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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 49

    My anal experience.

    My first husband was a lousy sex partner. He became abusive emotionally, mentally and physically. He was a wham bam thank you ma'am in less than 5 minutes he was done and rolled off me leaving me unsatisfied. He tried one time to invade my butthole without any preperation he tried to shove his dry cock into my ass. It hurt so bad I pushed him off me. I guess the head of his cock invaded because it made my asshole bleed from tearing the sensitive skin around my anus. Even though I was in bed with him he would secretly masturbate and cum into his hand and mess on the sheets. I didn't trust him because he could turn on a dime and be mean.

    I wound up having an affair with a man 15 years older than me. He fell in love with me at first sight and it took me a while before I knew we were meant to be together. I found my soul mate. He knew how to satisfy a woman, he always took plenty of time to take care of my sexual desire before he would finish with wonderful orgasms. The first time we had sex I was pleasantly surprised he took time and made the act last almost an hour. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even suck his cock, but he gave me everything satisfying that day, we went on for 4 hours that day.
    He loved me and wanted me and I learned to trust him completely.

    We became a couple and we were inseperable, he wanted me to be with him all the time. There were lots of times in the middle of the night he would wake up with a hard cock and he would coax me awake to have some fantastic sex. One night getting frisky getting ready for our usual great fucking, he brought the massager/vibrator we used to relax his hurting back, he used it on my pussy taking me into multiple orgasms he put it lower and with the vibrator he started stimulating my rosy asshole. I didn't realize he was preparing me for the next adventure. We fucked like crazy that night. Then a few nights later after we were both feeling a good buzz from drinking and lots of foreplay, he had me on my knees and elbows fucking me doggy style. While in that position he managed to get some lube on his thumb and while fucking me deep and hard he slowly pushed his thumb into my asshole. I opened up that night, I was so hot and horny and pushed back against his cock and thumb, it felt so dirty and felt so good being dirty. I moaned and grunted in erotic bliss, "oh, mmmm, oh, ahhh, mmmm, it's so bad it feels good". He was coaching me, "do it baby, work it baby, that's a good girl, do it" over and over he encouraged me to enjoy what he was giving me. We went on and on until he managed to get two fingers inside my asshole and worked his magic while fucking my pussy with his cock. After we were both spent and worn out from all the time we spent in erotic ecstasy we slept in each others arms the rest of the night.

    The next night we were going about our foreplay and it happened again with him using both my pussy and my asshole I had an out of body experience. Eventually he was able to slowly work his cock into my asshole as I pushed back against him. Again it felt so dirty while it felt so good I started screaming with each orgasm while he coached me on, "do it baby, let it happen, take it baby, good girl, you want it you want it bad, give me that sweet ass". I couldn't believe what I was saying ... moaning and grunting, "oh yes, yes make it good, I'm so dirty, I'll be good, I'll be a good girl, I'm a good girl, please fuck me hard". Over and over I begged him to fuck my asshole into submission "I am yours".

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    Straight Male / 44

    My 45 y/o wife is a hot milf. Weâve been married 23 years. Hereâs 25 reasons I still love fucking her. In no particular order:

    1. Before we were married she wouldnt let me fuck her, but she would give me hand and blowjobs. And I would eat her.

    2. shaves her pussy.

    3. gives great blowjobs and swallows.

    4. lets me cum on her face.

    5. LOVES anal

    6. Her pussy is nice n juicy, very slippery when wet

    7. makes great orgasm sounds

    8. Sheâs given me a blowjob while driving

    9. dresses up like a school girl for me.

    10. Sheâs very submissive and lets me dominate her.

    11. loves rough sex

    12. fucks herself with toys and tells me about it while im at work.

    13. sends me naughty pics of herself when im not at home

    14. gives me rimjobs.

    15. wears fishnet lingerie

    16. Her lesbian fantasy is Haley Atwell.

    17. Sheâs loves when Iâm fucking her for me to put a toy up her ass and DP her

    18. talks dirty to me.

    19. bites my chest when she orgasms

    20. lets me spank her

    21. fucked me at my office after hours

    22. has gone pantyless at church and let me finger her

    23. has sat on my face for me to eat her and squirted her juices

    24. Shes my personal slut, always ready to fuck

    25. Loves me

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    Straight Male / 31

    So to put you in the picture Iâm happy with my partner and weâve together 6 years.
    Thing is there is something about her friend since the day I met her she made my cock twitch.
    Me and her friend get on really well with each other but I canât get the picture of me fucking her out of my bed,sheâs a nice curvy blonde with a lovely big ass Iâd love to force my cock in.
    Me and my gf stay at hers quite a lot after nights out and if I dogsit for her.
    So one Saturday i get a call asking to go round and watch the dogs while she went and run a couple of errands.
    I went round and as I got in I saw her in the hall looking beautiful.nice short tight dress with knee high boots and straight away I felt my cock shift in my pants.she said she would be a couple of hours but at this point I didnât care as I felt myself getting hard looking at her and couldnât wait to get my cock in my hand.once she had left I locked the door and went upstairs to check the dogs were ok all the while still parading a full blown hard on.i noticed Katieâs bedroom door was open so I automatically walked in to look around.i was still hard so decided Iâd have to have a wank so I walked over to her bed and lay down.i took off my jeans and my boxers and wrapped my hand around my I slowly stroked it I got harder and harder and picturing what Iâd do to Katie if she was here.
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pile of clothes rolled up and thrown in the corner,I got off the bed and went over to them and there I noticed a lovely pair of black Lacey thongs.i picked them up and noticed the pussy marks on the inside so I knew they were her dirty ones from earlier in the cock grew stiffer as I realised they were freshly worn so I lay back on the bed with my cock in my hand and lay the inside of her knickers over my face and heavily inhaled her scent.i was so horny at the smell of her pussy that I was wanking so fast and started licking her knickers and getting a taste for her moist c**t.i felt my cock swell as I was about to cum so after one last sniff of her pussy I wrapped them around my cock and blew my load into them.
    That same night we were staying at her house again watching movies and about 11 oâclock my gf said she felt tired so off to bed she went.i stayed up with Katie watching films always looking out the corner of my eye desperately wishing I could just tell her what I want to do with her.
    As the night went on I was stating to feel that horny urge again I noticed Katie had fallen asleep so while under the covers I slipped my hand into my boxers and started caressing my cock. I was starting to become rock hard again at the thought of playing with myself as she slept so I positioned myself towards her.i slowly took off my boxers so I was naked under the cover and had more space to play with my cock.i sat for a good few minutes just looking at her while I was wanking and thinking I wish I could just fuck her right now.while I was playing she started moving and ended up rolling over so now she was lying on her back,I noticed the covers had slipped off of her and she was wearing a nightgown and her sexy legs were on show.i was becoming so turned on I knew I had to get up before I woke her so I moved the cover and stood up still I was starting to worry incase she woke and saw me standing there with my dick in my hand but I couldnât move and couldnât stop stroking my cock.i looked down to her legs and noticed the way she was lying her legs were spread and her gown had lifted.i knew I had to peak and was hoping that she wouldnât be wearing any panties so I moved closer and looked between her wish was true and what I say was her with no knickers and her nice tight pussylips on show,I spat on my cock and started frantically wanking again while staring at her pussy.then the thought popped into my mind that Iâve smelt her pussy from her knickers and i wondered what it would be like in the flesh.i took my hand off my cock and slowly moved my head down to her thighs and in between her legs and upto her nice moist snatch I inhaled deeply again and the smell was beautiful that I had to smell it again.
    I could feel my cock pulsing as I stood there smelling her pussy as she slept.or so I thought.
    As I took the second deep breath of her pussy I felt something grip around my hard cock.i got a shock so I stepped back to see Katie lying there awake with a smile on her face.
    I said Iâm so sorry and she chuckled and said âdo you know how long Iâve been awake? â
    âNoâ I replied
    She then told me that she enjoyed watching me stand in front of her while I had a wank.
    Then she said I loved the feeling of your nose against my pussy there but we canât do this itâs wrong.
    I said yes I know But as I stood in front of her naked with a raging cock I said I need to go and deal with this.
    She then looked at my cock and said can you do me a favour?
    I said yes.
    She then said well since weâve already seen each other naked now can you just stand there and wank for me while I fingerfuck myself
    Ok I said so I stood there and wrapped my hand around my cock again and starting stroking back and forth as Katieâs spread her legs wider and flicked her clit just before she slid four fingers up her pussy.i watched her wank while she watched me and I was so horny I couldnât take it anymore I want to taste your pussy. She looked at me with a huge smile and told me to lay down on the couch.she climbed on top of me and sat her pussy on my face and then wrapped her lips around my cock.i locked her out for about 30 minutes before she climbed off me and said how was that?
    I said wonderful but you know what I think I put your legs over your head and force my cock into that tight little pussy,she lay down and lifted her legs in the air so I rub my cock upto and down her lips before sliding it deep into her,what we were doing was so wrong but I was so happy that I was gonna fill Katie with my cum.i fucked her fast and hard until her pussy tightened around me and I felt her cum at the same time I ejected my entire load into her.
    We lay there for a bit and she said to me Iâve thought about that for a little while now.
    I then turned around and said to her that Iâve been sniffing and cumming in her dirty knickers for months.
    This seemed to excite her as every time we stay now she hides a couple of dirty pairs around the house for me and every time weâre alone she sucks my dick while I sniff them.

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    Straight Male / 48

    between the ages of 38 and 41 I used to work as an insurance agent, for a well known national company, this involved me going to peoples homes and collecting a weekly/monthly payment, I worked 5 days per week some times long days, sometimes short depending on the amount of clients. Quite a lot of my clients were couples, although there were single people too, the single people were mostly female.

    There were five women on my round that were particularly friendly towards me, but I knew not to get involved as it was very easy to do so, but the inevitable happened, and I became more than their insurance agent. The first time it happened, I had went to this woman's home as usual, rang the bell and she answered the door in a very short skirt bare legs and high heels and a low cut top, now I'm just a normal hetrosexual man, and the sight of this woman in her early 30's dressed like that stirred my hormones and had my testosterone jumping about like a Mexican bean.

    She made it very clear that she was after more than giving me her payment ( this had been building up for a few weeks , but I honestly didn't have my eye on the ball )and she was not going to take no for answer, she was my last client anyway , so the time factor wasn't important, she gave me her payment book and the payment and I marked it in and gave her the book back and put the money in my money belt.

    She then straddled me and before I knew it her tongue was half way down my throat, I responded by caressing her thighs which felt so smooth and silky, she started to moan, and I then slipped my hand up inside the back of her top and unclipped her bra, by this time my cock had started stirring, she started unbuttoning my shirt and took it off me, I responded by pulling her top over her head and her bra fell off, she then stood up and took my hand and pulled me towards the stairs and up to her bedroom.

    Once there she grabbed at my belt and undid it and then my trousers, I kicked my shoes off while she was doing this, and then I pulled her short skirt down to her ankles revealing a pair of white panties which I could see through and there was a nice hairy bush. My cock was rampant by this time and she pulled my boxers down and grabbed my stiff cock and started wanking it.

    I in turn put my fingers in her wet pussy and began to finger fuck her, she came pretty quickly, I then pushed her onto the bed and got my head between her open thighs and I started to eat her, she again came not once but at least four times, by this time I was wanting in her so I stopped and just rammed my raging cock right up her sodden wet pussy where I proceeded to ride her as hard as I could, stopping a couple of times as I was going to shoot my load if I hadn't, finally though I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a very substantial load right deep inside her, she came as I shot my load too which made it more intense, after this I continued to ride her regularly for the rest of time I did the job, she now lives with me too.

    Another female client made it very plain she wanted me in her bed the problem was though her hubby was always around when I called, so clearly I wasn't going to bed her then, one day though he wasn't there and she just said to me there's the money now come on take me upstairs and bone me, cos Ive not had it for months as hes not interested and I'm going balmy so please give me relief, which unashamedly I did, I had her a few times after that too.

    Woman number three lived in an upper villa, and when I went to hers one day, she answered wearing a short skirt and high heels she also was well endowed in the boobs department, she said to me I hope you were not looking up my skirt as we came up the stairs, of course I was, well can anyone blame me ? I said I wasn't she said ' liar' once we reached the top of the stairs she said ' what do you think of my legs ? 'I blurted out that I thought they were great very sexy, because they were, she had nice legs believe me. She replied well I'm glad you think so cos that lump I'm married to says their too fat.

    I replied he is obviously needing glasses then, she then asked me right out that if I had the opportunity to get between her thighs would I take it ? Me being me I said too right I would and she just said come on then the bedrooms through here and we went to bed and had amazing sex, she had some body on her and she would not let me get off she said she didn't feel shagged until she could feel the hot spunk spurting up inside her wet pussy, she made sure it wasn't a one off, telling me he wont be here next week when you call I will be in bed waiting on you to service me properly once again.

    Woman number four wanted me to bull her but it never happened because either her children were always about or her hubby was there which was a shame because I would have gave her several and then some.

    Finally woman number five, she was a widow in her mid sixties, but what a body she had, now I don't know if I was giving her some sort of signal, mind you I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits as she had a very nice ample pair, but she was always sort of flirty I just thought it was how she was, I found out differently at the beginning of the New Year.

    She was my last client on a Monday afternoon and this was my first visit after the Festive celebrations were over, when I went to her flat and rang the bell she answered it in this sort of nightie which was practically see through, it didn't leave much to the imagination that's all I'm going to say, anyway she said to me ' Happy New Year ' and planted a smacker right on my lips and shoved her tongue down my throat, as I closed the door behind me, she came up for air and said to me ' Iv'e been looking forward to this ' so obviously she had planned it, she then put her hand down the front of my trousers and grabbed my cock and said to me ' I want this, I want this now, fuck the payment, I have to admit I was in a wee bit of a shock because I didn't respond right away.

    Once I had gotten my faculties back I started to come alive I grabbed her and kissed her again this time I put my tongue down her throat, and I felt her lovely ample tits at the same time, she then lead me to the bedroom where she slowly teasingly stripped me and I removed her nightie she was starkers underneath it, by this time my cock has become very rigid, she started playing with it wanking it and sucking it.

    I then took her over to the bed and laid her on it spreading her sexy thighs she had great legs a bit cellulitey but not skinny nice and curvy, I proceeded to finger fuck her hairy pussy and then I ate her out til she was grabbing my hair and nearly pulling it out, and screaming profanities at me, I then mounted her and proceeded to ride her hard as she told me that's what she wanted she had multiple orgasms and she shouted at me I wish I was young enough to get pregnant because you wouldn't be leaving here until I was, well if she had been she would have been well and truly pregnant by the amount of spunk I shot deep in her I stayed the rest of the day and I shagged her another two times filling her both times with my load.

    I continued to shag her all the time I did the round and then for a while after I left, I had to put a stop to it though as someone else that I had been shagging came to live with me, I e woman number one above, all I can say is that I did a power of shagging all the time I did that job and had I continued I would probably be dead by now with exhaustion

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    Straight Male / 28

    After years and years of trying to get with my coworker it finally happened last week.
    When I started my job, I got introduced to my 6 other coworkers. We have a small team at a large corporation. I occasionally see my other t coworkers and manager, but because of the work we do, my coworker Janice and I share a later shift. Janice immediately caught my eye. She was this quiet, short, Thai and Palestinian mix. Both of us were single at the time, but although I had a crush on her it was rumored she was a lesbian because of her close friendship with her very tomboy friend. No one asked her about it and just assumed. I did as well, but I still flirted with her as often as I could whenever we did talk.
    Eventually I got married to a girl I met online. We have a great marriage with no real complaints, but I've never been able to shake the attraction I had for Janice.
    I eventually got up the nerve and asked her if she was gay and she said that she and her friend were just close. Her friend was a lesbian, but Janice wasn't interested in her or girls for that matter. Besides, her friend was in a relationship with another girl. Janice said she envied me and my wife and wanted to get married some day.
    This year, my wife and I discovered a local spa and had a really good time in the hot tub, sauna, and couple's massage. I told Janice about it and she said she really wanted to go their. I probably shouldn't have asked, but I invited her to go with me one day. She suprisingly said yes and we decided take off work for the day we would go. I warned her that we wouldn't wear clothes while in the hot tub and sauna and she said she was okay with it.
    We went and it was the first time I saw her naked. I got naked as well, but quickly became erect. I apologized and she just giggled amd said "no worries" and we got into the tub together. She moved into my arms and kissed me and stroked my hard on.
    I fingered her as she jerked me. We got out of the tub, said "don't tell your wife" with a sly smile, and gave me a blow job. We sat in the sauna after and then got a couple's massage.
    We went to her apartment after and fucked until I had to go home. I was nervous that my wife would somehow know, but she was nonethewiser.
    I have had sex about 25 different times with Janice since. I'm not sure how long we will keep this going, but I finally got to fuck her even if it was after I had got married. Whatever happens now, it was worth it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My ex-wife and I had been married for five years when we first met W and S at a friend's Halloween party. We spent a lot of time getting to know them and enjoyed hanging out with them because they were very similar to us. My wife, L, was Chinese, short, and slim and was 23 at the time and I was a white fairly average build male and 27. W and S were a mixed couple as well (it is fairly common where we live to see a mixed couple between a white male and asian girl). W was Chinese, large breasts, and was 29 at the time. She and my wife got super excited when they found out that they came from the same city in China. S was a tall white male, chiseled and looked sort of like Chris Evans, but no where near as muscular and was the same age as me.
    We met up regularly at each others apartments for dinner, went to movies and had double dates fairly regularly. We had planned on even traveling to China together, but when I lost my dad to a heart attack we had to cancel our trip together as L and I went to Michigan for his funeral.
    We became good friends with W and S and after a year they dropped a bomb of a revelation and question to us.
    My wife was pretty conservative in regards to sex which I wish I knew going in to our marriage. We did have sex a few times before we married, but she didn't like being to adventerous after we got married. Sex happened about once a week and we only did a few positions. She didn't like oral and did not want to try anal. L didn't know, but before I met her I had been with three different girls through high school and college who I had regular sex with when I dated each of them and had tried lots of different things sexually. Two of them didn't mind anal and one of them didn't like it at all just like L. I had also tried gay sex in college four different times with a friend. Both of us were curious and I actually enjoyed the experience. My friend is married and has two kids now and I'm pretty certain his wife doesn't know that we had fucked in college.
    W and S had us over for dinner one night and revealed that they had tried swinging a few times in their marriage. They had been married for a year longer than us. They told us that they had sex with two other couples in the past and wanted to start again and wondered if we might join them. My wife was shocked and apalled. We asked some questions and learned that they were both bi-sexual and that they found both of us very attractive and wanted our friendship to go deeper. L was very disgusted by this point and she told them we were leaving. L stormed out. I apologized to W and S and followed after L.
    On the drive home L kept saying "Can you believe them? How can they live like that?! How can they ask us to join them!? Ew!" She told me that she was done with our friendship with them. I pretended the best I could that I agreed with her sentiments, but the truth was that I actually found the idea of sharing sex with them enticing. W was very attractive and I found myself fantasizing a few times about her. Her husband wasn't too bad looking either. (Even though I have tried sex with a guy before and secretly am bisexual, I've only ever found a few men to be attractive to me).
    W and S tried reaching out to us the following weeks. They apologized for being so bold and asking us, but L wanted nothing to do with them. I kept messaging back and forth with W and told them that L didn't want to talk, but that I didn't hold anything against them. W and I chatted on Wechat almost daily (S and I would occasionally chat online, but W was definitely more active). She and I messaged about a lot of things: work, friends, family, marriage, even sex. She listened and I felt I could be more open with her than L. I shared with her that I had experimented with gay sex in college and my other sexual experiences and that my wife and I had a pretty dull and almost sexless marriage. She was the first person I ever shared any of this with. W asked if I could meet her for lunch near her work.
    I drove to her work the next day and picked her up to go to a sushi restaurant near by. It was the first time I saw her in months since L and I left that night. We talked about some little stuff and then she asked what I had thought about their proposal they had made to us. I told her that I actually wished that L was more open sexually and that we could have joined them at least once. She asked if I was open to having sex with both her and S. I said maybe. She placed her hand on mine and looked me in my eyes and asked if I was okay having sex with them without L. I paused and then quietly nodded. She said she would talk with her husband and get back to me and never tell L about our conversation. L had no clue anyway as I had been chatting with W and sometimes S since that night and she didn't know.
    A few days went by and W messaged me on Wechat and said "S says he is good with it. Will Friday during the day work?" I had to schedule time off from work, but agreed to meet them when L would think I was at work.
    I met them at their place and was a bit nervous. I had no clue how an arrangement like this worked. W and S were very polite and patient and helped ease my worries. W started kissing me and letring me touch her while S watched and he assured me continually he was okay with it. It remember how good it felt to just kiss someone else for the first time since getting married. W unbuckled my pants and slid them off and started stroking and then sucking my cock. The thrill and taboo was a huge turn on. S started kissing me as she continued to suck me. Eventually we all took off our clothes. Both of them were completely shaved and had no pubic hair unlike my wife. S was well hung and uncircumcised. W and I took turns sucking him. After that I started fucking W. It was incredible to have sex with another woman. Her pussy felt different... maybe even better than L. The sex was definitely more wild. She let me fuck her ass to which almost made me cum as I had been desiring anal sex for so long. I came the first time though when S was fucking me in the ass and W was stroking my cock. I came the second time when I was fucking W's pussy and S was fucking her ass. The combination of feeling my balls rub against S as we both fucked W and stairing into W's eyes as she writhed from the pleasure of it all I couldn't help but cum. Thankfully I had protection on.
    It was an incredible experience and I wanted more. W, S, and I met up 2-5 times a month. Sometimes I met with S alone, but I did have sex a few times a week with W as their apartment was close to my work and our schedules matched more than S's. I covered for my affair by telling L that I had to do more overtime certain days.
    1 year later, the endless fighting and lack of sex and intimacy in our own marriage, L and I got divorced. I took a month on my own, but then took up W and S's offer and moved in with them. I have been living with them for the past 7 years. Both S and I got vasectomies to prevent impregnating W. There have been ups and downs for sure living in a bi-poly relationship and there have been times where jealousy almost ruined our relationship, but we have learned to overcome it. I am much closer to W than S and for the first four years I had sex with her more than S did which was what caused part of the jealousy, but now we balance out and communicate how often we share as a whole and separately. It's complicated and hard for others to understand. Only a few friends and my two brothers and sister know of my relationship with W and S. Most just assume we live together to save on the expensive cost of renting. My ex-wife got remarried two years ago to a French man and moved to France with him. I haven't seen or heard from her since which is all good with me. Both of us are happy now and that is all that matters.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    So I like being in bed with another girl. When I was in college and moved off campus I shared room and bed with girlfriend. We touched, hugged, snuggled, kissed, felt each other up. Boobs, curves, lips and the hidden delight are so much better than a sweaty guy pounding you into oblivion.

    I am not a lezzie, I fall for stinky sweaty men, tolerate the sex, cook and clean and one day I am going to make a kid, but suckling titties, soft hands between your legs, soft cheeks, long hair, beautiful behinds in pretty panties, how can you not like that?

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    Straight Male / 24

    I'm single and 24 years old. I regularly fuck the vicar's wife while he is away visiting his flock. She's 53, and has a beautiful pussy, which she shaves. Her clit is the largest I've ever seen, and she goes crazy when I lick and suck it - something her husband refuses to do despite her pleas. We mostly fuck in her room, but sometimes we fuck in the church proper - even on the altar. One evening, we fucked in the graveyard, with the vicar's wife up against the church wall while her husband was inside writing his sermon for the following day.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I married in Holland when I was 25. I soon discovered that my wife was cheating on me with her former boyfriends. One morning, she told me that her mother was always complaining that her husband seldom fucked her. About a week later, she asked me to take her mother a message as our phone was out of order.

    When I got there, my father-in-law had already left for work. My mother-in-law, a beautiful petite blue-eyed blonde, was clad only in a skimpy nightdress. She looked at me and ran her tongue over her lips. I immediately took her in my arms and began kissing her. For her part, she unzipped me and began rubbing my cock with her tongue swirling in my mouth. Still holding my cock, she lay on the sofa and begged me to fuck her. I had been without sex for almost two weeks because I didn't want to fuck my wife's c**t with another man's spunk still in it. I undressed and soon we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. After about 10 minutes, my mother-in-law had a resounding orgasm. Two minutes later my balls erupted and I flooded her vagina with my warm creamy spunk.

    After that first time, we had oral sex and fucked at least twice a week until I finally left Holland to work elsewhere.

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    Straight Male / 55

    My late wife's workmate was called Ellen, she was older than us in her 50's ( I was 38 at the time )and I hadn't really paid much attention to her any time that I had picked my wife up from work, mainly because I was only in and out in a few minutes.

    One day though, I had to go and see her boss, as my wife had become really unwell , culminating with her being admitted to the hospital for an emergency operation. The doctors had given me a long term sick line for my wife to give to her employers, she was going to be off work for a minimum 3 months.

    I went to my wife's employers with the sick line, ( my wife was a housekeeper/ Laundress at a private hospital )but the office was closed, there was a note in the window advising any visitors to go the Laundry office, so I did as the note instructed, and went there.

    I rang the bell and went in, and my wife's supervisor Ellen came to the office, and I gave her the sick line, she asked to come into the office and sit down, as she was concerned about my Wife's health, so she asked me what happened ? I explained my wife had suddenly become unwell at home, and then she collapsed holding her abdomen, so I phoned an ambulance as it was very obvious she was in real difficulty. Once at the hospital after being taking right into the immediate care section, she was examined by a doctor, who immediately took her to the ultrasound dept , where it was discovered she had Ovarian cysts, that had wrapped round one of her Fallopian tubes, and they had burst, resulting in immediate surgery

    She was understandably a wee bit shaken when I told her what was wrong with my wife, it was at this point she asked if I would like a coffee, so I replied yes thanks, so she went and put the kettle on, as she leaned over the sink to fill up the kettle, her uniform rode up, revealing as sexy a pair of legs that anyone could wish to see, I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

    Now I didn't know at the time if she noticed that her uniform had ridden up ? Or knew that I had copped an eyeful? She never said anything, but once the tea was made she came and sat opposite me, rather than behind her desk, crossing those lovely sexy legs, I know from what transpired a few weeks later, that she knew I was looking at her legs, no surprise really as I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

    Once we had the cuppa she said she had to get back, so we said goodbye and I left, albeit with a horn that I had to try and choke, because I had to drive. Over the following weeks, I had to pop in and pick up my wife's payline for her, and every time Ellen was there she would flirt with me, and that gave me the horn, well she really was a sexy attractive woman, I hadn't paid much attention to her before all of this, simply because she was mostly in the office when I picked up my wife, so I didn't really pay much attention to her.

    My wife asked me how things were ? I didn't say to her about Ellen flirting with me, but my Wife told me that Ellen was a nice woman, but her hubby was a pure b*****d to her as he was always out boozing, and coming home and causing havoc, he didn't hit her, but he was verbally abusive, and frightened her most of the time.

    One night he came home from the pub and was hit by a car , nearly killing him, unfortunately he did pass away a couple of weeks later, Ellen was given time off while he was in hospital and compassionate leave when he died, it was at this time that it happened. I was driving by my wife's work as it was on my way home, and I saw Ellen standing at the bus stop, so I stopped and offered her a lift.

    As she got into the car front seat her skirt rode up revealing those sexy legs, Ellen caught me looking at them, but said nothing initially, but she deliberately pulled her skirt up a bit further than she needed to, and I just could not keep my eyes of her thighs, a few miles down the road she asked me to pull over, so I did as she asked, and when the car stopped she said to me, I'm flattered by the way you look at my legs, but are you not getting enough sex with your wife ?

    I replied ' unfortunately no, because since the op, she wont let me near her, in fact she's taken to sleeping in the spare room, but I respect how she is feeling, so I have not beat myself up about it. She then said to me @@@@ Well if your horny and I know you fancy me, come and see me, cos now alky Jock is no longer around, there's nothing to stop me, she pulled her skirt up a little bit further, and my cock was doing back flips by this time, I said to her have you any idea what your doing to me ? She reached over with her hand and rubbed my crotch and said ' Oh my we will have to do something about that, take me right home.

    I wasn't keen because I'm not into cheating, but I fancied the pants off Ellen, and I had a raging hardon, and because of this my libido took over and we went back to her house, went straight up the stairs to the bedroom where we very nearly ripped each others clothes off, Christ she was hot, and boy what a body, not just legs to die for, but a hairy bush to boot, I nearly came there and then.

    When we first got on the bed we 69ed for about 20 minutes, where I ate her out and she came a good half dozen times, I then laid her on her back and she spread those sexy thighs and I mounted her, where I shagged her vigourously for about 10 minute's until I couldn't hold back any longer, shooting my copious thick hot spunk deep inside her, I shagged her again about an hour later only this time I was able to make her have multiple orgasms, Ellen said to me look I'm not looking to start up a relationship as such, but would it be ok if you could stick your cock in me and ride me when ever possible ?

    I wasn't sure but I agreed, Ellen said to me you will be alright trust me, because I felt bad about cheating on my wife, what I didn't know was that my Wife had been getting porked by the hospital maintainance guy, and Ellen knew this, yes I was hurt but the bonus was I could then shag Ellen to my hearts content without feeling guilty.

    Sadly my wife became unwell about 18 months later developing a particularly nasty type of Lung cancer which ended up taking her life, before she passed though she admitted to me that she had slept with the guy at her work, I told her I already knew, as Ellen had told me when she was in the hospital getting her op, as there was no guarantee that she was going to survive, and Ellen wanted me to tell her that I knew about her fling, as she didn't want her going to her grave with that on her conscience.

    After I told her that I already knew, I told her that she wasn't to worry about it as I still loved her no matter what, she broke down at that point, and then said well at least I know one thing you will be ok when I'm gone because I know Ellen wants you, because she kept telling me if I didn't stop having my fling, she was going to take you off me, I didn't have the heart to tell her that I already knew this.

    Ellen and I continued to have regular great sex but it has became less and less as she's gotten older ( she's 73 now and I'm nearly 56 )but sex with Ellen is still good she's got some body for a woman of 73, both her and I have not taken up with anyone else, we have not felt the need to, because we both had great sex on tap when ever we wanted it, I stay at her house and she stays at mine, Ellen wanted to keep her independence and I respected that, and it has worked well for both of us, we go out and go on holidays together etc, and we are both happy with this.

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