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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 18

    Actually Iâm 16 and I love making boys cum. I love watching their faces as they get close, but Iâm torn between watch the cum shoot out or watching their expressions. The boys in school all know that I like giving handies. The best part is when I keep playing with them after they cum, they squirm so much

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    Straight Male / 35


    My ex-girlfriend and I used to watch porn involving animals. She was way more into it than I was, but I was okay watching it because how insanely horny she got after watching it. She loved watching dogs fuck some chick and loved when they came in her.

    She'd get all worked up and want to try crazy shit all the time. We loved fucking in places where we could get caught. Or on webcam in front of people. She would let me fuck her ass while she held the camera close so everyone had a good view.

    She also used to enjoy walking around town with cum on her face. Thats something else we watched before. I actually liked that. Just knowing that people seen it, and knew my cum was all over her face.

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    Straight Male / 36

    A co-worker in my company, Dan, and I became friends and would meet for lunch most days. After a year or so when I felt confident in my association with him, he confessed that his daughter, Emily, had seduced him. He explained it all in some detail and I did not judge him but asked why he had told me.

    He said it has been going on for three years and his guilt was eating him up. He wanted to know if I could intervene and tell her why what was going on was wrong. He talked to her and she accepted a meeting for the three of us. When I met her I found it difficult to believe that she was 19 so I asked to see her driver's license. She said she understood and showed it to me.

    Physically, she still looked very young but as I quickly learned, she had a first rate mind. She convinced me that her choice of her dad was the only one to keep her away from unwanted relationship that might screw up her college studies. We spoke of her dad's guilt and found that the issue was complex and seemed to have no terminal point. She was blunt and said that something was driving her sexually and she needed a man she liked fucking her steadily to maintain a "balance" she spoke about needing.

    Far from a psychologist, I had nowhere to go with the issue. Emily bluntly came and and asked if I would consider taking her father's place as a sexual surrogate. After a long talk with my friend, Dan, we agreed to try it. I was set aback a little by the fact that we were all treating the issue so clinically when I never gave a single thought of sex as anything clinical. Emily and I ended up in her little bedroom with her roommate out of the apartment. We disrobed and it was then that I first felt inklings of lust for Emily even though she had such a young appearance, mostly because her breasts were undeveloped.

    Emily was on her back nude, her legs spread wide and with no foreplay, asked me to "go ahead". Already erect, I slid my cock into her vagina, already soaked. She clamped on with her arms and began rapid pelvic thrusts that were bringing on a climax so I told her to slow down and she did. Since then she and I have become lust partners and I have successfully replaced Dan. I noticed the times when I would meet her mother and receives long, "knowing" looks from her so I asked Emily to keep our relationship confidential and she told me that her mother knows everything. It had been she who instigated the father's involvement in the first place.

    Suddenly I knew that being with her mother was not a question. What is a question was when. I'm not at all sure about that possible complication.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have fantacised about my wife having sex with a black man for several years. She has kidded me about fucking black men and knows it turns me on.
    So for our anniversary I booked a vacation at Hedonism II in Ocho Rios Jamaica. We both knew she would be fucked by at least one black Jamaican while there. It was on our first night that she was seduced on the dance floor, her clothes removed (many people were naked) and she was fucked right there in front of everyone. She had 2 wild orgasms and I loved watching her. She was not the only woman fucked on the dance floor. I jerked off under the table watching. It was fantastic.
    Now, back home, after her being fucked by 6 or 7 Jamaicans, she only wants black men now. I am a happy horny cuckold who beats his meat every day. I love cleaning her pussy after she has sex in our bed. I must be a sicky! But I love it.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My Wife's Step Mum,

    My late wife had a Step mum, as her dad and mum got divorced, and re married, her mum moved to southern England with her new Husband, where she still lives, her dad and new Step Mum remained in the home where she grew up, now that I have established the make up of my late wife's family ( which is relevant ) to what I have to tell.

    My late wife's Dad suddenly took ill, and was diagnosed with a terminal Brain Tumour, which subsequently claimed his life, within 18 months, despite treatment. Leaving his wife ( My other half's Step Mum ) a widow, she had a son to him who was 14 at the time of his dad's death, my late wife's half brother, and this lad had become addicted to soft drugs initially, but he progressed to the hard stuff quite quickly, this lead to a catalogue of problems and criminal activity. I am quickly stating things so an understanding of the background of what I am about to write, is the basis of what was to occur.

    The half brother who I shall call Jack, and the Step Mum who I will refer to as Joanna, were by now in the position of harden junkie and loving mother, which he exploited to the full and then some, and his drug taking had lead to all sorts of occurance's, especially with drug dealers. These people would turn up at the door demanding money with menaces, which lead to Police involvement, it also lead to my late wife and I having to stay with them, to try and help Joanna cope with what was going on. Our phone would go at all hours, Joanna being on the phone because of some drug related problem or another.

    One particular night around 11.30 P.M. we were in bed when the phone went, and Joanna was in hysterics, as people had turned up and were refusing to leave unless they were paid a good whack of money for drugs that Jack had apparently gotten, and was due to pay for, and they were either going to cause harm or damage the house, so my late wife said to me ' Can't you go over, as you are more able to deal with these folk, so with apprehension and trepidation , I reluctantly went to their house.

    Hav ing arrived I quickly established that there were three men and a woman, in the house who were refusing to leave, they soon saw sense because I had a vinyl coated carbon fibre tipped pick shaft, and none of them fancied being introduced to it, so they up and left vowing to return. I phoned my late Mrs and told her what had happened.She asked me to stay with them just in case, they came back, so reluctantly I stayed.

    Joan na decided to crack open a bottle of Brandy, which she quite often did, and after a while her tongue started to become loose, and she was uttering a load of gobbledegook really and continued to become quite drunk, she then fell asleep. Now Joanna was in her 50's and she was a good looking woman, a good catch for someone, and the way that she had sat down her skirt had ridden up revealing a nice pair of sexy thighs, which got me going a bit I have to say.

    I decided to go to bed, Jack had decided to go to his mates, I thought I may as well go home, and was about to get my coat and leave, when Joanna woke up from her drunken sleep, she immediately pleaded with me to stay, saying she was scared to be there hereself, and that she would feel more safer if I stayed, so reluctantly I agreed.

    J oanna decided to have some more brandy and asked me if I wanted one, I just thought why not as I'm going to be staying, after that things got a bit haywire, Joanna started ranting again about various things, then she said to me, I feel sorry for you as your a decent guy, ' a diamond in the rough ' and I replied ' I'm not sure what you mean ' ? or why. She proceeded to tell me of my late wife's infidelity with three different men two of which I knew.

    I instantly thought what a load of bollocks until she told me the days and times, that shook me as anyone can imagine, I was going to go home right away but I couldn't drink and drive so I decided to wait til morning, and had some more brandy.

    Joanna got up and went to the loo and then went and got changed into her nightie and housecoat, and returned to the lounge, where she tripped up over the cat and landed sprawled out on the floor, I heard her cry out in pain, so I went over to try and help her, she said her right ankle was really painful,and I managed to get her onto the sofa. I then went and got some ice in a tea towel and put it on her ankle.

    I sat beside her at the other end of the sofa allowing her to support her legs across my thighs, now as I stated before she had nice legs, after a while I checked her ankle to see if there was anything up, but it was ok, nothing broken, she said to me you have very strong hands but that they were also very gentle.

    I had some more brandy as did she and somehow I found myself softly stroking her calf's, she didn't say much or protest, but slid down the sofa a bit revealing more of her legs up to her thighs, and I found myself starting to get a semi stiffy, all the time I was softly stroking her legs, I heard her moan a little and next thing she's grabbed my hand and guided it up the inside of her thighs, which I instantly liked as did she, I continued to move my hand up and down her thighs, eventually touching her panties, which I could tell were very wet, she was moaning quite a lot by this time, next thing she has pulled her foot up and rubbed it over my crotch, my cock instantly went rigid.

    She said to me well I am certainly pleased to have felt that and she then pulled her nightie down revealing her lovely tits, my cock was throbbing like fuck, she then stood up took my hand pulled me up onto my feet and felt my stiff cock through my jeans, and she just looked at me and took me by the hand upstairs to her room where she stripped me and I relieved her of her nightie and panties and we got on the bed where I fingered her and ate her and then mounted her and rode her she was going wild screaming at me shag me harder harder fill me and boy did I fill her when I shot my load I thought my balls were gonna burst I had filled her with a copius amount of spunk.

    She had some body on her for a 50 something I was 39 at the time, I shagged her again and we both fell asleep, I shagged her again in the morning, but I did feel guilty and I said so to her, and she said I was serious about what I told you about X my Mrs so she could have no complaint if she ever found out, but she wasn't going to say anything because she wanted more, and wanted to ensure that she got it.

    Sadly my Mrs became ill and was diagnosed with Lung & Liver cancer, it was terminal and she died a month after diagnosis, it was a difficult time, but at least I was being ' comforted ' by my late wife's Step Mum well into her 60's she had a great body even for a mature woman, I often think about her and invariably when I do I get a throbbing hardon, she sadly passed away too about 5 years ago, due to a blood clot on her lung she was 70, I'm 58 now but I wont ever forget Joanna the sexy Step Mum.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I read here about others who graduated from mowing lawns, etc, in certain lady's homes. I was tutored by a really s really oversexed uncle Pete, who taught me tricks about women's lawns and shrubs. One of my customer's with a large lawn, Florence, was 50 and I was 17. She had a gym room in her large house and never closed the door, sometimes wearing little more than a cotton top and bottom that clung to her body when we worked out in it.

    I found it impossible to just stand and watch her but I learned to walk by outside the room when she was facing the door with some kind of workout. Before walking by I would take my cock out and stroke it up then tuck it into my pants and walk by. I did not count the number of times I did it but was getting tired of the activity when I noticed one time she spotted my boner and stopped working out for a moment or two, in short, missing some activity.

    Flo was, for her age, fit and in amazing shape. She was my height and at the time I was 6' tall. She was a high priced corporate attorney and had a large home, including a teen-aged boy, me, helping around. What turned me on most about her, strangely enough, was muscular thighs and curvy legs with large calves all running into a large, clearly delineated camel toe between her legs. I imagined my mouth on it working at it for months.

    After some time with me walking by displaying a boner under my short pants or jeans, she began to engage me in small chats. Then she asked me to sit with her for some ice cold tea. The day we finally made physical contact was blurry due to my excitement but it came like a thunderstorm and I realized that she was loaded with a much pent up sexual frustration that I carried.

    In moments, we were both naked and I was eating her out like made, making my long held fantasies into life. I heard her said, "Holy shit, holy shit, oooohhhh, GOD that's good. I never had that, don't stop, don't stop." Her words segued into a climax and that was before we started to fuck. In the early times we fucked daily and I told my horny uncle everything. He would excuse himself, go to the toilet and jerk off. Then he would return and offer me guidance. As it turned out, Florence was getting the wildest, knowing, middle-aged sex she ever had but from a teen-aged boy with a muscular teen-aged body, stamina and sex hunger. There was no better venue for her.

    Soon enough, Flo, still more than 30 years older than me, was falling in love with me and I with her. We whispered little expressions of affection for each other. After our first year as secret lovers, Flo took me to a wonderful dinner on her 51st birthday. I recall in the upscale restaurant where you get served by half a dozen people, one of the waitresses thought I was Flo's grandson and I imagine us fucking like crazy with the waitress looking on, shocked.

    We were both undergoing major changes, physically, and socially in our lives. Flo was hired away for even more money by a larger firm and I graduated High School and went away to college. We traded cards and love letters for some years afterward. Uncle Pete helped me more than he ever knew or could imagine.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 49

    A 14 year old son of a friend messages me asking me to help him because his "thing" hurts. I don't know what to do because honestly my body is so stimulated by this. I know it's wrong. Any honest suggestions are welcome. I don't want to hurt anyone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    My wife spends a lot of time worrying about me running around on her with one of the secretaries at the office. Sure a secretary is a nice thing to have, but the real truth is that in my first job I was introduced to cock and I am a cock sucker and I don't run around with the secretaries.

    If I have one of those fine secretaries lay back with her legs wide open and her wet pussy is there and she is inviting me for a fuck I will turn her down. On the other hand, if I am at the washroom and the man next to me tells me to get in the stall and suck his cock, I am right on it. Not that it happens like that, it is just for example.

    I think it is probably easier to find a secretary to fuck than it is to hook up with a man to suck cock. There is plenty of cock flying around at a ball game during half time, but the chances of one of those cocks being available to suck is next to zero, well it is zero. I have never been successful in a washroom. Or gassing up at the truck stop. I have been more successful at the turnaround under the overpass driving by slowly two or three times and flashing my lights and I get a car to flash the lights back and we go off and meet in the parking lot at Walmart and have a conversation about it. You just don't know what you are going to get, and nine times out of ten you drive off.

    For a long time, early on in my career I sucked off my boss when I worked for him. He would swat me on the head or the shoulder and that meant follow him and we went to one of the private places and he unzipped, I sucked and when he was done, I rubbed my head into his lap until he was ready to go back out into the light and I followed later. But I don't work for him now and I don't have that kind of a situation at work.

    For a while there was CL, which worked pretty good. Mostly I hooked up with travelers in town looking for quick head, went to the motel, had my pleasure, collected my fee and left. It turned out that charging a fee got you more opportunities than trying to do it for free.

    I will go back a bit, I am not looking for a relationship, I am not looking to know anyone. I am looking to suck cock for the pleasure of sucking cock. If it was about getting to know someone I think that would be easier. That is why CL worked so well. Trolling for cock in the Walmart auto section, at Lowes or Home Depot, at some bar you hear about is hard work. It happens, but not often enough.

    My last hookup was getting a flashback on the lights of the pickup under the overpass and going over to the Walmart parking lot and getting in his pickup and going to the bus barn because he has a school maintenance pickup. He has a nice cock, I have sucked him before, he likes to suck too which is fine with me, it is the part about getting together later that I am not into. Like I said I don't want a relationship. He wants to make out and exchange phone numbers and he only flashes back if he sees my car.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    This past New Year's, I got drunk and ended up allowing five of my brother's friends (he is in the military)
    to do me, taking turns. One girl, Nancy, also did me but we did it before. I got them to promise not to tell and they went out and told more free ass to any of them, except Nancy who never said a thing about us. She does it best anyway.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I can't recall a time in my life when I was not horny and until I became a nurse I thought I was "different
    from other women," It turns out, not quite true. The fact remains that I work as a supervising nurse at a rather large clinic and every doctor and two male nurses have fucked me. I know I'm bi but, so far, no ladies from this clinic. I look forward to it. Horny is horny.

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