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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 55

    I know in some states 16 and 17 is legal age for consensual sex. Problem being is if it is a school and a student and teacher it is against the law. I think it really should not be against the law if it is consensual sex and it is not hurting anyone. I know it is the moral issue and ect. Not only that but a Father 39 and his 19 year old daughter was arrested yesterday (3/5/2018)nfor having sex in their back yard. Again, i****t is illegal but they are of age and were having consensual sex. OMG I just am amazed. Sex really is not dirty or bad. Sex is within all our DNA the Bible is full of i****t that is how we all supposedly came to be lmao. just my point view right or wrong. I thik all kinds of sex is desirable and sensual and should not be made to be dirty or embarrassed.

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    Straight Female / 32

    Women are just holes for men to put their dicks in. That's it.

    And before you call me a male pig, let me say that I'm a woman. Brought up in the church, graduated high school and college. Heard all the feminist dogma and even swallowed it for a while. Before I figured out there are other things that I enjoy swallowing more.

    I never even had sex til after I finished college and had a career. Just got tired of being a virgin, which is natural. It is natural for women to have sex. It is natural for men to have sex. Why play games about it? So I went out, found a perfect stranger, and found out what that sweet spot between my legs is for.

    For a time I honestly thought about taking the business know-how I learned in college and using it to become an escort. I like sex, and have it every chance I get, so why not get paid? But somehow that would have been unnatural. If it was meant to be sold, my vulva would have had a price tag stamped on it from birth.

    So instead I just became a slut and made a lot of men very happy. Eventually I did settle down, and now I make one man very happy. We live traditionally. His job is to work and provide. My job is to run the house and spread my legs. I've never felt so sexy. Every day I meet him at the door, topless and on my knees. He sticks his dick down my throat and I swallow the whole thing ---along with the wonderful cum that follows. Then every night I ask him how he wants to fuck me and then get into position.

    Ladies --- seriously. Stop denying yourselves. Just embrace being a total slut. Acknowledge that you are just a set of holes here on earth to be used. You'll be much happier for it.

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    Straight Male / 38

    My wife sometimes get constipated. I love it because she's found the all natural way to relieve it. She lets me buttfuck her and cum up her ass a couple of days, sometimes 2 times a day and then it's all back to regular. Sometimes I get to fuck her ass in our "normal" sex life, but always when she's full.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I met a divorced woman of 45 who has the body and looks of girls my age. I was an outside consultant at her company and after the job was over she called and asked me to dinner. I accepted and after a few flirtatious dates was naked between her legs in her bed. She was and is great sexually, and personally. It's been a few months now that we've been fucking (her words) and she has started bringing out some of her kinks. I like it normally, especially having a woman who knows what she likes and doesn't care that it may be a little off the beaten path. However; she has really gone full tilt now and I'm glad she feels she can tell me what she wants and likes but some of it is very weird. Still she is the best fuck I've even experienced and probably the best looking woman or girl I've ever been with.

    It started off somewhat tame, spankings (both to her and to me), rough tit play, she even peed on the two of us in the shower and encouraged me to do the same. She begs for anal sex and I mean really rough, lightly lubed so I don't get hurt or my skin torn but she wants it rammed into her from the beginning to the end. After 2 weeks of sex she started calling her pussy her c**t, and even making me migrate my spanking there. Now it's pinching her nipples till they feel like they're going to squeeze off, pulling up her tits as far as I can while she lays down and moans, then screams as I hit her tit with my other hand so hard it pops out from between my finger and thumb. I have to do this top, bottom, left and right several times to each tit. Her tits are bruised blue half the time now. I must say I prefer her beautiful B cup tits normal in color. She has a very tight pussy but can take (and makes me put) my whole hand up her pussy. I have actually between fisting and spanking her twat, had her outer pussy lips black and blue with bruises. She kneels in the shower and takes my piss in her mouth and pisses all over me with her pussy. I've exposed her, fucked her in public places, and she is a total freak on hotel balconies, hallways etc.

    I love the sex, but don't love hurting a woman. I know next she'll want me to take a mouthful of her pee and I don't want that, much less whatever is coming next as she leaves the door open when she uses the toilet. I asked her if she does this with all men, and it was only her first husband. The second she never felt as if she could bring it up to him, and hasn't been with guys long enough to bring out her kinky side. Maybe it's because I'm only 2 years older than her daughter and she can keep me coming back for the best sex I've ever had. But I'm NOT going down the brown road, nor am I going to let her pee in my mouth like I do in hers.

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    Straight Male / 52

    On my trip to Thailand I spent eight days in Bangkok and two days in Pattiaya. I sampled a few of the bar girls and two street hookers. I had two massage, one of those at massage house, the other in a Mall in Bangkok. Was after lunch time and with two hours to waste I picked a two hour thai massage. The woman who gave me the massage was a pretty woman probably mid to late thirties. She gave me pants to wear but I left them laying across my ass.

    She massage me feet for a second and then my legs. She worked my legs to my ass, when she massaged me ass, I reached back and grabbed hers. She laughed and thought it was cute. She had turned the lights down real low and locked her door with a sign when she would be free.

    We played back and forth, she kissed the cheek of my ass and told me how nice and firm it was. She commented on my muscle tone and ask if i worked out. By then the ass cover was long gone. When I flipped over she changed. My cock not hard but pretty stiff got her attention. She was impressed with hos thick it was. She offered me sex for a price and when I said no, the price got less.

    Her lest offer was for free, she explained how she had a large pussy. She just wanted to feel it inside her. I told her that I did not have a condom and unprotected sex was out of the question. She left the room and returned with some sheep skin extra large condoms. She ripped the pack open and then started sucking my cock.

    I told her I did not have time for this, She said the massage would be FREE, if I would only let her put the condom on me and then feel my cock inside her.

    (hand to God this story is true)

    She kept sucking after she ask and then put the condom on me. She jumped to her feet and stood over me. She lowered her self down slowly on it. She ask me to pinch her nipples and tits. Harder she said as she popped up and down on it. Took her a few minutes and she busted her orgasm. She ask if I wanted her to stop after, I said yes, I told her to lay on the massage mat. She spread her legs for me and guided my cock in her. I got her off again and then finished in the condom.

    She softly kissed me neck and my chest while I laid there with my cock soaking inside her.

    I paid her for the massage as agreed, although she tried to refuse the money. She told me that she closed the shop at 10 pm, if i liked she would come to my room and massage me. At ten fifteen the front desk called my room, my massage woman had arrived. Was it ok to send her up.

    She brought a bag of oils lotions and condoms. She and I showered together and she insisted she wash me, that included EVERYTHING!!! front and back. She laid me on the bed and broke out the oils. She massaged the back she massaged the front, she sucked my cock and she rubbed the oil in my skin by rubbing her body all over mine. She ask if she could slide my cock inside her uncovered, I said no. She told me that I had nothing to worry about, She had no sickness and no fevers. She only gave hand jobs and refused to suck cocks. When she rarely had sex with anyone she demanded that wear a condom.

    I could not take that risk, she put the condom on and we had a nice night. She stayed with me all night, after that morning's wake up sex, she took me to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. She insisted she pay for breakfast. I tried to pay her for the massage, she put my money on the table before she left.

    She ask if she could come back tonight, She told me if I wanted a massage a blow job or just wanted more sex, come to her shop, she begged me to not go some place else. When I left she gave me her number, she said I should return. But not get a hotel. Just come stay at her apartment and let her take care of me. I found it strange a girl would refuse money when that's the goal of her business.

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    Straight Male / 47

    Upon graduating high school and moving away to college, a first cousin of mine who was absolutely gorgeous announced she would move to the same city and we could share an apartment. Both parents agreed that it was a great way to save money. After the family left and we were on our own, it was the first day and she came out of the shower totally nude and sat down beside me. She said there was no reason to cover up any more since we were going to be living in the same house and she wanted to go nude around the house since she'd never lived on her own and had the chance. I had no objections as I was looking at my size 2 cousin with incredible legs, ass, and tits that spilled out of her C cup bras. Long brown hair came down to her mid back and her hair was dark brown on her pussy. She told me she'd always had a "thing" for me and wanted to move with me when the time was right and had planned this for years in her mind. It wasn't long before the bathroom door was never closed, she and I would come in and talk to the other while taking baths. It was after she invited me into the shower and her scrubbing me all over taking a long time with my cock that we had our first fuck. After that we kept separate bedrooms, but hers was just a room for her to keep clothes, in case relatives came to check on us which the frequently did.

    She was fairly experienced in sex, I was less so. But here we were living as man and wife in our own place, I was getting blowjobs, sex, pussy eating and even anal sex eventually; taking her anal cherry (so she said). No one knew or even suspected anything except her sister, who visited us more than anyone else. When she would arrive, she took the spare room and my cousin/wife slept with me openly, and though normally quite noisy during sex and very vocal especially during anal sex; she loved yelling out so the neighbors could hear she was taking it up her ass. She even started going nude around the house when her sister was around, her sister doing the same and me also. No, I never got to fuck the sister and quite frankly she wasn't very appealing. Eventually; I moved to England, and my cousin due to some finances went into the army and we parted.

    We'd see each other through the years and family gatherings and holidays, the best of which was 2 years ago at a lakeside where she and her current husband; number 3, had a cottage. She asked me to come with her up the hill to their place and help her bring some food and drinks down. Immediately we kissed, I grabbed her now ample ass and even fatter tits, and next thing we know she was bent over their dining table with my cock going in and out of her asshole. I tried to put it in her pussy and she only let me to get it lubed and wet enough. Then told me she wanted my cum in her butt as her husband never did that and she could spend the day and night remembering all the years spent with my cum inside her. We proceeded down to the group with ample food and drinks and no one out of the 40 or 50 people there even suspected, until her sister asked me if I'd been satisfied up in the cottage and winked at me.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I was an on site consultant in Thailand for three months. Worked near a University with lots of free time. I had a few beers at a bar loaded with students. One student named Poi was nineteen and liked to dance with me. She was a beautiful face girl, with a thick body and legs. Small breast and a sweet smile. When I told her I was leaving the bar, she invited me to see her apartment.
    Once we got there she fixed me some noodles and we laid on her bed and ate them. I ask her to take her clothes off for me, but she was scared I would laugh at her. Promised her that would never happen, I was an adult and not some little boy.
    She undressed and laid on the bed with her hand covering her pretty face.

    I kissed her and rubbed her body, her breast and fingered her until she came for me. I removed my pants and ask if she was comfortable having sex without a condom, trusting me to pull out before I came. She said I could cum in her, she took birth control just in case she had the opportunity for something like this. She told me this would be her first time, she wanted it to be special.

    She was sexually active with toys but never with a real penis. When I slid it in her she ask me to go very slow. She wanted it to last a long time for her. I agreed to go slow and assured her it would last a long time.
    She gave me some great sex that night and every night for three weeks. She left for her intern position in Bangkok.

    Before I left the country I traveled to Bangkok and she stayed in my hotel room five nights. She sends me text and seems depressed. She's worried because of her being over weight that she might never have another guy. I want to go get that girl and bring her here to NC with me. She's very young but she makes me feel young at the same time.

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    Straight Male / 53

    (2001) the three of us, Angel, Amanda and myself, decided to go for drinks. we all worked together and had formed a friendship. Angel was a tall young muscular Latino, considered extremely good looking by all the waitresses and some of the waiters. Still in high school. Amanda was a tall slim bosomy hostess in her early twenties with a bubbly friendly ding-bat personality that she effected to good use in her job. I, at thirty-six years of age was considered the old man. Amanda was a flirt and a bit of a get around, and had been fucking Angel for some time, though they were not a couple. She and i were reasonably good friends and she had told me many stories of her sexcapades, its funny how girls get to talking to you when they think you're harmless. Angel had told me several fuck stories about her as well.

    we met at a local bar where i knew the bartenders wouldn't card Angel as he was with Amanda and me,we were regulars. Angel looked of age anyway, as he was tall and comported himself as an adult. we're having a great time, doing shots and getting fucked up, singing to songs on the jukebox, Angel and i taking turns dancing with Amanda, then the three of us dancing together as we got drunker. it was a preface of Angel and i taking turns with Amanda later on at my place.

    "let's do body shots!" i say. Amanda grins, knowing what's coming. we order three more shots of tequila. "ok, ok, ok, let's do this!" Angel licks Amanda's neck, sprinkles some salt on it, and places the lime in her mouth. "whoo hoo, yeah!" he licks the salt off her, does the shot then takes the lime out of her mouth with his. "aagh! good stuff!" "my turn" i say. Amanda turns to me, squeezing her big tits together so that they are kinda spilling out of her low top. "where do you wanna lick me?" "" i say as i lick the top of her big tit and squeeze her ass at the same time. "mmm". she smiles at me, rubbing her big knockers against my chest. "gimme the salt, Angel". i sprinkle some on the wet spot,lick her, do my shot then take the lime out of her mouth with mine. "oh yeah, mmm!" i smile at her. now she's between us, bumping me with her hip and her arm around Angels waist. "mine, i want mine". "ok". she licks both our necks, does her shot, then takes the lime outta Angels mouth with her's. she starts to kiss him while rubbing her ass against me. i run my hand over her hips and ass and she wiggles for me, for us. i get the sense that she wants to fuck us both. she turns around to me, smiles, reaches for my beer and takes a swig. yeah, i'm gonna fuck her.

    she macks on Angel, then turns around and kisses me. the place is crowded and noisy, we've moved from the bar to a booth. she's making out with both of us. Angel is finger banging her under the table, she's running her hand over my cock through my pants. we decide its time for us to leave.

    back at my place, we do some coke. "oh fuck, this gets me so horny" she says. we all sit down on the couch, her in the middle. Angel kisses her, then takes her top off and frees her gigantic hooters from her bra. they pop out, BOING! big, round and firm like cantaloupes, with big brown puffy nipples on them. she does that thing that girls with big tits do, kinda a shoulder shrug that squeezes them together, smiles at us, tilts her head and wiggles her jugs at us. i take off my pants as does Angel.i grab a handful of tit and take a puffy nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, squeezing the other one. Angel kisses her. she takes our hard cocks, one in each hand, and starts stroking them, nice and slow. she takes out her retainer, leans over and starts sucking him while still fondling me. he lays back, eyes closed, running his fingers through her hair. "mmm, yeah, yeah, that feels good" he moans, bucking his hips. funny, i never knew she was missing her two front teeth! of course not, that's what the fake teeth are for. she kinda looks like a hillbilly without them, but i don't care, i just wanna fuck that rocking bod she's got.

    i reach over and run my hands over her bare back. her skin is warm, nice and smooth. i slide my hands down to her ass, slip my hands into her little booty shorts, cup her ass cheeks, then slide her shorts down her long legs and off. she's now nude on her back, Angel's up and feeding her his long hard cock into her mouth, she's making those small noises that girls make when they like to give head. she's got her legs spread, i stick a finger into her nice pussy with its trimmed chestnut bush. she spreads her legs wider and puts her hand on mine, putting my finger on her clit. "right there, put your finger right there and rub it in a circle". she starts rolling and bucking her hips, and i feel her getting wet. hell,i can smell her getting wet, sharp but not unpleasant.

    Angel gets between her long legs and puts her feet behind her head, spreading her pussy nice and wide for his cock. i can tell they've done this before, she's limber like a contortionist, her knees behind her elbows and her hands on her ass, her young 23 year old pussy spread open waiting for his even younger high-school cock. he slips into her nice and easy, then starts pounding her punani hard. i watch for a little bit, drinking my vodka, then put my cock on her lips, she opens her mouth and starts to hungerly suck on the head. she's panting and moaning in time to his thrusts, her head rocking back and forth to his rhythm, to my thrusts into her sucking mouth. i'm squeezing and kneading those big round fun bags of hers, she's got her eyes closed, giving me a hummer. damn, she looks so fucking hot! legs up, getting her pussy pounded, big tits bouncing as she's getting vigorously fucked, my dick in her mouth...

    Angel fucks her like that for awhile, then we decide to put her on the piano bench on all fours for easy access to all her holes. we switch up, he gets her mouth. i get behind her and fuck her doggy style, sticking my thumb up her ass while sliding my cock into her nice little pussy. oh dear goddess,she feels so fucking good, looks so fucking hot, a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy...she pushes back against me, her ass-hole spasming and clenching around my thumb as i stick it in her to feel my cock head gliding back and forth inside her. "mmmm...oh...ah...oh..." she's groaning in ecstasy, moaning and writhing as we impale her with our rigid firm cocks on each end. "ok, i wanna fuck her some more" Angel says. i pull out and he immediately takes my place in her pussy, gripping her hips and fucking her hard. "yeah, fuck...ah,i'm gonna cum, baby!" "yeah, do it, give it to me give it to me! harder, harder!, oh, oh!" she cries as he cums and empties his balls into her snatch. "nngh argh nnnn!" he stumbles away from her and collapses on the couch. "my turn again, i wanna cum in you too" i say as Amanda turns to look over her shoulder at me. "yeah, stick it in me!" she says, wiggling her ass, Angel's cum dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy. its swollen, her lips kinda hanging out, glazed in cum and slickery. i get behind her and glide right into her warm, slick wet pussy, loose from getting fucked by two cocks one right after another. dayum, i love the feel of a creampie, a freshly fucked loose pussy wrapped around my thick cock...i fuck her like that, putting my hands on her shoulders and fucking her easy...then i pull out and lead her by her hair, making her crawl on her hands and knees, on over to the couch where i wanna finish her off. "up" i say, she gets on her back and assumes the position she was in when Angel first started fucking her earlier. "mmm, i wanna fuck you like that, i'm gonna suck on those nipples while i fuck your little pussy, baby, and then i'm gonna squeeze your skinny little ass when i fill that pussy up with my hot cum" i tell her. i glide back into her warm wet pussy, it feels soooo so good wrapped around my thickness. i look down and watch my brown cock go in and out of her, her pussy lips gripping it, me pulling it out till only her lips are wrapped around the swollen head, then pushing it back in. her slick wet snatch is making slurping sounds as i slide in and out, lubricated by young Angel's abundant load he shot into her before me. "mmm, yeah, do it, do it to me, fill me up, let me feel it" she says. she rubs her bodacious ta tas on my hairy chest as i pump her snatch with long strokes, grabbing and cupping her ass as she wraps those long legs around me. i suck on her tits, she moans and runs her manicured nails down my back, i love that! "harder, scratch me, dig them into my back, scratch me!" "yes, yes, cum in me Richard!" my cock throbbing, i shoot my load into her, adding to the cum Angel already put into her. "oh, fuck, fuckFUCK!" i release her ass cheeks and collapse on top of her, panting, then roll off her, only to find Angel immediately getting between her legs and starting to fuck her again. "round 3, baby!" he grins, throwing her legs over his shoulders and fucking her hard again. Amanda is moaning and panting, bucking against him, running her hands over his chest. "yes, fuck me, don't stop, don't stop". and we didn't, all night, just taking turns fucking her.

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    Straight Male / 28

    It's a vast mystery and has to be so for us all. I'm now almost in my 30's and I met one of my good friends in college freshman year. Soon enough, she invited me home for dinner knowing that I was living far from my home. When I met her mother, she and I had a thunderbolt meeting and the 20 year difference between us had no meaning. We did not speak of it but gave each other long, knowing glances for years.

    After knowing her for two years, I was in the kitchen helping her clean up after a meal with her family. She whispered, finally, "I know what you want and I want the same thing, but it's just not in the cards." I did not want to hear that or acknowledge the truth of it but time passed and we were just two ships passing in the night. Those few words of truth and contact made a lot of difference, however. They told me that it was real and not imagined.

    I did not want to dishonor the very real feelings we had for each other by writing a fiction so if some are disappointed, my apologies. Sometimes life is just a puzzle but in my view, honesty pays off.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    My husband and I have been married for 40 years. After some time things got quiet and all we did was work. Fifteen years ago a girl went to work for my husband and he talked about her. I met her, we had lunch, she was nice and pretty and very feminine. I told him that night from what I saw when we had lunch she was open to him. Why not get with her and get some spice in our lives. I told him our lives, he repeated our lives, and I said why not, I needed something new too.

    All naked and stripped of all her clothes she looked so tiny to me, five feet and 110 pounds, but she had all the right parts and he could lift her and nail her which just sent me into a spin. She wasn't really open to it at the time, but I told her that I wanted to give her a love kiss and prepare her before he had sex with her. It was the first time ever that I went down on another woman, and when I did she was definitely another woman and I found I really enjoyed it, immediately addicting.

    She was our third part for a couple of years and although she always said she only participated with me because he asked her to, for me it opened a whole new world of sex I hadn't known and even if she says it was obligatory, I enjoyed it when I was foreplay for her.

    He became her sole lover and over the next ten years we had several women who were amenable to being with both a man and woman. It was both women who didn't mind the woman before the man, and lesbians who didn't mind the man. What we had a hard time with was hitting the mark. We never hit the mark.

    Three years ago, I will say quite unintentionally, my husband who could not be distant from Celeste, went to see her and he fucked her silly that afternoon. She hadn't been with him for several weeks, and whatever he did he recemented with her. She came over for dinner, she and I went to a play together. She was now 38 and not 26, after a lot of denial she admitted what I knew but I needed to hear, she had not been with anyone except him all these years.

    I asked her if she was ready to come back to us, both of us, I still liked her, in fact I told her I had never really liked any of the other women that we had gotten together with, and I wanted her back too. But I needed her to want to come back to both of us. If she was going to stay only with him I understood, but I was honest, right then sitting with her I hungered for her pussy and I told her. I told her, he had her to play with, but I was playing around with other girls too. But eating pussy of other women was not the same, I hungered for her pussy and I wanted to be with her when she and my husband had sex.

    We got together again, the years had taken their toll, my husband can't lift her and nail her in the air like he used to, but she can bend over and he can get her that way. Eating her after a ten year break was also different. She wasn't the young woman she was, scared of being with the two of us, now she was offering it, giving it up so she could be made to want him more. And it is not only her pussy anymore, I get the whole package, during our years apart I learned to appreciate a girl head to toe, and having all of her is particularly satisfying. Especially because it is her.

    I told my husband that I mean it when I tell her I love her, and I want to hear from her that she loves me, us, not just him. I know that her love for him has never stopped, she has always been his. I want her to be mine too, because if one woman owns me it is her, she always has, from that very first day we met having lunch. I had never hungered for another woman until that day, and I have never stopped hungering for her. From the day I first met her I wanted to kiss her and make love with her, and every time I am with her I want to kiss her and make love with her.

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