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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm chelc I'm 18 I'm white from a wealthy family I'm always told how beautiful nsexy I am I've got long dark hair green eyes I'm 5ft1 115 curvy ass n thighs n Neely fake dd boob job my boyfriend Josh n I had been dating over a yr but yesterday I went to my girls Josie n we got stoned an layed out by her pool n her boyfriend dusty had showed up at some point and I went inside to grab the weed walking into Josie bedroom to get my weed I walked in as dusty open her bathroom door completely naked as I was shocked n couldn't take my eyes off dusty a short but totally jacked n ripped hot guy who had a sexy body n the biggest fat dick I had ever seen he was soft n his dick was thicker n had to be damn near ten inches as he walked closer n closure laughed telling me it's not nice to stare as I'm flustered n so turned on I fumble up my words telling him finally u have a huge fucking dick dusty as he tells me I should c it full size making me tremble as he whispered in my ear or see how it felt inside u as he puts that big cock against my back as I felt something so big I told him I want that big dick meet me at my parents or hell follow me forgetting to tell Josie anything as I spend home with her boyfriend behind me where we got to my parents were nobody was home as it was most the time as dusty tells me how huge my house was as I tell him how huge his dick was telling him let me c I hadn't ever seen anything so big as he plays with it n pulled my hand to it as I couldn't wrapp my hands around the date white dick that I kissed n lick on til he told me get naked n I strip off my bikini n pull him to my bedroom n he slowly slides a foot o fr cock into me stretching n fuckibg so deep n good I have to beg for a moment to catch my breath as I tell him how good n how much bigger he was than my bf who never last a minute or 2 before dusty bent me over pounding me so good I black out n woke up covered n cum n he was gone

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    Straight Male / 53

    Another of my adventures. I post on here regularly. I do it as much to entertain and for my own reminiscing. Itâs all true. My previous submission was called absolute BS by someone. Admittedly Iâm pretty average but somehow in my 63 years Iâve had sex with literally hundreds of women.
    This particular experience was when I was about 23. Iâd been married about 2 years to a real moron. I only married her because she was pregnant. We fought all the time and occasionally sheâd take off out of town to her home town. Eventually it was for good LOL! Anyway one of her road trips I decided to go tie one on. I wasnât too bad off and about midnight stopped at a place that wasnât one of my normal haunts but Iâd heard it was good.
    I went in, grabbed a beer and checked the crowd. It was couples and solo dudes, skewered to single dudes. My beer was almost empty and I was working on my exit. Then as I walked by a booth a solo woman said my name. I looked and said hi but not really recognizing her. She was about 5â6â 160 brunette with a cute face. I prefer slimmer women but she wasnât fat so I figured WTF.
    I sat down and the next thing she asked was how was my wife. Ah, now I remember. This woman worked with my wife and my wife had often told me what a slut she was! I recalled just meeting her in passing at my wifeâs office a few times.
    So we made small talk and I told her that my wife was out of town. I got the feeling she knew our marriage was rocky. Last call came and she invited me for an herbal nightcap at her place. Again, WTF.
    At her place she rolled a fatty and we shared it. I get especially horny and kinky when I blaze. We were sitting just talking then it seems like in no time we were kissing passionately and she was massaging my cock through my jeans.
    Into the bedroom and naked we got. She was a solid, athletic women, big firm tits thick legs and a fat ass. Her pussy hair was trimmed nicely. She went down on me first. It felt amazing however I get turned on giving a women oral so I got her into 69 with me on top. I fed her my cock while I went down on her pussy which had very large labia and as I licked her wet slit my tongue hit the biggest clit Iâve ever personally seen. She moaned loudly when my tongue hit it and it began to swell even larger! She took my cock to the balls (Iâm only about 6â) and as she came up for air asked me to suck her clit. It was now a good inch and truly resembled a small cock. As I sucked her and she me we just went crazy! Licking and sucking each other all over. Like I said I get especially kinky when I am high. She went past my cock and licked and sucked my balls. I spread her legs wide opening her pussy and revealing a big asshole. It looked like a rosebud. As I sucked her clit I touched her asshole. She went wild and next thing I know her tongue is up my ass!! Iâd never had any anal experience to that point and this felt amazing. Iâm very into mutual pleasure and started licking her asshole. Between rimming her and playing with her clit her pussy was flooding the bed with her juices.
    I needed to fuck so I got off her, flipped her over on her knees and slid into her pussy dog style. I had a liquor dick and while it felt good and I could stay hard, I wasnât sure I could cum. Which wasnât a bad thing as we both enjoyed the fuck, she came a few times playing with her clit while I banged her. Iâd noticed while licking her asshole that it wasnât real tight. While I was fucking her I put my index finger up her ass. âOh yehâ she moaned. It slid in so easy I was emboldened to try 2 fingers. As I did she rubbed her clit even harder, let out a yell and it felt like she was pissing on my cock! I was still so hard it almost hurt. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass. Iâd never done it and was so raging horny, of course. The juices from her pussy were thick and slippery and as I put the head of my cock to her asshole it gave and I slid right in! She immediately began fucking me back while again playing with her big clit. She continued to ejaculate copious amounts of girl cum while by now I was slamming her asshole.I asked her what it felt like and she looked over her shoulder right into my eyes and said âlike a good shitâ. I lost it right there and dumped a huge load into her bowels while letting out a primitive yell.
    We never hooked up again. I ran into years later at the Y where I was in a basketball league and she volleyball. She was happily married by then and I was on wife #2.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    In the mid 70s I was living in the upper east side of manhattan in NYC. I had enough sex, mostly from the women I was working with, but sometimes from guys too. I was out walking one night after having been out of the country, and when I went by the area where the street hookers were in the neighborhood, I noticed what looked like a very young, petite, Hispanic girl. She had great olive skin, beautiful long black hair, a very pretty face and C cup tits that on her thin body looked like double D's. I passed as I usually did when propositioned, some of the girls knew me by seeing me so often a few asked where'd I'd been and I told them that I was in France for a month. As I would take walks, I found myself purposefully going by to see if the young Hispanic girl was there. For some reason, totally unknown to me I took her up on her offer, we went to the nearby rented room/hotel and up to the room she used, and I gave her her $30 to get sucked hard, then fuck her. She had a gorgeous body, and a very pretty slight haired bush. Pussy hair that was black as coal, but not a lot of it. After I fucked her I found out why. She had only turned 12 six months before. I couldn't believe that one of the pimps found a 12 year old and put her on the street. With he heavy makeup and her body I really thought she'd be 17 or 18 and just looked young. But the damage was done, and I certainly wasn't the first fuck she'd had.

    I would walk by, talking to her a lot, she was from Puerto Rico, and I knew which of the pimps was hers, it was a think little bastard called himself Sam. I did fuck her a few times. That first time I fucked her I went back the next day and asked her for anal and she had not done it. Two days later she got me back in the room offering me her ass. It was super tight and I fucked it, then paid her 3 times the money to suck me hard again, and this time I fucked her ass without a rubber, cumming up her perfectly shaped girl ass. I had to work some more, and a few weeks later I saw her on the street, she'd gained weight, had a bit of a belly, fatter thighs like she'd given up on keeping herself thin. She complained that Sam was pissed at her since most guys were going to the other girls now that she'd put on weight. Two days later, she was on the street, if possible, even chubbier and had bruises on her forehead, and cheeks, and a split lip. She begged me to fuck her and I did. I got the story that Sam had beat her up since she wasn't turning in enough money. He told her that if she didn't lose weight he'd charge someone more money to knock her up and put her pregnant ass on the street for all the preggo chasers to fuck.

    Again I was out of town and when I came back she was 4 months along and taking on some really rough, sleazy guys who wanted to fuck a young pregnant girl. She said that Sam had indeed gotten several hundred dollars for a guy to fuck her everyday for 4 days during her most fertile period and got her pregnant. I fucked her several times, a lot anally as my girlfriend at work hadn't done anal yet. Then after about 3 more months, she's showing even more, the sleaze balls kept coming, and she's been beaten again. This time she's almost unrecognizable. I grabbed her, took her to my apartment nearby and told her she was off the street. I took a pipe to Sams head and let it be known by everyone that the girl was now under my watch and it was over. I guess he'd made enough off her. I got her cleaned up and nursed up, she had a baby which she gave up for adoption. I fucked her for a while pregnant and after, then took her back to PR and home. I must admit it did give me a kink. I still like fucking women who are pregnant with another guys baby.

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    Straight Male / 53

    One night my wife and I were at a wedding with my best guy friend and his wife. At the time we were all late 20âs early 30âs. The wedding was pretty fun, the girls were getting wild, flashing their panties at us. So we left to go to a dive bar. On the way their my buds wife took her panties off and waved them out their car window. My wife did the same. At the bar the girls were flashing their shaved pussies to us. My dick was hard, I have to think my buddy was too.
    He suggested we go back to their place. In their den we sat and blazed while the girls had their legs open. My wife was at the time 5â4â and 110. His wife was even more petite, 5â2â 100. Both girls are cute brunettes with small perky tits and firm bubble asses.
    His wife had hit a wall and said she was going upstairs. As she went up my bud told me to follow her. I didnât know if I should. Meanwhile my wife had her pussy on full display. I reached over and she was soaking wet. My friends eyes got huge. At that point I thought what the hell. I trust my wife and my friend. Letâs have a little fun.
    I let them alone and went to my friends bedroom. His wife was completely naked laying on her stomach. She knew I was there but didnât say a word. I undressed and lay next to her. As I rubbed her back and ass she moaned softly and arched her ass. The 4 of us had done nude beach and boating and from those slightly tamer times Iâd lusted over my buddies wifeâs ass. Her asshole is a perfect starfish and very brown. Now even though her eyes were closed and she said nothing her moans and exposure of her ass said something. I positioned myself down by her feet. The ambient light was plentiful and I could clearly see her anus and labia. My cock was throbbing. As I massaged her firm buttocks my face moved closer. I took a tentative lick at her asshole and she gasped. My licking was more urgent and all around. Her pussy was wetting the bed as I starting deep probing her rectum. Almost simultaneously I started stroking my cock as she reached between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit. Her anus relaxed and it felt like my whole tongue was inside her. I beat my cock as furiously as she rubbed her clit and as she let out a wail I shot my load on her legs.
    Without a word still I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. Downstairs my wife was dressed and my buddy passed out. My wife told me she rubbed her clit while she got him hard with her feet but he passed out but she came.
    Eventually we got into swinging but thatâs another story.

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    Straight Female / 22

    i'm happily married for last 2 years. During my marriage,my ex had came to see me.My sister knew about him, and she let him meet me in private for sometime.She got him in, while i was changing into my bridal attire.The whole time, he was talking to me,how sexy i was how he pictured me naked in front of everyone;it got me off.He came close to me, pushing me towards the wall,and started groping me from behind, with my sister still present in the room.I think even she was starting to get turned on.My ex was turned into an animal, he lifted my inner skirt, and tore open my panties.He was licking me soo good, that my pussy was wet instantly.Now it was my turn, i was on my knees,sucking him having clothed waist up and naked, waist down.My sister,couldn't last longer and joined in the fun started stripping down her cloths.She took a comfortable corner seat and started fingering herself.I was soon done on his dick,slurping it as if there was no tomorrow.He turned me around,standing,took a firm grip on my waist and in one go, inserted his dick in me,humping and fucking me harder and harder.Finally he decided to give me something to remember always.He took his dick and rammed into my ass!! I cried loudly in pain,here, he was fucking me harder,and my sister increased her pace.Harder and harder. Finally i could take no more! I reached an orgasm,squirting all over myself and him, so did my sister! I took his dick swallowed it and stroked it, till he came,every last drop in my mouth.After my sister was done with herself, she just came over to us,and licked his shaft nice and clean.And took him away safely.
    I got back dressing up for my big day again.I performed all my wedding rituals without panties and his cum oozing out of my pussy,and the taste of his cum on my mouth, constantly reminding me of the fact that i may've changed my surname and got new identity, but i always was his cum dump!!

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    Straight Female / 33

    I had my days on the wild side. I grew up in Podunk USA, went to Podunk High School and on to Podunk U. I dated the village idiot, the Preacher's son, the Social Worker. I was going out of my mind. I answered an ad for jobs in the airlines, and I got a job as a counter agent working out of Bigger Podunk. There I met pilots and they had fun. Of course fun meant making the girls cry and we were all open to crying so we gave up our precious self esteem and let them do what they wanted with us. It wasn't only me, other counter agents and a good number of flight attendants. But a Pilot, that was gold, if you could land one.

    My inner thighs were raw from being used and my heart was sick from being used and my head told me that a pilot who gets you at a party isn't going to marry you, he is not there looking for the mother of his children. I guess I was just all grown up at 23.

    I went to a wedding of one of my cousins and met Roy and we went out and he asked me to a concert and I used my airline privileges and met him in Denver and when we were at the concert Roy pulled out some weed and offered it to me. Now, I am from Podunk and one of the things we don't do is drugs, of any kind. So bye bye Roy. Back to the airline counter and the pilots and the other airline whores. I say other because I was also an airline whore, anything to land a pilot.

    Pilots aren't into airline whores, and time went by and I was older and wiser and kicked the pilot parties and my tits hurt and my womb hurt and I needed some attention in the worst way. I met Sam. Sam is a man who likes girls. Over thirty and you are way too old, he likes firm tits and a tight ass and a willing mouth and pussy. I had firm tits a tight ass and I was certainly willing with my mouth and pussy. I just needed to get laid and not by a pilot.

    Sam is what I would call a Mother Fucker. And if his mother was under 30 with firm tits and a tight ass he would definitely fuck her. Well being the Mother Fucker that he is he Mother Fucked me. Nothing like any of the pilots I had given my pussy away to, nothing like weed smoking Roy, nothing like the Preacher's son, nothing like the village idiot at Podunk high. Sam is a Mother Fucker and when he finished with me I knew that I had been fucked by Sam. I think that you need to get fucked like that at least once in your life, not good for your soul but great for your libido.

    Empowered by Sam I went out and found Old Joe. Old Joe lived next door to me and he was getting over his second divorce and he definitely could use some company in the Biblical sense, a willing mouth and pussy is what he needed and I had both. I showed Old Joe what Sam taught me and he told me I was some kind of whore. Yes I am, I am some kind of whore. I sucked Old Joe and I fucked Old Joe and Old Joe was happy and it was right next door and I spent my thirtieth birthday in his bed. Still had firm tits and a tight ass because I work out but thirty is not twenty, I was no longer invited to the pilot parties, not that I would go anyway, although I am sure that I could blow a pilot better than any of the new flight attendants.

    I am still with Old Joe, fucking him and blowing him. Old Joe is Old Faithful, I know what he likes and he gets more than he deserves, he is broke because of his divorce history so most of what we do is eat at home and fuck. I won't say I don't like Old Joe because I do, in fact I like him too much. Since I started 'dating' Old Joe I haven't been out with anyone else, Old Joe has it, he wasn't married twice for nothing and he knows how to use it, and for me anyway he is always hard enough. I hate to admit it but at 33 I am an old maid with an old man. But I am having good sex, and I do like the stability.

    My name is Mary Lou, which is a good Podunk name and I have had an overactive sex drive since I first fucked the village idiot.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    So I thought I would try and tell someone how this happened, I mean it helps to talk right and I suppose a bunch of strangers is easier.

    I was rather bullied in school, did not fit in and quite often was found with my head in a book hidden at the back of the library at school.

    I was 16 when this happened, it was the last period of the day on a Friday during the spring term.

    I hated taking part in Phys Ed, as I was always picked last and never wanted by the boys as sports was not my thing. Give me sums, give me design or mechanics and I'm good; put a ball or bat in my hand and I'm near to useless.

    I waited as always till the lads were gone before I got ready to shower and change, as I made my way to the shower block I was punched in the side from beind and grabbed as I dropped winded.

    a knotted ball of something was shoved in my mouth followed by a bag over my head as I was hauled into the showers.

    I think there was several of them as I was handled quite easily despite trying to fight back.

    I was forced onto my knees back against the wall, duct tape was quickly wrapped around my spread wrists to the pipes.

    Several pieces went over my mouth when the hood was yanked off, I tried to look up but was struck round the head; the blow made me very dizzy as a cloth was wrapped around my head blocking my sight.

    I struggled a lot but all I could hear was muffled laughter, I kept on pulling but couldnt move the layer of tape around my wrists was heavy.

    I heard footsteps retreating, then I felt my shorts being cut off; I was left naked as the last of the footsteps dissapeared.

    I cried so much as I screamed and pulled, desperate to get free before the school was locked up for the weekend, i really feared I would die at the time; for fucks sake they left me, as far as i knew my folks wouldnt know if I was missing until they got back from work and even then they would assume I was somewhere studying or something.

    It became so much that I thought my wrists would break with how I was pulling at them.

    I stopped for a while to try and recover, my mind trying to work out who they were but I had no real clue; were they class-mates, lower or upper years? The only clue I had was they knew where I would be; so no proof of anything.

    Head slumped against my chest I tried to relax my breathing, building up the strength to try again when I heard footsteps, the sound of someone coming.

    Screamin g as loud as I could into the gag, which to me was loud but from future experience I knew was way to muffled.

    Then there was a slight splash as the feet entered the shower block, slaping into the still water that had pooled.

    I stopped moving wondering why they werent freeing me, I could hear breathing, the sound of heavy panting as it got closer.

    A hand was on my chest, it slowly stroking it's way towards my left nipple as it was the pinched and pulled.

    I was petrified, shocked to silence, near numb as the oher hand of whoever it was pinched my right nipple and twisted it.

    I couldnt move, I couldnt fight as the hands explored my body; moving up and down as they stroked, tickled and piched at whatever they could grab.

    One hand then wrapped around my flacid cock, pulling it and trying to stroke it to life; small chuckling I could hear as the hand began rather insistent on my cock reacting.

    I tried to fight it, thinking rather ugly images to try and fight being turned on but my cock had a different story, I got harder and harder to the point I was now being wanked.

    It went on for only alitte bit, till they had me hard and horny.

    I felt the tape being peeled off my mouth, as a whispered voice told me not to fight it; the knotted ball being pulled out was fast replaced with a rather heavy cock being pushed onto my lips.

    A hand grabbed my hair whilst the other piched my nose, I held my breath for as long as I could until I needed to open my mouth and suck in a lungful of air.

    as my mouth stretched and gasped the cock was shoved in, held their as I tried to breathe.

    Again that whispered voice telling if I fought they would simply leave me here, if I tried to bite they would leave me here, so I had better be good.

    I figured out by the voice it was older, a teacher or one of the janitors.

    I let them slip it in and out as I tried to think how I would like a BJ to be, sucking, using my tongue as they pushed the cock further into my mouth; the cock wasnt unpleasant, it tasted of sweat and salt as it throbbed under the movements of my tongue.

    Waht followed I can only describe as deep heat, a heavy hot load of cum filled my mouth as I had no choice but to swallow.

    I was a gasping mess, hanging from the pipes of the shower; the biting feel of the duct tape as I simply knelt here limp..

    A bottle of water was then shoved into my mouth, I was told to drink and swalllow to clean my mouth out; this happened several times until they were satisfied nothing remained in my mouth or on my face.

    One of my wrists was freed, but as I went to move I was struck heavily on the back of my head, I couldnt focus and was rather confused as I hung there by one wrist half collapsed.

    I heard steps retreating, and as I eventually got my self together I quickly ripped off the cloth around my head and freed myself.

    Running to my clothes I dressed and got the hell out of there, according to the sky it was now near night time and I had been there nearly four hours.

    I never told anyone what happened, and spent the remaining time of my school life trying to work out who dunnit, to this day I know nothing.

    The rumour round school was that the jocks, put me through a hell of a prank; the other rumours varied on how I got free, to how much I must have pissed myself.

    For nearly two years I questioned why I had become hard and turned on, till I looked up that it can happen whether or not it is consensual.

    I cant say I was r**ed, but it was in all essence r**e.

    it was the first time with a man, but as I eventually dealt with it I started to enjoy being with men.

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    Straight Male / 25

    My wife Linda and I both are decent at tennis. We both work during the daytime, but found a rarely used tennis court in an apartment complex behind our housing addition. We would turn the lights on and play for 1-2 hours. It wasn't unusual for us to play two or three times per week. My wife is hot. She's about 5'2, small waist and perfect young size C breast.

    I start to notice that several Windows appeared to have some men watching us play. Some apartments have balconies and several men would come out, drink a beer and watch us.

    I asked Linda what she thought about all the attention? She said maybe next time we could put on a little show. I asked her what she meant but she just told me I would find out next match.

    Obviously I asked her to play the next evening. She told me she had been shopping so give her a minute to change. She comes out in a short white tennis dress and it is extremely obvious she is not wearing a bra. We start to play and I and several other guys are enjoying her bouncing breast. We got home and she attacked me, she was horny from being watched.

    I challenged her to put on more of a show the next time and she doesn't disappoint. She is wearing a loose fitting white halter top and short shorts. We are playing for a while and we stop for a drink. She grabs the water jug and pours it over her chest. The shirt is now completely see through. We go home and again attacks me. I am enjoying the extra enthusiasm.

    I suggest the next time we play I should get to decide what she wears and what she does. To my surprise she agrees. I ask her to wear the same outfit as last time. She looks disappointed but agrees. Once I am sure we had our audience, I called her to the net and said take off your top. She just stared at me and said "seriously?"

    To my surprise, she takes off her top, turns to the men and shakes her tit's at them. Well now she is getting wolf calls and whistles. One guy shouts "take it all off!" She looks at me, I just shrug .She asked me to pick up all our geer. She is still topless and is just waiting for me to get ready to get in the car.

    Then she walks over to me. Gives me a hugh long kiss, and with a big smile, takes off her shorts. Since she is wearing her tennis shoes by definition she is streaking.

    I thought she would run to the car but instead she slowly walked around the entire court. She paused to turn her rear end to the fans and held that pose for about 15 seconds.

    She calmly walked to the car and got in. As soon as I got in she grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. Her lips were swollen and she was super wet. I massaged her clit and she orgasmed faster then she every had before.

    Found out my brothers best friend lived in those apartments. Oops

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I fell off the wagon, lost my job and ended up living in my car. I was getting food from the shelters, the Food Bank, panhandling, stealing. A man offered help, held up a twenty and when I reached for it he said I had to earn it. I needed alcohol and the twenty would get me that. A cock was a cheap price. It was easy money and I started negotiating, got some clothes and a haircut, hung around bars downtown and was making a hundred a night. I was sleeping drunk in my car, passed out with cock taste in my mouth. The more I did it, the more I liked it, the better I got at it, the more money I made, the more receptive I was to go behind the dumpster and drop my pants.

    I am back in AA and have a job as a handyman at a motel. Part of my pay is a room in the back under the stairwell. I get off, go downtown, suck cock or go with the man to where he wants to fuck. I make between one fifty and two hundred when I hang out. I met a man who works at the Firestone next to the motel. Him I suck for free, he fucks me for free, he stays with me overnight for free, and when he comes over I don't head downtown to make a few bucks.

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    Straight Male / 29

    My wife is gorgeous. She is by far the prettiest girl I ever dated. We live in the Midwest and decided to honeymoon in San Diego. This is a story about one day of that week.

    We were doing all the tourist typical things people do when we went to San Diego but my favorite day was when we grabbed some beers and headed to the beach. My wife wore a one piece white swim suit that looked sexy as hell. We spread out our beach towels and drank a few each. While we were drinking some young men set up right between us and the water. My wife decides to lay down on her back, stretch out, and enjoy the sun. She puts her arms above her head and I noticed she was no longer covered. This position pulled her suit down exposing most of her breast. I commented how sexy that was and she immediately covered herself and apologised.

    I told her "we don't know anybody and we are on our honeymoon afterall" She said what if these guys see? I told her as long as nobody touched I was ok with it. So she went back to the position exposing a good portion of her chest. I continued to drink beer and noticed she was beginning to draw attention. They guys were trying to sneak peaks without being too noticeable. I decided to turn up the heat a little bit.

    Jessica was now 3-4 beers in and feeling no pain. I told her how sexy she looked and promised her none of the guys in front of us were complaining or leaving. She called me a perv but did nothing to cover up. I laid down beside her and started pulling down on her suit exposing her completely. (This was a public beach and swimsuits were manditory) soon I had her suit down to her belly button and she continued to tan topless.

    She told me this was making her completely horny and I said that was the idea. She has perfect B perky tits. The guys continued to stare and some of them turned around and faced us instead of the ocean. She asked me "do you want anything else?" My response was to put way too much sunscreen in her hands and asked her to rub it in.

    She sat up, giving them a even better view, and slowly rubbed the lotion in. She complained that I gave her too much, laid back down and asked me to finish rubbing it in. So here I am caressing my wife's tit's in front of 10-15 young men, only 5 days into our marriage.

    Finally one of the guys came up and commented how sexy my wife was. I invited him to sit down and offered him a beer. Jessica sat up and we talked for about 20 minutes. We explained we were on our honeymoon and were just having some fun. He commented if he ever got married he hoped his wife would be as beautiful and cool as my wife.

    Several of the guys disappeared but quickly returned with some more beers and they offered us both one. (I think it was an excuse to sit down) we continued to talk and drink while my wife sat looking stunning. My wife asked one of the quieter guys(Mark) what he was thinking. He said "I can't believe I am sitting with a topless woman!" So I asked " what do you think about her tit's? He said "they are the most spectacular tit's he had ever seen.

    We decided it was time to go. (I was horny as hell) and we began to pack up. The guys complained a little bit all in good fun. My wife stood but before she could pull the upper half of her suit up I asked could you give them a shake and shimmy? The guys all immediately agreed with much enthusiasm. Jessica turned and shook her breast for about 5 seconds and the guys cheered.

    One more thing I said to my wife. I called Mark over and said ok one hug. Mark turned red, my wife walked over and gave him a long chest to chest hug. I felt like I was married to a playboy bunny. We have been happily married for three years now. I am still infatuated with my wife. We are a lot more conservative at home but I am planning a trip to Mexican resort that has a topless beach.

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