck it harder" and I did. He put his hands behind my head and started fucking the back of my throat. As soon as he got hard again, he flipped me back over.

    I thought he was going to fuck me again and then his dick was putting pressure against my tight, virgin ass. I tried to clamp down and he spread my cheeks open. I was openly crying and screaming, please don't...please, please I'll do anything else please don't. He pulled his cock away only to spit on it hard and he put a pillow around the front of my face and I screamed into it as I felt the burn while his full shaft was buried. "Holy shit, I knew you were going to be tight, the dick grip is incredible. My God...damn that feels good". Every time I screamed in pain at his thrusts he would say, "That's my girl, take it...take it...I can tell yo love it".

    I laid there through a really, really long ass fuck before he took my pussy again. Yes, this sexual freak cummed two more times and the second one took a long, long time. On the last fuck he flipped me over and told me to keep my eyes open so I could watch him fucking me. He rammed his thumbs into the center of my tits and twisted them over and over. He made me say over and over, "I'm a dirty whore, fuck me sir" and "Thank you for fucking me" and would twist my nipples until I said it. He told me not to stop saying it until he was done fucking me.

    The last time he unloaded. He pulled out, stood up, and then started to get dressed. I was so sore I couldn't even put my legs together. I was crying. I kept asking him why he did this. He said, "Because this is the way women really want to be fucked and never want to ask for bitches never takes a real man to take charge of you and give you what you need. This is what you bitches are for."

    I laid there tied up..I did not know what was going to happen next and I was crying, naked, and very ashamed. What I forgot to mention is that he took several pictures of his cell phone with my face visible clearly sucking on his cock.

    I was afraid of what to say next. I had brought home a psycho and because he was educated and had a good job and worse a suit didn't make him any less of a rapist. He untied me and pulled me into the floor and tied both of my feet very tightly to the foot of the bed.

    He left the room and came back with my cell phone in his hand that he got out of my purse.

    He said, "Before you call anybody, the police, or anything. Remember when you went to the bathroom? You left your phone on the table."

    He had taken my cell phone and texted to his, "I have this deep brutal r**e fantasy that I want you to fulfill tonight. Act like you don't like me and when we get home, tie me up and fuck me in every hole. Don't say anything and spoil it. Safe word is Red. Looking forward to having your cock in my holes. This text is your permission to ignore me if I say no."

    He watched my face while I read it, I was crying as I got toward the end, "If I get called by one police officer that impacts my job...just'll have 4 or 5 of us taking turns...ok. If you think I can't find an opportunity, you have no idea.

    He put the phone back into my kitchen and it took me over 30 minutes to untie myself.

    When I was untied, laying there naked and crying for what to be two hours or more, abused to the highest level possible, bruised and violated. If was honest, deeply, deeply honest with was absolutely the best fuck of my entire life.

    I would let him do it again.

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    Transsexual Female / 24

    I take drugs so I get dirty and dress up but recently I've had thoughta for children when on only happened last month or so. I need help

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    Straight Female / 23

    I have a close guy friend who pretty much treats me like one of his guy friends. We hang out, drink, watch sports, watch porn whatever. We've never been sexual although he has seen my tits a few times and slapped my ass before. We were watching porn once us two and a couple other guys we know and they put on videos of girls sucking off guys in video porn rooms through holes in the wall. All you could see was the guy's dick and the girl. I liked that the guy couldn't touch himself and it was totally up to the girl to make the guy cum. It felt like the girl really accomplished something when the guy came for her.

    I liked those vids so I started watching on my own and masturbating to them and just liking them. I told my friend I liked those porn vids so we watched a few together which made us both horny. We did this thing where we both masturbated while watching then video and watching each other. My hand was down my pants and he had his dick out. I came twice then watched him shoot him cum when he came. I was nice and got him a washcloth. We talked about maybe fucking but we decided not to it would most likely ruin our friendship but a few months later we did it again, masturbating to those vids. This time I exposed my tits and let him see them while we made ourselves cum. I did like seeing his cum squirt out it's so fun.

    So he flat out asked me a few days later if I wanted to go to a video store and actually suck some guys through the hole like in the videos. I didn't realize they had places like that I thought it was just a porn thing but he said there was a few places about an hour ride away. I thought about it and said yeah why not. WE figured we'd take a look and if I didn't do anything so what right?

    We went on a Friday evening getting there around six. I was sipping wine on the ride and was feeling horny and adventurous. We went in and I got really nervous. We looked around at DVDs and dildos and bondage stuff for awhile while the men hanging in the place kept staring at me. There was a door you had to go in to get to where the little video rooms were located. My friend asked if I wanted to go in. The wine and looking at the DVDs and vibrators and stuff had made me so horny and my inhibitions were down as my libido over road my good sense and I said yes let's go.

    So he went and paid for us to go in getting these little credit cards and in we went. The place was kind of a maze with different halls with doors leading to the little rooms. It smelled like bleach and there were guys mingling around in the shadows. We found a few booths that no one was using but none had the hole we were looking for then we found one that did but it was gross. It smelled like cigarette smoke and there was cum on the floor. WE finally found one that was at least clean. It had a video screen and a hole in the wall like the movies. He put one of the credit cards in and we watched some porn and actually found a glory hole video of girls sucking guys through the holes in the wall.

    He took out his dick to masturbated and I watched. I finally took off my top and I let him feel my tits. I started rubbing myself and it was such a turn-on. Then he was tapping me and pointing to the hole. There was a guy watching. The guys said "nice ass" and "let me suck your tits." I hesitated then said wtf this is why we came and I went over and let him feel my tits through the hole. He pulled one tits by my nipple right to and into the hole then I felt him sucking on it and rubbing his dick on it. It was weird just looking at a wall while some stranger sucked on my tits and rubbed it with his dick but it was fun. I was still rubbing and my friend was stroking himself slowly just watching.

    The guy let my tit go the pushed me out of the hole and he popped his dick right through it. He was hard and really long. Not really think but really long. I wanted to suck it so bad. I touched it and stroke it and heard him saying "please suck it." I looked at my friend who nodded yes and said "go ahead" and I did, I got on my knees and sucked that guy off. It took about five minutes to get him close then I used my hand to make him cum, avoiding his first squirt then watching his cum come out onto the floor. My friend gave me a wet wipe and paper towel and I cleaned up. A couple minutes later another guy was there but he just stuck his dick through the hole. He was hard and ready and I started sucking his much shorter dick. I wanted to use my hand to watch him cum but he literally came in like ten seconds I didn't even realize he was coming at first. I finished him and just swallowed.

    Five more guys got head from me that day I finished off four of them with my hand watching them cum and swallowed one more load. I even let my friend feel my tits and watched him cum up close and personal when he finally finished himself off.

    We only went once and I probably won't do that again but it was an experience I will remember and I still masturbate to the memory once in awhile.

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    Straight Female / 37

    When my husband and I first got married, I knew he'd had sex with men, and with 2 other women. He has a small, thin body, and after about a year of marriage he mentioned that he liked some of my lingerie and we roleplayed and he wore some of it. That graduated to him having sex with me while dressed in some lingerie. Through the years, we bought his own, then some regular outer wear, undies, make up, and even went out as girlfriends to the mall or movies. Fast forward 15 years, and the minute he gets home from work he dresses as "Claudine" and quite frankly can't get it up unless he's wearing womens clothes, perfume etc. I have to be his/her "lesbian" lover. I even gave it to getting a strap on dildo and wore mens undershirt, underpants, and even let my arm pit hair grow and fucked him as the husband and him the wife.

    I've just about had it, about 5 years ago I had an affair, and have let 12 different guys have sex with me, and loved every manly minute of it. I still fuck my husband and "she" still fucks me. I really like having a real man on top of me though.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Well here I go again at the age of 6 I was m****ted by neighborhood teens they would put their cocks between my butt till they came by the age of 7 I was getting anal penetration and getting filled with cum I always played with my ass and would use carrots and went to a cucumber fingers and went crazy but once I got cock it was my calling at first it was just 2 cocks one for my mouth and one for my ass then he started bringing more of his friends so as many as 20 and I was begging for more I'd act like I didn't like it but I was moving my ass too much
    I Never Told Anyone What Was happening In Fear It Would Stop Even At The Local Pool I Loved Looking At Huge Cock I Almost Got Caught Then Junior High School I Was Still Loving Cock ID Have Sleep Overs And Have Someone IN My Bed ID Take My Bottoms Down IN Case They Wanted Some Sometimes They'd Think I Was Asleep And they would start to jack off I couldn't take it so I'd start touching them and suck those beautiful cocks I'd lay back down and guide it into my ass they'd shoot deep in my ass and I'd suck them hard and in my ass again boys in my Era use to have huge cocks 8,9,10 inches and fat I loved the feeling of being stretched out and feeling cum dripping out I'm just crazy for cock my friends took me to a party took me to a room and fucked me good then other guys cane in I got about 30 guys in my mouth and ass

    After that it had to be big fat cocks now I'm older I still crave cock if I watch porn I always think about that big cock fucking me instead of the girl!! Touching cock usually not too long before I suck on it then ask them to cum in my ass I even orgasm from it so I can never get enough I tell them they can fuck me as many times as they like I play with their balls that usually sets them off

    Thanks for reading

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    Straight Female / 28

    My b/f is 6'4" with a four inch (hard) penis. It's like a steel bullet and he fucks me with machine gun rapidity and force. He also moves his hips like Michelangelo's brush. I cum in minutes, so the big cock myth is totally lost on me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I grew up as an only child and over protected. My 'dates' were supervised and always in public places. Needless to say I left for college inexperienced and untouched. My first shock was my roommate who was unabashed and uninhibited. I was very modest, not ashamed, but nudity was not something I was comfortable with. Even underwear was uncomfortable. She 'pantsed' me one morning, just pulled my pajamas and underwear down to my knees and pushed me back on my bed. She crawled on top of me and fought me until she got me under her and between my legs and my clothes off.

    I had never felt arousal, getting nervous, heart racing, getting wet, flushed and horny. She got the message, stopped grinding me and gently started kissing me, and used her hand on me. Uncomfortable isn't what I felt when she stopped, embarrassed is more like it. She had fingered me using two and three fingers, she had taken her clothes off, we were naked, with her hand on my breast, gently squeezing and twirling my nipple. She made me admit it was my first time, first naked experience, first ever orgasm, first kiss, and with a girl.

    After getting dressed for class she told me she was 'bi', she had a boyfriend at home, but that sometimes a girl was just too much for her. We messed around all semester, no boyfriend for her, and no boyfriend for me. I went home for Christmas convinced I was lesbian. Over the break we spoke every day. Over the break she got pregnant and dropped out of college mid semester that spring. My first heartbreak.

    Late spring, right before spring break I confronted my first penis. To describe it, it was wicked, in my face, violent and gross, horrid, my head held by his hand by the hair, this wicked, horrid thing pushed against my lips and shoved into my mouth. The instrument of his pleasure was my instrument of fear, with my mouth full I could only let him mouth fuck me. When he got on me and pushed his penis in my vagina, I went into immediate spasms, an uncontrollable orgasm which surprised me. I learned that I could love and want penis. His penis day and night, I was the blithering stupid freshman girlfriend. I left college at the end of my first year, loving him, and masturbating to my roommate.

    Long out of college. A girl now and then, uninhibited and willing to go for it until nothing is left inside to give is a necessary distraction. Cuddling up to him, feeling his penis slip in and hump you until he fills you is a must. Without my roommate I would probably never experienced a girl, I would not be 'bi' today, I would spend my days facing that wicked horrid man penis that makes you want to wash his clothes and never knowing just how good a warm wet pussy is.

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