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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    The purpose of me doing this is to visualize my thoughts and to write them all down to help myself understand who I am, I also apologize if anything is rambling or doesn't make complete sense. (And then any and all feedback would be appreciated but not needed)

    I have always identified as a straight male and always thought I was strictly into girls. I was always raised to avoid "girly" things since that was "gay." I didn't like that because I liked wearing colors like pink or purple but I avoided them because I was afraid of that societal backlash that would come. Then when I got older and starting getting romantic feelings towards people, I found myself avoiding any and all type of friendships with guys because I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

    Now I am currently in a long term relationship with an amazing woman and over the last few months we have been talking about threesomes and that got me thinking about if I would do one with another man. She has never had an issue with doing it with another girl since she is confidently bisexual, but I on the other hand, am not so confident. At initial thinking I was very turned off to the idea of being with another man, but after thinking about it more and more, I started to get a liking to the idea of it. So much so that I started watching bisexual threesome porn (MFM) and I have enjoyed it very much. Then with this new genre of porn, I have been imagining myself and my girlfriend both pleasuring another man and also imagining the positions that the porn stars are doing as things I could try with another man with my girlfriend. It has all been a very exploratory past couple months and I have enjoyed exploring myself and who I am.

    But now I am getting to the point to see what I am going to do next. My girlfriend has been so supportive with my discovery of myself that, last Christmas she got herself and me sex toys. I have truly enjoyed using my anal vibrator and I use it for special occasions (only because I am very particular with cleaning it) so I know that anal stimulation is not a problem for me.

    I guess my one big fear is actually following through with my curiosities that I have gained over these last few weeks. I am nervous that somehow, the wrong person will find out I am experimenting with another man and it will be used as another one of those mocking weapons against me, all of which I had enough with during high school and earlier. This fear is all new to me since I have been one who has been able to shake off what others say about me, but even now in today's climate and all the progressions that have been made with the LGBTQ+ community, this is the only thing that I don't want others to find out and create judgmental thoughts about me.

    When I turn 21 it will be easier since I will be able to go to a bar a good drive away from my hometown where it would be nearly impossible for others to know who I am. But until then I will be continuing my exploration of my self and work on getting over that fear of mine.

    I hope I will also be able to help someone else in a similar situation as me because I feel like I am not alone with being denied true expression younger and discovering stuff about yourself later in life. Anyway, thank you for reading my story and this has definitely helped me just by typing it all out.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I was totally grossed out by her, but have gone back 3 times now. I fucked this super fat, wide-asses blonde whore after talking with her for about 15 minutes. Not just fucked her, I told her I loved anal and girls I seem to meet don't like to do it. She said she'd do it and took me into the mens room, locked the door, and bent over the sink. She pulled down her jeans and her huge granny panties and looking back over her shoulder told me to go ahead. Here was what had to be a 50 inch around butt, with a huge crack staring at me. She reached back and spread her cheeks and looked at me in the mirror while I jacked my cock to get hard then using some liquid soap stuck my cock in her huge ass (but a tiny asshole) and fucked the shit out of that ass. I mean I went hard and fast and she took it all just breathing heavy while I was going at it in her poopchute. She kept talking dirty to me, telling me to ram her ass, to buttfuck her till she can't shit right. After she said she'd not had a buttfuck that "urgent" before. I came a bucket load up her butt. She didn't even close the stall door as she sat down and shit it out in front of me. I've now buttfucked her 3 more times and really want some more asshole to fuck. She doesn't mind, I don't mind that she's so damn fat if I get her asshole. For a fat girl she's got pretty small tits, but is a natural blonde. I've never fucked a pussy with blonde hair before.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I created a monster. I am no prude, though not a slut either. I've had sex with a few guys since I started at 16 - almost 17. My total is 6. I guess I did the normal, started doing handjobs for my then boyfriend, pressured into giving Blowjobs without cumming in my mouth, then in my mouth and spitting. My second boyfriend got me swallowing and I gave up my pussy to him also. About 2 months ago I let my current boyfriend have sex in my butt. It hurt a bit, but after I really felt empty. I let him do it a few times, though not a way for me to orgasm he does every time we do it. The problem is that he does it anally to me all the time. He licks me in front, and rubs me and I do get some pleasure and a couple of orgasms out of that, but our sex is all anal lately. In the past two months since we've done that, I've only had his dick in my pussy 3 times. We have sex about 5 to 8 times a week and it's all anal now. He loves anal, and only wants me to do that. I've started wearing daily pads now only moving them up to my backside more than down in front of my panties. I used to go a few times a week without panties which he loved but I can't now. I'm leaking constantly, and not his sperm; though that too when he's just done it, but just normally I leak. There is a noticeable change in how my a-hole looks too, it's bigger, more elongated, spread wider. If my sisters or mom sees it they'll know what happened I'm sure. I dread going into by OB for my next check up which is in 3 weeks. My boyfriend wants only anal now all the time.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I am a twenty two year old girl who has turned into a complete exhibitionist. I just cannot resist showing my tits and shaven pussy as often as possible. That means almost every day.
    I deliberately dress with this in mind. I never wear a bra or panties, but always a revealing top and very short skirts and dresses.
    I love the thin, floaty ones, where the slightest breeze will blow it up ans show that i"m completely naked underneath.
    When I know that someone, preferably male, has had a good eyefull of my treasures it really turns me on and gets me very wet. I can't wait to go somewhere and give my pussy a little rub, and taste the love juices on my fingers.
    I have actually been caught doing this a couple of times. On each occasion this brought me to a full-blown orgasm.
    Summertime brings endless opportunities to engage in my pleasure. Hardly a day goes by without me giving at least one person a good view.

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    Straight Male / 35

    For my birthday last month my wife Mary setup a threesome with one her girlfriends, Linda. They are both petite ladies, kind of both quiet and shy, the last two women you might expect to do this sort of thing. Nonetheless, the sex was pretty damn good - a double blowjob that seed to go on for hours, Mary's blonde head and Linda's brunette head swapping, slurping, and of course sucking back and forth and even together like the weirdest and best game of HORSE ever; Mary positioning us so that she was guiding my cock into Linda missionary and cheering me on with lots of encouragement and kissing; me roaring like a lion and blowing the biggest load I've ever had on Linda's body while Mary jerked me empty like some kind of show cock. Yes, the kind of stuff any man would absolutely love to do.

    I regretted this little adventure pretty quick. First thing, I didn't notice when we were at it but other than the double blow, there was little to no interaction between Mary and Linda - no kissing, fondling, fingering, nothing. Second, in the days that followed Mary realized just what happened and all her insecurities erupted all at once. She became paranoid that I was nailing Linda every moment I wasn't direclty with her. Still our current status, jealousy and too many long nights ending in her crying or screaming at me. Or both. Third, guilt and desperation, where Mary is upset that she's upset and tries to get me to fuck her "like I did Linda" and getting upset when I'm the least bit resistant or I don't perform like I did with her friend. She calls herself "a bad wife" if I'm not rock hard and punding her like she spurred me on to pound her friend.

    She and Linda aren't talking, Mary has sunk into a mild but noticeable depression, and things in our house are tense and really strained. Our daughter has noticed that Mommy and Daddy are not playing together like they usually do and she's right 100%. This thing has really thrown us off course. From threesome to desperate sex to cold pretty quick, I'd say this was the wrong call for us and I'm not sure how to get us back on

    I've even asked her if she wants to even the score with another fellow, as much as I really hate the idea of another man with her. She said that won't fix anything for her (thank God) and she's doesn't want that. So here we are, most likely heading to counseling. Yay us.

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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife and I were married nine years when her little sister became a problem for her mom. My wife's little sister was fifteen and needed support at home. My mother in law was working two jobs and dating two men. When she came home one night, her fifteen year old daughter was in her bedroom being gang fucked by four boys. Thats when she ask my wife to take her sister in.

    My wife works and works out after work. I work from home so I cook. My sister in law and I talked a lot. She told how she wanted to have an orgasm, but the boyfriend she had could not last long enough, so he had some friends help him satisfy her. It was a one time deal and only two of the guys got to her when her mom walked in, tossed them all out.

    She suffered from the same period pain that my wife does. We found having sex helps kill the painful cramps. So when my wife is starting her period, we go into marathon sex for days. We wake up an hour or more early and then that night we go at it for as long as we can take.

    My sister in law called my wife and ask for Pamperin for period pain, she did not have any. When my sister in law ask how she survived her period pain, she told her, SEX. I gave her some pain pills I had left from my knee injury. That helped. I told her to masturbate, she told me how hard it is to masturbate when you are cramping that bad. She ask me to have sex with her, I told her she was not legal and she might tell me wife.

    She promised to not tell anyone, just make the pain stop. Her period was about to start and it just hurt. I put her in my lap and ran my hand in her shorts leg and slid her under wear to the side. I masturbated her three times. She laid there after and went to sleep. The pain pills and me fingering her relaxed her. I carried her to bed and covered her up.

    She had her birthday and became legal, we had nine months of her not telling anyone that I masturbated her. So her period came and she came to me. I ask if she wanted to have sex, she said YES, She got washed up and went to bed, I came in and took care of her. I knew she took her birth control pills like clock work. My wife made sure of that. So I was good to have sex and not worry about problems, IF she kept her mouth shut.

    The problem I had was a wife and her sister both had synced up periods, so the time of marathon sex with my wife, means I had another female to satisfy. I had a great sexual relationship with my sister in law, one that i really enjoyed. I think she enjoyed since I made her have an orgasm while having sex for the first time. I have two more years with her. She is taking college classes here before she leaves for UMBC. Maybe she finds a nice guy. I know for sure he will be getting a well prepared and sexual young woman.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I have been to counseling for this. I am supposed to be repressing things. I was in Mexico with some friends for a wedding. At the after party I was stolen by this man and fucked in field and left there. I was found the next day by a utility crew and taken to a hospital. The hospital was one hundred times scarier than what happened to me. They inserted things in me getting evidence. I didn't care about any evidence. I am not from Mexico and I didn't appreciate these people digging in my vagina.

    I am supposed to be sick because I don't have anger or any negative feelings. I just don't. I got fucked in a field, at least he fucked me good, I can still feel his dick in me. It is called a phantom dick, and that means I am supposed to be really sick in the head. I wish it was a real dick and not just my imagination.

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    Straight Female / 21

    When my boyfriend suggested taking some nude shots I was reluctant at first. Not because Iâm a prude, just shy in front of the camera. How things have changed in one year.
    From tame poses in the bedroom to shots at the beach, even some at the local golf course early one morning I recently progressed to a porno. And I loved it!
    My name is Caroline, Iâm 21, 5 foot 6, in good shape and have 34c breasts. Weâd made a couple of movies at home but the quality wasnât great, hard to hold a camera and fuck at the same time so for Nicâs 23rd Birthday I decided to pay for a professional guy to make a movie.
    We found Tom on the internet, he is a photographer who spec****ses in boudoir photography and his website said he also did couple shots. My fantasy was to make a movie about getting fucked by the guy next door (to be played by Nic) who had been perving at me while I suntanned in the backyard. When I told Tom this he suggested we film at his home rather than studio as he had a pool. The date was set for a Saturday morning a few weeks ago at his house in Dural.
    I had a hair and makeup appointment first thing and the after a 90 minute drive we arrived at his place shortly before 11. You can imagine our disappointment when Tom explained we were a week early. He said that on any other day he would change his plans but that day he was having a few mates over to watch the football and they would be arriving at 11:30 for pre game drinks and brunch. As I said we were utterly disappointed, not just because we were looking forward to it but Iâd spent all that money on my hair and makeup as well as the long drive. Tom said the best he could do was to film me in my bikini by the pool then move to the bedroom as long as we finished by 1:00. I had hoped to fuck by the pool but at least I wouldnât go home frustrated, so to speak.
    While Tom set up I told Nic I was definitely putting on a show for the boys. Tom was quite good looking and I had fantasised about him joining in, now there was a chance of a gangbang!
    The doorbell rang and Tom went to answer it, my pussy started tingling at the thought of 3 guys watching while I was filmed getting nude, maybe masturbating and... who knows?
    We were introduced to Josh, Will and James and I apologised for interrupting their party. But I could tell by the look on their faces they were pretty excited about the pre-game entertainment!
    We started filming with me putting a towel on the sun lounge then slowly peeling off my sun dress to reveal a very brief pink âwicked weaselâ sheer when wet g string bikini. Again I felt a tingle between my thighs. After a few more poses I
    asked the boys, who were drinking by the pool and subtly watchingâ if Tom could film them peering over the side fence to set up my fantasy.
    They came back to the pool area and I stepped into the pool to get my bikini wet and when I came out the boys were sdedinitely staring more intently. I let them know it was ok to watch and they all moved closer to just behind Tom.
    My tits were definitely on show and you could make out my pussy lips through the thin wet fabric of my bottoms. I then slowly untied my top and let it drop to the ground. By the look on their faces Iâm not sure who was more turned on, me or the boys. I turned around so my back was to the camera and wiggles my ass. Then I lent forward moved my feet apart and started to slide down my bottoms just an inch or two, so my pussy wasnât on show, paused and then pulled them back up. I heard a moan of disappointment from the crowd. I turned around and looked at the camera again, actually the boys. For the next few minutes I teased them pulling my bikini down a litte but never showing it all. Finally I slid them down to my knees and I was completely naked. Their tongues were hanging out and I was on fire. Then I had an idea.
    I grabbed some suntan oil from my bag, lay down on the lounge and said âwould one of you like to apply suntan oil to my back, I donât want to get burned.â All three of them stood up, and I could see their cocks were standing up too. I was in heaven. I quickly told them âonly my back and legs, no funny stuffâ. Secretly I was planning much more. Josh started on my legs while Will and James rubbed oil over my back. I turned my head and said to Josh he might as well put some on my bum, but only my bum I said sternly. I was hot as hell and I could feel the juices flowing out of my pussy. I was definitely about to star in a porn movie, three maybe four, maybe five guys.
    Thatâs when I casually said with a bit of a sigh, âI suppose you should put some on my front, I donât want my tits to burnâ.
    I rolled over and the boys were drooling, I could see their cocks pushing against their shorts and nearly had an orgasm then and there. Will and James went straight for my tits and Josh moved up my legs. When he got to my knees I parted my legs slightly so he could oil my inner thighs. As he got closer to my pussy the excitement was really building and I said âok, I guess the
    pink bits are the easiest to burnâ and put my legs either side of the sun lounge. Josh started oiling my clit and I came. Then I leaned over to Will, pulled down his shorts and pulled out his cock. In no time at all the guys were completely naked (including Nic who was now wanking) and Josh pulled me to the end of the lounge so he could fuck my dripping pussy. Alternating between sucking Will and Jamesâ cocks while Josh fucked me I was in heaven, but I wanted them all in me at the same time!
    Iâd been dpâd before but never had a cock in my mouth, pussy and arse at the same time. I sat up and asked Will to lie down, I then stood over him and lowered myself onto his cock. I was so hot and wet it slid straight up my arse down to his balls. There I was bouncing up and down on his cock with Josh, James and Nic watching while Tom was
    filming it all.
    I smiled at the camera then asked Nic if he would like to join in. He said he wanted to watch so I, almost screamed, and said âIâve got two more holes to fill, my arse is getting lonelyâ. I was acting like a complete slut and loving it.
    Josh entered my c**t and James stuck his cock down my throat. In no time at all he came in my mouth which was both a disappointment and an opportunity so I asked Tom if he would like a blowjob. Then I told the guys no one was to come in my arse until everyone had had a turn.
    They had each fucked me in the arse, c**t and mouth so I screamed at Will, who was in my arse, âcum in my butt, fill me with cumâ.
    After Will emptied his load in my I got on all fours and asked the other guys to cum in my arse. I wanted Nic to film the enormous stream of cum dripping out of my arse after they had finished.
    Tom said he would send the edited version in a week or two, which he did, and what a movie we made.
    I thoroughly enjoyed being a slut and loved being in front of the camera, Iâd love to be in a real porno so I could masturbate thinking about all the guys watching but unfortunately I donât want to jeapordise my career. But I do keep wondering if only I could do my makeup so that no one would recognise me. Iâll let you know.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I want to spank my wife.

    Memorial day we had a picnic with a couple who are in a domestic discipine relationship. I'd never seen it acted out before, but something happened and he got enough of her behavior. Right there in front of us he told her she was going to get spanked. They excused themselves and walked off into the woods. They didn't go far enough for us not to hear. We could hear everything. We could hear the impact of his belt slapping her bare backside and her crying at first for him to stop, and then to not stop. It got quiet for a while and then when they came back, she had cum all over her face. SO fucking hot.

    Makes me want to do the same to my wife. Don't think she'd be up for it though.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I had been fucking this palm beach trophy wife milf for over 5 years. We had progressed so far with playtime texn to listen to her everyday masterbations sessions and only to add in my enhancements. Infant I would often stimulate her more the more she talk of fucking other men or her husband bringing home business associates. I would often fuck her after her husband did. We both new it we had better sex after she had been ducked earlier. She was able to squirt for the first time as we pulled into a new hotel an more cocks seemed to be out by the pool .we pick re this hotel for that reason of couples and single men would hang out . She would act more slutty the further we went from palm beach. After her squatting she got embarrassed and ran out and I stayed and before long three guys came in with one lady . Ad we tooled turns fucking her they committed on how hot the lady was and why she leave . I told them about her being embarrassed that she squirted and formed a puddle as we discussed this a huge puddle field the floor and I licked it up as I did not think about there gum but my milf and my cum there together... the lady said they would keep an eye out for us again and I should let her show off in front of the window and feel freedom and other dicks through the open window. We tried that place again and since went back 1r times. All times my milf took multiple cocks , swallowed gum and eat pussy . She even talked her husband into by saying a mother milf and her gusband,had tried it out. I was so blessed that late afternoon as she strolled in not thinking I would be there. As a group plus the women I ducked the first day and practically every day since work her way and had to follow the husband ofcmt milf said condoms as she new I was in the group and my other daily fuck partner started to fuck him I mounted my milf with such a fiery pace I came deep an hard and my regular fuck mare took his manhood an let him soak her pussy with his cum . As it is custom the mate of the cummmeee ears the fun out of the fuckeee .. My milf snuck all her husbanda,cum out of her pussy and my other fuck mate are my milf pussy troll she came. My milf then told her husband to fuck her with both my dick an his dock in her pussy. As we both worked it or open wider than I ever saw said here him say this is how you. Take it at home I lost it an came three times. I new he took her to dirty places but now I knew it was at her house too. From that point on anytime I foykd have other dicks in her pussy as well as mine I would. I would arrange guys to show up at hotels,on out of town visit to daughters cilleges. Even had bar tender do her multiple times to the point he got her to gum to poke her night all guys 12 and her she got gang bang so hard the night she came to panamacm city beach her pussy was complete sagging down an puffy . After the first fuck my attention went to blowing her pussy open to all cocos and filming her talking about fucking college guys. Over and over I got her ducked but the all time beat was when she thought we were done for the night I had seasoned men not collegecbous show up and as she drank her margaretta with meth instead of salt and a tone of you could get in so much trouble and nobody knows,your here. As the first group of 4 guys made her callout mames,as they came in her she was egg on to pleaded for two cocos in each hole as the first 4 finish all on her pussy she was made to lick it up saying her college pledge songs. The next 4 stuck sovmany cocos in her add hole the deformity was,beyond understanding the kept her so motivated telling her every class her 12cyear old and,the teacher she bucked weild ducked them lights out. By now the first group re entered as the second finished and we joined into the two black guys as a could down period for the first two groupscbut a stretch both holes,same time dp. Before long they forgot the scr8pt entering both black Vicks in the same hole I saw a wreckedcpissy the a,wrecked add hole. With the guys cheering u atecjer pissycas she faced ducked me harder than she ever did fuming so much I nearly drowned as more guys joined an burst of meth hit her she ducked for 4 more hours every dock came 5 times or more

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