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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 45

    My husband of 6 years is either a jerk or a very nice guy. There is no in between.
    He is always so horny.
    When he's nice he will put a wireless remote controlled toy in both of my holes and randomly turn them on and off. Driving me crazy but he let's me cum.
    When he's being a jerk he will expect me to bend over and take a pounding until he cums.
    He expects sex anywhere anytime. I had friends over about a week ago and he said if I didn't follow him into the bedroom my friends would be watching me get fucked.
    We were at a party a couple of months ago and he made me follow him upstairs and bend over the railing. I try to tell him no but he says a good wife services her husband's needs. He has threatened many times to fuck me in front of people.
    The worst time was when we were at my parents house and he said I need to cum. I tried to tell him wait until we get home but he grabbed my wrist and we wound up behind the shed with my skirt up and his pants down to his knees. If I had more orgasms I would be ok with sex all over the place but it's for his benefit.

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    Straight Female / 51

    This lonely Mississippi housewife had some fun sexting with strangers today.sent many pictures of my big titties and shaved pussy with my 2 Bob piercing of my pussy lips.but I really wish that I could have found a stranger here in Pike county Mississippi to come to my house and do what he please,anything but handcuffs and being tied up. This 51 yr old housewife keeping a wet pussy and my body is whole,my ovaries are really putting out. Anyone willing to take a walk on the wild side tomorrow 8-2-18.text me and say let's walk..6013411649

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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a lonly housewife in Pike county Mississippi looking for a sex buddy in Pike county Mississippi Wednesday 8-1-18 if someone wants to sexy me I'm game. Sharon 6013411649 take a walk on the wild side..

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    In 2003 I was a new hire. The man who hired me took me to lunch that day and after giving me all the dos and don'ts of the office commented on how nice I looked and asked me to stand up and turn for him. On the way out I though he patted my derriere but I dismissed it. When we got to the car he insisted on belting me in and his hand wandered over my breast. I was locked in and he held my face and told me that nice girls get ahead and his hand fell on my breast and he groped me.

    He fucked me two days later. It was that quick. I became his office romance and it was public. In 2005 another girl came to work. She is a very pretty woman and a bit too well endowed up top. My lover and boss liked her from the start and he went after her. I was very jealous and I warned her to keep away from him. But she played a different game and she gave him a blowjob in his office. After the blowjob my boss called me on it and asked why I had never given him a blowjob in his office.

    He told me that I was still his number one squeeze, but he wanted her bad and intended to fuck 'her eyes out'. When he did fuck her a couple of weeks later she let him fuck her in the back door. Again he complained to me, why didn't I give him anal. If I was his main squeeze he should be able to get blowjobs and anal sex and he shouldn't have to look for some new girl to give him what I should have been giving him all along.'

    He gave me an ultimatum, step up or maybe she was going to replace me. She didn't stop seeing him and he started asking me for a threesome with her. He wanted to go from flower to flower, fucking her a little and fucking me a little, pollinating both of us at the same time. In the end I gave him the office blowjob and I gave him anal sex and I allowed him to have sex with both of us at the same time. That night when he had us both with him he asked me to kiss her, when I didn't he asked her to kiss me and she did. In the bathroom later she told me to ease up, it was only sex, and guys liked watching girls make out.

    From then on she would always kiss me on the mouth, a full on kiss. One afternoon after we had gone to a department lunch we were standing in the parking lot and she told me that she wanted a kiss, a real kiss from me, to kiss her strong and full. I thought she was crazy but she grabbed me and pulled me up to her and asked for the kiss again, to kiss her. It wasn't much of a kiss, but it was a kiss with her arms around me and the story got out. She told her close friends that we were an item, that we got together all the time.

    Our boss kept us both on the string, and we both did what he wanted. We had lots of three way sex, he got off to pollinating us both, in a little with one of us and then in a little with the other one, and we performed for him. By then she went down on me regularly before we had sex with him and she got me to go down on her. The more I went down on her the more I liked it, I liked it a lot more than giving blowjobs which hurt my jaw. She had these washes that she bought at this sex store and we would wash our pussies before going sixty-nine. We had lots of anal sex, lots of anal sex, and lots of anal sex pollinating from one to the other.

    In a matter of a year I was doing things I had never considered before, perverted by her and him. In 2007 I decided to get out of the relationship, get another job and move, get another job in a different city and move. But it is 2018, ten years later and I gave him a blowjob in his car. I met him at a Starbucks last Thursday afternoon and we went out to his car and I gave him a blowjob. I don't do other girls, and I don't do other guys. She has this hold over me and she has me show her by going down on her. Eat everything, make her cum. I ran away, but I didn't run far enough. My full on kisses with her are real, they aren't fake anymore, when we make out we make out, when I introduce her I introduce her as my girlfriend. When I introduce him I introduce him as my ex boss. I don't say that he is my ex boss with benefits. She and I live together, we work at different places and he still has a key and we have to make room for him when he comes over.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I am a second generation Latina working in retail at a Coach store in a high end mall. We have to dress and wear make up. I wear a black sweater with a black skirt or with black pants. There is a man who works at one of the banks in the area and he comes by and looks at hand bags and doesn't buy anything. When he talks to me he is always staring at my chest, he just glances now and then at my face. My coworkers notice, and he never speaks to them.

    At first it bothered me, it was creepy. Now I pull my shoulders back and let him look. I get wet, sometimes really wet standing there. I saw him in the food court but I did not go up to him. I wonder what he is thinking about when he stares at my chest? I wonder if he knows that I masturbate and I think about him and grab my boobs really hard.

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    Straight Female / 41

    wow, I have been masturbating wildly for 45mins and it was flowing. I just wish I could ride. I need some more and more. dick that feels great.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I was at an older womans house, one who I'd been fucking since I was 16, she was 58 at the time. She took my cherry and introduced me to all kinds of sex. I also would have sex with her older or sometimes fatter friends if not too old. She left me alone in her place with a younger but very fat woman of about 35 or so. She said for me to have some fun. I'd been out with family for a couple of weeks vacation and didn't even have time and space to jack off for two weeks. I was horny as shit. This fat girl let me suck her tits, I was naked and she was in a loose top, took off her bra, and a skirt. She was sucking my dick and I was rubbing her tits, her ass, and when I tried to get to her pussy she closed up and told me no. I couldn't believe it, I told her that I thought she wanted to fuck and she said she did. Eventually she admitted she'd been born a guy and had a cock, tiny, but a cock nonetheless. She said I could use her mouth or even her ass to cum, if I liked doing anal sex. Well, that has been my favorite but I'd only once had to do anything with a guy and that was a year ago with one of the older womans friends. All this time the girl (I guess!) was rubbing my cock, and I was at full hardness, she said she'd never had this big a cock before. She was already lubed, and I make her strip naked, played with her butt and her "clit" as she called it then turned her over and fucked her ass hard and fast. She was moaning and groaning as I pummeled that asshole. I shot two weeks of cum up her ass. Then pulled out, stuck it in her mouth and she cleaned me off totally.

    When my older friend came back she asked the "girl" if she got what she wanted and she said definitely. Then she left and my friend thanked me for taking care of her. I didn't even give a shit, I was horny and wanted a place to fuck and cum.

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    Straight Female / 53

    I was riding home on the train. The train was packed, heavier than normal because it was raining outside. I ended being pushed up against this businessman. If I turned around I was under his arms looking up at him, if I turned back around my butt was up against him rubbing against his leg. I chose to face the train and not look up at him. The train lurched and his hand went around me and stood me up and he asked me if I was ok. His arm was holding me up under my boobs, I was tight up against him, he was talking into my ear. I twisted around so I was facing him and he put his arm around me and pulled me up against him and I put my arms around his waist.

    He was talking to me so I had to look up, he asked me my name, where I lived, did I live alone, did I have a boyfriend or was I alone, he moved his hand down over my butt and told me that I had a cute little butt the kind that a man liked to hold. If it bothered me to let him know. I was really against him, holding him around the waist and he had his hands on my butt holding me up. He told me I was a cute girl and I making him get excited for me. I started to feel his penis against me and he told me to hold on tighter he didn't want anyone to notice what I was doing to him.

    When the train started to empty out we found two seats and he put his arm behind my back and left his hand on my shoulder. He asked me if I liked being held because he really liked holding me. When we got to my stop he told me that I couldn't leave him like that, just get up and leave, that I should go with him to his apartment. He held me by the shoulders and asked for a kiss and he told me to remember that it was my fault that he was all worked up.

    I stayed with him, I told him my real name, I told him that I lived with my cousin, I apologized that I had lied to him when we were standing up. I asked what he was going to do with me. If he was going to r**e me or hurt me. He just kissed me and told me that I was going to be all right and he would take me home later, but first I had to be nice to him and he was going to be nice to me.

    At his stop he had me hold his hand until we got to his building. We went up to the third floor and into his apartment which faced the street. He let me look out the window. He asked me how many times I had done it with a man. He said he wanted to know because if it was my first time he was going to be gentle with me. He pulled the curtains closed and sat on the chair and asked me to let him take my clothes off. When he got to my bra I covered my boobs with my hand. He told me to let him suck a tittie. He rolled down my panties and whistled and blue gently between my legs. He put his hands behind me holding me by the butt and put his face between my legs and kissed me and licked me. He asked me to tell him if I had been screwed before. I confessed to him that I hadn't, the most I had done was make out.

    He told me how cute he thought I was, he took me by the hand to the room and undid the bed and told me to sit on the bed while he got undressed. When he was in his shorts he told me not to get scared but he was going to ask me to hold his penis and put it in my mouth so that I knew what it tasted like. He pulled his shorts down and told me to grab him and put it in my mouth. He wanted me to lick him, to run my tongue up and down him, to think of my mouth as my vagina, to remember that a man liked the girl to really treat him nice with her mouth and tongue. He had become really erect and hard. He pushed me back so I fell on the bed and he crawled over me putting his knee between my legs.

    He whispered that he was going to go gentle, but that I had to open my legs so he could find my vagina. He was over me holding himself up with one arm and using the other hand to put his penis in my vagina. Then he said there that it was all in and he was going to start to fuck me and to enjoy it. After a minute he pulled out of me and laid me up further on the bed and he got on again and this time I really felt it when he put it in. In the end I guess he was gentle, I didn't have any pain and he didn't hurt me.

    After we got dressed he walked me to the train and rode with me to my stop and walked me to my cousin's apartment. When I was walking away up to the door of the building he told me I had a really cute butt, the kind of butt that he liked to hold. He waited until I was indoors and then walked away back to the train.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I love to tease Older business men on buses and trains.

    I'm petite Latina teen who fantasizes about public indiscrete sex. It turns me on to think that I can get some white old guy hot and bothered. I sometimes push it a bit to see just how far they'll go.

    I know it's kind of cruel, but I'm petite and still look young but am 19.
    I like to wear the Catholic school uniform that I got at the second hand store on buses and trains.
    I get very aroused and have to hurry and get home afterwards to take care of myself.

    Here's the scenario, I'm about 5' even and only weigh about 112 lbs.
    I have big brown eyes and small (petite) breasts. I wear my hair in a pony-tail.
    I swear I could pass for a sophomore or junior. I never forget the Mango Body Mist. Turns them on.
    The regulation green plaid mini-skirt I have is altered and rides about four inches above my knee.
    With knee high socks and skimpy little pink panties that are hardly cover my pussy.

    I generally ride alone but while I'm downtown, I hop on after a bunch of students.
    Usually there are several heavyset older white men. Suits and ties. If it's packed (which is usually is) I put in my ear buds and turn up the tunes. So I slide in between two guys wearing wedding rings and act like I don't see them checking me out. I'm chewing my watermelon bubble gum and nodding my head to the beat.

    As soon as one of these corporate guys makes eye contact, I give them one of my angelic little smiles. That's about all it takes too. At first he's about a foot and a half behind me and within two blocks, I can feel his elbow slightly touch my back. Barely noticeable at first. We're in the isle right behind the back of a seat.
    Then he I can feel his body press into my back. Since there a bunch of people around, he kind of smiles apologetically down at me like "sorry". I smile back. He doesn't back up though.
    I kick it up a notch and bounce a little to the beat of the music. I can tell he's really trying to see down my blouse. He's discovered that several of my buttons were missing and he could get a great glimpse.
    I wore a bra that was too big so that my nipples would be easily in view.
    Just then he pressed into me a bit harder and I could clearly feel the bulge of his cock pressing into my lower back. I just pretended not to notice and started moving a little more. His cock was throbbing back at me.
    He was so turned on just then cause he forgot himself. He slid his left foot between mine letting his boney knee rest in between my thighs. He moved his laptop bag to our side so it would be hard to see what he was doing.
    He was moving his leg up and down and in and out like he was fucking me with it. When I didn't turn or move, he reached out with his free hand and slid his hand up my thigh and reached over my panties waste band and pulled. That material tore free without a sound. He had me pinned against the chair and was feverishly rubbing at my clit.
    If anyone else knew what was going on, I couldn't tell. His cock was grinding into my back as he worked my little pussy.
    The whole time he kept a straight face and wasn't even looking at me anymore.
    I was so excited. I didn't think he would take it so far. I almost wished he would find a way to slide it in right then and there. This got me over the edge and I could hold in a little moan. He heard me cause he shoved in his middle finger just then and made me cum. He held it there until my body relaxed.

    He straightened up his clothes and walked off the bus at the next stop. Never looked at me.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I'm a night security officer at a large Corporation. Mostly I sit in front of many video screens and make sure everything stays quiet. At 10pm a group of custodians come into the building to clean offices and restrooms. Now it's when I have to pay attention to make sure nobody does anything, or goes into places they shouldn't be.

    One night I was reading a book and noticed one of the female custodian's enter one of the conference rooms. It was Amelda, a Hispanic girl about mid twenties. She began to vacuum and empty trash cans as I had seen her do many times over.

    She was polishing the conference table when one of the other custodian's walked in. Amelda smiled and they began to talk for a moment. There was no audio but she was talking to Marco one of the older custodians of the group.

    Suddenly they embraced and started to make out like lovers. Marco had his hands on her breasts and reaching for her ass, pulling her against him. I waited for a moment figuring a hot kiss and they would go back to work.

    Marco pushed Amelda back and downward onto her knees. I saw him tug his zipper and suddenly Marco whipped out a fucking big dick, it had to be ten inches! Amelda smiled as Marco put his big dick in her face. She took that big bastard with both hands and began to suck and jerk his massive dick.

    I didn't pay attention to the time but in a few minutes Marco pushed Amelda away from his dick and he started jerking it in her face. A thick rope of cum shot out of Marco's dick, some of it went over Amelda's head, the rest was a direct shot to her lovely face. She put her hand outward as if to fend of the surge of cum but Marco slapped her hand to the side.

    He milked every drop on her face and stood back looking at what he had done. He stuffed his spent dick into his pants and left. Amelda remained on her knees for several moments before she could stand up and walk over to her cart. She used paper towels to clean some of her face off, I could see his cum in her dark color hair. Amelda left the conference room and I saw her walk to the ladies room around the corner.

    This wasn't the only time I saw Marco and his big dick. There was an older lady Simone, she looked to be around fifty years old. Marco had Simone on her knees a few times in the conference room. I was a bit impressed with Simone, that gal did her best to swallow Marco's massive load.

    Well everything good comes to an end they say. I guess Marco and a few others of the crew didn't have paperwork to be in the US. They were replaced by another group of folks and there was nothing to see after they arrived....................

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